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3, f ,, P wffgfw -, '54 .'.!' ,I 1 ,y vM1'J . Af' J Alf F x-N N 1 , Ab. V- fy 1 " -. ' if .. 1 1-ng.. H UQ. ,S 42' ff' , 1 " 3, ry -'- WZ '- f 1 Q 4 LQ. ,:.., " 1 N I AV , . ,Q fn' If 1A'.f 'fy ' :Eli n g. V: F 1. 3 X h .. ,ws-bf , 1 ,JJ u ,yA,i .5 a- ,v ,ANL 'f ' S -VY. "1 ls!-nffif, .. fl., ,H24 gd' , ,, 'TY Ce- '- , L., 'S c hay., fy, .3 4 ,AV Y, 3, . 2,-7 w..,. , 81.1, -- 'My . Mx V+ . TW' r ., -JG g X -+1 ne. , f. ,F fx A- 1 5 -. 1 w N 1 3 F I ' 1 , x ' K . , I: V . . 3: ' H. ,gg , .1111 ,I 1 111 r'b -Lf ,ui 1 1 .mi ,IAN .',- ,,:..f,, V , :Ax 1, K+ ,fix Y 1 5: W hill. ,- A .Aki , ,,v... M fl U., f 'fifif v .3.. J I K ,V x .. m -Y ,Z ,,..A,: 1 -1. f,, ' . ,M .11 .V 1-,AW I- ,ffm 1 ra. ' 1 ,, 1 " '1"w.L1,' ., , Qu! i ' :' .- " . ' w -a f-'bw -J .J :Hr H i l1,,"F1:'+,'N " " ' ' "'x'1M'l--1.-.J.... ,, ..f........,-V' xglfl fine fading worclzi ofour Afma Wafer, fo file faded? unc! Afuclenfff of unice .gpclzoof GONQOLIER jlw QWIOEW Sfaff of 1959 ,......4,....aL2.f.n-fy..-f ,M ,V ,.,,,. A, ,,---- f -1 'f""'x v-' 1 Q ' 1? ' . 5: 5+ , ... I I . . 'S nr-.5 , 4 4 . H f 5. . , . W .- . '11 -ig ' " . - 1: ',.-1. 'F frm' Q was N . S4. ,iw--"ax-iii' ' - .1 . -.-NA 9 ,- 1 LA 3 2 .vp Q 'lm' -.1 .k.. I s -A v- - .I L rx-1' - ' , f 'N ,A , .,, 'V . ' .,,wi"'f f+sf x X-it, H-Kszgk ali, ?-A. - ,I :F-ggQ4g,2Q-'2...!f,,',1-U ff' ' . o ,. W. , je - . 1 -Q ,7-' M 1 wg. . . f . 2 3, '-'T'f' ' Q ,Q-. Vik.. . X U ,J-up , I -,. Umm ,dffng W 3 gk F ff 0 In Y WML amen Kaya! fo you F unice 3400! FACULTY AND STAFF v yy-rv,j.-f-LV ,- . I W .ple , f ,. A M451-4: pw., I I V .,, A 4 -31-5, ,.,.,. ,'i7Z6'2JC ' Alma Mater is a fitting theme for our Gondolier this year. Literally it denotes mother school, but in a broader sense it brings to mind loyalty, honor, truth, pride, achievement, memories and other qualities and concepts that we associate with the finer things in life. On this tenth anniversary of our Venice High School Alma Mater it is particu- larly appropriate that we dedicate this book to both the song and the school. It is our hope that this past year has been so memorable and worthwhile that in years to come the words Alma Mater will always mean Venice High School to you. Walter E. Larsh PRINCIPAL nd! BOYS' VICE PRINCIPAL Thomas D. Parry nm!""N GIRLS' VICE PRINCIPAL Dr. Ella Arciniega ENGLISH DEPT. ROW ONE: Mr. Yekich, Mrs. Farr, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Tompkins, Mrs. Smofherman, Miss Kufes, Mr. J. Regan. ROW TWO: Mr. Dennis, Mr. Colton, Mrs. Heiligman, Mr. Swanlz, Mrs. Russell, Mr. Larzelere. I Wi uf' GIRLS P.E. DEPT. Mrs. Montgomery, Miss Grolhaus, Mrs. Meyer, Miss Wyers, Miss Roberls, Miss Decker. MATH DEPT. ROW ONE: Mr. Peterson, Mrs. Van Sfreain, Mr. Perry. ROW TWO: Mr. lvens, Mrs. McDonell, Mr. Welles, Mr. Marlin. 6 LIBRARY STAFF Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Williams FAC U I..TY 1 G. l L2 DRIVER ED. DEPT. Mr. Matteson, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Rosenthal, Mr. Thomas Ul- rs..- C, -' w I., ', bv 4. Ig" A I 'z if - K .. as , r H ' , SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT. ROW ONE: Miss Wyers, Miss Hathaway, Mr. Witty, Mr. Larzelere, Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Dungan. ROW TWO: Mrs. Mclendon, Mr. Swantz, Mr. Dennis. ROW THREE: Mr. Neima, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Janus, Mr. Rosenheimer. BOYS P.E. DEPT. Mr. Duron, Mr. Carlucci, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Turney, Mr. Barr, Mr. DePaoli. fwy 1 vi LANGUAGE DEPT. ROW ONE: Miss Peevish, Miss Lebedeff, Miss Adams, Miss Parsons, Mr. Murphy. ROW TWO: Mr. Nye, Mr. J. Regan, Mr. Nealon, Mr. Rosen- heimer. 7 J, ...A.s.,' 'li HOMEMAKING DEPT. Mrs. Hendrickson, Mrs. Urquhart, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Addington. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPT. ROW ONE: Mr. Gyllenswan, Mr. Green, Mr. Jones. ROW TWO: Mr. Piner, Mr. Helland, Mr. Mason, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Fults. 'NJ' 4,,,,,4- WORK EXPERIENCE Mrs. McLendon, Mr. Martinelli. SCIENCE DEPT. ROW ONE: Mr. Hutcherson, Mr. Morgon, Mrs. Arrowsmith, Mrs. Max- field, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Martin. ROW TWO: Mr. Spring, Mr. La Fond, Mr. Bauer, Mr. Garner, Mr. R. Regan, Mr. Shepherd. FAC U LTY BUSINESS DEPT. ROW ONE: Miss Joyner, Miss Egan, Miss Franklin. ROW TWO: Miss Adams, Miss Osborn, Mrs. Rogers, Miss Mitchell, Mrs. Van Trees, Mrs. Hall. -Vx.: - , X 2... I, ggr 4 1 4 W X Au Tv 33:1-rx. '.:5,f!ff7Z I wr . is 1. COUNSELORS OFFICE ATTENDANCE OFFICE Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Illingworfh, Mrs. Boyd Mr. Miller, Mrs. Wighfman OFFICE STAFF HEALTH OFFICE Mrs. Reider, Mrs. Silberman I 4- I lead' fig? '4- :, rg E EEE IIIQEEEEEfE E E M MAIN OFFICE Financial Manager-Mr. Hostetler, Cafeteria Manager-Mrs. Coll, Camera Mrs. AIIIop, Mrs. Weir, Mrs. Swanson shy-Mr. Gaumer, Head Cusiodian. 9 N ' .. 'ufg "" an X- UQ' x 'X -v 'af 15 Y 91, ,, J" ' .4 wi-'Al bzf A'r . Aa 'f-N 'fgr- :jg -if BENQ. . 'Ned lug: s ! IDP N ."""m .X E Y 'Al-7 . V1 ' 'W I 1? QC f , SB: A.,-. it Y fx ng' in J LY, 1 . , , . 1 Ui: 4 u if jg' ,len-1, i 'I fy :uf ,-2.2 , 3 - I Z' ap ' I I I, - uf 4 . 0 -41 A453- ia., 1 55- W k . h fi , -, sf' o . -I hiv'-' ,Ae" ' 'fi W , -ff' f' if II, . ,fn -NIV' 9 4? I, 4 4 ,MZ . ' .gy A il J 5 , ,A ' L , Jw W , 142 7 iT uv ' I i em' L 1 , , " 'ig' F4-., fl VV! '. 1- 4 W .E La iq, ,H 'Q-df AQ Q. QL A 1 wi' inf? felwiri 1 ,7 h A-iE fAee we wifgdfwdgd Ae fr GGVERNMENT if l it ,LJ --1 4 I I i ! 5 --4.1 5- PRESIDENT Chuck Wilson Under the leadership of President Chuck Wilson, the Student Government class this semester has accomplished many worth- while and noteworthy projects. While in office, Chuck has set high standards and wonderful examples for the future presi- dents. With the help of student government, Venice High has recently entered into a contract with Hap Byers Photography to cover all Venice dances. Also this year, student government has taken an active part in the California Association of Stu- dent Councils conference sessions. Repre- senting Venice at this conference were: Chuck Wilson, Jeff Carmel, Danny Lund, Larry Rowinsky, Mike Fels, and Jeanne Traucht. Another one of the school's prob- lems, clean grounds, was taken care of by student government. A committee con- sisting of Cliff Busick, Janice Dobbs, Sandy Kerner, Penny Loffler, Fred Wright and June Einstein met in order to figure out ways and means of improving the cleanli- ness of our campus. The Student Govern- ment class and the people who work with them have done a fine iob towards the improvement of our school. I2 STU DENT .1 ' 2,-iv STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET Linda Alvarez, Kay Kerner, Mr. Neima, Larry Rowin- sky, Sylvia Chan, Chuck Wilson, June Akune, Caro- lyn Gilmore, Larry Reichardt, Danny Lund, Mike Fels. , 'mn-in --...,,,,, l...l . REPRESENTATIVES Bruce Powell, Janice Dobbs, Fred Wright, Sandy Kerner, Cliff Busick, Butch Freeman, Floyd Henderson, Jeannie Traucht, Jeff Carmel, Penny Loffler, Elaine Nakagiri, Darlene Ovadenko, June Einstein. GOVERNMENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET Earnest Jefferson, Beryl Smith, Judy Johns, Paula Loffler, Kayo Asari, Dan Lund, Rosie Marcoe, Bo Bridges, Jeff Carmel, Marti Watkins, June Einstein. A J W.: REPRESENTATIVES Rick Johnson, Pat Duncan, Carol Robinson, Barbara Collins, Joe Baldi, Rick Noble, Paul Tiffany, Mary Harte, Bob Jeffress, Betsy Sutton, Joel Marcus, absent, Nicki Ronay. fb? PRESIDENT Dan Lund This semester the Student Body of Venice High has felt the presence of a progressive and efficient Student Govern- ment. With his outstanding leadership, Presi- dent Dany Lund has set the pace and standards for future Student Governments to uphold. A notable change has been recognized in school spirit and pride. This is due in part to the Victory Flag donated by the Alumni Association together with the en- thusiastic efforts of Student Government to enhance a more united Student Body. To be credited to this semester's Student Government is the revision of the Venice High School Constitution, along with the addition of a Study Bungalow which pro- vides studying facilities during the lunch hour. The Clean Campus Committee under the Co-chairmanship of Joel Marcus and Bob Jeffress has worked successfully in pro- moting a cleaner Campus. A Senior Aye Assembly was held for this first time this semester. This was planned by the Assem- blies Committee chairmaned by Bo Bridges and the Student Government class. 13 EHEH ROW ONE: M. Fels, J. Kosharek, F. Henderson, L. Norris, D. Lund, J Kaufman, J. Carmel, A. Korengold, L. Alvarez. ROW TWO: J. Einstein E. Nakagiri, D. Ovadenko, D. Wardean, L. Schubel, S. Chan, L. Schoolar, C. Tweten, S. Usry. ROW THREE: S. Kerner, J. Schrager, M. Watkins S. Streeter, J. Traucht, J. Dobbs, A. Drezner, J. Akune, R. Marcoe P. Loffler, sponsor Mr. Neima. ROW FOUR: K. Kerner, C. Gilmore L. Morgan, B. Sands, C. Busick, E. Provis, L. Reichardt, L. Rowinsky R. Garcia, B. Powell, C. Wesson, J. Johns. Q l-l O U S E 4 ik 1 HtPHtStNTKHVES WMM ssl ROW ONE: G. Sato, J. Shannon, E. Irie, L. Sanchez, S. Chan, E. Nakagiri, C. Corsentino, B. Ericsson, P. Shelley. ROW THREE: K. Matsuda, M. Neal, R. Gibas, J. Hamachi, P. Jacoby, J. Einstein. ROW TWO: P. Loffler, L. Cass, J. Akune, C. Cain, M. Kita, C. Baldwin, G. Stragand, M. Watkins, K. Kerner, B. Haskin, R. Miller, B. Bainter, R. Antonson, P. Holtzman, J. Bronson, J. Lindsay, R. Hood. 2' 3.5. , L. Alvarez, L. Burnett, J. Dobbs, M. Avila, J. Boucher. ROW THREE. . N. Kollar, B. Lord, Y. Ashipago, F. Henderson, L. Reichardt, C. Busick, A. Heiinbrock, R. Vaug n, . r f - I - I Andrews, B. Bridges. ROW TWO: Sponsor Mr. Neima, J. Rapp, C. Wilson, L. Rowinsky, R. Noble, F. Wright, E. Jefferson, B. Powell, J. Gostanian, Gilmore, M. Fels, R. Lopez, J. Carmel, J. Reeves, J. Traucht, ROW ONE: M. Harris, B. Evelyn, J. Stenning, P. Hawkins, J. Haraga h S Bandelli C Creighton S Hermann V J. Niles, C, B. Clover. if ATE xi SUMMER WV,,r,,.,-f----'f' -N.,, B. Juhan, K. Asari, B. Sutton, N. Ronay, C. Gardayo. ROW 2: P. Loffler, T. Weiss, ROW 'l: M. Ovadenko, B. Collins, B. Wait, D. Loffler, C. Robinson, K Pilot, J. Kosharek. ROW THREE: G. Schick- man, R. Johnson, E. Jefferson, B. Lord B. Sands, J. Baldi, B. Jeffress, L. Reich- ardt. IHOUSE OF HbPRbStNTKUVES lg pq, Y ROW ONE! G- W9i5Sr M- WUllfif'lS, A- Dfelnefr P- MUfl"l9S0f1, 0- Stevens. L, Berglund. ROW THREE: D. Atlason, B Jeffress P Tiffany L Rowlnsky J. Carmel, C. Gilmore, C. Wesson, J. Johns, M. Harte, D. Coalter. ROW S, Wodo, B, Clover, D, Norris, J, Bold J Mqrgug R Tqpp R No TWO: C. Harvath, D. Retela, D. Miller, B. Lord, B. Santoro, R. Johnson, E, Jefferson, B, Bridges, D, Lund, R. Gallenbeck, B. Keller, T. Henn, M. Zanger, M. Deutchman, D. Rose, K 5 3 . J' ' ' ,..,. I MM! 42' I V ROW ONE: G. Anderson, J. Einstein, B. Sutton, B. Smith, C. Wood, J. ROW THREE: J, Weiss, L, Graham, S. Longmqker R Berger G Hawkins Buchanan, B. Morita, K. Asari, M. Sherman, B. Collins. ROW TWO: C. R, Mqrcoe, J, Brown, L, Godfrey, J, Hughes P Brownrigg C Robinson Szczepanek, C. Hokom, A. Ronay, P. Loffler, J. Dillavou, C. Brockman, G. White, P. Duncan, D. Loffler, D. Sando, L. Adams, T. Serene, S. Libby. S. Meeker, S. Mcllvoin. 1-u K P' I .bf xii . Nha Yflifl, Am,-In Max We 69415 ACTIVITIE S UWM P.T.A. Queen Frankie Day-A-12. Princesses, from top fo bottom: Paula Loffler-A-11, Chris Indvik-B-H, Pot Goldsmith-B-IO, Pat Davis-B-12, and Cathy Creighton- A-10. I8 5 TOE AGIC nr H i King Larry and Queen Carol Y' 'W Queen Kathy and King Bob '12 . .f :ss- Marina serves refreshments to Leslee and Tony. Mickey and Willie lead the Hokey Pokey. EVENING Keith Williams and his band. .. 11 Dr. Arciniega greets Elaine and Joe. X 114 S ERHNG FQRMQZXL ml., Y f ,3 , ., , nm ., ' f X .Q W X V X t 4 1 K 'mv M:-1. . X' . , I , N 4 " Q I I . .X af f . B 3 22 Queen Judy dE orrThod Ch pl xi Mr. Glass and the Crescendoes entertained at the Girls' Week Dance, which was the conclusion to Surprise Day. The gals surprised the guys by try- ing not to blab. Mike Krasovek was crowned king, with Steve Shelley, Joel Marcus, and Jim Duke trying hard by placing a close second. These Girls, members of the Girls' League cabinet, filled the administrative positions during Girls' Day in Administraton. Tom Corbett can't get enough cake, Girls' Day in the Home featured a cake baking contest. Dianne Kennedy took first place while Pat Jacoby and Yvonne Batalle placed second and third respectively. The Dynamic Dante team won their baseball game during Girls' Day in Sports. i.. li.-..-.--f fin... ,f w- "- 1 i 1 ' '.'-'v'r- ,..f?2,j.g,:,,i V5 ..: ,- ,- A-,.,,,. Q6 .,,, R -'YS i I 4 L --1 lain Mr. Larsh and Miss Grothaus can't wait to sample the lucious looking cakes. Do you blame them? Spirited Antaires take time out for pictures. Marlo Moehle of the tenth grade team, swings at the ball during their game. Earnest Jefferson, Miss Osborn, Mrs. lllingworth, and Bob Jeffress had the hard but pleasant task of picking the winners. Ruthi displays her ping pong skills. "Its Coke Time" at Sports Night. 'lump Q .-ARRUT fi 1 BH CHA CHAD Q 1: 4-hu -ZW .4 ygf , ff f' N 3.fP',,lg,,:?1 . We are not afraid, cha cha cha." One of the top Sports Nigh Aesculapians. ts of the semester was sponsored by the 44 , n,,., 5. 2 3 f ' . . f I "Lf I ' 1 -bf ff I Q ' Y I Pr A., 'W' ' W 4 K , 5 fjnk 1 'Wifi A wf +wg 4, 4 33, LZLXJ, A ,pil . if "-'f?': ' ' ' in ' "' ,QLJE 9 - fs' in 2.Qgg-22,9 nf . , , ,, -A xx ,,,......... ,fa ,V fx ? 1 . . M A A gp-O' ' mx T 'if ff 615221 ' ff' ' J Vx 5 , U, 'i YL. 'M 4 .A, 7 ' 11. - ' . Q! .494- .4 Ji - 'lf 0 H 0 . cf , . ' 0 +1 , ..' iffrff , . 'ff 'X W i Z 'V' 'R 6 x W i nb ML wiffhgkf fo Jenna! ATHLETIC S lie wkife anal X 'Q f . I ' A '. 1 k . - T' f vt:-ig In ,K .0 I... T. .H in 1 4 I l 4 W.. ml- , -2211 - ',' -- -. '... Richie Africa Mike Shields, tackle Darroll Clark Armon Siemsen end lAll-League and Captainl guard center 5 . , i , y 5 ,D 1 V -squads A s ! Y MQW , wa sn mT7:l3.i 'VM' . ii' F il' SF' cl " " 11.1 , I., . ao' - ' -T . .l r ' Ny, SQ L4 of L: .. 22. . f 7 ' ' - 4 , ' ,A 9' , -.f "- ' - 1 '. - ,, . - ,. -- .W . .K V V ' ",, ' ' ' 1 ,A- i,. ,V , - H ,. . . ROW ONE: J. Clounch, J. Epps, L. Schiess, D. B. Corley, B. Barnes, J. Reeves, E. Jefferson, D. Clark, C. Wilson, R. Africa. ROW TWO: G. Turner, F. Brauer, F. Henderson, D. Kutsch, D, Nixon, B. Roberson, T. Kaderly, B. Mulleneaux, M. Morgan, M. Dribben, J. LaFirenza, B. Jeffress. ROW THREE: Turney Always in there fighting, the varsity gridders couldn't seem to get the right combination of offense and defense all in one game. ln the game in which they scored their highest point total of the year, they also allowed the most number of points to the opposition. The main reason for the Gondoliers' poor showing seemed to be lack of experience, as only five i957 lettermen re- turned. Many times the team demonstrated it had the poten- tial, but too often, inexperience took its toll on fumbles and interceptions. lniuries, which cropped up iust when the team began to smooth out its rough spots, didn't help. An ailing Bob Mulle- neaux, who was expected to be starting fullback, reported to practice with a gimpy knee, end Lou Boozell, fullback Joe LaFirenza, halfback Billy Barnes, and quarterback Chuck Wilson all incurred injuries as the season progressed. Huntington Park rolled over the Gondos, 34-7, but not 30 '55, " "" " I' ' J" 4 '37, 1 I cu L. I, ,ac . A, , ,-K.. - '. .li 'H -. if ' Q- - ' W - 'nl --' ' lCoachl, L. Owen, R. Noble, R. Forsythe, H. Leamon, T. Lawrence, D. New- man, B. Hathaway, D. Denison, S. Shelley, A. Siemsen, M. Shield lall Leaguel , T. Mays, B. Christensen, M. Kelley. without some sparks of talent displayed by a few Venetians. The Spartans eventually became the only undefeated prep eleven in the city. Venice looked even worse against Dorsey, but again they had come against one of the city's finest teams. Things weren't looking hopeless yet. ln their third and final practice game, the Gondos played Los Angeles in the Milk Bowl Game, and lost by the .closest margin of the year, i2-7. As L.A. was not a very strong team, prospects were beginning to look dim. lniuries now began to plague the Gondoliers, and before they could get back to near full strength again, they had dropped their first three league games. Coach Grayson Turney then began concentrating on giv- ing his iuniors some experience, probably to avoid the same catastrophe next year. Venice dropped its final league en- counters to Westchester and University. .N-ni Q1-no Q' 'k V-r. -'faith x " - ' ' A LP . .. 13 V .,: . r" .Ve ., 6.3 '--.L u,,gf'iz-Y - V .afar Aww..- Houston Leamon, guard Steve Shelley, tackle Fred Brauer, end FCDCTBALL Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice SCORES Huntington Park Dorsey. . Los Angeles . Fairfax . Hollywood Hamilton . Westchester . University . 'mid Coaches Turrvey and Barr are demonstrating a play to Chuck Wilson and Bob Mulloneaux. fa! IQ 0 . V.. -. - , I ' j' '- E-c'.,, A-EV., ' A 1i"f'Q'0-.- V B . ,V -' - . 2 Q, 1- fr V ge 'ff-M1 gh V Rick Nobel, QB I A VV,1u.,f-t '- so K 1 if -1 5 ' 4 4.11- Bill Barnes, HB 'za- Y' h H nv. 'J' 'o R u v V .... V ,V Y' e V .f9""?',' f W' 5 V ,.,. ,WV g wa, 1 4: V ,V-,, """c ' " Efybflv sf V - V 'L ft"' .,: 1"-- will ffl, csv ,,...ff,i 'Q ' ' ' G 13" ' ' ' Kr 'I' L' ,, ' 'ip -, if ff-,-ma , vjgf,-'F V V' f t 4 - A ' f' -V1-Q3 532' L? Joe La Firenza, FB V 'f 1f,6 MZ, ' fu ' '. . ,W l P' :'- , r ug 'I 6 f.. ' of . ,V ' f, ' - f l 1" 2 527 " - , sc. 'A ,f.. Vs V, ,. 1 V efi'-32225 -2.4-1 "fi ' . ' 315' Floyd Henderson, HB . . Bob Jeffres makes a beautiful catch in between three Hollywood defensive men. "FIGHT ON" 9-1 Q 1 ' J' V c ' " Floyd Henderson tears through A-4 -..-. f A Hami defense for a long gain. De Bee Corley rambles for 16 yards in the Huntington Park game. Beautiful blocking enabled this pretty run. Tom Corbett is being tackled by a Holly- V wood player after a nice gain. W. 'XE4 -if B Cl-IAIVI PS Uris , 'ivlurl Barry Webber and Ken Matsuda gang tackle a Hollywood man. Steve Thatcher, B player of the year, powers for another first down. 4951-4 ' ' lhL,Hf'vx, , , we --1" ..f.-1vY'1" " ., -.fy f,,. .. . , I ,z ,4g'l13u,,,,9g21Q --. ,, - ' 2,',.Qg XX T 3 I-:ii 5 ' N ' E ' ' :: . A 1 4 . Q f f l I ' Q L-Ji if , V W Y v.,, mtv., T T ., Mu-GL, QQ, 1 Y Lu X i f A Q Q ,Q '1 i jf: ' I , 'if hi 4'1f,,,f':?5'A14Z'R L 9 .afCtQ"ffi 'ii'1" l- . .- '," -- 'V A I--.. f.. -,,.,,A jr.. y g u -' 11, .-, ,c 'Aceh -. " W , -1 , , ' -- f. ff.. 1 . -J. .- - -Z7-in -. 'C'-PN sf' , wig" ,. Mr ,, . .Q -- 16,3 "T" I i f 1' , f t 2' 3"'i'. fn-fs 555. ' ,f . , ' -,fi PY--1 4'-:few . 1... ,. ffrfi- -,Z so-ft . 'f.:" if if ' '- "?igg5Q52lg.5:'f". ' .2 --,j3::f5f5ff. :f..,g5SQ' 'ztifr-531-f. "'3'iT9'E.L,.1?:.J2'r'73i'i I-, " 'L QF., ,- ,V - F f",,,A'ia4,3gn,.'L-ff' ' , ..g A' :nh 1.1-Af"'5 13.-:fy I "ff-'Tn 'Aw 1 :gt I A' rf 77-"Q 'E' A 'f' i .. f L.. A .13 ' YW' "" 'i . ' . .'J'VifJ':'- A 4" Ron R. Hudson Nelson Kakita Dan Lewis ROI1 MGI1Gl0l0S end tackle guard center B FOOTBALL ji 'vi .-.-. ' 'ttf E fi- 'E' 9 1 Q 5. ROW ONE: B. Waller, Y. Miyamoto, G. Schernerhorn, J. Christie, C. Bird, B. Menury, B. Kutth, J- l-if1dSGY,C. TUb0l', B. SUDYOYO, Nl- Mills. ROW FOUR! R. Hood, J. Roske, D. Hind, T. Corbett, C. Kephart. ROW TWO: T. Tarpley, Thomas lMgr.l , Dalton lMgr.l, R. Blaisdell, J. Vidictln, J. Vaughn, K. Hazel- B. Webber, B. Okamoto, R. Grayrodrick, B. Shaw, K. Matsuda, D. Lewis, ton, T. McLean, K. Africa, H. Sanchez, D. Diener, J. Clark, P. Jantz, N. Kakita, R. Manalatos, S. Thatcher, R. Hudson, Carlucci lCoachl. ROW G. Taylor. THREE: M. Neal, C. Weiss, A. Phillips, G. Rogers, R. Zundel, M. Thompson, The 1958 Venice Bee Football Team gained its first Western League Champion- ship in lO years by defeating all other league teams by decisive margins. Operating from a split T formation, the Bees presented a tricky and versatile attack under the leadership of its Co-captains, Quarterback Ken Matsuda and Full- back Bill Shaw. Most of the offensive honors went to speedy halfback Steve Thatcher who scored lO of his team's l7 touchdowns, and piled up a total of over 600 yards gained. For his fine performance Steve was unanimously selected Western League Player of the Year, by the opposing coaches. Others who were outstanding for the offense, were Shaw, Matsuda, Tom Corbett, Rod Gray, and Bill Santoro. Much of the reason for the success of this year's team must go to the stout de- fense which kept the Venice goal line uncrossed, except for one long pass play. Six members of the Venice Bee Squad were selected on the mythical All League teams. FIRST TEAM: Right Guard, Bill Okamoto, Right End, Cary Weiss: Right Tackle, Barry Webber, Quarterback, Ken Matsuda, Left Halfback, Steve Thatcher. SECOND TEAM: Fullback, Bill Shaw. Wg . an S I is . mx QQX W 4 ' 1 - xl pi ll W X- f ' ""'i fl' 1 X- X . ' , 'if i- ii tim' V 451i'l2L13.:.