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Veedersburg High School - Pintus Yearbook (Veedersburg, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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g Aga... 1.4 -f ? RRXK 3 f' 3 Lg, f V X f N a xi X ., K J! x xc B sy K, S IYY5 3 5 Hnlumr 3536361311 Duhlighah Hnnuallg bg Umm Senior Glad? Uwtwrgburg High Scho ol THE PINTUS 1945 Fight, Green and White We will sing a song of Veedersburg, A good old Hoosier town, We will shout for the green and white 'Til the roof comes falling down 'rahl 'rahl 'rahl When they start you will know at sight That the green and white will fight, fight, fight! We are here to sing and cheer For dear old Veedersburg. -W. B. HOLL THE FHNTUS1945 Foreword IN READING THIS YEARBOOK, MAY PLEASANT MEMORIES OF SCHOOL DAYS RETURN AND IN TIME TO COME, LET IT SERVE AS AN EVER HAPPY RECORD OF THOSE JCAREFREE YEARS SPENT IN DEAR OLD VEEDERSBURG HIGH SCHOOL. f 4 -15 5 Z Dedication WE, THE SENIORS OF 1945, DEDICATE TI-IIS THIRTY- SEVENTH EDITION OF THE PINTUS TO OUR PARENTS, AND TO OUR ,FACULTY AD- VISORS, MR. DOCKINS AND AND MISS COBB. A THE PlNTUS19-45 PintusStaEE Front row, left to right-Joycelyn Walton, Frances Simpson, Don French, Eleanor Howard, Wanda Ruth Songer. Second row-Beverly Engstrom, William Marquess, Lucretia Ver- ill, Peggy Switzer, Barbara Newman, Sam McCutchan. Third row-Helen Mullen, Alnna Beach, Mary Elizabeth Lighty. THE PINTUS 1945' Board of Education Grover Holmes President J. Glenn Crane Secretary l Herschel Keeling Treasurer Charles W. Dockins Kenneth R. Cade I Superintendent of Principal Schools B. S., M. S. Degrees B. S., M. S. Degrees Agriculture Sz Science THE PlNTUS19-45' Faculty , K9 John Cash B, S, Degree Lucille Thomas Science and Physical Education B'CE1ann1?ei,i2ee i Jeanette Cobb i A. B. Degree Ruth Brown English, Latin, B. M. Degree and' Library Music THE FHNTUS1945' Faculty Grace McCurry John Cronk A- B- Degfee A. B. Degree Ma'Eh9m2'C1CS Social Studies and English Evelyn Leberer B. S. Degree Essie Van Hoesen Home Econemics Seventh and and Physlcal Eighth Grades Education i N N w .4 9 - ,ir '7 4 -fy vx N! ' Nm , ! fa 9: ' g, if X EQ 6 NX X V1 Sm sax X5 17 pb? RSX S wQx A x 1Yf'5 fx Q The Senjigfg 1545? THE PINTUS1945' The Seniors THE .SENIORS LEAVE ON THESE PAGES A RECORD OF THEIR ACHIEVEMENT AND ACTIVITIES, WHICH SERVE AS A CHAL- LENGE TO FUTURE STUDENYFS IN V. H. S. THEY HAVE FOUND THE WAY DIFFIICULT ANID THE JOURNEY LONG, BUT AT LAST THEY HAVE REACHED THEIR GOAL-TO BE SENIORS OF 1945 i- -.-L G THE PINTUS 1945 ELEANOR JEAN HOWARD "Howard" Academicg Freshman Sec rc-tary: Junior Secretary and Treasurer-3 Glee Club 4.2-43-44-453 Var- iet'es 42-44-453 Softball 44-45: D.A.R. Home- makers AXN'21FdQ Pintus Co-Editor. EARL R. J LUDLOW saEal.lvy .AS,"'lCl.lItl,ll'DQ F.F.A. 42-43-443 Lice Club '453 Varieties '45. WILLIAM MARQUESS LABHIQQ Agricultureg Senior Re- porterg Glee Club '453 Baseball ,44Q Basketball 42-43-44-453 F. F. A. 42-43-443 Hi-Y Club 44- 451 Pintus. BARBARA ELLEN N EWMAN Commercial: Freshman Reporter: Glce Club 42- 43-44-453 Varieties 42- 44-453 Softball 44-453 District Typing Contest '443 Breezesg Pintus. MARY ELIZABETH LIGHTY ifxlaryw Commerci-al3 Griffith H S, Freshman year: Rich land Twp. H'S, Sopho- more year: Veedersburg H S, Junior and Senior yearg Breezes3 Pintus. SAM McCUTCHAN usanlu Agricultureg Senior Vice- Presidentg Glee Club 453 Varieties '45: Basketball 42-43-44--453 Softball '44. F.F.A. 42-43-44g Pin- tus. HELEN L. MULLEN "Mutt" Academicg Sophomore Treasurer3 Glee Club 43-44-453 Varieties 44-45: Softball 44-455 Pintus. FRANCES SIMPSON "Fran" Commercialg Freshman Presidentg Junior Presi- dentg Glee Club 42-43- 44-453 Varieties 42-44- 453 Softball 44-453 Dis- trict Typing Contest 44: Breezesg Pintus. TH ROSE MARIE ALLEN "Rosie" Commercial Glee Club 42-43-44-45 Varieties 42-44-45 WILLIAM L. BEAVER l6Biu7! Academic 2 flol BEVERLY L. ENGSTROM 6SBev!9 Commericalg Glee Club '42 Varieties '45g DAR Good Citizeng Breezesg Pintus. DONALD R. FRENCH "Don" Academicg Senior Pres- identg Glee Club 42-43- 44-453 Varieties 42-44- 455 Band 41-42g Boys' Quartet 443 DAR History Awardg Basketball Stu- dent Manager 4.4-455 Hi Y Club 44-453 District Typing Contest '44g Bre- ezesg Pintus, Co-Editor. E PINTUB 19 45 ANNA MYRTLE BEACH "Anna" Commercialg Breezesg I Pintus . , WILLIAM DICE "Bill" Agricultureg Sophomore Presidentg Junior Vice- Presidentg Baseball 433 Basketball 43-44-455 F. F . A. 42-48-44 , MALCOLM ERWIN 46Jemy97 Agriculture: Baseball 44: Basketball 42-43-644-1453 F.F.A. 42-43-445 Var- ieties '45. ? MYRON HARMON "Minn0r" Academicg Baseball '44g Basketball 44-453 Varieties '45. i I A THE BINTUS19-45 WANDA RUTH SONGER "VVauda " Commercialg Freshman Secretaryg Glee Club 42-43-44-455 Varieties 4,2-44-45g Soft Ball 44-45: Yell Leader 43-455 Breezesg Pintus. WILLIAM SWITZER 6sBiuv9 Agricultureg Glee Club '45g Varieties '45g Baseball 42-433 Basketball 42-43- 44-452 F.F.A, '43. LUCRETIA JOAN VERRILL UJOYQ Comrnercialg Glee Club '42g Varieties '45: District Typing Contest '44g Breezesg ' Pintus. PEGGY ANN SWITZER stlyegvs Commercialg Glee Club 42-435 Varieties '453 District Typing Contest 445 Breezesg Pintus. RUTH ALICE VAN HOOK "Alice" Commeroialg Breezes . JOYCELYN WALTON 4 ctjoycevv Commercialg Senior Sec- retary and Treasurerg Varieties '451 District Typing Contest '44g Breezesg Pintus . 4 N r ,f DM S N Q Ky XX C9 XXX K, Xwx Y5 M H X Af Q , Q THE-CI-.LASSES Q THE PINTUS 19 Senior Class Officers 45- , President ....... ...... D on French Vice-President .... ....... . .. .Sam MclCutchan Secretary and Treasurer ..... .... J oycelyn Walton Reporter ........ ........ .......... W i lliam Marquess Sponsors .... Dockin and Miss Cobb Colors .... ...... L avender and White V M Q 45 'ff -7 THE PINTUS 194-5' Senior Class B K First row, left to right-Peggy Switzer, Wanda Ruth Songer, Eleanor Howard, Don French, Helen Mullen, Mary Elizabeth Lighty, Anna Myrtle Beach. Second row--Myron Harmon, William Beaver, Malcolm Erwin, Wil- liam Dice, Sam McCutchan, William Switzer, William Marquess. Third row-Earl Ludlow, Alice Van Hook, Rosie Marie Allen, Beverly Engstrom, Frances Simpson, Joycelyn Walton, Barbara Newman, Luc- retia Verrill. THE PINTUS1945 Junior Class Oiiicers ' "What men have done can still be done and shall be done today."-Barlow. President ....... .... M orris Rogers Vice-President .... ....... .I ack Weaver Secretary ....... ........ M arlee Haines Treasurer. .. . . .... ,Edward Dobbs, Jr. Reporter .... .................. J ohn Boord Sponsors .... .... M r. Cade and Miss Leberer Colors. .. . . ........... Orange and White E 7 Q THE FHNTUS1945 The Junior Class Front row, left to right-Jim Jones, Lela Dark, Marlee Haines, Bill Reed, Robert Kester, Virginia Sewell, PatriciaVRusk, Marvellen Nicklas. Second row-Morris Rogers, Dean Gregg, Leon Lowe, Jim Baity, Edward Jr. Dobbs, Jack Weaver, Robert Boord. Third row-Patti Crane, Ailene Alston, John William Boord, Gordon LaBaw, Kathryn Hicks, Margaret Ann Martin, Irene Pedigo. THE PlNTUS194-5 Sophomore Class Officers "We can say nothing but what has been said." -BURTON. PRESIDENT ....,.. NORMAN MEEKER VICE-PRESIDENT ................. JOHN FLEMING SECRETARY and TREA?SURERo...ARDEN KELLER REPORTER ..................... DEAN VAN HOOK SPONSORS .... .... M R. CRONK and MISS THOMAS COLORS .... ............. B LUE and WHITE W - , THE PlNTUS19-45' The Sophomore Class .Ts i Front row, left to right-Martha Haas, Ray Anderson, Fauneil Smith, Norman Meeker, Clara Lowe, Doris Keeling, Ruthe Jones, Louise Dobbs. Second row--Lenora McClure, Edith Miles, Bill Mitton, James R. Stonebraker, John Fleming, Robert 4McKinney, Parquita Hollcroft, Janice Craig. Tihrd row-Patricia Ludlow, Vernice Darding, Norma Jean Weeder, Carl W. Roarks, Dorothy Simpson, Floyd Bass, Richard Deardorff, Arden Keller, Marjorie Knowles. Fourth row-Ted Merrill, Robert Fisher, Wilbur