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The gondvlier ,QE A wifi 1 Nf"' " -50, w . -7 0 -I. , . -.aww 4' , ! 1 'AAA h ,J 4 A ga., W V5 , A X 'Y I , Mi? ' .M K ' w 4..BA1..i1.l-l The gondolzek 1939 I I L 2 Published by ASQIWQU' 9 - - ' ' is ? W X? up sg VENiCE HIGH SCHOOLS AIR-MINDED PRINCHPAL ' Q xv Q ,gr - , . .. M 3 ' , ' W 21. A wr' fs, jg. Q? .,f Q J bedzcatwn LLLIHSL L.l L 7 171117171 l L L NL dflllvl LLL 1 1 tc Q L Q L l 7 HLA 7Ll N mf K FLYC Q 0 B" nf I1 fm ymffy lf yalry, imc f I 1 um xhzgi cs zwff am lm ,xplcmild gxmimlu' zmf kc 'H f ' of msficc, ulxu PM'CL1llSU wwf fzuv' mtfz1c.s1L1sm' ivzfcwxt an um ' . A thu class of 1939. Fwlzuu' it fm 151 1 nur' this L11'mrz'm1 Lmfitwn rvftf1'Cm1i1fic7' mme' 1"1 pm 'qu 1'-Nfis: C flun1"r mu if 'uv' xf rifh Lieutenant Thomas Lawson Thurlow Jr Venice alumnus and member of the graduatang class of W25 played an mmportant role In the record breaklng and epochal round the world flrght of Howard Hughes ln V938 when he acted as navlgator Lneutenant Thurlow has en deared hnmselt to Vemce alum Nl and students both because of his skzll and courage as an avlator and because of hrs gra cxous and modest personalvty lt IS rndeed a prxvllege to have the foreword of the Gondolaer written by this former Venice student who rs ranked among the foremost aviators of today Thomas Lawson Thurlow W 25 THE BELIEF that the modern aurplane a product of arnazlng engnneenng and shop skvll us the most unpredactable of man made machmes rs unlversal among test pllots The numerous data accumulated rn ww-d tunnels powerplart laboratones englneerlng rom the drattlne boards and rn the axr pa tlentlt, awaat the touch of a Newton to be torrnu lated unto concuse unernng laws to gurde rn tl' design constructron and performance predlctnon of snops f heavver than aur craft Those who have penetrated the lower levcls of the sub Stratosphere In modern alrplanes parnfully realrz the hrgher Stratosphere rs tar from conquered Wlll rocket craft be demanded rn nts eventual conquest? The present arrcratt engune rnechanrcal marvel that rt 1 lC aomrttedly madequate and nnefflcuent Do re cent metallurgacal advances ln alrplane turbxne super chargers polnt toward the future development of the rotary engnnef' Wall :ce and fog continue to exact other problems wnll plague and perplex the englneers and operators of future years To comxng generatuons the anfant lndustry of modern tumes prornuses the romance of ploneenng m an abundant and satvsfymg measure Truly nt wall present barriers and obstacles qunte as real formed able and fascunatrng as those encountered by geo graphucal explorers of the past, barners and obstacles constltutnng a challenge that the youth ot today and tomorrow cannot leave unaccepted . . Q I I t h . S, V , I A , V E ' . , 1 ' , ' ' their exhorbitant yearly toll of human lite? These and y, h . al Y . . - . A ' ' , ' ' ' .Q . . . . HN g, - . :ef q, f ,, :H ,ff ' L , . A ff! 'r Q 1 -M ew 1- aww, Howard Hughes Lockheed 14, navugated by Thomas Thurlow, salutes New York Cnty as nt Hn lllemol-14 ALFRED G EORC O such ans And lzfe IS And all he E he was there be ew on earth all the sweeter that he lwed loved more sacred for hrs sake 0 " f ' ' , f 1 Of such as he is, there are few in Heaven THE CONTROLS SQUADRONS FORMATIONS MANEUVERS THE LOC if 2' WI' ,jf?'g1? 5' 5',,, . A' ' , rex! ,f ,I f. ,Sl . ' ' eivxsg L J 1 2 - A yf ,rv . Qs . 1 -gr. Y I . Q. I ' . , F 1 3, , ' Q Q l Y , H, 'ya 2 g 1 'W 4:0 . - ' . J f ' I , Q 1 'J h. x 'D' W 1, ,Q "7 . s 3' I I ,V S 1 E. gk nr Q Q' A in K A ' . , lf' ws 1, v f .3'..1, :mv -f Q S 'ly it 6 Q ' . V.. 5 X! xr as . ggi V y f X 2 .3 . f , , sf' Ai f 1 A W2 if NX .5 X ", 303 f , ze 2 f- QV' idx- 61-l"' ' af' A In ,,,DU Q M 's.. . A ,i A of xg " 1?- ,, an gi K is . 'Q I .,.., if 'V F-QW S V z : V X D 2 Q , f 'F '- ::"' we . ,. an 'L . ' 1 .,,., .,.," Q. "1 Q- A , W W . i , W1 if , U ' 0 --. -. L! ' , ,F 'gf A r 5 Q '?'iif'kx.i' Au 4 'f H Q i asm, 1 4 r I , is jf-fgLf " kj' J' fsgtn ..!L,.,,, 5 5-?l,ii'5f'i,l:.gj -3,- 3 , 5-Mu- K vw S it Nw.. was Mx be amfhigirzr Quik , K KM' +,,,,w qc Quwmm - Q if 'M "'h"wvw-Q -M-M QQ.-Q.. g'T""""-Q A, m""lew ,QM , N I : www J E5 'mags W as WL ww Kwwwgx , ..' Eu W 1 if s 2 ,F if 5 X 1 :F l THE FIRST FLIGHT December l7 l903 marks the begunnlng ot a new em n transportation wuth the advent of the fu st ueeessful power driven airplane by Orville Wright e I men o the drcims o others luke Langley who gave thur time and evcn Saentrced thelr luves to perfect a method whereby man could conquer the aur Today the airplane has linked the nations of the world Vaeatronlsts and business men aluke have be come aur mrnded as Guant Clnpper shnps take off tor China or South America spannrng the sea rn an Incredibly short time Behlnd aur transportation of today stand the vvsuon and lnltnatuve ot pioneers lrke e Wright Brothers who have made possnble the development of the latest means of transporta tion T gl l A s Riff ta f X W . . . r is U l- ' , construrted by the Wright brothers and prloted It was th folf Il t f f '. f . . . . ' Th THE MIRACLE OF WINGS FTER MANY months of hard work an aurplane was ready to be tested' lt was December l7 l903 A general lnvltatuon was sent to the Inna to come and watch the fllers Only fnve were wnlllng to face the cold December wund to see a fly Ing machine that would not fly The machine was made ready The engine bullt by Orvllle and Wilbur Wright was started Orvllle got un And then a miracle' The alrplane ro e st yed the a r twelve seconds and landed safely' ple beglnnungs we have seen man fly across the ocean and by plane cnrcumnavlgate the earth At last man has nothnng for whnch to envy the blrds for he can fly faster than any lnvlng blrd I5 . , . ' s , a in i people of Kitty Hawk, North Caro- Twelve secondsl From such sim- PrIncIp I Clernentma de Fore t Graff n charts out courses for students FLIGHT REPORT FROM CHIEF PILOT GRIFFIN EARLY ONE MORNING I adlusted a parachute clImbed Into a plane In the seat back of the Instructor and took off Slowly we cIImbed hIgher and hIgher to 3 500 or more feet and then wIth a warnIng Don t be fnghtened the Instructor throttled the motor and poInted the nose of the plane upward Suspended for a tense moment In whIrlIng round and round I was experIenc Ing my IIFSI spIns RestraInIng a womanly shrIek I closed my eyes and grabbed the suspenders on the Instructor s chute At about I 500 feet we leveled off opened the throttle and agaIn flew upward After thIs procedure had been followed several tImes I found It possIble to keep my eyes open and to follow through wIth the stIck lo l belIeve that the thrIll of those fIrst splns was greater than my fIrst solo though I must admIt It was an awesome and sol emn moment for me when durnng a lesson a few weeks later the Instructor cllmbed out and announced C-ood luck you re off aone It was lIterally a case of do or Ie ence these same thrIlIs wIthIn the next few years When you are In the skIes alone you wIIl have need of self relIance Independent and clear thInkIng alertness and self dlSCI plIne I trust that durIng your hIgh school years you have developed and strengthened such traIts Wherever you may be and whatever your vocatIon my wIsh for each and every one of you IS Happy LandIng I ' 'a . ' 5 " I . . ' d' mid-air, we suddenly shot downward and, Many of you boys and girls will experi- f LIFE IS GIVEN to each of us to make the most of. To accomplish anything we must plan and carefully think out what we hope to do. A pilot starting a flight across a track- less ocean has a chart He keeps a close watch on his chart and his instruments it si lifes co rse lt is an venture into the unknown No one else has ever experienced your particular ad venture Each must chart his own course This requires a knowledge of self and an understanding of the world You have been gaining knowledge and understanding during your time in school Graduation brings you to the take off Survey the whole picture Decide where you want to go and with the courage of the pilot who takes his plane into the sky face bravely whatever situations you meet Always your friend MAMIE L SALLEE Girls Vice Principal NIAMIE L SALLEE CO PILOTS SALLEE AND SHAW REPORTING THIS IS an appropriate time to congratu late you on your cooperation and Splen did spirit You have whole heartedly gotten behind our various drives and realized that the good of Venice High School is to be desired above personal convenience This spirit the true spirit of democracy is something of which we may all be proud The Nation is facing a future of great possibilities for both good and evil Our times are times of change lf you can continue in this attitude of willingly ac cepting new ideas and working together for the benefit of all we may feel as sured that the future of our country is in safe hands You are worthy to carry on the ideals of our forefathers RAY B SHAW Boys Vice Principal RAY B SHAW K. .-140 QQ' afelns if 1-til S ,hw v 12? W 4' -dv Sie as fs f 9? A 'si mail ,HQ ao at of 'Ol nw 4 fr n, if. F' ,,,,,f 435' GROUND CREW Top Row Clementuna Grrffm Prlnclpal Mamie Sallee Gnrls Vlce Prnn Ray Shaw Boys Vlce Prm Grace Abbot Physvol Mlnme Allen Fnrst And Drew Amo Elec Second Row Margaret Beamlsh Math Edna Bell For Lang John Bell Phys Ed Stephanie Berthot Counselor Bertha Biggs Am Eplc Vuolet Bnscoe Am Epic Thlrd Row Myrtle Blewltt Muslc Leslyc Boatman Math Elmer Bull Draftlng Edith Burns Soc Luv Ernest Champlon Woodwork Sherman Chaney Math Fourth Row Helen Copeland Soc Lv Reld Cox Muslc Ella Crandall Foods Edward Crandall Mach Shop Agnes Crowe Math Stanley Cushing Commer Fifth Row Laura Danielson Soc St Vnvlan Dmgle Phys Ed Anna East Soc Llv Ruby Edenquast Llb Sc Gladys Flnley Art lrvlng Fordham Woodwork Slxth Row Vlola Gehlen Am Eplc Charles Green Phys Ed Edwin Hadley Chem Charles Harris Phvs Sc Gladys Hathaway World Cult Joshua Hoover Rhyslcs Seventh Row John Hughes Phys Ed Jane Hunter Am Epic Jennue Hutchison Latin Gertrude lllmgvlorth Eng Elsie Johnson Art Gretchen Klfby Eng Eighth Row Katherine Kleln knecht Math Evelyn Lolbl Clothing Wulllam Lustre Math Aluce McCluggage Am Epic Benjamln Mc Farland Phys Ed Margaret McGarry Journ l8 '. 4.L "" 1 WWA Us mf? fem . , V ' L Y as, , ,, CMF "'l' H. Q! fi W ' K,E 4 Q. . V4 H - t .....,, A , .-. .' - E A y , xl " ' , - " '. , I ,sQ, if ,f ,. f ' 'ia f - N 'pf U 4 ' J' . 5-.ff A -a - 'f-f V i""' . -- . as pn 559 ff , A .,.. I , V X ,ex -, .5 N. . ' 1 -1 4-:- k if 7 f Q a sf , f , j- - so f as l . J "-t S iff 'Q . RF , QL CJK Al Qui -7 " ' ' 35 -4255 1 0 ' . is ,. ' as g I J 5 l i 1, .lv -1 louise e,w U S RJ g A so M -- 1 b ww 5, X H I si- lf - , me . l J , vsr.. C L W . l i Af., Y I V L l J: h. , I g g ina' ' .IL Rf ' ' ,. L., J' 4 l... V N :EL ' .I I . . ' " llb... A 3, mm 4 . 1 -, l 'f if , W Y ff L S s'A Eg. . ... ,HHKai'llWE 't.? S '-:LF NLS ' In -I H ' 15 V S- was . '- Q Y J 5 A V VR: ..,. ia . up ,I T Q Y 0 . ' .ji : ' , lg I , Ig I : l I ,A , i 'G' 417' A IE,-hx e 3 as ww ,. 19 'rvff 57. 23 -at-2 QQ ffl? are-.H Pt 'Q 3E ali L. -Q A Ah J as mr H T! '36 .. say GROUND CREW 'arise if :AE 'nf ' A as.. at-.4 2: Top Row Mae McKunley Clothlng Ruth McKoane Soc L1v Elsle McLaughlm Regsstrar Lntta Matt Muslc Ethel Mllllngton Math Carolyn Mitchell Phys Ed Second Row Mary Moran Art Effle Morrl son Phys Ed Mr Norton Auto Shop Burton Oliver Bkkp Isabell Orton Am Epic Courtenay Overm Clvncs Thnrd Row delle Patterson Comfner Alma Pence Part tume Albertlne Pendleton Sc Mary Plerson Phys Ed Helen Randall Bkkp Alma Richards Sc Fourth Row Marcelln Riley Prlntlng Maude Rlvenburgh Foods Helen Rockoff Foods Clell Rogers Elec Ruth Rous Eng Allene Rowan Phys Ed Flfth Row Davld Schlosser Band Flora Schrack Eng Marla Schrelber Span John Sholtz W Cult Carl Sprung Sc Florence Taylor W Cult Sixth Row Edith Tompklns Soc Luv Aure Tucker Typing Grayson Turney Phys Ed James Van Patten Eng Martha Ward Latnn Harruet Wnllett Am Epuc Seventh Row Wrlllam Wllson Agr Harry Wnnebrenner Art Karyl Wltty W Cult G H Womble Draft Wmufred Wood Shorthand Ira Woodard Sheet Metal Office Force M W Arbogast Student Body Manager Helen Crutcher Text Book Clerk Luclle Douglas Junlor Clerk Peggy Downey Library Clerk Clara Swanson Senior Clerk Helen Tlbbetts Secretary Florence Wadsworth Junlor Clerk l9 , , - x -Q., .- . M ' Q X, l ' 'Y K! l W d I . :4 X I , VL xx SQ' I A 'VE V 1 . wh ' T, ' at Y' u- 22 'J Xl ' 11 N I . ' , ' Q 5 0 . ...A , as . X M .-'li ' Nh , ' ns' A 1 ,s. :-X ' ' if as W7 ., , 2 it -via..-14: , I ,. . ": f ' N f V M 1 V E?-E -N 2 , , 1- .-1:5 Q A A 4 E - ,. N rw X ar 'ak , Q Q a S W ' ...., A. I 5, Mfr?" . -aff C S as - - as ' E , 9- - ' + Q- A ' Q1-Q' It - T fl? H :ia M , , L . PL E ' x ., Q , ,, 1 . ly! T ar A ' T. X I!-' ' ..,. 3' v . QQ' f' - N ' . ' N R' A i l gg T - Q ,gg J , -J . y . T: 2 , , J n - A , A .. .1 . , J , -J y 4 , 4- 2 , Q ', . ,J , V: ' A , .Jr ': T ' , "' 5' ' . V 2 , I , -J, I , -2 , - 4: , 2 . J - , -1 l n , ,J D . . n -1 , , I - -Q .y ,J , h J , V : 1 , .J , J , - -1 . - , .7 ' ' , J , - , 1 Q 2 4. - , I Student Body Presudent BOB GILLETTE lfall semesterl REPORTS FROM NAVIGATORS GILLETTE HALLBERC Student Body Presudent GEORGE HALLBERC lsprlng semesterl NOW THAT the semester and my term of office have ended, l'd like to thank all of you for the loyal coopera tnon you gave me It was certasnly a pleasure to serve you as presadent Your support and enthuslasm at the football and basketball games thus year exceeded that of past years All our socual doungs and other school functuons were made possnble through your wnllmgness to co operate I hope you all feel as I do that the semester was a successful one The experlence I ganned as presudent wlll prove mvaluable nn later years and I have you the student body to thank for t Even though I am Ieavang Vennce Hugh School Vennce Hugh School wnll lways remann wrth me Sincerely BOB C-ILLETTE ALL TOO SOON the Inevitable day of leave takung has come We have spent many years at Vennce and they have been good years years fulled to capacuty wnth the excntmg experuences of dlscov ernng some part of the world of knowl edge and learnung ln thus happy task we have been guided by the sympathetuc nnstructuon of a group of very excellent teachers and admunustrators who have borne wuth the patuence of the long suf ferung our abllnty to create problems Nor have these years been devond of fnne fruendshups and many enjoyable so clal tlmes Let us hope that these Vene tlan frlendshlps wall continue to grow nn meannng and that the spnrlt of Venice dexotlon and loyalty may an the future as In the present prove a lasting unspnra ton to all of that we may prove worthy of the tume and effort whuch the educatuonal system has spent on our de velopment Perhaps at would be well for us as stu dents steppung over the threshold unto a more complex and chaotic world un whncn we must fund a place enther un work or nn hugher educatnon to bear nn mund the words of Socrates The flrst sign of a wise man when he realnzes he may be wrong GEORGE HALLBERG RLS CUE I Fall Semester MYFANWY IONES THELMA HART POLLY DeMOVILLE LORRAINE CRUTCHER Presxdent Vnce Presudent Secretary Treasurer Sprung Semester MRS SALLEE EDITH CLEAVELAND MARY WENTZ GRACE LANDIS LUCILLE WILD Advlser Presudent Vnce Presudent Secretary Treasurer IUNIOR HIGH STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Fall Semester BILLIE BROWN DONLEY BRADY JAMES HINES BETTY BUCK Presdent Vnce Presudent Secretary Treasurer Sprung Semester MR SHAW BRUCE FERGUSON BILLIE DAVIS BARBARA LINDBERC RICHARD REXER Advnser Presndent Vuce Presndent Secretary Treasurer 21 C I ' L E A 0 F F I C E R S l '7,, Y ' -.J 1. . I A S, 51 K ' I I. x , If . '1 Q. ., I ,Q s, , ' Fr s CENTRAL COMMITTEE IFalISemesterI in BOB GILLETTE S B Pres POLLY DeIVIOVILLE S B Vice Pres BETTY IO HENDRIX SB Secretary RULA ADAMS SB Treasurer GASPAR LIOTTA Senior A Pres IOHN TABOR Oarsman Editor THELIVIA HART Gondo Iier Editor CHARLES OLINGER Chief justice MYFANWY IONES Girls League Pres GEORGE ICHIEN Delphian Pres IRENE IVIEHNER GAA Pres DAVID BLISS Varsity V Pres PHILIP FRADKIN Book Store Mah ager IVIRS SALLEE Adviser I U D C E S IFaII Sernesterl ft I 22 ' , ' A +-9...-I jf. 1' I ' . I I, 'sf ' , , - - 1 , - - I , . .. I, . - 1 v V Y - ,Q , ' .1 , . . . pnuiiunvuu 'j I 0 .i 35 Lef o right: Chief Justice Charles Olinger, Rosa Mae MCC ellan, George Hallberg, Thelma Hart, Earl Smith, Mary Wentz, Arthur Damian. CENTRAL COMMITTEE lSprmg Semester! wg GEORGE HALLBERC- S B Pres ROSA MAE MCCLELLAN S B Vice Pres MARC-IE LLOYD SB Secretary RULA ADAMS SB Treasurer IACK CEARING Senior A Pres MASAO TERAOKA Oarsman Editor THELMA HART Condoller Editor CHARLES OLINOER Chief justice EDITH CLEAVELAND GIFIS League Pres EARL SMITH Delphuan Pres IRENE MEHNER CAA Pres VERN NEECE Varslty V Pres SAMMY SLAW TER Book Store Manager IOHN TABOR Debate Manager MRS SALLEE Adviser I U D G E S lSprmg Semesterl Left fo rlghf Ross Thomas, Jackre Wllllams Earl Smxth Frances Wentz Marlin Phelps, Thelma Hart, Chief Justice Charles Olmger 1 . A Q A ' 1 f S -ci G 1 ,K ., Q A 9 A 9 ff W . " A ami . X az S4 f . 