Ventura High School - Black Gold Yearbook (Ventura, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Ring Ylne Kellmjoin Cougie 14nd Come ,Q RI Through our open bear 70...19s7 f ' I 55415 1957 PRESENTED BY THE STUDENTS OF VENTURA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL VENTURA CALIFORNIA I , , ' , I A I JI , , 4 , , , X , ' 1 i I ' 7 I A ' I fx Ex .Y I Y -,- I eq :R -37 I .MN 3, 'V 4 I -Q - 1 W. , , , 9:9 I ' ,M -wmv' .-I .TT ' TTT , V . 'T' k f K F I ' I ' Ii I 'TTER T E T: T I T, E ff's . Q' TA' - 'HQ , , - - I - ,I . ,Q , YV.. 1- V' ' .dw n F., F in it Tl, - dxf' ,V 1 x V I - A H- 6 . 'VW T E "' if fx 0 W . 7 V17- 4-:Af f -Q ,, . V47 W, ,W -Y -5- ,-,AA V--E,-, f- , - ........ 4 f f wf'2'wfiw2L1?de WfW W i I .- F in f' W- f ' f lx lin. Al I 1- Q' 'of ' " "' Q N. --11' Hs., in ' "'-L 'N 1 n-, vx , ' avi- 2' 'Q' I D mf. Z """ Me" ,ww .pf nr tv 43 mi . 1 .if . lin bi? xl!! 1 AQ :'g 1 x 5'- J. '. .llg J' A .ysn ' ' LW ' 's X 4 ' 1 ' ' V 'Nl ,5 ljyhiwfkxy A 6 bbw QWWQ 11 M1 MW Mwph. W rybnvgo JA we It C1 FM K my ,W ugiyf V ff' NU IAAPENWLEI JAAESIQDRA DCgMEWITHIv1E Qfw fl A A Q9 J TO THE COLORFUL LIFE AND GAIETY Tl-IE WORK, TI-IE GAMES, THE COU- GAR BAND: FOR THIS MY FRIEND, IS COUGAR- LAND. , , KU ' E, WW 0 ,dy LEW I MWA O94 ,r I Cf fx J r X by 'M E, XA WM WN P 5 .L U 1 yy aw f JW EV! WMU' . ,U QQ ISSJ! RN! Uentura lvllgla, vugie. A ' W9 v gk! -., cf 7' r kk 2' :fr -r X . K, V-'ft I , X Le' 1 1' ' l ,' ,Z f V," y ff 1' XL' l ' I , f " f ery Key. 14 b00l' If f Mya "7 f 9 V Jw A 'Sf J six The old and The new, eclucalion and relaxalion, all open lhe doors lhal make our Venlura Senior High School campus a place lhal we hold dear lo our hearls. W flame We proudly dedicafe our i957 yearbook +o MR. DENNING MCARTHUR, a feacher who loves and frusis his sfudenfs, and who in reiurn, is loved and Jrrusfed by ihem. A ieacher To whom everyone owes many ihanlcs because he is always willing To give his help and advice. A man who is cheerful and full of life, and who is a winner in fhe greafesf sense of +he word. "Mr, Mac" has served on our faculfy as a phofography 'reacher for many years. He has received many awards and ribbons for his ouf-sfandinq pholography worlc, and has also 'raughi al' several ofher schools and Jrraining cenlers. Because of his warm personalify and friendliness, Mr. McAr'rhur was elecied by his classmafes as Siu- denf Body Presideni in bofh high school and in college. Yes, lhis is "Mr, Mac". and we can all frufhfully say "He's a wonderful guy!". ANNO!!! H13 LIN4. 1 50 gg "Mr, Mac" as he ihurnbs Through a bundle of phoios his sfudenfs have iusf compleled. Mr. McAr1'hur's siud-enfs gafher around his desk +0 receive +ha+ exira bif of insfruciion or word of advice. Une bow' 1:5470 Nnother 14d17en ture QM? f Z.f44A-f-if 14X fiffql fy V LZ ,fapffgzf fii 444 2 Qwfffif fflriftf 6,21 V! ! 1695 41,5544 XJ 44 -M KNOCK ON ANY DOOR AND A FRIENDLY FACE WILL APPEAR l gk 11? 4y4f7f A af! K , M ff W kj I Jf' A,afJ y ww mf ff MW f if Aj if W J 52jw ,MJ , yn milf A If A kg Ulwof A I X 0 LIVE if 4 ' , , A SM f ff f Mx D YA u K . of 9 l - ' I x f .N I . in 3 ,V 91 5 A 1 KT W i if W My , . 1 nf' L 1 Q ,Y xv A-4 Y' Q .gy 1 heir boom 14re pen 70 One group who helps 'fo open +he doors lo The fulure is lhe BOARD OF TRUSTEES and DISTRICT SUPERVISORS. This group of consciencious cilizens has helped 'ro malce our school a beller place by underfalcing many programs and achieving many goals. They are sincerely inferesled in Jrhe bellermenl' of our school syslems and The educalion of lhe youlh ol our communily. They are, from lell io right sealed, Mr. Donald Priesl, Mr. R. W. Gray, Mr. George Graser, Mr. Dean Grillilh, Jr., clerlc, and Mr. James lvl. Sharp, president The Dislricl Adminislraliye slall are Mr. Franlc Guliclc, Assislanl Superinlendenl in charge of inslruclion, Mr. Ralph J. Raill, Business Manager, and Dr, John B. Crossley, Superinlendenl. K,-as-up A-QA-.Av ., M MW. ,M . f ww' f 4 . Her' 'Ns mi , K K , ' '. lf x . 1 x wb if WN' X X, I , i . in 1 1 l 5 yi Alb ruins! alt ... .V .,..,m. A i........-.... N K, ,' MM fndleu Persorialily plus good humor equals a swell Vice-Principal and Dean of Boys. MR. WILLIAM MCKINNEY is always willing and ready Io give fha? bil' of ad- vice or hearly cheer which make him a favori+e wilh all. 'Daisfesw won? fell, buf we will. MISS DAISY CROMWELL, our Dean of Girls, wifh her sprakling personalify and win- ning smile has won Ihe admirafion oi us all. UIA MA Co-ordinafing fhe diversify of many individual subiecfs af V.S.H.S. is MR. ROBERT ROLENS, an indispensible member of V.S.l-l.S.'s adminisfrafion. Mr. Rolens brings 'logefher classes de- signed fo fif fhe needs of all fhe sfu- denfs. MR. LAURENCE CONNELL, Supervi- sor of Child Welfare and Affendance for Venfura, is well known by fhe ma- iorify of V.S.l-l.S. sfudenfs. The af- fendance office is a busy place as Mr. Connell fakes care of fhe myriad of defails accompanying sfudenf welfare. s ? S Miss Thoreau smiles prellily for lhe camera. Of course, whal woman wouldn'+, when surrounded by six charming men, such as her fellow coun- selors Mr. Nemson, Mr. Smilh, Mr. Aiken, Mr. Frazer, Mr. Brulron and Mr. Myers! 6.- The wheels behind The machinery are lhe ever-presenl and busy clerical slall. Shown here are Mrs. Dugan, Mrs, Zeclc, Miss Melzer, Mrs. Thomp- son, Mrs. Beclcer, Mrs. Cowgill, Mrs. McNeil, Mrs. Robinson: sealed: Mrs. Srark, Mrs. Corlon, Mrs. Gilbert Mrs. Howard. J Ja 1 ? ,W g ' , a. . l ,. 1 'I I f IlWM 4 9 x'L,v'Z. M, , , Q mf , 1 m ,, , f Q, fa , I 1 , , 1 ,F fa' r . v fy V 'z fi , ' 4' W5 :Q ,gig '55 f -2'i,vlT'.e , ' 'SVI 2 g,,.,1, , I 3 Wgwfzi bw .,.:a! W f 3 L 1 '54 Q?-'Iii 4, .... . 5 ,, 5 , .,., ,ggi 'A,' mf , , ,gg .J Hffzz' Z..,A j 'f , 1 , ., , . 5 W pg, V, ,.:,,v, uf -.. : . .V 11- . 1, -sf W ,V 4 QQ' 7' 515 'Q ,, . M f 4 Zfzaehgn -, f,:,,s:"'- mm -f Q i ,., I , . :. 'fl H33 1 ' X6 2 5 ' I Y A 9 4 gd M 4 1 Ea, 1' Sf 1 3 H ff f ' ,M is x f 1 'Vg' gg? uf' f Z? Q Wg 1 4 R f 31 1' fx' ge 1, Zh' my 7 a , 8 we-f f 1 if Q50 -. you f ambgxi , X, 1 X If 25 ' . 0 f ,z,,:f' Z f ,4 ff I K f , I5 , f -. .v A I 2 Q 1 aka 4 ,ffwe ,luv ..-4, 0 A uj,,+Q , 'W-, ,ntaj , 5 1 , 'H B A ya gin ix' fax V Aw 1 E X k 'Q w x fi' Q' 1 N f A V xl QA A, KR-5. QS, in . . .. -5- , H- .4 A YV A '- A l' af 3 c 3 MQ5-N xlrw 'latgiiqxlljix v'4a L .t F K git' x 3 A 5 nv-NL. J Qu " Avi L 45 ,' 4 5531, Y. 2, W 'SQY 4' 'X by ,IL .fi JH' X: , s ' 1 fi f . 1, 9 s :Hi lfgltp fff' 1 I 27 Mtg. V--gjifi. .nh ff QF' 5 x 51,135 'lgssfrgj gig nj !f1555i.25f,-g 5412 xQ?fgfIg:5'SYf Nw. l.,.,.:4:f..,, 121,23 ,E:'u:f::fm-' :riff . "'.g1'I,,5'1g 4 , z.g,+x 3 31, 4,521 W 1M,,f,H nz, D fiffiizy, -min Q 'u'IQ'iiQl?:'Z' .,Q7,5,1,,,,,f 'fi - 2 3322: 1 f he , a 1 3 f 4 4 22 5 55' , M, 5 I 'Q 4 h I -' ' ' ' yy, 15 5 Q 71' Q 1 ' M2 6 2 4. 4,,, 1 x gf 1 'I 19? ,. XF s 4' K , 4 N A it V : pw I V i f , A- , Aff If 1 ff 1 vgw '1 f , ,ff ,, f 6 ..,.,,. 3 sf 'ff 5 I . , fi 421 ' W' I' , E . 2 1 gfffakwy Q- , gh, , ,fb - x -gf W 4 f ' H Q W1 1 ' 4: '!j5.4f 'g4ff'3 ' ffiifi - .4 X, ' ' ' Q .sff1 fegfmrka , ,, WK ffwqlf, 2 4 M, 2-if M-f-1 'gy V' ' 719 ' -, or Yntgwz we 1 Mr. Swanson, Coach. Mr. Owen Arl, Mr. Arnold, Special Educa- fion, and Mr. Tul'+le, Coach, reacl' lo piclure-faking wifh mixed emo- lions. fuflhljtfmffl' .71 , J Z Jflfj . 1 ,ff ,- j, , fl ff, L ff I Apr! , 1 ark I A 1 Y 1 . , ,MX 'i A scifi! X IV' C7 ZW r l f gli of i - f . if-"W W My .I , y , ' 4 i , FJ 'il lfyf' Volll E, 4 L0 A A ., A I LF.. 0 A, , pi? j '- Lf"'i' x l l .J 17, N13 NX LIU jilylf- I n-J ,f, Miss Allgaier, Phys. Ed.. Bro- caw, and Mr. Musial, Coach seem amused as Mr. Borghi, Eng- lish, affempls 'ro hypnofize lhe birdie. Mr. Marra, General Science, Miss Davenport English, Mr. Taylor, Malh., and Miss Joan Smifh, FEE., loolred pleased wilh 'rhe morn- ing bullelin. Minimum clay? 70 bv .',g,l' ,Y Lu G 'uf ,, 2 L, 53 5 . ,Q 1 'QAM yggl ik M K, X K Y C' LMA xr . , V' iam? A if N A ' 'QM-a - ef. -' Q 25 9 ' 5 N wif ' 7 'Mg 2 X ' fx in 'IL fr X f ' 'fig 'wi ,- f - 4, Sf M lf , G 41 ' ,QQ ' ' 'f QQ, ' ., " W? , -g ' P- . A- ikaku 53 Q gl .:,s' S92'4. Rb' .. ' ' r ' ' R 1 19' i' ' Q ' A Q2 w ...L YP ' L:'l:"'l'f f-'af'-as , if, .iff ff TH fi. ' -4111 ' er.. K4 .ar 51-v wwf FA -on 19 .1 ff, fi' V14 g . .,- ur. .ws ! v if ,,.- L '. .fffhiff ' "IAQ-as A I " ':-' W - I . 4 .x-' 1-151 , 1' 3 0. U YA. -1 w11Q1""' , Y Q 1 1. f' ' 7 'Q', ' 'gf 'f r A '-f-- .,,,N. 'ju-A :gift L.-. . ,, , 1, .-, , ,,.+-h,.,,-ww...V2.x,,'fiJ,lg':k A M H X mini, Q ' ' ' S4 'A --may ,Q n . f- ' .. 'xl u.:'....' V ,,,.,,..4....-.--.Qy- H , , . V. . .,,,w - YF: if 1 A N ,,,,, --..,3F-.w,L. I M gg A ,,, MW H-.. .M 1 ,M - '3 -tn K- ' r'xw"v1 ,,-, - ,...,f.. 'N'-'?.., 4, Lu. ' v- ' . . -Q ' -., 'x - 'vxqs If , ,af . . , 5 1 A -14 - - , ,..qeo,,. : - '5 " . Y , ,1 :rv Q 1, n,...u va ..4 , ,.A.l.g. Z, n'-- 4 y .A ygn.-.BS 92 as . -::: - , 1, . . W 1. 'ff-f' : V..-f5."1,Q' Gif tiesax' T-'4'1S':'3'5 553 ""'f" if 3 5 e RW Y. 9'x 4. 'P'-Aw-lgae,.i... v"'vy,4" ." ' ' V' .U-. --' 5 . H :mia V . i -qnnoaq, W-- ,-, I'- ,.1-sv? wi , K , i's.g.-1-iff'-L-,.,.--4 fr. -.Qrfa M A fvef-if timing '7JingeA Un Uur 67444. . . r A 1 4 , W ,V k . V 0 I 'f ,G '- 'Z' g,,4,',w',Y, X4 f 4 ' 1 M ,Q Qu 'QM ' if., X if mv, LJ' 7 ' k' Q M X 'Q ' 5175- 1, f i 4 E I ' Y ' nil K, if. W 'Y if :A"g?QfY'fZ, S f XM Q , f , V Q 4 ' ugg 4, ,, ' ., 4 3 Y af fi 9 2' .5 ' 1 L I Q-f 'fix A Q A V ng, Pm, , 4 vw . X. Q will MW "QW fm, 5241" 4 ' 4' l f .f arf A , M, , 41 ,20 , fmffvzf' iilw KVM! f ,VML ana Q74 mf! ,Lid Wlll The assembly please come To or der7 are The words almosT everyone Thinks oT when They hear The name John Davies Belng Boy oT The uarTer leTTerrnan on The TooTball squad and servrng as sTudenT body presldenT kepT John very busy ThroughouT The year l956 57 T ,JV ylfdfjfjgl ww O WM J lf Running here There and everywhere Jean Gould our ASB vlce presldenT dld all OT her gobs eTTlcuenTly and wuTh dlspaTch ConducT1ng STudenT Legusla Ture and planning a bug dance were all IH a days work Tor Jean who led The sTudenT body Through a very successTul socnal season Studen t 5041! 2 6.- A couple oT Tull noTebooks laTer, lVlarTha l"lamrnons covers up her TypewriTer aTTer a busY year as A.S.B. SecreTary. NOT even wriTer's cramp could keep lv1arThaTrom go- ing abouT her duTies quickly and eTTicienTly. Money ls her hobby and she is an ardenT enThusiasT. lhaT perTecTly describes Judy Greene, ASB. Treasurer. Judy keeps The sTudenT body 'lin The blackll by a precise balancing oT The books. Q Q. N 1- : S N : Nl 'IMZ-NPO enfer ol VSH cfivifies planned and co-ordinaled eehive of aclrivify n charge ol sludenl affairs o+hinq slighled xamples 'ro all he officers are: Presidenl ,,....,..,.. Vice-Presidenl .,....A Secrelarr .....,,.....,.,......... Treasurer .,..... ,,,...,,.,A.. ......,.. Senior Class Presidenl .....,.. Junior Class Presidenl' .....s Sophomore Class Presidenl Girls' League Presidenl' ..,,, John Davies Jean Gould Marlha l-lammons Judy Greene Warner Jue Eddie Parish Beau Carler Janel Coolc Boys' Federalion Presidenl ,,,,,,,,.. ,.,,,,,s. l"l arley Tuclcer ol Service ...,,,,.,,,. Direclor Direclor ol Assemblies ,...7. Direcfor ol Club Aclivihes Direclor ol Girls Alhlelics Direclor ' Direclor of Publicarions ,,,.. Joyce Truesdale Barbara Bullerbaugh . ,,,,,.,s,...... Carol Prosser Belly Luplon ol: Boys Alhlerics ,,,.,,. ,..,,,.,,. D ave Plannelle Sluarl Greenleld Head Cheerleader ,,,.., ,,,...A,.,..s,.,,,,,...., W anda l-lesler Leadership Class .,s,,,,, Mary l-lowe, Carol Hammalmer. Eslher Campbell, and Pal Slarwich Kata gold Kettering. . . All In lavor say aye opposed say The mollon as carried From soap lor lhe boys gym lo lnnllalung slave day Sludenl Leglslalure concerns llsell wrlh all phases ol school llle Jean Gould led lhe leglslalnve legaon lhrough many skirmishes lo a successlul vlclory Members are lell lo rlghl Isl row Sue Dresch Ede Barker Jan Reed Marilyn Dwlghl Marslyn Mayhew Mary Howe Jean Gould Michelle Morrison Anna Smllh Susan Helbmg Roberla Hughes Dnxne Mullen Sharon Jones Sally Ralhlon Diane McCulcheon Sharon Holllund 2nd row Mary Lorenzana Jan Fraser Llnnle Denzel Linda Schmnll Jackie Rolls Carol Waker Judy Leon Jean McGuire Chrlslune Olson Barbara Galllnger Carolyn Bradbury Barbara Allpeler Janel McEgan Durella Flemmg Jeanelle Cassidy Loss Sanlerre Barbara Monlgomery Pal Kelly 3rd row Pal Gulnn Gerry Wrlllngham Beverly Weaver Sandy Pelerson Regena Hensley Susan Schollz Karen Ewing Charlene Abrams Eslher Campbell Warner Whale Wanda Hesler Angle Corona Pam Curry Nancy Ssgmon Maxine Blocher Gall Klrkpalrnck Belly Hee Ernie Smllh Jam Reynolds Jnm Loree 4lh row Doyle Kenlh Wayn Wesl Paula Cook Arlle Langlord Barbara Blair Joan Phelan Bull Warren Joyce Verme len J m Culberlson Glenda Thomas 5lh row Mr Paul Laurence Adviser Claudia Gnlberl Jon Collins Tom Freese Gerry Mandell Larrv Vaughan Terry Larrabee Jerry Williams Jell Volgl Lee Nelson Fred Cecxl Jon Allen Reggae Pierce Tom Inouye olh row John Davies Don Pelerson Sluarl Greenleld Pele Ruscher Ernne Melonas Fred Branch John Maes Terry Jenklns Ernie Sawyers Russell Walker Julian Ramirez .. . . .A .nd . . ... . , . I I ' . I .I I I I D, I I I I I . I I I S I . . . I I I .I I . I I '. e . . ' . '. .' . 