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Veedersburg High School - Pintus Yearbook (Veedersburg, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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E 1: P? 1 Q gif ISS' M3 S ,fl -1 l.5. Q.g.-- gui.-ne , - - 4, -.A ye., .H , . 'fi . I , M g , 42 -f'm MzfeQ,,, . . . , fn: " I . .:. -i n , . - . V 1 x cgi ' " . '1 1' ' y v if 2 Q . E l. , -ff 1 . i W 1 Y W, 2 r I 5 e 1 ig. .P A , 1 coven mr MYERS - :A k f 4- I 4 Q. -1 4 ,. '+ Q ' r, ' 1 3 , ll' ,f E , if HM nf 'f - 'rg- LK ,, za 'Jhe I 957 Pintua Veedenabunq-Van Burien School Veeclenabunq, Jndiana 'Pneaented bq. . JUDY CAMPBELL . . ..... Editor KITTY SOUTHARD . . . Assistant Editor SHARROLD KEELING. . . Business Manager PHILO WILDMAN . . . Business Manager BERTA RUTH MITCHELL ..a. Copy Editor HAZEL HESS .... . . Copy Editor TOM BOOE .... . . Sports Editor DARYEL TOWNSEND .... Sports Editor LEON STONECIPHER ..... Sports Editor ROSEMARY MOREHOUSE ., Grade School Editor CYNTHIA HARRISON ..... Art Editor BEN CABLE ......... Art Editor JILL WALL ...... Photography Editor JIM ANDREWS ..... Photography Editor JANE MYERS . . Assistant Photography Editor MARY GOINGS ........ Typist BARBARA GEORGE ....... Typist RAMONA STEFFY . . . . Typist L' zmg V ALL- min mx X ' W . , ,, Q . Contents Dedication 3 Administration 5 Seniors 9 Underclclssmen I7 2 Crgonizotions 29 Ads 67 Dedication We affectionately dedicate our l956-57 Pintus to Reverend R. Donald Weaver, minister, counsler, and friend. Reverend R. Donald Weaver "Faithful and upright through all our days, A wonderful character in all his ways." To thinking and unthinking alike, our school is grateful and thankful to the Divine Providence for the example set for us by our friend and beloved school companion, "Rusty" Jenks. lt is not often we are privileged to witness the spirit of a real champion possessing great courage, a wonderful spirit, and a matchless outlook. "Rusty" has inspired us all by his tireless battle against the ravages ofa physical ailment, making us forget our own small troubles. We know him to be sincere in work, in play, and in friendship. His personality, quiet in manner, has made him an object of love and respect. He is a good thinker, intensely practical, genial, honest, and straightforward in all his relations. Our beloved school wishes to express our tribute with the word of the poet Bailey in "Festus . " IIRUSTYII- Indeed, we live in deeds, not years: ln thoughts, not breaths: In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. We have learned these things from you and in our yearbook we want you to know it. "Rusty" we are grateful. 4 ADMINISTRATION I Awww Bound of Education Y 23 : 'f. -.I:': .'?a, ' 'M 'E gg 4 F ggm r ? 2 ' fQLn" "' ' ' - "W 7' Q2 2 " L 'vfxii ' - " V in -1: ' :JI V 1 '15i'Z..iEf2'.sf"5f?: . 7 3 sri ' N OT Arif PICTURED g ifs, , gd ,, i E 's 'IQ-':.":: C::':i?'. : -: "5f'56,:f:f,QE15Q'--We 5',.,-3 -5-.E 'fu . ' . k Q. HAROLD Mc DONA President LD KARL OVERBECK Vic e- President I AMES TOWE LL Secretary-Treasurer SALLIE STARKEY WILLIAM MADIGAN Trustee 5 Member V.-H.S. tg 'R' DR. ALVIN AHRENS KATHRYN BESSELL HERMAN SPENCER Supgflntenqem , School Secretary Principal Indiana University . W B. PM S. MH M. A- A Industrial Arts University of Wisconsin, P. H. D. FRED CATES I.S.T.C., B.S., M.S. Mathematics NORMAN ROBINSON Butler University, A. B. Indiana University English, Public Speech GLADYS WEIR JAMES CHATT WILMA FISHER Hanover College, A. B. Purdue, B. S. I. S. T. C., C. N. C., B S N Indiana University Senior Civics, 4-H Leader Art Latin, English . 6 LEON PATTERSON Indiana Central, B. S. Junior High Coach Assistant High School Coach Social Studies RUTH PRITCHARD Manchester, A. B. Junior High ?acultq GERALDINE STEPHENSON Purdue, B. S. Commerce and English Graduate Work Purdue University Washington University U. C. L. A. University of Pittsburgh Moser Secretarial School BYRON CARRIER Purdue, B.S. I. S. T. C. Mathematics, Science RICHARD PRYOR Purdue, B. S. l. S. T. C. , M. S. Biology, Social Studies MARGARET EWBANK Purdue University, B.S. Vocational Home Economics Physical Education 7 ROBERT WILLIAMS Indiana University, B. S. . M. S. Physical Education, Coach Commerce, Driver Education COLINETTE E. RICHARDSON Canterbury College, A.B. Music Second flnnual Senior: 'Jnip High school days are over for the class of I957, but we still have ten more days to enioy the companionship of our classmates and thrill to many of the beautiful and interesting sights in our Nation 's Capital and the East. This is an experience which will always be cherished and is a fitting climax to formal education for an understanding and deserving Senior Class. Forty one seniors and Sponsors will board an air-conditioned air ride bus early Saturday Morning May 25. The first day will be spent traveling through Indiana and Ohio, stopping at a beautiful Park in Columbus, Ohio for a picnic dinner. Pittsburg will be reached in early evening and the night will be spent at the Roosevelt Hotel. Just outside Pittsburg we will reach the famed Pennsylvania Turnpike and will travel through scenic Allegheny Mountain country and pass through seven tunnels. After lunch at Carlisle, a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield will be made and we will enter Washington going down "Embassy Row" on the way to'the Franklin Park Hotel which will be home for three nights. Washington is known as the city of "Magnificent Distances." Visits will be made to the Capitol, the White House, Smithsonian Institute, The FBI, Supreme Court, Congressional Library, Arlington Cemetary, Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials and other points of interest. A trip will be made to Mount Vernon and a Moonlight Cruise on the Potomac will be taken Monday Night. Wednesday morning our Bus will head for New York with stops at Baltimore and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, which is being renovated. The original Liberty Bell may be seen here. Beniamin Franklin is buried nearby. We will reach New York in time to visit the top of the Empire State Building, the tallest in the world. Wednesday night we attend the play "Most Happy Fella. " Thursday is Memorial Day and the class will attend the Giants-Philadelphia Double-header and take asightseeingcruise around Manhattan. Friday will be spent with Gray Line, touring the city, visiting the Statue of Liberty, and the United Nations, followed by a visit to Radio City Music Hall to see the famed "Rockettes"l Saturday we will travel up the beautiful Hudson and Mowhawk Valleys past Hyde Park, West Point, and Albany as we proceed to Niagara Falls. One of the highlights at Niagara will be the brilliant illumination of the falls at night. On Sunday, we cross the Rainbow Bridge into Canada, visit the Falls area, Well, and Canal and proceed to Detroit. Canadian farms and tobacco fields will flank the way. We will spend our last night at the classy Hotel Tuller. f Monday will find us visiting Ford's River Rouge plant, the Ford Museum and Greenfield Village before heading for Good Old Indiana. The Class will by now have become seasoned travelers and will be almost as fresh upon arrival in Veedersburg as when leaving. This will be a never to be forgotten experience and many times each of the group will look back with fond memories to these last ten days before our varied interests and activities began to take us down divergent paths of life. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to all those who helped make this wonderful trip possible 8 SENIORS . i 2 I Awww ELEANOR LEE MINNICK WILLIAM EVERETT STARKEY "Pud" "Bill" Class President 4, Class Treasurer Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3.4, 2, 3, Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Captain 4, Track 2, Treasurer 4, Latin Club 4, Press Club Athletic Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Secretary, Pep Club 3, 4, Chorus 2, Class President 3, Class Vice- 1, 2, 4, Festival 1, 2, 4, Contest 1, 2, President 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice-President C-V Show 1, D. A.R. History Award 3, President 4, National Honor Society 3, Junior Play 3, V. H.S. Varieties 4, Annual Staff 3, V. H. S. Varieties 1, 2. 