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 - Class of 1952

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l II A gHuunnunui'l'll1'I' ,FI - u, , 97 .ff ,iv 'n ,,, ,hi mu Vw 1 I . , 3,"' -IGM , J, W, W 1: 1, n -yuh ,,4 , ,N ,,,,, H. . w ' , , , 1 7 Y ' X 1 xx. 4 , M n 1 4 , , V . ., , , ,,, l,, "1 I , ,V-N N . , 5" .sf-,',,. ,J . I v ,. u.. , ,.,A 4, . ,. 't-f,K..,, ULJVV 'vu ' M, ' ' M ' ,, -1- ' J. H ' 'ifwt , ' , 1- y 4 ,t ,V .. . 1 f, , Q, L 1. in mf-,M E M1144 W., - ,, ,N Im '1 34.1 r ,I ifjf H, iV'1PfU' M 11' iff, f , '4 , ,, , WL, , 3. W ,Y 4 , , , fr 4 ,' 1 5. . E 1 W ,. . 1 4 . 'WY Vs, ,. .P qv . ,ww "w 1 wa' ink ' tm , u ,W , w 1-', ,K-7 MV: . , ,, ,, H w . X w 4- ,3 , Vw, , s 'v ,nu wh 1, qf, , N, . ,mf ""- ,W mr., ,, ', - ,,, ,,, , , ,, . ,w 4 G 0, .1 3 4 i , 2 'M , A 2 rv ,qi "5 ", 34'1QinQfF5 l N H3793 EM, MH , U J I X T .Wh w ' H. . , 2 W 1 : n- , r 3 ,L- I.. 'N , ,, ' r M u .,,, , F 'M 0, 1 ,v :. ,Jen , L, ,, 1' , ,-my W LM" gm, 'JW I., 1 ,.,k -' 'TW JN , .Ax . A wif?-'5' V v , K ,v , I , A 'ww' , f Presenting the 1952 edition of 'Ii-II COHXI' Edited by the 1952 Senior Class of Velma-Alma High school of Velma, Oklahoma DE D164 TION Realizing that the freedom which we now enioy has been purchased with the precious sacrifice of life and knowing that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, we look to 'our future and plan to combine our efforts with those of peoples all over the world for understanding and peace. We fear the evils of want, death, and even fear itself which can solvently creep into our hearts and minds when others fail to understand us. Revering those in our nation, in our community who realized better than we the price of peace, and knowing that our own lives must be dedicated to the cause of freedom, We, the Seniors of i952 dedicate this annual. ADMINISTRA non 2 755 it 'W' This has been a year of much growth and advancement in the Velma-Alma Schools. l have been particularly, well im impressed with the quality of instruction in all departments. l have every reason to believe that one of the finest schools in the state will be developed here in the coming years. l want to congratulate Mrs. Wortham and the fine class of T952 upon the completion of another successful edition of the Comet. Mr. B. l'l. Brewer Principal Congratulations, Seniors of l95'l-l952. Your class has the distinction of being the largest class to graduate from our school. Among your group are many students who have excelled in scholarship, music, athletics, and the various other activities. lt has been a pleasure indeed to have had the opportunity of working with such a fine group of young men and women. The outlook of the world is not very bright at this time, but remember that behind the clouds the sun is always shining. Opportunity for success was never greater than it is at the present time. There is a great demand in all the different vocations for the persons who are honest, ambitious, and have the determination and stability to meet the situation. The Administration of this school wishes, for each of you, the very best. S. M. VanDeventer Superintendent This Page Sponsored by SOUTHERN GULF DISTRIBUTOR, Duncan, Oklahoma THE BUARD 0F EDUCATIUN Vic Webb, Presidentg Warren Anderson, Clerkg Dick Haines, fvlemberg Joe Aldridge, Memberg Charlie Smith, Member Sam White, retiring member of the school board. - Joann Sutton, Secrefary. I This Page Sponsored by mf cmlinwuy m HIGH SCHGUI. FACULTY A R.. MR. CHARLES HOLLEYMAN MRS. REBA WORTHAM MR. JIM SNODGRASS MRS. LORENE WERNER B,S, Eqgt Cqntrql B.A. O.C.W. B.A. Oklahoma University B.S. East Central Commerce, High School Home Ec, Junior 81 Senior High Band, Chorus, 8- Music Theory Math 8. Science. Jr- 8- Sf- Hl9l" 52:f'f,3fw? ' , . if Izgaq If 'fig P23 We I igqiiiggifzsiggIlgkgfgylwy i v 'I K I I me 453 if , gxxgg I. hs RQDMS I I 5 QQEKM 5' 4, waive is WI ' f. if - , , jg. , W 4-I 'I .4 ' fqmfwegwiigszzfy If 'hw I .-1 ' fbilrf Vliflfxziiizlzm., 1 Y I . , 1 , . ,, 1 1. . I i , 5 , 11 " R ' E. Z9-,'II5,:.' ,E , ,C S I IX 3 . 'Q ...J MRS. JOANNA PRESLEY MR. JOHN l"lARDlN MRS. VERA PICKETT MR. LELAND O'NEAl. B.S. East Texas B.S. East Central B.S., M.S. Oklahoma University A.B. East Central English, Jynior High lndustrial Arts, Jr. 81 Sr. High l.ibrarian,Junior 8m Senior High English, Senior High 44" I I lm I 1 MR- BOB VANDIVER MR. TROY woRTI-IAM MR. sEvII. PICKETT MR. BILL GRIFFIN B-A5 E051 Cenfwl B.S. soufheqsfefn B.S., M.s. Oklahoma A a. M B.S. Central -'UNO' Hlglh Pf'nCiP0.l . Social Science 81 Math, Jr.l'ligh Social Science 8. History, Sr, Hi Assistant Football Coach Mull' 8' Shawnee: 'lumof H'9h Senior High Football Coach Math 81 Social Science, Jr. High J'-'mo' H'9l' Fooiball Coach Jr.8i Sr. Hi Girls' Basketball C. Sr- Hi Boys' Basketball Coach This Page Sponsored by DUNCAN BOWL, Duncan, Oklahoma SENIURS Mrs. Reba Wortham, Sponsor Norma Lou Garvin, President Ken White, Vice-President John Gilmore, Secretary-Treasurer Marlene Matney Darrell Shelton Hazel Moore Danny Scmtlin Marianne Lacy This page sponsored by MCCARTNEY GROCERY 81 STATION, Alma Corner SENIURS Glen Wilson Betty Lemons Donald Green 1-. ,Q ,, ' 'Q 1 "Ti?if7 Z 4 5 P ls? Wanda Ely Garth Sfillwell Wilma Cursor' Gene Harper Modena Cowan Lee Roy Fletcher This page sponsored by DUNCAN TRUCK 8 FARM MACHINERY COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma I SENIURS 'W Charles Whisenhunt S bl W ' h y e ng t Seaborn Bryant Jeaneife McCurry Bobby Dix Juanice Turner its Keith Harris Marlene Lemonds Clinfon Moggly This page sponsored by BUNCH 8- SIEVER LUNABER COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma SENIURS HR' May Helen Barrick Eldon O'Necl Halle FOSNY Charlie Doty Yvonnia Bryant Hazel Welch 3 I V5 r Dwayne Anderson This page sponsored by AL'S ARMY STORE, Duncm, Oklahoma W-Q. 'Wi Q l l 4. Bobby Gilger Sue Smith SENIURS Jimmy Richards MurY Fern Newman Donald Adans t""'4 JT Q, .4 Ada Lou Smith Raymond Pershall Danna Befh Vowell l,- ,,. ,W f A' 115453 fi' A if gf I ,nf ll?