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 - Class of 1979

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4 x YT 4-a ITSG: Q igfpg.f f .N 1- 2 ' v'5.fC:'-.-F2 Pg , ,ug-, wzf sg. ,gfgfrq 'U-.f-1 ZS- 1 ig 3555? pil! ii A , iffws: 1 1 Q. 1 A 1 J 3 - -el 1 4 A E 'kb J 1 1 1 4 1 ,. '1 - a 6771! -5' .1 Ya T1 Q E K x O5 wi I y U . QQ Q mi ' WWW W QWHW Qwggyxggmg JK QW gv QV G9 U 43 Q09 X QQ 4fiv'S'?2'ifX Q55 Ofzzfi fgfl 9 ,Q 339 gy 5:14 Cwwlwg gf? U! WUC? fgxob W - Luwjvixvvx SQZMLQ UXQQJJV JDV Giywpf mwfv ?25f3mw QQ O ' W H if venado middle school irvine, California there are children raised in sorrow on at scorched and barren plaing there are children raised beneath the golden sun there are children of the watelg children of the sand and they ery out through the universe their voices raised as one to Y ."'f -1. 4 V ' -' I ".' 1'-n '. ' . 'wwf N . 1 IJ'-,P l f Tx Ck fx PCA l Qu C3 xk' 7 xJ Q VX x ,L tx lg, Q59 POJOQQ YC UC! xx lj X KX N .X ,. 'Y 1 . H V' ' .7 X Lf 6 " bqbx 7 A CX7 Ik ' km X, X 7 O XX C v A V7 C L L. X, ,LL XX f Q m X UQ .uv L Q 1 ex .. 1 WJ. u 'MA -1- W NJ QL I E V191 RQ. -N. ,. ,, 'S M 3 M W W .ZW as I 31, I' - n 'nf ,W ,gc 'H 19 " M ft ww N N! ,I 235. M I 'mv 4, 1 WW xx. 15. if-f IL., if :wR"" Vwp W g .ml U 535. M A 5,6 A 3 A I 4 .1 'x , " ' .414 -1521.1 -- X 1 V l MMA .m,W-MMM-M is 1 WQll'llL'f0rglfO W www' 1 ,,.- . I I RLQQQ' 720 i want to see Za fn Zo X 03 , Q.: QQf"f2f Q' Nuff f,' 3 OJ' 0196.2 go? 'D O' xxx W ww QB 6 MJ ,ff ' WN? Iwi? f N35 I N ' ' -if f-p-ff-7--- - -- f - i- 4-4.-W --YW'-if , f A. il V. 9fw,HZQQMm M55 Ii ,,,. 4 Q 'RBWBA ww Ax- 'N 1 1 Y 'f 'V 4 J .. ,vw I f I I 33?f-ilk?-ig 5 3 W is H ? 3 M MMU ' M ,W tar my W rw w l J 1 ls R, .nflfwe 1 ww W A l . ,M . , wut , - I V 1 ,M X, wllnyw.,-M-,N ,U gJ,,,1 my W 'j w 1 :1 -: -. -' ' lu. -. 4 r -'E qi! .. .1 ww w, 1 . 4? A iii: 1. imfl If Lid V 1 ., z.J A: .X 51,3 May a I .U iv- G W : ML ,, , 1 ., -614' 4 we ' -- - . Ag2'fg g,i- , J 4 W ,K E I an 'twat , . , , U -V 1 W LW '- .ml , fl LW' - f 1 A M fi K M MM QM Q f Y " WJ A - U 7 Z I 1 , ,, f "' I Q Y Y v L fig' '4 1. ,. ,QL 1 ' - V .., A W?- 1 - an .A E' A X' ' . J' ,Q - t mf- A V K L - , , I :z ' - N , L 3' ji -Y 'zwgbk Yi .X F Iv , ' - X 'e ' 5:1 f' ' 9 fiffii-' . ' 'A11'5','f'5?3 A Ah '4H Ndf? m'Aj"H fn 'y- ?Wph Mf1f , ,. ixef , V b '-bfi 'I Y 1' V i' ef-f f' ' ,, q QF W Y' W -." - ""fflf'. : V V' V 'MT ' ' L1 -t'f51.,a: l-l Mfg Y I V . N F- - up T dt., Q- f F H 1f - ff i ,rf A794 b Hw?""-. Y 'A -' ' ' , " A. www ' "5-I 1 :-'5"ff ,1"' . ' ' 'Q M " ' '31 fri' ' ,N 1' , ' " YN W ' Q4 'W ' W W M W M " ' ., W "' k W X W " A X ,, -4 , ',4 2 ' " H - Q f 'f A Q W ww MM M ' 1 '1I- -' 1'- .' ' . -wf - ' - ' ---- 9" ,. ' . Q ' f - P' Y U-1: 1 . '1 ff-is , I vi W I T', 94 i 4, , , WM mfs ' UF" O D l1l"'l. 3 alll t 6 fVliB A - Wil..- AEH? bb J" r-- TW v P N J ww ,MQ Q Q 1 iw Q MWM W WMS A -+ V,' W ' - wWJW5JQE qew, i want Z0 share what i can give 4 1 X 0 JZFMJQ Ka ' ' wvfma! wMd yf'1ZK.f Akoya- 5 -'5Hw5Qw,.,' JQDHygQf iF we ' li 1 E . '15-g vf ,I M G1 W wg 6 W mm 1- In 4 PM K - ' Y. V -.E I , . I M X 'Au'9",-+1 xgvfmg 3?. v ' 5 , ,f , 2 5 - Q 1 , 53 ,.,. if ,jf I f .EH wi .ff 3 1 96 vis iwanl to be 55:4 QA?23 nga? QU QQQQ 2759 0' Q' ,Q db 3' 13 X 'L 1 UQIUC Qcaafxdx M Vgxjyxix Yo UL 0' 3 0043 50 'NX Wlfan Mop 01560 Voc., KX Ofygfyfacbf awe Redox Y 14 i want to live Q 5' a NK f 4 ,,. W N 4 ix ! F I ..,.4 ' .:..Q.f'C'sgQ -, A-w ' - I -.qlsw v. ww if 'Q 1 f 1' PM . --K.. V 1 ., -L. A . " FQ '. QA ' JL' ua' 'fl' ' V' f 1 iwf A, : 1 ,K if wa 1 X ' swf A , ki gi 65 4 . f H M fb Q v? - . . -- c - la--"' ' -V ,, 'r: -.k - 1,4--. Q wa.-... '-g:,3,,.,. ' ,--.- --, ,, ..... N,-,"' "' '- L - -rv D vi.. - . is gi. --, .rg-ut Egm-.nj -gr -1 -nf - Ib. --f5:r"' ,- - - ,, z- J "'f...... tl - l I 4 - - - " l - - LW.: Q- - . , ' Q ' -N- Q---'I- g Q " . 4- G " ' ,jig ....' , Q' 'N ,...--v ,.- - " , "'-L ,.E'- E. - bv 'Y 4 -,., ' -.--.' .. ' .- f"-,jg-, -J "--,,.,, ,.,- A 'qv 2+-K ,-plc A-- -1----+0 - " --...,.-.--1f"- Mfg. -. A ' 34 -- ' .:' ' ,. azz: 'f" ---ff.. ' "'s,,.J"i.l - " .. . ,A ,ffm - 1 -E,-,,-Lt?.,.L. it,--mv N.-ap ' --i di-, . ' itil- -fa:-. L, 9- . ' , ,' , v-- -' v+-4 N ......,---' A - 7.- ... T -i QF'-'Q'-F-x. -, - a .. '.,- , L- ,f-W ' f ' . -...L , is ',:A--...',. U-. .. , . - ' ' , -f ' ,N ' ,.5. ,mf - .2 ' -51? I 411- 1 ,-1 f " 'Y ' - ,, fb '- - -. ,- 9 - - K v-" -' .. . , ' f , A". -'-pf - -qs. Q v . I, N:-Q I ,Q -li-tv? 'Q Q - I ' --' 0 - , . . Q ig- 1"".pd- Q.. - I " .dit Q- ef- 'I ' --L. '44' QL, 4 - -L, -. - -..-L REQ? iff' x-. ' S. ' "' . Lb' -asf- ,dw wi I -v 'Qi :,,..3' ' ja- nn -. K. ' " , " 1 - - -. -, 1. 5 -' ' - is-2 2 ' .....,. ' "' 1 E- Q 4-if Wi -5 y brown 3' brats Luann Brown, home economics, math l "5 ln r ' " 'A wr X, 'ji .x fl X R-F' ui' 0 M . KF. , .1 A ' 5 l G l ' J p I ! ka X x 1 W . X X L ' i I - .al ' A ' X ? 'S N 2 Elan 'I All X nl-...A A 14 l i Lori Canfield Karen Flynn Robin Hoover Laila Johannessen Michelle Renshaw Brenda Clark Christi Galuppo Steve Huber Chris Kimmel Suzanne Rogers Colleen Lowry David Sar ir ,, f A ' 3 A ' ','i Tim Martin Danny Smith 'QJT - Wil:-f!i- i l A. ,,r, ' l i June Phillips chris vanek fu -'fle,:g:fn.1,5 .Lilian , P" ' e- .. . ,I ff . ,QW ' ' A , " " ?"" :L 7 fi " ,N if Q. y b 's Not Pictured: Bobby Allen - , an f' . . ' 'Q ' , . .i b E, .ti 4' ' ' 'V' iw, " A Anna Marie Aguinaldo -- A ' , . David Ahtonen . f' K - ' an V Hafsa Ali l h h H Denise Andrews Q I . dsx! Mary Anne Bouffard ,JV if ' V, I ' '. 4 A .N T Jason BU" j i 4 HI only wanted to squeeze th F 4 - i . il F Charmm!" "i L " ii f lv my 5 l 18 L, I I ' wi, , "'- me ,,,, A gf 1 ,I gr-1 "F3i'lH1, lviu,-I IM J ' Nl' vii. A, W" i ' V-I. ...L 5. eillliliizse- 1. L".-fkwn- constantinok 'Q Crusaders We're number one because our Crusaders are great, funny and super. Cheers for Number One! f Claire Constantino, library and media 'Y . 1, . , - l f.