1, 2. MARY LOUISE GOINGS "Weezie" Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Vice-President 4, Class President 1, Vice President 3, Secretary 4, C-V Show 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, District Choral Festival 2, 3, 4, State 4, Choral Festival 4, Dischords 3, 4, Band 2, 4, Festival 2, 4, Contest 3, Solo Ensemble Contest 3, Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Press Club 4, Class Play 3, V. H. S. Varieties 2. JUDITH NELL CAMPBELL ..Judy.. Honor Society 4, Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Correspondent Secretary 3, Annual 3, 4, Editor 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, V. H. S Varieties 2, Hoosier Girl State, D. A. R. Good Citizen Award, Dischords 4, Band Contest Choral Contest C-V Show 1, 2. x JAMES HOWARD ANDREWS ..Hm,, National Honor Society 3, Vice President 4, Student Council 3, Hi -Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual staff 3, 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Class Agricul- ture Club, Vice-President 4, V. A. C. Secretary 4, Agri- culture Judging 3, 4, Agricul- ture Trip 4. JACK G. BERLIN " Buzz " Basketball 1, Athletic Club 1, Agriculture Club 4, Fresh- man Play 1. THOMAS WILLIAM BOOE "Tom" Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, Football 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Athletic Club 2, 3, Vice President 3, Junior Play 3, V. H. S. Varieties 2. FREADA GAIL BYERS BENJAMIN EUGENE CABLE DAVID LEE CUSHMAN "Freddie" "Beni" "Cushie" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, River Side Brookfield High Hi-Y 2, 3, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Band Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, School 1, 2, 3, Talent Show 3, Junior Play 3, Athletic Club C. V. Show 1, Press Club 3, 4, Veedersburg 4, Annual Staff, 1, Varieties 2, Land Judging. Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo Agriculture Club, Hi-Y, and Ensemble Contest 3, 4, Press Club. State Contest 3, Chorus Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Marching Contest 1, 2, 3. 'IO GEORGE EDWARD DOBBS JANET JOAN FLOREY ORA GENE FOGLEMAN " George " " Joan " " Fogo" Chorus 1, 2, Choral Festival Junior Class Play 3. Basketball 1, Track 2, 1.2, District Choral Festival Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Press 1, 2. Club 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Agriculture Trip 4, Land Judging Team 4, Football 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Junior Class Play, V. H. S. Varieties 1. ELVIN SAMUEL FOLEY BARBARA JOAN GEORGE CAROLYN SUE HANCOCK "Sam" "Barbie" "Carol" Cross Country 2, 3.4, Track Kingmen 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, Sunshine 3, 4, Press Club 4, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Junior Play Choral Festival 1, 2, Veeders- Junior Play, Chorus 2, 3, 4, 3, Baseball, Athletic Club. burg 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Choral Festival 2, 3, 4, latin Club 4. Choral Contest 2, 3. 'II JUANITA FERN HANCOCK JANET LEE HERSHBERGER " Chubbins " Chorus 3, 4, Varieties 1, Dischords 4. "Jan" Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Dischords 4, Press Club 4, Reporter, Pep Club 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Commercial 2, 3, 4, C-V Show 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, March- ing Contest 1, 2, District Solo Contest 2, 3, 4, Ensemble Contest 3, 4, State Contest, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Varieties 1. HAZEL ELLEN HESS "Haz" National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Class Treasurer 1, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Dischords 2, 3.4, Class Play 3, Varieties 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, March- ing Contest 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Con- test 1, 2, 3, 4, State Festival 3, Solo Ensemble Contest 3, 4, State Contest 3, C-V Show 1, 2. SHARROLD JEAN KEELING "Shay" Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Treasurer 3, 4, Class Secretary 1, C-V Show 1, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 3, Business Manager 4, Chorus 1.2, Festival 1, 2, Contest 1, 2, Pep Club 3, 4. JANICE LOU KELLEY .Jann Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Sunshine 3, 4, Class Play 3, V. H. S. Varieties 2, C-V Show 1, Press Club Treasurer 4, Class Secretary 3. 12 JERRY OWEN KELLEY "Elvis" Junior Class Play 3, Varieties 1, Agriculture Trip, Agri- culture Judging Team 4. LaNELL MCDONALD "Butch" Press Club 4, Junior Play, Technical Staff 3. BERTA RUTH MITCHELL "Boots" HAROLD ANGUS MINICK Band 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3, 4, Marching Contest 2, Dis. Solo Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Student Solo-Ensemble 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Dischords 1, 2, 3, 4, C-V Show 1, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, S. S. S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, V. P. 3, Pres. 4, Latin Sec 4, Queen 4, Girl St. 3, Student Council 2, Annual Staff 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Class Plays Varieties 1, 2, 3. "Harold" Agriculture Club 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Agriculture Trip 4, Hi-Y 3. ROSEMARY MOREHOUSE JOHN ROBERT OLDS GLENDA LOU RHODES "Rosie" "John" "Glenda" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Junior Class Play, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3, 4, Ensemble Pep Club 3. 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, March- Contest 2, 3, 4, Marching Contest 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, State Festival 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Dischords 4, C-V Show 1, Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Correspond- ent Secretary 2, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 3, 4. I3 ing Contest 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Festival 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Dischords 4, Solo Ensemble Contest 1, 2, C-V Show 1, S. S. S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Press Club 4, Pep Club 4. DAVID GARRETT RUSK LAVON RAY STAHL RAMONA CARLENE STEFFY "Jake" "Lavon" "MOHiC" Hi-Y 1.2, 3, 4g Baseball 1,2, Agriculture Club. Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4:,Drum 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g MHJOF 4: Band 1. 2. 3. 43 Con- Football 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, test 1. 2. 3. 4: State 3.4: 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Marching Contest 1, 2g Chorus Agriculture Club 4, Secretary 1. 2. 3. 4: Contest 1. 2. 3. 4: 4g Trip 45 Agriculture Class Dischords 3.4: FCSUV31 1. 2. Secretary and Treasurer, 3, 45 C-V Show 1, 2, V. H.L Judging Team 2, 4, Class Varieties lg Class Play 1, 3g Play 1, 3, Vocal Contest 3, 4g School Christmas Play 49 Student Council Secretary 3, 4g Sun- shine Societ 1. 2, 3, 4g Annual Staf?4g Essay Contest 3 DARYEL E. TOWNSEND IVAN ALLEN TRINKLE LARRY WENDELL VanNOTE "Tub" "Ivan" "Larry" Basketball 1. 2. 3.4: Baseball Basketball 1,2, 3, 4: Baseball Basketball 1, 2, Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic Club 1, 2, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4g Ath- Club 2g Agriculture Club 4, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3. 4g Contest letic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Agriculture Trip 4, Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4g Marching Contest 3.4, Treasurer 4g Press Club judging Team 4, 1, 25 Festival 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus 4, Vice-President, Class 1, 2, 3, 45 Festival 1, 2, 3, 4g Play 3. Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo En- semble 1. 23 C-V Show 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4g Class Play 35 V. H. S. Varieties 1, 25 Annual Staff 2, 4. I4 I LAWRENCE EDWARD VERHEY JILL MARITA WALL "Sonny'1 Agriculture Club, Reporter 4. "Wil1y" Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4g Annual staff 3, 4g Student Council 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2. 3, 43 Festival 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3. 