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Wifi QQ' WJ ww J57' WW 'B SWK Wff-2 W Q as X .31 1 yy EN. 4 X W Wifi! 23? N GX 33.T2522-122. 9? W W 5225? QE?- f . MifWWh HM NV Hwy W , X, 1 XQ D . 9. 0 Wx Nm wk . w Cb v 9 A J S3291 sy 'M 'ff G ,WX In , d l H 'H 55 ff?Qj5TfZ Q W wwfyxwmm my Gill fgffif' W ff W W W fWf' 1 Ziggy his .x -1 Y Q , .. .,,,,,,1v. .V ,, .,. ,pq , - 1 -.fs AD x f X i'f , A 29? WVx Qvjyq VBA. R' 4 Q Q EJ X , ' YM yy!! X QER L7 x IN ,fy X I X . J f JcfWW - MQW fiyfff fW1 Jw 4 W E xf wg X :vw Lx Mk ' sa e EC --'K X, on D o I I F R if X X , X , X , W V is J, W I ja 'f 7 2 " ' wff ' , ' , Z 'fs f :M I ? I I , 5 za ,, M ' MMM! fi gi O i I S 2 1 , i 5 , e i, 3 , 3 A in I 1 No.5-'X Q Published by the Student Body 4 of Venice High School, Venice, California, June, 1942 fe S "Keep 'Em Flying" 1 1 VW GMM ' .fo K CB -, X MQ 1 45 AQAJ Vlfknl ,XXSJ K, -4 THE PILOT guns the motors and the crowd is held in thrilling suspense as the plane rolls majestically down the field. It lifts its magnificent wings into the heavens - a fin- ished product of amazing engineering and shop skill . . . guid- ed to its destination with unerring accuracy by a competent test pilot. just as proud as its designer are the workers who have ex- erted sweat and action comparable to the blood and action of the battle line in creating this modern war machine. Their flying fortresses, dive bombers, and pursuit ships will win glory with victory, as will the graduating student who has been put to the test of systematic labor and has been given not only knowledge and competence but a strong sense of so- cial obligation. America needs more men and planes of this caliber to "KEEP 'EM FLYING l" 3 1 55 iifaff' if 9 FM 9 e d i c a 1 i o n T0 THOSE EMPLOYED in defense tac- tories who, although clad in no uniforms, are as vital to our democracy as are our valiant soldiers, sailors, and marines, we dedicate this book . . . to them we offer a challenge- "KEEP 'EM FLYING Y" In Mem oriam Out ofthe strain ot Doing, Into the peace of Done: Out ofthe thirst of Pursuing Into the rapture of Won. -W. M. L. lay. .E ,, X", ' V F s' ' ' I Z x its M , 3 ? me -www-www sam sxmwxiilwwwxnmm-vt N Mr. Edwin Hadley Chairman ot the Science Department and member of the Venice faculty tor twenty-nine years, Robert Conrad, S'4O Lost his lite on the USS. Arizona during the Iapanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Flaw Harold Scljonberg. S'38 i Lost his life in the attack on the Marshall Islands ' while serving his country as member of a naval air - squadron. O ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ON THE ASSEMBLY LINE TEST FLIGHT DELIVERY C 0 Engineering parimenf Englnccrlmg department---toundallon of The dcfcnsc plam! Venues l-llgh's admmastratlvc dGD3l'fl'I1GI1TilTS faculty .aml sludvnt offlccrsfxs like The ezwgmccrmg -lcpartmmwl IIN n husy aircraft lncforyj for hero Grzgl- rmlc now :dons lor the development and lmprovomcnt ut The HlWFOxlLIffM. Hero I'DSDOI1SIblC and trained loaders ldcnllsls who arc DO-ERSfTalxC rho "raw m.1lcrmI", slnrl ul on tho assembly line, and deliver, .ll 'hc Und ul six years- -tho "finished product", the qrnduatluq 'iClllOT, Wo prcsonl -THE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT S ,,, ,, ,Q HM.-w1"""" ff S i gi i cs .s Q sq Chief Engineer RAYMOND E, POLLlCl-l is the chief engi- neer-the man whose unerring judgment, keen decisiveness, and clear thinking make him the backbone of the factory, the "power behind the guns." Tl-lE CONDOLIER theme chosen for the Class of Summer '42 is most timely and signifi- cant. "Keep 'em flying" is a motto highly appropriate to a class that is going forth into the war life of a nation that at last fully realizes the importance of the air in modern warfare. Though repercussions of the age-long debate as to the respective superiority of battleships, tanks, infantry, highly fortified bastions, on the one hand as opposed to the superiority of the airplane on the other are still audible, it is now generally conceded that the airplane is the most potent single factor in present-day warfare, This fact, of course, in no way de- tracts from the importance of any other branch of the armed services. lt merely means that it is now clearly evident that a nation without adequate air fighting facilities is at a great disadvantage in opposing a country possessing a strong air force, l-lowever, to attain and maintain superiority of the air means that a nation must first construct the greatest number of the best planes and, second, that it keep these planes in action by efficient and constant construction of new ones. lt is reported that to keep a single fighting plane in the air re- quires the services of twenty on the ground. This, then, is what the Class of Summer '42 means when it dedicates itself to "Keep 'em Flying." To "KEEP 'EM FLYING" many of you will go directly into aviation, others into ground service work, others into the production field, and still others of you will continue your for- mal education in order to better qualify yourselves for the task before you. ln any event each and everyone will do all in his power to "Keep 'em Flying." DURING Tl-IE PAST three years it has been my privilege to bid farewell to five different classes. ln each case goodfbye has been said with regret. But, the duty awaiting me a day or so hence, that of awarding diplomas to you, will prove more difficult to perform than any previous occasion because the "Pride of the Tide" is my class in a truer sense than has been any of the others. My class, l say, because you entered senior high school on the very day that l became principal of this institution and are, therefore, the first class to have completed its entire training under my supervision. So, in sending you forth I do so with the blessings of a father who says to his children, "Keep 'em Flying." Riiynimid E. Pullirli IU W' f Q01 Q Q. is with MAMIE SALLEE RAY B. SHAW Girls' Vice-Principal Boys' Vice-Principal Personnel Directors DUTIES OF A personnel director of an aircraft factory and those ot Mrs. Mamie Sallee, girls' vice- principal, might well be compared. Mrs. Sallee works in close conjunction with the students-the workers in the plant-in the planning ot social ac- tivities, assemblies, and a great many other student activities. Functioning directly under her super- vision are the Senior Student Body, the Venetian Ladies, and the Girls' League. She also supervises the work ot the publications statt. l l OF EQUAL iiviPoRTANcE are the duties of another personnel director- Ray B. Shaw, boys' vice-principal. l-le supervises the plant's athletic program, makes out the master sched- ule ot all senior high classes, and guides the general conduct ot the personnel. Also under Mr. Shavv's supervision are the air-raid war- dens and fire brigades. l-lis other duties in- clude directing the hall and ground trattic and acting as adviser to the junior Student Body. Student Body Prexy Jack Adams, holding down the important job of plant engineer during the first semester, presided over student body and council meetings and supervised assemblies and social affairs. Jack also served as head of the Western League Cabinet, an organization formed to promote sports- manship among the league schools. Plant ,ff JACK ADAMS Student Body President First semester All too soon comes the inevitable day of graduation from high school. Most Sincerely, of us do not know the full realization of this statement until the day of leav- ing arrives. Then we look back and think of the many good times we have had throughout our school years. I feel that the fall semester has been one of the most successful l have ever experienced in my years at Venice. Record-breaking semesters such as this one are made possible by you and you alone. The student bodies of Ven- ice in the past years have made our school one of the top schools in Southern California. This high standard was accomplished not only in athletic achieve- ments but in scholarship as well. Venice is a school of which we can all be proud. If you remember to apply the school motto, "Rowing, Not Drifting," Venice High School will be tops in any league. Good-bye and good luck. Plant Foremen The leaders of the Student Body meet in a group called the Executive Council. Their duties are similar to those of foremen of a defense plant. The executive group, which is com- FIRST TERM Appearing loft to right in thc picture are Billie Mae Davis, secretary, Arcarlio Almeida, treasurer, Mrs. Mamie L, Sallce, sponsor of thc firoup, Pally Allen, vice-president, and Jaclf Adams. iirc-sidcnl pack ADAMS I2 4 Engineers Under Plant Engineer Phil Kovinick's guidance, the Venice High Student Body had a banner semester. Playdays and community sings were made a bi- monthly feature. Phil also was elected vice-president of the Western League Cabinet. PHIL KOVINICK Student Body President Second semester Semesters may come and go, but the term of S42 will be recorded in the annals of history. Not only has this been a significant year for Venetians but Americans throughout the United States have felt the importance of hard work and service to their country during this world struggle. We have all realized the value of unity, not only of purpose but of mind. lvlany of our alumni and fellow students have given the supreme sacrifice in this fight for freedom. Therefore, it is our proud duty to our country and to them to do our part and "Keep 'Em Flying" to victory. l feel fortunate to have been your student body president during this time. My graduation is a sad yet happy occasion for me. lt is sad in the realization that my high school career is over and that l am leaving so many of my friends. On the other hand, it is happy for me in the completion of a success- ful semester socially, scholastically and athletically. Good luck and "Keep 'Em Flying." Pl-llL KOVINICK so Plant F oremen posed of the student body president, vice-president, secretary, and treasur- er, discusses problems of the school before action is taken by the Student Council. SECOND TERM Appearing Iett to right in the picture are Billie Davis, vice-president, Phyllis Means, treasurer, Phil Kovinick, president, Mrs, Mamie L. Sallee, sponsor, and Betty .lean Wilson, secretary, l3 Group Leaders fa ' I HOWARD SMALL, Varsity "V" President X! .,.. I I f a The Student Council-the Group Leaders presid ed over by the student body president, is proof of how democracy functions at Venice High. Problems and activities of the school plant are considered at the meetings, which take the form of an informal panel discussion. Since each member has a voice in the mat ter at hand, democratic decisions are reached School policies and activities such as social affairs the formation of new clubs, ancl the appointment or FIRST SEMESTER IACK ADAMS, Student Body President BILLIE DAVIS, student Body secretary PHIL KOVINICK, Chief Iustice DONLEY BRADY, Sr. A President IOHN LEWIS, Sr. B President KEITH CONLEY, Yell Leader V V FRED HOOK, Sr. Delphian President IOANNE BROOKI-IART, Ir, Delphian President IEAN LARSON, Thrift Club Chairman WILMA BRODSKY, G.A.A. President X SEYMORE COHEN, Knight Commander ETHEL NUSSER, Ladies' President IAMES NICKEL, Esquire President j it , LORRAINE LiNoi3ERc, ciwafeiamc V , I My CECIL CARABA, Page President , DONNA BROWN, Pagette President ERNIE TOLMAN, Boys' Union President DORIS REIMAN, Oarsman Editor IIM PFEIFFER, Navigator Captain aj DICK WILLIAMS, Ilth Grade Delegate I , ANTHONY TARAVELLA, lOth Grade Delega L ' STEPHEN SUITS, 9th Grade Delegate ' -.. RUTH VALDEZ, Sth Grade Delegate H toiviiviv TOLMAN, viii cmac Delegate I iviizs, ivixxiviie sALLEE, Adviser I--I PATTY ALLEN, Student Body Vice-President ARCADIO ALIVIEIDA, Student Body Treasurer IANET KING, Ir. Student Body President PHYLLIS MEANS, Student Store Manager President MAXINE BALFOUR, Girls' League President BARBARA STONEHAM, Gondolier Editor nomination of new members to the Council must be approved by the Student Council before they are al- lowed to function. The organization is made up of senior high student body officers, the junior student body president, the editors of the yearbook and news- paper, and presidents of junior and senior high service and scholarship clubs. Mrs. Mamie Sallee, girls' vice- principal, is sponsor of the group. SECOND SEMESTER PHIL KOVINICK, Student Body President BILLIE DAVIS, Student Body Vice-President BETTY IEAN wiLsoN, Student Body Secretary I 1 I S PHYLLIS MEANS, Student Body Treasurer f IIMMY EDWARDS, Ir. Student Body President MARK KOVINICK, Chief justice BoB Kipp, st. A President DICK WILLIAMS, Sr. B President 4 K . BARBARA LINDBERC, Sr. Delphian President Group Leaders 'f N1 Y X ' N it 'S X fn 'P MAXINE SUTTON, Bookstore Manager dr EDNA LEVY, jr, Navigator Captain DOROTHY GRAHAM, Ir. Delphian President C-LADYS DERUS, Thrift Club President BOB MANDEMAKER, Varsity "V" President DOROTHY McINTIRE, C..A.A. President IOHNNY LEWIS, Knight Commander YVONNE HENSLEY, Ladies' President TOSHIO ENOMOTO, Esquire President IEAN ANN ESTES, Chatelaine Premiere MIKE LA FIRENZA, Page President ,E I, A M 2 ROSEMARY LANCES, Pagette President VICTOR LIOTTA, Boys' Union President - NAOMI CUMMINCS, Girls' League President ,, BARBARA sToNEHAivi, Condolier Editor ,S 'Jr MARY MAHONEY, Oarsman Editor I MRS. MAMIE SALLEE, Adviser I 5 J 1 40' ff?" E Y sim Y. " v as .. , 1 - 5 A. A" ' , X' R A - , 5 X Maintenance Department In the engineering department ot Venice High is the vital maintenance department, titled the House of Delegates. It gathers the opinions ot the student body and from them forms suggestions tor the improvement of the school, such as means ot fostering school spirit, directing a clean cam- pus campaign, and assisting in the paper drive. lt is the middle-man between the administration and the Student Council on the one hand, and the student body on the other, tor the opinions ot both pass through the House of Delegates. Presiding as speaker of the House during the fall semes- ter was Dick Williams, Miss Alice Applegate was faculty adviser. .-sq -. SR. HOUSE OF DELEGATES I ROW I Ortiz, Gregory, Pr' Irwin, Prev Diclf Williams Eiurford, Oknmotu lx.1-nan, Ono, Mnrsxln ROW' ll lxngcxanwa Warner Mitchell, Whitalfcr, Cox, Lc-win, Mnnzf-r, Gray Doi., Tnravclla Fnwfclt Ente-N ROW Ill Cr.1nnCx,ML'C0xi' Machado Coughcnour, Kidd, Morgan, Bcaty, Pc-ynolris, Dr-nnii., Tnrnviilln Stcwnrrl, Gwllmrt Miss Alive lXiiplvi1.stv ROW IX Goctlmls Moss, Stcpncr Moore Hott- rnan, McClellan, Buggt-y, Manfiii, tlnllril Kniili, Ilnrilinq, JR. HOUSE OF DELEGATES I ROW I Auttrin, llfirmi, Jnrrili-., Ili-,I1i, Wilui-ii Aiiil1:r'.iiii, Nalmniirl, TXJJI-.1-ini Pplvrscii, Okumum, Wllstwii, Meredith ROW ll' Pg-fer, sen, Haycz, Caqlc, Ualfer, lfiriiiu, Vnlrli-1, lriiiiwl, liilin-I-iii, Etlwartlw Lairil, lit-I-.nii, Evans ROW Ill Loc Burch, Ward, Pivo, Brown, Tol- rnan, Green, Carey, Dupont, Pr-rry, Lniril, C.1r.1li.1, Wi-ltlf-r, Mir.--. Apiilvinlc, ROW IV Hook, Snmls, Harper, Sarbati, Suits, Archibald, Wilson, Collins, ilolan, Ruuzcll, Kinyiiuii, Iiinwn, 'iiillivnn ROW V Wooilwnrtl Galilcs, Linkous, High Sager, MCVJW Bacon, Teubner, Cagle, Marcus, Gammon I6 seen. 4, fi .wt AMW? . . I ,t'-Q, ,,,--,gxrvf R It Q sf ,W ,. Rf-'f,'2 .,'n:9:.f2hEf'1T,i3VZ f J e ,P , ,wx X fi .x F . f .... ------ - -' ' ,,,w1?Mf3: 7g, -- xivix if K X139 ,s ' f I7 +ppoarinrg loft to right in the picture arf: afjj-jg, Chief Juzticc Marlf lffiylrilflf, Carol lJ.1y, omrny Ajlslka, Pulh Clnrlf, nrirl lnhnnrin fccrlfl, Ilot in the piclurr: arf: Allrrnr- Cntr"-., lim on tant, and LCC Wcxlrrr, who rn-plnrr-rl Tommy Ajisilfa I nspectors K Q5 The Venetian judges, like aircraft inspectors, are responsible for the perfection or rejection of parts before they progress further along the assembly line. The Student Court is one of the most effec- tive means by vvhich democracy functions in the school. ln the court-room, before six judges and a chief justice, students are given a "trial" before demerits, sent in by teachers, may be imposed. judges are selected by the student body at the SECOND TERM FIRST TERM Bruce Ferguson, June Perry, semi-annual elections. The chief justice, who must have served as a judge the previous semester, is in court every morning to try special cases, whereas the other judges serve on the bench the three days a week when court is in session before school from 8 to 8:25 o'clock, Vice-Principal Ray B. Shaw sponsors the group, which had as chief justice dur- ing the fall semester Phil Kovinick and during the spring term his brother Mark. - FOREGROUND: Isabelle Moss lclerklg SEATED Dick Williams, Janet Glad, Chief Justice Phil Kovin ick, Barbara Lindbergg STANDING: Mark KOVIFWICK JANET KING Jr. Student Body President First semester As the winter semester ends, I would like to extend my thanks for the fine sports- manship and cooperation that I received from each and every one of you as a student body. I hope you feel as I do that together we have had a successful term, Serving as your president was a privilege and an experience I shall hold as one of my most cherished memories. Sincerely, IANET KING Junior Plant Engineers A Junior plant engineer directs the affairs of the Junior Student Body and has duties similar to those of a senior plant engineer, The iunior high was head- ed by Janet King during the first semester and Jimmy Edwards during the second term. bv JR. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS First semester KI LE JORDAN Vice-President BARBARA FAIR Secretary ELAINE DONNELLY Treasurer JR. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS f 4 JIMMY EDWARDS Jr. Student Body President Second semester Now that the semester has come to a close, I find that I must, to my sorrow, say goodbye to junior high and the most enjoy- able semester l have ever had at Venice. It is really difficult to express my appreciation and gratitude for the splendid cooperation you have given me. I only hope this fine attitude will continue throughout our high school years. Sincerely yours, IIIVIIVIY EDWARDS Second semester DAWN BECHTLE Vice-President BETTY JANE LEWIS Secretary NADI NE FAWCETT Treasurer RAY B, SI-IAW Adviser Sis' X Women are playing a vital part in the de- fense program, filling the places of men in many aircraft industri is to Venice l-ligh what the leadmen are to an airplane plantg th important part in def Two defense ass by this girls' group. ln the fall semester arey, assistant superin- , spoke on "A Woman's Defense," while at the bly Mrs. Grace Scott ad- es. The Girls' League ey, too, are taking an ense activities. embl ies were sponsored Miss Katherine G tendent of schools Place in National March l8 assem dressed the girls on "The Art of Living." FIRST TERM MAXI NE BALFOUR President EMMA JEAN VALDEZ Vice-President NAOMI CUMMINGS Secretary lfirst terml President Second Term PHYLLIS MEANS Treasurer Lead SECOND TERM JUNE PERRY Vice-President ALMA WOODS Secretary COLLEEN MAHAN Treasurer Under the direction of Christmas baskets wer state guard, the soldier The group also placed a welcoming commit- 's office to take care of the Girls' League, e distributed to the s, and needy families. tee in the counselor newcomers, gave Ma D f y ay lowers to all the presentatives to conven- d Santa Barbara. away sponsors the Girls' Mamie Sallee acting as faculty, and sent re tions in Glendale an Miss Gladys Hath League, with Mrs. adviser, Maxine Balfour headed th during the first semester and mings during the spring term. e group Naomi Gum- Christmas baskets 5: I1 I V if D K ts.. N. X A . 4 wn4W'S- s W. , mf : A sf' K 7 . I A skit 5: M iw , Ie ,vga-v4'i Iii lf s- K . P-iuO"'.1 ' . . . i lit-ra n nenrlwy camps, the stale guard, and needy lami- Iicf. ol the communily wi-rv rememlueretl :il Chr:-,trims time when homerooms pre- pared Christmas lmskelu unllf-r the direction ol the Girls' League May Day . . . May Day is slill a rlay lnr llnwt-rs, clcsiiilc war anal turmoil .incl the Girls' League was riciht on the job with nn fillmcllvv cor'-.iqe ur lJOLllUI1l1l' W l r crc or each teacher. Men I Plans tor assemblies and other activities are made at sessions of the Boys' Union Executive Board. I No paper is thrown away in war times Instead, it is sent to the old cafeteria where members of the Boys' Union bale an average of 'SOO pounds per week. The Boys' Union, like the Girls' League, comprises the leadmen of the campus. This organization was formed with the purpose in mind that boys of Venice High enjoy as- sembling and taking part in constructive discussion about school problems that con- cern or especially interest them. Purpose of the Union is to instill an active school spirit among the boys by means of varied activities and assemblies, Like the co-eds, Venice boys are doing their share to "keep 'em flying." A notable example is the paper drive through which the Boys' Union collects and bales approxi- mately one hundred pounds a day. High- lights of assemblies sponsored by the Boys' Union have been speakers, musical pro- grams, gymnastics, and moving pictures. In the March assembly Pat Silvestri and Alfie Fink gave the boys a thrill by staging a three-round boxing bout. Referee john Bell called the match a draw. Mr. David Schlosser sponsors the group, which is led by elective officers. Ernie Tol- man was president during the first semester and Victor Liotta during the second term. "Vic" was assisted by john Cannon, vice- president, and jim Akoury, secretary. Serv- ing on the executive council one or both semesters were Anthony Taravella, Dudley Pearson, Phil Kovinick, Dick Williams, Don Brady, johnny Lewis, Bob Mandemaker, john Cannon, and jim Akoury. ERNIE TOLMAN President first term VICTOR LIOTTA President second term JOHN CANNON Vice-President JIM AKOURY Secretary Zl Stephanie Berth Production Production en i g neers - the Venice faculty -are among the most vital in the Venetian aircraft plant. lt is th ' rough their constant la- Of fice Staff of Elsie McLaughlin Ruby Edenquist Counselor Registrar, W'42 class ad- Librarian VISGV Three important members of the produc book clerk, taking the place of Mrs. Helen tion engineering department are Miss Steph- Crutcher. who is in northern Canada on anie Berthot, counselorg Mrs. Elsie Mc- leave of absence. Miss Helen Tibetts is sec- Laughlin, registrarg and Mrs. Ruby Eden- retary to Mr. Pollich, with Mrs. Lucille quist, librarian. Assisting Miss Berthot as Douglas as assistant. In the library Miss clerk is Mrs, Florence Wadsworth. Mrs. Betty Rosenburg may be found assisting Clara Swanson is clerk in the attendance Mrs. Edenquist. Myron Arbogast is busi- office, while Miss Antoinette Hunt acts as ness manager. Office Clerks ll I LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Lucille DOUQ- las, junior clerk, Miss Betty Rosenberg, lnbrary clerk, Miss Helen Tibbetts, sen :or secretary, Myron Arboqast, business manager, Mrs. Florence Wadsworth credit clerk M , rs Clara Swanson, senior clc-rk, Miss Antoinette Hunt, boolf clr-rlf Engineers . bor and devotion to their work that the "fin- ished product" is made ready for delivery. X 1 fl I ,fy,f"'Vi C" X A L.-ft! I Winifred Wood Commercial Chairman, Gregg Artists, N. Y. A, Burton M. Oliver Bookkeeping, Everyday Business, Venetian Thrift Association Alma M. Thomas Pence Continuation Education and Placement Margaret Egan Typing, Machine Calcula- tion Aure C. Tucker Business Correspondence, Shorthand, Typing, Asst, Helen Randall Bookkeeping, Typing, Sr. Delphian Sponsor Cornelius Brown Sr. Problems, Business Law, Salesmanship, Typ- Commercial Typing and mimeographing, in addition to bookkeep- ing, shorthand, machine calculation, business law, busi- ness correspondence, and business and office practice, are among the many subjects offered in the commercial department, So large has this department become that it now includes almost one-third of the student body. Commercial students have been doing their share in de- fense by typing a great 'many reports of defense activities for the community. 23 English ,Q 4 '14, I Embryo poets and authors receive recognition in the GONDOLA, yearly publication containing the best crea- tive work of both junior and senior high students. ln the picture Editor Walter Whitaker is shown conferring with Barbara Conley, associate editor, and Bud Widney, art editor. Gertrude lllingworth Edith Burns Violet Biscoe Annette Glick Byrne Helen Rockotf Gretchen Kirby Head of English Dept, English and Social Studies, Social Living, Reading Soc.aI Living, in charge English, Creative Writing English, Gondola Professions coordinator Chatelaines Improvement ot Audio-Visual Aids Committee, Work Shop Florence Taylor Flora Schrack Isabel Orton Margaret McGarry Ruth Rous Ann Wofld Culture American ami Modern Dramnlica English, drama English and Jourimllsnw, Enqllsh and Literature, Creative Wril section of iipcreltn G0iidoller,O.1rsn. inq and Work Shop a Merritt East Public Speak- English and Social Living, UH, ROWOY 'HQ Defenders t 2-l o Democracy wer . ' it . U Q i 1 5. 9 if NC Social Studies i l i ,sig Geography has become a revitalized part of the social studies classes as students pore over maps of far-off places to study the movement of armies. Through his- tory and civics Venetians study how a democracy func- tions and put theory into practice in self-governing ac- tivities. C. S. Overin Gladys Hathaway Ruth McKoane Laura Danielson K. L. Witty Soc. Studies Chairmanf Social Living, Sr. Prob- World Culture, Social Liv- Civics and lJ.S. History, Social Living, Navigators Civics, Senior Problems, lems, Girls' League ing Cosmopolitan Club Citizenship Coordinator John Shultz Helen Copeland Viola Gehlen Harriet M. Willett Edith Tompkins Jean Goebel Social Living Social Living, Pagettes Social Living, Jr. Del- Social Living, Asst. Spon- Social Living Social Living Dhians sor Jr. Delphians 25 Physical Education Charles N. Green Boys' Phys. Ed. chairman, Track Vivian Dingle Girls' Phys. Ed. chairman, Health Coordinator, First Aid John A. Bell Phys. Ed., Managers' Club, B Football Allene Rowan Phys. Ed., Junior Ambu- lance Corps Grayson 0. Turney Corrective Phys. Ed., Var- sity Football and Basef ball, Varsity "V" Effie M. Morrison Corrective Gym, S'42 class adviser Ben F. McFarland Phys. Ed, A and B Bas- ketball, Tennis, Pages Mary L. Pierson Phys Education John Hughes Phys Ed, Gym Tcam Carolyn Mifchill Phys Ed, G A A, First Anil for Ambulance Corps X 26 Healthy bodies and good posture build up sound morale. In corrective gym classes stu- dents are given daily exercises for overcoming postural and other minor detects. Youngsters in junior high gym classes are taking part in decathlon activities and exercises which will harden them for possible army lite. S is 'N ss ,, . mis 5 sy I Home Economics W Maude Rivenburgh Foods, Jr. Home Eco- nomics Club Josephine Newstetter Clothing, Jr. Home Eco- nomics Club Evelyn Loibl Clothing Esther Schwaiger lFirst Semesterl Foods, Clothing, Home Managementg Sr. Home Economics Club Minnie Allen Senior Problems, First Aid, Home Nursing Mae Kuenzel 'Second Semesterl Foods, Clothing, Home Management, Sr. Home Economics Club As an aid to home-making, girls are taught to plan wholesome diets and also prepare vitamin-rich tasty foods. To learn to dress attractively and economically and to choose materials wisely are aims of a course in cloth- ing offered in the Home Economics Department. 27 X MXNXXXX Mathematics The war has brought about so insistent a demand tor skill in mathematics that this department is becoming one of the most vital in the curriculum. Developing pow- ers ot analysis and reasoning and attaining mathematical skill are major ai-ms. THE MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT endeavors to meet the mathematical needs of all pupils, to make sure that every graduate knows certain fundamental processes, and to give senior boys with average ability a knowledge ot advanced math required by the armed forces and industry. Speakers from the service and from industry have addressed upper-grade students, impressing upon them the dominant role that mathematics plays in the curriculum during the present war period. QH Margaret A. Beamish Math Dept, chairman, Al gebra, Geometry, William A. Lustie Algebra, Geometry, Esqulres Richard Miller Math, Everyday Business Sherman L. Chaney Mathematics Ethel G, Millington Mathematics Lcslye M. Boatman Trigonometry, Algebra Geometry Katherine Klelnkneeht Algebra, Sr. Problems .fav ff .Q NSN Science , , A Tl-lE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, with the express The role of science in the war picture of today is a - A , - , prominent one. Ar school, students in chemistry classes purpose of giving pupils skill and knowledge useful in e'e heme laugh' the effect of pe'Se"' .gases on The hu' war effort, offers numerous courses in electricity, man body, the different types of explosives and the com- h I y position Qt varigug ingtrumentg of War. chemical vvarfare, slide rule, meteorology, and agricul- ture Those interested in agriculture are encouraged to develop home gardens for vegetable production and to plant gardens on the campus which serve as models for pupils or adults vvho wish to construct vegetable gardens at home. Albertine Pendleton J, E. Hoover Carl Spring A. W. Richards Grace Abbot Charles Harris Science Dept, chairman Physics, Physical Sc ence Sczence. Now in Chemi- Science Physiology Science, Chemistry, Nign cal Warfare Divison of School Principal Army at Vlctorville, Cali- forma Vivian SI-lumway Arthur C. Shepherd Leonard Taafe Dr. Britton Nicol W. F. Wilson Marie D. Smith rSecond Semester! Life Scienceg in Charge of Scence Chemistry, Slide Rule, A ri It Science, English Ticket Taking Crew ' Q cu ure, Florlculture, lSecond Semesterl Mineralogy G arden Club Science Music Art classes are doing their part for national defense, For the Red Cross and defense stamps have been prof duced a wealth ot posters, for men in the armed serv- ices, scrapbooksg for convalescing soldiers, checkerboards. Gladys Finley Pottery and Art, Art Dept. chairman Elsie May Johnson Art H. Winebrenner Commercial Ar1,LIfC Drawing Rufh Y. Meetecr Art, Art Appreciation Myrtle Blewett Jr. Girls' Glee, Sr. Girls' Glee, Harmony, Music Ap- preciation, Music Dept. chairman Reid Cox A Capella, Sr. Orchestra, Jr, Boys' Choir, B7 Chor- us Lifta S. Matt Jr. Orchestra, Girls' Chor- us, Piano, Music Appre- ciation, B7 Chorus D. W. Schlosser Sr. Band, Jr. Band, B7 Chorus, Band Classes, Boys' Union ln times of war, music is rated as one of the greatest morale-builders. Venice High's music department won an enviable reputation in peace time which is continu- ing today as students are becoming even more music- minded. Art P 4 I 4 A Marry., 'alfm . Qldags D M 5' aria A - S Foreign Languages Alice Larjn. E'-llalee , H A Sponsor ouse of ggfggire E Gs dna M ' B ll SDar7,5h 9 of our Ameri- TO IMPROVE Tl-IE understanding can heritage, to increase patriotism, and to give ' ' ch to modern war techniques some historical approa 'ms of the foreign language are only a few of the ai department. As an aid toward realizing these pur- poses, students make models of war implements, compose notebooks on soldiers and equipment, and study the causes and effects of dictators. Classes have been saluting the flag in Latin or Spanish, singing patriotic songs, and constructing games and ' t in emergency situations. quizes for entertainmen Ancient antiques, rare art objects, and priceless vases such as the famed lekythos of the Phiale painter are only a few of the articles to be found in Venice l-ligh's classi- cal museum. So famous is the collection that students come each year from high schools and junior colleges throughout Southern California to study and admire the priceless antiques. 