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Y-"-.l""'-, '-I -l -J vnu if Cop E5 Ps zofkf Th e Vision Of Vennard Colleg UI7l.V6FSl'I'l' Park, Iowa E Pluribzzs Unzmz 3 Vennard College Anime! Coeplis God has favored our undertakings H5 ,xx ,gn A ' V'4m1Aqw ' ww 11 GM' "5'WF!E?e?f5 M'w'wfLe:f1'fsM21wT'a wr eJAQwwf'4'7's+121If'f-if g 15523132a.r,MQ'Pj, , Lgggxlsge, ' f1'1f,',fw2g2:f,fwJk' ., u1v ffy,!W,. ,, , .4 ,Ji,'fxplisuffmflwfggmg Y w , W, w,,,w',r.w 1,1 H 2 V gm-wl'. " r N .Q':f'Q'f.-"M 'fl -V .f-.AVfv5Sv,J'V' . 2127 - '. - V, 'IV4fj"gV V Liv- ---na. ,. . Q . . . -., . fx.-as-.eVVyVffgH4i4'?i"mf fl..-,ff,..1.:,wn.-ww--5:VQ. --vi.. -.xii iT'fV1f. lg 1-V. f3-5.-.- Q,li.f,-V 414, lv -5' 'Eg,.,1,,lql'.V.x V -5331 ' .V :.,.. . V -V., V, .V .-V-ws 'iH?g..Qg .-Jig. fr-fly., Qi, V,,V. -- - fu - - x K V- - -VB - . v V V' ff: -' fn 'rs . wi- V, - .v,. .QQ , - - Q -.., V--, Q ,C ., I.-Z .. , Q, , Q 1.Q,l , .QVV., ,Q 'hifi - .Q M' . -, " ' 4 ".:-QJQ-Qvf ...LQ .TIN ,W I ' gf, H fi-'L Iliff. Q QQ f Q 1 Q QQQ QQ Q Q. .QQQQMQ YQ,QQQyQQ,,Q.Q, Q Q Q Q, -Q ,, Q, Q14 Q.g. . "Y - 1 1 . . .. Qi-1' - z -JVQVVV V.: ,VLH fl'b'4."V ' '- .' - .z --LV V '. f -3 vq- ,-Q . Q. Q: , Q-NG Vyzhl. :mai M y ' 311,45 4 Q -'-.V.QLT---gl' 1,5 3. . . . - ,w-' A' L- M " f V 1 i V-i 'W MSM, 'VV 1 .1 .TMA ..VgV'-H ' '-11 fi'-Miz. . . .. -. :V 26- fe- 2 V: A " 'V ' J ' ff' ' ' ' ' ' Q. 2 1' " V ,"' 't fF"V 4 ' ' -,V .7'f- ' ' - . ' . v.. Q ' QQ Q .Q - -QQLL ,Q QQ Q Q EQ ,z,. Q QQ. , QQ Q . Q Q ' in " " 'V' ' V - -5 F715 . 'YAVHHI "V- " .- V- - --'17535'.:V . V .- - ' 2 - V -nf ' m.s::Vi: . . ' 'mg-V. ' ' , -- " - ..V..1'.jt ,,fVfr5.L3'f-15 9 V- I , V -V1 V- - . .. '-Q V V- , . -Q.-ff: gy: -.- ' . ,ItQQ.0- '- . V . - 1 . w'Q,VW2Q:, N217 -3- - 2: -. 1 'V-1,-H if V .V. ' - JV. V-V -1 K we " ' - . W 4 " - - Q. Q . VQ . Q, ...,.::... V ' 'xlgj Q'.g '. V, ,. N. . .. Q 1. Q,g-Q Q.Q,,-,- .Q ' -V ' 4 -- -V,,r -2.1--v . . .Q . 'Q iv 5 , - V . Q Qj1rg.,, , ' 3 .-QQ,E11Q:,,Q-.Q-, .Q -Q Y R ' . 1.3 - A --n-'7.-.1m:.'.- '- ' -.. 1' ' V Q -. Q Q Q ,. -:QQ..,,QQ- :f.Q-Q.'Q - Q.-..Q . QQQ .Q QQ . . VQ .Q -wg.-..Q.,:.3,., .Q Q -V -,QQ 'iii ' ' V ' 3 ' . . -M ,. ' -V "'F4f"if-l3'f.'fVf2. ' " 'V ' lg- ' ' :V -7' ' '-'-'-'Vgl--.1-5.'xC:,'Q YV-'QL.:'.' ,, f-.QQ"4-,-1, .- ' ' V- . . - - "":V.f1-YA" ffm- ' - 'Y-'Q' . . X. . -V "ge-six? ' V ' :- V'. ' V 1- -:V-H .- .--V-:VV " - 1.3 : r"NQ . X ' V .IV -'-7-1 Vps. ' Q "5 A V1:'QQ-1- . .. .. . Q ,.,.. . -. ' 4' " ' ' L' " - N. -V . Q V- Q Q V :V X K -'A -3 ' -1 V -' L. ' A ' , .if ' 1 ' . A .."V.J 7",LEf5x,r3 , Q. . Q Q -Q Q.Q:,Q7 Q ' I B Q . I Q "' ' '- T' Tx AVV- -1, 1 L K. -J 1 V . 3 has X 4' F A ' - 1-I Q' A I 4 iv "4 'ff' 4 ' , , . 4 , V . . .V f 1 ... "' V v - ...Q ., Q Q. QQ E - VI . ,- Q lf QQ :QQ ,Q QQQ . . Q QQ,QQ VQQ QQj QQ Q Q .. ' . .- Q1 ---.Jie-f': T. '-T-E'.+'.2i.11-N-fl. Tw:--if.-ww.,-..1F'-'ff - . .. . Q .Q ..,,, Q . Q. -V QQQ .ww-1 50 U - .FV :.V-. 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V5 ' ,Q ' Q , az- 1. 5, my ,t Q41-, V ' Q . 4. Q , V . Q Q . . Q.-Vs -45 - Q.Q L Q A Q - QVQQ .W-,Q LQ QQ QQQQQ. ,QF Q. :Q 74:9 QQQQQ:wQ'wfQ?6,QQQQQQnQuQ,x,QQ Q.Q .QQ Q N 1 Q v Q Q! . " A - ' 4 V -. . - w' V '-. . 14, . V. - V .V 1 V ' V as . . -- ' .'?' 4 -1,4 nr 1. 'V - " Q, 'HQ'-Q V. - ' .X 51, X ' VX - K .S Q-' I V- ., ' .Q Q .QQ .Q . Q .1 Q -Q .Q Q QQ Q' Q Q ,. . Q ri , " , Q H , V g - - V V Q - Q . V. ' .. V s ' I N ' Q ,Q 1 , 9. ' - ' Q -V Q ' ' . .x .' -V ' V , . "r ' 'Q -r 5, ' 1Q,.,. ',- L,-.n.Q'f X -. Q- .. .U , V Q. V , . Q 1' ' W. - . Q O - , Q 'L ' ' 1 f n , 9' r ' " X " ' R. W-V ! - 14 1 ' Q V , . V v , ' - V' 'Q' . P . 1 5 ' Q, U' I 4 Q - 9: ' f A 4' ' L . r ' F Q ' ' W 'u ' ' ' ' lp- " ' V "M . I ' " 1 -. ' A .' ' ' 5 Q ' ' ' 5' . , . V 1 QQ- Eg - - ,Y Q 5- , O . . -sz l- '- A ..,n...-I -O 1 if "x Z' ,2 Z Center walk Campus view Fine Arts Building VIHNAH Campus View 4 1 "T may " fN v.r, ,l'." 5 A ff" 6? ' two- 4-'fx -,lf '11 . V r 'Q FIN ' if F' If 1 Womcn's Dormitory MIG! A! M Men's Dormitory 5 H. E. Jessop-15-51 The History Vennard College was founded in 1910 as Chicago Evangelistic Institute by Dr, lva Durham Vennard, who served faithfully the interests ofthe school until her death in 1945. Under her able administration the school became known throughout the world for its thoroughness of Christian training, and its distinctive witness to Wesleyan interpretation ofthe experience ofentire sanctification. J. S. Logan 58-67 Vennara"s H erila ge l, D, Vennard 1910-45 After forty-one years of rich ministry in the city of Chicago, the college moved to University Park, Iowa, in the summer of 1951, thus pro- viding the school with an adequate operating plant on a beautiful seventy-five acre campus previously occupied by Kletzing College, John Fletcher College, and Central Holiness Univer- sity. Campus buildings consist oftwo dormitories, administration building, gymnasium, fine arts building, central heating plant, and president's home. There are several off campus residences and a one hundred acre farm. 6 H. M. Couchenour 51-58 In 1959 the name ofthe school was changed to Vennard College, in honor of its founder and first president. With the same doctrinal emphasis. Vennard endeavors to cultivate a deep spiritual experience in its students, a discipline in culture and courtesy, and a thorough educational training. M. A. Harris -68 Platform members during inauguration. Vennard Inaugurales cz President The election of Dr. Merne Arthur Harris as the fifth presi- dent ot' Vennard College ended a search for a successor to J. Sutherland Logan that continued for a period of several months. Not surprisingly the search led back to the Vennard Faculty, ending in the choice of academic dean. . . . Dr. Harris maintains his basic commitment as an acade- mician, for he calls for three ex- pressions of freedom in the Vennard academic program- Hfreedom of conscience, convic- tion, and conquest." .Y wx, 'Q'Q'w7 ,V 'N fgre- 32 Receiving Honor from Student Body. At Inaugural Banquet 7 Dr. Harris receives the mantle of Dr. Vennard. Decisive Decade THREE PHASES: The Stabilization Of Our Current Pro- gram involving an adequate financial support for our operational budgetf The appointment of additional faculty members to serve our growing student bodyfThe employment of new service personnel to operate our growing col- lege. A systematic program of planned maintenance for the properties we now possesseThe Renovation of Every Building On The Campus In Order To Elficiently use the space we now haveAConstructively use the space vacated after new buildings have been constructed. The Construction Of Five New Build- ings Involving Four Stages. Pictured: Dr. Harris breaking ground for the new Kiddie Kollege. fub,m.wM,, . ,jjfls . 1 - v --M ' , 4-' ,-' M15 Q ' ' KIDDIE KOLLEGE: The nrst stage of the new development program is shown as it progresses to 21 finished fully-licensed day care center and pre-school. providing services to the community and the college. Bachelor of Arts Major in Bible Bible Theology Missions General Educ. Minor Electives 45 hours 18 hours 6 hours 60 hours 30 hours 21 hours fMusic Minor has 45 hours of Bible and Theology and 78 hours of music as a minor and no electives.l The Associate in'Arts Bible Theology Missions General Educ. Concentration 18 hours 6 hours 6 hours 27 hours 18 hours Programs The Bible major provides the student with an adequate basis for his own per- sonal Christian life. The deep studying of God's Word gives a compulsion to share the message oftruth with others. The Associate in Arts degree pro- vides a basic program of study in Bible, Theology, and General Educa- tion which will give each young per- son an adequate basis for the exper- iences of meaningful living and constructive career activity. l0 ered The study for Salvation Army youth provides general education courses which serve to give a broadened view of the world and its peoples whom the candidate seeks to serve. The Bible Certiiicate is available to those who wish to prepare for more useful service in lay activity in the church. It also serves as a refresher course to those who have been in full- time Christian service. ll Coordinated Programs of Study for Salvation Army Youth Christian Social Service: Bible Theology Missions Christian Ed. General Ed. Theology Minor: Bible Theology Missions General Ed. Electives Bible certificate B Bible Theology Missions General Ed. Elective 9 hours 17 hours 9 hours 5 hours 67 hours 9 hours 22 hours 6 hours 51 hours 20 hours 39 hours 21 hours 6 hours 21 hours 3 hours I 1"i un U N I ':, all 'Y .55 ' rv I ," , , 1 3 ,J K E X V Q? ,. i X , , .1 us A-qtvnsunnnl val AX.. 4' ' ' 1 j 19 ,gnu in. I I 5 ll: i :U-:..1fv',,:: , 'j A jj .A , ,Q - ,ff fj, 14 1- ' . 'XM , ifiiiiiss? fx 2' L 2 I I K R ,. .ass 5 1 it The activities of college life are various and involved. Many of the valuable experi- ences and lessons learned at college come while outside the classroom during the long hours of study. work, service and recreation. Without this aspect, college life is drab and unrewarding, lt is also in this area that one can witness the Lord's working in the lives of fellow students and in themselves. .flaw XLX-M W N X --W., nf.. Orgcm1'zal1'0ns and AClI'VI'lI'6S Lua Every student is involved in many campus activities or organizations from the ino- ment he becomes u Vennard- ian. The opportunity for lun, fellowship, :ind service is provided by the inany class activities und organizations. Provides Social Experiences 1 Q? Dear Vennardian: of historic Firsts at our school. Merne A. Harris, Ph.D. President You helped launch the FIRST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in recent years. Known to you as the Decisive Decade the College's program of advance has already resulted in many improvements to our facilities and significant progress toward the remodeling ofthe Men's Dormitory. The FIRST ATHLETIC FIELD ever to be available at the College was begun during this busy year at Vennard. Under the leadership of your Student Govern- ment the whole project was given a good start in the preparation of the area and the construction of such recreational facilities as a miniature golf course, archery range, and combination softball, foot-ball, soccer field. You have helped make my FIRST year as Vennard's President immensely re- warding. And so we have shared the excitement and the challenge of new endeavors which have made this a memorable year indeed. Undoubtedly, there have been other "firsts" for you