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Veedersburg High School - Pintus Yearbook (Veedersburg, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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S .. Af I I Z ,ff A fr ' ' Y , X 5' ez , f. x 1 E ,,: f- 7. 7?5 ' - Wm 2 Weevlefwlcng, Wwldaaa 'accented dy , , , .IANET FRANKEBERGER, Editor HAZEL HESS, Assistant Editor GWEN STEFFY, Business Manager BILL STARKEY, Business Manager BERTA RUTH MITCHELL, Copy Editor .IUDY CAMPBELL, Assistant Copy Editor MARCIA AHRENS, Activities Editor SHARROLD KEELINC, Assistant Activities Editor BILL HOWARD, Sports Editor JIM ANDREWS, Assistant Sports Editor PATSY SUMMERS, Grade School Editor ROSEMARY MOREHOUSE, Assistant Grade School Editor GLEN CRAIG, Art Editor CINDY HARRISON, Assistant Art Editor RONNIE MANNING, Photography Editor DAVID MYERS, Photography Editor JILL WALL, Assistant Photography Editor ORDELLA WALL, Typist ELEANOR MINNICK, Typist r"""""""' ""f"' W ' " 2 Seeme .Zeke Ofdq Z wi bike x ffgff ,yu gmt? :Tlx f furx Vs S'Ktxtlllll'l' 63 'lcfi if ss . reefs r ff F ei kvrfl N K 'Nt I x X s X D X 'K " ,U-Q a.o fffiy 1 Y UF C O' '0'rf,yJ X. xxx 1, J xoxf 0 0 X6 Q 0 .D X Y 0 E J .... xii' s6Va Vx .ili- "3. , -'V -1-- - r w fef,, -M - -, ,T::'T"'i"'-Q-1:""" , if That we who leave Veedersburg High School this year and the years to come will remember with pride in the future years, their old friends and associa- tions. To perpetuate this lingering memory is the purport of the l956 Pintus. lVlay its pages ever he a source of fond remembrance. L its A 4 ",,fA'fL , 'Q' f-iazaaazaea Ozgcuzcy ' 73?2z4db Spmta I I I zilalmmw Wadmd Zemeatwzq 1-foiaefatia ' ,NY f 1 V .xg J Vg A .ff y.zfwea4waf? K , ,ff,,-gig, r,..-....,,,,...,...Y .YYY W. Y . . . Y , V. . , ,,,.,.,., Wes' 2edic4z'eZ4ef?56 77c2atu4z'o Mr. Virgil Jenks, in appreciation of his unselfish devotion and service to our school and community. , , , 4... , , ,, 4,,,.,,,,, . ' 52511. f 5 5 sg . W. 5 , N0 Comment Pep Sc-ssion Ds-termination The Funflowcr Firv 8.5.5. Three Hits and a Miss Hard at Work Anybody Hungry ? ? Svvfln Years of Hard WORK What Happened ? ? ? The Line Up All Eyes on Cup Whafs cooking, good looking ? Where's the eraser? I I I Hurray! N0 Director There It Goes! You D0n't Say? Looks Fishy, Girls! 7' Wing Dave, 4'What's the matter, Ronnie?" 2 plus 2 equals ? Are you sure this is art? This looks like everything but Civics! Oh! Mr. Che-sceldine . . . Shorty, Remember Your Cue! Up...SheGoes... Kicked Out of College eaubfzpldq The Senior Play, Kicked Out Of College, was a rollick- ing comedy which captivated the audience. The popular Senior Bootles Bembow has a hard time keeping his mind on his studies with all his extra-curricular activi- ties. Eventually he uses up all of his good luck and settles down to the serious side of college life and getting mar- ried. Under the capable direction of Mr. Norman Robinson the entire cast turned in a creditable performance. Announcer .,,,..,,,,, .....,,,it.....,, President of Senior Class Scribe .,,,....,,,.,t...,,,. ,,,.... Booties Bembow ,,,,,, Tad Cheseldine Leviticus ,,,, Salamanca ,,,,..,,, Sandy McCann ...,,,,, Selina McCann .,,,... Mehitable McCann , Betty Bembow ,,,,.,,,,,, .,....v., ,,,,,... Mr. Robert J. Bembow ,,,,,.Y. .,,,,, Mrs. R. J. Bembow ,,,,,..., Fleurette ,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, Officer Riley ,,,,,,.. Slivers Magee ....,. Shorty Long ,,,.. Scotch McAllister Juliet Snobbs ...... Mr. F. H. Gears i.... DUANE PAYTON ANITA BLACKFORD BILL HOWARD DALLAS PONDER HOWARD FLETCHER MARCIA AHRENS LARRY REED GWEN STEFFY DONNA MITCHELL JANET FRANKEBERGER LARRY HUGHES MARGARET PRITCHARD MARY WHISTLER JERRY BRANDENBURG DAVID MYERS GLEN CRAIG RICHARD .CRAIG JANET FLOCKHART LLOYD HARTLE Ioriquil Cray ..,,,tt t,.,.,t,,..,. S ONJA SWITZER "Ma" Baggsby ,t,,... ,,,,,.....,,.,,,.t.,...,,,ti.,t,,.... J ANICE LAYMAN Prompters .........i..........,..,,... MARY BORST, SANDY FERGUSON Wornenis Party Parade ..,,,................,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ORDELLA WALL PATSY SUMMERS, NANCY TORNQUIST Pickling?? Wide Open Faces- 5 Y Conference '?? if The Reading Monster . , . Busy Day . . . Principal? Perfection Hysteria!! Wllat? ? ? ? ? ?? L Another Trophy I Microhe Hunters Oh! Daryel . . . Whispering Gallery Lct's Be In Order Pokc-rface Hughes J aaa? 74? One of the highlights of our football season was the crowning of the football queen. Each of the classes was responsible for selecting a candidate. The queen was elected by popular vote of the student body. Janet Floclchart was crowned by Norman Manning. Her court consisted of Sharrold Keeling, Joanne Adair, and Marilyn Cross. Janet and Sharrold were attired in white strapless gowns while Joanne wore a sea-green ballerina gown and lVlarilyn wore a lime green formal. The girls were honored by tl1e presentation of corsages by Larry Hughes on behalf of the Athletic Club. ln addition to the crowning of the Queen a parade took place. Each class entered a float. Delbert Wilrnarth, Vern French, and Carl Songer were the judges. The placings were: Seniors, firstg Sophomores, secondg Freshmen, thirdg and the Juniors, fourth. These floats were accompanied by the high school band and a convertible for the Queen and her court. V.,g!T!f!p-v-,-- ., -.. Vw.: ., . - . Q, , Y 1 . V,,. , ,, , ,F--,,v.,rr,,,,., ..,. ,,,- I W Y W ,- K , ., -G. A ,- 44- . l n . 1 y ,Li 1 i A 4 l l F25- 1 'l , Q bf I 1 74cm 7764- 0002 7755-56 The Annual Fall Festival, sponsored by the Lyon's Club, was another high success. On this night the gym takes on the atmosphere of a'carnival. The highlight of the evening is the crowning of the king and queen. 4 The successful- candidates for this year were: Nellie Odle, Queen, and Howard ' Fletcher, King, with Judy Campbell, Ton Booe, Mary Whisler, Tom Wilson, Karen T Minnick, David Lightle, Doris Keller, Dick McLure, Jolynne Keeling, and John Foley as attendants. . These candidates will represent the Lions Club on a float, along with the band next spring in the State Lions Club Parade at Indianapolis. l l l . I5 n A Winner Smell Us Joke Joke Food Band The Crowning The Unusual 'H wa f' 5 ,, , A ff f if ' f - .-f 29 Sweaters It Went ln! 83,6 ' A S If fu NQAIDSTQDR xv SOC Q L i S- Our Student Council is Veedersburg High School,s Student goyernment, which was organized in 1952. Since it has become a very promin- ent organization in our surroundings, all of our activities go through their hands, that plan, organize, and pro- mote student actions: Fun and work alike are all on the Student Council agenda. YELL LEADERS: Mary Goings, Hazel Hess, Ramona Steffy. First row: Janice Layman, Margaret Pritchard, Mary Ruth Vandiver, Gwen Steffy, Janet Flockhart, Marcia Ahrens, Sonja Switzer, Janet Frankeberger, Patsy Summers, Sandy Ferguson, Anita Blackford. Second row: Joanne Adair, Melba Keith, Kathern Keith, Jill Wall, Nellie Odle, Barbara Burgner, Judy Campbell, Martha English, Judy Harper, Catha Smith, Nellie McDonald, Ormal Verhey. Third row: Diane Fletcher. Dixie Henard, Sharon Keeling, Jeannete Newnum, Cindy Harrison, Ruth Allen, Marilyn Drum- mond, Rosemary Morehouse, Berta Mitchell, Karen Minnick, Carolyn Hancock, Charlotte Mc- Kinney, Jane Hershberger, Donna Ponder, Glenda Rhodes. Fourth row: Shirley Foley, Eleanor Minnick, Saundra Linker, Susan Towell, Sharrold Keeling, Janet Hershberger, Marilyn Gross. Beverly Helms, Camillia Mitchell, Jane Myers, Helen Keeling, Phyllis Philpott. Gail Byers, Janet Dunnivan, Dorothy Edwards. ff 7Zeaa fildddtdaa Za Om 1454003 Depcwlmewt , , . ?e,e NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY f S 2 5 i Z Qi EL They stand for . . Clean Living Clean Speech Good Citizenship Good Sportsmanship 71' 5 fffze 74d-z M0 Z ,,. The Sunshine Society under sponsorship of Mrs. Gladys Weir with the motto H0thers," have done many interesting and helpful things. At one of our early fall meetings we initiated the freshman girls, which made our membership total ap- proximately sixty-five. At Christmas time we had our usual party for the members, after which we caroled to the ill and aged, Freshman Inmanon giving them cheer baskets. The joiht Hi-Y and Sunshine party is always a high- light in the Sunshine's calendar of affairs, with the parents and teachers as guests. MRS. WEIR, Sponsor Sunshine Officers f V First row, left to right: Carolyn Hancock, Janice Kelley, Deloris Hartle, Melba Keith, Kathryn Keith, Ramona Steffy, Glenda Rhodes, Sherrill Pickett, Barbara Burgner, Rosemary Morehouse, Katha Smith, Nellie McDonald, Andrea Billingsley, Marilyn Gross, Gwen Steffy, Berta Mitchell. Second row: Mary Borst, Kathryn Wilson, Sharon Keeling, Patsy Summers, Sandy Ferguson, Margaret Pritchard, Anita Blackford, Jane Hershberger, Charlotte McKinney. Judy Harper, Donna Ponder, Martha English, Janet Frankeberger, Cindy Harrison. Third row: Sandra Linker, Eleanor Minnick, Sharrold Keeling, Janet Hershberger, Jill Wall, Hazel Hess, Marcia Ahrens, Sonja Switzer, Mary Ruth Vandiver, Nellie Odle, Deloris Keller, Brenda