Veedersburg High School - Pintus Yearbook (Veedersburg, IN)

 - Class of 1929

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Veedersburg High School - Pintus Yearbook (Veedersburg, IN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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! , L I A E ,4 5 f 9 5 3 . . 1 . F F S Z 75 s 3 .4 ,1 "' - . -4551-:7'.' -4 ' ' R. ' Photo hy Hn,i..-uw C. B,ui.m' Nllemrnoriies Vlliillnmlf Never Die HE happy school days and friendships made are all recorded in the annual. How important then that your hook should he printed by a printer who knows how. 71MW'W77 Printers- 'Stationers 'Designers CRAVVYYDRDSVILLE. I ND, If it is an oulslandiniz annual you will find thc Ricvmw Pmsss printed ii I t we .Es M. 8: H. SALES CO. John Deere Tractors and Farm Implements Hudson-Essex Fine Motor Cars Atwater Kent and Crosley Radios seve n? x 5 fr" 1 ' J . 5 ' 5 N ' ' IAN' .- A Jygtin 7 ' , xx V ' J -1i'fff!T,-iii L i 4 i t-Q ing, - fx n lt' in . A fl N f ff gl w. " V' ' J Guaranteed Reconditioned Tractors Implements and Motor Cars Mellott, Ind. Veedersburg Greenhouse FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Potted Plants Phone 220 Shell Filling Station OIL AND GAS lVlr. Dockins: siwllkll animal is the most economic traveler? Give reason for your answerf, Student: 'The elephant. He carries his own trunkf, Candy QUl'lS'I'lONS Llgars ' Dorothy liurner-Who is tht- pretti- Cold DI'lIlkS ost girl in school and why am l? ICC Cream Pat Dicefwho is the best looking: Groceries hoy in school and why am I? Kenneth Cross-VVho is the hest hasketball player in school and why R. E. FURR, PI'0p. am I? Art Florey-Vlfho is de tuffest guy in dis here school and why am l? W. Second Street State Road 34 Margaret Kirk-Who is the smartest girl in the school and why am l? M ,tl frgxf-,f1,f,A- few- J! -A Q xiii -LN gif A I1 ,., f L list .- R X ' f f fs yltsf l 1- T. fig - - fgiifee E afraid 25 1 :2 1 , 2- 445 ' . A-n?i',f1'ZWx:5wClp.Q7fm x , XiWiW71iy?S,Q15fTZ2i7 xxxxvf77 ffiiqfrxwvrf- X Page Eighty-seven 'f m :align TDS SHEAFFER'S PENS VAL-SPAR AND PENCILS ENAMELS AND STAINS G. G. GRAHAM DRUGGIST Veedersburg, Indiana S. W. P. GOODRICH PAINTS AND VARNISH RUBBER GOODS We learn our math from Miss Van Hook, She almost knows it all. And all the students of V. ll. S. Want her baek again next fall. Conlplinlents lVlr. Bailey does his time devote To show the seniors how to vote. He says what we neerl in this great Of lancl. ls more and more Repulilieans. Miss Combs says, Hlf you can not write. Then come to me and learn to type. CO. And if you don't get very lar. Come lmaek again and learn some more A man got a radio and turned it on but did not get anything. He prompt- ly wrote the company for the com- - lwination. xv. l ,Q if .. 1 Q -Life - 'uzafq ug - YV i E V1 ,ls X - ll . Iflf g-JZ, F vn'1 i .- Vyr gglhl I - 5' aly g lwlg 1 gg l ' I f- It ' W-JE,.,. I 1 lg 1 ? QF? E T . . rmgg? I 'QM . 2 X X572 x X YqllW! 7k l XX X G f Q0 ! Page Eighty-six P' Miss Boone: "What rio you know about Robert Louis Stephenson?'7 Student: "He wasnit the one who invented the steam engine." SPECIALISTS ii IN john lfastin: iiwlly' is ll speevli lilo- SHOES AND HOSIERY ll wheel?,, Harley Shirley: "Tile longer tht- -- spoke the greater the tire." 1- FRAZIER Miss Boone: "What is at good va- cation song?,, Pupil: Wfhe Battle Cry of Free- donif' We Shoe the Family Loris: hbwilill is love?' Pat: "A inan's insane desire to ln-- colnf' at woman's meal tivkc-lf' Furnishings llllderweal' Ellld HOSlel'y Intersection 34 and 41 Hats Shoes Work Clothing Hot Lunch , Grocerles Cold Drinks Barbecue Candy Tobacco , , L. L. Wood, Pr . Morgan Sz Dlmmltt . Op Prop. Hillsboro, Ind. . Q' is -N K "-'D r-X 'n-M. .J RQ R F r- F A iaif A ' i' 37? T: 'si .,,' '. To 1 '-I - Ii sv 1 a f N' 4 f 4' f9f"p22 " Ai C' l g3fUI:'- 4' - 'SX ,ff U5 43,1 ag, 5. -Q!Qi1Ql35iLg'1n-xfgcg x xirff xxfui ' at Page Eighty-five wi 'align TUS Extensive Sporting Goods Shop Clothing and Equipment For Every Game If It's From Alexander's lt Is Dependable HONOR SWEATERS Our Specialty T. C. CClevej Alexander 155 North Vermilion St. Phone 1038 Danville, lll. This Space Dry Cleaned By Paris Cleaning Co. Attica, Indiana JOHN T. FISHER BAR-B-Q 6 REFRESHMENTS GENERAL MERCHANDISE FILLING STATION "TROPICAL" CUSTOM MADE PAINTS of Scientific Reliability Largest Exclusive Industrial and Maintenance Paint Mfr's in the World The Tropical Paint , a on co. Cleveland, O. U Seven miles from Veedersburg i Chai T. ISEISSGF, .. . . oca epresentative, Seven Miles from Attlca Veedersburgq Ind. i -. . . - ll' --,WV-.f'N. , ,, 17" . Q ' T E: L K 4 1-ff : H mal Qliiiiize Qlt ' f 'X A Milf Q ai i Z' L- 'Dv f 11 1. 1' .sia ai liif f X XRf77f X x ' f5bXXQIlTI'ff77Nxi1?",ff'5 xxxXX I 'dmv 'ug Page Eighty-four li i 1 ll :align TUE Mr. Dovkinsz GKNHIIIC the Zones." Charles D.: "'l'orrid temmerale, v l danger and safetyf' Mr. Bailey: 'iWhat is Turkey noted for?,, Student: HTll3.llllCSglVlll:I dinners." Miss Branham: iLAlways make your Sentence clear und conlpfetef' Cordon l'lI'2lIlCt'Z Wllell that to Mr. REED'S DRUG STORE Ice Cream, Sodas, Sundaes Cold Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Perfume, Cigars, Cigarettes, Candies, Wall Paper, Toilet Articles, Patented Medicines and School Supplies lloggsf' Miss Branllam: "Wl1y?" Gordon: "Because in the last issue of The News he published an article to this effect: 'Man run over by auto- mobile and gets head cut oflqlf' Miss Branliam: "Wliat,s the 1nat'er with that?" Cordon: "It didn't say whether it killed him or notf, Remember Reed Sells For Less CARTWRIGHT MARKET THE FARMER'S t STATE BANK Meat and Groceries Phone 9 A Friend to Youth A Friend to Old Age -T- A Friend to Enterprise WE DELIVER IG. 3 Tx -"2 f"'x 'Al' 'A -'K J Q 4 i - 3251 YQ- , KVM Q 41-. ,, 1 ' I W? its - time ilk ' f f ra' Q VEQQQ " " H ?t?fgU ' fI1'2aq I eq - -2. . iff if 'ii ., ,,- we .:--e.2i??5 --2 2- S7 sm g li i :Sgr ' - wa, Page Eighty-three ,pm in 'gurus Nfwil, Eat at SULLIVAN'S First Door West of Big Four Depot Hot Lunches at All Hours Tables For Ladies Headquarters SULLIVAN'S TAXI H. J. Sullivan, Prop. Phone 94 Marjorie: "I just love birdsf' Cordon: ulivc been told l was a little' vuckoofl Customer: 'il want a shirt with a lll- collar and 34- sleeve." Cvorgv Reed: "What's il forffa r'f'ntipede?,' Tea4'l101': g'Willie, if James gave- you a dog and David gave' you a dog. how many dogs would you l1ave?i' Willie: i'Four.,' Teacher: l'Now, dear. think hard. Would you have four dogs if ,lanws and David mwln gave you one?', Willie: "Yes, l've got two dogs al home." Y? Compliments of The Western 8z Southern Life Ins. Co. C. R. Grigson E. L. MCCADE W. B. Young G. W. Reed Veedersburg Veedersburg P2 J. W. Smith J. Whittington Attica Williamsport . . 1 ' 1, ' if .. .ff 1 QL ' Warn a as ar . 1 are ff Egg .: El in 1 - f , m e r' S - cs .agaal ifsiai fia ' w x xm X X Y 'mu na -ew fm x :slr - . Page Eighty-two .fi it .litmus 5 English Teacher: 4'Cive the prin- , ciple parts of 'sick'.,' Student: "Sick, worse. dcadf' Miss Bfilllllillll lwhile studying lfni- crson's Essaysl: "Does imprison- ment accomplish the purpose in- tended?" Lockett ll.: "Ninn Miss Branhaln: MWhy?" Lockett: MBecuuse two nu-n once- werc in prison for theft: one for steal- ing: a watch and the other at cow. After il term of six months they camc out joking- lsf: Say. pard, what time is it?' Znd: 'Time to milk'." 'llI'iil'lN'l'Z "What docs rclrnle nu-anifii Student: "Putting another worm on your hookf' Miss Combs: 'iwhat month has 23 days?', Vivian K.: c'All of lllfllllfi EGGS Miss flfllllugllll lloxncstic Science is tht- place to learn That eggs in a pan are apt to burn. If you go riding in a car, Although you dont' go very far. l gave my class this little verse. And every day made the'n rellearsc. iTwas hut to freshen up the mind That eggs should not he left behind. tThe author was inspired by a per- sonal experienced Insurance, Surety Bonds, Real Estate O Albert J. Gossett Gossett Building Veedersburg, Indiana THE CADE HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE. STOVES TOOLS, RADIOS Hanna Paints and Poultry Supplies at the Right Price ' 4 V :r - "N,. ,fi I MX4 rfjff-SA' E,"N,'7"X ' if fxf' 6 ., ix as v f at L Q ,h x in X .. N V , aw , rt! M 2. W - f . 'P , 31211 Q - ft f ?""'f1 i in "A A' 572 El- ,- -.Eli -iplglg ig .1 -' :-f -,fs 'l7iU'!s??- PQ 5 . lg D lg- na! kv Y - E Y :if-an 99.33, I 1' X XY77f X x Y' KVQ'l1It'f777k 11 Av'7Kxxxxi717771l-sf I ' f 'rg Page Eighty-one M53 1 ti FFFITUS Mo Eat at VAN 'S CAFE All Kinds of Sandwiches and Pies Cold Drinks Ice Cream Tl. Second Door South of First National Bank Building I329 at 5' - Mrs. Cade: "Kenneth, how many feet in a yard?,' Kenneth: 5'That depends on wheth er you mean a schoolyard or a church- yard." Professor: iswho is the Minister of Warfw Student: "A 1-lregyman who preaches to soldiers.'7 A teacher in a negro school asked a small boy to use 'defense, detail, and defeat, in a sentencef' The boy answered with the follow- ing sentence: 'A rooster flew over de fense and de feet went over before de ' tail." Geo. . and B. E. Glover CLOTHING-HATS-SHOES Fine Furnishings-Dry Goods and Notions Quality Service W. If C - - ' - N r' 'Aw' n dt - e w safro , fx- C L1Zff'Vgi '1 -1 V-lf gii - IQ- 1 fl: X f, f WEE? ,' " iizgagij ,.,fQIQ,g, A- Q - rf il . 4ff"5,- 55 -,., uf, 'F' '5'F,E' '-QQ.:" ,:"- ' . , "-4 'ilukj' '1'!'i5'151i1' X X577 X tD f.Q m1irf Wa 1-f ' fQ3'-Q16-We wus. Page Eighty ui nelisi BROWN'S CLOTHES SHOP 0000 GOOD CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS 0000 Furnishings - Shoes VEEDERSBURG, INDIANA Pu wil: MI failed in everytliinf-' ex- IL I . ,- cept atmfi Father: ul-low come you didn't fail in that also?" Puvil: HI rlirin't take it." l Teacher: g'Wl1al tlm-o authors do you think of when you hurn yourself?" Student: "Dic'kens. Howilt. Burnsf' Professor: i'lVliss Fidget, how many rilus have you?,, lVliss Fidgett: ufili, dear. lqlll too tivklish to Count them." Mr. liailey freferring lo World Newsl: "What is the New York-l'aris Fresh Things to Eat Every Day Pies - Cakes - Buns Bread, Doughnuts and Fancy Pastries CRANE'S HOME BAKERY Hop?" Virginia lVl.: Wlihe latest dancef it - Q f 1105 Q s ess Q 1 77"f' f V Q, A-4-t 1, H 951776 x 'f"z:T,s'x3QillTlf777sfXx!51":Ql f,2v7Xxmw7z?eQ2-x.AJ72Sif4Z'fxwH'1f' Page Seventy-nine ? s s W X 5 y k A J A i 929 US g Chzxrlvs: c'Ha1vo you lll'ill'tl Illa- Ut'I'Illilll Bula-her song?'7 Avolc-rw: i'No: what is il?" Clmrlos: "l3ulw'ln'r Arms .M'oun1l L. E. Mo. llonoy. Mr. Cath' lin Physivs vlussl: "ll illl W - Errvsislulvh- lorvv mum- in vonlau-I with am immoxuhlc- olmjm-t uhul would lu- Pailltillg and the' rosull?'7 - ,. . . . .. P , r an ln M. lXll'li2 "An uwlul 4'0lllSl0ll. ape H g g Mr. llovkinsz hhwllill clovs lhc' llllyfillill ll1'iillll'PS of lllfi U. S. llilVt' lo do wlth tht- history of thi- c'ou11try?" Veedgrsburg, Ind. Loris C.: all the Delaware river llilIlll.l been where it is Washinglon l'0lllClIlll. have crossed it." Spaulding Athllertic Office Outfitters Goods Books Stationery and Gifts DECKER BROS. PN XT li 'fx-fwfrxf-X 'AVN N. - s Qs-X bisf. f 5 'ight 4 " t x ' A 1 all h W - f K - ,gy -, s A ei 9. ' X 1 N' " M 3 PI? 4 - -gyfcciiimi fa? ", 1- :HX Avm Z5NQlIWi7i!NN!15l ?,1vvv AXXXXVWIYF-'Irv I Nfl 1 was Page Seven ty-eight risfffv-S The First National Bank Veedersburg, Indiana Strength Service A negro prayed for the Lord to send him a turkey for Christmas. No tur- key came and the negro said: 'allear -IHITIGS Cook Glly W- Haas Lord, if you won't send me a turkey. please. send me after one." The negro 1-ame hack with a turkey. Mr. Cade: LQWQ will have only hall a day of school Friday morning." Pupils: gLHllffilhl,, Mr. Cade: Klint we will have thr- other half Friday afternoon." Mr. Dockins: 6.Wt'lJSlfYf. what is an ' 97 Veedersburg, Ind. lslfmd? Webster: 'glt is a place where the hottom of the ocean sticks up through the water." 