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BLACK GOLD 84 . ■ ■ ■ BLACK GOLD 84 VOLUME 31 SS FACULTY THE COUGAR LIVES • ■ • VENTURA HIGH SCHOOL 2155 E. MAIN VENTURA, CA. 93001 TABLE OF Cougar Country Activities Special Interests Sports Organizations 1 17 34 46 86 ■ • • i ■ , ' i ' W - , ; ' I, ' , ' ivi , A-i,-. ■ ,7 .1 ' ,v i ' r».Pll .M mW.Wi1 I»n» ' Cl»AVKVV ' .l»l«Vinil.TI!JHtll«AWini lt5IH«l !a)lK»!tfJHni»0! " :7 ww $ffl- vwi CONTENTS Staff 108 Seniors 129 Classes 161 Advertising 226 Index 235 te vS v ' jrt ' » 1 ifiaii ' . ' i» -»ninfv.!tiir(KJitmiii L ' Br¥rtTfntAYn A-. ' r- fvvtfi nv ltirmumtomtmamfKTB.tMir mV X% JWiWSMAI MinWX HBt WE ARE PROUD WILD N ' CRAZY AWESOME MOTIVATED TRADITIONAL COUGARS The students at Ventura High School are PROUD Cougars. They show pride in all school accomplishments both aca- demic and athletic. They have a lot to be proud about, including themselves, be- cause they rank among the finest students in the nation. Page 6 clockwise from top left: Ribbons from this year ' s fair. Dave Harvey. Glenn Cooper, and Bryan Gragg show Cougar pride, Cougars are proud of their country ' s flag. Juniors proudly display their Cougar. Mr Wall is proud to be a first year Cougar, Mr Dixon proudly displays his toy, Pat Tafoya shows who ' s number one - Page 7 clockwise from top left: Kathy Stallings. Cari Chilcutt, and Mrs Wolfe show Cougar pride at open house, Duchon Fields gives his all for a rally, Lynn Pantico and Tracy Boughton show Cougar pride at a football game, Jim McWater playing " chubby bunnies " at a class competition, Bruce Siivey and friends stand for the alma mater, proud Cougar, Mr Kochel showing Cougar pride at a rally, Mr Oneil proudly shows the band trophies to Mr. Cousar. WILD N ' CRAZY lk mi i W- - W 8 i_ ..._.. ,■» i in laixmiiHknuiiM nTAHWID Whether they are just munchin ' out, socializing with friends, get- ting involved in school activities, or just plain taking it easy, Ven- tura High students always use their time spent at school to the full extent. And when its time to get WILD -n- CRAZY they go all out. Page 8 clockwise from top left: Cherrie Eberhart gives Atoms for Peace a hug, Mr Swindall " styling out " . Glenn " super " Cooper on the run. Susan Woodling showing a wild n ' crazy laugh. Jim McWater showing pumpkin pie eating form. Tracy Detwiller. and her wild n ' crazy glasses • Page 9 clockwise from top left: Latane Hale, Tammy Bry- ant, and Rachael Pantaleaf taking a cooking break, Shelley Wilcox making up for homecoming, a Cou- garette resting on her laurels. Raoul Rosalez getting wild n ' crazy for halloween. Mike Biedebach. Kath- leen Turner, Sandy Brown, and Anne Sprague mug for the camera, shoe scramble at class competition. W€ ri - W From our closest friends, who are always there when we need them, who share our laughs, our tears, our joys and fears, to our wonderful teachers and faculty who care, support, and help us grow into AWESOME indivi- duals. Page 10 clockwise from top left: Cougars having an awesome conversation, an awe- some display of Hobie Cats at the beach, Letricia Ray displays an awesome smile, an awesome view of Ventura High School, a " piping hot " view of Ty Olson, the start of an awesome class competition - Page 11 clockwise from top left: Michele Sammon. Michele Nicholai, Jennifer Brown, and Kim McCampbell at the pier, even the trees are awesome, Martin Holden shows his awe- some form. 11 MOTIVATED » f ?« ■■ mxCm-u V X The word MOTIVATED reflects upon Ventura High School students for what they are. Every accomplishment is built from hours of prepara- tion and dedication. Like athletes, we develop our skills beyond previous levels, practicing hard, receiving support from friends and coaching from teachers. As determined as Olympians, we reach for our individual victo- ries. Page 12 clockwise from top left Matt McCune getting motivated during lunch, stu dents watch as Mr Koontz demonstrates Gabriel Ruiz getting a kick out of studying too much motivation tired out ol " Whiskey Page 13 clockwise from top left: P.E. stu dents getting into their warmups, trophies of past victories motivate us into future accom- plishments, the library motivates Graciel Reyes, Scott Johnson concentrating in class. 13 Queen JILL JIMENEZ King ADAM BARONE King GARY LUNSFORD TRADITIONAL Sr. Princess LISA BREDOFF Sr. Prince FRED DIXON Sr. Princess LORI CULRON ? Sr. Princess SHELLEY WILCOX Sr. Prince DARIN FAIN 14 LVlVftM-tW.- UP WHERE WE BELONG HOMECOMING ' 84 Jr. Princess KATHLEEN TURNER Jr. Prince ROMAN FORTIN Soph. Princess KAREN KWAN Soph. Prince DEAN PA TRICK Fresh. Princess BEVERL Y KELL Y Fresh. Prince ROBERT ALLEN 15 - - T X t • • • FOREVER 16 N .. A C T I V I T I E S 17 .. . n a.v.iL u .. »j- " " ■H«iiiiMiriMUjiiJm if,i iuwmHww f i IfH I HWIOT MliM »MmKHWmniKlimMMfJlll CL 1SS COMPETITION Class competition at Ventura High School was started by the ASB cabinet about four years ago to promote school spirit. Since then it has been the highlight of our noon activities Each monday the class competition committee meets to come up with a class competition that will pit the classes against each other in some crazy contest on Thursday or Friday. The result: pieeating contests, chubbie bun- nies, egg tosses, obstacle course races, tricycle races, etc. The fun never stops until May when a winner is declared. 18 r 19 Bruce Sanders, Gabrielle Feldman and Scott Sanders Rallies in Cougar Country have a tradition of excellence and being a lot of fun. They happen in Tuttle gym or on the senior lawn. Who wi ever forget watching the homecom- ing princesses get " made up " by the princes, watching the varsity football team getting bottle fed by the cheerleaders, watching some of the wild ' n crazy class competitions or listening to the band play the alma mater while the crowd waves the " V " sign? Rallies are an impor- tant part of cougar spirit. Kathleen Turner and Roman Fortin Beverly Kelly and Karen Kwan 20 COUGAR RALLIES Duchon and Lamon Fields Ann Sprague Jennifer Brown and Kathleen Turner Mr Cousar. Mr Collins. Bruce Silvey, and Ann Sprague 21 . i .:rm «[■» mjLKsZT£nr n m n ' , , : i ■. i.. ■ ■MUVMII IWH llWIfJIII HALLOWEEN Many spooky and terrifying creatures invaded our campus during our Halloween frenzy. It was a macabe experience, as well as a great time for everyone. Most of us look better in costume than we do normally. Thanks to the Cougar staff and students for outdoing themselves in costume. This year ' s student costume contest winner was Raul Rosales, and staff winner was Mr. Swindall. , i Mr Swindall f % David Rosenfeld ASB president Sandy Brown Campus aides Penny Crook, Michele Crabtree, Dale Muchmore, and Kim Rafter. Raul Rosales 22 r Here Maurice Hayes. Scot Nali, and Rodney Bryant demonstrate the art of " break dancing " , which has become the fastest growing dance of the 80 ' s. Whether it ' s locking, popping, or breaking, it takes a lot of talent, time and hard work to master. It ' s also one of the great new spectator sports DANCES ' Raging Arb " Dance Wendy Swanson and friends ' Raging Arb and the Redheads " Dance enthusiasts wait in line. Jennifer Lynch hams it up The Untouchables?!? SENIOR VARIETY SHOW Bill Beckett Duchon Fields, Maurice Hayes, and Lamon Fields Shelley Styff John Spittle Another Cougar tradition that is carried on each year is the Senior Variety Show. This year ' s show looks like another smash hit. The show ' s MC ' s wi be Carrie Loe and Derek Milne, who will play host to over 25 acts. The pictures on this page were taken during rehearsals. Jamie Lunsford and Duchon Fields 25 v i ■ vn, vi , t J c uii.»ijiA tmi tt«utttfi if j a iw Mn CHRISTMAS FOR KIDS lb£ | n The Christmas for Kids canned food drive is a cougar tradition that has been carried on for many years. Each year around Christmas time the first period classes compete against each other to bring the most cans. The com- petition is fierce, especially the last day when it seems anything goes. This year ' s winner was Mr. Dixon ' s Physics class. They collected over 500 cans. Their reward was a pancake and sau- sage breakfast Host- ed by Mr. Myers and the Student Action Council. 26 John Block, Mike Ladiana KVHS DJ ' S Vernon Williams. Mike Sargeant Angela Waterlander, Chris Freeman y 4 Gary Garvin Jennifer Streeper. Michelle Lewiston 27 . ' w okti nuu j n m. fiJ ' UAMl ' ilttniYWn-bVIW ' Uli DRAMA $ Ik i Michelle Mathews, Ingrid Hutchins, and Jinger Schmitz in ' Nine Girls ' . . ' I Susan Dickens and Debbie Walters audition for " Fiddler on the Roof " Ventura High Drama Worksr presents £ RH Shannon McKenzie, Carrie Loe, and Wendi Walton 28 wmm. mtmm aoo CUJITAJW AWUtce ui ' z- ' won sales ' ?- " TICKETS AVAIL ABIE ASB STORE Patty Mathews, mother, lends a helping hand to Chen Elson Top row: Mike Sargent, David Rosenfeld. Sec- ond row: Bri Cory Third row: Jeff Vinson, Les- lie Tutnick. Fourth row: Wendi Welton, Tony Kulzer, Carrie Loe, Mark Allen. Kerry Sher- wood, Shannon McKenzie, Mary Strauch. Bot- tom row: Vernon Williams. Cheri Elson, Nancy Townsend, and Kim Kutz. Shannon McKenzie, Mike Sargent, Leslie Tutnick, and Erin Huber at the " Fiddler on the Roof " tryouts Jim Beam and Tony Tutnick in prop room take Jubilation T. Cornpone off his horse. HMtOLD PtINCt 2£ro.Mp$tel Fiddler °n the Rp°f ■-isSBHSHL-. „..„ SKUDOH HARNICK MMtlAWNIKNA BWWCfMW M nmtm •««■» m T«MY» JCC 29 in IlAUnHVMAMUjriHM ' m Vl 1 l» UnVIXlUmjU MRHSd«HUHUMiH«iW1Uim IW1 f JM VJtUXVtt W MriEUS II PARENT VISITATION DAY A Cougar tradition started several years ago by Miss Woot- ton is Parent Visitation Day. Parents are invited to school during the school day where they visit their children ' s classes and are treated to a lunch with selected members of the staff. The parents are escorted around campus by members of the ASB cabinet. OPEN HOUSE One of the fall traditions at Ventura High School is the open house bar- becue. This year 600 people at- tended and over 800 pounds of tri- tip steaks were sold and served. The Ventura High Association and students served the food while Mr. Cousar and the rest of the adminis- trative staff cooked. Entertainment was provided by Mr. O ' neill and the Ventura High School choir. After the barbecue and entertainment the parents visited the classes, and a good time was had by all. 31 ¥■ I j I. f ■ . I .1 ■ -■ .! ' ]■■■ ' . , t ■ I .. ' ■■ J .•■-. ' , I. [■■■■IIIIIIIBillll IIIIBIHIIIH»imi»llHHIll1IBIIIII COUGAR ART The Art Show has been a Cougar tradition since 1966 when some of Mr. Frykholm ' s art students sug- gested putting on a show. This year ' s show is in that tradition and work by students such as John Sa- maniego, Valerie Erickson and Dina Blackwell show Cougar talent at its best. 32 COUGAR CHESS COME ON GUYS YOU ' RE SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING FUN! Cougars take their chess playing very seriously as you can tell by the expressions on these players faces. Pictured clockwise from the top are: John Tubbs and Jerald Dawson, Mike Es- chenberg and Ron Cook, Jerald Dawson, Rob- ert Carr and Joe Trotsky. ifctlin L ' ltMIMMMIItlUUUaJMII .. SPECIAL I N T E R E S T S 34 rUMIJlMllKI HAMUSflVin COUGARS AT WORK Clockwise from top: Carrie Loe at Broadway ' s switchboard. Scott Collins at ' Pierpont Pizza ' . Cary Hansen at ' Allied ' , Carol Mechanick at " Adventures for Kids " , Darren Ranck At " Baskin Robbins " 35 ■MNftinfumitUMiEUAtmftvrH »i ■ • •. i:.ti;vv ■■ :.• ... ■ . COUGARS AT PLAY Ramsey Ulrich and friends shown riding " The Ramp " Determined to win, this cougar plays air hockey Daryll Johnson determined to conquer Zaxxon Carey Hansen 36 .» ■ n n lwi AAii£ititt VIH Windsurfing is a sport enjoyed by many cougars Mr Enterline on one of his many waterskiing trips. Typical cougar heads out for a day of surfing Darin Fain panics as he waves to the boat to slow down. 37 ■muuiMamiin mmtmm n«inuMHiiiniianMitMiaJMlMfft l lUXHHiJMM irvvitTi I ' I eim l KW WfAWrV ' 1 ' Ii i ' .r CAR SHOW Cars are an important scene in Cougar Country. At night Main Street is alive with the " cruisers " and the " lookers " . During the day the student parking lot is full of cars such as the ones shown below. The cars on this page are a few examples of cars that will be entered in this year ' s car show. Jeff Mott and his brand new Suz. 38 Anthony Pak ' s blue Camaro FAIR OF CHAMPIONS One of the traditions in Ventura is the county fair. For Ventura High students the highlight of the fair is a day off and the big fair parade. Even though the parade had to be postponed a week because of bad weather, Ven- tura High ' s float took first place and the band and attached units took high honors. 39 ii i H r iivit tiM ,; nn iii.iA itiiA i i Bret Taylor, Art Malone Brent Beasely COUGAR STYLES FOR 83-84 Tami Glassy, Allison Crilly, Lisa Spellins, Buffy Padilla Debbie Pantaleef, Lisa Inloes, Michele Dawson — Mflflfll Hf " it p , „ fl s§- pi . » B • " T . ■ F H 40 ■ 1l ■in H 1HI HK ' m MM jk 4 WW m 1 ■ fl IJi. i Ben Arellanes Chris Moore Anne Sprague Alan Smale John Crane John Fields Lorena Barros Sean Holt 41 IMUMIIItlUMMMltKIM Mlllf.V ' I I Favorite Male Vocalist ■ Michael Jackson Favorite Female Vocalist - Pat Benatar COUGAR Favorite Actor - Tom Cruise Favorite Car Favorite Actress - Meryl Streep Favorite Sport - Football 42 i ■ i -.r s ; : 1 1 ■■ t ■ FAVORITES Favorite vacation spot - Hawaii Porsche Favorite eating place Mc Donalds fc Favorite tv show - Leave It To Beaver Favorite rock group - Police Favorite movie ■ Risky Business 43 ■iiMi—miiiMimiiiiniiifiiiiiiimnnii i i n in i i i i it.i i yjr , ' .