1-.l , . ' .I l .I I .I I ' E I ' fr-5-Q' ,f. ir.. 40" 9 Below: Girls' alhlelics have been considerably ex- panded lhis year under lhe managemenl ol lhe G.A.A. Board. Selling pom-poms al lhe games, malcing plans lor a lulure Lellerwomenis Club, and inilialing such diverse aller-school sporls as goll, bowling, and lram- poline, plus having many sporl playdays, have given lhe board a repulalion lor being one ol lhe mosl aclive organizalions on campus. Members are, Isl row, lell lo righl: Susan Helbing, Linda Faria, Barbara All- peler, Carolvn Perry, Grelchen Garriclc, Slanding: Janell Tyler, Belly Luplon, Grelchen Trenholrn, Bar- bara Blair, Carol Prosser, Kalhy Connell, Nancy Sig- mon, and Priscilla Maclc. Mrs. Luplon is lhe adviser lo lhe board. Above: l-liding lhe secrel lhal made l-li-Jinx a glor- ious success, lhe members ol lhe Girls' League Board smile mysleriously. Besides inilialing l-li-Jinx, lhe board pul on lheir annual lashion show wilh a chic llair. Members ol lhe board are Janel Coolc, al lhe desk, row I: Miss Daisy Cromwell, Marilyn Mayhew, Eslhier Enriguez, Barbara Allpeler, Maxine Hee, Belly Luplon, Carol l-lammalcer, and Grelchen Trenholm, Slanding: Sharon Mayhew, Belsy McKee, Jean Mc- Guire, Roberla Esslemonl, Sara Sue Flannery, and Carolyn Bradbury. J Tw' RD consxshng of rep lass was a greal help To V S H gurls In clarnfynng maHers of Imporrance Row l Paula Cool: Marllyn Mayhew Mass Daisy Cromwell Glenda Cool: Leslne Pnerce Mary Sprad lung Judy OGrady Duanne Lagomarsuno Ann Armslrong Row 2 Karen Ewmg Tnny Roberrs Jane Holloway Jackne Rolls Carolyn Dwnghf and Lmnle Denzel They re 70,24 0.- The mosl Irnporlanl socnal funchons al' VSH are 'rhe dances The SOCIAL BOARD IH charge of Jrhese school supporled affairs organizes soc hops The Chrlslmas formal and rhe sprung dance Members of fhe board are Row I Bonnie Barrels Carol Wnlcer Arrue Langford JoAnne Cvalluo Beverly Weaver Llnnue Denzel Row 2 Marlene Marrs Margarel Tarun Jean Gould Mlss Dansy Cromwell Carolyn Plannefle Row3 Roy Yelo John Bafford Par Srarwuch Doug Clark I I ' - I I I I I - . I . . I I I I - I I I I I Y, . f ' H rl' NK? ,, A , rm: W , V I,-.7 K, , 5 LW- P , .4 41 ich- , - I - I - I I e l I - I I I I I - - I I I I . . , I I ' InTerrupTions In Their schedule were jusT some oT The many problems The ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE successfully over came ThroughouT The school year SomeThmg new was add ed To our assembly schedule when The commaTTee mnovaTed The Track program held In The sTaduum Comm1TTee members are Row I Sara Sue Flannery Carol Wnlcer Wanda I'IesTer Karen STevenson RoberTa Hughes Miss Daisy Cromwell advnser and Barbara BuTTer baugh Row 2 Chuclc Roe Dave PIanneTTe and John OI son New sTudenTs unfammluar wnTh VSI-I ways are acqualnTed wnTh Cougarland Through The work oT The FRIENDSHIP COMMIT TEE Helping newcomers be come asslmlIaTed To The sTudenT body was only parT oT The com mlTTee s gob as They senT cards To sTudenTs Tor various occa slons Frlendly members oT The commlTTee are IeTT To rrghT Lo reTTa Solano Jeanne Reed E Ther Enrrquez Debbre DuTTleId and MargareT Tarun SporTy Spor'I'smansh:p sprred has commlTTee To greaT Things The SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE puT up posTers Tor The games rnTormed sTu denT body on The resuITs and worlced on raising sTudenT en Thusrasm over The sprung sporTs CommnTTee members are Row I Joan Edmonds GreTchen Trenholm Lmda GruTTnTh Ede Barker Michelle Morrnson Chanrman Carolyn Perry Jeanne Reed Anna SmzTh Bar bara Blair Row 2 Roy YeTo STeve Bovee Mr James PorTer advrser and Warner WhnTe fl" k W'-willed 'wixwlw K Y jj'-'f 'M -M' g id JN. L . A t me 1' 1.1 . M ,XY, NX ......W,,,,,,,,,. . - . Lf ,3'i:f'?gtQw1 V srfyg K' ,ws fgjjgiggyfwg pn- W X V- x wma' ? xof fm Q S5Ti N-is QS A f x ' '. -,ol f' 1' A' r. 'T 1. gli' i . gf , ,-X ,V kt I , . X 1 L I ark N 4 ' fy 'J 1 V x, ' 'X J BJ ' rj 1 in , s , - 1 xt' r P Q A X K l L. K X jx' I f X K V X LV' 'f N X . H 'X J' , f J 21 ' ,Ulf X L9 1 0 AXE fx: 1 N y . '34 h if 9' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS fake a break from 'rhe clay's sfrenuous acfivifies as fhey meef fogelher beside 'rheir beloved lawn. They are from Ieff fo righf, Gary Dy- sar+, Treasurer: Pa++i Jo Sfark, Secrefaryp Warner Jue, Presidenfi and Roland Sco'r+, Vice-President erene Senivr Step . . . 4- SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL: Row I: Carolyn Dwight Roland SCOH, Gary Dysarf, Warner Jue, Pafli Jo Srark, Marilyn Dwighlq Row 2: Marilyn Mayhew, Roberfa Es- selmonl, Jean McGuire, Judy Leon, Befsy McKee, Joan Kuinke, Karen Sfevenson, Leslie Jones, Lennie Denzel, Row 3: Jack Payne, Lee Nelson, Vic Filzmaurice, Grady Nalley, James Baley, Roy Griggs, Fred Branch, Ernie Melonas, Larry Vaughan. Ad- visors are Mrs. Lynn Ackerman and Mr. Arnold Saul. Also members of Senior Class Council are Ede Barker, Alma Adams, and Eslher Enriquez. Larry Abel Jay Allred Nancy Auer Bill Barlcer Edllln Barker Jnm Barnard lml Barrefl' Louas Barron Roberr Barron Lynne Barry Lynn Barfleff James Bafey Ramona Beeler Andy Begaii Alma Adams Barry Aldrich Garry Aldrlclw Carolyn Alexander Barbara Andrews Pele Arcrnlega Ann Armsfrong Gaylord Auberf Bob Benson Marvin Benson John Benlley Bob Benzien Eddie Bigler Rufh Bisfivins Larry Black Willard Blocher Bob Boe David Boehm Jaclc Boggs Jeanne Boles .Wi 7 Carloyn Bradbury Fred Branch Alan Brewer Charles Brown Linda Burns Barbara Buflerbaugh Janel' Caid l'loward Campbell Richard Capper Jay Carnine 36- Cvnfidentlq Jay Crafr Roger Cruser Russell Cryder Lennie Denzel Kennelh Dewing Darrell Dillard ?o1-ward George Carpenfer Jeane+'re Carr Jaclcie Carr Joaquin Caslor Genaro Cenlano Claudia Childers Joe Cochran Norma Colburn Janel Cook Melvin Cooper Ralph Copus Richard Core John Davies Shirley Davis Sue Dresch Ken Duffweiler To Ylae llhde CarOlYn Dwlglwl' Marilyn Dwlglwf Gary Dysarf Dale Eby Terry Elllofl' Frank English Jean Eppley Denms Erulcsen Roberfa Esslemonl' Rex Esflll Doris Evans Dellene Feyma Shurley Fisher Vlcfor Frlzmaurnce Franlc Floyd Terry Fox Kallwleen Fransen 0 Esfher Enriquez pen lbvvm Jan Fraser Jerry Fullcerson Carolyn Furr JoAnne Gallno Amfa Garcia Darlene Gardner Judy Garland Grefchen Garrlclc Don Gluyas Dennrs Goldslean John Goss Emmarle Goudrnaan Jean Gould Carolee Graham Brenda Graves Sluar Gr en eld Marsha Grcefxlq Charlolle Grness lol' future Fred l-lursr Donald Janssen Marsha Jelwnlce Bruce Jenson Lyla Jensen Bob Jones Edine Jones Leslie Jones Nancy Carroll Jones Warner Jue Earl Keilln Tim Jones Leon Kalloaclu Jack Kelley Fred Jordan Jim Karas Tom Kemp Joyce Jordan Bob Keesee Cliff Kenney -4I b00I' Want Roger Kiefer Bolo Kiernan David King E Tran King Wanda Krnnamon Joan Knunke Leon Kraefsclw Gary Kulper Duane Lagomarsmo Judy Leon Carolyn Lewis Don Lockwood Fred Lopez Mary Lorenzana Be'Hy Lupfon Harry Lyon Ne1IMacCulsh Dave Mackie John Mays Challenge Sfeve Marsh Jucly Maller Marnlyn Mayhew Czndv Mazurelc Max McCasl1n Ted McCormack Joyce McCrary Jean McGuire Jaclc McKeown Elmer McNe1lly Ernie Melonas Sharon Meruclcel Roberl Mnlarey Don Muller Glenn Mulclwell Pauline Maiina Mary Malasld Wanda Manning 14114 164470 Al Molina Gary Moore Nancy Moore 'sul' Raymond Morales Michelle Morrnson Marilyn Murphy Grady Nalley Lee Nelson Galen Newell Belmda Norrls Georgua Oluvas Shlrley Olney l-larry Olson John Olson Merry O Nell Joseph Orhz Delores Osburn Dee Paquefle Jack Payne Service Bernell Peferson Babs Pluim Lorefla Poole Dlclc Pope Paula Roush Carol Prosser Beverly Rarnes Charles Ramos Jary Randall Nolan Redman Janice Reecl Jeanne Reed Slnrley Reed JoAnn Ruclwardson Charlene Rnddle Sandra Rnppefoe Mike Peck Carolyn Perry Richard Pefers ,QW Ill. Joe Rivas Alice Robinson Sonny Robinson Sylvia Robinson Chuck Roe Jaclcie Rolls Pal Rose Jerry Rowell 'H' Q if 2 Q I 1 f Alvaro Ruiz Jon Salberg Z 6.. pportunity . . . Marslna Sawyer Louis Schell Linda Sclwmiff' Jim Schwinclf Roland Scoll Joan Secor Larry Shaffer Mary Ann Slnelfon Pal Sieminslci Jim Simpson was-4 -3' 5 Anna Smifh Linda Smilh Yulfillment Norman Smifh Lorerra Solano Jerri Slamps Pal Slarlc Garry Sleele Karen Slevenson lzranlc Slorlc Sheila Sfriclcland Milce Sullivan Janice Talbolr Jean Taliaferro Archie Taylor Mary Taylor Carol Thomas George Thomas Don Towery Joyce Truesdcll Bob Tucker -4 7 Carol Wnllhife Jerry Willis Jucly Willis Doris Woodson Tom Wrighf Jeff Wussow Arlene Yanez Marie Young 48- Happ1neAA .. I o . 0 li 5 ,,, ' x he 12 Harley Tuclcer Rachel Valenzuela Larry Vaughan Judy Vucfor Judy Walling Joan Wafson Ben Weaver Beverly Weaver Alma Wenzel Lenclel While James Whilney Carol Wilmer A ,Q ' if-:,:?' 1252-1'::' 4 14nd Succeu ,fav Bob Carrer Jerry Johnson R' KLA rf f N' ,J If -f M , fam 'UD 4410! 5 if Michael Emde Rnchard Murphy WWA 4-Q' 'Wes- f 'Y' Joan Finn Larry Graves Angle Puhdo Duane Rankin Pamela Waffell BIII Warren Judy a Alberi' Smxfh Thora Wrnghr Mnchael Zerbes 49 1.4 - , , L x Q -'-ff? fl. 'f 'f.'f7f,'J' , 5 f As, 1, , . . r ...QJ f .N 1 -J I I f:3'11.'-R" " ' XQ 'ii'Q.f'1f f' . . M, . ',. 'av-jf . I A ' ' U -as 'w H. - . . 3- if f A 'r 'I A 4 ig ' 1 4 Q I . . L' if ,- -6' . , 'QP-'g' i-4"pt' K 7 5 . .:7'. 7 " ' 1 - 'if-5Q.?f'x5. 4, . a f v. ,iff V. Anja - - 1. 9-5' ,M ' U ,P ' 4.'.":35n 1 1 3. J' ' .' 6? ,, i ."5'l""- N.. . " . .-1-iz' '-'- PM ' - x "-,J '..4LQ,, ' 1 Q, . 4. , , . fi ' 1 3,'-,"'7fgZ- , A' Qif! wif? X ' !-4.5, fn? ' ' , -" :Q 4' rf. .4253 H ll fig-. . A , 1:- 7 . - .. . 1 'g1"7'e: 'PQ A ' Gr . J J? ,' M . . ' v 1 , ,fl . f-sa? SQ-2 if .4 .V - -'Fifa ' f"l F3 4. A ' , - vfi ' - - 'F""-2 A 1- -Q. 1 - a wit. . ,ps . 2 .- , ,I '-"- " f q u, . .,f-63-fgv, - ' -, , M ' f:.:.s:. . -.,,-L-.'.-. .f.:-:rw .- -- - 'Camera Slay " Thronlon Akers Paula Allen David Arneson David Bangs Allred Barrell Linda Bells Wayne Blanlon Elizabelh Brown Michael Canon Jean Carlcner John Chenol Dorolhy Colliers Franlc Dally Jimmy Lee Edwards Ronald Farmer Zane Grillen Yvonne Grimenslein William Halderman Nancy Hensl Wayland Hooven Dixie Lee l-lorsman Kennelh Howard Bill Kirkland William Lane Vivian May Lebow Ruben Ledesma Ralph Looman Jim Mabry Tim Marble Bernard Marino Howard Marlin Rodney McDonough Jerry Morgan Keilh Oliver Adela Pinedo Lupe Ramirez Luada Reimal Eddie Rodriquez Joan Rolhwell Donnie Salsedo Phillip Savala Janice Smilh Dona Sleele Jerry Tallanl Don Towery Roberl Vance Dennis Voshall Paul Walz Dean Wells -N Wig 4 I 'nf 160013 W 28 Wir-wi LUCK ,fur wqbiall B ivfy mtl -50W Oar fl V ,Q H V4 ,p Yu if 'HMV 'IH' L 'EM ff ,X -x wen wfw- gp? rf' wblaww QV . ey -X.,:'..,Q', I: .V l",'7,i1fl'- . lf." . , ' 13'-'i'fi Y -fr.-in-3 ,- - .5--:,,,g.,,4,,.,1..,.,,.,,,,,,ur.M, fig-7g,.x.,QA, 1' I, ' 1, .. ' ., - , ,.',s,. -ra.. ' fr'-My -, ,Ac ,,., .db , .r' if ' l. " J.,-,vff.F'5l5:n-,'gf1.m1,:i . ' i 14 ,im V . , ' J: .Aw , J, ., -- 'vu ' 9 f ' 'M 1 , .v . , ' f .10 .1 f . I -. .Mn r.- -1 'L lr ls y eq! jpg V- mf . ,1y.x .V F Q ,ls R, qw? 'I-. " . . ,fl Q . ,.a. L44 i, .QW-' . 5' ,015 Vg I' -- Q'ys.'5, 5:42, , .- I-.,. -- .5 - 1 , 3.,- ' 'rx :avg r Elf U: QAU. 5 -3' or .se J, . 'ue -' . Q. L. - . Q K .- ,,, . - ,. ,. .-3 . xx- - f ,Z ,k.,.-,'.r. , ,i , .- .E Ac r, s - " , . "- ' :E ., A 1, - ., . ,A . ' , gl: UQ.-, ' N . .. , 1. .iimtclj by at , 1 -. Xp- .. ,, . fr y ul: 4-L, ,f- 7.3 ll, , 1 ' -I., 4, X N., .fi A, ,., QQILQQ -- All-' . ,D ,c 551.s,,52,A.l . ' "HJ-'w"'31 - 7fCi:"?f-V' ' 'VJAUVQ4 7 3"-Q!'f5'gi117':. " . 1-:fx '!," -ls.-, . . , .-va -. ln..--J:,-5-.--, 1' - r, - -17315.--far. '- - -., .'-A A ,, ' gs, 9 -. r J 5. V v 54, I ".., ' - A- -...- 5 i3.gS:g:'32:,',g'. 2 .N . -' fil' E " - -:-.5ief:i'S'-Ti-,.'1" Lf-A' ' ffl . . "W -uw. . W 15'-f.'f..7'E'-.' f I -s -- . f f V 'H F"5-fog?-1'L"".:f':g v' 41,2 -, sf ' 1 " fif',4f',4'e-.4-,-.",' - , 59:55 -A - 4- ., -.-.w wgs ,Ln - , " ' " Q "'.- T ' 'i " , .. ...A 14 G' '. "'5f'fu.- aff? : ,', ,Ag-vgau-,r4.-L - ,lr ' 17'-'-'Z '.. ' . 'r " " .Vi ' V' . .K ,-MM. M In 'Mx' W iw. N- -I ,.4-Q - ., 135. , . f ,- ,. Y 1 ,,-. 