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Vassar College - Vassarion Yearbook (Poughkeepsie, NY) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Cover

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'W ff' 'R W Zi X XX AMW sn H .'-' A ' . . ."::h"1' 1' 5 5 W ff- if lQs TIFFANY A Co JEWELRY, WATCHES, RINGS, EOBS, ENBLEIVI PINS, TROPHIES, SILVER CUPS, NOTE PAPERS WITH IVIONOCRAIVIS IN COLOR, INVITATIONS TO COIVIIVIENCEMENT AND CLASSDAY EXERCISES IVIENUS,AND DIES FOR STAIVIPING CORPORATE AND ERATERNITY SEALS PLIRCHASES CAIN' BE MADE OE TIFFANY N Co EITHER IN PERSON OR BY IVIAIL EIETH AVENUE N BFTIISFNFFF NFN YONN 4. u.,,,.,,.,.,,...m.1.g. U, ,.,. U .,,, 5 lmni - ' Gi f , ?g EEl1larn1l1lllnnlll 1','fi , X ,!.g.4'S IIIlIlllll1ll E , 0, fav' KNOX NEW Yofuc. Is universally recognized as the Standard by which all others are judged. Ladies' and Misses' Hats, always attractive, stylish and conservative, for every occasion. 452 FIFTH AVENUE 196 FIFTH AVENUE 165 BROADWAY Cor. 40th St. Near 23rd St. Singer Building 4. .,,,.,.,,.,.. .Wm ,.i.,,.,.Q.W.m.. .UW ,,.,...,u..m....H W.,.In..,.,.W.1.1U...N..,.....1H..i.,...,.n.m.,m...l.g. In answering Advertisenments please mention the VASSARION he V Hnlumr xxv Hangar Olnllrgv 1Huughkrepair, Nm Burk 1 A- TZ X 1 f , ' , 1 - "2 '-'Qin 2+ , , f' 121 rw :- Q - -R 1-1 -7-fi, 71.11 f'7?a,-,, -H51 agi- -.f ,-1-T .5,,, :?: ,-"Ti ' 'Un'--' W- -- -54:75 -3' .' H? - ' .ffl 'J L., M ,X 4.152 " g -, :X r 1 I gv I , N , J 1.1 3 7 I ' r ,LJ 1531 1 ' '2f,,,L, 3 l Y ir ': Q 'liiifi 'XJ-, w'l,1-rl . , . 2-AFL: , . , ,fiifigj -. ,.,-53,4 ' A E . ff: - ' 'Fx' 2: X ',,,:"?'QQL'ijg . -,Mg ,J 71 .afzfyg ' -'5Q3+?-gig . . .. ,Ln,-,T., .Fug-IE ,rf-,rpqfg - X. ,Az X5 - 1, "'5'1f: .rr 1 - W- 1 2 'L r .1 firing, ' ' 'ii- , -fi". ii:-5+ - ,L , : "li if ' :. lr'-:LII f if -2 5.53 ?'6 ,. , -..Y-. : K - 5.9, ,fv- f , , ,- , , 1 --3 I , c X n f ' 1 , , .F '. a '. 1 ' , M, X 4 wr n , 1 ., . n , X ',,- ,X W A ,X ' rink' "":1 1iv,"',':idl I , X ."'--"-Lfafsj, '- ,H-' ' i I , ,, M, 1 - X '," , Wal ' E Un iElni5P Ellvrg mlm, huring nur rnllvge lifv, han kept hrfnre un EI high iilral uf rnnntruriinr arhnlarnhip, Ubin hunk in hrhirateh by Uhr Qlluzzi nf Ninvieen Efhirtren Igrrfare 51112 Ehitnra prvmnt this Imvnig-tifth unlume nf thy 'Hazmarinn in ilu Ollass nf Ninvtvm Uhirtrm, as a rhruairlr nf itz fnur gram smut at Bazaar. aah in thr Cinllrgrnaz a rrrurh nf thy rurrvnt grain artiuitirs. Elf thrrv is rzflerirh in it nut nnlg the runnin, but also anmething nf ihr spirit anh rulnr nf rulings lifr, their utninzi aim has hmm armmpliuhnh. .4-I Wx 'V' WF 513019 ON, AQAQAQM "' 5 9 ui rgms . 1 1 is it 1 H I --ff L' 4. wvg 5 Preface . . . 8 Calendar for 191Q-1913 . . . 12 Board of Trustees . . . . . . 144 Officers of Administration and Instruction 15 Senior Class ..... 33 Freshman Picture . . 34 Senior Picture . . . 35 Freshman Year, First Semester . 36 Freshman Year, Second Semester . 37 Sophomore Year, First Semester . 38 Sophomore Year, Second Semester. 39 Junior Year, First Semester . 40 Junior Year, Second Semester -443 Officers .... 441 Members . 45 In Blemoriam . 91 Former Nlembers 92 Senior Birthday . 93 Senior Parlor . 94 Senior Parlor Song 95 Marching Song . ' 96 Ethics Song . 97 Tree Songs . 98 Class Day . 99 Honors . . . 100 Commencement Speakers 101 A Letter to 1913 . . 103 9 'IW E ill Ki AXUUB 4.,,E 1 l x , Junior Class .... Oflicers . Junior Party 4 Sophomore Class . Officers . . Joke Book . . Sophomore Party Daisy Chain . Freshman Class . Oflicers . . Fellows . . States Represented . The Students, Association . Officers . . . Committees . . The Christian Association Officers . . . Committees . . Conferences . . . The Philalethean Association . Officers .... Committees . . Third Hall Play, 1912 . First Hall Play, 1912 . Second Hall Play, 1913 1 Minor Hall Plays . Third Hall Play, 1913 . The Athletic Association . Officers . . . Committees . . . 1913 and 1914 Hockey Teams 1915 and 1916 Hockey Teams Varsity Hockey Team . . Hockey Scores . . . . 1913 and 1914 Basketball Teams 1915 and 1916 Basketball Teams Varsity Basketball Team . 1912 and 1913 Track Teams 1914 and 1915 Track Teams . 10 104 105 106 108 109 110 111 112 114 115 116 117 119 120 121 125 126 127 129 131 132 133 134 136 138 140 140 141 142 143 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 ffffifillb' we 1-aww: ' ' Um,-. Y KR l17 ' xi - T Records , . Field Day . . . Tennis Tournament . College Publications . The Vassar Miscellany The Vassarion , Press Board Musical Societies . . Glee Club . . . lVIandolin and Guitar Club Choir . . . Vassar Symphony Orchestra Christmas Music . . Debating Societies . . Qui Vive . . T. and 111. . . Political Campaign . Intercollegiate Debate . College Societies . Phi Beta Kappa . Contemporary Club . Civitas . . Current Topics . Consumers' League College Settlement Wake Robin . French Club German Club' Hellenic Society . Granddaughters . Locality Clubs . In .Test . . Contributors . Data . . Advertisements ll 156 154 155 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 172 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 185 187 188 189 191 228 229 281 gi? i7tX7eQaiW ai7a Sept. 18- October November December January lli lil lil lil 1912 Entrance Examinations College Opened - Students' and Christian Associations Receptlon Service: Rev. Paul Revere F rothingham, Boston Lecture: Rev. Johnston Ross, Union Theological Seminary, for C. A. V. C. Lecture: Prof. Margaret Floy Washburn, Vassar Senior Parlor Opening Service : Recital : Rev. Philemon F. Sturges, Morristown lVIr. and Mrs. John W. Nichols, New York Laying of the Cornerstone of the New Students' Building Lecture: Prof. F. N. Scott, University of Michigan Concert: Miss Anna Case and Mr. Charles G. Spross, New York ' Senior Birthday Lecture : Service : Lecture: Lecture. Lecture: Lecture Prof. James H. Breasted, 'University of Chicago Rev. Clarence A. Barton, Rochester Mr. Bramer Eddy, Boston, for C. A. V. C. Prof. Leonard B. McVVhood, Drew Seminary Dr. Oliveira Lima, Minister from Brazil to Belgium Prof. James Harvey Robinson, Columbia Concert: The Dannreuther String Quartet, New York Service: Rev. Henry M. Sanders, New York Lecture: Dean Walter Taylor Sumner, Chicago Lecture: Prof. Julius Peterson, University of Munich, and Exchange Professor at Yale First Hall Play: "Prunellau Service: Rev. lV. Douglas Mackenzie, Hartford Theological Seminary Lecture: Miss Anne Dorrance of the Class of 1895 Lecture: Prof. Bliss Perry, Harvard Service: Lecture: Lecture Service: Lecture: Lecture: Service: Pres. William F. Slocum, Colorado College Rev. Dr. T. N. VVilson, Tabriz, Persia Recital: Mr. Edward Bromberg, New York Rev. Frederick D. Buckley, Waterbury Dr. and lVIrs. VVilliam Goodell Frost, Berea College, Kentucky, for C. A. Y.C. Prof. Emile Legouis, the Sorbonne Rev. Samuel Crothers, Cambridge Christmas Music Students, Recital Christmas Vacation Began 1513 College Opened Concert: Rhadeska, assisted by Theodore Dillaway and Milo Benedict, Boston Service: Rev. Shailer Mathews, Chicago Lecture: Mr. Hans P. Freese, for C. A. Y. C. ' Organ Recital: Mr. T. Tertius Noble, Organist of York Minster, York, England 12 TWKIU LB 45 att. so F: . tt '-,: 0 u . if , ' f. i February fMarch April May June Ao. 17 Lecture: Prof. Talcott Williams, Columbia 19 Service: Rev. Raymond Calkins, Cambridge Q6 Service: Rev. George P. Eckman, New York 27 Semester Examinations Began 29 Lecture: Miss Rossa B. Cooley, of the Class of 1893 3 Second Semester Began 5 Recital: Margaret Horne and Charles G. Spross 9 Service: Dean Hodges, Cambridge Theological Seminary 13 Concert: Hampton Quartet, Hampton 14 Concert: Choral Club and Nassau Male Quartet 15 Junior-Sophomore Dance 16 Service: Rev. Frederick Emrich, Boston 1 9 22 Q3 1 German Play: "Die Ferne Prineessin' 5 Recital: Miss Laura Graves '7 Lecture: Prof. F. VV. Williams, Yale 8 Intercollegiate Debate with Mount Holyoke 9 Service: Rev. Harold Pattison, New York 10 Organ Recital: Edwin Arthur Kraft, Cleveland French Play: "Fantasio" Service: Rev. J. S. Riggs, Auburn Theological Seminary Lecture: Prof. Herbert Elmer Mills, Vassar 14 Concert: Mrs. Anna Louise David and Frederick Martin 15 Second Hall Play: "The Little Minister" 16 Service: Rev. Nehemiah Boynton, Brooklyn 19 Lecture Recital: Miss Esther Swainson, Miss Dorothy Swainson, of Miss Beula Tompkins 21 Lecture: Judge A. T. Clearwater, Kingston 23 Easter Music 28 Spring Vacation Began 9 College Reopened Organ Recital: Prof. WY. C. Hammond, Mount Holyoke Service: Rev. Charles R. Brown, Yale Divinity School Concert: Louis Persinger, V iolinist 13 18 920 Service: Rev. Ernest M. Stires, New York Q3 Recital: Miss Sara Mesick of the Class of 1906 Q7 2 Founderis Day 3 Field Day 9 Concert: The College Orchestra Third Hall Play: "Comus" and "The Foresters" Service: Rev. G. A. Johnston Ross, Union Theological Seminary Service: Rev. L. Mason Clarke, Brooklyn 10 11 Students' Recitals 28 Senior Vacation Began 2 Examinations Began 6 Examinations Ended 8 Baccalaureate Sunday Class Day Commencement Day Class Supper 10 11 13 Amar with the assistance HENRY M. SANDERS, D.D., Chairman . JOHN H. DEANE, A.M., AUGUSTUS H. STRONG, D.D., LL.D. . . DUNCAN D. PARMLY . JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., LL.D. EDTVARD JUDSON, D.D. ALBERT S. BICKMORE, Ph.D., LL.D. . ALLEN W. EVARTS, A.M. XSAMUEL D. COYKENDALL JAMES M. BRUCE, A.M. CHARLES M. PRATT, A.M. HENRY V. PELTON, A.B. ANDREWV J. TOWNSON MRS. F. F. THOMPSON EDWARD STORRS ATWATER DANIEL SMILEY, A.B. W. C. P. RHOADES, D.D. GEORGE E. DILIOCK, A.B. G. MOORE PETERS, A.B. GEORGE A. CORFIN . GEORGE W. PERKINS EDGAR L. MARSTON . ARTHUR L. LESHER . MYR.A REYNOLDS, Pl1.D. I'IENRY EVERTSON COBB, D.D. . ' MARY THAW THOMPSON, A.B. . ALONZO K. PARKER, D.D. JOHN E. ADRIANCE . JULIA C. LATHROR, A.B. LOUIS P. GILLESPIE, General Supcrzintenrlent 3kDeceaSed, January 14, 1913 WILLJ HAZTSN BCJUGHTCN, CA.E., Treasurer of The Collage l l New York New York Rochester Roselle, N. J. Vassar College New York New York New York Rondout New York Brooklyn Poughkeepsie Rochester New York Poughkeepsie Lake Mohonk Brooklyn -Elizabeth, N. J. Cincinnati, O. New York New York New York New York Chicago, Ill. New York Sparkill Chicago, Ill. Poughkeepsie Chicago, Ill. Cmtirrra nf Ahministratinn zmh Flnatrurtinn JAMES 1VI. TAYLOR, D.D., LL.D., fb B K - - President of Vassar College A. B., University of Rochester, 18683 D. D., Rochester, Yaleg LL. D., Rutgers. Roches- ter Theological Serninary, 1868-71. Studied in Europe, 1871-72. Minister, 1873-86. Trustee of Carnegie Foundation. President of Vassar, 1886. Published: Practical or Ideal ?,' Psychology Syllabus ,for Classesg Ethics Syllabusg Ag New llforlrl and an Old Gospel. , Nlany educational and other articles. ELLA MCCALEB, A.B. ---- 2 - Secretary of the College A. B., Vassar College, 1878. Instructor in Foster'School, Clifton Springs, New York, 1878-81, in Detroit Home and Day School, 1881-85. Secretary to the President of Vassar College, 1885-93, Secretary of the College, 1893, Rank of Associate Professor, 1899. Rank of Professor, 1907. JULIA GRACE GARDNER, A.B. --e- Assistant to the Secretary A.B.,Vassar College. Assistant to the Secretary, 1904. ZITA LILLIAN THORNBURY, A.B. Assistant in Ethics and in the Secretaryls Ojice I A. B., Vassar College, 1908. Assistant in Ethics and History, 1908. Assistant in Ethics and in the Secretary's Office, 1909. MILDRED CROSMAN BREED, A.B. ---- Assistant to the Secretary H A. B., Vassar College, 1911. Assistant to the Secretary, 1911. GEORGIA A. KENDRICIQ - ' ------ Lady Principal Lady Principal, Vassar College, 1891. Rank of Professor. ISABEL NELSON T ILLINGHAST, Ph.M., CID B K - Assistant to the Lady Principal A. B., Vassar College, Ph. M., Cornell University. Instructor in Hampton 'Instituteg Professor of English, New Paltz Normal School, Professor of English, French-American College. Assistant to the Lady Principal, 1901. ' 15 'mem te Amue Q rt! ' ' viii' CONSTANCE MAUD MARY BODY, A.B., 112 B K - Assistant to the Lady Principal A. B., Vassar College. 1909. Assistant to the Lady Principal, Vassar, 1911. CLARA STILLMAN REED, A.B. ---- Assistant to the Lady Principal A. B., Vassar College, 1901. Assistant to the Lady Principal, Vassar, 1912. ELIZABETH BURR THELBERG, M.D. -H-- Resident Physician Former Clinical Professor of Diseases of Eye and Ear, Woman's Medical College of the New York Infirmary. Resident Physician in the New York Infants' Hospital, and in the New York Nursery and Children's Hospital. Resident Physician, Vassar College, 1887. Member American Medical Associationg New York State Medical Association, Dutch- ess County Medical Societyg American Association for Advancement of Science, 1Voman's Nledical Association of New York Cityg Woman's Medical Society of New York State. JANE NORTH BALDWIN, M.D. ----- Assistant Physician NI. D., Cornell University Medical School, 1900. Graduate VVork, Harvard Nledical School. New York Infirmary for Women and Children. Laboratory Assistant in Physiology, Vassar, 1905. Assistant Physician, Vassar, 1906. Member Women"s Medical Association of New York Cityg Clinton County Medical Asso- ciation of New York: American Medical Associationg New York State Medical Association: Dutchess County Medical Society, Poughkeepsie Academy of Medicine. ANNINA C. RONDINELLA, BLD - A - - - Assistant Physician M. D., VVoman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 18993 Sub-Dean and Demonstrator of Opthalmology and Assistant Demonstrator of Pathology at the VVoman's, Medical College of Pennsylvaniag Assistant Physician, Vassar, 1912. ' liihrarg FRANCES A. WOOD -n---- - Librarian Emeritus AMY LOUISE REED, A.B., CID B K ----- - Librarian A. B., Vassar, 1892. Graduate Student Columbia University, 1903-04, summer 19085 Yale University, 1908-10g Vassar Students' Aid Society Fellowship, Yale, 1909-10. Teacher in Private Schools, New York City, 1892-97 g 1898-1903. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1904-08g Librarian, Vassar, 1910. Member American Library Association. ADELAIDE UNDERHILL, A.B., QD B K ---- Associate Librarian A. B.-, Vassar, 1888. Columbia College Library School, 1888-89. Cataloguer, Columbia College Library, 1890-92: Assistant Librarian, Vassar, 1892-94. Reference Librarian, Vassar, 1894-1910. Associate Librarian, 1910. Member American Library Association. M-KRY BELLE ACKERLY, A-B- - - - - Assistant in the Library A. B., Vassar, 1898. Astor Training Class. Assistant in the Library, Vassar, 1907. FANNY BORDEN, AB- - - - - - - - Reference Librarian A.B., Vassar, 18983 B.L.S., New York State Library School, 1901. Assistant in Bryn Mawr College Library, 1901-03: Associate Librarian, Smith College Library, 1903-06 3 Assist- ant 1H the Library of Vassar College, 19083 Cataloguer, 1909 3 Reference Librarian, 1910. Member American Library Associationg Bibliographical Society of America. Published: Bibliography of Illonopolies and Trusts in Amedca, 1895-99. 16 Kiwi me-Q tl 011 ri AA me tu T. ie s A u se ,gf vfilfsn MIARY MUMPER S1-IAVIJR, ALB. ---- Classzfier and Cataloguer 4 A ' A. B., Goucher College, 1906. New York State Library School, 1907. Assistant Carnegie Public Library, Pittsburgh, 1908. Librarian John B. Stetson University, Deland, Florida, 1908-10. Cataloguer Vassar College Library, 1911. Member American Library Association. PHOEBE INIILDRED STILES, A.B., CD B K - - - Assistant in the Library A. B., University of Michigan, 1907. Assistant in the Wisconsin State Historical Library. New York State Library School, 1912. Assistant in the Library, Vassar, 1912. SARAH RUTH BURNS, A.B. ----- Assistant in the Library A. B., Vassar, 19125 Assistant in the Library, Vassar, 1912. Ari OLIVER S. TONKS, Ph.D. -----' Professor of Art A. B., Harvard University, 18983 A. hi., 18995 Ph. D., 1903. Graduate study at Har- vard, 1899-1901. Studied in Greece, Italy, France and England as Charles Elliot Norton Fellow in Classical Studies from Harvard, 1901-02. Graduate Fellow at Harvard and Assist- ant Curator in Department of Classical Art in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1902-03. In- structor in Greek, University of Verinont, 1903-044. Lecturer in Greek, Columbia University, 1904:-05. Preceptor in Art and Archaeology, Princeton University, 1905-11. Professor of Art, Vassar, 1911. Archaeological Editor of the New International Encyclopaedia. Member' Archaeological Institute of Americag College Art Association. Published: Phrynos,-a Black-jigurecl illasterg Brggos,-Eqvperivnents with the Illyeenaean Glazeg The Black Glaze on Greek Vasesg The Collecting of Antiq11ities,' Greek Coinsg The In- terpretation of the Harpy illonumentg Two Freseoes from Boscarealeg The illuseum and the Public School Teacher. Autrnnnmg IVIARY VV. NVHITNEY, A.M., fb B K -------4 Professor of Astronomy ancl Director of Observatory, Emeritus A. B., Vassar, 1868, A. M., Vassar, 1872. Graduate study at Radcliffe Collegeg Zurich University. Instructor in 1Valtham High Schoolg Chelsea High School. Assistant in Obser- vatory at Vassar, 1881. Professor, Vassar, 1889-1912. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Charter Member of Astronomical and Astrophysical Society. Published: Longitude of Smith College Obseruatorgg Articles in Annals of Harvard College 0bserzvatory,' Regular papers on Astronomical subjects in Astronomical Journal, Astronornisehe Na ehriehterz . CAROLINE E. FURNESS, Ph.D., 111 B K - Associate Professor of Astronom A. B., Vassar, 1891g Ph. D., Columbia, 1900. Ohio State University, non-resident, 1892-94g Chicago Summer School, 18953 Columbia,non-resident, 1896-98g resident, 1898-993 Instructor in High School, West Winsted, Conn., 1891-923 Columbus, Ohio, 1892-945 Vassar, 1894-98, 1899-1911. Volunteer research assistant, Yerkes Observatory, summers of 1899, 1900. American Fellow of Association of Collegiate Alumnae, 1898-99. Curtis Graduate Scholar, Barnard College, 1898-99. Research work, University of Groningen, Holland, spring, 1903. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1911. Fellow American Society for the Advancement of Scienceg hflember American Astronom- ical and Astrophysical Society 3 Member Audubon Societyg Association of Collegiate Alumnae. Published: Catalog of Stars within 10 of North Pole. Catalog of Stars within QC' of North Pole. Observations of comets, asteroids, in astronomical periodicals. "DeHnitive Orbit of Comet 1886, III" Cwith F.. P. Vtlatermanj, Astronornische Nachrichten. Papers on variable stars in Astronomical Journal and Astronomisehe Nachrichten. ' 17 y wwemts ,... e Amue . "'.' ii ,E ,O .tl I .A FR JESSAMINE MAY WHITE, A.B. ---- Assistant in Astronomy A. B., Vassar, 19125 Assistant in Astronomy, Vassar, 1912. iliihlr WILLIAM BANCROFT HILL, D.D., CID B K - - Professor of Biblical Literature A. B., Harvard, 18795 D. D., Rutgers, 1905. ,Columbia Law School, 18813 Baltimore Law School, 18823 UnionTheological Seminary, 1883-86g Professor of Philosophy, Park College, 1882-18835 Pastor of Reformed Dutch Church in Athens, N. Y., 1886-1890g and in Pough- keepsie, N. Y., 1890-1902. Lecturer on Bible, Vassar, 1899-19023 Professor of Biblical Litera- ture, Vassar, 1902. Published: Mountain Peaks 'in the Life of Christ, 18935 Present'Prol1lems in New Testament Study, 1903g Guide to the Lives of Christ, 1905,' Introduction to the Life of Christ, 1911. Binlngg AARON LOUIS T READWELL, Ph.D., rib B K - - - Professor of Biology B. S., Wlesleyan University, 18885 M. S., 1890g Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1899. Honorary Fellow, University of Chicago,1892-955 Fellow in residence, 1897-98, Professor of Biology and Geology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1891-19003 Professor of Biology, Vassar, 1900. On statl' of Instruction, Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood's Hole, IVIass., 1898-1906. In charge of Embryology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of the Brooklyn Institute, 1907. Sec- retary Am. Soc, Naturalistsg Am. Soc. Zoologists. Fellow American Association for Advancement of Science. Honorary Curator of Annu- lates, American Museum of Natural History. At Laboratory of Carnegie Institution, Dry Tortugas, Florida, 1909 and 1910. Published: Various zoological articles in Zoologisches Anzeiger, Biological Bulletin, Journal of Illorpholvyy, Bulletin United States Fish Commission. Zoological and Biological articles, New International Encyclopedia Year Book, since 1907. WINIFRED J. ROBINSON, Ph.D. ----- Instructor in Botany B. S., University of Michigan, 1899, B. Pd., 1899g A. M., Columbia, 19045 M. Pd., Michigan State Normal College, 1912: Pl1.D., Columbia, 1912. Research Table, WOod's Hole, 1899, 1900. Graduate Work, Columbia, 1903, 1907-08. Instructor, Michigan State Normal College, 1892-95. Vassar College, 1900. Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Ivlember American Society of Naturalistsg Torrey Botanical Club, American Fern Societyg Association of Col- legiate Alumnae. Vice-President Columbia University Biochemical Association. Published: Hexalecyris Aphyllusg The Spines of F ouquieriag Nutrition of Sarracenia Pur- pureag Reproduction of Budding in Droserag Protein Digestion in Droscrag The Pteridophyta of the Hawaiian I slandsg Collaborator of the Biochemical Bulletin. - HELEN MARGARET ZABRISKIE, A.B. - - - Assistant in Biology A. B., Vassar, 1908. Assistant in Biology, 1910. Studied at XVood's Hole, summer, 1910. HARRIETT MAY ALLYN, Ph.D., fir B K, E 'E - - - Instructor in Biology A. B., Mount Holyoke, 1905 g M. Sc., University of Chicago, 19105 Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1912. General Secretary of the Y. W. C. A. at Mount Holyoke, 1905-073 Secreta- ries' Training Institute for Y.VV.C.A., 1907. Instructor in Biology, Lake Erie College,Paines- ville, Ohio, 1908-09. Fellow in Zoology, University of Chicago, 1911 and 1912. University of Chicago research table at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood 's Hole, Mass., summers of 1910-12. Instructor in Biology, Vassar, 1912. 18 . f-- QML--+, QBKWLB-V +wyA t Aman Q I'- AA Gllyrnuatrg ICHARLES W. MOULTON, Ph.D., 615 B K - - - Professor of Chemistry A.B., University of Minnesota, 1885g Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1889. Instructor in Chemistry and Physics at Shattuck School, Faribault, Minn., 1885-87, and 1889-92. Associate Professor of Chemistry, Vassar College, 1892-94. Professor of Chemistry, Vassar, 1894. Member American Chemical Society, American Electro-chemical Societyg Society of Chemical Industry, Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft. ELLA M. FREEMAN, A.M., CID B K ---- Instructor in Chemistry A. B., Vassar, 18813 A. M., University of Chicago. Instructor, Nichols Academy, Dudley , Mass., 1884-86g Morgan School, Clinton, Conn., 1886-87. Instructor, Vassar, 1887. Member American Chemical Society. MARTHA DOAN, D.Sc., E E R- r - - - Instructor in Chemistry B.S.g B.L., Earlham College, Richmond, Ind.: Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. Henry W. Sage Fellowship in Chemistry, Cornell, 1895-96. D. Sc. Cornell, 1896. Instructor in Manual Training High School, Indianapolis, Ind., 1896-1900. Instructor in Chemistry, Vassar, 1900. Member the American Association for the Advancement of Science. MARY LANDON, A.B. ------ Instructor in Chemistry A. B., Vassar, 1907. Assistant in Chemistry, Vassar, 1908-09. Instructor in Chemistry, Vassar, 1910. KATHAR1NE BLUNT, Ph.D., LID B K, E E - - - Instructor in Chemistry A. B., Vassar, 1898g Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1907. Graduate Student, Massachu setts Institute of Technology, 1902-03, University of Chicago, 1902, 1905-07g Mary Rich ardson and Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellow in Chemistry, 1905-06. Assistant in Chemistry Vassar, 1903-05. Instructor in Chemistry, Domestic Science Department, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 1907-08. Instructor in Chemistry, Vassar, 1908. a IVIARY AMERMAN GRIGGS, A.B. - - 4 - Instructor in Chemistry A. B., Vassar, -1908. Assistant in Chemistry, Vassar, 1909-11. Instructor in Chemistry, Vassar, 1911. FREDERICK BYRON PLUMMER, B.S. ---- Instructor in Chemistry B. S., Dartmouth, 1909. Graduate VVork in Science, University of Chicago, 1909-10, 1910- 11. Assistant in Chemistry, University of Chicago, 1910-11. Assistant in Chemistry, Vassar, 1911. Instructor in Chemistry, Vassar, 1912. QUAESITA CROMVVELL DRAKE, A.M., CIS B K, - - Assistant in Chemistry A. B., Vassar, '1910g A. M., Vassar, 1911. Graduate Student, Vassar, 1910-11. Assistant in Chemistry, Vassar, 1911. CAROLINE BEATRICE ToPP1NG,A.B., CID B K - - Assistant in Chemistry A.B., Vassar, 19103 Assistant in Chemistry, Vassar, 1912. SARAH PALMER CASNVELL, A.B., ---- Assistant in Chemistry A. B., Wellesley, 19125 Assistant in Chemistry, Vassar, 1912. :lr Absent on leave I9 U A ..4g -"' O '-'11, -- , ' W4 E. U1 T. B A tn u B .Q A Erunnmirs zmil Svnrinlngg HERBERT ELMER IVIILLS, Ph.D., C12 B K A A - Professor Of Economics A. B., University of Rochester, 1883g A. M., Rochester, 18875 Ph. D., Cornell, 1890. Principal of Marion Collegiate Institute, N. Y., 1883-843 Palmyra Union School, New York, 1884-86. Fellow in History and Political Economy, Cornell, 1886-88. Acting Instructor in History, Cornell, 1889-90. Associate Professor of History and Economics, Vassar, 1890-93. Professor of Economics, Vassar, 1893. ' . Published: Early Years of the French Revolution in San Domingo, Outlines of Economics. Several Outlines of Economic Study and Syllabi for University Extension Lectures. EMILIE LOUISE WELLS, A.B., 412 B K - - - Instructor in ECOTI-OW-'50-5' A. B., Vassar, 1894. Instructor at Kemper Hall, 1894-96. hilary Bichardson and Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellow in Economics and Sociology at University of Chicago, 1896-97. Instructor in Economics, Vassar, 1897. LEONA MARGARET POVVELL, A.B., fir' B K - - Instructor in Economics A. B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1905. Instructor in Greek, Union College, Kentucky, 1905-07. Librarian, De Pauw University, 1908-11. Graduate Student in Economics, Uni- versity of Chicago, and Bibliographer in Department of Economics, 1911-12. Instructor in Economics, Vassar, 1912. 'English LAURA J oHNsoN XVYLIE, Ph.D., fb B K - - - Professor of English A. B., Vassar,'18'7'7g Ph. D., Yale, 1894. Instructor in Nliss Storer's and lNIiss Lupton's School, Cincinnati, 1882-83, in Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn, 1884-92 and 1894-95. Instructor in Vassar, 1895-96. Associate Professor of English, 1896. Professor of English, 1898. Member Modern Language Association and the English Association. Published: Studies in the Evolution of English Criticism, edited The Sir Roger de Cor- erley Papers, The Winters Tale in the Tudor Shakespeare., GERTRUDE BUCK, Ph.D., CID B K ---- Professor of English B. S., University of Michigan, 189-Lg M. S., 1895, Ph. D. 1898. Fellow in English, Uni- versity ol' Chicago, 1895. Assistant in English in University of Michigan, 1896-97. Teacher of English, Indianapolis High School, 1897. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1897. Associate Professor, Vassar, 19013 Professor, 1907. Member the Modern Language Association and National Council of Teachers in English. Published: Figures ofRlLetoric: A Psychological Study, 1895, The ilfetaphor: A Study in the Psychology of Rhetoric, 18993 Organic Education, 1899, with Miss H. M. Scott, A Course in Argmnentatizie Writing, 18995 A Course in Expository W riting, 1899, with Elisabeth Viloodbridgeg A Brief English Gramrnnr, 1905, with Fred Newton Scott 5 Ruskin's Sesame and Lilies, edited for school use, 1906, A Course in Narrative Writing, 1906, with Elisabeth Woodbridge lVIorris. Various magazine articles. FLORENCE V. IYEYS, A.B. ---- Associate Professor of English A. B., University of Toronto, 1891. Fellow in Greek, Bryn Mawr, 1891-92g Fellow in English, Bryn Mawr, 1892-93, Reader in English, Bryn Mawr, 1893-97. Reading in Bodleian - Library, Oxford, 18985 University of Berlin, 1898. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1899-19042. Reading in British Museum, 1905-063 University of Munich, 1906. Associate Professor of English Vassar, 1905. 20 f g 1 AA mem r, 2 -Q ,-,N 5 - it Arun za CPM CHRISTABEL FORSYTH EISKE, Ph.D. - - Associate Professor of English A. B., Cornell University, 1898, A. M., Columbian University, Washington, D. C., 1899, Ph. D., Cornell University, 1903. Instructor in the Misses Shipley's School, Bryn lVIaWr, 1899-19003 Randolph Macon Institute, Danville, Va., 1900-01. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1903. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1910. Member Modern Language Association of America. Psi Chapter CCornellD of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Published: Thc Talcs of Tcrror: A By-Path in Litcraturc. In Journal of English and Gorman Plzilology, " Conventionalism in Holinshed's Chronicle. 'i "Old English Modification of Teutonic Racial Conceptionsn in Studies in Language and Literature in Honor of J. M. Hart. ALICE I. PERRY Woon, Ph.D. ----- Instructor English B. S., Wellesley, 189-Lg A. IVI., Columbia Universityg Ph. D., Columbia University, 1909. Instructor in secondary schools in New York and Brooklyn, 1895-1901. Columbia University, 1898-1901 and 1905-07. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1903-05 and 1907. Member Association of Collegiate Alumnae. IVIARY Yos'r, A.M. ------ Instructor in English A. B., Vassar, 190-Lg A. IVI., Vassar, 1912. Graduate Scholarship, Vassar, 1904-05. 'Assist- ant in English, Wellesley, 1906-07. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1907. JULIA PATTON, A.M. ------ Instructor in English A. B., Oberlin College, 18955 A. M., Columbia University, 1908. Instructor in English, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1904-07. Instructor in English, Vassa.r, 1908. ESTHER E. SHAXV, A.M., CID B K ---- Instructor in English A. B., Mount Holyoke Collegeg A. M., University of Michigan. Assistant in Depart- ment of Rhetoric, University of Michigan, 1907-08. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1908. ROSE JEFFRIES PEEBLES, Ph.D. - - -- - - Instructor in English A. B., Mississippi State College for VVomeng Ph. D., Bryn Mawr College. Fellow in English, Bryn Mawr College, 1907-08, Graduate Scholar and Fellow by Courtesy, 1908-095 Holder of Special Research Scholarship for work in the British Nluseum and the Bodleian Library. Instructor in English, hflississippi State College for Wlonien, 1897-19063 Miss VVright's School, Bryn Mawr, 1908-09. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1909. Published: "Notes on the Dialect of Richard de Caisterls Metrical Prayer, " Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society Publicationsg 4'The Anglo-Saxon Physiologues,', Modern Philologyg "The Legend of Longinus in Ecclesiastical Tradition and in English Literature, and its Connection with the Grail", Bryn Illawr rllonograph Series, Vol. IX. IXIARTHA VVARREN BECKWITH, M.A. ---- Instructor in English B. S., Mount Holyoke College, M. A., Columbia University. University of Chicago, 1896-97. Instructor in English, Elmira College, 1897-99. Instructor in English, lVIount Holyoke College, 1901-04. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1909. Member American Anthropological Association. Published: Dance Forms of thc llloqui and Kuialwiutl Inflians. BEAY IVIONROE ------ Instructor in Spoken English Studied with Lewis B. Monroe, M. A. fDean of the Boston University School of Oratoryjg Steele MacKaye, George L. Osgood, Henry N. Hudson. Attended Monroe School of Oratory, Lyceum School of Actingg studied in Paris one year. Instructor in Elocution, Lyceum School of Acting, 1892-93g Brearley School, 1896-043 Veltin School, 1895-1910, Vassar, 1894-96, 1898- 1905, 1907-08. Instructor in Spoken English, 1909. Member MacDowell Association. Q1 a i.,, 5 i. .-. , ' :vs C- wwemte Amue . 25: QS.. CONSTANCE IVIAYFEILD ROURKE, A.B. ---- Instructor in English A. B., Vassar, 1907. Holder of Borden Fellowship, 1907-08. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1910. HELEN W, LANDON, A.B., QD B K - - Assistant in Spoken English A. B., Vassar, 1910. Assistant to the Lady Principal, Vassar, 1911. Assistant in Spoken English, Vassar, 1912. I WINIFRED SMITH, Ph,D,' - - ---- - I nstruetor in English A. B., Vassar, 19045 A. M., Columbia University, 19073 Ph. D., Columbia, 1912. Reader and Tutor in English, lVIount Holyoke College, 1905-06. Studied Columbia, 1906-07. In- structor in English at Knox School, Lakewood, N. J., 1907-08. Studled at the Sorbonne, 1908- 09, and at Columbia, 1909-11. Associate Alumnae Fellow in English, 1909-10. Instructor in English, Vassar, 1911. ' D . Published: Articles in Modern Plzilology and Psychological Bulletin, and Comedia dell' arte, a Study in Italian Popular Comedy. ALICE D. SNYDER, A.M., fb B K ----- Instructor in English A. B., Vassar, 1909g A. M., 1911. Assistant in English, Rockford College, 1909-10. Graduate Student in English, Vassar, 1910-113 in Rhetoric, English, and Aesthetics, University of Michigan, 1911-12. Instructor in English, Vassar, 191Q. Chenlngg, itlllineralugg zmh Hulenntulngg GEORGE BURBANK SHATTUCK, Ph.D. - Professor of Geology and lllineralogy Pk B. S., Amherstg Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. Fellow in Geology, Johns Hopkins University, 1896-97. Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University. Professor of Geol- ogy and Mineralogy, Vassar, 1906. Member Geological SocietyofAn1ericag American Geographical Society. Published: The Pleistocene Probleni of the North Atlantic Coastal Plaz'n,' Development of Knowledge concerning the Physical Features of Cecil County, ilIcl.,' Physiograplzy and Geology of the Coastal Plain Formations of Ceeil County, ilId.,' Geology ofthe Bahama Islandsg Some General Considerations Relating to the Bahama Islandsg Development of Knowledge Concerning the Physical Features of Calvert County, ilId.,' Physiograplzy of Calrert County, Md.,' Geology of Calvert County, Md.,' Geological Map of Calvert County, ilIrl.,' Geological Dlap of Cecil County, llld.,' The Plioeene and Pleistocene Deposits of illarylandg The Miocene Deposits of Jfarylandg Development of Knowledge Concerning the Physic-al Features of Saint JIary's County, IlId.,' Plzysiography of St. llIary's County, ilId.,' Geology of St. rlIary's County, i1Ifl.,' Geology of the Patuxent Quaclrangleg Geology of the Saint .Maryls Quadrangle' Paleontology of the Buda Limestone, Te.ras,' Geological Rambles near Vassar Collegeg Concentration 'versus' Transportation, a Need of Accurate Measurements in Stream llforlfs. German MARIAN P. YVHITNEY, Ph. D. ---- Professor of German Ph. D., Yale, 1901. Undergraduate work in Europe and in private lessons with Yale professors. Teacher of Modern Languages, New Haven High School, 1892-1905. Graduate Student at Yale, 1895-97 3 University of Paris, 1897g University of Zurich, 18985 Yale Uni- versity, 1900-01. Professor of German, Vassar, 1905. Director of the New England Modern Language Association. First Vice-President of the New York State Modern Language Association, and Chairman of the Hudson Valley Section of this Association. Member of the Nlodern Language Association of America. Published: Several German and French readers, grammars and texts. Advanced German Composition, Easy Prose Composition, and Geschiehte der Deutsehen Literatur, in collaboration with Dr. L. L. Stroebe. M 'kIn Europe on leave of absence. QQ rvrfsfringx ' jr tl, on M lwemw Amee A LILIAN L. STROEBE, Ph.D. ---- Associate Professor of German Ph. D., Heidelberg, Germany, 1904. Studied in Universities of Heidelberg, Berlin, Paris and Lausanne. Taught in London, 1898-1900, and Rye Seminary, N. Y., 1904-05. Instructor in German, Vassar, 1905. Associate Professor, 1911. Director of the German Summer School, , Lakeville, Conn. Member Modern Language Association of America. Published: Die altenglischen Kloidernamen, eine kulturgeschichtlich etymologische Untersuchnng. Exercises in German Syntax and Composition Cwith Professor NI. P. Whitneyj. Easy German Composition Cwith Professor Whitneyj. Gesehichte der cleutsehen Literatnr Cwith Professor Whitneyj. Articles in various periodicals. HENRIETTE STRUCK ------- Instructor in German Lehrerinnen-Seminar in Berlin, and in Stift Keppel, Wlestphalia, Germany. Received Prussian State Diploma for Teachers. Travel and Study in England, France and Italy. A semester of study at University of Leipsic. Instructor in Wheaton Seminary, Norton, Mass., Miss Hall's School, Pittsfield, Mass. Instructor in German, Vassar, 1900. LOUISE MALLINCKRODT KUEFFNER, Ph.D. - - - Instructor in German A. B., A. M., Ph. D., University of Chicago. Studied at 1Yashington University, St. Louis, University of Berlin, Instructor in German, 1VIary Institute, St. Louis, Lombard College, Galesburg, Ill. Instructor in German and General Literature in the Correspondence Department of the University of Chicago. Instructor in German, Vassar, 1907. Member Modern Language Association of America. Published: A Study of the Theory and Practice of the Historic Drama, Articles in The Patlnfinder, The Open Road, Dlodern Language Notes. ILSE VVALTHER, Ph.D. -e----- Instructor in German Ph. D., Freiburg, 1908. Lehrerinnen--Seminar in Freiburg, Baden, Germany, State Examination. Studied at Universities of Freiburg, Shefiield, Munich. State Examination for Hoheres Lehrfach, in Karlsruhe. Received State Diploma for Teachers after having taught in Freiburg, 1911-12. Instructor in German, Vassar, 1912. Published: Die Siedelnngen :les Schwarzwalcles, ein Beitrag zur Siedelungslauncle. FLORENCE GERTRUDE JENNEY, Ph.D. ---- Instructor in German A. B., Oberlin College, 1907, Ph. D., Freiburg, 1911. Teacher in Oberlin High School, 1907- 08, Student in Munich and Freiburg, Germany, 1908-12, Instructor in German, Vassar, 1919. Greek ABBY LEACH, A.M., fb B K 1 ------ Professor of Greek A. B., A. M., Vassar, 1885. Student at Harvard Annex CRadcliffej, Leipsic University. Studied under Professor Gildersleeve and attended his lectures at Johns Hopkins University. Instructor in High School,'Brockton, Mass., Girls' Latin School, Boston, Mass. Vassar, 1883. Former President of the American Philological Association, and of the Association of Col- legiate Alumnae. Member of Managing Committee of the School at Athens, Member of Council of the Archaeological Institute, Member Classical Association of Great Britain, Classical Asso- ciation of the Middle States and lVIaryland, National Geographic Society, Archaeological Institute, American Philological Association, Association of Collegiate Alumnae, College Equal Suffrage League, Vassar Students' Aid Society, general clubs. Recipient of a gold cup from the Emperor of Japan. Published: Articles in American Journal of Philology, Classical Review, Journal of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae. 23 gueawzwi 'r i JXKYU. 'LF VL-A A GRACE HARIIIET BIACURDY, Ph.D. f - - Associate Professor of Greek A. B., Radcliffe, 1888g Ph. D., Columbia University, 1903. Graduate study at Rad- cliffe, University of Berlin and Columbia Universityg Foreign Fellow of Boston 1Vomen's Educational Association, 1899-1900g Teacher of Classics in the Cambridge School for Girlsg Instructor at Vassar, 18933 Associate Professor of Greek, Vassar, 1903. Has given Courses in Greek in Columbia University in the summer sessions of 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912. Social Director of Brooks Hall, Columbia University, during the summer of 1912. Member American Philological Associationg Classical Association of the Middle States and hlarylandg British Classical Association. Published: Chronology of the Extent Plays of Euripicles. Articles in classical periodicals. ifiuainrg LUCY BZIAYNARD SALMON, A.M., L.H.D. -e-- Professor of History A. B., University of Michigan, 1876, A. M., 1883: L. H. D., Colgate University, 1912. Instructor in History, Indiana State Normal School, 1883-86. Fellow in History, Bryn Mawr, 1886-87. Associate Professor of History, Vassar, 18873 Professor, 1889. Europe, 1898-1900. Published: Education in Dlichigan during the Territorial Period, 1885g History ofthe Appointing Power of the P-resident, 1885g Fulton Female Seminary, 18903 A Statistical Inquiry Concerning Domestic Service, 1892g The Union of Utrecht, 1893: Domestic Service, 1897g second edition with additional chapter on "Domestic Service in Europe," 19013 Progress in the Household, 1906. JAMES FOSDICK BALDVVIN, Ph.D. ----e Professor of History A. B., Denison University, 18933 Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1897. Graduate student in University of Chicago, 1894-955 Fellow in University of Chicago, 1895-97g Instructor in Greek, Denison University, 1892-945 Instructor in History, Vassar, 1897-1903. Study abroad, 1904-05. Associate Professor of History. Vassar, 19033 Professor of History, 1907. Member American Historical Associationg Honorary Member of the Manorial Society of England. Published: The Scntage and Knight Service in England. Contributions to Royal Historical Society, English Historical Review, American Historical Review. ELOISE ELLERY, Ph.D., CD B K - - - Associate Professor of History A. B., Vassar, 1897: Ph. D., Cornell, 1902. IVIary Richardson and Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellow in History at Cornell University, 1897-98. Student at Cornell University, 1898-99. Association of Collegiate Alumnae Foreign Fellow, 1899-1900. Assistant in History, Vassar, 1900-02. Instructor, 1902-07. ,Associate Professor, 1907. LUCY ELIZABETH TEXTOR, Ph.D., fb B K - - - Instructor in History Ph. B., University of NIichigang A. INI., Lela.nd Stanford Jr., Universityg Ph. D., Yale. Graduate work in Sociology, Chicago University. University Fellow, Yale. Instructor in Castelleja Hall, Palo Alto, Cal., I-Iillhouse High School, New Haven, Conn. Instructor in History, Vassar, 1905. Member American Historical Association. Published: The Qwcial Relations lzetween the U nitcd States and the S iozix I IlIl'fl'II1S,' A Colony of Ernigrcs in Uarzacla, 1789-1815. IDA CARLETON THALLON, Ph.D. ----- Instructor in History A. B., Vassar, 18973 A. M., 1901g Ph. D., Columbia University, 1905. American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1899-1901. Instructor in Greek, Vassar, 1901-03. Curtis Graduate Scholar, Columbia University, 1903-042. Marv Richardson and Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellow in Archaeology at Columbia, 1904-05. Instructor in Latin, Vassar, 1906-07. Instructor in I-Iistory, 1907. C Published: "Marble Beliefs from Varif' ArnericanJoar-nalofArchaeology,' "The Date of Damophon of Messene, " American Journal of Archaeologyg " Greek Vases in the NIetropolita11 Museum," The Scrip. 24 TW 'Eng rang u C' Atttttli KA I - , , ' Iiii .Mm L E 11 fy C. LIILDRED rISHOMPSON, A.M., QD B K f--- Instructor in History A. B., Vassar, 19033 A. M., Columbia University, 1907. Instructor in Wilford School, Baltimore, 1903-06. Graduate study at Columbia University, 1906-08, 1909-103 Vassar Stu- dents' Aid Society Fellow, 1906-073 Curtis Graduate Scholar, Columbia University, 1909- 10, Special Fellow from Vassar, 1909-10. Instructor in History, Vassar, 1908-09, 1910. Member American Historical Association. latin JOHN LEVERETT IVLOORE, Ph.D., fb B K - - - Professor of Latin A. B., Princeton, 1881, A. M., Princeton, 188th Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1891. Graduate Scholar in Latin, Johns Hopkins University, 1886-87g Fellow in Latin, 1887-883 Fellow by Courtesy, 1888-91. Tutor in Latin, Princeton, 1882-85. Instructor in Latin, Johns Hopkins, 1886, 1888-89. Associate Professor of Latin, Vassar, 1891. Professor of Latin, Vassar, 1893. IVIember American PhilologicalAssociationg Archaeological Institute of Americag Fel- lowship Committee American School of Classical Studies in Rome. Published: Latin Prose Exerciscsy Serzrias on the Tropes and Figures of Vergil. ELIZABETH HATCH PALMER, Ph.D., if B K - Associate Professor of Latin A. B., Wellesley, 1887g Ph. D., Yale, 1905. Graduate Student in VVellesley, 1887-88. Graduate Student in Yale, 1897-1900. Instructor in Latin in Wheaton Seminary, Norton, Mass., 1888-97. Instructor in Greek, Vassar, 1900-01. Instructor in Latin, 1902-05. Asso- ciate Professor of Latin, 1905. Honorary Fellow of Yale University, 1904-05. Member American Philological Associationg Classical Association of the Atlantic States. ELIZABETII HAZELTON HAIGHT, Ph.D., C11 B K - Associate Professor of Latin A. B., Vassar, 189-I5 A. M., 1899. Ph. D., Cornell University, 1909. Graduate Student in Cornell, 1901-02. Graduate Scholarship in Cornell, 1901. Holder of the Mary Richardson and Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellowship, 1901. Holder of the Fellowship of the Associate Alumnae, 1908. Graduate Scholarship in Cornell, 1908. Instructor in Rye Seminary, Rye, N. Y., 1894-- 95g in Emma Willard School, Troy, N. Y., 1895-19003 in Packer Collegiate Institute, Brook- lyn, N. Y., 1900-01. Instructor in Vassar, 1902-08, 1909. Associate Professor of Latin, 1910. Member American Philological Associationg Classical Association of the Atlantic States. Published: Articles in Poet Lore, School Review, Classical Journal and Classical Weekly. MARY BRADFORD PEAKS, Ph.D., CID B K ---- Instructor in Latin A. B., University of Chicagog Ph. D., 19053 Graduate Scholar, 1901g Fellow, 1903-05, Instructor in Greek and Latin, Milwaukee-Downer College, 1901-03. Instructor in Latin, Vassar, 1905. Member American Philological Association. Classical Association of the Atlantic States. Published: Chicago Studies in Classical Philology, Vol. IV, pp. 161-230, "The General Civil and Military Administration of N oricum and Raetia',3 several brief articles and book re- views in classical journals. GRACE GUTHRIE, AM. - - -- ---- Instructor in Latin A. B., Bucknell University, 189-L. Graduate work, Yale University, 1895-98. Instructor at Miss Whedon's School for Boys, New Haven, Conn., 1897-1900g McDutHe School, Spring- Held, Mass., 1900-023 High School, VVesttield, N. J., 1902-06. Instructor in Vassar, 1906. Member American Philological Association. 25 4"' lT""""'5'3"X 'l'NE,IU. LB rss AA ......-e ip, e Q-at--I n A-mm x CATHARINE SAUNDERS, Ph.D. - - - M - A Instructor in Ldiifb A. B. El 'ra Colle e, 1891g Ph.D., Columbia University, 1909. Graduate Student, , ml s Bryn Mawr College, 1898-1900, travel and study in Germany and Italy, 1902-03 3 University T h f Latin and of Munich, 19035 Graduate Student, Columbia University, 1905-07. eac er 0 I Mathematics, High School, Belfast, N. Y., 1893-95. Principal of Park Place School, Elmira, N. Y., 1895-98g Instructor in Latin, Vassar, 1900-03, 19044-05, 11907. . Member American Philological Association, Classical Association of the Atlantic States. Published: Costume in Roman Cornedyg The Introduction of rllasks on the Roman Stageg Altars on the Roman Comic Stage. LILY Ross TAYLOR, Ph.D. ------ Instructor in Latin A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1906 3 Ph. D., Bryn Mawr College, 1913. Reader in Classi- cal Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College, 1910-12. Member American Philological Association. Published: Thesis, The Cults of Ostia. illllathemutira HENRY SEELY VVHITE, Ph.D., flv B K - - - Professor of Mathematics A. B., Wesleyan University, 18825 Pl1.D., University of G6ttingen,1890. Assistant in Astronomy, 1882-83. Instructor in Mathematics and Chemistry, Centenary Collegiate Insti- tute, 1883-84. Tutor in Mathematics, Wesleyan University, 1884-87. Assistant in Pure Mathematics in Clark University, 1890-92. Associate Professor and Noyes Professor of Pure Mathematics in Northwestern University, 1892-1905. Professor of Mathematics, Vassar, 1905. EX-President of the American lVIathematical Society, and Editor of the Society's Transactions, 1907. Published: Papers in American Journal of lllathematicsg in M athcmatische Annaleng in Acta of thc Leopold Karolina Alsademieg in Bulletin and Transactions of the American DI athe- 'rnatical Socictyg in Annals of Matlzcmatics,' also a part of " Lectures on Mathematics, " in the Bos- ton Colloquium. SOPHIA Fosrnn RICHARDSON, A.B. ---- Instructor in Mathematics A. B., Vassar, 1879. Teacher in Private School, Rutherford, N. J., 1879-82, Principal of Rutherford Institute, 1882-85. Graduate Student at Newnham College, and Chicago University for two years. Instructor in lvlathematics, Vassar, 1886. Member American Mathematical Society. LOUISE DUFFIELD CUMMINGS, A.M. - - - Im-trugfor in Mathematics A. B., Toronto University, 18953 A. M., 1902. Fellow in Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, 1896. Graduate Student in University of Chicago, 1897-98. Fellow in Mathe- matics, Bryn Mawr, 1898. Graduate Student in Bryn Mawr, 1899-1900. Student at Ontario Normal College, 1900-01. Instructor in Mathematics, St. Margaret's College, Toronto, 1901. Instructor in Mathematics, Vassar, 1902. Member American Mathematical Society. 26 "4'ifEUCI.l',B AIUUB JN itll. rwwiiliiiiqr IV tl -01 '1 A -i '.,.-- 9 - 2, . Q Ji ELIZABETH BUCHANAN COWLEY, Ph.D., CID B K - Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Vassar, 19015 A. M., 1902: Ph. D., Columbia, 1908. Graduate Scholar in Mathc- matics and Astronomy, Vassar, 1901-02. Instructor in Pennsylvania Public Schools, 1893-97. Instructor in Mathematics, Vassar, 1902. Reader on College Entrance Examination Board. Studied at Columbia University, University of Chicago and Universities of Gottingen and Munich. hflember Circolo Illatematico di Palermop American Mathematical Society: Association of Teachers of Mathematics: Deutsche llfC1fll!37ILGl'ih'67' Vcreinigung. Published: Definitive Orbit of Comet 1826 II, published at Kiel, Germany, 1907. Plane Curves of the Eighth Order u-ith Two F our-folcl Points having Distinct Tangents and no other Point Singularities. Articles in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. Associate Editor of the Revue Semcstrielle rlcs Publications D1 athematiques. CAmsterdam.j GERTRUDE SMITH, A.M., 111 B K ---M Instructor in Mathematics A. B., Vassar, 1897: A. lVI., 1903. Instructor in Portland, Me., 1897-993 in Englewood, N. J., 1899-1900. Graduate Student in Vassar, 1900-01. Associate Alumnae Fellow in Mathematics at the University of Paris, 1907-08. Instructor at Vassar, 1901-07, 1908. Member American Mathematical Society. fllilwair GEORGE COLEMAN Gow, Mus.D. ----- Professor of Music A. B., Brown Universityg 1VIus. D., Brown University. Newton Theological Seminary. Teacher of Piano and Theory at Smith College, 1889-95. Professor of Music, Vassar, 1895. Europe 1892-98: 1906-07. President of the National Music Teachers' Association, 1912. Member National Association Music Teachers g New York State Music Teachers' As- sociationg International Musical Society. Published: Structure of Blusic, 1895g "Lessons in Elementary Theory, Elementary Harmony and Advanced Harmony," in the American Encyclopedia and History of Music, 1910g also Songs and Part Songs. JOHN COENELIUS Garoos, Ph.D. ---- Instructor in Singing A. B., Yale, Ph. D., Leipsic. Instructor in Singing, Vassar, 1897. TCATE S. CHITTENDEN ------ Instructor in Pianoforte Studied with Jules Fossier, Lucy H. Clinton, A. R. Parsons and Harold Bauer. President, lVIetropolitan College of lVIusic: V ice-President and Dean of American Institute of Applied lVIusicg President of Synthetic Guild of Pianoforte Teachers 3 Founder of American Guild of Organists. Lecturer in New York City Public Lecture Course. Organist and Choir Director of Calvary Baptist Church, New York City, 1879-1906. In charge of Piano Department in the Catherine Aiken School, Stamford, Conn. Member lVIacdowellAssociatior1g Life Member New York State MIISIC Teachers, Asso- ciation, and Life Member National lNIusic Teachers' Association. Published: Various works on Technique and Pianoforte playing and numerous magazine articles. GUSTAV DANNREUTHER ------A Instructor in Violin Berlin-Hochschule fiir M usih. Pupil of De Ahna and Jos. Joachim. Player and Teacher in London, England, 1873-77. hflember of the Boston Mendelssohn Quintette Club, 1877-80. Director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Society, 1882-84. Concert Master of the New York Sym- phony and Oratorio Society for two years. Member of Philharmonic Society until 1906, occupying a place at the first desk. Organizer of the Dannreuther String Quartette in 1884. Instructor in Violin, Vassar, 1906. Published: Set of Scale and Chord Studies, published by Breitkopf and Hartel, Leipsic. 27 "l'bCUCI.I1.B AYUIIB ,o u on i- ,, ,. by A T O 'Q . 1 . :flea ELLEN M. Frrz, A.B. 4 - 4 I nstrnctor in Dlnsie and Assistant Oryanist A. B., Mount Holyoke, 1904. Assistant Organist and Assistant, Mount Holyoke College, 1904-06, Smith College, 1906-08. Studied organ with William C. Hammond and Gaston M. Dethier. BEULAH ELISA ToMPK1Ns, A.B. - - -- A - Assistant in Mwic A. B., Vassar, 1911. Assistant in Music at "The Castle," Tarrytown, N Y., 1911-12. Assistant in Music, Vassar, 1912. EMMA THORN WILLIAMSON -- - - - Assistant to Miss Chittenden Studied with Kath S. Chittenden, Myra S. Dilly, Edward Macdowell, Leslie J. Hodgson and Harold Bauer. Studied Pianoforte and Pianoforte Pedagogy at Metropolitan College of Music. Taught four years at the Ossining School, Ossining, N. Y. Member Macdowell Association. Hhilusuphg JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., LL.D., CID B K ---- - Professor of Ethics A. B., University of Rochester, 1868. D. D., Rochester, Yaleg LL. D., Rutgers. Rochester Theological Seminary, 1868-71. Studied in Europe, 1871-72. Minister, 1873-86. Trustee of Carnegie Foundation. President of Vassar, 1886. Published: 'Practical or Izleal?,' Psychology Syllobusfor Classes, Ethics Syllabusg A New Uforlcl and an Old Gospel. Many educational and other articles. I. Woonnnrnon RILEY, Ph.D., fb B K - - - Professor of Philosophy A. B., Yale University, 18923 A. M., 1898: Ph. D., Yale University, 1902. Instructor in English, New York University, 1897-98. Graduate Study in Philosophy at Yale, Colum- bia and Johns Hopkins University. Professor of Philosophy, University of New Brunswick, Canada, 1902-04. Johnson Research Scholar in Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University, 1904-07. Professor of Philosophy, Vassar, 1908. Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science. Member American Philosophical Association. Associate Editor of The International Year Book. Published: The Founder of rllornzonisrn: a Psychological Study QfJoseph Smith, Jr.,' Ameri- can Philosophy: The Early Schools. About sixty reviews and articles, chiefiy on American and Italian Philosophy and Psychology, in the Psychological Bulletin, Psychological Review, Journal of Philosophy, Nation, Boohnzan, etc. SAVILLA A. ELKUS, Ph.D. - - -- - - Instructor in Philosophy B. S., M. A., Columbia University, Ph. D., Columbia, 1908. Studied at University of Munich. Attended lectures at the Sorbonne, Paris. Instructor in Philosophy, Vassar, 1911. Member American Philosophical Association. Published: The Concept of Control. ZITA LILLIAN rPHORNBURY, A.B. Assistant in Ethics and in the Secretary 's Ojiee A. B., Vassar, 1908. Assistant in Ethics and History, 1908. Assistant in Ethics and in the Secretary's Ofhce, 1909. lihgaira LEROY C. COOLEY, Ph.D., iv B K - - - Prcjessor Emeritus of Physics A. B., Union College, 1858. Student of Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Instructor in Science in the Lockport Union Schoolg in Mathematics in Fairfield Seminary: in Science in Cooperstown Seminary. Professor of Natural Science in New York State Normal College, 1861-74. Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Vassar, 1874. Professor of Physics, 1894. Professor Emeritus, 1907. 28 AA ,, i fi - lT7liTf' Af ' I ' is-333 . Member American Physical Society 3 National Educational Associationg New York State Science Teachers' Associationg National Geographic Societyg Vassar Brothers Institute. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Published: Text-books on Physics, Elementary and Advanced: Text-books on Chemistry, Elementary and Advanced. Papers on Educational Subjects: Proc., University Convocation, The New York State Science Teachers ' Association, The New York State Teachers ' Association. Investigations: "Electricity applied to register vibrations, " 1868, Proc., Albany Institute. "The Electric Register, and a Study of the Intervals in the Musical Scale," 1869, Journal of the Franklin Institute. "Determination of the Pitch of Koenigis Tuning Forks by the Electric Registerf, 1877, Proc., Pouylzlceepsie Society of Natural Science. "Convection Applied to the Detection of Heat,'l 1873, Proc., Albany I nstitute. "The Convection Thermoscope: experi- ments", two papers, 1873-'74, Journal of the Franklin Institute. "Theory of the Convection Thermoscope and the Crookes Radiometerf' 1875, Proc., Poughkeepsie Society of Natural Science. "Repulsion by Heat, the Radiometer Principle, detected in Air by the Thermoscope, 1875, "Mechanical Action of Radiations in Air and Vacua," Historical Sketch, 1876, Trans. Albany Institute. " The Limit of Visibility of Minute Particles, 'I 1888, Trans. Vassar Brothers Institute. i'The Solubility of Gypsum in Slowly Moving IVater," 1870, Proc., Albany In- stitute. "A Steady Automatic Air-blast for the Laboratory, 'I 1870, Journal F ranlclin Institute. "A Blow-pipe Assay of Silver Ores by the Automatic Air-blast, I' 1871, "To Remove Noxious Vapors while Evaporating Corrosive Liquids on the Laboratory Tables," 1885, American Journal of Chemistry, London Chemical News. Some Miscellaneous Papers: "F rom Newton to Kirchoti'-Spectrum Analysisff 1872, Proc., Albany Institute. "The Molecular Theory,', 1879, Popular Science Monthly. 'AThe Evolution of Science," 18841, Proc., Vassar Brothers Institute. "Science for Education, " 1899. Annual Address New York State Science Teachers, Association. CLARK VVELLs CHAMBERLAIN, Ph.D., CIJ B K - - - Professor of Physics A. B., Denison University, 1894. Ph. D., Columbia University, 1910. Instructor in Mathematics and Physics, Western Reserve Academy, 1894-97. Graduate Student in Physics and Mathematics, University of Chicago, 1897-1900. Fellow in Physics, University of Chicago, 1899-1900. Professor of Physics, Colby College, 1900-01. Professor of Physics, Denison Uni- versity, 1901-08. Professor of Physics, Vassar, 1908. Ernest Kempton Adams Research Fellow of Columbia University, 1909-10, and 1910-11. Silver medal for Original Instruments of Precision, Jamestown Exposition. Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member American Physical Society. Published: "The Radius of NIolecular Attraction," "The Compound Interferometerf' "A New Form of Interferoineterf' "The Achromatism of Interference," in Physical Reviewg "The Relative Motion of the Earth and Ether and the Fitzgerald Lorentz Effect, " in Transac- tions of the British Association. EDNA CARTER, Ph.D. ----- Associate Professor of Physics A. B., Vassar, 1894fg Ph. D., YNt1rtsburg, 1906g Assistant Principal, High School, De Pere, VV is., 1895-96g Assistant in Physics, Vassar, 1896-983 Student, Chicago University, 1893- 993 Instructor in Physics, State Normal School, Oshkosh, Wis., 1899-190413 Student, Wliirtsburg, Germany, 1904-06g Instructor in Physics, Vassar, 1906-113 Sarah Berliner Research Fellow- ship for Women, 1911g XViI1'tSbl1I'g, 1911-12, Associate Professor of Physics, Vassar, 1912. Published: Papers in Annalen rler Physik. HELEN SHEPARD HOLBROOIC, A.B. ----- Instructor in Physics A. B., Vassar, 1904. Assistant in Physics, 1905-08, 1909-10. Instructor in Physics, Vassar 1910. Q9 fb QA, FRANCES G. WICK, Ph.D., E E ----- Instructor in Physics A. B., Vllilson, 1897g A. B., Cornell, 1905g A. M., Cornell, 1906. Ph. D., Cornell, 1908. Instructor in High School, Butler, Pa., 1898-1904. Graduate Scholar in Physics, Cornell, 1906-07. Graduate Fellow in Physics, Cornell, 1907-08. Instructor in Physics, Simmons College, 1908-10. Instructor in Physics, Vassar, 1910. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Associate Member of the American Physical Society. Published: Articles on Spectrophotometric Studies in Fluorescence, Physical Itevieiv' and Physikalischen Zeitschrift. Series of articles on Electrical Propertles of lNIetalhc Silicon, Physical Review. MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY, A.B. ----- Instructor in Physics A. B., Vassar. Instructor in Physics, Vassar, 1893-1910, 1912. lihgainlngg ann Hygiene ELIZABETH BURR THELBERG, M.D. - Professor of Physiology and Hygiene Former Clinical Professor of Diseases of Eye and Ear, 1Voman's Medical College of New York Infirmary. Resident Physician, New York Infants' Hospital. Resident Physician, New York Nursery and Children's Hospital. Professor of Physiology and Hygiene, Vassar, 1887. Member American Medical Associationg New York State Medical Societyg Dutchess County Medical Societyg American Association for Advancement of Scienceg Womans Medical .Association of New York Cityg Womans Medical Society of New York State. ANNINA C. RONDINELLA, M.D. Assistant Physician and Assistant in Physiology M. D., Wlomanls Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1899g Sub-Dean and Demonstrator of Ophthalmology and Assistant Demonstrator of Pathology at the Womans Medical College of Pennsylvaniag Assistant Physician, Vassar, 19192. Hsafhvlvss MARGARET FLOY WASHBURN, Ph.D., fb B K, Z E - Professor of Psychology A. B., Vassar, 18915 A. M., 1893g Ph. D., Cornell, 1894. Fellow in Philosophy, Cornell, 1893-94. Professor of Philosophy at IVells College, 1895-1900. Warden of Sage College in Cornell University, 1900-02. Lecturer in Psychology in Cornell University, 1901-02. Assistant Professor of Psychology in University of Cincinnati, 190Q-03. .Associate Professor of Philoso- phy, Vassar, 1903. Professor of Psychology, Vassar, 1908. Member American Psychological Associationg American Philosophical Association. Published: Articles in Philosophische Studien, T hc Philosophical Review, The Psychological Review, The American Journal of Psychology and other journals. Translations of Wundt's Ethic- - al Systems and The Principles of illorality. The Animal lllinfl: A Text-bool' of Comparative Psychology. Co-operating Editor of The American Journal of Psychology, The Psychological Bulletin and Review Editor of The Journal of Animal Behavior. 30 .-..-- ee i . . . .hbz I on -linae..F5m-m 5,-r "sri, 4. ,Q A. 1fl, 17-7 SARAH DAVINA IVIACKAY, A.B. ---- Assistant in Psychology A. B., University of Illinois, 19075 Fellow in Psychology, University of Michigan, 1909-103 Fellow in Psychology, Smith College, 1911, Assistant in Psychology, Vassar, 1912. itxnmunrn Eanguagea JEAN CHARLEMAGNE BRACQ, Litt.D., LL.D. - - - Professor of French A. B., lNIcGill University, 1881g Litt. D., Colgate University, 1904g LL. D., lVIcGill University, 1911. Student at the Newton Theological Institution, 1881-83g at the Sorbonne and College de France, 1884-85. Secretary of the American McAll Association, 1886-91. Associate Professor of Modern Languages in Vassar, 1891. Professor, Vassar, 1892. Delivered course of lectures on K'Contemporary French Literaturef, at The Lowell Institute, 1898. Read paper at the Academic des sciences morales et politiques, of Paris,-used as an his- torical basis for the settlement of the Newfoundland question by the French Government. Contributed: Articles in The Outlook, The Inflepenzlent, The Andover Review, The North American Review, The National Geographic M agazine, The Educational Review, La Revue H is- torigue of Paris, and other periodicals. Published: France Under the Republic, 1910. GEORGIANNA CONROXV, A.M. ------ Instructor in French A. B., Cornell, 1899g A. M., Cornell, 1902. Studied in Germany and Paris, 1899-1901.. Instructor in Olean, N. Y., 1903: in South Orange, N. J., 1904-05. Thousand Island Park, summers of 1903 and 1904. Instructor in French, Vassar, 1905. FLORENCE DONNELL VVHITE, A.M. ---- Instructor in French A. B., Mount Holyoke, 19033 A. M., 1907. Graduate work in French Literature and Phil- ology, the Sorbonne and Ecole des Hautcs Etudes, Paris, 1903-04. Instructor in French in the Central High School, Springfield, Mass., 19045-06. Scholar in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawr, 1906-07g Fellow in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawr, 1907-08. Instructor in French, Vassar, 1908. EDITH FAHNESTOCK, Ph.D. - - - Instructor in Italian and Spanish B. L., Western Reserve University, 18943 Ph. D. Bryn Nlawr, 1908. Graduate work, Uni- . versity of Zurich and the Sorbonne, 1894-965 Fellow in Romance Languages, Bryn Mawr College, 1897-98g Bryn lVIawr College, 1901-02, 1906-07. Head of Modern Language Depart- ment, Mississippi State College for Vlloinen, 1898-1901, 1902-06. Instructor in Romance Languages, Mount Holyoke College, 1907-08. Instructor in Italian and Spanish, Vassar, 1908. Member lNIodern Language Associationg Ntember Dante Society of America. INIARY C. BELKNAP, AB. ------ Instructor tn French A. B., Vassar, 1907. Instructor in French, High School, Birmingham, Ala., 1907-08. Stu- dent at the Sorbonne, Paris, 1908-09. Instructor in French, Keene, N. H , 1910-11. Instruc- tor in French, Vassar, 1911. LFZONIE VIMONT, A.M. ------- Instructor tn French A. B., Adelphi, A. M., Columbia University. Certificate for special studies, Universite de Paris. Instructor in the I nstitut Polonais, and the I nstitntion Duehemin, Parisg at Wellesley College, at Adelphi College, and in Miss Arrnstrong's School. Instructor in French, Vassar, 1912. 31 WWEKYILB AIUVLB . L? - H '1 ,, ,-. 1 Y "li, ,.., 0 -my 4 AA Ggmnaaium HARRIET ISABEL BALLINTINE - - - Director of the Gymnasium Graduate of Dr. Sargcnt's Normal School of Physical Training, 1891. Assistant in Gymnasium at Lasell, 1890-91. Studied in Harvard Summer School, 1891, 1892, 1896, 1898. Gymnasium Director, Vassar, 1891. Instructor in Harvard Summer School, 1901, 1902. Graduate of the Cambridge Summer Normal School of Classic Dancing, 1911. MARIANNE LOUISE KING - -P - - Instructor in the Gymnasium Sargent Normal School. Assistant in Gymnasium, Vassar, 1906. MARGARET BURNS ---- Sargent Normal School. Assistant in Gymnasiumg Vassar, Assistant in the Gymnasium 1910. MJ 32 gl f 'RTB SEN lil HR EW-QASS .5 1 1 V f4 f' X X 9 qi, Wing W 'WK 55 Q ' X 'N H ' Y V W YH f " GQ gl h i ,NU PF QW eg C ,, 132 L , AQ mx , E f J' Hams Q Lvl fl N '- K' ' UIQ! ' , f X , xx xg A Y iw I If, . nh ' X " X K Q , V X ZHYDZIIHIHI1 Brat Svninr H282 ilirenhmaxn Hear Hirst Svvmentrr G9iiErern ELIZABETH BALDVVIN . . . President MARY BLISS . . V1'ce-Presiclent RUTH PEMBER Secretary I RUTH HOLLIDAY Treasurer Qmganizaiiun Gummiiier THEODOSIA JESSUP, Chairman ELIZABETH THELBERG ELIZABETH BALDVVIN RUTH PEMBER ELINOR GOODNOW RUTH BEIDLEMAN .Pr '.