-af .,1.., i 'A' . N amid' 13 ps. , ' . , .. , 3 1 ' i: k 3 I X Nazi ' hs W, c s we I ff A -if:ii4F9 .,AQ--' fjifr' - 4" -9- m ai. , wi-- . A. ff' .Q-as ' 5 .f N K . , i gg s . . . Jeff Lindsay Bin okumofo Tim Turplev Ke?A'n1'Z:d':fB guard lAll-Leaguel end 9 CHAMPIONS Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice SCORES Huntington Park Dorsey . . . Los Angeles . Fairfax . . Hollywood . Hamilton . Westchester . University . ...O .l2 7 O 2 2 O Barry W lAll-Leaguel 6 i Steve Thatcher, HB lAll-League and B player of the yearl a X I Bill Shaw, with his tre- mendous speed, rambles around end for 20 yard n gqin. lSec. All-Leaguel ei ,. 4.1 ,E . h ix In I 7 Ml Larry Reichardt Charles Holmes John Beard Joe Reeves Jerry Bowman lm 9 'B 9 . ,S .ysvv Puwmegyr 7-r-"-il N ll ' . 7 I .g-ss i i s l ll lb, he , - ' ,- - V kI3S.g K, A . ' , X 'X ' 'r ,AML . ,tw-5 ,f " ' 'Af--1, ' Willie Tiffany John Sparr B0 Bridges VARSITY i xxx Y 'I' ' up... John Beard hits a driving layin through four Hollywood players. Joe Reeves lplaymaker of the teaml attempts a fade-away jump-shot. "The Varsity Basketball squad this past year played one of the most exciting overall seasons that we've had at Venice," commented Boys' Vice-Principal Thomas Parry. Although the final league record for the Gondoliers totaled three wins and seven losses, and a fourth place position, the Canalsters gave lots of trouble to the three teams above them, Uni, Westchester, and Hollywood, still the Gondos were involved in five l point decisions, winning two and dropping three of them. The leaders for the beach boys in the season of i958-59 included the likes of John Beard, Charlie Holmes, Larry Reichardt, Jerry Bowman, Joe Reeves, Willie Tiffany, and Mike McCandless, who, as a iunior this past campagn, can look for- ward to a potentially fine year next term. Other sparks of brilliance for Coach Robbie Duron's fighting five included Bo Bridges, .lohn Sparr, Frank Dennison, Larry Rowinsky, Dan Lund, and Dennis Bentson. lt seemed that the Venetians would be leading or be on even terms throughout the first three-fourths of many contests that they lost, when the greater height or talent of the opposition took its toll. Coach Duron remarked at the end of the schedule, "we iust couldn't get both our offense and defense clicking at the same time, which caused us to lose several heartbreakers, games that could have been termed real upsets to those teams that finally emerged victors." "-F i ZX 'il Robert Duron lCoach Wells and Noonchester lMgrs.l Dan Lund -by larry Rowinsky til' BAS KETBALL Mike McCandless "l"" Charlie Holmes makes an easy Larry Reichardt makes a beautiful pass to Charlie Holmes. 20 foot iump shot. BOX SCORES Ven. Opp. 54 .... Dorsey ....89 50 .... .. Mt. Carmel .. . . .56 51... Manual Arts ...58 56 .... Wilson ...54 43 .... .. Fairfax .. . . .42 51... .. Hollywood .. ...64 46 ........ Hamilton .. . . .47 47 ....... Westchester . . . . . .48 45 .... . . University . . . . .46 69 .... . . . Fairfax . . . . . .63 50 .... .. Hollywood .. . . .78 43... .. Hamilton .. . . .42 54. .. . . . Westchester . . . . . .65 43 .... .. University . . . . . .55 702 807 Joel Marcus Frank Dennison f 2 . y y,.. y f XV X Q' s sa., w i-11 Z-r K R Dennis Bentson W4 . Y ,ff if M47 4 x ' A 7-1 s 1 1 f: ' . f l A ' , ,-,L ', v ., !,,N Vi. . I .. 1, .V tiff? J V BAS KETBALL ROW ONE: J. Thompson, D. Woods, R. Sigrist, H. McNellis, P. Fisher. ROW TWO: S. Rowin- sky-Coach, G. Carichner, D. Lee, G. Lyerla, G. Price, J. Garner, R. Johnson, R. Wilcox FL J- BOX SCORES Venice ...... Dorsey ..... . . .4l Venice ...... Mt. Carmel ....... 32 Venice ...... Manual Arts .,.... 44 Venice ...... Wilson ...... . . .29 Venice ...... Fairfax ..... . . .45 Venice ...... Hollywood ....... 32 Venice ....,. Hamilton ........ 33 Venice ...... Westchester ...... 41 Venice ...... University ....... 5l Venice ....., Fairfax . .. . . . .30 Venice ...,. Hollywood . . .... 42 Venice ...... Hamilton ........ 35 Venice ...... Westchester ...... 54 Venice ...... University ....... 38 B BASKETBALL The end of the season found the Bee Basketball team victorious in the race for the cup. With an 8-2 league record, the hoopsters, ably led by Captain Lee Brown, shared the championship with rival Uni High. Our Gondobabes landed five players on the all- league team. Lee Brown made the first team with AI Williams and Steve Tilley landing berths on the second team. Dicky Simpson and Wally Donovan were both named to the honorable mention list. ROW ONE: K. Benson, B. Whitten, L. Brown lCaptainl, W. Donovan. ROW TWO: R. Love, J. Seiter, H. Garland, R. Aldridge, D. Kershaw, B. Quist. ROW 3-D. Ringo, S, Tilley, F. Moore, K. Gerard, D. Simpson, A. Williams. R. Cara, P. Ibbettson-Coach. C BASKETBALL ROW ONE: J. Beckman, S. Novak, P. Lund, J. Brown, R. Cohen, J. Asclri, J. Forde lmanagerl. ROW TWO: S. Bernstein, R, Johnson, T. Takamatsu, C. Sanborn, R. Grant, B. Donovan, M. Melsh, P. Ibbettson-Coach. Captain Stan Bernstein and high point man, Billy Dona- van, led the Cee hoopsters to a victorious IO win-4 loss, to place the Gondos high in League standings. 39 eg "A l T ' 1 .14 l ,, l ' G V 1 1 ' 23 -. gli t 2. 5 , 2 app 1 ff 4, -M' "' "-3' "" ' . , '-, - 1' .: t I I ',,:: A I 2 14-.4 I N l 3 I un F I H, ,., l ,al T A - ' '+ e if ' ff. tg. , K ' "' it V . " 'ln I s l I C f "T A lil we ' Q' r, ffl 'QL ,N X I ' . 'l ' at - 2 . F ' l ' Nr A s -,fl .L Q- T 1-kr.--V ,' - ' '4 l 4 f y I r A1 'N we PM 'Br' f' ROW ONE: ll. to r.l-Aerni, Thomas, Keller, Henderson. ROW TWO: Tilley, Rossello, Forsythe, Bridges, Cornell. ROW THREE: Coach Carlucci, Woods, Chamberlain, Timmel, Simpson, Christensen, Meyers, Kaminsky lMgr.l. VARSITY BAS EBALL Chamberlain catching as Henderson bats. BOX SCORES With the absence of Coach Grayson Tur- ney, Coach Don Carlucci took over the Var- sity Baseball team with high hopes. The two top hitters for the Boatmen were Dick Simpson and Steve Timmel. The infield was dominated by Tony Thomas, lst base, Bill Meyers, 2nd base, .lim Rossello,3rd base, Bill Henderson, s.s., and Marty Harris as util- ity. The outstanding outfielders for this year were Ed Cornell, Lf., Lloyd Bridges, r.f., and Ken Matsuda, c.f. The catcher's position was dominated mostly by Dave Chamberlain and Roger Forsythe. The one-two combination of Henderson and Meyers A, ua Ven. OPP- 8 .... Los Angeles ....l4 7 .... ... Manual Arts ... .. 2 2 .... ... Banning ... -. 6 12 .... ...Dorsey... ....7 ' l 6 ,,,, ...Fairfax... ....l6 lv, 3 .... . . Hollywood . .. . . l f R 4' 7 .... ... Hamilton .. .. iv 3. . . . . Westchester . . . . 5 M 3 .... . . University . . . . 4 in 1 P ,vv.,,,, - ,g fv',1 ,., .- R- J? '-:i2- "4-'.f'd'i'-.V 1s.-sh1r.'.,-.,..:f 5. ffl' . lv' Lf.. ' .,., M.-Y. ... . . nr , . 1 fr -1. ,, 1 I ,H j-V4 'f- 1- 1' .E La"'.v I . .UV .-N S"f:RT3?"',Fv,x'Jf"f1'55lt-' fl'-P K- L ggo""'f"bf,,J'i. -, :,",jp PM , ?fik5w3S"gi'n"' 212.1-at '2j1f4,'.?.:..i ..vf+'vf- . :wr T fri .av M- LG, .g it Jr . sn i:.,.,,-Jgglifigu .Z as ,a xx- ,gv'.,.,WK -sig' 5.1. r 3,53 l' -, 5. '01, '- x A . 6-i s gs' ' 355' ,. ','ff.,,9CE'vl4 .dngfirgt , ...pq-E .'e?+gf- , I . i - X 1 1 -' 4' ft' I' fr.. - 9115441121-'H' P rs ?7f"Y'v-' 'U 'r..F'Q-fiifs. :I h4u"l ll ' vi. Q x ,- Q RJ, fha ins , ,dxf .f 3 Sit, vQ5 ' ,.. . -EJ' 'I fa:--Xl 1 4 RJ! I 'J .ff L-."""+ f -L " ' 'T al 1' 1, l J . 'll' E':".:l:?-gif-527,-l','a'f' '..v.r 1- ' ". Wi s'-V ' X r wwf '-5' n Q'7"5YsQt' "iv 'Q' T' T 'l xi:,v'g'3f:14,+:' -4 . ' . .. Qf 'fn ,- - L "WWI '--1 s 1 ','.'s-.. ?l'J.Ys4'v. f, -s -45,114 funq -,-"Y il- g 1 5. Wfaguy' 'ff'-1: rf-ist .,':--'ln' 'cfs seg -'Ti-Wg .ks-gt' . 'E+ ' ' fag, TNQ.:-:3'Xf:4 Mx. Q 111-' QLQL A? gffgegv .E?':,3?7LV,zg-pw?-t,-3 .4 an F4 avg.. .L A,,:i,?,b . ,I Mgrgg.. ,Q naaKgAQE.iA?i?g2h: 'siviu ,"3f '!f'?'1:-1 ' . ,X-454' fffirikir-f:P'e+2f,g5 -1 - -gi ' wi Qfzwi-ri'1Q2iF I.: ' 2 - . -gQ, ,,. -:Q I A-LL.: ji: 'TP5t"i:ril',SL ' -. 'F J' 'A , - V - ."?Ex.'l' '- T Y' '-N. va ' ' ' ' ' ' - X , V , ,M - . f'..'jQ r"i i' -rf f 'Qc ' "' r- -sas' - TN .W -'if' -1.--.5 -5 V . ' . , wig? ,LQ I, I ' ' Tl I gtlcii 4. L .ani-s -m.fs..sf.rcmdg m:.rsh..,f-..-us..--. .1 1.+Lf..... s Bo Bridges under a fly ball. Pitchers Timmel and Simpson The Jay Vee Baseballers this year consisted entirely of tenth graders. Under the able coaching of Robbie Duron, the team shaped itself into a top contender for the title, with a two and one record. The top players were: Pitchers-A. William, T. Marnelli, and B. Johnson: Catcher-T. Tarpley 5 Infield-M. Devenport, lst base, J. Asari, 2nd base, S. lzuhara, s.s., D. Nelson, 3rd base. Ven. 3 15 5 6 i3 6 3 2 2 BOX SCORES . Los Angeles . . Manual Arts . . . Banning . . .. Dorsey .. ... Fairfax ,. . . Hollywood . ... Hamilton .. Westchester . University . OPP ...4 3 7 7 0 2 6 4 ...lO J V BASEBALL ROW ONE: ll. to r.l-R. Zundel, S. lzuharo, G. Mokimoto, R. Hood, S. Drummond. ROW TWO: R. Wilcox, T. Marnelli , D. Gincig, D. Diener, D. Nelson, J. Asari, ROW THREE: Coach Duron, J. Garner, A. Clark, M. Devenport, A. Williams, T. Tarpley, E. Stillion, H. McVey. ,Q-,... pf, -, r, .3'5i?il3,i'L:Q Q gc . ,-tifffsww. , ' ii-li-iff. 'Ji 'f ,121 xg? , 1'f'.,, Jyf.,v,4 .iff f' -I-.KJ ,.-y- ,Q n ' I Ml: l ' ,yi ff 'v 1 , -, f '41, 1 'px 1 L' ty if 4 4 .2 DI l s ' i ' ""t',. , af' ,,.--fg.n,fyc ': 'L F -lfzwiif 2.w.5f!'f,' :gf -f- -- ' wtf, -- +59-v-q, . . , . ..--....,..,,. ....V 4, . .. ' gc. uf , v w w gt: e .A "t,q:- yilffil - 1 'K' 5 1 I 'lg'-1,43 'f '1-'--- .':.,'. .gg ,U t 'X' '!',.-E-.gif jp in Y 1, - - X ' , ' - L' ' ' f .- -3-r -x"f'.-55", -ff nf .1 M .X X 5. I 1 Kkhh-5:1 iffy' 3V..:',, mx . f -i'1'1,T',"'g'l' u,'-,.-.7-' -+ YL41g,:5422"g4,,'ipjf, .VJ A 1 R l 1 af,f,i3,f-.'Qf.b K-s..1f, , , jfgisj. r-,vjb:,it.,. ,J .x ...lf L I . .'.. 1 ' 4 r V,,...l.,3gx,53,,:, V E . Q! 5 :",.?'1' 2 vfglf-HL' in H ki . ' E 'ff-?l"."'-ziiff. . . . .' f f"i"v5zt 1 ' v v YE " ' 'ft '-L1 'x I AE:,r.l,gx. I Q e to . T ' .5 ,' "I'x.f1q'.':'." .' ,' at ' ' fs- -ff' if TN cg' 'X ' i ' . ' 1? .l"."f.2 V-LQ: . VE VE ' f- -J .. "'.mx.'.. F' gif' fn. f?'.'Z'-' 1 ' v- ' I 'I . c, - - ' -'1'.?3'f4f? ""p f b .4.gg1l', ,J 2:-L'i.Jf' X V 'fl' '44 r--4' ' lj'-Bgafgls. fo .. """ .' ,a 'Q' .. .c , Q J., I.,-. IK x. '. 1. ' w E Q-. ' fm-t., ,,, M V ft- uk v' . E as .N . .E f - , ' .. -4 .oi-x- -.2.7.-.. -. .- ,'v 535.5 ff? ROW ONE ll. to r.l--B. Shaw, R. Gray, S. Thatcher, E. Barthel, C. Ferren, L. Walker. ROW TWO: D. Nixon, B. Kuebler, L. Boozell, I. Breger, J. Sparr, D. Kershaw, B. Wells, L. Rowinsky. ROW THREE: J. Epps, F. Wright, F. Wolfe, M. Davenport, J. Holmes, R. Sigrist, A. Foster, N. Smith, D. Kane, R. Tapp, L. Siegel, E. Jefferson. ill ,f-:f'5'T, ff ,girl - ,,,,.+,g',k', - an I P- -Anime.. lr' Ed Barthel streaks across the finish line to win the mile run in the meet with Fairfax. With Coach L. LaFond at the helm, and Boatmen Walker, Shaw, and Thatcher, the Varsity Track team has been able to defeat our chief competitors. Coach LaFond attrib- utes the success of all the teams to the en- thusiasm of the athletes, and the overwhelm- ing support of the Student Body. :5'55' N , -.. , " f. - . I A ,Q H I wi, i 1. v. w.. - 11, . V, -4, 5: 1- f ' .- .. ,r --1-if .. I A A 7, 'I -.ft ,. 5.-.Ly ' J' fix 4,4 "' .Qi I '35 f , , 'fli1tf2'-from -if ' ,pw .lb -W 2" . 1. f. :I A 1 4 . Hz- A L 1 - ',:,f--1. f-1-w'-ft ,.,v,:.5, '..' 11,1 '---'vfrxf inf.. , ..'4vff7J..'- . :..- fp? uk.. - t7""T'- 5" 1- lt was a fight to the finish but Bill Shaw came through for Venice by winning the 100 yard dash in the meet with Fairfax. BOX SCORES Ven. Opp, 32 .... .... D orsey . . . . .72 32 .... .. Narbonne . . . .72 5l.. ..Fairfax... ...52 80... .. Hollywood .. ...24 67 .... ... Hamilton .. . . .36 6l.. Westchester ...43 University .ae hw? ,.', V' S ,.,,. ,,..v"' 'Nur -.-,, .'- y 1 -Y 1 ar., A Sxxgfa V3 A9 11181. 6,6 sg1'?"f f f 'ze' QF:- '--v--nnq.h,,,, '-1,1-5 ll Q A VARSITY SWIMMING This year's swim team, with the coach- ing of Paul Ibbetson, was a promising one. Although the lack of a practice pool got our swimmers off to a slow start, much improvement was assured and a good showing in the run for the title was expected. The opponent teams found Ven- ice to be tough competition in the persons of Carmel and Shaffer in the sprints, Johnson in the backstroke and breast- stroke, Roske in the butterfly, Siemsen and Appeldorn in the 200 meter, and Swanson in diving. 'lil ROW ONE: il. to r.l-G. Kranen, D. Mann M Shaffer, J Carmel D. Holtzman D K' , . - , f ' ""9 ROW TWO: J. Swanson, B. Jeffress, B. Appledorn, A. Heinle, B. Hovland, M. Sneller, J Roske, P. lbbettson-Coach. iss. l - tl liila . '99 l"" ,X L 'Y 'L fl' 1 fi fi' , 1 .1 l .' li-gxfffl-H . I 1 .J Carmel and Appledorn demonstrating the racing dive. I ,-.,..,., . ,.,,,...m-rv-w-vfwvrvv'-""""""' l 'la-. it we -ag V ile- 3 .Z ' M "M-1.51m if -r "'T'i"s. 1 ,N . .4 H, r- Q -.' -- , ... f r- X V V4-,..,., T.. H , , .,' H is 'tax ei Fw J. Roske shows his winning butterfly stroke. baw- i 'R 'A rl u :- Q bk Q 1 af M - V J P . ' Xie rsiihtz.. - ' F. , 1-gm T , lt' fi ' . ii" 2 - .-if X' 'J MSQL.: 5-at X -ti--F122 :fx-M 15' 2- . r -.2 -.wg:.i. 4 -. 1,73 A r ' . l A-Q14 1. - ,,..-..,W -V f av. .1 F , 7 fi, W 227' L 'f f , P0374 ,,f jc?-' - 7, 2 gf, fmt wa' V 22 -' '. z ' .cm V - , , - . hp. 4, , ",,, 'f-'- - 1-' we ff fy, . f, ,. .W 1,..,4.777 ' liqzfti J. Swanson executing back iacknife. BOX SCORES Ven. Opp. 33... Nclrbonne ....53 32... .... Huntington Pork .. . . .53 20... ... North Hollywood .. ,. 57 17... .... Hollywood ...61 B SWIMMING ROW ONE ll. to r.l-L. Fond, P. Morgan, T. Henn, J. Aldridge, J. Morris. ROW TWO: D. Siemsen, P. Borchardt, B. Lippman, C. Weiss, J. Seiter. 4 1 940 .r . L' P . , I 1 . 1 L . Q - ..,, "fhf 'JA If ff.. ,,gaf2m.5'.'il' .V " W. , . :Bt- .f' , ' , 1,3273 . , . .,, A ' , X5 5 1. -' I ' 'A" I V. .P-f1s"' -' -. X r A V- .rffksr-.'1... :J-1 -. . . ' f " fl .. rf ..,,.,' I . 314- ,,.g!vw 4 1 ' ' . -, '- - If '--Vf ,. .4-ff". M . . ' -. .,., Jeffress makes a fast turn. rr!--. The Bee Swim team this year was young but eager. It was ex- pected that they would put up a stiff fight against strong opposi- tion. Standouts on the Bees were: Henn, Ford, and Siemsen, all tenth graders. Ford and Lippman, up from last year's Cees, were also expected to show some fine work. Coach lbbetson C SWIMMING ROW ONE: P. Lund, R. Cohen, G. Bowman. ROW TWO: J. Bowyer, J. Miller, G. Harris. " ' ' ' ' " ' ' " "achlbbetson. The small but strong Cee Swim has done some remarkable work this season. It is possible that this. year's Cees have turned out to be the strongest team in three or four years. Lund and Miller are the standouts for the team. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY f., .,,,,. 2 ,,,,,m,e,mm,,::., Led by Dennis Kane, Jim DeFault and team captain, Bruce Kuebler, the Varsity Cross Country team placed a l second in the Western League behind i an always strong University team. The rugged sport was especially de- manding forthe team had to conquer 'L a new courseiat U.C.L.A. at the dis- tance of 1.9 miles of steep hills and M 3' fearsome straights. Dennis Kane insured his letter by placing fourth in the league meet. Ronny Tapp, a tenth-grader, showed great promise as a- versatile runner, and Steve Thatcher of football fame also earned a varsity letter in Cross- Country by his splendid City Semi- Final performance. These are the best times of the first six men: Kane, 10:22, Kuebler, 10:37, DeFault, 10:28, Tapp, 10:49, Schon- born, 10:48, Robinson, 10:48, Thatch- er, 10:47, Bergland, 11:01. ROW ONE: Bill Shonborn, Jim Dufault, Lee Berglund, Russell Robinson. ROW TWO: Scott lMgr.l, Bruce Kuebler, Ronnie Tapp, Dennis Kane, Jerry Larner. 'l0Tl-I ROW ONE: Phillip Shiraki, Roy Coleman, Dick Odle, Fred Wright. ROW TWO: Ivan Breger, Ron Broce, Mark Levin, Jim Reams. Junior Varsity Cross-Country men galloped into the league's third place. Ron Coleman, the team captain, was first man in the endurance sport, Three wins started the sea- son, but the two losses which followed can be chalked up to the inconsistency of the runners, whose team positions were constantly changed. The best times were: Coleman, 11:01, Bland, 11:24, Olde 11:26, Sanchez, 11:31, Siegel, 11:32, Shirake, 11:34, Wright, 12:01. 46 ROW ONE: Jim Shenberg, Henry Lenhart, Bill Jurey, Phil Walker, ROW TWO: Max Sternberg, Bob Clover, Justin Aldridge, Dennis Hicks. One of the most discouraging aspects of high school is to be an unsuspecting tenth-grader who discovers what Cross- Country means. Those who survived this season's drop-out, proved to be a team of merit which trotted up to third place in the Western League. A nice record of three wins and two losses was credited by Bill Jurey, the team's best runner. Best times are: Jurey, 10:59, Walker, 11:16, Shenburg, 11:58, Aldridge, 11:59, Lenhart, 12:00. GYIVI NASTICS The Venice Gymnastics Team, under the leadership of Coach De Paoli, has made itself into a top contender for the title. Although they are lacking talent in some areas, the overall picture is a great improvement over last year's effort. The top gymnasts were: .l. Gull on tumbling and the high bars, B. Salcido-all aroundg and Dawson on the rope climb. Solcido on the parallel bars Qt. .. . L I ' l ' sg . - - . 1 4- ,get - -ir: ...- ---Q .. . 1 r . ..... F -.T. .H .......:sss..-if1f-aeeeeef-efesf-f1-1-f' . :I . ,,,,.-., .,.- ............ .---"- " '..,.,....-- I' ,, ,Q P-.' -HJ'-yi --- A'::Z1:Ztt:::::1....,.......1-Vi, .E . ....,.q-.-J. -.--- -'--v- v"" " ,,...-....... ,,,. ,... .fr- ly E44-I-Aliv -... ..-.1:L--'rl 'zflf .,--'Zi' ...v ' .Q 'T7T""'1' .122 ZIITTHZIY ' ' W.. 'V.-.......- ,,1g3.r J,.-,.-. .... ......,.,- ,,,, ,.- My i,'4.,,."H'l1' iff ffiilfl' Iflllif + ',',1-:'1",,jj1 Zlffili 211:33 .fir-17-:"""4'1f. ,......w-L- 31111: -fgfgr: zs.12111z:f "' " ' '. . . L : .,,,,.,.. .V .V -. in """'Y'l1"'1.:.,f.,..... ','.' - 'Rf' ' ,+,T,5,,, .,V., - . A VV V. . . . . . V., X VVV V . I , ,L AQ?-,,::, lf.. V J-ning .,....., -V , 1 -- V V? YV WV V V '1- ' 5v4.:'f'u--'Qg,iivii,3- .t,1'.. ,M --.- .- :'E.',f:i"'- , -jf ,,4.::j.'5 ,,w1,,.,Q-V - "25h"'1f, 5.-' +" M- '. 5, WAV. y - . ,X ,V 'jg,,,' V,- Q.: V V ' ir,- 4 " J., f V ..v:jjV,?E4Q. .' ' . - " ' ' ' " M ,Q -' . fg: Qeslgkmsy . 1- ' . G : . I if -V V ,. M, .X... .. ,.. V V V4 , L: V.: ,W -V I s 'INV .SAV V,Rs.1 LA., . V . - V Z, . .QR x V i f.,..,' '51 ',' 325 A . .. .-:,,., .f"- ' ...Q ' is V V,-fic . V .xt V ., VVVLV -la' rgffft ' :ff - ZA' -Qlxfi3:f2d'f':L:-tiff? ' ' :Q f . 17M 'i Lee Brown-First Man on Varsity Tennis-In Action Bob Elliott and Bill Clover playing doubles This year's tennis squad, coached very efficiently by Robert Barr, consisted mostly of seniors. Returning Letterman Lee Brown again took top singles position, while the combination of Bill Clover and Bob Elliott, both seniors, led the team in doubles play. Dan Lund, Gary Berland, Kent Benson, and Gary Taylor made up the rest of the singles men, each contributing greatly to the success ofthe netters. Constituting the remainder of the squad were tenth and eleventh graders who show much promise for next year's team. Coach Barr regrets losing his 9 top players, all of whom are seniors, however, he thinks the team should do well next year due to the practice the tenth and eleventh graders have received this season. Tennis Coach-Mr. Barr TENNIS ROW ONE: B. Kaltenekker, G. Murrish, S. Young, B. Clover, T. Takamatsen, D. Webster, A. Gardner, T. Soong, K. Peet. ROW TWO: L. Brown, K. Benson, J. Jennings, G. Roberts, l. Halpern, T. Adelson, J. Wells, G. Berland, R. Wolven, G. Taylor. ROW THREE: B. Sands, B. Steiner, D. Taylor, R. Love, C. Stevenson, P. Clapick, R. Elliott, B. Clover, D. Ringo, J. Gaydowski, Y. Ashikaya, L. Harris. A-7 - 1 lbs i 'i : .1 3. . ... . N i 1 1-,QA gk lie 1 l tiiqim-' -if 3 S T is' . g Zi R .1-"' - uf 1 1. A , 'R b . 2 i x g tif ax- 1 1 .D-,.,j Y, f I K ,E Ku:-Q , K M 'TL I7 '-H QQ? .i':,.'- -jp., 5. ' . A 4 f S4 N-X R . x -j RA 1 -0 6 gg 3 8 ' V in 8 A .,. 2-1:1 ' 15:2 x ,.... . , 1 .NV 1 "Vw '. fx! 4 HCV x.,,. 3, 2 8 ,041 -, s A' I Y 4 Q, ,.,.4 5+ E 5 ' "J m 1-fjqfh, 6, 571 A, X"'V as wr a.-- -.-- ...U -- .- . 'IC 'Q :nv , 4' 1.2 ff . A xi , hi, w . ' V . 1' lf' 44-f,,-, .',?"? f 0 ow, . - "' I Q l ., -.fzbfjgf-334-1:4 ,,, I H. -4 , M' , .,-- f 1:15 .- " 1-48 Q, Q-- K -., '43 "'ue.-,+L-,-g 1. l v E' 'df ,.'- 1' 1 ' cya" 4 'LKQM , ,.,. l 12' i .zJ"'f ' Qs' ff' Q Q .F "'. ' "Lx, 'ffl ,, .1 T . .R -f,ch,'.. ' :J . . , , M .A,Jf.' ll 5' v 74' ' V,-,,' 7' ' '72 . , 5'-' . ' 1 f. ' ' L"r5' 1- it '- V. ' r fgugf' . 4 -?l'. Q"'IAz.' 1- I 2 LU' ..' 