4 . . ,.,k.w M7429 ghd-- . n,',K. N ' 1' -A My il . -f , . fa. . - Wa. " ' , M-.Q-g:f,Alf,gfiv,fg I w... ,, . lv, 'Wm JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS pause for a momenf To fall: over The lafesf problems and achievemenfs of The Junior Class. They are, from lef+ +o righl, Jim Winder, Treasurer? Judy Coker, Secrelary: Tammie I-lodgins. Vice-Presidenff Ed Parrish, President 1411 The boom JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL are from leff 'ro righf sealed: Marcia Callahan, Jim Winder, Ed Parrish, Judy Colcer. Sfanding, Tirsf row: Jerry Neufeld, Mildred Grouse, Roloeria I-lughes, Marfha I-lammons, Sharon Farrow, Linda Laurence, Jerry Willingham, Helen Oriega. Second row: Linda Emerson, Mrs. Louise Gould, Advisor, Mary Temple, Linda Freeby, Warner While, Bill Marquez. Third row: Pal Slarwich, Jim Cole, Marlin Fry. , it is X -i ,, .sf ff Carolyn Amar, Barbara Aranl, Yvonne Anlonsen, Jo Begaii, Barbara Allpeler, Donna Alberly, Judy Barnes, Judilh Aldrich. Row 2: Reyes Balderas, Jim Ayers, Diclc Faussel, Barbara Barnlord, lvlarcille Alexander, John Ballord, Dale Alexander, Richie Baley. Row 3: Clarence Bennell, Harry Arrechea, Leonard Bishop, Bob Ericlcson, Warner While, Wayne Boalman, Bill Wingale. 14re ?1-iendlq Row I: Bonnie Barrels, Teresa Barajas, Phyllis Lane, Peggy Boll, Gary Ann Born, Jane Bollinger, Mary Benjamin. Row 2: Alan Bugg, Barbara Blair, Carol Bell, Maria Ben- sor, Cruz Vasquez, Diclc Caflcner. Row 3: Sieve Bovee, Gary Aull, Sieve Builer, Winfred Burden, Larrv Bradley, Fred Chrislie. 14nd ?amiliar To Row l: Ilene Coluburn Kallwy Connell, Janice Collins, Paula Coolc, Glenda Coolc. Joan Corsun, Judy Colcer, Yvelle Coburne. Row 2: Larry Cusey, Roy Callaway, Jim Cloonan, Fred Crist Jim Donolwoo, Doug Clark, Ray Curlis. Row 3: Ron Smilli, Don Benson, Owen Cornell, Bill Floyd, Roberl Del.aCruz, Garv Dennison, Perry Can- dianiden. Row I: Poberla Ellsworllw, Marllwa Denr, Joanne Drew, Pafly Ellio++, Joan Edmoivla, Judy Eggerl, Linda Emerson, Jackie Fenlon, Marcia Callalian. Row 2: Clifford Dy- earl, Andy Elias, Bill Engle, Merrell Denison, Dan Emerson. Jim DeGrallenreid, Lesler Denl. Row 3: Jim Crowdis, Lee DeVries, Roberl Dennison, Richard Deyericlcs, Milce Duran, Jolwn Farr, Bob Eclwelberger. H, 2 C Q 5 aggmlz if i """': 11 2? 4 5 1 H Row l: Linda Boe. Linda Cecil Eelher Campbell Joanne Wlllell, Mary Corlez, Nan Chapman, Bobbie Browne. Row 2: Bernard Cocos, Ryan Bulls, Wall Chilcull, Tom Chaney, Barry Crosby, James Callell, Buddf Burohell. Row 3: Philip Chrislensen, James Brown, John Ray, Rod Blhg, Jim Cole, Bob Pickell. Row l: Frances Fansler, Linda Faria, Durella Fleming, Linda Freeby, Judy Faulkner, Donna Ferandez, Virginia Qowoler, Sharon Farrow. Row 2: Pam Farrar, Marlin Fry, Franlc Farwell, Ronald l'l6OQFl, Mile Gibbons, Loif Sanlerre. Ylae :Milan t union! Row I: Kafhie Glenn, Margaref George, Belly Gilden, Anile Goudriaan, Belly Gib' son. Row 2: Phillip Goodby, Richard Gragg, Edward Cagnon. Edward Goodell. 14 Ylaeq 14M ticipate Row I: Liz Healon, Carol Griffin. Judy Greene, Mariha Hammons, Marilyn Green- lee, Elsie Hernandez, Marian Hughes, Maxine Hee. Row 2: Lynne Hahfield, Millie Grous, Alice Jean Holland, Joanne Hewsfon, Sarah Hann, Carol Griess. Pal Guinn, Sandra Phillips. Row 3: Ed Hill, Doyle Keilh, Wayne Wesf, Cecil Hensley, Jack Gordon, Jan Harmonson, Paul Hawkins, Dennis Curlis. Row I: Pal' Holbrook, Tammie Hodgins, Judy Jensen, Averil Jones, Jeanne Jue, Car- men Jones. Row 2: Bob lres, Sfanley Jue, Frank Jones, Mike JeweH, Jack Holmes. Row 3: Winfred Jolley, Jon Holfen, Jerome Jenson, Richard Devericks. laellfidvm... Row I: Alla Howery, Joyce Horlon, Lorella Kinnamon, Dickie Kossow, Jeaneffe Hungerford, Pal Harshfield, Birdie Hughes, Mary Ellen Garcia. Row 2: Bob Hughes, Joyce How- ard, Connie Harlman, Maybelline Jones, Carolyn Hodgson, Kalhy Holler, Barbara I b ll T - ' ' s e , om lnouye. Row 3. Sieve Holub, Terry Larrabee, Bill Vinl, Larry Vaughan, Marvin Holden, Roy Holloway, Ken Hope. -- ' - wnmmrg-W"--'Y 'H HH'--'H-'-A ff Af f ' "i'c..'..'f 4 . 2 i 1 A., E' s 5 M -is Row I: Nancy Jones, Pal Kingslon, Gail Kirkpalrick, Judy Laird, Kalhleen Lackie, Jackie Lannb, Liz Hughes. Row 2: Lynn Lopez, Arlie Langford, Linda Laurence, Ei- leen Macflabe, Priscilla Mack, Dorolhy Lockell. Row 3: Terry Jenkins, John Kins- lalher, Ron Kauer, David Krall, Roberl' Leighlon. 14nd Wonder-A Row l: Maudie Landers, Barbara Lee, Sharon Mayhew, Hilda Marlinez. Row 2: Thomasina Lane, Sue McKay, Carlene Lawhon, Marlene Marrs, Janel McEqan, Collon Hines. Row 3: Don Macklin, Larry Lollon, Eddie Lemons, Ted Levey, Ralph Lalham. Colo Mabry. WEP! Eff M51 PM-f l: 'sh Nor' l'o,3:or, lfary Romine, Jeanie Morgan, Shirley Nelson, Donna Mellin- gor, Doroihy McMillan, Pal Munger. Row 2: Franlc Munzer, John Mccormiclc, Palsy Markle, Muriel Nelson, Vickey Nefherlain, Deloise Newman, Raymond O'Hara Howard Meadows. Row 3: George Milner, Roloerf Moon, Kenne+h Merrell, Archie McDeviH, Bill Marquez, Ronnie Morena, Alex Marquez. Nnvtlaer ear Row I: Joan Phelan, Anne Payne, Wanda Oliver, Helen Orlega, Paddy Palelzick. Sharon Owens, Leia Hughes, Jacquelyn Reamer. Row 2: Jerry Neufeld, Eddie Par- rish, Reggie Pierce, Dave Plannelle, Bobloy Parlcer, Charlie Marlinez, Joe Pledger, Henry Quan. Row 3: Don Pelrerson, Jaclc Pelerson, Jack Pierce, Billy Quarles, Ken Mooney, Roberl Phillips, Floyd Posenlce. ,i Row I: Judy Robinson. Carolyn Rve, Elizabelh Pendergrass, Aurae Roach, Karen Prurzier, Emogene Reed, Helen Sampson. Row 2: Bobby Rivas, Raymond Sparks, Ting Roberls, Marilyn Reich, Linda Reilzel, Tabea Renllrow, Jim Reynolds. Row 3: James Roberlson, Pele Ruscher, Greg Savard, Dave Reese, Jan Rowclen, Howard Robinson. an "" fat "" 'i' ai' i "" .. ys life! :N- ,-ff! Row I: Marilyn Simpson, Hedda Schwede, Joyce Schommer, Apollonia Schineder Carol Shrum, Robina Scaile, Sharon Springer. Row 2: Mary Spradling, Errol Schell Darrell Sechresl, Eddie Sanders, Sleven Sallcind, Frankie Barnard. Row 3: Fred Skill, Leonard Solo, Jay Porler, Jim Shallner, Jan Sioberg, Charles Sargent Row I: Sue Spires, Sl'1eila Suflon, Mary Sumner, Slwirley Sfeele, Diana Sranlev, San dra Spicer. Row 2: Vickie Thomason, Belli Neuman, Orville Smiflw, Sylvia Urbin Linda S+iH'gen. Row 3: Ernie Sawyers, Pal Slarwich, David Sproul, William Sfeller l Row I: Glendr Trenlwolm, Mary Van Qrder, Clif- Trom. Russell W. Row I: Lahoma Wall, Mickey Talboll, JoAnn Wails, Pal Werre, Linda Wongeman. Row 2: Marilyn Voigt Jan Van Zandt Bill Weslenbarger, Carol Wilson, Carol Woods. Row 3: Ren Vurpillar, Earl Walson, Pele Wynn, Madis Valdma. Row I Frances Wilkins Gerry Willinglwam Janice Zimmel Norma Jo Woods Phyllis Wnilson Row 2 Roberl Yanez Roy Yelo Sleve Young Braulio Wilson Row 3 Jerry Williams Don Willnelm Jim Wynelmen Clnesler Wlmpee SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS qreer one ano+her and commenf abouf Ihe Ia+es+ assembly They are from IeII Io rnghf Nancy Har rIs secrefary Lunda Cone 'rrea surer Judy I-Iousfon vlce pres: :Ii den+ and Beau Carfer presIden+ SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL Row I BIII Srny+he John PageH Phul Grlnfon I-Ienry IvIcGarrah Mlss Shelfon NeIIIv1cKay Mr Nemson Ted England Iv1IIce Trevor Bob Labar+he John WeIqIe Row 2 Paf Baker Sharon Jones LInda Cone Mary I-Iowe Beau Carrer Jon Colhns Laura Irrlapke CarIyn Ackerman LInda Been Nancy I-IarrIs Row 3 Clndy AIrnond Sara Sue FIannery Judy Housfon KaIhIe Iv1cNeII EIIeen Walfers Karen GrassIe Tom CIarI4 Carol Dodds eeplng Through , . I I ' ' I I I ' ,i . .- , I I I, Q, V Q I I - II - I I I I I I - I I I I + - I I I I I I I I I - - I I I I I I I - ,I Row I: Brenda Ayee, Conrie Baker, Par Arderson, Joeeprwrne Anierson, Haffne Barra, Charlene Aorams, Snrley Bfawod. Rolf 2: Srfrley Birdwe , Unda Azern Barbara Baffard, Par Balfer, Cardyn Abernfan Eneen Bagley, Iva Ar'2'1en,CfndyA..A mono. Row 3: Joe AWarnfNo, Eugene Arelarez. CParEe5 Avanh Jon Allen, Sann Af- cInEe-ga. Row I: Anna Barfsdn Juoy Barflnolomew, Linda Been Julia Barfoe GWorIa Bwoerfe Dee Ballard, Row 2: Ga:e Bakamo, Carolyn Burden Barbara Anderson, Arn Ben zren Bonnie Boyd, Joyce Benneff, Deanna ArnoNo. Pow 3: J. C. Barden, Miqud Be Cerra, Sfeprwen BaB, Kerne+Yn Bain, Gam' Bafee, Deniz Blalr. Row I Sharon Boyd Maxine Blocher Mary Nell Bufler Charlene Bullingron Ju Buckland Sue Bruce Slella Caslro Jeanelle Cassidy Row 2 Ted Brekke Jim Bowles Paul Brackrog Charles Buck Monly Boswell James Branlley James Burnis Row3 Chuck Bryanl Bob Brown Kennelh Bonn Carol Brown Bob Borrell Tim Brown he Starry-fqed .XXX Row Izfkuqusla Crouch, Judy Core, Janice Condil, Belly Donaldson, Pam Curry, An- gie Corona, Shirley Corsaw. Row 2: Melvin Curci, Dick Cooper, Bob Cusey, David Connell, Jerry Cooper, Claylon Colrrin. Row 3: Jon Collins, Bill Cricss, Jim Cul- berlson, James Cozby, Clayfon Dulce. Row I Ton: Clarlc Berry Carrer Norma Clrne Jean l-layes Janne Cooper Carol Currls Peggy Boarruglwr Row 2 ParlcCl'1ln Prlsculla Campbell Jane+C1gneHl Jean Camp Linda Cone Linda Crawford Fred Cecil Row 3 Beau Carrer Eugene Cenreno Edward Carlos Vlcror Varela Sumon Camarlllo Jimmy Chan Bud Cole Sepia omvl-eA Row l Carolyn Dugger C l n Dowd Crarlolre Evans Debble Dullveld Linda Davuson Carolyn Donarhan Carol Dodd Row 2 Ray Duran Ellen Drrrman Linda Dodds Jane Dlclcson Laurerla Duncan Danny Dwrglwr Row 3 Larry Dawes Ray Duly Terry Del"larven Adam Drsll Ken Davis MW? . . I . I I . r . - 3 . I I I I I ' ,v . if xg W 'wie ,fa ,,, W V rx J 31 . f 2 5 ik! , . Q A r. N , , .x . . 4 , ,,n?A. Y , ' y xx in 4 ' ' ,V A 'Y r 1 I yamym 1 , ' A 5 f-X2 Q W I J b NM ,X A 4 . . ' . , , 5. : . , . . . - 3 . I I I ' glimfued Row l: Jean Fauslcee, Judy Enloe, Clwaron Cessna, Belly Dodd, Darlene Fly, Clela Ferguson, Row 2: John Fosler, Sara Sue Flannery, Karen Ewing, Peggy Ellis, Gary Filclw. Row 3: Larry Edwards, Roberl Farrow, Darrell Eby, Rod Figueroa, Tom Freese, Ramsey Earnlwarl, Roger Engle. Row l: Barabara Gallinger, Karen Goodwin, Linda Griffillw, Darlene Frazier, Virginia Garces, Dani Goode. Row 2: Claudia Gilbert Jean Greagg, Helen Gomez, Bar- bara Graeser, Maria Gellner, Gail Gisl, Karen Grassle. Row 3: James Garger, Dale Greening, Dan Guzman, Phil Grinfon, Bob Gould, Russell Emory. .nf 14 Uiew Upper-Row I: Gracie Hodgson, Janice Hall, Rachel Guzman, Pamela Hansen, Car- ole Hellron, Anneffe Hellon, Susan Helbling, Belly Hee. Row 2: Fidel Garcia, John Hobbs, Joyce Haynes, Joyce Herron, Nancy Hess, Laura Haplce, Nancy Harris, Ronnie Glynn. Row 3: Wal+er Hays, Gary Hood, Jim Hobbs, Jerry Howery, Del Gales, Dennis Howarlh, Harold Hood, Joe Holland. Lower-Row I: Judy Housron, Mary Howe, Kay Hansen, Diana lngold, Nancy Hud- dleson, Sharon Huclcaby, Pam Hunr. Row 2: Carol Holly, Lynn Hooper, Sherry Hamplon, Pal' Kelley, Jan Harlley, Susan Jensen, Jean Jaclcson, Sharon Hofflund. Row 3: Dave James, Bob Kimball, Ronnie Hon, Roberr Hogan, Randy Huslcey, Myron Harrison. .MW :,.. ,SR si. ...-nf""" Row I: Nancy Kull, Edna Jue, Sharon Kimbrough, Judy Lalham, Suzanne Kruse, Sharon Jones, Nancy Lee. Row 2: Dennis l-lowarfh, Gail Lamson, Renee Jones, Jackie Jamar, Judy Lafhrop, Lorraine Larramendy, Ronnie Jones. Row 3: George Harrison, Lewis James, Bob Korn, Charles Lambefh, Mike Killingsworlh, Bob Labarlhe, Merle James. Of Tlaingzf Row I: Sharon Louk, Karen Lunsford, Judy McEgan, Barbara Maccabe, Diane Mc Cufcheon, Pal Linlon, Linda Lewis, Jean Hawkins. Row 2: Tony Lopez, Finlay Mac Leod, Diane Louderback, Lou Leonard, Peggy Lorenz, Carol Lorenzana, Devone Lewis. Russell Lovell. Row 3: Ron Mccurley, Gilberl Marlin, Bob Locey, Gerry Looman Ron Lopez, Jim Loree, Loren Lundle, John Maclean, Bill Lundy. M.. l Jr" ks' Li M' X f, ,, .fi L""'?iQ3 Row I: Mary Ann Madrid, Virginia Macias, Rosiia Macias, Slwirlee Mafsell, Kallwie McNeil, Diane Mascaro, Susan Maurer, Clwarlorle Marquis. Row 2: Bill Markle, Bob McClaran, Jay Maller, Bob McPherson, Marlin McCoy, Ronald Maclc, George Mar- linez, Tom Lindsay. Row 3: Jerry McKay, Ronald Kelwrer, Danny Manze, Neil Mc- Kay, Jerry Kilpalriclc, Jolwn Marrs, Gerry Mandell, Phil McMal'ion, Gerald Marlin. 