at Vennard as you have encountered the spiritual, academic, and social life opportunities so typical of this school. In fact, that's what Iifefespecially the Christian lifeeis really all aboutg an unending panorama ofthe new, the exciting, and the challenging. As a member of the Vennard College student body of 1968-69 you have been part of a number You witnessed completion of CEI--Vennard s I FIRST NEW BUILDING in morethan 40 years The Latm from the o scroll hel vegetable establrsh offlcral 1 states mto o I s whlch have been selected e theme of the 1969 Vrslon are borrowed U reverse of the Great Se of Amerlca E Plurzbus num wrntten on the s beak IS adopted f om the were unrted to ake one salad was ental Congress m 1782 adopted e the Umted States Gre t Seal because of rts sngnrlicance m umtmg thrrteen lon Annuet Coeprzs on the everse sngmfies the presence of God rn the found mg of the Oflgl lstates term meamng He lGo s favored our undertakmgs a year oft easlng national concern for polltlcal and s al change and Improvement the, electron of ew Umted States presrdent and even on a closer le l the maugurat a new 'wM Vennard ollege presrdent The patrxotlc theme seems both prop and Sp1r1t led Venard College mtes the th drmensrons of the spnrrtual the acade c and he socral and certamly becaus of the emp IS of proper balance m these three ar s we can wxtness the power and blessm of God the College and on everyone who sh es rn her mrstry Perhaps even more ap s oprrat Venn s E Pl us Unum nd Annuer Coepns S . r l t. S l ' ,ff p Lpf' ' 3301156 aim t EJ 1 17 I v 5 " I ,: if 'S' ,L x N Q ,,', X A . ., gg ,- gf '- " ' ' ,.,.,M..,,W-Nw V--tim., A T. -,, xi , 's:..... 4, rr , Q .Q v, H: x 'Q K -xg. b ' Veffezffx 'R . .V u . .2-J A " ' -15'5:'5a.i?' R , x ,Rf Q 4 2511 1 , . 42' . ,., Y 1 ':..,-,..,..w 55. f 5 - ., r-' 2 NY Ll First Lady of Vennard College "Annuit Coeptis" tGod has favored our undertakingsj is well applied at Vennard College and in the life and work of the dedicatee also, for it is a motto which expresses the Matthew 7: I6 passage "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Although the branch supplies the steady support for the fruit. its work often goes unnoticedg yet it remains securely at- tached to its life-giving source. continually working for the end result, a product which will be of service to the vineyard master. Already you have made the correlation between the branch and the life of Mrs. Merne A. Harris. She has watched the spiritual growth of her husband, her family, the college students and dozens of young pre- schoolers as she has labored faithfully behind the scenes, praying continually that the Lord would mold them and make them useful in His kingdom. She has worked since 1962 teaching nursery and pre-schoolers and has supervised the planning of our new and beautiful Kiddie Kollege. It would seem that her dreams have come true as she has now taken her place as director of this new endeavor, and more than that, she stands with her husband, supporting and en- couraging him as he faces the challenges and responsibilities of his office. For her faithfulness we dedicate the 1969 Vision to Mrs. Merne A. Harris, First Lady of Vennard College. X ,Z . ... 19 Dec1'1'Cc1lee .1 ..., 0 i gg: . ..., .u r 11' - tru - -Q , r tm J- iii ..' fi N 2. Fiiiiz' K vi i., f5l',t,,:-"' l lf gllx ur-QF" X ...W IAN Kiddie K ollege Dedzbalea' 196 Q-- K, X SSN time ai ,glow 8 95 it l 1 .. QQ 'vii ex Q A X X -.N + 0 X. 'M Y , lx , , - X -ur-. i.'3..ygg,1x i 55:9 J XX ,aj-,Q iff fn? M I,-aw' . 1,5 1 .. , 4 5" 6.49 ,px Q 'Q :I ,ri CL . -,a 'Liv 4 -L? JA N , The Kiddie Kollege was officially dedicated, December 4, 1968, as Mr. Julius Bruner, Chairman ofthe Development Committee, presented the keys for the building to Presi- dent Dr. Merne A. Harris. Leader: People: Leader: People: Leader People: The Ritual of Dedication: Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Establish thou the work of our hands upon us, yea, the work of our hands establish it. Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth, and for evermore. Whatsoever things were written afore- time were written for our learning. Blessed are they that hear the word of God and keep it. We dedicate this building to the knowl- edge of the Word of God, that little children may be informed by the Word Leader: People: Leader: People: Thou -wilt show me the path of life, in thy presence is fulness of joy, at thy right hand there are pleasures forever- more. We dedicate this building to those tasks and aims of the Christian life which will prepare children to respond to the demands of World Missions, Christian citizenship and Christian discipleship. Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. We dedicate this building to the cause of little children that they might learn ofthe Savior and follow Him. Leader People: ofthe Lord. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. We dedicate this building to the recre- ation ofmind and body. 'Q o From nzany ways of life, Christian men and women have been drawn together and uniled in one cause, that of preparing lives through education, to live and serve Christ. The unit- ing of many dilferent interests and many talents have formed the leadership of Vennard College. 22 X'-'sf Adminslration i Dr. Earle J. Stine. Jr. Ida Grove. Iowa Chairman Not Pictured: Rev. Morton Dorsey Findlay, ohio Dr. Harry E. Jessop Largo. Florida Board 0 Burnis Bushong Marion, Indiana Julius Bruner Fort Worth, Texas Dr. D. Willia Caffray Oskaloosa, Iowa Dr. H, M. Couchenour Wilmore, Kentucky Lt. Col. Birger 'wav , fishy Justvig Des Moines, Iowa F. E. Lyon Fairfield, Iowa 24 Rev. Oscar S. Monson Rochester, Minnesota Vice Chairman Trustees Rev. H. T. Rasche Woodstock, Illinois Secretary LeRoy McCurdy Fremont, Iowa Rev. Max Morgan Eugene, Oregon Dr. Ralph A. Vanderwood Wichita. Kansas Rev. Dale Ward Sanford. Michigan Dr. George R. Warner Marion, Indiana Nz NOT PlCTUREDi Jesse Black Harvey. Illinois Dr. Ivan Howard Brookhaven, Mississippi Rev. J. W. Wease Shreveport, Louisiana J. V. Zook University Park, Iowa 25 .Q- was xg M r. George Luce Fort Valley, Georgia Treasurer Social Deans Dean of Women Miss Ruth Eckert ivisianal Heads Biblical Studies- Dr. Frank Powell Christian Ministries- Mrs. Neva Miller Theology and Philosophy- Rev. Ralph Sprunk General Education- Professor Paul Maloney Communicative Arts- Professor Ben Bellus Dean of Men Rev. Larry Bishop 0 Vennard Selects New Academic Dean Leroy E. Lindsey Vennardians, This is a day of tumult. Today is a day when there are too many unanswered questionss questions that are often verbalized by the beatnik, the far left: questions that are often unspoken by the "in" group or the far right. Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What is Vietnam all about? Why don't we have peacenat any price? To help End the answers for these, and for many other questions, you have come to Vennard. Per- haps the specific question has not been answered for you immediately, More often, you have probably had to wait to figure it out for yourself. However, here at Vennard we have tried to establish some criteria in order to give you a basis for evaluating your own answers. These criteria have been founded upon certain absolutes which have been central in the Vennard philosophy of education since its be- ginning. The primacy of the Word of God. This becomes the rule by which we measure all else, The Word of God is not on trial. Where life's philosophies do not measure up to the Word, we need to change our philosophies. A Christian world view that sees the entire world as under the care and dominion of an all-wise Heavenly Fatherg all men as in need of a Saviourg and the blood of Christ suihcient to save all men from all sin. The inherent worth of every man. There is in the heart of man that which will respond to the min- istry ofthe Holy Spirit. Build well upon these basic principles and you will carry with you life goals and life values that will enable you to meet each crisis as it comes. 27 M ELBA AKASON B.M.E.. M.M. Music HOWARD BARTLETT B.A.. B,D. Philosophy BENJAMIN E. BELLLIS B.S.M.. B.M.E., M.M.E, Music MARY R, BELLUS B.S.M. Music MARTHA BIELEFELD B.R.E. Registrar LARRY BISHOP B.A. Dean of Men Student procurement RICHARD BRUNK BA., B.D. Missions Ethics ALICE COLLINS BSE. Librarian RUTH ECKERT B.A.. M,S.E. Dean of Women English SHARON GYGI B.A. Music Theory MERNE A. HARRIS B.S.L.. B.A,, M.A., Ph.D Psychology SUE HARRIS BIBLE DIPLOMA Kiddie Koilege U 1 + WILLIAM VAN DEVENDER B.M.E., M.A. Music KARREN WARREN B.A. Piano CYNTHIA ZIMMERMAN B. ME. Music 'E' fi f W ...,..., ...1,... .,. ,VQ . .wa we X X" Y s I ' L ,J , is 'Z S..-1 I. x . LEROY E, LINDSEY. Th.B., B.A., BD. Sabbatical Leave RUTH MADSEN BIBLE DIPLOMA. BA. Voice Pre School PAUL MALONEY B.A., M,A. Scoial Science Greek, Hebrew NEVA MILLER Th.B., A.B.. M.A, Christian Education Bible TIM MCINTIRE B. M.E. Voice CASSIUS MCKNIGHT AB.. B.D. Organ, Piano FRANK POWELL M,S.. M.A., S.T.D.. M.Ed Bible JAY SELDEN B.A. Radio programing Acts Physical Education RALPH SPRUNK BA.. BD. Bible Theology N9 Ima' 1 Ll Figs I Q Zi" be J ia I it 59" DOROTHY SELDEN Bookstore Manager IRENE WEITERT B.A. Field Representative RUTH WARNER B.A.. E, Th,B.. M.A. Missions 'S EDNA BENSON Business Office IVAN EDGE Bible Certificate Maintenance MIRIAM HEILMAN B.A. Dietitian .IEA N HIGGINS Food Service CHARLOTTE MEIDINGER B.A. Secretary to the President ELLA MAE SMITH B.A. Bookkeeper EARLE STINE, Sr. B.S.L., B.S., M.A. Vice-President Public Relations FERN TODD B,S.L., B.S., M,A. Vice-President Comptroller MURL STILL B.R.E. Printing Department Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Miss Mrs Mrs Mrs Vennara'Alumm' A v c c i C Q C e 4 n nnnom fuglg., 1 I, X IIYIVIAYA T l'.,,.L,,,, U 1 Ffh 21-1 ,xuggyg . gffansmjv 1"gv.pst ,,,.,, "J, L nn snlnuu N ' - X X ,Q , HIL!! g I. "7" si' cnluuuu. - 'S'-AWN 6 g., lNlllar.uL,,L,,j.g""f tnuwu 5 . A ' ,,,,. -ovtnnlxruuvsm 0 man uma Y 'N 'sn 5- H-1' -- U' ,J A,. 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HQ T se W., :Meng .Aaam-'Lwbff 0, 3 :.1:nwuE ,:..,-'1J3,4cJ., 4 L ., so .F cu.. MA . nun. X ,snag - -. :ring ' ' 'fig 9 . un o v nan , ' :vm 9' . mnonfak Ld ni' " Sea Z- '7f'7:""""" 5" num' 'film-E""f' 'Alu' 'V' nu ts-if C A Us M BHDXX A ' YIM!! ,Ml Nq"'9"'.EE1J,'f'if3L 504,11 Y ' Nvnmalm if 1 -" sm., Dulch Harbor, " in pl'S2r. .,,,, Edmorlonf Num""Hf K-'-W'-QA 1 'W "7- E""' W'--M W535'-fm' -'W ----wx-"' "ui v.""1f. AWN 'ef Li"""' nf rc w-:.Mmt3:m"l-- - tggaqollfh h,fIlANcHu1fi'?'5"E""f" W? 