-.Ha '-'TU ' Louis Alvarado Susan Blatchley Kristin Crezee Not Pictured: Laura Robertson Darrin Van Dorn Kim Duong Ricky Mena Minhtrung Nguyen Juan Quintanar Erin Small Laure Fit'l0f1 Mark IVlcElroy Gerardo Quintanar Randy Sanchez Jackie Wagner Julie Hal'llbECk Salvador Orozco Alicia Prado Jean Serich LaDona Williams George Nlanriquez M N ' 0- M li i Www Pat Croner, science croneris successful year. XXV . ai if K it l L Linda Cass Stephanie Froehlich Kelly Kincannon Karen Chase Monica Fuerst David Koch Leslie Effenberger Kim Goldman Robert Leahy Mike Frei Jon Karlson Robert Lee 20 it ti .l L' .x ' i r -1.41" I . ZZ i ' ' w if ' 1.4 4 f - Craig Meace Jack Smit Mike Sylvester Kim Monkiewicz Nikki Sollars Brad Withey Not Pictured: Eric Duran 'xx . rv I- A' I llI've just seen a face, I can't forget the t or place . . ." crankers Mr. Croner's advisees have concentrated on verbal and nonverbal communicative skills with an emphasis on enhancing interpersonal relationships. Group dynamic processes with positive peer-oriented feedback have been utilized by affecting facilitation of serendipitous encounters Under the rationale that self actualization develops through social articulation, it was imperative that the advisees become aware of intergroup guidance activities, which were prepared by our personnel. It has been a diederich 's i , it l . i qu Silvers We re Dnederlck s T A We haven t got much to say Lai 'X' .M I Nancy Bade Pattie Barber Steve Barsamian Rod Brown Jeri Caneday Bryan Corlett 'nl J :.. . SQ 1 J. , 12? Robert Fraser Omar Garcia Curtis Hildt Mike Jones Doug Kent Rick Kveen ii 4 ,J ' L John Diederich, unified arts ' F Rick Schump Mike Shanahan Brent Tedrick I as Michelle' Lee Mr. Diederich discusses the finer points of heavy Tami Luft ' John Miles machmery' Curt Moothart Jana Range! Tonette Schlack 21 doubetis dragons The Dragons are number one and will stay number one. We are hyperactive and our prizes are only healthy snacks like peanuts and sunflower seeds. Not Pictured: Swati Bhandara, Dawn Bullen, Kim Ellen Doubet, nurse Graves, Rod Packingam, Mike Song V . A ' , i i -Y Denise Dolinka Kim Graves Lisa Gordon Kerry Knowles Kim Lane Kathy Mousseau Kim France Linda Greenwald Jeff Robbins Nebojsa Kozomara Nlike Patterson Beth Sheppard f :FV V'-" l'Did the nurse really say the cafeteria food was safe?" 22 duenzen 'S dirgf devils We are Duenzen's Dirty Devils. We each take part in pursuing new and far-fetched goals: to get to know each other and ourselves, to be able to express our feelings, to make new friends. Although we are pretty radical, Ms. Duenzen can keep us cool. Batty Betsy, Cheerful Chris, Crazy Claudia, Devilish Dawn, Delightful Debbie, Glittery Gina, Gallant Glenn, Grand Greg, Loony Laura, Loveable Laurinda, Lucious Linda, Mellow Mariellen, Mischievous Mary, Marvelous Mary Beth, Meticulous Matt, Mouthy Mike, Rambunctious Ruth, Slithery Spencer, Terrible T.J., Wonderful Wade. The leader of our gang has her own unique way of doing things. She has helped us with our troubles and our frustrations. She treats us like we're all her own. We want to thank you, Ms. D. We are sure going to miss you when we leave T Venado. ' 22215, 'f'f'?'l- ,. 53? "2 fzzii rr-all is r-if-iv lfsffi i Dana Duenzen, social science l ' lh . Y' .h ,134 ,A C' .fx ' " if. fx 'P q . 1 E4 X ....' i 'V itil V YT' -El . ff i Greg Baumeister Laurinda Clark Linda Howitt Glenn Lehrich Matt Nicholson Ruth Bruno Debbie Dowler Mary Hughes Bobbi Lebsack Betsy Oswandel Claudia Bustos Gina Dumont Wade Kloos Christie Mata T.J. Prendergast Mary Carlise Spencer Hermann Mike Lasky Mariellen Mazza Laura Stevens Dawn Williams John Gasper, math and physical education 1 lf'-H5 . N T gasperjs power hitters Our T.A. group spent an eight-week period involved in a unit reviewing the FACTS AND FANTASIES that surround Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol. Our objective was to become better informed and afterwards to be able to make intelligent decisions whenever confronted with Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol. Through participating in the leisure time and career Ed. units, it became more and more apparent to all the students in our T.A. that only the individual makes the difference on what he or she wants out of life. The important question is: How can I make this a better place to live? , 4 F 5 T 'X jg., 1 va I ,, , , 'v' K '.,. " - 4. U ' - " '. l Vt: T , :Q , . -e it-ix L is l . i t - YY XX 'J TS? i Robert Rudd Donna Sison Shari Taylor Tom Harkins Dave Borders Kris Hueter Lisa Morris Linda Gallagher Mike Meyers Dina Parker Iva Hefiing Erik Moen Tony Pinnola Sung Hong Erin Morgan Amy O'DeIl 24 l Tracy Triggs Robby ZHHQI llPower hitters? That has something to Not Plctufedi do with volleyball, doesn't it?" John Moreland Ron Tomichek holmes and the yo-yos Kathy Holmes, arts and crafts . . .taIkative.. BALDWINhumorously dramaticBOWERfriendly., creativeCOLLINSgirlcrazy. DAVERNprettycoolv.b.player.. DRAUDTinteIligentsweetJOHNSON cooperativeLAUDERDALEskier.. LINAIVIinthemiddIeofitlVlACKkind ..... NGUYENversatileRICHindescribable. SAIVIUELSON"whome?"SlVlITprettyintel- IigentsweetcheerySlVlITH"yeah,thisis anewoutfit"sport-oSNlOLINterrific. TYLERworIdIyWISEunderstanding .... WITFERdebaterYAlVlADAhumorousHOLlVl ES ::: ::: ::: az: ::: :zz 11: ::: :::THE YO-Y0S::: ::: ::: zz: 11: 2: ::: :1: 211221 :ic youmayfmdusintheheartarea .... IVIAKINGTHINGStaIkingFILLING OUTFORIVlSworkingasateam havingagoodtime... being. . . Not Pictured: David Baldwin Kim Launderdale Lynette Linam Dan Bower Deanna Mack in .fskrbt Heidi Smith Tami Smolin Tina Tyler Charlynn Wise Brian Witter Brian Yamada mercefs muggers Robin Rose-talking on the phone . . . Staci Goodman-Willie Aames, Ken Walker, U.S.C .... ' 5 Debbie Peacher - scuba diving . . . Terri Rowell T ' - brushing her hair . . . Jana Bedley - snow.. Jaime Palacio - reading . .. Mrs. Mercer - T.A. I ... Brett Simkins - skiing . . . Nannette Losee - " Roller skating... Rodney Phillips - scuba diving 2 ... Rosanne Sancho - horses... Mike Scott - FOOD!!! ... Dave Volk - volleyball . .. Kashma T! Staton - Sports ...Todd Peterson - Tami - A Luft!!! ...Jennifer Roberts - BOLT... Mark yy . Webster - baseball ... Kim Connor - loves to L talk . .. Lucy Ortiz - Flying ... Rodney Poissant - surhng . . . my W lu u 1 s, Q x R l ,Iii lx Kim Connor Jaime Palacio Rodney Poissant Terri Rowell Brett Simkins Staci Goodman Debbie Peacher Robert Ray Rosanne Sancho Kashma Staton Nannette Losee Todd Peterson Jennifer Roberts Mike Scott Dave Volk Lucy Ortiz ' Rodney Phillips Robin Rose 26 Connie Mercer, math N .H - 9-Af' e Ken Walker Mark Webster Not Pictured Jana Bedley Super. iq-w Evelyn Nliller, support education Li ia! Laura Alderson David Brookhyser O A Q iv -, '1 ,. 51' .fi . 9 5 '. 'E ' . - A ' , i , , J - - .f iv' i . 4 in i 1 I -g ,, i "' V-'f' . i :'v-- ' X.. I' i .N 04: , . " 3 . ,' -- Xu Ui x Nga H. I :tl - ' ' "Lunch Detention? It's in the bag, guys." milleris' manglers Talented, artistic, mighty, inspired, loud, learning, entertaining, rowdy, searching sl Nlagnificient, Active, Normal, Great, Lively, Excellent, Radical, Lf' Kim Carlson Cara Dittman Bill Duesler Stacey Gecker Not Pictured: Shannon Swancutt Cindy Krewer Cindy Sessum il Andy Gentry Suzette Gervais Julie Gonzales Crystal Kyker Mike Labar N . fr l s YT ' 4 1 ,H Q ' 4' Q 9 iaf4w.i,, 'Rf ' J 1" 1 ' Zn, . Vw i- ,g,.',,-.,.