Venice High School - Gondolier Yearbook (Venice, CA)

 - Class of 1938

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1 ! , 2 G: -'Z iz L, A x A Q Ei H F Q Q 5 Q S .9xk 52 if VE? ,,'1s.. V -qfwrf, 9 V , 1 . ...VM ,A , d"' 'W paw '4-,1 V F' 'V'LV'v'. Y 4 .v .frm-. 'x"-UZ? 1, 5, , g, " C - H Q, . if RV.-Q... ' '- - ' - " , . , ,,-f4J-sri?-.Z-u ,fn-. ' W-. ,,pigV,,p.-'Z'4wf,w' 1 ah..-if ly , ,H ., V' ' V V V V, . V- ,fag V' igi- ..f.smV- gi-F-51 , li35,f4fZWQf1i1H1w.fmg'g1 1,AQ-V413mg-u..g:f'.V,,.4:.-L1 , , L,.,'5,f,w,gf3. .. , : , - K I--'Jw ' .-'3.,,ggV,, ' ,1--2'-,xi : QD 33.1, " gg..- , , 53 , jggilwg- ' fV.1Qi, if ' 1 ' -K ' -. '72-T' . 1'4Y-'TQ'-Wie' 1 95 -' iii' " " ""':'t V ' " yg, L 1 ' . . , .V f5?'5S'f"if3?ChfW'wilm ff' V Hgfff' -x?1V'. ." '-1 '..1lv4'H.2x. V ' "If ' J. ' Q. ' z . ' .V . X -S"-"u Viwi 1. fri,-,-aww -rf .vp - " nQi+W.f1::-V-'1V V .ggwaym - Af 1. ' . . +13 . 1' V? '-.ef """"P ,1-QQ Wins ' Fe, 1 ,bfi as ' OJ X x . ' " - X fa," X- mei- fwuf3'l'31V:5'?."?f2'L. . 'A F .45 'f ' F' ' ' ' V 'V 'V K ...T N- . ff 5Vif:ktfi3fVL.EY'f'iMll'mii, , x ff ' ' 'V I N" ffiHi"5V - up C 2 . QM ' V ' 1f?""?C.7'XV'Vhf159V3N 15"'-:fEi?85iWU " 1-.L 'f7F?5.'5-Yfflix. Wifi iw?- Y W V ig ' .fn S'Ef7 - a.-Vuafiawf-FL... ,V '- ne w .Ilia K f' I I ,ig ' X . - N , Q - L 6" V ,V ' ' " " J ' 'L,- ,V-liflrfvn',,".i""-f' VF' ' 'N A ' 1 ...f . 4 V ... ' VV u V V . SQ tai: ' I- . ' . V V ' - - 'F iff-T05,4?V,'1v'f-Wgxfn, .A-'a'-11H"46Li-VA' k-.Hin Y V V V - - l . V A - ,, ' - h ui, Q- - A 4 g:Vj:f..Lff-,5,g'if3.?w. V -gin! V15-.95 V . V. V 1- ' JVM V-ffm wif. . , .- VV, -': ' K X. I 1 4.1. . V,V-g1.VV .Vf:V.., 1QgSl5?W'xff,crAyv' .4 f l fx V15'-gg, - , ff Y . -'r , ' ' 1 ' ,., :N V V, 1 M rg.-'1- , ', V 'ry-R AV-f-if ' VLA! H . .k.jq.j?.,d . V h . X A-M VM., I f fsiziw. , HK' 'pf gimtcis ii K' Q,-f ' t'13'g:V . .1 ., ,lf " -:fi-.V - 'Z35giig'j',?LQ-gg? V- , , 7 I - . . V. . .- . f MV, .mv Jzwmfff V T. ,. f V ,- ,M f , s' , W V , - : .f-H.J,7.! :,::g7,LL-, 5' gg. ' V ' V ' ' ' ' " i.L2!?75'1 f V ' -. . ,' ..vI,.1,A,.' 'M V f ff f f ' '. V. arm- V 1 ' 0 . . - a'x.v.:.ffxa2r ' ' 3 , . ' , 9 gg..-,.f V . . . W - ,fzffy -Jig. ,rg-5.4.1111 . V j- I h I . W 1 ' ,f ,,4:..3V.-1,511 ' . - . E ' f V ' 1 X -V-fa? ' ,, H ' 1 . Q! . f " : ' ' 1Ji.:fV1: '!li'f.iQ,- A" A , ,N . V '1 ffffflf 4-L:-. ' . . ' 1.ffVi5'5i 5h:'Q5,g54', J , . - ' ,J Q -3' eq Eigffi , a 'I Q 52' ' V Q . . " i V j G ,V ' gihglgx 1 1 V W X S K . V V: 1 ' 'I Q , 1 'x V 'fl 1- , .K . Z ' , I S E . -1 . I -'Q A ,Y 53'-' " I ' - V ' - , -' . ' -- " '. 1 . Xiu M. . a.. I f -- WPS? . V X' f. 'V X . ' ' K.. .L V -1 V. .1 ' ,ai V, ' +V: E ' . . . . VV .1 a 11 . , ,: 0 N - 5' . , Y I ,gn ' , , - s , J .ww , 565. 3' V VA T '5 9 ii-" .' w ...Q . . . . ,Vw . . J' V Q. . ,Q ful. fling f .. W f ' "fn "4 . : V -n , : .- . . wif' ...N K . Qu" ' K1 Q? V V ' ' V 4 ' b 1" V- L, - ff V. , 1.4 . , 2 9 .fe ,J ,. . , '- .Vf V .Hx ' r 1' 9 ' ff 'H ' -' -' ' , , fx?-SM ' vt fb V v ,U -. . 1 ."1'l:,31.,' - uf V . 'J . 2. 1', f Y . , ' 4 ' - ' .L" .1 V" E - - "L-2'-Vi' . 7V-'Y V1 . ' K Vai V A A' 15- 1 m f ' - X . ff! , 1 .Ar ' '24, V... ,W Ku ' , , 44. ' ff" . , . ,gs ' J' llzyff , ' , V ' ' J P . 1 . t K V x . ' I 1 MW? A ' fufzn A Q ' .V Vt .. f' g..j.gvI-V x W g ,f ' X fr M. N V 35 11, I lfiimg-:.,v V I r1iV,.V,V A4-.-Mg. V"' .6134 ,. ' . Q Vw. -W ,fl Z f XR il K Z A m V vxf, JF, Nxf- Z Z Z Z Z Z 'L TZ , Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z N , J., , , N 2,Lz..Z.Q ZXZEZE A W Mk ,r- 5, -- f,,,J"Z'f 3.11 z 1, BU !Qfw ' N,qZL'i Y-3' J f F N' ' ' -Fw., , Q ,fmlk l .ffxk+"" fbi! fy" .f W 'fx T, , g ' ., wiv' .ix X 1 f A' f I fl A Z f 0 X ff as 4 ,Z jj I, Aj ' Z f - 1: ' Q A A' ef' ,f' xr l- X xg, r , y ,Q x .K X I , X' V h J Ifjklvj' 'Kill -fl ,,, FZMJ? f . Z 'j1wf"' T'ZlfNTb1?U , NNUQ QIPUBHLHC IZIHX , l, FQUHJEW Q Z NVENHHQE. HlUElH S JHUULW L, Z VEINHUQIE CQJILNNEQLQNNQ 13,WZv M j - XZ 71 'm'bfni ' . g 0a,L',,f,k,f,L,,fffv Z f ffwwa Q , Z 4, f1-+45 'Q N Qsw AJ-,,fJ.Af pbli I Z -A I ZZZZbZK4! V VV Ex 'x "w-J H.. '71 Kg, ,f W, f M f' vb- as . ' .i dv 137 aim. "W ' ' i Z 1 ' ,f i U X iff if 'f ff f gbpw, MW! Ku, f Y NJC vyij-'FN I - Mfg l JI' rf j A ff! I 7' Xljlfwldx 'fl J i ml I if ' jp mdajl l IJ all I ! "!' I ' tif j ii . .Viv i , L l i f- ff 1' if Mews fu if I ff I If gf If VJ ff Aff if is i If-1 . . ji 1 . s l Ill W .J V, f' J f , ' II l l if , W l.v1'l I , 513 n u - i 1' i N-ef K f,f,f X N I 1 ,V f' lf, -1 seek l , 1 Vi -5-N In ,I M G cuff, 1 7 i J - l I lk llf.'lli:'l Q I am grateful gr the opportunity to write the foreuloird Xlis'year's "Gondoliere" It brings back so many pleasant memories ,of my school d s at Venice High School-1 in T-GCE EUTHG of the happiest of my entire life. llsdidnlt know it then, as probably y-oil don't now. if ,. , -' ix , ,- I s Withotit realizing it, you .are taking thelhrst adult' steps ftdwdrd hnoulding your future into what you hope it will be. What goal you will strive for, you can only decide for yourself. But the vital thing is to HAVVE one, andlmake all roads lead to it in everything that you do f m that timefonf Some of the roads will be vwncling, some direct. At times the couizi will seenfftb be 'lost entirely-but if a clearlperspeglf tive is in your own mind as toiwhat you ,want and must have for happiness and sub' cess, the difficulties will onlygdie -challenges. .5 l' ' , U r One thing Ifleag-ned tlfat has been thevigreatest value to me, was to depend upon myself and myself alone. yPaitticulailyX in these days is this important, when governf ments are changing, ways of livirlg cpdefand ethics, too. It is hard to tell what may be happening to anky one of us tent ybars from now? The only possible way that we can keep a balanc is to learn that in ourselvesi onlyl can we hope to place trust. By that I mean that you must havef,ideals,Qi reason forxlgving, and a philosophy that is yours and will flt intg' scheme of thiingsf Anything you love and depend upon can so quickly be tak Xtheifefotefktxhle important thing is to depend on yourf selfg that is something which only you a develop. I trust that you are enjoying your stu nt days at Venice as much as I did. And, apropos of this, do you think nyuhing can be done to stop those Santa Monica kids from hanging things on that li eness of me in front of the school? II sincerely hope, at the life opening to you will be full of adventure, success, and happiness., - A W 5 fi f J ,W OJ 20944. JL v i i at if 4 -f 1 . if N w xy X i f N c4-,,,.,f.f3y 5,1 S Jf if nl K t i R li r 1 ' , f Jr:.42,-j- Mp ny, fl' ,,'-L-gffi V7 ci blah A 2 IWWM NWX K0 K - f 3' ,XX X N R X Siiiggxz " 0 1 A Q P ,.,.:,, N,-Q x X UN Q A V3 l X X ig Q A QS S x K 0 S K X ,gg X .AN E fi we Q X X X A , .. Q ,A .. ix X X ' x ii X . Mm, XF X :X fx A x X wx X Q S W X X XX x X xx A is , xv 5. w Qgkw I x x ' ' PM ' , N ?r , 1 .1 3 Y',' fi ki, I LX I +A 'w3MwMwwQ x N 'il Nw 1 01.5 Z- ,, AY 'A , iJ Q 'H ' '- iff A , , if-5,8541 Mmwwm mfwwmmf f ' 1 w' AY WW! Q, XIV .- v5 - f , 46 ' Uk, V ff, N 4 My fyifjvmfjkg QSQDO-EQ? 6' if-:IFA O0 5 GXQDK jf .Q-2C4f1-JfM"j"i -I Mbwuf 7 MM IHWUVIIII QQIIIQI YS Hf www wmwsyhf W 55 eww My V -.rv - V f I . I , 'H V Q V V . f' M I'-KXXNX N , X N I V A Q' U 1 . D 'x '., xl V V ' W, LODEfSTAR ,K ,I ' A When the stars'have 'made their evening debut I, I And the moon shines gold on a back-drop of blue, J 1 ' 4 When the sea is a mystery of shadow and lights, If ' L L When the world is clasped to the bosom of night, ff I I' He dreams by a dying ire of the days ' f Long past, when the world was aflamze with praise , , For an idol forgot since by fickle crowds, ' ., i J ' "' I Those same that once built him a throne in the clouds. 7 f, ' , " x N . J , H ' Ah, Hollywood! Scene of defeat and despair, I iv How many trip on thy treacherous stair ul N That leak from the multitude up into fa'm'e! V Is it worth all the heart-aches: and sorrow you claim A This striving toward glory that may never be won? X This search for renown ere life all be done? 'N K x ' SHIRLEY Rmcs ,X 'X ,, . 1- if xv, 1 ,f N F fi ,4 L' 1 Q A l. . ' A .4 X 5 1 4-qw-.. . ' F X . Q 1 I . I W .M w, y sig? sf gk V22 y - y A y lfglyrw wx mm sm X mm My xxwxiqxsmm k- ' 4-. 7 I i A 'W W ay n 1 y ,.- , 41-. W- ya :55T15'f',fv' xilalm ,mmaiw 45-N ' ff ,N iii ' Vx SQ x 5 - 3 h ' ' Aw X , ,Vg 3 s Q Q 4 X , Q f. x 7 .MN if 'QM f f 6 ,QM .ZX W 'W .4. f ,- 'fhf?5W . 4 , QV, f 'XUCU 4 z' 'Q ,.., Af, VW. sag' , " A 71 Wpvf- . t W , ,, W ,V 2 VV Q 0 f Ms 0, , , 4252 f f Mwgg Z if .af -Q E X gl "1 fm. g, Q 'S is gf X1 .Swv ft ?ZV?N .Nw , vi ,am V . fm Q 4555 2, XX . 5 , X 3 Q ,sa X s y, 'I Y': Rah, gs QR 1 ., , ,X . 2 Q, Q, wx O 'WT X1 9 f X f f R 5 KNZQ Q27 53'-S - , X ,A ,- W f ,, , , , . " M ,,,,, , ,Aff W, f ,f f f 4. WM, . IWMM X 3 'il X N R2 X 3 Xi X X Q X 'X ,A S XX 1 g si S 'P Wm- Y " X I X- vg. Q ., ' 5 K xl, Q A w 4 , X 'A 2 Q 335 3 S Q -5 4 K ,qw as A 'E 1 f R 5 haf 2 Q v -1-fp sv 4 s , C . " 3 Y' fwf H, Www X X iw XS,30,QXS ug f w f f f X f 4 f f 0 f , W ff ' X ff X f X 02 My 4 , 1 fmsibw Q' Wy 'YJ V faq- gg. J:-,:X...,,, ,. ' " V 1 " ,, ,. " "" A W vw QQ as ,. ji, 1 VI 4.1 , H W,mW,,2wWa1:hZ.:570771, I V, , Mfr 5 f M f ,, f N , , W ,, , W f ,M ,MMA V ,, ,.,,f,WN,,, , 4? I HM Afwiffwf waxy 4 ,f fl. if N1 7,.n,,yW,.,VM 1 ,, W z f six fi' fx V 7 Q K " f ' - v ' rf gm M' - . ,Ui E 30111 NVJ h . i I 'i ' J X Xi 1 X 1 ,gp W Xjxk 3 JF MQ -'NX' , aff Q u X , X35 J QV J xi S523 f X if Vw Xifgigsowghpv yy' ...Q V M N D . 1 I5 R V QM NS Kx7-Hr 4 1644, QW Qg7 Vp , ,XX j h 1 ? J Us W 5 A SX Q XL W 1 if QL -o x, Xb L4 N ll. 'I ' 'J 30 3 EJ? U Q ' Q? W X qi if CX XXX 1 ix , jj - TY wi X ' 3 N-T xx BX M x ax at ,N jfygil ' 3 -, I A K 4 A " .V .1' ' H Nxt X-f' x V .X X X N 4 X N K I i q ' x XA M W x X , i X 4 1 MWA J! j-2' , jfjwf W iw . s ,X I xx W 'ft A fp X A 5 2 fp! x it X V if X xx Q I f M ., , A I Q i 3 ex. ,r X X Fx X, ix ,Y 'N' V VW CLARIX , ii , sf , M Eynifipal ff! , , L K Y X, rm In ,, X V1 wp' 3 IJ 'jk , g , . g .v 4 gy w J 1 ,lv 'ill , .K W . .sgrrf , i y' 'I Wi N4 LU f V ,IA P 1, -f ve . ' s W Ji by ' ' P V 1 V Q 1 I A . ' K'Finally", wig Xriendh o uifhg Glass, "whatsoever thingslare true, what' 1' fx lk soever things are hkoigiorabiif whatsof: r things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any 7' virtue, and if there he any praise, think on these thingsfy I J his ss X 4, J Ever ygur friend and Counselor, W 1 N if V' M , J ,. X , , N . K if Y i 1 - -4- A X ' N N it ' .5 X' ,X J X 'N ' ' 9, l x ' i S, its i s r Y W - J , J we wg Q 1 'rf w1"" 'SAAMHQ 5,7 'V 5' Q,f-w'fWtf'N 'Ll 6' 4' x ffl " 'f' - , :fn 6, 4,4 01, 4 A , .Q MV' J rim! J LA,-f' J. I ,,fv"'J MAMIE L. SALLEE Girlsl VicefPrincipal SENIORS OF 1938 I am happy to have this opportunity to thank each and all of you for your co' operation during the past year. I have been conscious of more than the usual support in our joint endeavor to make Venice High School the institution it can be. During this year additional organizaf tions have definitely aligned themselves in this movement for a bigger and better Venice. The school atmosphere is full of this determination to miss no opportunity to do something for the institution. This mutuality of objective has given us all a bond of sympathy that has greatly en' riched our lives and made this year out' standing in our experience. RAY B. SHAW FOURTEEN SENIORS OF 1938 The world is changing so rapidly and in it you, too, are reaching out from the known road of yesterday to the untried trail of tomorrow. Do not think that there is any standing still, you must go forward or you do go backward. This, the motto of your choice, is very apropos -"Forward ever, backward never." Use the tools you have gathered in Venice High and make the best progress possible on the road that lies before you. Tour experiences here have shown you that you may expect some rough spots along with the smooth stretches. 'You can not back up, you must go ahead no matter what obstacles or detours you encounter. Choose your way and go forth with con' hdence and hope. Sincerely your friend, MAMIE L. SALLEE RAY B. SHAW Boys' VicefPrincipal G 1 . i , ,f , N Q ffsf? is fs iz '- .' , s Q gm, S Z 5 C LTH'fFiI'St row: Mrs. Crandall, Miss Willett, Miss McKinley, Mr. Schlosser, Miss Tompkins, Miss Bl ett, Mrs. Loibl, Miss Larson, Miss Burns, Miss Tuelcer, Miss Sehraek, Mrs. Pence, Mr. Hoover, Miss Ro an. Secomi row: Miss Abbot, Miss Rivenburgh, Miss Biscoe, Mr. McFarland, Mrs. Larkey, Miss Cope- land, Miss Hutchison, Mrs. Millington. Miss Orton, Miss Pendleton, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Rockoif, Mrs. Sallee. Third row: Mrs. McKoane, Miss Gehlen. Mis. Taylor, Mrs. Moran, Miss McCluggage, Miss Edwards, Miss Mitchill, Mr. Riley, Miss Johnson, Miss Martin. Mr. Fordham. Mr. Hadley. Fourth Mr. Turney, Mr. DeGroote. Mr. Richards, Mrs. Dimrle, Mr. Amo, Mr. Green. Mr. Bell. Mr. Cox, Mr. Shaw, I'O'Il' .' FACULTY-First row: Miss Beamish, Mrs. Ryan. Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Kirby, Mrs. Matt. Miss Berthot, Migg Messenrer, Miss Biggs, Mrs. Schreiber, Mrs. Randall, Miss Patterson, Mrs. Finley, Mr. Morgan. Second 71711.75 Mrs. Hunter, Miss Allen, Mrs. MeLaurJhlin. Mrs. Wood. Mr. Sholtz, Mr. Winebrenner, Mr. Cham- pion, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Clark, Mr. Head, Miss Danielson, Mr. Crandall, Mr. Lustie. Third row: Mr. XVitty. Mrs. Illingrworth, Mr. Boatman. Mr. Overin, Mr. Hari is, Miss Crowe, Mr. Norton. Mr. Oliver. Miss VVard, Mr. Bull, Miss Hathaway. Mr. Chaney, Mr. Woodard, Mr. George. OFFICE FORCE-Mr. Arbofast, Mrs. Crutcher, Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Wadsworth, Mrs. Swanson, Miss Downey, Miss Tibbetts. FIFTEEN 55535 ks k a h Sa E -3 4 A 4 if f 4 'Q' .fi Pe .-fi? Q as Y a..5'. 'f ' . ??9',l'l Gordon Stangland, S. B. Pres.: Mary Kirk, S. B. Vice-Pres., Joan Lewis, S. B. Secretary: Billie Gidney, S. B.'rg David Arnold, Senior "A" Pres.g Ignota Miller, Oarsman Editor, Glorian Kreiger, Gofndolier Editorg Daisy Storm, Chief Justice, Jane Young, Girls' League Pres.g Betty Jane Keith, Dclphian Presg Rhoda Neal, G.A.A. Pres.: Jack Olinger, Varsity NV" Pres.,' Jack Lescoulie, Book Store Manaqmg' Gary Fifield, Debate Marnagerg Bill Smith, Campus Clca-n-Up. Mrs. Sallee Adviser. FALL SEMESTER STUDENT COURT JUDGES Rosa Mae McClellan, Robeft Gillette, June Allingbon, Don Adams, Erika Wild, Ed. VVa1'1'en. Chief Justice Daisy Storm. Q N. N.. . VN X -... I SIXTEEN f Q... ,+ T E au? A Q i. 5 - ' my , . T Q. 1 Q. ' V - mf, i Q . ., A .f 1 :- 9 X N ,ix "N ' 1' .1 x N ' . W f ' ' ' ., . f . . . . X S ,,,6 x . A, , ix ,,. . , V A ,,.,,,,..,,. , 7,1 , fr M. 5-, . , , 2 - in ' , f ' - " .1 A f .- -4' W 1... - . A rf.. ,Qf?4 ",' , X .I 4 r 1 ' -E'-f ,fr .. Daisy Storm. S. B. Pres.g Joan Lewis, S. B. Yicc'-Pres.: Don Adams. S. B. S6Cl'Cfl11'1l,' Jane Holzworth. S. B. Tl'E'C1S1l7'Cl',' Vincent Kane. Senior "A" Prcs.,' Alice Ed-3, Oarsman Editorg Glorian Krieger, Gofndolier Edl't0'I',' Bob Gillette. Chief Justice: Erika Wild, Girls' League Pres.,' Maureen Maguire, Dclgnhian Pres.: Rhoda Neal. G.A.A. Pres.: George Jones, Varsity HV" Pr0s.g Kazuo Ohi, Book Store 1Vfl17ll1gE"l'j Ruth Wright, Debate Managcrp Bill Smith. Campus Clean-Up. Mrs. Salleu, .-ldviser. SPRING SEMESTER STUDENT COURT IUDf.Es . . ...5 INT-:nf T-..-4Cf.f 'DhL,.1.6 f'Gll,J-Ln 'LY.lf.vx 1'..l',v.,.l-.. Vl"L,l..... f'L..1..A.Z, 1151! r1,,,:41 I1-11 J xv i nu 1 V f-1. SEVENTEEN 7 GORDON STANGLAND First Semester Student Body President PRESIDENTS MESSAGE I sincerely believe june 22 will be one of the momentous days of my life. From that day on, I will enter a new phase of life-new activities, new friends, new inf terests. It means the termination of what will undoubtedly prove to be the fullest and happiest days I have ever experienced. I fnd it hard to express my appreciation for the honor you bestowed upon me when you elected me president. I feel that my position was made easy by the complete and whole hearted co-operation of all the students and faculty. Regard' less of what I may. or may not, accom' plish in the years to come, I assure you I will treasure the memories of my presif dential term as something tremendously close to my heart. I thank you for the enjoyment you have given me as my friends. Sincerely, DAISY STORM EIGHTEEN PRESIDENTS MESSAGE As our memorable day of graduation, Febmarv 2' 1938, draws near, each and C-wry one of our class is putting many, many happy memories into his past wl1iCl1 will never be forgotten. The six News of our high school life are brought t0 11 Cl0S-'f by a happy but yet sad commencement which places many new helds into our life and at the same time shuts out those old and enjoyable days spent by all Ol: us at our grand old Alma Mater, Venice High School. During the previous semester I was very fortunate in being able to serve you as president. I want to thank you for that privilege and for the ine support you gave at the dances, football, and basketball games, and other school activities. Thanh you again and I only hope that our school will continue to rise to the top in all of its activities. Sincerely, GORDON STANGLAND DAISY STORM Second Semester Student Body President I X J XIX H 'KY F J If , 6 1 ' we , ,? I me I ss. J 49 1 N N X w Ni. A I if , .... . . . I S 'B N 'S We I 5 Q , E , V ,A JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Fall Semester A ,,. , Z , X, . 5 , BEVERLY GRAY JAMES CAYLOR DON GRANT LAVERNE HIGHAIVI President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring Semester MR. SHAW' CECIL DINGLER BETTY JOHNSON PAULA FORBES JACK WILLIAMS Adviser President Vice-Presiclent Secretary Treasurer ' I I GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS XXX. X N ' . N' JANE YOUNG MRS. SALLEE ERIKA WILD X A QI President Advisez' President X lx First Semester Second Semester X I px IVIYFANNYY JONES ROSA M.XE MCCLELLAN JOSEPHINB FINN Y I f Vice Prcsirlmzt Secretary Trf'asurvr II II XP fl I W k 'x XJ 1 I 14: I ,,., MW! ..,. X NINETEEN X -1 u IJ - U - ' ' x Y , , , fx 8 I 1 . .ij s ,f if 1 ' .sf if v J L' 1 . . K Y I A l ' J ' 0 ' . , I .-'ffl 0 Ai ' x 5 f 1 I ' ' ' . 'iff J 0 I ' X K , r , f i ,- N I ,f .41 7' k J D i f S m k W fp THE MIRACLE OF MOTION PICTURES N x 'T' It is a far cry from thc ancient nickelodeon melodramas to the artistry of modern Technicolor motion pictures. Yet this great advancemient of an i'mP01'tfW-t industry covers thc span of comparatively few years in this still young Tufemtieth Century. The synchronization of sound is in itself one of the wonders of the .y6WeTaf1b""' The lavish musicals, the thrilling notes of operatic 'l7l'LbS'lf7, and the 1101068 of the most brilliant vocalists are all recaptured and brought within the reach' of ovefy' one. The average citizen may not understand a word of French or Spafnish, but he can and does appreciate good music when he hea-rs it played and sung by the b6Sf muscians and singers it is possible to procure. The breath-taking ej5'ects produced on the present-dew S07'06'1'b GTG Stal U' 5044709 of increased wonderment to movie-goers, even though they are used to camera "stunts" and deceptions. A terrifying shipwreck, the chaos of an earthquake, a flight of locusts, a tropical hurricane, are all routine work: to the special efects N cameraman, yet they thrill and chill a multitude. But the supreme triumph of the industry has just recently been achieved. That I triumph is-Technicolor. Technicolor is the fuljillment of the dreams of the creators .' of motion pictures since their introduction. The brilliant hues of a fiery sun-Set, the deep rich blue of the sea, the flesh tones of a human being, all possible through the inventive genius of Hollywood laboratory technicia . And still they 'march 011,- -X-,.. Q wa-rd to their goal-better entertainment for millions. X The cinema has formed a large part of the l' es of er-increasing audience. P' N lt provides an emotional outlet, a basis for w is n ies the only means of 5 X recreation to thousands of suppressed souls-it b-ri e of literature, drama., ' and music within thc scope of most. Let us li at i ay continue as an afrt N Y X and uphold the high standards now establishe . ri . Xi ji DAVID GRIVER . -. 