Velma Alma High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Velma, OK)

 - Class of 1959

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Velma Alma High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Velma, OK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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I We prj 1 f . 5 Wfmu r ll ' ,,,. J fs, 'wg U , 1. M' I Bmw, .- wx 11, 1, vs N WE ,yu ull!! 1 w fl 1 mg q W, HMP: ' 1' if' V ' V 1 H W EAI wi x ' , ,V ,X W, 1.9 ,N ,, Wm ' A: I H X I G " 'un ul ' iw I MQ" .. my A iw i "' , W W., 6 " WWX - ,1 1 , xx 'H "1 ,W g ,V w w f w 1 J , Q w lu ww 1, Vx 11 wmwm fu U' 'N '."v1l: .. A . -,--.L M V '- 345:-1751-If 831. - 'l-'Wit' Q- l JL' 'ix": . -Kid-? -- -54 , 1- .. 'Ql'.f14'aP.9i iw n 'f ' '-"' ,guns Ja.,-' --gl 9"'f"' 5' "F 58" rv 'Is Pr' 'fn 3- f- "' TJ 3' ,S - " st-'lf --L 'f. ":a".'.1- ' ' -: T.'-- ' f- f-:- T' '- '-fb. f . f 'ig-7" . "?V-gifs' 'Q,fj?i'5'iF. ' 5.5:-56,1 fr tif.. 51:1-1-ff" ,- . .. . . .- . - . ,. -., 5--YF5J....? gig-3: Q 0 fl 1 a i 3 ,. . v -47 -nf F I 4 .-A 5' ' .-5549 71,5 : 1 A j! ' Lv t ., 1 IF' A px fluff 13235 'I S' . 1 " I 'ixsg ' 7'-2a.i.,a! gi,-I: I ':'.L4.:f ',.g.' . rM """Q' .s.'3 . .V . -:G " 'Ts ,arg :-:.4.f,3i .--Inf: I 5:72- -- Qngr a- -.Q P T . ' .-Tri:-f. Hifi-' -,,Gl,:.fQ. 'fafafyf H4 2431? I ,,4. 'l 'arf 352.1 -1. - , 0-L -ns, 11-'fv ' . ?f1tTK'3. ' .vp x I 'ef M 5' 11.1,- HQ5.a-,155-sex! iii ' '20 '.'L'z-.Q'B?"' ' -Q v 7 Nl-u.. f .,. 4... ew- '-'L QU? 4 "- il" J- 'Q g 2 5' Q l "I-'f' 4 4.-.9-fr' - f 1. :- 'fh-legififfg Q I-5, ff'-"f, fam' gg' ' Lf-v 4 mf.'g,!. L" . "Pr-J'-' f--.- :- A 4 ,,-'::E59'Tj"f' ' :f,:?Ti1'.,1'i!'L.':.t ' .. gi-fi-,::V'ff'.' --'Jfi!:x'?6 "Sf ' ,, .., -, .' 91 . . '- ., rg-4:4-i.w h . '-1. qcggl 4's",.Mq ..1-af'-'52V51.?lf43:,s:5f'i' " ,. 'pgvt'-3-3.555-+m' -- 52' fag-,1,P11.?g'.,5.,,Q'L .Ln L. 55,3 H., :gg,f.Q1"s ffpgvty,-5 zz 4 'Q , S' '41s-:Jw-v-' 1.6"-."' a 4' o ug- 1. ' 1. As America rockeTed into This new space age, our ComeT, Too, Took flighf inTo space-The empTy space of This school year 1958-1959. This space is now filled 5 filled by The occupanTs of That far-flung ComeT, you, The sTudenTs of Velma-Alma. STellar accomplish- menTs were made in each faceT of our school life- academic and exTracurricular. New sTars were born To our firmamenT and old ones died away, while sTill our ComeT shines brighTly. We, The sTaf'f of The Velma-Alma ComeT, have endeavored To capTure The excifemenf of ThaT flighT J -F .QJ .. .kj P 1: ti-uf .-i'fnf' J. ., - -Q51 . n J- ' and The gliTTer of The sfars and planeTs visiTed. May lifts?-.'1g"'.. our ePforT bring you pleasanT memories. ,I fa' ,T Q 5 -' , . .:?'.:?i?' "PEZ-'fgiii 1:59, ,J 2. ' " 'T ,-f'.r.g.L L 9, :-4261.2 fr 1--Q.-., . - .. f --H-, '-r4.L'f?Pf:' .1'f'f"' ' A :if Q. . ..- , , . .51 .,z ,pn .ld li. , , 'L' ,fy-rfcxibrg. in ,tu .1::.5-L . 'mr H- :hr-:2.'i'g1 5 22" -"fit,-. 52 'rnjili-.1 .J '- " ADMINISTRATION GRADE SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL ROYALTY ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS SPECIAL EVENTS SENIORS AM M. X 'Gul 4 y I 'V . f - x fglf f f 4 N N ' V' ' . . ff- ,. . 2545 -'34 -M f .Q-ff? +s, , .. - W f 3-,f eg .MER zh., , ga, L new . Fu.: 7 Q 35. PN ' vi Ll: .4,:..4.g ., Lg, H-I bf' IJJSQX E .J f as V '- ,- 1 .ab ' ' -,, vw- . I ' u r ' WMA " 'mir Q 1 -3. 'Q ii.. P M' R, w. I y 14' Z 5' as x fif K 5 V A , -QA Jw? . yy K 15 Y Wvw AHB V -:ff-f R Z!! rf- 'S' I' 3 ve-1wnQym. if Vice-Principal BOB VANDIVER My past associations with the Velma- Alma students and faculty will always be pleasant memories to me. I would like to take this opportunity to con- gratulate the student body and annual staff on this fine annual. It is a pleasure to serve as Principal with such fine cooperation as I have with ad- ministrators, teachers, patrons and school body. High School Principal B. H. BREWER This year will probably be remembered as the year of the satellite. lt is our hope that the new emphasis on science and mathematics will develop, here at Velma-Alma, some of the scientists and technicians that will be needed for the Space age we are enter- ing. Grade School Principal, SAM VANDIVER 5 Zowwlafg O Mr. H. R. Haines Mr. Al Pierce Mr. H. G. Milford Mr. Ebb Beavers x slut, --.14 .ATN nl 'As ck :ze ' xJ,n,h: 3-'is , fi 'vu ,li pf.. f':'3.' Qff"41-. -.-.l .lqaigqghv 'fl'-55' K? ,, T: in-3-5 '-f'Cl-J-:W Tgttj' f lv.: ..'.. Mr. W. A. Anderson These are the men who with careful thought and planning manipulate the wires of finance and politics to make possible a successful final countdown when our Comet is launched. If All ., 3,0-Q we x 19' fab 'L y B b " "1 :r " L ix-L Q: l m 55, 5 . ' " Q 4 :N , V 'ska' I , N K 'Lax ..,,,,,.. K Am 'W' N..-N, V , J l ..- 4 .N K ywxzw ff ,. Scion! .H-'PIT A These are the teachers who so aptly helped and guided xi. l. ' your own children Through the most critical years of their 1 L life. They have done a very fine iob of turning the young 1 0 minds of This era To thoughts of Tomorrow and what is l to be done then. When These Teachers look on Their work I .fi fifteen years from now They will be able to say "We YT- helped." MISS SHIRLEY SEAMAN MRS. B. H. BREWER MRS. CLARA SMITH East Central, B.S. Central State, BA. Drury, Springfield, Mo., Masters, B.S. Music First Grade First Grade , mn.. fr' 5,8 vfwwil - is gif Pr' MRS. VERDA LUE BERGNER MRS. ELIZABETH JOHNSTON MRS, DOROTHY DENSON Northwestern, B.A, East Central, B.A. East Central, B.S. First-Second Grade Second Grade Second Grade This is a continuation of our teachers who help mold the young peopIe's minds and char - A acters for the future. We want them to know that we are behind them every step of the way and every moment of the day. MRS. ODELL ROBERSON MISS LUCILLE BOYD Southeastern State, B.S. O.C.W., B.S., O.U., M.A. Third Grade MRS. SAM VANDIVER MRS. BOB VANDIVER MRS. C. A. O'NEAL East Central, B.S. East Central, B.S. East Central, B.S. Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade -'O -JT' K ,ff MRS. BILL GORDON MRS. VIRGINIA DAVIS MR. BOB HOLMAN Northeastern State, B.A. Southeastern State, B.A. Southeastern State, B.A Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Rebecca Blamer Max Bennett Janice Biffle Bobby Briscoe Dana Dee Brown Becky Ann Bruner Earl Caldwell Laura Caldwell Freddy Cariker Susan Carroll Rouce Clark Darlene Couey Ronald Dulworih Marshall Etier Thomas Farthing ,....-1 Haskell Airington 0 'Qbv 1' ..-.7 ! N 1 ? . 'lflflg I 'U Q . e l ll H x f l f X F ll I l V ll 1 Q H. '--5 '- l"" E ' ff 5' alll' llluu... 1 ' A' l S J Q , Q my - Ns -un., nn1 Er-vrli1 .. , A , 5' ' 3 4- HJ N19 K is N1 ii " 4 'fr I ' l ' 2" I -E ii ii ' .,. 59-7 Negra' of Patna.. Q I an f"?'+-Q lv M. X t A ' v X A hi 4 ,...Q. X 4 .gm ? L 'fx 6. f' ii '1' .f- S ::.. J . Ss "" y filviigis N fil flll l X , L ,N 4. -K' ', J ' "Q if ft! 3365 V' RQ . nov 3 S 2 3 snows - Ek O ' , .if .. W 1 l llxl moto 'l' F n IA nm. I if Ricky Fletcher Cheryl Haney Joyce Janes Ricky Lawrence Dennis Miller Deborah Mullins Maxine O'Neal Tommie Phillips Deborah Pogue Burnett Ponder Gary Presgrove Ben Reed Ann Rhodes Ronnie Riddles Wayne Scott Judy Sims Karen Smith Beth Sutton Becky Swindee Latoya Stanley Janet Tivis Judy Tivis David Watson Glenna Williams Becky Wilson Billy Wilson Randy Wright Johnny Martin Billy Morgan Dona Kay Smith 7' ' Shirley Brister Judy Campbell Michael Cary Leland Chapman Carle Sue Clif! Rita Condilr Laura Cooley Sheila Cope Doris Corbin Dianna Cowan Louis Darily Darla Davis Sharon Davis Verna Mae Devers Curtis Dickerson Danial Dulsvvorlh Shirley Dyer Horace Farthing Sandra Ferguson Marie Files Wynema Foster Karen Gilmore Janet Lynn Griffin Susan Hale Homer Hardin Paul Haynie Kenneth Jones Charles Keenon Kenneth Kelley Janet King -lim i , . I 1 ff um: H1010 NOV AVAILABLE 'G , . -iv' Eff 4 i ?f3tt. 1 will Sf" no movo xlib Jerry King Connie Knutson Richard Locklear Ellen Lowrance Danny Lowrance Charles McAllister Billy Morgan Elgin Morris Sharon Norton James O'Bryant Mary Jane Parker Carla Pemberton Beverly Perdue Benny Phillips Carolyn Pruitt Clifford Rogers John Saville James Schoonover Particia Scott Karen Skrimage Bobby Smith Deanna Smith Michael Staggs Sharon Staggs Larry Stewart Chester Sutton Jerry Walker Johnnie Whisenhunt Monty Whisenhunt Deborah Woodall Particia Woodall Gregory Wright Charles York Jerry Young Dennis Smith Rita Burton Sharon Airington Randy Schoonover Patsy Smith William Adcox William Azbill Alice Blodgett Roy Brown Marty Busby Lola Cartwright Janice Cantwell Steve Chambers Deborah Collum Dennis Corbin Wynclol Cowan Jan Creech Jerry Caldwell Linda Deaver Karen Duncan Charles Foster Gary Foster Clifford Gordon Thomas Griffin Raymond Hays Michael Holler Jimmy Howard Neal Hobbs Gary Don Jackson Linda Jackson 'if Terry Johnson Arlene McManus Bobby Jo Martin Larry Miears Glenda Milburn Evie Moore Sharon Morgan Linda Mullins Deena Norton Vickie O'Neal Wanda Oxford Hazel Lois Parker Shirley Presgrove Dale Riddles Carolyn Ridge Robert Shahan Freddie Shivers Edward Sims Myra Spurgin Joel Stewart Sherry Stroud Rose Marie Sutton Dicky Tiehen Vickie Teel Roberta Vance Ricky Webb Weldon White Patty Wiggins Melody Willeford Stevie Wilson Pat Womack An. 1 me 49' .A-1 L ,,,J,,,""d -fr ,I :A y :W 'V 2' ,fi , L El HW ,i Eggxliii' Q .