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-- - -,fu ,,M,:-,,,-f, .,1 as.. Q., -, ,.y,,, : y. ff.:,faf .mf -v 72,-I V ,W . ..,, , . ,, , ., , 4, xi ,. .. ,, 14,111 . , ,.. -. 1 -,-viw ,. ,, f,M,m,i.:w, .1 ,,-fi-1:-we:m3::+g'M, E'-EACHER-I I MUSICIANI LENGINEER-I SECRETARY CLERK DOCTOR SU C C E SS 'NT"m W0RKiT"AW1 HCKIEMAKER LAWYER DENTIST1 g g g STOREKEEPER IEE' S T 0 R Y L II II SCHLOTS Your School Provides the Ladder. You Can Climb as High as You Wish t..,,.,g Foreword We of the 6'Comet7' staff think our school, Velma-Alma, is the most wonderful in the Whole state of Oklahoma. If a student com- pletes l2 years of training here, he should he ready to take his place in life as he chooses. He may choose to work after grad- uation, or he may climb higher on the ladder to success by at- tending college and preparing for a professional career. i if 9 V 'W' Q. -'-f A g ' 'F t f f ses? . e wf t I i . o oo W- f gp Q V ' e 5 -A gi, ,y ,.q Q- N i A ,e lf wafer 2 X 2 f fr lm 'R Dedication To you, and you, and you . . . every student of the Velma-Alma Schools We dedicate this year- book. It is for you that the school board, the administration, the teachers all plan and work . . . that you may be a success! .www L Nga my ' 409, '. 'egg C A The Duncan Banner Invites MRS. HENRY HICKS to the Palace Theatre to see "MY SISTER EILEEN" This coupon, plus service fee, good for two tickets at theatre. 9,234EZiIi.fi32I2t2' 1955 Indices st... D un... 18,7501 DUNCAN ILY BANNER earn Yrikfrilumsrifzzi DUNEAN. 0KLAHOhTATVElfNEilQMV:NDVENlBER'j0, 1955-ISEIEETIVED cams ii......1 .-1- A . Velma-Alma School Plant, Program On Por With Mefropolifan Centers "Twenty-three years in the teaching profession have taught me that there should be more schools with two and three names," mused Supt. Clarence Davis as he peered out the window of his plush office across the grounds of one of 0klahoma's most modern schools. "By consolidating their schools almost 10 years ago, residents of the Velma-Alma district have pro- vided their children with as fine educational facilities as can be found anywhere," he said. "We offer virtually the same curricular program as the state's metropolitan schools, and it is pos- sible only because our citizens have lent their wholehearted sup- port in approving almost half a million dollars in bond issues to build a plant adequate for such a program," Davis added. More than S-100,000 will have been spent on the modern plant located just east of Velma near State Highway 7 when the latest construction and remodeling pro- ject ls completed next Septem- her. Residents of the 144-square mile Velma-Alma school district approv- ed the recent 380,000 bond issue by a 50-6 majority. It was the first bond issue election in four years which had received a dis- senting vote. The building project will ease the classroom situation which now permits only eight of the 12 grades to attend classes at the new plant. Those would be the first and sec- ond grades, and the 7th through the 12th grades. The other four classes learn their three R's in the old Velma school building about a mile north of the new plant. However, Davis terms the old building satisfactory for any school, and will be more suitable following the remodeling project during the spring and summer. Three new classrooms will be built onto the grade school wing at the new plant, and the 1956-57 third grade students will be moved into them, Davis said. "It is only a matter of time before we have enough classrooms for all our ele- mentary students," he added. V-A's 875 school children are almost evenly Grstributed, with 425 in junior and senior high, and the remaining 450 in the six lower grades. Davis pointed out that it was somewhat unusual to have almost as many junior and senior high students as elementary children. "Our vast curricular and extra- curricular program is one reason why our students seldom. drop out of schooI," he said. "And about 52 per cent of our graduates of the past three years are attending college. ' BOARD OF EDUCATION Al Pie, 's, H. C. Milford, Wa1'1'en Anderson, Ebb Beavers. ' . 1 i Superintendent C. L. Davis "Our daily attendance record is something to be proud of. We sel- dom have more than five per cent of our total enrollment absent." Included in the curricular pro- gram are driver training, voca- tional agriculture and home econo- mics, band, industrial arts, lan- guage studies, commerce, vocal music and five science classes. "Our program is set up to pre- pare youngsters for college, or to assure those who do not continue their education a means of liveli- hood," Davis said. "It would take the average stu- dent 12 years to take every course we offer. "Our extra-curricular program will compare favorably with any other school in the state. We urge that students compete in athle- tics, band, music, FFA, 4-H, and other activities, but our class work always comes first here," Davis added. h 1 The athletic department will benefit from the upcoming con- struction project. New light! for the football fields, a fence around the playing field, dressing rooms, ticket booths, concession stands, and rest rooms were included in the bond issue approved last week. The Velma and Alma schools consolidated ln 1946, but the buildinz program was not laun- ched until 1950 when senlor high classrooms, Iunchroom, and a 500-seat auditorium were con- structed. The 800-seat gymnasium, one of the most modern in the area, was completed a year later. In 1952, property owners of that dis- trict unanimously approved a bond issue calling for the construction of three new first grade class- rooms, and a football stadium that will' seat 2,000 fans. Three second grade rooms were built in 1954 along with a band room adjacent to the auditorium, and a vocational education build- ing connecting with Davis' roomy office. A metal gymnasium was con- structed for the third-through-sixth grade students the past year. When the other grades are mov- ed into their new buildings, the old classrooms will be converted into houses 'for the teachers. Some 12 houses belonging to the school are occupied by members of the 41-teacher faculty. Davis, serving his fourth year at Velma-Alma after moving there from Walters where he spent nine years as superintendent, raised the school board and garent- :feachers Association for their help in the building program. "They have informed the citi- zens of our needs, and the people have, voted its the money with which to build such a plant." i I i 1 4 F I. i. , 1 Table of Contents SCHOOL AND ADMINISTRATORS GRADE FACULTY GRADE CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES BIG EVENTS ROYALTY SPORTS SENIOR HIGH CL ' L GRADUATION TIME SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES nun. at 522 fig! ,'lyf,, V' -., lil ii! E42 Mi , Eli i if 'QW , , A as in M1 'A' ,. an ,, UNEP! 1 .v'.l l7f 'ffyflli -3 V ....- -,, 1 I, .. A . . ----..-- E- l' iuussanullllllllllilll-I i ' B1 ' " gk lull lllllBIllllll-I 'i li E H E EEF - its - -,,,,,,,,,'E, as v E ' "A, ll 5525 :""'l'lllllSUlSQ-IQKI V l i. -f ., , g as :l r ' .:- -fl , , , it . - 1, V , - eww, . Y J, N ., s I -'M pi ,Af a Q '- f - 1 'aa ' 1-7 A ,- v , .. JA . r .V lg:-.GJ-f:':f::"f A' ,- ' " 'L , . I , ' :' N' 'xl' ' ' ' - e--f f ,T---L . ' 1'?I:3.ff A ff-.14 f 'IMDRF 4 3 4 " 1g.,3a1. A -.Q i 'sl -'iw ' i Philosophy The Velma-Alma school system is the culmination of many years of effort and experimentation on the part of the people of this community, the board of education, and the staff of the school to develop a school that can educate their children to meet successfully life's basic problems in today's complex society and to train them in the social graces necessary for good living and good citizenship. We believe much progress is being made toward this end, yet it is the intention of the faculty and the board of education to constantly improve the curriculum, the physical equipment of the school, and the pro- visions for the co-curricular activities which are conducive to good character development. The maintenance of a staff which has high professional and ethical standards, a desire for continued professional growth, and an enthusiastic and cooperative attitude toward continued on page 7 I ,111 Ill, Ill" I ,s 'r-fp,,4ffL . I N .9ikTd 3? EQA ERR 9 v 5395 Q35 QSM -Xi! .......... .......,... ...,, , , If cnME'r5 Ji lm' " 'Q f ,f'-.3 211211 H " - - A f---" '::" X ' "' 0 --0 ' ""'1f" iii'F'?s,.i4f.-.T-52"'-E-52.5 -ff E'-nfl ' fmwllhiiplllliil lIll1jf'4i-i fiilfi iw x . I ' A .::: ' '31 I1 . 1 S rl 1-4 " H - - - 3 1 'W fasifh A ::: .. 1 F "F IE?"- E .. --B 1 ,S --- --D ':::' -"' L' ::: nlumxmzt lg? 'L " A- 1 'fl Z "- l -is 2 -I ' 1 - , --- .....-.. .. . QQ 4 x41 lx I ,ku . -11. - 1,-6 .Ln--V ....- . ... ., "' ' " S-3 ' , ' 1 - .... 1 ' -. J--- V'-sfxy-,., - J-f 6 .f ' , "' ' -ve ..,1 V. , I-. .5-,.. fi ,,,, A E-J X 'I Jil -. f f 1 , 1 .ue ff V' -1. :L E 4'L Z, 1' '4 he U s P Y -- ,Q - 1 4,333 I, 4, A if M-,ZH - ,p Y a.-V . ,. ... . , 1 ' - H ,,- -- E' iv.: - -' 'Y ' ' - - . - - " .'- '-it - ft? ,, c' Ie' 'it their work is one of the means through which we hope to reach our goal. Among the other specific objectives are those in regard to curriculum and building of character. In curriculum we aim to provide activities that help the student to apply his individ- ual aptitudes, abilities, and interestsg to provide a wide var- iety of courses of studyg to provide training in civic responsi- bility and leadershipg and to provide guidance in finding satisfactory solutions to their social and vocational problems. Specific objectives that we have in character development for our students include teaching them an appreciation of the rights of their fellow meng helping them develop wholesome habitsg and good sportsmanshipg and guiding them in a de- velopment of an appreciation of the aesthetic phases of life in order that they may become worthy members of society. Personnel Efficient workers of all types help make an efficient school. A clean, modern kitchen plus good cooks equals nutritious meals. Left to right are Mrs. Dodson, Mrs. Stewart. Mrs. Harmon. Mrs. White, Mr. Stine, Mrs. Stine and Mrs. Southerland. r I. N. Brooks and Arthur Harden are chief sweepers. l Virgil ..e. Lunchroom Supervisor. Mrs. John Peters. School Secretary Q I Buildings W e doubt that more modern buildings and equipment could be found anywhere. 