Ventura High School - Black Gold Yearbook (Ventura, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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Hogfhokf J VVJKQ, ,digwyqt 0 ' 1 fp ,A ' 4 Q Q! yy ,f My h f A' . . 1 -' x ' NJ Q '7W"W!y Arf" 'B My L Nbypff ' xv ! ,Jn I J x vi w lx! S -J N X xi w I .1 qvqavfixxq av iv. l I ,Q W :vi nf v Wk? 17 C9 'A ,nf 5' My 1 V' , . ' - '-f Vu liffd '7f77vfV"'V'fJ N J J ' f'7 Q xg V Fey ' M' V' " L . 'Q X .bjjiyyf Pl. ' W fl 'SQ U ' 6 WM JY N 5 90 W 'QEQQPS XX 'X E , Kin! Af . W1 v Q V, rj' H+ M J I 1" ' iV, P , ' ' J ji fiiQQ gals fb W QW E, WL fx Nr f" J 9 J V "- I ief' I lf if 1 qg J , 1 Lf! f ' Q!" 5'-Mf f . ! s -1 4 f-Q3 1 q ' 9 54 M 1954 Elm? QQ!! 5 The Story Along L'fe's Highway At - I x Ventura Senior High School ' S 66 A f. .S S A ,417 ' Jw -, fi! , kfmziiffj P7 T ,W fr re WA Highway R s fif QQ fx, , H, f XIWQ- r' , f , I-7 MA' lv V97 52 'f X F Aff HVJW cjigxjfg L31 Nj QQ wif Passes Gver Mounfffifvsfeiks 1 . xg' -ef Q' .61 sf? A 2 Q Clif if if A 5, j 5 h f5f2? fffglexjfigl Qsg,sfff sfOUg Deserts . .sf2Along fh Xgixig VN? rx X A Cqvjimxybieul 1 XULIBQ s ss Vs Fx? we fm f 0 Qs wh xi , x QM WLIW L ' 'wsu LA, if Q8 ' YH' 3 J- WSW , - - s Z JJM ,, g,-5" 7' 'ak 'Tie' ui, ,Emf W- UI' "" BITE-gw ll!1ll'l , , M t u 1 if sei- , , 1 ' Af. ,,,xf" Q A 1 'fl- s k5 nw" -w Q ' 50 : IW l ,rf W2 .j,a- - , ,Mo-""' sl 5 g 5 I F Q 'Tp' ,' Ny , ,af W 4, A Y-gl 1 NZ, ugf? .Y , 7,1 4 ,K , ,,, , I ' 'rv f w i " Vu? D' . VA ,I ,.,17f J y "3 W 1 " I ti- " Q "" ' A M nrt., v h.h..4 ' "U, ' ,, Q ,f f W' 44' Q 75 9 f bs- ,Y gx., N kqw f' A by .'Qf'fIW ' M """ Q ' '-w'Pf,"' -:ffl , Af 'IA 'iv' !'5kna, ' h J 'ww' -'wh'-ii Z, "1 in V , ,, .,.. ,..v ' ' f- Ln WNW, LW 5 VL-'N' ' f ' ' ,ff ---' 4'1"'5r-5 ' Qr L' T M. ,ff f . 4 ,L I ,' Y 0-ff f.,af-fb Jiwl -- 'rf .. H A , ua A ' A'LJ-H451 " n ',,.: ' '. fgf' nfl M' - ' Yi? - ' WM' i :gin - I K 2 In IQXQVZZI if , A I Y,,, '. ' - f . Q, A W- Mr-if .... y. , PM I r , .. .,,. -V , 1 . , ' ' 1 f 1,1 AFM M N .- .,,, f , ' I 11-. X I I , Q Q A,,fff" 4,1 ' D ,,,, W ' -.i 'IIA' Us A ,g M f f .. ,V , A, 'A ' V, Q 4- WM 19513 w"",v?".q' . - Q, ,W ,M , ' f"' 8-w,m.T,V, ,,f,, A W A , R A ,vvv .,.. yy V,,, I M, ff- , S.-,, 'wx-A , Jgffl LVLIJ. ft 'W J ' 114:-. 1, N, if gt ':,,'.i,i! , ,dpkg iff" ,, ' W ', :MMR ui'-rf MW hx 4 -4 X 'W' , , ..,A f'nJ"h 'ff vw, 'H-. ' ,lfgxeim ,R ,N ' -XM Q .-1, g ' 0 :Sftw I ASL' f g-'f4.1'5'nw!,.Q'X- x A - " , , - ,I nv, v , if 'F .4 ,:,,,. 4 5, , - Q , I ,.. E 5 1 X . 1' I u 2 gg-iii!!! E ' X -R 5 I ' N 2 ' A i E ' gi ,www E 3 wx yi f 'V wmigflxg. , '.S-:, ."H,- ' " 'iff' -'-. ff-'ff V k . R-L' , ' Q . , A -fam wr.. Asia -x,,..,nf5Q-f-' MANY FACTGRS CCDNTRIBUTED FACULTY-Tl1ey+augl'1l' us and af Hmes 'riclcled us, bu+ we will al- ways remember +l1em for being so pa+ienZ' +l1rougl1 all our lrials ancl iroubles. CLASSES-Somefimes excifing, buf, neverfheless, always informalive, as can be seen from many "S+uclious" Cougars. W Hfiewwiifffw WZ if f i TS Cougars go all ou+" as be evidenced by +l1e sporfs- manship and winning abili+y of our a+l'1le+ic ieams. ACTIVITIES-The many fine social even+s of +l1e year lcepl' our weekends excifing and gave us a welcome brealc from 'I'l1e rouline of sfuclies. 5? Q7 ' 3j5QwUfAMWJwMmm7 ' Uh' , fl A' ' ' A. f J5fw5ZM2umMM.bWwV EQQZZwwLZQm4 ffm JJ? hi Behind The Wheel Of Our Vehicle Wo 'MIL 'K 4 W lil, Wiw 1 The HSfeering Commiffeew -- Qur Fcfciulfy BOARD OF EDUCATION Few people realize +he fremendous faslc +he board of educa+ion performs. They are all local ci+izens who give up +heir +ime ancl effori' +o help our school sys+em run smoofhly. We are gra+eful fo 'rhe board for +heir many small consiclerafions. Dr. John B. Crossley, Superinfendeni of fhe Venrura Union High School Disfricig Mr. Howard Benson: Mr. Roberf Parrg Mrs. Helen Ewing, Presidenl of The Boarclg Mr. William Le Favre: Mr. R. D. Willef, Clerlc of The Board: and Mr. Ralph Railf, Business Manager of The High School Disfrid. MR. WILLIAM MCKINNEY-In ad-difion fo his imporfanf dufies as vice-principal and dean of boys, Mr, McKinney has endeared himself fo fhe enfire sfudenl' body by his energefic work wifh fhe execu- five cabinef and SBVISC. His imprompfu cheer- leading on several occasions was proof-posifive of his unbounded enfhusiasm. MISS MARY KELLER-Miss Keller, in her capacify as dean of girls, once more proved herself a frue friend fo all fhe sfudenfs of VSH-fhe boys as well as fhe girls. Her experf guidance was responsible for +he smoofhness and success of our many clubs, assemblies, and social affairs. MR. WAYNE SIMPSON-As vice principal Iasf year he did a marvelous iob and in his higher capacify as principal fhis year he is equally as successful. Mr. Simpson is respecfed and revered by all, and yef has never Iosl' his abilify fo be "one of fhe gang". ,Q ii qi Tw ai' '-.Q ' Karim luke, 2 Generofors O Division Heads Mr. Roberf E+cl1er+, Social Sludies Miss Daisy Cromwell, Ari, Music, and Homernalcing Mr. Harold Howe, Mall-i, Science, and Commerce Mr. Waller Musial, Plwysical Eclucalion Mr. Harry Smi'rl'1, lncluslrial Arls and Agriculiure Miss Vivian Crawford, English and Languages Knowledge Facul+y ROW I, Mrs. Lynn Ackerman, Foods Mr. James Angwin, Drafnaiics Mrs. Laurena Balmer, Spanish Miss Bernice Bassi, Pryzfca' Eclutfa' n ROW 2, Mr. Wayne Brufon, Geonfelry, counse.or Mrs. Imogene Bercaw, Vocal Music Mr. Virgil Bryan, Eleciricify, Aulo Slnop Mr. Joe Buclrmasfer, U. S, l-lislory, Amer' Governnnenl ROW 3, Mr. John Cowarf, Typing, Driver Training Miss Vivian Crawford, Languages Miss Daisy Cromwell, Aff Miss Marian Davenporf, English ROW 4, Mr. Roberi Efcharf, Englizlv, U. S. llifl'f"y Mr. Bob Ferris, English Pnysica' Edecafior Mr. Clarence Ficken, Woodslwop Mr. Vicfor Filzmaurice, English Can ll fl' , ROW 5, Miss Arclifli Frederick, Physical Ed .cafion Mrs. Louise Gould, Ergiisn, La+in Mr. Jolly Griggs, Sliorlliand Typing Mr. Waller Hassell, Engsli Speein ROW 6, Mr. Harold Howe, A gebfa Tfgsnvnelry Mr. Max Houlilwan, Sl':"'a':J Typ - Mr. Paul Lawrence, Crghfiyrl Mr. Manley Lewis, Eng 5' Ame' :an S: ROW 7, Miss Lul Lopez, Soafs Miss Ellwel McCandless, E':'gli XVgf'j Mr. Denning McAr+l'ier, Rooffzraory Miss Eloise McConnell, Lib'af'a'i They Mapped Gul Ou Counselors Miss Marian Davenporf Miss Diane Thoreau Mr. Roberf Rolens, head counselor and direcfof of curriculum. Mr. Wayne Br + Mr. Roberi Buxfon No picfure, Miss Mary Gufhrie UOne special service which is offered +o VSH s+uden+s is +he counseling service. By means of +his group many s+uden'rs have 'rhe oppor+uni'ry +o gain counseling in regard 'ro many si+ua+ions which confroni' lhem, such as social problems and problems dealing wirh fheir sfudies. This organizafion is composed of members of fhe facul+y who devofe +heir +ime fo helping +he s+uden+s sleer +heir course fhrough high school. Counselors aid 'rhe s+uden+s in defermining +heir class schedule fhrough each year of a'r'rendance, deciding wha+ courses would be of value +o +he s+uden+s and which ones would no+. These hard-worlcing facul+y members' doors are always open +0 parenfs who wish +o discuss 'rheir child's sfudies and grades. 14 OUFSGS Faculry ROW I, Mr. William Macomber, Healfln and Safely Mr. Edward Nemson, Driver Training, Algebra and Moclern Science Mr. W. F. Newcomb, U. S. l-lisfory Mr. G. Lee Ogden, Senior Problems and U. S. Hislory ROW 2, Mr. Marvin Olson, Bookkeeping and Business Training Mr. James Porfer, Modern and Physical Science Hr. Eric Radcliff, Physiology, Biology Mrs. Gladys Records, Clolhing and Senior Homemalcing 1 ROW 3, Miss Norma Riner, Girls P. E. Mr. Harry Smifh, Drafling Mr. Jacl: Smifh, Boys P. E. Miss Charloife Sydnor, Slvorflvand and Office Pracifce ROW 4, Mr. Warren Taylor, Algebra and Geomeiry Miss Diane Thoreau, Leadership and Counseling Mr. Roberi Tuffle, Boys P. E. Mr. Van Mefre, Healllw and Safely, Senior Prolfefns and U. S. Hisiory ROW 5, l.1rs. DeI+y Wlwilcrnan, Jcernaisrn, Engislwy and Cougar Slaff Mr. Willard Whifesides, Agricullure Mr. Wilbur, Malli NNXX JL ,X V 1 Lf L64 L!! X 1 7 P W .4 ll, ll 1 COUNSELING OFFICE STAFF ROW I-Mrs. Voucher, Mrs. Cronin. ROW 2-Tom Lorenzana, Shirley Simpson, Vera Hardy, Diane Living- sfone, Donna Kirlcland, Bill Tudor. W ,,,.,---' 4,-cd Donna Kusfer, Jo Ann Eslcridge, Irma Pulido, Elsie Millard, Wan- da Knupp, Kaflwerine Karas. ROW I-P K' , Sh'I C Il' , S d Bl d , R fh ai myon lr ey O ms Y ney e we U ROW 3-Mrs. Harrief Gilbert Mr. Lawrence Connell, Melvin Valdez, Mary Osburn. Howery, John James, Mrs. Marge McCauley. ROW 2-Ramona Chapman, Sheila Walion, Carol Sfenneh, llnserfl-Mr. Lawrence Connell. i HEALTH OFFICE A. S. B. OFFICE Mrs. Rufh Gibson, visifing parenfg M M d f B f M ROW I-Mrs. Helen MCKMQM' Dorofhy Somerville, Mrs. Bernic V gh ROW 2hKa+hel-ine McDonald J Y J P + K Ip M Y Lou Loring Gverdrive Gdie Received Aid From The Speciol Service Groups Special service groups fhroughouf VSH have made fhe work of sfuclenfs and feachers alike much easier. The counseling office, healfh office, sfudenf body office, and secre- farial service have all worked fo make fhe funcfioning of acfivifies fhroughouf fhe school run af a smoofher pace despife fhe difficulfies fhaf gef in fhe way. Our Sfucienf Leaders Always Pushing In High Gear Don Skipwor+h - Siudeni Body Presiden+ Barbara Hansen Barbara Peierson Dick Gould Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Off' 'WF 'K 'T v- EXECUTIVE CABINET ROW I-Carol Lindberg, Sally Teffer+eller, Barbara