1 a Nu R i I V 5 1 '. 4x . N x E N as . N 'K I X' XJ "x 9 XX iw h x X. - A v M X S xg' N N X Y X X m x. N E a xi . X S X X '-N1 N ' xx'- ,N : A - ' be E 1 1 A '. . ' N ' 'X K - NX 'r l . r 3 l . X 1 i l r r . X Y . X fx x " W . N N :R i , - J ' X X X' N X N' R X I K Y s X X X X 5 , Q , I N. . x :J - - N r- I , X I , 4' f v .Y ' . I ky . r LILUW-vlwlFlw I , we 53151 A My 5-1, ir, ,- if A3 V 4, W 2 3' , ff :vw 1. ls?"-r My .M -- Egg! 24551 - SJC-57' Amir If . v . '1 fiii. ww .cm -fic yup 1 , x 4 , S W ' was .! :X 1 . r ,W Q A - S it - f INV X in X N' 1 X S ik Q 1 :V J , 5 -x : if Q! 151 ' X X E :Sal-fi x .x-xml. 5 --. W-it , Jkt if K' i ,V,V t fy . ...Q X A 'L"x' V f :2z:'f: " ,,,..,,X.,X 6 V 4 1-'-Wgr-5732 krkr 3 ., f ' ., ' 711' fl .WM - .f ,ff Q I WA '54 K ?Zsv'3w Q, , 2 , 'S' c -f-.... ,Hzw K A 1-, QW,.1,, I , ,,,f,M, - M xamMs,,w . it ' 2S4QwQAffv:,1 'xx x 1 H xx P, 15257 6" f 1 'flk'-i,! ff ,sl Eff w.nvl' 1, ' ive W Aff? f 512 I. A I , :Q live 553 f , k gm L' A Ll' Sf fm V are I A 11 F Q if 6 ,,,,,?? Qgyzv, 5. 3 fggqgg 5 A if ggi 2,3 I - ,fig K Q in fi s""5'e'4 I 'i f k,, X3 Lili M244 .,. fv 7 vp V W, ,3.f rf , Z xii: , 5:13- S5 . If , QV, f 4, 1? QIQQ fi! 1 , ff f, 1 , ,yzfga W 7,0 f' 4 'R' W xx . , ik x , KX X .TN . 1 ,. f, 4,w, N M U I w5n "iw If 3 , W' ... . I 4 4'-m In I H fil,-. 4 , -- f-2' . ., . an if ,,., . ,, ,, rwfv HEL? ' N Nw x QQQ we V X XX x gs :N-fix NX , M A N X gif F N X 1, 2522 A W gf? ' Lkff ,, ji dw 157 .f I' V Nsffrk! " EH" ' f- , f"' f 4 2' wx fl 1 ,iff J' 3' V.. 'f 02 ' 324 f l ' ' ff f' :ffL:Z! - ' f .Wm Q ff . 'f- 1 ' K f I an Q. .' 'Sy Z 1 ff? ' . g l 5 ' 2 , ,,,, ,,WWm ,, , ,b N V X .,'L -g ,V 2,,jxf ,V H W. sw, . - W, y , ,ff 1 , . -'pr ' " , -.',' ..-,, , ..,,, N, ,,,., ,, 9, ,,.'., , ,V , A . 4,.,..4, .., fygw 4, 4 uk, 5 W f K - vw , A 1 WA . ,,., , M., X ,, Mhw- jf g,.,N.M, - V mpg A .. , - W - Hawk, za 1' 1 w a W M 4 Z 7 MW' .2 ' W T' fig 'Yj,,.fb IW Wd 0 " - f . ' ,i 1 W! fd 'K ' 'N f I fr 1, Q . ,, ' 'V A ff ' .Ziff A ' f V ' , , ' X x K X SB 1 R, Y' ' xx, X ,, ' Maj K 4 x. . yf X K 4 3 y . I ww' N I 53, ss if ,EL EW s15.,3 Ri Rx EPI-IEBIAN SOCIETY The Ephebian society was started in Los Angeles in 1918 for the purpose of further improving and beautifying the City of the Angels. Cne student is elected by the seniors and faculty for each forty in the graduating class. On being admitted into the society the new members repeat the following oath: "We will never bring disgrace to this city by any act of dis' honesty or cowardice, nor ever desert our suffering comrades in the ranks. We will iight for the ideals and sacred things of the city, both singly and together. We will revere and obey the city's laws, and do our best to incite like respect and reverence in those above us who are prone to annul or set them at naught. We will strive increasingly to quicken the public sense of civic duty. Thus in these ways we will trans' mit this city not only not less, but greater, better, and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us." Thrcc Ephebians were elected for the class of W'38. They were Betty Jane Keith, Mary Kirk, and Gordon Stangland. Betty Jane Keith was Latin Club President, has been a Del' phian for six semesters and President of the Delphians for one term. She was an outstanding member of the debate team. In athletics she was a member of the G.A.A. for four semesters, and completed her High School career as a Roman Lamper. Q Mary Kirk was Senior "A" VicefPresident, served on the debate team and was manager for two semesters. She was an active member of the Cosmopolitan Club and served on the Central Committee as VicefPresident of the Student Body. She received a Roman Lamp. Cordon Stangland served the school in athletics in tennis and was a member of the Varsity HV" society for four semesters. He was Senior "B" president and judge and Chief Justice of the Student Court. He closed his High School career in the high position of Student Body President. The Ephebians elected from the Summer class were Daisy Storm, Joan Lewis, Don Adams, and Ernest Barbour. Don Adams was elected judge of the Student Court for one semester and Student Body Secretary the following term. He was a Delphian for three semesters. He was also a member of the Cosmopolitan Club and feature editor of the Condolier. Ernest Barbour was president of the Cosmopolitan Club for two semesters. He was a Delphian for three semesters and also served capably as assistant editor of the Condolier. joan Lewis was a member of the Student Court for one semester. On the Central Committee for the W'3S term as Student Body Secretary, she was elected VicefPresident for S'38. She was also prominent in the Cf.A.A. A Delphian for six semesters, she well deserved her Roman Lamp. Daisy Storm was a prominent member of the G.A.A. and a Delphian for three semesters. A term on the bench as a judge of the Student Court found her as Chief Justice the following semester, She was then elected to the high position of Student Body President. EPHEBIANS BE'r'rY JANE Kizrrn Many Knut GORDON S'rANGLANn DON ADAMS Ei:NEsT Bxmsouiz JOAN LEWLS Dmsx' Srolm W ffy rye "TI-IEY CONQUER WHO BELIEVE THEY CAN fVIRGIL The stage was set for the first time in the auditorium. Search lights played in the sky announcing the. 51131 Pfodlfc' tion of the actors of the class of w1nter'1938 in the VCHICC High School Studio. Bright blue and white caps and gowns- the first to be used in the history of the school-were thun' derously applauded, assuring the cast that this film had been a success. This drama, like most movies, was not an overnight production or "quickie", but required fI13l1Y Years of earnest work in the casting, directing, and filming. p Three times property men were forced to shift the scenery behind these actors before the production could get success' fully under way. The old buildings, the t6HtS, afld the new modern structures all played an important part. E .K Upon entering the Senior High School, each player was gtiven his script and told that by earnest work and persever' ance he would obtain a lead in the final, colossal production. lt was at this time some joined clubs, the G.A.A., the Varsity "V", the Senior Delphians, debate teams, dramatics casts, and journalism staffs, depending on their individual talents. A great day came for the electricians, carpenters, painters, cameramen, script girls, and actors when they met in the grandstand as one class to select the celebrities to play the leads in the final drama of their High School years. An important scene that followed for these Twelve "B's' was their own Senior Prom given for the graduating Seniors. 'LDown South" was the theme, and the girls' gym, the stage. White colonnades hung with pepper boughs, a colonial house, grass, flowers, and streamers all lent themselves to the creaf tion of a lovely colonial garden. Next was the scene when nominations were made from this company, and the stars elected to lead the entire Student Body of the Venice High School Studio. Shortly after, costume designers were called to make the uniforms for the film "Senior Ayes". Red sweaters with blue emblems were selected, The day these costumes arrived was celebrated by a lunch' eon in the Studio cafeteria followed by a serpentine through the class room sets, with a dance in the girls' gym completing the program. 1 'One of the most successful interclass dances, the Christmas Hop, was presented in December with members of this com' pany acting once again in the leading roles. Reviving the old custom of giving a senior play, "Seven' teen" was presented in the new high school auditorium. The money earned from this production was used to purchase two beautiful Deodars for the Venice campus. 'Concluding the film a double feature program, the senior banquet and prom, was presented for these players. Historif Ciillyndepicting the earnest work of this group, "Class Pro! gress was selected as the banquet theme. A Valentine Prom on another set closed the curtain on the social life of these actors at Venice High School, Davin ARNOLD, Iwwsident MANY KIRK, Vivf' President Fi:ANcEs BARBATI, Secretary Bois CICANSTON, Yell Leader CHARLES MCKENNEY, Yell Leader Mns. MCLAUG1'1LlN, Adviser Miz. CHAMPION, Adviser NEIRA JUNE ALLINGTON Academic: Judge: Advanced Chorus: Oarsman Staff: Clay Modeling: Delphian one term. MARY ARNETT Academic: Advanced Chorus: Oarsman Stall: Clay Modeling. LEONA ETHEL ASHLEY Homemaking: Designing. FRANCES ROSE BAREAT1 Commercial: Secretary of Senior Aye Class: VicefPresident of Gregg Artists: Advanced Chor- us. FRANCES IRENE BAUGHMAN Commercial: Senior Band: Leathf ercraft. RENE ORA BOULWARE Commercial: Gregg Artist. FRED HANS BRAUN Academic: Japanese f American Club: Glee Club. NATSUKO HELEN A0141 Academic: President of Japan ese-American Club: Senior Girls Gleeg Oarsman Staff: Commer' cial Art: G.A.A. two terms. Q SMITH ARNOLD Academic: Central Committee, one term: Senior Aye President: Delphian, three terms. REGINA ATWOOD Commercial: Secretary of Ad' vanced Chorus: Gregg Artist: Designing. WALTER FRED BAUER Industrial: Senior Boys' Glee. ALBERT THEODORE BLANEORD Academic: Iapanese f American Club: Senior Boys' Glee: Del- phian, one term. VERDA Lois BRASIER Homemaking: Home Economics Club: Chorus. RALPH LEE BRowNSoN Industrial: japanese f American Club: Glee Club: Photography Manager' of the Carsman. BEATRICE BEVERLY BUSH Commercial: Secretary of Home Economics Club. CHARLES CLIFTON COCHRAN Industrial: Varsity Football Let' terman. KATHRYN MAELE CRANDALL Commercial: Debate One term: Leathercraft: Lettergirl: G.A.A. six terms. DANIEL EUGENE CRIPE Fine Arts: Senior Orchestra: Leathercraft: Varsity UV" four terms: Varsity Basketball Letter' man: Varsity Baseball Letter' man. JACQUELYN CARROL DAVIS Commercial: Gregg Artists: Ad' vanced Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Debate and Dramaticsg Letter' girl: G.A.A. two terms. JUNE DOUTHITT Homemaking: Home Economics Club: Beginning Chorus, JOHN HARRISON ENOLE Academic: Boys' Glee Clubs Clay Modeling: Varsity "VL Varsity Swimming Letterman. HARRIET LOUISE CHANDLER Homcmakingz President ofH0fI12 Economics Club: Desigrllflg- KENNETH OWEN COLEMAN Commercial: Senior Boys' GIGS? Leathercraft. ROBERT LESLIE CRAN STON Academic: Head Yell Leader: Senior Aye Class Yell Leader. BETTY JO DAVIS Commercial: President of Gregg Artists: Leathercraft: Lettergirlg G.A.A. six terms: Vice-President Of G.A.A. CHARLES JACOBSON DELMAR Industrial: Drafting. THEODORE EMMER Commercial: Advanced Chorus: Dramatics Class Presidentg Solo' Ist. VIVIAN MARJORIE ENGLE Academmi Band: Dramaticsg Oarsman Staff: G.A.A, one term. ELBRIDGE GARY FIFIELD General: Central Committee one term: Debate Manager: Debate team four terms. BILLIE RAE GIDNEY Commercial: Central Committee one term: Student Body Treas- urer: Gregg Artist: Delphian one term: G.A.A. two terms. Doius GERTRUDE HAMANN Fine Arts: Life Drawing: Def signing. CYRIL HOLDEN Academic: Latin Club: Senior Boys' Glee Club: Leathercraft: Oarsman Staff: Delphian one term. ROBERTA GENE JOHNSTON Commercial: Gregg Artist. HAvA SARA KAUFFMAN Academic: Associate Member' ship Chairman of Cosmopolitan Club: Dramatics: Debate: Busif ness Manager of Oarsman: G. A.A. three terms. DORIS OLIVE KENT Commercial: Gregg Artist. .Q ., V ' 'f nu' H A' , fi , QS! R V is 5 BETTY JANE FRICIQEIIT Commercial: Gregg Artist: G A.A. three terms: Home Econo mics. BETTY LORRAINE GRANT Commercial: Gregg AFUSY- RLVDOLPH HINDELIKNG Commercial. CONSTANCE BUTLER JENNINGS Academic: Japanese f American Club: Pottery: Dclphian one term. YoNEIto RUTH KATO Academic: Japanese f American Club: Advanced Chorus. ELIZABETH JANE KEITH Academic: Central Committee one term: Delphian President: Latin Club President: Senior Girls' Glee: Debate Team one term: Delphian six terms: Roman Lamper: Ephebian: G.A.A. two terms. MARY ELIZABETH KIRK Academic: Central Committee three terms: Debate Manager two terms: Student Body Vicef President: Memberslxip Chair' man of Cosmopolitan Club: De' bate Team: Senior Aye Class Vireflbresident: Delphian six terms: Roman Lamper: Ephef bian: G.A.A. three terms. XVILLIARI RYOHEI KITAOAWA Academic: Japanese Club: Com' mercial Art. JACK GEORGE LE scOL'LIE Commercial: Central Committee one term: Bookstore Manager: Delphian two terms: Lightweight Football Letterman: Varsity Foot- ball Letterman. MARY BELLE MACINTYRE Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: G.A.A. three terms. IVLARJORIE LILLIAN MAX'NARD Homemaking: G.A.A. three terms. IGNOTA LORENE MILLER Academic: Central Committee two terms: Oarsman Editor two terms: Secretary of Cosmopolitan Club: Gondolier Staff: Delphian six terms: Roman Lamper: G,A.A. six terms: Lettergirl: Secretary of G.A.A. ALAN MUNRO General: Cosmopolitan Club. IKLICE l'L-XRRIET NERI Er: Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: Senior Girls' Glee Club: Leather' craft: Exchange Editor of Oarsf man: G.A.A, three terms. ,.. its R. . V x 139 - gfsma l pri, ' 5 -fv- AXI., . ,::. N . i T5 if-.. . asv: ' ., L., I-I ROBERT BELLEW LENNON General: Advanced Chorus: De' bnte and Dramatics. EMILY CHRISTINA LOWE Fine Arts: Iapanese'American Club: Secretaryffreasurer of Senior Girls' Glee Club: Life Drawing: Feature Editor of Oarsman. LE LAND EDMUND IVIARR Industrial: Secretary of Forestry Club: Print Shop. CHARLES EDXVIN MCKENNEY Academic: President of Choral Club: Yell Leader: Varsity "V" one term: Lightweight Football Letterman: Varsity Swimming Letterman. MASANOBU CHARLES MIYAJI Academic: Japanese f American Club: Chorus: Commercial Art: Varsity "V" one term: Varsity Tennis Letterman. ERIRIA LUGENE lVlL'RRAY Academic: Senior Band: Com' mercial Art: Oarsman Staff: Of' licials Club: G.A,A. three terms: Lettergirl. ELINORE PEARL NIOLON Academic: Advanced Chorus: Clay Modeling: Delphian two LQITDS. JACK DAYTON OLINGER Industrial: Central Committee one term: Varsity "V" Presi dent: Varsity Football Letter man. RODNEY LAVHLL PETERSON Industrial: Stage Crew: Chorus. DONALD ALBERT RAMBERG Academic: Debate and Dramat' ics: Debate Team. ROBERT D. REED General: Drafting. ROBERT CHARLES RUDOLPH Academic. WALTER THURMON SANDERS Academic: Band: Senior Boys' Glee: Commercial Art. VBRGENIA JULINA SILMAN Commercial: Gregg Artists. , ,f 4 'V X , 3, Wg , t A7 f VW in Eze- Z , - , j -i . ,W . - f ' , A if -' il ' V VVV' V 9 ,f X Q A . ,4 ,, f 4 X! Q X xi A, CHARLES WESLEY PERKINS Academic: Senior Boys' Gleeg Still Life Drawingg Delphian two t6l'mS. JOAN LOUISE QUARRINGTON Commercial: Gregg Artist. MARCLARET RAVJSON Academic: Judge: Vice'Presif dent Of Cosmopolitan Club: De' bateg Designing: G.A.A. ive terms: Lettergirl. ANTHONY ALEss1o RICCA Fine Arts: Cosmopolitan Club: Senior Boys' Gleeg Senior Or' chestra: Violin Soloist. jon N FREDERICK RUss Fine Arts: Senior Orchestra: Print Shop. DUDLEY EUGENE SCHULTZ Fine Arts: President Of Debate Class: Band Managerg Varsity "V" One term: Varsity Track Letterman. SONIA RUTH SIMON Commercial: Gregg A r tis t sg Commercial Art. BARBARA ANN SIMONS Academic: Cosmopolitan Club Treasurer: Student Director of Senior Orchestra: Venice Trio: Associate Editor of Oarsman two terms: Delphian six terms: Roman Lamper. GORDON DAVID STANGLAND Academic: Central Committee, two terms: Student Body Presif dent: Chief Iusticeg Judge: Sen' ior Boys' Gleeg Varsity "V" four terms: Varsity Tennis Let' terman: Ephebian. THOMAS TAIT Academic: Leathercraft: Debate: Delphian one term. ROBERT LAVERN THOMAS Commercial: Varsity "V" one term: Gym Team Letterman. HANS WILHELM WARD Academic: Judge: Photography Club: Varsity "V" one term: Lightweight Swimming Letter' man. WILFRED EDWIN WARREN Academic: Iudge: Print Shop. CHARLES ALFRED WEST Industrial: Radio Mechanic. iii X579 -JT LEONARD WINFIELD SMITH Industrial: Chorus: Leathcfifafti Varsity "V" four termsx GYm Team Letterman, PAULINE GOLDIE STE PNER Homemakingz Home Economics Club: Advanced Chorus: Leiifh' ercraft: Oarsman Staff. FLORENCE EVELYN TINSMAN Academic: Photography Club. DOROTHY ANN VVYALLACE Academic: Cosmopolitan Clubg G.A.A. three semesters, MARY KAY WARNER Academic: Debate and Dramat' ics: Gregg Artists: Delphian one term. LEONA SHIRLEY WAXMAN Fine Arts: Art Director, Cosmo' politan Club: Costume Design' ing: Delphian three terms: Pottery: G.A.A. four termsg Lettergirl. PATRICIA RAE WHITESELL ' Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: G.A.A. four terms: Lettergirl, VIRGINIA THERESA Worm Fine Arts: Cosmopolitan Club Publicity Chairman: Advanced Chorus: News Editor of Oarsf 1'D3.1'1. JANE YVONNE YGUNG Commercial: Central Committee one term: Girls' League Presif dent: Gregg Artists: Chorus. FRED EU-GENE ZIMMER Industrial: Japanese f American Club: Senior Boys' Glee. :.:: 5 Q . at R In . R WILB UR CHARLES WYNN Industrial: Forestry Club: Var' sity 'LVN one term: Varsity Swimming Letterman. VIRGINIA JULIA ZIEGLER General: Home Economics Club: Advanced Chorus: Pottery. PEGGY LORRAINE MAGINTOSH Academic: Business Manager of Oarsmang Delphian four terms: G.A.A. two terms. Pictures of the following graduates do not appear in the Gondolier: RICHARD YOUNG OLSEN Academic: Varsity "V" one term: Varsity Football Lctterf man: Gym Team Letterman. HELEN YOUNGERMAN Academic: Dramatics. MIZRLIN MATHIS Industrial: Commercial Artg Var' sity "V" one termg Varsity Base' ball L e t t e r m a ng Lightweight Baseball Letterman, "FORWARD EVER-BACKWARD NEVER" We, the class of Summer '38, lirst appeared in that super, colossal picture, "Life on the Venice High School Campus, as mere extras. Bewildered, we merely wandered around on the set until we graduated from Junior High in Summer '35. Then we bef gan to receive "bit" parts in the various Student Body activf ities. It was not long before we became the starlets of this movie, choosing for our leading roles: Vincent Kane as President, Rhoda Neal as Vice President, Helen Hensler as Secretary, and Nussar Nasser as Treasurer. At this time we shot our most elaborate musical scene, the "Senior Prom." At last we became Senior Ayes, the Stars of the picture, and although our class colors were blues, they did not symbolize the spirit of the class, but made an appropriate setting for the stars. Those who reached special heights were Daisy Storm, Stu' dent Body President, Vincent Kane, Senior Class President, Glorian Krieger, Gondolier Editor, Alice Ede, Oarsman Editor, Rhoda Neal, G,A.A. President, George Jones, Varsity "VM President, Don Adams, Student Body Secretary, Jane Holzf worth, Student Body Treasurer, Erika Wild, Girls' League President, joan Lewis, Student Body Vice President, Ruth Wright, Debate Manager, Kazuo Chi, Book