5' J' . U' . ' 'ar - ' - : Q ', '-- lug-1 I , ' 1-', K4 12' K' K if .,Qf' 1" 5' .f 3 ,ffi.aS,, As .,f. iv , V , . .ftd L . ., ff: J :Il V . .ID-fviy V,m.,cKx -Y I 5 'fig' I 4,1 Q Mak.: 4t2,,,,,'l,if.. , -dur . v , . - 1 ff S 1 -,,- 5-A . -1 dwg, --- , - .. gl 3,xr1--,s- ,ev 3" ,. -. ... PM .' ' , . 5" V--.-bfh' ,. ' vvf.",, Q . 41-1 ,' A A . 4 Q, 15 wi f5,, 5 ',, , N4 ,,,','.-, ,g,.,l, 'V-f '-1-"Y,1.'f '5 V- ,rg J, ...Lg .. , U J K .u ag, ,uit-in L W 1 vvfg,-,P , ..,. A V ,', FQ, 4: ,yi ., k.,,,- ,. A, r. E - 1:3..15lq'N . 1 , ., .A .U zu ,R,,N'U 'px' .- It I " 'jg "i ' 11,2 '- O ' fy,-u . 3 :MNC 15" 5 ' VA.. 'fy 45 AAA." , 5 '1 .f , ..'4,,A 1'.,dq,y d 10- y '13, - Mn, eZ"Lg,., ' ' I- I " , ' ,DV I' 1. h' . .' gtmv, " - ,. 'Ibn 144. afwl. Wlgqknyff-" ,nl 653511, 1. 5.-Zi n. 'Q 1" ' .L 1, f ' ff' ,. 3-'1--' , gx'j- '- ,?. ff. ' . '- - JJ if-1.1 Q- V, -X. - ' , -dis. 2.4 ,' . 'L eta. W.,-' A4 - -,Mk le.--,."4ALi-Q ,Q -an .. Q2 ,'9!?g?ifq . ,tg ., . 1'-311 -' -A A 4 1 .ag -4 ' '2 ,c-' V 1- ' ' "' 3. F.. wh'-,' ' 0 ',f,7'1." ' ' " 'O x" - C -" NJ, fb . P 11u'f C. . ' -'. - ' - 1 '- . - -'QA ,Q-I . ' 'fY'9'5--' f',"- 'Ad' : - 14" fa I ,W ,H 4 5 -l F t V. 05.3 . b , - I ...f .fy .,- V N-.. ', ,gh Q., .4,.,,. 'P r.,s,,',,, "-' -'J' GW' V - 4 ..f'-QM. f ' ' . - A-, ,-. X , r- - - . -If . -, . ' " + , ,F l.v.x-:E,...z Li? 4- KLA P-"'f'3n,1 1'7" fp- . 'A'-"ff: ' . ' ' - - ' - 1- -' J ' vi . -'Y' Vrw",'1'-J"'o'4-Hia'-' 'I ' ' 4 A' ' - -- 1 g 10 - 1, . . -. A Y. . '1 ' - , ,v . 'C' ' 'JM -,y.Jf-,' ---'.- Q: 1 nik., . .4 . ' 1 ' K r., . ng- v .. f r.' rf-ff-:Q . , - ' 'K - . f ..".'-' , -X - v-, an 1- qi - . f'FlL...f ' -"VL ' i , f 41"- I H GRADUATING SENIGRS jg 9410? wif! Ave on foreue SI-INA NAI-I CLASS CDFFICERS B-'I2 PRESIDENT Floyd Henderson .432 ,, I H if rg-I VICE PRESIDENT Jeanne Traucht Class Song We're the class that will succeedg we are the best of all the rest. We're on top, and we know whyg we're the Indians of Venice High! We're the merry-hearted Shna-Nahs, greatest class of modern days Just look and see that we are hep, for the Iniuns always keep in step. Our color Coral is the one that we like most. You know its tops-we don't have to boast! Now you know why we're so proud. We know we're' good, and think that you should pass that peace pipe, bury the tomahawk, do like the Indians do. Be like the Shna-Nahs too! A-I 2 PRESIDENT Jerry Bowman VICE PRESIDENT Virginia Andrews 'Q ' . ue, lr-.Q SECRETARY SPONSOR SPONSOR SECRETARY June Akune Mr. Nye Miss Schneider Chg.-lone Cunningham BOYS TREASURER Ronald R. Hudson TREASURER PROM CHAIRMAN BREAKFAST CHAIRMAN GIRLS TREASURER Grace Sato Sue Burgess Judith Christie Luang T,-auchg CF! AKUNE, YURIKO JUNE Academic-Math- Science A.S.B. Secretary of Records, Lettergirls Girl ofthe year, Girls' League Recording Sec'y, Ladies Sec'y, Senior "Bee" sec'y, Delphian sec'y. BARNES, BILLIE LEE Industrial Arts "B" Track, "V" Track, "JV" Football, "V" Football BECKERMAN, ERWIN Industrial Arts Inter-Mural, Boys League BRAUER, FRED WILLIAM, JR. Industrial Arts Knights, "B" Football, "V" Football, "JV" Baseball, "V" Base- ball, Letterman's Club AFRICA, RICHIE Academic-Math JV Baseball, V Foot- bal, V Baseball, Esquires, Ushers, Knights ANDERSON, JOYCE DIANE Academic-Math G.A.A., Terpsichorean, Girls' League, Song Leader, Lettergirls BEARD, JOHN Industrial Arts "V" Track, Baseball, Track, Basketball Qual bpd BOUCHER, JUNE ELLEN Academic-Science A.S.B. Historian, A-ll Representative, Girls' League V. Pres., Ladies, Homecoming Princess, Ushers -s swf:-:PL Amezav, fm. VHF' ALLEN, DON Industrial Arts Stage Crew K' fm' 4 ENDLIEST itrassber ia Andrews BERGER, MARILYN LEONA Business AGOSTINACCI, ANTHONY Industrial Arts Prom Committee, Intra Mural, Superintendent of Machine Shops Sfwr ANDREWS, VIRGINIA Academic-History A-'I 2 Class Vice Presi- dent, B-12 Representa- tive, Ring and Sweater Committee, Honor Guard, Prom Committee, Breakfast Committee 'ey-w ALVAREZ, LINDA LENORE Academic-Math- Science Ladies, A.S.B. Song Leader, A.S.B. sec'y of Records, G.A.A. Girl of the year, Girl's League President, Homecoming queen AGRANOFF, ALFRED Academic-History Orchestra, M.C.R. Club ' - Nu-' BARRON, DAVID Academic-Math ,fx YI" , 1, . ,Q x t :ni W , aowMAN Jennv BURGESS, SUE ELIZABETH Business Girl of the Year, A.S.B. First Vice President, B-11 Representative, B-I2 Prom Chairman, Homecoming Princess, Ladies LEE Academic-Math Senior A President, Knights, "V" Letter- man Club, Student Activities, "V" Basket- ball 8- Baseball, Gondolier Staff 'hav BALL, DAVID ENGENE Academic-History Marching Band Intra-Mural F .,,., BERGMAN, DIANE Academic-Math, Science, Language Aesculapians, Chatelaines, Ladies, Roman Lamper, Honor Guard, G.A.A. Cheerleader CARA, RON D. Academic-Math Basketball, Student Activities BEATIE, ROBERT MARK Industrial Arts Prom Committee BOWMAN, JOYCE LORAINE Business , W 'mf ' ' " :rip I ' I '."2 ,A st: L CHRISTIE, JUDITH ANN Business B-10 Steering Com- mittee, G.A.A., Girls League, A-'l'l Steering Committee, Honor Guard, Senior Breakfast Chairman E' H51 CRAWFORD, WILMA DELORIS Academic--Spanish B-I0 Rep. to Girls League, G.A.A. Historian, G.A.A. 'lst President, Oarsman Staff-Senior Editor, Chateline-Publicity Chairman, Ladies CARL, ANTHONY EDWARD Academic--History Drama CONLEY, EMMA LOU Academic-Foreign Language G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee ri - DIXON, DIXIE LYNN Academic-Foreign Language Prom Committee, Honor Guard, G.A.A. CUNNINGHAM, CHARLOTTE C. Business G.A.A., Girl's League, Honor Guard, Prom Committee, Sweater Committee, A-'I 2 Class Secretary ':+ FLEISHMAN, DAVID EDWARD Academic-Science Gymnastic Team, Science Club 54 FAIRWEATHER, MARY Business Girls' League, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Sweater Committee, A-I I Steering Committee lin vc. if S. T vt? Xkff CLEM, ROGER A. Industrial Arts Marching Band, Orchestra, Printers Guild sez! K' DONKER, ELVA IRENE Academic-Math- Science Delphians, Roman Lamper, Aesculapians, Girls League Cabinet, Pagettes, Prom Committee 'Q' Arif L FLOREZ, JESSE Industrial Arts CHAN, RONNIE Industrial Arts -1 - CORLEY, DEBEE LAWRENCE Academic-Math- Science "B" Football, "JV" Football, "V" Football, House of Representatives FERGUSON, JANICE Business Prom Committee :Z- x-4 COHEN, MEL Academic-Social Studies "JV" Baseball, Intra- Mural CROCKETT JOEL E Academic Science Gymnastics DONNELLY, CONNIE M. Business G.A.A., Girls' League, Prom Committee, Sweater Committee FOLLANSBEE, PHYLISS ANN Homemaking Prom Committee, Honor Guard, Class Song Committee CHIMEROESKY, FERN Business CRANE, JUDITH M. Business Delphians, G.A.A., Girls League, Sweater Committee, Prom Committee DAY, FRANKIE MARLENE Business Honor Guard, A-12 P.T.A. Queen, Girls League, Student Activities, Prom Committee, Sweater Committee FILBRUN, JOHN, STEPHEN Academic-Math Football-Junior Varsity Manager FREEMAN, ELEANOR I. Business Pagette Secretary, Chatelaines, Roman Lamper, Lettergirls, Honor Guard, Girls league GEORGE, MARJORIE L. Business G.A.A., Girls League, Prom Committee, Sweater Committee GROSSBERG, WILLIAM MICHAEL Science Gymnastics, Prom Committee FORD, STELLA RAE Academic-Math Sweater Committee, Prom Committee, G.A.A. ,sz 1 FRYER, JO LYNN Homemaking A-10 P.T.A. Princess, Honor Guard, Drill FOX, JOANNE DANA Business Team, Acapella Choir, rv Aesculapians GARCIA, RAMIRO JOAQUIN GAMBILL, ROSE MARIE Business Drill Team Music Music Educators National Chorus, Acapella Choir, Pres. of Acapella Choir, Music Club, Music Director, Science Club GORDON, WILLIAM MARTIN Math Acapella Choir, Photography Club HALBERT, GERALD Math-Science Math Club, Science Club, Lectorians, Varsity Lettermen, Basketball Manager, -J HARDY, BOB C. Industrial Arts Bee Lettermen fr : . ,.f f If! .4 A 1 , HARNES, susAN " ' -C, Homemaking 4' I' I d , I Drill Team, Choir ' I-1. ' n Ufffm AHS 'B' HARDY, JUDITH MAY Foreign Language Roman Lamper, F.T.A., Prom Committee, Lettergirls, Drill Team, Pagettes wr' GABALDON, DAVID N. Math-Science Varsity Letterman, Photography Club, Gym Team, German Club, Intra-Mural Football il GlLL, RICHARD Music Marching Band, Orchestra, Prom Committee, Senior Breakfast M.C. HAMMOND, FRED JR. M. Math 'Qi tif. HESSINGER, CAROLYN ANNE Science A-10 Class Represen- tative, Pagettes, Gondolier Editor, Honor Guard, Letter- girls, A-'I'I Prom, Ring, and Sweater Committee FRANK, JACK History Intra-Mural Sports X -sc I 554 , 1 GATES, LORETTA EVELYN Business Delphians, Lettergirls -2 star, Pagettes, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Sweater Committee Y-rf' GRAY, LEONARD Math German Club is ura- Z HARKEY, BEVERLY JUNE Art zz' wh '+I , fl it f eff g CA HUDSON, RONALD REVIS Business B-'IO Steering Committee, Letterman "B" Football, Prom Committee Chairman, Senior A boys treasurer, A-'l'I Steer- ing Committee, Sweater Committee '95 KANTER, MARLENE Business Paqettes, Girls' Leaque. G.A.A., Prom Committee, Delphians, Lettergirls KNIGHT, THELMA Business Honor Guard, Prom Committee LIVERMORE, KATHLEEN Business Lettergirls, G.A.A,, Girls' League, Prom Committee 56 HENDERSON, FLOYD Industrial Arts Knight Commander, A-12 Representative, B-I2 Class President, "V" Football, Printers Guild, "B" Lettermens' Club Treasurer ' 14- -.,-. f JOYNER, PAT Homemaking G.A.A., Girls' League, Orators ll? KAUFMAN, JILL Academic-Math- Science A-I0 Representative, Chatelaine Premiere, A.S.B. Secretary of Finance, First Lady, Roman Lamper, Honor Guard left 'ei LA FIRENZA. JOE Academic-Math Esauires, Kniqhts, Ushers, "V" Football, "V" Baseball, "J.V." Baseball fu-v HUNT, ROBERT S. Academic-Math- Science Math Cub ff' f 7 fzif' ' C, , A ' 4 :iw-1 . h --v fs V u. HOMAN, CHARLES Industrial Arts QE - w , , HUDSON, RON LEE Academic-Science Knights, Track Athlete of the year, Knights Secretary, Prom Committee, Varsity Letterman KAMBERG, LARRY Industrial Arts Machine Shop Superintendent, Intra-Mural, Track SDNALITY M l Beatie Linda Alvarez KNOFLER. VIRGIL Industrial Arts Coed Sports LOCKWOOD, SHARON Business G.A.A., Girls' League, Honor Guard, Prom Committee Ps... LAHAM. VICKIE Academic-Math- Science B-'I2 Representative, Chatelaine Vice Pres., Pagette, Roman Lamper, Ladies gli Historian, Girls League Cabinet 'K fb '-S. JONES, GERALD PRICE Academic-Math KAPLAN, STAN Industrial KRUEGER, BARBARA Business K LOTT, IRENE Business Pagettes, Terpsichor- eans Recording Secretary, Lettergirls, G.A.A., F.T.A., Prom Committee KAMBERG, NANCY Academic-Math- Science Delphians, Letterqirls, Honor Guard, F.T.A. Treasurer, Letterqirls, Sweater Committee, G.A.A. KERNER. KAY Academic-Math- Science A.S.B. Historian, Ladies Vice President, Delphians, Roman Lamper, G A A. 2nd Vice, F.T.A. President LAMBRECHTSEN, NORA Academic-Math Ladies, Chatelaines, Terpsichorean, Pres., Lettergirls, Honor Guard, Girls' League Cabinet bt. McKlNNEY, JACK LAMAR Industrial Arts NISHIO, JANE Academic-Science Language Roman Lamper, Aesculapians, Girls' League Historian, Pagettes, G.A.A. Historian, Prom Committee PORTILLO, OSCAR LOIS Academic-Math LOVELACE, THOMAS Art "J.V." Manager MAPES, MICHAEL WILLIAM Art Prom Committee McLINN, LARRY JOHN Industrial Arts LUDEL, MADELEINE Foreign Language G.A.A., Prom Committee MERINO, LUZ MARIE Academic-History Lettergirls, G.A.A. ff" OLSON, PAUL M. Academic-History QUILLIAM, VERNON, U e I i POST, CHRIS HERBERT Academic-History A'cappella, Piano- Organ REESE, JAMES, PAUL Academic-Science "B" Track, "C" Track, "B" Football, Senior Breakfast Committee 1,2 'MQ' 43 1 OTTO RAY, JERRY L. Academic-Math Academic'-Malh Science rel ROBINSON, D. -. " MARTIN 5 , Industrial Arts ' 1, . Senior Breakfast my ' Committee, Senior Ring Committee '- fx MANLEY, CAROL LYNN Homemaking Drill Team, Sweater Committee, Prom Committee NORRIS, LINDA ELIZABETH Academic-Math- Science Lettergirls President, G.A.A. Cheerleader, Senate Vice President, Girls League Cabinet, Drill Team Color Guard, Honor Guard fin. A 'N-A PRICE, TIM L. Industrial Arts K "r--. RODRIGUEZ, FILOMENO, JR. Industrial Arts MCBRIDE, GARY RANDALL Industrial Arts NEMETZ, JENNIFER SUE Academic-Science Lettergirls, Graduation Honor Guard, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Girls' League Honor Guard, Student Activities Zf":-v PARMELEE, GAIL Homemaking Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A., Drill Team, Drama Club, Girls' League, Horticulture Club , ...,r,,, X, ,dp REED, MARY, KATHLEEN Academic-Math G.A.A., Terpsichor- eans, Senior Breakfast Decoration Chairman, Girls' League, Prom Committee if' 1 E!! .X A Y SATO, GRACE N. Academic--Foreign Language Ladies, Chatelaines, Girls' League Record- ing Secretary, B-12 Class Treasurer, Lettergirls Treasurer, G.A.A., Recording Secretary SHEFF, FERN LAURA Academic-History G.A.A., Lettergirls, Breakfast Committee, Girls' League SMITH, JOYCE LEE Art ROSS, MARY ANN Academic-Foreign Language G.A.A., Prom Committee, Girls' League, German Club, Dionysians, Lettergirls SCOGGINS, ROGER ELDON Academic-Math- Science Inter Mural, Math Club SHERIDAN, PATRICIA ANN Business Prom Committee RUSS ESTELA A Business SCHEAFER, BOB A. Academic-History on , SPARKS, MICHAEL Glrls Glee SHEA, JOAN DEORA Academic-Math G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Breakfast Committee G.A.A., Prom Committee, Honor Guard, Breakfast Committee TAMKIN, LOIS AILEEN Business G.A.A., Student Activities, Girls' League, Prom 58 Committee STOCKWELL, HARRY DENNIS Academic-Science J.V. Football, J.V. Letterman, "V" Foot- ball, Senior Breakfast Prog ram, Boys' League -5, GRANT Academic-History ff THOMPSON, HARLEY HOWARD Academic-Math J.V. Baseball, J,V. Basketball, Math Club, National Poetry Winner QTT7 STRASSBERG, BERNARD Academic-Science House of Representa- tives, Prom Committee, Gymnastics, J.V. Foot- ball, "V" Letterman, Breakfast Committee A ff? SCHUBEL, LESLEE JONQUIL Academic-Foreign Language A.S.B. 2nd Vice Pres., Student Body Cheer- leader, Terpsichorean President, Ushers, Girls' League Cabinet, Honor Guard SHELLEY, ELLEN JOAN Business Girls' League, Prom Committee, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Drill Team T"'7 SPLITTER, NORMA Academic-Science A-'I2 Representative to Girls' League, Ring and Sweater Committee, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Drill Team 1:55 TIFFANY, WILLIE Academic-Language C Track, B Basketball, "V" Basketball, Tennis, Ushers, Knights SAKAWYE, CAROL KAY Business Terpsichoreans, Girls' League, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Drill Team SHEANIN, STEVE Academic-Science SMART, RAYMOND W. Industrial Arts Stage Crew V ,, ,, 1, , 7 --V, I SUPRY, VIRGINIA LEE Business G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Breakfast Committee A 12-1 TRAVIS, LEWIS K. Academic-History Prom Committee . Q t'5gfggjE1f.4 WEINSTOCK, ART Industrial Arts ur. -A '7 X LET: TOBEN, JANET TRUDEL Academic-Language Prom Committee TWETEN, CAROL ANN Academic-Science- Language Pagettes Treasurer, Chatelaines, Ladies Treasurer, Roman Lamper, G.A.A., 2nd Vice, Girls' League B-'II Representative K WIEDERKEHR, GARY Academic-Math Delphians, Horticulture Club WILSON, CHARLES RAYMOND Academic-Math Student Body Pres., 3rd Vice Pres., Knights Vice-Commander, All- Western League Base- ball Team, "V" Foot- ball, Esquire Commander , an f"!u Sr -Q YOKOYAMA, MARSHA MIYAKO Business Pagettes, Drill Team, Prom Committee, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League TULUMELLO, SALLY ANN Business G.A.A., Lettergirls, Drill Team, Prom Committee, Breakfast Committee, Class Song Committee W --. ,4 WITHROW, GARY LEE Industrial Arts CAMERA SHY CORLEY, DEBEE KRASOVIC, ANTON OLSON, PAUL TRAUCHT, JEANNE RENEE Academic-History A-I2 Representative, B-I2 Vice President, Honor Guard, Senate Steering Committee, Girls' League, Prom Committee TUTTLE, PATRICIA ANN Academic-History G.A.A., Girls' League, Prom Committee, Sweater Committee VIGNOLLE VEE ' Y I 4- 5 Industrial Arts ' Y , Sweater Committee f " 1 2 WEST, EDWARD MALCOLM Academic-Science Lectorians, Orators, "V" Football'Mgr., "V" Lettermen YOKOI, KAZUTADA Academic-History Intra-Mural 471 - TRAUCHT, LUANA MARIE Academic-History Senior "A" Girls' Treasurer, Prom Committee, Honor Guard, Sweater Committee, P.T.A. Princess WALKER, DEW EY LEE Business WILLARD, NANCY Academic-Science Ladies, Girls' League Social Activities Chairman, G.A.A., Aesculapians, Delphians, Honor Guard ELLIS, KEITH Academic 59 X , ' 'xxx 1 I "J B-1 2 PRESIDENT Jerry Smith uf VICE PRESIDENT Marty Watkins GIRLS' TREASURER Diane Coalter DANTE CLASS CFFICERS Class Song ltune of Oklahomal We're the Dantes. We're the class of Summer '59, And we know we're grand. We're proud to stand with the kids that all are really fine. We're the Dantes, with our colors Iavendar and white. We'll forever be, the class you'll see with the smiles that show our years were bright. The years that we spent at Venice High, In our future will never, never die. So when we say, 'We're Dantes, Shout hurray, We're Dantes, Clap your hands, for we're grand and we'll shout it . . . Summer '59 . . . Dantes! A-'I2 PRESIDENT, PROM CHAIRMAN Joanne Dillavou -,I iv R VICE PRESIDENT Butch Freeman R I 1 442' E ,, BREAKFAST CHAIRMAN B-12 AND A-I2 SECRETARY Tedde Smith Larry Riechardt -J '3 GIRLS' TREASURER Sylvia Chan sovs' TREASURER SPONSOR? aovs' TREASURER John claunch REQCI1, Mlffhell Joe Reeyes 122' T227 , AIMBEZ, JUDY Homemaking Girls' Glee ANTHONY, EDWIN DELL Academic-Math House of Representa- tives, Gondolier Staff, Prom Committee BAINTER, BART Industrial Arts Prom Committee, House of Representa- tives BARTH EL, EDWIN Industrial Arts Cross Country, Track, Printers Guild il W ADAIR, JAY RUTHA Business- Stenographic B-I0 Steering Committee, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Drill Team, Girls' League Medics ALEX, CHUCK Business "C" Basketball, Prom Committee, "B" Basketball, B-I2 Activity Committee, Boys' League "" I AVILA, MARIA NARCISA Business- Stenographic Drill Team, House of Representatives, Prom Committee, Student Activities Q'-nga ww ALDRICH, SUSAN MARIE Business- Stenographic Aesculapians Activity Chairman, Medics Historian, Lettergirls, Gondolier Staff, Drill Team, Prom Committee 915'- BALL, MARILYN KAY Business- Stenographlc B-'IO Steering Committee, Prom Committee, Drill Team BAIRD, BAYONNE JANICE Academic-Science- Math Terpsichorean Treas., Math Club Secretary, F.T.A., Science Club, Delphians, Roman Lamper, Marching Band BARTON, PEGGY DARLENE Academic Terpsichorean Club Secretary, A'CappeIIa Choir, G.A.A., Ist Place Businessmen's Luncheon ADAMS, VERNON C. Industrial Arts Radio Club Vice- President, Sound Crew ALFORD, DALE Industrial Arts Managers Club BANGS, CRYSTAL IRENE Business- Bookkeeping G.A.A. AERNI, GARY L. Industrial Arts "J.V." Baseball, "V" Baseball wr ALDRIDGE, RICHARD ' LEE ., Industrial Arts it 1. '. "C" Basketball "B" Basketball -M ALLEN, BOBBY " EDWARD " . ' ' Industrial Arts ' . n ,gy Prom Committee, I is f.,,,,..f' f f "B" Football ,. , I I fl ARON, ROBERT General Science Club, Math Club, Chess Club, Horticulture Club AYRES, KATHY ANN Academic Terpsichorean Vice- President, Aescul- apians, 1958 Music Scholarship Winner BALL, EVELYN Homemaking BAPTIES, BOB Industrial Arts in-9 BEASLEY, WENDIE ANNE Academic-Math- Science Pagettes, Chatelaines, ' Lettergirls, G.A.A., Honor Guard, Aesculapians iv HG ., BENDER, MARIE ELIZABETH Art Girls Glee, Sweater Committee BERGER, ELAINE BEVERLY Business BOSSE, ROBERT CHARLES Academic-Language C.S.F. I . ' - ' g',jj,: ' '- ,ji-1:-::,,e,g V ,s-- ,ff N - -1 mfr- - Q fy' -W M BECKERMAN, EVELYN LYNN Business is BENSON, KENT Academic-Math- Science Tennis, "B" Basket- ball, "V" Lettermen Club BLAND, ROBERT Academic-Math- Science-Language "V" Track, President Medics, President German Club, Science Club, Debate Club, Roman Lamper BREGER, IVAN Academic-Science- Math-Language "V" Track, "J.V." Cross Country I f if -..'1 2' 'cf' ' 5.43345- BROWN, LELAND OWEN Academic-Math- Science Letterman C Basket- ball, Captain of C Basketball, Knights, Esquires, "V" Tennis, "V" Letterman's Club I Jo V , M. , 1. BENNETT, JAMES CURTIS General "J.V." Baseball, "V" Baseball, "B" Football BERLAND, GARY PAUL Academic-Math- Science-Language Knights, Tennis Letterman, "V" Letter- man's Club, Delphians, Roman Lamper, Oarsman Sports Editor M4494 . 7, BOVEY, VIRGINIA LEE Business Drama Club, G.A.A. BROWN, LINDA LEE Business- Stenographic BELL FREDA LOU Academic-Science lv BENTSON, ROGER DENNIS Academic-Math "B" Football, "V" Basketball V Track l A BONAR, JAMES Academic-Math Prom Committee V .V 1. . 