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 - Class of 1937

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1937 volume:

1 1 I E 1 i Q .J 77231-"L 911. fffllufffu Www 544, H..-Pl-37 1 1 Hugnlcnnfs A l1lSl H f?M 37 5- THE HURRICANE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.. CO-EDITOR........ BUSINESS MANAGER....... DIRECTOR OF ADVERTISING.... nxgincron OF SALES. . . . . . ARTISTS .......... j!YPIST..... PUELISHERS.... Q- STAFF ...IMOGENE HAINES NANCY FAYE COLVIN ..WILLARD CARROLL ..HERMAN ALDRIDGE ...BERNICE DENNEY .....RUTH WILSON LORENE BINGHAM .NANCY FAYE COLVIN ..BOREN k MALONE, WENOKA, OKLAHOMA UIIIHT EIVE LIP THE SHIP HUHHIEFIHES DEDICATION To those two who have been a great factor in our lives since the day we entered High School,who willingly and patiently gave their help to us in our effort to climb the ladder of knowledge to our pre- sent goal, and who at all times have been a great beneficial in- fluence in our lives: to the Super- intendent, Mr. Boren, and to the principal, Mr. Moore, the two teachers who, for the last four years have assisted and advised us, we, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty Seven, dedicate this first volume of the Hurricane. DIJHT GIVE UP THE SHIP HUHHICHHE5 A school, community, state, or nation can be little better than the people wants it to be. Without the co- operation of the teachers, students, patrons and school board, our school could not have made the progress it has in the past four yearsg from 80 pupils in High School to 156, from 15 units of credit to 21 units of credit, from 15 teachers to 15 teachers, from 3 busses to 5 busses. Especially do I wish to commend the School Board members who have given unselfish service to our school throughout the most trying years in the educational history of the State. Success is not necessarily the attainment of the high- est office in the land--farmers, oil field workers, carpen- ters are as essential--it is rather the filling of your job well. 1. 2. Only that success which results in good is valuable Not mere grades and credit but knowledge gained which is of practical use and in its scope uplift- ing morally, spiritually, physically and mentally. Education should teach obedience and humility. 5. The purpose of education is not a process of grind- ing out loafers, incopetent or misfits lit has its, we have oursj motive to so train youth that youth may be ambitious to be better w k zens and to give better service Some da we shall turn the y se pages 1 sadness--like the pages of history to a to a life ill run. If I have inspired one boy or girl or ers, better citi- to their nation. in happiness or work well done or to nobler things or greater achievements I feel that I have done more than the mere teaching of Arithmetic or Grammar. ??A?,,W.J IJDITT EIVE UP THE , , SHIP HUHHICHHE5 MARVIN H. MOORE, A.B. Principal k Math Teacher The five years that I have served in the capacity as High School Principal of alma High School, have been five of the happiest years of my life. The people in the community have been so friendly, and the youngsters so considerate that in a very short time, I felt at home. Another reason the years have been so pleas- ant is the corps of teachers I have had to work with. They have been willing workers and have cooperated to the utmost. The five years of my servitude has also had attached to it the