-- -.fc I' i V K 'Vi ::i 1, l ,ii ix . i .. ,L .i 5 .i , r: 9 ..,, X' '- Lucky Laliberte Rick Myers Cathy Park Thomas Park Roberto Rosales 27 l mulveyis mcg za Our T.A. is not bad, but it can be improved. Sometimes it's great when we win money for an auction at the end of three months. I know alot of people in my T.A. and they are pretty nice. We do a lot of things like play great volleyball until we lost to Mrs. Rice's team. Halloween was a blast when Joe Paluck dressed up as a lady. There were other great costumes, but Joe's was the best. He won a ribbon, too. We have a radical T.A. teacher named Mrs. Mulvey and she's 0.K. Susan Mulvey, language arts and French J l J .. .....- f 'F Mall Gretchen Benes Lisa Cole Ledra Berdner Tracey Droke ' , A . x, t it - S Qz l 'lWh0'g downing around," Steve Greth Susan Marcel Joe Paluck Louie Simental Rhonda Jones Shaun Meredith Greg Pierce Dori Smuckler Wendy Kearley Mylene Moreno John Salinas Terry Trammell Chi-Hyon Lee Mary O'Connor John Sherman Julie Zesch 28 mundyis blues Erin is a snow skier and a Led Zepplin fan ... Sally is a skier and a tennis player . .. Kristen is a volleyball player, water-skier and always noisy . . . Laurie is a softball player, sometimes shy and always smiley . .. Beth is a super softball player, a beacher and a snow skier . .. David is a skier, a football player, a super surfer, a Beatles fan . .. Paula is a skier, a beacher and mellow . . . Joe is an excellent clarinet player and the owner of the late, great uElvis" ... Greg is Venado's best trumpet player . .. Steve is our best oboe! bassoon player and the owner of a python named "Rects" . . . Tony is athletic ta surfer and a future pro golfer? . . . Suzanne is an excellent singer and an equestrian . .. Bonnie is a ine Flute player, intelligent and quiet... Leslie is outgoing, a fine Hute player and into "Drama all the way!" . .. lVlike is a raquetball player, a lVlel Castelo fan and seems to like trash pick-upl? . . . June is a misguided comedian and likes xixzi ... Lori is bluish- brownish-greenish-eyed and is always late to T.A .... John is sometimes shy, always fun and a football player. Kathy Mundy, language arts and social science Not Pictured: Tony Smith ,,:1 sale? J L M' i i . ', rv .I ' ,. i ' : ' ' sl L 1 Q ' i H11' 4. ,,,y ,-V. Joe Antuna Mike Gilmour John Hutchison Paula lVlcNabb Kristen Sims Suzy Speirs Leslie Baldwin Greg Hicks Steve Jacobs Erin Selindh June Sison Beth Wasni Sally Fillet David i-iowau Bonnie Libby Laurie Simons Cindy Snyder Lori Yeskin 29 lx , . lwsll. .l I f, . K f Dave Olaver, math and ceramics . 5 IW g fy A' ' l 'xl' olaveriv 1.61. There's so much going on inside their heads. I see them thinking And I wonder, but they never share. I figure they'lI make their own way there. There are quiet ones with twinkling eyes and knowing stares. There are bold ones with a touch of mischief in their eyes trying to hide that they care. Some days they are, it seems so far away. Yet on others they are smiles and won't go away. Their days are Hlled with talk and pop, gum and fun. Still I often wonder what makes them run. I wonder, do they share them with you instead? D.E.O. i X . F 1 2.11.5155 4 f"ix 1 l l Melody Cannon Marlon Dempster Sheila Laufer Sandy Ock Tom Thomas Raymond Villamor Randy Carrillo Bobbi Johnson Tim Leach Jiwon Park Julie Yamada Alene Werthe Pete Chavez Nelson Jun Jocelyn Lee 30 Not Pictured: Moises Deiley Lisa Fairman Jamie Gravich X .f popleiv piranhas 44 l Matt Alves Candy Anderson Caroline Carlson XQQH Adu: Shaun Devlin Eileen Fitzgerald Andrew Griffin if - I 4-A 91 Ruth Pople, language arts and journalism K K x x -2 Greg Gritton Charlie LeBlanc Brenda Rundell Cindy Titchenal Brian Hooper Darcee Payton Jackie Strawther Norelei Tong Mike Jensen Kathy Perry , Eric Taylor Lori Wicker Tracey J ones Pam Karel l'Whatever you do, don't repeat that in class!" but i il i Sandy Pyle, home arts and science pyleis panlhers We're not so hot at volleyball, but always on the run W XX I e are called Pyle s Panthers," and love lots of fun You can see us playing football, our players run quite , well, our colors shine as blue and white, which would be D -5 i 4 hard to tell, Violet Bulujian Deanna Foster Lori Goodman Thatls Okay because We try' which is what really Michelle Dickerson Lisa Gallant Vikki Griflin Counts. We like OUV teacher, Mrs- PYle1 In 9Veat big Stacey Erickson Joe Gallardo Karyn Harmon large amguntglll ,. l. , Kim Knudson David Kuo Robbie Long Paul Nilsen il S l 1 "Was that an eye for an eye, or two eyes for fifty cents?" 32 ,ff I' xl Swy- ... ,- i If v ff,-l -, 1 , I V -1' wwf- at l - 'iii , witty Kevin Reilly Holly St. Pierre Rusty Richardson Steve Valerie Robert Robinson Sterling Van Dusen Not Pictured: Mike Sylvester rzce's rat Rice's TA - The Best! Always happiness. The fun is right here, 'Cuz we're the greatest! As you understanding. So who are we? THE RATICALS! ' icals together with in our terrihc group know. Lots of N. KAI,-I A 5 f A Aff . Q t an . LC - " L2 , .,, T f 5 W 4 s. ,.-"x Bob Braccia Leticia Gonzales Mary Delgadiilo Denise Kobzeff Jennifer Denney Raquel Luna Emilia Galvan Adam Martel Amanda 0'DeII Cindy Pacot 4 Yvonne Perches Chris Stately Adrian Sylican Gene Yong Becky Roche John Schroeder Not Pictured: Vince Vitalich Patrick Hicks radical rohwers We Radical Rohwers are truly a radical bunch of people, as our name perfectly suggests, but there's more to us than that... much more. We are an energetic group of crazy, mixed-up individuals who work well as a team 48th Grade Volleyball Champions! but often undergo many conflicts in our group-relating activities. ClVlr. Rohwer calls us his fighting HVenado Yankees."l There are no two of us alikeg but rightfully, there shouldn't bel We're all very independent and unique, and although we definitely have our own ideas about the way things should happen ... at least we always make them happen! Cindy Brough Paul Casey Not Pictured: Paul Perez A33- Bob Rohwer, language arts ., N l. in-if tif 'R-'L kiidxlpk Mei Cagtelo Martha Garcia Steve Davis Rob Gentile Dolores Ecclestone Kelli Hiner l N ,Q 'UQ' wk . -4 34 , J Gretchen Knocne Debbie Mercer Estella Sanchez Lori Landsman Scott Nolan Jay Schuda Lisa Lowe Jeanine Faux Whitney Young ilYes, charm class was a prerequisite to cheerleading." vaughrfs L I . i vicious vikingsi L if 5 i 1 , f- ' 1 c L L i fi ii. W -A ' J UMM.- .- iz 'sf l'1fU""" i ,if-nj' iq, X ,vlguvi i A,-' Jack Vaughn, Assistant Principal .L L - 1-1" A WF E ,i x -. v i if i , ,fcmviii X nf 'lm i Greg BHWSW Jill COYISY Reggie Koffmari Jeff McNamara Margie Pederson Steve Tamura Doug Brozovich Rich Hill Joe Kozloilvski Julie Metzger Brian goward Robert Weagant Laura Busquiazo Jeff Karlsont Jim LaPointe g ' Collin Cate , Debbie Kent Larry Lampignano slot Fgtured- H Brad Cole 17' iisa Kennedy Tom Locke ar eyma 1 QQ ,i -' QU L. X' - . M' fblsb' ,Q 5 63 59 di-Qbk' aj- D? N0 ,QQ S-If-as QD - SJ '-H? "QL E , QQ' Q ff- Q QQ J?