6- . F "F ' 1 ' . Ayflf H1 ii' X 1 - A , ' A W 3 G i as A :ii 1 . z .H-in TQ' X A Q- A t, 44 MILITARY AVIATION Army avuatuon un the Unuted States durung the World War peruod symboluzes to many merely a peruod of mulutary flyung and combat maneuxers Few realuze that thus was un realuty the commencement of a new and rcvolutuonary era un aeronmtucs for from army traunung fuclds at Kc Sclfrudge and many others t cre spread an uncreasung enthus asm and unterest un flyung By l9l8 even the backwoods farmers had cuther heard of or seen an auryplane Today un V939 after two decades of steady uncrease un both desugn and aerual accomplush ments we fund that the Unuted States leads the world un both mulutary and commercual flyung as well as un the number of aur munded enthus uaSfS Thus hugh attaunment un the fueld of avua tuon funds uts orugun and motuye creatuon un the months of experumental traunung from l9l4 l9l8 , , Q , A t lu-,Q 1 ' , hr 1 V 5 ' . , , ,,, Q, ig ff ff was M 'MSW ff 1' I 1 ,'i-T... ff ,.fQ,Jf HJC' Qwwkw jig? 455: Magor H H Arnold has had a active career since graduating from the U S Military Academy in 1907 He was commanding officer of the Seventh Aero Squadron Panama and flight commander of the US Alaska flight in l934 Rising from one rank to another serving as com mandlng officer in various air fields from l922 to 1936 h was made Assistant Chief of the Air Corps In that year Today Maior General Arnold holds the important post of Chief of the Air Corps of the United States Army lOfficial Photograph U S Army Air Corps! WAR DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF THE AIR CORPS WASHINGTON March 9 I 939 To the Members of Venice High School Venice California The Army Air Corps is exceedingly pleased to know that the theme for The Ciondolaer of I939 is Aviation While we who are directly connected with Aviation feel that it is one of the most vital sublects in our national life yet to know that the young pcople of the United States are thinking along imilar lines is most gratifying human accomplishments the growth of aviation has been a gradual progression since its inception by the famous Wright Brothers Prior to the XfVorld War practically all flying was experimental Early in the World War all the nations engaged began to realize that aviation was more than a visionary s dream and by the end of hostilities the Airplane had assumed great importance as a military weapon With such a world wide knowledge acquired from actual experience with the airplane above the battle fields of Europe all nations began to use every effort and agency at their command to develop aircraft to augment the effectiveness of their land and naval forces They soon realized not only that increased numbers of aircraft but also that the airplane itself must be superior to those of potential enemies in speed range and load capacities Thus began the search by airplane designers of the world for greater horse power in engines new metals new types of structure more streamlined forms more efficient propellers better radio communications and perfection in all accessories which would give advantage to their airplanes over those of other na tions The wide spread dissemination of knowledge of and experience in aviation soon bore fruit in the use of this new method of transportation for other than The War Pilot took his knowledge and experience home and soon small groups and even whole com munities began to acquire air mindedness and the extensive commercial use of the Airplane including the transportation of mail personnel express and freight quickly followed Thus it is that the lessons .earned in the World War formed a lasting basis for the rapid development of Aircraft from the crude in efficient machines of l9l4 to the modern efficient and dependable modern airplane This efficiency and reliability is the basis of its present day use in peace ful transportation as well as of a weapon of modern Warfare The Army Air Corps sends greetings and desires to extend all good wishes to each and everyone of you in your chosen lin s of endeavor Sincerely yourS X Major General Air Corps Chief of the Air Corps ' . . In ' , A ' 4 - I I I b I 4 Like any worth while contribution to the sum of Warfare- , V I , h 4 H ' Y l . , , . , . , . ' . . A I - I EPHEBIANS Seven Venetsans two boys from the Wsnter 39 class four gsrls and one boy from the Summer 39 class were chosen for membershsp sn the Ephe bsan Socsety an honor organszatson founded sn Los Angeles sn l9l8 for the purpose of csvsc betterment From each forty members of the graduatsng class one student ss elected by vote of the faculty and sensor class ROBERT GILLETTE W39 clumaxed hss career at Vensce by servsng as student body pressdent Bob was also chsef sustuce and sn the way of sports competed sn tennus and basketball and was vsce pressdent of the ssty V CASPAR LIOTTA W 39 was sensor A class pressdent a Delphsan mem bershsp chasrman of the Cosmopolstan club a member of the Varssty V three terms actsve sn basketball and football and was speaker at the wsn ter commencement exercsses GEORGE HALLBERC S39 was student body pressdent durung the sprsng term and also vsce pressdent of the sensor A class George was outstand sng sn publsc speaklng wsnnsng fsrst place sn the Shakespearsan contest at Occsdental and the Redlands declamatson contest Among hss other ac staff a member of the gym team and a Isghtwesght letterman THELMA HART S39 was edstor sn chsef of the Condolser vsce prexy of the Csrls League a G A A lettergsrl treasurer of the Cosmopolstan club a judge usher member of the Oarsman staff and sn the chorus MARGIE LLOYD S 39 was student body secretary hsstorsan of the C- A A C A A lettergrrl secretary of the Gregg Artssts Club on the Oarsman staff and sn the chorus IRENE MEHNER S 39 was actsve sn athletscs servsng as C-A A pressdent two semesters head of baseball and secretary of the Lettergsrls She was also sensor A class secretary treasurer on the Oarsman staff and sn the chorus ROSA MAE MCCLELLAN S39 was vsce pressdent of the student body assocsate edstor of the Condolser secretary of the C-srls League a Delphsan vsce prexy of the Cosmopolstan Club a judge usher and sn the chorus of In Old Vsenna I , . . s , . - , . . , . , . - . . 44' ty ' - I y I I I I A v '- Q ' , . v .- tivities, he was vice-president of the Delphians, judge, on the Oarsman V V -I - V U I ' - F I ' ' ' I I Y s s 5 - . V s fs I ' - - - -s - I Y 7 Y - I A - P I I HISTORY OF THE WINTER 39 CLASS IN FEBRUARY l933 students from varuous alrflelds expectantly entered the hangars of thenr chosen home fleld the Venuce Hugh Aurport for a sux year fllght requnrlng several hours a day of flying After three years of prelnmlnary pulotung they celebrated the half way mark at theur 9 A graduatuon after which they became full fledged upper classmen lt didn t seem long tlll they received the trtle of I2 B s At last the long awaited day arrlved and they were recognlzed as avrators of the hugh est degree Sensor A s lt was at thus stage of the flight that the newly chosen leader Caspar Llotta took over the control stuck of the plane He was helped by Don Houck Bernyta Ferklns and Fred Nerney as co pllots The recenvmg of thelr rust and beige uniforms was joyfully celebrated at a luncheon and dance on October I7 l938 Ably assisted by a landing crew headed by Mass Crlffln newly appointed manager of the Venlce Hngh Alrport the eager pilots successfully neared the end of thelr suxth year of flying These last few months were marked by a number of momentous events whuch took place In the hangars of the home field One of the fnrst was the choosnng of Epheblans those students out standing In service and scholarshup who were to belong to a cnvlc organnzatuon of Los Angeles hugh school graduates who work for the betterment of the communnty Classmen elected were Caspar Lnotta dnstlnguushed for hrs capa ble leadership of the sensors and Bob Crllette who had achleved the posutuon of Chief Navigator of the Airport Student Body Next came the gala lnterclass Swlng Prom on january 6 followed by the Sensor Play When Stars Shnne on anuary 20 At last nt was time for the grand meetlng of all the members of the flight at the long anticipated Sensor Banquet and Nautical Prom on anuary 27 The momentous night marking the end of school llfe for eighty fave student pvlots finally arrived the grad uatnon of those who had completed sux enjoyable years of pnlotung unto a more advanced field of avnatlon being held on February l l939 Commencement speeches were gnven by Maureen Magunre and Caspar Lnotta At thus time those students leadung rn scholarship were given their awards of Cold Seals on their dnplomas Students to receuve these awards were Ceorge lchnen Anita Thomas Donald Sampson Betty Brown and jean Leaf The class then presented the airport wlth fBl99 53 to erect a new lunch park Though sad to be leavlng thelr home fueld the young pilots happnly looked forward to many more successful years In the future CASPAR LIOTTA President DONALD HOUCK Vuce Presudent BERNYTA FERKINS Secretary FRED NERNEY Treasurer BILL DE CROOT Yell Leader MRS ELSIE McLAUCHLlN Adviser MR ERNEST CHAMPION Adviser 29 Ill EDWARD LEE ADAMS-Academlc Varslty V wo terms B Baseball Varsnty Tennus Letterman Chorus Leathercraft Oarsman Staff KATHRYN VIRGINIA ANDERSON Commercial Gregg Artlst three terms JACK GORMAN BEI-IRENS-Commerclal Amerlcan ap anese Club two terms Dramatucs Publlc Speaklng and Debate Chorus Art Prlntmg TEX BJORKLUND Academlc Varslty V Letterman Delphnan one term Senxor Band IFI DAVID ARTHUR BLISS-Academlc one term Flnance Commlttee Varsn Varsity Football Varslty Baseball Baseball Leathercraft Oarsman Staff ELAINE EVELYN BOLLMAN one term Cosmopolltan Club one term Art Prlnt Central Commuttee ty V President Football Academuc Gxrls League two terms Chorus REX DELORME BROOKHART Afademnc Debate Club one term Public Speaklng BETTY ROSE BROWN Academic Delphxan sux terms Roman Lamp Home Economics Club two terms Gondo ller Staff JULIAN LEON CAGLE Commerclal Oarsman Oftlce STANLEY CLARK Flne Arts Varsity V four terms Varsuty Baseball Letterman B Football Senior Band CLAIRE LEE COOK lndustrlal Dramatlcs ALFRED JAMES CORCORAN Academlc Captaun Swlmmlng Letterman D Basketball MARY LOUISE COULTER Comrnercual Glrls League two terms Vlce President Gregg Artists Club Dramatlcs ARTHUR RAYMOND DAMIAN Academic Judge Chess Club three terms Latln Club fave terms Prlntlng WILLIAM ALFRED DE GROOT General Oarsman Staff Drarnatlcs Publnc Speaking Chorus Art JESSIE LYNN De MOVILLE Academlc Central Commut tee one term Vice Presldent of Student Body Girls League Secretary Treasurer Cosmopolltan Club Senior Orchestra Advanced Chorus OLGA ISOLINE DILLION Commercial Glrls League two terms Gregg Artlst four terms MIRIAM LORRAINE ELLIOTT Commerclal Glrls League one term BETTY LOUISE EMANUELSON Flne Arts Glrls League one term Library Club one term Advanced Chorus OLENA LOUISE EVENSON Academlc Girls League one term Delphlan one term Advanced Chorus BERNYTA JENIECE FIRKINS-Commercnal Delphlan one term Gregg Artust tour terms Dramatlcs Chorus Art Secretary Sensor Class , , - , r I 1 I I - ' ' . ' ll ll ' A ' - ' .. ., ,t ,Q , , B , B , . .. I , V 1 1 ' .. , I , ' 11 ll . ' I r. - HB, , - 2 - .... A , , - : . , , . 1 I f - JOHN ALFRED FOWLER Commerclal Oarsman Dra matt s Chorus Art PHILIP FRADKIN Commerclal Central Comm ttee one term Bookstore Manager FRAWLEY Commerclal Gregg VIOLETTE JEANNETTE Artist tour terms Dramatrcs Public Speaking and Debate EDWARD GANO Industrial ROBERT HARRISON GARBER JR Flne Arts Varsuty V one term Varslty Football Letterman Chorus Art ARTHUR WILLIAM GIBSON Academlc Varsrty Foot ball one term Letterman ROBERT STANCOMBE GILLETTE Academuc Central ommlttee, Presldent ot Student Body Chlef Justlce Judge Varslty V VlcePres1dent Varslty Tennls Let terman B Basketball Letterman Epheblan LOUISE ELEANOR GLASGOW Home Economlcs Glrls League one term G AA one term Treasurer Home Eco nomlcs Club Chorus Art EVELYN ANN GOTTLIEB Commerclal Gregg Artlst one term Dramatlcs MARY VIRGINIA GREER Academlc Oftlce DAVID GRIVER Commerclal Secretary Photography Club Vlce Presldent Debate Club Assoclate Editor Oars man Gondoller Staff Dramatlcs Public Speaking and Debate BETTY .IO ANN HENDRIX Commercral Central Com mlttee one term Secretary of Student Body Gregg Artust four terms Dramatrcs Chorus JACK MARION HIGHTOWER lndustrual B Football Letterman Softball Letterman THELMA ELIZABETH HOBERG Commercral G ne term GAA tour terms Yell Leader Gregg League o Artrst Club four terms Vrce Presldent Chorus Art ETHEL LESSIE HOLMES-Fine Arts Chorus Art rls DORIS COLLEEN HOUCK Academlc Glrls League one term GAA two terms Cosmopolltan Club two terms Dramatlcs Advanced Chorus In Old Vlenna When Stars Shme GEORGE DONALD HOUCK Commercial Varsity V elgnt terms Gymnastics Letterman BERNICE ELIZABETH HUGHES Commerclal Chorus GEORGE MASAO ICHIEN Academlc Central Commlt tee Delphlan Presrdent Varslty V Tennls D Bas ketball 'C Basketball B Basketball Letterman Sec retary Varsity V Art NELLIE RUTH JACOBS-Commerclal Gregg Artlst four terms' Chorus. RUBY MARIE JOHNSON-Academic: Delphian one term va vt 3, , W'39 ACES ZOLA MYFANWY JONES-Academac: Central Commit- tee, Girls' League Presidentg Delphian one termg Cosmo- politan, two termsg Feature Editor Oarsmang Board of Finance. MELVIN MONROE KAPLAN-Industrial. HELEN LUCILE KEYS-Commercial: Pottery. RICHARD FRANCIS KLEIN-Fine Arts: Delphian one tcrmg Cosmopolitan two termsg Oarsmang Chorusg Senior Orchestrag Senior Band. MARGARETHA MURIEL KLOPP-Commercial: Girls' League one term. JEANNE ZELDA LEAF-Commercial: G.A.A. five terms Lettergirlg Delphian three termsg Gregg Artist two termsl ROBERT CARL LEMCKE-Commercial: Oarsman. GASPAR JOSEPH LIOTTA-Academic, Central Commit- tee, Senior Class President, Varsity 'V" three terms' Basketball Letterman Football Delphian Cosmopolitan two terms Membership Chairman Ephebian LEE EDWIN LUCAS Academrc Latin Club Chorus Art Printing MAUREEN PATRICIA MAGUIRE Academic Central Committee Delphian President Girls League GAA Lettergirl Delphian Vice President Cosmopolitan Club Secretary ot Dstrict ll World Friendship Clubs Gon dolier Dramatics Chorus MAXINE MURIEL MAHONEY Academic Girls League GAA three terms Lettergirl Venetian Talent Club three terms Cosmopolitan two terms Dramatlcs Chorus Pottery Designing BEATRICE CHARLOTTE MANION Commercial Gregg Artist four terms Chorus LEAH RUTH MARSHALL Commercial Delphian one tcrm G egg Artist tour terms Chorus In Old Vienna THOMAS WELLINGTON MCINNIS--Industrial Chorus Leathercraft Printing MARGARET ANNE McLURE Commercial Girls League two terms Gregg Artist four terms Dramatlcs Public Speaking and Debate Art WILLIAM ROY MEYERS-industrial Varsity V three terms Vice President PAULINE JACQUELINE MIRICH Commercial GAA three terms Lettergirl Gregg Artist four terms Offi cial of GAA Tennis Club Oarsman FREDERICK PHILIP NERNEY Commercial Varsity V one term Varsity Swimming Letterman Lightweight Swimming Letterman D Basketball Letterman YUKIKO JEAN NOJIMA Home Economics Japanese American four terms DONALD WESLEY OLDER Industrial Varsity V one term Manager Varsity Football Letterman Stamp Club one term Senior Band Art Designer of Emblem of W 39 Class ROBERT MARKO PANDZIC Industrial EVELYN MAE PERKINS-Home Economics Regrstratlon Offnce tour years GEORGE HERSCHEL PORTER Academic Radno one term Latln one term Chorus Pruntmg LELAND TANNER PORTER Academuc Varslty V one term Letterman GLORIA BLOSSOM RESNICK Commercial Glrls League four terms Gregg Artls two terms Dramatrcs MARIE EVANGELINE BETTY SABLIC Commercial Gregg Artust one term Advanced Chorus Dramatucs Art FAY DELORES SAN JUAN Commerclal Glrls League two terms GAA sux terms Lettergnrl Secretary Yell Leader Head of Volleyball Gregg Artlst three terms Secretary Yell Leader ELAINE SANDRA SASLOW Academic Girls League two terms Venetlan Talent tour terms Gregg Artlst two terms Dramatlcs Seventeen ln Old Vlenna When Stars Shane JULIUS A SCHWARTZ Academlc Chorus MARJORIE FLORENCE SHREENAN Fnne Arts Lnbrary Club one term Gregg Artust two terms Art Chorus In Old Vienna ALYCE RICE SIMPSON Academic Girls League two terms GAA four terms Delphuan one term Drama tlcs Chorus DONALD STUART SIMPSON Academic Delphlan sux terms Roman Lamp Pottery GEORGE ROBERT SMITH Acadernlc Swnmmlng Letterman PHYLLIS MARIE SMITH Academuc Delphuan two terms BETTY LORRAINE SOUTH Commercual Gregg Artnst tour terms In Old Vlenna BETTY JANE STEBBINS-Commercual Glrls League one term Gregg Artrst KANICHI SUZUKI Academlc Varsrty Softball Letter man C Track Letterman Varsrty Manager Japanese Amerrcan two terms Oarsman Chorus Art Prrntrng ANITA THOMAS-Academlc Delphuan sux terms Com mlttee Charrman Roman Lamp Gregg Artist two terms Plano Accompannments and Solos JEAN ELIZABETH WAND-Academlc Advanced Chorus Begmnung Chorus ROBERT WOODROW WILSON Industrial Varsity V sxx terms Assistant Coach Varslty Football Letterman DAVID KEITH ZUNDELL Academic Gondoller Band, Sensor Orchestra Sensor Graduates Whose Pictures Do Not Appear GILBERT DARWIN ANDERSON, JR NANCY JANE HAMILTON to 1 NTER 39 ACES SUMMER 39 ACES N cm 4 M 4 mi- 4 Z S 'o Ev. M o z I-I-I -S .,, Y T HISTORY OF THE SUMMER 39 CLASS THE GRADUATING class of S 39 entered Aurshlp Venuce In September I934 The flrst perlod of schooling conslsted of ground trannnng whale the handsome new shlp was belng completed After three years of strictly super vlsed trial flights junior orlentatlon was over the members became full fledged upperclassmen embarklng upon their first real flight Class spnrnt In creased By the beginning of the last fllght In the slxth year of tralnlng the class was the largest ever to graduate from the Alrshvp Ven ce These pulots were well on thesr way to success lt was at the beginning of the suxth year that the new flnght pilot ack Gearnng wnth George Hallberg and Irene Mehner co pnlots took the con trols for the class George Hallberg was also the commander In chief for the shlp This last flight proved to be the most successful of all The plane was flrst rocked by a gala nautical Prom glven on anuary 27 In honor of the wm ter graduatlng class The next event was a peppy Hello Day on March IO-the day the lowly scrubs mingled with the mlghty Senlor Aces Wlth the splrlt of the class hugh the St Patricks Cotton and Cord Prom proved a rolllcklng success March 23 marked the arrival of the new teal blue and whate unlforms I celebratnon of thus occasion the ship rocked with the gayety of a gala lunch eon and dance EPHEBIANS were elected May I7 Senior Aces to receive thus hugh honor being Thelma Hart Irene Mehner Rosa Mae McClellan Margie Lloyd and George Hallberg Then came May I9 the day of the spectacular Parade of Nations and the mammoth Carnlval This colorful event was the furst cele bratlon of Its kmd m the history of the alrshlp George Hallberg was general supervisor of the affair The class progressed with the same enthusiasm wuth whuch It had started On Friday evenlng june 9 the successful operetta The Belle of Bagdad was sponsored by the Senior Aces At last another long awaited event arrlved It was the Aces Banquet and Prom The theme of the banquet was Commencement while a Century of Progress was carried out In the Prom decorations On Thursday june 22 Clark fueld became bright wlth the blue and whlte caps and gowns of thns mnghty class of Aces At last the classmen were to be graduated pilots ready to go out into the world and put to test the careful tralnlng they had received on the Alrshup Venice IACK GEARING, Prescdent GEORGE HALLBERG, Vuce Pres IRENE MEHNER, Secretary MR IRVING FORDHAM, Advuser MRS EFFIE MORRISON, Adviser 'M S'39 ACES RIJLA MARGARET ADAMS-Commercial: Central Com- mittee two terms, Treasurer of the Student Body two terms, G.A.A. four terms, Lettergirl, Gregg Artist four terms, Chorus. CLARENCE EUGENE ALLEN-lndust rial. WALTER JUNIOR ALTPETER-Academic: American- Japanese Club one term, Public Speaking, BONNIE LUCILLE ARMSTRONG-Commercial: G.A.A. two terms, Oarsman, Art, Chorus, Gregg Artist two terms, KATHERINE ELIZABETH AVRIL-Home Economics: Delphian two terms, Home Economics Club two terms, Chorus, GARNICK BABAJIAN-Academic: Varsity "V" three terms, Letterman, Track, "B" Football. RICHARD ASHTON BARLOW-Industrial. JAMES CRISWELL BARNETT-Fine Arts: Oarsman Art Staff, Dramaticsg Public Speaking and Debate, Advanced Chorus, Soloist, Art. PAULINE DRUE BARTLO-Commercial: Girls' League one term, Gregg Artist two terms. ERMA BETTY BECKER-General: Girls' League one term, Cosmopolitan one term, Oarsman, Dramatics, Chorus, Speaking Contest. RUTH BECKER-Commercial: Delphian one term, Gregg Artist two terms, Dramatics, "When Stars Shine." ALICE DOROTHY BERMAN-Commercial: Gregg Artist four terms, Leathercraft, P.B.X. LORRAINE HELEN BERTULEIT-Academic: G.A.A. six terms, Lettergirl, Head of Hockey, Vice President two terms, President Badminton Club, Public Speaking, Chorus, ELLINOR SALLY BICKFORD-Commercial: Girls' League two terms, G,A.A. five terms, Lettergrrl, Gregg Artist four terms, Chorus, Usher two terms. DORIS .JEANETTE BOLTON-Commercial: G.A.A. four terms, Officials Club, Gregg Artist three terms, Oarsman, Chorus. RICHARD MORRIS BRAYTON-Academic: Art, Printing. THOMAS LESLIE BROCKERT-Commercial: Gregg Artist three terms. JOHN REPLE BUCK-lndustrial: Varsity "V" four terms, Basketball, Softball, Track. WILLIAM FREDRICK BUSCHING-Commercial: Gregg Artist three terms. GERALD LOUIS BUTZINE-Fine Arts: Chorus, soloist. JERRY JEROME CAPLAN-Academic: Debate Club one term, treasurer, Public Speaking and Debate. ELBRIDGE NEWMAN CHASTAIN-Academic: Cosmo- politan one term, Gondolier Staff. SHIRLEY LEE CHERNIAK-Academic: G.A.A. two terms, Cosmopolitan two terms, Chorus. WILFORD ANDREW CLARK, JR.-Commercial: Varsity "V" eight terms, Letterman, Executive Committee' Printing. EDITH MILLICENT CLEAVELAND-Academic: Central Committee, President Girls' League, G,A,A. six terms, Head of Hockey, Badminton Club. WESLEY NOEL COCHRAN--Industrial: Photography Club two terms, Dramatics, Advanced Chorus, Movie Proiec- tionist. Eco- FRANCES ADELINE CONLEY-Fine Arts: Sr, Home ' ' Art, nomics Club two terms, Senior Band, Commercial Pottery, DAVID KENNETH CONVERSE-Academic: Aviation Club two terms, secretary. CLARE LUCILE CONVILL-Academic: G.A.A. four terms, Lettergirl, Advanced Chorus, Senior Orchestra SYLVIA MARGARET CRIST-General: Chorus. JEANETTE viviAN ckowosn-secretarial: G.A,A. four in terms, Gregg Artist three terms. VIRGINIA KATHRYN DARDEN--Academic: Tennis Club. DORA BETTY DAVIS-Commercial: Delphian two terms, Cosmopolitan one term, f 5,1 JERRY DEVINE, JR.