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' Q x f 3:1 I + 'fm ' ,WA QV A N - V k in F ..,, FM 1 W3 " f in 3 a F V , -.L -1, ww' 1 5 ' 1 " V ' V V -, . 1 V " .. Q' - 'bfi-115.1 'V 2, . 1, ff,'+if2 W ' 'f"!l'51L5f. ff V V' 'E I ' V-:fig-I'-Q 1, ' iggr ?-f ' ' Iggy wg, we 5'-ffm ,jVQ4'fr' V: -'r'2HL:fEVe ref 'Q 3'i-tfrg-Ll!3-iff ' r-,affi fi-71' '1 " L'.iVi' vw - sj w'G1Vf.z?e 5'-17 'fz5'fl2PI75:frfs':r" - ?S::: 5, 'Vliaf I .- ',s'gA,r,-:.- . 'L ug., ff ' V .- .vfxf . M. V, . V 'Vi' ' ' fu!!! , 1 . 1, ' , V+ UV, Q , V,I AV 'f 1- , itjfgljgi ' r4 F'1it,:A' V -V-U f 11. ,W Nz: . .H-rV 1. . ,- , -. 1 x 1 .,,, . ' in is is X 129' , N gm 3 A if 1- -if + Z rl iv-. 71 ix gi fj,.g.,g.' .ig j 5. ' Ev? g 'A is Q Y 4 K QRQ 1? 0 2 ft vi Q ff Q ng W i . q , , ww 4 f 'F' ?"i 4 5 2-f - an lf-5, 4, fly . 4"h X' , ' , "3 X I 4 Q rf, 4 Q fy ,g ,T Al P 2 S a QQ' + . ff K, 4 I M f1 LJ"'Xmn,, .4 ...mix '30 Yum offnf L0-VWUCK ff J M Y If 1960 ,.,f "" l ff, ' V 7 v XXX lllf ls li? X 1 5 Q 1 INSIGHTS ACTIVITIES 16 ACADEMICS 75 SPORTS 95 CLASSES 132 SENIOR INDEX I98 .ADVERTISEMENTS JOSEPH RIBBLE, EDITOR 203 Z " If' 4 : 1 :Tl af, I f-.IF I BLACK GOLD VENTURA HIGH SCHOOL Volume XXVI Ventura, California V 1445 Mgr fziwf t .' A NEW YEAR A New Beginning. Seniors and Iuniors this year were looking forward to getting the school year started by making a good impression on our incom- ing Sophomores by showing Cou- gar spirit. First off was the V.H.S. Band who gave a show of their ability and talent with the Varsity Cheerleaders giving off their great spirit working with our spirited Sophomore Squad. The new Sophomores were impatiently anticipating their opportunity to become a big part of the whole high school crowd. Most of the new Sophomores were impressed and very sur- prised by the fantastic perform- ance put on by our hard working Flag Team and the full program that was put together for them on their first day. lust like beginning high school is a new beginning for Sophomores life offers new begin- nings for our graduating Seniors. 31 51 -ff wa s t 1 wifes S ...- '2 4 Tl 4l if Q SE 4. tw fa fl it ll li 5 1. Kevin Greene makes the day by posing for the perft ture. Z. Getting ready to put on the performance for orie was an important part of the confusion. 3. Orientation happy moments for incoming Sophomores. 4. A new takes time out for a refreshing break. 5. No matter hovi the day became, a smile could be found. 6. Socializing part of orientation. 7. The refreshment table was a cf stop on orientation day. i w""'f"4 : -in nt wi' Ywzgew.-' :':4sHME"wgi't:ttigemtflwtzii'-:'T 4'-t'11tftawt1gif1g-pai,i1,q1geaof-,H'g'lfi'-3:1-'web giggle! Q I Q a.,ef1it'Hr "- ' 'lmdill g,i,s.1i3:4-'ne it atis1'1i1fF::tEtfttQt:Q:..i.-s-were-:el-'wiftfti Miqwv WWE aw n umm , wx , N X ,ws X A S11 . W wx N 1 51, w :WNJQXQ xml mm: ., WW if ,Q 31:3 w x 4 r w u ,M x wg, s 'www x x x wx N, ,, V.: .WM ww ,W A M Hwy M1 x x x x 3 , ,M. .2 W v - H ' W Y t , its 41 What we learn in classrooms is important. Aside from the basic educa- tion, there is a great deal one learns from interactions with fellow students and teachers. The value of friendship and honesty is one, the fundamentals learned are there waiting to be used. School has a lot to offer: it is just a mat- ter of meeting the objective and pursu- ing it. . 'f'f vm, - e umm. ,nga-M .,,, A WW'- M ff eff "'r CLASSWORK Beginning the Future ith the Present rw iwsilfi ESSQEQQ 3.432-Si . . X.L1 Yi ii we if i Q ,.. 5 Q. 55? :'. ' 'S YYBFPQ vi ,li 7 if We ee-4 'ill-.....,,, 1. Tracy Towner works hard at a class assignment. 2. Auto Shop offers a challenge to any student willing to seek it out. 3. Dave Malinowski draws minute detailed sketches given to him. 4. Ioe Henderson stands at attention while playing the school's Alma Mater. 5. Students seek advice from Mr. Smith in Metal Shop. 6. Richard Rivera gives his car a tune-up. 7. Using the furnace is an important skill. Q .. g . t l 1.5231 , , CAMPUS FRIENI Understanding Fee rwjqlqff 1 4j ti, tm! J yr li QJ, . j ft T 'iii I High school summarized in one sen- tence could be called, "A learning proc- ess that is preparing you for the future." But it's not only the basic courses such as English, math, and science that are get- ting us ready for the real world. It's also the social relationships that we come to know during our high school years. The times that we are able to share with our friends, whether it is having fun at a game. dance, or just being there to listen to them talk after they've failed a final exam are part of learning. There are also the good times we spend with that very special person, whether it is a casual or formal relationship, it's coming to know their feelings and being able to share ours. The routine of everyday classroom experiences not only brings us closer to fellow students, but helps us to relate to teachers as well. Setting a good example on the first day of class will be beneficial throughout the years. The communica- tion between a student and teacher is very important. We seek help in deci sions for our future from them and have faith that they will help us to the best of their abilities The values communication and friendships that we encounter in high school will never leave us, they will just become building blocks for future rela tionships. 1. V.H.S. Pep Squad shows their appreciation for all coaches with a lunch rally. 2. Laura Kim and Suzanne Arragg take sign ups for clubs during clubs week. 3. Ieff Rosenfeld and Dar ren Olsen enjoy lunch with a good laugh. 4 Solange Vladimirsky, Chuck Flinn, and Matt Bamrud find there's more to lunch than just eating. 5. Friends gather to support their favor ite. 6. Richard Castro helps Kathy Villegas with a homework problem. 7. joel-lamilton and Patti Samaniego enjoy Halloween cele brations at lunch .i...,z Everyone of us has had, or will have, that first thrill of hav- ing a first job. There is excite- ment, freight, joy and happi- ness. It gives us a chance to expand our knowledge of the real world that comes face-to- face with us in everyday life after school. Iobs are the evidence to oth- ers that maturity and adulthood are soon to take place. We learn responsibilities need to be a big part of life on the job, and we 5 L learn to accept them. Mistakes come of course, but in the end we learn from them. Most jobs require that stu- dents communicate and get along with others. It's not always easy, but through help- ing and pleasing others, most students find it a rewarding experience in the end. Choosing a career is not easy. It is a long and never ending task that begins in high school for many people. ,iw ,g,,,,.,,,,.,.W, my M. W,,,i.,., 'Qi . mann-nn L v . i OUR FIRST IOBS l Preparing for The Future 1 'Ulu AP L 3,4 A 1-'. .- 1. Audrey Newman at work at Carls Ir. 2. VHS student pre- pares food at Carls Ir. 3. Debbie Gelvin fills the gas tank. 4. Tom makes repairs on the ten speed. 5. Ieff Iackson helps find shoes for a customer. 6. Barbara Kimstead on the job. gf, New , A,.,N?Q,,w,. ,. ., . Ag.. Mika.. bk ., W 1 we-MA uw. frm.-.rf acvwevwfrwrwf,ffuAma: v R ,fx ffl 1 mf., fy.. K fm5f.,'f-g,ew,g1 . 4" Q 'if' vff A 1 . x K ' 2 1 2-ff im. C711 ,tg f 4, I 5 1' 425 3 ! 'fl 1 ' M i or gi X ft. . tr 2 9 'Ziff e 'M Y ' if ' . Q f"'fm.1 l x w t at we 5' M W V 'mums ' -grfsxgw 1. Cindy Kirby collects spoons. 2. The new fad of roller skating. many VHS students to Skating Plus. 3. Paul Godeck gets made Scream In the Dark. 4. Erin Murphy watering her plants. 5. Antilla taking care of his car. 6. Iulie Learner. like many finds sewing a useful hobby. 7. Nicole Sullivan with her exotic collection from around the world. X an 71 Hobbies, for some reason, have a special appeal for students, and have some special meaning. Why do we Collect all the things we do? Cheri Soats collects and takes pic- tures because she thinks it's neat and fun. She takes most of her pie- tures of nature life and nature itself. Everyone can look back on the past at all the best moments. l W Y , ia- , i E it 2 2 gn if KTQQ? ,X A I Z f Memories, we never want to for- get. For instance, Kevin Ellison's hobbie is art. In art the person always learns something new. People can really express their feelings. He mainly draws for other people to make them happy, not himself. But of Course, if the other person is happy, then he is also. mm , M .W .ii Si 41 or instance. Ross Emery said, "like an you're surfing and you do a real d cut back, or you get tubed, you get zed. Whether it is surfing, running, mming. bike riding, skiing or playing tball like everything and every- y, it's classified these days!" 1. VHS student enjoys his Hobie Cat. 2. Curt Carl- son fShrimpoj drops into a wave. 3. Sophie Holt, getting tubed. 4. Ty Stork and friends rest after a long day of hiking. 5. Ty and his Dad enjoy hiking in the summer. 6. Iohn House fR.B.J does a hot off the lip cut back. 7. Michelle Bramlett and her mare. HOMECOMING Coming Together Before the game the girls were dressed in their long gowns, their hearts pounding with anticipation, for no one knew who the queen was. They all were honored to have been selected for the school's homecoming court. Toni Tuttle. Sophomore princess: Cindy Kirby, Iunior princessg Michelle Bramlett, Shannon Wilbanks, Kim Valley. Senior princessesg all felt being on the court was an honor and a joy in itself. Each girl had a very handsome escort. Toni was escorted by her father Bob Tuttle. Cindy was escorted by her father Dale Kirby. Michelle was escorted by her father Delany Bramlett. Shannon was escorted by her father Bill Wilbanks. Kim was escorted by her friend I. W. Bricks. The moment finally arrived when the queen was announced. Kim Valley. Her name was spelled out in fireworks. The tension was over but the excitement had just begun. the crowd began to chant Kim's name, and the band played out strongly. Everyone was proud of this year's queen. ?'? iv if 3 5 fi ' ' ' 'v 5' MIK MWEMM O 'xx A Q fx My NWN W ' My Q: 2 , v Wm A M ,ui Af vc 1 ,, tlrhrwi.. 'mx L f ,. 'va' 'W , ,-V V A C T I V I T I E S THE SHAPE OF LIFE Carving Something New l. Mr. Dan Smith walks Wanda Shel- ton up the aisle. 2. Iohn Holt and Wanda Shelton exchange promises. 3. Brenda Tracy and Brad Scott con- verse with newlyweds. 4. Iohn Holt and Wanda Shelton take the cake. 27 lil lr 3' 'fr 7, An annual occurance that blesses the V.H.S. auditorium steps is the mock wed- ding which is part of the Marriage and Family B class taught by Mr. Rex Kochel. There were three weddings in the first semester, and the lucky Couples were Holt and Wanda Shelton, Solange mirsky and Ioe Turner, and finally Godeck and Sandy Freeman. The dings were made as real as possible complete with formal gowns, tuxes, wedding cake along with plenty of f and a band. IA .41 3A Halloween isn't just dressing up like a favorite monster, trick or treating, or in some cases egging people. The best part of halloween is carving the pumpkin, as some stu- dents did at Ventura High during lunch. The students that participated in the carving of a pumpkin made a variety of pumpkin faces in all shapes and expressions. 1. Ioe Hamilton finishes the crooked mouth of his pumpkin. 2. Nicola Dace shows her talent carving the pumpkin, 3. Tim Fahringer hurries to try and win the contest. if , - ' -, 49 xi f si ff f ff ff , I V , 9? V W 31 J ,W ,fn 'tiff it 21 SLAVE DAY Going, Going, Gone! This year slave day was won by the girls, who brought in the most cans in order to buy the boys on the day of auction. To provide our lunchtime entertainment there was Mr. Waltz who made an excellent slave aucti- oneer. There were approximately 100 young men who made excellent pets, prices ranged from 25 dollars to 50 cents per head. Maybe next year the boys will have a chance to buy the girls. This page: 1. Sophie Holt shows her enthusiasm by making her bid. 2. Marian Kelly is out for the bait when it is time to start the sale. 3. Ioe Flores and Kevin Allison sell for double the retail price, 'sales tax not includedf 4. Lets sit down and check out the guys. Opposite page: 1. Waiting patiently to be auctioned off. 2. Phil Machanic sells for 35.00. 3. Going, Going, Gone! For S15.00. l df - 1, Why do students go to dances? To dance of Course, but most of all just to have a good time with their friends. It's a 'good place to meet the guy or girl you've been wanting to meet for a long time. For the guys it's getting up their confidence to ask the girl to dance. For the girl it's hoping the guy she likes asks her to dance. What do students do before the dance? Well before the dance girls are wondering what they're going to wear or whether they should go buy a new top, pants, skirt or dress. The guys are busy trying to borrow the car from their parents or washing and shining the rims to make their own Cars look the best they can before the dance. ig DANCING TO The Beat of Life 5 1. The student body gets into the dacning scene after the games. 2. Kevin Greene savors a moment on the dance floor. 3. It's more fun to dance in a group as these V.H.S. students demonstrate. 4. Richard Castro checks out the Crowd. 5. Holly Hensley has a blast at a dance. 6. This dance band plays crowd pleasing music. U w fri! in ,l, r ai .J .L Qqnyeg -fn' X Q5 3 ., M zu? Sit.. , ,.. Ag Qfifif ' -r- K 7' V' ' .Q . 'G' ' ! 50, J? 3 -Q-1'-gf!" 'E f ,-0 l2ISING CURTAINS th thm of Performance ww My .Ienkins directs the orchestra. 2. The V.H.S. sings intently at the winter concert. 3, A member adds the tunes of her piccolo to the er concert. This year's Winter Concert was held December 8, 1979. The admis- sion was tree for the annual event which was a real bargain for the quality Christmas music and spirit. A good size crowd turned out to enjoy the music that the orchestra and choir practiced long and hard on to make the Winter Concert a success. is it it 5 ai' it W eil 1A JV , X . ...ikn K 1 . N. .. . 12 32 ei grime eetiiiei x P x 1 Ki .:X' J - -. twiki The purpose behind rallies is to generate spirit among students and the athletes. All kinds of things happen at lies from pie eating contests to Mr. Martinez dressing up cheerleader. These things are done to get the student well as the participants, fired up enough to Carry a wir attitude into the games. Many rallies drew large boiste crowds. t vp ,WA WWBGWQH ii irsity and Sophomore Pep Squads get the crowd up. 2. These two members of the Pep Band Contrib- i the ralley. 3. Nancy Pace and Holly Hensley show enthusiasm. 4. Outdoor rallies drew the largest ds. 5. Mr. Martinez dresses for the occasion. 6. Pep added to games as well as to the rallies. 7. The ,Lef1ie, performed at lunch on the lawn. N OISY RALLIES SCREAM 0 T One of the lunch time activities put on during the year was a pizza eating contest and a King Of The Log Competition. Students entering the pizza eating contest were in for a surprise - the pizza was made with very hot jalapeno peppers which some contestants found to be more than they could handle. Hot or not, Richard Allen went on to win the pizza eating contest. Being King of The Log wasn't as easy as it sounded. Some students found it difficult just to get on the log, let alone knock someone else off with a pillow. Some of the Kings Of The Log were Iim Zdonik, Iim Riggins, Richard Her- rera, and many others. The activities of the week were a prelude to the last basketball game of the spring against Buena. 'Q -lv ZA W LUNCHTIME Peppers and Pelts Ul'-" M11 we W 'f 'QQ "4 "' i mu' . 4 xtlx 4 M... Q 'xi 'Www 1. Lance Lafoon and Scott Groeveld battle it out to see who's king. 2. Iim Zdenik waits for his next piece of Ialapeno pizza. 3. The agony of defeat. 4. Contestans pause to ask, "Was it worth it?" 5. Bob Miller seems to think the competition is sickening. 6. Richard Allen finds relief from the pizza with a coke. 7. "Oh, I need some water!" was an often heard remark. 8. "Head-over-heels" goes another contestant in the King Of The Log competi- tion. PROMOTING ACTIVITIES Wash An' Wipe Fundraisers are the very thing that promotes activities through out the school year. During Feb- ruary, Girls League sponsored a car wash designed to put money into their budget. The oar wash was perfectly arranged - just as the rain let up after ten days of floods and mud, the sun shown brightly on the freshly washed and waxed C8I'S. 1.1 , I V.H.S. student sprays down a car. 2. Mara Maybee gets her hands Ling set. 3. Robyn Dahl attempts to wash off soapy car window. 4. bie Boxx rinses off a soapy car. 5. Iohn Chenery moves his car up in ASB sponsored VI-lS's first all-school spelling bee in February. Contestants not only had to spell the specified word, they had to use it correctly in a sentence. The con- test, divided first into class competitions and then a sus- pensful final spell-down, was supervised by Dr. Patrick Rooney, VUSD Superintendent of Schools. In the end, Senior Eric Dyer garnered the top prize. -H 1. Senior finalist. and overall winner Eric Dyer in a thoughtful pose. 2. Ms. Ierry Ricci awaits Iunior class winner Stacy Whiteman's response. 3. Maryann Kelly congratulates first and second place Sophomores Robert Collins and Dan Dyer. N Wi 1, Kim-Mainini gives pig calling a try. 2. Ken lef- fers yells his loudest to get the pig's attention. 3. Vera Griffith tries her skill at pig calling. 4. Steve Dollison tries a different approach. 5. The goats and sheep drew a lot of attention on barnyard day. 6. Not everyone wanted to step inside the pen to pet the animals. 7. Iohn Snell feeds celery to goats. 8. The rabbits were a favorite on barn' vard day. 1 Ln- FFA WEEK Hey Piggy Piggy! During National Future Farmers of America week there were exciting lunchtime activities sponsored by FFA to envolve the whole student body. There was a Hog Calling Contest, a Barn- yard Day, Roller skating at Skating Plus and a Western Dress-up Day. 1,121 Q' 0516 1. Iohn Snell explains, "There's trouble right here in River City. 2. Iohn Snell and Lisa Brown get into their parts. 3. Lisa Brown helps with another girl's costume back stage. 4. The tech. crew put in long hours readying the flats. 