-f: 'C is .' N -1 gl Q2 Q55 5 Q staulfs superstars? . . . . . . wofrum? . . . njacobs? . . . bryanl? . . . . . no, ifs Seguin? superstars! il X of Cl i 1 , A. lL' Diane Baylon Delane Bingman Luanne Boyden Becky Clark Kathi Cox 36 41 fs' Jim Dewhurst Ricky Hayakawa John Kim Karen Leung Lisa Lowrey Rebecca McFadden Chris Middleton Chris Paquin Kim Petersen Anthony Radovich W 3 Cv' 'Q Ride on Venado Knights Ride on with courage To your goal of success To the goal without stopping Although there be many evils in Ride on with courage To your goal without stopping To the goal of success Ride on Venado Knights -John lVl. Kim your way .. l -: , -v , ii, " vu l' 44, ,mar-V.- ' , Steve Schroff Carla Stannec Quang Tran 'tIsn't Andy Gibb supposed to sing at this pep rally? Fran Ant-engre math frlendly content Hao artlstlc musical sweet scholar calm fd 5..- L! tu -,J ml' uf 12 . f V , "'f"11 -. .z: my ' "-liflf .- .l.. :anal J We Colleen Coleman Thanh Duong Roger Dupuy Curtis Gallaher 'X baughrfs bandits Baughn's Bandits are believed to be hiding out in the guitar room of Venado Middle School. They have been observed sporting blue visors and smiling suspiciously. If spotted, do not approach suddenly or use force. Enter their hide-out with caution, as the bandits have been known to . .. steal your sadness . .. rob you of depression . . . handcuff your problems... prolong your problems . . . and filch your frustrations. To help you avoid unintentional contact with this nortorlous gang, we oder mug shots and aliases ofthe members and their leader, butterfingers Baughn. Julie the jockey . .. Radical randy . .. K.C.-s.s.s,s. ... Dangerous Darin . . . Catburglar Kathy . .. Blazing Brian ... Hustler Herringer . . . Calamity Kim ...T.C. Toni... Lefty Laurie... Rambunctious Robin . .. Quick-start Art . .. Mousears Mauser . .. Daredevil Debbie ... Machinegun Murray . .. Playboy Pelton .. Mysterious Matt... Wild Watson . .. Dirty Dan ... Alias Rocky . . . ll l-il Cheryl Baughn, physical education WIA A '21 4 gi M- V qi, l .X liuwjx 1 Julie Caro Randy Cook l' ' .. x L Kirsten Crawford Brian Gibson Toni Hautz Kim Mauser Darin Daniels Jef? Heringer Laurie Huff Debbie McFadden Kathleen Etlinger Kimberly Hoover R0bin HUff0l'd lVliCh9ll9 MUYYRY Arthur Hull Greg Pelton of l ,4. Matt Pressey Michael Rock Danny Savage Mavourneen Watson 39 bishop 'S beach bums Growth is the key word that describes our year as Bishop's Beach Bums. We learned about others and ourselves. We spent hours going over U0ur Civil Rights" to understand how they work in our lives and the world. We experienced the excitement of pulling together by working and playing together. We strived to understand what happened to us each day. Twenty people, twenty personalities came from twenty directions experientially and emotionally to become Bishop's Beach Bums. .,..,- Chuck Bolton Henry Cabbab Joe Cano Peter Carnes "How 40 X' 1 x, 3 1 l-c it Linda Cole Carlos Gaudier Tom Grifhn Denise Peacock come there aren't more pictures? I 'SZ-T-3" .l l ' 'I .' . . Karen Bishop, reading gt , lj... A., x - Q V ' 1 nl Eileen Roach Christine Summers Todd Tarter Mike Townsend Il L 1 xl -l ig. - 55, I ff? It 7. W ', 1 ' 1' 4 .el le- Q Hieu Tran Jeanine Dawn Weber Jim Tucker Van Kasteren Darryl Williams Larry VanEsseIt Gloria Villamar ft' l"g5?,i- X."-Qi Joan Donahue, math and language arts donahuejs deadbf demons T.A. for us is a comfortable class where everyone gets a chance to say what he or she thinks. Our T.A. is a set of twenty unique students put together with another type of student, Ms. Donahue. This extra student, though she is our teacher, is learning while she works with us. She learns our likes and our dislikes, our personalities, our strengths and even our weaknesses. Even though most of us are new to each other, we seem to get along well, if not for any other reason than because we're all kids. And because we are kids, we have our own opinions about school. Some of us think school is "boring" while others think it's "great!" But we all agree that school is a place to meet people and make friends. Within our T.A. there is a potpourri of one-of-a-kind personalities. Of these, there are the shy and the outgoing, the quiet and the boisterous and the studious and the athletic. Our interests go far and wide as individuals and as a class. It is because of this unique mixture of personalities that we believe we are "the classiest class at Venado!" -Mark Villanueva Steve Alt Mike Berg Laurie DeSantis Kathy Kieran Cheri Mankin Mark Thomas Robert Barmore Tim Blaylock Arlene Hernandez Kathy Lieberg Jonas Oblouk Mark Villanueva Steve Bates Jeff Boswell Kim Jackson Maria Lucido Cory Bell Ron Buckland Dennis Kent Traci Madden 41 galeis grizzlies l'Get the job done." X ., 'J v' X A l ' l . f ,x?, ,, , iggifgqie r , ', -1 , nl E m 3 l S -- , . l f, V ' ,,li.fZ5' 'Z ', f jqifgtigvj 3 ki I l "Nga i V" '1i"f f, W 1 , L f EY A ,x U ' ' fee,-iff - t , aa. wk f lets? ' e ' if f V - li X. V'.. 'J A-., fl. ' 1 ' Rick Gale, social science and human relations 'iv y l Mark Combs Angela Dmoregorio Scott Godfrey Paul Moreno Jeff.Norton N t P. t d. Sh Janine Greenfield Tama Murrletta David Nudell 0 'C ur? ' awn . John Heaton Emily McWatters Robert Staniforth H8l'f0Yd, JIITI Kovach, LlSa Pammy Merrell Julie Newbury Ben Wolf Tripl r Brian Caldwell Vicki Chernoff Kevin Churchill Gleeful participants in your Hunger Project, Nlr. Gale? the go lden grahams ff' ls. .QL John Amodeo Jimmy Apodaca Terry Beckerman Eric Bosler Eric Boswell ,, ii, .' 2-Lili fi. .' Bianca Cleyne Charlette Harper Elizabeth Nam Esther Gil Karl Larson David Sylican Stephen Grafton. Ricky Lee Kurtis Thomas Debbie Groggett Greer John Tyer Lutchmansingh Not Pictured: So Jeong Oh, Mark Webster, Heidi Woweries This is our group People from many places With bright and smiling faces, We have lots of fun and that's enough We're super cool and really tough. 