-Tl? c r 'iff I A Wallace Glasscock Jackie Skinner Edward Wadkins Troy Lee Norton This page sponsored by DUNCAN GLASS COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma 5 1 8 ' C i rv 51 +5 if W L r n Bill Griffin Jerry Waitman Vernon Daniels Orval Gwinn Charlene Beavers Sponsof President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer rififafliggliigaiiwil:juliI QA 4' - ,, , Z Lg- . n ,ig ' iuxrgyqggg.-' 35" . - , 35mW,, , , ,, ,V , K . K nz lie ' , flzfn "ZF E22 13 .Sf 4' ., 'a - xlilfiiyf ' ' K f gr' C f 5 ur . 5' x t V . , 'WW -nr-H fl A2421 ,rf -' ir i .4 1 A 0 , V' W K l ' H I fi i' X ' if f A . M fe I 'EW' " S H '- ,4 5 , V . eg V 4, Lawrence Welch K Ann Clayton Jack Dodd Bobby Allred Kenneth Smith 'pfww , , .- .,. . f I Darla Milford Charley Jenkins Clela Mae Pershall Dean Catan Margaret Fore i l W- A Q-H 12izwr35g.w.:1z , ,, A ..,A,.1 . fr' 'V r ,Ap . .4.,W-ti Q 'F A .,., A t rf' ' ' as if S ii M Q 'BQ- mf-:iii ,,,'fs1,, .E ,giixf M' A ' 1 W, Tw . Gail Sanner Gayle Lunsford Orville Cloud Ruth Bowen Joe Brit Adams JUNIURS This page sponsored by J. B. NELSON GROCERY, 5 Miles West of Velma, Oklahoma JUNIURS fri.-...y 18:1 IQ I1 Barbara Cleveland Billy Parker :'fgQ,,,! Jearlcline Jones l'5""' no A Thomas Wilson Patsy Moore 1 'W' ur-...yn Kenneth Day Wynell Stephens Bobby Stephenson Mary Lois Doiy i ,Q-. 'w M 'W B ' 1' N --0 Si' Sandra Dix Jackie Barrick ,Q 'FFR Ed Bass Jack Stephenson J La Wanda Sellers K Q-'nr L arry Lawson Q Wi 9 .. ,, This page sponsored by MlLFORD'S GROCERY, Velma, Oklahoma nag, 'V' W. C. Bohannon 'IX ,133 Ag., file I ,fogfY1si11"lQs " L - vwffffs ' , ew W wi j ' 1 5' 51" Je . Q ' 'P S v . if D y Billy Don Lemons I X ., .A f S X ll .AX Mr. Holleyman Beth McCartney Tex Parks Agatha Gentry Roy Smith Soonsor President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer no 1 ' jfQS.f5 '23 I r in " 1 fili r r . Y, i 1 ' 1 i Q if 2 Helen White Cecil Baker Bonnie Vee Stilwell Wesley Roberson Mary Moore , 2 l if K , ,925 I fi, . , -. , , K - , A Ml. 1 4? :., VV if 4, fi Q ls of-I V... 9 ag .f , v ,H -, yi . S- 19. 1 ? fk V , Qkiwl ,nv"'4,g H A 'A i I' ,W , My f - '2 Zigi-ff-W 1- ' ,fig .1', " 15155. 7 Y 2 is ' W, 1 "f A ig rfb, ::-v f M , Zi . ..g I I Wg. I ' V V'k,,- H Q' W V .A A .ii ,Vg fggiigig ,L:. H ,.. V H I VV li , X Raymond Hurst Christine Pierce La Don Gilmore Lavern Auld Bill Lane Wm, "' wr' Laura Lee Norton Paul Chandler Janet Pickett Johnny Smith Pansy Shelton fan W. if . ir Wayne Parsons Melva Newman . Jerry Wilson Charlene Pogue Vance Downey SUPHGMURES This page sponsored by OKLAHOMA NATIONAL BANK, Duncan, Oklahoma f' , ,ii iAL.V SUPHUM GRE! 'sg' 'Ql52i2 .Wt 1,.,. y Q9 GEMM, Q , 4'-1 Ad s N Ina P.eters Kenneth Bracken Carmen Jackson Joyce Ladd Peggy Hollis if iQ .:,. P -A f " " Rm MW rv ff Kay Pogue Margaret White Patsy Loman Florence Smith Betty Page QQ K Q 3, La Vonne Gentry Betty Thompson Marie Green 3,1 This page sponsored by BOB'S HAMBURGER SHOP, Duncan, Oklahoma N T.: ' 'ui I .., ' 1' WI ,f .1 3' v - . . 1. Mr. Harden Judy Washabaugh Betty Tumer Dorothy Parr Johnny Rigney Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer at YL Q1-5. Norma Pickett G. C. Vaughn Dolly Clayton Teddy Ray Hollis Dorothy Patterson J N onet - Sgdtxff Q5 5 W X lr, if, W tw S525 5 yd' F Q . s K ,Q 2 X L ' - I ' 'W ,Q r C f - C f ,t.- 1 J Nfizwaifl I' V 1 I ' ,, ' In 7- 1 , a. 1 4 is Wendell Stephens Julia Skinner Earl Chandler Betty Dismuke Robert McKelvin .tgirl E' T f ' R, ' 7,2 Vk,..V ip frkkk T T yt,t Z, ,N y t N l N W so ostt lna Lemonds Gordon McCurry Charlene Cooksey James Wdshdbdugh Eln0l'0 l-eWiS Jerry Sanner Emo Dee Horner Dale Lansford Dolores Thomason James Dxford FRESHMEN This page sponsored by FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Duncan, Oklahoma 5' ' -. -K, L . 52553 : 92 1 U' 53352- e 4 uf 1 QT f f ' - I sz-Ar i ' i W' 1 , , ' if 2-'Q -1? nv 1 . fb ' ,.?4'Yg'5,g:ap, .. ' E X q gjgimf F R l ekee fr L Y' Elois Ann Sanner Truman Jones Loreha Franks Randall Franks Billy Airington 'me Wayne Kinslaw Sylvia Tilly Randall Pogue Betty Clark Bobby Berry 'wx Bqrbqrq Anderson Holland Wise Wynell Daniels Clinton Thacker Wallace Wright 1 .M Janice Smith Duane Harmon Edna Parker Roy Spears Mary Jang Bgqfd Don McClanahan Carmeta Carson Kenneth Vowell Juanita Lewis Janet Condift FRFSHM EN This page sponsored by COLLIER BROTHERS FURNITURE STORE, Duncan, Oklahoma FRFSHM FN . 3 f James Nally Sue Soufherldnd Ruby Robertson John Halpain Dorothy Walker James McMurtry Ann O'Neal Ronnie Savage GWONJOIYI1 Massie . My dlxw 8 V .ww Taking life easy ai O.C.W. AIWUYS YU'-7m 50" 000 m0f9l Helen, where's your bubble? Arenll We CVGZY? Hurry up' Belly! .... This page sponsored by SKELLY OIL COMPANY, Velma, Oklahoma if-ah 131 fd in 2. N Mrs. Wemer Bob White Louise Thacker Hershol Mitchell Gloria Williams '1'Q,- ' , sm ---Q T Lynn Elmore Sidney Von Deventer Joe Dodd Wanda Wheeler David Pierce IP' kj-IU, T -. W- is 177' Aurelio Gentry Densol Allred Marie Romine Charles Cox Jessie Fletcher a T ee. . f ..fg . rf. ' ff A' lllfi f 1 , - M-v 'A 1 L ' 5 "WY, " '. T T 1 T, R A ,. 4 V' Q K ' . A ,, wg I J 4 , , , Eugene Pyle Barbara Thompson Toby Kinslow Ellouise Bishop Coy Cgx f 1 A405 Wanda Darity Melvin Whatley Alice Taylor Ralph Lucas Anita Sutton EIGHTH GRADE This page sponsored by R. B. SPENCER LUMBER COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma , lg. f' ' - W "i.f1f'fff',f ,, l K W fx. of 1' 1' M A3 .K N fl. .4 .5 ., - 1 Vi.- ,jf ivy 4 N in ,Q f N ii it , ,Q S In w . LL", w i My 5' mv u ,, . K' QA Q X 1 x James Crowson Mary Petty Billy Burr Martha Sullivan Billy Morrison an 1 Anita Conditt of-,,1:,f:x1,.-M: 'M S ? K H f , 'M , :Q 3 -' f I if - f A ',"'i' if , M V V. ,, fs k I I if : A-J ' Q J Jimmy Hodges 3 it -hi' 5. 4 ,f Maxme Ladd .nr- 1 ..