French, Dean Van Hook, Gordon Rainey, Donald King, Rex Frazee, Jane Marshall, Jean Crane. ' THE FUNTUS1945' Freshman Class Officers "Ah, youth! forever dear, forever kind." -HOMER. PRESIDENT ............... MARION TEEGUARDEN VICE-PRESIDENT. . .NORMA L. BECHTELHEIMER SECRETARY ...... ........... M ARVENA SHOAF TREASURER ..... ............. L NOIS NEWMAN REPORTER .... ...... N ORMA JEAN JOHNSON SPONSOR-S ......... Mr. CASH and MISS MCCURRY COLORS-Red and Blue. fix 'ij - THE PINTUS 1945 The Freshman Class Front row, left to right-James Mitton, Norma Jean Johnson, Lois Newman, Barbara McCutchan, Charles Helms, Wayne Florey, Paul Haupt, Doyne Kiger, James Hoagland, Anna Mae Henthorn, Mildred Jenks. Second row-Gwendolyn Lee Ballah, Dorothy Woodworth, Susie Carr, Leroy Keeling, Jarrell Florey, Wilma Wall, James Leonard Robert Booe, Doris Janeway, Jean Haines, Norma Lee Bechelheimer, Dor- othy Sewell. Tihrd row-Jake Hinote, Freda Pickett, Gertrude Brewer, Helen Pedigo, James Coleman, Marion Teeguarden, Roy Rusk, Doris Clift, Nadene Lightle, Duane Rhodes. Fourth row-Jerry Hershberger, Kenneth Kelley, Marvena Shoaf, John Keeling, Gerald Beaver, Hugh Houk, Donald Muncie, Joseph E. Brown, Ralph Haupt, Joanna Wall, Nyle Meadows, Barbara Holt. THE PlNTUS1945 sigma Grade Front row, left to right-Trillis Harper, Doris Kiser, John Cowan, Lois Payton, Deloris Grubb, Paul Meihls, Helen King. Second row-Mary Lou Lowe, Bill Stonebraker, Walter Keller, Wayne Douglas, Lawrence Hoagland, Betty Smith, Nora Berlin. Third row-Joann King, James Rusk, George McKinney, George Schaffer, Sam Woodworth, Charles Boggs, Delilah Mitchell HELEN KING .... . ...... ....... P RESIDENT BILLY STONEBRAKER .......... VICE-PRESIDENT .DELILAH MITCHELL .... ........ S EICRETARY JOHN COW AN ........ ..... T REASURER WALTER KELLER. . . . .... LIBRARIAN CHARLES BOGGS .... .... R EPORTER MRS. BROWN. . . ..... SPONSOR THE PlNTUS19-45 Seventh Grade K i Front row, left to right-Marilyn Teegarden, Martha Hoagland, Marjorie Cleveland, Kathryn Streeter, Anna Odle, Allen Bass, David Kester, Ona Stonebraker, Barbara Vavas. Second row-Donald Sowers, Anna Boden, Nina Schultz, Daisy Ann Shoaf, Vidginia Rainey, Nforma Bosley, Esther Leonard, Jeanie Lowe Sylva Douglas. Third row-Inez Rusk, Georgeanne Ludlow, Donald Clift, Robert Baldwin, Mary Ellen Odle, Donald Collins, Jack Linker, Bobby Ewbank, Jack Leonard. Fourth row-Billy Keller, Harold Cox, Nita Odle, John Marshall, Kenneth Sheets, Mable Miles, Eston Meihls, Mable Butts, Barabara Rusk PATTY BRYANT .... ....... P RESIDENT JACK LINKER ................... VICE-PRESIDENT ANNA ODTLE ........ SECRETARY and TREASURER GEORGEANNE LUDLOW .............. LIBRARIAN MRS. VAN HOESEN ...... ..... S PONSOR T'k4 EQ P lNTU5194 5 Q .4 7' as 3 EE Q S E5 oo G' u "3U72 05" 'C G-DCE, bt 2 Jihad -H-.99 up-H Us ez -C Sow- fggm- we -C- wg 43 FMU - 53 S-S :VU 'O-+ Q ' 2 2 ca: Eg gg E 3 Q m U5 Ez- I S ,CI i fig Er' lg 2 b- . O0 L4 41 m Q, 23 ap SUE fl U2 H U1 Gif: +-I Z5 UA 2 5.- -. Q m 32310 5 S ,J EGM-1 20 off' H5-+5 . U ff" HST? .'. mi, 5 I m Wea W2 go Nki 'QQ O 'CI 1 Zn Q ,-4: Q ,CQ . L D-I H 'CP' my V1'l" QC Q4 oo J 5.1-4: :mm 2 .Q Q EHS o sf I 4-' ,Q : .5200 gala E ' L3 Z 3 .J D1 -1 iw mm tu Q cd 41 .C in E3 L4 5. - 4: 4 o 4 U ff. 'P bw" U E lg,-4 .C Q, bi 1 SH 5 EH Q 2: .A og,., go -Q,-4 .C zz fl F M Sc 3 Ll rl 54: gi E an .M gr, H 2 .x.E ug 4 SQ ..:.E . ,c l mi mi 33 -:E an E1 m Lvl.. 4 ,cc er w qs As zz QQ 2 J: E' 5 TN .E 1,., ,E ,Q 5 5' 4 3 X 2 H him Sv-4 -Q m 5: .EH Fifi .2 Q, H H m 5 .221 ,-4 O cf 'N O0 1-1 O ' H wo 515453 I3 sl In K ,QQ Er-1 I F E4 s. . mum: Q Nl E4 Ln H1 O EW g .v-4-C ol m E E rn-5, ..-4 Q 5 O s:- rg? I a ...n. -- , 155120 SEN 'E In V1 ca Q H 'air-1 ' D551 n ' ' 3' Ea? 2: 4 " E T3 PQ 4 43 CFO TTY om ooo: v-40 mm k mo on o ..-1 o,.4 me 1-4,,., v-4,-4 ..m oo F41-1 CV" lQlQ 92 ,U-1 mv. 1-em Neva, 5 4 9 1 S U T N P E H T FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIOR OOHSHSHWQH WQWHGGHLHCWH WHOSE HQOZQSHA5 KPQWUEHSHO EOHONVN msmzg mbmzg mamma! mamma bwmgg EOHOMQ HWHOHOQN Emgg ml H U Emgg mmgglwgi. QGOMEUFVN HO ON! Eg 5 mmgglgauw. QWONHEUEN OH mga HWOOBOQZOM mgiwlgdxmi QGOMQEQ mgdmw ESSOEWOM 3 HMOE0 MQEOBWOW mbmzmr msmzmr Hang? mama: kpigagg ?WiOEgH'G QAWOEQEN :gg Regex Qgggg Hdmgg 2 H535 mmmggx Egg 3 mwmgau mwmggx OH. Fig HIHOEQ MOOUOEWOM QQOHBQOQ Hamm? mama: wang: Hmdmzwr mg5Om5U3N mmmgg E mwmgax :l wig HIHOEG MOOBOBEQ I mmmgax HH KPNEOEEH6 Ugg OH. COE. bpzgggg magg HH Eegm mgwglkmgg HH image mgETJPEGgQ E I T I Qig Q58 mama: mama: Align M5055 Q13 Q38 mTOH'gEa ?wiOs:Ed msdmw MOOSOEWOM wgxmgw HWOOESQEN Hvgwmxw H5375 M5220 -f 9 K g X ' 9 M Q X f kf Q 5 KX N ' ' QB XSX k 5 Q9 af x IYY5 M X x E! DEPA-EFMENT5 , THE PlNTUS19-45 Academic Students who have fulfilled the requirements of an acad- emic courses are preparedi for an entrance to college. The academic course requires four years of English, three years of social science, two and one-half years of math- ematics, two years of Latin or any foreign language, and two years of science. A major is required in social science and English. A minor is required in science and a foreign language. Mathematics may be either a major or a minor. A major is the successful completion of three years' work toward a subject, and a minor, two years. The remaining sub- jects are elective. Thus a person may enroll in two or more subjects in another department and still be classed an academic student. THE FHNTUS1945' Academic a . . , , , Y 1 i Front row, left to right-Marion Teeguarden, Norman Meeker, Richard Deardorff, Robert Fisher, James Leonard, Wayne Florey, Carl W. Roarks, Arden Keller, Duane Rhodes. Second row-Myron Harmon, Jim Baity, Bill Beaver,Donald Muncie, Dean Van Hook, Don French, Wilbur French. Third row-Bill Reed, Parquita Hollcroft, Helen Mullen, Jane Mar- shall, Eleanor Howard, Patti Crane, Robert Booe. THE FWNTUS1945' Vocational Agriculture The vocational agriculture department presents subjects that are intended to give information for successful farming. Vocational students are required to complete at least twenty academic credits in addition to the eight vocational credits. One agriculture subject is taken each year during the four years, making the eight credits in all. This course offers the following subjects: freshmen, agricultural biology 5 sopho- mores, dairying and animal husbandry g juniors, horticulture and cropsg seniors, farm management. All students are required to compete one or more pro- ,uctive enterprise projects, and one or more supplementary farm practice. An example of this is a farm account, which consists of taking farm inventory and keeping a record of business procedure through the year. THE FWNTUS1945 Vocational Agriculture Front row,left to right-James Stonebraker, Jarrell Florey, Robert Kester, Jerry Hershberger, Gordon LaBaw, Robert Boord, Paul Haupt, Bill Mitton, Robert McKinney, Ted Merrill. Second- row-Bill Marquess, Bill Switzer, Sam Mc'Cutchan, Bill Dice, Edward JR. Dobbs, Hugh Houk, Donald King, Gerald Beaver, Joseph E. Brown, Malcolm Erwin. Third row-Dean Gregg, Morris Rogers, Nyle Meadows, Ralph Haupt, Rex Frazee, Mr. Cade, Gordon Rainey, John Keeling, Kenneth Kelley, John Fleming. Fourth row-Roy Rusk, James Hoagland, James Coleman, LeRoy Keeling, Charles Helms, John William Boord, Earl Ludlow, Rayl Ander- son, Floyd Bass, James Mitton, Jake Hinote. THE PINTUS 1945 Commercial The commercial department offers subjects which ac- quaint students with general business principles. The subjects of this course are two years of typing, two years of shorthand, and one year of bookkeeping. Academic and Vocational students to may take one or more commercial subjects during the four years and still meet the requirements of their own departments. THE PINTU-S1945 Commercial Front row, left to right-Ruthe Jones, Clara Lowe, Marie Rusk, Edith Miles, Lenora McClure, Rose Marie Allen, Alice Van Hook, Dorothy Simpson, Martha Haas. Second