Pelerson, Carol Barllelf, Mary Lou Loring, Leeora Sechresf. ROW 2-Dick Gould, Barbara Hansen, Dick Nuzzo, Earlene Smifh, Mr. McKinney. ROW 3-Don Skipwor+l1, Mike Addison, Lee Decuir, Waller Jue. STUDENT LEGISLATURE ROW I-Barbara Urqulwarl, Slneila Ray, DeAl+a Bonn, Donna Goss, Marylin Simpson, Barbara Pelerson, Marlene Callabn, Janice Goss, Sally Ekdall, Daisy Jue. Pa'r Saclwer, Pai Billings, Jane+ Allison. ROW 2-Barbara Hansen, Belle Coms+ock, Evelyn Dees, Linda Howard, Earlene Smilln, Carol Barllelf, Barbara Fillmore, Gloria Mikuls, Leeora Secliresf, Mary Ann Roe, Nancy Durbin, Donna Kirkland. ROW 3-Larry Dodds, Don Parrish, Richard Beguelin, Gary Blakely, Don Skipwor+l'1, Pegge Comsfock. ROW 4-Henry Tliornfon, Dick Hunl, Adrian Olivas, Lee Decuir, Dana Hawks, Dick Nuzzo, Jim Whalen. liey Creofed Traffic Lows Along The Higlwwciy I i SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL ROW I-Miss Lopez, sponsor: Beffy Mae Sams, Carol Timmins, Judy Howarih, Kay Hancock, Janef Vanegas, Sharon Conner. ROW 2-Harold Cowan, S+an Haynes, Doug Fowler, Wal+er Jue, Joe Weaver Overdrive Qdie Was lmpressecl B 1 JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL ROW I-Gail PraH', Donna Kirlrland, Beiiy Lou Norion, Jean Mcclaran, Janef Allison, Daisy Jue, Carol Lindberg. ROW 2-Adrian Olivas, Milre Paul, Linda Howard, Barbara Marrioif, Diclr Mays. he Hard Working Class Councils 'Y' ' SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL ROW I-Evelyn Dees, Carol Barfleif, Darlene Russell, Joan Fraas. ROW 2-Rodney Tyler, Phillip McKnigl'i+, Gary Blalrley, Don Wrigl1f. ROW 3-Darrell Riddle, Diclr Pierce, Vicior Guder, Tommy Parlrhursf. 2l Sfudenf Leader GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD ROW I-Grefchen Ver Husen, Barbara Urquharf, Marie Hoscheif, Mary Ann Roe, Maggie Evans. ROW 2-Gloria MikuIs, Linda Howard, Sue Rhoden, Marian Lorenz, Miss KeIIer. I- I Iffg III TIIIV yr? I I P' QI I I ' IX GJ' my M up G!RLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HOV! I-Marie Hoscheif, Peggy Mc- K'aigh+, BeHe Comsiock, Pegge Com- tiock, PriciIIa Blacl, Sharon Hoscheif. CONV 2-SaIIy Teffer+eIIer, GIoria Mi- I'z:I:, Helen Taff, Diane SfeeIe, Juaniia Inpfa, Venfura Hernandez. They co-sponsored Ven+ura Senior High's 'firsi' Annual Fashion Show. The Girls League held charm assemblies while +he G.A.A. gave Iheir annual banquet Campus Iife for our girls was richly enhanced by +hese Iwo aciive organizafions. 22 Todoy, World Leaders Tomorrow ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ROW I-Jean Mafhis, secrefaryg Bonnie Williams, posiers: Judy Morgan: Carol Neuman Jane? Wallace: BeHy Mae Sams. ROW 2-Mr. Hassall, advisor: Bradley Munn, Publicify chairman, Mille Addison, Direcior Mrs. Bercaw, advisor: Phil McKnighi: Phil Wesfergaard: Mr. Angwin, advisor. 1 BOYS FEDERATION V 'wx i ROW I-Mr. Houlihan, Dick Nuno, Harold Balmer, Sonny Rickman. f- r I U ROW 2-Sian Haynes, Henry Thornfon, Fred Brown, Lee Decuir. 'l Mlm s The njwwv WSI fl CF fo MA' 160 cf' 91- -is-Q.. wmlmvz 'l ,WM , .5 N, 2 ,f 2. ff, .:::::::::::::f: :::::::: 3 ffjjsfi1f2f5f55 55555 55f W N, 5 " f ' , Seniors, Sophisrcafe SENIOR OFFICERS Carol Bar+IeH, Senior President Don Wrighf, Treasurer: CaroI BarIIef+, Presidenf: Joan McCown, Secrefaryg Phil McKnigh+, Vice President is Ili, SENIOR OFFICERS Th e senior Iawn, senior buIIe'rin board, and many o+her senior privi- Iedges are direc+Iy aHribu+ed Io Ihese siudenfs, who 'worked hard all year +o make fheir class +he very best comps, Finishecl Their High School Journey In i954 Michael Cope Addison Marilyn Elaine Aguayo Darla Alberly Dave Alison Carol Arnold Emily Aviles Dennie Baller Harold Balmer Shirley Balmer Kafhleen Anifa Banks Howard Barbrey Michael Paul Barnard Joe Barron Carol Barlleff Edna Ellen Bauer if Y'-tv 1 faq Iii ,QCW 27 Joyce Boucher Gwen Bledsoe Gary Blaluely Pafricia Billings Terry Boller Alma Bayse Groduofion Was Noi The En Ronald Brand Carol Bryanf Glenna Burgess Nina Bufler Allan Branch Jim Buhlerbaugh DeAlia Rae Bonn Daryl Bowman Marcia Briola Richard Andrew Bonds Jim Philip Bohlen 'Evelyn Mae f The Road, Qnly The Beginning Wilbur Leroy Carlson Claudia Carler Augusfa Carfer Buddy Lewis Casey Bill Harold Casey Charles Cassidy gf' Q..-S. Ze A 2 SENIORS Lorifa Cassidy Connie Chandler Alice l.aRene Clarlxe Ramona Chapman John Alvin Clifion Marlin Eugene Cobos James Gilberf Coleman Claudia Comsfoclr Cordelia Comsfoclx Lupe Corona Gary Glenn Cowan Richard Dale Cox Yvonne lViclil Cox Jimmy Warren Crow Alex Cruden Hallie M. Davis Bob Donaldson Nancy Eleanor Durbin Smcllesf Shirley Ann Cusey Lee Arlhur Decuir Evelyn Lloyd Dees Bob Dodd Shirley Rae Dorman Marlene Dovin Glenda Hill Downey Bobby Dryden Dan Duran Duane Emde BeHy Darlene Emery JoAnn Eslzridge In Number, Buf Lorgesf In Spirif Rood Bloclcs Were Placed Around The Senior Lown Garland C. Elhericlge Calvin Eubanks Philip Bradley Farwell Clwarmian Dee Felfus Loren Fergeson Lucreha Verna Figueroa Barbara Flllmore Juanula Flores Joseph M Gabaldon Rosle Marne Gallardo Roberia Joy Fox Peggy Ann Foole Joan Elaune Fraas Dorolhy Jean Fosler Alma C Garcla r A Philip Salinas Garcia Chesier Lewis Goff Belly Sue Greene Donald Roberf Hail V,.. y T 5 My bg, .,..Jr"'2' Jaclcie G. Gibbons Louis Ray Gomez Gloria J. Griego Bel'+y Hensen Laura E+hel Giroux Elvira Goff Donna Louise Goss Shirley Greafhouse John Terry Grider Viclor LeRoy Guder Venfura Phyllis Hernandez Suzanne Marie Hoprnan MQW 9.2 Revered, Admgegljogffljntderclofsgizzgw N W ,fees I K NRM? Jfgllyvys Ojejliglfp of XQQVQFMWVUN QM W4 ry LaVerne Hopper Don Hooplngarner Marne Hoschenl D K Paul Hunf Donald Jackson Colleen Kay Jaeger A Bb LYH wn TH 'El WZ, Suzanne Hayes Donald Lee Headley Brad Dean Helfon Evalene Jessie Charloile Ann Johnson John Wilkes Jump Gerald Kam Jim Karageorge Jim Kearney Bill Roberl Keesee Pai Kelly Rex Kemp Joe Kerwin Belly Lou Kimbrough Palriclr King v ' . . . R ,, f . . .N X y 5 .' 5 Q 1" .1 Senior Acfivifies Were Man nd Varied George Fernand Marchais Elzlon Rexforcl Marlow Jean Ellen Mafhis Rosemary Masfriglml Cleo Wilson McCormick Joan McCown Paf Sue McCown Diclr McCulloch Lois Rae McEll1aney Van Ray McNair Bill McGaw Sheila Ann McNeil "C: , l .1 fl 'lin Il .-,px 1 I I I l.L I Never A Dim Headlight' All Year ,f XP srog SM! 5 7 T1-.-. Phll McKnlgh'l William Ward Emily Mijarez Gloria Mllruls William Spencer Mifchell Larry Miles Robbie June Miller Leslie Ann Mills William Raymond Monahan Eclyihe Mary Moore Belly Morrow Norman Ray Murphy Thomas Newman Clwesler Necoclwea Marlin Newman Roberfa Nunez Richard Nuzzo Pafricla Ann Oberlin James Sfanley O'Grady Mary Helen Orozco Olga Bernice Orlega Mary Osburn Allison Barclay Owen Hazel Jean Parlrer Hugh Parker Tom Parlrlwursl Don Parrish Elaine Paylon Billie Jean Pelphrey Richard F. Pearce True And Lasfing Friendships Neve Darlene Russell Barbara June Peferson Phyllis Evelyn Pelerson Dennis Lee Plank Chryssie Pal Poli+is Gary Dean Pollard Ermalinda Pulido Ben R. Ramirez Thomas Shannon Reed Sue Ann Rhoden Darrell Riddle Sonny Rickman 40 To Be Forgoffen Curfis C. Ridling Celia Ann Rios Richard Rios Sharon Riiz Myrna Robinson Richard H. Roderick Mary Ann Roe Ted Lee Roe Darryl Rose Donald Louis Rowell Mary Lou Roye Sam John Ruse+os Peier Salazar Lydia Cruz Salcido Tony Sandoval Donna L. Salow Roberi John Savala Mary Jane Sawyer 7' Ralph Schafer Harold Schlapia Ted Schneider Leeora Sechresf Ernie Seiclenlrranz Jaclr Selby Cliflon Alfred Shouf Thomas Simons Marylin Simpson Shirley Simpson Don Sliipwor+h Hallie Smell! Milne Ross Smi+h Sydney LeRoy Smifh Marilynne Sproul Don Spurlock The Road A SHS Was Noi Always Easy Juanila Mae Tapia James Allan Taylor Sally Ann Tefferfeller William James Temple Raymond S. Thibaull' Mary Swaner Thomas Melvin Slone Ann Sfoddard Sheila Sfephens Donald Fred Slennelf Henry Fenfon Thorn'l'on Belly Sue Thurman Freddie Treece Glen Treglown Garry Tuclrer Spolfing The Se Rodney Lee Tyler Donna Mae Udall Barbara Urqulwarl Ann Frances Walle+ Sheila Walfon V , CO' Cyl? ,935 OQPU4 Qwoy-ll7 'QKXQ 90" W le Q on 40 wo'-5 9 A99 0 Y 45042 , Q Lb?-5 iff Q9 -ri :fx so W we ,. :lp e ge esfergaard James Alden Whalen 9 NKUJ ff c Q-l X, Bonnie Jo William: James Preslon Wilmollu Billie Rufh Woods Roberl Bernarcl Woods Carl John Wrighl Don LeRoy Wriglwl' Frank Olfo Younce Jack L. Young Doroflwy Hall Zobel rs Was No Problem For Overdriv sb Class Of i955 3 ' as Junior Officers Carol Lindberg Joey Jones Linda Howard E ROW I-Shirley Boyd, Jeannine Boyd, Marlene Callahan, Vicforia Corona, Barbara Bird, Sina Darby, Beffy Barfholomew, Faye Coburn. ROW 2-Charloffe Cornef, Kafherine Andrews, Olefhia Cox, Priscilla Black, Marilyn Carabaial, Janef Allison, Winner Baker, Neila Cooper, Sharon Archibald, Paf Boehm, Beffy Brown, Pai Coffey. ROW 3-Franlr Brown, Nuel Benson, Richard Beguelin, Clifford Carnes, Warren B assa rd, Charles Carr, David Bafford, Mrs. Gould. ROW 4-Unidenfified, Unidenfified, Bob Barlcer, Ronald Dye, Bill Davis, Harold Cribbs, Unidenfified, Tony Carabajal, Unidenfified. ROW 5-Bob Dyche, James Balding, Jaclr Cummings, Unidenfified, Fred Brown, Merle Afwood. Juniors, .lusfifiobly Jubilonf ROW I-Pa+ly Hollingsworlh, Karen Hicks, Pal Hughes, JoElla Howery, Ann Helbig, Belly Gibson, Janice Goss, Barbara Haffield, Glynda Hughes, Bobbie Fosfer, Norma House- holder, Vivian Humphrey, Maryan Gordon. ROW 2-Marilyn Feyma, Linda Howard, Charlene Hungaford, Vlfanela Hockenberry, Shirley Hinds, Jo Gilberl, Vera Hardy, Car- roll Hawley, Donna Griess, Kalhryn Fisher, Car- mie Harkness, Cynlhia Gardner. ROW 3-Eugene Hardesly, Marvin Houghlon, Roberf Fralkin, Eddie Griego, Norman Garrell, Dick Gould, Dana Hawkes, Bob Hicks, Gordon Hieberl. ROW 4-Unidenlified, Charlie Hess, Tom Huss, Don Kiunke, Bill Hewsfon, James Gilden, Ross Golchal. ROW I-Gail Prall, Clarice Ogden, Joy Slal- zer, Pal Sacher, Sally Orfiz, Marcelina Ramirez, Maggie Palacio, Arlene Peferson, Jo Ann Pope, Daisy Jue, Vivian Richards. ROW 2-Julia Pearson, Richard Osuna, Wes- ley Preis, Ken Parkin, Dewey Russell, Eddie Nicely, Richard Pelerson, Duncan Porler, Ron- ald Robinson, Suzi Paquelle. ROW 3-Tony Peirano, Mike Paul, Wayne Reed, Bill Roderick, Gene Powell, Carl Roach, Bruce Olson, Adrian Olivas, Jim Olson, Mike NeWf'ndn. ROW l-Joyce Lowes, Marlha McRae, Flora Morales, Marilyn Millard, Lucille Mohr, Lois Mohr. ROW 2-Carol Nicholson, Dolores Messer smilh, Barbara Marrioff, Dorolyn Markley, Mar- rha Madrid, Unidenlified, Peggy McKnighl, Kafherine McMillan. ROW 3-Dial: Mays, Bill Manning, Ralph Ploch, Arnold Monliel. Henry Morales, Ron Mills. ROM! 4-John Corey, Gary Nicholas, Wray Maxwell, Torn Marquez, Freddy Marquez, Ralph Nordyke, Brad Munn, David Maness Kielh Marlin. 