- . AEM , 3 v, Z, , 1 1 , 5 I '1l'!1"mfW ig.-:ur Q, ' + S2 'eg x wi- Ronnie Martin ' 4 ro-- 5- . 5 A Q , X' Q ' 4. 9 I V .ef 1, 1 an A FN-, 4 -ex! A 2 ' cs 5- .yn' 'turf nr, l J . 'fl ..v' ' ,. . Paula Woodall Bruce Whisenant Kathy Whidden John Watson Claire Belle Wadkins Bonnie Matheny Harma Mitchell Steve Mullins Jan Neeld Billy O'Bryarlt Mike Ossenbeck Evelyn Overstreet Tommy Pace Mike Prater Ricky Pruitt Kathy Roskam Patricia Riddles Donald Rogers Stephen Romine Mike Ryan Janice Scott Kathleen Ruth Scott Terry Sims Kenneth Smith Edward Stewart Ann Smith Linda Skrimager Joe Sutton Rickey Woods Luther Azbill Larry Bailey Barbara Baker Tommie Bench Jackie Bennett Clifford Brister Dennis Brown Linda Butler Kenneth Caldwell Danny Carroll Don Cartwright Glyndia Cockrell Quanah Lea Collum Linda Corbin Jimmie Lee Darity Barbara Davis Judy Ann Davis Randy Mike Davis Connie Downey Louise Etter Lois Files Sharon Foster Bobby Fox Danny Fox Linda Jean Ketchum Brantley Holder Vauda Nell Golsom Thomas Hayes David Ketchum Gertie Kinard 30,1 v-Os 111: f wi ,Q 'I ww I . , f 2 m M ,W ,W ljy' Fm 15:3 3 4' . 1. gg. - x X -A N595-S. ff 2 wi f , my 5 1 A -1- Q K. ,J x fl A I I' L1. :.'.:' f, . F Mi' ?f'fL'.:' A f-va :ff A '55i', ' K. VA K Zag iii.: 'ryky . ff, , if W , uf'-5, 34 X A DEA ' is - , Q, " x. ' . f 'f . ,: H , , ,E . QM ,. QEWMIWA' Y' W JMR, , as y v fy ex 1. 4' , gk 6 . my 3 K- fs' .aa 'IN ' ' R ff M .. ..... A , . .x A 7 ...K , iv- A ' 'K ww , V s Q fr i, 5'-3 ..,mw4L - ., PEWESRS W A ,few if ' "fu-Fi W . 3 9 H if H X X.. '32 , 1. ff Bs - - , . -rx i. . f .. .. X. . ,..f,.. wins.. F 252' 5 s P57115 I ahaha , . H L 5. 26: Li' , WH, , A. gzwjgjg 993 ,: T1,1,1z. 152 ' ifw -- ,M A.N, V., Q25 M' f .rpm-ggi' ,, ,qfgsl-M - I I -gg.ft:f:4gguf gY3,ag3iQ5p,ml - Tig, Wfgz K-,My ., wg.fff,s4g3ge2-.1 1 . . we-f ' 'fwggiwv wlitisa 4Y's.,Lz?igg5p2ffif21I : .:5.4fmz.2f+ .' , ' fwfegm, My '- ,QQ-M-' 1-A V-?iv 2we2W?n 'isfizmksm fi, , V'-f X 4 A ' if , ' , X ,,x,k,,,,, ,A W, KTKZA., ,. W lfyfgx ,455 ,,Ag,,,, . -X K 1 Wzwfy., 642,43 -ww ,M . , ALL- La- ,pf , - Mfgwg -amy ,,,. ge K v m.+.,'?fi1-2- I ...ML ' N ' . ,.XfLffQ?1,-xr ffm . Aff :W ai wwf 151'--'f-35'ii"q 1 " , ,M-iy in M . .. mum ...,. . .,..,.. K ,., . .M .. A J f-,, H5955 A , i Y Sgt L 1 I , 35532 A 1-,. V7 V , . 'f , k " . ..,,, "" 1 ' A"'A ' ., f .falsiffkicn uf? bf- -V iv ,,, , :I.' , ' " mf 2 N fig? ? f N 7 N M.. fin Qsggfifiw, :,5s,,li .K . Wk K I .ga 1 . i . ,1 ' 'Sm - 'il , VL' gil' WY? Jul' nf . L ., S i, .... A if ff H gigmgf, '35 '5"'. if 4 QP L, -X --'- X 1" 'V ' 1: al 4 X M , Q A '4 ,N , f , W ---b - In-fm 1 'gnu- ,WQ V. H '4:'13fk5353fvf wfw?f5-1 fs.5.ML..W, ' 37 7, ' Judy Johnson Doris Jones Eddie Kinard Jimmy King Harolyn Love Ann Massie Lynn Milburn Judy Morris Ronnie Morris Donna McGuire Joe Bob Norton James Overstreet Danny Peters Dennis Phillips Jerry Phillips Weldon Pollard Pamela Prater Janice Rehm Oliver Riddles Rena Joyce Rowe Mike Sanders Brenda Scott Janet Shivers Helen Smith Homer Smith Mary Lou Smith Myrna Spurgin Patricia Strickland Larry Sutton Thurman Dell Thacker Larry Thompson Max Whaley Jerry Wheeler Benny Whisenhunt Toni Whisenant Helen Wiggins Gary Williams Sharon Wright Sandra York it We 70446 Do you think our Snowman will melt? Our birds will have a place to live this spring. Six against one always wins. Don't they? We would like you to know that we are working Arithmetic. We like to make Cutouts in our spare time. We are waiting to board the bus. N' it Q Ni I . , A L A 1 ' , S, 1 vi Y .51 9 P V 1 V i V 1' sv A - - lifauw- ' .9 'MA ral, 5- .. ff L s . ! . . , Q K gil ,..1. g. V ff? -1 15-.i.ggTw,.g, ' X -,J i ' 5 r ,, ' J... ' D If , U L ." B 4' Q -' ' ' K " , , 'Z 1 Q 1 7 ' am 2,4 1 A ' ' - , ri W 4 I .wi . , ,. We are really on the ball in basketball. Future 'football players. ,-x 'S This was a grade school program, but look who slipped into the picture. Need a haircut? -- There's more snow for more snow- What is the name of their song? balls. tg , lsn't Santa cute? Why the smile, "Pete"? You are about to get shot. f I n :R ' .5 , 1 1 What's under the Christmas tree for me? . , .L - New, lt's reading time again! Two little cuties from Alaska. Good "ole" country music. - Q 4... 5. Mary, at the manger. That Christmas spirit. 25 74: ' Wx Sam Wcwdwm We of The Velma-Alma School dedicaTe This page To The mem- ory of our beloved principal, Sam Vandiver. For Ten years he shaped The lives of sTudenTs in our communiTy. No words could express The depfhs of love and respecT we all shared for him and for his way of life. On January 6, 1959, The MasTer Teacher reclaimed The life of our friend. He had given himself unselfishly and unTiringly for ThirTy-four years To The elevaTion of lives in The schools of Texas and Oklahoma. Now, he lives forever in The hearTs and lives of Those he served so faifhfully. Hr T fif"lQ,w 5 ff LL ' .:, " , K"' -- ,J -j W' . ?,,A"5 " . , 'f viz-Q. Q, 4, ,f-' Q51-L ', 4 ,J-ffm , X uf , . qw- Z ,.,, , ,' ' , is ' 1 Af A .,.. 5 1 w ARiwgi:,:w:Y QW X, - f A 21 'fff7f29.' 'L K 7 6 L, f gwx s- ..Q..,Z. bf V .3 W K kvx 1 fl" A K 3 W nf' I U., , 'gui-Ffi, '...' -:W ' F ' -3 :--RF 'Z L - . xl '-,' W. 9595-f"'f6 - " -., , P' wy zcg -W 3 5 ifff ' . .- Qgfii ..-. , 3 9' m y-if . ful V' 1 Wi' f 'K' 1' Mis, 1 -i iii , WN-1'H . Q31 , -K I f ,ww J .Kg5?", I . .. ' . 46" ' ' ,, Nuff , g ' K 5 ..k,h - .X 5 A .f M,-.. if ,,.,.-ff? ui if "MQ 2 ' y , 5 f im. ,wg .1 K WA' V K-si 1:11, i ,. ' ,, - K ,Q-M KA 'ig-wff'X 5' 55 Rm' QW f W V A Mx! Q ' ,. .MM Q ,A if -M M" 1 -W " up + h 'A ' P ' x SH :I ,Wifi i 4 V 1 N i Q 9 ,K Q ,Q I 'L 4 Q ffljll Jil? .lu , 'fig' -rw: K ,- ' X 2 A .K if X sl i" , , 5 - A ' " if N 4 H f V x fm Y - S in S if A f i 27 ' 1-F'-.?-f'-'if'v QL-. ,,. ..,.... ., .. ,.., Q, -3- Q-.. . 'I ,,-7,-,-:,. 'Fix .- . ,ET .1 5- r 4.1. ,- ,sglgljh ':'.4'. 1-- ' 1,4-. , - T.,,..,.ra- ir ,ua 7 sp- ' 'Q 2 I in - illg' .Z , .r . . ,f1,.", .:' ,,j,'lf-iff-. ...wt , .. .- .1-h,-f ,'fxV.-fr V . 'fy . 41,.A,,iI. t , .. .I Ll.'fp . ' , fre" ' .1 'lf ' H ,- ,I ,,,5., . 'A ,Q- . U..f3u.fl- Mfr' -- 1 A' ,HI , A INA" " r ,. - s A . - U"a:." ' -35365: ',..y..Q-- 1 'i .",-' I . -t .-.Rf V q.uf'v1..'t . .T ' , .-,,..x.. QW, -. .1 .-Swv 1' ? f ',-f'. ' ,... Q ,zfze H., iff , L 'f . :rw- .I ,Y P , " - S ' n h , v-.-gv., - .. ,,,.-,Q- ' .g5'f,,,t, : 1"fI?a"1:':" ' :A-aa" 2-. ' "l.., BILL COFER. Central State, Western State, Colorado, B.S., M.A., History, Head Coach. JUANITA HALLMARK. Southeastern State, B.A., English and Spanish. LEE ALLEN. Southeastern, O.U., B.A., History, Geology, Driver Education, Athletics. ' Sedan! JANE POTEET. O.C.W., B.S., Home Economics. HAROLD BIFFLE. O.S.U., B.S., Voca- tional Agriculture. l BEATRICE SNYDER. Northeastern, B.A., Mathematics. HOWARD WRIGHT. Southeastern. O.B.U., B.S., M.A., Junior High Science, Athletics. CLIFTON PARKER. East Central, B.A., Language Studies. HELLEN BURNETT. Texas State Col- lege, O.U., M.M., B.S.g Vocal Music. lil? LYNNE SMITH. Southeastern State, B.A., Commerce. JOHNNIE BRASUELL. O.B.U., B.S.y Girls' Basketball, English and Girls' Physical Education. KYLE PERRIN. East Central, Univer- sity of Arkansas, B.A., English, Speech. JAMES BURNETT. Central State, B.A., O.U., Band. JOHN HARDIN. East Central, B.S.p industrial Arts and Biology. HAZEL PARKER. East Central, B.A., Journalism, English, Librarian. 