5 5 5 Q x 1 S K x x i HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM AGRICULTURE WORKSHOP WOODWORK SHOP GRADE PLAY BUILDING QD 4 ,J L .........-5, HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM BAND ROOM Grade School X F acQty LLOYD BRADLEY School Photographer XX K 'P ,p :au MRS. B. H. BREWER MRS, LURA REID Fi1'St Grade First Grade MRS. DAVENA MOORE MRS- C- L- DAVIS Third Grade Third Grade ' ' eww E ,V , 'fV.. 1 E f -. ,, if N FLY up MRS. KENNETH ANDERSON MR. DELBERT POOL Fifth Grade Sixth Grade E. V M ,Ji X :QW "N W W + ' ., + w wwWW + H Wgwmfww ""Blvl 'Nl' x-J 3 Nancy Barrick Judy Boatman Roy Brown , ,Q ,qi , , .. kgs-.Y I A-n if Na my he I --hw fm...f-Y" . ' R 1 1 ,f in ...'3r. -il' I X 4 xi rl' .-in ,,5?yWf,f' frfig x 5:55 A' a hx '., 1-JI J i .J 5 , Francie Linda Kay Biffle Biffle Robert Johnny Bolin Briscoe Wesley Tommy Busby Carkier Norma Chapman Loretta Clark Larry Cooley Mary Lou Darity Jimmy Davis Lana Kay Davis James Emmons Michael Emrick Diann Fincher Larry Forbes Joyce Ann Fowler Janice Golsom Kathy Grooms Terry Harden Linda Hays Karoleen Henry Kathleen Henry Michael Hicks Kerry Hokit Patsy Hood Jimmy Howard Danny Hudspeth Linda Johnson Cathleen Jones Geraldine Jones Linda Jones Linda Gaye Jones Danny Ketchum Jacklyn Ketchum Bill Lawler F... , If ,fi s . an 5" V . Ng 'J 'Y 5' 1 F' ff N 'W f ig f A .-4, ,ages Q40 -W T ii,e .. - ' ' si ,.,. ras A 'Nun 'S' . V is was e hNAV X, . gg M' U. A. X x .mv an 4 .gg Yi D' Lys f ' 'vi . K-f'r t 4 Randy Anglia Ann Lawrence Lourance Lowranqg Allen BOMB' Ronnie Keith Marker Martin Martin Bonnie Harma Patsy Ann Matheny Mitchell Morris T 'Sr ,Q nv-T 'TA 'F "' ... 1 .f 1 ' i '-f--' 1.4 --f ' PN' TQ ,s Tiff: eeei , 4'LQ-il.-'Jn N -. it it 'wifi i 8- f- Q.. L .V 1 'Qi '-nv L mr I 4 if Vx t aw. First Grade The climb up the ladder to success begins with the child when he enters first grade. The first few weeks the child takes part in a "readiness program," a program to adjust him to his playmates, the class- room and to help him understand what school is all about. Next formal reading is begun through the use of pre-primers. Phonics, or word sounds, are taught. The children learn to count to 100, and learn simple addition and subtraction of numbers from 1 to 10. Telling time, measures of pint, quart, inches and feet are introduced in the first grade, but no great stress is put on these. Proudly a first grader can exhibit his name and other simple words that he has written in manu- script writing. By the end of the year he should be well ad- justed to the classroom, should have learned some basic skills, can associate harmoniously with his classmates, and is ready to go to the next rung on the success ladder. 1 D' -JP 1-...I X -.5 "-O' . "",' ' ,A -3 .." ,. ..- wi K' WE 8, Q 5 r 1 r -5 i Q K if- s fi fn. 1 4. 1, Steve Mullins .lan Neelcl Mike Ossenheck Evelyn Overstreet Tommy Pace Ricky Pruitt Dorothy Reynolds Karen Rhoades David Rollins Steve Romine Katherine Roskam Mike Ryan Kathy Scott .lanell Smith Kenneth Smith Edward Joe Howard Karen Stewart Sutton Clara Bell John Catherine Watkins Watson Pat Marilyn Benny Wiggins Wilson ,pm 'f Qi L 1 1 ar if A m wan t 0 . A A 'ln A 'M .sf Q ' I i it W s. -in M 'KN Moms work in the booth to help earn money for P. T. A. projects. denim Second Grade The second grader finds that in September the year begins where he ended the previous May. Each year's work is planned to tie together into a definite pattern. His teacher tries to make him feel secure and "get his feet on the ground" for another year of learning. Simple science study is begun. The children learn about familiar insects and simple health principles. Reading, writing, spelling and number work ad- vances here. The youngsters use their artistic tal- ents in coloring and illustrating their lessons. They have an opportunity to sing and take part in as- sembly programs. s ' t .5 .ff i, Q . if , ,,.. 'A if. ...-' or-fitayxttev Q, .e t ,Ng is . 5 S . .. l A -IK if our B gh. I B ,f f - Wynne-ne Larry Leona Aldridge Bailey Barrick Tommie Fay .Iacke Don Cliff Bench Bennett Brister Dennis Mickey Linda Brown Burgoan Butler we pt 'R -1- ,C . f 'lf .. i A .-Pk Uk , K ' 5 t I its . 1' A ' 5 1. , i .. I if ,..kkkk. N S ii 'Cx N -. , C' F fr i' xi ' Kenneth Donny Don Caldwell Carroll Cartwright Raymond Linda Barbara Corbett Corbin Davis Sharon Vauda Nell Ronald Foster Golsom Hardy - f. gg? B ln? -Q P if ting' .gg in ta 1. Ak 1 jf5.SK'4-ea J 1 'Q io-f V ? B at--. 'wb V M ' - ' in 5 ' 35-if ii' K -. ,9 C- e ' B K in . ,--'Y - N," it X '-G . 5... . ' Clynda Lois Linda Quanah Cockrell Cockrell Cole Collum Randy Connie Lynn Lois Mae Davis Downey Emrich Files Thomas Brantley Jo Ann David Hayes Holder Keeling Ketchum Second graders have an attractive space in which to spend their free reading time. m , ' 3 gf 'el' iv 0--1' FFQX' 17- A. X1 K 'x- 5' f , W 'I' ti l ., " -3 3' 'Q r dl f .. 4-5 .V 1 f X U A ' , -' QL: R Q s "ev ,. 'L 3" K R . tmumumaitit , 5 Katrin wifi' , r f .Q gk , -R sv-'fu My f ... M . if . K d Wd I 5 rf' I "f""'9" in L - -1. fi L LLM, 1 y if . i 'E x J . ' ' ' L, .K kF5i,:LL f X, - A... N- '-1,-.""Hll L x. J as 1 Wayne Murrell Aa- : -N.-an 1 , 1 D' -..-. Christmas is a jolly season for everyone. Children from all grades had parts in the Clirislnias program. Linda Jean Ketchum Certie Ruth Kinard Jimmy Kirby Allen Kirkpatrick Coleen Landrum Lanny Landrum Linda Landrum Harvey Love' Wyvonne Marker Virginia Manous Joe Ella Mayfield Barbara McCalister Ronnie MeClanal1an Cay Merritt Danny Lee Miears Linda Miller Ellen Morris V ... ',..5...+.-...-.,.-... -..... -...,-.M-..... L+- C,-MN-x..4 N... ...Y ,,..f,.,.,-...A...m.,- -.,,,-,.. 1 N, NMC... w....Q-..A....,-...n.....w.... h,.., wi -Q-vu f I ijt' fi:-5, X f 1 .' .A .Q 2.5 fb. 'Nu-ri" ' "K ,, ,ff . 3 Jim A K 1, g .... A V . X 3 t f an in eq. 'in r W E x 355 I. i R 1 :R , I if ' -w W s. - . .20 l 1 tw ., V 5 : Q o , , , ' . e yo to Y. y 3 5 t A 1 1 K QW . 1 Qi. F .a W Ji , 'JI' 'ix 1.-unlfi , -' X x A Q or al' - I f 45'l" K I Thiel A M' 1 o j 5' y A r i t t an J' ' 1 'J' 5 rryt Hil2' Q ,' f'i1?'. l' f I. 1, Q2 1 t 1 lf 5-. -0' 4'-'vo f K' ii .. L ' 'QA' it "xp Larry Norton Shirley Oxford Danny Pace Judy Perry Linda ,lo Presgrove Linda Phillips Larry Romine Laris Sanur-r Phillip Savage Phyllis Savage Janice Scott William Sellers Kathy Smith Lou Ann Smith ,leanetta Stewart David Stine Nina Sutton Kenneth Thacker Foye Webb Berry Whisenhunf 4 . Cary Wilson Walter Winton John Paul Womack George Young M a if .Qi 1 L ,4 Karen Anderson Diane Baylis - QI Jimmy Bench H 5' G i A " 1 ' fs -un' an Dickie Bishop if soov y V -2, -A N L .... Bobby Blankship . i""""' 1 --7:-v W' - . -wa J-f Elnita Blodgett Gearlding Bolin Lloyd Alan Bracksieck Eugene Brewer Patsy Briscoe f""' Third Grade The third grade bridges the gap between the child's first experiences and his widening activities. Reading is the basis for all other activities. Third grade emphasizes not only word recognition but importances of sequence in ideas noting important ideas reading for specific details, and silent reading for comprehension. Only cursive writing is used, with stress placed on letter formation and spacing. Neatness in all daily papers is emphasized. Review and mastery of the 100 addition and sub- traction facts is the first step preceding borrow- ing and carrying. Division and multiplication are taught next. Geography begins with a unit on our own com- munity, followed by one on Oklahoma, and on to a study of the various kinds of communities in our country. Science, health and art correlated with other sub- jects round out a busy schedule for third graders. 4? Buddy Bruner Ronnie Bryant Jimmy Bullock C. L. Burleson Robert Allen Cary Richard Charter W .fr 1. Apn- K '43 fran 'J i J Q ,apes . ,phvr fi- CPU-A iv . , 1 -K- A ul' K l " x 6 ,av S. iii, 10 i 45" rind- W" 3 P was xg W A-s Y , i.:',f-wf7f,..,,,.f -4 ,ff ft, , fi - Q.: w 1 fi Linda Clower Sylvia Cockrell Ronnie Cooper Floella Corbin Betty Couch Mickey Cowan Harald Darity Jerry Lee Davis Linda Gail Davis Kathy Dismuke George Drummond Donald Dulsworth Linda Ely Lura Lee Emmons Michael Fergerson arf? Ai. ,...a R y Rf - s --B 'WND , " J' . P' F 13' My 1-H l -H.. N If sf N ll Y ' Z . y 1 an Q ' R J ' 2-xg . ,T r . K ,Mi . a?XXAgff!'sJX1! f ., 1 lf44f.ii'!a gl J f M 'tw lil N Ag I' 'T l V Vx. L, J f R J 'TE' . 4 r , 1 : E .A J 1? :sw T .- R F X ' f:::- -l F - dl! Q in . V 1.3. ,.' r 5' F J R , , r , , ,, K in . F K -'T 1 M x sd. f J J J hy? . I mx as , I 1' 3' -f '. N 2 u D'-4,1 g'- -.V O 'O l ll ,af tmz'.f I t if .g A , " ' ' an . I I F J F 1 ff' Q, :A 1 K X' 5 K -,gy 'J' 'Nu-qu' S N J as '22 la f iq -MTV-jj 1 SQ, .. sr "Q ina-i' 'r -' run, w .iw M Ruby Fowler Jimmy Ford Tommy Fowler Temple Grundy Charles Holler Bob Ham Melvin Howard James Howton David Henry Steve Hines Donita Hudspeth Jeanie Johnson Judy Johnson Doris Ann Jones Carolyn Kessinger Eddie Kinard Barbara Ann Kirby Harolyn Kay Love Bruce Lowrance Freda May Lumlyert Sharon Miller Judy Morris Rita Jo Morris Ronnie Morris Joe Bob Norton James Overstreet Weldon Pollard Howard Reames Warren Reames Janice Rehm Rena Joyce Rowe Jolene Rowland Frankie Sanner Brenda Scott Carl Sellers tw y ' " if ""' R on 7' N fav" y C S X ij at fe . 