pleasure of being sponsor of the Senior Class. Practically every class has grown larger land I came near to saying Wbefternl, but when 1 think back over the classes goneg well, they have all been dear to me. I think I shall say that being Senior Sponsor is one of the things that has added much to my happiness here at Alma, and their cooperation has made my load lighter. IJIIIITT GIVE UP THE SHIP QP' ':F E, Hf E F"1'55' 'A-L 1 lk r I Y . num mvli UPTHE SHIPQ QI-lUl3lFllEFIHE5 R. P. BOREN .B.S. E C.S.T.C. 8 GRADUATE WORK O, U. English Superintendent WILLIAM MARSICO, B.S. S.E.S.T.C. Science kAsst. Coach High School EULA ROBERTS,A.B.kM.A. E.C.S.T.C. k O.U. Sth grade Alma HAROLD GRAHAM, A.B. E.C.S.T.C. Music k Commerce High School FLORA BREWER C.S.T.C. Grade School Colly ELIZABETH HALE, A.B. E.C.S.T.C. 5th k 6th Countyline MARVIN H. MOORE, A.B. C.S.T.C. Math High School Principal KATHRYNE GODDARD, A.B. E.C.S.T.C. 4th, 5th k 6th grades Alma JACK COX, B.S. S.E.S.T.C. History k Coach High School JOSEPHINE GILBERT c.s.'r.c. ' B'S' Primary Alma BURNEY H . BREWER C.S.T.C. Seventh grade Alma LA RUE POOL C.S.T.C. 5rd k 4th Countyline UEIITT DIVE UP THE SHIP HLIRHIEFIHES HELEN KUNG' B'S' MILDRED REID C-S-T-C- E.c.s.T.c. Primary 2nd an 51-d grades Countyline Countyline 'GENEVIEVE JONES S.E.S.T.C. Grade School Caddo I .,M, .... FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: BURNEY H. BREWER JOSEPHINE GILBERT, HAROLD GRAHAM, R P. BOREN, MARVIN H. MOORE, GENEVIEVE JONES, FRONT ROW: WILLIAM MARSICO, EULA ROBERTS, JACK COX, FLORA BREWER, LA RUE POOL, KATHRYNE GODARD, MILDRED REID, HELEN KUNG, AND ELIZABETH HALE. IJIIIITT EIVE UPTHE SHIP HUHHIEFIHE5. V X lik A ASX m Mrs A A M 1' " A , X ' SEIFIEIQW 1933-l54 1955-'56 PRESIDENT............ ....BERN1cE DENNEY PRESIDENT--------- ------IHOGENE HAINES VICE PRESIDENT.'... .....OPAL BOLES VICE PRESIDENT.........ELDER HITCHELHORE SECRETARY-TREASUHER.......IMOGENE HAINES SECHETARY-THEASURER------ BERNICE DENNEY SPoNSOR.'.... 'U' ...MB. DURWARD PARK SPONSOR.............MISS FLORA MCCORMACK 1934-'55 1936-'57 PRESIDENT............. ....PAULINE WARD PRESIDENT......... .....WILLARD CARROLL VICE PRESIDENT..... ....BERNICE DENNEY VICE PRESIDENT..,... ...IHOGENE HAINES SECRETARY-TREASURER.......IMOGENE HAINES SECRETARY-TREASURER.......BERNICE DENNEY SPONSOR.... .........H . PAUL HUNNICUTT SPONSOR..............lR. MARVIN H. MOORE UEIITT EIVE UP THE SHIP HUHHIEHHE5. WILLARD CARROLL Football, Band, President of Senior Class, Hurricane Staff IMOGENE HAINES Honor Roll, Glee Club, Class Vice- President, Band, Pep Club, Hurricane Staff, Quartet. JACK PATTERSON Football, Basketball, Track, Glee Club, Assistant Postmaster at Countyline. BERNICE DENNEY Honor Roll, Student Council, Glee Club, Quartet, Hurricane Staff, Basketball, Pep Club, Queen, Class Sec. HERMAN ALDRIDGE 4-H Club, Football, Basketball, Band, Glee Club, Student Council, Hurricane Staff, General Flunky. MARGIE WOODS Band, Glee Club, Dramatics Club. NANCY FAYE COLVIN Bmm,GMeChm,4M President, Honor Roll, Dramatics President, three Year Graduate, Hurricane Staff, Quartet. HAROLD FURBEE Football, Student Council, Glee Club LORENE SMITH Basketball, Glee Club, Secretary of Dramatics, Pep Club, Football Queen. FLOYD HARRIS Honor Roll for Three Years. WEEOKA TIPTON Basketball, Pep Club, Glee Club, Librarian. ELDON WEBB fBetter known as Cookiej Glee Club and Band. UUITT GIVE