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Veedersburg High School - Pintus Yearbook (Veedersburg, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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ki, , ,gg ja., nk 0 . 1: -rf. . 4, lk L in-1,-E I Q Q5 1, 522 : - L'-54 J' :uf 111 K . -A 1,-93 1 Lf, S' , if N-:P -2 .. .wg - . ?73ii .Af LE va 1-' 1.-L Yi A31 1 1 3 Q 5, s uf F 1' f r s E Q 5 E sf 3 r 5 Q V. f 5 X... Seine! Amman X I I I We, the Silhouettes, represent you, the Student, in your days at Veedersburg schools. We hope to picture a living account of the activities and school work in which you par- ticipate. We take the form of boy and girl, since this is a co-educational system. Our features are indefinite so that you may more easily identify yourself with us. As you read through our story, we hope that you may become increasingly aware of the part you play. We are proud of the progress of our school. If you are proud of our record of progress, our efforts are well rewarded. Joe and Jane Silhouette of the 1955 Pintus Staff I l w . To , 2-sake ':J 3733? ffl. . lhxir -' -. ??2i?qf"'vP 1 , , '11 . ,.-. .VF - 'P HA, it .,., .. 4353. f ' I.. 1545 'Eb Q, A' Y iigfrr as la .ra ,K J .1 ,L A it hx f? mend? 'PVS ,:L'zf2:L7' ' - 'ffirii 1 .PQ A - 5? '3'.sf.Ji'Es?Qfi?i . .- 3-:1'fz.:ff::vi'giy, i . ,,,, E, ,.'41',ig- f tear: x as S as up 1 ggi.: tix, - :?' 1.---R'?.i'v.:, 1. : -- 1 1 - ' 5 ' It -9 4 - .21 f . ..-, e - , ffm 45' A- . H, Sr? 9 K q ,S5" "'ff'g':',lFL: .- " 'Q -, 1 L' ,tl i -j.s3,..- '7-,Q iii Eff!-1 , :?:fQ". 1-'ff ,.'g-- A f. .Sgt I-iz"': Qu 1' N" if --I-if .1-lil., iris as ' ilisiffm i A . .inw .".w'4 4' "N . ,,4'.-f 14511 -, 51 . t '?Hl'5li?i,1'?2'? I 4 I 4"" 2L'l'. 4 . .v new V.: '-" 'rs g-L, ' .fm Q,-., 'f ...wry .4 it .gg H.,-L z ' rw -ft A . its i s 1 E'lS." .'iii'f,1,3ii" ' '- 'fa ' 9 -fl vi: . 1-faz-5 : ' i r' '5 ' v:l'.'fTT"' ', 5 m' ' ,5g:'.- '1 " A pf .1 ,fin ,-1: - . if v,v:f,.:. 2 ,,-i aeaqt Engl, - 'V f ,Hu -kb, 1.3,9Lfk,bgg5gN ., . ,,1 if .f35,'1'.fyf'H,'5 .--mf ,- A 'e lm-A., T 12f'53fmg?2,?9e t :LY '- x"fnv 'fl' X. rib ,ffm f Q A222512 1 I s if,-Ltr-' P. , D" 1 q a ' - - ,,J,.:, ' i Q :ww-1-ft? 1.?'v.,1 ci: Sa-D ,, . 1, '--kk exwg' QQ Sig ,- , - Q.,--I: .vt P5-5421? :rr .. V W 345:-fi'f9fi.'f K ' ff 1 'pwffis "uw- -.-12:5 -' I. - V' -' . q,4:.iy,.,: f '+-:, . , - ""'f'a-M ffrasfw m.-gg, :,wg- f .-,',u ' ' ' .- ' 1 ' FACULTY SENIORS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS UNDERCLASSMEN ELEMENTARY ADVERTISEMENTS We 9 0wzf4nme4ZZ0.H Yes, Mr. Richard Parke, we are deeply honored for your service. During the three short years as teacher of Industrial Arts you have given a great tribute to our school. Through your kindness and understanding to- ward the students, you have become a favorite with us all. School repairs, gym floor, cedar chests-you have taken them all in your stride. We admire your ability but most of all we admire your patience. ' a To Those Who Read the 1954--1955 Pintus: Another school year is rapidly becoming school his- tory. Your Annual Staff is making an excellent effort to catch the worthy events, personal happenings, etc., which may most likely be of increasing meaning as the years roll by. We hope that they not only record well, but that each year you will be more and more pleased with what they are doing now. In the same way that the years will reveal whether or not this is a good Annual, the years will also reveal the good and the bad in our school planning, adminis- tration, leadership, and our teaching. We hope to be found worthy. Sincerely, Bert Hodge KATHRYN BESSELL-School Clerk. ALVIN AHRENS-Principal, Music D1 rector. Indiana University, B.P., S.M M.A., University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. 7640 MARGARET ASBURY JAMES CHATT JEANETTE COBB Junior High and Seventh Civics, 4-H Leader, Stu- L Grade Sponsor. Indiana dent Council and Senior F atin, English, Library, reshman Class Sponsor. State, B.S. Class Sponsor. Purdue, Indiana University, A.B. B.S. ANNA JOHN-Commerce, Junior Class Sponsor. Ball State, B.S. HELEN MARTIN-Vocational H o m e Economics, 4--H Leader, Sophomore Class Sponsor. Purdue, B.S.H.E. 6 RICHARD PARKE LEON PATTERSON RUTH PRITCHARD Industrial Arts Physical Junior High Coach, As- Junior High Manchester Education H1Y Sponsor. sistant High School Coach, A.B. Indiana State BS Social Studies. Indiana Central, B.S. C A R L SPRAY-Science, Audio-Visual Director, Senior Play and Eighth Grade Sponsor. Indiana University, B.S. ROBERT WILLIAMS-Physical Educa- tion, Coach, Commerce, Driver Educa- tion. Indiana University, B.S., M.S. Sedona Stcwlqte p'W!W"wf0'Ll'46?az!ene 74e5emhfw5,ee42.., ', 7, ,f " If f . X 4113 'vk WW: .. Introducmg our Classmates, The Semor Class of 1955 . . Q-W, x as :gf if 1 X ,, is M? fl ,s ,sg X' Q, 'ff ,,,.....a N 5, ,i.,b,,,..g fm! aiwmfi L..,N..,-f --ww wx 5 .---AM "t':XlYlSE.I?NHDlJ + N .nw I 'J H 1 fi ,S - y S- ' j ' .. Q ...A . . ,M ' K , 2 sssfggngi K " wiv 2 K - if if f , K'g in ? .. . 5 W A f 3 mf Wm M X...-- -.s ,S :-5,w:4 . ., 1-233536. 5 :if L fx- ff. i ' ' L.: La kg, e , 53 X , X5 2 'ww 2 X Q.. -- X, was :'wzsf1Qw '- - -IWW 1f,W.,.. min, .-agree? ' F 1 2 wfgyzzrzgzigi 1. 1 THOMAS RAY BYERS Tom Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Varieties 1, 2, 3, Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, C-V Show 2, 3, Solo and Ensemble Con- test 1, 2, 3, 4-g Student Council Presi- dent 4g Hi-Y 3, 4. BETTY ALICE CLIFT Betsy Chorus 1, 2, Class Play 2, 3g Dramatic Club 1. SHIRLEY JoAN COWAN Sherl Lee Student Council 35 Sunshine 2, 3, Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival 3, 43 Solo and Ensemble Contest 3. MARION L. CRAIG Smokey Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Cross Country 3, Track 3, 4g Hi-Y 4. DALE CUSHMAN Scooter Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 45 Cross Country 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 1g Chorus lg Dramatic Club lg Captain Basketball Team 4. Lois JEAN DOLPH Lois Class Play 4, Dramatic Club 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Choral Festival 1, 2, 4g Usher 1, 2, 3. JANET CAROLYN ENLOW Happy Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Sunshine 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival 2, 3, 4, Varieties 1, C-V Show 2, 3, Usher 1, 2, 3. JASPER FOCLEMAN Fogo Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Play Cast 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Student Manager 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3. BETTY Lou FURR Betty Chorus 1, 2, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4. BILLIE JoAN Gomes Joie Chorus 1, Varieties 1, 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4, Commercial 3, 4. NANCY CAROLYN HAAS Nancy Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival District 1, 2, 3, 4, State 4, Concert Choir 1, 2, C-V Show 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Vice President 3, Sunshine 2, 3, 4, President 4, Discords 2, 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Class Play 4. MARY JANE HELMS Janie Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 1, 2, Discords 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Sunshine 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Newspaper 2, 3. ev --fk ,w 4, fa A, .w,,,WW 5. - , uf ififiei Wilfi - Wulf? ff'F"fNf,5?ZL:,p1 - v5ff1,5C?if1i1?Q -1 -1 f g. . Y is 1 iw? :- ,F N iff' ' QL, 5 we N fi K -1 mx A 1.