6, ll Q in I K 9 Site, 7'- W il X W W 'W in is 2 -E .f W E A -.9 2: au- Q r t ,M W. t t W Q' W, f I , H A N at Ti l 1 . t 1141 ,S t "Ll .- , -. . . ."" 1' .5 ,T ijt: Egfr: xxstgtg,t,r.,, r K. L ' ' a I K ' ' ' gigffii K' , h 1 'gsm we , M -,U , f x ,S Ig , V : Q ' --Q,-nv 1 Clara Smith Jackie Smith ,lannett Smith Mary Lou Smith Myrna Gayle Spurgin Larry Stephens Patricia Strickland Connie Stewart Larry Sutton Thurmond Thacker Larry Thompson Patrick Walters Ricky Warnock Barbara Wfllch Max Whaley Jerry Wheeler Benny Whisenhunt Cary Williams Sharon Wright Santa Claus seems to be the center of attraction. .t S. Q L .ttt Richard Charter and Rita Jo Morris were third gradt royalty at the Halloween carnival. thx Bennie Aldridge ' - - Lynn Aldridge ' if ' K fr, ,iq Sandra Kay Bacon Sheila Bayliss v 'Ol 4: L Amin Bench X J 5 is Mary Ann Brine I, -H 'N K ls . 'ij-:LA f K M or Lana Blankenship 'V' . Dan Boydstun lc -f-' 'gi' e f 'bifida M A 4 - ,. A . . , -sr air ed Ak J:-rf 5' st rl'!E?""' f 5 5 , . ,li ' iii? if ,K ' -is I f K lil .. ' 'Q :ftii gk .. K . - 5' 1 2' .wg . K . .,. KK KKKK K W ,. s f T . K ' ff , K ' -at Q Sfis,gE2aQ5sfS 2:f:f A gf ' J 1 Fourth Grade Work becomes more complex each year, but yet all ties in with previous learning. Fourth graders should understand what is read and be able to tell the basic idea or theme of a paragraph. Spelling words are put to use in the children's writings, and new words and meanings are learned. Among the language activities at this point pupils are taught correct usage of nouns, capital letters, paragraphs, plural forms, punctuation marks, and possessive forms. They learn that the world is the home of man and how man lives in the different regions such as the mountain countries, hot countries and cold countries. Science exercises teach the fourth men and animals depend on each other and that air and water are basic needs. ln arithmetic they are acquainted with fractions, money, averages, measures and the Roman nu- merals through 30. Jimmie Briscoe Mike Burton Joe Carrol Juanita Cockrell Jessie Faye Cook Dennis Davis Linda Denson Billy Mack Downey Jackie Ellis Carolyn Forbes Connie Forbes Donald Ray Foster Jimmy Dale Hood Lanell Hosler Phillip Hosler John Howard ur if fm? ' FR? dev- I X grid la.. A.,-1 0,41 , will I I-0-Quit' M13 in Lk P'- L 1 ,G - v vw QL L, -ii x r r x'MC"" V LLM -4' 5 z ' f 'Et J PN -K if I ,,1 , L 6 fx f is N ia wav' ,, -:-ff' Jo J o McCurry Mary Mercer Ronnie Miller Linda Minnick Phillip Mackey Wayne Morgan Alan Mosely Charles Murdock Donna Kay Nichols Jerry Overstreet Raymond Oxford Richard Perdue .lackie Jenkins Johnnie Faye Jones Sharon Jones Janet Landrum Judy Latimer Charlene Leffler Steven Lester Vernon Lowrance David Luckett Ann Massey Stanley Mayfield Robert McBride ,Io Ann McCalister David McClain Jo Etta McCol1ie wr, A L L L 49 uf V lv an " ' Y' Q fi r A K 1 M.. ,Lf I V L ,qw ff ' - we y -1 L .xg arf? L k iiii ii,i E dliii L M .fa . H, Kip A - L n 1 I '-n.Q4-61' Jil' I iiwaoax i.' A L. or . L Danny Peters Sharon Vogue lackic Prkcv 41' '34 Calhy Randohnh D W 2 1 ,f i . ' Buddy Yseyndds h A pl' F' 4 X X DBR Sanner ' . in I Eva Nan Sannet , H Darn-XX Savage 2' . ,IQ . E -F 'L ,:,Weh . if T R :Q , X fi ' . .4 .ox '. -3' G Sndy Snxikh N, Q ,A ad Pt Kfhh Snndx -A fr-" v-O I A,- Dickiv Ste-wart S Mkchad Swwan K 4 W Y ' I if fb lanice Stroud W Q X lcrriann Th-hen 4' 0' fi V, Kerry Don This . ig " vf,Q f H A 4' Eugene 'Yooman .of 4' -J ,Q i ad' 1. f A -7 .K A .- , I Indy VOWQXX Q A M Waston X Kay WebX1 N ' 47 1 g Verna Kay Wekh exzfvi I I "' -I N K . Wx ff Ykwia Marke West Card Wheder ' hisenanx Ko e BM W Whisenhunt U1 S immy Camhjn W Ningha W R -.3 2 f'1Y JF ' 'ax 'Qi n v lb li' J K , 2 .., " y y rss ' 1 5 I V, eibfib .1 - Fifth Grade The Fifth grade is a year of review, of clarifica- tion, and of extended meanings, especially in the study of arithmetic and the language arts. As an addition to the childis arithmetic store- house this school year contributes division by two place divisors, Roman numerals to 1000, adding and subtraction of fractions, decimals as a new way of writing fractions, and four place multipli- cation by two and three place multipliers. Special emphasis are given to developing the many reading and dictionary skills at whatever levels of achievement the children are found. These skills include: using an index, table of contents, 'M pk encyclopaedia, bibliographic aids, and use of skim- l f ming in search of information. , A fi iz K V New ways of using a dictionary are introduced. ? , -T . if 0 , 5 " : These wa s include: word division, accent of words, Q 4, t V.., e pronunclatlon and parts of speech. y, , 1 N . . The study of the American continents ln this .gg A grade makes its own distinct contribution to the ii " ' " ' ' geography program as a whole. I-UTY Linda Slfe Togmy History is first introduced in the fifth grade. It Anderson ,Brassfleld rown presents a story of the beginning and development Carol Rita Sandra Kay fA . I Caldwell Cartwright Charter O merlcan Pe0P e' JUG Don Charles The children again study science, and health. Cowan Cox Couey QQ tw , ., 1 Q A .51 A . K ,E 5 Sandra Sue Crawley . , ' 'W . o .,..., as l' i" .29 ilao 'V' -Q Dal Wayne Downey .. V V 'V lllttihfif f Q. C Robert Dulworth ' .ti 4 'L .,.., - K , tt f H ' Q Charles Epley ' KZ-fx? iff! v-,iffy .... Zi , if .ii. . l t ,. J ET- . 0' 5 V E i i f . Emery Ferguson J all - it " x -. 0' - P 'W' P ' . ' Ronold Ford A ' A ' i . N 5 J e ' Junior Fore H gl il 0 ,.'.,, i as V' Frankie Gentry "'. A if 'IQ if 1 ' N VK Q- iii ,L , K , I ,... Q .yi V VVLLV 30 ' i t E ifexfffl i. 0. Sue Green V 2 Dona Grundy . - Connie Harmon 0 A Gary Harmon J - .' i iii. 0' I 1. . " Kenny Hill ,H , y A , , 'E ie , . A if ' Martin Haller 0 iiyi ,fi- fi In . ,': 1 1 Ralph Hurst - ' - I i . ' A ' Bonnie Sue Jones nu at -mixes. iss A -A A h 4 f 5 y .5 ' v' C J ""' ...ff -Q' '-1' 'Q' -1 'ii' ' AA ' 2' W ali-f fr -.Ml wr -3 P A C, A ,N J ii A2 . ' ' . " ' in "ii" ' 'I f fy A . E' T' f T V 7, I 4 T Linda Thvlrhy Cf-urge Francine Glvnfla Molly Kinarml l.aclyman Lani' Lumhert Lynn lut'fi0I'llllf'k Roy Rohlly Lillie' Margaret Don Jimmy lVlcAnus xlllllllfll Morris Oxford Pitgllv Putwt Lori-Ita Wallave jan lm? Linda Sue Charles Earl Marilyn llrvsgruvn- Rename-S Rollins Fmt! Smith Smith Ranrllv .lurly Smith S11-plwns Larry Linda Billy Stephenson St:-wart Strirkland ' Linda Kay Tony Charlr-s Thacker Warnock Winkles Q . T 3 ar i i Jr 3 .W .Q -"' Mrs. Cowan and Mrs. Cartwright help in the fifth grasle Carnival lmntli. C 'r-av,-,,,, Ni-... Charles Winklvs and Tony Warnock examine the bulletin hoard in Mrs. Ruhr-rson's room. Af' . 9 l 9' Jr'-5: Y.: S3 l ,T QWI' A 5 ,- , , lpn - ,..f Q1 ,egg Vit! W :mi l 4' A I K L 'H . ri :,, A I r 3 ' Q -J s e e '--' gg. A ih' 'L-- 4 I , ,- ,W g. sp, E M' 5 . 4 Y o A- 3 X - -a r ff' i r I Rf t, i l c f ,b'- 1.-fQ1, .Yi Aline Adams Phillip Aldridge Alecia Barrick Paula Barrick Viola Bvlin Mom-tra Brooks Noah Brooks Wanda Burelson Vickcy Burgoon Bobbie Carter b .. Sixth Grade t X F 5' Sixth graders are only one-step from E, , 't junior high school, and the Work they do W r .... N e a Q is in final preparation for that step. - 'W' New and more complicated words are ' I on their spelling listsg they learn to locate My ' A , subject and predicate in sentencesg and ' 'gf , they begin simple diagraming. N ' Arithmetic, too, progresses. They learn .9 If to read and write numbers to a billion, to . 4 ' 'Q multiply 6 and 7 place numbers, to divide V ' g by 3 place numbers, to figure area of acres "gif ' K Q " ' and rectangles, to add and subtract frac- ' tions and to use decimals in addin , sub- i M... NJ , . g " 1 ' tractmg, multlplying apd dividing. Marylyn CUUQY ln geography and social studies the Thurman Davis Donna Devefs Shirley Charter Michael Crook Linda Darity Robert Emrick Bobby Hughes JW 3.4, 'Lu- ng ww ig V--:Q i . fig 5.5-W fg- youngsters study the old World continents and civilizations. Science studies include living thingsg machines, matter and energyg earth, sky and weatherg conservationg health and safetyg and physical education. Patricia Fowler Barbara Jones Patricia Grundy Joella J ones N Judy Holder Charles Kessinger rw i n I i QE K ,, ' Q' A ' gitl f: it xi , I I , ,Q '1f7.L' is r Q' Richard Drummond Linda Dulworth John David Hood Tommy Kinard 3 S J I my c Tau 10' vo I s 3 gati y t --Q' JA k-1,h Y L fi' if E-. A llilliv ,lu Kirlcpatrirli lorry l.an4' Wlaltvr l,anz- Rulmy Nluriv Imr- liuth lm- Czmml l,uc'ka-It Harold l,uvlu-It l.urry Martin Sh:-rry lVlc'ffurry llilly .luv Nlinnivk Sllirlvy lxllllllllli llarnlel Tllmmtggmm-ry Juv Nlnrglun lnvllu 'llnrrls Doylr Mullins K:-nm-th Uv:-rslrvm-I ffm-Fil Uxfnrml Luis Parson llvtly Phillips Jinnnio l'uw4-ll Paul l'r:-sgzrnvv K4-nnm-Ill H1-ynulfls Sally Rllmlvs Linfla Savagv Mary Sanm-r Glvn SllPllfDI1 fllr-ncla Slillwx-ll Barbara Strivklancl Clr-n Swvvlman Judy Taylor and K' was Wynn Barbara Thacker Ardena Vowell Marlene Wheeler Janice Whisenhunt Alice Wilson .loyre Wilson Jimmie Dale Winton Ray Womack Bill Yadon Mrs. Gordon, Kenneth Reynolds, Walter Lane and Robert Emrick examine the mail box in which sixth graders deposit their letters to important people. .qv ik.. That all nations have made America was illustrated by the play presented on American Education week. I V I .' 