'mwah LS?" Lwqffl--------331' 7,?jYqfTiTM'f"' ' " 'Wash-f'f' vb,-,mug-Lf -- f' 'SP' ' it --T-an X RJ I :Jmmcm , ' J,----' puma .I 'gihikfqulmw " V' N 'L Hy I ' ,wh ' Q ui '.'YlrknmS L ch Tifnhlg' K ,3ra9',v'lW9ni ' 4 ,4- - - an ow , ,I f km X, - "M en H'l K'-m,"5'?5!21 N , -1 f f n 3- '-0.... "" 1-uf-1'-p N ' Q ' V "-lv VL, Chlngtu, Wuhan? 'KM 2. I plus. 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I 4 mm, , , 6 .rw 4- C f"'5f""f'lA.,,,A.,R A Q mm' , Anand. unto """' 0-5510 ' nm """""' , 4 K' 5 if --m N ' I alum OHV, be W I L I I 5 L A ' 7 .K Ac Imran nun'- "' me 'nn' ' U ' 7: H c Aon: 511.18 A Ann . - v 1 Sl ' . HIMLZAZ 5 A K., mga, :gn lil Su X xx ,iaunqngr 'v' " A" "' " wh- ""' 4---------n ' ui :Rs F 5 4 5 " ' ' lox: Sen 'F valjfh' " MMT-L .05 wma. Lmle 1 ,H l. of eulwonm W uv nun Amfffl 'K "ua" yoonmvv. ' rnorunnu a o u a : c 1 'S A R I 3 I 1 lg 5 L V c muon I A 'lt S N I L F r 3 f A HIL! IISIIF 1 1 - . 5 nun n 4 + umm ann wuz? A N T A R C T I ' C A W -.E'?.'i-1-'-' Lnnlhudn Ent of Grolnvids Lpqgmcqwgg g1 g,', 32 Around the World A r c t i c 0 c c a n .lf A Y ' . t u """"" ..:r-Um. 1115 M ? IXYIJIII - lllllll5:':lIl 'ti' ll U SPIYSIIIBII rl: I-: N L A N D ,' .,...l..4 fm' ' tillllllv X .0Vl'l gt uuaixmm-min. qu Burials s-:um un 'ff' Nammervesl "0""U'! ' ' I?:Ain5ln!:L'. gui' Lovoruul Gi 3 cfaizakglwkiflvm . 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"pg 1.531.943 Vhstfol Greenwich Lmgnuae em al Greenwich -W 33 1 Seniors 1969 The new Senior advisor. Dean Lindsey, is on Sabbatical leave. ln his absence, Dr. Harris is advisor. 'V Q ' - ""' T 'T Jr.. . tj . 'xv' .5 k 1 s 34 President Robert Panico Vice President Cheryl Wiley Secretary Joyce Meidinger Treasurer Sheryl Panico Student Council Rep. Lois Bushong BYRON E. BELKNAP, B.A. Traverse City, Michigan "Stand fast therefore in the liberty where- with Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bond- age." Galatians 5:1 DON BISHOP JR., B.A. University Park, Iowa "Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it." ll Th8.Y.TL1f0IIl'UIIS 5:24 CHARLES DEWAYNE DUSKIN. B.A. Ludington, Michigan "According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as al- ways, so now also Christ shall be magni- hed in my body, whether it be life, or by death." Philippians l.'20 o LARRY BURDGE. B.A, Oskaloosa, Iowa "And we know that all things work to- gether for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his pur- pose." Roniwiv 3:23 JOYCE MARIE ELMORE. B,A. University Park, Iowa "Delight thyself also in the Lordg and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lordg trust also in him: and he shall bring it to pass." Pvalm 37:4-5 LOIS J, BUSHONG, B.A. Marion, Indiana "l can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me." Philippians 4511, DWIGHT GOODMAN, B,A. University Park, Iowa "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strengthg they shall mount up with wings as eaglesg they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk. and not faint." Isaiah 40531 rw' 3 DANIEL HAIR, B.A. University Park, Iowa "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the sha- dow of the Almighty. I will say ofthe Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God: in him will I trust." Psalms 91:1-2 CHERYL L. HODGINS, B.A. Conneaut, Ohio "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage: be not afraid, nei- ther be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goestf' Joshua 1:9 'RWM' SHARON DAVIDSON HAWK, B.A. University Park, Iowa "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understand- ing. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Pro verbs 3 :5 -6 ALLAN W. IRVINE, B.A. University Park, Iowa "Casting all your care upon himg for he careth for you." I Peter 5:7 TIMOTHY H. HICKE, B.A. University Park, Iowa "Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord. According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue." II Peter 1:2-3 DIANE H. JOHANSEN, B.A. LaVerne, California "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you to go and bring forth fruit . . ." John 15:16 'Nui vhlxiu LUANN LESTER, B.A. Corena, California "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God, And being fully per- suaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform." Romans 4:20-21 JOYCE MEIDINGER, B.A. Mandan, North Dakota "Great is our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite." Psalm 14735 Yew JOHN W, MCCARTY, B.A. Covington, Kentucky "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Galalians 6:9 ROBERT PANICO, B.A. University Park, Iowa "And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me. for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry." 1 Timothy 1:12 LESLIE MADSEN, B.A. University Park, Iowa "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved," .-Iflx 4:12 SHERYL BRIGGS PANICO, B.A. University Park, Iowa "And he said to me, My grace is sulli- cient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." I1 Corinlhians 12:9 . - wsu " EILEEN ELIZABETH ROSSMAN, B.A. Lakeview, Michigan "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Pro rarhx 3:5-6 CHERYL JEANNE WILEY, B.A. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Philippizms 3:14 KAROL SYVRUD, B.A. Mandan, North Dakota "Be strong and of good courage and do it, fear not. nor be dismayed: forthe Lord God will be with thee He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. until thou hast linished all the work." I C'hr0nit'Ie.v JXJQU JAMES ZIMMER, B.A. Oskaloosa, Iowa "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God. that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon himg for he careth for you." I Pe1er5:6-7 HOWARD A, SMYTH. B,A. University Park, Iowa "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13 JOHN ZIMMER, B.A. Oskaloosa, Iowa "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:5 QU? Completing Graduation Requirements for Class 0f1968 Degree C Ol1f?I'1'661' KPBIXEN RUTH BARTHELIVIAN. Oskaloosa, Iowa "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 2653 JOYCE GOODMAN. BA. University Park, Iowa "That I may know him. and the power ol his resurrection. and the fellowship of his 45:27 sufferings, heing made conformable unto I the deathf' Pliillppmlis 3 IU HOPE HUANG, BA. Changhwa, Taiwan Q "Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in ' truth with all your heart: for consider I how great things He hath done for you." 1 lSamuel 12:24 39 BONNIE MCCULLOUGH, B.C. Russell. Pennsylvania "The Lord God is my strength, my per- sonal bravery and my invincible army: He makes my feet like hinds' feet, and will make me to walk not to stand still in terror, but to walk and make spiri- tual progress upon my high places of trouble, suffering or responsibility!" ELIUD GUTIERREZ ZAGOYA, B.C. Mexico City, Mexico "For even hereunto were you called: be- cause Christ also suffered for us. leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps. 1 Peter 2:21 Habakkuk 3:19 .-1mp11fied ssoeiale A rls TWANA HAWK. A.A. Catacamas, Honduras. C.A. "For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless l am not ashamed: for I know whom I haved believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day." I1 T1'I7Z0l1'l-l' 1:12 EDNA REAMES ZIMMER, A.A. Oskaloosa, Iowa "Fear thou notg for I am with thee: be not dismayedg for I am thy God: I will strengthen theeg yea, I will help theeg yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Isaiah 41:10 MARY E. BARTLETT.A.A. University Park, Iowa "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth: to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." Romans 1:16 4' it 40 Bible C erlzfieale Ak Sabbatical Studies in the Holy Land Professor Neva F. Miller, shown here with "Curios" from the Holy Land, was granted a Sabbati- cal leave during the 1967-68 Academic year for study and travel in the Middle East and Europe. She pursued her graduate studies at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, located on Mt. Zion in Zerusalem, Israel. In a letter home she wrote: "I find that I am living more deeply than ever into the experiences of these wonderful days, more than I had dared to hope. How the days unfold with new things to be seen and learned and felt, especially felt .... My experiences go in three directions -toward the People, the Land, and the Book. One could concentrate wholly and busily on any one phase, but I am finding a rewarding balance, with lots of activity in each direction. And I have been learning at different levels . . . the tourist level, with its over-all view and new sensationsg the field trip level, getting into an Israeli open truck and going to all sorts of places all over the country in an intensive study of geography and archaeology and related history. Going with a government team do- ing archeological surveys is a deeper level still. Below that is our own walking trips about Jerusalem and its surroundings of steep hills and deep valleys and ravines. It is THE way to go. Deeper down still are the personal pilgrimages we make. I am learning some things about worship in this land dedicated to pilgrimages through all these centuries, for on pilgrimages one goes not only to see, but to feel and worship. All ofthis makes it "the Lord's plus" all the way!" 4l -l h X l Euan-,,- wiv 5 A Chr1'sl1'an Service Cf 117 I .4 k.: N. Wright, M. Spilger, L, McDaniels, E. Rocourt, V. Friday, C. Gruver, P. Larson, G. Vasey, P. Devor. B. Black, M. Minor, G. McMahan, S. Lee, B. Millhouse, R. Middleton, B. Hartung. J. Carns, B. McCullough, S. Sparks, D. Goodman, D. Duskin, D. Carpenter, V. Cook, B. Damschen, R. Burns, L. Lester, T. Brunk, J. Hollis, R. Barnett, K. McDaniels. G. Blain. D. Clark, R. Farnum, D. Barrett, C. Fosback, B. Belknap. P. Karges. The music ministry of Vennard College is richly enhanced by the Vennard Choir. The secret of the Choir's success comes not only in the area of technical mastery but in the depth of spiritual quality also. The choir has a twofold reason for presenting a dynamic concert, first to present a vision ofthe personal Lord of which they sing and secondly that musically they might adequately give artistic expression to that which is within their hearts. Director: Professor B. Bellus One of the highlights of the 1968 was the presenta- tion of "I have Chosen Thee," an anthem composed especially for the Inaugura- tion of Dr. M. A. Harris. i Vennard