Cunningham, Mary Ann Mc- Donald, Diane Fletcher, Ordella Wall. Fourth row: Susan Towell, Jane Myers, Marilyn Drum- mond, Ruth Allen, Doris Anderson, Mary Goings, Joanne Adair, Donna Mitchell, Beverly Gayler, Kitty Southard, Dixie Henard, Helen Keeling, Shirley Foley, Janice Layman, Judy Campbell. SUNSHINE SOCIETY OFFICERS Left to right: Gwen Sn-ffy, Treasurerg Berta Mitchell, Vice Presidentg Joanne Adair, Record- ing Secretary: Judy Campbell, Corresponding Secretary, Janice Layman, Program Chairman, Margaret Pritchard, President, Mrs. Gladys Weir, Sponsor. cmmSm,4,4 Back row, sitting: Hazel Hess, Ronnie Manning, Breta Ruth Mitchell, Marcia Ahrens. Standing: Bill Howard, Janet Frankeberger, Glen Craig. Seated: Gwen Steffy, Patsy Summers. Camera: Dave www em'a4.S'z'4fg First row: Glen Craig, Ronnie Manning, Jim An drews, Janet Frankeberger, Bill Starkey, Dave Myers Bill Howard, Second row: Hazel Hess, Judy Camp hell, Rosemary Morehouse, Jill Wall, Eleanor Min nick, Patsy Summers, Berta Mitchell, Cindy Har Marcia Ahrens, Sharrold Keeling, Ordella Wall Gwen Steffy. rison. Third row: Mr. Norman Robinson, Sponsor, X ga- if 1245, Fhuzw Szegf Dummies, rulers, typing, deadlines, headaches, and fun, formed the progress of this yearis Pintus. Editing the annual was Janet Frankeberger. Hazel Hess served as assistant editor. The photography editors, David Myers and Ronnie Manning, had a busy time seeing that the pictures were in by deadlines, but Jill Wall was a great help to both. Write-ups of the Veedersburg athletics were prepared by Bill Howard and Jim Andrews. Gwen Steffy headed the business staff assisted by Bill Starkey. Art work was done by Glen Craig assisted by Cindy Harrison. Patsy Summers and Rosemary Morehouse collected all of the Grade School Activity, while Marcia Ahrens and Sharrold Keeling took care of the High School functions. Berta Ruth Mitchell and Judy Campbell served as copy editors. Ordella Wall and Eleanor Minnick typed much of the copy and Mr. Robinson served as the groupis sponsor. We hope that the hard work put into the Pintus gave an accurate report of the year 1955-1956. i fN l I 5 N f s 3125 wax , l X f xt QaMS 74 'Medzgoal Q A if From band there were 22 entries in the District Solo and Ensemble Contest at Greencastle, winning 16 firsts, five seconds, and one 3rd placement. Those receiving first placings in Class C were eligible to go to the State Auditions on the following Saturday. There Veedersburg received two first place ratings and ten seconds. Those receiving firsts were the flute trio consisting of Breta Ruth Mitchell, Charolette Mc- Kinney, and Jane Hershberger, and the brass sextet consisting of Jon Boggs, Ramona Steffy, Janice Layman, Rosmary Morehouse, Marcia Ahrens, and Hazel Hess. 7,25 4 and Director: Dr. Ahrens. Clarinets: Jodie Boggs. Barbara Burgner, Judy Campbell, Larry Reed, Glenda Rhodes, Cynthia Harrison, Camilla Mitchell, Beverly Helms, Sherry King, Susan Towell, Marolyn Drummond, Janet Hayes, Myra Goings, Jolynne Kc-cling, Nancy Preston. I'ereussion: Jean Pitzer, John Rennison, Marilyn Gross, Paul Pritchard, Russell Jenks, Nellie Odle, Anita Blackford. Patsy Summers, Jill Wall. Bell Lyra: Jane Myers. Basses: Janice Layman, Don Elmore. Tenor Sax: Saundra Linker, Gwen Steffy, Janet Hershberger. Bass Clarinet: Donna Mitchell. Oboe: Margaret Pritchard. Baritone Sax: Dwight Gookins, Dean Hancock. Comets: Jon Bogg, Ramona Steffy, Rosemary Morehouse, Duane Dice, Robert Shidler, Jan Baxter, Janes Bentely, Virginia Morehouse. Clark Ahrens, Fred Vandiver. Flutes: Breta Ruth Mitchell, Jane Hershberger, Charolette McKinney, Doris Anderson, Carolyn Fishero, Janice Parham. Altoniums: Mary Goings, Carolyn Turpin. Saxophones Dave Myers, Gail Byers, Sonja Switzer, Martha English, Shirley Wilkenson. Baritone: Marcia Ahrens, Susan Mills. Trombones: Daryel Townsend, Hazel Hess, Ruth Allen, John Burgner. Henry Hess. Robert Reiss. Jerry Hershberger. 5 i A ,J 1 ? 5 is S X " J 1. gg. J' J 5 1 " . x 5 if 3 K P, ??,5 3 s ,ge 5 if 1 as J rf fl 1 'f 3' x 2 f' J A, 'lin 'ff Ev ' 5 s W' gy 4 fi 5 EX W ,A ' sk 1 . Q3 Y if S' 1 I f-55535 , L gm W G 1? , 5 NM .5 Ne 3 :s1,,'3w5, g ,V i-Q5 g - ,X . iw --,,, K - 5 Fefe A ,. i 4 ,. K if ,H - s .sf .Ain -'j Yin .f 7 wh? :iff U nf S Q?5'a5,g.a Q -Q HHS ,sf 'gi-fii' J S Sm fav has 'R ig? g 11245. my Sonja Switzer, our drum majorette, has served all four of her high school years, beside twirling with the four majorettes on different occasions. All five majorettes have won first ratings in the District Twirling Contest. Janet and Gwen received seconds in the State Auditions. ln addition to their band work, two of the girls attended summer camp, and three of them have classes of younger students. ln their Senior year the four majorettes entertained the public at hall games with their original ideas in lighted rou- tines, flag twirling, dance steps, and twirling stunts. Majorettes: Janet Frankebergcr. Sandra Ferguson, Ordella Drum Majorette, SONJA SWITZER Wall and Gwen Steffy 5 fff amSe44dm4 4' LftLf LftRghtLft W f fl x... 0, et... e, i , e. -4 7. 35' . X c ' .A .Q First row: Berta Mitchell, Kathryn Keith, Melba Keith, Jane Hersheberger, Patsy Summers, Mary Louise Goings, Dianne Fletcher, Janet Frankeberger, Anita Blackford, Nellie Odle, Janet Flockhart, Carol LaBau, Marianne Boord, Gwen Steffy, Carolyn Hancock, Carolyn Wilkinson, Mrs. Simpers. Second row: Pat Stembaugh, Ramona Steffy, Beverly Helms, Martha English, Alberta Underwood, Hazel Hess, Marilyn Gross, Saundra Linker, Carole Dunnivan, Rosemary Morehouse, Barbara Burgner, Marcia Ahrens, Shirley Foley, Ordella Wall, Donna Mitchell, Janice Kelley. Third row: Ruth Ann Pitzer, Charlotte McKinney, Ruth Allen, Marolyn Drummond, Jane Myers, Janice Lay- man, Hallie Keith, Glenda Rhodes, Susan Towell, Dorothy Edwards, Deloris Hartle, Janet Dun- nivan, Janet Hersheberger, Susan Sever, Judy McDuffie. Fourth row: Dixie Henard, Jill Wall, Sandy Ferguson, Gail Byers, Ronnie Manning, Don Elmore, Leon Stonecipher, Dwight Gookins, Judy Campbell, Mary Ruth Vandiver, Sonja Switzer, Carolyn Turpin, Camilla Mitchell, Margaret Pritchard, Bonnie Krout, Jean Hebner. Fifth row: Russell Jenks, Daryel Townsend, David Myers, Jim Hughes, Bill Howard, Jerry Brandenburg, Lloyd Hartle, Paul Pritchard, Tom Linker, Dennis Hughes, Mike Morehouse, Paul Wilson. . . . 5 r"'a' . . The Dischords are the all-girl double sextet. They sing on various occasions for school and different organizations. ' Under the direction of Mrs. Simpers and Berta Ruth Mitchell, the girls received a first division rating at District Solo and Ensemble Contest. In the State Auditions they received a second. It is always a pleasure for the girls to look forward to singing for Easter Sunrise service and Commencement. ,439 ' af . w s M ,, D pw Q -iw ,. f' w. f if 5 if A -fa' 1 - we 1 ' "' Q " ,I ' E w f - - -vf L, if "' ji 1 . k 4' L I , - " , . - N ? M is Wdfbddq Scdedafe V Covington 'gB,, 7,,,, ,,7,,,, , ,,,,,,, 1 8 Klondike f,I3IIllDOI'6Cl ,, ,,,,, ,718 Williamsport , ,,,, , ,,,,,,,, , 0 Attica N ,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,,l , , ,UH20 Cayuga Y,77 ,, , , , . 13 Williamsport ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 1 11- Perrysville Y ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,, 25 fecewe Scdedaie V Cayuga ,.... W ,,,7, , 6 Attica .ooooo o .. lo,o 18 Rockville ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, .,-.l9 Williamsport ,,,... ,.,,.. 0 Howard going for a touchdown ! I ! V ff 7 . Veedersburg's Devils made their football debut this year with their little green pitch- forks raised highl Even though we met defeat each game, much improvement was shown and spirit was never defeated. We are looking forward to a victorious season in 1956 and 1957. Defeat! Ramona, Hazel and Mary Louise keep the spirit high! fc , ,jf , . W i of 1, i-t s i 53 fbi Q if ' A high moment in the Cayuga game! si - ' tk I 'iw 1, 'X fx, 57 U, I -E is ' Dr: 'X Eg ' W A f- ' ' fN M' f , qs 3 x M, . ,,.,,, .ju K f' fl V0 fig 'W R, V-.VKAALM T ,A i,N ky N ru X an X X " Z- A W ' Z N ' ' 'U 'jf fg A n Zi -A LDO Vg . www s I. K N I , ,.i, My RH I G A-' qyky I V Z V ig - X X, L D4 J Da. X Jiggwfrzs K X fl J .M is xx VA I 7' Z - '- ' AW, 1, X ., A 2 Mig -, Q X :J-'Q I ERQEQ v FV. 'k E? ' W '41 X l 2 f 4? X l , is E I N ' 'W 'XT ,M B , - W ' 4 .f X 7 b " ' ,,"r U2 'X , R Y' ' :K 52 .f J' j k 2 W X ' KYB 'Jw ll Vf' KX mf p -X Qi W I fx jf f ,M .F M-MA 22 I M . 'fx 9 55 Q x MQ Z2 X Mx 52 I X Qfgjx M ,sf Mxk 2? W, ,MM , i Amt 4 5 ' -as N . P' x 3 jg A Q N me fr-f , 'IM Kip, N N X one m M -. 'EEE Q N f 'J' I RX 3.9 , N MM 3 f O 5 .-f I K gg, K .. 3. IE ig ,L-ff I fm ' 'J .f ' , , 1 W N . N T mL' 'L' 2 L ' Y h QQ E5 Y X N I V LD in X .un I 3 ' f' r . gnu M fwjfxx ,Z i..Wg bvui EZ. .- A V , ., ,,N, IKM, J. K XX f- 'f an W I ffl-.4 I zg' , W 1, - 'xl rk Y"D'vQaN1-+ :wap L A., H ...,.,.-T..-,...... WN, x,-,lX ? U W 3' ' wb: in L , Q 1 ,,f.,, ,R X . Ag f Vwfew 42145. 1 . MW' Aikzggfbg QQ ,gm ,W , ME, A ww Rf W f ' F , V .NW 399195. f, y"..gP"'W Q, ' - - " , fu .1,.,,, ,Q i.A,,X. W '- V ,MW A N3 Q .A 4 ' .3 fx ff vfgfx. . 