-Q' A k. Y ,Q L gewf Q' Q. A M, ., -Q,-3:55 , :wg A fl K 23, , Yi 3 ' 5 m Q2 1 . iff Na? L5 K.-i f f , , E- -Wales, , :xt C new - A2-Xawsgf fc -as.g:,XY q 3 I i i shi? - j . WA, , x Q ,Y Q we CHARLES BROOKS LINDAMOOD Chuck Class President l, 2, Varieties 3, Sen- ior Play 4, Student Council President 3, Ex-officio 4, Band 1, Solo and Ensemble Contest l, Hi-Y 3, 4, Annual Staff 1, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff l, American Legion Essay Winner 1, 3, Athletic Statistician. CAROLYN JANE LYoNs Carolyn Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Discords 3, 4, Treble l, Concert Choir l, 2, District Choral Festival l, 2, 3, 4, State Choral Fes- tivial 4, Varieties 1, Dramatic Club l, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Solo and Ensemble Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Student Council 3, Ex-officio 4, Yell Leader l, 2, 3, 4, Miss Freshman 1, Sunshine 2, Vice President 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, C-V Show 2, 3. CHARLES EDGAR MCKINNEY Charley Annual Staff 4, Class Secretary 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, President 4, Senior Play 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, Chorus l, Ag. Judging Team 2, Ath- letic Club 3, 4. JACKIE OWEN MCLEAN Mac Class President 3, Athletic Club Sec- retary 3, Vice President 4, Ag. Vice President 4, Student Council Alternate 3, Ag. Judging Team 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Mr. Freshman l. DONALD ZANE MEEKER Zeke Track 3, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Basketball l, Athletic Club 3, 4, Ag. Trip 3, 4. SHIRLEY GENETT MEEKER Shirley Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Dischords 3, 4, Concert Choir 2, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, District Choral Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Re- porter l, Sunshine 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Dramatics Club 2. WWW f 4 L? ' zu-i1,'LA f1,z,,f2'L WI: - L A . im. g,'fffgf.'s.z,A2. , . V , -- E mu, - t1QYs41,3fg5g-, ., mum 'r ,.-7: In r am- 53535125 -J :R ' N 'H 'naw swf 'iv hw 'z L ,al .1?'1"1v,2zf:. :J A A' ' ev -:sg fw- gggi v -4, fly m . 5, wi 1 ww K aiEa,22sL12Zj5w '- - 'gh , ' k Q11 fffiifiiifg? rw . .,-- fs' ,, ..,. 1 , .f ig -"' 5 Meiji: ' g f: r-gf? ,X . . ' 2'f.LE':?f-.4 . . x ' V . Wil fm e . 1 ' 1 A r Fl - A - ' 'fm we wwfxw Q mvw 11.4. . QWQ? W fegyf -2. . E1 5i'r".', 4 iw if Q 8 W 5.4 'Efxw 5 in, Q24 in x xp igwikf A M Au x yas: Wy X X ff? M .A 5331 "U YK 'gm fx, Qyig fyx - :'- W I. 1 Ag. f .ilifff " 1 ., ,H fi' 'A I K- M X - -1,, 'TW Wil - Q . . WQN' f'S ' 1 .ff Xa f Q ffiwg fmw ggig ...,Da cf! Z JOY ANN ANDERSON-my ability to take shorthand to my sister providing she is as tired the last period of the day as I am. SUELLA FLETCHER BLANTON-my ability to get out of my free periods to Howard Fletcher, if he can get a pass from Mr. Hodge. ROBERT I. BURGNER, JR-my ability to argue with Mr. Spray about the Indiana- Purdue football games and still not get kicked out of class to anyone who wants to root for Purdue. DALE ARNOLD BYERS-my catchers position on the baseball team to anyone who can go 5 hitless games. JIMMIE C. BYERS-my ability to get by without getting caught to my younger brother, Brad. JOANNE YVONNE BYERS-my ability to date Hillsboro boys to Loretta Crumley. THOMAS RAY BYERS-my studious abilities to Jerry Lynch. BETTY ALICE CLIFT-my good times while in VHS to anyone who will get as much fun out of it as I have. SHIRLEY JOAN COWAN-all of my books to my brother, Jerry, providing that he doesn't use them anymore than I did. MARION LUCAS CRAIG-my speed in track to Carl Keyes. DALE ERVIN CUSHMAN-my ability to go steady to anybody that's crazy enough. No joking, it canlt be beat if you have the right girl. LOIS JEAN DOLPH-my ability to get to my first period class in the morning on time to those that seldom make it. JANET CAROLYN ENLOW-my ability to cook to Nellie Odle as long as she uses it before she graduates. JASPER FOGLEMAN-my dual exhausts to anyone with a '39 Chev. BETTY LOU FURR-my ability to wear a pony tail to Mary Whisler providing she lets her hair grow. BILLY JOAN GOINGS-my studious abilities to anyone who can successfully loaf. NANCY CAROLYN HAAS-my typewriter to anyone who is a good mechanic. MARY JANE HELMS-my ability to get bookkeeping to anyone who is already mixed up. DCBNALD J. HOAGLAND-my ability to get out of the study hall to Janet Franke- erger. RITA JO IRWIN-my quiet ways to Gwen Steffy. HELEN LUCILLE KEELING-my ability to have the appearance of working when l'm not to anyone who can get by with it. THELMA LAVERNE KEENE-my ability to get to class just in time to Hazel Hess. CITIROL JEAN LAMB--my ability to go with a Covington boy to Rosemary More- ouse. DONALD WAYNE LIGHTLE-my ability to get along with the teachers to my brother, David. CHARLES BROOKS LINDAMOOD-my ability to skip morning classes and to be late during my Senior year to Bill Howard. CAROLYN JANE LYONS-my four years of cheer-leading to my cousin, Marilyn. CHARLES EDGAR MCKINNEY--my Ist base position to anyone who doesn't mind wild throws from Dale Keeling and Duane Payton. JACKIE OWEN MCLEAN-my ability to play forward on the basketball team to Leon Stonecipher. DONALD ZANE MEEKER-my track ability to Jack Stonebraker. SHIRLEY GENETT MEEKER-my ability to keep single during high school to Donna Ponder. BETTY .LOU MINICK-my ability to waste all my time erasing errors in typing to Janice Kelly. CAROLYN ANN PICKETT-my ability to get English to the Junior boys. ELEANOR JEAN STONEBRAKER-my ability to make friends with boys from different towns to Anita Blackford. LARRY GILBERT STREAN-my short walk to school to Gary Mitchell. CATHERINE JUNE WILDMAN-my happines to anyone who doesn't let troubles trouble them. DORIS EVELYN WILSON-my ability to drive to my sisters, providing they use the brakes occasionally. -2 i 'll ' Z NJ 0000 f -v -E S. "2"-f::' 'riff Me Wade 4 Mystery! Comedy! Drama! Patrons of Veedersburg High School had a chance to enjoy all three the night of December 14th when the Senior Class presented three one-act plays entitled The Laughing Ghost, Aunt Miranda's Will and No Greater Love. Characters appeared in bizarre costumes and black grease paint when Charles McKinney, Betty Furr, Sue Blanton, Donald Lightle, Eleanor Stonebraker, Lois Dolph and Joanne Byers had leading parts in The Laughing Ghost, a mystery that involved dark house lights and eerie laughter. Mr. Carl Spray served as faculty director. Donald Hoagland, Dale Byers, Carolyn Lyons, Shirley Meeker, Billie Goings, Nancy Haas, Carol Lamb, and ,lack McLean were selected for leading roles in the comedy, Aunt Mirandais Will. This play, an adventure of a boy who masquerades as a girl to deceive his wealthy Aunt Miranda, was directed by Mrs. Marilyn O'Brien. The evening closed with a serious note when Bob Burgher, Charles Lindamood, Carolyn Pickett, Catherine Wildman and Mary ,lane Helms presented a drama, No Greater Love, concerning the choice of a young doctor to leave possible fame and riches for a life of service to residents of a backward, impoverished community. Mr. James Chatt directed the drama. At the conclusion of the plays, the sponsors were awarded gifts by members of their casts and a pitch-in snack party was held downstairs. fait ,ss :gig W . Q' Ag Qi ' wa f , ' 1 AU xg is Q gancqvg qs U .