-4 Clayton Burkhart Lola Carpenter Lewie Booth Nancy Blackburn Vt kky, 1 we , N- ,M us, - xt' 3 I Jean Jameson Carl Deffner Sara Holbrook Tinker Page Y. fa- ,vli N Ag was ,Q au. " WI Tix ,yy wha Sm i'W'm A 115, , If 5' 4 L Donald Wilson Anita Thacker George Sellers Jacquetta Smith Pat Skinner Pat VowellE,GH?HSnE1RAoEan S anne r Jimmy Sanner This P099 5P0"'50"ed bY DUNCAN LAUNDRY COMPANY - Quality and Service since 1919 Phone 264 EIGHTH GRADE .. " H- Sp A , A fig K f , -Q 5 ,L T T T T ? T , . ' H kv. A l, Y 'LX T U xg, 1 I I A . , Fifi! . " E fp fr" ,U , as-,.if',fs NYJ!" Barbara Pyle Bill Smith Margaret Marsh Lloyd Bradley Loretta Lemonds at I ar g A gg, I , 'fl ,K--,gy ip ,ar- A xl! r T r if ' 1' 'GT L rv ,, ,. '14, :X 'J Tony Waitman Cl-,esger Lane I see in your future . . . A member of Stamps Ozark Quartet. Ai, X P ., Z , if T3 fi' T Counting moneyl I? 4 T f,.f A ,J 1 E , X, , , 3 w -.-1 At the Football Banquet. Kiss me, baby! Nothing makes me sick! I sig, . 2 J iff! , 1 Work! Work! Work! Off to the Races This page sponsored by SUNSHINE MARKET 8- LOCKER PLANT, Duncan, Oklahoma 702 Willow Dwight L. Bearden, Owner Phane'240-l4l5 :rdf T wi Mrs. Jo Anna Pressley Mr. Troy Wortham Marie White Del Doye Sheila D077 "' .sz 1 Dick Williams Deanna Milford Gerald Wilson Shirley Parish Ralph Chatham 03 l A Q A fi T 4' iv -iili R ' ' ' n v. .ll flow? l,f J De Lena Mc Curry Bobby Thacker Neva Chandler Gary Herron Jaculynn Patrick l l "- P- ly ,z , X? ' - N . gg: . are .5 A if 35? A D Donald Tilley Behy Adams Bobby Nelson Sylvia McMurtry Earl McCartney -, L fs, rl, 67 Lf', L If - . iz Gloria Elsom Larry Morrison Agnus Carpenter Donald Franks Luvene Bridges SEVENTH GRIUF This page sponsored by SECURITY NATIONAL BANK, Duncan, Oklahoma .414-Q 'f .... I., Lloyd Ely Joyce Mafney Richard Cowon Donna McGuire E. C. Downey as if f 3 f all 'K A-" . waM:'5gj4v:- W .Ar 3 -u-wt, , ' "-7 Izlavglfz' -Q , " X C A ' E- Shirley Martin Gary Elsom Gayle Glasscock Larry Hill Jan' Svllivvn ? 47' -'-' I 'H I 4 5 fr Junior Allred Elnora Bishop Milford Foster Donna Savage Jerry Morris 11' 'Q 49" Wanema Womack Donnie Smith Evo Chandler Elvin Roy Cox Joyce Bohannan iff? M- -if Kenneth Lunsford Donna Cox Hollis Beyles Glenda White Tommy Cox SEVENTH GRIUE This page sponsored by IKE 8- JIM SERVICE STATION 8- GROCERY, Velma, Oklahoma SEVENTH GRA DE M ,g W, by N f 1 'J' J iii. WL W i 2 'M i Jas" if .fi . e ii Barbara Fox ye Y Q as ,Q I w as , Fi Y' i f i 5 :fo 3, ' '- sf it 'Q M ' 4 A5161 is Q A J 'a" N R- ' J, . ' k P5653 W an 1 , I' ...ff J . ""'n l . ...f Jerry Thompson Peggy Pruitt Ronnie Wddkins l-0'-'I'-leflq Cal-'ghmon .. ii 3 nav' J MJ e ' if- A .1 T-1 J ao J, La,-ry Johnson June Nixon Jae Dean Oyenon Sue Holder Delbert Chatham ., -K . ,y 1 James Jones R0fH1i0 Sweetman Bet they are working for an "A Hey' Clayton' is it good? Jeanette, are you learning anything? ,:v I ' . we y 55 A J l 4 . k or ff tip? , ryri 5 in -if ' ' ...M " '. ' All alone! 4, ,... . - in English. Hung your clothes on a D hickory limb, but don't go Mrs- W0f"10m'f' neu, the wmefi Hollywood, Calif ew Norma md Janet playing with the if little kids. Danny, what are you doing? This page sponsored by JONES l.G.A. GROCERY, Duncan, Oklahoma BAND , ,V ,, W-, -,,-,.,.. ,-..---.-., -,-..-, W- ..... -..........., --.........- ...,..e., Haw. ..,.,,.., . gggy Hollis Maxine Ladd. SECOND ROW: Deanna Milford, Loretta Lemonds, Anita Conditt, Wayne Parsons, Carmeta Carson, Barbara Thomason, Ann O'NeaI Janice Smith, Marlene Lemonds, Audrey Mosely, Ralph Lee Lucas, Kenneth Lansford, Deanna Merritt, Bob Nelson, Barbara Anderson. THIRD ROW: Ado Lou Smith, Lolo Carpenter, Bonna Lynn Redwine, Betty Wilson, Alice Taylor, Norma Lou Garvin, Carmen Jock- son, Larry Johnson, Kay Pogue, Dcrrell Shelton, G. C. Vaughn, Sara Holbrook, Charlene Pogue, Brent Berlin, Kent Berlin, John Bob Halpain, George Sellers, Randall Pogue, Tony Waitman, Betty Clark. FOURTH ROW: lna Peters, Jimmie Hodges, lna Lemonds, Elois Ann Sanner, Dorothy Patterson, Betty Page. NOT PICTURED: Kenneth Bracken. Yu 1 ' i ' , D , 2' if - !"-e 1 Q ,Zinn A . . -M, Janice Smith, Peggy Hollis, Marlene Lemonds, Drum Majorette, Elois Ann Sanner, Mary Jane Beard. This Page Sponsored by O. C. COMBS 81 COTTAWAY INVESTMENT COMPANY l6 South Sth Dunca'n, Okla. BAND X A ,'.W',X K 3, X,,, XF DRUMS: Aurelia Gentry, Wanda Darity, Jimmy Hodges, Eloise Ann Sanner, Ina Lemonds, lna Peters ., - ,eww .fe l-f W4 AM.,,.r""""'w'K.'M4 K 'K Vw M' ' K A I NG!! f-s v - .. HORNSZ Darrell Shelton, Janice Smith, Marlene Lemonds, Ann O'Neal, G. C. Vaughn. I This Page Sponsored by OTTO UTT, Duncan, Oklahoma UNDEFEA TED 68 CHAMPS ix g I-sk-A KNEELING: Billy Parker, Raymond Hurst, Bobby Dix, Vernon Daniels, Charlie Jenkins, Larry Lowson, Laurance Welch, Bill Lane, Billy Don Lemons, La Don Gilmore, Jack Dodd, Bill Griffin, Assistant Coach. STANDING: Danny Scantlin, Manager, John Gilmore, Manager, Dean Catan, Kenneth Smith, Garth Stillwell, Wallace Glasscock, Donald Adams, Jerry Waitman, Toby Abrams, Charlie Doty, Keith Harris, Sevil Pickett, Coach. kg ' 'W' Bobby Dix, Charlie Doty, Keith Harris, Kenneth Smith. l This Page Sponsored by PLUMLEY DRY GOODS, Velma, Oklahoma SENIUR HIGH FUUTUALL On August 24 a small band of V-A gridders assembled at Craterville Park to begin preparation for their 1951 football campaign. In that the squad was small in number and that the opponents to be faced were stronger than in recent years, prospects for a winning season seemed very dark. There was present however in large quantities that elusive thing called spirit that sometimes drives men on to greater achievements. From the first day it was as a unit a hard working, self- sacrificing group, led by seniors and veterans of former V-A teams, such as Bobby Dix, Dwayne Anderson, Keith Harris, Garth Stillwell, Wallace Glasscock and Charlie Doty, the team went straight to work and never for one minute let up until one of the most successful seasons in V-A history had been completed. The Comets opened their season with the Marlow Outlaws on the Edgar Martin Field. The Outlaws not only boasted of a veteran team but one of the largest high school teams in southem Oklahoma. Opening fast they scored on the Comets in the very first minutes of the game and threat- ened to literally chase them from the field before the game was