■■ ' ■,{■■: ' ,j ., . i L .l-dV l±iaUtKU JM OLYMPIC FEVER This is the year the Summer Olympic Games are coming to Los Angeles. Olympic fever is spreading everwhere. Ventura is no excep- tion as the Kayak and Sculling contests are to be held at nearby Lake Casitas. Hotels, college dorms, and every sort of rentable living space from Los Angeles to Solvang has already been booked for months. They are even repaving the roads in Oakview to take the rush, so get ready here they come! 45 WMumimuunnjMim,v us 5 KOCHEL ' S COMEBACK In the final game ot the Channel League the Cougars defeated the San Marcos Royals 24-18 to capture a first ever Chan- nel League title. With one non-league game remaining the Cougars have already done an outstanding job. Congratulations, and good luck in the playoffs! ! Cougars " We ' re all smiles about playing V.H.S. ' game results V.H.S. Royal 34 18 Coach Mead Royal High School Cougars hold off Royals to clinch eague title 46 have a Royal good time 1 ' ALL NIGHT LONG! The Cougar varsity football team surely took it to the top this year; having the best season in Ventura ' s history. After beating San Marcos in their final league game of the season the cougars secured the title " Champion " , for not only did they take the channel league title for the first time since the league was estab- lished, but they went to the playoffs, a feat not heard of since 1955. The same year coach Standifer played himself. Early in the playoffs the Cougars got a taste of what they were used to Vic- tory, beating Royal High 34-18, making their winning streak 7 games straight. Then on a cold night in Larrabee stadium the cougars assisted North Torrance in their undoing with fumbles, interceptions and weak enthusiasm, only to end their season. The best season Venturans have seen in the history of VHS. Congratula- tions varsity football for " Dancing All Year Long " . Sequence, Roman Fortin scrambles to get a pass off Insert, Maurice Hayes makes the tackle for a loss of yards with Michael Hayes and Charles Bonsignore not far behind VARSITY SCOREBOARD VHS 7 6 3 21 23 14 20 24 13 34 SimiValley 6 Newbury Park 21 Camarillo 8 Dos Pueblos 7 Santa Barbara Oxnard 7 Buena 7 Hueneme 7 San Marcos 18 1000 Oaks Royal 18 N. Torrance 30 48 Clockwise from top left: Bret Taylor struggles to recover a fumble; senior offensive lineman Jeff Mott discusses game situation with coach Bob Fortin; Lemon Fields Receives the pitch. rHJRJjB .!Sr«riHr» «» »? ftp %K $ n Top row left to right: Martin Simson, Matt McCune. Don Schemerhorn. Kevin Hobbs. Gary Lunsford. Scott Sanders. Sean Hager, Javier Gonzales. Bruce Sanders, Roman Fortin Row 2: Chris Michalak. Kelly Knudson. Eric Turner. Jerry Stephenson. Lemon Fields. Darin Fain. Maurice Hayes, Jeff Benton. Bill B.nns Dave Harvey Row 3 Ben Tobin, John Ballensky. Art Malone. Shaun Militano. Phil Ramirez. Mike Kenney. Cary Hansen. Dean Rossbach. Bret Taylor. Raymond Edwards Row 4 James Jones. Coaches Willinsky. McCune. Brown, Kochel. Farmer, Hayes, and Fortin. Micheal Hayes Row 5: Moses Varela. Booker Jackson, Tim Gray. Jeff Mott. Don Melicke. Shaun Allen. Duchon Fields. Row 6: Bill Kristopherson, Mike Mallotte, Charles Bonsignore. Lawrence Cummins. Don Lopez. Richard Dietz. Eric Nordyke 49 lUIIIHV.ti.Vtt " . I IF ya a- $ § m SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN FOOTBALL L») }_ 57 JS $17 5- -S fy - f SI 1 % - rt ' JU The sophomore team had a great season ending with an outstanding record of 8 • 2. They missed the channel league championship by a half game. This year ' s well balanced team saw great perfor- mances by center Tom Portz, Tackle Jeff Benton, tight ends Casey Crowley and Todd Cowgill, quar- terback Tim Garcia, running backs Bubby Cowey and Lawerence Droughn, linebacker Phil Rogich, tackle Mark Garner, quarterback Kris Kelly, safety Grant Murray, and cornerback Doug McClatchey. The most memorable game of the year was against Santa Barbara when Grant Murray kicked a 27 yard field goal for a 17 - 16 win over a tough opponent. SOPHOMORE Top Row: Todd Cowgill, Keith Brown, Tom Portz, Shane Steelman, Don Modglin, Murray Grant, Mark Garner, Scott Kingsbury, Matt Steiger, Casey Crowley Row 2: Phil Rogich, Ken Schonie, Chuck Philbrook. Scott Olsen, Coach Standifer, Jeff Renshaw. Timmy Garcia, Lawrence Droughn. Steve Linkletter. Row 3: Eddie Coleman, Bill Shirley, Fernando Raya, Mike Royval, Shawn Propes, George Esquival, Mark Pulido, David Hulce. Bottom Row: Doug McClatchey, Ronnie Brown, Rocky Moraley, Bubby Cowey. Bryan Binns. No: in picture: Kris Kelly and Ron Feltner, Manager Robert Carr The freshman football team had several fine ath- letes this year but were unable to win many close games. The highlight of the season was the demolition of the Buena Bulldogs 34-6, a great game. Outstanding performers this year included: Vince Lawler, Chad Lindsay, Bill Cook, Leather Wallet, Mark Deleo, Louie Camarillo, Robert Burnett, Russ Taylor, John Hoty and Robbie Mandel. Many of these youngsters learned a lot about football and we are looking forward to watching them in the future on sophomore and varsity. Good Luck! II :4»: : . FRESHMAN Top Row: Russ Taylor, George Barretto. Don Kelly, Tim Evans, John Coffman, Sean Robinson, Darren Powers Row 2 Jim Crawford, Jody Garmen, Ian Laughlm, Mike McKeegan, Joe Trotsky. Jon Brown, Robbie Sutton, Jim Gurr. Row 3: Coach Koontz, Mark Lindeman, Mark Klopfer, Louie Comanllo, Maurice Martinez, Eric Taylor, Jim Campbell, Chris McGinn, Adam Blanford, Coach Dan Smith. Row 4: Bobby Lyttle, Vince Lawler, Kevin Kessler, Jon Cox, Newnham, Robbie Mandel, Harry Horn, Buddy Huang. Robert Allen Row 5: Kelly Kietch, Bill Cook, Mark Wallet. Mark Jefferies, Robert Burnett. Rich Pimmer- ville, Cliff Casey. John Hoyt, Chad Lindsay, Justin White 50 I ' hjWWiN lUlimnUIMMIM FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD VHS OPPONENT Coach Standifer takes time to huddle with the sophomore offensive team. Sophomore Ben Hinojosa throws a block 7 Simi Valley 21 6 Newbury Park 28 14 Camarillo 31 7 Rio Mesa 14 7 Oxnard 14 32 Buena 7 14 Hueneme 28 7 Thousand Oaks OVERALL RECORD 1 • 8 7 EE STADIUM 1 1 QHXl »««! 3j mm L W fc Sophomore Chuck Philbrook " lining up " . SOPHOMORE SCOREBOARD VHS OPPO NENT 16 Simi Valley 7 Newbury Park 28 Camarillo 7 13 Dos Pueblos 17 Santa Barbara 16 7 Oxnard 14 Buena 28 29 Hueneme 14 San Marcos Thousand Oaks 28 OVERALL RECORD 8 - 2 Sophomore Kieth Brown making the tackle as Phil Rogich closes in. Sophomore Grant Murray kicks as Kris Kelly attempts to block 51 Wtm i MNMmtk9 VtilUVJAVJH l r-J rr-ltiW .1 . CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY Bottom row Tonney Kaw-uh, Raul Rosales, Brian Jensen, Top row Eric Hellman, Joey Yu, Agusto Hernandez, Frank Nelson JUNIOR VARSITY Bottom row: Brent Evans, Frank Molina, James Moore, Middle row: Russell Barnes, Jim McWaters. Shaun Ste- phens. Mike Bauer, Top row Vinton Heuck, Gabe Ruiz, Ron Rush, Steve Crane 52 GIRLS Bottom row: Sharon Coe, Kris Chapman, Kathy Wakelee, Middle row Shannon Boman, Jill Ingman, Dawn Clark. Shannon Callahan, Top row: Lenna Ruelas, Gina Wheelock, Rachel Rossback, Sally Hall, Kris Korn, Tracy Vanstone. i mm finnuiniAtiuuiivuHcmunniiinutnmuniUMlMllHBllHMl Ron Rush HIGHLIGHTS Cross country had young teams this year. They worked hard but produced few wins. On the bright side were the performances turned in by MVP ' s Joey Yu and Kris Chapman. The outstanding JV ' s were Rachael Rossback and Brent Evans, good luck next year. Joey Yu 53 ■■HWlUMIWmiHMHllrlinillHIUHHUm n t - n ,wv, iMiiuniMnwni« COUGAR WATER POLO With coaches Dale Hahn and Bob Fer- ris guiding them, the very young varsi- ty and junior varsity water polo teams survived a damp season. As some of the game officials said after our last game, " We can ' t believe how much your teams have improved this year. " Dan Attema was the only 1st string varsity senior. Good performances were turned in by juniors Dave Tal- mage, Bruce Cressy, and Paul Whit- ing. Wayne Barker, Dan Attema, Todd Smith 54 VARSITY SCOREBOARD VHS OPPONENT 10 Nordhoff fa 5 Royal 18 4 Righetti 12 3 Agoura 15 1 Santa Barbara 7 3 Buena 18 3 San Marcos 20 4 Dos Pueblos lb 6 Santa Barbara 9 5 Buena 19 2 San Marcos 10 7 Dos Pueblos 12 12 Nordhoff 7 5 New bury Park 4 6 Hoover 9 4 Royal 3 10 Thousand Oaks 14 6 Newbury Park 5 1 Beverly Hills 9 1 Muir 23 2 Santa Monica 13 I J m ' J.V SCOREBOARD VHS 9 Nordhoff 11 Royal 7 Righetti 7 Agoura 14 Santa Barbara 11 Buena 8 San Marcos 6 Dos Pueblos 3 Santa Barbara 7 Buena 14 San Marcos 6 Dos Pueblos 5 Cabrillo 11 San Marcos 11 Lompoc OPPONENT 4 7 9 6 9 10 6 11 4 6 4 9 8 4 3 Top row: Drew Cline, Gavin Vasquez, David Talmage, Paul Whiting, Bruce Cressy, Mike Lagarmarsino, Scott Curtis Middle row Tim McKracken, Todd Smith, John Summers, Troy LaViolete, Dan Atemma Bottom row: Trent Williamson, Ian Donley, Scott Johnson, Bobby Chalmers, Renold Ramsey, and Alan Mandell. 55 ■ ■■illlllimiiiiiii linn i ■ i I j.. mJjm J v»n .iai GIRL ' S TENNIS fMH W Team captain Holly Gable NETTERS SWING INTO ACTION HIGHLIGHTS The biggest thrill this year for the girl ' s tennis team was beating Buena, not once, but twice. The annual Buenaven- tura tennis tournament was another big success. Thirty two schools partici- pated, providing spectators with some of the best high school tennis competi- tion in Southern California. Top row: Bridget Stephens, Gail Gemmel, Carol Cordy, Wendy Mikuls, Katie Thompson, Susan Willsrud, Kathleen Turner, Kim McKarnpbell. Sam Harvey, Holly Gable, Stephanie Moore, Claudia Vlasak, coach Rita Darling Bottom row: Tern Black. Michele Sammon. Cindy Wilson, Rachel Harvey, Suzanne Woodling, Danna Russell. Hadley Rick. Joan Bradford 56 VHS 4 8 11 12 13 11 4 4 10 2 1 11 5 12 1 2 12 4 SCOREBOARD OPPONENT Westlake 14 Camarillo 10 Royal 7 Nordhoff 6 Agoura 5 La Reina 7 Rio Mesa 14 Thousand Oaks 14 Buena 8 Dos Pueblos 16 Santa Barbara 17 Oxnard 2 San Marcos 13 Buena 6 Dos Pueblos 17 Santa Barbara 16 Oxnard 6 San Marcos 14 Michele Sammon and Tern Black Carol Cordy Holly Gable Terri Black 57 mi i ' ii iji-«iiW " ' . ' ihi T. ' i ■ ,n. r • ,■; ' . ii ' i ' . ' i i . ,li ' I I ' " ..■.!■ ' ■.:■• " " i .i. ■) ' ■•, ' : . liZZESBum SSBSEEJZZBJ. " .■.TKrasijHiajwa»iw«iOT»»iHM™»tii«»M«»u " i " ™» GIRL ' S VOLLEYBALL Varsity girl ' s volleyball started strong in the summer league by winning the Westlake tournament. This win was followed in the regular season by a fourth place finish in the Ventura tournament, a third place in the Calabas tournament, and a second place in the Royal Tournament, just being edged out by Buena. The highlight of the regular sea- son was a first ever win over a strong Santa Barbara team, beating them three games to one. 58 Top row: Eliane Ulrich, Kris Lapadakis, Valeric Erickson, Kathe Twomey, Kathy Espinosa Bottom row: Theresa Hirota, Kai Donley. Kim Kochel, Katy Sullivan. Karen Kwan. ,i ■- i i.-i - i-wiM i.A- r- l:: ' . .v1JiVli Wheelock ■ Theresa Hirota J.V. Volleyball Bottom row: Christine Sinclair, Christine Allred, Kathleen Westlake, Susan Van Home, Kris Kochel, Gretchen Greene. Top row: Wendi McCoy. Keira Dyer, Missy Arvidson, Linda Hirota, Shannon Swindall, Mary Lo, and Leighanne Cantrell. Kris Lapadakis 59 am wvAVjm ,,:t: .. itna . ' wi ■■ .hi ■ iicnwi ;n. ' v. ' VARSITY BASKETBALL HIGHLIGHTS Many people called the 83- ' 84 VHS basketball team " hot and cold " be- cause of the way they played this sea- son. One of the hot times was in the Thousand Oaks Tournament when Joey Seiler helped win the tournament on a 20 foot jumper with just 3 sec- onds left to go in the final game. Dar- ren Ranck was honored as the MVP of the tourney and went on to be award- ed MVP of the Channel League while averaging more than 18 points a game. Ventura made it to C.I.F. as the second place team only to be upset in overtime by a tough Palos Verdes team 52-47. Varsity Scoreboard Pre-league V.H. 67 39 42 73 45 65 70 48 58 48 44 77 53 58 62 72 54 59 58 55 58 61 71 51 47 5. Opponent Newberry Park 47 Channel Islands 29 L.B. Jordan 58 Beverly Hills 58 Camarillo 48 Quartz Hill 44 El Camino 54 Thousand Oaks 47 Royal 44 Oxnard 47 Camarillo 60 Alumni 86 Channel-League Oxnard 40 Buena 44 San Marcos 64 Hueneme 73 Dos Pueblos 60 Santa Barbara 44 Oxnard 54 Buena 62 San Marcos 51 Hueneme 52 Dos Pueblos 63 Santa Barbara 49 C.I.F. Palos Verdes 52 Top row Kevin Yanagihara, Joe Bova, Darren Ranck, Ken Milton, Steve Medrano, Coach Mickey Perry Bottom row: Ben Arellanes, Joey Seiler. Brian Sullivan. Lamon Fields. Darin Fain. Duchon Fields 60 i DARREN RANCK-No 30-Forward-6 ' 3 " 175 lbs Senior BEN ARELLANES-No. 25-Guard 5 ' 7 " -145 lbs Senior KEN MILTON No 21Forward-6 ' l " -180 Ibs.-Soph- JOE BOVA No 33-Forward-6 ' 2 " -170 lbs Senior u COUGAR STARTERS 61 nmmii Kvi . ' uuiu,iimiin7iM»imi,v.vr,i i ii ' i j . • • r n-Jt .