Store Manager, and Bill Smith, CampusfClean Up Chairman, Each of these Student Body leaders and oflicers did his work well and deserves congratulations. In sports our exceptional players were: Football, Harold Schonborg, Garry Bushman, Eugene Weiss, Sammy White, Wayne Hughes, Baseball, Vincent Kane, Pat Mellgren, Eddie Castillo, Ralph Parker, Darrell Grier, Mark Heiferan, David Dixon, Track, Tommy Harrovvby, Clifford Bourland, Seiji Kato, Vic Wales, Henry Vasquez, Tommy Barry, Bill Steba bins, Basketball, Vincent Kane, George Davies, Eddie Castillo, Nussar Nasser, and Ralph Parker. With Graduation, however the stars of the class of S'58 will not resemble Falling Stars when others fill their places, but will rise to greater heights on the magnihcent Stage of Life. VINCENT KANE, Preszkicnt RHODA NEAL, Vice President HELEN HENSLER, Secretary NUSSAR NASSER, Treasurer GEORGE DAVIES, Yell Leader Mas. MORRISON, Adviser MR. FORDHAM, Adviser DONALD KENNETH ADAMS Academic: Central Committee, one term, Student Body Secref tary: judge: Membership Chair' man of Cosmopolitan Club: Senf ior Band: Gondolier Staff: Delf phian, three terms: Ephebian. GERTRUDE MAE ALEXANDER Commercial. MATHIEU ANSBRO General: Debate team. WALLACE EDWIN BACK Academic: Leathercraft: Pot' tery: Print Shop. THOMAS ANTHONY BARRY Academic: Leathercraft: Var' sity Track Letterman: Light' weight Softball Letterman. GRACE BJORKLUND Commercial: Gregg Artist: Def hate: Designing, ADELAIDE MAY BOEHME Academic: VicefPresident and Secretary of Home Economics Club: Debate. A: ,, .WM W is EDNA ALDRED Commercial: Gregg Artist. NIVA GRACE ALLINGTON Academic: President of Inklings, three terms: Advanced Chorus: Gondolier Staff: G.A.A., three terms. HELEN RUBY BAEAJIAN Commercial: Debate: G.A.A., one term. ERNEST JOHN BAREOUR Academic: President of Cosmo' politan Club, two terms: Assist' ant Editor of Gondolier: Del' phian, three terms: Ephebian. ALPHA GILLETT BECHTEL Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: Senior Band: Pottery: Delphian, OH? LCYID. JEANNE LOUISE BLUHM Academic: Costume Designing: Oarsman Staff. KARL SAUNDERS BOHN Academic: Chorus: Leathercraft: Leightweight Swimming Letter' man. CLARA LOUISE BOUCHARD Home Economics: President of Home Economics Club. GARRY BUSHMAN IR. Commercial: Debate: Varsity "V", two termsg Varsity Foot' ball Letterman, HAROLD JAMES CARLSTED Academic: Cosmopolitan Club. MARGUERITE D. CHAMBERLAIN Commercial: Gregg Artist: G.A. A., two terms. DESMOND ALBERT CHRISTY Academic: Niixed Chorus: Leath' ercraftg Lightweight Swimming Letterman. HAROLD HARRIS CO1-IBN Industrial: Auto Shop. EDWARD DEWOOD COREY Industrial: Auto Shop. CLIFFORD F. BOURLAND IR- Academic: Varsity "V", SCVCH terms: Varsity Track. two Year Lcttermang Varsity Tennis Let' termanx LEEANA CANFIELD Fine Arts: Life Drawing: De' signing: Gondolier Art Staff. EDWARD CASTILLO Industrial: Varsity "V", four terms: Varsity "V" Board: Var' sity Baseball two year Letter' man: Lightweight Basketball Let' termang Lightweight Track Let' telffnafl. THELMA LORENE CHRISTIE Academic: Iudgeg Gregg Artistg G.A.A. Secretaryg G.A.A., six terms: Lettergirlg Delphian, one term. JAMES MELVIN CLAYBAUGH Industrial: Leathercraft: Dra' matics, "Seventeen," WANDA IRENE COOPER Fine Arts: Beginning Chorusg Costume Designing. Lois WILMA CUMMINGS Commercial: Cosmopolitan Club: Gregg Artistg Girls' League Rep, resentativeg Oarsman Staff: C1355 Editor of Gondolier, GEORGE ROBERT DAvIEs Commercial: Yell Leader. two termsg Lightweight Basketball Letterman. RAYMOND KEITH Dow Industrial: Leathercraftg Print Shop. ALICE LUGILE EDE Academic: Central Committee. one termg Oarsman Editorfinf Chiefg Secretary Cosmopolitan Clubg Glee Club: Assistant Edif tor of Gondolierz Delphian. three terms. HAROLD OSCAR ERLKND Industrial: Machine Shop. HALLIE IVLARIE FAGAN Commercial: Gregg Artistg Life Drawing. ROBERT FRAN K FERGUSON General: Auto Shop: Wood Shop. JOSEPHINE PINN Commercial: Girls' League Treasurerg Gregg Artist! Choruss G.A.A., Eve terms: Lettergirl. DAVID RAY DIXON Industrial: Chorusg Leathercraftg Captain and Lightweight Foot- ball Letterman. HAVv'LEY DEAN DUPLICE Industrial: Machine Shop. ROBERT FRANCIS EDWARDS Academic: Cosmopolitan Clubg Delphian, one termg Tumbling Letterman. HENRY ENOMOTO Academic: Japanese f American Club. DOROTHY VIRGINIA FERGUSON Academicg Inklingsg Costume Designingg News Editor of Cars- ITIHH. MELVILLE PHILIP FICKAS Academic: Latin Club. YMOND W. FOWLER IR. Dm ercial. IVE LAVERA MARINE FRANK Commercial: Gregg Artist: G. A., four terms: Lettergirl. lk CX LESTER LEE GALLOWAY Industrial: President of Photogf raphy Club: Advanced Chorus: Public Speaking: Stage Crew. three terms: Public Address, six terms. ELSA JANE GOODMAN Commercial: Gregg Artist: Leathercraft: Chorus. DONALD FRANCIS GOSSMAN Academic: Machine Shop. DARRELL F. GRIER Academic: Varsity "V", two termsg Varsity Baseball, two year Letterman. VIRLYN FRANK HALEECK Industrial: Stage Crew: Business Manager of Oarsmang Lightf weight Track. J THOMAS EDGAR HARROWRY Commercial: Advanced Chorus: Leathercraftg Debate: Gondolier Stalfg Varsity "V", two terms: Varsity Track two year Letter' man. LEwIs THOMAS FURGESON Rv Q Pine Arts: Pottery: Life Draw- mg. HARRIET LUCILLE GARDINER Academic: Beginning Chorus G.A.A., one term. GLORIA EMOGENE GOODSON Fine Arts: Senior Band: Leath- ercraft. JACK LYLE GRAHAM Academic: Pottery. ESTHER LORRAINE GWALTNEY Commercial: Pottery. VERA MAE HANLIN Commercial: Gregg Artistg Cos' inopolitan Club. JUNE ELIZABETH HARVEY Fine Arts: Advanced Chorus: Designing: Dramatics. MARK FRANCIS HEEEERAN Commercial. MUNN EDWARD HINDS Commercial: Varsity "V", three terms: Tumbling, two year Let' termang Auto Shop. I. l x 1 . 5 lil!! X I t 1 Af JACK WINFIELD HOLOEALICH I Academic: Secretary of Photog- raphy Club: Leathercraft: Cars- man Staff: Gondolier Staff. ARTHUR JACK HORNER Industrial: Machine Shopg Wood Shop: Varsity Swimming Letter' man. J WAYNE DVVIGHT HL'GHES Academic: Judge: Cosmopolitan Clubg Advanced Chorus: Def bateg Oarsman Sports Editor: Gondolier Staff: Lightweight Football, two year Letterman. GEORGE MADISON JONES Academic: Central Committee, one term: Varsity "V" Presif dent: Advanced Chorus: Gondof lier Staifg Varsity "V", three terms: Lightweight Track Cap' tain and Letterman: Lightweight Football, two term Letterman: Tumbling, two term Letterman: Yell Leader. VINCENT CHARLES KANE Industrial: Central Committee, one termg Senior Aye Class Pres' identg VicefPresident of Begin' ning Chorusg Varsity "V", two terms: Varsity Baseball, two year Letterman: Varsity Basket' ball Captain and Letterman. my 2, . f I I of fi?-1 451011 1411 AS HELEN MARIE HENSLER Commercial: Secretary of Senior Ayes: Judgeg Gregg Artist: Pot' teryg G.A.A., two terms. KATHRYN HINREL Academic: Life Drawing: Chorf US. JANE ELIZABETH HOLZWORTH Commercial: Central Committee, one term: Student Body Treasf urerg Gregg Artist. MARIAN ALICE HUGHES Commercial: Gregg Artist: Book Store. ELLEN NADINE JONES Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: G.A.A., four terms: Lettergirl. KAZUC KAMOTO Academic: Japanese - American Club. JUENE HELEN KASDON Academic: Latin Club: Chorus: Girls' Sports Editor of Oarsman, two terms: G.A.A., six terms: Lettergirl. SEIJI ALVIN KATO Commercial: ,lapanesefAmerican Club: Leathercraft: Lightweight Track Letterman: Varsity Track Letterman. FRANCES LOUISE KEARNEY Academic: Home Economics Club: Inklings: C,A.A.. one term. DOROTHY MAUD KEYS Academic: Leathercraft: C.A.A.. four terms. YONEKO MONA KINOSHITA Fine Arts: Vicefpresident of japanese'American Club: Chorf us: Life Drawing: Oarsman Art Staif: Gondolier Art Staff: C.A. A., six terms: Lettergirl. ALTON EUGENE KNIGHT A ca d emi c z Clay Modeling: Dramatics: "Seventeen," GLORIAN MARCELLE KRIEGER Academic: Central Committee, two terms: EditOrfinfChief of Gondolier: Producer of Constif tution Play: President of Ink' lings, one term: Cosmopolitan Club, six terms: Latin Club, one term: Debate team, one term: Delphian, three terms. THEODORE RICHARD LENNON Commercial: Yell Leader, two terms: Advanced Chorus: Var- sity "V", one term. MISAKO KAWATO Academic: Latin Club: IHPHUCSC' American Club. WILLIAM RALPH KELLY Academic: Sports Editor of. Oarsman: Print Shop: Varsity Football Letterman. DOROTHY HARLTKO KIMIQRA Home Economics: VicefPresif dent of JapanesefAmerican Club: Senior Girls' Glee: Advanced Chorus: Oarsman Staif: C.A.A., six terms: Lettergirl. MILDRED KATHRYN KIRBY Academic: H O m e Economics Club. EUGENE ARTHUR KREPS Industrial: Machine Shop. JUDITH FAYE LANG Commercial: Gregg Artist: Clay Modfllflgz G.A.A., one term. ETHEL JOAN LEWIS Academic: Central Committee, two terms: Student Body Vice' President: Student Body Secrcf tary: Judge: Cosmopolitan Club VicefPresident: Chorus: Gonqlof lier Staff: Delphian, six tel-msg Roman Lamper: G.A.A., Six utirrn, L .,,f. A 4 1-1 E " 4 CORA LUDLOW Fine Arts: Senior Band: Leathf ercraft. VICTOR JOHN MACNEILAKQE Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: Senior Band: Pottery. ALETHA MAE MARTIN Commercial: Gregg Artist: Dc' signg Dramatics: Senior Band: Senior Orchestra. GORDON CREIGHTON MCBETH Industrial: Senior Band: Leath' ercraft. BETTY MAR5oRiE INACKNIIQEHT Academic: Dramatics. LILLIAN MARG.KRET MEDEORD Academic: Gregg Artist: Del' phian, two termsg Pottery. HAROLD JAMES MOORE Academic: Senior Band: Senior Orchestra: Varsity Tennis Let' terman. tw ui A ' Z A T iw - . , e V . " E ' f, A fa f WX Am 4 f af 'f 1 ' , X 1 IX, Ars t RICHARD MACHADO Academic: Auto Shop. ELSIE JEAN MANDEMAKER Home Economics: Gregg Artist. ROBERT ORVILLE MASSEY lndustrial. GEORGE MCINTJOE Fine Arts: Senior Bandgileathf ercraftg Lightweight Softball Let' fE.1'l'HEiI'l. i RUTH Louisu MCNULTY Commercial: Gregg Artists. PATRICK LHJNARD MELLGREN Academic: Varsity three terms: two year Letterman Var' sity Baseball. NOEL EDXVARD MOORE Industrial: Stage Crewg Wood Shop. NUSSAR SHADDID NASSER Commercial: Treasurer of Senior Ayesg Life Drawingg Advanced Chorusg Lightweight Basketball Lettermang Lightweight Track Lettermang Varsity Softball Let' terman. CAROLYN LENORE NORDQLIIST Commercial: Gregg Artistg Pot' teryg G.A.A., two terms. FAIRY SADIE OVERTON Home Economics, RALPH NED PARKER Academic: Beginning Chorusg Varsity Baseball Letterrnang Lightweight Basketball Letter' man. ERNEST MYERS PETTIT Industrial: President of Pho' tography Clubg Gondolier Statf URSULA LENORA PRITCHARD Commercial, WILLIAM JOHN RAAE JR. Academic: Cosmopolitan Clubg Oarsman Staifg Lightweight Basf ketball Lettermang Tumbling Manager. RI-IODA LoRRAIN E NEAL Commercial: Central Committee, two tcrmsg G.A.A. President, two tcrmsg Vicc-President of Senior Aycsg judge: Gregg AF' tist: Gondolier Stuifg G.A.A-, SIX terms: Lcttergirl. Kazuo FRED OHI Commercial: Central Committee, one termg Bookstore Managerg President and Secretary of Jap' anesefAmerican Clubg Mixed Chorus: Commercial Art. BETH PARKE Commercial, LEO NELDON PERRY Academic: Senior Band. ELMER ERNEST PRICKETT lndustrial. MARVIN HEXX'lTT QUIN N Industrial: Auto Shopg lvlachine Shop. VIRGINIA MERLYINE RAY Commercial: Pottery: Choral Club. HUGH ARLEIGH Riccs Academic: Voice Ensemble: Sec' retary of Delphians, One termg Gondolier Staff. WILDA FAYE ROCKHOLD Commercial: G.A.A., one term. JOYCE CECIL ROYLE Academic: Secretary of Begin' ning Chorus. CARL JOHN SABATINO Academic. NAOMI VIRGINIA SAVANT Commercial: Gregg Artist. ZANA RUTH SCHARF Academic: Home Economics: Pottery. EDWARD WILLIAM SHISHIM Industrial: Machine Shop. I A 1 fg 5 .5 L 770' f 133 ww: ,Mmm 1242 SHIRLEY MAE ROBB Commercial: Gregg Artist, three terms: Cosmopolitan Club, one termg Girls' League Representa' tiveg Business Manager of Con' dolier Staff. BEATRIOE ROFEY Academic: Gregg Artist: G.A. A., six termsg Lettergirl. WILMER EUGENE RUTTER Academic. Mirsuxo SAIQAI H O m e Economics: japanese' American Club: Beginning Chor' us. HERBERT EUGENE SCHAFER Industrial: President of Photog' raphy Club: Stage Crew, three terms: Public Address System, six terms. HAROLD CARL SCHONBORG Academic: Varsity NV", six termsg Varsity Football Letter' man: Varsity Track Letterman: Varsity Softball Letterman. VERDENIA MARIE SILMAN Fine Arts: IapanesefAmerican Clubg Life Drawingg Pottery: C.A.A., One term. WILLIAM DONALD SINOLAIR Fine Arts: Senior Band: ,lunior Band:Treasurer: Clay Modeling: Gondolier Art Stall. RALPH VJILLIAM SMITH Academic: Central Committee, two terms: Campus Clean-Up Chairman: Judge: Yell Leader: Sports Editor Of Oarsman: Gonf dolier Stall: Senior Band. two terms. WILLIARI JOHN STEBBINS Commercial: Glee Club: Presif dent Of Advanced Chorus: Lightweight Track Letterman. WARREN DAVIS STEPHENSON Academic: Chorus: Leather' craft. DAISY DEANE STORM Commercial: Central Committee, two terms: President Of Student Body: Chief justice: judge: President nf Gregg Artists: Gonf dolier Stall: Delphi:-in. three terms: G.A.A.. six terms: Let tergirl: Ephebian. SARAYE SLfsIE TANI H O m e Economics: japanese' American Club: Chorus: Design' ing. I Q I ,aL,"4f'MZ fd, F A 41' Qgftf fvfjff ROBERT LEWIS TIOHLNOR Industrial: Machine Shop: Draft' ing. 1.5- ,, in Lp . ANNA MAE SMITH Commercial. RE NETTA EVANGELINE SPANJER General: Program Chairman, Gregg Artist. GEORGE HORN STEIN Academic. GEORGE JOSEPH STERN Academic: Advanced Chorus: Leathercraft: Dramatics. EMMETT IRVING TABOR Academic. VICTOR CARL THEIS Commercial: Leathercraft. JACK DEMPSEY Tipps General: Lightweight Softball, Letterman: Macliinc Shop. LAWRENCE ERNEST TORKELSON Fine Arts: Sr. Band, Student Director and Managerg Leather' craftg Tennis Manager. CLAUDIA JEANNNE TUBES Academic. AiLEEN VAN BUSKIRK Home Economics. ELEANOR FUMIKO WAKATSUKI H o rn e Economics: Iapanesef American Club. ABRAHAM WEINBERG Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: Winner California Native Sons Oratorical Contestg Lightweight Track Letterman: Basketball Let' terman. SAMUEL ASHLEY WH1TE Commercial: a t eg Judge? Varsity "VN: arsity Football Letter - ' tweight Football Letterrn ghtweight Track Letterman arsity Softball Letf terman. WARREN WADE WILSON Industrial: Auto Shop. MAY TOYOSHIMA Home Economics: Vice'President of Cosmopolitan Club: Girls' League Representative: Associate Editor of Oarsman Staff: Gonf dolier Staifg G.A.A., five terms: Lettergirl. BETTY AN N VALE Academic: Cosmopolitan Club: Pottery. HENRY ALVA VASQUEZ Industrial: Stage Crew: Public Address Systemg Debateg Gon' dolier Staff: Delphian, two termsg Varsity Track Letter' man: Captain of Lightweight Track: Lightweight Football Let' terrnang Softball Letterman. V1cToR CLARENCE WALES JR, Academic: Lightweight Football Letterman: Lightweight Track Letterman: Varsity Track Letter' IHHH. ALVA EUGENE WEISS Industrial: Debate: Lightweight Football Captain and Letterman: Varsity Football Lettermang Vat' sity ERIKA MARIA WILD Commercial: Central Committee. one termg Girls' League Presif dentg Secretary of Gregg Artistsg Gondolier Staffg Delphian, one term: G.A.A., six termsg Letterf girl: V'icefPresident of G.A.A.g Judge. CHARLES LOGAN WINEBRENNER Fine Arts. RUTH MURYLE WRIGHT Fine Arts: Central Committee, one term Debate Manager: Chorf ai Club, Debate Teamg G.A.A., three terms. lier: Pictures of the following graduates do not appear in the Go11d0 PATRICIA SUDDETH LEON GINSBURG Fine Arts: Gondolier Art Staff: MA IAN EA LE Varsity V , one termg-Varsity R R 1 V' r S f ' Commercial: D e 1 p 11 i a n, two Egadfigitgrergfginan army O t terms: G.A.A., one term. Academic: G.A.A-, 0116 fer f I " FRANCIS JOSEP COOPER Academic: Lightweight T1'3Ck Letterman. ' aj!-J"A' i . X 255. H W N.. 4: .T WL. 3 : , Hr I M bv . , xi' I ' , AR, gk. . J ' .,.,, I , We .R 1 ' ' 4343 ,. 1- ,, If . - . , 1 f f"-: MW --rvf ,, - ix , M 'H ..... r M ' 1 I . I . I Q V 5 , 3, ' A mf . ' A - - . L ,V I - ,,., . Q 4 1 , V Azlqu 6 i , . Y - 'A ' 'C I 3, , ,, S Ei, 1., J. i . F L , 'f ,, ., ---- Q ', 1 , .asa ' I , t A 2 - 'f , I I , .I - I If Q 'vw X K 2:-:V 'ii' - it 'ef lf? If 1 j t I ,pl . A D 174' ' , V I ,. , 2,31 A , 7 V Q, X Q ,---,--'- 'Z f ll , 2 Wafzf' ,., , f' Q I im "2-Uris? - A ' -f' Y L... I g wif ,Z Pai. 'a 'Z,,,0, I K ,ff . +V I- . , H 15 -N' 'N MEMBERS or A9 WINTER CLASS Tofp row: Addington, Alyea Arima, Ball, Barlow Barney Beers. Second row: Bickford Bjorkiund Blum, Burrows. Canning, Caylor, Clavelot. Third row: Close, Cooknell, Cooper, Corrigan, Cummings, Day, DeGeneros. Fourth row: Demr-ester, Dimont, Donatelli, Ediison, Elliott, Emi-ich, Firetag. Fifth raw: Fix. Flores. George, Golden. Gowder, Graham, Grant.. Sixth row: Gray, Harrington, Higham. Hughes, Hughes, Huntington, Hockett. Seventh row: Imboden, Inouye, Jamison, Junget, Juvinall, Kauf- man, Kinman. Eighth, 1'o'IL': Kinoshita, Land, Logan, Maguire, Marinelli, Martin, Mathis. FORTY-SIX XA ,- Q, " ' 'N I 'Q Ui ' X A V . V , 0 9' , "" ' f W --fer f - W!! 1 if W' V , K, ., ,,.,. W,2'ivM W if M .... . , ,,, ,M Q . V X ' A .1 ,,,, E V is R X s , asm ff . of . . . , I . W ffff y , , ,, ,,,, .-, .. f f ,,, if ' .,. , fn- .. A tl' "wh ""' 7-if ' . ' ,,,,, ' P' ' - "" 2 " ' 4 .4 X ..,, l , , Z1 fvfv -V 1 , ' , . . ,,AA .. N Q ' 'Y .'.".1 ,..:2 N' A ! 3 '15 .I !5,g2' 32 , W X '- f A , X .,, ,.. . A 3 Q s gh, , - ., if QW ,, ,,,,, 4 ,, ' ,. J' 1 -, 7. ' ' sf' ! ' , i 1- E-, ' A 1-A' 1 ' H U? M 'M f V N - , , V AA . ' ' . , J , - Ax R. f I f. A v , l A R 1 A M - If 1 1 0 W ' ,.,. , i... ,.,., if y I' .1 MEMBERS OF A9 WINTER CLASS Wi.. 0 ,J V rw., Q IW' , , Q, I Top row: Matthes, Mayeda, McCord, McDermid, McGough, Messenger, Moore. Second row: Murray. Nitta. Olson, Overton, Oxstein, , Porter. Third row: Prell, Rawson, Reed, Richardson, Rosier, Russell, Schiner. Fourth row: ei , Shelton. Sims. Stepner. Stoker, Swiryn, Sakaye. Fifth. rofw: Taka- hashi. Tartakow, Vaccarella, Vasquez, Vasquez, Walton, Wand. Sixth. row: Ward, War-ner, Watkins, YVatson, Wehrfritz, Weinberg, Whitaker. Sevcntlr. rofw: White, Whitesell, Whitman, Wilde, Wilmot, Yamamoto, Yamauchi. . R R ,, fl ,Q I , .,.., V 474 w 'Xi A5 ,, 1 J , ' . . ' V ff 0 A ' I MEMBERS OF A9 SUMMER CLASS First row: Abrahamson, Alexander. Allen, Anderson, Anderson. Armstrong. Baclrow. Second row: Baker, Balkin. Barner, Bauer, Beever, Benson, Beyrouty. FORTY-SEVEN f JW 4 4 .ff nl ., M 1 7' 2 Fl' f 4 Q , 07 3 5 ' 9' ' ' F.. we-'E I A I A ..., , ps 3 , XX . 0 9 E R Ni. . X x . . age? , A in .. ,QQ Q New f ffl N ,it 4 'lu' 1 INN: C X 'W N f l,'Xsc: A'-: N I K0 1 sr : ' M Q I f' Q I. l ' .fs ., 1 l f .WL Q I Sf . 1 . fplkkf 42 :14 . l l 'figs I I rr in- 2 ,ff V I h '4 , .j .jijetffj m, .9 N s ' ' , , . . X , W 1 P JU.-4: . ,r B . ,, gi W' ' . .V . f"f' l D M . .V K .,.. if! ff E .1 Q Eesti: "'1" ' ,, A 'l -:'z"HM"': W - I r 'sifornu w - . f ' 551' -f si- .jiif " " ,Sie - ,. ' , , ' if V' W 5.41 -'nh H - I . f. . 1 l ..... M- V l . . ..., . 1 , W' ' " , "" ' ' I, If J "i f , , lf. V . X 'x AX f I T f 5 . . 3 .-..f V B -5271--idx ' ' . -m,:::s. Er . ' ir jg.. ,f i ' 175 .4 A - - . - I - ,ml H ' ,Al , I, -,. A MEMBERS OF A9 SUMMER CLASS I Top row: Bisbey, Blumenthal, Bohn, Bouchard, Brattuson, B1-eber, Breeze. Second row: Brown, Brown, Bud, Bunya. Bush, Camel-lin. Thzrzi row: Canley, Canterno, Cantrell, Carson. Catcher, Charvin, Chand- ler. FW,-th 1-ow: Cheile, Chulp, Clark, Clopp, Corcoran, Corcoran, Colman. Fifth row: Cope, Copeland, Corcoran, Corneal, Couden, Cox. Coy. Sixth row: Crips, Crowell, Crowell, Davis. DeYoci, Dingler. Doug'- lasl Sevmlth ,-ow: Doyle, Dunham, Dunn, Durkee, Drake, Ellenstein, Ellis. Eighth row: Emery, Emory. English, Fair, Feryxeson, Fernald. Forbes. Ninth row: Fredrick, Freedman, Fry, Gallop, Gamble, Gard- ner, Gilmore. Tenth row: Ginsburg, Golson, Gomez, Gottlieb, Gribble, Hackson, Hannah. FO RTY-EIG HT W f 4 Y i 0 , f Y- X y in his 4 2. " 'Q " x I .K yfaf A A . AA , :. ' 'mm Q A. V M I E so M VV. A A.A Ad if uf A A ...A A 1 '- VVVV , :,,,,,, L A - ll A A' E i . s xbb. . A ...M Q wah 4? ' .A lids.: h -3. .. 