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Vassar College - Vassarion Yearbook (Poughkeepsie, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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FIB! EE! 3 9 K5 5 ff? Uf 35 gg ' L E Q9 A -I It Q9 1,3 l, " sb J lllll llig - fa !xQ..,.. Q 3 ZX W 'E' We 70 5 X KENUO 1l1 f"' 1 NURS A A A5 N hiv: 3 U ' N QU 5 i 5 4 .2 um 1 Q . Y' 3 55 jk ' 5 ' it 'A-x-xxcusf-416 mu 1 Qkll Q9 S RM 5 QJL :E R K QIELI111 W 9 A 'N 45" A' 1..- Hgiosnwxaq 2 if A 1 GBR Q 1 fig S1-UUE 1 Q -, FXS T I yOvEJ 1 X NTS A VICIOUS 4 E ug? g JL 0Rf 12? ' Meme- ' .W - '-uw, 1 Rm-H X OTHE, 'ill Lt' an ,,, , I I IX ' 3 IAPINEE J: . E 'JL , XELPRONG L' A E rw im 4913511 'Ji 33351 , 7 J-3 X QA, Img-qi Q CQQ I X S IA L71 I U4 l ig . E 5 ii DHVISON Q30 J' 1' 177333 9,1 1?-gc I 7 . L 551345 12 mf Q rw , A 9 -L IjTmg'o5SELljN Dana giiil J a - ' V D 1"'-11 3 fl, -1L -- AiEQ 5 v UL g .f HLUVINHE 'ui V IBB .ULU l Haus WILL nf ., ,xx A W A' bm' E' 1-mg ' i HF 5' WLf+NEQQ 0 55? 1 6552 it ' 0 .uf ?i 3 N y UH Y -gg V tx I I4 NF -, by W ,ll- -KQ ,Q , 5 if - I Q Ee, M ' in ' si - Qmagmzsvm WE wma 2 we foal. 54 as 'Exwwfi img A Xxf T ' GOLPCOURSE AS, ! I A f I- B ,B ' -3 fl JL 5urq5e'rHuJV Q QQ 0 - 1 N4 Qs 55 Q 3 I x 94 1, JL S25 xv Q Q S f SUNSETLHKE TCHLF' V gi ml I IL '- ' non '11 ' 11 4 DDAIUJDQD T ?lrl1ui'TRmn,Ra SERWCE EVER? m ill 6 22,6 NRE 1 fi W BUILDINGS Q Ln J ,ff-SQ? K ER 1711 . ELEHNORSHUNDE X, 5 sg-s 1: I1 2122212323 f A 2 1 5 121219112: dm if mf-,Ts A 'rr 5 X A g S Wil H, Fx X W X ?,Q'4'L SKINNE. Q 1 T' F '16 I n Q ' W E 1 4 I L, 4 E 0 ' A V 'K CHAPEL QS M U ' nn HE " " ...N E JL - H , - m ' unwmcs w- I L I ' lflgn ?s3,? ' . . , V., fl- 9 Jig X f HKE , JL 55? Zfgxs ' , , VA5Sf2I3tdQ2LLEGE A lg :K mmm 69 W ,:..,, - r..-3 J 5 UK iz':.'f:z2:: a L mv 4 A -rv .. - .-f ' X ' W 5 E ga 3 55 56 " This edition of the I939 Vassarion edited by Nancy Brandon, and produced by Lydia Hastings is limited to 650 copies of which this is copy number ,Q ZA TheI939 VASSARION 352 35235 ,f Q Ac Qpamoh A A fx H mmm X, A, QL A Q. 3 . w E A 28? s Q ,A J x : I .... .r JL ,Ani-NA A,-N,.!2""f-""' 'En J .. Qs QNW4 2 ,W J. ,L ,j1J..A,... ...f-. 'JK' .-Q ' c X X A ' A ' ' 'JA-1-'-'-'-'-Lzkl-1.n.f.4,,y-1'J4 " PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF XVASSAR COLLEGE,POUGHKEEPSlE,NEW YORK MCMXXXIX s if GEORGE SHERMAN DICKINSON We do not say we honor himg he honors himself by being what he is. We do not say we appreciate himg we are not wise enough Yet' . We do not say we regret that we shall see little more of him? we say we will remember him always. We do not say we dedicate this book to him as a token of our lasting affections we say we dedicate our hearts to him because he is a great little man. t 5 'N J ,,-X ' 4 f 5?-. - K 76.5 1434. AA Jn 4 N, f- 1 i fl g 4:14 x X 1 l 9 B P R O L O G U E Cnce upon a time there lived a little old man who spent all his life making spirits. Most of the spirits he made were put in big barrels and only let out when people felt thirsty, and thenthey were swallowed up and that was the end of them. One day three of my brothers and I were sitting on top of a mugful of other spirits all covered up with white fluffy stuff, when all of a sudden,just when we were about to be swallowed up, a great big, wise old owl came by and saved our lives. We grabbed hold of his feat ers as he swooped down and flew away with him. He's taken very good care of us ever since-but 'll hear all about our adventures later-I just wanted to tell you this much of the story now because a lot of people have the Q, wrong notion about us. Some say we're "ideas" the old brewer had one night about "Higher Learning for the Female", but that's silly, isn't it? We're just spirits like the ones in the barrels only we don't get swallowed up because the owl takes care of us. S Please don't believe anything else. .J How THE oWL TAKES CARE OF us The owl takes care of us, but you musn't think he does it in an ordinary way. He couldn't possibly, you see, because we aren't little owls. Now if you listen quietly l'll tell you just what happened: When he res- f' , i all le K ll Y C 40533, gg s , Qt x l Jul. Nw- N sd. cued my brothers and me, he tookl us away from the rest of the world to LEARNING LAND where there ere all sorts of funny castles for us to play in. This was where the owl lived, so after setting us down on the ground, he flew into his beautiful big tree on the side of a hill and left us to explore our new home by our- selves. We found wonderful toys in the castles like books, and beakers, and numbers, and pictures, and pianos, and animals. Just as we were beginning to play with them all, as great army of very serious ogre-like people loomed up out of nowhere and frightened us so much that we didn't dare move or even smile.They were all dressed in long black things and each one carried a big red pencil. "We are the Faculty", they But we were so proud of our bright-colored said ii a gollow voice. "We are going to mark you." suits t at we didn't want them to be scratched up, so we were very frightened and wanted to die. Butjust then the owl flew down from his tree and whispered a secret about these strange people. He said they had wonderful things hidden underthe flat things with tassels thatdan- gled in their eyes, and he promised we could have some of those wonderful things if we played with all the toys just the way they wanted us to, a Fi if we were very good they'd give us little gold keysdn lg That sounded exciting, and we smiled at the "fa ties" and they smiled back even nicer, and we weren't afraid any more. HENRY NOBLE MacCRACKEN ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATION HENRY NOBLE MAcCRAcIcEN, PH.D., LL.D., L.H.D. President of the college and Chairman of the faculty C1915- D OFFICE or THE PRESIDENT HELEN ELIZABETH DAVIS, A.B. Director of the Bureau of Publication Q1937- D OFFICE OF THE DEAN C. MILDRED THOMPSON, PH.D., LL.D. Dean C1923- D and Professor of History C1908-09, 1910- D JULIA GRANT BACON, A.B, Recorder Q1925- D BOARD OF RESIDENTS HELEN STERLING BANFIELD, A.B. C1916- D Head Resident and Executive Secretary of the Board of Residents Q1932- D JOSEPHINE MIXER GLEASON, PH.D. Associate Professor of Psychology C1914-16, 1918- D Chairman of the Committee on Admission C193O- D and Head Resident U931- D I CHRISTINE FRANCES RAMSEY, A.B. Instructor in English Speech Q1936- D, Associate Secretary of the Committee on Admission and Head Resident C1931- D GERTRUDE SMITH, A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics C1901-07, 1908- D and Head Resident C1932- D VERA BATON THOMSON, A.B., B.S. Executive Secretary of the Committee on Admission C1917- D and Head Resident Q1932- D MARY MACCOLL, A.M. C19l5- D, Head Resident C1933- D GENIEVE LAMSON, M.S. Assistant Professor of Geography C1922- D and Head Resident C1933- D LEILA C. BARBER, A.M. Assistant Professor of Art C1931- D and Head Resident C1932- D MARGARITA DE MAYO, A.M. Associate Professor of Spanish C1924-25, 1927- D and Resident C1932-34, 1935- D RUTH H. ELLIS, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry C193O- D and Resident C1932- D MARION GERTRUDE SMITH, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Cl927- D and Resident C1932- j MILDRED L. CAMPBELL, PH.D. Assistant Professor of History C1932-35, 1937- 9 and Resident C1933-35, 1937- D JEAN BRINTNALL ROWLEY, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology C1927- D and Resident C1934- D CATHARINE MEYER, PI-LD. Instructor in English and Resident Q1936- D ISABEL MILLS, A.M. Instructor in Chemistry C1930-34, 1935- D and Resident C1936- D MADELEINE LELIEIJVRE, AGREOEE DES LETTRES Visiting Lecturer in French C1929-30, 1936- D and Resident C1937- D GLADYS MEYER, A.B. Instructor in Economics and Resident CI937- D DOROTHY BUCHANAN, A.M. Instructor in English and Resident Q1933-34, 1937- D GLADYS E. COLLINS, PH.D. Instructor in Philosophy and Resident C1937- D ' '41, . , ,Mfg www 1 ELEANOR C. DODGE MILDRED THOMPSON LUISA NORDIO, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Italian Cl933- D and Resident CI938- D MARY FRANCES BESTOR, A.M. Instructor in Child Study Ql935- D and Resident C193S- D SARAH CHAPMAN FINAN, A.M. Instructor in Physiology C1930-35, 1937- D and Resident U938- D CAROLINE G. MERCER, A.M. Instructor in English and Resident U938- D MARGARET R. PERKIINS, A.B. U934-36D Assistant in Economics U936- D and Resident C1938- D RUTH M. CASTLE, A.B. Assistant in Zoology Cl937- D and Resident U938- D ALICE HOLLINGSWORTH MOORE, A.B. Secretary to the Dean Cl935- D and Resident Cl938- D THE VVARDEN ELEANOR CHILDS DODGE, A.B. C193l- D BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS HELEN KENYON GEORGIANNA CONROW Chairman Secretary RAYMOND G. GUERNSEY MORRIS HADLEY Treasurer and Counsel Counsel MEMBERS HENRY NOBLE MACCRACKEN, PH.D., LL.D., L.H.D. Ex-orlicio, President of Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York HELEN KENYON, A.B. Cl939D, Poughkeepsie, New York GEORGE H. NETTLETON, PH.D. C1939D, New Haven, Connecticut RAYMOND G. GUERNSEY, A.B. Cl94OD, Poughkeepsie, New York MORRIS HADLEY, LL.B. Cl94lD, New York City MALCOLM PIRNIE, S.B., M.C.E. Cl941D, Scarsclale, New York MASON TROWBRIDGE, A.B., LL.B Cl942D, New York City RICHARDSON PRATT, A.B. Cl943D, New York City STEPHEN DUGGAN, PH.D. Cl939D, New York City JEAN MACCOY ALLIS, A.B. Q1939D, Amherst, Massachusetts RAY MORRIS, A.M. C1941D, New York City FRANCES 'IEWELL MCVEY, A.M. Cl94lD, Lexington, Kentucky KATHRYN H. STARBUCK, A.B,, LL.B. Ql942D, Saratoga Springs, New York WILLIAM H. EDWARDS, A.B., LL.B. CI943D, Providence, Rhode Island BARBARA B. STIMSON, A.B., M.D. Cl943D, New York City BEATRICE BISHOP BERLE, A.M., M.D. RUSSELL C. LEFFINGWELL, A.M., LL.B Cl944D, New York City Cl944D, New York City MARGARET CULKIN BANNING, A.B. DAVID G. DUTTON, A.B. C1945D, Duluth, Minnesota Cl945D, Poughkeepsie, New York HELENE NORTH NARTEN, A.B. HENRY P. VAN DUSEN, BID., PH.D. Ql945D, Cleveland, Ohio Cl946D, New York City HONORARY MEMBER FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, A.B., LL.D., L.H.D., LlTT.D. CTruStee, 1923-l933D, Washington, D. C. ffm, VE x STUDENTS' BUILDING MARY SHATTUCK FISHER, PH.D., Profeffor of Chili! Study and Director of the NIll'56!j' Srhool. RUTH DILLARD XIENABLE, A.B., Licenciie EJ Lettref, Affiftaizt Pro feuor of French. VERNON XZENABLE, AB., AJ- .rixtant Profeffor of Philof- ophy. NIKANDER STRELSKY, A.M., Inxtrzictor in Riiffiafz and in Comparative Slavonic Liter- atiire. FLORENCE DONNELL WHITE, PH,D., Pi'0fEJ'J'0l' of French, Chairman. MARY LANDON SAGUE, PH.D., Profefxor of Chem- iftry, Chairman. CHRISTINE FRANCES RAMSEY, A.B., Imtrzector in Entglifh Speech and Anooiate Secre- tary of the Committee on Aa'- minion. 4 1. u 5 AMY LOUISE REED, PH.D. Profeffor of Englifh. FRANCES GERTRUDE WICK PH.D., DSC., Profeffor of Phyficf. MARGARITA DE MAYO, A.M. Afmciate Prfofeffor of Span- ifh. MATHILDE MONNIER, Amoc- iate Profeffor of French. MARY EVELYN WELLS, PH.D P1'0fe.r.r0r a f Mathefnaticf, Chairman. HELEN ESTABROOK SANDI- soN, PH.D., Profeuor of Englixh, Chairman. WINIIfRED SMHH, PH.D., Pra- feffor of Dnnmz, Cbflifllidll. GRACE IVIURRAY HOPPER, P1-LD., Affiftfuzi Profeffor 0 f Matbeffzaticy. RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER, PH .D. , Prafeuur of Arr. MABEL NEWCOMER, PH.D., Profenor of Efozzomiff, Cba inmnz. If A. 'Q 'kn,,,' 19-. If 20 TAYLOR HALL F . W , Y W 1 M I L W L ROCKERFELLER HALL K -- W.. -- NNN . MAI HALL "'--sh -.,Y.,, . -x., -A . Q 1 -i . 1 . 4 -- na -1 11 -4 x. ,. fi L. f.. mf s. - 11 1. U H ,f ,. ,1 ,f :v ,1 H K. ,. ll In ,V L.- V1 ,Vs L. fx V L. Ii .1 ,1 ,. ., .-4 JA .. ks' L, 1. L. L3 .. F1 -1- ,. .. ,. . -- ., bv ,. .7 ,. -1 .f f. ,, L, . ,. ,I .. ,, fl If l. 1. li. if! FC L: 71 L. .