LIP THE SHIP HUHHIIIFIHES JAMES SCOTT ELBA UZZELL CBetter known as Dramatics Club, Goatj -Football Sc Glee Club, Pep Basketball. Club. BLANCHE HAMM Known best for blushing- WALTON LANDRAM Band and Loafer. DOLLIE BLAIR ' Honor Roll Glee Club Librarian.,CHer favorite wgggtngygggngemb h speech is "You owe a fine- thinks :LHS bettgr W 'S on this bookml to be seen or heardrjo SIDNEY GARRETT PAULINE WARD Football, Basketball, Glee Club, Pep Dramatics and first Club, DPS-matics. Semester Graduate. CShe Moved away.J ESSIE MERLE NOLAN. Post Graduate Nork ELDER MITCHELMORE Football, Glee Club, Jack-at-all trades. Blffjgtffinf ARDENA noDG1oN First Seiester fBetter known as Dinkj Graduate. Post Graduate. She flunked Study Hall. DUITT EIVE UP THE SHIP Q4 UH HIEHHE 5! I i SENIOR CLASS Hr. Marvin H. Moore, Sponsor n U ITT LIVE I Pi HUHHIIHHE5 N f 4 IH OR' THE JUNIOR CALENDAR OF YEARS 1954-'55 PRESIDENT................ ....... LORENE BINGHAM VICE PRESIDENT . ...... .... NANCY FAYE COLVIN SECRETARY-TREASURER .... ..... .... RUTH POPE SPONSOR .................. .. MR. R.P. BOREN 1935-'56 PRESIDENT ........... ....... NANCY FAYE COLVIN VICE PRESIDENT ...... .... MILDRED WILSON SECRETARY-TREASURER .... ......... RUTH POPE SPONSOR ..... . ............... ME. PAUL HUNNICUTT 1956-'57 PRESIDENT .................... RUSSELL PRESGROVE VICE PRESIDENT ...... ...... DOROTHY HAMN SECRETARY-TREASURER .... .... MILDRED WILSON IJUHT EHOVEAUAULPUTHLEBAEDHYF HUHHIEHHE5 RUSSELL SNOW Student Council President, Foot- ball, Basketball, Dramatics, Asst. Janitor. RACHEL RAY Dramatics, Pep Club, Basketball, Glee Club, Student Council, Librarian. CHARLES O'DOR Drum Major, Glee Club, Honor Roll Drama ' , t1cs. 'Our famous school CritiC.n DORATH HAMM Vice-President of the Junior Class. RALPH McCLANAHAN Band, Glee Club, Dramatics. 'General Car- penter' FERN JONES Pep Club and Glee Club. ESSIE DRAKE hpChm,Ghe Club, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll. J.G. EVANS Football, Glee Club, Student Council, Band. ELSIE STEPHENS Librarian, Drama- tics.WShe finishes what she starts.W RUSSELL PRESGROVE Junior Class Presi- dent, football, Honor Roll. ANNA BELLE MAYES Honor Roll, Band, Glee Club, Pep Club, Dramatics, Librarian. BOB TREADWELL Basketball, Foot- ball, track. DEIITT EIAVE UP THE SHIP HUHHIEFIHE5 RUTH WILSON Librarian, Glee Club, Hurricane Staff, Band and Dramatics Club. JOHN BARNETT Football LORENE BINGHAM Glee Club, Dramatic Club Hurricane Staff- HERMAN COLLIER Football AARON MARTIN Basketball. Aaron Wpoliticsn The Teachers. CLYDE WALKER Our High School midgetg small but mizhty. CHAMP McDANIEL Band and Glee Club. INICE SIMS She's quiet, but you'd be surpris- ed at some of her tactics in making her grades. C.B. MILLER Band, Glee Club. C.T. WRIGHT Band. ' First Semester Student. R. H. WALLER Dramatic Club. JACK WININGHR Glee Club and Football. lJIJl'I'T EIVE UP THE SHIP HURHIIIFIHEE. RALPH NOBLES Basketball, Foot- ball, Band, Glee C1ub.CBetter knorm as NJapWj BEATRICE WALKER Little but loud. She loves to talk to her typewriter. HAYES DENNEY Football, basketball Glee Club MARY PEEK Dramatic Club LEONARD DIXON Football, First Semester Student. MILDRED WILSON Honor Roll, Sec- retary of Class, Librarian. I VIRGIE FAYE BEAN It's hard for Virgie Faye to make up her mind about going to school. LLYOD CLOUD Football, basket- ball. NAOMI TIVIS Glee Club, Dra- matics. WDumb Dora.W W.L. COOPLR He's Santa Fe bus driver and loafer. DYNESE GOSSETT Pep Club . Her Hobby is being absent when she h8S hard 1SSSOflS. CLARENCE WRIGHT Band and Glee Club. UUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP HUHHIIIHHE5 w fe g f SUPHUH R S PRESIDENT .... ......... .... BEATRICE PATTERSON VICE PRESIDENT...... SECRETARY-TREASURER.... SPONSOR........ .... . 1956 PRESIDENT...... . I VICE PRESIDENT....... .. SECRETARY-TREASURER... SPONSOR............ ......JAMES HOLBROOK ....BRICIE FAYE WARD .... MR. R.L. WEAR ......JAM S HOLBROOK . BEATRICE PATTERSON .. MARVOLINE LANDRAM MR. WILLIAM MARSICO DUITT EIVE LIPTHE SHIP HUHHIU7-IHE5 RICHARD WILSON Student Council MARVOLINE LANDRAM Glee Club, Band, Dramatics, Basket- ball. EUGENE RICE Band. MARIE McCARTNEY hpChm,GMeChm, Honor Roll. JEARL ROACH One who believes in silence. BANITA COOPER Band, Glee Club. FRENCHN FONTINOTT Student Council, Dramatic Club. JAMES HOLBROOK Football, Glee Club, Basketball, Class President. ORA HAINES Band, Glee Club Dramatic Club, Quartet. I VIRGIL McCAULLEY Football, Band. FAYE WAGENSELLER Pep Club, Glee Club. OMER PACKER Band. DUITT GIVE UPTHE SHI HUHHIEFIHEE ROBERT SINGLETON Football BEATBICE PATTERSON Basketball, Pep Club, Dramatic Club. GWENDOLYN COWAN Pep Club. She moved away. VIOLA CLAXTON She likes to Wcut upn when the teacher leaves the room. OLETA BOLLES Dramatic Club. FERN DENNEY Dramatic Club, Pep Club. EDNA PORTILLO Basketball LEO IIAMES Entered the Second Semester MAY DEATON Pep Club BRICIE FAYE WARD Pep Club and Dramatic Club. She moved away. LOUISE HARMON Band and Dramatic Club. BEHNICE RICH Pep Club, Glee Club, Basketball, Dramatic Club. IIIDITT IIIVE UP THE SHIP O HLIHHIEHHE5. il Y IREN1: SEARCY MARY ,HARMON X Too timid to Glee Club, Band, e Q Smile- Dramatic club. S df' A RUBY WESTBROOK PAULINE FOSTER If Ruby has ever One who can smiled we have always be trusted. never seen her. e Q.h W eQ gg ' ,Z ..,. , ' " Exn WEBB Dramatic Club. l as A l .Q-., SGPHUMOHE CLASS Mr. William Marsico, Sponsor UUITT GIVE LIP THE SHIP QHURHIEHHE5! U EW J wwf-mmn 1956-'57 OX umm LIVE UPTHE SHIPQ HUHHICHHE5 JOE BEAN Student Council, WFreshmen's funny Man.' MONICA COURSON Class President, Pep Club . Tao! TRUITT Band, Football . MARIE STEPHENS WToo busy to Work' VBRN SNOW Band, Football NORMA HENRY Band, Basketball wgsirs it 3 s W 5, 1 wr N OLETA lcDANIEL Student Council Dramatic Club, Basketball. CALVIN BENSON Basketball, Football. WANDA HAINES Band, Dramatic Club, Basketball MARLIN COFFEY Band. MAXINE FULTON Band, Pep Club. BILLIE DOVE Football. H ' DDITT GIVE UP THE SHIP V HURHIEFIHE5. ALVIN LEE Honor Roll, Football. MARIE THACKER One who seldom speaks. J.D. MILLER CBetter known as Peteb Foot- ball, Basketball. LORENE ROACH she's never satisfied with ner typing grades CHARLES JACKSON Basketball Football. JUANITA BOWLING Glee Club, Dramatic Club. , . tfmiai X wwgi K YE 1 af . ' - , t -Jig ,Y 5 I Q gk we .5 qs. it Q - N gs: x li- F X , a Nw . 5 X 4 1 Y eg N EY'Ag MW ? , we It Q R Kgs, X . w A . X Y QQ X, . 3 t , Q .P S SSE 2 fy s-,4lm W .px .. . . .,,,:. 