29 Ann Biffle Lana Blankenship Don Boydsfun Nancy Brewer Jirnmy Briscoe Mike Burton Joe Carroll Jessie Fay Cook Sharon Cowan Dennis Davis Linda Denson Joyce Devers Billy Mack Downey Judy Dupre Connie Forbes Carolyn Forbes Donnie Foster Julius Hagle Beth Hobbs John Howard Jackie Jenkins Johnnie Faye Jones Sharon Jones Edna Keenon Janet Landrum Charlene Leffler Tornmy Lewis David Luckett Jo Ann McAllister Robert McBride ,-s 5- ..,, , I N fi Lonnie Forbes Sharon Pogue Shelia Bayliss qv R 5 'R Jeb? Vice-President Reporter DAVID LUCKETT SGCVCTBVY JO JO MCCURRY JACKIE JENKINS 5 un- Joetta ' V I gtg McCallie 'JBJJ --w Z , Vice-President ' MIKE BURTON X Secretary Reporter DARRELL VVAYNE PURDUE SAVAGE Joe Whisenhunt Carolyn Willingham Jo Jo McCurry Billie McGuire Mary Mercer Ronnie Miller Wayne Morgan Alan Mosley Jerry Overstreet Raymond Oxford Donnie Peavler Ronnie Peavler Sharon Pogue Wayne Purdue Jackie Price Ginger Roach Dale Sanner Nan Sanner Darrell Savage Ross Simmons Dickie Stewart Mike Stewart Janice Stroud Ann Thomas Jerry Don Tivis Jerriann Tiehen Judy Vowell Al Watson Kay Webb Flavia West Carroll Wheeler Jimmy Whisenhunt President Charles Winkles Vrce Presrdenf Tony Keyes Secretary Larry Anderson X Cx f' N ,, 5 1 ,ff 'ff'-f s ffl!! I ' ' gait my Z, 1:51. ff ik! --v- -- , -A 2 f:-- . ,J WW Reporter Tommy Brown 'f" 'C X 5 . 6 X ,,., skxky is I V, .. C X - Y X. X x U Larry Anderson Paul Brackin Tommy Brown Carol Caldwell James Caldwell Junior Fore Emery Furgerson Charles Eply Ralph Duncan Robert Dulsworfh Damiem Duhon Joe Cowan Don Cox Charles Couey Rita Cartwright E --'mn Larry Fox Frankie Gentry Donna Grundy Connie Harmon Gary Harrnon Mike Holbrook Martin Holler Ralph Hurst X, 7"S...Xlj-me - Bonnie Sue Jones Tony Keys Linda Kinard pw President-Bonnie Jones Vice-President-Connie Harmon Secretary-Treasurer Lillie Morris N 'li xx ,t ix 5 V - ,l ' Reporter-Frankie Gentry V 11 hz!! ll ' George Lane Francine Lumbert Glenda Lynn Lillie Morris Roy McManus Margaret Oxford Loretta Presgrove Patricia Ray Linda Scott Larry Stephenson Linda Stewart Larry Stiles Billy Strickland Linda Kay Thacker Charles Winkles OFFICERS: President-Kenneth Overstreet Vice President-Larry Martin Secretary-Treasurer-Michael Crook Noah Brooks Ann Cooper Marilyn Couey Glyndal Cowan Michael Crook Linda Darity Donna Devers Richard Drummond Linda Dulsworth Frankie Ellis Dick Gilby David Gleason Patricia Grundy Freda Hardin Judy Holder Jo Ella Jones Sue Jones Tommy Kinard Billie Kirkpatrick Walter Lane Claudette Le May Carol Luckett Harold Luckett Robert Lumbert Larry Martin Aline Adams Monetta Brooks 77644 0660 it Q T 11' 'E' Doyle Mullins Sherry McCurry That Algebra Chart looks like it might be interesting to Ray, Linda, and Glenn. Linda O'Bryant Kenneth Overstreet Cecil Oxford Lois Parsons Hank Presgrove Sally Rhodes John Riddles Mary Sanne-r Linda Savage Kay Smith Lonnie Sorrell Glenda Stillvvell Barbara Strickland Glen Sweetman Barbara Ann Thacker Ardena Vowell Marlene Wheeler Barbara Whisenhunt Janice Whisenhunt Julia White Rosia Wiggins Alice Wilson Joyce Wilson Bob Wood Ray Womack OFFICERS: President-Ronnie Tiehen Vice-President-Tony Anderson Secretary-Treasurer-Nan McCurry Leta Boatman Linda Brackin O. D. Bright James Brown Jane Bruner Ja Nell Bryant Janice Bryant Barbara Busby Ruth Butler Sherry Carroll Gale Cartwright Bill Cooper Linda Cox Pat Crook Lawrence Denny Betty Denson Michael Doan Harold Doty Cass Downey Ruth Downey Eldon Emmons Lynda Eply Harley Files Charles Fox Pat Gillaspy Pam Haines Dorothy Harris Maurice Hines Glen Hobbs Charles Jackson X XIX Tony Anderson Carolyn Baker Jimmy Barrick Jimmy Bartling Sayonara the Sophomore Float Lonnie Mathney Larry Miller Johnny Morris Judy McCallie Nan McCurry Vonnie Neeld lmon Newman Kay Norton Carolyn O'Neal Linda Peters Betty Phillips Marsha Pogue Elza Ray Pollard June Rhodes Beverly Rogers Charles Rumsey Dwayne Sanner Eugene Sanner Joyce Smith Larry Sosbee Carl Spurgin Barbara Stewart Felix Stewart Jim Thompson Ronnie Tiehen Mack Weldon Eugene Wilson Clyde Womack Katherine Young Rose Mason X OFFICERS President Linda McCartney Vice President Larry Young Secretary Treasurer Joann Roberson Linda Allred Shirley Allred Judy Ballard Celestine Barnett Martha Barrick Connie Briscoe Saundra Cary James Davis Eula Faye Drummond Gaila Grundy Anita Hale Marie Hardin Diana Holler Patricia Jones 3,6- 4'7" N- chu 7? w vrx NNN- Ruby Kirkpatrick Ruth Lane Q "Cinderella" the Junior Float Jeanette Lawrence Leah Don Lewis Carol Mitchell Eddie Morgan Karen Moss Linda McCartney Vance McKee Delores McManus if Pat Ossenbeck Richard Parsons Judy Phares Carolyn Phillips ' x XXX X Jimmy Shrier Jack Sisson Junior Sorrell Jerry Sosebee Tommy Spoonemore Lillie Stephens Pat Stephenson John Sullivan Franchwe Venable Karron Wadkins Verna Willingham Lynn Wilson Lynn Winkles Sandra Womack G. W. Wright Larry Young 'oeoxoi P000 fofiwx xv?-fc, YXXQQ eb GDS-'SNS 'exe ' xx O0 YO? B XOY QXXQ, Px YXOBX 6 0 Goa 0 V,-Y X i S , M... iii? Qqifgfdixoox fade? C7 P30630 E -EQ.. Q A 'f 1 iii' Q55 2:1 liiffffiflf K . ,,,,,,.5z?gpf,?. if z if ., ' ' , , A H K X31 1 V ' I QL W Lfww - :fm 2' V 155231 A' . .f 1225233- iii 1 ' 'Y igggg V Us H 9, 'f,.pmQggf. ii L L . K - ,kt ww: ,gigs-13,k .' M 1:2531 wap 1 M Q-.xsydigv-f.5?:n.:. l,...,K.,' 2.- . --W W 5 523-iff,-,A-gf .. f ffig 1fEn 4.1 7-A i,A1.,Af A sl. Q- fat, 51 W- i 5 ,An ig :M W X Sf w P E ima um- -af 1 is xiii! ' -:Q 7 vii i ' Q, . gn 32 , k f Ei? WS CAROLYN TURNER Spanish Queen ANNA SPEED F.F.A. Sweetheart DARRELL DAVIS F.H.A. King , ,.,- Q. KAREN MOSS Music Queen nl LEAH DON LEWIS JUDY GORDON EULA FAYE DRUMMOND BARBARA STEWART SHERIDAN STEWART Band Queen E JUDY SANNER Basketball Queen Q We SANDRA WOMACK P Wy Q 1' +I, . xr an inn-if TEDDY WRIGHT Attendant ' ' ff Afiendam JOELLA JONES Junior High Football Queen ,, .,,, t . ARDEANA VOWELL Attendant ALICE WILSON Attendant SHERRY MCCURRY Junior High Basketball Queen .V ,,kk ww. g,, 2 355831 TF'-R' 'Yin w . J Wi ' tt Mat, MARLENE WHEELER Attendant LINDA DARITY Attendant awww President JERRY NlcCURRY Vice-President--CHARLES RUMSEY The Student Council has been a school or- ganization tor 7 years. During that time they have steadily improved their activities. The Student Council has contributed greatly to the unity ot the classes and has created a great competitive spirit a- mong the students. Student Council members not shown are Judy Gordon, Terry Lynn, Julia White. ' ur 's 'A it Dress-up Day. Frontier Day. Sadie Hawkins Day. High School Coronations. Junior High Coronations. Frontier Day. 50 .tw 2 1 nw 1 Tfiigif' vii rf 5545! -, if' . K 1:-is I Xe fy . y its ,xx A 2 Y ff L? Edifor-'HELEN SNYDER Assisianf Ediior-JUDY GORDON Photographers-Senior M I ' mm ' V+ vyxff 'G- w.....A M., ' - , 4 LX it ax na.. .Sv -ugh ' 'EWS 's druuw"'-'-"' Photographers-Junior Everyone is busy working on this year's annual. They look busy, don't Ihey? i W, - This was taken when they were off-guard and working. 1' rmiim X 5: iolillil fvpll X ' Nik' JL I E Ebb's in the spirit of ihe yearbook sales also, 1 DARRELL DAVIS: President of the National Honor So- ciety, Lettered in football, track, and basketball. All- conferencc and all-district in football. JUDY JO GORDON: Ban- ning Scholarship, D.A.R. Award, N.H.S., President of Band and Girls' Glee Club, All-Girl Band, All- State Chorus, Outstanding Music Award, Student Council, Assistant Editor of Annual, All-Around Girl, and Rainbows. ' glances ' ANNA SPEED: President of F.H.A., Editor of The Com- ets Tale, Annual Staff, F.F.A. Sweetheart, Okla- home Honor Society, Na- tional Honor Society, Vice- President, and Valedictorian. KATHERINE PlCKENS: All- School Play, One-Act Play, Speech, Sextette, Glee Club, and Oklahoma. HELEN SNYDER: Secretary- Treasurer of National Honor Society, Twirler Quartet, Modern Choir, Rainbow, All- State Chorus, Senior Play, Editor of the Annual, Span- ish club, Awsviwa ,,Band Clinic. Alternate- tot ,at liions All-Stait?-7iBanid.i i - ' Qfifw- Nomilti KAY,, R 'Q7, Presi- dent v i lla !! Club, vice-Brawl F.r.A., Secretary ofQgJ.F.L., Student Council, Rainbow, Annual Queen Candidate, Junior Play and All-School Play. GENE MULLINS: President of the Senior Class, Student Council, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Annual Staff, Let- terman's Club and National Honor Society. LINDA MCCARTNEY: Junior Play, Trio, Band, Modern Choir,1All-Girl Band, Junior Class President, Girls' State, All-State Chorus, Lions All- State ,Band and American Legion Citizenship Award. JERRY McCURRY: Student Council President, Okla- homa Honor Society, Na- tional Honor Society, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track, All- Conterence basketball, Bal- four Award, Alumni Schol- arship, and Secretary- Treasurer of the Letter- man's Club. LEAH DON LEWIS: Band, Trio, Modern Choir, All- Girl Band, Office Assistant and Oklahoma. N., I TERRY LYNN NAN MCCURRY RONNIE TIEHEN ELZA POLLARD PAM HAINES CHARLES RUMSEY 52 L Www 57 ' F . , , M,,..:::'w-E NE' -1,5 .. :QL-4 . .Hg Nlj' ,:,,-,.