1 X. , Joan Graham, ESL, Terrific Terry Happy Heidi Exciting Keyvan Gorgeous Greer Outstanding Esther Lively Charlotte If f x ' math and Spanish Delightful Debbie and David Exotic Elizabeth and Bianca Neat Stephen Good ol' John T. and Kurtis Roving Karl Active Jimmy Handsome John A. All American Ricky Magnetic Mark Sweet So Jeong 43 1 ! Q r haden s hustlers l 1 X . H43 ' X ' 2 ,.1gi1iZi?.' --'iii X V. xi l ti diff . , L is ,V Xi. i-. JH ' A . gi in' 5 W ,P E, l 1 f 'A h ,ll Q1 y , 1 Wi ' J A I u. , pg-'-'1'f'r1'e: ,., 1 i - 5-, ', ' S 'i " '.e'!f" if 'ff Faribroz Ardestani Brian Hanson Nick Pappas Jodi Bressler Angie Kimmel Pat Park Chris Bunce Mike Marenghi Radhika Jane Crofts Judi Muccio Parthasarathy John Drevon Luis Palacio Michelle Perin Cathy Petz Not Pictured: Michael Kamm, Samantha Price, Vaughn Von Linden llKeep your eyes on your paper, Jenny. You'II never be an artist this way." 1 2 '1 HIS lvl . -vp 2+ ,.' .g9?z- 1 4, A4 Susan Haden, speechflanguage specialist Samantha Price Mike Quon Joey Uhlik i A X uw 'J .P haleygs hotshots A is for activities D is for difterent people V is for volleyball I is for interesting conversation S is for spirited O is for outstanding R is for radical G is for great A gg, R is for rowdy 0 is for outdoors O. My - U is for united U V P is for positiveggsgggg, 'xr sn? ' i- il gt . V M la dl f :fm Kathy Baylon Annette Dean Lisa Katz Kim Bechtold Chris Dotson Michele Lefebvre Carmen Capeluto Jim Harrington Kevin Morton Steve Collatz Heidi Hutchins Mike Newman Gina Ruddis Brian Schatzlein Karen Schoonover Kevin Schulte A ' el Haley, physical education , it f Xp , ll Yi. fl . . ' . M1235-lf fl mei' i.. John Scott Dana Wilkinson Tina Tobehn Tom Winslow 'At last I've found it! The secret to milk!" srmiv vii mf ly 'EF uiuifiil ii.. ,1 lilpllll ll HQ! I gil", lt all fri i rv, Tl UQ- 1-me: ,sri isa ., 5 -"Qtr .5 L , L., F2525 35:5 .if'5'm 45 hartlinek hackers Our T.A. is 0.K.! We act a little weird, but we try to do our best. It is really nice when we all sit down together and have discussionsg like talking about ourselves and getting to know each other better and better. l A.,-- ""'j, n .1 Tina Block Dale Garlic Craig Knight Pam Davis Ethan Kaufman Diane Kobzeff Chris Davis Esther Kim George Kydd Lex Farm Monica Kim Todd McCracken Not Pictured: Rick Huie, Brent Lloyd, Janet Pendergraft, Bruce Nlulovich UI screamg you screamg we all scream for ice cream!" 46 I AM Carrol Hartline, attendance Jim Stubbings Steve Svoboda Karyn Wulbrun r Wg' I- ,-- -' - , ., ,, 'T , 7 44.4 Ends' kandy kain krushers The T.A. statement about T.A. time is that it is boring and that sports are the best thing about it. We feel that some games we play O.K. and that discussions are interesting, but they are not nearly as fun as participating in more active team sports. Not Pictured: Brett Earl, Greg White ', 1 ' ...k Z 1 .lv 'g J i' ' 'i f I . .L Annette Sollars Claudia Villegas DGNW Stately Matt Wetzel "Yes, I wanna be a rock .if,,1.i-' '...,ii1ai,..iimu i13- the bandroom bashers Brian Arnett Michelle Donaldson Rhonda Barraza Grace Errea Tammy Chiappardi Joel Fairclough ,J' X. W, L-Y X X E5 5' George Lucas, instrumental music Qavp " if V 'Wi . ' L We it if L1 Stephen Holm Mark Miller Ken Simms Jim Troup David Larsen Cheryl Mundt Mitch Stinson Raya Villanueva Mark Lucas Richard Murrietta Mike Stokes Lauren White Gina McKay Peter McWatters 'lYou think it's easy walking on these? Just ask Miss Rice!" 1 l , . . ,I l l-. 7 " :ii ' i . ' Lili l s Lmmlti Dianna Anderson Robert Luman Carla Couch Liz Marrujo Leonor Ehling John Miller Clay Jacobs John Petersen Jeff Jacobsen Carolyn Riggs "Venado's trees don't attract many dogs anymore, but bicycles love theml" 'ln mills, m and m's This is what T.A. is all about: getting together and talking, big rap session, learn about the school, it's better than math or p.e., whatever happened to the T shirts?, working with others, a place to express thoughts, just a group, a place to kick back. i M Julia Mills, social science Mike St. Pierre Kristen Sweeney Nancy Sedlmayer Erik Westfall V Peter Serena Carol Subbert Not Pictured: Kim Bennett, Robert Goebel, Beth Rohner, Kristen Rohner 49 1-.1 :Vila Q . .i . J 1 . "1 5 1 Uri.. -ft, I, V l l 'pt . I ,. ,. .ff - i is '. - ,i Sherry Rosen, language Arts rosen 3' roadrunners Although in volleyball we are not number one, Everyone in here is talkative and fun. Uncoordinated we are the girls do say, The boys disagree and like to play. With a little practice we could be on top, But without it we are a disappointing flop. Even if sometimes to advisement we're tardy, We all look forward to having a party. Roadrunners we are and Roadrunners we'Il stay, It's just too bad we don't meet everyday. ff' T I Richard Alderson Kim Bartlett 50 Amy Betke Kim Brougher :J l ,: " "---l - l -" , X WQ, ' V g if ,A T ' n x X Q 4 Q' nel fi w'gfgms.K Charles Denney Denise Field Julie King Lisa Sloniger Bruno Dworzak Joey Flask Marilyn Montoya Vicky Terfansky Mike Faust Bill Foster Traci Reynolds Arash Touski Greg Fejes Anna Frias Kristin Schwab Tracey Wrightstone Cam Sartor, receptionist and budget X 'I -:lv Na' VN I, sartoriv super swatters Stephanie: I like T.A. because there is no workl: Laurie: I like not doing work: Eric: Our T.A. is 0.K. because there are not a bunch of people: Jim: T.A. is fun because we can sit and talk to everybody: Jeff: I like T.A. because it isn't boring: Becky: T.A. is fun, but it could be better: Jim: I like T.A. because we usually get to do what we want: Julie: T.A. is a good time to get to know yourself and other people a lot better: Gillian: I like T.A. because I like Mrs. Sartor: Michelle: I like T.A. because it's fun and I like being with my friends: Tim: I like T.A. because I have a chance to meet new friends: Greg: I like T.A. because we don't have to do that much work: Kris: I like T.A. because it gives me a chance to not be in a certain class: Chriss: I like to ditch it because it's boring and all we ever do is draw and discus: Mark: I like T,A. because we get to sit down and lx I bv? iqP,?xli-gf xx in fs., .gl ' talk instead of work: Mary: I like T.A. because we do a lot of fun things and I like my advisor, Mrs. Sartor: Andre: I don't really like going to T.A. because it's boring: Carolina: T.A. is fun and I like it: Dominador: I like T.A. because you have to sit down and listen to your teacher: Mike: T.A. is uratticallf' Not Pictured: Jim Ferguson, Tim Hamelin, Jim Oakes If . f . 'P' . 1' , ' .' 1+ - , ' IL, ' 5' '7 J Xlull A i Becky Epling Julie Fiegener Gillian Finle David Ge X I Stephanie Barker Laurie Brazeau Jim Crofts Jef? Curnutt ' If 1 iv' 5 W' X 'I fl vw l ' in en. 34, -G Lp-' l I l I l l L I f I: pg. x 'U 'W I 9 I , L- LL :.. . . HB4 E1 Michelle Grizzle Mark Lynch Andre P uw Dominador Santos Greg H0219 Mary McGaughan Carolina Santos Mike Thrower Kris Hum hrey Chris K b U 92213215 : Joanne Senecai, counselor senecafs tentacles SenecaI's Exciting Nutty Excellent Casual Active Loudmouths i at X. L Not Pictured: Andy Quinn, Tarik Brown 52 'lb 7227 David French Stephanie Grafton Frank Lovasz Natalie Hogue Jim Martin Monty Johns Lisa McDonald Jeni Lang Robert Mergen 1 F -L4 I i 4- ."' 