5. Miss Sipes, Choreographer, Mrs. Cook, Choral Director, and Mr. Williams, Director, listen intensely to music for the play. 6. Part of the cast sing a num- ber together. 7. Music Man lead actors and actresses: Front Row: Ian Rogers, Robyn Dahl, lim Schmitz, Geralyn Nelson, Andy Tsonis, Chris Brenner. Back Row: Sharon Ellingsworth, Liza Brown, Iohn Snell, Donna Knickman, Keith Roberts, Karen Linderman, Matt Graham. zra l The Music Man by Meredith Wilson, is out Professor Harold Hill, a con artists tio convinces a small town that they need a lys band to enrich the cultural lives of the mmunity people, convinced the small wn of Ventura that it needs not only the nd, but also the actors, singers, dancers td technicians of VHS to enrich its lives. The box office hit, produced by Drama orkshoip featured Iohn Snell and Lisa wn in the starring roles of Harold and rian, alternating with lim Schmitz and byn Dahl for one performance. Music was vided by members of the VHS Marching md, under the direction of Mr. Tom len- ds. The barber shop quartet fEric Dyer, Ioe Fly, Shawn Smith and Paul Hardionj, the torus and the Pick-A-Lil' Ladies tKim ooks, Nancy Black, Geralyn Nelson, Robyn hl and Susan Moorej worked with Coral rector Mrs. Charlotte Cook. Choregraphy ' the production and the Swing Dancers ts done by Mrs. Mary Sipes. Mr. Alton Wil- tms was the play's Director. iv Gif VARIETY AND TALENT "Peoples Choice" R The 1980 "Peoples Choice" variety show was a popular hit. The show, which played March 8th and 9th was well received. The audience eagerly anticipated the start of the show and once it started, there was not stopping the people who rehearsed the long hours polishing and perfecting their performances. The show was sponsored by the senior class, but open to all VHS people. Sharon Ellingworth and Andy Tsonis were the emece, Mr. Robert Collins was the director. SENIOR CLAS ' I XW V illll ,, Q 'A atti Samaiego and jose Hamilton coming together in "Has Anybody Seen My Gal?" 2. Nicola ze kicks up her heels in "Iazz Time." 3. Katrina Wallis, Donna Knickman, and Robyn Dahl sing :ming Has Broken." 4. Iulie Luu and Denise Anderson "Going to Fly Now." 5. Programs and pos- funished by Ad Workshop and Crafts Production. 6. Rousing numbers by the cast of The Music ri kick off the show. 7. Our "Macho" faculty, or the Village Idiots KNO Comment!!J O 1 G i ! A 1 N I Z 1 I A r T i I N Q 4 X N 1 ,,,, 3 1. Drum Major Ioe Connell with Mascot Bruce Barrios. 2. BANNEF GIRLS Sharon Lee, Londa Erps, Cindy Peterson, Sharon Shab, tcenterj. Luticia Morris, Leila Faber, Chrissi Everett, and Maria Pallitto. 3. VHS MARCHING BAND, Front Row: Sharon Lee, Londa Erps, Cindy Peter- son, Luticia Morris, Leila Faber, Chrissi Everett, Maria Pallitto. Row 25 Liz Rothschild, Ieanette Garcia, Deanna Willingham, Shana Collins, len- ney Sap, Michelle Metz, Laura Koehler, Cathy Peterson, Ann Ehran, Lisa Crown, Sandy Ramirez, Christ Hubbard Maureen Rosenber Donna Y v A 8' Harrison, Karen Medrano. Row 3, Mike Garcia, Andrew Thomson, Al Rodas, Leslie Crowley, Maria Alberts, Leslie Campbell, Erin Sherwood, Ionell Henderson, Sheila Collins, Lisa Zier, Cathy Io McCord, Debbie Rios, Pam Darden, Beverly Komatz, Dave Ruzella, Dan Dyer. Row 4,Ioe Connell, Mario Perez, Iamie McKean, David Harrison. Ioe Henderson, lim Fulmer, Bart Matson, Robert Collins, Kevin McKean, Bobby Roybal, Mark Voris, Art Lagos, Patrick Henry, Mike Rich, lan Russell, Mark Meri- thow. Row 5: Del Kienholz, Neill Soo Hoo, Tony Malta, Pete Zahn, Chris Lowery. Nick Rigney, Iohn Richards, Ieff Martin, Clen Stauffacher, Brian Meisner. Shawn Smith, Ierry Cookson. Sam Martin, Bruce Barrios. " Y '-TS-11lllFl'fi'lLCQf.,...-'-'Z'32f"fIilT' ,' , .' ,V 1 , If V L 5 8 'fb 11 K.. I J 'ifllflif VHS BAND High Steppin' Providing entertainment for the school's activities has kept the band on its toes. The band played for all the half- time entertainment with songs from the past to the present rock and roll. For the second year the band was invited to play in the Main Street Parade at Disneyland. There has been a new addition to the band this year, a real live walk- ing COUGAR! The spirit rouser is Bruce Barrios. With his help it's easier to yell with the cheerleaders. 2. BAND OFFICERS: Ann Ehren, Sheila Collins, Jamie McKean, Tony Matta, Ioe Connell, Neill Soo Hoo. Laura Koehler, Ieannette Garcia, Mas- cot Bruce Barrios. Q Spirited and enthusiastic musij-I cians are just what makes the 1980 - C Pep Band. The Pep Band attends rallies and games. The Pep Band brings on a music and spirit filled atmosphere. The crowd once roused by the hand-clapping and foot-stomping music gets into the HCL Whenever the school had foot- ball games and basketball games the Cougar Spirit was there to cheer on the players and keep the crowd fired up. The Cougar Spirit Club was designed to spread the school spirit. The clubs major - activity this year was the sale of candy canes in association with Christmas for kids. The sale took place the week before Christmas vacation. - Wu, Aa. Q 1. SPIRIT CLUB. Row 1: Sandra Kolkman, Eric Dyer, Luticia Morris, Cindy Peterson, Glen Dixon, Betty Woessner, julie Luu. Row 25 Lori Walker, Scott Groeneveld, Lee Siebler, Cyndy McCarty, Lori johnson, Mrs. Seabart, Bill Bur- son, Stacy Whiteman, Sharon Lane. 2. PEP BAND. Row 1, jeff Martin, Mike Garcia. Row 25 Dan Dyer, jonell Henderson, joe Henderson, Sam Martin, Sheila Collins, joe Connell. Row 3: Ian Russell, Michelle Metz, Bart Matson, jeanette Garcia, Sandy Ramirez, jenny Sap, Shawn Smith, Robert Collins, Cleadis Haw- ley. Row 4, Tony Matta, james Fulmer, Lee Hawley, Shari johnson, Mark Lev- ine, Heidi Sears, David Harrison. 3. Playing for home games was a major activ- ity this year. ORCHESTRA Pulling Strings When it comes to pulling strings, the V.H.S. orchestra knows just how it's done. They pulled them all the way to a musical. Last year they played in "Bye, Bye Birdie" and this year they played in "The Music Man." The orchestra is certainly not the marching band but they did a good job trying, as they marched down the center aisles of the auditorium playing "Seventy-six Trombonesf' Another perform- ance was the winter concert. It was in biblical form. Iimmy Riggins narrated scripture from the bible as the orchestra played music that corresponded. 1. Peggy Ledbetter keeps the beat for the orchestra. 2. jimmy Riggins, Tony Malta, Lori Salvaneschi, Ieanette Gar- cia, jamie McKean, Ioe Henderson, Phillip Leftcourt. Row 2. Ion Gordon, Ruth Woods, Christine Farber, Gizella Garcia, Andrea Bauman, Robyn Stiles, Ierry Scolman, Djuna Spring. THESPIANS LIVE ON STAGE Thespians are comprised of V.H.S. students who sing, dance, act, and enjoy designing and building sets. This year they produced two major plays - The Crucible and The Music Man, and one Club Variety Show. These presentations required much time, dedication and also money. Each of the mem- bers involved in the club helped with produc- tions and with fund raising to present the tal- ents of the student body to the general public. President of the Thespians this year was Sharon Ellingworth. wwf 1. Front Row: Karen Linderman, Sharon Ellingworth, Elizabeth Evanoff, Scott Groeneveld, Mary Sieg- mund. Row 2: Darlene MaGee, Mary Iones, Allison Bateman, Ian Rogers, Ief Sadler, Frieda Klebaum, Carol Norris. Row 3: Debbie Love, Ioe Seely, Geralyn Nelson, Carol Carson, Am Iarecky, Lee Siebler. Row 4: Lois Bowden, Franll Bluemel, Tonya Tor- jesen, Curtis Rigney, Mary Kornides. Row 5: lim Schmitz, Nicola Dace, Paul Hardion, Keith Roberts, Audrey Mendoza, Laura Gietzen. Row 6: Ioe Connell, Frank Barajas, Fausto Ga1lianiPasqualini,Iody Cant- rell, Kari Van Pelt. 2. Karen Linderman tries out for a part in a play. 3. Mrs. Cook practices with the singers for Music Man. 4. Lois Boeden reads a scene from The Music Man. VHS CHOIR if Enjo ing Music This year the choir has displayed their talents at the schools Winter Concert, Camarillo State Hospital. and at the Kiwanis Club luncheon. They also went to three of the lunior highs: Anacapa, Cabrillo. and Balboa. They all enjoy singing and it makes them feel good to see others t Kiwanis Luncheon. 2. lone McCulloch and a niernber of the audience Q dance to "Soft Shoe." ,ff i X: Q E 1 bs.. A ...rin ton, Sharon Ledbetter. Desiree Villines, Sharon Schaab. Carolina Huerta. Mr. Weiss. Row 3: Cristi Newall.ASusanA Rick Lois Bowden, Pat Snyder. Pat Gonzales. Ioanne Harper. Caren Cox, Nancy Luker Therresa Mooney, Yolanda Perev. Rot' Sharon Ward. lone McCulloch. Rhonda Tully, Theresa Siddens. Mary Kornides.lLeeAnn Cole. Cehelle jones. Lfuticia M ris. Robin Cox. Susan Poehler, Cindy Paterson. Row 5: Frank Delgadillo. Rick Iohnson. Mike Hill, Pat Seidenkranz. I Leard. Ernie Bacca. Robert Miller. Creg Crist. Iimmy Riggins. Monty Tonnies. Milton Prince. David Sanchez. Q 9 enjoy their music. The group has approximately 40 males and females. ix 1. Mr. Weiss directs the Choir at the Christmas Celebration for the 3. CHOIR, Row 75 Kerry Back. Pianist. Iulie Gallup. Assistant Pianist. Row 25 Kelly Burnett, Margarita Reyes. Tracey Ts Ar were DANCE AND MAT CATS Dancin' Cats 1. DANCE COMPANY, Row 1: Iulie Luu, Lori Chle- borad, Dennise Anderson. Row 2: Alison Aguilar, Patti Sameniego, Iulie Alsop. 2. MAT CATS, Row 1: Kelly Keating, Audrey Pennarts. Row 2: Staci Taylor, Melissa Morrison, Lori Puckett. Row 3: Vicky Dikes, Luticia Morris, Kathlene McCann. 3. Dennise Ander- son, Patti Sameniego, and Alison Aguilar dance with great enthusiasm at the B.H.S. vs. V.H.S. basketball game. The V.H.S. Dance Company practiced 6th period during the week, until 4:30 three days a week. The long hours of practice paid off for their performances at basketball halftimes and other performances throughout the city. The people who watched were pleased with what they saw. The Dance Company was comprised of seven members and was led by Patti Sameniego. One of the company's activities included a workshop directed by the U.C.L.A. dancers. Support is what really counts, and the Mat Cats help out when the going gets rough. These eight girls cheer the wrestlers on, take score and travel with the team on away games. PERFORMING ARTS 81 BOYS FED Link to the Community Performing Arts is a class whose main pur- pose is to develop students in the fields of vocal, instrumental, dance, emcee, script writ- ing, drama, and speech. The fruits of their labors could be seen at many community shows and a spring show in March. To raise money they sold singing telegrams to students to send to local residences. One of the 28 member group's activities this year was a trip to Alan Hancock College to see the musical "Stop the World." 1. Performing Arts students' talents were in great demand during the Christmas season. 2. Some of the students prac- tice a dance number. 3. Group photo, Front Row: Peggy Ledbetter, Tonya Childs, Nancy Black, Christy Everett, Iulie Allsop, Melonie Seidenkranz. Tammy Williams. Yolanda Watkins, Desiree Villimes, Donna Knickman, Row 2: Lisa Brown, lim Schmitz. Neil Soohoo. Heather Palmer, Iohn Corrilla, Ginger Bean, Milton Prince. Mary Kormidrs, Rob- ert Collins, Sam Martin. s fi' I 1. BOYS' FEDERATIONS, Front Row: Tom Emmons, Eric Triguero, Tracy Towner. Row 2: Eric Dyer, Bill Burson, Rick Cohen, Bob Miller. 2. An attentive crowd gathers to watch the Slave Auction. 3. Mr. Waltz receives a bid on Derrick Griggs. 4. Mr. Waltz is looking for a bid while Iohn Ballesteros watches in amaze- Ulelll. 5 .lit H I Service to V.H.S. and to the boys of the school, is the purpose of Boys' Federation. The twelve-member club was led by president Tom Emmons, and met on the first and third Thurs- days ofthe month. This year they co-sponsored the Canned Food Drive and Slave Days, did car registration at the beginning of the year, and selected the Boy of The Quarter for each quar- ter. " 49 V.l-l.S. is very fortunate to have one of the County's top Small and Tall Flags teams. Starting in the spring of '79, they went straight through working long hours during the summer and after school. Weekends were filled with half- times and parades. They really brought pride to V.H.S. 1. Stacey Rodartc and many others are the main attratztion at halftime. 2. Sean Reed. Kathy Matley perform in the halftime activities. 3. Row 15 Melinda Hernandez, Stacy Rodarte. Nancy Fyma, Erin Seymore. Sharon Lane. Row 2: Mary Thomson, Lori Walker. Row 3g Kathy Matley, Sean Reed, Beverly McCord, Kathy Klima. NX 'X W ,,,,, ,W ,,,,n M1 ,,,, 2 1 0 K , S f Q fi W Y ff ' , if VHS SMALL AND TALL Flying Flags 1. Marcia Diaz and Linda Means perform at the girls' VHS vs. BHS has- kctball game. 2. Leslie lnloes, Cheryl Eaton, Marcia Diaz, and Mary Wolf perform at halftime. 3. SMALL FLAGS, Row 1: Cheryl Eaton, Edie Mae- Donald. Leslie lnloes, Mary Wolf, Marcia Diaz. Row 2: Cheekee Poehler, Linda Means, Ieanne Zingerman. Row 3: Allyne Inloes, Linda Conk- wrig t. .aff ...ff +2 gs 3395 'gy ? ' 1 iii L.: . K --1. 3. 3E,k..r , 17, Z, ri ,et QT 41, 1 , , VARSITY SQUAD Peppin' up This Page: 1. Katrina Wallis is showing her spirit with a great smile 2. Cougie fKim Valleyj doing her thing. 3. Front Row: Donna Knickman, Becky Mayo. Kim Valley, Karen 'I'homas,, Iill Golson. Row 2: Sandy Freeman, Shannon Wilbanks, Lori Moore, Solange Vladimirsky, Katrina Wallis, Debbie Taylor. Row 3: Glen Dixon, David Malinowski. Opposite Page: 1. Iill Golson doing her thing in sequence. 2. Lori Moore reaches for the ceiling. 3. Solange Vladi- mirsky cheers on the team with great enthusiasm. C7 i!"""-+""" smawswwa WMM .w Generating spirit throughout V.H.S. was just one of the 79-80 pep squad duties. To encourage enthusiasm at school games and pep rallies, they kept busy thinking of new ways to spark excitement in the crowds. Starting in the spring of '79 and practicing throughout the summer and after school to improve their performance, they brought about a more effective involvement among the Cougars. Special rallies were held in the auditorium, where there were image shows by Mr. Groveman, speeches by coaches and advisors, and a favorite was Mr. Martinez dressed as a cheerleader. A first in years was the involvement of yell leaders for the squad. They added a new source of participation helping with pyramids and other gymnastic stunts. Kim Valley, Cougie, was captain for the first part of the season. Donna Knickman took over second half, and song leaders were under the leadership of Katrina Wallis. Together as a team, they helped us show V.H.S. is and always will be number one! s PEP. PEP And Re-Pep Keeping the excitement and spirit going at the Sophomore games was one of the many painstaking chores of the Sophomore Cheerleaders. Their many hours of hard work and endless practice of their routines showed in the perfection they attained. 1A 27 1. Front Row: Tina King. Row 2: Keri Standi- fier, Christina Barone. Row 3: Caren Cox, Iodi Colson, Irene Lagos. 2. Christina Barone tells a joke to an attentive cheerleader. 3. Keri Stan- difer flashes a smile that is often seen around campus. 4. Tina King does some of the many exercises needed to become a cheerleader. ivy Eiy K MAKING NEWS A I I , M, t rltlng News , s Providing news and information to the students of 5 V.H.S. is the main job of the Iournalism class. They pub- lish the V.H.S. newspaper, The Cougar. Working long hours and trying to meet constant deadlines are routine AF' 5 N 'y ,Q for this staff. Because any activities or changes in the 'lsr X ' f school system, as well as all sports events, must be included in each issue, The Cougar staff is constantly interviewing students for ideas and information. Above, SPRING SPRING STAFF, Front Row: Ioanne Harper, Darlene MaGee, Laura Williams, Lori Iohnson. Nancy Black, Tena Tallent, Lynette Pyron, Editor-in-Chief Ruth Biederman, Edito- rial Editor Peter Smith, Aliene Curran. Back Row: Anthony Dollarhide, Sports Editor, Roger Hamilton, Harvey Greenberg, Richard Burke and Advisor Lee Lanman. FALL STAFF, Below, Front Row: Mr. Lanman, Ruth Biederman, Roger Hamilton. Row 2: Rhonda Tully, Kim Brooks, Sara Stanton, Lynette Pyron, Tena Tallent. Row 3: Anthony Dollarhide, Blake Monson, Robert Burns, Richard Burke, Bob Porter. I5 ll ll ll ,gm 6 MW, N, ' , 1 9 554 as 55 .,,.. 43-.'..!. W Hg-S AD WORKSHOP, Row 1: joe Sap, Diane Fuller. Row 2: Dave Williams, Lisa Biggie, Iulie Luu. Row 3: Mr. Larry Curtis Advisor, Roy Huston, Darren Fortenberry, lim Havens, Kirk Thomas. 5 f 1. lim Havens is distracted from doing a sports flyer. 2. Diane Fnller carefully puts together a paste-up. 3. Bob Castro and Diana Fuller work diligently on an ad campaign. K 4114361 ...Q A '3Qr'.2g-x1'133t:x:1',g4.,e Q THE ACTION AGENCY ml x ff- " y za rr' we Providing pre-game flyers, activities bulletins, and 'ther numerous tasks are just some of the jobs that Xd Workshop receives during the year. Using rub- ins, paste-ups, and other tools needed for the class, he Ad workshop has to meet many grueling dead- ines in order to get the flyers out. Mr. Curtis super- ises and hands out the assignments and projects. , -H ELECTION BOARD, CREATIVE CAMPUS CAMERA CLIQUE The Lively Arts Election board organizes and carries out school elections. Their main function was registering students to vote on class and ASB elections, and then conducting these elec- tions. They were responsible forthe big elec- tion of ASB officers following the conven- tion at the end of the year. To raise money for the elections, they sold See's suckers. This year's officers wereg President Kathy Evans, Vice-President Ieff Sadler, Secretary- treasurer, Registrar Denise Anderson, and Covention Chief Cathy McCord. ELECTION BOARD, Front Row: Mary Siegund, Stacy Whiteman, Amy Iarecky, Iulie Luu. Back Row: Denise Anderson, Carilynn Pulley, Loree Davison, Kathy Evans, Darlene Ste Croix, Iohn Matley. Creative Campus is a club cre- ated to satisfy the need for a more artistic and beautiful campus. They have furnished many of the murals and doors seen around VHS. The club welcomes new members and is always open for suggestions. The only prerequisite for membership is a desire for art work and creativity. iw was-f :-'.: f ,.', --ii 5 'wiFE-H-as-fry:f..1ff:-at in if 2- sees qi X ' Y? 5 -me 5. t 5 its E 151 Q. t it . s t -.i k ' i E . A s , Q 5 1 3 i ' 2 3 .. 