- IL -. N .. ,, M, .. ,. ,- .,. ,. ,- .. Y' 16 uk ni. SKINNER HALL i FREDERICK THOMPSON MEMORIAL LIBRARY IN WHICH I FEATURE OUR CHARACTERISTICS I suppose you've been wondering what our names are, and I suppose I really ought to tell you, but I'm not going to 'cause I think you'd have more fun if you guessed. All four of us dress exactly alike except that each of us has a different color--green, yellow, blue or red-and once a year we trade suits so we won't get tired of wearing the same color all the time. My youngest brother is the smallest of all and not very healthy, but he's very charming 'cause he has great wide eyes in a little meek face, and he always says hello to everyone he passes as he dances about r in his bright shiny new shoes. :Another one of my brothers is very gay and carefree. Sometimes he is very I 3 V L, I I li I 'I L, I 11 5. 41 'II' V ZLIIT-5.53 REJECT' WIZTEIEEIQTITEF 25.121 ITEC 'Nfl - E AISI!! ' ILTZSEWT beautiful and when he is looking his best he wears a in daisy in his cap. Most people envy my oldest brother because he doesn't seem to have anything to do except curl up behind "Screen Romances" and sing all night to the moon: "Ch prom, prom, promise me a glass of b-b-b-bromoseltzer!" Now there's only me left to talk aboutg l'm getting old and a little dwarf called Worry has dug great ditches across myforehead. l hide myself away in the long empty drawers of the "vocational" bureau and I get very lonesome waiting for someone to slip the magic ring on my finger which will set me free. 9 O IN WHICH I CARICATURIZE MY DQMINANT FEATURES HAVE never tried to write an autobiography before. You see, it's not one of the "subjects" in the king- dom where I live so I'm not very well acquainted with its personality. But I've been told to try, there- fore bear with me. First of all, I live in a big big castle which was supposed to look like a palace called the Tzzilerief, but which somehow developed I a few distinct idiosyncrasies of its own. It has lots C1411 Mfffffff-' LUCIAN GHER and lots of rooms and you'll find me in almost all of them. I wouldn't really need so much space for myself ifl were just an ordinary person, but there are so many sides to my indefatigable personality that I have to divide into three's and catalogue my traits in alley-ways. I even have to give myself lots of different names to keep from getting confused when people refer to my various capacities. For in- stance, whenever I take a deep breath and stumble over it so the rest of my little selves will come to order and behave properly, I am called 'ISneeze". That means I'm boss and I have to get myself together and spread all over the third floor in pajamas to hear myself talk. It's loads of fun, and I feel very important, but I like to be called "Betty" or jane" 1 Hanormjf Clair Member: RICHARD A. E. BROOKS 25 or "Peggy" just as well, 'cause then I can act natural and nobody cares. In most respects I'm just like my brothers. I'm very class conscious, I worry about my A B QC's and D'sD, and I flirt with a Major, Qwho doesn't wear brass buttons and is very tedious sometimes because he puts so much emphasis on the mindj I-Ie'd be fun if it weren't for the fact that he insists upon my writing him a fifty-page letter of recommendation before he'll apply for the desired Port Morten . . . DENISE HYDE, DOROTHY BOYD, I-I1LDEGARDE Wisn, PATRICIA Cuoss, LYDIA HASTINGS, CAROL ROTHSCHILD. certificateg and what's Worse, he has a funny notion that one of those black- govvned chaperones ought to pass an approval on it. There are moments in our relation ship when I feel like throwing him overboard or at least dropping a note to him in the unstamped saying: Deezr Tberezef, Left not fpoil eoefjfrhing by being too comprehensive. Fezitb ezlone oem move mozezztezim. Youre, tS'enio1'. 26 Qccasionally I indulge inaweek-end ,vocation and devote my all to the security business, but the dividends are few and far between, especially when the interest is low, so Mondays are always blue and rind the Major and me "retreating" from the battle of brains to drown our sorrow in commodity buns. It's at times such as this that I feel like a mouldy piece of the Middle Ages catching classical dust in a cloistered conservatory. I FIRST LADY i wouldnt mind being on the point of disintegration ifI had some reliable Life Assurance, but the best policy in the world still yields nothing! I have night- mares about it quite frequently, but no matter how Freudian you may be, The CfzbinetC0m1eneJ . . . AGNES CLOTHIERJTREASURERQ DENISE HYDE, PRESIDENTQ TUCKER PAYNE, SEcRETARYg PAT Cnoss, VICE-PRESIDENT. 27 it's not very easy to think 1939 MARCHING SUNG 'r in k n d b You 6 be g Vva 6 6 Y Word: by Caroline u11:lfo.rephim Carrie Mari: by SIIJYIIIIIII MeCrearh Weddlng bells at 8105 In the Vezrmr, we hail thee ur now we mire our Jong . I And ever to you our loyalty will belong mornlng' Down through the yeurf there dezyr will .thine Ar onzuurrl we go marching, clarr of '39. Some people may call me grave and old, but I know all the time they secretly envy me because I have a sacred band inside that plays a song nobody else can sing, and when I get bored with the Major or "Pettin' at the Juliet" I can go out with Suloe and parade my good spirits throughout the Land. There was a time when Suloe and I used to have an annual shouting bout in the Libe, but the owl has since decided that the Sovereign Mistress of True Melancholy should rest in peace with never a sound save snores and groans to break her honored silence. I have a sacred number too, which is one of those things you like so much that when Ash Wednesday comes along you feel you ought to give it up for Lent. Shall I tell you what it is? . . . SOO! The mysteries of this number no one but I will ever know. It haunts me with its O's, which are better described BACCALAUREATE HYMN Four yeurr uiziteel iiz el Jeureh for truth, We Jtand prepezreu' to fuee ez rterner lifej With prisle we Jeni the chullenge of ouryouth, Arrofr u zoorlel that .f66kJ' un erm' to rtrife. Earth lier iii partial ilurkizerrj muy we fling That alurklzerr harkwurd wtth u ruoliunt li ghrg And with our knozoledge ever let uf hring Azz ezztl to evil force their threutenr night. JANE HYATT, COLBY CLEVELAND, JANE LAWSON. as "woes", and the 5 means 5 o'clock in the morning when the radiators begin to hammer away at my sleepy head, and the air is blue with the smoke of 500 cigarettes. Ordinarily my dwell- ing is so cluttered up with 28 books and paper, ash-trays and dead corsages, dust, darkness, and general chaotic depression that there is scarcely any room for thought. If ever there if a spark of intellect, it usually lands in the little pink vvastebasket and burns to a bad end unless illegally tossed out of the vvindovv. Any evening on which such a disaster occurs might be termed "The Night of the Burning Missile." l have been known to Wish l were anywhere but here, and to smile at the enthusiasm of my little-brother advisees with the air of a superior's amusement at the youngster vvho is cheerful because he doesn't knovv vvhat's in store for him, but underneath my sometimes cynical grumblings and restless discontent is a faint dread of the alluring "World of rain and no rubbers," and a sincere attachment to the mysteries and profesrarer of Learning Land . . . l guess l'd better stop talking now for avvhile and let you look at all the pretty pictures of me. When you've finished l'll tell you about my brothers and what we all do from September till june. iff' a t 5 f rn fjfgff' mf' Q ' sq' p JQ 4 MA 19'-v pre-?AQx K' X ,,, ' 5 gg. I ln' , -if LJMM if i 4 X E 4 ,lM.,l,gyl,?? ,.li,lgl4,mzi, 65 Q .zo fo: o o'o'o o . ,I oooo voo0no0o. 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RW , I, 'X " -s vxa-J -Q X.u Ill 'QP 1 I ffl '29 1 1 fb! GCC P Q 1 I 5 Q95 'BQ rw 'L :- 7' pf A ' x 600 'doc I , KATE ELIZABETH BALL HELEN BALLAN-UNE n 9 w fr W JOANNA MARCH BARD MARY AGNES BARRON 53 'Wa ff, 57 WZ - N, .Q E ,f "u, ov ! C W' 5 GRAND' X x X , X LW Q r M-'KRJORIE BAss ANNE ELIZABETH BEARDSLEY ,isp l I I I 1 i L i I I x EJ CARYL CLARE BEATTIE HELEN CORNING BEATTY ELLINOR FROST BELDING MARY ROWAN BELKNAP MOUNETTE BERT GRETCHEN B1 CKELHAUPT 33 Z X M w f G Q P f' i nl, 4 f j IL'-.2 - ff' Q X fe-I 'Vol 4 I sf K 615,212 Xxx? .lr .af 342 Q A Qs dr F? xv wi 'gf 'E 51 N! :fri ag ww -if ESE kai 552 QE E E: wi Q1 ft, in Sai Hi . va 'I 53 515 ya , Di :gr in -1 rf. , -fi .,,,. FQ ww is lt: UE Li 4-lf 4 V51 Q -11 , . ,. ii? mi up :fa h,: 1 ly! Vi is L21 V11 wg 51 M-' arg Fi: LJ W fs: gi ke LQ , E 1 kt La ni Ig Fi: fgv wg 75-'I' r vt! .11 ji .5 hi rw EM I--7 I-F1 r up ' 'E ,,, E55 H5 s x i 5159 - S. 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L. .x F' 'J 5. 4, my PV V rf EI S? X, If H- Ls rf I ,F I-4 Lfr IL F. fa F 1 n 5- 1,. If Qu If 7- Li' Lu 1 uv. L11 rm. l M P4 5 LI' Pi H, V1 F-2 ra - 4 If ,- ,, Q1 1,- nj pi 1- .- .., L L L.. rw. 1 . 4-1. P, vu Ll: r. v , 1.1. ,. U f- u , v. r 1 L 1 P 9 ,K L- ,H I, fx .r af P n. lr ya n.- v eil Fi u- ,L I. 1 n L, V n w v 5 lx MI ,., -1 v 11. M. fm 5- 1 ' 1 F -s lrraiggjx 54967-,, GSK .4 55' , QR 56 r S9611 A arf N QE for 5 X 435 r 4 1 I fl 5 - 'f RELIGION ll 55.-1 'L 5.4 A MARJOIUE WALLACE SOPHIE DOUGLASS NNELLS, Jn. JANET MACLAREN WHITE EL1zAnE'r1-I Moouh WHITMAN MARJOME ANNE WHHMARSH PATRICIA XVHITTEMORE 70 , I I HAZEL Ho'rcHKIss WIGHTMAN ALICE CLAIBORNE WILIIERT SUSAN VJHYTE WILLIAMSON HILDEGARDE PRESTON WISE LOUISE RILEY WOLCOTT MARY'.IOE WOOD ,WI W1 1 I uv-0 N1 IW . -. 'X 1 Q ' IN' QA Af Se? -31 21.363 I' GS' 5 X BK Q ca Q M WILD STUDY A .J AJ W fu-J, 'Z S 2 .A G.. -1 J w E 5 MARGARET SEBRELL Woons HELEN RANDOLPH Woouform E 1 HELEN WOOLSEY ELIZABETH SARGENT WORTPIEN I N X I K 4- I 4 K 'Vinh' THACHER XVORTHEN JEAN FLORENCE YARROW N 72 5 l Y. EQ 49" ISABELLE YOYFE JOSEPHINE LEE ZIMMERMANN Semi PHY S10 LOG-9 .Q avg GILLETTE ZEISS ki-A-4 .r f' sd Pomrmcm. REISOC.. 'S-v Phi Beta Kappa ors elected in their Junior Year: ALICE ANN ANDERSON HELEN BALLANTINE MARJORIE BASS LOUISE WENTWORTH BOYNTON HELEN VIOLA BRUSH ANN CRAWFORD CUTLER JEAN DAVIDSON LYDIA RUSSELL DAVIS ESTHER MARIA GORDON HELEN DIGGLES KELSALL MARY SEVIER KREGER LUCIE ANNE PORTEREIELD LOUETTE DALE STEEVES CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH VOGTEL 3 mi fl fl L45 ,, ?': W' 4-I A I I II M I I ' ST '-5 eg. I I I 3' I lu I lf, 'N ,- 4- X 9.1 -. ' 1 I Fi 95, VL: o 5'-' .I , EI I Ii is iw I QQ I h -I I' BY I II ' If lx . I5 If A I . I,--I N 5: 95. 1 I Eff' I 5.0 I 5, I 5, ER I I Ng I' IU' I 5: I .,.- .jx :I lit J, W 5- af 3. wi II I 3" 1 lag I I! I I 5 75- Ti- I ,LI .. 