row-Frances Simpson, Peggy Switzer, Anna Beach, Marlee Haines, Leon Lowe, Jack Weaver, Wanda Ruth Songer, Mary' Elizabeth Lighty, Lucretia Verrill. Third row-Lela Dark, Marvellen Nicklas, Joycelyn Walton, Barbara Newman, Miss Thomas, Fauneil Smith, Beverly Engstrom, Ailene Alston, Jean Crane, Janice Craig. I Fourth row-Patricia Ludlow, Vernice Darding, Louise Dobbs, Mar- jorie Knowles, Doris Keeling, Irene Pedigo, Jim Jones, Kathryn Hicks, Margaret Ann Martin, Norma Jean Weeder. THE PlNTUS19-45 Vocational Home Economics The vocational home economics department includes gen- eral home economics, home nursing, child development, re- lated arts, foods, and clothing. Beginning with 1942, this de- partment is now completed in four years instead of the usual three years. Girls enrolled in this course gain knowledge and skill through actual practice in cooking, sewing and a home project. Vocational work is available during the summer through 4-H Club work to all girls living in Van Buren township. Proj- ects are offered in clothing, interior decoration, baking, food preparation, and canning. One girl may complete one or more projects during the summer. This vocational work is also avail- able to any boys, especially in baking. l , T1-IE FWNTUS1945 , o Vocational Home Economics Front row, left to right--Doris Clift, Freda Pickett, Nadine Lightle, Anna Mae Henthorn, Norma Jean Johnson, Mildred Jenks, Helen Pedigo, Gertrude Brewer. Second row-Susie Carr, Wilma Wall, Joanna Wall, Virginia Sewell, Marvena Shoaf, Doris Janeway, Barbara McCutchan, Dorothy Sewell. Third row--Lois Newman, Doyne Kiger, Patricia Rusk, Barbara Holt, Miss Leberer, Norma Lee Bechtelheimer, Jean, Haines, Dorothy Woodworth, Gwendolyn Ballah. E FNNTUS19 THE N US 945 , Vievsfsrln Sgllnzuol- I I THE FWNTUS1945 I IN PRESENTING THESE VIEWS OF VEEDERSBURG HIGH SCHOOL, AN IDEA IS GIVEN AS 'FO WHAT' GOES ON IN THE CLASSROOM, ASSEM- BLY, AND GYMNASIUM. SCHOOL DAYS ARE HAPPY DAYS. THE PlNTU.S1945' The library is now open for outside reading and reference materials Roll is taken, and students begin another busy day. E PINTUS 1945 Here Students are learning to cook Others are learning to sew. THE PlNTUS19-45 Both accuracy and speed are stressed in a typing class A typical classroom scene in room 2. THE PINTUS 1945 This is a View of the hall Way, where schoolmates pause to talk, during a quiet period between classes. At other times there is much activity as students rush to lockers for books and pencils. THE PINTU-S1945 Boys Physical Education Front row, left to right-Ray Anderson, Robert Fisher, Richard Deardorff. Second row--Nlorman Meeker, Bill Mitton, John Fleming, Floyd Bass. Third row-Rex Frazee, Gordon Rainey, Dean Van Hook. Co-operating with the National Fitness Program, Coach Cash meets physical education classes three hours daily to develop strong and healthy bodies along with strong minds. by T H Yells of E PINTUS19 the 1944-45 Basketball Season Firecracker, gunpowder, Dynamite, boom! Here come the Devils, Give them room! V-e-e-d-e-r-s-b-u-r-g fSlowlyJ V-e-e-d-e-r-s-b-u-r-g CFasterJ V-e-e-d-e-r-s-b-u-r-g iFasterJ That's the way you spell it! Here's the Way you yell it! Veedersburg ! ! ! Go get 'em Devils fSoftlyJ Go get 'em Go get'em Devils QA little louderl Go Go G0 Go get 'em Devils fLouderj get 'em get 'em Devils fYell Itj get 'em. What's your name? Devils! Vl'hat's your name? Devils! Tell them- Devils I ! V Where you from? Veedersburg I Where you from? Veedersburg ! Toll them- Veedersburg! What do you Want? Victory! What do you Want? Victory! Tell them- VICTORY ! ! I Victory, Victory That's our cry V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Can we? Will We? Well, I guess- We're the bunch From V H. S. THE PINTU-S1945' PepSession Here the students enjoy some yells and songs before an important game. Cheering by the spectators is a big part in winning a ball game, and Without leaders, organized yelling would be impossible. Many prac- tices are held by leaders and students in preparation for their duty of keeping high the spirits of V. H. S., whether winning or losing. THE PINTUS 1945' Girl Scouts Left to right-Anna Myrtle Beach, Anna Odle, Norma Jean John- son, Patti Lou Crane, Delilah Mitchell, Nora Berlin. At each home basketball game, the Veedersburg Girl Scouts in uni- form made a glowing exhibit of the American flag and troop flag. THE ...W , ,Y...,j,,, - I T S 945 Q AC TIVIT l-- U IES THE PINTUS1945 GleeClub l First row, left to right-Kathryn Hicks, Barbara Newman, Clara Lowe, Edith Miles, James Leonard, Robert Fisher, John Fleming, Morris Rogers, Martha Haas, Patti Crane, Patricia Ludlow. Second row-Janice Craig, Gwendolyn Ballah, Jean Crane, Par- quita Hollcroft, Jack Weaver, William Switzer, Sam Mc1Cutchan, Wil- liam Marquess, Helen Mullen, Fauneil Smith, Patricia Rusk, Lenora Mc- Clure. F Third row-Freda Pickett, Gertrude Brewer, Norma Jean Johnson, Earl Ludlow, Mrs. Ruth Brown, Wayne Florey, John William Boord, Dorothy Simpson, Margaret Ann Martin, Norma Jean Weeder. Fourth row-Eleanor Howard, Wilma Wall, Norma Lee Bechtel- heimer, Marvena Shoaf, Jarrell Florey, Leon Lowe, Don French, Dean Gregg, Wanda Songer, Frances Simpson, Rose Marie Allen. THE PINTUS 1945 V H S Varieties The music department under the direction of Mrs. Brown presented V H S. Varieties in the gymnasium on Friday evening, March 2. PROGRAM PART I. 'Star Spangled Banner" .......................... Piano duet. Margaret Ann Martin and Norma Lee Bechtelheimer. PART II. Styles of 1945. "We'll Build a Cottage." Margaret Ann Martin, Norma Lee Bechtelheimer, Kathryn Hicks, Don French, Morris Rogers, John Fleming. Gypsy Ballad. Norma Johnson, Clara Lowe, Lenora McClure, Wayne Florey, Jarrell Florey, Dean Gregg. Scarecrow Chorus. Joycelyn Walton, Barbara Newman, Frances Simpson, Luc- retia Verrill, Eleanor Howard, Rose Marie Allen, Wanda Songer, Helen Mullen. PART III Girls Chorus-Seventh and Eighth Grades A "Softly Now the Light of Day." "This Day" ...................... .. "The Building of Life." PART IV "How Many Hearts Have You Broken" "I'll Walk Alone" .................... "I Get the Neck of the Chicken" .... "Tico, Tico" 'He's My Guy" ................ "So Long Sarah Jane" .... "Make Believe" ................. . "It Had to Be You." Thursdays-at Home" Mayabelle Larkin. . Sarah ............. Jane Post ......... Prudence Pearce .... Mrs. Meltz ........ Hilda Dumper ..... Henrietta Strat ..... Rhea Bates ....... PART V ..............-...... . . . .Helen King . . . .Dorothy Simpson . .. .. .. .Ruth Jones . . . . .Fauneil Smith .........Don French . . . .Rose Marie Allen By Mae Howley Barry ... .. ...Wanda Songer . . . . . .Joycelyn Walton . . . . . .Peggy Switzer . . . .Frances Simpson . . . . . .Norma Weeder . . .. . . .. .Janice Craig . . . . .Barbara Newman . . . . . .Eleanor Howard . . . . . . .Lucretia Verrill Vera Ketchum ......................... Place: Living-room in Larkin home. Time:The present. A Thursday morning. THE PINTUS1945' "Down South." Cl "De Boatman" V H S Varieties PART VI MIN STREL Erie Canal." .............. ...... Wayne Florey, Jarell Florey. Earl Ludlow, Bill Marquess, Jack Weaver, Sam McCutchan, Cl Carolina Lullaby." "Deep River." ................................ James Leonard "HeartBreaking' Gal." .......... Frances Simpson, Bill Switzer "Is It True What They Say About Dixie." Interlocutor ....... Don French Booker T. James Leonard Rastus ........... Jack Weaver Zeke ..... ...Leon Lowe Remus .... ..... B ill Marquess Romulus.. .Wayne Florey Mose... Li j ah ..... .... Lisha .... ..... .Earl L-udlow Robert Fisher ..Bill Switzer Josh ...... ..... Sampson... ... .Jarrel Florey .John Boord Zeb ..... ..... M yron Harmon Caleb ..... Alex ..... Nicodemus ..... Jackson ........ Gilbert . . . Morris Rogers Malcom Erwin ...Dean Gregg .John Fleming . . . .Sam McCutchan PERSONNEL Cast Rose Marie Allen, Patti Crane, Parquita Holcroft, Clara Lowe, Lenora McClure, Edith Miles, Barbara Newman, Patricia Rusk, Dorothy Simpson, Frances Simpson, Wanda Songer, Norma Weeder, Helen Mullen, Jeanne Crane, Lucretia Verrill, Peggy Switzer, Janice Craig, Kathryn Hicks, Eleanor Howard, Patricia Ludlow, Margaret Ann Martin, Fauniel Smith, Norma Bechtel- heimer, Gertrude Brewer, Gwendolyn Ballah, Freda Pickett, Wilma Wall, Marvena Shoaf, Norma Johnson. Joycelyn Walton, Ruthe Jones, John Boord, Robert Fisher, John Fleming, Don French, Dean Gregg, Earl Ludlow. Leon Lowe. Morros Rogers, Bill Switzer, San McCutchan, Bill Marquess, Jack Weaver, Jarrell Florey, Wayne Florey, James Leonard, Myron Harmon, Malcolm Erwin. Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus Helen King, Joan 'King, Delilah Mitchell, Lois Payton, Doris Kiser, Anna Boden, Jeanne Lowe, Georgeann Ludlow, Ora Stonebraker, Mabel Miles, Anna Odle, Kathryn Streeter, Barbara Rusk, Inez Rusk, Daisy Shoaf, Trillis Harper, Barbara Vavas, Mary E. Odle, Nora Berlin, Nforma Elmore, Deloris Grubb, Max- ine Rainey, Betty Smith, Patricia Bryant, Martha Hoagland, Nita Odle, Esther Leonard. THE PINTU-S 1945 LOVELAN D CHORUS SOLOISTS E PINTUS19 GYPSY CHORUS SCARECROW CHORUS THE FHNTUS1945- Seventh aml Eighth Grade Girls Chorus h .l x First row, left to right-Delilah Mitchell, Mary Ellen Odle, Jeanie Lowe, Esther Leonard, Daisy Ann Shoaf, Anna Odle, Trillis Harper, Helen King. Second row-Deloris Grubb, Lois Payton, Nora Berlin, Mable Miles, Betty Smith, Nita Odle, Barbara Rusk, Doris Kiser. Third row-Inez Rusk, Barbara Vavas, Kathryn Streeter, Anna Odle, Mrs. Brown, Ona Stonebraker, Martha Hoagland, Georgeanne Lud- low, Joann King. , g THE PINTUS 1945 V ll S Breezes In 1935 the commercial department began a school paper the V H S Breezes. It is now published once every two weeks by the ad vanced typing class. The staff is as follows: Editor ........... . . Associate Editor . . . . . . . Business Manager Feature ......... Gossip . . . Sports .. Art . . . Jokes .......... Stencil Cutters . . . . . . . Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . .Barbara Newman Frances Simpson Beverly Engstrom Peggy Switzer Joycelyn Walton Wanda Songer Don French Alice Van Hook Lucretia Verrill Anna Beach Mary Lighty .Miss Thomas THE PlNTUS19452 Breezes Staff Front row, left to right-Mary Elizabeth Lighty, Anna Beach Peggy Switzer, Don French, Frances Simpson, Wanda Songer. , Second row-Alice Van Hook, Joycelyn Walton, Barbara Newman Miss Thomas, Lucretia Verrill, Beverly Engstrom. THE PINTUS19-45' ny-Y cum Front row, left to right-Leon Lowe, Jack Weaver, Don French, Dean Van Hook. Second row-Rex Frazee, Bill Marquess, Mr. Cronk Qsponsorb, John Fleming, Dean Gregg. F THE PlNTUiS1945f I-ly-YClub The Hi-Y Club was first organized in 1943 with Mr. Cronk as the leader. Any boy in the sophomore, junior, or senior class is eligible to be a member. The meetings are held once every two weeks, either at the high school building or in the homes of members. The principles of the club are based -on serving, helping, learning, and making. The organi- zation has proved helpful in creating a better understanding between students and school ideals. Special occasions during the year for the club were some trips out of town. In January the members attended the Murat theater in In- dianapolis. In March they were in Danville at radio station WDAN for the recording of the Veedersburg-Danville gameg there was also a swim- ming party at the YMCA in Danville. The club officers are as follows: President ................ .... D on French Vice-President . . . .... Leon Lowe Secretary .... .... J ack Weaver Treasurer . .. .... John Fleming Reporter .... .... B ill Marquess THE PINTUS19-45 Girls' Softball Team Front row, left to right-Margaret Ann Martin, Barbara Newman, Helen Mullen, Eleanor Howard, Wanda Ruth Songer. Second row-Frances Simpson, Norma Jean Johnson, Marvellen Nicklas. Third row-Patricia Rusk, Miss Leberer, Virginia Sewell. The boys are not the only athletes in V. H. S. as the girls also have a place in athletics with the softball team that was organized last fall under the supervision of Miss Leberer, the physical education teacher. Successful practices were held in Hub Park, and games were played with the Kingman team. The positions of the 1944 participants are as follows: Barbara Newman Eleanor Howard . Helen Mullen .... Patricia Rusk Marvellen Nicklas Virginia Sewell . .. . . . . . Wanda Songer .... .... Norma J. Johnson Margaret Martin Frances Simpson Pitcher Catcher First Base Second Basef Third Base Right Field Left' Field Center Field Short Stop Short Stop THE PINTUS 19 D A R History Award 45 The D. A. R. Chapter presents an annual honor award to the wlnner of the Junior American History Test. Winners of the D. A. R. Award have been. Lois Mallett ........................ John Black . . . Anna Mallett .... Odell McKinsey .... Ruth Burgnei' .. Page Wallace ...... . Margaret Jackson . .. Flora Ziegler ...... Mildred Butz .. June Glover ............ Virginia Van Devanter Claradeen Miller ........ Gregory King Dorothy Howard . .. Frances Minick .... Ruth Campbell .. Bette Smith ....... Hannah Lou Helms Milton Lytle ...... Robert Grady David Cade Robert Furr, - - - Ellen Cade . .. Don French . . . 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 THE PINTUS1945 D A R Good Citizenship Award Every year the D. A. R. Chapter presents a Good Citi zenship award to a senior girl. Characteristics considered are as follows: Dependability- Moral strength, stability of purpose. Leadership- Personality, self-control, originality. Service-Patriotism, unselfish loyalty to American ideals Coeoperation, helpfulness, responsibility. Winners of the Award have been: Della Hesler ............... ..... 1 936 Nina June Boatman ........ ..... 1 937 Bette Smith ....... ..... 1 938 Betty Starkey ..... ..... Margaret Black . . . . . . . . Betty Goodson ..... ..... Ardith Lang ....... ..... Marian Lee Snyder Betty Wood ................................. Beverly Engstrom was chosen from the 1945 class. D A R llomemaker's Award The Homemaker's Award is given by the D. A. R. 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 Chapter to a girl in the freshman or sophomore classlwho has done outstanding Work in home economics. Winners of the I-Iomemaker's award have been Helen French .............. . . . Marian Lee Snyder . . . . . . Irene Clore ......... . . . Eleanor Howard . . . . . Marvellen Nicklas . . . . . . Virginia Sewell . . . . . 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 THE PINTUS 1945- Mrs. Lotta Bainter Coral Bainter ..... Vanilla ........ Kelly Vincentl Victor Kellyj .......... Senior Class Play KEEP 'EM TRYING -by.. STANLEY GRAYSON Cast of Characters Mrs. Victor Kelly CBethJ Mrs. Ella Traphagen ..... Monty Windust John Turner Elnora Crawford Amanda Shale .. Slugger Magee . . . Setting Frances Simpson . Lucretia Verrill Jloycelyn Walton . . . . Bill Switzer Barbara Newman .Eleanor Howard . . . . .Don French .. Bill Marquess ..Wanda Songer ..Peggy Switzer . Malcolm Erwin The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the Bainters' summer home, located in an eastern mountain resort. Time: The present Stage Managers-Sam McCutchan and Myron Harmon Publicity--Helen Mullen Directors-Mrs. Brown and Mr. Cronk THE FWNTUS1945 Seventh and Eighth Grade Activities Basketball- Thef eighth grade basketball team met the Stone Blui team here on December 16. Final score was 10 to 8 in favor of Veedersburg. Music- . . The seventh and eighth grade girls' chorus sang Christmas carols before the assembly on December 20. Mrs. Brown accompanied them. Social Events- In September the seventh grade had a picnic in Hub Park. In Oc- tober the eighth grade enjoyed a Halloween party at school Both groups were present for Christmas parties in their room before vacation. Miscellaneous- Both classes bought War stamps and bonds, contributed