45 C. V. Show lp Dischords 4g Class Play 3g Varieties 2. THOMAS PHILO WILDMAN "Flip" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3g Class President 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, President 4, Hi-Y 2.3, 4: Agriculture Class President 4, Agriculture Club President 4g Judging Team 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Student Council lg Class Play 3: V. H. S. Varieties 2. I5 DANIEL WILSON IR. "Dan" All the Would'a 14 Staqe Oh Memories! that bless and burn and on the stage they always do. The greatest dramatist of them all, Shakespeare himself, once told us that "All the World's a Stage." November has gone with its swirling leaves but the memory of our Junior Class Play, "The Custer's Last Stand" remains. What a bright day and evening we spent in that mountain district of Colorado. The memories of George, Harriet, and Emogene Custor QJim, Martha, and Kittyj live still to haunt us in our school dreams. Even Orphan Annie would tremble to think of Georgie Little Bear and the Indian Raiders fJon Boggs, Don, Larry, and Tomi. With all the breathe taking fear how happy we were. And now, it is March with its winds, then April with the rains and lilacs--and May at last with the flowers and the spring. Along come the seniors with "Apple Blossom Time," their spring stage farewell and dramatic swan-song. Here we have romance, tears, comedy, - all wrapped up with the flowers and "budding garden walls." In the words of Polly, QMary Goingsl "It's May time when all the world is well and happy." Daryel, Jim, Mona, Sharrold, Tom, Judy, Berta Ruth, Hazel, - all will forever turn our thoughts to happy times. Yes, memories do bless and burn, but we would not part with them. We shall remember the footlights and see them through our tears. They will remind us of Happy Days. A part of our hearts will remain behind the big red curtain. Norman Robinson I6 UN DERCLAS SMEN A-www V.H.S Joanne Adair Doris Anderson Bi I I Birge Jon Boggs Bradley Byers Barbara Burgner John Burgner Russell Cooper Jerry Cowan Janet Dunivan Dorothy Edwards Don Elmore Martha English Diane Fletcher William Fletcher Shirley Foley Loraine Goodwin Gordon Grimes Deloris Hartle Larry Holland Jim Hughes Russell Jenks Kathryn Keith NOT PICTURED: Virgil Carey Melba Keith Helen Keeling Sharon Keeling Delores Keller Dick Lightle Saundra Linker Nellie McDonald Dennie Manning Gerald Minnick Jannette Newnum Phyllis Philpott Robert Pickett Donna Ponder Terry Sandlin Kitty Southarcl Jack Stonebraker Leon Stonecipher Walter Totheroh Ormal Verhey Tom Wilson uniona -.sys aj Qgiiffglvz 3,3 ,-- :, , M, , 1:-.:. ,,, HH,-,M .H f-w- 155, A ,. 8 A ig- 1 at '- -R- , -M eg I QR if , as? ,.,.,,.,,4.i'......u...-....., Q QQW ER, fl st ,-55:3:aigysa-,::,E::wtig::3!!5555i:i35,5,:EFHS: : . :.' I2E5If5Ef'5i"' ' ::l"'5l?55Xxif'i 1 ' . - VU. 'E f mzfifmf eil: - 'ii .sirzgzg fin 59331. I E ' S ef l ,M ...,.. ,L . V ' "+'?:7g35vf.. .:+::. 151151 r .., T 'lar f- . -.31 5-'Z' ., .- Y .. Q :ka rw' 355 lx' ' -:.'faa2gj:a:22!a.aa:' f K ,I V.-H.S Ruth Allen Barry Beaver Lewis Bever X 'l aE2,.:':..e2l , im g ff-ep w in J l 5 i:E11.ii:fi' iyfj ff7,5Y7f 155' 5'i,Q5'.5i5:55E5f2 52,5553 52" S -- 5" 1 J: " flgii. Mi' ' 1' f ' ff-" ia?" Q' 'QM-:TTB - - ,- ' f l . ,..,, 5 N Iag 2-,fy V- Silk iiifysstiezgigg 4... ,gg g -:f, li... my 55351 iglgigfgfsigggigwi K U-ff: ,iw ,. Q zme'gfs5sf3sf - W g... -Qfiif . 1 -' 52395 A .. 5 MT 33:01 .V -'gf' -- M, 5 A 1 : . .sf , - ' f -wg t, ' , ,, ,. .2 1 Q, , y K - wftfxl iwi. . ff-:'-: ' .H aw'v'r 5121 mr 'lssigwgwi yigiiisflwsszf-2,1--, M , .1--W . mm . ' . 925 whims, Af f' wx: if? f: .i :i:. if 3'H:f.:7 ,. fI?f'ffff..f'f gsjg1e.u,,12f 1. . it -, W zlzwlfi -?-2"i'??' 'S L' -.-f. . . .,.. . V .... W - 'ii.. -5'- 43 " B B . 9- ' 5 nl' , e ' z ' 'A ' ,. fav ,Ts A ' H-"" -",. . i - f ' ,,....,,f' ! E a 5': l l 3 221 ' .,-.,, H -. i M- M... ... Q .,. ..,,..c . .,. . M1 fuk: :. LQ, fx . ?f,1f535:fEff5 i:1aE??gJ'.. :J..Z SV 'lei ' . ,ln ':.?:Ksf,' H 5 W, W: A, 7- ' , wg 5' Y i' 45 'N S 5 F 5 - -- ,. ,,, ,K .,,. - .-Q g:eE:..:' .+ 's S' 2 f k-' -- N H. MWAL 52' 'E fl' T sig l H 'Y x-1 5 I H9 2 .s Rl .Q X1 2 QQ Q2 Fi SL ,Q + rn ps , -mx in J N Q ,gg ,F is 5:53 xx Ii x iff Gregg Baxter Larry Brewer Philp Chumly Reba Clift Virginia Cooper Brenda Cunningham Hubert Dunivan Marlyon Drumond Arthur Fletcher Jerry George Nora Goodson Jerry Grady Richard Gross Marilyn Gross Keith Hall Dean Hancock Pat Hancock Don Harper Judy Harper Cynthia Harrison Beverly Helms Jane Hershberger Charles Holland Dick Keeling Sophomonea L Larry Krout Ora Krout Terry Krout Vic Lease Barbara Lee Bennie Ludlow James Manasco William Massey Jerry Lynch James McClure Mary Ann McDonald Charlotte McKinney Karen Sue Minick Camillia Mitchell Gary Mitchell Jane Myers Sherril Pickett Paul Pritchard Joe Robbins Katha Smith Pat Stembaugh Susan Towell Mary Ellen Turpin Alberta Underwood NOT PICTURED: Larry Stonebraker Jack Keller Kenneth Krout ywfirsws-s5gw2 A ' ' zze' 18:-iiigfigaxf ff? " "1 25535 of L Xia. Q, we rs" . I 3, ,L., A k--, :V if llii -171 'l?'fQ,554i'f?:5'f , .I - ' 1511 . if .libel , , iw, . 491, K . . A.. .. T.. W .. . .- X -ds. ,.,-3 .57 Q -E ,333 Wg-fd, 65552 -a Y 4' ,I " M 7 .4 ' . . 4' ef'- 1 it r rm ,, f wg, srzsi 3- L if-si z 5 sq v if fl " mi-sz 1 Mary Arlington Sherry Biddle I L' 9 ... W , ' i n -' 5 P ' : " A E .. A 33 .fi gig V 4 , its H Q We C X E V " :ir R. 1 if, .' 35: ' . "-z, :. ,fs:r.i 3n,- . .1, M .. my J . ir gg Joclle Boggs Janet Booe Marianne Boord Carol Bowers Tonie Brown Charles Carey Myretta Cox Dwayne Day Carol Dunivan Edith Dockins Carolyn Fishero Robin Fogleman Dwight Gookins Jerry Hacker Marvin Hancock Jerry Hasselbring Jean Hebner Eloise Howard Alice Howard Dennis Hughes Clarence Keeling Kathryn Keeling Owen Keeling Jay Kell V.-H.S. Sharon Kendrick Sherry King Bonnie Krout Patty Krout Carol 'Labaw Tom Linker Richard McClure Mary Jo McCollum James McCutchan Judith McDuffie Carl Minick Mike Morehouse Janice Parham Carolyn Philpott Leland Philpott Ruth Pitzer Nancy Preston Earl Robbins Glenda Sandlin Meredith Shideler Joan Sinnint Carolyn Turpin Brenda Van Note Charles Walls Doris Keller Hallie Keith lf' V. r X was -' Surah, :H- Tiifg ,'r,' wrzi- - 1, A , 1, . ii, 7 M 5 f- .Mist , f Y - me V , ,HH If fs:r..-f,- n K . it i'fasi375f5'3 9"xM1 U5 '?lSf'i2ai,izz'l' L ' , ri 1 V 3212 , -- - may , V: - K 5 -i 1 ij? 4 Wir X 22, 1 wi . ,. , ,AH ,- .- ?.,Qwz V - 525. uw, mmm. 'svgrfsssm az12,:M2,-M :Wiz rf wi 'H .. rf KM , ,K ., .-g-, iw X ,A , ug, 7 ' ' wl ? fif b ,iS"RkLb55V:l35 gggfpmf: igwyzggimz ,gsmfwf gsm ga if Q A, 4 2 ff swam sr if -ea, 3 ,sa 2 ,E ,ins 1 it . S rig 5 2 i ,Cf Q ., f Eg wk Q. gy S Sai.. 3, .Wg- .ken t ws-1 . M Ev .5 .ra . ril K -ff i:"'::5?n:L: ' Eirtgifif . "Mi: L .... :ik 'Q' 1 X fa. inf? - we :. ' ' it 'Wise X2 13? Qs R ef r 12, Q 4, 0 325- QS 'hill , gsjfr wr 1, is Q af f -M fl if Eiii 5 'li f -it x www, X f .r,,.wAs,-f,-- . , ,K 55152 5 H , -3 55g5g,5,., , f -. ' Egret! + ae 'L 5 , ,sf mf V! 'S M L ig 3, Se if illhnfi 532 grail X A' ez F GRADES Egg, Auwgwfm Veedenabunq Cinade Eight si -t ff .R at it 1- agsqg-. Q . wif 5 B BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Rainey, Paulette Hunter, Bonnie McCollum, Sandra Booe, Judith McDonald, Carol Thomas, Sandra McDuffie, Dee Marsh, Janice Funk, Margie Verhey. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Wilkinson, Holly Sever, Jolynn Keeling, Ruth Ann Booe, Suzanne Mills, Linda Bever, Lois Weber, Lois Denzer, Patty Clift, Karaylee Ballah, Brenda Massey. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anita Byers, Beverly Abolt, Judith Gayylor, Nanscly Southard, Henry Hess, Fred Bellany, Ralph Fletcher, Max Booe, Linda Grady, Myra Goings, FO RTH RO , LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Pitzer, Virginia Morehouse, Jack Yowell, Paul Houk, Kenneth Shildeler, Charles Hacker, Jan Baxter, Clark Ahrens, Stephen Byers, Larry Craig. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Bentley, Jackie Funk, Jackie Ha man, Darwin Cox, Duane Dice, Davi Elmore, Aronald Keeling, Russel Smith, Ronnie Thomas. SIXTH How, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Brewer, Johnny Foley, Phillip Grubb, arl Stonebracker, Larry Dillon, Bob Shilder, Johnny Rennison, Ronald Keeling. Veedeuabunq Cjnade Seven Q, ,,,. ,. .MW. ,V is . r., . s .K ,sax .Q - r 4 M . 8 'K HP . - '!- X rf x ' s 'S za 4 QYQB f M ri' Q, +,5iHr:fff?f 'W' ascii! fi K Ba is t fa 'as is t V? n's'1e'T," s M 59g,g?l:21' si '- - ' K . T 6 LW, 5 VL:-A r L M, -V Vi A ,, :'.' J r 5 W 'V .. I s Q 1 Q , A gg it g Q xc . 3 L - EZ a ' fa ' I I ' Q ui F fs Q F I . 2 'I rrrs e F Q' f - J , ' 1 . i ,, J O , ir, .