63. :gs I 57' I ' ill I I 51 I if gv fi ! HI I If 5,1 I I . , I I. I . L I G ,- i , M.. 5 I I ,, J- ADASIS, SALLIE ANDERSON, BETTY Cmj ALLEN, M. CAROLYNE ANDREWS, JANE CTrzIIISfCrrCd to l94OD BACHENHEIMER, JANET BAMBERGER, MARIE CAdvanccd Standingj BANKS, A. ELIZABETH CAdvaI'ICed Standingj BELL, DAPHNE BLAGDEN, SARITA Cml BOOTHE, SARAH BROWN, NANCIE HARRIET BROWNELL, MARY DON CALDWELL, ANN CASPER, JANET CHAPMAN, MARGARET CHARNLEY, BARBARA DAVISON, KATHERINE JEAN DOAK, BEATRICE DRINKER, NANCY DUGAN, DORIS JANE Cmj FLANAGAN, BETTY CIIID FLETCHER, MARY Cmj FORD, JOAN CIIID FRAZIER, SARAH FUTCHER, GWENDOLEN CTrarIsferred to 19405 GABY, CATHERINE GALARNEAU, ISABELLE l939 WITHDRAWALS GALLAGHER, ANNE GRAWN, HELEN CIIID GREENWX'ELL, MARGARET HAMILTON, EUNICE HARRIS, ELIZABETH CTrarISfCrred from 19339 HECHT, MARGARET HEID, THERESA HERBERT, BLANCHE CITID HOLDERNESS, EUNICE HOLLY, MARY HONHART, BETSY JOHNSTON, JEAN KITTREDGE, ANNE LANCE, ELLEN LEWIS, CONSTANCE LINDER, AGNES CITID MCCAMBRIDGE, CHARLOTTE CTraIISfcrrcd to 19402 MCKAIG, MURIEL MALM, BILLIE JANE MANHEIM, LOUISE MARSHALL, JESSIE MILLER, JOAN MORGAN, MARION JANE MURPHY, ELIZABETH NORRIS, EUGENIA OSBORNE, ANNE PARKER, JANE PEABODY, CORA PHILLIPS, NIABEL D15 PODRIANICZRY, KATINRA PRANN, PEPITA QUIGLEY, PATRICIA REDINGTON, LUCIA REDMOND, SI-IEILA REEVE, DIANA ROBINSON, DOROTHY Cmj SELZ, ELEANOR CTra.nSfcrrcd to 19401 SHARPLES, ABBY SHAW, CATHERINE SPENCER, SARAH Cmj SPOCK, SARAH CITID STOVALL, BARBARA STRUTHERS, JEAN SWIFT, ELEANOR CIIID TURNER, ALICE WAGNER, VIRGINIA Cml DE WANKOWICZ, IRENE CAdvarICcd SrandirIgD WARWICK, MARY WATKINS, CYNTHIA JANE WEYLAND, LORRAINE WHITE, ELAINE WIBERG, MARY CAdva.nCCd Standingl WYCKOEE, DOROTHY ZIMMERMANN, LEE CTrz1IISferrcd to 19401 Alummze Council Rep1'efeIzmfive.' HILDEGARDE WISE Rfzzniozz Cbnirmmz: MARY TRIPP 74 IN WHICH I TREAT TI-IE SLIBDOIVIINANT TRIAD THE ARRIVAL OF THE EITTEST A Y youngest brother is not only famous because of his remarkable capacity for that bliss which is the result of ig- norance, but because he is clever enough to use his ignorance as a password whenever he gets caught cloing sotnething he knows he shoulcln't. MONNIE DOUGLASS, Preridezzr, Clary 0f1942 Prefidwzr Second Semerter: ELIZABETH MILLS 75 At his prettiest he is a post forjunior to lean his social efforts on, at his ugliest, Cwhich he might never be if he didn't have so much re- spect for his elders' taste in attireD, he gives the impression of belonging to a pseudo D. P. clan except that his so-called Hsplit' ' clothes bear the earmarks of simple comfort rather than serious functionalism. If reading a Bible from cover to PEGGY RICE, Pfffiffvflf, C111-ff of 1941 cover is a sign of religious inclination, l fear P"mdf'Zf 5eC"'1d 5e"NW"" MARTHfX WELCH our youngest sits off on a spiritual tangent to the ordinary round of irri- tating concerns and duties. But if constant indulgence in pleasures of the flesh means the opposite, I have no doubts that Freshmen will keep both feet, Cand the increasing bulk they supportD, anchored firmly to the ground until the order of Hone orange" is learned and mastered. THINK my year-old brother was named after a bunch of Greeks who TQUJOURS GM decided that since you i couldn't know anything for certain there was no sense trying too hard. At any rate he's commonly called the poor neglected gay young Wise fool, which describes him pret- i ty well except that he 76 JUDY RUSSELL, Preridenr, Clary of 1940 Preridenr Second S677Z6.,l'f!!1",' HARRLET BOTTOMLY makes up for being neglected around here by fortifying his carefree joi de viwfe with a little pile of leaves. You might almost call him a traveling salesman who spends a week plan- ning his campaign, packs a suitcase full of hopes and smiles and styles with a convincing line, haunts the most promising district, even- tually returns to a nagging life and a family of brain children, and spends the following Week either reporting on his success or thinking over the assets and liabilities of the corporation to which he devoted his attention. The more orders he receives, the less stock he invests in domestic affairs, and when the venerable P. H. Doctors, under the influence of the current mania for investigation, conclude that he needs a thorough examination, he retires from business just long enough to build up a sufficient- resistance to the long series of ques- tions vvith which he is hammered at and brow- beaten. This sophistQicatedD brother of mine is dearly loved by all, including himself, parte gzfi! est Utoujourr gm" eta Hjtzmazif Witte." 77 STUDE TO THE GRILL uxiofz is an odd fellow. I-Ie's past the stage where he can make a claim to N- fame by picking daisies, so he pulls the petals off instead and drops them in a tankard to flavor his beer with the bitter and sweet of True Romance. For days on end he sleeps tight in his room drunk with the dream of a Charles Atlas physique and all that goes with it, tra la. Under the intoxicating in- fluence of an unlimited number of leaves he trips hither and yon and revels in returning to his bacchanalian nature of high spirits. During the rare intervals when nothing ales him he can be seen, still thirsty, staggering to the well- known Rocky fountain of knowledge for a "quick one" of Italian, Spanish, English, French, etc.-but no Scotch, a lass! You'd think he'd be wild about, and haunt the ginnasium, but not Junior!-not if he's only .mppoied to, but doesn't have to! That would be a silly waste of time, besides, he's needed at home because he's got just enough prestige to get away with being the boss of his little dwelling. Junior is a very restless spirit of cheer. He flirts with a Major as I do, but he's terribly fickle and shifts his attention from one to another so often that his chaperon has a hard time guiding his amorous energy. In his spare moments he is supposed to look after the youngest in the family, but more often than not he keeps his eyes on me instead, and counts the days until spring when I begin to go barefoot so that he can step into my shoes. All four of us have a wonderful time together, and not for all the world would we ever consider leaving the owl for the old life "on tap." 78 IN WHICH I REVEAL THE BEGINNING, THE MIDDLE AND THE DAFFODILS K I, 'i. . Q ' I, ' I , ,7 WX 4 Q S 4 y ' VY' CII' I FW E -'f ,va j o Q if I """:,,,t ' ' A ' .fzrs It is with all good faith in your great interest in Higher Education that I dare to think you would like to be enlightened concerning what we do, at least dur- ing eight months of the year. On ordinary days we spend most of our time stewing in a brew of Intellectual, Iso I am toldj, Curiosity which A4 A 1 does its best to kill us along with the cat, but somehow, due to the remarkable amount of satisfaction we get in obeying our feline impulses, doesn't quite. There are times however when our healthy natures give way to bacterian debauches and feverishly crawl between the sheets of a Colonial Bughouse where lo! the angel of the ward comes upon us and the sneezes of the ward wheeze round about us and we are sore, but not afraid. Such strange interludes are simply the exception which proves the general rule of mind over-matter, and they confine themselves to remaining few and far between us and our liking. Once in a while, and it is of these whiles that l am about to tell you, our Curiosity takes off its horn-rimmed glasses, leaves its classes and goes on a social spree. 3 i rl i 11 i fl L, lf ly .l li. ll ql l Qi i l l I l l ii ,J . FALLOPENING N the beginning was the word, and the word Wasdchaos! And the late September light shineth on dust and the dust revealeth a Lnberntory Mnnnnl for Cornpnrnfirze Vertenrnre Annrarny, Deutsche Knltnrgefchichte, Fairchild, Furness, and Buck, and Ferdrnnnei all Wrapped in a moth-eaten souvenir of Yale, and The Meeiievnl Mind comprehendeth it not. So begins another Fall in the Owl Kingdom, so we again turn the leaves of books while a hint of winter turns the leaves of trees, and Miss Bacon fries in the heat of the spiders who sit down beside her begging to change their courses. Bright hopes and uncon- served energy pop out of trunks, boxes, decaying furniture, and forgotten packages from Maisonette. If We're lucky the hopes stay with us longer than the energy, but both are replaced frequently and satisfactorily by a late after- noon Walk to the cider mill, more frequently and more satisfactorily by a Yale- Princeton game, and most frequently but least satisfactorily by a reckoning 79 ofthe number ofdays till Thanksgiving-till Christmas. October and Novem- ber find Monsieur Geology leading his little blue jeans over hill and dale in searcha of Mika and no one in the world will stop him till he has gone far enough away to call his journey work and his lunch a picnic. HE season of dry-leaves-burning and gold-key yearning is ceremoniouslv met with whole-hearted but unpracticed serenadingof "theiittest',bystrange masses teeming with flashlights, banners, and good cheer. lt officially begins with something called Convocation, which means or marks the Death of M" GOWNS BY SCI-IIAPARELLII bathing suits and shorts and the Resurrection ofthe Cap and Gown. On this occasion l and all my little selves are mysteriously permitted for the first time, to dress in mourning after the fashion of Schiaparelli and Academia- just for whom or for what I'm not quite sure. It can't be that I am bereft of anything very grievous because my younger brothers jealously envy and wist- fully admire my unique attire. Perhaps they think the loss ofa youthful devotion to the Simple-Simon attitude is a great thing. Personally I adore Simple-Simon -we have a lot in common-and if it weren't for a scrap of sheepskin I'd admit 80 I wasn't dignified or impressive in- stead of killing myself trying to keep up appearances. Of course my young- est brother finds out what a fake I am, Qalmost as soon as I do myselflvvhen he begins to ask me the same ques- tions I asked when I first came, but which I haven't thought of since and couldn't possibly answer. Convocation is a great day for the "Faculties" too, because it's the ROSALIE only chance they get, except for Director 0fjzmi0rPm'ty.'Nm1cy Brmzflwz Commencement, to Parade their prestige with a colorful degree of intelligence. HERE comes an evening in October when little Junior throws a party for Cheerful Cherub, and though we all go, only the honored member of the family and his little selves are permitted to sit at card tables in the "orchestra" and to stuff their incredibly capacious mouths with cider and doughnuts during a pause in the free-for-all entertainment. Once upon a time, in 1937, SCARLET FEVER . , . Directom of fopfo Party: Nancy Brandon, .Yue Kefznedy, Anim Minot. 81 ,. il-1 L-, I .yr Xx- Lg F " ,ff -f.-.I E f-.. ti 1 E-1 d 1 I 'P Ft! n 115 ef s,-A si., rvg ra r nit- W Q tt f 4, V-T1 r- L.. n if Ei? is in .-11: if! .ar ,u Us P11 tt' JE H? V1.5 fa so 512 4-if Hx . Lui :H . ga iv? M1 -15 pu B12 1 -4 +L Lrl W-4 Gi ww- ! ii fu 1573 'iv L fn rn- bf' ... , ,gn Q-L E. A V. , if? fa.. F 'r T715 RG 'T-1 . , 5' my U1 .ff f A J A E"-5 55' A ru F' Q if Wil of-1 5. V ,. ' 44 Qui 'if 4. .- f. .rv -11 n-411 r F11 ra- U au 'iri 11-3 li: QU an fu Gil :xi ff-E' P11 ny. z-if 5:1 1-ri efgi it-I 44. 23 fu K ,fl SLJ P '1 -L mf! V24 6.41 .ii E! ' ,J La, Q H t . .-U :ag 531 ri-1 f fx ef 4 ag' ' t f, VY' VY' n in . y' .-5. WTI It-1 U1 ul. P'E Tl! .S vit .fa W, -u pt. -QE U! 'ET 11 P! 'LU py- I' Z" Fry !L! x x1 t-1,, 'Lf' -U? VV! 4-1, 55' :Qu HY A V ' t v 1 si .. 'TWV' JI' We at SPRING DANCE . . . Director off Hall: 110167721111 Me.r11e1'. Nelson Eddy and the filming of his Romlie at Vassar was the subject of satire and derision. CSee the Mircellemy Neeof for further details.D The next thing vve know we're seeing more of the same sort of thing, Qbut naturally of superior qualityD, copyrighted and produced by Soph. In 1936 "Rose-Colored Classes" gave us the rare privilege of seeing ourselves as Dies would see us. "We look alike We oct alike We elreff olikf' ELENA BRUTON SUE WALDRON Mum HENRY BETTY PALMER Managef' BETTY BURLINGHAM RUTIi ADAMS BETTY FELTER Accompmzift 82 OVEMBER brings us face to face with Philaletheis, that dramatic mon- ster with an unsullied reputation in spite of a very bad name. We meet him in all the gloryof imported men withwhich First Hall alone is embellished. The males on stage are made to feel at home by the presence of similar atrocities in the audience, but they do not always gain the undivided attention of the visiting stiff shirts and tails. Even if their footlight romance is as charming as Spring Dance, there is bound to be some competition in the rustling darkness. First Hall has more than 'a play and a dance to offer the fastidious go-getter for it is at this time that those two great and inseparable institutions known as Sextette and Eloradora make their annual debut, Cafter a few setting up exercises in the Campbell Housel It may be taken as a Zlgfifg Qtemelle that these vehicles of entertainment have nothing save their differences in common. One sings appealingly, the other squealinglyg one charms, the other dis- "A PICTURE FROM LIFE'S OTHER SIDE" PAT EGAN, BETTY BALL, ROY MESSNER, LINDY LEWIS, Accompaniif, ANNE HUGHES, BARBARA H. ALLEN, FRANNIE LAWRIE, JEAN HARGRAVE, TRIPP, Lou BOYNTON, BETTY VOGTEL, SUE KENNEDY. 83 in-m..w mu... tum: .LL - ...- ..... ..-. ....,.....- ..E-AL-,.E,,-.-- .--im.. .. 1 nm..