5 , ,. , I Z 4 L A V Y t - , . f Aiwa 5, 5 K A. . If X X f n.: , ay L Q w ' L - I 1 3: "" f ' N K '1 " S 51 .4 .. , , ,,., -WS' .x A A K V A M .A ' ll we - E I . so it . 4 ' . ---- ,- ,M ly M ' lggizlgg-2' 1 ' Wa, S ,Q , ,V ' E , gt v V, 1 , l .lf , f' -JI' : Q fl A f f . Z, M A A l l . .... L. .ag-4.41 A . .v i 5 V -, E.. If is V A. I Q v-su 5 '-f-:- S' 1 f'-' if-1 W, ,,,, .,,. A. V ', fp 5 N, In I W ,Af A A , 5. , 5 , ,....,, A K x , . ,l l :'- ' :mf 4, ' ' x -, lily., jfs, - ' QEQJL1 , ' ' gay'- ' , E ' f ' -A A ' - Y' 'iff ,Ay y I, A, l . ow A , , f,35',f,f-5 ' - W - f 1 'M , , , ' ' ' , I 1' I2 l .gf 1, i yi: f l ,,,V , Q-:-5:5 , A I 1 ,,,, I :H , , g . H A if ., agwv,-,M ---- 5 5 ,g,:gsv,.:.,.A , ,,9,.,,, Y X 'ALA .1 k , . A 4 ' la " , avr- A f A 1 f' 4 - .1-Ls. ' ' A "kim: - A . 2,65 "Hr Z" , " MEMBERS OF A9 SUMMER CLASS Top row: Harris, Haas, Hayer, Hedberg, Helms, Helper, Henderson. Second -row: Henderson. Hernan- dez, Hethcot, High, Hill, Haas, Jackson. Third row: James, Jenichen, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Jones, Jordon. Fourth row: Joseph, Kamifuji, Nakagi, Kaub, Kayeyama, Cosenza, Khoury. Fifth row: King, Kirby, Kirk, Kitaoka, Kopp, Korbel, Korionick. Sixth row: Lafer, Larson, Laverne, Leake, Leon- hardy, Lessman, Lucas. Seventh row: Lubke. Lynch, Machado, Manges, Mano, Marshall. Martin. Eighth row: Martinez. Maruyania, Massengue, McAliser, McCarthy, McKoane, McCrown. Ninth row: Middle- brook, Milne, Mizusawa, Mizutani, Mojinia, Moore, Mullikin. Tenth row: Mahoney, Nakayu, Neal, Nicalal, Noble, Oyler. FORTY-NINE l , kai X K X wx S , lliiiiih gin i 1 M y Q t .. x X x s va 3 3 X 9 Ni' S N N .... xx ,ww . . l i A if SQ NNX ' 1 'W' X A ,I fd? ,G ,. W M Q 0 "1 .M M - zz iw i 4 wwf, 'aww -vA' ffxe, ,,,,,, fa, f '- fri ,wfffr 5741 ,, Q ,W, , ,,,, , .V 791' QQ? Q35 i P if iiii . ' .n ff 7. X ,,., l'l i .- i ,, ' 1 ,' 3 ,,,. i 5 141 Qi w,w. iff . , i X. L-if X X X X .- fiirfv Q':,,,e: wig 2 N on K sis: xi , ' X .4 .... K N X X, X S -s ' ' x I I, 4, x 5 Nm Q Q9 2 legen V 'X Sfmf 1 Al' lligullgl '-: .7 ' iw' Q15 iwvw QHZ, W 'Ai 0 K ,,. K 5? if Ls f X 5' M X is E4 ., . lvv , v Q A W' , 1 , 4 X N A401 ggi z Q'i" f - ,fi .,.. k as twwmm L :QI wx - .S ,. ,N xx , 'S XA S X X Q N MEMBERS OF A9 SUMMER 701 row: O1'f,iS5T1GS, Page, Parker, Patlen, Patterson. Pencra, Prichard, Raber, Radden, Reegan, Rees. Third rofzu: Rhodes. dens. Scholar. Fourth. wmv: Seems, Severin, Sinclair, Senett, Shelton, Smith, Stevenson, Stoughtin, Straight, Straws, Strausberg, Strickland Talamentes, Tani, Tann , T tt V l 4 I Y ' - - ' er o on. ae. Swmith, now Van Overton Bls OCC8.l'0 JZQW 4, X X Q., , Swv 3 , 3 , f ff l ww ,. -9 if A I AK 5 1 if-1 Q XL I-11 1, ' 35 Q fa ' E. W V .:.: L . N, 1 - - v 913 f Walker, Wa1'ncr. Eighth row: Watson. Weiss. Wheeler, Wlxitecomb, Williams Nmth row: Willingham, Wilson, VVilson, Wink, W f - - ' FIFTY oo e. Truth aofzv. Woods. VV1'1SIht: Zilz, Kovinick, Wood. row ' P01 te uhm, Pouch row Sutte 'X 45 A-. .... l . ,,, X ,. Ama IFE Agwfj ,. ff-,Z f x V HOMEROOMS B12 B12 B12 B12 FIFTY-ONE ' .. dmv A A -... - - Q .,. , - A A HOMEROOMS A11 A11 A11 A11 FIFFY-TWO X ,f , J 1 "' Ur - A AA .M .I ,mn 1 . , ,Q gg, M ,, .,,, ,,,, ,,.. A ,,,,,M , , ,M,,,,, ' ,,,,.,., 4 1.14-:mix .M HOMEROOMS A1 1 A1 1 A1 1 FIFTY-THREE 4 I , 1 r - 1 J xx..-fr, A. .4 l 1 !!r,,1y,,,,F,,- 1 .... ,gg 1 ..1L...i HOMEROOMS KE 11 B11 - B11 B B XJKY FIFTY FOUR ,D L KZ vs N L. 195- 1 '1 mf . -s IL 261 an A S 1 I-IOMEROOMS A10 A10 A10 A10 1 IFTY-FIVE gigs: ul .aa , .M , B9 FIFTY-SIX HOMEROOMS A10 A10 A10 ,, 4 .. A Q A l A-W - W A I-IOMEROOMS B9 B9 B9 B9 FIFTY-SEX' EN I MF 1 1 Q-buf :Q W, , 4 I-IOMEROOMS B9 A8 A8 A8 FIFTY-EIGHT .,.,. fi -nxurfulh , . s W 1 , vyfvw-79 4 n,..T- 4 C , .- , LA...- I-IOMEROOMS B3 A8 A8 A8 FIFTY-NINE HOMEROOMS B8 B8 B8 B8 SIXTY 4 ,- 11 ,A V4 , ....N... hmmm... I-IOMERGOMS A7 A7 A7 A7 SIXTY-ONE 2,355 HOMEROOMS B7 A7 A7 A7 SIXTY-TWO ,ZW I-IOMEROOMS B7 B7 B7 SIXTY-THREE 1 , MQ il D ,Wi M we iff if DONALD DUCK Last night I went to the Movies To see my favorite star. He isn't I1 Robert Taylor, And he Lloesn't drive a big car. He is often seen in the funnies, I read him every day. He makes the little folks giggle To pass the time away. He isnit portrayed as the hero Who nets the lady fair. When ever anything: happens, He flies up in the air. Now can you guess of whom I speak 'I If you can, it's not pure luckg It's 'cause we're all just crazy About little Donald Duck. IVA SHAVER AND IRENE MEHNER IME HIDIIIMM Ill! ll! Illlilllllxlt A 4 1 4 ? Q ? Z Yi K, W 43 Z 2 w , K M. v ,f 5 W f J X, . 5 4 4' W 'aw ff f Q94 . , wgg ., X .v3zg:a::- . SN , Z .4 . I I x , 4 lx y ,N -.15-: xm vi A :gig sa j f Rx f . C Q' ..::. 4 , 5 S i Courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer gl , MWSMW J T' yz, A 'fiff gf 1 544 f 41 f V, z Wx W f X V 1.55 f' , " M X. f 5 ff f Gs fl ' 3 ff nf H , f Mya? 1 S ,A A q 5 sk AY Kjyfyfpfmyf . yu ZW! mx uf x6M70M,:, Q Jfff' fWjZ'9Mg M . QQ WQYQMA if bmw x l WM 2 Xvwffglvmyw DSM my ig M! Mmygfw' MQNQW r V x ,,4 .. I . 5 4 w i W f' ,. f H fff' 1 . T V V ,V 'V ' ' . an .Er 'W , V5 VV Qin, V: ,jf . ,VV " , 1 9? 53-5? f lx ,f f W . V J ' . W1 . 'IKXVEVV . d.Z'. V an V 1 5' my , 5 JK ff . 1 , .., J' . . rfkl, L ,- R1 . , ,, , 5: - , , ' A A ,,,,, N uf Q F, 1-1 6 M 1 A' Y- m '-1 , V V A -1 . X " --.-. ""' , , 4 .' K , ffj A QA'-' P . - "' ...K ',, if., v 'f 5 l ' 5 4- ' f A . 4 A VV-,,.. ri V ., hmm V , V. j 3 Q VV 3,41 V N Q ' ' " ,Ji 2' ' ff 1 ' 2 G LK.. -1155 3, if-f 92 ' SM-'45 'Q' S, ff , 'Q- 4f'a.,.,e MV V, , " .. f , 'M Q xg. M V V, 'QVVVVVVVV Q 1 ,V , A L ,g , x lf , ,, -' y A'-fair. .. V4---:"l I ' . 3' .H fi -- . .9 I 7' , 772 U: Q ,, R fr, ' 1 1 . ',g , W A, , ,- A Z 4? 53 SS 1 f V W , ,W V 7 in , , V, 1,115 V' M ,V .s Q... Zz f N 1 X 'I SENIOR DELPHIANS f 7 EN 1 4 if '7..X, 5 ' bf , lm, ,f 9. W .4 I ,,f 4 f N mfQ x '4 ,,.,. ..,... ,A n.,,,,. W ,X , W f 9 , Z Q.,-11-4 ' .- ,. . ' 7 , f I Top row: Mrs. Randall, Adviser, Keith, president iirst semester, Maguire, president second semester Blanford, Bluhm, Brown, Burluw. Second rofw: Canning, Christie, Cohen, Conrad, Corrisran, Demeester, Dil-mont' Thi,-d ,-0,95 Drake, Edo. Everitts, Firkins, Fix, Golden, Gray. Fourth -rofur: Higham, Hoeck. Huntington. Ichien, Irvine, Jamison, Krieger. Fifth. rofzv: Leaf, Lewis, Lloyd, Maguire, McClellan, Med- ford, Messenger. Sixth row: Miller, Miller, Miyake, Overton, Richardson, Richardson, Riggs. Smvontl row: Sapiro, Schollenberger, Shaw. Simpson, Smith, Storm, Takahashi. Eighth row: Takahashi, Talley, Tanner, Teraoka, Thomas, Tuck, Valdez. Ninth row: Watson, Wentz, Wentz, Wike, NVilliams, Williams, Yumori. 'L SIXTY-NINE 1 1 l . ' ' D! .. ' A , . , its ' ss I . N-r is i A' . is C -X K , U N 'Q-was :J :mg , 4 ., - ' ' 2 Ns I I 4 . 7 , L , .. . .... ,, . i . ,,,, ,. .. in v. 1 , I A A X ,Q Xi 1' 1 3, . ., ' ' 2, X g A 'K a 'i-"4-Nh-f . be -i - ""' " J md V s wmiff' 1 ' . '-NYG : Q- f . Q V QQ 1-:-f:-,-.-E V ,,,- 'W 2 .2 1 I N ' 0 ' -, ' ' W! W ,ff X, , Q ,ff ' - , - . f N ll I V-ff, , 1 , 1 Q if , -. gy. , I I , l : f 2, 1 ' . Q 4 1 Ri, X 'f 5, f , , , H ., . W E , .J . ,L 1 A V YV t I Q I.. " h e . ,,,- , ' 1 ' .-1 Qs.. , ' -' ' 2 -. I ..., ,.,. , . .2 , ' . K X .,., i N. 1 .-' l MU" A i 6 --- h A K ' ...Z ,, sf- I ,N x - N Q- i , W " if 'c 1 1 is -ff -H f w ,,. 1- , mf .:, ' ' i ,M Q - . f S , X -i K W -f fa 'A f i ' , Q . ' 1 ,Q ' ' I b is . ,f'i,,,:,':f 25- , ' -J , K - , . M , . . ,W ,,,,,, A l F , y 5 Q i , N f V ,fN"" 'ef l , -v" f .l i Q K ci We we ,G Q , f ..,, , f is R. E - ' 3, - t . fr' 4 "" ' y IN, 1. W ,y .Q - fi .. :':' Z' :. ,- ' ' ' ' ' 'EZ' i 4 r. 19, ,, 4-I' ' , 9' . ' ' ' 2 '--- , , , ,r ff, . . JUNIOR DELPHIANS TDI, ,-ow: Miss Burns, Adviser: lVIa1.tuire, president first semester: Johnson, president second semester, Abrahamson, Allen, Asher. Second row: Barlow, Bassin, Bueler, Beers, Bird, Blum, Bott. Third row: Brady, Brodsky, Brown, Brown. Brown, Buck, Canning. Fourth row: Carlson, Corey. Clark, Conklin, CODeIanrl. Corrigan. Cotcher. Fifth rom: Cox, Cox, Davis. Day, Demeestcr, Dimont. Drake. Sixth row Dunham, Adminson. Ellenstein, Estes. Fienstein. Feruerson, Forbes. Seiwvltli. row: Freedman. Freedman Furgeson, George, Gilmore, Glad, Colson. Eighth ro'r1': Gotlieb, Gray. Gregory. Gunderson, Hanson. Heacox, Helms, Ninth row: High, Higham. Hook, Homrood, Huntington, Jamison, Kaufman. Tenth rnfw: Kovinick, Kovinick, Larson, Larson, Lindberg, Liotta. Lowe. SEVENTY av' A 'V X f Q 4' 1 , A f, I 2412 1-4? +A, J ' in IM: . NY? QM! V M' V . f- V V I ' ' J, .1 , X.. I 1" , ,- H .--.- A 'Al 4 Af A 'V' ' ' 47 -- , Z " ' W l Q55 ' 5 N V X V ,A VV. s , V '-,' A , l ,, s Q ' . At, ' ' V Am: , " i V Tv 5' I' ' V V 1 l V V V , V 1 yi, , A ,,, , V , MAA V V A f, V AA V ,V A Q A ,A A if A Q WA "" iq 1 A, it 5 A A A V . . , ,- - V aw, dra w ,, . 5 I, ,V T A A Q. V .... Vf,V, 2 V 5 xg V Vf 14 A, K' , W 4 A ,,,, " , ' ' A V K 57. f 15453 . ' ' V An A X V, V f VV - tr ' f V -'-- Zi! " ' f M - hfl l',g15!: 9 4 -"N 1 ,V -. --" A 'QL Aim 4 A , A , I JUNIOR DELPHIANS X Top row: Moore, Mussengfer, Martin, Marine-lli, Myer. Second row: Mahan, Meleen, Noble, Nelson Nelson. Oden, Okumura. Third row: Pusman. Peter n. Pettit. Pross. Reiman, Reitman, Rhodes. Fourth VOIUJ Richardson. Ronan. Rubin, Speeds, Smith, Sithith, Smith. Fifth, row: Smith, Sinclair, Tanner Talbot, Takesake. Takahashi, Vale. Sirth row: Wnlxds. Williams, White, Whitaker, Watson, Ybarrando. 'lz It l N 'll' il! f 'ii N A ' ,V A5 J A V V, . f A , V , Q ,VV , 'lVVV,fi Vl' X i L f xx ix XEXWU ! ,1 , X V A . N - x X J A 4 , t rx K j ax 'X AV XV f QV... it K 3 X 1' lv. 1 V X " P l X xx V xg N V l, FX , ' l ,V , A-I , Al , V X 9 u ' Tum! f . J ', xl 'x 41, SEVENTY-ONE 0 Q, is v x l A , ,Q Q Q- -' Q f AQ M-,QQ ,,,5,,,,, Q. , Q zb, .. ., Q Q . 3: Q gs QQQ x :fi Q Q Q 4 Nia Q Q Q . , Q Qt Q 4 ,.., QQ QQ QQQQ QQQQ ,. QQHQQ 'K 1.7. . X, 'ii' ff 'K f i 5 4 fi , .5 ' ' f xi W Q , . ,,,. . I .Sie - A , , A ' K , " X av f 1 7 ' A 4 illA...f3' i eg- . f A ,, A A--' , Q Q Q Q . . QQ., V ,, i , v .A Q V 1 's:':1:-t QQ QQ .. . V QQQ Q , .Q QQ QQ , Q ., 4 4 . x 4 - . , X A yi ' , ', A ,gf .., ,, 7 ' f X if-Af - iff? A Asa 'ff ii ' 'l 1 1 .4 . A l - ' . . . ---- + 4 , Q . QQ.. QQ ,,.. Q. IQ wiv f ! 'X - " . "" L: . I Q QQ A Q QQ QQ Q, , Q, ,,,,, W T, f ,l , "" ' -, -Z '. K . 1 2 fi! ' - " lx ,f ..... . -QQ Q ,I Ii' .,,, H Q55 7'IQ!..',, , A J., Q Q , Q .ff,.,,, QQ , .,,, QQ W ' Q " ' ' ' "A -- . ' 1 Q ' ' if Q .... , . W' 3 , N . , ,,,, , Q "Ei , ' '12 A Z' J A COSMOPOLITAN Top rozv: Miss Danielson, Adviser: Barbour. president two semesters. Secofnd row: Adams, Althouse Alworth, Bechtel, Carlsted, Crutcher, DeMoville. Third row: Dimont, Donald, Drake, Dwight, Ede, Ed- wards, Frazier. Fourth, 'l'0'Il'.' Fredurickson, Gallo, Hallberg, Haneman, Harris, Hart, Klein. Fifth row: Lewis, Krieger, Liotta. MacNeilagc. Madden, McClellan, Messenger. Sixth, row: Miller, Peterson, Riggs, Rockhold, Rockhold, Schollenberger, Tabor. Scventli row: Tigerman, Toyoshima, Watson, Weinberg. Wentz, Wentz. VVilliams. 57- .. fwlwf lW ,q yy ,. , . ' f 7 . . . ,g , ' 23 - if V 'if . I 'iw' ,, D w .sim 6 K. 'Q' ' N ii X ' :VQ ,, QQ.. , , W 1 X Q . Q Q Q , , A Q f , A i . ' ., 7' Q. fl' ' f Q Q Q , yi, Q , ,QQQ A: Q 2, ' A . .A , - W V CHESS Top 1'ozl': Wheeler. Pl'L'5llll'Uti H, Qonradi Damian. Frzulkin, Friedman, Helms. Second row: Hoeck Hunn ' xobb, Larson, Parker, Smith, Sutter. SEVENTY-TWO Q 9 ' 'ff T. s ,, , 3 H N In er ', ' , N' A' 4 ,g an 52. Q, b , ,. i n ll , fl , 0 f R9 A' .l 1 - ..,-las A .. ' 1 A.--- ., We ' A .7 " 5' , ' ,rf A . x ' . 4 .A Ji.i, f ' Hz. 'X . to , ,1 V ' - if uf K ,. .,, , 1 x N .4 .M A I 9 V QM, 5 uf r 'N Q , , f . f , 1 X5 ' . A fn 1 nf ' " 2, . ,A f .5 K 'qi 'S , V , .,,. V -,W .,,,,. m i . I 5 Q J 'ip . , AVV . 5 Z K -' ,,,, .. 1 K .1 ,tk :xv ,, If "T N' A, . I . Wie, ' A J ,L J ., xmmg K ' 5. I f V1 g r, ' I H fy. . Q fl ' 4 ' 'Q' .,,, f ,I f. V, Q51 if, I L' V rf. W f v l an e r , l 1' , Z ,Pg ,Q ,J , f . 1 I I , N f V, ,,V4 A ,. , , , Q ' , s f ' 'K 4 1 1 KI M., I ' V 523 ,. S .4 x..., - . 'J 1 , ' - I L 4' , fl A ft' 'l ' 'L f. . VSV " i " 'I A I ' 4 W, ,My . f, , rl W i 'el 'R 'I . J X I . V , -A - 3 Vxxijl, LATIN Top row: Miss Ward, Miss Edwards, Miss Hutchison, Advisers: Shaw. president two semesters, Abra- harnson, Althouse, Anderson. Second row: Arnold, Babajian, Barlow, Barnett, Bauer, Berg-mon, Biner. ' ' ' ' ' , ' r, C bl ', Clark, Clark. Fmerth row: Collings, Conrad, Thzrd row. Bettenger, Brady, Brown Canning. au L C wford Clutcher Davidson Fifth row: Demeester, Drake, Emmer, Everitts, Fen Copeland, Corrigan, ra , " ' . . . ster, Firenza, Fontaine. Sixth row: Fradkin. George, Goodson, Green, Haneman, Hepler, Hime. Seventh row: Jamison, Jepson, Jones, Kauffman, Kirkman, Kroll, Landis. Eighth row: Laudermilk, Madden, MacArthur, Maguire, Marinelli. Marquez, Williams. Ninth row: McComb, McDurmot, Messenger, Mahoney. Montoya, Moore, Moran. Tenth row: Mullikin, Mustol, Nelson, Newton, Overton, Parker, Pearson. SEVENTY-THREE il I- fv, fi . , 'qv S gk A, ll -- . x ..,. lv l NM M , - W I ss Q , uf X J ff X .,.: M , ' V:,, V", V ,f fr, , 1, A Q ml X' ,,, 5, 'gif ' I , . E Q ff LATI ps , . -.ff Top row Pettit, Pichens, Porter. Second row: Reimann, Ronin, Royse, ' . . . Third aow Slinkard, Smith. Smith. Stevenson, Sylvestir, Tabor, Tanner. Hmm-th row: Voorhees, Warner. Wentz, Wentz, Williams, Whitaker, White. A 5:3 ,y ui 'K f., 2 V mf, ,Q ..,. WN, , 4 Sw X , M ,,., W' ""i S 'L .7 Q M W , PV , , " 1. Q.: , f f :Sp-S ti, W ,,,,, , 'J lm v 'K ' ,,,, ui f 1. f I "" wg, ' " " 1' XX-sf lx , Q 6' I vi it " ss , .l - I I -E ,v-.M Q PHOTOGIJAPHY ff, .' ' . U, ,,, L ,W Sandals Sapiro Savoie Simon. gf'-5' 'Rod 1, If will sg? he , wax f N ..- T, N .X , .Ak , is Top aofw Mr. Norton, Mr. Rogers, Advisers: PL-ttit, president: Bai-nos, Coleman, D'Arcy. Second 'row Tau' Fanslow, Fold, Foyxarty, France, Grcune, HL-lms. Third row: Holobaugzh, James, Kies, Miller. Nelson Pope Robinson. Fourth, rmv: Rohlin, Shinn, Thomas, Vasquez. Wales, Whitaker. Wilbeclc. SEVENTY FOUR F-, ' -,Al Z'f'ij , I i I - -Q , A -- fl'1f' V - -. ' 1, ,A 1 ' ',' 'ffiff' ' , 1 "" ,' ' ,, IPAA , , I, Q V A Q 'ea .A , 1 .. l, r l - .f 'Q ,,.. , ' ,V V , . , , 4 W! ..v. Nw -- K . . - , -... .ASR-20 ...,.. N A - ,. .m...,.: I nv- ' f 1, .Z asf.. .., 'I .P ' 4' K. V - ,,,,f,."' ,-P-., 1 X . "ik" 4' ', .- . 'V :rg rw-X - rs , . A Q N Y , 1 W Z.: A M- . ff ,- Q 5- -5-W' v ln I in. - ,Q 4. ,AA .X...., I avg' , li . .-J ' f 'ii .Q 2 W' ' ff ,.3:"1,, Q, ,W ifl. ' .M X Q.. ,f I Q 1 J, 2 X m I 5 , 'J ' 'Fr , Qu f A ' - . ., .. fl ia L L , L 1 ap , 'F ' ' ' ' " ' W, ' ' pl' f qv" gr A MBE f ,Q L V A ' ,,,,, f ' ., wg,-xj J ,Q , P l , 1 ,l 3? , ,1, I m v, A ..,, 'M , ' '- 1- ' 4 .,f , N... , X J fu M I X , b i , . E I V, .- 1 ' , f' of ' gn h ff V ,, lll- X l ,qi " I: " i, 4 . ' 1 - W N . , . 'M - f ' jg' Za I , . ,f- N ,-,,, ' f, ' ,W , , f, H . , , ,, ' ,f, " " ' ' ' f -- - A Z, .. V W f f ' f' , .,., Vi 1' , 1 t ' ' I ' LJ Q! A ' 'A ' ,' ,, 1. . ' V ?p',W hw I Q I ,, , , f , - , 4 f X I, I -V +: M R K , , if fir , .-.. 2- A 'ffT N ' f , . , 2 Y " ' ,, if , ,W 5' V MS W , ff, ,. . M 4 4 ',f V , ' L if l vw Q2 '- .123 Q VAAA 1 h ,f , I. kk ,Lyn I 4 " ' fbi Gmane ARTISTS Top 7'0'lf'.' Storm, mrcsidl t' Al I CH . cams. Aflams. Andlrson, Bartlow, Berman, Bickforrl. Swfond rozug , , Boulware, Brockort, Brooks, Bushing, Button, Chamberlain. Third row: Clough, Colman. Coulter, Crow- der. Cummings, Donald. Finn. Fourth row: Firkins, Fox, Frawley, Gates. Goodman, Grant, Greenstein. Fifth ron-5 Gundcrman, Hanlin, Harris, Hazelwcrdt, Hendrix, Hoberg, Holzworth. Sil-th 1-mpg Jagobsv Jenisen, Karlin, Keys, Lang, Leaf, Lewis. Seventh row: Lloyd, Machado, Machado. Machado, Manion. Manos, Marshall. Eiyhfh row: Martin, McDonald, McLui'c-, McNulty, Mcflforfl, Mehner. Mliller. Ninth. row: Mirich, Moulten, Nagai, Ncal, Nm-wman, Noble, Nordquist. Tenth l'0'll'I Pollock. Robb, Rofey, Rosen, Pr 'gt W wsenquie, ban Juan, Saslow. Booton SEVENTY-FIVE ll' N ' X 1 f ' X X ' as ' X X 1 ,X Q . i ,sim K H Aikyg ' Affii-A-hiv' f 3 A - - 14. A ,V 1 - - f ' ,x , h GREGG ARTISTS Top raw: Savant. Shaffw. S L1 Danger, Stebbins, South, Temple, Thomas. Svcofnd , , e r- fritz, Winger, Wild, Hughes, Marinelli, Montgomery. row' Wasserman W h I . , W 4 5 Q Q" J I 'lik l a il Il A 1 . 'Ar I 1 .gf elf H". f is 'Q NJ 5 2 tv' I V v p 'N X, ,j M 1 2 rl , vi- - ' . 3 ' x -Ll A- -,lv H, I ,ff l ,V 4 -, 1. J. S , - s ,ge 2-4 sf, V . 1 ,, b , , I, ' I A , f iff' A t ..,' ,Xa X h 1 1 h V - - - , ' A -- ' , ,N ff V. '11 Q 4, ,..1:g H 67" V - ' wa- "4 -- A W - ,ls ' rv .ms . INKLINGS CLUB Top rom: Miss Biuys, sponsoiqh Alma Qartgr, ITllL'SidL'Ylt iirst sn-mcstcrg Niva Allington, president secgnd semester 1 May Barcnburg, Miriam Femstum. brrmui row: Virpfini F1 ' ' M. A I I .. , . . SEVENTY-SIX .- ,L ll Gld,B- lllLl. Marian Noble, bhxrluy Riggs, Lucille Ronari Rniliugcnilith. um Q 0 en etty 2 . we A , i 'fy , fx- .. ' ii, . 4 S f ,,,, X: ' ' ff. Mai Q x.' - E f fs ,-.1 ,. S 5 , ,f ,. W , V. S 1 I ,i H ,I , Q, I a . A - , ' I fffzvv, H f Q' - , 2" ,,,, - ' ' XM x t , : 6, X I , . , , f gy , I ' ' ' 'Tf X ""' ff 3 , ' In ,A Q 1,5 , Q ,4 , ...' , ,,.. l X Ax ' A' .... QM 1 rx 1 .fr . fr I7 ' ll7'Q"'. A ff . l' .- " J'1w"' ms, lx WJ , ' -1 4 V ' , ' ---Nm - H I -Marla. lu- iw 1 6 l 2 1. , . Q. 1' ' 3 ist ,gnc I A 9 ., 4 2 ,V Q-0 . X n as 1 Q. ,l I Qifilll N 1 la. 'ik . as ll I fa f 'W ,re 4. W. .,-.., , .H , l 1 l fr .mr . Mlm , f lf' , ,, I E if :l , 5, Q 45- y P515 g if 5,4113 .".. , is A . ff... M ef W. Q A 1, 1 A 4,1 W 2, iff.. , 23 I ,,,, Q gef . A H ff x .e A L v ' ll' ,4 - Wiy UV' W . - ' . l 'f ,Z , ,f X ' ,L A , "" '1 0, J Q., 1 V H M 'iii f ,, if ", I, .f- 'v -. ,, , V 1? x ' f is , f' , ,,,,,, . M -f' ' ai 'Q . .W ,' . f - i fy :.f ..,. 'V ww: ' . " ' 7 -f' 22 9, 5' ff' ' f . V ,ik ,V ' P 5, , 1 in A .3 X Mk 2 A V ,E X , G 1 Qs 1:1 M ,V V ,FW , I We i ' f . L , , "-' 3 , , if ' . Q 71- .1 , -1 5 1 1.4 1, ,,.,, ' . 'N x SM , ' 3935 Q VENETIAN TALENT Top rowf: Miss McCluggay1e, adviser: Knvinick, president second semester: Anderson, Andrews, Armor, Banta, Barry. Svfzmd row: Bergman, Berris, Boone, Booth, Borack, Bross, Burns. Third row: Davis, DeSoto, Duchow, Dunn, Ercholz, Flaxman, Griffin. Fourth row: Hart, Hensley, Kinsey, Kroll. Lewis, Lowe, Lynch. Fifth row: Mahan. Marsden, Martin, Miller. Nay. Norclyke, Novotny. Sixth row: Par- sonage, Peterson, Poole, Pratt. Probst. Pruett. Reitman. Serwzflv role: Robertson. Schimer, Scott, Serota, Skolnik, Spellman. Steinman. Eighih row: Taylor, Teubner. Teubner, Timmerman, Trenouth, Vander- host, Vanderhost. Nifntlu row: Webe1', Wenzlaff, Woods, Woodward. VVoodwartl, Woodward, Zundell. SEVENTY-SEVEN X v E Q f . . ww .O .4 O - r 9. f, O i 5859-1 . .4?.iFQ'?l5 K W O5 Q I K , f b " ,Q , X x ., V we h if I I e V , xx w . - . -1 , 't ,f ' . 1 5, ' at ' f f Q , 2 . I ' 'Q U X .