-- .f ,, -I MARY JOSEPHINE WILLIAMSON I wwf A DELPHINA HAMMER . . Song Leader ' THEODOSIA JESSUP 1 I . LUCY ROGERS J Cheer Leaclev s :wk : ' i '., . 36 Svrnnh Svvmvatbr Gbfcirvru THEODOSIA JESSUP President ELIZABETH 111-IELBERG Vice-President ANNEX VAN YVINKLE Secretary ELINOR GOODNOW . T'7'66L-S'?l1'6T TIIEODORE PLATT . .Maseott Qlnmmitineu ELIZABETH BALDVVIN Chairman of the Class Dlotto Committee ELIZABETH INGERSOLL , Chairman of the Class Ring Committee FLORENCE BRACQ p. . Chairman of the Class M aseot Committee RUTH VALENTINE . Chairman of the Basketball Costume Committee ETHEL FREEMAN . Cltairman of the Class Picture Committee 37 RUTH KINSEY HARRIET BRADLEY HELEN CROSBY ETHEL FREEMAN EDITH PRATT . DELPHINA HAMMER Svnphumnrr Hear iHir5I ivvmeztvr G9f5rrrE FRANCES JEWELL . . . . President LUCY PENNIMAN . . Vice-President IQATHERINE SCRIBNER . . Secretary GLADYS BASSETT ..... Treasurer MISS ELIZABETH HIAZELTON HAIGIIT Honorary Member Snplyumnre liartg Glnmmitivv RUTH VALENTINE, Chairman ABBY HAGERNIAN VIOLA RUSSELL Svuphnmnrr 31nke Bunk REBECCA LAXVRENCE, Chcziwnan RUTH HOLLIDA1' VICTORIA SEARLE Cheer Leader Song Leader 38 SPIUHD Evvmwivr ' Gbftirmva LUCY PENNIMAN . President MELANIE I-XVERY . Vice-President GLADYS CARR . Secretary ELIZABETH INGERSOLL Treasurer Elmer Gleremnnirz Qlnmmiiter VIOLA RUSSELL, Clzairrman BERNICE BKIARKS RUTH HOLLIDAY SYLVIA CONANT MARY PHILLIPS IRENE BEIR MIRA LUCE 39 Euninr Brat 5Fir5t Srmrnirr Gbftirera SYLVIA CONANT . . . President GLADYS ROBBINS . . Vice-President CLARA DANA . Secretary I IRENE BEIR . Treasurer lluninr Harig Qinmmiiivre NIARY PHILLIPS, Clzairmzm PAULINE TENNEY REBECCA LAWRENCE ELLA MCCORMICIC EDITH PRATT OLIVE TRUDELL SYDNOR WALKER 40 .., ,:. fn- A x ' ,If ,, :T lQ"-fjjrg'f'.4- . ff! X , f f ff ' , f ,f 1 A ' -22.1 .V rl 1 1 -f "'., 'z1If,'v, fi' f 'Z ' f 1 , 4 f 446. La .f. ,Q M. , ww. -' .XM ' 'r--WF' ,,w,1 V 'fx ,Nh M. '..:If1 FQ: 4. , Navi-. ,- .- . .2 fx -ee: fl, X .X .Q -vw . X RN . ,fix E xi I Svvrnnh 4 gaenwzier C9i1ir121'II RUTH :HOLLIDAY ..... President HAZEL HARRISON . . Vice-President HELENA DOUGHTY Secretary ETHEL DIETRICII . T'reasurer Flnierrlwau Erhair VICTORIA SEARLE, Chairman lN1IRIAM WINTER RACHEL VVI-IITCOMB AGNES WRIGHT ETHEL DIETRICII Elnkv iinnk Qlnmmiitrr HELEN CLARK, Chairman ETHEL FREEMAN HELEN SCOREY Qllnma Sung Hunk Mnmmiitre LILLIAN LANG, Chairman HAZEL HUNKINS HELEN PURNELL Eluninr-Svrniur Quai iliihv Glummiitee EDITH PRATT, Chairman DELP1-IINA HAMMER MARY JOSEPHINE SMITH ANNE PETERSON HELEN PURNELL 43 Srninr 01121521 lVIotto: Remis non amni Class Flower: Pink Killarney Rose LUCY PENNIMAN . GLADX'S BASSETTv . ELIZABETH THELBERG ELIZABETH HOWSON LILLIAN LANG . EDITH PRATT Gbftirrrn 441 . President Vice-Pres'icZe'n,t . Secretary . Treasurer Song Leader Cheer Leader -f'. """4"""'-'i7:,iL, V XVX f T""'.TT? Fifi ,," A J .,KA: V ll . , .., . . , , , ' K ,ff qi N, Q ff! ry i lx N l i f fl L, iii xii ,. Rx i . v, H, T Pjrxf H5 . XX ,.,, -. f 'X aff XX Xi xi fall ' ' 2:59 x xx X VJ ,Aa , '- N - . 4, .4 . ,. Q-- feizaraiiz-. '- vf +p4.:., .2 f N fi 4-L-rl.,..Bf -vf.,,, 31,11 ., ,K , .. I3.' 1: ,4 "Lf 14 if' .. L 1--Lggg' ADLER, HELEN THERESE Q35 Prospect Street, Milwaukee, VVis ALLEN, HELEN JEANETTE 2404 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, O ALLERDICE, MARY ELIZABETH 1224 Park Avenue, Indianapolis, Ind. 415 if Q D ,L 6 I I' ii i Q JL Q ' w , , I , 5' W, A, , Q.? ?E5,fQ:f'f5 V . , ye A va- g? ff as M' Q .. ff if I 1' j ,ff N46 Wife. , 'y.u-,, - t J 'Q 5' 'Q X f .K 1 ., ' JI, ., . APPLEYARD, DOROTPIY Front Street, Ashland, VVis. LARRONVSMITH, NIILDRED 'Box M, Morristown, N. J. AVERY, BJELANIE Farmington, Conn. BACON, MARGARET BJICKLE 504 Columbia, Avenue, Blillville, N. BALDNVIN, ELIZABETH CAROL 61 Blunn Avenue, East Orange, N. 46 J. J. Q '!!Jyw S 3"'x YY 5 fi I Jxfic +691 S G1 111 7777 17' - - -lx Lr. -15,7 I 1.-. '1-y .... LL 'Th qzfm Q1 ie .. , '-'. 1629 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. f :- BARBER MARGARET GEORCWIE wo 55 2 Y X1 f 5' 413' ' S ' 1' 4 7 . - , , 36 High Street, iB1'21ftti6bOI'O, V t. 7 va sig g J I r N"'f'h. ' 4 ' 192501. . "" QHQAQQ i BARBER, RUTH R 401 Union street, Joliet, Ill. ,rf 9 '--4 14 . X x M gk- 6 ' K' BARNES, ELEANOR S.-4 B ' B BASSETT, GLADYS BARTON BAUMANN, ROSE HELEN 47 137 West Main Street, Lansing, Mich. 6 Perry Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Q' 90 S Ti 'N .fi 'ix 650 BECK, LA STELL NIARGUERITE 15 - I' 1831 North 1VIeridian Street :V Indianapolis, Ind. n f ' BEIDLEMAN, RUTH ,AMANDA . V 190 Norwood Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. ' 101 Audubon Street, Rochester, N. Y l 1 " WK .'P'WER 3 -HX ,. sb L ., x! may , xx A we x We ff 4 V aft' W , . -.45 1, --ff.. ' 4 --ww. rv fx! rf- 5 B g Xb .f Ac 4 fi? ' 35 v 574591 f Ev A xaj vom. 43 ' 5 4' QS' - BERKEMEIER, MARY LENA 11 H, if A 58 Cannon Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. y jf' L-HJ! .ikyff BERNSTEN, JESSIE EDNVARDS 53 Burnett Street, East Orange, N. J. 418 .QS Q3 XV, fx ..,,. ii ' -EG IL.. X 1 cg , wa, eww 0 M Q - 9 ,Q W9 -J 4:- !. .H Now' S ENGu5H,8uT .x H K.DRF1'EaFONDEllSY: COXNSSE 1 4 . 45- S N! ol I q5'ro'73' WM l 4 sawn! ' BIEBII my BIBII l 1 . 'V l , If wnmmlllll BOYNTON, MARY LOUISE 466 East 18th Street, Flatbush, N. , me ,j , wg 'bs , wg -, kv? 'fu cfm , m aa 3, , 1 H 'Q f 2 4' if ff ' W f f , ml 5 ,QM A Poughkeepsie, N. Y. BRACQ, FLORENCE BEARD k 4,11 fn' ue fl. x , N fm "1-i,,, .' E 'ay 12531 gy , ,Q - a gif J' l' BRADLEY, HARRIET Care of Lt. CO1. A. E. Bradley Office Of Surgeon General VVa.shi11gtOn, D. C. S. W t' fy V A ' gjgii BRAQINARD, HELEN ALLISON 7 ' "M "" - - " Haddam, Conn. Af-Z iggy 'E V: :aff 6 . 12,43 BROWN, DOROTHY EVERETT '.. ' -- Rhmelander, VVIS. 50 3 . 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A ' ' i ""' ' 1154 121-V f CHAFFEE, FRANCES MARVEL . ' VVebb Academy, Fordham Heights "1 New York, N. Y. I g i.. 52 lg! ss xxx 1: !.. I u -. -5:55-' l ! G D U- Q7 LIBRARY 44 IA V Q65 sea R OW .ASL AB '- 1 n OA CHARLTON, CATHERINE HOWELL Q iran PE Wan I air' ' I1 gl 4 l ,E ..' f 220 Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, Ga. ,- E, 1 a Q Ii , if ,A 151752 iff ga f ,N 444 'ffl Q Nfl la I 4 1 H33 , , 913 fl- 15 -5f' f5s3' ,,f i , wwf 4 , .f,,,4,. 1 4535 1 , , 19 ,fl , , X CHRISTIE, BESSIE LEONE 328 East Avenue, Lockport, N. Y. CLARK, HAZEL THERESA Wakeman, O. CLARK, HELEN 31 Prospect Street, Cortland, N. J. COCI-IRAN, GRACE ELIZABETH 604 Central Avenue, Johnstown, Pa. 53 I Zo . '51, . QE D Q, -e 1 HQQQES ?1llLOSDRHY, 01' F D A 9 41 O Q 0 A-,V HOME 'QBRGAP 'A A gd A -' fb ' I ll S! , 2-Nga. . 'Ni' A 2, 1 fa b. ..,f,.i iff ! 5' .13 f U M w,g+Q2',gg, ,u ' mf' E ' I 63-'gf V ,-,J 5 Q' :S , , .4177 ,- +!'a Ami, AJ asf' COD ' 1606, CO0 - goo COIT, MARY CUSHMAN O East Main Street, East Aurora, N. Y. 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IIOLLOXVAY, ELIZABETH HUGIiES ' , 4493 Live Oak Street, Dallas, Texas we f M1 fe we 1 , - -A . HOSTERRIAN, ELIZABETH 7-W HYMQN1-SSE . if 'ms Qmux. l 455 Wloodland Avenue, Springfield, O. mi ILM 3 ci 0.0 Y'l'Y-ISKSZ I 1 -I V 1 ani 4 , HowE, MARY KELSEY 5 V L , A3 4:15 Fort VVashingto11 Avenue K New York City "'f1f.L i l' .- 641 HONVELL, MARJORX NIELCRUM ' F ' ig 4. E f I . 87 Cayuga Street, Seneca Falls, N. Y. ..., A R, I I .lll 'ro H15 un. , HoWsoN, HELEN ELIZABETH if 489 VVest End Avenue, New York City ' j ff, Q il oF V :M HUBACHEK, MARY LOUISE W ,f V I1- 916 Phoenix Bldg., lllinneapolis, Minn. c 6 B' ff . . 1- 4., .vp . . is 1, 1-.zilfizy ' Room-ma-:Es 1'-QR Si HUGHES, ELIZABETH GRAHAM 757 ": , Abilene, Texas lm X It -' ! M fig? f 29 4 'Qi 1, Sf , Ziff, A ,ly I ' 'd iv fm - fv Q. , , ff ' 46 x A JM,-v , fifty A I , 021 ,. ',',-.I,,I , E 4 -I F' HULL, GLADYS EUGENIA QE I . . 4 249 Washington Avenue, Kingston, N, Y. 65 1 Xt-ein V 1, -B'-'11-wr. Wgwwnwa . 1 w iildvm ,Qc Q51 4 Baum 'Any BMX7 Yu ev L ggi,-, 'B xllmgg, T ! 'W .sf s ffl 3 'Q I XX QQ: 1 9 V n I ! U I Z- J J AMES, EDITH ELOISE 4115 Wfest 118th Street, New York City JEWE LL, NIARY FRANCES 273 Ashland Avenue, Lexington, Ky. :QQ 5 L V , ...,-nf.. ef-rj' ,f' - ' x ,,' '-lib ' XX X MFA, 7 -75 J I 1 0 ral f Q1 We I 7 .!,,. q , - , oug keepsie, N. Y. , N 0 if 1 X WW , , ' ff H ff? "" -3 JOHNSON, CAROLINE CURTISS 87 High Street, Yonkers, N. Y. ZKELLY, KATHARINE NIARTINA 1 Hoffman Street P h Z3 Um! .WJ .J 63, K xku W3 estxiyf Y-VP 'mr w tb as , tj ., ii , - 5.5 Ab, ,Ug1EN, . IQELSEY, NIARY MAUD ' . 25 358 Goundry Street' '-'L 'e,'. 'A ' , ' R ' . T North L Tonawanda, N. X . .N Q 2 67 '4 , Q, , 4 9' 0 ,gif .1 715 ' ' ' Aix' J .- 12452 , . .LJ- 5994, 1 nfggfigmifil . VL 59 aff' fa. . if , 5 as S 'VI' ., KING, JANET ELISABETH 76 Stimson Place, Detroit, Mich. IKING, .iX1ARIAN HOSMER 36 Kenwood Street, Dorchester, Mass KINGSLEY, HELLENE 4:1 Henshaw Avenue, N orthampton, Blass. KINSEY, RUTH Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, O. KLIPPEL, ALMA LoUrsE I 114 Willianis Street, Lyons, N. . .I I MII lil- ELLIB ff! U AU VEBTISLFXEHTS Eu'-Tune Buaeau LEHHN BLL ENGLISH IN lfggteue IE LE55uN5 'lmrznwet Hfjwttlg IN WIT? ME NOW . ah ,, l K K l 0 . Mwxnw Harm G E : ,'fblZ3" 68 530 I 's Xe. 4 A wigs ' K 'iid- a , P . ' Q J C 'K 'QQ- 2?-:fn , V, 533-fw1',,,,? 6 4' , iw, Q 'Pc +41-qv 5 KUSH Em IRA 11-ILKLA x K , , , P 55 lXIarblehill Avenue, Kingsb1'idge,N.Y- i ,Y LAIRD, lW:ARY LOUISE 38 Dudley Avenue, Utica, N. Y. .Av E 'Q-v-- 4 1 LAMBERT, R1-IETA 7 hd,,, 163 Bradley Street, New Haven, Conn. ' . Ti as A LANCASTER, MARY ELY 512 Seminary Avenue Ginter Park, Richmond, Va. LANG, LILLIAN -HEARTT 509 Union Trust Building Providence, R. I. Q 69 Eli Q me A fa -X QFALULTYI . ' U4 K5 D " 2 6 'r ig: 'Q Lms IS Kun: MELISSA - H - .1 'Ms if 55 E Sw I NRXTTEN :N ETHK5 003 South Seventh Sheet I FF' , f X Q 9 SQ W ' .,,, wh 11, wumi-RNS YLP-an is ui . LUCE, Mum HiXYES 327 North Indiana, Avenue Kansas City, BIO. 'Ttki NDME, Qi L 1 s' 1 A 1 tx DICCORMICK, ELLA SUDDUTH ff f IM! 'ff 502 South Broadway, Normal, Ill. .X XX ii ,L '- -,QVNME b 'E' MCILEE, FLORENCE BIARGARET YW? '3 1 is N01-th Avenue, Grand Rapids, ivlich. " Q I . E.., , , mmm V -. .'f' C H P DICLEAN, GRACE ELIZABETH 98 Oak Street, Binghamton, N. Y. K i.XICiVIAHON, MARIO-N DORCAS M X Ny , W 805 Duquesne VVay, Pittsburgh, Pa. f 4 . ' ' ni 1 , 71 0 l E 'UT 1 f js A Q, E 2 . ' ' ' ' I f Y p L. x 3 'X 2 'I um Q. ww -5 'I ' 'Ex kv, I I 1 A. . 4551 Q ?'.3-195? . . X D C "':'X lik 5 at-xx? , 'D , af' fig' . QW. , .. 1, ,fix JJ 4 M 1' 'ik 5 615 . 95 wx 1 I Wfiyij ' E351 5:1 mlm- 'nz -2 . -: - 'fix' - .- .-fix pf -1' f. 'LL ' .. - ,,'l1" ' Z 5 Jw OLDHAM, ANNIE JOSEPHINE GQ6 East 107th Street, Cleveland, O ORDWAY, KAT1-IERINE GRETTA Q5 Wiest End Avenue, Newark, N. J. OUGHELTREE, CORNELIA BIALVINA Q9 Van Buren Street, Kingston, N. Y. OVERSTREET, EMMA BIARIE Q51 VVest Slst Street, New York City PEASE, BQARION JOHNSON Q0 Thorndyke Street, Reading, Blass. 73 Wm l UL' 0 I :gf A-5 fg J is '.l --me nys ,mn , f - X o , n A n ' f J N90 I 'I . . . x.5 ,., ,, ,. -1 Mi I V, V, ,Q , 4 , W I! ,, ,iff 1 A, kr., ,1 1' PEMBER, RUTH ELDRIDGE ' A -,,,g 1419 Kenyon Street-, Hartford, Conn. xl, -A 5 Qs si? i S E , A PENNIMAN, LUCY SEYMOUR Forest Hill, Asheville, N. C. I ,KWH 'f X z 6 ji 'J' , '52 Ni Nz: ,,-X.-.H ff 'J fb 51 'z , '52 , AQ' mil' 'f , . . . R H 533 Jefferson Street, Blilwaukee, Wlis. K., - -A A 1. 91 2 ' 1 1,1 1 Q f xx N '7 M1736 1 0 1-:R To PIL IN PETERSON A I , BND ELIZABETH . 1 Q' , I1- J 5- npmususp My HNLF- gyqruau PHILLIPS, BIARY ALICE ' 218 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, Ill. H9 S PIERCE, lx1ARJORIE ELIZABETH L, N 09 Merriam Avenue, Leominster, Blass. E? 74 I .reg- - I ll iq- , r' 21 "YQ- ' lv. -.-,,Q 4' .N a, 4 x 24? f 2 Y 1 QQ X V1 'J L , 4 K " fm 4. .sfq,grff13, i-V f- -+,Q.4. - f"""'w A 1231594 1 '-3551 A ff? 'f - -. Q5-,.. . PITKIN, .LXLBERTINA LANE U5 Wfest End Avenue, New York POTTER, HELEN MARGARET Leeds, Greene County, N. Y. PRATT, EDITH HARIQIETT QQ37 Burnett Avenue Bit. Auburn, Cincinnati, O. PRATT, PAULINE HOWARD Blaissena, N. Y. PRINGLE, ELIZABETH HARVEY Kingston, Pa. 75 City f l I 5 PHJNKZ HDNKI. f 1.7 in l f Q 54 Emi inli- J H lS'TnR'1' TDFNLS ,Q PUGH, AVRINA JEANNETTE 827 Blain Street, Racine, VVis. PURNELL, HELEN BIILDRED 4-5 Wiashington Street, Hartford, Conn. PYIQE, EMILY LEONORA 1918 Humbolt Avenue, South Blinueapolis, Rliuu. w wf 4 QUACKENBUSH, NEIDA 362 Riverside Drive, N ew York City " N.. I SH I V .J ' U2 . , 9, :fx , Q. '01, ,x r 2142? 4 gvf wtf- 4 zu' RECTOR, LELA ELIZABETH 1313 Ironston Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. '76 X9 X ff' WA F MhX1IY1'5 g F Nov l ll' .J I . 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Q , 1 6 Q fag? I 5- 1 RUDDINIAN, h1ARGUERITE f - a M 41451 Senator Street, Bay Ridge, N. Y. Y - ,,.o . Q 3 '78 RUSSELL VIOLX PDVEY I I ex. I ,, . , , . . ig I JN 610 XV3.Sh111gtOI1 Street, VVe1lesley, lVIa,ss. i I-P u I SCHOLTON, GERTRUDE ANNA Gouverneur, N. Y. SCOBEY, I'IELEN LOMBAERT Lambertville, N . J. SCOTT, ANNA PRENTISS New Brunswick, N. J. SCRIBNER, ICATHARINE ELIZA Wallingford, V t. 79 QA, .V ,I in LESS ni: gurl! M IN EN SH I Q sd -we one 'Tum' Neve cm-'ye 'FLUNK NOTE A S Q19 A2211 'J' I I I Qual SEAMAN, MARGARET MooERs 421 Tuneau Place, Milwaukee, Wlis. SEARLE, FLORENCE VICTORIA The Normandie, Philadelphia, Pa. SILVER, ANNE LOUISE 66 North Wvalnut Street East Orange, N. J. SMITH, GRACE EDNA 867 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. SMITH, LUCILE FOOTE A, Q Lee, Mass. 80 G1 Af' , x 04:9-Q I UL .fl u is I JUNIUR-SUPHGMQRE l 1190 "' I lx bull 'VUE FPIRSUNPQL-E 5' o , gin A U U U 'o KK gf, U "hEi3m,W ai, . f" f"1 'j,. - .N ' E N' ff m , N gf ew-m4,fg ff 5.1 '::'. f jg'4 M ' 'S we f , , 1 v T K 1 1 1 , SMITH, BIARY JOSEPHINE l l Q 2 Bloberly, BIO. SOUTHARD, DOROTIIX' .ANNE ELIZABETH 1002 Grand Avenue, Toledo, O. M ' A STEARNTE B ., H..H T s, ESSIE ARNOLD 4. Jw. ' T 1005 W7est Grace Street, Rlchlnond, 1- zz. ftf V, ' f 1-.'f H-kwa" mmgzpxqq gawwgqa 1 1,5 ft l fu STEVENS, BEATRICE NIARGUERITE 1525 Olive St reet, Kansas City, Mo. 0 , :,. W, V f' I -1 Y- ' f f J W I ? f 1 7 ll T Q .. H.w H, 1, T- Q 45" 'Q 5' i Y' 1 4 Q- STOVVELL, RUTH 1, , ,:,, lg 415 Church Street, Elmira, N. Y. - ff 81 rr L fl, 6 , . In . 5' I f HHH V Intl! uLAg USN! 'I D l ,.., ll e V-azgy' SNA1 .,, 'U I TEMHERS HGENL E 'a ff -me TNFA YNVUSTKY nm Dlx vlllfll '- i G MI' fx: .qv STUMPF, MARY ELIZABETH 5 Arsenal Street Watertown N. Y. x 0 T 'A 1 I 'Q "" SPIJKEN ENGLISH X' 'X 40 , , A-wif Y ff 0 9 'Q N 'Z if 'Q' v , T L .1 Avg X9 .1 b V... ,. ,. I be x J We , A 1' :z '2., .f555:'fx .1 , gf: Q Q - -. ., 551-152-- 2. .2 Q -. 221'-r1'2 SUTTON, BEATRIX 397 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. TAYLOR, LOUISA MARIA Lawtons, N. Y. TENNEY, PAULINE Park Avenue, Leonia, N. J. Trims, RUTH CECILIA Germania, Pa.. 82 'A :U 0.0 4 F .549 ... lui Q 9 -vx, vv YUM' N5 I E-T1 LEMU1 ,Q 5 .af ff 42.1. .. 4 -w . fx ' A x X Q 1 , , I A mfg. I ri fi , ,545 :1,W " 1 f 54 7! . -U, .J , 2 I., , V' f 9 , f f jg s , , 9 A ' f : N , f 5 TI-IELBERG, ELIZABET11 BURR Poughkeepsie, N. Y. TITUS, DOROTHY SHUFELT 127 West 11th Street, New York City TOLMAN, MARY LURENA 5810 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Ill. ' TOOF, ELIZABETH 63 Grand Avenue, Englewood, N. J. TRUDELL, OLIVE 1613 State Street, Menominee, Blich. JKQEPTNG HER Mrecnms WRAPFEI1 un uw cmmrl WDDL 'Q' I is!!! 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EHMHWM 197' H1CkS Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 6 6 I5 4 WEAD, NIARGARET X X Q06 F1'6dOI11EL Avenue, PGOPIZL, Ill. f"f6.?l X - .4 ' YY ,,,, -A AV A 86 lu Q 'D DN ' rifn LLN- J' u fi H 'I X WEIS, IRIS JOSEPHINE l 928 YV. Fourth St., YViHiamsport, Pa. I R WHEELER, GERTRLTDE CORNELL ' , ,g2?i1C:g-,f Stamford, N. X. X ..,, J WHEELER, KATHARINE ELLIOTT , A Vw U '72 East 77th Street, New X ork Clty ,,, f, i 7 HQ! ,V : I "1 VVHITCOMB, R.iCHEL GRAX' Cktou, Blass. y 1 81 Ash Street, Bro J LIA BEATRICE Y H son Street, ' "O'hton, New Bun, f Sy sp, n., -v - at ,,.. X.. J.. .C , 87 I 1 . '53 1 ', 446' 415- .y . '."' '-1-U21 , 445 - , "f JJ ,V ,,,,.. I, 2 if -v,'i?2k'mf7f4fPf?k V '5 ' N - X ' M r' ' 59' , 5 ' fa ,i 1 V ITESIDE, U T N. Y. x XX cl ff- CCC Cfgccof ' 7 7 u . I, ,.., I ,... , I -A 'AA' WHITHED, RUTH ELVIRA ' QL' , j ',W, 1 I 147' Reeves Avenue, Grand Forks, N. D. J I 3 wtf: .,:- 1 Ai ,I X S Q . 465111 . fin an , 5 I, WILLIANIS, DOROTIIY NIAY 759 East Blain Street, Galesburg, Ill. 5 tvnl L T uluf , 23: A Io O rw .Y ,, VVILLIAMS, NIYRA JEANETTE , .. ide-Q 13th Street, Easton, Pa. VX 't" ' I ' , ".,"' r' W VVILLIAMSON, MARY JOSEPHINE ff ' - Ill .P ' A I 1351 Dearborn Avenue, ChIca.,go, . Q95 5' A "v:p9r." L1 " wi - 4 .ml TJ R1 N L ET U N WILSON, ANNA GRAHAM Saltsburg, Pa. 12 88 N. 'MNT XVILSON, MARY AGNES Tabriz, Persia Q a , ff' " ,, all XVINTER, BIADELINE ALBERTA ., ., Q22 Harrison Avenue, Harrison, N. J. 9 f f 4 .Y , ,rf 1 t , j f -25 V, .- ,L 1 4 E 1 f 74. v -1 1 x ff -4' X1 fm ,I 1? 52 , I if is.. I ,rt v ,- in ,, WINTER, NIIRIAM LANE 818 18th Street, Des Moines, Iowa WORcEsTER, ELIZABETH BROWNE 1171 Nlurray Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. g!-lE ST DOPS To NAT:-:wg suv ptywlg S K 1 S , A E .We WA T 3 l"lDl' CU 1 O e f0'g,W 5- a els . 'q WRIGHT, LLXGNES FLORENCE '3 985 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio lb 'i ""' 4 wp -- 4' V 9 89 al L4-'exl fti if VVRIGHT, NORMA JEANETTE 985 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio ZAHNER, ELISABETH ZKIRKE St. B'I2ll'lilS Rectory, Adams, Blass. CORBY, JANE IRENITA 61 Delafield Street, Poughkeepsie, lX. ljlllllf O. 0 . E' a! Sv tx TX: as - 'A e A 4 ,ya fa. , fmiElvlaE?Q , , : : ' 5 - i ?5A5g'?3ai? - - -. , igglgifh . A 53... , ' "' ea' Il , ,N - ,,, wg-X' ' - 3 Q.. :: mf, 61:13 it l s ', 90 Zin Mvmnriam JULIA E JOHNSON HELEN WOLCOTT TAYLOR ELIZABETH BERTILLE MYLOD 91 QM Qi 'FORMER MEMBERS V A V I K If -Ii ' I ' SAR Q f fx f A 5 N J f f T +I Q - - Us A f Q- V ,, X . , X A TT X-f - K5 ff! -f T l h .rn A W ' . .ll , ,, N r' xv Wx rl LILLIAN ANDERSON JNIARY B. ANDRUS GRACE I. BEAVER HELEN BELKNAP IIELEN BORDVVELL ANGELINE BRONDER EDITH B. CHAMBERS MARY L. DARRAOH HELEN S. DICKINSON ELIZABETH CRAMER BIAURINE FAIRWEATHER RUTH FARRAR ELIZABETH FOVVLER DORO'FI'IY FRISBY MARGARET GLESSNER CAROLYN HARDING RUTH G. HOYT T HEODOSIA JESSUP ELIZA :KIMBALL FLORENCE KRIDELL XVINIFRED OTIS MARIE OTTO FLORENCE PRESTON CARRIE RINAKER GL.-XDH'S ROBBINS :XGNES ROBERTS :XDRIANA TAPPEN ETHEL D. THOMSON BTARY LOUISE TURNER CTO be considered a former member Of the Class of 1913, 21 girl must have stayed in the class for two years or 1I101'6.D 92 Sitllllllll u g 1 nl.1H.J.l.llX-P' Ji. , -Ez 'I N by 6 N G . Snniur igirihimg Sung Stars of the autumn night Gleam through the cloud-swept blue, Signs of the loyalty We pledge, Lucy, to you. VVords cannot half express How gladly We unite, Wlishing you happiness Tonight, Lucy, tonight Wie wish you happiness, 93 tonight. .JE Svvninr lgarlnr Ubprning OCTOBER 12, 1912 Qlnmmiiirr BERNICE NIARKS, Chairman SYLVIA CONANT EDITH JAMES AVRINA PUGH RUTH BROVVN GLADYS CARR LOUISE SILVER Glnmmittvv nn Effurnlig Ewa NEIDA QUACKENBUSH NIIRIAM VVINTER 94 Svninr Harlnr Sung Out on the crimson-crested hills, the Wind is singing, Soft-crooning now to yellow leaves their song of trium High to the echoing sky, a cloud-veiled mystery, Whe1'e enters now the song, wind-sung into infinity. The voice of youth and love and joyous hope is cryin Fearless, immortal, pain and :Lge-of-heart defying, Free as the singing Windg old as the World, yet youu As the breeze that is born at dawn, as the song that 95k ph ringing C3 0. 23 t.he wind has sung lSl3 ilmarrhing Sung Out like a ship on a Wind-swept track. So bend to the oars, Thirteen. Breakers ahead, shall they keep us back? No! bend to the oars. Thirteen. VVhat of the good ships gone before, Wfhat of the mark they set? Defy the current, and trust to the oar, Courage, we'll reach it yet. So bend to the oars, together, Oh! bend to the oars, Thirteen, We'll look to our boat and welll keep her afloat Tho' the current be strong, Thirteen. 96 Tas Sinn' -plus W sz-:Seb ew J N mana KW 3 ,. A m. lil' ' ' ' Q ,, -. ""L'W ' Q .f ' f v va. 'aw r w f. e 7- A N ma ' J ' , "'- F as fini, 4 9 , Q Q I P P' 4' 2 .: f " ' f' Ethira Sung T here's a man upon our campus, You meet him Senior year, Uh, he,s our own dear Prexy, And We're glad to have him here. VVe're sure we'll all remember That virtue is a state, That law is quite subjective And our wills are ruled by fate. And so we ought, ought, ought, Ought to choose the golden mean, As Aristotle taught of old Avoid each bad extreme, We 'll not be hedonistic And We ever more will try To reach the ideals you have taught us, P-r-e-X-y. Oh, Mr. Prexy, dear, Our responsibility Has caused us lots of trouble In our Senior history: VVe ind we cannot bluff you, And no matter how We try, The only way to happy be, is S-t-u-d-y. 97 Zifrrr Svnnga M usic from the "Persian Garden"-A Song Cycle Entranrr :Sung Wake! for the sun who scattered into flight The stars before him from the field of night, Calls us to worship with our holy rites, And prostrate, kneeling before him, Cast our garlands at his feet. Sun! oh, thou fount of light! thou rainbow dawn! Crowned with th, eternal flame no flood can lay, With mighty splendor, oh, thou lustrous one! Pour forth thy bounteous goodness, Bless our worship, Thou, our King! . fEz1rla11h Sung Come forth! rejoice! your garlands intertwine, Blossoms of- May, engendered of the sun, Breaking the bonds of winter's dark confine, He wakes these Persian roses, sacred off-springs for his shrine. V Bars of dawn burn deep above the hills, Brooks are flushing with the mist above, VVaking with joy, each fitful bird-call thrills, Light thou our chosen branches, till they glow with Ere of love. iirieatmaa Snug , All Hail! Chosen bearers of the seal-mystic seal! From golden star-tracts hitherward, On eastern dawn-wings borne! All Hail! most holy maidens! Ye, who bear our fire seal, The emblem of the sovereign of the morn-rose-crowned morn. Uplift now the Talisman of fame,-starry fame! The symbol to eternity By heaven-fire revealed! Translate this, our worship crude, To worthy adoration. Hail! ye .chosen bearers of the seal-mystic seal! 98 , xf 1,515-QI' 2 1 ' -311-MT-1-4 X :f:?"b.i.-1:3 1 f , x X f "gy NMA if 'CSWK A .1 -X V 4yY9uQg'l iTf Y' '. ,Q 2,215 1 V 5- K 'r M X Ev. V - 1 . x an 'us A Nag. X , QU F Xxx , x X Nl Q 7 '4""' ".' f 4A,, .jjlm ,,-- , - Qllama Bag Qlnmmiitrr D'EL?HTNA HAMMER, Chairman DOROTHY TITUS ETHEL FREEMAN REBECCA LAWRENCE LUCY ROGERS ANNE PETERSON KATHERINE DUNHAM 99 ,l 1- I Y Q. IRELE S BEIR MARY BERKEVIEIER FLORENCE BRACQ HARRIETT BRADLEY FRANCES BURNS BESSIE CHRISTIE HELEN CLARK ETHEL DIETRICH HELENA DOUGHTY HILDEGARDE GERMANN RUTH HOLLIDAY ELIZABETH INGERSOLL ALMA KLIPPEL ELIZABETH MCSHANE EVELYN NOBLE LUCY PENBIMAN A1xNE PETERSON AGNES ROWLALDS PAULINE TENNEY FRANCES VALIANT SYDNOR WALKER HAZEL WARE RUTH VVASHBURN GERTRUDE WHEELER RACHEL VVHITCOMB MARY AGNES WILSON GEORGIA LEFFINGVVELL Qnnnrahlv illlentinn RUTH BARBER ELINOR BLISS ALICE HILL ELIZABETH HOLLONVAY GLADYS HULL FLORENCE JACKES 100 REBECCA LANVRENCE BIARCIA LIVERMORE HELEN POTTER AMABEL ROBERTS DOROTHY WILLIAMS NIIRIAM YVINTER Fda! A E Ag , , I S, I Fi? A Q Eff' ' QQ Q5 f Q QE Olnmmrnrvmrnt Svpeakvra RUTH HOLLIDAY HELEN CLARK MIRI,AhI WINTER HELENA DOUGHTY BIARY AGNES VVILSON REBECCA LAVVRENCE 101 ' - z:if:i'f'.:::, A tt' ur E 1, n it-:Ei lcwefm ps :A A, 1- fl- " " 0 Q3 4 fm Srninr Bamrv Glnmmtttvv BEATRIX SUTTON, Chairman NEIDA QUAOKENBUSH KATIIARINE WHEELER ELEANOR GREENBERG IWZARY JOSEPHINE SMITH 0112155 Svnppm' Glnmmittrv ELEANOR GREENBERG, Chairman OLIVE TRUDELL CAROLTINE C. JOHNSON . IQATHARINE ' VINTON "".,. .- ji: gs Sb. H 5113522253 5 5 5 .!'i1Q2' N' K. a x ',,1 ,A -E ' - T.--li ,,.' 1 ,T M A-E X l 102 1 N 3 f f A i I C Pm' CE--5 f "'W'-im'-H H U an Amar: A A tv' .. t ' " ee-Q'-ft A ,L .1-I--'V ll' ' - A Evita' In "1H1E'-" q VVhat is the function of an Honorary Member of the Senior Class? Is she, as an alumna, a symbol of the past of the college or, as a professor, is she supposed to be an intellectual spur? Is she friend or counsellor? Should her last words be good wishes or a sermon? I do not desire, if an Honorary lVIember is a symbol of anything, to stand to you for the past, "19l3"g although to some of you I have tried to make intimate connection between the ancient past and our modern life 5 although to all of you I have talked about the past of the college and its democratic traditions. Let me rather be a link in the vital chain which binds us all together in the continuity of experience. Years at the college make one realize the larger college of which we are all a part: her history from her beginning-epoch-making for woman's education- her sturdy academic life, her possible future of equal sanity and growing aspira- tions, VVe are a part of a great college. Here our minds were awakened to litera- ture and history, to philosophy and nature, to humanity and fraternity. What part are we to play, in helping make the college of the future, in maintaining her best traditions, in developing the highest efficiency possible for her? We are a part of a great college, and honor lies, for alumnae, as well as for students, in acting well that part, in remembering the past, in giving everything we can Qtime, money, interest, experiencej to help the future. This to you as a class. To you, as individuals, I wish to say the same thing, "l913,'. Do not fail to appreciate the continuity of human experience. The study of literature and of life are alike. To know modern literature one must know the literature of Greece and Rome, to criticize modern literature one must have the touchstone of classical literature in oneis hand. And to know modern life, to judge for the future, one must first have imbibed the wisdom of past experience from literature, history, science, philosophy, all that thought foundation which education gives. Given that, you must think, judge, act for yourselves-take with power some part in present life and thought. Otherwise, you are mere cyphers in the world's sum, driftwood on lifeis current, obstacles to the world's progress. Your education demands of you that you be thinking women, that you count for something in the great questions of today, of the inter-relations of men and women in the world of business, politics, society and service. Nfy best wish for you is that, never forgetting the true meaning of the past, the new demands of the present, and the widening possibilities of the future, you should act vigorously and vitally your part, not only as alumnae for the college, but as individuals for the world. Q fvilyfiff f -n-iii' iuv. !h5i'?, w -0 PY, Q gggosifey 'A 've-333 wsu? -15 5 "l'M,5'2w W' 2 'Q "-d'09r'b amp 4 I A 5 G? QNOOG' tina 7 R 'Z?D:3'?' . , W Q l Ioeafam Hvfpa. ss fbmm Elms 'Ram I Is i'f"""'a"' 1' L 'D Am ar I xt I - Q-1 4 . 925 5 3Iuniur 0112155 Class F lower: Richmond Red!ROse MARGARET ARMSTRONG ANNE HALL , . EMMA DIX . RUTH REED . DOROTHY SMITH . CONSTANCE CURTIS DOROTHY DEMING MARIE SODERER . Gbftirvra Hirst Sfrmentrr Srrnnh SPIIIPBIPI' 1 05 . President V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer ZZ' '19 v',?'? 'Twai n 1 'r 52.4 2 Jf 'HA E WEE g WM Q , g un , 13.9 hiv' T' -1 V . -1' WI yy' ' f ,-. fiifg ff 'UM ..-S ,- 1 A 1-,vnu V X f G , f 'I I Lx Lf., - 1, f ,,r,. yV - . JC 3 gg f fy f f fpf ' -' P13 ' wi f f ., , 9 sf Au H' f d I U :J :' :S-' f IT - ur. ,f I ghjf, A c'f"1'm'mP Q ' '-,N . aqj.wgZ.,mQ.'XS1g: Z ji, L h v NM' V ' A BATALIE BASSETT, , of 2 Chairman - 3 GRETCHEN IHAYER , if fi", El E V 'q W f - 'ff 95 Q - 2 a - ,V 4 iff 5 , Eng BI.-XRIOB XXANGER ff f - f fx ---.x ff , XE ff ff if f X 1 1' , '+L f fig f l!! S 5 3 LO s, TRELXDXWEL Qgslnrzx . S ' X g ,S 2 Q: ' ff X -. - N 5 I GL.-XDYS SPENCER , fikiilj f l Q if E S '47,'f '1V1f SHE , 5 X DOROTHX' lXIEIGs ' 'f .3 I 2 'S Qjifgfffs uk ,A-X -. g 5' S S ' xg 5 71 ,UU " 3 sf X, . ..A ff 20 X 5 2 05:2-T X f A Wruxw f X M5 Z kt! " 1,3 f-,f N f Q '25 4 ff-5-5-Tiny 1 N ll L ?i2?11f5V 'JNL'-55" S 5 'fi " N- K ' S ' .4 K f x f A 106 1.. W 'e f' Nik SIFHHM RE M55 R PE WWEIULB Aman --J 1295 Q 5 A A RUTH NASH . ETHEL PRINCE LOUISE SEAMAN . MARJORIE DRMPSEY MARGARET WAGNER NATALIE SUTHERLAND LAURA SEYMOUR . JULIA BROOKS -AA Smphnmnrr 0112155 Class Flower: Sunset Rose Gbiiirrrn Zlfirnt Brmrstrr Swrnnh Srmmstrr 109 . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer SSQEQHCGDGQ WRQE QJI KE K gf f Q SQPHONQRESTOFRESHNEN W ocvosr-:R 1912 if Olnmmiiier fur Svnphnmnre 15 LOUISE KROEGER, Chairman 5 MARY CAMPBELL DOROTHY COBB THERESA LESHER MARGARET WAGNER Qlnmmiitev fur Svnphnmnrv Jlnk MARY MALLON, Chairman FRANCES MORRISON NATALIE SUTHERLAND , SOPHIE WHITE 111 artg 2 Bunk SMT 'M A T AX ...... . .....,... f ....,.......... I ..... -,......,..I ,,.,..,.........,.,.v...... WW VA- If f NTBA A ff 'A 'fQ f 4 . 79 Jie? EENE fi QA A x l A ak f THERESE BAIN MARY BRYANT MARY COATES DOROTHY COBB ELIZABETH GLENN VIVIAN GURNEY KATHARINE HACKNEY FLORENCE HAMILTON ELLEN HASBROUCK DOROTHY HOLT GRACE HORNEY DOROTHY HYMAN 112 MATHILDE KOSTER NIARGARET LEECH THERESA LESHER FRANCES MARBURG NIURIEL MILLER JEANNE MORDORF BERTHA SHAPLEY MARJORIE STEVVART HELEN STRAIT BIILDRED SUTTON ELIZABETH V AN BRUNT MARGARET WAGNER 1 A. 8 FMQHMAN EL SE mam 1.9 ,595 mm mm.-'-FA Psttlut 4 A -' fer 2-Straw-M If-if.yf,-,gg tl l " ' WMM 3: I . ,V Q1 M ' U' --I .. , - ,I 2121, 2, . Y L . .ax BIARJORIE XYOOLSEY ELIZABETH IQELLER PHEBE BRIGGS . DOROTHX' HOUGHTON AGNES NICHOLSON CATHARINE BICLEAN EMMA DOXN'NER . ELIZABETI-I JOHNSTON A x Efrvahman 0112155 Clfzss Flower: Mrs. YVzIrd Rose Gbftirem EHix'5t Svmvstnr SPIUITD Svrmeairr 115 . President . Vz'ce-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer 'rs elm L B n . ggi,-an Am els - ,!5 .A illrllnma M ary Richardson and Lydia Pratt Babbott Foundation N INA FRANCES RAYNOR, A.B., 1905, A.M., 1906 . . Yale University Vassar Students, Aid Society Foundation MARGARET JUDSON, A.B., 1903 .,... Yale University Fellowship ofthe Associate Alumnae of Vassar College EMMA PHOEBE WATERMAN, A.B., 1904, AM., 1906 . University of California Special Fellowship for the Year 1912-1913 JUDITH BLOVV VVILLIAMS, A.B., 1912 . . . William Borden Fund DOROTHY MARTHA BALDNVIN, A.B., 1912 Vassar College F ellourships ANNA HARRIET BLAKE, A. B., 1912 . . . MARY EMERSON HURLBUTT, A.B., 1912 . EZLIZABETI-I AMANDA KITTREDGE, A.B., 1919 HELEN DRUSILLA LOCKWOOD, A.B., 1912 Mrahnair Svtuhznta KATHERINE INNIS ARNOLD, A.B., 1895, Music. ELIZABETH CUTTER, A.B., 1912, Biology. 116 Columbia University University of Chicago Columbia University Columbia University Columbia University ff' M? , ' MV' l i ,fx f? 11ll,:.:.r.:1.' n This .jew -H, I ey K 'i A ' 'ff it If A A raraa ll arwsmrsa li New York . 365 Pennsylvania 93 hlassachusetts 90 New Jersey 82 Ohio . 64 Connecticut 57 Illinois . 53 Nlichigan 32 Missouri . 25 Wisconsin 22 Indiana . 15 Minnesota 12 Iowa . 10 California 8 Kentucky 8 Maine . 7 Maryland 7 Vermont . . 7 Delaware . 6 District of Columbia 1 6 Georgia . . 6 Rhode Island 6 VVest Virginia 6 New Hampshire 5 Virginia . 5 Nebraska 4 117 Persia . . Tennessee . Wlashington Utah Japan . India . lXIontana . . North Dakota . Syria . Texas. Alaska . Arkansas . Colorado . Cuba Florida . Germany . Idaho . Italy . Kansas . Mississippi . North Carolina . Oklahoma . . Philippine Islands Wlyoming . . Total Number 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,043 Ls , I 'I -91,2 . 2 ' 754' 1 4: 0, Q f ' . . , . , '22 ' ' , ,..:-Q-Q':Slimaf:-1-.4,af2:.,1.',.-5 'V f:1:'1-mm-J-Jpzcfa-1' -rf fl , 1 fi S 1 ' 1 I 1 , m f Z 4 5: lc 42: 3. .Z L gli: 4 1, cf 1' K4 gf 2 ' 0 xy 4 ! r 4' If ,f 54 4 I . , ' ' , f 535 , V . v , ,,, fi if ,iw ' lt' 1 415 - 4 n ii! ET, fi .1 4-:L 2' if fig . V? W r- L 42 4,2 W ., ,. 1 , f : ' ,,.1.,f--nl, ' , V -V '- wW...,. ,. .,.. -.A. , ,-.. . . . Sftuhentz' A52-nriatiun FOUNDED 1866 Gbflirvrs WVICTORIA SE.-XRLE,,13 , . . . President IELIZABETH BALDXVIN,,13 . Vice-President DOROTIYIY I'IYMAN,,1-5 . Secretary NELLIE CATLIN,'1Jf . Treasurer ' IQO PRES MRS. PROF 5795-6IlUPI'l111IPI1f Olummiiter VICTORIA SEARLE, Clz,ai'rma.n ELIZABETH BALDXVIN, '13 IRENE BEIR,,13 EXLTHEA ERVVIN,,13 DIARGUERITE RUDDI1I.AN.'13 BIIRIAM 1VINTER,'13 EMMA DIX,'14 ELINOR BLACKMAN,,1+1 IQATHARINE FARNAM, '1-L LOUISE GARVER,,14: HELEN 1XIAXFIELD,714n IJARRIET ROBBINS,,14 DOROTHY HYMAN,'15 MARGARET VVAGNER, , 15 IQATHERINE R. WELLES,,1-5 BIILDRED DRUIEN,,16 IQATHERINE SCHUMACHER, 116 Jlnint Glnmmitiee FACULTY MEMBERS JAMES NI. TAYLOR, Clzairmcm KENDRICK NIARGARET F. XVASHBURN PROE. 