-Academic. ROBERT PRICE DILLION-Industrial: Yell Leader one term, Varsity "V" six terms, Letterman, HELEN LOUISE DONALD-Commercial: G,A.A. six terms, Lettergirl, Gregg Artist four terms, Oarsman, Senior Orchestra, SHIRLEY ALICE DUNN-Academic: G.AA tive terms Cosmopolitan one term, Oarsman, Reporter BETTY RAE DURANCEAU-Academic: Dramatics When Stars Shine." A GINIA LOUISE ECKER-Academic: G.A.A. four K VIR terms, Cosmopolitan two terms, Secretary, Advanced J- Chorus. , + - Q4 ' - I? it as ' LOUIS COURTNEY EICHHOLZ-lndustriali Varsity "V" two terms, Letterman, Varsity Swimming. ARTHUR HERMAN FANSLOW-Industrial: Photography Club three terms. FREDERICK RALPH FEINSTEIN-Academic. A L. S'39 ACES ROBERT MALCOLM FISHER-Academic: Public Speaking. ANNABELLE JEAN FORSYTH-Home Economics, INEZ MAY FRAZIER-General: Girls' League one term, Cosmopolitan six terms, Publicity Chairman, Oarsman, Pottery. CHARLES JUNIOR FUDGE-Commercial. ROBERT LOUIS GABE-Academic: American-Japanese Club two terms, Photography Club two terms, Printing, "When Stars Shine." MARGARET MARY GARDINER-Home Economics. JANE RUTH GATES-Commercial: Girls' League two terms, Gregg Artist tour terms, Dramatvcs. JOHN RAYMOND GEARING-Fine Arts: Varsity "V" one term, Letterman, Senior Band, Usher. RALPH CLAUDE GLAZE-Academic: Delphian one term, Photography one term, Public Speaking. ROY ALMON GODFREY-Fine Arts: Varsity "V" two terms, Letterman, Senior Band, Printing. HENRY ALBERT GOETHALS-l ndustrial. MARION DOROTHY GOLDY-Commercial: Girls' League one term, Delphian one term. AVRON MICHAEL GREENE-Academic: Photography Club. ROBERT FRANCIS GRIFFIN-Academic: Varsity "V" three terms, Letterman, Varsity Swimming, Public Speak- ing and Debate. DELMER WILTON GUTHRIE-Fine Arts: Art DOROTHY JANE HACKWORTH-Commercial: Gregg Artist three terms. GEORGE PHILIP HALE-Academici Varsity "V" Letter- man, Public Speaking and Debate, Printing, "When Stars Shine," GEORGE ELWYN HALLBERG, JR.-Academic: Central Committee, Student Body President, Delphian Vice-Presi- dent, Cosmopolitan, Oarsman, Public Speaking and De- bate, Judge, Senior "A" Vice-President, Gym Team, Lightweight Swimming, Letterman. WILLIAM JOSEPH HAMILTON-Fine Arts: Photography one term, Senior Band, manager, Art. BURNICE LUCILE HARRIS-Commercial: Gregg Artist two terms, Dramatics, LA DONA MAUREEN HARRIS-Academict G.A.A. tour terms, Lettergirl, Latin Club two terms, Cosmopolitan four terms, Secretary, Public Speaking and Debate, Gon- dolierg Chorus, Design. S'39 ACES THELMA AMELIA HART-Academic: Central Committee two terms, Gondolier Editor, Girls' League, Vice-Presb dent, G.A.A, Lettergirl, Reporter, Cosmopolitan three terms, Treasurer, Oarsman, Judge, Usher, Chorus. MARY ELIZABETH HASELSWERDT--Commercial: G,A.A. tour terms, Lettcrgirl, Gregg Artist threc terms, Chorus, SUSAN ROBERTA HEAD-Home Economics: Home Eco- nomics Club four terms, Reporter, Oarsman. THOMAS HENDERSON, JR.-Commercial: Varsity "V" two terms, Varsity Track, Letterman, Chorus, Senior Band, Art. HOWARD BERNARD HERBERG-Academic. BETTY JEAN HETHERINGTON-Home Economics: Ad- vanced Chorus two terms, Glee Club, Art, CLARENCE HAFFORD HILLS-Academic: Beginning Chorus MARGUERITE MARIE HOFF-Academic: Delphian three terms. JACK ROBERT HOLLAND-Academic: Senior Aviation Club two terms, Treasurer, MILTON ERNST HORN-Industrial. THEODORE ROOSEVELT HULL-Academic: American- Japanese Club two terms, Photography one term, Public Speaking. GOOITSKE HUMMEL-Fine Arts: Home Economics Club two terms, Senior Orchestra. HALE WHITNEY HUNNER-Academic: Chess Club three terms, Latin Club one term, Vice-President. SYLVAN CHARLES JACOBSON-Academic: Chorus, "ln Old Vienna." JOSEPH CHARLES JONES-industrial: Printing eight terms, ORFORD EARL JUVINALL-industrial: American-Jam anese Club one term. TERUO KAMOTO-Academic: American-Japanese Club one term. BARNEY RILEY KELLEY-l ndustrial. GLORIA KINDSCHI-Home Economics: G.A.A. two terms, Oarsman, Chorus. DONALD KEITH KIRKELIE-Industrial: Varsity "V" four terms, Varsity Baseball Letterman, "B" Football Letter- man, Senior Band, HILLARD DANIEL KOPP, JR.-industrial: Photography Club, Play Day Projectionist. G t vu LEONARD KUPERSMITH Academic MARYON YVONNE LE MELLE-General GAA one term Oarsman Reporter Commercial Art IRENE ELLEN LEWIS-Commercial Gregg Artist two terms JOHN SUTTER LEWIS Industrial Radio Club one term Vice President MARJORIE LLOYD Commercial Central Committee one term Student Body Secretary Girls League GAA Let tergirl Historian Delph an Gregg Artist Secretary Chorus Oarsman JEANNE GENEVIEVE LOWE Fine Arts GAA one term Dramatics Chorus Art Delphian one term ANITA MARIE MACHADO-Commercial Gregg Artist four terms JUANITA MAE MACHADO-Commercial GAA one term Gregq Artist four terms Dramatics Chorus TSUYOSHI MANO Industrial Delphian two terms American Japanese three terms Oarsman Art Statt Stage Crew Commercial Art and Leathercraft EARL ELMER MANZER, JR Commercial Letterman American Japanese Club Cosmopolitan JEAN LUCILE MARKEL Commercial Gregg Artist two terms GEORGE LEONARD MARSH Industrial Varsity Basketball Letterman MARGARET FRANCES MARTIN Academic GAA six terms Lettergirl Head of Basketball Oarsman HIROSHI FRANK MASUDA Academic Varsity V Softball and Football Letterman American Japanese Club Public Speaking and Debate Printing WARREN JOSEPH McANDREWS-Academic Senior Band manager Art ROSA MAE McCLELLAN Academic Central Commit tee one term Vice President ot Student Body Girls League, Secretary GAA, Delphian Cosmopolitan six terms, Vice President, Chorus 'ln Old Vienna", Judge Usher, Gondolier MURIEL KATHERINE MCDONALD-Home Econom.cs: lnklings, one term, Chorus. MERLE RAYMOND MEAD-Industrial: Printing. IRENE ELDA MEHNER-Commercial: Central Commit- tee, G.A.A. President, Girls' League, G,A.A. Head of Baseball, Gregg Artist, Oarsman, Chorus, Usher, Senior A Secretary-Treasurer, Secretary Lettergirls, Chorus. EDWIN ROY METZGER-Commercial: Delphian one term, Oarsman Staff, Printing. ELINORE MERLE MILLER-Academic: G.A.A. six terms, Lettergirl, Head of Volleyball, Historian, Co-President of Badminton Club, Delphian tive terms, Roman Lamp, Pub- lic Speaking, Chorus. S'39 ACES ELIZABETH MARGARET MILLER-Home Economics: lnklings three terms, Vice-Presdentj Oarsrnan, News Editor. NAOMI NEVELDI MILLER-Commercial: Gregg Artist three termsg Oarsmanj G.A.A. one terrr, NORMA BORI MIRKIN--Fine Arts: Delphian one termg Music Clubg Oarsmang Senior Orchestrag Cellist of Vene- tian String Triog Cello Soloist. TATSUKO MIYAJI-Academic: G.A.A. three termsg Del- phian two termsg Japanese-Americang Gregg Artist, TOSHIKO HELEN MIZUSAWA-Home Economics. ELINORE PAULINE MONTGOMERY-General Commercial: Delphian two termsj Gregg Artist three terms. NORMA MOORE Fine Arts Chorus Belle of Bagdad Dramatlcs Art DORIS DOROTHEA MOULTON Commercial GAA four terms Secretary Gregg Artist Chorus LEONARD PALMER MULAK Commercial Photography President Printing Class Dramatics When Stars Shine MIEKO NAGAI Commercial Gregg Artist two terms American Japanese two terms Chorus MATSUYE NAKATANI Home Economics Art VERN MONROE NEECE Industrial Central Committee Varsity V President Varsity V four Football Letter man NIELS CLAYTON NELSON Industrial Varsity V two terms Track Letterman Manager MAXINE MINAKO NISHIO Home Economics American Japanese two terms WILLIAM LAWRENCE NIXON Industrial MARION LUCILLE NOBLE Commercial Gregg Artist one term lnkling one term Secretary YOSHIMI MARY OBA Commercial Home Maki American Japanese four terms LEON WALLACE OBRIEN Academic Varsity V two terms Football Letterman Public Speaking YOSHI OHI Academic American Japanese four terms Sergeant at Arms Vice President Tennis one term Print shop Varsity V Letterman ICHIRO OKUMURA Academic Varsity V one term Football Letterman Delphlan two terms American Jap anese tour terms Vice President Printing CHARLES ELWOOD OLINGER-Industrial: Central Com- mittee, Chief Justiceg Judgeg Bee Football, Captain Let- terman' Stage Crews Chorus: Oarsman, Sports Editor, Gondolier Assistant Editorg Head Ushery Cosmopolitan. pu it 53 'E-1 'w li lr E aw S'39 ACES MARGARET SUE OLSON--Academic: G.A,A. six terms, Lettergirl, Reporter, Gregg Artist one term, Badminton Club, Vice-President, Oarsman two terms, Girls' Sports Editor, Chorus, MARIE ANTOINETTE ORTIZ-General: G,A.A. two Eerrms, Cosmopolitan four terms, Gregg Artist one term, OFLIS. PAT DEL REY OWEN-Commercial: Cosmopolitan one term, Dramatics, "When Stars Shine", Chorus. MARION VERNON PARKER-Fine Arts: "B" Softball, Sr. Orchestra. MARLIN BROWN PHELPS-Industrial: Judge one term, Varsity "V" one term, Letterman, Public Address, Print- ing, Public Speaking. DONNA JEAN POLLOCK-Commercial: Gregg Artist four terms, Dramatics. RAYMOND NORBERG PORTER-Academic. WILLARD WILSON PREWETT-Industrial: Varsity "V" four terms, Letterman, Vice-President, Secretary, Oars- man, Reporter, Art, Printing. RAYMOND EDWIN PRICKETT-Industrial: Varsity "V" tour terms, Football, Track Letterman. JAMES SHERMAN PROSS-Academic: Public Speaking, Swimming Team, JESTER DAVID REID-Industrial: Stage Crew one term. GEORGE BARNES RICHARDSON-Academic: Delphian three terms, Public Speaking. RICHARD LEO RIVARD-Fine Arts: Oarsman, Business Manager, Gondolier, Organization Editor, Commercial Art. FLORENCE ADAIR ROBINSON-Commercial: G,A,A. six terms, Lettergirl, Senior Band two terms. ROBERT HENRY ROBISON-Commercial: Varsity "V' two terms, Tennis Letterman, Gregg Artist two terms, Senior Band tour terms, ROBERT ROHLIN-General: Debate Club, President, Public Speaking and Debate, Oarsman Reporter, ANNA SHIRLEY ROSEN-Commercial: Delphian one term, Gregg Artist four terms, Public Speaking and De- bate. HOMER HARRY ROSS-lndustrial: Radio Club. ARNOLD MEYER ROTHSTEIN-Fine Arts: Printing, Chorus "ln Old Vienna," DELL HARVEY RUSSON-Academic: Delphian one term, Advanced Chorus. BOYD CHRISTIAN SADERUP-Industrial. 1 MARY MARGARET SANDERS-General Commercnal DONALD HARVEY SCHOOLAR Academic Varsity V three terms Football two terms ARLINE SEIP Commercial Glrls League two terms Gregg Artrst four terms President P IVA MARIE SHAVER Comme c al Girls League sux terms Gregg Artust tour te ms Oarsman Crrcu at on Manager Beglnners Chorus ROBERT JOE SHOOK Commercmal Sr Dramatlcs two terms Public Speaklng and Debate one term Chorus When Stars Shlne SAMUEL SIEBERT SLAWTER Commercial Central Com mittee one term Student Book Store Manager Photog raony Club two terms Dramatlcs MARIE LOUISE SMITH Academic Home Economics Club one term Dr matics ROBINETTE CLELL SMITH lndustrral Radno Club two YVONNE MARIE SMITH Commerclal GAA one term Gregg Art: t two terms NEAL HOBSON SORENSON Industrial Stage Crew Chorus WILLIAM JAMES SPEED-Industrial Stage Crew JAMES ROBERT SPENCER Industrial Model Arrplane Club ore term MABLE CLARE STENNETT Academlc Gregg Artist one term DOROTHY PHYLLIS STONE Academic Fine Arts Ten nls Club one term Lsbrary Club one term Chorus Com merclal Art MARVIN MELVIN STOPECK Academlc Delphnan SABURO SUGITANI Industrial American Japanese Club three terms JACK MAYNARD SUTTON Industrial Varsity V two terms Softball Letterman JOHN QUINCY TABOR JR Academlc Central Commut tee two terms Oarsman Editor Debate Manager Var slty V Varsrty Tennis Manager Cosmopolltan Pres: dent American Japanese Club Latln Club Gondoller Staff Debate Team NANCY TAKAHASHI Flne Arts GAA five terms, Let terglrl, Delphlan five terms Roman Larnper, American Japanese Club, fave terms, Pres dent Oarsman Reporter Sr Band, slx terms, Reporter, Edntor of Delphaan Edntlon SACHIKO JANICE TAKAMATSU Home Economlcs Del phnan two terms, American Japanese Club one term Art BETTY JEAN TEMPLE Commercral GAA one term Gregg Artlst tour terms S ' 3 9 A C E S ,gf - 1 . ' f I ,,, I I .T I 1 ll ' I 1 1 6 ' . I I 6 terms, Presldent, Stage OJ, Public Address. af" MASAO ALFRED TERAOKA Academlc Central Commlt tee one term Oarsman Editor Varslty V two terms Varslty Baseball Letterman Manager Delphlan one tcrm Prlntung Commerclal Art ROSS FREDRICK THOMAS Academlc Photography Club four terms Secretary President Gondoller Sensor Dra matlcs When Stars Shme Belle of Bagdad Chorus Judge CHARLES HARRY THORNBURGH Commerclal Varsity V two terms Letterman HARRIET RUTH TIGERMAN Flne Arts Girls League one term GA A slx terms Letterglrl Cosmopolitan four terms Art Chalrman Oarsman GLORIA FRANCES TOZIER Commercial Home Eco nomlcs Club two terms Vlce President NATHAN MEYER TUCK Academic Debate Club one term Publuc Speaklng and Debate LENNAROSE TUTTLE Commerclal Gregg Artist four terms JEAN MADELYN TYSON Commerclal Gregg Artlst four terr'r's IZUMI UTSUKI lndustrlal arslty V sux terms Varslty Football and Track Letterman Amerlcan Jap anese two terms Senior Band ELEANOR GERTRUDE VALDEZ Academlc Girls League one term GAA sux terms Letterglrl Delphlan tour terms Cosmopolltan two terms MARVIN ALBERT WALSWORTH lndustrlal Prunt Shop terms Usher PEGGY JEAN WASSERMAN Commerclal Gregg Artist tour terms OLIVER DEAN WATT Commercial EDNA WEBBER Home Economlcs GAA three terms Home Economlcs two terms JENEVIEVE ALMA WHIPPLE Home Economics DOROTHY MAE YAHNS-Home Economlcs Glrls League two terms GAA sux terms Letterglrls Pres: dent Home Economlc Club two terms KIYO MAXINE YAMASAKI Home Economics Amer: can Japanese Club sux terms JEROME YETTRA Fme Arts Head Yell Leader one term Amerlcan Japanese Club Dramatncs Advanced Chorus In Old Vienna When Stars Shine SHIRO YOSHIKAWA Industrial Prlntlng ERIC EARL YOUNG-Commercnal Varsxty V four terms Letterman Varslty Football BEN TSUTOMU YUMORI Industrial Delphlan sux terms, Roman Lamperj Aviation one term, Designerg Amerlcan-Japanese Clubg Oarsmang Gondoller Art Statfy Commercial Artj Chorus. The Lockheed 'IZ fakes fo the alr GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN GONDOLIER EARL MOYER Academic DORIS ADELE NEWCOMB Academic Inkllngs one term EDWARD BYRON PARKER Industrial Radio Club two terms secretary Photography Club one term RUTH RUDA Com merclal Gregg Artist two terms Dramatncs Wren St rs Shine VIRGINIA AGATHA VAVRA Commercial """' neva? 'Sig vu iilnn... The graceful Lockheed I2 master of the skies 45 W t. H .. 3 I 5 I - - - , V , - H - - H . , , . Q . - . - V .-mfmfff ' ww -'ff A nf' ' Islixlj jig. . V ' x A . -A R "- .1 x,.A-- H Q ,N 1 A' R Pereir a , ----., hh 'v', .n Q. fw- . . ,,.,, , MH.-. .f H - , . 3 A 'Q 'aa- ...Es .195-4 fifa A A MEMBERS OF A9 WINTER CLASS Top Raw Adams Alken M Allen P Allen Almeida Althouse C Anderson Second Row C Ander son Asbury Ayres Balfour Barajas H Barry M Barry Thurd Row Bassln Bergmann Betts Blessing Bonner Boulware Brady Fourth Row Brawner Bockert Brodsky W Brown B Brown B Browne Buck Fifth Row Bums Carey Carlson Cohen Conley Crawford Crlpe Slxth Row Davldson DeCenco DeGeneres Dennis Donnell Dudley Durkee Seventh Row Eekhouse Emmer Frsher Ford Forsyth Fowler Gacsl Eighth Row Garcia Gazln GIOVBDBZZI Gllckman Gottlueb Grant Greenlaw Nlnth Row Gunderson Hale C Hall D Hall Harada Hazelhne Hlghtower Tenth Row Hcnds Hiroshima Hobbs Hook Hopgood Hubley Hulderman Eleventh Row Butler Condre Evans Gregory Jeppson Ives Sparks 46 7 9 B Y A 1 Ill BX . y Q :II Y y A tv, ' N -afar .:.- M ' , M - 1 5 fl A 121715, . l:':Ff:.:.f xi My . ' , Y Y . '. ., - "' f Q ' A 'l'lll' V , l ' ' cl: , K N , V Q Q ' I gf ' kj H . X A ' ff A ., f , C3 lx .lm are A as ' ! Q Q, , 1 n : I 3 5 f af' V' fx V H Q f. - . ' - K x , l 1 ..: """ all 4 l . I 4 A , 1 V . .Ei Q .5 1 1 -:gn 2 . ' .. ,F 4 z l L. " 4 ' , N fa - 4 ' I K 4 . I . ,rv l f , L .V " , . l 5 , ' , .,.,, r ' H iv . . " -M f f.. 1 US, " 4' L 5 Ra. , , ' -'-"---""'- -, REQ A L W N. sv f'v-...wsl ,- 9 sv in A MEMBERS OF A9 WINTER CLASS Top Row Johnson Jones Kamoto Kerr Kinsey Kludyran Langford Second Row Larson Leaf Les COUIIE Ludlow Lutz Lyon Macarducan Third Row MacGe-orge Vlachado Manzer May McCann Mc Larthy Miller Fourth Row Mntchell Mlyake Moore L Mustol J Mustol B Ne son D Nelson Flfth Row Newln, Newton, Noell Nusser Okumura ORlley Path Suxth Row Paul Pearson, Pena Peterson Phemperoft Plath, Powers Seventh Row Rau Reumann Rcc Robo fson Rodxn Saka Shmn En"9h Row Shlshnm Sums Small R Smnth B Smuth Stephenson Stopeck Nmth Row Story Tanaka Taylor Temple Tomuye Webster Wedney Tenth Row Wlldbeck Wllde Wrllrams Wrlson M Yamamoto R Yamamoto, Yumorn 47 M- ' f L l "'-'1' Z X V ,. , I -m . . 4 .1 L J f A, L L HJ, L 7 E SJ J an 5 Q 1 in E rv if , ' 'h" R 'Z ,. Y 11: . y , Y l - l ss. 5 P E fl 1 ,, 3 . V ,Ji M v.. , Q3 ,X MM xl -, f an fu J I y 2 'E or ' V . Q-.rf b , D. l n - . j P In N5 1 I mr: l 3: his L f W V Q11 11.2.1 uf x -,.-. 'Q 11 MEMBERS OF A9 SUMMER CLASS Top Row Abrams B Adams V Adams Akoury Albrnght Allanlello Archer Second Row Arclero Avena Arnold Arslan Asher E Babauan H Babalnan Thrrd Row Babcock Barley Barton Banta Bar nett Barthelmes Basham Fourth Row Beal Beers Berretf Blmber Boeheme Booth Borack Flfth Row Bowman Brewer Bums Cannon Cardwell Carlson Cauble Slxth Row Celxstan Chrnstlan Clark Clay baugh Coller Collmgs Colman Seventh Row Coward Cortez Crawford Crossland Crouch Cummungs Darby Eighth Row B Davls S Davis Dean DeCenco DeCremer DeNunzlo DeSoto Nlnth Row Duff mar Deltch Dnspenza DrSrefano Donnelly Dovle Dudley Tenth Row Dugan Duquay Edison Edmond son Elofson Ellus Emery 48 I ' l i y . l A 1 . , ,, l 1' 1. 5 1 ,.. 1 ' 1 4 1 . . - A ' Q2 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I I I I ' V ' I ' I I I I - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y I I I I I I I ' I I I - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I : ' I ' I I I I I I ' - I I I I A I I ' I I I - 1 1 1 - u are rits F MEMBERS OF A9 SUMMER CLASS Gordon Green Greenfield Hall Third Row Hammerstrom Hanson Heacox Heagy Henderson Henry Hensley Fourth Row Herle Heyl Hicks Hlgley Hutchings Houfz lnouyc Fifth Row Takashi Jones Kato B King W King Kirkelle Kirsch Sixth Row Knockenhauer Kovmlck LaFlrenza Lampe Lee Leonharde B Lewis Seventh Row J Lewis Lindberg Linder Llotta Lowe Mahan Mahoney Eighth Row Mandemak r Manley Marquez Martino McClellan McCoy McDonald Ninth Row McGough Mclntyre McMullen B McVay W McVay Means Mitchell Tenth Row Miyaki Montoyo Moore Morgan Morton Nakagi Nay 49 l I f.. 53 Q . N N 1 V ' 'Y i KW . i " Q . - i . i li ..: A 1 . I i . , J, ,T 5 a ! 2 ' A ' 1 2 in 1 . - Top Row: Ernst, B. Ferguson, R. Ferguson, Fink, Fritz, Fujii, Furey, Second Row: Gabe, Gill, Gilman, J 1 . , ' , ' . ' , , 1 ' 1 , , , - I - I Y I 1 4 I i 5 1 I A r I 1 , . , - 'J 1 - ', ' , ' , ' , , , J ' 2 -2, , , ' , , . 1 ' 1 , nv ,Ai V. 1 I nr Q 'el' .A A .A - 45 ggi I AX P51 MEMBERS OF A9 SUMMER CLASS Top Row Nordqulsf Novotny Nuflle Oba H Okomoto S Okomoto Park Second Row Parker Pash kow Perkins Peterson Petfnt Pfeiffer Phnllnps Third Row Plaff Plerce P00le Porter Prlfchard Raf ter Ramey Fourth Row Renaud Rexer Rlder Robmson Rogers Ronan Rosen Fifth Row Royce Rutherford Sabaflno Saslow Schmltz Schoonover Schubert Slxth Row Shlofo Shronberg Snlva Simons J Somon Slmkard T Smlfh Seventh Row L Smlth M Smlfle Spann Sparta Speede Stone Eighth Row Sfoneham Suddeth Sylvester Taker Taylor Thaxfon Theus Nlnth Row Thomas Towery Ufsukl Valdez Vanderhorst Verner Verref Tenth Row Voorhees Wakatsukn Welch Wenzloff White Wnley T Wnlllarns Eleventh Row L Wuillams Wnlsor- Wood Woods Zundell SO 1 N, I 92 . A A V V, AM ,I A F A , NW 'H - - . .s I. E ' 1 ar S A 'f 4 ' f 1 ' 4 l ' 4 . K H" s- 91 , .- ,IA H K 14, .' 4 5 i X 9, 4-1 I -w x - 1 rfm. - W A 1 I sf 5' I Q. I , , . , , A 5 A 1 , , , A, , - , I A 1 A, , , , A . , 1 A 1 A , A , , A, , , A J A 1 ,A , , A . 