- 4? Dfzgaxbm y' mi M A f, l . ,J N I ,Ioy Ann Anderson Become a Phys. Ed. teacher. I Oh, Gee! Teasing Suella Fletcher Blanton Live to see Skip get a new car. Doing most anything for fun. Robert I, Burgner Get through college. Dig ya, Dad! Talking in Chemistry class. Dale Arnold Byers I The price of antiques goes up so Yeah! My old Ford. I can sell the Ford. Jimmie C, Byers Receive my diploma. Yeah-How Come? Sleeping and laughing. I - Joanne Yvonne Byers E Become a beautician. Be no days like this, Doc. Red hair, freckles, talk- Themas Ray Byers I Am a successful engineer. Hey, kid. My nicknames. Betty Alice Clift Am a secretary. My Gosh! Blonde hair and blue eyes. Shirley Jean Cowan Can retire at 25. I I'll be darned! Being late to class. Marion Lucas Craig Am a farmer or pharmacist. . Heck no! Paying attention in class-to girls. Dale Ervin Cushman Get all I want from life. How 'bout that? G0iIlg SlCadY, SPONS and being late to practice. Lois ,lean Dolph Enter the business world. Gee Whiz! My friendliness. janet Caroline Enlow Graduate from business school. Cheer up, chum. There's better NiCkH3mCS- 20 days ahead. idl act. fStup way I They t all! ofi 6 III Sha he T late. O O -4-a YD 'ia-I - -1 Q F-4 O 'Q-1 U -Q S E 3. Am all III er Fogle J asp CCZCS. S11 Loud ugh! I'O That's model. Ca IH Beco Furr 011 L euy B Jig MAE .miriam mga-4 .EOL H52 hm:-CQ .Elm wiwmna 1:5 WWNQO M2656 Cm w:MQOOgm 6325 wguoux m-:bww .Elm migmiu 'Msg 3505 .EEF mimi DNAEEUWWM H: WUQHNLQ OH JAEEUQN C9502 V-Og. OH wiuzndk 'W--QA wewgww Hmimvgmm iw!-2 wiauog 4 Siam WEOU de: 2: :N wig-an .MESOS mixing .SO ,SME N wigg- WBEDE v-Og Wg-m -2-Q doggamv 1-tgps JQEF m-:Dm mg-O ,swam OE E Hgwi-PA O-is E N 5021 io Ei io um WO OE-Em 2:5 .ES H856 H EO w 505 SEEK T:Hw0COm .305 HACOHV H N REB .si D33 2 U2 can Hume E4 :mow goo -SEED WO 3:65 N mms-F :Ee :Ei ,Em llama? HHESEUMED H jimi: Em am wo OES? Bin 15053 50? NOEOQ 30m HEMOOW NA-UOQOEOD -Um-HDI N EQ IWWUEMWDQ im tOUOU5m .EOL wma N gsm do ESB 5:2 dwg! N E4 .mem EOE :N 093150 EN E4 IHSIWOE EWU :W EEC N E4 .BgmEwOHOF-Q N EQ .EBV EL WNSOEM :gm 2: 233 552 2 EU HEWEO3 SSW -W sm 2 35 .mvwmv-MOU E w3Ogm Jaw UEOW EOL gg Q SN: .ii 3 :um MEN u-S3 S 9:3 Baz SEE EO: mag ON WBQEWWMN-U he HEEUEMQ 'mem E02 S 093350 EN BECOME .ENE EBSQ HW EEE H I - -:Egan N E4 .mv-Om WO Bm S wig Dmmnwiakiwhg W5 mmggm- 95:- AOOSQW CM Ov E ml OU-5 lwdhm E 20:3 C-'G 5055 md 095: .CN-0:5602 N Et COW-SP En-gm ESQ EWEESP gi E12-EU Exim :REU is-A Evijmigw Eiga 33-UE -EQ Ck-O30 M3-Em: DOA gsm BABE EEUU RAB:-A-m 53002 DBMS and-HOG CMO,-OE B036 OC-O52 HAMEEMO2 awww wmv-:EU WCONAHH vii' FA-OSU D-Ew:.UE?? Egan QOOEMCEMA wxOOHm WO-H656 AE-NA gl -0:6 gg! NEB:-H Megan. wr-:gm 2:25 C0-om Eg: OH SE MEN-mdom .H Egan 'main gg- gE mg: OE-0:6 EEZ 350: EO-1 O:-E I2 C5 KA ,Y 4 1 X K x at W ws 5, ' f 0 I 21-EM: f-'15i3i2Q1f2ig2gQ1f i , -'I-fgiw yggffef Begg-1.Z1'zzw .- g f ' I " 1-2,25 'Miz wy,z.1g:-Q, 1 1 . .i-"f2f.gefzf2 fgQfiSf 1 A 1 51 ' ' I Lf,fiLs?ff, W I I' 5 f i95s 'ivii.viTS1fif -I - -s ijilzffifi, lf. , ' ' ff . . -M N EN if-11 - I fig If - -I .Q FlfZY59El?:z"k5. " if 2 ggv gxjgfggj . Civ if I- ' ..gm5:i.. 3 'I f N ' qw 3- 514 f 1.5 g ,- " I if 1. , 2 K1 ' 5 if X I . . , K' f -E f,1fwM, Q, 1.5. .yiq r , pw- , - , 9, ., ff' V, 2 Mg. ,E .. ff' i i 'Q' I ff! 7 -fl M vii' x I." I: - 55 :ali .3 , E, I f if -57 l . . Z .5 BILL HOWARD SUE BLANTON DICK KEELING BEVERLY HELEMS DON HOAGLAND GWEN STEFFY DARYEL TOWNSEND ROSEMARY MOREHOUSE CLARENCE KEELINC SHERRY KING 1 A H 1 '1 ff" , 2 ' I I I For Each of Our Interests NJ V. H. S. Offers a Club L A ,f' " 2 V e- 'QF' V1 ,, 24 " 1' -t:'L51Lf-lb . .- .. 4.1 ,," ' '- -'.'ff,.'L.-'f. N-' , ' . W 951 .., r , . ,, 525 4 . W . SX Q y.'?zmEfilf Qzgfgsfia ,551 J fvf- -0 2 . ml' 37: ' p-f3gqr4w""""' Kl,,.'-.lL.2F5fLf77F""' m1N5fl Wb'klmxf'i 'uf M. A, H WM,,,,,.-gp-ev ' Q Q The Student Council has as its aim the encouragement of loyalty, morale and spirit at Veedersburg High School. Another purpose is to give the student body representation in the administration of extracurricular activities. Tom Byers was elected president of the organization. Others holding offices were Catherine Wildman, vice president, Sue Blanton, secretary and Mary Jane Helms, treasurer. A new amendment to the constitution states that elections will be held in the spring instead of the fall. The group has sponsored the construction of a trophy case and a lecture stand, made possible by the work of the shop classes. They have also planned some excellent auditorium programs for the entire school. Speakers from Arabia, Turkey, and Japan have helped to broaden student interest in international affairs. First row: Mary Jane Helms, Tom Byers, Catherine Wildman. Second row: Joanne Adair, Danny Hodge, Carolyn Lyons, Charles Lindamood, Carolyn Pickett, Bill Starkey. Third row: Tommy Linker, Margaret Pritchard, Bud Bever, Berta Ruth Mitchell, Dallas Ponder, Lucille Keeling, Jim Hughes. GETTING READY FOR PAUSES THAT REFRESH-Bill Howard, Carol Lamb, Gwen Steffy and Shirley Meeker help the school manage concession sales. Another worthwhile project of the Student Council is that of sponsoring the sale of concessions. This year the committee consists of Shirley Meeker, chairmang Gwen Steffy, Bill Howard and Carol Lamb. Their work is to take care of all the candy, ice cream, pop or other food stuffs sold in the school building. fu, . SUNSHINE OFFICERS-Left to right: Nancy Haas, President, Maragret Pritchard. Vice President, Berta Mitchell, Secretary, Rosemary Morehouse, Corresponding Secretary, Cathrine Wildman, Treasurer, Carolyn Lyons, Pro- gram Chairman. Center circle: Miss Grace McCurry, Sponsor. Q I eu-----' First row: R. Morehouse. C. Wildman. C. Lyons, B. Mitchell, M. Pritchard, N. Haas, C. McCurry Second row: M. Horst, C. Craig, M. English, D. Keller, D. Wilson, J. Enlow, J. Hershberger P Summers, S Keeling, N. McDonald, E. Minnick, R. lrwin, S. Meeker, D. Hartle, C. Steffy Third rosy: D.'F1etcher, A. Blackford, N. Odle, J. Ffankebefgef, K. somhafa, H. Keating, s. Linker, C. Lamb, D. Ponder, J. Saxton, R. Steffy, G. Rhodes, A. Pickett, M. Helms, B. Burgner. Fourth row: J. Wall, J. Campbell, B. Caylor, S. Ferguson, J. Adair, L. Keeling, J. Layman M. Ahrens, S. Switzer, S. Keeling, D. Mitchell, M. Coings, H. Hess, O. Wall, I. Johnson. v 'Y "Senate 145006 Sdf The Sunshine Girls, organization has quickly become an integral part of Veeders- burg high school life. Under the sponsorship of Miss Grace lVIcCurry, the girls have assisted various school projects. Installation of officers was held early in the fall semester. The members agreed to sell candy and Christmas ribbons as a fall project. A Christmas party was planned and each member agreed to bring a little girl to the party. Dolls were dressed in fancy garb to be presented to each small guest. Santa Ralph lVlcCary presented the dolls for the party. Sunshine girls also handled TB fund sales and the March of Dimes polio drive as part of their service to the school. A joint Hi-Y-Sunshine party was held in February. Every member enjoyed the timely discussions and the delicious refreshments. fiiilirls...