6 JUNIORS ROW I-Madeline Kaiser, Saralw Holmes, Elsie Millard, lrene Miiarez, Barbara D0- Lemos, Janel Goss, Slwicia Macom, Mary Lou Loring. ROW 2-Myrile Goss, Larry Hudson, Beife McNeil, Harold Biddle, Barbara Mcllree. A5359 e?5 9iReody For The High Spee 3 W!" ROW I-Dixie Cole, Terry Collins, Rosie Enriquez, Sydney Bledsoe, Daisy Davis, Eleanor Edwards, Frances Dawson, Verna Calder. ROW 2-Larry Dodds, Bill Doss, Charles Carr, George Duran, Bill Dod- son, Lulras Barrios, Mr. Meyer. ROW 3-Bolo Dyclne, David Deardorf, Franll Brown, Rex Andis, Jerry Edwards Leif Landloerg. ROW 4-Bill Davis, Edgar Franlc, Bruce Davison, Jon Addison, Louis Beniamen. JUNIORS ROV! l-Diane Slarfas, Ona Befli Slay- baugli, Diana Rcifzel, Suzanne Riddle, Diane Rlwode, Joyce Temple, JoAnn Solo, Alma Reyes, Lynn Solano. Belfy Sliidmore, Doy Mac Rogers, Deanna Sims. ROW 2-Cluarloile Cornell, Carole O'Neil, Marilyn Sclnreiber, Jennie Raili- bun, Earlene Smiih, Virginia Selby, Berfy Norlon, Josie Sanders, Sam Slewarl, Doug Slewarf. ROW 3-Delber+ Reese, Gilberl Ra- mirez, Ronald Smilli, Jerry Sfull, Erbie Slorls, Ronnie Sfewarf, Jon Scliwindi, Arilnur Slielfon, Earl Sferling, Don Snel- grove. ROW 4--Morgan Scliweri, Franlr Rice, arry Scaif, Bob Spurloclr, Jim Slanford, Curlis Sliles, Jim Sfewarf, Ed Simons, Clwucli Solano, George Slalford, Rich- ard Trivelf. rcilfic Of A JUNIORS ROW I-Peggy King, Judy Morgan, Marian Lorenz, Deanna Larramendy, Co- ralee Jones, Nancy Lamp, Jean McClar- an, Hope Lopez, Sharon Kennedy, Pal Kulpaca, Sandra Jones, Janey Jennings ROW 2-Diane Kaplan, Joey Jones, Maggie Evans, Carol Lindberg, Phyllis Lalhrop, Kalhryn Karas, Pal lmhool, Renna Lively, Donna Ku:-ler, Donna Kirlrland, Pauline Marlin, Palsy Millsap, Cheffy Wafner. ROW 3-JoElla Miller, George Levey, Manuel Jim Kearny, Mn Garcia, Ken Lunde, Franlc Leighlon, Mille Lewis, Richard Kelly, Norma Hobbs, Arn Loman. ROV! 4-Nancy Loree, Andy Lollswald, l'o'iy Leonard, Bob McElroy, Bob Lillle, lim Kyzer, Leil Landberg, Jim Manzer Senior Year JUNIOR CLASS ROW I-Belly Jo Woods, Nancy Wihardl, Judy Willey, Marilyn Wiglon, Leola Wilbanlrs, Chloe Williams, Donna Wise, Barbara Woods, Viiu Valdma, Marlene While, Rulh Valdes, Irene Verela. ROW 2-Pal Whilson, Francis Wilson, Virginia Wrighl, Peggy Winlers, Cherry Warner, Sally Wall, Pal Yorlc, Shirley Weaver, Grelchen Ver Husen, Belly Vaughan, Mary Lou Williams, Gerry Wallcer, Peggy Rigney. ROW 3-Helen Tall, Roland Taucherl, Dee Willingham, Ben Urenda, George Wal- lel, Bob Wheeler, Jim Wooll, Fred Wolz, George Treio, Don Zeclr, Ernie Valen- zuela. Bob Wilmol, Sam Villalovas, James Voris, Jesse Torres, Jack WilliamS. Jim Ullef. Ronald Wal- ROW 4-Ronald Ward, Roberl Valenzuela, Dan Triana, Joe Werland, lace, Grady Vaughan. ' . ww-u l Cass Of 56, Sophomores, Sing ROW Harry ROW ROW ROW SOPHOMORE ROW I-Miss Triggs. ROW 2-Kay ward Nemson. I-John Barnelf, Diane Alvord, Ri+a Alfpefer, Barbara Ayresl Carolyn Ayers 2-Gilberf Aranl, Milne Billings, Milze Basso, Norman Aull Roberl Aguayo 3-Bill Alexander, Dan Aus+in, David Bufcher, Elberf Beaver 4-Lex Andis, Mike Adams, Warren Brown. rly Special 1 ROW I-Mary Brown, Dorolhy Bohan- nan, Carol Bile, Margarel' Bryanf, Anila Brunelfe, Jaclcie Blair, Ann Bramhafn, Carol Brennan. ROW 2-Shannon Cassidy, Harry Co- bos, Jim Brewer, Harold Cowan, Earl Caid, Jacl: Boucher, Ann Boles. ROW 3-Terry Boler, Roberl Biclrford, Roger Borrell, Fred Clow, Ronald Bruns- wald. ROW I-Grace Duran, Phyllis Eslmew, Dianne Drummond, Shirley Collins, Lo- rella Dylze, Darlene Harrison. ROW 2-Lois Denison, Peggy Dorman, Sharon Conner, Nancy Dodson, Beverly Coon, Margarel Denl. ROW 3-Faye Duff, Slanley Dodds, George Cunningham, Bob Crow, John Corona, John Crosby, Charles Curlis, Frances Dralre. ROV! 4-Claufle English, Dwighl Hinds, Malcolm Cornell, Monle Counlryman, Carlos Chapman. 36 Q Q 5.44 ROW I-Harriel Farish, Neysa Fergu- son, Bonnie Fisher, Pal Garcia. Rosalie Garcia, Doris Chivinglon, Kalhleen Balmer. ROW 2-Philip Flores, lrene Flory, Caroline Ealon, Lydia Garces, Norma Freiberg, Belly Garces, Hershel Garrelf. ROW 3-Bob Farish, Jim Escareno, Lyn- dell Findley, Ray Faclrrell, Ronnie Esler, Doug Fowler, Richard Gallagher. 'ES ROW I-Tom Hammer, S uzan na Gcllner, Kay Hancock, Corene Good- man, Buddy Gibson. ROW 2-Ronald Go++, Georgia Gould, Nancy Gilmore, Belly Haw- line, Sharon Gri'Ffi+h, John Glenn. ROW 3-Sam Garvin, Jerry Hend- erson, David Gehl, Phillip Havens, John Gruner. ROW 4-John Hammer, Leon Hel- fon, Garland Henderson. SOPHOMORES ROW I-Ka+hy Hensel, Elizabelh Hood, Sharon Hoscheif, Judy How- arih, Lee Horner, Kay Hensen, Carol Howe. ROW 2-Jackie Jolley, Lee Horner, Sh aron Jorgenson, Elaine Holihe, Sharon Johnson, Rufh Highfower, Pal Herron. ROW 3-Frank James, Jim Hodges. Roberi Johnson, Waller Jue, Ken Hughes, Rober? Jones, Eddie Jue, Melvin Howery. Overdrive Odie Found These "Hep CofS" N ROW l-Elaine Maxwell, Marcia Mc- Elroy, Slella Mijarez, Juanifa Macias, DeAnna Lusk, Barbara Medlock, Jean Mauer. ROW 2-Slwarlene McNeil, Gerry Mill- ing. Sharon Moore, Pal Maclin, Kaflwer- ine McDonald, Pal McGuire, Pal Maples ROW 3-Morgan May, Ricl1ard Mar- quez, Bruce Moore, David Miller, Dick Murray. ROW 4-Ted Mullilrin, Jolm McMillan, James Marlinez, James Morales, Bill Moraga. SOPHOMORES ROW I L lo R-Lanelle La Valley, Shirley Keller, Rulh Locker, Darlene Lilllefield, Pal Lafimore, Barbara Kelsen. ROW 2 L lo R-Ray Kenney, Bill Lallw- am, Alberl La Monle, Mike Leonard, Ronnie Bane. ROW 3 L lo R-John La Salle, Ronald Landberg, Jim Kearney, George Liggell, Gary Kalluslry. ROW 4 L 'lo R-Tom Kennedy, Mile Karnder, Fred Kirk, Gayle Kirby, Fred Wilson, Mac Landers, Ed Kyser. rag On VSHS ROW I-Gilberl Macias, Lawrence Ma- cias, Tom Lorenzana, Fred Marquez, Bob McAnaully. ROW 2-Dean Lowe, Ruben Macias, Gary McAllis+er, Jack Love. ROW 3-Charlie Munro, Don Looman, George McGill, Paul McClaren, Dar- rell McBride, Charlie Mariinez, Chuclr Morris, Tom McKinney. SOPHOMORES ROW I-Delline Parlxer, Carol Newman, uniclcnlified, Fern Phillips, Kaiherirre Planlc, Nancy Nicely, unidenfified. ROW 2-Mary Pierce, Laura Prarf, Marcia Orlega, Marcia Olson, Pal Poi'- ler, Kay Pierce. ROW 3-Thomas Nelson, Rod Nava, Hayden Peclr, Joe Pina, Bob Rowland, Jerry O'Neil. ROW 4-Kennefh Parfain, Rudy Ochos. Jerry Pu+zier, Rodney Poslen, Larry Poe, Joel Navros, Derry Parson, Sieve O'Doil, Lupe Payan. C? VSHS QI Leaders O SOPHOMORES ROW l--Unidenlified, Mariorie Ritz, Con- nie Raphael, Janice Richards, Beverly Richards, unidenlified. ROW 2-Unidenfilied, Belly Mae Sarnr., Robin Rose, Rulhie Rose, Doris Renflrow. Sheila Ray. ROW 3-Josef Schneider, Lee Rodgers, John Madden, Gonzalo Rodarie, Pefer Rod- riquez. RCW 4-Ronald Roof, Caroll Roe, Millard Russell, Mr. Nemson. SOPHOMORES ROW I-Nancy Wilson, Pal Wright Janel' Wallace, Delma Woods, Barbara Walfon, Jaclrie Wiglesworfh, Loneffe Williams, Nor- ma Jo Whife. ROW 2-John Webslrer, Dean Williams, Bob Worfhley, Roger Whiiloclr, Leroy Wil- lidI'T1S. ROV! 3-Joe Weaver, Leroy Vilaigci Larry Ward, Tom Williams. he Fulu R-OW I-Vichy Smilh, Belly Smifh, Rosie Solo, Norma Slilchen, Donna Slamps, Charlofle Swinney, Bonnie Fisher. ROW 2-Ruby Severe, Carol Soulh- ward, Mary Sanlos, Pal Smifh, unidenli- fied, Vernon Selo. ROW 3-Willard Slrallerud, Roberl Sei- denlrranz, Alberl' Seidenlrranz, George Schrolf, Bob Smilh, Dean Sporlsman, Dean Schommer. ROW 4+lerry Seibler, Gerald Smilh, Ronnie Schneider, Don Smilh, Jim Smilh. ROW 5-David Shobe, Fred Slandiler, Larry Soo Hoo, David Smilh. ROW l-Carol Timmons, Emma Vas- quez, Tillie Varela, Joan Valline, Jane? Van Vleclr. ROW 2-Kalhryn Schaler, Jeanelle Treece, Diane Sleele, Shirley Kiefer, San- dra Swenson, Carolyn Slennell, Ronnie Thompson. ROW 3-Cary Sleeno, Tommy Triggs, Warner Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Ken Tu'- ley, Jerry Sliles. ROW 4-Wayne Thrill, Spiro Slarlas, Fred Turner, David Thomas, Harold Vill- aveces. ROW 5-Bill Tudor, Judson Slevens, William Topping. F9 ff' SOPHOMORES RONV I-Kalhy Baller, Barbara Geiger, Eva Lopez, Maggie Morales, Chris Wil- liams, Doris Dodge, Linda Woody, Helen Callaway, Reba Walson, Beverly Arnold. ROW 2-Jim Ballinger, Slam Haynes, Thomas Leighfon, Roberl' Jones, Uniden- lified, Donovan Miller. ROW 3-Tommy Nelson, Charles Rich- ardson, Douglas Hansen, Michael Ho- gan, George Hall, Richard Weaver, Mike Morgan. 