3l .t.k . .gb Q Qi , I '- 0 -- , x - g s i N- ' E P " j N . le E ' -. ....... . . ' ' S . N wr . Q ,- Q , . vx X s 'f . Q Vvuv .....k .fl 1.7 . .K is .,.... fn S3 Q ' 1 sk 5 - .L ' Y T' 5 X E-si. Q ag :iff , li 3 , 3 g- X, l f g X ' ' ST' -. xH if 2 ii: c.,?.....As.....-.............s.,ts.,, .t..... .. V V ,sw ' z EE: 5 ILS t ' S A iii" X S . t 7 NQQFXI s . . 3 .... M ' . P ----4 s H Industrial Arts ,f v" Venice shops resemble a cross-section ot a busy air- craft plant as students and adults are trained in aircraft sheet metal construction and repair. Adult classes are in session each night until midnight. G. H. Womble, Jr. Edward A. Crandall Irving E. Fordham Drew C. Amo Donald A. Dobbins Indus. Arts, Stage Crew, Mechanical Arts Mechanical Artsg S'-12 ad- Electriclty, Publnc Address Mechanical Arts Aircraft Vocational coordinator viser Radio Club Blue Prlnt Reading Elmer A. Bull Clcll M. Rogers Ernest T. Champion lm G. Woodnrd M. Cameron Jones Drafting, head of Indus- Mech Drnwmrp, lli-i lil l'.illi-rii Mnlwiiii, lnlwmi-I Slum-vl Mvlal, Gvucrnl Prantlnq, Llass E Basket- trial Arts Department rlly, Jr Elrrrlrlr Chili, M.ul- Illl, W'-lf .ulvl-wa Mvlnl ball l'lirilri'4rapl'1lr Cluli Industrial Operators Stage Crew REMODELINC- SCENERY, handling all aud calls, and running all special assemblies and night performances such as the Boy Scout Court of Honor are among the activities of the Stage Crew, which is under the direction of Mr. C. H. Womble. The boys build and decorate the scenery used for musical and dramatic performances. Two members with special jobs are Bud Maddocks, head electrician, and Bob Pierce, projectionist. Stage Crew members appearing in the picture are as fol- lows: kneeling in foreground, Harold Maddocks, Wilbert Smith, Don Miller, left to right, Melvin Naftal, Bill Green- ing, Clayton Spar, Vern McMaster, Bob Pierce, Bud Mad- docks, C-ene Corsen, and Mr. Womble. srl fl, tscfrm' I Public Address WHAT WOULD VENICE do without its public address crew? The P. A. system is used to announce football games and track meets, at outdoor assemblies and graduation. Bob Heagy and Bob Pierce broadcast popular recordings during the noon hour and at playday dances. The crew, directed by Mr. Drew Amo, builds and maintains all amplifiers, phonographs, and sound equipment. Appearing in the picture are Manager Andy Oclen, who announces at football and other athletic meetsg Bob Flickinger, Stanley Spiwak, and Bud Maddocks, who handles the field telephone. I . Projection Crew THE PROIECTION CREW, under the advis- ership of Mr. joshua Hoover, receives all films and has complete charge of their projection, both at assemblies and in classrooms. The boys must thread the projector properly and see that the image appears on the screen dis- tinctly. They must also be able to perform minor repairs on the projector and be able to r patch a film in case of a break. Appearing left to right in the photo are Wilbert Smith, Rodger Lowe, Bob Flickinger, Martin Taylor, Ellis Herman, Albert Hook, Don Schleiter, Bob Pierce, and Laurence Herman. 33 'Qs .5 . Q 4 a ,', as 1 xi Z . as .sg 35 . s ew ex t ua ntities of l. With a wide-awake captain at the head of each team, Miss Anna East's iunior high social living classes turn ou q scarfs for Britain and the American Red Cross on their small hand looms. 2. Aircraft welding, sheet metal. and other vital shop courses are offered boys planning to work in defense industries. 3. Student practices aircraft metal repairs. This aircraft course. under the direction of Mr. Donald Dobbins, is another part of the curriculum vital to defense. 4. Over l00 pounds of paper are sal- vaged daily from the school itself and put into the baler. 5. Project of the agriculture classes this year is Victory Gardens. 6. Vene- tians place lunch bags and other savable paper in one receptor at noon and non-savable paper in another. All redeemable paper is baled and sold by the student body. 7. By the end of March Venice students had purchased War Savings Stamps and Bonds to the Stamps are on sale at the school Thrift Bank. 8. Over fifty students work in woodshop making model planes amount of Sl 2,000. 1 l X -s af 25,5 V .. EQ M 4' 1 a " v 1 s. day wifh Uncle Sam X for Uncle Sam. Venice High's quota is 300. The planes are used by the Army and Navy to teach identification to new pilots and to civilian defense workers. 9. All students are given instruction in First Aid as part of their work in gym or in senior problems. l0. Girls learn to care for the sick and iniured in Miss Minnie Allen's home nursing classes. ll. Helene Machado, color bearer in the Ambulance Defense Corps, receives flag from Mrs. Minnie Hale, president of the Women's Relief Corps, in colorful ceremony February ll. l2. Paper in the classroom is used completely on both sides so that none of it will go to waste. l3. Approximately a dozen meetings and demonstrations on the handling of incendiary bombs have been given to pupils, teachers. and adults alike on the Venice High School campus. 35 W'42 A 9 Class. lx , ""'N' Q 'fr l 3 'r 1 lf- , J -r ' L . T :,, N ", , A 1 SH, Av Gw ff A, Q, .A I " :A V.. ig X f J-A fgug f- A A-, ., l' M . , -we M 1-it , fe' 'EMI' 4 ', V ik! , 5- I' NJ - if QQ f 6 5 . N Q L .Q- L A 1 U-.C 'NJ x I fn '- ,' r l fr 'ww kvli' 9 H O I ROW I: A. C. Rasmussen, presudenr, Cafhcrnne Llnkous, vlcebpresidentg Richard James, secrefary: Edna Connelly, treasurer, Barbara Wslmot, cheer lead- cr, ROW II Marlon Yorkowutz, cheer leader: Ann Aldnch ,loan Armsberg, .lean Arnold, Vlolet Babaluan ROW Ill Loren Bauer, Zclma Borges, Betty Board- man, Palsx Brawner, Joanne Brookharfg ROW IV, Donna Brown, Mary Lou Butterfuc-ld, Cecil Caraba, Kcnclus Cashwcll, Frank Clark ROW Vi Kalhrxn Conklin, Belly Conner, Shurlc-y Crepe, Elarnc Donnellx Norma Ehrcnkranz. W '42 A 9 Class... I ROW I: Barbara Fair, Barbara Foxen, Lawrence French, Victor Gables, Florence Gelfand, ROW Il: David Geller, George Gladstone, Meda Gregory, Mary Lou Harn, Bob High, ROW Ill: Marceline I-llllyer, Jim Howland, Vivian I-lulderman, Virginia Johnson, Kile Jordan, ROW IV: Janet King, I-larold Kopp, Carl Kunz, Barbara Maxon, Don Muller, ROW V: Chizu Mizutani, Dolores Mustol, Kazuko Nagal, Nopima Nagatashi, Yutaka Nalcayu, ROW VI: Noella Ouel- lette, Phyllis Owen, Donna Russell, Juanita Russell, June Russell, ROW VII: John Shaw, Harold Skidmore, Ed Smith, Lorraine Smith, Rose Marie Spiegel, ROW VIII: Richard Stearns, Paul Sullivan, Alvar Tahtu, Toshio Takamatsu, Betty Verret, ROW IX: Bette Weinstien, Bonnie Whelchel, Ruth Willis. .f't in I V V ,,,,f' I I J S f ,V , ,f M I ,,,,, W ' V ,, , , , :mi , , f gg , , . A, s is X i',,?:1' A,,, I A ., f ' ""r. 7 r V ' :il A-.- lk ,,,v I: mai 5- . ,,, I , Q .,.- ""i X La it- , ' V' 7 V1 I' I ' '...' f f . 1 . I ' al, I , 1 R rttt . I ,f f tr a V tw - 2. , I Q . Q 3 S S' ,, fx: ,, it an adsl . I X , . ,4f,, X. ' 1 451 Q :,':A, I if A at tw ' 6 I , V g I I .,.. R3 ,. W I sf"-I , , ,i QW: .V r, -r-- , S - W as I-Q., lf 0 . i I1 1 y f f - , I 'Nw J' 1 if CN:-r-""J 'K , r ,Ji ., " -1 if S'42 A 9 Class in I ,.,v . 1 , si -, ., A CM. , '31 ' 5 ' 5' 4, ' UQ JW ,, if Zi ' 2, , ,rf fx ' 2: , , st, 1 if 1 ,eff .e ,sf , , 1 i' 3 Q si- rs wa' V ' , , , 1 . 7 . :-: 5 , .-if ' Y gf 9' is 1 ,tl at a. . 1.4 . ., ffrr W 'Q X ' 1 " 4 e 'QF " 1 J iv A , - . ,A-. .' " ' f I W- X Q za-.f' f'gil-qi: ' f' f u ' 1 1 . '49 ll' Q9 .vvvv Q A 1 A. -, 1, I, ' .2 " L.. 1 ' 1 , f , . fr .eg 4 , i .5 l 1 ' -:Q t .ffv , ' - ,l ,- Sgjg . it I ' 2 rr . , , V".-: i A X -"- -. ' ' i , J A ,r l 1 1lft ii,iQ2.,ii , r y . r 4-,Q ' A I ROW I: Don Carlucci, president, Cecelia McVay, vice-president, Donna Hook, sec- retaryj June Morrow, treasurer, Her- rninia Acosta, Harvey Adair, ROW ll: Patsy Alvarez, Paul Anderson, Leota Bacon, Cecilia Bailey, Gloria Barbati, Wanda Barns, ROW lll: Theresa Barth, Dawn Bechtle, Effie Boggs, Raymond Benefiel, Boyce Ben- nett, John Benson, ROW IV: Russell Ben- son, Phillip Bentz, Lee Berestord, Tommy Bowers, Mary Bresseau, Barbara Bronnerp ROW V1 Otto Brooks, Betty Brown, Alice Bushnell, William Cady, Doris Campbell, Garth Carter, ROW VI: Bettie Cherry- homes, Beatrice Chessin, Marvin Cohen, Josephine Colbert, Marjorie Coles, Reatha Jean Conley, ROW Vll: Richard Copeland, Rose Cordero, Lois Corson, Edna Crenshaw, Patricia Curnyn, Eugene Daniels. 38 0 S '42 A9CIass... - ROW I: Frank Dawes, Shirley Dimont, Bernice Drake, Mary Lou Ducat, Jack Dull, Barbara Eccles, ROW ll: James Edwards, Betty Elliott, Melba Elmore, Nadine Faw- cett, Helen Gardner, Jack Goodman, ROW III: Robert Grandmain, Charles Graham, Dorothy Graham, Barbara Guth, Merrill Haas, Carl Hangebrauk, ROW IV: Winona Harper, Barbara Hay, George Henderson, Robert Henry, Sidney Hockett, Mildred Hoffman, ROW V: Wayne Holbrook, Wayne Hoover, Norman Howton, Richard Hunt, Nancy Irvine, Gweneth Jamison, ROW VI: Opal Jennings, Catherine John, Charles John, Ray Jones, Tommy Jones, Kenji Kato, ROW VII: Midori Kato, Ken- neth Kaub, Harry Keep, Albert Keith, Gil- bert Keller, Claire Kisickij ROW VIII: John Krieger, Alfred Krog, Lorraine LaBerge, Mike LaFirenza, Margaret Laird, RoseMarie Langes, ROW IX: Edna Levy, Betty Lewis, Howard Lewis, Lorin Long, Rodney Lundin, Mary Louise Lutz, ROW X: Ella Mahoney, Barbara Maidman, Kathleen Makey, Chi- yoko Mano, Joe Marquez, Jeanette Mathis. 1. 'n f I I J. , ,,. .f ., - if uf., v f5if'MiVf"' S ' I 1 1 . I f Q if I me , .,,. . Q . I' f ' I I , I I it ' I , f -qv , 1 l' R -. 1 . , ' l j ,lf .MWWIWK 19,5 by X ie I I aa. i if iii' I .. s - . R at I 'f I , A -N , s- ,s-V Q I if Af f , Y ef. V . ,,, K ,L f I, , L 5 'S-.' fat' V '- 5 i 'sr I l"i 5 T ' I " , 7 ' N W 15- f I 4 V ,,., , Aj , 2' ' ,, . 1.5 A 3 1 . fw I - - i I ' X' rv "s',' I, I- M , f "WWI ' I f"f'1' A. fig K - A 3 -- " jx, " ' , ,::,1x, , ,,,, ' ' 4 X' " ' ' 3 ag , ef , X- : M ,V Qs' 2 is Z L- J ' ' , ' ff?" , M , H a , V J xx ,Q L . Xxx? V A ,sw ., if :I D 1 Niki I- 'f"fff Y , ,,L. Ei It ,Z fl mm 'SN A , . if T' iiii, f Q, s - I, J. . s a ., X iss, Q Q . X Ls L N , K , at ' ' A H 39 N we i X A ' ' ' es 4 ,nw A if ,A , r ,,,,...,mN, , S l , W , , QM QR., N' Rv' S '42 sz ' gf :V H tml!! sea 1 , 2 . ,,. A x 5 , -X ,M V t ' i Z ' . ' S- 3' , S Qt 'f 7 Z , if I ., ,, ,QA .J ww I , ,S sg . A ,ii ' I , . ff Q si S 3 GK ,I X are "' '59 ' 5 ' s ,f ' " f '- 5 .X , 96 . ,gf , ' " 2 if ., 5? "- W MM ' 3 , Zim- N, S55 .L M Ax A bu ' ' " , ii' il, 7 ' ,, . ' 3 .452-2 Q' A 4 T - I 3 " 2 A ffl Q X 1 -K. I , -2 M , , f' A 5 ,-'ra' i p 15 -Q ,, 4 .f rf., 3, A ,, .. . '2 l , 4" 9 f-f , K. ' ry, f ,. , '.: J I " ig . Q if - X G ., ' wiilg uf. -. ' 'gf If V1 G. ' ,Nj 4 4, V S . -f N -f J 1 5m.,:1.,,f' J, 2 .ii .Q ' ,I ' , I' , V V :Q f, ,M -' ' , M Z, f if. f ,, . 4 t , 1 ' fffzf, ,f 'e' ' 'alia . ' I-s - X .st ' M f , f i at V we R is A ,WW 4 o o it I , , f , ,, c 2:4 A 1, MA " 4, Lf ,-, " M 4 i I lg' ,, 'J ,:, ' wh, Q L - 1 A i i f f lu ' lk.. V 1 A 40 A9Class... I ROW I. Charles Maxon, Robert Mcln- tosh, Betty McPhee, Patricia Meek, June Meredith, Jean Shirley Moore, ROW ll: Merle Murphy, Joyce Muschik, Masaki Na- kagiri, Eugene Nauman, Lola Nelson, Sylvia Nelson, ROW lll: Fred Nordquist, Ben Oba, Fawn Overton, James Perry, Robert Pritchard, Harold Puckett, ROW IVt Lois Rees, Ralph Roach, Gweneth Rogers, Shirley Rogers, Violet Rosier, Laureen Schubert, ROW V: Barbara Sebring, Marybelle Sen- nelt, Toni Shadron, Orville Shultz, Lois Sipes, Jack Sprague, ROW VI: Roland Stanim, Bob Strommer, Grant Sturm, Ste- phen Suits, Harry Sutherlin, Mary Suddeth, ROW Vll: Tom Sullivan, Bob Teubner, Betty Thomas, Harlan Tingler, Vaughn Tol- mmi, Michi Tomita, ROW Vlll: Toshi To- mita, Jack Toroin, Myron Tremayne, Rita Treppa, Shirley Vanderlip, Bob Van Ness, Roy Walker, ROW IX: Sally Wales, Ella Webb, Dean Westlake, Roy Wexler, Janice Wingnrd, Margie Wood, Henry Woods, ROW X: Nina Woods, Dolores Wright, Wil- liam Wright, Chiyoka Yamamoto, Dorothy Ybarrondo, Don Yumori, 0 MISS ABBOT'S BI2'S I ROW l: Merriam Moore, Millicent Schuman, Hlsako Nagar, June Perry, Eileen Schubert, Joyce Butz, ROW II: Dave Monlon, Verdabelle Press, Beverly Biggs, Frank Russ, Ivan M.ddlebrook, Jack Parke, ROW Ill: James Nickell, Lee Wexler, Dick Cow- lishaw, Bob Bates, Vern O'Connor, Mark Kovinick, MISS KLEINKNECHT'S BI2'S - ROW I: Margaret Zimmer, Shirley Spiegel, Barbara McCoye, Beatrice Winger, Doris Wilmot, Jo Taravella, ROW II: Frances Walker, Beatrice Laura, Martha Cutshaw, Helene Machado, Maxine Sutton, ROW Ill: Bill Brazington, Joe Welling, Jack Bechtel, Dick Williams, Jim Rogers, Richard l-le ds ek, ROW IV: Jack McCann, La Marr Nelson, Alan Cox, Alfie Fink, Mike Topey, Eddie Gahan, MRS. LOI BL'S BI 2'S I ROW I: Gladys Derus, Gayle Ferguson, Jeannette Grandmain, Janet Glad, May Enomoto, Jayne Freedman, ROW ll: Allene Gates, Clifford Fellows, Ted George, Stanley Spiwak, Clinton Crum, Angelo Gaudio, Norma Bell. if- , MRS. ROUS' BI 2'S I ROW I: Patty Campbell, Doris McMullen, Barbara Homrig- hausen, Lorraine Lindberg, Blossorne Roth, Shizuko Hiroshima, ROW ll: William Arnold, Carl Brush, Carl Johnson, Bob Betts, Merle Markelg ROW lllz Jim Bussey, Walter Schonborg, Ray Nicholson, Paul lngraham, Don Wiener. MISS BURNS' AI I'S I ROW I: Emiko Saisho, Toyoko loki, Ruth Patterson, Darlene Mitchell, Roslyn Aronson, Gayle Rogers, Dorothy Marsden, Lois Prouty, ROW Il: Celia Pesman, Lois McClellan, Doris Russell, Robin McCIinton, Rosemary Schafer, Jane Olsen, Kathy Rey- nolds, ROW Ill: Junior Nelson, Dewey Wakley, Pat Robinson, Red Rosier, Harvey Kramer, Bill Brummer, Marlowe Mogul. MR. COX'S AI1'S I ROW I: Betty Mclntosh, Ruth Tandy, Nettie Sherwood, Eleanor Licha, Barbara Conely, Bonnie Burford, Lillian Kablon, Margie Witmondg ROW ll: Leonard Shreenon, Marx Lou Walton Rosemary Talley, Margie Pitina, Dutton Williamson, Margaret Moore, Jerry Busicj ROW Ill: Alex Wehrfritz, Glenn Van Hou- ten, Ray Horton, Don Youngs, Walter Vkfhitaker, Leslie Logan, Floyd Burns, MISS DANIELSON'S AI I'S I ROW l Helen Kennett, Elizabeth Howland Billie Hume, Connie Langes, Georgina Foxen, ,lereline Morris' ROW ll: Don Bennett, Norma King, June Keeton Exie Morris Rosalie Irvine Rodger Lowe, ROW lll Duck Jackson John Nelson Paul Joseph Jack Manken, Ben Lealke Rax mov-d James. MISS HATHAWAY'S AI I'S I ROW I Carol Day, Mary Coughenour, Madelaine Trenouth, Jeanne Conklin,HMarporie Cashwell Doris Pabst, Barbara Ducati ROW Il, Bob Canning Howard Dey, Lorraine Pressnall, Ruth Clark, Lucille Olds, Wilbur D'Arcy, Richard Platt, ROW Ill: Bill Collins, Le Vern Jordan, Jim Constant, Harold Giovanazzi, Ward Brody, Conrad Plate. DR. NICOL'S All'S - ROW l: Colleen Vickers, Mildred List, Bettyc Wagg, Rosa- lind O'Connor, Ria Timmerman, Bonnie Hinkley, Pat Armor, ROW ll: Richard Anderson, Alex Goocltellow, Hermina Rose, Dr Nicol, Shirley Blake, Dorothy Bird, Bill Anderson, ROW lll Tommy Aiisaka, Harold Jerke, George Eguchi, Leonard Clow, Louis Sayer, Julius Cohen, Irvin Barttield i I MR. TURNEY'S Al1'S I ROW I2 Virgie Gritton, Thelma Florkeff, Marjorie Kaub, Rhoda Goldman, Faye Gallup, Wanda Brown, Tatsuko Hogo, ROW ll: Dana Schuldt, Jeanne Ann Estes, Dick Gearing, William Hine, Keith Hanna, Albert l-look, Toshio Enomoto, Patricia Mit- chell, ROW Ill: Harry Plath, Bill Hicks, Dean Holbrook, Paul Woods, Bob Hetman, Bernard Gregg, Bill McNulty U NJ 5 Q ---r X MR. JONES' Bl l'S - ROW l: Babsv John, Bette Husner, Loretta Keller, Betty King, June Lewis, Mary Kageyama, ROW ll: Bill Manley, Nor- man Thoreson, Reiji Nitta, John Trussell, Jack Jamieson, Akira Kato, Jack Alvarez, ROW Ill: Dan Hile, Russ Kappes, Bob Metzger, Theron Maynard, Dick Smith, Bob Mayson MRS. KIRBY'S Bl l'S . ROW l: Dorothy Johnson, Virginia Ybarrondo, Betty Louise Allen, Virginia Rusler, Sylvia Walovitz, Lucille Allen, Beverly Balkum, Merl Knight, ROW ll: Bruce Williams, Virginia Dey, Vicky Ariaz, Wilma Halt, Betty Constant, Carole Wright, Ger- aldine Rosson, Marilyn Coles, Art Bovero, ROW llli Eugene Fuqua, George Mayeda, Alex Akoury, Don Longmire, Earl Stiltz, Ralph Webster, Perry Black, Neil Carlson. MR. SHEPHERD'S Bl1'S I ROW l: Barbara Davis, Etta Phillips, Joyce Carson, Katherine Robertson, Shirley Lowenthal, Lorraine Howton, Marie Haddad, Roberta Rhodes, ROW Il: Amy Bostwick, June De Bode, Dorothy Goldman, Ann Hart, Madelyn Lund, Virginia Fielder, Julia Frank' lin, ROW lll: Claire Davis, Laurel Cox, Mervin Thiessen, Jack Gerstel, Jack Simms, Shirley Mason, Melva Meshack, ROW IV: Bob Goethals, Robert Duron, Don Schlieter, Jerry Chapman, Douglas Hanawalt, Bill Ball, Mr. Shepherd. MISS TUCKER'S B11'S I ROW I: Lauretta Middlebrook, La Verne Weaver, Helen Mclntire, Ruth Rotman, Rachel Oden, Yachiyo Nakagi, ROW II: Doyne Robbins, Dorothy Thompson, Earline Hethcot, Pansy Pet- tit, Harriet Reid, Gloria Holland, Miss Tucker, ROW III: Bill Ducat, Joseph Ortiz, Ray Doyle, Jack Miyake, Steve Okamoto, Joe Left, ROW IV: Bob Owen, Tony Sanchez, Dory Lopez, Bob Gifford, MR. WINEBRENNER'S B1l'S - ROW I' Flora Walker, Bertha Krog, Irene Krog, Velma Temple, Norma Gardner, Jean Talbot, Dorothy Thornsberry, Bon- nie Burford, Joy Selser, ROW ll: Rose Petersen, Donna Schultz, Jeannette Rice, Norma Bunker, Blanche Neal, Margaret Green- field, Madelyn Greenfield, ROW Ill: Edward Noyasel, Gilbert Anderson, George True, Bud Widney, Anthony Taravella, Tommy Duff, ROW IV: Bob Goethals, Heath Haggerty, Bill Machado, Erwin Stiltz, Harold Willis, Leonard Stogsdill, MISS APPLEGATE'S A10'S 5 ROW I. Patty McCoye, June Morgan, Golda Stewart Virginia Naehr, Fannette Bronstein, Ruth Scott, Nobuko Okumura' ROW II: Verne McMaster, Irene Petersen, Dorothy Wasserman, Helen Sotelo, Claudia Gotorth, Bill Pritchard: ROW III: George Perry, Clifford Hillerby, Haines Waite, Shigomi Nakagiri, Howard Gar- rison, ROW IV, Bill Nelson, Herb Steward. Sidney Campbell, Bobby Jackson, Herbert Petersen, David Axelrod, MR. BROWN'S Al0'S . ROW I Dorothx Behiek, Cassie Johnston Jeanne Compton Clarice Baron, Betty Provencher Barbara Cusick, Bettx Atwood' ROW ll Manoll Henry, Thelma Brown, Shirlex Cox NOrma Stinnett, Nona Bronner, Carolxne Carr, Bettx Jean Moore: ROW III, Irene Hansen, Norma Channell Gene Corson, Clxde Corco- ran Min Kosaka, Otto Christian, Ruth Claxbaugh Donna Bird' ROW IV Mol Nattal, Harold Wadsworth, Daxid Bishop, Joe Soares, Bob Brown, Lee Anderson Jack Altig MR. CRANDALL'S Al0'S I ROW I Anmlla Sorynntcz, Norma Marsyla, Gloria Tiller, Nnruissn Vasquez, Hclon Doyle, Margaret Monteleon, Helen Fritu, ROW ll' Sam Ono, Bill Smith, Don Licrow, Marion Wat- wil, Lilorm Viikcovich, Bill Miller, Harold Maddocks, Raymond IOIILIII V Q wil' i 'U ' in 4 - vi 9 N-e J . 4 J- S I .X G s ' 0 L, X f , , . .A li' ' u XV' MISS McGARRY'S AIO'S I ROW I: Pat Dean, Mona Alsobrook, June Gretsch, Bonnie Harris, Hazel Hicks, Jean Irwin, Jane Irwin, Ruth Earl Hinecker, Lois Mayo, Frieda Stern, ROW ll: Helen Herron, Patricia Steele, Cloma Howard, Janis Hawley, Lois Hamsher, Virginia Reed, Lu- cille Strange, Gertrude Beever, Pat Rasmussen, ROW Ill: Alan Adair, Paul Gillete, Albert Corey, Barbara Barnard, Joan London, Warren Lavender, Miss McGarry, Charles Christian, ROW IV: Forrest Gossman, Ralph Le Gault, Richard Armstrong, John Brown, John Barro, Earle Hottman. MRS. MEETEER'S AIO'S I ROW I: Ruth Crossland, Fern Bragg, Virginia Fawcett, Helen Summers, Nina Sparti, Marilyn Steinburg, Bebe Toppel, La Verne Rogers, ROW II: Rosalee Coughenour, Wanda Smith, Betty Dingler, Ruth Schoeller, Jacqueline Becker, Betty Thompson, Lorraine Everhart, Lillian Tolen, ROW Ill: Walter Otte, Bob lngraham, Dick Fullerton, Charles Gacsi, Frank Estrada, Jiro Suzuki, Harold Huber, Toru Okamoto, ROW IV: Jack Sullivan, Shigeru Sugitani, Donald Gray, Dick Derus, Ralph Reese, Ray Owen. MISS MITCHILL'S AIO'S I ROW I: Corrine Rhodes, Mirta Kagan, Vernetta Lowe, Core inne Johnson, Mary Arnold, Alta Ludlow, Betty Willoughby, Ayako Kato, ROW Il: Virginia Wenzlatt, Terry Theis, Gerrie Manzer, Margaret Lewis, Naomi Clark, Barbara Jean Greene, Pat Belew, Bette Lou Cook, ROW III: Clayton Spahr, Robert Jackman, Richard Larson, Robert Lavering, Paul Hoff, Dick Bing- ham, ROW IV: Stanley Sidell, George Lyle, Pat Lennon, Ben Johnson, Irving Lazar, Torao Kusaba. MR. OLIVER'S AIO'S I ROW I: Lynn Haslam, Mildred Brooks, Barbara Tittle, June Gelbart, Edna Wulke, ROW ll: Bethel Curtis, Melvin Vanderf mark, Gardner Stevens, Earl Pracht, Mr. Burton Oliver, Emilie Young, ROW lIl: Art Varon, Bob Stebbins, Marvel Wright, Sid Drucker, Leslie Larson, Roosevelt Wilson, Henry Martinez, ROW IV: Bill Greening, Lowell Ter Borch, Burke Warner, Clyde Robin- son, Keith Remington, Kenneth Wilkerson. MRS. SCHRIEBER'S B9'S I ROW I: Brice Messer, Clare Boyett, Mary Toguchida, Gordon Williamson, Wayne Whited, ROW ll: Rex Williams, Marvin Rubin, Don Riordan, Tony Redburn, Fred Reed. s of -23 ,,.. 'P' 11 as ,-k. hi 'rs X if V ri' 6. , l 3 f t -if in I ' 4 l F 1 1 l- I 5 D t 1 w 1 7 gl lb- S MR. BOATMAN'S B9'S I ROW l: Dolores Asher, Letty Derus, Barbara Brown, Joy Morgan, Charlotte Strange, Shirley Neill, Beverly Bornkamp, Marcella Curtis, Tania Clark, ROW ll: Don Wink, Jessie Baba- iian, Marguerite Carr, Charles Baughman, Lorin Bingham, Zaire Brown, Florence Austria, Marvin Hobbs, ROW lll: Norman Cagle, Merrill Bragg, Virgil Burnight, Wallace Chitwood, Dick Allen, Norman Akoury, Tom Wand, MISS COPELAND'S B9'S I ROW I' Rosemarie Rosenhouse, Betty Navasel, Elaine Paul Luella Riley, Dorothy Pxvo, Betty Saderup, Dolores Saroian, Rita Moore, ROW ll: Morris Haas, Vernon Hier, Bob Darrow, Phyllis Patrovsky, Matilda Robertson, Larry Norman, Jerry Roessler, Susumu lokig ROW lllt Harry Rappaport, Bobby Mclntosh, Charles Mitchell, Marshall Dunn, Donald Pierce, Harold Pandzic, Kenneth Monahan, ROW IV: Reuben Race, George Meeks, An- thony Motto, Newell Phelps, Wilfred Blair, Richard Copeland. MR. SHOLTZ'S B9'S I ROW I: Caroline Tyulander, Mary Strassburg, Dolores Barra Betty Smith, Kiyomi Kato, Rusler Sharlot, Ruth Valdez' RONN Il: Shirley Stayton, Janet Dey, Harvey Bates, Richard Willis Daniel Skidmore, Shirley Young, Charlene Averill' ROW Ill: Frank Schneider, Jack Wells, Wayne Sayre, Lionel White, Jerry Wilson, Gene McNeil, Charles Talbot' ROW lk' Hobart Fergu- son, Manuel Sanchez, Bob Schmidt John Arie: Ralph Wecherlx Joe Green, Bob Van Ness MR. SCHLOSSER'S B9'S I ROW I Adelle Nernetz, Exa Max Cnttord Ida Eguchi Shirley McMaster, Lucite Moon Jackie Letler, Alvena McLax, Adeline Linkous ROW ll Elsie Marshall, Regina OConnor, Rose Mas- sien, Ed Pekarovich, Robert Munsell, Tony Barrial, Sophie Mar- cus, Lucille Loura, Doris Oden ROW Ill Peter Joseph Alfred Hutchinson lrwing Logan Chris Marcus Sam Rafeedie Bob McClellan, Don Macltleilage, Daxid Hutchinson ROW IX' Dick Lrthgow Glenn Bennett, Crane Richard, Seb lzett James Wil- lcns, Jacques Smith, Jake Martin MRS. SMlTH'S B9'S I ROW l Donna Hillxer, Oarlxnu Weayer, Louise Hoover, Donna wax, Norma Evans, Mary Kennett, Patsx Johnson, Mar- lwiy Larson ROW ll Bette Hirsch, Lyla Trump, Alice Jackson Dun Uillinar hmmie Macardican, Richard Bonner Martha Kirby, Mart llelen Ellis, Luis Brockert, ROW lll Emmett Wilson, Burriaht, Frank Titus, Mitsuo Yamauchi, Charles Rawie I.itl-. kunuun, Allred Clark ROW IV. Richard Cunditf Bobby latnlw-.t-n, Milly Exerctt, Bunny Gorman, Dick Dougherty MRS. BELL'S A8'S - Jean Cummings, Loretta Murdock, Mary Louise Dechenc, Joy Eckels, Marcenia Mitchell, Ku Ono, Billie Rae Clore, Jane Naka- giri, ROW ll: Eugene McClanahan, John Hamilton, Manfred Jacob, Jacqueline Gottlieb, Doris Ncscr, Robert Mickelson, Bob Jacobs, Harlan Jacobson, ROW Ill: Irving Kasow, Harold Har- nish, Bob Keyes, George Johnson, Harry Garrett, Robert George, Harry Mitsuuchi. MR. HOOVER'S A8'S I ROW I: Donna Dean Hawley, Grace Mutt, Jean Garacochea, Rene Garacochea, La Rue Holbrook, Yoshiko Nagai, Julia Cope- land, ROW ll: Donald Vreeken, Milton Flack, Roy Workman, Delbert Carbiener, Bruce Dye, ROW Ill: Marguerite Niblack, Betty Jane Thomsen, Norma Jared, Patricia Clark, Barbara Beal, Georgia Youngren, Billie Meyers, ROW IV: Kenneth Cossairt, Le Roy Titus Donald Speer, Billy MacGeorge, Bill Rodebaugh. MR. HUGHES' A8'S - ROW l: Mary Reynolds, Ramona Smith, Marjorie Newman, Betty Tingler, Shirley Williams, Virginia Pool, Mary Ramberg, Lorna Gretsch, Donna Parcher, ROW ll: Ruby Spencer, Kathea fine Pearson, John McMurtry, Eli Point, Carl Mazel, Elsie Rosson, Charlotte Pryor, ROW Ill: Earl Kimbal, John Murphy, Lloyd Bjorklund, Don Lane, Jimmie McVay, Bob Johnson, Douglas Naehr, Loren Leonard, ROW IV: Paul Klein, Antonio Martinez, Douglas Walker, Elwood Loura Bill Riss, Ritta Bal, Kiyoshi Nakayu. MR. LU5TIE'S AB'S - ROW I: Virginia Oleson, Barbara Winn, Helen Sanchez, Char- lene Dahl, Barbara Givaltney, Lorraine Walpole, Beverly Fuller, ROW Il: Fusako Okumura, Rinko Fuiimi, Jo Anna Barnes, Shir- ley Fournier, Betty Butterfield, Mary Gravante, Leonora Foxen, Blanche Green, ROW Ill: Bob Parmelee, Jack Rivard, Russell Vale, Mr. Lustie, Clark Rennie, Dick Van Tuyl, Paul Boucher, ROW IV: George Coble, David Ackerman, Bobby Alexander, Bill Weller, Wyndham Mooring, George Esau, MR. BELL'S A8'S I ROW I: Imogene Cherryhomes, Cleetus Bowman, Rosemary Suits, Yoshiko Yamasakl, Marilyn Jones, Twila Brazda, ROW ll: Charlotte Ybarrondo, Kathryn Van Arsdall, Florence Talley, Jean Haslam, La Vaughn Watson, Anabel Thomas, Jean Stuart, ROW Ill: Kathleen Gorny, Tracy Sands, Roy Stephenson, Gerald Lie- vow, Walter Beggs, Jake Weng, Betty Owen, ROW IV: Robert Turner, Harold Rosson, Walter Wentz, Wendell Holmes, Felix Srader, Bernard Sacknovitz. MR. ROGERS' A8'S I ROW I' Kazuye Kamibayashi, Beverly Thedell, Helene Firetag, Gertrude Freistat, Dorothy Winkler, Helen Friedman, Doris Mit- chell, Patsy Cantrell, ROW ll: Richard Horne, Paul Cortis, Abe Fradkin, Wallace Eagler, Robert Mitchell, Gene Fure, Michael Conlin, ROW Ill: Ramona Hawley, Shirley Hile, Pauline King, Rosemary George, Janis Holland, Dorothy Johnson, Nellie Kee- nan. MISS ROWAN'S A8'S I ROW l' Joann Ashly, Alice Ewing, Rheba Smith, Jeannette Cook, Margaret Ewing, Elaine Fagel, Wanda Elmore, Norma Witt, ROW ll: Eleanor Archibald, Barbara Stewart, Mary Robert- son, Mary Lou Bird, Barbara Betts, Delight Cook, Janet Denton, Ruth Balkeng ROW III: Jack Bullion, Cecil West, Robert Mur- phy, Dallas Beard, Pat Cannon, Richard Bell John Cannon, Mel- vin Chadwick, MRS. GOEBEL'S B8'S I ROW I: Irene Farias, .Ioan Anderson, Charlotte Chapple, Marion Adelstein, Irene Degerstrom, Dolores Clown Betty Ely, Dolores Boden, ROW ll: Betty Braly, Marceline Batchelor, Jim Hochberg, Jack Fogarty, Le Roy Clark, Duane Walker Stanley Arrnsberg, Patricia McKee, Myrtle Biggers' ROW III: Albert Bussey, Robert Concotf, Don Hunt, Albert Sachs Vernon Booher, Jerry Greene, Don Skotti ROW Iv: Lee Carex Richard Erickson, Peter Cortez, Bobby Colbough Robert Wilson halter Bellman Raymond Clark Paul Ellis MISS JOHNSON'S BS'S I ROW I Leon Brio-gs, Albert Selser Walter Strassburg Erhard Schaefer, Patricia Ruez, Barbara Wenzlatt Sxlxia Edwards ROW ll' Soiim Shephard, Ralph l-leidsiek Donald Pittman Alxin Rees Harulxo Hlsaoka, Phyllis Lisk ROXN lll Louis Martine: Jack Tlbpie, Junior Dotter, Robert Condon, Marian Meier Nor- rna Stedman ROXV IX' Robert Aicex, Bill Blakelex Charles Collins, Leland West, laneen Woodward MRS. McKOANE'S BS'S I ROW I Ilonnio Kroon, Lola Guthrie, Treasie Cutrx, Billxe lean larlvson llulon kelly, Raymond Noldner, Richard Wilsoit, ROYV ll l'alrifia llolnlwaiinh, Bolts Lou Gallup, Rosalie Holcomb, - lohnsnn, Marx Lennon, Wanda Henry, Barbara Inger- 'S.rrvll, ROW Ill Le Rox Mcneses, Katsumi lxiisalia, lxalsiiini lrumi, Molxin Morris Robert VVils0n, Kenneth tl-iw.-ll, I'arlX Lyle, ROW IV Albert Hindelang, Walter Sohn, lviix Lori-rliriin, Warren Lirussinei, Pierce Williams. 