--- - 1 ff- -' ' , ff5"3"f' ' I '4A,A'4f,: . in I -. ,ig .: , .. w:r'.f't 4 Hi fdg, -' ,' 1f4""',g.Y.,f ' -., ,hw-I - " Af, 3, ., ., fx. V., Y -cu PA' f1??f'f':jf A 1 ' A' U. ,.2:1'fJr'f'a' A ' ,"5"f9 'fH'r"7 'Wi ' : L . Jn '23 jbfffi J, ,gfff - V 'i .gj if fu f ,"f , 13,3 'F 'W' ' . - 'g!:'y r 5 I-fo .N .I ,ar ,flyf ' , A ' U 52' wp, 'I I 5 v , h . Ln X A V . Y U1 X .SWL ' - .V ,V Ax' A .yfi Y ' ' h- L W L. ANNA SPEED KAY O'BRYANT JERRY MCCURRY DAWL MCLEMORE BILLY POGUE VERNA WILLINGHAM JUDY ADAMS JUDY BALLARD CONNIE BRISCOE LINDA MCCARTNEY KAY NORTON CAROLYN O'NEAL LINDA PETERS PAM HAINES JUNE RHODES ELZA RAY POLLARD DWAYNE SANNER RONNIE TIEHEN --I I I 1 , , A 7- N . rr Left to right: Charles Rumsey, Kay Forbes, Katherine Pickens, Claudette Le May, Terry Lynn, June This is only ,3 me,-C token of qhcir Rhodes, Katherine Young, Jane Bruner, Carolyn O'NCHlr Lois PHVSOYWS' admiration and appreciation of Mr. Perrin. I E rry, hun! I P f 1 E We ri-ie OFFICERS AND PAST PRESIDENTS, left to right: Terry Lynn Presi- These Speeeh Swdenfe Wen 'lee Semltem 5 Speech Cenlefeftfee dent, Jane Bruner, Vice-President, Kay Forbes, Secretary, Carolyn O'Neal, Reporter, Charles Rumsey, Past President. All have obtained their 2nd Degree of Honor. These are the future teachers of the next generation. Donna Carroll received the F.T.A, Scholarship, 54 The HCOMETS TALE" is published bi-weekly by these members of the staff. A' These girls keep the library in order so all students may enioy and use the various books. The library is also kept open for summer use. Left to right: Kay Norton, Pat Grundy, Marilyn Norton, Frankie Ellis, Kay Mas- sie, Billie Kirkpatrick, Lillie Stephens, Linda Wheeler, Verna Milburn and Ruby Kirkpatrick. SW! Editor Anna McMurtry Speed Stencil Editors Verna Milburn Darla Smith Judy Sanner Sports Editors Donna Kay Carroll Teddy Wright Feature Editors Bella Spoonmore Bill Pogue Grade Editor Karen Savage Mimeograph Operators Bill Washabaugh Frankie Brown Jack Sanner Reporters Linda Wheeler Jim Pressgrove Thelma Cowan Leroy Davis i l "Confidential Office In- formation." Yes, they know all about it, but they See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing. Left to right: Carole Mitchell, Diane Holler, Patricia Jones, Anne Speed, Nancy Butler, Judy Sanner, and Center, Anita Hale. 55 I :I I The Parent-Teachers Association is an organization that helps the Parents and Teachers to get to know each other, and attain a common goal, that of rearing and educating the children of the community. The Fund-rais- ing project for this year was a Chili Supper. This organi- zation sponsors a summer-reading program that keeps the school library open during the summer months to use and enjoy. Every child in the system has profited, directly or indirectly, by the efforts of this group. Dr. Oliver Hodge P.T.A. Life Member State Superintendent Mr. B. H. Brewer Mrs. T. J. Golson, Treasurer, Mrs. Ed Woodall, acting Vice-President, Mrs. W, L. Lowrance, President, Mrs. Juanita Hallmark, Secretary. Past Presidents N' L P.T.A. Chili Supper rfb, .Nik Brownies Patsy Neeld Cub Scouts P.T.A. Scholarship 56 'A -I llwhl .ff n. ax -.How x,. I mf 11 umm. run. ul Rllulhtil VIGIOI 'Ill .nn num lnl Vllfl 'fwrvnm-lu. SOYI. v Pllrl ARGIRICY v vw cn Omlntla Q 'WW , 1 - Q 5, i i 14 2 ' f X 1 .k mis' , M 'IF .Mi f ,A X. M 5 A ,EL ,H Q . ,., .., Q MY .,.u! 'WWW fe ,,,,,L,n - , , , 'if ,f l HA'-5 F' i' .W wr 4. .5 ,W , ,mf 'LVL Q, .K 2. 'mx 'gf ggi.. wi Q L 15. 'nil' s if 'F QM ' , ' 'L ,-H.:-m"f.L:- . K' W gm 'Wi-1w' 1 - .. - - . 1 551 nf-'H ,, , ' , ., ffilw .1 n . '5 .N FF, A X J 1 .AEM g av 11 K 5?ilm-www , W J W N, Doyle, Ann, and Alice learn about sound waves. Mr. Vandiver demonsirates the aciion of pulleys. V'- an "Typists" Jerry, can you fell them? "Sh, quiet" 71h graders af work. i., mm Q. v Office assisTan1Ani1a is Class will be ready To begin when the sfudents arrive. ready io slart the clay, 58 en g 5 7 xl? 1 Speech and Dramatics Club E7 ,g is -xfk f,,,- , .. ,flu .gl , " ' ,Qi J iZ5i,i?11J.s1:!?:3 2 ' H l f, 'aff f ., , 1114:-H' Q3 X , - I - V ,,, Q, 1 ' 1' ., . me X 533 H V! I . T. cl zz I M K .. ., 1 Y 'fn " 1 8 wnggefi ,, :ga-.3 ' i Qfffallf Xl 'vw Lettermerfs Club naw' Off to the lake for the weekend. Science Club Right: Science Proiects. w,,2MAKfRs B1 L . ,Q QNX I NEW HO '53 V3 O O Lf ' A7 5 yi g I- X E , El :I A V ,,, O Q 5 xo o an' H A , I ' 'K M N W , 1 .V A f' f. :Sf ' . 'ti - Y in ' hr - W4 - 'R f af L. -. .Q 3 I K . , -rf., - ,Q , FIRST IQHVV' Prvsiclc-nt, Anna Speed, Vice-President, Karron Savage, Ja Nell Bryant, Barbara Busby, Kay O'Bryant. STANDING: Karen Wadkins, Verna Milburn, Lillie Stephens, Gayle Cart- 45 W wririlit, Fla-Il.: Spoonniorc, Joygc Smith, Freida Hardin, Pat Crook, Pat Stephenson, Glenda Stillvwll, Jlrfly Ballarat, Betty Phillips, Katherine Peckens, Carolyn Rogers, Eula Faye Drummond. Darla Smith: Betty Crocker FHA. Initiation 4-H Award Winners. Home Economics Award. I fl I gf.-x 9 ' X Z.,-.V The Future Nurses Club. The 4-H and their Sponsors. 60 55 Q "i K f K i Q Q 522,532 P 'ik J iff . X. we Q f 4 ., 15 ' 4 11 X, Q ? Q3 9 JN G ,V vi , it ,g U Mm 1-fx, fm X X 1 'W' X was A X1 , gi' ' c ,f r , E L Q? . . , RR Lxi ' QNQXL Y , K: 'raw 3' Y ,Q ,im 1 -wg, im, ff? 53 au Q , I ,,-- 6 Afgfzmfgffgggkggfx' A , 4 A, Q .....,....- . H' Q Q Q 5? ky fa nu... ' Sedan! 2-fum! FRONT ROW: Sheridan Stewart, Sondra Deffner, Linda McCartney, Diana Holler, Barbara Stewart, Linda Denson, Ralph Duncan, and Carolyn O'Neal. SECOND ROW: Jane Bruner, Sherry Carroll, Judy Gordon, Betty Denson, Judy Adams, Helen Snyder, Pat Ossenbeck, Gary Harmon, Martin Holler, Don Cox. THIRD ROW: Jerriann Tiehen, Charlene Leffler, Terry Lynn, Glenda Lynn, Ross Simmons, Bill Cooper. STANDING: Leah Don Lewis, Pat Gillaspy, Linda Thacker. Q X l Xxx -Q 1 X SONDRA DEFFNER-Senior Drum Maiorette 1 yr. l i if . ,-T E W L Q ., . s e, lr ' ii iL gas s""' 2? My f YL X .xi HELEN SNYDER-Senior Twirler 4 yrs. s.. SHERIDAN STEWART-Senior Twirler 2 yrs. L13 lJT'l 'li M K C' N :Q .' 'Ylx . J I JANE BRUNER-Sophomore Twirler l yr. -L gang! . L 1 in-L .. 4 SHERIDAN STEWART KAREN MOSS SONDRA DEFFNER JUDY GORDON LINDA MCCARTNEY Band Queen Music Queen Philip Sousa award All-ROUIWCI MUSIC and AII'S1afe Chorus All-State Band Clinic Band All-Girl Band AII-State Choms AII-State Orchestra All-Girl Band All-State Band Clinic fv- ,ww 'FQ' PAT GILLAPSY NAN MCCURRY LEAH DON LEWIS HELEN SNYDER DONNA KAY CARROLL Most Improved Band Most Improved Vocal All-Girl Band AII-State Chorus All-State Chorus Award Music Award All-State Band Clinic All-Girl Band Don Cox, Jerriann Tiehen: Maga- Gary Harmon, Martin Holler, Don LEAH DON LEWIS, ANN COOPER zine sales award. Cox: Cornet Trio. Modern Choir Variety Show Sextet PAM HAINES MUSIC COHCGVT Modern Choir Variety Show Devcrs. QUARTET: Carolyn Willingham, Johnnie Faye Jones, Jo Jo McCurry, .lanel Lan- drum. Junior High Girls' Chorus Q I A li Junior High Girls' Glee Club Q x I I I L 1.2-rv-gf... 1- jd U' A 57:1 .-,f,5f5f.J f V i fwfr' .,f W 51,7 if 1 X 1 jill: 7 ly -- A Dedication of the The P.T.A, Chili Supper 1-' 'f -xi new Science Build- -,. ing. N , Senior Class Qffggcfg The Girls' Glee Club The Seniors take over the Conqgggion grand for one night. , lla Q Basketball Coronation Football Queen and her Attendants Junior High Girls' Trio Sophomore Float "Sayonam" Junior High Cheerleaders The Tvvirlers in their Fire Baton uniforms, V , ,I www'-k V XX S - 4' F 45 ,if .a m i ll ' K3 f . , A 1 v K, if ' " r 0 f Q J- K' 'TTS A 5 ' , . fm ' - 'San - was-.TWT All-Conference: Clyde O. Womack. i K These were our Football announcers. Mr. CJ!-EiE:1rlCLaE:d Rillfcrgier-T.rgie39rDarrell Davis' Jerry Harley must be going to help Terry Holman looks shocked. The visiting team ' Y Y O ' I esgrove' Womack pull the boy down. must have made a touchdown. 54466 ' mag 0 :MD 4 ll, he 9e2e Q? ,M . . T -xuls ,T X These are the graduating players on the football team. They are These boys will be with us no more. They will graduate, but we will also all-conference and a few of them all-district. have some new players to take their places. TONY ANDERSON HARLEY FILES CHARLES JACKSON RONNIE TIEHEN LYNN -1 JERRY MCCURRY GENE MULLINS All-Conference All-Conference LYDE WOMACK GENE MULLINS ELZEY MERCER JERRY MCCURRY DARRELL DAVIS ta The girls' basketball team with coach Johnnie Brasuell. x X lf p Q L E V7 N X If M! " ' '..'l- 'lylll R ' T"T" fill" , 4 X flax Kilt Ngg -4-- Liv-, ',l. A r .