406 O Uoocf il- 7 fd 9 CDME f X m 'U Q Q . '7' . , 1' , R ,qt Q. S Tif 4, L 5 5 r if 1 I x Y f x X gil w , ww' Q 'iff , , m,,,,v,ag if tx Y 41 , .X CLUB PRESIDENTS ROW I-Tommy Triggs, Chloe Williams, Marie Hoscheil, Mary Ann Roe, Daisy Jue, Dicl: Nuzzo. ROW 2-Peggy Foofe, Chris Polilis, Pegge Comsioclr, Be++e Comsloclz, Shir- ley Cusey. ROW 3-Bill Doss, Caroline Ealon, Pai Henrie, Charm Felfus, Jim Taylor, Larry Dodds. ROW 4-Tom Parlrhursl, Gary Blalrely, Jaclr Selby, Phil Weslergaard, Cleo Mc- Cormicl. Ir I tie YM! The Honor Sociefies Were Lorge In Numbe CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION ROW I-Dorolhy Fosler, Joan Fraas, Shirley Libby, Barbara Urqnnarl, Mary Ann Roe, Barbara Pelerson, Barbara Bird, Laura Prafl Donna Goss, Mary Osborn, Rosemary Kirlcpairiclc, DeAlIa Bonn, Marian Lorenz. ROW 2-Diana Reihel, Gloria Milculs, Leeora Sechresl, Shirley Balmer, Sally Tefferleller, Carol BarIlef+, Peggy McKnighI, Mary Lou Loring, Nancy Gilmore, BeI"Iy Mae Sams, Jam:-I' Wallace, Nancy Wilhardlr, Robin Rose. ROW 3-Sheila McNeil, Chris Polilis, Pal Henrie, Charm FelIu,, Gail Praff, Carol Lindberg, Cynihia Gardner, Norma While Carol Howe, Georgia Goold. ROW 4-Jim Kerney, Bob Horning, Don Slcipworih, Gary Blalrley, Phil Mclfnighl, Curfis Riddling, Norman Garre+I, Larry Dodds M Fihmaurice-advios, Dicl: Mays, Duane Emde, Harold Schlapia, Waller Jue, Dicl: Gould. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY ROW I-Jean Mafhis, Leslie Mills, Leoia Wilbanlrs, D onna Griess. sir' W ROW 2-Evelyn Dees, Bridge? Casey, WWF- Charm Felfus, Marcia Briola, Cynihia Gardner. ROW 3-Mille Addison, Henry Thornfon, Www Phil McKnigh+, Phil Wesfergaard, Tom Sfone, Mr. Angwin-advisor. ,,y,,,,, owing The Superior Infelligence Of The Cougars NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW I-Marilyn Wigfon, Marian Lorenz, Nancy Wilhardf, Marie Hoscheif, Jo Ann Pope, Daisy Jue, Janef Allison, Jean McCIaran, Mary Osborn, Barbara Pelerson, Janice Goss, Donna Goss, Janelle Goss, Lucille Mohr, Rosemary Kirlrpafriclr, Dealfa Bonn, Carol I3arfIeH, Carroll Hawley. ROW 2-Gloria Milculs, CharIoHe Johnson, Bonnie Williams, Pal' Sacher, Ann Sioddard, Chris Polifis, Donna Griess, Linda Howard, Grefchen Ver Husen, Beffy Norlon, Virginia Selby, Shirley Balmer, Sheila McNeil, Mary Ann Roe, Barbara Hansen, Leeora Sechresl, Carol Howe. ROW 3-Pal Henrie, Kay McMillan, Nancy Loree, Pal Coffey, Charm Felfus, Gail Praff, Donna Safow, Rosemary Masirighf, Ramona Chapman, Cynfhia Gardner, Sally Tefferfeller, Jean Malhis, Barbara Urquharf. ROW 4-Mr. Cowari-advisor, Mr. Griggs-advisor, Cameron Schwindf, Don Slripworih, Nowman Garrei, Milne Newman, Graoy Vaughn, Gary Blakely, Phil McKnighl, Curfis Riddling, Bob Horning, Milne Addison, Jesse Torres. ROW 5-Bob Wilrnoni, Harold Schlapia, Duane Emde, Bradley Munn, Jim Glynn. QP .6 A viral pari of our school is "fhe Cougar," which promo+es spirif and keeps sfudenls "in fhe know". The sfaff has worked many long afrer-school hours +o hi+ +heir deadlines and 'rurn ou+ a paper for all of us fo enioy. COUGAR STAFF -Sv f"'f LEEORA SECHREST, ROSEMARY KIRKPATRICK Firsf Semesier Edifor Second Semes+er Edi+or ROW I-Pal Mccown, Shirley Hammer, Barbara Fillmore, Rose- mary Kirkpafrick, Marylin Simpson, Pa+ Billings, Jackie Gibbons. ROW 2-Sheila Sfevens, Jeanne Mafhis, Elvira Goff, Leeora Se- chresf, Mrs. BeHy Whileman, advisor. ROW 3-Curfis Ridling, Ted Schneider, Bud Casey. i 'gif BLACK GOLD EDITORS: JUANITA FLORES, Edlfor. LINDA HOWARD, Asslslanl Edilor. Hill! rf I 1, ff Ill Liferory Geniuses Al Work "Bfaclc Gold," flue VSH annual, por+rays s+uden+s' life in classes, dances, and sporfs. I+ was puf oul' by a slaff of hard workers who crealed "Odie," +l'1e carfoon characicr who appears 'rl1rougl'1ou+ +l1e book +o direc+ you fo school aclivifies. SKI CLUB l ROW I-Cynfhia Gardner, Diane Sclwuller, Marian Lorenz, Judy Morgan, Donna Griess, Kailwryn Fisher. ROW 2-Ronnie Lane, Jim Brewer, Barbara Marrioif, Philip Havens, Pai Coffey, Gerry Walker, Bobby Barker. ROW 3-Tom Roois, Roger Hope, Alberf Lamonl, Mr. Harry Smiih. Overdrive Oclie Found He Couldn'f Slci As Well As The Cougars THE VSH SKI CLUB, under fhe sponsorship of Mr. Harry Smiflw, has "dreamed" of many Hwrills and spills. "Dream- ed" is fhe word +o be used since scarcely any skiing could be done. Transpor+a+ion was a major problem 'Facing +hese Cougars. However, +o spi+e +l1e seeming inaciivify of +l'1e group, many movies were shown and o+l1er ac+ivi- +ies were conducfed. .E '27 LIBRARY STAFF J ROW I-Viiu Valdma, Belly Norion, Joyce Temple, Barbara DeLemos. ROW 2-Virginia Selby, Norma Hobbs, Renna Lively, Connie Carfer, Bobbie Nunez, Rufh Valdes, Hope Lopez Mrs Pai McCarley ROW 3-Wilbur Carlson, Miss Eloise McConnell, Gary Cowan, Elvira Goff. They Gave Ticlcefs For Library Violcifions KEY CLUB, sponsored by 'the Kiwanians, served The school and +he communiiy in several service prolecfs They inifiafed fhe iirsf "Career Day" a+ VSHS. Several communi+y leaders par'I'icipa+ed speaking on 'rheir various choices of vocafional fields. Sfudenfs fell' +ha+ fhey had gained an insigh+ in+o +he differenf careers available Y CLUB W I-Fred Wolz, d Tyler, Waller e, Tom Triggs, n Wrighl, Doug wler. W 2-Phil Ha- ns, Richard Be- elin, Dick Gould, ary Blakely, Duane de, Don Slrip- rfh, Mr. Joe clrmas W 3-D a n a awkes, Don Par- h, Dicl: Mays, ary Cooper, Alex uden, Jaclr Selby. v . M.. 'J 'U 4 'F .5 , He Wonfe LETTERMAN'S CLUB ROW I-Richard Rios, Dick Hunl, Loren Ferguson, John Savala, Delberf Reese, Max Salcido, Richard Nuuo, Don Jackson, Jim Crow, Bob Spur- lock, Jerry Sfull, Joe Gabaldon. ROW 2-Richard Cox, Dick Mays, Duane Emde, Richard Gould, Gary Blakely, Richard Roderick, Joe Bar- ron, Leif Landberg, Harold Cribbs. ROW 3-Carl Wrighf, Tom Simons, Dana Hawkes, Bob Lewis, John Jump, Lee Decuir, Jim Whalen, Duncan Porfer. ROW 4-Jack Selby, Spencer Mif- chell, Tom Newman, Tom Chivinglon, Jim Bohlen, Keifh Marlin. PLATTER CLUB ROW I-Sharon Kennedy, Leslie Mills, Shirley Boyd, Juanifa Flores, Carroll Hawley, Shirley Cusey. ROW 2-Bridgel Casey, Pal Holl- ingsworlh, Juanila Tapia, Vivian Humphrey, Cynfhia Gardner. ROW 3-Wayne Thrift Thomas 45 Sfone, Pele Salazar, Ken Turley, Mr. 4 Van Melre-Faculfy advisor. i Music plays a very imporlanl parl' in 'the leen-ager's social and recrealional life. The Plafler Club sponsors fhe music played over fhe loudspeaker sysfem a+ noon. They also had a radio program on KVVC on Sarurday afiernoon. The sfudenl body is very 'rhanlcful for 'rhe sock-hops 'rhis very aclive organiza+ion sponsored during fhe year. o .loin All The Cougor Clubs PEP BAND Row I-Mr. Ralph Flalanllna, Judy Willey, Bally Mae Sams, Vic+or eaaal. Row 2-Roger Jaya++, Barry saallay Priscilia Black, Bal, aaflal, Barbara Marrio++, Bill Maeay, Dan Wright Row 3-slaya O'DeII, Wesley Plalal clllfald Barrows. Dick Gould. Row 4-Gary caapaa, Bala M aala ly Dan Tllaaa. 1 THE SENIOR HIGH BAND did fhemselves proud af ou 5 'foofball games 'rhis year. The able siudenf ieadership of Vicfor Guder and fhe ac+ivi+y of maiore++es Be++y Skid rnore, Jane Jennings, and Jane+ Wallace added much color 'lo our a+hle+ic program. 67 'I X x?-2 fx lunar 26573 3? 1 -'cu ' + . '- . ' W Vvn- 0-4 N' 7-N Lui' J? r .. --. .L 1,1 . il! 0 . kg? A. ' Fw if ' .lf f uf Q ,, f alum, k , "wwf . 'ggw ' X 'fiix' it 'QV f 3 T' , .. , .4 f liwhgwikif ,VH 4, ,n , 1 'ow 1. , I N "' ' l,'l ff o l . I A K Ng ' ' x V 'mlb 9' , . V -Iiriz' flu. . i- ' .:lP...-: A r- A-hia. A : -iv- I 4 ss .f , -19 ::uh , 's5E:?1:T , f,..: --e!v..i5: tit.- - , 1 ,:'1l l.. " 'I Y. ' . -' 2x" :.'. 3-' T ' " -A-tr, - -,-ff: - 452 - 1- J uni? . - 'L ' fAiiilipiif'l.'...'t7 , R ' -.-2' 1 Y 45 ' ' . A '.f5!:'7'IlY 1 5 Lhnfglli I :2.:- gi! - . N Q -fare. - .., -' . - 1 4 - h --.- - -ig - -X 4. .' - Y ' A 4' A.. ,Q 4 O -' hi 15.2. 15, is I fl Q! 700, My-ici, Q K 3s7 ,QQVQKL yfgfg, N Bc:?E!SecJf Fcgr Our Agsenigifgg 4 .1 r px ' I 'V X 91. -is-awk , S511 ,Q , 1 M , z Q, ,F 'nf J 0 ii 1 ,v M W- -my-...MM . V, .,...,,, y- W mfnm-., .1 f 1 'K Agiwr f sf x. 3, wk , D 3 A " Many I A an 41 41' Ci' B. 8 ,44"' 5 Wx 6 5 I S v. Exif X A XJ We Gove Our Time And Money For Worfhwhile Couses RED CROSS ROW I-Carol Lindberg, Sally Tel' ferleller, Rila Allpefer, Mary Ann Roe, Leslie Mills, Shirley Cusey, Carol Howe. ROW 2-Jean Ma+his, Be++y Mae Sams, Caroline Ealon, Jane? Wal- lace, Sheila McNeil. ROW 3-Diclc Gould, Dicll Nuzzo, Bradley Munn. THE RED CROSS does worfhwhile service all over +he world. We are especially proud of our Junior Red Cross organiza'rion here ai' VSHS. They are a wonderful asse+ +o fheir fellow class- mafes and ci'rizens. SAFETY CLUB ROW I-Venlura Hernandez, Viiu Vald- ma, Juanifa Flores, Rosie Gallardo. ROW 2-Evon Bridges, La Verne Hop- per,Juani+a Tapia, Pegge Coms+ocl:, Belle Comsloclr. ROW 3-Mr. Macomlaer, sponsor: Erby Sforfs, Torn Marquez, Howard Barbrey. 'af ' qv -4 I i Z "Or i 'N-ilk ll NOQNNH """""' 'f- 9040-4. .4 WOOOQ5., Ag ,M 9OOg.,., f , A ',', 90409, 6: T -. 