2 A-jar -ff, If 'mu -A It if 11fgi .f- g-fri Q fflfll 4 llge ff - Q are if gf , .. ff -1' , - - V, Jiri- L- - ff " X YTD x X ' Y7lTlllTff77m "i1 ,K-:?v' AXi X Y -J '-- ' 53" X f Page Seventy-seven J ISQHYUS .. it H-Bt High Grade Fertilizers Mineral Mixtures for All Kinds of Stock and Poultry Worm Expeller, "It Gets the Wormsv Deodorizer "Death to Bad Odors Hutchins Brothers Mineral Works Hillsboro, Ind. Mr. Bailey: g'Wl1ir'l1 amendment is most important in the history of tlu- U. S.?', Gordon: "The one that grin fret dom of religion?w lVlr. Bailey: 'gWl1y?" Cordon: 4'Bec'ause the lmys ltlll worship their idols on lay-rmlfls." She: "Your whiskers Sl'l'illt'll inun- tllan Bill's.,, He: "Yes, llliliqi what Mary told me last night? ...y - Teacher tto small lmvi: Wim! is El tutor?" st Small lioy: A tutor I um- who lmlows a horn." THE DIXIE GARAGE 0 General Repairing 0 Always the Most For the Money Expended 0 Barton A. Teegtarden Veedersbu-rg, Ind. For Your Stomach's Sake Trade at FLOREY'S Economy Market .fZ. f , ,. ,"g,. ' , :I :ss " E 'T W- f -T - A Ass t- 4 emi, 1 4' ltii iilifi E 6- 53.1 W - f ,f - , 4 ng - 1 g mlztlllalzlqltlw- ,- P iflmlfm - ' -1 7' E Fl F S 1 1 :M . 1' X XWIH x Kflltwf x ut mxx ' -I .Sv wg Page Seventy-six ll .323 Utterback's Business College R. M. Utterback. Owner Offers You Practical Training for Business Expert Teaching Reasonable Rates Call Today Dale Bldg. Danville, Ill. Harry C. Fishero 198 Res. Phone Ralph S. Nelson 263 Res. Phone Harry C. Fishero Funeral Director No. 2 Office Phone Veedersburg, Ind. Veedersburg Roller Mill H. R. Spencer, Prop. FULL LINE OF FEEDS Acme Feeds Mill Feeds Chicken Feeds Dairy Feeds Hog and Pig' Feeds "Our Delight' Flour Corn Meal We can grind any kind of feed JONES BROS. Grain, Feeds and Coal Stone Bluff, Indiana ' ' i ' - Ax.- . ' 'Q ' sf? ai' W KX rf " fit . by QF 'ii 4. ?'fllf'2,n F5312 1 51.171, 4- X Xivff x X Y'QllW777i l 71TXXXXVW77 I -35:9 '-iii. Page Seventy-five Q i n 1 ar Plrlfug N it 'lr 'Q li I 29 lVlr. Bailey: Who was the ,od of the Creek underworld? Nolmody answers. uyou Know Itvs Good Mr. Bailey: "Think of mous waterf' some fa- Student: 'GPluto." Ice Cream-Cold Drinks Mr. Hailey twaking L. lVlvCluinl: At "Wake up li' louis' UAW' Let me sleep ma it uiintt-inte to get up yet." i W Hershberger --- Filling Station TPiit'llt'l:Zq 'cwhat is wrong with this "lt is ended with at prepo- S0ug3ci?2:1 li?5ailIger Fllllleleimflit-rc 'iwellll' 41 and 34 Pupil: "A preposition is a lmcl N word to end a S9lllf'Ilf,'P up milk." FOUNTAIN PRODUCE CO. CASH BUYERS Poultry, Butter, Eggs and Hides Wool in Season Veedersburg . . . ..... Phone 7 Wingate ..... ..... P hone 155 Waynetown . . .... Phone 162 Kingman . . ..... Phone 5 Covington . . . ..... Phone 367 .Fil l 'N -'-'. f r- '41, 'I 0 S2 , i31sS ,i1-X331 f 'lg E 523 1 is , q P f S Ji f - 5 Il, Emir W ,- -CN-' W.-,,:'ff' 2 E' E, .1 ' : P , iff? gs ., A O as AKD Z' X XX?7f1 x X 'P li Xi XV77l I R12 Page Seventy-four LINCOLN INN Carl Jones, Prop. Meals and Lunches Pop, Ice Cream, Candy Cigars and Cigarettes I329 Charles: Llwllill time did you zu- rive home last night?" George Reed: "A quarter of twelve." Clmrles: "But until 2:55 so you f'ouldn'l arrive lil. you didn'l leave lonu I 3 :00." 0 Ceorge Reed: "Wi-II. isn'l 21:00 il LINCO GAS AND OILS It is good as the best if not better than the rest O quarter of twelve?" A teaeher asked a lwginner his nann- and reeeived uPlZlC'lll Civn for an answer. The child said it was a Bilale name. Still! and See Us The team-her asked for a sight of the Northeast Corner State Roads 34-41 nzune in the Bible. The child took up the Bilnle und turned to Psalm CIN' tlllll. ll Where Good Pictures Are a Habit THE SMITH STUDIO We Made the Photos For This Book fu, L Q -iQ'14ff f.'m2-sfxjfl ' 't if ' ff X xvff xxfliirvf x -1 Axx -I ES" f u-eb Page Seventy-th ree f y nw PIPITU W5 in gy: tj' ,. ' 15' 5' I A , 1' rd ' Ai l329 S R 9' JOHN C. RETZE JEWELER Diamonds, Watches, Chinaware, Silverware Keep Time by My Watches Attica, Ind. LOUIS NATHAN Attica, Ind. Good Clothing For Men and Boys Shoes and Hosiery For Men, Women and Children l ATTEND C. V. RITTER This All-State Business PllbliSh0l' and Book Seller Training School entitling you 58 E. Washington St. to free employment service in . ten cities of the state includ- Chicago' ul' ing Indianapolis. This is the -'kdm Indiana Business College of Lafayette. Write for "Bud- Teachers' and Students' get? Orders Solicited Lafayette r 'N Business College Send For My Catalogue W' i ' - 17- . ' . gi s,gN Q' xp I? N X If .0 M R X -li!-N ra -.:1qf,Ti.5,sL . r if h ' 371, TU . .7 . H-V-I , ggi! - If 'V' gig - f A55 S ,pf f gfQ'll,'f'l ? 59 QL- ': ,Z ""2i-3 - 'v- .. ., f-.J A ,---,lQES?E?!Ls4.i,3,Zs33lsisy, x wif X X -' xxfrn Q2 Page Seventy-two I YW' ualisin TUS A REED'S MARKET Inc. Phone 35 Home Killed Meats Quality First, Last and All the Time J. T. Yeazel Candy Co Danville, Illinois For Fine Candies, H0wey's Fountain Supplies and ' Hot Chocolate 'I'c'zn'lu-r: "Did vour old nan lu-lm , 1 1 1 you with this Ill'0lIlHlIl?M Pupil: 4'Nopel l got it wrong lllVSt'l ff, Mr. flndv: "Wliy' did you pivls tliis nn o s 7 . nw Nlifllly l'l ' il I' .9t'il l,'lil'Il. Student: nBt"I'illlSf' l know it was good or the worm: wouldn't out it." Miss llrunliamz "Give at quotation :ind its illllll0l'.,, LAFAYETTE LIFE INS. CO. Monte M. Boatman Student: 'MA mam sat on at lwox- Agent mr. his feel f0llK'llf'l'l tlw ground'- llorigfellowf' l lVl1'. Bailey: ciwllill does 'Md' stand for?" Virginia: "lVledim-al Dot-tors." JW. 4 . 1 - Ab. D - xq L 'f Z,'1"ff'X ' w x-A ac' ., . Phi -W -' ir: -M' A4224 I- n 1 E " 5 '?Li I - f ttf - f C- A ' f , F- V,-al., - ui sa! gf - T , TD-154 fl, " ',E1:i . .aa-f 1 af Hain Gia, f Q - hi -Lftig fg-.ful 'P ' ff ff' 'Vi1 'Li- 'Eg':Q':"ii!i'55 H Z X Xv77f I x ' KXQ1IW WQX 1'1 Axx x -I :SET wa Page Seventy-one HC 9 1 ui :align TUE m m' f C23 Compliments CRUMLEY SL SON of Funeral Directors Covington Hillsboro South Main Street VAN DEVANTER'S ' N ! '15 FURNITURE ' A d - " M. F. NIXON RUG STORE Coal, Lumber Veedershurg. Ind. and Always Dependable Building Material ee I l f '. i t "N, ""f"N,'?'X 'AVL 'j -' x 'L A + U 1 if , X VU ! X ': Yfl2llfV?77 l ,AX X i 45591 I 1 Vi Page Seventy .29 IN 1 ii I A TRUIC IRISIIMAN iVlr. Bailey tlo Kenneth. who was flreauningi: MI'll inet you c'an'l sp:-il 4. "7 sure . Ke-lim-iii: his-il-ll-I'-Ln 'l'ear'iw1': "Where :iid vou gel lim IlUiP?u N Wzimiuline: "From Pal." 'l'caf'i1er: 'hWiIkIl'P did you gel il. Pall?- i'ail: "Vin the aulhorf' Be Sure and Ask For ARCTIC MAID ICE CREAM It Is a Health Food Mfgd. by Arctic Ice Cream Co Miss Vain Hook: Wilow do you DEIUVIHCQ Ill- slluiy your gc-onietl'y?" Slmicnl: "From all angles." Gas B, Tires U Majestic R Goodrich . B U R G N E R . Radl0S N Tlres E Oils R Tubes Repairing and Overhauling Service Prompt and Expert Attention INDEPENDENT GARAGE im' fi isr 'M "Ar-"N"rN 'Ax'-xi .- ' ' 4 i Rx 1 f 3, ,AA 3 " fi? - 'F' '.' 17'-1-fr+-11 .v-, i Ti'x - I EEE f f 'hi .245 ., .- I,-f .rp .f- -fA.i51i, fE -1: -.Q x Xf?77 xD fU1 A I xx x ' we. Page Sixty-nine e town Hardware Co. McCormick - Deering Farm Implements f l A"' " 4'-: V -I. A" " ' --sae-.. 1' V IH? Q, -ff? , . f ' :L 'N1,"' x , t x -'- f n- , .', " ., ,-kv Q-4 . 32 g V1 f W 3 rw ' Q 'X ffzf 'F f i I :ffm 1 A R jfW,"fPlN". I W4 I jk 'hkfgziw-,L. .93 6 I ix - '1.. was Q r' ix l,"N"""f 3 .i-illQ , X 1 A an-rv' -Q 1' ..... ' Q Y A and ,, if you E , ., sl, 'za 1' V . f xx ' " -- +- mf .V ' ig ,, , F- 9 f, ' -'4 X X ""' QQ . !4,RvvI:.w, V p ai' . - ,, ,rx ' 'Tm ' X? Pr ' ' wir e' Wir ' r is , . " 1 o . eggs 4 A A ' V 3. 43-32133 N, i xi!" 1' f .7 X X' A K gf' x 3 ",w 1 M if . ,Q K wk M if 'J K :Tir J 6? r Uri U , .. ffl , ' . x, 7 5 Repairs and Service "Good Equipment Makes a Good Farm" W. 1 L ' , .. 7 5 xr "AH-"Nw 'ax' X E., ,fl X QQX ,f ' ,, ' ' , - , gan I fi . - 1 ' I "ai 'id 65.4 mhlr- L " Q1 Ig 2 1, cf JE! f' h :?.NEa-'.- 5 usgg-s-Q-- F-91' '36 . ' ' '51 ,3 r -ag-2' 135 jg 1 5-4, L ,. 41P21'Q'f-Gtfgix' -52" "M, P' X Xvffff X 'fi- '1wWAx 11 ffwAxx X. " .-I :Nl ' - Page Sixty-eight .SESNTUSAW .f i W .JZ!"fU-S "Not For a, Day Not For a Week But Always" Interested in the Welfare of the "Boys and Girlsu Educational Program Indiana Condensed Milk Co. SWEET CREAM Veedersburg, Indiana Phone 82 ap d,y5g d J! -fx Q 92 l :wifi meg Q ' "EH xv Q 5 Xxmm Wd' vm U hx W2 Page Sixty-seven . - 1 me - A Ps VJ, '- x xjlf -N f L- s -'71 X ' V .FE sb - I ' AZ A A ' ' 12 :elm I ' ' f ,Mg - - AP1llI jN E ' xl - K ' 'f ' ' 6 ' 1 7 :, Z! 1 3 - -?fg.,f do e- QL-Is-.. az -. eau CH ' " ' ' Zvi Q EEE 55' -I -5? 539' W: ' ' - ,Jw ' - - .J , - -'M - - . '- 4 ii-li? "UT 'i 1. .4 , '-,Al5,. . ., l W, Q- 75 if cf- ' 1f.L'saq iff 1-EL' 'I-pr,'i-., 1' LL- '77f X x Y .gm igfiix u afvvaxxx f 'ill f -PS" 'X P '. . It .329 II lVlr. Dockins is our Superintendent. Oh my! what a will. we can't even hend il. And when he knits his gentle hrow The students toe the mark. And howl 1 at FIN rug A history teacher asked a student to tell of a King ol' France. and the lvoy replied: "Louis the Cross-eye was-" "Where did you get your material?" interrupted the teacher. The lad turned to his hook and showed the teacher that Iiouis Xl was King! of France. lVlany joys the students luring, When in care of Miss Boone they liegin to sing. She says if the boys still stomp their feet The music class will cease to meet. The teacher enrolling the freshmen asked I. D. which course he wanted to take. ,I. D. promptly stated: '6VacationaI". Teacher: "What is the word for 'gladlyl in Latinfw No one answered. Teacher: NI will tell you a story of 'Cladlyf IA hoy had a cross-eyed hear which he named Cladly. When asked why he named it that. he said: 'I Went to church and heard the people sing sCladly My Cross ltd Bearhl' A strange hoy at a lmasketlmall game Ito Loris Cloreilz wlihere are three of US and the town is new and we want you to show us around." Loris: "But I don't know you." He: "Well, you're not taking any more chance than I am for I don,t know you eitherf' Teacher: "We canit choose our facef' Pupil: "Yes, hut we can pick our nose." Halton Gunn: 'gIgnorance is blissf, Edgar S.: "Yes, you happy cussf, .i4. 6 ,N -1-N P XV 'I J SIT Q 9 i2Q ,,, . 1" - Bef , 11- f A e- , - . 'te' 'Xie f.--5. . .- 3' .,., -e-.7--e , Wi' IQ E QF I3 QE' I f , ., W'Eii. - I '31 s Mew- ' Lf . - ,sigh lvh lfgggj i .9 .,,g Aggie:-s.f.agQl3 5?5 1' X XWIR x 'Q KQIITYWKX n zffv mx N I -210' - Q Page Sixty-six X W ff ff ff X L 1 A X " " M Y - 71 - ff MQ' 5 '11 if ' n 'V :F ,,' ,yy xi X fl I fi hifi A if-iq., f A AW M f , Ll!! -srl' V, VlE mm I s sinh hhsriising WY. PIHTU me N AUTOGRAPHS For "F'riendship's Sake" ' 1-ff -fnfw f U1 Af, 522 - 3 Xt i 1 ' ,, - T: , .fxn . f 'ff Emm a , 5 1 af r -F. L I 8 -' l "' -' -- - fa? " 1 "Iii Y Ln- Q 1 , :L .51 f-ID Z i X X -' x ' ,V-' N ' t V , -5. --. -. fn x - KQNWNNA ilI ,,1vVV mx XV7TI,flg I 4:50 -f . Page Sixty-four , 1? ,xy , I I PM 1 I329 7-Try outs for tht' 0lN'l't'll2l startvfl tocluy. llf-flluw tc-1'ril1lcf i'l'glIlll0lIlS in l'lI'0Il0IIllL'S class. and Pat tolls Mr. Hail'-y tht- l'itI'lllf'l' is tho SlIlkiI'lf'Sll 111-111 on Pilflll. 22-Hon. I'il't'll S. l,lll'llt'll ffuvv an vvrv lllll'l'f'Slill" talk on our "UVt'l'l1IIlt'lll this I F . F T' morning. M'ltlI,: 8- WillltlilllIlt,Y mul l,ois vliungxf' mln-ssl-S today. ll!-A llmltc-tl clvlmutv took plavc- in Et'0Il0lllit'S vluss. Zflfljhvsivs vlass talivs il little varatiou mul goes clown to tht- ruilroacl io pvfforin an experiment. MAY: Uf--flylarjoriv zmfl Shorty on lhv outs. Ctlllql lmw this! IT' Ss-nior vxanls. A lot flvpvmls on lhisflor SOIIIP. IIS' ,lunior and Svnior lit'1't'IDllUll givc-11 hy juniors for Sl'llllPl'S and lfuf-ulty. l9fBac1'alz1i1r0at0 Servives held ut Christian Cl1lll't'll. 22-Senior Class Play. 23-COIIHIICIICCITIGIII Exvirisvs hfflfl at the High School. l n Q7 q ,111 M my XA ' ,cap Vp K X K il HIE! "XTX, 1 5 '5 T' -Q: it i - '- l ' I l'f.f1- - L,- 'I' intl f il l - xl ' f f ' 41.1 ' m- rw 1 ae f ax ?lfll'.zi,tg-l l l L W F: H 11 1 CM ,yfzaw 1515 25 1., 1 is M M1651 " mxvff X X 'fsmwminffzfxvfai wxvf11i waJ77zf.S.'S.SQf7mqv Page Sixty-th ree ..'3!"fUS lite 9-llarry Vlfalton tells Miss llranham he is sure that he is going to heaven. ll?