4 MISS SHUMWAY'S B8'S I ROW I: Jean Green, Jackie Miller, Ruth Glickstein, Violet Perrozzi, Betty Springer, Grace Walton, ROW ll: Frank Martin, Kenneth Cloud, Pat Ballenger, Valentino Marquez, Melvin Roehrrnan, Ernest Talbert, Gordon Evans. MRS. TAYLOR'S B8'S I ROW I: Virginia Rowe, Frances Tabor, Mollie Lucchese, Enid Maloy, Myrtle Sager, Alice Lopez, Edith Martin, Jacqueline Sul- livan, ROW Il: Joanne Tracy, Bob Sysun, Richard Mayo, Bill Shields, Ernest Renaud, Dick Barnes, Kenneth Waters, Albert Staub, Doreen Nurse, ROW Ill: Bob Robinson, Harold Sherwood, Gene Ward, Bill Hiechmann, Stanley Roberts, Doyle Winkels, Dean Starr, Robert Wilson. MISS ABBOT'S ATS I ROW I: Dana Beem, Emily Alianiello, Shirley Adair, Mariorie Ann Cutts, Leatrice Burright, Lo.s Ann Barnes, Lois Ross, Jose- phine Baraias, Dorothy Eggertg ROW ll: Betsy Bacon, Verna Boff, Maxine Bixler, De Loy Elde, John Correll, Edward Cham- breau, Marilyn Baker, Marion Brown, Betty Martin, ROW llli Pat Bradley, James Sain, Don Brown, Arthur Austria, Sever Einum, Kenneth Callahan, ROW IV: Robert Clifford, Bob Phillips, Fred Land, Fred Calter, Chester Stafford, David Bruma field. MRS. BYRNE'S A7'S I ROW I: Richard Stevens, Wayne Thompson, Dick Thornton, Bobby McClure, Arthur Blankenship, Rosie Palma, Lila Short, Rose Slate, Emily Moyce, Lois Thompson, ROW Il: Charles Schrnuckle, John Viraldo, Fred Smith, Ann Petersen, Ann Van Arsdall, Barbara Titus, Tillie Kageyama, Sofia Tiulanderg ROW lll: Tommy Volk, Ross Stoker, Russell Stamrn, Bob Williams, Patricia Hayes, Doris Brooks, Jo Anne Petersen, Anita Glatt, ROW IV: Marcel Trotignon, Ted Henkel, Raymond Trotignon, Shirley Williams, Joan Williams, Pat Sandwick, MISS EAST'S A7'S I.ROW I: Gene Logan, George Sellers, Sid Owen, Willard Lewis, Arthur Margolese, Kiyoko Nakayu, Betty Vann, Virginia Lewis, Fay Mogul, Patsy Notz, Cyrena Maidman, ROW Il: Craig Beale, Keith Tovey, Michael Ruoaft, Richard Kroeger, Bill McCIinton, Victor Manges, Pauline Meeks, Victoria Martinez, Lorraine Metzger, Helen Meadows, ROW Ill: Jack Nordblorn, Ray O'Con- nor, Tommy Mead, Keith Julien, Miss East, Thelma Morrow, Shirley Lee, Phyllis Cook, Bennie McKinley. ......-.---- 4 ,,,..4--- Wife if--ii P if , X V.,s Q, ll G ll ill MRS. KUENZEL'S A7'S 5 ROW li Richard Bryant, Bill Ford, Gordon Hart, Jo Ann Hal- stead, Jenna Lyn Hickman, Gwendolyn Judd, Ruth Drucker, Bernita Johnson, ROW ll: Laurence Harper, Tommy Giardano, Samuel Harris, Elmer Gard, Jerry Jane Laird, Evangeline Mar- tinez, Gloria Krog, Luci Anna Lair, ROW Ill: Dick Jones, Charles Glasgow, Elmer Gard, Walter Henry, Joan Hulderman, Jacqueline Haschke, Barbara Dee Thaw, Shigeko Kato, Orval Russell, Rimmon Fay, Donald Park, Robert Cary, Betty May Henry, Doris Dille, Patricia Hume, Betty Hangebrauk, MR. WILSON'S A7'S I ROW l: Leonard Zeitlin, Jimmie Moomaw, Merrill Guntz, Kenneth Doty, Bill Titus, Billie Jean Webster, Corrine Willey, Patsy Duncan, ROW ll: Dick Clifton, Robert Nelson, Jessie Walker, Misa Yamasaki, Joan Welder, Darleen Vaught, Char- lotte Blair, ROW Ill: Bobbie Everhart, Paul Wasserman, James Robertson, Francis Wirrer, Bob McCulloch, Frank Winters, Billy Robertson, ROW IV: Richard Young, Bud Wilson, Tommy Tol- man, Charles Wolfe, La Verne Thompson, Charles Woodward, L, Z. Fletcher. MR. WlTTY'S A7'S I ROW I: Albert De La Cruz, Larkin Cramg, Dean Vaught, Charles Dersick, Ralph Davis, Gwendolyn Graves, Lois Cook, ROW ll: Joe Daley, Eugene Thompson, Charles Colter, Jackie Dupont, Beatrice Friedman, Nelda Fairchild, Rachel Evans, ROW III: Albert Ellis, Homer Dinnel, Jack Jeffries, Theresa Colbert, Jackie Grune, Shirley Pratt: ROW IV: Gene Currier, Walt Thompson, Robert Doan, Dolores Keeton, Marcelina Fuentes, Caroline Peters. MR. WOODARD'S A7'S - ROW I1 Clarence Moon, Eloise Laird, Caryl Powers, Olive Dutcher, John Schaefer, Annabell Pikarski, Kathryn Leakeg ROW ll: David Provencher, Ronald Bonner, Dorothy Robinson, Daphne Schill, Joan Grady, Joan Leinen, Don Nicol, Billy Cusich, ROW Ill: J. L. Morris, Ray Sanford, Pete Rodda, Dare Gilman, Laird Stabler, Jimrny Roy, ROW IV: Clifford Farrell, Wallace Schoepe, Don Michael, Raymond Pivo, Billy McMullen. MISS BISCOE'S B7'S . ROW I, Bobby Eggcrt, Jack Gentry, Johnny Hays, Dorothy Gilbert, Fern I-lamsher, Sidel Gclbart, Jacqueline Jarvie, Josephine lflornc, Bcvorly Fink, ROW Ili Edwin Anderson, Charles Hook, Buddy Horran, Leslie lmler, Ira Mahoney, Betty Jones, Doris Gritton, Hclcn Grussing, Phyllis I-lusner, ROW Ill: Don Irvine, Bob Marshall, Lynne Hincckcr, Dorothy Lafforty, Nancy Thomp- son, Lulu Mac Gallup, Mary Garcia, ROW IV: Arlen Huntsman, Jimmie Koplin, David Taylor, Richard Stevens, Miss Violet Biscoe, Beverly Hudspcth, Doris Hastings, Rosie Gomez. MISS GEHLEN'S B7'5 I ROW I: Anthony Zullo, Madeline Sullivan, Betty Lou Smith, Mary Ellen Smith, Virginia Sartain, Evelyn Toley, Adele Roth, Jack Shaner: ROW ll: William Suzuki, Paul Sturm, Norman Korson, Harvey Wells, Blair Welline, Mary Louise Russell, Gayle Skidmore, Violet Sitford, ROW Ill: Raymond Tihker, Sid Wolt- son, James Whitaker, Johnny Reynolds, Robert Wannberg, Roland Sager, Akira Jim Tomita, ROW IV: Alice Wilmeth, Wilma Veit, Martha Matteson, Bonnie Wagoner, Alberta Tandy, Barbara Witmond, Stella Wolte. MRS. ROCKOFF'S B7'S I ROW l: Ronald Fuqua, Adeline Billings, Victoria Cortez, Rosalie Kuinisawa, Tsuniko Kushida, Mariorie Corner, Lulu Bing- ham, Paul Hansen, ROW Il: Bobby Fix, Jerry Hartsough, Joyce Edgerton, Gloria Clark, Joan Clark, Jack Arbogast, Robert Berry, ROW Ill: Sol Goldberg, Alexander Ariaz, Richard Bailey, Nancy Woods, Georgina Williamson, Margaret Bender, ROW IV: Hugh Beresford, Kelly Alton, Kenneth Marlatt, Barbara Birchall, Elsie Kramer, Carlotta Gates. MISS TOMPKINS' B7'S I ROW It Robert Armor, Dick Clark, Melvin Benjamin, Jack Remington, Gloria Olsen, Shirley Baker, Phyllis Dent, Patricia Walker: ROW ll: John Datte, Allvaro Valentino, Albert Piper, Maurice Casson, Lyla Emery, Marilyn McCoye, Eleanor Chenney, Norma Hoffman, Laura Brockhert, ROW III: Bernard Brown, Harold Wieselman, Eddie Darling, Toby Young, Evelyn Alsobrook, Audrey Bussey, Audrey Shannon. MISS WILLETT'S B7'S I ROW I: Frank Sain, Jack Moore, Edward Ouelette, Jack Owen, Don Poole, Lou Ann Stillman, Vivian Orozco, Betty Mark, Jac- queline Ruter, Mildred Rose, ROW II: George Noiima, Don Alexander, Harry Johnson, Bobby O'Brien, Miss Harriet Willett, Marlow Rose, Beverly Morton, Joan Morgan, Alice Jordan, ROW Ill: Merrill Raye, George Hale, Harold Woody, Clive Johnson, Dorothy Cutter, Ruth Rarney, Charlene Nordyke, Betty Mita suuchig ROW IV: Louis Parke, Buron Lampe, Warren Owens, Rodney Nielsen, Mary Reyes, Darlene Eckels, Ruth Richardson. Qm We arrive early on the "spe- cial". Knights raise the flag while we stand at attention. Justice is given us in the stu- dent court by the seven judges. We stop at the locker before class. "Look at the birdie!" . . . lt's Gondolier Picture Day. We begin last night's home- work-in study hall. We file out of assembly on way to lunch. It's fun eating at the handout. Xi i 2 Q S mee T ' Ffmg Q 3 A,,,.F-ff 3 ...J-""" S A3A,d7?:-mv' 1' 7 f 1 4 fi 'Z ,Z Lit- Q, ,-' .fi . 1 I T f 4 sg, 4, ,, I , 1 ,,X, f,.,-f,' ,, - 0 - 3L1'L:4,,.,s L--' J ' I ff .,-if" 4 " After eating we relax on the lawn. The latest recordings entertain us at noon. Supplies are on sale at student store. We pay a visit to the Lost 'n Found. We watch the brawling on the lawn . . . it's all in fun of COUYSE. The bell rings . . . we're off to class again. It's Friday, so everybody is reading the Oarsman. We end a busy day by watching the team in action. if 'f+QmwmHna?5xumwv On The ssembly Line A plane eyery tour minutes rolls oft the assemblx tunes of alrcraft plants In the U. S. A. On the tlnal assembly lane, all parts whuch are to be assembled ln- to the tunnshed product are brought together, After all nnstallatnons are made the shup as inspected and the motor tested. So our students become ready for dellyery. As they pass on the assembly lme--the parade ot school Im? the yutal parts are added, pcrsonaluty ns developed. Servuce and achleyement, cooperation and dependabil- lty, responslbulnty and loyalty, unsure a flawless pro- duct. X I V I 44, 1- 9' . Q ccond Termr I SEATED Bob Kidd , Bob Dilfmnr, Mr llnymrinil 0 ich Johnny Lewis, Lcc Wcxlcr, Phil Koyiriii NDING Bruce Ferguson, Pichnrfl Ri-1 imon on, Bill Gabe, James l-Jiclrcll, Burl: m Pfieffer, larlf Crouch Brl M Liolla Service Th sweaters with the red and gold emblems so often seen on the campus belong to the Knights, honor and service organization for fif- teen boys of the twelfth grade, sponsored by Mr. Raymond Pollich, principal. ose bright red Special duties include writing letters to Venice boys in the armed forces, and starting a perm BVTQFN1' '2 KNIGHTS KNIGHTS 'First Term! I SEATED' Bob . Kidd, Victor Liotta, Robert Dittmar Bill Gabe, Don Brady, Ernie Tolman STANDING' Ch , il Kovinick, Jirri , . o ich, Seymore Cohen, Johnny Lewis, Gene Dennis, Jack Simonson. record of their activities. They also raise and lowe the flag and welcome visitors. First term officers were Seymore Cohen, com- mander, assisted by Phil Kovinick, scribe1 Bob Kidd, chaplain, and Bob Path, sergeant-at-arms, Com- mander johnny Lewis was assisted by Bill Gabe. scribe, Bob Kidd, chaplain, and Bob Mandemaker, sergeant-at-arms, during the second semester. I' KNIGHTS ls , 11 fliiili-111. ' GG J , Bruce Ferguson: . arles Anderson Ph' Pfeiffer Mr P Il . SEATED: Barbara Stoneham, Louise Campbell, Dor- othy Maclntyre, Allene Gates, Marquita Donnelly Yvonne Hensley, Billie Davis, Barbara Lindberg, Na- ' STANDING' Merle Verrett Lorraine oml Cummings, . , Lindberg, Mrs. Mamie Sallee, Emma Jean Valdez, June Perry, Janet Glad. Department Fifteen outstanding girls from the twelfth grade make up this honor and service group, the Venetian Ladies, which is sponsored by Mrs. Mamie Sallee, girls' vice-principal. Representing the ideals of young womanhood and the typical high school girl, the ladies perform many duties similar to those of the Knights. LADIES LADIES lFirst Term! SITTING' Myrtle Arinsberg, Yvonne Hensley, Vir- - . ginia Greenlaw, Ethel Nusser, Maxine Balfour, Mar- quita Donnelly, STANDING: Betty Buck, Helen Hop- good, Billie Davis, Margaret Mellen, Mrs. Sallee, Lu- cille Wilde, Edythe Carlson, Wilma Brodsky, Patty Allen. Ushering at special assemblies and other func- tions and acting as hostesses in the cafeteria at lunchtime are special duties of these girls. They also are undertaking national defense work. Officers of the first term were Ethel Nusser, First Lady, assisted by Billie Mae Davis, vice-presi- dent. Second term officers were Yvonne Hensley, First Lady, and Barbara Lindberg, secretary. LADIES I Second Term I I "'i ,F sm, .. A M 5 M Q. ill? 'Q' xml' 1, i I E Squires Sponsored by Mr. William Lustie, the Es- quires perform such duties as watching boun- daries at noon, caring for the halls, and super- vising the entering and leaving of buses and trains. Officers: james Nickell, commander, Dick Williams, vice-commander, David Monlon, treasurer, Mark Kovi- nick, sergeant-at-arms, Donovan Martin, Robert Duron, boundary officers. I ROW I: Toshio Enomoto, Dave Monlon, James Nickell, Mark Kovinick, Dick Williams, Bob Betts, ROW ll: Alex Akoury, Min Kosaka, Harold Giovan- azzi, Howard Dey, Akira Kato, Robert Duron, ROW Ill: Sid Campbell, Dick Bingham, Albert Hook, Mr. Lustie, Jack Simms, Bud Widney. Chatelaines To serve the school at all times and encour- age cooperation among the students is the aim of this service organization for tenth and elev- enth grade girls. Both good scholarship and citizenship are required. Officers: Lorraine Lindberg, premiere, Gayle Ferguson, deuxierneg Vtfanda Brown, secretaire. I ROW l: June Lewis, Gayle Ferguson, Madelaine Trenouth, Dorothy Bird, Gayle Rogers, Celia Pesrnan, Ann Hart, Ruth Tandy, Doris McMullen, June De Bode, ROW ll: Jean Conklin, Carol Day, June Perry, Wanda Brown, Lauretta Middlebrook, Barbara Davis, Dorothy Marsden, Lorraine Lindbergp ROW lll: Bar- bara Homrighausen, Gladys Derus, Rosemary Talley, Ruth Clark, Lorraine Pressnall, Jeanne Ann Estes, Janet Glad, Beverly Biggs. Pages Pages must be above average in scholarship and citizenship. Unlike other service organ- izations, these twenty-five boys are selected in homerooms. Coach Ben McFarland is the sponsor of this group. Officers: Cecil Caraba, president: Mike LaFirenza, vice- president: jimmy Edwards, secretary, I ROW I David North, Edward Smith, Jim Edwards, Howard Petersen John Westerdoll, Jack Wells, Cecil Caraba ROW ll, Harry Rappaport Alfred Clark, Fred Nordquist, Phil Bentz, Noiuma Nagatoshi, Walter Wentz, Stephen Suits, Rodnex Lundin' ROW lll: Kile Jordan, Dick Dougherty, Bert Gables, Frank Clark, Mr. McFarland, Dell Higham, Richard Bell, Richard James, Mike La Firenza. Pagettes The twenty-five members of this honor and service group, sponsored by Miss Helen Cope- land, serve the junior high in the same man- ner as the Ladies do the senior high. Officers: Donna Brown, president: Betty lane Lewis, vice-president: Donna Gray, secretary, I ROW l: Margaret Ewing, Letty Derus, Dolores Mustol, Mary Lou Bird, Delight Cook, Donna Russell, Iona Rockwell, Janet King, Grace Muff, ROW II: Catherine Linkous, Geraldine Cagle, Margaret Laird, Gloria Barbatl, Edna Levy, Donna Brown, Mary Rey- nolds, Donna Gray, Donna Hook, ROW Ill: Kathryn Conklin, Betty Jane Lewis, Rose Marie Langes, Bevgrly Barnes, Dolores Asher, Joanne Brookhart, Mary Ken- nett, Betty McPhee. Esquires Tenth and eleventh grade boys are repre- sented in this honor and service group, the Esquires. Both good citizenship and average scholarship are necessary for membership in this organization. Officers: Toshio Enomoto, commander, Harold Giovan- azzi, vice-commander, Bud Widney, scribe, Sidney Campbell, sergeant-at-arms, lack Simms, treasurer, Alex Akoury, Dick Bingham, boundary officers. I ROW I: Alex Akoury, Bud Widney, Min Kosaka, Tommy Aiisaka, Roosevelt Wilson, ROW II Sidney Campbell, Harold Kopp, Toshio Enomoto, Akira Kato, Robert Duron, Harold Giovanazzi, ROW lll Loren Bauer, Cecil Caraba, Mr. W. A. Lustie, A C. Ras- mussen, Alex Wehrtritz. C hatelaines These girls are in charge of the Lost and Found Department and also operate an infor- mation desk in the main office. Miss Edith Burns is sponsor of this ambitious group. Officers: lean Ann Estes, premiere, Rosemary Talley, deuxiemeg Celia Pesman, secretaire. I ROW I: Helen Kennett, Ann Hart, Dorothy Mars- den, Gayle Rogers, Madelaine Trenouth, June Gretsch, Bonnie Harris, Ruth Tandy, ROW Il: Carol Day, Rosa- lee Coughenour, Mary Coughenour, June Morgan, Jeanne Ann Estes, Dorothy Bird, Virginia Fawcett, Lauretta Mzddlebrookg ROW Ill: June De Bode, Ruth Clark, Rosemary Talley, Lorraine Pressnall, Celia Pes- man, Barbara Davis, June Lewis, Loretta Keller. Second Term l 'Y . ' .Fox . 1rA,xL1 ill - - -- Pages watching doors. Pagettes illness. president, Margaret Laird, secretary. Lewis, Bonnie Kroon, 'gl These boys of the eighth and ninth grades are the "knights" of the junior high. Their special duties are assisting in the registration office, ushering at junior assemblies, and Officers: Mike LaFirenza, president, Stephen Suites vice-president, lack Wells, secretary. g ROW l: Boo Parmelee, Daniel Skidmore, Robert T Wilson, Edward Schaefer, .lack Wells, Lee Carey Donald Pittman, ROW ll: Dell Higham, Alfred Clark Walter Wentz, Chris Marcus, Phil Bentz, Bob Peter sen, Joe Marquez, ROW lll: Dick Bell, Mike La Fir enza, Stephen Suits, Dallas Beaird, Mr. B. F. McFar land, Fred Nordquist, Rodney Lundin, Dick Dougherty Special services rendered by Pagettes in clude watching halls during the noon hour good-will tours to neighboring schools, and writing letters to students absent because of Officers: Rosemary Langes, president, Edna Levy, vice ..ROW l. Mary Kennett, Mary Lou Bird, Dolores Asher, Lctty Derus, Marian Weier, ROW ll: Betty McPhee, Donna Hook, Edna Levy, Rose Marie Langes Margaret Laird, Margie Larson, Delight Cook, Mary Lennon, ROW lll: Janeen Woodward, Jo Anne John son, Gloria Barbati, Cecelia McVay, Grace Muff, Mar garet Ewing, Donna Gray, Barbara Brown, Betty Jane Publications y Gondolier Editor-in-Chief Barbara Stoneham plans ma ny novel layouts for the yearbook. EDITING TI-IE I942 C-ONDOLIER was the job assigned to Barbara Stoneham, who was assisted by a staff of eighteen members. Carolyn Asher, associate editor, together with Make-Up Editor Merle Markel and Art EditofS I-22 Wexler and Tommy BOWGVS. PVOVed Of vital aid to Barbara in planning lay-outs to carry out The theme, "Keep 'Em Flying." The financial end of the yearbook was handled by Bud HQBCOX and AVTIWUI' Sing? managers. Miss Margaret McCarry acted as aCIVIS2F to I3 ' staff. r, business oth the editor' I ia and the business 'Q If 2 I Helen Compson confers with Alma Woods about informal snapshots Business Managers Bud Heacox and Arthur Singer check over advertising dummy. Jaclf Bcchtcl and Elaine Speedo look over pictures for achievement section. 60 I Associate Editor Carolyn Ash- ,,,,, er helps plan the lay-outs. was I Art Editor Lee Wexler and -24,5 Tommy Bowers, his assistant, try 4,11 a new idea for Gondolier posters. Q-J 4 " ljixj 'qs E.. I Make-up Editor Merle Markel mounts all pictures ifor the annual. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES and intormal page spreads were taken care ot by Alma Woods, while Colleen Mahan, Lois Verner, and George Luckhaupt acted as club editors. I-lelen Compson was in charge ot homeroom activities. Anita Wolgin and Carolyn Asher wrote up acted as boys' sports editor for a second the Winter and Summer seniors. Phil Kovinick year, and Irene Nordquist wrote the girls' athletics. Minor sports were taken care of by lack Bechtel, who also had a number of miscellaneous duties. lack Simonson and Robert Mitchill were the snapshot editors. Elaine Speede handled the achievements. Mahi I Club Editors Lois Verner, Colleen Mahan, and George Luckhaupt check picture schedules. Snapshot Editors Robert Mitchill and Jack Simonson focus their cameras. Athletic pictures are checked over by Irene Nordquist and Phil Kovinick, sports editors. W'42 Class Edi- tor Anita Wolgin is shown working on a list of class achievements. 61 Oarsman First Term 5 SEATED' H I . e en Compson, Mark Koyinick, David Montoya, Roberta Maidman, Dorothy Fitz, Bare bara Stoneham, Colleen Mahan, Dorothy Hall, STANDING: Phil Kovinick, Richard Rexer, Way- man Darby, Mary Mahoney, Jean Conrad, Yvonne Hensley, Elaine Soeede, Carol d h yn Asher, Paul Sud- et , Alma Woods Editor-in-Chief .. Assoc. Editor .,.... News Editor ....... Second Page Editor , Assistants ........, Third Page Editors . Assistants ,....... Club Editor ...... Cut Editor ... Art Editor ,. Business Manager Assistant ........ Circulation Mgr. . Assistant ..., . . Co-Editors . Assistants . . . Girls' Sports . . Journalism . Printirig . . Tho huqhost subscri t FIRST TERM Editorial Staff ....DorisReiman . ...Anita Wolgin .Barbara Stoneham ..............Alma Woods . .Mary Mahoney, Roberta Maidman . . . . . .Colleen Mahan, Dorothy Hall . . . .Jean Conrad, Yvonne Hensley ......,.,,.....,.Dorothy Fitz . . .......... Paul Suddeth . .Bill Wenzlaff Business Staff . . . , . . , Bruce Ferguson .Helen Compson . . .Carolyn Asher . ..ElaineSpeede Sports Staff Richard Rexer Mark Kovinick Ph'I . 1 Kovinick . . . .... . .Wayman Darby, David Montoya . . . . . .................. Patty Allen Faculty Advisers .. . ...Mis s Maroaret McGarry .... M. Cameron Jones p ion total IH its his- tory, .1 more modern appearance with the adoption ot '4 wt . 5 . body typo, emphasis on make-up and special to1tur . . cs wcrc ooals rc-alizc-rl hy Editor Doris Rciman and Asso- cmlo Editor Anita Wolgin during the tlrst somoslor Second Term I SEATED: Richard Rexer, Mark Koyinick, Bar- bara McCoye, Alma Woods, Mary Mahoney, Helen Compson, Celia Pesman, Gayle Ferguson, Shirley Spiegel, STANDING: Wayman Darby, Dave Mon- toya, Harvey Kramer, Betty Wilson, Colleen Mahan, Janet Glad, June Perry, Virgie Gritton, Yvonne Hensley, Barbara Stoneham, Marguerite Ybarrondo, Robert Murphy, Miss Margaret Mc- Garry, Bob Kidd. Oarsman One or the busiest places is the Venice High printshop where the school paper is printed weeka ly by the students, Editor-in-Chief ... Managing Editor .. News Editor . .,,. . Second Page Editor .. Assistant .......... Third Page Editor .... Assistants .,......,,. Club Editor ,...,..,. National Defense Editor. Assistants ...,..,,... Art Editor .........,. Business Managers . . , Circulation Mgrs. . . . Co-Editors . . . Associates . , , Girls' Sports . . . Journalism ... Printing ., SECOND TERM Editorial Staff ...MaryMahoney .,.,..AIma Woods ..,.,.Colleen Mahan ,.,Betty Jean Wilson ........,.....,ShirIey Spiegel . ,.,.,.......... Yvonne Hensley .....,..,....Helen Compson, Gayle Ferguson Glad ...,...,,.,.,.........,....Gayle Ferguson Bob Kidd, Celia Pesman, Marguerite Ybarrando .....,.....,......,........Robert Murphy Business Staff . . ,.. . . .,... ...Albert Hook, Harvey Kramer .Ayako Kamiya, June Perry, Virgie Gritton Sports Staff ,. . . .. . . . . . . .Richard Rexer, Mark Kovinick . . . . . . . . , , ,David Montoya, Wayman Darby ,,..,..................,..Barbara McCoye Faculty Advisers ..........Mss Margaret McGarry Cameron Jones The Oarsman, together with all other school groups, followed the war mode dur- ing the second term, stressing national dee fense and Venice HEoh's contribution to- ward the war effort. Editor Mary Mahoney and Alma Woods, managing editor, are shown preparing spec al material for Na- tional Youlh Week. 63i ." k Bruce Jac E phebians The Roman Lamp, symbol ot lite membership in the California Scholarship Federation, is awarded students in each graduating class who have been Delphians tor a total ot tour semesters, one ot which has been in the senior year. Cold-sealed diplomas are also received by these honor students. Adams W'42 Donley Brady W'42 Jean Larson W'42 Billie Davis S142 Ferguson S'42 Phil Kovinick S'42 Barbara Lindberg S'42 Victor Liotta S'42 The highest honor that can be achieved by any high school graduate, that of Ephebianship, was ac- corded eight seniors-three from the winter class, and tive from the summer class. Selected tor out- standing leadership, scholarship, and citizenship, these students will carry on the Ephebian program ot civic improvement. Roman Lampers , X xNN XYQ at ' , A . ,Qi 1 1' t f 4 i -if Q ' i i L ,ff A 'V' A H t N x 'K , . M -,, 4 ff , - K. 'Q Q, . y ,. .4 'Q tl 1 f sf ,. A llii 1. ,A 't .ggi Iv L tt NX sg X L X, E L N s , - L X 9 H if ' ' it .rv . um . - fa. xf .N I A ' .ss I ROW I Lnmlyn Anlir-r, lim Almurv, Arcmlio Almvitln, Norma Borack, Eflvthr' Carlson, Rosaline Gottlieb, Fred Houlf, ROW ll Phil Kovniclt, ,Ioan L.1i-lun, Ltml1.1r.'i Lintlborq, Victor Liotta, Johanna Llowc, Betty Monro, Loi", Pvt:-r-mit, ROW lll Dl7I'l'i Rvinmii, Liicillv Ronan, Thelma Smith, Elaine Speedo, Rivoso Yama- moto, Ounmu Yumriri 6 --l Senior Delphians Secretary-Treasurer 'Johanna Lowe, Vice-President Victor Liotta, and President Barbara Lindberg, officers for the second term, are shown in the picture, First term officers were Fred Hook , Q H , pressdentg Barbara Lindberg, vice-president: and Mark Kovinick, secre- tary-treasurer. Mrs. Helen Randall is sponsor. 2 ' Q , ,,,, . i 1 -1 wiv ,ZW 5 1 H X: f' ' , Q 'N W . .W if ' , N " t if , L , I gg, A -3, A, M X A i V G .fi M , f W f Q I' . a .I ,, 6 - 19 ' gig. . , zf L , I A w V " M . l J., iii , ' '!Qf'liQ x - 25 ' i 1 I li, rQf,,1 I E I l 5 E513 I l 1 ' X. 'W ' ' 1 f J nan , 541- f , hx 7 l , "' , Q , . l I .f I V .1-r gig. , Me :gi i F ' H-I L! 'Ji' K K V My M , , :if ,' f I Row iz Bill Adams, Jim Akoury, Arcadio Almeida, f -. P .1 , ,Q -X John Allison, Mona Alsobrook, Myrtle Arinsberg, Jean ' ' ,Vi , Syl. Q Arnold, ROW Il: Carolyn Asher, Maxine Balfour, 'i EW U? X ,wx qi' ' i45- Beverly Balkum, Donna Bird, Dorothy Bird, Ardith j,i 4 ' rig, , 'vi i ,x-l Qi Boedecker, Norma Borack, ROW Ill: Nona Bronner, f' ' ,"" J, --- , wx F . G Li v Q Joanne Brookhart, Betty Buck, John Cannon, Edythe f ' 'V . - ' F ' , , x . P Carlson, Otto Christian, Ruth Clark: ROW IV: Jeanne W ,1 i - tif Conklin, Kathryn Conklin, Betty Conner, Rosalie Lfylyvffff 297- -gaqmeg ' 'l ' W r, K l L l Coughenor, Jack Crouch, Billie Davis, June DeBode, Q fl: ROW V: Dick Derus, Gladys Derus, Howard Dey, :g i . Helen Doyle, Dora Esau, Jeanne Ann Estes, Lorraine Wg, , A 5-QQ.. Everhart, ROW Vl: Barbara Fair, Virginia Faucett, W 1" Y , sg sys' is Bruce Ferguson, Gayle Ferguson, Helen Fisher, Thelma ' ' ,A 5,5 39 , Florkeff, Helen Frits: ROW VII: Barbara Foxen, , " X ' Tetsuro Fujii, Bob Gifford, Janet Glad, Dorothy Gold- gg , , X, it X Q, J man, Forrest Gossman, Rosaline Gottlieb. 'f 2 if i 1, -- L' f "': - -G 65 I X Senior Delphians y '. ,,,F,,t,:,, .L L, H 6' ,I figs- ig, A , I f 'f I 4' a., . if - i V 5 , ,fy V 21 I My Q9 5 ., 2,9 . an , K K , 5 ,VV PIA, i ,f, z fr F ' ,J K ' gl an-55 ., -, '?,,'5'1 'aaa . 46 ,, , , .,V I V X, S, W Q Q lfj,:,z 5 X J! i X , L K J Q I rv f I ,V 'I If V . 1, ,, 1 Q? I ' 'js V , ' A , V ,,,, ? Q ' Fx ' iff ' 5' " '111 ' 5 ,iiii -f 'vzz . P V A , .Q it 7 A V :,.,,.,. , K . .. ,s x f I We 1 nf .- S 'rw I' f Iiz- ' 'P "G . X f ,, .K G 'Lf 5 L Zo?-33 11 ' 7 ' t .-:- if W '5' I f l V' A f 3 R f Qi 1 4 6 f AiAA " , V f 'af "A "tt 'si I 4 ,if . ,Zi f X' di' fi, 4, 'Ja 1.5 an I, s I in 0 7 If Q I 1 7f:,' 'Z' U , 1 '- j gm . I rywvv ff A. xg, Wy? I , V i K W 65- ' , A Qi ,i-Q I 'V '. 3? ZF K V ' I -W' A , ,jf 41441, 3 4 V 'a 0 I ff-Anim 4-Z an L, . IL A WA A -- A aa- , , A it ,.,, A y W 5 " ', l j f I , A I 5, B 4 as 'X ' . . 9 ig. 4 6- - ' F M' new 5' Q 'Vw ,CA X 'bf I K :fa .N X 'f 13, ., , ' .' ' M I ' Aww, ' i 'V , V' . ' 5 f , , , V - ,y.-" I, , ' ,r , X, I V J ,f , , Q E v cd . 1' . A I aux: , ff, ',r ,I fniil ' . . -iw lab'-.I arf , I if ' L as ,-, we-Y" 2 4 ,f ' 4 I- Ai f I 1,,',, A , , I, .LJ ,, e , , 1 f' .-,. fcif wi1m3i'l"f 66 I ROW I, Jeanette Grandmain, Meda Gregory, June Gretsch, Virgie Gritton, Bonnie Harris, Ann Hart, Janis Hawley, ROW Il: Bud Heacox, Monell Henry, Bob High, Tatsuko Hojo, Albert Hook, Fred Hook, Helen Hopgoodg ROW III: Cloma Howard, Lorraine How- ton, Vivian Hulderman, Toyoko loki, Mary Kageyama, Ayako Kato, Mariorie Kaubg ROW IV: Helen Ken- nett, Mark Kovinick, Phil Kovinick, June Lewis, Bar- bara Lindberg, Victor Liotta, Johanna Lowe, ROW V: Vernctta Lowe, George Lyle, Dorothy Marsden, Norma Marsyla, Phyllis Means, Evelyn Moldawsky, June Mor- gan, ROW VI: Virginia Naehr, Irene Nordquist. Rachel Oden, Ayako Okumura, Nobuko Okumura, Celia Pcsman, Lois Peterson, ROW VII: Lorraine Prcssnall, Jacqueline Rau, Lucille Ronan, Hermina Rose, Helen Roswell, Ruth Rot-rnan, June Russell, ROW VIII: Sylvia Sehring, Joy Selser, Ramona Smith, Thelma Smith, Wanda Smith, Nina Sparti, Elaine Speedo, ROW IX: Jack Sullivan, Naoko Takahashi, Jean Talbot, Rosemary Talley, Dorothy Thornsberry, Bebe Toppcl, Madclaine Trenouth, Art Varon, ROW X: Ellen Ware, Walter Whitaker, Tom Williams, Betty Jean Wilson, Anita Wolgin, Riyoso Yamamoto, Mar- queritc Ybarrondo, Osamu Yumori. If I WAX J' YW' Y 'L A W' f ' U if' 4 ' 5 5 Q had r . .A t Junior Delphians . LEFT TO RIGHT: Cyrena Maidman, secretary second term, Margie Larson, secretary first term, viceapresident second term, Shirley Williams, treasurer first term, Joanne Brookhart, president first term, Dorothy Graham, president second se- mester, Margaret Ewing, treas- urer second semester. Miss Viola Gehlen is sponsor. 1 '1-tap, 'Sm ' V at K A . mf rf ,, , x F' .C l 5 'ar A 25, A " . 5 f ff 'r A 4 - ,.,. ,1 i f A :, f ,J ' 4 jk 3 rf J A , .4 .. N , X M .1 " C"' 4 5 ,, A Q at -w ""'f Q Q N , V, a r f ' ' --'Q X5 a. tea... 6 ., 95' , i ' Ms 511- i i ' ,C lt! MT I :tiff 9 " We f in " . , if fl li, ,, J ffm f,, ffl, . .. 525 ii M W, , ., - ROW I: Joan Anderson, Elinor Archibald, Dolores Asher, Florence Austria, Leota Bacon, Ruth Balken, Beverly Barnes, ROW ll: Dolores Barro, Dawn Bechtle, A Richard Bell, Boyce Bennett, Barbara Betts, Myrtle 9 Louise Biggers, Mary Lou Bird, ROW III: Charlotte ,yr Blair, Wilfred Blair, Barbara Bronner, Joanne Brook- hart, Barbara Brown, Albert Bussey, Norman Cagle, ' ' ROW IV: Dolores Castagna, Charlotte Chessin, Alfred Clark, Ann Cohen, Kathryn Conklin, Jeanette Cook, Delight Cook, ROW V: Edna Crenshaw, Alyce Crock- ett, Marcella Curtis, Bob Darrow, Letty Derus, Shirley Dimont, Barbara Jean Dorr, ROW VI: Mary Lou Ducat, Wallace Eagler, Alice Edgerton, Jim Edwards, Norma Evans, Margaret Ewing, Barbara Fair, ROW VII: Milton Flack, Leonora Foxen, Gertrude Freistat, Bert Gables, Jean Garacoschea, Eva May Gifford, Dor- othy Graham. 1 1. f 'X x. 7,5 A N.. , V iq , ,V Li! S ex ttt. ., 67 li ' sb f I sfs if W-Q-fi 6 AS - .,,.,.. I lflfifl 5 or all L Aiii i l! ii 1 f -r :"' ii vial l'i x' , .ggi ,. !,,,m. 1 Fig .. s'aiflji1'3 , yr., g K Hs X! I ' i f 557 -gs I Z' is yfx. ...f' 4 i I 1 IAL 5, I K 22 'aim I . QM 7 ' 'il' 'i ff Q I ul i I I . I f . 4 , vi' W 1:9 .1 fl ii ri, S, E A I. . 1 fum, '1 I gl fr' Q I L "Z Iyar? f I I I , ,fa 5' z Ns ,f f f: Junior Delphians , L, "' ' I I ', 1, M ,. ' ' ' .4 ..., ss, 'M H rp 1 ire' J Jr.. , ' tiff Q r .- , ' ,, se. - Vs.. I 1 .. ,gills will wg I L Gr- 4-' , . , as , 1. . J X . A .x f I ' " i X .27 ,,,. "' ' , ' .E x N Q ' Pig 7 V .- f -5ljjA1l..' , , , 1 X I , I Q I - - 1 ct U. ' ' K ,ag "" f K , 5 15,1 L , f R jf 96 Z ... 