over. The Comets however merely rearranged their defense, dug in a little deeper and behind the brilliant running of Dix, fine passing by the Anderson to Catan combination and unusual play calling by O. B. Harris, plus vicious tackl- ing by every member of the V-A squad emerged with a l3-7 victory in one of the hardest battles ever fought on Edgar Martin Field. The Comets next took on the Comanche lndians in a home game and won a 30-0 victory. High- lights of the game was the fine running of Doty, a 70 yard scamper by iunior Kenneth Smith, the defensive play of ends Lemons, Caton, Dodd and guard Abrams was outstanding. For their third game the Comets invaded the home grounds of the Walters Blue Devils and after a bitterly contested affair emerged with a 'I3-13 tie. The highlight of this game was a booming punt by Anderson that went out of bounds on the one yard line. The Comets next met the high scoring Ringling Eagles in a home game, prior to this game the Eagles' offense had been rushing along on a 50 point per game average. The Comets defense met the situation and emerged with a 20-7 victory. The next victory was carved from an encounter with the Capitol Hill "B" team, a game featured by fine downfield blocking and long runs. The Comets emerged with a 53-6 victory. With the conclusion of the first half of their schedule the Comets turned all their efforts toward the important task of netting their natural rivals, Fox and Wilson, on successive weekends. The Fox game was a thrilling contest with little Bob Dix, behind a screen of blocks thrown by Keith Harris, Charlie Jenkins, Garth Stillwell and a host of others, going ninety yards on the second play ofthe game for a touchdown. Final score 41-6.. The Wilson game was another thrilling contest with the Comets striking hard in the first few minutes on nice runs by Doty, but the most beautiful run of the night was a 90 yard gallop down the sidelines by "Slow Poke" Anderson. Final score was 41-6. On successive weekends the Comets then defeated Dundee 38-0, Marietta 53-0, and Healdton 28-0. The Dundee game proved to be a disastrous affair in that Anderson suffered a knee injury that was to keep him out for the rest of the season. For the third straight year the Comets met the Waurika Eagles in the first round of the state play-offs. Through the loss of Anderson and the iniury of several other key players the Comets were badly weakened. The Comets fought valiantly though to no avail and went down to a score of 41-6. The season's tally was 9 wins, l loss, and l tie. -by Sevil Pickett, Coach This Page Sponsored by STElGLEDER OIL COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma JUNIOR HIGH FUUTBALL BUYS , Q 2 l BACK ROW: Bobby Berry, James Washabaugh, Dale Lansford, Clinton Thacker, Bill Smith, G. C. Vaughn, Clayton Burk- hart, Bob Vandiver, Coach. 2nd ROW: Duane Harmon, Carl Deftner, Don McClanahan, Randall Franks, Junior Allred, James McMurtry. 'lst ROW: Ray Renolds, James Crowson, James Oxford, Jerry Sanner, Gordon McCurry, Toby Kinslow. we me 3 E BACK ROW: Dick Williams, Billy Burr, Joe Dodd, Hershel Mitchell, Lynn Elmore, David Pierce, Lloyd Ely, Donald Smith 2nd ROW: Bob White, Bobby Thacker, Donald Tilly, Pat Skinner, Earl Chandler, Ronald Savage, Tinker Page, Jerry Thompson, Tommy Spoonmore. 'lst ROW: Joe Lane, Bonnie Clayton, Jackie Thacker, Ronnie Sweetman, Wayne Burleson, Jimmy Murdock, Jimmy Steven- son, Louie Booth, Raymond Robinson. This Page Sponsored by COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma FUUTUAU. QUEEN .iq , ,. - infix: K 1 ? lf' LMI V- W 2- -if A . cfs. I Wu it 1 r i H -- , 1- el - A41 ' : Q M3532 .4 A f X '- QQ. -if ii .. .. 52 xi , N, :JA1 I ,Ei , if r :fr . I-gi I- f K 'ffl' , -Q -v Q i . ll 9 T. ,, E :- I if 3 I .H wm, I -I ff ' lf: BETH MCCARTNEY Sophomore We had a very exciting football queen race this year. Everybody thought their class had it won, but the sophomores pulled something out of the bag the last minute and beat the iuniors and seniors by quite a margin. Congratulations, sophomores! JUANICE TURNER CLELA MAE PERSHALL Senior C d'd t an I q Q Junior Candidate This page sponsored by LINDLEY HOSPITAL AND CLINIC, Duncan, Oklahoma NDVEI TY A FEI., ':fQQ':fQQf:fQ':fEQ-ii 1 32. 3 . 7 ',':"5i:Sf 7.'5:':'iE-7: 5' "Nf.'x"5 ::.H an fx g? 9" ,.,1. ': f'5 51W "fW"2f?" ?1 3"", 0 's x I FF I in K I WSW' f s' ' , 1 , ,I is , ,., ,X H51 r 1 f +1 vm . in 3 W Aw K Q, in K 5 Q 'E' 1 Y if J . ,,.. , Ami' . qi ' -gm, A -- is , .,.. "' V-44 This Page Sponsored by BlLL'S KEY SHOP, Duncan, Uklohomo x m BGYS' BASKETBALL mv STANDING: Jack Dodd, Donald Adams, Dwayne Anderson, Bobby Dix. SEATED: Danny Scanrlin, Thomas Wilson Wallace Glasscock, Charlie Jenkins, Charlie Doly. ROW Duane Harmon Gordon lrry Dale Lunsford Teddy Qay s Earl Chandler TROW Wallace Wright Don n Clinton Thacker Bill n James Washabaugh Wayne ow Bob Vandiver Coach This Page Sponsored by EARL'S CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Velma, Oklahoma I anus' an skeraau 3 P SENIOR HIGH GIRLS BACK ROW: Anita Thacker, Pat Loman, Dorothy Patterson, Janet Pickett. FRONT ROW: Sevil Pickett lsenior High Caachi, Barbara Cleveland, Bonnie Stillwell, Gwendolyn Massey, Hazel Moore, Norma Pickett, Joyce Ladd. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BACK ROW: Wanda Darity, Jacqueline Patrick, Donna Sue McGuire, Joyce Matney, Donna Savage, Glenda White, Gloria Williams, Sue Holder, Delena McCurry, Sydney Sue Van Deventer, Louise Thacker, Pat Vowell. FRONT ROW: Margaret Marsh, Elnora Bishop, Anita Thacker, Elauise Bishop, Joyce Bohannon, Betty Adams, Barbara Thompson Donna Cox, Shirley Martin, Anita Canditt, Lola Carpenter, Shirley Parrish, Sevil Pickett lCoachl. This Page Sponsored by TAYLOR OIL WELL SERVlCE 8. LEDBETTER WELDING SERVICE Velma, Oklahoma Phone Alma 20-K-6 CLASSES Ls - USA lf., ,f ll :- ,ff 4 4 ' 'f .9 Q. ,Mn .. Just a little short. 3521- if Guess who isn't working. 