-s-Boys paddled Pat. Don't know why. but they did. lVlusl have been his birthday. I5-lli-Y's pop out with N's this week. They have identified themselves all last. ltr-Mr. lVleCaugln-y visits Civics elass and talks on Law. 22-The Cleo Club and Hi-Y's attend the lVlethodist l'llllt'l'll. 223-Seniors deeide on their invitations. 27a fflfverybody here having lots of HW'll00ljCPM after winning our big Tourney. Athletic Association takes us all to the show. 28a Cade tells Cross that he should know a lot about personal magnetism. ,lune thinks so, too. flllf- Assembly votes on the Opinion ol the Sc-hool. l"l'lHllllAliY: S-eArt s trained his ankle in ravtiee. Here 'foes the Tourne for Hood. Let's hope not. 6-A Community Banquet is held for the County Champs. Quite a big affair. All enjoyed themselves. ,lime and Page visit school. Surely glad to see them. 7-Squire seems to be killing oll his B. B. teams. ,lune sprained her arm. 8-Mr. Creenley makes us a new bookcase. Everything is changed around. ll'-The first things seen here on Monday were students and tape measures. Mr. Cade is making the physics Class draw the high school. I9---!l'l1e Senior frlass is sporting a new member, Birehard LaBaw. 21-lit-onomirs class gets most unusual treat by attending State Legislature at Indianapolis. 28-The lVlf'Donald sisters are leaving us today and are entering Danville High School. MARCH: elehflr. Parham installed a radio in the assembly and we listened e Inaugural Address. .FL 4 ' ' . N g A Ab. at Nffi' 1' Lfwv-X ' X' fxw ' TXXX1. ' Ilia 'X -l' 1 fs ' , l'ff - you 74..2tFL?? E Q- it 'f :of 1 - I . . ,. . HV. aft, , . .. , .11 . , , . ljti, '- - Ml EQ! : -' -. 4 - ,-M Z' 4 Ilia' as Q 5' if -2-7 " - TF5-. , ' H " Em! . 6 Ii 1 li,fj fi ian. -- 1 ,mfis ills! -5 -:Ms f ff f- f' X Wm t x fElsRXQ11nfff7Q. A u afvv mx Xwvnl I "VI we. Page Sixty-two P' i Al l328 2f"l-Physics class freezes as usual, even Mr. Cade gets cold, and hops up and down with hands in pockets. Teachers meeting-too had for deportment. 27-Hi-Y's puzzling Cirl Reserves with their mysterious E's. 23-lfxams-Vaealion for two days. DICCEM BER: ifffluth Hesler lells eivics class that Congress meets in the White House. 6-Cards are given out. The august Juniors are getting ready for their show next Monday and Tuesday. i 7-Glee Club sings for music class. Radiators feel slighted and Show off be- fore the assembly. I0-4Miss Combs and Mr. Hohhins both hack this week. Kenneth Gross starts the week out right hy falling upstairs going from Physics class. However. Margaret Kirk still holds the championship. Junior show very successful this time. stepped out a little ahead of the Seniors. Constance Oilar for- gets to go to stenography class. Miss Combs comes after her. llffjanies Jaeksonis father dies. lfveryone grieved. Juniors and Hi-Yis get flowers. 12-The Hi-Y's are still exasperating the girls with their R's this week. Ronald Chatt startles the whole school by asking Mildred Stuart for a date Friday night. I9-Mr. Dockins makes Charles Dearing pick up paper which he threw all over the assembly. Squire decides to let his mustache grow. JANUARY: 1-A bunch didn't seem to like the idea of having to go to school on New Year's so they all played hooky. 2-Mr. Dockins has the hunch upon the Green Carpet. .3-Gretchen Cartwright comes to school with her nose in a sling. She couldnit have been in someone's business because she isn't that type. lflt is decided that Gross should have the record permanently for falling down. He performed this week by falling clear down the boys' steps. 7-A very good looking Chaldean spoke before the assembly on "The Shepherdw. 8-Mr. Dockins gives the school a treat hy showing slides of our beautiful capitol, Washington, D. C. re., - - -X Y i I - xl!!-N ,I-,Ax ,"1,.N Kk,,1 ,w VA S i is Kxfe: gp s- , f-se U L W liffjif ZH : q 7 ' xl Q4 ci' yi'-lim' - - -T' - , ,-il!! 4- X xx XX77ff x X KQ'1IHW77uW6iTI" AXXXXV775Ll ' l 1'F57T"" 'b Page Sixty-one C ttf. I35!l1fU5 211-Seniors have new "cords',. Many envious glances cast, especially by juniors. 26-Eighth Grade gets wild! Result-Mr. Dockins must accompany them on all further social functions. 30-Texas Chatt writes all new yells on hoard. Girl Reserves have big tneet- ing after school. NOVEMBER: lf-Much damage done during the night. Art ran into a horse in the furnace room. A few look guilty. ,lttne and llan elected yell leaders. Pep Ses- sion, Captain Florey gives big speech. 2-Started the season right by defeating Newtown 70-6. 3-Juniors entertained Seniors at Madiganis. Pat Dice asked all the girls for dates-refused! 5-Mr. Bailey acts the part of a monkey and climbs around in windows in civics class. Harry Walttiri assists. 7-George Reed looks terribly blue today. Delores left for Ohio. Nice chance for some girl. 3-Basketball snaps are taken. Squire shows Mildred how. 9-Pep session in assembly. Dice represents the boys. Mildred Vice hash- fttl and refuses to talk. Anyway we accomplish two viztories. l2-Mr. Bailey has a hard time keeping the boys awake. Jim lrvin, Hit Gunn. and Lounoma Coats happen to be the sleeping beauties this week. I3-Annual staff works diligenily on annual. Even work at night in Mr. Dockins, office. He gets excited and falls down. Margaret Kirk furnishes eats. l-1-Armistice Day observed. 15-Gross stares at Mildred Butts and as a result falls down. lime might have something to say about this. l6-,lim lrvin entertains music class with sneezing. France, Senttnan. and Walton all show their seniority and stamp into the assembly. 19-Seniors not having much luck with their show. All seem to be rather lazy. 20-HI-Y's pop out with Ris. 2l-Big excitement today-Margaret Kirk takes nick out of steps while falling for Harry Walton. This all occurred on the way to physics class. Mr. Cade had a hard time quieting class. I' f 'Q - - ex.- If XQ - N -, ,b,, ,fx , W K L 4 i X ,f ' I :Q ,A H' .J Q- wx A wx - I - t 'w . 1-'cj ' N' . ' is 2'5- 'Tgpf' L- ZEI2 gift? n i 5: X - t y...- . E'ii'f.U,22L is " . ' ' 'Eta , .gisr 1-gs ag., E-:, 4. ' Z X Yfffx ' KQ1lW7WxX lt AXN X -4-1 gi? qi Page Sixty ,. a , GALENDAR SEPTEMBIQR: lttslt happened-sehooll Everyone takes lVlr. Bailey for a svholar. Big upperelassnien injure eighth grader hy initiating him in hriars. ll-Usual elass fights lieifin. Seniors. of eourse, in lead, F F llflxlew rnusie teaeher demands that there he no whispering during innsim' period! Doesn't sound so good. I7--Organization of Senior elass. Cordon ldranee eler-ted president. l9-Mr. Bailey tells Civics elass that itis wrong to gainhle. luut all right lo play Bingo at the Hillsboro Fair. 20-Annual staff chosen-everyone rushing to bulletin hoard. Qtlglunior-Senior weiner roast. 0C'l'0l3l'lR: 2-lVlr. Cade violates rule and ehews gum. l,oris is told not to play with tassels on her dress. 3-Frances Newman misses stenography frlass. caused hy sleeping in assernlrly. 5-lVlr. Bailey interrupts typfng 1-lass hy putting his arm around Miss Comlms when eonversing with her. fl-Raymond Stonelwraker tells lVliss Branham that all women are alike- ineapahle of keeping a sec-ret. lVlust have had a disagreeahle date last night. Seniors went to Attica to have pic-tures taken. Ill- Student body and team-hers dismissed to attend the opening of New Indiana Condensed lVlilk Plant. Certainly must he a eateh some plat-e. ll-All the Senior class disgusted beeause they had to skip physies elass and have their group pictures taken. l2-- Charles lfishero late again. Rather unusual! lVlr. Bailey advises Seniors to wait until after graduation to hold hands. I6-Laddie Doekins renders assemhly a solo in the afternoon. l7-Exams-no 1-heating as usual. Vacation for two days. Team-hers' lnstitule. 225-Dorothy Burgner falls over three chairs in physivs elass endeavoring to wateh Bill Livingston draw a horse. ..,, 2 1 -fx. ,ww t 4' Q x-i s ' illll S Q ivfii ni E - i ng 1 - lt' "l'iit'-" ii Y- g' 'JB 51, il 4-' - fe X Xin X X -as KfliliV777S t 7xWN x I JH" 1 wa. Page Fifty-nine J- .xr '2"v Q' 2 F1 "' 11 3 I 5 3' f H I29 a N Gf1llI'll Reserves One afternoon in the late fall of l928, a group of girls gathered to hear Miss Elliot of the Danville Young WOIll9lIgS Christian Association tell of the history and ideals of the Girl Reserve Clulm. An enthusiastfc spirit was aroused for th'- organizing of a club at Veedershurg, and soon such a group came into existence. Monthly meetings are held under Miss Van Hoolfs guidance. The memher- ship now consists of forty-hve girls. To really he a Girl Reserve you must live up to the Code. lt is as follows: G Gracious in manner. l lmpartial in my judgment. R Ready to serve. li Loyal to friends. ll Reaching toward the lvest. lf Ever clependalvle. S Seeing the beautiful. IC lfager for knowledge. ll lleverent to God. V Victorious over self. E Earnest in purpose. S Sincere at all times. HEY Clulb ln l027 a group of high school hoys organized the lll-Y Cluh. with the assistance of lVlr. P. A. Wilscwii. lVlr. Breck was chosen as the sponsor. Rather late in the spring the Crawfordsville Cluh came and assisted our club in initiation services. The cluh was not very active in l927-28, but much progress has heen made this year. Mr. Bailey has heen of great help to the Pluh as sponsor this year. Our officers are: Raymond Stoneliraker. presidentg Gordon France, vicerpresidentg Gwynn lVleGord, seeretaryg Wtflnstei' Van Hoesen. treasurerg George Reed Glover, reporter. The purpose of the lrll-Y Club is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and connnunity high standards of Christian character and our slogan is: Clean sports. clean speech, clean scholarship. and clean living. ,fm :E -xx K -,,E,-N ,rx ,-1.-,Q J! - K5 L 1 YQ ,f ' f71x La ' L 541 1 sq s if u t' ,Z - si- J, . g' -, ? , 1, - rs, -. 5 - 'I .. .f - t if - e ,cf f- . Q WIEQ- .. M Ig QF- - 5 Y . - -1-:jig , l ' Eh? I , i Q- L. G :JL -Ya 4-. Q -5, ai 41-' 45 5 - , Lk, f' X NVD X x XXQNTVNA i v mx x "- I 'iv mg Page Fifty-eight Wt .SWS 'v Q 1 SKPlIli0lI' iCilllillSS lljylldy'-GANRHHCY Annll A COMEDY IN THREE Acrs By Dorothy Hayward The Senior play, "Nancy Ann", which was presented Wednesday night, May 22, was indeed a wonderful success. The whole class of twenty-three seniors took part, and all played their parts in a professional manner to a crowded and Cll- thusiastic house. SYNOPSIS Nancy Angeline Van Cuyler Fari is the repressed little ward of domineering aunts, all bent on deciding her thoughts and actions for her. On the evening of her debut a girl reporter convinces her that she ought to lead her own life. Nancy Ann vainly attempts to persuade her aunts that she was born for the stage by reciting a. scene in which she impersonates an innocent ingenne struggling to escape from a pursuing villian. Failing to convince her aunts of her dramatic talent, she slips out the window as the guests for her reception are coming in at the door. In the second act, having traded her gorgeous ball gown for an absurdly ill-fitting street costume, she calls on the actor-manager whom she has long admired from afar. He refuses to see her but convinced of her own talent, she forces her way into his ofiice and attempts to do her big scene for him-pounding on the door and creaming, "You beast! You brute! Let me out." Instead of offering her a part on the stage, the manager calls the police. However, by the end of the play, he is anxious to secure her as his leading lady-for life. CAST OF CHA RACTEHS tln order of their appearancel Binner, Aunt Nancy's butler . Miss Dexter, a reporter ...,...,.... ,....,..,.r, ...,,. , . , Nancy Angeline Van Cuyler Farr, the niete Aunt Angeline, Mrs. Henry Wade Chiverick , . Aunt Emily, Mrs. Stanley Flemming Aunt Kate, Miss Van Cuyler .. . Aunt Nancy, Mrs. Rodman Webster ..., . Mr. Llewylln, a wealthy bachelor ...... Marcia Watts, guest at "coming out" party Mrs. Foss Jones, guest at "coming out" party . Mis. Laadbeater, guest at "coming out" party Uncle Steadman, guest at "coming out" party ..... . Mrs. Farmington, guest at "coming out" party ,,.... . . Lulu Treman, chorus girl, in search of engagement Billie Claridge, actress, in search of engagement Minnie, chorus gril, in search of engagement ,.....,. ,. Dwight Rodney, an actor, in search of engagement ........ ,,.,, , . ......Harry Walton Jessamine Smith Virginia Williams ,Marjorie Parham Loiis Clore Dorothy Burgner Margaret Kirk ,Edgar Sentman -Wreatha Mellott .. ,Ruth Hesler ,. ,........ Marie Nogle Lockett Padgett Flora Zeigler .Lois Crane ,Mildred Stuart ,,...Avolene Shaffer Birchard LaBaw Beth Worthington, chorus girl, in search of engagement..Gretchen Cartwright Mr. Capper, a playwright .. .. ., ,....., ......., ....,, . . Webster Van Hoesen Sidney Brian, theatrical producer and actor .,,. , Clarence Dice Dan Dennis, his publicity manager .,l... . .....,, .,,., .,......... G o rdon France Waiter, in theatrical building .,.... ,..l., , . ,. Orland Meeker .Ierry 0'Connell, officer of the law . .. Raymond Stonebraker ACT I: Aunt Nancy's Living Room, 9 P. M. ACT Il: Sidney Brian's Office, 5 P. M., the following day. ACT III: Same as Act ll, immediately following. Director .,.... , . .,,... ..,,, . ,. , ,........,. Mrs. James A. Coats ij, ,A ,Z T- K -1'-bf-x f '-V1 if we :Ii rf To - is ,,p" .f+ - -grf 41, - " -, W' Y " 7 ' , - -JI3. " r lr V ? -5' ,,' v ,ffl ,'- ji -: Q Q 7+ 1 - f 'swf tl - Eta, it . :ll El ' f hi lfyig ff' 5 W FF L 1" ' O - ix' " '1 TTT: 'T 4 ' 0 s WEP' B - H., Q f- -42531555 is-:l.a.'1f1c5i?:- "'-t idx V. '-15" '- :ff 1-'39 4""L5" '4vi3 -Z9 :'Ef5i' '-"" -",- I 1 Q N771 KSIIIIV i i v xx N I 'W' wa Page Fifty-seven M i .,'Z!"f'fS IW Uperetta The action of the play takes place in some small town on circus day. Alonzo Squeezem, a wealthy banker, holds a mortgage on a circus, which Toby Dunn, the owner, who is engaged to Sally Squeeem, daughter of the banker is unable to pay because of a disastrous season. The banker threatens to foreclose the mortgage unless Sally promises to give up Toby, but Sally refuses. Marybelle Jaybird, a fascinating widow falls in love with the banker, much to the disgust of her old maid sister, Eliza Slimmer. lnky Snow tcoloredl and Dinky Moore tirishi, helpers about the circus, plan with Sally and Toby to send the banker to the widow JaybIrd's house so he cannot close the mortgage. Th: widow is delighted at such a plan. Ry mistake. lnky Snow is sent instead of thi banker. The banker discovers that the mortgage has been stolen and immediately ac cuses Sally, but the widow suggests lnky.Snow who is arrested and sent to jail at once. At this point the mortgage is discovered in Willie .layhird's tson of the widow P pocketg and for some reason Sally and Toby are forgiven by the banker. Inky is freed from jail, Widow ,Iaybird captures her quarry and all ends happily. A CHARACTERS Toby Dunn, owner of the circus ,,,, ,. ,,....,.,........,.......... Clarence Dice Sally Squeezem, in love with Toby ,..,.,.,. ...., , Y, ,,,,,,, Loris Clore Alonzo Squeezeni, Sally's father ............,,,,r . ....,,,,,.., ,, ,.,,.... Harry Walton Marybelle Jaybird, a widow in love with Alonzo Squeezem : ,....4...,,.,,,...,....,.,,....,,,,......,,,,.. ...,...,l,,ll,,, .,,,,,.,, .,....,.,,,,,,,. , . ,,l.,..,,,c D o rothy Burgner Eliza Slimmer, Marybelle Jayhird's old maid sister i,....... ,.,. ,. ,, Virginia Vanljeventer Inky Snow, colored helper in the circus . .Daniel Walter Dinky Moore, Irish helper in the circus ,. Laliert Boggs Chorus of Hottentots Chorus of Irish Colleens Chorus of Villagers, Helpers ill the Circus. etc. Reading Contest The Fountain County Reading Contest was held at the Veedersburg High School Gym, March 22nd. There were six contestants, one from each of the follow- ing places: Hillsboro, Covington, Kingman. Newtown, Wallace and Veedersburg. The honors were given to Miss Mary Massey of Covington. The Clee Cluh and Orchestra furnished special music. Uratorical Contest The Fountain County Oratorical Contest was held at the Kingman Methodist church, April 5. Robert Ost of Covington received the award. .-1. . H+ A-3 fx--Q1-,f If ff - Jr, Vg Q R ii: T-T! ' F' l E LTKKS - w it " S Q is ' ' ' - ' wr it F . 311, ' L " 'EL - ' She f awk 1 f f ' ' - '- E E ee 22 T WJ , 9' . f' X 51771 x x "KE KQTiITf 77Qx u t-rv ANY X I "Swv X12 Page Fifty-six lfif 1 ni 'align fag with her wrist-watch during the merriment. Mr. Bailey proved himself the hero of the party hy Ending the wateh just as the members had given up all hope. The frolifsome freshmen. having grown tired of constant study, aeeepted the invilation of Reva Dillon to 4-ome to her home for a masquerade party. Ooetolmei 20. There were many oddly dressed eharaeters present who greatly added to the fun. Refreslunenls and games were heartily enjoyed hy all, including Miss Conihs. ilu- sponsor. The juniors ol' V. ll. S. royalty entertained the seniors and teaehers of ou: high School at the home of Williarii lVladigan, Noveniher 3. Fun and laughter pre- vailed throughout the evening, and many games and Contests were enjoyed. Dainty refreshments were Served hy the eoninlittee in charge. Spring is here! The Cirl Reserves have already taken long hikes through the uoods, and eaeli Itlt'llIlH'l' gathered at large nos-gay of the fragrant violet:-a. The seniors and other 1-lassinen have enjoyed Weiner roasts and pienie Suppers in the woods. Nature. in her vernal garments, is a heautiful stage for our oul- ol-door aetivitiee. On Saturday evening. lVlay lil., tht- nu-nilmere of the graduating elass of 1929, and the faeulty, were the guests ol' honor at a lorrnal reveption, given lmy the juniors. Bac-1'alalu'eute sc-rviees were held on the evening of lVlay l9 al the Christian fflnireli. The high sc-hool orvhestra and glee 1-luh furnished f'Xf7PilPlli musie. The senior t-lass play was heartily reveived on the night of May 22. Every eliaraeter played his role well and everyone thought it was a huge Sur-eess. The niemlmers of the graduating elass, rolied in Caps and gowns, appeared hefore the puhlie for the last time as the seniors of V. H. S. at the eomnienr-ement exercises held May 23. at the high school gymnasiunl. Eaeh looked a little graver. and felt more keenly the great responsibility of the future. The seniors were royalty entertained hy the alumni of V. H. S. on the evening of May 2-l. 'W' fr - - "L- 'Q 'g,e " E"N "X ' N, N' e' 4 ng Si QL , - F ' 'F A. Z . fif " '?-'4 7 - 'S' f it f f M gmt f , , i iwlaf - I CN ' i iii . A 'ig Q' iii? fail f :A 1- ' 1' X Xvfff x x ' QQ-llW!!77A ll 4vYVANX X Q I --I WL Pairs Fifty-fi ve f n ..'Z!"fU-S Events iiint Society off This is the first week of our school year l928 and l929. Our class nghts are in full force! The senior colors have waved for a night and two days above ll1e power plant. No class flag in the history of V. H. S. has ever been kept so long from capture. S. 0. S.l Word is just received that the orange and white has fallen into the bands of the sophomores. The seniors bowed to the precedent and started the social season by inviting the juniors to a weiner roast, September 28. Just as the evening shades were gathering, the members of both classes started on their journey and followed the narrow winding road which runs beneath over-shadowing trees. At the top of il certain hill. with the harvest moon and the stars above. the woods and a trickling brook below, a large camp hre was built. and here fun, food and friendship were enjoyed by all. Many games were played, and tw o members of the group dramatized 'LDown by the Old Mill Strealnii. The members of the classes were accompanied by the class sponsors and other teachers. The freshmen. not wanting to be left out of social activities, held a Weiner roast in Clascot-k's woods on Tuesday evening, October 2. Buns, weiners and marshmallows were plentiful. All joined in the many games which followed. Miss Combs sponsored the twenty-five class members who were present. The Eighth Grade Class went to the North Vlfoods for a Weiner roast. By the time the destination was reached everyone was hungry and ready to enjoy the outdoor supper. Several games were played and LaBert Boggs gave a reading. Miss Boone led in singing songs, and the dying embers of the campfire furhishml a suitable setting for the telling of riddles, jokes, and ghost stories. The neophytes were all sorry when the time came for them to depart to their homes. Mr. Bailey and Miss Van Hook sponsored the sophomore Weiner roast in Glascockis woods. Mr. Bailey was the source of fun and laughter throughout the evening. There was an ample supply of eats. and everyone reassured himself two or three times that his hunger was satisfied. Several games were played. Last, but not least. the class had an ''honest-to-goodnessw treasure hunt. Miss Van Hook lost W. 4 . B A I-xt. .' . 'Q ',,s "' E"'S "fe W, V fi! e X La ni NK Q 4' T . Q ' ' '. e -1' 15' 4' lb QW 3..a a s , .1 :IQ 7 - 1 T4 tdul' - in v-ji-. ,'.,- Q . , 1.. Q ar... mn -- , ,- Q f- ' 74:iE,g" n i "P '-9 g'?-- C 21.4 'L VUFQA I '21 1 ,F I .i,9- i L. 5 ghu ,' 1 Q -el 05 15255 Z' ez: X Xxflfl x X Y KYIIIWII X .i ri g,-cy ANR X J '-- I :SFI wg Page Fifty-four Af ,J ' f ,xx VX!! , Y Vw sl ff A VY' X I -X ff JL!! Nl WX 5 vf fh VVf'T f SOG TY ' www W W ' SSM? HVGHWAY 2' UFTUUH OUR Page Fifty-two t 1 H .,'3!"fUS livin Urohestra Standing Cleft to rightj-Gwynn MCZCOIII, George Reed Glover, Charles Fishero, Maxine Lang, Miss Boone, Instructor, Helen Brewer, Mary Roberts, Eva Hutchins. Sitting-William Madigan, Gordon France, Thomas Stucker, Wilda Bell, Yvonne Butts, Virginia Van Deventer, Maline Winkler. The boys and girls in tl1e high school orchestra have shown marked enthusiasm and a loyalty of high school spirit by working diligently and earnestly. Because of the real musical talent shown among the Veedersburg boys and girls, the orchestra has made many commendable appearances in the city this year. - - 4 - - -X, Q f ,f a -Q ef 1-FXS 002 xX 'wZl ! ' GX - 111 -4 --V . i I-L ' WL ' e, fl 5 M . A n i 'gli' W' li: ' ' G 'M T ""'efg: V: L' - f' X X575 X x " KiTliWf77A lTV'Zl"f5 xx x ' '-'R-3" Wa Page Fifty-one ui :align TUS l Glee Cllulb Fourth Row-Lula Brimherry, Louise Layman, Eva Hutchins, Mildred Vice, Helen Brewer, Avolene Shaffer, Beatrice Craig, Ruth Hershberger, XVilda Bell, Yvonne Butts. Thiid Row-Gladys Craig, Evelyn Winkler, Vivian Kineer, Virginia Williams, Miss Boone, Instructor, Marjorie Parham, Roberta Hutchins, .lessamine Smith, Lurille Vice. Second Row-Frances Dinnnick, Mary Handley, Dorothy Burgner, Roberta Kuhn, Lolis Clore, Margaret Kirk, Ruth Williams, Mary Green. Sitting-Gwendolyn Gray, Mary Eastin, Marine Winkler, Georgianna Van Hoesen, Virginia Van Deventer. The modern slogan. "Say it with Musiv", was quite s11cc'esst'11l1y adopted by the girls of the high school. They began the srhnol year by perforining at several school and colninunity functions and throughout the year have raised noticeably the standard of the club from the standpoint of harmony and ensemble work. . 2 ' ,xx , I--VW , V: 'efi' " L"N "f1'N Y " 0 V, X fi a s ' of? M M -. i Q, i f -15' 4' Sflzllif ape pf' 7 - 1 I 4 f - , itll ,X f ' -,a .ln ,M ,LQ--f ------:Y ,.... -h .i,Q 5Z'f5? ,5 t gT,E?5g'gEgU.f771f-.rm!sE35- ' 3--fLs::S '3 H v. .-fg2.,u:u5l,!i?,V-1,.v,EE.-4:53 -Z' X XY!!! x X "' YqllW!!7A Il fQ4rW ANN XV7777E:- I 4210 ' Page Fifty fr e 1 at SPIFITU ll .29 S Girls? Bbosiixettiinaliiii 'Team Second RowAMary Eastin, Lounoma. Coats, Helen Nelson, Ruth Hershberger, Alice Dearing, Coach Greenley. First Row-June Glover, Helen Brewer. Ruth Williams, Margaret Roberts, Ml1I'Y Handley. Mildred Vice. Girls' Scllnemllulle .sumil Results V. H. S. ............,.. ..,.... .............. 