to the USO fund and the Junior Red Cross, and sold tuberculosis stamps. They enrolled one hundred per cent in the county Bible class. THE PINTU-S1945f Social Events This is the lighter side of school days at V. H. S. when class parties are held on Friday eveningsg the high point of the year comes in April with the junior-senior reception. - The freshman class had a Wiener roast in the high school on Sep- tember 29. The group had fun in spite of the fact that the rainy weather prevented an outdoor party. Miss McCurry and Mr. Cash were the sponsors. The sophomores had a covered dish dinner at the high school on Friday evening, October 6. They played games, had prizes, and then ate. Miss Thomas and Mr. Cronk were the sponsors. The junior class enjoyed a party in the home economics room on Friday evening, October 13. They danced and played games, refresh- ments were served! at the close of the evening. Miss Leberer and Mr. Cade, sponsors, were there. On Friday evening, October 20, the losers in the annual sales con- test gave .a party in the high school for the Winners. Generous refresh- ments were served by the losers. The Winners also received a humorous edition of the Pintus. Sponsors, Miss Cobb and Mr. Dockins, were present. THE F-WNTUS1945 High School Opinion Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky Mr. Date ......... Miss Date .... Miss Modesty .... Popular Boy Popular Girl Handsome Boy Pretty Girl .... . Pals of V H S Bachelors of V H S. . .. Bill Marquess . . . John Fleming . . Virginia Sewell Beverly Engstrom BillDice Wanda Songer .. John Fleming Peggy Switzer ...Marvellen Nicklas and Virginia Sewell ...... Robert Boord and Junior Dobbs Sweethearts of V. H. S. Bill Switzer and Frances Simpson Best Scouts . .......... Sam McCutchan and Bill Marquess Good Sport ........ Favorite By-Word . . . . . . Best Excuse ..... Favorite Pastime . . . . . Bill Marques Well, I'd reckonl. . .. Train on Track Talking THE PINTUS 1945 Senior History Four years ago a group of boys and girls from .Stone Bluff, Ster- ling, and Veedersburg gathered at Veedersburg High School to begin their progress through four years of valued learning. An freshmen they proved to be very capable of doing almost every- thing at the wrong time. Forty-five lively youngsters made up the crowd, Frances Simpson served as class president. Advancing to the second year, they had thrown off their freshman ways and were one of the upper classes Cto their way of thinkingj. Bill Dice became president. T At last they reached the junior year for which they had waited so long. Frances Simpson was again their noble leader. The class Was well represented in athletics by Bill Dice, Malcolm Erwin, Myron Harmon, Bill Marquess, Sam McCutchan, Bill Switzer. Many juniors were active in musical events. The height of this year came with the junior-senior reception in Danville, with a dinner and a. movie. The senior year was upon them all tool soon. In the fall of 1944 twenty-two members with a firm determination started as seniors to make this last year a memorable one for them all. Don French became president and filled this position well. The class was prominent in basket-ball, the Breezes, Glee Club, and V. H. Sl. Varieties. Annual sales came the first semester, and in January the real work began on the thirty-seventh edition. As the time for commencement draws near, they bid farewell to school days and look into the future with a hope of peace on earth for all. ROSE MARIE ALLEN THE PlNTUS'1945 ' The Pintus f l The same hustle and bustle of getting the Pintus ready to go to press was staged this year, as in previous years. The first edition ap- peared in 1909, so each succeeding class feels an ambition to carry on with the Worthwhile tradition established then. A staH is appointed by the faculty early in the Winter in order to have the book completed by the end of the school year. The various members Work hard to make their edition a little different than pre- vious ones. Due to the war and certain limitations on paper and labor, the Pintus is rather handicapped, but it always comes through in flying colors. It is certain that this Pintus of 1945 will be the book-of-the year around V. H. S. T E T 9 5 H -rl-i.THLE'l1ICg ' E F! THE PINTUS1945 Basketball Squad I Front row, left to right: Virginia Sewell fyell leaderl, William Marquess, Sam ,MeCutchan, William Dice, Bill Switzer, Frederick Mer- rill, Wanda Ruth Songer fyell leaderj. Second row: Mr. Cash Ccoachj, Myron Harmon, Dean Van Hook, Mal- colm Erwin, Jack Weaver, Rex Frazee, Don French fstudent managerj. Third row: Wilbur French, Morris Rogers, Norman Meeker, James Leonard, John Fleming, Jarrell Florey, John Keeling. THE PlNTUS1945' Basketball Games VEEDERSBURG 30 LINDEN 30 The Green Devils opened the season on N-ov. 3, against Linden, a team which Veedersburg had never defeated. The Devils entered this game with one purpose in mind, and so defeated Linden by a 5 point margin. VEEDERSBURG 17 WEST POINT 15 The Green Devils defeated, West Point on the West Point Iioor. The score was tied at every quarter, but the Devils came out ahead. VEEDERSBURG 46 KINGMAN 18 The team played good steady basketball and had no trouble in adding an-other victory. VEEDERSBURG 14 HILLSBOR0 15 The Devils played a hard fought game on the Hillsboro floor. After leading most of the time, they lost to the Wildcats by a 1 point margin. VEEDERSBURG 33 ATTICA 32 Covertimel This game was a thriller from the start to the finish. The score was tied 15 all at the half, and 32 to 32 at the end of regular playing time. VEEDERSBURG 23 WILLIAMSPORT 19 In this game the Devils had very little difficulty in overwhelming the Bingies. VEEDERSBURG 19 CAYUGA 26 The Cayuga Indians got an early lead, and held its throughout the entire game. This was the Devils second defeat of the season. VEEDERSBURG 31 'SACRED HEART 27 The Devils journeyed! to Indianapolis where they tangled with the Spartans. The Devils trailing in the scoring till the last quarter made the first live baskets they shot, and ended the game with a 4 point margin. VEEDERSBURG 29 WAYNETOWN 58 The Devils were not used to the low ceiling and small iioor: this was proved at Hillsboro and Cayuga. The Gladiators were hitting from every place on the floorg consequently they defeated the Devils by a 29 point margin. 'VEEDERSBURG 28- COVINGTON 37 The Trojans came to Veedersburg with a team which had been defeated but once this season. At the half, the score was 20 to 19 in favor of Covington. The Devils faltered in the last quarter and were beaten by a 9 point, lead. THE PINTU-S 19-41-5f Basketball Games VEEDERSBURG 25 HILLSBORO 19 The Hillsboro Wildcats came to Veedersburg with high hopes of going back victorious. The score at the half was 10 to 11 in favor of the Devils. The last quarter however was disastrous for the Wildcats. The Devils scoredg 4 points in the last minute and ended the game 6 points to the good. VEEDERSBURG 25 ATTICA 44 . This game was played in the Attica gym. After being beaten by the Devils in a previous game, the Attica Ramblers were out to win. Being unable to hit neither foul shots nor field goals, the Devils were left behind in the latter part of the game. Wabash Valley Tourney The tourney was held in the Veedersburg gym. In the second game on Thursday evening, the Devils played Richland Township. This was a furious game, as both teams were trying hard to win. The score was close at every quarter, but the Devils won with the score 31 to 26 in their favor. In the game Saturday afternoon the Devils attempted to defeat the Attica Ramblers, but were defeated in a hard battle after nearly upsetting the Ramblers in the first half. The score at the half was 16 to 12 in favor of Attica. The Devils faltered in the last half, and were defeated by a score of 38 to 19. Saturday night, Attica challenged the Covington Trojans, but were defeated by 2 points. The