70 Come Row l: Priscilla Miller, Carmen Mayfield, Suzanne Moore, Elizabeflw Moore, Linda Morris, Linda Olney, Virginia Medrano, Connie Miiarez. Row 2: Tony Manioya, Garrie Michael, Brenda Morris, Barbara Monlgomery, Dee Miller, Sammy' Morales. Bobby Miles. Row 3: Wayne Moore, Bill Maxwell, Ed Morris, Alberi' Biclcer, Bob Millard, Roberl Vincenl Morales. Luis Mora. Row l: Joyce Palmer, Peggy Nelson, Sandy Owen, Julie lvlorion, Annie Orranle, Chris Olson, Sue Overslreef, Dixie Mullen. Row 2: Bill Overielr, Jerry Morrow, Bob Nalley, Jaclc Neal, Eddie Orliz, Allan Oson, Bob Nidelfer. Row 3: AI Hari. Jim Polrfer, Themes Pappas, Bernard Cross, Ronnie Nichols, Jon Ray, John Pagefl. Flewed With Row l: Helen Posenlce, Diane Powell, Diane Parker, Sherill Pelerson, Leslie Pierce, Sandy Pererson, Judy Norris. Row 2: Danny Peferson, Danny Poush, Sharon Neu- feld, Sharon Pax, Carolyn Planneile, Dick Pederson, Fernando Pina. Row 3: Donnie Pelers, Terry Ulanlc, Jerry Phillips, Terry Pierce, Gerald Pilce, Tom Parlcer, Paul Powers. he IN 'Q L Row l: Sally Ralhlon, Charlo++e Rogers, Yolanda Romero, Mary Raygosa, June Rags- dale, Diane Radford. Row 2: Brian Smilh, Par Reihal, Spencer Rilzen, Callelano Romero, Genero Rivas. Row 3: Billy Roberls, Julian Ramirez, Joseph Robinson Larry Sanders, Forresl Roclchold, Lloyd Rodgers. Pan t Row I: Shirley Schmidt Wilma Reed, Mary Schwarz, Diana Scoif, Gloria Savala, Learrice Reddriclc. Row 2: Susan Schollz, Judy Rolhwell, Sarifa Sechresl, Virginia Sager, Sue Schmidt Carol Sanders, Linda Rousseau. Row 3: Don Pridware, Jack Schmela, Glen Scoll, Richard Seery, Richard Scurloclc, J. B. Rowell, Michael Sacher. if l n Row l: Niclcey Whirish, Dois Valenzuela, Sherryl Johnson, Slydine Woocls, Francene Terlesky, l-lelen Savala, Lynne Seek. Row 2: Barry Ruseros, Richard Salseclo, Doro- 'rhy Turner, Kay Miller. Janice Vorava, Ronald Simpson, Sfephen Schulze. Row 3: Oliver Smilh, Craig Skinner. George Snibley, Bill Sampson, Gary Slrafford. 1411 ticipating Row I: Sue Smifh, Nancy Sigmon, Mariha Simons, Carolyn Therriauli, Maureen Slevens. Row 2: Bill Smyrhe, Dolores Smirh, Colleen Siuelrgen, Bill Teague. Row 3: Kennelh Slanley, Charles Travis, Jim Snodgrass, Bolo Smilh, Jack Thompson, Ron- nie Nichols. 'f 'f'SZ?if:ff"9 A ' W gewvwn f f '64 . sm x . 5, X.r- 4 Yi? Siviwriev - . Q. '-.zmifwf-T 'K-Fm.: Row I: Diane Valine, Virginia Talley, Mary Sluarf, Nicki Sfone, Par Thorson, Sheila Sullivan. Row 2: Linda Sfewarf, Dick Slrroiny, Mike Trevor, Scolf Townsend, Deanna Taucherf. ?u ture Row I: Sandy Williams, Linda Walling, Aida Wallace, Gloria Webb, Dana William- son, Mary Lou Wilhire, Brenda Waddell, Mary Lou Weiseh, Geraldine Tucker, Jenny Windsor. Row 2: Pamela Wesrcorr, Sandra VanOrder, Eileen Walrers, Judv War- ren, l-lerry Valk, Ailene Woolon, Jackie Williams, Joyce Vermeulen, Judy Worlhley, Sharrell Kay Wilkie. Row 3: Gerald Tucker, George Wynn, Sieve Zimrick, Dannie Yelo, Larry Whelan, Bob Williams, Richard Woolsey, Richard Udall. Row 4: Lindon Turnage, David Wallerl, l-larley Williams, John Weigle, Ed Vance, Errol Werrie, Bob Woodson, Don Walker. he af f e A 4 f 1' f':1,i'N 'N f 'f' -r' J' M fk',fflf'rf be ' .x"i-f '4fe"'7iL 'fr f ' f .w,.g., Q:.uJi,, ,, . . 15:1 ' ef , ' 7 Q:'uef4.?i,51..'1f.z.:1ff .,a'.'L.a...f.. A, Ad. . . , 1 Emi' 1 ..-1" ob' ot' 00' l 1? , 'E We 14 'bool- A05 "?'0'v X, i QQ' fig , as Y , z IRQ f f Eagyvjfffa. 5245 vf V1 13 fig: 5239 af 2' 'W .,. fiafsirif P, ef , N T, - , . 'Miz-J fi YE. We "Can I bleed info lhe guHer7" "Haven'+ you golf Thar dummy ready Yer?" "This won'l malce a good cull" "Will somebody PLEASE wriie rhis copy!" "Wha'r happened To The ac- riviry secl'ion?" No, il"s nor a madhouse. only 'rhe Black Gold sfafi working againsl lime fo bring oul' 'rhe '57 ediiion of your annual. Wifhour Mrs. Sophia Bram- hall, our advisor. and Lois Sanrerre, our ediror, we would never have been able 'ro compleie Jrhis. your memenio of anolher happy, fun- paclced year al' Veniura Senior High School. We hope you'll have as rnuch lun reading lhe Blaclc Gold as we had compiling I+ for you. Signed, BLACK GOLD STAFF Lois Sanlerre .....,... ............ E difor Judy Garland ....... ...... A ss+. Edifor Maxine Hee ...... Diana Hidalgo ............ Jan Sjoberg ,..... Marlene Marrs .. Roy Yelo ........ Al Brewer ......,,. Kaihy Connell ,,... Carolyn Eurr ..... Marilyn Murphy ....... George Carpenler Susan Schollz ........ Joan Edmonds ..,.., Hedda Schwede ..... Lynn Lopez .........,., Ad. Manager Bus. Manager Phorographer Girls' Sporls . Bovs' Sporis Boys' Sporis Copy Copy CopY Copy Copy Copy Ari Arr Mrs. Sophia Bramhall .........,.. Adviser Upper Leif-Lois Sanlerre, Edi+or-in- chieig upper right Judy Garland, As- sislanl Ediiorg Cenler lefl, Maxine Hee, Adverlrising Managerg cenier righr, Diane Hidalgo, Business Man- ager: lower lefr, Jan Sioberg, Phoro- grapher: lower righr, Mrs. Sophia Bramhall, Adviser. Were dt f ery boar QQ Nzffifrf-Qsevca, arf-'F X QC ,aa-'Lad 5 ,gf 1110 gx 634 Qvfidsph, nz fx fy 15 W IQEQQ-3. 4? QE' Q j, Y A ff ,V A T , , V Y- 1 5 if . P. f , L , M if . , 1, -gl ,,,, : , .Q A L 73 ' ' ,5 Q 3' v ,,,, , , G J ,E , ff ' V. 1 A7 E ..., - gr 3 ','..- ' L'-J-VT' ' N -Q Za , ii, V v- . VM WV xl, , va-I' ft :V V. A . , ' ' ' , 'f 1' -i fi I. ' if ' ' fi A5 :' - Ai 1 X. .ff , f ' ' ' 1 Q V l f . :F-'15,-:mr 'X ' ' is 2' 'Q-"-'t"'f'1A 3 . f- 4. W- .- , 1 ' ' I fait 1 ' 41 ' - Q N 1 5 ., gi , ' , w-5 I ' . -,g-. W , 7 1 " ' ' K ' I GJ 14114 Kept 'lfvu O- A mad rush fo meef fhe deadline fran fic lasf mmufe dashes fo fhe prlnfers funal relneved snghs when The Cougar IS af lasf dnsfrnbufed fo VSHS sfudenfs Yes fhe Cougar sfaff worked hard fo presenf us wlfh some fop nofch ednfnons Sonny Robnnson Larry Black VIClOr Fufzmaurlce Bull Halderman Reporfers Sfu Greenfeld Dnrecfor of Publxcaflons Jean Mc6unre Edlfor nn Chief Jnm Gufhrle Page I Ednfor Bob Tuclcer Re porfer Judy Vncfor and Alan Brewer Page Edlfors Judy Garland Buslness Sue McKay Vlrgmla Gowder Reporf ers Mrs Whnfeman Advlser Barbara Bamford Judy Greene Grefchen Tren holm Barbara Lee Joan Edmonds and Barbara Alfpefer Reporfers of our schoo paper fhrs year Under fhe capable dlrecflon of Mrs Whzfe man and Jean McGulre The sfaff dnd an excellenf 'ob of reporflng school news We re proud of our punlor your nalusfs who dud a professional IO x W' If 'lf' 1 I e 1 3 'ffl Manager. I l l B . l - I . ' I 1 - . . . l In l 1 - . T Well yhf0l'm6d Crealuve wrllung a+ VSH has a chance To shane sn our 'Iwo Inlerary magaznnes THE BLOTTER and THE CUB Composed moslly ol malerlal from lhe crealsve wrallng class THE BLOTTER comes oul lhree hmes a year fall wlnler and sprung THE CUB on lhe olher hand IS published Iusl once a year IH June I+ conlalns lhe besl wrlllen malerual from lhe sludenl body and The prize wunnnng enlrles from lhe George H Wilson Memorial Crealuye Wrllung Conlesl Wlnners of The conlesl lhus year are IH lhe shnrl slory dwusuon Isl place Vuclor Fnlz maurnce 2nd and 3rd places Vnrglnna Gowder IH lhe poelry duvlsnon Isl place Pamela fn' Hansen 2nd place Don Walker and 3rd place Lynne Seelc un The essay dnvnsuon ls? place Bull Halderman 2nd place Vnclor Fnlzmauruce 2nd pace Duane lvlcCu+cheon Honorable men Q- .4-' llons wenl lo Vuclor Fllzmaurlce and Karen Ewing for lheur Q, 'Qi W S, fd, Xe- , S 2? I ssays and 'ro Lynne Seek lor her shorl slory Unoer lhe guldlng hand of Mr Roberl Ferrus members ol lhe azlnes They are Row I Jerry Neufeld Vlrgunua Gowder Dorls Woodson Bob Mabry Ann Payne Lrnda Talbol and lvlr Bob Ferris Adylsor Row 2 Jane Bollinger Judy Norms BII Halderman Sonny Robnnsor Don lvlunsler Bob Phulllps Bob Moon Don Janssen Vlcky Nelherlaln Kalhy Connell Delolse Newman Luz Healon Jeanne Jue Duclcne Kossow Jean Carlmner gvw gg, awww'- , . . . . . . , -.52 . . . . . . 7 .' I:-FX", ,N Q " my hug, .- IQ 'vu-f. V 25.1, I , . , , . "-Sf, 'Egg M-Rf? . - vga . , 3. E fp Allis? creallve wriling class collecl and edll lhe malerial for lhe mag- . ' ' - I' . . - . . -- ,111-l, 7 '., ' 5' ' ' jf" 1 4 Y x . '. ' '. ' . .' -.jf --n . f ' I . I 1-jx -. .' -gg, N , h ll U . , U An.,-' .1 - wg: A V , - -1l1'1"1':"i ,. F, L J , fy-JirgMI.vx:rm7,' ' . ' . '. ' F----v 82- Tliely Have In CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION and NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY we have +he school brain Irusl' These I'wo honor sociehes bolh rewar.I 'rhelr members wilh annual field frips Seniors who have been members of CSF for four semes+ers one o +hem as a semor may become life members CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION-Lell lo Righl Row I. Linda Laurence Treas. Jim Sch- windl Pres. Barbara Bamlord Vice Pres. Maxine He- Sec: Row 2: Jenny Windsor Sherrill Pelerson Barbara Gallinger Toni Clark Esrher Enriquez Belsy McKee Carol Wiker Marlha Hammons Jane Bol- linger Lois Sanlerre Kalhy Connell Judy Garland' Row 3: Kalhie McNeil Judy Core Linda Smilh Pal Sie- menski Marilyn Mayhew Marilyn Murphy Jean McGuire Judy Leon Roberla Esslernonl Roy Yelo Warner Whire Bill Engel Tom Inouye Linda Faria Marilyn Simpson Virginia Gowder. Pow 4: Sharon Pax Carol Shrum Barbara Lee Doris Evans Peggy Boll Warner Jue Gary Dysarlr Charlie Roe Peggy Boalrighl' Judy Greene Barabara Allpelzr Grolclnen Trenholm Joan Edmonds Hedda Sch- wede: Row 5: Carolyn Bradbury, Sue McKay, Gail Kirkpalrick, Marlha Denl, Judilh Aldrich, Glenda Thomas, Dorlhy McMillan, Carol Bell, Bonnie Barrels, Belh Neuman, Sara Sue Flannery, Janel Cook, Sharon Mayhew, Glenda Cook, Paula Cook: Row 6: Durella Fleming, Joanne Hewslon, Marlene Marrs, Joyce Jordan, Joyce Horlon, Joan Corsun, Edine Jones, Sharon Farrow: Row 7: Karen Ewing, Nancy Kull, Joyce Palmer, Debbie Duffield, Mary Howe, Barbara Blair,JanellTyler, Diane Lauderback, Joyce Bennell, Eslher Campbell, Carol I-lammaker, Carol Prosser, Leslie Jones, Maureen Slevensg Row 8: Virginia Sager, Pamela Hansen, Shirley Sleele, Grelchen Garrickg Row 9: Rick Baley, Jim Reynolds, Jack Gordon, Roy Griggs, Darrell Sechresl, Melvin Cooper, Richard Murphy, Mr. Ferris, ad- visor, Miss Davenporl, advisor, John Pagell, Roberl Farrow, Bob Cusey, John Weigley Row IO: Slanley Jue, Slephen Schulze, Tom Freeze, Jeff Voigl, Don Pelerson, Ren Vurpillal. .......,.,..............-------- Wee Com blnatzvn NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Lelr lo Rughr Pursr Row Leslie Plerce Sandy Peferson Gaul Kurlcparruclc Barbara Gallrnger Nancy Kull Jarwce Talboll' Carol Wrlcer Marlha l-lammons Marlyn Murphy Secrelary Judy Vrcfor Pres Michelle Morrnson Vrce Pres Jane Bollinger Barbara Bam lord Lrnda Laurence Maxrne He Row 2 Par Rose Joanne Hewslon Lorranne Laramendy Ton: Clarlc Marilyn Mayhew Belsy McKee Jean McGuire Judy Leon Roberla Esslemonl Roy Yelo Warner Whale Brll Engel Tom lnouye Lnnda Farua Lrz Hughes Berry l-lee Row 3 Judy Garland Kalhue McNeal Sharon Pax Duane McCurcheon Jenny Wrndsor Carolyn Bradbury Warner Jre Chuclc Roe Wanda Hesfer Peggy Boar rrghl Judy Greene Barbara Allpeler Grelchen Trenholm Joan Edmonds Loss Sanlerre Pow 4 Lrnda Cone Judf l-louslon Mary Howe Joyce Palmer Pam l-lansen Glenda Thomas Bonne Barlels Belh Neuman Sara Sue Plan nery Jane? Cook Sharon Mayhew Sharon Farrow Karhy Connell Row 5 Janice Vorava Karen Ewrng Marfha Denl Judufh Aldrlch Carol Bell Dorolhy McMillan Durella Plemrng Marlene Marrs Joyce Jordan Joyce l'lorl'on Anne Payne Pow 6 Barbara Graser Janice Condrr Debbie Dulhed Vurgunna Sager Sh rley Sleele Grelchen Garrlclc Barbara Blair Jane-ll Tyler Diana Louderbaclc Joyce Bennelr Carol l-lammalcer Barbara La Monre Maureen Srevens l-ledda Schwede Row 7 Jaclc Gordon Sru Greenleld Boy Grrgg Jeff Vorgf Rack Baley Melvrn Coop er Jrm Schwrndr Jam Culberrson John Pagerr Beau Carrer Bob Cusev John Wergle George Carpenrer Row 8 Ken Dewung Slephen Schulze Brll Maxwell Jack Neal Bob Gould 'lofi if az, lf" ll wa il ry .5 iv f -83 14nd 'Yfeq " 4-. The annual Career Day which has always been a brg success vs sponsored by The able and achve KEY CLUB under The guudance of Mr Zorovuch Those delicious dough nuls sold af The baskefball games and The programs which we all enloyed readung a+ +he Toolloall games were The resull of Thus club s work I+ rs a selechve group of boy sponsored by The Krwanns Club and Hrs members Include hrslr row Rus ell Walker Secrerary Mlke Jewell' Vice Pres Harley Tucker Pres Gary Dysarl Treasurer Sec ond row Frank Jones Sluarl Greenfeld Jack Gordon B1IIWaren Vlrgrl Nalley Pele Ruscher Dave Planne++e Terry Jenksns Sranlev Jue lThurd row John Page++ Warner Jue Roland Scoll Chuck Roe Dave Boehm Cliff Dysarl and John Davies . . I .. . I. J S I To Zlndel-A tending Parlez vous Francaus7 l-lable usled Espanol7 Sprechen Sue Deu+ch7 Don 'r be alarm d Hs uusf fhe COSMOPOLITAN CLUB al worlc Thus year They concenlraled on earnung money +o brung an exchange sludenu' +o VSI-l by sellung Fruendshup Bonds Row I Belh Neuman Barbara Bamlord Arhe Langford Secrelary l-ledda Sch wede Vuce Presudenl Gelchen Tre-nholm Treasurer Kalhy Connell Presudenl Jane Bollunger Karen Lunsford Susan l-lelblung and Tonu Clarlc Row 2 Bonnue Barlels lvlarulyn Sumpson Lunda Laurence Barbara Allpeler Sharon Mayhew Vurqunua Gowder Nancy Kull Joyce Palmer Muchelle lvlorruson Hulda Marhnez Maxune l-lee Duxue Mul len Belly l-lee and Mr Rulhner Row3 Muss Crawford Garrue Muchael Carol Bell Barbara Blaur Shurley Sleele Judy Colcer Claudua Gulberl Sharon Farrow Duane Louderbaclc Januce Volava Januce Condul Debbue Dufufueld Duane Mascaro and Carolyn Therruaulu' Row 4 John Weugle Ramsey Earnharl John Ray lvlarrha Denr Jenny Wundsor Jean Camp Marlene Marrs Prusculla lvlaclc Joyce l-loward Joan Ed monds Joyce Bennelr Nancy Sugmon Barbara Beer Apollonua Schneuder Warner Whule Bob Lab rfhe and Roy Yefo eh . Q l . . - .l - l .I v: -l .Z u V. .I . u Q 'u - '. 