1 ez RW L mania ii, . an A ' "" w ' " "Humpty llumply Takvs A Fall" was thv fourth grarlv ass:-mlnly this yvar. The rhytlnn hancl salulvs Na- l tional Education wr-ek. me-rica is truly a lwiling put all natimmliliv-. Don Pogne and Frankie Cvntry sing Sheila Bayliss does u graceful ballet. Connie Harmon portrays Miss Lih- to Bill Whisvnant. "ML Snowman." erty, www Grade School Assemblies 1 X Second Grade . s C 0 - I . LW- . , , ,, WM.. , m.,. W ,A,, W,,W,....n.... Hu. W, L I rl' Fourth Grade Fwh -3.-A t.......,. F 5 Atv'-4 b evwaw A Sixth Grade Graduation G I 5 w-'-"" W.. Grade ifsf 5,4 , sa Student Council . 1 I l w l Staff National Honor Society Charter Member lfroup 1 1 A chapter of the National Honor Society was formed this year at V-A under the sponsorship of Mrs. Juanita Hallmark. To be a mem- ber a student must not only have good grades, but be a leader and p a r t i c i p a t e in extracurricular events as well. Nine were charter members. Second semester added nine more, and at the close of school Lewie Booth, Eual Conditt, and Lindell Ball were added. wwe M--Q-qgggx MILE 'ssh Bernal ..-.- .-... ... -.-. ........... '-.- -. ,-... ,- sv f,Qg.g, ig,-H., ,.,, ',.b2i'31.2i4- .-... . . '.4L..::'.J.-:'.s ... ........JL'a7.'... ss s'fxf TTT? fVl ifs. 'T W'? fi iii T' f"s xl 1T'N TCDV fl lftifyii I w.1s f "Y r Lau s ' - ,... ', T. ...,i . 1 v , ,, X ,. Z .. ...... ...-tr--K 1 -we if l l Xl ,ll l Q ' K t . x ...X t.. 1 st -. ,t. A .lu.M.,Ll, ,...x,.........a -1 L '. V1 A At tht- .lournalis plant. Prw1if'+, fr f .H ,ai .-. X tw. kk M142 mix- ll so to- T'1lJECWP 'val all ffm- tl.? na sing Vnlvzr- tiifrnia LF thu . L 5"+' el . '.-- .-. s,.4+-'vu-1-. "The Comet's Tale" staff was made up of 15 this year. Anita Sutton, Editor, is showing the others their week's work. They are Wanda Wheeler. Joleen Hulse, Jessie Fletcher, Martha Sullivan, Marie Romine, Aurelia Gentry, Anita Pruitt, Bill Hallmark, Kay Davis, Hershell Mitchell, Bill Morrison, and Don Wilson. . ., t., YY K, .-I T H, 1' "5 ff 4 X 'XX' VN L .V-pil! DQJIND J' U ,.- A. .. fr A' 'L' ,fix J .ykw 1 , Another highlight of the year is attending the Oklahoma Inter- ' scholastic Press Association meeting at 0.U. Here the group is ready to go home after a hard day. THE CORNET TRIO Jesse McCartney, Alice Taylor, Earnest .lohnson THE FLUTE TRIO Barbara Elwell, Linda McCartney, Kay Forbes High School f i I-E+ mg 1.4-mn f, -. , - z., A T,:' ffl? 31 IT. Shelton Lancaster won a "I plus" rating at all-state and had the honor of going to National Band in St. Louis. 1252 51, , , , M - S ' '-"W:e+:'ffzfzffm,m,Nr,mm' :mr 2 11m,f:1stff' Band George Clifford has been band director at Velma-Alma for the past three years. THE CLARINET QUARTET Shelton Lancaster, Sheridan Stewart, Shirley Chadouin, San- dra Deffner. THE BAND OFFICERS L, Alice Taylor, Lindell Ball, Kay Davis, Earnest Johhson, Shel- ton Lancaster. ' rf.- Boys of 'hi' Clve Club Cirls of the Clee Club Vocal Music Director MRS. GILES MITCHELL Q-1-.,-q,,,,M ,ww ,L- I I 915 V x11 -.YA '-,x.4.,n.. -irq 47 ,L-, L,,4'L's' A' 1-" --Vw' x..s-v- -,-g,-w,.,.-Lvq .Q A Jesse McCartney, Jerry Thompson, ,lack Walters and Aurelia Gentry, Linda McCartney and Donna Savage Lewie Booth comprise the Boys' Quartet. make up the Girls' Trio. Future Nurses ' Club ,fl Hot Rod Club ig 5 3 3 is f ,WL E ge Future Farmers of America Officers get a front row seat. From left to right, they are: Cecil Luckett, Paul Newman, Lloyd Ely, Ray Bryant, Charley Beavers, and James Crowson. .xx X l hui snail i 'N-1 ' I iam? ' 'N-me f X, ll " W' l-"V ,, t I 1.f',4XN?3 -,., , ,-- ,pg ,,,, . '1' z"""""' J -r-1 ,Y..,,,, . .w N I -4- f' I . W- ,,, R' A f A t 'A is J. B. Darity was the proud owner of the cham- f F , aff, :ey ,-'Af' ' j..,,f- Lunchtime! Raymond Roberson's sow is busy feeding all her children. r W 1 'f . . , . - - it ,,'f,KL , plon at thls year s fat stock show. Senzor Hzgh 4-H ui-L 1 Uklahoma Honor Socnety nf I I is sf R, I' L 'tr Y wwf 2 V gi . ag -me-.SY-E ', I f bu t ' 'gf -tw - ' ., L There are 35 members in the Spanish Club this year. Officers are: President, Aurelia Gentryg Vice President, Joan Sannerg Secretary, Becky Boothg and Reporter, Teddy Wright. A scene from "Sunday Costs Five Pesos." .. 'Kan All ready for the Christmas Chili Supper. The mad scramble for the contents of the Pinata is about to begin. F.H.A. NXMAKER5 H J' Hey! Too many maids spoil the sweeping! i 41 x 0 NEW will Wszso ' 0,674 5' f X 'rg sm,,?.2aj H 6 ml .gb 'ff xo was N' clteW5 and the gms Must not take much ma- terial to make a dress for Jolene. 5 1 45 W. H. Cordon is president of the Velma P.T.A. Also shown are Mrs. John Peters. treasurer and Orville Morris. secretary. K- 5:13 N XC X si Q X sis 'Lv ., X - - A V N me XXX X it x 3' X X X Y X Q .Sf i Ns -'T2.",, i Y ' , i . . lf' 5 5 E , dx . 5. Adult Organizations "Cotton" Mitchell is president of the Quarter- baek Club, a group of men who "root" for the sports department of V-A. "Moms" operate the booths at the Halloween Carnival. Proceeds go to buy hooks for the P.T.A. sponsored summer reading program. la I MRS. JUANITA HALLMARK Junior High English Senior Sponsor Senior H igh JAMES TAYLOR MISS VAL MAPLES Social Studies, Coach Girls' Physical Education Senior Co-Sponsor .Iunior Co-Sponsor geooeee 90090009 'if' JIMMY REEDER MRS. MAYFORD SNYDER HAROLD BIFFLE Commerce. Coach High School Math VOCaIi0nal Agriculture Junior Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor by-D+ QQ Miss JANE ANDREWS , ....,...,.i Vocational Home Economics Freshman Sponsor HOWARD WRIGHT ,Iunior High Science Coach Freshman Sponsor ,sl l , Mi: l I JOHN HARDEN MH Faculty Sims' NIHS IIOXD BONNILR GILES MITCHELL MISS WILVIA NIIILHILII ,lo llllill rn Spam lx High School Speech. Engll ll .lllIllOI' H1511 lLIlfDlI'1ll 8B Sponsor 8B Sponsor 8A Spon or Vocal Music. 'IB Math 7A Sponsor KENNETH ANDERSON Social Studies. Geology Basketball Coach 7C Sponsor GEORGE CLIFFORD .lunior High-High Sclloc 8th Grade Math S. GILES MITCHELL JIM SFINIL ff is Seventh Grade just Getting Started A Tulle C mde balm ml M1 Cllltxf Cdlrle OVFI Seventh Grade For the first time students move into the "big buildingf, As seventh graders they be- gin their junior high career. Classes are no longer in one room with the same teacher all day. Moving from classroom to classroom and meeting a different teacher are in them- selves ways that the youngsters are being readied for a high school schedule. The subjects are continuations of sixth grade work, but increasing in scope and dif- ficulty. Math classes begin preparation for freshman algebra, and language classes begin preparation for high school English classes. When he has completed the seventh grade, the student has climbed one more step on the stairway to success. Tony Anderson Carolyn Baker Evelyn Barrick Jimmy Barrick H' .. X 1 A' ii 1 , 1 A ' if Ei' f IL.. Q Q 'UA 5" 1, X' :fa ,M 1 Uxil .t 'D Linda Lou Benton Leta Boatman Clarence Bolin 0. D. Bright James Brown Helen Bruner Barbara Busby Ruth Butler Sherry Carroll Vickie Carter Patricia Cartwright Marjorie Carter Carl Cook Billy Cooper Linda Cox Mary Ann Crawley '-3 , VV .Vi , '-:fm 1 HQ . 'n f rw. , rfgjrzw " Q , -, wwf' . - F Patricia Qfook Davis ?Jlal?JreHC'2 Denny Betty Demon ' Michael Doan 4 k ix Q Q0 4-W . i"'4g,: Q' 5 xi? T if 1 , A .153- u fkz -27 445 27" : .. -V 3 , la-az' ,rt Pamela Haines Evelyn Hardy Dorothy Harris Maurice Hines Phyllis Hosler Charles Jackson Robert Lurnbert Terry Lynn Lonnie Matheny Darrell Martin Wanda Massie Anthony McCartney Judith McCo1lie Nan McCurry Larry Miller John Morris Vonnie Neeld Margie Norton Linda Peters Bill Pogue as W J Q 3 t fi .ff y. . ,. , , VV Haroxd DOKY e Jtf ii' Cass Dowlley V , gi' 'ff r ' Myrna Ellis ns V d ,-,, . l VV , Exdon Efftfn0 ' M l Ann Emflch 45 If :I X. ' Z X Lindam? WY f Harley' Files r a M' Patsy Glllaspy 1 L at A David GleaS0U 'X L Norma Gfaham ' I f . ,f ,, 1 I VV , l iii iv P if af ' ., . VV A VV 4v"wff.. t w.. r ' P f L r e a ti f r VVV ,V f if F' ' 1 M A V V . VV V Q V sra lyrtstf ra e M if i yy .,j, y, 'un a , 1' V, lil.3' 1 3 tlii. VV ff V VEV , ..,fI ' 'S an , . fiiji imr 1 fl ' . 1.4-'P ' ' Wai' Picture Not Available Q "" ' r M .. ' - , N VV FY .1 1 K 9 A A Q I i VJ! 'buf' a l ,,oo, L ,ner f'i 5 + XV at ' as Ya. SK'5"'W:s-5-Q . Mn V V ' 'K V . V , VV ' . . W- H l ily. - L: , , .1 2 if ' . A 1 - ,z if :W :il ' , L ,, F f' ' k'--f I Q - S' -If - 5 ii . nl '2 A 1 5, -L' 5 A KG ' ' 'Q ' 5 fl i Q Q' . " f ' it 4,1 1- L i V Q . i t-" 'L Q 1' xl f-5 , E - 0 ' ,- ', . " YNNPV .L A l J A r, W 1 L ' mf t -:'?:'f' V- 7 H " - - V ' l3?'5.',k is ,X ' -,'k 5 L A A ft- 19' is Qs:-A Marsha Pogue ' do ,E ' . Elza Ray Pollard g - S, h -5 Ci, i a- -s -'G W' Larry Presgrove ' Iv ' - ,wx j - i L5 ,V -.-' Tommy Reames - -:LJ K 'jj' Mg A H" . V -'Q S "'7"' June Rhodes ' V V , V In V V - . V, W D9 , , I A-Q1 ,.,, Y Q ' 1 f .4 "' in J Charles Rumsey V, I V V D Ax Eugene Sanner it . . , I ,--, W?" -.1 Y," at 1, KN v- r ' Dwayne Sanner ' Q. 'K " L A ' ""' f ff- 1 ,lanetta Smith A- ':.f",, "3 Xt S 5 - .lerry Smith V ' -ff' Q V , 4-9 "' g ' ' h e .ff ' A Joyce Smith Karen Smith gg: ,Q 'Pi X 'f I: ' Larry Sosebee ' gt. M 9 " 5 , Felix Spurgeon rf, 5 """' Terral Stephenson A , ' 'gk - T- A ft wi- 0 A M Barbara Stewart gy, Felix Stewart " Q an , f 'V V' ,- . ' Jimmy Stewart i f gb. ,' " I ' M 3 Jimmy Thompson J 'i qf,,..,,w 11 ' ' Ls' Ronnie Tiehen S V V QE j. tl ii., V A efe: :,, . ' . e-:-f r V t . 3 t ,. QW... MSA. ' r n it K Ai- ' f I Q 1.4 Ruth Vandiver 'L Paul Warnock 1 Leonard Weldon 'A Day too Daniel Wilson The lunchroom crew enters the spirit of Sadie Hawkins 'MMM ww-awwn-.W V ,X 1 ,, new ,,,1Wg,5. nw , , Mmm ,,,,W,. iw: " 3, "ef 'N wrist J ,ww 1" N. , , www, ,Tung Y. Y M N I., H, z. ,wa W , Inf' inf-va. Usb ,if c 'V 4 we ,, x W"'-if QQ- ! 5 ,y , ken at I 'f - 4 is v .l li 1-av? 'hipsqp Q g , if 1 ' f J, . 