1 . , , , , , 1 A 1 , A, A , - I I - I -1 , 1 - NIOR B IUNIOR A HOMEROO 9 1812, All, All, AIM NIOR A IUNIOR B HOMERO0 1 1All,AII,Al1, B115 PHOMORE A HOMEROO A 4- x E7 1 i SOPHOMORE A B9 HOMERUOMS wo A10 B9 B9l .,, i 9 5 6 B B9 B9 A83 OMEROOMS 9,.. W A8 HOMEROOMS 58 A A8 B8 BSI A8, B8 HOMEROOM I8 vyv, 1B B8 B8 73 A7 HOMEROOM 8,,,A A 7 H O M E R O O M S 61 A7,B7 HOMEROOM mm, A7, B7, B71 62 .4-l '91-'52 B 7 H O M E R O O M S ' ji: FIRST SUCCESSFUL WORLD FLIGHT An excellent example of carefullx planned achievement was the fnrst flvght around thc world made In l92-4 by thc Army Air Corps ly deslgned and constructed by the Douglas Aorcratt Company wlth the asslstancc and co operatnon of the Anr Corps A formatuon of tour planes In command of Mayor F L Marian lcft Seattle Aprnl 6 l924 Of them two complcted the flight which was accompllsheo In less than slx months ln 1 luttle over 37l flyung hours The army world flnght combrned the most competent personncl the best equipment and the most careful planning of any feat In avnatlon up to that time These men were worthy forerunners of Hughes and Thurlow who errcumnavlgatcd thc globc In lust 9l hours l4 rnmutes 'l gl' 1- -1 .1 Vg ff' X e ,lg XF' . . . . The airplanes used on this flight were especial- x r' ffffs fum x R 'N Donald Wl'ls Douglas pioneer in the field of Aviation and manufacturer of airplanes since l928 is today one of the out standing men in the annals of arcraft production As pres: dent of that great bay district corporation which bears his name and which gives employ ment to hund eds of Venice residents M Douglas is re garded as one of the most not able figures in the development of military and commercial avia tion A signal triumph of the Douglas Company is the creation of that ma estic Ieviathan f the skies the D C 4 President Douglas Azrcra c Company Inc A M ESSAGE FROM DONALD W DCUGLAS WHEN HISTORIANS of the future write the story ot our time aviation will head the list of outstanding developments of this age ln that saga of the century America will have the leading role and Southern Califor nia will be remembered as one of the com munities in which aviation progress was su preme Here by the shores of the blue Pacific where only a few years ago new frontiers of a young nation moved steadily and mares tically toward the West mans conquests over nature were given a new dimension Here the scientist and the craftsman working hand in hand under Democracy sought and found new worlds to conquer. Today wings of commerce and defense fashioned and conceived in Southern Cali- fornia have stretched their metal lengths over every sky-way of the globe. From humble beginnings and modest dreams the aircraft industry has grown into a modern giant that typifies the streamlined era. Southern California and Los Angeles County lead the nation in aviation activities. From Southland laboratories and shops- from its flying fields and airplane bases come the planes that carry the burdens not only of the proverbial white man but of all races alike, ln Amsterdam and Alexandria in Batavia and Buenos Aires in Paris and Penang- Singapore and Syracuse, Moscow, lvlukden and Milan planes that come and go by day and night very often are apt to be ships built in Southern California. Unless some unforeseen calamity over- takes civilization or interferes with estab- lished institutions and progress in aviation, planes of tomorrow and of the more distant future will be larger speedier more com fortable and more powerful As an engineer l can predict the future only on the basis of present knowledge and accomplishments of aeronautical science This foundation allows us to protect our prophecies in an upward curve a curve that gives promise of greater power per pound of power plant more efficient appli cat on of this power and stronger structures for given weights Normally this develop ment should give us in the next few years planes vastly superior to those of the pres en . When we leave the solid foundation of engineering and mathematics and soar on wings of prophecy the future opens into wide and wonderful vistas. Chemistry and physics lead the parade. New metals lighter and stronger than anything known today new sources of power new types of struc- tures loom on our horizon of probability. The plane of tomorrow will cross the widest ocean with regularity. lt will fly at speeds well over 300 miles an hour. lt will be guided to its destination with safety and unerring accuracy. lt will fly above around storms. It will use the 'modern mir- acles of radio and television to penetrate the thickest fogs. The motive power will come from engines placed inside the wing out of sight and so arranged that the fail- ure of one or more will not affect the pro- pellers. The cabins will be roomy, luxurious, and supercharged. On the basis of everything we know and expect, l am confident this country w'll continue its supremacy in the air. DX , THE STAFF of the Gondoluer has agaun struven to produce a book that Venetuans wull always treasure because ut wull brung back fond memorues of cherushed hugh school days The book thus year was under the supervusuon of Mrs Gretchen Kurby dur ung the furst semester and Muss Margaret McCarry second semester Mrs Mary Moran durected the art staff Assustung Edutor un Chuef Thelma Hart and her eleven staff members were Betty Brown and Maureen Maguure who wrote the hustory of the Wunter 39 class lean Wutzel Shuro Yoshukawa and Duane Poole who helped wuth the pucture mountung and Lewus Muller snapshot edutor THELMA HART as edutor un chuef planned tnc dummy and make up of the book and du rected the work of her staff She also acted as copy and proof reader and wrote several ar tucles ROSA MAE MCCLELLAN proved her abuluty at holdung two posutuons by servung both as as socuate edutor and class edutor She also took charge of the udentufucatuons of all the puctures CHARLES OLINGER assocuate edutor held a second posutuon as boys sports edutor wrutung all the mauor athletuc events Charles also helped wuth udentufucatuons of the puctures BOB DAVIS busuness and curculatuon mana ger was responsuble for the funancual success campaugn and Condoluer pep assembly He took charge of a pennant contest between the gurls and the boys and wrote all Condoluer publucxty bulletuns He also handled dustrubutuon of t e yearbook BILL CHASTAIN as make up edutor had e duffucult task of cuttung and mountung e many panels and puctures contauned e yearbook Bulls dutues kept hum busy many hours after school MILTON MACUIRE art edutor not only drew three of the art pages lfor The Con trols Squadrons and Log sectuonsl but also depucted the rnaun events of the year un The Log wuth clever cartoons rv BEN YUMORI as assocuate art edutor made the drawungs for the Formatuons sectuon and the end sheet Ben also assusted the make up ed tor rn the mountung of puctures A- DICK RIVARD was selected as organuzatuon and cal nda edutor In thus second capacuty he wrote up the maun events of the school year un the form of an aurplane log Duck also helped wuth the udentufucatuons below the club puctures ROSS THOMAS as assocuate organuzatuon edutor assusted wuth the club sectuon and wrote up the dramatuc and musucal productions IOHN TABOR as assocuate boys sports edu tor wrote up most of the munor sports events and the story on the coaches john was un strumental un obtaunung letters photographs and sugnatures from the sux notable fugures un avuatuon uncluded un the book LA DONA HARRIS un the posutuon of gurls sports edutor had complete charge of the gurls athletuc sectuon T H E G 0 N D O L I E R S T A F F 'V .:,.- mt- ' ' ' . "fy Fr ' u . A I A 'K Y A of thelyearbook. Bob directed the subscription ' ' - ' ut .,. ff: s a It X I' 4' I ' in th sm, AL Q f ' i Q 6 N T H U ' ' l ' ' T is , T - y T . T 'ff or F u , - at , . A- l 68 g als. OARSMAN STAFF John Tabor Thelma Hart Davld Gruver Ed Adams Charles Ollnger Masao Teroaka Anita Machado Earl Smith Patsy Muller Rlchard Cosenza THE OARSMAN ns the alrshup Ve the journalism and prlntung classes Kurby sponsored the journalusm class advnser dunng the second semester tson ot Mr M E Rlley FIRST SEMESTER Editor ln Chief News Edltor Assoclate Edutors Busuness Manager Clrculatron Manager Feature Editor Sports Edltor Gurls Sports we John Tabor Anlta Machado Ed Adams Davld Grlver Thelma Hart Duck Rlvard Duck Rnvard Myfanwy Jones Charles Olmger Margaret Olson nlce s weekly Flught Chart publushed by Durlng the fnrst term Mrs Gretchen whsle Mass Margaret McGarry acted as The prlntnng was done under the dnrec E STAFF SECOND SEMESTER Editor In Chief News Editor Associate Editor Departments Organlzatxons Busmess Manager Circulation Manager Feature Editor Sports Edntor Assocrates Glrls Sports Second Page Edntors Masao Teraoka Earl Smith Anita Machado Patsy Muller Evelyn Grant lva Shaver Nevelda Muller Ruchard Cosenza Bob Young Enc Young Dave Wllllams Margaret Martun Ed Lott Bernard Lewin Wanda Llnzy vb mfr Flrst Row Conme Gerard Margaret Martin Neveldu M Iler Nancy Takahashx Evelyn Grant May Baren burg Wanda Llnzy Iva Shaver Second Row Bernard Lewln Harold Lott Ben Yumorl Erlc Young Bob Young El Lott David WIllI6mS James Barnett Tsuyoshl Mano 69 'A' 6 s 'G 1 at 'Y' M' ff- K ff H - V . s XJ I ' N 'Q A A M E T H E O A R S M A N TH S' U' ,-l,l "" 3 :3533:i333:53:.Hm.dLoft ' we F wi J at L. V M Y f ,M 'dx K i R.. A me 1 1 SENIOR DELPHIANS Top Row Mrs Randall Almeida AI'house Anderson Avril Bra lngton Buck Second Row Blanford Brown B Brown lRoman Lamperl Brown Cannung Church Cleary Thlrd Row Cohen Conrad Cope land Corrngan Cofcher Davls Dumont Fourth Row Eventts Farkas Golsen Gunderson Hamnlfon Helms Hoeck Fifth Row Hopgood Hallberg IV Pres ll Harrungton Llovd lchren lRoman Lamper Pres ll Johnson M Johnson Sixth Row E Jones M Jones Kntaoka Kovlnlck Larson S Leaf .1 Leaf lRoman Lamperl Seventh Row Lowe Mano McClellan Magunre Messenger Muller lRoman Lamperl Mont gomery Eighth Row Moore Nakayu Oh: Okumura Orlln Overion Relmann Ninth Row Rau Shaw Smuth 4Sec Treas I Pres Zl Sutter Tanner Thorn s rRoman Lamperl Valdez fRoman Lamperl Tenth Row Watson Wrlllams rSeC Treas Zi Wilde Wnke M Wentz 'V Pres 25 F Wentz Yurnorl 4Rornan Lamperl 70 11 f g . ' l i U E l . . 'W I 5- , l E-sf' jeg 1 , IT.: , Li -f A : l-Q 2 - , , A . , ' , 1 , : 1 , V - f , . 1 I 3 1 1 ' 2 1 , , , ' , , , - : 2 , , '. , , , 2 : , , ' .- . g . , , , .a , 5 : , .- , , , , , .- . , . , -A Hi G 1 L I 5 ' .. 5 7 V If if hai ' r N Lv 1 F ' ' 3 3 ' ' . x 5 h L or ssoL -H X 1 N L 4 2 4,1 Jim ' V, .,,, , .,...e- H- ,triage . A,,,,,, ..h- Q get , F .. Q yyu A L so F i A I 9 3' V .La ',-, N - 2,1 I :'f' .5 Q .5 . -' V .. "" E fi I . vv,- , ' E V ,., ,, i K V3 .Eiga U I , M Y v lavlvvllvl 1., 5 I? . I :za z I K- 3, - V - r B -it li ryry nz syr , R 1 ' ' A X ' gf" , I A M N , , N Al A -' ' 'T N 'A -- 'A A ' --'f---of I Ziyi ,. ,-,, V H r:,.1-:ggi 'fi . .F 1 . . . N Y A , r 1 1 N 5- -1:f'14" as '1' V. w 1- er . -.. 1' 'UNK' ,Jr hifi' new Ji!! NN! W :Ya fx-4' QW i mr? MH NN vii mr in an -nhl' ME mms is M151 'Q L- IUNIOR DELPHIANS Top Row Adams Almencla Altlg Armor Asher Avena Bassln Second Row Balkum Beers Belts Blrd Blum Cannon Chrlstlan Thlrd Row Clark Colwell Coopersmlfh C x B M Davls Pes l B Davus DeBode Fourth Row Dench Derus Dey Danger Donovan Donnelly Dudley Flfth Row Edmond son lSec 2' Estes Everltts R Ferguson G Ferguson B Ferguson Frnedman Sixth Row Full Glad D Goldman R Goldman Grant Gunderson l-look Seventh Row Hamulton Harrls Hart Heacox lV Pres 29 Hensley Hume John Eighth Row Johnson Jones Keller Klrchner Kovlnlck P Kovxmck Landis Ninth Row Larson Laverlng Leaf Lewis Lundberg Linder Tenth Row LIOTYB Lowe Lyle Mahan Mahoney Matsuoka McClellan 7l ws-an 4.-C-ff bein x ia. sul-a mm aux Q-u.. wr IUNIOR DELPHIANS Top Row McMullen Mlddlebrook Mlyaku Nncholson Nuxon Oden Okumura Second Row Ortiz Park Perry Pesman Peterson Petht Patlno Thud Row Probst Rau Rerman Reutman Rexer Reynolds Ronan Fourth Row Rotman Sabatlno Selser M Smxth lPres 21 R Smith KV Pres ll Spartu Speede Flfth Row Suddeth Taken Talbot Talley Tanner Taylor Tuttle Sixth Row Trenouth Troendly Walton Whltaker White Whutmond Wudney Seventh Row Wulluams Wnlson Woods Zrlz Miss Burns .ln-4 rf Q-wb RADIO CLUB Top Row Fred Fogarty Jack ewls KV Pres ll Hldeo Nakayu Bull Olsen Nathan Shaffron Robmetfe Smlth lPres ll Jack Sutherlln Second Row Ignacio Vasquez 1Treas ll Mr Amo 5-'S , , A . , ,t,.,,.a . . N 'I S Q I f X I u se ,. lm . I K A W .. .- 1:1 Q:- 4: , .A 4, Q 4 Mg. 5 'T W . l . 1 4 1 . ' ', h' A ' 1 ., ' X - ' i' 5 3 T 2 . f-, ,sf if K 4, :iii 2 , L me G nw " T -gy ' T- as I 4 i l ' l ' H f I : A l ' . , . I . ' I , iv "" I F - 72 ,Q ...L as Q,3g,.i,Q wflmf' Am! 3- ,. .4 525 .l L Y L AMERICAN IAPANESE CLUB Top Row Mr Wlnebrenner Bauer Canning Corrigan Fradkun Gabe Hayes Second Row Ichlen lnouye Kogeyama Kamerllno Kamufuln Kamoto Kimura tSecl Thlrd Row Klnoshlta Kntaoka Mano Maruyama Masuda McComb Mlyakl KPresJ Fourth Row Mnzusawa Morlmoto Murray Nagal M Nakaglrn T Nakagm 1TreasJ T Nouma Fifth Row Y Nojuma Oba Oh: QV Pres! Okumura Oto Porter Smith Slxth Row Sugutanl K Takahashu N Takahashi Takemula Teraoka Utsukl VanKeulen Seventh Row Watson K Yamasaku Y Yamasakl Yettra Yoshlmoto Yumorl l fi 1 L 4K PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Rodney Everson Gare Fleezer Darvsln Gregg Joe Hamilton Leonard Mulak 4Sec I Pres 21 Sammy Slawter Ross Thomas 1Pres I Sec 2b Q Q 13 IUNIOR HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top Row Mrs Rockoff, Irma Areuero, Allene Gates, Janet Giad QV Pres IJ, Thelma Glazler, Helen Johnson, Bettie Kung, Second Row Mary LaFlrenza, Jennie Marquez, Roberta Neff, June Perry, Helen Swartz 4V Pres 21 73 5 . 4 . " ' or Vg' v 3 .. If 1 1 A 4' J 1-2 T at ' A ' T A J QJJ J V ., V. xr, , 4 T A 2- 5 . ,Z L' 4 is 7 J , ,V A I ..,,., ' , P. A K -V V ' llll I A gif. :IK g I. A i as egg' .:-, , A ' A , , mfs Y , A f T . I A , B., T K if J 'K K K H . J I... L ,V S, A i i I C11 ,JW T Q sg. . Q.. 4, J l . 4 J A . - . . ix as J X A x Q , . . Q3 .LX uid I4 wif we-4 4 lf aa Q ,1- Lsi My 1,1-A' 1594- a-A Ein 'av WLM -If iw. "s. is-L :IU 'll-W' l GREGG ARTISTS Top Row R Adams I Adams K Anderson N Anderson Armstrong Atwood Balkan Second Row Bartle Becker Berman Blcssnng Bnckford Bolton Bcoton Third Row Brown Brownlng Burns Buschlng Butler Cardwell Clough Fourth Row Cochran Cohen Coleman Corson Coulter 4V Pres l Crossland Crowder Fifth Row Crutcher Darlus Davis Donald Duron Everlsen Flrknns Sixth Row Fox France Frank Frawley Gardener Gates Gergory Seventh Row Grlmsley Hackworfh Haddad Hall Harrrs lV Pres Zl Honeman Henderson Eighth Row M Hasclwerdf H Haselwerdt Hendrix Hoberg Jacobs Kar 'fl KEYS Nmfh Row Kug Leaf L avutt I Lewls J L s Q Le s L yd Sc Treas l 21 Ten Row A Machado J Machado Mangcs Manson Marlnelll Markel Marshall 74 P " Rfk 5 A ' n. R N L ,Aj-Z I ' ,,,' 'iw f f- MQ, L , I , A - -Leaf - Hs A . 4 :' A I ' .sh B2 - lui ' l o B ' rs' - A . ku , 5 .s.. A .. H 3 5 'I . i 1 .K k I - l . i A A- C is K ' ,... le .M MM - , - W V L ' . . , 5' ' M ' ' A ls. - - A K ,., - 7 f -" I ' 4' 3 ff: , i A, fM,"1" f as , A , 4 ,leapt Lk I ,, ' ,W r ---- F V "I ,.,.. 1 I s . . 5 .. M 'rf Q . . E: . 1-4 -' ' "'- . 0 ",- VJ ' I : r ,I , e ' .4 ', . 9LNl,-.. wi, 'lo le',- ,', gl th K Qi! vim L l ff! GREGG ARTISTS Top Row Martino VV McDonald R McDonald McElrea Mclntyre Mehner Melton Second Row Mil ler Mirich Mlyaji Montgomery Moulton Muff Noble Thlrd Row Olson Ortiz Pena Pettit P Firklns Pollock Robison Fourth Row Rosen Rosenquist San Juan Saslow Seip lPres l Zl Shaver Sims Frith Row Y Smith M Smith South Stebbins Steere Stennet Takahashi Sixth Row Temple Teubner J Thomas A Thomas Topell Tuttle Tyson Seventh Row Tryk Utsuki Wasserman Watson Winger Mrs Wood AVIATION CLUB Top Row:Akou'y Converse lSec. l Pres, 2b DeCenco DeYoe Gano 1P es. ll Goldberg Helms' Second Row: Hgh lSec. 23 Holand lTreas. l, 23, Martin Masuda Schmidt Sutton Tanner' Third Row: Yumorn, Mr. Champion. 6 9? -Ah 4. we 1.595 'LA 1 ASCE E' L Q24 I in -1 ,4 yi r 3 Rik Kal! 'Ml' YW M144 CQ MAJ L , NSW 545 Q,-1 xgv LATIN CLUB Top Row Mlss Ward Mass Hutchison Anderson Avena Benny Biggs Blum Second Row Boehme Brockell Brown Canning Carlson Clark Cleary lSrgf at Arms l 21 Thlrd Row Cohen Coller Con rad lPres 21 Cook Coopersmlfh Copeland Corcoran Fourth Row Corngan Coughenour Crawford DeCenco Delfch Demeesfer Derus Fnfih Row DeSoto Dnngler lSec Treas 2 Pres ll Dunn EVEFITTS B l-erguson G Ferguson S Ferguson Sixth Row Fssher Gabe Gales Gazln B George S George Gerefy Seventh Row Goldman Greenlaw Henry Florkef Howland Jamison C Jones Enghth Row D Jones lSec Treas ll Klrkpafrlck Kovlnuck Larson Lundberg 1V Pres 23 Llotta M A h ac rt ur Nlnfh Row Mahoney Mallon Marmelll McMullen Mellen Moore Newell Tenth Row Overton Park Perklns Pmno Porter Pross Reuman 76 Q 'ln I V i . I' A M,-s. I' Q 5 . 5, : . 1 , 'Q K A A ,al H ' '-fmi.. 'A-' A I rj 5, rl . il ,ixi A A K I A G Q P + ,. I 1 K 4 Z g . J fl ' 13 -M ' 1 0- r N-4, . ' Al .,.,, M f pl! H - If f 4 win T V l ' Riel H , J 1 j ,, i ' A -B A r f A -f 1 A A W ':" 4 A Mk seam if I , Y 47' g M ' , E ..... WA R N 9 ' . 'L V A 7 si -N I 2 Q f 1 5 A 4 Q ..... Z lg. it A I K .5 L .V A at A I ' A M - . f. 3. g 5 -I . H' rr 1 ' 3' ' 3 "., E 4 A.,. A" , I I V 5.1 fr' be . Z' I 'L :Q ,lv ,,m , F44 We ,v, -I., g+,fp avr - 4 5 W , -' nv'-5 ' larsl A A-as , LATIN CLUB Top Row Rhodes Robertson Roth Shaw lV Pres ll Sfepner S Wh wngerf Tabor Second Row Ward Ile Whlfaker Wuleman Wllllams W If o son Ybarrando gm -sf -dm 'W GO! zll 'Ui 5 C SENIOR HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top Row Mrs Crandall Addmgfon lSec Treas ll Avrnl Barr Brown Conley Franc Second Row Fuller Hayes Head Hummel Jordon Lee Musselman 1Treas 2l Thlrd Row F Peftlt lTreas ll L Pettit KPres l 2l Rlvenburgh SDGDCE 'S r ec 2l Tozler 1V Pres Zl Webber Yahns Fourth KV Pres J Ello in vi-r Row Goldberg 77 " " A Q f 1 Y L an ' ' 'l . 3593 W' ellffb u P 'N f. w X w. Q 'I " ra 1 s K g Z' I E vw I .,qq Axwg W? 'E ilf Ei' I 7 A ' - as ,' x' x '3M', Iii? 1 -W Q x 1'f3 Q 'wwe ' is I A A A.. ,, 7, L V we-. V b W V. 5, I , ,, ik ', 1 1' fr. I ' ' A I I ' l ' """w.. 4 awww 1 l '1 , " .. --A 1 we 'A L S i N Q! N .. H A 3 5 H my -e if , Y , f l , 1 5 1 7 l ,..A -4 X " T X S S S f , S +L i Q x . N 'EL-tx E :IL H K H .ln 'WL I ,h.f:1Et,i h!,4' I K -If V AT vw . I . .. Y 2' A4 ,... - . ' ' , N- VQTI M W MQ QQ ff Y ' 4 W ' N ' "7-' f , f A "" 5 , Lz- -'-' 5 4 fzl ., 'lf , if - 4 N N ,,,. gli.. -4 rs, V .. xE?.xig.:fj"i ,N Wh I L l.,,4A ,,'- ' . 4 ll 4-ff' -an-A .Mtg any Hi -V' Y Q' Axl 69? QAL lf!! 1 I Q4 5 VENETIAN TALENT CLUB 'lf Top Row Miss Mcflluggaoe Allen Armor Barnes Basham Beardsley L Brown Second Row Burford Carr Cashwell Channell Colenbaugh Crupe Desno Third Row DeSoto Dllley Edwards Estes fSec 27 Fnelder Foxen Frann Fourth Row Franklm Furth Garcla Henderson Hacks Hoover Husner Flfth Row Jorgenson Kennett Kroll Lust Lloyd Lowe Mahan IV Pres ll Sixth Row Mnddlebrook Murphy Marsden Martnn Mclntyre Naehr Pltlno Seventh Row Parker Peterson Platt Prnce Pruett Ray Reltman Elghfh Row Robertson Saslow Soules S Smith 4V Pres 21 B J Smith Spellman Stewart Nlnfh Row Talley J Taylor Z Ta lo lP y r res 2l Tiller Tlmmerman Travers Trenouth Tenth Row Vanderho lSec ll Woods KPres ll 8 COSMOPOLITANS First Row Wand Marnnelll Bjorklund Watson Ecker lSecy Zl Bassln Arlnsberg Hart lTreas l 2 Genser Alexander Althouse lPub Dlr 29 Madden Wentz Second Row Chandler lArt Dnr Zl Dumont Dunn Fredernksen Petersen Donald Mass Danuelson Plath Golden Copeland Woodley Mayars Shaw Thlrd Row Wentz Sennett Pross Chernlak Frazier lPub Dlr ll Vasquez Tngerman lArt Dlr ll Watkms Dwight Messenger Frx DeJarnatt Iverson l-loeck Woods Sheppard Church Blner Emmer Fifth Row Althouse LaFlrenza Monteleone Lampe Hull Juvmall Dressler Clark Manzer Dunn Walton Inset Tabor lPres l Zl McClellan IV Pres 21 STAGE CREW FIfSf Row Speed Poole Caylor Fogarty Olson Second Row Sorenson LaFlrenza Mr Fordham Mon teleone Smith PUBLIC ADDRESS Bull Olson Roblnette Smlth Fred Fogarty I -H .1 1 1 1 - 3 I 1 1 V - 1 Landis, Schln-er, Alken, Graves, Valdez, Parker: Fourth Row: Wllllams KV-Pres. Zl , Harris lSec'y. ll, 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I : . , 5 .- . . , . 