2122! ,inques- - Q ,,-52 ,K ,- M, , JAMES ANDREWS TOM BOOE ALLAN HARRIS W b SEASON RECORD As the curtain falls on another season, we can say that our Green Devils have done a commend- able job. Twelve teams were forced to bow as our boys wielded their little green pitchforks into our de- termined opponents. Our outlook is right and we anticipate greater success in the future. WABASH VALLEY PRELIMINARIES We drew Attica as our play off partners, even though our Devils put up a good fight, we were defeated 56 to 53. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Veedersburg took a very strong liking to Attica so We decided to play them again the the Sectional. The score of the game was 57 to 417 in favor of Attica. Dench WILLIAM HOWARD DALE KEELING CARL KEYES Qfaae fecafwi Seaman SEASON SCHEDULE V.H.S. Opponents 47 Chrisman, Illinois 77 77 77 81 65 Cayuga 7 ,,7, 77 41 43 Willialiisport 7 ,,77,,, 42 86 Montezuma 7 77 47 38 Linden 7 7777 72 83 Shelburn 77777777 ...7777 7 2 64 Waynetown 7 77 73 61 Granville Wells 7777777 77.777 5 6 56 Covington 77777 777777 7 49 50 Hillsboro 7 7777777 55 66 Boswell 777777 7777 7 7 53 55 West Lebanon 7 7777 65 58 Richland Twp. 77777777777777777 777777 7 68 53 Wabash Valley l'AtticaJ 777777 777777. 5 6 53 Pine Village 7777777777777777 7777 777777 5 5 53 Attica 7777777777 777777 5 0 61 Perrysville 77777 777777 3 5 68 Kingman 777777 777777 4 0 62 Ambia 77777 7 77 7 77777 77777,77 7 7777777777777 7 58 Sectional 1Altic:al NORMAN BIANNINC DUANE PAYTON DAVID RUSK IVAN TRINKLE DARYEL TOWNSEND WILLIAM STARKEY .V ,Ak ll , jf sf ....... un-11 I 2-, 42 yr. .s .. W .V mf .. gvF4z':uf,:.' P ,ii I 1 ,X ll h h .A-.......m..-.-............ P fa. -1 . u . , , .gwm 'rf HAZEL HESS RAMONA STEFFY 6 6 6 6 'Z 6 6 4 al 6 'L df NIARY GOINGS First r0W: Walter Tollleroh. Bob Pivkett, Dennic Manning, Leon Stonecipher. Second row: Mr. Patterson, ,lim Hughes, Philo Wildman, Jack Stonebraker, Bill Starkey. Sam Foley. Mr. Williams. 7.74.5 Seanad 5 Sciedufe , X V.H.S. Opponents N' , 42 Chrisman, 1llinois ,, ,,,,. 39 1 D X 37 Cayuga ,, ,,,, . ,...,,,,,,, ,,,,, 3 4 36 Williamsport ,,,7,, 7,.,. 2 7 36 Montezuma ,,,, .,,,, 2 3 43 Linden ,,,,,, 7. ,,,,, 57 46 Slielburn ,,,,,..,, , ,,,,, 39 45 Waynetown ,,,,7,,7, ,,,,, 2 7 44 Granville Wells ,,,, . 39 27 Covington ,,7,,,,, ,,,,, 3 7 40 Hillsboro ,,,,,, , ,.,,, 33 63 Boswell ,,,,,, ,,,,,. ,,,,, 3 6 45 West Lebanon 19 28 Richland Twp. ,,,, A 26 41 Pine Village .. ,,,, 36 35 Attica ,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 1 52 Perrysville 7 , ,..,, 17 36 Kingman ,, ,,,,, 31 44 1 1 1 1 5672446790402 gage XX -QQ", ff. A U 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Beverly Helms, Camilla Mitchell, Marilyn Gross. 1 S 0pp0nen,i5 47 Covington ,,,,,,,, 36 28 Kingman 11 34 Wallace ,,,,,,, Yfzzfy 1 2 34 Covington ,,,,,, Kfyzf 3 8 36 'Coal Creek o,,, 9 344 West Lebanon ,,,, ,,,,, 1 7 30 Cayuga ,,,,,,,,,, frrfl 2 0 Nancy Southard, Myra Coings, Virginia Morehouse. W Z First row: Charles Hacker, Cary Brewer, Jan Baxter, Duane Dice, ,lack Hayman, Mr. Patterson, Coach. Second row: Clark Ahrens, Stephen Byers, Paul Houk, Fred Vandiver, Henry Hess. Third row: Robert Shidler, Jerry Brinkley, Phillip Grubhs, John Foley, Larry Dillon. V.H.S. Opponents 17 Covington ,C 7 1, ,,7,, 37 ,M 28 Attica ,, ,77, 25 32 C'ville ,,,,,,,7,7 ,,,,7, 3 8 25 Covington ,,,oo Y,,,, , 41 4-1 Logan ,. .,.,...,,, i,,, ,,-, , 4- 9 23 Richland Twp, YYYY, Yvwgrr 2 0 SHERRY PATTY SHARON 18 Williamsport W- H irifii 49 Kingman ,,,o,o,V , ,,,,7, 19 31 Coal Creek ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 2 1 42 West Lebanon ,,,,.,o ,A ,o,A, 33 39 Hillsboro ,,o,,,,,,,., ,,,,,, 3 2 34 Cayuga ,,,,, ,,,A,7 3 1 241 Attica .,,..... .. , ,,,, 33 70 26 Perrysville ,,tt, ,,,,t, Zfdftd First row: Toni Linker, Mike Morehouse, ,lim McCutchen, Robin Fogleman, Merdith Shidler, Mr. Patterson. Second row: Clatenee Keeling, Leland Philpott, Dennis Hughes, Gary Lucas, Charles Walls. Third row: Earl Robbins, Dwight Gookins, Jay Kell, George Brown, Owen Keeling. .U First row: Mr. Patterson, Russell Cooper, Sam Foley, Terry Sandlin, Tom Booe. Second row: Dennis Van Note, Glen Craig, Carl Keyes, Tommy Booe. 7.7.5, 20' 135661364 First row: Tommy Wilson, Larry Reed, Leon Stonecipher, Walter Totheroh, Mr. Patterson. Second row: Dennis Van Note, Jim Keeling, Clen Craig, Terry Sandlin, Tom Booe. Third row: Dean Keeling, Ivan Trinkle, Jim Andrews, Bill Howard. Fourth row: Bill Starkey, Russell Cooper, Sam Foley, Howard Fletcher, Carl Keyes, Dale Keeling. Mr. Williams, Mr. Patterson and First row: Charles Holland, ,lim McClure. Second row: Tommy Wilson, Owen Keeling, Joe Pickett. Veedersburg Cooks ew' X0 School Secretary V.H.s, ,beaded ewicee Veedersburg Grade School W E. X N A lj X1 , , f M ui I r 'Q- R' Q r W "' ff N Q 1 gwns , ':::::::!E55E: W' :nf-. .:ii555HfIl!!' .55E!?E55!9EEE5f::5I- "WEEE: f::::::::5!55555-- 'ru' A 1-..'i3:::!!!-':5::M' 'f::"'25i5 W iq N W N NORMAN ROBINSON Annual Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor English, Public Speech Butler University, A.B. Indiana University WILMA FISHER ,Iunior Class Sponsor Art I.S.T.C., C.N.C., B.S. J. FRED CATES Senior Class Sponsor Mathematics I.S.T.C., B.S., M.S. I l DR. ALVIN AHREN S Superintendent, Band Director Indiana University, B.P., S.M., M.A. University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. RICHARD LIECHTY Principal Mechanical Drawing, Shop Student Council Sponsor I.S.T.C., M.S., B.S. Om my 5440.4 em BYRON R. CARRIER Hi-Y, Student Council Seventh Grade Sponsor Science Purdue, B.S. GLADYS WEIR Sunshine, Freshman Sponsor English, Latin Hanover, A.B. ROBERT WILLIAMS Physical Education, Coach Commerce,'Driver Education Indiana University, B.S., M.S LEON PATTERSON Junior High Coach, Assistant School Coach, Social Studies Indiana Central, B.S. .cfeadilamzazde cdwze B High " 1 is V 'LE' wg ..,. W, kk,, J , .Mn aw f - i I H L fist' , mr, , moron. C , A ,moros T I rw--M ,gk ,A gg, ,W ..,, , ,. ,- . Me-- iv C - ' e?!'i" , '25'Gff' L- wif- 'FIJI ,f-245, 'nf' Hilary ,fair iI?ji"39QaieQ5f,?'m17' i, H l' : ,. f... Mm- ffsfyf,-A we fzsws ssfawfasifi mfg- Z, 1, 5. -- ma-fffif - fwshsfszwfgfsr Ewa-,, S sewer Q 4 451 'Q 1 4 ,six jas f .- 1 ir - 1 ' 4: J if X I 'mv " 7' Ji' R' I Q GERALDINE STEPHENSON Commerce Purdue, B.S. PRISCILLA SHELBY Home Economics Eighth Grade Sponsor Purdue, B.S.H.E. RICHARD H. PRYOR Senior Civics, History Sophomore Sponsor Purdue, B.S. MARY ELLEN SIMPERS Sophomore Sponsor, Music AJCM, Butler University, B.M JAMES CHATT Senior Civics, 4-H Leader, Freshman Sponsor Purdue, B.S. 74a gawwiafg The Board of Education of the Veedersburg-Van Buren School Corporation is a bipartisan board composed of five members. Two members are appointed by the Town Board of Veedersburg and two are appointed by the Township Advisory Board, the fifth person is the elected Township Trustee. Our Board of Education is a policy forming group which formulates the budget and establishes the curriculum to be offered. We are pleased with their support of a sound program of Educational development for the boys and girls of this School Corporation. The reorganization of several school corporations in this area has been under study and consideration this year by the Board. We salute these members for their unselfish devotion to the greatest and most important resource we have in America. The Boys and Girls! Superintendent DR. ALVIN W. AHRENS SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Lloyd Dice, President William Madigan, Secretary James Towell, Treasurer Sallie Starkey, Trustee Harold McDonald, Member 44 , Sm 963227359 y b WW QHESJ I W UM . gwwgw As we round the corner now to see a new horizon here, and to turn to new, profiting by those o'ercome. Class Colors Green and White Class Flower White Rose Class Motto Forward ever backward never. 6 7445 ' We PRESIDENT KENNETH DUANE PAYTON '4Chick" Class President 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Athletic Club 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3, Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4, Football 4. VICE PRESIDENT SONJA SUE SWITZER "Sonja" National Honor Society 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 1, 2, 3, 4, Twirling Contest 1, 2, 3, Solo-Ensemble 3, 4, March- ing Contest 1, 2, Band Contest 2, 3, 4, Band Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Class Secretary 1, Student Council 2, Vice President 4, Sun- shine 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, District Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Contest 2, 3, 4, C-V Show 1, 2, Varieties 3, Class Play 3, 4, Messiah 2. SECRETARY TREASURER JANET FLOCKHART MARY RUTH VANDIVER 66Jan7! 