2 5 2 Looks like the typing class. This Page Sponsored by COCKERHAM OFFICE SUPPLY, Duncan, Oklahoma .r 'iff tt sf I ,-.. ty V an yf t 1' .lg NUVELTY incl-an '--1-1115 Charlie Doty Sue Smith SYM' Wright Marlene Matney Danna Beth Vowell Ada Lou Smith Jr R " i ? xl .. Y 6 , Hazel Welch Yvonnia Byrant 3 - Jeanette McCurry W K lf. E 43? A595 - u V 5 e ,B Wilma Carson QQ? f -ff-5 ' f 31? ff Modena Cowan Norma Lou Garvin Betty Sweetman This Page Sponsored by STRACHANS JEWELERS 1' with K ,M,,W.m HOME E6 ,B Q gaawma 1 I 7.--1 of J ni "' Ui ' H This page sponsored by KENDRICK LUMBER COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma HUNUR S 0615 TY SITTING: Betty Turner, Dorothy Parr, Ina Peters, Wanda Ely, Sue Southerland, Darla Milford. STANDING: Betty Clark, Juanice Turner, Jeanette McCurry, Mary Fern Newman, Clinton Mosely, Norma Garvin, Margaret White, James Harden, Agatha Gentry, Melva Newman, Barbara Anderson, Kay Pogue, Orval Gwinn. CO-VALEDICTORIANS MOST OUTSTANDING SENIOR Mary Fern Newman .Iuanice Turner Norma Lou Garvin This Page Sponsored by MURRY REXALI. DRUGSTORE W2 NUVEI. TY 4 yi., Thus Page Sponsored by DRILLER S CAFE, Velma, Oklahoma PEP CLUB SENIOR HIGH LEADERS: Bonnie Stillwell, Mary Lois Doty, Marlene Lemoncls, Clela Mae Pershall, Mary Ann Pickett, Mascot. SECOND ROW: Wynell Daniels, Charlene Cooksey, Ann O'NeaI, Carmeta Carson, Mrs. Bell Griffin, Sponsor, Sandra Dix, Barbara Cleveland, Darla Milford, Emo Dee Horner. THIRD ROW: Sue Sutherland, Mary Beard, Dolly Clayton, Julia Skinner, Janet Pickett, Ruth Bowen, Jeraldine Bass, Doris Williams, Elnora Lewis, Gwendolyn Massey, Lavern Auld, Ruby Roberson. FOURTH ROW: Patsy Loman, Peggy Hollis, Elois Ann Sanner, Betty Clark, Loreta Franks, Delores Thompson, Edna Parker, Norma Pickett, Janet Conditt, Dorothy Patterson, Ina Lemonds. JUNIOR HIGH 'U' LEADERS: Ina June Lemonds, Sheila Doty, Loretta Lemonds, Sylvia Tilley. SECOND ROW: Donna Savage, Jane Sullivan, Sylvia McMurtry, Donna Cox, Glenda White, Delena McCurry, Sue Holder, Donna McGuire, Maxine Ladd, Joan Sanner, Joyce Matney, Wynema Womack, Nancy Blackburn, Dorothy Patterson, Erna Dee Horner. THIRD ROW: Sara Holbrook, Wanda Wheeler, Louise Thacker, Elouise Bishop, Jacquetta Smith, Peggy Pruitt, Alice Taylor, Jean Jameson, Gwendolyn Massey, Elnoro Lewis, Jessie Mae Fletcher, Betty Adams, Shirley Parrish, Anita Conaitt, Barbara Fox, Aurelia Gentry, Marie Romine, Anita Sutton, Agnes Carpenter. FOURTH ROW: Jacquline Patrick, Gayle Glasscock Deanna Milford, Patricia Vowell, Sidney Van Deventer, Lola Carpenter, Delores Thompson, Faye Parker, Barbara Thompson, Jane Nickson, Anita Thacker, Martha Sullivan, Elnoro Bishop. Gloria Williams. This Page Sponsored by Duncan, Okla SENIGR GLASS HISTURY A September morn in the year 1948 marked a memorable day for a group of rowdy carefree boys and-girls who had iust begun their freshman year at V-A. The seniors this year represent that fun loving group, but now a bit more settled and serious minded. Although it has only been a short time since our class came roaming into the highschool building so very anxious to enroll as high school freshmen, it seemed to each one of us then that we would never become "dignified Seniors." Now that we are, it seems only yesterday for maybe the day beforel that we first roqmgd the halls of V. A. H. S. with eager and doubtful minds. As usual we freshmen furnished entertainment for the upperclassrnen with our ignorance, nevertheless we were patient and lived and learned so that by the time we were patient and lived and learned so that by the time we were sophomores they began to respect us a little more, probably because they had some dumber ones to prey on. Our sophomore year did not hold a great deal of excitement for us, for l fear we had still not begun to fit in too well among the Juniors and Seniors. Among other things we did that year we put on a very successful play entitled "Hillbilly Courtship." n Our Junior year and still one more to go. We still had a very large class and gladly took up our responsi- bility as the sporting iuniars. This year turned out to be a very rich one, filled with all sorts of new experiences for most of us. We put on a class play that tumed out very successful, and took a short class trip to Lawton. At the close of the year we put on a banquet for the Seniors and used an lndian design for it. Last September we returned to begin that long awaited year but with iust half as much eagerness to graduate. We started out with iust one obiective in sight and that was to make enough money for the long awaited Senior trip. We gaire an alumni banquet which we hope very much will turn into an annual affiar. We entered the football queen race with a very pretty senior girl, Juanice Turner, but as everyone knows the sophomores won. "Just luck l guess." March 18 we went to Wichita Falls' University for the Senior Day program planned there for us and other seniors throughout this area. Cn April 'l a few of us seniors took off from school and went down to Turner Falls for a day of relaxation and fun. The Juniors gave us a very nice banquet and used an oriental background for their theme. We had our baccalaurate the 'llth of May and then had our commencement the l6th and left on our long awaited class trip the next day to New Orleans. This concludes the history of our four years at good old V. A. H. S. We sincerely hope the coming seniors will enioy their years at Velma-Alma as much as we did. This Page Sponsored by DUNCAN EAGLE SENIUR Cl. AS WILL We, the Class of 1952 of Velma-Alma High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. Realizing that we are about to depart from this school and realizing the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do wish to dispose of our few possessions that we may have accumulated, honestly or otherwise, during our pursuit of knowledge. We do bequeath the following mentioned property to wit: Danna Beth leaves her smile to Darla Milford. Will she need it? Jim Richards leaves a good time. Wilma Carson will go with anyone who will take her. Keith leaves any remains of his car to Margaret Fore. Edward Watkins