's 39 fs- , ' i gy . , . -im I of I L. , it I Q3 , , ra 'f . P 'Q I Qi . rm , , , Q ,, is if, I , 'M ri j 'fI7'itPfF4Fg5 i 1 ' I I 6 1 A I 9 1 , I , , ' I I I , , I A it .f' W i, , I ' , I fggl. ra, I I of , S ,I .S if 3 I I "eel I I I on ' ' '---f , J , 'l'1"'2' I ii. J I lllwqy tml I rf 68 I ROW l, Blanche Green, Jacqueline Greene, Meda Gregory, Maxine Haase, Jo Ann Halstead, Jacqueline Haschke, Patricia Hayes, ROW ll: Ralph Heidsiek, Bob High, Haruko Hisaoka, Janice Howland, Norman Howton, Kazuye Kamibayashi, Irving Kasow, ROW lll: Lusi Anna Lair, Margie Larson, Loren Leonard, Betty Jane Lewis, Howard Lewis, Rodney Lundin, Barbara Maidman, ROW IV: Cyrena Maidman, Chiyoko Mano, Rose Massien, Bill McClinton, Cecelia McVay, Patty Meek, Lucille Moon, ROW V: Joy Morgan, Grace Mutt, John Murphy, Merle Murphy, Kiyoko Nakayu, Adelle Nemetz, David North, ROW VIZ Doris Oden, Fusako Okumura, Fawn Overton, Kathe- rine Pearson, Dorothy Pivo, Virginia Pool, Mary Ram- berg, ROW VII: Lois Rees, Mary Lou Reynolds, Iona Rockwell, Gweneth Rogers, Rosemarie Rosenhouse, Marvin Rubin, Myrtle Sager, ROW Vlll: Erhard Schaefer, Barbara Jean Sebring, Lois Sipes, Florence Talley, Barbara Dee Thaw, Anabel Thomas, Betty Jane Thomsen, ROW IX: Betty Tingler, Bill Titus, Michi Tomita, Toshi Tomita, Tommy Tolman, Lyla Trump, Jack Wells, ROW X: John Westerdoll, Shirley Ann Williams, Robert Wilson, Dolores Wright, Ruth Valdez. Time and a Half ENERGETIC STUDENTS, in addition to their varied class time activities find time to partake in a great many extra-curricular activities. just as workers in aircraft plants are willing to work TIME AND A HALF so too are the students at the Venice High defense plant Latin Club . . one of the oldest Organiza- tions is the Latin Club, founded in january, l9Zl, by Miss Martha Ward. The first term officers were lack Sullivan, presidentg George Lyle, vice-president, Robert Gifford, secretary-treas- urer. During the second term Robert Gifford was president, Dick Derus, vice-presidentg leanne Conklin, secretary-treasurer. I ROW li D. Skidmore, M. Moore, B, Novasel, P. Johnson, Margie Larson, Eva May Gifford, Bonnie Harris, Virginia Dey, Dorothy Johnson, Miss Martha Ward, ROW ll: Daniel Skid- more, Alfred Hutchinson, Irene Owen, Lois Sipes, June Gretsch, Ann Hart, Beverly Balkum, Zaire Brown, Charles Talbot, Bob Gifford, ROW Ill: Jack Sullivan, Gene McNeil, David Axelrod, Forrest Gossman, Bob Stebbins, Tom Wand, Otto Christian, Jack Krieger, ROW IV: Marjorie Coles, Jeanne Conklin, Kathryn Conklin, Florence Austria, Nina Woods, Betty Jane Lewis, Nina Sparti, ROW V: Lyla Trump, Gloria Vukcevich, Cloma Howard, Rhoda Goldman, Donna Hook, June Morgan. Gfegg Al'tlStS . "The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one has to do." Carrying out this motto, the Gregg Artists have become one of Venice's top clubs. Organized in l923, this commercial club has grown from nineteen to sixty-five Fall term officers were Virginia Greenlaw, presi- dentg Ruth Furgeson, vice-president, Patsy Ar- mor, secretary-treasurer. Spring officers were Ruth Furgeson, president, Elaine Speede, vice- president, Doris Wilmot, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Winifred Wood is sponsor. - ROW l: Ruth Furgeson, Eileen Henry, Donna Jean Emery, Dorothy Jones, Jean Novotny, Jean Barton, Jaynne Freed- man, ROW ll: Hermina Rose, Shirley Mae Blake, Nettie Sherwood, Frances Walker, Lois Verner, Betty Wilson, Lillian Kaplan, Yvonne Hensley, Barbara McCoye, Helene Machado, ROW lll: Thelma Florkeff, Doris Wilmot, Jo Taravella, Margaret Zimmer, Joyce Kroll, Darlene Mitchell, Norma Bunker, Carolyn Asher, Elaine Speede, Verdabelle Pross, Gladys Derus, ROW IV: Lula Colbaugh, Pat Armor, Eileen Reynolds, Colleen Vickers, Bonnie Hinkley, Geraldine Rosson, Emma Jean Valdez, Dorothy Mclntire, Billie Davis, Allene Gates, Ruth Gehle, Doris Christoffenson, Mrs, Winifred Wood. Jr. Home Economics. ln 1936, with Charlene Thomas as president and Mrs, Helen Rockoff as sponsor, the junior l-lome Economics Club was launched, There are now 30 members, fx . who meet with the sponsors, Miss Maude Riven- burgh and Miss losephine Newstetter. First offi- cers were lanet King, president: Grace Muff, secretary-treasurer. Second term officers were Grace Muff, president: Connie Allen, vice-presi- ln dent: Lucille Moon, secretary-treasurer. kv S' I ROW I: Patricia Holobaugh, Rosalie Holcomb, Miss Jose- phine Newstetter, Lyla Emery, Norma Hoffman, ROW Il: Beverly Fink, Joyce Edgerton, Gayle Skidmore, Grace Mutt, Evelyn Toley, Marjorie Corner, Patricia Walker, ROW Ill: Elaine Robertson, Barbara Birchall, Audrey Bussey, Toby Young, Lulu Mae Gallup, Jackie Greene, Joan Leinen, Doris Gritton, ROW IV: Carlotta Gates, Betty Novasel, Shirley Neill, Florence Austria, Betty Jane Thomsen, Lucille Moon, Delight Cook, Mary Lou Bird, Helen Mae Grussing. Sr. Home Economics . To foster interest in home-making, the Senior Home Economics club was organized several years ago by Mrs. Ella Crandall. Last term the club was sponsored by Mrs, Esther Schwaiger, During the present term, directed by Mrs. Mae Kuenzel, the girls, as a war activity, have knitted afghans for soldiers in the hospitals. First term officers were lohanna Lowe, president: Helen Babajian, vice-president: Irene McClellan, secretary, and Dot Mclntire, treas- urer. During the second term Elizabeth Babajian was president, june Dugan, secretary, and Dot Mclntire, treasurer. -we 2iQ dryggp I SEATED' Jeanette Witt, Dorothy Mclntire, Johanna Lowe, Elizabeth Babajian, Irene McClellan, Helen Babaiian, June kg.. Dugan, STANDING: Colleen Hicks, Billie Holcomb, Dorothy - Edison, Lorraine Lindberg, Rosemary Schafer, Judy Franklin 1 -M Mrs, Kuenzel, Blanche Neal, Betty Lapsley, Irene Nordquist, Jennie Marquez, Elizabeth Silvestri, Catherine Hefferan, Marilyn De Nunzio, Bettie King To create interest in self-expression and to improve the speech habits of the in- dividual are the chief aims of the public speaking class, directed by Mrs. Ruth Rous. Among their many activities, they compete with other schools in oratorical contests such as the one sponsored by the Lions' Club, and cooperate with school groups, such as the Oarsman and Crondolier, in putting over their drives. A unique defense activity is the entertainment they have planned in case of air-raid alerts. First term officers were Seymour Cohen, president, Lorraine Lindberg, secretary, During the second term Don Weiner was president, Lorraine Lindberg, secretary: and Norma King, keeper of records. - ROW I: McClellan, Florkeff, Pressnall, Hojo, Lindberg, Vickers, Kaplan, Arciero, Colbaugh, King, Burtord, Gallup, Gallagher, Reynolds, Walton, Means, Kaub, Schuman, Rose, ROW II: Goodfellow, Bennett, Ajisaka, Weier, Rogers, Holbrook, Darby, Crunncy, Brush, Joseph, Dugan, Clark, Lindberg, Shettler, Gor- don, Homrighausen, Biggs, Machado, ROW Ill: Bennett, Williams, Gearing, Hook, Wiener, George, Kidd, Crowell, Constant, Kenning, Hobbs, Ayars, Clow, Adams, Ruocco, Ernst, Mandemaker. JAN 1 1 ,. pg W , '. C? .Q at Q QQA f-lP'r,r'lm'3'3?-t - f. 4 . , .. . . - 'i x X i ,4 C zwwmlfnau J fx f ' A vnu ru.. , , 1 i V . . .4 -ra "Win-it lmw fv '14.-YM" :J '?'l'1.PLa'J'Z'.nll'lMM ,mov The Rower.. To assure the junior high complete news coverage, the Rower, monthly paper, was "born" During the first term of this year Betty McPhee was editor, joan Arinsberg, associate, Marion Yorkowitz, circulation man- ager, Bill Spencer, Edna Connelly, and Cecilia Bailey, sports editors. Rosemarie Rosenhouse edited the paper the second term, with Ronnie Swan, associate, Cecilia McVay, circulation man- ager, Don Carlucci, Ruth Valdez, sports staff. I ROW I: Don Carlucci, Joan Arinsberg, Edna Connally, Betty Brown, Betty McPhee, Rosemarie Rosenhouse, Ruth Valdez, Cecelia McVay, Ronnie Swan, ROW ll: Rita Moore, Elaine Paul, Cecilia Bailey, Miss Margaret McGarry, Mildred Hoffman, Elsie Marshall, Rosalind Spiegel, Virginia Johnson, ROW Ill: Dorothy Thompson, Alice Jackson, Janet Dey, June Morrow, Elaine Donnelly, Phyllis Owen, Clare Boyett, Noella Ouellette, ROW Ill: Don Desfor, Lorin Long, Donna Cook, Mary Lou Duran, Janice Wingard, Marvin Cohen, Nor- rgtan Kelly, Frank Dawes, Ray Bianco, Don Riordan, Jimmy erry. Sr. Dramatics . . -'Keep Them Laughing" W -with this motto, the senior dramatics class ? presented a series of short comedies and patriot- . 15 A ic playlets. They also joined with the music de- partment in presenting the operetta, "Oh Doctor," early in june. First term officers were Eleanor Coble, president, Charlotte Moody, secretary. Spring term officers were Bessie C-oodson, presi- dent, Avis Edmundson, secretary. Miss Isabel Orton was drama coach. g ROW I: Ruth Tandy, June Dugan, Donna Barton, Eliza- beth Babagian, Julia Johnson, Norma Borack, Billie Holcomb, Bettie King, Bessie Goodson, Melva Meshack, Shirley Levy, Carolyn Williams, ROW ll: Barbara Lindberg, Carole Cook, Blanche Neal, Bonnie Burford, Norma Bunker, Mildred List, Doris Pabst, Betty Lapsley, Ruth Gehle, Ann Martin, Avis Edmondson, Norma King, Trudy Volk, Miss lsabel Orton, ROW lll: Thelma Smith, Rosalk Irvine, Re Velle Eames, Erma Arciero, Clifford Fellows, Jack Kenning, Ralph Taylor, Roger Lowe, Arthur Singer, June Keeton, Helen Vanderhorst, Maxine Davis. Organized by Mrs. Elsie McLaughlin in l937, the junior dramatics class has grown into one of Venice's largest junior high elective classes. Its purpose is to develop knowl edge, technique, and appreciation of the theater, its motto, "What you are to be you are now becoming." The drama students presented several short plays each se- mester for the junior student body or social living classes, usually under student di- rectors. janet King headed the group during the first term, assisted by Paul De Soto secretary. During the spring term jean Conley was president, Shirley Dimont, sec retaryg Catherine john, treasurer. Miss Isabel Orton was sponsor. - ROW I: McVay, Smith, Hawley, Bowman, Elmore, Nelson, Dimont, Oleson, Firetag, Fagel, Muff, Garacochea, Garacochea, Jones, Wingard, Denton, Green, Balken, Murdock, Woodside, Averill, ROW ll: Glickstein, Babajian, Baldwin, John, Winkler, Robertson, Kutt, Jacobson, Fradkin, Sicader, Fehlings,.Westlake, Norman, Stamm, Ellis, Bell, Chitwood, Garrett, Williams, Barro, Linkous, Moore, Bullion, ROW Ill: Winn, Sanchez, Elmore, Owen, Mitchell, Saroian, Baba- jian, Betts, Curnyn, Conley, Thomsen, Jennings, Jamison, Jacobson, Arnold, Cohen, Riley, Miller, Wright, Sennett, Hawley. Q Q Q 5- Q ,cg .wwwM we swim .M wyfm www new mmf .Vw A ,. v ,m,:w.v. 1'-www r wmmmam vmmsu ' E we ii Kg g . . 9 1 N . " ' " GiflS GIGS One of the largest clubs . at Venice the B7 junior Girls Glee during the fall semester consisted of fifty-five members. xx I B 7 .. E I ' The Glee club spends a period a day practicing songs and gives at least one assembly a semester ' ' together with the junior dramatics class. Organ- ized by Mrs. Litta Matt in l93l, this musical group is now sponsored by Miss Myrtle Blewett. Officers for the fall term were Shirley Adair president and accompanist, Cyrena Maidman secretary-treasurer. v n - ROW l: Cutts, Bergmann, Cook, Maidman, Walker, Mogul Bacon, Thompson, Notz, Dupont, Friedman, Hayes, ROW ll: Titus, Petersen, Yamasaki, Pratt, Nakayu, Lloyd, Short, Bix- Ier, Cook, Vann, Tjulander, ROW Ill: Burright, Vaught, Watkins, Adair, Baker, Alianiello, Beem, Blessing, Greene, Garcia, Evans, Slate, Noyce, ROW IV: Morrow, Brown, Bent- i Iey, Martin, Anderson, Peters, Miss Blewett, Barajas, Fuentes, Van Arsdall, Welder, Lewis. E A i i ' I I I A l u' My X g . l jf. Gif S G ee . .To enjoy the satisfaction Q ss .1 of singing good music as a group is the purpose x ' E' ' X " j f of the junior Girls' Glee club. Officers for the X fl A I' K I ls E ,S spring term were Mollie Lucchese, president, .X , 4 X ' Marceline Batcheler, secretary-treasurer, Patri- Q l r- Q cia Ruez and Sylvia Edwards, accompanists. Miss Myrtle Blewett sponsors the group. ,A I ROW l: Joyce Edgerton, Marceline Batchelor, Betty Braly, 55 Irene Farias, Eleanor Garrett, Mollie Lucchese, Edith Martin, Shirley Baker, Lulu Bingham, Patricia Walker, ROW ll: Margaret Bender, Marilyn McCoye, Sylvia Edwards, Phyllis Lisk,.Barbara Ingersoll, Miss Blewett, Jacqueline Sullivan Rosalie Holcomb, Patricia Holobaugh, Gloria Olsen, ROW Ill: Billye Jean Jackson, Elsie Jean Kramer, Audrey Bussey, - , - I ' ' ' Toby Young, Evelyn Alsobrook, Audrey Shannon, Myrtle Big- , ,, f gers, Marion Adelstein, Mary Lennon, ROW lV: Eleanor I . - N K if P Chinney, Dolores Clow, Jo Anne Johnson, Treasie Autry, , .. - ., Helen Kelly, Marion Weier, Lyla Emery, Lola Guthrie Bonnie . 1 . .. - o n . . fp ... L - Kroon- The Navigators were organized by Mr. Karyl Witty in i939 to act as instructors on matters pertaining to safety. Until the present term the club consisted of junior and senior high students. Now, considerably revised, the group is limited to juniors and its duties have been expanded to cover safety measures in connection with air- raid drills. Outside speakers address the group on matters of safety. Navigators, in turn, relay this information to classes through their delegates. First term officers were jim Pfeiffer, president, Lorraine Lindberg, vice-president, and l-lelene Macha- do, secretary. During the second term Edna Levy was presidentg Don Riordan, vice- president, and Margery Larson, secretary. I ROW I Myrtle Sager, Caroline Tjulander, Doris Oden, Shirley Stayton, Dawn Bechtle, Charlotte Chessin, Edna Levy, Dolores Asher, Barbara Brown, Adelle Nemetz, Shirley Neill, Dolores Barro, Sylvia Edwards, Patsy Notz, Lorna Gretsch ROW Il: Loren Leonard, Tommy Giordani, Jack Arbogast, Stanley Arins- berg, Gene Ward, Ralph l-leidsiek, Lee Carey, Milton Flack, Sylvia Nelson, Patty Johnson, Margie Larson, Rosemarie Rosenhouse, Nora Nixon, Charlotte Pryor, ROW Ill: Wilfred Blair, Bob lzett, Bob Darrow, Don Riorclan, Norman Kelly, Bob Granclmain, Harvey Adair, Roy Wexler, Don Lane, Walter Went: Sidney l-lockett, Dick Hunt, Mr. Karyl Witty. - 2 'E .xf 111 A , 1 1 11 . v -L . ' -11 1 1 MQ-.. l!x1.'m'f', 1 B 8 Glflsl Glee . . Music is rated a great factor in building up the morale of a nation dur- ing times of war. Carrying out this aim, the B8 junior Girls' Glee, under the direction of Miss Myrtle Blewett, entertained at several assem- blies. The club's social activity is a party given once each term during the class period. Officers for the fall semester were jean Garacochea, pres- ident, Rene Garacochea, secretary-treasurer, Don- na Fuller, Mary Louise Dechene, accompanists. I ROW I: Mitchell, Muff, Butterfield, Fagel, Parcher, Garacochea, Garacochea, Firetag, Jones, Pearson, Gravante, Cook, Balken, Cook, ROW ll: Walker, Ewing, Eckels, Per- ruzzi, Wakatsuki, Dechene, Holbrook, Nagai, Suits, Kami- bayashi, Smith, Hawley, Nakagiri, Freeslat, ROW lll: Stone- hocker, Spencer, Ramburg, Castagna, Paol, Reynolds, Rosson, Ybarrondo, Dorr, Edgerton, Newman, Thedell, Denton, ROW IV: Hightower, Talley, Howland, Johnson, Watson, Fuller, Thomsen, Miss Blewetf, Archibald, Lopez, Cummings, Glick- stein, Bird, Moreno. Glflsl Chorus . . "Music for everyone, everyone for music." Under this motto the junior Girls' Glee Club was organized in i932 by Mrs. Litta Matt, with Ruth Christy as first presi- dent. Today Mrs. Matt sponsors the Girls' Chor- us, an "offspring" of her former group. The girls sing at assemblies and have also been trained as entertainers during possible air-raid alerts. Offi- cers included the following: jean Conley, presi- dent, Letty Derus, vice-president, Eline Wil- liams, secretary, and Dorothy Graham, treasurer. I ROW l: Karnibayashi, Clark, Freistat, Larson, Gifford, Jones, Evans, Nagai, Eckels, Bornkamp, Pivo, Pearson, Langes, ROW ll: Newman, Bird, Ybarrondo, Lefler, Vanderlip, Mrs. Litta Matt, Glickstein, Bronner, Coles, Chessln, Carmichael, ROW Ill: Cummings, Derus, Asher, Brockert, Weaver, Graham, Nemetz, Williams, Williams, Nagai, Patrovsky, ROW IV: Kirby, Conley, Hoffman, Marshall, Haslam, Corson, Morrow, Ellis, Tjulander, Trump, Carr, Fuller. 1 Illia . . f . ,, ...,. 3"'f f , Q f . V L ' ' .. M- J, ,. I .. , . -. an V ,f I f I 3 . I Vfrf ,f . ,,.r I V . ,. ..!V W JW, lfvvv ,,, I . I ' iii , "W A 2 if 9 c' i W M .44 A -W , r W, I :: H f X, ,V A ,, 4 ...ig 6 "' ' - .'l . f . ' 7 S' f M r' ' f ' I M . M ,,, V Q I I , A Y at , 5 T .. Q ,I A ,fc 4 we V1 xml ir .i Ks, I H A. V, V 54 I . r , r-" . ' it 2 , ' ,. V Q gi.. W ,M Mx l. , X . Q . ,. - "r , V j I A he 5. ,W if VI .,., I 4 4 ,. I . , 1.1, " 7 " VX' ' f we 'Z s Q " ' - a - af , , WF I ' JC, , , Y. vf 'ff ' gg fb ' ,fa Lv gtgg M, 4 , ....,... fy Q52 .. , i g . , V , , .... a , , . .. vw , , -4 f ,pf :J ' 7 5' ' L vm . - 41' agf, o ,g, 1 av To create thrift-promoting activities at Venice l-ligh, Mr. Burton Oliver organized the Venetian Thrift Association October IO, I939. Robert Conrad at that time pre- sided over a group of sixty-five members. The number has now increased to l6O en- VENETIAN THRIFT thusiastic students. jean Larson was president the first term, jackie Rau, vice-presi- dent, Delphine Williams, secretary, Ellen Ware, Thrift Bank cashier, Bert Gable, ASSOCIATION junior high president, and Shirley Dimont, secretary. Second term officers included Gladys Derus, president, Wilbur D'Arcy, vice-president, Verdabelle Pross, secretary, Norma Borack, Thrift Bank cashier, Rodney Lundin, junior high president, and Fawn Overton, secretary. - ROW I: Woods, Rowe, Conklin, Florkeff, Marsyla, Roswell, Whitaker, Balkum, Gritton, Esau, D'Arcy, Derus, Mr. Burton Oliver, Pross, Lundin, Fuller Wil- liams, Clark, Austria, Moon, Edwards, Dumont, Leinen, Shannon, Naehr, Row ll: Halstead, Curtis, Nelson, Holland, Tjulander, Hawley, Rubin, Whitaker, 'Titus Robertson, Eagler, Sacknontz, Fay, Cohen, Alton, Walton, McClellan, Conner, Brown, Hume, Howland, Day, Moore, Brown, Harper, ROW Ill: Coles, Morgan' Willey, Anderson, Gifford, Russell, Dechene, Lisk, Adelstein, Holobaugh, Lindberg, Neser, Morgan, Derus, Young, Tiller, Doyle, Toppel, Talbot, Thornsberry' Oden, Guth, Weier, Lewis, ROW IV, Coughenour, Machado, Rose, Schuman, Talley, Coughenour, Pitina, Timmerman, Homrighausen, Johnson, Biggs, Adams' Bennett, Schmidt, Bollman, Wexler, Sturn, Otte, Widney, Williams, Weier. ' wan 5 i jf. Orchestra . . lncreasing in membership each year, the lunior Orchestra began with thir- ty-two musicians in l93l, under its present di- rector, Mrs. Litta Matt. The group plays at as- semblies and, in case of air-raid alerts, is trained to entertain students. june Moore was president both terms, Maxine Haase, librarian, and Char- lotte Pryor, concert mistress. Secretaries were Rosemarie Langes and Maxine Haase, treasurers, Donald Pitman and Lorna Gretsch. Eloise Laird was vice-president the second term. - ROW lt Marguerite Niblack, RoseMarie Langes, Kathryn Leake, Carlotta Gates, Jacqueline Gottlieb, Mrs. Litta Matt, June Moore, Catherine John, ROW ll: Joan Leinen, Jo Anna Barnes, Charlotte Pryor, Ralph l-leidsiek, Maxine Haase, Lorna Gretsch, Shirley Fournier, ROW Ill: Eloise Laird, Ruth Drucker, Erhard Schaefer, Donald Pittman, David Geller, Erline Bullion, Shirley Rogers, ROW lV: Junior Dotter, Laird Sta- bler, Alvin Rees, Glenn Bramley, Robert Waite, Kelly Alton, Robert Wilson. Junior Band . Founded in 1932 by Mr. David Schlosser, the lunior Band serves as a step- ping stone to Senior Band. The band was con- spicuous at Bee football and baseball games. They also took part in the band concert during the spring term and played during Public Schools Week. First term officers were lohn Tichenor, president, Kenneth Burch, vice-president, joy Morgan, secretary-treasurer. During the second term Frank Martin was president, Richard Cun- diff, vice-president, joy Morgan, secretary. . ROW l: Alberta Mascho, Twila Brazda, Lenora Foxen, Lois Rees Louise Hoover, Connie Allen, Elaine Robertson, Joy Morgan, Richard Hanna, ROW ll: Mr. David Schlosser, Dick Allen, Nolan Nixon, Larry Norman, Frank Martin, Kenneth Cloud, ROW lll: Kenneth Waters, Shirley Stayton, Richard Wilson, June Meredith, Earl Kimbal, ROW IV: Pat Ballen- ger, Lionel White, Merrill Bragg, Don MacNeilage, Hubert Jackson, ROW V: Bob lzett, Richard Candift. One of the outstanding assemblies of the year was March 27 when the Senior Band appeared in natty new blue and white uniforms for the first time. Another exciting day for Director David Schlosser's band was November 28 when they, to- gether with other Los Angeles high school bands, played at the North-South Football game in the Coliseum. First term officers were Albert Hook, president, Lucille Mustol, vice-president, Doris Christoffenson, secretary-treasurer, Bernard Gregg, li- brarian, Howard Dey, manager, Kenny Davidson, student director. ln the second term Bill Manley was president, Rudy Kroon, vice-president, Norma Ehrenkranz, secretary-treasurer, Eileen Henry and Bob Darrow, librarians, Lawrence French, manager, Albert Hook, student director. I ROW l: Albert Hook, Victor Liotta, Dorothy Wasserman, Ann Aldrich, Barbara Sebring, Crenshaw, Sam Shields, Marjorie Cashwell, Eileen Henry, Bob Darrow, Howard Lewis, Wilfred Bette Weinstein, Dora Gibson, Mr. David Schlosser, ROW I ' LL Donna Mefeclnhf Wright, George Henderson, John Stephenson, Rudy Kroon ay Horton, ill Manley, Howard Whitaker, Dick Jackson, Phil Bentz, Lawrence French. , ,., 1: ff .... .. J .L A . If-. W. ' SENIOR BAND Ruth Willis, Hazel Hicks, Jim Edwards, Norma Ehrenkranz, Edna Blair, Earle Hottman, Eugene Daniels, Jack Dull, Dick Fullerton, Theresa Barth, Betty Elliott, Bettie McPhee, Margie Laird, Jimmy Dey, Fred Nordquist, Melvin Vanderwork, Don MacNeilage, Walter J , 1 fc- an I K ,lx A 1,5 1 Q Q ' . si if -aw ' 3 C J J f ' ' 3' S' tl?- A ' l " 4 fr , F f Q 3 af gi I' IV' h as Nxfsrn-lr' 64 9 . 2, , it i' - O J 'Wg 'Q '88, ?h, ,- Q i V ' 2 ,.-J ! xl MJ h , " iw L "T p 0 Luv' i . g .'-i " J. ri' . J - . . 4 ' " ' . - 5' X i . ' 1 . A- , ' A i . i , . t . . i . -. ' ' ' Q P 5 i ' X e. , . . ll 4 ,gf ' A I. ' V T . 'fi 1 'Tv J A Ji J 6 . fill- l nj., 'fx I I , , 1 3 ' W J , I .1 W NX! A M Q , 4 W is J , ' f. -t 'V 'gt i , ' y et -v st 'I , - I 1 ', II ' W V' ', at 14 9, I N 1 i!' T l N i F 4 i j . Al l l Q- i l i d l 1 'l l l l ! U., l I l 7 l l l l l t Af Q , I LF Iklll X, i .N ' Sb i NM I ,A E Q, . gl, K - 1, -yn .- CHOQ da ,Nm ,,i, ll- A Cappella . . Under the direction of Reid Cox, the A Cappella Choir has become one of the outstanding musical groups on ghe campus. The choir has sung for church organizations, on several radio programs, and was lauded for its performance at the Choral Festival in Eagle Rock. lt was founded in l938, with Dale Delarnette heading a group of twenty. Lucille Wilde was prexy the first term and Virginia C-reenlaw secre- tary. Tilly Barry was second term president and Marilyn Lyons secretary. I ROW I: Gallagher, Perry, Sullivan, Bustamante, Fielder, Lyons, Okumura, Sakai, ROW ll: Nusser, James, Molclawsky, Petersen, Leaf, Kageyama, Langes, Greenlaw, ROW Ill: De Soto, Lennon, Simonson, Russ, Harada, Pross, Marry, Macha- do, ROW IV: Christotfenson, Coughenour, Derus, Rosen, Utsuki, Cox, Gear, Gonzales, ROW V: Arciero, Wright, Con- ley, Manzer, D'Arcy, Shiota, Mac George, ROW VI: Coughen- our, King, Doane, Tolman, Young, Brady, Mr. Cox, Wilde. jf. BOYS' Glee . Music helps build morale and that is important in national defense. One of the biggest morale-builders is the junior Boys' Clee, sponsored by Reid Cox. Its aim is to pro- I mote good choral singing and to qualify young A boys to continue in a senior high music program. Throughout the year the Clee club has sung at assemblies, for civic groups, and churches. Otti- A cers during the first semester were Tommy Tol- man, president, and lack Wells, secretary. Sec ond semester officers were Robert Van Ness, president, and lack Wells, secretary. ,QIC . nf A . F airs! 5 4: of 3, 1 I ROW I: Robert Armor, Bill Titus, Jack Fogarty, Harold Wieselrnan, Allvaro Valentino, ROW Il: Bruce Dye, Billy Robertson, Jack Wells, Tommy Tolman, Eddie Darling, Gil- bert Kellerj ROW Ill: Bob Van Ness, Peter Joseph, Robert Aicey, Bill Rodebaugh, Bill Mac George, Alfred Clark, ROW IV: Billy Wright, Bob Schmidt, Mr. Reid Cox, Harry Garrett, Bunny Gorman, Dick Dougherty. "Science and invention have made neighbors of all nations. lt is hoped that un- derstanding and justice will make them friends." Carrying out this motto, the Cos- mopolitans' aim this year has been to promote better understanding of our South American neighbors. Founded in l929 with Mark Horton as sponsor and Mary Yu- ba president, the club boasted forty-five members. This year Miss Laura Daniel- son leads a group of sixty. First term officers were Edythe Carlson, presidentg Al- berta Aiken, vice-president, Ellen Ware, secretary, Ria Timmerman, treasurer. Col- leen Mahan headed the group the second term, assisted by Marjorie Pitina, vice- president, Ria Timmerman, secretary, and Pat Mitchell, treasurer. I ROW I: Billie Hume, Jeanne Compton, Roberta Maidman, Jereline Morris, Margie Pitina, Collenn Mahan, Ria Timmerman, Pat Mitchell, Alma Woods, Lois McClellan, Shirley Mason, Lois Petersen, Mary Lou Walten, ROW ll: Mary Coughenour, Helen Kennett, Betty Louise Allen, Bertha Krog, Irene Krog, Dora Esau, Shirley Weier, Madelyn Lund, Gloria Holland, Rosalie Irvine, Donna Schultz, Jean Talbot, Dorothy Thornsberry, Frieda Stern, ROW III: Virgie Gritton, Elizabeth Howland, Victor Liotta, Phil Kovinick, Tom Williams, Joe Welling, Dana Schuldt, George Luckhaupt, John Weier, Jacob Mitchell, Pat Acosta, Charles Gacsi, Bud Widney, Marie Haddad, Rosalee Coughenour, I a wil 7,6 f'N Ns N u.Jli' l l ""4lI ll'm , 'wi.llW ,V . NG tw Q I ROW l: Bill Bi-mber, Bob Gifford, Roosevelt Wilson, Jack Krieger, Earl Pracht, Joe Soores, Billie Davis, Betty Wilson, Clifford Fellows, Joseph Ortiz, Dick Jackson, Lawrence French, Wilfred Blair, Bill MacGeorge, Keith Hanna, ROW Il: Bud Widney, John Weier, Rudy Kroon, Howard Garrison, Pat Silvestri, Al Fournier, Robert Duron, Bill Adams, Loren Bauer, Norman Thoreson, Victor Liotta, Red Rosier, Bob Bates, Mark Kovinick, Mr. Ray B. Shaw, ROW lll: Sidney Campbell, Tommy Duff, Alex Goodfellow, Jim Rogers, Bob Metzger, George Luckhaupt, Ward Brody, Walter Otte, Doug Hanawalt, Harvey Kramer, Ray Perkins, Don Lierow, Jim Akoury, ROW IV: Jim Pfeiffer, Ted George, Bob Mandemaker, Phil Kovinick. The war brought a new club into existence-the Boys' Battalion,which is direct- ed by Vice-Principal Ray Shaw. The organization is divided into several groups, each with its own duties. Shelter wardens are in charge of shelters and of operating win- , dows and doors. Fire companies are trained to fight fires with extinguishers, water, and sand. A rescue squad is trained to carry injured to hospital centers and a traf- fic squad to keep students moving and direct them in an emergency. Officers in- clude lim Pfeiffer, president, Bob Bates, vice-president: Dean Carlson, secretarygand Anthony Taravella, treasurer. The distinction of being one of the first in Los Angeles goes to the lunior Wom- en's Ambulance and Defense Corps, organized by Miss Allene Rowan during the early weeks of the war. The l36 members are divided into a junior and a senior high group. Senior high officers are Jeanette Grandmain, acting commander, Marilyn Ly- on, staff sergeant, Margaret Snyder, top sergeant, Lorraine Lindberg, Rosemary Tal- ley, and Gladys Derus, corporalsg Beverly Beggs, Helene Machado, and Barbara Hom- righausen, color bearers. junior high officers include Marie Tucker, sergeant-in-com- mand, Dawn Bechtle, staff sergeant, Mary Bresseau, Catherine Iohn, Lois Rees, cor- poralsg Letty Derus, right guard, june Mathis, color guard. - ROW I: Miss Allene Rowan, Roth, Talley, Lindberg, Derus, Lyons, Snyder, Grandmain, Homrighauscn, Biggs, Bechtle, John, Rees, Bresseau, Derus, Leinen Gretsch, Tingler, Smith, Nixon, Mathis, Webb, Woodward, ROW Il: Machado, Lowenthal, Walton, Spiegel, Rogers, Rotman, Selser, Mason, Theis, Hansen Rosson, Cden, Morgan, Beal, Levy, Chessin, Morrow, Graham, Gibson, Laird, Dahl, ROW Ill: Schuman, Kennett, Talbot, Balkum, Meese, Rice, Schindler, Clel vinger, Archibald, Dorr, Brazda, Cherryhomes, Nugent, Brown, Gray, Hook, McPhee, Kelly, Rogers, Olsen, ROW IV: Trenouth, Pressnall, Thornsberrx, Oden Petersen, Higgins, Morris, Walton, Thompson, Green, Meredith, Newman, Eckels, Cook, Marion, Adelstein, Mascho, Exans, Mahoney, Sager, Weier, Nordykei . -. . -W ii 5 , as ,r W - ,153 ,Q ,. ., N W ,,,V A Q .. I 't ' N I fx, , V1 - I-.X 1 I W 1' ,fog-f ., ' V 5 A .. A V A f- ' f X 1 5 , gy L J r 5 - ,A -"' -Av, .ax 'WMI' 'V-"f' 71 'f . ' , - f0,..4 A., .,-...u...:t4AlCxLuf1'-s1LiA.n.i-u..'w WITH THE NATION AT WAR, the Typical S in 5.3 ' , 1 ,i b i 1 K . -,- O A If its c :evemenis if ik B73 elk, T we ,Eg fs at MQ ' i 35. American contest sponsored each year by the Oars- man has taken on added significance. Selected for this honor in the senior high poll were Billie Davis and jack Adams. Runners-up were Phil Kovinick and lim Pfeiffer, Patty Allen and Barbara Lindberg. At the time the vote was cast, Billie's activities in- cluded the following: student body secretary, Vene- tian Lady, C.A.A. Lettergirl, Chatelaine premiere, member of the Thrift and Delphian societies. lack was student body prexy, president of the Western League Council, Varsity "V" member, and a mem- ber of the football and basketball teams. 'x., Typical Americans IUNIOR HIGH VENETIANS voted for one boy and one girl from each grade. Typical Americans, in the order in which they appear in the photo, are Donna Brown, A91 Barbara Wenzlaff, A71 Char- lene Averill, A83 Newell Phelps, A83 Tommy Tol- man, B73 and Bill Spencer, A9. ' ,,,.,f Lions' Club Contest Tetsuo Shiota lcenter, in photol was chosen school winner of the annual oratorical contest sponsored by the Lions' Club. Other public speaking students who entered the contest, in the order in which they appear in the picture, are Victor Liotta, Millicent Schuman, third place winner, Bruce Ferguson, second place win- nerg and Wilbur D'Arcy. Journalism Honor Society Selected on the basis of journalistic ability and serv- ice to the school paper, Oarsman Editor Mary Ma- honey, Managing Editor Alma Woods, and Sports Edi- tor Richard Rexer were named members of the jour- nalism l-lonor Society. Doris Reiman and Associate Edi- tor Anita Wolgin were named first semester members. "Nuggets" The honor of having their creative work published in a national magazine was earned by Ethel Nusser, Marguerite Ybarrondo, leanne Conklin, and jackie Rau lappearing in that order in the picturel. The magazine, "Nuggets," is the only one in the United States which devotes its entire contents to student material. Story and Poetry Contests Talented writers receive advice and inspiration in Miss Flora Schrack's creative workshop, which meets before school Friday mornings. Many participate in monthly short story or poetry contests, and later see their prize-winning material appear in printed form in the C-ondola. First place winners in order in which they appear in the picture are as follows: seated, Con- stance Benson, Wilbur Blair, Rosemarie Rosenhousei standing: Barbara Conley, Charlotte Blair, Margie Lar- son, leanne Conklin, and june Lewis. tive VIRIHTHIG Football Honors As captain of the Western Leagues championship football team, Phil Kovinick was presented the Hearst trophy awarded by the Los Angeles Examiner to the winning team in each Los Angeles city league. Cap- tain Kovinick and Coach Cirayson Turney were also presented a handsome placque by the Venice Chamber of Commerce. Another honor came to Phil when he was named tor the third time as Ciritfin trophy winner for scholastic ability. Other C-riffin winners were Ernie Tolman for athletic ability and Seymore Cohen for citizenship. 