1 P 'lt Klondyke .............,.,,. ........... 3 5 V. H. S. ...., , ...... 20 Montezuma ....... ,..,...... 1 3 V. H. S. ,,,. ......... 1 6 Montezuma ....... .......... 2 1 V. H. S. ,,,, ..... 4-2 Attica ........,.. ..... ......,,. . . 23 V. H. S. .... .......... 6 Perrysville ......,,.. ........... 1 5 V. H. S. ..... ......... 1 4 Attica ,,.,,,...... .... .......... 1 2 V. H. S. ..... ..... . 12 Remington ,......... ........... 1 1 V. H. S. ..,., ,.,..,... 1 5 Klondyke ........ ........... 1 0 . . 1 . ,z ef -f-,A .W fe. ,V J S QR S .ff - - 0 VH ii: 5 f 1 - 1 , . E 1 ' fn A I 1 Jjij - Af f- Q' f':"23m" ii 'A V 1571 N M 1 "inf 1 ' s nl -Zfig fi., .1 I X wif . X -' xxminfvne u dffw xxx -' '-QW ' wh Page Forty-nine Page Forty-eight MC Q 1 me SPIN iii 5 It .29 It Sfcllnerllluillmv .anmll Results V. H. S. .. .. ..,..,, ......., . 70 Nvwtown , V. H. S. . , . .JIIO Hainliriclgf- V. H. S. ., .Ill Hrook V. H. S. ..... . . 36 Hillslioro .. V. H. S. . . . ,, 36 Vifingiutv V. H. S. 133 Attivu ., V. H. S. .26 Cayuga V. H. S. . , "III Perrysvillv . V. H. S. ..... , ,..... -19 Vlfaynfflown . V. H. S. ..... I2 Covington V. H. S. .. 230 Paragon V. H. S. 2-'I Kingman . . V. H. S. . 'I-I Flora , V. H. S. . , 523 Hillslioro ,, V. H. S. .,,., .. 26 Covington ,. V. H. S. ..... 20 Peoria. III. V. H. S. .,... .... , 29 lVl6llotI V. H. S. ..., ...,, I8 Attica . V. H. S, ,..., ..... ..... f 3 0 Wallatfe V. H. S. ..... .... 30 Remington . . .. V. H. S. , .... 43 Wallace .,.,.. CONTY TOURN AIVI ENT V. H. S. .. .33 Hillsboro V. H. S. .,... -I7 Covington V H Q ' . . .. . .. N26 lVIf1llott SFICTIUNAL TOUHNAIVIFNT V. H. S. .,,., , ..,.,,,, ,,..,........ 2 8 Hillsboro ,,.,,.. V. H. S. ,..... .... ,... . . . ,,,. 20 Pine Village H . SECOND TEAM SCHEDULE AND RESULTS V. H. S. . .,,.,. ,.,,. , , ..... I7 Brook .. V. H. S. ..... .......... 2 2 Mcllott . V. H. S. ..,., ...... 2 9 Attica . V. H. S. ..... ...,. . .24 Dayton , PM fffi fm' ---. z ---f- .-f-,A.f,f- ff -f- fi T ala T fx 5 fl . ,Ii f' M 35131 miqiilm I .M Ig5.ffaf"Y NPA QQ A!" -Q-rss Page Fnrty-seven fi ISI SIU II 22 22 IH 8 35 II-I II! 26 fill 22 22 -Nl .HD I9 21 26 27 26 I7 lf! 23 25 21 I6 I6 25 'I ntl Il7inulI ,. E U U I ,,. .Qi iii ! X - T '5 fy If - T WV, ' ir- R :Ar'.",, T ' R-xg. -ag Q I I ' i!.E1grA!F7'i55 ffiiufif "3 ' 'f N ?f'4lsi"H'.- 2 - 12.21 TIL. , -X' .Agp . , I - ..I 2 , fteI'I3 ,. 1-.1 .1 HPTTTI X 1 V A . -V , on-.-0 v ,io-1, A -Y .bl v.f-- - Vx N, A ,,.,.fg-ypiim, iz-mt WW X x 1 XxQ1lHfff7s 1I?fMfvh .xxxxxv7771,w f:AQf.i.51iu7lm'1'wf ww' 1 H .aw Review of the Season Twenty-seven aspirants answered Coach Greenleyis call for basketball practice Monday, October 5, 1928. The squad was composed of the following: Captain Florey. Dice. Stonebraker, France, Van Hoesen, Fishero. Livingston. Campbell, Gross, Glover, Eastin, Shirley, Roberts. Reed, Furr, and Morgan. Practice began in earnest after the squad was chosen and Newtown proved easy prey in the opening game. Bainbridge appeared next and although they put up 21 good fight the Green Devils proved victors. Next, we journeyed to Brook and they just couldn't miss the basket on long shots, so we were defeated by a small margin. On November 23, we went to Hillsboro and returned victors. Wingate returned home witl1 the short end of of 36-22 score. Attica was still trying to play football so the Green Devils came back to the Hub with the score in their favor. The next week-end we lost a poor game to Cayuga. But on Saturday night we showed ljerrysville how to play the game and won, 41-8. On December 14, Waynetowri bowed to Veedersburg. The next week came the game with Covington. Veeders- burg couldn't hit the loop and Covington won by a small margin. During Christmas vacation we defeated Paragon in a loosely played game. On January 4-, with a different line-'up we went to Kingman where the game was lost by two points. The next night with a still different line-up the Green Devils played real basketball and won from Flora 4-1-30. We won from Hillsboro again the next week. On January 18, we beat the Trojans on their own fioor, 26-22 in a clean game. The next night after a long journey, Manuel of Peoria, lll., won from Veedersburg. The 'Green Devils showed what it meant to fight, and won the County Tourna- ment on January 26. We won from Hillsboro 33-17, Saturday morningg from Cov- ington. 17-16 in the afternoong from Mellott in the finals, 26-23. ln both the Second and third games we overcame a lead of several points to win in the last few minutes. This was the first time Veedersburg had ever won a County Tournament. On February 1. the Green Devils met and again defeated Mellott. The next week-end we played two hard games. Attica won the first by a 3-point margin after a hard fought game. The next night at Wa1laf:e the Green Devils Staged another of their now famous last half rallies to beat the Red Peppers, 30-26. Next Rem- ington came and returned home a victim of the Green Devils. The last game of the season the Green Devils won from Wallace. Poor officiating at the Sectional is believed to have caused the Green Devils failure to win that Tourney. Hillsboro fell, 28-25. after a hard fought game on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning the Green Devils lost to Pine Village by one point, 21-20, after leading up until the last minute of play. It was tough luck! 1 ' f 12. -,- x 'F ,Ab- 9 i , ! slgxi-KHYR . art! sw , - -33' - f, . .aj - - 33 1 gf , t' ffl-mile, - U we l 2 7-Y 1 -1 F ' , xnijn- " Q ' 1 NW 5f'E'2t f A liiHi2EiU--J ?f-1-11.554- ,5 . 'lff5l- az' ,Z-' -3"P4f"L.:'X fa-122 ':1"'-gi'!9.e!'5E5::r- A , 1 x wr, mim e x A' '- 1 ew: wa. Page Forty-six C X 1 ui :sign TUE I l Boysv Bensllmzifzllmm Squmil Front Row 1Lel't to Rlgllll'fKGllll6tll Gross, Cash Furr, Geolge Reed Glover. Second Row fLeft to RightlfGorclo11 France, Arthur Florey, Captain, Clarence Dive, Raymond Stonebraker, Chailes Fishero, Webster Van Haesen. Back Row fLeft to Rightl-James Morgan, Harley Shirley, Robert Campbell, John Eastin, William Livingston, Robert Reed, Leland Roberts, Coach Greenley. . . 1' ' 1- Ps ,E 1 jxf,,A" Lfi ffx 'AVN xr' e- gr, iii - 1 ' ' f -- ,Q f-A --J1 - " , Y roll? 1-' Fq.: :WHT ,.eFv91rfQ f ' ' lr! i' K L35 I ,5,?f'53 K f In-' yfi-,fe . or e 2-.. jr :uf ,Tin in W '1 I'-4 . Aim- ,,:?fEz.,' - ' R EQ ! . .B ,, - 'S rf- w!ai3f? 1m,fgQ'21faiae5 -rdfffrff . X Xiffff x X " YQNU775 -5 ll ,7xKi 67777 , -350 1 Ti Page Forty-five Page Forty-four Jigffw Ifgknnumu vgffdlfm' Front Row-Left to Right GORDON FRANCE ,. .. HARRY WALTON ......,,, .,,... RAYMOND STONEBRAKER WEBSTER VAN HOESEN CLARENCE DICE ...,... .... ,,,.. , .,.,...,. ..,,., .,.... , ,.,,,,., . ......, .....,,.. A T H LETICS . ,.,, A.., , I ......, ,.,...,... ,........,....... . . .MJOKES ......ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER , ......,,..,,,...... BUSINESS MANAGER , . ..,,, , ..,... VOCATIONAL Back Row-Left to Right LORIS CLORE . MARJORIE PARHAM , FLORA ZEIGLER , VIRGINIA WILLIAMS .,,... DOROTHY RURGNER , MARGARET KIRK ,...... . AVOLENE SHAFFER . .VOCATIONAL ASST. EDITOR ...USOCIETY , ,....... LITERARY , .......... ,,.....,..,.....,.. .ART ., ,..,,. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ...................CALENDAR nfl. V if as R- X H-'-3'K,"f"X 'ATN if A SL ,I .L Q H 1 11 - i T --- , ' 'V V X 77 -I I ir if I I -Q. ZHA - 1 - f My ' ' -um :me zIE1iI?z1QI.4lI-5-' 1. ill f- b zlgsxsj. - -:- "' G- Q-.. 5 " I '31 I ' ' v ,L - 'fin' -9ff115-i- J - ff 2 xvff xxcm u xx x ' --1 .av wh, Page Forty-three Page Forty-two Page Forty-one Page Forty Page Thirty-nine Page Thirty-eight , f, 5 ffff, vi! fm ff fRY,'!' fi J , X VG- 3-i A HJ ylfwi VV ffaflfrf , Q K V wx, .QZL4.fL37g5Sw. f A li31 f - , f 'I X uf! . X X J 7 I: Y ' - K f V fgbfjfq of . uf JY 1 7 '-12.1-2' Acrxvmas I :'. l I' psf W WII H .. Upinion wif the High ScTRooT QUEEN OF REAUTY ,. .., .V,. RING HANDSOME ..... . . ..... ..... . A,,. S ,, SWEETHEART OF V. H. S. REAU IDEAL S MISS SHEBA MR. SHIEK .V....,.,,..E,,,.. ,E.,A MR. KNOWLEDGE ,,,, ,. MISS KNOWLEDGE .. .. OUR TURTLE DOVESN... , . ., , .LORIS CLORE ,RAYMOND STONEBRAKER ., AVOLENE SHAFFER C, ,CLARENCE DICE DOROTHY BURGNER GEORGE REED GLOVER , . S,,S . GORDON FRANCE . . ...I . ., FLORA ZEIGLER CHARLES EISHERO AND AVOLENE SHAFFER OUR SIAMESE TWINS ,,ww .,,,, ,,,.,.,,.,,RUTH HERSHBARGER AND LILIAN BOOE MISS ORIGINALITY , ,,,. -..HVIRGINIA WILLIAMS MR. WIT .,..,....,, .,,.,.., ,,,,,,.. ,,,.... . , , ,.....I,,.,., H ARRY WALTON MISS B. B. STAR .,,,, ,,,,,., . .. ......,,,. ....., ,IUNE GLOVER MR. B. B. STAR ....,.....,.,..., . ,WARTHUR FLOREY MISS SOPHISTICATION , ,,,, VIRGINIA WILLIAMS MISS MODESTY ,,.,,,,..,... ,. ,. ...MLDRED BUTZ MR. GOOD SPORT ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,. .....,, M R . BALEY MISS FASHION ., ,. . ,,,AA .DOROTHY BURGNER MR. FASHION .,,., , ,,.. . ,.,,,,., ,. .................,,,...... GEORGE REED GLOVER MISS FAVORITE TEACHER ......,, ,.,.,,,.I , ., .,,, ,WMISS BRANHAM MR. FAVORITE TEACHER .. ,....,,. , ,... ,, ,,,,, MR. BAILEY MISS EGOTISTICAL ...,,...,,.... C C ,,..,., ,VIRGINIA WILLIAMS MR. EGOTISTICAL .,.,,,.....,......... ,,,.,,,,.....,,..... C LARENCE DICE OUR FAVORITE HOBBY .....,, ...,, ,..,,,,.. B A SKETBALL OUR FAVORITE BY-WORD ,........ ............. ' 'AND HOWH if ij, :iff 1 Q QQg5 ' m1-.fin er' 4' A'4S 52l?li!5 Bw W - r if ff.. M , - A L gf ,1 f P J -5 Q if A... .wise Q - W , . 12 13: . . Page Thirty-six Y x-it-Q' .. ,, 1 uW"11Zf, ' n S1 ,l 1 . 'W 1 YW' :align TUE Efiglhntlhi Grfmde Top row fleft to right?-Reuben Beam, Charles Odle, Troy Timmons, Paul Tee- gzlrden, Cedric Campbell, John Gunn, Byron Furr, Laliert Boggs. Serond row4Catherin Mettee, John Chatt, Frances Dimmiok, Borden Smith, Mary Roberts, Robert Hutchins, Isma Zimmerman. Third rowfLewis Cable, Yvonne Butts, Thelma Craig, Arthur Grimes, Iris Smith, Thersia Brewer, Norval Lang, Lucille Vice. Last row tsittinggl-Thelma Chatt, Marine Winkler, Ina Butts, Clardine Miller, June Hullihan, Georgia Rose Overfield, Doris Lytle. The Eighth Grade Class began the year with a membership of thirty-one students, and fortunately it has lost only one member. The second week ot' school the sponsor, Miss Boone, was chosen and the officers for the year were chosen as follows: June Hullihan, president: Frances Dimmick, Yi0Q'Dl'8SiIl9IltQ Borden Smith, secretaryg LaBert, Boggs, treasurer. On October 12th the class, sponsored by Miss Boone and Miss Combs, spent the evening at a Weiner roast in the North Woods. It is hoped that the entire class will enter the high school next year to continue its school career. ' ' i ,-V -. -pw A ,Q ,XR -,L..,,,X, ' Xki - A V lf' ' :gif 3 AX -fe, 4913 XT ' , ff 55,1 uf gj ii I ! 1 - f O ' 'Lf IM- V - ,.x1 Z' ' f""1Ef ' Sw lv N- 'T 7-FF V? -' - Jmsel illid iie. li we - . 