1 1 - newest! an ...W- --,......... ADVANCED CHORUS First Row Huntington Harada Blankenship Smith Manges Higham Krug Nusser Moore Wand Nollma Second Row MIZUSBWB Keenan Frederlksen Moore Hetherlngton Barr Watkins Borson Kimura Korbel Alexander Thurd Row Glover Speed Flx Brnstol Convlll Hulderman Haas Lowe DeJarnatt Mahoney Wood Owen Fourth Row Fellows Yettra Cochran Henderson Butzrne Mr Cox lDnrectorl Jamuson Sorenson Shook Bradeson SENIOR USHERS Farsi' Row Hart Olnnger lHead Usher? Mehner Gearmg Wentz Babapuan Second Row Robnson McCeI lan Walsworth Blckford Phelps Wllllams Smith IUNIOR USHERS First Row Heacox Donnely Smlth Edmondson Hanson Lewns Second Row Stone DeCenco Ernst Gabe Darby 80 A A -K' SENIOR BAND Flrs Row Glover 'Dr Mal l 2 Hedberg Hannah Gallo lSecy ll Glrsbcrg Man ll Donald Pena Robinson Mr Schlosser Second Row Hamilton 'Man 2l MacArthur Bcaudreau 'Pres 2' Conley Rau Takahashi IRptr 2l Wrlght McAndrews lSt Dr ll Thurd Row Shlshlm Putman Smith Fourth Row Jones Wnlllams Dlngler Sulllnos Manzer Ahern Mustol Ludlow Gearrng lP es l Fifth R w Plerens ustol lSt Dnr Putman lSecy 2l Gregg lRpr l V Pres 21 Mllne Munro Ho S IUNIOR BOYS CLEE CLUB First Row Sulllyan Hale Trusler Bruton Thurlow Munras Jordan Clark Lesllc Sayole Second Row Ralph Hloh James Srmms Pfluo l-larn Taylor Stoughton Land Thlrd Row Pettit Spencer Yale Lug gms Utsuku Snyder Fourth Row DeYoc Jones Dlrector Cox Knrkpatrrck Maynard IUNIOR ORCHESTRA Flrsf Row Corcoran Ludlow Lowe Goebel Knochenhauer Wlllxams Ray Carpenter Coughenour Ever hart Hlnecker Connally Gutsct' Second Row Ludlow Cashwell Enomoto Burns Spartl Gilbert: Mrs Matt Adams Mitchell Sutton Ownbey Hammer l-loupt Thlrd Row Lewis Wadsworth Perry James Kursch Eekhous Crupe George Beaty VanNes Powell Slnger Sl ,fl ii ' fa., 1 P . t 'A I I 1 ,W l l K es -Leif -Z., ... ....... bs 4 ' ,, A 1 ' 4: f Q ' X 1 Q Ali 3, , X. 1 I 5 kfffrf I, - ' 'B 1 .J 1 L 1 ' - l ' f 1 ' . 3 , '. , . U , ' . , , , " , ' , ,, , - , , , '- 'Q ' or ' M . .,2l, '. , t. j v . , ' , , bb, . , , D , , , 5 , yr I 1 , , , is Lg. IUNIOR BAND FITS' Row Bauer Su rs Me sheld Nelson Mr Schlosser Bovero 'Man 2 H ok L Ha Vu Pres 2 Rptr l Humphrey Taravella Marorey +RpTr 2 Second Row James Moore Henry Pauly Nuckell V Pres l Sr Dr Z Grace Dakln Gregory Wehrfrllz Thlrd Row Ducal Dlttmar Ruda Profflti Hne Ernst +Pres 2 Man l Leake Van Houfen Caplan Hall Russ Fourth Row Gearing Anderson NINTH GRADE CHORUS Flrsf Row Okumoto Walfat uk: Takel lV Pres 21 Houtz Boehme Okumura Perry Moore Leaf Nakagl Hlroshlma Second Row Baballan Renaud Browner Gallagher Aiken lPres I Mrs Matt DeCremer Schubert Hlghtower Browne Archer Thlrd Row lnouye Hall Gunderson Plath Lower Asher lSecy Treas 2 Andrews Babaylan Brockerl Bonner Fourfh Row Musfol FurTh Banta lPres 2 Barry lV Pres l Blogs Hulderrnan Rodn DeSoto Bar1on MaChadO SENIOR ORCHESTRA Flrsl' Row Hugh Parker Eekhous Anderson Hoeck Donald Dwlghr Corcoran Second Row Alken Lu low r Cox lDurecTor B rx Bra unqfon Third Row D G neres Putman Crlpe Warner Ronan Cofcher 82 I 5 A. ai ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 A 11 O 1 IO ' - 1 5 - '1 1 1 ' - - ', 3 1 1 1 1 1 l .A . 1 . I1 11 , 1 1 1 ' 2 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 i 1 - 1 - '1 , G , 1 1 J 1 1 1 Phillnps, Dey, Head, Bulyer, Spencer, DeCenco, Park 'Sec'y. Zv, Daw, Laverlng. ' 1 1 A 1 , 1 1 A l 1 . , 1 I 1' I I 1 l 1 I I - 1 .1 V 1 I 1 1 I 11, -' 'F - if 1 I 1 ' 1 I 1 ' 0 ,rw ' ' of i ', " 1 'ee ', f , 1 f L I' 1 Simil- ...A IUNIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB FALL SEMESTER Fnsf Row Gerety 1Pres1 Becker Zelz Selser Mafsuako 4PlannsTl Rotman Grant Ramey Fretz DeBranche Brees vVak rsukl Second Row Ros Bower Cook Saendow Cox lReporferl Mclnrosh Hayes lSecyI Kagayama Gallagher Propst Darby Rhodes Thlrd Row Mlss Blewetf DeBode Renaud rook Wnlson Wulluams Lb Allen Browrfsn B rres Fr ur Fuffh Row Lwndholm Aldrlch Coles Dayes Hart Reed Tlmrnerman Kung Comstock IUNIOR GIRLS GLEE SPRING SEMESTER Flrsi' Row Brees lPresl Cook Dunn Becker Lasley Rice Probsf Metzger Armor lRp1r' Taylor lbecyl Russell Naoaa Second Row Peck Brownson Bunker Planlsf Llbl Sperry Muss Bleweft Wean Kageyama Swngert Llpshntz Thurd Row Hart Taylor fPlanrst Rptrl Boulware 1Llb' Pafrovsky Hen Gerson Walker Coopersmuth +Puan4st1 Clne Fourth R w Harer Kung Rptrl Berres Hayes Henry Machado Smlth Fifth Row Aldruqh Scnull Doane Lrndholm VOICE MUSIC IfSf Row Cotcner Flx Hunllnoton 1Pres 21 Watkins Wand 'S cy C ran 1 c I Secon Row A lnsberg Rau V Res 2 Mr Snrlng Nlde Borson Bon 83 . , of of K . X ,U . 1 MM .. -tat-1 .C if Q K . we L. I ' R' M 5 , I . ' u 1 4 if Waker, Brown,'TalboT, Waker, Taylor, Olsen,'NusserI +Llb.1, ,Swrgert Fourth Row: Morglan, Oden, Mlddlel b , , 1 l J, , - so , e , az e 5 ' : , , , . ' 5 I - V 1 . f 1 I I I 1 , 1 f F' 3 , , Y . , ' , C , e ' ZW, orco Se 'y. l, d : r , 1 - r , 1, ' , ' 1 ., , r 5. 5, ML. PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASS FIl'Sf Row Rosen Goldberg DeJarnatt Parker Smith Brazlngton Anderson Muller Bertulelt Second Row Cleary Tabor Gruffln Murray Masuda Nakaglrl Barnett Fradkln Caplan Rohlln Grxver Tuch Thlrd Row Flsher Peterson Doyle Adams Altpeter Rnchardson Pross Glaze Hull Lessunger Fenslen OBr1en Leif to Right Grlver Glaze Cleary Grlffln Tuch Mrs Rous Rohlln Lesslnger Barnett Fradkrn Caplan Tabor lmanagerl IUNIOR DRAMATICS First Row Taylor Talley Reynolds Kennett Burford Marsden Smlth Coopersmxth Barnes Prlce Fraln Tandy Armor Second Row Parker Bird Lust Franklin Johnson Culllngs Miss McCluggage Basham Brown Urquhart Erchholz Mclntlre Thlrd Row Husner Estes Fielder Neff Pruett Beardsley Stewart Blum Lopez Trenouth Saslow Fourth Row Gallup Colbaugh Dunn Cashwell Muff Peterson Robert son Maddacho Buhler Sherwood Spencer Desuo 84 4 N. - 1- I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1A 1 I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s . . . , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - f 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' A ,nh we 1 INKLINCS Fnsf Row Menofh Polk Wennsreun Barenburg Brazmgton 4Pres I 23 Hart Lewis Hme KV Pres Zi Second Row Muller Bahcum Ronan 1Secy H Banta DeBode lSecy 2l Taylor Gerard CHESS CLUB Left to Right Brown lPres I 2 Whitaker Wheeler H Ims VPres 2 T as 1 Burrows Putman lSecy 25 Friedman IV Pres I Treas 21 Conley Llofta Hunner lSecy M STAMP CLUB Left to Right Marsam Cohen Kcrf Dugan Wecyl Kurkpatruck Stepner lChalrman1 Gazln Hook Betis Dey 85 , , ky , 1 T my V . W --.A ,.,........, , W, tw f X , W ., . ' f ww 3 ,, N , l WF! Q te 9 - 2 A w 3 ' .. . f I ' 3 . , ', ' , H, 0 1 - . Q fe - M , 1 LIBRARY CLUB First Row Tanner lPres l 7 Elle stem lSecy I l W k Slnclalr Allen Brodsky Nusser Klrby Second Row Mrs Edenqulst Newton Forbes Johnson Rhoades Golsen lProg Chair? Anderson ROWER STAFF Herle Wllson lGlrls Sports Edd Darby lSports Edl Second Row Hamman Pross Lundberg Homrng hausen Thaxton Sabatlno Mahan Marquez Woods Nay Third Row Morton Betts Gazln Nicholson Kovlnuck Perkuns Heyl Rusk Stone PRINTING CLASS Instructor M E Ruley supervises prnntlng of the weekly Oarsman 86 ' : .,-1, nr. ",2,if1,' ', , A, ,' .l ,y First Row.: Rexer., Everitts, Arciero, McMullen 1Circul, Mgr,l, Glad lEditorl, Deitch lNews Ed,l, Caller SENIOR DRAMATICS First Row Haney Wllllams Marlnellu Barr Barenburg Moore Pollock Ludlow Second Row Barnett Wenger Smlth Mrs Rous Lowe Becker Pabst Third Row Owen Cochran Mulak Butzlne Furgeson Slawter Dressler Shook WHEN STARS SHINE FLIGHT orders for the Winter 39 sensor play were vlvldly Inter preted In When Stars Shune fast moving comedy drama of college llfe under the able dlrectorshlp of Mrs Sylvia Gausted Wlth every part capably portrayed the flnght carried through a sklllful series of maneuvers to a successful Iandmg on january 20 CAST OF Peggy White Barbara Merrnll Jotty Barnes Gene Robbins Carter Laurence Walt lI'Tl Pearl Ruth Alice Mrs Campbell Mrs Robbins Mrs Barnes Lucy Mrs Larson George Harty Wnlllams Helen Alberta Floyd King Football Coach CHARACTERS Dons Houck Elanne Saslow Robert Shook Jerry Yettra Ross Thomas Blll Johnston Jerry Caplan Leonard Mulak Marjorie Marlnellu Marne Loulse Smith Leona Rosenqulst Betty Rae Duranceau Lynore Wenger Ruth Becker Forence Borson George Porter Roger Cleary Ruth Ruda Florence Borson Pat Owen David Gruver L NATIO A V A FRIDAY MAY I9 the alrllner Vemce hopped off on a fun flight that was to become one of the most spectacular and poyous lourneys ever attempted In the school s history Departments a n d organnzatlons polned In produclng a thrlllmg and colorful All Natuons Carnival Pa cal demonstratuon The athletic fueld was transformed unto a gay mldway with every club In school partuclpatlng by sponsoring elther a booth or exhlbut All money taken nn went to the student body coffers to be used In furthernng school ac tlvltles 87 u H A L - N S . C R N I L Y 4 I . . , , . . 1' .fffflffffflflfffu - - . - Martha .... Rosenblaff rade of Nations, and a mass physi- ..-...!m""" asm .,......-:f First Row Jerry Yettra George Hallberg Second Row Norma Moore Dorothe Huntungton Robert Shook Laverne Hlgham Marne Loulse Smnth Pat Owen Marjorie Marxnelll Betty Wand Thlrd Row Gerald Butzlne Peggy Watkins Lynore Wenger Ross Thomas E BACD THE CAST Duck Taylor Hollywood fnlm representatuve Robert Shook jewel the Callph s daughter Dorothy Huntnngton Hassan el Canb Calnph of Bagdad Ned Dressler All Ben Mustapha Prefect of Police Ross Thomas Archue Fltzglbbons a typical Engushman Pat Owen Mrs McCann the new Amerlcan Consul Peggy Watknns Bull Blake alrplane mechanuc jerry Yettra Henrietta Whlpstuck romantlc splnster Lynore Wenger Elsa McCann daughter of Mrs McCann Norma Moore Ann Blackwell Elsa s chum Betty Wand Rose the Calnph s daughter Marne Loulse Smuth Lnlly the Calnph s other daughter Betty Muller Zelnnda a dancer La Verne Hngham Orlental solonst and dancer Marjorxe Marrnelll Oriental Sololsts Madelme Fnx Ethel Nasser Goddess of Luberty Dale De jarnett UPON THE SWING of a baton from Mr Reid Cox musical director and a hearty Let s get unto productlon from Mrs Ruth Rous dramatlcs teacher the sensor operetta The Belle of Bagdad took off for a successful flught carried to a perfect three point landnng on june 7 8 and 9 Robert Shook successfully essayed the leading role of Drck Taylor who was rn search of the Callph s beautlful daughter jewel played by Dorothy Huntmgton With comedy team George Hallberg and jerry Yettra relentless ly pursued by comedy lead Ross Thomas as All Ben Mustapha chuef of the Bagdad Secret Servlce wlth Pat Owen brnlluantly portrayung a typical john me of the early twentieth century type and with sterlmg performances by Ned Dressler Peggy Watkms Lynore Wenger Betty Wand Marne Loulse Smuth and Norma Moore the operetta surpassed that of last year Sparkling moments were Oriental dances by La Verne Higham and Mar jorne Marunellu and by the chorus Much commendatuon us due the chorus for Its outstanding work whsle the orchestra was at nts best supportung the cast with unequalled finesse Charlie Hazelrlgg filled the job capably as gen eral dlrector 88 l . l l P' i ,X A' .5 A ' :W T352 N Aoi HF' Your CW, ,, ' s.. x J! Lk At - 2- A. n j J 1 n y A , ' D, , . , y , , . J 1 "TH BELLE OF AD" , ' h ..... . , . , .......... , .......,..... , .......... , ......... . , I ..... Bob Ballentane, alrplane mechanic .......... George Hallberg , ................ , ...... , . ..... . , , ............ , ........,........... - , , .. . . . ., . . . , . .. H - . - 1 I ' . . . , . . . A Y . 1 . . . . . .- ' - . H . . . . , , . . . , . - , . , , SHAKESPEARE AWARDS SAFETY CONTEST George Hallberg Erma Becker Warren Desuo Irene Tanner lGeorge Hallberg also won flrst place for So Callf In Natlonal declamatlon contestl DEBATE TEAM PUBLIC SPEAKING John Tabor Jerry Caplan Nell Peterson Roger Cleary W IA-av Left State Poster Award Bull De Generes Dlstrlct Poster Award Marshall South Center Roman Lam pers Elinor Muller Nancy Takahashi Ben Yumorl Eleanor Valdez Right Contestant In Ola: Tennls Tour ney Marqulta Donnelly A ARD WINNERS ' .hr .A 89 M xl' 'H avid it . ft 6 ?'ff7'z'!'r -:iii Pottery students create artustuc pieces of cerarmcs Draftung pupnls study to become fu ture engmeers Glrls learn the art of entertammg at dinners Commercnal artnsts study rade 90 Students learn to apply frrst and rn emergencues Students are taught to operate maclmnes Physucs pupuls study weather Instruments Electrlcuans learn an :nterestlng trade 4 fue THE NATIONAL AIR RACES Natnonal aur races have been an Important factor nn the development of avuatnon They help to make people air minded and by drama tuzmg the things that planes can do cause avuatlon to progress Such races as the Bendnx and the Thompson Trophy competitions and :ng grounds that reveal what steps must be taken un order that the greatest amount of eff: cnency IS obtatned When planes roar across country they are pointing a way toward xmproved passenger tzansport service When racing planes snarl around a closed course or speed from cnty to cuty from ocean to ocean they are doung more than seeknng records they are actnng as path frnders for the arr travelers of tomorrow all closed course races are an reality severe test- . , Q ' - Louuse Thaden us the furst woman flyer to receuve the Bendux trophy ln I936 she won the famous transcontu nental race wuth only half the horsepower of her fast est competttor In her eleven years of fly ung Mrs Thaden has set fuve world records for wo men She has also been a flyung representatuve of the U S Bureau of Aur Com merce Wunuuer u 1936 Bendux Trophy A MESSAGE FROM LOUISE THADEN THERE ARE comparatuvely few women pulots even today Of a total of some ISOOO lucensed cuvuluan pulots only SOO of these are women Yet there have been as many outstandung women pulots as there have been outstandung men pulots Back un the days when aurplanes were stull wrapped un swaddlung clothes there were the two Stunson gurls there were I-Iarruet Quumby Mathulde Mousant and Ruth Law Then we fund Amelua Earhart the greatest woman pulot of her tume There are others as Phoebe Omlue who got her start un avuatuon un l9I9 by walkung wungs There are Ruth Nuchols Gladys ODonnell Mae Hauzlup Blanche Noyes and Laura Ingalls who ha e made theur marks un the sky Most recent ac quusutuon to the ranks of outstandung wornen pulots un thus country us lacquelune Cochran All these I know They are outstandung women as Nell as pulots Pulo ung breeds a tune sportsmanshup It guves a hugher sense of values and ut brungs a deep peace Flyung us pure uoy un utself To you who would be pulots whether as a profes uoru or as a hobby I can say thus there us no ambu tuon foo hugh for attaunment no obstacle too great to be surmounted No matter what professuon y choose have the determunatuon and the courage to succeed and you wull fdfc' 95 , . 1 . - ' u - u ' . u T. u , . u u ' - A , C. . D . .- V ., . . - u u . . . . . . ou h I , . , - u u ' . . -- f 7 u u ' DIRECTORS OF MANEUVERS THE BOYS' physical education department, composed of five members- Head Coach I. A. Bell, Coaches Green, Hughes, McFarland, and Turney-is the unit responsible for the physical training and development of young Vene- tians. To these men goes credit for the good showing that the Condolier athletic teams have made during the past year. Toiling tirelessly and on many occasions until after nightfall, the coaches work with their respective teams, rounding them into shape for the season's athletic encounters. These athletic instructors have charge of such sports as football and basketball in the fallg swimming, baseball, softball, track, tennis, and tumbling in the spring semes- er IOHN E BELL Serving as head of the boys physical education department Coach Bell has capably managed the gym activities Under his mentorship such teams as lightweight football varsity and lightweight softball and lightweight and Cee track have been rounded into shape and proved formidable opponents CHARLES N GREEN Coach Green is the inspiration and veteran trainer behind the exploits of the scantily clad lads who dominate the cinderpaths Attesting his ability as a track coach are the many rec ords which Venice trackmen have set or broken in dual meets and Western League finals CRAYSON O TURNEY The accomplishments of last seasons varsity football team and this season s varsity and tenth grade base ball are a direct result of the expert mentoring of Coach Turney both the football and the baseball teams placing high in league competi tion Several football and baseball men were named on All Western first or second teams further proof of the good coaching of Mr Turney BEN F McFARLAND-Responsible for the success of varsity and lightweight basketball and varsity tennis is amiable Coach lvlcFar land Under his guidance the lightweight casaba tossers came close on the heels of the championship team while the ambitious net men scored many an upset in fighting their way to a place among the leaders in Western League tennis f.1....iS-A X IACK M HUGHES-Vbith capable Coach Applelack Hughes as pilot the Gondolier mermen tumblers and Cee and Dee basketballers acquitted themselves well in their respective sports His little pro tegees the Cee and Dee hoop men won a large per cent of their games and showed the good training they had received at the hands of their coach 96 T . F 4 5. , . . X I 22 tj' 4 3.51 'f I .g , . . . . . - U . . , . . . X. ,gf A , . , 'X fi if-'i ,. .. . H Top Row John Rosler Bull Prewett Jack Bushman George Hale lzuml Utsukl Henry Schade Bottom Row John Rosler lzuml Utsukl Roy Godfrey T O ALL WESTERN FOOTBALL TEAM Recelvnng recognltlon for hus out standnng work on the grldnron lzuml Utsukl quarterback was named a member of the fnrst strung All Western football team selected by the South ern Calltornna Board of Football and was lusted All Cnty quarterback on the third team Team mates ohn Rosler Bull Prewett and jack Bushman were named as members of the second strung All Western team GRIFFIN TROPHY WINNERS George Hale lzumn Utsukn and Henry Shade recelved the honor of bemg the flrst football men to have thenr names Inscribed on the Grlffln Perpetual Trophy BASEBALL HONORS john Rosler won honors In another major sport by frey won honorable mentuon and was greatest :nspuratlon 1 CAPTAINS OF SPORTS Seated Robert Dllllon Varslty Softball Roy Godfrey Varsity Baseball Charles Ollnger Bee Football Eddie Morumoto Bee Track lzuml Utsukl Varsity Football George Miyake Bee Baseball Bull Steuskal Varslty Tennls Paul Godfrey Cee Basketball Blll Olson Bee Swlmmlng Standing Laurence Nixon Varslty Tumblnng Bull Prewett Varsity Swlmmlng Oba Rho Tolman Varsity Basketball Jack Bushman Varsnty Track CBobTGabe Bee Softball Jnmmue Redd Bee Basketball Arcadlo Almerda Dee Basketball Tsuyoshl Mano ee rack 97 A H L E T I C H N O R S being named as outfielder on the first-string All-Western baseball nine. God- 4 an.. I V A R S I T Y " V " COUPLING TWO dynamic presidents, Dave Bliss, lfirst terml, and Vern Neece, lsecond terml, with the sagacity of their adviser, Coach Turney, var- sity football mentor, the Varsity "V" proved one of the most active and out- standing organizations on the Venetian campus. lt is composed of boys who have earned a Varsity letter in any sport. Aims for the furthering of finer sportsmanship, the betterment of school life, and the construction of a finer feeling among the boys of Venice reveal in a small way the ideals this organization strives to realize. . During the fall semester, the Varsity "V" was headed by Dave Bliss, two-year varsity football let- terman, and one-year letterman in varsity baseball. Dave was assisted by the following officers: Bill Meyer vice president Henry Schade secretary treasurer Vern Neece and Bud Clark executive committee The spring semester Varsity V president was Vern Neece a two year letterman on the varsity , football eleven Other officers included Henry Schade vice president jack Dunham secretary treasurer jack Bushman and Dinny Watson exec utive committee VARSITY V First Row Masuda Grant Watson lEx Com Zl Dillion Clark Ichlen Bliss lPres ll Houch Steiskal Small Utsuki Clark KEX Com ll Dunham tSec Treas 27 Second Row Doyle Sutton Whitman Hughes Beyrouty Porter Tolman Rosier Thornburgh Robison Schoolar Euchholz Liotta Prickett Thlrd Row Coach Turney Tanner Godfrey Wilde Corcoran Godfrey Wilde Corcoran Gillette Adams Doyle Gano Meyers IV Pres ll LaFirenza Slert Nerney C ylor Henderson Fourth Row Gibson Nelson Babajian Miller Schade tSec Treas 1 V Pres 21 Adams Bushman lEx Com 23 Reynolds Neece lEx Com l Pres 27 Marsh Buck Griffin Kirkelie Effie 98 Y - Y 1 I. 1 . . . 