66Pud'gy!9 Brazil: Special Choir 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, TriaHi-Y 1, Dramatics Club 1, Choral Festival 1, Play Usher 1, 2, 3, Stunt Night 1, Veedersburg: Secretary 4, Football Queen 4, Class Play 4, Chorus 4, Choral Festival 4. Red Bank, Tennessee: Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Bible Club 2, 3, FHA 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Basketball 2, 3, Bank Staff 2, 3, Chorus 1, Veeders- burg: Class Treasurer 4, Chorus 4, Choral Festival 4, Sunshine 4. :de MARCIA SUSAN AHRENS "Tots" Band, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, 4, Dischords 2, 3, 4, Music Con- test 3, 4, VHS Varieties 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, C-V Show 2, 3, Pep Club 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, SSS 2, 3, 4, NHS President 3, 4, DAR Citizenship Award 4, DAR History Award 3, Essay Contest 2, 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Class Vice President 3. ' eww af 0:44 .felled ANITA LOUISE BLACKFORD MARY MARIE BoRsT rfwaxyvy Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' 2, Contest 2, 3, C-V Show 1, 2, VHS Varieties 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4, SSS 1, 2, 3, 4, SC 2. "Butch" Chorus 1, 2, 3, Festival 1, 2, 3 Girls' 1, Contest 2, 3, Messiah 2, 3, CV Show 1, 2, VHS Varieties 1 3, 4, SSS 1, 2, 3, 4, Prompter 4. JERRY VERN BRANDENBURG ..Jmy,, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Athletic Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, Officer 3, 4, King 2, Ana nual Staff 2, 3, Play 4, Chorus 4, Festival 4. GLEN WILLIAM CRAIG ullrunoi' Athletic Club 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Basketball 1, 2, Varieties 2, Play 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Q RICHARD LEE CRAIG 4tDicksv Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Play 3, 4, Basket ball 1. 9 ROBERT BURNS COOPER LORETTA JEAN CRUMLEY LEE Roy DISMORE 6'Bob" "Letty" Hom CIHSS Plat' 33 Ag Trip 3, 4- Senior Play Usher 4: Chorus 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, Ath- Choralf Festival 1, 2. letic Club 2, 3, Agriculture Judging Team 3, Agriculture Trip 3, 4. SANDRA JEAN FREGUSON usandyw Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Varieties 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, Marching Contest 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Messiah 2, 3, 4, C-V Show 1, 2, Pep Club 4. HOWARD NEWTON FLETCHER szNugget19 Athletic Club 3, 4, President 4 King of Fall Festival 4, Football 4 Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Base- ball 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4. s 1 JANET KAY FRANKEBERGER .Sams Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, Marching Contest 1, 2, District Twirling Contest 2, 3, 4, State Twirling Contest 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Con- test 2, 3, 4, Dischords 2, 3, 4, Mes- siah 2, 3, Solo-Ensemble Contest 4, Pintus .Staff 3, Editor 4, Breeze Staff 2, Senior Play 4, Varieties 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, DAR Runnerup 4, Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4, Pep Club 4. BEVERLY ANN GAYLER LYNNETTE GOODSON 1 URW., ..Lynn,, Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 49 VHS Varieties Class 3, 4g VHS Varieties 2, 3. 1-3. IRIS ANICE GOODWIN HJ'-lg77 Alabama: Ciftorian 1, Who's Who 1, Indiana: Play 3, Usher 4, VHS Varieties 35 Chorus 3. GEORGE ALLAN HARRIS LLOYD LOREN HARTLE HAI!! 4ALl0yd51 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Hi-Y 3, 4, Play 4g Sound Director Baseball 1, 2g Play 3, Athletic Play 3. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. RONALD J. HOWARD '4Rum" WILLIAM EVERETT HOWARD "Bill" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, Football 4, Athletic Club 2, 4, President 3, Hi-Y 1, Vice President 2, 3, President 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Varieties 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4, Boys' State 3, NHS Treasurer 3-4. LARRY LEE HUGHES ARTHUR DALE KEELING "Hugl'Isie', "Oscar" Student Council President 4, Na- Athletic Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball tional Honor Society 3, 4, Class 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Play 3, 4. 3, Cross Country 2, Class Play 3. KENNETH DEAN KEELING JAMES ROBERT KEELING CARL FRANCIS KEYES uNiP,, "Jim" "Carl" Class SCCTCUITY 23 Student Manager Athletic Club 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Athletic Club Secretary 4, Football 1, 33 Track 3- 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4. 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. JANICE ELIZABETH LAYMAN solannyu Yell Leader 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 4, Contest 2, 3, SSS Vice President 1, Secretary 2, Program Chairman 4, Dischords 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, State 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, CV Show 1, 2, Student Council 4, Class Play 4, Messiah 2, 3. DALE R. LINKER "P0ss" DALLAS RAY MCDONALD 4LMac7! Basketball 1, 2, Athletic Club 2, Cross Country 2, Basketball 1, Ag Trip 2, 3, 4, Ag Judging Varieties 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Team 3. NORMAN KEITH MANNING "Bounce,' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Football 4, Ag Judging Team 3, Ag Trips 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 2, 3, 4. RONALD DUANE MANNING "Ronnie,' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Varieties 2, Athletic Club 2, Track 2, Cross Country 2, Basketball 1, 2, Annual Staff 3, 4, Play 3, Ag Trip 4. DONNA CAROLYN MITCHELL "Mitch" SSS 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, 3, 4, CV Show 1, 2, Dischords 2, 3, 4, VHS Varieties 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Class Reporter 4, Secretary 3, Girls' State Alter- nate 3. DAVID WILLIAM MYERS MARY HELEN NICKLE LoUIs MANLY PATTON iGDave!! 4AMa1-YH i6Man1y!1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Kingman: Junior Play Usher, Com- Comest 1, 2, 3, 4, Stare Choral' mercial: Home Economics 1, 2- Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treas- urer 3, CV Show 1, 2, Marching Contest 1, 2, Football 4, Boys' State 3, Class, Plays 3, 4, Solo- Ensemhle Contest 3, 4. Veedersburg: Senior Play Usher. JOE DARRYLL PICKETT "Pick" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Mana- ger 4, Athletic Club 3, 4. DALLAS J. PONDER "Butch" Basketball 1, 2, Varieties 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 3, 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, Student Council 1, 3, Hi-Y Secretary 4, Agriculture Trip 3, 4, Agriculture Judging Team 2, 3, 4. MARGARET LOUISE PRITCHARD "Margaret" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3, 4, State Festival 4, Dischords 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4-,Marching Con- test 1, 2, District Solo-Ensemble Contest 1, 3, 4, State Solo-Ensemble Contest 3, Student Council 3, 4, Vice President 4, Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Pres- ident 4. LARRY LEE REED "Larry" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Chorus 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, VHS Varieties 3, 4, Plays 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Agriculture Trip 3, 4, Ag- riculture Judging Team 1, 2, 3, Ath- letic Club 2, 3, 4. GWENDOLYN JEAN STEFFY "Gwen" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Contest 1, 2, Festival 2, 3, 4, District Twirling Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, State Twirling Contest 3, Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3, 4, Dis- chords 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 1, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Messiah 2, 3, 4, Varieties 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Queen 3, Class Treas- urer 3, SSS 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Class Play 4, C-V Show 1, 2, Girls' State Alternate 3, Runnerup for DAR Citizenship Award 4, Pep Club 4, National Honor Society 4. PATRICIA MARILYN SUMMERS upatu Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Con- test 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, Contest 2, 3, Messiah 2, 3, 4, C-V Show 1, 2, Vocal Contest 3, Play 3, 4, Varieties 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Girls' Chorus 3, 4, Grade School Editor 4, Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics 1, 3, Usher 3, NANCY ELLEN TORNQUIST G6Nancy77 GORDON DALE VAN DORN usonnyw Chorus 1, 2, 4, Choral Festival 1, T""Class Treasurer 2. 2, 4, C-V Show 1, 2, Senior Play Usher 3. ORDELLA KATHLEEN WALL "Wallsie" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Contest 1, 2, 3, Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 2, District Twirling Contest 1, 2, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Contest 2, 3, 4, CV Show 1, 2, VHS Varieties 1, 3, 4, Play Usher 4, SSS 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. W ,?..4.....?....1..a MARY T. WHISLER Seniors who have come and gone "Whistle" Chorus 2, 3, -4g Festival 2, 3, 4g State Festival 45 Contest 2, 3, 43 CV Show 2g Varieties 2, 3g Stu- dent Council 4g Queen Candidate 45 Class Play 43 Sunshine Society 4. -Well, gang, here goes for the last time. This is our farewell. Say, and we're not fool- ing when we tell you that we hate to quit. We want to add that we have learned much and have had plenty of fun. Thatis not all tonky-talk either, about the enjoyment We got at Veedershurg High. Sincerely, folks, we sure hate to stop-hut such is life. , , " "' ,,. ,fi?' . iii.