1 tis 5 t To catch the action, the moods, and the setting at VHS is the goal of the members of Camera Clique. The group also has taken many of the pictures at the school dances. The club was created to help the awareness of the individuals who wish to advance in the field of photography. Camera Clique sponsored safaris for its members and brought slide shows to the pep rallies for the school this year. CAMERA CLIQUE, Front Row: Darlene McGee, Iordana Tellas, Ioann Corona, Edwina Garcia, Benjamin Roberts, Carolyn Pulley, Ierry Casale. Row 2: Robert Burns, Eric Schwerdtfeger, Ioe Van Essen, Ioe Hamilton, Patti Samaniego. CREATIVE CAMPUS Front Row: Coralynn Erickson, Maria Pallitto Regina Harter Diana Poole. Row 2: Darlene McGee, Alicia Anacker Row3 Susie Graham, Scott Paul. 59 4 4 fi 'i 1--of , 1. 1. I.C.F. Row 1: Mary Siegmund, Erin Murphy, Maryann Kelly, Iulie Luu, Robyn Dahl, Ieff Iackson, Pi Samaniego, Carolynn Pulley. Row 2: Denise Anderson, Iessica Thompson, Susan Draham, Kim MCG Suzanne Arragg, Laura Kim. 2. Anna Lodl, Ieff Iackson, and lan Dyer get started on building a hexagon bul tin board lo be used by all clubs. R I.C.F.,-IR. 81 SOPH. CLASSES pirit of Action y 2. Lg H U..1,.,m. 134,541 ,,L. A:,, 5. .,,, ,,, Nw iii ,,,111,.y11..1151,541..1,L14i,U.11.11 ',L: 11,411 k.,. 1,54-11, .,,:- faxes 4111:411'111'11 11411-4511'1s1.1111f11111-15194411fizifefiffr 11r111i111r'11:':111'41'11:141 :11'.11:f11fi111 111:'1::11f111Z11'111'i11r11 :4:.:1:w11:1r41 411141::1e1,:1111.Q1:41iI 1114131 41s1:4fzi4ez: 44a,:L:1'4:144ez14411:41:4z 44111 11g41'44fzz1:4e142z.41:':41z.42z,.4zz:e1141.441.:44z.4z.4vz 14:11.4141-:4vz.41'::,.4v1 41,441 411.441 41141:4fz..4fz:42z44szz.44z11g.4fz,, . 1. 21151214516 452 4461liiifiei145114114212E?-151'?i'1ETlisEi5il41il41iE'4EY1l1451 l4Sf565'iEEfi55iViiiilfE'iIf2i'iiif4912ff?l41f:l5f1iii1,'41,li1fi51'i17iif f'iiT2fi42i'fL5'E15.4ifliblgf1TfiiEi,i2ififfi15uS156 11, .1111 11.111111 111.111 11 .111111111 111-111-.1.111i1.11 1111,11111Q1111,11.111111111111111 111 1111 111111.11 4111.11,m-11111 1111111111 1111-1111 . 1 111.111 1,1111 1:11.11 11..f1,.1-1.11-11 1 . 1:4111.441144z.42144111.4114214411151441 4111 .41144111:4zz4e,4Sz 44411.4114114511144114:4411444124411-:41141,4ez44z1.441z4L1411.1421 44142.44214411411451441.421411.441:2142,4fs1..41,:41141vzz.4:v.:z.411, 441141.11 f1:f,4s1w 4114x144-1 14214421-W Li '2z14111444zr-415113 111,11511l141111111.111.1111111111. . .111 1, .... . 1, . . 1 .11 4 3 F IOR CLASS COUNCIL, Row 1: Ioe Seely, Anna Lodl, Paul Hardoin, Lynette Jn, Susan Collins. Row 2: Ian Dyer. 'HOMORE CLASS COUNCIL, Row 1: Cathy Kelly, Margaret Miller. Row 2: is Higgins, Steve Eulau, Steve Lopez. The highlight of the year for the Iunior Class Council members was the May thirty-first All School Prom which they sponsored. Many hours of hard work and planning go into making the prom a success. This year the council traveled to Los Angeles to hear perspective bands for the dance. The purpose of the council is to bring dif- ferent types of activities to the school in general, and the junior class in particular. They held after game dances, participated in the International Food Fair, and held a giant earthball game. The group meets every other Thursday, and was led by President Paul Hardoin, Vice-President Ian Dyer, Treasurer Lynette Pyron, along with Representa- tives Ioe Seely and Susan Collins. The Sophomore Class Council is an organiza- tion open to all tenth grade students, Unlike the Iunior and Senior Class Councils, the Sophomore Council was elected in the fall. With the leader- ship of President Chris Higgins, the council spon- sored the V.H.S. fair float entry, a trip to Magic Mountain, noon time activities, and lots more. 5 "" . fn' .. .... 'EAS is -' - M H 7---....7f-: l .zrsitggtp A N K kgs ENVIRONMENTAL, INDIAN , AND MECl Our Heritag J., jig 1 y 10' The Indian Education Program provides for students of American Indian descent, three major compo- nents: tutoring in any school sub- jectsg craft making of any Indian art form such as basketry, bead work, or sand paintingg and aiding in college and career choices by providing information about scholarships and jobs. Field trips are frequent for this group and include visits to local museums, reservations and cultural fairs. There are approximately eighty young people at V.H.S. who can trace their ancestry to our first Americans, and who are proud to belong to one of the 400 tribes still surviving in the Twentieth Century. Mrs. Liz Cain serves as advisor to the group. tag i" J! Front Row: Ieremy Gunter, Charlene Henry, Tina Martinez. Row 2: Benny Barrios, Damion Head, Hugh. Arthur Gallegos. I , CHA CLUB, Front Row: Helen Gonzales, Lisa Castro, Renee Sanchez, Leonor Vasquez, Concha Mendoza, Robert Molina. Row 2. Corrales, Yvonne Padilla, Peaches Thrower, Lori Nelson, Virginia Martinez, Audrey DeLaRosa, Ralph Almaguer, Nacho Zaragoza 3: Chris Hernandez, David Sanchez, Tom Tafoya, Iudy Martinez, Kim Hiner, Victor Pelaya, President Licha Castro, Hector Cor- es, Mr. Rochard Arriaga, Advisor. IRONMENTAL CLUB, Front Row: Iody Cantrell, Sharon Ellingworth, Liz Evanoff, Frieda fum, Paul Hardion, Anna Lodl. Row 2: Shelli Blankers, Ian Rogers, Robin Dahl, Ieff Iackson, , Graham, Ioe Seely, Amy Iarecky, Kelly McCarthy. Row 3: Scott Groeneveld, Fausto Galliani ualini, Tom Emmons, Geralyn Nelson, Margaret Katavich, Ieff Sadler, Lisa Dean. The twenty-five member German Club's main purpose was to learn more s about the German culture. The German Club also claimed all German students as members. This year's officers were President Betty Woessner, Vice-Presi- dent Michael Higens, Secretary Leila Faber, and Treasurer Bianca Macare. Q 1 The club met on the second and fourth . Tuesday of the month and their activi- ties included a trip to the I. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu with the Latin Club. 1 LATIN CLUB, Front Row: Lori Salvaneschi, Loree Davison, Mary Siebmund, Coralyn Ericksonl Eric Schmiedeskamp. Row 2: Dan Benevente, Ruth Siegmund, Darlene McGee, Tami Becker, Heather Palmer. Row 3: Christoph Haar, Mariam Kahan, Fausto Pasquilini, lim Crockett. Z GERMAN CLUB, Front Row: Curtis Rigney, Bill Burson, Sandra Kolkman, Lisa Baker. Row 2: Mrs. Muriel Stevlingson, advi sor, Bianca Macare, Carol Carson, Ian Rogers, Anna Lodl, Betty Oessmer, Holly Hubbard, Sharon Lee, Leila Faber, Torl Emmons. n-'elf I . 1 4 Z ,- s "' K 4 5, .M f gf 5 ' ff", Wg i Z ,,. kli' I fn 419- fam .mf IRENCH CLUB Front Row: Iamie Williams, Curtis Rigney, Debby Marsh, Shawn Smith, Carol Carson. Row 2: Mrs. Muriel ltevlingson, advisor, Debbie Szecsei, Ieanne Iarvaise, Renee Grondin, Cindy Mirra, Denise Szecei. Row 3: Laurens Byl, Linda mes, Debbie Hair, Robert Mills, Gary Wilkins. Members of the V H S Latin Club behave, in a dead language The twenty member group led by Presldent Mary Sxegmund Vice presldent Loree avison, guage ahve They met on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the mouth to Qian actlvitles that would encourage interest im the Latin language and culture A couple of their 3.Cl1V1t6S thlS year were a trip to the I Paul Getty Museum m Mahbu wzth the German Club and then' Latin banquet ' V f1if'f':-Tiff-lil Q1 f ivzzf ' ' w I 1 f' fl Q1 f L. A - if , ' .- y K -C K, fz.-,,V-Kpf-gggp,iifszgjsgg'nf HL - " ' f f .1 ,:- f i f C 4, i I ' g V 71.-tglif-i Q:i5g':?i"ff!f f,f- , . Q Q. - f K , K ' f K C K D A ff 9 . K . I f-1,11 I-.f'1fI,..-ra-7-21 1 -1 . ' ,. ig i ,ff,i'f,1ff i . f ' . 1 9, f V , ,J W- -1,-,-1,-:V--f,:fMw2.,-.1 . 'f y ' ' .' , -. ., , g.' , -V K . ' . ' H 41' , . K A i . N 4 f , Q, ,if I C, ,, ' o - 1 a n , ' . k' if " C . . V . . . 4 Secretary Mary Iones and Treasurer Cor 2 alyn Emckson, assxsts rn keeping the lan e SENIOR COUNCIL AND ASB Hard Work, but Fun This year the Senior Class Council started the year off right with a successful Homecoming celebration followed by a formal dance featur- ing the band Success. In February, they spon- sored the Senior Ball held at the Sheraton Hotel in Santa Barbara where many remembered that, "We May Never Pass This Way Again." In March, they worked hard to produce The Vari- ety Show which consisted of dance, music, comedy and fun. Eric Dyer served as President in 1979-80. 1. Robyn Dahl and Iohn Chenery sit with Mr. Ralph Martinez who was guest speaker at the Senior Ball. 2. Iulie Cray and Ian Dyer share a friendly laugh. 3. Senior Class Council Members, Front: Ian Dyer, Harvey Greenberg, Robyn Haffner, Terry Pal- litto, Amy Iarecky and Iim Marshall. 4. Doug Moser and Iulie Allsep enjoy dinner together at the ball. 1 A 9 N f H 551 i i i as l 5' Q , 3 -'- l kk 5- A fi Y xl' Q XIII B3 4E 1... . .L A A' - K rf- 'UN X v Front: Chris Higgins, Steve Lopez. Sec- ond Row: Cathy Kelly, Tina Patterson, Amy Iarecky, Ioe Ballesteros, Nicola Dace, Paul Hardoin, Iulie Lerner. Row 3: Gretchen Garnett, Ruth Biederman, Darlene Ste Croix, Glen Dixon, Stacy Whiteman, Teri Pallitto, Iohn Chenery. Back: Kathy Evans, Eric Dyer, lim Mar- shall, Tom Emmons, Advisor Ioyce See- bart. Inserts: ASB President Maryann Kelly. 3' vs- 'wa-Q., On every Tuesday and Thursday, first period, a roup of twenty-five students gather to form the lssociated Student Body Cabinet. Their main iurpose is to bring about school improvement. 'hey also approve student body expenditures, set he activities calandar and supervise V.H.S. activi- ies. The members went to the University of Red- ands to attend a Leadership Conference and here, they acquired many new ideas. They also 'isited St. Bonaventure and Buena High's Cabi- lets to share ideas. The 1979-80 president was Maryann Kelly, Vice- ,resident Ieff Iackson, Secretary Stacy Whiteman ,nd Treasurer Gretchen Garnett assisted her. 0 4, . - -.I 'I E.. ' , f.,,. . ,.',. an -f-f f-ff- . . v.,., .Q ,. ,. . , .L l. ii.a . GlRLS' LEAGUE, Front: Robyn Dahl. Row 2: Ieremy Ginter, Susie Graham, Dana Cricklair, Laura Kim, Suzanne Arragg. Row 3: Mrs. Carol Fogel, advisor, Kim Cook, Lisa Biggie, Margaret Miller Cheryl Rogers, Iulie Gray. Row 4: Nancy Pace, Linda Moore, Kelly Morrow, Kelly O'Neil, Erin Mur- phy, Iessica Thompson. LADIES, Front: Iill Golson. Row 2: Lisa Lawrence, Robyn Dahl, Laura Kim, Patti Samaniego, Suzanne Arragg. Row 3: Lupe Gonzales, Tina Patterson, Carolyn Pulley, Susan Collins, Iulie Luu, Cheryl Rogers. Row 4: Becky Mayo, Karen Thomas, Shannon Wilbaks, Solange Vladimirsky, Deb- b1e Taylor, Kitty Tucker, Iulie Gray. ! 1 The Future Farmers of America had a rather active year in 1980. Their main purpose was to promote leadership in agriculture, and they did just that with the landscape and activity booth they sponsored at the Ventura County Fair. The eighteen member group's activities also included the Ferndale Field Day, an open house for the Agriculture Department, and planting an avocado orchard on the school farm. To raise money for activities. they sold popcorn at the home football games. The FFA met on the first and third Monday of each month, and were led by Dennis Patterson, president: Shelli Blankers. vice-president: Kim McDonald. secre- tary, Bob Beverland, treasurer: Steve Dollison, reporterg and Carolyn Towne. sentinel. TA. Front Row: Shelli Blankers, Kim McDonald, Margaret Katavich, Bob Beverland. Steve Dollison. Row 2 Mike lcManus, Dennis Patterson. Lucy Vigus, Hill Burson. loe Ruzella, Mr, lim Parton, advisor. Row 3: Sheri Curren Greg iener, Dan Norris. Vera Crillith, Tim Whelan. QE Academic Excellence Aside from being a service club, the California Scholastic Federation's fC.S.F.J main purpose was to recognize academic excellence. The C.S.F. had many activities this year including seeing a laser light show, and the play Music Man. They sponsored a Knowledge bowl, disco dance, and a tutoring pro- gram at other schools. The 125 member group met on the second Monday of each month and this year's officers were: Presidents Terri Pallitto and Denise Anderson, and Secretary - Treasurer Eric Dyer. SOPHOMORE C.S.F., Row 1 Phil Lefcourt Iohn Thompson Lisa Brown Cathy Kelly Kim Makature ret Miller, Christy Barone Row 2 Chris Higgins Michelle Waggoner Mike Eulau Steve Eulau Strahm. SENIOR CSF, Front Row: lane Luu, Martin Gramchow, Rick Cohen, Terry Pallitto, Lura Kim, Amy Iarecky. Row 5: Cheryl Rogers, Karen Linderman, Maryann Kelly, Nancy Hamel, Tushar Patel, Steve Spry, Mary Siegmund, Pina Lee. Row 3: Robyn Dahl, Sandy Klein, Ed Butrovich, Patty Samaniego, Steve Brand, Harvey Greenberg, luss Born. Row 4: Doug Moser, lim Marshall, Iohn Beattie, Eric Dyer, Tom Haar, Carolyn Pulley, Ieff Iackson, Ceith Roberts, Richard Harter. 'Nh-.uit NIOR CSF, Front Row: Belinda Turkington, Paria Pallitto, Sharon Lee, Susi Graham, Kim McGee, Donna iickman, Denise Anderson. Row 2: Regina Harter, Coralyn Erickson, Tracy Wolstein, Brent Schenk, Stacy hiteman, Linda Means, Marcia Diaz, Cheryl Iaffee. Row 3: Gilber Velasquez, Ieanne Iarvaise, Paul Hardion, Ind: Seiarll, Ian Dyer, Tina Patterson, Suzanne Arragg, Geoff Airey, Paul Mirra, Cathy Sieh, Michael Higgins, iris op aar. Cuddling, Caring, Learnin CAMPUS NURSERQ H., 1 y , , 7 5 A 1 , 5 . , a f i if g 5 fx 2, , 3 ' J if Ei 4,1 i Q f if n W A wwwmgwwm, ,, A ,,w5sa as Is the student body getting younger? Some ofthe newer members, about a dozen of them ranging in age from only a few weeks to about two years old. attend the VHS nursery and day- care center under the direction of Mrs. Marge Emerson. The nursery meets the needs of par- ents who require competent child- care while they continue their educa- tion, but still want to stay close to their infants. The nursery also func- tions as a living classroom in child- care and development, meeting the needs of approximately 40 VHS stu- dents who act as nursery helpers while studying child behavior. Mrs. lean Cross teaches classes in Parent- ing and Child development. in addi- tion to helping Mrs. Emerson and the nursery parents and helpers. "I took the class to really under- stand little kids," commented Nursery Helper Mary Towne. "A book tells you about what typical children do, and it explains that there are excep- tions and differences in children. Well, when you're in class with all the little kids, you can really see the vari- ety, and you understand what the book means. I have a lot more patience with my little nieces and nephews now." she concluded. The program has met with equiva- lent enthusiasm from the parents. children. teachers and administrators. We -XX 33 Mrs. Patty Post, advisor, ftop leftj and the members of Crafts Production demonstrate the complex process and painstaking care that must go into silk screening the many posters, programs and cards the crew produced this year. x xx-rx XF 5 K t s wx X .M tm,-tl -xv it N X N M ,. . K ? W X CRAFTS PRODUCTON the Fine Arts Approach Crafts Productions explains and teaches various kinds of printmaking, silk screening, embossing, block printing and etching. The purpose is first, to teach a fine art approach to the various forms of printmaking and, second, to provide a school serv- ice by providing professionally printed posters, buttons, program covers, and cards for school activities and events. Students raise money to pay for equipment such as drying racks, exposure boxes, film, and inks. The group designed and printed materials for school dances, athletic events, the talent show, the spring muscial, and the faculty tea. ln addition, they also sold fine art prints. Clubs and organiza- tions were charged a small fee to help cover the costs of materials, and felt that Crafts Productions was a most valuable and creative addition to the services offered at VHS this year. tttititi tt't1 ' E. 1. 2 Rl 75 LEARNING SKILL CENTER Assisting ith Basics . 1gy-f.1:-w.:f-f.113-:,..z.f,f .gg-5.121-I ,,gf'irs1f1 Mr: -- ,.:tw.-.wt .t:':-:ww.-z- -m , f.-2:1 . ws , f.,. .,,.,,f,., , ,-,I 3, ,,,,,., ,ss, ,. ,.,,kVy ,,k. f H: ., .,,ks',-- at, 1 . 7 r , f-...W .. I M... ,,,k,,u, ..,,k ,:k..,w,V ,W ,k., H ,, A k.,. .,,. ,,kk., ,,.,, , K, so ,. .,.,s., PM , 1. Instructional aide Mary Stone Chats with students drawn into the skl center by their curiosity. 2. SIP Coordinator Robert Etohart and Secret Virginia Weeks. 3. Title One Coordinator Mrs. Lenore Crowe, and Inst tional Aide Mary Davis can usually be found in the Language and Rea areas of the new center. 4. Instructional Aides, Becky Cravens. 5. Katie don, and Marjorie Hanson. 6. Give individual assistance to math students 5 h sliver' . It 1 in 'Yuan "5,,,,,,,.v .--...,,,. Y 21, "' it , Girls' Athletic Board. Front Row: Iulie gray. Cheryl Rogers, Pricilla Maes. Teresa Walsh. Pegg Bridston. Row 2: Mary Towne. Becky Moon. Darlene Ste. Croix. Kathy Caddis. Iulie Bakeman. rj .ff 3 C t llama Interact. Front Row: Kathy Evans. Amy Iareky, Glen Dixon, Scott Croeneveld. Betty Woessner. Denise Anderson. Dehhie Hair. Row 2: Lee Siebler. Laura Kim. Robyn Dahl. Ruth Biederman, Ieff Sadler, Iohn Matley. Row 3: Mr. Case. Mr. Al Marra. advisor. Cathy McCord, Iohn Ballesteros. Maryann Kelly. Harvey Greenberg, Robin Haffner. Sazanne Arragg. Fausto Pasquilini. YEARBOOK Putting It Together Each year a dedicated group of individuals, fnever quite the same as the groups from previ- ous yearsj get together to make up the V.H.S. Yearbook Staff. Working long hours during and after school, as well as weekends and nights, they put together the Black Gold Yearbook. The Editors for this year's staff were: Ioe Flores, Sports Editorg Lori Chleborad, Academics Edi- torg Thaka Ward, Activities Editorg Tammy Echarren, Clubs and Organizations Editor: Ioe Ribble, Editor-In-Chiefg and Mrs. Norma Curtis, Advisor. it Front Row Nancy Ditch Lori Chleboard, Brian Iauregui, Thaka Ward, Mike Prewett, Editor Ioe Ribble Back Row: Danny Martinez, Dave Williams, Chris Fox, Tammy Echarren Elin Murphy Adviser Norma Curtis. 2.l 3.T -w-sm romp'- --an-1 nun. 1hb.,,,M Y N -N , ---....,-,nun p as--.v.,f:.,,.M, t t . s Q .L.x , Q -, -M yu tif" M .ms 71 41 51 Q V Q Q f, W W 1, Wa, E ..-11 it 'X it.. .,. ,gk -s., x H , , f.-:: Sit., 1. Black Gold Staff. 