6 . . A-.L K 6- lnleresfed in Jrlwe world and Hs happen- ings, FOREIGN AFFAIRS lceeps a close Tab on wl1a+'s new and wlwy. Jerry Neu- feld, Pres., Roy Yelo, Vice-Pres., Laura l-laplce, Sec. Row 2: Dannie Yelo, Charles Travis, Joyce Bennerl, Susan Sclwollz, Joyce Howard, Priscilla Mack. Row 3: Mr. lvlarra, Adviser, Jcsepli Robinson. The Y-TEENS, or Jrlwe "Live Yrersu, as llwe girls call lnemselves is a newly or- ganized club 'for sopliornore girls. As a branch of llwe YMCA llwey are plan- ning lor a lousy summer lull ol aclivilies and lun. The Live Y-ers are, Row l: Joyce Bennell, Janice Volava, Diane Louderbaclc. Row 2: Linda Been, Les- lie Pierce, Carolyn Plannefle. The World 'VE A--'- GAA-Row I: Belly Luplon. Presidenl, Linda Faria, Vice Pres.. Janell Tyler, Sec.-Treas., Barbara Blair, Poinl' Recorder. Row 2: Linda Grifiilh, Chris Olson, Deb- bie Duffield, Ann Armslrong, Ro- bina Scaife, Leslie Pierce, Barbara Graeser, Priscilla Maclc, Barbara Isbell, Marcia Callahan. Row 3: Judy l'louslon, Mary Howe, Carol Prosser, Sandy Pelerson, Birde Hughes, Linda Emerson, Barbara Allperer, Kalhy Holler, Sandy Williams. Bellie Mae Gibson. Row 4: Belinda Norris, Anila Garcia, Pal Siemenslci, Judy Greene, Diana Louderbaclc, Susan I-lelbing, Joanne Hewslon, Pal Rose, Maureen Slevens. Row 5: Judy Norris, Linda Sfewarl, Eslher Enriquez, Nancy Sigmon, Janice Volava, Joyce Bennelrl, Virginia Gowder, Jaclcie Lamb, Jacquelyn Reamer. Rowbz Virginia Sager, Carolyn Perry, Lou Leonard, Peg- gy Lorenz, Sara Sue Flannery, Carol Bell, Belly Gilden, Grelchen Tnenholm, Marene Marrs, Gerl- chen Garriclc, Gary Ann Born, Judy Garland. 14nd yu Wonder-A PONDEROSA TRI-HI-Y is a service club 'lor Senior girls which includes in ils aclivilies communily inleresls and spealcers. Row I: Judy Garland, Carol l-lammalcer, Chaplain, Belsy McKee. Treas., Carol Prosser, Vice-Pres., Anna Smilh, Joyce Truesdell. Row 2: Car- olyn Furr, Marilyn Murphy, Judy Mal- ler, Grelchen Garriclc, Carolyn Brad- bury, Rec. Sec., Belly Lupion, Pres., Leslie Jones, Corres. Sec., Lynne Barry Ann Armslrong, Dianne Ranlcin, His- forian. -87 8- JR. RED CROSS-l.ef'r fo Righff Row I: Robina Scaile, Pal Rose Comm Chair Judy Maller, Sec., Nancy Auer. Row 2: Judy Garland, Michelle Morrison.. Joanne Hewsfon. PRE-NURSES-Lefr lo Righr: Mary Ellen Gar- cia, Sharon Mayhew. Vice-Pres.: Carol Ham- malcer, Pres.: Paula Cook, Corres. Sec.: Ei- leen MacCabe, Rec. Sec.: Gerry Willing- ham. Row 2: Fran Willcins, Ann Arm- srrong, Peggy Boll, Hilda Marfinez, Robina Scaile, Belinda Norris, Sara Sue Flannery, Pal Thorson. Row 3: Her- mine Leavens, PHN., adviser, Jane? MC- Egan, Mary Sruarf, Grefchen G a r r i c lc, Joan Edmonds, Joanne Hewsfon, Lynn Barry, Par Rose. Nwait Th me COED HIY LeI+ Io RIgI'II Row I Tlwora Wrnghf BonnIe Barfels Jeanne Reed Mr WII bur advxser Warner Jue Judy Greene Carol Guess Shurlev Davas Row2 Barbara Blalr Jean Eppley Joyce Jordan BeII'1 Neuman Maxnne Hee ALLIED YOUTH LeII Io Rnglwl Row I Edune Jones Sec Treas Renee Jones Judy Core Carolyn PlanneI'Ie BeHy Hee Lunnne Denzel Row 2 Marcna Callahan Barbara Bufferbauqn Ede Barlcer Joan Klunlce Karen SI'evenson Manlyn Dwsglwl' Judy Hall Carolyn Dwuglnl Millie Grous Sue Dresclw ROW3 James D Porler co advlser Roy Yefo Ronald Mack Jlrn Cole lvllclwelle lvlorruson Jan Fraser Joyce Sclmommer PaI'rIJo Slarlc Judy Jo Hayes Jane Holloway Jaclue Rolls Wanda Hesfer Carolyn Huclc Jerrl Sfamps, Jan Reed. Paul Laurence, co adviser. Wino Prepare -1 I , : , ,I 'I ' ll I ' A I . I . 5 . 1 vi I . ,II 4 . . . 3. I is 5 'il I , 'S is ,, XM - 1 : ' , .- ., I . . I I . I .I I - : - I ' I I I I I I I I O. z i "Look ir up in lhe clic'rionary". is rhe lavorile slogan of 'rhe four sen- ior girls on 'rhe Teacher Training program. The girls are: Marilyn Mayhew, lcindergarfenq Judy Gar- land, sixlh grade: Diana Hidalgo, firsr grade: Carol Prosser, second grade. The FUTURE TEACHERS' acliviries include an annual school visilalion, guesl spealcers, Jreas, and convenrions. Row l: lsearedl Mrs. Lulces, adviser: Sandy Pelerson, Bonnie Barrels, Treas.: Barbara Barnlord, Sec.: Mr. Lewis, Adviser, Leslie Jones, Pres.: Marilyn Simpson, Vice Pres.: Judy Garland, Carol Prosser. Row 2: Maxine Hee, Susan Schollz, Joyce Howard, Priscilla Maclc, Jean McGuire, Carol Wilmer, Ann Arrnsfrong, Carol Harnmalcer, Marilyn Mayhew, Belinda Norris, Linda Grillirh, Josephine Ander- son, Mary Howe, Renee Jones, Diana Hidalgo, Nancy Henslee. ?vr Today' Wann g Are you plagued wilh Phago- cylosis? If in doubl, ask any one ol Mr. RadcIille's SCIENCE CLUB enlhusiasls. Row I: Mr. Radclille, Adviser: Bill Engel, Vice Pres.5 Grelchen Garrick, Sec.: Kalhy Fransan, Pros. Row 2: Judy Garland, Belly Lup- lon, Ann Armslrong, Palsy Markle, George Carpenler. Row 3: Roy Yelo, Lynne Seek, Barbara Greaser, Tom Inouya, Warner While. Row4: Joan Edmonds, Belh Neuman, Judy Greene, Doug Clark. Row 5: Marlha Denl, Virginia Sager. Sharon Mayhew, Bob Nalley, Dan Emerson. Row 6: Dan- nie Yelo, Barbara Blair, Linda Laurence. FUTURE looks brighl lor ENGINEERS OF lomorrow in AMERICA lhe land ol occupalional choice. Row I: Joe Cochan, Tom Wrighl, Nancy Sigmon, Judy Greene, Ann Arm- slrong, Jon Ray. Row 2: Slanley Jue, Warner While, Richard Murphy, I'Ier- berl Williams, Mr. Smilh, adviser, Jimmy Chan. Row 3: Tom Inouye. George Snibley, Kennelh Bonn, Kenny Davis, Jim Shallner. Yum m m homemade pie' You learn all The chefs secrefs when you join The FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLUB. Some of fheir many acfiviiies include making Toys for Jrols and having guesf speakers. The chefs are Row I: Sue Dresch Linnie Denzel Michelle Morrison Karen Srevenson Secx Jan Reed Pres. Linda SchmiH' Parl.' Marilyn Dwighr Vice-Press Gail Kirkpafrick. Row 2: Carolyn Dwighf Beady Bulnlerbaugh Ede Barker Regena Hensley Beverly Weaver Dianne Lago- marsino Joan Kiunke Jackie Rolls Judy Hall Carolyn Hodg- son. Row 3: Jane Hollaway Jan Fraser Jerri Sfamps Caro- lyn Huck Palli Jo Sfark Judy Jo Hay-es Joyce Schommer Mrs. Gladys Records adviser. 9- 5519, ""1,: I :TQ '4i,w:1fA A W, .. ' Y X 42 i -5. s. J' Y 3 A . .. . .. I ' ll " 'S '1 . 1 .. .. Rf .. ... I I Qxfwvri J, . . . . . . A M 'Xi- ly I' ' . . . . 1 . f l A f an ' i , . . JJ? gf . . . 4' 'J M ,' r 4 'X I I I I 44" ' i I I Q, Qi, X, ' ful kigli?,' . . . . ,-in 4 nw, ' "-f-exam . ,, M,6,, HF V7 :mms gin, :Gran 46 I ,, . Tvmorrowland . .,.., FUTURE FARMERS You wanf H7 They ve go'r nf' Or lhey II grow il' Each year 'rhese junior "agricul+urusl's all have lhenr own prolecfs and enler Info counfy wide compelilion. Row I Devone Lewis Larry Whelan Jim Adams Joyce Neary lvl Whifesides. Row 2 Jam Griffin Julian Ramirez Jaclc Bangs Marlin Fry Row 3 Charles Bafford, Bobby Mules James Cloonan Mel While Adrian Endevoefs Larry Loffon. All dressed in whi+e, lhese very enfhusiaslic cougars prompted +he pep a+ foo?- ball and baslcelball games wifh 'rheir spiri+ed "howling". The COUGAR HOWLERS were a real encouragemenf +0 lhe hard-worlcing players and 'rhis newly organized club is a greal' beginning 'ro- ward belfer and louder school spirit A , -Mm WD D .4 -lf' -was X I Tne muswf N F qamf fr 1 Q f , U C 'f 1 N ,J ug: 4 F 1 v V , I N 7 X N f f I a "lf J THE BAND was "Wwe mosf un- der We inspired Yeadership of Mr. Pinlcerfon. His pajfiemee and undersfamding resulfed in oufsfanding performance and showmcmship. 1 3 , , Ki s,,..,.,ff.ef.,,f1.m A ' Q 'awp nraiia. P 4 I 41,46 ..."' , -5- .gg iw " 5 in v Q- . L 14nd Sweet uA1c One of lhe unduspenslble paris of our pep rallies and baskelfball games IS our vigorous PEP BAND They are always prepared lo brlng fha? wonderful sense ol excrfemenl lo each one of us on every occas on They are Flrsl row Dennrs Godsleun Orvalle Smulh Glen Tom Kemp and Second row Jav Graff Bruce Jensen Jim Shaffner Tom Par ke Nolan Redman Dan Guyman Jnm McConnell Sian Trom Don Peak Zmg wenl fhe slrungs of our STRING QUARTET They demonslrafed fheur oulslandnng abnl ly wha e playlng al var wous public funchons Members of +he UARTET Include Kalhne McNenl Belh Neumar- Debby Dufheld and Mary Howe Playing clurung The mfermlssnon al our school play and al 'rhe Sprung Show are some of lrhe many achvlfles fhal make our superlorraled school ORCHESTRA apprecualed Members are Row I Kalhne McNerl Sharon Pax Pamela Han sen Carol l-lammaker Peggy Boll Don Walker Roberr Farrow Mary Howe Row 2 Beh Neuman Kay Hansen Tom Kemp Larry Dawes Terry Plank George Slanley Sharon Boyd Row 3 Debby Duffield Renee Jones Row4 Gary Shelfon U Scoll, Slephen Schulze, Roy Shluhfield, ' ' ' ' , , , , . : l 4 ' .F .l . - Q ' ' ' , The main song in lhe hearl ol lhe CHOIR members was "Beyond lhe Blue Horizons lhe lille ol lheir Spring Show. Throughoul lhe year VSH chorus delighled lhe sludenl body wilh lhe versilalily ol lheir reperloire, under lhe imaginalive direclion ol Mr Imogene Bercaw. Row I: Joyce Truesdell, Julie Morlon, Bonnie Barlels Marilyn Simpson, Dee Paquelle, Jackie Rolls, Marilyn Greenlee, Judy Coker, Belly Furr, Carol Dodds, Carol Wilcer, Alma Adams, Judy Worlhley. Row 2: Dorolhy Collins, Pam Wallell, Belly Valle, Lynne Barry, Madreen Freerlcsen, Alice Jean Holland Sarah Hann, Marian Hughes, Mary Temple, Donna Fernandes, Kalhv Holler, Janel McEgan Row 3: Nancy Henslee, Jean Gould, Bellie Mae Gibson, Judy Viclor, Marilyn May hew, Judy Maller, Shirley Sleele, Eslher Campbell, Belly Luplon, Jeanne Reed, Pall: Jo Slarlc, Linda Grillilh, Norine Sharp. Row 4: Grady Nalley, John Pagell, Jim Schwindl, Eddie Rodriguez, Jim Agnor, Dave Arneson, Eddie Bigler, Spencer Rilson, Ernie Sawyers. 14114 14 Svng 911 Ulu' fvlearws F... AMZL r flmvelfwvb Q 2? 992 V41-,gl ' wi' ' K film" , The GIRLS' GLEE CLUB sings while Couqie slrums lhe slrings. A mus cal lime was had bv all as lhe songslresses harmoniously complernenled lhe choir when lhey lilled our audiloriunn wilh merry melody. Row l: Jo- sephine Anderson, Darlene Frazier, Rosila Macias, Della Wormsley, Diane Radlord, Frances Willcins, Pal Anderson, Clela Ferguson. Row 2: Lea- lrice Reddiclc, Chrisline l-lall, Mary Schwarz, Janice Srnilh, Ann Benzien, Barbara Ballard, Helly Valk, Judy Warren. Row 3: Gloria Burdelle, .Linda Been, l-lelen Savala, Rilha Rice, Anna Barlsch, Virginia Garces, Vicky Whilish Sue Overslreel Row 4 Linda Dodds June Ragsdale Belly Dodd Mrs Bercaw Mary Sluarl Deanna Arnold Pam Weslcoll , Q5 gi I 4 A 2 .ww-' , ,f ,. . , . f V . JN f fm .1 , ',,.,.-.,f:.. aa' ' J., .2 -' L-' ' , fr' ,ffm , ,,,,,.,,gszmLLA1 '--.- .vac-was " i' " ' 5:fs:gf5fgvZ'7'7'-fi 1.