-. HlllTil ' ;iltUHlHTi» «J»l»71» JUNIOR VARSITY The J.V. season started with the Santa Barbara tournamentwhere Mjke Meister won all tournament honors. The New- berry Park tournament turned out to be the high-point of the season when the J.V. ' s beat Buena to win the tournament. Matt McCune won " Most Valuable " hon- ors and Duchon Fields won " All Tourna- ment " honors. Even though the J.V. ' s were just .500 for the season, they lost 4 of their games by a total of just 6 points. Overall, it was a great season. Eric Turner Mike Meister J.V. SCOREBOARD VHS OPPONENT 38 Newberry Park 39 59 Channel Islands 67 48 Rio Mesa 40 34 San Marcos 28 42 Buena 49 69 Thousand Oaks 41 41 Camarillo 40 46 El Camino 43 54 Buena 47 61 Royal 67 41 Oxnard 34 49 Buena 63 49 San Marcos 51 65 Hueneme 53 55 Dos Pueblos 45 60 Santa Barbara 61 86 Oxnard 38 42 Buena 55 64 San Marcos 73 76 Hueneme 62 62 Dos Pueblos 40 60 Santa Barbara 62 Bottom row: Maurice Hayes, Middle row: John Whitman, Matt Walden, Duchon Fields, Paul Molina, Mike Meister. Top row Raymond Edwards, Robert Esenburg, Eric Turner, Steve Boua. Matt McCune. Javier Gonzales. OVERALL SCORE- 12 and 10 62 . •• n, i - V ■1 SOPH SCOREBOARD VHS OPPONENT 59 Newbury Park 36 60 Channel Islands 39 57 Rio Mesa 40 58 Thousand Oaks 50 58 Newbury Park 50 50 Buena 49 62 Santa Clara 44 56 Newbury Park 55 53 Westlake 59 45 Oxnard 37 51 Buena 42 64 San Marcos 58 57 Hueneme 21 47 Dos Pueblos 34 63 Santa Barbara 46 63 Oxnard 44 55 Buena 45 62 San Marcos 58 47 Hueneme 43 51 Dos Pueblos 25 50 Santa Barbara 42 43 30 m ▼ LEAGUE 12 • OVERALL 20 SOPHOMORE TEAM Bottom row: Scott Billings, Bubby Cowey, Scott Stanky, Steve Stallings, Tom Portz. Middle row: Paul Gonzales, Kris Kelly, Trent Maxick, Chris Piles. Top row: Grant Murray, Todd Cowgill, Richard Thomas, Robbie Flynn. ■ " I lit II FROSH SCOREBOARD VHS OPPONENT 61 Newbury Park 58 67 Hillside 54 68 Bishop 39 36 San Marcos 47 33 Buena 58 49 Santa Clara 67 49 32 59 32 38 62 53 Buena 55 50 Thousand Oaks 46 59 Sequoia 60 52 Sinaloa 68 50 Westlake 55 59 Thousand Oaks 49 35 Santa Clara 38 42 Buena 48 45 Newbury Park 56 OVERALL 8 10 FRESHMAN TEAM Bottom row J Brown, J Miller, J KasParak. M. Neville, M McCaslin, T. Tyner, M. Baker, Top row: J. Antolik, V Lawler. C. Lindsay, K Kiech. S Wood, M Eschenberg. C. Sargent, P. Cabral. 63 m tmami tmufauuvuxmautKiTni , " um ' : ,, V, ' j .„T2T i --.Ttfrr77T 3 zr7T : ri miwMtwmnMMiuaaMMmmwim 64 GIRL ' S BASKETBALL Playing in the toughest girls league in the state and placing 4th is no disgrace. Miss- ing the playoffs by a game was disap- pointing. Highlites were our good play in the Buena tourney only to lose in the finals to Buena in a tough battle and the 2nd half of league where we posted a 4-2 record. This year saw the graduation of 3 players who have been involved in Ventura girls basketball for 4 years 3 years as varsity starters. Loretta Laffoon, Carla Baker, and Michella Jones. Loretta set a mark of 1041 career varsity points to be 1st on the alltime list. Loretta and Carla were All County and All Channel League selec- tions. JV ' s end up 15-2 with a good young group. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Opponent 37 50 37 43 50 48 44 46 64 30 63 55 53 39 60 56 53 41 60 39 42 52 53 V.H.S. 59 Thousand Oaks 61 Channel Islands 83 Newbury Park 60 Royal 39 Buena 57 Santa Clara 56 Lompoc 53 Louisville 53 Alemany 44 Westlake 60 Dos Pueblos 72 Oxnard 41 Buena 68 San Marcos 55 Hueneme 54 Dos Pueblos 41 Santa Barbara 65 Oxnard 49 Buena 61 San Marcos 62 Hueneme 53 Dos Pueblos 37 Santa Barbara Season - 14-9 League - 6-6 4th place 24 Jj AV I t 3i " Top row: Lisa Myers, Urrisa Moten, Michella Jones, Loretta Laffoon. Deanna MacGregor, Carla Baker, Doreen MacGregor, Coach Taylor Bottom row Wendy Swanson, Monica DeLaO, Ginger Schectner, Shana Ruscher- imm. JUNIOR VARSITY ' %$ 21 I 3F i 24 • " Top row Joette Murray. Cindy Wilson. Mary Lo. Wendi McCoy. Keira Dyer. Shannon Wise. Suzi Dunton. Coach Glenn Gray. Bottom row: Karl Pier. Julie Rosemond, Julie Schmela. Suzanne Woodling Not pictured: Christine Lapadakis. Beth Allen. J.V GIRL ' S SCOREBOARD VHS OPP ONENT 46 Thousand Oaks 24 43 Channel Islands 11 66 Thousand Oaks 25 60 Santa Clara 10 54 Lompoc 27 57 Oxnard 34 39 Buena 58 75 San Marcos 23 75 Hueneme 23 48 Dos Pueblos 34 62 Santa Barbara 16 42 Oxnard 39 36 Buena 64 79 San Marcos 24 81 Hueneme 13 46 Dos Pueblos 27 44 Santa Barbara League: 10 2 Season: 15-2 23 65 ■iiunn»jnnMJDTiimvrj i . »n - ..-■ ■ .i.,» i ir- ■ ; ;• . ■ . «.».» ..ZZiiSSBS SSiKZ. ■ ! oaWDM miWWmMMMWWiWl«HMJIIM« Michael Hayes working for a fall. Bill Cook wins a victory WRESTLING VARSITY Top row: Coach Paul Clementi, Gerald Redmond Hurt., Kevin Hobbs 1681bs.. Chris Michalak 1781bs.. Michael Hayes 1941bs., John Slason 157lbs . Jeff Bryan 168lbs., Coach Lew Romagnano. Bottom row: Fernando Raya 1481bs . Bill Black lOllbs . Brandon Howery 108lbs., Joel Graves 1081bs.. Chuck Russell 1 15lbs„ Doug Allen 129lbs.. Larry Brown 141lbs. Not pictured John Bezerra 1351bs 66 This was a big year for Varsity Wrestling as they placed third in Channel League. J.V. did well also placing sec- ond overall in Channel League tournaments. Outstand- ing individual efforts were made by Jeff Black - 122 lb., Doug Allen - 128 lb., Larry Brown - 141 lb., Jahn Slason - 156 lb., Chris Michalak - 177 lb., Michael Hayes - 194 lb., and Gerald Redmond - Hwt., who were all C.I.F. qualifiers (a new school record of 7 qualifiers). Larry Brown, Chris Michalak, and Michael Hayes were C.I.F. medal winners. And if that weren ' t enough, Chris Micha- lak and Michael Hayes wrestled their way into the state finals where Michael took third in the state and Chris fifth, Michael also set a new school record for the most wins, 36. Chris Michalak pinning his oppone Costa tournament Vaughan Parsons ■R r -0 JUNIOR VARSITY First row: Charles Hogue, Jon Osumi. Ron Cook Second row: Joe Trotsky, Joe Lopez. Paul Garcia, Manuel Roycal, Scott Johnson, Gavin Skill, Chris Salfen Third row: Mark Michelson, Richard Fish, Tonney Ziegler, Jeff Black. John Lopez. Vaughan Parsons, Ronald Rush, Steve Jackson, Tonnie Kaw-uh, Kenny Dickerson Top row: Maurice Martinez, Jamer Jones, Mike Bauer. Rob Baskin. Bill Cook, Sean Hager. James Johnson, Phil Ramirez. Martin Moraza. Mark Pulido, Coach Dan Maxey. not pictured: Scott Levin Larry Brown working for a fall against San Marcos 67 tmnffin wrujh m »-. • . V l T nvIim»»IM IW!WllflClMIWiaiaafl JtTiV u iiin»»af«J« ifu " n««»« « ' »™ " ' «» ' ™ " Jaime Garcia VHS soccer had a very success- ful season this year. Some of the highlights included: beating Dos Pueblos, varsity finished over .500 for the season, J.V. fin- ished over .500 also, and there will be eight returning starters next year. High scorers this year included: Tory Rieman 13 goals, Chris Avery 11 goals, Erik Hell- man 8 goals, and Bill Kelly 6 goals. 68 VARSITY Top row: Coach Tony Driver, Tory Rieman. Erik Hellman, Fred Dixon, Chris Avery, Mikko Jormalamen, Dan Hinton, Dale Flores. Mike Mallot Bottom row: Jaime Garcia, Raul Rozales, Marlin Freeman, Gabe Ruiz, Bill Kelly. John Sullard, Eddy Asdel, Jim Helrner. Top row: Coach Shawn Holt, Scott Fenton. Brent Kcnyon, Jay Lee, Adam Blandford, Shawn Stevens. Mike Thomas Bottom row: Pepe Garcia, Ed Garcia, Mike Luu, Ramsey Ulrich, Bill Walker. Julie Arnold Not shown: Tim Dunn. Shawn Garcia, and Doug Loper. 69 ■ ■ in uinii!iv.iv. ' jM ■ .■ i . • ' i . . r I • . 1 1 :HSi ' l! : ;i.: - ■iici ' . ' l ' , _»%i " . V . ! ., ' . ' ' ■■ ' ■ ' ' •Xj ' »:. ■ ' ■ ' .■,...- VARSITY BASEBALL The varsity baseball team got off to another good start in defense of the league title. They were consolation champions in their own tournament. The future looks good. This year ' s team is built around a strong group of seniors including; Gary Lunsford, Bret Taylor, Bubba Carlton, Gilly Vargas, and Rene Sanchez. How this year ' s juniors contribute will determine how successful this year will be. Our pitch- ing is good and so is the defense. " We will be contenders again this year " , quotes coach Dan Smith. Top row: Coach Smith. G. Lunsford, B. Taylor, R. Jacoby, J Seiler, S. Sanders. R. Sanchez, B. Carlton, A. Espitia. Bottom row: J. Gon? lies. C. Bello, A Barron, D. Fain, G. Vargas, A. Palafox, M. DeLaO, B. Arellanes. MP ft. i a v..4uJMtfV ■ E ■ 4 Mr r - PT ♦ » fee- -- Adam Barron 70 Gary Lunsford Mike DeLaO 1 Javier Gonzales and Coach Ed Farmer Coach Ramirez Coach Smith Adam Barron, Mike De- Darjn Fa|n an(J Anth E jtii LaO, S Sanders §j Angel Palafox S. Sanders Buba Carlton The team-players and coaches 71 mumvrxuiiMieAQVMii Hvs.te j nw •!. {, .1 U X AVUniVJUYAtUUUIlMJUUBUVilLJI J-lJltt lUJll ll " 1 mk ■ -j ' .b i 4 Top row: Coach Rowland Martinez, Louie Camarillo, Tim Pollak, Chuck Filbrook, Robert Williams, Steve Stallings, Tom Portz, Tim Garcia, Paul Gonzalez, Mike Kuntzman, Coach Sam Triana. Bottom row: Pat Tafoya, Jerry Hendrix, Fernando Raya, Mike Diaz, Doug McGlatchey, Bubby Cowey, Gabe Hinojosa, Benny Hinojosa. Paul Gregory, Manager Chris Davidson. Robert Williams Paul Gonzales ■ ■ K 1 k — - iff • • Paul Gonzales Robert Williams 72 Jl BASEBALL In front: Statistician-Christy Brown Steve Ostini FROSH BASEBALL Robbie Mandell Buddy Huang Top row: Lewis Lopez. Shane Espitia, Chris Sargeant, Coach Cabral, Buddy Huang, David Stratman, Mark Eschenberg, Robbie Mandell, Andy Rodriquez, Pat Cabral, Rick Bartar Bottom row: Coach Brown, Derek Paris, Mark Nevile, Marty Cabaloon, Steve Ostini, Richard Matson, Russ Taylor, Mike Baker, Tim Evans, Coach Johnson and batboy Jacob Kochel Pitcher Rick Bartar 73 . , ' ' . ,! , Ajium mmm Jsmmmm mMmmu ITOBiVCT tUVMIiaTOWUMHMMIIMM.WHIlWIIHIWWMIIIIIIIIIIWMMI " ' !! ' 1 ' VARSITY SOFTBALL m r £ Top row: Sandy Chavez, Erin Stoltz, Missy Taylor, Jamie Fleming, Michelle Spencer, Michella Jones, Lisa Myers Bottom row: Coach Chris Taylor, Lisa Cline, Susana Escobar, Teri Dath, Karen Dwan, Gina Jaramillo Christine Lapadakis, Coach Steve Askay. Coach Askay talks to Michella Jones Jamie Fleming throws to Gina Jaramillo Jamie Fleming The lineup 74 JUNIOR VARSITY Top row: Sandy Magdaleno, Shannon Wise, Michele Spencer, Donna Gibson, Mickie Marsh, Leighanne Cantrell. Bottom row: Beverly Kelly, Chris Dietz, Carol Anne Fratello, Tricia Taylor, Sheri Merriman, Coach Larry Koontz. Beverly Kelly Iff - Michie Marsh • " •. v.v.y. " ■ d Sheri Merriman 75 MHIBiVTOM!! COUGAR TRACK COUGARS ARE NATURALLY GOOD RUNNERS AND JUMPERS AND TRACK GIVES THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW THEIR STUFF. VARSITY TRACK Bottom row: C. Espinoza, M. Wheelock, R Rossbach, J Fahringer, D Flowers, D Panteleff, K. Kochel, J. Rosemond, K. Chapman. Second row: J. Whitman, M. Luu, G. Ruiz, R Rosales, E. Hellman, B. Jensen, K. Kelly Third Row: B. Tobin, G. Aubert, D, Lopez, J. Yu, B Jackson, J. Hodgson. Top row: G. Aubert, A Siegmond, D. Flores, B. Binns, J. Ballensky, B. Sanders. Coach Mike Russell m Varsity and J V two milers: D Clark, K War J ' ' I tw . | f «- 1 J.V. two milers are off under the watchful eye of starter Jack Smith 76 Varsity pole vaulter Kris Kelly J.V. TRACK Bottom row: G Wheelock, L. Ruelas, M. Travalini, J. Ingham, J Arnold, K, Dyer. K Korn. Second row: K Warnock, B. Daviduk. K. Wollert, T Clenard, C. Sinclair, L Hirota, M. Lo, A. Hart. Third row: M. Smith, M. Devlin, S. Beck, S Wright, B Binns, P. Rogich, L. Droughn. Fourth row: S. Robinson, J. Coffman, M. Deleo, V. Lawler. B. Evans, T. Cowgill, C. Eskridge, K. Schoni. Top row: V. Heuck, G. Haas, S Campbell, J Renshaw, G. Gemmell, L. Tung, S. Stephens, C. Pyles . I. _J-» Sean Robinson stretches in the long jump Varsity long jumper Dale Flores prepares to land nock, J Ingham, R Rossbach, K Chapman I. M Junior Bruce Sanders leads Santa Barbara in the 330 low hurdle race. " Coach, my uniform ' s in the wash, it ' s in my friend ' s car. my dog ate it, etc. 77 Utt3UU raUM JVMlJ : Va WW BftMIMUH£USCHUIUKWfHVJira«HUI«fHlU2UA Top row: " Sunny " girl ' s Kiwanis Relays, Stat crew under the watchful eye of coach Martinez. Middle row: " working hard " L. Ruelas, K. Kochel. C Espinoza, J. Rosemond, and M Wheelock, D Flores flies over the high bar Bottom row: Coach Standifer driving the Cougar cart, Gina Wheelock flies over the hurdle to victory. 78 9t« Top row: Maria Wheelock diving for distance, Agusto Hernandez preparing or the mile, freshman distance " ace " Rachel Rossbach Bottom row: Julie Rosemond smiling after finishing fourth at the Kiwanis Relays, Gabe Ruiz at the start of the 220, Julie Rosemond preparing to land. 79 ■ u«:wi»»! Mwiiwwawwi »sraniTjm3Hira!mjuHjmt»i«uimj7W BOYS TENNIS Top row; Chris Moore, Jim Helmer, Matt Waldcn, Jim Mapes, Tory Rieman, Ed Asdell. Bottom row: Pat McCaslin, John Coman, Milt? Thomas, Derrik Milne, Alex Jehlar, coach Dave Schmitt Chris Moore John Coman 80 Derrik Milne Coaches Schmitt and Lynch Pat McCaslin Tory Rieman Ed Asdell 81 ■■ i ■w. ' rfMHiirn»««raH3«iiTT.v)uwcHiw»n»iuiuH»ui).u!wwiiii(]iui win l .ii inumiHHJHi l !i iviPiiiiiuui« " . ■ COUGAR SWIM TEAM Collcn Galloway J.V. SWIM Top row: Drew Klein, Kevin Hall. Scott Collins, Shannon Anderson, Katie Thompson, Collen Galloway, Gavin Vasquez, Michelle Holcomb, Denise Hawthorn, Wendy Welstrom, Renold Ramsey. Bottom row; Scott Curtis, Andrea Halverson, Bonnie Cressy, Chip Valentine, Jo Shellnut, Stacy Mellon, Dinorah Martin, Heather Konicki. Tim McCraken : tf i i 82 Kim Kochcl P1WI1 tit BBVl 4 ■ a v m VARSITY SWIM Top row: Teresa Cummings, Krista LaViolet. Kerry Sherwood, M ' Lisa Alsip, Trent Williamson. Karen Toby. Bruce Cressy. John Summers. Alsn Mandell, Stephan Zier Bottom row: Troy LaViolet. Gina Cline, Bobby Chalmers. Caryn Chittenden. Sarah Danforth. Dave Talmage, Pat Alvarez. Ian Donley. ED SCHOOL. OS S- T-r Going to the Camarillo meet. . % :., I.UI Bonnie Cressy Kim Kochel Coaches: Kathy Hague and Boh Ferris 83 v-,V , .« , JiJ ' (flWii«imi»lliW»Bn«lJBBiUTiiTra riTmn.MiMauffUi«iHHiHi»,«w»miB™iB ™«n™»i»ny COUGAR GOLF VARSITY GOLF Top row: Mr. Timmons, Jeff Armstrong, Dave Flores, John Rupp, Brett Kenyon, Brian Sullivan. Rich Boyce, Kelly Knudsen, Mr. Andonian. Bottom row Aaron Rogers. Bill Chilcutt, Wayne Brazelle, Robert Flodquist, Steve Schnelver. Mike McWeeney. Bret Deblin. 84 f ; %- 85 I njiniMafituaaiuiBUbraaittiwuwBM ' Hiia JR SR GIRLS POWDER PUFF SIGN-UPS i HUI1J. r ! The second annual powder puff football game was staged Friday afternoon before the Buena Ventura boys game. The girls from Buena came to pit their football skills against Ventura. However, they were clearly outmatched. The Ventura girls coached by Adam Barron, Joe Bova and Darren Ranck, beat Buena ' s girls five touchdowns to three. Teresa Hirota and Wendy Alexakis Coaches Adam Barron and Louie Camanllo V Teresa Hirota Kathy Espinoza 86 87 .X atoBffirt « iiHIHfflaaSlP ' ' ■ ' ' ' ■ ' ■ : ' .