'LAURA J. VVYLIE ' MISS CLARA REED STUDENT 1W1EMBERS V ICTORIA SEARLE, '13, Clmirmcm FRANCES JEVVELL,,13 ELIZABETH ,111-IELBERG, ' 13 GRACE GOULDER,,14 DOROTHY SMITH,,14L DOROTHY COBB, '15 012115115 Eiurrnu Qluntnlittvr ALTHEA ERNVIN,'13, Chairman LOUISE GARX'ER,'1-1 JOSEPHINE GLEASON,'14 N.AkT,4.LIE SUTHERLAND, 15 KK . H 1: Y 1 ' , . Barn Lg Atnun M. Flhv Qfavneral Gnunril VICTORIA SEARI,E,'13 Ii,-XTHERINE SCRIBNER, ,153 ELINOR FATMAN, ,13 CAROLINE JOHNSON,,13 LUCY PENNIMAN,,13 BQIARIAN ISiING,,13 FRANCES VALIANT,'13 ETHEL DIETRICIX, ,13 BIARGARET :XRMSTRONG,,14f, First Semester DOROTHY SMITH,,14:, Second Semester RUTH NHSI-I,,15, First Semester MARGARET VVAGNER,,15, Second Semester BIARG-ARET XYOOLSEY,'16, F irst Semester :XGNES NICHOLSON,,16, Second Semester :XGNES XvRIGHT,x13, First Semester IJILDEGARDE GERM,-kNN,,13, Second Semester BIARGARET CUSHING,,141', F irst Semester IRMA YYATERI-IOUSE,'1+L, Second Semester Surial iEI1Q2IQPl1lP11T5 QT,nmn1iIieP BIIRIAM XYINTER, '13, CIIClljl'7lZCUl FRANCES XVALKER, '13 IDINSMORE PATRICK, ,15 BLANCHE ELLSXYORTH,,1+1- BIILDRED DRUIEN,,16 Hlniha' Glluh Kumar Ql11l1I11IiIfPP EXVELYN NOBLE,'13, C'lzaz'rnzan AGNES WI1ISON,'13 IXDELINE DE SALE,'14 BIARGARET :XRMSTRONG,,14: RLTTI-I NASH,'15 MISS XYELLS, Faculty ,fldrisor QPHB Hnhrr DOROTHY SOIITHARD, First Semester BI.-XRCIA LIVERMORE, Second Semester Qlnmmiitee un Hilaihz' Qllyrinimaz ftllnnvg ELEANOR GREENBERG, Flzazfr-rrzarz - Eelvgatez in Siuhent Olnnfrrenre XFICTORIA SEARLE,,13 Ii.-XTHARINE FARNAM,,14l Eelrguten In Clfnnfvrenre at Zliahrliffe VICTORIA SEARLE,,18 ELINOR BLACKMAN,,1-1 12:2 'RKKYILB Amug Wiz :QL ' - 4 -' ,.,. E I 2-If f Olnmmiiiee fur Qvrviuing ilhvnhmvn MARY ALLERDICE NIELANIE A.VERY ELIZABETH BALDWIN IRENE 'BEIR :NIARY BOARDMAN NIARY COIT ETHEL DIETRICI1 ELEANOR GREENBERG RAE HARRIS ELIZABETH HOSTERMAN MARY HOWE HAZEL HUNKINS FRANCES JENVELL 1913 111AUD KELSEY CAROLINE NIILLS EVELYN NOBLE LUCY PENNIMAN HELEN SCOBEY KATHERINE SCRIBNER V ICTORIA SEARLE FRANCES VALIANT RUTH WHITHED AGNES WILSON ELIZABETH VVORCESTOR AGNES VVRIGHT ELIZABETH ZAHNER CAROLINE JOHNSON ELIZABETH ARMES MARGARET ARMSTRONG MARTHA BULL MARGARET CLARK EMMA DIX BLANCHE ELLSWORTH KATHARINE FARNAM ELIZABETH FRENCH HELEN FRENCH LOUISE GARVER JOSEPHINE GLEASON 1514 GRACE GOULDER ANNE HALL GLADYS LYALL EDNA MCFARLAND HARIETT ROBBINS GRETCHEN THAYER LAURA VVEST PHYLLIS WILLIAMS KATHERINE WILSON HELEN WINTER HALLIE YOUNG 45,155 -'1'-ef-ag 11 H- eff ,Ast 13-2. m L Is ffT"""1 ' A-A. ' Ama e Y ' 9521- AA Zinunhmfn Bag Qlnmmittrv 3Haru1tg Jlilvmhrerz PROF. 1VIARGARET F. WASHBURN, Chairman , . PROF. I. WOODBRIDGE RILEY NIRS. KENDRICK PROF. CAROLINE E. FURNESS MISS GEORGIANNA CONROW - Svtuhrni illimnhera HIARRIETT BRADLEY, Chairman ELIZABETH HUGHES,,13 MARGARET CROsBY,'15 MYRA VVILLIAMS,,13 LOUISE SEAMAN,,15 ELIZABETH lXRMES,,14: PHEBE BRIGGS,,16 JEENNETTE LANGHAAR,'14 KATHERINE VAN DUsEN,'16 Snphumnre-lluninr Banrv FEBRUARY 15, 1913 Glnmmitire GRETCHEN iFHAYER,,14, Chairman 1914 I 1915 MARTHA TIPTON NIIRIAM SHEPHERD NIILDRED BROXVN FRANCES CURTIS LUCIA NEARE MARY CAMPBELL 124 A Eff, 1554 . wg, ., . ,rv-f ,vm , ,.,.A .mv f -11 mm, I I R52 N Y .,, I , r f' ' . AW- - ' 1, , ff ye!-542 A44 ' . A , ,- gm f' 1 fag, 'f2e3'zW1.. ff? - ff wy 441 1 :gn Q7222153313EE:1i13:1'-'1' f ''1'1-2:'5iE,E:2:9'2.-1211!-M., L " g'jf,j'6f.51.2?'155'A', -gSf'Z- f'1Ex'Qjl7i, ", Wg' ' ,,.141,,.,-g':'fg ,. 2 5-1, 1 wi . 2 '- wf e',,+. 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A ,iL:,Q - ,YYLV v 1216 .Q ' ' tgfwzx V .- -, f . -fm.-,-N xa- "-- 37.13 1 'E " gf, , 'P' - " E, 53 ,I 5, Glhriaiian Annnriaiinn FOUNDED 1867 REORGANIZED 1885 Gbiiirvra KATHERINE ELIZA SCRIBNER,,13 . . . President MARY :XGNES VVILSON,,13 . . . Vice-President ELINOR BLACKMAN,,14s . . Recording Secretary HELEN HUGHEs,'14 . . Corresponding Secretary MARG.ARET BLATCHFORD BLISS,,15 . . . . Treasurer 126 L? - A - 9 ""'?-rut-5 E A111112 dw-, ll A Exvrutinr Zfiuaril Ii.-XTHERINE SCRIBNER,,13 .... . C'lza,qjmmm ELINOR BLACKMAN,,1-1: . ..... Secretary AGNES VVILSON,,13 MARION WILLARD,'14I RUTI-I I'IOLLIDAY,,13 GRACE GrOULDER,,14: RI.-XUD KELSEYQI3 HELEN HUGHES,,14: ELIZABETH B.-XLDXVIN,,13 MAUDE LOUISE STRAYER,,15 ELIZABETH INGERSOLL,,13 DOROTHY COBB,,15 DOROTHY SMITI-I,,14s BIARGARET BLISS,,15 Glnmmitirma Bnuuiinnal DOROTIIY SMITH,,1-L, ClZClZi'I'I7'LfL'I7, LUCY PENN?MAN,,13 RHODA VVARNER,,14 NELLIE CATLIN,,1Ll LOUISE GARVER,'14f HELEN STRONG,,14L AIMEE 1VANNEMAN,,14 HARRIET ROBBIXS, '14 Hienxhrrulgip Cinmmitirr ELIZABETH INGERSOLL,,13, Chairman HIYRA XVILLI.-XMS,,13 RUTH CASE,'14f LYDIA BROWNQI3 BL-XRTHA BULLQH XVINIERED :XNDERSON,,14l MARIE SODERER,,14e SOPHIE XYHITE, '15 Eihhe Siuhg Gnxnxniitrv ELIZABETH C. B,-kLDVVIN,'13, Chairman H,AZEL HARRISONQIS HARRIET ROBBINS,,14: SYBIL Ri.-kY,,14s JULIA BROOKS,,15 lglgilzxnthrnpir Ililnrk I n Pouglzkeepsie RUTH HOLLIDAST, C'lzawz'1-rnann BIARY BLISSQI3 MARY JOSEPHINE SMITH,,13 MARGARET WVEADI ,13 JEANNETTE LANGHAAR,'14 3 ' BIARJORIE STEXVART, ,M Cgrmzral ljilgilanthruptr Mark RIAUDE LOUISE STRAYER,,15, Uhairvnan BIARGUERITE ILUDDIM.-kN,,13 EMMA LESTER,,15 HELEN XVANSER,,14: ROSE VVILSON,,10 , - SYBIL BI.-XY,,14s CHARLOTTE EATON, lo VVILHELMINA CONGER, '16 1Q7 Taira, 'iii 13231 LB iX'lfUt'LB .fm A A i iillliaaiunarg Brpartmeni AGNES VVILSON, ,13, Chairman Mission Study lVIAUD IiELSEY,713, Chairman ELIZABETH HOSTERMAN,,l3 JOSEPHINE GLEASON,,14 ADELINE DESALE,,14la MARGARET TAYLOR,,15 Missionary Finance lX1ARION XVILLARD, '14, Chairman RUTH PEMBER,,13 ALFREDA MOSSCROP,,l4 ELEANOR STOKES,,1-5 Cfbrnrral I Publication GRACE GrOULDER,,l4:, Chairman MARJORY WOODS,'14 BEATRICE KENNEDY,,15 M usic and Posters DOROTHY COBB,,15, Chairman IMOGEN IiINSEY,,15 Student Volunteer Band BKIAUD KELSEY, '13, Leader Boston Worl' LILLIAN LANG, Principal J OSEPHINE GLEASON, Intermediate Department VIOLA RUSSELL, Kindergarten Enrollment of school, 112 children Philadelphia Work IRENE RILEY, Principal ELEANOR FRY, Kindergarten EDITH CHAMBERS, Industrial Department Enrollment of school, 211 children 128 Silum' Eng Brlrgatiun MELANIE fXVERY,,13 ELIZABETH BALDWIN, '13 BIARY BLISSQ13 MARY BOARDMAN,,13 AGNES CAMPBELL,,13 ETHEL CURLEYQ13 ANNA CURTISS,,13 MARGERY DAVENPORT,,13 ETHEL FREEMAN,,13 RAE HARRIS,,13 ELIZABETH HOSTERNIAN, ,13 NIARJORY HONVELL,,13 ELIZABETH INGERSOLL,,13 CAROLINE JOHNSON,,13 MAUD KELSEY,313 JANET KING,,13 NIARCIA LIVERMORE,,13 GRACE MCLEANQI3 GRETTA ORDWAY,,13 ELIZABETH PRINGLE,,13 GLADYS ROSSQ13 KATHERINE SCRIBNER,,13 VICTORIA SEARLE,,13 LUCILE SMITH,,13 DOROTHY WILLIAMS ,' ' 1 3 AGNES VVRIGHT,,13 MARGUERITE BUTLER,,14 NELLIE CATLIN,,14 ADELINE DESALE,714 JOSEPHINE GLEASON,'14 ANNE HALL,,14 HELEN HUGHES,,14 EDITH JAMIESON,,14: J EANNETTE LANGHAAR, '14 HELEN MODOUGALLQI4 MILDRED lVIOULD,,14 LOUISE STANLEY,,14 MARGARET BL1SS,715 THERESA LESHER,,15 EMMA LESTER,715 DIANTI-IA LAPHAM,,15 MARY MALLON,,15 RUTH NASH,1'15 MARY ROSSQI5 HELEN STRAIT,'15 MILDRED SUTTON,,15 SOPHIE WHITE,,15 KOTO YAMADA,,16 Eagleamern Eelegatinn AGNES WILSON, '13 LOUISE GARVER, ,141 IRENE RILEY, '13 ELIZABETH GLENN, '15 .gf 'Nt Ng-, L' 1 x ' .3 If J .1 ""'E- .LL nj. f 2 , , f W , f 5 , , X 2 4 'X' ,Z , , 1 a 4 1 Y ,5 sw 22? gg- gjgv: F59 3+ H171 ":Z2g:! ffff' ' : 4: fa If ff 53? Kg? -f'4Y :iw T55 QC 2 ,f MS ,MF ,L , .M 5552, ,fl .gif 2 l' MQ : gg 1- 1- Za L' ' 'mi Vg Q Ig 0 fq ,f - ag? lin w. :pg E 1 s :HZ5 E-'FTF sg 13:15 5.' ' gf ' 5 ., i ' 21,2 1 -.. Egg 1 - 'seq 52' 'P I . .g1f."QF?5Z 'T' '-2525.932 ' x -f-1-L.-,,,',: ' -ff 1 - . L ' '34,-,:,l:9' r' 'Qi' ' 'fffwf , ii X gif W ki.,-5 ' i, zap,--x : ' - ,fy R .J ' I "2 ' I F11 .Qff V 1,2 1 "ii, ' 1-, if 2:1 F- , ew 1 - :', I: '. 'f 'Q V A 1,5 af" g S Q Lf F' , , , ., Y 'T - ,:.' , aa'g"'W" 5'-f N "."ff . ' "U 'x "L ' ,,: , -ff ' ., 5 . ji 34- If , V, . j 'gr 4 !.Qf'i'Ql1:e, "f+!PYd'1fi1 -'gg-3-1- vi: ELINOR FATMAN,,13 MELANIE AVERY,,13 HELEN M. FRENCH,,14e EDITH HILLES,,14 . PHYLLIS BROWN,,14 DOROTHY COBB,715 Hhilalrthria FOUNDED 1865 Gbiiirnra . President Vice-President . Secretary . . T Teasurer . . Property! Manager A Assistant Property M anager 132 "- LB fi' tl , Amug 4453, Ahuianrg Enarh S RUTH VALENTINE NIELANIE AVERY MARY COIT A. M. L. P. ROSE I Gritirul Glnmmiitve RUTH IQINSEY, First Semester A ,VICTORIA SEARLE, Second Semester ELIZABETH IIOLLONVAY ELIZABETH HUGIIES, Second Semester DOROTHY EMBRY, First Semester Make-Hp Olnmmiitee JANET GOLDEN, Chairmarz. ' HELEN BLACK,,13 ' MARGARET CLARK,,14: CARITA DOGGETT,,13 EDITH HILLES,,14 EDITH JAMES,,13 MARTHA STRONG,,14s QLIHZIUIITPE MARY JOSEPHINE SMITH,,13 RUTH VALENTINE,,13 ISTATHERINE R. VVELLES,,15 Srene lfiainierz RUTH BROVVN FRANCES RIARBURG 133 Y I 1 SCENE 1. J ohanna-"Should I have killed him? Could I, when I gazed upon his face?', Elhirh 352111 lglag ,,M,,,,, IIIAY 11, 1919 "Uhr main nf 0BrIea11a" Glnmmitirv FRANCES JOHNSON,,IQ, Chairman ANNE BAKER,,IQ DOROTHEA SCHELLING,,IQ ' HARRIETT BRADLEY,,I3 ELIZABETH HOWSON,'13 JULIA COOLEY,'14 VVILLA ROBERTS,'14 LOUISE KROEGER,'15 MARGARET TAYLOR,'15 DRAMATIS PERSONAE Charles the Seventh, King of F rance Queen Isabel, His lllother . Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy' EARL DUNOIS, Bastard of Orleans Agnes Sorel . . . gillgiflitel F rench Ojicers . Archbishop of Rheims . Raoul, a French Knight . Talbot, the English General Lionel, English Ojicer . Councillor of Orleans A Page . . . An English OHicer Thibaut D 'Arc . . Johanna I Margot 1 His Daughters . Louison l Etienne I Claude NIarie w T heir Suitors ' Raimond l Bertrand, a Countryman . . Charcoal-Burner . Charcoal-Burner's Wife . . Charcoal-Burnerls Son . . . E. FATMAN GABRIELLE ELLIOTT . C. HAVILAND . H. WINTER MARY COATES r A. HALL ll E. PAGE . R. WHITHED . M. FULLER . E. WORCESTER R. STANLEY-BROWVN M. B. STRONG . T. ELVVELL . . M. HELMER . . E. BONNELL I MARY GAVIN 4 MARJORIE KENDIG l ELIZABETH FRENCH f M. HOWE A M. TIPTON l H. HARRISON . . G. TILDEN . M. MCNAUGHTON . . . JESSAMINE FVHITE . E. THOMAS SOLDIERS, PEASANTS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE COURT, SENATORS OF ORLEANS, ETC. SCENE Q. Sorel-"O, Maiden, speak! This fatal silence break! SCENE 3. La Hire-"How, art thou terrified At thine own banner, Maiden? " Gardeners+"COrrect them, We entreat!" 3Hir5t iqull aging NOVEMBER 16, 1912 " lgrunrlla " Clnmmittme .NIARY COIT, Chairman ELIZABETH HUGHES CHARLOTTE GREENEBAUNI MARIAN KING MARY BTALLON KATHARINE FARNAM KATHARINE R. VVELLES IQATHERINE Z. YVELLS CAST Pierrot . . . . M. GAVIN Prunella. . ELIZABETH THELBERG Scaramel , . A R. VALENTINE DOH 1 f TMIARJORIE KENDIG Tawdry XX N ELYTIRA KUSH Romp 5 Zumnmerg T' 4 LILLIAN LANG Kennel ' T L ' P. WILLIAMS Mouth M. TIPTON Callow A11 if N H. WINTER Prnde g , I BOPHIE WHITE Prnn 1 Perzmella s Aunts . . T VIVIAN GURNEY Privacy J L TVIELANIE AVERY Queer . U CORNELIA NORRIS Quaint Tlzetr Sevzrcmts 6 EDITH JAMES First Gardener . . H. VERITY Second Gardener . M. CLARK Third Gardener . . TNI. ADAMS Boy . . .... . H. HUNKINS Tenor . .... E. ZAHNER Love, a Statue 136 Pierrot-"Asleep on the edge of en town Scaramel-"Now, you,d better be getting along WVhere the high road ran by-U beggar-girl. H B01-ccH81'C, I sa. , ou are inchinv' of me!" P Z7 Sneclcy-"But, :her boy am I'. That settles it." Svvrnnh Mall 1512114 MARCH 15, 1913 "Uhr iliittle iJHi11iatPr" Glnnxmiiter NLELANIE AVERY, Chairman ETHEL FREEMAN BERTHA LESLIE MARIAN KING THERESA LESHER EDITH HILLES CHARLOTTE BRINSMADE ELIZABETH HEATH ' CAST Babbie . . . AGNES ROGERS Gavin Dishart . . E. FATMAN Lord Rintoul . . . . R. REED Captain Halliwell . . F. SMITH Rob DOW . . . H. DOUGHTY lvlicah Dow . . . B. LEONORI Joe Cruikshanks . . I. ICELLERS T arnmas Whammand . . E. LESLIE Andrew Maelmecliei' . C. NIETCALF Snecky Hobart . . S. WVHITE Felice . NLONA COVVELL Nannie . . HELEN FRENCH Thwaites . . D. SOUTHARD Jean I. . . . MONA MACINTYRE Sergeant Davidson M. DAVENPORT - M. HOWE Soldlefs ' ' ' JOHNSON F DOROTHY COBB Crowd l KATHARINE R. WELLES ' ' J ANNE SCOTT K 138 MURIEL TILDEN Gcwin-"Who sounded the alarm?" Nannie-'cThe minister came home with a flower Bobbie-"You didf' , in his buttonhole-A thing he was never Gavin-"IEW known to do before-It was a Babbie-"On the horn. H red rose! " Babbie-'gFather, I have something to tell you, Ilfm quite ready, father." .. I was H A I LB O n ,,,A ...Aron is Aman Qi.. fl. AA Svrnnh i111Iinur 332111 1512133 BTAY 41, 1912 ' "Elie liinrxprrtehv BY M. CULKIN, 1912 Qlnmmiitmz XFIOLA RUSSELL, Chairman ELLA MCCORMICK Bf1ARIE BACON MARTHA BULL VVINIFRED ANDERSON GLADYS ROSS MARY ADAMS PERSONS OF THE PLAY MOr1'is . E. R. JOHNSON 1VIrs. VVeatherby . E. G. TABOR Claude . R. DEANE Miss VVeatherby . , D. COBB Dorothy . M. HAFF Iceman . . I. VVOODWARD 1VIrs. VVhalen . E. Y. EVANS iltirzt minnr Ball Idlag MARCH QQ, 1913 "Uhr Qlhriatmem Svermnnn By ETHEL FREEMAN,,13 Qlumnxiitrr RIARTHA BULL, Clzairman EMILIE VVELSH Bi.-XDELINE HAXFF ALICE VVEST JANE MAYNARD DOROTHY HOLT EMMA DONXVNER PERSONS OF THE PLAY Dr. Stevens, The Rector ........ R. DEAN Mrs. Stevens ........ FRANCES MORRISON Katherine Stevens . HELEN STRAIT Jack Stevens . .. . . . F. SKINNER Ted Stevens ..,... . S. RABELL Mrs. Nasle, President of the Altar Society . I HARRIET BULL Miss Bell 1 ' , , , 1. - ILXMELIA VVALKER NESS Smythe j lllembers of the Atta: Soezety , . l F. VVOOD Samuel Crane, Choir Iklaster .... . E. FARRIER Obadiah Uty, The Sexton ..... . M. STUART Elhirh 162111 Flag BTAY 10, 1913 umlIIIII1I5,, anh "Uhr il1nrwaIvrz" Qlnmmittrr RUTH VALENTINE, Chairman FRANCES JEWELL MARGARET CLARK NIILDRED TOLLRATH RUTH IKINSEY ELIZABETH COATSVVORTH HETTY KEENAN MURIEL TILDEN ETHEL ARMSTRONG 14-0 t, WY' 'rr M ' -' ' '7 7nf'f'5'3if-551:-:-1112727-2519?I-fbi. S237 ', . 1:1 :'f.'wv' -I 4 -'wx + wb' M- . ffff za f' .1Ti'WT ax f-f X ik.--4 ' Y w ' I mia ' 'V' "" VU' I g fs: y..,,f ii- T ..-A. : 34 W-5 4 rn . 5 W4 M -f may if 413 W3 ME .lf W' 1,-ws' Ev? 3:35 ' ' 'Y-35? nw -:-4' .z yr' , iz ,W ' si ,-: ff' -1 5731, ! 3-13 sm 55459 ffl: '31 'E'-,J i n as' I ' 1 We , ' ' 2:21-'ei -,-:iii Ig' ,g 2 ' fi' . :Q-2 , ' :gif 5352-' lik. ff .M UF' 'ff 3 . ia- " ef. - 1 fi I" V 1 H51 V .4 . 1 fi? ' "4 'xi Vvfi' my 4 ff! if I 53? Q-3 " ..-A ik 'V lf , W., , ,. , L, ,, , ,, -,, ., , . I, - I ,fgrf-f-- ',2?!',g- - fefz. TF'-., , ., - ' ' - -- 2-Xthlriir Ammriatinn FOUNDED 1895 Gbftirvrz CAROLINE J OHNSON,,13 . . President ANNIE GREEN,,14e Vice-President EVELYN SEAvEY,'141 . Secretary ELLEN VVHEELER. '15 Treasurer 142 M . an .' ' .V V. . -In ' Ahniranrg Euurh CAROLINE J OHNSON, 313 ..... Chai?-man ANNIE GREEN, ,141 . EMMA DIX,'14I X , MADEL NE HAFF,,15 ABBY HAGERMAN,,13 HELEN UPSON,,15 RUTH METZGER,,l5 B. KENNEDY,,15 H. HARTMANN,,15 ELIZABETH HE,ATH,,16 HETTY KEENAN,,16 E. GOss,,16 A M. DRUIEN,,16 LUCY ROGERS,,13 ELIZABETH THELBERG '13 GLADYS BASSETT,713 EMMELINE INBUSCH,,13 HAZEL HUNKINS,,13 DOROTHY SMITH,'141 MARTHA BULLQ14 MARGARET CUSHING,,14x DOROTHY DEMING,,14 E. HARDIN,,16 Grnnnhn Olnmmiiiee A. GREEN,,14, Chairman S. WHITE,,15 A. NICHOLSON,,16 Zlnhnnr Meri Olummittme H. HARRISON, '13, Chairman H. HUNKINS,,13 N. CATLIN,,14 C. C. JOHNSON,,13 S. R,ABELL,,15 , A. ROGERS,,16 143 Secretary AA r ' ,...' , , Z H v as A -:,..,q , ,,,, Q- on La 'Hg Aman: X mailer Basketball Qlnmmittee A. VAN WINKLE,,13, Chairman M. DAVENPORT,,13 R. LOCKWOOD,,15 F. VV1EBoLT,'14 F. SMITH,,16 Vminier Sparta Qlnnunitbee A. MosscR0P,'141, Chairman E. KUSH, '13 R. WILE, ,14 J. BROOKS, !15 E. HARDIN, ,16 Eire Olurniual C. C. JOHNSON,,13, Chairman Enahrru nf the Qhranh Hlurrh L. ROGERS,,13 E. FREEMAN,,13 D. SM1TH,,14 P. WILLIAMS,,14e 144 J. BROOKS,,15 R. STANLEY-BROVVN,,15 I. COYE,,16 E. HARDIN,,16 .- . . J - i i in I I f we ,Wig . " ' Y ' A ,,,, . 0,.f.,t 4. V. .r L, .. , - -' f .15 I A -I .J M141 ' ' ' igif ' " I 5 ' ' 5 ' 1 ' 7 N - " M4 25- Q? .fi V' 1 . A: V.: . as W Kiwi , 1:-: H . V yr- f ,. . . . Tj. gf ' "R h ' 'af f"f 1 512 "3" , ft .: ff ' I' F' 'IW ' "P 5 - X 33 17 ' 3? V 14 14, 1' ' 1' . " 4 f ' ... - f ' ' -1 A - . .. I I , i I . f Q3 I .. ..y,,, , X I - V . 3 1 . . V , . L. A " 'f" , i' ' 4 .I H, . Z f In . , , J 1. ., ' .5 'y E .. A' Q, .qv 'P fs Vg 1 ,gg f -- 1 fam" .I " if tj .. ' .- I I -zizafff z g , 4 V I .5 '3' 1, ', I Z 4 I5-1-. 1 cf- J . I . . 2 : rf, f. 1' ' ' f. ag' 7. j-2. .f. A 9 ii, , Ssiifl' ' 15' 'i ' ' J. ' "' ' V if 5 Y. 1913 ignrkvg Gram E. THELBERG, Captain L. ROGERS, Man.agei1' E. HOSTERMAN . Right Inside A. IVAN VVINKLE Center.Half-back S. CONANT . . Lejt Inside G. BASSETT . Left H abr-back C. C. JOHNSON Right Wing H. HARRISON . . Right Full-back H. HUNKINS . . Left Wing M. BOARDMAN . Left Fidt-back A. HAGERMAN . Right Flahf-hack S. VVALKER . Center Forward R. STOWELL Goal A . hg g . . .i'H' " t'--' ' K ' A .1 A- 1. .. , . '1 V' 'ffi 2 F 1' W 'R ' 61 .4" 755 - "ig31f '? ' ' ' ..-' . V - 4 5' . I I .R 'ff . i 1 - t-"- ff f A., . 1 6 A " 'l .1fL- 'V- I 'ff at "rt.a -- L.-- 1914 Qnrkeg Gram M. CUSHING, Captain D. DEMING, Manager E. SEAVEY . K LOMBARD . H. WINTER . D. DEMING . M. CATLIN . Center Forward Right Inside Left Inside Right Wing Left Wing A. MOSSCRO P 10 14 5 M. CUSHING R. Goss 7. A. GREEN j M. ARMSTRONG I. WATERHOUSE E. Dlx . Goal Center H abt'-back Right H ab'-back Left H abr-back Right F ull-back Left F ull-back x , -' :fn-H+: 3 'x we Hi . - N, . - .1 ' V ' 1 --,,,-.--.ff 15, :f -' . .K , . -A., . - if - FF' 5- ' - - '-'l I -.gzzif Sq.-an - 4 A Y f 1 m 'wx W 1 , x w , g Nb' I W I fm f , , .W f 1 X! gn 9 WK SA ' A i 1 'fe M W ,Z eg -1 S " 'T ' 1, hw Y f if'-.Y -A 9 f 5: , " 1 1 " Y 1 1 , v x I ' I .Q ff X , : K If U 0,51 M Lf! ,ff I gn, xt .1 w 1, S " 4' 1 +-mr Qf 1 -H' 21 ' H. UPSON D. HOLT F. CURTIS S. RABELL M. STEXVART 15115 Qnrkrg Gram H. UPSON, Captain M. HAFE, Manager Center Forward BI. L. STRAYER Center H abp-back Right Inside R. STANLEY-BRONVN Left H abt-back Left I nside T. LESHER . Right H ah'-back . Right Wing E. LESTER . Right Full-back M. BIACINTYRE . Left Wing E. XVI-IEELER Goal Left F ull-back . Av.- ? ini ' 1. gif . j.. x 4 N Q I gxfx 1 AQ .ggi w,'f? - Q14 :is.fMtfiJ. gl 135 I Q ef . ...., fi . I. ' '- ' at . 1 '. 35- T. ' I -A , .... i n :ig ' ' 1 , ' 1 ' ' B N lk NF q. , 1 5 Q Q I. l t . h . ' H 27 5 ' . ,357 X' , 2 nw ' ' , i Q1 I 47 1 -,ff T .. 4 . 1' T W. CONGER M. ROBBINS P. GALT B. MOORE L. IXIACNICOL E. HE.ATH, Captain 19115 iinrkeg Gram H. IKEENAN, Manager Center Forward E. HEATH . Center H aU'-back Left Inside C. BARNES . Right H aU-back . Right Inside E. JONES . . Left H atf-back Right Wrinr M. X7AN ARSDALE Right F ull-back L. COLE . . J Left W' ing K. IVAN DUSEN Goal 146 Left F ull-back Harfsitg Mnrkvg Gram 0911112111 SYDNOR XVALKER,,13, Captain MARGARET CUSHING,,14, Manager Members HAZEL HkARRISON,,13 . . . Right Full-back LUELLA COLE,,16 . . Left Full-back RUTH STANLEY-BROXVN,,15 . Right Half-back NIARGARET CUSHING,,14 . . Center Habf-back :XNNIE GREEN,,14 . . . Left Habtlbach SUSIE R,ABELL,,15 . Right Wing HELEN UPSON,,15 . Right Inside EVELYN SEAVEY,,14 Center SYDNOR YYALKER,'13 Left Inside MARY CATLIN,,14 . Left Wing 1417 .. U A ' DU e""""B A4 ignrkmeg Svrurvn, 1912 1914-1916 1915-1916 1914-1915 1914-1913 1913-1915 1913-1916 1914-1915 .... Holder of the Championship i --, 9 741 5-Q 3-3 6-Q 1-0 7-3 1-0 1914 148 ? X iff? ' KZI' '15 I 12113 Maekrihexll Umm QDHirPre A GLADYS BASSETT, Captain IABBY HAGERMAN, Manager S fllmnhrra ANNA VAN WINKLE Center Center RUTH HOLLIDAY . Forward NEIDA QUACKENBUSH Side Center HELENA DOUGHTY . . Forward GLADYS BASSETT . . Side Center M. J. WILLIAMSON . . Guard HAZEL HARRISON Guard 19111 Mankvthall Timm G9?LirPra DOROTHY SMITH, Captain IVIARTI-IA BULL, Manager illlrmhers MARGARET ARMSTRONG Center Center PHYLLIS VVILQIAMS . . Forward MARY GAIL CLARK . Side Center DOROTHY SMITH . Forward RUTH PICKERING . . Side Center ANNIE GREEN . Guard RUTII VVILE Guard 149 1515 Tgaakrthall Gram Qbiiirerra RUTH RIETZGER, Captain A. B. KENNEDY, lVIanager RUTH NIETZGER . . Forward MARGARET CROSBY . Side Center FRANCES MARBURG . Forward SUSIE RABELL . . Side Center ELIZABETH JOHNSON . Center Center RUTH NASH . . Guard LOUISE KROEGER Guard 1915 Eankvthall Gram Gbflirera ELEANOR GOSS, Captain RIILDRED DRUIEN, Illanager FRANCES SMITH . , Forward PHEBE BRIGGS . . . Guard LAURA MILLER . Forward ELIZABETH HARDIN Center Center ELEANOR GOSS . . Guard ELEANOR LESLIE Srde Center EMMA DONVNER Sade Center 150 Harfsiig Eauakvthull Gram Ubftirrrn RUTH CRAXVFORD, Captain FLORENCE TAYLOR, Manager Hivmhrrs DOROTHY RICIqEE,,1Q Center Center RUTH CRANVFORD,,1Q . Forward MAY GONVEN,,1Q . Side Center HELEN JACKSON,,12 . . Forward IRENE LAVVRENCE,,1Q . Side Center CLARA BULL,'1Q Guard RUTH BURNS,,1Q Guard 151 15112 Efrark Gram D. BALDNVIN, Manager K. BROWN D. MCKEE R. BURNS H. MCWVILLIAMS M. DUBOIS M. PIERSOL M. GONVEN J. SEARS H. GREEN H. SNYDER M. JENNINGS M. STEWARD R. HAMILTON A. VVALLANDER ' F' Af - ' --v A L. J ., ' .. .: A' V: v X HN If .1 ,' 4- 55 . 4 'K iz F 1' v Q I VI' I .K A .Qi '51 it I XL- ND. ' wr . if -f 4 ' -f in ' 'Nl xg. . 15113 Urark Gram C. JOHNSON, M anager E. BALDWIN H. HUNKINS A. CAMPBELL VV. OTIS S. CONANT A. PUGH E. FREEMAN N. QUAOKENBUSH D. HAMMER L. ROGERS H. HARRISON A. VAN WINKLE A. HAGERMAN M. A. WILSON 152 15114 Irark Gram M. CATLIN, Manager E. BEVIER M. FRENZEL D PROCTER M. CUSHING R. GOSS R. REED D. DEINIING A. HAMILTON E. SEAVEY E. D'1X S. MAY E. SKINNEE D. SMITH 'P. WILLIAMS ' ff "f'f.i7 ,,. 'k v' ' . "'E..v . 2' .. - "1 Q . ff . . ff . fan , ..,, V Q - , h 'f 4- - " V' "'4 ' if H --avg ' '5 2:24.-.1 My 'VQA - i f ' . 3 ,. , V na-In-. 5 . V. rl irq' infix N- . W xf 'i7'V.QQ ,aw My .1 E. BONNELL C. BRINSMADE F. CURTIS M. DEMPSEY H. HARTRIANN 1915 Gfrark Efeam M. SHEPHERD, Manager H. EWEN G. HORNEY B. KENNEDY M. NIALLON R. BIETZGER 153 mrmww NASH RUEF UPSON UPSON WEST 4 ' ' lug.:-5" A 5 . , , A ,- fn "',. 1 A fa . .5-,1 I ' iff 1 ,if , - F Z4 1512121 Bag A ' MAY 11, 1912 Glnmmiiiee , ' W. ROGERS,,1QQ Chairman 2 , E. BARNEY,,1Q . C. CURTIS,,14 A rl , K. vWYHEELER,,13 D. SUTTON,,1-5 EA.. . u, Svrurvz in ZHiPIh Bag, 15112 ' I I' . 191Q ,...... mg 9 ' ' 1913 ..1...1 25M 1914 1,..... 33M N 'fl X 1915 1...,.. 13 .4 A ' I X Holder of the C11H111fJi0HShiIJ, 1912 5 Q. I I Ai I A 1 X A n 1.31, 1 13 - 154 B71 9,4 f -i N! I. , ff? 51 L fm Xffxb A M, 5' xwa li L 1" wf4'!?M ll 1 1 x M, 4 Bw fa :Digi 'QW 1 WN, Mm .4 ' fm' ,. . 0 5 Yo- -'L . -' Efennin Cifnurnzlmeni Glnmmittw EMMELINE INBUSCH,,13, Chairman LUCY ROGERS,,13 NIARY GAIL CLARK, '14 ETHEL ARMSTRONG, '15 ISABELLA W ADSXVORTH, ,16 Gfmmiz Clhampinns Singles, P. XVILLIAMS, '14 Doubles, A. GREEN,,14 G L oQv 'rg , N 3 N 'xx ' 6' N J A -. L .IQ J . 19. P. W ILLIAMS, '14 ivi '12 1 1' LP' ,J , 1 WNKKYI LB Altlult A T 'A-'.?'q:- E 'C 100-Yard Dash 50-Yard Dash . 100-Yard Hurdles . 300-Yard Relay . '75-Yard Dash . Running High J ump Running Broad Jump Standing Broad Jump Hop, Step and Jump Fence Vault . . Shot Put . . Baseball Throw . Basketball Throw . A x Evrurhn 13 sec. 6 1-5 sec. . 16 sec. . 40 1-5 sec. . 9 4-5 sec. . 4 ft. '7 in. . 14 ft. 6 1-2 in 8 ft. 1-2 in. 29 ft. 6 1-2 in. . 5 ft. 3 1-2 in. 31 ft. 9 7-8 in. . . 204 ft. 1-2 in. '77 ft. 9 1-2 in F. JAMEs,'04 . F. JAMES,,04: C. C. JOHNSON,,13 . . 1908 S. ENGLISH,,10 D. SMITH,,14s E. GARDINER,,04s . A. BARR,,11 . C. HAND,,10 . A. BARR,,11 I. MILHOLLAND,,09 . D. SM1TH,'14 I. MILHOLLAND,,09 iKrrnrh Enlhrrz in Glnllege C. C. JOHNSON,,13 , D. SM1TH,'14 156 Q. 'N ' s. I W. .. , ..- ,Y 'IA a -mf' vik- . x .. r iq, T3 A PMUMLEMUUNS Uhr Hangar Hiiarvllang Baath nf Ehiiura FRANCES PRENTICE VALIANT,,13 DOROTHY HAWKINS EMBRY,,13 JWMIARY PEMBERTON NOURSE,,14 REBECCA PARK LAVVRENCE,,13 RUTH THOMAS PICKERING,,14e ELIZA RUTH X7ALENTINE,,13 WVILLA NIORTON ROBERTS,,14 JULIA PATTON, Faculty Editor Tliuainrzs managers ELIZABETH HOSTERMAXN, ,13 ICATHERINE XVILSON, ,14 160 Uhr Hammrinn Z5narh mi: 1 , fffif, Tae- EW. LA. :,+51?: : ,4 :if-3"f:'f?f: . - V. "' ., W, 1 4 1, f A 29 1, of ff 41 1 'x 2 W , fe 'K 4' fff f Z fgf , , f ?ff "9 ,. ..,. f' 4, r , ,f ' ff'51'Z " A , ""' 'M::fe:s2':ewmf5 2, , ' "cf - 413' -W ' "' ff' 4 A G A , rfb " 1 WI , X9 I I " DOROTHY EMBRY Business Manage1's ' n wg-E55-, IIELENA DOUGHTY 51, 5 . A Z., .2131 X 9' '19--1, 2: '13, 'll V VT' " 55311 , :"'j3,1' ffl ' -1214: ' 2 .fii12.5.f- ,-7--V Qc -:3 L-Q., " " .-1 -1-,:,,--.141 514, "7 MA. ,. ,- ,Q-11.114,-.4 4,1.,,,, V. ' RUTH W HITHED Secretary Literary Editors ' 15 W f ,V , f ff 'rf", , ,y Af, 54,24 , .2 ELIZABETH HOLLOXVA1' Editov'-in-Chief ETHEL DIETRICH A Photograph E . I HELEN SCOBEY Art Editors RUTH BROWN I .Q 'f ' f- , ,wwywz fn gg? f U N 1 3 1 I 4 ,K , 1 ,, 5 wyw.-11-' ,T 'mf E4':f, f f me A A , X .. , CLARA DANA clitors , lbw" , ,, '-Q if A EV,, f N: A .44 , "A', A JANET GOLDEN LOUISE LAIRD NIAUD KELSE1' wam Q?ffu AA Bazaar Glnllvge 1Hrr55 Enaril NIARIAN H. KING,,13, Manager BIARY NIALLONQI5, Secretary 'wr 162 Q ug- ' ji ,, 4 ' , g,L1":'fZw2e ' 32327 1 5 Lifgfgklji fe? , 'Z 1 1,3 -ggi. f ff ,reg ' il :if , "4 24' , , Eff rc: ' l cl jpriksg ' ' ' -mL.,.'1"-:if-' f. f i WN x v Q J' ' f ff f 5 B 4 B Z 1 ,I FA, 2 r ' if 4134? 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Q. 4, 9 V , Qi, 'gg H 1 if 1 1 , ,K , K Y a- ,3 X , 7 , ,If 211' A fir, ' 1 1.41.-' f 4 4 g - fy fin. V3 , .i,?3,,I92iZ1"! 22 t. ,,2Q:,,,.., 4,IA5.:l,IYb5F 551 4 1 Q K,A,,.,,.,.' uf, 9 V1 f af " gl: 5.1 mg f T' 5 : gf- f fig M wr if , ffzlgf, f A L aw--2.3 f ' f fn, ,wr vwm. 15, H + -QVQS.,-:yum 4 1 1 .uni aaa- ' 4 gf? 25 "G ' .QSM-1,1"'l.', J , ,--ff:.f5'wzp -2 agp- -im , f- iff? ,'1'5f'15?5,gEp2:5,. A . K X , ' M - N vw. llllllll f- ' " ,'f1'r, fry 5 .HV J is if mi A QQ ef' . -A f ' 4 -I - f"'22, ' "-- . H. A 5f2z1'f .JE A' ' A A ' Q- ii -'gy A r. ' I ,, , H ' . ., I "I ' " Qi.. ,,.-. +I. in Y. .. -,-4 If- .A Q In .- A A , I . E 1255- V A A , , ' - S ' , ' .2 , .., is s I ' A I , f I ..,:A1 ..,. A . A' .. so I -. , ' 'T A -K . A rg : 5 5: E 'L . .i:' ,! ' A 5 Y , CEIPP Qlluh . . . . , . Leader . Assistant Leader . . . Secretary and Treasurer ELIZABETH ZAHNER HELEN FRENCH . RUTH REED . F first Sopranos RUTH BEIDLEMAN,,13 ELIZABETH ZAHNER,,13 NEIDA QUACKENBUSH,,13 RUTH CASE,,14 LUCY ROGERS,313 MARTHA STRONG,,14f ANNA VVILSON,,13 EDITH TAYLOR,,14: JEANNE EIORDORF,,15 Second Sopranos ELIZABETH BALDVVIN,,13 MARION XVILLARD,,14: FRANCES CI-IAFFEE,,13 EDITH EIACK,,16 NELLIE CORNXVALL,,13 GERTRUDE NAsON,'16 ELOESSA SMITH,,16 F irst Altos IVIAUD IfELSEY,,13 JEANNETTE BAcHMAN,,14 ELIZABETH ARIvIEs,'14Q HELEN FRENCI-I,,14 IRENE SHUMNVAY, '14 Second Altos DOROTIIY BRINSMADE,,14 ELEANOR JOHNSON,,15 RUTH REED,,14: RUTH NASH,,15 RUTH CORNWALL, '16 164 Htlunhulin Qlluh MURIEL T1LDEN,'14 ...,. Dzrector ELIZABETH EVANS,,14 . Manager GRETCHEN THAYER,,1f1 . . . . Pzanzst F first Mandolins E. HoWsoN,,13 M. ELLINWOOD,,15 K. LEWISQ13 lxIARBURG,,15 M LIVERMORE,,13 I, NIILLER,,15 G. XvHEELER,,13 lxIUHLFELDER,,15 R. rXLLEN,,14s RULISEY,,15 B. E. ELLSXVORT1-I,,14: VAN HOESEN,,15 E. H. R. M A. C. Y.- EVANS, '14 Second Wlanclolins CLARK, '13 YVILE, ,141 BACON, ,15 BEATTYS, 315 DAVIDSON, '15 5 TREXVOR, ,16 METZGER, '15 RAL1'EA, , 15 BEARDSLEY, '16 NICIIOLS, ,16 ZIMMERS, '16 L.. L- vi I W -" 1 1 -A - l MW 5 5 Q 5 2 7 Z Wm I AN X W xmmm,mm f' Q K S S' Z Z Z Z W , Uhr Qlullrgv hmr 1512 1513 Q :Y X .i Izrst Sopranos M C HAFFED G R STONE 14 L QHRISIII 13 1' M 'VIOXVE 14 13 M B bTROLG 1-1 TAYLOR 14 DLRIIAM X GRETXBFRG 13 NI HILL 13 L INGLRSOL1 13 QUTCKEXBIISI-I 13 ROCIR 13 G XXILSOX 13 LAI-IXFR 13 NI CHAPIX 14 D DEMIXG 1-1 'NI ELLIOTT 1-1 14 1x I's.Rx AM -1 C LI xr! IK E N1 M TILDDN 14 N1 NXILLXRD 14 T BTN 15 NI E BRYUNT 15 'VI FERRIS 15 KNEELARD 15 LOCKXSOOD 15 J BXIORDORF 15 K OLIXER 1 E PFIRCE 15 M YXATDON 16 16 IN 14 14 ou LE NI GOLD 1-1 C GREEINEBIUII 14 I C BKIIJLL 'W I KLEIN 14 1 SILTER 14 D DNIITH 1-1 cond Sopranos L CLARKE Se T B IPHTI xx 1-1 M CLXRK H FRENCH 14 14 f L L BxLDxxIx 13 J 5 G E IILLL 13 WI BULL 1-1 Z B BIARKS 13 NI CATLIL 14 L S PENRIMVX. 13 L H CHICIIPSTER 14 D PxRKI-:R 4 Q BRINSNIAD1' 15 E BACHRIAIN 16 BLRDDTT 15 NI G Bnoxsx 16 1' GI:BIIxRDT 16 LER 16 N' 'A TA S -S R HI W 7 I2 KEL 16 FLISNORTH 1 S GI'xLxG 14 II M L GREEN 1-1 I fIXRK 1, B RONXELL 14 R IIXNIIITON 1 I X SODLRER 14 M P0LxD 1a M BEITTYS. 15 1 NI '1OP1IxG lo Iz1'.stAItob ARNIES 14 TT 14 COIT 13 NI CORNY1 ALL 1.1 T HOIISOL 13 PURNEIL 13 1' RECTOR 13 11 XXRIGHT 13 H IBOUGHTY 13 H I-IUNKIN5 13 R C REED 14 I SI-IUMWAY 14 H XVHITE 14 - Y - l 3 l Q - R-LX-A 5 , 5 -L-4 I Ci B :I .L X Hull f iv f , H, ,1 .,-rf - 1 X- .-2 1 " ,-if Z Q Q l S if .5 I 5 ff 5 il 5 5 - 'F 5'-I' ' Z 5' 0 L 2 Z ' Q1 7 57 ' Z :: - K Q' .5 Il Z E ww . Q , ... . . 1 -I 5 , Z . 1-. .4 ---,13 . .. rv . f Z 5' B. . 1 .:'- , 1-5' , -- , fl Z 5 F. I Q . . ,, Il l .4 E -, ,, , 4 1, g 5 X. 1. .Iv , , ... . 2 , .4 T -f f ,Lv K. Z 1. . I 4 1, 1,. , l .- , - . 5 N . -1 , ., . I E ' I 2 ' ' A ' . 1 5 L. .-1 3, 1'. . IJ ,' : ' 5 A. . 1 H. 1 . ,Q ' ,I f , 1 . g L , C , j, . A , . . I, . Z . ,Y 'I ' - 5 lf, 4 ZH . -. ,',5 E' Elf ' 4. ' ' K J ' E Q . . .. , ' . V. V , ' g If. , 1. 1 C. 'I 5 1 S, , . , , - - .1 5 ,. -- '- .- .- . ,. ' . URTISS, Z -.25 Y. ' ', A . ' P 1 , .-16 U g E 1. I. I, J. .I - , . -, 0 1. A ,V if 5 ' A ' ll I 5' 5 . - 58 E w R ,' L ,Y ' , 1 5 4. . .- 'I-, . . I, III-, , . ,1-1 V ' 1,, I. 1. , 514 ,Q f ' 1 7' " I' ' ,' I 5' .i , - , 5 - , X f B. f ., ' ' '. J - by ' '. . - Z E J .wvv ,', 4 1 'I 4, ,v ' 1 311' Z A 449' , in " 4' 4. ' J ' f 1 . - -, - 1 s 1 5 - V , , .- - 4 - 5 0. . , 7 I- - 0 . v , 4 1- 4 ' P ' f H' ' .' . '. N., N Z . I . I , . , . ., . 4 , -- , Z fl -, ," 1. 1 . 'I , U Z f W. . Z . ' Z . -1 y E v Z BI. . , . L ' , 7 1- 5 N. . .' f. ,' 0 C... , B. H. u. n D. -'. ,' H, R. ff. I ,' M , Z L. u. - ,' H. -,uw , - E 1 H24 A. -.- E. C 1- I . f L 1 f' , " .ju 'I My ' Y Y!! ' . . Ju ,, 1 u Y fy, . , 2 ' ' ' A ' . J . ' ,' . A 1 . ', 166 G B Asox S BURDE BRINSIIADE 14 XX KRNIER 14 B1"1NXI"TT 15 EwEx 1.1 Second Altos N4 CROSRI 15 LLEANOR JOHINSOIN 15 ELIZXBFTH Jomxsox 15 R NASH 15 L QEIMAR 15 W 'max '15 I HUBBARD, ' 15 F. KENNEDY, MERRHIAN, '15 T, ' 15 .-S. SCOT '16 BALL, 1 BELL,'16 RINS, '15 J TOMP 7 ITE '15 S. D. vw , '16 M. VAN ARSD M. MARSH, AL E Sgmphnng Gbrrhvaira MR. GUSTAV DANNREUTHER . BERNICE MARKSQI3 . . HELEN CLARK,,13 . First Violins BERNICE MARKS,,13 GERTRUDE CHAPEL,,14: HELEN CLARK,,1-3 DOROTHY WOLF,'14 RUTH CUNNINGHAM, '15 JULIA BROOKS, '15 Violas MR. GUSTAV DANNREUTHER MR. CHARLES MILLER Director . Concert Meister Second Violins ELISABETH SKINNER,,14: GERTRUDE FOLKs,,16 JESSIE WHITE,,16 GERTRUDE FARNHAM,,-16 GRACE AVERY,,16 EUNICE BALL,,16 Cello RUTH CORNWALL, ,16 Librarian L 'I .T ,Q l O l Processionalz Rejoice, Rejoice! .... Clouglz-Leighter Anthem: Brightest :Ind Best of the Sons of the Morning . NIISSES C. BURDETT, FARNAIU, NASH and THE CHOIR Solo: How Beautiful are the Feet . MISS 'TOMPKINS Organ: Pastoral Symphony-from The Messiah . . Scripture Reading Carols: a. Child Divine . b. Once Again, O Blessed Time c. Nowell MISS FITZ G XI I rm C HORIIS CHOIR 'Ind GALIERY CHORLS Solo: Rejoice Greatly-from The Messiah Andante Religioso MISS Q ALTER RKIISS LESHER harp NIISS IIT7 orom Carols: a. The First Nowell .... Traditional GALLER1 CHORLS la. O Little Town of Bethlehem ..., Sleeper MISS DOROTIiY BRINSIIADE and THE CHOIR c. From Far Away . GALLERY CHORUS and THE CHOIR cl. Three Kings have Journeyed . DR. GRIGGS and THE CHOIR Organ: NIarch of the lvlagi Kings . Christmas Oratorio . a. Beneclictus MISS FITZ CHOIR, with MISS LESIIER, HARP b. Tollite Hostias CHOIR Dykes Cornelius Dubo is S aivz 15-S ains lllanney Handel Handel Gow Dykes Ilfarzsiow Handel T home by I . l NIISSES ZAHNER, NASON, FRENCH, ELEAXOR JOHNSON and THE CHOIR . . L X . v .... , I L4 1 V ' 1' 7 ,, Us , i 1 Recessionalz Acleste Fideles 168 Simao l!f 15 5 ,, 32 2 S N Z 3 5 Q Z N ni Q Q 5 9 . ff ff Q 'Si ZX-'ggi fig Q 1 W 3 3 3 S E. 6 4 S IN avavwa Zllirat Saemvatrr ' G9ftirvr5 MARGARET CUSHING . . . Speaker HELEN RIAXFIELD . . . Clerk RIARJORIE XVILSON . Sergeant-at-Arms Ahniaurg Glnmmiiiev MARGARET BABBITT HARRIET ROBBINS HELEN BREXVER MARTHA STRONG Erhutwa NOVEMBER 26, 1912-Resolved, That at course in Domestic Science should be introduced into the curriculum of Vassar College. DECEMBER 16, 1912-Joint Discussion. Resolved, That Freshmen should be prohibited from voting in the Students' Association. Svvrnnh Svrmeaixxr C!9f1irrra IRMA VVATERHOUSE . . . Speaker LAURA CLARKE . . Clerk SYBIL NIAY . . . S ergeant-at-Arms Ahuiaurg Glnmmitter GRACE GOULDER RUTH REED BERTHA LESLIE IRMA XVATERHOUSE 170 Hirst Swmmater Cmiiirrrs AGNES F. WRIGHT . . Speaker HAZEL J. HARRISON . Cleric Ahnianrg Enarh NIIRIAM WINTER N EIDA QUACKENBUSH HILDEGARDE GERMANN IRENE BEIR Sunni! Svvmwtm' Gbftirnra HILDEGARDE GERMEXNN . Speaker GLADYS CAMPBELL . I . Clerk Ahuianrg Baath GRETTA ORDWAY GLADYS CAMPBELL ALMA KLIPPEL I MARY PHILLIPS 171 -mamma Aman dia AA QE, u gn 'Y Y' 9 ji A I by my 4 C ,..,...-izb... Milli! Cflhr Entra Meri: man CBeing hints to carnpaign managers extracted from the diaries of political leaders at Vassarj Qlampaign illllanagerz AGNES WRIGHTQI3, Chairman Democratic Party NIIRIAM WINTER,,I3 Republican Party MARTHA S'rRoNG,'14i Progressive Party HILDEGARDE GERMANN,,I3 Socialist Party CHARLo'r'rE GREENEBAUM, ,14 Aa Efhrg Sum Efhrmarluru October Q1 Cnoonj VVilson and Ma.1'shall just made excellent acceptance speeches from Rockefeller steps. Our donkey idea "Free Trade" was a great novelty. We '11 probably win out now- Octobcr 21 Cafternoonj Republican convention made great stir. Everybody dressed for the occa- sion,-California suffragists, Arkansas farmers, New York band, and all. Root and Taft made great hit. Thing was clever enough, but too much fun. Blust begin to get serious tomorrow. Campaign song great- October Q1 Ceveningj Had Roosevelt appear in the Soap Palace after dinner and har- angue the multitude. Seems to be pretty popular. Everyone cheered and sang hard. October 21 C10 P.M.j Democratic torch light parade beat everything else today. VVilson and the donkey fthe latter a bit fractious, I must admitj and all the Democrats Were there with "IVe are from Vassar College" which made a ine campaign marching song- We are for VVoodroW Wilson, We're the public, starved but gay, Knowing the cost of living Is going down election day. YVe'Ve a doubt and fear of a Wild Bull Moose And the G. O. P, can't quite cut loose From its badlof the past four years And its vacillating leader. But the square-deal man of Democracy VVill lead us on,-on to victory. And so We,re cheering Wilson In old V. C. October QQ Cnoonj Stump speeches getting down to fact. VVe,re giving them Democratic tariff, trusts, and one term hard. The Progressives and Republicans are talk- ing some, too.