1 'T 4- X'-""' A ,yi ff' 5 s Shirley Allred Richard Bolin Joe Charter Eula Drummond I -'S 1 - N 'Q Nm .ts S, 'QR 5 A .Q 1' flfi if g1'!"" I WGN' 'h!"""' 1 4 A Gaila Grundy Ronnie Gilbert Harvey Grahm Diana Holler VX Q f l- E ' Q . l g if gi ' i t il irii l'-S i G G I ,Q "" , f ii iff-l""i aff tf . V ii f "Nil" K E. an .A K ,X W. M M p as mt Q V V... it 5 hm ' 1'9- . r-.-.... . 1 x. 'I' M , .,:. 4.12-5'5" -"' Q. . f ,.A..' it .. , s H-M H. ' ' 5 K -i r' , K l I hifi I 1 A X ltr , V T X i 5 ,. Judy Ballard Connie Brisco .lackie Couey Tom Easley Linda Sue Bishop Barbara Crawley Roy Dismuke Glenda Franks Martha Barrick Sandra Cary Bill Deese Ellen Fowler Celestine Barnett Charles Burleson .lames Davis Nona Kay Forbes Eighth Grade Another block fits into the pattern of a complete edu- cation in the program which is outlined for eighth graders. Again math, English, science tie in with the subjects that were taught in seventh grade and which will be taught in the ninth grade. The students are taught laboratory science, and do experiments. Fundamental American history is intro- duced. The youngsters can take part in a competitive sports program, in vocal music groups, and in band. ln seventh and eighth grades they may join the extra- curricular club of their choosing. All these things work together to help the student learn to make his own decisions and grow toward maturity both physically and mentally. Ronnie Inmon Gene ,lvnscn Patricia ,loner- Tommy Kanive Ruby Kirkpatrick Ruth Lune Jeannette Lawrence Carol Mitftllcll Virginia Morris Eddy Morgan Linda McCartney Vunco lVlL'Kec Delores McManus Jerry Don Nelson Pat Ossenbecli Richard Parsons Judy Phares Billie Ruth Rllem Jo Ann Roberson Pat Rollins Jimmy Sliricr Clifford Smith Jerry Sosebce Lillie Stephens Pat Stephenson Roy Stephenson in L it :iv K 55,5 . , I f f :VI i , , 1 s ' , , ' r vi- ,,, '. lllu,g' ..W.....w 3' 1 illlg , '1""s-f .tl mod' W 1, -W ,K ,. an it 3 5 , L ' ' .L ., L A .X S MQX QQ 1, nu A r f""i'l 'W it ,-.-if ff'-f jg A it is . , ' i. t " 191. UNA W... 1l""'1D J ,wk .K r it - 'I+ "" 'ET E an v p I J, W' if Wi hi- Qri iwi y rrti 1 Q1 ff? I? has--1 ,itt 4 it '-:.,., A rl 'Q' 'G' 453-ffivw 1 "5--'X 'f--e.-..-nr" YQ? "Little Miss Muffetv explains a difficult ques- tion to Sheila lo Yvright, MSX! -DD Eighth grade cage stars. G.. Girls always look neater than boys. dont they' Q -E W it Nw A--fill , -r if--2 o f .X f n o ' ,tr i rafts s Q i I ' " ,X . an xg , M M gg. rt 5 ,,. 'Xxx K as . vs? 3 My fiik ii' 10 JB all NX fl ' ut: A :fills , Warner Stewart john Sullivan Karren Wadkins Karen Williams Lynn Winkles Verna Mae Willingham Sheila Jo Wright C. W. Wright Lynn Wilson Sandra Womack i' an ,af AG' Fresh men Fzrbt Big Year' Ima Jo McClellan 15 plannmg her future X, so Freshmen f M Ks g lxy "The big year!" Perhaps no other time in a youngstefs . XQEA X life is so important as his freshman year in high school. Here he is encouraged to begin planning for his life's work C . and to take the subjects offered in school which will best 4 fit him for that chosen field. g F A i g Boys may choose Vocational Agriculture, or Shop, and ecell ' 'J irls be in Home Economics. En lish, Math, Oklahoma His- H 8 8 g X l , tory and Civics are required. For those who wish there is if 5 it lllll chorus, glee club, band and sports. Michael Dale Benton Biffle Sheila Clarece Blankenship Blankenship 1 L Beth Ann Brackseick , it , L - A -, W g t , pq, Sam Brassfield B w 2 Alvey Brown s isyg iw.. x . L A f g . 1 ' Frankie Brown V C D ,re. Eil Donna Kay Carrol '.' W sa. U V.',,.', 5 Wi H Q Q, Luvata Charter at ' "4 Shirley Chadouin i L Mx tghv E- " .lohn Cochran um, my N , V ' g'f"f 7' Norma Jean Couey t t - 2 , t' C ' 511, Thelma Cowan vi 4 ,i - A at iflflll A A , M I Carolyn Daniels 0' g eas . , K Q . ' .- J. B. Darity as ,ff-' "- 3 ' Darrel Davis is Q s C Leroy Davis 5' ""-SW' Sonja Davis A C Sandra Diffner lf X , A Dawn Anita Diffie N gb if , ' lp? :ls Leemon Dismuke 6 tg V ig 2 I Carroll Downey S "' at l. . Joe Dean Foster We 5 .k .k .:':5 I in SAR ff--K Williarn Hammond Naomi Ruth Hines Anne Hughes Shirley Jones Beth Lane ya 1 '-1-uv, X. 'I ? . James Matthews Elzey Mercer Wzlliala Morgan Gene Mullins Ima ,lo McCellon t .gps .Q Eg' av Q I ' Q 4 5. 5 , 1 . Z2 x k,, t,' ' , il N. f" X Tia Juana Fowler Bobby Fox Judy Cordon .lack Green Nola Grahm 20N . , ff--"X A1 vw ' ,ar-qv' f sv-'-mr'-'f f. we if is M J' W K xx x f is ' A A -,,, ,, .,L, , ek 1 t ttt iu Q f 1 .,. 1, t ... 4 4 LF 1: 3 :- s V " Y lx f'S I l K I M,-at Q .. Q tx ga: in , it .Z V , H Q- T- 1 Y. M5 523 t ,, Q. .. JZ' ' " 50 ,5 - A Marilyn Norton Eula Faye Oxford Jimmy Oxford Katherine Pickins Billy Pogue M J fa we '5 .1 . -f 1 1' of 4 'K M 5' U ' I Betty Lane Emmet Long Carolyn Loring Kitty Sue Lowrance Billy Matheny 'as Jerry McCurry Dawl Mcluemore Anna McMurtry Patsy Neeld Cedral Nixon We f ,QR .-f X61 i '. if Kg I ..v. A gb ,Q -ani Q ll 5 ,ti Sammy Ponder Allen Presgrove Donald Price Sharon Reames Harry Reynolds ri- I 'r i - I if tt K. X S Y me rw Sl, e f- 3 .,,, L e L 1 ff .qv-H ,laek Sanner Judy Sanner Karen Savage Laura Singleton Darla Smith r, 'SY X Z U' it I .dv--H. .-. Earline Smith is-.X Q 'ki '1' 9:-xi 410' 'UN Ora Fay Smith 1 K M.-1 - - er Helen Snyder ,. " , "'i"- , Bella Lee Spoonemore .fi Tommy Spoonemore '.. ,-r 5 R ' L 1 ei gm' I f' 1 an . Johnny Stewart 4 g ':'., 1'-.S M i ' Picture Joseph Stewart ' m W Noi Sheridon Stewart fggly A .I bl Troy Stinson V val 6 e Kenneth Swanson K Ziff L v ii i W if Qi will ,ffl V f r ' N Q 1 dk- George Walters if 'Sb pidure Billy Washabough I a Q V Y 2 .A It Jerry Weldon no Linda Wheeler A' t.A ' 3 AV0ll5l-'PIC Jimmy Wiggins x A ., h A i :iff ' ff ,ri . -' 1,5 My ""' ,. .1 S .M ... L pg FE: , iff: '. Ig. - "N an X' -' , f, . ,. K af " ,:,: 5 . , 'wrt X ,ga 5,5 . F 8 a t 1 , e .Q ri 'W il.-A , "' ,KN a W it ,G 1 I ii i 5- f tt. r r Terry Womack Clyde Womack Teddy Wright Larry Young I M I 1 ' 'N is The new assistant is getting a "raking over the coals" by Dr. Chumley. WWW Don't you think Harvey is cute? Junior Play c'Harvey" Elvin P. Doud ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, K E NT BERLIN Myrtle Mae Simmons ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DAVA ROLLINS Veta Louise Simmons ,, ,,,,,, DEANNA MILFORD Wilson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Miss Kelly ,, ,, ,,.,,, Ethel Chauvenet ,,,,., Doctofs Assistant .,,., Dr. Clmniley ,,,,.Y, Mrs. Clzumley Cab Driver ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, , Assistant to Director LLOYD ELY GLENDA WHITE ,, ,..i GAYLE GLASSCOCK VALICE REAMES SHELTON LANCASTER THURSEY SNYDER STANLEY SCIFRES SHEILA DOTY The happy newly-weds of "Our Town" Senior Play Stage Manager Emily Webb ,,.., George Gibbs , Mr. Webb ......, Mrs. Webb ,.,,,,,, Dr. Gibbs ....,,,,,, Mrs. Gibbs .,,,,. Rebecca Webb Mr. Stmzson ,,,,,,,,.. Mrs. Soam es .,,,. Howie Newsom joe Crowell, Jr Prof. Willard ..e.,.. Constable Warren Sz Crowell ...,,.,,, Sam Craig ...,..e...... Joe Stoddard ,,,,,.,. Our Towrf' BILL HALLMARK KAY DAVIS DAVID PIERCE JAMES CROWSON ALICE TAYLOR PAT SKINNER ANITA SUTTON ELLOUISE BISHOP I, ,,,. EARNEST JOHNSON JEAN JAMESON LEWIE BOOTH LYNN ELMORE BILL MORRISON HERSHELL MITCHELL PAUL CHANDLER PAUL NEWMAN WARREN YOUNG "Now, you'Il have to hurry so you wont be late for school f chool Pla i E , 7 ' l IS , .1 g Q :?: K 5 , 1, X s ii -- V K rg if f f 2 51 . 5? if 5, i E ii. I 2 1 I 1 Q 2 , F 6'The Night of Ianuary 16M PATSY DEVERS ,,,,,,,,,,,.,.....,,.,,,,,,,.... Prison Matron JACK WALTERS ,..,..,., ...,,,,,,,, I udge Heath LARRY HILL ,,V.,,Y...,, ,....,, D istrict Attorney JIM WEBB ,,,.,........,,..,,,., ,,,..., D efense Attorney BILL MORRISON ,t,,,,., ,,,,,,,.....A C ourt Clerk ANNE EASLEY ...,,,,, ,,,,,, K aren Andrade JACK THACKER ,,..,Y,.. ,,77........,, D r. Kirkland 'Q GLENDA RUMSEY ,..... .,,,,,, M rs. John Hutchins DARRELL YOUNG .,,... ,,,,,,. H omer Van Fleet BOB DOAN ..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, .....,,,,,,,,, E Imer Sweeney KAY DAVIS ,.,,,,,.....,.......,,,,,,,, Nancy Lee Faulkner DAWN ANITA DIFFIE ,.,,,,,.,,,..,,,,, Magda Svenson JOE DIFFIE ,...,.,.,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,,...,..,. John G. Whitfield KAY SAWYERS .e,.,...,.,,,,, ,,,e,,...t., I ane Chandler VALICE REAMES ....,.. .,...,,,,,.,, S igurd Junquist LARRY JOHNSON ,,,,,,,,,.....,,....,,,,,,,,,,,, Larry Regan JOYCE MORRIS ,,t,,,,,,,,,.... Roberta Van Rensselaer JERRY THOMPSON ...,..,.,,,,,,,, Court Stenographer Fine Arts Christmas Play . L X N N x A W, ,- 'x M w A N . W vw 5 W XM' :YC 1 E! I Y Y H M as 5 M X "!- 'E K 5 Q H W 1 5 f L L hw y L ' 'vi L "Fine Arts Christmas Play" -- JOE DIFFIE , , , Y Joseph PRISCILIA DIFFIE , Mary LLOYD RLY , , Shepherds JIM DOAN BILL JACK BROWN ,,,, , ,, ,, King LARRY HILL 'AHallc-lujah Chorus" from "The Messiah" Velma-Alma High School Mixed Chorus N .4 'auf' ,. ' WL' 41' ,X wvavlw 'ffwl ,Ti1'v, - we w- wg 'u, 1 mi, 'QW' M u H, 1 mY,"',,i!', h 'WT wNff V' , P' lm- .:'5nw. Jr ., j 1 +' WE,i."?5,f4 -v ,, ,w , ,v .., Q qgfdli FL Q The best-lookin' Dog Patchers smile for the camera. As Earnest would say, "Uh-Oh" another one caught. "Marryin' Sam Davis" doing his duty. we I s -fe: re tr A si 3 -ff 5 , X 5 1 i igti fl P ,ff is 5 A W, x ,ki x X F, 'Hrs rj ,X 1 3 ,z 5.1 .' 'K F21- 2 -- av' 11 633 Y Un? Zf w i ' Mf : X'W' ewy, ' 'N' V ?'Z,Q ' .4f??fMr teier LQ-Q---------------x-Qx he -at ff Nw ' 'X , A' sg, 2117, - ' , "'Lcf.' ' ,. A it ., , W,-t f --aff -A H ' P - . xr-J' ,. JT, ,WM x Q . 4 3 , . aqui. 1 -. , , 4' my 4 KW. . --.LJ ., Nt, 1 ' .,,,.sjf 1 "-'Va-'.5 ,,'- fs ' '.f, "' ' ' g S, TW' "' --.ez . .fx-L., .,..- Y F, N if ,ft "CT -N Waff- . s .ff-fr a' 'ii Nw. ,gf 3 ' ff ' -gg. v I : 461 ' 5 , N N X 'x - If x X g N -xx x A rl " v"J.. Y 'P' ' X X X- "Nu e 1' X 5 ' lf P' A X l .,. K F 3 N1 ,Q V 't' is 4,5 3404 nur J we , K f "- 4 X ,gf tc 'X ,an 0 'R gt if f ' ' . ji Q, 1? V , s X x-Q Q X Ebb and his band entertained before the banquet. Some mighty pretty girls were there! Lg .a-41.