--.f ,"f3,:f 1 IN I V- E ful-he ' f" 'I mth - I li ,gf-4?,:1t 'P te' 1' Z a l l f 01 1 , . . 7 af- .. -- , V ,- W Nffggd f- . 3.14 .62-:iff N yn ewan, ' -,s3ASalQ"o I af S 71? fi' , f I iff ' I TEN DAY TOUR OF WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, NIAGRA FALLS, CANADA AND DETROIT First day-Leave Veedersburg early Sunday morning May 20. Follow U. S. 40 from Indianapolis through Richmond, Columbus, Ohio, and the West Virginia Panhandle Section to Pittsburgh and overnight at the Hotel Sherwyn or the Hotel Roosevelt. Second day - Travel on famous Pennsylvania Turnpike. Beautiful scenery in Allegheny Mountains. Will tour the Gettysburg battlefield with an official guide. Frederick, Maryland and on to Washington, D.C. Drive past many embassies on way to hotel. Will stay at the Franklin Park Hotel. Third and fourth days - In and around Washington. Will visit the Bureau of Printing, the Capitol, our Congresswoman, the Washington Monument, the Supreme Court building, the White House, Tomb of the unknown soldier to see the changing of the guard, Arlington Cemetery, the Lee Mansion, lwo Jima Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials in tidal basin, FBI building, and out past the Washington airport to the group for approximately 31 per person. Fifth day - We leave Vifashington this morning via U. S. No. I to Baltimore, the city of white steps. Cross the Susquehanna River and on to Philadelphia, where we visit Independence Hall, see the Liberty Bell and Congress Hall. We drive past Benjamin Franklin's grave and the Betsy Ross House and cross the Delaware River into New Jersey. We follow the New Jersey Turnpike and enter New York City via the Lincoln Tunnel. Will stay at the Hotel Claridge on Times Square. Sixth day - An entire day will be spent on a tour conducted by Gray Line Tours. We will visit Chinatown, the Bowery, The Statue of Liberty, lower and upper Manhattan, St. Johnis Cathedral and finish the tour at the United Nations with a guided tour of the Building. Seventh day - A three hour cruise will be taken around Manhattan this morning. A visit to the top of the Empire State Building will follow and the rest of the day will be free to visit Macy,s, Gimbel's and Saks, attend a ball game or other activities. A tour of Radio City and a visit to Radio City Music Hall to see the famed Rockettes will be arranged. It will be possible to see a Broadway play, if desired. It may be arranged to attend a TV Show. Eighth day - Leave New York via the George Washington Bridge, travel the new throughway just opened this year to Albany and Buffalo and on to Niagara Falls, where we will stay at the Hotel Niagara or Henry Hubbs Hotel. A stop can be made at West Point Military Academy. We will see the Falls beautifully illuminated at night. Ninth day - Will sightsee at the Falls and vicinity, one of the foremost beauty spots of America. Cross Rainbow Bridge into Canada and continue to Detroit. Will stay at the Hotel Tuller. Tenth day -- Will visit Greenfield Village and the Ford Museum, and tour the Ford, River Rouge Plant to see engines and cars assembled. Will eat lunch at the Willow Run Airport and start for home. Should arrive early evening. As Seniors, Mr. Cates, we are grateful for your help in all that you have done for us, and as the poet has once said, "When our connection with the school has ended, and the vase has been broken, the scent of the roses will hang round it stillf' 559 X I '1, 5' I , ,ff N f I! I N l 4 ff If J! 4 is 2: EE mei EZ .WED E R225 WO V-93 Q35 Her-gm WEN EEO RAE .320 M326 WO EO wigmvu mnigm Eg we-E MOVES.-Eegwmlv-Ogmlrz Egg! Sm E52 E :NU HWQSOA ESQ EEEOW .iw-53 .EDU migniu .wig .Eagan U-5:25 immgxgm QA EEO mimi WTS OFIEEEEQ wifi mkwguo CW LEED QAN3 EM H-Hmrim 635250 X2 .JOE wOOw Q NNQEEUWZ 5 J-HOB iq -:wig balm Neem 4 xmas RAE geimwm H130 SEE mi?-L X2 :Dm emu? FE t I U Zu? H5 an Em jo Us .Hum :L .Hom :L 'NOK N UPC? H0905 -L mai HOSE DE 532 . Ego so :me mmm EP REU REU io: .EA GKADCOMOMM EOQMQ H5 NAEEJQ My O2 HE: rim! 03000 kdm l ASQ M500 i i . 322 :HOW H . . U 3052 DO? n 35155 .Seam EO Scsi E 1-DO-gm 30m N m mwgmwgu Q 'mama 305 gm 2 35 dEm:Ommw .mggm gm 2 M55 EEO? 2:0230 52 gm .EOEWDHVNE RAE Sm E M55 . l . Emwm 05002 biz .ENOQ-4bEWQl4-5EOBIUUm .SEQRES 4 MVEOODQ .ww BEOEWEO EW ESO .HO-Rm M WO WWOL Qi BECOME .EF-Q -Tsang N Ecgmwm Umgz 4 Oagmvm AMOOH E Ewan ESM 33629 .U-H: ESM S5620 .ENE iam 2 SEO? m gm .wgsm 23,8 E NSE .U J gm ECU WO HOL HN WEE EEE! 1000 4 Dam HO:-Nm -W EEE -be Ugg Egg N pam .EQUSEOOQ HW EQ dm! 2 Egan RAE EL .Ummm 0235 Mvmdeg-Z gm OH 35 IOHMMQOM--WE M NAHHME DOW OH CDMA .EB lx 0 'Dim gm 2 S: 'mg vw E WEOU .momgmwm EMS? V V UZEMEM YSEEOI mmgzfh UZEM-MQ ZQME IYTWZZMM DZEMEM M565 MDEHM-4 QMEODE E5 FYEAE DMSKVOE YEMEMSH 2455? QMSSVOE A DHHQZOM MSYSZE ZMEOA QFD-'E WEMQE ZQWEQ NEEDED ZSVQOOU MGHZAN ms! ZOQMOOO MELMZZWA Mm-QWQU ZZ4 FAMEPME MEOMMEMMZSHE MSU! FHZQH YSZNEMUOAL YHHZQH MEEUFMEYYH ZOFHEMWZ QMSVPOE ZOQHUMME Zim: xVMQZ4w MEOEQQ WOM H5 wOZ!ZEDU EDD! M5015 WMSEDMU Zfmz 4,7-MEGA MHMEOOU mZM5m! FMMEOM 0:35 H5 DMQEUE USED 245123 ZMEO OMDMMZMEZEE ZZ-MS FEMS: LEMON E542 FIGS DMOHUEQWE MQDOWH QYEZQ mZmEI4 Zfmim 46342 .am QE E5 M E img :Z EE wgwwa EEEOZ misc .3804 E2EOm ILAEEUWWQ 5 wi!-:L SEE EEG 'Ham 5:6 MHMPHMHQ :NEON5 D006 N mimi 'HO HWS gt E EO wizgvh ravi: M mimi .UEEOAH UEWEOENAE mmm IWUWWNEL Bw B2 mimi -mmgu Qt WO .WEL mini 'COEWEEHBDQ 'mwgxim NME M m M sack .Himsa mgtmvw -USN wiczgk mg? WO EO Sm 2 wiirw ' . . m-2-Q H326 MEG wimsrr .-OOLOm E wing-m twifwgw-A HE: NAMED JO? dom ig? .MEC N Kaz go mgn :Q Haw .aim EE Sh :UB ima: WEEE .mu-:E we E2 N SE :O anim N Hg: :HQ Q53 M2 mel! .HW 20:3 5:3 FSO? WEEE :wasp gg gm 3 is ig? N mm Em mwgii OZ gg? une E4 'wmv--Q E asm Q? I U U as :gms 502.34 .21 M EHS as .EE wg! HES -md gm 2 as QW-EEO FWZ HW gsm dswdw 'CEP Bm 2 S5 'EQSOM-:E 4 ESE d3UO5m 55:2 S Ewa Emi 9: WEE .5652 SEEEOU N Ugguwm dwMw:OU :wise HW SEE lrmae-EE E miwidf 6255 J-E3 2 Q55 C53 H, Om JOE EU .UUHOHH HSN Oi E 50:6 KQSUNL Exam MCOWE5 WO .RE E4 .BME CO maaw 5-EE 565 bmw OE Bm ISSMEEWME OF E0 .ONERU 4 ESO .RSC -MNOWEDW N OEOOUQ .SU FWZ 4 ED .EE EHEEEK Nm MW ESO AEP Scam at KAOFM UHOUENW wiki M O35 2 as DWEZ N DEOUMVQ 20 HOW 536 mg MW OEOOUQ Mmsmmia QL V542 A1-S5 ZHEEHQM AJNEQMO ZMOD ZS! Q55 ZODMOU MMQHQZQP EPDM PM42 PQDOZM-OF Zmswa FUZQZ MENYEEW Him 4-'ZOw myizubim ZWJEE2 QGEPSH PHEMEM Zim: ZFHHODZMSVU DEE was FMEA3 QMEIGYEME M2304 5:20342 MMEZOL .H miwidd YEMMUE 1-1-FMEQQ MOH ZOHWQL M-ZQDQ If-KHZZMHM ZOYF-Lim PAZEZ QDOJ mu-MEZ ZMEME F542 2572 Eiga? D345 A152952 ZPW-Owns QZZOD OZHZZ42 MZQDD QWSNZOM OZHZZSZ IFE! ZQSEOZ DACZOQO-Z P45 QWEQQ MEMZ5 .M MEAE ZEESS EFMEQNEM M-UHZ4-I mga!! WGZAAJE 15:5 . xg V V Q P z., 4, iff' .5 UQ! D: . A M? in-eigg i 'G-'fm 4. , ,.. , pw , Vi, ,ylfflfns UQ ei -W -'vas' 1 4 A i i if wk IU wmmmmmf. QQ CU? Seneca edfwfd 724171 Wcwmzdg , MARCIA AHRENS, my old coat to anyone in memory of Margaret Pritchard. ANITA BLACKFORD, my seat in art class to anyone who wants to be another Rembrandt. MARY BORST, my ability to get a seat on the first row of every class to anyone whose name begins with B. JERRY BRANDENBURG, my funny laugh to Jerry Kelley. GLEN CRAIG, my position and talent as Art Editor on the annual staff to Cindy Harrison. RICHARD CRAIG, my parts in the class plays to anyone who can act. ROBERT COOPER, my farm to Lawrence Verhey. LORETTA CRUMLEY, my silly laugh to Janet Florey. LLOYD CUMMINGS, the front seat in Mr. Williams Bookkeeping class to those who don't like to talk. LEE ROY DISMORE, my ability of watching for the teacher while my buddies sleep to Clarence Keeling. SANDRA FERGUSON, my place as majorette to Camilla Mitchell providing she's up to lt. HOWARD FLETCHER, my ability to jump hurdles to anyone who likes to skin up his shins. JANET FLOCKHART, my place as Senior Class Secretary to Janice Kelley. JANET FRANKEBERGER, my position as majorette to Susan Towell, providing she keeps practicing. BEVERLY GAYLER, my Physics book to anyone who can understand it. LYNNE GOODSON, my ability to tell jokes in Civics class to anyone who can keep them clean. IRIS GOODWIN, my ability to retain my southern accent while living in Indiana to LaNell McDonald. ALLAN HARRIS, my good sportsmanship to any budding athlete. RONALD HOWARD, my seat in Chatt's assembly to anyone who likes to talk. BILL HOWARD, my good times at VHS the past four years to the lucky eighth graders. LARRY HUGHES, my old rattly Ford to anyone who wants to repair it. DA'LE KEELING, my quiet and bashful ways to my cousin, Boze. DEAN KEELING, my ability to keep my classring to my sister Sharrold. LLOYD HARTLE, my driving ability to David Lightle. JAMES KEELING, my ability to be quiet to anyone who likes to talk when they shouldn't. CARL KEYES, my place on the football team to Dick Keeling. JANICE LAYMAN, my sousaphone to Benny Ludlow, providing he doesnit puff out his cheeks. NORMAN MANNING, my seat and sleeping ability in the study hall