-, 5 3, , . ,, ,au Q ,W . .. 3 A, ,Jr -7.. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT- Donna Youn Carol n Totheroh, Freda Lee Marilyn Beaver, Deborah Rhodes, Sharon Krout, Patty Beatty, Jill Hershgerger, lgiane Wilmarth, Sharon Dillon, ShyrlStah1. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Baxter, Alberta Cooper, Sandra Minick, Alberta Hunter, Francis Likey, Carolyn Beaver, Peg y Leas, Carol Goodson, Charlotte Keeling, Mae Zolds, De Anna Williamson. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: immy Marquess, Philip Butts, Donald Carey, Larr Furr, John Merrill, Douglas Clouse, Francis Fletcher, Lorin Haas, Lawrence Turpin, Harold Crowder. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Leonard Grubbs, Everett Walters. Larry Frazee, Micheal Keelinlg, Steplhen Parham, Robert Jackson, Larry Byers, Ronald Hancock. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Bowers, ennet Manasco, Jackie Robbins, Edgar Bradburg, Ernest, Brubb, James Hershberger, Donald Hughes, Bobby Fishero, Thomas Harrison, William Buster. 23 Veedeftabuuq Cjuade One .Ill I... a 1 W., 1 W- W WS 2.3 gf B-f Cc., FRONT ROW: Ken Smith, Stephen Tipton, Tommy Parham, Bob Powell, Roger Craig, Darrell Cloud, David Burgner, Mike Crane, Shirl Hegg, MIDDLE ROW: Charles Minnick, Paul Mc inney, Tony Haas, Paul Bilstad, Terry Merrill, David Meihls, Richard Hoover, Rodger Moody, Lonnie Trinkle, John Hering. LAST ROW: Darlene Holland, Joyce Mills, Sylvia Lee, Anita olmes, Suzan Bradbury, Sandra Bever, Jayne Boggs, Shirley Hegg, Catherine I-louser, Teacher -- Clara Gilkey. Veedenabuftq Quade 'Iwo FRONT ROW: Mike Nelson, Dennis Brewer, Kenny Neeley, Mike Strean, Bill Powell, Kenny Gross, Gleen McKinney, Kirk McDonald, Donald Hegg, Bobb Thomas, Lloyd Turpin. LAST ROW: Roselyn Bunnell, Christy Ballah, Linda Dockins, Clara Sever, Shanon Rickey: Betty Dockins, Sherrill Lindquist, Mary Kay Keeling, Lynette Rusk, Suzanne Dockins, Karen McDuffie, eacher -- Louise E, Wilkinson. 24 Veedenabuuq Guade 'Jhnee BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rita Bever, Paulene Hoover, Gloria Francis, Barbara Coats, Eugenia Groce, Lindy Dockins, Peggy Lee, Linda Hershberger, Diana Arlington, Jacqueline McClutchan, Donna Sheets, Claudia Williams, rs. Delena Patterson, Teacher. MIDD EROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sherrygl Smith, Sharon Gosnell, George Pendry, Steven Dodson, Danny Brewer, Michael Gould, Don Manasco, Rut ford Shannon, Roger Trinkle, Louis Crowder, Judy Cloud, Ellen Forkner. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Randy Linquist, Steven Holmes, Gerry Smith, Mic ael Ludlow, Bobby York, Ray Busick, Kerry Morhout, Cole Shoaf, James Beatty, Freddie McCollum, Gordon Douglas, Roger Lightle. Veedenabwzq Qnade '3ouu rf as I if 5 .Kyiv K , R--an Sm' "' 19 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Clark, Martha Grady, Regina Brewer, Phyllis Trinkle, Betty Lee, Elaine Bass, Pamela Dillon, Ann Towell, Reta Horton, Diana Houser, Rosemary Samuels, Mrs. Brock, Teacher, MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Jackson, Marcia Booe, Rebecca Ratcliff, Linda Ludlow, Bonnie Craig, Glenda Clauson, William Bennett, Dennis Lindamood, Alice Jorkner, Charla Grubb, Karen Newnum, Joyce Cox. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry Sheets, Richard Griffin, Charles Turpin, Richard Craig, Char es Short, Jim Van Dorn, Kim McDonald, Floyd Kester, Bill Harrison, Richard Merrill. 25 Veedenabwzq Cjuade 'Jive . , s sk FRONT ROW: LeRoy Lindquist, Frankie Joe Steffy, Charles Underwood, John Bilstad, Teddy Goodson, Billy Dockins, Jimmy Eaton, Robert Williams, Robert Dodson, Larr York, Robert Rickey. SEC ND ROW: Betty Lou McDuffie, Victoria Reynolds, Gary W. Ludlow, Gary Lee Linlzler, Richard Busick, Carl Gookins, Bruce Mills, Jimmy Brown, Delayne Ratcliff, Judy Griffin, Rita Douglas. LAST ROW: Dianna Sheets, Sharon Clark, Suzie Pendry, Pamela Hering, Patricia Eaton, Tanz Froed e, Marcia Day, Marietta Fogleman, Pamela Pearson, Karen Whitaker, Denise Smith, Sue Ann Smith, Tears-mer -- Mrs. Dora Campbell. Veedeuabunq Cjnade Six 'hw FRONT ROW: William Linquist, John Brewer, Chris Haas, Gary Dockins, John Geor e, Melvin Pickett, Gary Francis, Robert Lackey, Michael Linker, SECOND ROW: Gaye Lynn King, Maril niece, Thomas Foley, Charles Borst, Frederick Bentley: Charles Stonebraker, James Crowder, Robert Txromas, Kenneth Bradbury, Tony Joe Arrigo, Michael Mitc ell, Sandra Keeling, Cjae Francis. LAST ROW: Sandra McDonald, Sharon Stahl, Carroll Clawson, Jodith Wilson, Penny Borst, Carolyn Groce, Bonnie Reynolds, Rosalie Graham, Joan VanNote, Mitzi Switzer, Patricia Smith, Janice Thomas, Carol Ann Alston, Teacher -- Mrs. Maxine Coon. 26 Stealing Guadea One G 'Iwo 'F' w waamaiiiw. L W FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Warrick, Jackie Howard, Kenneth Bell, Richard LoKee, Roy Hunt, David Butts, Steven Dice, Raymond Epperson, Phillip Bell, Kenneth Southard, Marion Howard, Kennet Moore, Jimmy Cox. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Raymond Hendrickson, Roger Learnard, Mike Eudy, Lindsay Austin, Sally Nixen, Nancy Rennison, Carol Rogers, Susie Coffing, Nelda Byers, Nancy Coffing, Sandra Dice, Sally Liechxtxy, Sherry Powers, Janice Dark. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ma? Kay Hacker, Dianna Sheets, Mar Jane alls, Connie Sheets, Arletta Funk, Brenda Brinkle , Gloria Haas, lenna R, Layman, Caroline Nefz Judy Shideler, Rhonda Smith, Mrs, Elva Williams, Teacyher. ABSENT: Carol Hutchison, Melea Bray. Stenlinq Cjuadea 'Ihnee 6 'Joan ,mann FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billie Owens, Jackie Mears, Harold Hatch, Jerry Goings, Tomm Fletcher, Bobby Warrick, Timmy Preston, Bill Songer, Gerry Warrick, Donnie Dice, Larry Rogers, SECOIJD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Funk, Mariam Irwin, Brookie Groce, Sherry Eud , Joyce Dark, Minella Carey, Rebecca Byers, Jane Dice, Penny Coffing, Regina Fletcher, Mrs. Florence Howard, Teacher. ABSENT: Cynthia Hutchisen. 27 Stenlinq Ciuadea '3iue and Six 1 FRONT ROW: Ronald Goodwin, Larry Warrick, Stephen Songer, Gary Rogers, John Preston, Billie Overbeck, Richard Booe, Kenneth Smith, Jack Carey, Forrest Goings. MIDDLE ROW: Carol Learnard, Kay Byers, Ellen Butts, Rachel Newman, Harold Bellamy, Donnie Ingram, George Williamson, Kerry Nickle, Teddy Hacker, Eddie Hunt, Robert Hatch. BACK ROW: Sonia Swafford, Martha Stembaugh, Marie Stembaugh, Carolyn Helton, Carol Sue Stembaugh, Linda Dunivan, Cheryl Owens, Anita Bray, Marsha Hancock, Linda Morehouse, Mrs. Inez Helms. Stone Blulglg Cinaclea One and 'Iwo FRONT ROW: Bobby Cosby, Danny Fox, Donald Strickler, Gene Watts, John Drummond, Craig Newman, Terry Wilson, Dickie Crider, Ricky Keith. SECOND ROW: Shirley Sutton, Martha Robbins, Geneva Watts, Kathy Anderson, Marilyn Blanton, Bonnie Cooper, Judy Cosby, Terri Sue Biddle, Karen Galloway NOT PICTURED: Elizabeth Edwards, Margaret Ann Burford, David Lamb, Teacher- Mrs. Pauline Washburn. 28 Stone Bluff Cjftaclea 'Jhnee and 'Joan BQ-,QW JE is 'H FRONT ROW: Jeff Leas, Larry McCann, James Keith, Larry Cox, Larry Young, Stephen Hampton, Billy Madigan, Dale Pitzer, Richard Minick, Stephen McLean, Richard Perry. BACK ROW: Flora Cox, Norma Jean Strickler, Mary Lou Lightle, Donna Jean Crider, Carolyn Robbins, Barbara Black, Mrs. Snyder, Patrica Scott, Alicia McElroee, Kathy Galloway, and Alexis Brimberry. Stone Bluff Cjftadea 'Jive and Six Q 'Ye- ,, J Q, ,yr-on ,,,, x , FRONT ROW: Helen Minick, Kay Tubbs, Charlene Hancock, Vicki Hoagland, Bea Kaye Cox, Geanette Clawson. BACK ROW: Gary Biddle, Randy Blanton, Larry Robbins, Dale Gust, Billy Shelley, Jerry McElwee, Larry Weber, Teacher- Mrs. Marie Carter. 