-,A -....1L.. -,..:. --.L - -.L f-L l ir 4 f. , Rt-E xiii. WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS MORNING BECOMES ELECTRIC armsg one enthralls, the other uppallsg and so it goes-six of one and il dozen of the other - the age makes all the differ- ence in the world. Flora- dora has shown itself proof of the fact that tight-laced "respectable woilcin' goils" can still bustle around with an amazing appeal in spite of not being virtually encased in their gay nighties. Sextette, on the otherhand, is proof of the fact that the Latins had a word for a number of pretty girls which gives them credit for more than face value. ITH the first snowfall, or shortly thereafter, the mysterious, much abused and greatly misunder- stood D. P. immerses itself in paint and dye, 84 cold cream and mascara, sawdust and spot-light. With the reign of clout nails and glue pails there begins a long siege of hanging from the grid by one's knees to avoid the ill-directed stroke of a technical crew. Here in thehubbub oftheBuskin, people are always mak- ing scenes and display- ing their temperament at every slip ofthe hammer, ' for the theatre is a milieu TILL THE DAY I DYE where drama and melo- drama are more closely allied than anyone in the department would like to admit., lmpassioned words issued on stage are always echoed by more impas- sioned ones in the fly gallery, the beams, and the switchboard telephone as these D. P. enigmas make designs on a new play Cfem.D, teaser and tor- menter and put on a good show doing it. Speaking strictly in terms of December 1938, Playtime in Avery is Va,rm1".v Folbf and Fallon's Fun with a touch of Homer's Harmony. The latter, instead of being confined to a piano in the greenroom, as in December 1937, blossomed into an orchestral devel- opment of Woodward's works and commanded the usual undivided atten- tion of all listeners. The social atmosphere in the old Calesthenium is most absorbing and most harassing in the costume room, most familiar and haphazard in the office, Qvvhich is only an excuse for light conversationD, most tense and saw-buzzed 85 I 4 1 I ii s E II Ei 5 I: l I E I 'l l l il fi E l EE ! l l 4 I E 3 i gi v i i i 2 -i I 1 2 l 5 a THE KEY NOTES LUCY MosnN'r11AL, Librarifn1,' GAIL ELLIOT, Serretafy' MERIEL Nuwcorviun, fl.l'.l'f.fftl11f M1llI!llQt'J',' ANNETTE CAMPBELL, Tmz.rzn'er,' TUCKER PAYNE, Mmmger. in the scene shop, and most apparently necessary but extremely annoying off stage when the curtain is up and the show is on. lf ever you are part of a D. P. audience, I pray you, deliver these defenseless creatures of drama applause, for theirs is the Play, the Power, and the Production, forever and ever . . poor them! Ecismnan is full of important dates and one of them is stuffed with Glee. Master Peirce and his colorful proteges at last tell us in loud sweet tones the secret of themad rush to Skinner everyTuesday andThursdayevening.Those in the audience who have known what it is to be left drinking coffee alone after dinner, are generally moved to forgive the performers for their seemingly too fervent interest in a bi-weekly, 7 205 P. M. warble. The Amherst Glee Club with the Harvard Orchestra help tremendously to establish in the listeners kindlier sentiments toward the whole racket of vocalization. "Gods Bottles" too, even when sung about, have a way of smoothing things over. The December rendition in Skinner is only one of three concerts given by this group of gleefully gargling girls. ln March they make another Search for 86 their White shoes and take another inch off their skirts, Cvvhich have a hard time keeping up vvith the stylesD, all for the sake of being Well received with the Princeton Choir and the blessedly interred Carissimi, Brahms, Schubert, and Schumann. April finds them taking Gilbert and Sullivan for a merry ride to the happy hunting grounds in New Jersey Where they join voices this time with the Princeton Glee Club for an evening of melody and a glass of beer. HERE is something about the second real snovv storm that irresistibly invites us to serenade Santa Claus, so we forget about Sezlve for a while and make believe vve're angels. lf vve're not very convincing as such, it's certainly not because we haven't existed long enough in the most proper and promising atmosphere. At any rate, we so sufficiently exhaust ourselves and the familiar "I-IARK HOW HAROLD'S ANGELS SING!" Ojfieeaar of Choir: BETTY PALMER, Chezirmeznj CYNTHIA NASH, .S1ecreiezf9f,' LoU1sA HUBBARD, Libmrieznj BARBARA ARNOLD AND MARTHA WELCH, Committee. 87 Christmas Carol repertoire during the full month before vacation, that on the Sunday evening before our departure we are willing to let the Arch-Angel Choir take over the job of 'flilling our inmost hearts with joy." The mighty antiphonal, but nonetheless cheerful, little geerful that issues forth from the vast and impressive one-hundred-and-live-fold phantom of Mistress Music repays us with a high rate of interest for the effort we made in finally finding our way into the Chapel. But even the perfection and magnificence of the well- trained Choir cannot spoil us for the simple and tuneful delight with which the little Lincoln Center elves gather around our big pine tree as soon as it is hung with bits of colorful incandescence. Their short concert is a welcome bright spot in a grim and gruelling week when everyone is grumpy with her best friend for not telling her sooner that Calendar Days had been abolishedg when everyone is ' griped because there is a quiz on Friday Chow could Mr. LMNOP do such a thing!5Qwhen every- one is grimy from rolling and tossing around on the floor in search ofa topical KT? rayofthoughtgwhen fx everyone echoes the groans of everyone else and no one will admit the good points of anything save home and holiday. " 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE . . . 88 '7 , 13" . l WlNTER'S TALE FTER the beginning cometh the middle which is snow-covered and ice- weighted and saggeth midway like unto our skirts. And the halls echo the clump of ski-boots and the slopes around Sunset are distorted with mean- ingless tracks and the hill-tops are lined with those who are sore afraid, while an occasional large indentation indicates that the force of gravity has ruled over more than one aspiring young amazon. At home, room-mates' ski pants drip unsavourily from the radiator and we mustn't prowl the halls late without our candle lest we be disemboweled by a stray ski-pole. Above and around us, whether we are skidding with gay condescension to our matins or P.M.s, or leering from behind catastrophic piles of books, topic pads and sleet-designed windows, the Land glitters unconscious of book- learning or suppressed desires for daffodils. Wearily we bend under the oil and over the "Life and Death of the American Indian and lts Effect on Present Economic Conditions in New Mexico" and yearn Prometheus-like for sleep. Mid-year week steam-rollers upon us with dreams of too-sharp pencils and tell-tale white books and half finished semester topics coagulating on the ceiling. Comes soon after the period of strife a period of celebration known as the 89 ' llowering ol' tlnlly iluninr zinel "l'm liriglirlully sorry l have to eiir your Class Miss XYZ lwut my mQin's coming Friiliiy afternoon :incl l simply must have my liziir elone in rlie morning". When 2lSClUflll11fll'lg satellite is seen slizigging zirnuml dragging 21 six-loot Hyou'll-do", slie is ig- nored on principles of non-ziequainrzinee and "don't-ziclqnowleelgewi- gifl-WlKl'l-ITl2lI'l-fl12lE-yOLl- would 'nt - acknowledge- vvirliout-one". A hip- svving too late one real- izes that she is the same "WE TRIED TO INVEIGLE THROUGH THE POUGHKEEPSIE EAGLE" Pfdlll Cw1z1i2ittee.' Juliette MCAdzl17Z,l', Cf7zljI'll1ll1I,' july l'le.rtef Reedj Claire l'la.rfzi11.f,' Gi'f1i'eZy,' Tzzclzer Pr!VYIlL',' Mfzfy Rozwm Belm1p,' Carol Kotb.rcbjl:!,' liydm Hfzitizlgf. 90 grim grind that one has smiled at through half-opened eyes three mornings a week on those frequent Friday 8:l5's that have caught one "un-alarmed." I and my lost youth perch precariously on the balcony balustrade with my two likewise ill-favored little brothers and try to convince myself that the moon is sure to be moonier in May than February anyhow. PETER GGES TO THE FAIR HE tug-of-public between the Atlantic and the Pacific coast for the World's Fair trade being well under way by this time QFebruary, 19392 D. P., in a fit of Hammeric zeal, dressed its scattered energies in rompers, added a double- compartmented kangaroo, and laid the whole at the feet of its nearest little futuristic neighbor Mr. Grover Whalen. Peter Gees to the Fair gave Crapo's captivating kiddies their first coming out party. The audience thought it touching that those gangling grown-ups could grin and grimace so girlishly and boyishly and even I came out of my haze long enough to recollect that although uneasy lies the head that supports a mortar-board, gayly paddle the legs that push a kiddie-car. 91 ofxu-wH1sKERtaD am l and sequestered in pseudo-academic monasticism. But peering over the underbrush, I watch with envy as my youngest brother engages in feverish Second Hall activity- Undisturbed by daisy-pickers, beergulpers or pavement-pounders back for a rest, the youngest labors for his laurels. Memories float back from March 1936, when labor F1'omNim'Tifl Six in a dress shop provided a perambulating plot of merry models, an innocent instigator and a villainous Vixen, with good winning over ghoulishness. N the kite-worn tail of the March wind, Misc Party minces in, filling Students with I. Qfs, surrounding Tfs, music and Marx-ish vaude- ville, moulded, mellowed and manipulated by the Misc-ing minds of the Editorial Elders. The established embellishment of this electric event is informality. Here worse can be made to appear better without fear of Platonic interference. Here a little idiosyncrasy can join hands with a little released inhibition, and both will be lostunder the hair specifically let down for the occasion. FROIVI NINE TILL SIX . . . Director of II Hall, 1936: Peggy Kemper 92 SPRING IN THE AIR-WHY SHOULD I? ND the earth bringeth forth grass, and the shoes traelceth mud where- soever they trampethg the young god cometh with fancies, and the topic-tired lass seeth that he is certainly something! And the evening and the morning are divided by the Light of Love. The daHodils and apple-blossoms are out on the hill, and I in my maiden form am tanning my hide in the Sola- a ' VV rium, so help me! This is the short ' A- " ' 'Q ,,.. A l 'ii, flffff ,l" ' f "'Qn- season, the season when we are wont . qa yt y on I I . , V v,,,'. E to cut our classes as vvell as our pajama V,y, . L n ilii "yl'l" 3 . . A legsandlitterthelawnswithourselves, I x r it at ,a a , aa our books, and our lack Of Conwa- VIV, . , 1: tration, This is the reason Why the ' Q ' "" A A . . I V I Faculties turn into sad dogs and go V I-1, I g l,1-Ali a f' , - .A 4,3 - jj.:ji:j'g I I ' as .V I SOPHOMORE SILHOUETTE 93 Chairman of Sepia Dance: Carol Rotbfcloild STILL LIFE out in the noonday sun, or try at least to maintain their dignity by preaching -ethics perhaps! in the shade of the old apple tree. This is the season of rhubarb and rivals, rollerskates and romance. Little Sophist gets the first social crack at the last of these spring characteristics with his dance and 1937's indulgent and sympathetic April is responsible for the birth of this prom- competitor which Junior and I so sensitively look upon, Qout of self defenseb, cet with a faint lift of the eyebrow. HE last Friday in April hnds the Gwl Kingdom shedding its educa- tional fetters for a day of Matthew and indigestion. Even C. Mildred is deaned deserving of a holiday. Relapse! is the password for all who enter the spirit of fun and Founder be it a hare or a hound, a rambling Rayminiscer or a grave grave- goer, a Prexy baseball "Wx, ,,,, that Ap,-we ,mb fm fbm,-H me . l player, or a sidelines monstrosity. 