78 "President o Presidents" President of Presidents was the mighty title be- stowed on popular ack Adams following his election as prexy of the Western League Council, which is made up of all student body presidents in this league. This same honor was won by Venice the year before, when Steve lamison led the presidents. All-City Orchestra Isabel Morton, Bl2, was given the coveted position of concert mistress of the All-City Orchestra as a re- ward for ten years of hard work and faithful practice. Winning in competition against thirty other violinists, Isabel now has the distinction of playing all solos and acting as leader of the violins. She is also a member of the junior Philharmonic Orchestra. tfgllllilll. -if-as-f i - nifreisri' '- r QEE IIQEEEL Scoreboard Bleacher fans on Clark Field can well be proud of the new scoreboard completed by twenty shop boys under the direction of Irving Fordham, shop teacher. The board is 23 feet long, 5 feet wide, l6 feet high, and is adaptable for football, baseball, and track. An electric clock operated from the field contains a steel frame with panels for registering downs, points, etc. 'IIIIQFFIE I'-'-'Iliff'-stic k - - -'- l tc I -hr- , .... -..,..i--...ns YK v A Year At The Venice High Defense Plant se ant booms with activity after two months of idleness. Its p rsonnel has returned full of enthusiasm, greeting each other merrily, little dreaming that events three months later will embark them on an "all-out war" program .... SEPTEMBER 26-First affair on the social calendar is tra- ditional HELLO DAY, which is observed semi-annually to help new students to become better acquainted. A dance, movies, and games on the athletic field make the day a success, thanks to Vice-Prexy Patty Allen and her assistants. . . . But after lunch, Hello Day gives way to something even more important, at least to a senior A. lt's SENIOR SWEATER DAY and the Cringoes, class of VV'42, led by Prexy Don Brady, are seen parading around the campus in green and white sweaters. The senior A assembly makes a real hit, being initiated by a snappy conga-line across the stage .... OCTOBER 3-Football is always the BIC- item on any Venetian's fall calendar and today is the BIC- CAME with Samohi-that proves a heart-breaker as we lose 6 to O. The CHEERINC SECTION, consisting of a blue "V" on a white field, is a real success. Head Yell Leader Keith Conley and his assistants give us a new conga- yell and Samohi really takes notice. OCTOBER - ' Zl The production staff of the Venice Defense Plant takes time off for a merry HALLOWEEN PARTY. Coach "Applejack" Hughes and Mrs. Esther Schwaiger win awards for wearing the most original masques. A square dance, called by Vice-Principal Ray Shaw, is highlight of the affair .... OCTOBER 24-"Gals" take their best boy friends to the WITCHES' WHIRL, spinsters' prom planned by Vice-Prexy Patty Allen. Music for the fun- frolic is furnished by Connie jones and his band. SEPTEMBER IO, I9-4l-The Venice High Defen PI e Scrubs, taking advantage of Hello Day, obtain autographs from cam- pus "big shots". ml eir natty green and white sweaters the W'4Z s ' , enlors add color N to the campus. ii st, . ' 5 5' I A 7 5 li , ,, .. 1 . get f I gig! ll.-yi as Q ,J in . al .riff af 34 YQ 'hmmcfaa f'-Q -N zgffi,-is ,Q W .1-IZ," 5, Mifv, in s, Q' I 'v5'ig"-wi 1,e5'v-'.-'U "I are Q in 12.4" I s 5' chaff i I it it . , aff." MV",-57. , 7 'sky " 5- -"' -L' Y . I five, .Jr 1 'ii 21 V .I I .1 1,. Ligh t' ti I . Lp E 1 f 7 ml-. jfs, ' TI f 113' -' '-P if 3 i-,ff ' .4 'I R, A ' or -'wifi Q Y ' "P Sf ' 97' -Pe wfci' '35 's' " 'X .. mil fi. 1 . if -' I " 1 fr - - A i iw- ' , " ,Ax , -nvyneihr-gd -gl., 4, A , . ,,,,, amkw, yl J, V . , . if ,. - ff i , ,. .. I . - i ',""fp. I I "I ' W ' A blue "V" on a white background ls il cheering section that spurs its team t lair pIay" and the Witches' Whlrl gives eo-eds a h o gridiron tame .... "Turn about's c ance to entertain their boy trlcnds that evening. 8 O L l"3 I u Tt"t',.'4'f'ff:f.f. ---g -. Mrs illers exhibit ot boomerangs and a stuffed koala bear from Australia intrigues Venetians. . . . lt's a banner day for the Venice Band, as well as tor the football team, when they play at the Coliseum Football carnival .... The Venice Fire Department demonstrates how to control incendiary bombs. NOVEMBER S-Todays assembly proves mighty entertaining as Mrs, Marjorie Miller tells us of Maoris in New Zealand, of koala bears and ant-hills in Australia .... NOVEMBER 5 marks the opening of the Community Chest drive at Venice. Everyone is behind it in a big way, The Oarsman is helping publicize the campaign .... NOVEM- BER I3-"Tl-IE WEDDING," with Art Singer and Billie Holcomb as leads, proves an amusing one-act comedy. It is presented by Miss Isabel Orton's senior drama class at a pay assembly to raise funds for stage properties. NOVEMBER 24-The first day of the C-ONDOLIER DRIVE, and theres to be no high-pressure campaigning this time. The usual homeroom contests are being replaced by speeches by public speaking students. Editor Barbara Stoneham tells us we're lucky to have an annual this year with prices for materials going sky-high .... NOVEM- BER 28-Completing the most successful football season in the history of our school, the Condoliers, champs of the Western League, play opposite Bell today in the annual P.-T.A. Football Carnival in the Coliseum. The North and South tie with a score of I9 to I9 ,,.. Theres a record turnout for the VICTORY BALL the same night, honoring the football squad. Keith Williams and his band supply the music for the gala affair, staged in the girls' gym. Aside from the gridiron heroes, center of attraction is the handsome I-learst football trophy, on display. DECEMBER 8-The radios had blared forth the at- tack on Pearl I-larbor yesterday, and workers in the Venice High School Defense Plant return to work eager to do their part in a nation pledged to TOTAL WAR. Plans are already afoot for a Boys' Battalion and for air-raid wardens .... DECEMBER IO-Mem- bers of the VENICE LIONS' CLUB are here for Coun- seling Day, when they advise seniors about the train- ing and opportunities in various occupations .... DECEMBER ll-Over a hundred girls take the first step toward organizing a IUNIOR WOMENS AM- BULANCE CORPS under the leadership of Miss Allene Rowan, physical ed teacher who is herself a top sergeant in the senior organization .... All night ac- tivities and field trips are called off because of possi- ble black-outs. Practice air-raid drills are held, with students lining up against the walls T Tl Y ' ' for added protection .... Eager to serve their country, over a hundred Venice girls loin the Junior Ambulance Corps and take part in colorful ' V ' of tlag ceremony. 8 I -.1 Amateur photographers learn to develop, print and enlarge their own pictures under the guidanc of Mr. Clell Rogers. .L Swing Shift "Hi, Gringo!" Winter seniors greet one another as the Senior Prom brings social activities to an end .... Prexy Don Brady leads his class for the final time as they bid good-bye to Alma Mater. IANUARY I4-I 5-lt's ELECTION TIME and posters again adorn the campus. Phil Kovinick is our new student body prexy and Billie Davis relinquishes the secretary's job to step into the vice-presidency .... IANUARY I6- With Bob Kidd as master of ceremonies, "Tl-IE SPOTLITE REVUE" highlights the day as talented Venetians per- form at assembly. Credit for the show goes to Kidd and Patty Allen .... IANUARY 23-The i'Cringoes." class ot W'42, hold their BANQUET AND PROM in the gym this atternoon instead of tonight because of war conditions. . . . IANUARY 29-The class of W'42 bids good-bye to Alma Mater. It's GRADUATION DAY. FEBRUARY 2-As the new term starts, C-ondoliers resolve to do all they can tor national defense .... FEB- RUARY l9--A course in yeoman math starts today under Leslye Boatman's tutelage tor boys interested in navi- gation .,,. FEBRUARY ZO-The Oarsman statt entertains its subscribers at a MOVIE ASSEMBLY .... FEBRUARY 24-Venetians enter whole-heartedly into the paper drive. Rivalry is keen, with portable radios the reward tor the winning junior and senior high grade .... FEBRUARY 27-"The kids in royal blue," otherwise known as the BLUE- IACKETS OF S'42, parade about the campus in flashy blue and white sweaters, led by Prexy Bob Kidd. The senior assembly is a riotous hit, highlight being the skit, "Little Eva." I r . if I", Boys going into the armed services receive mathematical training In new ycoman math courses . . . Scrubs are enthusiastic about all school activities-especially thc paper drive . . . "Pride ot the Tide" ls the lmposlng tltle chosen by the Blue Jackets of S'4Z as they receive royal blue and whltc sweaters. 82 9 I I ...X , V' uw 'ii w To furnish boys and girls with a thorough knowledge concerning gardening for the home is the purpose of the Food for Freedom club organ- ized this term by Mr. William Wilson and headed by Raymond Clark. 3 I I I I f Slack Day is an important date on every girl's cal- endar . . .Kenning, king of the gridiron, becomes for a day King of the Round Table as drama class pre- sents "ldIings of the King." MARCH 27-Swinging out in new blue and white uniforms, Director David Schlosser's SENIOR BAND gives a novel concert today. Another feature on the program is a fast-moving farce, HIDLINCS OF THE KING," present- ed by Miss Isabel Orton's senior drama class . . . Feminine frills are missing as girls don slacks. The reason? lt's SLACK DAY .... APRIL 27-Today marks the opening of PUBLIC SCHOOLS WEEK and NATIONAL YOUTH WEEK. Venice lads serve in governmental offices throughout the week, both at school and in Los Angeles. Spe- cial days are set aside for parents to visit each class. The Oarsman staff contributes material for the Youth Week Supplement put out by the Times and Examiner. MAY I-Featuring the largest camel on the west coast and a bevy of animals from the picture, "jungle Book," the CIRCUS comes to Venice High .... IUNE 5-The first showing of "OH DOCTOR" is scheduled for today with Dick Dougherty, Norma lean King, Carol Wright, Wilbur D'Arcy, and Virginia Fielder in prominent roles. This musical production is sure to be a riotous hit. It is directed by Reid Cox and Miss Isabel Orton .... IUNE IO- With "Keep 'Em Flying" as its theme, the 42 "victory"CONDOLlER makes its appearance. "Sign my annual?" is the theme song of the day ..., IUNE 24-"The Pride of the Tide," I7Z strong, its preliminary training complet- ed, goes forth to share in the fight to preserve the DEMOCRATIC WAY of life. The circus comes to Venice High. Students claim this the best show of the year as they pay to see animals featured in the picture, "Jungle Book." . . . "Please sign my Gondolief' is the theme song as the '42 Gondolier makes its appearance. . . . "Oh Doctor!" proves as amusing as its title indicates. Music and drama departments present this riotous musical comedy. 83 Tesf Flight X . 1 I ,I x 4 . V , t ' Jr-as M rs . G Q f 3 3 ,S xr f f' 9 rl 4 H .I 1 H 1 3 J J The product ot many months ot meticulous pro- cesses, plans, and construction is completed! Will it stand the hard wear, the difficult trials ahead? ls one part imperfect? The motors purr, then hum as the giant plane taxies down the field and with a ter- rlfic roar, riscs malestically and wings onward. lt withstands every test! Uncle Sam is nearer to his goal! Just so, the constant physical training of students tor days, weeks, and years brings forth the hardened, precision-trained athlete. Each healthy individual brings Uncle Sam closer to victory. 'wan il I If b - m Q, M , M fx 1 1' ."' , R ,,1,1.wtf4 XX 4 , 1 V jf' MM "M--.. 1 A ' fig," A ,.......-4- ,,..-...... '57 H fs Lime - -'rn Qfi...ssss-,w----Y-- - -, ' sic .gg 11, Xia-f S'TTiML'g.q- . -.L- N-jg X Il- .-x- Q Q , .. .... a f E --k' K ' Me ' ' 4 E IW' K ...Ms A X gm 'I-'Sim XX 'WN X Q Nlgf- Q . .. K I - sc W , asm L . , E i : F . . Q ks is X . , ., Q . . ..-W . , . 4 .s,...-., ..., A ,X .X.. , gtwiv, ,FW 3 5 C ' . i T . fi ' Q i it , , V - L, My Q c.. if M.. it T 3 tv s- 'ii .N ,. ... Q .4 .-.-. mx-Le. ,.. 3 .- , ,X N, . , 6.-4'f"'T Mandemaker RT. Tolman RE. Lescoulie AT THE COMPLETION of the most successful gridiron sea- son in the history of the school-a season which gave Venice the Western League championship - nineteen men received letters. Heading the list ot "V" earners were Ernie Tolman and Captain Phil Kovinick, who each received his third letter. They were followed by jim Constant, Lee Rosier, james Nic- kell, jack Kenning, Bob Manclemaker, Bob Bates, and Frank Lescoulie with two each. Ed Stepner, Dan Hile, Carl Brush, Ray Horton, john Harding, Dick Williams, Harold Cazin, Mike Ellis, jack Adams, and Seymour Cohen each won a first award. 86 LEAGUE CHAMPS X I l . Roma C OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER 7 ... ... NOVEMBER I4 ... .. NOVEMBER I9 .. ... TOTAL... Ba I 3 1 f 'wwf 'aff I MI ff ? 'V' SCOREBOARD VENICE VENICE VENICE VENICE VENICE VENICE VENICE VENICE 87 i " 1.1 Qs 1.,,,.,. - . ,. .. if . C Q it , . it is L " T- ss' g xx Y x..L K.' if Varsity Football Ernst Kovinick, Cohen, Lescoulie, Kenning, Bates, Brush, Kovinick, Horton, Rosier, Stepner, Coach T r C n t t Hardin , Williams, Hlle, Gazin son, 'Takahashi, Sayer, Robinson, Stabler, Tanaka, Spicker, Kosaka. The Gridiron Season LOSINC- 6 to 0 to Samohi in the first game of the year would be enough to darken the hopes of almost any team-but not the Venice Ciondoliers. They proved to be made of the stuff that produces real champions by going on from there to win every game on their regular schedule and walk away with the Western League crown. Nine lettermen and a list of hopefuls from last year's championship Bee team gave every indica- tion that the C-ondoliers would have a banner year. After much hard practice and stiff training, Coach Crayson Turney finally assembled the eleven best men to form the nucleus for the league champs of '42, The starting team lined up as follows: Ernie Tolman, l90 lbs., right end, Bob lvlandemaker, 240 lbs., right tackle, Dan l-lile, l80 lbs., right guard, Lee Rosier, 200 lbs., center, Carl Brush, l55 lbs., left guard, lim Constant, 200 lbs., left tackle, Ed Stepner, l8'5 lbs., left end, Frank Lescoulie, l65 lbs., quarterback, jack Kenning, 205 lbs., Bob Bates, l90 lbs., james Nickell, l6'5 lbs., at the halves, and Phil Kovinick, 200 lbs., fullback. The Venice starting eleven was a giant unit, averaging over l90 pounds on the line and also in the back- field. AFTER DROPPING the seasons opener to Santa Monica, Venice came back in fine fashion to take a better than average North Hollywood team l3-0. The score did not indicate how much Venice out- classed the valley-men, for they threw many touch- downs away. UNll-ll was the first league game for the Venice boys, who gave the Warriors a royal drubbing of the tune of 20-0. This was followed the next week by an identical beating, with HOL- LYWOOD the victim. Dorsey, Hamilton, and Fairfax were next to fall to Venice in successive games. The DONS took a terrific beating, the score reading 33-0. Then, with the championship hinging on the l-lAlVllLTON game, Venice came through with a 2l-6 victory. The six points made by the Yanks were the only ones scored against Venice in league competition. FAIRFAX proved an easy victim in the final game, being trampled under a 29 to 0 score. In the final totaling of points, Venice tied with Franklin for high scoring honors in the city, the Condoliers making l23 points in league play as against 6 for their opponents. I ROW l: Goethals, Sherriff, Johnson, Burns, Phillips, Giovanazzi, l-line, Harrington, Hanawalt, Rosier. ROW ll: Gahan iMgr.l, Adams, Akoury, Mandemaker, Tolmang ROW lll: Waite fMgr.l, u ney, o s an , Q g , Kidd' ROW IV: Soares, Tichenor, Kroon, Jamie- H 41 'VPS Wi" lll nl BOB MANDEMAKER Right Tackle ERNIE TOLMAN Right End CLIMAXINC A BRILLIANT season, the Venice C-ondoliers placed eight men on various honor teams. This distinction shows the respect in which Coach Turney's eleven was held by sports writers, coaches, and other league elevens. "Man Moun- tain" Bob Mandemaker, great Venice tackle, re- ceived the highest honor when he was chosen tirst string tackle on the All-Southern California teami Ernie Tolman, master end, made the second team. Both ot these boys also made the first All-City and All-Western teams. Football Honors Others who received honors were as follows: Lescoulie, second All-City and first All-Western quarterbackg Rosier, third All-City and first All- Western centerg Kenning, tirst All-Western halt- backg Nickell, Stepner, and l-lile, second All-West- ern. Mention should also be made ot Brush, Bates, Constant, and Kovinick, The tirst three deserved honors as much as anyone, while Kovinick lost every chance due to a severely torn knee. FRANK LESCOULIE Quarterback LEE ROSIER Center JACK kersirsiirsio R H, L H., F B. JAMES NICKELL Right Half, Left Half ED STEPNER Lett End DAN HILE Right Guard 'XX VX- Assistant Yell Leaders Johnny Smith and Don Gilbert get set to lead Venice cheer- ing section in peppy yell while the team, in background, goes into action. . . . The blue and white-clad band of Venice High gives the stands plenty of stirring rhythm at half time. Fight 'Em Venice . . . Fight 'Em. X. ff' fe " ,f" 7 A 5' ' .J . iw . ,XR-X is -L I Head Ynll King Keith Conley gets plenty of support vm the bleachers as he leads football fans in tight mg .... With a "V tor Victory" cheering section support them lt's no wonder the Gondoller grid- n machine continues to pile up touchdowns. 90 . SEYMORE COHEN JAMES NICKELL HAROLD GAZIN Center Right Half, Left Half Right Guard Venice O, Samohi 6 PROVINC THAT THE BEST team doesnt always become the victor, Venice dropped its opening game to Santa Monica 6-O. The eagerly- awaited contest between the rival schools was played at Rancho La Cienaga on October 3, After outplaying the Vikings and pushing then! all over the field, the C-ondoliers lost on a tough break. The game proved to be a dull affair. The Ciondoliers had the Vikes deep in their territory all day until a Samohi punt was fumbled in 'the fourth quarter. This proved the break that decided the game. However, it took Samohi seven plays to get over from the nine yard line, Duncan accounting for the points. Barney King and loe Duncan looked good for Samohi, while jim Con- stant, Carl Brush, Dan Hile, Phil Kovinick, Lee Rosier, and Ernie Tolman were outstanding on the Conclolier eleven. A ' Q5-if at V f ff' MW , ', ' G 2 f 1 ., Q f ' 1 ,zalfzpxpu Wiz' , I . f 4 , f A ' , X x 1 ' 2 3' , f'fL'?', ' I gg. if We 'I' 7 I 2 , f ' X 2 A 4 In , If i ,V M I' I I if 'N ' '44 . 2 . 4 ' ' .4 I hx LW " - 4 igwyfw ,V ff' ' fn" 'N""W' of Q ,A ' ' 1 , f , ,Q ' "Wifi: --f,v1 1 mm. if ,1, aff X' " ,, J, ' , ' , . Q - .N M , X , 'ew - aff Z7 ,fa ., L N I f Y l I ff X . if , , M, ,, I, , ,J W M V .W if, My M , Q y QJM I ,. ,J fr , r I , A , . Jimmy Nickel! IIOI, fiery Gondolier back, skirts right end for a comfortable gain against Samohi. 91 JACK ADAMS Left End DICK WILLIAMS Left Guard JOHN HARDINC1 Fullback RAY HORTONI Right End isps E.:-ft" r Q,-'xc ,ff . 3. --yi . ei-1 5.2 'Beer :t'e'fL.,'fLY T" Frank Lescoulie, cagy Gondalier quarterback, packs the ball through the middle of the Hollywood line on a quarterback sneak. Guard Carl Brush is leading the interference. . -ff ..., :Yu -X . .rv-nfs-.-3? T' , ' W5 DETERMINED TO WIN the Western League championship, Venice l-ligh's mighty football eleven started off on the right foot by whitewashing Uni- versity in the league opener 20-O. The game, played at Clark Field on October l7, was Venice all the way, with Bob Bates the individual star. After a listless first quarter, the Gondoliers be- gan clicking. Early in the second quarter Kenning flipped a 20 yard pass to Big Tolman, who lateraled to Ed Stepner. Stepner went to the l8 and in three downs the Gondoliers were across the goal, with Bates going over from the 6 yard marker. Venice 20 Hollywood 0 MIXING PASSING AND RUNNING to perfec- tion, the mighty machine from the beach city rolled to its second successive league win, this time over the Hollywood Sheiks 20 to O in a game played Oc- tober 31 at Venice. The Redshirts were outclassed all the way because of the brilliant work of the Venice boys. First Venice score came when Capt. Kovinick blasted over from the three-yard line in the first Venice 20 Unihi O Then in the third quarter came the play that ruined Unihi. From deep in his own territory Bates booted a magnificent kick that traveled 77 yards to the Warrior 22. Lee Rosier intercepted a Unihi pass on the next play and two plays later, Bates plunged over for the score. Not satisfied with two touchdowns, Venice collected a third in the final quarter. Bates plunged through the line and when about to be tackled, lateraled to Kenning, who went over for the score. Everyone on the team looked good, playing a bang-up game. .M n H13 racks. quarter. This was followed by another score in the second quarter, Kenning passing to Tolman for the points, Not satisfied with two touchdowns, Venice put "Automatic lack" Kenning into the game in the third quarter and bang, another touchdown, this this time from Kenning to Stepner. All the blue and white men looked mighty good, while McClellan, Peyton, and Nigro played bang-up game for l-lollyhi. Stepner, Venice's glue-fingered end, Iaterals the ball to Ernie Tolman, as two Unihi Warriors attempt to bring h rn down Venice 33, Dorsey O Gondolier Jack Kenning skirts to pay dirt again SCORINC IN EVERY QUARTER, the Condolier powerhouse rolled to an easy 33-O victory over Dor- sey High November 7 at Rancho La Cienega Play- ground. This was the greatest number of points Venetians scored in any single game. First touchdown came as a result of a pass from Capt. Kovinick to Tolman, This was followed in the second quarter by a brilliant run of 45 yards on the part of lim Nickell for the second score. In the third quarter Venice scored twice and in the fourth period once. These touchdowns came as the re- sults ofa pass from Nickell to Kenning, a pass from Kovinick to Kenning, and a long run on an inter- cepted pass by Lee Rosier, center. WITH THE WESTERN LEAGUE CROWN at stake, Venice literally blasted Hamilton off the field to the tune of Zl to 6. The game was played 93 Venice 2 I, Hamilton 6 way, Bob Bates goes for yardage against Hamilton. at Clark Field on November I4 and Venetians proved themselves true champions by coming through in the "clutch" Venice's first score came in the second quarter when Lescoulie passed to Stepner, who lateralled to Tolman who in turn galloped 25 yards for a touchdown, In the same quarter Rosier recovered a blocked try for safety and scored two points. Lescoulie in the third quarter plunged over the 4 yard line for another touchdown. Hamilton's only score-in fact the only score against Venice in league competition-came in the same period when Winship, Yank halfback, skirted left end and got away for 74 yards and a touchdown. Final score was the result of a 61 yard sustained drive, with Kenning plunging over right tackle from the 3 for the touchdown. sf Dorsey, after rsceiving a pass from Captain Kovinick Tolman is getting set fo block out the remaining Don With Lescoulie 112' and Kenning 1221 leading the THE FACT THAT THEY had already captured the championship proved no obstacle to the Con- doliers as they took Fairfax into camp on Van Cleve Field November l9. Venetians rolled up a score of 29 to O to swamp the Colonials. Coming to life after a first-quarter relapse, the Condoliers scored a touchdown in the first three plays of the second stanza, the tally coming as the result of a beautiful end run by jimmy Nickell, who galloped ZO yards through the Colonial eleven. Nickell then cooly kicked the extra point. In the third quarter, the Condoliers took advan- tage of a bad kick by Lloyd Miller and took over on the Colonial 36 yard line. "Foch" Lescoulie fired a pass to Ed Stepner, who lateralled to Ernie Tolman for the score. Gur Pilot Attaining a long-sought goal, Coach Cray- son Turney led the Venice footballers to their first Western League championship, The ac- complishment was due no end to the excellent coaching of genial Mr. Turney. During his college days, Turney performed brilliantly at U.C,L.A. where he was a two-year letterman in varsity football and the teams high scorer. ln varsity baseball Turney also distinguished himself. He captained the team one season and was a three-year letterman. .Q ws Venice 29, Fairfax 0 With two Fairfax Colonials hanging onto him, Tol- man, Gondolier end, snags a lateral from Ed Ste-pner, who is just out of the picture. Mandemaker 1353, Kenning I22l, and Constant 133i can also be seen in the photo. -L.A, Times Photo Determined to equal Franklin High School's league scoring record, the Venice boys staged a ter- rific scoring splurge in the fourth quarter, bringing across two touchdowns and a safety. First of these scores came as a result of a twenty-yard pass from "lock" Kenning to Ernie Tolman. Shortly after, Venetians drove to the Colonial five, from where they proceeded to tally on their well-known lateral pass play. It started with Harding reversing to Les- coulie, who lateralled and then passed to Kenning for the touchdown. Williams successfully convert- ed. The safety came as a result of a blocked kick by Akoury to Cazin. The running and passing of jimmy Nickell and lack Kenning, the kicking of Bob Bates. and the de- fensive work of Phil Kovinick, Carl Brush, and Dan Hile proved instrumental in Venice's victory, X W ea Goncloliers A. While 70,000 football fans look on, Kenning blasts his way for five yards against Bell ln the L.A. Coli- seum atter being stopped momentarily behind the line. Gondoliers in Coliseum Classic VENICE AC-AIN RECEIVED the honor of being invited to play in the L. A. Memorial Coliseum at the P.-T.A. Football Carnival, November 28, since the Condoliers had taken the Western League championship. Their opponents were the formida- ble Bell Eagles of the Eastern League. After a tough start due to the bad showing of Unihi which put Venice in the hole and paved the way for a Bell touchdown, Venice and Bell played on even terms, each tallying once. The C-ondoliers scored because of the terrific running of Kenning and Nickell, while the Eagles were paced to their second touchdown by Leo Riggs, this time on a long pass from Riggs to Brooks, Bell end. Venice represented the North in this fracas and Bell the South. When all the battling was over in the six periods, the score stood at I9 all. SUMMARY NORTH SOUTH San Fernando ..... O San Pedro . . . . . O Polytechnic .. . 6 Garfield . . . . . O Canoga Park . . O Narbonne . . . . . O University . . . . O Washington . . . . 6 Venice.. . 6 Bell .. . .I3 Franklin ... .. 7 Roosevelt .. . O I9 I9 Q , 'Z,y'fi"f",f, Doing-Miller, elusive Unihi back, is just about to be tackled by Brush llll, Lescoulie l40l, and Tolma l.l9l of Venice . . . Nickell is stopped by McClellan IIZI and Nigro l68l ot Hollywood after making :yi yards . . . Eluding a swarm of Unihi tacklers, Nickell goes for plenty ot yardage on the return of a IC . Bee Football HANDICAPPED BY lack of experienced men, SUMMARY Coach john Bell's Bee football team completed the season by winning one game, tying one, and losing five. On October 2 the Condo-Babes traveled to Santa Monica only to wind up on the short end of a 6 to O score. Playing their hearts out, the Venice boys next went down before a superior San Pedro eleven by the score ot 34 to 6. Poor pass defense cost the Bee's their first league encounter, with the University Warriors, by a score of l2 to 7. Winning their only game ot the season, the Crondo-Babes routed the highly touted Fairfax squad to the tune ot l2 to O. lnvading Snyder Field, the Condoliers tangled with the Hollywood Redshirts for a O to O score. Coach l3ell's boys lost to Dorsey and Hamilton by similar scores of 7 to O. . , ,A , E ffm I N . N, , ff ' f .,'- .1 . 