-uw,.,A n L. -f -is Nifia vi it If Rf'f'f'tlnif" thfsf' fvllwws all fiW559fi UP? Mamas ami papas and faculty were there tem gf i. Q. N1 Nm N 'x '1- K Fonllmll 1110011 AUI l1,l,l.X l HNHN GLENDA RUMSEY Attendant DONNA Cox Attendant l A .. . ,,- ,yi X T :li JOAN QANNER Basketball bweethemt DONNA COX A ttendant BETH MCCURRY A ttendant W -. M ' ' ' 1 Kvv 'r V:-,,-A V W F M X-153f?'.QA' 15'fTfi23'vJ' 5Q3:q1Iiff ii xr 'kxkx . rr- .Wfrfac ,mf A: Li 1 - 0395K-"ft'W Ei ,gix.,,-gvggg. H-'.:r',Q4: wlgcfgygwgv-, ILE 11: Q '15-,a-Q -- wfiv L, . ,Q x fQ.7,' 5 K. f ' L. - :fy , 'args-rj - ,z :, 4 if X 2 ,, -:fi it ww-v:fn.,, . 4, W , .- mfgiy- 1 1:55 X ,Ax,-Xx.wx'sv- N ,I 1 wr-fq W :sp Q11-xv,g,1g,aQ.,-K W " i'w..fxf--.xx 1 i M wus f,W:N,?ggeg:55k-gy ,Q V , - '9 ' .. Q 4. ,aw A W M1 4 QW +15 X K ..f',b"Z?5fH1Q'l" if Q- if, 1 Q W H my +355 - "i M1gw"a" ' ' 1 2: xiii E " K ! 9 v ,Q " px' A 4554, , I xr ,A ,I , :QA 7' 1 K1 :Q A1 f ALILE TAYLOR enwr High Annual Queen E DELORES MQMANUS ,lumor Hugh Annual ueen l i . 3 S a 'M':WY"X4g,.Q if 1, K rfglvf W Q4 . qu W Sfwwgv p 1 1 5 vs 5 J F' ,, if 55 E 5 QS 1 And the Queens Were Crowned . Seems as if the football boys know how to pick the pretty ones all right. N. What a handsome couple! Sweetheart ,loan and her escort, Warren XSS X wi'-Q' fvvi ' K A I H QWU, 0 ' v What a pained expression on Larry's face! Foofla ll ,520-gf 6's J' W wi LQ ?E?f1fiWMfM W Q7 Job W, fs Pg M N? V W M N 'A V5 ' K 45 - 8 0JM,QWc ASK M26 ' Sky EQ M , fb MM gf 2 iii W Q' fx Mfg .54.f4e+.a..f1 .rc are.,- X MW LZ? rs MZZIOM .. 6 ,If b 6 WJ lo f WCQO4 X 570 Z f XL! W M ' ff' CZX flfwq 595325 My X2 f W ' UL- ' fU' ' Qwffff' Q1 Mg? W 45 i ZS .gif 9. Q57 -221 QQ Lis' We X 9 X rf! 4? 24 GNP ' sf . moo' 55mg MM 834466 02 fn ff! fi!! W '01 f 07?7 ' myloq ZX Jgixg! Aid Kuff X -iz! ky? KX Q WW Ziizf W 5516 'I ' g X 0 f fm M Uffzff I 1 I' ' 42 ,. ' 3 Y 1 V. , Af- , .165 Xlimu YQo','J1 ' hxXl!",l ,AH Xlv.0"'4",J, Xx'.u191392 J, fx.'U"'?x'gL!.anxx1 X ,' mx':s-4' 'pq W" 0 AXYN - --- Velma,-Alma Comets of '55-'56 .1 L an. 1 . , f .,,..x,: . L . 'Ea Boys to be remembered A I if "', I .5 6555521 N, ' ---gg L QMW, , Y x I i' W Q I ,V I A . L f - ag I xr 4 . . ,. N -'MF-I' '-5. M- .- wuls ua , w ik f U f -Y. , KA- M 4 ' ww . ,ww -----0-- , ' I ' i"Q""35k"I'1 -' I??2Il5153i5??31?'L ' - In ,-: --f-1 f " i i rl , Q' 5 1 A , . E V K , - , I 'A I I I .V , I ' , Q V 'K f ' A if , K jviffif' 'fi-,l A ' ' 5 " . ' Cl - - f f , - I 'I' ..., , ' '3"l'L 7 f 0 WH Y , ., 1 . Q I L M-:N , ii V. ,I I7 kv A 47 A, Q . : - N -, . :m .:,. . , S+, 44 351, 1 Q T ,. I . xi' , KV? W S VP' I .. wsumegf. f - L L' 'V'1Wf"5 gf - , 'J' E' - . I . ,Q 1 , O I I 'J 'I ff 2 I' , ET" ' ef! , F201 A -X , .K V K I T . . .Ti e V iilk i qg ir if I 14, Q., , KA I -um' ,iw .K , I W :ff Q x iz DAVID PIERCE BILL HALLMARK PAT SKINNER Halfback Quarterback End All-District .,, ' .Q ' , ' ' .f . f ,. Lgaff 2Q'1u,.l, - -.lmwm my ' ' ' A i A 'K - tg:?'Y4Q?fzf1.:5fqLg13,g,vgmz, fV,Ifwv,z- Cff f' I 1. 5,:,,'v,., .. , ,Q ' ' , . I 4 f 2-I . A - fi, - .'75i,,4fzf.,::Q: , ,M 5,5 5 ffQ?i5?Li',., , pw . nm' gg I wi fi 1. Ifgf A 4 ,, fam I eee DONALD SMITH CARL DEFFNER JAMES CROWSON Halfback Guard Center All-District All-District ,, r gf I a HERSHELL MITCHELL Guard All-District 2 1 .I-'fffg - . : , VU -i' '-3390: X. I ,, 3 13, K as 'Fx Y LEWIE BOOTH End , sf .QQ I ' ski' gg 'ix Alix 415 1 igwximvw 'mist jx.-fi-ff--anus -M ,..,L , , There's just one way to get it done right. yr--vu ..x - ,Q '1'. -t . Assistant Coach KEN ANDERSON r E Y Next year's prospects look good. It's a long way to that last line! A QQ' Assistant Coach JIMMY REEDER f q Q, I. gr ff HE wf . 1 in ii i , W, My ' 'Vi 1 I A 4 wind, M, W I '- M .rw 175 ,Q his ,M Q 4 L'-1 Z Fr Q5 w,f'Wwi 2 ff wwffiwifgi ,. if . H -' All work and no play for the haCks. X2i2Ama5c0' an 1 , , Q4 fr, X, 5 vu' AA. ,. J' JAMES TAYLOR Head W. Q' x La X H Our Queen ow are we doing, coach? AURELIA GENTRY ,. ,, , 7' Aix. . 'fr Wm, .MS Q f ' at Coach JIM STINE Junior High Football Coach HOWARD WRIGHT Daylight practice 6 5 --AI ' V W, M .ff M ii 2.1, , ii T, , 'f .i H i WMM ' "' " ,Q Q. -i A Q, F J, -,,' nf i i,y',iA i , 1 All lined up and ready to go 9-s 431' 303, 'YQ J , U + Q I . gk., A .55 -.2 .I fd ii'1,5? ' A QV ,, Jr. 39 -"....-'J-'4 W, HM ,, , , W W. ,E 2, ,M weupw. , :gn-elif A if f lx... 5 N-.4 kr. 511131 KJMJ .ff fr 4 33 l 2 l 'FS 94 THE TEAM Front row, left to right: Billy Matheny, Darrel Davis, Bill Washabaugh, Michael Benton, .lerry McCurrY, Jerry Sanner. Back row: Jerry Weldon, Harry Reynolds, Gene Mullins, Elzy Mercer, Frankie Brown. Junior High Boys' Basketball Frankie is ready for the basket. 1 1 Darrel on guard J uni or H igh Girls' Basketball Cage queens of the future. Dawn Anita Diffie, Pat Thompson, Bella Spoone- more. x .3 4, .VE . 1 X x. x , In THE TEAM Left to right: Judy Sanner, Jenette Lawrence. Pamela Haines, Celestine Barnett, Joann Roberson, Shirley Allred, Sandra Womack, Wanda Morgan, Bella Spoonemore, Judy Ballard. Eighth graders in there fighting were, front row: Ruby Kirkpatrick, Nan McCurry, Jenette Lawrence. Judy Ballard, Sheila Jo Wright. Back row: Sandra Womack, Joann Roberson, Pat Rollins, Shirley Allred, Celestine Barnett. H A little high, Teddy. 'wr' Tennis -49' Teddy, Donna, Beth and Judy are all set for a match. of r, ,A 'T XM ,H - L Qgiiw- seam 'Nw TEN NIS PARTICIPANTS Left to right: Celestine Barnett, Linda Peters, Eleanor Cook, Linda Benton, Pat Hollins. Nan McCurry, Shirley Allred, Jenette Law- renre, Sandra Womack. Sheila ,Io Wright, Pamela Haines. y . Mega. X Say these girls are really in form. f"' Baseball Q fx: C'mon, throw it! Joe Diffie, and Bobby Nelson talk it over S-. ici THE TEAM Joe winds up. Front row: Bobby Nelson, Larry Johnson. Second row: Alton Lawrence, Larry Hill, Jim Webb, Bill Jack Brown, Coach Reeder. Third row: James Bryant, Earnest Johnson, Bill Morrison, Ray Bryant, Joe Diffie. 1 Sports Snapshots -5 Priscilla aims for the basket! ' Q 1 l 1 gi .J me Hershell, better known as "Speedy," Mitchell, "You're out!" says Bill. is sy W V - QQ. or 4 JUMP! Eugene Sanner takes a long leap ,,..,,,, A JUNIOR HIGH TRACK Left to right: Terry Womack, Darrel Davis, Donald Price, Elzy Mercer, ,lack Green, Jerry Weldon, John Sullivan, Bill Washahaugh, Lynn Winkles, ,lack 'la Sanner, Gene Mullins. lsrs sses ft - , ,Q V 5 A ys its r s Q is Ri y e if e , , e Y ig, ,Q sf ..r.5 if to is if '.., Lzs. 1 P A ,if P .. ' ,.:Q f '9 X M, vu 1 .e P I Q XJ, J' vi ii ' . Look at this crew! x 1 wa H W , 6' 5 Mg, if .. vw ' 4 4? -Q 53' Ux M N , Al,,gL-5' ' an ...L 1 t -,L V QL'LL' ly 2, , ' i' 'W 1 -- -Ki .. K 4' ' - 1 p WM Sophomores Each year the field broadens for stu- dents. Each phase of his life is given at- tention. Sports give him a chance to exercise physicallyg music and art give him the opportunity to enjoy the aesthetic sideg and the many academic subjects af- ford opportunity toward development mentally. Among the required for tenth graders are English, World History, and a science if the student did not take general science the year before. He is given advice on what courses he should take that will help him in his chosen field. Among the subjects he may choose are Spanish, Journalism, Speech, Geology, Agriculture, Home Eco- nomics, Chemistry, Shop, Algebra, Band and Vocal Music. Patsy Airington Bob Baker Lindell Ball Charley Beavers Billy Biffle Sonny Bishop Rebecca Booth Wanda Brackin GW at K 'v' X ii i i he ,Sl 'wk 1 A .- ra b 'li Emily Bright Y ,, E Bill Brown Ei 5 . Betty Bryant 'Y James Bryant lt t, La Jean Bryant 4,4 Alvianita Burton t ii B Cary Busby B 'gl Y' Donna Cartel- Dale Cartwright l lg- jj,j Linda Pat ClaY at . jj! . ti, A Q I Bud Clayton jsys.oys, I Eual Conditt ii Marilyn Cowan tht ti i j it g Betty Crowson Gerald Darity , , ia, W 5 ' Nr? 'f . ,f-.,. ' 'V' is . ..', 5 'rm' '- in-uv' N 'QP 'wtf 1 5 -rw we I'-x 'P' ,N 'Ns ag, 4 J' . X s X. s .eff ' ff' Donny Day P D NSY evers Wonder what the topic f Priscilla Diffie - Lowell Doan fi, iiffftsi . I 5' 4 -il' G Paula Epley ' , Allen Ford F nf 4 Y I S 1 K , Barbara Elwell K Z Paul Franks A 3 sis X s . ,.,,'J."""!' v 5 A vii conversation is? Boys. Ill bet' J lan lf'-' 't I f 'gh . X 55 'Q a-' t G 57-3 I N" 2 s 12' 4'-We 4 ' t s , awww Q , K ,tively , . ' A '-3? r oolo raft ff gs , man VTP? . .yu 'Pho' i N-4' 1 :lime -1' XE sid Buddy Gilby Roger Gilger Jerrie Ann Gleason Ronnie Haines Kenneth Harris Neta Harris Galen Hines Jerry Jones Gene Medlin Irma Dean Meadows Ray Mauldin Eloise Martin Harvey Love Alton Lawrence Linda Lane 5352 5 is E arl'-t r -'Q 'lfgw gzf' gif' Q ' .. ef A " , 'X XSD' 'x r ,Steal L V. I mf Vw Sherry Mitchell Betty Moore Joyce Morris Jimmy Murdock Jesse McCartney ,loan McManus Barbara Nelson Wynola Newman Vance Norton Billy Ossenbeck . 4-.Q , a t -:aft e fr. 1'-T ' iiilieiialiiiue Q ' ii 5 g I ii , , Alpha Price ., S' V V t Raymond Roberson liter, X 3 S ' Glenda Rumsey V f . S I lf K as V VV VV V wr 1 f f r ' at .-N, if VV mn A V , LV V georgia Sanner V t f 3 V V M - 2 r V, V ,QV ay awyers 'fag'-' it "' Q3 ...... S' 31 Bill smart ii M-V . i ' Anita Smith S li ' A - f Richard Smith r if i A ,". 3- A- rl KW I r A, l yi David Snider . . V K if VV Chesley Stephens I' - W Jimmy Ste hens has V VV g V VVVV V :,k J P LV V , VV , , L X oyce Stephenson ' Jerry Strickland .fi A V, iw ., : ' sg, M if r lb 1 S S 'T : t V S 'Ni - Donna Sue Thacker V tar 1 'S 1 , mi' 1 my M i W .lack Thacker .ma 'M 'ymth f i , iy we 3 - t 1' M, X Pat Thompason fff , ' ii 5 7 sq!