'sz' 7 1 "S pr Micaela Oyague Lisa Rodely Kerri Specht Kellie Stately Sandee Tolton Kim Wooden Kris Woolever Pam Yoshino 'VT i f , Frank Coughlin Kirk Emmons tlThis picture must have been posed. We know Martha never gets into trouble. Right, Martha? Martha?" r' in- Q .,, .1 -1 Shanahan 'S la Kim Asendorf: considerate, outgoing, friendly cooperative, Cory Cate: spirited horse-lover, nice, short but sweet, John Daniels: friendly, funny, nice, cooperative, Patti DeWid: wild and crazy, smiley, very funny, nice, Suzy Gilstrap: a great friend, sweet, musical, speedy, Cherie Kealey: friendly, boy crazy, really friendly, outgoing, Todd Klenz: bikini inspector, athletic, leadership, friendly, Patty Merrell: very quiet, active, musical, friendly, Kacey Pierce: athletic, friendly, dramatic, dependable, Susanne Poolman: friendly, nice, sweet, dependable, Michelle Roberts: friendly, talkative, meagel, crazy, Angela Robles: talented, singer, dramatic, funny, Darrin Rogers: active, smiley, friendly, Ricardo Rosales: talkative, smiley, friendly, goof-off, Mike Rosney: crayola box, friendly, cooperative, Chris Simmons: calm, nice, quiet, friendly, Cindy Sobel: pretty, cute, nice, friendly, Shauna Tong: nice, sweet, friendly, cute, Tuong Vy Nguyen: quite, sweet, cute, friendly, Donna Zwicky: considerate, cooperative, pretty, friendly. Patty Shanahan, choral ,Q- C"' if i x ll '27 Q5 ,KT , 1-1 I l l Kim Asendorf Patti DeWid Todd Klenz Kacey Pierce Cory Cate Suzy Gilstrap Patty Merrell Susanne poolman John Daniels Cherie Kealey Tuong Vy Nguyen Michelle Roberts 4 Q- N us. Darrin Rogers Ricardo Rosales Mike Rosney Cindy Sobel 1 r'-, l I Chris Simmons Shauna Tong Donna Zwicky SA s l"l I . l 1 Not Pictured: Sean Todd Janice Smith, RISE l i, 'NX ig, H ' . -wlmzw-ff" fm,-if Y,-, . ,. 4 , ' L. l r 7 l ,. . , T at l 4 I I in Y . Nl. J ,,l , I A L . ..n. S. f U ' U' ' 'ii' G!!! . - U I h fl I m . Russ Aagaard Sharon Chevlin Danny Gonzales Greg Loujon- Sue Vanderpool Desmond Arbuckle Jeannette Deaver Becky Hall Rouche Robert Vulgamore Donna Bush Greg Garcia Mark Heinsius John Lanham Byron Waddell Trevor Nelson Dave Weinberger 54 smithis' Supersonics Michelle Shiffman, Super Marvelous Intelligent Thoughtful Happy Sensational Smart Understanding Powerful Energetic Radical Sweet Outstanding Nice Irresistible Champions Superstars Jackie White Greg Wood l V Bu ,P -ll' l Steve Wendkos, soclal science Patricia Baldwin 1 who V 95,7 f Xb wobgjo 909.10 wendkos ' ta i 1 "1 5 1253 Tl' ia X I Eric Boldt Tonette Canu Jonas Calicdan Kathy Chase is il, if Jerry Couchman Elvis Cruz Christian De Corte Stephanie Duncan Sandy Eidler Chrissy Grenard Kelley Miller Shelly Jenan Edd Jenkins Dean Lorti Jon Marcelli David Nolan Rob Norton R. Onishi Troy Schmidt "Since when do they allow voting under a 711 tyranny JI " 1:::-at -. x wimbrowiv Wildcats Trish Wimbrow, social science and l I drama .. . predictions for 1989 Andy-first professional bowler to break 4005 Kelly-world famous brain surgeong Greg-World Cup down hill skierg Kim-snowbunny on the sunlit slopes of Nlammothp Scott-quarterback for the Dallas Cowboysg John-trainer of . ' ,Q .JL , s the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleadersg Laura- champion Figure skaterg Joe-smash-up 'QFldlBB::'man . . lm O on derby drlverg Pam-lead dancer ln a Michele Brown Broadway musicalg Heidi-cross-Atlantic Kelly Carlyle waterskierg Bobby-cross-Irvine sidewalk surferg Patricia-high diver on the low diving boardp Kevin-computer wizlg Nlichelle-gambler millionaire Silg Ann-U.S. Olympic swimmerp Donna- l l star of the 1989 Ice Capadesg Melanie-fashion designer 9 forlvogueg Edith-only person to eyer paint a portrait ggitcggmfl Eggfg Exlgsfgra whlle on a balance beamg Tina-Skl lnstructorg Jlll-will John Casey Mmnie Ohm, Kevin Schmissrauter meet Jatlkl Edith Castillo Patricia Quiros Andy Schor Donna Copeland Pam Ratclifie Jill Thompson Not Pictured: Joe Leseney 56 p ,---. . . 'rf l,,..,,,,.. 1.-.- - .Q ,Q .-.,,, Y.. 1.4-5 - ,-,Q - ' -74 D I J' . --. - - . I A , -,Q , , 'Z A ,un VL, ,nr 3 - x A , 4, if ., 1-' ' X ',lJdi-,,. - x -,Bw-'If u - nf-!:,"'5' I A , .Ju-zg.7' 5:1991 A - W- - - -N Qr:--Q.-JO'- H """f"" 7 x ' ,,-,qu .J - . " , I -Y-. !,ihA?- . ,, , 41.-I. A , -qg I D " -'- - f- -"' ' .ln-iiJ"'5!"'-. - 1 4 - - -1. . ' - . -' " - ..,.. -NA K A i .-- "-Tnr -Y , Q 'is' . ' -is?fL 7' ' ' 'Q 'Suits' i' - , -Li-n-Av ,-.-- --4?-L ,,"-.-4 ' '-.., .-.gk-14. 7 ""L"' -1 . ,Q ' 4.1 5 v 4 -,AI L.-'JL fer tn---...swu-Lg.f'i..."-d -.. T -1-,,,, -. lf-S." . :- N ' ' 'tivi' ' " Tin - - ' 'V U.. ' ,J ...Q - - , '-+- ' """Qf' -4--' Hfiiiv .-ff---y Q s , ""' 'iw --L' H.. -1 3, -Qe.'...A- - .r-P' 5 V G-Q, 7 Q4 .-4 B 5 -' xi. ,-5 " " - - - ,.: L 'H' a-, - - II-1,.'u '. -- ...fga-3. , 14- - 4, '23-g , 1-,ag ,. . ..-Q. '-' .- - . '-C'-L - . - - 5 ' -M ..s. . h L' I,-. as f , ' Q -,-x.. -'ox' g .3 .-un 1 , , v v . . D.- - ,Y M - 3 I -Q , , -,,. - , -5- - --'U - " - .. Q, .- -we 5 5... ,,-7-2 -4-6 ..' df' -J" - -A,. ,- " " - ' . - ' 'fvvf - - ' Zip- . ' n- , , ,,, 18-A-r I v- , ,, . - Q 5 - -, - - f'2'2'r4.'5"f"-'- 2. "'1 F . 1: 2- -' ' '5".. -64. ' .h " ' 3.3 -M - , 'ICJ A ,-ggi Q, . . ' , ..-L N , 2 .Fi-Q 3-4. L ! S u 7 - -. ,aw ZQ'qg- .Qs L, ' 7' , uv-C-' - - 7 3,-5-1-4-"" :Q - -. - - In . . -. gf - - 153- 5 . - 4 at so b l - W-, . "' Q 1 .. . , A- S1 , Q ' B knights of the round table are . . . decision-makers Knights of the Round Table Ofhcersz Donna Sison, president, Kerry Knowles, vice president, Lisa Gallant, secretary, Mel Castelo, treasurer, June Sison, activities commissioner. Q! Knights' President, Donna Sison, gives her successful campaign speech early in the school year. Eighth Grade Representatives: Laura Alderson, Collin Cate, Lisa Cole, Kim Conner, Sally Fillet, Linda Gallagher, Vikki Griffin, Laila Johannessen, Jon Karlson, Chris Mata, Debbie Mercer, Chris Paquin, Alicia Prado, Brenda Rundel, Tonette Schlack, Chris Stately, Char Wise, Julie Yamada. Knights of the Round Table Advisors: Marjie Rice and Susan Haden, 58 PJ Q 4241! fix 1. . '1 Seventh Grade Representatives: Russel Aagard, Kim Asendorf, Kim Bartlett, Tonette Canu, Robin Hufford, Laura Karabin, Lisa Katz, George Kydd, Ricky Lee, Tracy Madden, Mary McGaughan, Mark Miller, Judy Muccio, Tania Murrietta, Michele Pavonarius, Nancy Sedlmayer, Annette Sollars, Kelly Stately, Dawn Weber. 