■i Miumv.mvaYmwKWiinmaaiamM mmuaiimmimmMm imm m " C I mi • «•-« Left to right- Teresa Ashby, Carol Mechanick, Colleen Bollng, Johannes Haar, Al Woessner, Mike Biedebach. James Hodgson (Vice President) Carolina Archangel. Aaron Caskey, Ann Lee, Lucy Lagotte, Kathleen Turner, Derek Milne (president), John Sullard. CLUB COUNCIL Club Council is made up of the presidents and vices of all clubs, and is designed to unify Ventura ' s many organizations into one governing body. Several of this year ' s many projects included decorating and painting the campus display cases and running the highly successful multicultural week. Remarked Derek Milne, who served as Club Council " It was a very successful year — we had a good bunch of kids who really knew how to work. " Derek Milne-Director of Clubs 89 i ' " " ■irmMMjwir. miMj.w .i i SJWSIHBiKttUlliV iTOWfUin i iiiji!iTOiwnji.iiiiffiirn!M!uiA l ..wiivw.i l uni!,u,ii!H«m A.ES. Mikko Jormalainen, Astnd Janson, Suichi Yokoyama, Mrs Hoffmaster. COSMO CLUB Bottom row: Astrid Janson, Treasurer; Ann Lee, Suichi Yokoyama, Nancy Park. Top row: Mrs. Garcia, Iduol Beny, Marcia Pederson, Laura Beny, Teresa Ashby, President; Lucy Lagotte, Charles Wright, Mikko Jormalainen, Mrs J Hoffmaster. 90 ' Creative Writing Top row: Cindy Cesnauskas, Erica Hellman, Heather Camp- bell-Gillies, Missy Arvidson. Middle row: Tom Intiso, Carol Mechanick, Erin Farrel. Bottom row: Lisa Spellins, Lisa Hobbs, Annie Sprague, Claudia Vlasak. Cub Staff Back row: Mark Drew, Martin Holden Front row: Erica Hillemann, Renee Eakin, Heather Campbell-Gillies, Charlene Conley. CREATIVE CLUBS Creative Campus Top row: Glen Sanders, Lance Gharnow, David Spitsen. Ed Boughton Bottom row: Tina Jackson. Jim Powell, David Dean 91 ' i i . ..- ,11 , •. ' .., ' .,;■•, vsu ' mxm vim mwAitw CSF CALIFORNIA SCHOLASTIC FEDER- ATION • To be eligible for CSF you must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. This is the cream of the scholastic top, con- gratulations! N £3 i. " I Y I H ' . ■ ' 1 MARINE BIOLOGY Bottom row: Astrid Janson, President-Scott Snell, President-John Sullard, Michelle Sammon, Laurie Lary. 2nd row: Angela Waterlander, Jennifer Streeper, Vernon Williams. Jim Cookson, Shannon Dickerson. Perry Centeno. 3rd row: Rena Barker, Michelle Lewiston. Top row: Gary Perlmutter, Chris Freeman, Steve Crane. Advisor-Mr. Enterline, Wendl Jacobs, Darin Fain. 92 TOP ROW: Lynn Jepsen, Denise Corrente, Shannon Swindall, Kathleen Turner, Lisa Wolf, John Whitman, Johanis Haar, Lisa Myers, Angie Tafoya, Carmen Moraza, Jill Darling, Ginger Schecter, Derek Milne, Ann Lee, Shann Wenn Mao. Cari Loe. BOTTOM ROW: Jennifer Lynch, Vince Lawler, Mike Biedebach, Carol Mechanic, Kim Forrest, C.R. Hibbs, Sandy Brown. Annie Sprague, Bruce Silvey, Bob Collins (Advisor) A.S.B. AS B Pres- Sandy Brown A.S.B. OFFICERS Jill Darling. Can Loe. Bruce Silvey. Annie Sprague. Lisa Wolf 93 ' , ! to Aivjtt t n«rw ? »W i t JW OiH a HlVWSfiKSBMIW wnmvunnviiiiUjimH Kathleen " c A B I N E T Spirit Committee planning a rally Matt during a class competition Brucie Woosie on the mic 94 Annie on the mic. Denise. Jenny and Shannon finishing up their reports SENIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS Angie Tafoya. Carmen Moraza, Kim Forrest Shawn-wen Mao SOPHOMORE CLASS OR. Hibbs, Ginger Schechter, Lisa Myers, John Whitman, Johannes Haar Ann Lee. Denice Corrente. Matt DeLao, Shannon Swindall FRESHMEN CLASS Louie Camarillo. Jennifer Lynch. Lynn Jepsen, Vince Lawler 95 TPd v nr(MTH l««3Dlini-HiWf HMJI« IWBWIBimw FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA V. H S FFA Club Bottom Row: Tracy Teel, Glenn Flotmier, Michele Butler, Chris Gibby. Middle Row: Marty Gahaldon, Janet Hansen, Mr. Parton (Advisor), Tania Cappas, Debbie Ruman, Dinorah Martin, Bill Bowen Back Row: Anthony Kirk, Jim Threkeld, Joel Atmore, Willie Barnes, Janet McKin ney, Elizabeth Summors. FFA Fair Winners Bottom Row: Debbie Ruman, Janet Hansen, Susie French, Marty Gahaldon. Back Row: Joel Atmore, Tania Cappas, Mr. Parton, Tracy Teel, Janet McKinney. 96 FFA Club Officers Clockwise from bottom: Mr Parton, Tracy Teel, Janet Hanson, Tania Cappas, Debbie Ruman, Michele Butler. ■• inuwiMuu i Mnrara BOY ' S FEDERATION L to R: Tim Gray, Roman Fortin, Mike Biede- bach, Danny Jackson, Bill Binns, Bruce Silvey, Barry Lennon, Chris Quinn. James Hodgeson, Mikko Jourmalenin, Aaron Siegmon, Tom lntiso Girl ' s League President Hath- leen Turner and Boy ' s Feder- ation President Mike Biede- bach. Top row: Ann Lee, Suzi Ruscher, Kathy Mar- shal, Michele Wiederhoff, Middle row: Shannon Anderson, Carol Cordy, Bottom row: Ann Po- povich, Kathleen Turner, Gabriel Feldman, Cari Chilcutt GIRL ' S LEAGUE ■ " ■l?Wi l ' lJmL Ul .O. ' SiUflllJyrTC l.TwliTiTt rTrnnniininiwMMwiimwi " " VARSITY PEP SQUAD Top row: Susi Ruscher, Susie Evans. Kathy Marshall, Gabrielle Feldman, Cari Chilcutt. Bottom Row: Tina Johnson, Shelley Wilcox, Annie Sprague, Jill Jemenez, Corey Paul SUSI! 1 ' 1 m m Shelley ' Gabrielle ' JV PEP SQUAD Top row: Terri Smith, Kelly Brent, Julie Faringer, Missy McLain, Krissy Zimmer Bottom; Tami Sage. Denise Corrente, Cari Lopez i KELLY 1 Julii-i Cari! 99 T-rs ■ ' : " , " ' ■ ' ■ ' " ■•V UUJI.lMUnUHllJI •IKilH.lin.r.MflwiinnnvT " HmillwulimmiiiiwiM Bottom row: Jack Lee, Claudia Vlasic, Allison Woesner, Charles Wright- 2nd row: Laura Beny, Erin Farrell, Carol Mechanick, Collen Bowling, Donna Fratello. Karen Kwan, Shel- ly Styf, Jill Culton. 3rd row: Lucinda Keller, Susan Willspud, Shannon Anderson, Andrea Haluerson, Wendy Micheals, Car- rie Loe, Heather Campbell-Gillies, Marcia Pederson, Christy Lapadakis. Top row: Michelle True, Kim Towell, Kathy Ra- mirez, Ian Patterson, Mike Case. « tfft„., « KW ELECTION BOARD STUDENT ACTION COUNCIL Between election board and S.A.C. it ' s been a busy year. The year started with Freshman elections, then Homecoming, followed by Christmas For Kids canned food drive. Inbetween all this was the S.A.C. meetings held once a month and the election board meeting every Tuesday. Second semester starts the serious business of organizing the convention, this year ' s theme is " The Sound Of Music. " All this could not be accomplished without the help of people like Derek Milne, Collen Bowling, and Mrs. Komp, and everyone on S.A.C. and election board. Thanks for the support. Carol Mechanick 100 SAC Election board president Carol Mechanick jutnunn JOURNALISM MASTHEAD Editor in Chief Missie Arvidson News Editor Cari Chilcutt Opinion Editor Missie Arvidson Sports Editor Loretta Laffoon Campus Scene Editor Gabrielle Feldman Photographer Anne Schichter Artist Michelle Talkington Managing Editor Cari Chilcutt Ad Manager Debbie Flowers Story Editor H.J. Campbell-Gillies s aff reporters: Lelah Lombard, Darren Ranck, Joe Bova, c iris Michalak. Susie Evens, Jenny Stadler, Matt McCune, J.D. c urry, Suzanne Robinson. p rinting Ojai Valley News Proofreader Bill Harkins James Curry works on a story for the Cougar Press. L to R: Mr. Reilley advisor, Missie Arridson, Jenny Stadler, Cari Chilcutt, Ann Popvich, Debbie Flowers, James Curry, Gabrielle Feldman, Susie Evans, Matt McCune, Darren Ranck, Annie Schlichter, Lelah Lombard, Michelle Talkington, Joe Bova. Cari evaluates Gabrielle ' s page with the help of Debbie, James, and Annie 101 ) ' , 1 JJilim ailUiUKIfii ' J " ' ' ■ ' " ' ■■ " ■ ' vv JiMiiVAmiwmmumm™ iaK.u«,vHr nuuituiinvniiumiuiiiMiiui VHS MARCHING COUGAR BAND . 1 V , " .j l vj l ,- 1 i;r-LVJim u , .j.L:Mf J | J?i wjxmwiA vl )b, J A , ' w■ wllall■aflM ulu■u«lT■JB ' lM. lllllw w w . I B l l!ll.TIUJlViJI4llVUUIIUIU l IULIUUl UVintl1U l Jtl9l1IBIJIimBUMWUUUUllMMIU «lU VENTURA HIGH SCHOOL mmmlQpr " VHS Tall Flags L to R: Carlene Marsh, Lisa Castillo, Heather Barker, Meagan Kam, Andrea Arcinega, Carolyn Smith, Donna Wojiechowski, Rosi Barrazo, Sherri Hermann, Raquel Hernandez, Beth Ming. VHS Color Guard Center: Staci Storey. L to R: Kim Kutz, Tina Lapsley. Nancy Townsend, Sandi Lapsley, Mary Strauch ATTACHED UNITS J f% VHS Majorettes L to R; Linda Wolfe, Barbra Wolfe, Debbie Boverson. «. v VHS Banners L to R; Laura Wojieckowskt, Maria Gomez, Liz Ebsen, Kaete Montgomery. Gail Knickerbocker, Delia Cooke, Elaine Smith, Aimee Johnson, Susi Bafford 105 T S Z W lM JiAllil S HHH3 ' " ' ' " HBRB " .ijBH ' iwMU ' JlTHLTiMHimiHBirpw ' JWLiiniUMwwuMw Wifc l llll»TI. " H , lV , Jim , m -nii¥TTOT«i n oaiii FACULTY 106 i« muian umwuMflUHH 1 3MIU1U 107 1 I te J dH r rQ ,, J ' -t:s j n };■ .! .■■ wvhuimhm ■ )- ' iiw " ' .-Jtoii jM,rm iiiMJhy.MttiiuM, F ?OM THE PRINCIPAL ' S DESK To The Black and Gold, Another activity filled year has been completed at Ventura High School and, as usual, more richness has been added to the traditions of our school. Through the Black and Gold all may view the activities, events and people who have contributed to our heritage. Ventura High School continues to serve our beautiful community and people by providing positive academic and social experiences for its students. Our students continue to grow and develop into contributing citizens, thereby assuring that the community will continue to prosper and be revitalized. The excellence that is Ventura High school is reflective of the community ' s spirit and regenerative in its effect upon the community. Robert C. Cousar 108 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Miss Diane Wootton Mrs Helena T Reaves Mr David Myers Mr Rene Melzer 109 i . j: , j i ' i COUNSELING Leticia Aroyo Bob Swanson — :.» " ■Z- Dennis Swindall Tom Temprano Joyce Seebart no Sylvia Bonsignore, Joyce Seebart Leticia Aroyo Peggy Shellnut Rene Melzer Remember When 9 111 Kit Baehr-Attendance Clerk Rosemary Quijada-ASB Bookkeeper Ruth Downey-Attendance Secretary Pat Greene-Career Center Technician Clema Utter-Library-Audio Visual Clerk 112 Cruz Samaniego-Library-Textbook Clerk OFFICE rrwitikittMiwiYIWlUlirULtlHMHlliaMI Mary Ann Fulmer-PBX Receptionist Ellen Saul-Records Clerk Virginia Weeks-School Improvement Secre tary Peggy Shellnut-Counseling Secretary Jill Rowe-Secretary To Assistant Principal STAFF Sylvia Bonsignore-Records Receptionist Pat Cornett-Secretary To Assistant Principal Linda Hickerson-Secretary To Principal 113 SPECIAL SERVICES Betsy Quinn-E.S.L. William Tice-Work Experience Coordinator Bonnie Counseller-Nurse Richard Bean-Psychologist Kerry Norberg-Libranan Woody Newcomer-Special Education 114 AND SPECIAL EDUCATION r Suzanne Brown-Special Ed Resource Person f - 1 Lenore Crowe-School Improvement Jeane Fouke-Special Ed Resource Person Barbara Stewart-Special Ed Resource Person Lendra Weinerethlndian Educ. 115 AIDES PE. aide Diane Adams Campus aides: Michelle Crabtree, Kim Rafter, Pen- ny Crook, Dale Muchmore f KStuk Health aide: Sue Everard CAL center aide: Joan Meyer CAL center aide. David Saul P E aide: Bob Godeck Special Education aide: Kay Liddi Special Education aide: Myra Kessler 116 MiiBMJiiniiiMMnMummiUMniiaHM BEHIND THE SCENES Pat Perry Custodians-Carmen Arellanes, Dave Anderson, Linda Debyshire, Mike Nava, Steve Cox Cafeteria Staff-Left to right-Melissa Savoy, Ann Diaz, Clare McMillen, Janet Fleming, Barbara Ryan, Beverly Henry, Brenda Cox, Maxine Ingold, Ophelia Rodarte, Beverly Fernandez, Pat Perry, Pat Herrin Dave Anderson-Head Custodian Groundskeepers-Roger Morales. Bruce Flores 117 APPLIED • • • Larry Curtis-Typing Sue McEwen-Shorthand i Tim Dynice-Business Matt Wall-Business m A S.J. Smith-Auto Electric Shop Bernice ShawHorne Economics Denise Tierney-Home Eco- nomics Sam Marsh-Driver ' s Education 118 iinmui auut inMunUUMUlU Robert Collins-ASB Advisor TV-Radio Richard Fruchey-Drafting Larry Koontz-Wood Shop , - Dallas Moore-Auto Shop I I Jim PartonAgriculture 119 HUMANITIES Art Groveman-Photography Ray Frykholm-Art Joe Ellis-History Patricia Post-Crafts Perry Owen Art Dick Engeswick-Social Stud- ies Don Chalif-World Culture Dan O ' Neill-Music Tamara Budden-Social Studies Robert Etchart American Gov- ernment Don Haskell American Government. Criminal Justice 120 Rex Kochel-Marriage Famiiy Kent Quinn-Psychology ffl ■s A Larry Waltz-Human Behavior Al Marra-U S History Dale Reilley-American Citizenship fT I Larry Weiss-U S History Walter Meyer U S History, World Cul ture Chris Taylor-American Citizenship Remember when? 121 LANGUAGE ARTS NO PICTURE AVAILABLE I Robert Ferris-English Muriel Garcia-French. German, Latin Norma Curtis-English Lee Lanman-English Linda McFadden-English Bill Harkins-English Don Pettit-English YT£. Jerry Ricci-English " " 122 Carol Ruzicka English Alton Williams-Drama John Deleo-Spanish Don Childs-Spanish Jan Hoffmaster-Spanish Charlotte Cook Spanish Len Taylor-Reading Remember when? Mary Lou Rentfrow. Meredith Moyers-Picture Not Available Elizabeth ValenteenEnglish 123 MATH SCIENCE Mike Andonian-Algebra " " Steve Ollis-Algebra, Geometry — Dave Ricards-Algebra, Biology Dan Maxey-Geometry Mickey Perry-Calculus, Trigonometry, — Math 9 Bob OsherAlgebra, Geometry George Rigler-General Math ; Mike Russell-Algebra Mike Timmons-Math 9 124 Pete Churchill-Science i . ; Robert Dixon-Chemistry, Physics Steve Askay-Science — Louise Komp-Science Phil McCune-Science 9 — Chuck Enterline-Biology Carl Schorsch Biology J3 ' Dave Schmitt Health Science Remember when? 125 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Rita Darling-P.E. Har vey Kochel-P.E. f X J ?