leaves? Glen Wilson leaves sober. You figure it out! Dwayne leaves his track shoes to Pat Kinslow. Maybe it will help her speed in catching a man. Wallace leaves because-answer in 25 additional words or less. Norma Lou Garvin wills her nickname "Beer-Bottle-Mamma" and her reddish hair to Pat Loman. Marianne leaves her knowhow to get a diamond to Joyce Ladd. Ada Lou Smith leaves her rattling tongue to Pat Kinslow. Clinton Mosely wills his trips to Healdton and Duncan to Ed Bass. Donald Green, the boy that loves to put his arms around girls, wills his talent to Laurence Welch. Hazel Welch wills her "Hubba Hubba" figure to Darla Milford. Hazel Foster leaves her swing to Margaret Fore. Bobby Gilger wills his extra tonnage to G. C. Vaughn. Gene Harper leaves his massive figure to Jackie Dodd. Syble Wright rushes madly out the door. Eldon 0'Neal leaves his goat like beard to any peach faced iunior. Charles Whisenhunt leaves his long black locks to Dick Williams. Raymond Pershall leaves to go to work? Seaborn Bryant gradually creeps out the door. Lee Roy Fletcher wills his shy ways to Toby Abrams. Jackie Skinner leaves his track experience to Orval Gwinn. Marlene Matney leaves her hour-glass figure to Kay Pggue. Troy Norton leaves with his boots on. Darrell Shelton takes everything with him. He needs itl Yvonnia Bryant leaves the office to any "sucker." Garth Stillwell leaves all his "luckies" to Dean Catan. Mary Fern takes her "Pearl"-Ken-with her. Ken White leaves his speaking ability to Mr. Bill Griffin. Wanda Ely leaves debating with herself whether to go or not. Bobby Dix would like to stay fwith Janice Smith that is.l Jeanette drags anyone with her she can grab. Charlie Doty leaves in his "wonderful" car? Modena Cowen leaves her flirting ability to Charlene Beaver. Sue Smith wills her noisy characteristics to Bobby Allred. Donald Adams leaves his collection of beer bottles to Orval Gwinn. John Gilmore leaves his long hair to Bill Smith. Juanice Turner wills her quiet manner to Ann Clayton. Hazel Moore leaves her natural curly hair to Dorothy Patterson. Mary Helen Barrick leaves her Ipana Smile to the Pepsodent Company. Danny Scantlin leaves the typing ability fhitting on ninel to anyone with a missing little finger. Betty Lemons leaves her knowledge of American History and intelligent discussion to Kenneth Smith Marlene Lemonds leaves Jerry Waitman. The Senior Class leaves Mrs. Wortham, Gene Harper, Wallace Glasscock, and Charlie Doty. ln witness thereof and we have hereunto set our hands and seal, this sixteenth day of May in the year of our hundred and fifty-t wo. This Page Sponsored by LYNN COLBERT'S TIRE SERVICE, Duncan, Oklahoma Lord, nineteen SENIUR CLASS PRUPHECY Leroy Fletcher has taken over the Jamboree Club at Oklahoma City-featuring the best in female entertainment. Charles Whisenhunt, the poor man's Red Skelton, is now a mechanic in a gymnasium-fixing fights. Glen Wilson has ioined Alcholics Anonymous. He says it's easier to get beer this way. Edward Wadkins has replaced Tyrone Power as the screen's top lover. He goes by the screen name 0. Boyer, Bobby Dix has become a hobo. He says he is King of the Hobos. This is all right. Look at the money Roy Rogers makes, and he's only King of the Cowboys. Dwayne Anderson is a politician in Texas. The last we heard he was running for the Mexican Border. Marlene Lemonds is still in Literature trying to figure out haw much does a Grecian Urn. Charlie Doty is now a used car dealer. He fills all his used cars up with used gasoline. Ken White has gone completely. He was seen today trying to cram a stalk of rhubarb in his ear. When asked, "Why," he said he thought it was celery. Bobby Gilger bought a pair of long handled underwear and got a iob as a pipe cleaner. Jimmy Richards is in the lighting business. He gets lit every Saturday night. Raymond Pershall finally graduated. Now, age 44, he plans to enter college. Clinton Mosely is nowa sportscaster-too bad he didn't think of that line of work while he was on the newscast. Keith Harris is now in Hollywood singing in a new show called "Cesspool." He is the big frog in it. John Gilmore is now in baseball. All the fans refer to him thusly-Kel-ly Umpire. Donald Adams is now working in a toothpick factory-modeling for them. Troy Lee Norton has started a band. He goes under the name of Vaughn Meatball. Seaborn Bryant has become a lawyer. Who told him he was good at Court? Jacky Skinner hates women. He says they all think they are too big for him. Well, the bigger they come the harder they fall. Gene Harper was arrested for robbery. When asked why he stole the Sl00,000 he said, "l was hungry." Donald Green became tired of his face being continually flushed so he became a plumber. Danny Scantlin has become a successful merchant. He and the other well to do merchants have established a club called the "Merchants Club." Darrell Shelton has dropped out of sight. lt is rumored that he is now a nip and tuck drinker. One nip and they tuck him away for the night. Wallace Glasscock has let his hair grow out and was iniured yesterday. He was mistaken for a lion and shot in Oklahoma City. Eldon 0'Neal is now taking a two-bit part in a movie called "The kazor's Edge" because he can't afford a shave Siliie Smith is still active in the business world. She says she has a good head on her shoulders. Hmm-wonder w ose. x Betty Lemons is still an old maid. She says when she was younger she wanted to marry the cave man type. But then when she was young, that's all there was. Garth Stillwell plans to get married in the summer. Hope Christine plans to be married at the same time. Norma Lou Garvin now owns the Eatlikeone Stable. She recently won first prize in a horse show. Mary Fern Newman is now a movie queen. She goes under the name of Pearl White-wash. Jeanette McCurry is now a member of Phil Spitanme's All Southern Bell Orchestra. She is the only liberty bell in the bunch-cracked. Yvonnia Bryant is naw in her seventh heaven. She has taken over Walter Winchell's spot and can now talk to her heart's content. Danna Beth Vowell is now an interior decorator. Her bathrooms are out of this world, which is a little incon- venient. Mary Helen Barrick is now a Be-Bop singer under the name of Ella Fitzraur. Hazel Foster is making a fortune as a circus fat woman. What a revolting development this isl Marlene Matney and Wilma Carson have taken over teaching bookkeeping, replacing a man named Holleyman who now resides at Norman East Side. Marianne is a big game hunter. She once shot a wild elephant in her paiamas. How it got there is beyond me. Modena Cowen and Syble Wright have begun swallowing pennies-they want to see some change in themselves. Hazel Moore is now 'combinin her talents with Bessie and Flossie Watters. They are developing a foolproof way to make artificial rain. 