-my --i as s i. The Girls' softball team. 70 Ie -Now 'w-'ft I Darla Del Smith, manager for the girls' basketball team. "ALL-CONFERENCE" Bella Spoonmoore Teddy Wright l Sandra Womack Judy Sanner, Teddy Wright and Bella Spoonemore, Janice is warming up for the first pitch, x -Od 'S r' . ' '1 S. b 1 N 'lxlfliql xg, Tlwis looks lllxe a lwonltlwy bunch of Tn 5 T w ' I 4 r . rl -- Af.-3' ',"l-- A iw. , ,L . xx . in .. f ' Y -ffl lf, Ogg? f 5 pmwi f I -,iw l X, , ., . V "l H1 216 .E X 'fmt' M . ,ful-TSIKES rm ' Q'v5"'l'S2'x3"4iS,5:'' ' .M J l , I .111-eg-.y , " ,ei - ,,E. w , 'Q nfiwf. .Y ' , ff '-'tu 'M 5, SWL: fri .'viS--'f 'Q n"'2's X " hP4zt. l., , A, . N -ggyx, 4- .. 1 lf .L K5 .T ggi., :ark-if we 1+ ,5 ,,-SSN ' .3 ,Q fr UG.:-. 2 - X- -T - T:-HM-rgm - 2 -l . , Q y -. . W e - 5 f f if ge Q 11? :rf ,uyii tf wa' J . A . gk. ' . iw .V Ah i l K ., y ---. 7-'-Bagrg i A ,V .L , l , The Relay Team anus! be resting. 3 Tlwc Baseball boys did a very good job This year They are slandmg lclt to right Eugene Wilson Johnny Morris, .lirnnuy Shrler, Junier Sorrell, Charles Jackson, Jnmuny Barrnck Front row Bull Cooper Miko Donn, Glen Sweetman, Lynn Winkles,G. VV.Wrxgl1T Charles Rurnsey md Terry Lynn 'E wk BOYS rlrqt form Jul 'W? I F? BACK ROW, left To right Walter Lane, Harold Luckeif, Doyle Mullins, Cecil Oxford, Tony Keys, Charles Winkles, Dickie Gilby, Paul Bracken, Tommy Brown, Larry Mar1in. FRONT ROW: Tommy Kinard, Junior Fore, Damien Duhon, Emery Ferguson, Mike Holbrook, Charles Couey, Charles Epley, Kenneth Over- slreef, and Billy Slrickland. W . 1-'Aff-ii? V 'Q LeT's have a yell for our team. We don't know who they are, but if you will lifi up the helmets RAH! RAH! RAH! you can see Yhe faces and recognize Them. ,fl W -I Nix 7' 1 X O Y iff R 'S q of se, .len s ui -K It , Q it ,iissf ' ii' ' 2 1 is 'Sage- ,ggwlm P t, 4. is FIRST ROW: Damien Duhon, Charles Epley, Walter Lane, Harold Luckefl, Tommy Kinard, Noah Brooks, Jerry Overstreef, Larry Stiles, Coach Howard Wright. SECOND ROW: Larry Anderson, Tommy Brown, Ralph Hurst, Dickie Gilby, Charles Winkles, Tony Keys, Cecil Oxford, Doyle Mullins. s Tommy Kinard goes over the high iump. Charles Epley, Jerry Overstreel, Charles Winkles going over the low hurdles X, ,eg b I 1 Y, X ,, " 15. xl ' xSU'fQ' W W' M,- Q Y ,fs f " no Ma T -'sim Wu x .si QJW4 wYU"1 Af XALMA4 X X M 'LM ' AWV4 KAL!!! xg ' 7 "QQ, 50 lpdz U' f W ,lf SUN. A . ALM 'N U I 5 P 3 P lx i Q .x A real frontier lady. Someone is working on the props for the Junior Play. lf you can figure out who is working and who is playing, please let us know. X 1 llgf Q um Qi' l fi' - Nice-looking corn stalks, Mr. Brewer is really going The cast of "Oklahoma" girls. to keep peace and order in school. "'? ' M, . , i .ff i. Q lk l .Q l Y X l Q K Q X o .1 xl' 1 Dress-up Day Larry and Pam Decorating The Senior Float. 77 "OKLAHOMA" A Musical Play By Richard Rogers Oscar Hammerstein Directors: Helen and James Burnett CAST: Aunt Ellcr Curly Laurey Will Parker Jud Fry Ado Annie Carnes Ali Hakim Pigrails Fall Down Genie Cummings High School Band Judy Gordon Larry Henderson Pam Hains Tony Anderson Vance McKee Leah Don Lewis Bill Washabaugh Judy Phares Nan McCurry Celesline Barnett High School Girls' Glee Club Velma Alma Modern Choir Pianist Mrs. Warren Andersoh lil 4333 Pianist Are you proposing, Main Characters Mrs, Anderson Laffy? .Ni . -1 l new ! Take it easy, We've got to have men, don'T we? This Aff' YOU Woffledf VEVY Qood Jud. looks like a fine bunch, too. Bill? Barbara and Kafef' 78 The Many a New Day Girls. Flower Girls. Wie 7 - 5 X Posfcard Girls 1-fee. same Pew, We have everyone from young to old in this production. "DEADLY EARN EST" Henry Gilcrest Aunt Ethel Margie Ernestine Clarrisa Pumpkin Jill Gladys Aunt Stella Ernie . Mr. Bumpus Sleepy C. E. Grimm Dr. Earnest Ralph Duncan Kay Forbes Jane Bruner Kathering Young Lois Parsons Beverly Rogers Ann Cooper Donna Devers Kathering Pickens Larry Henderson Eddie Morgan JuniorNFore Mike Holbrook . Dawl McLemore Eddie, what are you trying to sell to l guess Ralph thinks the Doctor is trying to kill him in some way or poor, little, ole Ralph? 0fl'1eI'- l don't think Jane and Terry got his consent or blessing either. Terry must think he is going to take over the business some day soon. "OLD SKIN FLINT" Olcl Skin Flint Flora Bell Uncle Toby Alice Eddy Lambert One-Act Play CAST . Kenneth Dodson Katherine Pickens Hubert Allred Jane Bruner . Terry Lynn lt was a meager cast but they did a marvelous iob in their performance. "ME AND MY SHADOW" Senior Play CAST Roy Harrington Arleen. Harrington Shadow Mrs. King Susan Fisher Bruce Douglas Georgia Butler Sheriff Hickson Sabu Hubert Allred Helen Snyder Darla Smith Donna Kaye Carroll Patsy Neeld Bill Washabaugh Kay O'Bryant Bill Pogue Dawl McLemore This is a mess. The mother-in-law is here, Bruce must be trying to back out of a deal Leis hope the Lady of fhe house doesnt the maid wants to quit and Shadow's he made with Roy or maybe hes scared f CgfCh1l'1e Unwanted vlglfgr still here. "NINE GIRLS" Junior Play the Mother in law CAST Eve , Linda McCartney Mary Judy Adams Jane Connie Briscoe Sourpuss , , Verna Willingham Shorpur Lillie Stephens Freda Anita Hale Alice , Judy Phares Shirley ,. Kay Forbes Tennessee , , ,,,,, , Diana Holler Phyliss , It looks as though Connie is having a serious talk with Carol. Hey, stop it. We can't af- ford to have another mur- der at the moment. 80 Carol Mitchell lm., A W- fb A 1 L ' ' " W ff My 5 J 1 4 !I""Q Q Your skirts are a little short arent they. Q M v 5 ' 'P 1 K.- M., X Y 9-s w"!sS'v Y A515 4, 2 1. - 1' 5,.'A'!Z1:Q-i Q I r N- 41 11. ' '.-"fi" ' S. -.4 ,-,, I Q V V , 1 -Jx 'Q T VTXP1' f R .1 X. V a x, if' O wmwaialsmu li is -X3 'F vw 3 41. M Y 1 Q I U 14 'ff' ',, vi Qi' V. .. QW Q O O O S' QL n 3 Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President-Gene Mullins, Vice-President-Larry Henderson, Secretary-Treasurer-Davvl McLemore, and Reporter-Judy Sanner, 'SX X M Y 'EMM 33 S VaIedicforianfAnna Speed Saluraforian- Kay O'BryanT HUBERT ALLRED-Bus Driver, 2 yrs., Hot Rod Club Presi- dent, l yr., Junior Play, Senior Play, One-Act Play, St. ALVEY BROVVNfFFA, 4 yrs., Bus Driver. FRANKIE BROWN-Shop Club, l yr., Hot Rod Club, l yr., Baseball, 4 yrs., Basketball l yr., Bus Driver, l yr., Paper Staff. DONNA KAYE CARROLL-Glee Club, 3 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Modern Choir, 2 yrs., Band, l yr., Speech, 2 yrs., Senior Play, C-lee Club Officer, 2 yrs., Pep Club, 2 yrs., Annual Staff, l yr., Paper Staff, l yr., FTA, 2 yrs., All-State Chorus, 2 yrs., Office Girl, FTA Scholarship. JOHN COCHRAN-Hot Rod Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Football, FFA, Student Council. GWENTH COWAN-Glee Club, l yr., Modern Choir, l yr. "Oklahoma." THELMA CLYDE COWAN-Mixed Chorus, FHA, Librarian, Paper Staff. DARRELL GRANT DAVIS-Secretary of Student Council, l yr., Student Council Representative, l yr., Football, 3 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., Placed 5th in State Track Meet in 180 Low Hurdles, Junior yr., Basketball, 3 yrs., National Honor So- ciety, 3 yrs., President National Honor Society, I yr., Boys' State Representative, FHA King, i yr., Office, 1 yr. 1 JUDY JO GORDON-Band, 4 yrs., Girls' Glee Club, 2 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 4 yrs., Modern Choir, 2 yrs., FTA, l yr., Band, President Glee Club, President, Student Council, Co-Editor of Annual, Annual Staff, 2 yrs., Oklahoma Honor Society, Band Queen Attendant, Vocal Queen Attendant, National Honor Society, DAR Award, Achievement Award in Band, All-Around Girls' Award, "Oklahoma", Banning Scholarship. LARRY HENDERSON-Basketball, l yr., Hot Rod Club, l yr., All-School Play, Vice-President Senior Class, Leading Role in "Oklahoma", Christmas Play. DONALD JACKSON-Basketball, 3 yrs. BETH LANE-Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Glee Club, 3 yrs., Pep Club, Annual Queen. LEROY DAVIS-FFA. SONDRA DEFFNER-Drum Maiorette, l yr., Twirler, 3 yrs., Girls' Glee Club President, l yr., John Philip Sousa Award, Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs,, Band Queen, All-School Play, All- State Band, Vice-President Band, l yr., President Band, l yr., Annual Staff, Band, 5 yrs. KENNETH N. DODSON-Chorus, 2 yrs., Madrigal Group, 2 yrs., Mixed Quartet, 2 yrs., All-State Chorus, 2 yrs., Stu- dent Council, 2 yrs., Vice-President, l yr., National Thes- pian Society, 2 yrs., Boys' Quartet, l yr., President Senior Class, Arkansas, Cheerleader, Arkansas, Beta Club, Ark- ansas, State