'WO' ' g Q4 SCIENCE CLUB ROW I-Kafherine McMillan, Berle Comsloclr, Pegge Comsfoclr, Barbara Bird, Lucille Mohr. ROW 2-Franlr Leighion, Duncan Porler, Larry Dodds, Douglas Sfewarf, Larry Hudson. ROW 3-Howard Barbrey, Jim Taylor, Dick McCulloch, Norman Garreff. We Cui Up Frogs And Mode Explosions THE PRE-NURSES CLUB is one of +he vocafional clubs of which VSHS is mosr proud. They are +he s+uden'rs of foday and +he "Angels of Mercy" of lomorrow. "'l'T7'ifs PRE-NURSES Berry Solano, Marian Lorenz, Barbara Mc llree, Marilyn Schrieber, Miss Somerville Kafhryn Fisher, Donna Wise, Rosalie Solo it., GIRLS GLEE CLUB ROW I-Kafllryn Plank, Roberla Quienl, Janice ROW 2-Barbara Keldse Y he 5- Delma Woods, Anile Brunelle, JoAnn Selo, Corene Goodman, Pllylis Eskew, Jackie Blalr Riclwards, Beverly Coon, Ann Bramllarn. n, Myrnefla Dielscll, Maybelle Wall, Mary Ann Roe, Lorelfa Dyke, Carol Bile, Slwaron Jorgen sen, Pal Smilh, Caroline Ealon, Beverly Richards, Sharlene McNeil, Geraldine Milling, Bobby Owens. ROW 3-Pal Maples, Judy Willey, Myrlle Goss, Ka+lTryn Taylor, Charloife Oliver, Mrs. Uercaw, Shirley Oliver, Ruby Sevier, Nancy Wilson, Helen Callaway, Tony King, Lois Lesler. A eoYs one clue Row I-Ken Hughes, Terry Ben- oell, Ronnie Taylor, Buddy Gibson. Row 2-Loren Blair, Ken Turley. Jonnie James, Elberf Beaver. Row 3-George Merolrels, Nelson Lilou, Dennis Plank, David Themes. Row 4-Arrlsor slrelloo, Derrel Rsoele, Jack wllllems, Bill Temple. Row s-Heels Parker, Al oyer., Bill Tudor, Jerry Siebler. Row o-Boo Dooo, Darryl Boymeo. Day Af VSHS Would Never End Wifhoui A Song 1.1.1 Wm, if' i 2:" 4 32 'i f 4 Q gy F W 9? V W V. 'VN 13 I- Jwuglx if A' 5'Ac.-Jag' ff' Q kljnml x, K 1 1- ,. Of l , x 5 We Explored The Soul Of Dancing Co-ed dancing is a very impor+an+ par+ of our physical educa- fion program. When boys' and girls' gym classes meel' +oge+her once a week, s+uden+s are given an opporlunify 'ro learn +he arf of social dancing. Hs 'Fun and educafion combine 'l'o help slu- den+s feel more a+ ease al' our school dances. OW 2-Donna Griess, Belle Com- UARE DANCE CLUB W I-DeAnna Lusk, Barbara Bird, flu Lockeff, Lucille Mohr, Suzanne ddle, Delma Woods. W 2-Nancy Nicely, Cynllwia ardner, Frances Dawson, Joyce uclher, Ann Boles, BeHy Smifh. W 3-Mr. Hassall-advisor, Dave ardorf, Richard Bonds, Dick Mc- ullocl1, Ronald Robinson. W 4-Jim Taylor, Fred Kirk, Cleo cCormick. ODERN DANCE CLUB OW I-Rifa Alfpeler, Frances awson, Corene Goodman, Jean Mc- laran. ock, Pegge Comslock, Mary Ann OW 3-Jean Mafliis, Cynfhia ardner, Diane Sclnuller, Pal Henrie, C' Q , 5, . Q Q 61 J, . 9 x .5 7 0 I Q. THE MODERN DANCE CLUB is a group whose purpose is 'ro learn +o express 'rlwemselves +l1rougl1 movement During 'rne year +l'1ey sponsored a Modern Dance Day in our own gym, +0 which clubs from o+l1er schools in +l1e counly were inviled, and 1'l1ey also aHended 1'l1e "Dancerama" 'af'San+a Barbara S+a+e College. ' ' 4 ' - A Cross Secfion View O QAWNA. 1 ff Aff, ,, u , , A is W S353 ii? 3 H2 ,bag ,,?, ,.,, 4 'A 3: W ,X ,f A .LA -1' :n,ff'4,, fx, .ff-2 g ' i A Y?i Qiaiqiff?3'5 :Je 55q55 'Q f ,wi I 'vgvy . 3455: 372 gf 5 'Mfr QA, if if fs -"' - .j1j.7, A j'',,iQ?lff wwf - f m -me w an 2 , z?w 3.f,M 41' -y ,gag L- md, ,W I :mx Y mix, 2194 f A . 4'f?,'ff"i V ,L . gg . . 1 ' 1 'Y 5:52 ' Jtngfgz Wg 41", 9. 1' Y r .,,,,. 4. .- ur Cougar Pedesfricms A AW:- .. ll- W e M o d e C o o lc TYPE Pl CLUB IS one of fhe many vocahon l learn somefh g sponsored nn VSH The boys xn +hus cub are rn ui 'ro e held of prunhng Mr S+eele as 'rhe acnsor of +hus very worlh wh: e organazahon TYPE PI ROW 3 Tom M ROW I Bob McLeroy Jerry English Luls Ramos Venus Goff ROW 2 Calvin Srmlh Jerry Shle a clubs bem :ng abou? 'rh arquez Sfeven Lopel Rober'lTr1veH Lee ulsenberry ROW 4 Mr Sfeele advisor Jesse Torres s Fred Marquez George Duran Larry Nordylre 'sv pv X ,guns 2 SECRETARIAL CLUB W I Claudla Carfer nr ey Ba er hlrle Kurlrsey Mara n Shnrley Libbey Donna Lnggeff Gerry Loomls Aguayo ROW 3 Mass Sydnor advlsor Carol Bryanf Suzanne Hayes Nm ROW 2 Nancy Mahoney Joyce Boucher Joan Fraas Dorolhy Fosler Bufler Mary Osburn SECRETARIAL CLUB sponsored by Mass Sydnor us one club an VSH +ha+ as of grea+ value lo many gurls Thus club IS composed of gurls who wnll possibly go m+o +he fu+ure holding secrefarual posuhons Good Luck lends' You're gomg +o haf your goal o . . . . . ,x. . ., . . , . ...W it i f If I X f 4 A .. 5 ,, is - - 'L l 'L L s. I ' V tg - ' 1 ,., ' I ."" QQ r fl 't s il lv l O 1 ,f L . 9,5 A w......- Y F ' F - K I O K Q9 RO - ' ,sm ps' Y ' l 'ly ' ' , ' , A nd Recd Caesar LATIN CLUB ROW 2-Pal Wrighf, Laura PraH', Be++y Fihgerald, Barbara ROW I-Cary S'reeno, Lois Dennison, Lucille Mohr, Sharon Marrioff, Marilyn Schreiber, Pai Smi+h, Diane Sfeele. Conner, Jennie Raihbun, Janef Wallace, Harold Cowan, ROW 3-Miss Crawford, sponsor, Gene Powell, Roger Borrel. Gary Cowa n. Roger Hope, Darrell McBride. 0' Ga ,tr H? n ,Q-4 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS ROW I-Colleen Jaeger, Donna Wise, Alma Reyes, Rosa- linda Marquez, Rosalie Enriquez, Daisy Davis, Flora Morales. ROW 2-Carol Nicholson, Helen Orozco, Marilyn Carabaial, VSH LATIN CLUB, which is under +he sponsorship of Miss Crawford, has had a very inferesiing year. During +he year +hey had varied +ypes of programs, among fhem fheir annual slave pariy when +he second year Lafin sfudenfs mainfained fhe o+her La'rin s+uden+s as slaves. im Pegge, Comsfoclr, Phyllis Peferson, Olga Oriega. ROW 3-Karen Hicks, Pai Goehme, Dolores Messersmifh, Peggy Foofe, Ann Waller, Mrs. Records, sponsor. VSH should be proud fo possess such a worfhwhile organizafion as 'rhe Fufure Homemalxers of America. The girls in 'ihis club are looking forward +o +he +ime when fhey can 'faire 'rheir places in +he 'iypical American home. Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Records are co-sponsors of rhis club. 8 I iw XF FRENCH CLUB ROW I-Jean Mauer, Evon Bridges, Be++y Hanline, Corene Goodman, Olga Or- fega, Peggy Rigney, Cynfhla Gardner. ROW 2-Arihur Shelion, Franlc Leighfon, Fred Wolz, Donna Griess. ROW 3-Miss Crawford, Wayne Reed, Cliffon Shouf, Richard Ramsey. THE FRENCH CLUB is an organiza+ion open only 'I'o +hose who are s+uden+s of French. The members are inferesred in promof- ing 'rhe language here in Ven+ura 'For prac+ical and culrural pur- poses. CES'T SI BON! YO TAMBIEN! THE SPANISH CLUB is a very worrhwhile group as is 'rhe lan- guage. Here in California we have a greai deal of Spanish herifage. This club promofes undersfanding wifh our Mexican neighbors and an apprecia+ion for all +ha+ Spanish has done for us. L S 5 ROW Belly ROW Jane? ROW ROW I-Robin Rose, Doris Chivingfon, Neysa Ferguson, Jane? Van Vleck, Judy Howar+h, Miss Lopez-sponsor, Pa? Garcia, Lee Horner Solano. 2-Rufh Rose, LoneHe Williams, Norma Jo While, Georgia Gould, Jobyna Sheely, Belly Mae Sams, Caroline Eafon, Irene Flory Vanegas, Nancy Wilson. 3-Hershel Ga:-reH', Tommy Triggs, Phillip Havens, Alber+ LaMon+e, Wal+er Jue, Bruce Moore. 4-Bill Er+ur+h, Harold Schlapia, Rodney Poslen, John McMillian, Milne Billings, James Ballinger. 83 No Looking In The Reor View Mirror For These Progressiv Among +l1e many acfivifies of 'flue Y was +l1eir World Service Carnival held on +he VSH +ennis courfs. Wi'rl1 booflws from various clubs ancl organiza+ions on campus and a dance in +l1e gym from 9:00 +o l2:00, 'flue carnival was +ermed a success by all. HI-Y ROW I-Loren Ferguson, Bar ry Scaiie, Duncan Porler. ROW 2-Curlis Ridling, Mil: Addison, Henry Tlwornlon, Ro ber? Horning. ROW 3-Jo'1n Junp, Hug Parker, Gary Blalcley, Howar Barbrey. Y-TEENS ROW I-Gloria Hymer, Chloe Williams, presidenfg Judy Morgan, vice-presidenfg Carol Brennan, Carroll Hawley, Priscilla Blaclr, freasurer, ROW 2--Wanela Hoclnenberry, Miss Char- lo++e Sydnor, sponsorg Anifa Orm. rgonizolions TRI-HI-Y ROW l-Colleen Jaeger, Barbara Urguharl, sargenl ol arms: Barbara Pelerson, Mary Ann Roe, vice-presidenlq Claudia Comslock, chapling Cordelia Comsloclr, secre lary. ROW 2-Sheila McNeil, lreasurerg Sheila Slevens, Don- To promole inleresl in lhe leaching profession and lhe purpose ol lorming our branch ol lhe Fulure very progressive organizalion. .A 5. na Griess, Darlene Russell, Beverly Coon, Carol Howe, Belly Mae Sams, Rila Allpeler. ROW 3-Cynlhia Gardner, Diane Schuller, Shirley Baker, Charm Fellus, presiclenlq Leeora Sechresl, hislorian Gloria Milruls, Sally Tellerleller, Kalherine McMillan. broaden sludenl's knowledge in lhis lield was Teachers ol America Club. ll is a large and FUTURE TEACHERS ROW I-Sally Tellerleller, Mary Ann Roe, Kay Hancoclr, Barbara Pelerson, chcil, JoAnn Pope, Belle Comsloclr, Pegge Comslosl, presidenl, Pal Sacher. ROW 2-Diane Schuller, Barbara Mar- rioll, Leeora Sechresl, Bonnie Williams, Gloria Milruls, Sheila McNeil, Belly Mae Sams, Rila Allpeler, Caroline Ealon, Irene Flory, Norma Jo While. ROW 3-Charm Felllus, Marilyn Schrei- ber, Jim O'Gracly, Dick Nuzzo, Verna Linder, Sheila Slevens, Elvira Golf, Mr. Manly Lewis. Clja Oflcga, Alma Reyes, Marie Hos- RECREATIONAL MUSIC ROW I-Jane Kober, Car- mie Harkness. ROW 2-Mary Pierce Rudy Ochoa, Carol Tim mins, Henry Morales. t'5 Odie Found Us A Schor ... 'Il I --ld M, . Il ? , hi'-I FRIENDSHIP COMMITTEE ROW I-June Ier. Charm Nancy Mahoney. ROW 2-Dixie CoIe Sue Rhoden, Keller, Alma Oar cia ALLIED YOUTH Isf ROW-Charm Fellus, Marcia Briola, Daisy Jue, BeHe Comsioclr Pegge Comsfoclx, Janef Allison, Carroll Hawley, Kafhryn Fisher. ROW 2-Mr. Porfer, Fred Brown, Bradley Munn, Mr. Lawrence. f Friendly Cougars Many cliligenf hours of praclice were pu'r in a+ 'rl1e cour+s by flie Racquefeers, VSHS's fennis club. Hs members made a good accounfing 'For 'lhemselves a+ various +ournamen+s in flue s+a+e. ROW I-Mr. Olson, Helen Tall, B e + + e Comsfock, Pegge Comsfoclr. ROW 2-Dick Gould, Tommy Triggs, B r u c e ' Moore, Sidney Smillw, Belly Sams. -1.4 TENTH GRADE DRAMA ROW I-Carol Neuman, Dorofhy Bohannan, Anifa Bruneffe, Marcia Or+ega, Marcia Olson, Sharon Con- ner. ROW 2-Barbara Ayresf, Robin Rose, Irene Fiorey, Doris Ren'Hrou, Diane Alvord, Neysa Ferguson. ROW 3-Kafhy Hensel, Nancy Wil- son, Jeaneffe Treece, Jobyna Siweely, Carol Brennan. ROW 4-Mr. Gibson-advisor, Faye Duff, Sharon Griifiih, Diane Sfeele, Caroline Eaion. ROW 5-Fred Turner, Roger Hope, S+an Haynes, John Madden, David Buckland, Hersnei Garreff. 