-ei H ii M ' Jack Walters V S r r pp - r Jimmy Webb YZVVV., AV VV VV ,VtpkV V lkp A V ti,p V . ,,., A ' Jf iigi ' M t' 2 f O E . 1 M iell if gllmzp me V I an V F w David Winkles Q5 5 ight. a V ..,V ' Q gf! Janet Woolbright at , VV V A iVVV a- yssl Q Nm 5 Jumors RP!lllj ing or zhe Barzqlmt. Sheila Doty primps for the big went. Betty Adams .lunior Allred "" Kent Berlin Patsy Biffle Billy Brown V ' Ray Bryant ff , Eva Chandler A ' A I Neva Chandler -we 'SEM lf,.S,,,,., It l t"' Richard Cowan Donna Cox Ray Cox Tommy Cox Juniors Each year the student is encouraged to decide on a definite goal and work toward that goal. Bookkeeping, Typing, Shorthand tie in with English and Math to prepare the secretary. Speech, English, Debate, Plays help ready him for a college career in fine arts. Geometry, Algebra ll, Chem- istry, Mechanical Drawing, Trigonometry lay a foundation for the Scientifically minded student. Only required subjects for juniors are American History and English. The whole school program fits together into a pattern to prepare the individual student to travel along the road of life. did' Km' Anna Devers J oe Diffie James Doan Bob Doan Sheila Doty Anne Easley K V .LM ' 'K l l, , 'Q ei. 'S X , ff--" 4"""Sv - .xv auf' Tk . pm 1, our X ft at '10 N s E , 03 ,if f xt , - i K ig" - -., V. Uwiil adv-ul , "Ni rw ii 5 t g i 'X-I eg: - -M" 4 Q pw at ft . W . W-u..,,,,.-fav .. .. ,, X -i X ,,tiil ,N Lloyd Ely Hershall Files .lerry Forbes Donald Franks Gayle Glascock Larry Hill Sue Holder Larry Johnson Shelton Lancaster Flora Lowrance Cecil Luckett H, im YN Shirley Martin Joyce Matney Deanna Milford Jerry Morris Beth McCurry Donna McGuire Sylvia McMurtry Bobby Nelson Jane Nixon Joe Overton Valice Reames Dava Rollins Donna Savage 8 , A ."'-yd , j N' " 'un if CT! ff- s , 1 T air- .i l N I . it 5. 1 4. . af '5' M x Ib 'liffgem A i. K ,Ioe and Flossie en- joy a few minutes of the noon recess. 5. 7 5 is me iw' ' , Q f X jpg lf? 7 Q y for W... W1 'l ,y o n -H J--2, an . 4 T" KR in ' s Y S, 13?- ,, W- F owo 5 ooolo W' I- 1 0554 ,dk EQ.: r l X , lm 1 st' ' 1 3 ig. ' Q x61 -'W' Aa 11 is , K, gi! 3 'qi X ..., V , Qruv K K 5-1 A Es "E' I A A 'W it , wsu no ii W Q i . Glenda White Wanema Womack Darrell Young Stanley Scifres Donnie Smith Thursey Snyder Ellen Stewart .lane Ann Sullivan Sue Swanson Bobby Thacker Jerry Thompson Donald Tilley Ronnie Wadkins Gerald Wilson Reba Wilson f s 5 l it 3 S Shelton and Anne were voted the wit- tiest at the Sopho- more program. Won- der how that hap- pened? vis Senwrs Ready now for greater things Kay Davis ia a Typical Senior eniors Rounding out his high school days, the senior should be ready to go to work or to go to college to further his education. While at the Velma-Alma school he had a choice of 35 units of elective work, that means that he could have taken his choice of 35 courses other than those which are state requirements. Junior-Senior banquet, baccalaureate, sen- ior trip and graduation are highlights of the year. When diploma day arrives, most seniors of Velma-Alma high are misty eyed as they review happy school days. ELLOUISE Brsnor Ellouise Bishop's favorite hobby is talking and you would certainly believe it to see her as head cheerleader. Ellouise has had many honors during her high school years. She was rep- resentative to Girls' State, winner of the D.A.R. Award, and Best All-Around Girl her junior year. Ellouise has at- tended the V-A School for eleven years. -Yzgfff. ser LEWIE Boorn LLOYD BRADLEY LUETTA Bnooxs This happy looking young man is one of the driving forces of the Senior Class. Lewie has been active in Mixed Chorus, Boys' Quartet, and the 1954-55 and 1955-56 Debate team since coming to V-A six years ago. After graduation he plans to attend O.U. and major in Engineering. When you Lloyd taking being camera he has also see a flash it is just another picture. Besides man for the annual staff been active in student council activities. After graduation Lloyd plans to marry his favorite sub- ject, Betty Clark, and go to work. Luetta Brooks, affectionately known as "Brooksey" came here from Lula, four years ago. Luetta was annual queen candidate her sophomore year and president of the Spanish Club her junior year. Luetta's favorite sub- ject is typing and she plans to use it when she goes to work. at xx xxxx sw Sk 'WMM' .asv exit MQUNN i :S Sagi- 77 A f - . "iys ' ELI, r ' . . . ' - '- -. V ' 2- f ' E V ' . ii i- - ' Q, Q 5, fr A i -vii T s x ' .. 'X T if 1IW?t" ' : t.. v X - 2. 'lfwgzfitzfezglgg -. .f A - ,, .fzisaaliqasg A , .L , X . -A f 5ssa2si,Q2+f:5f. , . . L ,, ,. ,,,. f N to E- - . ,- s 'f T H ' v. iyeiw :ins Y W., A. , iw '52 iw A A " . fi-fi ,L PAUL CHANDLER After completing service in the Navy, Paul has returned to Velma- Alma to finish his education. Paul has been president of the Hot Rod Club and a good worker in the Sen- ior Class. Paul plans to work after he gets that diploma in May. w JAMES CROWSON This husky young man is president of the Student Council, was selected to attend Boys' State, treasurer of F.F.A., All-District center in football. member of the National Honor Society and a member of the 1954-55 and 1955-56 Debate Team. James will cer- tainly be missed after graduation. ...,,- X CHARLES Cox This fine looking fellow was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, just 18 years ago. Charles has attended Velma-Alma nine years and has been secretary of the Hot Rod Club. After graduation Charles plans to attend business school in Wichita Falls, Texas. KAREN KAY DAVIS Kay has been seen in practically every department of the school. She is drum major and president of the band, secretary of National Honor So- ciety, vice president of the Senior Class, and assistant editor of the an- nual. She is in Chorus, Clee Club. and the girls' Quartet. O.U. with a dramatics major is her ambition. 40? CARL CROWSON Just 17 years ago in Okmulgee, Ok- lahoma, this handsome boy was horn. For the last three years Carl has at- tended Velma-Alma where his favorite subject is typing. After graduation he plans to attend school in Waxabachie, Texas. as , In CARL DEFNER For the past five years Carl has attended Velma-Alma and has been a member of the Hot Rod Club and Theory of Coaching Club. Carl's fav- orite sport is track and after gradu- ation day rolls around in May he plans to attend Cameron Junior Col- lege and later O.U. 'Um LYNN ELMORE Born in Duncan. Oklahoma 19 years ago. Lynn is one of the few students who have attended V-A for 12 years. You can tt-ll by looking at that beau- tiful 1956 Chevrolet which he drives that he has been an active member of the Hot Rod Club. Lynn plans Io attend 0.11. next September and ma- jor in Engineering. JESSIE FLETCHER ' Jessie Fletcher is one of the few who started and ended her school days at V-A High. Jessie is the vice president of the Future Nurses Club and an active member of the F.H.A. and the paper staff. ,lessie's hobby is singing and going. She plans to go to work following graduation using shorthand, her favorite subject. WML AURELIA CENTRY Aurelia has been enough queens to run for Miss America. Her junior year she was elected football queen attendant and F.F.A. Sweetheart. This year she received the honors of being football queen and K.R.H.D. beauty queen. Aurelia's hobby is shining her diamond and she plans to add another ring in ,luly when she is married to Randall Pogue. 'hut K., BILL HALLMARK Born in Durant. Oklahoma just 17 years ago. Bill moved to Velma-Alma two years ago. While at V-A Bill has been All-District quarterback in foot- ball, vice president of the Theory of Coaching Club. Carnival King and was voted Most Popular Boy by the student body. Bill will be a big loss to V-A. IDA HARRIS Ida Mae has attended the Velma- Alma schools for four years. Her hon- ors this year consist of being presi- dent of the F.H.A., secretary of the Senior Class. a member of the Future Nurses Club and the annual staff. lda's favorite subject is chemistry and teacher, Mr. Vandiver. She plans to attend St. Anthony's School of Nurs- mg. JOLEEN HULSE .loleen has been seen in many as- semblies this year using her hobby. singing. She is one of the youngest members of the Senior class. only sixteen. ,Ioleen is the reporter of the Future Nurses Club and a member of F.H.A. She plans to attend Nurses training. Sm JEAN JAMESON Jean has been seen mostly in the music department this year. She is a member of Chorus. Glee Club. and the Girls' Quartet and All'State Chorus. After graduation .lean plans to enter nurses training at St. Anth0ny's, so you can see why her favorite class is chemistry and her teacher. Mr. Van- diver. DE Loss MILLER One can tell by the looks of this husky fellow who was born in Dun- can 21 years ago that he just loves to eat, and his favorite food is pota- toes. De Loss is another who attended Velma-Alma all of his school years. After graduation De Loss plans to have his own appliance business. - 'V 'FWN EARNEST JOHNSON This tall, lanky boy was born in Seminole, Oklahoma 17 years ago. While attending Velma-Alma the past six years Earnest has been active in Band, Mixed Chorus and Boys' Glee Club. Earnest is one boy who will certainly be missed because of his ability to have fun. y Q ta I , t Y . lil, -.W .,.1 fi . .55 A .