4 ' ,L " "' 5 Q 7 'WM fi ,KW iff' 2 ' ' 'T' f Witg- Oct. Z Oct, 9 Oct. l6 Oct. 23 Oct. 3O Nov. 6 Nov. lO Total.. , nf M . . - . . . rift 4 -g,,,,Ns'.. an 'KS . . rr . , E Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice D Q atQf'l Crowell, Jordan, Okamoto, Blngham, Widney, I ROW lf Smith, Anderson, Yumorr, Aiisaka, Ball, Adair, Yamamoto, Van Houten, Quintero, Le Gault, SPCVVCCY M I Rob f Ok t Kt Mddlbooks Spencer, Wilson, Duff, Crowell, Cloud, Doyle, Jordan, High, Kappes, ROW lV' Coach Bell, Henderson, Lundin, Lockwood, Gearing, Kioolien, Eaeon, Smith, Williams, Oba, Bostwick, Wcirner, ROW V' Wink, Stevens, Yamamoto, Garrison, Benson, Uiiiye, ROW ll: on on, er s, amo o, a o, i e r , Black, Barro, ROW III: Lett lMgr J, Welling, Johnson, Haas, Wehrfrltz, Leake, John, Nelson, Mayeda, Lahrenza. Q6 Santa Monica 6 San Pedro 34 University l2 Fairfax O Hollywood O Dorsey 7 Hamilton 7 Opponents 66 Lightweight Lineup BEE FOOTBALL iFirsf Sfringil I LINE: Bill Ball, Harvey Adair, Riyoso Yamamoto, Bud Widney, Ralph LevGault, Glen Van Houten, Bill Spencer, BACKFIELD: Tommy Aiisaka, Osamu Yumori, Johnny Smith, Gil Anderson, ' BEE FOOTBALL iSecond Sfringi I LINE: Don Crowell, Kile Jordan, Toru Okamoto, Alfred Quintero, Perry Black, Ray Doyle, John Barroj BACKFIELD: Akira Kato, Ivan Middlebrooks, Okey Okarnoto, Merrill Roberts. OUTSTANDING BEE PLAYERS were johnny Smith, left halt, Osamu Yumori, fullback, Van l-louten, right tackle, S. Okamoto, haltbackg john Barro, end, Cordy Pierri, blocking backg Kile jordan, tackle, Bill Spencer, end, Ralph LeCault, guard, Bud Widney, center, Alfred Quintero, center, and Don Crowell, end. Other letter winners were Adair, Ajisaka, An- derson, Ball, Black, Doyle, Kato, Middlebrooks, T. Okamoto, R. Yamamoto, and Roberts. The team was captained by Ralph LeC-ault and managed by joe Left. 97 Varsity Basketball Bel VARSITY BASKETBALL I ROW I: James Burnight IMgr.i, John Cannon, Arcadio Almeida, Jim Pfeiffer, Charles An- derson, Bill Machado, Coach McFarland, ROW ll: Philip Noell, Lee Wexler, Dick Cowlishaw, Sid Campbell, Ray Perkins, Bob Hetman. ALTHOUGH THEY WON but three out of ten league games, Coach Ben McFarIand's varsity bas- ketball team had the most successful season in four years. The team put up a good fight, losing their seven games by only a few points less than their op- ponents. The boys scored 286 points to their op- ponents' 332 to finish in fourth spot in a three-way tie. Outstanding players were jim Pfeiffer, who was named All-City second-string guard and AII-WeSt- ern first-string guard, and john Cannon, who was named All-Western second-string forward. The first string consisted of jim Pfeiffer, Bill Machado. or Charles Anderson as guardsg john Cannon and Arcadio Almeida, forwardsg Dick Cowlishaw, cen- ter. The squad was captained by Pfeiffer and man- aged by james Burnight. VARSITY SUMMARY Dec 2 Venice 27 University Dec. 5 Venice 33 Fairfax Dec 9 .Venice 33 Hollywood Dec I2 Venice 2I Dorsey Dec, I6 Venice I7 Hamilton Dec I9 .Venice 20 University jan. 9 Venice 38 Fairfax jan. I3 Venice 38 Hollywood jan. I6 Venice 33 Dorsey jan, 20 Venice 26 Hamilton Total. . , . . . Venice 286 Opponents 332 LEFT TO RIGHT Almeida, Cannon, Machado, Eowlishaw, Campbell, Ptcillnr A d Lunch , I1 CYSOIW I CENTER . . 1 Basketball Honors FOR THE FIRST TIME in many years, Venice placed a man on an All-City basketball team and two on the All-Western squad. The boys who re- ceived this honor were Captain jim Pfeiffer, guard, and john Cannon, forward. Pfeiffer easily main- tained himself as the mainspring of the C-ondolier attack and as one of the finest players in Venice basketball history, scoring 76 points at his guard position. While Cannon was not so colorful, he proved himself one of the best defensive men seen at Venice in many years. Pfeiffer made second string All-City and first string All-Western, while Cannon received second team All-Western League honors. Bee Basketball l I .f 01 . v.r, CAPT, JIM PFEIFFER 3 .ZW V X gf 4 . :F lt H NS N :tg st N X X A ' X . 5 'ZF JOHN CANNON THE C-ONDOLIER BEE'S finished their basketball season with two wins and eight defeats. However, like the varsity, the Condo-Babes put up a stiff fight, losing most of their games by only a few points. The second games with Hollywood and University proved heart-breakers when Venice dropped both contests by a mere two points. Boys who saw the most action on the team were johnny Marquez and Don Cray, forwards: Bob Neece, playing at the forward and center positionsg Bob Brown, playing at the forward, center, and guard positions: Robert Duron, centerg and Anthony Taravella and john Trussell, guards. Players who showed the most improvement were Trussell and Taravella. The team was coached by Mr. M. Cameron jones, printshop teacher, captained by johnny Marquez, and managed by Harrison Betts. V ' J of Viii at I ROW l: Harrison Betts lMgr.l, Bob Brown, Don Gray, Capt, John Marquez, Melvin Naftal, Robert Duron, Paul Sullivan, ROW ll: Richard James, Anthony Taravella, Frank Estrada, Bob Betts, Coach Jones, Bob Neece, John Trussell, Earle Hoffman, 99 Dec. 2 Dec. 5 Dec. 9 Dec. l2 Dec. l6 Dec. l9 jan, 9 jan. l3 jan. l6 jan. 20 Total SUMMARY Venice 22 University . .24 Venice 29 Fairfax . . . 23 Venice 26 Hollywood . .28 Venice l l Dorsey ..... l-4 Venice l3 Hamilton . .. 7 Venice 8 University . .l7 Venice l3 Fairfax . .. .Zl Venice l4 Hollywood . .28 Venice l 2 Dorsey ..... 25 Venice lZ Hamilton .. 26 Venice l6O Opponents. .213 Q v s fag N Varsity Baseball 'VN 5- "Ls I ROW I: Perry Miyake, Richard Rexer, Robert Kirkelie, James Nickell, Dean Carl- L R' ROWIIEdd'Gh IMlLl'L BbH R H son, ee osier, 3 ie a an gr. , es ie ogan, o etman, ay or- ton, John Marquez, Bruce Williams, Coach Turneyp ROW lllg Don Desfor 'bat boyl, Dick Gearing, Dan Hile, Robert Duron, Anthony Taravella, Harvey Kramer. FINISHING IN FIFTH PLACE, the Condolier baseball nine experienced a disastrous season. This year's team was composed of five returning letter- men, four men from the Bee's, and three from last year's reserve varsity. ln Dan I-lile and Lee Rosier, Coach Turney had two of the finest pitcher-out- fielders in the Western League. HiIe's injury in one of the first practice games, however, was extreme- ly costly. Lack of hitting with men on base was the cause of defeat in many instances. Defensively speaking, Coach Grayson Turney's nine was one of the best in the League, but offensively they were relatively weak. ln ten games Venice made thirty-five runs, which was good enough to give them only three of the ten games. LEE ROSIER WALKED OFF with practically all the honors for the Venice boys. He was placed on the first string All-City nine as an outfielder, was named first string All-Western outfielder, and led the team in batting. Rosier's enviable average of .379 netted him these honors. IIMIVIY NICKELL was named the teams most valuable man. Third in batting, Nickell's all-around versatility in every department earned him this se- lection. Ray I-Iorton received the honor of being chosen as first string All-Western third baseman. Ray batted a healthy ,344 to deserve this selection, "U'd" Kirkelie was elected captain of the nine be- cause of his steady, cool playing under pressure. A-gli 1675 w lxiqfi-llw C5 :QEHICF IWXI l vujglg' ef v-Y ROBERT KIRKELIE RICHARD RFXLR LESLIE LOGAN DEAN CARLSON JAMES NICKELL Catcher Sr-fnnil lI.1-.i- Ririlil Fiolil First Base Shorfstop ltlil X ' o , rf' N i lv r .X ff- sx -, gig A X' .gg X fff Piss sf -r sp ii- V .-'I ,N A M L V . X s .sw,:..s s A g , eb .Shiv A . "P" ,fr - .' A 5. , is 'i...,,, X, s. . if 5 Sf , :A .459 .V X gexxiagf ., i K. 1 .s . - ,R 'ag-f M s- - '-Nr, inks:-',' ft- ,"', - st 'Wi 'N " . i ,Z .si fimw-AQP, .Ps x-'45, , L as. x .t - ,rl -. . we . ' . J v .h ' H ar., get? - .sqm N Q fl In , V H h 1' ' '- ,- f it ' , X JOHNNY MARQUEZ winds up to let a fast one blaz t e o the platter. TWO NEWCOMERS up from the Bee's performed ably this season. They were Les- lie Logan and johnny Marquez. Logan alter- nated in the outfield and at first base and batted a respectful .304 although not play- ing in all games. Marquez did some fine relief and starting-role pitching. Bob Het- man, another Bee newcomer, pitched some good ball as a starting and relief pitcher. Another former Bee who earned his letter was Bruce Williams, who played outfield. The first string line-up was composed usually of Nickell, shortstop, Carlson, first BIG LEE ROS!ER powerhouses one out of the ball park. baseg Logan, center fieldg Miyake, left fieldg Williams, right field. LEA Venice ...... Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice CU 2 4 8 3 3 O Z 4 6 3 ES UMMARY Dorsey .. Fairfax . . Hamilton Hollywood .. . University Dorsey .. Fairfax . Hamilton Hollywood University l. 'i cp sf baseg Rosier, pitcher or outfield, Kirkelie, catcher, Horton, third base, Rexer, second 551.1105 Venice LEE ROSIER RAY HORTON I I Chosen first string All City outfield- Ray placed Ori the first String All er, first string All Western outfield- Western team as third baseman. er, Lee led the team in batting with He had the second highest batting .379 average. average of 344. lOl 35 Opponents .... 44 PERRY MIYAKE Center Field BRUCE WILLIAMS Left Field BOB HETMAN Pitcher UUU6' N g ROW I: Jimmy Perry, Don Batchelor, Garth Carter, Stephen Suits, Marvin Cohen, Paul Sul- livan, Bill Spencer, ROW ll: Lorin Bingham lMgr.l, Don Carlucci, Dick Fullerton, Mike La Firenza, Richard James, Al Fournier, Otto Christian, ROW lll: Howard Garrison, Frank Clark, Bill Nelson, Sidney Campbell, Frank Estrada, Emmett Wilson, Min Kosaka, Marvin Rubin lMgrl, VENlCE'S BEE BASEBALL NINE, due mainly to lack of experience, ended the season in fifth place in league standings, with only one win out of five league contests. Although the first two league games were wild-scoring affairs for the opponents, Venetians showed improvement, losing the next two games by only one run each and winning the final match by a decisive score. Early in the season the Bee's received trouncings at the hands of lnglewood and Dorsey. Los Angeles and Banning then met and defeated the light- weights, each winning by one run. However, the Bee's came back in their last league game to swamp the Fremont Pathfinders and end their season with a victory. The regular starting line-up consisted of the fol- lowing: Paul Sullivan, second base: Capt. Dick Ful- lerton, catcherg Frank Estrade, left fieldg Bill Spen- cer, shortstopg Sid Campbell, first base: Howard Garrison, third case: Emmet Wilson, center field: Don Carlucci, right fieldg Min Kosaka and Lowell Ter Borch, pitchers. Ninth and Tenth Grade Baseball SUMMARY February 26 ...... Venice 2 lnglewood 9 March 5. . . . . .Venice 9 Dorsey l5 March l2. . . . . .Venice 2 Los Angeles 3 March l9. .. ...Venice -l Banning 5 lvlarch 26. . . . . .Venice ll Fremont 6 Total. . . . .Venice ZS Opponents 35 Student Coaches Mark Kovinick and Jack Kenning plan 3 little strategy with their star Bee hurler, "Mln" Kos,-,kal .nw .W xg. ' 54 Nickell clears the pole vault bar with ease ,... Williams puts the shot in practice for track and field season,. . .Sheriff skims over the high hurdles. WITH ONLY ONE returning letterman, the Clon- dolier varsity spikemen found themselves short of experienced men this season. This, and an over- whelming amount of competition, spelled their doom in their practice tilt and first two league en- counters. On April I7 Coach Charles Creen's blue and white spikesters invaded Travis Field at Banning High School for a much needed practice meet after being inactive during the wet spell. The Wilming- ton horde swarmed over Venice 64-45 and walked off with eight firsts, including the relay. Top Con- dolier performances were turned in by Burt Sheriff who skimmed over the high hurdles for first place, and was runner-up in the lows. Co-Captain Way- man Darby garnered a first in the lows and a sec- ond in the century. Other firsts taken by Venice were jim Nickell's win in the pole-vault and Cal Porter's winning leap in the high jump. Other point earners were Ivan Middlebrook, jack Simonson, Harold C-iovanazzi, Dick Williams, and Co-Captain lim Pfeiffer. APRIL 24 VENICE went to Rancho La Cienega Playground to meet a record-breaking Dorsey aggre- gation. The Venetians were favored, but the sup- posedly underdog Dorsey outfit handed the Condo- liers a rude upset. Copping nine firsts and breaking three records, they plastered Venice 79 to 29. Burt Sheriff clipped two-tenths off the I2O high hurdle record as he turned in a time of I5.7 seconds. Point earners were Nickell, Okomoto, Middlebrook, Darby, lerke, Porter, and Brunner. The C-ondoliers met Hamilton May I at the Yan- kee oval and were handed a 60 V2 to 43V2 defeat. Hamihi captured eight firsts to Venice's three. jake Mitchell sailed home victorious in the 220, Sheriff took a first in the high hurdles, Dick Williams won the shot, and the relay team won for the Condo- lier firsts. Darby, Ciovanazzi, Simonson, Sheriff, Brunner, and Black took second, while Nickell, Por- ter, jerke, and Darby nabbed thirds. Results of lat- er meets and of the finals cannot be given since the Condolier had already gone to press. . MT' , - Varsity Track - ROW l: Cal Porter, Ray Nicholson, Dick Gearing, Jack Gerstel, Jack Slmenson, Bob Owen, Dick Williams, Tony Sanchez, Carl Brush, ROW ll: Dave Monlon, Jacob Mitchell, Wayrnan Darby, Ivan Middlebrooks, Burt Sherriff, Buddy Goldy, James Nickell, ROW Ill: Robin McClinton, Ronald Ben- nett, Earl Dugan, Don Crowell, John Barro, Perry Black, John Weier lMgr.lg ROW IV: Harold gerke, Jim Pfeiffer, Ray Horton, Harold Giovanazzi, William Hine, Floyd Burns, Lee Wexler, W. O. fUTlT19l'. 103 ........,i ..-...., I '-I f M' S- I ...---1 ...- 5 B XS' B Vries X' at ia B Q a U j 33 s Bee and Cee Track PROSPECTS for Bee tracksters did not look too bright at the time the Condolier went to press, the boys having been badly trounced by both Hamilton and Dorsey in their first two league meets. ln a previous practice meet with Banning, however, the Bee's whipped the Pilots by a decisive score. Top scorer for the Bee's was Captain Tommy Duff, who could be counted on as a dependable point earner in the l00 yard dash, the 70 yard high hurdles, and the high jump. Close behind him were Bud Widney and Ciilbert Anderson, shot-put: Chris Marcus, 660 yard run, Anthony Taravella and Cieorge Henderson, l20 yard low hurdles: Bill Easom, broad jump, and Alfie Quintero, pole vault. The Bee four-man 660 yard relay team fared bad- ly at the beginning of the season, losing both to Dorsey and Hamilton. The boys ran in the follow- ing order: Tommy Duff, first ll0 yards: Cieorge Henderson, ll0 yards, "Red" Taravella, 220 yards, and anchorman Chris Marcus, 220 yards. Carlo Sparti and Kenny Burch substituted when one of the regulars was absent. " x 'Tig r- A' wi f,-, ,i , 1 . . '7f"',ii,,"..-.V 4 .Ari .,.kALt7Ww x fl -- Q- 1 fi I 1 1-,.,..... I ROW I' Don Miller, Joe Welling, Rodney Lundin, Jack Crowell, George Henderson, Tommy Duff, Anthony Tara- yella, Don Gray, Roosevelt Wilson, ROW ll: Bud Widney, Gilbert Anderson, Army Lockwood, Chris Marcus, Ronald Johnson, Joe Marquez. Don Boharquez, Fred Reed, George Meeks- ROW lil. Jack Wells. Harlan Tingler, Alex Wehr- fritz, Howard Dey, Don Rice, Clifford Hillerby, Bill Easom, Robert Riordan' ROW IV: Ralph Roach, Alfred Quintero, Johnny Reynolds, Charles Gacsi, Bud Spencer, Jim Couden, Roy Welker. ALTHOUGH THEY LOST their first two league meets, the Venice Cee spikesters showed promise of developing into a fairly powerful track squad. ln both meets they put up a better showing than eith- er of the other two Venice squads, and the scores of these meets showed that the midgets were defin- itely improving at the time the Condolier went to press. Rodney Lundin and Don Boharques were the top men for the Cee's. Lundin participated in the high jump, in which his best record was 5 ft. l0, and in the shot put, while Boharques ran the fifty yard dash, the broad jump, and took part in the relays. Other point earners for the Cee's were "Army" Lockwood, l00 yard dash: loe Marquez, hurdles and Harlan Tingler, pole vault. Unlike the Bee'S, the midget four-man 440 yard relay squad won one of its two races, edging out Hamilton in close com- petition. The relay team was composed of Don Boharquez, loe Marquez, Rodney Lundin, and an- chorman "Army" Lockwood. Tommy Duff shows good form while high jumping .... Al Quin- tero pole vaults to new heights. Ace tumbler, Robinson, does a hand stand .... .lordan per- forms inverted iron cross on rings .... Jordan does difficult iron cross with ease. Jordan and Robinson were the two outstanding men on Coa-ch Hughes' 1942 gym team. Jordan was All-Western and All-City man in the rings, while Robinson was high point man ot Western League and chosen All-Western on the horizontal bar. Gym Team THIS YEAR'S gym team proved the best one Venice has ever known. ln league meets, Coach "Applejack" Hughes' boys lost only one contest- to Fairfax -and that by only eleven points. They won all of their practice meets except the one with San Fernando, which they dropped by the slim margin of l U3 points. ln all their meets, the total number of points scored by the C-ondoliers was 594 5X6 to their op- ponents' 379 l!6. Venice's high point man was johnny Rob- inson who amassed a total of SSVZ points in league meets alone. ln the Western League finals held April 8 at Fairfax, Ven- ice placed second with a total of 32 points. Fairfax came in first with 46V2. Point earners for Venice were johnny Robin- son, who took a first on the horizontal bar, a third on the long horse, and fourth in the free exercises, Kile jordan, who took a first on the rings by executing several superb "iron crosses" which put him far above other contestants in this event. Ray Doyle took second in tumbling, jack Park, second on parallel bar, Verne O'Connor, fourth on parallel bar and on rings, Bill Pritchard, fourth in tumbling, Bill Gabe, fourth on side horse, Irving Rosen, fourth on parallel bar, Tuesday, April Zi, Kile jordan became the only Venice gym- nast ever to take a first place in the All-City finals, this year held at Fremont. Kile, the only Venice entrant to survive the preliminaries, took first in his specialty, the rings. SUMMARY OF LEAGUE MEETS February 26 ...,.... Venice. . 84 Dorsey . . . .Sl March 4 .... . . .Venice. , lOl V2 Hollywood . .IBV2 March l l . . . . ,Venice . 67 Hamilton . 53 March l8.. ...Venice , 54 Fairfax .. H65 March 25 .......... Venice . . 66 University . .54 WESTERN LEAGUE FINALS: Hamilton, l9V2g Dorsey, ll, Hollywood, 6, University, 5. Fairfax 46V23 Venice, 325 4,1 ' " Wx Zi Us IB qtil-'lift F.. NIQQQY JW? I ROW I: Johnnie Robinson, Jack Simms, Le Vern Jordan, Bill Pritchard, Bob Teubner, Ray Doyle, Kile Jordan, Paul l-loft, ROW ll: John Lewis, Irving Nelson, Don Caulk, Bob Bohannon, Vern O'Connor, Jack Parke, Alfred Quintero, Newell Phelps, Coach Hughes. lO5 FOUR RETURNINC LETTERMEN and a host of JOHN CANNON inexperienced aspirants were all that greeted Coach Ben McFarland as the nucleus of a tennis team for l942. john Cannon, four-year letterman, was the racketmen's main hope and first man. The other three were Bob Stone, Victor Liotta, and Frank Russ. After many weeks of battling for good posi- tions on the tennis ladder, the following team was named to start the league season: Cannon, first sin- gles, Stone, second singlesg Liotta, third singles, Russ, fourth singles, Lyle, fifth singlesg Sullivan and Lavering, first doubles, Bartfield and joseph, second doubles. Starting the practice season in fine fashion, Ven- ice swamped Santa Monica 6-l and Redondo 6-l. They then succumbed to a powerful Fremont team 5 to 2, Cannon and Liotta being the only victors for gi Tennis . ROW I: Jim Edwards, Peter Joseph, Lorin Long, Clyde Corcoran, Tom Wand, ROW ll: Frank Russ, Irwin Bartfield, Paul Joseph. Jack Sullivan, Victor Liotta, Ed Stepner, John Cannon, George Lyle, Bob Stebbins, Vern Juenkeg ROW Ill: Robert Lavering, Otto Brooks, Frank Schneider, Coach Ben McFarland, Howard Lewis, Dick Bingham, Don Lierow, Harold Willis, Jack Goodman. Venice. Washington, rated one of the top teams in the city, bested the Gondoliers 6-l. This gave Ven- ice an even break in practice matches. UNH-ll, FIRST LEAGUE OPPONENT, surprised everyone by taking Venice easily, 5 matches to 2, all of the Venice men playing far below par except the doubles teams. Fairfax made it two losses in a row when, led by the Falkenburgs, they defeated Venice 6-l. john Cannon, though defeated, showed up well against Bob Falkenburg, junior national champion. Apparently destined to have a losing year, the Gondoliers lost a heart-breaker to l-lolly- wood 4-3. Cannon again looked good, winning his match with brilliant form, Since the Gondolier went to press before the matches with I-lamilton and Dorsey. results and final standings cannot be recorded here. BOB STONE VICTOR LIOTTA FRANK RUSS 1 fha A -. 'E 'E -, 'x V1 'I ..'l'. C4 b . I U s .W ,..,,,,,t '1f1"i3gfl,,. 1 rf..-fr .. 'ftztql-4+ no V'-Y-vffvy ""'Y:iq .,.l,..,,, ,...., ,- five-+I!! , ",1,..b 2- Y 9 . YQ , ,Q 'or-,Iwo 0 , , my ,J :,i....L,I' it ",""ffX' I ' U -5 i iii- . .. .. H .i ...A .-.,-,I,St l O6 Varsity " " . ROW I: Cannon, Anderson, Jordan, Mandemaker, Robinson, Yamamoto, Small, Nickell, Brush Williams, Yumori, ROW ll: Rosier, Adams, Porter, Kato, Phillips, Kert, Hile, Constant, Cowli- shaw, Pteitter, Dennis, Kenningg ROW Ill: Coach Turney, Moore, Liotta, Dittmar, Brady, Kidd Simonson, Tolman, Kovinick, Shiota, Stepner, ROW IV: Gabe, Russ, Utsuki, O'Connor, Parke Bates, Lescoulie, Doyle, Rosen, Pena, Okamoto. THE VARSITY "V" is a society ot some titty boys who have earned varsity letters. The organ- ization is sponsored by Grayson Turney, varsity football and baseball coach. The lettermen's many activities are to guard fences and gates during games, to otticiate at athletic contests, stage a clean-up campaign on the campus, and sponsor the semi-annual Lads' and Dads' Banquet. Howard Small served as president during the tall semester. l-le was assisted by George Miyake, vice- president: and Charles Anderson, secretary. ln the spring Bob Mandemaker took over the presidency, assisted by Bill Gabe, vice-president: Bob Kidd, sec- retary: and jim Pteitter, sergeant-at-arms. ,, act' 102605. W Mus ONE OF Tl-IE NEWEST organizations on the campus, the Venice Managers' Club, under the lead- ership of jim Akoury and the sponsorship of Coach john Bell, looks after the welfare of all sports. President Akoury appointed boys to manage the following sports: varsity and Bee baseball, Eddie Gahan lchietl, Don Destor, Loren Bingham, IVlar- vin Rubin, Tom Wand, tennis, Harold Willis: tumbling, john Lewis, Irving Nelson, and Bob Schmidt, track, Bob Kidd lchietl, john Weir lvar- sityl, Ronny Swan lBeeI, jack Wells lCeeI. The gym ottice force included jim Bussey, Wilbur D'Arcy, Walter Evans, Richard johnson, Wade lVlcVay, Warren Lavender, George Luckhaupt, and Ralph Reese. Managers ,, - ' awe cl-U9 QLJB Quota 4 CLUB CLUB I ROW l: Don Destor, Jack Wells, Bob Schmidt, Richard Johnson, John Weier, Frank Dawes, Marvin Rubin, ROW ll! Ralph Reese, Jim Bussey, Harold Willis, Wilbur D'Arcy, George Luckf haupt, Irving Nelson, ROW Ill: Coach Bell, Jim Akoury, Eddie Gahan. IO7 Black, Dick Willi Swimming U Left to right: Ed Stepner, Calvin Porter ams, Carl Brush. LeHermen VARSITY FOOTBALL Jack Adams Bob Bates 131131 Carl Brush Seymore Cohen Jim Constant 151171 Mike Ellis Eddie Gahan imgr.I Harold Gazin John Harding Dan Hile Ray Horton Jack Kenning 131131 Phil Kovinick lCapt.i 11 Frank LescOulie131131 Bob Mandemaker 131131 James Nickell 131111 r Lee Rosier :Fifi Ed Stepner Ernie Tolman1i113113 Dick Williams BEE FOOTBALL Harvey Adair Tommy Aiisaka Gilbert Anderson Bill Ball John Barro Perry Black Don Crowell Raymond Doyle Akira Kato Kile Jordan Ralph LeGault lCapt.' lvan Middlebrooks Satoru Okamoto Toru Okamoto Gordon Pieri Alfred Quintero Merrill Roberts John Smith 111131 Bill Spencer Glenn Van Houten Bud Widney Riyoso Yamamoto Osamu Yumori VARSITY BASKETBALL Arcadio Almeida Charles Anderson Sidney Campbell John Cannon 151111 Richard Cowlishaw 1'11'1 Bill Machado Philip Noell Coaches - Head Coach Charles Green mentors the track teams Grayson Turney produced a championship football squad He also direct- ed Varsity baseball and sponsors the Varsity "V" John Bell coached Bee football and directs the Managers' Club, Jack Hughes produced one of the best gym teams in the history oi the school. Basketball and tennis teams are coached by Ben McFarland James Pfeiffer 1Capt.I 1111 Lee Wexler James Burnight lmgrm BEE BASKETBALL Harrison Betts imgrm Bob Brown Robert Duron Don Gray Johnnie Marquez Melvin Naftal1311'1 Bob Neece Anthony Taravella I Capt, l VARSITY BASEBALL Dean Carlson Bob, L-letU1a51 Dan Hile151171 Ray Horton 1i1131131 Robert Kirkelie iCapt.+ 11 Leslie Logan Johnnie Marquez Perry Miyake James Nickell 131131 Richard Rexer Lee Rosier1i1131 Bruce Williams Eddie Gahan lmgr.I 9TH AND IOTH GRADE BASEBALL Syd Campbell Don Carlucci Frank Estrada Dick Fullerton 'Capt' Howard Garrison Min Kosaka Bill Spencer Paul Sullivan Lowell Ter Borch Emmett Wilson Mark Kovinick fmgr i VARSITY TRACK Wayman Darby James Nickell Cal Porter Burt Sheriff Jack Slmonson 1--1 BEE TRACK Gilbert Anderson Tommy Duff Chris Marcus I Alfie Quintero Anthony Taravella Bud Wldney CEE TRACK Don Boharques Armond Lockwood Rodney Lundin Joe Reyes Harland Tingler GYM TEAM Bob Bohannon Bob Dittmar1f111 Ray Doyle 131131 Bill Gabe 131131 Stanley Hobbs Paul Hoff Kile Jordan La Verne Jordan Kiyoshi Kato 1311'1 Paul Manley Shigue Nakagiri Nakatoshi Nojirna Vern O'Connor 1'11'1 Gary Okamoto Satoru Okamoto 1311-1 Jack Park 131131131 Bill Pritchard Johnny Robinson 1311' lrving Rosen 151151111 Jack Simms David Stone Bob Teubner Tom Utsuki1311'111 Don Caulk Al Quintero Johnny Lewis imgr, Irving Nelson Imgr TENNIS Irvin Bartfield John Cannon 1311311'1'1 Paul Joseph Robert Lavering Victor Liotta 11131 George Lyle Frank Russ 131131 Bob Stone 11131131 Jack Sullivan Harold Willis imgri YELL LEADERS Max McCoy Keith Conley I. izniwll. in xi.'1"Sl'l'JI:YZ IT And Then There Are The Girls ALLENE GATES 'Lehi MARQUITA DONNELLY tCenterr LUCILE WILDE lRighU w f f, I . y A 'BL N g. -. E M 3 Z1 wx- ' ,,2,gaw V ' Q 7 'A YV, f M-wif, fi . A IWC V '1',, V ,jk , fH,b4 -'J' h 5 W A 4:1-e fx, Mami- W .... , . 1 415 Q - Left to right: Mrs. Effie Morri Alle e Rowan Mrs. Mary Pierson. G. A. A. Board Tl-lE Ci.A.A. BOARD is the executive council ot the Girls' Athletic Association. During the tall semester energetic Wilma Brodsky served as presi- dent. Assisting her were Margaret Mellen, vice- presidentg Kay Bonner, recording secretaryg Sue Davis, corresponding secretaryg Dorothy Mclntire, historian, Ellen Ware, head yell leader: Peggy Hub- ley, Lettergirls' president, Beverly Biggs, head of volleyball, and Billie Davis, head ot hockey. Miss Carolyn Mitchill is adviser. I SEATED Margaret Mellen, Wilma Brodsky Kay Bonner, Dor- othy Mclntire Billie Davis' KNEELING Beverly Biggs Sue Davis Peggy l-iubley STAtxlDlNG Ellen Ware, M:ss Mitchill During the spring semester, the C-.A.A. Board was under the leadership of peppy Dorothy Mcln- tire. lts personnel included such capable workers as Sue Davis, vice-presidentg Beverly Biggs, record- ing secretaryg jessica Pettit, corresponding secre- tary, Marilyn Lyons, historian, Lois McClellan, head yell leaclerg lohanna Lowe, head of basketball, and Betty Wilson, head ot baseball, I POW I Sue Davin Emi'-rly Eli-ms ROW II Iphanna Lowe Marilyn Lyurws, Dot Mtlrwtiru, lifwso Pettit RONN III Lo s Mr Clcllan, Betty Wilmtjin Q53-...Q-P son, Miss Carolyn Mitchill, Mrs, Viyian Dingle, Miss Girls' Gym Coaches ENCOURACINC GOOD sportsmanship, develop- ing better health habits, and improving postures are some ot the objectives ot the girls' physical educa- tion department. l-leading the department is Mrs. Vivian Dingle, who also acts as health co-ordinator on the faculty Coordinating Council. Miss Allene Rowan is commanding otticer ot the Venice Ambu- lance Corps. Miss Carolyn Mitchill sponsors the C.A.A, and Mrs. Mary Pierson the Lettergirls. They also teach regular gym classes. At the head ot the nutrition and corrective classes is Mrs. Effie Morrison, who shows girls how to correct postural and other physical detects. -V fav' f 'Y fi? 4,0 i V -s.,.e:...ii i i 1 f 4. G2 9 i. Q ' ' .r V 'l E .. TOPFLIGHTS AND SWASTIKAS I ROW It Connie Langes, Hisako Nagai, Emma Jean Valdez, Sue Davis, Barbara McCoye, Maclelaine Trenouth, Doris McMullen, Vernetta Lowe, Betty Meese, Helen Hopgood, Ruth Tandy, ROW ll: Kathryn Bonner, Lorraine Carey, Lucille Allen, Lois Petersen, Nona Bronner, Gayle Ferguson, Bette Husner, Dorothy Jones,4 Dorothy Marsden, Marilyn Steinberg, Jane Olsen, ROW lll: Lorraine Pressnall, Ruth Clark, Rosemary Talley, June Lewis, Loretta Keller, Virginia Dey, Virginia Fawcett, Virginia Naehr, Colleen Vickers, Helen Roswell, Jean Talbot, Bonnie Harris, ROW IV: Betty Wilson, Mary Doane, Louise Kolb, Alberta Qlkifl, Jessica Pettit, Beverly Biggs, Johanna Lowe, Miss Mitchill, Virginia Wenzlaft, Kathleen Reynolds, Barbara Homrighausen, Jeannette Grandmain, Irene or quis . The Girls' Athletic Association MEMBERSHIP IN THE GAA. is the goal ot every athletic-minded girl at Venice High. The athletic association, which is sponsored by Miss Carolyn Mitchill, is made up ot approximately one hundred senior high girls. In order to quality tor membership, they must pass a skill test and a phy- sical examination. Because ot these rigid require- ments, the group prides itselt on its athletic ability as well as its sportsmanship. DURING THE FALL SEMESTER, Ci.A.A. mem- bers were Ied in songs and cheers by those popular and peppy yell leaders, Ellen Ware, Margaret Mel- len, and Maxine Balfour. Through their splendid spirit ot co-operation and sportsmanship, they aroused a high pitch ot enthusiasm in Venetian- ettes. With Lois McClellan as head yell leader, the spring semester went into tull swing. Assisting her in building up interest were Lois Petersen and Mary Lou Walton. Ware' Maxine Balfour. Mellen, Ellen - Margaret Yell Leaders A WSU? I Marv I-OU WSITOH, Lois McClellan, Lois Petersen. - ,, - , Topnotchers CRADLJATINC CLASS there are a IN EVERY few girls who are outstanding in sportsmanship, leadership, and all-around athletic ability. At Ven- ice High a banquet is staged by the C.A.A. at the end of each term at which girls are chosen for Top ds and given certificates ot honor, Notcher awar Allen, Maxine Bal- t ll semester Patty During the a ' Margaret Mel- r Wilma Brodsky, four, Kay Bonne , " otch" athletes. ll Ware were top n len, and E en ' t until the nine- rds are not given ou 4- Since the awa ' r ' t tanding athletes teenth week, this semesters ou s cannot be listed. unit: I ROW I: Wanda Smith, Dorothy Bird, Helen Kennett, Jackie Rau, Billie Dav s, Esther T Lou Walton, ROW llt Mary Treppa, Janis Hawley, Monell Henry, Norma Chawnell, Mary Eileen Reynolds, Wanda Brown, Wilma Brodsky, ROW Ill: Helene Machado, Batty Dingler, 'ne Balfour, Ellen Ware, Peggy Hubley, Dona Emery, Cloha Howard dabelle Pross, Rose Mary Sheifler, MSS ANS AND OLYMPIADS II Ware Wilma Brodsky, Maxine g Patty Allen, E en , Balfour, Kay Bonner, Margaret Mellen, Athletic Clubs F ITS LARGE membership, the C. BECAUSE O A.A. is divided into tour sections which compete with one another in various sports, such as volley- ball, hockey, basketball, and baseball, in order to receive points toward their athletic letters. The club that receives the most points during the year has the honor ot having its name engraved on an athletic placque. Friendly rivalry is keen among the tour groups, the Olympiads, Toptlights, Tahitians, ' O derived from and Swastikas the Navajo Indian tribel. tthe latter name being x Blake Jean Noyotny, Jean Landreth, Patty Allen, Betty Buck, Virginia Blessing Mary Janet Glad, June Perry, Suzie Sh:ota, Barbara Davis, ri Jeanne Ann Estes, Lois McClellan, Celia Pesman, Babs John, ROW ly. Marguerite Ybarrondo, Merle Grace, Frances Machado, Dorothy Mclntire, Maxi h fer, Lorraine Lindberg, Ver Verret, Rosemary Sc a Margaret Mellen, Virginia Adams. . s .kg xv png-u 'Q T7 A rl i X Club Volleyball OPENlNG SPORT of the fall season for the G.A.A. was volleyball, a favorite of all. A tourna- ment was held among the four clubs, with Mrs. Vivien Dingle coaching. Consistently good playing and accuracy brought victory to the Swastikas, cap- tained by Mary lane Olsen. I SEATED, Ruth Clark, Jane Olsen, Lorraine Carey, KNEELING Rosemary Talley, Betty Wilson, Rosalee Coughenour, Virginia Fawcett. Twosome Volleyball SOMETHING NEW in volleyball - a twosome tournament-was tried this year, and proved both successful and exciting. Teams consisted of two persons each, with fifty teams in all. They compet- ed with one another with the losers dropping out until four teams were left. They were adjudged the winners. Players in the winning "twosomes" in- cluded Bonnie l-larris, june Gretsch, Maxine Bal- four, Patty Allen, Peggy l'lubley, Ellen Ware, Mar- garet Mellen, and Lorraine Carey. I SEATED: Bonnie Harris, June Gretsch, Maxine Balfour, Patty Allen, STANDlNG: Peggy Hubley, Ellen Ware, Mrs. Dingle, Margaret Mellen, Lorraine Larey, Olympiads seem to be winning with Lauretta Middlebrook making a perfect shot into the basket! . . . A home-run has just been made by Dot Mclntire of the Olympiads. f if Venice G. A. A. Rah! Rah! Rah! THE AMBITION of every athletic-minded girl in senior high is to Because all of them cannot belong to this organiza- tion, certain requirements must be fulfilled. Each girl admitted must a physical examination, and must have a recom- mendation from her gym teacher, In addition, she must possess high New G. A. A Hockey ENTHUSIASTIC GAA.