- VYW -wi M 'rf-gg' up: e femarlzzdle Incident C'a1-Aon Col-new Casf Pele Arciniga Bonnie Bower Janef Cook Vic Fufz rnaurice Lee Nelson Befsy McKee Linda Smnfh Janice Taloo Dianne Lagomarssno Warner Jue George Carpenfer Nancf Auer Judy Maller Grady Nalley Siu Greenfeld Shrrely Davis Bill Warren Judy Vrcfor Barbara Buflerbaugh Marilyn Murphy, Bob Boe, Joe Orflz, Darlene Gardner, Nolan Pedman, Michelle Morrison, Richard Core and Judy Garland, Ass? Di- recior. A special VSH Oscar goes fo Mr. Michael Shanahan and +he casf for ifs wonderful performance! Top Picfure: Mosl of fhe cas? in one of fhe many nighl' re- hearsals. Middle: Siu Green- feld and Grady Nalley accus- ing Vic Filzmaurice while Mr. Shanahan wifhholds judgment Below: George Carpenler, Mi- chelle Morrison, and Marilyn Murphy "gilding 'rhe lily." if- , jg s is 4351 4' l:',i?zQ3ff ggi 'ff gps--. Upper leff: foofball field of fhe many Davies fhe fi Leadership, whefher on fhe or as ASB Presidenf, is one qualifies fhaf broughf John rsf l956-57 Boy of fhe Quar- fer Award. His many acfivifies include Leffermenis and Key Club, plus being a delegafe fo SBVISC. John is fhe acfive man-abouf-campus personified. Lower leff: Veep of fhe Senior class and organizer of fhe Varsify Salufe dance are some of fhe posifions held by our second Boy of fhe Quarfer, Roland Scoff. Foof- ball, baslcefball, and fraclr make Roland an all-around afhlefe. Membership in fhe Lef'ermen s Ciuo and fhe Key Club is iusf one more facfor which confribufed fo Ro- lands being chosen for fhis disfincfive award. Honor Upper righf: Her ouf- sfanding record af VSH made Jean Gould a na- fural choice for l956-57's firsf Girl of fhe Quarfer. As a member of Cabinef for fhree years, Sopho- more Class Presidenf, ASB Secrefary, and now as ASB Vice-Presidenf, Jean has also been acfive in all ofher phases of school life. while main- faining a high scholasfic average and worlcing parf fime affer school. Lower righf: B l o n d e pony fail swinging in fhe wind, an organ resound- ing in fhe audiforium, and fhe shouf, l'Oh you guys!" from fhe Cougar sfaff room, are fhe frademarlcs of our second Girl of fhe Quarfer, Jean McGuire. Journalism and music are Jeans chief inferesfs, buf she also finds fime for ac- fivifies such as The Girls' League Board and Presi- denf of Quill 81 Scroll. Z 'feel"14ideA Z wiww-wma Br r r r r goes lhe molion piclure camera as our alfenlion as focused on lhe movie which flashes on lhe screen ol our class room Who is behind lhis ellorlless educa+uon7 Why lhe members of The AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB ol course! Slanding ae Mike Gibbons Glen Scoll, Henry uan second Asst George Carpenler Pres. Phil G-rinfon John Ray Vice Prey Ted Mccormiclc Jay Crall Slephen Buller Carl Keilh and Dan Emerson. Sealed are Mr. Brulon, Adviser Bill Smylhe Roy Yelo Howard Marsh, Roberl Phillips, Bob Gould Jay Ma'- 'rar and Ronald lvlaclc. 3 Z-...Q il : : ,Ceq,.'f' 14nd '34ud"14ideA w-ef' ff We all enloy assernblles buf whal ns an a sembly wrlhour rhe elhcuenf and helpful members of 'rhe USHERS CLUB7 They are Frrsl row Sharon Farrow Burde Hughes Kalhleen Fransen Sec Treas Mar1lYn Mayhew Vice Pres Nancy l-lensle Shllll Chalrman Jofknne Galllo Second row Jean McGuire Dranne Laqornarsrno Judy Leon Roberfa Esslemonl Linda Emerson Mlllue Grous Marcra Callahan Marilyn Sump son Thfrd row Nan Chapman Luz l-luqhe Diana Slanley Robrna Scaale Ann Armsrrong Beverly Raunes Marlene Mar Barbara All perer Nancy Jones Fourfh row Janel McEg n Jan ce Znnnmel Judy Maller Carolyn Bradbury Carol l-lammalfer Joanne l-lew lon Joyce l-loward Prlsculla Maclr Barbara Bamloro Grerchen lrenholm Fullh row Helen Orlega Lynne l-lallreld Belrnda Norrrs Leslre Jone San dra Rfppeloe Nancy Callus Vrrgrnna Gowde Arla Langod B bara anr lX row u y arand ne e ro Gre Mar Temple Belly Luplon Joan Edrn nds Ma :yn R h E rher Campbell Paula Coolc Glenda Cook 'Q glint! 'M IO3 D 'fd' h .. . aw., I l y M Q V ,am bw fTJ,,'f' . fi! ' , , ,L W , I . haf ' ' 4 by ' J l , . , 4 I 'W .' ' u I AV , I lg 2 x , if ' , A I l ' ' 1 . , up 3' Y ' WY 'V' ' I ' , V 7' M . Y , 9 :V 16 H rf' V, Mu., ,V W, ' I f-is: f, ,..' ? Q A I Y L H f- 1 ,V v I .' W 4 . V f -h- 4 Y 'Q M X 'Q A ' .,,. A, if wwf LZ, A , 4' I. KY K 1 AA if s R ,. ' ' -I W -fi fy .1 , v .sz . .J '-'3,.,j,f' 'f'..L H321 'Baffin . . . C . . . . ' - .7 e. ' . ' : ' . 3 I 1 . . r r I Y I l - . ' 2 , ' s, ' , ' ' . . ' , rs, - , . , I a , l ' r, 1 1 s r 3 r . . , . I , ' . . A . rr 4 lc f , if Bl '. S' lh : J d G l , Ja lr lyl r, Ca l I ss, y . , , o , r' elc , s , , . LETTERMEN They have fhe mughr They have The form And +he sweafers 'ro keep Their gurl friends warm Long hours of affer school prachce and excellenl examples of sporls manshrp and leamwork are some of lhe qualmes Jrhaf make our s+uden+ body so proud of Hrs lerfermen Row I Mr Tuffle Advisor Harley Tucker James Baley Mascolr Cliff Kenney Sergaenr af arms Chuck Roe Pres Jack Kelley Sec Joe Cochran Don Salsedo Row 2 Jlm Morales Jnm Karas Gerald Holden Bob Tucker Row 3 John Olson Bull Warren Bob Benson Owen Cornell Phnl Barrel? Terry Larrabee Ron Smlfh Edwin Lyon Jlm Schwundf John Davees Row 4 Harry Olson Duck Pope Roy Griggs Frank Floyd Gary Kulper Davrd Boehm Roland ScoH Pere Wynn - ettem 141-e 04- Harrison,.'Bill l-lalderman, Jack Gordon, ljovle Keilh, Dave Reese, Ray M ,xl ,. W e '-fr y: Q. x 3 73' lb '52 j 1 I, f ,, ,far fit ,IV QT: in UILL AND SCROLL as an lnlernahonal Honorary Soclefy for Hrgh School Journalnsfs To be a member you muslr have a B average and be recommended by a VSH publncahon adviser Thus year fhe nnnhahon was a candle lughi' ceremony al 'rhe Palms Resfauranf an Carpenlerna Sealed are Judy Greene Jean McGurre Pres Lols Sanrerre Vice Pres Maxine l-lee Jane Bollrnger Grelchen Trenholrn Marlene Marrs Luz l-lea'l'on Vurglnua Gowder Kalhy Connell Carol Waker Mrs Bram hall advrser Mr Ferris advuser Nol shown Jlm Gufh rle Drama Hldalgo Bob Mabry Roy Yelo and Mrs Whale olll' ame ,V -,rr L N u ' W-5 0,4 W 'emi Rf M vw' "' ww- U CKOL usa-SJ' 'J rpm rJ?Bl3l,5fl.i7 lq55yyINru nuff WWI' Wvpawlww D r l 'P S K., . .li - 4 ., ll A . ' sl' ' ,, J 3 4, by NNX- 1 ,, -" M M .A 1 ,V f- V . . wr rr mb: ,,,,.,, V . A I . . . . . , :re I 4 ' ' ' Q37 ., 5, ' ' ' J 35 I 1 -4 Qi - 9 . -. . - .I . ' , 15' . YQ '-?.if,":5,27:iA!',' ,, 'g l r f. Sec., Judy Garland, Treas., Joan Edmonds. Sfandmg are, . . L ' 1 'sfrij , , 1 I I pf , ' ,.:f' A l y.-' ' ' ' . I 1 '- "cf-V 2' , . , . . - . r ff J, , If . "I . . . . ' - -V ,pl I. v"-L ' , . , . Caught In The LIBRARY STAFF can lravel lo foreign lands solve ekclhng mysleries and sail ihe seven seas as can orhers who know Jrhe value of good books The yunior" librar- ians here are Palsy Markle Mary Beniamin Ne-lla Endicoll Liz Hughes lvlargarel George Wanda Manning Rachael Valenzuela Dorolhy Lockell Sharon Boyd, Miss As The members of fhe phorography classes well know, lhere is more ro making a good picfure lhan clicking a camera. Shown here enlarging a phofo- graph are Jim Gulhrie, Jean MCG-uire, Phil Barrerl, Carolyn Perry, and Shirley Davis. The Het ruwMw acl ng ab: I y + cenfers around 'rhe THEu PIAN CLUB The dramalls personae here are Row I audle La ders ones Presud nl D r n Gardner Be ly Sub on and o Yelo Row Shanahan Arle Langlord Nancy Auer Bard and Kalhy Holler 1' 'P' M52 i?'W" Gush' My hand' l-ley' Walsh oul 'lor lhe saw or I won T have any lingers leffl Thus us whar you can hear as lhe STAGE CREW slarfs worlcung lo bulld +hose beauhlul sers for school plays and assemblles Row l Jim Ayers Way land l-looven Fernando Pina Bull Weslenbarger Row 2 Rod Blass Eugene Arellanes Theme Pappas Forresr Rockhold Larry Cusey Bob Korn Mr Shan ahan Adviser IO7 M pf ' ' 'y.:m4-.QWQ Gr, z A ' 7 Wu' , ff: , W 413 'ff 1s,wrfwffy,M ffm K V' ,.... Y The I l Jr VSH I, P ,ll V I , a ,. 3 I M ' rw , Ayorll ,l ' Q V I , . l , ' J X , o , a lo 2 - L . , l 1 ' 0 : I R y . f 2: Mrwl I . ,, v 5 , l ara Beerf ' A A f, A rl, J, , l 1 5 M Lx X ,. , fa 'ff' , 1 I 'Jin I A 'L fqfffg, . I 1,4-7' ,ff ff' 4' rl lr l . K, 44,-4 l ,kglj 1 . . . fu N, 1 491'-L ,wi f if H - . . . I,"y' !, 1-141 fl Ly, . I , - jjj: ff Q' 1 ,X ' . . I . X 1,-J, ff l ' I I . - 1 x K7' . . , , , r . - . . Marchlng wnlh 'rhe flag +he VSH branch of 'rhe California Cader Corps was an nmpresslve snghf a+ all school func hons The officers are Caplaln Ralph Looman Fursf Lleu+enan+s Wlllard Blocher and George Carpen+er and Second Lleufenanls Ted McCormack Henry uan and Cllff Thomas The olhce slaff as Lee DeVrles John Ray Ernne Sawyers John Welgle Company A Harry Arr chea Carl Brown James Bowless Jerry Cooper Denms Curlls Dan Emerson Dan Glass Ed Goodell Zane Gr: fun Charles Grlnfon Pal Lara John Macl an WI' 1 Roberl' Nlderffer James ORear Roberr Phillips Fred Pnlcher Terry Plank Charles Rlgsby John Roloerls Rnch ard Scurloclc Leslie Smnlh Gaul Trouf Herberr Wnlllams Allen Hurl' Ray Sparks Company B Charles Bafford Jlm Barnard Alfred Barrel? Donald Bradley James Brown Txm Brown Ted Carpenler Larry Cusey J V Da vas Larry Dawes Jesse Emory James Evans George Enfch Dale Greenug Don Mlller Don Prldmore Sleven Sallclnd James Shaffner Oliver Smnlh Howard Temple Lindon Turnage James Valencia Rnchard Woosley Norman Young John Zobel ', I ' ,I 3' , fan Marlcle, William Maxwell, Marlin McCoy, Bolo M.llard, Ntten. . . Alcan U f yr may - , ' ,aff A if my ,C Q 11 A sz., f- , 1 ... , 4 .,q.. , egg, 7 faq- f, ,Q , 'gil " uf, , uf' ,TQ-42, -'HR-Afbf, 'Mk dl f 2 Cs I-if , W V+ af M fa mf ,nw , ff gf ,fini ifwfa ,, L A V , , ,J 1 :W ' 'f vm , , y , . ,Q R 1 My , ,i 1 1, Z.: v?f": ' 9 hi' A? P? If ,ggi ,xii ., 3 ' ik-:fait ', 1 5" E lf! ,, ,M , f Q N 'M 1' ,f V Nw 1 5: 6 " 2 r gf W 'KQV A I 3 '-Q...-by 'xfl .5 f" ' ! . I 'w.,,-r ,ff ,Z f ti Q- A 4: 5 ' --,- 5 W U , X, ,, 4' i in Z 42 MY: if H t " ' 5 QW ' 'ta A A.:,V .K A m - 1 1 A11 N CAFETERIA STAFF: Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. An- drews, Mrs. Nowalc, Mrs. Pumplwrey, Mrs. Coy, Mrs. L. Slone, Mrs. Marslon, Mgr., Mrs. Spang and Mrs. Eafon. CUSTODIAL STAFF: J. Myres, l-lead Cus lodian L. Kellogg, J. Smillw, R. Nanolell, B. l-lo gan, L. Kellogg, Sr., L. Sullles, F. Rice, N. Brad ford, C. Arnold, C. Minfer. PW 1 X ' s I ,ff S. A xi ' J' , lx X wifi.. A ,,- J --,Nbr Wx L' it -f- g-4-+1 -,.z..-...--5- rf-f' ? I L. K2 f , gumji 1 fix? 4 .Z. M1232 Nl ff . W .fl , , :jg , x gfcfr- Hifi f .a..L... . WY? ng i ,,, 'nam' 4 -4-..-...... m-ww-ml-24 K :T ,, , fb . nmfv' ' 'Q x , .4 ix AM Wy aff f W1 1 fl 4-, 1, W , ff fi' :FW 15,3 um sis a ow. Queerw U . V by 41 .., ,, f + Z I ,,v, 0 W mywff' ' ' 95. M2 2,345 , We Q l , , al I Q M US: X W is i Wax 'i 5 3' gwffe Q K mr U if BSU' Coagie Went Nroundln Wee fewlalzng b00l' Uf favs. ' Ms ,.'4ff f 56 K1 ,f 'rw 4 , 1 A 1 xf'Z,,k,Z ' W4 J 4' ,V .,,K.g,,, f 1 4, ' I. 'A 1 'yr' ,1-,gif V. Q F 1 !r.'.4'gg".g'1"""'m'4 "4 .. .W ' ' 441, ,A f ,,,w,,, 1 uf, A v',u1a'9.g"" .-'ff 5. A1 1. .MC'zJt -Q'-i:5,.A"fIu ,fs '.-4 1 'wx 69 6 pd 71. 1444 4 5, , ' ,ff , ffff' --fu nvUfQ', , X N' ' 5,4 The waving of pom-poms. 'rhe cheering of hundreds of favgfgcf MT :L e yi. . .. , e df , ' ,L pf - nadef 22 4 varslfy games are famahar evenfs nn 'rhe life of our en? L wife . I - A7X?5 0 fifty , 1 , H U A A:A. J Glenda Cook. Wanda Hesfer, Linnie Denzel. Sue Dresch 'I on 'V 2 ,A-',, ac ,yi ., - V ' - if P, i Vcf pfd ' 1 " ia f?f"! Wjpjgjj i, if ZJ ,h?i ,, gy fy 4 . h 5? ' 9 L ff with gay Pvmponw as 8. l Hg xx 'f.. Q ' f ' f 'faqs Q Coqgie1A,l6'Qlt'ed on in asl shmenl ij Jim Cole along Q. 'figs ,f" will: Belfefly We nna Fernandez, Regena e ley. W P ,I 'Q .f' I Q I, ancjf'Q1an g arsu cle on ale on IF yells. 1 "1" l l -NZ, ' 1 'L 1,2 ' If!! ff I iff' i:f2Q..7' ' X fff 'lg 2- V155 523,335.5 . J X? JH I , X! V ,f "I X5 nd eem -I2I JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-For +he firsr lime our JV reams were boosled by perl, and lively JV Cheerleaders. The new addifion 'ro VSH pep squad did a greaf job in building inreresl' in a JV confesr, and much of +l'1e feam spirif can be conlribufed 'ro Sue l-lelbling, Barbara Monfgomery, and Dixie Mullen. Judy Viclor added an exciling air +o +l'1e games in ner porrrayal of our mascor "Cou- gie". he Key... VARSITY SCOREBOARD Venlura ........,,. I4 Arroyo Grande Venlura A,,. O Long Beach Poly Venlura .oo, 6 Torrance ............ ...,. . Venlura ,,,..... ZI Culver Cily ...,... Venlura .... 7 Anlelope Valley Venlura .....A,, 2l Sanla Barbara . Venlura ,,,,,v.. 26 Fillmore ..,. Venlura .....,,........,..,...,..,..,.,...,.AA..,,,. 20 Oxnard .Y,.,..,..,,,,...,,,.,,,....,V,,,,,,,....... wr", VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Row l Jim Harrison Don Salsedo Barnard Cobos I-larley Tuclcer Jaclc Kelly John Davies Jay Porler Cliff Kenny Jim Baley Row 2 Joe Cochran Frank Floyd Doyle Keilh Pal Slarwich Gerald I-lolden Bill Foyd Dennis Easley Elmer lv1cN iley Terry Larrabee David Reese Row 3 Jim Smilhen Dick Eaussel Ron Smilh Roberl Dennison Barry Crosby Don Benson Wayne Wesl Pele Wynn Gary Ki.lper Jack Gordon Row 4 Coach Jaclc Smilh Jim Edwards Jim Cozlny, Larry Bradley, Rex Eslill, Eranlc Jones, Roberr Barron, Dave Boehm, Roland fcoll, C-erald Williams, Ed Rodriquez, Roy Griggs. Jaclc Smifh George Fraser Jim Balev Roberf Barron Don Benson Dave Boehm Jim Cozby Joe Cochran Allhough The Cougars finished ihird in league acfion wirh I-I-7 record, lheir porenlial was dem- onfsraled af Anielope Valley, San- fa Barbara, and in our annual ri- valry game wiih Oxnard when we ballled fo a very rhrilling 20-20 He. ln all rhree games lhey were rared as 'rhe underdog, Jrhough rhey didn? win in scores fhey surely won in spirif. . . . To C'ampuA John Davies Dennis Easley Jim Edwards Rex Esrill Dick Fausselr Frank Floyd Jaclc Gordon Roy Griggs Jim Harrison Gerald Holden Doyle Kellh Jack Kelly Cliff Kenney Gary Kulper Elmer McNeilIy David Reese ' .tl Ed Rodriquez O Don Salsedo Roland Scoll Ron Srnillw 'X' W Nw Www SIQJJJJ vwffwefwjfl A 11 of-if rev Tucker 9 EKLJ wwf Wayne Wes? ,Qf-PzA,.fwJD" 119 ff' QW A "' AMW Gene Wlnde Pele Wynn WV! Zlp 14nd Coming Cougar . v ,.., 44-4 'Wy D .. ,:, ..,.. ' a ,4 wa- ! Q 9 mg:-fx. to 1 fs ??"iZf I 55" Row I: John Alpenia, Ken Slanley, Devon Lewis, Ken Davis, Richard Salsedo, Dan Yelo, Fred Cecil, Ron Lopez, John Ramirez, Garry Sullon. Row 2: Myron Harrison, David James, Beau Carler, Bob Locey, Bud Cole, Bill Overlell, Doyle Yorlc, Simon Camarillo, Gil Marlin, Ed Carlos. Row 3: Mike Orliz, Ken Humphrey, Bob Brown, Neil McKay, Bob Barrell, Ted England, Benny Davis, Del Gales, Ron Hon, Roy Gil- more. Row 4: John Baldenado, Tom Harrell, Dan Guzman, Rod Figueroa, Tim Reed, Jerry Mandell, John Hobbs, Jerry Kilpalriclc, Jim Snodgrass, Phil McMahon. JV FOOTBALL Venlura ..... 