2. Erin Murphy looks at tear-sheets. 3. Danny Martinez, Thaka Ward, Nancy Ditch and Lori Chleborad wait for the next club to be photographed. 4. Ms. Curtis and Brian Iauregui discuss a lay-out. 5. Erin Murphy types a sports quad while Ioe Flores look at an old yearbook for ideas to use in his section. 6. Dave Wil- liams Works on an ad page lay-out. 7. Tammy Echarren and Ms. Curtis share a laugh. 1 . , i I A C U l 5 L T I Y J 5 ifm,M,,m,,,,f 7 , f M 3 ,, as , 4, Hwwww-was 2W.m.m-V muywmkmw QA as E 5 News V ADMINISTRATION Front ffiee Terrence Towner, Principal Who coordinates schedules, keeps the budgets, helps kids, keeps up the buildings, gets equipment or organ- izes the food service? The V.H.S. Administration. The school would be lost without them. They are always there when people need advice, a question answered, or just some friendly encouragement. Michael Shanahan, Asst. Principal, liim8S FF8ySi9F, Asst. Inst. Services Student Services D. ff Diane Wootton, Asst. Principal, Admin. Rene Melzer, Asst. Principal Services Counseling 'Q 'flue Richard Arrigga, DEIIIUS SNVll'1Cl8ll. Counselor C0l1I1S9l0F Q-N Robert Swanson Charlotte Sydnor, COl1HSCl0r Counselor Mr. Swanson has coached football. boys' and girls' softball and was once head of the P.E. Department. For the last few years he has been coaching girl's basketball. Now, after years of suc- cessfully many different sports, he is retiring from his coaching duties. He says he is really going to miss the girls! -..-QW..-..Q-1-----...u.....- gf' M ' f Q i A 4 A -,QS W' t g if S tttn . is 'L .t A S 7 . . . ,. ,. as Mr. Swanson receives the thanks and appreciation of the many students he has coached at a Pep Rally. One of Mr. Swanson's many hobbies is growing avacado trees. He has been sprouting and selling trees for the last fifteen years. He also enjoys water skiing at Lake Nieciemento with his family on weekend outings. He has traveled all over the United States, Mexico and Hawaii. His favorite music is old fashioned swing and he likes listening to Glen Miller best. Q- Lenore Crowe Lee Lanman Muriel Stevlingson 17 Norma Curtis ' Q Esther Litton Len Taylor Robert Ferris Carol Fogel Tig X I Meredith Moyers DOH Pettit Thomas Temprano AHOH Williams 2V 1. VHS students discuss their assign- 5' ment in the library. 2. Ms. Fogel cor- I rects her students test papers. KNGUAGE ARTS Iommunicating Do all students at V.H.S. speak English? Some even eak French, German, Spanish or Latin. The aim of the nguage Arts And Other Cultures Division at V.H.S. is give students the chance to become more adult in :ir use of language by improving their ability to read, ite, speak and communicate. l'he greatest change in classes this year came about 'ough the addition of aides and a Reading and Lan- age Lab, funded by the School Site Improvement in and Title 1. Both programs are designed to provide idents with the skills needed to meet the future nands of career, schooling, and self-fulfillment. QB? Elain O'Brien Geraldine Ricci 'Q Llents enjoy The Cub, V.H.S. Literary magazine published each ng and containing the best of students' writing here. Mrs. Stevlingson proudly waves her report card - who wouldn tl An A a truck driving class is rather unique. . ' 1' wo' WW! .m?5":'f::. M 01.134 44 4' Q 'Q ,,: 4,56 .si 'ialN""v3: N"-v M Do all truck drivers speak French? Ask Mrs. Muriel Stevlingson. She has taught French and German at V.H.S. for the past fourteen years, and is learning to drive a "Big Rig." Her husband, Orlando, owns a CL 9000 ten-Wheeler, and is a long-hauler. She hopes to help out with some of the driving in the summers. So far she has her lear- ner's permit and is striving for her Chauffer's license. Last summer Mrs. Stevlingson took sailing les- sons with her daughter and found she really enjoyed it. Since last Christmas, she has been learning microwave cooking. 5'lt's so fast! I really like it," she exclaimed. Mrs. Stevlingson also finds time to write peotry and plays, and has traveled all over Europe. To wind down from a hard day, she sits down to listen to Country music. Iames Parton has advised the FFA and taught agriculture Classes for two years and is very enthused with the program. Mr. Parton's hobby is carving wood into works of art. I-Ie brings his wood from the Sierras. He and his wife use their garage as a studio. They have been carvers for about four years and hope to continue in the venture for many years to come. SQSIMW' .lxif A are APPLIED ARTS Practical Use -vu., Robert Collins Charles Manuel Helen Moore s.1. smith all Iohn Cowart Sam Marsh Iames Parton lean Cross Ralph Martinez Dave Schmitt WJ til Li W-'Vm'l"""l1 HA, . ,W M, , , fv wc. x ,wr 'TT ., J ., Q L Lawrence Curtis Larry Koontz Dallas Moore Hank Moore Bernice Shaw Dan Smith Many exciting experiences await students in Applied Arts classes. There are opportunites to: - cook something they CAN eatg finally pass a drivers test, find out why their typing doesn't work well, observe a growing embryo develop into a living plant, repair a pair of Iordash leans, learn to do more than just change a flat tire, or to fix a broken appliance. Applied Arts classes take theory and turn it into practical experience. HUMAN ITIES Lessons in Life Curtis Murrieta and Denise Huitrado's expres- sions are typical of student involvement. Iohn Deleo ,Q ga - 1 Tom Ienkins Patricia Post Ioe Ellis Ray Frykholm Rex Kochel A1Marra 2 7 I M ix 3 Kent Quinn Ioyce Seebart 'S t t X Art Groveman Donald Haskell Walter Meyers Perry Owens x i NX Larry Waltz Larry Weiss Students have to know they've been to know where y are in order to get to where they are going," is the y Mr. Martinez starts each school year. This speaks the goals of the Humanities Division. itudents learn to deal with the problems of daily life l to understand themselves and others better by tak- classes such as Government, Social Studies, Mar- ge and Family, Art, Photography, History, and Psy- Ilogy. By exploring these fields, students have the nortunity to come to know who they are, what their entials are, and how they can take advantage of nortunities in the future. It's knowledge that will last m forever. Mr. Ray Frykholm, who teaches both Fine and Commercial Art at V.H.S. enjoys many different hobbies. He likes the out-door pleasures of hiking, camping and water skiing. Recently he took a cruise to the Bahamas to water ski and relax. I-le has also traveled to Hawaii and like that trip very much. "Who wouldn'tg itis beautiful," he exclaimed. I Mr. Frykholm's favorite hobby is building mini-train rail roading, pictured above. He became interested in it as an activity to share with his son, and has enjoyed it ever since. MATH AND SCIENCE hallenge 4 L Richard Leister , . , , 1 V - tx Pete Churchill 5 Dan Maxey li 1. Iohn White's graphics illustrate his geometry lesson. 2. Math and sci- ence classes offer students a quiet challenge. 3. Mr. Churchill's science class stimulates student participation. ,wx Robert Dixon Charles Enterline N st t-I--ff Robert Osher Micky Perry ..L 90 X , ..,, ,,,, A ' 1 K iki,-ee: .V ,, i, X . Ferrell Hurlbut Dale Hahn Michael Russell john White 3 L l S 1 swab th and science teachers hope to be of help to all tudent body. When signing up for classes next students should keep in mind that math classes fered at every level and for all interests. There is actical Consumer Math, as well as General Math, ge Pep classes, and Honors classes for the very ematically talented. fs I Carl Schorsch became interested in magic when he was in junior high school in Los Angeles. His father got him interested in it. He used to go to a workshop, called The Magic Shop, every Friday night, and his father would buy him new tricks all the time. Mr. Scorsch began doing performances for high school shows and for various clubs. Then he joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 1948, and has been a member for over 25 years. He is also a life member of a private club for magi- cians called The Magic Castle. Only members and their guests are permitted to attend club perform- ances. Mr. Scorsch treats his science classes to occas- sional demonstrations of his slight-of-hand feats, and amazes them all. "Gardening is another hobby I enjoy," he replied, "And I enjoy traveling." Last summer he and his wife went to New Zealand, Australia, Tonga and other exotic areas of the south Pacific on a five week trip. He took his Biology and Chemistry classes on a Natu- ral History Field Day to observe wildlife, plants, learn map reading, and apply classroom knewledge. PE 81 SPECIAL SERVICE Reaching Out Physical Education gives the stu- dent many opportunites to use their talents in performing in classes. There was something for just about any student interest offered in PE classes this yearg Disco Iazz, Badmin- ton, Tennis, Flag Football, and Vol- leyball. These classes provided an outlet for those who enjoy physical activity. Rita Darling lean Moore Mrs. Sipes, above, teaches classes in modern dance. Whether it's for sun or water, the VHS pool is always a popular student hang-out. .ff Harvey Kochel Virginia Lynch Fred Standifier Mike Timmons W , aww, . V!,V IVV 4416 ,Y MM , K g 5,,-km ht,exxJtfwa' Marge Emerson 3 Brown, TUV, I Dir. Parent Ed. Cen. Studio Bonnie Counselor, Robert Etchart, NUFSC S.I.P. Coordinator i X 5 ,S Paul Clementi, Special Woody Newcomer Education Special Education Lillian LaPoint, William Tice Librarian Work Exp Coordinator Not all students seek out the advice of teachers or counselorsg some look toward the help of Special Services. This group of specialists provides different outlets such as, a library, t.v. productions or work experience for those looking for a class with a change of pace. While the vareity of service is wide, close work with stu- dents is common to all of these adults. Q- ix Geri Thompson, Murrell Hilton, Secretary to Principal PBX-Receptionist x EX x E Debbie Temple, Sandy Pino, ASB Bookkeeper Records Clerk 1. Mrs. Thompson sits in Mr. Towner's office. Picture 2: Mrs. Bonsignore in the Guidance Center. Marie Stuart, Iill Rowe, Secretary, Inst. Ser. Secretary, Sill- SSI'- Q s 4 Virginia Weeks, Clema Utter, SIP Secretary Attendance v l it-its 1, 2 E 3 Ruth Downey, Ioanne Ramsey, Kerry Norberg, Secretary, Attendance Secretary, Guidance Textbooks Clerk Nancy Hodge, Brenda Handley, Audry Lowrey, Library Aide Campus Aide Campus Aide Mi PROBLEMS SOLVED In the Office WHERE DOES A STUDENT CO TO GET: - an absence cleared - an off-grounds pass -to report a theft -to see the principal -to find a lost sweater -to run dittoes for a teacher - a telephone message - a transcript - a textbook replaced - a broken locker fixed - a pencil - a fine paid - a visitors pass - a ticket to the game or dance - a question answered Or, maybe just - a smiling face? Carmg for Who brings cleanliness to the halls walls floors desks gyms and roof tops? The one and only custodial staff They pick up clean up tidy up straighten up, polish up, carry out, soft out and work out! Everythin needed for over 1800 peo- ple at VHS. It is easy to forget though, all the many ser- vices that are always given, times do come up that are reminders that they are really special to us! CAF ETERIA 8: CUSTODIANS . H . S . Q V.l-LS. Custodial Staff FRONT ROW: Bill McKenzie, Wayne Domhott, Cecil Fulkerson, Steve Cox, B Elwood. BACK ROW: Bill Burson, Wally Collyer, Gary Backer, Ralph Singleton. 2.13.1 Picture 1: Steve Cox and Cecil Fulkerson pick up the place. 2. Cecil Fulkerson has had enough! 3. Cecil Fulkerson goes inside to pick up the school mai . Dlaz, Beverly Henry, Patty Perry, Pauline Hammel. ,11- if Rows Kandg Rose Que M antini Stl! anne White Nlorma D xidson Doris Osher Ch irlf nt King Inglod. Back Row: Arlene bibbs, Verra jetton, janet I-lemlng, Wilma Redard, Ophelia Rodarte, 'ITAI U7 t.. L.-M THREE CHEERS to the Cafeteria Staff! Thanks to them e have the energy to get through the day! We can always Inell the good cookin' at the beginning of the day. They e always there to give us a smile and we appreciate their :rvice and special care very much. 1. Ophelia Rodarte counts nwney at lunch break. 2. The ladies prepare extra cokes because of the rather warm day. 3. Ianet Fleming cleans pots. 4. Verra Iettlcins and helpers are set for the lunch rus . 1 ,yi ...I 25 - Www , nv in bn MQ '? C5114 9cjC A ww Jfflnwf f? A 3 G M W w 2 0 WWW f 06 if 1, 5 tim. C5 ' WA M .Z AQ KF' H 46 Q W 6 LC of , ey W J U1 QM ,W Mi X 6,4 x K :fan 40 X if .VZ bjf O A up C55 'I' 'A K I , jg f if 'aff im ALMQWUAQ M 1 WM, M W WA C 1 V ,M"z0 46 fw ,S 2 ?M IQVW 'JQX gf? If .mgf I9 J NI 576 MW' ,W 9 TW WV MW WM 'OU ?' ,QT XQQNMT acfvf O 'A TXNZ7 Y fm Qfycf L Sig W bf if 'X he W? , A070 UV f W mu' 6200! Dfw? 5145 CU? The QTMP an 7215 WWA 5'f.A,-df! k Zvi A7 ,Y D'01c 50 615 mw.4A. C , ,,7:7 Q0 Mak!!! Pfwf nn? LI!awe'f7' ff' 26.1495 5.33,-nv 5 6 Wade 022,725 451221,-5 AU 0, M0166 pjif 1279 5701 an M 7276 5fn57 W 547 Mfgdf' 7405 5-0 5,,,,e7.y ' g-Q a' i!:'i'.'e , Q L RY S L Front Row: loe Flores, Helen Melchtry David Barker Rom 2 Ann Binny Cindy Searl Carolyn T Karen Rudolph, Ms. Lynch, Liz Rudolph Sherri Christy Beth Sullivan Sandy Reisinger Cina Cent Y L Alicia Anacker. ii 1 X st X i M H- K s, .. . . .... '7"iT"'t"'MN o -' o ' " ---- i ss .ABQW l 'Q 5 Q I 5 s s i 5 , t 1. Sherri Christy goes up for a fantastic block. 2. Ann Binny gets off the floor with a gentle set to one of the players. 3. Alicia Anacker and Ann Binny show great team work, 4. Sherri Christy with an outrageous spike. 5. Karen Rudolph places her spike just right against her opponent. 0 R: Front Row: Laura Cunningham, Valerie Iue, Iulie Mallot, Christy Moten, Toni Garcia, Mary Towne, sie Mophe, Dave Baldwin. Row 2: Amber Goulett, Kim Kaynor, Linda Midde, Anita Moten, Kim Brooks, ie Graham, Naomi Stanton, Lisa Brown. 3' 4' Karen Rudolph's feelings seemed to reflect the feelings of the team when she said, "Everyone onthis years team was really close and when it came to pressure we worked real well together. Our managers, Ioe Flores and David Barker kept us going when we were down. Our first place at Calabasses proved that. That game was a first for my experi- ences at Ventura, I really enjoyed playing for Ventura High, I wouldn't change memories of this school for anything." P l . t NN 101 Football in Action 1. Sophie Holt rushes to get the Quarterback. 2. Karen Rudolph punts the ball for V.H.S. 3. Priscilla Iohnson races around the End to gain yards. 4. Maryann Kelly gets ready to give a forearm shot. 5. Iohnson makes a fast exit around the left end, H 21 :xl 9-Af W' W uc' Va , 102 E v- e A V. V. WATER POLO TEAM, L to R: Craig Sap, Bill McGraw, Tom Richardson, David Iaffe, Bobby Crane, Scott Harper, Mitchell Dooley, Iason Kim, Chris Brenner, Craig Bates, Mike Eulau. Middle: Brad Davison. 31 4L ii iiii t iiilt B itr ttb ., lli lll 1.-nil i :Qs ,, We - Qi ., , .J ' . J 3. Iohn Streng gets ready to fire for a goal. 4. Andy Harvey and Andy Kubota get a good jump off the start. I0 4 4 Andy Harvey, Mark Llleavenger, Andy Rowley Andy Kubota Chrls Fox Derek Powere Chrls Ramer -www... ' OR! AT A 'NNE DR IHYMB BDAMD I ..,, , 1 f - f wa-wer'-:ram r ' -f'-whigwzazargi-5 fm: i i ,E51fi'2eif'2faf1:' -sf: 4 .. .Wg .N,., M-. V.1.,r,wMMmX,xk . Q r,.:xwM-- , W .. , , T MM,,.....,r-- . , -7 - My em, , ri1L.,, f e' . .. W' ,.v.. M- 1--. M K ., N Q K Mi,,:,,, i in he ,M ,.-, ir.: uw, fiiisgf .V ....,, A 3X F, gpg 3' K . .x,, .., 1. VARSITY H20 Polo Mark Klevinger feels that, "this years water polo team played very well against all teams in the channel league. They played close and even with all opponents, but lacked the experience to pull out the close games. The high point of the season was the vigtory over Dos Pueblos. Ventura beat them for the first time in Ventura's history. The larg- est crowds turned out for the Buena games, but at the same time, it was the most disappointing game for Ventura lost games that we played against them." "The only thing I didn't like about the season," Mark continued, "was the lack of other athletes supporting us. We support them. Why can't they support others sports? We all represent the same school." Andy Harvey said, "Water Polo keeps a person busy and it gives him a chance to participate in a school activ- ity. It makes the school year more interesting. It would be helpful if we had a young AAU swim club to get ready for high school. Then with Coach Hahn's help, we could really have a successful water polo team," he summed up. 1. Mark Cleavenger gets up waist high to prevent a goal. 2. Cleavenger is up on defense. 3. Andy Rowley passes to a team mate. 4. Coach Hahn gives his team a rough pep talk. 5. Cleavenger gets ready to block Buena's penalty shot. 6. Frank Younce gets aggressive against a Buena player. 9 0 105 Hueneme Santa Barbara Dos Pueblos San Marcos Buena Varsity Football Scores Opponent Ventura 28 14 p 34 7 i 31 5,17 21 10 0 28 dl" 3T 4T si 1. Kevin Greene fakes out Buena football players. 2. Ioe Turner back and gets ready to pass the ball. 3. Turner readies to pass to back Brian Ellison. 4. Richard Herrera fakes out Scorpion line' ' Brian Ellison breaks through a big hole. 6. Herrera goes back into a for a sure touchdown. Y My ,A , M ,,5,, 4 fzfiffvl' ,T iwfiiir-11. -ww VARSITY FOOTBALL 9 O O O This year's football team had its ups and downs. The team was blessed to have many talented players, but critical injuries in crucial games prevented a winning season. In the words of tailback, Kevin Greene, "The coaches did an excellent job of keeping the team together during the bad times." The high point of the season was the overwhelming defeat over Buena, that Ventura won by a score of 28 to 0. According to Greene, "any season is a success when you whip Buena 28 to O!" 7 e K E 2 Rst tttt Y sntttt Row Iack Shuffield Mike Gallegos Eric Schmiedeskamp David Dejong, Dale Martinez, Richard Perkins, Pete Montrond, Ray Romero, Mark Sholl- Row 2 Iohn Trayhoe Gary Strickland Steve Hawkins Richard Herrera, Darren Fortenberry, Tommy Tafoya, Richard Espinoza, Mark Herrera, Eric leiro Kevin Stiles Adam Walker Row 3 Brian Ellison Mark Kenyon, Dennis Espinoza, Iim Renshaw, Richard Moier, Ioe Beliveau, Chris Fields, Erik Jn Tim Fahringer Ioe Turner Skip Morten Row 4 Tracy Towner Mike Bonsignore, Glen Hurtin, Glenn Spellman, Claud Powell, Iohn Snell, Iim Rig- Eric Standifier Bob Miller Derrick Synovec lim Hemphill Kevin Greene. Row 5: Coach Phil McCune, Dan Smith, Sheldon DeWitt, Tom Emmons, rt Watson Steve Kusy Dean Thomas Tom Baker Lance Laffoon Richard Allen, Scott Sharpo, Hank Moore, Bob Natalie. .. .....M,,,z. ,,,, A V .. .