Choir 44 'N-4 VENNARD COLLEGE CHAMBER SINGERS- 1967-68 Eight young people under the direction of professor Benjamin Bellus concluded a year ofdeputation ministry including the school year and IO weeks of the summer. Nearly 20,000 miles were traveled, 35 states were vis- ited, and over 200 concerts were sung during this peri- od, each presenting a distinctive opportunity to not only represent the college, but to witness for Christ. The school year period included a musical ministry to over I0 civic and service clubs, community business men, and many week-end ventures to places such as Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, northern Iowa, and others. The sum- mer period included a musical ministry in youth camps, camp meetings, alumni meetings, and in churches of many different denominations as far north as North Dakota, as far west as California, as far south as Texas, as far East as New York. Earl Stine travelled with the group for the last part of the summer. The deputation work was productive in the outreach of Vennard Col- lege and in the acquisition of many prospective students for the college. GL QS' Dale Barrett Steve Goold Dewayne Duskin Charles Cramer Paul Larson Micheline Rocourt Mary Joyce Burdge .laney Kies Barrett 137' L- ug : R25 t. i SINGING for our LORD Psalms 89:1 "I yyill sing ofthe mercies of the Lord forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all genera- tions," The musical ministry of Vennard is pro- gressive in outreach. evangelistic in message. and a blessing to those performing and those listening. The Trio has been an integral part of this ministry. and like the soloists. are sent out regularly' to sing for the glory of God. Trio Blenda Nlillhouse. second soprano, Carol Cvruyer. alto Cynthia NX ilkinson. sopranog Nancy XR right. pianist. S-Qilozszs L to R TOP ROH' Chris Fosback. Jim NlcGalTey. John Lindsey. Don Crist. De Wayne Duskii. MIDDLE ROW Cheryl Hodgins. Luann Lester. Ginene Yasey. Tylary Bartlett. Joyce Elmore By ron Belknap. BOTTOM RON' Cheryl Wiley. Karen Kessler. Paula Larson. Carol Gruver. Esther Rbcounjim Hollis. Organists: L. to R.: Janey Barrett, Paula Larson, Judy Riley, Diane Johansen. Hope Huang. Sharon Hawk, Eileen Rossman. yJ 77 Whatever talent one may have Vennard College will find it and use it in some way for the Lord's work. Musk offers a wide variety of op- portunities for service. Brass Ensemble: Mary Bartlett, Eileen Rossman, Doug Clark, Dan Nelson, Don Coffman, Ginene Vasey, Peggy Devor, John Lindsey, Director: William Van Devender The musical ministry of the Brass Ensemble has brought blessings our campus this year. 47 WY? Pianists: L. to R TOP ROW' Che l . . ry Hodgins, Linda Ransdell, Bonnie Hartung. Brenda Damschen, Eileen Rossman, MIDDLE ROW: Hope Huang, Janey Barrett, Bonnie Mc- Cullough, Patsy High, BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Wright, Paula Larson Judy Riley, Sharon Hawk, Sheryl Panico. Song Leaders: L, to R. TOP ROW' Randy Barnett, Ron Farnum, Chris Fosback, MIDDLE ROW: Don Crist, Stan Winters, BOTTOM ROW: De Wayne Duskin, Jim Hollis. John Lind- sev. fiv- Pre-school Helpers: Mark Haslett, Leslie Madsen, John Slusher, John Swift. Joyce Hall, Esther Ro- court, Mary Minor, Emmett Kadwell, Ethel Parr, Marcia Thompson, Betty Middleton, David Johnson. Carol Amstutz, Mary Ellen Kessler, Betty Black, Martha Williams, Nina Kunkle. Jewel Whybrew, Marie Spilger. SITTING: Tom Brunk, John Lindsey. K1'a'd1'e K ollege Workers Pre-school Teachers: Galene McMahan, Lynn Mannoia, Sharon Cripe, Vicki Cook, Karol Syvrud, Annette Dahl- berg, Carol Gruver, Ar- lene Pinkley, Diane Johansen, Judy Riley, Mary Joyce Burdge, Irene Laughter. 49 Preathersg Don Collman, Don Bishop. Hubert Harriman Dave lxushman. David Paul. Leslie Madsen. Robert Cartwright John SZ I Slusher, Larry Baker. De Wayne Duskin, Randy Barnett John Lindsey, Cheryl Hodgins, Fred Haltom. Ralph Goodpaster Cheryl Wiley, Joan Whitby. Eileen Rossman. Pastors Pastors: Dale Barrett, Eldon Congregational Church: David Bushong. Evans Union Sunday School. Dan Hair, Bethlehem Christian Church. Dennis Gibson. Concord Churchg John McCarty, Cole Creek. Jim McGafTey, Pleas- ant Valley Baptist Church: John Zimmer, Liberty Mennonite Church: Paul Karges. Kent Chapel. Brian Donley, Wright Union Church. Y? Sunday School Teachers: L. to R. TOP ROW' Marguerite Mitchell. Sharon Cripe. Stan Winters. Linda Frazier, Dennis Johnson, MIDDLE ROW' Byron Belknap, Ken Lemler. Jerry Tschetter, Bonnie Mc- Cullough. BOTTOM ROW: Levena Bushong, Delores Carpenter. Mary Bartlett. Phyllis Critzer. Linda lbbs. Sunday School Teachers and Assistants The students provide a profitable ministry as Sunday School teachers and assistants in the surrounding community churches. S.S. Assistant Teach- ers: L, to R. TOP ROW' Keith Haworth, Alwyn Hall, Ed Wilkin- son, THIRD ROW5 Vickie Cook. Hubert Harriman, Dan Nelson, Twana Hawk, SEC- OND ROW: Ralph Goodpasture, Galene McMahan, BOTTOM ROW: Keith Clements, Linda Ransdell, Wendy Lum. 5l GQ Reslhome 7- Visz'tal1'0rz Teams u CHlLDREN'S L. I0 R. Carol ResleFl' Arlene Pinkley Lois Bushong Vivian Friday Center Clare Funk YOUTH WORKERS TOP ROWfL. to R. Edna Zimmer .lim Zimmer Jim Vanderschuur Sheryl Panico Bob Panico BOTTOM ROW Bonnie McCullough Diane Silzle .loan Whitby Brian Donley WORKERS JAIL TEAM STA NDING L. ro John Slusher Jim Kochersperger SE.-1 TED Jim McGafTey Jerry Tschelter 6. f 3 s l l 12751 'f Q li 7 , i t ft mx,r s.,Q ..f""' ' ' A"'i L Responsibility and leadership are two ofthe many qualities which do not always come from a class- room, but often come through the many opportunities within the organizations at Vennard. All the organizations have in view the one basic goal ofservice. This service outreach ofthe organizations is often comparable to the Christian Service Department but is an on-campus benefit to everyone. Organizations is just another way Vennard assists the student and the community in which we live. 54 Orgcm1'zaZ1'0r1s SJ Student Senate Isl ROW: Paul Karges, Pres.: Hubert Harriman, 2nd V. Pres. Ind ROW: Brian Donley. Treas.: Jewel Whybrew, Sec.: Karol Syv- rud, lst V. Pres. Student Council lx! ROW' Paula Larson, Paul Karges, Karol Syvrud 2nd ROW: Bonnie McCullough, Jewel Whybrew, Brian Donley, Jim Zimmer, Lois Bushong 3rd ROW: David Bushong, .lim VanderSchuur. Hubert Harri- man, Ed Wilkinson, Chris Fosbeck, not pictured. Student Government 9' A A Q . 5 fl: 1 A' v- ' sys 6. A jg .nt Q - . lit' 5 .lg ,S fa A mf. , .. .. K.+rr'f'Kali 'f eiffm 1' A-47" 5 L 1' , 56 reen Grass ly Spring Among the various ac- tivities sponsored by the Stu- dent Council was the Hobo Party. It was a "transient" experience. Jewel Whybrew was -F 4 ------- -J.. n . ' 4 .N .1 .. n l -. I 0 , i . 1' g mi 3 .:g. i Llp. ii .V . i 1 ' 1 P Student Project l968-1969 Athletic Field N N ri z 9 f I 9 1 . f 9 M E ::gc' r fl ff is I I 'Fa l on .52 X, X I i--- XX f E t X U HF UB HO H ld I i hl L crowned Queen and Ralph Goodpasture was crowned King. Chow time, Bonnie. sf. Y qw- "Did you sign out, Miss Eckert?" N Queen ofthe Hobos M.P.L. othcers: Jim Zimmer, Presg Joan Whitby, Vice Presg Joyce Meidinger, Seeg Esther Rocourt, Treasurerg Twana Hawk, Corresponding Secg George Ussery, and Lois Bushong, Literary Secretaries. Advisors Mr. Richard Brunk. Missionary Prayer League The purpose of M.P.L. is to give prayer support, as well as iinancial support to Vennard mis- sionaries on the field. There is prayer for definite requests from our missionaries every Wednesday morning at 6:30 ANI, Our annual Missionary Con- vention presents a means of in- creasing our burden and inspiring our hearts toward missions. issionary Prayer League 58 Kristine Lewis Sec. and Treas. Bonnie Hartung Vice Pres. Paula Larson President Mus1'c Culture x 1 . ,- is xisxvx.. X rv' V xx. 'Lf s xx X I f X arf, 1, A 1 'C ... w 4 , .r 1 'W v ' A :x,x,.Cfi'iw7Z.v':' iz YX3"iQiN.'v5' t fs .:m.ff, Music Appreciation Concert Dr. Marion Hall Presently an associate professor in the College of Fine Arts of Drake Uni versity and Head ofthe Voice De- partment, baritone Marion Hall re- ceived degrees from Louisiana Univer- sity and University of Illinois, and has performed in opera and oratorio productions throughout the Midwest. l 59 S.-5' iIThf?ZCl 19lzi The dorm organiza- tions which function as Service organization pro- viding needed items for college life. Theta Phi purchased new drapes for the girls dorm and Toga Virilis secured a new Hag for the campus. Theta Phi Oliicersg President. Bonnie McCullough. Vice President, Arlene Pinkley, Secretary, Lois Bushong, Treasurer, Vivian Fridayg Advisor. Miss Ruth Eckert. ifk95gc1 Ifirilis 60 Toga Virilis Ofhcersg President, Ed Wil- kinson, Vice President, David Paul, Secretary, Douglas Clark, Treasurer, StanWinters Spanish Club Tim Brunk Betty Middleton Eliud Gutierrez Nina Kunkle Diane Johansen Peggy Devor Bill Bartholomew Sally Lee Jim VanderSchuur Eunice Coffman Don Coffman Current Events Club Annette Dahlberg Luann Lester DeWayne Duskin Joyce Meidinger Chris Fosback Cheryl Hodgins Randy Barnett Byron Belknap 9, Ministerial Association L to R TOP ROH Minzer Chadwick, Stan Winters. MIDDLE ROW: Ralph Goodpusture John Slusher Dr Powell advisor BOTTOM ROW: Eileen Rossman, Joan Whit- Ministerial Association otlicers: Dan Hair, Presidentg Eileen Ross- man, Vice Presidentg Stan Winters, Sec.- Treasurerg Joan Whitby, Corresponding Secre- tary. 62 Ministerial Association The Ministerial Associa- tion was established on the Vennard campus to instruct student pastors in the prob- lems they will possibly face in the church. They also pray for pastoral alumni. . - v ww: , 1 , . mg, N . A ' , r .Q . .. qf'g.g,Q:x W 5 Q, . , 1, ::,-s. . gin. :5 '-'-': U 1 -5 t A -1 ,-:gg-::..::s:54.5'Y:e wx " -Ss--:, ., ,, W: NS' .spas s.- , - 3,2 - ,. l RYVT Hua i' .nLl:sS .Qi 1 ll?-is-l 4 Y? Circle "K" Club: L, to R. TOP ROW: Don Coffman, Dan Hair. Bob Panico, Dale Barrett, Leslie Madsen, Don Bishop, SITTING: De Wayne Duskin, John Lindsey, George Ussery, Circle " " Circle K Circle K, under the sponsorship of Ki- wanis, is an organization at Vennard Col- lege that has the opportunity to contrib- ute to our surrounding community. With the opportunity to serve school and community we would not overlook the greatest service of all in serving the Lord by letting our Christian witness en- ter into the community. The club motto "Serve with purpose" is appropriate as it serves the Lord and the people around them. John Lindsey, Presidentg Mr, Bob Bullock, Chairman ol' U,C.S. Cam paign. -.