1. BENSON, JERI LYNN Music Orchestra President, Drama Club, All City Orchestra, A'Cappella Choir, Drum Captain, Music Wall of Fame Award BETTON, CHARMAINE CECILE General G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee BRAIN ERNEST R General BELJEI , Junruvlvl- Academic-Science- History A-12 Representative to Girls League, Vice President F.T.A., G.A.A., Pagettes, Honor Guard BERBRICK, BOB LEE Industrial Arts Track BOOZELL, LOUIS H. Academic-Math Knights, "V" Letterman Club, "V" Football, "V" Swimming BRIDGES, LLOYD VERNET Academic-Math "B" Letterman Basket- ball, "J.V." Baseball, Knights, Vice-President of House of Represen- tatives, ASB Second Vice President BROWN, LOIS E. Homemaking BROCKMAN, CRAIG RYAN Academic-Math House of Repre- sentatives 6 BUCHANAN, JOAN EMILY Homemaking Girls' League, House of Representatives, A'Cappella, Music Club Vice President BUTTON, KATHREEN Academic-Science- Language Aesculapians, Editor Gondolier Staff, Delphians, Prom Com- mittee, G.A.A. CASILLAS, ELODIA GLORIA Business Sweater Committee, Name Committee, Girls' League CLAPICK, PHILIP Academic-Science Dance Band, Orchestra Vice President, Grand Prize Winner Bill of Rights Essay Contest, Drum Maior-Band, "V" Lettermerfs Club. Tenn sal BROWN, ROBERT RAE Academic-Language BURSEY, MARIE ENOLA Business- Stenographic G.A.A., A'Cappella CAIN, CAROLYN LOUISE Academic-Math- Science Chatelaines, Girls' League Cabinet A-1 I Rep., Lettergirls, Honor Guard, Terpsichorean Minute Secretary, F.T.A. Vice President 44" CHAN, SYLVIA LANE Business- Stenographic A.S.B. Secretary of Finance, Senior A Class Treasurer, Girls' League Treasurer, Delphian Treasurer, Aesculapians Corres- ponding Secretary and Treasurer, Ladies BRUALDI, CLAIRE Business Lettergirls, G.A.A., Prom Committee A Cappella Drill Team Girl of The Week 'TJ' BURKE, JEAN Homemaking BUSICK, CLIFFORD E. Academic-Math "B" Football, B-I2 Representative, Knights, Ushers, Prom Committee, Boys' League Vice President 2 6 1 :gt CHAGOLLA, MARCY FRANCES Business- Stenographic Drill Team CHESTNUT, GARY H. General Track, Cross Country, "B" Letterman, Esquires, F.T.A. Vice President, Prom Committee Chairman ,j , , ,, ,. ,I ' CLARK, DARYL D. I ', -. " ' General I , Q "v" Football ,ww ,, J t , sv ,dvi BURKE, JEANNETTE Art 'E- BYHAM, LORAINE CAROLYN Acamedic-Science Prom Committee, Drill Team, Girls' League .1 s ' 1 suv I CHAMPLIN, BRAD LOREN Academic-Math- Science-Language Math Club, Prom Committee bi -.J ik CLAUNCH, JOHN ROBERT Academic-Math "V" Letterman, "V" Football, Knights, Senior "B" Boys' Treasurer, Prom' Committee, "B" Letterman BRUNI, KATHERINE E. Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Lettergirls, Sweater 8. Ring Committee Honor Guard Prom Commit- tee Girls League BUSSE, SHIRLEY MARIE Business G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League A , -. is I CARRIER, LOUIS MERRICK Academic-Math- Language Delphians, Oarsman -'UTD' Q 'fs' ' ."". il A -4 'V 1 - ,i Q, . I CHRISTMAN, ALVIN ALFRED Academic-Math- Science "B" Football '1 -4' 'cf -ef l COLEMAN, LINDA ANN Homemaking G.A.A., Girls' League li i' , s COYLE, DENSON JAMES Academic-Language 167 DAWSON, JANET DEE Business Prom Committee TT' lr DODSON, RICHARD STEARNS Academic-Math "B" Football Letter- man, Delphians, Roman Lamper, Rotary Award Winner, Math Club, Western League "B" Football Championship CLOVER, WILLIAM RALPH Academic-Science Boys' League Secretary and Treasurer, House of Representatives, Tennis Team, Sweater 8. Ring Committee, "V" Lettermen Treasurer, Prom Committee V. 2,47 ., . COVELLO, JOHN B. General ra V -J 1:5 1. fv- COLGAN, RICHARD LONEY Academic-Math- Science COALTER, DIANE MARIE Academic-Science- Language A-'I0 Representative, Pagettes Vice Suprema, Ladies, B-I 2 Girls Treasurer, Lettergirls Cabinet, G.A.A. Cabinet 45: COWLES, CAROL MAE Q ,W -- - -- use 1- .. . :LM ' V H F ,, . 1 . COOPER, MARTIN MICHAEL Academic--Math Oarsman Photogra- pher, Oarsman Managing Editor, Oarsman News Editor, Medics Corresponding Secretary, Track Publicity Director, Chess Club CRABTREE, THOMAS CHARLES Mechanical Drafting DAVIDS, JAMES HOWARD Music DENISON, FRANK EDMOND Academic-Science- Language "J.V." Basketball, "V" Track, "V" Basketball DAWSON, WILLIAM ALLEN Industrial Arts "V" Letterman, Club Gymnastics, Senate House of Representa- tives, Radio Club President COLE, IRENE YVONNE Business Girls' Glee, G.A.A., Girls' League, Lettergirls, Medics, Prom Committee f . COX, NORA MAE Buslness- B , Stenographic S:"s'ne55T'1, Drill Team B to e""9'c'P 'C Steering Committee . , f.,,, .I . ., ,QW DAVIS, PAT DEANE Academic-History G.A.A., Girls' League, Medics Vice President, Treasurer, Historian, Jr. Red Cross, Prom Committee, Drill Team ,. ,.,,,, T., if DIEHL, ANNA-LENA Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Lettergirls, Drill Team, Girls' League, Aesculapians, Prom Committee 1, I,-.eff 4 , DONOVAN, KATHERINE LOUISE ' Q Business 'cf - I "' T5 Q. Al CUNDIFF TED EDWARD Music Marching Band Orchestra DAVIS, PATRICIA KAY Business B-I 0 Representative, B-'IO Steering Committee, Student Activities, Honor Guard, B-'I2 P.T.A. Princess, Girls' League DEL ROSARIO, AMELIA Academic-History DONOVAN, WALLY FRANCIS Academic-Math "C" Football, "C" Track, "B" Basketball, "B" Track DILLAVOU, JANICE JOANNE Business- Stenographic A-11 Representative, B-I 2 Prom Chairman, Ladies Treasurer, Chatelaines, Pagettes A-I 2 Class President 19' L. 4 .L H , -if EASTON, BOBBY LOU Business- Stenographic EMFIELD, LORNA KATHLEEN Homemaking House of Representa- tives, Senate, President of Venice Music Club, A'CappelIa Choir FELS, MICHAEL, DAVID Academic-Science Boys' League President, Esquires, Delphians, Tennis Team, Swim Team Manager, Senior Prom Committee FORTE, JOBIE Business Medics Club ACCd9mIC1l.CI1gUCge' . History Ladies, Chatelaines Historian, Pagette Suprema, Future Teachers of America President and Secretary, G. L. Cabinet, Roman Lamper EINSTEIN, JUNE, CLAIRE Academic--Language Delphians, Roman Lamper, G.A.A. Vice President, Aesculapians Vice President, Prom Committee Chairman, Senior page editor of the Oarsman EULER, CAROL LYNN Academic-Math Girls' League, Music Club, Tersichoreans I FORISTER, BEVERLY, JEAN Music Dionysian President, Terpsichoreans, A'Cappella, Senate, Girls' League ga 11 :6 LW-,g.'.. ..:.,. . I ' ix ECDAHL, DIANNE Business- Bookkeeping G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Senior Prom Committee, F.T.A. DUCLOS, RONNIE W. Industrial Arts lt' FIGOTEN, HELENE, RUTH Academic-History Science Club, Delphians, Senior A'Cappella Girls Glee, Prom Committee FRANKSON, JON MICHAEL Academic Basketball ELLIOTT, ROBERT EDWARD Academic-Math- Science Knights, Tennis Team, Delphian Society, "V" Lettermen's Club, Cross Country Team :ACN ..rf'.x.g 'Ki " EDWARDS, EDDIE A. Industrial Arts f" f 4 'ff V A , EPPS, JAMES, EDWARD Industrial Arts Lettered in "C" Track, "B" Football, "B" Track, "V" Football, Uv" Track FORREST, PAUL DENNIS Academic--Science FISCHER, PAUL Academic-Math "C" Swim Team, "C" Basketball FREEDMAN DOREEN Business Stenographic Girls' League, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Drill Team, Prom Committee DYE, DIANE JANE Academic-Math- History Election Campaign Worker J 1 ELLMAKER, PAUL, LEONARD Industrial Arts FARKAS, STANLEY, RAYMOND Academic-Science Horticulture Club, Rockhound Club ,,. FORSYTHE, ROGER, ALLEN JR. Academic ".l.V." Baseball, "J.V." Football, "V" Baseball, Lettermen cali GARDAYA, CAROLEN LEE Business- Stenographic Ladies, Chatelaine Secretary, A.S.B. Song- leader, Lettergirl Vice- President, Aesculapian Vice-President, Girls' League Historian GILMORE, CAROLYN Academic-Science- Language A.S.B. 'Ist Vice President, Chatelaines Secretary and Vice Premier, Ladies Second Lady, Ushers, Girls' League Cabinet, G.A.A. Cabinet ' i 6' FREEMAN, BUTCH Industrial Arts B-'I 2 Representative, "V" Letterman Presi- dent, Gymnastics, Knights, Ushers, Senate GASS, JUDY ANN Business Girls' Glee, A'Cappella FUKUMOTO, TOMMY T. Academic-Math Science-Language Chess Club, Science Club Math Club GAYDOWSKI,J.D. Academic-Math- Science Knights, Delphian President, Esquires Sec. of Records, "V" Letterman Treasurer, Tennis Sweater Committee GELLENBECK, RONNIE ALLEN Art GONZALES, JOE TABARES Industrial Arts 4? A JZ.. , 1 I f yi 8 GOKA, EDWARD, KENZO Academic Prom Committee GRAFTON, ALAN Academic-Math- Science-Language Knights, Roman Lamper, Esquires, Delphians Treasurer, Science Club Treasurer, Math Club HAMACHI, JULIE, KAORU Business-Shorthand Lettergirls, Roman Lamper, Delphian Secretary, House of Representatives, G.A.A. Girls ofthe Year, Senior Sweater and Name Committee GREENE, MARIETTA, KAY Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Lettergirls, Honor Guard, Delphians, Prom Committee, Girls' League GRAVES, ALBERT, ANTHONY Industrial Arts fav wM4 ,es HAMILTON, PHYLLIS, ELAINE Academic-Science G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Girls' League, Medics GERSHBEIN, FRED Industrial Arts President of Printer' Guild, Secretary, Treasurer Printer's Guild S. ' S gr GORDON,JAMEi STEVEN General GRIFFIN, JACK Academic-Math GOLDSTEIN, SHEILA RAE Academic-Math G.A.A., Lettergirls, Aesculapians, Delphians, Science Club GRAY, SUZANNE MARIE Business Drill Team HARDY, ROBERT WILLIAM Academic-Math CALLOWAY, STEPHEN E. Industrial Arts Horticulture Club President, "B" Foot- ball, Track, Tennis, Senate GIBAS, ROSEMARY ANN Business House of Representa- 1 tives, Drill Team, Marching Band, Dance Band, Prom Committee I GORDON, MITCH E. Industrial Arts B-10 Steering Committee HALL, SUSAN, MARIE Business Girls' Glee, A'CappeIIa Gymnastics HAWLEY, DENNIS GILBERT Academic-History "J.V." Baseball, "C" Track, "B" Football, Prom Committee HEINER, LUANA MARIE Business- Stenographic Rotary Winner, Delphians, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Com- mittee, Roman Lampers HICKS, RICHARD WAYNE Academic-Foreign Language "C" Basketball, "J.V." Baseball, Stage Crew HOLMES, CHARLES R. Industrial Arts "B" Basketball, "V" Basketball, Lettermen, Track, The most improved player of" ' HARMELL, JACKIE Art Q3 ,-J w-Q -I HAYNIE, MARGARET MARY Business G.A.A. if S4 QE? HELLESEN, JERRY LEE Academic-Math B-'IO Steering Com- mittee, G.A.A. R7 HIXON, BILL Academic--Math- Science Cross Country, Dance Band, Marching Band, Science Club Treasurer, Scholarship Finalist, Boys' League ,Ab E. W Q7-T HAYCOCK, GORDON Industrial Arts HARRIS, MARTIN EARL Academic-Language History Esquires Treasurer, "J.V." Baseball, "V" Baseball, "B" Football, House of Representa- tives, Boys' League Officer t . , v L I HILL, MARJORIE ELLEN Academic-Language Z ,,. HOLMES, VERDA MAE Academic-Math G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Prom Committee, Medics Corresponding Secretary HEFFERON, JUDY Homemaking 5 A.Le-s .X7 Tlflfw ' " -' iff 'iF52Z'f7 ,.. 'VF' I., ,.'f 5 V I ' r' , 43 I 'Sf ' "r-4... lf' ,f HAYDEN, ALICE Academic-Math- Science Girls' League, Marching Band HEINLE, AL Academic-Science Esquires Secretary, "V" Swimming, "V" Lettermens Club, Delphians I tg, HINDSILL, YALE G. Academic-Math- Science Gymnastics, Prom Committee HOERMAN, DARA GAIL Business-Shorthand Marching Band, Science Club l HONMA, MASATO Academic Math Foreign Language HARRIS, ROBERTA LYNN Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Girls' League, Senior Prom Committee HEIDEBRECHT, JEAN Wt ANNETTE Business- Bookkeeping , -at x I - A, .ff-r ME HENRY, JOYCELYN Business-Typing G.A.A., Girls' League p I f r rt f' HOFFMAN, HELEN ALICE Academic-Science- Math-Foreign Language-History G.A.A., Lettergirls, Science Club Vice President, Delphians, Prom Committee fun 'uf HOWELL, EDWARD W. Academic-Science- Math Medics Club, Science Club, Math Club IRIE, ELINOR MICHIKO Academic-Language- Science Girls' League Treasurer, House of Representa- tives, G.A.A. Cheer- leader, Chatelaines, Roman Lamper, Aesculapian Corre- sponding Secretary ,nv KAPLAN, NORMAN JACK Academic-Math- Science Dance Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, Prom Committee, Math Club, Science Club lf' as 't -. KOMAR, HANNAH ETTA Academic-Language- Math-Science G.A.A., Girls' League, Lettergirls, Girls' League Honor Guard, Student Activities, Prom Committee HONO, KATHLEEN KIYOMI Business Girls' League, G.A.A,, Lettergirls, Prom Committee HUNTZINGER, DEAN NEIL Academic-Science "B" Track JOHNS, JUDITH LOUISE Academic-Science- Language-Math A.S.B. Secretary of Finance, Head School Songleader, Girls' State, Ladies, G.A.A. President, Cheerleader, Ushers 'Nw KITA, MARY SETSUKO Academic-Science Aesculapians' Girl of the Year, Delphians, Pagettes Treasurer, G.A.A., Lettergirls' Historian, Oarsman Staff J 'JZ' HULL, LAURIE RETA Business HOOVER, JOETHEL ANN Business- Stenographic Drill Team INGALLS, PAULA DIANE Academic-Language Medics, President, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Delphians, Girls' League, Marching Band ISODA, ROBERT M. Academic-History "C" Swimming, "B" Football, Boys' League Cabinet, Gondolier Staff, Student Activities KILMER, KATHERINE LEONA Business 1, KRANTZ, BETH ANNE General Girls' League, Drill Team, B-'IO Steering Committee, Girl of the Week f . 1 1 .M ff .. ff? f ,,,,,,f-4. -J i JUHAN, BETTY A. Academic-Language Ladies, Aesculapians President, A.S.B. Honor Guard, F.T.A. Secretary, Delphians, Drill Team KLING, PATSY I. Homemaking S HUNGATE, PRUDENCE ANN Academic-Spanish- Math A'Cappella,'F.T.A. U 4 '-"' ' JAKUBAUSKAS, SIGITA Academic-Language Prom Committee, G.A.A., Girls' League, A'Cappella, Medics 4 4.-0? KIRK, CHESTER ALLEN Academic-Math "B" Football, Sound Crew X :c':'1'f" ' ' Z A 16' ,A l KRASONECK, ANTON General HORIUCHI, HARVEY Academic-Science- Math ,..4-v INOUYE, FRED MICHIO Academic-Math pd' KADERLY, PATSY M. Business-Shorthand G.A.A., Lettergirls, Drill Team, Prom Committee isr- KNIGHT, STEPHEN EDWIN lndustrial Arts Cross Country Aft!! LX X LAKE, DARLA Business- Bookkeeping 'Wfv-f 'z-:lv LAWRENCE, THOMAS H. Academic-History "B" Football, "V" Football, Prom Committee KRIVANEK, MARGO DIANE Business- Stenographic Work Experience LARSON, JOHN R. Industrial Arts Printers Guild LEE, VIRGINIA JOAN Academic-Math- Language G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Girls' League, F.T.A., Graduation Honor Guard 9' i' LINDSAY, JEFF BRINE General "B" Football, "B" Lettermens' Club, "B" Track, "JV" Base- ball, The House of Representatives, Prol ' ' LEAMON, HOUSTON DALE Academic-Math "V" Lettermens' Club, "V" Football 'ic LEWIS, ELLEN Business Clerical fs-GQ ' . im! E6fL 1,159 ' iftu' 21,5 , , if ,YQ KUEBLER, BRUCE WILLIAM Academic-Science- Math-Language Latin Club President, "V" Lettermens' Club, Knights, Esquires, "V" Cross Country, Delphians LANSFORD, DANIEL MADISON 5 Industrial Arts 'If LATHROP, LOIS IRENE Academic-Spanish Student Activities, N, F.T.A., Prom Committee f- X. MOST VIVACIOUS Larry Rowinsky Joanne Dillavou yflfg 'mf' , If L .! .v " Lelcl-ms, RONNIE H. , 'P Industrial Arts I' V ff! , V LEWIS, GENEVIEVE A Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Drill Team, Prom Committee LINKE, HOLLY SUZANNE Business- Stenographic- Bookkeeping B-I0 Steering Com- mittee, Delphians, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Roman Lampers LARNER, JERRY Academic-History- Math "B" Track, "C" Track, "V" Cross Country, "B" Cross Country, "C" Cross Country, Math Club LAWS, LANA JANE Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Girls' League LEVIN, ALAN IRVIN Academic-Science Math Culb, Chess Club, Dance Band, Track, Bugler for Raising of Flag :Qt LOCKHART, JAMES BENJAMEN Music Orchestra, Dance Band, Music Club, All South- ern California High School Band, Oarsman Staff KUTSCH, DICK C. Academic-Math "V" Football, "V" Lettermens' Culb, Science Club, Orches- tra, "V" Track, Managers Club LATTIMER, JILL G. Academic-Foreign Language G.A.A., F.T.A. LEDBETTER, MAURICE ESQUIRE Industrial Arts Football, Basketball, Track, Knights, Co-Ed Sports LIEBERMAN, FRANK H Academic-Math LOWERY, LINDA SUE Academic-Science Girls' League, G,A.A., Prom Committee, Science Club MANALATOS, REBECCA JOAN General G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Drill Team, Prom Committee, German Club, Girls' League I I MATSUDA, KEN Academic-Math Esquires, Knights, Ushers, "B" Letter- man, "V" Baseball, Sweater Committee MOORE, BERTELLA JANE Homemaking 70 LOGSDON, DEMARIS ANN Business Stenographic B-'IO Steering Com- mittee, G.A.A., Girls' League, Orators, Prom Committee LUNDBERG, DANA Academic-History Drama Club, Terpsi- chorean, House of Representatives, Speech Club, Swim Team, Chess Club MARCUS, JOEL Academic-History A-I 2 Representative, "V" Basketball, "V" Baseball, Oarsman Staff, Knights, Student Government MILLS, MICHAEL C. Industrial "B" Football, "V" Football gf LUBIN, BRENDA ZAYNE Academic-Math Aesculapians, G.A.A., Lettergirls, Medics, Girls' League, Prom Committee MARCKMANN, RICHARD C. History MILHON, LEON SHELDON Industrial MOORE, CHARLENE FRANCES Academic-Language G,A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Ring 8 Sweater Committee, Prom Committee, Oarsman LONGINAKER, ANDREA KAY Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Lettergirls, Student Activities, Girls' League, Student Government, Prom Committee MAGNUSON, STEVEN MICHAEL Academic-Math- Science "V" Football MARTIN, MELVYN K. Industrial Gym Team MINARCK, MAUREEN MICKEY General Prom Committee, Lettergirls, Student Activities, Gondolier Staff, Orators, Girls' League T' LUND, DANIEL M. Academic--Language A.S.B. President, A.S.B. 3rd Vice Presi- dent, B-'I I Class Repre- sentative, Lettermen Vice President, . Delphians Vice President, B-I 0 Steering Committee NX-.I MARCOE, ROSELLA F. Academic-Sciencm Language A.S.B. Ist Vice Presi- dent, A.S.B. Song- leader, Usher Presi- dent, Ladies, G.A.A. Cheerleader, Pagettes iii MILLER, GARY ANDREW Industrial "B" Football MORGAN, LAWRENCE LLOYD Academic-Math Radio Club President, Senate LOTKER, STEPHEN Academic-Math- Science Prom Committee lf YI? MANNING, RICHARD Industrial 'ff' MASTERS, MARLETTE Academic-History Prom Committee, Medics, G.A.A., Girls' League ff! MOORE, BETTY JEAN Homemaking 7:'!u A L f.-I Q4 NAKAMURA, JEANNE Academic-Math- Science Pagettes, Sweater Committee, Drill Team, Delphians, G.A.A., Lettergirls MORIGUCHI, DANIEL MASATOSHI Academic-Science Esqulres, Knights, Delphians, Orchestra, Band, Prom Committee 14? NASH, MATTIE MAYE Homemaking NIELSEN, RONNIE J. Academic-Foreign Language .wx is 7'9- I Sv WM ii sf- 1 NOYES, RICHARD MATTHEW Academic-Language Delphians, Latin Club, German Club, Science Club Y 9 PASSMAN, STANFORD NELSON, SONJA Academic-Math G.A.A., Letterglrls, MOUER, PATSY HELEN General History G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Girls' League, Medics NEMICK, SUE N. Art Prom Committee, Orchestra, Prom Committee 'G' 1:21 Hall Decorations NISHIYAMA, ROY Industrial Arts ODLE, RICHARD C. Academic-Math Science OVADENKO, MARILYN FAITH Academic-Science Language 'lst Lady, Chatelaine Premiere, G.A.A. Vice-President 8. Cheerleader, Letter- girls Vice-President, Delphian Secretary 8. Treasurer, Honor Guard Orators, Prom Committee, "JV" Cross Country Academic-History ' PATTERSON, PHIL l'l. "B" Letterman, ' Q ACQd6mlC-MGll"l- Printers Guild, Los SCIGHCG Toreros, Science Club, "V" FOOIIJUII Rockhounds, Pep Club I :if OVNICK JOHN L Academic-Science 1 'Ziyi -area-iw ' I' ' "W 1 2 1 NEISON, FRANK Academic NILES, JACKIE RAE Academic-Science Ladies, Terpsichorean President, House of Representatives, Honor Guard, Girls' League Cabinet, Latin Club OLSON, DONNA MARIE Academic Foreign Language G.A.A. Cheerleader, Letterglrls, Girls League Honor Guard, Delphians, Prom Committee PAULL, PENNEE A. Academic-History Girls' League, Prom Committee, G.A.A. MULLINEAUX, DAVE L. Industrial Art NIELSEN, RONNIE F. Industrial Arts NORTON, ERNIE Business- Bookkeeping Boys' League, "V" Football PANEPINTO, MARILYN GRACE Homemaking Drill Team PERRY, SHARON L. Business-Stenm graphic Attendance Office, G.A.A. PITTSER, KENNETH WAYNE Industrial Art Cross Country 3' RABINOWITZ, VALERIE EVE Business-Clerical Attendance Office, G.A.A. RETTIG, BAILEY T General-Science Drama 72 PECOFF, RONALD Industrial Arts Gymnastics, Horti- culture Club, Rockhounds PETERSEN, BO Academic-Math- Science Tennis, "B" Track, Math Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Chess Club S.. PROVENCHER, HENRY JOSEPH Industrial Art REEVES, JOSEPH CECIL General History "V" Football, "B" Swim Team, House of Representatives, Prom Committee 52 Nfl W PESQUEIRA, MARGARET CAROL Art POWELL, GAIL MARIE Business, Stenographic Lettergirls, G.A.A., Girls' League, Medics Secretary, Prom Committee, Girls' Glee RAMSEY, DAVE M. Music PEPPER, ALAN LAWRENCE Academic-Math- Science Delphians, Pep Club, Prom Committee, Half-time Announcer PETTY, JAMES THOMAS Academic-Language Basketball PR OVI S, ELIZABETH ANNE Academic-Science- Math-Language Science Club President, Delphians, Roman Lamper, Prom Com- mittee, Aesculapians REEVES, JOE CONRAD General-History Knights, Lettermen's Club, "V" Basketball, "V" Track PETERS, VERNON DUAINE Academic-History , - ...,., .. PREIKSAITIS, CHRIS Academic-Language Music Club, Latin Club REEVES, GENE Business-Stenm graphic 'Nun RINNE WILLIAM I A ROBINSON, GEORGE ' ' FRANCIS FREDERICK 'J . " i Industrial Art Industrial Art A ...NH Baseball PEREZ, SALLY Academic-Spanish G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Science Club Member movq PILZ, BODO Academic-Math- Science QUICK, FRANCES KAY Business-Stenm graphic G.A.A., Girls' League Chatelaines, A Cappella Choir, Graduation Honor Guard, Terpsicorians REICHARDT, LARRY Academic-Math 2nd Vice-President, Knight Commander, "V" Basketball, Esquires, Ushers, Lettermen ROENFELD, CAROL ANN Homemaking ROWINSKY, LARRY Academic-History Yell King, Esquire Commander, "V" Letterman President, Knight Vice Commander, B-'I 0 Representative, "V" Track SANDS, BRADLEY ROY Academic- Math-Language Tennis, Math Club President, Photo Club President SCHROEDER, LLOYD T. Industrial Art SHIPP, JERRY LYNN Academic-Math JV Football SALOUTOS, BONNIE LOUISE Academic--Science G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Prom Committee SCHLOCKER, RONALD JAMES General Lab Assistant 4:1 55:13 Z T ' ? V, :f, . -:if ROGERS, BOB LEWIS A Industrial fav Lab Assistant ' Qin? ' X ' 1 RUBIN, JACK C. Music Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, Track, Prom Committee, Sweater Committee .. vm.. 