- 1 , W ..,,,.,,,,W,M, 6, .Q J Front Row: Steve Valley, Matt Haffner, Iohn Scoggins, Peter Centeno, Scott Endo, Andy Wright, Mark Schermerhorn. Row 2: Tony Taylor, Derek l Peter Gomez, lean Besamat, Art Callegos, David Collier, Dave Costello, Dave Irish. Row 3: Coach Doyle York, Coach Larry Koontz, Louis man Cummings, Scott Herrin, Bill Brandt, Anthony Dollaehide, Mitchell Bissie, Coach Fred Standifer, Coach Mike Timmons. Row 4: D Damion Head, Rob Van Eyk, David Gutierrez, Curt Westermeyer, Iohn Salfe, Iohn Ramirez, Mark Albrent, Robert Steiger, Ed Lopez. Row 5: Karl narson, Bryan Supan, Bob Meier, Ieff Vest, Ian Pattie, Brian Cobos, Pat Elizondo, Ken Taylor, Richard Sainsbury, Iack Parker, Mike Radcliffe. 3 x 'S , tl , '1' A 4 2 T1 W SOPHOMORE T 1 3 , First Year Football 1. Brian Ellison breaks through the line to gain some yards for Ventura High. 2. Ioe Turner gets ready to receive the ball from his Center, Kevin Stiles. 3. Erik Nelson punts the ball on the 4th down for Ventura High. 3 ya 1 Erin Front Row: Ianet Reed, lane Luu, Cheryl Conley, Nancy Panico, Debbie Hair. Row 2: Betty Woessner, Iulie Mar- shall, Kathy Ronshaw, Tonya Gutierrez, Carol Mills, Dana Crikelair, Monica Dunn, Wendy Simmons. Row 3: Gretchen Garnett, Ellen Gripp, Sheri Seata, Anna Guti- errez, Shawna Darby, Debbie Gelvin, jessica Thomp- son, Erin Murphy. 2A ,ity 1. Iohn Beattie makes a move on his Royal opponent. 2. Beattie shows his running form and technique. 3. Mike Abella Grimaces as he nears the end. 4. Mark Porras and Ray Ollada head for the finish line. 5. V.H.S. runners relax waiting for their race. 6. Archee Santoes with full effort head for finish. 7. Cougar runners pace themselves. H0 SETTING THE PA inning the Ra . , ,Q , , . I . Q . A 3A A4 Front Row: David Bunker, Ray Ollada, Mark Porras, Iohn Higgins, Gary Wilkins, Iohn Towner, Row 2: Ioe Maldonado, Ronnie Mclntire, Steve Eulau, lohn Chenery, Scott Abbe, Mike Smale, Steve Castro, Mark Desjardin. Row 3: Iohn Beattie, Mike Dejong, Sean Donley, lan Dyer, Mark Langan, Greg Quick, Fausto Paspuna, Eric Dyer, Aaron Dyer, Greg Quinn. 1 DBPIEHCH high level of as many pe IV 81 VARSITY SOCCER Soccer Is Here Again 2.3 3.1 'X ll '59 V15 Back Row: Mike Smith, Ieff Donaldson, Beth Sullivan, Luis Galvan, Frieda Klebaum, Liz noff, Dean Thomas, Assistant Coach Mike Pederson. Front Row: Aline Curran, Mark Moore cia Anaker, Steve Hawkins, Don Mason, Armando Quiroz, Libein Daniel. 3 Q QI auis...- w.......- ...-, , . .....-pany'--"""'Q""" 'i"'7-M' F l Back Row: Coach Petersen, David Luttrull. Francisco Maya, Ernie Garcia, Brian Iones. Ray Rieman. Iim McDowell, Aleiandro Villanueva. Bob Porter. Scott Qlney. Front Row: lay McWaters, Martin Camino, Ty Stork, Tony Barnes. Robbie Rivera. Iaime Santana, Quinn Fenwick. ti. Ventura High School soccer team showed much improvement this year in their games. Beating Buena the first time 2-1 then tieing them the second time 1-1 was a great highlight. "Roaming from a 1-8-1 last year, to a 5-4-1 this year was a great improvement. Bob Porter and Iaime Santana really helped the team out a lot. Better yet, two-thirds of our Varsity team is coming back next year. Iust wait! Soccer is going to be totally big - something to look forwarcftof' said Ty Stork. Alicia Anacker stated that, "This year's Soccer team got along well. We gave our coach plenty of respect. In the games. the whole team still kept trying hard and didn't give the opposing team a hard time. We could have done better as a team, if the players had been willing to improve themselves more in the sport. Soccer has been a part of my life. I have loved playing it for seven years. I got started by my best friend's mom. She was coach. This year's team captain, Beth Sullivan, was a really strong player and helped us out lots." 4 'E 3. r-V:-.4-.. . -..Y I J' X an ,, . .nw 1 . l' -Q. 53.1. 4 -.JK Lg.. t -,S X we Mx, wg.. if I . 4.4- 3 if 3141 Y .. rr? 1112 ' N A ..N--sh... 5l 1. Bob Porter blocks the ball with body action. 2. Ray Rieman dribbls dow field to set up for a goal. 3. Ty Stork shoots the ball for a goal. 4. Ray R prepares to kick to a teammate. 5. Iamie Samaria walks off the field fi time. I iilkyfxlgs-.1 km X Lifiwff ' z E 2 3 t ! 3 4 Q ? T1 12 1 - 1 Q -. 1 , S .,. A , W. ,.. ,., q 3 -..H as g V ..x, .4 . 'g 1...--A nw 'Q-tw-f S-+. H., ,, -RL .QM SF -r Richard Espinoza, Tim Ellinger, Chuch Flynn. Ieff Basso, Tod Dewey, Bruce Haskins, Bob Tracy, Brian Trist. Scott Porter, Brian Cobos, Mark Eaton. Scott Abbe. IUNIOR VARSITY Basketball xi'- fi! Tim Ellinger explains this year's IV asketball season was a time to get his ead together for Varsity Basketball ext year. "We had the talent to be first i Channel League. We proved it when IG beat Cammarillo, who only lost one eague game all year. But because of ome play-coach relationships some layers never really played up to their otential. I was one of them. But it's a arning experience and many positive , ings happened and they'll all show up ext year." 1. Chuck Flynn and Scott Porter block an oppo- nent. 2. Brian Cobos takes the time to shoot a free throw. 3. Tim Ellinger goes in for a lay-up. 4. Scott Abbe concentrates on his shot. farms i 6 1. Erik Nelson shows great form and technique at the free throw line. 2. lan Dyer shows good form on his hook shot. 3. Iim Bar- rick muscles the ball up for two points. 4. Kevin Greene leaps through the air for a rebound. 'll Zi Erik Nelson feels, "That this year's team is a lot different than in the past years: there is no Larson or Wagoner on the team. We don't have a lot of heightg we're not going to win a whole lot of games. But we still try to play our hardest. The games are all exciting because they are all real close. We've had to scrap for every game we've won. I've been involved in sports all my life. I enjoy playing basketball. l like the competition. With a team like this year's we have to play even harder because we have such a short team. I think it has been a great experience playing for Mr. Perry and getting to know him." 4 af VARSITY Masters of the Court 61 Www Skip Morton, Tim Fahringer, Richard Castro. Kevin Greene, lan Dyer, Bob Neary, Dale Bradsbury, Andy Koenig, jim Barrick, Eric Dyer, Erik Nelson, lim Marshall, Iim Hodges. 1 W' U' wif OPPONENT Dos Pueblos Santa Barbara Camarillo Buena San Marcus Huenenic Dos Pueblos Santa Barbara Camarillo Buena San Marcos Huencme . ia K. ,.,,.,k 1. V.l-LS. 74 59 90 1 .52 4? 55 72 r 5.3 40 69 78 53 1, lim Barrick goes up for a fabulous lay up. 2. Kevin Greene tries to grab lor a loose rebound, 3. Coach Mic:- key Perry gives his team a pep talk. 7 ' - ,,, "Juv A ..,f-ew' -ft' s.:E."',.t.,, J? . Row 1: Priscilla Maes, Carolyn Towne, Iulie Bakeman, Dorothy Ross, Ronnie Moon, Susan Poehler, Linda Gage, Becky Moon, Carol Mills, Darlene Ste Croix, Teri Pallitto, Coach Robert Swanson. vi i r'-vlivu...,,,,w J iw ' lm' .. . pg? ga , flhA XX Li 1. Darlene Ste Croix pulls down a rebound for Ventura High, 2. Darlene Ste Croix dribbles down the court to set up a play. 3. Carol Mills goes up and shows her form on her jump shot. 4. Coach Bob Swanson gives Varsity girls his pep talk. A i 1 U 3g 4V Co-team captains, Darlene Ste and Becky Moon, feel that the strong in most places this year. "The definitely had the talent to go to we kind of choked in a couple of games. Our support this year was our parents were behind us 10091 their enthusiasm and support. The was more balanced, everyone did and played with everything they Darlene said. "Mr. Swanson is a great coach. only helped us learn to play but accept the responsibility. Also, he us how to get satisfaction out of did." .. in JN :sae VARSITY 81 I.V. Strive for Victor Row 1: Christy Hamlet, Mariam Rosemond, Cindy Hodges, Terry Cornett, Cheryl Ross, Anita Moten, Angela Ross, Ienny Dietz, Mara Maybe, Lawana Greene, Shelly Wilbanks, Laura Cunningham. 31 4V 1. Anita Moten goes up for a jump shot. 2. Mariam Rosemond shows her great form and technique during warm ups before the game. 3. Cheryl Ross and Anita Moten are ready to grab the rebound. 4. Lawana Greene concen- trates as she gets ready to shoot a free throw. 9 SOPHOMORE In the Hoop ll an-1. R , ig N " ix .. .M-"' ' 41" ' , . 1. Iohn Ramirez guards the ball as opponent moves in. 2. Anthony Dollarhide moves in to make a layrup. 3. Foy Dix grimaces as he moves in to score an easy two points. 120 -4 val u4Lt .... fn's.-..-ra ," " -" 'T' lfffl? Front Row: Steve Eulau, Ieff Callaway, Richard Traoy, Iohn Rameriz, Anthony Dollarhide, Kenny ser. Row 2: Coach Natale, Greg Lawler, Tom Wright, Foy Dix, Ieff Ridgeway, Pat Elizondo. 3 5 S Zl it 12 1. Iim Zdenek gets ready to put his opponent in a Cra- dle. 2. Chris Real is so close to a pin. 3. Dave Figueras muscles his opponent to the mat. 4. Iim Zdenek pins his opponent for first place. 5. Dave Figueras pulls an arm bar on his opponent. '- SOFTBALL VARSITY AND I.V. WRESTLING Close Competition "This year's wrestling team did pretty well, but is very young as a team and should do bet- ter in years to come. Everyone on the team had a good attitude towards the sport and thir team- mates. The team could have finished in a better place if we would have done better in the league tournement. I enjoy the sport very much. It envolves a lot of competition and is an indi- vidual sport. I started as a sophomore at V.H.S. and after getting envolved it grows on you," stated Lance Lafoon who was one of our U.S. exchange wrestling students last summer. 1. Chris Mitchell tries to pin his opponent. 2, Sheldon DeWitt is setting ready to pin his opponent, Back Row: David Coleman, Robert Cladden, Steve Brown. Tom Emi Robert Busher, lohn Streng, Coach Dan Maxey. Front Row: lim Pattel Derek Miller, Chris Culp, jeff Kemblowski. Mike Miller. Richard Perkin 1.1 2-t .- Back Row: Darren Etcherson. Ken Taylor. lim Zdenek, Richard Allen. Lance Lfoon. don DeWitt, Chris Mitchell. Front Row: Coach Paul Clementi. Dave Figueras. Eric T reo, Mike Bacon. David Deiong. Brett Newby. Bob Pease. Chris Real. ZARSITY SOFTBALL. Front Row: Kim McDonald, Karen Rudolph, Terry Palleto. Pricilla Maes, Shelly Wil- Janks. Back Row: Pam Young. Angela Flores. Cindy Searl, Gina Centeno, Darlene Ste. Croix, Teresa Walsh. enny Dietz. Ianice McDonald. 5 , M55 5 x 3A Priscilla Maes, one varsitysmore out-going team players. 2. Some off-diamond games are as challenging as iague play! 3. I. V. SOFTBALL, Back Row: Kelli Romp, Anne Wilson, Iill McCarthy, Susi Graham, Donna, Meri- iew. Front Row: Norma Vargas, Toni Garcia. Susan Hanson. "So far all the games IV has played, we ave won. I feel the team is very strong, but fs hard to say if we were as strong as last ear. The team gets along with everyone real ell. It's a real good atmosphere. I enjoy the ort a lot. It not only includes running, bat- .ng and throwing, but also strategy. I have een playing softball since elementary chooI." said softballer Susie Graham. lack Shuffield Varsity Baseball Captain felt that, "Overall we have a better team this year. This year we have two great Catchers, Gary Iones and Darren Olson." lack said that, "The team has a really good relation- ship and together everyone respects the coach and we Carry it out on the field. I started playing baseball when I was two: my uncle and brothers started me playing. I practice everyday and love the challenge everytime I step up to the plate. . IV QSEBALL lit An' Run! . .. est-4. -WM w X., a"3+IxA5vw.:- eff- f X , T. .. .?,,,, . gg!-Ig.-Qt? k X A X-sv 5-if L., , 'S -Q , S S' VARSITY BASEBALL, Front Row: Ioe Beliveau, Ioe Allamillo, Ieff Rosenfeld, Bob Mott, Carlos Dom- Z, Scott Hayes, Dave Sanchez, Gary jones. Row 2: Coach Harvey Kochel. Bill Burson, Roger Webb, Todd Eey, Iim Barrick, Dave Ramirez, Leon Helton, lack Scheffield, Tom Taffoya, Darren Olson. 57 ' i I 7V I 1 7 , lang - iw . E". i 3 ' . iaa'4 ., .M 4 . . S 1 9Ai i 9V 1. lack Schefield jogs in from center field after the third out. 2. Leon Helton jogs to the dug-out after striking out three batters. 3. joe Allimilo tosses the ball back to the pitcher. 4. Dave Sanchez comes in off the field. 5. Players talk it up in the dug-out. 6. Cary jones jogs to the dug-out after a full innings play. 7. Schefield gets a load off. 8. Helton warms up. 9. Coach Kochel gets ready to call the action from the third-base line. 125 K One has to admit, if VHS didn't have coaches, it wouldn't have sports. Sports play an important part in life for some students, but a coach plays an even more important part. Coaches help athletes with discipline, patience, stamina and personality. A coach will always be a best buddy willing to help out, and spend time, but yet at the same time, he is respected as a father. Many times coaches aren't given the appreciation they deserve for all the work, time and patience they give. 'B' 'vs 7,5 if WW 1 :HWS M WAK ...,mSs..N,i"'i ,.... 3'-up 56 X Fllmngq, -m,fi,,,,,, ,V I ki i " wg " N' ,Nm l l wig: va ll' If 1 W. ,G "This year's team was very good. It was a large boy and girl combination and this has made a great improvement over last year." said swimmer Andy Harvey. "We practice a total of four to five hours a day. lt's tiring, but well worth it! Also, the team has many indi- vidual talents. Most of all we had good attitudes, and we all got along well with Coach Hahn. Overall the year went well." VHS COACHES: TEAMWORK, Discipline, Patience, Stamina N is . 1, 3 N - ,gl i t Row: Gretchen Garnett. Heidi Whelan. Iody Cantrell, Holy Hubbard, Peggy Bridston. Sam Crane, Kim Kaynor. Row 2: Mitchell Lynette Pyron, Mark Cleavenger, Cindy Kirby, Maureen Rosenberg, Cathy Chalmers. Cathy McCord. Mike Higgins. Row 3: Darlene Deatherage, Melinda Neilson, Nancy Hamel, Ginger Bean. Theresa Hamel. Tom Richardson. Scott Harper, Sap. Back Row: Andy Harvey, Kari Van Pell. Venus Bond, Chris Culp, Pat Snyder, Iason Kim, Denise Fagg. Iohn Streng, David 5 - . . t 5 S S M' F "" 'x.! t 1. Brad McClain concentrates on his backhand. 2. Scott Birdsall backhanc ball. 3. Derrick Griggs gives it all he's got on his serve. 4. Brad McClain me return. 5. Greg Lawler gets a high one. 6. Quinn Fenwick prepares to m backhand. X! -.',. 55 6A Row: Steve Mosbarger, Craig Bates, Allen Cordy. Dave Iacobs, Tom Sherran, Kelly McLain. Quinn ck. Back Row: Eric Ieffery, Scott Birdsall, Brad McClain, Derrick Griggs, Gregg Lawler. Mark mpball, Coach Dave Schmitt. On the Court Action Scott Birdsall explains that. "This years Tennis Team was a lot younger then last years. But it is better. Brad McClain contributed the most to the team. He was also our team captain this year. Our attitudes towards him and the rest of the team are very well. Tennis is not a team sport like football. basketball, and water polo. If you lose a match it doesn't neces- sarily mean the whole team loses." 129 1. Iulie Gray's ease with a fore- hand shot is evident. 2. Iulie shows a perfect backhand. 3. Karen Wooley practices her backhand. Tammy Becker, Christy Allsop, Ien-Wenn Mao, Christi Newell, Sarah Sprague, Iulie Gray, Cheryl Rogers, Ke Wooley, Lupe Gonzales, Linnett Pyron, Karen Biedebach, Mary Calvelli, Ieanie Black, Kim McGee, Coach Rita I ling. 11. 12. l 3. Tlulie Gray, who represented VHS at CIF playoffs t year, commented on Tennis at VHS. "I think tennis i good sport, because you can play it all your life. How y approach your opponent mentally is important. I dd think people really know how tough the competition i tennis. To get ranked in Southern California isn't e You have to play in so many tournaments and beat ran players. I got ranked the first time this year. Playing te at VHS was a good experience. I had competition for th years playing the No. 1 spot against Alison Hardey Santa Barbara each year. WVLL, 4 Q-i3,.:7. .A lg4..,,,,g5 Ti J aff V w' - m . 'ww f Afwfa.:-ii' . ', t 5412igf1fffi 1--.,... if! f-L- --1-f,s1v..f E-E - 111 'HX ' ' K1 5 k . J.. is , -:-t.....:. ...Qi '- -- - ...Q we 1 X -- . .. .X . V7 , - .i v im- . . . 4 . - .... t .... A is a i . Q is R ix sg? 1- 5 2: E2 - 2' 27 5 .ki-1 Vg- f 1, f'-.- if Front Row: Steve Castro. Dan Cabaldon. Chris Bettis. Back Row: lim Marshall. Bob Castro. Chris Fields. Bruce Haskins. Tim Harper. Coach Micheal Andonian. Chris Bettis says that, "This year is a lot better than last year. We have won more games this year then we did all last year. We all get along well and help each other when someone messes up something. I enjoy the sport a lot, because you can play every hole better than the last one. Golf is really fun and I love the com- petition in the tournaments. 1. Bruce Haskins is ready to drive the ball down to hole one. 2. Chris Bettis watches his golf ball fly down the green. 3. lim Marshall has a strong drive on his first stroke. 131 Debbie Gelvin states that, "This year's team is really good. It seems as though everyone has gotten faster and the team is a good size. The team is like one big family. When we compete against the other teams it's real fun to meet the people because most of them are real nice and fun to talk to. Coach Martinez has always done the most for the team. He got the new sweats, high jump pit, uni- forms and a juice machine. I enjoy track very much. I like to run fast and I like to compete in individual sports, and track has always been my favorite. Last year I practiced everyday of the week, when it wasn't raining, and all through the summer. I'm sure I'll do the same this year. It is really the only way a person can get better trained in the sport. I want to get better." - ' W Q W ml 1 we , g I V x' 0 ' I I axmsarafie 1 we-. ' ,,,,,,,,, nk . W, j , .L AI aa Gil- ' -'4' " ' - 1 u , ,.,......-. .wa 5 3 .,... I .,.