20 Sanla Maria ..,...., ....... I 3 Venlura .,... 20 Anlelope Valley .,,,..., .... C Venlura ..... 25 Sanla Paula ,,....,, ......., I 2 Venlura ,..., 4C Fillmore .,.,.,,, ..., 7 Venlura ..... 6 Sanla Barbara . .... O Venlura ..,.. 26 Oxnard .,.,. .,.,,, I 3 aught it! Going . Going . Gone ,sf, 5' . A T3 ' '1" , , ' LZ ie s J , f EEEE T Azllf f izl 5 ii 2 z Q Z Coach Bob TuTTle Phil BarreTT Leonard Bishop Dave Boehm Nimed ?0I' 14 High Laclc oT heighT was our VarsiTy cagers' main obsTacle, buT They came ouT ahead in many games in which They were raTed The underdog. They proved many Times ThaT such an obsTacle could be deTeaTed wiTh TasT hard playing and a loT oT spiriT. ln league compeTiTion The Cougars Tinish in Third place wiTh a 6-4 record and a season record of I9-8. 'mc if ' . C Row I: Roland ScoTT, Dave Boehm, Chuclc Roe, Wayne WesT, Dennis Beguelin. PeTe Ruscher, Leonard Bishop, Jim Cozloy. Row 2: Coach Bob TuTTle, Jon Holfen, Jim Donahoo, PeTe Wynn, Terry Jenkins, Phil BarreTT, Bob Boe. I28- f. Chuck Roe Pere Ruscher Roland Scoir Wayne Wesi Venfura Veniura Veniura Veniura Venfura Ve-nlura Veniura Venrura Veniura gm . . . B" SCOREBOARD 65 Hari 43 Oxnard 43 Anielope Valley 39 Fillmore 45 Sania Paula 3I l-larl' 47 Oxnard 55 Anrelope Valley 38 Sanla Paula 52 Fillmore ........,,,............ Row I: John Ramirez, Jeff Voigi, Ruben Ledesma, Ren Vurpillai, Jim Adams. Row 2: Ed Parrish, Terry Tyner, Jerry Mandell, Ronnie Hon, Dick Siiclcler. Row 3: Coach Arnie Saul, Randy Huslcey, Doyle Keiih, Roy Gilmore, Don Benson. -I29 14nd Came Waroa In K n 9 ,Me gm me 'w,.""',,ZJ r "'3w, A A nqmqafkm vtsf.-5 1 ,.....-1 'nal i will Ci ww rm M Q M QQ, x A gawk 311P'z?3fwaf4if'Sw'rs f Y J H "'f mvwszxaxmexrmgwsg NW WW JZ Zofffb ffff fd K fc?-,fl co 1 kj., Jenruras JV baslcelball learn compleled 'rlwelr llrsl season wlllw a 7 4 record spurred by llrue lop slwoolmg ol Doyle Keullw Dave Plannelle and Clmarlre lomlmson f ,ff ,WLf Row I Clvarles lomlrrwson, Pele Wynn, Darrell Ebby, lvlrke Trevor Row 2 Jrm Cloooe Jon l-lollem, Dave Plamnelle. lvlalrls Voldma. Coach Charles Dorm Row 3 Jrm Qoodgress, Ed Carlos, Blll Clwrrs ' ff f' 'I f 0+ V l , Af V I 1' I . X, - uf V4 , , L 'L' , ff f fi 1- ,f , ., ,ef ,f J 1. 3' , ,V J "X" 1k I 14.1" 4' --f' 1? ' , I '1 , Q' A 2 'lib ff -7 - f' W f ' E f f: q 12 f 1- l if V139 45' r gf r.' - fr: ,, , . E 51:1-' ., 'ff vi 1 - 4-1.L',2gW..3,glL:L3'-IIEVE 5 vddqfl X r gs r. 2- ' ff' lr f - r W? iff? ' l l A 1.h.'.......:: I PM rr -. V . er. r .W of , f ' x S ym ' , A rf. -43 ,-Q, If ,ff , It V '77, :mi ' r -KMf , l X ' ff 7 , A,-,.-s.,,,r , . V- -. e.,,, , 1, ,,-.,ft.,N,x 1 I , my w v -1 fr nf . - Lge' . - - 1 -. 1. , ' : .ru A 1 .,-.v-.., , l y-V g. '1., , , V. X V 'I -AV I 4 A 1 A, Row l: Tom Lindsey, Gene Ce-nleno, Al Urenda, Torn Freese, Ramsey Earnlwarl Glenn Scoff. Row 2: Galleleno Rameriz, Orville Smiflw, Ray Duran. Sam Arciniega Don Pelers. Row 3: Coacli Bob Swanson, Charles Avanls, Jaclc Bangs,Jol'1n l-lobbs Bill Overlelf, Jim l-loblos. l......i.- R,-Q Ronnie l-lon guards Don Benson as Ronnie allempls EJ lioolc sliol during a pracfice session for rlie Bee Team. biamvnd lbemorw JR. VARSITY BASEBALL: Row I: Don Salsedo, Jeff Voigt John Ramirez, Gary Rysarf, Doyle Keilh, Ray lvloe rales, Wayne Wesf, Genoro Cenleno, Sammy Morales, Row 2: Coach Ered Lloyd, Jack Kelly, Ed Rodriquez, Don Benson, Cliff Kenney, Ed Flores, Bob Erilson, Jaclc Gor- don, Terrv Jenkins, Coach Harry Welnberg. Coach Fred Lloyd Russell Emery Genaro Cenfeno Bob Erilcson Larry Dawes Don Benson Gary Dysarl Ed Elores A Ask vp 2 4 .. gg rw. Y A ,V ' , , I Q eh N' aku. 13" .f ' L . Jack Gordon Terry Jenlcins Doyle Keifh Jack Kelley JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL V Row I: Joe Alamillo, Ed Carlos, Tom Ereese, Mel Curci, Eugene Cenlerro, Ray Duran, Jon Alpenia. Milce Orfiz. Row 2. Coach Charlie Dunn, Jerry Mandell, Jim Snodgrass, Bil Overfell, Roy Gilmore, Ronnie I-Ion, Si C 'I mon amari lo, Sammy Morales, Milne Trevor, Vincenl Morales, Coach Bob Tulfle. Cliff KenneY Ray Morales Eddie Rodriguez Sam Morales John Ramirez Jeff Voigf Don Salseco Wayne Wes+ iff L :,45,::, fi 7 , "Zf -f-M - if mv-I ,fi , 4 ff ,, I if ij X Us A , 1. ' l f, :lg fi an Wfifzfl 4 2:3 I Q f"2'.'F N ' ' Q ,-..., 3 1, f?i5:-f- 4 '55 :Zia ..'. . V wssggvg . A -342: 5... "Jr I iii'xf1fizxf2,ln11i: vb? J Q ' Wlilgxfl I i x 4: V E95 V , 4 W .1 K .. . , ' H f J"? Ii3I3fw an ' f ' -' i M kai-11-,,11f.f'1,,,.'jg,Q I 1 f 1-AL . ".9mA. ' -' . f.-W ' .4 QV '54 . . :JA sffiij ' Q. -'. A , ,, 'ui I s,,i,i,,.'Ai-'mfg' V, 3,.v1 fry' ' A 1" - '. 412, -- , 4. W-'-Q. . . , Www' I . V, 1 ,is-Mi af -1 L V f' 'fir .:' - Y amid Don Salscdo raps oul a lwii' for flue Cougars in one of flweir earlier games. Don played as firsi-slring cenler fielder for Hue Cars. , As a run scores. Gary Dysarl slides in safe as flwe Nordofl 'rlwird baseman waifs for lhe Throw. 1 gl 2 li -fa rv O .1 .:- " ii -,-i f: I . 1 pdf- ,ir 1 wir ' ' if gr ' I-Q , 23" ' 41: ,ff JI...-' ,- "'D?'1,. ' , '.sf?Ff3i?', '-"'k ' 2 'V vi 'Aung V l :- To our Ilia:-le in i Roy Bayse races for +l'ie 'rape im VL. V by in llie linisln of rlwe 660, well .,.,. :f fzsiv :EZ H5 I, "-P, ,GSW M626 , l'-as 4 if '4 455 37' Q, :E I Wxuf' 2 4 xr: r sf' K 1 if is I "1 . If " 7-3 ' -. gg, hh.. 1 ,,,,,.,,.f- -' 2. rf Q , .. X me -Ti" I .fur-a -I -,-..,'.1i:, Q ff ' ' J' :-1391 r,+f-.f-:-Q ahead ol llme o+l'1er runners. Cougar sliclcers who were a de- cisive facfor in our spikers' vic- 'Sk'-4 fories: Sonny Robinson, Bill War- 'gf 41 5,1-,','W'g",, aww. My News ren, Bill l-lalderman, and Bo Ca rfer. if '- 4 -1' Ng? ., r. l get et... hey:-e new fee VARSITY TRACK: Row I: Rex Esrill, Harley Tucker, Jack Carr, Leonard Solo, Barnard Cobos, Terry Larrabee, Pa+Slarwicl1. Row 2: Jim Schwindf, Roland Scorf, Bill Halderman, Pele Wynn, Galen Newell, Owen Cornell, Bill Warren, Benny Davis, Lynn Bar'rleH', Don Gluyas, Coach Jack Smirlw. Jack Carr Varsuly broad lumper displaying 'flue form llnal enabled lnm lo lump up lo 22 feel With Kan '4 f' 4 ' LLQAQQ M ,Q Q , QM "B" TRACK: Row I: Roy Yefo, Dick Carkner, Beau Carier, Bolo Carfer, Sonny Robinson, Bill Huff, Grady Nalley. Row 2: Alberf Becker, Coach George Fraser, Eddie Orriz, Jerry Looman, Ernie Smilh, Roy Bayse, Randy Huskey, Don Lockwood, Ken Roper, Al Brewer, Genero Rivas, Rod Figueroa, Harley Williams, Barry Crosloy, Dick Slickler. . 0-my X ' ls WDA ,.'l"w..,,,wM wwmmwwwma 5 Cougar sprinlers, Ken Roper, I Lynn Barfleif, Harley Tucker, and , J. Bill Huff were a greaf assef in y-' mm ,gp bringing Home Cougar viclories. il 4 Track Managers: 4 V all "C" TRACK: B Row l: Reggie Pierce, Jerry Tucker, Ruben Leclesma, Mike Orfiz. Row 2: Bob Brown, Ken Slanley, Fidel Garcia, Dan Ye'ro, Bud Cole. Row 3: Coach Ed Aus- Jrin. Charles Sargent Bob Labar'rl'1, Bob Nalley. Dan Guzman. ...wr-f if , .3 M Don Pelers and Del Gales Y -f rr f N lx ,X x 'Y T' artw- 522121923 5-Q' '..' .' 'XL ,I . 'I , , v -'- J. 'Lv'J,:', v f ' N , 4 . Q f-if 5' ,- . f:-. y , -1,4 4' - 0 V' 'zjg , - iff -- ---- QQ ' V480 Q. was qw if Vicforyl The Tennis championship is crediled ro lhe experl coaching of Arnie Saul and Jrhe sore feel and sweal of rhe skillful players. Hafs oil To This year's rennis team. gpg' O ' CFQQQQ fa W9'1.5'-4. ,I' L- -' 3.10-1v'!gpt,3L hfi-T, I - A. ',,-' -F511 ' D ,.,es?"'?"W""' i A is . I E '?gf f , M , F ' . 1 Lv ' , s ,, , 1'!'frb:'1iq1'5ut I , yfyr PSV: 'vm .vi , J '. , 7472 +L , .N , -1 ,gg 1,1 .-:xx-cw-1fiJnCveiH9xh':'.:f'sv'1vslf9w1:sraY5 2'93.'r1fW ' "l'N'f: ',E etter Wet Qglatla Rogers Ken Howard Wayne Boa+man Row 2 Coach Arnie Saul Dennis Goldslein Howard Meadows Marlin McCoy Ron Nichols Ed Hill Ramsey Earnharr Row3 Bolo Tucker Dick Pope Leonard Bishop Jim Karas Don Pelerson Larry Graves Dennis Beguelun Chuck Roe i o L lj i fvl, , Row I: Ren Vurpillal, Roberl Farrow, Lloyd Yitle "Racke+"eers Ramsey Earnhari fabovej and Chuck Roe led our 'team +o fheir eighfh s+raigh+ league Hfle. under +he excellenf coaching of Arnie Saul. sl.. j , - ,.., K, , ,, 4 nw, A-wmv.. 1.. ' 'xw"PI1w mn-sM17J"f'-Q Row l: Ted England, Bill Weslenbarger, Dave Wallell. Row 2: Sieve Boyce, Tom Chaney, Tom Wrighf, Sieve Bufler, Jack Boggs, George Milner. Row 3: Jim De- Graffenreid, Jim Mabry, Bill Lifrell, Jaclc McKeown, Sleve Marsh. Mr. Wall Zorovich began his swim leam only one year ago, and allhough his Jream is small and laclcs lhe neces- sary experience, if has developed aqua- Jric 'ralenls in many of our VSI-l'ers. ew' fi K X ",g 'INF -mn? Q 'f, S f.'i.5l,5?. Y!:'7q'f1 ,. 44.3. ififiif, 2 2 .cgyfiz 53 E 'liQ"", - ' '-55173 f:5.',',-1:1 , ' .5f.3w-I .-zgzrnznf' , 1- if ' Zu, ff- v ':zL'1"f-' v.'uui.l:-s...:H' EA In -':,,,f ' ' '44 ' n'w , . ' V L 14' fl -, M 2 ,A 1' xi 1 Q ai S'i55?'VHf '-flia ., 'J . E ,ln as -L , .gs-" lygqw-. - , 4, A . .,.-154, ,.,,' K "?ij'1'4al!?- -V -A 1- , 13' 2' f Ns 2 J' ,fin 'fi x . 1 . mi rye'-vnu, I ...mi FOOTBALL INTRAMURAL CHAMPS: Jim Barey, Sonny Robinson, Gary Dysarl, Jim Marble, Phil Barreff. BASKETBALL INTRAM U RAL CHAM PS -Bob Tucker, Warner Jue, Cliff Ken- ny. Jim Bafey, Gary Dysarf. 441 Barbara Blair, Linda Faria, Belly Luplon, Janell Tyler. Q. 14. 14. girl The GAA has had a busy, fun-packed year wilh ifs many aller-school aclivifies. Under lhe smiling leadership of Belly Lupron, President Linda Faria, Vice-Presidenl, Janell Tyler, Secrelary-Treasurer, and Bar- bara Blair, Poinl Recorder, The GAA has reached Hs goal by organizing many new clubs, planning and aflending playdays, and providing pom- pons for The s'ruden'r games. The year was sparlced off by a GAA sporfs nighf and for a climax The Annual Awards Banquel was given. This year's acfivilies were sponsored by Mrs. Anna Luplon. 'Rm it I MW' w4whQ,,f ,yy K , ' 53531 21' fig ' - , ,,f"j 71 , ,, V,,f?j3. f Z M 4 V ,, A fff, f 9 if Mgr' W f K CME: 2 xg X , gg will gf' -:rfgg g A Z.. if .W ,W W V 9 2 T 'W 1 14 ', ' 4 , ' 5f?255Z,f,,:,,f 3' 1 f ' , ' "iQZ'?303r' Jfaffff if L A A ' f A ,Q ,Wi ' ' ff ' Q fQ5fffC'm wi :l1.gQ2,9i7p.'Zv "1Zf'Z27443'54-f'T 55535. K ,my T 755442 ' gkgyiv , milif' , up X , V, , 4 ,J 'A f Q+4w" ' ' A ' gn. ww ff' ' V , V M f , A. 4, If ' ' ' 2 .- 4- " .. A - I '- ,Eg :. ' I QMSEHVT Q Y N wfyf ja 5 ,' , , gif 4 ,wa , ww, ' fc, .5 -' fi yi: k2,,,.,g',f1 M 4212225 ' '- f 'NAR X , ,w,,W,5,g, 2' fw rg,5mg5g,w2um,f ,,,,?M Wag 45 zwfsg X, MQW , im - f , wp ,vigil y 4 -. 'Wy1wLi:4I A an ' ' XX. X , 45 V ,Wm ., ., famwi was A' jf' x?ff'9f,2'1 Zz, H 1 yr '1 Q fag . - -' . .MW wwf W"2 f 2 ,. ,. A A. . . .. WWW-ww ff' ! I 1' i a. C 1 1 D ,, f KJ.. e , 5 5 G 'dmv , N- , ' LW: A: , my ff, Y I s 1 , .,,, - ff . ' I 1, -I 2 f 45? fia ' ' , , X ', ' 'Q 'W , ffi U x 'HW f Z ' 6 f if A 1' ' ' if . v. I ' 1 "' V . A ' :iffy ' " A ,gn 'M' . flu" , L ' if , 'fl . Q ': :U W - lvfgr ' ,,, 'Mf Y A "N" A fl gfvwl 1 ,J - I 3, lv, Q W' , fy , , M., ' if gffjkwvm :vw 4 I' , 0 V I ,M ,, WM! W ,gy H Q , M. W 1 4 'Q 4 my-.M M, M " 4' , 4 fn . eg-. Q 7 W TOS.. sw A f-'V lualiwifi ai..f , J, A ' ., .. 'M I " Q T 'NN , . ' T .. V I . w , - ...,.. .. g 'K K 5 v K ' .,., .,.. 5 I , , in I - , I ' .Q , 1 - Y , V ,Q Q A I, i 1' Q. 3531 M Q ff' 6' x , X1 if ' 'f ,E -3? I 'I Q ,.,, as Q P ff ff? 4-M 4s 1 flf, 3 'Z I ,,,,..Q.,........+-. ....-J wg ,M SSPE- IS: ,l k- f 1 vi' 9. gi .1 I f 1 I 1- fm " if :iiigit , ' 5 A ,M N, .r M W . V f Q,..,.,,G ,A,3g-weggm - 11,21-:QA-.. Q H, 4,15-,,qfwfQeg,, Vi ,adj- . ,... .. ,.,.. , i V X Q, fc- en, ,, , 4, mf- W . ..:.. "' A f ' K -QQ, , g, K 2 -A Nfwpwzam Zifif , W - , gffffjf -Hqgfwww., -i K. N X-L ,fx .qw X Y M3 4. k Q ky - 4 W A , W A ...fw-A-1-H-""" A ' f ' , -,,. ' X gf 4' V K M"'4'f 2 533 'QMKW-M 335' A x " f NMMA m A' 15 555 L , .M V x X' s a -Lg- QW Q may 4. VA 1 ' "f -,B-J ,aw Q 1 'S Y T jlafvnx A 14" 10, 1 4' MQ 437 , ,A ,ivy ., Z'f'?'Kw9'Q. fi 'CU ' x ' 4'5- L- --1,4-'wi ,Jw fr, iw, , ' ,,A ,L-Wim ' G, -W 'uf we I f Q vf' ,X y ,W , ,wi V N Q ,,,t" , .1 4, fafi, 5 , 4 gf ,Am-1, ,. ,IV ,- -..Q-f'5 s -w 9457" 5, ,wg nf' ,, . 