'UV SEEMS, BONNIE JEAN Academic-Science G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Prom Committee, Oarsman Staff -' ' !V'V41?f"'2i"" " SANCHEZ, PATRICIA ELIZABETH Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Prom Committee, Name Committee SHELLEY STEPHEN MERLE SHEFFERI RONALD C- ff Industrial Arts Academic-Science ,A I-VH Fombulll --V-' Marching Band, Swimming' MVN PI'-QP Band Letterman, Marching lx 11 Y-'47 SHIREY PAT Business Stenographic Band JV Football SALCIDO, Bos c. Industrial Arts Gymnastics .4334 -2' " - ' 'MWF SCHICKMAN, GERALD Academic-Math- Science-Language Science Club President, Horticulture Club Vice President, Delphians, Science Fair Grand Prize, Nat. Essay Association Contest Winner, Leo A. Carter Scholarship J SHAPIRO, HARRIET JUDITH Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Girls' League, Girls' Glee, Terpsichorean 4+ -1.5 SIEMSEN, ARMON DOUGLAS Academic- Math-Science "V" Football, "V" Swimming, Knights, "V" Letterman, Delphians, Esquire ROSKE, JAY AVILO Academic-Math Swimming, Football, All-City Swim-C. 'fltv SANDERS, BILL ROBERT Academic-Math C. Basketball, "JV" Baseball, "V" Baseball, Esquires v- , I 'A I , wud ' I. 'Mm X . SCHRAGER, JANET Academic- Science-Language G.A.A., Medics President, Senate, Lettergirls, Prom Committee, Drill Team, Flag Bearer 172211: ' ,',-.f,: v: 'f ' -49 , af' Z I SHIELD, MICHAEL GENE Academic-Math "V" Letterman, Knights V45 , -.7 f at l iizraff - V J . SMITH, MELVIN ALLAN Industrial Art Printers Guild 1 .f - I 1. i",7'L,FQ I A .frJ171i:-' 3' fr-vw' .yt'g1nZ'-ti' -- -'ZIF 1 SOLOVAY, THOMAS General-History , 4 w :- Q--'N SURTEES, CHERYL LEE Business- Stenographic Work Experience s-rv J " THATCHER, STEPHEN WARREN General- Social Studies B-'IO Steering Com- mittee, "B" Football player of the year, "V" Track, "V" Cross Country, Sweater Committee SIMMONS, LINDA LEE Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Girls' League, Lettergirls, Senior Prom Committee , 443. 'ZS' SNELLER, MARK ROBERT Academic Photography Club, "C" Swim Team, "B" Swim Team, "V" Swim Team X YA I 6' . y I D SPENCER, JOSEPH MORRIS Academic- Math-Science Art Rotary SWEEDEN, KATHY JOAN Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Drill Team 1 SMITH, SALLY ANNE Homemaking Girls' Glee, Choir 5 . SOMERS, JAMES WILLIAM Industrial Arts SMALE, ARDITH ELIZABETH Academic- Science, Language G.A.A., Lettergirls, Science Club, Prom Committee, Girls' League SNYDER, NEAL Academic--Science Esquires, Roman Lamper, Prom Entrance Chairman, Tennis Team, Dance Band, Math Club !2'3""' SUTTON, ELIZABETH MAY Business- Bookkeeping Ladies, A-12 Repre- sentative, Graduation Honor Guard, Delphian Cabinet, Girls',League, Letlergirl wJ 4 'I ' 8'2- I . s THOMAS, TRENT NORMAN Academic- Math-Foreign Language 5 M5 ST. HILAIRE, NORMAN WILLIAM Academic- Foreign Language Delphian, Boys' League TABOR, CLARENCE EARNEST Academic-Math "B" Football, "B" Lettermen, Photog- raphy Club, Prom Committee Chairman, Jr. Red Cross Club, Boys' League ,E -Z-mg, 1- -3.5535--51-1 V if , 'S fb! 63" 1' ' ' Academic- Math Science I Class President A-ll Representative Delphians Esquires, Knight 'dew X If w h I v Yell Leader, B-'I2 X I L J, SMITH, TEDDE Academic- Math-Science Pagettes, B-'l'I Rep- resentative, B-l 2 Class Secretary, Ladies, Lady Secretary, Prom Committee SPARR, JOHN VERNON Drafting "C" Basketball, "C" Track, "B" Basketball, "V" Basketball, "V" Track, Student Activities SOLOKO, BETTY MARIE Business- Stenographic Senior Sweater Committee, Prom Committee, Girls' League Committee, Lettergirls, G.A.A., A Cappella Choir -'f,, ,-npr, - -,I ,V f N A STRAGAND, GRETCHEN ANN Academic- Science-Math Girl of the Year, Girls' League Corresponding Secre tary, Ladies, Chate- Iaines, Pagettes- Historian, Drill Team 2nd Mate SWANSON, JOHN DEAN Academic-Math Cross Country, Swimming Team, Letterman THOMPSON, JOYE JAYE Business- Bookkeeping G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League, Drill Team, Prom Committee TAYLOR, LONNE L00 Business- Stenographic Drill Team 4th Mate, Historian, Aesculapi- ans, Medics Vice President, Lettergirls Prom Committee, F.T.A. THOMPSON, LOWELL STANLEY Academic- Math-Science Science Club, Math Club USRY, SANDY FLYNN Academic-Science Girls' League Historian Senate, Chatelaine, Aesculapian President, Lettergirls, G.A.A. VO GEL, JOAN MARGARET Business- Stenographic A Cappella, Girls' Glee, Orchestra WEBBER, BARRY COLTON Industrial Arts "B" Football, "B" Letterman, Proiection, WESTMORELAND, DOLORES A. Business B-'I 0 Steering Committee VICENTE, NINA Business-Clerical G.A.A., Drill Team WAIT, BRENDA LEE Academic- Language-Science Pagette Secretary, Chatelaine Treasurer Secretary, Lettergirl President, G.A.A. Cheerleader, Delphians, Ladies WEISS, GLORIA JEAN Business- Stenographic Terpsichorean Pub- licity Chairman, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Sweater Committee, Girls' League ' e--. sf VALENZUELA, GERRY LEE Business- Stenographic WAGNER, DOLORES ROSELLA Business- Stenographic Crescendoes, Prom Committee, Girls' Glee, House of Representatives X I f WEINSTEIN, JANET Academic- Science-History G.A.A., F.T.A. Vice President, Girls' League B-I 2 Repre- sentative, Lettergirls, B-I 0 Steering Committee WHITE, GAIL General Terpsichorean, House of Representatives, Prom Committee, A Cappella, F.T.A., Girls' League TRESTER, DONNA MAE DELLA Business-Shorthand Chatelaine, G.A.A., B-I 0 Steering Com- mittee, Lettergirls 'fd VIDICAN, JACQUES GUY Industrial Arts "B" Football, "B" Track, "C" Track, Printer's Guild WALDEN, DONALD STEWART Academic-Science Cross Country WEISS, SHIRLEY TRINA Ladies, Chatelaines, F.T.A. President Sec- retary, Roman Lamper, G.A.A. Cabinet, Lettergirls 1, J I .gal VETTER, SHARON KAY Academic-Language Girls' League, Girls' Glee, A Cappella WAGNER, DOUG ALAN Industrial Arts WEISS, DIANA JOY Academic- Math-Language Science Club, Letter- girls, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Delphian WIGHTMAN, ELAINE E. Business- Stenographic G.A.A., Girls' League, Sweater Committee, Prom Committee Oarsman Staff, F.T.A UREVIG, DONALD S. Academic- Math-Science VIRGIL, SHARON ANN Academic-Business G.A.A., Lettergirls, Delphians, Girls' League, Roman Lamper QT WATKINS, MARTI Academic-Science Girls' League President, Drill Team Skipper, A-10 Repre- sentative, Delphians, Ladies, Chatelaines WELLS, MARGARET MARIE Academic-Science Lettergirls, G.A.A., Delphians, Oarsman Editor, Roman Lamper, Girls' League WINBOURN, KAREN LYNN Academic-History Prom Committee, G.A.A., Drill Team, Girls' League ,,-,,, ,7 Q71 WOODRICK, DOUGLAS Academic-Language Drama Club, Drama Festival I 'S E? x L LOPEZ, RUBEN Art 76 WILSON, JOAN MARIE Academic-Language Lettergirls, Delphians, G.A.A., Girls' League, Prom Committee WOLF, EDWARD MORRIS Academic- Math-Science "JV" Football, "V" Track, Essay Contest Winner, Medics, Drama Club, D e l p h ia n s rw if fl 7 , . x 1 .. --I AL YNIGUEZ, LEONARD ANTHONY Industrial Arts Drama Club 15. " " Shiv WINGARD, KAREN LEE Art F WILSON STEPHEN F PAUL Business- Bookkeeping Delphians A Cappella ,,,,.-.7,-- , . ...,,f,,W,,-,V-.,,g,V,, Q-gp: Q-CV WYSONG, SANDRA LEE Business- Stenographic WOOD, CHARLES LEE Industrial Art Track Pagettes, lst Mate Drill Team, Lettergirls girl of the year, Ladies, Girls' League Treasurer, Honor Guard WINTER, FRANK Academic-English Art, Science Club YIAMAKI, TOM Industrial Arts f ' YOUNGMAN, PAUL EDWARD Academic- f History-English 'Nur' . , CAMERA SHY Burba, Ronnie C Close, Jerry L. Craven, Charles Grote, Bill Hooper, Charles Judd, Don Kelly, Mike Meaney, Cletus Nagy, Eugene Painter, Vance Plasencia, Mary Robbins, Sharon Ross, Eric Savage, Charles Simmons, Francis Skaggs, Sharon Smith, Willie Stefaniak, Robert Stevens, Carl Stiles, Adena Tavoda, Paul Waddell, Michael 5 I z ROSSELLO, JIM A. Industrial Arts "JV" Baseball, "V" Baseball, "V" Football, "V" Letter- mens Club WIMBERLY JACK . Academic-Math B Football Inter-Mural WOOD, THOMAS CARL Industrial Arts ZANGER, MIKE Academic- Math-Science Roman Lamper, Knights, Esquires, Tennis Letterman, "B" Football, Lettermen's Club nv.. -. 31- SENICDR CAPERS f lil -3 Y M Firsi Lady? i What's Cooking? 115 -' ., ' in 1? ,U x V f 1 - Y f A Rm , 4 '41, ' W - , "W 1151.0 3 :- N Y' .. A,........ fe .vx . Zvi T, ' if 3 6. ' ' ' s w I ' 7 f ' gif' ' ' ff A- ' , , -. - . ,O ze Elm, 9-5 cw 2. ' 0 A 4 n at' .A ' ' -Q-A ' ' 1 V ,Q 'W ' If N X 1 i 4' 3 -W . Q , 1 4 N , 2 X 4, 55 Our mommies listen to KFWB I : rf V Aw, Come On 2 X n Gp r- sx A f X ,Q If J I f iii: :I 'E I Ax -45 QQ y 3 I. -- ff., me I V- l 44 , Q , :f1:,9g, .. 1 ,. - A I vu X If I.-I' N I sm 4 9 0- T fx-1 2 , K z Snug as a Bug Posture gyzh f i Reach!! 1 Y , K .:l1nf:. 1 ' n V ' ef , ,. gg, - M A , 1 Queen ,.nn -auf If 1 Nice Legs a Nue' M' l n 4229 Q 2 " 'ljip ' ,. 1 ', 54' A3 K L ':- ,I ,Q 1 -V ' 'ff , 1 jf? 4-, 447 E . , .2"'2:4' ' r. i-'-if . 1 J D i 4.1-'J . 1 L- .."' .f Q. V. .WI 1' 1 4 33.4 : Q" ' 1 , , U-. e l0l"0lfl6! fo Ae A l0CLI"f of !A0 Cl"ebU . . STUDENT QRGANIZATIQNS J Members of the Ladies for W'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: G. Sato, M. Ova denko, J, Kaufman, C. Tweten, W. Crawford. ROW TWO: E. lrie, D. Bergman, T. Weiss, N. Willard, G. Stragand, L. Alvarez, J. Dillavou, S. Chan. ROW THREE: T. Smith, N. Lambrechtsen, J. Johns, C. Gilmore, J Boucher, S. Bergess, J. Niles, S. Wysong, K. Ker ner, J. Akune, D. Coalter, V. Laham. FIRST LADY Jill Kaufman LADIES LADIES is the honor-service organization for senior girls, and can be recognized in their red skirts and white sweaters. They are the official hostesses of Venice High School under the wonderful sponsorship of Dr. Arcineiga. Membership is based on leadership, service and scholarship. The officers for W'59 were: First Lady-Jill Kauf- man, Second Lady-Kay Kerner, Secretary-.lune Akune, Treasurer-Carol Tweten, and Historian- Vicki Laham. The officers for S'59 were: First Lady-Marilyn Ovadenko, Second Lady-Carolyn Gilmore, Secretary -Tedde Smith, Treasurer-Joanne Dillavou, and His- torian-Sandy Wysong. Members of the Ladies for S'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: J. Dillavou, C. Gil more, M. Ovadenko, S. Wysong, B. Juhan. ROW TWO: K. Asari, P. Loffler, B. Sutton P. J. Loffler, R. Marcoe, B. Wait, E. lrie, C. Gardaya, B. Smith, S. Chan. ROW THREE FIRST LADY M. Harte, G. Stragand, M. Watkins, J. Johns, J. Niles, J. Kosharek, A. Drezner,T. Weiss Marilyn OVdd9I'lli0 D, Cgqlfef, "7 Amee? 80 ,xw.'?4 .xi i 1 new KNIGHT COMMANDER Members of the Knights for W'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: B. lsoda K Mat Floyd Henderson suda, L. Brown, F. Henderson, B. Freeman, D. Moriguchi, A. Grafton. ROW TWO G Ber land, C. Wilson, J. Smith, J. Marcus, B. Bridges, B. Kuebler, M. Zanger, J Claunch ROW THREE: F. Brauer, W. Tiffany, J. LaFirenza, J. Gaydowski, C. Busick, L. Rowunsky A. Heinle, R. Elliott, J. Bowman, L. Reichardt, A. Siemsen, D. Lund. KNIGI-ITS The Venice Knights is a Senior boy's service club. Its membership may vary, but cannot exceed 25. Eligibility for membership is based upon activities, scholarship, and leadership. The duties of the Knights are to keep the grounds clean and to clean-up all smoking on campus. They also help to bring up the standards of the school. The officers for W'59 were: Knight Commander- Floyd Henderson, Vice-Commander-Chuck Wilson, Treasurer-Richie Africa, Secretary-Ron Hudson, and Sergeant at Arms-Joe LaFirenza. The officers for S'59 were: Knight Commander- Larry Reichardt, Vice-Commander-Larry Rowinsky, Treasurer-Cliff Busick, Secretary-AI Heinle, and Sergeant at Arms-Lee Brown. Members of the Knights for S'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: L. Brown, L. Rowi sky, L. Reichardt, C. Busick, A. Heinle. ROW TWO: A. Grafton, B. Isoda, B. Freeman J. Smith, M. Zanger, J. Carmel, T, McLean, B. Jeffress, G. Hirschkoff, D. Moriguchi K. Matsuda. ROW THREE: J. Claunch, G. Berland, J. Reeves, B. Bridges, J. Gaydowski J. Marcus, D. Lee, B. Elliott, M. Shield, L. Boozell, R. Love, A. Siemsen, B. Kuebler, D. Lund. 995m to .- .L ..- 'deg 1 Q-V1 ..1.v+.. 1 Q . L s Z. KNIGHT COMMANDER Larry Reichardt The Chatelaine Service Club consists of girls in the eleventh grade at Venice High School. They are picked for their fine scholarship, leadership, and service. The duties which they perform help to carry out the policies of the school. Every day of the week, Chatelaines have post at different spots on the front lawn, where eating is prohibited. lt is their iob, along with an Esquire's assistance, to keep students from breaking such rules. Helping Mr. Hostetler in the Student Store before school and table duty in the cafeteria at noon are other tasks carried out by the Chatelaines. They serve at teas and various school functions when called upon. The purpose of the Chatelaines is to set an example for the other girls and try to keep Venice the fine school it is The officers for W'59 were: Premier-Judy Kosharek, Vice Premier-Paula Loffler, Secretary-Kayo Asari, Treas- urer-Christine lndvik, Historian-Marina Alvarez, and Publicity Chairman-Penny Loffler. The officers for S'59 were: Premier-Karen Pilot, Vice Premier-Birgitta Ericsson, Secretary-Cathy Creighton, Treasurer-Sandy Kerner, Historian-Sharon Streeter, and Publicity Chairman-Ruthy Rowinsky. CHATELAINE PREMIER Judy Kosharek gf Members of the Chatelaines for W'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE B. Charr, P. Loffler, M. Cain, J. Kosharek, D. Frisch, K. Asari, B. Smith ROW TWO: M. Alvarez, B. Ericsson, T. Kuiawsky, W. Beasley, J. Acacio J. Weiss, J. Kakehi, Mrs. Tompkins-Sponsor. ROW THREE: K. Pilot J. Wardell, L. Wootan, C. lndvik, S. Lazarus, S. Streeter, R. Rowinsky M. Harte, C. Creighton. CHATELAINE PREMIER Karen Pilot Cl-IATELAINES an-vw , 5 .,.bf ..L ,, Members o fthe Chatelains for S'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: I. Hata, D. Frisch, J. Moorman, K. Pilot, B. Charr, D. Ovadenko, P. Jacoby. ROW TWO: M. Skidmore, L. Abe, J. Kakehi, M. Cain, M. Alvarez, J. Hughes, B. Ellis, J. Weiss, B. Ericsson, S. Kerner, Mrs. Tompkins. ROW THREE: L. Curttright,A. Korengold, C. Ind- vik, S. Streeter, C. Wesson, B. Bliss, A. Alchian, S. Lazarus, R. Rowinsky, C. Creighton. Esquires for W'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: T. Soong, J. Beckman, J. Sanchez, J. Carmel, R. Miller, P. Lund, R. Cohen, E. Fuii- moto. ROW TWO: M. Dennis, D. Lewis, B. Shaw, B. Keller, J. Duke, D. Montoya, M. Neal, L. Lamb, Sponsor-Mr. Perry. ROW THREE: G. Turner, G. Hirschoff, D. Ringo, T. McLean, J. Baldi, R. Kolosseus, L. Edens, D. Denison, M. Larson, R. Noble, R. Love, and B. Jeffress. The duties of the Esquires are, to prevent students from taking food onto the front lawn, to check lunch passes at the boys' gym and Walgrove Avenue gates during lunch, and to keep order in the Cafeteria. Esquires also usher at all sports events during the year. The obiective of the Esquires is to serve their school to the best of their ability. The highest degree of citizen- ship standards are constantly maintained by all members, and a good example is set for the rest of the Student Body. Membership is based upon scholarsh-ip, leadership, and service, The officers for W'59 were: Commander-J. Carmel, Vice Commander-P. Lund, Scribe-R. Love, Secretary of Duty-B. Jeffress, Treasurer-M. Neal. The officers for S'59 were: Commander-M. Dennis, Vice Commander-M. Neal, Scribe-R. Cohen, Secretary of Duty--P. Lund, Treasurer-R. Noble, Sergeant at Arms -G. Turner. WINTER COMMANDER Jeff Carmel Mike Dennis ESQUIFQES Esquires for S'59 were, from left to right ROW ONE: T. Soong, R. Cohen, J. Grosz S. Middler, M. Dennis, P. Lund, L. Rose R. Tochioka, E. Fuiimoto. ROW TWO: J Sanchez, R. Miller, D. Hardy, L. Lamb B. Hovland, B. Shaw, D. Montoya, R. Kos- kelin, M. Neal, M. Sternberg, Sponsor- Mr. Perry. ROW THREE: D. Boyd, G. Tur ner, R. Noble, J. Baldi, S. Wade, G. Price L. Edens, D. Denison, D. Kershaw, F Wright, R. Tapp, R. Nielsen. 1 A - . A. - . .ii . llllJl I SUMMER COMMANDER 84 F519 e g 3 W H s Q . t f9f, . J , , se ..,,,., q r-H Y, 'N' 9, ,xi 4 K 4 , we .-f--.J J 1' . 4 J . ' . , K4 -1' Mwaawu The members of the Pagettes for W'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: I. lkkanda, M. Lyon, C. Hokom, A. Korengold, L. Schoolar, l. Hata, B. Collins. ROW TWO: Sponsor- Miss Parsons, L. Abe, E. Nakagiri, M. Christensen, S. Mcllvian, M. Inouye, B. Ellis, S. Brimley, D. Loffler, L. Stein. ROW THREE: S. Akune, J. lnglehart, V. Smyth, S, Fergu- son, J. Hauashi, M. Duke, K. Mortensen, D. Robison, J. Dobbs, J. Love, K. Curry, C. Fliegel. -iilf' '1v...,. ...M-as WINTER SUPREMA Ann Korengold no-H The members of the Pagettes for S'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: L. Sugimoto, G. Anderson, S. Ferguson, J. Young, J. Hughes, L. Stein, D. Loffler, M. Christensen. ROW TWO: Miss Parsons- Sponsor, J. Sakawye, D. Sando, P. Haw kins, C. Kite, S. Libby, S. McCandless, L Graham, K. Tracy, S. Blythe. ROW THREE: P. Goldsmith, J. Love, K. Mortensen, J Champlin, V. Smyth, S. Takahasi, J. Over meyer, D. Robison, L. Thompson, W. Schulman. PAS ETTES The Pagettes of Venice is a service club for B-IO and A-IO girls. The obiective of the Pagettes is to be of the utmost service to Ven- ice High School and to maintain its scholastic and character standards. lt is the duty of the Pagettes to guard the hall doors during the nutrition and lunch periods. Membership is based upon citizen- ship, scholarship, and leadership. SUMMER SUPREMA Donna Loffler 3 If 3.1 I . 'I 1 LANCERS The Lancer organization is a lOth grade boys service club. The obiective of the Lancers is to be of the utmost service to Venice High School. They show their service by as- sisting the girls lOth grade service club, the Pagettes. They guard the halls at nutrition and lunch periods. They also assist in doing any other activity which they are called upon to do. Membership is based upon citizenship, scholarship, and leadership. 3' ' jf? fgvwgif SUMMER PRESIDENT Bill Lord rg Members of the Lancers for W'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE G Bowman R Tochioka, C. Sohn, J. Weitzler, M. Sternberg, P. Holtzman, R. Hatada N Park S Shimozo, J. Asari, B. Fuiimoto. ROW TWO: Sponsor-Mr. Morgon D Hardy C Weiss J. Jennings, J. Osmundsen, M. Howard, D. Dodd, P. Fisher, B. Lord R Koskelmn J Wells, T. Henn, J. Shenberg, B. Lyle, J. Wilson. ,.