-.i ,- li 'EL'- mzzdemlwzde The Veedersburg High School Hi-Y organization began its fall semester plans with a membership campaign. Monthly programs were planned. Officers elected for the current year were Charles McKinney, Presidentg Bill Howard, Vice Presi- dent, Danny Hodge, Secretaryg David Myers, Treasurer. Character development is the prime purpose of this fine club. Dr. Freas gave a talk to the entire group on c'The Importance of Education? Dr. Person also spoke to the boys. First row: Marion Craig, David Cushman, Glen Craig, Don Hoagland, Charles Lindamood Richard Craig, Dave Myers, Ronnie Manning, Dallas Ponder. Second row: Danny Hodge Philo Wildman, Daryel Townsend, Howard Fletcher, Jerry Brandenburg, Jasper Fogleman Duane Payton, ,lim Andrews, Tom Byers. Third row: Art Krueger, Bill Howard, David Rusk Bob Burgner, Bill Starkey, Charles McKinney, Larry Reed, Bill Craig. 1 7 2 ide ewze2a79fzc2a! First row: Gwen Steffy, Carolyn Lyons, Bob Burgner, Danny Hodge, Janet Frankeberger. Second row: Charles Lindamood, Charles McKinney, Donald Hoagland, David Myers, Bonnie Manning, Jerry Brandenburg. Progress charts, dummies, page envelopes, rulers, rubber cement, deadlines and aspirins formed the nucleus of this year,s Pintus. Editing the annual was Bob Burgner. Janet Frankeberger served as assistant editor. The photography editor, Gwen Steffy, had the job of arranging pictures and seeing that all photographs were in by deadline time. Write-ups of Veedersburg athletics were prepared by Don Hoagland. Charles McKinney headed the business staff, assisted by Bill Howard. Art work and the Pintus cover design were prepared by Charles Linda- mood. Marcia Ahrens served as his assistant art editor. Carolyn Lyons collected the school activity section with help by Carol Lamb and Shirley Meeker. David Myers edited the elementary section while Ronnie Manning, Jerry Brandenburg and Daryel Townsend helped with the job. Danny Hodge served as copy editor. Hazel Hess and Glen Craig prepared copy. Lucille Keeling typed much of the copy and Mrs. O'Brien served as the group's sponsor. We hope that the coordination of their effort produced an accurate account of the school year 1954-1955. Off to Purdue vgsvgn 352' A f -15-gm: Aw A i?g?w2 S555 mir! HV - ,V L.gLg,.,a., Floating to Victory I I I I C L. '4ffvHilN3?Mk. gm i Q ,T 5 f s 1 36 '.,.,.--1 S. in M-"""'M VEEDERSUURG HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND-fReadiug front to liaekt Sonja Switzer, Drum Major. File I: Ordella Wall. Majorette. Daryel Townsend, ,lane Myers, Sherry King, Rita Orwin. Patsy Summers. Janet Hershberger, Susan Tow:-ll. Mary Jane Helms. File ll: Sandra Ferguson, Majoretle, Hazel Hess. Joanne Byers, .laniee Parham, Carolyn Lyons, Jill Wall, ,lane HtJTSllll6Tgl'T. joy Anderson. ,lanet Hayes. File III: Holm Burgner. LaVerne Keene, Carolyn Turpin, ,Ion Boggs. Camilla lVlilChell, Gail Byers, Cynthia Harrison. Beverly Helms. File IV: Ruth Allen, Donna Mitehell, Ramona Steffy, Sandra Linker, Russel Jenks, Berta Mitchell, Judith Campbell, Tom Byers. File V: janet Frankelierger, Majorette, Nancy Haas, Dwight Gookins. Doris Anderson. Martha English, Anita Blackford, Charlotte McKinney, Margaret Pritchard, Jodie Boggs. File VI: Gwen Steffy, Majorette, Danny Hodge, Marcia Ahrens, Barbara llurgner, Rosemary Morehouse. Nellie Odle. llavid Myers. Glenda Rhodes, Don Elmore. gauze! " Early in the fall of 1954 the Marching Band participated in the State Fair Contest at Indianapolis. We were among the first 20 hands which received cash awards. Seventy bands were entered in the competition. Before the leaves fell the band played a varied concert at the local Lions Cluh Fish Fry as well as at Hillsborols. At the Crawfordsville Christmas Parade the VHS. Band float walked off with the first place honor winning a fifty dollar cash award. The theme of the float was HPeace on Earth, Good Will Toward Mend, The hand received twenty-five dollars for playing in the parade. The band provided music for all the home basketball games. The halftime shows were very popular with the basketball fans again this year. O First row: Cwcn Steffy, Ann Pickett, Shirley Meeker, Carol Lamb, Carolyn Lyons, Mary ,lane- Helms. Second row: Margaret Pritchard, Nancy Haas, Donna Mitchell, Marcia Ahrens, Janice Layman, Berta Ruth Mitchell, Janet Frankebcrger. i - dis' A '1 Ai' -' 1 ' Sedan! .C i . 1 W 38 x , 3 First row: Mr. Ahrens, Doris Wilson, Glenda Rhodes, Eleanor Minnick, Rosemary Morehouse, Shirley Meeker, Cwen Steffy, Kathren Wilson, Barbara Burgner, George Dobbs, Jon Boggs, Rusty Jenks, Don Elmore, Danny Hodge, Gail Byers, Sandy Ferguson, Jill Wall, Mary Whisler, Berta Ruth Mitchell. Second row: Janet Hershlrerger, Carolyn Wilson, Ann Pickett, Rita lrwin, Ordella Wall, Janice Kelly, Janet Enlow, Tommy Byers, John Burgner, David Myers, Buddy Burgner, Doris Anderson, Janice Layman, Mary Louise Coings, Saundra Linker. Third row: Carolyn Hancock, Carol Craig, Mary Borst, Anita Blackford, Margaret Pritchard, Carol Lamb, Marcia Ahrens, Donna Mitchell, Nellie Odle, Larry Strean, Don Hoagland, Dale Byers, Carolyn Lyons, Ramona Steffy, Martha English, Doris Hartle. Fourth row: Lucille Keeling, Judy Campbell, Sonia Switzer, Nancy Haas, Shirley Foley, Loretta Crumbly, Betty Furr, Lois Dolph, Betty Minnick, Laverne Keene, Hazel Hess, Patsy Summers, Janet Frankeherger, Joy Anderson, Mary Jane Helms, Joanne Byers. gl F1 .gui CX N Early in the fall a group of Juniors and Seniors from our chorus sang in the State Choral Festival. In November the chorus sang "Fm Proud to be an American" and HThe Lord Bless You and Keep Youw for the Thanksgiving Union Service at the Christian Church. Many of the Chorus members voluntarily sang with the Community Chorus in the Presentation of Handel's 4'Messiah." The Chorus with band accompaniment sang Wfhey Call It America" for the American Legion Program in February. The district solo and ensemble contest was held at Frankfort on February 5. Twenty-four events were enteredg nine won first division honors. The winners were Barbara Burgner, Tom Byers, Jane Hershberger, Charlotte McKinney, Berta Ruth Mitchell, Gwen Steffy, Janet Frankeberger, Marilyn Drummond, Dwight Cookins, Margaret Pritchard, Marcia Ahrens, Carol Lamb and Janice Layman. Ten seconds and five thirds were received. The students who had entered the district contest in class "Cn were eligible to try for State honors at Butler University on February 19. Tom Byers, Berta Ruth Mitchell, Jane Hershberger, and Charlotte McKinney each were awarded the state red, white, and blue winners medal. Three events placed in the second division and one in third. Ahrens in action . . . the band at ease , 74: K. - , ,. . , , 1, ., - ,f!x , fr, 1 jd, ,:'..V.t, JH' I 4 II l,,',m .- .'? q,".f"'-1-'F A J' ig!" .' v.vf,'i' - ,:.?H:4v,,:,l'r'- , .I -qifrfgk , A I' Q'f?'5"":JA' A N ' I "gxfLiYQQ'Q'l 'j" 'f - in ' ' 1,1 ?'l.I,v:i,, QV? , . :JN X . . .H.t?'jigg?kL ..:,. I wx.-I 40? , 1 V, in ,tt 4-:gn I. V, V, A5 I -1.q.,, , .1 -f. 4 yu . 1.7. 