- j .jhk,l1Qlld ut 4 y M L GIRLS' TRACK, Front Row: Laura Sanders, Cheryl Conley, Marla Slankard, Michelle Martinez, Holly Haddinham, Cathy Renshaw, jana Long, Nancy Panico. Row 2: Carol Mills, Peggie Boxx, jamie Aguilar, Mara Maybe, Sheilagh Hughes, Alison Aguilar, Gayle Schulze, Nancy Kanthack, Toni Tuttle, Wendy Simmons. Row 3: jonni Roy, jackie Kubiak, Tina King, jodi Colson, Sarah Spra- gue, Liz Rudolph, Sheri Seats, Suzanne Cloutier, Karen Latourell, Ellen Gripp. Row 4: janet Reed, Miriam Rosemond, Kelly Keating, Audrey Pennarts, Shawna Darby. Anna Gutierrez, Terra Dobrok, Carolyn Towne, Mary jones, joanne jarper, Ann Binney. Back Row: Nicole Sullivan, Erin Murphy, Stacy Councilman, Debbie Gelvin, jessica Thompson, Alicia Anacker, Beth Sullivan, Melanie Wil- son. TRACK Fast Steppin' QQ 'M is WWW N' in S P .5 .lt ,ix w-any win --h-sq .W ,,eM.,., ,,,, Iywqmniwy U VV' uw Z I! Font Row: Archie Santos, Darren Fortenberry. Iohn Chenery, Iim Hemphill, Ronnie Mclntire, Iim Starek. rik Nelson. Row 2: Dan Maxwell, Iohn Beattie, Scott Abbe, Bob Neary, Mark Langon, Glen Hurtig, lan Dyer. ow 3: Scott Sharpe, Greg Quicke, Claud Powel, lim Zdenek, Derrick Synovec, Eric Standifer, Ioe Flores. Back Row: Greg Buck, Richard Herrera, Brian Ellison, Marcus Herrera, Kevin Ellison, Skip Morten, Kevin reene. 1. Debbie Gelvin has competition in her low hurdle race, with a D.P, girl. 2. Stacy Councilman stays warm after finishing one of her races. 3. Debbie Gelvin finishes strong for another lst place. 4. Scott Abbe has a strong start for his Varsity one mile race. 5. lim Starek Varsity pole vaulter goes over 11 feet 6 inches in practice. 133 Front Row: Ray Ramero, Iohn Engel. lack Rose. Brian Trist. David De long. Ioe Maldonado. Greg Quinn. Row 2: Mike Smith. Ioe Sap. Dean Thomas, Tracy Towner. Eric Schmiedeskamp. Back Row: Richard Perkins. Peter Montrond. Ken Haley. Ieoff Airey, Glenn Spellman. Mike Bonsignore. Robert Watson. ,..a....-ga" v 'M 134 ow Pete Lenteno Mike Abella Stexe Eulah Rai Ollada Daxid Figueras Bobby Steiger. Row 2: David Art Gallegos Matt Haffner Edward Lopez Mark Porras Kexin Ton ner Paul Longnecker. Row 3: Iohn Nate Rudolph Cean Donley Mike Smale Larry Iohnson Curt Westermeyer. Norman Cummins. Back 1. Iohn Beattie gets a fast start off the line. 2. Kevin Elli- son brakes through the finish line for an easy 1st place. 3. Sheldon DeWitt clears the high iump bar with ease at practice. -t. Sophomore. Tom Wright practices technique on the high jump. 5. Freshman. Scott Culp leaps through the air in the long jump. 6. Sophomores talk over strat- egy. is ,J im mbsf -4' ff? ima Y l 3 X . , ff If 3 K , V,,i,,f.: . Q L-1+ SOPHOMORES 3 3 Michael Abella Michael Adams Iamie Aguilar Ioe Alamillo Mark Albrent Kristi Allsop Brett Anderson Leslie Andrews Ronny Archer Carol Armas Linda Bafford Kenneth Bailey Cheryl Ballantine Anthony Barnes Christina Barone Romie Barretto Louise Barrick Craig Bates Virginia Bean Karen Beck Tami Becker Katherine Beem lean Besamat Christopher Bettis Karen Biedebach Mitchell Biggie Cameron Birdsall Billy Birdwell Nancy Black Gloria Blanchard Ieff Born Ionni Bosar Sharon Boyles gwrou 'QI V NA- vs K. K.. sf align low t X . -euhm, 'ie ww, ff W Wlffw wif fa my M! f f ff f 79 fx I -p We '11 we - ,.... f f f Wm: ..,. .f. W J ,gr " :Q f V Z!! 4' Jf ,Q W Z E 'QQ 7 , at ' 97 Z is 'bu- vq-' W ,ww -M1., W 'r any 'Q W ,l f :vi-vs ff f 'Qs..j,..J ' -Q ,eg y,A: A William Brandt Christopher Brenner Parry Bridges Iohn Brockus April Brooks Iamie Brown Lisa Brown Steven Brown David Bunker Dale Burchette Carrie Burnett Randi-Lynn Burns Brian Bury Alan Busher Laurens Byl Scot Byron Ieffrey Callaway loanne Calvert Brian Camacho Lynette Campbell Tami Carrier Iacqueline Carroll Steven Castro Stacey Cates Laura Cecil Peter Centeno Shawn Challenor Cathleen Chalmers Luis Chavez Michael Chavez Iames Chenery Tonya Childs David Chittenden S cIO WOI-I O S321 G 1: Deam Christy lill Clough Suzanne Cloutier Trisha Clow Brian Cobos Lee Ann Cole Richard Colenso David Collier Robert Collins Shana Collins Drew Connan Cheryl Conley ' Kim Cook Gerald Cookson Alan Cordy Gloria Corona Reymundo Corona Elizabeth Cortez Stacy Councilman Robert Cowie Caren Cox Linda Cox Penny Cox Robert Cox Linda Crain Kimberly Cresswell Vincent Crowder Christian Culp Laura Cunningham David Curran Kevin Curtis Iohn Dainow Pamela Darden Lisa Darling 5' x 'ibn-gr Ms-1 -L- Q5 1.,,,, Ronald Davick Bradley Davis Edward Davis Rebecca Davis Darlene Deatherage Tammy DeCamp Frankie Delgadillo Mark Desjardin Charlene Dickerson Iennifer Dietz Victoria Dikes Donald Dillard Foy Dix Anthony Dollarhide Michael Donley Mitchell Dooley William Draganchuk Monica Dunn Dana Dwight Rhonda Dyck Dan Dyer Mark Eaton Deborah Edwards Scott Endo Larry Espinoza Iuanell Estes Diana Esquivel Michael Eulau Stephen Euleau Peter Evans Ursula Evans Scott Ewens Irma Fent David Figueras SEIHOWOHdOS Patricia Finn Sherry Fiske Kenneth Fraser Terri Fritch Peri Froedge Daniel Gabaldon Bridget Galberth Ieff Gallegos Katherine Gamsky Francisco Garcia Iohn Garcia Iulie Garcia Michael Garcia Norma Garcia Robert Garcia Scott Gates Roderick Gietzen Clifford Giles Scott Giossi Robert Gladden Christina Glassey Heidi Glazer Iodie Colson Ezequiel Gonzalez Leticia Gonzalez Gerald Gordon Ion Gordon Rory Gragg Ieanette Greelish Marietta Greene Ellen Gripp Geraldine Grondin David Gutierrez Charlene Haas X17 wrfrs is AUUK in WCM?" 5 Matthew Haffner Kristi Hamlet Gary Hansel Duffy Hargreaves Donna Harrison Alan Harvey Iulie Hashbarger Robert Hayes Damion Head Robin Heinzelman Ionell Henderson Patrick Henry Paula Henthorn Scott Herrin Daniel Hewson Randall Higa Christopher Higgins Iohn Higgins Michael Hill Marcus Hillery Kathy Hiner Patricia Hobbs David Hogue Sheri Holt Tod Hoopingarner Roxanne Hopkins Everett Horn Sherry Hoskison Kathleen Howard Christy Hubbard Rosalinda Huerta Erie Huffstedtler Sheilagh Hughes Wendee Hugh SHHOIAlOHdOS Ernest lbarra Iames Ikeda David Iaffe Matthew Ienkins Garry Iohnson Debra Iohnson Cheryl Iones joseph Iones Valerie Iie Nancy Kantack Monica Karl Melinds Karn Becky Kassan Rhonda Kauer Kimberly Kaynor Kelly Keating Catherine Kelly Ioseph Kennedy William Kolkman Beverly Komatz Denise Koziba Michelle Krulikoski Vicky Kusch Robin Lachaine Irene Lagos Kenneth Lambert David La Tella Timmy Lauterio Gregory Lawler Kevin Lee Michelle Lee Philip Lefcourt Dianne Lennox Lora Leslie Wade Lihl Tyler Liljekvist Lori Lockhart Anne London lana Long Rebecca Loper Candelario Lopez Deena Lopez Edward Lopez Sabrina Lopez Stephen Lopez David Loucado Debra Love Lisa Lunsford Shawn Mackey Perry Maddux David Madison Ieffrey Magdaleno Iames Magness Kristen Mainini Kim Makature Lee Malak Michael Melara Nancy Malony Kulie Malotte len-Wenn Mao Thomas Martin Carolina Martinez Michelle Martinez Stephen Matley Barton Matson Mara Maybee Rosa Maya 46 Kimberly McAdams Meridee McBride Kathleen McCann Cynthia McCarty Michael McCown Lisa McDonald Michael McManus Max McNutt Karen Merdrano Audrey Mendonca Concepcion Mendoza Mark Merithew Linda Midde Derek Miller Iennifer Miller Margaret Miller Robert Minon Sharon Minor Amy Moon Iennifer Moore Susan Moore Arnold Morales Hermelinda Morales Karen Morris Melissa Morrison Steven Mosbarger Martin Mostad Anita Moten Margo Mumford Marivel Munguia Marta Munguia Karl Muniz Richard Myers l 4 'T Q?-I Turk Sq-. ...f is .qu-an 139:11- warg," Christi Newell jeffrey Norris Nancy Norris Timothy Obregon Nuong Odom Teresa O'Farrell Timothy O'Hagan Elizabeth Ohlen Dennis Oliver Ray Ollada Ieffrey O Neal Denise Ontiveros Mark Ortega Maria Ortiz Daniel Ostrander Lori Padgett Iacqueline Page Ginger Palmer Heather Palmer Nancy Panieo lack Parker Ramon Parra Socorro Parra Iames Patterson Arlene Paulson Mario Perez Ramon Perez Catherine Peterson Shawnie Pierson Mark Porras Lorri Prewett Susan Price Lori Puckett lOSephQueen David Rainey Anthony Ramirez Iohn Ramirez Renee Ranck Curtis Rausch Lisa Reale Ronald Reed Sean Reed Eric Reinhold Catherine Renshaw Margarite Reyes Ieffery Ridgway Karen Riesgo Nickolas Rigney Iudy Ritchie Wendi Riva lay Robey Cynthia Robinson Stacy Rodarte Alfred Rodas Patricia Rodriguez Carol Romero Kelly Romp David Rose Maureen Rosenberg Darryl Ross William Rough Esequiel Rubalcava Sylvia Rutherford David Ruzella Richard Sainsbury Iohn Salfen Douglas Salvaneschi gn 51 TSP lngfx QM' New Lorie Scalf Kevin Schaffels Mark Schermerhorn Edwin Schiller Angela Schmidt Gayle Schulze Dane Schutten Iohn Scoggins Ierry Scolman Eric Scott Michael Scott Laurie Secor Melonie Seidenkranz Iennifer Selby Dorothy Sellers Cindy Sherk Amanda Sherren Erin Sherwood Christina Silva Wendy Simmons Andrea Simons Brian Simson Frederick Skill Marla Slankard Michael Smale Anthony Smith Diana Smith Lisa Smith Shawn Smith Patricia Snyder Tami Sowers Dana Sparks Sarah Sprague Djuna Spring SEIHOWOHJOS I49 Keristin Standifer Robert Steiger Katherine Stevens Robyn Stiles Beverly Stine Nicki Stone Iohn Streng Ieffrey Suggs Christine Sullivan Leslie Sutherland Ionnie Swim Theresa Synovec Iill Szabados Denise Szecsei Maria Tassinari Laura Tavis Anthony Taylor Kenneth Taylor Sharyn Taylor Staci Taylor Sandy Tellez Kirk Thomas Timonthy Thomas David Thompson Iohn Thompson lonathan Thorpe Kevin Tobey Kevin Towner Richard Tracy Sharon Troxell Heather Turkington Kevin Turner Michael Tuttle Toni Tuttle 4525 N. fi 'T L ' X Valerie Vacca Norma Vargas Leonor Vasquez Ieffery Vest Ken Vest Katherine Villegas Steve Virtue Bridget Vitela Thuy Thu Vo Peter Wade Michelle Waggoner Pamela Wagner Iennie Walker Lorie Wallet Theresa Wallet Dane Walsh Bradley Wardle Yolanda Watkins Iourdaine Webb Curtis Westermeyer David White Maryanne White Iohn Whyman Shelly Wilbanks Gary Wilkins Laura Williams Lisa Williams Robin Williams Tamara Williams Wendy Williams Deanna Willingham Ann Wilson Bridget Wilson Paulette Wilson Steven Wingate Robert Winters William Wolfe Eve Woody Marla Worden Andrew Wright Thomas Wright Tiki Yarian Bret Youmans Donald Young Robert Youngstrom Robert Yunker Lawrence Zambruzuski Ted Zepeda Fritz Zerbes Elizabeth Zezulka Lee Zinser Elizabeth Heckert Kitty Kidder Tina King Kathy Klima Andrew Koenig Carol Mills David Otte Todd Walker gf-MM - ,,: if ' -umm---+115 .rr vt .:. : 2 NSN, ,s I in pez' ', ,St K a b 55 ' xtfk wi. t, ii f TW is Mia .Q UNIORS Scott Abbe Mark Achee Tom Adams Geoffrey Airey Maria Alberts Ieffery Albrent Denise Anderson Paula Anderson William Arrowood Scott Aulino Ernest Baca lulie Bakeman Lisa Baker Thomas Baker Iohnny Ballesteros Karen Bangs Frank Barrajas Kathryn Barfield Brenda Barreras Benny Barrios Bruce Barrios Iames Barrios Leticia Barrios Ernest Barron 'Umm ,,,,, , A-1 em-M in -Sw -ww ,-Is, f Wim 1291 W Q., -4... any -bn. is Maw 71- 5' sl 4, wx-2,rf2,fW11g5vz, is ' 93 i ,fs ,531,::.s,,1fN ...,, 'Www W' al-4 45 leanette Barrozo Brian Bass Ieffrey Basso Allison Bateman Andrea Bauman Tami Beaman Margie Beliveau Daniel Benavente Stacie Bese Robert Beverland Ann Binney Leroy Bjergum Brian Blackstock SholliB1ankers Mike Bonsignore Paula Bottorff Robert Boucher David Bowden Michele Bowen Randall Bowman Eric Boxx IUNIORS PQ Kimberly Brewster Margie Bridston Kimberly Brooks Annette Brown Rachel Brown Sandra Brus Teri Burgess Richard Burke Kelly Burnett Robert Burns Iohn Byrd Leslie Campbell Iodie Cantrell Ramona Carpenter Gregory Carrabine Karen Carroll Tim Carroll Sandra Casillas Lisa Castro Arthur Cazares Michael Chambers Martha Childs Lori Chleborad Katharin Chmielewski Q -Ohm ii ax k'x ik:-Y 5 i my X 'UN Q'If'7' in-3 Y?-'Y' .psf CN JFTIV- Y' iw-Q it Iames Cisneros Iolene Clark Rande Cohen Ioyce Cole Iohn Collins Sheila Collins Susan Collins Colso Conchas Linda Conkwright Edward Cooksey Terry Cornet! Leticia Corrales Edward Crandall Sandra Crane Iames Crockett Brian Cronkhite Leslie Crowley Lisa Crown Christoph Cunningham Sheri Curren Nicola Dace Lisa Dean lean De Bien David Deiong IUNIORS 2 1 Linda Delgadillo Maria Del Monte Eric Dettloff Tod d Dewey Sheldon Dewitt Marcia Diaz Iimmy Distl Nancy Ditch Glenn Dixon Terra Dobroth Carlos Dominguez Ianice Donald Brenda Downard Michael Dunmire Tammy Dunn Ian Dyer Cherly Eaton Tammy Echarren Ann Ehren Cathy Eichert Meschal Eldeb H' H. QW V R in f Hs- X Qhmvt qw Tim Ellinger Kathryn Ellis Lonnie Ellis Brian Ellison Mark Emmons Iohn Engel Coralyn Erickson Londa Erps Dennis Espinoza Richard Espinoza Keith Everett Leila Faber Mark Felton Quinn Fenwick Christopher Fields Brenda Finucane George Fishwick Charles Flinn Ioe Flores Randy Flores Richard Flores Ronald Fraher Carl Freeman Deborah Fritch , -- .,fi:. N R S Steven Fuller lames Fulmer Michael Gagne Roy Gaines Gary Gallardo Mike Gallegos Martin Gamino Paul Gibson Laura Gietzen Kelli Godfrey Leslie Golz William Gomez Martin Gonzales Helen Gonzales Clark Gorrell Helene Graham Matthew Graham Susan Graham Lawana Greene Ricky Greene Michael Griffith Elizabeth Grimes Scott Groeneveld Theresa Gruber M. ,un 'iv OWN .wm- gpm-'N w, ,1:e1ssi M5 'rxfbiw :Ever iii! -.." : iv wg fem' sf? Midas Ieremy Gunter Christoph Haar Theresa Hamel Ioseph Hamilton Susan Hanson Paul Hardoin Carolyn Hart Regina Harter Maureen Harvey Bruce Haskins Lelliott Hawley Todd Hayes Scott Hayes Stephen Henderson Charlene Henry Mark Henthorn Rosario Hernandez Marcus Herrera Richard Herrera Tammy Hewston Christopher Hicks Annette Higa Michael Higgins Tracie Hill 161 Kimberly Hiner Linda Hinrichs Iohn Hocknell Milissa Hocknell Victoria Holder Katherine Holdsworth Patricia Holloway Valerie Holt Marc Hoopingarner Iohn House Kimberly Howard Todd Huff Nathan Hugh Matthew Hughes Mark Huizenga Pamela Hutchens Leslie Inloes Ionathan Iackson Cheryl Iaffe Glenn Iepperson Lori Iohnson -fag:-w-fnitim sew-1-igimg: Mark Iohnson Paula lohnson Genell lones Linda Iones Sandra Kanis Alisa Kapp Katherine Karnes Cherlynn Keeter Ieff Kemblowski Barbara Kennedy Mark Kenyon Del Kienholz Deanna Kingsbury Cynthia Kirby Wayne Kirk Suwitt Kloykoam Donna Knickman Karen Kornder Mary Kornides Karen Krulikoski Iohn Kwan Denis Lachaine Michael Lambert Melvin Landberg i IUNIORS ,if wry was 3?2s?5i1!i:i:?QE Sharon Lane Karen Latourell Ioel Leard Paul Lechman Peggy Ledbetter Sharon Ledbetter Sylvia Ledesma Sharon Lee Virginia Legat Carol Lewellyn Anna Lodl Robert Lord Ross Lorenzana Myla Lovric Christopher Lowery Ion Lum Brian Lunetta Robin Lynch Bianca Macare Edith MacDonald Priscilla Maes Ioseph Maldonado Laura Mandle Kenneth Marinos .,..,.-,,,... .r.-,- ,,.w-we .,.-ff -,-f . Z L HSA my an-f - V+- R fi X A 55 SL is .xx 33: .nge een. 2 5 iggssiszz r.... ,W :sfsrssf s ,, R ,, .Q .. :mis .Imi- 'iifif XY he-fx Q, f f f -- f f-is -,-- is -.1. ,-1-fN .L-we V. V f yr- 5+-fi-ff Www L gr Iohn Marquez Samuel Martin Carrie Martinez Michael Martinez Robert Martinez Heather Marzolf Yvette Mason Kelly Massey Robert Mata Sandra Mata Lori Mathis Iohn Matley Melanie Maul Lisa Maxwell Dallas Mayo Rebecca Mayo Amy McAvoy Mark McCampbell Beverly McCord Laura McDonagh Ellen McElroy Tim McFadden Daphne McGee Kimberly McGee R IUNIORS William McGraw Curtis Mclntire Tracey McKee Theresa McMahon lay McWaters Linda Means Diane Medina Debbie Meehan Brian Meisner Steve Mercado Susan Mikasa Michael Miller Pamela Miller Scott Mills Bret Milne Paul Mirra Iillveh Mirzadegan Chris Mitchell Frank Mitchell Richard Mitchell David Molina MM, 4. " X ,N K,-if if ' ,4..i..,N iq.. ,E 'TW 'Q'vv- 'UW Black Monson Peter Montrond Veronica Moon Lori Moore Kurt Moore Mark Moore Thomas Moore Anna Moraga Estela Morales Frank Morales Lisa Morgan Kimberly Morrow Victoria Morsell Paul Mostad Robert Mott Ieffery Mullins Thomas Murphree Erin Murphy Ieannie Murray Iennifer Neinast Iulie Neinast Dawn Nelsen Geralyn Nelson Keri Newberry IUNIORS .. MMM., . ,Q wgfsift if 1 '. - fgg.,:Fig4at S' ' fl Lisa Newbury Rita Newcomb Audrey Newman Tuan Nguyen Stephen Nichols Melinda Nielson Ronald Nordyke Carol Norris Michelle Novak Helen Obregon Yasuo Ochi Gary Oechsle Vicki Oleson Lisa Oliveras Damon Oliver Laura Olivera Scott Olney Paige Olson Sandra Orm Maria Pallitto Iesse Pardue Ion Parker Christina Paterson Dennis Patterson wif' 555:-gtpre,kggfgg,5f3g,fgt,: 1,4 3 ,J , ,-55,1 f :1 rg-at :.f-,..y.7 f f J I :. , - ' J- Q f ,wa - it-ii-Q at 5 'U' 9- - X uv-. -A- Q as 'W lb- 'Cf A agua.