1. 11 - 5 1 I - D I - 9 ! Y - li V! - , 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 - - 1 -' - 1 - 1 V 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 , .- . , 1 1 1 0 1 1 - 1 1 , , .- . 4 '.- E . ' , 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row Doyle Gear ng Beyrouty Brumfleld Muller Hale Garber OBruan Schade Prlckett Second Row Fusher lwater boy! Adams Reynolds Schoolar Neece Bllss Clark Young Bushman Utsukl Phelps Taravella Gabe Thlrd Row Coach Turney Hlghtower lasst Coach! Flores McCormack Taylor Pope Smnth Prewett Rosler Mandemaker Gibson Bradeson Okumura Brumbelow Doyle Older lMgrJ Slert lwater boyl Fourth Row Basham Kenny Thompson Ward Fanslow Henderson Jamison Klrkelue Cum mungs Penera Knrkman Takahashl UNDER THE pnlotlng of Coach Grayson Turney sixty youths turned out for posltlons on the l938 varslty football team Wlth the lune averaging l7l pounds and the backfleld l7O the Venlce varsity went through a falrly suc cessful season ending In fourth place In the l938 Western League standings The Gondolners defeated Hamllton Dorsey and Hollywood but lost to Un: versnty Los Angeles and Falrfax They lost to Santa lvlonuca l3 7 an a non league game Venice, I2 Hamllton, 0 The Yanks of Alexander Hamilton were the flrst Western League opposl tion and after a journey to Housh Fleld at L A hugh school where the game was played the Turneymen returned to Venice In a jubilant mood for thelr furst trlumph of the season la I2 to O wlnl had been stored away Lett to Right Fred Beyrouty right halfback Tommy Henderson left halfback Bud McCormac fullback Farron Brumtleld right end Henry Shade right half Bud Clark left half lzuml Utsukl quarterback 99 'xi' , V h , 4 1" ' 4' , ' - , . I 1 V - I Y ' - - . . . Y , . . --, M... . -fl. , , . . A thrulllng moment rn the Dorsey game when Fullback Bushman succeeds In gaming thlrty yards on an end around play Venlce, 24 Dorsey, 0 Venice continued at the top of the Western League when the Gondollers rolled up a 24 to O vlctory over a weak Dorsey eleven on Clark Fleld October l4 Izumi Utsukl ran wlld over the Dons wlth has fast stepping and wlggly hups to garner two touchdowns whsle jack Bushman harvested a panr of touchdowns on lane plunges Dave Bless Vern Neece and Don Schooler played commendable defensuve ball Venlce, 0 Fairfax, I3 The undefeated Fairfax Colonrals unraveled a powerful runnrng attack to hand Venlce nts furst defeat garnerung I3 points to the Gondolners goose egg un the thlrd league tnlt Harrison sturdy Colonual fullback and hrs thunder Ing grant cohorts ran rampant over the Blue and White team Venlce, I4 Los Angeles, 32 A band of determined Venetlans traveled to LA with the Intention of grvung a good account of themselves Psychology however proved to be nn the Romans favor as jess Fans ace ball packer was declared elngrble that day Thus gave the Angelenos a double threat as they were able to use Al Cole and jess Fans nn the backfleld at the same trme Top Row Ed Adams right tackle Wally O'Brlen left end Eugene Pope right tackle Art Gibson right half Ray Prrckett rlght tackle George Hale quarterback Marlln Phelps left end Bottom Row Bob Garber right guard Bob Doyle right tackle Andy Teravelle eft half David Bliss rrght guard Ichiro Okumura center John Rozler center IOO 1 X " A ., I - lk , . . 3 . . . .. . ... .., . . ' , - . . . . . 9 ... . . ., ' - ' I D - . . 3 - , . , . .. I -xl : , , , ,. , , , . : -, , , , , , Fullback Jack Bushmans Interference paves the way for a nuce galn against the Dorsey Dons The game ended nn a 25 to O victory for the Gondollers The fourteen points Venice scored were the most points any team made Venice, 6 Umversuty 7 A momentary lapse on the part of the Venetlan defense an the middle of the fourth period enabled the Unlverslty Warriors to erase a sux point lead and emerge 7 6 victors In a thrlll packed game played on Clark Field Novem ber lO Vern Neece Erlc Young and Tex Muller played heads up ball for Venice whsle Santana was Unsversltys star Bushman got off one of the most beautuful punts ever seen at Vemce durmg the second quarter the ball travelung 65 yards un the alr and bouncmg out of bounds Vemce, 25 Hollywood, 0 Led by Acting Captaln Errc Young the Condollers had their day at Holly wood hugh an the league fnnals scoring a 25 to O vlctory over the Redsharts The ball carrying of Fred Beyrouty Bud McCormac and jack Gearing the pass snagglng of jack Bushman and the defensive playing of Erlc Young Ray Prnckett Vern Neece john Rosler and Dave Blass featured the contest Thus was one of those days when everythung Venice tried worked Jack Bushman, fullback, Bob Reynolds, quarterback, Don Schooler, tackle, Bull Prewltt, guard, Paul Muller, halfback, Jack Geanng halfback, Upper Row Erlc Young, guard, Vern Neece, guard lOl I 'f Q-M A ' 'KL K' against L.A. during the entire season. : ' ' , 5 LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Front Row Masuda Avlna McAndrews Rawson Roskowlck Saenz Olnnger Sennett Huggms Babaluan Caylor Second Row Lescoulle Caylor James Tolman Barnes Graham Hennl Godfrey Babaglan Cosenza Watson Thlrd R VI Cose z M M ho B Ph I o n a agulre a ney eers eps Nakagr Olsen McMullen Mornmoto Conger Strassburg Tanner Fourth Row Clark Dressler Meger Helms Cohen Overton Froschauer Sllllngs Machado Smith Spann Hammerstrom Murray Coach Bell Fifth Row Lubke McCoy Whitman Evertson LeGault Nakagl Mulllkln Flretag Fergusen Kamlfugl Hugh GHTWE G OOTBAL HIGHLY CONFIDENT of a successful campaign fnfty eager candldates heeded Coach Bell s call for lughtwelght football rn the 38 season The lane whrch an all made a very llght Bee team ln spute of thus handucap the light weughts went through a fanrly successful season ending In thurd place In league standungs wlth three wuns and three defeats The only returning lettermen were Captain Chuck Ollnger Car Babajlan Sammy Caylor Bud Stennet Bob Tanner and Eddie Saenz The furst team llne up conslsted of the following players George Avlna Merle Huggins ends Otha Tolman Bud Stennet tackles Edd1eSaenz Warren McAndrews guards Bud Rawson center Sammy Caylor C-ar Babaylan halfbacks Bob Tanner quarterback and Capt Chuck Ollnger fullback The Venuce llghtwelghts met their first defeat at the hands of a fast mov Ing Santa Monlca eleven on the victor s home grounds Outwlttmg the Vene tlan ends and tackles by trlcky reverses the Samohu Babes trnmmed the local boys to the tune of 3l to 6 Review of Western League Games ln their flrst league game the Venetrans displaying a strong runnmg at tack OUTPLUNGED the strong HAMILTON YANKEES by a 6 to O score The flrst two quarters featured a puntlng duel between Car Babajlan of Ven Ice and Don Cranbourne of Hamllton ln the fmal quarter the Crondolners got their break when a bad return klck gave the Babes a fnrst down on the Yan kees eight yard llne Three runnmg plays and Babajlan funally carrled the ball over for the only score of the day Warren lvlcAndrews Eddie Saenz and Sammy Caylor played a good defensive game for Venuce whsle Wes lvlcAffe and Don Cranbourne stood out for Hamnlton lO2 I ' ' l , I 0 averaged only about 135 pounds, while the backfield averaged about l33, . , - Y I , . ' Y I LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL-SELECT SQUAD H gg Ro cow ck C A d C ylo OI ger Babala A week later the Venetlans DEFEATED the cocky DORSEY DONS to the tune of l3 to 6 with Cuar Baballan agaln proving the backbone of the team ln the flrst quarter Tanner intercepted a pass on his 40 yard lme and ran It back to the Dorsey 36 yard llne On the next play Caylor on a reverse streaked 30 yards to the sux yard lune from where Babajlan rammed It over nn three tries He broke over left guard an the last four minutes of play an the half to score again The conversion was made by Duck Cosenza on a place knck with Babajlan holding the ball The followlng week a strong FAIRFAX BEE TEAM STOPPED VENICE wlth an l8 to 6 score ln the fourth quarter Eddie Saenz backing up the center of the llne lntercepted a pass and galloped 30 yards to a touchdown for Ven Ice s sux polnts Eddle Saenz Sam Caylor and Car Babajlan were standouts for the Gondolners With the return of Captain Chuck Ollnger who had been lngured an prac tlce and was out of the first three games prospects looked bright for a wm over the Los Angeles Babes All went well untll Multon Muller substitute back was sent In for the Romans In the second half From then on It was another story as the lnspnred Romans rolled to a l3 to 0 vactory on Clark Field ln the first half Venice drove from Its 27 yard lme to the Roman l0 yard lme wnth Car Babajlan Sammy Caylor and Capt Ollnger alternating as ball car rlers but they could not make the score before the half ended ln thus flrst half the Venlce boys outplayed Los Angeles makmg sux furst downs to the LA Babes one The Venice llghtwelghts LOST a heartbreaker to the UNIVERSITY BABES l3 tc l2 However they came back In the funal league tussle to DEFEAT the HOLLYWOOD REDSHIRTS I4 to 0 thus ending their season with three wlns and three defeats 103 W L .... , . ,. . l Front Row: u ins,A Stennett, Saenz, s i , osenza, Mc n rews, Avinaj Second Row: a r, Tanner, In , ln. ' l 1 ' Y , . - l ' - . . . . . .. - . , , - y - , v - . I 1 I I ' - , . . 3 ' 1 , VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row Marsh Buck Tolman Zundell Adams Second Row Coach McFarland Wagner Hnllyard Grace Snyder Beal Gllette Parkhursl' lmgrl AR T COACH McFARLAND S Varslty basketball team was handlcapped by the lack of experuenced men Although they never gave up fnghtnng the boys had a hard luck season dropping all of thelr games and ending In the cellar pos: 'non un league standmgs The fnrst strung was composed of Buel and Beal forwards Tolman center and Marsh and Grace guards SUMMARY OF LEAGUE GAMES Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an an an an Venace Venice Venuce Vemce Venuce Venuce Venice Vemce Vennce Venlce Venlce Vennce Fanrfax Hamilton Unlversuty Hollywood Dorsey Los Angeles Fanrfax Hamulton Unnversnty Hollywood Dorsey Los Angeles Total 476 ,fl sail WH ma ,Q in X my Q ei,- ,H mf VARSITY BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Left to right George Marsh guard Davld Zundell guard Art Adams forward Oba Tolman center Harold Snyder center Stephen Grace guard IO4 V S I Y B A S K E T B A L L , . . . 2 ' I9 ................ ' 4l , 5 ' I5 .......,....... ' 26 . 9 ' 23 ............,. A ' 45 . I3 ' 27 .............. 56 . I6 ' 22 ................ 32 . 22 ' 23 ..........., 28 I . 4 ' I7 ................ ' 47 I . 6 ' I6 .............. ' 35 I . IO ' I6 .......,...... ' ' 49 1 . I3 ' I4 .............. 44 l . I7 ' I5 ,............... 42 I . 27 ' 24 ........,.,. 31 23l I M my V L' , I A I 4 I I I J ii55?rW ,I I ' 4. I V- I W , I TBTG " "' ' ..', lm- V- .' A , ' , ' fi 'ef V, E ' . I- , 5:-Y I " .. I 35 5 7 LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL First Row Ichlen Muff Young D1lI1on Redd Second Row Coach McFarland Wuke Orlm Waterman Slmons Hackworth Burt1s T Ichlen Peterson lMgrl C H T W E A K E T B A WITH SUCH MEN as Bob D1Il1on forward llmmle Redd forward Bob Clllette center Bob Young guard and George lchnen guard holdmg down the furst strnng the Inghtwelght hoop tossers went through a fanrly success ful season wlnnung halt of thelr games and placlng thnrd In fnnal Western League standlngs SUMMARY OF GAMES Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an an an an Venlce Vemce Venuce Venlce Vennce Vennce Venlce Venuce Venlce VENICE Venuce Venuce Venuce 328 Falrtax Hamulton Un1vers1ty Hollywood Dorsey Los Angeles Falrfax Hamnlton Unnverslty Hollywood Dorsey Los Angeles Opponents 304 2555 5-'V ..,.., BEE BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Left to Right Jlmmy Redd captaln forward George Ichlen guard Guy Muff guard Bob Dlllnon or ward Bob Gnllette center U L I I G H T B S L L . 2 ' 21 ................ ' l9 . 5 ' 30 ...........,.. ' ll , 9 A 30 .......,...... ' A 20 . 13 ' 22 .t,....,...,. 32 . I6 ' 33 .... ,........... 2 9 . 22 ' 43 .....,....... 33 1 . 4 ' 23 ................ ' 30 1 . 6 ' l7 .............. ' 21 1 . IO ' 24 .....t....,... A ' 23 1 . 13 ' 22 .......1..,.. 24 1 . I7 ' 38 ,,., , ....,..... 3l 1 , 27 ' 25 ............. 31 fe, ' +R -," A I - I 'fa 5. I 5 ' ' ' f I A . 7 ' ,y,,,1ff..yj4,,,.4,, A ' ,I 'I' fi' . ' ff hifff, . 1: . I . I I . I I I I . , 1 f 1 105 CEE BASKETBALL Front Row Mclntyre Dunham Godfrey Ward Smith Second Row Van Keulen White Gabe Coach Hughes Luotta Vasquez CEE BASKETBALL WITH THE CLASS CEE basket ball team consnstung of such players as Godfrey Nakaguru Smuth Dun ham and Ward the quintet went through a fairly successful season taking thlrd place un the Western League standmgs The boys were mentored by Coach jack Hughes WESTERN LEAGUE SUMMARY Vennce 9 Hollywood Venuce Hamilton Vennce Los Angeles Vemce Opponents DEE BASKETBALL LED BY CAPTAIN Arcadno Al meuda the Dee casaba tossers made a good showlng taknng second place an league standlngs and losing only to the Yankees On the furst strung lnneup were Robert Fowler and Hudeo Nakayo guards Phulup Noell center Myron Frederlck and Arca duo Almeida forwards wlth Charles Anderson as substitute WESTERN LEAGUE SUMMARY Hamulton Ven :ce Venuce Dorsey Vennce Opponents DEE BASKETBALL Coach Hughes Almeida Noell Fowler Fredrncks Anderson lO6 ' ........ l ..... I6 - 5 - 26 Venice ........ 28 Hollywood ..... Zl . " """ """ ' ........ l 7 ' ...... 20 """"23 ""24 ........38 ........l7 ' ........ 47 ,.... 66 ' ........ 83 ..... 58 rst Row o de y a es R odf aotl odf y R rney S Thompso Nakayu Flores W d C gs R ser G a g K k I Meger wood k IMQ I A T A VENICE S VARSITY baseball team headed by four returning lettermen Roy Godfrey Don Klrkelle john Roster and Al Talamantes and mentored by Coach Grayson Turney copped flve of twelve league games to wnnd up In sixth place an Western League standlngs The flrst strung line up consisted of Talamantes catcher Gowder pitcher Kurkelue furst base Captaun Roy Godfrey second base Paul Godfrey short stop Nakayu thlrd base Rawson left fleld Rosuer center fleld and Horn rught fleld SUMMARY OF GAMES Hamllton 9 Vemce 2 The Venice bat swlngers traveled to Hamilton If-ugh for thenr fnrst league tussle only to be met wlth a 9 2 defeat at the hands of the Yankees Rosler hut a home run to deep center wuth Rawson on base scormg ahead of hum for Vennce s two runs Unlverslty 8 Vemce 7 The Gondollers lost a heartbreaker 8 7 to the Unlverslty Warrlors on the vnctor s diamond In theur second league encoun ter Roy Godfrey copped battnng honors wlth three huts whale Talamantes and Rosner hut home runs for Vennce Vemce I0 Hollywood 7 The Vemce boys fared better In their game on the home dlamond when they defeated the Hollywood Redshlrts IO to 7 Roy Godfrey agaln took battnng honors with four huts Rosler followlng wlth three Vemce 2 Dorsey l Showmg consuderable Improvement the Gondoluer aggregatlon spllled the Dorsey Dons 2 to I In a seven lnnnng contest to chalk up another league vlctory Following thus wun the Venetean nnne LOST a heartbreaker to the power ROMAN team by a 5 to 4 score Vemce 5 Falrfax I Under Gowder s hurlung the Venlce boys shut out the Fairfax Colonnals 5 to I wunnmg their third league game whnch was played on the losers diamond Talamantes Rawson Rosler Kurkelle and Paul Godfrey accounted for Venuce s fuve runs Hamilton 7 Vemce I Starting on their second round the Gondollers were dumped agam by the superb Hamllton Yankees to the tune of 7 to I Champ Lopez Hamilton s one man team allowed Venice only three huts Roy Godfrey Talamantes and Paul Godfrey benng the three IO7 I t I, I , M-, e I ky: W J X , - ' at ' .L Wuxi. I Fi : G w r, Hill ard, Horn, Tal mant , . G ray IC . , P. G re , awson, Bruce, Mr. Tu 5 econd Row: n, , , ar , umrnin , oi , e rin , ir eie, , s, Terao a r. . , . I . I . T . . C , 1 . I , I . I ' . I . 1 . I . . . I . . . . 9 1 n 0 ' . , - ' - D . . . . . . . . ' - S ! ! ' 0 v - . . . . . . D 1 1 ' , . . . . . . . ! D 9 ' 1 . . . . . . . . Y Q V ' 1 I . , . . . . - , Y I t . . . . . . . . . i l ' 1 I. .I . . ll I1 - 0 ' ' a ' n v , . - BASEBALL VARSITY LETTERMEN Left to Rlght John Roster center field Roy Godfrey fcaptalnl second base Don Kurkelle flrst base Al Talamantes catcher Jack Gearing pitcher Paul Godfrey short stop Vemce l Umverslty 0 Wlth Gowder pltchlng a no hut no run game the Gondoller aggregatlon upset the Unnversuty Warriors and came home wrth a l to O victory Bud Rawson crossed the home plate for the only run of the day on an error Hollywood I0 Vemce 6 In the second game with the Redshlrts the tables were reversed and the Gondollers came out on the loslng end of a IO to 6 count Scorers for Venice were l-lorn who made two runs Rosler R Godfrey Nakaju and Knrkelle Dorsey 8 Vemce 3 The tables were agaun reversed on the Gondoluer nme wh1ch took a severe beating at the hands of the Dorsey Dons 8 to 3 Roster Horn and P Godfrey crossed the home plate for Vennce s three runs Falrfax 7 Vemce 5 The Blue and White team faced the Faurfax Go lonlals once more only to be defeated 7 to 5 on the home dnamond Scorers for Venice were R Godfrey Talamantes Rosuer P Godfrey and l-lorn Los Angeles 3 Vemce l Seekmg a wan over the Los Angeles Romans Vemce Instead suffered a relapse and lost a close 3 to l contest BASEBALL VARSITY LETTERMEN Left to Right Bloyce Cummings pitcher Ted Rawson left fleld Alan Bruce rught fleld John Hlllyard center fueld Henry Gowder pxtcher Mrlton Horn rlght fneld lO8 l 7 t 1 , E A: , Q , 1 ' - - S 9 9 ' V 1 1 i 1 ' I Y Y 3 ' . . . n . . . - 9 S Y ' , . . 9 I V ' V 1 -. ...U ,-, . - ,,., ! b r 4 , , : , , 4 1 , 1 , 1 , z , . 41 SOFTBALL Flrst Row Saenz Utsukl Vasquez Edwards Beyrouty Lescoulne Dllllon Avnna Kovunlck Doyle Hug gms Yamauchu Second Row Schade Tanner Barnes McAndrews Phelps Barlow Gabe lCaptl Effle Okamoto Velasquez Machado Takahashl Pena Beers Third Row Masuda lMgrl Kroll Sutton Wroth Basham Nakagl LaFlrenza Haracla Sandy South Seems Parker lMgrl Fourth Row Babapan Conger Waterman Doumont Parker lchlen Mahoney Helms Ferguson Verlty Heyl Whltesell Stoughton VARSITY SOFTBALL WITH BUT two returnlng letter men to bolster the team the var slty softball went through a rather dlsastrous season dropping all of theur league games VARSITY SOFTBALL SUMMARY L A oly Venlce Washlngton Vemce Venice Dorsey 7 Venice L A oly Vensce Dorsey 9 Venuce 23 Opponents '5 IOTH GRADE BASEBALL UNDER THE capable guidance of Stanley Clark former Venice base ball player and captaun the tenth grade baseball team won two and lost three games In league play LEAGUE BASEBALL RESULTS Fremont Venuce Vemce Dorsey Vemce Opponents NINTH AND TENTH GRADE BASEBALL Flrst Row Conterno Arnold Crlpe Dennns Mnyake lCaptl Carlson Moran Burtls Noell James Second Row Clark Thomas Brown Davidson Doan Qulroga Wheeler Sllnkard Muselman Wnlson Wolfson lMgrl Thlrd Row Perkuns Mathis Barley Mandemaker Crlpe Hammerstrom Rusk IO9 7 Y M ' 2 ............. . . P 6 ' 5 ..........,. ' l l ' 5 . ........... .... - Venice 3 ."-A.... 4 I . Washington 8 Venuce 4 ........ Huntnngton Park 7 ' 1 ...-.....A.'. 4 . p 12 b 3 ............... I4 ' 7 ..,.""..-....' 3 ..........,..... l ' ............. 3 ' IO ............. 