- Fred Standifer-P.E. — Dan Smith-P.E. - Ginger Lynch-P.E. Remember when? 126 B Remember when? Remember when 7 Pat Gregory Remember when? Remember when? Mike Timmons, Mickey Perry, Bob Etchard 127 128 129 COLETTE ADAMS MICHAEL ADAMS WENDY ALEXAKIS MARK ALLEN ' " ' r . MATHEW ALLEN MICHEAL APPLE CAROL ARCANGEL SHELLEY ARNOLTS TERESA ASHBY DANIEL ATTEMA PAUL BALDWIN JOHN BALLENSKY WAYNE BARKER MIA BARNES DOLORES BARRETTO 130 ROSEMARIE BARROZO MICHAEL BAUER LEROY BEACH BRENT BEASLEY TRUDY BECKMAN CHRIS BELLO TERRY BERGMAN - AMY BERSSEN JEFFERY BLACK TERRI BLACK Ed Snowdon My most memorable moment at VHS was in my sophomore year, Andy Koenig and friends performed in the variety show as the Spasmatic Boogie. CHARLES BONSIGNORE DEBBRA BORNAND 131 BRETT BOUCHARD JOSEPH BOVA JOAN BRADFORD MICHAEL BRANCA LISA BREDHOF JEANNE BRIGGS KATHERYN BROTHER Michelle Kenney My most memorable moment at VHS was the powder puff football game, getting knocked down flat on my rear. DAVID BROWN DWAYNE BROWN SANDY BROWN K WILLIAM BROWN 132 TAMARA BRYANT Jeff Mott My most memorable moment at VHS was taking the champion- ship in football for the first time in our school ' s Channel League history. APRIL BUSSE SHAUN BUTLER MICHAEL CAMPBELL H.J. CAMPBELL-GILLIES IDA CARLOS TERRY CARLTON WENDY CARRANZA MIKE CASE PERRY CENTENO CYNTHIA CESNAUSKAS 133 MICHELLE CHACKEL ERNEST CHACON KRISTIN CHAPMAN ANDREA CLARK LISA CLINE TANA COLEMAN DAWN COLGAN — JEFFERY COLLINS BILL COOK GLENN COOPER JULIE COWINS LAURA COX — MICHAEL CRISSIP LAURA CULTON JOHN CUSTODIO 134 JILL DARLING JON DAWE Darren Ranck My most memorable moment at VHS was when chills ran up and down my spine as I ran out to play basketball against Buena, VHS cheered and Buena booed. MICHELE DAWSON SUSAN DICKENS KENNETH DICKERSON FREDRIC DIXON ROBERT DOANE DAVID DOBSON jM L Kf l • V! k w F 4 Hi • y i Pk. KAI DONLEY MARK DREW DAVID DUCHARME SUSAN DUNNING 135 CHERYL EBERHARD VALERIE ERICKSON BERTHA ESCOBAR DEAN ESMAN CATHERINE ESPINOZA KATHERINE EVANS Michelle Vladimirsky My most memorable moment at VHS was as a sophomore Kathy Stallings and I dressed up as Buena cheerleaders for nerd day. DARR1N FAIN STEPHEN FAIST ERIN FARRELL CARLOS FISKE 136 KiMBERLY FORREST TAMI FRAYS1ER MARLIN FREEMAN SUZANNE FRENCH JAIME GARCIA DAVID GIRTSMAN AUDRA GLAZER DAVID GLICKMAN LISA GOFF ROBERTO GONZALEZ MARK GOODWIN ROBBIE GARBOW TY GARBOWSKY DENNIS GREENWAY GREGORY GRIFFIN CELESTE GRIMM 137 TODD GROENEVELD BUDDY GURKWEITZ SUZANNE GUTIERREZ LaTANYA HALE TIMOTHY HAMPTON CAREY HANSON JANET HANSON LISA HARMONSON BILLY HART ERIC HART NATALIE HART SHELLY HART DAVE HARVEY SAMANTHA HARVEY CHRISTY HAVENS MELENIE HENRY 138 RUBY HERNANDEZ LAWRENCE HERON LINDA HICKERSON JOELL HIGGINBOTHMAN ERICA HILLEMAN DANIEL HINTON CARL HIPSKIND TERESA HIROTA JAMES HODGSON VICTORIA HOULE Loretta Lafoon My most memorable moment at VHS was my sophomore year beating Buena in girl ' s basketball. DARCEY HUITRADO BRENNER HUNT 139 HUONG HUYNH LISA INLOES THOMAS INTISO WENDI JACOBS ASTRID JANSON GINA JARAMILLO JILL JIMENEZ CARL JOHNSON VIRGIL JEANS II KATHRYN JEFFERY DARRYL JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON SCOTT JOHNSON MICHEALE JONES MICHELLA JONES MIKKO JORMALAINEN 140 ' ■« 7i« JLi ■ • ' " iw ,: i l iil DARRYL JUE MONICA JUMP JAMES KALLUSKY PENNY KELLER SEAN KELLEY MICHELLE KINNEY SANDRA KINYON JOAN KIRSCHNER KRISTEEN KLATT SCOTT KOEBERLE Art Malone My most memorable moment at VHS was meeting my lady Jennette. LAVETTE KLEBE TODD LABY 141 Shana Rusher My most memorable moment at VHS was getting my ID sticker that says 18. LORETTA LAFFOON DENISE LANDBERG SPENCER LAIRD PATRICIA LANGAN DENNISON LARSON LYNN LARY KRYSTA LaVIOLETTE JODEEN LAWERENCE ml a Ji KRISTY LEE 142 JACK LEE JR LUCY LAGOTTE ROGER LEE MARTHA LENNOX RONALD LINDEMANN MICHELLE LINDSAY CARRIE LOE LELAH LOMBARD — DOUGLAS LOPER DANNY LOPEZ DONALD LOPEZ LANCE LUBKE GARY LUNSFORD TONY LUU PATRICIA LYNCH mwk DAVID MACKIE RAY MAGEE ARTHUR MALONE JACK MALONE 143 MICHAEL MALOTTE MICHAEL MANDELL SHANNON MAO BELINDA MARKES ■■ P " t f v -V rf x STEVEN MARQUES MIKE MARTIN BRANDY MATHERS MICHAEL MAURCY Bret Taylor My most memorable moment at VHS was when the class of 82 tried to give me a swirly. CONSTANCE McGHIN MICHELE McGILL KIM McCAMPBELL CAROL MECHAN1CK 144 STEVEN MEDRANO TROY MEEKER ■ t } IL 1 . J fl r Kim Forrest My most memorable moment at VHS was my surprise sixteenth birthday party. MARK MEISTER — SOCORRO MENDOZA GREGORY METS CHRISTOPHER MICHALAK DON M1EDECKE DEREK MILNE JOSE MORA JOHN MORAGA 145 1 CARMEN MORAZA MARTIN MORAZA MICHELE MORIARTY CYNTHIA MOSBARGER V JEFFERY MOTT PATRICK MULLEN JEFFERY NEARY REBECCA NELSON SHANE O ' NEIL NANCY O ' CONNOR ELLEN O ' HARE MARY O ' HARE RHONDA OLIVERA CYNTHIA OLSEN FRANK OLVERA LESLIE ORM 146 MARIA ORTIZ — KARYL OSHER SHANNON PAGE ANTHONY PAK RACHEL PANTELEEF JESSICA PARSONS JOANN PELAYA BRET PERRYMAN ROBERT PIERRET ■■„-- T EMILY PIKE RANDY PITRE VIRGINIA POGGI SARA POWERS BRENDA PURNELL MARK PYRON 147 CHRISTOPHER QUINN ANN RAMIREZ DARREN RANCK ANGELA RANTZ milk GREGORY REAL ROSEMARIE REED SCOTT REED CHRISTINA REYES — Joe Bova My most memorable moment at VHS was the prom in my Junior year with Michelle Vladimirsky, Darren Ranck, and Sandra Rob- ertson. SUSANNE ROBINSON SEAN ROMP RAUL ROSALES JILL ROWE 148 CARL RYLANDER BARBARA SALCEDO JOHN SAMANIEGO MARK SAMMON MICHELE SAMMON RENE SANCHEZ GLYN1S SANDERSON ANNE SCHLICHTER JINGER SCHMITZ ERIC SCHOCK JULIE SEATS ROBERT SEAY CARMEN SEPULVADA LORI SEYMOR BRUCE SILVEY RODNEY SIMMS 149 JAHN SLASON MARILYN SMITH PHIL SMITH CHARLES SNELL EDWARD SNOWDEN ELIZABETH SOLANO DAVID SOLIS LISA SPELLINS Lisa Harmonson My most memorable moment at VHS was looking forward to graduation, just the thought of accomplishment. JOHN SPITTLE ANNE SPRAGUE 150 KATHY STALLINGS SUSAN STEPHENS RICHARD STETSON AMY STEVENS Michele Moriarty My most memorable moment at VHS was meeting all my lifetime friends. DARIN STIMSON TRINA STRANAHAN WENDY SWANSON ANGELA TAFOYA CHINDA TAN VANNA TAN JOHN TARKANY BRIAN TARPLEY BRET TAYLOR 151 TRACY TEEL JOLIE TEMPLE SCOTT THOMAS VIRGINIA THOMPSON JULIE THOMSEN JANE TITTLEM1ER KAREN TOBEY MICHAEL TORRES RENE TRIVETTE KATHLEEN TWOMEY ELIANE ULRICH JENNIFER VanHAAFTEN 152 MOSES VARELA JOHN VARGAS umiuiMiWl LAURA VIRTUE MICHELLE VLADIMiRSKY Lisa Bredhof My most memorable moment at VHS was during the 1983 homecoming when I was crowned senior princess. CLAUDIA VLASAK TRACI WAGONER TONJA WAHL BILL WALKER ROBIN WALKER BRIAN WALLET JIMMIE WALLET JOHN WALLET RICHARD WALTERS JR CURTIS WARN 153 JENNIFER WARWICK JULIE WEEKS TOM WEISS DANIEL WHELAN ANTHONY WIGGINS SHELLY WILCOX TON1 WILL RONDA WILLIAMS JASON WILSON ALLISON WOESSNER MICHAEL WOODWARD ALESHIA WOOLDRIDGE ANDREA WYGLE DESIREE YANEZ TERESA ZINGERMAN 154 SENIOR A UTOGRAPHS 155 i SENIOR FAVORITES BEST SMILE MARK GOODWIN and JULIE WEEKS MOST SPIRITED DARREN RANCK and JILL JIMENEZ kNGER BEST LOOKING SHELLEY WILCOX and ADAM BARON jmuiMum BEST DRESSED ED SNOWDEN and PENNY KELLER ALL AROUND BRUCE SILVEY and ANN SPRAGUE BIGGEST FLIRT TODD LABY and SHANE O ' NIELL SENIOR FAVORITES FRIENDLIEST JOE BOVA and TAMI FRAYSIER MOST ALLURING EYES CARMEN MORAZA and MARTY MORAZA to ; V s : ■■■■ ) -V,- MOST ATHLETIC CARLA and DARIN FAIN MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED SHANNON MAO and TOM INTISO MOST TALENTED CARRIE LOE and ART MALONE FUNNIEST DEREK MILNE and ALLISON WOESNER : O 160 FRESHMEN VoJ« «- Srk)t»or 161 FRESHMAN Andrew Abare Holly Acerro Patricia Ackerman Willimiuia Akers Ian Albertson Jason Alexander " Raquel Alexander Kimberly Allen Robert Allen Mlisa Alsip Melissa Alvarez Raymond Amason Stefan Amich Marie Amrhine Katherine Anctil Shannon Anderson James Antolik Dylan Aoki Salvador Arias Jeffrey Armistead Wendy Armstrong Shirley Arnette ' Julie Arnold Kirsten Ashby Alwin Attema Gary Ayala Scot Ayhens James Bafford Carl Baker Laura Baker 162 No Photo Available Michael Baker Jill Balliet — Elisa Banuelos - Marina Barajas Heather Barker George Barrettc Rhonica Barrios William Barter Charles Bass Kevin Bauleke Marilee Bazzano - Sean Beck Jerry Beeker Monique Behunin — Richard Bennett Christina Bergman Ann Bidlingmaier - Kelley Black Adam Blanford Mike Boan Rhonda Boblett ■ Kenneth Boggs John Bongiovanni No No Adam Bonilla Photo Photo Douglas Bonny Available i» . Available Coby Borden 163 FRESHMAN Chene Bouchard Sean Bovee -Lauren Bowen Don Boyd Christopher Boyle No Photo Available • Kathenne Branca Trond Bratteteig Pam Breeding ' Tanya Bringas Donald Broeffle April Bronley Isaac Brown John Brown Keith Brown Kristi Brown Keith Bruckner Kenneth Bryant Stephanie Bucknam Deanna Burell Robert Burnett Christina Button Patrick Cabral Roxanne Cade David Cairns No Shannon Callahan Photo Louie Camanllo Available No Photo Available T No No Photo Photo Available Available 164 No Photo Available No Photo Available James Campbell Steven Campbell Leighanne Cantrell Reyold Capet Herman Caporali Stephanie Caputo Robin Carlson Claudia Carnllo - Heidi Carnngton Clifton Casey Waylon Cassidy Sandra Cassin Laura Castro - Michael Catanzarite — Denise Cater - J William Cavanaugh Dan Cavins — Dana Chadwell — John Chaiman — Robert Chalmers Ronnie Chaplin — John Chapman Andrea Charles Casey Charles - Phillip Chavez Richard Cherry William Chilcutt - Jana Chromy — John Coffmann Lynne Colgan 165 FRESHMAN Billy Cook Ronald Cook -Glenn Cooper Thomas Copeland Virginia Corder Carol Cordy - Michelle Covington ' Todd Cowgill Janet Cowins Jon Cox Julie Cox Delia Craddock Christal Crane James Crawford Bonnie Cressy Carey Crofoot Charles Crofoot James Curry David Curtis Deanna Curtis Angelique Dadis Helena Dainow Edward Dano - Teri Dath Chris Davidson Barbara Daviduk Bonnie Daviduk Jerel Dawson ' Eric De La Torre Edward Dealejandro No Picture Available 166 John Deblin — Tamara Dehaan Paul Dejong Mark Delao — Michael Devlin Kerri Dickey — - Meisha Diener Traci Dittle - Shirley Dolan -— Gregory Doles Timothy Dollison Brian Dooley Steven Douglas Ben Dover Karie Downard Shannon Downey - Patrick Doyle Jason Drozdowski Edward Duke James Duncan — ■ Adam Duston Gerry Duttweiler Keira Dyer — ■ Devonne Edwards Paul Eigenhuis — Peter Eigenhuis 167 FRESHMAN Phillip Eigenhuis — Kelly Ellis — Andrea Epping - Michael Eschenberg _ Craig Eskridge Michael Espinoza — Shane Espitia George Esquivel Brent Evans Ray Evans " ■ Rick Evans — Shanda Evans Tim Evans Oliver Farmer Corina Fernandez — - Amy Fessenden Daniel Fields — James Fish Brian Fleischauer Robert Flodquist Gregory Fogle — Greg Fong - Julie Fong Mary Ford I Thomas Fossati | — Karyn Foulks NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE ihJQ 168 PHOTO Mellisa F. Michael Franklin Tyler Freear Brian Fulton " Martin Gabaldon Rodney Gallagher Jose Garcia Juana Garcia — Paul Garcia — Roberto Garcia William Garcia Christopher Gardner — . Charles Garduno Jody Garman Kelly Gaston — Johanna Gattis Werner Geisler Gregory Gemmell Natalie Genn — • Aaron George - Lucinda Gerblick Michael Gholson Christopher Gibby Devian Gilbert ' - " Stephanie Gill " Olivia Godina Maria Gomez Jason Goodner Melissa Gosaynie Stacy Grainger 169 FRESHMAN fc - .. Kimberly Grant Steven Greenberg — Kathleen Greene = Gretchen Gresser Amber Griffin ■ « Rhonda Grove James Gurr Gerald Haas Kevin Hall Andrea Halverson Thes Hansen - Candace Harris Aleta Hart Donald Hart Denise Harthorn Jennifer Hartwick 9- Rachel Harvey Rita Haugen — Dana Hay Melisa Hays ■ Tammy Heckman — Bryan Hedrick — Wendy Hellstrom ■ - Cinamon Hench Malissa Henderson - •Arlene Hernandez Dorthy Hernandez Laurencio Hernandez Marcelina Hernandez Rosemary Hernandez 170 NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Danny Hester Vinton Heuck Desiree Hillemann David Hinrichs Linda Hirota Charles Hogue Michelle Holcombe Elisa Hopkins — Robert Houseman Wendy Howard William Howd Paula Howell — Jonathan Hoyt Stacey Hubbard — Shawn Hubbell Erin Huber — Kerri Hughes — Robert Hughes Veronica Hurtado Jill Ingham April Jackson Kristin Jamerson - Renee James — • Christop Januszewski Mark Jeffries — Roland Jehlar — 171 FRESHMAN - - Beth Jenkins Lynette Jepsen Leticia Jimenez Anna Johnson James Johnson ■ Shelby Johnson Deirdre Jones Kyle Jones Shannon Joseph John Jump Meagan Kam onathon Kasparek — Lucinda Keller Donald Kelley Bevery Kelly — Niko Kennedy Kevin Kessler Kelly Kiech - Robert Kilpatnck Judd King Teresa King Gerri Kinyon Anthony Kirk Brenda Klatt Nedra Klebe — Drew Klein 172 NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABEL Mark Klopfer Michael Knott Knstine Kochel Katherine Kolkman Heather Koniecki Clifford Kroll Anthony Kulzer — LaVea Kuntz Dionna Lackerdas - Brian Laird — Catherine Langdon Sandra Lapsley — Daiva Lara Kenneth Larsen — : Ian Laughlin — - Cary Levin — Mark Lindermann Chad Lindsay Kristina Lisheski Robert Littlefair Troy Laviolette Vincent Lawler Julia Lawrence — David Leal • — Belinda Lee — — Betty Lee Julia Lee ■ — Justin Lee — ■ Mi Yong Lee Gregorio Leon m 173 FRESHMAN ■ Mary Lo ■ — Heidi Lopez Jose Lopez Luis Lopez Monique Lopez James Lotspeich ■ — ■ Ida Lucero Aaron Luoma — Jennifer Lynch Robert Lyttle — Julia Mackey Stewart Mackey Dena Maes — ' Rita Maes Sandra Magaleno NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Michael Magee Patricia Malaski — Robert Mandel Larry Manes Darren Maranville NO NO NO NO PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE — Michael Marmotejo Christopher Marquez . Carlene Marsh Scott Marsh . Kristine Martin James Martin Sherry Martin Mauncio Martinez — Mia Martinez Anthony Mason NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 174 Lisa Mathis Wesley Matteucci — John Matthews Jamie McBride Mane McCracken ■ — Bradley McCurdy Coleen McGee - — Michael McKeegan Brian McKenna Dean McLeroy Mike McWeeney — Jaime McBride — Michael McCaslin — Deanna McClatchey Wendy McCoy — Rexanne McCulloch — Christopher McGuinn Benjamin Medina — Veronica Medrano — Stacey Mellon — Shannon Mcnchew Frank Mendoza — Wendy Mikuls — Samuel Miller Wendy Millhorn Jon Mills — 175 FRESHMEN Christopher