to any Junior who can get away with it. RONNIE MANNING, my car to my brother, Dennie, providing he can keep it running. DONNA MITCHELL, my knowledge that George Washington cut down the cherry tree to Hazel Hess who thought Abraham Lincoln did. DAVID MYERS, my ability to get up at 8 p.m. and be at school on time to anyone who is fortunate to live across the street from the schoolhouse. MARY NICKLE, my place in bookkeeping to Martha English providing she is a good mathematician. MANLY PATTON, my mischief to David Lightle. DALLAS McDONALD, my ability to work hard and never laugh in class to Jerry Kelly. DALE LINKER, my ability to sleep during school to Ivan Trinkle while the teachers say "NOR, DUANE PAYTON, my quartegback position to anyone who likes to guess. JOE PICKETT, my dreams of Jean H. to Bob Pickett and his dreams of Virginia M. DALLAS PONDER, my ability of going steady with a Freshman girl to David Lightle when he's a Senior. MARGARET PRITCHARD, my books to my brother Paul, providing he uses them more than I did. LARRY REED, my ability to foul out in less than a quarter to Sam Foley. GWEN STEFFY, my position as majorette to my sister Ramona, providing she practices hard. PATSY SUMMERS, my bass drum to Jill,Wall and I hope she has as much fun as I did. SONJA SWITZER, my position as drum majorette to anyone with patience and energy. NANCY TORNQUIST, my place in Physics class to Loraine Goodwin, providing she gets as much out of it as I did. MARY RUTH VANDIVER, my southern accent to Judy Campbell who uses it as much as I do. DALE VAN DORN, my seat in driver training to Bobo. ORDELLA WALL, my seat in Health to Jerry Jean Providing he studies harder than I did. MARY WHISLER, my 100 watt porch light bulb to be used for the excuse "There's school tomorrow," to Judy Campbell. ' 1 l 1 l l 3 l I l 1 . l J 1 l l 1 l l l l 1 l l 1 l i l l 4 l 3 i l l l l l l l 4 l l 1 4, -AL A .... ,LEA -w- enchfz Ghost Written By Cynthia Harrison As I was reading the "Cooper Gazette" editor Robert Cooper, I noticed the large headlines, Marcia Ahrens was to star in the opera Carmen. She has done very well for herself since '56. These headlines made me start wondering about the rest of my class- mates. I then realized that it was getting late, so I fin- ished my coffee and started for work. As I was walking it seemed that I was being shoved, then I saw what all the fuss was about. Three of my old classmates, Dean, Dale and Jim Keeling, were hand- ing out autographs. When the crowd had moved away I tugged at Dean's sleeve, and asked what all the commotion was about. He explained that Dale and Jim were now famous Pro-basketball stars and were known the world over. As I turned the corner I saw a gleaming '59 Chevrolet and a glamorous '59 Oldsmobile pull up to the curb, and Lee Roy Dismore, Larry Reed, and Allan Harris get out and start an argument over whose car would go the fastest as they had in '56, I called to them and they immediately came to me. I asked them where in the world they had found the money to buy such cars. Lee Roy said Larry and he had just won the 500 mile race to prove how fast a Chevie could run. This statement disgusted Allan since he had just won the European Races with his ,98 Oldsmobile, so again the argument began. It looked as though they might go on the rest of the day, so I asked them to come into the "Vandiver-Layman" Hotel for a cup of Java. As we were talking of bygone days, I saw someone familiar, of course it was Janice and Mary Ruth. Both had been very successful in the hotel business and were very happy. Mary Ruth had just started classes teaching the "Yankees', the "Southern Drawl," while Janny took care of the menus. She insisted that I try one of her "Superb Layman Cakesf, After eating my cake I then start on my way. No sooner had I reached the street when I ran into Mary Whisler. She had changed a lot especially for her French accent. She said that she was now a French hair stylist, and had just started the new fad of the "Poodle Ponytailf' The topic of the con- versation then changed, and she asked me if I had seen the V.H.S. Quartet. I told her no, so she went on to expalin that Mary Borst, Donna Mitchell, Anita Blackford, and Ordella Wall had the number one song on the Hit Parade of "Hiya Handsome." I hadn't taken more than three steps when I heard familiar voices calling my name. I turned around and saw none other than Norman Manning, Carl Keyes, and Dallas McDonald. They explained that they were now in the Ford car business. They went on to say that they were also married to the former Iris Goodwin, Nancy Tornquist, and Beverly Gaylor. As I continued I met Bill Howard and his charm- ing wife, the former Gwen Steffy. Bill told me that they were just on a short vacation. Bill said that he coached the Purdue football team, and that they were happy after winning the Rose Bowl Game. As I started across the street I saw a large sign reading, Janet Flockhart starring in "Conga', as Carmen Miranda. I saw her handing out autographs with her manager Larry Hughes. I couldn't get a chance to talk to them, but they looked as they had in '56. Down the street I could hear the drum beat, and at first I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was true, Sonja Switzer, leading the New York Marching Band. She saw me and smiled her famous V.H.S. smile and waved. Behind came none other than Dale Van Dorn, Ronnie Howard, and Lynn Goodson, on their new "Jet Pro-Pelled Motorcycles." They were fol- lowed by the Ferguson-Frankeberger Majorettes, led by Janet Frankeberger, and Sandra Ferguson. My stomach was beginning to growl so I headed toward the nearest ice cream stand. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but it was true, Ronnie Manning was behind the counter. He ex- plained that he now owned "Hazel Freeze" all over the United States. We had a long talk over bygone days, and he asked me if I had seen Glen Craig's painting exhibits at the art gallery. I told him no, so he closed up shop and we started on our way. On the way we met David Myers, and he explained that he was now president of the Myers Clothing Stores, and they were famous all over the world. As we crossed the street we saw one of Manley Patton's many '6Mobile Gas Stationsf, Ronnie said that Manley had done very well for himself and was also married to the former Patsy Summers. When we entered the art gallery our breath was taken away by the beautiful architecture. David told us that Lloyd Hartle, and Jerry Brandenburg had done the beautiful work. We were also told that Mary Nickle of "Nickle Fashion Home, Inc." had made and designed the tapestries. Much to our surprise we saw Howard Fletcher and his lovely wife, the former Margaret Pritchard. We hailed them and they came over. Howard said that he was to open on Broadway the following evening as Uncle Tom. He was taken to Hollywood right after the Senior Play. It seems that he was needed to play the parts of negro rolls. Margaret usually teaches kindergarten in California, plus keeping a happy home for Howard and her three identical red- heads. Then we started toward Glen,s office. He was busy but eager to see some of his old classmates. He mentioned that Richard was now a minister in our old home town and also had a wife. As we were saying good-bye Joe Pickett came up with his'wife, the former Loretta Crumbly. Joe told us about the many medals he was wearing and that he wasn't being bossed around any more because he was a General in the Army. I then explained that I must be going, and as I started to leave and walk toward the door whom should I meet but Duane Payton and Dale Linker. They stopped and told me to stop by one of their many "Super Stores." It seems that Duane does the bookwork while Dale takes care of the vegetables, especially the potatoes. I then excused myself and started on my way again. I began to think over the happenings of the day. Then like a flash my mind came back to reality. I knew that I'd have plenty of work to catch up on tomorrow, after all it's not an easy task being the president of General Motors. -Dallas Ponder- W' 4 I , K lr. 'E .A i 1 -ff , 'fin awry ,N MJ!! V jllllyll 4 B , f 0 , 19 mmm 'K ig IWW' Q , xx ff Silly Sopbomores K . Crf-en Freshmen E x 5 A' 4 Q0 ' i ' Ng n 4 X -bd " ffm' N .ian ii X W Ngcifm K- N -.5 3015 ' XFQQQCS ' ww W . D ar Om VHS C ,N-'19 V f QX 9 7 F ' n 'fix ' ' f ,, " Y Tlllyllf you 71 mal: C' il P James Andrews Jack Berlin Tom Booe Gail Byers Judy Campbell David Cushman f - mf . Shirley Cushman Zola Cushman George Dobbs Janet Florey Gene Fogleman Sam Foley Mary Goings Carolyn Hancock Juanita Hancock Janet Hershberger Hazel Hess Sharrold Keeling Janice Kelly Jerry Kelly LaNell McDonald Eleanor Minnick uStill to conquer in the future of 11. 