Student Senate, Arkansas. BOBBY FOX ELZEY LEE MERCER-Basketball, 3 yrs., Baseball, 2 yrs. President Junior Class, Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Glee Club 2 yrs., Basketball King, Christmas Play, All-School Play Lettermen's Club, Honorable Mention-All-Conference Bas- ketball. VERNA MILBURN-Glee Club, l yr., Mixed Chorus, l yr. FHA, 2 yrs., Paper Staff, 1 yr., Freshman Class Treasurer, Librarian, l yr. GENE MULLINS-Student Council, President, Student Coun- cil Representative, National Honor Society, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Annual Staff Photographer, Letterman's Club, Shop Club, Basketball, 3 yrs., Football, l yr., Bas- ketball, 2 yrs., All-School Play, Oklahoma Honor Society, President Senior Class, Boys' Quintet, All-Conference Bas- ketball, 2 yrs. PATSY NEELD-PTA Scholarship, FTA, 2 yrs., Secretary, l yr., Band, 2 yrs. IMA JO McCLELLAN-Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Glee Club, 3 yrs., Pep Club, 3 yrs., Sophomore Class Secretary, Cheer- leader, l yr.,Annual Staff, l yr. JERRY BURK MCCURRY-Student Council President, Secre- tary-Treasurer Letterman's Club, All-Conference Basketball, Basketball, 3 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., American Legion Citizen- ship Award, Basketball Escort, National Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Glee Club, 2 yrs., Oklahoma Honor Society, Balfour Award, Alumni Scholarship. DAWL MCLEMORE-Junior Play, Senior Play, All-School Play, State Honor Society, 4 yrs., Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class JAMES MATHEWS-Football, 3 yrs., Track, 1 yr., Letter- men's Club, 2 yrs., Shop Club, 2 yrs. ROBERT PARKS-Basketball, l yr., Baseball, 2 yrs., Hot Rod Club, 2 yrs., Bus Driver. KATHERINE PICKENS-"Oklahoma", National Forensic League, FHA, National Honor Society, Speech, Glee Club, One-Act Play, Sextette, All-School Play. BILLY LEE POGUE-Junior Play, Senior Play, All-School Play, Basketball, 1 yr., Hot Rod Club, President, Secretary of Student Council, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Student Council, Annual Staff, Oklahoma Honor Society, Band, l yr. ALLAN RAY PRESGROVE-Football, l yr., Lettermen's Club, l yr., Shop Club, l yr. CEDRAL NIXON-Mixed Chorus, 1 yr., Glee Club, l yr Pep Club, 2 yrs., Spanish Club. 2 yrs. MARILYN NORTON-Book Club, 2 yrs., Secretary, l yr Nurse Club, 2 yrs., FHA, 4 yrs. EULA FAYE OXFORD-Librarian, Teen-age Book Club, Span ish Club. JIM OXFORD-Bus Driver. JAMES RUSSELL PRESGROVE-Football, 2 yrs., Track, 2 yrs., FFA, 4 yrs., Treasurer, l yr., Football King, All-District End, Football, All-Conference End, Football. DONALD WAYNE PRICE-Football, 3 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., Basketball Manager, 2 yrs., Bus Driver. HARRY REYNOLDS-Football, 3 yrs., Basketball, 1 yr., Track, 2 yrs., Letterman's Club, Vice-President, l yr., Shop Club, 2 yrs., All-District and All-Conference Lineman, Foot- ball, Football Escort. KAY O'BRYANT-Pep Club, 2 yrs., FHA Reporter, 1 yr., Glee Club, 2 yrs., Oklahoma Honor Society, 4 yrs., Student Council, Senior Play, Salutatorian, CCC Scholarship. CAROLYN ROGERS-Cushing, FTA, 2 yrs., FHA, 3 yrs., Vice-President, 1 yr., Future Business Leaders, l yr., Mixed Chorus, l yr., V-A, FTA, l yr., FHA, 1 yr., Girls' Glee Club. JACK EARL SANNER-Football, 3 yrs., Football Escort, FFA, 4 yrs., President and Vice-President FFA, Vice-President Junior Class. JUDY PEARL SANNER-Basketball, 3 yrs., Cheerleader, 3 yrs., Head Cheerleader, 1 yr., Carnival Queen Attendant, Paper Staff, 1 yr., Spanish Club 2 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 1 yr., Basketball Sweetheart, Tennis, 2 yrs., Senior Class Reporter, Honorable Mention in Basketball, Served at the Junior-Senior Banquet, Office Assistant. KARRON SAVAGE-VHA President, Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Glee Club, 3 yrs., Pep Club, 3 yrs., Annual Staff, Spanish Club, Paper Staff. SHERIDAN STEWART-Band, 4 yrs., Twirler, 2 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Glee Club, 1 yr., Secretary of Band, 2 yrs., Reporter of Band, 1 yr., FTA Club Reporrer, Carnival Queen, Band Queen. CAROLYN TURNER-FHA, 1 yr., FNC President, 1 yr., Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Glee Club, 1 yr., Spanish Club, 1 yr., Spanish Queen, 1 yr., Pep Club, 4 yrs., President, 1 yr. BOB WADE-Secretary Student Council, FFA, 2 yrs. WILLIAM WENDELL WASHABAUGH-Football, 2 yrs., Bas- ketball, 1 yr., Track, 2 yrs., Shop Club, 2 yrs., Hot Rod Club, 2 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Glee Club, 1 yr., "The King and l'1 and "Oklahoma", Junior Play, Senior Play, Paper Staff, 1 yr., School Bus Driver, 1 yr. DARLA DEL SMITH-All-School Play, Junior Play, Senior Play, Speech, 3 yrs., Annual Staff, 2 yrs., Paper Staff, 1 yr., Cheerleader, 1 yr., FTA, 1 yr., Glee Club, 3 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Basketball Manager, 1 yr., Betty Crocker Homemaker Award, Band, 1 yr. HELEN SNYDER-National Honor Society, 3 yrs., Reporter, Secretary, llyr. each, Speech, 2 yrs., Maiorette, 4 yrs., Oklahoma Honor Society, 3 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Modern Choir, 2 yrs., Glee Club, 3 yrs., Band, 5 yrs., FTA Treasurer, 1 yr., Spanish Club, Annual Staff, 3 yrs., Editor, 1 yr., Co-Editor, 1 yr., Quartet, 2 yrs., Junior Play and Senior Play, All-State Chorus, 2 yrs., All-State Band Clinic. BELLA SPOONEMORE-Basketball, Softball, All-Conference Basketball, Pep Club, FHA. ANNA MCMURTRY SPEED-National Honor Society, Vice- President, 1 yr., Oklahoma Honor Society, Modern Choir, 2 yrs., Glee Club, 2 yrs., Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Secretary, 1 yr., Pep Club, 2 yrs., President, 1 yr., Vice-President Sophomore Class, FHA, 4 yrs., President, 1 yr., FFA Sweet- heart, 2 yrs., Student Council, 1 yr., Annual Staff, 2 yrs., Comets' Tale, Editor, 1 yr., Girls' State Rep., Office Girl, 1 yr., Valedictorian. ALICE lVIcKELVAlN-Basketball, 3 yrs., Softball, 3 yrs., FHA 2 yrs., Pep Club, I yr. JERRY VVELDONwFootball, 4 yrs., Track, 2 yrs., Letterr'nan's Club, Hot Rod Club. LINDA WHEELER-Mixed Chorus, 3 yrs., Girls' Glee Club, 3 yrs., FHA, 4 yrs., Modern Choir, I yr., Paper Staff. CLYDE OLIVER WOMACK JR.-Football, 3 yrs., Basketball, 3 yrs., Track, 2 yrs., Shop Club, I yr., Letterrnen's Club, 2 yrs., Vice-President, I yr., President, I yr., Student Coun- cil, I yr., Mixed Chorus, 2 yrs., Boys' Glee Club, 2 yrs. TERRY WOMACK-Track, 3 yrs., Football, 4 yrs., Hot Rod Club. TEDDY WRIGHT-Basketball, 4 yrs., Tennis, 2 yrs., Student Council, 2 yrs., Mixed Chorus, I yr., Spanish Club, 2 yrs., Football Queen Attendant, I yr., Football Queen, I yr., Cheerleader, 3 yrs., Annual Staff, I yr., Paper Staff, I yr., Basketball Attendant, I yr., All-Conference, I yr., Carnival Queen Attendant, I yr., Junior Play, Served at the Junior- Senior Banquet. I We, the Senior Class of l959, in sound, sober mind and healthy physique, do make this our last will and testament. Each article here described is bequeathed severally to the below mentioned individuals according to the terms of the will and testament. We hereby declare all previous promises to pay, wills or testa- ments made by this class as null and void. Hubert Allred wills his beard that won him the Frontier Day longest beard contest to Darrell Ray Martin. Alvey Brown wills his ability to ask Mr. Biffle the wrong question at the wrong time and in the wrong place to James Davis. iDid you get the answer right on Mr. Biffle's nine weeks test, Alvey?l Frankie Brown wills his pitching position that led Velma-Alma to victory to Tommy George Spoonemore. Donna Kaye Carroll wills her green foot, that iust happened to get in the way of a swinging paint brush, held by Jack Sanner, the night the seniors painted the water tower, to Rooster Womack. John Cochran wills his "White Lightin"' moments to Tony Anderson. Careful, Tony, Oklahoma has gone wet. Gweneth Cowan wills that embarrassing moment when she lost her boy friend's ring in the barnyard to anyone who happens to be in the barnyard. Thelma Cowan wills her pony-tail to Karen Moss. Darrell Davis wills his broken down charliehorse leg and his ability to remember the football plays to Jerry Sosebee. Leroy Davis wills his four years of Ag without getting a whipping to Little Chief Sosebee. iHow does your record stand, Chief?l Kenneth Dodson wills his ability to preach to O. D. Bright. CCan you use it, O. D.?i Bobby Fox wills his clever technique of getting an out of town girl friend and