1 X XN?77f X X Y Kiilwilx tninw mx x - I .250 was.. Page Thirty-live I329 Is for Sentman, our plump jovial lad, In getting his lessons he isn't half bad. Is for Emmie, our Editor-in-Chief, If you want to know something she's never asleep. Is for nonsense which Harry does possess, He would get better grades if he'd "cut up" less. ls for interest, vfhich Avie shows In everything she sees whelever she goes. 0 Is for Orland, in other words, Meek. A quieter person you'd never have to seek. Is for Raymond, better known as Stony, Thoughts of him have made many a girl lonely. ls for "Cranie", our tiny little girl, She has blue eyes and a small black curl. Is for LaBaw, oui handsome "Big Hoy", He is solemn and quiet but his smile is a joy. A ls for Adeline whose castles in Spain, Have given her family many a pain, Is for Sterling, the home of two gals, Gretchen Hlltl Marie, the sweetest ot' pals. Is for something that makes Dode a hit, Some call it charm, and others call it, "IT". Is for' "Only Emil", .Iessamine's delight, One could 11ever change her, try as he might. Is for Flora who would never stoop to play. The only reason is, she's not built that way. Is for tact which Lockett seldom uses, He teaches the girls without his excuses. Is for Wreatha, our synonym for Winsome, Her music and thoughts never leave her lonesome. Is for energy that NVQ-b always holds, Out on the basketball floor his feet can't catch colds Is for nap that Pat takes in school, He has never' been known to comply with a rule. T Is for timid, Dearing's only handicap. Don't get excited, he doesn't give a rap, Is for youthfulness of which Gordon has a fountain. Troubles to him are never a mountain. '1 Is for neutrality, lVIarjorie's safe stand, In all arguments wherever they land. Is for ideals of which Loris has a store. ls for naturalness, lVlildred's chief glory, She has never been known to even tell a story. Is for Economics which Ruth detests, You'll need it Ruth when you build your love nest. I She acts them all out and then asks for more. ll 11 .El f ' ' - - 'x- lf I 11 4 Q -gyiffw ' 1 f .0 :If - Ylxi 4138 i .Loy W ui' 4, 37 'E 'vagal R Q , Rf S -415- sw JL- - - iilim E I 'Pr' ' Y Y l Q 13? E F I iqlz o J-is-1f15Q'l.E55'Q12g1, as 1:-.eff 'H ff ""' xwff X X -'re-xxmilwnx .l v Aa X " A" 1 .Aff Page Thirty-four P tl l329 banning HTlI'1eSlll1lIlIl1fElll1'l1 Class Standing lleft to rightl Fourth row-Evelyn Winkler, Georgianna Van Hoesen, Isma Zimnietman, Roberta Hutchins, George Black, William Simpson, James Morgan, Owen Howard, Virginia Van Deventer, Elizabeth Boord, Wilda Bell, Lounoma Coats, Hardy Gookins. V Third rowfPauline McDonald, Margaret Roberts, Helen Brewer, Mary Handley, Ronald Chatt, Donald Fogleman, Gerald Lang, Ruth Hershberger, Ada Lois Smith, Marcella Butz, Louise Layman, Chester Teegarden. Second row-Virginia Aldrich, Daniel Walter, Betha Lou Day, Richard Glover, Onda Mears, .I. D. Campbell, Lala Brimberry, Lamoin Hancock, Reva Dillon, Richard Schultz, Gwendolyn Gray, Percy Fogleman. First row-Herbert Hankins, Marjorie Green, Mary Eastin, Doris Linker, Mariam Boord, Lois Weitz, Dorothy Jones, Onda Hershberger, Maxine Lang, Vera King, Berle Briner. ,f ' R-s -f-fX,f,e fe, , r if :if M rr ix -gil 4 :ll - my . if ., " - D-22121 - 'fi ali - -5 - E G f f - - I1 1 5g 7,7 E 1' Q s ' Q ,. 'fla g -5, .ai Pggars nur 1-- . -V - ., ' " - - Y -Pr'-. ' Z' -.1 X XY!!! x X ' Wq'lllVf!fxX " ANN XV7777P:i ' 'f Wi. Page Thirty-three ii :assi lFlI'CSlll1lII1'l1tItlIll CHMSS We, the Freshman of '29, on entering our first year of High School life chose Lounoma Coats, president: Richard Glover, vice-president, and Daniel Walter, secretary and treasurer. Our class has a large membership and is well represented in all activities of the school. Some of our members play in the high school orchestrag others repre- sent our class in the glee clulw. ln athletics we have one boy, James Morgan, and six girls, Margaret Roberts. Helen Nelson, Helen Brewer Mary Eastin Georgianna Yan Hoesen, and-'Lounoma Coats. The social activities of the class were conhned to a weiner roast held at Clas- coclfs camp and a Halloween party at the home of Reva Dillon. Our sponsors are lVliss Combs and Mr. Creenley. We are proud of our class and are striving to lie in the future one of the licst classes of V. H. S. Sclhooll llsillie To the Senior Class of '29 Blue days may come, blue days may go, But we are the ones that make them so. So don't pine now over things that have passed, First things come first and last things last. He knows we have tried to do our best, Qui' parents we owe, for doing the rest. They've urged us on to seek our fame, Likewise. our teachers have done the same. NVe ha,ve the advantage that others never had, Now look hack and see why they are sad. A So never he discouraged when days are blue, Some way or other He will help us through. Yes, this last verse is hard to compose, It is bringing our school life here to a close. Our days are over in Veedersburg High, But bravely we'1l bid a parting good-bye. -Arlowein Van Dorn. W 'M' , " is E fees sf-cfs,-A few K . VV, Q R ii X , ' rg f'1 W1 X Z at L 'al w f l 'm e Zin? :' -if mv - F 1 it r X f 'l1flii df f ' Q.,.i'-A152 - i lg Le Q! E F - Y - "Tri-I I - 8 1 X Wm X -fe A llT!lWxX l AXN x ' -I '-WV' wa. Page Thirty-two w a ri .JZ!"fUS no Sophomore Class First row tleft to right!-Gertrude Darling, Doris Craig, Eulah Brooks, Thelma Dillon, Clydie Smith, Thelma Boord, Dorothy Janeway, Constanre Oilar, Alice Dearing. Second row-Jack Hurst, Toletha Beam, Cash Furr, Jlllle Glover, Merle Livings- ton, Maxine Walton, Harold Newman, Ralph Craig, Halton Gunn. 'Fhircl TOW+LElV6l'll9 Padgett, Alta Morgan, Forrest Leas, Carl Paugh, Robert Campbell, Robert Burgner, Ruth Williams, Mildred Vice, Joseph Nehemiah. Fourth row-Dolly Jones, Samuel Boorrl, Leland Roberts, John Handley, Harley Shirley, Louis Pavey, Virginia Morgan, Joanna Beasley, James Irvin. . Q X - xi 'l'ti ,,-"N, f-x 'ff-X 'K gf' '- df ix Q Ae X1 1 ff ' r- f-f 5 ' f ". ggi , N, ' I v i n we f f l ae - f f ' lgfmnifeff- 1252-.. 33131515 '3 " 2 3 . - 5' .r W ill- - 4 ' ff X Xin X X f xQiinF72sgi '7Kxxxx asf: f-wwf--X Page Thirty-one C R 1 ll missin TUE Soplhomoire Qllass Our army of thirty-six dauntless soldiers have completed two years of sueeess- ful eanipaigning. As Freshmen we were led by James Irvin. We were new to sueh a life and times were hard and trying. but all these hardships are the neeessary laetors in bringing our expedition of high school life to a vietorious ending. ln the years l928-29 we elm-ted as our eonnnanders, Ruth Willialniis. pl'f'SiIlf'I1l2 Forrest Leas, viee-president: and Mildred Vice, seeretary-treasurer. This year was less diffieult as many of the ways of conquering had been inastered. The more ambitious of our band took part in athletiffs. The girls making the liasketball team were: June Glover. Mildred Viee, Alice Dearing and Ruth Wil- liams. Robert Campbell, Harley Shirley, Leland Roberts, Cash Furr, and John lfastin represented the boys. Although much of our time is spent in mastering difficult subjerts. we have pleasure also. A Weiner roast was held at Glase0ek's woods and a taffy pulling: party was given hy Elizabeth Rusk at her sugar camp. Our courageous troop is intending to stick together until it finishes the Battle of Graduation and brings honor to the community and dear old V. H. S. T is for trying to compose this book, H 1'e1n'esents honesty in every lineg E for earnestness, and may we ever shine. P t'o1'.prospe1'ity our highest aim, I is for individuals in the Senior year, N for note-worthys who have achieved tame. T represents time We have spent ill fearg U for utility, and words we apply, S for sincerity as these words signify. -Arlowein Van Dorn. 'Q' 5 5 .--ix vi- X 'F ,"'i,- i. 0 Q 4 355 4 -iaqftixf-Z IFJ ' f 1 'x -Q ' 'V T 7 JLE X e A 1 egg-I 1 if ,- . W'-Age., I ' ,Y I!!! i ge QA! E f - - 1 -135m - 5 LL X 53 15.5 Xxiiiiiifs A u i x , --za., was. Page Thirty . Till. ISIZHTUS Junior Class Standing fleft to right!-William Madigan, Arthur Florey, Robert Reed, Gwynn McCord, Mildred Butz, Vivian Kinneer, Fern Bush, Velma Morgan, Arlowein Van Dorn, Leota Lynch, Alberta Lynch, Beatrice Craig, Gladys Craig, Ethel Carpenter, Wanda- line Doss. Sitting fleft to rightl First row--James Allen, William Livingston, Thomas Stucker, George Reed Gloveh, Kenneth Gross, Louis McClain. Sec-ond row-Garnet Snyder, Dorothy Mvllonald, Elma Helms, Eva Hutchins, Frances McClain. - K V x' x - 'A L"x VKX X'-V-N 'JZXEK .-10 0 - 4 R ix X ,f ' fi f-1 - L H ,Eiga F51 - ' ' N4 ' . .' 1,1 5 Q7 ', ,,.f-552 'QS - f, W F. digg e Y J ,J f lK'5' :':-?r-f-:i-- Q- ' -,,.-.-xgfym-,t " X XNQ77, X X 'ix-g1lni71iQgvgn -v"' Axi x C ' r - .iv df T- Page Twenty-nine W .'f!""f-WW V. ll-ll. S. Song A song of praise we sing to you, V. H. S. We'll ever be loyal and true to you, V. H. S. We'll start the Fight anew, for honor and praise to you. The orange and maroon we love the best. ln hasketball we star for you, V. H. S. We'll always think that you are quite the best, V. H. S. We know that you can beat them, 01' you will up-seat them, So we sing this song of praise to you! Rah! Rah! Rah! We love you, V. H. S., and the orange and maroon, We know youill stand the test, With any other city High School. Though years may pass away, We know that you will forever be our leader, Long will we praise youl V. H. S. yllillhe .llamar Class When the doors of V. H. S. opened to admit us in the fall of l926, we were a fine bunch of kids, forty-seven in number, and full of pep. At our first class meeting we chose James Allen, president, Frances McClain, vice-president, and Garnet Snyder, secretary-treasurer. Though we were not very active in a social way, we had a weiner roast and a party at the home of James Allen, which we enjoyed very much. ln our Sophomore year we chose George Westfall, president, Gwynn McCord, vice-president, and James Jackson, secretary-treasurer. That year we had tW0 weiner roasts, one in the fall, and the other just before the close of the term. ln this, our Junior year, we chose to lead us, George Reed Glover, president, James Jackson, vice-president: Gwynn McCord, secretary, and Eva Hutchins, treas- urer. Our sponsors are Mr. Cade and Miss Madigan. Thus far we have had a weiner roast, and a party at the home of William Madigan at which we entertained the Seniors and the faculty. We have lost a very popular member of our class, James Jackson, who at his fatheris death, was obliged to leave us and go to Renssa- laer. We gaze on the future with expectant eyes hoping that next year we shall be able to fill with success the position of 'gHigh and Mighty Seniorsf, F' V 'L v 1 - - "L- X 'Q Na K -' T:"N ""'X 1 W f . ..- - ss- m gli - ga, -s A X ' . f 1, ..:.1, 2 ,iff 4, 'egg - X' 'V ar- - - 1 +P K ,- -F ' Vai-a ll -1 I1 il?-fy? Ulllffr-Elia: I fx' ' v , gan' f"'1,'.gt - ", ' ,Easel 1 6.519 5 Ze. sz :s:o .f - ' r, ts. f' X Xvfifxx KQI1 IXX I ANN " L-' 25" WL. Page Twenty-eight af' :Y 1 iii aan fus ii d lt I29 , a hh fed girl called Ruth Hesler. Now we live on the glianks of the Wailiashi, where she washes dishes as I cut the helds of new mown hay." Ruth afterwards declared that Orland never recovered from saying so much at one time. Marie Noggle and Gretchen Cartwright were noted dietitians who informel their fellow alumni that they would probably all have died, but for following their menus. 6"0ur missionaries from Tibet," announced the toastmaster and up jumped the once lVlargaret Emeline Kirk and Welistel' Van Hoesen who had followed Sheldoifs trail and chrislianized Tibet. limmie had also perfected "The Kirk Clinic" of inter- national fame. Web said he had long loved her secretly, so now he preached while she healed. Hirchard LaBaw and Ra mond Stonebraker were now '6Stars of the Silver - -3 y . Screen , and both had served sentence for manslaughter because of breaking every lllillflf'Il,S heart. Edgar Sentman, another bachelor, was the second Fatty Arbuckle who now rolled in wealth with a Rolls-Royce. lVlr. and Mrs. Charles Dearing next recited their tale of wedded bliss. Charles said lVIildred lStuartJ had worked wonders by inspiring him to be a civil engineer and he was now building a canal through Nicaragua. Everyone yelled, 'LHurrah, for Mildred!" A stylish, sophisticated lady, hidden by a delicate veil, stepped on the banquet lable and tripped off a modernistic dance much to the delight of all. She threw back her veil at the finale and we recognized Dode Burgner, who had her Dancing and Art Studio at New York City. Her motto was. 4'lVlen are fickle and none of them for melw An old duet was then delightfully sung by Mrs. Loris Clore-Dice and Pat Dice, called 'aHappy Days and Lonely Nights." Pat remarked later that little Patricia favored him and little Cloron favored Loris in looks. Their Mama and Papa support them by being radio artists. ,lcssamine Smith astounded her old class by not marrying Emil, but being a dictator of fashions. She now lives in ease and does as she pleases. A demure woman with chestnut tresses merely held out a medal as evidence of her life. On it was inscribed, 6'Wreatha Mellott-Worlds Champion Typistf' By that time everyone was yelling, Wllhe authoresslsl A small little lady with pink cheeks and silver hair named Virginia Williams answered their cries by saying, '4Although my hair has turned gray from thinking, I am at a total loss for words on tllis occasion, but merely wish to say that 1ny wager with Emeline Van Hoesen is won for she is married and I am single." D For the grand climax the President of the United States of American, Gordon ending with Long li e the Class of 1929 ,"'L- -H1 M XA fW'?