-Not saying much. October QQ Cnoonj Comrade Valentine spoke to the unenlightened non-socialists. Think we ,ll do more by keeping down to cold reason than by holding babyish take- off conventions and parades. October Q2 C6 P.M.D Republican rally more serious than convention yesterday. Enthusiasm still keeps up, however. L-4 -mamma fmt' am... erffsn ILA -4" A ' -1 ' ' '-"' -r 'ri' - -1 October QQ C8 P.M.j Comrade Kinsey chose an auspicious spot by the lamp post and told the crowd coming from chapel all about-the fallacies in the Republican platform. If energy can do anything, Will surely get there. Daily posters are a live success. Clf their immediate disappear- ance can prove their popularityj October Q9 Our tariff posters are really bet- ter than any others. Stump speeches October Q5 The Barometer came out this evening. Each party was to have had a page, but something slipped, a.nd the Republicans got more. Happy chance! Our articles were great. October Q5 Our speeches on 4'Democratic De- fects," f'Progressives vs. Socialismf, "Political and Industrial Demands of the Socialist Partyf' "Recent Judicial Delinquencies,' etc., are really making people think. The Comrades, with reason and hard argument, Will get there yet. October Q6 C10 P.lVI.j Republican parade, headed by the G. O. P. elephant and the President. 173 going fine. Alittle novelty scattered in this evening by speech of N abe Amagasu, being a Japanese ofhcial endorsement of WVilson. October 30 fnoonj Republican met Democrat in a discussion of minor issues of the campaign. Wle think the Republi- cans bit the dust. October 30 C6 P.M.J Entertain and instruct the public with Progressive 'gmoving pic- tures ', showing how all Workers will be benefited by T. R. The latter doesnit seem to be getting there with his usual speed and alacrity. November Q Tableaux this afternoon put a finale on the advantages of Social- ism. Just a little celebration to give flavor to the preceding argu- ment. Y November 2 C10 P.M.j Everybody set forth their views land some that Weren't their own, by the Wayj in a Joint Rally tonight. VVe rather flatter ourselves that the Democrats have gotten the best of the thing. November 5 - Cheers! Weive Won with a plurality of over two hundred. Everybody registered sentiments at the voting machine in the Gym today. Such is the reward of novelty and conviction! iKeturma Democratic Party . -L-12 Republican Party . 212 Progressive Party . 2152 Socialist Party . . 25 Prohibitionist Party Q0 llntrrrnllrgiutr Bvhatr AT MOUNT HOLYOKE, MARCH 8 1913 SUBJECT: Resolved, That the United States Senators from the several States should be elected at large by the people of those States MOUNT HOLYOKE-fmirmatioe VASSAR Negame Qlnmmittre AGNES F. VVRIGI-IT, 113, Chairman BIIRIAM W1NTER,,13 NEIDA QUACKENBUSH,,l3 ANNE PETERSON,,l3 BIARGARET CUSHING, '14 EDNA lXfCFARLAND,,l4: JOSEPHINE GLEASON,,l4: Debate?-s BERNICE BQIARKS ELIZABETH lVICSI-IANE VVILLA ROBERTS 1-llternates IRMA XVATERHOUSE :XDELINE DES.ALE Lois USREADXVELL Brhnir Sung T za n e-Michael Roy Oh, we're the Wletmores and Quays and Plfrtts VVhO Want to run the country, And twenty States have handed us the key to the little triclx By means of direct elections, all the biggest plums to pick We simply scatter the cash around And get to the Senate quick! Clzo'rus- VVe smile! And fawn! And pass the money on! Oh, what We Wont do to We get to Vllashingtonl this country when 174 XFX 'U if K 1 A X . H M A ff fl' SUV wif QM N ews .au-Q Q 1 0 9 Pg.. u l l l I l I l u P S' 1 l ,, l Iwi l i ' x L n H11 EET H EPA 111111 Glhaptrr nf New Burk MISS AMY LOUISE REED ........ P-resident MISS MARGARET FLOY TVASHBURN ..... Vice-President MISS ELIZABETH COVVLEY .... . Secretary BIISS EMILIE WELLS ..... . . . Treasurer Glhartvr Qlllvmhrrzs XVINIFRED BALL, AB. ...... Theta of N ew York, 1890 LEROY C. COOLEY, Ph.D ...... Alpha of New York, 1886 FERDINAND C. FRENCH, Ph.D. . Alpha of Rhode Island, 1884 HERBERT E. lNIILLS, Ph.D. . . Iota of New York, 1886 J. LEVERETT IXIOORE, Ph.D. . Alpha of Maryland, 1882 CHARLES W. IVIOULTON, Ph.D. . Alpha of Minnesota, 1885 THEODORE C. SMITH, Ph.D. ..., Alpha of Massachusetts, 1892 JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D .... Alpha of Rhode Island, 1886 ililvnxhrrn Elertrh in 1 H1 3 1913 IRENE S. BEIR MARY BERKEMEIER FLORENCE BRACQ HARRIETT BRADLEY BESSIE CHRISTIE HELEN CLARK ETHEL DIETRICII HELENA DOUGHT1' HILDEGARDE GERBIANN RUTH HOLLIDAX' ELIZABETH INGERSOLL ALMA IQLIPPEL GEORGIA LEFFINGNVELL ELIZABETH IXICSHANE EVELYN NOBLE LUCY PENNINIAN ANNE PETERSON PAULINE TENNE1' FRANCES X7ALIANT HAZEL XVARE GERTRUDE WHEELER RACHEL WHITOOMB IVIARY AGNES WILSON IXIIRIAM WINTER 1914 LAURA CLARKE ADELINE DESALE HARRIET NICKEE EVELYN THOMPSON RHODA VVARNER NIARJORIE VVILSON , I ll 'ii i I-f .1 A ' I V 11 y I 'i X I lei- 9 EQ' 49 5 Eb in A A I Ei illl lmiirern ELIZABETH HOLLOXVAY . , . . President CHARLOTTE GREENEBAUM . . . Secretary Members 1913 JEANETTE ALLEN ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY CORNELIA OUGHLETREE HELEN BRAINARD FRANCES JEWELL MARY PHILLIPS DOROTHY EMBRY MARIAN KING EDITH PRATT ANN ERIOKSON RUTH KINSEY IELIZABETH TOOE ELINOR FATMAN BERNICE BIARIIS R.ACHEL VVHITCOMB NIIRIAM WINTER 1914: MARGARET BABBITT CHARLOTTE GREENEBAUM RUTH CASE A. M. L. P. ROSE 1915 DOROTHY COBB HELEN GROW L.-XURA SEYMOUR linnurarg Dllrmhrrs MISS BUCK MISS KEYS BIISS VVASHBURN 111153 FISKE 151135 REED MISS WELLS MRS. KENDRICIi DR. 'FI-IELBERG MISS 1VYLIE MISS YOST 12 177 'TX ., L E- . fp 11 jf ,I - mg E17 A ai '5 .1 I-Sfgjfqx jf! A ,- L IJ S Cmiiireru RUTH VVHITHED, Secretary illlnmhrrn 1913 NLELANIE AVERY SYLVIA CONANT HAZEL EDISON ABBY HAGERMAN EMMELINE INBUSCH CAROLINE JOHNSON HAZEL HARRISON REBECCA LANVRENCE LILLIAN LANG CAROLINE MILLS RUTH PEMBER LOUISE SILVER MARY JOSEPHINE SMITH IQATHARINE WHEELER RUTH WHITHED 1914 ROSALIND FLEMING GLADYS SPENCER JUNE RODIER GRETCHEN THA'i'ER MARTHA TII'TON 178 MD 9 1N CS 1 L- f l 7 A N-' I... I- Ev Z f f J X I s E -X ' rg' J 13 Obiiirersa NIARY BLISS . . . . . President ABBX HAGERLIAN . . Vice-President ELEANOR Goss . Secretary RUTH PENIBER , . . Treasurer illlmnhrrn 1913 1913 1916 J. ALLEN R. HOLLIDAY DRUIEN M. AVERY F. HOLLOXVAY ENGLISH E. BALDNVIN E. HOSTERLTAN Goss G. BASSETT E. INGERSOLL HARDIN I. BEIR J. KING HEATH E. BLISS M. KING KEENAN M. BLISS E. NOBLE LESLIE H. BRADLEY R. PEMBER NICCREERY S. CONANT L. PENNIMAN RIDGELY M. CUMPSON L. ROGERS WILLIAMS E. IJIETRICII L. SMITH D. EMBRY A. ERXVIN E. GOODNOW A. HAGERMAN E. THELBERG R. XVASHBURN K. YVHEELER E. XVORCESTER 179 E 5Q E lu nii :fx -U T , I , r , f, 7 f ' f ff ff ff 4 ff ,f z fl X fff! ew 2 ' CQQEQUSUURMEE eEe . A Q A U fff X 1' H' rs W I 1 ' ff T T 'Y 'H fi I ff 4 . WMA ,Q R HL Timm R Y W O Cfbifffff-1 H Xi 'RR RLTTH HOLLIDAX',,13 . . President " ' Q. DEBORAH BARUs,'14 . . Secretary ,II 5 K " GERTRUDE SPAULDINGQI5 . Treasurer J! 5 .. -- X 5-1 iixrnttiue Glnmmittrr ff X XX X f xfiyxxx , SX ,eff 1 1 X T ly XXI, Fm J ,T if in Y Wg ',-7 RUTH THEIS,,13 DEBORAH BARUs,'14' RUTH CASE,,14 LOUISE GARvER,'14f RIARJORY W1LsON,'14 GERTRUDE SPAULDING,,15 KATHERINE Z. WELLs,'15 333 NIS111bC1'S 180 'Sf-'A ENLM E E GRACE GOULDER,,14 . KATHERINE Z. WELLS,,15 DISCONTINUED IN 1911 REE-ESTABLISHED IN 1913 Gbftirera Hire-Elednru MISS WELLS, Faculty EVELYN NOBLE,,13 ELEANOR BLACKMAN,,14 ETHEL GLEN,,15 ELEANOR TOMPKINS,,16 181 . . Elector Secretary- Treasurer Gbftirera l1ARGARET BARBER . . . President HENRIETTA HESS . Vfice-President GERTRUDE HARVEY Secretary-Treasurer igunnrarg illlrmhvrz MR. BURROUGHS Miss VVASHBURN Miss ROBINSON Miss FREEMAN Stuhent illllvmhera 68 182 ll! ' - cnjv ,. V f' Q55 1 4: ----- -- . F2 M ' 11 +25 1- ,.,. ?A..j PZ? 1,411 ' ' , 0 . 711 A flu, LF' "'."1WI A A 1 ! RE A R, If fy Nj 1. E 1? A 'Q 'II'IIll"m-jk f 'Cf ll .WXIIFIELQII M 1 A f fyf J 'Zag' r" '., ,J 1 3 lily q 2 I I Yxxv A XX-P' 'r I I IW? I' ' .HA rl'--1' flf I ' 'D' ' 1 . 1 O f. imi- ,. 1 445' '59 'V If i m, -'Mb Gbiiirrrn HJXRRIPLTT BRADLEY,,13 . . . . . . President IQENNARDA BUScH,'14 . . . . Vice-President MARY HOLTON,,14 . . Secretary-Tfreasuwrer Members 1913 H. ADLER E. DODGE R. LAXVRENCE M. UNDERHILL R. BARBER K. FAULKNER G. LEFFINGNVELL E. VAILL F. BRACQ H. FRERICHS R. NIAYER R. VALENTINE H. BRADLEY J. GOLDEN L. PENNIMAN F. WALKER L. BROVVN D. HAMMER A. PITKIN J. VVHITESIDE A. CAMPBELL F. HODGE G. ROSS M. A. WILSON G. CARR K. IQELLY D. SOUTHARD N.-VVRIGHT C. CHARLTON R. IQINSEY E. THOMSON E. ZAHNER HAZEL CLARK M. L. LAIRD M. L. TURNER 1914 E. BABSON H. FRENCH C. NIETCALF M. SODERER E. BEVIER V. GLUCKSRIANN E. BKIULQUEEN G. SPENCER W. BOSHART R. GOSS H. PADDOCK M. STUART R. BOXVLING M. HOLTON D. PARKER M. ULLMAN M. BUCKINGHAM H. FIUGHES P. PECK A. VANNEMAN K. BUSCII R. JOHNSON E. ROLLINS D. VANNEMAN L. DENNIS A. ICNIGHT O. ROWELL V. YVALDORF B. ELLSWORTH M. LANE M. SAGENDORPH M. VVANGER E. EVANS A. LOEB C. SARGENT G. WHITAKER L. FIELD G. LYALL E. SEAVEY J. WHITNEY S. FLETCHER J. BIAYNARD 183 :samm y I " fVA M -Lg u up WMU Amu I: Q 1915 1. ABBOTT B. KEITH N. MOORE H. UPSON M. BURTSFIELD L. KROEGER E. PRINCE S. WHITE T. ELWELL M. LOVELL M. REYNOLDS R. WILSON . S. HEINSHEIMER F. MARBURG G. SPALDING P. WORKUM E. HERRING B. MASON R. STANIJEY-BROWN 1916 E. FINLEY A. NICHOLSON M. TREVOR M. WOOLSEY ilhvnrh Flag FEBRUARY 22, 1913 "iHnntanin" Glnmmittrv LYDIA BROWN, Chairman FLORENCE BRACQ MARGARET LOVELL HELEN HUGHES ROSALIE MAYER RUTH STANLEY-BROWN CAST Le Roi de Baviere . Rutton, secretaire du roi . . Hartman Facio Spark , Fantasio J Le Prince de Mantoue . Mariuoni, son aide de camp . Elsbeth, fille du roi . La Gouvernante D 'Elsbeth . Un Page . . . f jeunes gens du ville Porteurs 1844 . J. MAYNARD . E. PRINCE f E. HOBBES L. COLE ' A.V1TALKER A. ROGERS . M. ALLEN . K. VAN DUSEN . FRANCES MARBURG KATHERINE COMSTOCK . A. WAOKERHAGEN f E. GLENN JL A. WARDWELL VEWTIESOGHE Gbftirera M.kRY L. BERKEMEIER . President IRENE BEIR . . Vice-President MERHIN ELIZABETH MCSHANE Secretary- Treasurer iinnnrarg illrmhrra MISS COWLEY MISS POWELL MISS FAHNESTOOK MISS STROEBE MISS JENNEY MISS STRUCK MISS KUEl'FNER MISS TEXTOR MISS NIACURDY iillrmhvra 1913 H. T. ADLER G. COCHRAN E. INBUSCH M. AVERY H. CROSBY J. K.ING E. C. BALDWIN C. DANA A. KLIPIIEL G. BASSETT A. DINEGAN F. KRIDEL R. BAUMAN A. ERNVIN E. KUSH I. BEIR ' E. FATMAN L. LANG M BERKEMEIER K. GALLAGHER B. MARIiS M BLISS E. GOODNOWV E. MOSHANE M L. BOYNTON H. HESS G. ORDWAY R. P. BROWN C. B. HILL A. PETERSON F. BURNS R. HOLLIDAY E. PRATT 1914 E. ARMES R. FISHER E. MCFARLAND J. BACHMAN K. FREEMAN B. MEYER N. BASSETT M., FRENZEL A. MOSSCROP E. BLACKMAN E. FRIEDENBERG E. MULQUEEN A. BOYDEN BI. FRIEDENBERG R. MURPHY C. BURDETT E. FRY E. PARKHURST K. BUSCH L. GARVER L. PECK M CATLIN V. GLUCKSMAN K. PRATT G. CHAPEL D. GREENWOOD R REED L. CLARKE C. HERRINGTON J. RODIER E. CLARY E. E. JOHNSON O. ROWELL E. Dix J. LANGHAAR O. SCHAFFER M. DONALD G. MCALEXANDER E. SLOAN M. FARNAM H. MODOUGALL G STONE 18 5 MISS WALTHER MISS WASHBURN MISS WELLS MISS WHITNEY L. E. RECTOR A. SCOTT L. SILVER G. E. SMITH B. STEARNES M. E. STUMPF B. SUTTON P. TENNEY R. THEIS M. J. WILLIAMSON M WINTER E. STROHM A. TERRY G. THAYER A. THOMPSON G. TIIIDEN L. TREADWELL R. WARNER E. VVELTY H. VVI-ITTI5 F. WIEBOLT D. WHITMAN P. WILLIAMS M. N. WILSON D. J. VVOLF Attlut P - n -Y 'lii I . ' E 'M' 'O A- i'f'm'N ,. t. B w: Vi .5 '-' gil, .,.v K m l 'f DU ffm A A 1915 M. BINDER FERRIS K. BfiCNIULLEN L. BOWEN GrURNEY R. BIETZGER J. CLARK HIXIGH F. RQIURDOCK A. CROOKS HASS M. OLDENBURG M. CROSBY HUBBARD T. OXVEN R. CUNNINGHAM R. JOHNSON M. PETERSON S. DUNLAP KENNEDY K. PIERCE 1916 C. BALMER FLECK M. TREVOR P. BRIGGS ROHN G. WATSON Mrrman lglag B1ARCH 1, 1913 "Bin ilirrne 1Hrinze55in" Qlnmmitiee SELVIRA KUSH, Chairman LILLIAN LANG,'13 JULIA CLARK, '15 ' CAST Die Prinzessin von Geldern . Baronin Von Brook, 'ilzre H ofdame . Frau von Haldorf . . Xp ihre Tffcllfe-f . . J Fritz Struebel, Candidat Plzilolog . Frau Lindeman . . . Rosa, Kellnerin . . Ein Lakai . 186 M. F. PRATT H. PRESCOTT R. PURSLEY I. RINGWOOD BI. ROSS R. THRASHER K. Z. VVELLS J. WHITE NATALIE BASSETT,,14: MARGARET TREVOR,,16 . K. PRATT . . A. KUSH R. CORNNVALL V R. HAMILTON iM. E. EDWARDS . I. KELLERS M. G. WATSON V. GLUCKSMAN . M. STRONG OS. Q., 351 111.11116 SQQETY 'H 'EAAHNIKH 'ETAIPEIA PROFESSOR LEACH . Av IS M. CUMPSON,,13 . ' H. E. lICKEE,,1iL . . 1 Eu,ul?uL37mu E. R. GOODNOW,'13 E. Y. EVANSQ14 M. PEASE,,13 R. HYDE,,15 Kllllllll MISS NIACURDY MISS GUTHRIE fillemhrrs 1913 , M. BARBER K. DUNCAN M. PEASE F. BRACQ K. GALLAGHER N. QUACKENBUSH G. COOHRAN E. GOODNOW I. RILEY H. CROSBY R. LAWRENCE H. XVARE M. CUMPSON E. MCSHANE A. G. WILSON E. DODGE A. OLDIIAM 1914 D. BRINSMADE L. M. EVANS D. NLEIGS A. DUNNING G. HARVEY H. PLIMPTON E. Y. EVANS H. E. NICKEE I. VVATERHOUSE L. WEST 1915 G. T. BREXVER H. GIFFORD R. NASH E. BURDETT O. LAMMERT A. SANBORN M. DEMPSEY M. LIALLON M. SHEPHERD' H. STRAIT 1916 M. BRADY H. HODGE M. ROBBINS J. CONGDEN F. VVINESTINE 187 1913 L pq 7 'SAE BRANMMIBHTERS FLORENCE L. HODGE THERESE BAIN . 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' . -.-f. ' " -E -4 1'-Xi. ' ff- . ., 'Q-31: 4:53-3-'Q,:g,.gQggezgggg,- - N . - Q- --" 1 ,. D, .QQQEENQQK '.p5.'g'-pg'54gg,. :G Q,X:g:-Qagfggv:gig-:1:,q5,. SEE.. XX- -.,E, -f l 51 - -H.. - I-'25 R 9' 6-1 ' 'W , ' .5 ' ' -Akin". N . ' '5312--X34552435153.-:fE:fS'?:LQ6"f'24'11- 'X 'if-" " ' . ' '. A+' ff?-i " - , ,. aff , . w .:.ff:C-2i35f:-.- .X we -iegiaff - .,z V .5 . .4 .M '- :s'- 'f-5 7 '-f"f1-ggfXe.Ji--1-31-.rj:2:,:5....-1,. , , ,. . . ' ,. 'ff .Xa , -:- - ' -' A "- .. . " ' "1Hniz-'P .anil f5rarr,' FRIEZES DESIGNED FOR THE GYMNASIUM Ent lhnur A Brenna nf Quman ,Svarritire ACT 1. SCENE. Oflice of the Department of English. Exit Miss-Csaying over her shoulder to an instructorj: Excuse me, my dear, but Miss Brown is going to lead the class this morning and I've got to go in and draw lots for them. ' . ACT 2. SCENE. Classroom. Miss - at desk. llliss -- .'-Well girls, this is the morning that I am going to be an interested listener on the back seat, isn't it? CClass giggles shylyj Now welll draw lots to see Whois going to be the fated lady. Everyone think of a number! CSilent thought spreads over the ctussj Miss Brown, what number ,did you think of? Miss Brown:-Seven, Miss- Miss -:-Thatis the number, my dear, you ,re fthe lady. CGets up, comes clown from the platformj CHaU aside to the classj Girls, shall she do it from her seat or from the desk, or shall we make her stand up? Miss Brown, you'd better sit at the desk. CGoes to back seatj Miss Brown:-Chesitatingly seats herself at the desk, fumbles loose papers, looks out of window, coughs and says gentlyj Our discussion this morning, I believe, was to start from the consideration of the Elizabethan attitude toward learning and its effect upon the philosophy of the time. Voice-from-back-seat:-Excuse me, Miss Brown, but wouldnlt it be better if y0u'd start from the point of View of the philosophy. CM'iss Brown smiles acquiescencej That's it. Now go on, and excuse my interruption. Miss Brown:-Miss Smith, will you trace the philosophical development of education?" M iss Smith:-Well-Cpause.D Voice-from-back-seat:-Miss Green looks as' if she had an idea on the subject. You id better ask her, Miss Brown. You can answer that, canlt you, Miss Green? You know, Miss Brown, I don lt think that was a clear way of putting the question. I think you might make it a little more concrete if you asked her what were the scientihc influences brought in from other countries that ,shifted the basis of em- phasis, reverting to a former educational philosophy that was at the same time a forecast of certain modern tendencies of thought. Don 't you think so, Miss Brown? Yes. Excuse me, now go on please, Miss Green. llfiss Green:-VVell-I-think-that regarding it from the point of View from which we must necessarily approach such a subject it would seem that- ' 197 ' n Q! jf WMtW'9. A " Vimmmmwtl - 2'F DIl'f,iEi1 ,FFEEEA Y :UQ - A A -- l - emamne- ,pg ramue 5- ,li , l Voice-from-back-seat:-Tell her that we canlt hear her, lVIiss Brown. Don,t you take spoken English, lllliss Green? Yes,-well, you must show us that you do, my dear. Yes, now go on. Miss Green:-I-thinkQthat-regarding-it-from-the point of View from which we must necessarily- Voice-from-baclc-seat:-Let me interrupt for a moment, Miss Brown? Yes. I want to read the class a short passage from Mr. Bullough's 4'Psychical Dis- tance" that has a very definite bearing on this subject. You don 't mind, do you lVIiss Brown? No-well then, Illl just read it. Cv-eads for 15 vninutesj Thank you, lVIiss Brown. Now, will you go on-yes. M iss Brown:-Miss J ones, will you show the connection of the Hantinomy of distance" with the point we were discussing. Miss Jones:-I-I-donlt think I know just what the point- Voice-from-baclc-seat:-Excuse me, Miss Brown, but will you let me have the last few minutes to make some announcements to the class? QMiss Brown leaves desk with a vague smilej Miss - Cafter making announcements and while the bell is ringingy- Well, I'm sure welre very much obliged to you, Miss Brown, for conducting the class. It's been very interesting, don't you think so, Girls? Yes. Thank you very much, Miss Brown. CExeunt omnesj I' ,dj VK: lui 1' ai Q . ,, X X ' 3 una M 4 'I u mm ylll W mils, ll 1, M ,- 1 ff? '- ,, td , i Q r lf '3 4' Rim- ll! N? Xll vm fl li m 'lil " l l wig? 5 Di' 'Ava U U ' .5 i ' Q W1 un Anrir 111 1. Stringing the lyre zmh !HHnhrru 92. Stringing the liar 198 x 'ilivrnrh nf Glam 'Nx T ' N I gm? f 5? 6 Y' ' pw I mn r' o , " v- b X a 625 - W 'U . i J -ef a - "' 3 Y - 4 N J QQ sa .THmN'f'E1 QHIU AGREHBLESENI , X who LMKRKED 0 ,Q my gun-Lass -- Q gm .1 K 1 U U2 EQ ,L Tl I , -P SAW SALLY Do You 1HlNl4 4 QAN QET CARELKE.-. I5 VEATER7 Rt 's8? K oN . T T S . M f '. E I 'F it SE IN UMM EXIT ' ' - A Qi L ' E E - , ' E : Ldv ! N 0 s LIFTT A5 l A111511 vi .I ll , . -fig? ' '-'J-f EJ W i 1 OJ? I K l - ', o ,L -- 1 - 3 ' EDB I - 1 'MO D J I I . A Y A K - 5 i "x A A " ' ' MON EY LE ND I FIRST FLOOR QENL RAL QHECI4 Roost BOOM s mug VJRAT9 S-'PEC IA LTY ,JN Y PM TFLL Prmn lNCf AND v CANDY 1 WQHEN we Do NoT RE auune VLLR .a i L I 'WT 00125 som J Y To BE SECURITY MONTHS. 5 V1 LL. SUMS B IS ARL BCCFP1 Q rw ,- "ME TQR MALLOW smu. i si" r ULLJ 4 LS Q 4-'DTT0 31 h 1 ,,l3lEMflSE THE AIARSH- TOR CHAR ES VUL-ggi" 1' 1 ks ' CMNQL QA 0 Suggratinn In Uhuar who Eiur nn Hirst Zlllnnr VVhy not make a regular business of it? Uhr Sarnia nf Uhr :mightg CBy a S eniorj When I, a Freshman,'came to Vassar's halls, I thought that to Valhalla I had come, Where heroesses walked abroad on intellectual calls, Or sported on the green in grand, heroic fun. One girlwrote verses, and in her I saw The awesome workings of celestial fire: Another edited the monthly sheet And her I saw as VVisd0m's self entire. But now, alas, I,ve passed from embryog Now human girls are in the seats of state, N0 longer is the versifier clad in clouds of fire, And Life is but a paltry thing-'tis Fate. 200 Eixmsm mmmsmusxglg Ns F 9,3 R cs VlH' I5 fx ST-8 or uma- llb 'HL UENSXSTING W D rw H32 HUNT' 21525 mg ff l 15iLvf3EDf H NE EY QREfRERE,RED- Gblh sinh Nm? Eightn 1 I 'RN i J, -uri l' YQEKYILB Aiflttli fm H12 Zifhr il11'r5h11121n, Ihr Svrninr, 21nh Ihr S211-1lH21hr Q12111-B1111111 A 111611319 Num it hzipprnrh iuhrn Svrlf-11l1I21h2 01511-Enhxnrx 111212 inur11I2h,Ih21'2 111215 lining in !11H21in Gbnr Tllnnr 5Hrr5h1n2111, 112211 Glhrrr Svrninr5. Uhr 92niur5 Ilinrnprh 2111h llnllirkrh 2111h 1n21h2 2311111111 Nni52, but Ihr i'Hrr5h1n21n 111215 Hrrg Qiniri. III rhnnrrh nnr nighI that Ihr ZHrr5hm2111'5 Glhair i5q11221112h, anh 21 lH2155i11g QPIIUII' 521ih,"1llI2h221rhIhg Qlhair 5111122111: 612111 Ihg5r1I' En111n." Anh Ihr IH1'25h- 111811, bring 11112211 2111h Z1nrxp21'i2111'2h, hih 511. E111 when Ihr Ffimih EHr25h1112111 unrr r5521g2h, "III 52r1n5 In 1112 Ih21I Ihnu E111 Nni5g iinuugh fur EI QI2111-B1111111," Ihr 5J2nin1'5 illrplirh, Qlrnhilg, "uh, Nu! 1352 1221111 in iEIhir5 Ih21I Glnn5rirn1'2 15 Ihr Snnrrmr 3l11hg2, 21nh 11111' GUHBIIPUIPH 118l1IP11,f 5111111211 In 115 EIIJJJIIT Ihr 11112111212 Efhnn 1111151 112 iHHi5I21l1rn." Efhrrrfnrr ihr ZHr25h1112111. 1uhn h21h hah nn iEIhir5, 11Pl1IPfL'I1"I11 122pI Svilrnrr. 119112 hng it rh21nrrhIh21I Ihr Bum' 111215 511211, 2111h Ihr ZH1'r5hn121n 5211 21nh 2112 El Olrarlxrr. Anh 111, Ihr Q'L1'211'11rr QTIIIIIIIIPD. 6111911 q1111Ih EI Zhnlh Z821h Svrninr, mhu 111615 lH2155i11g, "REQ EH1'iD11h,T1IULI hu5I !HH215Ii1'21I2 Inn Anhihlg. 651112 Ihg5r1f 21 012111-En1un." U11P1'DfIJI'D Ihr Efimih 3f1I'D511II'IE1Il, haning 1I11fHI'f1II1EIfP11I 1111 5221152 nf ?1?g11111n1', 11111 EI S7I1'ung QIu115ri2111'r, 1112111 21nh hih 511. Uhr QEIFIKBT 11121hr bg Ihr S1r11in1'5 umxrh 2111h g1'r111 132111 11g Bag. E111 Ihr Gliniih EHIDEHIIIEIII 51111112 nu 111n1'r In Ihr111, fur 5hr 1'n115ih21'2h Ihr 5PIIfUI'5 hrr 5J111,1r1'in1'5, 21nh 5hr Ihunght in hrr Kraft, "Emu 12111 El 1'n1n11121i11 mhrn El, Inu, 21111 Nui5g ?" CZH211' 5hr 1'Pl1IDI1I1JP1'1'h Ihr 0lh21i1' that SLIIIPEIIKDD Eillh Ihr 0112111221 Ih21I f1l1'1I11EhPh.D in Ihr Eulh Bah 532niu1'5 flK11111p2h 2111h iKu11i1'krh 2111h Ihr Uimih 51112511- 1112111 111215 211 12151 CE21112h 'Hp 2111h 111215 5211212113 iK2111'i1112111h2h. Num, Bran' illrahrr, Ihi5 EiII12 UEIID 11215 nut lJ1'1'1I,lJ1'P51'IITPh 215 EI 13111212 AIIIIIEP- 1nr11I fur ZH1-iun1u115 !J1Hi11h5, h11I 55 E111 E115211111112 uf ZH111'1nr1', 5111211112111 2111h Biu2r5 0181525 mhirh hih nnrr nrrnr. ZHFHITI iI mr mag Elrarn Ih21I g.7UI1IPfi111P5 Ihr C91h Qbrhrr Q1h21ng2Ih, giving 1112112 In Qu1EI11Z'f11 Ihr 13121121112 Olhagrin uf iRrI'ur111r1'5, Q02 IH! ark Shanna 511:11 Hana in the Night M2115 nf illtiainfnrmatinn C011 the way to the Biology 6X2L111lI1211tlO11.D "Has the alimentary canal any Special function in the body?,7 C011 the way to "KU English Writtenj 'cDo11,t you really think, after all, there should be thought back of expression? H Un French Revolution-at'ter a coinparison of lynching with 111Ob violence during tl1e Revolutionj P "I understand all about lynching, except this one thing-just who authorizes lynching? Do the judges?" HI7'Ld'll6'f'I'iGZ Revolfzztiovz began with tl1e inventions of 1760. It is so called from the nature of the inachinery used-for the 1110511 part revolving." Shade of Aristotle, arise! "Aristotle meant by 'speculative man' one whose highest ftllll is nioneyf' iFl'O111 Ethics Classj Q03 h 1 i A2 FACULTY PETS fi Lf, -vixisx Q 5 K WUCJX Q .,. , W M qf X y H A , WW Q , ,ww " 1 A ' Q QA ,,g:Zi' ff w Y, X O1 uw HUB 1 X J EME T F...--L , 'MTE' !5PeNy-THR WT B B Y-if ii iiilrgfiygf X W iw! R 2 X i migvi gg of i i tl ri 'i ,Q fw- fltixgyt i ,I X X xx l I tx I i, I Ilul bie-if Z! 1 Q. f f' , - 63 af I .l -- be C4 I Haut ilfirlirf I Casual Student, in wondermenzk-"Is that your top Library Dweller:-"It is half of it." Hvrava mrittrn in Evivriinn Sfirifr Dauntless, courageous, slowly but firmly, Into chaos and confusion I walk, Though Wild-eyed maniacs clutch at my shoulder, On to the heart of the conflict I stalk. One ear is torn off, a finger is broken, As I Crouch low, others tread on my head. Panting and bleeding I kneel by my mailbox, Yes, I Will open it though I fall dead. ic Now I have NHU. Someone walks up my backbone, Now I have HB". Ah, can I survive? With one last effort I Wrench the door open, Grasp for the contents, though scarcely alive. Horrible truth which bursteth upon me As others mangle and choke me again! Naught in my mailbox but one advertisement. Come, Death, I welcome thee! All was in vain. 206 U, KE-:ASQ WW: 1. Q t' iisi . ,AAA Hvrmzn mrittrn in Evivrtinn , A EZIIIIIDIIT How canst thou sing, thou little bird? Thou pretty flower, how canst thou bloom? While here I sit with streaming eyes, My soul submerged in deepest gloom. O weep, ye liluses, weep and wail! For Hope, fond I-Iope, lies stark and dead Vilith watery glance, I place a wreath Of twined roses on her head. I shrink from thoughts of frivoled time, And o'er my futureis blighted years The baneful sign of those who fail, The shadow of a Swan, appears. Ah, what supports the sinking heart VVhen all that cheered and helped it goes? My life is blighted in the bud, Alas! I've flunked my Latin Prose. 55112 flH211grfu1 lgrnrtnrtnizr When seated at the midnight feast, VVhere amber tea like water flows, Wfhere hearts break forth in joyous song, And each face bright with pleasure glows. Beware the beast that prowls by night, That ramps enraged at every noise, A monster slow but pitiless, The direful "sh-ushing" proctortoise. Oh, leap not madly down the hall To beat your neighbor to a bath, And walk not firmly on your heels, Lest you may stir the creature is wrath. And when at last it breathes in sleep, Sink low your tones, restrain your joys, Or shrill 'twill shriek, "Calldownforyou,U Oh, comrade, shun the proctortoise. ' 207 A-fe - aw J of ft an e lt im EU WK' ' tea iirnplgrzg Zllulillrh "To him that hath shall be given, and from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. " ' Elie Hanging nf Ihr Glam Through the hurrying crowds are seen Flare of scarlet and flash of green, Now we distinguish as nearer they draw Sweater and blazer and bright rnackinaw, Striped and spotted of every hue, Long ones and short ones, old and new, "But where, " I gasped to a student near, "VVhere are the Capes of Y ester Year? H But e're she could answer, there rose the cry 66 On, Blazers! The cape is passing by. H Hum' Svhalzrzprurr "Putting one scene of Shakespeare into good English has taken me four hours." 208 Tlhr illilnnrnv Enrtrinr cillluarraivhb W . is Q Q, af I 1 mmm fi' L 0- I L.. . f J J Srvnrz Emil iirhnwa frnm Ihr Qlnumrfi F A w ,fi i 3 WHXQV , W' W Q. W n 50 N sg fix m wi - i if T"4 F-7' i , X 'D A 'ge ez S ' 1 -" - 5' QQ Q- l K J g 1. Eizinrg gP111iI1EI1' E. f5P1'I1I2II1 "Who is the XHCC-P1'CSid611t?,, ' T i , Q FA A a I A j ii J 3. iinglinh, " lf!" emh " BH" ulnteresting? Is it not?" "Ach Hinimel! Bleine Daman 'T i 0 X: Q.:-,, r ,f" J! : 2 ' Q , ' '-,gzzl-f., 'K' 1' 1 i. T" af Sli S V i 5 J' D --il'-15.1 ' 1 C 5 1 11':'w-fx ,n'.,-..- L..r '-L1 g i - 4. Einlugg Qbllig The Inquisition 7 N gf' N X W W - D i N 1 M of pf- ,,. L ,af Tr i V 06 - I 1 ,F ' ' 511 ' J I 1 ' J , 1 f i Q I N' A 'Q -"' Ag! 1 X A., ,. i i M' A an ' W PmTxKO 1 t , , f H i i C in ' q 5 " A i - G' vi 1 3 1-.I . I i , " I S F' LJ - Q X- X t, J L J 5. lirnnnmira, E. English, "mainly thon-H The Co1'o11e1"s Inquest 'rf If 1 i N X ' FQ Q5 l fw K fw - 5 I gag l h o , G I ' i 2 2 1 ' oi - 9 i b Q 1 A - F in A A 1 n . . .417 I i P 5 'B .. B- i , L i 12551, 7. lfinglinly, "li" zmh S. Cgrulugg 'Wiiil some 'o1'igi112L1, girl tell me whether this Notice on door.-"The class will author is Work shows cha,1'acte1'istics not meet today. U of the author? H s F nii I y k I we Q 'Al' I ' ' ' hx g .. ig fl' y ' ,Q Q I U N l Q74 I will l Eta liarig Hollow voice of George Vifashington- "Do you mean to tell me I inspired this affair?" A Elmirr Uulh 52112 I know a Freshman who flunked. She lives in a double alleywayf' I heard that all the Freshmen who flunked lived in double alleyways. " I heard that inione double alleyway all the Freshmen ilunked. H I heard that in one double alleyway all the Freshmen ilunked four things. H I heard that in all the double alleyways all the Freshmen flunked everything Efumn Sfunhag VVl1y the first Sunday in each month Is Town Sunday is clear, For down town it is Sunday, I Though it doesn't seem so here. QIQ 7 6 wl -1 fx L Sb YW E W' 1 5, N A bb- "" .M -Q 1 1- , ,V W ,V V A J -Lv Aki,-fr . Q - wb uv ev what if Efhin Shnulil Eappvn? y ? W2s,,z f ' 5 Fw L6 Qffgl LN Lf lk 'VK Q I-.1 gs F-I E, Lak - Lx ol M' xifw g E5 A I ww pg Q X 1, ' L 6 G.. ez Nl EN sq EJ L ' lx' 1- Q x Xu Q Xl fffiffilf X' 1 W A 2, E? f i I . SJ AU U K - 4 gh-bl.. E 4 Q mimi if Whiz I N V Y Y U '- " f' i X A M! A V J , fx I f l l t NOTICE Q S D NOTICE On May 25th, the new sys- tem of service a Za carte in the dining room will go into effect. The large tables have been re- placed by small ones, seating two, four and six respectively. Breakfast will be served from 7 to 10 o'clock, luncheon from 12 to 2 o'clockg dinner from 6 to 8 o'clock. The students Who expect to attend the chapel services are asked to order before 6.30, as it takes from three to five minutes to fill orders. By order of X EXECUTIVE BOARD. Students are informed that henceforth their presence is expected at chapel services, but is not required. RWM 'saga BQ g- Q IM PORTANT NOTICE It having come to the College Authorities that students intend, in some cases, to bring their automo- biles to college, in other cases, their horses and grooms, the College Au- thorities take occasion to say that they thoroughly approve, and have made arrangements to have the museum remodeled for an adequate garage and stable. swam sal N huulh itapprn? ifrwifffaf rfww l C T P C -if Q On May 25th, the iirst edition of "THE COLLEGE DAILYH will appear. Of course, such informa- tion as has heretofore appeared l on the bulletin boards will be in It is suggested that since the students have four elevators in the Main Building reserved for their the daily. C ig'XXm5.m5+k ' T use that they do not use the one which the officers 3 of the College are accus- fixfmd-"'f"'v" tomed to use. - fl! Q. Q NOTICE The faculty have decided, on the sugges- tion of the students, that two cuts in one " Q semester for any one course does not allow sufiicient individual responsibility to the students. There will hereafter be no record kept of attendance at classes. G. A. KENDRLCK. K There will be a meeting of all those who were corn- petitors for either the "Shakespeare Prizei' or "Eliz- abeth C. Dana Prize ". in Assembly Hall. The place of meeting is changed from Freshman Parlor owing to the fact that at the last meeting the Freshman Parlor was unduly crowded. EW SEEFZN ZW? KWXMANXXBB J F As A s l- . 1 - , A Inna: Hleaf frnm at Zluniufs Nutr Ennis "Now, I wonder,-is that a, drawing of the Universe from my Philosophy note book, an analysls of an editorial from Critical Writing or is it a, paramecium I drew in biology." f i N 'E RET? s 41? if I ' i lil y X GBUS? Nrrka Goose Neck I:-"But it doesnlt ligl1t!,' V i F ' l I 7 T ill U Q - ly 34 V A1 X Ll l.. I ' 1 4' ? U N ix I' 'Q EEE Newly Elected Freshman Treasurer:-"Now there is another bulletin board for me to watchf' Huang Het SCENE. Two Freshmen in Front of the Bulletin Board. n First F reshman:-"My dear, a song practice sixth hour, and I,ve a class." Second Freshman.'-"Maybe you'll have to go to the classf' First Freshman:-"But it says 'Everybody Corne!' " y Mr Emunher Remark of Freshman:-"I tell you, right now, if three faculty fail me, Fm going homef, I've read various experts from that book. 217 Half Efulh Claim 1? .. biw- ' Q1 ff - Y - ,YH I' A gHf'f?!5fF2!,Q, Y: "Yes, she's engaged, she P had a man on Sundayf' 1 - -,Y.f"g'...j 1.3 Ti1,'PM'p., ns THE QAWPU, - II Y' if ' - , F - - "Laundry is in- - 1 xf Y eluded 1n the elf! F5-'Eg XX e L, semester's billf, XX- ' .xg e,X 1 .I ,EI XR X '2 18 F -5 G ,r , X, x. "Exercise is pre- L1 scribed, to meet the individual needs of the ,,- studentf, .- K7 jimenn-UNC1 EXERCXSES - "y-ummeva, miss sv vm ESHANV-5 HI had dinner with lVIr. and Mrs. Prexy last night." '.bT2.TAYl-Q11 'ESQEEMA E ' ,gge1L0'2UgQ 'Qi Q-. 651 QQ: :QW QQ- Q ii. .. 'L' - 0 M 6 Q6- QQHQSM Q QM E-H 510 - , fn mx: Vg 6 . V D, cm uk 'L0,-A QV N253 :QF 162561 56, LQ'JQ'ulQ.q- in 1 into , .QQ IO: IQ-I 'Q' 6. L fig: V ll'?N3S EIHL - SENKQQ. Z -4 D., 'Qs' fUTl.TAYLOR caan Q I A5 THE GUEST SAW ,T- AS IT WAS - Q19 FUR ' BEARIRS l"I..i1 2 S QW if I! ' 2 ?!?f?a i S . N Uhr Efnpu PLACE In the History fklcove TIME Just before the Sophomore Junlor Dance :rm Sf .L . ' ' First Sophomore: Qwho is thinking of the dancef VVho s your man? Second Sophomore: Qwho is thinking of her topicj Erasmus First Sophomore: Erasmus! What a funny name. Is it his first or his last name? Second Sophomore: Why I guess it's his Whole name Did you have Luther? Light Dawns 220 Gllnhz in 6" 4 ' 1' A! M v l T 1 1 V l 4' Q j k I ' I .1 "-T 1 -J . . I f ! Q1 1 4 if I 495 -1 l K A n so ' ' yi gh 4. t - 1 1 LY E A L H r 4 01U111Pm1IU1'211'H Qliuitaa Glurrrnt Glnpirs High-brows on their native '6W'hich is better-brownies and "There's a War somewhereg heath tea, or cheese and educators I have forgotten Where, and and tea?l, what it was aboutf' lk Y o . w f' f ' i qi JL I u ' wow l me E QL' - it to T . 