6 M- Q 231, ya , , 5 X wmv . 'Q 'f' 'J' , , W, 'FH s' n no , -4, 1' J 14 Plea are Wafcln fhaf ball as I+ zooms over The nef scoring 'rhe win- ning poinfl Fieiders beware! Thai beffer ,V HHS a mean ball! 'Vs l50- will , 53. 11 Pemonality 'Flaw " Roll Call' I absen'r7 Clean gym suu1's Monday' Ah lhus IS gym one of fhe favorrfe classes on campus for VSH gurls Hearly fhanlcs for e excellenf work our gym 'reachers Mass Allgauer wnfh her ready laugh Miss Smalh wn'h her sweef personalufy Mrs Lup 1'on Head of PE Deparfmenl who IS always ready 'ro gnve a helping hand and lasl buf nof leas+ Miss Shelfon for her ever ready srnule Even If fhe glrls have fhaf worn down feeling affer a game of baslcefball soffball o speedaway +hey can 'r forge? fhe fun fhey have had gk "' "ii I IQ Z we . as- -,i.I "-'57 6' - i 4 ELECTRONIC SYSTS XAQJTE NAL,F25,2,f ' 1284 E RMA"l T Graduat1ng Class is Ventura Sen1or H1gh School Y' ,N Ventura Cal1forn1a Q wi Dear Graduates BX Q W ix :Sl Are you aware that 1n Cal1f6rn1a the Electronlcs Industry st1ll consldered a comparat1ve 1nfant by some ranks Wllh the O11 Industry 1n the dollar value of 1lS gross product output and that the future growth trend for the Electromcs Industry IS expected to cont1nue to r1se steeply for the next ten years? also an 1ntr1gu1ng challenge to the people connected w1th 1t be they sc1ent1sts engineers or techn1c1ans Conslder fast a1rplanes bfldglng oceans and cont1nents or our country s complex defense network of commun1cat1ons radars computers and m1ss1les or the automat1c product1on of autos te1ev1s1ons pen1c11l1n etc or compl1cated O11 ref1ner1es ra1lroads and atom1c power plants How few of these would be very 9ffeCl1VS or feasible today with out electromcs' People may th1nk th1s IS the atom1c age but 1t may well go down 1n h1story as the electron1c age The electron1c 1ndustrys challenge to you 1S great but so are the rewards profess1onal sat1sfact1on and excellent careers awart you Much of our accelerated nat1onal progress of today IS attr1buted to our sc1ent1f1c growth educat1on research and development But an unfr1endly nat1on 1S overtak1ng us graduat1ng more sc1ent1sts more eng1neers by almost a factor of two Who possesses the means of reVers1ng lh1S trend? The answer l1es Wllh you Graduates One way would be for you to 1o1n the ranks of those enter1ng the sc1ent1f1c f1elds by choos1ng such a career 1f you are sc1ent1f1cal1y 1ncl1ned Cone1vably you m1ght consrder the ESD Corp 1n your career plans Regardless of what your profess1on or l1fe work w1ll be our congratula t1ons to you Graduates about to advance further your educat1onal careers Best w1shes also to undergraduates who w1ll emulate the1r graduat1ng fnends May you be successful and happy 1n whatever you undertake in 0 Q Sokwecfe Pres1dent ANALYSIS RESEARCH - DEVELOPMENT - ENGINEERING - Pnooucrlort 3 L T PMQ T . S- N A, o ILLE a- azv . E IX ' ' t . is E I ' ' I 'N El X , Q x : 's Q I N ' A of 1211.3 , Y 1 . . . The field of electronics is not only big business but one presenting Q Q " ' 4, - X ,,: ,E-'W-i', X 2:1:.x FVffil14' " ' :'E5ErE5?1" .- f,:::'- . , N,ipVgwf:,!6P?33aM3, .:.:., t 5 A Q .,..,. ...... . Q. W QQ Q k -A ,S - A ' 'Q Q- W 1 fi lx ...:. , ,.,. 3 5 kg X xx ,, x 1 Q 4, K N 4 Af , X Q 2- X 'wwf' K? mx . .2 N 3, VW? 4 . 5' . V H. , - x X, ' ,E , jx? 2 QS f'f'f1gfii'f F W .Q I my , K? Q L. Q 5 Ei QL .:-' WN M I A 2 ' A.- 31? 35, f 9' . ::,.. " 'A'MQ ' , QQ if X f , X qw 5 'V gf- V 4. P if QMS ,pul- sun- f,,,.4.-M QE .-.-,.... if qw 1-1 s 5 v u xs li H RX is I , V A '-1 - -L fl ne , iv L MVA H297 .av S, K 5 Ei Rf? 'fy E ' " V, 2 7 fw- Q is ' Fw. .4 .444 . . ., v"?k- ' fixfbh 1 'M-4 xi , Q- is 6 P ,tg L44 .-::: F. . .wg . .J 0 i 1 I .3 . m. - 'N'l , ' "Tx U0 fR'6X??3'Sw5?W2?i , uf? '5 ,. ' I 'Wye h 'I X ml U U .5- , r "-YH 514751 'W 'GPH U ' up A . Kr ,W , 4 141, 'KV figures , , - -.0525-K X i5g !'Q""swr-A QTQQZLLGW ' 'alziqipzkg 1' if 1ff 335 Q xx' 53 N is Fil 34 S- W! Q A 'Q x .Qi 1? Q ' x ,gms .Wh 3 , ...N , .N 5 L i f WM -ve' ,. sq- A pt: X an- W.-AN X11 in.- , A., -.. 4' --Q-vw- thx .,. N f ' yyn, h ' .Q rw U' N .rv - 1 av ' fy' X A '-1 ...,., , rn ' J N 1 moacnus 5.90 'X . MICHILLE MORRISON, in luer unlversily slylecl sluirl and ber- PAM FARRAR ls sloclring Molluer Hubbard's cupboard al mudas from PENNY'S, looks over llueir exfensive selecfion of . u - I - plain and fancy swem Shim. PENNYS Carry 6 Complete line ROTHS MARKET, 2713 E. Mann. ROTHS offers a large varnefy of goods al reasonable prices. of all flue name brands. Music, rfusic, music. Sam Slewarl is al flue conlrols sending llue leenagers lav- crile plallers over llue air waves from llue Venlura and Oxnard slalion, KUDU. Music lor any lime of llue day al your 'linger lips. Jusl Tune lo KUDU lor llue lops in music and llue lalesl in local news. a' Q-if as 3 A? 'VP wx!-S ik YV" . wb K . an we . Q ,ff Q af 5,6-an -,F M ,Q w M, 4 Q " ws K 5 Q, 5. 1 J J..-" , 1. .fQx .ww J' XNQQQY5' 8 3 5 'f gf ,... Q ' ' I ' X rr f if 1: i I A ' A IT arty, 12 . V . .-Q Q ,Aa A ,F I ' 4 I V N' 1 3 K . ' '53-:FRU A J 5 ' . A l ' F- r , 1 A ZW WM. A: S, .. " ..,' X ' Wm I 25" -i . fn. ' ,. ..,, . as ' N I ,aww www .,..- - 3 f ig V Q' I 4.1-Q sz ,m U :Wg X ff 3 5 ,i- synpx ?'xWx , 4-4 , 1--I s . 5 if 5 HanCh mm 4 , V ,2: ' if 1 1' +. Q, a, ,Q M W nw..- tif: "Mrnmrn, smells good!" Tl'1al's wl-vol JANET COOK says lo ROSERTA ESSLEMONT as she holds up Zigove balh powder by Corday lromFRANZ 81 FRANZ REXALL DRUG STORE. 39I E. Main. The girls are complelely enlranced by lhe large supply ol cos- melics available al FRANZ 81 FRANZ. Aller a long, gruesome school weelc. VENTURA THEATER is iusl ll'1e place lo relax. Nol only are lhere good movies, bul also an ample supply ol relreshrnenls al inlermission lime. Food! Al noon. aller school, or any- lirne is lhe lirsl lhinq on a l,pical VSl-l'ers mind. Whal. could be belle: or hander lhan FOSTERS "OLD FASHIONEDH FREEZE al 2l26 E. Hain? Have a hunqzr For malls? Sundacs? Hamburgers? Bnrrllog? Jusl qc lo "FOSTER'S". Seniors TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY inviles you lo invesligale employmenl opporluriilies. lOl Soulh Clweslnul Slreel Phone MI 3-2275 or HU 3-2275 "I really don? lcnow wha? lo ordrr. lhey are all so good!" says BETTY FURR lo RUSSELL WALKER af AL'S HICKORY HUT, IBO4 E. Main. AL'S HICKORY HUT serves real Bar-B-Q fo your lasfe and has The lines? sfealr: in lown. Need a presenf for your niece. nephew or bofhersorne li++le brofher? BOB STUART'S TOYLAND is the place To go, 252l E. Main, BOB STUART'S is one of Cali'lornia's lead- ing roy srores. Can'f frnance rhal dreamy dress? Too bad! Bur don'+ give up hope. JUDY GREENE and BARBARA ALT- PETER have solved their problem by going lo CLARK'S, 2426 E. Main. and duplicafing fhelr dream dresses. CLARK'S has yardage and noflors lo fir all fasfes. lf cosls less. +ool A rare momenl af fhe busy MAIN STREET SERVE YOURSELF GAS STA- TION of 2I5O E. Main Sfreel, To replenish 'rhaf ernpfy gas fanlr of yours. go fo your gas s+afion-MAIN STREET SERVE YOURSELF. Q9 AWN If . at wi 1,3251 Ma, Q W xc gf '. ,U 0 fly 2 , Qin w2fzf2fs'li4'f?A545Qf5? QW- .Lf ""'--.f Qmfgfk' K 'Jus 1 5J 3 Q.. f 4,051 . me WM. MIKE JEWETT, In his Ivy Leaque sporfswear, and WARNER JUDY VICTOR Is gazing Info We Lire frying fo find Hvaf WHIXE fn We nezfei Cambf1:QSfGfavcEL5EggwS dgT-'gifUfSS- Lmunm Lady Elgin from MILLS JEWELERS, 401 E, Mm MILL ing he merifs o f eir cfof es rom ' or U . mem. For Hwe newesf in meds fasfvlons see GREGORY'S a+ 369 fIEWELERS' .we huge Ofbperfed dwamondstfor Over 4' years' E. Main. featres nafwomally adverhsed wafches and qewelery. nn- For Wwe? new Chevy or Olds, go fo VENTURA MOTOR COMPANY, 43 E. Main. Serving Verwfure ?or 22 years. Phone Ml 3-6f4V and The perfners, Frank, Bill, and Bob Bradford, WHY be de1Egf'w+ed +o hear from you. 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SHOP' 989 'E' Ma ni BROWN S me place In gy TJ he CSI IT's VENTURA FLORISTS for Irie Isesr in 'FIowers. mOUII"WaIe'm9 pasiry' -I67 Y P I c K E n rd PROCESSED in your own backyard Only the choicest of lemons from the finest TRI-COUNTY lemon groves go into Cofisrm. Brand Frozen Concentrate for LEMONADE . . . all the tangy goodness of the tree-ripened fresh lemons sealed in. Relax in your backyard and sip a soothing, cooling drink of the best lemonade you ever tasted. Economical, too-6 oz. makes a full quart- 12 oz. can makes a big half gallon, and in seconds. Put an extra supply of COASTAL LEMONADE in your freezer this week -be prepared for unexpected guests, thirsty kids and husbands who come home from work with jangled nerves-give them a COASTAL Lx-ZMONADE LIFT. COASTAL is featured at your favorite market. VENTURA COASTAL LEMON CU. packers O! Fresh 1-PYYIOHS Frozen Lemon Juice VENTURA PROCESSORS ,md Ll,,,1,,,,udC 1 l - 5- ? x COSA 1,8 x ls Y" git si Qmml 'lil ,ar f Makes QUIRTS E iq-E una Y- I Y: : M , 'A 9 Uflr -lit ' vi ' ,, f. vi 'Q rv 'T .fi 14 ' M! X. X . X MMO: ,N592 Y "'12,,4rj1"'Egi"jLSi:,,L L 9' i , lllid ,. v VL F ce - H- l'Uf't3TAL Distributed by: PORTER'S FROZEN Fooos Ventura, California Phone Miller 8-2593 PORTER'S FROZEN FOODS Santa Barbara, California Phone Woodland 5-3518 PORTER'S FROZEN FOODS Arroyo Grande, California Phone Arroyo Grande 2985 Awwmanwmamw 190010 5 FINE FOOD Qeytaurantf Ventura Oxnard Have 3562 Z7 L 'i Coke wa iaond Furniture Store Complefe Home Furmshmgs Modern and Maple Ph. MI 3 299i IOOO N Venfura Ave Venfura, Califorma Sanm CRUZ Hlnmms GROCERIES MEATS PRODUCE e g e S 84 Green Sfamps 3? Ventura Oxnard 169 Q J Eg 5 gf 'ig 5 J 2 L , ir , Q . . V V 3 23" 3 4 Tfilf- --Q E 24. 1 is . E F 1. 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N L-.':11?p5""'ff-ras' ,F 5 Ai K V 5+ 05' 'JL QC: 2 y 1 exp 2.2 ,P fYPfV'1L"'L L 5' 9-ff! 0 -PBC exf .a gtg lp Ur ,J QL 4259 rg 1, Nbf!V'lf7fl!1-4017 'Vivid rf ff' QQ? W m-'Ei 2 'HS gs! QM!! awzs-vvovnvlf-'5.. Df- A-E 1 If's been a Io'r of fun Io make This yearbook for you, buf we never could have done if wifhouf 'rhe excellenlr co-operalion and help of many ofher people. We sincerely Ihank Ihe sfudenls of fhe PHOTOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT, especially CAROLYN PERRY and PHIL BARRET, for The Iine job 'rhey did for us. We also wish Io say "Thanks a lol" Io all The sfuclenls who helped in 'rhe adverhsing seclion. MRS. McKNIGHT was a wonder in keeping our sales records, and sending ouf our adverfising bills. MR. OLSON'S iexcellenf advice and help came in exlremely handy and was greafly ap- precialed. Of course, we can'I' forgef MR. PIESER, of The WALTON WEILE STUDIO, and The fhree days he spenf faking picfures of our beloved IiHle posers Credn' Io WILSONS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO for 'rhe deducahon phofographs MR CANNICOTT of The LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY cerfannly gave us helpful advice and did an excephonal Iob of engraving for us We re also graieiul Io MR FOWLER of 'rhe VENTURA PRINTING AND OFFSET COMPANY for The fine 'ob of prinhng which he did Bye Now' Have a nice summer' BLACK GOLD STAFF OF 57 .....-sf, 5'-ji I 4 PSA H-.22 -V-11 59 3? 1 ilifaibf br? +5-'r N4 00 ,Mgt ,WHL his NH, 1.4 nn so-4.-faivl Mr .xwiiif AFM -LA . . . . . . , I , . . ,,f'. f 'J'-4, 5:-,, , 1 T ' ' 9 -" -1 ' . -gi:a .,' f Q . , ,- ,4- " T.: R .V Q E,-wigs it V iff? , " 1, T' IT' " 'Q fi? -. JN Wf., . 1,1 V. 4. - - -gl., 5, .H , W.-. . . A , 4453. I ,.' 6 -f ,jg I 1 .' ' . - " . ,. :I .ww .. .. I. V F1931 ,2,i1is2+-' - ' ,:r..,.,v --, .1 .xv 911- . ' ,:.fqt., . sf A- FJSK' It f5?,f!'5J F1619 'ifibgfei ' '4' - ,L ,-qs, ' 5,111-1 . 31.95. ggi..-,123-R. E l ..-5 mf -A ,J fy! .. :'-'Q ,F Q , X in . M1142 I I ,XIJ 4" I 1. ' . 4 ' ,.,.,,.- . -1-4 , .. ,-. , .I ' I ., J . , x H I ,I l U . -wmFn,g,,,-,f2 . . . , -uv . A -pre.,2Zr-,v,3,:x,h-:.-'- ff--' ,.pw.-vf.-.9.,.,A,,-9 www , " -- V ., . r- M . , ,' ..P"' ."Cd1J.. ,V I I., x Q'-F. A I ' " V. ',, IAYFPZZUPEW Y R324 -, .',-,-1.'-,:-.-.- -'cs-,:,,..-:s,f..'.,'-3-ff?-,1255,-gJL.gss4.-1 - -A-' '--I--Mn!-NN we-9-'f ,-,zgg,11,,-5-' P I- In Aw.,,,,,,,V.,J,:,-v,,:pf:f1sn-Nwe---1' - . - , - HT""""' " . .- -- - :q-cc' " " .115 v-5-y,,,u. .. , . - - , .fu in-. 'f P-.., a . :3.."'f 151124-'4"'..'f'I"'R7-. " ' 5 U" HT - 1- -'.--',r:p"j,':.,.-,.:. ' A ,gi w M -1,1 ,L 1-,,.1kl,f5,u,4.,,5 . GXQWUITY.. 455'-'Q-.' 'IES .'1:1Q,,-1-,A

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