- i f I ' I .' XEW '-' M "4 - i " ati . -21 ail s f - - - :fig .bn R iga-Eg g 152,16-5 5- 3:45 9. .15-,ggikugvg-diigts Q H SL? France, and the First Lady of the Land, Nlarjorie Parham, gave brilliant toasts ' ' 'L D 'v , W. .fun , . at 'gi 'Lb , . N L of ' .1 L ' KLN - . nl I I!i ff - x an y X Y xxaiiifwfgwsv X ' 'iii-ii ' W ' an Page Twenty-seven Ezffws Class Prophecy Such an air of excitement and anticipation prevailed in Veedersburg on May 2It, 1929! If one caught the spirit and investigated he would find twenty-four modern dirigibles, ready to launch from their hangar, Veedersburg High School. A signal was given! Slowly those Monarchs of the Air swept into the great open space of life manned by each graduate of the Class of ,29. Three times they circled the town and the populace was rapt with admiration to witness such phen- omena of the air, but lumps rose in every throat as they watched the ships separate and go in every direction until just specks of silver flashed against the blue. 6'What is that?" gasped the crowd. A silver ship floated back and out jumped "Avie" who fell on 'LCharlie,s" neck sobbing, MCharlie, my boy! Life will be empty with- out you, so I came back to wait until we can launch our ship togetherlw "Amen," cried the onlookers! The Whole Wide World applauded on lVIarch 24, 1950 as twenty-three famous silver Air Palaces met from all corners of the globe to go "Back Home Again to Indiana!" All Hoosierdom was in ecstacies about the return of the favorite sons and daughters, but only a little town, Veedersburg, was honored by a special visit. Thrice 'GThe Old Home Town" was encircled as a magestic salute, then their ships proudly dipped to the ground. These were larger and more efficient now, as the owners had added to them as their experience in life increased. The Alumni Ban- quet was in full swing and every commander was forced to tell of his vicissitudcs as a toast. The commanders were too modest to begin, but asked Avolene why she had backed out on them. She broke the ice by saying, uWell, I was afraid lVIr. Charles Fishero would be an undertaker, so I came back and henpeclced him into making a radio station out of the funeral home. Yours truly is now Little Avie Little, the great ivory tickler. Harry Walton began to get warmed up by cracking some wise jokes and we soon learned that he had usurped Will Rogers, throne as the World's Wittiest and was now Mayor Walton of Hollywood. As he uttered "Hollywood,,, in rushed Tom, Dick and Harry yelling vociferiously. "Let me introduce my childrenf' said the Mayor, "and their Mama, Lois Crane-'Waltonfi A distinctive lady then arose to speak, Mrs. Flora Zeigler-Padgett, who was a distinguished educator and President of Leland Stanford. She said that Lockett had decided that sedateness, brains and humor would mix and since he knew matrimony, by observation, she had accepted his decision. A meek and thoroughly stage-struck fellow next had the floor, but his teeth chattered so that only these words were heard, "I wooed and won my Indiana corn 'li' E -c -,-. ,.. 1- tf to Q Q s -its 3-aff , gt 4,7 -4? , ' is-1 ,g, .- sets E gg , Q gm'-ij.. - 3 E! 3 YET: 'F F 2 higrjmlfiiwz i- s f' X XYTD XXQII 1 X I ANN X I '-I wg Page Twenty-six .Elms Alvita Senior Class Will We, the Seniors of 1929, wish to draw up our last will and testament assuring anyone who is inquisitive that we are perfectly sane. On May 23rd, 1929, we bequeath the following: I, Wreatha Mellott, my decorum and flowing tresses to Lounoma Coats. I, Charles Dearing, my Nantic dispositifmn to Charles Fishero. I, Marjorie Parham, my power to hold and keep two shieks to Miss Mary Eastin. I, Edgar Sentman, my heavy weight championship to Reuben Beam, hoping he utilizes it. I, Loris Clore, my modesty and blonde stateliness to Virginia Aldrich. I, Orland Meeker, my bachelorhood and janitorship to Art Florey. I, Dorothy Burgner, my modernistic art and fashionableness to Ethel Carpenter. I, Webster Van Hoesen, my high per cent interest in out of town girls to Forrest Leas. I, Flora Zeigler, my sedateness and intelligence to Mildred Vice, hoping she attends school next year. I, Clarence Dice, my popularity as a basketball star and four stripes to Harley Shirley. I. Lois Crane, my tiny stature and sparkling eyes to Elizabeth Rusk. I, Margaret Kirk, my private opinions and 'aschool-girl complexionn to Wanda- line Doss. I, Gordon France, my preoccupation in Marjorie and 'LSir Galahad looksi' to my fellow basketball star, Kenneth Gross. I, Mildred Stuart, my smile and sweetness to Arlowein Van Dorn. I, Harry Walton, my ability to entertain the assembly to the Hon. Halton Gunn. I, Marie Nogle, my complacency and nursing aspirations to Bertha Lou Day. I, Lockett Padgett, my "Kingman Darlingw and witty repartee to Chester Teegarden, Esq. I, Gretchen Cartwright, my general knowledge and positiveness to Eva Hutchins. 1, Raymond Stonebraker, my cynical independence and athletic poise to my admirer, Tom Stucker. I, ,Iessamine Smith, my giggle, brown eyes, and Attica property to Vivien Kinneer. I, Avolene Shaffer, my affability with the faculty and cooperative power to Gwendolyn Grey. I, Ruth Hesler, my simple country life to Helen Brewer. I, Birchard LaBaw, my personal magnetism and good looks to Gwynn McCord. I, Virginia Williams, my dimples plus ability to make friends and enemies to my name sake, Virginia Van Deventer. Signed: Said Senior Class. Witnesses: Chas. W. Dockins, Kenneth R. Cade, W. W. Robbins. KW. y i 5 Q ,K I xQ -asa -' ET wfx ' I ef' :if r 5 is M12 T31 , ,is .....,, , , V1 JLQ 1 "5" ff' 'F - - QHQQ Flap ls Qi E is 14 f 72 P2 - K ' , lluf it t-A Q .am :am 5,1 ' Q ,J '. cz ,-M f' -F' ' Mrs?" n 3 1 55: :EBF - :Z ,Q L- 6 . flffild g-sf tai 4141.1:'f4'-eiiiiiif.-1299. ':1i:i" "ejS:2.3 'i:?L - H 2 X Xvff fa KXft1ItTff77Qx iF mx x ' - I " 'WVs wa U Page Twenty-five C I zgrlrus H ' xv Q' 3 Q 1' 4 5 :Q 1 N GRETCHEN N. CARTWRICHT "Geggie" MARIPI E, NOGLE "Ree" Vocational Course Academic Course "The dreamer whose dreams come '4Silence is goldenf' Hue." EDGAR F. SENTMAN "Sent" Commercial Course MA good youth who has an instinct of one true wayf' .nu l 5 - 3, . I 35 Ns SX -' N,"N f?'x ' H- -J S i i' x X ' ' L11 +V' 1,1 K Hi! .f 'f' M.: - Qlfld . 4 af K' :J f ' -2- -ess:-ai- ag: i - . R zap 5 , .Wg-l-Q,1 Qf.J1!e?,f- - ,Evil D. 51- W- -9- as fi'-ff m' . f' X N771 -fa ' ITWWX i mx 'v 4-I wa Page Twenty-four in A1 .sins MILDRED I. STUART 6'Sm" Vmr:1N1A A. WILLIANIS ufennief' Academic Course Academic Course '41 smile my blues away." Hfllways expect the unexpected of herf, FLORA E. Zr:1GLER "Flo" Academic Course G'An0lhcr Flora here, of subtler hues, Anzl richer hues beyond our garclen,s ' 75 pride. LOCKETT H. PADGETT glock" CHARLES E. DEARING "Chuck9, - Vocational Course Vocational Course '6Wisdom of many and wil of nonef, L'Mar1y things are growing plain and clear to my understanding? -W' ,gi -, ' -,-, 1, ,-.3 . L L S ,f .7 N:- ! ,Agia V1 M" e -S- - X : A ffl 'SW' 5' .1 A fn -QQ 1 1 " - PW-nj! 45:09 71:12 2161 '- 27' F- L' - . . J. . fu, . ., I2 ,. .1 . . , 1,3 Q Ari: am if - H .. ge 4 AQ ,- ' lq.lEf . lag!Qgs-Q-- EW",-Ulii 91 ?"g1 , in- vifaq, fx - r '15'f5Q 1g -9- ei, - 'M 1' X XY77f A x 'A XXYUIRFW x i xi x g 'Q'--I was Page Twenty-three M l H .:::'1 ws iw WRETIIA M. MELLOTT "Dimples,' DOROTHY S. BURGNER '6Dode" Vocational Course Academic Course "She believes in being seen and not 'il know myself as well as olhersf, heardf' AVOLENE SHAFFER "Avie', Academic Course HI love life anal life loves me.'7 ' x HARRY C. WALTON "Walt" WEBS1'PlR D. VAN HOESEN "Web" Academic Course Academic Course 'iflll the zvorlars al joke and I run the "1 lrnow my vocalaularyf' ' ?7 joker. V 1 . +1 5 A AL. . Si -x i -f Lf? f"x ' H Q vp, x R S: - ' :, ,AA-A 41. i- We S li -... X - , - 'Y 11' 'M dn , i Ox W " .,1'!.?l 'S' 4','1 . - filfllif QM: 115211 Wil El V 712-T' 2: 'O W - I ' ALI me ,gin ,M ,- 4--':I:."I T-.. 'i-,, ,'fiY' - - A551 A RFQ- IL-W-can I -7- - f iii! 433. 211 K. f' X XMIM ' 2 1 IW! X u mx x --I 350 mg Page Twenty-two if ..'3!"fUS Aviv MARJORII-3 E. PARHAM i'1VIarj" LORIS L. CLoRr-: '6Loee,' Academic Course Vocational Course "There's a biz 0' heaven in her eyes of i'Loveliness needs not the aid of for- laluef, efgn arlornrnentf' MARGARET E. KIRK "Emmie,' Academic Course "Frankness and understanding blossom in her personality." RAYMOND S. STONEBRAKER HSzon-yu CLARENCE M. DICE "Pai, Academic Course Vocational Course i'Creal men hold lhenzselves lll00f.N 'LI like variety among the fairer sexf' ,fm , 5 If . :Z '-s - -"Z,"N,f 'AVN 'K 'B ' J VJ X R f - ' a g :Q f' LL . ' x 3 ' l g .i ix It . 4 j'1 ,- E QQ 1 - - 1 lf QUE ?1TZI.4l" 1 ' - 'J 'f E 1' ' Wy-uf-. - 1 Q Q- - s 1 17" X--Fi: QM :R H vxiigj vg . ,,, . -- 1-2i:25g'l-e,f filing- A L e if- '- ef "'7"'gfS '5' -may , K, Z' X XY!llXX Kim ll l xgyxx A--I .iv Qi Page Twenty-one JZ!"T'fS SCIULI10I'S Lois E. CRANE "Bird,' J r:ssAM1Nr: B. SMITH "Jake" Academic Course Vocational Course "Her presence freshens the air. "The gladness of her greeting is gold Sunshine steals light rom her facef' wilhouz alloyf, RUTH C. HESLER "Ruihie,' Vocational Course :'Talre me by what I mean not as I sayf, URLAND MEEKER "Meek" GORDON A. FRANCE "Shorty" Vocational Course Academic Course "Modesty is the greatest of virtuesf, "The force of his own merit wins his wayf, Aw. 'x, Wi xg x -f-efwfm 'ow f .9 7,1 i A ill ' ,w al ! 'Aix 417 - r - Q S 5 g I 35' 4' up 27 E 'i f . ITT' 1 - I 'ff ' j mil, 1' -' .. ,gg ', if f i msj - FT-W' CN g - sf :w , 1995 " 4 Is- -4 -' 1- , Eff ie Q 'fi'-i f-'H-E -"' Z' -4- NYU! x ' -'L- W llTW77xX ll l4v'CV ANN X - 1 33-'I ' ' Page Twenty T ll tellin TUS Senior Class History As commencement time draws near the Class of ,29 realizes that what is now a fleeting present will soon be but a happy memory. The Seniors will follow pre- cedent and leave their history to the Annals of Time. Our class tackled their Freshman year with a team of forty-five with Dorothy Burgner as the captain. We gained ground in all school activities hy having mem- bers in glee club, athletics, and orchestra. The social affairs of the year were a class party and several Weiner roasts. Our scholarship was high and we worked for our first year line, calling for time out and three more lines and three years to go. The second line started in full swing during the fall of 1926 with some new and old stars, mnnbering thirty-six. The outstanding players were Marjorie Par- ham, presidentg James Wallace vice-president: Clarence Dice, secretary and treasurerg Loris Clore, chairman of all committees. The old orange and white could be seen all over the high school field activities. Clarence Dice made first team in basketball and others were subs. It was hard for some to pass geometry and Caesar, but their ardor and enthusiasm were still keen at the half with only two lines to conquer and two years to go. . Zip! We were off on that third line Hght with twenty-nine stanch members. Virginia Williams yelled the signal, while Marjorie Parham as vice-president, Avolene Shaffer as secretary, Cordon France as treasurer, and Lois Crane 35 chairman of all committees helped keep up that grand old class spirit. Twleve girls