3 5 M- L ,um . .L i, ..,,,, USHER'S CLUB ROW I-Edna Bauer, Marina Mc- Rae, Joyce Lowes, Barbara UrquHar+, Jennie Rafhbun. ROW 2-Leeora Secnresf, Pa? Sach- er, Carol Lindberg, Mary Lou Lor- ing, Peggy King, Jo Gilberr. ROW 3-Mr. Efcharf, advisor, Pai Coffey, Barbara Marrioff, Suzie Pa- CIueHe, Chris Polifis. We Didn'f Hove T 5 . if PROJECTIONISTS ROW I-Ray Kenny, Dick Nuzzo, Tom La Salle, Pegge Comsfock, Frank Tomes. ROW 2-Howard Barbrey, Sonny Rickman, Norman Garreff, Gay Nichols, Larry Dodds. ROW 3-Harold Schlapia. John Jump, Louis Benja- min, Bill Hewsfon, Mr. Wayne Brufon-advisor. 0 To The Drive-In Tlweofre For Movies Fll' 'fi-BI. Evil! PHOTOGRAPHERS ROW I-Frank Younce, Tom La Salle ROW 2-Howard Barbrey, Hallie Srnelfz Joe Gabaldon. LQ rw, 41 vw iv A . A .L VE Y .4 ,sw lj ug: .r,.. -If .1m,,,W30 ,ig '44 .Y 4, ff, M, gg. I W . 4 ffl' sighs JN!" . ...Ha is Mx NM!! , , v W. . ,M .ZW . 90 Jw wg A K hwy 1 an gi Yfnrf Mechanics Ol Cu K 5 R - ' F .Yv CLERICAL STAFF Mrs. Jean Zeclr, Mrs. Jane Guilarie, Mrs. Jerry Tompson, Mrs. Helen McKnight Mrs. lrene Vaucher, Mrs. Harrieil Gilberf, Mrs. Florence Cronin BUS DRIVERS ROW I-Mr. Ralph Adams, Mr. Dorwin Downey, Mr. Harlem Bar+on, Mr. George Ledford, Mr. Howard Williams. ROW 2-Mr. Harold Vorlr, Mr. Don George, Mr. Les Bryanf, Mr. Bill Pobasco, Mr. Weller Orm, Mr. Ruberi Keller, Mr. Ken Liffel. CA FETERIA STAFF Mrs. Mulvane M . Sf y, rs one, Mrs. Nowak, Mrs. Marsion, Cafeferia Manager, Mrs. Pumphrey. ougor Cor CUSTODIAL STAFF ROW I-Mr. Myers, Building Cusfodiang Mr. Benneff, Senior Cusfodiang Mr. Bradford, Mr. Blacks+one, Mr. Furgerson, Mr. Hogan. ROW 2-Mr. Mix, Mr. Le Sage. Mr. Richardson, Mr. Carfer, Mr. Hayden, Mr. Fisher. ROW 3-Mr. Haug, Mr. Esk- ridge, Mr. Clayfon, Mr. SuHles, Mr. Lewis. V, ,, W,-V .,',,.,,,4 ,, rid - ---mf, A -4-N04 9 I CALENDAR Seplember 8-Sun lan oil and swim lins are replaced by psychology and malh books. VSl'lS's second year ol exislance gels oll lo a wonderlul slarl. Seplember 9-Admission Day-Odie didn'l gel lo go lo school loday because lhis is lhe anniversary ol Calilornia's admission lo lhe Union in I850. Seplember I9-Foolball-This is lhe lirsl game ol lhe year. We play San Luis Obispo on our own field al 8 p.m. Oclober I-2-Safely Conlerence-Pegge and Belle Comslock repre- senled Venlura al lhe Governor's Salely Conference al Sacra- menlo in lhe Capilol Building. Odie cerlainly was glad because now he mighl nol see so many accidenls on lhe highway. Oclober 2-Foolball-Odie wenl on lhe player bus 'lo Bakersfield and was surprised al how quiel a bus lull of boys can be-leven Curlis Slilesl. Oclober 7-Counly Fair Day-The sludenls are having anolher holi- day 'lrom school. Odie marched wilh lhe band down Main Slreel, and al lhe lair enlrance he lainled because he was so plooped. We are proud and happy lo see lhe sludenls winning so many prizes on cows, piclures, loods, elc. al lhe lair. Oclober 23-alenl Assembly-Today lhe sludenls displayed lheir lalenl in a very line assembly. Odie never lhoughl lhal a school had so many dillrenl lalenled kids. Oclober 30-C.A. S. C. meeling al Whillier-Don Skipworlh, lhe Cougars' oulslanding sludenl body presidenl, represenls Venlura al lhe C. A. S. C. meeling lor lhe whole day. November 3-Back To School Nighl-Odie was happy lo see lhal lhe sludenls' parenls were inleresled in whal lheir children did in school by going lo school on lhe P. T. A. Back To School Nighl. November 6-Exchange Rally-Yells and figh+ songs were heard by Odie as he enlered 'lhe exchange pep rally wilh Fillmore in lhe audilorium. November 7-Foolball-Phil Rangel showed his lalenl in loolball when he and his fellow leammales mel Fillmore here in a league game. November 9-I4-Educalion Week-This is educalion week, bul lo lhe sludenls every week is educalion week excepl 'lhose lhal occur during summer vacalion. November I3-Firsl Quarler Ends-Aller slaying up lale for 'lhe lasl week or so lo sludy lor exams, il all came lo an end. The work ol lhe 'firsl quarler was repaid wilh lhal big "A" or possibly an "F" .... November 20-Awards Assembly-Darrel Riddle, Tony Carbaial, and Fred Wilson, along wilh lhe olher loolball players received lhier leller loday al lhe awards assembly. November 26-28-Thanksgiving Vacalion-Well,al lasl Thanksgiving is here. No school, no leachers, no homework, and no lroubles! Al lhis lime we give lhanks lor our lacully, molhers, lalhers, and especially lor lhe lurkey! Dcember 5-Chrislrnas Formal-Fun! Prelly 'formalsl While dinner iackels! Odie saw all lhis lonighl al lhe mosl leslive dance ol lhe year! "Toyland" was lhe lheme and we danced lrom 9-!2 in lhe boys' gym. December ll-Chrislmas Assembly-Overdrive Odie was sealed com- lorlably in his seal when he was surprised by Gail, Mr. Fil:- maurice's lilll daughler, singing "Sanla Claus ls Coming To Town." Then lhe clowns, dolls, leddy bears, lin soldier and dancers all came alive and danced lor her. Baby Jesus and lhe nalivily were a beaulilul climax. Baskelball-lim Bohlen helped lhe Cougars win lhe game againsl Anaheim wilh his superb shooling. December 2l-3I-Chrisfmas Vacalion-Chrisfmas vacalion meanf work for some of us, sleep for olhers, driving lo relalives, ealing, homework-lvery lillle, of coursel, and iwo wonderful weeks of well-spenl vacalion. December 28-30-Fillmore Baskefball Tournamenf-Venlura won lhe iournamenl and everyone is proud of lhem for lheir hard work and sporfsmanship. January 4-Back lo School-Odie finally saw life again loday, when almosf all fhe sludenls relurned io school wearing new dresses, sweafers, waiches, and many olher fhings which Sania leif lhem. January 29-Baskeiball--"Revenge is sweef' and we cerfainly en- ioyed if when we beal Oxnard on our hardwood. February 3-6-Beverly Hills Baskelball Tournamenl-Jim Bohlen, Gary Cowan and Lee Decuir, made 'the all lournamenl baskelball learn afler fhe Cougars won The rournamenf. .lim Bohlen was chosen lhe mosl valuable player. February 23-24-G. A. A. Baskeiball Tournamenl-Odie saw 'the giris play baskelball and lhougl-I+ lhey played very well. March 5-Fashion Show-Yes, girls from Veniura Senior High School looked like real models when Scollis Apparel sponsored lhe firsl annual fashion show in our own audilorium. March 26-27-Operella-Robin Hood came lo rhe Venlura Senior High srage lo perfrom an exciring, romanlic, and oulsfanding operefla for everyone who was lhere. April 2-Career Day-Odie learned fha? lhere was a chance for lhe sfudenf +o learn more aboul wha? lhey wanred 'ro do affer grad- ualing from high school. April 3-Spring Dance-Today lhe girls and boys have spring fever llhey always dol and are planning lo affend lhal Spring Fever Dance. April l2-I7-Vacaiion-Yes, lhis is lhe 'lime of fhe year when 'the Easier Bunny goes around and gives all good liflle children eggs and presenls for Easier. April 22-24--Oiai Tennis Tournamenl-Claudia and Cordelia Comslock won lhe inferscholaslic girls doubles af lhe Oiai Tennis Tourna- meni. Helen Tail, Diane Sleel, Dick Gould, Tom Chivingfon, and Duane Emde-all made a good showing ai lhe fournameni. May 6-Band Concerr-Odie is going lo fhe band concerl, pui :-n by lhe VSH band, al 8:l5 lonighf. Odie likes good music. May 22-Prom-The grealesl dance oi ihe year for lhe senio's. This is a hapPY evenl bui il furns sad as lhe seniors 'think lhal lhis is fheir las? year al Venlura Senior High School. June I6-Senior Breakiasi-Look a+ lhose seniors eai! No wonder fhey are so heallhy and happy. June I7--Gradualion-Tears of ioy are shed. Tears of sadness az- shed. All good lhings musf come fo an end. Yes, fhe seniors are leaving us. They are going lo rhe all nighl parry, now. June l8-School Ends-No school loday or for lhe res? of rhe sum- mer. Everyone says goodbye fo 'Phe school. Now Overdrive Odin leaves Venfura lo lravel on down lhe U. S. Highway lOl. ' Eli' X f M I fy N, rn! Wxjn Tis i 02' fi 3 N ' 'Gd x 0 O4 iff X 1 4 'Nye :iff fs'2':" ' sf TX 3 tA XSD 1' IT bf-f""W'N' ,..f"'V 1 1,w-lQ.,, , H 'A viii 4 ' ' if ' 'X gl? f ii nw QQ?-wwww 5 ,? h Q 'Q WT U 1 -N '13 a, I fix 1752 -VH' 'ff "1" ' v f . ' ,"" rf ' ., '. ' 58 "Mg x W, 'WV W 'I bww 'S' wk wil? E L if XQJJRH "git E'2Q"igh!b M 'W E YWWWJQWMQ 4 3,5 'Z Q1 ' 3 if . , I r.,VmA if ' - A V? q' 1 SZ ,I ,, . ,, .1 . V 4 5 ,A .QV Q ' ' 2 ,t W X gg .ga, x Q si, N ?? S . IP Q M ff .., it 1a Y n E9 . , - ' ' rl' -, 1, N z . I, .- .. :fi fl E : 5 Q., E1 in Kg E 1:5 ,Q Q 'Q - - 4' X -f Q-jill sugar: '1- Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venfura Venlura Vcnlura Venlura Venlura Culver Cily ., .,,,, Anaheim .. ,A,,,, ,,,,,, O range . ,,,,. Sanla Barbara ,. Soulh Pasadena , . .,,,., ,,,,, O xnard . ,.,, ,. , ,,.,,,,,,, Fillmore .. ,, Anfelope Valley Muir . Fillmore Y, ,... ..,,,. S anla Barbara Sanla Paula ,,,,, Excelsior Fillmore lournarnenl Beverly l-lills Tournarnenl Venlura Counly League Sporlsmanship Trophy Third Place ln CIF Championship Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venlura Venfura Ven+ura Venlura Venfura l-larl' Oxnard Inglewood Redondo Beverly Hills Fillmore Anlelope Valley ,, .,,,,... Fillmore , ..i..,,. Sanla Paula .A .i.,...,. Muir Hari' ,,, Oxnard ff KN M. x- V QD 1 x. 