21.5. Harold Minnick "Still to lift and carry OHM Berta R. Mitchell Rosemary Morehouse John Olds Glenda Rhodes David Rusk Lavon Stahl Bill Starkey Ramona Steffy Daryel Townsend lvan Trinkle Larry Van Note Everett Verhey Lawrence Verhey Jill Wall Philo Wildman Carolyn Wilson Kathryn Wilson Danny Wilson Barbara George E? Z July, X Mm PHE Dixie Henard Larry Holland Pat Howard Jim Hughes Russell Jenks Joanne Adair Doris Anderson Bill Birge Jon Boggs Bradley Byers Barbara Burgner John Burgner Virgil Carey Russell Cooper Jerry Cowan Janet ,Dunivan Dorothy Edwards Don Elmore Martha English Diane Fletcher William Fletcher Shirley Foley Loraine Goodwin Gordon Grimes Deloris Hartle :'Ours to find success and keep it," .Hyip f X38 New W 9- K r 'ff' 5 I s,,." ,. 1 QF ' 5, nv . L . A , ,zz fr 3-. if asia -f J , , ,I Q 1 'iii "ffm, fix.. ,K , lawn, wi ,sas 1 dll e 4 75 . P W' I- f ana E if K4 1 iffif?4i42 i. Y-IW I 5 S ,sa , fre -as Q 2 3 F D QM ' fa., - ,i fu iw, my , X, if W fe f ' 'r i :"fsi- " - me .1 3? x 'US' 5 , I 4 anew J i s B . a ' A v " rg 1 'r.7I 51,12 Angie: ,z ' :L v,,. if .ili Eff ? K 'N J' s or' e 1 1' af F 2 2? vi 3 ra 'S Q2 7 Ls 31 59,2 I A ,fm .wi Q Siege, 3 Q Q H5 1. YH. 5 qu 1 . ii? an.. " V ind Q of ee' , so , 5 V ,. , - 'zf sgggw a FIS H Vt. we , 5 fish . Ours to conquer and to endure." AVAILAB LE 'RMS 77245. Katheryn Keith Melba Keith Helen Keeling Sharon Keeling Delores Keller Dick Lightle Saundra Linker Nellie McDonald Joyce Manasco Dennie Manning Gerald Minnick Jannett Newnum Nellie Odle Robert Pickett Donna Ponder Terry Sandlin Kitty Southard Jack Stonebraker Leon Stonecipher James Thomas 4 Junior Totheroh it Ormal Verhey if Carolyn Wilkinson Ag-in ff i Tom Wilson Leland Philpott moto :Vol available 75 , , , A : ' atat if t f . 'fr "--- p 6? . :, Z' fw M1 'Mg :gl -' ,- Q13 , , Q Ir' 'n Q K ' "' ' ' 'K if Bichard Gross h Keith Hall ,- Dean Hancock ' Y B Pat Hancock - p ., A I max'- lVlarilyn Gross 5- if i:-, n Don Harper Judy Harper Ray Harris Cynthia Harrison Beverly Helms 5: ' , if mm - ,Q rm ,r,. ,af rumwzf. me - W- Q ,, r.., .. ,lane Hershberger Charles Holland Jerry .lean J I ack Keller's picture, not available. l Q Pi 'L L t W. 745, Ruth Allen Barry Bever Lewis Bever Gregg Baxter Andrea Billingsly Larry 'Brewer John Brown Reba Clift Virginia Cooper Brenda Cunningham Hubert Dunivan Marolyn Drummond Arthur Fletcher Nora Goodson .lerry Grady Here7s to the Freshmen-Tho' green they be, They'll soon grow u , . ,,. A H 2 , o' .. , H , V r,' 2M5fE'll,l -if Qs J ,A ,acyl ffmmfa, ., ,wr My "" to fxfifitm yioa ' A ,em-t. Pt I K 1 - , 4 ,-., ,W 'ff 2 '25 if M bmi ya 7' 'W' f .9 A ,Ro 54-Q we ,x - "W E, n a, 'lf13i'i37i?fl.i I1 'li-557. , , i ,as - 1.1 2 -1 ' M , wrt-HM . ., -1 tr-fr .- l as W 1 we M f12fQg:x dirt, .51 te an Q QM wa ma 74444 Dick Keeling Kenneth Krout Larry Krout Ora Krout Terry Krout Vic Lease Barbara Lee Bennie Ludlow Jerry Lynch James Manasco William Massey james McClure Mary Ann McDonald Charolette McKinney Karen Minnick l s As you shall .see-Veedersburgfs future citizens- -Worthy-from A to Z. A EH 3iiuZ,1"Ylf- , K "FIT :Q liz. g size' wifalf ire,-L E A, 51 4 w K r 7 rs , . 5 1 M as ,Ilia vi-I W' A ,W Q M ,. ., , ,iii ., ,,-, , 3, 5 f if 4 " Q6 5,52 ,, me F2 7 f egg S Q Q ps F 4 I' Y 5 -H' . fc- i "' 1 x ffP2'l,2?4,JiY:k ' ss" K iq - N - .. ,Z .1 gf" , .si g .1 ' as , lj ' 3 -.M A M ' + ' I W f 'za ' Ig: -' ' T U, V, W 5 ,, . .-..: 3 ' ' W. ri fx K Ev. b , A -TQ .4 ill ' of A ' ..... . ""' - . ,I ' H A F1 1fmQE5g mi?r,, -- My ,mea-emmuzy L ',:?A3fs..lrV ,. -I. 7 12zli1"f1?iQA?E.m2A'fwlifi . , ,,e f az1:1,Q az if -tif E me ff wt .Wy :f. 5 ji l 2 bu., 5 wfafigfftgfw ,fag-' m.3?g,.,.- , ,Mi glam QVMEQ me if S525 4- ap, 5 QE fmi ftaui QE mlgaffllis E xii'-'w sfsis-ryff wilt-'f-:.,'1w1gAg, .eaaaiffeasmi Y M? 1 T Q' kr:-we ' ' A if W was HV- fm iii Q1 - -ff-gm-'-my ,,- .H V :-- me. y, :.,wQf53gf - fm. 5,3515 L. l-,T "-- viii? 11 f 2 ,Jw Camilla Mitchell Cary Mitchell Jane Myers Sherrill Pickett Paul Pritchard Joe Robbins Katha Smith Pat Stembaugh Larry Stonebraker Susan Towell Mary Ellen Turpin Alberta Underwood Dennis Van Note K"'i . ,. F xx ' K"- Af ' -'flww M 5 .W 1 Sw sgffik my W , 'ky ..,. I I lk K 4 K 1 K at W . xc. -44 A I,' A . My ' N N . M . W hx kg VS -- m ' ga. V 4 ' .,f I , ., 'V K v U a lk, f X ,.. f ,Af 1 5 N xal- ww is .5 - , A 'iw L"' wf W---v . f ., S S W . 2 ,X F -fi 51' ' QQ Wi gf ff Li , ,. . M ZIL, ' W . ,. H .. ,L K V QQ, 4 . ,, , ,MQ 4 , .. f , , X . ,,, ., , ,. r , Q A g 3 , amwlw, ig gg 7 .Q .. ., ,L , 4 , . , .. , Q, V M ...V A. 1 . fi 4 ,A., qs, V 'Q ,Y f " ' .P if X avg, 'WX 5 'SEN Q 4 - eyuyf Y V '- . .. V . V . . 1 D Q' ig? g Vi . A ' bv 1 , Qlggggwg s , EA 1. 'rg W N A K K VY I I k i H , V,,. u iii S X - M m i in as ,. ' ggislg k'-V 5 -hz .. iw E S we 3. wmv X., i Q.. ,i 1:15 1 gt k 1 N35-1 . ' is .. 4, 'Q' A 5' ' will ' W A? S .M N., . .pf -.. m m k .av .0 ,4 , , , Cl 'Q R X N A V f ,L K V - i gig 5. R f A kg i .S I2 , 5 K fy elk A AX it . 'S M f 1- 1 ' F. ' N 'E X , jg i . . 1 k 2 Q 5.2. 4 wwf., . W ,A :SL I ,.,.,..-.--c url? ff .W 78, A Q I .Eng 5 A Q 3 fw- wggw gf 1 Wit-X WW ??1???....f. ,r ...ff A Qi . Q4 - W wb. Q we S xx: Q MF Q' 4 'Q 1, Q rf U- ix M294 V 'f'-.. ' 'Tw , A gf- f 1. . 'L W Qmde0ae First row: Glenn McKinney, Earl Lindquist, Kirk McDonald, Danny Buchanan, Crolyn Brown, Roy Hunt, William Powell, Lloyd Turpin, Dennis Brewer, Bobby Thomas, Ricky Joe Booe. Second row: Gregory McPherson, Mike Strean, Karen McDuffie, Donald Hegg, Gale Boggs, Roselyn Bunnell, Kenneth Neeley, Leila Thomas, Kenneth Gross. Third row: Mrs. Gilkey, Lynette Rusk, Clara Sever, Mike Nelson, Shanon Richey, Sherry Lindquist, Christy Ballah, Fred Lowery, Mary Keeling, Stella Lowery. Absent: Charles Minnick. 7 74014 First row: Linda Dobbs, Donna Sheets, Stephen McLean, Jacqueline McCutchan, Ellen Forkner, Barbee Coats, Sharon Gosnell, Paula Sever, Dick Mullen, Steven Dodson, James Beatty. Second row: Diana Arlington, Sherry Smith, Roger Trinkle, George Pendry, Kerry Mornout, Cole Shoal, Gerry Smith, Danny Brewer, Steven Holmes. Third row: Donny Manasco, Marcia MacPerson, Peggy Lee, Judy Cloud, Gloria Francis, Claudia Williams, Buddy Lindquist, Chris Ferguson, Rutherford Shannon, Gordon Douglas, Roger Himes, Shirley Shannon. Fourth row: Miss Wilkinson, Bobby Warrick, Harlan Brown, Randy Lindquist, Pauline Hoover, Dennis Odle, Freddie McCollum, Bobby York, Michael Ludlow, Michael Gould. G iii rv- !QQOI fg...,,. I f.,,f, ,gy 1'4 f-flak., ,k,, ., zu ,sm 1 W First row: Linda Ludlow, Terry Sheets, Marilyn Jackson, Phyllis Trinkle, Ann Towell, Gerry Warick, Charles Turpin, Dennis Lindamood, Floyd Kester, Dick Griffin. Second row: Phillip Har- ris, Richard Merrill, Pamela Dillion, Roger Lightle, Jane Grady, Teddy Odle, Melody Robinson, Vera Cummings, Betty Lee. Third row: James Van Dorn, Mary Lou Lightle, Charla Crubbs, Marcia Bone, Elaine Bass, Marilyn Clark, Kim McDonald, William Harrison, Richard Craig, Glenda Claw- son, Karen Newnum. Fourth row: Mrs. Patterson, Rebecca Ratcliff, Joyce Greer, William Bennett, Reta Horton, Regina Brewer, Alice Forkner. Absent: James Douglas, Diana Houser, Bonnie Craig. W Qmdeacoz First row: Gary Linker, Bobbie Richey, Charles Underwood, Carl Cookins, Leroy Lindquist, Jimmy Evans, Frankie Joe Steffy, Gary Ludlow, Teddy Coodson. Second row: Betty McDuffie, Dianna Sheets, Denise Smith, Delayne Ratcliff, Karen Whitaker, Rita Douglas, Doris Crimes, Margie Curry, Judy Griffin. Third row: Jeri Lee Furr, Bobby Dodson, Suzanne Pendry, Pamela Pearson, Pamela Hering, Patricia Eaton., James Brown, Brucella Helton, Sharon Clark, John Bilstal, Marietta Fogleman. Fourth row: Mrs. Reid, Larry York, Jimmie Brown, Marcia Day, Tanzy Froedge, Bobby Williams, Vicki Reynolds, Bruce Mills. W First row: Billy Lindquist, Jerry Walters, Michael Linker, Michael Vandiver, Michael Mitchell, Melvin Pickett, Edward Hunt, Freddie Bentley, Chris Haas, Charles Stonebraker. Second row: Pamela Borst, David Hayes, Patricia Smith, Gaye King, Marilyn Booe, Donna Riess, Janice Thomas, Gaye Francis, Carol Alston, Carroll Clawson. Third row: Sharon Harris, Sandra McDonald, Sandra Keeling, Mitzi Switzer, Bonnie Reynolds, Rosalie Graham, Norma Billingsley, Judith Wilson, Joan Van Note, Sharon Stahl. Fourth row: Charles Borst, Gary Walters, Larry Warrick, Kenneth Brad- bury, Edgar Bradbury, Leslie Crowder, Tony Arrigo, Tommy Foley, Bobby Thomas. W Qwwledx Fist row: Tommy Harrison, Junior Walters, Robert Riess, James Bowers, Jack Robbins, Lorin Haas, Kenneth Manasco, Robert Fishero, Mike Keeling. Second row: Patty Beatty, Carol Coodson, Sharon Krout, Susan Baxter, Sharyl Stahl, Barbara Cummings, Freda Lee, Sharon Dillon, Jill Hershberger, Diane Wilmarth. Third row: Teacher Mrs. Dora Campbell, Larry Turpin, David Enlow, Stephen Parham, Larry Frazee, Donald Hughes, Ernest Grubb, Larry Furr, Joe Gubbs, Robert Jackson, Douglas Clouse. Absent: Donald Douglas. First row: David Wilson, Dick Lokey, George Brinkley, Kenneth Southard, Marion Howard, Sammy Mitton, Harold Hatch, Steven Dice, David Butts, Tim Preston, Bill Songer, Jerry Goings. Second row: Nancy Joe Rennison, Sandy Dice, Sherry Powers, Carol Hutchison, Gloria Haas, Carolyn Neff, Sherry Eudy, Brooky Groce, Betty Funk, Mariam Irwin, Kay Smith, Tom Fletcher. Third row: Judy Cosby, Sally Ann Liechty, Sally Jo Nixon, Suzie Coffing, Suzanne