94 REUNION REMINISCENCES "Come out to the Circle all ye that are heavy laden with the oddities of dis- guise and l will give you a prize", says the voice of traditional tomfoolery. So out we go to show off our glamor on the only day when we have any. To our annual amazement weufind it is easier to receive an award for being ten- fi. . . . . llfj-i1x',,I1i'l, minutely clever than ever it is for being ten-hourly scholastic. However, we comfort our selves by rationalizing that it is all due to somebody's sense of values getting lost in a bustle. Toward late afternoon we flit through a skit or two and presently, flopped lazily on the green, we hnd in ourselves still life to be nourished with the contents of little white picnic boxes and huge tanks of milk. Comes evening with songs on the steps of Students, comes night and delight in watching the Faculties Play. We knew we loved them all the time, l MATTS MISSES MIMIC 95 BETTY Voorisi, Cluliruzflzz af fenim' Prom but there's something to be said for having A good reason once a year to show your affec- ii i tion with a soft and tender tapping of the feet on the floor and to send your every thrill through the whole framework ofa building which gently vibrates with your never higher spirits and good will toward all. UN1oR isn't the only one who is favored with an occasion for all eyes to stare at his proud Promenade. Though l must wait until May for it, there is a Great Day set aside for me too. I may be grave and old, but my night- life isn't yet confined to ammonia-cokes and the love of great wisdom, or to Sleep, either, bless his little rare and cherished soul! I still have as great a capacity for "just sporting", if you please, asllunior has, though my particular choice in the matter depends more on the amorous than the glamorous. The i PETER PAN . . . Director nf IU Hall, 1933: Nanny Brazilian 96 CHAINED! ANN GREENE 5 JANE DUGGANQ CAROL EARLEQ MARY JO WOODQ TUCKER PAYNEQ LOUISE BOYNTONQ JEANNE ROBINEAUQ NANCY KELLOGGQ JULIA CHATTERTONQ BARBARA STONEQ HELEN GRAWNQ JOAN MILLERQ EUNICE HOLDERNESSQ SUSAN TOBLERQ ELIZABETH FARNSWORTHQ BARBARA PECKQ SARITA BLAGDENQ PAT CROSSQ JULIETTE MCADAMSQ MARYS CONVERSEQ MARJORIE WALLACEQ CAROL ROTHSCHILDQ RUTH FRANKENTHALERQ CORA PEABODYQ DOROTHY BOYD, Manager. Week-end, like JuniOr's, for entertainment embraces Sextette and Floradora, along with a reception, a dinner and a, Well- dance. But where Junior built snow men after the ball was Over, I can pick dande- lionsg Where he slipped I can slcipg where he was confined tO a car and a tavern, I can tarry my Wares Where I please. THE EARLY BOYD A ,L 97 Preview of Philaletheis in her III Hall outdoor splendor brings us to the finale of another year. My year-old brother picks out a tree to call his own so long as it shall live, and ceremonizes it with song and dance or, as in 1937, with a pastoral scene from Winter'r Tale. Daisies are chained to beauties, and Sheepskins are signed and bestowed upon those whose Labors were not Lost. 98 IN WHICH I DISCUSS THE PGWERS BEHIND THE GNOME I BuL.l..E1'iN Bormb I ' ... I sw - .....f...... -, VOTE . ngsaw... ness ' E.E":.,: 'j,,-3,11 -.1t.:t.f::: "-"m'. .... Ma: Q " ll ua Mu Mm 1'-wr'-"""' W' I: w'.L.'i"1:,.' ' me-",,, . fa . 'IEE in wa c uh. 'M QTUIENTQ h Lthr , QD Ulla ' b A M, 0 uw .tm an The Gwl Kingdom is not very different from the rest of the world in its recognition of the fact that man is a social animal who seems to be the function of a large number of .complex variables, among not the least of which is his instinct to organize. Aristotle has been known fby those with more feathers of wisdom in their caps than lj, to say that "for the most part Nature only created things for a good reason, but occasion- ally she slipped up and created things that are super- fluous." In my weaker moments l agree with Aristotle, and place in the category of the superfluous such institutions as those organs of man's inimitable desire to elect, collect, and produce an effect. However, since even I, in spite of my raised eyebrows, belong to that vast multiplicity of walking rationality which so dearly dotes on boards, committees, associations, and coun- cils, l feel bound to talk about such things. 0f course you may not feel bound to read about them, in which case let me extend my congratulatory pardon. , ,-1 A -' . ,,. , ,, fgfwzfggi ' Y' - fin- . 'fi-if 'ii ? l"'i fiifiwiif' 552' I'31'i'f.14:' -if 'f5.ff"-Q77- -f fi:32Z?E5E5fiI' 'E3i5Ei555:E5P 5ii:5f'5i3? I5f'fEi?E' JEz9Ei:.3315Q15f3ff?15 ' V , . 53259 5 ' M2 QP-ff: R-Awf. W? -ff: - : A , . ..,, -1 - fp, .J-me-:, i.,f::,. aff , " - 'Y v, sf-+5-wwf. " ' f -- ' ' H ' " 9755111-If39i:'a2:ag,:-.,.,A-J" f jf-LGA '. --A-1223215441-2"?? 1 -2b:?f4f'f' V " I --5, .5I'1ij'i'vf V35-.awk . ,.: ' .1 ' ' A - I , , ,.,. . . . .,.,,.a,. -..I-,Q..-.f...vZ-.M SIX SAINTS IN FOUR ACTS ANNA MINOT, Preriilent of Philizlefheix LYDIA DAVIS, Prefidenr of 5'tzident.r,' ESTHER GORDON, Prefident of Politj I-IILDEGARDE WISE, Chief fiirficej POLLY ATWOOD, Chairman of the Community Chzirchj MARGARET DAVIS, Prefident of the Athletic Arfociiztion. Not 5'houm.' DOROTHY BOYD, Vice-Prefidmt of Studenzuy' JANE O,CONNOR, Secretazgf. NCE upon a time a little bee of being democratic buzzed into some- body's bonnet and developed into six saints and four temperamental, governmental huddles. These little huddles, or muddles, if you will, credit themselves with having members, bulletin-boards, and meetings. Occasion- ally, sweet things, they go so far as to do something but what it is no one ever knows, except through poster propaganda and miscellany murmurs. The department of justice spends most of its time defining the honor system Cwhich works best when no one is lookingD, and burns its candle at both ends reading volumes one, two and three of The Quality of MEVQI and Haw it if Smiivied. Unfortunately, the court, or what have you, is a myth because it works on the principle of hush-hush and keeps its dirt neatly in its own 99 A OFFICERS OF THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ELINOR G1LsoN Tmzm1e1 Coivironr CARY, VICE-Pl'6ffLZU72f,' IVIARGARET DAVIS, P1'em!w1f,' FA1'i'u CRANDALL .Yewemfy Nat .llbozmzx ALICE HOWE, CLIZIFIIYIZIY of the Ollffilg Club. receptacle. This receptacle, to the great dis- appointment of the campus cats, is never emptied. The department of the Body Beautiful or the n'Avoir d'Avoirdupoids is an institution for the prevention of mental over-exertion, but frequently it jumps off the deep end of the board of health and risks breaking its neck in attempts to maintain its honor Cvvhich it is never without except in its Amazonic swim- ming-pool effortsj AA believes in internecine strife-sounderitsfriendlyauspicesclassfights class, classmate fights classmate, faculty LADY GO-DIVA IOO fights students. AA mothers everything from the Swupper Club Qyou guessb to a Flexible Feet Association, and is open to all sugges- tions. It is a well-known fact that the AA has its own peculiar method of sporting the oak. We wish we knew the secret of it. The department of political aggravation has something to do with coordination, stimulation, and impartiality-just what, we donit know. Clt's in their constitution somewherej Polit proves its omnipresence primarily on PreXy's bulletin-board and in y the Public Opinion column of the Miro. Its omnipotence is assured by floods of extra- campus protests based on the conviction that SPORTING THE OAK Polit is, if not the heart, atleast the iivef of the Red Networkg but that just has something to do with the color of the president's hair. It has an enormous board that meets, proposes, battles, ad- journs, etc.5 but stays intact through it all. Like all similar self-enlightened institutions, its body pol- - Y ' iiil- itic is a jumble of alpha- betical enigmas united by and kept alive by the comparatively insatiable curiosity of "U and I." THEY ALSO SERVE 101 THE POLIT BOARD YUFI-'li Vice-Pr'c.ri1ln1I E.S'l'llliR GORDON ljrwirlrflt CLAIRE Llvml,-IN Trefarllrrr CONSTANCE B.-INCROVI' .ilrtl'rtury Nat Shozun: MR. CHARLES G. POST JR., Faculty Vice-Presialevztj BETSY PIPER, Chairman of the A.S.U.,' ELLEN HAYES ana' LOUISE DICHMAN, Co-Chairmen .facial Prohlcms Cluh: ESTHER SAWYER, Chairman of the Neutrality Connelly LOUISE BOYNTON, Chairman of the Peace Caancilj Lois BREWER, Chairman of Pnhliciwj SALLY G-EER, Chairman of Dehatej PRISCILLA MORGAN, Chairman of DifL'Il.fJi07Z Grozrprj ADELAIDETO WNSEND, Chairman of Frerhman Foramj MRS. RUBY T. NORRIS Facnlq Aclvimr. Phila-whatever-it-is is almost unmentionable because unspellable, unpro- nounceable and for most people undistinguishable from its academic competi- tor, DP. Cthe Experimental Theatrel Since no one but the officers of one or the other organizations understands this, we will not press the point. Ph--- runs the gamut from A to about G, or from art to entertainment, sometimes it tries to combine both, but if the Mercury can't do it, who is Phil to insist on it? Hall plays, says Miss Dodge, are done for the fun of it, let's let it go at that. Ph--- melodramatically spends allotted pennies, then, not only for the amusement ofthe public at large but also for reasons of their own which are as sociological and psychopathic as they are academic or artistic. They have a great big budget and lots of fun-to hell with the spelling! The church is better left unviolated by trifling descriptive phrases, for it is one of those things about which most of us know too little-and want to 102 l THE PHIL BOARD ' Back Roco: ROSEMARY MESSNER, Director of Firrt Hallj BARBARA LOGAN, Cortame Managerj NANCY BRANDON, Director of Second Hallj ELIZABETH ROSENFELD, Lightf Mana,ger,' ELIZABETH CRAIGHEAD, Stage Manatgerj ROSAMOND STOUGHTON, Scenery Manager. Front Row: CORA WYMAN, Programfg KATHERINE DAIN, Secretary and Director of Third Hallj ANNA MINOT, lPreJident,' ELECTA BROSH, Director of Good Fellowfhip Playj RACHEL COOPER, Treafzirer. THE CHURCH BOARD BARBARA AUSTIN, Treafarerj ALICE HOWE, Chairman of Department of Social Cooperationj MARGARET FERRIS, Chairman of Department of Woi'Jhip,' PATRICIA MORRIS, .Yecretaiyj POLLY ATWOOD, Chairmanj BARBARA ARNOLD, Chairman of Department of Study. Not fhown: Miss Gladys Meyer, Vice-Chairmanj Faciiltgf Adoirorf, Pro- fessor Hovvson, Mr. C. Victor Brown, Ex- Qflicio, Presidenrl MaCCracken, Professor , Lovell, Chairman of Lincoln Center, . Elizabeth Baldwin, Chairman of Good- felloiorhip Clair, Valerie Vondermuh ll. 103 STUDENT CURRICULUM COMMITTEE HIQLIQN Douolnxsg HULD.-x Ruomcsg Lois DR1lNYS'I'l,iRQ EI.1,1sN HIEBI-IR Smrrng RosA1.I15 TIICJIKNILQ CZYNTIIIA Nfxsug NlARY CIIENEYQ FM' FREDISRICKQ l31a'1"1'Y XVOGTHL, Clmirmfnlj PAT EGANQ SALLY LAvx'soNg Bomn' DRISLER. know more than the vague mouthings of an unprejudiced and uninformed writer can encompass. Sufhce it to say that even the philistines appreciate its daily provision of a happy interlude between second and third hour for the reading of one's mail Qif anyD. The more enlightened of us hear that those working for church give and receive satisfaction-but 'ware lest a note of respect or admiration mar our frivolity. STUDENT-FACULTY JOINT COMMITTEE DOROTHY BOYDQ JEAN LITHGOWQ HILDEGARDE WISEQ MISS CHRISTINE RAMSEYQ PRICILLA LAMBQJOCKO'CONNORQ LYDIA DAVISQ PRESIDENT MACCRACKENQ MR. CHARLES GRIFFINQ DEAN THoMPsoNg MISS MACCOLLQ ALICE ANN ANDERSON MR. EDWARD LINNER Nat .Ylnawzzx Angela Langg Miss Dodgeg Miss Drinkwaterg Miss Marion Smith. 