'vw xg' ., X XL x S X 1 GW ' T f 't 1 iii? X o M- it 1 X --' pf I. 4, 1- 1, l af' CF' 1 .. , 5 JU N X- - T f up vc V x . Al' A Q ' N .a.. ' 1 X 'f I A ' I .Q "' 4 g ll K ' J fhrman Olluh Ellrenrh Olluh "O, Tannenbaunl, Wle schon smd deine Blittter. -l'lRESlDENTs Rum, l wQEe eeo'w ln MQAQ . U! :ds if ,. P I 0- 'D -0- Q YS F - "' 11.115, T- 'Lij make Rubin NOTICE ON THE BULLETIN BOARD-Annual excursion of Wake Robin Club to John Burroughsi Only members are allowed to go. Milh Animalia 31 Emir 1113121 ll il ' 1 klmrk "iKntz11ing Qlnnuiermriinn' nr "Uhr Clnllrgr in Nun-Svriaxrizxn, tg Eliztinrtlg Rvliginnan TIME. Sunday noon. PLACE. A table in main dining room. C1-IARACTERS. Eight students. Fzirst girl Cservirzg fo seconcljz Light or dark meat? Second to z'fzirfZ: No, I didn,t like him at all-thought he was insincere- light meat, no potato, and one onion with half a spoonful of gravy-in the middle of the potato, please- Th'l.I'CZ.' I d0n't see how you Could think that. I-Ie seemed so awfully earnest,-anyway, I liked what he said. I think that we need something really spiritual in our life here. F om'th.' What do you mean by spiritual? Qto jirstj Plate please-C150 seconclb No, I'1n not losing my appetite. I just donit happen to want the bleak bones of a college fowl. Third: Cwith great 6?G,7'7Z6S7fl'l8SSD,' But really we do need something to make us think-and to keep us from putting reasons as the basis of our religious life. ' .Sii:vtlL.' Was he telling us that? I thought he was trying to tell us to test religion by reason, and that We could ind that, ultimately, in the last analysis We- QQ? AA . '-'i TIE!" mamma ,V , Amyu, 5. 3 diss, F ozmflzi Ci'-nferz'upiirrzgj: need a creative imagination to realize that our neighbor,s canary and our neighbor herself are sent by Divine Iiove to teach us the value of the interruptions of life. ' Second: As I was saying when you interrupted me, I didnlt like him at all. I didn't like his manner, I didn't like his voice, I didn't like his text, and anyway he kept looking at me all the time, and he changed his glasses in the middle of the first hymn so t.hat he could be far-sighted. Tlzircl Cplwirztzfrely, trying to be lzeardjz I'm glad that he said that the highest aim of every woman should be to make good citizens of her sons, Didn't you think of home when he talked about rocking the future of the American nation to sleep in a cradle? F ourth: Rats! you are thinking of the one who sang Greek hexameters while she-O, by the way can you rock a cradle to anapests? Third: Donlt you all know some one who lives on a boulevard ina mausoleum of souls? Souls that have pined away and shriveled up on a liquid diet-lemonade and iced-tea souls? F 0u.1'th.' VVell, who would expect to have a 'sleek, rotund' soul with Porter- house at seventy cents a pound, and house rent going up? Third fSerz'ou.Slyj: But that isn't the point at all. That doesn,t mean a real Porterhouse,-you can get the same nutritive qualities in hash, protein, fats, carbohydrates- ' Fourth Crlropping the arg-zmzent cmd -turmfng to the seconclj: So you didn,t like his text? If you remember accurately, I think you will see that it is the same one that we had a few weeks ago-when our souls were to exercise constantly- Second: Is there any more light meat? Because if there is, Ild like some with some more gravy? Wfhy do they ring the bell? I thought that we were reasonably quiet today. Fourth Czmderr her breafhjz It's another interruption, like the telephone, sent with a purpose! Thircl Qwho has been tlziinking earnestlyjz How did Agassiz find out that all the fishls scales on one side went one way, and on the other Went another way? Fozmflz Qabsentlylz Speaking of infant damnation, do you believe in the immortality of the soul? I Third Uilinks at herb: I don't see how he could have found how the scales went, when all he had was bones to put together. F ourth.' That's all that most of us have 3 there's where your creative imagination comes in-but what about the soul? Do you believe in purgatory? Third Cojevzdecljz Of course I don,t. Nobody in my church does, and I'd like to know whether you think that sin is necessary, and whether evil is evil Per se or simply incipient goodness-qua vvirtue? Second: VVhat are you people muttering about there in the corner? u F ourth: Infant damnation and The Salt, The Leaven, Shailer lXIatheWs. i Second Caside to firstj: I,m glad that the vacation is almost here-think that - is overworking. Sometimes, I think that she - - Fourth Calmiablyjz Oh, donit worry about my mind. I thought 1fE.VViLS stagnating, so I'm sending it and my soul out, hand in hand, to get tresh spiritual air. 0 QQ3 F1112 Gbrigiualn nf this Zlinllunxing lgirtnrrn will hr Zhang fur the Nun Art Magnum TD THE BBUBETS 'rn 'n-me NUSTLYTRASHWNIETS ff mail Emu' mail Knut Eu imma till: au Sgllahwa Those being those being living being ones striving to be pushing to be gaining were certainly coming to be ones being shoving, being jamming, being hurdling, being mauling, being fumbling, being toppling. Certainly some were coming to be striving to be reaching these boxes. Any could come to know this some were certainly hurclling to be reaching these boxes. Some were boxing to be mailing, some were boxing to be boxing, some were climbing to be clawing, some were scratching to be scaling, some were writhing to be Wriggling. Certainly some were reaching these boxes. Certainly some were not reaching these boxes. Very many came to be determining to be reach- ing these boxes or to be ones being ones knowing the reason. Some came to be ones coming to be knowing the reason. Many came to know that the reason was this some were lack- ing muscle. Certainly none were lacking nerve. There could not be rudeness. This is this mail hour. 224 y. .e ...Av ..., , X 2 3- - -r ' N..-..,., KB FQ '1 Sig M .35 1' ww, . - V, are . l f it 1 A W, . , 1: TI 1 " F rf" ' :Q 5252516 r ,L ' ' - 1- :..' .Q :,, M g.:: L- .nw ..,,. 4 ,, ..e-:,.-.,sn-xsgwwf.-:sw ..,, ,- - K Qlirrlr . -:'fifi 5 575 '- . - 'glifhfiifll ' ,,,A . .M . , l i llihrarg , " in That which Was filled with books came to be y the general place ol meeting of many, and the general reception room of certainly some who were roaring and shrieking and smckering, were chattering, were giggling, if Were greeting everyone, were rushing around madly. Some ,A Q H ' were thumping their heels,manyWere slipping on the marble Q 3 floor, some were stumbling up the iron stairs. Certainly some came to be delving into the card catalogue to be rush- ing to the reference desk, some were unable to find anything some came to ind that Which the were looking for was ?,f.,., 2: A already having been looked for found some came to be slip- ping downstairs for quiet some had forgotten their glasses, Certainly some were doing twenty-hour topics in two hours j- and twenty minutes else they Were not being done at all ' which some were hearing gonged out by the bells and many y 5 fountain pens were going dry many oi those in the house of learning were yawning some were studying but others were merely doing that wlnch some had assigned this then was o, wx . . .RH 13. that which was going on. aHDI'T1'EIfT uf sr Glullrgr CEM 225 THE 10 K ANELED A Xqfx-fx QUADMLLE will 1, l b L L o Q MR. LATH Roe Msgg 'STRQNG D L U LL 1" 9 K-L x 4. N Q '51 ra "4 ,gm s Q E1 4 7 li if ' 'Y 'W U 'W in 'J -in 'W fm in FN Z i MQSQAH U11 . 5 3 - W Jim 513 9205592 QW 2 x1fxfx NAA A E 4- gift? 9 N Svvruring 9111211 fur the Banff reshmanj CCo1wersation between two Juniors oezverlzearcl by a F "Is it your roo1n-1na,te's brother- Or his uncleas cousin,s ChllII1?,, UNO, my fatherss sisterls office boy Has consented now to CO1116. " "Oh, how grand! 'Well, Glad and Bladge Have advertised, they sayg I hope it works-That freak of mine Just let nie know today. ,' "The dreadful thing! Bline may back out, llly dear, I'm Worried blue For fear he 'll disappoint ine-well, goodbye, Good luck to you! U 226 sf- . . ' If lii. --. -" 'Qf2.tYI. I. B mm n A,.. T .,,.g2w'0n f ..l . KR lgrrfvrt fikrathrtirb illllnmmia 1. I sat on a blade of grass beside a deep, dark pool. I was all alone, and I was glad, for floating on the pool was a white, white, a moon-white waterlily with a golden butterfly swaying on it. I was glad to be on the blade of grass, for I felt like a grass-hopper, a beautiful green grass-hopper with long, long legs. I was happiness and had only happiness to pursue. Then I jumped into the pool under the deep blue water, and over the place where I went down, bubbles lined with si-lver arose. It was my perfect moment and my last. Q. The marshes stretched off to the blue sea, green and waving, with yellow lights shining over them from the stars. In the canoe I drifted between the tall reeds, and they bent, brushing against the sides and sometimes splashing water against my hot face. lVIy face burned as with fire, and my nose flamed as with flames. I was sunburned. Then I, saw Her coming. Bly heart grew cold and I had to pull my sweater tight around it, then it was warmer. I rose in the canoe and stretched out my arms, then I must have fallen into the water, for I knew nothing more until I found myself quite wet. Ivas it with tears? Ah, no, I loved I-Ier then! 3. Today I voted. That is, I went to the balloting place and stood in line for an hour, while the chauffeur before me voted for someone. I counted the other people who had also voted for someone and there were a number of them. Then I voted. I suppose it is hardly necessary to say for whom I voted. Personally, I donit belive in yielding to emotions, but I admit that I experienced a reasonable amount of satisfaction in so doinge-. 41. I sat at one end of my room and looked at the other end. It was quite far away. Wlhile I looked I saw my soul rolling on the floor and started to catch it, but it turned into a ball of dust and blew under the couch where I could not follow it. I was wretched. I despaired. In my agony I was happy-and I analyzed my feelings. It took an exquisitely painful, perfect moment. 5. Today I had a bone which I wasn't meant to have. I didnlt really steal it, but I got it under false pretenses. I licked it at one end, and then cook had to give it to me. I took it out doors where it was cold and shivered as I chewed it- I believe it was the bone of the calf that used to live in the pasture. Q27 . H. 3 S, Q 1 N -'ylD,,LA,Q 152' Q 'N QQQQQ QQG D Q .rx IFJ Vi 1 xg kl 4 - 1,-K in S f "i'lw!,ll MIQJLVTVLQ L 5 -'WMD "l Q Jw 3. iw A . 2 fl' L E L XV ., , ' I I I d .dj Ill' J J J .N A . . A ll- KN., H. BRADLE1 K. KELLY I. BEIR R. LAXVRENCE H. BLACK F. BIARBURG E. COATESWORTH ' D. DIORDORF H. CLARK C. OUGHELTREE BI. HUBACHE1 E. PRATT E. JAMES M. RUDD1MA1x K. JEFFRIES K. STIMPSON F. JEXVELL R. XYALENTINE ,,.b. . Vx I E- ' f ' QSZEVESQ H E 1 E E ' . f ' 1 ' a-QQQQRQQQQ ' 1 1 ,gxi?!..' . -. EW' f 5 -Q. Q - 1 L- 3-:LE lv x N , V ., a Al x A 17, L .... .. -'FZ' N . Q28 IQ mfg K' E Q i +'111-I-4 Z ' 3 :: .. :Ski ,. fff f 1 QL-, - E W X l 1 U E E 3 ....g 3, x,., ? 1 , il, -A-v xnm. June 1864 1865 1865 1866 1879 1886 1889 1892 1892 1893 1896 1897 1897 1900 1901 1902 1902 1903 1904 1904 1905 1905 4QfE.I!l L E7 Pliflil E BQA Baia frnm 13151 thrnngh 1912 Euilhingn 4, 1861. Ground broken by hlatthew Vassar for Blain Building Astronomical Observatory completed Blain Building completed Lodge erected . Building for Riding School, Gymnasium and hlusic Rooms completed, 1874, altered for Natural History hluseum, Gymnasium, hlusic Rooms, and Art Gallery g 1890, Gymnasium changed to Hall of Casts Vassar Brothers, Laboratory erected Eleanor Conservatory erected Alumnae Gymnasium erected Professors, cottages erected Strong Hall erected E. F. Thompson Library Building erected Presidents House erected Raymond House erected Rockefeller Hall erected Swift hlemorial Infirmary erected New England Building erected Edward Lathrop Hall erected Eliza Davison House erected Ground broken for Library Chapel completed Bliss VVood's cottage erected Thompson hlemorial Library completed Doctor Hill 's cottage erected 1906-1907 North Hall erected 1907 1X1aids, Club House erected 1908-1909 Sanders Laboratory of Chemistry erected 1911 1912 1912 1912 Professor Leach,s cottage erected Olivia Josselyn Hall erected Professor Riley 's cottage erected Professor Tonk's cottage erected 1912-1913 Students, Building erected 1912-1913 Miss McCa1eb's cottage erected 230 1'NKUI.T,B Amug ww-Q AA l 4 - I lgrwaihenta nf the Qlnllvgn lVIilo P. Jewett, LL.D., 1861-6-L J. Ryland Kendrick, D.D., Acting Presi- John H. Raymond, LL.D., 186-1-1878 dent, 1885-86 Samuel L. Caldwell, D.D., 1878-85 James 111. Taylor, LL.D., 1886 Existing Clbrganizatinna Philaletlieis, Constitution adopted December 5, 1865 Vassar lVIiscellany, 1872 Society for Religious Inquiry, 1867, re-organized into Christian Association, 1885 Students, Association, Constitution adopted February QQ, 1868 Shakespeare Club, 1870 Dickens Club, 18741 T and M, 1879 Tennis Club, 1881, merged into Athletic Association, 1895 Qui Vive, 1882 Vassar College Glee Club, 1882 Vassar College Chapter of the College Settlement Association, 1891 Hellenic Society, 1891 Current Topics Club, 1892 Society of the Granddaughters of Vassar College, 1893 New England Club, 18941 T Southern Club, 1894 Choral Club, 1895 Wlake Robin Club, 1895 Civitas, 1895 Contemporary Club, 1895 Vassar College Mandolin and Guitar Club, 1896 Phi Beta Kappa, lliu Chapter of New York, 1898 French Club, 1899 German Club, 1900 Vassar College Symphony Orchestra, 1900 Chicago Club, 1901 New Jersey Club, 1904 231 Gini?-Il D11 5 AA mem ua - - From the years 1867 to 1889 the Senior Class was represented by Salutato- rians and Valedictorians at the Commencement exercises. In 1883 the custom was abolished for the present form of Commencement speakers. igrrnihenm nf Ighilalrihria 1865-66 John H. Raymond 1880-81 H. S. Durand 1895-96 L. Van Anden 1866-67 B1. L. Dickinson 1881-89 S. Yamakawa 1896-97 E. L. Baker 1867-68 S. L. Blatchley 1889-83 M. Foos 1897-98 E. F. Vassar 1868-69 A. 111. Glidden 1883-84 E. O. 1101111112111 1898-99 E. K. Ray 1869-70 E. D. Storer A 1884-85 B1. E. Ewing 1899-00 C. W. VVilkins 1870-71 F.. 1VI. Folsom 1885-86 111. 11. 111ickl1a1n 1900-01 G. H. Baldwin 1871-79 E. S. Hollister 1886-87 A. A. Berry 1901-09 111. Wright 1879-73 B. 1Vilder 1887-88 E. L. 111acCreery 1909-03 G. A. Power 1873-74 F.. 117. Barrett 1888-89 D. F. Norris 1903-04 F. Winchester 1874-75 111. B. Taylor 1889-90 G. E. Sanders 1904-05 G. V. N1CCarthy 1875-76 E. S. Richards 1890-91 L. A. Lawrence 1905-06 M. Munn 1876-77 E. 111. Logan 1891-99 E. M. Mast A 1906-07 M. Borden 1877-78 H. R. Ransom 1899-93 A. VVliitcon1b 1907-08 E. Burns 1878-79 S. F. Richardson 1893-94 A. L. Latimer 1908-09 NI. Cooper 1879-80 G. F. Cole 1894-95 E. 11. 1Velch 1909-10 E. C. Osborne 1910-11 L. A. Miller 1911-19 R. Fitch 1919-13 E. Fatman lgrraiilrnta nf the Svtuhrnta' Aaanriutiun 1866-68 31. 111. VVhitney 1881-89 L. B. Stanton 1895-96 E. 111cCloskey 1868-69 31. L. Gilbert 1889-83 C. A. Valleau - 1896-97 V. James 1869-70 M. Chumar 1883-84 L. K. Smith 1897-98 F. A. Hatield 1870-71 D. Hileman 1884-85 41 E. Deming 1898-99 E. L. Garrett 1871-79 S. A. Catlin L J. P. Clinton 1899-00 111. P. Schmidt 1879-73 111. Nlonroe 1885-86 L. F. Sweetzer 1900-01 L. S. Holmquist 1873-74 F. M. Cushing 1886-87 G. M. Cleveland 1901-09 C. 111. Sperry 1874-75 E. A. Rice 1887-88 F. T. Patterson 1909-03 H. J. h1acCoy 1875-76 G. H. Learned 1888-89 L. B. Foppenheim 1903-04 J. S. Taylor 1876-77 S. F. Sheppard 1889-90 K. Smith 1904-05 111. Hiscox 1877-78 S. G. VVilkinson 1890-91 C. A. Bentley 1905-06 111. J. Dimock 1878-79 G. Darling 1891-99 A. 11. Robbins 1906-07 NL E. Avery B. Hazard 1899-93 M. V. Clark 1907-08 111. R. Babbott 1879-80 111. S. 1VIOrris 1893-94 111. B. B1umford 1908-09 C. 111. Body 1880-81 E. G. Shaw 1894-95 K. C. Reiley 1909-10 G. K. Schaefer 1910-11 J. S. Lovejoy 1911-19 111. E. Tibbits 1919-13 V. Searle 939 cw, A.-.Si Svvninr Gilman Wrrnihvntz 1867 IXI. L. Dickinson 1882 IVI. B. Brittan 1897 BI. E. Chambers 1868 C. E. Glover 1883 A. H. Lathrop 1898 A. Kauffman 1869 A. DLI. Glidden 1884 A. Blanchard 1899 E. Nichols 1870 J. A. Denton 1885 S. C. Hening 1900 A. P. Barrows 1871 A. L. Sanford 1886 N. Wfooster 1901 M. P. Jackson 1872 A. D. Seelye 1887 I. Skinner 1902 T. H. Hadley 1873 H. C. Hiscock 1888 G. Rideout 1903 F.. B. Thompson 1874 F. Fisher 1889 E. Greer 1904 BI. Yost 1875 L. VV. Kellogg 1890 E. E. NIorris 1905 BI. L. Henning 1876 J. C. Price 1891 BI. T. Allen 1906 J. Searing 1877 G. F.. Bliss 1892 A. L. Reed 1907 G. Taylor 1878 H. E. Stanton 1893 E. B. Cutting 1908 M. Bowie 1879 E. C. Jordan 1894 B. Ferry 1909 F. L. Tyer 1880 N. J. Preston 1895 J. Greer 1910 G. C. Lovell 1881 III. Bryan 1896 lVI. N. Sanders 1911 H. Lathrop 1912 E. Prudden 1913 L. Penniman Igreuihrnin uf the Ailileiir Amanriaiinn 1895-96 IVI. M. Champney 1901-02 E. L. White 1907-08 H. B. Josselyn 1896-97 I. C. Thallon 1902-03 BI. Mather 1908-09 C. deF. Griffin 1897-98 H. I. Haight 1903-04 E. H. Gardiner 1909-10 M. G. Wales 1898-99 R. B. hlears 1904-05 C. S. Barnes 1910-11 H. R. Noyes 1899-00 B. L. DeGroff 1905-06 L. lVI. Parry 1911-12 D. hIcKee 1900-01 J. B. Lockwood 1906-07 A. Belding 1912-13 C. C. Johnson Glass Qiutnrianz ' 1868 BI. L. Avery 1889 A. T. Nettleton H. A. Anderson 1869 K. A. Still 1890 K. Smith 1904 J. S. Taylor 1870 C. VV. Rich 1891 J. VV. Thompkins E. Riedell 1871 NI. O. Glover 1892 S. B. Tunniclilf 1905 O. Hasbrouck 1872 M. J. Rawson 1893 E. P. Cobb D. L. VVorthington 1873 A. Skeel 1894 L. Howe 1906 F. T. Towers 1874 J. S. Bennett 1895 A. L. Crawford L. lVI. Parry 1875 E. lVI. Tappan 1896 J. B. Hart 1907 E. Bryner 1876 E. NI. Gifford 1897 M. Reimer E. Cutting 1877 III. Stoyell G. NI. Gallaher 1908 C. Shepard 1878 M. H. Rollins 1898 L. A. Chamberlain G. Tichenor 1879 L. 114. Barr F. L. lVIcKinney 1909 R. Flanigen 1880 A. P. Bailey 1899 A. C. Jones K. Foster 1881 K. H. Stockwell A. R. Taggart M. Fulton 1882 M. R. Sanford 1900 E. R. Oberly C. Edgcomb 1883 S. T. F. Swift V. Sauvage H. McCulloch 1884 M. F. L. Hussey 1901 E. L. Cole I. Milholland 1885 lVI. VV. Craig L. Cole F- Tyer 1886 E. A. Ferris 1902 N. O. Eldred 1910 C. Gordon 1887 31. Sgveet C. M. Sperry 1911 L. 1Vheeler 1888 E. L. MacCreery 1903 C. C. Eastman 1912 S. Thompson . 233 E,14fE.U1 1.2 Gus-an 11 0114-v'-new-n 1 1VI. L. Dickinson H. BI. Austin E. R. Beckwith E. R. Coffin E. R. Coffin H. C. Hiscock, '78 A. G. Howes,'74 K. lVIcBain, '75 E. E. Poppleton, '76 E. E. Poppleton, '76 S. F. Sheppard, '77 H. E. Stanton, '78 hi. R. Botsford, '78 E. E. Hakes, '79 E. Jacobson, '79 A11lt1.E f- ' .. 'F . - '3 'Y' A -i . 0 .Lil A , l K' 'A Ehiiurz Haaaariana 1866 H. A. L. hlason H. A. Johnson Ehituru Cflranarript 1867-68 hi. L. Avery S. BI. Glazier 4 1868-69 E. H. Jones E. J. Vlfilliams 1869-70 hi. E. Colby E. L. Hubbard 1870-71 111. S. Nicoll BI. H. Norris lihituru 111-Iiiarrllung 1872-73 K. ill. Lupton, '73 E. D. Swift, '73 L. A. Stow, '74 1873-74 A. L. llleeker, '744 L. A. Stow, '74 E. RI. Tappan, '75 H. A. VVarner hi. VV. VVhitney S. VVright H. E. Ohlen, '74 K. lXIcBain, '75 1874-75 E. M. Tappan, '75 BI. B. Taylor, '75 E. G. Metcalf, '76 C. F. Butler, '76 H. E. Hersey, '76 1875-76 H. E. Hersey, '76 BI. A. Jordan, '76 S. F. Sheppard, '77 DI. Stoyell, '77 1876-77 A. H. Dana, '77 L. J. Wlylie, '77 BI. Wlhipple, '77 hi. R. Botsford, '78 hi. H. Rollins, '78 I 1877-78 H. D. Broivn, '78 E. 1V1. Perkins, '79 B. Hazard, '79 H. R. Ransom, '78 E. Jacobson, '79 A. BI. Vlling, '78, Bus. Man. 1878-79 BI. Colgate, '79 E. P. Clarke, '79, Bus. Man. NI. Reynolds, '80 C. H. Thackray, '80 NI. E. Mott, '80 Q34 J r .14 ini T82 I A Q U Ama E aim ' 1879-80 111- RCyD01dS,'80 A. P. Bailey, '80 H. C. Armstrong, '80, Bus. Man. . J. F. Smith, '80 111. C. Palmer, '81 A. K. Fitzhugh, '81 C. C. Barnum, '81 L 1880-81 C. S. 11'hite, '81 A. K. Fitzhugh, '81 J. Harrison, '81, Bus. Man. 111. L. Freeman, '81 E. B1. Howe, '82 B1. B. Brittan, '82 M. R. Sanford, '82 1881-82 F.. NL Howe, '82 111. B. King, '82 A. 111. Nickerson, '82, Bus. Man. B1. R. Sanford, '82 C. L. Bostwick, '83 S. F. Swift, '83 NL Sharp, '83 1882-83 C. L. Bostwick, '83 BI. Sharp, '83 111. F. L. Hussey, '84 J. H. 1V1errick, '81 S. F. Swift, '83 A. H. Lathrop, '83, Bus. lllan. . 1883-84 111. F. L. Hussey,'8-L J. H. Merriek,'8+ A. Blancha.rd,'84 F.. S. Leonard,'85 L. A. Barker, '84, Bus.l1lan. L. H. Gould, '85 111. E. Ewing, '85, Asst. B. M. 1884-85 E. S. Leonard, '85 L. H. Gould, '85 M. King, '86 L. F. Sweetzer, '86 C. Hiseoek, '85 BI. E. Ewing, '85, Bus. Elan. E. 117ithowsky, '86, Asst. B. M. 1885-86 NI. King, '86 Cresj L. F. Sweetzer, '86 L. L. Newell, '86 E. A. Ferris, '86 E. 1'Vithowsliy, '86, L. C. Sheldon, '87 E. C. Greene, '87 S. W. Learned, '87, Bus. lllan. Asst. B. 111 1886-87 L. C. Sheldon, '87 E. C. Greene, '87 E. Shaw, '88 Cresj E. C. Kountze, '88 A. K. Green, '87 S. 117. Learned, '87 E. Lewi, '88 E. L. Ma.eCreery,'88 Bus. Bla-n. Asst. B. M 1887-88 E. C. Kountze, '88 E. Lewi, '88 A. T. Nettleton, '89 L. 111. Ferrell, '89 C. L. Ba.rnum,'88 E. L. 111acCreery,,'88, B. M. 111. E. Chester,'89, Asst. B. 111 1888-89 A. T. Nettleton, '89 L. 111. Ferrell, '89 E. E. 111orris, '90 C. Suydarn, '90 K. 1'1'arren, '89 B1. E. Chester, '89, Bus. lllan. NI. Carbutt, '90, Asst. B. M. 1889-90 ' E. E. 111orris, '90 C. Suydam, '90 D. N. Taylor, '91 R. 111. Kavana, '91 C. F. Patterson, '90 M. Carbutt, '90, Bus. Man. K. L. Strong, '91, Asst. B. M. 1890-91 D. N. Taylor, '91 M. F. VVashburn, '91 R. 91. Kavana, '91 E. C. Banfield, '92 L. Reed, '92 K. L. Strong, '91, Bus. Diem. A. 91. Robbins, '92, Asst. B. IVI. 235 11 . Q f' Un j i 'BK U1 I 9 f' A,.. Ama me 5 1 . L, AA 1891-92 E. C. Baniield, '92 E. B. Hartridge, '92 E. K. Adams, '93 NI. V. Clark, '93 NI. S. Packard, '92 A. 114. Robbins, '92, R. E. Palmer, '93 E. B. Cutting, '93, Bus. lllcm. Cresj Asst. B. M 1892-93 E. K. Adams, '93 NI. V. Clark, '93 E. R. Wfilkinson, '93 NI. L. Boynton, '94 E. B. Cutting, '93, Bus. Man. E. L. VVells, '94 NI. NI. NIacauley, '94, Asst. B. M. 1893-94 NI. L. Boynton, '94 E. L. 17Vells, '94 A. L. Crawford, ,95 G. S. Boynton, '95 A. S. Hussey, '94 NI. M. lXIacauley, '94, Bus. Man. A. Dorrance, '95, Asst. B. M 1894-95 A. L. Crawford, '95 G. S. Boynton, '95 H. 1. Scranton, '96 E. McCloskey, '96 E. E. Boyd, '95 A. Dorrance, '95, Bus. Elan. G. E. lXIacArthur, '96, Asst. B. Ill 1895-96 - H. 1. Scranton, '96 E. lXIcCloskey, '96 B. A. Jones, '96 G. NI. Gallaher, '97 G. E. MacArthur, '96, Bus. Dian. F. Hotchkiss, '97 A. G. Richey, '97, Asst. B. M 1896-97 G. NI. Gallaher, '97 F. Hotchkiss, '97 F. L. hIcKinney, '98 K. Blunt, '98 NI. NI. Traver, '97 A. G. Richey, '97, B'llS.Il1G7Z.. L. B. Justice, '98, Asst. B. M. V 1897-98 F. L. NIcKinney, '98 K. Blunt, '98 S. F. Sheppard, '98 J. Hamilton, '99 L. B. Justice, '98, Bus. Nlcm. BI. Burr, '99 A. E. Jenkins, '99, Asst. B. Ill. 1898-99 J. Hamilton, '99 NI. Burr, '99 C. G. Abbott, '99 NI. L. Ray, '00 A. E. Jenkins, '99, Bus. Illan. J. NI. Payne, '00 NI. L. Horst, '00, Asst. B. M. 1899-1900 M. L. Ray, '00 J. M. Payne, '00 M. Budington, '00 C. S. Reed, '01 NI. L.'Horst, '00, Bus. Dian. L. J. Smyth, '01 L. R. Albright, '01, Asst. B. M. 1900-01 C. S. Reed, '01 L. J. Smyth, '01 L. T. Bartlett, '01 L. lXIacNair, '02 L. R. Albright, '01, Bus. Dian. E. Nlynter, '02 E. H. VVhite, '02, Asst. B. M. 1901-02 L. NIacNair, '02 NI. A. Pollard, '02 NI. A. 1NIason, '02 NI. Belknap, '03 E. H. White, '02, Bus. lllan. L. E. NIcCarthy, '03 N. A. Dunbar, '03, Asst. B. M. 1902-03 NI. Belknap, '03 L. E. 1NIcCartl1y, '03 E. R. Dimock, '04 E. G. Gardiner, '04 M. Canby, '03 N. A. Dunbar, '03, Bus. Man. A. L. Henry, '04, Asst. B. M. 236 . . L., . . in QA I Aunf...4.A...Za:nn' 1903-04 E. R. Diinock, '0-1 E. G. Gardiner, '04 H. H. Straight, '05 NI. A. Pratt, '05 . lVI. L. Conger, '04 A. B. Forbes, '04, Bus. lllcm. hi. B. Bon, '05, Asst. B. 111. 1904-05 ' H. H. Straight, '05 lNI. K. Sinith, '05 C. Fink, '06 111. B. Jarnagin, '06 H. Babson, '05 E. Tallant, '05 F. C. Sibley, '06 BI. T. Paine, '06, NI. B. Bon, '05, Bus. lllan. Agsf, B, M, 1905-06 C. Fink, '06 E. Severance, '06 V. L. Pike, '07 E. E. Goodrich, '07 BI. B. Jarnagin, '06 F. C. Sibley, '06 E. A. Draper, '07 L. 1VIedbery, '07 BI. T. Paine, '06, Bus. lllan. Asst, B, 111, 1906-07 E. A. Draper, '07 E. E. Goodrich, '07 F. DI. Brewer, '08 R. lV1. VVeeks, '08 V. L. Pike, '07 L. Brooke, '07 R. S. True, '08 C. Lloyd, '08, A. B. Smith, '07, Bus. Alan. Asst. B, Ill, 1907-08 R. 1VI. VVeeks, '08 F. BI. Brewer, '08 F. B. Anderson, '08 R. Flanigen, '09 R. S. True, '08 111. Chamberlain,'09 A. R. Allan, '09 BI. Cooper. '09 C. Lloyd, '08, Bus. Difcm. E. Hasbrouck, '09, Asst. B. M. 1908-09 R. Flanigen, '09 111. Chaniberlain, '09 A. Cheyney, '09 C. Anderson, '10 F. VV. Cutler, '09 H. Dwight, '10 K. Taylor, '10 E. Hasbrouck, '09, Bus. Elan. A. Nilsen, '10, Asst. B. DI. 1909-10 K. Taylor, '10 H. Dwight, '10 C. Goodrich, '11 H. Lathrop, '11 G. Mills, '10 S. English, '10 J. Lovejoy, '11 A. Nilsen, '10, Bus. Man. A. 1Ving, '11, Asst. B. 111. 1910-11 C. Goodrich, '11 V. Butler, '11 DI. Culkin, '12 L. Farnain, '12 C. Tompkins, '11 B. Vandergrift, '11 111. Hurlbutt, '12 A. Wing, '11, B1cs.Man. L. Alden, '12, Asst. B. 111. 1911-12 1VI. Culkin, '12 C. Carroll, '12 H. Brainard, 'Q13 F. Valiant, '13 E. Tho1nas,'12 L. Farnam, '12 R. Valentine, '13 L. Alden, '12, Bus. Ma1L. E. Hosterman, '13, Asst. B. M. 1912-13 F. Valiant, '13 D. Einbry, '13 M. Nourse, R. Pickering, '11 R. Lawrence, '13 R. Valentine, '13 VV. Roberts, 14 E. Hosterman, '13, Bus. Man. K. Wilson. 14, A-955 B- M- 237 1QfEL KVI . K. , als E. L. lVlaeCree1'y 111. D. Anderson H. F. hlaee BI. E. Rickert S. E. Woodbridge M. O. Mathes Mi. L. Hastings G. VVhite B. R. Strang E. Emery J. A. Schwartz B. C. Grant M. Reimer H. E. Beard g A Ehiinra Earn E'Q9l?1IUl'P 1888 L. D. Fagan J. J. Edwards S. G. Chester E. C. Kountze BI. Rich iihitnrz Hwzfanrinn 1889 ' L. La Monte K. Wlarren M. E. Chester BI. BT. Chamberlain 1890 L. S. King DI. Bluerman BI. Carbutt K. O. Peterson C. F. Patterson 1891 F. Halliday K. H. Pringle D. N. Taylor BI. F. Wlashburn H. C. Oakley 189Q E. C. Banfield A. Owens A. L. Perkins S. B. Tunnicliff BI. Blorton 1893 E. R. Wlilliinson E. Neil A. Wlhitcomb J. C. Palmer C. E. Vllhite 1894 E. H. Haight L. Howe BI. B. lllumford C. Coman A E. 1XIoore 1895 F. Cohen A. A. Monsch E. G. Thorne H. N. Ladue G. Wlitschief 1896 I. G. Kruse R. A. Palmer L. VVinnington L. P. Sheppard L. Greer 1897 N. V. hIcClelland S. E. Dudley Bl. E. Leverett A. VVhiton A. L. Vllilkinson 238 H. C. Butler L. BI. Ferrell K. Smith J. T. Dorman K. B. Davis E. R. Evans M. L. Boynton E. Hillier R. H. W'alWorth A. Hero A. Newell A. Claflin ...J gnc-fam VW Egill ik . .. H . - . " 0 fl 1 A. VVentWorth H. I. Haight A. R. Taggart M. G. Fulton P. B. Day M. V. Johnson E. Cole A. Arfeld E. B. Abercrombie R. R. Gentry . G. Blitz A E. Carey E. B. Gurley A. L. Carson M. A. Quinn A. B.'VVright E. V. D. Ford C. Krause J. R. hlurdock H. A. Cobb V S. G. Grant RI. L. Hosmer E. C. Packer BI. YV. Plumb H. E. Storke g1sl"5...:.... 1898 E. Belknap L. O. Rice F. Borden 1899 A. C. Jones C. E. King H. V. Turner 1900 V. Barnard V. Sauvage A. lVI. LeRoy 1901 A. Crapsey A. J. C. Webster K. L. Glendinning S. P. McDonald 1909 M. Todd F. Fenton M. Fleming F. L. Dunning E. BT. Smith 1903 E. J. Sharp A. L. Corbin T. Vanamee M. C. Kline NI. lNIcCulloch 1904: G. B. Day E. Lefevre K. S. hlerrell E. H. VVelsh J. I. lVIurphy I. VVheeler A 1905 1 111. A. Pratt J. B. VVilson L. Hickox R. T. Johns E. C. Lancaster H. Kenyon 1906 E. Bl. Rushmore E. Van der Veer F. Towers B. Hurlbut E. lVIeyrowitz E. VVeil Q39 Amar: L. A. Chamberlain A. N. Gibbons M. VV. Brown NI. L. Brinckerhoff G. hi. Candler AT. G. Harmon N. G. Hume H. VV. Foster H. E. Parton I. L. Ramsay C. M. Benton R. B. Uptegrove C. Wfarren K. lVI. Steeves R. lVLcCulloch S. C. Angell P A. Fisher E. Chandler W ELXII 1.53 .. . ........ i .It P E. Arnen A. Kennedy E. Schneider H. Graves A. Allan S. Philips M. A. Hobbs H . Shoemaker B. VVellington A. B arr ' U A , 011 A A 1907 L. hledbery E. Cutting K. lVIerrill K. Bunker NI. Rose P. Nutting 1908 P. K. Angell P. Meyers K. Halsey H. Fisher NI. Farrington H. Edwards E. Groeneveld 1909 E. B. Daw K. Foster R. Fulton BI. Rea V. Vllhitehead P. R. Sutton I. Bonell 1910 H. D. Hosterrnan I. Underwood H. VVhiley A. Briggs C. Plaut H. Leslie B. Topping 1911 L. Hooker J. F iebeger 0. Ulrich lVI. Wlright G. Orr D. Menner E. Kutzner 1912 G. Elliot . Blanding H lVI. Blount E. Holloway C. Dana. lll. Connell E. Barney L. Lee D. Einbry L. Laird R. Whithed H. Jackson L. Sweeney I. Linsley 1913 E. Dietrich H. Scobey 111. Kelsey J. Golden Q40 H. Tait R. Crowell C. Shepard H. Zabriskie B. Wlebster H. lVIotley C. Gailor M. Meyers FI. Davis A. Kutzner BI. Fuller M. Everinan R. P. Brown H. Doughty 'Wim 1 B ' 9- Ama B 1 ..f 1GlT?Em5ll II, . ' ' Qu - L.. I if "1 . - 0 -i-' ,alis- minnerz nf the Annual Cifrnnis Efnurnanwni 1886 Singles-A. M. McKinlay,'88 Doubles -I. Skinner, '87 A. 111. 1NIcKin1ay,'88 1888 Singles-S. Wletmore, '90 Doubles-M. S. Guerin,'92 R. H. VVa1W0rth S 1890 Singles-S. S. Ho1nans,'92 Doubles-1VI. Schwill C. E. 1Vhite,'93 1892 SinglesfS. S. Homans,'92 Doubles-S. S. Hon1ans,'92 H. G. 1NIorehead,'92 1893 Singles-H. S. Ba.nks,'96 Doubles-H. S. Banks,'96 S. F. Platt,'97' 1895 Singles-H. S. Banks,'96 Doubles-H. S. Banks,'96 S. F. Platt,'9'7 1897 Singles-C. G. Heywood,'99 Doubles-F. C. Dowling,'00 E. L. Hunter, '00 1899 Singles-J. B. Lockwood,'01 Doubles-E. H. White,'02 E. M. Russell, '02 1901 Singles-E. H. VVhite, '02 Doubles-A. VV. Bird,'02 16 E. H. White, '02 1887 Singles-A. M. B1cKin1a.y,'88' Doubles -G. A. Pocock, '88 W. M. Sebring, '90 1889 Singles-S. S. Hon1zLns,'92 DoublesfC. E. Furness,'91 ' V. 1. Me1'1'ill, S 1891 Singles-S. S. Homans,'92 Doubles -A. C. Brown,'93 E. B. Bart1ett,'94 1892-Fall Tournament Singles-1. A. Morga.n,'93 Doubles-1. A. Morga.n,'98 B. R. Strang, '95 18941 Singles-H. S. Banks, '96 Doubles-H. S. Banks,'96 S. F.,'9'7 1896 Singles-E. L. Hunter,'98 Doubles-S. F. Platt,'9'7 1. C. Tha11on,'97 1898 Singles-J. B. Lockwood, '01 Doubles-M. P. Jackson, '01 J. B. Lockwood, '01 1900 Singles-J. B. Lockwood, '01 Doubles-M. P. J ackson, '01 J. B. Lockwood, '01 QDefau1tj 1902 Singles-M. Kinsey, '06 Doubles-M. Kinsey, '06 S. Lewis, '06 E.EU.I.B i Attlttk AA . e s' 'A A 2 1903 Singles-A. W. Hopson,'9'7 Doubles-C. Fink, '06 L. Hatch, '06 1905 Singles-S. Lewis, '06 Doubles-S. Lewis, '06 J. Searing, '06 1907 Singles-A. Gardner, '10 Doubles-H. Leech,'08 R. Bellatti,'09 1909 Singles-G. Robbins, '13 Doubles-A. Geuder, '11 H. Krause, '11 1911 Singles-BI. G. Clark,'14f Doubles-BI. G. Clark,'14 P. VVillia1ns, '14 1887-88 Pygmalion and Galatea Katharine and Petruchio The Doctor of Alcantana Young hlrs. VVinth1'op 1888-89 VVeak 1Voman The VVife 1889-90 Engaged Fanchon-the Cricket In Nature of Auction 1890-91 The Private Secretary On Guard A Russian Honeymoon She Stoops to Conquer 1891-92 Cricket on the Hearth A Scrap of Paper Lord Dundreary Tulu all 1904 Singles-A. W7. Hopson,'0'7 Doubles-C. F ink, '06 L. Hatch, '06 1906 Singles-M. Vilas,'07 Doubles-G. VVoodrufl, '07 A. Hopson,'07 1908 Singles-G. Hawley, '11 - Doubles-lvl. Jennings, '12 D. Baldwin,'1Q 1910 Singles-111. Clark,'141 Doubles-E. Rollins,'14 E. Seavey,'14f 1912 Singles-P. Williams, '14 Doubles-A. Green,'14f P. Williams,'14 HTEIQH 1892-93 Sunlight and Shadow Prince Karl All the Comforts of Home On Probation A 1893-94 Our Boys Caprice Twelfth Night The Rivals 1894-95 The Love Chase The Squirrel N111 Engaged Pygmalion and Galatea 1895-96 The Blerchant of Venice A Russian Honeymoon The Heir-at-Law The Amazons 2492 V l i I Y l A,!,, .I V H i 'ff' es m 1, iz FZEMEJE'-n ,,.V ff on mm 5 fx mu 1: 11' 0 gflb A A 1896-97 1905-06 .A1T1CI'1C3,I1S Ab1'O3.d Cyralno de Bergerac A SCWP 01 Papel' A Royal Family Caste A School for Scandal She Stoops to Conquer Romeo and Juliet 1897-98 The Butterflies 1905417 The Good-Natured Man The Light that Failed - Prince Karl In a Balcony A The Schoolmistress Captain Brassbound's Conversion 1898-99 A 'Winter,s Tale Bly Lord Rinalds ' The Rivals 1907-08 , Christopher Junior Qllahty Stff-591 The Private Secretary The Star 91 Bet111?11eU1 ' The Admirable Crichton 1899E1905J' Lltt bl ' Much Ado About Nothing ap am 1 en air A Bachelor's Romance 1903-09 Lord Chumley f T , . . f His VVife,s Father lou M161 Cm ren Sister Beatrice 1900-01 The Road to Yesterday Nance oidfisid AS You Llke It The Romancers Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme 1909-10 As You Like It Les Femmes Savantes 1901-02 The Lady from the Sea The Amazons A Scrap of Paper The Tempest She Stoops to Conquer Richelieu R Aristophanes-T he Birds 1910-11 190Q-03 Arms and 'The lvlan The Adventures of Lady Ursula gpggfgua In Tauus Rosemary Miss Hobbs The Taming of the Shrew lilidsummer Night,s Dream 1911-12 1903'04 Beau Brummel T1'9131YV11eY 01 111911119115 The Pillars of Society Monsieiir Beaucaire The lygaid of 01-leans The Taming of the Shrew 1904-05 1912-13 The Little Nlinister Prunella An American Citizen The Little hlinister Old Heidelberg The Foresters Twelfth Night Comus 243 ftiflil B :FEEEBQ .,q5gg55Q Il , P , gggggg Q 'Hill UI. T. B on "' 43 f---""" lip .fE:::::::::::?x -1 "-- .w i ifwripieniz nf the fllllrz. lirminie Smith 15 1889 C. L. Schofield,,90 S. C. Gates,,89 B. B. Gaines, S 1892 E. Flaherty, '92 111. E. Cooley,'93 1896 K. S. Dunham,,96 E. D. Dwight,,98 1900 J. A. Davis,,01 1904 C. C. lVIalven,'011 E. F. Chase,,04 1907 E. Jackson 1910 E. T. Hart ilteripientia 1886 M. P. Sherwood C. G. Lingle 1891 M. E. Rickert D. N. Taylor 1896 B. A. Jones J. A. Schwartz 1899 J. E. Pettee 1904 N. Hart C. Rudyard H 1908 P. K. Angell E. Schneider uf the Quinn liste 1890 C. B. Dinturfli,'91 A. L. KnoWlton,'90 1894 B. E. Bennett,'95 K. C. Reiley,'95 1897 NI. Reimer, '97 1902 C. Davis, ,03 1905 Nina F. Raynor 1908 M. M. Wing D. Signor, '08 1911 H. E. Brewster G. Van Zandt 1887 C. A. Pratt L. C. Sheldon 1893 E. K. Adams A. Whitcomb 1897 M. 111. Traver G. M. Gallaher 1900 CSecond Prizej V. Sauvage 1905 R. M. Underhill 1909 R. Fulton 244 F122 1891 H. D. King,,92 E. 111. lVIast,,92 1895 M. E. Gedney,'95 V. C. Wood,,95 1899 E. K. Sa1nson,'00 1903 E. B. Dunning,,03 E. NI. 1Vhite,,04f 1906 E. Jackson 1909 H. Pooley E. Bartlett 1912 P. Cuddeback Eliurnean Svlyakwapearr 151122 1889 L. LaMonte L. L. Iddings 1894 E. H. Haight E. D. Charter 1898 A. H. Stone A. B. Parker 1901 giiiiii CSecond Prizej B. Adair 1906 E. B. Collier R. L. Mason 1910 H. C. Dwight L u o' e . 