'lghey call their firm "Moore Watters, lnc." Wanda Ely is a singer with the Metropolitan. She does singing commercials. By the way, that's metropolitan Insurance. Hazel Welch has become a concert pianist. ln her more recent concert, she played Beethoven-Beethoven lost. Juanice Turner's new motto is: "Don't marry for money, you can borrow it cheaper." Ada Lou Smith is now-Oh well, it doesn't make any difference what she is. Wilma Carson thinks she is Napoleon Bonaparte. Raymond Pershall started making love to her and this became a hit song known as "Bonaparte's Retreat." THE END As our predecessors before us have said, and we will follow by saying: Good-bye to V. A. H. S. forever! This Page sponsma by NlcHoLs Moron COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma SEMORS '952 cuss run' Who solved the "Mystery of Crazy Canyon Ranch?" "The Farmer's Daughter," our one act play for the Assembly. vig ,. .t L r 9 sfxif ' S Q QW ' M gg x 5 , Q - , gk--rflfv " L, ,K af N . s 53 u H, if 17 v S la? ,Q E, E , g I 'D "QE , : They thought they had the villian, but it turned out to be Granny! -few.. wana, L C Ju I - K m,.,wf1,f,,5f-In K zz-s .-,,4,:,gw- -, , gpg-1 wg, if ,Fig 'ii n k -'Q . ,r,..? , C, The boys find an unexpected guest in bed. ' y 11, , .. z :X ie .ttf V, 4' , C .ifslif 'gf5'?fQ '5iff51? to ruee 1 1 jg ,if 'ff 3. if f2.iitw ,e 1 wwwlw ws V K.. QW VK 2 - V 1? nm, THE END!! And all is weIl????????? . This Page Sponsored by SERVICE OlL COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma SNAPSHOT! D X fi Mrs. Worthcm's Home Economics students are modeling the dresses L- they mode. This was the third annual i V style show by the Home Economics L Class, and this yeor's theme was 5-4 if "Fiesta Time." ATS?"-5 ' tdown, -leflnellef we kf'0W Y0U'fe The Singing Cowgirl lhfee HUDPY S9"'l0"5 Students in the hall during intermisslbn. Shoot it, Hazel! ere! lander where they are going, Keith, you're a dead duck! Grandpa, what are you celeoroting? Someone fell in the burrs. Banquet gf 1951, H 'ISHING? This Page Sponsored by ALMA TELEPHONE COMPANY - Otto Colvin, Owner ALMA GRADE FACULTY A If MR. G. A. COLEMAN M.Ed. Oklahoma University Principal MRS. FLORENCE HURT M.Ed. Oklahoma University MRS. CAROLYN COLEMAN MRS. LURA REID B.S. Oklahoma University B.A. East Central State MRS. LlLLlE ROBERSON MRS. DOROTHY DENSON B.S. Southeastern State B.S. East Central State This Page Sponsored by BOTTS-HULME-EUBANKS CO., Duncan, Oklahoma ,Q - A- bv-Qty IJ' :pt l ALMA S IX TH GRADE , if E- - A A - ff . fi Li in M l - N in I -li Q i g .J f J ' " , - -4 K - J A J K - ' 3 I l y A ,xx W g 41 5, gf' Q, 5 f . rg, you B4 X e K 1 f , lf' . -A - ' si. to will N81 in V G. A. Colemm Eual Conditt, Jr. Joyce Stephens Jackie Thacker Ada Chapman Alvianita Burton 1' JAAAJ A A B f 1 A D ' T -. ' I is ' Qfi A f 7' f. .,-it 4 fe . A ...A -f N '1. T ' gif ,l J A V. .K FAA K? J - - 4 , 'F-1 , - ' 7 ' .. 1. def ' ' J R Q ' 1 Agfa A ,og ' ' V-i xc V we eee M is ,V x 1, H ' f g 1 4 , ' ' A -'il X- LX - lx' fu :xi Bud Clayton Jerrie Ann Gleason Wayne Burleson Roselita Smart Jimmy Murdock Linda Lane Raymond Roberson A .5 7 t ' T 1 ' A' 'V ii a- pf- - " "" f' 1"-A V N! f 0 A , .3 ' X ' F' L ' 51. ' r W T ' T" W il B A "W S 'wi' 3 Q A gi ,gf - -gf E I X f ' ,tfjvf V" Emily Bright Pat Kimbrew Donna Thacker Tommy Spoonemore Wanda Breckin James Stephens La Juana Proctor " 1-.V "' iiil - ga? A ' "V A ' -up lg ' on N.. ,4 jf - ,.,.. lg . Y Ti X liwfq fsil f f 1 iw ll W li " I 'ij A A, smigmv tint Vance Norton i . 1, . ll 4 Ba-bare Nelson Jerry Williams Jimmy Murdock mode if home NOT PICTUR ED: Joe Lane Pat Thompson g f as ff -A Y L . Q - .- 'i . iii! A 'H vs Jesse McCartney Eloise Martin Clifton Alton Betty Moore Dale Cartwright isfgigip A ' A ., 1 Lf . I Q I , K . Surrounded by girlsl Wonder what Mary from school. Fern thinks about this! Best picture of Joan that was ever token! ,, This page sponsored by BRADLEY DRUG STORE, Duncan, Oklahoma ALMA mm GRADE my B wi " 'X W1 ' L if? "' f J- '0 f. X 7 'D i ' 'M' i i ' 7' X t 'W X K "1 B ' i B. ' e A XX K " . as i 5 f .+I Imam. of me viii f if Mrs. Lillie Roberson Sandra Deffner Darrell Davis Katherine Pickens David Farris Zella Rodebush William Hammond k5,5zi,Q V, g t. ,,. k 0'-U s , .xii 4 H jxgwgks gf I: ' - ,ligh t ,. . ' Q -Ae ' Ykfii ' - -Mi' N, K 1:1-rf ' z lift '- ' ' 1' 122 1' 'xififi , Z" ' . .M :S fx, .,.. - K 1 fo- 4 - ,Q ,, S I 3 fo vw 17 'A 4 Q Ji' , g l 1 I t -A lx 7, V? V I K' 'K .. ' ai-Y A B 1 I' ' 15- ' , l We 1 ' Karron Jo Savage Terry Womack Euela Oxfad Joe Dean Foster Nadine Myers Allen Ray Presgrove Billie Jo Petty .,,...v,1.,,,,,, Q, M 1 K x I i ' : --:wears- sE:: s -'1 , j, . 'gl i, t L,,,,, V, ' it I y H , "i "" 1Ej,IE?'1 irii i we , it e , V' 1 f 4 1 '-f 4 f .it i T B -' ii"' liii?55'f5i 'T---3v, tg1 1' 55 . ' 'V 1 ' . ' "'- K' 4-1 5: 2 5. f ' 1451 XM: 1" ' ' ,ilil-f, if iw 1. -Q ., I in H' , . V 4 V ft? is x A A ei. , ' L t " f f .. Q , ,Zi ky 4 W, E3 ig 2 xx t 2.21 Q. ,xg :wwf Mack Chapman Bella Spoonemore Levi Lumbert Donna Kay Carroll Gary Singleton Beth Brocksieck Jimmy Lee Oxford "" NOT P ICTURED: Carrol Downey H Loretta Loftis B -- N8 Q ' s E R' gg . , 1 ,... if " X H ,eww Sandra Lee Burr Samie Ponder Betty Mae Lane Barbara Blackburn 4 Hey, Garth, what happened - , .5 . .. - I A T2 ff w , f y y 1 i fm - , 3, r i, ' W ' W A A ., , T I y t A , A mwy ygg Mrs. Wortham introducing the Head table at the Banquet. ladies that helped with the Alumni Bqnqiet. Ken, did you do that? This page sponsored by FRANK FRENSLEY , J? , .