score at the end of the game was 32 to 30. VEEDERSBURG 22 BOISWELL 58 A This was a. rather hard evening for the Devils. Being the first game plaved without Dice and Booe, the Devils were lost from the basket. Boswell got an early lead and held it throughout the entire game. VEEDERSBURG 46 WINGATE 30 Showing much imorovement and team work. the Devils had little difficulty in defeating Wingate. The Devils also had a better than av- erage percentage on foul and field goals. VEEUERSBURG 28 DANVILLE, ILL. 44 The Devils journeyed to Danville. Illinois. where they played the Danville Maroons. The Maroons couldn't missy consequentlv they pulled away from the Devils in the first quarter. This was the first Illinois game the Devils have nlaved in several years. Both teams showed good sportsmanship in their playing. THE PINTUS 1945 Basketball Games VEEDERSBURG 62 PINE VILLAGE 25 The Devils were red hot against the Pine Knots, and could hit from any place on the fioor. They scored 30 points in the first half and held their opponents to 3 points. In theg last half the Devils loosened up on the Pine Knots and they .scored 22 points to the Devils 32. The game ended with the Devils in the lead by 37 counters. This was Bill Dice's last high school game, and he left with a scoring record of 11 field goals and 3 foul shots. VEEDERSBURG 22 COVINGTON 55 This was a sad night for the Devils. After being red hot against Pine Village, they were just the opposite against Covington. Unable to hit and play good ball, the Devils lost to the Trojans by a 33 point margin. VEEDERSBURG 40 KINGMAN 30 This was the last scheduled game of the season. The Devils played rather good ball, and were hitting the loop as average. The score was close up to the last quarter, then the Devils gradually pulled away. Sectional Tournament The Devils played Perrysville in their first game on Friday morn- ing, February 23. In a hard fought and close scoring game, the Devils defeated them by a score of 28 to 22. That night the Devils played Pine Village. The score at the end of the game was 27 to 40 in Veedersburg's favor. Next the Devils played the Covington Trojans. The Trojans grab- bed an early lead and held it throughout the entire game. The game would have been closer if the Devils could have hit the basket. Cov- ington won by a score of 39 to 20. After defeating the Green Devils, the Trojans journeyed to the finals where they defeated Hillsboro to win the sectional. Second Team .. Although lacking in experience, the second team improved steadily throughout the season. Consisting mainly of Fleming, Florey, Frazee, Meeker, and Van Hook, this team showed much fight, spirit, and sportsmanship. A fine team is expected next year when this group of boys takes over where a fine team this year left off. THE PINTUS 1945 6, TOWN -SQENES , L THE FWNTUS1945 E PINTUS 19 Business District Methodist Church THE PINTUS19-45 , , , K ' ' L7 Q' 'V 4' I, C - . Christian Church United Brethren Church THE PINTU.-S1945 MARSHALL STUDIOS, INC INDIANA CONDENSED MILK CO. E PINTUS19-45 Service Honor Roll Scout Cabin In I-lub Park E 9 I " '1- 6 ALUMNI 8 ll THE PINTUS 1911-5' Alumni Association The Veedersburg High School Alumni Association, which came in- to existence over twenty-five years ago, meets annually soon after the close of the school year. This meeting is usually a banquet or dance. The seniors are then initiated into the organization. The following officers were chosen in 1944: President ......................... Blanche Songer Vice-President . . . . Vern French Secretary . . . . . . Jean Black Treasurer . . . . . . Jonh Cronk THE PlNTU.lS1945 V I-I S Service Honor Roll ,,+ Y 'K,+i 44 EW f ah 4:11 +L Gerald Kinneer Jerry McClain Cash Rusk Jr Clark Shade Lowell Shirley Carlyle Shoaf Norman Shoaf Frederick Stucker Jack Wellheuser NOTE: An attempt has been made to list V. H. il A V 'si in A I - J Thomas Murphy c ,pr 4 . v ' fp -., ' I ' , 11 ' A A 4 l Z C V flll 1945 William Dice 1944 James Hall Dewayne Hancock Jack Hankins Gordon Haupt John McIntosh Joe Starkey Frank Stucker 1943 William Ansberry Austin Barker Richard Blair Robert Clodfelder Calvin Cumbow Robert Furr Joe Harper Charles Howard Harry Merrill 1942 David Cade Wesley Craig Roland Cushman Richard Ellis Arnet Furr William Harrold Robert J aneway Willis Whitaker 1941 Wayne Alston John Beard Robert Boord Ronald Burns Robert Grady Wayne Ludlow Chester McLean Edna Tibbett 1940 Howard Bettice Robert Brimbury Keith Clore Samuel Craig Robert Draper Richard Florey Charles Harris Robert Holmes Harold Hutts Richard Lawson Arthur Leach Jesse Livengood Milton Lvtle Gordon Mullen Frank McCalment Marion McCrory Denzil Oilar Thomas Stuart Eileen Stutflebeam Elwyn Winks S. Alumni in service 1939 George Black Eldo Boord Robert Clark Meredith Compton Lowell Crane Thurmond Cushman Gale Dazey Max Grady Ralph Mornout 'Nilliam Mclntosh Kenneth Newman Harold Roach Joseph Robbins Lowell Simpson Stanley Smith James Wheeler Lawrence Wood 1938 Robert Booe Harry Carpenter Robert Craig Frederick Crane Hubert Hacker Joseph Irvin Wilmer Keller Herschel Mapes Virgil Nbggle Orville Powell Jewell Shirlev Robert Therien 1937 Garland Fisher Charles Grigson Lorin Haas Claude Linker Ralph Lytle John Mellott Joseph Newman Fluaene Smith Ross Snyder . THE' PINTUS1945' V H S Service Honor Roll 1936 Leonard Brewer Richard Campbell William Deering Lloyd Dice Gerald Glascock Glenwood Holland Goble Manning Hardy Rush Leroy Songer Perry Teegarden Vernon Trinkle 1935 Marion Eook Lawrence Furr Daniel Hutchins John McGaughey Clifford Oilar 1934 Samuel Beasley Joseph Bowman Glenn Furr Gaton Holland William Landis Wayne Marsh Floyd Padgitt Glenn Shirley Albert Reynolds Myron Small Raymond Ziegler 1933 Byron Furr Charles Layman Hillard Manning Denzil Marshall Jacob McClain Charles Odle Troy Timmons 1932 George Black, Jr. J. D. -Campbell Donald Fogleman Richard Glover Hardy Gookins William Simpson Chester Teegarden Daniel Walter 1931 James Allen Ralph Craig Cash Furr y Merlin Hainer Harley Shirley 1930 William Madigan Gwynn McCord Robert Reed Marion Stuart 1929 Charles Deering Orland Meeker Edgar Sentman Harry Walton: 1928 James Beasley Lawrence Crane Russel ,Miller Munson McElwee 1927 Robert Forrest Ernest Youngblood 1926 Charles Miller Wayne Shideler 1925 Harold Death Donald Campbell Homer Florey William Walter 1924 Floyd Shirley 1923 Charles Coats George Van Dorn 1922 Joe Hershberger Basil Larue 1921 Edward Gray 1914 Lawrence Greenley THE PlNTUS191l-5' Calendar SEPTEMBER 3 Familiar faces of teachers are again in town. Tomorrow is the first day of school. 4 Seniors look old and wise to young and innocent freshmen as they enroll. 5 Students find right classrooms and teachers for first classes. 8 Flag fights are being thought of. 11 Mr. and Mrs. John Cronk become the proud parents of a daughter, Charla Roxanne. 12 Classes elect officers. Presidents are as follows: Seniors, Don French, juniors, Morris Rogersg sophomores, Norman Meekerg freshmen, Marion Teeguarden. 13 Songster try out for Glee Club. 18 V. H. Sl. lovebirds will miss the stonesg a new brick wall is replacing them. 19 The juniors pester their friends to buy magazines. 21 Breezes staff is selected today: Barbara Newman, editor, Frances Simpson, associate editor. 25 The senior physics class takes a trip to Coal Creek. What fun for a September afternoon! 26 The Hi-Y club holds its first meeting and elects officers. 27 Lions Club 'Carnival is the big attraction dovsmtown. 29 The Breezes appears today. The high school infants ffresh- iesj have a party this evening at the high school build- ing. Thus ends the first month of school. OCTOBER 2 Monday is a bit dull after a week-end of -carnival. 3 Seniors begin Pintus sales. Wanda Songer's team vs. Lu- S cretia Verrill's. 6 Sophomores have a class party in the music room. 10 Jimmy Songer visits V. H. S. and tells some war exper- iences. 