-' - , 1 ' 4 l' 3 gif ., X l Q. L 2 M 5 E l li ii 'J lk 1. ., AA 1 - O. SENIOR HOME ECONOMICS T013 rqw: Mrs. Crandall. Adviser: Bouchard, president second semesterg Addington, Boehme. Second row Browning, Glasgow, Goldberg, Golden, Head, Kearney, Kirby. Third 'rozv: Overton. Pettit, Pettit Robearge, Scharf, Spencer, Winger. 1 :af P '--' f 2 S ' ,. ' . ' ' , 5,2333 '- , N X N J ., if :-v ' .. gf . , Q- ' I ,1. X 'V 1-, A A' X 'Q 1, A : 'X' - ,, A 1-1 ., : N O , ' , V' - ' . - ,,., ff p ,Q ,Q X LY f, f 'vx X ..,. ., 57' ' . Q . s ' 'N SEVENTY-EIGHT IUNIOR HOM E E CONOMICS Top I'07I,'I Mrs. Rockoff, Adviser: Thomas, president. Ada , A1 , I C , 1 1 Field, Fink, Furuuson, Gcrraty, Glad. Third row: King. lguaggsxlgiOMc?I?tl2f1,eSe1g:11gN'ow' Davls' Dugan' Roberts. , ison, Pross, Reynolds, 'fx - 'WF' Xt' vm if iw an if ,fm "Y: "QW 'Y A 2 ws' 12' wifwzgajn . L4 .. 'L - i ' lr. ii? 3 ' fs gp in A X K K .-.- , 52 I if b- ' 1 ,V,.A,. A H I I i:gX,h vvN:. ,, K X , ' A A 1' I Li 40 'xx . A' . .' . 2:a2E.a2s2.v ,' f . 2 - " X ' 'A ' . x' Q w., , Q .R , V nr' 1 . .X lx Q P at I gy 1 , Q X, 1 1 ' R ' ff V ,, ' ' 4 , S f' x A. .a : 'I I V 'i' i .,... V if ,Q ' :V 1 M, i I . Q , . ,,.l ,I , V. W. I , .J W4-'V L - ff ip WH ,Q f Q 5 7 . iz. V '..- 2 , ff f 1 ., f , . NV . . I . w QW 'K ' A - fvvvi: f i L . f , A .I if Q, . 2. I U ,, , W, N JAM A M, 3 ,., by H I Q 4, , 63 hyd ff' ..., A i I . y 2, .Ai V Z. , A, 1 ...Y H 41, . ' f ' 'K i , ' " 1 I X , I MIX: J, 1 , -, . , ,,,,, I 5,1 1 I , an A .. ,f 1. ' , 7 Vmf .. . V A ' ,Q . .1 , A N V I , x. V -.. f bf l' l'?f'i' ,V f 345 CQ r ' .Q, 5- f 4 .f5'Sf.L. AMERICAN-J.xI-,xNEsE CLUB Top row: Mr. VVinebr'unner, Adviser. Svvmzd Voir: Kazuo Ohi, Balkan Behrens Enomoto GabL H ff T4 . ., . n c uran. hrrd row: Hull. Juvinall. Kamibayashi, Kain tv K Kato. K v t. F A - -- " ' " ' ' ' " ' president second semester' Altpeter, 0 O. amoto, aia 0 ouzth :on . Iximuia, IXIIDUIZL, Kmushlta, Ixmoshita, Kohata, Manges, Mano. Fifth rofw: Manzer, Masurla. Miyaji, Miyake, Moriguchi. Nakagiri, Nakayiri. S1'1'i'h row: Nojima, Oba, Ohi, Okumura, Pettit, Renard, Sakai. Srzwnth row: Silman, Santohigashi, Susximoto, Suyitani, Suzuki, Tabor, Takahashi. Eighth row: Takahashi, Takemiya, Tami, Tani, Teraoka, Thais, Utsuki. Ninth row: Utsuki, Vasquez Vourh-ees, VV' k tn k' ' -"- ' ' ' " ' ' a a su 1, Wingbipnnei, Yamabakx, Xamasakl. Q SEVENTY-NINE , : Q V JL M...-v' ' ,Ns-xvv SEN10Iz DR.xMA'rics-First ron" Petty. Frawly, Petty. Mahoney. Saslow, Coulter, Yettra, Ferkins, Houck, Gottlieb, Sablick, Hendrix. Second row: Barnett., Harris, Bartlow, Mailiiire, Fagan, Durancean, Becker, Machado, Resnick, Rockhold, Halbere. Third row: Buschine, Owen, De Groot, Claybaugh, Knight, Mulak, Fowler, Thomas. Stern, Behrens. CAST OF "SEvEN'rEEN"-First row: Emmer, Kauffman. Saslow, Sablick, Mr. Head, Houck, Behrens. Hend- ricks, Wand. Second row: Knight., Bankston, DeGroot, Fowler, Schultz. McKnight, Frawley, Coleman, Claybaugh. Third row: Galloway, Sorensen, Mano, Peterson, Horner, Adams. Speed, Pool. SENIOR DRAMATICS The Senior Dramatics class, under the excellent direction of Mr. Head, has accom' plished much line work this year. For the first time since the earthquake, a Senior play, L'Seventeen", hy Booth Tarkf ington, was presented. Those taking part in it were: Elaine Saslow, ,lack Behrens, Ted Emmer, Sara Kauffman, Betty jo Hendricks, Doris Houck, Bill DcGroot, Betty Sahlick, Alfred Fowler, Jean Wand, jim Claybaugh, Alton Knight, Dudley Shultz, and Violet Erawley. "Seventeen" was presented twice and received much praise. In addition to the Senior Play, the class gave some short onefact plays. such as "A Pair of Lunatiesv, "ln the Wroiig House", and "Tides'l. During class time, "She Met Him in Hollywood" and "The Actress" were written and presented. The second semester, another Senior production, gi musical comedy entitled "ln Old Vienna", was given under the cofdirection of Mr, Cox and Mrs. Matt of the music department, and of Mr. Head of the dramatic department. Class officers for the two semesters were: Presidents, Bill Defffroot and jerry Yettra, Secretaries, Gloria Resnick and Maureen Mziguireg SergcantsfatfArms, Evelyn Gottf leih, jack Behrens, Elaine Saslow, and Alfred Fowler. EIGHTY qgytu f' X, , , r Q Q , - 3 I , me ,,,M""'MM 4 Jul 4? H H .,,.,.v-'ffm I i f ,,f"'d "NI if Z JUNIOR Dm-.MATICS-I"irst rum: Schafer, Rafter, Andrews, Hensley, Edmondson, Elofson, Miss McClug- gage, Borack, McMullen, WflfJflNV2ll'll, 'l'immerman. Serota, Pratt, Berris. Second 'I'O'lU.' Lee. Flaxman. Schiener, Pruett, Bourell, Banta, Homrixghausf,-n, Buhler, Blurn, Kinsey, Lynch, Miller. Third row: Tandy, Reynolds, Steinman, Bird, DCC1'liITlC'F, VV4.-ber, Dunn, Trenouth, Davis, Huntsman, Slaamad, Armor, Nay. JUNIOR, DRAMATICS-First row: Duchow, Kirby, Probst, Everitts, Petersen, Martino, Miss McClu5rgal1e, Neff, Hanson, Skolnik, Coppersmith, Nordyki, TL-ubner, Taylor. Second row: Lowe. Poole. Parker, Booth, Bunker, Novotny, Zunrlell, Fry, Kirby, DeSoto, Mahan, Marsden, Parsonage, Jordan. Third row: Ander- son, Bross, Doyle, Reitman, Pratt, Robertson, Kovinick, Lewis, Burns, Stoughton, Miller, Bernstein, Peacock, Spellman. FN'-rar CREW' First row: Frank Halbeck, Henry Vasquez, Robinette Smith, Duane Poole, Mr. Fordham, Noel Moore, Jack Schafer, Tsuyoshi Mano. Second row: James Speed, Vito Monteleone, John LaFire-nm. Neil Sor- enson, Wesley Adams, Arthur Horner. EIGHTY-ONE x A J I , .f W X X, ' fm S 5, ' 15,2 -, ,X w :sy Q b. 1,' X. Purim' Slflmlilwn ,mn IJm:A'rE--First rum: 'l'uhm-, Mm-imu-hi, VVK-inburg, Potty, H?1l'1'iS, Putty, Rockhold Wright, Robinsrm, Km-ps, Fowlur. Hallbvrg. Swrfuml row: Shook, Horn-xx', Grivur, Tichcnor, Duplicc Rutter, IJ1- flu-nut. Rruhlimx, LL'SSi!'lQk'l'. Am'ANc'ml Clml:I'S First ww: Allinmuu, Allinutun, 1'Izu'vn-y, Niolfm. Puttii, Trl-vitt. Harrington, Stn' nur, Huuck, Thwmzls, Ilrmsvncluist, Pm-tiit, NNz1tkins. Svmmrl rnw: Rrmthstn-in, XVand, Kimura, Ray Huntington, Iizlrr, INIM-rmv, XV1'iQhi, Fix, Higham, lVI:1ngvs. Inrwuyu, Nitta, Dixon, Sly-bbins. Third ron' Sty-yn, Jacnlusun, Yultra, Harry, Nussmr. Ijuurlzmsl, 1'Im'r'1mwhy. Mr. Cox, Huizhu-. 'l'z1bm'. LL-nnnn, Hughes Nlzllmmy. KI1-in. lbllll x'1'Ii TEAMfKi1'l1, f:l'1X'I'I', Mr. H4-Qui, NV1'iuht. NVQ,-inbcrfr, 1"iH1'l1l. EIGHTY-TWO D' I ,,, ..-,Mfr ,,,ffff""l V A ,,...A-f""' ' . .,-f"' " . , , L, ,, ' ., AA R5 , ji M, -,,. - A 1 6 in ,.,-..::.-- , .,:Q,,.,,., -Q, Q 5 5? P' if , , , , .au- .J .,-4 JUNIOR GIRLS' GLM: Fucsr Hifznrzsrrzia-fF'irxr row: Winger, Mac-row, Wilmot, Fix, Miss lglmmtth Florkcff. Neff, Machado, Scrmnnvur, Fursytliu. Srfofrlrl row: Gates, Smith, Rodin, Grace, Fisher, Cornwall, TL'IIIli3I', Linburu, BIL-wing. Third znw: Tandy, Harriman, Coufhenour, Moore, VVilQman, Bruwnu. Rabcr, T-eraoka. JUNIOR G1nLs' Guin Sncoxn Sl'1AlES'l'ICIt'- Ffrnf rmr: Matsuoka, Millard, Kennett, Kagcyama, Lyons, HN- nandez, Cook, Fin-lrlur, Guruty, McCoy, Ollen. Talbot, Smith, Bauer. Sfcofzcl rom: Poush, Lohman, Kamcr- ling, Johnson, Mitchell, Leslie, Miss Bllgwn-tt, Str.-wart, VVooclward, Johnson, Lloyd, Lewis. Third row: McClellan, Rcnaufl, Mirlfllcbrmilc, D4-Hmlv, Olson, Hcthcmt, Blaku, Alclrich. Stephens, King, Collwauxh. Gallup, Perry, Franklin. Fourth row: M:-notti, Fritz, Nakayu, Cashwell, Hoofnaglwf, Hart, Barncs, Bcckcr, XVallOU. NINTH GRADE Cll0lIl'LS-fFfl'Sf row: Garcia, Huntington, Gray. Xvilliams, King, lllrs, Malt, Rnlwl-twii, Mizusawa, Higham, Inouye, Mofwc-. Sf:-mfr! mfr: Gazin. Nitta, Barajas, Tumplu. Nllalkins, Alvxanflur, Gunderson, Ludlow, Macharlo, lvlanul-S, Blf.-ssing, Brown. Third ww: XVancl, Cha-hi, Aillun. Cox, Rrnlun, Ee-lihoun, Haus, Anrlurson, Sluplic-r, Russell. EIGHTY-THREE P? wg 4, , ,. -f. 5 l l SEN101c OlCCIlESTR.XfPlil'Sli row: Mr. Cox, DeMovillQ, Parks-r, Hummel. Mirkin, DeGene1'es. Second rofw: Simons, Dwight, Ronan, Kluin. Third row: Hughes, Zundvll, VVa1'cl. JUNIOR 0HCI,ESTRA-Ff,'Sf, mmf Moore, Suttun, Corcoran, Wlillianws, Van Nuss, Eelchous, Adams, Knock- enhaucn, Gazin, Carpu-nt:-r, Ray, Luwllnw. S1'!'Ul7!'I row.-l Mrs. Math, Almeicla, Enomoto, Jnsoph, Brown, Hiogh, Lewis. Taylow. Gillwri, Bruns, Sparti, HL-ally, Tlurd mm: Bl1'llJE1', Crlpe, Brown, Arslan. Kovinick. ' Brink, Van Houtcn, Cox. Fourth raw: Vllilliam, Zumlell. SENIQR BAXNIJJ-Plfr'9f row: Goodson, Morton, MacArthur, Hamilton. Ginsberg, Mr Schlower 'Schade ,xl Gerstel, BL-chtcl. Takahashi' Pena. Sw'mul row: Gallo, Gmlfrcy, Sillings, MacNeilaQ'Q, Piexfns, P01-ry McAnclrews, Smith, Ronan, Donald. Th-irrl row: Hughes, Ahern, Conley, Godfrey, Lucllowxi, Hawley G1-Ugg: Wildg, Land, Lumlluw. F'ourtIL row: Rockhold, Imboalen, Newberry, Munro, Gearing. Mclndoe Turku-lson, Clark. Glovurfk EI GHTY-FO UR ,- . ,. , J JUNXOR BANDlFil'Sf row: Hook, Evans, Nickell, Degeneres, Bovero. Second rofzv: MacArthur, Bauer. Taravella, Humphrey, Nordquist, Lutz, VVright, Stephenson, Hedberg, Ronan, Rau, Hannah, Kirk, Liotta, Gingerich, Bechtel. Third frozv: Caplan, Suddith, Hughes, Van Houten. Smith, Path, Sinclair, Mr. Schlosser, Wilde, Ferguson. Walsworth, Hubley, Manzer, James, Patten, James. F'0'lLTth row: Russ, Beaudreau. Johnson. Phillips, Middlebrook, Park, Mustol, Ernst, Cunditf, Spann, Decenco, Dittrnar. Shishim. Stone, McGough. Fifth row: Imboden, Burtis. Carlson, Dingler, Jones, Williams, Fowler. Milne, Mathis, Mustol, Ballenger. THE PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM The public address boys, under the supervision of Mr. Amo, are boys experienced in handling electrical equipment. Jack Schafer and Lester Galloway, licensed radio amateurs, call W6OAK, assisted by Henry Vasquez, call W6OPN, managed very efficiently the operation of the public address equipment for assemblies, dances, senior proms, etc. Other very industrious and cooperative boys who will pick up the burden of ref sponsibility upon the retirement of the present crew, are Robinette Smith and Byron Parker. PUBLIC ADDRESS BOYS-Vasquez, Schafer, Parker, Smith. Galloway. L .W in f - -- .1 EIGHTY-FIVE an , is ,iii + 5 ,W ,,,,,.Wqfygg 'wif 958 First mir: Mil'lill1, Millul' G11-cnstuin. liinrlschi, Olson. Muhm-1-, Mrs. Killmy, Bolton, Hart, NVa1'cl. Toyo- shima, Riggs, Kasclun. Svrmzfl roi: Jungg, Tigv1'n1an, Al'msti'0Ng. Third H2.lll1L'l'Ll'. Follrlli row: Firsf ron Alice Eilc, Harrowlvy First rnll' l'0ll'f , . ': May 'l'r1yushim:i. Daisy Lois Cummings. Shirluy ,El J Evvlyn fllO1'llPll'll, Efliili J Ulu EIGHTY-SIX ri Tami, Bill Sinclzln 'ilczi Wilrl, Wnynv Hu Thir ' ' Q.Rk.ixQm'..W' 1 OARSMAN Cr Ms Juflml. Shzwvr, Lluyrl, 1'lI'2lZlk'l', Elle, Millcr, Donalil, Ferguson, Bluhm. row: Dufllmut, Yuunpx, Rivnrml, Miricli, I-Ii-all. Miller, Tabor. Olingur, Hughes, Grivcr, Cziglu, Smith, Lemclw, Adams, Halbecli. GMNUQLII111 STAFF Stfwm, .loan Li,-wis, Ernest Bz1z'b0u1', Glfwrian liriupxeig Mrs. Kirby, Robb, Rhnrlu Nvzil. Swcmad ruff-: Gcorgv Janos, Hugh Riggs. Tom qhvs, Ignrmtu Milliir, EI'lll'SlQ Pvltit, Hunry Vasimuz, Jack Holobauuh. rl 1'ufI': Cliillulwl Brwi11'lz111Ll, Bill Smiih. G4QlNl5fJl,lliR ART STAFF Rvnsunhmisu, Mr. NVinclmi'L'nnu1'. LQ-uauai Canfielil, Mona Kino. Scvowd , David Zurimlull, Bill lVIui'1'ay, Lvwis FLll'lJ,'LlSOT'1, Milton Maguiru, X g U il? E252 L M' I: 'V ,1,1,.,. Z H V ,ig:.j-sf?3fQ3.i1 -r '-5: ?ff2:f'fi:. N X 152 F GLORIAN Kineclzn ERNEST BARROUI: Auciz Emi Gondolif r .--lss1'sta11t Editar Assistant Erlitar Editor-in-C'lzfz'f PUBLICATIONS With numerous modern improvements in script writing, casting, and directing, the weekly newsreel, The Oarsman, has wholeheartedly won the applause of its audience this year. Sports, both boys' and girls', have been filmed by groups of students espef cially selected for the task. Moreover, the 'kLew Lehr" section has been enlarged by the number of features and jokes, and the njimmy Eidler" touch has been added through the reporting of lad and lassie doings. Directing this film have been Ignota Miller, W'3S, and Alice Ede, S'38, assisted by energetic staffs. lvlrs. Kirby, as jourf nalism adviser, and lvlr. Riley, as printing instructor, have ably supervised the nlming of the entire production. The Gondolier Staff has keenly felt its responsibility to the Student Body in prof ducing the 1938 Annual. It has attempted to present an accurate picture of the past year at Venice High School. The staff was composed of: Glorian Krieger, editor, Alice Ede and Ernest Barbour, assistant editors, Don Adams, feature editor, Shirley Robb, business manager, Cliff Bourland and Tom Harrowby, publicity managers, George Jones, Wayne Hughes, Bill Smith, Henry Vasquez, boys' sports, Rhoda Neal, Daisy Storm, Erika Wild, girls' sports, Niva Allington, Hugh Riggs, clubs and organ' izations, Ignota Miller, Gary Eiield, W'38 editors, Joan Lewis and Lois Cummings, SFS editors, and May Toyoshima, ,lack Holabough and Ernest Pettit, photography. Under the capable direction of lvir. Winebreniier, head of the art department, such excellent artists as Leeana Canfield, Lewis Eurgeson, lwiona Kino, David Zundell, Bill Murray, Edith Rosenhouse, Evelyn Giordani, Bill Sinclair, John Tami, and Milton Maguire devoted their talents to making original drawings for the yearbook. The Gondolier Staff would like to express its appreciation to Mr. Wiiiebrenner, not only for his supervision of the art work, but also for his eiforts in obtaining the picture and personal message from his former student, Myrna Loy, and the motion picture scenes from MetrofGoldwynfMayer Studios. IGXOTA MILLEI: Editor-in-Clz1'zf of Oarsmuiz Fall Smrvestw' ALICE Enix Editor-in-Chief of Oarsnzan Spring Semester EIGHT Y-SEVEN A x x N Q LUf5l+,f,s XX lb f-1, N- jgji AY wx, 02 ll? ,. X x7 5 1 ll ' 'N lvl Q xii Xlfvzl, X QXTLNCN 0 1'-f FN oft e ylesmswuff 7 ' . K X N' X! lxjvv J M w 0 xx 2 KL, 9: ,Xxx Hfxvoc The sea reflected a leadcn sky, and not a cloud could be seen, in all the dreary picture. The water began to rise with angry little hisses, and white caps dashed themselves at the little ship that struggled, like a tired bird, over the water. Then the storm gods tore the thunder and lightning from the heavens, and mountains of water rose and fell over the vessel. Higher and higher they rose until it seemed the boat must surely give up its desperate fight for life against this 'mad havoc. No. it dipped and rose with the movement of the water and plowed rm. Suddenly, abcrve the eerie wail and the thundering roar of the storm, rose the shrill cry. Repeated over and over, it was carried on the wings of the fury that raged. "Man over- board! Man overboard!" "Cut!" The storm ceased. The waters stilled. The ship, a tiny carving of wood, was lifted. The doll-size figures of men were taken from their perilous poets of duty and placed upon the pier to dry in the 'warm sunshine. "Good scene!" re- marked the director, while the cameramen put the sound and scenery material away. ,J AV Y BE'r'rY MILLER JN l f nfl it - s ,J --4 ,ff A by J , Q- 'I l 'J J! ' 9 ' - ll fu! yi' l ., Q X 'Y x 'r i . tx A xy J JM lllf' QE e fr T frm If ul ffl! WN. ' " . 5 if Q N J' X Jl M X ' V' A Qs X11 X' : Tv K XS sf llllli Ulllgllllll lf E Wi' f W ff E Q A . , 'V V V V V , fit sf Qmgx I 5 RV i Q X A T- . A ' v E - ,xfx V g, -X-, . V' I -V ak ,QQ x V K ' w ' uv' , r P Vx t V I Y Lf' , ,Vg . 'fx' .X 5 5 x ' -3. , 4 A ' ' Y 1- . ' V - j r ! K H . 16 J? M- '- E 1-A 1 vw +,:,VV g V V ' . 5 uf -L K' 5- '. M. ' - ' ----4 Q S 5 f gi' ', Q Y .Q . . Y X x- k nr' " " V V V VV it VV .QF 4 sk rf.: . fit' - . , . '-5 -L .nil Q V Ei 1 ,-yx , X. Q' wb ,,'.f,,'giN ' M r, . . X . ,Tu x Six V, X . 5 , jf 1 'Z' '. -. ' V QQ- sh B K V ., 1 ui K. Vw S ' ii ' -AS- -. J. V. in ,T .VJ tw , -I . V, ,,x V LV,,5 ., X V. V, K W , V V V V. . , i. 9451 gs M ' QQ g r,.--W3 .Q V- ,E V ' A V- VX v Q - VV Vg - XKVXVX ,E 3 LV xg. V V 'V , .- f .Ax X 'Q S' iffy: . " , :ph 333' . fx, 1451, VV mi x", Q i? " X Q 5 , Y X' A f ,- , " JN" ' NF' 'V 9 V X -3. ,ny ,V-V ,K V X Y. - f ' ,:., 2, f ,V if M A 1 w --A... 'Hx . 1- ,- x " 'ii A ,fi ' 4 ,- .Q ' v 'f A ,f "Nm 2 4 ' ' -m . - " - I :JK vs,w: -- 1, , A 21 , , N, ,N - - -' , , . 3,33-z'gws wb sri f ,, -2 V' -- , . . ,V -. - , - - .wxmr ..w,fz1, ,, 1 ,. Y .ff - .15 ' Qi' ' 2 bm?"-f Y ' A -f - ', W yy ' 1 ,ff V VV gi, . J VV 4, , VV , V WL: ,.,k 5VVV,,,?,f,Vz V VV V ,VSV . - ' -. . w . -,,--f f 1 .9 r ,, .x -' -, '- . ' - X' 4' rf' L" "f ' . an ' f ' .,-.6 .3 523 .ry 1 f, a" ,Z :yew ,, , - ' - ' . -Q ,P -3, Q 'Q' f ' , - ' , 3. at ,431 fj ' 1 X Vx . Q A V- , . 5, , V- . , V A if y fs! X , ff mf Q 1 ' x, - ,,.,,j5,g ' fQ5'?,.. 11 ' , 114' 1 4 V ak V. ' -1 J " V Q Va Q Nga, In V1 . ,fy X gi f VV , . ' VVVVQV, ' VV ,VV 4 V .V .'.v ., .. -2 ' y o It Q.. f. 2 'fx ' V V ,Q 'K -5.53 4 V. I 'V '5' 24' ,-'- UQ: , ' 5' ' - , I ,, 'C , R O gafwf :VL V , I V 'w .' . . 5.6 VVV 1.1, gp wff "vi M .IH Qs- ,A , ..,,. 'V . : . , 5 V 2. Sys 4 . nr A aa' fi ' VV., J 1, ' . ,. , , J? ..,. , V , ,V., , '?,,.f.' ti- if ,ff fri -'f - Jig' " ,PV Vw Q , LK V, 1 I 4 A 1 M23 gi f Q, .. I l .'Jgs, iz 5, qfakivx JP, z - . , , V3 .wg . , 3 4 HV 'Z .1 xi, A 4 -1 f, i M 'Wi 5 fl ,, M ,ff ,f I Z y y X mg J ,ww ij'giMQ www? f M4M4f WW gn? JW 0 Q f MQW? VW! WF 5255152 Q Ei W? 31217 W f 'ff M ,,Wf4 f29 l . MR. GREEN Head of Physical Education. Dept. EDUCATIONAL AIMS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTORS FOR BOYS IN VENICE HIGH SCHOOL In the minds of us teachers in Physical Education, the main objective in education should be the development of moral, intellectual, and social qualities among our students. We realize you act largely for the pleasure as a means to the end in itself, though the desire to excel and the joy in being a part doubtless plays a part in all of your activities. The activities which give you joy, satisfaction and exhilaration are linked up with one of the laws of learning. Life, itself. is a succession of activities in meeting needs. From the earliest childhood to old age, there is an urge within us that expresses itself in the form of needs and attempts to satisfy these needs. These needs are of many kinds. Most necessary to life itself are those for food, cloth' ing, and shelter-the material needs. But there are also desires just as urgent for activity which gives its own satisfactionfplay, games, and sports. Through your urge for activity in play, games, and sports you increase the health of your bodies. Your bodies arc stimulated with a natural stimulus through big muscular activities. Exer' cise aids respiration, circulation, digestion, and elimination. It also acts as a tonic for the nervous system. From this you will see that physical exercise tends to stimulate both the physical and the mental sides of life. If you do not get the activity you want, you feel annoyed. Socially you are hard to get along withg morally your minds are not apt to dwell on things which are the most wholesome. We coaches urge as many of you as can to become active in the sport life of the school. We are willing to stay until late hours of the day to help further your interest, and we receive our part of the joy in your enthusiastic activities Our great nation is a sport loving nation. We are people who meet defeat only as a set back. We meet it with a smile. If we were inf volved in a great war, we would light just as we play our games. We might meet defeat one day, but the next day we would be ready for another big fight. It would be a big game with us as everything else we do. CHARLES N. GREEN MR. BELL ME.DE G1cooTE Miz. MCFARLAND MR.TU1:NEY T , .,,, ...WY ..,. . .A y E -,Z ,,,z , i ' - .I ,Z A V X G ur fy J. we fe .i .4 if gl 3 . -.1..l . NINETY-THREE UW' ll . ' il ' " -'ox . W, ,X W CAPTAINS First 'l'0'?U.' Tsuyoshi Mano, Henry Vasquez, Sam White, Vincent Kane, Eddie Castillo, David Dixon. Harold Schonborg, Eddie White. Secmid row: George Ichien, Garnick Babajian, Don Houck, Blll MQYGTS, Bud Clark, Bob Young, Bob Doyle, Stan Clark. CAPTAINS To hold the captaincy of a team means more than a HC" on the letter. It stands for playing ability, leadership, friendliness, and most of all, hard work. A good cap' tain must be able to help the coach, to teach the players, to assign players to the positions for which they are best fitted, and still practice enough to keep up his own playing standards. Cn the field or on the floor, the team looks to the captain for guidance. Since the coach cannot assist him during the game, he must think quickly enough to keep his team out in front. During a game or meet, it is the captain's duty to settle the inevitable arguments which arise. He must be diplomatic enough to settle them with good feeling on both sides, often the most difficult test of a good captain. The players of a Well' organized team must have cofordination, which is perfected by the captain. His personality must be able to extract the last drop of lighting spirit from his team. To drill his players, to direct them advantageously, and to keep up his tcam's X' wspirit are some of the important duties of the captain. . ' We . -XY k -N X' 'T ll X I x ,s i x as N 2 lx XJ N ' ggi- Q X x ' s . -sg p .Q if 9? . . 