1 Q 5 5 .Z q:,- E Q - as a eg Vg? , swwsgqg - ff-1 5 W " ' X .Q A si-ii "sleek ., . an ,S+ BERTHA CLEM Glee Club, Honor Roll. LEONARD DIXON Football, Basketball. DEHA McCOLLUM Glee Club. LLOYD'TROUT He spends his time studying Algebra, but doesn't learn much. MIAMI DIXON She's proud of her dimples KENNETH EASLON Just a green Freshman. IIIUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP HUHHIEFIHES. JOHNIE TAYLOR Football LULA MAE NOMACK Basketball Glee Club, Dramatics. KENNETH RICE Football EDNA MAY WATKINS Glee Club, Dramatic Club. PSRSCHEL NORTON xxx X 4 Q M A Vie L 9 ' :W ww 5'1YgH!t W 9 V4 Q eflw 35 TK 'Nl gswft 1 R D3 Q , f W, up so A 'Q my 9' Y! 1,,?,,k-5 Q- W. Y if My C i WH Q ey: ,ti A.Q Z -,kt Yiwu ,: Football , M BEULAH STINNETT , , 'Y ,"', Z 4'wWi Second Semester ' Q " Student. 5? R? A !Qf,l or elf' ' ,exft -.:, rg? 'f 1' : .... -- E f K " HAZEL MIEARS Band. DENZIL GATES Science is his favorite study. EMPHUS ARMSTRONG 4-H Club HAROLD FOSTER General Loafer INEZ MARTIN Dramatics. CLAUDINE McCLANAHAN Band, Basketball, Dramatic Club. IJlfll'l'T GIVE UP THE SHIP m 1 2' I in I dl ' S 4 if r Y 1 -4-1 I L N v, w w r 1 w N V w P V v i W 1 T I r wx I C Q 3 Q 'lfil u w L f , 4 . 4 1 HAZEL PARKS She's quiet HLIHHIEFIHE5 but mischievous. JEAN MOODY 4-H Club it LA RUE PRESLEY First Semester Student. GOLDIA McCORTNEY Dramatic Club, Second Semester Student. Q W 9' A RUTH COWAN dw' First Semester SYV Student. ,?.'f I sl .At -' . FRESHMEN CLASS Mr. Jack Cox, Sponsor IIIIIIITT GIVE UP THE SHI 5 2 l 2 HUFlFlI , ,, gwfuj EMA fwb G T laqi 606, Q WR 4 m nis 35 j ig 1. Q Y' , ., .,-,.,.-, k y 1.,. , F t Sw ,. DIIIITT EIVE UP THE SHIP iw wa M J if J E UFL QH Muna EY First Semester 5' - 14 A Y nUn'TnlvEu50 1fEtE SHI I I pi E 2 Q2 2 vi -v fi 2 HUHHIIIFIHES ALMA HIGH SCHOOL BAND Mr. Harold Graham, Director Charles O'Dor, Drum Major Lyle Boren, Mascot RHYTHM BAND Kiss Josephine Gilbert, Director IIIUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP 'f 'I if v F i Q .E . 1 ff .4 9 HUFlFlIlfI5Il1E5 Mr-r L... ig i GIRLS GLEE CLUB Mr. Harold Graham, Director Mrs. Kathryne Godard, Pianist BOYS GLEE CLUB Mr. Harold Graham, Director Mrs. Kathryne Godard, Pianist IIIUITT EIVE UP THE SHIP In s E F QHUHHILHHESY PEP CLUB Mr. R. P. Boren, Sponsor DRAMATIC CLUB Mr. R.P. Boren, Sponsor nun'Tl3lvEulf1THE5Hll1Q Z 5 Q: .Q F HUHHIIIFIHES sir SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. Jack Cox, Coach FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: JACK PATTERSON, JAMES HOLBROOK, HERMAN ALDRIDGE, BOB TREADWELL, RALPH NOBLES, RUSSELL SNOW, HAYES DENNEY, AND JAMES SCOTT. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. William Marsico, Coach BACK ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: EDWARD RITTER, RH UBON BLAIR, BILLIE JOE ALDRIDGE, J.D. MILLER, LEO RAY SPURGIN, VERN SNOW. FRONT ROW: CALVIN BENSON, LEONARD DIXON, CHARLES v JACKSON, LEON PACKER, KENNETH SMITH. IJIJHT GIVE UP THE SHI HUHHIEHHE5 SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM i A BACK Row, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: HAROLD FURBEE, JACK PATTERSON, LEONARD DIXON, J.O. EVANS. FRONT ROW: LLOYD CLOUD,SIDNEY OARRETT, HAYES DENNEY, RUSSELL SNOW, VIROIL NCCAULLEY, EOS TREADWELL AND JAMES HOLBROOK. 5 BACK Row, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: HR. WILLIAM NARSICO CASST. COACHD, HAYES DENNEY, J.O. EVANS, HERMAN COLLIER, HAROLD FURBEE, ROB TREADWELL, SIDNEY CARRETT, RUSSELL Snow, JACK Cox fCOACHJ. FRONT Row: LEONARD DIXON, LLOYD CLOUD, ELDER NITOHELMORE, JACK PATTERSON, VIRGIL MCCAULLEY, JAMES HOLEROOK, JACK WININGER, RUSSELL PRESGROVE. CENTER FRONT: TOMMY PATTERSONKMASCOTD. UUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP iz" fs ' 5 1 "-4 J A , vw A 4 "7 .,. If -5 'v - I . X riwjtg v Hwy. . 