11 Basketball practice begins. New members are Bill Mar- quess and Junior Booe. 13 The juniors have a party at school. 16 Several new library books are added to our libraryg the early bird gets a new book. 17 Annual sales close. Wanda's team wins. 19 Class Tourney begins tonight. 20 Seniors win the class tourney! Seniors have a Pintus party after the games. 26-27 State Teachers Association. No school! It's too bad they 29 30 don't have more of those. Read fast! A book report is due tomorrow. Lost by the juniors-a few outside readingpoints. THE PINTUS 1945' Calendar NOVEMBER Breezes on sale today and basketball season opens and a victory with Linden. Advanced typing class begin a contest to see who can hit the bulls eye by typing 60 words a minute with less than five errors for 10 minutes. Junior Red Cross is calling for donations. Big Success. Mrs. Griest from Louisville, Kentucky, has been chosen the Fountain County Bible teacher. Seventh and eighth grades enroll 100 per cent. Devils journey to West Point and are victorious-score 17- 15. Game with Kingman-Devils win. Mr. Walter, former teacher, gives a speech on the 6th War Bond Drive. Just to get away from it all-Bill Marquess is so sleepy. Game at Hillsboro--First defeat of the season. The faculty choose the Pintus staff. French and Howard are co-editors. One of the big games of the season-with Attica! The Devils win. 'Thanksgiving Vacation. No school for four days. State hearing tests are here again. Classes really show their patriotism as the seniors con- duct sale of war stamps and bonds at school. DECEMBER Editors of annual start planning for the 1945 publication. The Hi-Y Club looks for a few new members. Prospects hurry to Mr. Cronk's room for application blanks. Our V. H. S. teachers are seen Christmas shopping down- town after schoo.l Students present a patriotic program before assembly in memory of Pearl Harbor. Study hard and make a grade for yourself, as exemptions are in the offing. Devils defeat Sacred Heart in Indianapolis. Miss McCurry reviews the algebra class in sixth grade arithmetic. Students throw snowballs! It's fun to be young and silly. Breezes come out. Be good! It's only ten days until Christmas. Miss Cobb gives theme assignments to industrious juniors. It's the last one of the year, students. so cheer up. Christmas music by seventh and eighth grade is presented in the assembly. Exemptions are posted for the deserving. 2122 Exams are finally over and at last Merry Christmas to everybody. JANUARY 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 17 18 20 25 26 29 30 31 THE PlNTU.S1945' Calendar Everyone is back with new resolutions to study hard for the last term. Lt. Madigan addresses the assembly and tells of his exper- iences in the Pacific war zone. Beverly Engstrom is awarded the Good Citizenship Honor by the D. A. R. Chapter. V. H. S. wins 25-19 from Hllisboro. Speeches are made in public speaking g Myron Harmon tells class "How to Fish". Eleanor Howard falls on the slippery iceg result-a black eye. Cold weather makes it uncomfortable for walkingg at least Jr. Dobbs thinks so as he walks his girl home from the Vee Theatre. V. H. S. Varieties practice begins. Game with Attica. It's sad but they win. Hi-Y have big day in Indianapolis: they see Porgy and Bess at the Murat. ' Joe Starkey makes a speech to assembly. Everyone helps get ready for the tournamentg even Mutt Howard help some with the clean-up. Veedersburg is host to the Wabash Valley Tournament. Congratulations Covington on your winning the tourna- ment! Assembly votes on H. S. opinion. Hi-Y meeting at home of Don French. A Breezes comes out. A big pep session in the gym. Wingate loses to Green Devils. A busy day ends. Juniors take D. A. R. test in history. Just look at the dressed up people! Visitors? No, only the seniors ready to be photographed. Photographers come here to take group pictures for the Pintus. FEBRUARY 1 No time to play, as exams are near. 2 The Devils lose to the Danville team. 5 Six weeks exams are now in session. 8 Physics class toil over crossword puzzles. They are puzzles 9 12 14 15 too. Today is the state spelling test for all grades. Seniors ad- mire their proofs. Agriculture boys go to sale barn with Mr. Cade. Several people have received Valentines. Juniors hold class meeting pro and con on the reception is heard. 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 MARCH 2 5 6 7 8 9 12 14 16 17 19 20 22 23 27 APRIL 6 THE PlNTUS19Ll-5 Calendar Dedication of the Schools-at-War Flag. A program is pre- sented in the assembly. Hi-Y boys nnffet at Mr. Cronk's house. The bookkeeping class is certainly busy taking care of Mr. Spencers Hardware Store. Happy birthday Mr. Cashg he is 21 plus. More book reports are due today. Everybody goes to Attica for the sectional tournament. Covington wins the final game. Frazee and Fleming start training for next year's team. Practices for Varieties are in full swing both day and night. Mr. Marshall takes more pictures for the Pintus. V. H. S. Varieties is presented to an appreciative crowd. Sweaters are awarded to senior basketball boys. Hi-Y boys go to Danville for swimming party. Basketball boys enjoy dinner at Highland Court. Hi-Y boys meet at Bill Reed's. Exams start again. Nothing new-only rain and exams. Choral Festival rehearsal begins. Seniors celebrate Joycelyn's birthday by having a test in economics. Pintus staff completes the book. Physics students draw lighting system of gymnasium. St. Patrick's Day-Wear those green ties children! Miss Leberer and Mr. Cade strive to obtain new and novel ideas for the reception. Lions Club give a banquet for the V. H. S. basketball squad. 21 Caesar is having a terrible time in Gaul. Ask Mar- garet Ann. Practice begins on the Senior Play. Breezes staff work studiously on their paper. Senior play practice continues. Choral Festival is held in Richland Twp. H. S. SENIOR WEEK Junior-Senior Reception . Baccalaureate Senior Play Commencement Alumni Banquet THE PINTUS1945 Ads and Hug-gf - 5,4 5 5 fl' v. sl 2 'f 1? if S 3 ri 5 i 53 sf E E 2 THE PINTUXS 1945 INDIANA CONDENSED MILK C0 Buyers of Quality Cream YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED Veedersburg Phone 82 Indiana 'Ihey were lost in a snow storm: "Oh, look, George! There's a chicken, so we must be near a farm." "That's not a chicken. That's the Weathercock on the town- ship's schoolhouse." COMVPLIMENTS 'OF GORDON MOREHOUSE ,QI-A Artist-"This picture took eight years of Work." Friend-"That's a long time to devote to one painting." Artist-"Well it took six days to paint it and the restof the time to sell it." HIGHLAND CGURT CAFE Meals and Short Orders At All Hours South Junction U. S. Highway and State Road 34 INEZ STUCKER Phone M-615 24 Hours Service jTl-IE FUNTUS1945' E1 V. if 4 if x J 'Compliments of " Electric and Water Department TOWN OF VEEDERSBURG Board of Trustees ,V ' Robert Jackson, d 4 . f fp Superinten ent I - 4 fi! ' H' fd"5'fL"9"-' l ' ,afar !l,Lv,?fJ l Dewey . Banta 9 if ? 5 ' "4 ' "W Kenneth Keelinig' Cle ' and Treasurer "" 7' , lrlifl I-'L6lowt 5 cJlb1,p1p5g,,vd 51551 Camus'-gg-godq,.r W "How far is it to the next filling station?" the driver asked a farmer. "Nigh onto two miles as the crow flies." "Well, how far is it if the crow has to walk and roll a flat tire ?" John B.: "Dad, gimme a dime." His father: "Don't you think you're getting too big to beg for dimes ?" John B.: "You're right, Dad. Gimme a dollar, will ya ?" 