104 HE wonderful thing about Vassar publications is that if our writing is too bad for one outfit, we can usually pawn it off on one of the other three. Most vociferous is the Mife. , which comes out persistently twice a week. Its news is all so damn fit to print that its board has to sublimate by writing editorials about birth control and the Man with the Black Umbrella. The Review Board is rumored to own a cuspidor of knowledge into which it expectorates. At such infrequent moments it brings forth its select and slender little volumes. The Review reviews everything, including the Review, and unlike the Mira. uses "eddies" as apologies for all that .reqaitar Cif any- thingl. We await a content-less issue any day now for one that frankly admits it contains nothing but a Nat Wolfe storyj Little Mag puts out things THE MISC. BOARD BARBARA B. ALLEN, Editor-in-Chief' ELLEN RIVINIUS, Bzerinexx Manager Cresigned January, 193915 JULIA FLITNER, Aeivertixiiig Manager,' SALLY WELLS, N ewr Editor. Not .S'bewn.' Jeanne Marscheck, Barineu Managerj Nona Baldwin, Louise Boynton, Sara Lee Fletcher, Mary Ann Loeser, Mary McAvoy, Nancy Mclnerny, Daphne Morgan, Margaret Russell, Editorial Staff Joy Joffe, Circulation Manager,' Edith Farwell, Mary E. Thompson, Margaret Skelly, Ann Underwood, Anirrantf. Q 105 THE Y.'XSSrXR RIZYIIZW HRRR11-:'1' xX1,uRo Bll.l'jIlt'.I'.I4 .xl.HIlllLlr'I' lS:XIlliI.I.l-I YOlfl'li lllfllnltqizltq Ifrfltnr H1-:1,,laN Woorslcx' I iff I fur- i ll-f fl ricf Nat .S'lw1w1.' Elizabeth Rosenfeld, Natalie Wolfe, lfditormf B01lI'lll,' lvlzirjoric Stubcr, fll!l'6!'fj.ffIlxQ 1l'lam1gvr,' Mnrgztret Fnyerwether, Cirmffltiwz Nlflzlflgw. about love being at knife in the heart, the pines stabbing the sunset sky and Carlotta watching the Peons swarm up the ant-hill in the hot sun. It gets our vote for giving the most fun to its contributors. The VASSARICN gives its editors the most prolonged nightmare of any publication, its subscribers the Tl-IE LITTLE MAGAZINE ANNE X'VliLSIiR, BIIJTIIEJJ 1llm1ager,"JANI3 HYATT, Mazzzzgifzg Ediforj RUTH MURRAY, !1.f.riJnn1t Ezlitarj TILLY JANE REED, bflARIANNA WICKILRSHARI, DORIS WRIGIIT, LINDY LILWISQ CAROL Rornscmrog PATRICIA REYNOLDS, ELEANOR JOHNSON, Affiftamf Editorg PRUDILNCE HILMENWAY. 106 SUE KENNEDY, Literary Ealitorg' HELEN TAGGART, Art Ealitorj MARY ELLEN BUSKIRK, Arriffant Art Editorj NANCY BRANDON, Editor-in-Chief' BETTY BALL, Circulation .Managerj BOBBY DRISLER, Plootograploio Ea'iro13'JUDY GRAVELY, Aaloorfifing Mariager,' LYDIA HASTINGS, Baririoff Manager. Not Slooion: Mr. Clarence Brodeur, Faculty Advisor. biggest financial pain-and its printer the most excitement. lt is traditionally a kind of statistical summary which differs not at all from that of the previous year. lf, dear reader, you find a rebellious and even slightly treasonable .afswvfi 78 --QQ, ciassjugizfgw., VZ 'Wm M " J :L.:f'f'X I , B P, A . :.'w.3.-H. A-f '- ws ' - if-1 X-1 .gi :EX sg L4 if . 107 QSQLWH ax-,z --g. -W . ,. i,f7J,r , fly M? yyvf A-iii, wx, f Q3-45 - 'JAQMZL volume novv in hand, vve can only remind you that you are liv- ing in the World of Tomorrow which is not like the World of Yesterday. THE PRINCESS OF GNOME MAN'S LAND Art Club: Cozzzpoferlr Club: Tbelalu: CLUBS Frou and Verfe .fpenlzizzg Cboir: Dance Club.' Science Club: N ezwuuu Club: Izuerzuzfionul Club: Clufficul .Ssocietys Le Cer-cle F1'unauiJ.' Der Deutfcbe Vereiu: I l Circola I.eouurd0.' Lu Tertuliu Hifpuuiuf Porter Club: Goodfellowfbip Club: Lincoln Center: I ELIZAEETII TwEEm', Praridezlt SUSANNA MCCRE.-X'FIl, Pnarizlmt IANET NIUIR, Prefulerft SUZANNE SMITII, Cbuirnzml JEAN LOUTIIAN, Clmirmuu FLORENCE FLANDERS, Pre.rifJeut CATHERINE BUIINES, Prcfiflent JARMILA MARANOVAX, Prefulezzt ROSEMARY MESSNER, Prexidezzt PATRICIA CROSS, Pl'6.fllZL'lIl' ELIZABETH VON OETTINGER, Pre.riu'eut GAIL OBERLIN, Prexulent CORA WYMAN, Prnulcut SARAH PIPES, Cbuiruzuu VALERIE VONDERMUI-ILL, Cbuiw ELIZABETH BALDWIN, Cbuiwuuu GASTRONOMICS 105 776171 'K 0 .v-'55 I CONVERSATION PIECE 12" RE.-XDER'S DIGEST VASSAR'S CURRENT FAVCDRITES Department S tore 8 wing Banu' . Liprtiek . . Movie of 1938 , Hairelreffer . Newfpaper Typewriter Perfunie . Mooie Actor , Movie Aetreff . Niglot Club . Courfe at College Man'J College Magazine . Book of 1938 . .Fountain Pen . Play of 1938 . Silverware , Face Powder . CLOISTERED YOU CANQT , SAKS 5TH AVE. TOMMY DORSEY ELIZABETH ARDEN TAKE IT WITH YOU" CHARLES OF THE RTTZ A . New York Tiinef REMINGTON RAND . CHANEL No. 5 . GARY COOPER MARGARET SULLIVAN , STORK CLUB . . ART 105 . . YALE . The New Yorker 'ATHE YEARLINGH . . PARKER . HOUR TOWNH . GEORGE JENSEN ELIZABETH ARDEN 111 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Printer BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUER, INC., BUFFALO, N. Y. Engrewer JAHN AND OLLIER ENGRAVING Co., CHICAGO, ILI . Pbofocgrezpherx DELAR STUDIOS, ROCKEFELLER CENTER, N. Y. C. BROWN AND FLEWELLING, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. EDMUND L. WOLVEN, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. We wiflo to ffoemk M255 Eliqezbetla Meezeie of the Art Depezrfment for her kind mfifmnce on the em' work We ezre ,gmtefzel to Roy Meyfner and Annex Millar for their kind ezffiftanee on the litermgf praelzeetion D E LAR S T UD I O ROCKEFELLER CENTER OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1959 VASSARION THE CLASS OF I939 ADAMS, RUTH ..,....,... ALBRO, HARRIET TAYLOR .... ALLEN, BARBARA BLISS .... A LLEN BARBARA HEATH ..... ANDERSEN, GUNVOR M1XR1E.. . ANDERSON , ALICE ANN ...... ANDERSON, MARY CORONA. . .. ATWOOD, MARY FESSENDEN. . . BAEBITT, CONSTANCE. ..... . BAGG, CAROLINE ALDRICH. . . BALDWIN, ELIZABETH .... BALDWIN, NONA PUGH .,... BALL, KATE ELIZABETH .4.. BALLANTINE, HELEN ..,.. BARD, JOANNA MARCH ..... BARRON, MARY AGNES .... BASS, MARJORIE ,.... ........ BEARDSLEY, ANNE ELIZABETH .... .... BEATTIE, CARYL CLARE ....... BEATTY, HELEN CORNING .... BELDING, ELLINOR FROST .,.. BELKNAP, MARY ROWAN ...., BERT, MOUNETTE ...... . . . . BICKELHAUPT, GRETCHEN .... BISHOP, DOROTHY XVARNER. . .. BLAKESLEE, MARIYXN XVHITE.. . BOYD, DOROTHY ALLEN. ....., BOYNTON, LOUISE WENTWORTH. BRACE, HARRIETTE ELIZABETH.. BRANDON, NANCX'. .....,,... . BRIDGES, ELIZABETH CHARLTON ..... ...., BROCKXVAY, DOROTHY XVEICHERT ..... ..... BRUSH, HELEN RXIOLA ......,,. BULKLEY, KATHARINE. . .. BURGESS, MARY LOUISE. .... . BURNES, CATHERINE IRWIN. . . . BURNES, MARGARET MARY .... . BUSKIRK, MARX' ELLEN ..... 114 i 7519 Pepita Rd., Lajolla, Calif. 130 Underwood St., Fall River, Mass. North Chatham, N. Y. 2936 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg, Pa. 37 Kilsyth Rd., Brookline, Mass. 121 66th St., Kenosha, Wis. Gulph Mills, Bridgeport, Pa. 160 Woodland St., Worcester, Mass. County Rd., Walpole, N. H. 704 Parkway, Utica, N. Y. 11 Dudley Pl., Yonkers, N. Y. 11 Clairidge Ct., Montclair, N. Sylvan Lane, Old Greenwich, Conn. 435 E. 52nd St., N. Y. C. Hueneme, Ventura Co., Calif. 26 Grand Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. cfo Mr. Howard D. Zucker, 115 Central Park W., N. Y. C .69 River St., Saranac Lake, N. Y. 40-38157th St., Flushing, N. Y. 31 Murray Hill Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 215 Main St., Hingham, Mass. 5 Chelsea Sq., N. Y. C. 170 E. 78th St., N. Y. C. Fairway Ridge, Richmond, Va. 1040 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. 5 Riverside Dr., N. Y. C. 319 W. Springfield Ave., Chestnut Hill, Northwood Apts., Baltimore, Md. Box 1032, Syracuse, N. Y. Lockwood Hall, Batavia, Ill. 125 S. Prospect St., Hagerstown, Md. 176 Fenimore St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 3 Park Pl., Herkimer, N. Y. 10901 Lakeshore Blvd., Cleveland, O. 153 Sheridan Rd., Hubbard Woods, Ill. Philadelphia, Pa 2 Loockcrman Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 2 Loockerman Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 529 S. Hawthorne Dr., Bloomington, Ind. asia as EQ a s M Ojicial fewelerf To the Classes of 1939 -1940 -1941 VASSAR COLLEGE Stadlemuts Reimbarsemeat Plan was pioneered alt Vassar to plrolteelt sltzrulellemuts fum ease of illness our aeeiolemulgs by Ac. Wo GC, DEWAR, llnef, lllll ll MlIlLlK STREET BOSTUN THE NELSON HOUSE with The Rooms with Bath Coffee Shop Compliments Poughkeepsies Leading Hotel European Plan Sf Q , Friend E. P. COUGHLAN, Prapffieror BUTCIIER, FLORENCE .... BUTTE, SARAII PAULINE .... BUTTERWORTH, CLARKE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, ELIZAIIETII RrERGER ..... ...,. CAMPBELL, NOR5l.A ...,. ..... CASTLE, CAROLINE. . . CASTLE, JOSEPHINE ,..... . . CHASE, 'JANICE LIVINGSTON .... . CIIATTERTON, JULIA FRANCES ..,. . CI1IvVIs, NANCY .,.......,.... CHRISMAN, HESTER LONSDALE ,.,. CLERIENT, CATHARINE ALLISON ...,. ..... CLEVELAND, SUSAN COLBY ,.,.... CLOTIIIER, AGNES EVANS .,... COIIN, BERNICE SYLVIA. , . COLE, BARBARA STECKEL .... COLES, ELIZABETH JANE ..... CONVERSE, MARYS ,,...,.. COOK, ELIZABETI-I YEOMANS . , ..... .... . CRAIGIIEAD, ELIZABETH HEBERTON .,.,...... CRANMER, SYLVIA .....,..,........ .. . .. CROSS, PATRICIA ........., CRUMP, FLORENCE DEAN ,.... CUMMIN, EDITH .,,.,...... CUTLER, ANN CRAWFORD .... DTXNNER, DOROTHY .,..., DAVIDSON, JEAN ...,...... DAVIS, AUGUSTA BRIGHT ..... DAVIS, FRANKIE PAULINE ,.,. DAVIS, LYDIA RUSSELL ..... DAVIS, MARGARET ............ DELAEIELD, MARGARET SLOANE .... DELL, FLORENCE BURNHAIVI .... DENIO, JULIE WVINCHESTER. . . DICHMAN, LOUISE GRATTAN .....,,. . . .. DICKERMAN, CORNELIAX REDINGTON ,..,. . . . . DILLER, CORINNB PAYNE ........ ... ..... DRISLER, BARBARA ....... EARLE, CAROL .,.... .......... EATON, KATI-IARINE WVACHOB ...,. EDXVARDS, MARGARET CLARK .... EGAN, PATRICIA .....,...,.,... EGGSTON, JEAN .,......... ELLIOTT, KATHRYN HELEN ..... FARMER, ALICE ROBERTS ,.,.,..,.. FARNSNVORTH, ELIZABETH PHELPS ,.... . . . . . PAUL, LOUISE ......,....,....... 116 Llanfair Rd., Ardmore, Pa. Manila, P. I. Sunset Farm, West Hartford, COHI1. 32 Morningside Park, Memphis, Tenn. S7 10th St., Garden City, N. Y. 1242 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Ill. 1242 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Ill. P. O. Box No. 1612, Reno, Nev. 149 College Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1437 McCausland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63 W. Ross St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 254 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Palisade Ave., Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y. 185 College Ave., New Brunswick, N. 562 West End Ave., N. Y. C. 102 Fresh Pond Pkwy., Cambridge, Mass. 222 W. Franklin St., Troy, O. 44 Castlewood, Louisville, Ky. 41 Morton Rd., Milton, Mass. Underhill Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 200 Cherry St., Denver, Colo. 2303 W. First Ave., Spokane, Wash. 1600 Beach Dr., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. Lake Ave., Greenwich, Conn. 98 Main St., Andover, Mass. 958 Government St., Mobile, Ala. I-lillburn, N. Y. 1976 Oak St., South Pasadena, Calif. Westwood, Wewoka, Okla. Allerton Rd., Milton, Mass. 2945 E. Seventh Ave., Denver, Colo. 1021 Park Ave., N. Y. C. Meadow Garden, Nassau St., Princeton, N. J Ox Bow Rd., South Lincoln, Mass. 32 Franklin Ct., Garden City, N, Y. 955 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. 511 W. Carpenter St., Springfield, Ill. Warwick Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. 87 High St., Yonkers, N. Y. 5140 Pembroke Pl., Pittsburgh, Pa. 31 Lothrop Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich 30 W. Brentmoor, St. Louis, Mo. 120 Elmsmere Rd., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 330 Lincoln Ave., New Brunswick, N. 1622 Cherokee Rd., Louisville, Ky. 1760 Harbert Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 7 92nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WOLF JACKET in Blue Fox shade as illustrated. Also in Rose Beige and Lynx shades . . 385.00 Lovely selection of fur coats, jackets, scarfs of all types at reasonable prices B. BLOSVEREN'S SONS mc. 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA MEZZANINE . . . SHOP No.5 N E W Y O R K C I T Y iQ GOWNS HOODS CAPS lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllll Worn by the students and the graduates of U VASSAR COLLEGE " ' i ' Amcricage furnlijhes by O H Acclaimed bythe Ca me ut Worlds Travelers COTRELL and LEONARD Est. 1832 IUC, 1935 ALBANY, N. Y. MRS. PEARL LEROY Dressmaking - Alterations Dresses created for you 30 Raymond Ave. Tel. 4694-J In The Biltmore, distinction of personality and distinction of hospitality truly meet. Here you will appreciate the important at- tributes to your comfort...spacious rooms, luxuriously appointed, World-famous dining rooms 5 superb service , central location, and an atmosphere of charm and refinement. SPECIAL STUDENT ROOM RATES THE BILTMDRE David B. Mulligan, President MADISON AVENUE AT 43RD STREET, NEW YORK Jfdjoining grand Central llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIIlIllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll 117 FELTER, BETTY BYRO.. . . FERRI5, ISABEL Bri.