'E' 'has l xp' The Knight Times newspaper staff is headed by Advisor Ruth Pople. Vcnighl times' . . . enjoyable news 59 band is . . . hitting all the right notes Advance Band: Russell Aagaard, Denise Andrews, Joe Antuna, Leslie Baldwin, Cynthia Brough, Jonas Calicdan, Linda Cass, Karen Chase, Colleen Coleman, Stephen Davis, Robert Fraser, Joel Fairclough, Suzette Gervais, Stephen Grafton, Steve Greth, Patrick Hicks, Shannon Hicks, Stephen Holm, Steven Jacobs, Bobi-Jo Johnson, Todd Klenz, Kerry Knowles, Reggie Koffman, Joseph Kozlowski, Larry Lampignano, David Larsen, Tim Leach, Jocelyn Lee, Greer Lutchmansingh, Susan Marcel, Emily McWatters, Patty Merrell, Pam Merrell, Debbie Mercer, Robert Mergen, John Miles, Matt Nicholson, Paul Nilsen, Melanie Olson, Michele Pavonarius, Traci Rich, Doug Damuelson, Rosanne Sancho, David Sar, Tonette Schlack, Jay Schuda, Mike Scott, Nancy Sedlmayer, Erin Selindh, Louie Simental, Laurie Simons, Donna Sison, Erin Small, Mike Stokes, Jill Thompson, Cynthia Titchenal, Terry Trammell, Stephen Valerie, Sterling VanDusen, Robert Vulgamore, Kenneth Walker, Brad Withey, Benjamin Wolf, Ronald Schaefer. Winds: Nancy Bade, David Baldwin, Patricia Baldwin, Jeff Kyker, John Lanham, David Larsen, Steven Larson, Mark Boswell, Donna Bush , Brian Caldwell, Tina Carrillo, James i-UCBS, Rvbefl Ll-linen, Jifn Martin, Marilyn iVi0ni0y21, RlCnal'd Crofts, Jane Crofts, Charles Denny, James Dewhurst, John Mllffieita, Samantha PI'iC6, Andy Quinn, J0SePn Ri99S, Dalffin Drevon, Leonar Ehling, Grace Errea, Brett Eartl, Daniel ROQEYS, Ann SHSKH, Stephen-5Cn"0fTf Annette 50iia"5f JaCk'e Gonzales, Stephanie Grafton, Jeffrey Heringer, Kimberly Strawther, Kurtis Thomas, Tina Tobehn, Hlew Van Tran, Jackson, Esther Kim, Monica Kim, Diane Kobzeff, Crystal Mavourneen Watson, Jackie White, James Troup. 60 Advance Orchestra: Anna Marie Aguinaldo, Candy Anderson, Kim Bartlett, Amy Betke, Mary Ann BouHard, Daniel Bower, Brenda Clark, Michelle Donaldson, Debby Dowler, Gregory Gritton, John Heaton, Stephen Huber, Lauran Hutt, Clayton Strings: Louis Alvarado, Charles Bolton, Tammy Rhonda Jones, Robert Fraser, Lisa McDonald Mark Miller, Mary 0'Connor, Kristen Sweeney, Vicky Terfansky, Raya Villanueva, Greg Jaujon-Roche. 'U' .ll George Lucas, instructor Chiappardl, J ulie Caro, Jacobs, Denise Kobzeff, Charlie LeBlanc, Chi-Hyon Lee, Deanna Mack, Mike Myers, Erin Morgan, Tania Murietta, Rochelle Onishi, Chris Paquin, Catherine Park, Jrivon Park, Patrick Park, Patricia Quiros, Lisa Rodely, Joey Uhlik, Dawn Weber. jg' . W. fm '47 23 ,I Vi, X M " IJ. 1 iv nu. 'fit ,F in -,, 5 9 SVN ' .U F- - -J K R . 4:1 , 'i , 3 'Ag' x V ll' A All N 5 fa: . V 1' .!" Q 3. M l i I VI! , I 2 5. '5J:""'.i'f':'i i f I T " ' - H - A- ,V il' - ' Qi' ..l' i l Junior Band: Jimmy Apodaca, Brian Arnett, Rhonda Barraza, Kim Bennett, Imelda Castelo, Kathleen Chase, Jerry Couchman, Christopher Davis, Kathleen Etlinger, Julie Fiegener, Joseph Frasck, David French, Dale Garlic, Robert Gentile, Janine Greenfield, Andrew Griflin, Arlene Hernandez, Brian Hooper, Bobby Jackson, Edward Jenkins, Colleen Jones, Julie King, Denise Kobzeff, Joseph Kozlowski, Lucky Laliberte, John Lanham, Ricky Lee, Debra McFadden, Peter McWatters, Cheryl Mundt, Betsy Oswandel, Amy Osowski, Andre Pauw, Brenda Rundell, Troy Schmidt, Todd Tarter, Sandee Tolton, Lisa Tripi, Darrin VanDorn, Robby Zangle, Carla Figueroa, Gina McKay 61 chorus is . . . singing harmonies. . . 5 I K' , 'L' 'J v . - l 1 ' K ,L Eighth Grade Chorus: Diane Baylon, Claudia Bustos, Mary Carlise, Lori Canfield, Collin Cate, Becky Clark, Jill Corley, Jennifer Denny, Tracey Droke, Billy Duesler, Eileen Fitzgerald, Deanne Foster, Kim France, Kelli Hiner, Robin Hoover, Pam Karel, Jeff Karlson, Jon Karlson, Wendy Kearley, Lisa Kennedy, Debbie Kent, Lori Landsman, Kim Lauderdale, Sheila Laufer, Glen Lehrich, Lisa Lowery, Christy Mata, Julie Metzger, Becky McFadden, Judi Muccio, Amy O'Dell, Jaime Palacio, Margie Pederson, Michelle Renshaw, Jennifer Roberts, Suzanne Rogers, Tami Smolin, Suzi Speirs, Steve Tamura, Tracy Triggs, LaDonna Williams, Whitney Young, Julie Zesch, Jeanine Van Kasteren. Instructor: Patty Shanahan 62 Eighth Grade Chorus Officers: President Robin Hoover, Secretary Tracey Droke and Vice President Jeff Karlson. . , -v,, Q r ' ftig Q! , 1 fi always on key Z' fa 'nh will ,sh i ..',, A ' -',' -D'f"'?,fF9 ilffg Seventh Grade Chorus Ofhcersz President Angela Robles, Secretary Pam Davis, Vice President Jamie Gravich. Seventh Grade Chorus: Pattie Barber, Kathy Baylon, Cory Cate, Miller, Tuong Vy Nguyen, Radhika Parthasarathy, Janet Pam Davis, Laurie DeSantis, Pattie DeWid, Chris Dotsoh, Suzy Pendergraft, Susanne Poolman, Traci Reynolds, Angela Robles, Gilstrap, Scott Godfrey, Jaime Gravich, Chrissy Grenard, Michelle Shiifman, Carol Subbert, Christine Summers, John Michelle Hehr, Dennis Kent, Lynette Linam, Lisa Martin, Craig Tyer, Karyn Wulbrun. Insturctor: Patty Shanahan ' .. U i Q " . . ,f,,0l 'C I ' , ,'V' 1. '-g4'-'.'f,LA- 63 drama is . . . 5Qnv "HJ l X' 4- vf. ,V LA 'u Two l'Prime Time Crime" Angels. ia. 'N Patty Shanahan begins l'Once Upon a Mattress" auditions. 64 ,f "Prime Time Crime" detective rescues reluctant Ieaper. Qtek First period drama class in quiet pose. Laura Alderson, Matt Alves, Dianna Anderson, Denise Andrews, Nancy Bade, Leslie Baldwin, Greg Baumeister, Jana Bedley, Susan Blatchley, Dan Bower, Doug Brozovich, Dawn Bullen, Karen Chase, Laurinda Clark, Lisa Cole, Kathy Cox, Marlon Dempster, Angela DiGorgoria, Dori Ecclestone, Gillian Finley, Monica Fuerst, Michelle Grizzle, Kelli Hiner, Greg Hoag, Linda Howitt, Laura Jacks, Laura Karabin, Kerry Knowles, Kim Knudson, Nannette Losee, Debbie Mercer, Mike Newman, Dave Nudell, Jaimie Palacio, Kathy Perry, Rodney Phillips, Kacey Pierce, Michelle Roberts, Robert Robinson, Doug Samuelson, Troy Schmidt, Mike Scott, Erin Selindh, Cindy Sessum, Donna Sison, June Sison, Heidi Smith, Shannon Swancutt, Shari Taylor, Vicky Terfansky, Tracy Triggs, Joey Uhlik, Julie Yamada, Lori Yeskin, Whitney Young vi '-:H LJ., I I J V - r 4. pi. V 1 ,in 5 5, Local sherifi' tracks down house haunter in HPrime Time "Prime Time" body dragging is tough. Crime." vm". T. ,p N Second period drama class, aboveg Trish Wimbrown, drama advisor, below. I W F f . footlightsf ,sa 65 "Once Upon a Mattress" rehearsals. iq I ii .., cheerleading is . . give me cz v, give me cz v-e-n-cz-d-0! x .qw i Hx Fm C? fi 1, 5 L1 - K . f . mi? -y M- J. 1,-v., ' . . , . . Q, ,, , V Q J ., M A .' ' k J' K K d Jana Rangel 66 x :N 1' 9 , ' 'pi ., fl 'F'w'2F:7" 'W- wns-fi - ng . '?E"f1rf:' f ff-ug A " mx, .1 4. -.v 1 ...n -x'3'r:-53213 X ' A 41 .a .:", 'I rl N 1,,,w:1 -, hmm ... . ,.,.f x. TJ 45::f.4sf.11:.z5 A, Q .W ,f, ffwr' .puff if .45- T. .WL Q, gs A J' 9- 'Iv If M5351 is ,,..,.,,' li w N H' spirit week is . . Q-1--' 'W qw , , 1 A, fA - , ,7 R... -- if A ':1 ,n ,7"" '. ...X ,.a. "A I 68 sliding, gliding, hopping, bopping figiw' 51,2 X, 1 69 ski club . . . kts: ,, AJ, Wi Ski Club Ofhcers: Advisor Marjie Rice, Dave Howitt and Kirsten Crawford, presidents: Advisor Julia Mills: and Directors Clay Jacobs and Mike Marenghi. video club . . . 