-..., SNK Eric Paulson Larry Pelham Audrey Pennarts Ezekiel Perez Yolanda Perez Gannon Perior Richard Peterson Esther Picache leanette Picache Richard Pisonero Elizabeth Poehler Susan Poehler Rebecca Porter Scott Porter Stanley Posey Michele Poston Claud Powell Lynette Pyron Gregory Quicke Gregory Quinn Iody Quirk Kelly Rains Kristina Ralston David Ramirez P IUNIORS Sandra Ramirez Adrian Rangel Leah Rangel Paul Rangere Razavi Nogshin Christopher Real Ianet Reed Traci Reed Iohn Reyes Steve Rios Richard Rivera Robert Rivera Benjamin Roberts Tasha Robinson Lori Rodarte Rose Marie Rodriguez Eric Rogers Toni Romano Raymond Romero Iohn Roots lack Rose Miriam Rosemond Angela Ross Cheryl Ross vfrw-'rf' Stanley Ross Elizabeth Rothschild Andrew Rowley Robin Rowley Robert Roybal Gilbert Ruiz Ian Russell Steven Rutherford Wynn Rylander Dario Salinas Rita Santillanes Craig Sap Sharon Sohaab Ieffrey Schaller Bront Schenk Eric Schmiedeskamp Eric Schwerdtfeger Cyndi Sezirl Heidi Sears Ioseph Steely Patrick Seidenkranz William Sciderman Scott Sharpe Dorraine Shaw it ' IUNIORS jx 5, ' my jl7+JtZ-JI! Q2?Z5'f'f5bf'Fe?4Ji 7I,'d'QIf"3W5t'ii'1-,IIN off' -kliflfffffi Zig if 7 t. mr rv 'ir ff F255 172 Michelle Shonty Theresa Siddens Ann Siebler Ruth Siegmund Kathleen Sieh David Simmons Lynn Singer Iohn Smith Laura Smith Lisa Smith Stacey Snelgrove Rita Speer Glenn Spellman Tawnie Spiten Ioseph Springer Eric Standifer Glenn Stauffacher Ty Stork Elizabeth Sullivan Nagahiro Sumitomo Roger Sutton if 'W fit -Dfw f 1 .nw iz Kelly Swim Debra Szecsei Tcna Tallent Timothy Tanner Brent Tavernelli Isaac Taylor Michele Taylor Tammy Tenner Anthony Thomas Dean Thomas Karen Thomas Michael Thomas Pamela Thomas Ianice Thompson Iessica Thompson Laurie Throckmorton Iulie Torres Miguel Tovar Mary Towne Tracy Towner Robert Tracy IUNIORS 'W QM' ff f Eric Trigueiro Brian Trist Michael Troxell Belinda Turkington Iody Tyner Donald Van Diver Ioseph Vanessen Kari Van Pelt Mark Van Tassell Minnie Vargas Gilbert Velasquez Ronald Velasco Ezekiel Vera Dale Vermillion Elsa Villa Alejandro Villanueva Mark Voris Troy Walker Teresa Walsh Karon Ward Tamera Warner KY' Robert Watson Loreen Weaver Scott Welcher Debra Westermeyer Thomas Westermeyer Timothy Whelan Kenneth White Stacy Whiteman Lisa Wiggins Robert Wille Cheryl Williams Eric Williams Lee Wilson Iohn Wingo Daniel Winkel Betty Woessner Mary Wolfe Robert Wright Neishaboori Yazsani Thomas Younce Victor Zahm Lisa Zier leanne Zingerman Wilma Zomer f IUNIORS SENIORS Some things go together by tra- dition. Movies n' popcorn, loving n' fighting, Cougars n' pride, grad- uation n' tears. Tears fall for being the first class to graduate in the 80'sg for friends well remembered are soon to be forgotteng for get- ting out of school fat lastll, yet leaving so soong especially for moving on or moving apart. This year's seniors take with them three years of treasured memories and experiences. They leave behind their best advice for the classes of 1981 and 1982. Read what they say on the next pages. qi, l1n--nu- ,fy , 'V ' f ,ow ,Q- , . F .l. E' 2' X Q 1- if , W W Qi va 4-P256 SE -ff 'S at 1 5, ,. ' ' Rial ' x ' M i' ., M .3 X V f W School spirit isn't just cheering for a team or singing e Alma Mater. nor belonging to the Pep Squad, Band playing Varsity. It isn't just school loyalty. These are QQ O I Joln ln the Fun 99 oart of school spirit. but it is more. It's commitment to 'ople - and it's FUN! "With spirit. there isn't as much Jsion in school. It makes it less an institution." said ive Malinowski. jKim Valley agreed. "When you're involved. you don't ,ve that feeling that you have to be here. You're meet- g other people who want to be active." Katrina Wallis ded. "When people respond, it's really exciting. As a phomore. I wanted other people to get me involved, t thats wrong! I felt left out. so in my junior year, I I what I knew best - Flags and Performing Arts." 'Yes. As a sophomore, school was just go to classes. home. do homework, and go back to class," stated ve. "People want to get into things, but it's hard at st. You fear competition and feel uncomfortable. I try get people to join in. It's fun after that first step." ech- I Kim. All agreed. Spirit? It's a way of life. and a tnmitment for many, and they feel as Katrina does. ext year, after graduation, we'll have to start up tin . . .somewhere else." Deborah Bauer Margaret Baro Iames Barrick Robert Barron Irma Barrozo Kelly Barstow Troy Bartle 179 fi 'H- .f 49 'MQW , wk ,Mu :G I E4 X5 xx",q" 'Ev WW' Epi xg e 1 4 QB if K in ., our Campus Iohn Beattie Carol Beck Cynthia Beck Ioseph Beliveau Kim Bell Manuel Bello Lawrence Bensel Ruth Biederman Lisa Biggie Andrew Birdsall Catherine Bjornestad Russell Born Lois Bowden Larry Bowman Cherie Boyer Michele Bramlet Steven Brand David Brown Cregory Buck Cameron Burnett David Butler Edward Butrovich Iill Callaway Mary Calvelli Timothy Campbell Diane Carrasco Alicia Castro Richard Castro Iulie Centeno Virginia Centeno Iohn Chenery David Childs Sherri Christie Donna Clark Iulie Clary Iill Cloutier Richard Cohen CQ 99 Capture Feelings For this year's seniors, writing is a form of art that allows them to express them- selves in ways to share with others. For instance, Bob Porter said, "I enjoy writing because other people enjoy reading it. I want to make them happy. l'm not looking for recognition or money, I really don't care for it." Some appreciate the hard work tha goes into other students writing for them. Some students, like Bob Porter, feel their writing is a natural talent that they hope to polish and perfect. What they strive for is not for accuracy of spelling or punctuation but rather accuracy of feel- ing. gg Ai' v :iq jf' 41 fy Q. -S if W L. as 3' , ,x ,A L gg! .nfs ff E KW' ' ,mf ,, VB 6 f Mr 3 'S' Q df. ll'- ,, BP' Audrey De La Rosa Michael Deleo Christine Dice Cherilynn Dikes Stephen Dollison Danny Dominguez Rita Dominguez jeffrey Donaldson Sean Downey Scott Dubay Giovanna Duffy Eric Dyer Barry Echlin Iillinda Eckert Daniel Edwards Sharon Ellingworth Iohn Ellis Debbie Ellison Kevin Ellison Ross Emery Sonja Erickson Rebecca Estes Elizabeth Evanoff Kathryn Evans Christi Everett Denise Fagg Timothy Fahringer Laura Farish X Get Involved With Your Schoe M W ' if 51 x.:- Tag, 'sa Q 3 B! 'Hui 4 an R . ii? We a A I W 'fm ,WY -"M ,- an V 'M f 5,-nw. I QW Wil' Q xy: , 1 ' W Q new A- ii ,W 1:1 I I -':,- liz' , - Q' ' Q ' 2 5 f' .fi 5 we " X' V iw ' my ' ' 1 'na " M in 1-Iii f , W1 Af ,M kg ff W. ,, A A J J.. A-1 J "Give It Your All" This year's seniors took lots of interest in the performing arts. Drum Major Ioe Connell felt it was a great privilege to lead the V.H.S. Band. "I like the feeling of being under the spotlight at half-time. Our band has great spirit!" Ioe would like to try out for the USC band in college. His main goal for this was to win parade competitions and to show Buena we're here! Iill Callaway has been twirling a baton for eleven years. She does her own choreography for each of her performances, and has gone to many Los Angeles county competitions and parades, and has brought much honor to her campus. But, she commented, "Twirling is not my life - it's a hobby." Keith Roberts expresses himself through drama. He likes to see people really get into the plays and enjoy them. Keith does not plan to go into the acting field but would rather go into mathematics or space research. He leaves next year's perform- ers with this advice: "There are going to be good times and bad times, but it's these times that make memories. If you're going to go into the field of drama, give it your all." .L ax 1 4 , iff, -K '?iff?P' if Q xl -f 7 if 'f A 45 1 Patricia Gonzales Guadalupe Gonzalez Penny Goodner Gregory Gordon Susan Graham Martin Gramckow Mitchell Graves Iulie Gray Harvey Greenberg Kevin Greene Kent Groeneveld Ana Gutierrez Cheryl Haas Tomas Haar Robin Haffner Nancy Hamel Kathaleen Hamilton Roger Hamilton Ioanne Harper David Harrison Richard Harter Andrew Harvey Peggy Harvey DeAnna Harvill Mark Hasselblad Iames Havens Stephen Hawkins Cleadis Hawley 9 0 I "Strive to Finish" This year's seniors took part in sports to com- pete for a challenge, enjoy the fun, to get into shape or as an aid to getting into college. Andy Harvey said, "It makes high school more fun. lf you're good, you can get recognition from coaches and from other schools." For many, sports meant teamwork, learning and cooperation in order to develop their talents. For others, the lure of individual glory for individual efforts and wins called. "Everybody's outside dream is to make the Olympics," said Debbie Gal- vin. Gretchen Garnett added, "It takes motivation to get recognized, and it takes money to go on and get through school. But, if you like it, it's worth it. Everybody should do something that they like and do it well." And that is what the seniors of 1980 did! Whether it was team or individual, major or minor sport, many seniors enjoyed sports and did them well. 'RQ f 3? L? in 5 '1 w .gi .i :T j . . Q, . QS, "Q" .- NW! yw ww QYV ' ' gp? D QQ 0 Get Involved Wlth Your F aeul Susan Iohnson Albert Iones Edmond Iones Mary Iones Robyn Iones Margaret Katavich Maryann Kelly Laura Kim Rodney Kirby Frieda Klebaum Rosalind Klees Sandra Klein Lisa Klemens Sandra Kulkman Laura Koehler Iackie Kubiak Andrew Kubota Arturo Lagos Mark Langan Sheri Lantor Paul Latourell Lisa Lawrence Cindy Lee Kenneth Lee Lonny Lee Kathy Lee Roderic Lee Tina Lee H K li ,Q asf we ,F Q L -Q 4 IQ 4. v 1 aw K' X w WM' 'Y I M' aww 'F' X ff M mp W M may ww' . W 5' N w' MM 1? Y M fi M Q -Q .3 E ' ' an u. Q if 5,1 M 1 ,5 , 1 in W, ,EJ ff 512' 'If' his V ,, rp, fun. ,fy 1: ,. m , KH.. wg if mp -I' ' A W 'li , . 2 L i' WH! :X m , ,Ari 'TEX , 'V 'ff 4, ,, ,la fe .. fx -mb 5' X W: , an s ,. MWF' W. 1, ,mx ,- w PM , WM A-gnc, "Take the Challenge" Academics at Ventura High means different things to dif- ferent people. Some make their class schedules to fulfill col- lege requirements, others take their classes just to fill six periods a day. To some the challenge of gaining knowledge makes classwork an adventure. Robyn Dahl said, "Ever since elementary school, my grades have been really important to me. I have always assumed I'd go to college, and I knew I'd have to be near the top of my class to get into a good unversity. I'd say that all the work has paid off. It's been rough, and at times, I've been ready to say, 'Forget it!' but now I realize that through it all, I've learned how to study, which is one ability that we all will need to know." Laura Kim stated, "I have always worked for high grades because it is viewed very highly in my family. Now that I have to make decisions about my life, I see the importance of getting good grades. Most colleges focus mainly on your G.P.A. in determining admission. That is why I think it's very good to have a high average. Besides, there is a feeling of accomplishment when I look at my transcript." w K 2 I . .-,A ,KE - 5 fs:-f' 1 iff" ,,, fy , ' 6 ef ,-f ' ,gg K L ,W wi lways a Cougar l Antonio Malta Daniel Maxwell Michael McBride Kelly McCarthy Brad McClain Catherine McCord lone McCulloch Kim McDonald Iames McDowell Diana McGee Lynne McGonigle Ricky Melntyre Daryl McKamey Iamie McKean Kevin McKean Philip Meehaniek Richard Meier Ieanene Melbourne Ieanette Melbourne Marlena Melendez Iacqueline Midde Bradley Millard Iohn Miller Robert Miller Ronald Milligan David Mills Darlene Minon Veronica Miranda 1 I 7 sw 2 . 5 Q., 5, 11:1 'yyu 44.451 1 75,9 1, 1 4 900 A ,.,.QQf f 'sw MW. W 5: Q W ix fd! AW. f . . AQ. W ,gs 'k E X, 'W-NT' , , IV t if-ffm' fl? Daniel Norris Sylvia Olivares Darren Olsen Kelly O'Neil Andru Ortiz Karen Owens Nancy Pace Teresa Pallitto Richard Panter "Save Memories" Why do V.H.S. students enjoy art? Sherri Kristy says, "It's the nice feeling that makes people happy after they've seen our finished work. Where do artists at VHS get their ideas? "Some from pictures they've seen and others from their imagination," she said. Students at V.H.S. work in many different media - everything from stained glass to leather, pen and ink to air brush. This imposes different techniques and approaches. "Drawing with a pencil takes more of your imagination and ability to express yourself because you have to go into more detail to attract the observer's eye. In oil paints or water colors, the details come out with less work." Alicia Anacker would like to become more professional in her artwork and has taken additional classes at the college. "We want people to see what we see, and to feel happy about it," was the way Kevin Ellison described his artistic efforts. I When You Leave Fausto Paspuna Kenneth Pate Tushar Patel Robert Pease lane Peck Debra Pedersen Victor Pelaya Richard Perkins Cindy Peterson Kelly Pierce Sherri Pino Daniel Poe Diana Poole Denise Pope Leslie Porter Melinda Potter Brenda Powell Michael Prewett Carolynn Pulley Christopher Ramer Stephanie Ramos Sandra Reisinger Iames Renshaw, Ir. Ioseph Ribble Mark Richardson Susan Rickett Iames Riggins Keith Roberts 3 f 1 .5 .se , u kr, WW 'ev ff. A, W M +R ww -Tw i ' Ei V 273, ft: m f f 5. 4 Q . Bf i X Q ig ,, Q' V X , ' 'aw ' , if 'Ng v QV" I AL, ' . -I "Have a Good Time" Student government at Ventura High is a very active and enthusiastic organization. Its many members have worked long hours, beginning in the summers, to make the students' voices heard. This year's leadership brought in different ideas and tried their best to carry them out. Senior Class President Eric Dyer had wanted to get into student government since his sophomore year. "I felt that V.H.S. lacked enthusiastic leaders, and that I could add new ideas." Eric worked on the senior homecoming com- mittee this year and feels it was one of the best so far. "There was a lot of controversy over the Homecoming Dance, but over all, I think that the controversy helped. It was hard at the time, but I have no negative feelings towards those who disagreed. That is their right. After all, we're just representing the students. V.H.S. government has improved over the years, and my advice to the classes of '81 and '82 is strive to make each year better than the one before." jeff jackson ran for A.S.B. Vice-President because he wanted "to keep our extremely vibrant and ambitious President in her place, and to insure that the needs of the loud and intelligently radical students are met by the administration." He added, "We want to give all students, not just the conservative ones, an equal voice in cabinet. Many of these joined I.C.F. this year, and with their help, it could be the most effective club on campus." QW .Q Qc -we iv. Q1 K, P as 'fa , Qi 5 'S' 'A W - 1 K 1 if 5 gr X s .Mg 5 'aff T7 , L, Q' R , W M , L. -1- ii iw Jw 'X J M, 'W 334' i' w , , 26, X J ,MQ fu 5 wmwgj 3' s wi! 42 JWEQ " Yu -W Ji M 4 E f 1 W6 , A KEQQM if . gy 253 -any Q V Q ,,, ,f QMVQ . A. Q, F3 ' M 'S f' 'gp QQ. is A qw :G 23, wh yawn, QW, fin. it , .Mg .1 N Kr A"" .ht Iohn Snell Kathleen Solomon Iulie Sparks Kirsten Spence Steven Spry Richard Stanier Sara Stanton Iames Starek Darlene Ste Croix Douglas Stephens Kevin Stiles Ianice Stuart Derrick Synovec Naomi Szabados Thomas Tafoya Wanda Tallant Iane Tarin Tracey Tarlton Debra Taylor Diane Thrower Kristie Tice Montgomery Tonnies Carolyn Towne Brenda Tracy Katerina Tucker Rhonda Tully Ioseph Turner Iames Valencia 20 6 "Making 1980 Better" lt's traditional for a senior class to give a mate- rial gift to the school at graduation time, but those immaterial gifts throughout the years - gifts of time, effort, and care - help the school be respon- sive to the wants and needs of students. Two students who like to see things get done at V.l-l.S. are Iohn Chenery and Ruth Biederman. They like getting involved because it gives them results. Iohn Chenery says, "I like getting involved. lt gives me a better attitude towards myself and makes school a lot more interesting," Ruth Biederman commented, "lt's good to be rewarded for the hard work you do, and to repre- sent people instead of sitting around and letting someone else do the job." Many seniors of 1980 shared the feelings of Iohn and Ruth, for it was an active year of the senior class. Kimberly Valley Christina Velarde Lucy Vigus Iohn Villegas Solange Vladimirsky Peter Vollmer Adam Walker Lori Walker Katrina Wallis MW M A A 4, ME:-, nf We A YM My, JW 5 , ff fa., 1 fi' Q f 3 is .fi Q.-f' 'M f W, I 6 Q Wg Q 1 1, A i f 3 an A W K. -T " ,J V E ' 'F 'V X W' I ff Y ff t lf , , 5. I V K V ,, S' 5 E 1 ' H .vb K if 0 , 'CH K- W M 4: W ' f 'M Z, Ma New -, 14 5 42 Beginning Alone and shy Hopeful and excited Three years to learn Belonging and confidence - Graduating Parting and sadness A life time to learn Wisdom and joy Each day a new - Beginning 4' RQ, .Age 'fs' F2 Alison, May our Lord' love and guidance be wifh you as you confinue your iourney 'through life. Love and prayers, Mom and Dad. Dear Kafherynx l remember choosing Dear Son David, You never ge? a second chance fo make a firsf impression. Magic will open many doors for you. Love, Mom your name, singing you +o sleep, and your mofher crying over leaving her baby lo go fo work. Love, Your Fafher Dear Chris F., Congrafulafionsl We are very proud of you. We will always be your fans. Love always, Mom and Dad To Our Deb, Now sfaris +he resf of your life. Use if wisely for your goal in +he l984 Olympics and "fly" Babe! Love, Mom and Dad Hurray Ken! A real Blue Ribbon Winner! Love, Mom and Dad To our younger brofhersg Congraiulafions fo fhe second se? of McKean Dear Jim, We hope our love has given you 'lhe confidence +o choose whaf makes your life complele. Love you always, Mom and Dad Dear Chris B., Your firs+ eighfeen years have given me a freasure of memories. You've been everyfhing I could hope for. Wifh love, Your Mom Jill, May you be slrenglhened by Dear Cyndy, To fhe firsf ro goe way, one who slay are very proud, M Dad yes+erday's rain . . .Walk siraighf in romorrows wind . . .And cherish each momenf of foday. Your loving 'Family Dear Tim, 1 Though i+'s been sr before, fhe words, love you and we're of You," are fruer ever. Mom and Dad Dear Gre'rchen, We're proud fo kn such a beauiiful p who has louched lives as well as ou Mom and Dad Tami Darling: So proud we are of and ihink your life h iusi begun. Oh, we' your secrefl Love, Mom and Da: Deares1Mariam: You have enlighfened my life so much. I will be efernally +hankful. Enioy life fo 'lhe fullesi. "lf's Barbique!" Dear Kevin McKean, We 'lreasure you. Mom and Dad rwins +o graduafe 'From Dearesf Jamie McKean, Venfura High from fhe We freasure you. second ser, Pai and Paul Mom and Dad 'A -W Y we M 5 D -fr . L r - me-f ,:s- Y 1i.T:.f.,,45a,,.. ,, .W .... ,c.,L....rWw M'txffgii'T1SAiv:l1 ,vxiihfiiiifgz-a:Q.E,:TgMT':.?T,.,..I-fTfiiow,.al Q,.WEl'.l2..f-fMaaraee.wfMLiM ..f., M, .. .w MMma,mmwww Dear Nancy, We are very proud of you for your ousfanding work. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Dave, Your 'family wishes you healih, happiness, and a very successful and brighf fuiure. Love, Mom, Dad, Colleen, and Carol Dear Nancy, This is your year fo experience fhe ioyance of achievemenl. May fulure efforfs bring even greaier achievemenfs. Love always, Mom and Dad Dear Erik, My dear son Andru We love you. Having you in my life has Congraiulafions on fhree been one of my greafesl greal cougar years. Your joys. Thank you 'For fhe fufure is bright go for il. privilege. Love, Mom and Dad Love, Mom Dear Richard May your cruise be a wonderful and memorable experience lo you. May you always be very successful. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Fausfo, Thank you for sharing one year of your life wifh us. We will always cherish 'lhis memory. We love you. The Jaffes Dear Pa+, May your dreams come frue. Always be happy. We love you. Love, Mama and Papa Dear Mark, May fhe years ahead be meaningful. May you have happiness and fulfillmenf. We're proud of you. Deares? Melinda, We are very proud of you. You are like lhe sunshine in our lives. Love, Dad, Mom, Mike, Terri, Keifh, and Heafher Dear son Mark Sandwall, We are proud of you. Keep working hard al your challenges. Remember in foday always walks fomorrow. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Shell, l+'s been a long 'rhirieen years and many docior appoinlmenis bul you did a 'fine iob. Good luck Love, Mom and Dad Dear Joe, Love, Mom and Dad Dear John, Congralulaiions. We are very proud of you and your achievemenl. Thanks for fhe memories. Love Mom and Scoff Congrafulaiionsl We wish you fhe very besf in your fufure. We love you, Joe. Mom. Dad, Kevin, Kaihleen, Rob, and Maureen Dear John, Congrafulalionsl May you succeed and achieve lhe goals you have sei. We're proud of you and love you. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Jim, Dear Julie S., You're sugar and spice and everylhing nice. Congralulaiions on your gradualion. With much love, Mom, Dad, and Bob You are a very special son. We love you very much and are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad was A Achee. Theresa 178 Aguilar. Martha 47. 132. 178.210 Allen. Richard 28. 29. 107. 122. 178 Allen. Scott 178 Allsop. Iulie 47.48.178 Anaker. Alicia 199 Anderson. Deborah 178 Andrews. Stephanie 178 Antilla. David 10 Arellanes. Iody 178 Armas. Catherine 178 Arragg. Suzanne 7. 60. 68. 69. 71. 77.178 Asebedo. jimmy 178 Atwood. Allen 178 Avendano. Alfred 178 B Back. Kerry 46. 178 Bacon. Michael 178 Badt. Kenneth 178 Bamrud. Mathew 7. 178 Barker. David100. 101.178 Barnes. lames 178 Barnett. Terryl 178 Baro. Margaret 179 Barrick. Iames 116. 117. 125. 179. 210 Barrios. Irma 179 Barron. Robert 179 Barstow. Kelly 179 Battle. Troy 179 Bauer. Deborah 179 Beattie. john 71. Beck. Carol 180 Beck. Cynthia 18-0. 210 Beliveaujoseph107.125.1811 Bell. Kim 181 Bello. Manuel 181 Bensel. Lawrence 181 Biederman. Ruth 67. 77. 180. 206 Biggie. Lisa 56.68.180 Birdsall. Andrew 129. 180 Bjornestad. Catherine 180 Born. Russell 71. 181 Bowden. Christopher 210 Bowden. Lois 45.46.181 Bowman. Larry 181 Boyer. Cherie 180 Bramlett. Michele 12. 3. 14. 15. 180 Brand. Steven 71.180 Brown. David 180. 210 Buck. Gregory 133. 181 Burnett. Cameron 181 Burson. William 42. 49. 64. 69 Butler. David 181 Butrovich. Edward 71.180 C Callaway. Iill 180. 187 Calvelli. Mary 130. 180 Campbell. Timothy 180 Carlson. Curt 13 Carrasco. Diane 181 Castro. Alicia 63.181 Centeno.Iulie123.182 Centeno.X'irginia100.182 Chenery. Iohn 31. 66. 67. 110. 133. 162. 206 Childs. David 182 Christie. Sherri 180. 182. 199 Clark. Donna 182 Clary. Iulie 182 Cleav er. Mark 10-4.105.127 Cloutier. jill 182. 210 Cohen. Richard 49. 71. 182 Coleman. Karen 183 Collier. Colleen 183 Collins. Scott 183 Conder. Sharon 183 Connell. loseph 24. 40. 41.42. 45. 183.187 Conner. David 183 Cordes. Ieffrey 183 Core. Russell 183 Coutee. Charlene 183 Covault. Curt 183 Cox. Robin 46.183 Thomas. Craig 183 Crane. Bobby 103 Crikelair. Dana 68.109183 Crisp. Adrian 183 Cronkhite. Suzanne 183 Curran. Aline 55.112 D Dahl. Robyn 31. 34. 35. 37. 00. 66. 68.71.77 115.183.1515 Dally. Frank 183 Darby. Shawna 109. 132. 183 Davis. Gregory 183 Davison. Loree 58. 64. 183 De La Roas. Audrey 63. 184 Deleo. Michael 18-4 Dice. Christine 184. Dikes. Cherilynn 185 Dollison. Stephen 34.69.185 Dominguez. Danny 185 Dominguez. Rita 185 Donaldson. Ieffrey 112. 184 Downey. Sean 184 Dubay. Scott 184 Duffy. Giovanna 185 Dyer. Eric 31. 35. 42. 49. 67. 70. 71. 110. 117. 185. 202 E Echlin. Barry 185 Eckert. Iillinda 185 Edwards. Daniel 184 Ellingvvorth. Sharon 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 44. 45. 63. 184 Ellis. lohn 184 Ellison. Debbie 185 Ellison. Kevin 11. 21. 133. 185. 199 Emery. Ross 12. 185 Erickson. Sonja 185 Estes. Rebecca 184 Evanoff. Elizabeth 45.63.112 135 Evans. Kathryn 58.67. 77. 184. 210 Everett. Christi 40. 48. 185 F Fagg. Denise 185 Fahringer. Timothy 19. 107. 185. 210 Farish. Laura 185 Farr. Richard 186 Ferraro. Sarah 186 Feyma. Roland 186 Figueroa. Iohn 186 Fisher. Michael 187 Foster. jerry 187 Foster. Kenneth 186 Fox. Christopher Fredrickson. Robert 186 Freeman. Saundra 18. 52.186 French. Elizabeth 186 Fuller. Diane 56.187 G Gaddis. Katherine 77.187 Gage. Linda 186 Gallup. Iulie 46.186 Garcia. Edwina 59.186 Garcia Elaine 186 Garcia. Ernest 113. 187 Garcia. Ieanette 40. 42. 43. 18, Garcia. Ieffrey 186 Garnett. Gretchen 68.109.127. 186. 190. 210 Gelvin. Debbie 9. 67. 109. 186. 190. 210 George. Tamela 186. 210 Gerber. Barbara 187 Gerber. Theresa 187 Gladden. lane 186 Glaze. Theresa 186 Godeck. Paul 10. 18. 186 Gofourth. Lesa 186 Golson.Iill52.68.187 Gomez. Rex 187 Gonzales. Patricia 46.188 Gonzalez. Guadalupe 68.130188 Goodner. Penny 188 Gordon. Gregory 188 Graham. Susan 59.189 Gramckow. Martin 189 Graves. Mitchell 189 Gray. Iulie 66. 68. 77. 130.188 Greenberg. Harvey 55. 66. 71. 77. 188 Greene. Kevin 2. 23. 106. 107. 116. 117.133.1238 Griffith. Vera 34. 69 Griggs. Derrick 49.128129 Groeneveld. Kent 188 Gu1tierrez.Ana 132.189 H Haas. Cheryl 189 Haar. Thomas 71.189 Haffner. Robin 66. 77. 188 Hamel. Nancy 71. 127. 188 Hamilton. Kathaleen 188 Hamilton. Roger 55.188 Harper. Ioanne 46. 55. 132. 189 Harrison. David 42.189 Harter. Richard 71.189 Harvey. Andrew 103. 104. 127. 188.190 Harvey. Peggy 188 Harvil1.DeAnna 188 Hasselblad. Mark 188 Havens. Iarnes 56.189 Hawkins. Stephen 107. 112. 185 Hawley. Cleadis 42. 189 Hayes. Suzanne 190 Haymore. Brad 190 Hediger. Peggy 190 Helton. 1.N'illiam 125. 191 Hemph1ll.Iames107. 133.191 Henderson. Ioseph 5. 40. 42. 43 191 Hernandes. Chris 190 Hewson. Glenn 190 Hewston. Marc 191 Higins. Michelle 191 Higgins. Timothy 191 Hodges. limmy117. 191 Holbert.Iill190 Hollingsworth. Earl 190 Holt.Iohn 18.191 Holt. Sophie 13. 21. 102. 191 Hope. Daniel 191 Houston. Roy 56. 191 Huitrado. Denise 88.190 Hurtig.Glen 107.133 Hutchens. Carrie 190 I lackson. leffrey 9. 60. 63. 67. 71. 191. 202 Iarecky. Amy 45. 58. 63. 66. 67.7 7' 191 71. Iaskiewicz. Tina 191 lauregui. Brian 78.79.191 Ieffers. Ken 34.190210 Ieffr1es.Tammela190 Ietton. Brenda 191 lohnson. Geraldine 191 Iohnson. Priscilla 102. 191 Iohnson. Rickey 46 lohnson. Sheri 42. 191 Iohnson. Susan 192 Iones. Albert 192 Iones. Mary 45. 132. 193 lones. Robyn 193 K Katavich. Margaret 39. 63. 193 Kelly. Maryann 21. 31. 60. 67. 71 77. 102. 193 Khan. Marian 64. 210 Kim. Laura 7. 60. 68. 71. 77. 192. 195 Kirby. Rodney 192 Klebaum. Frieda 45. 63. 112. 192 Klees. Rosalind 193 Klein. Sandra 71.193 Klemens. Lisa 193 L Kolkman. Sandra 42.64.193 Koehler. Laura 40.41.192 Koehmstedt. Barbara 9 Kubiak. Iackie 132.192 Kubota. Andrew 103. 10-4. 192 Kuzy. Steve 107 L ffoon, Lance 29, 107. 122 gos. Arturo 193 ngan, Mark 133. 193 ntor. Shari 193 tourell. Paul 193 wrence. Lisa 68, 192 e. Cindy 192 e. Kenneth 192 ,e. Lonny 193 e, Kathy 193 E. Roderic 193 e. Tina 71.193 mer. Iulienne 10. 67, 68, 194 slie. Linda 194 iderman. Karen 34. 35. 45. 71. 194 pez. Michael 194 ker. Nancy 46, 194, 211 ttrull. David 113. 194 u. Iane 56, 58, 68. 71, 109. 194 u.Iulie37.42.47,60.194 M xcLean, Neil 195 iday. Lori 195 igee. Darlene 45. 55. 59. 64. 194 iinini. Kimberly 34. 194 ilinowski. David 5. 52, 179, 194 ilinowski. Donald 194 lndle. Michael 195 iresca, james 195 irinos, Daniel 194 arsh. Deborah 65,194 irshall. lim 66.71,117,131.194 irtin, Ieffrey 40,112,194 irtines. Dale 107, 195 irtinez. Danny 78. 79, 195 irtinez.Eusebio194 irtineZ.Iudy63.194 irtinez.Virginia63,194 lrtinez. Tina 194 ita. Barbara 195 itley. Katherine 50,195 itta. Antonia 40. 41, 42. 43. 196 ixwell. Daniel 133,196 :Bride-. Michael 196 :Carthy, Kelly 63, 196 :Clain, Bradley 128. 197 :C0rd, Catherine 40. 58. 77. l27, 197 :Culloch, lone 45.197 :Donald, Kim 69,123,196 :Dowell,Iames113,196 :Gee Diana 196 :Conigle. Lynne 196 zlntyre, Ricky 197 :Kamey. Daryl 197 :Kean, Iamie 41. 43. 197. 210 :Kean, Kevin 40, 196, 210 fchanick, Philip, 21. 196 richtry, Helen 100 tier, Richard 107. 196 :lbourne.Ieanene196 zlbourne,Ieanette197 zlendez. Marlena 197 dde,Iacqueline197 llard, Bradley 196 ller, Iohn 196 ller. Robert 29, 46. 49, 107.196 Milligan. Ronald 196 Mills. David 197,211 Minon. Darlene 197 Miranda. Veronica 197 Mirra. Cynthia 198 Molina. Robert 198 Molina. Sammy 198 Moon. Rebecca 77,118,198 Moore. Melinda 68, 198 Mora. Catherine 198 Morgan, Mary 198 Morris. Luticia 40. 42, 46. 47. 198 Morrow. Kelly 68,198 Morsell. Ienniter 198 Morsell. Kari 198 Morten. Antwyne107. 117. 133. 198 Moser, Douglas 66, 71. 198 Murieta. Curtis 88,198 N Natale. Peggi 198 Neary. Robert 117, 133. 198 Neenan, Diann 198 Neinast. Shelli 198 Nelson. Erik 107. 108. 116. 117. 133. 198.211 Nelson. Lori 63, 198 Norris. Daniel 69. 199 O Olivares. Sylvia 199 Olsen, Darren 7.125.199 O'Neil. Kelly 68. 199 Ortiz, Andru 199,211 Owens. Karen 199 P Pace, Nancy 27,68. 199. 211 Pallitto. Teresa 66. 67, 70. 71. 118. 123. 199 Panter. Richard 199, 211 Paspuna. Fausto 45. 63. 64. 77, 110. 200. 211 Pate. Kenneth 200 Patel. Tushar 71.201 Paul. Scott 59 Pease, Robert 122. 201 Peck, lane 201 Pedersen. Debra 201 Pelaya, Victor 63, 201 Perkins. Richard 107, 134, 200 Peterson, Cindy 200 Pierce, Kelly 200 Pino, Sherri 200 Poe. Daniel Poole. Diana 59, 201 Pope, Denise 201 Porter. Leslie 200 Porter. Robert 55. 113. 114. 182 Potter. Melinda 200,211 Powell. Brenda 200 Powers, Derek 104 Prewett. Michael 78, 200,220 Pulley. Ca rolynn 58, 59, 60. 68. 71, 201 R Rainer. Christopher 104, 201 Ramos, Stephanie 201 Reisinger, Sandra 100.200 Renshaw,Iames107,200 Ribble, Ioseph 78.200, 214 Richardson. Mark 200 Rickett,S-usan 46. 201 Riggins. james Roberts. Keith 24. 34, 45, 71. 187. 200 Robertson. Iohn 202 Robinson. Shelley 202 Rogers. Cheryl 68. 71, 77. 130, 203 Rollins. Wallace 203 Romo, Robert 203 Rosenfeld, Jeffrey 7,125,203 Ross. Dina 202 Roy, Ionni 132. 202 Rubio. Maria 203 Rudolph. Elizabeth 100. 132,203 Rudolph. Karen 68.100,101.102. 123.203 Ruzella. Ioseph 69 Ryan. Brenda 203 S Sabo. Iudith 202 Sadler, Ieffrey 45. 58. 63, 77. 202 Salvaneschi, Lori 43, 64. 203 Samaniego, Patricia 7, 47, 59, 60. 68, 71, 203. 211 Sanchez. David 125.203 Sandwall. Mark 203,211 Santana. Iaime 113, 114, 202 Santos. Archie 110.133 Sap. joseph 56.134 Schmitz. Iames 34. 35, 48 Scott, Brad 18. 202 Seats. Sheri-Lynne 11,109,132 203 Selby. Derek 203 Shellnut. Mark 107. 203. 211 Shelton. Wanda 18, 203 Shipley. Richelle 202,211 Siegmund, Mary 45. 58, 60, 64, 71 202 Slaughter, Cheryl 203 Smith. Cheryl 203 Smith, Michael 112. 203 Smith, Peter 55 Smith. Wade 203 Snell, lohn 34.35,107, 204,211 Solomon, Kathleen 204 Sparks, Iulie 204, 211 Spence. Kirsten 204 Spry, Steven 71,205 Stanier. Richard 205 Stanton. Sara 55,205 Starek. Iames 133.204 Ste Croix, Darlene 58. 67, 77, 118. 123.204 Stephens. Douglas 204 Stiles, Kevin 107,108,204 Strickland, Gary 107 Stuart. Ianice 205 Synovec. Derrick 107, 133.205 Szabados. Naomi 205 T Tafoya, Thomas 63. 107,127,204 Tallant. Wanda 204 Tarin. lane 204 Tarlton. Tracey 204 Taylor. Debra 52. 68. 205 Thomas, Kris 56 Thrower, Diane 63.205 Tice. Kristie 205 Tonnies. Montgomery 46. 204 Toriensen, Taryn 24. 46 Towne. Carolyn 100. 118. 132. 204 Tracy. Brenda 18,204 Tsonis, Andrew 34, 35 Tucker, Katrina 68, 204 Tully. Rhonda 46, 55.205 Turner, Ioseph 18. 106, 107, 108, 205. 211 V Valencia. lames 205 Valley. Kim 15. 52. 68. 179, 206 Velarde. Christina 206 Vigus. Lucy 69. 206 Villegas, Iohn 206.211 Vladimirsky. Solange 7,18.52. 68. 206 Vollmer. Peter 206 W Walker. Adam 107,206 Walker. Lori 42. 50, 206 Wallis, Katrina 37. 52. 53, 206. 279 Walsh. Dale 207 Ward, Sharon 46, 207 Ward. Sharon 46.207 Warren. Michael 207 Webb. Roger 110. 125. 207 Weiss. Scott 207 Wells. Wendy 207 Westermeyer, Cerri 207 Wheeler. Ieaneen 207 Wilbanks, Shannon 14, 15. 52.68, 207 Wille. Karen 207 Williams. David 55, 78, 79, 207 Wilson, Dorothy 207 Winkel. Heidi 207 Woods. Ruth 43.207 Y-Z Yost. Ieffrey 207 Younce. Frank 105 Young. Pamela 123.207 Zdenek. Iames 28.121,122.133. 207.211 Zepeda. Eduardo 207 Class of 1980 S For all their help with the 1980 Black Gold, a special A THANK YOU to: O'Connor Studios i - Larry, Gary, Brent 8: Ed Ad Workshop - lVLr. Curtis 8: Staff A VHS Photography Classes - Mr. Groveman 81 Students Mr. james Fraysier Mrs. Lenore Crowe ii Mrs. Debbie Temple p Mr. Ray Frykholm , S Mr. Don Haskell Mr. Ralph .Martinez C . , ? is Mrs. Michelle Allen f M12 Tonimy Flores 4 Bob Crane ' Kevin Ellison Art Gallegos Sophie Holt Darlene Magee Ron Milligan Blake Monson Ty Stork Dan Poe l Debbie Gelvin l I MARK - "Ventura's Smartest Place to Shop" -i'gsf-fi?-iierixf -' E ' Fresh Produce all ' l ' Quality Meats ' Low Pdices 5l7l Telegraph Phone: 642-7007 Favorlte Party Mgug gms 505 17.130 Fav orlte Music 11:46-f 604 FAM QCA BANK OF Velco Offshore, Inc. 250 Wesl Slanley Avenue Venfura, California 9300i U.S.A. Telephone l805l 643-bl 7 I Telex 659226 Cable VETCO Paul Chinn Conlroller Venlura Operalions VETCO 5 Fl i I f- I 'ff 'fn S-2535 I I-4 l MILL ISM SEQQTQRTSZS SINCE 1911 SPACE SAVING FURNITURE IMPORTERS, MANUFACTURERS, DESIGNERS BEDROOM a DEN I PAUL ONTIVEROS 43:sr51'AEgAhfU::TI.ISIJ' 404 E. Mdih Sf. Vel1fUl'G Manager PHONE 648-1879 Ii.. ... - I. .. "Open 24 hrs. Always Fresh" I' Favorife Car: 11141100 YILLAGB BGHUTS GW' Gemb am TELEGRAPH RD. Be+F"e'Id1 'D'AMi5JA LQQZGY VENTURA, CA 93003 35,6405 csosmeu-me C I. - .I 2312 East Main Street 643-7075 Ventura California 'gy Mn 51:38:58 sus h 648-2585 Kgrw- 485-3145 Qi 2 "2 .I 5 A .-SINCYBXBQB A .x ron All Youk Q, SIX ' STATIONERY NEEDN2 Ig POL, I5 OFFICE FURNITURE s. EQUIPMENT - E E fmI-.'1'.Zli'i5f5f.'5ZZ.fi3o.?fJ1LEI..Ef -I -1- FREE DELIVERY ,.,.,,.I, 5 5 5'1fMAlN-DOWNYOWN VINTUQA L 6 RESIDENTIAL - AUTO - COMMERCIAL Q I . S qgylzmkgr . Ig I V W fy,f'K'r-E .. Ii 2 ff' ,EMT-'ETS L-.. I --I SAND KNIT 0 WILSON 0 RUSSELL 0 LeMANS E Bus. 648-1553 S A N P v A E T 3 3 ALL Pno E . sronrme Gooos, Inc. 0 I P 'Q' 2426 E. Main sf. u E Jennv Hannon ventura, cai. 93003 xl BROOKS 0 TROPHIES 0 TIGER 0 EASTON El E . 2955954 C8O5I643A2172 485-5815 Photographic Equipment Tape Recorders Stereo Components 484 E. Main Street Ventura, California Sony TVIS I805I 653-1061 CM BLUEPRINT COMPANY COMPLETE REPRODUCTION AND DRAFTING SUPPLY STORE 104 E. Thompson Blvd, Ventura CA 93001 18051 653-1061 BLUEPRINTING DRAFTING SUPPLIES 81 FURNITURE PHOTOGRAPHY BLUEPRINT MACHINE SALES 8. SERVICE XEROX 1860 8. 3100 DRAFTING VELLUM 8. FILM BLUEPRINT PAPER 8. SUPPLIES C 8. R Blueprint Company 104 E. Thompson Boulevard Ventura, California 93001 Complete Reproduction Service Drafting 8. Engineering Supplies 18053 653-1061 IIUICK HCLUP I KLIVEIV F' PNIQ' FEATURES IN JEANS FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN FINEST LEATHER 'CASUALS il . HATS - H BELTS HANDBQGS TACK 'TS I IRI 20195 MAIULVEN I'-"1y,5A I ART NTADDEN 1 S VENTURA TROPHY Co. f X 4 TROPHIES TO FIT YOUR BUDGET RIBBONS, M DAL . ENV LRV A ENGRAVING BFWATC: REPAIR I 376 E. MAIN STREET P ONE 643-0389 VENTURA, CALIFORNIA I F avorlte Dlsc Jockey F A . Favorite Tune: Aj M25 np Zydi 217 Q I I I Sundaes - Malts - Shakes - Sodas 2 'jf an Q14-3' fi, ff 4 4 Favorite Day: 'QIIOD Favorite Date: 830105 AZT!! 7 LD 152430595 SG 3993 0 ff' OUR GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY The Store That Sets The Fashton 642 8188 VISII Our Junror Center ev 633 fb " M02 1 RBS 'ms CSUCD Buena Ventura Center I - TH E ICE CREAM PARLOR Featuring Dreyers Grand Ice Cream , 100 South Fir Street Across From Plaza Park in Downtown Ventura I' A . Corne to For o Complete Selection Of Unique Grocluotion Announcements! 5'5ZSLt5!ti?C?N5fSE?? 133 North A Street, Oxnard, CA 9303018051487-4377 586 East Maln Street, Ventura, CA 93001 18051 648-5215 amz cuiuuzs Banana Splits - 190 Calories Without Banana -- 90 Calories T5 Ftavors of Ice Cream 802. 80 Calories Fruit And Milk Toppings 20 Calories 2542 E. Main, Ventura N 643-19581 li- 7 l ifimmi ,A f-f Q- nx X tk Q EEN is ll 5 DX f E 9 JM gig ? Golden Dreams in 14Kt. Gold The graceful designs captured in these free lorm rings are perfect for the total jewelry look of today. . . Hand crafted in 14 84 18Kt. gold . , .Come in today and see our complete selection. 0 ROLEX 0 CONCORD 0 OMEGA 0 BULOVA f SEIKO Jewelry Manufacturing Watch Repair 0 Diamonds ' Gemstones Qlbgrfs ' Free Iewerly Cleaning ' Free Ear piercing ' Fine Watch Repair ' Design and Manufacture of rings and Iewelry 2498 E. MAIN VENTURA SUB YS 4 ,gucon-g BIIIIIIIIS MAKING TRACKS ...I Athletic Footwear I Apparel I 818 E. MAIN ST. - VENTURA Use Free Rank Store I , i 4 9416 Brand's Buena Pharmacy - awe ers . Diamond Selling 2555 ri. MAIN, VICFTJTTURA, C1Al.ll"OliNlA +?+vG:6 1 Appmmls by .g-,416 Piiorvi, 643-ssio 401 South Mins Roan feosl 642-7262 Gffm0l08iSl Buenaventura Center Ventura, CA 93003 H E L E N D AVIS m.9ne..y'4e5l6!.9uneJ!fD563!1.9uQ.D?64 - 2 '1 .R What a relief! The ordeal of putting the yearbook together is finally over. Being editor this year has been rather trying for me as well as my family, friends, the staff, and Mrs. Curtis the yearbook advisor. In the beginning of this year we were dragging our feet and barely made our first two deadlines. The final three were a real panic situationg particulary the last one. We tried to take an inside look at V.H.S. this year and did some different things with page layouts and section arrangement, which I hope you. the student body, will like. I was disappointed with the lack of responsibility and unwillingness to work on some staff members' part, but then again. I wonder if the leadership end of the staff was pulling its own all the time. At any rate, I would like to thank every- one both on and off the staff who worked so hard on the push to meet the last deadline and throughout the year. My senior year has been an unforgetable one for me, and I wouIdn't trade it or my other two years here at V.H.S. for anything. I guess it's time to say "good-bye school" and "hello worldg" for most people it's a big step, and a difficult one at that. I know it will be for me. And finally I'd like to say good-bye to all my friends, you've made the years here good ones, I hope we can keep in touch. P.S. Believe it or not, Mr. Evans. we did it! 220 I 'M dv .Magix id X nfl NXQQQX K3 'Q K3 Jim Q Wi wg ESS N SQ Q ww S-mms! XVAS iq K3 gmx .gf Qiiffi 'HNYW 222 A

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