-XRY PINNEY, THEODORA. .. ,..,.,.. .... . FLANDERS, FLORENCE NELSON. . .. ..... FORT, ANNE DUCACIIET.. . . .. FRANKENTHALER, RUTH. FREDERICK, FAY ....,. FIVLLERTON, LEAH ESTELLE. GIXRDINER, JEAN KATHERINE. .. ..... GOOD, GERTRUDE SHELTON .... ...,. GORDON, ESTHER MARIA... GRYXVELY, JUDITH BLAND .... GREENE, ANNE AYLSVVORTH ....,. ..,.. GREENE, MARY PAYSON ..... GUMEIN, RUTH BETTY ..... HACKETT, BETSEY BOURNE. . . HIKCKETT, FRANCES HOLDEN.. . . . .. . . . HARDIN, GERTRUDE ANN. .. . .. ..... HARGRAVE, JEAN MACKENZIE. .. .. . . . HARRIS, JUDITH JOYCE. .,.. . HART, LOUISE. .......,... . . HARVEY, REJANE MIXRCELLE .... ..... HASICINS, CLARE ELIZABETH .... ..... HASTINGS, LYDIA ,........ HAVILAND, HELEN RUTH .... HAYS, ELLEN. ........ . . HEALD, ELEANOR LESTER .... HEYEURN, FLORENCE NORVELL. . . . . . HICICAM, BARBARA ........., HILLIARD, NIXNINE IRWIN ..... ..... HOPKINS, MARGARET OLIVER.. . . . . . HORNE, MARION ELSIE ........ ..... HOWARD, ANN WADSWORTH ...A ..... HOWARD, KATHARINE MILLAR HOWE, ALICE ARMSTRONG, .... . . . . . HUBBIXRD, LOUISA XVILLARD .... ..... HUBERT, DOROTHY POST .,... HUGHES, ANNE .....,., Hur-IPHREYSON, ELEANOR .... HUNT, EMILY PARSONS .... HUNT, MARGARET KLAER HYATT, SHIRLEY JANE. .. HYDE, DENISE. ,... .. . .. JACKSON, SARA XVTLSON .... JOHNSTON, EDITH EUGENIE. .. JONES, ELOISE HASTINGS ..... KELLOGG, NANCY .... 118 421 E. 69th Ter., Kansas City, MO. 260 Lafayette Ave., New Brighton, N. Y. 681 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka, Ill. Derby Line, Vt. 2711 36th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 101 Central Park W., N. Y. C. The Highlands, Seattle, Wash. 310 Fourth St., Freeport, Pa. 544 Acklin Ave., Toledo, O. 4833 Rockwood Pkwy., N. W., Washington, D. C. 55 Seminary St., Middlebury, Vt. 105 Tunbridge Rd., Baltimore. Md. 2676 Pacific Av., San Francisco, Calif. 40 Elm Rock Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. 5138 University Av., Chicago, Ill. 454 Walnut St., New Orleans, La. 153 Mill Creek Rd., Ardmore, Pa. 660 N. Sheridan Rd., Lake Forest, Ill. 1285 Clover St., Rochester, N. Y. 5300 Belleview Av., Kansas City, Mo. 354 S. W. Edgecliff Rd., Portland, Ore. 215 Temple St., West Newton, Mass. 53 Francis Av., Cambridge, Mass. . . . . .220 Dale Av., Highland Park, Ill. 1012 Lincoln Av., Sheboygan, Wis. 68 E. 86th St., N. Y. C. 3003 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 1441 S. Third St., Louisville, Ky. 5449 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 1074 Cherokee Rd., Louisville, Ky. 48 Russell Hill Rd., Toronto, Canada 130 Rockview Av., Plainfield, N. Saw Mill Lane, Greenwich, Conn. Sherrillbrook, New Hartford, N. Y. Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va. 24 Barnard Av., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 799 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 9 Abbott St., Wellesley, Mass. 142 Corlies Av., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. c,fo R. G. Thompson, 399 Allendale Rd., Pasadena, Calif 58 Elm St., Oneonta, N. Y. 3525 Shannon Rd., Cleveland Hgts., O. 810 High St., Dedham, Mass. ' 45 Church Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. 504 Sheldon Rd., Grand Haven, Mich. 1023 16th St., Moline, Ill. 1021 Park Av., N. Y. C. MAISONETTE College Cleomom 24-hour service Tel. 1372 o 52 RAYMOND AVE. Become A Life Member of Vassar Cooperative Bookshop By Paying 35.00 And Use Its Mail Order Department For Drug and Cosmetic Necessities Qfllizaoctb Arden, Dorothy Gray, and Levztberirl We also serve food for thought The ll COLLEGE PHARMACY CCo!!ege Drug Storej RAYMOND AVE. PHONE 4166 Good Luck to the Class of 1939 VASSAR BANK General Banking 0 Checking Department Special Interest Department Foreign Drafts Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation f6llii"F1klF93?fl'u42lPlrN9H'1t!YPWP! IHWQERFQIK ,A-SK "Sri muisrwun Wftbfdrlihil 'Y , :Jain fi e A ' '- iq-e L 1 ' ' Aeiviiaqvnmn A h Tir: .r,. - All t ., A aka. . ,A 4.2.3 .4 ,W .4 if .,,4y.,.f,r. V 21, if.. , ' 4-...Miira1.f,,n,,,fic.i1.i ir I-.1 , ,F IN: ,Ei A -ir' tai le -Ale ,Ijifixnf ul ,AE .L Aft' 1' 4 Y-1 P-I QD KELLY, EMILY HELEN ,.... KELSALL, HELEN DIGGLES.. KENNEDY, HELEN ELIZABETH KERSHAXK', DoLoREs ..,,. KIMBERLY, PEGGY. . . . KIRI-cHAM, PENELOPE. . KREGBR, MARY SEVIER .,.. KUNKEL, SARAH XVAUGH .,.. LANCTOT, KATHARINE POTTER LAWRENCE, MARIANNA .... LAWRIE, FRANCES LOWTHER . .. LAWSON, CATHERINEJANE. . . LAwsoN, JEANNE ,....,.,. LEWIS, CHARLOTTE BYRD .... LEWIS, VOLINDA ..,....,..,..., LINDEMANN, M.ARGUERITE IRENE LINEBERGER, JANET HITE ....... LIPPMAN, RUTH ELEANOR .,.. LOGAN, BARBARA ....... LONG, MARY WINSTON ...,.. LoosE, MARGARET CARUTH .,.. LOUTHAN, JEAN ELIZABETH .... LUTTRELL, NANCY LEE .,., MCADAbfS, JULIET GILL ,... MCCARTHY, CAROL LOUISE .... MCCREATH, SUSANNA .,.... MCCUNE, BETTIE COLE .... MCLAUGI-ILIN, JEAN ISABELLE MACLRAN, KATHLEEN LAURA .... MAGEE, ELIZABETH NIGHTINGALB.. . . . . . MENnLEsoN, ELIZABETH ,....... MENNEL, KATHERINE ISABELLE MERRY, MARY FRANCES ..... MEssNER, ROSEMARY ......,. METCALP, MARY RILLING .. , . . MILLER, ELIZABETH Ross .... MILLER, RUTH VIRGINIA. . MINOT, ANNA SEDGWICK ,... MOORE, EMILY MAITLAND ,.4... MoRRIs, KATHARYN ELIZABETH .. . . . . . . . MORRIE, MARY BARBARA. .. MUIR, JANET ,..... NELSON, JEAN XVARE ..,...... NESVBERRY, MOLLIE HELEN .,... NOONEY, MARY ELIZABETH . . . OEERLIN, MARIETTA GAIL .,.............. voN OET-TINGEN, ELIZABETH LEoNoRE ...,.. 120 62 Buena Vista Dr., Hastings-onal-ludson 70 Preston Sr., Belleville, N. J. 33 Chapin Pkwy., Buffalo, N. Y. Hopewell Junction, N. Y. 569 E. Wisconsin Av., Necnah, Wis. 955 Lexington Av., N. Y. C. 418 E. Main St., Abingdon, Va. College Campus, Easton, Pa. Churchville, N. Y. 156 Linden Av., Englewood, N. 110 Shamokin St., Harrisburg, Pa. 1053 Iroquois Av., Detroit, Mich. 2014 De Lancey Pl., Philadelphia, Pa. Colts Neck Rd., Freehold, N. J. 3099 QSt., N. W., Washington, D. C. 3937 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. 303 E. Valley Rd., Santa Barbara, Calif. 814 East 19th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 64 Hope St., Stamford, Conn. 2317 Herschel St., Jacksonville, Fla. 12 Ridge Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. Park Blvd., East Liverpool, O. ,NH 2001 Connecticut Av., N. W., Washington D 237 Lambeth Rd., Baltimore, Md. 6481 Ellenwood Av., St. Louis, Mo. 15 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 5322 Sunset Dr., Kansas City, Mo. 33 Innis Av., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 2541 Cherokee Pkwy., Louisville, Ky. 613 Paxinosa Av., Easton, Pa. 1006 Madison Av., Albany, N. Y. 2228 Glenwood Av., Toledo, O. 65 John St., Ilion, N. Y. 60 Brunswick St., Rochester, N. Y. Wolf Rd., R. D. 1, Erie, Pa. 1267 Wheatland Av., Lancaster, Pa. 315 Cedar Av., Scranton, Pa. 32 Devereaux St., Arlington, Mass. 2017 Connecticut Av., N. W., Washington D 1025 Brook Lane, Plainfield, N. J.' 4311 Arcady Av., Dallas, Tex. 4 Benedict Pl., Pelham, N. Y. 906 Foster Av., Coeur d'AIene, Idaho "Shadowbrook," Irvington-on-Hudson, 501 N. Prospect St., Rockford, lll. 18800 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Hgts., O .6408 Ridgewood Av., Chevy Chase, Md. N WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OFA FRIEND I have found ITALIAN BALM BARDAVON JULIET to be the most outstanding skin protector on the American market. STATE I use it in fall, winter, and spring STRATFORD to prevent chapping, and in the ' summer to sooth sunburn. o 3 OH VASSAR'S FAVORITE THEATRES Ol,SON, RUTH IVIARION ..,. OWEN, JULIA .........,... PALMER, ELIZABETH SMITH ..... PARKER, NANCX' CLAIRE. . . PAYNE, ANNE TUCKER . . ... PEABODY, MARX' KENT .......... PBARRE, ANNA JOSEPHINE SIPEORD PEASE, PRUDENCE CURTISS ........ PECK, BARBARA LIVINGSTON ...... PICK, DORIS ............,..... PILLIOD, JUNE. .. PITMAN, AROLINE ,.....,.. PORTERFIELD LUCIE ANNE. .. POWELL, CLARA MARIE .4.. PRICE, ANN HALDEMAN ..... REED, HESTER LANSING .... REED, LUCY FRANCES .... REED, MATILDA JANE ..... REID, MARTHA DOANE ,....... REMINGTON, CHARLOTTE EDITH. . . RICHARDS, LANDONIA BROCK ,.... RIVINIUS, ELLEN MARIAN ....... ROBINEAU, JEANNE JACQUELINE .. . ROPES, MIRIAM PRISCILLA ........ ROSENPELD, ELIZABETH A ....... . . ROTI-ISCHILD, CAROL WARBURG .... RUBICAM, KATHLEEN BODINE ..... RUSSELL, MARGARET HUNTINGTON .......... SAWYER, ESTHER HILL ........... SCHAEFER, ELIZABETH KATHRYN. . SCUDDER, KATHARINE ...,..... SELLERS, ELIZABETH .,..,...... SENSENICH, HELENE MARGERY .... SHANE, PATRICIA BUSH ......... SHERMAN, CAROLINE BABCOCK .... SIMIWERS, JANE ..,,...... ,..... SMITH, ELLEN HEBER ,,.... STEARNS, CAROLYN BURT ,... STEEVES, LOUETTE DALE. STEIN, LOUISE VIOLA ..., STELCK, CAROLYN LOUISE STONE, BARBARA ELIOT .... STONE, EMILY ALRIY .... STOUGHTON, RosAr-IOND ..... STRONG, lb'1ARG.-KRET PHILLIPS ...,. STUEER, NIARJORIE RUTH .... 122 35 Prycr Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y. 11424 Bellflower Rd., Cleveland, O. 50 Elmsmere Rd., Mount Vernon, N. Y 1222 Asbury Av., Evanston, Ill. 1585 Virginia St., Charleston, W. Va. 300 W. 7th St., North Manchester, Ind. Pikesville, Md. 191 Vine St., New Britain, Conn. 267 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 888 Park Av., N. Y. C. 1419 Evergreen Av., Plainfield, N. Ocean Av., Marblehead Neck, Mass. 1230 Park Av., N. Y. C. 88 Pleasant Pl., Arlington, N. J. Glenview, Ky. Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 329 Northview Rd., Dayton, O. 1269 Murrayhill Av., Pittsburgh, Pa. 120 Riverside Dr., N. Y. C. 830 Park Av., N. Y. C. 3242 38th St., N. W., Washington, D. 346 Main St., Winchester, Mass. 454 N. E. 23rd St., Miami, Fla. Meredith Neck Rd., Meredith, N. H. 1706 Magnolia Dr., Cleveland, O. 41 E. 70th St., N. Y. C. 770 Park Av., N. Y. C. 19 Edgehill Rd., New Haven, Conn. 770 W. Ferry St., Buffalo, N. Y. 127 Linwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 133 W. 9th St., Claremont, Calif. 846 Chalmers Pl., Chicago, Ill. C. 730 W. Washington Av., South Bend, In 1001 W. Main St., Blytheville, Ark, Sherrillbrook, New Hartford, N. Y. Elysian Pkwy., East Liverpool, O. 161 Clymer St., Reading, Pa. 1331 Sherman St., Denver, Colo. Lucas Point, Old Greenwich, Conn. Woodbridge Lane, Highland Park, Ill. 3750 Watson Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 9 Benevolent St., Providence, R. I. 9 Benevolent St., Providence, R. I. R. D. 3, Bethlehem, Pa. Wilsondale SI., NeedhanI, Mass. 175 Ambassador Dr., Rochester, N. Y. GEORG JENSEN SILVER 667 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 0 Complimentf 0f LUCKY TIGER Manufacturing Co. P. S. HARRIS, Pref. K. C. Mo. Best Wishes from the Class of 1941 THE SALTFORD FLOWER SHOP 40 Ywrf with Vmmr Flowers by Wire Anywhere in the World 286 Main Street Phone 538 Poughkeepsie, N. Y. WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 415 'E 1175!-KM xv wew'n-vxiKwnmax1n.Ji'sin.wm1 Ei-HH zlwhmnnvwrfwrfhs U Km-. 'bifiviiiv if ' '1 'irq X' x TAEuscH, MARY CAROLINE . . TAGGART, HELEN ATKINS. ... TALLEY, CAROLYNN DowNs ...., . . . THAYER, RUTH FRANCES .... THOM, MARGARET BISSELL .,.. THOMPSON, EVELYN LOUISE ..... . . . . TOBLER, NINA SUZANNE ,,.. TORBERT, MARGARETTE ...., TRIPP, MARY ELIZABETH ..., VAN HORNE, MARY ANNE .....,.. .... VOGTEL, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH .... . . . VOLLINTINE, RUTH SUZANNE.. .. . . . . VORHAUS, KATHRYN LOUISE. . . WALLACE, MARJORIE ....... . . WELLS, SOPHIE DOUGLASS, JR. . . WHITE, JANET MACLAREN ....., .... WHITMAN, ELIZABETH MOORE .... .,., WHITMARSH, MARJORIE ANNE ,.,. ,... WHITTEMORE, PATRICIA ..,....,. .... XVIGHTMAN, HAZEL HOTcHIcIss. WILEERT, ALICE CLAIBORNE ..,.. . . . WILLIALISON, SUSAN WHYTE ..,.. . . . . WISE, HILDEGARDE PREsToN. . . WOLCOTT, LOUISE RILEY .... Woon, MARY-JOE .....,.... WOODS, MARGARET SEBRELL. .. RVOOLFORD, HELEN RANDOLPH. WOOLSEY, HELEN. . ...,.4....... . . . . WORTHEN, ELIZABETH SARGENT XVORTHEN, MARY THACHER ,... YARROW, JEAN FLORENCE .... . YOEPE, ISABELLE .....,.... ZEISS, .IOSEPHINE GILLETTE .... ZIMMERMANN, LEE ....... 