-.-1-ang 63 J , K 2 W.. 2 3. . 'Yr-:Sax f J, , .' . N !....:4.w. 51 ,'1,, , 1, A, . f a . iq, 'A :Jn 31' ,X-.Xi .Mlgg Q 1 Nw 6 -poi' A 1 ...-1' A Vzszon ofthe VISION Staff Among the friends ofthe college, Dr. Luce and Mr. Bruner have become expecially beloved by the students this year for their S300 contributions to this years' Student Project. Remember Sisluyfk Nw Th es e? 5' ' -. n-ff li' ' Q i A, .v ,AV 2:5 --gpg. 1 -3-,rn . -.Q .vat-J ' ' .- v,',57,g, :nv 1 Q' 41, 3 H p :sg ' "K -,nb -. f - u --.' .' 15. -1, -,.-- -Q ia? ' L-2 - 5" 3' . - ,. . . , ,,. t few, "' ' i-G ' ' wx' Q91- ' ' A v -H-li 1 If I Mr. Julius Bruner .V -,. 'fi Q, . I W,- F Dr. George Luce Many visitors to Vennard's Campus come with specific burdens for Missions. Friends of Mexico and friends from Haiti are pictured here. 66 N i Forget Thesef ui Ba xlvix its-QW? 1 PEPSI W1 If it were possible to delve into the future there might be seen the results and benefits ofthe many exciting, unusual and always memorable activities which every Vennard student has ex- perienced, which in some way has influenced his life. For every type of personality there are activities some intellectual, some physical, some social and some that are just plain funny: and yet in all these there is a basic quality which makes every experience and activity unique, and that is the spiritual enrichment. To young Christian men and women sharing socially the fun and fellowship which the world cannot know, Vennard College offers a social life with a bonus. 68 ,,..'- vi x i.. V: Q bb wr X. X n x ,M 1 K me , w , A W 1 Nm is i if T xxx ...MM - ummm- S G : F A A ctivilies reS1'a'enl 'S Tea An opportunity was shared for new students to meet the President, Deans, and Student Of- ficers at the first annual Presidents' Tea. Fac- ulty ludies ofticiated at the tea table, while Mr. and Mrs. Dale Barrett provided background music, s ,A in Convocation A time of deep honesty and soul searchin before God as the Word of Life was laid open to our thirsty hearts. The speaker, Dr. Eldon Fuhrman, is a graduate of John Fletcher College, and is now Professor of The- ology at Western Evangelical Seminary, Meaningful to each of us, his statement: "Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts, but don't believe your doubts and doubt your beliefs." Y, ..., 1 Q, : 5,116 .I , X . 2. E .ug gs: Q , fl M I'SSl'OlICIl"l' Internship! Social F ield Tffllilllillg- Lois Bushong Joyce Elmore Don Bishop Cheryl Hodgins Phyllis Critzer Al Irvine John Lindsey Sheryl Panico Cheryl Wiley One ofthe opportunities which Vennard provided in cooperation with several missionary or- ganizations is the Summer Internship Program. Under this program students interested in mis- sions can have the experience of serving on a mission lield for several weeks during the summer. Every opportunity of this type is a great experience for the student to learn the whys and hows of missions and to know the I.ord's Will for their missionary career, Another opportunity which comes to Vennard students in the Social Service Field is that of serving in this area for a summer's experience in correlation with their field of study and prepara- tion. 72 '-s . X. Ml.SSf0l1UFVl' Students Byron Belknap. Huhert Harriman. Cynthia Wilkinson bd Wilkinson lsther Roeourl Daxid Bushoni, Tim Brunkg Twana Hawk, Nina Kunkle. Arlene Pinltlej, lois Bushong Foreign Students Hope Huang Taiwan .loseSantos Honduras Simeon Bandyayera Burundi lskandar Shaho Jerusalem Eluid Gutierrez Mexico Timothy Yen Taiwan Vennard College will never lose its missionary emphasis as long as there is a continual flow of students who have a missionary vision on their hearts. Among those students who are most missionary minded are the children of missionaries now in the work and students from for- eign lands who have a burden for their home country. THE WORlD'S EMERGENCY - THE CHRlSTIAN'S URGENCY .fi rm r' f 6 EIGHTH ANNUAL MISSIONARY CONVENTION SPONSORED BY MISSIONARY PRAYER LEAGUE M ISSl'0I16Il',l' Prayer League C01zvenI1'011 1969 A MISSIONARY CRY A hundred thousand souls a day, Are passing one by one away, In Christless guilt and gloom. Without one ray ofhope or light, With future dark as endless night They're passing to their doom, They're passing to their doom. They're passing, passing fast away. In thousands day by day. They're passing to their doom. They're passing to their doom. MR. and MRS. IVAN CARROLL Mr. and Mrs. Carroll have served with the World Gospel Mission since 1939 in India. In earlier years both taught at the mission's South India Bible In- stitute. During the past I6 years. they have worked largely among Indian national workers, teaching and preaching in the Kanarese language, mainly among Hindus and some Muslims. Mr. Carroll's burden has been to get the gospel to the vastly unevangelized villages where most of India's people dwell, by or- ganized training and evangelism camps where con- verts could be strengthened. Mrs. Carroll is active in literature work and was mission treasurer and as- sisted in camps for village women converts. MR. and MRS. ORVILLE WOLFF Rev. Wolff pastored in South Dakota before going to Brazil under the Oriental Missionary Society. His primary emphasis is the training of young people at the Londrina Bible Seminary where he has taught Bible and has directed the evangelistic ministries in churches, on street corners, in jails and on the OMS broadcast, "Waves of Peace". He has directed Bible Correspondence studies in connection with the radio outreach. In addition to this, he pastored a nearby church. Mrs. Wolff is an excellent pianist and as- sists her husband in this capacity. 74 bi W .f W-A World Gospel M ission Prayer Bama' Nancy Wright, Carol Resleff, Lois Bushong, David Bushong, Nina Kunkle, Don Coffman, Sally Lee, Randy Barnett, Grace Asplund, Stan Winters, Twana Hawk, Hubert Harriman, Arlene Pinklcy. Not Pictured: Dave Kushman, Phyllis Kushman 75 Free Methodist: L, to R.: Ethel Parr. Carol Am- ktutz. Marguerite Mitchell, Alan Gardenier, SIT- TING' Eileen Rossman. WESLEYANS: L. to R. TOP ROW: Keith Haworth, Grace As- plund. Paula Larson. THIRD ROW: Stan Winters, Linda Rans- dell. Clare Funk. Bob Panico. SECOND ROW: Nina Kunkle. John Zimmer. Sheryl Panico, Carol Gruver, SITTING: Vickie Cook, Marie Spilger. Chris lian E.M.C.: L. to R, TOP ROW: David Paul. Dale Barrett, Don Bishop, FOURTH ROW: Ken McDaniel. John McCarty, George Ussery, Dennis Barrett, Dwight Goodman, THIRD ROW: Bill Malone, John Lindsey, Mary Bartlett, Brian Don- ley. Arlene Pinkley, Fred Haltom, SECOND ROW: Betty Middleton, Rainelle Burns. Wendy Lum, Patti Olney, Vivian Friday, Esther Rocourt, Howard Bart- lett. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Minor, Jean Whitby. Karen Kessler, Mrs. Rocourt, Linda McDaniel. United Methodist Dan Hair, Paul Karges, Byron Belknap, Leslie Madsen, Ralph Goodpasture, Tim Brunk, John Slusher. Jim VanderSchuur, Don Coffman. .lim Hollis, Emmett Kadwell, Margaret Myers. Debbie Hill. Martha Williams, Diane Silzle, Eunice Coffman Fellowship Salvation Army: TOP ROW: Cheryl Hodgins, Linda Frazier. Annette Dahlberg, Linda lbbs, Phyllis Crit- zer, Cheryl Wiley, De Wayne Duskin. Evangelical Church of North America David Johnson, Carol Reslell, Chris Fosback. Sally Lee. George Blain, Nancy Wright. Sandra Blain Nazarene: Joel Cline, Ed Wilkinson, Harlan Woodward Steve Shorter. Cynthia Wilkinson Marcia Thompson Edna Zimmer, Jim Zimmer, Betty Black, Hope Huang 77 Q i1S"'b?w' ' - er ,fi?, 5 41515 M' ,, .na-'SL K Youth Conference Theme. Max PE' Rev. Charles Lake, speaker N ,. :. rf " if .- ' r '- ff ww z. : . -V -, -2 if-1--we: - gfgfg. x. EAL- -2.gx,i,1g.7 ,, 59,5-f :S 1 . y '-Sff'3-'?3"':'1I2- ie.-'ge 5' fi A , 1, rf - ze.1.22-'1sf',5',,Q-:ry - V. .. , 2 5- 1 . gg w x A .. Y ' ,.- V N-, 1 ., ,,,,:.:: I .:. , .,,:5., ,I b we ,wb Jr: -F., ' ' -' z .: ,:.,4. Q wif mg If - -:Les-f-gM!'1s3s ,. 3 1 21: -:. ' Clean up. fix up, pray up. Youth Conference 1968 : f AYNQAIJ,-.r Q A , if -JAM: ,gg P.. , Y, . f W.. , ,f , 7,4 - X , P K Q -- .X x , ..-. , . ,pe ,ff o .Q K, we 'S-are N MINISTERS CONFERENCE Special speakers for this conference were Commissioner Samuel Hapburn, National Commander of the Salvation Army, and Dr. J. Barton Payne, a professor at Wheaton College. Commissioner Hep- burn shared the practical aspects of Christian Service. while Dr. Payne gave the importance of preach- ing as given in the Old Testament. FOWLER LECTURES Bishop Arthur M. Climenhaga, Bishop ot' the Brethren in Christ Church, was guest speaker for the Fowler Lectures. His extensive education and experience as a Bible teacher, lecturer, and evangelist made him a very capable speaker for these series of lectures. 41-vs 79 'XZ J - V W V- -Y. ,W October Open House Thanksgiving One Goo' One Nation One Hope Dorrn Christmas Party Senior Retreat Senior Retreat took place at Twin Lakes Bible Camp. The rainy weather did not hamper the spiritual blessings received by all. 1.1 . ' !2 , ,, A I 1 S .gvff fp b, rv " .'. :v iii-5 - -' " . I P M 1 5131,-Z5 H ' Q ' V wg, ,gf . .3 -Q Q 'V' 'i 'Af li' vi5 1f'.'g -an X' 3 - "'., . If- 15 -,", U 'iff' ,. .1 'fZf. 3 5 'W f ff, Q . A -v. lg , is J , --.," M wif: ,f Qi Qi F gA...Q5x '., 1. , 3 ' 4 , -1- Q -Q-Awgmf' v.,- 5 ,ff h-,I-,gi " ' - ,,v.V.As. iv? Mig E Yugi 1 - aw -. N 5 ,Q V' - ' g' f .fl " Q-fzf ak f., g . .1 -'B , X ,. ,, , V . , , I if +, P . iw ' . .. x .- '76 Q I . .M E W-3 . f', 'l . J-.N-,,.., I V4 .I It A' . . 'a':z'Q 5' . j.9g.Q,5,g' ' ' ' V-3,4--' W.. 'B . X A is f. Comics , ., fm' g 82 Christmas 1969 "sux, 'si "A walking melody" by Paula and Karen. i I i , - 1 . ,ff , Akrr Qfihf ' ,.,,.,,,..,ff 1 ' ' A' 'f.,,,r'PL i" F reshman-S en ior Reception 1968 W! 'X after Q SI Siviliiiil:-E1E7eIf .1 5.5 if 5 i '-fe sw lf Q' F W ,Is -- l --nn wx.. -n-nun One ofthe many challenges the seniors receive before graduation is presented by the freshman class at Freshman-Senior Reception. This year's challenge was based on the need for the Chris- tian to become involved in the fight against sin and to witness to the relevancy of the Gospel in today's world. 84 Q Q Spring A ctivities World Religions Chicago Field Trip Q... 'G .gi w Cam us A 'Ill 5,1 fji f - QV A sy Ri P J' 5 -' -AFI -'I ' .:v..:.5-'4.,.- 5- A-.3 . Q' 55:-t. Y. . . ,aff 'PE:1s-.eff -f1f2' -2 fr- 4 : Y f:-rf' . ' 'Qgi X vii' Q Q, , X S" ' 'WI' ' , , Q ' , . - X V :ga ..:g,f-' , xiii' -, YI' I 1., -S? A if' 3. z-. .K .., VM 86 -. , r-.QS I 1 4 fvh fx " 1' u Q 1 K4-1g?'fY f4 .A 1. 