-sters welcomed the advent of hockey season. Swinging into action under the coaching of Miss Allene Rowan, the teams played closely-matched games. First place honors went to Captain jean Crace's Olympiads, with the Swastikas second. - SEATED: Virginia Blessing, Betty Buck, KNEELING: Shirley Blake, Helene Machado, Jean Grace, Frances Machado, STAND- ING: Ellen Ware, Peggy Hubley, June Gretsch, Wanda Brown, June Perry, Wilma Brodsky, Barbara Davis, Donna Emery, Patty Allen. Basketball BASKETBALL, one of the most exciting sports of the year, went off with a bang this spring. So evenly matched were the teams coached by Mrs. Mary Pierson that it wasn't until the final game that the winner was named. Captained by Dot Mclntire. the Olym- piads came out on top, with the Topflights in second position. -.i -. ,nfl if I ROW I: Donna Jean Emery, Dot Mclntirej ROVV ll: June Gretsch, Shirley Blake, Shirley Mason. Girls are not formal members of the GAA, until befrome 3 member Of The C-A-A they are initiated. To many, this is the most excit- ing part of becoming a new member. lnitiations oc- , . cur near the end of each semester. Other social have passed an athletic skill test. , A , V activities to which the neophytes look forward are playdays and the semi-annual banquet at which ideals of sportsmanship. awards are given out. I ROW I' Barbara Maxon, Janet King Donna Brown Max Walterhoeter, Gloria Xukcexich, Rachel Oden ROW ll: Edna Connally, Barbara Fair, Jean Arnold, Lauretta Middlebrook, Marion Watson. ,Iune Morgan Helen Mclntire, ROW lll: Gerrie Manzcr, Nina Sparti, Betty l-lixon, Lois l-lamsher Shirley Mason Bettx Constant Shirley Cox ,..- ,N Q- P .c I Lettergirls tFirst' Terml . ROW l: Dorothy Jones, June Perry, Dorothy Mclntire, Patty Allen, Maxine Balfour, Helen Hopgood, Jackie Rau, Billie Davis, Ellen Ware, Donna Emery, Jean Grace, ROW ll: Jean Novotny, Margaret Mellen Peggy Hubley, Marilyn Lyons, Mary Mahoney, Gayle Ferguson, Lou Landreth, Kay Bonner, Wilma Brodsky Merle Verretg ROW Ill: Helene Machado, Frances Machado, Jessica Pettit, Betty Wilson, Lois Petersen Emma Jean Valdez, Johanna Lowe, Sue Davis, Virginia Adams, Beverly Biggs, Virginia Blessing, Betty Buck i 1 LETTERGIRLS, under the sponsorship of Mrs. girl has won her letter, she works for stars which MQW Piei'50h- ii-ihCii0h 35 ah aCiiV9 SVOUP Wiihih are awarded tor each additional two credits. "Sans the GAA. To receive a letter and become eligible tor membership in this organization, a girl must earn six participation credits, one credit being given for each sport she goes out tor and in which she Mens in Corpore Sano" lA Sound Mind in a Sound Body"l is the motto Lettergirls display on their pins. This is in line with the governments program takes part regularly. ln addition to this, she must Oi Ci9V9i0Pih8 l3hY5iC3i iiih955 ih high 5Ch00i Siu' serve in the girls' gym ottice for one semester, dents. Among their activities, Lettergirls take Three semesters are the Usual span in which charge ot the initiation of the new GAA. which Venetian athletes earn their first letter. After a occurs near the end of each semester. izxiils F , , A, I N' it Lettergirls L I ROW I: Gayle Ferguson, Verdabelle Pross, Barbara McCoye, Allene Gates, Janet Glad, Marilyn Lyons, ROW ll: Ruth Clark, Lorraine Lindberg, Maxine Sutton, Irene Nordquist, Lois McClellan, Lorraine Press- nall, ROW Ill: Faye Gallup, Madelaine Trenouth, Marguerite Ybarrondo, Barbara Homrlghausen, Dorothy Bird, Dorothy Marsden. H5 F mal Delrvery "lt's out tor busmess now! The next tume thus plane takes ott, ut won't return untul It has seen ac- tual service" Yes, tt's the FINAL DELIVERY. The product, planned by the Enganeernng Department, sent through the assemblv lane, having passed nts test tlnght, us belng delivered for servnce un actual combat . . , The graduatlng sensor has gone through these same processes and, dnplorna ID hand, represents the funlshed product He has passed hrs test fllght and, wnth talth II1 dcmocratlc ldeals, stands prepared to taco thc tougher truals that awaut ham rn the troubfcd world ot today. I Seniors W'42 Readers of Walt Whitman's immortal "O Captain! My Captain!" know that it is unforgettable-a beautiful tribute to a great man, Abraham Lincoln. Paraphrasing the poem, seniors of W'42 might relate to Lincoln the following account of their exploits at Venice I-ligh: O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN! OUR FEARFUL TRIP IS DONE ..,, We reached Venice junior High and entered her wide portals in january, l936. Our chests expanded and our eyes were bright for here we were, scrubs at long Iastl . . . Gaining knowledge through the years, we were promoted to the lofty pinnacle of A9's, where we were governed by our junior Student Body officers-Billie Brown, prexyg Donley Brady, vice-prexy, james I-lines, secretary, Betty Buck, treas- urer. PILOTS Tl-IE Sl-IIP I-IAS WEATI-lER'D EVERY RACK, Tl-IE PRIZE WE SOUCil-IT IS WON ..,. We received our junior high diplomas February 3, IQ39, and were happy beyond words. for now we were in high school. "Rage of the Age," slogan of the Winter '42 class, as a well-deserved description of this lively gro p orting apple green sweaters and big smiles, th l 't se 'os cho Do Brad let I, sth D2Sf3i'enr,n'eiar.eSSZMQTSOU .Terri T?5e-DfeSrdeni, ALL Exumimc .... We forged ahead through ihe years Jan Larson lrightl, secretaryg and Keith Conley . . . . econd fmm Igffnhead ye.. leader- and with a slight qualm in our hearts, gained the amaz- ing status of senior A's, june 28, l94l. We became known as "The Rage of the Age," with each class member known as a "gringo"-and with the motto before us, "Winter '42, Always Something New." Our officers were Donley Brady, prexyg jean Larson, vice-prexy: Charles Anderson, secretary-treasurer. WI-IILE FOLLOW EYES TI-IE STEADY KEEL, Tl-IE VESSEL CIRIM AND DARINC .... One of the most unfor- gettable events was Senior Sweater Day. As we displayed our apple-green and white sweaters by dancing the con- ga across the stage, the realization came upon us that now we were the leaders of the school-with responsibilities -and we went straight ahead to fulfill these duties. O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAINI RISE UP AND I-IEAR Tl-IE BELLS .... The "Witches Whirlf' spinsters' prom held in October, was an all-out success . . . and we displayed our unconquerable might on the gridiron by walking away with the Western League football championship. Then on December 7 America was plunged into WORLD WAR ll. Nearly all social events were curtailed . . . evening affairs were cancelled . . . but Venetians know how to cooperate in time of stress. There were no groans of anguish when it was revealed that it would be impossible to put on a senior play or operetta and that the senior banquet and prom would be held in the afternoon instead of the evening-for after all, our motto was "Winter '42, Always Something New." RISE UP-FOR YOU Tl-IE FLAC IS FLUNC-FOR YOU Tl-IE BUCLE TRILLS I... The Oarsman sponsored a "Typical American Contest" in january of '42, for in war-time it was thought desirable to know the traits that should be possessed by the typical American boy and girl. jack Adams of our class and Billie Davis, senior B, were winners. FOR YOU BOUOUETS AND RlBBON'D WREATI-IS-FOR YOU Tl-IE Sl-IORES A-CROWDINCI . . . Graduation day approached. As we I I7 seniors, arrayed in royal blue caps and gowns, received our diplomas, we knew that one happy chapter of our lives was forever closed-but not forgotten. We knew too that . , . Tl-IE SHIP WAS ANCI-lOR'D SAFE AND SOUND, ITS VOY- ACE CLOSED AND DONE, FROM FEARFUL TRIP Tl-IE VIC- TORY Sl-IIP CAME IN WlTl-I OBjECT WON ..,. Although our voyage has ended, we are embarked upon a much more important trip-a vital activity. We must take our places to defend America, to protect our freedom, to KEEP 'EM FLYINCI Mrs. Elsie McLaughlin and ' Ernest Champion advised the W'42 seniors. They dispatched them into the world-a finished product. I vggfe-c. g-,M 4 Jr "vf' 167, varsify Football, Basketball 1Captain7, Swimming 1Captain7,Bee Baseball, Senior B President, Student Body President, Public Speaking 127, Western League President 1l7, Boys' Union Council 1l7, Winner of Typi- gal American Boy Contest '42, Ephe- ian. ALBERTA AIKEN-Academic: G.A.A. 137, Lettergirl, Cosmopolitan Club 137, Vice-President 1l7, Thrift Club 147, Oarsman Reporter 1l7. ARCADIO ALMEIDA - Commercial: Cee, Bee Track 137, Varsity Bee, Cee, Dee Basketball 147, Letterman, Stu- dent Body Treasurer, Senior Delphian 157, Cosmopolitan Club 127, Treas- urer 1l7, Esquire, Thrift Club 127, Public Speaking, Orchestra 147, Gon- dola, Roman Lamper. CHARLES BOYD ANDERSON-Indus trial: Varsity, Bee, Cee, Dee Basket- ball, Tennis 167, Letterman, Knight, Stage Crew 117. MAXINE BALFOUR-Academic: GA. A. 167, Lettergirls' Club 147, G,A,A, Yell Leader 127, Girls' League, Presi- dent, Vice-President, Secretary, Del- phian 127, Secretary-Treasurer 1l7, French Club 1l7, Venetian Lady, Chatelaine, Vice-President 1 I 7 , Top Notcher. LORRAIN-E BASSIN - Commercial: Cgsmopolitan Club 137, French Club 1 7. HARRISON BETTS-Academic: Cee Basketball Letterman, Bee Basketball Manager, Delphian 127, Public Speak- ing 1 l 7. VIRGINIA BLESSING - Commercial: G.A.A. 157, Lettergirls' Club 137, in operetta, "When the Moon Rises". MARY BRAWNER-Home Economics. MAE FRANCES BRAZZEL-Art: Glee Club 127, Public Speaking 1l1. BETTY BUCK-Home Economics: GA. A. 167, Lettergirls' Club 147, Del- phian 137, Chatelaine, Venetian Lady, in operetta, "When the Moon Rises". LORRA I NE CAREY-Academ ic: G.A. A. 137, Aviation Club 1l7, French Club 137. f W J C I '13 ff 'K X 'f ti. 'VX Q , ' ,-x., , 2 4 1,4 9 W 1 ,lazy 7 te, ,f 2, 77 ,gf ,. ,.,, , iw 7 7 2,1 12571 1 ,, A14 75417: M ' ,.... - ff J A 1 ff JW J 2 ff l? , i. .. 4? 17 54- 1 ,f '-2 ' f- ,.a:aa-1.-,az-f.. ' f 191 Q f , i ' 1' Z .7 4 f if W X f 2 1 1 er . t 2 Sr F as . ,fc v' MILDRED ELAINE ALLEN-Common cial: GAA, 127, Home Economics Club 1l7, Cosmopolitan Club 1l7, Dramatics 127, PATRICIA ALLEN-Academic' G.A.A. 167, G.A.A. Board 127, Recording Secretary 1l7, G.A.A. President 1l7, Lettergirls' Club 147, Chatelaine, Venetian Lady, Girls' League Council 147, Secretary 1l7, Treasurer 1l7, Student Body Vice-President 1l7, Oarsman 127, Girls' Sports Editor 1 I 7, French Club 1l7, Vice-President 1 I 7, Top Notcher. MYRTLE ARINSBERG-Commercial: Senior Delphian 1l7, Venetian Lady, Gregg Artist 137, Cosmopolitan 137, Oarsman reporter 1l7, Senior Girls' Glee 1l7, Publicity Committee 1l7, "California, There I Go". MARIE AYRES-Commercial: Public Speaking 1l7, "When the Moon Rises". WAYNE BELDA-Industrial MLJRIEL BERGMANN - Commercial: G.A.A. 1l 7, Cosmopolitan Club 147, French Club 127, Dramatics 1l 7. KATHRYN BONNER - Commercial: G,A.A. 167, Corresponding Secretary 1l7, Lettergirls' Club 147, President 1l7, Gregg Artists 1l 7, Top Notcher. DONLEY BRADY-Academic: Varsity "V" 147, Tumbling 147, Student Body Judge 1l7, Student Body Sec- retary 1l7, Senior A President, Latin Club 137, Secretary 1l7: Navigator 1l7, Knight 127 : Public Soeaking 1l7, A Capella Choir 1l7, Enhebian, BETTY JANE BROCKERT-Home Eco- nomicsg G,A.A. 127. WILMA BRODSKY-Academic, G.A.A. 167, President 1l7, Lertergirls' Club 147, Girls' Cabinet 1l7, Delphian 1l7, Venetian Lady, Public Speaking 127, Thrift Club 137, French Club 1l7, Navigator 127, Top Notcher. EDYTHE CARLSON-Academic: Stu- dent Body Judge 1l 7, Senior Delphian 167, Chatelaine, Venetian Lady, Cos- mopolitan Club 147, Secretary 1l7, President 1 I 7, Thrift Club 1l7, Nav- igator 1l7, House of Delegates 1l7, American Leg.on Essay Award, Ro- man Lamper. ELEANORE COBLE-Academic: Cos- mopolitan Club 127, Art Chairman 1l7, French Club 1l7, Oarsman re- porter, Dramatics 127, Poetry Award. SEYMORE COHEN - Academic: Bee Football lll, Captain ill, Varsity Football l l l, Tumbling ll lj Senior B Vice-President, Knight, Comman- der ill, Navigator l l l, Thrift il l, Public Speaking ill, Lions' Oratorlcal Contest. KEITH CONLEY A- Academici Gym Team Ill, Head Yell Leader lllj Dramatics lfllj A Cappella Choir ill, "When the Moon Rises," "Call- tornia There I Go." KENNETH DAVIDSON - Music: Bee Football ll l, Varsity Football l l l, Latin Club l2l, Photography Club lll, Senior Band l6l, Senior Orches- tra l l l, Student Band Director ll l, House ot Delegates ll l. EUGENE DENNlSAAcademic: Varsity "V" l4l, Varsity Baseball l2l, Bee Baseball lll, Knight, House of Del- egates l2l, Navigator lll, Oarsman reporter. JOYCE DURKEE-Academic: Delphian l l l, Cosmopolitan Club 'l l, Thrift Club 'l l, Public Speaking 1 l l. HELEN FISHER - Academic: Senior Delphian ll l, Latin Club i4l. HELENE GARD - Home Economics: Dramatics ll l. lHELMA GAZIN-Commercial: G.A A. I l l, Gregg Artists ll lj French Club Ill, Public Speaking lil. SHANNON GREGORY 4 Academic G.A,A. '5l, Lettergirls' Club '3l, House of Delegates ill, HELEN GUNDERSON 3 Commercial Delphian l2l, Gregg Artist 'EM EDWARD HARTflndustrlal' Score- board Worker KATHRYN HAZELTINE-Commercial Cosmopolitan Club l3l, Gregg Artist l l l , HELEN HOPGOOD--Home Economics GA.A. '6l, Lettergirls' Club '4l, Secretary lil, Senior Delphian '2l, Venetian Lady, Cosmopolitan lli, Thrift Club '2l, Public Spcalrinq l2l, "When the Moon Rises", "Cali- fornia, There I Go". FREDERlCK HOOK --- Academic Del phian 'C l , Delphiarl President l l l , Vice-President ' I l, House of Dole gates ' I l, Esquire, Public Spealrinri lll, Roman Lamper r NX x wal' 'TQ' X . x c 'A A : - - Q. eq s , Q - gs of . S 3 X X sv . ' " ' UN- I l. 1 f 1 N? 1' . fr F '95 W . Q If N 5 li x S S . ' X Q Nw .h x if Y - l i t ' 1 Q , cf j Q I s, A AV" -4 ' ww K . A . X --il ' - 'Q' W 'W' KD 1 wl -5 0? .X gg N X X xx rc 1 x sa Z' Il 'Wi v -Q.-nf l . l . F - l- lf A i v ',1.' x X l D! X R Lam.- RUSSEL CRIPE-Music: Bee BaSeb6ll lil, Senior Band, President llli Orchestra. FRANK CURTlS-Academic. WARREN DESIO-Academic: Drama- tlcs lll, Oratory Award, "A Wed- ding". ERMA DILLION-Commercial: G.A.A. l2l, Dramatics l2l, "Footloose", "When the Moon Rises". DENLY FORD-Academic: Navigator 'El lj Dramatics ll l. ELAYNE GACSI - Academic: G.A.A. l4l, Lettergirls' Club l2l, Senior Delphian 1 l lj Public Speaking lllf Gondola Editor. ROSALINE GOTTLIEB - Academic: Delphian lSl, Thrift Club lll, Latin Club l2l, Oarsman reporter, Roman Lamper. VlRGlNlA GREENLAW-Academic: Chatelaine, Venetian Lady, Latin Club l2l, Gregg Artist ill, Presi- dent ll lj Public Speaking ill, Sen- ior Girls' Glee ill, A Capella Choir lZl, Secretary il l. DOROTHY HALL-Commercial: Cos- mopolitan Club lll, Navigator i3lf Oarsrnan i3l. Circulation Manager ill Third Page ill. EDWARD HARADA-lnclustrial: Var- sity Football lll, Bee Football ill' Thritt Club ill, A Capella Choir 'Sl ' Public Speaking i l ' 5 Gsm Team. THELMA HIGHTOWER-Commercial: GA.A. l-lli Gregg Artist i-ll. YOSHIKO HIROSHIMA-Home Eco- nomics: American-Japanese Club lll, Food and Nutrition Certificate from Washington, DC. PEC-,GN HUBLEY-Academic: G.A.A. lol, Lettergirls' Club l-ll, President il l, GA.A. Board ill, American- .lapanese Club ill, House ot Dele- gates llli Oarsman, Girls' Sports Edi- tor ll l , Circulation Manager ll l, Senior Band ill, Public Speaking l l l. ANITA .IUNE HULDERMAN-Home Economics: Home Economics Club ill, A Capella Choir lll. EDMUND HAROLD IVES-Industrial. LENNA JEPPSON-Academic: Cosmo- politan Club 141, Oarsman reporter. MURRAY KERT-Academic: Varsity "V" 141, Tennis 141, Varsity Foot- ball 1l1, Stamp Club 1l1, Chess Club 1l1, Oarsman 121, Assistant Sports Editor 1l1, Medal in consola- tion division of All-City Tenhis Tour- nament, CORINNE LANGFORD-Home Eco- nomicsz Latin Club 121, Dramatics 121. FRANK LESCOULIE-Industrial: Var- sity "V" 161, Bee Football 141, Var- sity Football 141, Softball 121, Track 121, VIRGINIA LUTZ-Commercial: Gregg Artist 131, Navigator 121, Senior Band 121 . RALPH MANZER-Commercial: Es- quire, Drum Major 1l1, Track 131, Basketball 131, Senior Band 151, A Capella Choir 1l1, Track Medals in Western League. CAROL McCANN-Home Economics. Home Economics Club 121, Oarsman reporter. GEORGE MIYAKE-Industrial: Varsity "V" 141, Vice-President 111, Bee Baseball 121, Captain 1l1, Varsity Baseball 121, Captain 1l1, American- Japanese Club 121, Scoreboard Work- er, Third String All-City Baseball. SOL MOLDAWSKY-Academic: Latin Club 1l1, A Capella Choir 1I1. JOE MUSTOL-Music: Student Direc- tor of Band 141, First Chair Trumpet in Band and Orchestra, Manuscript for Music Dept., Arranging tor Or- chestra, Band Certificate, Dramatics 1l1, "Footloose", LUCILLE MUSTOL - Music: Girls' League Representative 131, Senior Band 161, Vice-President 131, Ward- robe Manager 141, First Chair Trom- bone in Band and Orchestra, Letter and Certificate. ETHEL NUSSER - Music: Venetian Lady 121, First Lady 1l1, Library Club 1l1, A Capella Choir 161, "Belle of Bagdad", "When the Moon Rises", "California, There I Go". AYAKO OKUMURA-Home Econom- ics: Senior Delphian 121, American- .lapanese Club 161, A Capella Choir 141, "Belle of Bagdad", "When the Moon Rises". CY LA JOHN SON-Academic RITSUE JANE KAMOTOfl-lome Eco- nomics: American-Japanese Club 121, Food and Nutrition Certificate from Washington, D.C. JEAN MARILYN LARSON - Acade- mic: Roman Lamp, Delphian 161, President, GAA. 161, Letter Girl, Secretary, Thrift Club 131, President 1l1, Cosmopolitan 1l1, Venetian Lady 1l1, Gregg Artist 121, Latin Club 141, President 1l1, Vice-Presi- dent Senior "AH Class, Student Body Judge 1l1, Student Council 131, Ephebian. SHIRLEY LEAF-Music: Senior Del- phian 121, Public Speaking 121, A Capella Choir 1l1, Orchestra 121. SARA MacGEORGE-Academic: Latin Club 141, Aviation Club 121, A Ca- pella Choir 1l1, First place in Ameri- can Legion Essay Contest. FRANCES MACHADO-Commercial: G.A.A. 151, Lettergirls' Club 131, Gregg Artist 121, A Capella Choir 1l1, JAMES MCCARTHY - Academic: Track 1l1, Bee Football Letterman, Camera Club 1l1, MARGARET MELLEN - Academic: G.A,A. 151, Lettergirls' Club 131, Chatelaine, President, Venetian Lady, Secretary, Senior Delphian 1l1, Latin Club 1l1, Top Notcher, CHARLOTTE Moopv - Academic: O-3I'SfT1Bf1 1l1, Dramatics 121, "A Wedding", BETTE MOORE BESSI E N ELSON-General SHIRLEY NEWTON-Commercial: Li- b"f3fY Club 121, Cosmopolitan Club 121, Oarsman reporter. ROBERT PATH- Industrial: Varsity V" ill, .Varsity, Bee and Cee Track, Esquire, Sergeant-at-arms 1l1, Knight, Sergeant-at-arms 1l1, Senior Band 131, Class Cee All-City Relay Team. OSCAR PAUL - Industrial: Esquire, Dramatics 1l1. ROBERT PENA-Industrial: Varsity "V" 111, Cee Track 121, Varsity lrack 111, Esquire, Vice-President 111, Stage Crew 111, PA. System 121, second place medal for Varsity Dole-vault, first and second place medal for Cee polevault. ALLEN RUDOLPH PETERSEN-lndus- trial. JACQUELYN RAU-Academic: GAA. 151, Lettergirls' Club 131i Delphian 121, Cosmopolitan 131, Thrift Club 151, Vice-President 121, Public Speaking 111, Senior Band 111, A Capella Choir 111, Girls' League Representative 111, Poems published in "Gondola", "Nuggets", and "Na- tional Anthology ot High School Verse". DORIS REIMAN-Academic: G.A,A. 121, Senior Delphian 151, Latin Club 141, Program and Publicity Chair- man 111, Cosmopolitan Club 121, Thrift Club 141, Oarsman 131, Third Page Editor 111, Editor-in-Chief 111, Roman Lamper. SACHIKO MARGARET SAKAI-Home Economics: American-Japanese Club 161, Secretary 111, Vice-President 111, A Capella Choir 121. EBBA SEABERG-Commercial: Girls' Glee 111. HOWARD SMALL-lndustrialz Varsity "V" 161, Executive Committee 121, President 111, Tennxs 141, Captain, Varsity Basketball 121, Varsity Foot- ball 111, Student Body Judge 111. RITA MARIE SMITH - Commercial: G.A.A. 161, Lettergirls' Club 141, Chatelanne, Navigator 131, Dramatics 111, Girls' League Representative 111, "California, There I Go". CAROLE LOUISE STORY -Commer- cial: GAA. 111, Gregg Artist 111, Girls' Glee 121. OTHA ERNEST TOLMAN-Academic: Varsity "V" 151, Varsity Football 131, Varsity Swimming 121, Knight, President Boys' Union 111, Public Speaking 111, Dramatics 111, A Ca- pella Choir 121, "When the Moor Rises", "California, There I Go", All- Western League End, 1941, All-City End, 1941. LUCILE WILDE - Academic: GAA. 161, Vice-President 111, Lettergirls' Club 141, Venetian Lady, Vice-Pres- ident 121, Chatelaine, Student Body Judge 111, Thrift Club 111, Delphian 111, Navigator 111, A Capella Choir 121, Oarsman reporter, Public Speak- ing 111, Girls' League Treasurer 121, "When the Moon Rises", "California, There I Go", GORDON HENRY WILKINSON - Academic: Swimming 111, Senior Band 151, MINNIE SUMIYE YANlAMOTO-Com- mercial: American-Japanese Club 131, Treasurer 111, House of Dele- gates 111. RIYOSO YAMAMOTO - Academic Varsity "V" 111, Esquire Commander 111, Boys' Union Council Secretary 121, Cee Track, Varsity Tracla, Bee Football, Senior Delphian 151, Amer- ican-Japancse Club 121, Cosmopoli- tan Club 121, Public Speaking 111, Roman Lamper. DAVID PETERSEN - Commerciali Tumbling 131, Manager 111, Public Speaking 111. MARGIE PLATH-Commercial: Thrift Club 111, Cosmopolitan Club 111, Gregg Artist 141. FRANCES ROBERTSON - Home Eco- nomics: Home Economics Club 131, Secretary 111, A Capella Choir 111, "When the Moon Rises", BEVERLY ANNE RODIN-Commercial Ait: Dramatics 121, Senior Chorus 1 1, OREN RALPH SHARP-Industrial: Aviation Club 111. CLIFFORD SHINN-Academic: Tum- bling 111, Photography Club 111, Radio Club 111, HAROLD SMOLEN -Academic: Bee Football 111. MARJORIE STEPHENSON-Commen cial: GAA, 1117 Cosmopolitan Club 121' Dramatics 111. ELLEN WARE-Commercial: GAA. 161, Lettergirls Club 141, GA.A. Board 121, Yell Leader 121, Head Yell Leader 111, GAA. Recording Secretary 111, Senior Delphian 121, Thritt Club 141, Head Cashier ot Thritt Bank 111' Cosmopolitan Club 1-I1, Secretary 111, Thritt Bank Au- ditor 111' House ot Delegates 111, Secretary 111,' Public Speaking 111, Thritt Transcription' Top Notcher. ROBERT WIDNEW -Academic: Bee Swimming Bee and Cee Basketball. DELPHINE WILLIAMS-Commercial: Delphian 111' Thritt Club 111, Sec- retary 1112 Gregg Artist 1-11. ANITA WOLGIN-Academic: House ot Delegates 111: Senior Delphian 111 Girls League Representative 111' Cosmopolitan'Club 151, Public- ity Manager 121i Oarsman 131' Sec- ond Page Editor 111 Associate Editor 111,' School Publicity Committee 111, W'-12 Class Edxtor ot Gondolier, LA. Times Editorial Contest, "When the Moon Rises . SHIZUKA N AMASAKI - Commercial Art. Amencan-Japanese Club 131. OSAMU YUMORI-Academic: Varsity Bee and Coe Track Bee Football 121, Dclphian 151, Esquire, Secretary 111, American-Japanese Club 151, Ser- geant-at-arms 111, Aviation Club 121, Scoreboard Worker, Roman Lamper. . I Seniors S'42 IUST AS AN AIRPLANE goes through the various stages of production, so does the average student of any educational institution. His progress can be traced as he passes through the engineering department, goes on the assembly line, is given a test flight, and finally is ready for delivery-as the finished product. The high and mighty seniors of the Summer '42 class came to Venice High School in September, I936. As scrubs they could be compared to the raw material in an aircraft factory. Plans for perfecting "it," for the development of citizenship and high ideals, were carried out by the Engineering Depart- ment or faculty. Before long, the B7's were A9's, leaders of the junior high school. Student body officers, like junior plant foremen, guided their activities. Bruce Ferguson was presi- dent, Billie Mae Davis, vice-president, Barbara Lindberg, sec- retary, and Richard Rexer, treasurer. THEIR PROCRESS CONTINUED, as an airplane continues along the assembly line, through those new and frightening W w1,.' W PILOTS The high 'n highty seniors of Summer '42, other- wise known as the "Pride of the Tide," became fa- miliar around the campus in their royal blue and white sweaters, symbolic of Venice High. Captain of the crew was Bob Kidd ileft, Barbara Lindberg lrightl was vice-president, Irene McClellan Isecond from lefti, secretaryg and Ruth Furgeson lsecond from rzghtl, treasurer. semesters of the tenth and eleventh grades, during which time they dreamed of the day when they would be- come unified into one group as seniors .... Finally the great day came when the group was ready for its TEST FLIGHT, for the purpose of testing its ability to carry on successfully the training it had received. They were unit- ed under the direction of Mrs. Effie Morrison and Mr. Irving Fordham as senior B's, with johnny Lewis as their leader. During this semester-which proved a crucial period in the history of the nation-they began to feel that they were coming closer and closer to their ultimate goal. At last on February 2, I942, they reached that goal, they were senior A's, "Pride of the Tide." Their pilot was Bob Kidd, assisted by Barbara Lindberg, vice-president, Irene lVIcClellan, secretary, and Ruth Furgeson, treasurer. Choosing royal blue and white for their colors, the i'Pride of the Tide" celebrated Senior Sweater Day February 27, l942, with a banquet and assembly. Every Wednesday was chosen as the day when seniors should wear their sweaters and be easily distinguished. SENIORS ENTERED whole-heartedly into war activities. Boys became members of the Boys' Battalion and fire brigade, girls joined the Ambulance Corps. Still others made model planes for the government, received First Aid certificates, invested in war stamps and bonds. Ephebians were chosen April 27 by members of the class and the faculty. Receiving this honor were Phil Kovinick, Billie Mae Davis, Barbara Lindberg, Bruce Ferguson, and Victor Liotta, Then came the day of the musical comedy, "Oh Doctor," sponsored by the senior A class and presented by the music and dance departments. At.19st the DELIVERY OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT was in sight, the remaining days of their high school years were coming to an end. The long-awaited prom and banquet were at hand. Because of the war-emergency these affairs had to be given in the afternoon instead of the evening, but this did not detract from their success. Finally a successful delivery was made june 24, I9-42, when I6O members ended their six years "in production" with re- gret but with readiness to go out into the world to aid others and "KEEP 'EM FLYINC-." Dispatchers Irving Fordham and Mrs. Effie Morrison supervised the S'42 class, getting the "finished product" ready for final delivery. BILL ADAMS-Industrial: Bee Swimming, Delphian 1 l 1, Thritt Club 1l1, Fire Brigade, VlRGlNlA ADAMS-Academic: G. A.A., Lettergirl 131, Delphian 121, Cosmopolitan, Navigator, Senior Orchestra, A Capella, ERMA ARCIERO-Generali Senior Home Economics Club, Vice-Pres- ident, Secretary, Dramatics, Pub- Qlic Speaking, A Capella, in chorus "When the Moon Rises", part in "Oh! Doctor." CAROLYN ASHER 7 Commercial: Delphian 151, Roman Lamp, Gregg Artist, l-louse ot Delegates 121, Navigator, Oarsman Staff 121, Circulation Manager, Pub- licity Committee, Gondolier Assoc. Editor. HELEN BABAJIAN-Art: Senior Home Economics Club, Drarnatics. BERNARD BAILEY-Industrial: Bee Baseball. RONALD BENNETT- lndustnal: Track. CONSTANCE BENSON-Academic: Cosmopolitan, Public Speaking, First and second place in short story contests, art assistant of '41 Gondola. NORMA BORACK-Commercial: Delphian 451, Roman Lamp, Pub- lic Speaking, Dramatics, Business Office, Thrift Bank 131, Cashier lll, Thrift Club 131. BETTY BROCKELL4A1:adernic, Cos- mopolitan, Public Speaking, A Capella Cho.r. BlLL BUTLERvlndustrial JOHN CANNONfAcademic: Boys' Union, Vice-President, Varsity Tennis, Bee Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Second String All- Western Basketball, Varsity Executive Committee, Public Speaking, Delphian JOHN CHRlSTlAll -Academic Pub- lic Speaking HELEN COMPSON---Acadernic Cos- mopolitan, Oarsman Staff '21, Gonflolier Staff - .sky s M-'U . 