29 'Ike Studenta Opinion QUEEN BEAUTY KING HANDSOME MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MISS WISDOM MR. WISDOM SWEETH EARTS MR. ATHLETE MOST POPULAR GIRL MOST POPULAR BOY MISS FASHION MR. FASHION FAVORITE HANGOUT FAVORITE EXCUSE FAVORITE PASTIME MR. SENIOR MISS SENIOR MR. JUNIOR MISS JUNIOR MR. SOPHOMORE MISS SOPHOMORE MR. FRESHMAN MISS FRESHMAN Sharrold Keeling Camilla Mitchell Tom Booe Berta Ruth Mitchell Kitty Southard Jim Andrews Tom Booe-Judy Campbell Leon Stonecipher Ramona Steffy Jim Andrews Hazel Hess Bill Starkey Cynthia Harrison Ivan Trinkle Rainbow Didn't have time Eating, sports Bill Starkey Eleanor Minnick Jim Hughes Joanne Adair Kenny Krout Marilyn Gross Joe Hass Carolyn Fishero 30 ORGANIZATIONS j Awww '34-M , J t y FIRST ROW: Kathryn Keith, Sherry Biddle, Karen Minnick, Judy McDonnald, Carolyn Beaver, Pat Hannock, Sandra Minick, Carol Goodson, Mrs. Eubank. SECOND ROW: Barbara Burgner, Sharon Kendrick, Diana Wilmarth, Mary Ann Boord, Sherril Pickett, Peggy Leas, Lura Meeker, Melba Keith. THIRD ROW: Joyce Rainey, Nancy Southard, Jill Hershberger, Carol Dunivan, Carol LaBaw, Martha English, Nellie McDonnald, Sharon Keeling, Suzan Baxter. FIFTH ROW: Brenda Cunningham, Mary Ann McDonnald, Judith McDuffie, Judy Harper, Suzan Towell, Reba Clift, Katha Smith, Hallie Keith, Doris Keller, Diana Fletcher. SIXTH ROW: Joan Sinnot, Hellen Keeling, Shirley Foley, Jane Myers, Joan Adair, Jeanette Newnum, Alice Howard, Carnilia Mitchell, Deloris Keller, Beverly Helms, Sandra Linker. flcpzicultuue Club ,aa We teams ff'-w FIRST ROW: Carl Minnick, Robert Pickett, Ben Cable, Russell Cooper, Jerry Grady, Clarence Keeling, Gerald Minnick, Mr. Chatt. SECOND ROW: Ivan Trinkle, Hubert Dunnivan, Arthur Fletcher, Lavon Stahl, Jack Berlin, Junior Totheroh, Vick Leas. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Verhey, John Olds, Dennis Hughes, Larry VaNote, David Rusk, James Andrews, Dick Lightle, Sam Foley. 31 l . Latin Club J .. A A FRONT ROW: Sherry Biddle, Janet Booe, Jane Hershberger, Carolyn Fishero, Mrs. Weir, Benny Ludlow, Melba Keith, Sherry King, Janice Parham. SECOND ROW: Carol Bowers, Mike Morehouse, Hallie Keith, Marvin Hancock, Larry Brewer, Phyllis Philpot, Glenda Rhodes, Merdith Shideler, Tom Linker, Eleanor Minnick, Jodie Boggs. THIRD ROW: Brenda Cunningham, Jean Hebner, Nancy Preston, Doris Keller, Marilyn Gross, Kitty Southard, Barbara George, Phillip Chumley, Sandra Linker, Donna Ponder, Susan Towell, Judith McDuffie, Martha English, Kathryn Keeling. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Harrison, Deloris Keller, Edith Dockins, Patty Krout, Marolyn Drummond, Doris Anderson, Jannette Newmun, Bonnie Krout, Ruth Allen, Jane Myers, Brenda VanNote, Carolyn Turpin, Helen Keeling, Berta Ruth Mitchell. FIFTH ROW: Jon Boggs, Tom Wilson, Vic Leas, Larry Holland, Junior Totheroh, Don Elmore, Charles Walls, Jim Hughes, John Burgner, Dennis Hughes, Leon Stonecipher, Bud Byers. Pneaa Club FRONT ROW: Tom Booe, Eleanor Minnick, Ivan Trinkle, Rosemary Morehouse, Janice Kelley, Gail Byers. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Stephenson, Glenda Rhodes, Mary Goings, Nellie McDonald, Sharon Keeling, Joanne Adair, Shirley Foley, Kathryn Keith, Janet Hershberger. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Hancock, Gene Fogleman, LaNell McDonald. 32 Student Council FIRST ROW: Mr. Spencer, Jane Hersliberger, Ramona Steffy, Mary Goings, Karoylee Ballali, Mike Moorehouse Jim Bowers, Mr. Carrier. SECOND ROW: Sharrold Keeling, Camilla Mitchell, Tom Booe, Larry Holland, Robert Pickett, Jill Wall, Party Krout, Kitty Southard. 'Hanan Societq V 7' : , Q ve WD" FIRST ROW: Jane Hershberger, Hazel Hess, Kitty Southard, Jon Boggs, Jane Myers, Berta Ruth Mitchell, Eleanor Minnick, Barbara Burgner. SECOND ROW: Joanne Adair, Leon Stonecipher, Lewis Bever, Jim Andrews Mrs. Weir, Philo Wildman, John Burgner, Bill Starkey, Judy Campbell. 33 Sunahine Societq FIRST ROW: Mrs. Weir, Janice Parham, Barbara Burgner, Rosemary Moorehouse, Carolyn Fishero, Carole Bowers, Carolyn Hancock, Melba Keith, Jane Hershberger, Kathryn Keith, Janet Booe. SECOND ROW: Ramona Steffy, Nellie McDonald, Janice Kelly, Janet Hershberger, Deloris Hartle, Susan Towell, Mary McCullum, Glenda Rhodes, Martha English, Eleanor Minnick, Sharon Keeling, Sherril Pickett. THIRD ROW: Saundra Linker, Cynthia Harrison, Berta Mitchell, Mary McDonald, Phyllis Philpot, Judy Harper, Charlotte McKinney, Hallie Kieth, Brenda Cunningham, Hazel Hess, Donna Ponder. FOURTH ROW: Doris Anderson, Marilyn Gross, Shirley Foley, Sharrold Keeling, Helen Keeling, Deloris Keller, Beverly Helms, Nancy Preston, Charlotte Keeling, Diane Fletcher, Mary Goings, Katha Smith. FIFTH ROW: Kitty Southard, Camilla Mitchell, Brenda VanNote, Carolyn Turpin, Judy Campbell, Janette Newnum, Jill Wall, Bonnie Krout, Joanne Adair, Alice Howard, Jane Myers, Joan Sinnot. Hz-14 FIRST ROW: Bennie Ludlow, Tom Linker, Bradley Byers, Paul Pritchard, Leon Stonecipher, Gary Mitchell, Mike Morehouse. SECOND ROW: Mr. Carrier, Ivan Trinkle, Tom Booe, Gene Fogleman, Bill Starkey, Daryel Townsend, Lewis Bever. THIRD ROW: Sam Foley, Dick Lightle, Dennis Hughes, David Rush, Jim Andrews, Ora Krout, John Olds. 34 SPORTS 10" Vi, if R f fww Awww We will Sing A Sonq FIRST ROW: Student Manager-Tommy Linker, Aurthur Fletcher, Don Harper, Gordon Grimes, Earl Robbins, Charles Walls, Joe Robbins, Mike Morehouse. SECOND ROW: Coach-Bob Williams, Gary Mitchell, Dick Gross, James Manasco, Vic Leas, Leon Stonecipher, Dick Keeling, Coach-Leon Patterson. THIRD ROW: Dennis Hughes Jerry Jeans, Gene Fogleman, Hubert Dunnivan, Bill Starkey, Tom Booe, Clarence Keeling. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: Hazel Hess, Mary Goings, Ramona Steffy, Donna Ponder. "fl" 'Team Schedule OPPONENT V.H S 90 Chrisman, lllinois 59 Cayuga 6l Williamsport 5l Montezuma 46 Linden 62 Dayton 55 Waynetown 48 Granville Wells 46 Covington 53 Hillsboro 44 Boswell 58 West Lebanon 60 Richland Twp. 62 Wabash Valley lAtticaj 48 Wabash Valley lCovingtonJ 63 Attica 50 Perrysvi Ile 38 Kingman Ambia Pine Village Sectional ob Veeclenabuuq 14 "B" 'Jeam Schedule OPPONENT V.H.S 61 Chrisman, Illinois 58 23 Cayuga 43 31 Williamsport 47 40 Montezuma 58 23 Linden 43 31 Dayton 55 37 Waynetown 42 35 Granville Wells 46 25 Covington 46 19 Hillsboro 49 51 Boswell 48 27 West Lebanon 55 30 Richland Twp. 46 35 Attica 39 21 Perrysville 51 32 Kingman 62 Ambia Pine Village Sectional Good Old -Hooaien 'Iown We will 'Jiqht V.H.S. " " 'Team FIRST ROW: Daryel Townsend, Tom Booe, Philo Wildman, David Rusk, Bill Starkey, Jim Andrews, Ivan Trinkle. SECOND ROW: Leon Patterson, Kenny Krout, Lewis Bever, Jack Stonebraker, Dennis Manning, Leon Stonecipher, Dick Keeling, Bob Williams. Q T wiv 5 V.H.S. "B" 'Team FIRST ROW: Terry Krout, Dick Keeling, Leon Stonecipher, Lewis Bever, SECOND ROW: Leon Patterson, Kenny Krout, Dennis Manning, Ora Krout, Hubert Dunivan, Bob Williams. . 38 'Jon 'The Queen and White "A" 'Team Cheenleadena Donna Ponder, Mary Goings, Hazel Hess, Ramona Steffy. 1 1 1 l 1 l "B" 'Jeam Cheenleadena 'Beverly Helms, Camilla Mitchell, Marilyn Gross. 'Jill 'Jhe Root Comea Pep Club FIRST ROW: Donna Ponder, Mary Goings, Hazel Hess, Ramona Steffy. SECOND ROW: Gail Byers, Jill Wall, Glenda Rhodes, Rosemary Morehouse, Judy Campbell, Sharrold Keeling. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Gross, Beverly Helms, Janice Pdrham, Carolyn Fishero, Sherry King, Juanita Hancock, Kitty Southard, Eleanor Minnick, Berta Ruth Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: Susan Towell, Barbara Burgner, Saundra Linker, Camilla Mitchell, Martha English, Phylis Philpot, Jannett Newnum, Joanne Adair, Diane Fletcher, Katheryn Keith. FIFTH ROW: Doris Anderson, Jane Hershebrger, Charolette McKinney, Virginia Cooper Ormal Verhey, Sharon Keeling, Shirley Foley, Melba Keith, Janet Dunivan. SIXTH ROW: Carol Bowers Nancy Preston. Judy Harper, Katha Smith, Nellie McDonald, Marianne Boord, Carole LaBaw, Bonnie Krout. SEVENTH ROW: Hallie Keith, Sherry Biddle, Mary Arlington, Katheryn Keeling, Patty Krout, Karen Minnick, Reba Clift, Pat Hancock, Mary Jo McCollum, Jane Myers. 'Jfteahman Ball Club FIRST ROW: Tom Linker, Mike Morehouse, Joe Haas, Clarence Keeling, Jim McCutchan, Jerry Hacker. SECOND ROW: Coach Patterson, Earl Robbins, Dennis Hughes, Jay Kell, Charles Wall, Dwight Gookins, Owen Keeling. 'Jumblinq Down. 34 8th Glade Baahetball FIRST ROW: Ronnie Keeling, James Bentley, Duane Dice, Larry Brewer, Charles Hacker, Carl Stonebraket. SECOND ROW: Jan Baxter, Henry Hess, Richard Craig, Leon Patterson, Max Booe, Clark Ahrens, Kenneth Shicleler. THIRD ROW: Paul Hauk, Larry Dillon, Phillip Grubb, Robert Shideler, Steven Byers. 