not bragging about it to that one and only hot-lips Young. Nola Graham wills her position as hind-catcher to Diana Holler. Judy Gordon wills her walk to Freda Hardin. Larry Henderson wills his love affairs and good dancing ability to none other than Eugene Sanner. Don Jackson wills his appointment in Doctor John Harden's office to anyone who happens to get a piece of pencil lead in his arm. Beth Lane wills her soft delicate ways to JaNell Bryant and Kay Massie. James Matthews wills his Duncan girl friends to Lynn Winkles, so Lynn won't have to spend so much time and money trying to get better acquainted with them. Elzey Mercer and Bill Pogue will their Trophy to Dwayne Sanner and Charles Verna Milburn wills her pencil-pakin' Junior Sorrell. CD0 you think that you meet in Edmond, next year, Junior?l Gene Mullins wills his iokebook that he gets all his corny iokes from, his unprintable way of sounding off, and his outstanding personality to his little bud, Doyle. lma Jo McClellan and Patsy Neeld will their army, navy, college, and high school boy friends to Nan McCurry and Linda Peters. Jerry McCurry wills his enioyable moments at the V-A Drive-ln and to get lipstick on his collar to Tony Anderson. Alice McKelvain wills her appetite for bananas and pickles to Linda Allred. Dawl McLemore wills his place around the Biffle clan to Thurman Davis. iSince he will probably have a clan of his own before long.l Cedral Nixon wills her Ft. Sill boy friends to Pat Jones. Marilyn Norton wills her well-known characteristic of being the campus' chatterbox to Kay Forbes. iHow absurd.j Kay O'Bryant wills her long hair to Marie Harden, and her ability to get salutatorian to Sandra Womack. Eula Faye Oxford wills her "A" in English to Harley Files, in hopes that he will get along with next year's English teacher better than he did with Mrs. Hallmark. pin-up girls and Deer Hunting Jackson. Look in locker eight. steno-takin', typing ability to will make it to the Scholastic dl Jim Oxford wills V-A to anyone who wants it. iSee you at Loco, Jim.l Bobby Parks wills his red-hot love affair with Karron Savage to Junior Sorrell. Katherine Pickens wills her ability to raise hogs to the Velma-Alma barnyard boys. Allen Presgrove wills his ability to order his announcements and for- get to order name cards to Hump Denney. iWonder if he will re- member what night he graduates.l Jim Presgrove wills his faithful sidekick Larry Miller and his coon dog to Rooster and Darrell Ray. Don Price wills his ability to get away from his girl to go to Okla- homa City to a prom to the O.U. Kid, Larry Young. Harry Reynolds wills an unsmoked, slightly slobbered on cigar and one slightly kissed on girl friend iMitch-Mol to that romeo himself John Sullivan. Carolyn Rogers wills her ability to run through Mr. Creech's fence and get away with it to any of the next year's seniofs while working on their float. Jack Sanner wills his smooth line to the girls to Eddie Morgan. iDoes it work, Jack?l Judy Sanner wills Teddy to Jim and his coon dogs so Elzey and his water skiis can move in. Karron Savage wills her hilarious finishing touch to her iokes to Linda McCartney. iFor further information contact the iournalism class or Mr. Brewer, how about that, Karron?l Darla Smith wills her measurements to Jeanette' Lawrence and Carol Mitchell in hopes that they will grow into them. Helen Snyder leaves her ability to go steady and have a different ring every week to Pat Ossenbeck. iWho is the latest, Pat?l Anna Speed leaves her soup-slingin', rag wringin', and coffee pushin' to Connie Briscoe. iHear you are getting married, Connie.l Bella Spoonemore leaves . . . at lastlll Joseph Stewart wills his bus route and his intellectual mind to Walter Scifres. Sheridan Stewart wills her slim, trim figure to Nona Kay Forbes. iAre you still on your diet, Nona Kay?t Carolyn Turner wills her Spanish vocabulary and title, "Spanish Queen" to Nancy Butler. Bob Wade wills his calloused hands and Biffle-worn rump to G. W. Wright. Bill Washabaugh wills his ability to get stuck in front of Helen Bruner's house to her next year's admirer. iDid you appreciate your help, Bill?t Linda Wheeler wills her ability to find unprintable gossip for The Comets Tale to Saundra Cary. Clyde Womack wills that slightly worn road to Bear Creek to the next flame of the Bryant twins. Terry Womack wills his ability to win iust one fight with Sheridan to Mr. Burnett. Teddy Wright wills her place at the table in the Sanner household to Elzey Mercer, and her position as the school pet, and ability to get by with murder to Sandra Womack. Mrs. Jane Poteet leaves Bruce to Adren while she goes on the Senior trip and has a good time, and Adren is sitting home changing diapers. Mr. Harold Biffle wills his strong voice, curly hair and control over our Senior class to Mr. Brewer. We, the Senior class, bequeath our sponsors, Mrs. Jane Poteet and Mr. Harold Biffle, to the senior class of next year, in hopes that they will win the Annual Queen Race. We, the Senior class, will our first six rows in the auditorium to the iuniors, in hopes that you will fill them up as well as we did, figura- tively speaking, of course. Twelve years ago a group of scrawny, straight haired youngsters who were to be known later as 1959 Velma-Alma graduates, began their laborious ascent to the goal for which everyone in school is striving-the year when they will be Seniors. Those starting at Velma or Alma were: Hubert Allred, Alvey Brown, Thelma Cowan, Donna Kay Carroll, Beth Lane, Dawl McLemore, Ima Jo McClellan, Jerry McCurry, Anna McMurtry Speed, Marilyn Norton, Eula Faye Oxford, Jimmy Oxford, Katherine Pickens, Bill Pogue, Allen Presgrove, Jack Sanner, Judy Sanner, Karron Savage, Darla Smith, Sheridan Stewart, Linda Wheeler, and Terry Womack. The teachers surely had a bunch of running noses to wipe. SECOND GRADE-We picked up speed in our second year when Clyde O. Womack, "Racehorse," Jr. raced down from Fairfax. Others who came were Patsy Neeld from Duncan, Bobby Fox from Burkburnett, Texas and little Miss Bella Lee Spoonemore. THIRD GRADE-After a long hot summer everyone returned in Sep- tember with only one new student-Cederal Nixon from Duncan. This was the year Darla Smith thought Alma was easier than Velma. FOURTH GRADE-We gained two students in our fourth year: This was a good year for Judy Sanner since Elzey Mercer moved here from Illinois and also Sondra Deffner from Ada. FIFTH GRADE-The students who came to us in our fifth year were: Harry Reynolds from Hominy, Judy Jo Gordon from Duncan, Leroy Davis from Duncan, and Darrell Davis from Ada. SIXTH GRADE-The students we gained this year were: Helen Snyder from Shidler, John Cochran from Shawnee, Joseph Stewart from Gatlln, Teddy Wright from Shidler, Nola Graham from Heavner, James Matthews from Salina, Bill Washabaugh from Claud, Bella Spoonemore decided she liked Fox better so she left. SEVENTH GRADE-We acquired only two students this year. They were Frankye Brown from Cement, and Don Price from Dundee. Bella Spoonemore returned to V-A from our rival Fox. EIGHTH GRADE-In our eighth year we were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Gene Mullins moved here from Eunice, New Mexico, but we lost Sheridan Stewart who moved to Colorado, but she couldn't stay away so she returned at the end of the year. FRESHMAN-With things going bad in the eighth grade no one moved here in the ninth. As a matter of fact, we lost one student, Nola Graham, who moved to Heavner. SOPHOMORE-Our Sophomore year Larry Henderson iived in from Oklahoma City. Jim Presgrove from Fox, coon dogs and all, Bobby Parks from Flenpool, Gweneth Cowan from Duncan, Bob Wade from Dickson, Carolyn Turner from Duncan. JUNIOR-We gained two students this year, they were Kay O'Bryant from Chandler, who took salutatorian from Leroy Davis. Verna Milburn moved in from Ardmore. We lost Teddy Wright when she moved to Shidler. SENIOR-We finally made it as Seniors. The greatest ancl most won- derful year of all as we leave high school and enter the world as adults. iSuppose to be anyway.i Our Senior year brought us Don Jackson from Deer Creek, Alice Short McKelvain from Wayne, Kenneth Dodson from Duncan, Carolyn Rogers from Cushing, Teddy back from Shidler and Nola Graham back from Heavner. Bob Wade moved to Dickson for two days, but couldn't stand to be away from dear ole V-A, so he returned. Our officers are: Gene Mullins, President, Larry President, Dawl McLemore, Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Our