5' K ,H L? M I- 'Q gziijq n ,123 HUHHIEFIHE5 GIRLS sBNIoB HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM 1 1 I BACK ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: BERNICE RICH, BERNICE DENNEY, WEEOKA TIPTON NORMA HENRY, BEATRICE PATTERSON, OLETA McDANIEL, EDNA PORTILLIA, RACHEL RAY, MARVOLINE LANDRAM? LORENE SMITH. FRONT ROW: LULA MAY WOMACK, R.P.BORNEfCOACHD, CLAUDINE McCLANAHAN. Fnou LEFT TO RIGHT: BSRNICE RICH BERNICE BBNNBY, wEEoKA TIPTON, NORMA HENRY, BEATRICE PATTERSON, OLETA HCDANIEL, EDNA PORTILLIA, LULA MAY WOMACK, RACH L BAY, MARVOLINE LANDBAM, LORENE SMITH, CLAUDINE HCCLANAHAN. BACK: u . R. P. BORBN CCOACH3 IIIUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP pi. . ye, -L t his A 1' ' E' ,ri A .gk jg A "' 1 'P S UHBA!EEW55 BACK ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: BILLIE DOVE AND TROY TRUITT. SECOND ROW: KENNETH SMITH, ROBERT SINGLETON, LEON PACKER, CHARLES JACKSON. FRONT ROW: 5.D. MILLER, ALVIN LEE, VERN SNOW, KENNETH RICE, JONNIE TAYLOR, PERSCHEL NORTON, JOE BEAN. BACK ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: IR. WILLIAM MARSICO, J.D. MILLER, PERSCHEL NORTON, LEON PACKER, CHARLES JACKSON, ROBERT SINGLETON, ALVIN LEE. FRONT ROW: JOE BEAN, KENNETH SMITH, VERN SNOW, KENNETH RICE, J.D. MILLER, TROY TRUITT, JOHNNIE TAYLOR. IJUITT GIVE LIP THE SHI N 8 x w ' w-.. w' N. 1 ,. i . . HP' fn w il :gi new v "1 .4 ,. M W L. Vhr' v . an A Q : 1 HUHHIEHHE5 CARNIVAL QUEEN AND ATTENDENTS BACK Row, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: BERNICE DENNEY , RUSSELL sNow, OLETA MCDANIEL, BRICIE FAYE WARD, BETTY Jo PRATT, BETTY Jo cog-1ER. sEcoND Row: DORIS EVELYN WHEAT, BETTY SUB RITTER, MARY Lou RITTER, JENIETTA CLEM, WANDA JEAN WHITE. FRONT ROW: PATSY LAWSON, MARK FRANRS, RILEY BOREN, JoAN MARTIN, RUBY NELL ELMORE. num mvnf UPTHE SHIP E 52 E 1 3 a 1 E if 5 gunnlfnnss 6h'74ccAQ!fC4f K xfclfcfq af4u',av P 064, fafzz, 'To the animal staff: Dear Hurricanes: '2tZ1aL4 I request that you oublish an ad stating that f would like to make 3Bt85 with any of the good look- UgELS.bwsMNmmAHUmY CZp54Q44pfAQ4!ggfQZ, '-,,,,,...---:sf 4444! J Mr. Graham, amid his curious fellow-teachers, opened his letter, which was adiressei in a strange C??l feminine hand- writing, to discover the latest fashions in women's wearing apparel. 54y,,4jf!Lf.z0r7v!.-" A W I Y ,fiudc,,g4,c.114Qf 'W Q4 Aifj' qff"4w44 hw nLlLAw,dC i " 'QfQfQ2j41,i1zW, DUITT GIVE LIPTHE SHI I! Ii F I F 2 Jw Y Hi ig .E 5 ff i HUHRIEHHESY I Q t. ? Q ' Q' ila Q SEVENTH GRADE Mr. Burney H. Brewer, Teacher .... .......s.. N 1, ' .JA l as .,...-.M EIGHTH GRADE Miss Eula Roberts, teacher IJUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP is 1 .1 .. f 4 'H- it V' U 9535s-L wi" 4' - 'yr -W . 2'1" df 1- r w fn Q KA vw ' . 4 w 1 w 1 1 r N K 1 W . 1 -2' ,, . , E 1 , 7: ' ...- W. W 8 ,il . , I , e '. A. 4 lg., ' JI w w i . , ,. 4 il. x .- HUHHIIIFIHES K - E A " gy WV w 3 Q . 4 3 it G W? t Awww, A XY.. Maw'-me--wh-win PRIMARY, FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD GRADES Miss Josephine Gilbert, teacher FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Mrs. Kathryne Godard, teacher UUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP n n ,L n .39 ' 1 Mx ,V 9 . v 1 I 1 i P F , w L H H. 4 -1 7.. v I H, . w F :i ,Him F2555 is-, ' f L S V K li is NI i l ! i i 5 Q K 4 'E' , Y S Is. ! ! b 17-2 I x ii: X I I f x HUHFIIEFIIIE5. S FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Mrs. Elizabeth Hale, teacher THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES ' Mrs. La Rue Pool, teacher IJIJIIT GIVE LIP THE SHIP E v I af li '1 s R I 5. 