1, 9- """' ' x Y Q., l. Q NINETY-FO UR fl-fjllj ffffl, cf ,A-ff ff! 0 Vfxrasirv First rolr: Reynolds. Bushman, Meyers, Caylor, Hinds. Prexy Jones, Castillo, Schonboryr, Grier, Clark, Kane. Second row: Ichien. VVeiss, Gillette, Houck, Schooler, Coach Turney, Neece, Steiskal, Irvine, Slert, Miller. Tliird row: Liotta. Tolrnan, Adams. Gano. Shade, Utsuki, Young, Priclcett, Doyle. Mellgren, Marsh. Fourth. row: Vllatson, Halverson, Buck, Prewett. Clark, Doyle, Bushman, Bourland, Harrowby, White, Bliss, Dillion. VARSITY "V" The Venice Lettermen Society was reorganized in 1930 under the supervision of Coach Grayson Turney. Elmer Roberts was the first president. The club is excluf sively for those boys who have earned a Varsity letter in any sport. There have been, however, two exceptions, Mr. Schlosser, of the Music Dept. and Mr. Boatman of the lyfath. Dept., who, due to their interest in Sports, were voted into the society as honorary members. During the first years this organization had only a few members, but the membership has been continually increasing. Each of the four corners on the blocked "V" stands for a definite ideal: Clean Athletics, Comradeship, Co' operation, and Concentration. all of which are essential in athletics and good sports' manship. This year, the Society has entered into more of the social activities of the school that it has in the past. Cn several occasions, the club has cofoperated with the Girls' Athletic Association in various social affairs which were well supported by members of both organizations, Under the leadership of jack Clinger during the fall semester, and George Jones during the spring semester, the Varsity HV" Society has helped to maintain order during the games and meets by having members of the club act as guards and guides. The organization has been very successful in this endeavor. The society has tried to promote good sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play, and has done its utmost to cofoperate in all school activities and to uphold the name and honor of Venice High School. 3. .. ' J.xc'K V. Gizonos OLINGEI: ,IAA ' ' ' JONES Prr'siflr'nf 2 . , A if , Pllpsident Fall Sr'mr'sfr'r 4 blfrwg bFHlCSfPV , s w V ' " I W ' X' NINETY-FIVE cl' .v gi , , s .I ' K . Q I 'tg , 4V 1 L? r m y lm 5 ' I A 3 f ff., rf c 1, 5 1 .1 ,Q,,:,.:1, W yffwv .L , c. 11 t ":,ss. v- A. Rsrrv FOOTBALL First row: Silman Jacobson, Eugene Weiss, Bill Kelly, Jack Lescoulie, Sam White, Harold Schonborg. David Arnold, Garry Bushman, Cliff Cochran. Bill Smith, Leon Ginsberg, Jack Frybaum. Second Paul Miller. Eric Young, David Bliss, Ray Prickett, Bob Doyle, Mickey DOYIG, Jailk Bushman, Neece, Henry Schade, Don Schoolar, Bob Reynolds, Marion Hightower, Marvin Stopeck, Coach Turney. Third row: Carl Tinder, Art Fanslow, Bob Lazalier, Jack Jameson, Ted Hall, Bud Clark. GARRY BUSHMAN SAM WHITE BILL PREWETT NINETY-SIX O'B1'ian. Izumi Utsuki, Allan Bruce, Dan Murphy. VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach Grayson Turney, with Only iive returning lettermen, faced the diflicult problem of rounding out a team from inexf perienced material. The returning letter' men vverejack Olinger, Harold Schonborg, Izumi Utsuki, Dick Clsen, and Vern Neece. Coach Turney had a little difficulty lin- ing up his first string, but a practice scrimmage with Narbonne helped him to select the team that would start the Santa Monica game. At the end positions were jack Bushman and Harold Schonborgg tackles, Bud Clark and Vern Neeceg guards, Garry Bushman and Jack Lescoulieg and Jack Olinger held down the center spot. In the backfield were Gene Weiss and Izumi Utsuki at halfbackg Sam White, quarterbackg and Captain Dick Olsen at fullback. Cn the afternoon of October l, the Venice hopefuls trekkcd to U.C.L.A. to try to break the thirteen year old jinx, but came home with the short end of a offl score, The highly publicized Santa Monica team was very much surprised at the fighting spirit the Gondolicr team showed, and it vvasn't until the last quarter that they were able to push over a touchdown. In the iirst half Venice Outf played Santa lvionica in every department, BOB DOYLE EUGENE Weiss MICKEY row : Vern G. O. Wally K The Roman offensive tries the air in an effort to break the Venice defensive. Bud Clark, Jack Lescoulie, Venice linemen. and Sam White. backfield. are going down to stop the Romans. Kerr and Farris, Los Angeles gridmen are charging: downfield trying to grab the pigskin. The Romans. highly favored, de- feated the Gondoliers by an overwhelming score of 31-0. The services of Quarterback Sam White were lost for the rest of the season when he received an injury which caused him to leave the game. ERIC BILL YOUNG KELLY I fi Uigjgl VARSITY FOOTBALL WTSON HAROLD JACK SCHONBORG OLINGER but was unable to score. In the last quarter, McCarthy went Over for the winning touchdown. In their first league game, Venice was defeated by a heavier and more experienced L.A. High team. The Romans were held to one touchdown the first half. The score was made when they recovered a Venice fumble on the five yard line and passed Over for the touch' down on their last down. In the last half, LA. came to life and scored four touch' downs and converted Once to give them a 31fO victory. Captain Olsen, Lescoulie, Schonhorg, and Bushman were standouts egg for Venice. Cole, Farris, and Miles starred for the Romans. Venice also lost the ser' vices of Sam White for most of the sea- son, when a hip injury forced him to leave the game. Minus the services of most of the first and second team backheld, the Venice High Gondoliers were downed by a championshipfbound Fairfax eleven 330 in the second league game. After brilliant' ly holding the Colonials to one touchdown in the first half, the lack of replacements made itself evident as the Colonials chargf ed goalward on four other occasions in the last half. The Fairfax ballfcarriers scored three of their touchdowns on widefend runs. 4 NINETY-SEVEN Fun of iight gf 1 Venice played a defensive game throughout, as it could gain little through the Fair' fax line. Venice tried very few passes as their best passcrs were out. Again Capt. Olsen was the Venice standout along with David Bliss and Bill Kelly. U A Warrior team from University High School was the next to gain a victory over the luckless Gondoliers. Although they were expected to romp over the VGHICC eleven, they met a determined Venice team and barely eked out a meager 6f0 victory. touchdown came in the third quarter, when Hestor intercepted a Gondolier pass and raced fifty yards to score. The Venice forward wall played superb football, always- rushing in quickly to throw the Warriors back for losses. and determination, Venice gave overconfident Hamilton a scare, The University when they held the Yankees 7fO until the last quarter only to lose 12'7. VCIHCC made her touchdown early in the first half when Weiss threw a pass to Jack Bushf man. Bliss added the extra point with a drop kick. Hamilton gained one of her touchdowns on a freak punt that rolled across the Venice goal. Hamilton scored its second touchdown on a pass, from McQuarry to Garnter. Outstanding for Ven' ice were White, Weiss, and Garry Bushman. In their final league appearance of the season, the Gondoliers mixed with the Red' shirts of Hollywood losing 13-'O and won the "Cellar Crown" as a result of the defeat. Both of Hollywood's scores were passes early in the game. Venice was handicapped by injuries and lack of material. Outstanding for Venice were Utsuki, Olinger, Neece and Kelly. Playing without their Seniors, the Varsity lost to North Hollywood in a post sea' son game 13fO. Boys who deserve credit for their playing are Schonborg, White, Weiss, Olinger, Lescoulie, Olsen, Kelly, Clark, Bushman, G. Bushman, Neece, Utsuki, Reynolds, Doyle and Bliss, Harold Schonborg won a place on the AllfWestern League, and AllfCity teams. DAVID LEON JACK BUD JACK Briss GINSBURG Liasoouus CLARK USHMAN VERN CLIFF DICK NEECE COCHRAN OLsoN . it :V NINETY-EIGHT 'gg Xt eg '- 31, Y 5" bar? NX , 1 I Hman- f.. r.ffjf"7' ' ' l ss - H 3 -1 M - f , , . ,, , . . .. .. , ff ,, my ,W at , ., r , l ' LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL First row: FHTJOH Brumfield, Sammy Caylor, Andy Taravella, Bud Stennett, David Dixon, Murray Smith, Stanley Clark, XVayne Hughes, George Hale. Second row: George Avenia, Dick Robinson, Eddie Saenz, Jim Boskowick, John Murray, Jimmy Caylor, Henry Vasquez, Garnick Babajian, Chuck Olinger, Bill Stebbins, Dave Xvard. Third row: Hiroshi Masuda, Manager Bloyce Cummings, Harley Bradeson, Yasuo Tam. Haldyne Brumbelow. .Iason Ramberg, Jack Beers, George Mclndoe, Keith Regan. Warren McAn- drews. George Porter, Bob VVoods, Carlyle House, Assistant Manager George Garro, Mr. J. A. Bell. F'ou,rth row: Richard Cosenza, Marvin Walsxvorth, Bud McCormick, Harry Conger. Gordie Corson, Martin Phelps. Jack Gearing, Buddy Becker, Bob Tanner, Victor Wales, Don Kirkelie. LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL The 193768 lightweight football squad lacked both experience and weight. Coach Bell, however, rounded out a first string with only one returning letterman, Wayne Hughes. The team that seemed to click best was: Farron Brumfield, Henry Vasquez, ends: Dave Ward, Sam Caylor, tacklesg Andy Taravella, james Caylor, guardsg and Dave Dixon center. The backiield consisted of Jack Gearing and Wayne Hughes, halfbacksg George Hale, quarterbackg and Gus Olinger, fullback. However, injuries kept Wayne Hughes, Bud McCormac and Henry Vasquez out of the lineup for the early part of the season. Santa Monica trekked to Venice on Get. 1 to play the "underdogs" of Venice, but went home with a OfO score hounding them. Both teams fought hard, but neither was able to make a touchdown. Venice came very near to scoring when Jack Gearing threw a pass to Stan Clark on the three yard line, but the half ended before a score was made. The next game, with Los Angeles High, was the first league game for Venice, They were beaten by a far superior and heavier team. Los Angeles made most of their points on reverses and passes, In this game Vic Wales and jack Gearing looked good for the Gondoliers. NINETY-NINE xx ' s ma Nm, x ra cz ,,H M 1- 1 SELECT GROUP or LIGHTWEIG1-ir FOOTBALL First row: Victor Wales, George Hale, Andrew Taravella, Bud McCormac, David Dixon, George Mclndoe, Stanley Clark. Second row: Wayne Hughes, Henry Vasquez, Bill Stebbins, Jadk Glearmg. Displaying a strong passing attack, the Venetians ran over a weak Dorsey team by a 14'7 score. On the first play of the game, Dorsey made a 70 yard end run for a touchdown. Coach Bell then put in his first team, and the Gondoliers made a touchf down after a few minutes of play. At the end of the half, Venice had the ball on Dorsey's one yard line with three downs to push over a score. In the last quarter, a touchdown by Brumfield and a conversion by George Hale gave the Venetians a 7 point victory. The University High Warriors came down to Venice, and went home with the Gondolier scalp hanging from their belts, after taking them to the tune of l3f0. The Venice team was the superior ball club, but played poor football and didn't take ad' vantage of their breaks. University scored on two passes in the second and third quarters. Andy Taravella looked very good for Venice, as he kept the University backs busy all afternoon trying to avoid him. After a week's layoff, Venice traveled to Hollywood only to come home on the short end of a lZf6 score. Hollywood made both of their touchdowns in the first half. Venice came to life in the last quarter and marched 60 yards to a touchdown. Andy Taravella along with little Billy Stebbins again looked good for Venice. The following week a strong Fairfax team stopped Venice with a 2Of6 score. Fairf fax made all their points in the first half. As usual Venice came to life in the last half, but was able to score only six points on a pass. John Murray, Sam Caylor, and Wayiie Hughes played well for the Gondoliers. ln the last game of the season Venice lost a close game to Hamilton by a 1914 score. Two passes from Gearing to Hughes were responsible for the Gondolicr scores. ONE HUNDRED L -. ' '- ,Val 13 ,' , VARSITY TRACK First rows Allen Bruce, George Jones, Hal Brumbelow. Carl Sabatino, Captain Bill Meyers, Tom Har- rowby. Eric Young, Ray Prickett, Henry Shade, David Bliss. Second row: Bob Reynolds. Jack Bushman. Raymond Porter, Gasper Liotta, Bill Smith, Harrold Schonborg, Cliff Bourland, Ernest Pettit, Izumi Utsuki, Tom Henderson. Third row: Ichiro Okumura, Paul Miller, Henry Vasquez, George Hale, Ted Hull, Hurley Bradeson, Tom Barry, Victor Wales, Wayne Hughes, Seiji Kato. Fourth, raw: Manager Kanichi Suzuki, Luis Penera, Marvin Stopeck, Fred Beyrouty, Marvin Walsworth, Ed Adams, Coach Green, Art Gibson. Arthur Fanslow, Wally O'Brien, John Buck, Manager Clayton Nelson. TRACK With the opening of the 1938 track season, Mr. Green, head track coach, said: "The track team looks promising and with development in the field events should stand an excellent chance to take the Western League Championship." After a practice session of two weeks, Coach Green, in an interview, said: 'iThe eightfman mile relay team, with Bob Reynolds, Ed Gano, Garnick Babajian, David Zundell, Jack Bushman, Tom Harrowby, Bill Meyers, Cliff Bourland, and Henry Vasf quez competing for positions, will be the fastest Venice has had in the past twenty years, and with these boys to build the squad around, the team will be near the top when the inal results come in." The Sprints were capably taken care of by Captain Myers, Bourland, Zundell, Babaf jian, and Bushman. The middle distances and the mile were covered by Tom Barry, Vic Wales, Henry Vasquez, and Tex Miller. Consistent point-earners in the field events were Gibson and Adams in the shot, Kato and Henderson in the pole vault and high jump. Tom Harrowby and Izumi Utzuki capably handled the piling up of points in both hurdle races. ln the first meet of the year with Santa Monica, the Vikings experienced a severe upset, with Venice swamping them to the tune of 77 to 27. The high point men were Tom Harrowby and Cliff Bourland. The following week, with the Samohi victory behind them, the inspired tracksters entered the city relays with the same determination to win. Out of the three varsity events the Gondoliers took two firsts and a close second and established two city relay records. The first was in the fourfman two mile, with Barry, Wales, Miller, and Vasquez handling the baton in the fast time of 81327. The sprint relay chalked up another victory by copping the fourfman 880 and setting a new record of l:3l.5 with the following men scoring the win: Bourland, Meyers, Vasquez and Bushman. The surprise of the day came, however, when Kato took a third place in the pole vault and the fourfman 480 yard low hurdle shuttle team, composed of Caylor, Reynolds, Utsuki, and Harrowby took second to San Fernando by less than a yard. ln the first league meet with University, Bourland, high point man, led the spike artists to an overwhelming victory of 6935. Others who garnered points for the varf sity were Harrowby who took two seconds in the hurdlesg Reynolds, who copped first in the broad jumpg Meyers garnered a second in the furlongg while Gibson and Wales won the shot and the mile respectively. ONE HUNDRED ONE 41 sb 1 I hf -1 I Wx K R ... ' I , l l l kg iff' I , , . XY A , ww- ' Sin HENRY XIASQUEZ JACK BUSHMAN BILL MEYERS CLIFF BOURLAND SEIJI KATO DON Houcx DON WATSON TOM BARRY TEX MILLER VICTOR WALES HENRY VASQUEZ GEORGE JONES HALF-MILE RELAY TEAM The fourfman halffmile relay team, composed of Henry Vasquez, jack Bushman, Bill Meyers and Clif? Bourland, scored an easy victory in the LOS Angeles City High School relays hy smashing the existing record of 1:33 in the fast time of liglj. TWO-MILE RELAY TEAM Venice'S fourfman twofmile team which was able to clip 6.9 seconds olf the Old record set in the AllfCity Relays threc years ago, consisted of Tom Barry, Tex Milf ler, Vic Wales and Henry Vasquez, anchor man. Although defeated On April 29, for the iirst and only time during the season by Los Angeles, the squad Showed up very Strong and gave the Romans a close, hard' fought battle. Bourland smashed the 440 yard record in the excellent time of 505, and the eightfman mile relay team again broke their record in the time of 3:06. Cap' tain Meyers took the century, and coppcd a second in the 220. Wales scored an easy victory in the mile with Tex Miller grabbing a second. ONE HUNDRED TWO Eisiii' MAN RI-:LAY Henry Vasquez. Bob Reynolds, Ed Gaim, Tom Harrowby. David Zundell, Jack Bushman, Bill Meyers. Cliff' Bourland. The eightfnian mile relay team placed first, establishing a new record of 3:06.7, knocking several seconds off the previous record of 3:08.5. The following wcck the Condolier spikesters trounced Dorsey on the Donis field with a score of 78 to 26. High point men were Tom Harrowby and Cliff Bourland, Harrowby taking both hurdle races and Bourland annexing the sprints. Venice took 10 firsts and tied for the two remaining firsts to score the easiest victory of the year. Again the relay team broke the record with the time of 3:03 flat, for the fastest time of any school in Southern California. Due to the relay team's excellent times in dual meets they were invited to compete in the Southern California High School Championship Meet on May 21. This is the greatest tribute to be paid to a team in the high school track world, as this meet gathf ers together the cream of the crop in track. ln the final dual meet of the season with Hamilton, the Carsmen came through again with flying colors by scoring a decisive victory over the battling Yankees. High point men were