31 - Q4 . I ' ' ' S' JH' ,fum X .',f.x ' ' - G' IV ".-" , . .-L 5' f nf -r J F.. . .. ' . 3 .rigs Axim 2... f. " ,1:,f'-' V3 - 55 gy, g, ,J 'I f ' lx- .1 .. "L ' X' P ' " 'Q' I .vw YE wp., , ' -FI: ' f - W 9- , ' I , 3:5 16545. ,,.-,'I.f'3g::7 . lc. ,, 1 I 4 , Q 1, , K 1 ,..,,.-L,-,V,.l? -' ' .I " ' ,F lf g . - -'Y - f rv -1 'rv 3'-if-:m':f' N, '74 .' fi , .': f ' 5 1 ' 'A 5 7 ' 1' ' ""5icL'.N 'R "'2'4i71w5'h, 5. ' ' li 1.216552 - V 'fiillz-? 'flriiufs 'MX' D- . g ' 'Ziff Z??fS544 . ' N ffrffff-''ii-f7'-11215 'Y' -if . - . . -3 5' . .'.L'1J2"Q7Y: 'fx , .Y . , - ., , , W ' -"-efwf, My .- . lpif xx ,f ', v, 9 'riffivft ff: 1' af- -143' ' f.. 'ff 2 2.13, Wf"?5' ftiif ' 52. c'Sff5,l ..1 '. f 'r ' 1:-L wg.-. 11 V, 1 f lf, .lf ,-g1,-., ng' lib 'YW X jf.-v rllgji. 'f ' xfllf '94, I . ,- tgp .L 3313 nf' , -:721 5: 51192 55' M ' ',, X ' , xl, J l A I5 jill - 1.22 :gn A,, 54 .f:":.', l H ' f 1 3 I. ln' ,R . . 3 A ,ij gsf itly 1 'H' 'A I if H 4,-61, . '. f . I f JfNXffij"". b . ig? ,cp 525514 5? 3955 V - . . ,,- ,,y.-X'-1 ' ,I .1134 Q41 lf. . Q ,. ,Y A AJ6Zfgf,7-,fz,f5?43. nn: 52-1512: '! -1, V--:,,ZJw :af 5-35.5 4 .mf v'f'f 3 -ff Hgasvigfsr . .' 9 ,'? .fJ?.:,eSi' Lui 1:z'?,i ,. . ,rr ..,,,,. .,,,. V , 4, .1 ,, .h,,,,J.. . . , e 1' V ..- .-,3if'5,Lf,.ff -' fm-, .- . I. , , . . . I 'F A dn' , gf ff? x...f ... ,fkfv-4 ,. .' , 1:1 133 Pf .J "' , 'I - jf e 1 - 'f-",.v .Ag ,, ' f 'fi drfs. ' -f' 4-'f 11 :live ' L '.,' 'G 3150. 1 40 . .I I ffzgfj? 5 , -rl -5,-.-,L 1 1 D I 1 ,,..,,l.1:,,,..,. Qf,n1-,.,..,.g',- 1 5--,-4: 14- .- 2. . . -' -1, ., fw.,,r.,g K 'ms-.'. Ju,-"rr 'v"'-215, . ,. 1 ,nf 1 , .- K'-f.f'.1fav f-1 ,,.-,',1 . ,,.',,f,.-,..:,i5,.:. . ,?,v. 1 --. wwf' -. X me-'.:., 1. mm. 3"f 4 A -mi 411.135 , - A iv '11,- - A4 -. ff My 4 u ,q :Vw ,fl .i r - ... 4 ,fr - , J.. 8.371 5 " -" . P xv-I "' ' 'gi ' e KI, I w, .6-Q, - A w - A? - , , A - , ' :Hg .' 'G u ' I.: , 5 yr-A A 351, '4 q -riff' -f. 5l'Q4'f,-'fi . a fi PQ "I -N1 ?,'Y'1'f 'rf' -' 4'.'z Y: v w 2' '5 . ' -'. HM WHT -' .-Af' H, , 4, -51:7 ' 1zl'f"'4-'I 419553-fi: ,H .J 'fig .4,3' ,g'Q:u.:?if.: . ,l, ,J V..-hy. ..- s ,JN , M' .six , " I , ij Q4 1 4' ,'.1lJ'.,-gp: .1-g,'.,,g:,.:,, .4 . fu-ivy X151 l.b".,:i.2,:.'g:y,.' fl All .4 V: ,. xv :J-'. ' A r"f. I.-L. -v.5.1.::-RA ' .1 . - . S 0 We Strive to Do Our Best . . . ob as iiEasfii1421?5?'2-QQ-SJW F 4- 1 KLMMQM Vieux is 1 we -244 r Wauztq S JAMES ANDREWS SCORES V.H.S. Opp. Nov. 5-Linden , , 49 54 Nov. 12-Hillsboro , 40 54 Nov. 16-Cayuga r,,,,, ,,.,,A. 6 0 56 Nov. 19-Williamsport ,,,,... 54 47 Nov. -Sbelburn ,, ,,,, ,,,,,, 6 5 55 DALE Dec. 3-Charlton ,,,., ,7,7,,, 5 5 48 BYERS Dec. 10-Waynetown 77,77,, 59 65 Dec. 11-Jackson Twp. ,...,,, 55 82 Dec. 17-Covington ,7,7,7,7,7 ,7,..77 4 6 55 Dec. 21-Hillsboro ,,.,.,7 7,,,,,. 4 3 46 lan. 7-Boswell ,, 7,,6767,,,,7,,7 6,..... 3 7 43 Jan. 11-West Lebanon ,,Y,.....,,7,,,.w..,,7 ,,...,A 4 2 60 Jan. 14-Richland ...,,...,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,.,,,,, 65 72 19-20-21-22--Wabash Valley Prelims 27-28-29-Wabash Valley Prelim Finals Jan. 28-Pine Village .,,,,,...v,.,,..77,,w..,,,,7,,,,,. 52 50 Feb. 1-Attica ....,,,.,, ,..,,. 3 6 52 Feb. 4-Perrysville .. ,,.... 65 69 Feb. 11-Kingman ...,., .,..... 7 3 62 Feb. 18-Ambia ,,..., ,,,,,,. 5 2 54 CARL KEYES DAVID DON DALE RUSK HOAGLAND CUSHMAN 1 Seam DALE KEELING 6 Everyone has begun to sit up and take notice of our Green Devils, because they have found out we are an up and coming team. We have deflated seven teams with our little green pitchforks, and have come very close to pinning several others to the ground this season. lt isn,t whether you 'Hin or whether you lose, it's how you play the game. When we get on our merry way next year all of our opponents had better look out, because we7re after their scalps. IVAN TRINKLE WABASH VALLEY PRELIMS We met our southern neighbors, the Wallace Peppers, on Thursday and were victorious. That sent us into the semi-finals on Saturday afternoon, and we were defeated by the Wildcats who proved themselves champions of the Wabash Valley Prelims. SECTIONAL TOURNEY V.H.S. was off to a roaring start with a ten to twelve point lead all of the way and an eight point win over Kingman Wednesday night, 69-61. We returned Friday night and met our neighbor Hillsboro to lose a very good game by two points. But they were defeated in the final game by the Attica Red Ramblers. ALLAN HARRIS BILL JACK DUANE HOWARD McLEAN PAYTON M -i . 1954-1955 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD-Left to right: Dale Cushman, lvan Trinkle, Dale Byers, Jack McLean, Carl Keyes, Allan Harris, David Rusk, Bill Howard, Jim Andrews, Duane Payton, Don Hoagland, Dale Keeling. O Dec First row: Tom Booe, Ivan Trinkle, James Keeling, Sam Foley. Second row: Philo Wildman, James Andrews, William Starkey, Dale Keeling. Third row: Daryel Townsend, Larry VanNote, Larry Reed, LeRoy Dismore. Nov Nov Nov. NOV Nov. Dec. Dec Dec. Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feh Feb Feb Feb 5vLinden 12-Hillsboro l 6ACavuga 19-Williamsport -Shelburn 3-Charlton 10-W'avnetown 11-Jackson Twp. 17-Covington 21-Hillsboro 7-Boswell 11-West Lebanon l4-Richland Twp. 28-Pine Village l-Attica 4f-Perrysville 11-wlfingman 18-Ambia Our up and coming Stars on the re- serve squad have had a very good sea- son, with fourteen victories for our Deviletts' record. This goes to prove we have what it takes to make a winning ball club, and next year we can show every one that Veedersburg has a team with a victory studded crown. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. agdzd 15-Covington 18-Attica 2-Cates 6--Pine Village 8-Crawfordsville 13-Covington 6-Richland 13fKingman Jan. 24-West Lebanon Feb. 3-Attica Feb. 7-Cayuga Feb. 17-Perrysville Tournament "CHAMPIONS, Nov. Nov Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Feb. ll-Covington 22-Kingman 13-Covington 16-Williamsport 24-West Lebanon 31-Hillsboro 7-Cayuga First row: Dick Gross, Ronnie Warrick, Arthur Fletcher, Paul Pritchard David Lightle, Lewis Bever, Leon Patterson. Second row: Kenneth Krout Terry Krout, Dennis Van Note, Ora Krout, Hubert Dunivan, Dick Keeling. Third row: Dick McClure, Marilyn Gross, Beverly Helms, Camilla Mitchell Cary Mitchell. 1 v 1 First row: Jerry Hasselbring, Tom Linker, Sharrol Pickett, Sharry King Patty Krout, Leland Philpott, Coach Leon Patterson. Second row: ,lay Kell Mike Morehouse, C. V. Keeling, Dennis Hughes, Owen Keeling, Dick McClure Third row: Jim McCutcham, Jerry Hacker, Charles Walls, Earl Robbins Robin Fogleman. YELL LEADERS, Seventh Grade - Sharon K i n g, Sharon Kendrick, P a t t y Krout. wwf?-'J Ze!!! YELL LEADERS, Eighth Grade - Beverly Helms, Camilla Mitchell, Marilyn Gross. X '- K Q Q 2? First row: William Howard, Charles McKinney, Duane Payton, Tom Booe, Dale Keeling, Sam Foley. Second row: lvan Trinkle, Dale Cushman, James Keeling, Skip Byers, Don Hoagland, ,lack McLean. Third row: Zane Meeker, Bill Starkey, Jim Byers, Howard Fletcher, David Rusk, Larry Reed. Last fall our baseball team played in the league made up of surrounding teams and was defeated by the West Lebanon Clippers, in the final game for the trophy. Otherwise we had a victorious season with only two defeats the whole run. We are looking forward to a very good season this spring with a clean slate and a victorious team. Q I Q ivan 4L X,,.v - W l lilirgf -Y "- -'- ---2- f ,-tg,- -7? fiilillin' ,.