-L Q., jf. 4- Q Mrs. Florence Hurt Paul Splawn . wg not :W . 1 in 2 ,ez ALMA F00 TH GRADE il' .af Connie Jean Bri sco Jerry Sosebee Jo Ann Roberson J. T. Norton Judith Smart if K. ' QQ' M' lim 4' - A A , -Q- M l K A 1 , LJ QQ I ., D -up f I ,ei f thi Ronnie Gilbert Karron Wadkins Ronnie Inmon Patricia Stephens G. W. Wright Wyletta Overton Royce Petty ert in ittii A .. A A V, .gs ,. ,gi ' 1 Q' if Nor PICTURED: 4, ,, f 'v rv-for A 3 A Billie Ruth Rehm - ,A ,, 'L i ' " ' Tom Easley ir -1 1- - ' Linda McCartney i, . .- ' " my ' l W' Martha Barrick H ' e 1 in A .x in f Varna Willinhon Charles Burleson Diana Hollor Billy Dees Something must have been funny! by . , , ', Y " 3 Q' , ff A . gin -.. ,A 4 G . an ' " ' ' l V 1 'A . tt X av TWD l1U7PPY C9UDleSl DUNN" Ken Bobby crowning the "Heap Big Chief." Pu McDougal is laying look "' the low downto ma. you ore getting, Mr. A . , A Wander who can blow the Did b fl ll ? W I h t h ' , b I wer, looks like a war bonnet lmle lndmn Malden M9999 bUDbl!- I some 0 Y Ca me 0 C my ec mque nys a paddle! This page sponsored by DUNCAN SEED 8. GRAIN CD., Duncan, Oklahoma ALMA THIRD GRADE En A A W it w z 'N .-'5 :,' 'H Q f 'Q 'AAS Q " l in ,J 1 Q 1 , R If , so K vsp f l ' to rx X-.,, , ,fx if vt, 1 X Mrs. Dorothy Denson Billy Cooper Mary Ann Spencer Cass Downey Betty Denson Jerry Smith Kay Cole , M' viva W VL. V 4 IJXQQ - M, I Y ,gf 7 f XA 192 ii D x A -g Q ' ll l ll A li Clyde Womack Sherry Carroll Jimmy Barrick Karran Smith Carl Cook Sayle Cartwright Hollis Ray Hurt ,gg ti is dl' 4' gn f an' , It ,WV ,,. J I ,J , 5 I .- I Linda Meyer O. D. Bright Sherry Parsons Larry Lee Sosebee Patsy Gillaspy Jin my Thompson Leon Overton 4' , ,, - " ""' Nor PICTURED -1' Alton lnnis ' " "' Otis Kelley 'V' A A I .. ' E :IQ Alvin Loftis K Eg ll' fi. Larry Miller f yeels A r A Q ri or ,. ' Carl Spurgin Anthony McCartney Robert Kimbrew David Gleason Larry Presgrove Robert Lun.bert This page sponsored by PARAMORE lNDUS'l'RlAL SUPPLY CO. Duncan, Oklahoma m Glfef Hey, Gall, what s the scared? ALMA SECUND GRADE ,L 3' yr 31" '-1 ' , 6' ,Q A as 'U' -ns ' A,,,. ix , I, .. X , -4 k it il F ., , ,I ,Q Y , . , , , ' ' 1 ,' V: rl as ' iv ' r' rs. Carolyn Coleman Gayle Elson Jerry Don Maye Joella Jones Joel Skinner Vicky Burgoon Ray Womack ,J K6 X , ,X .1 ..fzkk if 'V , Y Linda Hanimonds Jerry Lee Petty Linda Castleberry Richard Williams Delores Briscoe Jerry Lane Carolyn Cole yy-A - C 171- , f f 2 1125, D s do i,,s A C A ' yy F 4 - ' " "er, - 4 A "T fi 6 f1f1'f " C " 2 A "-s 7 1 ' A .1 as A A A T -A fe., ' A , s W' . 1: Li ' H A W A , 71,4 A V- EAS? 4 3 , ' - . ' L 1 T X 'S 7 - "ll tml' T. r, 'hh -n 1 W l x 'fx M Hank Presgrove Janice Dverion Melvin Loftis Shirley Jump Cecil Oxford Barbara Ann Thacker Buddy Spencer Q - N V f NOT PICTUREDZ A V , iv A 4 Lindel Ray Kelly ,. I 5 1 5, A Edwin Jones " W ' ff' ' Doug Miller A ' . . Parsy Trout .Bl X ik Corral Pile Wanda Burelson Linda Sue Savage John David Hood A i 'Q Mawr'-I V - 'v-: ' V - A 'V V..- 'W .. I due you to The ones who presented "The Former's Pictures, picfures, and more The hour was growing lqfe drop him! Daughter." piCfUreSl This page sponsored by THE WAFFLE SHOP, Duncan, Oklahoma Home of Good Food and Courteous Service-24 hour service ALMA FIRST GRADE 3-1i5l"fi'V 11f?ee :- . .,. - ' L- iw K f M 51' 0' A -. V, fnifidsm fr e-5, -rig gwwglii, V I 2:5234 L, , f L 5 A ,Q it , Y .. .. .., U,,i,, .k., ni ..,. . , mga, Q , J.. 2 , " gn? ' , -Y ' t ail A f- 2? 'K Y' if- e it i A A in . , i. 'ri' ,ii "" i . Y 'M it . 1 A ff ' - ii i " .a , 'A Q -0' NE as , 1' ' A 1 1 ni 5 I W Qzsifiig K 5 we 7 1 ,L , , I V , .. t r. X - t 1- i w S Y K . , 1 f- f Q 1 K, ' k Mrs. Lura Reid Rita Cartwright Martin Holler Veda Jaye Hurt Dick Marsh Linda Thacker George Wayne Lcne "-- J J if iw iJ" f i ' M v MQYF' ' -1 . 4' W -3' Ziyi ll? . J J ' .. . -lf: R Mg iv ' , . 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This Page Sponsored by SERVICE OIL COMPANY, Duncan, Oklahoma Q 1 i VPLMA SIXTH GRADE to 4- iff S Mr. Som Vandiver Ronnie Baker Linda Pat Clay Gerald Darity Donna Sue Carter Alan Ford Myrna Stotts Bill Brown Marilyn Cowan Sonny Bishop Joyce Morris Gary Ross Busby Sherry Mitchell David Welch .Auf lfx Vernell Pogue Gary Don Wilson Joan McManus Paul Franks Janice Bukhart Jerry Strickland Rebecca Booth M 7.5 4' f Ani ' ' - A , ' 'W .1 Weldon Horner Anita Smith Roger Gilger Donald David Chorley Beavers Tom McKelvin Alton Laurence Ronnie Haines David Winkles Tommy Self Jimmy Webb Von Darrell Mossie Sponsored by DUNCAN DRUG VELMA FIFTH GRADE' X i Qi , l 1 L ' fiiLf5i1Ei?i X li - fd 3 if "' I M, e 'K hill: 0 fwr 1 A V ' -4 H Mr 80" .I K I 1 A .. - I f .,. V- " , 4522 is f ' , A - JM 2351540 J :E:f'?iEF1-lib L- I , '1 , ff ' i , A ' , ' l 51 2 ,.. -1' . ff' , Q 14 l- - K 11. . 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Bass af , ' A- ,fy Billy Caughman Sue Jones Walter Lane Judy Holder fl "'f if . Kenneth Overstreet Viola Bolin Jimmie Wentworth a a ,ttiy . 5 Lou Ellen 0'Neal Jimmie Powell Janice Whisenhunt Linda Dulwort I , Q, Q M i 5-'R Wilt . I . , .. . with ,E .f u . , , .W gf . JV .fer S--tg . . fi Q 1 1 , .7 1 f 1 w N5 it it ,J aw 'mf.ifw .:,,: I- my g g W ea . K X 5 - 'LQ , f ' " ,, 5 3? -22 :fin -L1 'wi ' ' .L L, V V-ig L, t I f .5 ,. .V "" :Q A-B. :X X ' Q . h A s Q Goddie Carpenter Mary Sanner Marlyn Cowey fi, Q ? Sherry McCurry This page sponsored by BUTTS-HULME 8. SMITH Ready Mix Concrete Co., Duncan, Uklahoma Mrs. B. H. Brewer Don Pogue VELMA FIRST GRADE 5" ,..,, X 1' ' ' ,. """"' L ' ' ' t iwsiukfsi V 'LJ' - fi ' mf 'Mi ' I it S , W., it e, gg-gesgfi 1, U I V V t K I 4 ,iw , 1 if 5. .5 , :Q EE M lisp? i N .4 A 'i Zi' ' ' 3 13' "L I t I , .w-"-tk. F... 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