12-1 3514 Macomb St., Washington, D. C. 9400 Spring, Mill Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. .2540 Massachusetts Av., N. W., Washington, D. C. 17 Greenvale Av., Yonkers, N. Y. 16 W. Frederick St., Rhinelander, Wis. Fox Hill, Uniontown, Pa. Cricket Hill, Mount Carmel, Conn. 252 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass. 389 Rock St., Fall River, Mass. 145 E. 74th St., N. Y. C. .5042 Bryant Av., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 127 E. Walnut St., Hinsdale, Ill. 6927 Waterman Av., St. Louis, Mo. Shaker Rd., Longmeadow, Mass. 179 Belleville Av., Bloomfield, N. J. 1006 St. Georges Rd., Roland Park, Baltimore, Md 756 Goodrich Av., St. Paul, Minn. 62 Lloyd Av., Providence, R. I. 225 W. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N, J. 3 Charles St., Brookline, Mass. .zo N. 4th Av., Ilion, N. Y. 490 West End Av., N. Y. C. 405 W. Stafford St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Colonial Village, Wayne, Pa. 2352 Woodmere Dr., Cleveland Hgts., O. 101 Academy Hill, Lewistown, Pa. 510 N. Pennsylvania Av., Roswell, N. M. Manursing Av., Rye, N. Y. 183 Bloomfield Av., Hartford, Conn. 183 Bloomfield Av., Hartford, Conn. Haddam, Conn. Ray Brook Inn, Ray Brook, N. Y. 1194 Westmoor Rd., Winnetka, Ill. Batavia Av., Geneva, Ill. GRANDDAUG-HTER'S CLUB I939 Elizabeth Ball Helen Ballantine Mariorie Bass Caryl Beattie Ellinor Belding Betty Brace Dorothv Brockway Agnes Clothier Barbara Cole Julie Denio Patricia Egan Theodora Finney Ester Gordon Betsey Hackett Jean Hatgrave Clare Haskins Lydia Hastings Alice Howe Louisa Hubbard Jane Hyatt Eloise jones Volinda Lewis Mary Long Carol McCarthy Jean McLaughlin Katherine Mennel Mary Metcalf jean Nelson Matilda Reed Elizabeth Schaefer Elizabeth Sellers Hrlen Taggart Margaret Thom Mary Tripp Elizabeth Whitman 1940 Mary Rachel Baker Susan Bontecou Barbara Brayton Mary Burwell Annette Campbell jean Coatsworth Alice Cornelison Faith Crandall Virginia Creigh Nancy Cross Elizabeth Ralston '12 Helen Graves '04 Agnes Naumburg '09 Gertrude Yerex 05 Isabel Wheeler '04 Marion Scott ex '08 Anna Weichert '06 Nathalie Wilson ex 'OB Anna Steckel '10 Lucy Shannon '06 Fanny James '04 Theodora Wheeler '11 Harriet Manning '05 Madeleine Bourne '12 Catherine Davidson '15 Clare Allen '03 Ruth Beebe '11 ' Margaret Armstrong '14 Martha White '16 Hazel Harrison '13 Marion Crampton '11 Eleanor Carey '03 Louise Roblee '12 Florence Clute '03 Ethel McKisson '05 Marion Rilling ex '12 Jeannette Ware '05 Gertrule Schafer 11 Henrietta Reeb '07 Katherine Wilson '14 Lillian Atkins ex 'OS Katherine Bissell '10 Anne Chase '97 Edith Moore, '04 Jane Torrance '07 Cornelia Metcalf '14 Ada Millington '07 Edith Alvord '06 Louise Stanley '14 Catherine McLean ex '16 Alice Loughridge 'OS Frances Connor '08 Dorothy Embry '13 Helen Lough ex '75 Lucy Crockett '72 Fanny Shouse ex '74 Lydia McMillan '74 Lydia Shotwell, prep '73-'75 Mabel Pratt '80 Jeannette Huntington '70 Annette Parsons ex '71 Catharine Patterson '84 Alice Crume Elizabeth Davidson Alice Davies Eleanor Dickson Rosalind Fradkin Elizabeth Heisler Mary Hyman Margarctjameson Emily Jones Frances K. B. jones Elizabeth Lowell Ella Mason Jean McClellan Caroline Monks Daphne Morgan Julia Mumford Betty Murphy Frances Osgood Sarah Prindle Judith Reed Carol Rice Ann Robinson Lillian Sagar Ellen Smith Betty Spencer Mari-Elizabeth Ziemen CStepmotherD 1941 Elizabeth Beach Emma Blagden Suzanne Brookhart Constance Buttenheim Cynthia Crenshaw Ann Crume Patricia Curtis Patty Dilks ' Charlotte Dimock Louise Edie Helen Emerick Harriett: Erskine Hester Faison Ruth Firestone Mary Fitt Harriet Gibbs Lois Glover Clara Edwards '08 Mary Stowell '99 Elizabeth Kutzner '11 Eleanor Gregg '01 Elvira Kush '13 Clara Gibson '10 Belle Davis '12 Natalie Trask '07 Helen Stone '07 Louisa Brooke '07 Helen Shapleigh '11 Elizabeth Worcester '13 Jessie Gordon '10 Henrietta Clevenger '12 Gertrude Wheeler '13 A. Laird Branch 'OO Mildred Bradley 11 Eleanor Eddy 'OS Jane Kuhn ex '18 Lillian Walworth ex '15 Elizabeth Thelberg '13 Evarene Elting '99 Rebekah Elting 'OB Grace Redway '12 Grace Baird '08 Marian Voorhees '04 Phyllis Williams '14 Clara Edwards '08 Racheljohnson '14 Martha Bull '14 ImogenAKinsey '15 Marie Bruce '18 lsabeljohnson '08 Katharine Forbes '11 Caroline Shepard 'OS Irma Cain '07 Harriett Bradley '13 Leonora Warnock '06 Louise Miller '11 Elizabeth Crowell prep Lillie Merrick '70 Antoinette Harlan '78 Helen Avery prep '72-74 Alice Nelson ex 'BB Sarah Sampson ex '70 '69 125 Fresh Faces Braemar's College Shetlancls in luscious pastels! In all the world of sweater- Clom there's nothing to compare with Bmemz1r's college Shetlands. And this summer they feature fresh faces-luscious pastel shades that herald all their loveliness and point up Braemar's old-world finesse in the handling of this rare yarn. Pullovers . . .S12.50 Cardigans . . 514.00 PECK if PECK 2 COLLEGE VIEW AVENUE RAINBOW ROOM 65TH FLOOR 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA NEW YORK'S FAVORITE SUPPER CLUB 26 GRANDDAUGHTEIVS CLUB I939 continued Martha Goodwin Katharine Hall Marv Hart Elizabeth Hubbard Margaret Kennedy Joan Lee Jane Lowe Catherine Mapes Elizabeth Mapes Sarah Marsh Elizabeth Moir Anne Montgomery Catherine Morrison Lucy Mosenthal Margaret Murray Jean Nussbaum Judith Ogden Maude Parker Shirley Rankin Emma Robinson Elizabeth Sandy Mary Seiberling Virginia Shafroth Caroline Smith Jean Smith Priscilla Smith Louise Spnrers Martha Topping Adelaide Townsend Mary Trumbull Mary Voorhees Anne Walton Patricia Wash Marianne Wickersham Margaret Rockwood ex '06 Katharine Histed ex '21 Julia Gardner '98 Elizabeth Skinner '80 M. Louise Zimmerman '10 Ruth Wile '14 Jeannette Merrell '14 Gladys Blakeslee '16 Gladys Blakeslce '16 Sarah Bowne 'O7 Elizabeth Brown ex '17 Jean Moore '08 Helen Adams '08 Lucy Penniman '13 Margaret Collins '10 Edith Dunn '09 Mary Bryant '15 Winifred Stafford ex '18 Martha Clark '76 Marjory Woods '14 Martha Renner '09 Henrietta Bucklcr '05 Abby Hagerman '13 Ella Comstock ex '85 Lucile Smith '13 Grace Frank '11 Louisa Wood '09 Margaret Campbell '18 Marie King '11 Gertrude Barnard '02 Laura Van Vechten '07 Josephine Palmer '17 Hulda Parton '02 Anna Taylor 1865-1866 Florence Halliday '91 Jessie Hough ex '81 1942 Jane Baker Helen Bangs Louise Bristol Marion Brockway Carolyn Burwell Jane Carpenter Jean Carpenter Florence Cushing Katharine Davidson Hildegarde Krauss '11 Ruth Leonard '17 Bell Allchin '18 Anna Weichert '06 Edith Alvord '06 Gertrude Stewart '18 Edna Smith '13 Isabel Beaver ex '13 Mary Alice Hooker cx '13 Mary Draper Jean Dutcher Elizabeth Engel Jean Enos Louie Erskine Rosa Fletcher Anne Galpin Suzanne Green Nancy Hallinan Constance Havrilla Joan Heming Katharine Jackson Ellin Kaufmann Charlotte Kennedy Elinor King Margaret Lang Josephine Large Henrietta Laughlin Elizabeth Levy Alice Lyman Harriet Martin Betty Menderson Nancy Noland Grace Olmsted Mary Pinchot Gertrude Pirnie Anne Potter Ann Power Mary Pratt Frances Prindle Mary Pritchard Joan Sanborn Mary Schuetz Ellen Shafroth Eleanor Stoddard Jane Stoll Esther Strong Elinor Talbot Catherine Tawney Carol Tompkins Ann Tracy Grace Ver Planck Eugenie Waller Elizabeth Watson Lydia Wells Mariella Wylly Mary Childs '08 Enid Linton 'O7 Lillian Rauch '10 Dorothy Sutphin '11 Katharine Forbes '11 CStep-grandmotherl Martha Sharpe '83 Stephmie English '10 Lucy Kellogg '75 Helen Kinsey '15 Hazel Hunkins '13 Marion Munson '09 Lucile Wolf ex '19 Katharine Mitchell '12 Stella Levy '09 M, Louise Zimmerman '10 Dorothy Chipp '08 Ruth Rilling '14 Edna Page '04 Mary Ewing '85 Helen Blitz '12 Alice Mitchell '75 lva Owen '05 Melanie Freidenberg '14 Mary Miller '12 Clara Morgan Ruth Pickering '14 Gertrude Knowlton '04 Valere Blair '20 Mabel Quinn '05 Mary Morris '30 Mildred Bradley '11 Catharine Robinson '15 Hazel Straight '05 Margaret Dunbar '05 Ella Comstock ex '85 Ella Webb ex '77 Abby Hagerman '13 Jane Beck ex '18 Marguerite Wilmot '14 Della'Conover '08 Marietta Busey '99 Mary Bowen ex '75 Elizabeth Baldwin '13 Mary Richmond '76 Adele Pattison '16 Agnes Bradshaw '05 Elizabeth Borland '17 sophie White '15 LaStcll Beck '13 127 BERNORD AZ GURO 439 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY S92 Hair Lylirt To "Her Lovelinefrn The Moderrz Vafmr Girl B USIN SS I TRAINING in Sctreurial Subjects intensively prcscntt-.i hy' thc Indi- vidual Promotion Plan. Acadclniuily trained students assured of rapid advancement by this mcrlmd of insrrue tion. All studies are conducted in a rclincd cnvimn ment by 2 faculty of well-known university professor .ind university trained teachers. Special Summer Session Moderate Tuition Rates Day and Evening Classes Placement Service for Graduates A catalog will bc sent upon request Rfgixlerrd by tba Bnurd ufRrgn1lf Uniwrutj nf Ihr .Ymle ul Nrw Yark IRVING EDGAR CHASE, B. C. S., Dinrrvr United States Secretarial School Tbirlj-ninth Ymr 527 Fifth Avenue at 44th Street New York, N. Y. Bankers Trust Bldg. Pham: Vanderbilt 3-1474 Complimentf of A FRIEND P N l X. Wai I' AHN AND OLLIER AGAIN" 5 K 3, IV? V 1 Uii X' x ' X X A Q! 'Mu . ' Q .- f if - lim Xkxii, Repeated acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained ihe r-'H Jahn 8. Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year. Q .mfr-1 .ce 1535 A 'E 'LA feeiiwacxi' 'na-3' ""ih.b.1 T 'U-frriwaaiwicmnn' ' 'nn-mfnusi:R1:nf4raffi.AJi'-tfn.4 in '1 :Quik-41vri"5 A iii-. '--Eigiiiin, 9 i i 1 e i 1. i, i i 5 2 N Xi x is evils X X QXXQS , Q m ix ii YEAR BUUK MAKERS X to This eflilion rj llie VASSARION is now a reality . . . thanks to the in- spired efforts of Editor Nancy Brandon, and Business Manager Lydia Hastings, with whom it has been the pleasure of the Baker, Jones, Hausauer organization to work with such productive fervor. But llze 1940 edition is only blanlf paper . . . a nehulous, visionary. yet sincere desire to make it better than evervto accept the challenge every yearbook staff encounters to make their edition smarter, liner and more praiseworthy than any previous edition. And to the new staff, we would urge in all sincerity that they "cheek the difference" in yearbook publishing organizations on every point of creative assistance, financial management, editorial direction and complete responsibility which must be faced in any college annual production. For B-I-H welcomes that kind of checking, since its forty yearsl experience in producing hundreds of outstanding yearbooks has crystallized facilities, services and organizing assistance not otherwise obtainable in the yearbook Held. The 8-Gear Plan will tell you why- be sure you have us show it to you. BAKEH,JONEi,HAUiAUER,lne Originalors of the 8- Gear Plan for Creating Distinctive Yearbunlzs -15 C,XRliOLL STR HIST, Ii l,'FF:X LO, Y. Y. lfll P-KKK A VENC lf, N IC N' YORK . . rm ,D 1 Q 51936 ., E ra mln: Qsfseea avmeamfpg RJ 'I " U on. gt A HN , :::: '1,:: 361 '01 ., N RS RHSCHO i Q9 I 5 BLODGBTT l ,I 5 gi lg Zi KENUON 5' ""' rw 3 E 5 2 Q f L P3 QE Q k 5 L A A , . " 1 -'--- QS A ff 11:21:17: lil" T Q m 3 2 gf Q cus INC- W OBSEF ff 5 ' ' H' imma " . ii. FS" K X 2 52 fa ii Q H X52 . A E ' 1 Q f ir? fi' jx If Vicious H CIRCLE . -'N , , FE Q Q ji s'runENTs HRLINGTUIJQ 5 2 54 X ' 5 Qmodmf W nu me + l 3 513 7 Fcow-nf. JL . K STRONG 'r R""""500,,,H fc w 1-.-in 111151 1:-w . i -IL N1 - Q sszzzrggwl 1:11:21 ' f + lg Lk E PM A, V "" I .. .P J -A 3 IA onvnsom G2 11 QQ, W 4 1 1 E JN x -ff" , 1 H -5- ji'i'i? 1 Q JK : N Q RHHHOND LIBEA? S9 Joss ELEINI CQ? Q - - - I-IIGITTBROWLHNE fx 5,33 1 N R K wumms 1 5' by Y Sig mummnenousfs LS? 6 " ' ls - V , ,Miggl 5 i gg mmf- D i ,W cg ff by. ,fy EE ffm "? E T at 2 ,gf 'kd 'neg-we 3

Suggestions in the Vassar College - Vassarion Yearbook (Poughkeepsie, NY) collection:

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