3 --2: ' gill, ...W Am. Q1 A A lghi Erin Kappa 1311111 Glhaptvr nf Nrm Hath Gbftirrrs MISS A. L. REED . . . . President MISS E. L. INIELLS . . . . Treasurer MISS E. B. COWLEY .... I . Secretary Glhnrivr Hlelnhrra Wfinifred Ball, A.B., Theta of New York, 1890 LeRoy C. Cooley, I'h.D., Alpha of New York, 1886 Ferdinand C. French, Ph.D., Alpha of Rhode Island, 1884 Herbert E. Mills, Ph.D., Iota of New York, 1886 J. Leverett hloore, Ph.D., Alpha of Diaryland, 1892 Charles VV. Bioulton, Ph.D., Alpha of Miiinesota, 1885 Theodore C. Smith, Ph.D., Alpha of NIassachusetts, 1899 James INT. Taylor, LL.D., Alpha of Rhode Island, 1886. ililemhrra 1867 Harriette QVVarnerl Bishop 1868 14IVIary L. Avery Nlary P. Rhoades XAchsah NI. Ely Helen L. Storke Sarah CGlazierD Bates, A.M.,,7Q Mary W. WVhitney, A.M.,,'72 1869 , Ellen CBabcockj Brown Emma L. Hubbard, A.INT., ,73 BI. Emma QColbyj Smith - LL.B.,"73 Sarah E. Daniels Christine CLaddj Franklin, LL.D., ,87 Ella INI. Liggett 1870 NIary CChumarj Trask Cynthia Wh Rich Jane A. Denton Elizabeth D. Storer Mary CMeadD Abbey Sophia D. Storke Harriet CPalmerj Slocum 1871 Amelia CEstyj Stowell Emma L. Hawkes Ellen BI. Folsom Sarah P. hlonks Susan Raymond 1'Deceased 245 fmgwiii ammmas tg nge Eii iq , - V -.VAq I 'V ills H Wilimena QEliotD Emerson Annie B. Folger Eva CPerryD Moore Anna R. Phelps lVIyra CSmithD Clark Elma D. Swift Blanche CWilderj Bellamy nger Elizabeth fHillD Spalding Anna L. Meeker Lucretia CStowD Cummings Caroline A. VVoodman, A.M.,'89, S.B.lXI.1.T.,'89 H! EL Yll TL 12 fx 111 tl I2 A A 1872 Maria CBracej Kimball Sarah A. Catlin Alla W. Foster 187 3 Elizabeth H. Brewer Caroline lXI. Geri-ish 141-Ielen C. Q1-Iiscockl Backus lVIary A. Hopson 3kKatherine M. Lupton 'Clara C1fVilsonj Kretzi 1874 Helen Arnold XJulia S. QBennetj Lord Laura CBrownellD Collier Florence Cushing 1875 Xhlary F. Burlington Lucy CKelloggj English Katharine Chlaltbyj hleserole Elizabeth CFOXD Wlebster Caroline Hansell Heloise F. Hersey Anna NI. Johnson lVIary A. Jordan, A.lX1., ,78 Frances A. Adams S: 'Grace CBlissj Snyder xRachel B. Jacobs Susan QMillerD Dorsey Gertrude CBascomj Darwin Mary R. Botsford, A.lVI., ,941 Helen D. Brown, A.1X1., '90 lVIary QClarkej Acker Eleanor P. Clarke Mary Colgate Cornelius A. Dike Emma XIJecea sed 1876 1877 1878 1879 Florence C. Perkins Frances CSwiftD Doty Eva M. Tappan, A.lNI., '95, Ph.D., ,96 Ella C. Lapham, A.lN1.,,96 Grace CLearnedD De Witt Eliza fhietcalfl Radeke Ellen CPoppletonj Shannon Kate Clleynoldsj Lobingier Sarah CSheppardj Armstrong Caroline CSwiftj Atwater Ida Wlood, A.1VI.,'89, Ph.D BRI., ,91 Laura J. Wlylie, Ph.D., ,QQ Isabel CNelsonj Tillinghast Harriet QRansomj lllilinowski Harriot CStantonj Blatch Helen E. Thompson xEvelyn CHakesj Brown Bertha Hazard Emily CJordanD Folger M. Perkins 246 uve. at 1. iz U ':, L on Ama i S .Qi S 4 .3 1880 Hyla CArmstrongj Davies Caroline B. Dow Anna CBaileyj Bull Myra Reynolds, A.M.,'91, B Ph.D., '95 Nlarietta QBarnesj Knight Claire QRustinj lV1c1ntosh Carrie CCanfieldD Thorsen Phoebe T. Sutliif, A.lW.,,90 Lucy Tappan ' 1881 Marion Burke Mary CPeniieldD Norton Harriet fGardnerj Curtis Alice QShovej Brooks 1882 Nfary QEastonj Conable Anne CSouthWorthj VVyman Elizabeth CHowej Howe ltlary E. Shove Diary CKingD Babbitt Lillie CStantonD Farrar Ellen C. Semple, A.BI.,'91 Fanny QTaylorj Young 1883 Rose QBaldwinj Lewis C. Lena Bostwick Sarah C. Bernard Cornelia 111. Raymond Mary Sherwood, M.D., ,90 1884: Zhlarie CChapmanD Crouch ' hlartha C1-Iubbardj Skinner J ustina Chlerrickj Hollister Jessie 1. Spafford Ella lvl. Freeman, A.BI.,'06 Jeannette QGardnerj Jennings 1885 Lucy Davis Abby Leach Lavinia CGouldD MacBride lVIabel R. Loomis Sarah C. Hening - Beatrice QShattuckD Fulton Diary CSn1ileyD Rhodes 1886 Carrie L. Borden Blargaret F. Chase Ida R. Chase ' Esther VVitkowsky 1887 ' Ida J. Butcher Clara L. Jones Bertha 111. Critchley Sarah QLearnedj Chapin Charlotte QHallidayj Wiing Biargaretta Palmer, Ph.D.,'94 Louise Qslllltlll Swift 1888 Georgia Angell Clara L. Barnum Louise Clrilgilllj Fierce - Maud CKingj Murphy Eugenie CKountzeD Nicholson Emily Lewi Effie Shaw Adelaide Underhill Clarine C1YarnerD Curtiss tlleceascd 247 WWKYULB Amar: Ax AiEE EE aL-:L--- ' Eggg ggg H Jax szfi...,a.-s 1889 Jennie Ackerly lVIary CAndersonj Hill Charlotta CDemingD Finley Elizabeth CGriggsD Judy Lola L. Iddings ' 1890 Helene CBorgmanD Husband Mary fDunhamj Prescott Lida S. King Antha CKnowltonD hliller lVIary CLRIXISOHD Lockwood 1891 Annie CApplegatej VVager Caroline CCurryD Hawkins Caroline E. Furness Florence QHallidayD Rogers 1892 Rebecca CBrushj Toye Eva J. Daniels Katharine B. Davis Cornelia QGolayj Benedict Laura CGrantj Folin 5FLillian La Monte Helen CPutnamj Barnhart Christine CSengerj Parshall Helen CTunnicliffj Catterall Katharine VVarren Hannah Qhlacej Hedrick Carrie F. Patterson Adella CPrentissj Hughes Cora Scofield Catherine CSuydamj Clark Y Rose NI. Kavana Edith Rickert, Ph.D., '91 Kate CStrongD Sewall Margaret F. VVashburn Helen D. King, A.lN1., Ph.D., B.1VI.,'99 Nlary S. Packard, lVI.D.,,9'7 Amy L. Reed Alice CRobbinsj Blartin Sarah B. Tunniclifl' Elizabeth Cwoodbridgej Morris 1893 Elizabeth K. Adams, Ph.D., 393 Frances S. Belcher, A.M., '98 Cornelia L. Bonnell Elizabeth CBradleyj Browning lVIary V. Clark 1894 Elizabeth 111. Andrews tEmeline CBartlettj Nollen A Florence Bernd Ellen D. Chater Caroline Coman Juliette Golay, A.lW.,,01 Elizabeth H. Haight Mabel L. Hastings tIJeceased 9248 Q Ethel R. Evans lXIildred Qlilathesj VVoodworth Henrietta A. R. Pratt Helena CVan Vlieti Ackert Ethel R. WVilkinson Mary ClVIacauleyD Smith Nlary ClVIumfordD VVing Angie M. Nlyers, lNI.D.,,98 Elizabeth CPattenj Drake Helen CSladej Andrews Melvina QV an Kleeckf Shipman Katherine CUtterD VVaterman Emilie L. VVells fQfE.U1 1.9 nv 5u'?F-6,3 H 'N ftiflil B 1 4.3518211211 H 'tt .. i 0 ' M, , "I A' 'A i el A ., my ' i 5 , Y HL-. ,A ., Wlfbx 45. 1895 Grace A. Beard Elizabeth CBoydD Lawton Georgie QBoyntonj Child Margaret R. Brendlinger Laura CBrownellj VVo0dbridge lVIay CChildsj Parsons Susan H. Evans Hasseltine R. Fletcher Edith CHolmesj Grubbs Katharine C. Reiley, A. BI., '9Q, Ph. D.,'09 1896 H. Winifred Arnold Ellen K, Cumming Anne QDouglasj Kip Josephine CFaganD Lyon Ann Hero, A. M.,'9'7 Nellie Higman Ella QHulstj Greenslet Blanche A. Jones Harriet F. Holmes Willie C. Johnson Anna fMonschD Roberts Theodore CPhelpsj Wilson Frances QYorkj Langdon 'ilessie CSkeltonD Butler Elizabeth CSmithD Gallup XEleanor CSmithj Allison Elizabeth Updegraff Ida CKrusej lVIacFarland Lillian A. lN1acAlleste1' Gertrude E. hIacArthur Ruth Chlannj Hollingworth Anne hloore, Ph.D.,'01 Elizabeth E. Packer Rose A. Palmer Julia A. Schwartz, A.lVI,"97 Alma CTuttlej Milne 1897 Frances A. Beckwith, A.NI.,'04 Mary K. Benedict, Ph.D.,'03 Flora B. Bernkopf Elizabeth L. Bishop, A.lNI.,,98 Helen L. Bishop, A.hI.,,04f Anna T. Burchard, A. lN'I.,'03 Adelaide CClaHinj lllansield Ma1'tha QClarkj Rankin Eloise Ellery, Ph.D.,'02 Emily G. Hooker Grace CLaniieldj Tweedy ' 1898 Katharine F. Belcher Katharine Blunt, Ph.D.,,0'7 Mary CDeachj Van Tassell Elizabeth D. Dwight Alice N. Gibbons tMay B. Granger, A.lXI.,,99 Phoebe CI-Iatfieldj VVoodworth Lucy CHemphillD Fay Ileceased Nancy V. McClelland Marie Reimer, Ph.D.,'04f Anne G. Richey Alice CSawyerj Thomsen Rachel C. Schauffler Beatrice Shaw Gertrude Smith, A.NI.,,03 Jessie CThainj Powers Madeline CTraverD Stockton Alice CWhitonj Ferres Annie CWilkinsonj Head Alice CKauffmanD Polk Maria NIcCarty, A.lXI., ,99 Jane CMurdockj Dickey Susan W. Norton Florence VV. Olivet Laura QRicej Seaman Ethel CServissD Ackerman Elizabeth hi. Simpson,A.hl. 99 Amy CWentworthj Stone Q49 qgnnnsu, "l'i,KY.lCl.T,B r 'mr-'-is Alilttk ' i j A 1' ..-f 'F - ia. Q 4. ,, . .M-Mi-1 xi . cfliiiw M5 Ax 1899 Eleanor R. Baker Eda C. Bowman, A.M.,'00 Nlary L. Brinckerhoff Augusta Choate, A.NI.,,00 Alice CClarkeD Brayton Alice B. Coles Ellen E. Cotrael Helen L. Davis Mary E. Eastwood Virginia CFieldD Birdsall Emma QGarrett.D Boyd Jean Hamilton, ABI., '01 1900 Grace CAndrewsj Pfau Florence lVI. Brownell Alice CBurnhamj Hanford Frances Dorrance Nlartha fH3.1'1I1ODD Richardson hlabel P. Schmidt Isabel CTrowbridgeD hlerril Ruth CVVellsj Standt., 1901 Leila R. Albright Louise S. Bragdon Gertrude F. Burleigh Elizabeth B. Cowley, Ph.D.,'08 Adelaide Crapsey Elizabeth Dutcher Louise S. Holmquist Edith P. Hubbard Lena Jackman Nlargaret CJacksonD Allen Ada CLordj Cate 1902 Clara CAXtellD Poynter Isabel CDUIITIZIIIID Perry Helen C. Heath Emily Hinkle Elizabeth F. Johnson Grace CKentj Hill Elizabeth Dloore Bessie D. VVilson, A. Dece ised 250 Claire CHasslerD Fiske Mary L. Hosmer Helen CHoyD Greeley Mary CKlebergj Abbott Blanche Nlartin, A.lVL,,00 Adele CMerwinD 1fVohGf Bertha Richa1'dson Grace CRobbinsj Lewis Leila C. Spaulding, A.lW., ,01 Helen D. Thompson Alta M. Tozer Diary CVVyliej Dubois Susan B. Lent Alma NI. Le Roy lNIary Lovett, A.lVI.,'01 Jennie BI. Payne Nlarie CPerryl Forbes Gertrude Vaile Louise Wlare Bl., ,01 Sybil J. hloore Etta 0'Shaughnessy hlabel H. Perkins Julia Pulsifer Dena CSCl1lG1Cl16I'D Ray Anna L. Schuldice Louisa S. Stevenson Helen CStorkej Lynde Elizabeth CTaftj Brastow Ellen BI. V an Slyke hlary QVVhit1nanD Wlarner Luella COND Orr Vllinifred S. Riblet Fanny CSin1psonD Townsend Elizabeth lll. Smith Bessie J. T almadge lVIillicent Todd Clara QVValbergD Archibald M.,,03 . 1QfE.I!l I.E? fX1flt1 3 ik I .1512-B.. 1903 lllargaret D. Adams Florence lXI. Bennett Gertrude CBessej King, A.M.,'09 Adelaide CBournej Nlead Alice CCharnberlainj Scott Nlary VV. Cross Nellie A. Dunbar Ina CDuncanD Donnan Emily CDunningj King Clara QF1-ederickb Merril lllarion QFrostj lNIcDoWell Florence Hannah 1904 Ruth M. Adams Jessie Boyd Mabel CBrownj Bogart Edith B. Gurley Mary L. Hagerty Cora E. Haller hlabel L. Holman Mabel D. Holmes Adelina Kuhn, A.lXI.,,08 Cora CMalvenj Gildersleeve Katharine S. lllerrell Florence Felton 1905 Helen C. Babson Helen C. Bancroft Bertha R. Barden, A.hI.,,06 Silvia D. Burlington Sarah lll. De Lamater Bertha A. Fontarede, ALI., 508 Nlarjorie Hiscox Linda Holloway Elizabeth F. Hopson Stella CHubbardj Cracroft Florence E. Hutchinson Edith CLancasterj Kinsley Daisy C1Vorthington 251 Violet QKauffmanD Thompson Lillian CMcCarthyD Robinson Susanna J. McMurphy, Ph.D., '06 lVIary E. lXIills, A.1VI.,f04 Katharine M. lVIorgan Ethel Chlorrisonj hlendelson Henrietta A. Neuhaus Celia QSpicerD Kingman lllary I. Starr Clara 1VI. Thompson, A.M.,,07 Minnie E. VVaite Julia VVheelock Jeanette Perry Nlabel QStanWoodj Duncan, A.NI.,'0'7 Anna QStearnsj Griggs Katharine M. Steeves Lea D. Taylor Helen E. True, A.M.,'08 E. Phoebe 'Watern1an, A.lVI.,,06 Isabel Wlheeler Ida Wlhiteside, A.M., '06 Pearl C. VVilson, A.M.,,05 Florence Wilinansj Davis Alice F. VVyckoff, A.lNI.,'05 Dorothy CLewisD Low Alice CLoughridgej Cornelison Harriet L. hlanning Katie G. lXIiller, A.hI.,'07 Edith QNicholsj Adams Helen C. N utting hiargaret CRandD Frodsham Nina F. Raynor, A.M.,'06 Hilda CSWiftj Lane lllary F. Taber Margaret Tucker Ruth M. Underhill D VVorcester , s U Q -' mam t 2 Amu me I .J H .f-LQ Liga as-mar-vbwfelQQ. i fmifalsamiim .I V. A A 1906 Eleanor Foster Adams Sidney Lewis Eliza Bufhngton Jeannette VVilson Lawrence, Dorothy Burr A.M., '07 Mabel Chilberg Alice Thurston McGirr Elizabeth Brownell Collier Hazel Dunlap McKee, A.lVI.,,0'7 Lura CCooleyj Osborne Sarah Morris, A.M.,'08 Grace Eads Dalton Maude lVIorrison Mary Jordan Dimock Margaret Tilden Numsen Susan CGriggsj Graybill Jane Wood Perkins lllartha Christine Gundlach Inez Anna Ridgway Reba Creed Hendrickson Elizabeth Allan Robson Edith Howe Elizabeth Severance Edna Jeffery Frances Campau Sibley Agnes Streibert, A.M.,'0'7' lVIary Huston Wilson, A.M.,,07 Frances Josephine Stewart Julia CVVrightj Stafford Alice Leslie VValker Primrose Wolverton - 1907 Vergie Evelyn Allen, ALI., ,08 Louise Chledberyj Von Brockdorfli Elisabeth Wheeler Amen lVIargaret Rawson Amen Mary Elizabeth Avery Bessie Marion Coats Genevieve Conant Eliza Adelaide Draper Olive Ballard Edgcomb, A.M., '08 Helen Miller Glenn Elizabeth Ely Goodrich Anne VVaterman Hopson Enid Linton Helen Uhl McNitt Marta Milinowski Phoebe Cushing Nutting Emily lVIiller Pierson, A.lVI,,,08 Violet Leonard Pike Ruth Nina Potter lVIargaret Mason Rose lVIarion Reid Service Agnes Ball Smith Jessie Comfort Smith Helen Stone Fanny Rollinson Sweeny Gertrude QTaylorj Watkins Ethel Pierce Underhill 1908 Frances Baker Anderson Anna Hartshorne Baldwin Helen Marguerite Barnes, A.lVI., '09 Eleanor Bertine Florence Augusta Browne Edith Clarke Katharine Brownell Collier Helen Elizabeth Davis Clara CFOSSD Wallace Eleanor Gertrude Gogin, A.M., '10 Nancy Isabel Gray Freda Green Virginia Swinburne Hale Nfildred Hardenbrook, A.M.,'0'7 Hollis Wlebster Hering Eloise Shilton Howe Gertrude Capron Hume Edith James Jessie Margaret McGarr Lorna Nilsen lVIiriam Rice Elizabeth Schneider, A.lN1,,'09 Etta Sheild Georgeanna Tichenor Ruth Smiley True Helen VVanty Ruth Mary Weeks mm-'-'ml tl 011 mam'-M15 w 1Qf2.YU.I.B Ax F,-. 1 --2 M '3 L-,., -- gli? Constance Body Isabel Bonell Marga1'et Brand Frances Briggs Clare Butler Mary Campbell Mary Chamberlain Frances Cutler Ethel Hickox Eliza Johnston ' 1909 Helen CMcCullochj Phyfe Helen Motley Marion Mumford Agnes Naumburg Catharine Anderson Eunice Avery Caroline Cummins Quaesita Drake Helen Dwight Prudence Ellis Ruth Fifield Martha Fleming Charlotte Gailor Sarah Hincks Margarett Hobbs Marjorie Howson Helen Landon Mabel Lawson Helen Leslie Sarah Loomis Valerie Atherton ' Agnes Benedict Helen Brewster Beatrice Bulla Virginia Butler Ruth Danenhower Ellen Eayrs Julia Fiebeger Gladys Fisher Katherine Forbes Edith Wloodruff 1 910 i fNUHIlE Beatrice Daw Bessie Day Ida Eastman lVlargery CFultonj Freeman Ruth Fulton Katharine Gallagher Louise Hammond Ruth Heyn Atossa Nilsen Hazel Poole Constance Rowe Alice Snyder Anna Taylor hlary Anna VVilson Gertrude Lovell Ruth Nlarceau Gertrude lV1ills Alma Nilsen Helene North Mabel Palliser Constance Plaut Lillian Rauth Geneva Schaefer lVIargaret Shelley Helen Shoemaker Elisabeth Spies Edith Taft Beatrice Topping Emilie Vogel Emma VVatts Helen CYoungj Clark 1911 253 Sophia Lewis Julia Lovejoy Louise Miller Helen Mossman lVIarjorie MacCoy lVIarian VValsh Gertrude Orr Ethel Quarles Alpha Robbins Geraldine Shaw Mm Gz3F tl 011 Maria Z .,,-453: Y Y pflibgy .2w:ff1':5 - Henrietta Gibson Constance Goodrich Constance Gretschmar Edna Kroener Lora Kuhl Helen Law Eleanor Lecour Dlarie Alden ' Dorothy Baldwin Anna Blake Helen Blitz Katherine Brown Elsie Carling Courtney Carroll Margaret Culkin Ruth Cutler Louise Farnam Helen Ferris Margaret Hale Helen Haywood lVIary Hurlbutt Elizabeth Kittredge Olive Lancaster Helen Lockwood Lucy Lovell Maude lVIcClave AA FKUHYLB 1911 - Continued 19192 Judith Wiiuamsf Frances Shriver Helen Simpson Kathryn Starbuck Diary Sheldon Emily Thallon Valpey Trimble Genevieve VVilliams Louisa Myers Nina Nightingale Elizabeth Page Elinor Prudden Ruth Robinson Jeannette Schoolcraft Blargaret De Schweinitz Margaret Sherwood Dorothy Stimson Blabel Stoner Madeleine Sweeney Florence Taylor Helen V an Dyke Miriam Van Dyke Genevieve VValsh Henriette VValter Ruth VVanger Clga Wlhittlesey Thyrza Vililkins - 41,4 .. A n'X.K1i!lT.B A111112 AA 9 Q Q Obfrirern nf this Bazaar 91112121115 Arh Svnrwtg Elgrrzihrnt MRS. CHARLES GRENVILLE SEVVALL . 73 Willett St., Albany, N. Y. Hirst 'Hire-lireaihnnt MRS. NATHANIEL D. CHAPIN . . . 1608 Hazel Drive, Cleveland, O. . Sernnh Hit?-aH1'P5ihE11T MISS LUCY M. SALMON .... Q63 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. BIISS MRS. MRS. L. M. SLocUM . VVILLIAM 'GROAT VAN NIARTHA S. YVARNER FRANK W. CRANDALL THOMAS S. MCGRAW ELLA MCCALEB . N. C. SEARS FRANK B. CONGER Glliirh Hirv-1Hrr5ihv11i n Swrrrtarg LOON . . Elrranurrr Auilitnr Ellirzi Birrrtnr Srrnnh Eirnrinr . . . Va Efhirh Birertur 1500 First Nati Ellnurtli Eirrrinr United States Q55 1315 Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill. Q49 Lark St., Albany, N. Y. 74 Pitcher St., Detroit, hiich Westfield, N. Y 81 Alfred St., Detroit, Mich ssar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y onal Bank Building, Chicago, Ill Naval Academy, Annapolis, hid mmlmu UU WW! AIA ,:'1'::EH5:'l 1. QQ-Y 37 . 'F' ,L-M--if-'iz 4' N 31553 ,"!5fEl1lT. q Airing g . . U f. 1 41 'xr 'Nr-...g Clbftirersa of the Auenrizrie Alumnae nf Bazaar Qlnllvgv MRS. HARLAN W. COOLEY,,86 MISS IDA C. THALLoN,'9'7jQ MRS. MASON BRoSS,'98 MISS JULIA F. WICKER,,99 MISS MARX' A. GRIGGS,,08 MISS H. X7ELMA TURNER,,99 Ilhanrh Aanuriutiunu BOS TON MRS. CHARLES A. ANDREWS,'94 . . . ORA W. GALUSHAQO6 . MRS. CHARLES I. PIERCENO5 JULIA LovEJoY,'11 . MRS. CHARLES W. WAS0N,'96 BERTHA ICEFFERNI1 . HELEN STAMFORDN96 . MRS. ARTHUR B. GRAHAMQ06 CHICAGO CLE VELA ND NEW YORK CENTRAL AND WESTERN NEW MRS. WILLIAM H. FAUST,'88 RUTH CRIPPEN,,04Ie . ELOISE STEVVARTNO5 . MARIAN WOODWARD,,06 . FANNY B. lNTANNING,,07 CATHERINE E. CUSTIS,'08 MRS. WALTER J. FREEMAN,,89 MARTHA C. REED,,10 A. MARGERY C. QUIGLEYNO8 VIOLA A. KILGENNIQ . S O U TH EA S TERN WASHINGTON PHILADELPHIA ST. LOUIS Q56 . . President Vice-Presidents Secretary- Treasurer Assistant Secretary . . Bursar . . President S ecretary- Treasurer . . President Secretary- Treasurer . . President S ecretary- Treasurer . President . . Secretary YORK . . President S ecretary- Treasurer . . President Secretary-Treasurer . . President Secretary- Treasurer . President . Secretary . , President S ec reta ry- Treasurer asm ms., 1'kE.UCI.T.B PLUIVLB Ax 'A as 11 3: 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 71889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 MISS HELEN D. XYOODWARD Address M. W. YVI-IITNEY . MISS S. L. STILSON . 0112155 Svrrrriariva MISS H. O. PALMER CMrs. E. T. Sloeuml . MISS E. W. HOPPER . . MIss A. B. FOLGER . . MISS M. C. IYHITNEY CMI-s. J. B. Clai-kD . E. H. BIGLOXV . . . MISS N1XNNIE ALLSTON . MISS SARAH FLEMING CMrs. J. W. Sharpej, . IVIISS H. B. O.LEARY CMrs. L. S. Davisj . MISS J. E. DAVIS . . MISS E. H. BENTLEY CMrs. O. V. Stewartj . MISS ADA THURSTON . MISS M. E. BURKE . . AIISS NI. E. CASE CNIIS. F. E. Barneyj MISS JESSIE K. DEWELL . MISS M. E. ADAMS . . MISS LUCY DAVIS . MISS ELEANOR FERRIS . MISS E. R. HOY . EMILIE LEXVI, M. D. . . MISS LILLIAN LA MONTE . MISS CATHERINE SUYDAM CMrs. W. F. ClarkJ MISS INI. E. SRICICERT . MISS P. HERRING QMTS. T. YY. Dillenbackj . IVIISS M. S. BLAKE Qhlrs. W. E. Milnej . MISS LUCY A. FITCH . MISS SUSAN :EVANS . . MISS CORNELIA D. KINKEAD MISS ADELAIDE CLAELIN CMrs. G. R. Mansfieldj . 2242 Ridge Ave., Evanston, Ill. MISS AMY XYENTIVORTH fMrs. S. H. Stoneb MISS ANNA S. TUTTLE . . . . Plattsburg, N. Y. . . . . . Vassar College . 80 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . Pittsfield, Mass. . . . . Hackensack, N. J. . . . . Nantucket, Mass. 635 W. 115th St., N. Y. City, N. Y. . . . . Framingham, Mass. . Care U. S. Consul, Huddersfield, Eng, . . . . . Chambersburg, Pa. Sumner and Clinton Roads, Brookline, Mass. . Hampton Institute, Hampton, Ya. , . 725 Bryson St., Youngstown, 0. Box 1598, N. Y. City, N. Y. 1111 Emerson St., Palo Alto. Cal. . 915 Fourth St., S. E. Minneapolis, 1VIinn. 232 Bradley St., New Haven, Conn. 1955 E. 66th St., Cleveland, O. 1822 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 2016 Scottwood Ave., Toledo, O. 569 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City, N. Y. 35 Mt. Morris Park, XY., New York 1Vashington St., Binghamton, N. Y. . . . . Point Pleasant, N. J. Tibbles Green, Edenridge, Kent, England . . L10 1Yashington St., Watertown, N. Y. 381 Central Park, VVest, N. Y. City . . . Skaneateles, N. Y. . . 591 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . Maple Grove, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . 156 Beach St., Roslindale, NIass. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. MISS NIARGARET BUDINGTON fMrs. H. G. Plumj . 222 Ronald St., Iowa City, Iowa MISS L. B. PLATT . . . . 413 So. Hamilton St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. MISS D. E. MERRILL . MISS C. A. SPICER CMrs. E. A. Kinginanj . MISS FLORENCE PELTON . MISS ROBERT.A T. JoHNs . MISS ELIZABETH ROBSON . IMIISS HARRIET EBEL . . . . . . . Branford, Conn. . 180 Slater Ave., Providence, R. I. 31 Garfield Place, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . 31139 Boquet St., Pittsburg, Pa. . . 241 Parker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . 72 S. Allen St., Albany, N. Y. MISS M. NIARGARET BEVIER CMI's. Ralph G. 1fYrightj . . New Brunswick, N. J. MISS ANNA PLATT . . MISS DoRo'I'I-IEA STILLMAN MISS BTILDRED HORN . MISS PIARRIET THXVING . Miss ELIZABETH THELBERG YDece:Ised 17 257 So. Hamilton St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 359 1VIerrick Road, Rockville Centre, N. Y. . 1451 Elizabeth St., Denver, Col. 1841 Independence Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. . . . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Ax 4 i , -1,- E' p -- A m A E " I. -1'--A 52.3 Gllaaa nf 1914 Members ADDINGTON, INIARGARET NELSON ALLEN, PAULINE LUCILE. . ALLEN, RUTH BARKER . ' . ANDERSON, YVINIFRED LYSTER ARMES, ELIZABETH IXIAY . ARMSTRONG, IVIARGARET NIARSHALL BABBITT, BIARGARET . . BABSON, ELINOR . . . BACHMAN, JEANNETTE TRANSEAU BALDYVIN, ELIZABETH GILBERT BALL, LOIS FRANCES . . BARUS, DEBORAH HOWES BASSETT, NIATALIE ADELE BEVIER, ELISABETH RALPH . BISHOP, LOUISE ELDRIDGE BLACIQMAN, ELINOR . BOSHART, YVINIFRED SUITS . BOVVLING, RUTH VIRGINIA BOYCE, ELISARETH . BOYD, IVIARGARET AGNES BOYDEN, ALICE GORDEN . BRENVER, HELEN SXVIFT . . BRINSMADE, DOROTI-11' CHAPIN BROWN, :KEITH . . . BROXVN, IXIILDRED . . . BROWN, PHYLLIS I-IENRIETTA . 3709 Westminster Place, St. Louis, Mo . . . Stanfordville, N. Y 1626 Hinman Ave., Evanston, Ill . . . Grosse Ile, Mich 1607 Irving St., VVashington, D. C ' Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va . . . Concord, Mass. 9 Keswick St., Boston, lVIass 39 Park St., Orange, N. J . . . Brooksvale, Conn. Rochelle Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. 30 Elrngrove Ave., Providence, R. I. 1629 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, lVId . . New Brunswick, N. J. 625 George St., New Haven, Conn. 519 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . Lowville, N. Y. 3032 E. 6th St., Kansas City, lVIO. 3735 Grand Boulevard, Chicago, Ill. 1056 Poplar Ave., lVIemphis, Tenn. QQ1 VValnut St., Newtonville, Blass. . Q2 Faxton St., Utica, N. Y. "The Ridge, " Vilashington, Conn. . . . Lambertville, N. J. g'TlIe Homestead," F anwood, N. J. 79 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, BROWN, RUTH GERTRUDE . Q47 N. Y. Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. BUCKINGHAM, MARY BERDAN 916 E. High St., Springield, Ohio BULL, MARTHA PRESCOTT . . 238 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. BURDETT, CAROLYN STARR . . 441 Harvard Ave., Brookline, Mass. BUTLER, IVIARGUERITE LIELEN 680 Southern Ave., Mt. Auburn, 258 Cincinnati, Ohio N.Y. CANEIELD, MARGUERITE VVESTBROOK 8 Washington Ave., Port Jervis, N. Y. ':'wZ.tYlI.B A111212 p I ' - H .fm I .,,,- 'QLU . ,V K . AA CASE, RUTII MARGARET . . CATLIN, MARY CORNELIA . CHAMBERS, EDITH . . CHAPEL, GERTRUDE . CHAPIN, MABEL BARKER . CHASE, MARJORIE FISK . . CHIOHESTER, LILLIAN HAZLEWOOD CLARK, MARGARET . . CLARK, MARY GAIL CLARKE, LAURA . . CLARY, ELEANOR . CONDICT, ICATHRINA TUTTLE . CONWAY, DOROTHY NORRIS . COOLEY, JULIA . . COREY, EDWINA HOLBROOK . CRANE, lVIARY PRENTICE CRowELL, SYLVIA . . CURTIS, CONSTANCE CUSHING, MARGARET . DAVIDSON, HELEN NIEHARD . DEMING, DOROTHY . . DENNIS, LOUISE DAVIS . DESALE, ADELINE MAE . DILTS, MAUDE BRASHEAR . DIX, EMMA STILLMAN . DONALD, BIARJORIE . DUNNING, ANNYABELLE . . ELLSWVORTH, BLANCHE EMMA . EVANS, ELIZABETH Y EOMANS . EVANS, LILIAN NIILDRED FAILOR, ANNA KATHIXRINE . FARNAM, IYATHARINE ICINGSLEY FARNAM, MARJORIE FLORENCE FAY, ALICE OBER . . . FIELD, LOUISE BARDWELL . FISHER, ROSE ELIASSOE . FLEMING, ROSALIND 1230 Woodmfard Ave., Detroit, hlich. 207 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 739 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 120 St. James' Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 122 Broad St., Oneida, N. Y. 10 Tahanto St., Concord, N. H . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Cedarcraig, Meriden, Conn 61 Park St., Buffalo, N. Y 128 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 36 Seaver St., lvorcester, Mass 29 Crescent St., Madison, N. J 2826 VVells St., Milwaukee, VVis 5318 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill 485 E. 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 92 Perry St., Detroit, Mich 512 Park St., Upper hlontclair, N. J . . 248 Cedar St., Corning, N. Y . . . . Highland Park, Ill 3162 17th St., N. W., VVashington, D. C . 245 Bradley St., New Haven, Conn . . . VVhitehall, N. Y 530 S. 'Walnut St., Springield, Ill . 151 W. Cliff St., Somerville, N. J . 163 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, N. Y "The Beaconsfield," Brookline, lVIass . 529 VVoodland Ave., Duluth, Minn 2909 Grand Ave., lVIilwaukee, VVis . 65 N. 3d St., Easton, Pa . . . . Carbondale, Pa 523 Maple St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. 43 Hillhouse Ave., New Haven, Conn . 1 Wilbur St., Oneida, N. Y 1012 Boylston Ave., Seattle, VVaslI . 29 Highland Ave., Greenfield, Mass . 136 Elm St., Albany, N. Y . 454 7th St., San Bernardino, Cal 259 -qnqarxltg sau FLETCHER, SARA FRANCES . FREEMAN, KATHIXRINE CALDXYELL FREIDENBERG, ELSA HILL . FREIDENBERG, LNIELANIE HILL FRENCH, ELIZABETH BASSETT , FRENCH, HELEN BlARJORIE .. FRENZEL, BQIARGUERITE BERTHA FRY, ELEANOR JOHNSTON . GARVER, URILLA LOUISE GENUNG, ELINOR SPRAGUE . GLEASON, JOSEPHINE MIXER GLUCKSIIANN, VANESSA . GOLD, MARIE ELIZABETH GOSS, RUTH . . - . GOULDER, GR.ACE VIRGINIA . GRANT, FRANCES LOUISE GREEN, EXNNIE LANDER . GREENEBAUM, CHARLOTTE . GREENXVOOD, DOROTHY . HALE, OLIVE . . . HALL, ANNE ISABELLA . HAMILTON, AXBBIE BAILATHER . HARVEY, GERTRUDE LALIA . HAVILAXND, CONSTANCE . . HERRINGTON, CHARLOTTE COOPER HILLES, REBECCA EDITH. . HOLLAND, BlABEL WARD IJOLLISTER, BIARTHA CLAY . HOLTON, BlARY WALLACE . HOOD, DOROTHY . . HOWE, HAZEL CALPURNIA . HONVLAND, NIARTHA . HUGIIES, HELEN . JAMIESON, EDITH . JEROLAMAN, LOUISE . . JOHNSON, ELEREDA MARTH.i . Y . "AV' KTM ' 2 AA . . . . Bridport, Vt. 213 VV ashington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 98 Rowena St., Detroit, Blich. . . 98 Rowena St., Detroit, Blich. 54 S. Blountain Ave., Blontclair, N. J. . 1 Stoneleigh Park, VVestfield, N. J. 1637 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 4828 N. Carlisle St., Philadelphia, Pa. 619 VVittenberg Ave., Springfield, Ohio . 6 College Ave., Amherst, Blass. 58 Holbrook St., North Adams, Blass. Care of Norton Sz Blumford, 2 Rector St., New York City . 1026 Liverpool St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 548 YY. 114tlI St., New York City 1267 E. 111th St., Cleveland, Ohio . . . 1 Petersburg, Ky. . , '72 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 4346 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago, Ill. . . . Templeton, Blass. 405 Beacon St., Nlanchester, N. H. 1319 PaI'k Ave., Baltimore, Bld. 1103 4th Ave., Great Falls, Mont. 46 Fairmount St., Lowell, Blass. 1372 Dean St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Bad Axe, Blieh. . 1600 YV. 7th St., 'Wilmington, Del. '78 Florence St., Springfield, Blass. 521 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids, Blich. . . . . Steubenville, Ohio . . 400 Prospect St., Bledina., N. Y. . 303 Division St., J anesville, Wlis. 128 Port Watson St., Cortland, N. Y. 2100 16th St., Wlashington, D. C. . 1'79yHunnewell Ave., Newton, Blass. 449 VVaslIington Ave., Belleville, N. J. . . . . Springfield, Blass. 260 It -Y. wwf, U KW Ara n me vs 2. ru gg . J on Jw, j!Qf'.T.'LQ, ' JOHNSON, EBIILY CARO . JOHNSON, GRACE ELEANOR . . JOHNSON, RACHEL ASHLEY . JONES, ELLEN MARGARET JONES, PHOEBE EVELYN JORDAN, CELIA REDING . KERCH, FRANCES . , ICLEIN, 1M1.-ARGARET LOUISE . IKNIGHT, :XDELAIDE . ICRIDEL, FLORENCE RETA LAKE, EDNA FRALEIGH LANE, BIARJORIE MOULTON . LANGHAAR, J EANNETTE WILLIAMS . LAXVTON, RUTH IRENE . . . LESLIE, BERTHA . LEVY, JANET LEHMAN . . LOEB, :ALICE CAROLINE . LOMBARD, KATHIARINE . Cor. LYALL, GL.ADYS ,... BICALEXANDER, GRACE MARY MCDOUGALL, HELEN . . RICFARLAND, EDNA LEONORA RICKEE, HARRIET EMMA . . MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET KNIGHT . MANROSS, MARTHA DYKEMAN . BJAXFIELD, HELEN LEVVIS . MAY, SYBIL HUNTINGTON! RIAYNARD, JANE NORMA . RIEIGS, DOROTHY IELEANOR . RIETCALF, CORNELIA THURSTON . MEYER, BLANCHE THERESA . MEYER, RUTH M. , . . RIORRILL, GERTRUDE ATHERTON . MORRIS, HELEN SEVERS . BIOSSCROP, :ALFREDA . Care of Julius Loeb, New . 3227 Home Ave., Oak Park, Ill. 121 YYashington St., Canandaigua, N. Y. 1439 Northampton St., Holyoke, Blass. . 209 Liberty St., Wausau, Wis. Q09 Liberty St., 'Wausau, Wis. 614 Yvestern Ave., Joliet, Ill. 36 Adolphe Ave., Akron, Ohio . . Hawthorne, N. Y. . 1041 15th Ave., Columbus, Ohio East Front St., Red Bank, N. J. . 36 llarshall St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 367 Columbia Road, Dorchester, Boston, lNIass. . Q41 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 632 E. 15th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. , Memphis, Mo. . 51 Bartlett Ave., Pittsield, Blass. York Life Bldg., Chicago, Ill. Church and Bacon Sts., VVinchester, lVIass. . . . South Nlillbrook, N. Y. 22101 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 92 Brinkerhoff St., Plattsburg, N. Y. 253 E. Otterman St., Greensburg, Pa. . 749 llentor Ave., Painesville, Ohio . . Fayetteville, Tenn. . . . Bristol, Conn. . . Naples, N. Y. . 5 E. 841th St., New York City . 3410 YV. 64th St., Chicago, Ill. Q5-11 Farragut Terrace, Philadelphia, Pa. . Woodward Road, Providence, R. I. . 829 Elm St., Wlinnetka, Ill. . . . Rohrerstown, Pa. . 13 Gaston St., Roxbury, lV1ass. . . . Carrolton, BIO. . 36 E. Boulevard, Rochester, N. Y. 261 .I 4 fd on A A 3 A A , ",-,- .2 A : s1?li'Fw 'L .M-1 "Rf 2. UI T, B A 111 'tt E it A MOULD, LJILDRED IRENE . . 553 South St., Rensselaer, N. Y. NLULLIKIN, J EANNETTE CAMPBELL . 312 Belleville Ave., Newark, N. J. MULQUEEN, ESTELLE . . . 43 W. 85th St., New York City MURPHY, RUTH JANE , 4164 Lafayette St., lVIilwaukee, Wfis. N EARE, LUCIA . . 9441 Lenox Place, Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio 233 Cornelia St., Boonton, N. J. . . . Casanova, Va. NORRIS, CORNELIA ELY .... NOURSE, MARY PEMBERTON . OBERHOLTZER, KATHERINE ACKER OSBORNE, RUTH LFREADNVELL . PADDOCK, HARRIET BRAY . PARKER, DOROTHY MALBON . PARKHURST, ELLA MARIETTA . PECK, DOROTHY RUTH . . PECK, LILLIAN . . PECK, PAULINE . . . PEET, CHARLOTTE RINDGE . PHILLIPS, DOROTHY SANBURN . PICKERING, RUTH THOMAS . PLEW, BIILDRED . . PLIMPTON, HARRIET . . PRATT, KATHARINE EUGENIA . PROCTER, DOROTHY IYNUTSFORD PURINTON, HELEN ELIZABETH QUINTERRO, HAZEL MARY . REED, RUTH CLARA RICE, MARY HAYES . RILLING, RUTH YAMY . RITCHIE, GRETCHEN RIARY . ROBBINS, HTARRIET CHASE . ROBERTS, XVILLA MORTON . RODIER, JUNE . . . ROENIGIC, ELIZABETH JEANNETTE ROLLINS, ELIZABETH SARGENT ROOD, DOROTHY . . . . 114 6th Ave., Troy, N. Y. 3 Harmony St., Danbury, Conn. 573 Cass St., Milwaukee, VVis. 113415 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago, Ill. . . . iWestfield, N. J. 2120 VVoodland Ave., Duluth, lVIinn. . . . Phelps, N. Y. . 1520 Adams Ave., Scranton, Pa. . . . Clinton, Conn. . 118 South St., Goshen, N. Y. . 368 Clinton St., Elmira, N. Y. 311 N. VValler Ave., Chicago, Ill. 19 YV. 84th St., New York City 241 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 8 Hovey St., Gloucester, Mass. . . Nforgantown, YV. Va. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . Wfaterloo, Iowa . . Hastings, Pa. . 7141 Wfalnut St., Erie, Pa. 218 S. East St., Lebanon, Ind. 421 141th St., Riverside, Cal. . 26 WVarren St., Norwich, Conn. . , Clifton Park, Lakewood, Ohio 438 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. . 12 Rutledge St., VVest Roxbury, Mass. . . . Oak Park, Ill. ROSE, ANNA RLLARIA LOUISA 'PERROTT 182 Inwood Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. "4'ifEKU.I.B Psiflttli . "-" V , ROWELL, NIARY' BELLE . ROWELL, GLIVE BATEM.AN . RUDDIMAN, DOROT1-Ii' HELEN . SAGENDORPH, MARGARET ALICE SALTER, EDITH MARIE . . SARGENT, CONSTANCE GORDEN SCHAFFER, OLGA SCHVVENDENER SCHICKLE, MARY DOROTHEA . SCI-IMITT, FLORENCE ESTELLE SCOTT, INA .... SEAVEY, EVELYN ROSE . . SHEAR, ROSSETTA ELIZABETH . SHEETS, LOUISE AMANDA . SKINNER, ELISABETH HUBBARD SLOAN, ETHELYN ALBERTA . A A . . . . Highland, N. Y. . 158 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 441 Senator St., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NQY. 21 Adriance Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y . . . VVilliamstown, Mass 2447 Aldrich Ave., South, lVIinneapolis, Miiin. . SSM Edmond St., Rochester, N. Y. . 40 Carroll St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . 122 N. Broadway, Nyack, N. Y . 5208 Bellevue Ave., Elmsford, N, Y 1526 Central St., Kansas City, NIO 48 S. Hamilton St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y . 480 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y . . 206 Elm St., Holyoke, Mass 158 VVaShington St., Newburgh, N. Y SMITH, DOROTHX '.'