Minks David Minor Robert Minor Brian Mitchell • Charles Mohr Kaete Montgomery ■ Scott Moon Elisabeth Moore James Moore . Julie Moore Patricia Moraga Annette Morales ' Elena Morales - Francine Morales -Kim Morgan Melissa Morgan Aaron Morris Norman Mortensen - Francis Moss Frank Mozer Beckie Mucciacito Joseph Neary — Brandi Nelson ■ Mark Neville Joe Newham ' Eric Nicholls 176 Michele Norman ' Adrana Nunez Alicia Nunez Shenlen Oelschlager— Sean Ogden — Kris Ogletree Quinn Ogrady Randall Olivarez Lisa Olson — Michael Olson — Ty Olson ■ — Steven Ostini — Jonathan Osumi — Mary Otoole — Heather Overman Jenny Pak — Michelle Pak Stephen Palmer - Caroline Palzet £■ Nicholas Pappas Dalton Parker Kimberly Parker Neil Parker Darrick Parris Michael Parsons Jose Partida Eric Patterson — ■ Terry Pegram Tammy Pemberton Sherri Pence 177 Diane Perez ■ Enrique Perez Ronald Perez - Mark Perry — Keri Pier Heidi Poehler Seth Pollak Richard Pommerville Derek Porter Darin Powers ' — Tina Prater — Diane Preis _ Brian Proffitt Lisa Pullen — Bettyjo Pulley James Purnell Anne Quintana Karma Raines -Arnold Ramirez Torrey Ramirez Jose Ramos Kristina Ramsey Reynold Ramsey Alonzo Rangel Dawn Rantz Bill Reed " Stephanie Reese NO ■ — Graciela Reyes PHOTO Debra Reynolds AVAILABEL ■ — Tamy Reza 178 No Photo Available No Photo Available % » I No Photo Available No No Photo Photo Available Available No Photo Available Hadley Rick • Kristi Rickson Diana Ridgdell Tina Riggs Mich elle Rios » Renee Rivera p Michael Robbins i W Sean Robinson - T Suzannah Robinson -r Rosa Rocha i t H ' 9k Andrew Rodriguez 1 Aaron Rogers J «a Karen Rogers J Ronald Rohrback i Ina Rosales Jeanette Rosas — Dawn Rose — Julie Rosemond Debora Rosenbaum Rachel Rossbach Stacey Rousseau Bud Rowley Lenna Ruelas Annette Ruiz ■ Elizabeth Ruiz John Rupp 179 - Danna Russell Joel Rye Kevin Saathoff -Christopher Salfen - Joelle Sanchez Miguel Sanchez " Sonia Sanders -Christopher Sargent Trena Saulsbury -Julie Schmela Laura Searl Rodney Sellars - Jo Shellnut Keith Shockley - Lori Shoffner Christine Sinclair Teresa Skill ■ Beck Smith Bradley Smith ' Carolyn Smith ■ Daniel Smith No Photo Available Dixon Schmitt Stephen Schnelker No Kathleen Schoeni Photo Aaron Scott Available Yum Seals 180 NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Diane Smith — Janine Smith -— Michael Smith Robert Smith Scott Smith James Soter ■ — Donna Souza Stephen Spittle Katherine Staib — Tom Staib Scott Stanky James Stauffer — i Stephanie Stevens Erin Stoltz — ■ Jon Strand David Stratmann Sherry Stuckey —- Bob Sutton — • Mike Talmage Marcus Tankersley Christopher Tanner Clara Taylor Cynthia Taylor ■ — Danny Taylor — Eric Taylor Patricia Taylor Russel Taylor Wendy Tews Scott Theobald Brian Thomas 181 Diane Thomas - Michael Thomas Katherine Thompson Michael Throop - -Christian Tingelhoff Tristan Tipps — Anthony Torrez Rene Tovar David Towell — -Joseph Trotsky — John Tubbs — Todd Tyner Terrence Valentine Billy Valenzuela Fred Valenzuela — Angel Vales Susan Van Horn Kerri Vandekieft Rita Vanegas Henry Varela NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Shereen Vargas — Gavin Vasquez Robert Veith —• Conrad Vela Alfred Velasco Ruth Vera - Gregory Victor Diana Villanueva Jeffrey Vinson Brian Wagoner NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 182 Christine Wahl Cindu Waites - Steven Wallet Joy Walt - Gary Ward Kristina Warnock Lisa Watson Dawn Wattel — Michelle Webster - Kathleen Westlake Gina Wheelock ■ — Bridget White — Justin White Sherry White Erin Whitfield Tracy Willhite — ' Bryan Williams Matthew Williams Nancy Williams — Stephen Williams Wendy Williams — Trenton Williamson Glenn Willson Susan Willsrud ' Cindy Wilson Shannon Wise — ' Gregory Wong John Wood — Suzanne Woodling Theresa Worden - NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Michael Wozny Marc Wyatt 183 SOPHOMORES VaJiUrit- £r i k »t 184 NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE ■■■ Dawn Abare Mark Adams Julio Aguilar Jon Alberts — ' James Alcorn Beth Allen Kara Allen - Tressa Allen Christina Allrad Christopher Amato ■ Elizabeth Anctil Eric Anderson Kristin Andrade Ronette Andrade Sheri Applegate , — Denise Armstrong William Armstrong Crystal Arrieta - Melissa Arvidson Shawn Atkins Chris Avery Susan Bafford Tanya Bandy Michelle Barker Russell Barnes William Barnes Robert Barretto Sandra Barretto Charles Barrios Kevin Beasley — ■ 185 Ralyn Beeson Deanna Bennett Jeffrey Benton Iduol Beny _ Annette Berry Lisa Bever Scott Billing ' — Bryan Binns William Black Tern Blackwell ? — John Block — Linda Bobbitt Sonja Bornand Edward Boughton Tracy Boughton — Jennifer Bovee Lisa Boverson Shannon Bowman Robert Brady Kelly Brandt Wayne Brazele Wendy Breedlove Ronald Brown Shelda Brown -— Mathew Bruce Rodney Bryant Angela Bugg Tim Busher Corena Buxbaum Randy Caputo 186 Michelle Carlos Rebbecca Carpenter Robert Carr Devon Case Carolina Cazares Sonya Challenor Lance Charnow Peter Christensen Leann Clements Tracy Clenard Gina Cline Tina Cline Sharon Coe Michelle Coffey - Larry Colangelo Edward Coleman Robert Collier Scott Collins — John Coman — Catherine Conder John Contreras Angela Cook — Delia Cooke Celeste Corallis Denise Corrente — Christopher Couch 187 - — Lowell Cowey Terrie Cox Lori Craig Cynthia Cran Warren Cresswe Kevin Crikelair — Allison Crilly Casey Crowley Luis Cuevas Jill Culton Brian Cumberledge — -Teresa Cummings Michelle Curren Nancy Dailey Barbara Davis Shane Davis Katherine Davis Mathew De lao — Monica De Lao — Alicia Delarosa — Dawn Deleu Lisa Diaz Courtney Dickerson Christina Dietz Jeffrey Dinkier Susan Dodds 188 Ian Donley - Kelly Doolev Kelli DowHi ' n Lawrence Droughn Timothy Dunn — Suzie Dunton Sandra Duran Michelle Durant Wendy Duston — Alison Eaton ml Elizabeth Ebsen Karie Edwards Sean Edwards Candy Ellis Michael Ellis - William Elsass — Dean Engle — Susana Escobar Gregory Estrada Scott Etheridge Denise Everett Paul Eyer Juliana Fahringer Sheri Faist Ronald Feltner — Eric Fenton John Fields Kathy Fisher Brian Fitz-Gerald Jamit Fleming 189 Robert Fhnn David Flores Salvado Flores — ■ Brian Fogata Scott Fogo — Marc Frank Carol Fratello HP I Lori French Dolores Garcia r John Garcia ' • — Julia Garcia Timothy Garcia Mark Garner Patricia Garwitz Carrie Gazzaruso Valerie Geisman — Donna Gibson . — -Stephanie Giroux Anita Gleeson Jose Gonzales Darin Goodman Bradley Goodwin Joel Graves ■ — Kenneth Graves Ron Green — Emily Greene Kelly Gregg Paul Gregory Anne Grimenstein Cynthia Grimm 190 r NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE $ NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Scott Grist ' — Tnsha Guinn Natalina Gunawan Deborah Haas — Michelle Haines Sean Hair Jeannie Ham Timothy Harkins Kelly Harmon — ' Christina Harris Steven Hart — Pamela Harvey Walter Hathaway Gregory Heffelfinger Brain Hennessy — Clara Hernandez John Hernandez Raquel Hernandez Sheri Herrmann ■ — James Hicks Jonathon Hicks Lisa Hicks — ■ Cathleen Higa Matthew Hillery Benjamin Hinojosa — Tara Hoard — 191 Mark Holcombe Sally Holt Steven Horn Daniel Huff Eric Huff Mark Huff Michael Huff David Hulce Curtis Huntley Ingrid Hutchings Mathew Ivanovitch Tina Jackson Joseph Jaworski Kevin Jepsen Elizabeth Jimenez Lance Johson Scott Johnson Darla Jones Julie Jones Bonnie Joseph Rita Jue David Kaplan Terri Keeter Todd Keeter Krisafor Kelly Richard Kimes NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 192 Mindy King Scott Kingsbury Gail Knickerbocker Candelaira Kress Michael Kuntzman NO PHOTO AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Karen Kwan Darren Lachaine Michael Lagomarsino Gary Landen Christine Lapadakis Kristine Lapham Lisa Lapham Christina Lapsley Ricardo Lares Michele Laughlin Shannon Leatherwood Ann Lee Kim Lee Kristin Liner Steven Linkletter Mathew Linn Jennifer Long Cari Lopez Erik Lopez John Lopez Richard Lopez Victor Lopez Mathew Lowes Laurie Luckey Guillermina Lule 193 Melissa Lundy Jamie Lunsford ■ Sandy Maass Jeffrey Mackey Annette Magdaleno Deana Magdaleno Laura Makature Lisa Maldonado Allan Mandell " Anthony Mann ' Richard Maranville Raylene Marrufo Denise Martinez Melissa Martinez Mike Martinez Kathryn Marvin Michelle Mathews Trent Maxick - Mark Mc Coy Shannon Mc Kenzie Emory Mc Murray -Shane McBride Douglas McClatchey Timothy McCracken Lisa McFann Dawn McLain Susan McMahon James McWaters Robert Medina Tina Medrano 194 Elena Mendoza Tina Merrell Douglas Millhorn Elizabeth Milligan Kenneth Milton Elizabeth Ming — Curt Mitchell Daniel Modglin — — Maureen Moore Ronald Moore Stephanie Moore Laura Mora Celia Morales Louis Morales — Maria Morales Christine Morin " Derrick Morris Edward Morrow Michele Moscato Rene Munguia Grant Murray — , Joette Murray — Eelen Nava Tina Neff Maija Nelson Mark Netherlain 195 ■ Michael Newman . Timberly Newman Sean Noland ■ Shannon O Rourke Eric Obendrauf Joesph Olivarez Pauline Oliveira Michael Oliveras Scott Olsen John Olvera Rodolfo Ortiz Jefferey Owen .Buffy Padilla Ray Padilla Melissa Palme Stephanie Palmer Lynn Panico Debra Panteleeff Nancy Park Michelle Parker Vaughn Parsons Sean Patrick Larry Patton Scott Pemberton David Pence Nga Kieuthi Pham NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 196 Charles Philbrook " Andrew Pier Arlene Pillado Tonya Poff ■ — Maryellen Pommier NO PICTURE AVAILABLE f • NO PICTURE AVAILABLE V s " H A Scott Porcho — Laurie Portugal Thomas Portz - — - Lorie Potts James Powell Emily Pretty Lawrence Proffitt Shawn Propes Mark Pulido Christopher Pyles Philip Ramirez — Juan Rangel — . Latricia Ray Edward Raya Fernando Raya Christopher Reece Christin Reed Jeffrey Renshaw John Replogle — Shawn Replogle ■ Michelle Rice Lynn Richards Philip Rogich Tricia Romp Joseph Rowland 197 Manuel Royval Michael Royval Leon Rueda-de Christopher Ruiz Randy Rush Julie Russell Adriene Rutherfon -Janet Ryan ' Tammy Sage " Gregory Sain Tanya Salazar Kerri Salver Glenn Sanders Brenda Sandwell Raymond Scalf Vincent Seaman Donald Schermerhorn " Kennth Schoeni -Jennifer Schooler " Alexander Schulze Wendy Schuman Thomas Scotton James Scroggins Jonathon Sefton Kaysie Seymour Shanon Seymour Rebecca Shepard Ronald Shirley William Shirley " Wayne Shockley NO NO PICTURE PICTURE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE ' 4 198 NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE PICTURE Katherine Shuler Cory Simmons — Tamera Simmons Adam Skinner •— Todd Skurok Alan Smale Lee Smith — Caron Smith Elaine Smith — Kristie Smith Mark Smith Tanya Smith - Teresa Smith - Thomas Smith Todd Smith Travis Smith David Soter Wade Speer Wesley Spellins Michelle Spencer c David Spitsen Steven Stallings Shane Steelman — Mathew Steiger Shaun Stephens John Stewart 199 — Ronda Stewart _ Petae Stijakovic Rochelle Stimson Marlenc Stine Julie Strickland William Strnad Robert Stumbo -Shannon Sturges — Shelley Styff Joesph Sullivan John Summers Scott Sutton Shannon Swindall Linda Szeto ■ Gary Taylor Dirk Terry Eugene Terry Richard Thomas -James Tinsley -Jason Tinsley Joel Topping — -David Town Mancela Trujillo Liv Sieng Tung " Elizabeth Turner Eric Turner 200 NO P ICTURE AVAILABLE Lesley Tutnick Ramsey Ulrich Cherie Van Eyk Nicky Vargas ■ Jose Velasco Luis Velasquez — Frances Venegas Gilbert Viramontes Rebecca Virden - Bob Wade Q? Robert Wake Katherine Wakelee Carrie Walker Lisa Walker — Shawn Walker — Kimberlee Warn Kristin Warnock — Dawn Watkins Scott Weatherford Bryan Weaver James Webb Ronald Webb Michele Weiderhoft Colleen Wheelus ■ — ' Benjamin White ■ — Rex White - Rhonda White Sonya White Shaun Willhite Sylvia Williams 201 Robert Williams Sina Willis Troy Willis Richard Wilmeth Penny Wilson Donna Wojciechowski Barbara Wolfe Timothy Wolverton Nathan Wood Roger Wood Q- -Heath Woods Charles Wright Shayne Wright Joey Yu Tina Zazueta Anthony Ziegler Stefan Zier - Christina Zimmer NO NO PICTURE PICTURE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE 202 JUNIORS 203 Sonya Ackerman -Janet Adams Greg Ainsworth Kelly Akers Douglas Allen NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO NO NO PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE VAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE ' Sean Allen ' Patrick Alvarez Brock Amato Johnetta Anderson ■ Andrea Arciniega ' Edward Asdel -xAlan Ashby Erik Ashby — Todd Atkins — Joel Atmore Gabriel Aubert ' — Gavin Aubert — Wendy Aulino -J Lynn Avery Frank Badilla -Tina Baehr Michael Ballantine Leopoldo Barretto Lorena Barros -Robert Baskm Nicholas Bazzano NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 204 James Beam Kriatin Beasley — ■ Dean Beiner — ■ Laura Beny — John Bezerra Michael Biedebach Sean Bigley William Binns — ' Michael Bjergum Tony Black — Dma Blackmore — ' Woodrow Boblett - Colleen Boling — ' Beverly Bonnell Douglas Bonny Steven Bova Deborah Boverson Richard Boyce Kimberly Brazier — James Brown — - Larry Brown Lawrence Brown Tracy Brown — - Andrea Bryant Marie Buck — ■ Cue Thi Bui — Timothy Burell Lisa Burkeman — ™ Erik Burrow ■»-- " Michelle Butler 205 Sharon Byrd Percy Cain Andrea Campbell Muoi Cao Tania Cappas Michael Caputo Dawn Carrabine Aaron Caskey Lisa Castillo Michael Castro Sara Cazares • Monica Chalmers Michael Chappell " Sandy Chavez Soledad Chavez Yolanda Chavez " Cari Chilcutt Vincent Childs Caryn Chittenden Gregory Chleborad William Christopherson Helen Chtouros Dawn Clark Julia Coffmann ■ Mario Cote Michelle Colwell Charlene Conley Leticia Contreras ' Tammy Cook James Cookson NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 206 NO NO PICTURE PICTURE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE Michelle Coon Anthony Cox John Crane Lance Crane Steven Crane — Bruce Cressy Tracey Crofoot David Cryder Sara Danforth Suzanne Dare .