2 HURHIEHHESY FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Mrs. Mildred Reid, teacher D I Q S A 5 innu-urvw PRIMARY Miss Helen Kunc, Teacher DUITT GIVE UPTHE 5HIP,,,,., 1 FE Q 5 4 3 5 E HURHIEHHE5 UADDO, WING SCHOOL Primary to Fourth Grade Miss G. Jones, Teacher COLLX, wlwu SUHUUL Primary to Fourth Grade Mrs F Brewer Teacher UUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP -. Q31 ' ff 4 pw if 6 x y 1 ' al.: '- , x 4 ,+ N ..,. ,n F 1 x 'fa lf '-f My U av' 4 ,yd o .44 X - . , , . ,. , in I.- HUHHIIfI3II1E5 1' 'Si v Xxx X E W as - N . X x Xb My ,Zu In . n n ' . ?awjZij!A4Jfaftf f7?a4l:L!,a1,14l! f111ql44Ql! , N fltlf- K ' W Yldvtvzib N M ,. X, , ,Qu 0 ' to , f .. ,'-Q Mr. Boren: 'I-layes, do you vm Q, " I gtg, want a job?W x - Hayes Denney: "Sure, what? ' taj, gy? Mr. Boren: WAt a bakery, sticking your face in dough h L ' A 5 ' ' making animal cookies.W ,e" 5 Kress Clerk: "Would you like - ,gEt to buy some hose?W ' 7 John Barnett: WNo, I don't need 77 Z ',f any right naw. I've got a pair, 1551 . Aainizyij but I may need some soon. I toox my socks off the other night, and when l dropped them on the Iloor they cracked across th: bottom and they are liable to break at any time.' We've come to the close of the first volume of the Hurricane with two thoughts in mind. l. We have published this book with the aim of pleasing the readers and leaving pleasant memories. 2. We regret that, because of late entries, we have had to leave some of the students out of our book. We wish to thank all those who have cooperated with us, and now we'l1 say WFarewel1.W IJUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP . x 1 E -4 J. ,. . in Q , 1 r vs' l 1 FX,- , gf' 11 T AFIUHHIEHHES Your are safe when trading here for our prices are right S A M P O P E S and our quality the best nJ0t 'Em Down Storen l. D. TEEL k SON Ratliff Corner GROCERYS 8 HARKET Okla. COUNTY LINE OKLAHOMA High Quality Merchandise CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE GRADUATES OF 1957 From the in DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA 42-- Years of Honorable Service --42 ,Li Congratulations to the Graduates of 1937 from DUNCAN MUSIC STORE PARROTTS GROCERY k MARKET DEWEY BATTERY COMPANY CLAYTON JEWELRY STORE DRAKE JEWELRY STORE DUITT GIVE UPTHE SHIP 1 5 41 E 55 E E 1 E 5 HUHHIEIJHE5. RANGELEY-GOODMAN FUN ERAL HON E DUNCAN COMAHCNE Phone 52 Phone 53 For Fine Portraites International Trucks And Kodak Finishing McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery SCHOOL WORK g LAHPRICH TRUCK 8: FARM MACHINERY CO. I n M5 'S Zeb Phone 647 2441405 M 117 South 9th St. Duncan, Okla Phone 756 4 DR. W. A. DILLINGER CHIROPRACTOR DR. ALBERT BATES From Carver College -302 Maple Ave, Specializing In Infantile Paralysis I Duncan, Oklahoma 909 Oak St. Phone 507 X phone 67 DUNCAN DKLAHOMA 'I ' 1- CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BR The farther you get from HARDWARE COMPANY one Penney-Store the closer you get to another. Appfgfiggigeyour J. Q. PENNEY COMPANY ,Dlmcam Okla. Phone 28 Duncan, Oklahoma UUITT EIVE UP THE SHIP F HURHIEFIHESA - I C 0 I P L I M'E N T S F I ' I