'rg 55 Ftp?" 'fa' Faces . 'ny Y .. psi L ,fm ,. 3425 .. . .,. .. x D. .Q g P 5, N. Y M- 1 f F fi, .5 i f N' 1 4' . .N if gg QQ ggi: ,41gakL..5,:: AX . -5, . f ' , . In Tift,-., W: K- '4,'g,g-. !,1?N-U M -- - 5 ' w ., ' V 87 Intramural in Sports Q Intramural Sports To increase school spirit the administra- tion decided to have intramural sports activities between the individual classes. This program was designed to encourage school and class unity and spirit and provide op- portunity for the class to compete for awards. Which class will win? The decision remains a secret until the end ofthe year. :vp Mig' ,, y-gy Many times in an underclassman's life the way seems dark and clouded, the pressures of college life and doubts and questions regarding future plans sometimes make it hard for one to see how God will favor one's undertakings. In these times it is a comfort and great encouragement to know that Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to his purpose," is true in everyone's life as long as there is that constant personal contact between God and him. 90 Under-classman Treasurer Phyllis Critzer President Dennis Johnson Secretary Mary Joyce Burdge Student Council Representative David Bushong Vice President David Kushman Q ID V1 V1 JP ca. 4 5. o "I FU fb F U3 'U "I : :A ar 3 S: Nts, QQ Q-51 1 One Nation One Hope Thanksgiving Theme Q0--...if v .ni srl Dale Barrett University Park. Iowa .laney Barrett University Park, Iowa 92 Mary Joyce Burdge Macon, Georgia l l 4 X ttf-si : Q :-. 'ka'-. it T zizir ' David Bushong University Park. Iowa Q15 . afiftffi-Is Q I K- tt. , ksxlizikt xkt tx Q, ,S'ffQf1z'i- 1.'-fff3.- 15, .:ag"5fx ' " 'Q' ,Q ,X 'M5"3" X ' ' 'S " 'l 5 lf , .. X , y .:.::s,-:,,-K'-x - . X .t K 5259: 11 3, fff1,i:tgg', -y 2S,Qa.i if 'fi' 5 . Q 'M . 1-fa -- to ' ,i ' 3' Q gm tb-tt.: fxw xi .-, .ygyif 5 -9 i'r:im:.-RQ is X :it lf, if ,a .aggfsg 1 ' S if st L Q is -.,i-ij? - 11 I .gi N 4 ii:-sfil:- 5 ' ,S S 2 5 XS Q5 f A 5 ir-.av .im , ,A Dba. :Q 51 fi! Levena Bushong Douglag Clark University Park. lowa Findlay. Ohio -Q Sharon Cripe Donald Crist Phyllis Critzcr Roann, lndiana Stockton. California Detroit, Michigan AHHCIIC Dahlbffrg Alice Driskell Stephen Goold Rockford. llliFl0iS Ottumwa, Iowa Starkweather, 93 North Dakota -in--....,,,,w i, Gloria Hair James Hollis Dennis Johnson University Park, Iowa Centralia, Illinois Pine River, Minnesota ww all 'ef far Paul Karges Ellen Kunkle Donald Kushman Convoy. Ohio University Park, Iowa Elgin, Illinois i,Ii David Kushman Phyllis Kushman Paula Larson University Park, Iowa University Park, Iowa Williamston, Michigan 94 v 4' N! 91v'N 'envy "5"lNli1lOF Galene McMahan Marguerite Mitchell David Paul Barnes City, Iowa University Park, Iowa Cumberland, Maryland , , John Slusher James Smith Blanchard, Michigan Homestead. Florida 'KT' Ginene Vasey .loan Whitby Platteville, Wisconsin Friendship, Tennessee 95 Stan Winters Dover, Ohio 4 ' u f Q., imma be 5.45, Q Im 85 13 t :ya .397 W me., Class Ofhcers President Larry Baker, Vice President Ron Farnum, Secretary Arlene Pinkley, Treasurer Kenneth Lemler, Student Council Representative Chris Fosback Y. Class Advisor Miss Eckert Sophomores For Sophomores the first year of college has been completed with a sigh of relief as they an- ticipate their next years. Each Sophomore has begun to see the Vision of Prayer and the vic- tories ofthe Spirit-filled life. 96 Larry Baker Simeon Bandyayera Bradenton, Florida BUF'-lndi. Afl'iCH Vx i Rainelle Bums Delores Carpenter Cincinnati, Ohio Pandora. Ohio Peggy Devor Brian Donley Randy Barnett Dennis Barrett Gfeemopu Missouri Stockton, California "iii" Joel Cline Vickie Cook Portland, Oregon Parma, Michigan Ma 1 ,Q-L. Clarann Dwyer Ronald Farnum Kell, Illinois New Castle, Pennsylvania Yaflkwn. Pine River. South Dakota Minnesota wg Chris Fosback Vivian Friday Carol Gruver Elilld GI-lliCl'l'CZ Eugene, Oregon Mendon, Ohio Elmira, New York Mexico City. Mexico C1112 "Ei23E'.2E1Ii"" + ' 1 'fe:2g:i+- l K X 115 :N KX if S Q. ' " 5 Ei of yi Q, f ii, . 'A X RQ? Q N Q K I R39 ,i i Vx ff iii ., J 5, Alwyn Hall Hubert Harriman Bonnie Hartung Mark Haslett Randalia, Iowa Bolivia, South Am. Lime Springs, Iowa Akron, Ohio 'if' paisy High kinda Ibbs James Kessler Karen Kessler inning Michigan Detrgitv Michigan University Park, University Park, Iowa Iowa 98 kvlf Irene Laughter KCl'lI1Clh Le mler Tonalea, Arizona B0lll'b0n. Indiana 5' Ii fa . ,X it -- uf r e ' I """ A, N-N..-4 A 9 , - 2 x - 2 x i I ,E . l a Eugene McDaniel James McGafTey Knoxville, Iowa Agency, Iowa I Theda Muntean Daniel Nelso New Castle, Little Falls, Pennsylvania Minnesota II 99 E Kristine Lewis John Lindsey Rockford, Illinois University Park, Iowa YN? I-Ynn MHFIFIQIH Betty Middleton San Bernardino. Memphis, Tennessee California Arlene Pinkley Judith Riley LaFeria, Texas Davenport, Iowa rum E 5 Esther Rocourt Micheline Rocourt Jerry Tschetter George Ussery University Park, Iowa University Park, Iowa University Park, Iowa Macon, Georgia Sophomores at Work, Play and Study 1 .' ,af Jewel Whybrew Cynthia Wilkinson Edgar Wilkinson Harlan Woodward Fairmount, Indiana Glendale, Arizona Glendale, Arizona Oskaloosa, Iowa I00 Freshmen Class Oflicers President George Blain, Vice President Kenneth McDaniel, Secretary Martha Williams, Treasurer, Keith Haworth, Student Council Representative James Vander Schuur .N-Q-..,... Q'--.. Class Advisor Mrs. Miller we' .vw ...M if Wir: Carol Amstutz John Andresen William Bartholomew Jeanette Bei-ggtad LHnSir1g. lVliChig21I1 Duluth, Minnesota Akron, Ohio Eaton Rapids, Michigan ,, 'sf 'ib- "-.- Belly Black George Blain Timothy Brunk Elizabeth Carder Harvey' Illinois University Park, University Park, Ottumwa, Iowa lowa Iowa """w Ere.,-1' Jean Cams Robert Cartwright Keith Clements Don Coffman Platteville, Stockton, Haviland, Kansas University Park, Wisconsin California l0W21 102 o 'NJ 'lar-4Y EuniCC COHQUIZFI Bonnie Collins Brenda Damschen Kenneth Fetter University Park, Bozeman, Montana Hampden, North Dakota University Park, Iowa Iowa l Stephen Fey Linda Frazier Clare Funk Al2ll14G21l'd6fliCl' I Scranton, Iowa Mt. Clemans, Floyd, Iowa M3dlS0l'l. WISCONSIN Michigan l 1 is ij YT? Not pictured: Dennis Gibson Ralph Goodpaster Joyce Hall -ll-'dy Gil-15011 University Park, Loogootee, Indiana Randalia, Iowa University Park, Iowa Iowa IO3 'P'-rv Fred Haltom Keith Haworth Dallas, Texas Jackson, Michigan Deborah Hill Emmett Kadwell Mandiifl. Dorr, Michigan North Dakota Q Q nik , .f - bt?-.,"X A "" " ,As , Q xxx-x1 fi' X , 1 .L-ky, v af' we -v W' M , . - M My-fu -"' ' J K h Kenneth McDaniel Linda McDaniel ' V3QgfSMa2l25Z1i5erger gigggfolrfm Uriiversity Park, Mableton, Georgia Ohio California Owa Y .X james Maclnncg Blenda Millhouse Mafy Mlnor Patti Olney Duluth, Minnesota Polo. Illinois Fort Smith, Sl0Ckt0l'l, Arkansas California 1 Ethel Pafl' . 1 Bonnie Penhorwood Linda RSTISIICII Karen Reynolds LHFNSC- WISCONSIN Rushsylvania, Ohio MHFIOH, Indiana Memphis, Tennessee E SF vb? I Elie- '. - ,Neem .. ,z f , saw, ,x Q, . -- ., E .1 I, V B .. .Q-, 4 , ' - ,eggs , ' 'K f l 'X E23 , 1 .,:g1e:" , E' .:1512'1.1 ' . + Y-xv' ' ' -:1 I -' ti Jack Roe Jose Santos lskandar Shabo Steven, Shorter Milo, Iowa Catacomas, Honduras Jerusalem, Israel Terre Haute, Central America Indiana ' ' - .. 1: - 532551: 14 we ., gt ,,, , ' ' +1 W- . , .5g::j:5g:g55,-:-1 ,. ' ' ' -Lf ff f1:e:zSe 3553-fi 'LQ E hifi ' . 41, L, 't ie, 1 fiQ?I..-' - gy we , - ,g , - ,- .fu vp- 15 it 23 , , X 4 f. I S: H- ,, VP gg: si . , A '1.a..t,Q,,1' 91: ..f, -: fs - - Diane Silzle Shirley Sparks Marie Spilger John Swift Warren, D Lynnville, Iowa Grand Island, Pequot Lakes, Pennsylvania Nebraska Minnesota I05 .,, vb. Marcia Thompson James Vander Schurr Martha Williams Otsego, Michigan Wayland, Michigan Marion, Indiana Nancy Wright Timothy Yen West Linn, Oregon Taipei, Taiwan lO6 limpses Of Freshman College zfe .Ioy Zimmer Chicago, Illinois Y L Sandra Blain Minzor Chadwick Don Danielson University Park, Iowa Columbia. South Carolina University Park. Iowa Second uarler Students Esaie Dieudonne David Johnson Port-au-Prince. Haiti University Park. Iowa Margaret Myers Carol Regleff Glenn Spcas Middleville, Michigan Rjdgefigld. Washington Brooklyn, Iowa IO7 Not Pictured: Sally Lee Jerome, Idaho Q 1. Q elf' Grace Asplund Mary Ellen Kessler Tustin, Michigan Oskaloosa. Iowa I O Speczal and A udll Students Nina Kunkle Johanna Verhoef Marion, Indiana Oskaloosa, Iowa Not Pictured: Mrs. Esther Rocurl Kill University Park, Iowa """e-T"" IOB VENNARD COLLEGE CIRCLE K CLUB we- WCHA 'R 'lf X NJGX tl lb 3 i x Q- 1- sz' l x i X?"PNA'YX5ll 1--1,1117 "WE BUlLD" Leadership through responsibility consistently By practicing adherence to Divine Valuesp By encouraging personal involvement in all levels of governmental affairsp By expressing a genuine concern for othersg By maintaining personal integrity? By having the confidence that our lives can improve our environment 'lo 000 ' 'Q A 6l'V6l'll'S6Wl6l1lS THE FREE METHODIST CHURCH 821 Eighth Avenue East Oskaloosa, Iowa J. Wesley Wilson, Pastor Congratulations tothe class of"69" Best wishes to the graduating girls as you continue to be "Daughters of Light." Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. fProverbs 3:53 H olding forth the Word of Life. lPhilippians 2: 163 E xalt ye the Lord our God. tPsalms 99:93 Taking the shield of faith. lliphesians 6: 163 .-1 bide in Me and I in you. Uohn 15:43 P raise ye the Lord. fPsa1ms 106:13 H e shall call upon me and I will answer him. LPsalms 911153 I n quietness and conhdenee shall be your strength. llsaiah 301151 I H0 N S w,,+ Side CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "69" Efirgeq 'Q G Best Wishes to Our Own Sharon Hawk HUP You are invited to visit our new YOUNG SHOP "We'll Be Looking For You!" Riverview Tabernacle Independent Pine River. Minnesota WILLIE WATTS. Pastor CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "69" AND TO OUR GRADUATING SENIOR Luafzn Lester Fin! Clzuruli of :he .Yz1:arf I1 3119 Hamner Avenue Norco. California Rev. Holland Lewis, Minister SUNSTR UM'S STORE FOR MEN Oskaloosa, Iowa Elini ii Ski!!! Ill 4 4'i - S., "ll . ii -T T . il I Was founded in 1910 at University Park. Iowa under the aus- pices ofthe National Holiness Association. 2 ls strictly interdenominational in its organization, thoroughly evangelistic in its methods, and distinctly Wesleyan in its doctrine. 