and two boys were in glee club, two boys in orchestra, and five in basketball- Clarence Dice, James Wallace, Webster Van Hoesen, Raymond Stonebraker and Cordon France. Three Weiner roasts and a party with the seniors comprised our social activities along with the grand climax a Junior and Senior Reception which was certainly a success. Miss Madigan and Mr. Breck as sponsors helped us to develop character and fair play as the third lille was won. That sad but exalted 'feeling of knowing the game was about won in the fourth line brought our team of twenty-four into associations that only school days afford. The ugalloping ghostsl, tired of "Petticoat Governments, elected Cordon France the leader, with Raymond Stonebraker, vice-president: Avolene Shaffer, secretary: and Margaret Kirk, treasurer. This time we led in all organizations, such as orchestra, glee club, and basketball. ln the latter our boys, Pat, Stony, Web, and Shorty were on the first team, Pat being the only boy in the history of V. H. S. to get four stripes. We have striven to leave some lasting memorial to the school. and what could be better than Hi-Y and Girl Reserve organizations? Raymond Stone- braker, Gordon France, and Webster Van Hoesen are the senior officers of the HI-Y and Virginia Williams and Margaret Kirk of the Girl Reserves. Flora Zeigler won the D. A. R. history medal, which is an outstanding honor. Miss Branham and Mr. Dockins are the senior sponsors whose kindly advice helped us over many rough many rough spots. Now, that our goal is won, we have set our aspirations to a higher goal in life which will be harder to reach, but by our experience and coach- ing in old V. H. S. we expect to reach it. HT. ai ' 'rssx 'A N. fi P,-'X 'Ai'-Ny V' J Vi, - Q i ii ' :- - fA1Qm5 . V F rd li X -Ha. ' 4 l',1- , 3113, IM' ll E " UH ir? Titsig 1 ' I ,JF ' . lt? ill L-L64 still. L - -. '1 1- ff Ft, f- 35A , .s -' .iz-" -3's,.'- "'.ij, 6E 'iP21.'J1i""sgi:f5!Q'T1iEf-fl X Q77 ft1l 77XX ' xx x 'A' -- I ' WL Page Nineteen JZ CLAIIICE VAN H0014 HELEN BOONE Mathematics Music: B.S. Degree B.M. Degree JOY J. BAILEY VIRGINIA Comes History Commercial A.B., A.M. Degree B.S. Degree 1.91. I Q, '-L. - XZ '1 D -"Lf-N ffx ' w K ' .J I L i 5: "w,'1 ,r- fe i6'A,' Y XY rung , I 1 I , .N ffs-L1. fy K. gf ,' - 'A-"Bib" Us ' EI 5 .iff I ,- . mg 3 li ' V-mia Y S . , -ew' ga, qibgei, ,fiiiad fg -5, Us :4I,f'f..ssa Ia-? QE,-112w'E'5:gg ,- ?' X XYJR x ' NCBI xnxx i u a-rv Axx x 'A - I :Som - Page Eighteen we P .329 Ill Faculty CHARLES W. DOCKINS KENNETH R. CADE Sl.lD6l'lllt9llfl6llt of Schools Principal V. H. S. A.B., M.S. Degrees B.S. Degree LAWRENCE GREENLEY MAEEL MADICAN Home Economics B.S. Degree Coach of Athletics HELEN BEANHAM English and Latin AB. Degree ' ' 5 K' :-,Y Av f- N. ,'-x,. A W N, w ' -E121 ' ,fs ' ' 3355 ' ' 5153 li X - I f- Iv ' ' " 'E " S' E ' file! , 9' ,. ,H5i -xfgilg ig E. A f' X 51771 XXQi1lTfff X Yl AXi x I 'Si' wg Page Seventeen W ,PWTUS I23 cC:0lIlKlll1'lKltC'I'CJl8LH Top row ileft to right?-Thelma Boord, Mildred Butz, Gertrude Darling, James lrvin, Berle Briner, James Allen, Alberta Lynch, Constance Oilar, Clydie Smith. Second row-Fern Bush, Dollie Jones, VVreatha Mellott, Richard Schults, Dorothy McDonald, Frances McClain, Marie Nogle, Joanna Beasley. Sitting-Arlowein Van Dorn, Roberta Kuhn, Miss Combs, Instructor, Loris Clore, Margaret Kirk, Marjorie Parham. More and more are coinmercial subjects claiming their share of prestige among the other subects in the high schools of the land. This is due, no doubt, to the ever increasing demand for well trained bookkeepers, and secretaries by the business world. The commercial course in the high school may be basic to those who wish to get advanced knowledge from other schools, and fundamental to those who wish to secure positions upon leaving the high school. The commercial course in the Veedersburg High School now consists of one year in each of the following: bookkeeping, shorthand, and typewriting. It is hoped that other subjects may be added as soon as possible. At the beginning of the year six new typewriters were purchased which makes a total of twelve typewriters in the commercial room. During the year other equipment was added or repaired to supply the needs of this department. Approximately fifty students, both commercial and academic, are taking 0119 or more of the subects mentioned above. It is hoped that the enrollment for this course will be increased next year. G' 5 i eg - "1,. . ar rc iff-ff pa '-fs ' H- . 0 X ie ,1 I :- , , 15253 , li tem T 4 i' as 1 ' K' . 4,1 - - f ?'34 11:5 2? ' I ,- ' V21-.Q--. - S iii fljiif- , 'll' . ,-fszii 4, as , '-x, 1 X Wm X X 'if-E 1Iw 7AX " Axx x debt- 1 "Rial S wa, Page Sixteen I P .329 it Vocational Boys ., 5 Top row fleft to rightl-Lewis Pavey, Orland Meeker, Owen Howard, Lockett Padgett, Kenneth Gross, Mr. Cade, Instructor, Charles Dearing, Joseph Nehemiah, William Livingston, Forrest Leas. Second l'0W'JOh1l Handley, Webster Van Hoesen, James Allen, Arthur Florey, Clarence Dice, Robert Campbell, Robert Reed. Sitting- Herbert Hankins, Percy Fogleman, J. D. Campbell, Hardy Gookins, William Simpson, George Black, Jr., Louis McClain. The Vocational Agriculture Department of Veedersburg was one of the first organ- ized in the state. It is operated under the Smith-Hughes Act. It is the aim of Mr. Cade, the instructor, to get the students into this department who will follow farming as an occupation in their future lite. Each member of this course is required to carry on some project which extends throughout the year, such as a Calf Club, Pig Club, or Corn Club. Students may also perform other projects from which they derive benefits. Much interest and time is devoted to this department as it is one of the most important in Veedersburg High School. . W. 1 .. tr -3 'lfrv -f-,fs M Ns Xf- J ffm, D D 1E ,w g -.Ce - Y -P .' in 32? T I -l 1. IE 4 fi 1 , Q My - - zilzaltil j 3' Af ,- F i wifigd l' it C -an 5 Q Eiisffigql ff-.-fU'i59s L-' ' M . ' , HQQEYL 15.9452 :V f5' T2'.1" cf 1P1:1:,'554Q"FvjiSQg?' -fflgezu Lx' I X xvrff X X f ?m1WlWxQ l AXN -1 :Sf s --X Page Fifteen W Pmru ...S S Vocational Girls Top row fleft to rightl-Ethel Carpenter, Leota Lynch, Ruth Hesler, Elma Helms, Louis Layman, Lala Brimbexry, Gretchen Cartwright. Second row-Reva Dillon, Eulah Brooks, Velma Morgan, Garnet Snyder, Wreatha Mellott, Greta Oiler, Vera King, Thelma Dillon. Sitting4Virginia Morgan, Mary Handley, Loris Clore, Miss Madigan, Instructor, Wandaline Doss, Alta Morgan. Tl1e fall of 1918 found Veedersburg High School with the first vocational classes in Fountain County. Since then the Department of Home Economics has shown an appreciable growth and compares favorably with others of its size in Indiana. Many of the gladuates of this course have gone through college to become teachers. dietitians. nurses, and last hut not at all least, home makers. At the present time dietetics, home nursing, home management, house planning, and furnishing, foods, and clothing are taught. This year and preceding years. the vocational girls served school lunches under the able supervision of Miss Madigan. The girls have also made many useful garments. The study of Home Economics acts as a practical knowledge through all girls' lives. 5 R D -- Au- J ,J L 4 ,f b 1-1:11 W gh -H --e X Ffa '-fa , al .1 ' ' ,I Y -iz? fx -g' f lv, gf 7 ,- H- ' ' T Nasis - n AN 42.3 r 1- 5 QE-I-I ,sf ,- ' Q. 2ffy.,:"" l " ' -' ? 1- - 7 ' - - ' 'Elf i .sf IL- v -- ' M9- Q -ff wi 4fi1.4f'f.r.aQ!'f iELE5 1' X NY77f KQ'llW V411 ANN x ' '-I ANWI ug Page Fourteen we P .329 IN Borendl of Education JOHN W. SIMMERMAN President MARVIN H. C0oK BERLE E. GLOVER Treasurer Secretary 1 Q ,ffmf-X fm nw -'- If k 11x A X53 Q ' I fl! - f f -. ' 'V '- -'QQ .-L'l3l A i ni -5- f, - , M, em e 1152 .K f ' V 7 -g 1 ge. ' e f -wr 3 - jx' , g vfifsw ' l3?5s?5iU-552?e.:m!5'?- fj ,-fxrii-M e b4: 5.- 15-9 wi -A W" ?f'-.':'3" ?f!'F??'3'f?l?:1- . 1 X Wi, X X f Kwlnfvwewglifw mx x .. 1 :sv , wx. Page Thirteen , W nt SPIFITUS lt .29 lt Sclhooll Urganizations ln the old point of view in education, the child was regarded as a little man. and accordingly the aims in instruction and management were adjusted to meet the need of this hypothetical little man. The new point of view, 'Awe must train or educate children physically, econom- ically, intellectually. and morallyf, These aims might he stated more specifically as follows: l. To develop health and vigor. 2. To cultivate morality. 3. To attain knowledge. 44. To develop aesthetically. 5. To prepare for vocaitons. The course of study of the Veedershurg High School has been broadened and seems to function according to the new thought in education. The following are the courses offered: l. Vocational Home Economics. 2. Vocational Agriculture. 3. Commercial. 41. Academic. I' I 5 A an . A j 'S N -f -b,'N rj,-X 1 gi 5 " 'R-ie ,,. a" .:- -fwffih , 1' 1 - E f ' g 3 .. ip- ,tt 1, , E, spa my . f 1 p i .. N551 1 - A,- - - faulu t:2il'1alEa1l5'2l,It.z. . K 1 .F ZZ EI ,- '1 1-A arsflr--lil" fx, I' A 5,53 5 i lg.g.r5g,e :f,f,.fUIQg5 , - . ?3 - f :il - - 15f'1f23 Qafr f' - 'H f' X Xy77m 1 N601 1 ' i Axxx ' --I .:S7x wb Page Twelve 4 M! I X A 'ma-I ig I N - , X M , , X - f :,. J j X wg fQ1 b 'ffl' MY X fg THE SCHOOL l'a' - ii' HE' ' h 'Wi' 'PM 21 eww, 3. 'x x , Lv. W' 1 vw, .M-.ra ' 4.. -I 454 W.: M .H W.. :WM .V -1 K N at ,agqlsq --. XT- ,L N. . , N, A445 w :+-wfff' 1 . g,,,5.jf V1 'X ,f ,, u ,Mxx Q 'f m wi :align TU3 1119, flyr Svuiurs uf 19251, hu hvhirzdv zmh lIl'Il1I1lIL'1IIL'l1'lIfB flgi-5, The ffucufg first uuluuw uf Tlgv qgillfllfw in nur fzxflgcrs Elllh IIILIHEDYS. ' ' 5 ' - -1, n . 'Q 1- -' 3"N'T ' w K -' if Tlx? N XQKTQ 'ME f ' Z JSA ' ' X ' I f .Cx i walai ' Bisiiw W f 3 - I X wif X X Y Rxmlmwsgn mi x 1 'Swv , wa, Page Five ll M 7 urefnnrh When the Primo llonna steps forth from the f'lICl'l'f'lI.llg' elzorus. the l,10!Ilf'T-g0!?l' neezls no llfllltlllflllg lo tell him 1lm1 ri song is to burst from her lips. Wllelz the Pintus staff nmlres its little bow. by way of inlrofluclion. the sturlenl renrler lfnows that the "0lal. old song of V. ll. S." ill- Spiralion is soon to llzrill him. The song that we sing for IQ28-29 is much the same as those Ol former years. n. slory of emulation. of progress. of history. The time is a trifle more fast mul furious. but the spirit is the sarneg for though our belo-veil High School is easily keeping slep with the onwarfl march of twentieth century progress, there still lingers nfillzin its classic halls. all that there is of cornrafleslzip and love. It is the anxious purpose of this boolr to enhance the songs that our IlL6III0l'lt:'S mul our hearts are singing. . - 4 Q . 'Z 'rl' Q -"Lf 'P "W" t J :f t r 115 Asfibl ' llll - sg ' - ,, Mil , F. N' ttf ' ' il flif El 11 14 1 gf f 4. Wm :"f. -- e Q E EVA 1 1- :L ' - IX ' E9 in-.fl .. - . Z' X Xxfffflx ' K UV!! 3:1 1 14,51 Am X ' ' -- I 'AST ' -- . Page Four Av. 1. j g 1 xii Plrifif 1 5 W .329 5 Qgiuiuz 11111111112 Z 1 M. 4 , S A AV '! -'11 S W1 rf'lWu'?,TJ1Efaw f w as 0 ,M-p a l. 5-f f no f' "" f 36' XxfI11Trff77x I ZVYYXXXNX VI wb . gg fini: '- L j"x ' 'x 1' X Q ii: ' :' I frxx ,""" V + ,gg ' 1 ' ,M ' - Z rm' 'Y ' ' '-- fr 5.5 HQL4 . - 'J .,,,f.'i-gF'i57 .-v-. 'f 1- 4 9' JW - - - 4' '1' vw' 1 H A AW lv 5- L. ' 'f - 1 . , 'IH - ig 5.1114 483 NH 5,5 Q. 2: l .1 I ,-M ' 1 - . H D - 1 N - 'A' 52' gil! ' IZFJF- I , i 3 1 A , ' s , ' ,lu ,':',:':'.- ft I 1 L fx D -5,16 ,gg vq bdj, .. .Efi ,J .-fyisu:11l:xj??,E 1 gw,.'w,fa-EL K I X XM mx 'F 2 , N i " ' ? I QL - .f' . oo' L 1 B QW Q1 1? 3691. QJQ4' 0' Q0 if eo 96" W ,945 'S' W9 94, 9 H 904 X Q. 202 006000600 e QQA A 25? IEW Y I 38 4 x8 Y E EEE E E amz! 6'1" W my fm fa , P ' ,H W ig! 'QU' 55? ii -- v + L .,, ,V --ff Y 3 ' 0 "'fee"'fQS?v?f ' M ' i g QE Y f f w t V 3 5 , E- HQ' K, all wmv' ' 5 'J iv. -Q ml M. 'Tx f 1.1 :., ' ww- ' X, -N--11 . f. X 31, xl , Qwv

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