— Diane Davidson — Kelly Davis - Michael DeLao — David Dean Gina Dean Trade Detwiler — Michael Diaz Shannon Dickerson — Richard Dietz — Robert Dietz — James Dooley " Lisa Douhit — ' Timothy Dunahee Richard Dunning Deanna Duran Randal Dyck 207 Kimberly Eakin Raymond Edwards Janice Ehren Shellie Eigenhuis Cheri Elson Sandy English Robert Eschenberg Jennie Escobedo Desiree Eshnuar Linda Espinoza Anthony Espitia Susan Evans Larry Eyer Teresa Farmer Richard Fauquier Christopher Fearing Gabriella Feldman Duchoi. Fields Lamon Fields Molly Fields Debra Flowers Mary Flynn Roman Fortin NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Richard Fish NO Dale Flores PICTURE Glenn Flothmeir AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 208 -_: . • ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "«mnmi NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Julie Fousl Donna Fratello Chris Freeman David Friend Jack Frost Patrick Fullman Colleen Gallaway Donna Garcia Eduardo Garcia Edward Garcia Manuel Garcia William Garcia Gary Garvin Patricia Garza Gail Gemmell Kimberly Germano George Gibby Tammy Glassey Stanislado Gomez Paula Gonzales Javier Gonzales Bryan Gragg Timothy Gray David Gullett Johannes Haar Sean Hager Sally Hall Dana Halverson Gareett Hamlin David Haney 209 Michael Hart Maurice Hayes John Hedge Erik Hellman -James Helmer - ' Judith Hemstead ' Dawn Henderson Michael Henderson Annette Hernandez -Augusto Hernandez Elodia Hernandez ■ Stephanie Hernandez -Cherie Herring -Cynthia Hibbs ■ Kimaree Hicks Kevin Hobbs -Lisa Hobbs -Jeffery Holden -Sandra Holley Sean Holt Shelley Howell -Brandon Howery -Jacob Hudson Terra Huffstedtler Christopher Humphrey ' Tami Huntington Richard Hutchinson Lan Mai Huynh - Annette Inloes Booker Jackson 210 Daniel Jackson Stephen Jackson Richard Jacoby " Jennifer Jeans Brian Jensen — - Brian Jimenez Sally Ann Johnson Valerie Johnson - — Aimee Johnson — Tina Johnson James H. Jones ■ ' James Scott Jones ■ Jon Kada Elke Kaemerer Rosetta Katin — Tonney Kaw-uh Daniel Keating — Vincent Keely Robert Keher — ■ Charles Kelly John Kelly Rae Kelton ■ Michael Kenney Brett Kenyon Timothy King William Kirschke - 211 — Michael Klassen - Tina Kling — - " Marjie Klopfer James Knippel " " Korn Knoll ' Kelly Knudsen ' — Kimberly Kochel ■ — Johnny Kolkman — -Kristyn Korn _--Teresa Kulzer (yZKXF?- . — Kimberly Kutz Steven Lachaine Michael Ladiana Sherri Lambert - — Elnoma Lane Marcel Lange I Joey Lankford Laurel Lary — Geoffrey Laturner — Barry Lennon Angela Leopold Scott Levin Thomas Levine Michelle Lewiston - Kristin Liserani James Lodl NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO NO PICTURE PICTURE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE 212 Lcticia Lopez Mark Lord Martin Lowe ■ — Randal] Luckey Mike Luu — - Gina Lysle " Deanna Macgregor Dorene Macgregor Naomi Maclaren Alma Magdaleno — Michelle Mahoney Yvette Maldonado John Mapes Jamie Markes — Richard Marquez-- Michelle Marsh Kathryn Marshall " Larry Martin - J Michele Martin — Denise Massie — Edward Mata Debra Matievich - Michael Mayta Janet Mc Kinney Douglas Mcavoy Eric Mcbride - - Townsend McCarthy Patrick Mccaslin Matthew Mccune Johnny Medeiros 213 Melissa Medrano . ---Patricia Meehan — —Michael Meister — Jessica Mendez " -Sheri Merriman Mark Michelson Shawn Militano April Miller • — Brenda Minor Sharon Modglin Franklin Molina Dana Moore — Kevin Moore Robert Moore . -Christina Morales Kimberly Morris Mitchell Morrison Urissa Moten Sean Murray Lisa Myers - Scot Nali Frank Nelson My Hong Nguyen ■ Michelle Nickoli Erik Nordyke — i Kathryn Norton , — Benjamin Noyce Teresa Nuckelt Guadalupe Nunez . Thracia Oberg NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 214 NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE § ) NO PICTURE AVAILABLE ■ l Eric Olney Matthew Omaha — Eric Ortega — Darrin Owen Angel Palalox Robert Parker _ Gary Patterson Gordon Patton Corey Paul «- Marcia Pederson Sandra Pennington - — Denise Percy Peter Perez Gary Perlmutter — Lori Petlansky Teresa Poland ■ — Timothy Pollak - Joseph Pommier Todd Porter — Kathleen Potacka Jennifer Powers Noel Powers Amarna Propes Michelle Purnell — W Jon Quisenberry Stacy Ragatz - 215 Mark Rains Catherine Ramirez M l ' " " i Raymond Ramirez Michelle Ramonette Mt V -Marcy Ramsdell k, Serena Reid Tonya Rejda Chance Reti NO PICTURE Debbie Reuman AVAILABLE Ryan Richards Kevin Rickson -Torin Rieman " Raymond Risley Thomas Risvold -Lynnetta Rivera ' — Rachael Roach — 3eri Roberts ■ — Sherri Roberts ' Frank Rodarte — Kandy Rodarte — Doreen Rodas - David Rodgers — Lydia Romero • — David Rosenfeld Dean Rossbach ' - - Don Rowell NO PICTURE AVAILABLE S NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 216 NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Cindy Rowland Gabriel Ruiz - — " Susannah Ruscher — ■ Ronald Rush Charles Russell — Robert Sage Ann Marie Samaniego Byron Sanchez Bruce Sanders Scott Sanders " ' Steven Saragosa Michael Sargent Ginger Schechter — Dena Schmidt — Gregory Schradei — ' Martin Simson Michael Slason Denise Slaughter — Deborah Smith — ■ Sally Solano Herbert Sommers Loreen Sommers Kim Souza —T Eric Springer Christine Steele 217 Bridget Stephens Jerry Stephenson r-David Stevens -Shauna Stiles Stacey Storey James Strait — Jerry Stratmann Mary Strauch — " Jennifer Streeper John Sullard — " Katharine Sullivan Elizabeth Summers Robert Swaney — Ken Vick Szeto ■ — Patrick Tafoya - — Michelle Talkington — -Oaviv Talmage — Katherine Tavis Jerry Taylor — Sandra Terneuzen Tanya Thomas Tiffany Thomas James Threlkeld " Alacia Tipton Benjamin Tobin Lisa Torres Ricardo Torres Rafael Tovar Kimberly Towell Nancy Townsend NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 218 Cu Van Tran Michelle Travaglini Michelle True - — • Lynnette Tumamait - Kathleen Turner •— ■ Darla Valenzuela Terri Vandekieft Tracy Vanstone — Matthew Walden — ' Janice Walker Justin Walker Deborah Walters — Gina Waltz — Angela Waterlander — Todd Weaver , Ross Webb NO Sherry Weeks Judson Welcher PICTURE Wendi Welton - AVAILABLE Maria Wheelock Lisa Whelan -— Paul Whiting — ■ John Whitman Steven Whittington Judy Williams - — Sharon Williams — 219 Vernon Williams Tammy Wilson Laura Wojciechowski Elizabeth Wolf Linda Wolfe Kathryn Wollert Maly Xiong Kourosh Yazdani Annette Ybarra Shuichi Yokoyma NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 220 Top row: Becky Jensen (senior layout, activities, clubs), Jeff Mott (Football). Middle row: Maija Nelson, Rene Sanchez (sports), Michelle Vladmirsky (photographer, special interest). Gilly Vargas (sports), Bubba Carlton (sports), Erik Burrow (photographer), Nancy O ' Connor (lower classes, faculty). Bottom row: Mike Mayta (spe- cial interests), Mr. Collins (advisor), Valerie Erickson (artist). Michelle Dawson (lower classes, activities). In- set: Beth Flynn (advertising), Cherrie Eberhart (opening color section), Annie Sprague (ASB. financial manager). MEMORIES OF A FIRST YEAR ADVISOR Well its all over but the shouting, the 83-84 BLACK-GOLD has been " put to bed " as they say in the business. " They " said it wouldn ' t be easy and it wasn ' t, but what do they know. When my colleagues found out what I was going to do this year they just looked at me like I was crazy, (I was smiling at the time), now I know why they looked that way. Mr. Myers I ' ll get you for this. But seriously, I would like to thank the members of the yearbook staff that put in the extra hours to help put out this book. Thanks gang, its been fun, let ' s do it again sometime. Robert Collins Yearbook Advisor 1 ■ SSjKSW ■.w Photographer Vernon Williams: Vernon did almost all the color photography in the yearbook. The yearbook started last summer for Vernon when he attended a week long yearbook workshop at L ' C Irvine in July Even though he couldn ' t be in the class second semester, he still took pictures for the yearbook right up to the last day. thanks Vernon Photographer Michelle Vladimirsky: What a doll, it all started with an innocent trip to Arroyo Verde Park to take cross country pictures in September- It ' s been a blur ever since, from there she went to football, then to basketball and it finally ended with the Cougars at Play layout It ' s been a busy year Michelle, thanks Photographer Erik Burrow: Erik didn ' t join the staff until second semester, but he made up for lost time in a hurry. Erik did most of the darkroom work for the yearbook. He spent so much time in the dark- room that his eyes are permanently stopped open 2 " f " stops. And what did he do when he wasn ' t in the darkroom? He took pictures, sports, donkey bas- ketball, FFA, etc Thanks Erik we couldn ' t have done without you. 221 p , CLEANING ,l LAUNDRY iSfo- ; -■■ . trl d - UWtQJ? IE - |- ' S A P ■ ' . 1 - J Vv r ' Presented by ' ' ' JOHNNIE BIGGERS 2307 E. Main St. (805) 643-6497 SPECIAL THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT OF OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES Ventura County ' s Complete Stationer SINCE 1898 Downtown Ventura 597 E. MAIN ST. Office Supplies • Furniture • Gifts Ventura: 648 2586 Oxnard 48S3145 Hours 8 30 5 30 Daily In Ventura Since 1911 JOSEPH P. REARDON FUNERAL CHAPEL Ibl East Main Street Ventura, California Phone (805) 643-8623 oniiati JOHN R McCONICA Parmer McCONICA MOTORS 2260 Thompson Blvd VENTURA, CALIF. 93003 BUICK Bus Phone 648-3191 Louis V. Moreno Fini sh Carpentry Specialist L.A.P.-MORE CONSTRUCTION GENERAL CONTRACTOR 11954 Sulphur Mtn. Rd. Phone: (805) 647-4553 Ojai, CA 93023 Lie. No. 325055 J. 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MAIN ST VENTURA, CA 93003 648-5976 656-8487 GOLD REALTORS E KATHLEEN KOTTLER %J Res 644-7736 1858 THOMPSON BLVD VENTURA. CA 93003 (805) 656-4446 (805)648-2851 Serving Ventura County Since 1919 L. N. DIEDRICH, INC. Automotive Parts • Shop Equipment DuPont Paints • Machine Shops 1350 Thompson Blvd. Ventura, CA 93003 Bus. (805) 643-2247 Arbco has it all ARTIST ' S MATERIALS GRAPHIC SUPPLIES ENGINEERING SUPPLIES PICTURE FRAMING DRAFTING SUPPLIES Graphic Art Center 819 E. Thompson Blvd. At the Art Corner Ventura (805)648-1897 INDEX A Alexakis, Wendy 86 Allen, Doug 66. 67 Allen, Mark 25, 29 Allen, Robert 50 Allen. Shaun 49 Allred, Christine 59 Alsip Mlisa 83 Alvarez, Pat 83 Anderson, Shannon 82, 97, 100 Antolik, J 63 Archangel, Carolina 89 Arcinega, Andrea 104 Arellanes, Ben 41, 60, 61. 70 Armstrong, Jeff 84 Arnold, J. 77 Arnold. Julie 69 Arvidson, Missy 59, 91. 101 Asdel. Eddy 68 Asdell. Ed 80. 81 Ashby, Teresa 89, 90 Atemma, Dam 55 Atmore, Joel 96 Attema, Dan 54 Aubert, Gabe 76 Aubert, Gavin 76 Augert. Gavin 76 Avery, Chris 68 B Bafford. Susi 5 Baker. Carla 64 Baker. M. 63 Baker, Mike 73 Ballensky. J. 76 Ballensky, John 49 Barker, Heather 104 Barker, Rena 92 Barker, Wayne 54 Barnes, Russell 52 Barnes, Willie 96 Barrazo, Rosi 104 Barretto, George 50 Barron, Adam 14, 70, 71, 86, 156 Barros, Lorena 41 Barrozo, Rosemarie 131 Bartar. Rick 73 Baskin, Rob 38, 67 Bauer, Michael 131 Bauer. Mike 52. 67 Beach. Leroy 131 Beam, Jim 29 Beasely. Brent 40 Beasley, Brent 40. 131 Bechett, Bill 25 Beck, S. 77 Beckman, Trudy 131 Bello, Chris 70, 131 Benton, Jeff 49, 50 Beny, Iduol 90 Beny, Laura 90, 100 Bergman, Terry 131 Berssen, Ami 131 Biedebach, Mike 9. 89, 93. 97 Billings, Scott 63 Binns. B. 76, 77 Binns, Bill 49, 97 Binns, Bryan 50 Black. Bill 66 Black. Jeff 67 Black, Jeffery 131 Black, Tern 56, 57, 131 Blackwell. Dina 32 Blandford, Adam 69 Blanford, Adam 50 Block, John 31 Boling. Colleen 89 Boman, Shannon 52 Bonsignore, Charles 48, 49. 131 Bornand, Debbra 131 Bouchard, Brett 132 Boughton. Ed 91 Boughton, Tracy 7 Bova. Joe 60. 61, 86. 101, 148, 158 Bova, Joseph 132 Bova, Steve 62 Boverson, Debbi 5 Bowen, Bill 96 Bowen. David 132 Bowling, Colleen 100 Boyce, Rich 84 Bradford, Joan 56. 132 Branca, Michael 132 Brandt, Kelly 99 Brazelle, Wayne 84 Bredhof. Lisa 132, 153 Bredoff, Lisa 14 Briggs, Jeanne 132 Brother, Katheryn 132 Brown, Christy 72 Brown, David 132 Brown. Dwayne 132 Brown. J. 63 Brown. Jennifer 11 Brown, Jon 50 Brown, Keith 50, 51 Brown. Larry 66, 67 Brown, Ronnie 50 Brown, Sandy 9, 22, 93, 132 Brown, William 132 Bryan, Jeff 66 Bryant, Rodney 23 Bryant, Tamara 133 Bryant, Tammy 9 Burnett, Robert 50 Burrow, Erik 221 Bushno, Stacey 133 Busse, April 133 Butler, Michelle 96 Butler, Shaun 133 c Cabaloon. Marty 73 Cabral, P. 63 Cabral, Pat 73 Callahan, Shannon 52 Camarillo, Louie 50, 72, 86, 95 Campbell, Gillies H 91, 100, 101, 133 Campbell, Jim 50 Campbell, Michael 133 Campbell, S 77 Cantrell, Leighanne 59, 75 Cappas, Tania 96 Carlos, Ida 133 Carlton, Bubba 70. 71, 221 Carlton. Terry 133 Carr. Robert 33 Carranza, Wendy 133 Case. Mike 100, 133 INDEX Casey. Cliff 50 Caskey. Aaron 89 Castillo. Lisa 104 Centeno, Perry 92, 133 Cesnauskas. Cindy 91 Cesnauskas. Cynthia 133 Chalmers. Bobby 55. 83 Chapman. Kris 52, 53, 76 Charnow, Lance 91 Chavez, Sandy 74 Chilcutt. Bill 84 Chilcutt. Can 7, 97, 98, 101 Chittenden, Caryn 83 Clark, D 76 Clark. Dawn 52 Clenard, T. 77 Cline, Drew 55 Cline, Gina 83 Cline, Lisa 74 Coe, Sharon 52 Coffman, J. 77 Coffman, John 50 Coleman, Eddie 50 Collins. Scott 35, 82 Coman. John 80 Conley, Charlene 91 Cook. Bill 50, 66, 67 Cook, Ron 33, 67 Cooke. Delia 105 Cookson. Jim 92 Cooper, Glenn 7, 9 Cordy, Carol 56, 57, Corrente, Denise 93, Cory, Bri 29 Cowey, Bubby 50, 63. Cowgill, T. 77 Cowgill, Todd 50, 63 Cox, Jon 50 Crane, John 41 Crane, Steve 52, 92 Crawford, Jim 50 Cressy, Bonnie 82, 83 Cressy, Bruce 54, 55, 83 Crilly, Allison 40 Crowley. Casey 50 Culton, Jill 100 Culton, Lori 14 Cummings, Teresa 83 Cummins. Lawrence 49 Curry, James 101 Curtis, Scott 55, 82 97 95, 99 72 Diaz. Mike 72 Dickens, Susan 28, 135 Dickerson, Kenneth 135 Dickerson, Kenny 67 Dickerson, Shannon 92 Dietz, Richard 49 Dixon. Fred 14. 