-favfflxi, WINTER PRESIDENT Max Sternberg Members of the Lancers for S'59 were from left to right, ROW ONE: J. Silver- man, A. Czubiak, H. Spitzer, W. White, B Fuiimoto, S. Asari, K. Miller. ROW TWO J. Asari, A. Ungar, H. Yishikawa, N Park, J. Wilson, C. Weiss, J. Shenberg ROW THREE: E. Villa, G. Bowman, S Shimozo, D. Tani, S. lzuhara, P. Holtz- man, B. Powell, J. Wells. ROW FOUR Sponsor-Mr. Morgon, A. Schiesel, R Yoshitomi, T. Henn, B. Lord, J. Jennings R. MacGilchrist, D. Goldstein. wiidkvt so "" . Members of the Girls' League Cabinet for W'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: S. Usry-Historian and Aescualpian President, C. Tweten- Friendship Committee Chairman, L. Alvarez-President, K. Asari-Record- ing Secretary, L. Bernstein-B-'ll Representative. ROW TWO: L. Schubel -Terpsichorean President, D. Loftler, B-10 Representative, V. Laham- Board of Hearing Chairman, B. Ellis-A-'IO Representative, N. Willard -Social Activities Chairman, M. Alvarez-Corresponding Secretary, J. Weinstein-B-12 Representative, Miss Grouthaus-Sponsor. ROW THREE: A. Korengold-Pagette Suprema, L. Norris--Letter Giris President, J. Kosharek-Chatelaine Premire, J. Kaufman-First Lady, S. Burgess-Girl of the Year, J. Boucher-Vice-President, J. Johns-GAA President and Girls State Representative, N. Splitter-A-12 Representative, J. Wardell -A-l'l Representative, I. Donker-Pubicity Committee Chairman. A,..f...5-3-A -J" Members of the Girls' League Cabinet for S'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: M. Ovadenko-First Lady, D. Loffler-Pagette Suprema, T. Garcia-B-'IO Representaitve, M. Watkins-President, M. Skidmore- B-'Il Representative, B. Juhan, Aesculapian President, J. Zoriki-B-12 Representative. ROW TWO: J. Dillavou-Friendship Committee Chairman, B. Ericson-Corresponding Secretary, C. Indvik-Recording Secretary and Drill Team Skipper, S. Streeter-A-11 Representative, K. Pilot- Chatelaine Premier, G. Stragand-Girl of the Year and Appropriate Dress Committee Chairman, B. Wait-Lettergirl President, K. Mortensen -A-10 Representative. ROW THREE: J. Kakehi-Treasurer, A. Drezner- Social Committee Chairman, B. Evelyn-Historian, J. Niles-Terpsicorian President, J. Kosharek-Vice President and GAA President, S. Belsey- A-12 Representative, C. Gilmore--Publicity Chairman, Miss Grothaus- Sponsor. OWU . . SU G02 P939 The Girls' League Cabinet con- MMEQ G R6 LEPRWQ1 sists of the Presidents of differ- ,EA Gi P- xrlxxflfell Undo Girls' Week. ent girls organization, a repre- sentative from each grade, the chairmans for each individual committee, and the officers elect- ed by the girls. The cabinet meets once each week and discusses various problems that come up with the girls of Venice High. The cabinet also plans different ac- tivities for the girls, such as ff W q"""s Pkffloslvr N C- y Members of the Boys League Cabinet for W 59 were from left to right, ROW ONE B Isoda Announcer E Jefferson Vice President, M. Wolf Secretary ROW TWO M Harris Sergeant at Arms M, FeIs--Presi- Members of the Boys' League Cabinet for S'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: J. Sanchez-Announcer, C. Busick-Vice President, E. Jef- ferson-President, M. Fels- Sergeant at Arms , B. Clover-Secretary, M. Ha rris-Treasu rer. SUMMER B OENX j OYS' LE E A arnest Jefferfolif rRESlDENT f r. The Boys' League of Venice High School helps to promote spirit among the boys and it also organizes intra-mural sports games between grade at lunch periods. A few of the other ac- tivities they have participated in are, aiding in the Red Cross Drive and decorating for school dances. The officers of Boys League are elected by the boys of Venice High School. STUDENT ACTIVITIES Members of the Student Activities class of S'59 were, from left to right SEATED: H. Komar, R. Marcoe, First Vice President, M. Minarck, C. Dicker STANDING: M. Alvarez, L. Chewningg L. Wootan, B. Freeman, M. Goldstein A. Longinaker. as film Qual All il Cheer and Song Leaders for this year, from left to right: Carolen Gar- daya, Joyce Anderson, Mary Harte, Judy Johns, Rosie Marcoe, and Leslie Schubel. High spirited groups ot Song and Yell Leaders such as these have led many high schools to victory in more ways than one. We are proud to say that these enthusiastic students have carried our school through the year in a tremendous way. Whether Venice had won or lost we all went home with the feeling of having done our best. 88 Members of the Student Activities class for W'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: L. Bernstein, A. Green, J. Angelier, M. Goldstein, L. Lathrop, B. lsoda. ROW TWO: J. Bowman, W. Tiffany, F. Brauer, F. Day, C. Gilmore, J. LaFirenza, R. Africa, R. Cara. ROW THREE: Sponsor- Mr. Lawerence, M. Harte, L. Chewning, R. Golden, C. Dicker, N. DuGay, L. Wootan, R. Rowinsky, M. Alvarez. Under the fine leadership of lst Vice Pres- idents, Carolyn Gilmore and Rosie Marcoe, the Student Activities Classes have done outstand- ing iobs this year. Besides their weekly Friday night duties, they have collected money for the Red Cross Drive, sold Student Activity cards, sold tickets for the traditional Wednesday noon movie and for any noon dances, distributed the Oarsman, and made all publicity signs for the school. Hats off to these fine hard working groups. YELL :SL SONG LEADERS Yell leders for this year, from left to right: Jerry Smith, Larry Rowinsky -Yell King, and Steve Thatcher. l 9 FU' .t S 5 rl T. li J .. F ... Q. s it ,GT s .Q 1 Y rl 'JT si"'s."+lJ 4. la.. .L i .il l,.Jii.k.J The members of the Ushers for W'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: M Harte J. Johns, C. Gilmore, L. Chewning, R. Marcoe, R. Rowinsky, L Wootan, J. Dillavou, Mr. Nealon, Sponsor. ROW TWO: T. Mclean, B Jeffress, L. Reichardt, D. Lee, C. Busick, B. Freeman, B. Santoro, The purpose of the Ushers is to maintain order at all school assemblies. They also participate in pep rallies, Senior Graduation and other special events requesting services. Students in grades ranging from the A-10 through the A-ll are eligible for Ushers. There is a constant membership of 18. AESCULAWANS The members of the Aesculapians for S'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE E Irie, B. Collins, K. Asari, S. Aldrich, B. Juhan, G. Stragand, M. Skidmore B. Ericsson, J. Moorman. ROW TWO: B. Charr, J. Morita, S. Goldstein L. Taylor, K. Pilot, C, Stone, M. Tweten, J, Weiss, M. Kita, Mr Hutcherson-Co-Sponsor. ROW THREE: W. Beaslev, S. Chan, J. Rouse N Wait, J. Kosharek, M. Seiter, K. Button, S. Usry, J. Rosen- berg A Diehl. USHERS PIN P The members of the Ushers for S'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE V. Archer, M. Alvarez, C. Creighton, M. Neal, N. Felhauer, S. Bayer, J Zoriki. ROW TWO: B. Santoro, L. Schoolar, R. Rowinsky, A. Korengold, L Chewning, L. Wootan, M. Harte, T. Soong, Mr. Nealon, Sponsor. ROW THREE J. Duke, L. Rose. The members of the Aesculapians for W'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: C. Tweten, B. Lubin, G. Sato, B. Smith, S. Usry, J. Einstein, K. Asari, W. Crawford, B. Juhan. ROW TWO: Sponsor-Mrs. Silberman, J. Morita, S. Chan, B. Ericsson, J. Fryer, B. Wait, J. Weiss, G. Stragand, J. Nishio, D. Bergman, M, Tweten, E. Irie. ROW THREE: C. Gardaya, K. Pilot, M. Watkins, C. Stone, I. Donker, J. Kosharek, M. Seiter, C. Indvik, J. Akune, M. Kita, N. Willard, W. Beasley, S. Aldrich. The main obiective of an Aesculapian is to promote health and an interest in healthful habits, throughout the school and commu- nity. Through service proiects and actvities each Aesculapian furthers her knowledge of medicine or good habits usable in any field into which she may go. The Aesculapian Club consists of girls in all grades, and the requirements for membership are Outstanding citizenship and an interest in promoting health. B. Keller, B. Christensen, R. Noble, R. Love, D. Lee, B. Jeffress, T. McLean, 89 GGNDGLI ER STAFF Members of the Gondolier Staff for W'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: C. ltaya, L. Schubel, K. Button, ROW TWO: P. Thomassen, C. Hassinger, Mr. Crandall -Sponsor, N. Lambrechtsen, L. Traucht, ROW THREE: J. Bowman, B, Isoda. CAMERA SHY: C. Gardaya and R. Hudson. f1 K--. Y-.27 WINTER EDITOR Carole Hassinger Under the supervision of Mr. Crandall, the Gondolier Staff these past two se- mesters has accomplished their task of the completion of the l959 Venice High School Gondolier. Along with this the staff has planned an outline of the l96O Gondolier. 90 1' SUMMER EDITOR Kathy Button Members of the Gondolier Staff for S'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: E. Anthony S. Aldrich, L. Taylor, D. Moriguchi, B. lsoda. ROW TWO: P. Thomassen, M. Kita, A. Sanders, C. Dicker, P. Salter, K. Button, C. Garclaya. ROW THREE: C. Itaya, K. Asari, G. Hawkins, K. Pilot, J. Hughes, B. Drake, M. Minarck. OARSIVIAN STAFF MANAGING EDITOR Marty Cooper Under the sponsorship of Miss Schneider, the Oarsman Staff does a very fine iob of publishing the school paper, the Oarsman. Each member has a specific iob to fulfill for the paper. The paper is issued every other to second period classes, to students holding Student Ac- tivity Cards. Friday those Members of the Oarsman Staff for W'59 were, from left to right: ROW ONE: M. Wells, J. Wilson, J. Einstein, J, Hoffman, W. Crawford, B. Lubin, M. Perkins. ROW TWO: M. Kita, E. Wightman, D. Logsdon, J. Grosz, F, Bell, C. Moore, J. Rosenberg, J. Beckman. ROW THREE: G. Stragand, D. Walden, G. Berland, J. Lockhart, L. Bridges, B. Keller, M. Cooper, E. Goka, Sponsor-Miss Schneider. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Margaret Wells Members of the Oarsman Staff for S'59 were, from left to right, ROW ONE: P. Xanthos D. Berman, J. Grosz, M. Cooper, S. Middler. ROW TWO: Miss Schneider-Sponsor, S. Smith J. James, G. Ellis, L. Agee. ROW THREE: J. Rosenberg, S. Blythe, D. Robison, K. Kavanau, S. Eurich, M. Wells. f r 'Qu mv' 9l S96 ROW ONE: E. Fernandez, C. Barry, L. Emfield, C. Durn- ford, M. Tweten, P. Hungate, S. Eurich, K. Overhalser, J. Coleman, J. Buchanan, L. Whittaker. ROW TWO: S. Jakubauskas, H. Jones, J. Gardaya, M. Watkins, K. Curry, P. James, R. Hughes, K. Quick, B. Soloko, K. White, J. James, Mr. Cox. ROW THREE: S. Gray, F. Richardson, J. Acacio, S. Akune, M. Alvarez, J. Angelier, V. Archer, D. Bal linger, L. Bell, D. Berryman, J. Bliss, S. Bliss, H. Blumenthal D. Boldosser, S. Bremley, C, Brualdi, L. Byham, C. Childrey D. Collier, B. Coolidge, C. Crew, L. Curtright, H. Daggett, C Dahner, P. Davis, S. Day, M. Delo, C. Dicus, B. Drake, J. Dusing E. Duorkin, D. Edwards, K. Emelo, B. Ericsson, S. Estep, B. Fay, S. Ferguson, L. Foulker, R. M. Gambill, G. Garner, L. Godfrey D. Grant, A. Green, J. Hamachi, P. Hammond, I. Hata, G. Haw- kins, R. Hernandez, J. Hirata, D. Hoppen, J. Hudson, C. lndvik M. A. Ivan, J. Jacobsen, J. James, P. James, D. Johnson, J. John- son, H. Jones, J. Kakehi, B, Kennedy, S. Kerner, E. Kincaid N. Kollar, B. Lamb, L. Landry, Z. Lanphean, C. Larson, S. Lazarus L. Lesconlie, G. Lewis, J. A. Lieberman, B. Long, H. Lopez A. Lorey, B. Lubin, D. Luebke. J. Margolis, G. Matthieson, R N. Ventura, B. Beard, M, Garrett, P. Smith, J. Meredith B. Rich, K. Emelo, L. Macieiewski, J. Vogel, S. Smith B. Wooford. ROW FOUR: J. Lindsay, S. Wilson, J. Garner Ramiro Garcia, D. Ramsey, B. Gordon, S. Gottlieb, M Brandon, H. Garland, R. Scott, R. Sheff, C. Preiksaitis M. Stein. 1 1 Maxwell, N. Mayeda, M. Mitower, J. Moorman, M. Morgan, J. Morita, L, Morris, G. Musgrove, N. Nash, D. Nelson, C. New- man, P. Nichols, D. Ovadenko, K. Overholzer, S. Parsons, M. Perkins, J. Petersen, D. Phillips, K. Pilot, N. Pickard, G. Purdie J. Ramirez, L. Rasmussen, M. Reinhart, G. Renne, J. Rosenberg J. Rous, 'R. Rowinski, L. Rue, K. Sato, R. Scheffer, L. Schoolar J. Schrager, M. A. Seiter, D. Shearer, M. Sherman, S. Shismanian G. Shoecraft, A. Simmons, J. Silver, D. Smith, G. Smith, T. Spears S. Spitz, D. Staples,G. Stragand, L. Tanner, V. Tarlap, H. Taylor L. Taylor, T. Taylor, D. Thompson, M. L. Tweten, T. Ulrick, C Vander Streek, N. Watson, M. Watkins, J. Weiss, C. Wendt C. Wesson, S. Whipple, T. Wolent, C. Wood, S. Wysong J. Young, P. Youngberg. Q.-J WWF? V411-rrltiua' 2 3. ! -4- 7, "' fig- '- 41 Lal T Luzyn L'.1ni.2HiIvl'J rig, I L 3 w 1 FJ fff' GLEE CLUB ,. . - ROW ONE: M. Jiron, G. White, D. Thompson, L Butz Lewis E Black H Daggett J Avakaan ROW FOUR N- GU9d0nf B- Orlowf C- H9Y'f MY- M'-'fPhY' ROW TWO F Lofven J Sharp M Murrnll C Lunwng M Defoung J. Espinosa, I. Martin, M. Arnold, K. White, L. Whlttaken L Muclelewskl 5 Ashfonh K Mullen 5 Mase, A Lam G. Stragand, S, Latta, P. King. ROW THREE: G. Hawkins K overholser J. Clapp, P. Vail, S. Beeman, J. Nemetz, D. Rogers C MARCHING BAND A. Alchain, B. Atwood, B. Baird, J. Benson, D. Blumberg, J Brumble, C. Bullard, L. Chasson, J. Citino, P. Clapick, B. Cundiff K. Dapper, H. Davids, R. Davids, M. Deutchman, C. Dible, B. Dun- can, Christie Edgren, R. Gibas, P. Gonzales, B. Guthrie, J. Harris J. Harris, R. Harris, W. Hartman, A. Hayden, R. Hood, D. Ingalls P. James, J. Jones, J. Jorban, G. Karaiskos, J. Kinch, G. Levitt J":ifxV v .. 5. 5 , fe 'M ORCHESTRA J. Harris, E. Provis, C. Edgren, M. Pullizzi, B. Ellis, D. Ingalls, S. Nel- son, B. Duncan, B. Coolidge, P. Weiss, T. Tatton, D. Reifman, B. Til- den, S. Tillery, D. Nelson, S. Street- er, T. Kuiawsky, D. Collier, D. Tat- ton, R. Harris, J. Benson, L. Van Enden, B. Baird, C. Ross, M. Stef- fen, N. Rauch, P. Holtzman, M. Deutchman, F. Bland, J. Citino, N. Kaplan, G. Karaiskos, P. Clapick, D. Moriguchi, J. Rubin, K. Nagy, R. Hood, A. Levin, J. Peterson, T. Cun- diff, R. Lee, J. Harris, L. McStroul, P. James, H. Davids, M. Smith, K. Dappen, C. Crew, S. Brown, B. Brown, L. Butz, B. Atwood, and S. Grillet. J.-za Z. DANCE BAND ROW ONE: R. Gibas, N. Snyder, P. Clapick, N. Kap- lan, G. Karaiskos, J. Cit- ino, Mr. Glass - Leader. ROW TWO: J. Benson, E. Wilkison, C. Weiss, B. Dav- ids. ROW THREE: H. Davids T. Stragand, J. Lockhart, J. Rubin, J. Peterson. r l STAGE CREW ROW ONE: D. Walden, J. Kairoff, R. Hicks, S. Warner, E. Ross. ROW TWO: R. Smurf, B. Slrassberg, G. Scoll, B. Wells, H. McNellis, P. Fisher, Mr. Crandall, Teacher. ROW THREE: H. Seilz, S. Timmel. l mn-1...a I- "ff y , . ,7 3597 'll ' 45 if , Z- :Al.J!s..., ai '- if R X , .f .CV-.. 4 T fn . Q lli 1 I I' 1 SOUND CREW ROW ONE: D. Brown, D. Ste- wart, N. Kaufman, V. Adams lCI1iefl, A. Sellers, E. Wilki- son, N. Luijl. 7 .-i.-ll -.30 PROJECTION CREW ROW ONE: R. Autonson, B. Dambrosi, J. Slory T. Simous. ROW TWO: B. Poole, J. Alford, B Marzullo, C. Paul, B. Callender. ROW THREE B. Schimpf, K. Schawf, B. Sliener, R. Fouls, H McNellis, L. Kirkpalrick, J. Judge. 14 PEP CLUB ROW ONE: A. Green-Recording Secretary, R. Rowinsky -Historian, M. Alvarez--Corresponding Secretary. ROW TWO: L. Schubel-Songleader Representative, A. Drez- ner-Treasurer, C. Wesson-President, J. Marcus-Ad- visor. ROW THREE: L. Rowinsky--Vice President, M. Fels -Publicity Chairman, M. Harris-Sergeant-at-Arms. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ROW ONE: J. Bryson, D. Ovadenko, Historian C. Cain, First Vice President: A. Drezner, Presi dent: T. Weiss, B. Wait, J. Klinger. ROW TWO L. Kaplan, L. Finkel, N. Splitter, Treasurer: G Ellis, K. Kavanau, B. Orlow, R. Lind. ROW THREE: B. Ellis, J. Swan, l. Donker, D. Boyd, S Belsey, B. Kaplan, J. Hardy. 'F'f,,2' PROMETHEANS ROW ONE: L. Rue-President, S. Miller -Secretary. ROW TWO: S. Jakubauskas, J. Kinch, M. Skidmore, J. Wilson. ROW THREE: Miss Peevish-Sponsor, L. Agee, M. Holly-Vice President, Y. Questell, B. Tarpinian-Treasurer, M. lnouye. PRINTER'S GUILD ROW ONE: B. Ferber, M. Smith, S. Wakefield. F. Gershbein, M. Studer, D. Rettela. ROW TWO: S. Pickard, R. Tapp, E. Barthel, Mr. Jones, sponsor, S. Meeker, R. Ullman, J. Vidican. g JUNIOR RED CROSS ROW ONE: C. Gardaya, L. Schubel, M. Ova- denko, I. lkkanda, J. Einstein, C. Tweten. ROW TWO: K. Asari, B. Juhan, K. Kerner, N. Kamberg, J. Niles, N. Lambrechtsen, P. Davis, N. Willard. ROW THREE: C. Tabor, C. Cain, N, Splitter, J. Rosenberg, E. Nakagiri, M. Tweten, S. Liebman, G. Davidson, sponsor Miss Decker. " I I Sf PW' FW! ffm? 0 59 -'ali RADIO CLUB ROW ONE: D. Stewart, L. Morgan, M, Wilkinson. ROW TWO: D. Brown, J. Harris, V. Adams, C. Dody, R. Haller. TERPSICHOREANS ROW ONE-P. Barton, L. Abe. L Schubel, K. Petersen, B. Smith son, J. Zoriki, D. Wardeon, L Alvarez, C. Cain, B. Baird, R. Airo K. Kreiger, K. Quick, A. Lebeau ART CLUB ROW ONE: T. Miller, S. Kcldlec-Publicity, S. man-Vice President, I. Balodis-Treasurer. ROW TWO: E " . Fullmoto, P. Keys, M. Snyder, B. Nunes, Y. Questell, Miss Gaitzch-Sponsor, J. Peslin-Historian, S. Streeter-President. DIONYSIANS ROW ONE: R. Olifson, D. Wardecln-President, V. Bovey. ROW TWO: S. Carlson-Secretary, M. Chastain-Treasurer, L, Agee, S. Liebman, T. Tcmnenboum. ROW THREE: B. Tilden, B. For- ister, M. Sternberg, P. Weiss, M. Steffen, D, Woodrick, Mrs. Yolande-Sponsor, ROW TWO--R. Hughes, J. Ander- J. Speights. ROW THREE-A Buck- ingham, B. Evelyn, N. Lambrecht- sen, J. Niles, K. Ayres, L. Traucht. SCIENCE CLUB ROW ONE: S. Perez, P. Newman, B. Baird A. Smale, S. Streeter, K. Hummel, J. Klinger, T. Kuiawsky, S. Brown, ROW TWO: L, Isak sen, L. Beck, G. Hirschkoff, P. James, R Kolosseus, R. Siegel, D. Ward, Sponsor, Mr. Spring. MATH CLUB ROW ONE: N. Kaplan, A. Levin, G. Ber- land, G. Schickman. ROW TWO: J, Beard, J. Wilson, B. Sands, President, T. Kuiaw- sky, Secretary-Treasurer. ROW THREE: R. Aron, B. Ellis, H. Thompson Jr., J. Gor- don, R. Scoggins. ROW FOUR: Mr. Welles. Sponsor, B. Petersen, S, Thompson, Mr. Perry, Sponsor, J. Morris, G. Halbert, P. Auer, Mr. Ivens, Sponsor. Wg- - wg 'Q MEDICS ROW ONE: V. Holmes, Corresponding Secretary, P. Davis Vice President-Treasurer, Jan Schrager, President, D. Ber- son, Recording Secretary, D. Ingalls, Parliamentarian ROW TWO-J. Kinch, S. Jakubauskas, N. Weede, L. Rue S. Miller, S. Aldrich, Historian. ROW THREE: L. Taylor J. Adair, R. Bland, Trashman, E. Wolf, M. Cooper, I. Cole P. Mouer, G. Powell. if G.A.A. WINTER CABINET ROW ONE: A. Drezner, J. Dillavou, J. Johns- President, S. Chan, B. Wait. ROW TWO: P. Thomassen, M. Ovadenko-'Ist Vice, K. Asari -Recretary Secretary, J. Kelly, L. Berstein, L. Alvarez-Girl of the Year, B. Ericsson-Corre- sponding Secretary, P. Drexel, B. Charr, P. Keating. ROW THREE: Ann Grothaus-Sponsor, J. Wardell, K. Kerner-2nd Vice, C. Indvik- Equipment Manager, J. Kosharek, C. Gilmore, D. Coalter, L. Norris-Lettergirl President, R. Rowinsky -- Historian, Mrs. Meyer - Sponsor, Mrs. Decker-Sponsor. .y5L.v' u' G.A.A. ROW ONE: J. Kitagawa, S. Ferguson, C. Takiguchi, G. Anderson, J. Wilson, L. Sugimoto. ROW TWO: P. Duncan, B. Or- Iow, T. Resnick, D. Shimizu, J. Hoffman, J. Moorman, J. Hamachi, J. Hirata. ROW THREE: H. Komar, B. Crystal, B. Sackoff, A. Rosenthal, L. Sanchez, P. King, B. Wood, J. Belcher, R. Yoshimi. ROW FOUR: T. Daniels, H. Hoffman, M. Tweten, G. Davidson, S. Schwartz, L. Bidinger, N. Roper, J. Acacio, P. Drexel. ROW FIVE: J. Hughes, A. Diehl, L. Lowery, A. Smale, M. Phillips, E. Silver, F. Sheff, L. Williams, J. Young, L. Williams. ROW SIX: K. Pilot, G. Hawkins, J. Kakehi, N. Nash, C. Cor- sentino, C. Jensen, A. Shinagel, A. Cas- tellanos, J. Nakamura. G.A.A. ROW ONE: N. Ventura, M. Kilmer, M. Alvarez, C. Fliegel, S. Miller, L. Baker, R. Rowinsky. ROW TWO: R. Vela, B. Mandell, D. Conger, A. Briialba, S. Thompson, I. Tsutsui, J. Jones, M. Gonzales, J. Goss. ROW THREE: D. McCullough, S. Maser, C. Del Campo, R. Berger, S. Appleton, J. Dobbs, C. Kaub, R. Maxwell, B. Wood, A. Helmes. ROW FOUR: B. Pinger, M. Garrett, P. Smith, S. Bee- man, J. Beeman, M. Miner, L. Reed J. Conger, D. Weiss, B. Duke, M Elsner, K. Kavanau. ROW FIVE: S. Day, T. Taylor, B. Bliss, B. Lewis, 5 Eliiah, R. Preiksaitis, S. Rost, K Steele, L. Zim, B. Kaplan, L, Finkel L. Fay. ROW SIX: N. Kollar, J Bishop, K. Emelo, C. Larson, D. John- son, S. Voegeli, P. Miller, J. Shea C. Bullard, R. Lawrence, A. Sanders N. Rickabaugh, P. Hamilton. I f I I -V-+4 7 G.A.A. ROW ONE: L. Van Emden, R. Olfson, M Guest, M. Perez, S. Seayls, B. Diehl, I lkkanda, B. Sutton, K. Asari, E. Irie, N Craig, N. Craig, B. Tilden, A. Lori, G Purdie. ROW TWO: K. Seligman, E. Naka- gari, D. Ovadenko, J. Rouse, C. Wood S. Whipple, N. Mayeda, Z. Bell, J. Gar- daya, l. Hata, C. Childrey, J. Weiss, D Nelson. ROW THREE: T. Brunette, C. Gar- daya, J. Rosenberg, J. Rapp, K. Curry, J Jacobson, S. Mcllvain, L. Collmar, J Young, S. Mattern, R. Cooper, P. Keys ROW FOUR: M. Cain, D. Thompson, D Staples, P. Grieb, D. Bisohp, M. Monet, D. Loffler, C. Hokom, M. Christensen, K Tracy, L. Packard. ROW FIVE-S. Mont gomery, Y. Questell, J. Johnson, V. Ladd D. Kennedy, J. Kinch, K. Vandersluis, D Weiss, L. Mazolla, L. Bobkowski, P. Dyes. X . , ,QR . G.A.A. ROW ONE: D. Ballinger, M. Rein- hart, S. Shishmanian, R. Freeman, J. Love, D. Edwards, J. Overmeyer, B. Dodson, A. Odegard, S. Long- inaker, P. Goldsmith, S. Blythe, l. Bartholemew. ROW TWO: M. Duke, M. Keefe, J. Champlin, M. Sanders, P. Altfeld, L. Willert, C. Mortensen, J. lnglehart, R. Hernandez, S. Shlentz, V. Archer, S. Samuels, P. Browning, G. Renne. ROW THREE: S. Schroder, M. Perkins, J. Meredith, J. Liebman, C. Creighton, S. Pettin- gall, A. Korengold, T. Tannenbaum, A. Alchian, G. Musgrove, J. Brown, J. Mclnnis, L. Godfrey, H. Tamayo. ROW FOUR: V. Smyth, P. Newman, S. Akune, B. Faye, D. Hill, B. Nunes, D. Robison, M. Holly, A. Grant, C. Morrison, S, Lazarus, M. Seiter, J. Rodewald. ROW FIVE: N. Ricka- baugh, L. Toombs, A. Hughes, J. Silver, B. Long, D. Totzke, B. Man- ual, C. Dreyer, M. Brooks, L. Jon- aaneel. M. Elwell, L. Agee. - .7fnT- ua-. ,Ei G.A.A. SUMMER CABINET ROW ONE: L. Schoolar, J. Einstein, J. Dillavou. ROW TWO: J. Kosharek, L. Bernstein, M. AI- varez, A. Archer, S. Kerner, P. Thomassen. ROW THREE: J. Wardell, M. Harte, A. Sanders, C. Dicker, G. Hawkins, R. Berger. 