Student Council Representatives are: Judy Clyde O. Womack. Four Queens were chosen from our class this year, they are: Football Queen Attendant Henderson, Vice- Sanner, Reporter. Jo Gordon and Queen, Teddy Wright, who was also a Basketball and a cheerleader, Basketball Queen, Judy Sanner, who was also Head Cheerleader, Annual Queen, Bath Laney and Band Queen Sheridan Stewart, who was also a twirler. SENIOR PROPHECY As we gaze into the future we see the members of the 1959 Senior Class, and they have scattered to the four winds . . . First we go to Paris where Rock and Roll have made a big splash and none other than Larry Henderson was the originator of the Parie' Hipsters Club, around the corner is Patsy Neeld and her French sodas, I guess she will always be a ierk, a soda ierk that is . . . Sheridan Stewart has lived up to her dreams and is the leading New York psychologist with horn rimmed glasses and an old maid's knot of hair. While we are here in New York let's drop in and visit the gang leader of the underworld, Kennth iPreacherJ Dodson and his two right hand men, Harry Reynolds, and Terry Womack, their gun moll is that quiet thing Carolyn Rogers. Who would have thought that of her. James Matthews is in the Redwood Forest listening to the heartbeat of a 92 Deffner and Ima Jo getting their M. R. S. Leroy Davis are still down on the farm trying to raise money to go to Hawaii where they natives. Alvey always young Sapling, with his stethoscope. Sondra McClellan are still going to O. U. in hope of degrees. Alvey Brown, Dawl Mclemore, and can learn the Hula dance from some cute little was a romeo. Jack Sanner is now in Indiana racing his famous and notorious speedster the John Harden Special inspired by one of his old teachers Mr. John Harden Jr. Hubert Allred is in Texas where he has iust invented a new car blower to dry diapers while travel- ing. Marriage helped as an aid, not a hindrance, to success. Frankie Brown is now in Washington, D. C., where he is running an informa- tion booth for the President of the United States Gene Mullins, we always thought that Gene would amount to something. Donna Kay Carroll has iust won her second Miss Universe Contest where she modeled her famous leopard skin bikini designed by the world famous designer, Joseph Stewart. Bill Pogue is still trying to break the world's record for number of people in a phone booth, WKY is staying posted. Kay O'Bryant better known as the brain is busy teaching the little Edmondson's to mind their manners and perhaps someday they will have the English IV class hating them for their A's. Bella Spoonemore still has no driver's license, but who needs one with Turner Falls and Wilson iust around the corner. Guess the boys at V-A weren't her type. Gweneth Cowan was the quiet one in class, but you should see her now. Gwen and her lovely voice have moved Julie London out. Judy Jo Gordon never had it so good, she finally made it to her dream city, New Jersey, and has become the leader of a teen-age beatnik club. Her club is going strong with no vices allowed. Some of her best club members are Thelma Cowan, Cedral Nixon. In Neiman-Marcus of Dallas we see the world famous beauty salon of Karron Savage. Karron has iust finished one of her famous hairdos WINDY BLOWN UP SIDE DOWN. Jim Presgrove and Teddy Wright are still together and of this date they hold the world's record for being engaged. Jim still hasn't fallen for the mar- riage idea. Perhaps Teddy should have Jim talk to Bobby Fox. Bobby married his high school girl friend and seems perfectly happy with his situation. Bill Washabaugh is the most eligible bachelor in the country and if you ask Bill the story of his success he will tell you that he loves them and leaves them. Now we switch you to Ameri- ca's trouble spot Formosa and General Don Jackson is sending out his crack spy patrol of Fearless Bob Parks, Big Boy Don Price, and crazy legs Allan Presgrove. Where trouble is, they is. Eula Faye Ox- ford used her brain to an advantage and now is teaching English at her Alma Mater V-A. Bether Lane is the leading movie queen, everyone in Velma was sure of her success, she is so sweet and beautiful. A rare combination. Anna Speed, Alice McKelvian are still in Velma, they are busy cooking and caring for their little "off- springs." Jerry McCurry has been working on his first book for helping High School Lovers. His book is based on his own ex- periences. So far, he only has five pages. Darla Smith is in the lover's capital, Rome, italy, where she has iust disposed of her seventh hus- band, and her heart is broken . . . won't some male come and console her. Killer Clyde Womack is busy raising his racing thorough- breds. Last week his prize runner almost won the Kentucky Derby, the only trouble was that his horse ran the wrong way. Judy Sanner Mercer is working in Duncan as a typist while Elzey Mercer spends his time at Lake Murrary with the five little Mercers teaching them the fine art of skiing. John Cochran is the gay blade of the Shawnee farm country. His farm is a big tourist attraction. He has rule for the tourist. They must be female tourist only. iust one Mrs. Poteet has reached a height of success, her style shows are on TV. Her manager and bus driver is Jimmy Oxford. Didn't know Jimmy cared about fashions, or is the chance to chauffeur pretty girls? Darrell Davis is at the Olympics for his third year. Texas A8-M is determined to make him a winner once. Mr. Biffle is giving parliamentary procedure lessons to the U. S. Senate. Carolyn Turner is spending her summers in Monterey, that first exciting summer exposed her to the Latin Lovers. Linda Wheeler is still working at Woolworth's. Come, Linda, boys aren't that scarce. Nola Graham came back to V-A to graduate, but soon left with Johnny, we can add another wedding picture. Marilyn Norton and Katherine Pickens are now in Norman, as Nurses not inmates, of course. Verna Milburn has good experience holding a shorthand book and balancing in the boss's lap, who would have thought Verna would like to do a thing like that. Helen Snyder is giving private tapping lessons at Arthur Murray's studio in Oklahoma City. Will success spoil Helen Snyder. Bob Wade is now traveling around seeing the world as president of the U.B.A. lUnited Buns of Americal. The roll for the passing senior class has been read and we find them all in the place they dreamed of being. 0540: fifwafwlo t :Abbie Kay O,Bryam' Salutatorian Judy Gordon, All-Around Girl Elza Pollard, All-Around Boy. Anna Speed, Valedictorian if , ,A v.L Jerry McCurry, Balfour Award and Alumni Kenneth Dodson, Baptist Scholarship, Church Scholarship. sl Gene Mullins, Presi- dent of the Senior Class, receives his diploma. 1 Sandra Dyre receives her promotion James Overstreet receives Ellen Moms allalned 3 B'5nll9Y Holder Hflalfled 4 diploma, his promotion diploma. years perfect attend- years perfect attendance BDCB. a 4 . 74 Each year the Velma Post of the American Legion pre- sents a citizenship award to two students selected from the Grade School, the Junior High, and the High School. These students are selected by a committee of teachers. The awards are presented on the night of the Com- mencement for the Seniors. Grade School American Legion Citizenship Award went to Harolyn Love and Harold D 't ar: y. Marlene Wheeler Junior High American Legion Citizenship Award. Doyle Mullins X A . , f L 3 5 .I , Linda McCartney L E t - High School American Legion Citizenship Award. Larry Henderson Junior-Senior Banquet A I Q- ,ir i ',. 43 . if, Senior Trip "Grand Lake" m g Nl ff" Graduation for the Seniors J ,W F 1 1 1111.1 axial zinc ...Ill'I xw gfn M This is going to be a night club. Everybody swims or sunbathes., Everybody looks sleepy. Wl'I6f'S in fhe CGSS, Elley? Junior-Senior Banquet. Cornet Trio. of 8 i Junior-Senior Banquef. The 41h Grade program. , ucuuf MXPQQRQEQ The 3rd Grade program. l guess ihe children are sleeping. 96 V' ' Z . X1 ,Xi XXXHXXLX -1 X X! N X 1 fm J X X X . J..XX111 1 .11-11 ' , 1-V' 1 . ,1, H H 'V 1 1 1 X 1 '1 1 .1 1 X V 1, u 4 N ' 1 1 . 1' ff ' 1 1 4 .. 1 11' M111 5 1,-,1'Z,-AQ, X1 'W 1 2" 1" F' I X , ,X X ll '11 I 1 . ' 1' 1 f P WZ '- 'if' " 4 ,1 111 1 viv- . 1 ff 1 1 1 1, 1 1' Q- J 1 Y'-wt 1 U 1 11 . X 1 . ' x. V 1 451 1 ' I XX ,Xi 1 1 1 H Wzdsn: ,L 1.-"' 53:11 lmhha l,.1111 1.51. 1.Y1"11111aJirIL..11111. 111HMv!1-1'E-.1.An1111. .Hmm .u1m.1m1.1..4...,-'I-. 1. .1-1 ...a..... 41m.iu1makd111Jb.w1 zuN,.1i1uuihm. v 1 Q 1

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