'COMPLIMENTS OF THE VEEDERSBURG GREENHOUSE They were discussing dogs, and the tales were getting ftpretty tall" when one of the group took the lead. "Smith," he said, "had la most intelligent dog. One night Smith's house caught fire. All was instant confusion. Old Smith and his Wife flew for the children bundled them out in quick order. Everyone was saved, but old Rover dashed back through the flames. Soon the animal reappeared, scorched and burned-what do you think?" "Give up," cried the eager listeners. "With the fire insurance policy wrapped in a damp towel, gentle-V men." COMPLIMENTS OF WILBUR B. CARTWRIGHT THE BEST 'OF LUCK T0 YOU SENIORS -from-- Personalized Cleaning for Particular People Phone 97 . C Veedersburg, Indiana D. FOUNTAIN LOAN COMPANL b 5 4.Lf21fU"i'A THE PINTU-S 1945 ' ar:5Aaf!.S?uc!io:i, Sgnc. LAMPS AND PARCHMENT LAMPSHADES PHOTOGRAPHIC ACCESSORIES Yiecleragurg, .gncbana MYER'S SODAS AND SUNDRIES WHERE OLD FRIENDS MEET Phone 48 Veedersburg, Indiana GRDSS STANDARD SERVICE Truck Stop 7 A Greasing Tire Repair Phone 96 24-Hour Service THE FUNTUS1945' VERN FRENCH TE.LEPHONE 7 FRENCIPS SUPER FOOD STDRE Veedersburg, Indiana I Western Indiana's Most Modern Food Store Mr. Cash: "Why has a Woman never been President?" Floyd B.: "Don't you know the President has to be over 35 ?" F COMPLIMENTS OF ROBINSON, YOUR GOODYEAR DEALER Diner-f'Waiter, the portions seem to have got a lot smaller lately." Waiter-"Just an optical illusion, sir. NOW that the restaurant has been enlarged, they look smaller-that's all." Myron H.-"Give me a round-trip ticket." Agent-"Where to ?" Myron H.-L'Back here of course!" I. W ,JM Compliments of FGUNTAIN couN'rY1-'Ann BUREAU 'N C0-QPERATWE ASSOCIATION, Inc Veedersburg, Indian R e-BI:ono:3'ii E ' wal Q6 .X THE PINTU-S1945' Harry C. Fishero Charles E. Fishero FISHERO FUNERAL l'l0ME Ambulance Service Lady Attendant VEEDERSBURG, INDIANA A traveler stopped into a small country station to buy a ticket for the city. The agent was enjoying a dull moment. He did not take down his heels from his desk, but pulled out and stamped a ticket without changing his attitude, and tossed the money into the till. Traveler-"Say! If you can show me a lazier act than that, I'll give you a dollarf' Agent-"All right. Put it in my pocket." CLIFFGRD BELIRS SUPER SERVICE SHELLUBRICATION GOODYEAR TIRES Veedersburg, Indiana State Road 34 Two hunters had been out several hours and one of them had been growing uneasy. Finally panic' overtook him. "We're lost !" he cried to his companion. "What on earth shall We do ?" Keep your shirt on!" said his companion. "Shoot an extra deer and the game warden will be here in a minute and a half." COMPLIMENTS OF SH00'K"S VARIETY STORE SELLS FOR LESS Congratulations Seniors! X c'f W l Goon OLD HOME cooKEn Foon if ff' ' I Af 4,,'Qxf1-ff' 'piff - A our Phone as THE PINTUS1945 SUDDEN SERVICE GARAGE SUDDEN SERVICE GARAGE SINCE 1911 VEEDERSBURG, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF LYRIC THEATRE, COVINGTON, INDIANA VEEDERSBURG GRAIN COMPANY Buyers and Sellers of all Kinds of Feed SEEDS AND GRAIN Grind and Mix all Kinds of Feed Phone 167-Elevator Phone 80-Mill X COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNNY. STULL .ff X IF YoU WANT A Goon Jost K X GET GOOD TRAINING-THE KIND THAT . J, 'x Utterback-Brown Business College i Danville, Illinois X Offers to Ambitious High School Seniors! Many V. H. S. Folks Have Found Our Training Just What They Wan 'Come and Visit Our School! ' Opposite Post Office 214 N. Vermillion St. Danville. Illinois. COMPLIMENTS OF SAM STUART'S SERVICE STATION U1 Rex Frazee-L'l'd give a thousand dollars to anyone who could y Worrying for me. Robert Kester-"You're on! Where's the thousand? Rex Frazee-"That's your first Worry." COMPLIMENTS OF PHIL'S BOWLING ALLEY do THE PINTU.-S1945' COMPLIMENTS OF M. C. JOHNSON, INSURANCE COMPANY A School Worth Considering J 'TLV' , 'fluff gh! LAFAYETTE BUSINESS COLLEGE J iv The Indiana Business College t' O OF LAFAYETTE COMPLIMENTS OF THE VEEDERSBURG STATE BANK BOOKS FOR YOUR LIBRARY Basic Teachings of Confucius, by Dawson.. Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form, by Mawson. Home Book of Secretarial Training, by Smith, Allen 8x Mahan. Club Member's Handbook, by Milligan. Health Questions Answered, by Bauer. Home Book of Music Appreciation, by Kaufmann. Ilow to Write Letters for All Occasions, by Sheff 8: Ingalls. Above Each 69c RITTERS BOOK STORE 58 East Washington Street. Chicago, Illinois. COMPLIMENTS OF WISHER MYERS CLOTHING STORE ! Freshman: "I inserted an advertisement for my lost dog in the paper here. Has anything been heard of it? I offered a reward of ten dollars." L Frances S. fof the Breezejz "Sorry, all the editors and reporters are out looking for the dog." COMPLIMENTS OF THE STERLING FOOD MARKET Wanda: "Mamma, you know that vase you said has been handed down from generation to generation." Mother: "Yes, my dear." . Wanda: "Well, this generation has just dropped it." Congratulations Seniors! VEE THEATRE at COMPLIMENTS OF O. W. MCGAUGHEY X THE PlNTUS1945' Congratulations Seniors ! YOUR TIMES IS NOWg YOUR DEEDS I WILL BECOME THE FUTURE HERITAGE I OF VEEDERSBURG-AND AMERICA ' THE VEEDERSBURG NEWS Serving This. Community For Over Half a Century Dean Van Hook: "I dreamed last night that I had invented a new type of breakfast food and was sampling it When-" John Fleming: "Yes, yesg go on." Dean Van Hook: "I woke up and found a corner of the mattress gone! I" Seniors-Again We Greet You ! JACK HERINIG DISTRIBUTOR PHILLIPS 66-PRODUCTS WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES LEE AND DIAMOND TIRES Phone 66 Veedersburg' Talkative Hunter-"Once while I was having a meal in the jungle a lion came so close to me that I could feel his breath on the back of my neck! What did I do ?" Bored Listener-"Turned your collar up?" COMPLIMENTS OF FOUNTAIN COUNTY POP CORN COMPANY THE PlNTU1S1945' Congratulations Seniors ! Make The HUB Headquarters For 'I BONDS COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE REAL ESTATE AUTO FINANCE 4 ,Q HUB INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 47 Carl Songer o'u COMPLIMENTS OF BRAME'S CUT RATE DRUG xi A KK . 'I n n " 9' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSY A1 J ff!! HGLMES PRODUCE "" " Veedersburg, Indiana Phone 72 COMPLIMENTS OF W. F. HALL, JEWELER Mr. Cronk Cin English 93: Give an example of a coiiective noun Jake Hinote: A waste basket. COMPLIMENTS OF CHARM BEAUTY SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF S. 8: S. CAFE J r- THE PINTUS 19-45' EWBANIPS CQMPLETE F000 MARKET COMPLETE FOODMARKET A Wholesaler and Retailer of Fresh Pork, Beef, Ham, Bacon, ,Sausage VEEDERSBURG, INDIANA Leon H. Ewbank Telenhone 9 Customer: "I Warn you, I Won't be able to pay for this suit for six months." ' Tailor: "Oh, that's perfectly all right sir." Customer: "When will the suit be ready." Tailor: "In six months." coMPL1MEN'rs OF MARIE ooATs Congratulations Seniors ! ALLEWS CITIES SERVICE Junction 34 and 41, Sterling GAS-O-IL-GROCERIES AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES COMPLIMENTS OF N. M. TEEGARDEN, LAWYER Miss Cobb: Csternly.: "This essay on "Our Dog" is Word for Word the same as your brother's." Ruthe Jones: "Yes, Mam, it's the same dog." COMPLIMENTS OF DR. J. B. oWENs O A "Gimme an all-day sucker," the youngster demanded of the candy man. He was handed one. "Looks kind of small," remarked the youth looking at it doubt- fully." "Yeah, the days are getting shorter." COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAM KEELING Passenger: "Which end of the bus do I get of at ?" Driver: "Either one. It stops at both ends." ECOMPLIMENTJE OF HARRY CCHICKJ MoREHoUsE "Your Wife drives like lightning, doesn't she ?" "Yes-always striking trees."' as gi. E P I N T Us 19 Autographs In Appreciation We want to express our grati- tude to all who have helped to make this yearbook possible. Through your help, patience, and guidance, We have given in a small Way the activities and school life in and around Vee- dersburg High School. We hope you will enjoy looking at the finished product as much as we have enjoyed presenting it to you. It represents V. H. S. on its highest goal, that of achieve- ment. THE PINTUS STAFF ghk... .. .,..g,.. . ,:: fQ..,,.,, I N I N 4g,, , , E' F l E I , , , wif,

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