5---Q ROW ONE: V. Tablap, R. Dodson, L. lsaksen, S. Brown, L. Fay, L. Heiner, J. Overmeyer, R. Miller, J. Petersen, S. Quinn. ROW TWO: S. Lazarus, R. Marcoe, L. Wootan, J. Johns, J. Kaufman, K. Kerner, J. Akune, D. Coalter, M. Greene, A. Alchian, N. St. Hilaire, J. St. Hilaire. ROW THREE-I. Donker, C, Thompson, A. Massuere, J. Dobbs, J. Wilson, D. Boyd, J. Jennings, G. Berland, S. Middler, G. Ellis, B. Lyle, C. Stone, H. Linke. ROW FOUR: B. Lord, R. Hood, J. Shultz, M. Zanger, A. Siem- sen, D. Kershaw, R. Kolosseus, F. Robinson, B. Ellis, J. Baldi, M. Lar- son, J. D. Gaydowski, D. Lund, G. Hirschkoff, R. Nielsen. guna ROW ONE: I. lkkanda, J. Hamachi, J. Moorman, J, Kitagawa, B. Baird, T. Kuiawsky, B. Sutton, D. Ovadenko, , M. Ovadenko. ROW TWO: G. Blatt, , J. Deenean, J. Dillavou, E. Irie, B. Duncan, C. Tweten, J. Einstein, C. Abrams, A. Grafton. ROW THREE: Miss Peevish, H. Figoten, C. Corsen- tino, B. Ericsson, D. Bergman, E. Freeman, J. Nishio, M, Mitouer, L. Bell, H. Hoffman, S. Virgil. ROW FOUR: T. Weiss, K. Pilot, S. Streeter, C. Cain, K. Curry, N. Nash, J. Grosz, N. Park, P. Lund, A. Lebeau, B. Ellis, B. Bliss, A. Drezner. v 2... K DELPI-IIANS WINTER Venice High School is a member of the California Scholar- ship Federation. The local Chapter 23 is called the Delphian Society. The aim of the Delphian Society is to foster higher scholarship and broader ideas of service in the students of Venice High School. The Society's motto is "Scholarship for Service". Delphian Cabinet for W'59: ROW ONE: Birgitta Ericsson-Treasurer, Julie Hamachi-Secretary, June Akune-Sergeant at Arms. ROW TWO: Anne Drez- ner--Vice President, J. D. Gaydowski-President, Betsy Sutton-Special Activities Chairman, lnot shownl Armon Siemson-Sergeant at Arms. x.. - 'S ROW ONE: L. Sugimoto, D. Kuiaw- sky, M. Ovadenko, B. Baird, J. Moor- man, J. Deenean, K. Button, J. Dil- ' Iavou, J. Hamachi, D. Ovadenko, S Ferguson, l. lkkanda, B. Collins ROW TWO: Miss Peevish-Sponsor D. Hoppen, E. Irie, J. Weiss, D Shimizu, R. Yoshimi, S. Mattern, A Shinagel, S. Virgil, J. Weems, M Christensen, T. Uhlrich, J. Klinger, S. Mcilvain. ROW THREE: S. Eurich T. Wolent, C. Corsentino, B. Wait, T. Weiss, G. Stragand, M. Harte, A Drezner, B. Bliss, D. Coalter, M Watkins, K. Pilot, W. Beasley, A. Lebeau, C. Abrams. . X XL Ar 125- 2 A. Nx:1E.'1, .. 1 'i. Y D Q 2. , '.s, . X ,s ,., . : ' tiff' , .Q - 1' " -- .-:1 ' f 1-! I fu .ii- DELPI-IIANS DELPHIAN CABINET for S'59-ROW ONE: Birgitta Ericsson-Vice President, Paul Lund-Treasurer, Neal Snyder-President, Diane Coolter-Banquet Co-Chairman. ROW TWO: Barbara Bliss--Banquet Co-Chairman, Bayonne Baird-Secretary, Darlene Ovadenko-Girls' Sergeant at Arms. ROW ONE: J. Wilson, I. Hata, H. Spitzer, R. Shimizu, B. Ericsson, S. Kerner, S. Parsons, L. Tanner, .C. Sohn, J. Asqri, R. Takano, M. Sher- man. ROW TWO: C. Dicus, B. Lamb, L. Fay, A. Alchian, P. Newman, D. Hill, H. Linke, N. Kollar, L. Heiner, S. Eliiah, J. Brown, C. Stone, P. Dyess, J. Kipper, L. Stein. ROW THREE: S. Middler, D. Boyd, N. Sny- der, D. Goldstein, D. Kershaw, P. Weiss, F. Robinson, R. Elliott, B. Ellis, J. Baldi, A. Siemsen, B. Kueb- ler. ROW FOUR: G. Berland, R. Bland, P. Lund, M. Fels, H. Blat- nick, M. Ring, D. Reifman, R. Lee, J. Jennings, M. Huseby, B. Lord, P. Morgan, R. Dodson. -7 1 ,, , I WINTER ROW ONE: Carol Tweten, Vicki La- ham, Kay Kerner. ROW TWO: Jane Nishio, Eleanor Freeman, Judy Har- dy, Irene Donker, Diane Bergman. ROMAN LAIVIPERS SUMMER ROW ONE: Allen Grafton, Julie Hamachi, Margaret Wells, Holly Linke, Luana Heiner, Anne Drezner, Richard Dodson. ROW TWO: Joanne Dillavou, Elinor Irie, Sherry Virgil, Diane Coalter, Trina Weiss. ROW THREE: Bayonne Baird, Neal Snyder, Armen Siemsen, Robert Bland, Gary Berland, Marilyn Ovadenko. T04 A student who has earned membership for four semes- ters in the Delphian Society, one of which is in their senior year, becomes a life member in the California Scholarship Federation and receives the official gold life membership pin and the gold seal of the State Federation upon his diploma and all transcripts of credit. June Akune W'59 Diane Bergman W'59 Carol Tweten W 59 EPHEBIANS The Ephebian Society is a city-wide organiza- tion established to encourage able and worth- while young students to become active in and give support to the community government and its activities. Members of the society are selected in proportion to their senior class by a combined vote of the senior class and faculty. Because the membership is based upon service, leadership and scholarship, such an election is considered to be one of the highest honors a student may attain. Summer Class 1959-ROW ONE: Judy Johns, Joanne Dillavou, Sylvia Chan, Marilyn Ovadenko Gretchen Stragand, Marti Watkins. ROW TWO: J. D. Gaydowski, Mike Fels Larry Reichardt ROW ONE: C. Brualdi, J. Schrager, S. Aldrich, L. Taylor, M. Harte, J. Kipper, J. Acacio, G. Stragand, D, Freedman. ROW TWO: G Weiss, P. Keating, J. Nishio, T. Weiss, K. Kerner, V. Laham, N. Wil lard, S. Virgil, D. Anderson, B. Soloko. ROW THREE: T. Smith, C Cain, V. Lee, N. Splitter, M. Greene, R. Marcoe, L. Wootan, J. Kauf man, M. Joy, D, Weiss. J. Akune, D. Coalter. ROW ONE: W. Crawford, R. Gibas, S. Usry, B. Smith, J. Hamachi, G Sato, B. Lubin, B. Juhan, G. Lewis. ROW TWO: E. Irie, L. Merino, K. Livermore, K. Bruni, L. Alvarez, A. Longinaker, B. Sutton, I. Lott, K. Petersen, C. Tweten. ROW THREE: D. Bergman, J. Nakamura, H. Hoffman, J. Kelly, F. Sheff, J. Shelley, W. Beasley, J. Anderson, A. Smale, C. Gardaya, J. Weinstein, C. Josephson. ROW ONE: B. Seems, N. Lambrechtsen, B. Evelyn, J. Wardell, S. Busse, P. Kaderly, L. Simmons, L. Gates, N. Ventura. ROW TWO A. Drezner, H. Shapiro, J. Wilson, C. Moore, H. Linke, C. Gilmore I.. Heiner, M. Wells, D. Ecdahl, B. Saloutos. ROW THREE: V. Holmes H. Winnick, J. Rodewald, M. Seiter, S. Voegeli, J. Adair, P. Hamilton P. Mouer, I. Cole, J. Kosharek, N. Kamberg, J. Shea, C. Hassinger LETTERGI RLS The Letter Girls' Society is the honorary service group in G.A.A. These outstanding girls in G.A.A. offer efficient leadership and service for the school whenever called upon to do so. At athletic events they sell programs and also do their share to keep the Junior Lawn clean. LETTER GIRLS' CABINET: KNEELING: Mary Kita-His- torian, Sylvia Chan-Treasurer, Brenda Wait-Sec- retary. SEATED: June Akune-Girl of the Year, Linda Norris-President, Marilyn Ovadenko-Vice Presi- dent, Joanne Dillavou-Sergeant at Arms, Kayo Asari-All Representative. BACK: Judy Johns- G.A.A. President, Sandy Wysong-Recording Secre- tary, Miss Wyers-Sponsor. Winter President Linda Norris --4-' ........,..e-.:a1- .,.,.. .,...ii ws. , s ..,' LL... ROW ONE: J. Weinstein, K, Bruni, S. Virgil, N. Weede, C. Gardaya, C. . ,.. 'f-V--F. A. Betton, C. Cain, N. Ventura, V. Lee, M. Minarck, M. Ovadenko, E. Irie, B. v. , as - he Juhan. ROW TWO: S. Chan, G. Stragand, M. Watkins, J. Hamachi, G. Weiss, 'F' L., - XF' ' '1 '-,,,- ' G- 4 B. Soloko, A. Drezner, M. Seiter, L. Greene, H. Winnick, H. Shapiro, D. Freed- M 5 ' ' L ' ' man, L. Simmons, T. Weiss, L. Tanner, J. Rouse, B. Sutton, H. Komar. ROW in Z Tl THREE: M. Reinhart, P. Drexel, R. Airo, H. Hoffman, N. Nash, M. Mitouer, G, 'V Q' l F D. Weiss, J. Burrud, J. Adair, S. Wysong, C. Brualdi, B. Kennedy, K. Pilot, 3327- , . - A, n 6 N- Bf0ClGf, H. Blumenthal, J. Kelly, A. Longinaker. 1 I I vb I 1 p , gf ya "S I 1 w' 1' 0 ' U L' f Y 4 X xl lj it R M A .Q J fm .. 2 1 Q -A i -4 A 5 ,pl . , r -Q., , q i? as ' 'A 3 1' -- A k ,X .L ,Y ' , A -.EL f 1 r 'i 1 . x. eis . . A - .., Ufiixvfnxii. ROW ONE: L. Bernstein, M. Sherman, D. Luebke, S. Bayer, J. Morita, G. Smith, K. Sato, A. Lorey, P. Keys, B. Morita, D. Berryman, A. Simon, P. Jacoby. ROW TWO: S. Quinn, J. Einstein, P. Loffler, P. Oley, S. Samuels, K. Peterson, N. Fellhauer, M. Harte, J. Johns, J. Rosenberg, L. Wootan, P. Loffler, L. Bernard, P. Salter, V. Archer, S. Kerner, S. Greene, J. Kosharek. ROW THREE: V. Tarlap, R. Marcoe, D. Coalter, J. Belcher, L. Meadows, M. Phillips, D. Kennedy, V. Ladd, B. Pinger, S. Brown, D. Grant, E. Silver, C. Newman, A. Smale, B. Van Bogaert, B. Wood, P. King, P. Thomassen. ROW FOUR: C. Thompson, S. Rotter, S. Dawson, S. Day, B. Seems, D. Smith, M. Alvarez, J. Margolis, P. Hammond, B. Goodell, L. Bell, A. Green, J. Young, S. Nelson, V. Holmes, D. Collier, D. Johnson, P. Brownrigg. ROW ONE: S. Usry, A. Diehl, R. Gibas, K. Asari, M. Kilmer, J. Acacio, J. Kipper, D. Orne, J. Moorman, B. Smith, J. Dillavou, B. Charr. ROW TWO S. Hudson, B. Ericsson, L. Taylor, J. Johnson, D. Anderson, J. Wardell, M. Kita, W. Beasley, J. Nakamura, C. Indvik, P. Keating, Y. Questell, S. Aldrich, C. Josephson, P. Mohrland, B. Wait. ROW THREE: G. Hawkins, J. Kahehi L. Heiner, H. Linke, J. Rodewald, S. Lazarus, B. Bliss, P. Hamilton, P. Mover. C. Gilmore, S. Voegeli, J. Wilson, C. Moore, D. Ecdahl, J. Hughes, C. Cor 1 sentino. ROW FOUR: C. Baldwin, Y. Sheffer, T. Taylor, S. Streeter, R. Rowin- sky, C. Bullard, L. Beck, J. Silver, N. Rickabaugh, A. Sanders, A. Hughes, N Kollar, J. Gostanian, C. Dicker, M. Delo, B. Beard, R. Lawrence. v ii ia ,:i,e"sQ.e..M. 1. E 'vhs E SUMMER PRESIDENT Brenda Walt girls are at work. sentative. The girls of Venice High School who have completed three semesters of G.A.A. with full credits may become Lettergirls. The girls help out at athletic games or meets and generally promote school spirit at all times. The cleanliness of the Junior Lawn and the spirited crowds at our athletic meets truly show that the Letter- Letter Girls' Cabinet-SEATED: Carolen Gardaya-Vice President, Brenda Wait- President, Kayo Asari-Roll Secretary. KNEELING: Diane Coalter-Sergeant at Arms, Bonnie Evelyn-Historian, Paula Loffler-Recording Secretary, Linda Woo- tan-Assistant Sergeant at Arms. STAND- ING: Judy Kosharek--GAA President and Treasurer, Sandy Wysong-Girl of the Year, and Pam Thomassen-A-'ll Repre- ....,e.,..c..,M,mf,.e, ' LETTEFQGIRLS SUMMER 'lv' ROW ONE: Butch Freeman, Steve Shelley, J. D. Gaydowski, Bruce Kuebler Mike Zanger Churck Wilson Gary Berland, Lee Brown, Bill Santoro, Danny Lund. ROW TWO: Larry Rowmsky Phil Clapick Robert Elliott, Mike Shield, Lou Boozell, Jeff Carmel, Bill Clover, Al Heinle, Dennis Kane Jerry Bowman David Blumberg, Russell Love, Bud Strassberg, Clyde Stevenson, Calvin Ferren LETTERMEN WINTER Every Friday at lunch, you will find the Varsity Lettermen's Club meeting in the boys' gym class- room. The club is sponsored by Mr. Don Carlucci and the chief obiective of the club is to help the Boys' Vice-Principal in his dealings with the students. The club is also responsible for managing the Sports Award Banquet, ushering at the various sports events,and for sponsoring various activities such as sports nights and dances. OFFICERS FOR W'59 President--Butch Freeman Vice President--Danny Lund Secretary-Bruce Kuebler Treasurer-J. D. Gaydowski Sergeant at Arms-Mike Shield LETTERMEN PRESIDENT Butch Freeman ROW ONE: Lee Berglund, David Blumberg, Don Newman, Dennis Kane, Cal Ferren, Jeff Carmel, John Claunch. ROW TWO: Earnest Jefferson, Bill Shonborn, Lou Boozell, Lee Brown, Larry Rowinsky, Bob Elliott, Bill Clover, Lyle Scairess, Daryl Clark, Jim DuFault. ROW THREE: Russell Robinson, Dave Nixon, Mike Shield, Bob Mulleneaux, Dick Kutoch, Russell Love, Ron Tapp, Gary Turner, J. D. Gaydowski, Larry Owen, Houston Leamon, Mike Morgan, Bill Santoro, Dan Lund. ROW FOUR: Gary Berland, Kent Ben- son, Butch Freeman, Bruce Kuebler, Armen Siemsen, Tom Mays, Bart Christensen, Roger Forsythe, Clyde Stevenson, Dean Denison, Al Heinle, Phil Clapick, Ronnie Van Pelt, Larry Reichardt, Rick Noble, Bob Jeffress, Mike Zanger. During the summer semester, the Varsity Letter- men's Club is responsible for ushering at Track Meets and Baseball Games. The club is also responsible for helping the Boys Vice-Principal in his dealings with the student body. They also as sponsor a sports night during the semester. hbv OFFICERS FOR S'59: President-Larry Rowinsky Vice President-Lee Brown Secretary-Bob Elliott Treasurer-Bill Clover Sergeant at Arms-Lou Boozell LETTERMAN PRESIDENT Larry Rowinsky XVI' 'I fl-v -1 if -fn A A R D OPTIMIST CLUB AWARDS Bill Pike, 2nd placeg Jay Silverman, 'Ist plac QW? SANTA MONICA PROFESSIONAL ALL STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WRITERS AWARD Jim Citino andJune Harris Moriy Cooper HO , I i 1 I . K' , BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS LIONS CLUB AWARDS D Lund - Liberal Arlsg Gary Berland - Math and Science Recipients of this award for public speaking were J DII V t IA PhICIpk F A D L d dJ ne iavou- ocaiona rtsp i a ic - ine an un an an Hoffman HIRING THE HANDICAPPED EXAMINER ESSAY CONTEST WINNER IN Phil Clapick Gretchen Sfragand 'UU SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKING AWARD John Connor, Ist placeg Bill Goodwin, 2nd place Dianne Cone' , y I .E flgglfl mn III GIRLS AND BOYS STATE D.A.R. HISTORY AWARD Judy Johns Hull. Ill! ROTARY ART AWARDS Sandra Rider, Joel Peslin, and Sue Nemick 2? A E . eg? ui 'REC NATIONAL ANTHOLOGY AWARDS Dan Lund, Trina Weiss, and Bayonne Baird VARSITY AND J.V. ALL-WESTERN PLAYERS Paul Fisher, J.V. second string, Charles Holmes, Varsity second string iEElE" BASKETBALL ALL-WESTERN PLAYERS Al Williams, second string, Lee Brown, first string, Steve Tilley second string , 'Qu s -27' 'fn 'I-Q, fh"Xw.-'35, . 5,571 25:3 I I , .U :Pl ' - ' 4' ,- 1.- J ."l"s0 ff-1-If 73 7- f' . 2. . -- ' i 1 1 ' g 5- .' If 4. A . GL'-. 55N - 9.9 v -, 5.5.5 !,. ' . ' I " :I 'Y . p. ,'o--, -4 . X ' . 't w 1' ' in I., fir, k .Q ' ' T-'.f , A-"' " ' "-4.33. 'A N . " 1' - . , ', gn 1 ,o, - x , V , y , g-. rv ' . ' YA If - 9.'.i'Q'4' in . ' x . ' M 532' , ' , 'I ' ., N " . ' H- -4. I-I p - - - . .-,A 13 A-'Q R i'::' ,iff 1 - q '. I. " -" L 5 g, .LM Lu- In . 5 ,. Q A D 1 :QQ Mix' rx A f, ...M ' , - . - ' ' ' fr' A ' -Jf':P,'.f-.5 ', K - f : , 4-fl - -fqzlgw 'f , "n ,2 - x -. . .I -4.4- x .ly 1' r . .pri I 5,5 'G' ' .9 .' 'f n 5415.141 1.3 gi I "' ' rd ?A!'l' 'y . . K , "2'.S1 4"- "' - , .A cn. .. .-,M - + .vp 1 F n 4 xxgg -"V-iw I glib." J 'H' 'A' w' -"L V X , -A., ,. 1. K- ' .li A , Jl..f.k A 1 tu. . ,f 'Wi' K I - 1311,-5 L, ' J 5 ,-1 4 1, 4 1 .4 1 J .. a,,,, ga'-Ma... MJ,-4 D an--' .,.- ' 4, . kt! ,il-OA - .-,.' K 1 -:I '41 fjkf-MV" -' . -- 1.4. Q . A 5 4 ' :' Zn! q 6 1 -., '..n, .. ,x , ..-.f, . , ' gg' ' ' - Rem- . . ' -V ' 'V 'I QT' f X B41-S-' ff . 'UW-J. I -- Q' Y. '13, +- 4, L'5f1'A'T, -1' .Fx ff. i1,"' -4-rl' . ,K 'V f 75 . 1 ,, 1. ., Z6-gugxg Aff JK 0 NDEHGHADUATE S made one for af! ana! weye fogefder, .fdfma Wafer,! g l vv'62 F 5 I ROW ONE: E. Crawford, R. Crister, D. Cohen, T. Crenetz, N. Clubb, ROW THREE: B. Adams, C. Clarke, Y. Cannon, M. Carter, C. Baraias, B. Betton, C. Clancy, B. Carpenter, B. Bittner, M. Coren. ROW TWO: D. Claypool, J. Bowyer, R. Arnold, T. Adams, R. Beaulieu, R. Bailey, J. Castaneda, C. Cromelin, C. Cherry, W. Calvert, S. Asari, D. Boole, J. Bapties, V. Brooks, L. Clapick, J. Beard. M. Coleman, K. Bell, J. Bailey, R. Chavez, M. Bales, B. Chamberland. VV'62 , ' F ' 1 . ' 23 'tl ROW ONE: S. Hawley, S. Grant, B. Cutler, J. Durston, J. Goss, R. Greene, S. Green, B. Hartley, D. Haueter, J. Hupp. ROW THREE: D. Fischer, M. Duncan, L. Daddles, B. Hames, P. Hawkins, L Hoffman, P. Hensley, K. Doi, S. Drummond, F. Eason, M. Franco, R. Hall, A. Eto, Hubbard, G. Hughes, A. German, J. Hughes. ROW TWO: S. Gastelum, D. Fairweather, S. Dell, E. Dennis, B. Fate, J. Heller, G. Halvorson, C. C. Gerard, R. Ernst, D. Davis, S. Fratkin, B. Hale, G. Irene, R. Higley, Edwards, S. Hirschman, C. Elliott, D. Franzen, R. Hammerich. M. Eisenberg, S. Donaldson, L. Graham, Y. Evans, C. Deranbam, M. Wl62 . , . , f . , A f if f - ,gf ' , -,4.. :Q 1. . 1 ,, .fs W -3513 -ffm 3 l s Zwf1'.Qn, ROW ONE: G. Johnson, P. McCIeary, J. Inouye, D. Kujawsky, P. Keys, G, Krqnen, P, Long, K, Jones, R, Lowry, B. Martinez, W, Jghnggn, B. Kirby, C. Jones, D. Larsen, B. Levy, P. MClll1i9S0f1, 5- McCundless, ROW THREE: D. Margolin, T. Leber, D. Johnson, R. Johnson, B. Jeffries, C. Kite, D. May, S. Libby, M. Miller, B. lngalls, M. Martinez. ROW J, Lomeli, W, Kefner, J, Lawrie, M. Maytum, J. Kesler, T. Kelly, G. TWO: V. Merino, J. Mazzola, M. Lawrence, E. Lopez, S. Mitchell, J. Kelly, R. MacGilchrist, J. Little, B. Mclntosh, H. Kantowski, F. Jones 6 Lurch, H. Lodge, D. Meier, H. Matloff, K. Miller, S. Kappe, C. Meadors, R. Lewis, A. Martinez, C. Mary, D. Mason. I VV'62 ROW ONE: B. Pennock, D. Sanders, L. Serratos, D. Sasaki, N. Ronay, E. Romero, D. O'Connell, M. Mooney, P. Reda, S. Ruffner, J. Sakawye, S. Schuck, T. Serene, L. Alfiere, J. Mohica, D. Shellhorse. ROW TWO: L. Olivas, G. Patterson, J. Page, L. Proctor, J. Pfeiffer, K. Rosen, W. Schulman, N. Shaw, B. Osborn, A. Czubiak, M. Roper, T. Robison, L. i . , 5 i 1 Roulrigruz, R. Rodriguez, G. Roberts, B. Pike, T. Powell, P. Rasmussen, R. Rowland. ROW THREE: R. Shultz, C. Nelson, R. Olson, O. Rodriguez, E. Segal, K. Peet, M. Noonchester, J. Moren, D. Rucker, P. Morgan, A. Schiesel, H. Omote, R. Munsey, J. Schlocker, D. Ritter, S. Ross, J. Rosenstein, M. Rollins, R. Reeves, D. Norris. VV'62 ROW ONE: P. Strange, P. Strange, J. Young, L. Taylor, T. Taylor, J. Walters, B. Stiller, D. Wood, J. Stillman, S. Walker, D. Thomas, B. Wilinkin, S. Simon, F. Soto, M. Tyler, N. Wyatt. ROW TWO: A. Springer, L. Stockwell, J. Stapleton, S. Tincher, S. Takahashi, M. Villal- pando, N. Young, L. Thompson, J. Soboroff, B. Weede, M. Wilson, P. Timmel, J. Timperly, R. Trahan, H. Spitzer, J. Silverman, F. Ward. ROW THREE: W. White, L. Smith, H. Stonerock, A. Ungar, T. Weller, H. Yoshikawa, G. Syrop, D. Tani, J. Taniyama, J. Takamatsu, S. Young, L. Weiler, T. Vargas, A. Strohl, B. Vaughn, P. Villescas, R. Yoshitomi, J. Wright, D. Steeber, L. Yearby. S61 6 yr, , f l . f i 1 2 2 -- il l l 3 ROW ONE: G. Anderson, C. Bartlett, D. Baker, J. Black, V. Ayala, S. Agatep, D. Bishop, B. Berg, A. Barnaby, S. Beal, N. Beckwith. ROW TWO: B. Belcher, D. Barnes, l. Bartholomew, J. Avakian, S. Beeman, P. Altfeld, C. Avnu, J. Anderson, M. Blaauw, S. Ashforth, F. Beckman, , 1 nun...-H-Q-.4 'W 'K 'lm B. Blanton, D. Atlason, L. Agee. ROW THREE: J. Alford, J. Alvarez, K. Anderson, P. Axtell, D. Bergman, T. Adelson, F. Bland, K. Africa, J. Alexander, D. Ballard, C. Bennett, R. Adams, R. Armstrong, J. Allen. 7 S61 l 1 ll ROW ONE: J. Bryson, B. Bowser, L. Carpiso, L. Butz, A. Castellanso, H. Caplan, P. Burnett, S. Blythe, M. Christensen, L. Bobkowski, S. Brandelli, A. Briialba, J. Chambers, B. Brouillette, S. Brown. ROW TWO: J. Bronson, J. Blatt, G. Bowman, J. Calvert, J. Chestnut, J. Bruni, L. Casillas, J. Capron, K. Braucksick, A. Heimbrock, J. Champlin, R. i ' 5 . 5 . Callender, E. Bayfield, I. Balodis, A. Canfield, K. Brown, M. Brooks. ROW THREE: K. Casson, R. Christenson, D. Cazier, J. Christie, B. Brad- bury, J. Brimble, R. Burmeister, B. Callender, E. Brenneman, D. Bruce, D. Brown, L. Borisof, C. Bryan, B. Brown, A. Carroll, J. Carter, K. Chase, J. Breen. S61 ROW ONE: B. Diehl, P. Duncan, L. Delgado, A. Deremer, S. Crawford, K. Dennis, B. Crystal, K. Dappen, S. Dawson. ROW TWO: C. Dobrow, T. Daniels, R. Cooper, N. Craig, B. Curtis, M. Delgado, B. DuFault, P. Dewey, B. Dodson, C. Clark, B. Davis, R. Dean. ROW THREE: C. Dreyer, I . 1' G. Dolgoff, J. Conger, B. Clover, J. Conner, C. Crockett, M. Conn, L. Cohen, D. Drexler, J. Dragsaft, D. Diener, B. Cuthbertson, M. Deutch- man, M. Pinkin, M. Devenport. S61 5 ROW ONE: G. Gaxiola, E. Fernando, R. Fernandez, C. Gallardo, S. Ferguson, J. Erickson, S. Fagin, R. Freeman, D. Franklin, C. Garcia, B. Gandara, R. Gaskill, B. Fuiimoto, R. Fleming, L. Finkel. ROW TWO: P. Gonzales, B. Goodwin, M. Gates, D. Finsten, P. Fels, L. Evans, D. Felipe, J. Goka, B. Fwimori, R. Gaydowski, J. Forde, F. Early, G. Ewaschuk, P. Goldsmith, C. Fliegel, D. Edwards, M. Gonzales, L, Gold- smith, S. Eliiah. ROW THREE: J. Fish, G. Ellis, L. Elmore, D. Gincig, C. Harvath, S. Fengan, H. Garland, B. Emanuel, L. Gorman, P. Gilbert, S. Gottlieb, W. Gardiner, T. Fletcher, J. Garner, B. Flinders, S. Ginch, M. Fleming, N. Franklin, O. Frago, A. Foster. S61 ROW ONE: D. Hayden, S. Hayes, E. Graves, B. Hernandez, N. Huerta, N. Guedon, C. Hokom, C. Heinle, T. Hausman, S. Nagar, V. Hawkins, D. Hayden, J. Hinc, P. Grieb, A. Holmes. ROW TWO: C. Horton, J. Haraga, S. Hermann, J. Heulings, A. Heimbrock, N. Grider, B. Herin, A. Grand, D. Hill, J. Harrison, M. Holly, A. Hellman, D. Hicks, J. Helm, W. Hartman, L. Haney, G. Harris, S. Hamachi. ROW THREE: R. Hood, P. Holtzman, R. Hunter, R. Heine, R. Gray, R. Haller, R. Hughes, J. Herrerk, R. Egner, C. Harvath, H. Hill, B. Heidebrecht, l. Halpern, T. Henn, S. Elias, V. Colello, R. Ferrandino, R. Hooker, G. Holm, B. Grissom. S61 ROW ONE: J. Kitagawa, L. King, H. Huskey, B. Lavine, R. LaMonda, M. Kutsch, S. Hutsen, N. Kornoff, D. Jerke, J. Kinch, S. Kelly, L. Kaplan, K. Kavanan, M. lvan. ROW TWO: A. Lara, L. Hurley, J. Jones, B. Kaplan, R. Kosowitz, L. Larson, M. Lawerence, C. Kaub, L. Jongeneel, M. Krasovec, B. Kaltenekker, C. Kephart, S. lzuhara, B. Jurey, H. zur: , . 1. 