-, . , ,X Q S' x h,m,,.,..-..-. ngr ,. .W . f , 'ang ,ff --Q," 'f Rin ' r fl A E x Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. First row: Bradley Byers, Larry Holland, Jim Hughes, Bob Pickett, Dennis Manning. Second Junior Tetheroh, Leon Stonecipher 15-Covington 18--Attica 22-Kingman 6-Pine Village 8-Crawfordsville ,,,,., 16-Williamsport ..... ,..,. 10-Williamsport .,.V. ,,,,, 3--Attica .,,,.,.... 10-Cayuga v,,,.. 14-Covington ..,.., ,r,,. 1 7-Perrysville ....,, Won Won Won Won Lost Won Won Lost Won W on Won il' 0 'S Sk row: Student Manager, Thomas Wilson. Third row: Bill Birge, Dick Lightle, Jack Sl0IlPlJT3liPI' ff 6 :N M 64 "Aw TEAM YELL LEADERS 5 Betty Furr, Carolyn L y 0 n s, Janice Layman. "Bw TEAM YELL l, E A D E R S -- Hazel H e s s, Ramona Steffy, Mary Goings. Reading Clockwise: ,lan- ice Layman, Mary Go- ings, Betty Furr, Hazel Hess, Carolyn Lyons, Ramona Steffy. Wm 7mm - -L 2 Q 5 4 L. A w. r lm mum, ,410--ff 2 -x--111. , A F - i I H M I -d de x 9 jab rx 1. Af Y 7 f l ,153 ,mu f K 13, 1 . - f' X ex J Ap L gx .f I fp A, , ff 1 u r , J J, W ' Mtn" I. r 1 1- U. v A :yqsxvw Q f,,A,'v 7 f' A ,s 1 - y 4 I 41 nv ,A 9 ,1 , 1.41 N, " A ,U x 1 -: . m s S ,. n' wg 'W x N ,N ,..., 1 4 ,f -u.49g,:L Hina With Th We T011 C A v , -1 . 3. A 1+ -gy? 8? 1 A-..'1.f:. ,-4-4 V- I-,RH-'f .4.yf2D.s:':,zH:. bn, -wi. '-Fig., ,. -V NR: .:.ff.C -.--3: .y:,:, . . .,. U, K . I ,. ,334 ,,,-.,'..g f!i:5!'i-ffl:1,f'iIf5fi1f.5f.- 'fifjgf 621222. .,2'1f'-'-" , 1' +A'-xiskcyafi.2:55:41 7 ,.-qf,a'2::.f'4v Cf':1'X"L23iQ , 'H '-f - .4539 Q 4 1' ,f:4.3jq3r:g.- :fy :Xml -fill' "fr: ,, '-Wk. 2 .f:ffffv2" ,H .-X'fiisxcfaieili--?2',yff' Jfii-'S7i,..?2'2ad,f Q:"f'3-:2,'-,bkaq THQ' 'W '.-W' 13"PY"1i'f57fF.?':Y'fP'..,f:f'f k v -1. r ,.-,4--ggglsl 5, V- - V , ima ,gifijf-' 04' s-'wg 4 np. L.-. f ,," ,1- ,, - P W 'Y' " .1 v A V ...-.ZH ,MJ-I. g,,.' g , - X I p :1jZ'E,':, - - 1 '- , ' , 56 ' x JVj",':-if-. . fA.'4HvL:. 1 ., ,,,.,lN:5vgv,.. ,...,-ffm-f. ' -V ,,,,L..f,-. , I N -., ese Classmates M5, 5 422.224, ,aff 2,5 - B- L E M. 1-ww M '3 ,,,n1.A .ffl 1 1' 'M .144 323' W1 an 7 gm' 'Mi 'Z M, am W M . M Q, X ,MK X ki -'Fi -5,5 hmi ws an I T52 E N H x 3 I 1 . , 3, ,- li I .f 12. .. W if A V'-' A . r V 2,-Q .A ,E .,,- an 'QM' 1 T V ki V K 5 . M Q ' f ,V A . f. W Q35 K A ' 2 . A m A ag, 1: . X -"x V' g4l,,Q.g.lfv Wffmw . "f, Q A ,M-r""" 'K' W ,K In ' WQQAQKWA ' ' 'W . 4. we 'KN .Q A . . , , - .., Q V V as rw. ggi-V -7 J' " Q. . 5-.Jw 7 ,m 1 41. A U, xl, .A 2. . A -Y Q At work Marcia Ahrens Anita Blackford Mary Borst Jerry Brandenburg Harold Coleman Bob Cooper Billy Joe Craig Glen Craig Richard Craig Loretta Crumley President . . . DUANE PAYTON Vice President . . . MARCIA AHRENS Secretary , . . DONNA MITCHELL Treasurer . , , GWEN STEFFY At play , ' 5 A . ,. ,L 'df L . sfffdR0y Dwmore ra F er H 8115011 .laijzglalfq Fletcher rankeber Beverly Gaylor Ser Lynne G0 . d Iris Coodxijon Hartle Danny H . d B111 Howaidge R Latitiald H0 Ward Y Hu 1, gale Keeliges J.ean Keelihg lm KCElfn 8 kt 5 SFV r z,,- 5 X . EW:- , H' If .f 7 ,L If I r gig 4 t a. A ' 1 L gjjii , ', pf " , e ' V' 1 - ' - I ge :...,..Q,. .L li'5 1.5.11 ,, - as gy ,i n gp, it ' ' 'L'wf 1 t :Q " 5'-Q5 Janice Layman Dale Linker Norman Manning Ronnie Manning Dallas McDonald Donna Mitchell David Myers Louis Patton Duane Payton Joe Pickett Dallas Ponder Margaret Pritchard Larry Reed Gwen Steffy Patsy Summers Sonja Switzer Nancy Tornquist Dale Van Dorn Ordella Wall Mary Whisler Absent: Allan Harris Carl Keyes Yo Jack Berlin Tom Booe Gail Byers Judy Campbell David Cushman Shirley Cushman Zola Cushman George Dobbs Janet Florey Gene Fogleman u l-:HOW an President . . . PHILO WILDMAN Vice President . . . JANICE KELLEY Secretary . . . HAZEL HESS Treasurer . . . ELEANOR MINNICK Samuel F glflry L Coffey Bro! F ' Ojng Jllanityh H-91100 S Jan a Ham? Ck et Hersh 1, egg? r Ha Janis! Hess J K I1 , Sf? K 6176 ef AI- rrold Ky . t Iffuegereellllg ww, La A ffa1phexIMcD0na1 Harold Ccar d L15 Mlln ' y Bf.,f"0' Minfl' a R. C 1 Mlfchell fl , X. W 1' Va, lm! W H 1 , X L A Rav f is X , .X ' W it :lg it ll- l ,N X was M . ety Xi l QVX. Q A .V g li 1 Rosemary Morehouse John Olds Glenda Rhodes David Rusk Lucille Smith Carolyn Snow Lavon Stahl Bill Starkey Ramona Steffy Daryel Townsend Ivan Trinkle Walter Turpin Everett Verhey Lawrence Verhey J ill Wall Philo Wildman Carolyn Wilson Danny Wilson Kathryn Wilson Larry Van Note Absent: Faye Funk President . . . LEON STONECIPHER Vice President . . . HELEN KEELING Secretary , . . DONNA PONDER Treasurer . . . J ON BOGGS V Adair 10311113 NE Doris Ptndemon y Bil1yBB'fge erreee e er r y E,rer.r l 0255 lon 4 fLEf V' .rff - y Barbara Burgner W g g 101111 Bufgnef l or Bradley Byers E . Virgil Carey L xii'ii g r L K ,:, y lf? riE,i H Russell Cooper rri J L 3 ,21 zb, ' N -ff . 1 .r, -. . E ll' ii i E A ' -' Jerry Cowan Carol Craig Janet Dunivan Dorothy Edwards Don Elmore Martha English ,Diane Fletcher Edwin F ogleman Shirley Foley Loraine Goodwin Delorig Hartle Larry Holland .Fatty Howard Im Hughes Russell Jenks Irene .I h glelen 15667555 D aron KCCHH Dolores Kellerg wk Llghtle Saundr L. Igennie aMabnnlEir elhe MCDOH 18 Gerald Mi . ad nick .lannet Newnum iQIf : A f qiill y A yylro iit K ety l 252 in W S T6 in 5:9 9 if p il .. 2? samszszifgi-iiisg ff, e!5'1?5EPi+i fl' ' ' ,?QLt,iskQ-ilk'-455 . - ' wfwii-f fgyfzigfgw , w g, , , - . 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RUTH ANN ALLEN K uh Ann Allen U Beave' BaXl6I gynthia Harrison everly Heh .lane Hershbgfger Charles Holland Jerry lean John .lolz Dick Keegifg Jack Keller Kenneth Krout Laffy Krout Ora Krouf Terry K Vic Leasrout gffvid Lightle enme Ludlow J-M W' 1' k gg kai .a NWT ' In JH- , C m My e . m V- - 1 'rm ' i wff 5 -- A, Q' xt i '- t it P J, 1 P""" w :tx i A in x g,,,x:Lg..,,,,' 6 . .. It y.' r :mfr 9 iw .a if W Jerry Lynch James McClure Mary Ann McDonald Charlotte McKinney William Massey Karen Minick Camilla Mitchell Cary Mitchell Jane Myers Sherrill Pickett Paul Pritchard Joe Robbins Katha Smith Patricia Stembaugh Larry Stonebraker Susan Towell Mary Ellen Turpin Alberta Underwood Dennis Van Note Ronnie Warrick Absent: Beverly Cox Swwtiqnade SherrY Biddle President . . . DENNIS HUGHES Vice President . . . CLARENCE KEELING Secretary . . . SHERRY KING Treasurer . . . TONI BROWN Jodie Boggs Charles Carey Myretta Cox Mary Jo Dockins Carole Dunivan Carolyn Fishero Robin F ogleman Dwight Gookins Jerry Hacker Marvin Hancock Jerry Hasselbring Janet Hayes Eloise Howard Dennis Hughes Bob Johnson Clarence Keeling janet B003 . cl Marianne Boot Carole S119 Bowers Toni Brown gathryn Keeling wen K 1- 1ay'Ke11ee mg Doris Keller Sharon Kendrick Sh Ollme K garol LaBi,0,l:t any K1'0ut Omm - erlly Y Lmkel. Carl Min- Mlke M Ick ll Igiclc Mclgirguse ary McCollum m Bob MCC UtCllam Judith McDuffy Janice Parham Carolyn Philpott Leland Philpott Ruth Ann Pitzer Nancy Preston Earl Robbins Glenda Sandlin Meredith Shidel Perry Thomas Carolyn Turpin Joy Ann Underwood Brenda Van Note Charles Walls Paul Wilson 89 ..f" Q dd i 5 'It 744 41 av 'W' ,7.?z.2,a3f 'P ," if r-. 5' 4 Y x'2'2',. 2,5 gslgxri 1. SQ' Qiw 'fr' ah r 1' Q, afihxbi -nxt 11 f 2 e if flax ,- vi L66 lx TL Q ' Q., 9: r x 1,4 qu.'mJ5 I .. ., . 