Vasquez, Barry, Miller, and Bourland who scored in the 440, 880, mile, and 220 respectively. The final count was 60 to 44 in the Condoliers' favor. Cutstanding highlights of the track season were: Cliff Bourland's smashing of the school 220 and 440 records in the amazing times of 22.2 and 50.5 respectively: and the eightfman mile relay team's record breaking mark of 3:03 flat at the Hamilton meet, the former record being 3:08. Venice's greatest rivals loomed in the personages of Jefferson and Manual Arts for AllfCity honors. The AllfCity meet was the hardest fought track encounter that the team had. jefferson, the defending champion, was determined to complete for the fourth consecutive time a successful campaign. The Venetian juggernaut was strongly represented by Bourland in the quarterfmile and centuryg Wales and Vasquez in the distance events: Kato in the pole vault: Harrowby in the hurdles: and the eight-man mile relay squad. The 1938 Lightweight Track team had a fairly good chance to win most of their meets and finished high in Westerii League competition. With such boys as Carnick Babajian, Bill Stebbins, Gus Clinger and Tom lchien, the Bees won their Hrst meet against Santa Monica by a i3f4'7 score. Venice took all but one first place and scored clean sweeps in the broad jump and 660. Venice encountered a weak University High team and ran over it to the tune of 6035. Captain Babajian took three firsts and Nasser, Manzer, and Monteleone scored a clean sweep in the 660. The following week the Condoliers met the strong Los Angeles team and downed them 50f40. Bill Stebbins copped a first in the 100 and was third in the 220. The Venice team looked very strong in this meet. A Dorsey lightweight team turned the tables on the favor' ites from Venice when they defeated them 4Sf47. ONE HUNDRED THREE I 4-- J' s ,, i,ll 7-W tv . V ,. ,, .,. . If 4' LIGHTXVEIGHT TRACK First rozv: Frank Halbeck, Benjamin Mahoney, Richard Cosenza, Harry Conger, Sam Caylor, Gar Baba- jian, Charles Olinger, Harry Basham, Morton Waterman, Earl Manzer, Andrew Taravella. Second row: Kanichi Suzuki, Jack Lewis, Herbert Hurburgh. Tex Bjorklund, Ned Dressler, Leroy Clark. Orford Juvinall, Vito Monteleone. Masaharu Okamoto. Frank Cooper. Coach Green. Third row: Leroy Pope. Johnny Murray, Ben Yumori, Nussar Nasser, Bob Tanner, Richard Brayton, Saburo Sugitani. Milton Cripe. Tom Ichien, Bob Babajian. The Cee team, under Coach Bell, although short on returning lettermen, had some very good prospects. Captain Mano, Cosenza and Morimoto led the Cees to a 4Of37 victory over a weak Santa Monica team. Cosenza was high point man, winning the 660, and placing third in the low hurdles and broad jump. The following week the Cees were downed 4384 by a powerful University team. Cosenza and Mano were again the high scorers. A powerful Los Angeles High team ran over Venice to win 5522 on the Condolier track. Venice did not take many firsts, and were it not for some fine work by Cosenza and Vasquez they would have been shut out completely. Going up against a strong Dorsey team, the Cees were defeated 57-11, Cosenza and Captain Mano again won their events. Boys who deserve credit are Cosenza, Vasf quez, Mano, Morimoto, and Walker. C Timex First row: Osamu Yumori, Hirouki Kamifuji, Joe Stauss. Robert Pena, George Porter, Tommy Ybar- rando, Robert Walker, Captain Tsuyoshi Mano, Hiroshi Saisho. Sakaye Yamauchi. Second rozv: Manager Douglas McArthur, Hideo Mayeda, Ignacio Vasquez, Koji Nakafri, Edward Morimoto, Coach Green. Frank Cosenza, Frank Lescoulie. Roy VVarner, Jiro Nakagi. u :A lv ln guru -og 1 I X Jvv- l 1 l If 1 'I fi! X ONE HUNDRED FOUR T- T - " ... W -vw .-. . A M- -- .... A Nw LW ...f , ...MN .. VARSITY BASKETBALL First rozr: Art Adams, George Marsh. John Buck, Dan Cripe, Captain Vincent Kane, Oba Tolman, David Zundell. Second row: Arden Halverson. Harold Snyder, Bill Meyers, Cliff Bourland, Carl Kroll. Coach McFarland. VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach McFarland's Varsity Basketball team was handicapped by the lack of ex' perienced men this season. After dividing victories in their practice games, Venice was crushed by a powerful Los Angeles five, 3842 on the victor's court. Kane and Tolman starred for Venice but could not overcome the big lead against them. After losing to L. A., Venice was again beaten by a fast Fairfax five, 33114. Again in defeat, Vincent Kane and john Buck played well. Showing improvement in form, Venice lost to Hamilton High, 32118, but the score does not show how well the team played as a whole. The next week Venice was snowed under by a 5148 score at the hands of the University High Warritirs. Playing the league champs, Hollywood, Venice was downed 4349. The score at the end of the first half was l8f17 in favor of Venice, and it wasn't until the last quarter that the Redshirts were able to click. Although in defeat, Vincent Kane played very well, along with Tolman and Marsh. Venice broke into the win column when they downed a weak Dorsey live 4227. The team played improved basketball. Kane, Buck, and Marsh played well and made this win possible for Venice. The Gondoliers outfplayed the Dorsey team in every quarter. SELECT BASKETBALL PLAYERS Oba Rho Tolman, Dan Cripe, Art Adams, and David Zundell. YA-ffffh M.-..,f,,,f.f f f f f A- ONE HUNDRED FIVE C' I Bun M.XIiSII, CLIFFUHII BOURLANIJ, JOIIN BUCI4, VINCENT KANE x 'J LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Under the supervision of Goach B. F. lwiclgarland, the Venice Lightweight Casaba tossers started the season olf with a "Bang" and finished it placing fourth in the Western League. Although players such as Captain Eddie Castillo, Robert Dillion, Ted Lennon, Nussar Nasser, forwardsg George Ichien, George Davies, guards, and Bob Gillette, center were at a disadvantage in size, they were clever players. All the players showed enthusiasm throughout the season, losing one game and winning another, but never losing their spirit of loyalty to their Alina Mater. The schools that downed Venice's quintet had to light hard and be constantly on the lookout, because the plueky little Venetians were always ready to snatch the melon for a score. Players who took part in keeping up Venice's standards were: johnny Hillyard, forwardg Ralph Parker, Masaharu Okamoto, guards, and Bill Steiskal, Henry Goef thals, Bill Anderson, Genters. Robert Dillion was high point Inan for the season, The results for the season were: VENICE 30 f 1 1 Los ANCLELES 32 XILNI Ii 26 f UNIVERSITY 19 VENICE 14 f f FAIRFAX 33 VI,NIC T33 HOLLYXX'OOD S7 VENICE 36 - HAMILToN Z2 XIFNICE 'lZ4,' f 1 Dogggy 22 I N LIQLHTWEIGHT 'gum First row: Masaharu Okamuto, George Davies, George lable f, Eddie Castillo, Bob Gillette, Nussar Nasser. Ralph Parker. Second row: Billy Steiskal, Milton anwinello, John Hillyard. Dicli Anderson. Henry Goethals. Edwin Metzger, Leo L-nsler, Coach McFarland. . . ,KJ ------- - ONE HUNDRED SIX tj, 'Ii i i-. 2 W V , I 1 M . ,,,,, .. 07 ,V,V7wZ , MW Front rozr: Roy Godfrey. Ignacio Vasquez, Bob Tadao Nakasriri. Leona13LXGignsherg, Tom Ichien, Bob Young. Jinlmy Redd. Park VVa1'1l, Don atson. Srrofricl row: Fred Talley,C,Iack helDB. Masao Teroal-za. Bill Johnson. Vito Monteleone, MV. DeG1'oo1e. John Pinger, He-rsehel SWirynT"HTfleo Nakayu, David Cohen, Herman King. C BASKETBALL The C Basketball team, at the beginning of the season, was not in very good :onditiong but under the guidance of Coach DeGroote, the later games showed imf provement. The little melon tosses, lead by Captain Robert Young, center, and David Cohen, Maiiziger, were Tom Ichien and Ixlorton Waterinan, guardsg Roy Godfrey and Ignacio Vasquez, forwards. Cther very cooperative and enthusiastic players were Tadao Nakagiri, Hideo Nakayu, Masao Teraoka, forwardsg john Pinger, Park Ward, Leonard Ginsburg, guardsg Vito lvionteleone and Herschel Sxviryn, centers. D BASKETBALL Vs7ith but fair prospects and a hard schedule ahead, the little "Wee" Casaba tossers, under the supervision of Coach DeGroote, opened their season with a victory over the strong quintet of Santa Monica. The outstanding players were Captain Eddie Wike, George Van Kuelen, guardsg jack Dunham, Paul Godfrey, for' wards: and Earl Smith, eenter. Gthcr players were Oliver McIntyre, Bobby Firetag, George Porter, forwardsg Robert Blanford, Don Parker, centersg and Vernon Evert' son, guard. John La Firenza was manager. D BASKETBALL , v I . ONE HUNDRED SEVEN h rp il' ' v . fi +A ' B . " i Y fi' TL . iii? 'XR lx 'W I' VARSITY BASEBALL First row: Roy Godfrey, Masao Santohigashi, Darrell Grier, Eddie Castillo. Captain Stanley Clark, Pat Mellgren, David Bliss, Ralph Parker, Vincent Kane. Second row: Paul Godfrey, John Hillyard, Al Talamantes, John Rosier, Don Kirkelie, Milton Fanganiello, Bud Becker. Third -row: Manager M3530 Teaoka, Jack Gearing, Coach Turney, Mark Hefferan, David Dixon. VARSITY BASEBALL Venice's Varsity Baseball team, headed by five returning lettermenl, opened the season with five practice tilts. The Gondoliers split victories with Banning, and then copped two out of three games from Santa Monica. The first league game opened at Venice against Fairfax, and the highly praised Colonials handed the Gondoliers a 17f5 drubbing. In a return game, Parker pitched an inspired Venice team to a 4f3 victory. Excellent fielding by Captain Clark and Kane, and hitting by Bliss and Grier proved the highlights of the game. University then invaded Venice only to be defeated 6f5 in an eight inning game. Kane's four hits, and the snappy fielding of the Gondoliers proved the margin of victory. In the second game, Venice led until the seventh inning, when the Warriors shoved across three runs to win 8-6. Santohigashfs pitching, fielding by Castillo and Grier, and Kane's three hits featured for Venice. The Gondoliers then engaged the league chamf pionship Hollywood team. The Venetians held the advantage for six innings, but went down to defeat 4f3. Clark's fielding and Grier's three hits kept Venice in the ball game. The Sheiks triumphed a second time at the expense of Venice errors, l4'3. Dorsey was the next to meet defeat, 7f3 at the hands of the Venetians. Contributf ing factors were Castillo's and Mellgren's Helding, and Parkers pitching. Seeking a second win over Dorsey, Venice suffered a relapse and lost 11f4. Godfrey got three hits. Los Angeles nosed out Venice 62 in a game played at LA. The Gfmdgliers then reversed the decision 3fl. Rosier fanned fourteen batsmen and hit a triple and single. Bliss singled twice. Venice then traveled to Hamilton and met defeat 6f5. The team looked good in defeat with Godfrey, Grier, and Mellgren nelding well. Kane's triple, Clark's single and Bliss's double accounted for Venice's runs. In their final league encounter, Venice defeated Hamilton Sfl. Although outhit, excellent baserunning on Venice's part assured victory. Parker and Talamantes made up the battery for Venice. Bliss got two hits. Vincent Kane received the honor of being chosen for the All City Team. ONE HUNDRED EIGHT . - fsfms- .aw s- ss . A- f L f xx ,, , . - . f I M ' fx 5, ,. SELECT SQUAD VARSITY BASEBALL rj First roIr:V Darrell Grier, Eddie Castillo, Pat Mellgren, Captain Stanley Clark, David Bliss. Ralph Parker. Vincent Ixane. Sermzd row: Manager Masao Teaoka, Roy Godfrey, Al Talamantes, John Rosier, Don Ixirkelie, Masao Santohigashi, Coach Turney. NINTH AND TENTH GRADE BASEBALL The Gondolier apple tossers eaptained by Bob Doyle started with only two returnf ing lettermen, Tom Flores and Theodore Rawson. Due to this, and the unfortunate lack of experience, they lost their first two practice games. However, Coach Turney saw where the weak spots were, and he strengthened the team which in later games proved itself as strong as any other team in the tough Western League. Although the boys fought in hard competition, they never lost their Alma Mater's spirit. They al' ways played their best and were always cooperating with the rest of their teammates. They played splendid ball throughout the baseball season, The results were as follows: FAIRFAX 7 ............. .....,............. V ENICE 4 DORSEY 8 .......... ......, V ENICE 12 I'l.-XMILTON 4 .,... ,..,,,,,,,,.,..,..... V ENICE 0 Los ANGELES 7 ............. ....... V ENICE 5 Umviansirv 2 .......,... ............,,.... V ENICE 4 TENTH GRADE BASEBALL First row: Hideo Nakayu, Bob Woods, Earl James, Bloyce Cummin5rS. Coach Turneyi. Calltflifl B0b D0Yl9, Henry Gowder. Bob Miger, Russel Cripe, George Miyake. Srrmzd rom: George lxobata, Bud Rawson. Harold Slocomb. David Ward, Jack Adams, Tom Flores. George Arnold, Charles Strosburgh. Manager Davirl Cohen. ONE HUNDRED NINE i77V" 1 SOF ALL First row: Eddie Saenz, Nussar Nasser, John Bu k, Bob Tanner. Henry Vasquez, Sam White, Harold Schonborg, John LaFirenza, Fred Beyrouty. Secofn row: Harry Okamoto. Richard Barlowe, Coach Bell, Ralph Etfle, George Davies, Hiroshi Masuda. SOFTBALL Softball, a new sport at Venice, inaugurated under the direction of Coach Bell, found the Gondoliers meeting the field with two teams, designated as "X" and Opening against Washington, Venice lost 5fO, although Vasquez and Saenz, the battery for MX" team, held the generals to a few scattered hits, Team "Y" fell be' fore the red team, 13-f4. Against Dorsey, the Gondoliers played tight ball but lost, Zfl. Meetiiig Hollywood, however, the Blue and White nine captured a 6f5 victory. Poly took the Venice team into camp in a loosely played game, 1542. Closing the season with a victory over the Hamilton nine, the squad reinstated itself with the student body. Although many players will be lost by graduation, there will be no lack of material when the season starts again next spring. SOFTBALL First row: Don Older, Bob Wilson, Eddie Corey. Tom Barry, Marion Hightower, Kanichi Suzuki, Marlin Phelps, Bill Barnes, Jim Roskowick, George Mclndoe. Second row: Manager Vernon Parker, Gerald Mandeville, Ward Stennett, Jack Tipps, Bob Gabe. Mickey Doyle, Warren McAndrews. Jack Ferguson. Kunin Seymour. , V - X -g,,3..,.,-a,. ' ' ,, f V ' " ' . ,g,,,.,.w--"M" ONE HUNDRED TEN , t Ni HW c r . -re ,sawn ,. GYM TEAM First row: Bill Raab, Don Grant. Don Watson, Munn Hinds, Don Houck, George Jones, James Caylor, Louis YVitman. Morgan XVarner, Coach Green. Second rofuir James Hinds, Musuki Sakai, Raymond Fowler, Marko Greenberg. Bob Edwards, Vern Neece, Bill Edwards, Jim Barnett, Norman Brurnbelow, Roy Hughes. GYM TEAM Undcr the student leadership of Don Houck and the supervision of Coach Green. the tumbling team survived a diiiicult season. With only four returnf ing lettermen: Hinds, Houck, jones, and NVatson, the team did very well. Points were garnered, however, by a few new fellows who will be back next vear. TENNIS Tennis, heretofore a "backseat" sport at Venice, has been continually gaining in popularity. Captain George Ichien, with the loyal support of his teammates, and the help of Coach McFarland, brought the team out on top and ad' vanced the interests of tennis at Venice. TENNB Fz'rs't rang- Raymond Furgeson, Doug Wilson. George Ichien. Edward Adams, Coach McFarland. Gillette, Billy Steiskal, Robert Dillion, Bob Robinson, Jack Dunham. Second row: Norbert Milton Magfuire, George Hallberg, Harold Moore, Ted Lennon, Manager Lawrence Torkelson, Steve son, Dan Turk, Howard Small, Arthur Mullikan. Third rovw: Charles Anderson. Murray Kirk DQGeneres, Donelley Brady, Dudley Pearson, Johnny Dunn, George Van Kuelen. paw ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN 0. , 1 W It I ir ' ' ,, . M , 1 I , I , N . W f fy. .X fc' . , , 1 .Jf l 'l . i I HM VR kts' 'lr 'l ff! I iii ,l 1' 1 YA XG F, VARSITY SWIMMING First row: George Smith. Irving Williams, Leland Porter, Robert Griffin, Fred Nerney, Captain Bud Clark. Art Adams, Art Horner. Second row: Courtney Eichholz, Charles Thornburfrh, James Pross, Dick Anderson, Bill Prewitt, Al Corcoran, Bud Bohn, Jack Corcoran. Third rorzv: Desmond Christy. Gordon Irvine, Earl Imboden, Dick Slert, Manager Harry Fradkin. SWIMMING Under the leadership of Captain Bud Clark, the Varsity Swimming Team started their splash season with a discouraging outlook, but under Coach De Groote's superf vision, they showed much improvement in their practice tilts. The competition was tough for the lads who had only Captain Bud Clark, Bill Prewett, Dick Slert, and Gordon Irvine as returning lettermen. During the season, many of the splashers def veloped greatly and helped the returning lettermen a great deal, not only in gaining points, but also in placing Venice in the Western League. The Lightweight swimming team opened the season with many returning lettermen. Since there were no swimmers to compete against, the little Ducklings decided to com' pete against the other varsities and help their brother Ducks nab some points for their Alma Mater. Coach De Groote saw that the little splashers held their own in compef tition, and expects much from them in the future. The team was well balanced with Al Corcoran, Desmond Christy, Ed Moyer, Lee Porter, John Pinger, Fred Nerney and Art Horner, all returning lettermen. LIGHTVVEIGHT SXVIMMING First row: Lionel Matthes, John Pings-r, Chuck Graham, Dick McGough, Bill Olsen, Jael: Hughes. Srccmfl row: Manager Don Wilde, Leo Fenster, Leland Lewis, Bob Hepler. ONE HUNDREIJ TWELVE t If M H N ,Aff ,ly 4 5 ,f'7if, 'V 14 If ff Q I ve y, W YELL LEADERS First Semester Ted Lennon, Bob Cranston. Charles Mclienney. YELL LEADERS First Semester I rf ' QSOJQ-r-+:Il Ill O fm "CJQZJ,-if-'4:u Q' saw M345 S24 o z:g-f-fOf-.rv Wm:-2.52: 95' fmgr-' m,.,O- EEFZKD gy-CCT vw 1-fm'-:wi O.. www-P-,-.Gm DJ'-15"UO. H 5 mm 54 DE' Q-gr-:OJ "-'O mgl?4gmgD" Egg Eg Hf'1Fl.v'77UQf-wav 2jvrvJg'53Wm mnmwsgggr ,iv-I RR-."HCFDDO Q., O,.Uf-+615 g-X4 Kress? 'T:mI3O..g' E? U2 IJ . .TF F' fp 50 P4 4 fa m H1 C3 I-' t4 Z l-1 Sl. P4 in F 5 E I-+ 77 gl N U2 1 Q 15 G 'I' t t.2,,.,f!' gg-:Al f' , V , .w., .-eu . Z' N NX N,.. f' BW so - ,- F 'F wage EY' YELL LEADERS Second Semester Head Yell Leader Jerry Yettra and his enthusiastic assistants, Bill Smith and George Jones encouraged the students to attend the ballgarnes and track meets more regularly than they have been atf tended in the past. They deserve a vote of appreciation. ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN L E 'T VARSHWTFOOTBALL Dick Olsen--Captain Sylvan Jacobson--Manager David Bliss Garry Bushman Jack Bushman Bud Clark Clifton Cochran Bob Doyle Mickey Doyle Leon Ginsburg Bill Kelly Jack Leseoulie Paul Miller Vern Neece Jack Olinger 'H' Bill Pfeweii Ray Prickett Bob Reynolds f Henry Schaile Harold Schonborg Ni j Don Schoolar K ff' Izumi Utsuki M Eugene IrVeiss l Sam White Bob Wilson Eric Young LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL David Dixon-Captain Hiroshi Masuda-Manager Garnick Babajian Farren Brumfield James Caylor Sam Caylor Stanley Clark Jack Gearing George Hale Wayne Hughes W' Don Kirkelie Leonard McCormac John Murray Charles Olinger Edwin Saenz Ward Stennett Bob Tanner Andrew Taravella Henry Vasquez Victor Wales David Ward VARSITY BASKETBALL Vincent Kane-Captain 'U' Gaspar Liotta-Manager Arthur Adams John Buck Dan Crine Arden Halvorsen George Marsh Oba Rho Tolman David Zundell LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Eddie Castillo-Captain "Af George Davies Robert Dillion Bob Gillette George Ichien Ted Lennon Nussar Nasser C BASKETBALL 1 LI Robert Younil'-Captain ' David Cohen- Manager Leonard Ginsberg Roy Godfrey Tom Ichien Vito Monteleone Tadao Nakagiri John Pinger Herschel Swiryn Ignacio Vasquez Park Ward Morton Waterman ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN T' E D BASKETBALL Edward Wike---Captain John LaFirenza---Manager Robert Blanford Jack Dunham Vernon Evertsen Bobby Firetag Paul Godfrey glivefg Mlclntire on ar :er Earl Smith - GJ- ' George Van Keulen VARSITY BASEBALL Stanley Clarke-Captain M' Masao geraoka-Manager David liss Eddie Castillo Roy Godfrey Darrell Grier M Vincent Kane 'Hai' Don Kirkelie Pat Mellgren 'H' Ralph Parker John Rosier Albert Talamantes Masao Santohigashi NINTH AND TENTH GRADE BASEBALL Bob Doyle-Captain David Cohen-Manager Jack Adams George Arnold Bloyce Cummings Tom Flores W Henry Gowder Earl James George Miyake Hideo Nakayu Theodore Rawson David Ward VARSITY TRACK Bill Meyers-Captain i"i'1f Clayton Nelson-Manager Garnick Babajian Tommy Barry CliH Bourland W Jack Bushman Edward Gano :EM Tom Harrowby 'H' Seiji Kato Paul Miller Bob Reynolds M Izumi Utsuki M Henry Vasquez Victor Wales David Zundell LIGHTWEIGHT TRACK Richard Brayton Eddie Castillo 2 Sam Caylor Melton Urine , Harold Heinl Teruo Kamoto Earl Manzer Vito Monteleone John Murray Nussar Nasser Chuck Olinrrer Bill Stebbins lieorton aterman I YELL LEADER Bob Cranston Ted Lennon Chas. McKenney Jerry Yettra Bill Smith George Jones Bd E C TRACK Tsuyoshi Mano-Captain Dousrlas McArthur-Manaiiffl' Frank Cosenza Ed Morimoto M' Ignacio Vasquez VARSITY SWIMMING Bud Clark--Captain WH' Harry FradkinfManager Al Corcoran Jack Corcoran Courtney Eicholz Leo Fenster Arthur Horner Jack Hughes Earl Imboden Gordon Irvine 'Hi Fred Nerney John Pinger Leland Porter Bill Prewett 'Hi Richardglert 'fit 'Don Wil' e' ' . J TENNIS George Ichien-Captain 'MH' Lawrence TorkelsoneManager Edward Adams Harry Caylor 'GM Robert Dillion M Jack Dunham Robert Gillette 'f:'Hi Harold Moore Robert Robison Howard Small William Steisk al 'Ni GYM TEAM Don Houck-Captain FW x ,V Bill Raab-Manager James Caylor Bob Edwards Don Grant Munn Hinds M George Jones W Don Watson if"f"1: Louis Whitman VARSITY SOFTBALL Henry Vasquez-Captain Hiroshi Masuda+Manager Leon Ginsbursr John La Firenza Nussar Nasser 'I Edwin Saenz - ' Sam White -' , Fred Beyrouty' " Ralph Effie Harold Schonborg Jack Sutton Bob Tanner John Buck "B" SOFTBALL Mickey Doyle- Captain Vernon Parker---Manager Bob Gabe Marlin Phelps Richard Barlow Tommy Barry Mickey Doyle Marian Hightower George McIndoe Masaharu Okamoto Kanichi Suzuki Bob Wilson Jack Tipps Miss MEsssNcER Miss MITCHILL Mas. DINGLE Head of Girls' Physical Education Miss ROXVAN MRS. Moaiusorv GIRLS' CGACHES This year, the Academy Award was won by the girls' athletic coaches for their excellent performance in promoting the standard of athletic ability, true Sportsman' ship, and sincere friendliness. The honor was presented to Mrs. Dingle, director of the girls' athletic department and the sponsor of the G.A.A., and to Miss Rowan, Miss Mitchill, Miss Messenger, and Mrs. Morrison, excellent assistant directors, each equally willing to lend a helping, encouraging hand to the striving extras, the girls. Venice is very proud of her girls' coaches, not only for their ability in teaching diff ferent sports, but because of their patience, and earnest desire to teach the girls the royal road to health, through proper exercise and diet. There are live periods of regular gym, and one period of what might be termed "special gym". The latter, called the Girls' Athletic Association, is composed entirely of senior high school girls who are especially interested in Sports. This class is com' petently instructed by Miss Rowan and Miss Mitchell. Sports which are enjoyed by all the girls are baseball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and badminton. These sports are so interestingly presented that the girls not only like their own favorite but enjoy every other sport presented, having as their goal the honor of the championship of their class or club. In the special sports class the group is made up of four clubs-the Topllights, Olympiads, Swastikas, and Tahif tians. T Many honors should be presented to the girls' coaches for producing such a fine group, and for setting a new high in instructin M ' Q21 WVJ7 Mt, r . f yi TQ 1,4 ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN '-Q-eq...--no G.A.A. BOARD - FIRST SEMESTER Ignota Miller, Daisy Storm, Mrs. Dingle, Betty Jo Davis, Fay San Juan, Rhoda Neal. THE G. A. A. BOARD The G. A. A. Board is composed of members who have been elected by the en' tire G. A. A. group. Their purpose is to plan enjoyable activities and events for the organization. The fall semester was under the leadership of a fine enthusiastic group of girls: Rhoda Neal, Presidentg Betty .lo Davis, VicefPresidentg lgnota Miller, Secretaryg Fay San Juan, Head of Volleyballg and Daisy Storm, Head of Basketball. The spring semester, also, was led by very competent girls: Rhoda Neal, Presif dentg Erika Wild, VicefPresidentg Maureen Maguire, Secretaryg Lorraine Bertuliet, Head of Hockeyg and Irene Mehner, Head of Baseball. G.A,A. LETTERGIRLS - FIRST SEMESTER Daisy Storm, Rhoda Neal, Erika Wild, May Toyoshima, Juene Kasdon, Fay San Juan, Betty Jo Davis, Ignota Miller, Joan Lewis, Thelma Christie, Josephine Finn. .ix v . X I ' QE' M V555 'T' X 91 is L6 f- fg . ya! wma f f CNE HUNDRED SIXTEEN G. A. A, BOARD Thelma Christie, Rhoda Neal, Mrs. Dingle, Erika Wild, Lorraine Bertuleit, Irene Mehner. G.A.A. LETTERGIRLS The G.A.A. lettergirls are those girls who have sincerely and vvholefheartedly worked, not only for themselves, but for their fellowfplayers as well. A G.A.A. emblem is awarded upon accumulation of 350 points, the first letter for 500 points. After that, a star is given for every additional 200 points, Points may be earned by participating, each year, in three chosen sportsg by being a member of a winning team, of the Scholarship Society, or of the Oilicials Clubg and by being an office helper or a captain. LETTERGIRLS-SECOND SEMESTER First row: Dorothy Kimura, Juene Kasdon, Rhoda Neal, Thelma Christie, Erika Wild, Josephine Finn, Daisy Storm, LaVera Frank, Margie Lloyd. Second row: Eleanor Miller, Nadine Jones, Lorraine Ber- tuleit, Joan Lewis, Helen Donald, Margaret Martin, Fay San Juan, Dorothy Yahns. Third row: Irene Mehner, Thelma Hart, Edith Cleveland, Margaret Olson, Rula Adams, Mona Kino. ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN W t Y . TAI-r1'ri.ANs First row: Kindschi, Gene VVard, Murray, Gregory, Blessing, Gallo. Second row: Manges, Halbeck, Adams, Aron, Sim, Miss Rowan, Leaf, Thomas, Williams, Firkens, Tryk, Canning. Third row: Harris, Conville, Stoker, Harringrton, Donald, Martin, Wild, Chamberlain, Lloyd, Polk, Neal. row: Houck, Gibson, Adams, Maguire, Jones, Miller, Cleaveland, Junget, Parker, Vaccarilla. San Juan. Fifth rofw: Kino, Whitacre, Schollenberger. Gray, Frank, Davis, Hazelwerdt, Huntington, Emrick. Ludlow, Pena. G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization composed of tenth to twelfth grade girls who have passed the necessary requirements. The aim of this Associaf tion is to promote a spirit of sportsmanship and goodwill among the girl athletes of Venice High School. The Association consists of a G,A.A. board, lettergirls, and members. The board is composed of an adviser, president, vicefpresident, secretary, head of hockey, head of basketball, head of volleyball, head of tennis, and head of baseball. The letter' girls are girls who have succeeded in earning letters by participating in sports. The clubs, Tahitians, Topflights, Swastikas, and Olympiads, compete with each other in every sport. They earnestly endeavor to indulge in only the cleanest of sportsmanship, using the trophy as their object. GLYMPIADS AND TOPFLIGHTS First row: Bjorkland. Marinelli, Kinoshita. Takahashi, Frank, NVatson. Second row: Kimura, Anderson, George, Mehncr, Miller, Madden, Beaudreay, Miss Mitchill, Bolton, Thomas, Porter, Kasdon, Wentz, Christie. Third row: Mirich, Dunn, Ecker McClellan, Moulton. Martino, Keys, Olson, Rofey, Gibson. Donald, Demeester, Yahns. Fourth Wehrfritz, Ortiz, Haselswerdt, Alxvorth, Lewis, Finn. Bertuliet, Hoberg, Winger, V Fifth rofzv: Toyoshima, Miyake, Sapiro. Suddeth. Landis. Althouse Martin. Rnckhold, Crutcher, Haneman. ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN 3 . ' . 'qi uf E y , A i A I A27 '7 .i , WCW ,. V gym, W AM Widen it , G. A. A. YEiLL LEADER Thelma Hoberg G.A.A. YELL-LEADER For two semesters, Thelma Hoberg, has been the G.A.A.'s capable and am' bitious yell leader. She has not only led yells on many diiierent occasions, but has provided Venice with several new and individual yells. Thelma has always been able to arouse and maintain the girls' spirit and enthusiasm. VGLLEYBALL This year, volleyball was recognized more than ever as an invigorating pasf time of skill, ability, and endurance. Bef cause of their 'dghting spirit and ability, the Swastikas, captained by Daisy Storm, won the volleyball tournament. The Ta' hitians, Clympiads, and Topilights, also displayed excellent playing ability, al' though they failed to take top honors. VOLLEYBALL First 'ro1L': Ignota Miller, Agnes Kenneston, Daisy Storm, Marjorie Lloyd, Doris Houck. Second ro-zu: Miss Rowan, Emma Pena, LaDonna Harris, Edith Cleveland, Lugene Murray, Mona Kino. Mi --'nga We T ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN TOPFLIGHTS, WINNING BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Juene Kasdon, Yvonne Trevett, Thelma Christie, Lorraine Bertuliet, Joan Lewis, Eleanor Miller, Thelma Hoberg. Scand row: Dorothy VVallace, Miss Rowan, Doris Moulton. BA4 ETB LL The Topilight Q- m n this season, the champions was " a's tball, the favorite sp t o gr t man girls. This group a 'rls ca ta by the ni wellfknown .I-el n--'AI' ane Berf tuliet. Never 'slits ' they isplayed such sk'll d irit Q.. fighting for this l- ' pi hip. ' The T ili . hav lwa caused the winning hx. a grea 'i eal o orry, but this tim l a urp ed them all and won, not on , by ua- ability, but by their fighting irit and enthusiasm. HOCKEY Hockey, a game which always requires a great deal of skill and ingenuity, this year offered more competition than usual between the four clubs. By using the best technique known to them under the capable leadership of Fay San Juan, the Tahitian teams finished the tournament with top honors. The Topflights, who offered the Tahif tians the greatest competition, took second place in hockey. All the teams displayed a great deal of fighting spirit and enthusif asm throughout the tournament. TAHITIANS, WINNING HOCKEY TEAM First row: Thelma Hart, Ethel Blessing. Jean Leaf, Audrey Corrigan, Fay SanJuan. Muriel Murray, Beverly Gray, Mary Schollenberger. Second 'row-: Miss Rowan, Margaret Martin, Rhoda Neal, Marguerite Chamberlain, Erika Wild, Helen Donald, Bettie Junget, Layne Thomas. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY hd X . JUNIOR G.A.A. First roar: Slaamod. Everitts, Allen, Perry, VValton, Ferguson. Olsen, McCoy, Cox, Brown, Nakayu, LHHQGS. Sutton. Second row: VVOodward, Henderson, Estes, Moore, Gazin, Redriquez, King, Hume, Brownson, Smith. Babajian, Lyons. Third row: Bergman, Gunderson, Reimann, Larson, Rodin, Homrig- hausen, Kupersmith, Rice, Day, VVheeler, DeSoto. JUNIOR G.A.A. AND MONOGRAM GIRLS This organization is composed of junior girls who are especially interested in all types of athletics. They work hard to gain points so that they may have the honor of wearing a monogram. Points for this insignia may be secured by being a member of a winning team, an office helper, a captain, or a monitor. Many activities are enjoyed by this club, such as parties, programs, and other en' tertainments. The instructress, Miss Sullivan, finds enjoyment in teaching these young girls the all important rules of sportsmanship and cofoperation, To learn these rules While still a junior member, makes a more competent senior G.A.A. member. MONOGRAM GIRLS First row: Yamasaki, Thomas, Gazin, Donatelli, Schwartz, Babajian, Novolny, Cauble, Gray, Schiner, Nakayu. Second row: Petersen. Gottlieb, Buck, Mellon, Edrnundsen, Robertson, Fix, Copeland, Speede, Day, Canning, Beers, Smith, Hopgood, Gates, Brodsky, Inouye, Moore, Higham. Third Tow: Blum, XVhitaker, Renaud. Woods, Armstrong, Rhoacls, Vale, Reid, Junget, Sinclair, Richardson, Giovannazzi. Davis, Hubley, Raw, Brown, VVatson, Demeester. Fourth row: Messenger, Gilmore, Stokes, Harringtow. Johnson, Forbes, Martin, Ginsbug, Rodin, Vaccarella, Larson, Holderman, Boulware, Gunderson, Mathis. XVild, Dimont. Fifth rofw: Jones, Donnelly, Corrigan, Murray. Robertson, Huntington, Moore. George, Allen, Tanner, Watson, Brown, Smith, Blessing, McCord, Jordon. 2 'N' Vmtm , ' I ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE if , .fy 4 ,wr ,L S A 1:-'R ,Q-nnihin COLOR DAY VOI-I,IfYI1ALL CHAIIIPIONS SENIOR Hlflli X7OLLEYBAI.L CHAMPIONS JUNIOR HIIIH XIOLLLYHALL CHANIPIONS EIIQHTH GRAICVK VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS SHLNTII GRAIIL XIULLLYBALL CHAMPIONS SENIOR HIIIII BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS SOCIAL DANQINI. CLASS VOLLLYIIALL JUNIOR HIIQH SCHOOL NINE CQURT CHANIPIONN BASIQLTIIALL CHAMPIONS ONE HUN DREIY TWENTY-TWO EIOIITI-I GRADE NINE COURT BASKETBALL SI-VENTII GRADE NINE COURT BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS SENIOR HIKIH SIJLEDBALL CHAMPIONS NINTI1 GRADE KICKBALL CHAMPIONS JUNIOR HIYJII KICKBALL CHAMPIONS SLVENTH GRADE KICKBALL CHAMPIONS OIEIOIALS CLUB GEEICIALR CLUB ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE 1 yy! 'fy dbipyfipb gf J C A I. E IXI D P A R T I ACT I-"SEPTEMBER" Scene 1-Cast returns to campus. New Pine Arts Building and Auditorium. Scene 2-First assembly in new Auditoi'ium. New electric organ. Scene 34Pep dance opens football season. ACT II-"OCTOBER" Scene 1fBig game! Jinx holds to form. Santa Monica downs Varsity-6fO. Scene 2-Venice Cosmos host to district meet' ing. Scene 3-Everybody gets acquainted on "Hello Day." ACT IH-"NOVEMBER" Scene 1-Leslie Brigham, noted opera star, performs at assembly. Scene 2-Gondolier editor selected. Glorian Krieger, lucky lassie. Scene 34Stars receive strikefbound sweaters. Scene 4-Interclass volleyball tournaments highlights of Play Days. ACT IV-"DECEMBER" Scene 1-Gondolier campaign staged. Scene 2-Christmas Hop hailed huge success. Scene 3fSpeaker from Passion Play in Oberf ammergau. Bavaria. Scene 4-Christmas Baskets given needy by Girls' League. Scene 54Twelve day vacation. ACT V4"jANUARYl' Scene 1-Betty lane Keith. Mary Kirk. Cor' don Stangland elected Ephebians. Scene ZfPifth girl S, B. President. Daisy Storm, takes office. Scene 3fTwo presentations of uSeventeen'l given by Senior "A" class. Two Deodar trees purchased with receipts. Scene 4fSenior Banquet and prom held, 'LValf entinesu is theme. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FO UR A I2 P A R T II ACT I4"FEBRUARY" Scene 1-Second part opens with girl S. B- president, Daisy Storm. Scene 2-George Jones elected president of Varsity HV". Scene 34Alumni homecoming. Dance held. Scene 4-Baseball season oHicially opens with 9f4 victory over Banning High. ACT IIw"MARCH" Scene 1-Maureen Maguire chosen Delphian president. Kazuo Ohi Bookstore manager: Ruth Wriglat Debate manager. Scene 2-Softball team enters league. Scene 3-Senior Sweater day. Pictures taken. Party held. Scene 4-Benefit Concert for public address system in auditorium. Scene 7-John Raymond and reptiles entertain at assembly. ACT IH-"APRIL" Scene 1-Gondolier campaign held. Eighteen hundred subscription goal. Scene 2-Hello Day. Senior High Dance. Moving pictures. Scene 3-One week Easter Vacation refreshes members of cast. Scene 4-State Public Education Week cele' brated. ACT IVg"MA'Y" Scene lglnternational Boys' Week. Leading boys participated. Scene 2-Joan Lewis, Daisy Storm. Don Adams and Ernest Barbour elected Ephe' bians. Scene 3-Relay team in all Southern Califor' nia meet. Scene 4-Delphian Day. D el phi a n s visit Southwest Museum, ACT VSHIUNEH Scene l-'W6StCX'11 League hnals at the Los Angeles AllfCity Trackineet. Venice iinf ishes high in competition. Scene Z-Student Body election held. Scene 34Musical Comedy "In Old Vienna" sponsored by Seniors. Receipts buy gift for school. Scene 4-Graduation held after successful prom and banquet. Scene 5-Curtain falls with tremendous ap' plause, ,mf Z v W1 if 1 3 me-'.,.,4f? 4 ,Q-1 1 Nj 2 fn- , , ,M f . I . ,4 1 A Z' Q I ig 1 6' 'fl fi i ,ff ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX EV! N iffy 'lwfygfw K 352 Wu gina ii' MW' ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN 4 , X' "V N mf M I ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT 1,54 me 46.12, Nl . .A,..,A.A "gf A "WN W' 'Q 1 A final' 'V f W -nu H2 ..... , ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ONE HUNDPEI THIRIY Q MP M 1 1 , X . Tr JA' X.. 'S 'Q V V R 552 '9Y5W.3'?fAfW:upf . 'gif-E 1 'V up.'ff','ffff-QV:-fgflf P. .A ' ,S 551 " ' V-ii" ,-ff:-3 Mf'ylYx?f'!n1:1-xf"14Vwy :1f"m,,,V. Y TQ' . ff A ' - f':i"V L 5f'gye31,k1 'I' f A b, ' ' ' , , 55' 1. 'ff-' I A. ' I 'lWfl'fmi: ' 4 ' "fy A ' b .. 7 ' ' . I V' 1,4 I ' . V V V V,V' V f' ,,VVVV -VV: ,, V V V V. V V V V ' V '. V '-Vai? .. V-.U . V A , 'j' I "" I "Tiff V 'V " f A ' . ' . ' ' A "ify,L.-if .,.,-,..- . ' 1 1 Y M ' , , 1 '. 1 ' ' "',,,,f 1 M ' V" Yf ., J ,, V' ' V . 1' QV, VV-,VZVVVV V. 1 V KV V., V V V kV,V,VV V V A VV VV V 1: V: A , V ' , V . V- V . V . q V - V V VV V .- V - ' , V V -.. l 4, .. .- , .:' If , X. VV V WV. .V V , V V V . V V V V V .V ' f ,VV V V VV . V i' h 5 A mg... H, I J . , ' U A .h 1 , Y V tw V P! ' ' V 'Q QV, V, V , V 1-VQVQVV-A ' ,. - ' , V- V 3. V V, V . . -V - . M .VV V V iiff 21 ,fy V. . A ' f . , . . -. V ' 1 , - f Ls- ' F 4. ' ' . - 1 - - g 'A . 44. i X . , ' 1 -' u , :NV V.,-if .4 '-A ,J 'QA AL 'N ' ' " A I K "Q , , Q., " ' V A " -. . A x - -cgcfu . . , . A, V f 1 . . 4 V QV, V . 1VVV'V - V ' . V V ' 1"-vV!'VVVL. V VV ' VV VV , - W ,V 1 .VV V ' 1 V VVVVV V V VV V . V N VVQ 'V . VV VVV V ,VVV V , .V V VV V VV, V V V V V. . V . ig: 3,5 V' ' 4 VJ Q - , ', , VV ,., V ' ' ' Vi' - V "K 1 . V' V V r ' V V' X 1 . , -V V 'V V - z'--V V ' 'Ji"t 'i "V v V ., ' .A - ' ' " Y' - I Lf v . ' , 1 ' - . . A N . X . . ,VVU2 " V , ' s ' , V 5 7 57 f , I ,V V ., .7215 . .57 . - X I E 1, . iq' . '. QXEXS5 . x X S N F M' 1433 .1 i A , - V- , , V-4, ,.,u-.W .WN .I A 1 ., . . H -MWA f 5154 YL, . M . xxwx tx. wi' , ,W --X-, X, -X X qnsi Q 5 . X. W 0 ,, X . ,, .x Vflif fm' X A .N- , X elk -,N Q x K H if .Ari x 4 -L i X, X-. 1155 , 1 Q53 K r f 3-1 Q -fl Tvwes , .1 1: 2 , A f X'1x:6g5sN-,QQ yr- 5 f , xi lk , Sim? S YW' - vm- ,. x - x A-sp ,.r,,-N -5- . ,vs , +- .-.X ,sv 13.-vm Kew' 1' N" . ' -' w1fi,S,.::1 if N NV. uw - 4. I., rffmwm. 1 , I , ax a Z, . . das, ' Z E 6 Z Q 22: E 34 Ki 2? 3 5 ff 2 3 2 2 2 1 '4 4 . x s x. F.,-N,V,,,- www 7,f.,,.,,,m.yf1,,-,.h.-4. W.,-,,,,V,.,..,,fV,,W.W,A-H... .H ,. , .- .,V, .Aww ,WV v-. ,. -.+-..,- ,- ..,. -...., 4 . -, ...n, - V, - . ..,. , V x'-' . V.,,,. V, V, V - .- ,- , A K .-1,0-..,z..1ff-.,-:1.wLf.,.,Vymnkq.-M,,.4.,H,,..W V,q,,:VwV.-.mV,.,M --. VV. g, A- V M -. f,i,..., .- -, . , Vw- V V V. - ,, , - . .V

Suggestions in the Venice High School - Gondolier Yearbook (Venice, CA) collection:

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