3 Has approximately 240 missionaries around the world. 4 Is proud of the more than eighty VENNARDIANS who are currently serving on its sixteen mission fields and at the headquarters in Marion. Indiana. 5 Publishes the CALL TO PRAYER. a missionary magazine pre- senting interesting news and authentic missionary stories. 6 Invites persons interested in receiving information relative to future work with WGM to write to the Candidate Secretary, Box 948, Marion, Indiana 46952. WORLD GOSPEL MISSION-BOX 949-MARION, INDIANA 46952 QAQ wijgicrr . 'if' A Message to my young friends at Vennard College "SUCCESS" Definition: The ability to get out of life what you want without interfering with the rights and privileges of other people. Where is it'?: Within you and no other place. Formula for getting Success for you. 1. Take God as your Partner in everything and every- where. A Definite Purpose: Exactly what are you going to do with your life, remember it is yours. Self Confidence: Believe sincerely and you can. 4. Initiative: Do things without beingtold. 5. Imagination: Dream and work for your Definite Purpose. 6. Enthusiasm: Be Happy and Aggressive about your life's work. Enthusiasm is the Main Spring of the Soul. Self Control: Don't ever lose your head or your temper. "He that Controls himself, Controls the Situation". 8. Do More than you are paid for: The Joy of life is in doing More, not in doingjust enough. Pleasing Personality: The thing that Costs the least and does the most is just a friendly, sincere smile. Habit of Saving: A Part of all you earn is yours to keep. Debt is a merciless habit, it wrecks and ruins. Be an Accurate Thinker: Always what is right not who is right, even ifyou yourself are involved. Be ready and anxious to admit when you are wrong. Concentration: Think, Work, and Study on one thing at a time and do it well. Cooperation: Work with those of like mind in a spirit ofharmony. Failure: Is not defeat, Profit by it but don't be afraid ofit. 15. Tolerance: Let others have the right of their own opinion and respect that Privilege. Golden Rule: Don't talk it, PRACTICE IT. Your friend, 2. 3. 7. 9. 10. ll. 12. 13. 14. 16. U 0 J ulius C. Bruner 1 12 l' Compliments of enneqi ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Oskaloosa, Iowa Store Phone 673-8325 Catalog Desk 673-8361 Your Supplier of Dependable Electric And Gas Service C ll? iowa Pouien moucurcomnv ll4-lst Avenue East Oskaloosa, Iowa HOWAR'S SHOE CO. lOl High Avenue East Oskaloosa, Iowa MA HASKA BOOK STORE North side Ofsquafe E. A. MCFADDEN RAY L, swANsoN JEAN'S A cf: W DRIVE-IN ll l0 A Avenue West "GOOD LUCK SENlORS" "Artistry in Flowers" FLOWER VILLA GE Joyce and Jim Woodard ll9wFirst Ave. West Ph. 673-8359 MCCURDY SEED COMPANY Fremont, Iowa Hybrid Seeds Corn Sorghum Oats W. C. MCCURDY W. LEROY MCCURDY JAMES MCCURDY "We are proud to be a part of Vennard College' WALKER OLDS-CADILLAC INC. 202 Soulhllth om 1 Sw Oskaloosa Io DOWNING HOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP Okl I MOLLY'S CAFE o1dPu R d O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is they victory? But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work ofthe Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. I Corinthians l5:55-58. Ye also helping together by prayer for us, that for the gift bestowed upon us by the means of many persons thanks may be given by many on our behalf ll Corinthians lzll With Sincere Appreciation from the Family Of Herbert W. Hodgins CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1969 You are joining a select group of peopleAVennard College alumni. We are proud of our alumni and their achievements and dedication to the cause of Jesus Christ. Over 8076 of the alumni of Vennard are en- gaged in religious occupations. This is the reason for our existence. This is the Vennard's Decisive Decade for progress in student and faculty growth and quality as well as provision of better facilities for learning and teaching. We need to have you remain informed as to this progress so that you might give needed support. Monetary support is needed-to be sure-but equally as important is your prayer support and interesting prospective students. We are confident that you will continue to carry high the banners of Christ to all the world and will be an honor to Vennard College. BOARD OF TR USTEES THE SALVA TION ARMY "Greetings from the Salvation Ar y The Iowa Division, Lt. Colonel Birger Justvig, Divisional Command I 301 A Avenue East Phone 673-664l Oskaloosa, Iowa MA YER'S STANDARD SER VICE Harold 8a John Mayer, Owners SEIFERTS North Side of Square Oskaloosa, Iowa THE BRIDAL NOOK Complete fashions for the Bride and her company. Wedding Accessories MA RCELLA 'S TA ILOR SHOP ERNIE'S AG FOOD MARKET 224 lst Avenue East Where Friendly People Congregat Phone 3-5973 for Delivery LESTER 'S BARBER SHOP Andy Armstrong, Ron Ferns IO4 S. Third 673-3531 CHARLES BROWN, INC. INS U R A N C E P,O. Box 83 Dial 673-6835 Oskaloosa, Iowa Always Boosting Vennard BENZ'S CENTRAL BOOK STORE Gerald E. Sowers Rex. O. Benz In Memory Congratulations class of"69" of from "Frankiethe Fruitman" father of Cheryl Hodgins EditoroftheVisio from Theta Phi OSKALOOSA BOOK STORE PATTERSON DRUG Southern lowa's Religious Service Center Manager- MRS, GERALDINE NEWELL "Expert and Friendly Service" South Side of Square lll High Avenue Oskaloosa, Io 673-348l Oskaloosa, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "69" FROM THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3rd Avenue East and South llth Jim Diehl, Pastor Dan Salisbury, Ass. Pastor Tim Mclntire, Minister of Music S Pastor Diehl 'giv e S 2-t::::fr .L 4 - "OSKALOOSA'S SINGING CHURCH" 8 urer: M h B l feld 5-1" N' Q E. .Ll : ' Q E -S E ry- lN0t pictured: Tim Driskel, V' p d U VENNARD ALUMNI ASSOCIA TION CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1969 WELCOME TO OUR RANKS! D I I: IIS FRED'S MUFFLER SHOP I9 F' t A E t Ph 673 7678 O k I Iowa L f t g ranteed IVIuHIers" GREEN 62 BENTLEY Very Good, does it come in light blue? DR UG CO. , Phone 672-2542 A S lO3HghAve,West oskl I YOUR REXALL STORE Oskaloosa, Iowa F D 1 y I.4et IIS Ikecover Your Bible C' ihle W tltlkfbii U lnilerg 'gacmci to piemzen BIBLE BINDERY Box 72 University Park, Iowa 52595 JACK'S BODY SHOP 106 N th D St t O k I I Ph 673 540 "Enjoy Life More With Music" LA YTON'S MUSIC STORE Band and String Instruments P -Og Tel. 6734396 201 High W. O k l I AMWA Y "Ready to serve you with Home-Care Know-How" Ken W. Lemler University Park. Iowa Distributor ' Oskaloosa's Newest ' Home-Owned Women's Fashion Shop sl AVE. South Side ofthe Square Phone 673-7089 Y . .. . . . 1: A., -..:.l if MA NASKA MOTEL Highway 92-63 East Color Television 24-Hour Dial Telephone Cest Vous Styling Salon Owned and operated by Mr. 8a Mrs. lburg "Why not go first class?" 515-613-8351 WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH "The Voice of Holiness in Your Community" 9th Avenue East and South 18th Street Melvyn S. Connell, Pastor DICK'S BARBER SHOP "We need your head to run our business 122 North First Oskaloosa, Iowa SYBENGA STUDIO Oskaloosa, lowa Congratulations to ROBERT PA NICO Austin Wesleyan Methodist Church 500 North Laramie Avenue Chicago, Illinois DeKOCK FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE Floor covering,T.V.z1nd Stereo Zll-223 High Ave. West Oskaloosa, Iowa 673-4688 We Serve to Serve Again TUGA VIRILIS congratulations to the entire graduating class of I969 and its members" BYRON BELKNAP DEWAYNE DUSKIN JOHN MCCARTY Qt f s: bob dunsmoor P H O T O G R A P H Y Phone eva-ssss South Side Square OSKALOOSA. IOWA 52577 DR. GEORGE R. ANTON Vision Specialist "Contact Lenses' Phone 673-5658 REILEIFS JEWELERS Since 1920 "A Store of Established Reliability" Phone 673-5109 Oskaloosa, Iowa amliililliiion :N "'fS.C.'1'f' il BLUE BIRD BODY COMPANY Ft. Valley, Georgia-Mt. Pleasant, IowaaBrantford, Ontario School and Transit Buses YOUR CHILDRENS SAFETY IS OUR BUSINESS Student Directory AMSTUTZ,CAROL E. ANDRESEN, JOHN J. ASPLUND. GRACE E. BAKER, LARRY P. BANDYAYERA, SIMEON BARNETT, RANDY BARRETT, DALE BARRETT, DENNIS E. BARRETT, JANEY BARTHELMAN, KAREN BARTHOLOMEW, WILLIAM BARTLETT, MARY E. BELKNAP, BYRON E. BERGSTAD, A. JEANETTE BISHOP, DONALD R. BLACK, BETTY J. BLAIN, GEORGE A. BLAIN, SANDRA BRUNK. TIMOTHY M. BURDGE, LARRY A. BURDGE, MARY J. BURNS, RAINELLE BUSHONG. DAVE W. BUSHONG, LEVENA S. BUSHONG, LOIS J. CARNS, JEAN M. CARDER, ELIZABETH A. CARPENTER. DELORES A. CARTWRIGHT, ROBERT J. CHADWICK, MINZOR CLARK, DOUGLAS E. CLEMENTS. KEITH W. CLINE, JOEL W. COFFMAN. DON E. COFFMAN. EUNICE M. COLLINS. BONNIE L. COOK, VALERIE A. CRIPE, SHARON T. CRIST, DONALD K. CRITZER, PHYLLIS A. DAHLBERG, ANNETTE E. DAMSCHEN. BRENDA C. DANIELSON, DONALD D. DEVOR, PEGGY R. DIEUDONNE, ESAIE DONLEY. BRIAN C. DRISKELL, ALICE M. DUSKIN, DEWAYNE C. DWYER. CLARANN E. ELMORE, JOYCE M. FARNAM, RONALD W. FETTER, KENNETH J. FEY, STEPHEN J. FOSBACK. CHRIS E. FRAZIER, LINDA S. FRIDAY, VIVIAN A. 842 Irvington, Lansing, Michigan 48901 3714 Greysolon Road, Duluth, Minn. 55804 Route 211121, Tustin, Michigan 49688 2006 30th Avenue, West Bradenton, Fla. 33505 Kisuru, D.S. 132, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa Route iil, Greentop, Missouri 63546 University Park, Iowa 52595 1221 North VanBuren, Stockton, Calif. 95203 Vennard College, University Park, Iowa 52595 808 South 11th, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577 225 Fairway, Akron, Ohio 44313 2210 8th Avenue East, University Park, Ia. 52595 520 Wadsworth, Traverse City, Mich. 49684 V.F.W., Eaton Rapids, Michigan 48827 University Park, Iowa 52595 Vennard College 14612 Loomis, Harvey, Illinois 60426 2007 South 6th, University Park, Iowa 52595 2007 South 6th, University Park, Iowa 52595 906 Bethel, University Park, Iowa 52595 517 High Avenue East, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577 2871 Sommers Drive, Macon, Georgia 31206 2707 Queen Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 Peniel Street, University Park, Iowa 52595 Peniel Street, University Park, Iowa 52595 3905 South Nebraska, Marion, Indiana 46952 Route 1174, Platteville, Wisconsin 53818 550 Pershing, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 Box 92, Pandora, Ohio 45877 1904 East Fremont, Stockton, Calif. 