'Nu' Xi' wg A , R, q 'NNQlLWJUX 3K53w, X mu . , I 0 XX 3 N X '? COUGRQS Our Sfeek Sporfs Cor The Co 4' 2 M42 G f ,,,, , L M M . X . Q' - f,1j P A 1 3 l-' ,,f Ni' -A ' sfv .. , x f V + B A W , fff K J' V 4-r'f4T:.y" . IA' i ,, td Mk' xf' Q ,W ,V U V 'W V f ff . IX, X Q 3 ,a Q .41 ,fl ,Q of The Jaguar, Curried Our Afhlefes . Q , Song leaders dance as +l1e yell leaders pep up +l1e baslce+ball 'Fans a+ a home game. Our Ride Was Much Smoofhe NG LEADERS-Marlene Callahan, Jo Ella Miller, Carmie Harkness, Pal Kulpaca Diana Kaplan. nh These Cofs As Fuel YELL LEADERS-Earlene Smifh, Bobbie Nunez, Miss Riner- sponsor, Beffy Vaughn, Glynda Hughes. Shanding: Don Skipworfh. MAJORETTES-Beffy Skidmore, J nef Wallace, Jane Jennings. We Dropped Our Transmission. VARSITY FOOTBALL-Al+hough our 'leam was low in ihe scoring, i+ was high in spiri+, and fough+ fo +he end. Credif should go fo Coach Smifh and Coach Fraser for +heir splendid work wi+h +he ieam. Wi+h lhis in mind, we hope +ha+ nex+ year's ieam will have no+ only high spirifs buf high scores. fa-me ii ii ii ,ww Xggx , .- ,za is FOOTBALL ROW I-Moses Medina, Dicl: Pearce, Delberl Reese, Bob Barker, ROW 2-Don Jackson, Max Salcido, Tom Parlhursf, Richard JOB GBlDdlCl0r1- Roderick, Curfis Sfiles. IOO SU, VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW I-Keiih Marlin, Dick Mays, Max Salcido, Jim Crow, Arnold Mon+iel, Carl Roch, Moses Me- dina, Cliff Carnes, Bob Barker, Chesler Niccochea. ROW 2-Carl Wright Curfis S+iles, Jack Selby, Tony Carabaial, Dick Pearce, Joe Barron, Don Looman, Adrian Olivas, Bob Spurlock, John Cliflon, Loren Ferguson-Manager. ROW 3-Coach Smifh, Bob Lewis, Jerry Pu'rzier, Dick Hun+, Leif Landburg, Delberf Reese, Tom Newman, Grady Vaughn, Dana Hawkes, Jerry S+ull, Richard Trivell. ROW 4-Coach Fraser, Tom Parkhursf, Philip Rangel, Don Jackson, Joe Gabaldon, Fred Wilson, Don Zeck, Bob Dodds, Spencer Mifchell, Duncan Porier, Richard Rios. ROW 5-Bruce Davison, Tom Reed, Allan Branch, Darrell Riddle, Richard Roderick, James Gildon, Charlie Hess, Dick Gould, Jim Karageorge, Harold Cribbs. -aww! li NR Coach Jack Smiih Coach Smulrh and Fred Wilson if 'g Dick Mays Philip Rangel Spencer Mifchell Jack Selby Dane Hawkes Kielh Madin 59. Ann," Q? is Q, Y vw .rm ..., - 5 tm' , :TQ MM :nr Y ij, wg ..,, il X. ,isdse , . . . Despif Phil Rangel, Darrell Riddle, Don Jackson, Coach Jack Smifh, Joe Gabaldon. Richard Rios, Duncan Porler, Harold Cribbs, Richard Triveif, Loren Fer- gueson. - 1. , 53, All X , f ,, Q , f I X 1 A N4 ' X I h,1,, . , V ,A Ftkuwr s - - sl Q ll! X- V' . s Carl Wrighi Joe Barron Darrell Riddle Tom N J' C Dick Hunl' B b Sp l K J Gld L f L db g T yC Greof Sporfsmonship And Volienf Efforfs Alfhough our +eam was low in +he scoring, ii' was high in spiri+, and foughf +o +he end. Credif should go +o Coach Smilh and Coach Fraser 'for 'I'heir splendid worlc wi+h The leam. Wifh +his in mind, we hope +ha'r nex'r year's +eam will have no+ only high spiri+s bu+ high scores. forfs +o break fhe negafive scores i+ fell The Foofbolf Field Was Afwoys A Scene Of Livefy Acfion Acfion and fighi' wen+ info our 'reams ef- heir +0 in l953. E-'D A-J We 'N ,,,: ,A AL Wiki xiii ff ,KLA Speedy half-back, C Goff, doing his bes1'+o g g + JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW ROW Tudor ROW Weaver Phnllp Flores Rudy Ochoa ROW 4 Mel Howery Harry Cobos Eddie Cobos Geo ge LlggeH Jimmy Escareno Lmdell Flndley Jerry Puizner Don Looman Charlue Marhnez ROW 5-lem Hodges Mike Morgan John Hammer Jack Boucher Tom McKnnney Roger Borrell Dean Sporfsman Sam Garvm no? vlslble Coach Ferns Coach Houllhan If Was A Green Lrglwf All The Way For Qur Hoopsfers .X4ll,!0gI'CLl9A6 ..X4llA!QfQ1f gf Jim Bohlen Don Hoopingarner Jim Whalen Bill Casey Lee Decuir Gary Cowan Fred Brown Ron Wallace Terry Grider Bob LiHle Louis Benjamin Duane Emde Bob Wilmonf James Gilden John McMillan Our "buclre+eers" won all 'rheir league games all fournamenl' games, and los+ one C. l. F. game which pu'I' lhem in 'lhird place in +he C. l. F. line-up. Lee Decuir was chosen as cap+ain of 'rhe +eam and Jim Bohlen was vo+ed "Mos1' Valuable Player". Coach Bob TuHle is +o be congrafulaied on his fine job a+ +he sfeering wheel. Fl- Bohlen up for a sho'r and Casey 'Free for assurance on a rebound againsl' "Samo Hi". IOS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW I-Tom Lorenzana, Fred Sfandifer, Jimmy UHer Richard Osuna Rodney Tyler Waller Jue Bill Manning, John Websfer, Harold Cribbs ROW 2-Ronnie Roof Fred Treece Gould Coach Saul Norman Ga eff Mel Ho ery Mac Landers Jim Esca eno Duck Overdrive Oclie Wos lmpressed By Champs Of Tomorrow These 'Fufure "Cougar" champs sei' off The big rafe for nexi' year. Sparlcplugged by such grea+s as yy-4-77771y WQVZQZ' 1'4,ff si+y weni 'Through fheir season winning 24 games, while losing only 2 Rod Tyler and Richard Osuna, +he VSH Junior Var- T' fx! V f A Dick Pearce Darrell Riddle Joe Gabaldon Adrian Olives Al Owen Moses Medina Henry Morales Eddie Cobos Ernie Alamilfo Cliff Carnes Odie's Windshiel NW" 1 ' ' "' H Q , wi Y ' ' , uv, , H R N. , f xx A, ,, ,, fav., TM, f..fjM,f:2'5,. ' 1 mf 'Of wfgjaf 0 ff, 1 V' 'K A . 4'3f5'. , ,, ,. - V1 vnybggg gm a wa! A 4 'A 4 , :Sy 4. ' 14 I if y " f f f M, A v fm. W, 1 'A' A 'R m W sg A x" 429: X 'ff if Qi? Fmgqsw """A A AU Q. , x X W N 2 ff -' fffx .,, " me w"2,?,N fr N, , M -2 NA 1. 25+ X 335' , wg, Q ,Q .L . Q Q' 4 4 K K' , 1 5 55 .553 'T' ,- az 'Q .K V , L f Sfrilce Three," Odie Wos Our' The "Grea+ American Pas+ime" is a favorife a+ VSH and below Darrell Riddle, Cougar l1urler, is seen blasfing a l1i'r +o cen+er field on 'rl1e Poli diamond. N 1 I I 1 I 3 Q P K Odie Thoughf The Track Team Was A Drag Race On Foof TRACK "A" ROW I-Ken Chapman, Bob - P ROW 2-Luis Ramos, Gayle Kir- by, Fred Kirk, Daryl Bowmen, Le roy Wasfler, Tony Carb I I Ken Chapman on fhe line wi+h compe+i+ion from o+her coun+y schools. n +he opposi+e page, Tony Carbajal and a sopf1omore+racks'rer work ou+ on +he home field 113 TRACK ACTION-Our greaf +raclc leams provided us wi'rl1 +l1rills aplen+y as we wailed 'For baseball season 'ro gel in 'lull swing. Here we find Judd Sievens llefll and Ray Maxwell lrighll sfraining +o reach +l1e finish line. "A" RELAYS "B" RELAYS Bob Lewis, Jerry Pu+zier, Richard Trive++, Tom Simons. Dick Mays, Jerry S+ulI, Dick Cox, Judson Sievens 7 'L "C" RELAY Mike Morgan, Eddie Cobos, Earl Caid, Buddy Gibson. No Ticlcefs For Speeding BOYS' TENNIS ROW I-Waller Jue, Ed Jue, Duane Emde, Erby Sforis, Bruce Moo e, Ton Triggs. ROW 2-Mr. Saul, Jolwn Jump, Gary Blalrley, Dick Gould, Tom Clwivingfon, Sidney Smifn. FUTURE FARMERS ROW I-Roberl Sidenlrranz, Billy Bien, Roberf Nar+ain, Claud Eng- lish, Jolwn Morier, Eugene Agdep- pa, Alber+ Siedenlrranz. ROW 2-Mr. Wl'1i+esides, Ricn- ard Garcia, James Helling, Bob Smi+l1, Richard Sanders, Morgan May, Rey Kenny. ROW 3-Loren Ferguson, Man- ual Garcia, Jasper Smiih, Ronald Ward, James Gilden. Ronald Roof, Bob Biclcford. ll ll U. f Our Sporfs, CADET CORPS-These smar+- s+epping lads in 'lheir brand new uniforms made a deligl1+ful spec- 'racle as Coach Saul pu+ +l1em 'Hwrough fheir paces each day dur- ing firsi' period. L ,s SOPHOMORES INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL CHAMPS ROW I-Jerry Gragg, Richard Marquez, Garland Henderson ROW I-John Salva, Denny Baker, Barry Scaife. ROW 2-Larry Ward, Leroy Waisler, George Schroff. ROW 2-Jim Karageorge, Bill Harris, Daryl Bowman, Harold Balmer. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPS ROW I-Jim Bohlen, Richard Osuna, Bill Manning, Ernie Valen- zuela, Gary McAllisfer, Merle Afwood. ur Clubs Were Varied And Acfive lnframural spor+s play a big parl' in +he boys' a+hle+ic program. Many boys who have no+ had +he oppor+uni+y 'ro par+icipa+e in +he varsi+y spor+s have 'ralxen advan+age of inlramural ac+ivi+ies 'ro apply lhemselves in becoming inframural champs. Boys have sfayed af+er school and have pu+ as much inlo +he spor+s as +he members of +he various varsi+y squads. II7 Oclie Regrefecl He Coulcl Noi Tolce Porf In Girls Sporfs Beginning swimming and improvemenf in +ecl1nique is +augl1+ by Miss Riner. Sui+s are furnished by fhis school and bo+l1 boys and girls have swimming for one quarfer. Q. -1. ARCHERY 5-.rchery is offered only +o elevenfh and 'i'welf+h graders. Developmenl of accuracy is slressed, and our-of-+own playzlays are held fo give fhese arch- ers a chance +o compe+e. CO-ED DANCING Co-Ed dancing is held every Friday in +he audiforium and gives all fhe sludenrs an oppor'runi+y +o learn sev- eral social dance s+eps as well as have a good Time. BASKETBALL Basl:e+bafl is one spor+ +ha+ all 'rhe grades have a chance +o parlicipale in as a parf of fheir PE program. This year an infer-class +ournamen+ was held and fhese smiling en+h,gsias+s, members of fhe "Globe Gallopersn feam, were one of 'fhe winning reams. Tl1ese Cufe Cofs Mode VSHS Proud Wiflv Their Afhlefic Abilifies Including IO cli'Fferen'r spor'rs, 'rhe girls' P. E. program is a well- rounded division wi+l1 some'rl1ing +o in+eres+ everyone. Since +l1e new pool was compleled lasl' summer, swimming has become a favori+e par+ of +l1e gym program. Even if girls musf aH'end classes wi+l1 sfring-hair! . , - . 