'L--1 r Kovarsky, L. Lathrop. ROW THREE: S. Lassos, R. Jorgensen, N. Kakita, D. Langton, E. Hurley, V. King, P. Jantz, R. Johnson, M. Kahl, L. Knowles, J. Ivey, M. Huseby, J. Kolfschoten, J. Jennings, J. Judge, R. Kane, D. King, L. Kirkpatrick. S61 5 -2 it ' 9 . c ROW ONE: P. Lucas, H. Mcllvain, A. Luian, J. Lopez, P. McKay, L. J. Love, S. Longinaker, G. Leeker, R. Lind. ROW THREE: J. Leban, K McDermid, M. Maioros, D. Loffler, D. Lozano, J. Leysa, R. Lupica, M. Livengood, S. Mashado, D. Mclntosh, D. McCullough, B. Lewis, P Levine, G. Makimoto, M. Lequire, J. Martin. ROW TWO: P. Loveall, Mathieson, C. Ludwig, M. McKay, H. Lenhart, J. Marshall, B. Lord J. McBride, B. Lyons, D. LeVesque, L. Lee, S. Mattern, R. Lowe, D. M. Lesch, R. Lee, R. Masaoka, B. Lollar, G. Lovas, H. McVey, L Mapes, H. Martin, R. Mawcinih, R. McCarty, G. McCartney, J. Leagons, McStrouI. ,Q ii S61 5 l 3 A ROW ONE: R. Olifson, M. Perez, B. Orlow, G. Murrish, D. Phy, D. G. Nanon, L. Morrissey, M. Moon, M. Parry, C. Nicholas. ROW Nelson, M. Moehle, A. Nelson, D. Olson, A. Miranda, A. Odegard, S. THREE: J. Nieto, N. Park, S. Novack, G. Newman, G. Medina, D. Miller, K. Mortensen. ROW TWO: D. Peterson, Y. Miyamoto, L. Murray, Nelson, G. Melendez, J. Johnson II, S. Jorner, R. Moorehead, D. Opom, J. Mlnarik, E. Neergaard, J. Overmeyer, C. Miller, M. Miner, J. Oliver, J. Morris, D. Morse, R. Baitie, J. Mendoza. S61 ROW ONE: R- R0Cl"l9l-'elf T- Re5nlClff D- Roden, T- RUHCOUIU L- Sancheif D. Scott, C. Raska, C. Romeyn, N. Rickabaugh, B. Porter, L. Rayburn. S. Ricketts, S. Ross, J. Schlaefle, M. Piretti, G. Purdie, B. Sackoff, A. ROW THREE- M, Rice, M, Pliego, R, Sghlqfter, V, Saul, P, Schwab, S. Rosenthal, D. Sdhdo, P- RUl'1GClk, C- R0l-7inS0n, P- Rvddell, l-- Reed- ROW Schwartz, B. Powell, B. Ray, K. Battan, R. Milton, G. Sanders, J. Rizzo, TWO: G. Sabato, B- Poole, D- ROSGI B- R0d"l9U91f l- lllcheff R- G. Rogers, L. Saltzman, G. Schutz, B. Roberts, R. Sayre, S. Pickard. Schneider, S. Schroeder, D. Robison, B. Playter, R. Preiksaitis, S. Rost, C, Robe,-son, s S61 A 2 ROW ONE: B. Smale, L. Purdie, L. Stein, A. Shinagel, D. Shimizu, S. ozo, M. Stein, R. Sigman. ROW THREE: R. Stone, J. Shirley, C. Sweeney, Searls, T. Spector, .l. Solovay, L. Sugimoto, K. Seligman, S. Sims. ROW G. Sommers, D. Swerdlin, B, Solter, E. Swain, J. Sehechal, S, Boyd, B. TWO: B. Study, N. Smith, J. Stenning, J. Swam, V. Smyth, P. Spurlock, Swartz, D. Stall, D. Straky, D. Sorenson, M. Slemp, M. Snyder, N. Snaza K. Steele, D. Staples, M. Steffen, C. Szczepanek, T. Stragand, S. Shim- s GDI 1. S61 lll , A S bww fi?-ga.: we .a If 1 3 5 xr 3 ROW ONE: K. Tracy, D. Thompson, S. West, P. Vignolle, M. Townsley, White, C. Wade, C. Tracy, K. Vandersluis, J, Weems, L. Taibe. ROW B. Tilden, L. Vigil, C. Takiguchi, B. Wall, R. Takano, A. Whitley, N. THREE: P. Weiss, T. Tarpley, P. Watson, R. Ullman, D. R. Taylor, D. N. Trester, L. Van Emden. ROW TWO: A. Turco, J. Walsh, R. Wallace, R. Taylor, T. Tatton, D. Tait, D. Totzke, T. Umatum, J. Wells, J. Thatcher, Walker, E. Trammell, S. Tonnies, R. Vela, S. Thompson, Y. Webb, R. D. Webster, H. Trailer, B. Thompson, T. Tannenbaum, l. lsutsui, S. Taft. S61 ? " 1 3 2 '- if ROW ONE: H. Tamayo, E. Yniguez, J. Young, L. Williams, L. Williams, D. Wilson, R. Willcox, D. Zussman, B. Wolford, S. Smith, L. Zim, L J. Wolfe, R. Yosiimi, B. Wyatt. ROW TWO: A. Williams, G. Wysong, Willent. W '61 l ROW ONE: M. Bomar, B. Collins, D. Bentz, D. Ballinger, C. Childrey, Z. Bell, C. Barry, L. Abe, S. Brimley, M. Cain, T. Bronet, A. Bucking- ham, K. Curry, S. Akune, C. Creighton. ROW TWO: B. Bidinger, R. Cohen, C. Body, I. Abramowitz, B. Brown, J. Conti, J. Clark, S. Apple ton, J. Brown, L. Barnes, B. Cuthbertson, J. Bengtson, R. Bundies, J Conley, M. Block, Y. Ashimaga, J. Baldi. VV'6'l l. ROW ONE: I. Ukkanda, l. Hata, J. Deenean, Y. Fuiisaki, J. Hayashi, G. Davidson, M. Goodchild, S. Estep, D. Hoppen, M. Inouye, B. Ellis, M. Duke, R. Hernandez, E. Galambos, E. Hanson, J. Eberhard, B. Duke C. Del Campo. ROW TWO: M. Elsner, K. Hummel, B. Guest, B. Fay, G Halfon, G. Garcia, L. Fenn, A. Gardner, L. Grav, R. Gill, J. Frederick- son, A. Fine, J. Fonnell, K. Guest, M. Howard, D. Dodd, D. Goldman, F. Hearn. vv'e1 y ' H uf 1.34 ,Il . Us ,I Q ROW ONE: C. Martin, K. Kelsey, J. Mackie, M. Lyon, J. Jacobson, S. S. Moser, J. Mclnnis, G. Musgrove, D. King, G. Karaiskos. ROW THREE: Mcllvain, J. Klinger, M. Kinahan, N. Johnson, D. Lewis, J. lnglehart, L. B. Zilippman, P. Morgan, D. Montoya, L. Longeneuker, B. Keller, D. Lescoulie. ROW TWO: D. Kennedy, A. Lebeau, B. Mandell, J. Kehle, Kaulitz, B. Kates, J. Miller, R. Koskelin, R. Jung, R. Kelly, R. Lovil, G. S. Liebman, J. Lieberman, A. Korengold, B. Lattimer, M. Keefe, J. Lane, Mills, B. Kaminsky, R. McCammon. VV'6'l ROW ONE: N. Mayeda, J. Neas, E. Nakagiri, l. Ramirez, D. Ovadenko I. Teres, S. Shishmanian, J. Edgar, B. Tarpinian, T. Soong, L. Rose G. Thomas, M. Skidmore, J. Swartz, S. O'Brien. ROW TWO: J. Gard- aya, S. Schwartz, M. Sternberg, M. Shields, L. Smale, A. Sellers, R Stopher, L. Tevis, B. Stoner, J. Osmundsen, C. Rock, R. Chimerofsky, S Planck, L. Pinedo, M. Perkins, M. Mead'ors, C..Schleifer. ROW THREE: R. Berger, T. Seiarrind, H. Sasner, T. Schulman, S. Pettingall, B. Nunes, D. Reifman, J. Rapp, P. Newman, M. Garron, B. Rich, C. Sanborn, R. Siegel, E. Orr, C. Scott, R. Tapp, M. Pulizzi, B. Murphy. W'6'l ' sw' l .,. ,li-A I ROW ONE: B. Vandermdrk, A- V011-wel, M. Tweten, C- Von Lossberg, Wrighl, L. Warner, R. Tochioka, J. Weilzler, R. Walker, A. Zidoff, D. S. West, R. Vaughn, J. Weiss, T. Uhlrich, V. Vickie. ROW TWO: L. Wise, E. Valade, S. Wade. S60 ROW ONE: J. Belcher, S. Bayer, S. Barlish, L. Bernstein, L. Bernard, J. L. Baker. ROW THREE: M. Baghramian, B. Beard, S. Beaner, S. Bern, Bandy, V. Archer, S. Bernstein. ROW TWO: L. Berglund, B. Almstedt, R. Blaisdell, C. Bird, R. Allen, W. Beaulieu, D. Black, B. Barfield. P. Auer, A. Balikian, L. Bell, H. Blumenthal, M. Becurra, C. Balfour, S60 ROW ONEI L- CUSS' N- C"'U"fhf J- C"'e"""'f L- C"""""f M- C""9"""f Collier, s. Brown, c. Bullard. Row THREE: L. smell, B. Coolidge, G B. Clark, S. Brown, B. Bruce, J. Burrud. ROW TWO: P. Borchardt, T. Carichnerl D. Boyd, Sl CIGYPOOIV J- Brown' S. Comnghaml B. Chrmen- Corbett, D. Bursey, S. Carlson, D. Chester, P. Brownrigg, B. Bracy, D. Sen E- Cornell D. Chamberlain' R. Brace. 4 S60 ROW ONE: R. Gaines, E. Fuiimoto, D. De Young, S. Barlish, L. Davis, P. Ferguson, J. Dingman, B. Damborsi. ROW THREE: L. Fay, S. Dawson, L- Cufflfighlf P- DYGSS, C- Crew, 5- EUI'iCl'I, C- D'-H1f0fd, J- DUSiI'I9, E- M. Delo, C. Dicker, M. Curtis, M. Elwell, D. Forman, J. Cromelin, C. Desilva, ROW TWO: L. Craig, B. Drake, J. DuFault, H. Daggett, S. Ferren, E. DeWitt, J. Endicott, B. Fordham, B. Ferreira, P. Hirschfeld, D. Day, M. Cuadra, K. Emelo, C. Dicus, D. Dazis, M. Dolliver, C. Edgren, Denison, L, Edeng, S60 l.. .. I ROW THREE: R. Hood, G. Howard, R. Henning, G. Geren, B. Hovland, L. Hatter, D. Grant, P. Hammond, B. Goodell. ROW TWO: B. Haskin, W. Griffith, D. Hollis, R. Grant, J. Harris, K. Gerard, R. Garcia, C. S. Greene, N. Haslage, R. Golden, B. Easton, A. Hughes, J. Higgins, Harrigan, J. Hanson, J. Gilbert. M. Gramm, R. Groves, L. Harper, B. Grimes, B. Barchard, M. Hughes. S60 ROW ONE: J. Hudson, S. Heinl, S. Hudson, G. Hawkins, J. Hughes, Q 4 fi fx 3 E ROW ONE: P. Jacoby, C- HGYCI, P- JONES- C- Kifkpcffifk- P- King, A- Horito, R. Kinoshita, R. Keefer. ROW THREE: V. Kephart, L. lsaksen, D. Kling, P. James, T. Leighton, E, Kincade, 5- Kefnef, J- Kakehl- ROW Jamison, J. Jorban, M. Kushner, B. Kutsch, R. Hart, B. Jones, R. Kader- TWO: J. Johnson, P- KEYS, E- LG Fil'eFlZ0, H- J0n95, B- l-Umb, K- ly, B. Keys, J. Johnson, G. Kilmer, G. Kols, D. Kane, D. Kone, W. Krieger, J. James, D. Johnson, V. Ladd, D. Kennedy, R. Greenwood, G. Janssen, SSO if i E Z Lb: ROW ONE: A. Lorey, E. McClain, J. Lucius, J. Mclntyre, D. Marsh, L. L. Macieiewski, R. Manalatos, S. Lazarus, R. McDowell, R. Larner, T Landry, S. Lotta, K. McWoid, E. Marsh, M. Liebman, J. Margolis, N. Lennon, P. Maly, C. McCutcheon, M. Levin, A. Mann, H. McNellis. Leveson, Y. Lucien, M. Lynd. ROW TWO: P. Lund, F. Lynch, B. Long, S60 3 ROW ONE: P. Nichols, J. Morita, R. Maxwell, L. Morris, J. Mondfrans, Meeker, J, Mohler, D, Mollo, L, Naruki, A, Meyer. ROW THREE: R. 5- M0l'1l90meI'Y, l-- MCIZOICL B- MOYHG, C- Nedef- ROW TWO! 5- Merkel, Miller, R. Miles, S. Middler, F. Medina, M. Martin, B. Morehouse, M. N. Nash, M. Mitouer, D. Boldosser, M. Morgan, R. Lawrence, S. Neql, M, Welsh, K, Nagy, T, Mays, M, Morgan, S. Meeker. S60 ROW ONE: Y. Questell, J. Ramirez, P. Oley, L. Packard, M. Reinhart, Nigro, B. Randall, R. Osband, R. Nielsen, M. Nichols, J. Richey, D H. Ortega, D. Nielsen, D. Phillips, M. Phillips, D. Ogata, B. Pinger, Nixon, L. Owen, M. Novack, B. Rangno, D. Norris, G. Price, B. Parks B. Ponce, N. Ralston, R. Olson. ROW TWO: N. Pickard, E. Norton, V. S60 X... ROW ONE: M. Sherman, D. Shearer, P. Shelley, J. Silver, Y. Sheffer, Salter, A. Sanders. ROW THREE: R. Shimizu, C. Sales, B. Shonborn, R J. Rosenberg, R. Rowinsky, B. Santoro, R. Robinson, M. Ring. ROW Sheff, l-- Siegel, 5- TilleY, G- SCON, -l- 5e9Ul'U, M- Sltllffeff M- R0550 TWO: L. Russell, R. Sigman, K. Sato, J. Rouse, S. Samuels, R. Rinaldi, K- SCON, F- R0biI1S0l1- J. Shannon, N. Schwartzenberger, C. Schuck, G. Rinne, J. Ross, P. S60 I 1 ROW ONE: R- GYOVES- H- T0Yl0l'- A- 5im0f1, K- Smifhf 5- Stewart. T- R. Snaza, T. Taylor, S. Spitz, S. Streeter, C. Stone, S. Stocker, J. Stilll- Spears, R. Hughes, P. Thomassen, L. Tikker, L. Tanner, J. Speights, R. well, B, Steiner, P, Tiffqny' S, Timmel, Smith. ROW TWO: S. Tillery, D. Szymanski, A. Smith, P. Tatton, M. Soto, S '60 ROW ONE: L. Toombs, P- Vail, C- V071 l-055bel'9f K- Whlfed- 5- Wl'liPPle, E. Wilkison, M. Washburn, M. Woolston, R. Wolven, J. Vaughn, A B. Wood, V. V00 BOQGSYY. J- Y0Uf19- B- WOO'-'-l, C- Wendt. T- Wolenf, Vandermey, M. Williams, S. Warnow, J. Wood, D. Woods. B. Welch. ROW TWO: P. Youngberg, E. Weiner, P. Xanthos, R. Groves, VV'6O !Z"'! -tin' ROW ONE: K. Fleishman, C. Abrams, D. Barker, L. Bidinger, M. Ed- TWO: J. Vencill, C. Dody, D. Barron, J. Gostanian, D. Berson, L. wards, S. lrvin, B. Evelyn, l. Edelman, P. Drexel, K. Asari, J. Beer. ROW Foulkes, L. Greene, E. Cox, D. Irving, J. Beckman, M. Harte, J. Acacio. VV'6O ROW ONE: N. Roper, L. Rue, S. Miller, P. Loffler, B. Smith, S. Watson, N. Rauch, D. Jack, R. Suavedra, C. King, T. Takamatsu, B. Renn. ROW M. Kilmer, C. Josephson, J. Kipper, P. Loffler, D. Tweedy, P. Keating, THREE: G. Taylor, C. Milton, D. Lewis, B. Keller, J. Shultz, E. Jefferson, J. Kitson. ROW TWO: G. Levitt, B. Kennedy, N. Weede, P. Wilhite, N. B. Jeffress, T. McLean, D. Ringo, M. Larson, N. Luijt, D. Kenning, S. Ventura, J. Rosewcld, B. Tolman, A. Massuere, H. Winnick, S. Voegeli, Walker, R. Kolosseus, D. Lee, L. Vetensky. THE 9. f'f,,. Ait. i 1 A , J i, T, r .gk -'Unix ,f " 'if,,,lv:,L I Z it In her past two years at Venice High Mrs. Dungan has certainly made many friends. Now it seems that she thinks a forty year career is too long to be teach- ing English and History. We all wish her luck and happiness while redecorating her home and in her travels to New England and the Orient in the coming year. Thirty years of teaching by Mrs. Urqu- hart have included six worthwhile years preparing Venitian girls for future home- making. The time two boys in Bachelor Living wanted to demonstrate pies at Open House proved quite an experience Her future plans reflect the dreams of everyone, to relax. Students at Venice have been greatly in- fluenced and helped by Mr. Witty's teachings of Social Science and History the past thirty- four years. He plans to continue public or- ganizational welfare work along with a trip to the Orient or around the world after his memorable thirty-nine years of teaching. Teaching in the Social Studies, English, and Foreign Language Departments at Venice has kept Miss Hathaway occupied for the past thirty-four years. Her most memorable experience was conducting classes in a tent after the 1934 earth- quake. She will begin her retirement by leaving on July 29th of this year for Europe. ulllI uquuuuunnouuvr ,. ggiuwn quita!!-N 1310? illiil - ,fganff-Q.. l Beginning her career in Boise, Idaho, Mrs. lllingworth has been teaching for thirty-eight years. ln. her twenty-two years at Venice she has taught as Chair- man of the English Department and as Head Counselor. Traveling around the world on a sabbatical in l953 was an experience Mrs. lllingworth will never forget. If her husband's health permits, they are planning to buy a new car and travel through the United States and later next year to Hawaii. 500001 S0 P053 fx v,4m.. ivilti .1--at 3? i 1,45 Fld-..L-g-K ' d 'Q ,,, ' gp, Qgffff ,1., H l Anbu' , I " L' ,fu 4f?ss'?,' 4' Lfz f 'ir ' V ,1,,. , " Q iv f 2 jf- ' , . ff , . F7 KA is W. il' .L , 41,3 ww. , -3 M S-A 5. 'fx - -mf -x 'N A .I -,, ,. ., H-ff' , I .. 'ax' - " 1' , ,r -wr ,, z - ' '- u M -4 'NV' ' 6' , ,6 t --ww, F i ' A X X ,,-1 4- -.,,.A. "IW , '-if . ' ,, iw, 1 ,sr iii 2 ADVERTISEMENTS .4 R Nora Carole. Gloria, and Claire seem very pleased with their selections, which can be purchased at NANCY CRAIG. Ae we can see, OWEN KEOWN has a large selection of Chevrolets as Mary, Clarence, Carolen, Ronnie, and Susie are admiring them. at Fei, K, -.V .,,.- ,....,.. , 1,0 wg .1 ., A .L 4 -f A ' I 75: ' Wiffkrl 5 I-532 'Z ik?" A, .V ., iff .L W ,, , ,,:j345,cZz? ' 4 465' , VV: Q 1 t gy 6 i ry Q x ', , Jw "my ,ft ' 4 , HQ 'Jil' "gait 't ' v" - n-V V W , I ., P 1 , . We QWEN KEOWN QMJQYPWQ, orgii. t - . A .. ., ff: ft 1 'K' r D, ,ug ,,,:- " A "W" I I 1 - . -f. 5 fFPS"P riffllfil- ,W 4: it-ll", 'f-'ly' .t t gg V, C5 .A I, ,QM'fQ,"" 4- Lincoln and Washington Blvds e ,, , N g .,,, ,,s, ., ,,, Q mgg V iq V. V 1 -A A 1 H A .,.,, hw .yea 'WNW I fixkgg . ' A ,.' E15-31' . --M-A , , 3 n 4' 'X ' ' ' F 5 e . , 5 ., f ' .- X -'YJ . A N ik i Q .E , .54 ik. 1 A .:-, . -, 5. I - 9' -V V, I' ' A wtj e K -' L . . , . . 2 .-sm, l J 0 ', U tts, 6 Q' l ., .' Q4 f e F C "' "" lg :ll f ' 7: 1 K 1-V 5 if v V -V I . 1 .4 ..-. 4 ' .5 . is C---l ,A . , rg-w , PIU LINKE PLUMBING AND HEATING 3869 Marcasel Los Angeles 66, California EXmonf 7-2521 JESS' BARBER SHOP l2824 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles 66, California EXmont 7-9356 ., MARBRO'S DRESS SHOP 317 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, California EXbrook 5-6171 Holly, Jeanne, and June are getting ready for the summer with their new clothes from MARBRO'S. "Congratulations to the Senior Classes" Company owned Aircraft allows us to serve you bet- ter regardless of location: For the Finest in Photography Since 1923 call ALFRED 8. FABRIS 2901 West Seventh Street Los Angeles 5-DUnkirk 7-2251 134 , 1, ,' - 2'37Zff"77 ""7'??":iiifQ'4'V'X74' 71, -. ' 4. ,. 'Av 'z V lg 1 -Z2 1' lg, , sit 1--111:-' fg,:"g""-- fifzf' J iffy: Q Qsilfi 2,,'1?5'jf,Z Fei? ' P- ' ' V , ' ' diff! fi , A , . Eiiefffi ---'lui I .,,. -, ,' ' Z? , ,Iwi ,,....,,, 1 V , '-. -- C' M mqw:,4.f-,mu sn- BAY SPORTING GOODS 319 Wilshire Blvd. EXmont 5-1212 PIONEER FRENCH BAKING CO. 512 Rose Avenue Venice, California EXmont 6-1642 'uv' MNC falliflmwm mv!-'15 0rXx Wdffn Q1 ,rx 'bi X'wd'-W5 Ex MHYHVSSMIIKI . . ' V laslutrli . Hfihfl new 0' Wi I 1,1 .A ,.--Q K. Auxjeey RX! -mln, .lf '--lc.. rig . 'Q' J vw,-,:'.. ,.. 1 .-' ,, . V' A-..-' 136 19" -,.g- 40- A1 LADD FORD we see Danny, Butch, and Eddie eagerly examining the new Ford Convertible LADD FORD COMPANY 2499 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, Calif. EXmont 8-6251 your most WH? decision hallenging work, Will your first job mean interesting, C Working with people you like, an opportunity to advance '? E .f,,X N 'I f ws ,Xp ffj ,Q f "Li 1,11 fffi J' .-,jx I , XX x ' D l I Ax f f ,ff fi ffff xi f I V... ff J" ix 54 3 ,,--'1' , . . My . fmt l counselor or See your vocationa drop into one o f our employment offices. O erator for ZEnith 10,000 or ask your p h fo r the employment office nearest your ome. aww It looks like Sandy Usry has placed her order for some of those delicious bakery goods which can always be found at THE ALICE BAKERY. THE ALICE BAKERY For Distinctive Baking We Specialize in DECORATIVE CAKES For Every Occasion Same Location 12 Years EX. 7-4493 12224 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista i i 4 ,,...av V 1 rf? 1 Q K 'I ' ,TNS ' D .snail x s i Q.l.I'.. mi -, .USU i i LJ gf .. D gl i U' 7 li .0 "P-. U 5 1 -,. ,W K N if Z' 5 f 'Q li 11 I E '41 "Just because your head is shaped like a Post Toasties box, that doesn't mean that you're a little bit better! For the last hme you put the Noxema In Fl , ' l L Relief is jusf a swallow away. lt's such a comfort to take the bus. My V I -2 nm, 'H--L.,,, ., ' we 0? G. f '1iL"w 2 A s U 1 -W 3. A " 25 5' gi , '52, Y .,.. . 7' 7 I 4 ' . 11, 4 .1 ' I 2 -" .L - g 321 .1 -1 exi f ' ".bg1-:gif , 5. Q ,Ili -4 Q.1::'-x..i , 7:"':":""'es...r-1,S 5 ' 1 J -....qe V 'rjiff K , '-' V '.,1' ' x '-Nz:-:SZ AT.. 4 1-,say Q v I i 1 up r 1 4 6 the washing machine. -' I f I christen thee queen of 3, -..., 'u-f. .. .3 ' 3 fn-W J 1 4 A W Would you believe it? I'm going steady! I Just send our mail to the Tiiuana Jail 'Q' And what are YOU staring at? . L : 1524 5: ' 7 +L-11.3 , 4 if-3'-. - -.G ,.. ., 34,5 9 .v ' l ' I 1 'I t' 4 If 3 B 1 , . -cv., , A 8 n 4' . 5 . , k R gulf eg, -in H J 1 .3111 2 'I I ' .' 51: ,E fe ,L f.. -,H V H Q ' ,wif . wr Ha L -. 'wi A. " .21 -3 1' gms ' 'f "' av 5" 'fn .4 I 'H 'fa t Vg my F- 'nn 4q'fw i:,4. :Cl WEE + . u 'As ' 4fn, ,fl B uwuhi jiagf 2 , v P17 -Q LH' 9 sw., YL: :I f na ' 1 E u 2' 11' -f 5 mv. 1 H .1 nf 1- V gk :-13, .'-H , -:T 91'- ' mi. A 1. , an "9 , C' A fav .g z- 'L i I! Q qlf - 7 Laf . wh' -A. F ,Q 1 F Vg! ,. M w I Q E , 1 u ' A AV- l, wx :N li 5, .Q ,, A V 1 , ' I. H as? " . "Ns 4 ' 5" : f fu f in Hs nf , I nl '.- A M ,. 11' Ei X' wi- L?-J' W yfx ,. 'A Y ' KL' IN ' 'A , . 3 wa 'nf I , r ,Y 5: xi . , H f, A N V L . . 2411.1 , , ,qw-. 1 H. tae 5 ,L , u. :Ai , 1 V Q, 'x ' INR! g5'1,wi,N,K iE,lj Ml 11, I , M X' , f: 1 ,, ' IT ' 1 " ' f ' 'r , N-1:1 N W L! L ' " ' 1' Q f ' 7 'A-"" -- 'f, f qau " K A ,, , 4 4 , y , ' Q yu - ' ' I' ' ' L :" ,I f . A 1 ,J ,, . . ,y f . 'a Ni - f " : 'ff I ' .. " :ru 5 ' ,k , , . R K 'X 1' :V IN , 2--' , W - L, .,,,.LI f.i",:w' "IGF , 52 '3 I 4 ,- , , ,. 1 I If I' I , Q , . , .M ., H, 1 Gly as l - If I ' a, I " I- I I I K In ,. I I I I 9 , I ,K se ., . ., , ' '1 ' ' if 'IL 3- 'L1 35: A 4. f 0 - -A , - - .mg aut? H I I ra, 'f I I I, .- v I IE, . . , , L. I . U ,-,I HBH- T3 E.,-G-C Z, -4 .T Q ' . A .L ' - u ' 'lngwgaf u ' -' - I ,. ' , ' M - A I. H I EQ' -c ' - Q. 'E' I' I I 3' M- L . :I 'f ff f ' 3 -A F ll ' " -- 3- N Q FW ' - ' :Q 4 , .i' si ,w I I xi-I ' F' ." . rea , ,, . 'I ' 1."!1-J! 5 f '? I . M 9 U E 2 V- --II I ,- H. 1 , I I 1 I l " ,w -V ' ,V ,, if ."sr,5.,,' g.,.u ,- nba? '. Ll . iq U im.- ! fm. 'Nays Q I L- .,., 5 'IL -'Q , -' 5' 'A :I , - I .' 711 In-:Q II, . if ,A Lisle ' U ' r . -I .. 1 fl,gi.igFl3.gH2: .I -,ns in -LQ W M' E K, VI II . ,-1 - ,A JI: Q A I , ,. -1,-W , I.Hb5:v'4i '.,'1v': 5-' i EQQJF 'f I '. , .V , ni-I , I h I .?'!, d? H I .I 9 if-91,7 fe -vt, 1 I ,I. I. 4' , N.: 1 . 11, .Qs lv: 'ffm I -.E an , i -, , .b rj Y. , . L- mf-W - , Hi' ai' . yy, I ix ,g ,Ad ,L ,'l'. ,I I I f +553 ,Q 15' rg , g - fi V --ng' ' nb... Q- i Ast, : 411 n A ,F PH. Jwlg 1- ,Q ii F IQ 1- ' kv J . , -I-1, .f5'Qf'fm"' Q - " " ' X, " 1 U " V--l V -7- ' " Q ' Like--2Q'f' ,EI , H an ,Q K, ,Q Q -I " .j' . f . . .-. vx . ,E iI .,.h ., V' .J -A 4 . It 11, M,-I .' I if a yu V . ' n Sz , I , I P- I . 4 2 " ,11 . , I 1 ,Z ' I I J J' , , J' ' 5 -ai 'Hp In- .2 I u - 1F'E'fKIqs'u AGI . 1 a ' . W I ' .4 I A' I ' ' ' n ' A ag.-. " a':a,,1, ,A Q M F an 125:-, V ' 5 A 111 f av a.,,, fri - Qt, H Ejkz-I gh he , was ..,,W I Q Vi 'J u mfg' B I 'I .4 . N: T vm, . ESISQEAQEEE sgfhr . Quia- x is Q 'f U 3 ,. . . f - Jigs I Ri I, ll' " " g' 1 K I uf , .M ' nm' 8 II is . ' 1 I .sis . , +L- QW? -ahh 'x I1 1 I I uni- ,N ! 'W I 1' I' H 1 xx P A 5 H . . , ' I I U ' 1 E' 1- L ' . L v ,- I - lf J , . . N . 1 I I 1 1 i , 1 4 - if-4, X 1 l P I ly 1 4f.."'-W. ""i.... B L" I -'W x T II If il un ' 1. K l ..,L J, .T 'Alu i ' n I . x I I -lin 'Q . .,,.sU f ,Q I. 'i ,-ss' 4' 'n In . + - 1 P ' I I I v I n 1 I- U ' : ' Wg. LW '1' f I gl- ll 1- swlfvfg N 1 1. f vp MIRRO-GRAPHIC yfawwfa 4336 SAN FERNANDO ROAD GLENDALE 4, CALIFORNIA . . "' 4 I f!,'.4'r Q' : rr .: if 2 ' , 'Y-S . .1 .- -A -- .H 5 1 fri' ggi I - ,,, , ,sl-,Q l fe., Me, I Y A N , . 9: wg ' 1- M -5549, pw-P4 - " g . T. Ur l Y Ag- -Et, Q K , ,. I Q A I l A 1 .4:! r .1 gi- . 4 'F - . - J . .Q Was-. fi f . -'. n ap L :av . , - 1 -.4 , ,. 0 1 Ili-'T' - Q 8 -. , -3 .. I Pa. J I 1 ' 1 5 ' 0 F' 5 Qi if-?:,4 4,1 Z. ll .41 r , 'I 1 , i-. ,' Q K, . M .r , . 'dl X L L F.. l,. Q. is ef , Q gf X 5 ,, , ! 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Suggestions in the Venice High School - Gondolier Yearbook (Venice, CA) collection:

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