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Q U ,,..,, T.-A Q gli 2- mfs -F w Q F 5, MARIE CARTER-Stonebluff Fifth and Sixth Grades MAXINE COON-Veedersburg Third Grade CLARA GILKEY-Veedershurg First Grade FLORENCE HOWARD-Sterling Third and Fourth Grades ALBERTA SMITH-Veedersburg High School and Grade School Physical Education and Music DOROTHY SNYDER-Stonebluff Third and Fourth Grades PAULINE WASHBURN-Stonebluff First and Second Grades LOUISE WILKINSON-Veedershurg Second Grade Pictures not available: VEEDERSBURG GRADE SCHOOL Elise Campbell William Cates Wilma Fisher STERLING GRADE SCHOOL Wilma Wiggins Wilma Bridgewater 5444467 A -rl f-an ii Don't they balance girls?? What do we eat Friday ladies "Down Yonder" A friend in deed. ?? VPDIKUQ One woman clean-up committez-. And we're off to the- races. ZW! ,P ' '.-'f,"' , , gf ' I lv --. if f : V Barbara Black Alexis Brimberry Lawrence Cox Florence Cox Eugenia Croce Stephen Hampton Jeff Leas Dwayne Long William B. Madigan Larry McCann Carolyn Robbins Norma ,lean Strickler Billy Trader Second Donna Jean Crider Kathy Galloway Alicia McElwee Richard Minnick Richard Perry Dale Pitzer X 'li Ka' .14 ,I y . .if ? I mi 1 W l 5 'x 7444 Marilyn Beaver Carolyn Beaver Alberta Cooper Jimmy Coplea Billy Fox Ronald Hancock Alberta Hunter Peggy Leas Christine Thomas Carolyn Totheroh Donna Young Saud Beverly Abolt Lois Denzer Judy Gayler Pauletta Hunter ,lean Pitzer Lois Jean Weber S QQ? My S Y y X, H, . vial: S . f ff - -1 -il ,-1 -, V. Q . ' ' ij? L , f "" 7 3 'fi ,. A K. ,im Wk P I . 1 Iii i'2gfl'ifQ 'ff' f"ifiRwH,g,, ' rn, 5, rig., - if My ,. i ixl iw 'W' 6- ff' ul' ,p11..,gsi Qgimnl '4 SN 1.23, Y ' iff "'J Y w if i 'i , f ,rf .,,f,.W ,, ,ii ul.-M sv .. fa s M , , Mi X , it l . Q- il , ,-,f v, . V . . ,V S I - ,M , r ff if A we 'Mowi Gary Biddle Bea Kaye Cox Charlene Hancock Jimmy Hancock Vicki Lynn Hoagland Jerry McElwee Helen Minick Billy Shelley Larry Weber ?awzZ4 Randy Blant Ceanette Clawson Caroline Kay Croce Dale Cust Larry Robbins Kay Tubbs Absent: Richard Milton Clara Mae Wilkerson 1 ii S nf l eyyy Q A . L B c li 'W' 44 Sandra Dice Sherry Eudy Betty Funk Jerry Goings Brooky Croce Harold Hatch Mariam Irwin Marion Minnick Sammy Mitton Dickie Mullen Timmy Preston Cale Shoaf Kay Smith Bill Songer David Wilson Rebecca Byers Minella Carey Joyce Dark Second Carol ,lane Dice Don Dice Regina Fletcher Billy Minnick Walter Lee Mitton Tommy Mullen Larry Rogers Charles Short Tommy Stockdale Donna Williams .3 ms. Richard Booe ind, William Brinkley Ellen Butts Kay Byers Jackie Carey Forrest Goings Ronald Goodwin Chris Haas Robert Hatch Constance Johnson Carol Learnard Sandra McDonald Larry Minnick Rachel Newman Billy Overheck John Preston Gary Rogers Kenneth Smith Stephen Songer Marie Stemhaugh Martha Stemhaugh Sonia Swafford David Willialns 1 ! e'r Nancy Ranks Linda Dunivan Teddy Hacker Marsha Hancock Diane Hasselhring Linda Morehouse Cheryl Owens Carol Stemhaugh George Willianlscmlm x c.. ctcy c y ' , ,, :c t 3 - fi xiy ie P tYlL'ee'3 I P- ii. 1 Q J if ,. yy , c Fa V? 3 , k , kk i . Q-My , In i J .L,L,L'L i f I jii . . ' V c tc 'ile' f ,,vy if -2E:, M, 41 iiiii R Hai: X ,.: at . R Q 5 .. a an to 1 2 I fm -we f E E i .f W Phillip Butts Larry Byers Donald Carey Francis Fletcher Lorin Haas James Hershberger James Marquess John Merrill Charlotte Keeling Darlene Lokey Leah Olds Karen Shade Deanna Williamson Ruth Ann Booe Jerry Brinkley ..r:.... .,.: is 7-sw : fmimgifz A Z ' fi if . ilixiii iifiifi fig. ,. k" . as-lm. -.H si me ,. :fs few : .. . -,.:::. aff? .ISHS ' IN' I l,g1 ..rl . ' gy'-we v W 'i . t ,-a s3..i:.i M -. . ,J-31:5 a Q ' get 3 'i ' - 5 55, . V H I - Q V - ., . .,., ,,.r.t.,.2,,,,l,.M ,. ,51,l,-l,1 .. .. att ,.:1 l WR . t 7 7 . .5 t . , ,ts ' . 'Tl .: .: M fiiigs - -QII :f.-:.- ..., H tyiffiiii .3 " V ' A ., , ,d f -' f. I ' my ,, -1 High: 5i,g.,,., :ff- ' awe' ,: ,gig-.g,,s,, gl : 2 , If " , Q, ,, In .- . H I Lg,-iggggf-f-Q V z U I Pit-51525151111-it ' T si 1,43-Hp I . f- : gy l . i - fir . lffsi' USES- - 'E ' w rf' - :. 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I mln 1 n1naps 1 1- lu xl-spur Bobby Warrick Kenneth Welchel Claudia Williams Bobby York Gail Young Second Elaine Bass Billy Benett Marcia Booe Regina Brewer Keith Brimberry Marilyn Clark Glenda Clawson Penny Coffing Bonnie Craig Richard Craig Pamela Dillon Jimmie Douglas Alice Forkner ,laney Grady Dickie Griffin Charla Grubb Phillip Harris Bill Harrison Reta Horton Diana Houser Marilyn Jackson Floyd Kester Mary Lou Lightle Roger Lightle Dennis 'Lindamood Buddy Lindquist Linda Ludlow Kim McDonald Ricky Merrill A ,W 'f Y 5 , ,f . fi, ' , ialglz' 1' 4 A if as 1' 1 I A Q- W Q M4 ' , fi 'Wt' ycy , W ' bv., w it James Evans Tanzy Jo Froedge Jeri Lee Furr Teddy Goodson Carl Eugene Gookins Joyce Ann Greer Judith Griffin Bobby Joe Grimes Pamela Hering Gary Lee Linker Leroy Lindquist Gary Wayne Ludlow Betty Lou McDuffie Sue Ann Miller Bruce Mills Richard Nolen Pamela Pearson Suzanne Pendry DeLayne Ratcliff Victoria Reynolds Karen Newnum Becky Ratcliff Terry Sheets Ann Towell Jimmie Van Dorn Gerry Warrick David Willhite 74014 Donald Allen John Bilstad James Brown Mary Ellen Dockins Bobby Dockins Rita Douglas Patricia Eaton Marietta Fogleman t,,i,,,, - fs, : . at ,..:. if A 4. K . . i'- ti A A . li Q -J, hi 1 8 5 A-ff B Alt J ttats E X.. 'ir - stta J' A-is .af ,g A'., N.-f 'V 1 ,4',ix,ll ili A "y1'1Z11,...L." j-K K --I ' V -A - ' .Xi kf ii: ky l 9 0 ,A x 5 'i t " yy X i i y A Q oaela l me X at 4 ria, 4 Q if r in if , rx g ,,: J t ztytaa i siiaai aya rare iei il l i il J l l Jlll s ii i f f g l s Q i lnxh 'WN' Robert Richey Dianna Sheets Denise Smith Frank Joe Steffy Charles Turpin Charles Underwood Robert Williams Larry York Beverly Whelchel Karen Whitaker 7444114 Carol Ann Alston Tony Joe Arrigo Freddie Bentley Norma Billingsley Marilyn Booe Charles Borst Pamela Borst Edgar Bradbury Kenneth Bradbury Carroll Clawson Leslie J. Crowder Gary Dockins Tommy Foley Gaye Francis Gary Gene Francis Rosalie Graham Sharron Harris David Hayes Eddie Hunt Sandra Keeling Gaye Lynn King William R. Lindquist Mickie Linker Melvin Pickett -u-u.-,...-- r l -AVN .t 2-'K Xi 7: .Q V WEN , ,L ,,A. H . .em Ls sg: B r J r i t , ,.r,.,, ,X 7 K5 it s 'fl as .. 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Whelchel cm Susan Baxter A :K W :F 5 .. gg :Aff A . sr...-3 if ' -uf f K :sic .HN Jackie Robbins Shyrl Stahl Sue Thomas Larry Turpin Everett Walters, Jr. Diane Wilmarth S6144 Clark Konold Ahrens Karoylee Ballah Jan Baxter James Cordon Bentley Sandra Kay Booe Linda Helen Brimberry Patricia Ann Clift Darwin Cox Larry Dean Craig , A' 5 A r '.-4 A if i., 6 y 3 E .3 ,at,y. Q ur, L . : , ll 5' 'T X A yy ,. ,.. ly - .- E if " M 'W' rif t A 'N Y 5 e 35il'5liZIQ x mais 'f 151 -gi w i 'af 2i22:::1gf3 1551311232 - ff' ff wie W X ff , K, ,L fx - , i3?:?ef?::i?.a:11:2 J i at J N W, or lk 'Y , M' i J , Y i, C Q' ' ,C vyz. I 3 S J H '-"N 'S 5 :Ui :avi Betty DeMumbrum Larry Clark Dillon David Joe Elmore Jhonny Wesley Foley Patricia Hembrook Henry Arthur Hess Arnold Lee Keeling Delores Jolynn Keeling Ronald William Keeling Bonnie Rae McCollum Sandra McDuffie Lura Lois Meeker Suzanne Carroll Mills Joyce Arlene Rainey Holly Blye Sever Russell Smith Carol Ann Thomas Peggy Ann Whelchel Shirley Jean Wilkinson Carey Brewer ,wut I Q if? J' 5 x i 'if -HY f 5 1 ii-fi 53, A s 5 . ,J mf 1 :Qi 555 fi JY' ' S 4 'lam 'V ,egg 'I 3 .B 7 -ff' hfglfi ,V uf A, ,vu 525 is X ' "Ms C81-'. N 3,- V . All ., ..... .f'.,-,W 1.6. I -iw 4 ilij 4 imp.