7th Cjftade Baaleetball FIRST ROW: Ronnie Keeling, Jimmy Bowers, Tommy Harrison, Steven Parham, James Marquess, Larry Frazee, Billy Buster, Dougulas Clouse, Carl Stonebraker. SECOND ROW: Ben Turpin, Robert Jackson, John Merrill, Leon Patterson, Everett Walters, Joe Grubbs, Larry Byers. THIRD ROW: James Butts, Mike Keeling, Kenneth Manasco, Jack Robbins, Ernest Grubbs, Donald Hughs, Larry Furr, Bobby Fishero. when We Stant Uou gneahman Cheenleaclena yKing Patty Krout Sharo K d k Sth Qnade Cheeflleadena a Goin s g John Rennison Nancy S h d Will Know :qt Sight 7th Cjnacle Cheenleadeua H hberger Debby Rhodes Sh K 43 Una: 'Jae queen a white Baaeball FIRST ROW: Daryel Townsend, Ivan Trinkle, Hubert Dunivan, Kenny Krout, James Andrews, Rusty Krout. SECOND ROW: Gene Fogleman, Charles Walls, Dick Keeling, Gary Mitchell, Dave Rusk, Sam Foley, Bill Starkey. THIRD ROW: Bob Williarns, Mike Morehouse, Jay Kell, Bud Bever, Tom Booe, Leon Patterson. 'Inacle FIRST ROW: Tom Linker, Ivan Trinkle, Kenny Krout, Hubert Dunivan, Bud Bever, Tom Booe, Owen Keeling. SECOND ROW: Bob Williams, Terry Sandlin, Dick Keeling, Sam Foley, Dave Rusk, Jack Stonebraker, James Andrews, Leon Stonecipher, Junior Totlrerolr, Leon Patterson. wau aight, azqm, 'Jzqhf ACTIVITIES I 1' X 49" It A ' i , . wx I xmxxm ikk f 'fry A IH," Awww find 'Jhe Band Plaqed On X3 L, .,,..,...a..t...,M,. -High School Band FIRST ROW: Jodie Boggs, Barbara Burgner, Judith Campbell, Glenda Rhodes, Carolyn Fishero, Janice Parham, Doris Anderson, Charlotte McKinney, Jane Hershberger, Berta Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Camilla Mitchell, Sherry King, Suzan Towell, Marilyn Drummond, Janet Hershberger, Saundra Linker, Charles Hacker, Phillip Butts, Clark Ahrens, Jan Baxter, Carolyn Turpin, Steve Parham, Shirley Wilkinson, Gail Byers. THIRD ROW: Jill Hershberger, Nancy Preston, Myra Goings, Jolynn Keeling, Duane Dice, Meredith Shideler, Jon Boggs, Rosemary Morehouse, Virginia Morehouse, Larry Furr, Larry Frazee, Robert Jackson, Henry Hess, James Hershberger, Ruth Allen, Hazel Hess, Daryel Townshend. FOURTH ROW: Cynthi Harrison, Dean Hancock, Dwight Gookins. STANDING: Jean Pitzer, Johnny Rennison, Paul Pritchard, Marilyn Gross, Jill Wall, Mary Goings, Mrs. Richardson, Don Elmore, Beverly Helms, Jane Myers. 45 3 V bon Veedenabunq munching Band BACK ROW: Janice Parham, Carolyn Fishero, Larry Frazee, Jill Hershberger, Clark Ahrens, Cynthia Harrison, Mary Goings, Shirley Wilkerson, Duane Dice, Ruth Allen, Jim Herschberger, Don Elmore, Robert Shideler, Virginia Morehouse, Gail Byers, Jane Myers, Paul Pritchard, John Rennison, Carolyn Turpin, Nancy Preston, Jolynn Keeling, Jane Hershberger, Charlotte McKinney FRONT ROW: Myra Goings, Doris Anderson, Robert Jackson, Sherry King. Camilla Mitchell, Judy Campbell, Jan Baxter, Jill Wall, Janet Hershberger, Jon Boggs, Dwight Gookins, Daryel Townsend, Charles Hacker, Henry Hess, Dean Hancock, Hazel Hess, Beverly Helms, Rosemary Morehouse, Martha English, Jean Pitzer, Marilyn Gross, Berta Mitchell, Glenda Rhodes, Jody Boggs, Philip Butts, Larry Furr, Stephen Parham. MAJORETTES: Susan Towell, Saundra Linker, Ramona Steffy, Marilyn Drummond, Barbara Burgner. Ciinl'a Triple Unio Sandra Booe, Lura Meeker, Bonnie McCollum, Myra Goings, Shirley Wilkerson, Juliette McDonald, Nancy Southard, Jean Pitzer, Virginia Morehouse. 46 -Hiqh School Chonua 1 It-,. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Turpin, Joanne Adair, Alberta Underwood, Jill Wall, Gail Byers, Janette Newnum, Judy Campbell, Bonnie Krout, Edith Dockins, Alice Howard. SECOND ROW: Brenda Cunningham. Carolyn Hancock Sherry Biddle, Jane Hershberger, Barbara Burgner, Melba Keith, Kathryn Keith, Rosemary Morehouse, Berta Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Beverly Helms, Carol Bowers, Carole LaBaw, Juidth McDuffie, Nellie McDonald, Sharon Keeling, Jean Hebner, Carol Dunivan, Marianne Boord, Carolyn Fishero, Ruth Pitzer. FOURTH ROW: Deloris Hartle, Phyllis Philpot, Martha English, Glenda Rhodes, Janice Kelly, Eleanor Minnick, Janet Hershberger, Janet Dunivan, Dorothy Edwards, Carolyn Philpot, Ramona Steffy. FIFTH ROW: Hallie Keith, Charlotte McKinney, Kenneth Manasco, Jon Boggs, Bud Byers, Don Elmore, Dfvight Gookins, Leon Stonecipher Dean Hancock, Henry Hess, Diane Fletcher, Joan Sinnett. SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Gross, Susan Towell, Mary Goings, Cynthia Harrison, Saundra Linker, Marilyn Drumnond, Doris Anderson, Camilla Mitchell, Shirley Foley, Patty Krout, Jane Myers, Helen Keeling, Katha Smith, Hazel Hess, Judy Harper. Diachonda Accompanist -Berta Ruth Mitchell. Director--Mrs. Colinette Richardson. FIRST ROW: Mary Goings, Jane Hershberger, Janet Hershberger, Rosemary Morehouse, Ramona Steffy, Barbara Burgner. SECOND ROW: Hazel Hess, Cynthia Harrison, Jill Wall, Judy Campbell, Juanita Hancock, Glenda Rhodes. Wlaionettea Q sag, GH 5,9 Susan Towell, Marilyn Drummond, Ramona Steffy, Sandra Linker Barb Burgner. fDrurn Majorj Ramona Steffy At Veedersburg, when music is to be con- sidered, it would never be complete without the Drum Major and Maiorettes. They have performed for all occasions, and at all school games. They have helped us to fightl scorel and winl They have been as necessary in the life of our school as any organization we have. Where better Drum Majors and Maiorettes are to be found, Ramona Steffy, Barb Burgner, Sandra Linker, Susan Towell and Marilyn Drummond, will be found among them. 48 Roqal Candcdatea 1 , .L.-' Z 'I FIRST ROW: Hazel Hess, Deloris Keller. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Verhey, Carolyn Fishero, Sherril Pickett, Diane Wilmarth. THIRD ROW: Merdith Shidler, Kenneth Krout, Ivan Trinkle, James Hughes, Douglas Clause. The annual Fall Festival was again sponsored by the Lion's Club. The high point of the evening, the crowning of the Queen and King, was a breath taking moment. The Queen, Carolyn Fishero, and the King, Ivan Trinkle, were crowned by the Lion's past President, Delbert Wilmarth. Representing the Seventh grade were Diane Wilmarth and Doug Clouse. Candidates for the eighth grade were: Margie Verhey and Jack Yowell Knot picturedll. High School representatives were: Freshman class, Carolyn Fishero and Meredith Shidler, Sophomore class, Sherril Pickett and Kenny Kroutp Junior class, Deloris Keller and Jim Hughes, Senior class, Hazel Hess and Ivan Trinkle. This was one of the school's annual events. Royal couple of 56-57 49 V.-H.S. Homecoming LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Burgner, Betta Ruth Mitchell, Nora Goodson, Sharon Kendrick. The football Homecoming was one of the most memorable events of the school year. The senior candidate, Berta Ruth Mitchell, received the honor of being crowned Queen by Captain, Bill Starkey. Barbara Burgner represented the Junior class, Nora Goodson, the Sophomore class and Sharon Kendrick, the Freshman class. The homecoming parade was led by the band with the Queen's float, sponsored by the Student Council, following. The class floats came next. Again the Senior Class took the honors of coming in first. The Student Council has sponsored this event for the last two years and hopes to make it an annual event. The Queen received a dozen recl roses, a crown, and a kiss. X The game itself saw Rockville beat Veedersburg. Crush those Rockville Rocs Benta Remembena S'coY"'mQ we 9' 0106 ' IVQQ 51 wg 'W-U. ., WV,w,M,x M, 41: Q""'w K - , f, -' p,,WmW,,. , N MW, 3 V .,v,,,.QM.8.:,-www-ww-W--fe' ' . , . , A I MMM i ,.,,. WA ,Q, W 3. A 'U 'W LMW-W. - W? 2 , ,,h5 mxwsmNw.,.wvw .YWWNMWJQWW -wm- 6 111,59 A e r Cro wh Um, fn 'hm 51 vw' Y A e 0535 oo 5006 S 56 Puom 'Hiqhliqhta 'kk sa .K ' :J gf A Sfuclenf Council Lclfin Sunshine Ag Club Honor Society F.H.A. Club Hi-Y Press Club 53 Claaa Olybicena .S - sf r gf' in 3 Kgfnz rr i I . ..,,. in ii -Q, wi 11? Q A Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Ninth Sophomores Juniors 54 Seniors Mm...- 'F . L, 51:95 w'fWQ,, as ' iv' lsfgfgfwfez' Q 3 4 1 4 , rf? a Q, Mdwiff 4: A wiwaaw 'K W f. N G lt's Green ---- lt's White Memories Are Mode of This I Wonclerl Victory is Our Goal Lets Yell I! We Finally Got Them 55 Mr. Athlete 1 Q E 2 5 2 Wm Jaw A W i ,I NM K Wg z as J ,Q wi, I 1 .wwf ',., fs. if , , - f VX ' ' 3'14253w'MIsA -'2E ,af-wW wiff'A 5 '6 , -112 ,f . W hvgwiif' 2 2 , . , ,vw I- -' I 7 3 ' ,sy r. Lv J L, f -3- .. 1. 4 LQ -1 n f 6 . R , . My :,' .. ':!S-: 21 :24 ' ' ' Mg, 4 K M , . 'v gwf MHAQU E " f l: 11, ,- A ,w:h,,: 1 ,, "Z: ' l JF ' wa .P f' Q Q.: A nm ,U gf 3? ,, ,z1f:,32' , P .