95205 1339 Chevis St. Columbia, South Carolina Route 21453, Findlay, Ohio 45804 Box 361, Haviland, Kansas 67059 520 Northeast 96, Portland, Oregon 97220 2314 8th Avenue East, University Park, Ia. 52595 2314 8th Avenue East, University Park, Ia. 52595 126 South Tenth, Bozeman, Montana 59791 9611 Benn Road, Parma, Michigan 46269 Route 21351, Roann, Indiana 46974 1002 N. Golden Gate, Stockton, California 15145 Burgess Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 3912 Charles Street, Rockford, Illinois 61108 Hampden, North Dakota 58338 907 Bethel St. University Park, Iowa 52595 Route i'F2, Kell, Illinois 62853 Box 277 Port-au-Prince, Haiti West Indies 1627 Old Princeton Road, New Castle, Pennsylvania 118 South Elm, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 112-116, Box 473, Ludington, Michigan 49431 310 West 5th Street, Yankton, South Dakota 57078 902 Bethel Street, University Park, Iowa 52595 Route :H:1, Pine River, Minnesota 56474 Box 22, University Park, Iowa 52595 Route :,Hr2, Scranton, Iowa 51462 2218 Riverview, Eugene, Oregon 97203 34334 Munsie, Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48043 Route 1, Mendon, Ohio 45862 FUNK, CLARE A. GARDENIER, ALAN L. GIBSON, DENNIS R. GIBSON, JUDY A. GOODMAN, DWIGHT L. GOODMAN, JOYCE H. GOODPASTER, RALPH E. GOOLD, STEPHEN GRUVER, CAROL E. GUTIERREZ, ELUID HAIR, DANIEL C. HAIR, GLORIA J. HALL, ALWYN O. HALL, JOYCE M. HALTOM, MICHAEL F. HARRIMAN, HUBERT P. HARTUNG, BONNIE J. HASLETT, MARK HAWK, SHARON E. HAWK, TWANA J. HAWORTH, KEITH R. HICKE, TIMOTHY H. HIGH, PATSY L. HILL, DEBORAH E. HODGINS, CHERYL L. HOLLIS, JAMES E. HUANG, HOPE H. IBBS, LINDA K. IRVINE, ALLAN W. JOHANSEN, DIANE H. JOHNSON, DAVID C. JOHNSON, DENNIS G. KADWELL, EMMETT H. KARGES, PAUL M. KESSLER, JAMES V. KESSLER, KAREN M. KESSLER, MARY E. KLLO, ISKANDAR J. KOCHERSPERGER, JAMES E. KUNKLE, ELLEN L. KUNKLE, NINA V. KUSHMAN, DAVID G. KUSHMAN, DONALD B. KUSHMAN, PHYLLIS A. LARSON, PAULA J. LAUGHTER, IRENE J. LEE, SALLY L. LEMLER, KENNETH W. LESTER, LUANN LEWIS, KRISTINE LINDSEY, JOHN L. LUM, WENDY F. MADSEN, LESLIE C. MALONE, WILLIAM D. MANNOIA, MARY LYNN MEIDINGER, JOYCE A. MIDDLETON, BETTY V. MILLHOUSE, BLENDA J. MINOR, MARY J. Route Jil, Floyd, Iowa 4915 Maher Avenue, Mathison, Wisconsin 50435 53716 907 lst Avenue, East, Oskaloosa, Iowa 907 lst Avenue, East, Oskaloosa, University Park, Iowa University Park, Iowa Route 211.152, Loogootee, Indiana Iowa 52595 52595 47553 Box 92, Starkweather, North Dakota 1010 Hall Street, Elmira, New York 14901 Independancia 36-B, Mexico 1, D.F. Park Street, University Park, Iowa Park Street, University Park, Iowa R.F.D.. Randolia. Iowa R.F.D., Randalia, Iowa 2130 56th Street, Dallas. Texas Haviland, Kansas Lime Springs, Iowa 303 Brittain Road, Akron, Ohio University Park, Iowa 52595 52595 52164 52164 75241 67059 52155 44305 52595 E1 Sembrador Catacamas, Honduras. C.A. 1204 First Street, Jackson, Michigan 2006 8th Avenue, East, University Park, Ia. 343 Fargo, lonia, Michigan 607 6th Avenue, N.W., Manden, N. Dakota 115 Garden, Conneaut, Ohio 115 West Hardin, Centralia, Illinois 49203 52595 48846 58554 44030 62801 17 Sin-Sheng Hang Hou-Fung Hisn, Pei-tou Shung, Taiwan 18638 Gruebner, Detroit, Michigan 2419 West 8th, Hastings, Nebraska 2610 Park Avenue, LaVerne. California Vennard College, University Park, Iowa Route ZHI1, Pine River, Minnesota 17th, Dorr, Michigan Route 2, Convoy, Ohio Box 213, University Park, Iowa Box 213, University Park, Iowa Route 3, Oskaloosa, Iowa Marks Street, Jerusalem, Box 225, Route 1 West Mansfield, Ohio University Park. Iowa 2311 South Florence, Marion, Indiana Box 224, University Park, Iowa Box 352, Elgin, Illinois Box 224, University Park, Iowa 3772 Perry Road, Route 3, Box 131, Williamston, Shonto Trading Post, Tonalea, Arizona Route :1i3, Jerome, 108 North Harris Street, Bourbon, Indiana 1136 East Grand, Corena, California 1314-3rd Avenue, Rockford, Illinois 905 Bethel Street, University Park, Iowa 1716 DeOvan Avenue, Stockton, California University Park, Iowa 2433 Eastway Dr., Lexington, Kentucky 1317 East Eureka Street, San Bernardino, 909 3rd Street, N.W., Mandan, North Dakota 3068 Convington, Memphis, Tennessee Route ifil, Polo, Illinois 212 North 22, Fort Smith, Arkansas 48234 68901 91750 52595 56474 49323 45832 52595 52595 52577 Israel 43358 52595 46952 52595 60120 52595 Nhch. 86044 Idaho 46504 91720 61108 52595 95203 52595 40503 Cahf 58544 38128 61064 72901 MITCHELL, MARGUERITE MUNTEAN, THEDA M. MacINNES,JAMES E. MCCARTY, JOHN W. MCCULLOUGH, BONNIE B. MCDANIEL, EUGENE F. MCDANIEL. KENNETH J. MCDANIEL. LINDA F. MCGAFFEY, JAMES A. MCMAHAN GALENE A. NELSON. DANIEL W. PANICO, ROBERT S. PANICO, SHERY M. PARR, ETHEL M. PAUL, DAVID J. PENHORWOOD, BONNIE L. PINKLEY, ARLENE J. OLNEY, PATTI L. RANSDELL, LINDA J. RESLEFF, CAROL A. REYNOLDS. KAREN J. RILEY. JUDITH T. ROCOURT, ESTHER M. ROCOURT, MRS. ESTHER ROCOURT, MICHELINE M ROE, JACK L. ROSSMAN, EILEEN E. SANTOS, JOSE M. SHORTER. DANIEL STEVE SILZLE. DIANE K. SLUSHER, JOHN C. SMITH. JAMES P. SMYTH, HOWARD A. SPARKS. SHIRLEY I. SPEAS, GLEEN E. SPILGER, MARIE M. SWIFT, JOHN R. SYVRUD, KAROL M. THOMPSON, MARCIA E. TSCHETTER, JERRY USSERY. GEORGE A. VANDERSCHUUR, JAMES M. VASEY, GINENE C. VERHOEF, JOHANNA A. WHITBY, JOAN M. WHYBREW, JEWEL A. WILEY, CHERYL J. WILKINSON, CYNTHIA A. WILKINSON, EDGAR C. WILLIAMS, MARTHA A. WINTERS, STANLEY W. WOODWARD, HARLAN E. WRIGHT, NANCY K. YEN, TIMOTHY ZIMMER, EDNA M. ZIMMER, JAMES A, ZIMMER, JOHN R. ZIMMER, JOY J. Vennard College, University Park, Iowa 102 Rr. West Miller Street, New Castle, Pa. 221 North 64 Avenue, West, Duluth, Minn. 1708 Greenup Street, Covington, Kentucky Route ii2, Russell, Pennsylvania 501 East Marion, Knoxville, Iowa 402 Y, East Street, Oskaloosa, Iowa 981 Oriole Way, Mableton, Georgia 402 N. Ann, Agency, Iowa Barnes City, Iowa Route 21.124, Box 265, Little Falls, Minnesota 1206 Peniel, University Park, Iowa 1206 Peniel, University Park, Iowa Route :E-2, LaFarge, Wisconsin 508 Regina Avenue, Cumberland, Maryland Rushsylvania. Ohio Route ilfl, Box 115 C, LaFeria, Texas 1332 N. Edison Street, Stockton, Calif. Q4 Arbaugh Court, Marion, Indiana Route 1, Box 433 Ridseheld, Washington 5653 Crestview Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 415 Kirkwood, Davenport, Iowa 1007 Bethel, University Park, Iowa 1007 Bethel, University Park, Iowa Box 78, University Park, Iowa 52595 16101 55807 41014 16345 50138 52577 30059 52530 50027 56345 52595 52595 54639 21502 43347 78559 95203 46952 98642 38128 52803 52595 52595 52595 Route 1, Milo, Iowa Route rlil, Lakeview, Michigan 48850 Catacomas, Honduras, C.A. 2820 S. 13 172 Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 3 Branch. Warren, Pennsylvania Box 117, Blanchard, Michigan 47802 16356 49310 c7o General Delivery, Homestead, Florida 906 Bethel, University Park, Iowa Route rlil, Lynnville, Iowa Route rl:F2, Brooklyn, Iowa 540 East Capital Ave., Grand Island, Neb. Route itil, Pequot Lakes, Minnesota 50153 52211 68801 56472 Route 2F"F2, Mandan, North Dakota Sherman, Route 1, Box 425, Otsego, Mich. 1512 South Market, Oskaloosa, Iowa 3058 Churchill Street, Macon, Georgia 136th, Route gil, Wayland, Michigan 265 N. 2nd Street, Platteville, Wisconsin Route qlil, Oskaloosa, Iowa Route l, Friendship, Tennessee Route I, Box 85, Fairmount, Indiana 3504 Iowa Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Route ilrl, Box 816, Glendale, Arizona Route 11121, Box 816, Glendale, Arizona Box 948, Marion, Indiana Route rl-ffl, Dover, Ohio Route rlil. Oskaloosa, Iowa 5632 First Court Street, West Linn, Oregon 49078 52577 31204 49348 53818 52577 38034 46928 15219 85301 85301 46952 44622 52522 97068 84 Alley 110, 1 ne 101 Tuang Yuan St, Taipei, Taiwan 114 172 lst Ave., East, Oskaloosa, Iowa 114172 lst Ave., East, Oskaloosa, Iowa 515 High Avenue, East, Oskaloosa, Iowa 11429 South Wallace, Chicago, Illinois 52577 52577 52577 60628 VENNARD COLLEGE HYMN K, H, W, Kmneth H. Well! 1, Hail Ven-nard Col - leqel The school of Chrls - tlcm Cul - ture: Hall Ven - nord 2. Hail Ven-nard Col - leqe! Where God's own Word ls hon- ored: Hail Ven - nard 3. Hail Ven-nard Col - lege! The whole world ls her par - lshg Hail Ven - nard 4. Hall Ven-nard Col - leqe! "The vlne of God's own plant-lnq": Hail Ven - ncmd VHQFBWF FEFIFFFQF Col - leqe! The place we all hold dear. Her con - stunt goal we keep Ln view, Her Col- leqe! Where Christ ls Lord and King. ln pur - l - ty ol "heart and life," Her Col - leqe! Her mls - sion has no bounds. She llqhts a l0Idl for eoq - er youth- The Col- leqel "Be - hold what God hall wrouqhl."The task is qreat, but still not clone, We - V Hr F New ,ELWH SPE? Ill. In fini i gi found -er's vls - lon to pur - sue, To thls we pledge our loy - al ty! All sons qc iorth where sin is rife, To preach sal - va - tion full and free! All torch of God's e - ter - nal Truth, That it may shine for all to see! All must con - tin - ue what's be - qun, Till Chrlst shall relqn from sea ta sea! All 1 ,Hg J., , MH Jljn V hail to thee, V. C.! All hall to leur own V. C.!J C.! thee, V. af T?qFF P if CoPYl'l11ht Q lil by Kenneth H. Wells mf 127 The pendulum has swept across the minute segment of eternity called Vennard Col- lege I968-69 and erased the physical, the temporal and the conscious. What remains is the spiritual and the intellectual, within the heart and minds of those who have been enfolded in the family's increasingly large circle of friends. As the pendulum continues to swing over the years, many memories will grow dim and then you will seek some remembrance and you will find in the bottom of some old trunk, worn and dusty, your '69 Vision' and for a time the activities will flood your thoughts and an addedjoy will be yours. While you read your Vision, remember the long hours of labor which have made it pos- sible. The Vision stafl has worked hard to learn new methods, procedures and designs, placing upon them added responsibility and pressures to the already overcrowded schedule of college life. To the stall I am deeply grateful for their help and patience. I am also grateful for our advisor, Kay Bishop, her cheerfulness has been a continual encouragement. Out of many hours, ideas, prayers and even tears comes one 1969 Vision, speaking for the staff and myselfl can say that our prayer is that God willjkzvor our undertakings. WK 128 ydxf,-lI'1 A. I' . . K w r ' W 7 1 1 , , 1 luvvl , ff' 'wulffapq w A! 'I I 'rim 1, H W 1 I 'y '11 . r , s -,L -lg, ' 1 . Q, ,JJ . v' lx M' I Nlllilv I H Y-"-.l""'-, '-I -l -J ww A I k:'a.'Ji7,,v A ' ' f v wwf-'4 1 x 1 1 a U N XS .i, A s ' u I g .. +15 A 4 Q I 1

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1969, pg 37

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