-4 1 - ww , ,. ,ig ,ik A AV get' Sm! A , 4 v A 1 ' +3 h ' ' i , M, L M-I., ywnyx 3 E if"' Q 'j ,f'fq'ff 3 3 ig 2, 5 M X Q h VW f 1, H b MJ LJ nqauaem-mmwuawmmmwm-wwM.wANA:NM,,H,Xf. -W-.M,,.,.,,..,, A-.Wy - 2 , A , g'az,l'i Y. . - Hx 1 y Wm I' f 3 f Q . 4 r, ff L 1. I sf ,.N...,,,m' """M-. 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Fisher VEEDERSBUR6 REAL ESTATE 8: INSURANCE AGENCY I05 N. MAIN STREET 1 PHONE I2 Veedersburg, Indiana LOANS-REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE Congraiulafions, Seniors HUB AGENCY Phone 47 ' Carl Sang Fine Class Rings Announcemenfs Yearbooks Awards JOSTEN'S G Represenfaiive: KEN ESLINGER 20l9 Crawford Terre Haufe, Indiana Congrafulafions Besf Wishes BRICK COMPANY WRECKER SINCLAIR SERVICE GASOLINE Complimenfs of BURGNER'S GARAGE "Since I9 I I" VEEDERSBU RG INDIANA Complimenis of THE HARRISON STEEL CASTINGS CO AH'ica, Indiana Q A Share In Pro'Fi+s Job Advancemenfs Good Wages Piece Work Rafes Complere Group Insurance Locker and Shower Facilifies Recrearion Room Billiard and Pool Tables Bowling AIIeys A GOOD PLACE TO WORK THE FOUNTAIN TRUST CO. E coo We Can Serve You Besi' Because We Know You BeH'er COVINGTON AND VEEDERSBURG FOOD LOCKERS PHONE COV 500 li PHONE VEE 7 C 'T SI gh+ g d M 1' C g C I f OPAL AND RON JONES Dry Goods Clofhing Shoes MYERS DEPT. STCDRE R.C.A. Television Frigidaire Skelgas 1 Congrafulafions Seniors VEEDERSBURG GRAIN, INC. Buyers of all Grains Coal-Fer+iIizer-Seed C966 ELEVATOR-PHONE I 68 MI LL-PHON E 80 DELUXE CLEANERS Personalized Service 'for Pariicular People O PHONE 97 lI2 W. Second S+. Veedersburg, Ind BEST WISHES I To +l1e Class of i955 FOUNTAIN FOUNDRY CORP. foo Veedersburg, Indiana Congrafularions, Seniors PAUL SEVER BARBER SHOP SI'erIing o Indiana SUNNY INN Res+auranI' and Service S+a+ion GOOD EATS-CAR SERVICE 24 HOUR SERVICE Infersecfion I 36 and 4l 2 Prbp. Al Renniso ROBINETTE FLORAL CO. The Soufh Side Greenhouses VEEDERSBURG. INDIANA 50I Sfafe S+. Phone I45 FLOWERS BY WIRE KENNETH CADE INSURANCE AGENCY All Forms of Insurance VEEDERSBURG, IND.' -T TELEPHONE 32 THE COVINGTON FRIEND and THE COVINGTON REPUBLICAN Always 'I'I1e Besi' In Dairy Equipmeni' and Moiors LESIE M. HOWARD DeLavaI Sales ancl Service FRANK'S FOOD MARKET The Bes'I' in Mears-Produce and Groceries FREE DELIVERY IN VEEDERSBURG AND STERLING ON ORDERS OF 52.00 OR MORE-PHONE 9 Congra+uIaIions From OVERPECK'S APPLIANCE 81 HARDWARE VEEDERSBURG --- TELEPHONE 70 MARION H. OVERPECK STEFFY SERVICE STATION "DX" Service SI'aI'ion PASSENGER TIRES-BATTERIES-APPLIANCES-ACCESSORIES Veedersburg i Indiana KERR-RAYBURN IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Sales and Service 202 THIRD ST.-PHONE 378 Covingfon Indiana LAWRENCE IJACKI HOWARD PHONE I88-0 THE STERLING MOWER SHOP Hand and Power Mowers Repaired and Sharpened Precision Grinder-Complefe Saiisfacfion New Eclipse Power and Hand Mowers VEEDERSBURG INDIANA FOUNTAIN COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OPERATIVE ASSN.. INC. Veedersburg-Covingfon-Gessie-Riverside COMPLETE FARMING EQUIPMENT 37 PHONE I37 FISHERO FUNERAL HOME "Serving +he Communiiy for Four Genera+ions" AMBULANCE SERVICE-LADY ATTENDANT Veedersburg Charles E. Fishero Phone 2 or 203 Complimenis of METTEE'S COAL YARD PHONE I 83-D Veedersburg Indiana PHONE 299 HOUSE 256-M ALLEN'S CITIES SERVICE Corner Rou+es I36 and 4I STERLING INDIANA FOUNTAIN COUNTY LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO.. INC. On Rou+e 34 Veeciersburg, Ind. Phone 23 WE SELL BY HEAD OR POUND TO SUIT CONSIGNOR Aucfion Sale- Every Friday ai' I:00 P.M. DINSMORE'S BRILLIANT BRONZE Cash Discounl' Sfalion PHONE 77 Covinglon Indiana Covin WABASH VALLEY FLOWER SHOP The Bes'I' In Flowers U. S. I36-R. R. 3 CLIFFORD BELL'S SERVICE STATION Serving You For 25 Years Complimenls of McDONALD STUDIO I929-l954 Veedersburg, Indiana VEEDERSBURG INDIANA Veedersburg India Complimenls I. G. A. STORE MARSHALL'S STUDIO, INC. Veedersburg, Indiana Low Prices Every Day AT YOUR I. G. A. JANEWAY SHELL SERVICE Shell Service SI'a+ion SHELL LUBRICATION-REPAIR SERVICE V edersburg-U S Highway I36 Complimenls FAUST 81 FREY HARDWARE Everyfhing in Hardware gfon India Good Luck, Seniors DANNY WILSON'S BARBER SHCP l22 Sou'II1 Main S+reeI' CompIimenI's of HOOSIER INN TAVERN PAUL MILLER, Prop. C0mPII""e"i5 of CompIimen'rS THE VEEDERSBURG BAXIERS STATE BANK DRUG STORE CompIe+e Banking Service Veedersburg, Indiana nesoro PLYMOUTH SYCAMORE GIFT SHOP AND MYERS MOTOR SAL s DAM BAR E I02 W. Second S+. A Good Food-Besi' in Giffs VEEDERSBURG INDI NA Complimenis H AS-I-lNG.S SALES 8: SERVICE Oldsmobile Covingfon, Indiana COVINGTON PHONE 94 Complimenis of CRAIG FLORAL CO. Complimenfs BEVER BODY SHOP 2I0 Third SI-Phone 367-M COVINGTON. INDIANA PAYTON'S GROCERY STORE Fresh Meals and Vegefables PHONE 55 40l S. Mill S+. Veedersburg Flowers by Wire VEEDERSBURG PHONE IND. 220 MILLERS AUTO SALES. INC. ChevroIe+ Buiclc TELEPHONE 39 Covingfon Indiana BELL'S SUPER SERVICE Complefe Car Lubricafion NEW AND USED TIRES AND BATTERIES Phone 8l Hillsboro, Indian 8 INDIANA CONDENSED MILK CO. Buyers of Qualify Cream Your Pafronage Soliciied VEEDERSBURG PHONE 82 TIPTON MOTORS Chrysler - PIymouI'h ATTICA INDIANA LOUIS NATHAN Cloihing Sfore for Men and Boys 47 Years on Ihe Corner ATTICA INDIANA GRAVEL STONE EDC-BAR McKINNEY Dragline-BuIIcIozing-Cons'IrucI'ion PHONE I I 0-A VEEDERSBURG BOWMAN-GROSS Truck Sfop-24 Hour Service RESTAURANT-STANDARD STATION Juncfion I36 and 4I - SI'erIing, Indiana HOME APPLIANCE COMPANY CompIeI'e Line of Wes'I'inghouse Producfs COMPLETE ELECTRICAL AND RADIO SERVICE Phone II Veedersburg, Incl. PAxToN CUT RATE C'm'j1menIs PHQNE '67 KARL OVERBECK CovingI'on - Indiana GQG C0mPnmen+5 Complimenfs of of BURRIN PHARMACY PRESTON 8' FREAS C ingion Indiana Q09 Complimenis Complimenfs of MR. AND MRS. BODINE 8: SHELBY FRANK SHELBY FUNERAL HOME C vingfon Indiana Covingfon lndi 9 fp 9 U E i .luP..!.W?..i.JJ.AB1nI-.ii-.J.zJi1.1aV3.4an 1. A. U 2.f.'Lwf ..,'2fm",. . 34.J.'J..'a'a:.:.maL4c"If,wr.-'.' NNI .-4.- ...K .N My .1 -.fs.hA Qi..4..-r,:,,YIl:. .W-,.s,,.,wi.J :.:...,.M,.m. .w,m.,14.a1:..J-4 Z s s 3 5 E k E E S A LITHOGRAPHED 7mylow-wade YEARBOOK DALLAS 0 TEXAS V "E ji M W, . f,fQ ' f W 1 wa S , . , , www 1.14 ...,,:.v-I .Z 1,1 '4 4. .X 5' rs Af Rf- . X , Xe g , - "Li..5r,.,": ' 2 we '- .v '- v ' SM. in :fm " L' ,L 3, 11-4-:aged ' L' ,, W ' Qffzlli- . K X M, . . Wai? Nl!" iw L FEI.. , ff'f51LQ. I Q Z'5"i,,z mf- , Q ,ik 91: f FELL ,A 7 I. WY' M. .HJ-2 .. 3:2 . rr-:XFN ' Hifi J 'TWT E+ -Qi' ' M Q J , A 12? ' 'L N f", ffl?-' Fififp .W ' 'L 1 Q.. E 5 S 5 a E w 5 2 E 5 3 S 5 if E ,Q gf 5 Q 5 5 5 M 5 E E 3 4 51 2 ii ,. if I S V2 x Q E n 5 E -4 FZ --W5-I fm -ff . - . T 14--rw V-L WW., ..-V- -4' ---,- - f1r4,- .-f:, ' ' S-X '1,,,-f-L' ,, -v, - , - f:fl.Ag - , . , A. . , 1 - -- .1-. ...-ww., . ,A , V e v

Suggestions in the Veedersburg High School - Pintus Yearbook (Veedersburg, IN) collection:

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