-" H ,z,--,,:-..- :s Lg-:. A-.:g55,--:ina-ff' ,AQ-.lf-,:-ai,+, I 1 , , .-' , h wk- : fig ' , im X ' f its nil ww ., fair- Qfs-. A ..,,. ,-vf A F, wsmfiweef A .S R 9 X X553 V. 'VT' U Senior: Pnophecu Claaa ob I957 Oh, look, there's a flying saucer! It's slowing down, oh, look it's stopping. It looks like, oh no, it couIdn't be, yes, it is. Hi, Jerry, how are you? So you're completing a tour of the planets now? How did Venus like your version of Heart- break Hotel? Oh, so they liked your peroxide sideburns better, huh? You say that Mary Goings is your stewardess? I didn't think that she would ever make the grade, she has such a weak stomach, you know. I like the name of your saucer. Kellpresley sounds so romantic. It must be nice to own a saucer, you can fly to Australia to see Janice anytime. How is Janice coming along with her kangaroo ranch? You say that she has three children, triplets? Oh, myl Glenda Rhodes and Eleanor Minnick are both secretaries now. Glenda works at Chanute Air Base. She files all the Colonels toenails. Eleanor works at Harman Metal Company. She has developed a new, fast, economical way of typing. She lets her secretary do itl Have you heard about Philo Wildman? You know that he said that he was going to make a million off of farming, well, he did and more. Last summer as he was plowing corn he struck oill He's the most eligable bachelor .around Veedersburg now. Hello, Ivan, I see that your dream came true. You always thought that if you ever got to be a coach that you would have the best team around here. Congratulations, do you plan on winning the Stone Bluff Classics? So you think that Tom Booe's team from Steam Corner might give you some trouble? I hear that he does have a pretty good one. Tom isn't married yet, he says that we women are iust too bossyl Daryel Townsend must agree with him, he's a bachelor yet, too. Daryel is doing very well, he is teaching anatomy at Olivette Feminine School of Technology. He seems to like the atmosphere very well . He says that it is good for his health. Lavon Stahl is head engineer at Ford Automation Foundation, he's doing quite well. Oh, there's another saucer, it's Judy Campbell and Berta Mitchell. Hi, kids, who's the pilot? Berta, why, I never would have believed itl Don't you two get airsick? You don'tl You say that you're a pilot besides teaching kindergarten at Steam Corner? I wonder why she stays at Steam Corner? I'm sure that Judy could find a better job than that, but maybe she likes the atmosphere. There's Larry Van Note on his new bicycle. He's riding La Nell McDonald on the handlebars, I wonder why she has her arms around his neck? Maybe she wants to make sure that she doesn't fall off, though. Here comes a jet, it must be Carolyn Hancock. Her husband manufactures jets and you know how Carolyn loves speed. She has always been a regular speed demon, so I hear. Barbara Krug is with her. Barb has a fuel injection house trailer now, it has wings on it. She says that it is much more economical than an automobile. Hey somebody turn the television on. It's time for Hit Parade. Mona Steffy's hit tune, Some Day, is in second place. Another tune of hers, I'lI Get You Yet, is rapidly climbing to the top. Why, Hazel Hess is singing! She has always had a lovely voice though. Yes, Hazel is married and has three lovely little girls. That's Gail Byers playing the 58 saxophone. She is putting on a concert next week at Carnegie Hall. Gail also models clothes for short girls. Rosemary Morehouse is quite good at directing, don't you think? She only directs in her spare time. She's a medical secretary in New York. Speaking of New York, Janet Hershberger is doing some fashion designing there. Janet is happily married and has the most adorable little red headed boyl Janet Florey is a disc iockey and spins platters all day with Nat King Cole singing, Donny. Here comes Lawrence Verhey in his school bus. He brought all of his kids, all eleven of them. Lawrence farms at Stone Bluff. His wife, the former Juanita Hancock styles the children's hair. Juanita is a beautician in her spare time. Jack Berlin and David Cushman are in the Air Force and plan to make a career of it. They both fly iets and it is rumored that they have drag races in the sky. They say that Sam Foley is going to be the next Einstein. His knowledge of mechanics is far superior to any other one person's. Why, they say that he makes more plans for Chevrolets than they can possibly build in the next hundred years. Speaking of cars, Jill Kirkpatrick ran into the garage door last week and it cost her 5200.00 to have the front fender fixed. Never a word of this accident did Bob, her husband, hear ' though. John, oh yes, John Olds, he is married and living in France. He teaches French to American girls, over the age of seventeen, living in Paris. You ought to see Bill Starkey, he weighs only T60 nowl He is thinking seriously of marriage, of course he hasn't informed the girl yet, though. Bill is often seen flirting with the Spanish girls in South America while designing bridges. Danny Wilson, no, he's married, but no children as yet. He runs his father's barber shop in Veedersburg. David Rusk is playing for the Harlem Glove Sitters. He averages l point a game. Their name originated from the fact that they play while sitting in chairs with rollers on them. George Dobbs has a taxi company and each morning he takes all the south town girls to school, l remember when he used to come after us each morning, don't you, Eleanor? No, Ben Cable is a cartoonist now. He is quite famous for his comic stript, Robinson's Class Antics of '57. Harold Minick is busily building a new high school here in Veedersburg, he is quite good at mud throwing. The only trouble is that he forgets to finish what he starts, I wonder if the kids put this idea into his head'-9 What is Jim Andrews doing now? Why he's President of T.W.A. Incorporated, he's my boss. Jim is often seen driving around the city in his new fuel iniection Chevrolet Sam Foley designed it for him. Well, last but not least here comes Gene Fogleman. He must have been delayed refueling air ships. Well, kids, maybe next year at our reunion more of our classmates will get to come. See you all next year, bye, bye. by Sharrold Keel ing 59 Uouuniea, Uuophiea, 'Jniumpha The Veedersburg Green Devils won their way to the sectional finals the first time in several years. ln their opening game they defeated Pine Village 68-40. Jumping to an early lead on rival Attica, they conquered them 70-78 for the second time in tournament play this year. Saturday afternoon the boys tamed the Hillsboro "Wildcats" to the tune of 71-52 thus earning the right to play Richland Township in the final game that evening. Richland Township was hot in the first half and lumped to an early lead which they managed to maintain until late in the ball game when the Devils made a determined rally, and went ahead for the first time in the game. A couple of bad breaks caused the lead to be lost again and we were defeated in the Championship game of the sectional by a score of 75-73. This completed our season with a record of T8 wins and 6 defeats, counting tournament games. This is the Devils best record in several years. This brilliant record was acquired not only through the boy's ability but also through alertness and desire to excell . This should be a good example and a challenge for the future teams of V. H.S. to have teams with similar success. D321 U03 1 lu' Lxm is R 3 K NYT!" SVT ISYS' ,wmv IKEYE .S 5'1" Tim? rm r Y H508 Annual Stabb Q. Page envelopes, rulers, progress charts, rubber stamp Gob 723801, deadlines and sincere efforts to make the year book a success formed this year's Pintus. Editing the annual was Judy Campbell. Kitty Southarc' served as assistant editor. Berta Mitchell and Hazel Hess were copy editors while Ramona Steffy and Mary Goings prepared copy. Jill Wall was kept busy snaping pictures with Jane Myers and James Andrews serving as her assistants. Rosemary Morehouse was Grade School editor. Daryel Townsend and Tom Booe served as sports editor with Leon Stonecipher assisting. Sharrold Keeling took care of our financial problems with Philo Wildman as her assistant. Cindy Harrison served as Art editor with Ben Cable assisting. 