70 l Ski Club: Laura Alderson, Steve Art, Cory Bell, Gretchen Benes, Susan Blatchley, Kim Bolton, Mary Anne Bouffaard, Cindy Brough, David Brookhyser, Michele Brown, Ron Buckland, Jeri Caneday, Peter Carnes, Scott Carver, Linda Cass, Karen Chase, Pam Collins, Kim Conner, Kirsten Crawford, Darin Daniels, Mary Delgallio, John Drevon, Tracey Droke, Tina Dumont, Stacey Erickson, Deanne Foster, David French, Linda Gallagher, Christi Galluppo, Suzette Gervais, Mike Gilmour, Leticia Gonzales, Lori Goodman, Staci Goodman, Brian Hanson, Iva Heflin, Mark Heinsius, Shawn Herford, Pat Hicks, Rich Hill, Robin Hoover, Toni Houtz, David Howatt, Mary Hughes, Chris Humphrey, Brian Hunson, Heidi Hutchins, Amy Jacobs, Kim Johnson, Craig Knight, Mike Lashy, Ricky Lee, Tom Locke, Robbie Long, Lisa Lowe, Colleen Lowry, Mark Lucas, Susan Marcel, Lisa Martin, Mike McElroy, Becky McFadden, Debbie McFadden, Debbie Mercer, John Miles, Kelly Miller, Mylene Moreno, Paul Moreno, Matt Nicholson, Paul Nulan, Joe Paluck, Cathy Park, Pat Park, Yvonne Perches, June Phillips, Greg Pierce, Kathy Pierce, Matt Pressey, Mike Quon, Robin Rose, Terry Rowell, Doug Samuelson, Jay Schuda, Rick Schump, Erin Selindh, John Sherman, Kristen Sims, Tami Smolin, Chris Stately, Christine Summers, Todd Tarter, Tracy Triggs, John Tyer, Tina Tyler, Vince Vitalick, Brian Waddell, Jackie Wagner, Beth Wasni, Alene Werthe, LaDona Williams, Tom Winslow, Kim Wooden, Karyn Wulbrun. Advisors: Julia Mills and Marjie Rice. Video Club: Henry Cabbab, Jim LaPointe, John Mardahl, John Miller, Dave Nolan, Dave Nudell, Andy Schor, Robert Slaniforth, Mark Thomas, Robbie Weigant. Advisors: Claire Constantino and Nancy Frank. -.- Chess and Backgammon Club: Tarik Brown, Jim crofts, Curtis Gallaher, Joey Gallardo, Robert Goebel, Steve Grafton, Sung Hong, John Kwan, Thomas Park, Matt Pressey, Jim Stubbings, Steve Svaboda, Larry Van Esselt, Robert Vulgamore, David Weinberger, Brian Whitter. Advisors: Nancy Barbee, Karen Bishop, Evelyn Miller. -ss i f mi" 1 --Tiff 31" ,I-., rv.. li . fr! 1 HE .. ,. ,t . ,511-ftQ.,,, 1 -, .G , .. be , -s- . . I ' ." ' . ' - ti: "i'.-. f..."-'. .Li .+ -v la-f chess ana' . . . backgammon "cl N. 01.5, 3 noflf- . . . backpacking Backpacking Club: Susan Blatchely, Linda Cass, Karen Chase, Pete Chavez, Cara Dittman, Larry Doyle, Heidi Hutchings, Chris Kamps, Lisa Kennedy, Rick Kveen, Karl Larson, Mike Lasky, Erin Lowry, Debbie Mercer, Mark Miller, John Moreland, Sandy Ock, Jeff Robbins, Steve Tennison, Jill Thompson, Cindy Titchenal, Lisa Tripi, Steve Valerie. Advisor: Dave Olaver. . . . math team Eighth Grade Math Team: Jeff Karlson, Colin Cate Thomas Park, Captain John Karlson, Greg Gritton. Seventh Grade Math Team: Mike Stokes, Cindy Sobel, Chad Gerrardi, Steve Holmes and Captain Steve Svaboda lnot picturedl. 71 dances are . 6 3. .Arg 72 f yearbook is . . . smile! Yearbook Staif: Cory Bell, Cindy Brough, Jeri Caneday, Mei Casteio, Jeanne H. ' ' Gifeenfield, Bobbi Johnson, David Kuo, Rick Kveen, Jim LaPointe, Kathy Lieberg Advisor Bob Rohwer and Editor Jeri LIS? Lowe, Dave Nudell, Thomas Park, Kashma Staton, and many, many others Advisor: Bob Rohwer. Caneday. fl.-w Sf FN '4 , , V' . -L ' J al "1 ff, Q. .5 -,,. 74 I f 5- 1 . A e 'llfi' .1 If-, VL ifipggfwf? www z traction Wy WWi es, 3 Jw 3jl5fff45m6yJJZM ides J X 1' QM Stration, john tennant . . . princqval As the principal of Venado, I would like toletthe students,parents and community know how great it is for me to be at such a warm and humane center for learning. The staff at our school is the best I have ever seen at any nnddle school They continually seek ways to improve the quality of instruction, while servicing the needs of each student as a unique individual. With continued community support and an outstanding student body, I I wsuahze only success for our conibined enortsin aH of our future endeavors L41 -John Tennant f l : tk i 1 1 i I ' Q Il i ' N Ig- u - ml-I .' .N , sk A ' ,le ' ' f ri ' if-f 'E lil T ' ii to ... Above: John Tennant, principal. Below: Sharon Landacre, school secretary HCCi.jtEit ,Qjig lungs, ioem,-'i.9 . tpetitf .ifqyiftocfg ficrtcgi sg Cie ta, , Tkwiifvlf J, UUCK 51, intact 1, ifcog him . ,ve iixfkmf, Qc., ifvixfiptok i,xJxfm'1-.fl"fLQ.qf it U fe D S Kay Yamamoto, psychologist Madalyn Seguin, math and home arts K ,I 1' amma 4+ F l i , Becky Smith, typing Kate Tamarkin, guitar mum-If-' ft 'His f'vn-if ' YT, N-gi , 'lg X1 Aileen Cohen, language arts, social science and math Bill Bryant, ceramics 77 43- afd 1 X. , Juanita Beyma SUPPOVC Louise Efflinger support Nancy Barbee, reading aide education ' education I Susan Woifmml math Asp'- C? Jean Turrell choral music Nancy Frank, library aide Anita Duncan, bilingual aide ,l , Q' ll f .uf 2, , 'l Lf W E' Sharon Jackson instructional aide Blanca Aguilar bilingual aide nail' fill Qyw Cindy Smith, instructional aide Karen Jacobs, instructional aide Elsa McLaughlin, Migrant Ladys Eakin, migrant Lilly Bafreiro, VGSOUYCE education aide education aide teacher .Ill Carol Dwyer, library clerk fr' ., K M , :EL V f' is l 1. ,Q 'uri Dave Salvaggio, student teacher Jim Lauzon, custodian T A mm .is 1. .' -i 2 M 2, if , . e vi ., ' N , , ff ,ls gf? '- - . F ' ,n.,. V L. .A . , 11 - ' rj: l E ' - Hr, ' .. ,5 , - n . . - 1' . fbi. -. Agnes Duttine, RISE clerk Tashiko Rogers, bilingual aide Q , Z., 9 lf." ,A-v ZLL. Bill Gibbs, student teacher Malcolm Cathcart, head custodian l Tom Scott, custodian Mike Tudor, custodian Food Services: Alice Leo, Nancy Williams, Kari Shrader, Mitsue Polliard T T H 41" ' ' f ' I - . . . everybody as makes venada fantastic . . . I 1979 vena do nights . . . Y sv Y 'I IS, Q wil lu oodbye, ood luck wwf W M mg X ffQ?QWiE55f?7'W 3-LQJNQOJWQJM, JQ'VWXfQJJ-UJVN01 oiuawjmwwwmwwgmwwfw E QMS. M if -'L X hi. P,-,U v 'e ww' X v W, Fifi Huh. n QM N ,M N 4,1 Wx MDA M Bl 1 -' QW V , x v v W 41 W1 ' :1 ww ML J, ulI3"'mx15 MQ 1. , W-... r 'L fl Jg AW' ,- -MMI-V 'WTWW L5 wa'-film'-E' Q if Q Q ' - W M :W 1 w A K X .Il-,L '41 W L.- AM ,. X 14 , 5,2 , J, M -'W J, f H, 1,-w f ,ya f! " WLM .um M. .-J' N X A " ,T Q 4 if 4 1 1 3 A11 I 1 c 1'

Suggestions in the Venado Middle School - Yearbook (Irvine, CA) collection:

Venado Middle School - Yearbook (Irvine, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 78

1979, pg 78

Venado Middle School - Yearbook (Irvine, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 72

1979, pg 72

Venado Middle School - Yearbook (Irvine, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 20

1979, pg 20

Venado Middle School - Yearbook (Irvine, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 27

1979, pg 27

Venado Middle School - Yearbook (Irvine, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 22

1979, pg 22

Venado Middle School - Yearbook (Irvine, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 14

1979, pg 14

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