l.l,l i I E , fsg ISI' IE! , fEEB I:Zm I R IE: Pth A Main Duncan, 0k1a.1 S A F E W A Y HANDLE 'S Gaocsay an MARKET Th H Of QUALITY PRESCRIPTIONS e one 5 A CAREFULLY AIR WAY COFFEE SERVICE COMPOUNDED PHONE 525 DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA Duncgn, Okla, DUNCAN BANNER R. B. SPENCER 5 COMPANY Building Materials First With The News Pittsburgh Points Duncan, Oklahoma Phone 45 Duncan, Oklahoma -J A KENDRICK N KING LUMBER COMPANY If iris Lumber, can our Number Across the Streen, North of Courthouse X' Duncan, Oklahoma iii- w DUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP HUHHIEIZIHES U. Compliments O.C. COMES ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE First Nat'1. Bank Bldg. Duncan, Oklahoma - Clothing for len FURNITURE STORE and Boys Duncan, Okla. Phone 701 Duncan, Oklahoma Funeral Directors D R. D. R. M O O R E Mr. k Mrs. Beeson Grantham DENTIST THE GRANTHAM FUNERAL ROME Duncan Okla Serviceg Our Best Always , . Comanche Phone 103 Phone 86 Duncan Phone 5 1 5 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS CLAY SMITH C. R. ANTHONY Co The Women's Store Shoes Ready-to-Wear DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA num LIVE up Better Piece Goods Duncan, Okla. THE SHIP Al'lUHFlIlfI3IHE5 O F T H E O K L A H O M A N A T I O N A L B A N K D U C A N O K L A H O I A T . 1-, 1 r I COMPEIMENTS , of TH FAIR The Store for the Whole Family The J.C. JONES CO. Duncan, Oklahoma Henry Bozeman, Mgr. . Duncan, Okla. Phone91 I 'T -I - - I " Athletic Goods LYear Books a Specialty BOREN gr NALOHE SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Dale Boren, Manager WHORE' Oklahoma num LIVE UPTHE SHIPQE s 5 HUHHIEFIHE5. CONGRATULATIONS k BEST WISHES from the SECURITY HATIBAHK DUNCAN, om. WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRGNAGE 'B J CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Class of 1956-'57 COLVIN R RUSSELL Drilling Contractors Alma, Oklahoma Phone 15 C O I P L I M E N T S of C . D . S H A M B U R G E R L U I B E R C O . I N C . Phone 244 Duncan, Okla DUITT GIVE UP THE SHIP' I 3 5 5 2 5 F3 E 1 2 HUHHIIIFIHES HEALDTON MOTOR COMPANY Phone 90 Healdton, Okla. SAMPLES DRY GOODS DALE FUNERAL H0143 Not Inc. Q 1 E 1 Economy Efficiency Courtesy may toons ------ - ------- SHOES 4 ' ' ' N AMBULANCE SERVICE Ready to Wear Work Clothing HEALDTON , Day or Night Lady Attendent . Healdton, Okla. Phone 162 , OKLAI-IOlla LANE APPLIANCE STORE Your General Electric Dealers Refrigerators Washers Radios Air Condi S Healdton, Okla. WEARING APPAREL H' ALmATELEPHonEco. Merchandise ' "We Appreciate Your Partonagen Okla. IJIIIITT GIVE UP THE SHIP .IQIIWH 'W ' ,V EI Nl W , I ', . kax 5, 'ap ' , ,V . ': . ' v Q? ' 'iw' A-nf' J? 4 Q Q14 ME! LQ 'L LM 'Eg' . 1 . ,figlim-5... J 1 43513.12 QA.. 1 I . :sf t ?':!jI'e'A" I.. , .--fs -1 -' gr, rf- . , rg, 5. . Z . 4 V- ' -4 HQ' ', n . V... ..' 1 F '-' L . , s l 4 4. ll ki ' ,J . . v.,,1m! u my 'a 4 -a JI .-rt gr ,nfl u, . 4 q 1 l pl '1 , -fn .UV . ' V .0 Rl . 0 4"'1.- 'Y ' - ,'- W..-f:.f'. 5,-' l 5 'I z-rgff.--nf' Q In . Ei' -.lq rqlqgs, .5 rn , , .O . 3, ua. . ,'. W - f'+'f. . ' ' . A , -fl ..a 1 I I X J Y ff , -1: an , . A g Q' -f' Y Q r '4 . JL 1' v , . r- 'av i ,g 4 ' 5 . 5 . Tk fu I ., L si, f ' '- V35 Q I ' Q Q 'Q 'Y ' A P 1 I me-. ' s. fl Q 4: ,I n . l 1. V U f . 5' . a, Q A 9 , 3' I K ? 1 A K J z , ,

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