61 Sunahme .gmtzatcon Honor: Societq Jnitiation Latin Club .gnitiation E 'lunion 'Jhuilla xiii Lx? .QW L, f fa '24 Viva , ' f V , ,A 'M I fi 'ff if' 11131 A ,, - H ' K Qwg, '1 Z 'Mf' i w.lfkfiwi'?' gk - V '+ M y , -A L, N a-i.ff f'f' h ' 2 Y 2 g, Y Y M,-,mfs-1 . M , .. ,'."'L2Qf"-Pi'"flkff'f.i1'E2f fv!g!'f'235Yef Q. gg ' -:-4 ' 1, w-may , , - ' Q :E V Q E Ja bg. n 2 4 k 1- ,if w ae e W' 1 , O i ,V t . wr V , ., .9 Will and Bequeath 'Jhat -------- James Andrews--My ability to stay out of trouble to Jimmy Bowers. Jack Berlin--My 34 Oldsmobile to the Atomic Energy Commission to be used as a model for future cars. Tom Booe--My flat top hat to Leon Stonecipher providing that he wears it all the time. Gail Byers--Myheight to Kathryn Keith providing that she will not grow over 6'l. Ben Cable--My "James Dean" complex to Jerry "Bobo" Grady, providing he can make the change from Brando to Dean. Judy Campbell--My ability to play clarinet and talk simultaneously to Jodie Boggs. David Cushman--My ability to date girls to Dick Lightle. fHe needs itj George Dobbs--My place in chemistry class to anyone who can understand what its all about. Janet Florey--My silly laugh to Jeanette Newman. Gene Fogleman--My center position on the football team to Don Harper. Sam Foley--My track ability to Dick Keeling. Barbara George--My quiet ways to Martha English. Mary Goings--My diet to my sister, Myra Lee, and l hope she will be more successful than I have been at keeping it. Carolyn Hancock--My good times in Civics class to Kathyrn Keith provided that she studies once in awhile. Juanita Hancock--My happiness and good luck this year to the next Senior class. Janet Hershberger--My ability to occupy first chair in the band to my brother, Jim. Hazel Hess--My good times during my high school years to my brother, Henry who is just beginning. Sharrold Keeling--My silly laugh and obnoxious giggle to my cousin, Helen and hope that she uses it at more appropriate times. Janice Kelley--My reddish hair to Doris Keller providing she keeps it that way. Jerry Kelley--My ability to sing like Elvis to Dean Hancock if he sings "Hound Dog". LaNell McDonald--My ability to retain my Southern accent while living in lndiana to Lorraine Goodwin. Eleanor Minnick--My position as president of Senior Class to Kitty Southard. Harold Minick--My ability to skip school to Sherrill Pickett. Berta Mitchell--My piccolo to Max Booe, providing he has the strength to carry it. Rosemary Morehouse--My ability to wear my ten year old sister's clothes to anyone who has a small stature. John Olds--My parking place to anyone who likes to park on a hill. Glends Rhodes--My ability to talk in study hall to Sherrill Pickett providing she doesn't get caught. David Rusk--My basketball suit to Max Booe if he can Fill my pants. William Starkey--My football suit to any underclassman large enough to get into it. Ramona Steffy--My ability to go steady through my Junior and Senior year to Donna Ponder, providing there's a happy ending. Daryel Townsend--My position on the baseball team to anyone who can put up with a first baseman like Bill Starkey. lvan Trinkle--My pitching position on the baseball team to Kenny Krout providing he can get the ball over the plate. Larry Van Note--My ability to keep an old car running to Dave Elmore. 65 .9 Will and Bequeath 'Jhat-- Lawrence Verhey--My ability to leave my Civics to anybody that can understand Mr. Pryor. Jill Wall--My marching drum to anyone who can cross their arms twenty times In a minute. Philo Wildman--My position as president of the National Honor Society to Leon Stonecipher providing he gets to work. Dan Wilson--My ability to play basketball in Mechanical Drawing without being caught to Charles Holland. Name fNicknamel Jim Andrews Buss Berlin Tom Booe Freddie Byers Beni Cable Judy Campbell David "Cushie" Cushman George Dobbs Joan Florey Gene "Fogo" Fogleman Barbie George "Weezie" Goings Carol Hancock Chubbins Hancock Jan Hershberger Haz Hess Shay Keeling Jan Kelley Jerry "Elvis" Kelley "Butch" McDonald Pud Minnick Boots Mitchell Rosie Moorehouse John Olds Glenda Rhodes Jake Rusk Bill Starkey Monie Steffy "Tub" Townsend Ivan Trinkle Larry Van Note Sonny Verhey Willy Wall Flip Wildman Dan Wilson Noted for saying I magine That'll be the day I'm a going I give up Take it cool, Dad. AI' right What? Don't let it worry you Ohl Be quiet Let's not be funny "I don't know" Boy l'll tell youl Just crazy! I Well, l'll be Oh, nol Bye now Oh, you goofy thingl Aw, is that the truth.. "Don't be cruel" IIYI ll Ohl you tickle me Oh great! llohll I reckon I don't know Thats what she said too Sir. Ohl Leonll You ask him Yeh Get a chevy think so Sugarl Well-I-I Skip it 66 ADVERTISING 3 Sc ' 90006 M ...f"w ""-.., K. Awww Compliments of 'Jhe -Hauniaon Steel Caatinqa Co ATTICA, INDIANA A Share in Profits Job Aclvancements Good Wages Piece Work Rates Complete Group Insurance Locker and Shower Facilities Recreation Room Billiard ancl Pool Tables Bowling Alleys A GOOD PLACE TO WORK Covington and Veedenabunq '3ood Locleena Phone Cov. 500 Phone Vee. 17 Custom Slaughfering and Meat Curing Compliments of OPAL AND RON JONES Compliments of Pnoducena Dainq Co. Ddhvllle Illinois CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! Veedeuabunq Qnain, Jnc. Buyers of all Grains COAL--FERTILIZER--SEED Elevator--Phone 168 Mill--Phone 80 Veedersburg, Indiana Compliments of 'Jhe Smith Studio and Camena Shop fHighway U.S. 41 Soufhj Attica, Indiana ln Account With Smith Plumbing 6 -Heating lil E. Second St. - Phone 65 Veedersburg, Indiana Dauuel L. Giahen Veedenabunq Real Eatate 6 Snaunance flqencq H9 E. Second Street Phone I2 Veedersburg, Indiana Congratulations, Seniors ! -l-lillalrono Qnain Co. Buyers of all Grains COAL--FERTILIZER--SEED Phone 100 Hillsboro Indiana Compl imenfs of Wilmauth'a Ben 'lnanklin Stone Phone 51 Veedersburg Indiana De .Luxe Cleanena Shoe Repair Laundry A Personalized Service For Particular People A. Harris and Margaret Lindamood Proprs. WRECKER SINCLAIR SERVICE GASOLINE Compliments of Bunqneffa Qauaqe "SINCE 1911" Veeclersburg Indiana L Compl iments of Lealie m. 'I-Iowancl APPLIANCES GAS EN GINES AND ELECTRIC MCTORS Phone 54 Phone 299 House 256 14IIen'a Citiea Sefwice Corner Routes I36 and 41 Sterling Indiana Compliments of Baxten'a Duuq Stone Veedersburg Indiana REAL ESTATE -- INSURANCE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! 'Hub Aqencq Phone 47 and 75 Carl Songer 'lountain County 'Janm Buneau CO-OPERATIVE ASSN. , INC. VEEDERSBURG--GESSIE--RIVERSIDE Complete Farm Supplies Phone 36 FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS floaten'a SINCE I897 Sudlow Studio 127 N. VERMILLION STREET DANVILLE ILLINOIS Compliments of Veedeuabunq Dnive-.9 'Iheatne H. PICK OF THE PICTURES U.S. Highway 41 Veedersburg Indiana AFTER HIGH SCHOOL ATTEND uttenback Bnown-Buaineaa College 214 N. VERMILLION ST. APPROVED FOR VETERANS DANVILLE ILLINOIS You're Home When Away From Home af Steulinq motel ROUTE 41 PHONE 69 VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Stauheq Salea 6 Sefwice Telephone 94 Third at Washington Covington, Indiana Kefm-Raqbunn .gmplement Company John Deere Sales Service COVINGTON INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF Cinab-.Gt-Hene-Stone "WHERE MA SAVES PA'S DOUGH" VEEDERSBURG INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF mqena Depantment Stone VEEDERSBURG INDIANA DESOTO PLYMOUTH Wlqena motor: Salea IO2 W. Second ST. VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Compliments of CLR. Pitman Auto Co. Hillsboro Indiana JIM HUGHES, Local Representative Compliments of Kenneth Cade Jnaunance flqencq GENERAL INSURANCE VEEDERSBURG, INDIANA Best Wishes to the Class of I957 'lountain fioundnq Coup. VEEDERSBURG, INDIANA PAYTONS GROCERY RAINBOW DRIVE IN JANEWAY SERVICE STATION MILLER'S TAVERN TASTEE FREEZE STERLING FOOD MARKET FRED RICHARDSON SERVICE STATION BURRIN PHARMACY SYCAMORE GIFT AND DAIRY BAR DAN WILSON BARBER SHOP LEE CLINGAN OVERPECK'S HARDWARE OCIE'S CAFE MARSHALL'S STUDIO GROSS'S TRUCK STOP ACE GARAGE BUCKLEY NEWS CO. SPORTING GOODS PARIS CLEANERS, LAUNDRY BE LTON CANDY CO. MILLERS AUTO SALE FAUST AND FRY HARDWARE CLIFFORD BELL CARDINAL CAFE DR. S.K. NEELEY CRAIG FLOWER SHOP WANDA'S BEAUTY SHOP STEFFY D-X STATION N ,', W .f ' 1 1 , W 1 W 1 N 1 N I N , w w i 1 L I W . , i , , i I 1 W W i X YEARBDOKS Lwomfafw

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