51 ' t . lf. 1 viii Nd "Y r ..tL i 41 , Q . as .. . s "wr f " 'UP i i- ' I .Q f' - - .24 sa. r M i . f ,3 -, L 32 1 Q X ,X RX Q ,ty 0 i iv ' gA1 JAMES AKOURY - Academic: Var- sity Football, Student Council ll l, Delphian 151, Roman Lamp, Man- agers' Club 131, President, Vice- President, Esquire 131, Comman- der, Aviation Club, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Thrift 121, House of De'egates 1l1, Fire Brigade, Boys' Union Council 121, Secretary. VINCENT ALIANIELLO-lndustrial VAN NESS AYARS-Academic: Bee Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Swimming, Tumbling, Public Speaking. ELIZABETH BABAJIAN-Art: Sen- ior Home Economics Club, Presi- dent, Vice-President, Dramatics. JEAN BARTON-Commercial: Gregg Artist, Public Speaking, Thrift Club 'l 1. LOUISE BENEFIEL 1 Arti Cosmo- politan STEPHEN BERARDIE-Art: Naviga- tor Basketball. BILL BlMBER+Industrial: Cee Track, Cee Basketball, Photog- raphy Club, Fire Brigade. SUSAN BROWN-Academic: GAA., Cosmopolitan Drarnatigs, JAMES BURNIGHT-Industrial Bas- ketball Mgr Xarsitx "N" Fire Brigade Lieut. DEAN CARLSON-Academic: Navi- gator, Capt. ill' Baseball, Tenth Grade Baseball Captain Varsity 'X' " Latin Club Public Speaking. ALLENE CELISTAN - Home Eco- nomics Home Economigg Club, Dramatics JEAN CONRAD - Academic: Oars- man Statt i l i, EVERETT CROSSLAND-Industrial :fr .. I JACK CROUCH-Academic: Knight, f D4?lDhIBf1 ltll, Bee Football, Swim ml"1Q, Public Speaking. NAQMI CUMMINGS-Commercial Girlsf League, Secretary 1l1 President 1l1, Delphian t I I, Ve- netian, Lady, Chatelaine, Public Speaking, Archery Team, Student Body Store and Office. . . 'R l I MAXINE DAVIS--General: Drama- I t 1' I tics, Pep Club, Head Yell Leader, N c,,f G.A.A. Lettergirl at Hubbard ,N s 'I High School. A -I"'i-4., SUE DAVIS--Academic: GAA., , 191,975,- vice-Presiaem, Lenergifi 131, g -, Head of Hockey, Chatelaine, Pub- , J' mycso Xl X 4 lic Speaking, Senior Bee Secretary Lf' l MARCHETTA DONNELLY-Acade- , T' I -mic: Cosmopolitan, Venetian X , 1, g Lady. I , , . ,, fl JUNE DUGAN-Academic: senior . ,H I L ffm Home Economics Club, Secretary, ' 'I y A ' 'Qi' gif' Vice-President, Dramatics, Public 'S' - fb yy ' f ,, f?f Sneakios- . M 1,11-'1-yt lxx f 11 ' f' 1 2 li AVIS EDMONDSON - Commercial, Delphian Ill, Gregg Artist, Dra- matics, Navigator. 1 Sv f' CHARLES ELLIS-Industrial: Bee Football, Esquire, Delphian 1I1. .. 1-swymxill " DORA ESAU-Academic: Delphian 151, Cosmopolitan, Thrift Club - 131, Board ot Directors 1l1, Pub- I lic Speaking. I BRUCE FERGUSON-Academic: Bee Baseball, Varsity Swimming, Del- phian 141, Thrift 121, Esquire, Knight, Latin Club, Student Court Judge Ill, Oarsman, Business Manager Ill, Senior Band, Public Speaking, Boys' Battalion, Second prize in Lions' Club Oratorical Contest, Student body representa- tive at Chamber of Commerce, Ephebian. WILLIAM GABE-Academic: Stu- dent Council 1l1, House of Del- egates Ill, Speaker, Cee Basket- ball, Bee Basketball, Varsity Bas- I ketball, Tumbling, American-Jap- anese Club, Latin Club, Varsity "V" 141, Vice-President, Execu- tive Committee, Knight, Scribe llt, Public Speaking. MARY LOUISE GALLAGHER-Home Economics: Delphian 1l1, Public I P ag .1 11 Speaking, A Capella. X A lt A WAYMAN DARBY-Academliii Spanish Club, Varsity Track, Bee Track, Ceo Track, Oarsman Asso- ciate Sports Editor 121. BILLIE DAVIS - Commercial: Stu- dent Body Vice-President, Student Body Secretary, Venetian Lady, Chatelaine, President, Delphlan 121, Girls' League Board, House of Delegates 1l1, Thritt 131, Gregg Artist, Public Speaking, GA.A, Recording Secretary, Let- tergirl 121, Typical American Girl, Boys' Battalion, Student Council 131, Ephebian. MARILYN DeNUNZlO-Home Eco- nomics: Cosmopolitan, Senior Home Economics Club. ROBERT DITTMAR - Academic: Gym Team, Varsity "V", Knight, REVELLE EAMES-Home Economics 1 Dramatics. DOROTHY EDISON-Home Eco- nomics: Senior Home Economics Club, Thrift Club 131, Public Speaking. DONNA EMERYgCommerciaI: G,A. R D R A., Gregg Artist, Secretary, Pub- lic Speaking, Lettergirl 121. OBERT ERNST-General: Bee Swimming, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Football, House ot Dele- gates Ill, Public Speaking, Sen- ior Band, Fire Brigade, Boys' Union, Boys' Battalion. OROTHY FITZ-Academic: Oars- man Staff ll 1. UTH FURGESON-Commercial: G, A.A., Senior Home Economics Club, Secretary lll, Gregg Ar- tist, Vice-President 121, Chate- Iaine, Navigator, House of Dele- gates 121, Public Speaking. MARJOR I E GEAR-Home Econom- R 1 ff ROBERT GILL-Industrial HELEN eii.MAN-commercial: cos- I , Ji5'ffVj3 B mopolitan Club, Gregg Artist, 1, -,.J'Tf'-1 Public Speaking. "1 Qgggrjgt 1 ' Q B , , Q 3 1 , ,, 1 ,. 111- 1' ig., ff - o r I is S ' li: W 'ef ' . 'Q E 'X z". . QQ "ts in 'A its K? - ' T" u . if Y.. -, 5 VV 'Q Wai.-g J WM Q. . ,551 If I J. , Y., 27 A : , 1 s a.,.'r1i abit., gl- ics: A Capella. UTH GEHLE-Commercial: Gregg Artist, Dramatics. ERNARD GLICKSTEIN-Academic ILL GOAR-Industrial: Navigator. EVELYN GONZALES-Academic. A Capella, Girls' Glee, Navigator. BESSIE GOODSON-Commercial: Gregg Artist, Dramatics. BURGESS HEACOX 3 Academic: House ot Delegates l2l, First Speaker, Student Council ill, Delphian l3l, Esquire, Knight, Public Speaking, Gondolier Busi- ness Manager, Boys' Battalion. BOB HEAGY-Vocational: Radio Club, Public Address Crew. JOHN HENSMAN-Industrial EILEEN HENRYeComrnercial: Sr. Band, Librarian, Gregg Artist, Navigator. BILLIE JO HOLCOMB-Commercial Home Economics Club, Gregg Ar- tist, Dramatics, EILEEN HOUSTON - Commercial. Gregg Artist. KIYOSHI KATO- Industrial. Gym Team, Varsity "V", American- Japanese Club. llivacuated in Aprill. JACK KENNING-Academic. Var- sity "V", Dramatics, Fire Brigade, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, senior class yell leader, All-West- ern League fullback, highest scor- er in Western League Football. EARLWIN KINNEY-Industrial ROBERT KlRKELlE-Vocational Bee Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity "V", Stage Crew, Boys' Battalion LOU LANDRETHeAcaclcr-nic GA A , Lcttergirl lil, Cosmopolitan BETTY LAPSLEY --Horne Economics Senior Home Economics Club Dramatlcs, rnalfe-up artlzt, Oarm man reporter L. ERMA HALL-General JOE HAMASHITA-Commercial: tEvacuated in Aprill. CATHER l NE HEFFERAN-Home Economics: Home Economics Club, Cosmopolitan. YVONNE HENSLEY - Commercial: Venetian Lady l2l, Presidenti Student Council lll, Delphian ill, Cosmopolitan, Gregg Artist, Library Club, Girls' League Board, Oarsman Staff l2l, Publicity Committee l2l. RUTH HITCHINGS - Commercial: Cosmopolitan, Gregg Artist, Pub- lic Speaking, Chorus. STANLEY HOBBS-Vocational: Gym Team, Managers' Club, Stage Crew Public Speaking, Sr. Band. JULIA JOHNSON-Academic: Dra- matics. DOROTHY JONES--Commercial: G. A.A., Lettergirl l3l, Latin Club, Sec,-Treasurer, Cosmopolitan, Gregg Artist, Public Speaking. BOB KIDD-Academic: Senior A President. Student Council lll, Thrift Club ill, House of Dele- gates i2l, Knight, Chaplain, Var- ' sity "V' ,Se-cretary' Varsity Track, Oarsman Staff ill, Boys' Union ill, Fire Brigade, Boys' Battalion. BET'TlE KING-Commercial: Home Economics Club, Dramatics, Girls' Glee, Nawigator. PAUL KlSlCKl - Industrial: Latin Club, Radio Club, Senior Band, Oarsman Reporter PHIL KOVlNlCK-Academic Stu- dent Council i3l, Student Body President ill Chief Justice lll, Judge ill Xfarsity Football, Cap- tain ill- Varsity Baseball, Soft- ball, Delphian lol, Secretary ill, Roman Lamp Boys' Union ill Naxigator lil, President, Vice- President Xarsity Secretary ill' Bots Battalion Cosmopoli- tan, Oarsrnan sports editor i2l. Knight, scribe' Gondolier sports' editor ill, Vice-President ot Western League, winner ot Grittin Trophx. Scholarship i3l, Citizen- ship ill, Executixe Committee ill Ephobian. IOHN LEWlSfAcademic1 Student Council ill Delphian t2l, Amer- ican-.lapanese Club, French Club, Eco Swimming, Tumbling, Navi- gator, House ot Delegates ill, knight, Commander, Senior Bee President Public Speaking, Senior Orchestra BARBARA LINDBERG - Arti Stu- dent Court Judge ill, Student Council ill, Delphian i5l, Pres- ident ill, Vice-President ll l, Roman Lamp, Chatelaine, Vice- President ill, Lady, Secretary tll, Drarnatics, Public Speaking, House ot Delegates lll, Vice- lgrcsident of Senior A Class, Ephe- ION, VICTOR LIOTTA - Academic: Stu- dent Council lll, Boys' Union President tll, Cee Basketball, Bee Basketball, Tennis, Varsity "V" l4l, Secretary lil, Delphian l5l, Vice-President lll, Roman Lamp, Knight, Esquire, Thrift t2l, Boys' Battalion, Cosmopolitan, Senior Band, Public Speaking, Ephebian. JOHANNA LOWE-Commercial: G. A.A., Lettergirl l3l, Delphian l5l, Secretary lll, Roman Lamp, Senior Home Economics, Presi- dent, Treasurer, Chatelaine, Pub- lic Speaking, Thrift Ill, Student Court Clerk lil. MARY MAHONEY-Academic: Stu- dent Council lll, Student Court Judge lll, G.A.A., Lettergirl l3l, Delphian l2l, Thritt l-ll, Public- ity Chairman, Latin Club, Chate- laine, House of Delegates Ill, Senior Band, Oarsman Statt l2l, Editor ill. ROBERTA MAIOMAN - Academic Cosmopolitan, Oarsman Staff lll. JENNIE MARQUEZ - Commercial: G.A.A., Delphian 121, Senior Home Economics Club, Gregg Ar- TIST. IRENE MCCLELLAN-Commercial. Delphian 12l, Senior Home Eco- nomics Club, Secretary l2l, Sec- retary of Senior A Class. WADE MCVAY-Industrial: Swim- ming, Printshop. PHYLLIS MEANS-Commercial: Stu- dent Body Treasurer, Girls' League Treasurer, Bookstore Manager, Delphian l2l, Navigator l4l, Thrift l2l, Public Speaking. PERRY MIYAKE-Industrial: Base- ball, lEvacuated in Aprill. DAVE MONTOYA-Academic: Bee Baseball, Aviation Club Oarsman Assoc. sports editor l2l. BOB NEECE-Academic: Cee Bas- ketball, Bee Basketball, Managers' Club, Publicity Committee, Public Speaking. IRVING NELSON - lndustrial: Sr. Band, Sr. Orchestra, Manager of Gym Team, scoreboard. JEAN NOVOTNY-Commercial: G. A.A., Lettergirl, Cosmopolitan. Gregg Artist, Public Speaking. MARJORIE NUTILE--Commercial GEORGE LUCKHAUPT-Academic lennis, manager 'lil AV'3f'0V' Club, Secretary-Treasurer! C05mOj politan, Gondolier Staff, BOYS Battalion. COLLEEN MAY MAHAN-Acade rnic: Girls' League Treasurer llli Spanish Club lll, Garden Club fll Cosmopolitan, President iilQ Thrift lll, Oarsman staff l2l, Gondolier Staff BOB MANDEMAKER-General: Situ,- dent Council lll, VarsitY, V sergeant-at-arms ill, President Ill, Varsity Football, Knight, Navigator, Fire Brigade, PublIC Speaking, Football First String All-Western, All-City, and All- Southern California. PAUL MANLEY-AcademiCi HOUSE of Delegates lll, TumbIinQ- DOROTHY MCINTIRE-fCOFrtm9VClal3 G.A.A., President, Historian, l-ef' fergnl l2l, Home Economics Club, Treasurer 'ZH GVQQQ AV' tist, Venetian Lady, TVGBSUVBV- MYLES McGOUGHfAcademic1 Bee Swimming, Captain, Public Speak- ing DONNA MEREDITH-Home Eco- nomicsz Sr, Band. JACOB MITCHELL-Commerclall Cosmopolitan, Track. THELBY MORGAN-Academic ROSA MICHIYO NAKAGl-Home Economics: Delphian lll, Amer- ican-Japanese Club. lEvacuated in Aprill, PHIL NOELL - Academic: Varsity "V" il l, Varsity Basketball, Dee Basketball. IRENE NORDQUIST-Home Eco- nomics: G.A.A., Lettergirl tll, Delphian l2l, Cosmopolitan, Gon- dolier Staff, Sr, Band. MITSURA OBA - Industrial: Foot- ball. lliyacuated in Aprill. ANDY ODEN - Industrial: Stage Crew, manager l2l, Public Ad- dress, manager l2l, Public Speak- ing. CLIXER F-ik-Ajilen' C Ee: F:a'I:a' Hiuse :' Ee egstes ' Ifewgatir lrrf' u5'If Qui Eows bnicn fr Er: Sr Ctnes- tra Publi: Sceamcr WADE PARKMG New-3 Carsmac recirter LOIS PETERSEN-Academic G A A yell leader Illj Delphian I-I Chatelaine, Cosmopolitan, Public Speakmg, A Capella. JESSICA PETTIT-Home Economics, gl-louse of Delegates ill, GAA Corresponding Secretary, Letter- girl, Delphian III, Home Eco- nomics Club, President, Vice- President, Secretary. BOB PIERCE-Academic: Stage Crew, head projectionist 2', head recorder IlI, in charge ot noon music. CALVIN PORTER-Academic Bee Swimming, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Track Varsity 2, Spanish Club. KATHRYN ROBINSON - Commer- cial: Thrift Club 5 I, Public Speaking. LUCILLE RONAN-Academic' Del- phian ISI, Roman Lamp, lnldirigs ISI, Secretary Ili, tlavigatbr l2I, Senior Orchestra, TETSLJO SHIOTA-Academic Tumbling, Track, Varsity "V' ISI, Managers' Club, House ot Delegates 'lI, Knight, American- Japanese Club, Treasurer il President Ili, Public Speaking, A Capella, first place in Lions' Club Oratorical Contest 'Evacu- ated in Aprill. ELIZABETH SILVESTPI-I-rt Se' lor Home Economics Cluc ARTHUR SltJGERfAcademic Cee Basketball, Latin Club Gondoller Business Staff, Drarharics, A Ca pella, CARLO SPARTI-Fine Arts Del- phian III, Dramatics, Senior Or- chestra, concert master I6I, stu- dent director of "Oh' Doctor" ELAINE SPEEDE-Cornmercial Del- phlan ISI, Roman Lamp, Thritt III, Gregg Artist, Vice-President, Chatelaine, Oarsman Staff, As- sistant Clrculation Manager, Gon- clolier Staff PAUL SUDDETH-Academic Tum- bling, Navigator Ili, Cosrnopoll tan, Oarsman Staff 'lu A CB' pella ,I it A 1 .x ' , Q s x I Y K . li wo, U . . I 4. , - ,mx : - ,wt 4- , .. I i I' N -' i 4 , fl A ,N if d sc, ,L ,. ,L-5 HWS IWNY' :gf .- Academic' I-IKOW ' ARTHUR P'j5,., Swnrrlmmg d U B 5 .,. Aca emic: eg RAY PE5l4II:'IarS,fy Baseball, Bee Baseball, Yarswy Basketball, Fire Eootgje' QUE- Battalion. V S' T ,neg :FEIFFER-Academic: ,j'f'41, Varsity "V" l3l, Ser- 'f:,i,3rVarmsg House of Dele- il: XJBVlQ8fOY, President, Vice- ffelfjent, Secretary: Boys' Bat- 'Q- Public Speaking, Varsity 2 isxetball, captain, Varsity Track, ffgaptainj First String AIl-Wes1'- V I- League Basketball, Second 5-- ng All-City Basketball. KESJNETH PHILLIPS - Academic: tarsity Swimming Bee Swimming, xavigator 151, Varsity "V" ISI, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Boys' Battalion. RICHARD REXER-Academic: Del- phian 'l , Bee Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity "V" 'II, Oars- rnan sports editor li, House of Deiegates I . MERRILL RCEERTS-Academici Bee Football. gy LX IA SEHRNC-Academlz. Dei- pn.5'- ' , R055 MARE SHEFFLER-Academic: gg A A Ser-.Cr Home Economics C ,rg Publ : Speakir-3, mt SIMESTR -Inc-SWS' New L . qatsr 2 C-ECTS " Z Pubhc gxak -3 Lgng Club CITIZEGSPIID -XNBYC .-,gk SIMCNSON-Acacenvi. -X ar- SM mail, kr-Ignv A cartella Gs'-:ci cr 5'-aCS"Cf ffl 'N 'Hints SMITH-Art SQA A Let- tcrg rl S DCICYWISI' 5' R0mf'1 Lynp Ccsrnorqlitan Oramatics. vAR5ARET SNA 'DER - -Xcademiii Cbsnwopc 'tan Nurses HSIDCV 70 K X sr -'xllcn : r -T113-Xl -X LEON-XRD STOINEHAM- ik'-Nr 'f Q Student Council Ill. Gsm-Q 0- 5 IN C, 4 A Delphian V I-1' L ut- Qhatelaine Ill. I 'W' A I House ot Del' Cf:3f':P farsnwan Staff IZIA ESTHET ' so L X Nsadenwic GAA-I it Naxigator l2'. GC, 30050 Club, SEI'- ' Q ' Thrift Club D5 L. Ladx House of ttf f I-'wrt Club Pub- -Xrr Exacuated In MER LE VERR ET-Academic: G.A,A., MARTIN TAYLOR-Academic: Del- phian 133, Navigator 12l, Projec- tion Crew. LeROY TER BORC H-General EMMA JEAN VALDEZ-Common cial: G.A.A., Historian 1ll, Lot- 1-ergirl 13l, Vice-President 1ll, Delphian 13l, Gregg Artist, Girls' League, Vice-President. HELEN VANDERHORST-Academic: 1:-if -ui Navigator, House ot Delm s Dramatics. A I wi 4, . , .- M 1, l f , gf. .. - " I ' f JOHN WEIER- omrnercial: Track ' af X ' X Manager il l, Cosmopolitan, Man- ,, 5' 'iis 'A Q agers' Club, Thrift 121, Boys' Union, Fire Brigade, Public Speak- ' , , ing' v ' , .- , i I n . fit filth C it ,Q " V- 'N 5 ' i Q SHIRLEY WEIER-Commercial, G.A. iEQ5,fgL"ap:.f3,3g5 'A -Q95 x f, ,J A. and Junior Council at River- fl. . SN side Poly HiQh, :Q-ifi?'377':N' 1 1-,g i-, fi., " . . S ,sws Jn L A" fl f h as "" A ' . T 3 X 1 ,, ,Ls , f i ' Al y? , LLOYD WESTLUND-Industrial HOWARD WILEY-l ndustrial ALMA LAVERNE WOODS - Acade- mic: Delphian ill, Cosmopolitan, Spanish Club, Oarsman Associate Editor, Gondolier Staff, Publicity Committee, Girls' League Secre- 'tary, Honorary Journalism Society, in A ', -,J it 'Q is A 'LJ gi it A Camera Shy dir 6? , xy i' J I 1 X 1 I is .Ju f if I X HAROLD THOMPSON - Academic House of Delegates 1ll, Tum- bling. TAMOTSU UTSUKI - Academic: Gym Team, captain 1ll, Ameri- can-Japanese Club, Varsity "V" 161, Executive Committee, A Ca- pella, 1Evacuated in Aprill. LOIS VERNER-Commercial: House of Delegates 127, Navigator 15l, Gregg Artist, Dramatics, Gondo- lier Staff. Lettergirl 13l, Venetian Lady, Navigator 14l. BETTY JEAN WILSON-Commen cial: Student Council 1il, Stu- dent Body Secretary, G,A.A, 16l, Delphian 14l, Thrift Club 15l, Gregg Artist, Oarsman Staff 1ll, ARTHUR WILDBECK-Cee Basket- ball, Dee Basketball, Cee Track, Photography Club, Public Speak- ing. TOM WILLIAMS-Commercial: Del- phian 141, Cosmopolitan, Thrift Club, second and third place in short story contests. JEANETTE WITT-Home Economics: Senior Home Economics Club. RUTH ZUNDELfAcaclemic: Cosmo- politan, Public Speaking. TOM COLLI NS, DOLOR ES BOB BOHANNON, LUISE CAMPBELL, DORIS CHRISTOFFENSON, DUTCHER, MARJORIE GARRETT, IRVING GILLINGHAM, COLLEEN HICKS, MARILYN MASCHO, KATHERINE MILLS, LUCILLE MOORE, IRVING ROSEN, BOB STONE, BONNIE TALBERT, RALPH TUEBNER. i29 Friends of the Gondolier The Gondolier staff wishes to express appreciation to the following patrons of the Gondolier and to the advertisers on the pages that follow. Without the generous assistance of these friends of Venice High School, publication of this l942 edition of the Gondolier would not have been possible. Miss Rosalie Budington Fraser Pharmacy George Reimer Service Station Alfred A. Fields Angelo's Barber Shop Mar Vista Beauty Salon G. Gobio Kathy McGarry Mrs. Christine McGarry Iohn Morley Compliments of a friend Venice Paint and Wall Paper Store H. Cr D. Home Supplies Dr. Iohn Weslow Mrs. L. G. Poole M. P. Anderson Mrs. I. E. Asher E. R. Paulbeck Mrs. B. Burdett, Venice Women's Club McNeil's Super Service Owen Keown, Chevrolet dealer California Cleaners and Dyers Mrs. R. L. Horton Compliments of a friend Compliments of a friend Pettit's Ladies of the Venice Red Cross Mrs. A. Speede Mrs. A. Rau, P. T. A. President Miss Agnes Speede, W'37 Pittman's Grocery Store Holbrook's Market City Hall Drug Company Bunker's Meats Walgrove Grocery Marie's Cafe Bassett's Iewelry Dr. W. A. Lady Zephyr Printing Company Dusine Beauty Shop A. K. Grafton Gearing Brothers Shaw's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Vcrner Venice Lions' Club 130 REMBRANDTIEBARON PHOTOGRAPHERS ARTISTIC PORTRAITURE WEDDINGS IN STUDIO OR HOME PASSPORT AND IDENTIFICATION PHOTOGRAPHS Phone 41715 1427 V2 Third Sf. Santa Monica LUNCHEONS FULL COURSE DINNERS WEEK DAYS ll TO 2:30 Week Da s 4:30 1 3.30 Sundays IYZ Noon 138:30 , V. V: ,V,., V, Mas. REEDER'S HOMESTEAD INN Beveru es In the Shade of the 0111 Ezfphfmf Tree 9 ' ' Southern Fried Chicken Santa Monica Blvd. at 22nd ST. . Delicious . I E re- B nquet Room Santa Monica, Calif. Lit h'-g L61 ' h In . I Ill ltfbB1r,e1ei"S'rie?i I "The Best for Less" ' orange.grZL2.ELeeK .ik , . ?i?Tlp,T0matO Cock- BeARDs ,-In I S Q 55 5 and IO Cent Store -Z W A . . . E A ' es af: 1901 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, Calif. TT E' Mildred's RECORDS COTTAGE BEAUTY SHOP PHONE SM. 85804 Radios, Recording Supplies OPEN EVENINCS AND SUNDAYS L L 0 Y D S l42l WASHINGTON 131.vo. verxiice, c:AL1e. 2120 Lincoln Blvd Venice PATTEN-BLINN LUMBER CO. We DeI!ver CORSAGES C S.M. 6I3l3 FUNERAL DESIGNS IN e , S NEAL s FLOWER si-1oP 4th cf coLoRAoo SANTA MONICA FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCWON WILBUR DINGMAN PHONE 51136 - ASHLEY 43051 om, 246f,EHQifff:'fxL'f:f"" BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1942 MISSIUN ENGRAVING CUMPANY IOFFICIAL ENGRAVER FOR Ti-IE GONDOLIERI WALDO EDMUNDS, MGR. YEARBOOK DEPT. 421 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, California WM. W. TAMKIN Specializing in TOWEL SUPPLY SERVICE GYM TOWELS 1018 Venice Boulevard PR. 1787 IOHNSTON'S Fi.oRisT Open Evenings and Sundays Free Delivery S Flowers By David CORSAGES - WEDDING BOUQUETS SPECIALISTS IN FUNERAL WORK I-136 FOURTH STREET SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA Phone 51235 Anywhere PHONE4OFFICE: 61312 RESIDENCE 6I33 KELLER PLUMBING CO. A Complete Plumbing Service WATER HEATERS, REFRIGERATORS, GAS RANGES, ROOM HEATERS, FIXTURES. FITTINGS, ETC. MARY ETTA BEAUTY SHOP ITIS Lincoln Boulevard l l PIWON? 64508 Vemcc, California 2301 Lincoln Blvd. VQFUCCI Calif J I CAMERAS, FILMS, PHOTO SUPPLIES 4-MM... .e..,,.,...L-. NEW COLOR FILMS ALL SIZES GIFTS 4 COSTUME IEWEI-RY Genuine Eastman Agency CIREETING CARDS TCIUDITOQC IO7 Broadway 1224 THIRD STREET SANTA MONICA Sgntg IVIOI-yicav Callfl 2 ervice is QL lo' RNGER' Q9'mY9'Q Q-' il I 5 I -I, 9' fl In I l -o E o l 5 y , u i 9 'I228 SOUTH FLOWER ST. PROSPECT 0347 l IOYCE'S ARdmore 8-2l58 ASI'1Iey 4-3220 MOTHER AND DAUGHTER TOGS I SIXTEEN LANES l Nationally Advertised Doris Dodson Dresses I E I ' H , 0 0 XCUM We Culver City Recreation l Complete Line of Ready-to-Wear cons BEACHWEAR SWEATERS - SUITS HOSIERY 9524 Washington Boulevard slums CATALINA LINGERIE - - JACKETS BAT:-time PURSES Culver CNY' Cam' BLOUSES suns sLAc:Ks 3333 Main Sf- Culvef CIW 1. W. I-BILL" Rooov, vice Pres, G oem, Mgr. CAD. I-IINDERER AUG, Avian. PHONE S.M. 53002 Cycle and Sport Shop BROOKS SHOES BICYCLES - WHEEL TOYS GUNS, AMMUNITION, TENNIS AND ATHLETIC GOODS - RACKETS RESTRUNG Fourth and Broadway, Santa Monica, Cal. THOMAS DRY GOODS 1807 Lincoln Boulevard LADIES' AND CHILDRENS' READY-TO-WEAR MEN'S FURNISHINGS - HOSIERY IVICCALL AND ADVANCE PATTERNS Dr. H. G. Foote DENTIST PROFESSIONAL BUILDING Venice, California IVENICE HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNUSJ Service by TEl6pllO716 I33 FEED TOOLS EMPLDYMEIIT With more than 15,000 Willis grad- uates placed in employment . . . A capable statt ot teachers . . . The WHlTELYvs most modern systems ot Bookkeep- ing, Accounting, Shorthand and allied business subjects taught . . . Housed in our own building, ade- quately and handsomely equipped . . . Over 90 per cent of the employ- ers of office help in the Bay Cities employing one or many Willis grad- uates . . . Twenty-five years of ex- perience in training young men and women tor employment in business . . . it would seem that Willis Col- lege training can benefit young peo- ple seeking employment. High School graduates can soon qualify for employment by training at Willis. ENROLL IUNE 29, IULY 6 WILLIS SANTA MONICA BUSINESS MAR VISTA HARDWARE Open Sundays 9 A.M. to 12 Noon PHONE S.M. 77157 12122-4 VENICE BLVD. LINGERIE COSTUME JEWELRY HOSIERY COSMETICS MAR VISTA SHOPPE MRS. B. W, BURNS, Proprietor 12300 Venice Boulevard MAR VISTA, CALIF. WOMEN'S AND MISSES' DRESSES, SLACK SUITS INFANTS' AND CHlLDREN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING Fuller Service COLLEGE , V r V 7 A HANCOCK OIL CO. PRODUCTS "I OL WILL LIIXE OIR SCHOOL' 1441 rourem smear PHoNs zioso TELEPHONE R E. PARKER, owner ms. G. Bono, Bus. Mgr. 5,M, 77157 12553 VENICE BLVD. NU MODE SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA BAGS SPORTSWEAR PHONE SM- 57252 CRADUATINC CLASS OF lEWELRY WATCHES DIAMONDS EXPERT WATCH REPAIRINC '42 CHARLES IEWELRY STORE VENICE, CALIF. 4 Windward Avenue Phone S.M. 64143 Compliments of Ralph E. Burns, D.D.S. 12236 Venice Boulevard MAR VISTA, CALIF. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WATER CO. Cla rk's BooI'ery FREIDMAN-SHELBY AND RED COOSE SHOES 3850 Main St, Culver City 1718 MAIN ST. VENICE, CALIFORNIA PHONE S.M. 63138 - Compliments of HICKS ICE CREAM IKNOWN AS CURRIESJ Compliments of SALLY'S WARDROBE SHOP NEW AND USED DRESSES, COATS, ETC. LOCfQeS,ei,f0fn,ifjPCe H,,,fb,fllgf5 1117 WASHINGTON BOULEVARD Compliments CANNON SUPER SERVICE f Complete Auto Maintenance O PHONE DAVIS 5-I0-25c STORE 5-M 77'27 1 I W . waShIl1gf0l'l BIVd. as mgton Blvd' Vemce Corner of Lyceum and Washington Blvd. ARCH SUPPORTS ORTHOPEDIC MADE TO ORDER SHOE MAKING HEALTH SHOES ROBERT M. CHASTAIN RaIph's 5c, I0c, Z5c Stores IZZO4 Venice Blvd. I428 Trolleyway phone at Market Mar Vista California S.M. 65370 Venice, California BREAKFAST LUNCHEON DINNER SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATIONS-GLASSES FITTED SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS EFFIE'S CAFE Dr. Alvin I. Klein MRS. EFFIE MURRAY Open 24 Hours 21 I8 Lincoln Blvd. Phone 6I446 45 Windward Avenue Near Venice Blvd., Venice, Calif. For Appomfment vemce' Cahf' Compliments of MRS. WALKER'S BLUE LANTERN LUNCH IIOZ Washington Blvd. Records ..... Music al' WILSON MUSIC CO. 3rd STREET ARCADE, SANTA MONICA BY ELMIRO THEATRE "Complete Line of All Makes of Records" PHONE s.M. saeo-4 1239 Washington Blvd. 5.M. 61150 We Wire Flowers BOVERO'S FEED Q SEED Q PLANTS Q I PET SUPPLIES FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS FLORIST Make Us Your Headqzaarters Tru Our Fountain EVERYTHING FOR YOUR 0 DRUG NEEDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES WEAVER PUBLISHING CO. COMMERCIAL AND SOCIAL PRINTING FROM CARDS TO CATALOCUES COLOR WORK - ADVERTISING FOLDERS ENCRAVINC - OFFICE FORMS REASONABLE PRICES LARGEST PRINTING PLANT IN THE BAY DISTRICT LINCOLN BLVD. PHARMACY IPost Office In conriectionl Second Sf. C' 'is,SSfi2fO'?UT phone 64522 L"'w'n 62n?5..?e'ba SANTA MONICA Compliments of -.1 .fi I Y , , D'S N I vow: like BERUN I ' Q ff. SCHOOL I A'..,, DRESS oxEoRDs V I gg5,KLA SHOES I I , . . A e I 52.29 , , e555,29E.5.....:.5.:. Q,,:V.,:Q:WWV j i.. " ij, - I 53.45 I To 2 '.,,' ,-,::,' T O f 5 E -as ,.ez5iEIQ35sQEi25fQZf'125.1 53.30 9 54.15 ' G I ' ,.VQ ..:: :XQQC :34 f.f.: E -1... I lia I - :': ' I .1.,:- 'I 5 B E R L A N D ' S 1416 3rd Street, Santa Monica THE RECREATION AND AMUSEMENTS ARE VITAL FOR CIVILIAN MORALE CLAIRE 5H0ppE . . . VENICE PLUNGE RIDES, SLIDES, AND C-AMES EXCLUSIVE LADIES' AND IVIISSES' VEMCE AMUSEMENT MER READY-To-WEAR 3820-22 Main Street Phone: ARdmore 8-9615 Culver City, Calif. it Open Every Day of the Year" Phone S.M. 61529 BOULWARE'S MALT SHOP FOUNTAIN SERVIC NOTIONS 2203 Lincoln Blvd. Phone S.M. 85581 Venice, Calif. E, IUMBO MALTED MILK, KAN EER'S PHOTO SHOP CE FORMIERLY OF VENI NOW LOCATED AT 2816 MAIN SRTEET 102 OCEAN PARK Compliments of W. A. GOODMAN 6' SONS SPORTING C-OODS 9 S. Broadway PI. Los Angeles 136 Congratulations to the Classes of '42 from CANIPBELIIS HEADQUARTERS FOR EVERYTHING FOR THE GRADUATE I Or' IVIEN, VVOMEN onu BOYS SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD NEAR FOURTH "VARSITY SUITS SPORT COATS AND SLACKS S25 and Up S15 - 57.50 FREE PARKING ACROSS STREET Between 3rd and 4th Streets on Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica GALLONS . . . HALF GALLONS l "Try Our Milk - There is a Difference - Why Gamble LESCOULIE DAIRY 4130 Ocean Park Ave. Venice, Calif. The Name Visitors Welcome All Dairy Products 5 A.M. to 7 P.M. Phone s.M. 62030 2 A COOKSON'S FOOD MARKET is your safeguard and I i s. HERBERT, QUALITY MEATS "ml on Phone 61464 703 veniee Blvd. Tl TDC VCTY Best "WE DELIVER Cottage Cheese APPRECIATION 4 ' S Thanks are extended to the Douglas BAKING Aircraft Company for the use of four engravings showing views of airplanes 180' Blake AVC-. LOS Angeles and of the Douglas factory. Ph OL H3 one ympia I l37 a Q , N 1 1 11 'I 'J r ' ' 'r , . A ,V L , 11 Rr I U 'mi If lik I, , f x I If y 1 'f ,f Xa 1 YA MEAN TO SAY was came il E Y ONLY HAS THQEE CANNON AND 5 A X U ff Q Emma ,ff I N. Ne-4.5, ' W N A Ea- 9 -r jl N X " 6 5 'N-x wx nw-X , " NI Q X x XL Q L Q ' -W NX L, X lg-ZLL 1- ,.-- - , - H .,,4'f -.-W Q, U , S . , N fi TEN macmme GUNS om ur ff 'X ' A If 10 K "" ' V-rs X. ,Z , 4 A lf i X . if J I Signaiures gf fvf , f' fr I ,,. , , 1 fi- , f' x . g J I 4 i M 'U I .V ,, er VY L MQW f Qi, fffff . . WG YNJJJ my by gi X If LIU - ' ,f 1 k! ,,f' 2, ,ya- Signafures Signafures J Signafures . J A' , -14' f- up . KJ J Vue 5 I 1, Up' .Q . - 1' , ,MJ ' I ,I IJUIXU, JVV1 .1 1 1 1 . WWF ., "' ,j 'ii 'tj I, ,ff ,. , ,bf 5, lj J 1 f v IL- lj, Ulf ! , , f C 1 :YJ I5 1 . ,L , ' ,J L OOXNJ uh Q Ama l. . QQ fm TNQ 9 W xo . . V, A " A Q QE? X s3 QQXXE 3. Sf? 43355 W Signafures 'K , fi' I . 'n f QV 14 uf Lflga,-'fjyivf j ' ' i ' V ' I, A , QV L ,fb Zflik, f f44'f!i"'L Lg, . ff, VV,, If LZ JIM ff -x . J MJ! N 1 jf J, , , Iv J KAN? j. K if k d K, A, iw ,f ' f ,J A - r J 51' 1 y..yx., jf", fb I J!! Ax "I ,' I J' JB' 'wrvxff ,' XX ff Q. x jff.,"JA fd! J fljrj fw-MJ5' Mffww. My if ' 1 -rf' W7 4,444 jf I Wnafures fd , ' M W V if ,M5'f J, Up . 91910 if vf W Ly'P4 fi M Mfyff K D , L my 49 X ! Vg? ,Ny id' W qpfv .. lfwf .Fx My ,lxw WM' viii r s Q, 1- 1" ,,.. i , ., - 31, ,ff ...., 'sf' I ,b , f ., 'sy 1 . .Q Jw ,If Nas! ' -fu 51 M . -T RW . f :fl ,f', I , ' ' ,a.2Q If-ff, mf? .T , . bi M 5 'P 11 S- -' 'rr' A Z' vga, M M . 'A 4 ' ,L La, 'W-. 1 , "ff-, 1 ..'- ltvgf .uf -f f4ii1?"h'f5Ql 6.4 me' lm 'Q' -w .' i .-jig FQ . tjai ,L I ,-4 ,iv .fl ju, Ai V Aff: . FE. . V,-ff 'W 3 'uf Bef g , 4- , H ,A, A . .2 . ,Z v-fi, 2, 'W ,-:.:,',fv ' Z-ii. ',,9'1fv,,, H2-, ,' JI," ZW' my ' 2' ai'E"5 fi' r .' ' ,,:4wi! ..,:- '21 '12 ,fa . 'gy-3, I .' ,N Q, , in-5 5, ,rv "wig: 1-4 'A' . ir 'M I, :w'!1',1,2.w 3-A . fllmfizu 4 'ri'-:ww-E' "F Ida". ' ,1., r ryykm zwlfiwqk 22. hu- '4v.-:1,',Q,f. 11- '!,g'.Li'3L'T 1 ' 31935 x' .fa'.?i4- W 51,3 7 ':Y,,v,,2 1. - N K '.,.-. .J,,.x1,,:FQj ,ef- si " 5 7" 12: U 1.2: if ':'.4. ,."" 4.4-u kg .1 -.H 1 3,1 555 5 , f 'rf ,Q vw- MH ,V -sf ,..' .. xwisi sf' . 'af'-M' . r 21? . -fr 114 - -fr'--w. - , mr 1 iw J: ' ,M . "ff 53 17 . me . I . 5 1 ':, RIT M., - - .I 1. V", ,M - mr' NP Si3g7fgpi3M 'WW i f pf H! -"N ' D X Milf gif Q rf ffiffzf ggfx AS 3533 X25 fffiyy if Ang WM ,WW

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