1 , , ' K "', .. . .4 f A wir ' .s ,.f V' , A .ff .f - , 4 fa " , . "5 l , 4- . 4 L 1 fi l K -f',.' I w'w ..,z ' Z X A 1 xx In Q, 4 x 4 ul ...s 1 .f 3 y 1g4x:, iP 5 , Nw XVQ' 'vw-., . ' ., ,V ' , ' ' 4,,. - w . 'Lu' Q. f - H,-. fy f, 'K 4 ,Jw "'il"u'-'Z '4- ?fh"1 W, X f' 9 iff. vp W1 A M , --- -. ...X 'fn Who Said "We're The Weolcer Sexu? Tennis is played and enioyed by every girl. Those who have no+ played before be- gin +heir quar+er of fennis wi+h pracfice in +he 'Fundamen+als. Advanced players have oppor+uni'ries +o play in fournamenfs agains+ o+her schools, and VSH's own Coms+oclc 'rwins won 'rhe girls' doubles championship al' fhe Oiai Tournament Y: NF! r M 1-.. rs? lr 4 'fx ,Mi Wifh A Fond Farewell Overdrive Odie Bid Venfurc Seni I24 ar Q, Wg iff ,,,!v, , QQ'-1 5 ,fun QQ: , I ,, -,,, ,, M...-i W 4m I '22 ' V rt'- A .,.., Q fn -f f .-,gf Z2 i ' ' 9 "X Q5 .pglk xk -Qig- I I I I - O I S E N I Q R S I . I Q I M ' ISIS I .I 'S FOOD MARKET I I if I I UALITY FOODSH .5 -ik I E I I 4 Easi' Illlain reef Ven+ura, Calif. E I Q n-x-s-n-1-- 1-Q--Q-1-w x---m-x- Q-Q-Q-I-1-'L .IOHNNY'S RADIO DEN ww' f2WH1"A"wwAW'+W- - -' - Work refreshed Isl-K-K-K-K-K-K-In -IFR-K-K-K-K-In -ln-I-K-K-K-l-In K K l OILFIELD ELECTRIC Televlslon Sales And Servuce I963 Eas'f Main Sfreei' Phone MI 3-68I9 I osmno suscvnxc Cammy Conqralrulaflons Io Ihe SENIOR CLASS OF '54 2021020401 -01 04-02'-0Y0 -710'Y0K0110"-0 -95C05'Q 10 -0Y0'Y4 ALBERT'S JEWELERS 111111115 511012 T 11 . S OR S Shoes For 1 . The En+ire Family 378 Easf Main S'I'ree'r Venlura, California 434 Easf Main S+reei' Ven+ura, California R0'I'H'S MARKET ,iq ,.,,.-qw ff 27l3 Easf Mann Sfreef Venfura, California WILSON STUDIOS PMQMI2-6151 10717402011900100-0201100'v0'-0"-0N01-0-024-0"00"01-00'-0-002000v02'-01-0f-0'2l00'N0'f T WISH W0 1 K 1.5 Q 1077 A o A , J... -H e ZL,-QQI E .wl- VENTURA LOCAL N0 120 Oll Workers International Unlon C I 0 Inlik Kiln! In-Inkklk wrpunt ifinn Ventura, Qiallfurma KORB S TRADING POST V I MI 3 7248 The JacI4eI CenIer of Venjrura Coun+y :m:Q::c:cf:::c C 0 M P L E T E OILFIELD LAB SERVICE RESEARCH MUD ANALYSIS WATER ANALYSIS OIL WELL ENGINEERING Comprehensive Analysis for ALL Oulfleld Problems 24 HOUR A DAY SERVICE Page Testing Laboratory 3050 NOTII1 Ven'rura venue Phone MIIIer 3 3947 aw f0K0'f00'0K0P'-0' -0f'02 -027070 0 05 0f0f0' 040 22104021220 J! -01040405-0 0 ff 0707-7s0L0f02 Qbcwi' QQ? lfafmecff UNTIL YOU SEE TI-IE BEAUTIFUL ARRAY GE E N ANNOUNCEMENTS A N D INVITATIGNS AT THE 5 M an fd L 4 g iff WL 242,24 L L ,j M' dj 7536 Wifi f 40 'ff VXA 1 If M249 fwtf Ventura Prmtmg 8 Offset Co MI 3 5227 38 S Oak St Ventura Calif 0101-00201 000 0 0 -01 o W D D I AG 4, .f 71' 'LQ , I CU! I 1 , ' M! 77 Z lf, 'yi f uf! etff' Q V, ,by X , ILL, jf 651, L. , 2.2 67' f ,f 'I7 , U, 14, 'lrtf f'v4!!, fl I' , , I L D f VA, 'Aft ,ML at ,tt ' if 17 .W l X 4 M 4 ll 77 IA, V, LZ! - JVM-- fw iff I I Q B , , 0 -,,.-- ' o of , 0 o S W A N E E S I907 Thompson Blvd. Veniura, Calif. GALE'S MDTDIIGYGLE SHUI' Harley - Davidson , fl l wi: l aim WM ary, K A K Q EWS ' .,,.x 1' I I QQ 'J JA fr , jx X -1 Q1 ' L I, A 1 I : X A. .7 if Iii Vw? "lf "I" LX, Q . IK, 5' 8.111 'KMC 1.5511 ' . ,g if 'Q Hu 1? Wa.-3:1 qj'5-Q:-456' f - .-'Q 'f - 515' e4,.v 'rin ,I Nj: yr en' 11 :Asi an 6 in - :QE 95 3 7Q713f'lElQv1iQ? '-?1YQ 7,7535 if :W 41 , A , .. , w,,4,m9v:' e N1-1-, L - f.:' , . Dealer For Venfura and Sanla Barbara Corner of Chapala and Cora Belween SANTA BARBARA - OXNARD AND VENTURA Phone 5-25I5 Phone MI 3-8589 MEgLgfiI7I1YIJjH0USE ,V lu! fl 1' 'll Q ,WM 1 ff7Qf7 H? 65 1' - V I l f MqlgjcMp,,1- ,Inj I 15 , I Q If ' If W f ,lf Wagon! Wluil Rhstaurant g.Q. - M lem iff OIAI VALLEY INN Ojai, California I Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q- Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ul .I Fw 1 I I , I 'I a"" :J .I 1 , ,I -z I 'I 1 'Ima 1 - 3 I ,, - 'I 1 r. "nfI ul i! C -I J 1 f' ,, I I I Q I 5 4 I I I I I I I I - I I I 505'Q' l9N0"' 0 1 1 1 GEORGE PREIS DUKE BLACK . 5 W , A I4 V I Mobilgas R f , I GEURGE 84 DUKES SUPER SEPVICE SPEED SHOP AND ACCESSCRIES Compfe+e Aufomohve Service N hV aAeue e+ M8 PEOPLES LUMBER 00 Servmq Venfura Counlry Smce 90 708 Easi' Mefa a al eph 3 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 ZSCKCSSCLCXZCZCKZSCKSZSZZCLSZZEZZ 'ZCZLEYSS f:SfI.':X'1'S':i'j':iZZZlZK',1f.'1'Zf.':KZ',T!.Z'ZK 1Q:if:i':0:i':fCiZf:i':S':Qj GREAT EASTERN 010 0110 01 0 0001021004010102 T W SH FROM SANTA CRUZ MARKETS T M Shm BAYLESS VENTURA OXNARD OJAI 0000 0 00010540-01102 1 4 A v'A7 VXA Ax 'A K7 Vi l85 orf enfur v n V n ura, Calif. Phone I -21 IO I Sl? JI, TAY 66 ' 99 . Q ,A 71? Ve 'fur , C ifornia Tel one MI -2l8l GUN AND REPAIR SHOP New and Used Guns Homemakefs Satisfaction or Your Money Back fM+Q.a MQ2Ji22?it'MAiiOGAltl 4- CARPETSHAPPUMICES , Q. fj is if ,, Furniture and Appliances P6F'lS 1 Repairs - l888 Thompson Blvd. Ventura, Califor Conversions 2226 East Main Street Ventura, California Phone MI 3-2066 Sears Roebuck Sr Company Gongratulates the Graduating Glass ot 1954 Serving All Ventura County Ventura Oxnard Santa Paula Low In Price Hugh In Quahfy I'IOW ABOUT A SET OF SEAT COVERS FOP A GRADUATION PRESENT7 SEAT COVERS COMPLETE AUTO UPI-IOLSTERY CONVERTABLE TOPS FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY Sahsfachon GuaranIeecI MAGS MITO IIPHOLSTERY 20 Nor'I'h Venfura Ave Veniura California auxin-an-ma LLL- 'fefjc kiwi f01 40x0bf0v4 I UNIVERSAL MOTDRS Phone MI 3 5403 YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER SINCE I926 I2 Eas+ Mann Sfreef Venfura Calif figeefjfgfw VENTURA Moron co ?w65M?eme Banquet Bread 105 WWW' 1-0' 0176 -7 -7'-0120 I I I I I I A SAFE FRIENDLY PLACE TO DEAL XCHEVROLET slh VENTURA MOTOR 00. 43 Easf Mann S+ree+ Venfura Calufornla Phone MIIIer 3 6I4I ' A A 77'-9967 -W'16'f0v-001720 WI I W IW IIENTIIIIII PACIFIC GO.. MONTALVO Q, -aff. vlzurunn Auto ELECTRIC WW- ,ff I W, 35 Nor'rh Venfura Ave. Veniura, Calif. 'UWC JA mia W To T wh CROW - GARRICK C0. WELDING SUPPLIES DISTRIBUTOR LINDE AIR PRODUCTS THE LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO. WILB ERT GARRICK Phone MI 3-8063 Ventura's Year 'Round IC E C R E A IVI 'for year round H E A L T II if? for yummy sundaes if? 'ICE IIIIEKMONLQTURE' I885 Nor+h VenI'ura Avenue VenI'ura, California 724 Nodh Ven Ura Phone MI 3-7657 I Ave. Ven+ura, Calif. Phone MI 3-6677 Q , 1 lr J' if bf 1 v 'A , ff VLAQL I. LQ, ffffqa 5'U,?1-"'fWMf 42fZ4" MQL f4fQQii?f!! ,Mi ki: !,! V ?L ! fffffl , fwc Lemon mzouucrs Wu? fw50f'LA7'-' 17' K ag f'4 1' From CaHfornia's Fi tYear-RoLin'd GROVESTD YOU 4 f fk'k X w', A f 1 NX .Q x , V X Q B fix VJ mf S Q Q X! ,9 I A GJ fb . LJ U! J Q A SX? f A pwv i i ,, K v Q Lf UI v VP UJ V4 nv 6 md S xx U My U f W , bv! n f Y T. 'X xxx UICQJF' IEN af the outstandmg Coastal plant SINGLE STRZNGTH LEMON JUICE I CONCENYRATI 1 FOR LIMONADE CONCENTRATED Lzmow Jun!! YQ, 4. fouusnusczofsmsuons .-- ' ' ,. , "A' 'Hug gmvfwvvp ' N ' NJOQ- xSQ,LvKci:,1PfWJ'-fQC.'t X MM 55-N34 ggx-XJ afiflffw pg My fir f TE? VX A X9 09 kg, 36, 250 Vx is Lfffvw owl WML W' kwin 2 if is ,J R ia JL-fbf MMM! ft' fax! al' by Jfj 5 2 ex ww MW QQ E5 yff24ggQg1 0Z,rVlEl lfvrvlf 'VK Yin xk X X X' -. f X A liffffb U ,L E .I ,J .' W J In , f U A 14.11 V 6 X iwvvw , , -I. Vg , Q ' , wg 1, J W1 ff wk X fjfifvgd 4 ' ' " .7J M : .U if ,yffgj 4 VJ Y X? QQ ff r 'N Ei V f f,1,gLq 4+ KF . 1 1 , I v' . K , I ,, f W Zfmf If ' - XX' X . kb A gf .A 3 ,E X . X f 7 HQ? Q Q 5 Y QM? A if I ' g X 0' 2. ,,f" x' A , Y F Q Q vm . J wily? cc Q .l " f'7 KZ i V!! , K J ,W 'fwf yew MV Q SX X 'IJ 1U f 'Q 1 719 , V ' , L 5 4 Q NWWWZ4 if A J W ,JMH 6, QA. J xfjwkw ABQ JL, J W W N N MV 1 M DJ' yn! AV' ff' J " H 52' by JK 1 Ax My ff We MW www 'X xl X .K E' X fl ,wx fb? . Rxgx , . fx g xx 4 ' ' '-'QM X an 5 Wi ., . - if ii!! A J uf! K 'V Q . gf AL V Q, , V X f Vp 'NMJX ' V' 'KJ' at AUM! 11 I .nj -1' . rv A J AC f' QQ Q' PL V Q! Y vi- TW' QV LJ , NV' j'C LA ,GJ X Wu j KJ L X X Q, wx 4? I My , Vx 4 , L Y Y L V' x vwfq ,KL A' Lv .A - , 5 k If UP! . fx MV' Xb 'WW-Dv. ,Nu funk ' 'vw ,L xfxnx LA' M 'L ,XT Nx QQXOI - I . , '- L iw, fix - .- Q A Q In bf' Xi! QQ2, F , N ? A I ' Y f.k K ,',,'r...'X , IV r , , :X xy AJ NL 9 ',x fr 'M f 50 W' L - ' 'J' IH 'JJ LL' ,X V by -ffl IN Y il 'JR M .w ff " ,ff ,'f,1Lf" 'f ' 1 1 " , " " -' ' , f il '- fy 'f f : ,, ,nfl 1 V, O w , ,V ' '. V XJ x J ' X . NIJ X Nj f 1 A V, ' .JV X Nj? 4 1 I , JN" JSP , ,s . . ' JL-J qu' 57.44 K M ,iv ' u , f P IQ if X K9 MU . D5 L, ' X Q ' W7 ff M Q fx! JV, V a fa- ui' Qyi, .7'UL, 7w-wf up 1 W im fi? QQ, fu, f,1fpWL MMM JU ,KAW CYL ww fc ,yoj W fy? Q4 A Lwmjg ww WW Wwfifgwgo 1' 7' ,f I gl Q gh , ? J- 6X',f- ' ?fJ,?x . , ! I Cf MA ,CCT N f , X LX h '16 1 , f -if , I ' 1 ' XC1- LAI f ,r .4 f 'W 1 H7 TEN Lk ' f I ' ' Lx- . L Lx . ' A Q14 at 1 A X fr X . BS- R X 1, I Q Xsxy ati. cgi A V' R iff, I1-"MCT 74,YLyx-A ,I Z, , ,. f M Y f W k ip Iv, , WW ,ww if ' ' x jr ,ff ' A V, -X111 L' Liv!! ,Z l I' Vw! JIMO H ,ff , f f b W lf L h Ll f' ' nf' . I I, lpfj f M U N , X V . Y . ' L N x . A, J . jalpv A4 ! bvb M ' Lf X X N 'Y ' if ,Q L A I 4 fob MJLAVU I W fd . gg " fjf Hn X -,ld r lr A' -, 4 ,IQ A WK X ' --wx fi Q fl. V1 5 ,4:1' U df 9,1 A ' rj. 'frm' 6 pf yn , fi , 1- J fi . fl f HL M07 4 r"jo,l 1' X f , f Q wffft F'f'X?RWMfW , QE FU n A ww Qgww izfiifi fwgfpo 235 Q xW'M4iff ' J X X f 'Dj 'QQ 29 Qf Af- fxfwki 'KN ' Qfiyfii r. f'l w rx qw J V jj QQ fVL:37"W Sf 57 1 I , 2-:W ph, Cf , Q J J W ff W M Mfr 2+ W nfffff f ffY-f-K if A

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