- I , .T, Wm gs X., JERRY JONES Exactly 17 years ago in Duncan, Oklahoma, this steel-guitar playing boy was born. Four years ago Jerry came to Velma-Alma where he has been a member of the Hot Rod Club. After graduation Jerry plans to at- tend business school in Wichita Falls, Texas where he will be able to con- tinue his favorite subject, typing. . .mi .t- ,uti- g .3,:.a, 'QU' HEESHELL MITCHELL This husky looking young man was born in Duncan, Oklahoma 19 years ago and has attended Velma-Alma for twelve years. As you can probably tell by looking Hershell has been ac- tive in football and was named All- District guard. After graduation Her- shell plans to attend Southeastern College and major in drafting. wav... ..... W BILLY WAYNE MORRISON This energetic young man was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma only 17 years ago. Billy came to Velma-Alma eight years ago and during that time he has been active in F.F.A. where he was selected Chapter Farmer. Billy has also been a member of the paper staff where you are all familiar with "Willie's Page." Billy plans to join the Navy after graduation. favs ef' rm. PAUL NEWMAN This happy young man was born in Duncan, Oklahoma 18 years ago. Since transferring to Velma-Alma from Claud four years ago Paul has been active in F.F,A. where he was Chapter Farmer and has been elected Secretary of F.F.A. for the past two years. Next September there is a pos- sibility that Paul will attend A.8IM. College at Stillwater. A1 ANITA PRUITT Anita is one of the two old married women in the Senior Class. She is past member of band and now a member of the paper staff. Anita's favorite food is fried chicken and her hobby is reading. After graduation Anita plans to settle down in her home at Countyline. JIMMY PAGE One of the few students who have attended Velma-Alma for all twelve years is Jimmy tTinkerl Page, born in Alma, Oklahoma 19 years ago. Tin- ker hasn't had a favorite teacher since the third grade but at that time Mrs. Brewer was his dream girl. Tinker has been a member of F.F.A. while at V-A. Q IH MARIE ROMINE Marie is another one who started and ended her school days at V-A. She is a member of the Future Nurses Club and the F.H.A. Marie's favorite subject is shorthand and her teacher, Mr. Reeder. After graduation she plans to attend Draughn's Business School in Wichita Falls, Texas. in ,.,,.,.,.,,..,,wW DAVID PIERCE This evenly-tempered young man was born in McPhearson, Kansas just 17 years ago. Since coming to V-A eight years ago, David has been ac- tive in sports. David is a member of the National Honor Society and re- ceived the honor of Co-Valedictorian. He is also a member of the 1954-55 and 1955-56 Debate Team. Next Sep- tember David plans to enter O.U. and major in Engineering. .rw- Us sw-Q0 JOAN SANNER .loan was seen as cheerleader the second part of the year. She is the president of Pep Club, vice president of Spanish Club, and a member of Chorus. Joan was basketball queen this year and a member of the All- Conference Basketball team. .loan plans to attend Durant College and become an airline hostess. 'Fm' A1 2 PAT SKINNER This mischievous looking boy was born in Tipton, Oklahoma 17 years ago. Since coming to Velma-Alma seven years ago Pat has been presi- dent of the Theory of Coaching Club and a member of F.F.A. Pat's favorite subject is literature so naturally his favorite teacher is Mr. Mitchell. When graduation day is past Pat plans to go off to school. ANITA SUTTON Anita has carried a big load this year as editor of "The Comet's Tale." She played the part of Mrs. Gibbs in "Our Town." the senior play. She is a member of Future Nurses Club and F.H.A. After graduation Anita plans to attend Draughn's Business School in Wichita Falls, Texas. DONALD SMITH This young man was born in Dun- can, Oklahoma 18 years ago. Don has attended Velma-Alma a total of nine years after returning to V-A this year from Duncan. Don has been very ac- tive in football and track his senior year. After graduation Don plans to work for Halliburton and attend school at night. This is indeed a very am- bitious young man. MARTHA SULLIVAN Martha Sue is always ready to go. She is ready and willing to use her talent of singing for any purpose. Martha Sue is a member of Chorus, F.H.A., paper staff, annual staff, and secretary of Pep Club. After gradu- ation she plans to attend college at O.C.W. and study music. .pP' by ALICE TAYLOR Alice has the honor of being Co- Valedictorian this year. Alice is seen in just about every activity. She is the secretary of band, member of Chorus, and the Girls' Glee Club, president of the National Honor Society, editor of the annual, Girls' Quartet, and an- nual queen. After graduation Alice plans to go to O.U. and major in nursing. A551 'xt ,WWW Rug? la? All Ns K 7:': wil LoU1s1-: THACKER WELDON Louise is the other married girl in the Senior Class. She is a past mem- ber of band and an active member of Chorus and F.H.A. Louise's favorite subject is home economics and her teacher, Miss Andrews. After gradu- ation Louise plans to make a career of keeping house. RONNIE WELDON Just 18 years ago Ronnie Weldon was born in Oklahoma City. He is the newest member of the Senior Class, arriving in January. Since coming to V-A Ronnie has been a member of Band and F.F.A. After graduation he plans to own his own appliance busi- ness. ln DONALD WILSON Born in Wynona, Oklahoma 18 years ago was a small baby boy, later to be named Donald Hugh Wilson. Donald came to V-A from Fairfax, Oklahoma five years ago and since that time has been a member of F.F.A., the paper staff, Chorus and was active in sports. After graduation Donald plans to work. if WANDA WHEELER Wanda has made quite a record for herself in the past twelve years, She has gone to the Velma-Alma School for twelve years without being absent a day. She is a member of the Chorus, F.H.A., paper staff and treasurer of National Honor Society. After gradu- ation Wanda plans to work as a sec- retary. WARREN YOUNG Born in Ada, Oklahoma 18 years ago was Warren Franklin Young. Since coming to Velma-Alma just two years ago Warren has certainly been busy. He is president of the Senior Class and vice president of the Na- tional Honor Society. Warren was also selected Basketball King and a mem- ber Of the 7-B Conference All-Stars Basketball team. After graduation War- ren plans to attend O.U. and major in Chemical Research. Vie ,- Mr. Brewer is presenting the Na- tional Honor Society charter to Alice Taylor. DAVID PIERCE Co - Valedictorians ALICE TAYLOR Graduation lm "Here, let me fix it," says Warren to Carl Deffner. "Now be sure your caps are level," says Mrs. Hallmark at practice time. Tuning the band for the processional. Here they come ! l "Welcome" said class presi- dent Warren Young. "Have self-reliance," urges Alice Taylor No Man Is An Island," sing the Seniors in their last chorus song. pecial Awards to ALICE TAYLOR and DAVID PIERCE for their scholastic achievement as co- valedictorians. LEWIE BOOTH, the best KAY DAVIS, the best all- all-around boy. around girl. JAMES CROWSON, the Bal four Award. . eng . AMERICAN LEGION CITIZENSHIP AWARDS LARRY MARTIN SHERRY MCCURRY GENE MULLINS LINDA MCCARTNEY Grade School Grade Svhool Junior High junior High lThe high school winners, Bill Hallmark and Aurelia Gentry are not pictured, sorry.j The trio sang. Then diplomas were given. m. M 1' "It just can't fall down again," moans Mr. Reeder while hanging the overhead decoration. r K Wk ' of 3 " . J. "11- .ff Y ' -Vi This table is reserved for the big moguls. i .viz-.111 ,,.f asm-.f . . .. rSsft..m,szr. QQ 1f1,:,'vfe Junior - Senior Banquet Arriving for the big event! Don't they look sharp? 2 Q22 M 31 W 535251 arg," ggi 3 +2 K X gi F21 . it w , .. Q, 'T i L ss , x X if . Q 2 . Q 0 2 r f Q F' . ,mggvb ,sri Q' 1, W 'fig " -- N 't W s , ' .,,.. 1 rp, I L:-l, in . 1 as i 5 ' 0 i s I Ar 1 , a r gui .... L i K ., vm-DM ii as Mr. Davis " , for-19 -q.,,,.,,, e In , 1... Wh. DeLoss and his wife steal the show. What! No Girls??? I'- enior Trip mi n rses ssse t n Es- ? . All aboard for Galveston! Look what the ride has done to Coach Taylor! T A l it ,Xxx "Let's see, I'll need shorts, shirts, shoes, and shaving stuff. Funny? You het! 'lim fa K lug N All ready for home. And thirty-five sunburned little Seniors and six little Sponsors went home. 2 S va QD Q Ln Gal CIILS 771, Uklalw W no as G 'R 2' Other Senior Scenes Rev. Danny Boyd of the Velma Church of Christ speaks to the Seniors at Baccalaureate. , -q. .:.s155f Jyk K, .. - , 1"f"f,-gg . Q' 5. ,ff If u Handshaking was in order after the Baccalaureate services Former Graduates Our "Success Storyl' is complete now. We have shown you how the school helps to mold young lives and fit them for a worthwhile future. Here are some former graduates that V-A is proud to display as "finished productsf' MRS. JOHN LOWRANCE, '37 Successful as a homemaker and operates the Alma Telephone Company Loo. X . LT. ROBERT MITCHELL, '50 Graduated from A. and M. in 1954. Now is an officer in the Army. DARLA MILFORD, '53 - An honor student at A. and M. She is majoring in Elementary Education. sz., A mann-gs if KEN WHITE '52 Is making a career of insurance busi- ness. Works for Bankers Service Life in Oklahoma City. aisaiw "M, AGATHA GENTRY '53 Holds a Civil Service position at Shep pard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls Texas. .ad al' 1. ,yn-swam-I-Q. MRS. JEANE WHITE RATLIFF Teaches sixth grade at the Seiling. Okla- homa public school. DR. R. J. PRESGROVE '39 Now ai dm-ntist in Duncan. Ok lahonia. LAQUETA BURKHART '54 She's off to modeling school. ,ull :riff YL A - -,-. -f- -- A.w,., M- pw. .,. .-mix, E ,, , ., ,W .,,,,,....,,,.,.,,,,,.,.w w1,y,,,.w , ,-, V M sg Q,,.,.,,,i,,, ,f,. .,4. ,:3.-,gw , .255 hM:,.,,m,M,w.,t 3.L,w:,.. 5: :av in Nui 'WNVf""fE4'tw'fkfffm'99?W-WEi'ffifi?'1g!:if2b'i'SiPi5W5-1255-WM?'PT55a' T434 Ffaw.f:E'f?A'af?f'?, 'f " ""' P'-:iff-f, ..,JHa.rf-Q, av,-. - , an ge ,, . .. ,, ,,,, , . , . I ,, .-. km , T , A ., X 1 ,V 5 I: ...,:,x,,g- if '..., ,-,,, ,,....,, ...V . . . . ,-, -... K A F , ' 1 4 1 K k . Yr uk 11 Q, ge I-. a -Q. , W .. ,M H .. V- -V-5:1 m:.'.'1g5'1.ff::e':w-rwwf.:-'aff -'iz-:Q-'H

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