68 Dixon. Fredric 135 Doane, Robert 135 Dobson, David 135 Donley, Ian 55, 83 Donley, Kai 5, 135 Drew, Mark 91. 135 Droughn, L. 77 Droughn, Lawrence 50 Ducharme, David 135 Dunning. Susan 135 Dunton. Suzi 65 Dyer, Keira 59. 65, 77 D Eakin, Renee 91 Eaton. Bradley 136 Eberhardt, Cheryl 136 Eberhart. Cherrie 9, 221 Ebsen, Liz 105 Edwards, Raymond 49, 62 Elson, Cheri 28, 29 Eric, Hellman 91 Erickson. Valerie 32, 58. 136, Eschenberg, M. 63 Eschenberg, Mike 33, 73 Eschenberg, Robert 62 Escobar. Bertha 136 Escobar. Susanna 74 Eskridge. C 77 Esman. Dean 136 Espinosa. Kathy 58. 76 Espinoza. C 78 Espinoza. Catherine 136 Espinoza, Kathy 86 Espitia, Anthony 70, 71 Espitia, Shane 73 Esquival, George 50 Evans, B. 77 Evans, Brent 52, 53 Evans, Charles 136 Evans. Katherine 136 Evans, Susie 98, 101 Evans, Tim 50, 73 221 Danforth. Sarah 83 Darling. Jill 93. 135 Dath. Teri 74 Davidson, Chris 72 Daviduk. B. 77 Dawe. Jon 135 Dawson, Jerald 33 Dawson, Michele 40, 135 Dawson, Michelle 221 Dean. David 91 Deblin, Bret 84 Delao. M 77 Delao, Mark 50 Delao. Matt 95 Delao, Mike 70, 71 Delao, Monica 64 Detwiler, Tracy 9 Devlin. M 77 F Fahnnger. Julie 76. 99 Fain. Darin 14, 37, 49, 60, Fain, Darrin 136 Faist, Stephen 136 Farrel, Erin 91 Farrell, Erin 100. 136 Feldman. Gabrielle 20. 97. 98 Fenton, Scott 69 Fields, Duchon 7, 25, 49. 60. 62 Fields. John 41 Fields, Lamon 25. 49, 60, 61 Filbrook, Chuck 72 Fish. Richard 67 Fiske. Carlos 136 70, 71, 92, 158 101 INDEX Fleming, Jamie 74 Flodquist, Robert 84 Flores, D. 76 Flores, Dale 68, 77, 78 Flores, Dave 84 Flotmier, Glenn 96 Flowers, Debbie 76, 101 Flynn, Beth 221 Flynn, Robbie 63 Forrest, Kim 93, 95, 145 Fortin, Roman 15, 20, 48, 49, 97 Fratello, Carol 75 Fratello, Donna 100 Fraysier, Tami 158 Freeman, Chris 31 Freeman, Marlin 68 French, Susie 96 G Gabaldon, Marty 96 Gable, Holly 56, 57 Galloway, Colleen 82 Garcia, Ed 69 Garcia, Jaime 68 Garcia, Paul 67 Garcia, Pepe 69 Garcia, Tim 50. 72 Garmen, Jody 50 Garner, Mark 50 Garvin, Gary 31 Gemmel, Gail 56 Gemmell, G 77 Gibby, Chris 96 Gibson, Donna 75 Ginger, Schecter 30 Glassy, Tami 40 Gomez, Maria 105 Gonzales, Javier 49, 62, 70, Gonzales, Paul 63, 72 Goodwin, Mark 156 Gragg, Bryan 7 Graves, Joel 66 Gray, Tim 49, 97 Greene. Gretchen 59 Gregory, Paul 72 Gurr, Jim 50 71 Hayes, Maurice 23, 25, 48, 49, 56, 62 Hayes, Michael 48, 49, 66, 67 Hellman, Eric 52, 68 Hellman, Erik 76 Helmer, Jim 68, 80 Helstrom. Wendy 82 Hendrix. Jerry 72 Hermann, Sherri 4 Hernandez, Agusto 52. 79 Hernandez, Raquel 104 Hernandez, Ruby 139 Heron, Lawrence 139 Heuck, V. 77 Heuck. Vinton 52 Hibbs, C R. 93, 95 Hickerson, Linda 139 Higginbothman, Joell 139 Hilleman, Erica 91, 139 Hinoiosa, Ben 50. 51 Hinojosa, Benny 72 Hinojosa, Gabe 72 Hinton, Dan 68 Hinton, Daniel 139 Hipsking, Carl 139 Hirota, L. 77 Hirota, Linda 59 Hirota, Teresa 86. 139 Hirota, Theresa 58, 59 Hobbs, Kevin 49, 66 Hobbs, Lisa 91 Hodgson, J 76 Hodgson, James 89, 97. 139 Hogue, Charles 67 Holcomb, Michelle 82 Holden. Martin 11. 91 Holt, Sean 41 Horn. Harry 50 Houle, Victoria 139 Howery, Brandon 66 Hoyt, John 50 Huang. Buddy 50. 73 Huber, Erin 29 Huitrado, Darcey 139 Hulce. David 50 Hunt, Brenner 139 Hutchms, Ingrid 28 H Haar, Johannas 30 Haar, Johannes 89, 93, 95 Haas, G 77 Hadley, Rick 56 Hager, Sean 49, 67 Hale, Latane 9 Hall, Kevin 82 Hall, Sally 52 Halverson, Andrea 82, 97, 100 Hansen, Cary 35, 36, 49 Hansen, Janet 96 Harmonson, Lisa 150 Hart, A 77 Hart, Bill 38 Harvey, Dave 7, 49 Harvey, Rachel 56 Harvey, Sam 56 Hawthorn. Denise 82 Ingham, J. 76, 77 Ingman, Jill 52 Inloes, Lisa 40 Intiso, Tom 91, 97, 158 J Jackson. B. 76 Jackson, Booker 49 Jackson, Danny 97 Jackson, Steve 67 Jackson, Tina 91 Jacobs, Wendi 92 Jacoby, Rich 70 Janson, Astrid 90, 92 Jaramillo, Gina 74 Jefferies, Mark 50 Jehlar, Alex 80 Jensen, B 76 INDEX Jensen, Becky 221 Jensen. Brian 52 Jepsen, Lynn 95 Jepson, Lynn 93 Jimenez, Jill 14. 98, 156 Johnson. Aimee 105 Johnson. Daryll 36 Johnson. James 67 Johnson. Scott 13, 55, 67 Johnson, Tina 98 Jones. James 49. 67 Jones. Michella 64. 74 Jormalainen, Mikko 68, 90 Jourmalenen, Mikko 97 Jue, Darryl 139 Jump. Monica 139 K Kallusky. James 139 Kam. Meagan 104 Kasparak. J. 63 Kathleen, Turner 30 Kaw Uh, Towney 52, 67 Keich, K. 63 Keitch, Kelly 50 Keller. Lucinda 25, 100 Keller, Penny 139, 157 Kelley. Sean 139 Kelly, Beverly 15. 20. 75 Kelly, Bill 68 Kelly. Don 50 Kelly, K. 76 Kelly, Kris 50. 76 Kenney. Michelle 132 Kenney. Mike 49 Kenyon, Brent 69 Kenyon, Erett 84 Kessler. Kevin 50 Kingsbury. Scott 50 Kinney. Michelle 139 Kinyon, Sandra 139 Kirk. Anthony 96 Kirschner, Joan 139 Klatt, Kristeen 139 Klebe, Lavette 139 Klein, Drew 82 Klopfer, Mark 50 Knickerbocr, Gail 105 Knudesen, Kelly 49 Knudsen. Kelly 84 Kochel. Jacob 73 Kochel. K 78 Kochel, Kim 58, 82, 83 Kochel. Kris 59, 76 Koeberle. Scott 139 Konicki. Heather 82 Korn, K 77 Korn. Kris 52 Kris, Kelly 63 Kristopherson. Bill 49 Kulzer, Tony 29 Kuntzman, Mike 72 Kutz. Kim 29. 104 Kwan. Karen 15, 20, 48, 74. 100 L Laffoon. Loretta 64, 101, 139, 142 Lafoon, Loretta 139 Lagomarsino, Mike 55 Lagotte. Lucy 89. 90, 142 Laird, Spencer 142 Landberg, Denise 142 Langan. Patricia 2 Lapadakis, Chris 74 Lapadakis, Christy 100 Lapadakis, Kris 58, 59 Lapsley, Sandi 104 Lapsley. Tina 104 Larson. Denmson 142 Lary, Laurie 92 Lary, Lynn 142 Laughlin, Ian 50 Laviolet, Krista 83 Laviolet, Troy 83 Laviolette, Krysta 142 Laviolette, Troy 55 Lawerence, Jodeen 142 Lawler. V. 63. 77 Lawler, Vince 50, 93, 95 Lee, Ann 89, 90. 93, 95. 97 Lee. Jack 100, 142 Lee, Jay 69 Lee, Kristy 142 Lee, Roger 142 Lennon, Barry 97 Lewiston. Michelle 31 Lindeman. Mark 50 Lindsay, C. 63 Lindsay, Chad 50 Linkletter. Steve 50 Lisa. Wolfe 30 Lo. M. 77 Lo, Mary 59, 65 Loe. Carrie 25. 28. 29, 35, 93. 100. Lombard, Lelah 101 Lopez, Cari 99 Lopez, D- 76 Lopez, Don 49 Lopez, Joe 67 Lopez, John 67 Lopez. Lewis 73 Lunsford, Gary 14, 49, 70. 71 Lunsford, Jamie 25 Luu, Mike 69, 76 Lynch, Jennifer 24, 93, 95 Lyttle, Bobby 50 158 M Ladiana, Mike 31 MacGregor. Deanna 64 MacGregor, Doreen 64 Magdaleno, Sandy 74 Mallot. Mike 68 Mallotte. Mike 49 Malone, Art 40. 49, 139, 141, 158 Malotte, Michael 144 Mandel, Robbie 50 Mandell, Alan 55, 83 Mandell, Michael 144 Mandell, Robbie 73 Mao. Shannon 144, 158 Mapes. John 80, 81 Markes, Belinda 144 Marques, Steven 144 Marsh. Carlene 104 Marsh. Mickie 75 Marshall, Kathy 97, 98 Martin. Donorah 82, 96 INDEX Martin, Mike 144 Martinez, Maurice 50, 67 Mathers, Brandy 144 Mathews, Michelle 28 Mathews. Patty 28 Matson, Richard 73 Maurcy, Michael 144 Maxick, Trent 63 Mayta, Mike 221 Mc Kinney, Jannett 96 McCampbell, Kim 11, 56. 144 McCaslin, M. 63 McCaslin, Pat 80, 81 McClatchey, Doug 50, 72 McCoy, Wendi 65 McCoy. Wendy 59 McCraken, Tim 82 McCune, Matt 13, 49, 62, 101 McGhin, Michele 144 McGinn, Chris 50 McGregor, Deanne 59 McGregor. Dorene 58 McKeegan, Mike 50 McKenzie, Shannon 28, 29 McKracken, Tim 55 McLain, Missy 99 McWater, Jim 7, 9 McWaters, Jim 52 McWeeney, Mike 84 Mechanic, Carol 93 Mechanick, Carol 35, 89, 91, 100, 4 Medrano. Steve 60 Medrano, Steven 145 Meeker, Troy 145 Meister, Mark 145 Meister, Mike 62 Melicke, Don 50 Mellon, Stacy 82 Mendoza, Socorro 145 Merriman, Sheri 75 Mets, Gregory 145 Michaels, Wendy 100 Michalak, Chris 49, 66, 67, 101 Michalak, Christopher 145 Michals. Wendy 97 Michelson. Mark 67 Mickelson, Gary 145 Miedecke, Don 145 Mikuls, Wendy 56 Militano, Shaun 49 Miller, J. 63 Milne, Derek 25, 80, 81, 89, 93, 100, 145, 158 Milton, Ken 60, 61 Ming, Beth 104 Minon, Michelle 145 Mitchell, Curt 50 Modglin, Don 50 Molina, Frank 52 Molina, Paul 62 Montgomery. Kaete 105 Moore, Chris 41, 80 Moore, James 52 Moore, Stephanie 56 Mora, Jose 145 Moraga, John 145 Morales. Rocky 50 Moraza, Carmen 93, 95, 158 Moraza, Martin 67 Moraza, Marty 158 Moriarty, Michele 151 Moten, Urrisa 64 Mott, Jeff 38, 49, 133, 221 Murray, Grant 50, 51, 63 Murray, Joette 65 Myers, Lisa 64. 74. 93, 95 N Nali. Scot 23 Nelson, Frank 52 Nelson, Maija 221 Nevile, Mark 73 Neville, M 63 Nicholai, Michele 1 1 Nordyke, Eric 49 o O Connor, Nancy 221 O Neill, Shane 157 Olsen, Scott 50 Olson, Ty 11 Olvera, Frank 38 Ostini, Steve 73 Osumi, Jon 67 P Padilla. Buffy 40 Pak, Anthony 38 Palafox, Angel 70, 71 Pantaleaf, Debbie 40 Pantaleaf, Rachel 9 Pantaleef, Debbie 40 Panteleef. Debbie 76 Pantico, Lynn 7 Park, Nancy 90 Parris, Derek 73 Parsons, Vaughan 67 Patrick, Dean 15 Patterson, Ian 100 Paul. Corey 98 Pederson. Marcia 90, 100 Philbrook, Chuck 50, 51 Pier, Kari 65 Piles, Chris 63 Pollak. Tim 72 Pommerville. Rich 50 Popovich, Ann 97, 101 Portz, Tom 50, 63, 72 Powell. Jim 91 Powers. Darren 50 Propes, Shawn 50 Pulido, Mark 50, 67 Pyles, C 77 Quinn. Chris 97 Quinn, Christopher 148 Q R Ramirez, Ann 148 Ramirez, Kathy 100 Ramirez, Phil 49, 67 INDEX Ramsey. Reynold 55 Ranck. Darren 35. 60, 61, 86. 101, 135, 148, 156 Ransey, Reynold 82 Rantz, Angela 148 Raya. Fernando 50, 66. 72 Real, Gregory 148 Redmond, Gerald b6, 67 Reed, Rosemarie 148 Reed, Scott 148 Renshaw, J. 77 Renshaw. Jeff 50 Reyes. Christina 148 Reyes, Graciel 13 Rieman, Tory 68, 80 Robertson, Sandra 148 Robinson, S 77 Robinson. Sean 50 Robinson, Susanne 148 Robinson. Suzanne 101 Rodnquez. Andy 73 Rogers. Aaron 84 Rogich. P 77 Rogich. Phil 50. 51 Romp, Sean 148 Rosales, Raul 52, 148 Rosalez, Raul 9, 22, 76 Rosemond, J. 78 Rosemond, Julie 65. 76, 79 Rosenfeld. David 22. Rossbach. Dean 49 Rossbach, R 76 Rossbach. Rachel 52, Rossback, Rachel 53 Royval. Manuel 67 Royval, Mike 50 Rozales. Raul 68 Ruelas. L. 77, 78 Ruelas, Lenna 52 Ruiz. Gabe 52, 68, 76. 79 Ruiz, Gabriel 13 Ruman, Debbie 96 Rupp, John 84 Ruscher, Shana 64 Ruscher, Susi 98 Ruscher. Suzi 97 Rush, Ron 52, 53 Rush, Ronald 67 Rusher. Shana 142 Russell. Chuck 66 Russell. Danna 56 76, 29 79 5 Sage, Tami 99 Salfen, Chris 67 Samaniego, John 32 Sammon. Michele 11. 56. 57 Sammon, Michelle 92 Sanchez. Rene 70, 221 Sanders. B 76 Sanders. Bruce 20. 49, 77 Sanders, Glen 91 Sanders. Scott 20. 49, 70, 71 Sargeant. Chris 73 Sargeant. Mike 31 Sargent, C. 63 Sargent. Mike 29 Schecter, Ginger 64. 93, 95 Schector. Ginger 30 Scherehorn, Don 49 Schlichter, Annie 101 Schmela. Julie 65 Schmitz. Jinger 28 Schnelver. Steve 84 Schoeni. K. 77 Schoeni, Ken 50 Seller, Joey 60 70 Shellnut, Jo 82 Sherwood, Kerry 29, 83 Shirley. Bill 50 Siegman. Aaron 97 Siegmond, A. 76 Silvey. Bruce 7, 93. 97, 157 Simson, Martin 49 Sinclair, C. 77 Sinclair, Christine 59 Skill, Gavin 67 Slason, Jahn 66, 67. 150 Smale, Alan 41 Smith, Carolyn 104 Smith, Elaine 105 Smith, M. 77 Smith, Marilyn 150 Smith, Phil 150 Smith, Terri 99 Smith, Todd 54, 55 Snell, Charles 150 Snell, Scott 92 Snowden, Ed 131, 157 Snoden, Edward 150 Solano. Elizabeth 150 Solis, David 150 Spellings. Lisa 40 Spellins. Lisa 40, 91, 150 Spencer, Michele 75 Spencer. Michelle 74 Spitsen, David 91 Spittle, John 25, 150 Sprague, Ann 9. 41 Sprague, Anne 41, 91, 93. 98. 150, 157, 221 Stadler. Jenny 101 Stallings, Kathy 7. 136, 150 Stallings, Steve 63. 72 Stanky. Scott 63 Steelman, Shane 50 Steiger, Matt 50 Stephens. Bridget 56 Stephens, S 77 Stephens. Shaun 52 Stephens. Susan 150 Stephenson, Jerry 49 Stetson, Richard 151 Stevens, Amy 151 Stevens, Shawn 69 Stimson, Darin 151 Stoltz, Erin 74 Storey, Staci 104 Stranahan, Trina 151 Stratman. David 73 Strauch, Mary 29. 104 Streeper, Jennifer 31. 92 Styff. Shelley 25 Styff, Shelly 100 Sullard, John 68. 89. 92 Sullivan, Brian 60, 84. 151 Sullivan. Katy 58, 59 Summers, Elizabeth 96 Summers, John 55. 83 Sutton. Robbie 50 Swanson, Wendy 24. 64, 151 Swindall. Shannon 59. 93. 95 T Tafoya. Angela 151 INDEX Tafoya, Angle 93, 95 Tafoya, Pat 7, 72 Talkington, Michelle 101 Talmage, Dave 54, 83 Talmage, David 55 Tan, Chinda 151 Tan, Vanna 151 Tarkany, John 151 Tarpley, Brian 151 Taylor, Bret 4, 40, 49, 70. 144, 151 Taylor, Eric 50 Taylor, Missy 74 Taylor, Russ 5, 73 Taylor, Tricia 75 Teel, Tracy 96 Thomas, Mike 69, 80 Thomas, Richard 63 Thompson, Katie 56, 82 Threlkeld, Jim 96 Tobm, Ben 49, 76 Toby, Karen 83 Towell, Kim 100 Townsend, Nancy 29, 104 Travalini. M 77 Trotsky, Joe 33, 50. 67 True. Michelle 100 Tubbs. John 33 Tung, L. 77 Turner. Eric 49. 62 Turner. Kathleen 2, 3. 9, 15, 56. 89. 93, 97 Tutnick, Leslie 29 Tutnick, Tony 29 Twomey. Kathe 58 Tyner, T. 63 Ulrich. Elaine 58 Ulrich, Ramsey 36, 69 u V Valentine, Chip 82 Van Home, Susan 59 Vanstone, Tracy 52 Varela, Moses 49 Vargas, Gilly 70, 221 Vasquez, Gavin 55, 82 Vinson. Jeff 29 Virtue, Laura 153 Vladimirsky. Michelle 136. 148, 153 Vladmirsky, Michelle 221 Vlasak. Claudia 56. 91, 153 Vlasic, Claudia 100 Wallet, Jimmie 153 Wallet. John 153 Wallet. Leather 5 Wallet, Mark 50 Walters, Debbie 28 Walters, Richard Jr 153 Warn, Curtis 153 Warnock. K 76, 77 Waterlander, Angela 31, 92 Weeks, Julie 156 Welton, Wendi 28. 29 Westlake, Kathleen 59 Wheelock, G. 77 Wheelock, Gina 52, 78 Wheelock, Maria 58. 76, 78, 79 Whiting, Paul 54, 55 Whitman, Jon 62, 76, 93, 95 Wiederhoff, Michele 97 Wilcox, Shelley 9, 14, 98, 156 Williams. Robert 72 Williams. Vernon 29, 31. 92. 221 Williamson, Trent 55, 83 Willsrud, Susan 56 Wilson, Cindy 56, 65 Wilsrud, Susan 97, 100 Wise. Shannon 65. 75 Woessner. Al 89 Woessner, Allison 100. 158 Wojiechowski, Donna 104 Wojiechowski. Laura 105 Wolf. Lisa 93 Wolfe, Barbra 105 Wolfe, Linda 105 Wolfe, Lisa 3 Wollert, K 77 Wood, S. 63 Woodling, Susan 9 Woodling. Suzanne 56. 65 Wright 77 Wright, Charles 90, 100 Y Yanagihara, Kevin 60 Yokoyama, Suichi 90 Yu, Joey 52, 53, 76 Z Ziegler, Tonney 67 Zier, Stephan 83 Zimmer, Crissie 99 w Wagoner, Traci 153 Wahl, Tonja 153 Wakelee, Kathy 52 Walden, Matt 62, 80 Walker, Bill 69, 153 Walker. Robin 153 Wallet. Brian 153 COUGAR PAWS _ _ _ __ __ _ __ ff M ! -- . ' . ' ■. . ' I " ' .

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