22 VARSITY TRACK First Row Doyle Jamlson Cosenza Caylor Kamoto Murray Taravella Monteleone Brayton Babaplan Olnnger Sandy Second Row Duncan Coach Green Schade Hefferan Richardson Hale Smith Wals worth Bushman KCaptl Clark Manzer Young Henderson Utsukl Beyrouty Bradeson Porter Nelson lMgrl Third Row Prlckett Kenney Kupersmlth Wolfe Klrkman O'Brlen Lampe Simons Collungs Juvlnall Helnl Mulak ALTHOUGH HE had but three returnlng lettermen-C-arnlck Babapan lack Bushman and lzurnu Utsuk: Coach Green put a well balanced team on the held that won two out of flve league meets and took suxth place ln the Western League hnals Captain Bushman Babajlan Walsworth and Heml took care of the sprlnts whale Caylor Utsukn Kamoto and Young ran the hugh and low sticks Mon malnder of the flat track events while Kamoto Beyrouty O Bruen luvmall and Prlckett were promlnent In field events 51314 YQN-r EIGHT MAN MILE RELAY TEAM First Row Garnlck Babalnan Fred Beyrouty George Hale Richard Cosenza Second Row Marvln Wals worth Jack Bushman Murry Smith Harold Helnl llO ra V A R S I T Y T R A C K teleone, Manzer, Kirkman, Murray, 1. jamison, and Kenny galloped the re- S uw ' , vs 1 g S sf, . ' ' Q l FOUR MAN TWO MILE RELAY TEAM M REVIEW OF DUAL MEETS Capturung nune out of twelve fursts Coach Cureen s spukesters completely SWAMPED the DORSEY DONS 703k to 333A un the furst league meet Bushman provudung the hughlught by trummung Keuser Dorsey sprunt ace un the century and furlong Venuce annexed eleven duguts un the sprunts and took the relay Caylor Babauuan and Sumons swept the l80 low hurdles whule Kurkman Bradeson and Murray added another clean sweep un the mule Monteleone and Manzer funushed furst and second un the 880 Kamoto added ten pounts wunnung the pole vault and l20 hugh hurdles Babayuan Smuth and Manzer won honors un the broad jump Capturung sux fursts out of twelve the Condoluer varsuty spukesters SHAD ran 2 04 4 to wun the 880 Captaun Bushman dud l0 l to nose out Babauuaru un the century and also won the furlong Kurkman galloped the four laps un the fast tume of 4 47 3 for another furst place whule juvunall made 5 feet 4 un the hugh jump for fuve pouruts more Beyrouty gluded 20 feet 7 unches to place furst un the broad jump and jamuson grabbed a second uru the 440 Wuth the meet see sawung back and forth the Venuce relay team determuned the outcome by comung un furst The Condoluers next clashed wuth the L A ROMANS who proved SUPER IOR un every event but two rollung up a score of 66 to Venuce 5 38 Bush man took fursts un the century and furlong Monteleone Babajuan Kurkman Kamoto and Beyrouty also garnered pounts for Venuce HAMILTON at Venuce was the settung for the next Condoluer downfall Venuce made only three fursts as the Yankees won 66 to 38 Hughlughts of the meet were juvanall s 5 feet I0 leap to vuctory un the hugh jump the Clean sweep un the 880 by Monteleone Manzer and Lampe and the sweep un the broad lump by Beyrouty Babajuan and Manzer ln theur last dual meet the Venetuans were trounced 73 to 3l by the FAIR FAX COLONIALS Capt Bushman and Kurkman were the only furst place wunners for Venuce Bushman agaun provuded the feature of the meet by settung a new school record un the furlong un the fast tume of 22 l lll 3 ...... 4 .. Y . a Earl Manzer, george Lampe, Jack Jamison, Vito onteleone ED UNIVERSITY 53.V2 to 50Vz in the second league encounter. Monteleone my H CEE TRACK Flsf Row Goodma Da by Lish Almeda Du can Yama oto Well g Second Row Ka ful Nakagl Fretag Yumor Mano ICaptI MacArthur Nckell W er Manzer Th rd Row Smon Haddad Mt s ch Monlon Cose ngler K g Sc o b g Le Geen COACH BELLS CEE track squad proved superior In the Western League through the entire schedule wIthout a set back to mar their perfect record This Included vIctorIes In all dual meets and a close decision In the CI'l'yfIf13lS Starting the season off with a bang the Class Cee 440 relay team romped home with a fIrst In the All City Relays March 25 In the exceptional time of 47 2 The quartet of baton switchers was composed of Frank Cosenza Robert Path Captain TsuyoshI Mano and Ted Duncan The DORSEY DONS first foe of the youthful trackmen took a convIncIng 43 213 to 33 U3 lacIng on Clark field Duncan Venetian bullet copped the century and Babe Cosenza won an easy 660 Captain Mano leaped 5 feet 3 Inches to Insure himself a first In the high jump event while his teammate Yumori glided I8 feet l I Inches to take first place honors In the broad jump Machado took first for VenIce heaving the eight pound pellet 43 feet 7V2 In UNIVERSITY S WARRIORS proved weak opposItIon for the Venice Cee s In the second league tilt Coach Bell s lads rolling up a total of 64 poInts to their opponents InsIgnIfIcant I3 Eight fIrst places were annexed by the Venice team with but little effort Capturing five firsts out of nine the Venice Cee s managed to come through wIth a well earned victory over the LOS ANGELES mIdgets 42 V2 to 34V2 Winning first places for Venice were Cosenza In the 660 Path In the l00 Yumori In the l20 low hurdles and Pena In the pole vault The Cee relay team set a new school record with the fast tIme of 46 7 The supposedly Invincible HAMILTON CEE S last year s Western League champs who had shaded the VenetIans In meet after meet the year before were caught napping In the most surprIsIng meet of the season The former champions lost out In a thrIllIng battle whIch found the locals wInnIng by a 43 34 score Babe Cosenza hero of the contest nosed out Weaver of HamIl ton to wIn hIs favorite race the 660 Pena vaulted I0 feet 8 Inches settmg a new school record In the pole vault while the relay team broke ITS week old record settIng a new one at 46 6 H2 L, Q W?IJ'T5', ' . ' ' - I Ji, 'I ' lag? I A . i I ' 'r : n, r , ' , I , n , m , in g : mi 'i, ', I , i, . , , I , eav , 5 i : I , , I - u I, , nza, Di , in , Ellis, h n er , win, r . , . . for 1939, by taking second place in the finals. The Cee cinder squad went I , . . . I D I CEE FOUR MAN 440 RELAY TEAM Rob Path Frank Cosenza Ted Duncan Tsuyoshu Mano The Venuce mudgets turned un an easy 58 l8 truumph over FAIRFAX un the funal league meet Thus gave them the dual meet crown Babe Cosenza pro vuded the thrull of the day by nosung out Lucker undefeated Faurfax ace un the 660 Duncan and Path annexed eught duguts un the century Sumons Ket tleson and Mano swept the hugh jump event and Yumoru and Weaver pucked up eught pounts un the broad pump H RA WITH ONLY one returnung letterman the Condoluer lughtweught spukemen un all of theur league meets and caused them to take seventh place un the league funals on May l9 Only fuve Bee tracksters receuved letters Thus quuntet and theur events headed by Eddue lvlorumoto hurdler uncluded Merle Hugguns century and furlong lvlulton Crupe hugh pump Sakaye Yamauchu pole vaulter and Ben Yumoru l32O LIGHTWEIGHT TRACK Furst Row Jack Lewus Ben Yumoru Solly Harrus Harold Gazun Captaun Ed Morumoto Charles Strassburg Juro Nakagu Second Row Bud Kuttleson Orval Smuth Robert Young Ned Dressler Merle Hugguns Syd Fernald Clarence Jones Multon Crupe Mathew Spann ll3 L I G H T W E I G T T C K found themselves short of experienced meru. This spelled defeat for them Vensce -4. GYM TEAM Flrst Row Fogarty McCoy Hallberg Caylor Hawley Nnxon lCaptl Hands Mclntyre Grant Gobe Sakal Second Row Bachle Utsukr Hughes Mandavllle Lewls Wean Coach Hughes Edwards McMullen Shuota DeGeneres Evans Whltman Kato VARSITY TUMBLING THE VARSITY gymnasts coached by Mr Hughes tnnrshed a rather unsuccessful season benng defeated IH each of their league encounters and endlng ln seventh place SUMMARY OF MEETS Vennce 49V2 Faurfax 8 Dorsey 9 Vennce 33V2 Unuverslty lOl V2 Vennce Vennce Vennce Hollywood 7 Hamulton 9 Venuce 46 V2 Los Angeles 59V2 Venlce 259 V2 poxnts Opponents 506 pomts LED BY stroking Captann Bull Stelskal and coached by B F McFar land the Venlce racquet men went through a fairly successful season In Western League tennls SUMMARY OF GAMES Unlverslty Dorsey Venuce Vemce Hamllton Vennce Venzce Venuce Hollywood Falrfax Opponents 27 TENNIS First Row Walton Lage Russ Anderson Stone Maguire Orlln Second Row Tabor lMgrJ Oh: Mull: km Dllllon Dunham Robison Steuskal lCaptl Small Caylor Cannon Bussey Mr McFarland Third Row VanKeuIen Kert Dunn Hackworth Furgeson Wilson DeVrne Smfth Ward Grubble Knrkelue ll4 T E N N I S ' ........... ' 7 ' 5 ------'----"'-- ' ' 2 ' 44 ............. O 4 6 .....,..,......... I I --------- ' A Venice l ............... Los Angeles 6 I 50 ........... ' O V 3 -.'--..-'...'.'A - 4 w s , 4 . . ' 2, ................ . A 5 ' . ' 20 i 1 .n. VARSITY SWIMMING Flrsf Row Ginsberg Munro Hughes Crlftln Clark Hunner Elchholz Kopp Plnger Second Row Slert Everson Thornburgh Pross lmboden Tolman Adams Herberg Third Row Wllllams Stennett Allen Prewett lCaptJ Mr Hughes lxer on Corcor n Wilde A T W N SPLASHING thenr way through to a fairly successful season the varsuty natators led by Captain Bull Prewrtt and mentored by Coach lack Hughes annexed one vlctory out of three hard fought Western League dual meets and sank Santa Monica twrce and Redondo once In practice meets SUMMARY OF LEAGUE MEETS Aprul 26 Venice 66 Hamnlton l4 Ma 3 Venice l 9 Hollywood 54 May IO Venice 26 Los Angeles 52 W G W I M M ALTHOUGH they boasted a powerful llttle Bee team the llghtwerght splashers paced by Captain Bull Olson swam an only two dual meets un West ern League competutuon Opennng their schedule wnth a 74 3 vlctory over the water logged Hamllton lnghtues they swept on only to meet defeat at the hands of a more powerful Los Angeles squad 54 to lO BEE SWIMMING First Row Voorhees McGough Blckford Evans Gelberg Olson lCaptl Rosen Hepler Prltchard Wenz Iotl' Matthes Second Row Goldy Brush Ashburn True Ernst Pashkow Phillips Bertulelt Moore Alams Morgan ll5 I t L L ,- V R S I Y S I M M I G y 1 Ilfffflfff' L I G H T E I H 'I' S IN G YELL LEADERS Earl De Generes Don Watson Robert D ll o FIRST SEMESTER AROUSING bleacher fans to a hugh putch of enthusuasm and un spurung a hughly successful football son and hus two assustants Bob Dulluon and Earl De Generes are to be congratulated on the way they helped to develop school spurut at Venuce Hugh SECOND SEMESTER DICK COSENZA took over the dutues of head yell leader durung the profucuent He had two enthusuastuc assustants Dmny Watson and Mor gan Warner who helped hum un leadung supporters of sprung sports YELL LEADERS KSECOND SEMESTERJ Dunnue Watson Duck Cosenza Morgan Warner ll6 Q" l l Y E L L L E A D E R S team, Head Yell King Dinny Wat- SeC0"1d SemeSf6l', P"0Vl"l8 eClUallY VARSITY FOOTBALL lzumr Utsukl Captaln Don Older Manager Fred Beyrouty Davld Bliss Farron Brumfneld Jack Bushman Bud Clark Bob Doyle Mlckey Doyle Bob Garber Jack Gearnng Art Gbson George Hale Leonard McCormac Tex Mlller Vern Neece Wally O Brlen lchlro Okumura Marlin Phelps Eugene Pope Bull Prewett Ray Pr: kett Bob Reynolds John Roster Henry Schade Don Schoolar Erlc Young LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Chuck Ollnger Captain Hlroshn Masuda Manager George Avlna Garnlck Babaylan James Cay'or Sammy Caylor Duck Cosenza Roy Godfrey Merle Huggnns Frank Lescoulle Warren McAndrews Theodore Rawson Jam Roskownck Edwln Saenz Ward Stennett Bob Tanner Otha Tolman VARSITY BASKETBALL Oba Tolman Captain Bull Parkhurst Manager Arthur Adams Lee Buell Francls Beal Stephen Grace George Marsh Harold Snyder Fred Wagner Davnd Zundell LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Jimmy Redd Captain Nell Peterson Manager Robert Dxlllon Robert Gillette George Ichlen Guy Muff Herbert Simons Bob Young CEE BASKETBALL Paul Godfrey Captaln Hndeo Nakayu Manager Wnlllarn Gabe Vuctor Luotta Oliver Mclntlre Tadao Nakagln Earl Smlth George VanKeulan Ignacio Vasquez Park Ward Bruce Wh te DEE BASKETBALL Arcadlo Almeida Captaln Charles Anderson Robert Fowler Myron Frederick Philip Noell l-lldeo Makaye VARSITY BASEBALL Roy Godfrey Captain Masao Teraoka Manager Alan Bruce Bloyce Curnmlngs Jack Gearlng Paul Godfrey Henry Gowder Multon Horn Don Klrkelue Hldeo Nakayu Theodore Rawson John Roster Albert Talamantes NINTH AND TENTH GRADE BASEBALL George Mlyake-Captaun Gerald Wolfson Manager George Arnold Alvln Burtls Dean Carlson John Conterno Russell Crlpe Eugene Dennis Bob Hale Earl James Bob Klrkelle Eugene Morin Cameron Sllnkard George Wllson VARSITY TRACK Jack Bushman Captam Clayton Nelson Manager Fred Beyrouty Sammy Caylor Richard Cosen a Harold Heunl Jack Jamison Orford Juvnnxl Earl Manzer John Murray Murray Smith Marvin Walsworth LIGHTWEIGHT TRACK Eddie Morumoto-Captaun Vernon Parker Manager Milton Crlpc Merle Huggins Sakaye Yamauchl Ben Yumorl CEE TRACK Tsuyoshl Mano Captam Frank Cosenza Ted Duncan Hlrouk: Kamlfupl Kogl Nakagl James Nnckel Robert Path Bob Pena Ryoso Yamamoto Sam Yumorl Chet Weaver TENNIS Bully Stelskal Captaun John Tabor Manager Charles Anderson John Cannon Sammy Caylor Bob Dlllnon Jack Dunham Arthur Mulllkln Yoshr Oh: Bob Roblson Howard Small' VARSITY SWIMMING Bull Prewltt Captann Leonard Gunsberg Manager Jack Adams J1ck Corcoran Courtney Enchholz Robert Gnftun Jack Hughes Earl lmboden Glenn Iverson Hlllard Kopp John Plnger Charles Thornburg Otha Tolman Don Wilde Irvlng Williams B SWIMMING Bull Olson Captann Leonard Ginsberg Manager Bull Adams Bxll Bertutelt Bull Blckford Carl Brush Stanley Elchholz Don Gelberg Bob Hepler Lionel Mithes Myles McGough Charles Moore Kenneth Phllllps lrvlng Rosen Larry Voorhees Davud Wllllams GYM TEAM Lawrence Nixon Captain Raymond Klmball Manager James Caylor Bull Edwards Fred Fogarty Plerce Hawley James Hinds Roy Hughes Sakal Masayukn Ollver Mclntnre Lewis Whitman VARSITY SOFTBALL Bob Dllllon Captaln l-llroshn Masuld Manager George Avlna Fred Beyrouly Mlckey Doyle Reginald Edwards Merle Huggins Phllllp Kovlnnck Frank Lescoulle Edwin Saenz Bob Tanner lzuml Utsukl Ignacio Vasquez Sakaye Yamauchl B SOFTBALL Bob Gabe-Captaun Vernon Parker Manager Richard Barlow Warren McAndrews John Machado Koji NakaGl Masaharu Okamoto Robert Pena Marlm Phelps Alex Velasquez YELL LEADERS Don Watson Bob Dnlllon Earl DeGeneres Duck Cosenza Morgan Warner L E T T E R M E N 'tm Garnlck Babajia-I Don Grant 5f'7' GIRLS COACHES s Pe s o ge Iv s tc R HLET SEAS THE GIRLS athletuc department was capably piloted by dependable lead ers who under the effucuent supervision of Mrs Vuvuan Dingle department head made ut their duty to see that each gurl became a better unduvudual by buuldung healthier bodies developing good sportsmanshup and practicing true Amerucanusm Steering the gym classes were Muss Allene Rowan Muss Carolyn Mitchell Mrs Mary Pierson Mrs Effie Morrison and Mrs Vuvuan Dingle As part of her duties Muss Rowan sponsored the junuor G A A and a sports class Muss class whule Mrs Pierson had charge of the Lettergurls Club Mrs Morrison as director of the corrective department showed gurls how to correct their posture and other defucuencues by many exercises whuch proved invaluable to them Mrs Dingle besides her many duties as head of the de partment helped the incoming seventh graders to become adjusted to uunuor hugh school Muss Titus directed after school sports on Tuesdays and Wed nesdays ONE OF THE MOST outstanding features of the gurls athletuc department us the sports class whuch meets dauly during suxth peruod Because of the hugh standard of requirement for enrolling un ut gurls un thus group are expected to excel un sportsmanshup and athletucs So large us the membershup un the Curls Athletic Assocuatuon that the or ganuzatuon us duvuded unto four groups the Olympuads Swastukas Tahutuans and Topflughts which compete wuth each other un every sport Of the many activities carrued on by the G A A thus year the Bug and Lut tle Sister Day was the starter Members of the C A A attended playdays at Narbonne Washington and Gardena and un May entertauned Hamulton Faur fax and jefferson hugh schools at a playday here at whuch a nautucal theme was carrued out Clumaxung their social calendar each semester the C A A staged an unutua tuon banquet The February affair was under the durectuon of Muss Rowan whule Muss Mitchell was un charge of the lune banquet ll8 l l I . Mr. i rson, Mr . M rrison, Mrs. Din l , tis Mi hill, Miss Rowan, G I L S ' A T I C O N , . . Mitchell was the director of the Senior C-.A.A. and also had charge of a sports GA A BOARD lFIRST SEMESTERl FIYSY Row Dorothy Yahns Thelma Hart Irene Mehner Lorralne Bertu ent Ellnore Muller Second Row Fay San Juan Doris Moulton Mrs Dingle Margaret Martin Ruby Donald Durnng the tall semester the Board was puloted by Irene Mehner as pres: dent Lorraune Bertuleut vlce presldent Dorls Moulton correspondung secre tary Fay San juan recording secretary Margne Lloyd hustornan Thelma l-lart reporter Dorothy Yahns presldent of Letterglrls Eleanor Muller head of volleyball Margaret Martun head of basketball and Ruby Donald yell leader The sprung semester C A A Board was piloted by Irene Mehner president asslsted by Lorraune Bertulelt vlce presldent Dorls Moulton corresponding secretary Mary Wentz recording secretary Eleanor Muller hlstorlan Mar garet Olson reporter Dorothy Yahns president of Letterglrls Lorralne Wul llams head of baseball Edlth Cleveland head of hockey and Ruby Donald yell leader B" av-f G A A BOARD lSECOND SEMESTERJ Fursl' Row Edith Cleaveland Mary Wentz Margaret Olson Irene Mehner Elmore Muller Doris Moulton Second Row Lorralne Bertulelt Ruby Donald Lorralre Wlll ams Helen Donald ll9 l l ' : , l .h . , ! ' l , ' Q : T H E C . A . A . B O A R D t Mfiwf ' ' . 1 A My XXW A I I . Y ' w 5 L ill A l z : . I VI' I I my ,Ji V , I ,' . I , I GAA LETTERGIRLS lFlRST SEMESTERl FIfSf Row Olson Leaf Yahns Cleaveland Wentz Mehner Second Row Tugerman Valdez Donald San Juan Robunson Thlrd Row Harrus Bertuleut Martun Hart Fourth Row Mrs Puerson Muller Adams MANY VENICE gurls un the G AA are also members of the Lettergurls Club whuch us sponsored by Mrs Mary Puerson ln order to become a mem ber a gurl must have earned a letter whuch requures a great deal of conscuen tuous effort The purpose of thus organuzatuon us to work hand un hand wuth the C- AA Board un puttung on socual functuons offucuatung at games after school and at noon playdays Requurements for earnung letters have been changed thus year Formerly a letter was awarded a gurl when she had earned 500 pounts Then a star was guven every year for partucupatuon un three sports for beung a member of a an offuce helper or a captaun NOW un order to receuve a letter a gurl must have earned sux partucupatuon creduts a credut beung guven for each sport un whuch she takes part After the letter us won a star us guven for each addu tuonal two creduts upunuupuy C A A LETTERGIRLS lSECOND SEMESTERl First Row Mehner Thomas Anderson Donald Cleaveland Ecker Dunn Muller Wentz Second Row Muyake Tugerman Bertuleut Buckford Hart Landus Madden Gallo Third Row Frank Takahashu Olson Martun Polk Valdez Adams Robun on I2 L E T T E R G I R L S ' C L U B winning team, of the Delphian Society, or the Officials' Club: and for being , . 55 - 4 , W , 1 c u , .. 3 1 Y W . O SWASTIKAS AND OLYMPIADS Flrst Row Blorklund Frank Hull Robxnson Yahns Mehner Ecker Smlth Thomas Marlnellu Watson Wentz Pena Second Row Fox Spencer Martuno Blsbey DeMeester Dunn Webber Munch Messenger Crutcher Landis Henderson George Thlrd Row Schlncr Jones Moore Althouse Emrlck Jordan Cleave land Tegerman Woods Gallo Glbson Hancman Fourth Row Forbes Armstrong Blckford Hannah Whltaker Davis Golden Harris Valdez Haselwerdt Wulson Parker Williams Futth Row Walker Polk Fnrklns Tryk Blankenship Miss Rowan TOP FLIGHTS AND TAHITIANS Flrst Row Muff Corrigan Cannlng Smith Olson Krug Hart Kirk Tanner Sum Leaf Murray Muller land Rhoades Conylll Madden Anderson Thlrd Row Mrss Mltchxll Blessing Haselswerdt Bolton Glb son Gregory Harrungton Stoker Wentz Hoberg Manges Wrlght Fourth Row Mryake Takahashi Trevett H Donald Martun Berfulelt Wllluarrfs Junget Chandler Muller R Donald Gray NEW GAA MEMBERS First Row Allen Machado DeCenco Balfour Buck Asbury Allen Donatellx Second Row Bonner Smlth Barry Gregory Boulwarc Hubley Wlnk Thlrd Row Hnnhtower Mxller Brodsky Gacsu Woodley Gcnser Fourth Row Bergmann Lostutter Duron Larson Wlluarns Frith Row lxerson Hayes Temple Sixth Row Ives Llkker Miss Mltchelu Head Slrnons l2l . ' 7 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 A I 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Klnoshitag Second Row: Watson, Vaccarella, Porter, Moulton, Gilmore, Wehrfritz, Sinclair, Allen, Cope- , . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I 1 ' ' 3 3 1 , 5 ' , ' ' ' . A . , 1 1 1 - 1 - ' 1 1 1 . , , 1 1 - Ruby Conad Mary Man es LL LEAIJE FOR BOTH the fall and Sprung semesters the C A A had Ruby Donald and her able asslstant Mary Manges as theur voclferous and en thusuastlc yell leaders The gurls are chosen by the C A A an a serues of try outs lt IS the duty of the yell leaders to keep up the spurut of the C-AA whale at playdays and vars ous soclal functions One of the most popular Vemce yells us as fol ows Hzxo Hun Htxo Hno Ru rac Ru me Rnac ml. Rall Buma Latlqa Bomm. Lap a Su Boom Bah Venue CAA Rall' Rall' Rall OPEN VOLLEYBALL THE OPEN volleyball tournament ns sponsored by the C- A A comlng as a cllmax to the volleyball season The teams which take part In It are made up voluntarlly by gurls from the regular gym groups as well as the sports classes About ten teams compete each wearing certain col ors or costumes for ldentnflcatlon Winners of this year s tournament were a team from the sports class captaaned by Irene Mehner Run ners up were under the pulotshup of Audrey Corrngan also from the sports class First Row Dorothy Yahns Margaret Olson Irene Mehner Lorraine Wnllnams Elmore Mlller Second Row Margaret Martin Thelma Hart Eduth Cleaveland Lorranne Bertulelt 122 l l l , G YE RS l 1 . 'ik' kf '-k'-R. " ik sk' ' ' l ' ' . .' I ' ' 1. . . l . f. I M yfifkk V ' X 'i ! ds 6, my A xg K E. 2 4 t I 5, - I , , P' First Muss Row First Edna TAHITIAN BASEBALL TEAM Row Audrey Corrigan Thelma Hart Margaret Martln Fay San Juan Muriel Murray Second Row Rowan Betty Junget Helen Donald Edna Vaccarella TOP FLIGHT VOLLEYBALL TEAM Ruby Donald Bernice Haselswerdt Mass Mltchlll Doris Moulton Lorrame Bertuleut Thelma Hoberg WINNERS OF SPORTS CLASS BASKETBALL Row Muriel Murray Thelma Hart Audrey Corrigan Joyce Watson Second Row Margaret Martin Vaccarella Mlss Mltchlll Helen Donald Mlnnle Glbson 123 2 ' , , ' , . ' Q : I I I - ' First Row: Florence Muff, Naomi Anderson, Lorraine' Williar-ns, Elinore Miller, Mary Aliqe Maddeng Second WINNERS OF SPORTS CLASS HOCKEY lUPPER DIVISIONl First Row Srnllh Spencer Ecker Landls Thomas Wenfz Mehner Second Row Miss Mltchlll Dunn Haneman Fox Martrno Frank Thard Row Kimura Crutcher Althouse Gibson Henderson WINNERS OF SPORTS CLASS BASEBALL lLOWER DIVISION! Lannlng Gregory Thlrd Row Miss Rowan Rhoades Vaccarella Jungef Harrlngron Stoker IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS First Row Grant Menoltn Hall Prlce Keller Mclnflre Pennell Second Row Gallup Rau Asher Miss Rowan Rerman Lowe Day Speede IZ4 1 1 1 I 3 1 1 1 1 - Fsirsl' -Row: Tanner, Watson, Corrigan, Murray, Wright, Second Row: Allen,. Copeland, Boulware, Gray, 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 5 IUNIOR G A A BOARD First Row Betty Langes June Perry Helen Schwartz Allene Gates Becky Becker Second Row Ruth Clark Betty Lou Putman Mlss Rowan Beverly Blggs Merle Verret rumor: c A A First Row Brees Kennett Mahoney Colbaugh Becker Langes Schwartz Gates Wllmot Winger Hum pnrey Taravella Zimmer Second Row Mss Rowan Ferouson McClellan Wilson Machado Derus Furey Ratter Emery Nutlle Valdez Thlrd Row Beers Nordqulst Homrlghausen Buggs Pettit Kupersmlth Lundberg Walton lumon c A A First Row Wltmond Stelnberg Dresser Tanner Zllz Talley Traver Wrlmot Nash Grant Pennell Men ottu Nelson Second Row Tanner Goldman Pressnall Rogers Blrd Farr Ybarronda Haddad Cullmgs Marsden Coopersmlth Sparta Thlrd Row Smrth Petersen Howland Blake Lloyd Landreth Davus Lehman Schafer Pesman Brownson Estes Berres Fourth Row Trenouth Hart Read Clark Smxth Mrs McLaughlun Putman Lewls Hethcot Wean Couch Day 125 N , . A ,A 5 t V 4 is - - , t V V V . - V V V V - V - V V V V V ' I r r r I I I r 1 I ' V V V - ' V - V t 1 V ,V 1 I 1 V V V V - V V V V V V , . ' 1 v 1 r I I 1 1 I r l - V V V V V V V V V V V E V V V V - V V V V V ,V V V V V V V V - V V V V V - V V V V V V - SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL CHAMPIONS SENIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS NINTH GRADE BASEBALL CHAMPIONS NINTH GRADE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS EIGHTH GRADE BASEBALL CHAMPIONS EIGHTH GRADE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS SEVENTH GRADE BASEBALL CHAMPIONS SEVENTH GRADE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS fi 1 S, ,A A A ' ' ...Q 75 J N I A ' S ' I 26 SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS SENIOR HIGH SPEEDBALL CHAMPIONS EICHTH AND NINTH GRADE KICKBALL NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS CHAMplONS EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS SEVENTH GRAPE NEKEAEE EHAMWONS SEVENTH GRADE PLAY DAY VOLLEYBALL SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS I27 www? , I ' . -I v V . , , 1 1 S . . . N I I - I N . w 1 ' ' CLIPPER SHIPS OF TODAY Hugh over pnoneer aur lanes blazed by Lund bergh fly the famous Pan Amerucan Cllpper Ships Hrvher stall over the routes of the earln trail bl z rs Columbus Magellan and Drake they fly lunknng the Americas spannlng the Pacific crossing Alaska or speeding over the Isles of the Carubbean thus month will wntness an even more signal aehueyement the lunklng of London with New York by means of Pan American Airways grant seventy four pas senger Boenng Cluppers truly bunlt to span the globe Yet as we marvel and exclanm over these huge four motored flying boats we must never forget that they were made possible only by the courage and foresnghtedness of the Wnghts the Lundberghs the Earharts the Posts and the Hughes and that wnthout the gennus and abil :ty of the craftsmen and engineers of the In dustry we would not be flylng but only dream Ing .. . , . . - - I3 - est v ae -f , , . . . ,y . -. . J I . . . V v D I , - , - C taIn J I-I TIIton who as been chlef pIlot of the PaClfIC dIvIsIon since January 1938 has to hIs credIt 13590 hours of fIyIng tlme Many of these hours were earned through pIlotIng Pan AmerIcan grant clIpper shIps across the PacIfIc to ChIna Capt Tilton has been wIth Pan Amerlcan since June 1929 He was wlth the eastern dIvIsIon tlyIng from Mlaml to RIO untIl transferred to the Pa CIflC dIvIsIon on August 1 193 PFSVIOUS to that ChIef PIlot Trlton was IH conhnuous SSFVICS Wlfh the US Navy from 1917 to 1922 wIth the exceptlon of two years he spent Wllh the US Consular SCFVICC at Llver pool England At Pensacola h acted as squadron commander operatlons officer engIneer of tIcer test DIIOT and Instructor CaptaIn J H TIIton Pan AmerIcan Alrways PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS CO GENERAL OFFICE TREASURE ISLAND SAN ERANCISCO CALIFORNIA ApIII 10 1939 To the CIondolIer Staff VenIce I-lIgh School The Importance ot InternatIonal aIr trans port Caffled out under the Amencan flag and developed by those tollowIng dIrectly In the tootsteps ot the WrIght brothers IS best told In the story ot the toundmg and growth ot Pan Amencan AIFWBYS Founded In 1928 as a nInety mIle route connectlng Key West FlorIda wIth Havana Cuba Pan Amencan AIFWBYS has grown In a short span of ten years to comprIse 54 500 mIIes of aIrlInes In 47 countrIes and colonIes the largest system ot InternatIon al aIr routes In the world Largely the work of young men thIs achIevement should be an InspIratIon to the youth of Amenca In connectmg so many countrIes ot the world by means ot the new tlyang clIpper shIps It represents not only one of the tInest achIevements In the hIs tory of avIatIon but also IS a remInder to all the world that Amenca has agaIn re ganned her supremacy In InternatIonal trans portatIon whIch she tIrst won by the fast Salllng clIpper shIps of the 18th century Smcerely yours VLH? ChIef PIlot PBCIIIC DIVISION Pan Amencan AIFWQYS 131 av .4 .- I 'T - , V D' I I , I , - . .I , , e I I I I I . . , . - I I I I I I I ' I I I I I '- , . . . Y I I I Rf 'TVN . f r ,933 ff ,S lll, .' ,fy , I fall' 2. ll --- s f? , Y- M Q. .lr if :IEE :sag mr- 'sa HM Q0 Q6 Mefftf thi' Q 6 A .cg ,QQQM woofer? sfo-f3WsAl x fl- 1:5 Z' '53 ,-- xi, X 'c A f?, , 4"f1h jg' 1.1, 53 sf ago as este' M Q' 1 VA, Z-'i 'Saws wa I32 THELOG W'39 DAWN PATROL S'39 NIGHT FLIGHT Sept. I2-Air Liner Venice takes off with new Pilot Clementina Griffin replacing former "Skipper" E. W. Clark. Sept. I9-Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas McCall speaks at American Legion Assembly Sept 30 Old iinx holds again Samohi I3 Ven IC 7 Oct IZ George lchien chosen to pilot Delphians Oct I7 Winter 39 aces dazzle campus with rust and beige sweaters as part of their flying togs Oct I9 Venice cosmos play host to neighboring squadrons on home field O t ZI Pilot Griffin donates placque on which will be engraved each year the name of the most in spirational player on the football team Oct 26 Sr Delphians initiate new members into squadron with elaborate banquet Oct 28 Lads and Lassies rock plane with annual Howdy l-lop N v I Flight entertainment Drarnatics class pre sents one act plays at assemblies Nov 2 Varsity V cleanup day Field and hangars fairly sparkle Nov 8 Pilot Griffin proposes Hall of Fame for Venetian greats Nov 22 Betty Brown Don Simpson and Anita Thomas W 39 Aces elected Sealbearers entitled to Roman Lamps Nov 23 Thanksgiving assemblies Nov 24 Airliner grounded for Thanksgiving vaca tion Thelma I-lart chosen editor of Gondolner Basketball season opens Izumi Utsuki chosen All Western League urs string quarterback I6 P T A Christmas cheer program 23 Weekly flight chart The Oarsman larged into five column years of recording mayor events concerning flights of airliner Venice Dec 23 After Christmas and Christmas baskets grounded for one week Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec paper after twenty five assemblies are presented dis ributed liner an 3 Everyone on plane makes New Year s Reso lutions at start of last leg of fall flight lan 6 Swing and Sway down Venice Way theme of lnterclass Prom fun flight jan Z0 Plane goes on night flight Aces present When Stars Shine lan 23 Student body elections put George Hallberg in president s chair an 27 Winter Aces hold final reunion at Senior Banquet and Prom jan 30 Bob Gillette installs new Central Commit ee Feb I Vv' 38 Aces leave plane after brilliant grad uatlon Successful flight er-ds SECOND SEMESTER Feb 3 New Aces in charge as airliner Venice takes off on spring journey Feb 2l Washington and Lincoln assemblies held F D Pritchard speaks at senior gathering eff yy, , --'-'N' a 5 M . e ' 4?-L g gl . 1, ' ' ' f- -:.:L ' ' 4 , E- 1 0 K ..., "1 1' i 5 . . . 5 -'- ,J-n sn 13, . ' . .A - -,S .. . , . 'ff ,Q , ' ' . ' 'FAI ' " , at S - , . , , ,, . .ii C 4 l . . . I . . f . - - f - 'v . . . . - . I ' 1 . . Km in is X Q., ' f' fr ft A IT ' I, V4 K I I F4 A his 0 . - , . 1' . - FFF-Fi-ff' I I 'Q I - I I - I - if n pf S .Q -- ' . . ,' . "et YH - A - -rm N' " -- ' . .. .i . " il -- I . A . . ' 2. I . N . ' . " . - - , , inn mi 48503-A A 'Q f -E , F Y . I . a :M-as,.4-'fIM'. - S .1 Xml., 1 , . . - . 'or ,.,, ' , , ' A , f o - . 2- ' ' . I - .N . 1 gg I I I , It . ' . I I ""' as z ' 'I - ' g f - e 16: - In . ii f I' I . 2-' '. pu, Q39 ' -T . ' 'hall- l r 1 -N e 5' , A ' ' - -If 'l ' 1 - ' - ' gf' - zz? '. ' 'T' , air' is .-LQ,-r lfzfflni - I . I J, , ,gags I ' T l ' fu .w..., . ..:..xrg-' , -.:. ' , gggw , w sf . in . , ,, is ' .,. lla , ':.:'- L A r I , A ' Rf! 1? X V-2. ' ' ,W , f V 0 . xx .-' at - Vg . ' 5, B , ' ' -' lj S W , 3 ' ra , f sans' I fi? y Q V J Wg, . ji " . , , r . ' Feb 22 Alumns Homecomsng Day Feb 24 Flsght entertasnment Foxwell the Mags csars March 6 Varssty V keeps plane spsc and span dursng Clean Up Week March 9 Flsght entertasnment Actor from Crouch Club amuses student body March IO Plane weathers storm of merrsment sts Hello Day agasn Ivlarch I7 Student body swsngs out at Cotton and Cord dance sponsored by Varssty V Busy day for good old plane Delphsan banquet also held today March 20 Pep assembly starts off Condolser sub scrsptson week March 2I Future Barrymores try out for sensor Operetta parts March 24 At long last' Sensors proudly parade sn teal blue and whste sweaters Vensce plays host to C S F chapters at annual ban quet March 3I Plane grounded for one week Its Eas ter vacatson Aprsl I0 School opens as plane takes off on last lap Aprsl II Santell the Magscsan performs at pay as sembly Aprsl 20-Captasn jones thrslls Venetsans wsth slsght of hand trscks Aprsl 28 Program gsven sn audstorsum by Asrshsp Vensce and elementary shsps as clsmax to Publsc Schools Week Warren Desso wsns second place sn csty wsde safety Contest Oarsman blossoms out sn a new streamlsned type May I Boys Kung for a week May 6 Vensce ss host to Classscal Assocsatson Former Pslot Clark chsef speaker May I2 Smartses enjoy annual Delphsan Fseld day and edst Delphsan sssue of Oarsman Cee track team defeats Fasrfax to wsn dual meet champsonshsp May I9 Parade of Natsons and Carnsval brsng Vene tsans out en masse for gala day of fun Booths and ssdeshows transform athletsc fseld snto gay msdway May 28 Memorsal Day commemorated wsth patrs otsc exercises May 29 Plane grounded for two day vacatson june 2 Plane takes on joyful aspect as guys and gals of A9 class hold gala party dursng fsfth and ssxth persods june 7 Student body electsons held today june 9 Belle of Bagdad presented to publsc dur Ing nsght flsght june I2 Flsght entertasnment Vensce Paddleboard Club sponsors assembly june I3 Teachers make merry at faculty pscnsc june I6 Sensor Banquet held tonsght june 2O Letter awards and snstallatson of new Cen f x J W., ft L KW? RA-9 14" go w tt- 'Ts df OFSPAINJX 5 wt' K S is ff' X '11 la 6 C5639-..fd sp N561 B! K' ,ff Ewa QQVW fi! sl Q msg? Bow 9 57' .. be Nik Tlzyr-'-5 tral Commsttee held on plane today , june 22-Clad sn blue and whste caps and gowns X 'vp 45' sensor Aces bsd good bye to Alma Mater at color 'gf' If , ful ceremonses on Clark Fseld sng and educatsonal pourney ten months after that june 23 A perfect three posnt Iandsng after a thrsll I gf: tx . Q st .1 le if ,Q NNW memorable take off on September l3, I938 I33 R y 1,1 t, f, Lys ,f r " f 2 - - 2 I ' - ag.. eg, I gf IQ ' , . F ' I, X N, I us, .- , . X U A jf 1' I , s . - I at ,Q 1, 1 .," f 5 gg N . 'H' ' ' . . . , ff' , 1- ' .. ,. I f H 4 he . if 5 A. I st - sn , 4 I e I . 2 ,Amy-.. ...,.,.. , M fs , X - ' 1 , o , 0 t sexy , f . . 'Ziff' ' - X-A. ' A . -1 l . f 5 n W! X 1 . ' . . , , I A .. V? : NF -I I K vs, . .. ' ,, . . I 'Q A g blsfstlfl I 7 - .s I ,, , A A by ,Mali - . , . , . A I .weft :ik . by , . . A, ff 4 .. . ,, 4 ' . A ' 1, 3 fs ss "X . . . Q 2 X XJ V .IM I - ' I I ' l , iff, 1 . ,. gba ' I - - - - - I If e wif ' ' 'M '1 iz- A I , . .- 4 ' W I x fi . ' 'B v ,, . Qf I - O ul 4 ' - I ' - - 'H if f f ' I f - . ' at X ,sm X If V y I ' . . ., . . NA, V A-jfr-I 1:4 , 5 s ' K G sw' 5 - at Jr' get 1 - ' ' ' - - ' ' fi y fff' f i HI A ATI ROUND THE WORLD navlgators Navy pllots commercial transport pulots war avnators and prlvate avuatlon enthusiasts are Included In the roster of Venetian alumnl and faculty who are actlve In avlatnon circles Venlce IS more than proud of her sons and daughters of the blue and whute who have conquered the shlp Lt Thomas Thurlow S 25 IS perhaps the best known alumnus for all re member hrs round the world flught wuth Howard Hughes last year Thurlow ns a furst lieutenant nn the United States Army Arr Corps and ns now stationed at Dayton Ohio Francis W McDonald S25 has had an nnterestrng and varied flyrng career He was ID the Unnted States Naval Aur Force a Pan Amerucan pulot and IS now engaged In flying for the Bureau of Aur Commerce Student Body President Leslie A Pew S 3l recelved has trannnng at the U S Naval Alr Base at Pensacola Flornda Leslue IS now a unlor Cadet Officer Former Venuce student Harold anofsky W 34 IS a furst lieutenant un the Unuted States Arr Reserves 350th area 9th dnvnsron and IS stationed at San Francisco anofsky has had many aur adventures He recelved a gold :dents flcatnon bracelet and plaque from the California Flying Club for his courage nn guldung hrs plane and passenger to safety after has control stuck fell out of the plane Putting has finger In the socket lanofsky safely piloted the plane to a safe landnng Bob Nelson former student Tom McKinley W 37 and Ross lester S 29 are all members of the Army Arr Corps VENICE S flying prunclpal Mass Clementlna de Forest C-ruffln has had the honor of beung the only woman an Callfornua to take an aeronautlcs course at the Curtuss Wrught lnstrtute of Aeronautics Mlss Crnffun has had three years of flying experience equivalent to about fifty hours an the aur and holds a pnlot s Incense Another member of the faculty Mr Ernest Champion sponsor of the Avnatuon club has had an nnterestung flyung career Mr Champion entered North Island as a buck private went to Riverside as sergeant flrst class and fmally to Creorgla He was Second Lieutenant Aerual gunner clurung the World War but dad not see servnce In France 134 7 - . . V I ,. ' V! 1 - ,. ' I Y .. , . 1 . ,... . 1 .. V V I ' , , , . , , , . K. Q . Q? if . i rl S fl , ll" rl, H M 1 fab? 6 , ' fi hL,,'s 5 Monday Blues 6 Another Myrna? 1 ease 8 Charming Lassles 9 Yaa aa ah' lO Two brutes Hrs Julnet ummer Aces l3 Studrous lad I4 Sm: e pleez' I5 Puftln on the feed bag Three of a klnd 17 Proud Cosmos Venuce Shelks 19 Vemce Vamps 20 Hash lne 2l Watch the blrdle' 22 Georges harem 23 Tlme our 24 Homeward Bound l35 ' ' 5+ 5 ' X I5 ,, : 'G' RX u -bb ,9. 4 ' z Y i i - E 14. A ., 19. E .I l Just Variety: l. Gym pals . . . 2. Hold that pose . . . 3. Professor Meyers . . . 4. .lust Gabe . . . . ... . .... 7. A ... . ' ' ... , - - . . ...ll.' '...l2,S . ' . 'I, . " ...l6. ' . ...I8. 2.W ....-Q -- l . i A-3 lll lll Kampus Kuf ups l Just a stone' 2 Scrutmnzung 3 Asleep agam 4 Whats to eaf today? 5 In place of gold hsh7 6 Truckm on down 7 Goin my way? 8 Late agam 9 Concentratln l0 And he lukes nt' Can I l2 The mlsslng lmk I3 Phooeyl I4 What agaun? 15 Noses for news l6 Theres always room for more' 136 lx tk! X VI 7. . f' SEI. .' 13. . I s ,Y . ,. Q. 'A Candid Shots I Hgmdmg t out 2 Safefv Contestantf 3 Swmg out The Cast es 5 Well cfnon 6 The Gondoller Trxbe When Stars Shane E: Sngn my prcTure9 9 On parade IO You dance duvmely Foo a las ' What s the poke Coach? I3 The final 5 p I-4 Going To Th dance I37 ' :,' I I .,4," I , " ...II. dt t....I2. ' ', . . ' fc..,'. e fu 'iff ng,- 1 B4 ,,.. ,,, Personalmes 1 The edltor checks em over 2 Gondoller sales going up 3 Oh my gosh! 4 Life of a manager Make up editor on the lob 6 At the finish 7 The bugler .,.. lb- 8 Look pretty 9 Readln rltnn and RITHMETIC 10 Makin em straight 11 Our Prexy 2 A bug smle I3 Her Romeo 14 Why the book? I5 Office standby 16 Roar Gllmore roar 17 Now boyf. At la 19 That will come to 91 cents 138 5 I yfjt ' .. f g V ra - 9 ., X ' . vii .,q,i : 3 , A N , I . .. r A 'ft 4 ,L I 1 4 5 ' IQ 5- 5. 7 ' Y as ll. "ft K X, yn X , 1 A ' ':xMm,L' 'M-X , u 1 46, I , ft, , 4 . L1 ' " sf Y Q, . ::wN 1 L,-a kv, 1 A I4 , rg 1 'L - ' if: 4 2-3 I7' ls. -wfw 1 1 . ,' , . , sry.. ft L-....,,' :iw -1 It ff 0 Sports I Aw, Coach 2 On over 6 Seafood, mama IO A hut' H Over the top for a basket' I5 Whoops' your mark' 3 Who's next? 4 Swmgm' It S Up and 7 Three Smart Girls 8 The wlnnah' 9 Batter up' I2 SEFVICEP I3 Oblect of my affectlon I4 Now 139 I 'f , 1 - - I ix 4? r ei' ' L, .am if 5 g r " g x arg, ul ,V 51 1 " vw e T V 4 '..A,AL. MA, ' . ,r A H, 4 54 1 I ' 4, 5 4-trlly K A ' X, X. ,gala ghlvu , , .. .Il . 0---E .Y ' rf 15 ' m"ao ' e 'L e , 12. -5 ' 1 14?- I .3 I 1' , i ? 2 ZR 'slrplwnf' pldurvs WMU aLuL'1r thmuqhout H16 book 14 xx X JJ!! Y, f 'K . , , . Um Lwndolucr Bmw amend: muccuatwm, 10 mc Lockhccd A-:muon Lofnl1Hf'x ffff Thi LM iff U1 . . ,, ' 1 7 X. '

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