Dockins, Clenna Layman, Janice Dark, Nancy Gorman, Judy Shideler, Rhonda Smith, Nelda Byers, Carol Rogers, Mrs. Williams. ' 0ne,7auo, bzeecuzd amz First row: Bill Brinkley, John Preston, Larry Dockins, Stephen Songer, Forrest Goings, Billy Over- beck, Jack Carey, Richard Booe, Kenneth Smith, Buddy Gorman, Ronald Goodwin. Second row! Rachel Newman, Ellen Butts, Marie Stembaugh, Carol Learnard, Sonia Swafford, Martha Stem- baugh, Leah Olds, Deanna Williamson, Charlotte Keeling, Robert Hatch, Gary Rogers, Kay Byers. Third row: Darlene Lokey, Larry Byers, Donald Carey, John Merrill, Jim Hershberger, Phillip Butts, Deborah Rhodes, Francis Fletcher, Jim Marquess. xr, rid First row: Donny Ingram, George Williamson, Buddy Mitton, Larry Rogers, Tommy Stockdale, Donnie Dice, Charles Short, Teddy Hacker. Second row: Joyce Dark, Minella Carey, Jane Dice, Regina Fletcher, Rebecca Byers, Cynthia Hutchison, Linda Morehouse, Marsha Hancock. Third row: Penny Coffing, Cheryl Owens, Linda Dunivan, Kerry Nickle, Diane Hasselbring, Billy Dockins, Carol Stemhaugh, Mrs. Howard. ' 6aemwlS6z. Zoaegfaff aemwi7caa First row: Raymond Epperson, Ricky Keith, Terri Sue Biddle, Gene Watts, Terry Wilson, Elizabeth Edwards, Judy Mitton, Craig Newman, Dickie Crider, Shirley Sutton. Second row: Jeff Leas, Karen Calloway, Larry Cox, Larry McCann, Eugenia Croce, Barbara Black, Flora Cox, Carolyn Robbins, Billy Madigan, Norma Jean Strickler. Absent: Stephen Hampton, Alexis Brimberry. gf-Wt! """"' ac. First row: Patricia Scott, Alicia Mclflivee, Kathy Calloway, Donna ,lean Crider, Charlene Hancock, He-len Minick, Bea Kaye Cox, Vicki Lynn Hoagland, Larry Dale Young. Second row: Richard Perry, Richard Minick, James Keith, Dale Pitzer, Jerry Mcllllivee, Jimmy Hancock, Cary Biddle, Larry Dale Weber, Billy Shelby, Mrs. Snyder. Absent: Linda Lu Milton. tcwegfccff , am, chamwl dz First row: Randy Blanton, Dale Cust, Billy Buster, Christine Thomas, Marilyn Beaver, Ceanette Clawson, Donna Young, Sandra Minick, Kay Tubbs, Dickie Mitton. Second row: Carolyn Beaver, Carolyn Totheroh, Peggy Leas, Alberta Hunter, Alberta Cooper, Carolyn Broce, Larry Robbins, Ronnie Hancock, Mrs. Carter. WW QL' G f Q N ' r I Y N 1 ,, A X ,V ' lb ? f ' f if ff " Ein' V.H.S. 4 f tl , 3 Q Q 12 num' N Oh Daddyo! i , Slim W ,I At Last!!! f Ar df. 'ffek .qf 'XK Love Struck 86 Wah 'Wezef "1 He Took the Hint 19" f' J , 11 w' U17 Get Hitched fzf HI! pf x f, - ' PHQQRQEU What? I ll fm W f go i I 1 91 Made It in Rib T X mm - , Hurry I l I c0N5 VMTIILATIQG - 5 gg . ,,,, il if N.-A f4 .5 Z o Thanks, Son Compliments ot THE HARRISON STEEL CASTINGS CO Attica, Indiana A Share in Protits Job Advancements Goocl Wages Piece Work Rates Complete Group Insurance Locker and Shower Facilities Recreation Room Billiard and Pool Tables Bowling Alleys A GOOD PLACE TO WORK Compliments of LESLIE M. HOWARD DeLovol Soles and Service DeLaval Milkers-Food Freezers Cream Separalors-Dairy Hea+ers Briggs 8: Sl'raH'on Air Cooled Engines All Makes and Sizes Molors Dairy Supplies of All Kinds-Pipe ancl Fi'H'ings PHONE: 54 Veedersburg lndiono C00 Congratulations, Seniors! VEEDERSBURG GRAIN, INC. Buyers of All Grains COAL-FERTILIZER-SEED Elevator-Phone I68 Mill-Phone 80 Veedersburg, Indiana Compliments of G. R. PITMAN AUTO CO. -FUPQD. Soles I Service YOUR FORD DEALER Hillsboro Indiana JIM HUGHES, Local Representative Compliments of THE SMITH STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP IHighway U.S 4I Sou+hI ATTICA, INDIANA COVINGTON AND VEEDERSBURG Ph C 500 FOOD LOCKERS C+ slgm 9 dM+c g C I I OPAL AND RON JONES Compliments of THE FOUNTAIN COUNTY FAUCT COMPANY C gf Id PI1 : 299 House: ALLEN'S CITIES SERVICE Corner Roufes I36 and 4I STERLING INDIANA 256-M FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCE ENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS JOSTEN'S Since I 897 Compliments of D II III Compliments of INTERSTATE SAND AND GRAVEL COMPANY, INC. Office and Plant COVINGTON INDIANA CongraI'uIaI'ions. Seniors! HILLSBORO GRAIN CO. Buyers of AII Grains COAL-FERTILIZER-SEED Phone: I00 HILLSBORO INDIANA DELUXE CLEANERS Personalized Service for Par+icuIar People Phone: 97 II2 W. SECOND VEEDERSBURG. IND Besi' Wishes Io I'I1e Class o'F I956 FOUNTAIN FOUNDRY CORP. Veedersburg, Indiana CompIimenI's of of JOE MILLION The Best in Pictures U.S. Highway 4I Veedersburg Indiana CompIimen'I's of GRAB-IT-HERE-STORE "Where Ma Saves Pa's Dough" Veedersburg Indiana Complimenis T RE of GROCERY s 0 ROBINETTE FLORAL COMPANY resh MeaI's and Vege+abIes . Phone: 55 40I S. MILL STREET VEEDERSBURG INDIANA VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Darrel L. Fisher VEEDERSBURG REAL ESTATE 81 INSURANCE AGENCY ZI9 E. Second S+ree'I' Phone I2 Veedersburg, Indiana FOUNTAIN COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OPERATIVE ASSN., INC. VEEDERSBURG-COVINGTON-GESSIE-RIVERSIDE CompIeI'e Farming Equipmeni' 37 Phone I37 Complimenfs of BAXTER'S DRUG STORE VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Complimenfs of RED'S TAVERN WILLIAM E. POTTER, Prop. VEEDERSBURG INDIANA ' f STEFFY SERVICE STATION "DX" Service Station Passenger Tires-BaH'eries-Appliances--Accessorie Phone: 27 IU.S. I36I Veedersburg Indiana Compliments of MUELLER-JOHNSON BAKING CO 42I N. COLLETT ST. DANVILLE ILLINOIS Compliments o WILMARTH'S BEN FRANKLIN STORE PHONE 5I VEEDERSBURG INDIANA LOANS-REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE Congratulations, Seniors! HUB AGENCY Phone 47 Carl Songer Compliments of BELTON CANDY COMPANY Danville Illinois I 1 l I 1 1 1 Compliments of ED POWERS CONSTRUCTION CO. V dersburg India Complimenfs of GROSS'S TRUCK STOP OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY VEEDERSBURG INDIANA WRECKER SINCLAIR SERVICE G SOLINE Complimenls of BURGNER'S GARAGE "Since I9II" V cl b g Id FISHERO FUNERAL HOME Serving Ihe Communify for Four Gvenera+ions" Ambulance Service-Lady AH'encIan'I' CHARLES E. FISHERO V d b g I d KERR - RAYBURN IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Sales Service COVINGTON INDIANA Congrafulafions OVE R P EC K'S APPLIANCE 81 HARDWARE VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Marion H., Over ec p I: Phone: 70 Com pIlmen'I's of LITTLE BEVERAGE COMPANY VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Complimenrs of PRESTION SI FREAS Complimenis of BODINE 81 SHELBY FUNERAL HOME COVINGTON INDIANA Comipnlxgs of DESOTO PLYMOUTH MYERS MOTOR SALES I02 W. Sec. S+. Veedersburg Indiana Complefe Banking Service Complimenis of CRAIG FLORAL CO. Complimenis of FI b W' owers y Ire VEEDERSBURG RAINBOW DRIVE-IN IND. IU.S. I36I Phone Veedersburg Indiana 220 PII-o-ne: I88-0 THE STERLING CompIimen+s Mower SHOP 0, Hand and Power Mowers Repaired Precision Grinder-Safisfacfion New Power and Hand Mowers VEEDERSBURG JACK VEEDERSBURG INDIANA IND. HOWARD CompIimenI's of KEN-LEE PHARMACY Phone: 42 ATTICA INDIANA Toys Spor+ing Goods Phone: 547 BUCKLEY NEWS CO. ATTICA INDIANA Complimenfs MORRIS E. WOODS-WALDO E. WOODS Phone 65 of THE PIONEER STORE WQCDS BR05- KINGMAN INDIANA Kingman 'ndiana WABASH VALLEY DINSMORE'S FLOWER SHOP BRILLIANT BRONZE The Besf in Flowers Cash Discouni' SI'aI'ion U. s. I36-R. R. 3 phone, 77 COVINGTON INDIANA COVINGTON INDIANA TH E CompIimen+s COVINGTON FRIEND of Gnd ALLEN AND DILLON THE COVINGTON INDIANA COVINGTON REPUBLICAN CompHmeMs Complimenfs of of BURRIN MILLER'S PHARMACY AUTO SALES COVINGTON INDIANA COVINGTON INDIANA Complimenfs 0, STARKEY FAUST 81 FREY SALES AND SERVICE HARDWARE CSIi.Z'2ofZIe EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE CQVINGTQN INDIANA Covingfon Indiana MAPLE HURST FARMS MILK ICE CREAM Phone II50 CRAWFORDSVILLE INDIANA DanviIIe III KELLY'S POTATO CHIPS Complimenis MEADOW GCLD of ice CREAM CARL VAN DEVANTER MILK VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Danville IIIinois ino CompIimen+s of CARL STARN ES WALLACE INDIANA CompIimenI's of TRU-LAY BLOCK COMPANY WAYNETOWN INDIANA Complimenfs of WILLIAM KNOWLES ROB ROY INDIANA Complimenfs of THE HILLTOP CAFE WAYNETOWN INDIANA CompIimen+s of FRED RICHARDSON I VEEDERSBURG INDIANA CompIimen'I's of THE VEEDERSBURG LUMBER COMPANY VEEDERSBURG INDIANA FRANK'S FOOD MARKET e Besf in Meais--Produce and Gro FREE DELIVERY IN VEEDERSBURG AND STERLING ON ORDERS of 52.00 or More-Phone 9 OCIE BRINER'S CAFE Bes'I' Food in Town VEEDERSBURG INDIANA CLIFFORD BELL's HOME APPLIANCE COMPANY Complefe Line of Wesfinghouse Produci' Servlnglqizuiolrqsz Years Complefe EIec+ricaI and Radio Service , Phone: II veedersburg Indlana Veedersburg Indian Complimems of I Complimenfs of SUGAR CREEK I CREAMERY DANVILLE ILLINOIS I VEEDERSBURG INDIANA I Complimenfs of I CompIimen+s of BEVER BODY SHOP 2:0 Third S+.-Phone WM MR. LUKE WHITE Cvvingfon Indiana COVINGTON INDIANA CompIimenI's of Good Luck, Seniors! DANNY WILSON'S MARSHALL'S STUDIO, INC. BARBER SHOP VEEDERSBURG INDIANA '22 Scum Main S+ree+ III!!--. - - ' --' - f V ---W------f-Afn 644625 SYCAMORE GIFT SHOP Z3 . 6' AND 07 DAIRY BAR Good Food-Besf fn C-Biffs ROCKVILLE, IND E TEXAS - - A--me A' f Muunnli-

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