. SODERER, MARIE EXLINE . SPENCER, GLADYS MARY. STANLEY, LOUISE LEFAVOUR STEVENS, HELEN ELIZABETH , STILSON, GEORGIA JENNETTE . STONE, GEORGINA RICHMOND . STOWE, EVELYN MAY . . STRONG, HELEN SHAURMAN . STRONG, MARTHA BODINE . STUART, NIARJORY BRUCE SUTTON, GLADYS HARRIMAN . TABER, EDITH GRACE . TAYLOR, EDITH NIAY . TERRY, ALTHA ELIZABETH . THAYER, GRETCHEN . . THIESSEN, RUTH HUNTINGTON THOMPSON, ILXUDREY YVHITTEN THOMPSON, EVELYN BRAGG . TILDEN, GLADYS HOPKINS . TILDEN, BIURIEL . . TIPTON, MARTHA LOUISE . 127 YV. 76th St., New York City 552 Riverside Drive, New York City . 109 YVade St., Highland Park, Ill. . . . Gloucester, Mass. 1940 E. 73d St., Cleveland, Ohio . 51 Port Wfatson St., Cortland, N. Y. . P. O. BOX 505, New Haven, Conn. . . '79 Forest Ave., HudSOI1, Mass. . 82 Spruceland Ave., Springfield, Mass. 40 Greenough Ave., Jamaica Plain, lVIass. 450 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. . . . . . Yonkers, N. Y. 104 St. hlarkls Place, New Brighton, N. Y. 2063 Abington Road, Cleveland, Ohio . . . . Chatham, N. Y. 739 Central St., Franklin, Blass. . Terrace Place, Troy, N. Y. . . 211 State St., Portland, lVIe. 65 Wfestern Ave., lVIorristown, N. J. . . 1020 Wfilbur Ave., Cleveland, Ohio . 291 'Westminster Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 600 YV. 116th St., New York City 263 f F? tt Ott Ci IWKUILB Ahlttk AA . if , S -x . mAn' ?Tf Y-A TORREY, IXIARION . . TOVVNEND, HELEN FRANCES TREADWELL, LOIS . , TURNER, IVIARY LOUISE . ULLMAN, IXIARION BABETTA W7ANNEMAN, :XIMEE SHERIN x7ANNEMAN, DOROTHY JEXVETT WIILLERS, ELEANOR ROSELLA YVALDORF, VIRGINIA AUGUSTA YVANGER, IYIARION . . WANSER, HELEN . . VVARNER, RHODA BRIDGEMAN VVATERBURY, IVA LOUISE XVATERHOUSE, IRMA . WELSH, EMILIE BENSON JVELTY, FRANCES ELIZABETH YVEST, LAURA STEPHANIE VVEST, THERESA . . IVHITAKER, GRACE RAY . WVHITE, HARRIET MARION YVHITMAN, DOROTHY . YVHITNEY, JULIA MARIE YVIEBOLDT, FLORENCE ELISE VVILE, RUTH JOSEPHINE . VVILLARD, MARION . . WILLIAMS, CAROLINE RUTH Car . 5Q Elm St., WVOrcester, Blass. . 85 W. Union St., Wlilkes Barre, Pa. . . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. e of H. Poehler Co., Chamber of Commerce Bldg., lVIinneapolis, Nlinn. 558 VVlIitney Ave., New Haven, Conn. 4898 N. Carlisle St., Philadelphia, Pa. . Orchard Cottage, Litchfield, Conn. Continental Hotel, Newark, N. J. . Eagle Hotel, New Rochelle, N. Y. 833 VV. INIarshal.l St., Norristown, Pa. . 15 John St., Tarrytown, N. Y. 33 Bright St., Northampton, Mass. . 13 Eld St., New Haven, Conn. . Q5 E. 26th St., New York City 24 Upper IVIountain Ave., Montclair, N. J. . . . . McLean, N. Y. 334 S. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, Ill. 214 Comstock Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 180 Pleasant St., North Adams, Mass. 41 Lefferts Ave., Richmond Hill, N. Y. 2079 Adelbert Road, Cleveland, Ohio . - SQO Central Ave., Dunkirk, N. Y. 639 Deming Place, Chicago, Ill. 4413 Ellis Ave., Chicago, Ill. 609 S. Broad St., hlankato, Blinn. . 499 Castle Heights, Geneva, N. Y. VVILLIAMS, IVIADELAINE ELIZABETH . 1Q6 Trenton Ave., Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. WILLIAMS, PHYLLIS HAMILTON ..., Nutley, N. J. WILMOT, INIARGUERITE FLORENCE . 633 Clinton Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. WILSON, IYATHERINE NEILL 307 Washington Ave., Lexington, lVIo. YVILSON, NIARJORIE NEWCOMB. 34 Gramercy Park, New York City XVINTER, HELEN GEORGE .... Mason City, Iowa VVOLF, DOROTHY JULIA . . 1901 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. WOODS, EQIARJORY . . Academy Ave. and Woodland Road, Sewickley, Pa. YOUNG, HALLIE RUTH . . . - . 545 A. East, Hutchinson, Kan. Q64 ABBOTT, ADAMS, ADAMS, ADAMS, ADAMS, 1542.01 Amar: ', ta fe U on -3 . P . .JE ISABEL . ELIZABETH GWVENIVERE MARGARITE MARY M. . ALEXANDER, BOYCE ALLINSON, ELIZABETH R. JAMAGASU, NABE . ANGELL, HANNAH M. APPLEYARD, IVA A. ARMSTRONG, ETHEL BACON, MARIE A. . D. G. BACON, BIARJORIE K. BAIN, THERESE S. BASSETT, KATHLEEN E. BEATTYS, ADELE M. BELANCER, FLORENCE C BENNETT, HELEN . BERGEN, GERTRUDE BINDER, MARGARITA BLISS, MARGARET B. BOCKEE, ELIZABETH BONNELL, ESTELLE BOVVEN, LOUISE . BRAZER, HILD.A F. . BRAZER, HELEN 1. BREWER, GRACE T. BRIEN, GRACE T. . BRINSMADE, CHARLOTTE B. BRIVVA, KBXTHRYN E. BROOKS, JULIA N. L. P. M. 40.9 Gilman nf 1915 fllllnmhmzra . . . . Hamburg, 234 Montauk Ave., New London, . . . Hoquiam, . 32 Palmetto St., Brooklyn, 51 Highland St., West Newton, - 32 S. Tucker St., hlemphis, N. Y Conn Wash N. Y Mass Tenn . . . Haverford, Pa Toyama, Japan . . . Corning, N. Y . . . . Guilford, Me 1032 Warburton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y 101 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, N. Y 46 Atwater Ave., Derby, Conn . . Canajoharie, N. Y 1629 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md 5 Stoneleigh Park, Westfield, N. J 60 Delafield Ave., Poughkeepsie, . . 1 Grove Place, Ithaca, 23 Corlies Ave., Poughkeepsie, N.Y N.Y N.Y . 424 Oakdale Ave., Chicago, Ill Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, Syria . . . . Amenia, 1058 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, . . 5 Clover St., Ansonia, . 141 Summit Ave., Brookline, 141 Summit Ave., Brookline, . 224 lVIain St., Oneida, . 111 Main St., Orange, . The Gunnery, VVashington, 441 VVarren St., Hudson, 192 State St., Albany, 265 N. Y N. Y Conn Mass 1VIass N. Y N. J Conn N. Y N. Y WWE!!! AIUUE AWA Gf2s2F'4"?l,g-ii Q tl in H H A,.k ion ,: r V H: A gi, ,--- --.Greg 1 - f 15 BROOKS, NIARGUERITE BRYANT, MARY E. . BURDETT, ELLEN M. BURTSEIELD, MARY M. BUSCH, KENNARDA C. BUTTERFIELD, RUTH E. CAMPBELL, MARY L. I. CARLL, NETTIE-MAY CARR, CHARLOTTE E. CLAPP, MARGARET L. CLARK, JULIA A. . CLARK, MILDRED H. CLINTON, RUTH BI. COATES, MARY I. . COATESWORTH, ELIZABETH J. . COBB, DOROTHY P. CORN, LILLIAN G. COWELL, IVIONA H. CROCKETT, DORIS L. CROOKS, ANNIE E. CROSBY, NIARGARET CUNNINGHAM, RUTH CURTIS, FRANCES M. DABLER, WA.4DELLA DANIELS, FLORENCE D. DAVIDSON, CATHERINE F. DAY, IVIARION E. . DEAN, HARRIET . DEANE, RUTH G. DEMPSEY, MARJORIE DENTON, LOIS E. . DETWEILER, IVIARY E. DILLENBACK, ELIZABETH DREY, MARG.ARET . DUNCAN, MARY F. DUNLAP, SARAH J. DYE, FLORENCE A. . . . . Belmont, Mass. . . . . . Riverside, Ill. 21 Gray Cliff Road, Newton Center, lVIass. 2247 Parkwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio 45 V. A. Capolungo, Nervi, Genova, Italy . . . 197 Main St., Oneonta, N. Y. 1555 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. . Halesite, P. O. Huntington, N. Y. . . . . Dayton, Ohio . . . . Rochester, N. Y. . . 34 Main St., Danbury, Conn. 244 Sherman Ave., New Haven, Conn. 530 W. Water St., Elmira, N. Y, 300 W. 85th St., New York City 66 Soldiers Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 370 West End Ave., New York City . . . Ironton, Ohio 2616 Harney St., Omaha, Neb. . Stowe Ave., Troy, N. Y. . . 23 Clay St., Malone, N. Y. 612 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 258 VVashington St., Gloucester, Mass. . 430 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 9 W. 14th St., Dubuque, Iowa . 559 VV. Ferry St., Buffalo, N. Y. 134 N. Main St., Canandaigua, N. Y. . 1520 Jackson St., Sioux City, Iowa . . . Indianapolis, Ind. The Mason, Charlestown, VV. Va. . 426 Central Ave., WVestfield, N. J. 80 N. lVIain St., Canandaigua, N. Y. . 23. S. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. . 111 Delaware Ave., Albany, N. Y. 4543 Westminster Place, St. Louis, NIO. . . 97 Eagle St., Albany, N. Y. . 23 Parsons St., Detroit, Mich. . Canandaigua, N. Y. 266 4'ifl?.lIl. Attlttli " U " gif . 1 29 , . EATON, CHARLOTTE L. EDWARDS, URANIA H. ELLINWOOD, BAIRIAM ELLIOTT, NIARGUERITE ELNVELL, THEODORA S. EMERY, ELLA F. . EWEN, ELIZABETH E. EVVEN, HELEN . FARNHAM, RUTH R. FERRIS, HELEN M. FRATT, ELsIE M. . FRESHNEY, EMILY B. F ULLER, M. WINIFRED GIFFORD, HELEN W. GLEN, ETHEL M. . GLENN, H. ELIZABETH GORDY, LUCIA H. . GRAY, FLORA A. . GROW, HELEN GURNEY, XTIVIAN . HIACKNEY, KATHARINE HAFF, BJADELINE B. HAGAR, GERTRUDE S. A . '764 Bloomfield St., lVIontclair, N. J. 28 Ryder Ave., Patchogue, N. Y. . Longbeach, North Dover, Ohio 110 Clinton St., Gouverneur, N. Y 1933 Wallace St., Philadelphia, Pa. Bradford, Pa. 437 N. Jefferson Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 309 N. Jefferson Ave., Saginaw, Mich. . 450 Elm St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. 395 St. Ronan St., New Haven, Conn. . 4 1725 Grand Ave., Everett, Wvasli. 2 Roosevelt Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1548 Nlonsey Ave., Scranton, Pa. 375 Shawmut Ave., New Bedford, Mass. 48 Wfendell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. . 1109 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. 41 Atwater Ave., Derby, Conn. 1338 3d St., Rensselaer, N. Y. 201 lVIiln St., Cranford, N.,J. 2520 Durand St., Berkeley, Cal. 11 N. Nlelcher St., Johnstown, N. Y. 416 E. 36th St., Kansas City, lVIo. Q04 W. Qnd St., Xenia, Ohio HAIGH, SUSANNA E. S. . 39 Hillcrest, Summit, N. J. HAMILTON, FLORENCE N .... 5517 Cates St., St. Louis, Mo. HAMILTON, RUTH . Care of T. B. Hamilton, 303 5th Ave., New York City HAMLIN, CLARA L. HARTMANN, HELEN HASBROUCIQ, ELLEN B. HASS, ALMA M. . HAZEN, DOROTHY . HEILMAN, HELEN E. HEIMBERGER, LUCILE O. HEINSHEIMER, STELLA HELBIER, NIAY . HENDRICK, RUTH E. HERRING, ELIZABETH B 105 Mo1'ningside Ave., E., New York City 3508 VV. Adams St., Chicago, Ill. 209 Clinton Ave., Kingston, N. Y 247 VV. 10Qnd St., New York City 99 Claremont Ave., New York City . 275 N. 1N4cKean St., Kittanning, Pa . 666 VV. Delavan Ave., Buffalo, N. Y . 3584 Alaska Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Nyack, N. Y 365 VV. 145th St., New York City 147 YV. 82nd St., New York City 267 . 0 l . HIPPLE, CHARLOTTE A. HOLT, DOROTHY E. HOPPER, RUTH J. HORNEY, GRACE . HOTCI-IKISS, MARGARET HOWARD, CLARA H. GLADYS VV. HOWARD, HOWARD, GRACE E. M.ARGARET L. HONVARD, HOWE, JOSEPHINE R. HONVELL, HAZEL H. HUBBARD, LOIS . HYDE, RUTH . . HYMAN, DOROTHY B. JOHNSON, ELEANOR R. JOHNSON, MARY E. JONES, JEANNETTE E. LKAUFMANN, HERMINE B. KEITH, BARBARA . KENDIG, MARJORIE M. KENISTON, lXiILDRED R. KENNEDY, ALMA B. KENNEDY, ANNA C. KINSEY, IMOGEN . KLEIN, ESTHER L. KNEELAND, NATALIE KOSTER, NIATHILDE A. KROEGER, LOUISE . KUSH, ALICE . . LAMMERT, OLIvE M. LAPHAM, MARY D. LEECH, MARGARET K. LEMON, MARY M. . LESHER, THERESA S. LESTER, EMMA P. . LLOYD, HELEN L. . LOCKE, HIANNAH S. AA ,, T, B ,,,, 'T .,.,. 3 ' ' AYUH B W Y . 244 W. lVIain St., Lock Haven, Pa. 116 Boston Boulevard, Detroit, liich. 526 Wlyoming Ave., Dorrancetown, Pa. . Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, N. J. . 146 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 8 Virginia Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 5123 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, IMO. 539 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. . 224 Spring St., Brockton, Mass. 20 VVashington St., Glens Falls, . 455 Maple Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 46 Hamilton Ave., Haverhill, Mass. . . 22 Elm St., Ware, Mass. 4830 Forestville Ave., Chicago, Ill. N. Y. 104 Leland Ave., Waterloo, Iowa 99 Maple Ave., Rahway, N. J. 318 E. South St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. . 2110 Scottwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio Jackson Homestead, Newton, Blass. . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. 2322 Blassachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Nlass. . 66 Franklin Place, Flushing, N. Y. . VV. Court St., Hudson, N. Y. . 705 Burns Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 111 VVashingtOn Ave., Belleville, N. J. 970 Park Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . Pleasantville, N. Y. 4950 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, NIO. 59 Marble Hill Ave., Kingsbridge, N. Y. 2550 Smalley Court, Chicago, Ill. 112 Broad St., Plattsburg, N. 162 Grand St., Newburgh, N. Y. 1226 W. 15th St., Bedford, Ind. . . 6'The Cedarsf' Rye, N. Y. 40 Hamilton Terrace, New York City . . . Manistee, lVIich. . 11 Central St., VVinchester, Mass. 268 6:l ! Esa gn e-ff:-an ANIME . " ' AA H ,gf-A-A tt if g 'fs Ie. m L Ia ?- 9 LOCKWOOD, CORDELIA A. LOCKWOOD, RUTH G. . LOVELL, IVIARGARET L. IVICCORMICK, MARY G. . NIACINTYRE, MONA V. . IVICINIULLEN, ICATHERINE W MALLON, MARY . . MALTRY, ELIZABETH M. MIARBURG, FRANCES T. . IVIARJARUM, INIILDRED H. NIASON, BLANCHE L. . IVIATTICE, IXIARION B. IMIAYO, JANE E. . . IVIEANS, KATHARINE G. . NIERRELL, JEANNETTE H. IVIERRIMAN, FAITH . . IYIERTZ, ETHEL L. . B1ETZGER, RUTH I. . IYIILLER, DOROTHY C. . NIILLER, MURIEL . NIILLER, IVIOLET I. NIOORE, NANCY C. . IVIORDORF, JEANNE R. . MORRISON, FRANCES J. . MUHLFELDER, ELSA H. . IXIURDOCK, FLORENCE L. NASH, RUTH S. . . NESMITII, HARRIET L. . NICHOLLS, ELIZABETH G. NORTON, RUTH W. . OGDEN, FRANCES P. . OLDENBURG, MARGARET E. . OLIVER, IQIATHARINE S. . OWENS, TIIEODORA L. . PARSONS, HARRIET M. . 225 lVIerriman St., Rochester, N. Y. T 1909 B. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. Andrew . . . . . Scranton, Pa. . 502 S. Broadway, Normal, Ill. 157 W. 77th St., New York City . 1021 Grove' St., Evanston, Ill. 234 lVIcGregor Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio University Heights, New York City 4319 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. '72 Delaware Ave., Lambertville, N. J. . . . . Stonington, Conn. . "The Elms," Springfield, Mass. . 93 Dodd Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 356 Humphrey St., New Haven, Conn. . 2036 E. 100th St., Cleveland, Ohio 1333 De La Vina St., Santa Barbara, Cal. . . . Port Chester, N. Y. . 410 College Ave., Elmira, N. Y. Ave., University Heights, New York City . 80 Howe St., New Haven, Conn. 583 Riverside Drive, New York City 117 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 56 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1422 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 126 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 514: Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. . 6 Phillips Place, Cambridge, Mass. 229 Andover St., Lowell, Mass. 121 Edlie Ave., E., Norwalk, Conn. . . . Cheshire, Conn. . VVooddale, Wheeling, VV. V a. . . . Carlton, Minn. 26 Washington St., East Orange, N. J. 1956 E. 75th St., N. E., Cleveland, Ohio . Troy, Pa. PATRICK, IVIARIA D. . LeXiHQl'C0I1, KY- 269 'WKKYI 1X'lTl't1B in ,. T. 2 if A U . on 3 PEIRCE, KATHARINE E. PETERSON, MARION PETTERSON, JULIA C. PIERCE, EMMA F. . POUND, MARX' W. PRATT, MARJORIE F. PRESCOTT, HELEN S. PRINCE, ETHEL A. . PRITCHARD, HELEN B. PURSLEY, RUTH E. RABELL, SUSIE D. . RALYEA, CLUTHA E. REYNOLDS, MARTHA M. . RHODES, CATHARINE I. RICE, DOROTHY L. RICHARDSON, PORTIA C RINGWVOOD, IRENE C. RINGWOOD, VERA X. ROBINSON, CATHARINE ROSS, MARY E. . RUEF, BERTHA M. RUMSEY, JEAN H. RUSSELL, ALICE E. SANBORN, AENID A. SANBORN, HELEN M. SCHERRER, EDITH M. SCOTT, MARGARET SEAMAN, LOUISE H. SEYMOUR, Laura S. SHAPLEY, BERTHA SHEPHERD, NIIRIAM G. SHERWOOD, PIELEN L. SHUMWAY, IRENE E. SKINNER, FRANCES L. SMITH, FLORA M, . SMITH, LUCIA H. . SMITH, RUTH E. . SPALDING, GERTRUDE A D. H. AA 8 Shaflner St., VVorcester, Blass. . 1416 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 20 Sacramento St., Cambridge, Mass. 26 Abbottsford Road, Brookline, Mass. . 345 High St., Lockport, N. Y. 4 Dusenbury Place, White Pla.ins, N. Y. . 1694 Hazel Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 149 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. Q53 WV. VVabasha St., VVinona, Minn. . . Lock Haven. Pa. 29 Greenville Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. . . . . Elmira, N. Y. 122 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1923 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah . 375 Royal Place, Dlilwaukee, VVis. . . . Piedmont, VV. Va. 301 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 301 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . 549 Riverside Drive, New York City 470 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . 34 Park St., Newton, Blass. . . Rawlins, VVyo. R. F. D., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Q01 VV. 117th St., New York City 1100 Qnd Ave., YV., Ashland, VVis. . . . . Tarrytown, N. Y. Oak Knoll Farm, Wlrentham, Mass. . 66 Elmore Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 110 Riverside Drive, New York City 63 Merriam Ave., Leominster, Blass. 450 S. River St., Wlilkes Barre, Pa. . . Cornwall, N. Y. .Y . . Lansing, Dlich. 725 14th Ave., N. Seattle, Wlash. . 3 Harrison St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 3Q VV. 68th St., New York City 33 Delano St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Cold Spring, N. Y. 270 'WEUI Atlflttk u X5 1 i STANLEY-BROVVN, RUTH . STANVVOOD, RUTH . , STEWART, NIARJORIE M. STOKES, ELEANOR . STRAIT, HELEN F. . . STRASBURG, HERMINE . STRAYER, NLAUDE LOUISE STROHM, ETHEL A. . SUTHERLAND, NATALIE . SUTTON, DoRIs M. . SUTTON, MILDRED 1 TIAFT, NIARJORIE E. TAYLOR, MARGARET . TAYLOR, MARTHA E. . THRASHER, RUTH . TOLHURST, HOPE . . TOMPKINS, Bi.-XRY J. K. . TOPPING, GLADYS M. . TRYON, SYLVIA . . TWEEDY, lVIARGERY B. . UPsoN, CORA L. , UPSON, HELEN . . VAN BRUNT, ELIZABETH R. . VAN HOESEN, ENID . VAN ZANDT, lvl.-KRJORIE A. . VERITY, GRACE H. . JVIQUESNEY, BERNICE . lv.-KGNER, lvl,-KRGARET E. JYALVVORTH, LILLIAN . WARD, HARRIOT S. WARD, LAURA A. . VVEDGE, RUTH P. . VVEIL, ELISE . . . VVEISS, MARIE THERESE JVELLES, KATHARINE R. 1VELLs, IQATHERINE Z. . AA Cold Spring Harbor, L. I., N. Y. 1637 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Ill. 11 W. Phil Ellena St., Philadelphia, Pa. . . . M001'CStOWH, N. J. 183 Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. 28 E. Forest Ave., Detroit, Mich. Morsemere, Ridgeield, N. J. . . . Dunkirk, N. Y. . . . . Elkins, W. Va. 139 Bainbridge St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 12 Odell Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. . 246 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 116 Park Place, Canandaigua, N. Y. . . . Greenis Farms, Conn. Senator Place, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio . 16 Taconic St., Pittsfield, Mass. . 1904 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 705 Douglas Ave., Elgin, Ill. 61 Morton St., Waltham, Mass. 156 Deer Hill, Danbury, Conn. . 312 Park Ave., 1V., Blansield, Ohio . . YVest Point, N. Y. . 1841 84th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 8 Lincoln Ave., Cortland, N. Y. Pawling and ltlaple Aves., Troy, N. Y. 42 Mount Vernon St., Cambridge, Nlass. 1414 S. 6th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 504 Vllashington Ave., St. Louis, BIO. . 541 Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. . 3449 Indiana Ave., Chicago, Ill. . 319 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . . . Lowell, Mass. . De Soto Hotel, Savannah, Ga. . Q Holland Terrace, Montclair, N. J. . 26 VV. River St., VVilkes Barre, Pa. . 7 Prospect St., VVhite Plains, N. Y. 271 a m ,, ,L In WEST, HELEN C. . VVEYERHAEUSER, ELIZAB WHEELER, ELLEN R. VVHITE, CHARLOTTE L. WHITE, KARIN A. WHITE, SOPHIE D. WILBUR, ETHEL H. WILLIAMS, BEATRICE H WILSON, ROSE D. WITTER, GRACE B. V WOODRUFF, GERTRUDE WOODXNVARD, ANNA M. WORKUM, PAULINE i""'E-Ulf-B iiv ' ' Aman QW .- -. A A A Qllaaa nf 1915 Members ALLEN, NLILDRED . . 88 Montview St., lWest Roxbury, Mass. ALLEN, BIILDRED F. . . 193 Wfeyman Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. ALLEY, BIARGUERITE E. . . 50 Austen Heights, Boston, Mass. ANDREWS, CONSTANCE M. . . Westbrook, Me. ANTHONY, BIARJORIE P. . . . . Gouverneur, N. Y. ARMSTRONG, MARTHA G. . 5167 Cabanne Ave., St. Louis, Mo. ARNOLD, BJARJORIE . 25 VVestland Terrace, Haverhill, Mass. ARTHURS, ELIZABETH B. . 7 E. Preston St., Baltimore, Md. ATNVATER, FRANCES A. . . . Canandaigua, N. Y. EXVERY, GRACE A. . 1900 E. 93d St., Cleveland, Ohio BACHMAN, EDNA G. . . . 403 W. Oak St., Hazleton, Pa. BAILEY, 'DOROTHX' V. E. . . A 127 E. 12th St., Salt Lake City, Utah BALL, EUNICE WV. . . 5 "The Circle, " Rochelle Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. BALMER, CATHERINE G. .... 1045 Holleywood Ave., Chicago, Ill. BARCUS, ICATI-IARINE .... 106Q Brydon Road, Columbus, Ohio BARNES, CHRISTINE W. . 6382 Woodbine Ave., Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa. BATTEN, CLARE W ..... 3 Chelsey Square, New York City BAXTER, BIILDRED F. .... 86 Princeton St., Springfield, Mass. JBEAMENSDERFER, ELEANOR . .... Manheim, Pa. VJBEARD, MARGARET K. . Wlashburn Park, Minneapolis, Minn. BEARDSLEY, DOROTHY S. . . . Stratford, Conn. BEEKEN, DOROTHXP . ' .... Fanwood, N. J. BELL, CONSTANOE A. . .... Franklin, Pa. BENDER, JOSEPHINE 221 S. Union St., Grand Rapids, Mich. BENEDICT, HAZEL P. 67 Harrison St., East Orange, N. J. BESSER, MINNA H. . . 540 W. 144th St., New York City BLAKESLEE, GLADYS M. . 84 Norton St., New Haven, Conn. BLATCHEORD, BARBARA . . . 333 N. Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio BOLAND, MARGARET W. .... 3 Erwin Park, Montclair, N. J. BONIEACE, SYMONA F. . . Hotel Gerard, 123 W. 44th St., New York City BOWVNE, HELEN L. . . . 3 Henry St., Utica, N. Y. is 273 -an-mi mmm 5i.1'tKt!l LB A ' Amar: A - - .Q G I n , M j 70111 5' 1' ' .-. - ' G -- a : zdrlffjzrs-4, BRADY, MARY B. . . BRANDEIS, LEOLA . . BREXVSTER, ICATRINA M. BRIGGS, PHEBE . . BROVVN, GEORGIE L. BROWN, HELEN M. BROWN, MARY G. . BULL, HARRIET F. BULL.-XRD, DOROTHY H. . BURT, IRENE E. . . BUSHMAN, BEATRICE M. BUTTON, LEONORA . . CALLOXV, BESSIE R. . CANIPIELD, LOUISE C. . CARBAUGH, PHYLLIS M. . CARLSON, ESTHER F. . C.-XRMAN, GLADYS L. . CATLIN, BIARJORIE A. . CAVERT, INEZ M. . CHANDLER, HELEN YV. . CHAPMAN, ELLA L. . CLARKE, FLORENCE S. . COE, BEATRICE H. . COLIJING, V ERA A. COLE, LUELLA W. . COLEMAN, :XDELAIDE J. . COLLINS, RUTH M. . . COMSTOCIQ, ICATHARINE S. . CONGDON, JOSEPHINE . . CONGER, WILHELMINA D. P. . CONWELL, MARY . . COOK, OLIVE L. , . CORNWALL, RUTH P. . COSGROVE, ELIZABETH . COYE, IRENE . . . CRANDALL, DOROTHY D. CROVVELL, MARION D. . , CULBERTSON, MARGARET L. . CUMMING, GRACE D. . . . . Sitka, Alaska . 763 5th Ave., New York City 803 Bennett Ave., Glenwood Springs, Col. . 2209 NI St., Sacramento, Cal. 2539 Grand Ave., Fordham, N. Y. 2717 Clineview St., Cincinnati, Ohio . . Lambertville, N. J. . 274 Parkhill Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 200 S. Franklin St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 591 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . 69 Dorchester Road, Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Cazenovia, N. Y. sis E. 1st st., Salt Lake city, Utah ' . . . Patchogue, N. Y. . . Fort Smith, Ark. . . . Chatham, N. J. . 139 VV. 136th St., New York City 181 E. Rock Road, New Haven, Conn. . . . Ballston Spa, N. Y. . 129 Market St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 321 Wfestcott St., Syracuse, N. Y. . . Viloonsocket, R. I. . . . hledina, N. Y. 251 W. 92d St., New York City 59 Arlington St., Haverhill, Blass. . 1320 E. High St., Springfield, Ohio 69 Wlashington St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . Comstock Place, South Orange, N. J. . 1911 Chicago St., Oma.ha, Neb. 191 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. . 107 Ritchie Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. . Canajoharie, N. Y. . . . . Rye, N. Y. . . . Braddock, Pa. 339 College Ave., S. E., Grand Rapids, lVIich. 2 . . . . Normandy, BIO. 73 lVIyrtle Ave., hlontclair, N. J. 7 9 E. Ferry St., Detroit, hlich. . . . Hampton, Va. 74: we my zz if B u on 5 i x JS . CURTISS, LEAH K. CUSHING, LEILA H. DAVIS, DOROTHY H. DEWAR, MARGARET DOXKVNER, EMMA . DRAKE, LEONORE E. . DRUIEN, BIILDRED M. . DURHAM, HELEN M. DUSCHAII, :ALICE D. DUTTON, EDITH H. EDWARDS, BIABEL E. EMRICH, HILDA W. ENCK, EDITH N. . . ENGLISH, IYATHARINE P. FARNI-IAM, GERTRUDE P. FARRIER, EDNAH C. . FEARL, EMILY R. . FINLEY, ELLEN B. FITE, FRANCES . FLICK, DORIS L. . FLICKINGER, JEAN FOLKS, GERTRUDE H. FOLKS, LALITHA M. FOWLE, PRISCILLA H. GALE, ESTHER H. . GALT, PRISCILLA M. A. . GEBHARDT, FLORENCE H. GILCPIRIST, ELIZABETH M. GLOVER, DEBORAH N. . GOODRICH, CAROLINE L. Goss, ELEANOR . . GRAHAM, DOROTHY . GUCKENBERGER, DOROTHY S. H.ARDIN, ELIZABETH A. . HARMSTEAD, CHARLOTTE L. Amare .QA 116 Grove St., Tarrytown, N. Y. . . . Bethel, Vt. 105 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury, Conn. Lincoln and Star Aves., Belleview, Pa. . 416 WT. lst St., Dayton, Ohio Idleease Inn, Newfoundland, N. J. . . . Bardstown, Ky. . Q22 Broadway, Schenectady, N. Y. . Q5 College St., Buffalo, N. Y. . 36 Eurglade Ave., Springfield, lVIass. . 3707 Powelton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 59 Alston Heights, Boston, lVIass. . 35 S. 5th St., Reading, Pa. . 390 Prospect St., New Haven, Conn. . A50 Elin St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. 125 Park Place, Passaic, N. J. . . 3Q3 Dibert St., Johnstown, Pa. . Q80 Convent Ave., New York City 16th and Emporia Sts., Bluskogee, Okla. 39 Alnierwyn Terrace, Dayton, Ohio . . . . Lock Haven, Pa. . A38 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. A228 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Q Bradford Court, Newton Centre, Blass. 223 N. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, Ill. Q4 Clarkson St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Jermyn, Pa. . , Greensburg, Pa. . . . Fairfield, Conn. . 9.1-L Nutley Ave., Nutley, N. J. 548 YV. 114th St., New York City 57 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Q560 Observatory Road, Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio -L0 Blount Prospect Place, Newark, N. J. . . -L37 S. Alain St., Urbana, Ohio 275 4'NI.iUfl AUIUB ALR p fig I HARRIS, RHODA E. . HEATH, ELIZABETH M. . HENDRICKSON, MARY L. HERVEY, JANE H. HESS, LOUISE A. . HENVLETT, KATHLEEN . HICKOK, JESS-IE E. HOAGLAND, RUTH A. HOBBS, ELEANOR M. HODGE, HELEN A. HOGE, DoRcAs O. HOLLINGER, ANNA M. . LIOLMES, EDITH M. HOLSTEIN, ABBY V. A. . HOLT, EVA IXI. . HOLWAY, Lois L. . LIOMAN, LILLIE L. HOPSON, LUCILE I. HOUGHTON, DOROTHY . HOUSTON, HARRIETTE E. HOWELL, ANNETTE . HUNTINGTON, CONSTANCE IVES, IVLARTHA L. . . JACKMAN, M.ARGARET . JADVVIN, CHARLOTTE F. . JEFFRIS, ICATHARINE L. . JEFFRIS, RUTH B. . . JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH . JONAS, ISABEL . JONES, ESTHER M. JONES, HELEN . JONES MARJORIE D. JONES, MARTHA B. W. JOSEPH, ALICE M. JOSEPH, EMMA E. . IQEENAN, HETTY B. KEITH, ANNIE H. . a..5l..Ss...g . 108 Saranac Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . Bryn lSfIaWr, Pa. . 2029 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 2906 Callow Hill St., Pittsburgh, Pa. . Western Park Way, Louisville, Ky. 1010 Park Ave., E. Savannah, Ga. 217 Arlington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . lVIarlboro, N. J. . 48 Neal St., Portland, Me. 1925 Parkwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio 512 VV. 2nd St., Grand Island, Neb. 339 N. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. . 935 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1327 VVatchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 607 E. Dlonroe St., Little Falls, N. Y. . . . . . lXIachias, lVIe. 41 Halzer St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 440 Lion St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 302 Bethlehem Pike, Ambler, Pa. . . . , . Goshen, N. Y. . 175 S. Bromley Ave., Scranton, Pa. 1801 Dorchester Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . Dorrancetown, Pa. . 18 Cannon St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Care of YVar Department, Washington, D. C. 625 St. Laurence Ave., Janesville,NVis. 625 St. Laurence, Ave., Janesville, Wis. 228 VVilloWby Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 893 St. lNIarks Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 110 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 412 4th St., Warren, Pa. 100 E. State St., Montpelier, Vt. 729 Vance Ave., NIemphis, Tenn. 1949 E. 79th St., Cleveland, Ohio 1827 E. 82d St., Cleveland, Ohio . . . . Greensburg, Pa. 151 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 'Wim Amana FA LB . . IKELLER, ELIZABETH D. KELLERS, IRMARITA KEYS, ELIZABETH M. KIBBEY, GLADYS G. KIRKUS, X7IRGINIA . IQNOXVLES, HELEN . KNOWLTON, ELIZABETH IKRICK, EMMA K. . LASALLE, AMIE T. LAW, JULIA A. . LEITCH, NORMA P. LEONORI, BESSIE F. LESLIE, ELEANOR I. LINDER, ELIZABETH S. LOCKE, HELEN . MABON, JANET P. BICAFEE, RUTH 111. MCCREERY, ELIZABETH R. . MCEVOY, SUSAN . NICILRAVY, RUTH A. MACK, EDITH F. . MCKENNA, RTADELEINE IVICLEAN, CATHERINE MCM.ANUS, MARY B. MACNICOL, LAURA E. S. NIARIONEAUX, DOROTHY MARSH, M.ARION . MARTER, GLADYS E. MESSLER, :MZARY J. MILLER, LAURA . MILLER, LUCELIA . MILLS, LILLIAN H. NIOLTER, RUTH M. MOORE, BARBARA MOORE, EVANGELINE MOORE, FRANCES A. MORDORE, DOROTHY A. NIOTT, MARGARET B. MURRAY, NEREIDE J. M M ,4+1iE.,, . 1061 VVheatland Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 339 Arlington Ave., Jersey City, N. J. . 69 High St., Yonkers, N. Y. . . hiarshalltown, Iowa 1106 Adam St., Wilmington, Del. . 5814 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 391 State St., Springfield, Mass. Church St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. . 2136 Glenwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio . . . Fort Ann, N. Y. 289 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 159 Rutledge St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 3344 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, Ill. . . . Blohegan, N. Y. . 607 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, Nlinn. 721 Sandusky St., Pittsburg, Pa. . . 10 Chalmers St., Chicago, Ill. A 1174: 1VIurrayhill Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 187 Varnum Ave., Lowell, Mass. . 20 Wildey St., Tarrytown, N. Y. 312 W. 71st St., New York, N. Y. 134 Chonnard Terrace, Yonkers, N. Y. . 572 Auburn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . hlillbrook, N. Y. . . . Havana, Cuba . 75 East St., Salt Lake City, Utah 87 Hamilton Place, New York, N. Y. . 653 State St., Camden, N. J. 517 E. State St., Trenton, N. J. 22 VV. 31st St., New York, N. Y. . 3415 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Ia. Kensington Road, Garden City, N. Y. 9 Prospect Park, YV. Brooklyn, N. Y. . Sunnyledge, New Britain, Conn. 37 Adriance Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 912 Lexington Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio . . 56 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 84:2 Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . . Delhi, N. Y. 277 , M ,..,w, U, Attluk Ax j on A ,. ,.. , f u g J NASON, GERTRUDE NEAXRE, CHARLOTTE NICHOLS, GRACE A. NICHOLSON, AGNES NORTON, JULIA B. NORTON, SARAH L. NOYES, HELEN . OLDS, CLARA L. . 0,NEIL, TERESA G. OSBORN, LAURA . PARET, lvl.-XRJORIE PATTISON, ADELE B. PAUL, MARGARET R. 'l PAUL, MARY JANE B. PEIRCE, NIARGARET W. PENNIMAN, RACHEL B. PETERS, FLORENCE PHILLIPS, RIARGUERITA PLACE, KATHARINE PLATT, :ELIZABETH PREBLE, BARBARA PRINGLE, BERTHA A. PROVOOST, CHARLOTTE w RALL1, ELAINE P. . RANNELLS, MARION E. RANSOHOFF, ESTHER RAYMER, EDITH A. . . BOX 9845, VVilmington, Del. . 944 Lennox Place, Cincinnati, Ohio . . . . Jefferson, N. Y. . 245 E. lVIain St., Nloorestown, N. J. . 330 Hartford Road, South Orange, N. J. . 363 E. Town St., Columbus, Ohio 306 ltlarket St., Wlarren, Pa. . . . .Amherst, Mass. . . . Kansas City, lVIo. 641 Lawrence Ave., Detroit, lNIich. 117 Valley Road,, N. J. . 66 Clinton Ave., Nlontclair, N. J. 507 Linden St., Camden, N. J. . 929 Burch Ave., Allegheny, Pa. . . . . Frankford, Ale. . . . . North Adams, Mass. . 4 637 Putna.m Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 539 Blount Prospect Ave., Newark, N. J. 268 W. 77th St., New York, N. Y. 865 Second Ave., Detroit, lNIich. 1518 Dearborne Ave., Chicago, Ill. . . 2415 College Ave., Kingston, Pa. BI. 252 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. REICHEL, NIADELINE M. RICHARDSON, MARY S. RIDGEL1', PHILIPPA E. ROACH, MARY C. . ROBBINS, RCLARIAN ROGERS, AGNES . ROHN, HELEN E. ROSE, ETHEL L. . ROSENBLATT, AMY B. ROSEWARNE, RUTH ROTHSCHILD, EDITH L. . 167 W. 88th St., New York, N. Y. . 1850 E. 81st St., Cleveland, Ohio . . Vernon Place, Cincinnati, Ohio . . . . Beaver, Pa . E. 43 E. Pearl St., New Haven, Conn. . . . Piedmont, YV. Va. . .... Dover, Del. 5869 Clemens Ave., St. Louis, NIO. 1508 Elm St., lVIanchester, N. H. . . . Hagerstown, Md. 178 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, Ohio 2602 Connecticut Ave., Wfashington, D. C. . 5 Elvin Place, Oskaloosa, Ia. . . 1212 Hill St., Ann Arbor, ltlich. . . 418 Rochdale Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio 278 MKXII. LB Amura AA SAGENDORPH, DOROTHY J. SCHMIDT, ICATI-IERINE M. SCHUMACHER, CATHERINE SCOTT, :KATHERINE R. . SEASHOLES, IAMY L. . SERVICE, HELEN F. SEYMOUR, ALMA B. SHARPE, ROSA D. SHAW, HELEN C. . . SHOWALTER, LUCILE M. . SIMPSON, RUTH . . SLEGHT, BTABEL L. SMART, SARA . . SMITH, ELOESSA . SMITH, FRANCES D. , SPICER, DOROTHY G. . STABLER, DOROTHY STEPHENS, RUTI1 I. STIMSON, ANNA K. STOUT, ALICE L. . STRAIT, HELEN E. STRAIT, MARTHA E. . STRELITZ, DOROTHY M. . STRUNZ, EDA A. . . STUART, MARGARET H. . SXVINTON, ROBERTA B. . TAGGART, BIABEL C. . TAXVNEY, HELEN . . TAYLOR, ELEANOR B. . TAYLOR, ELOISE . TAYLOR, RUTH M. TEBO, NIABEL K. THOMAS, CYRA . TILLOTSON, ABBY . TILLOTSON, LUCY . I . TINDLE, HIARRIET NI. . TINLEY, GERTRUDE M. . TOMPICINS, ELEANOR M. 57 W. Q1 Adriance Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . . Danbury, Conn. 510 E. Laurel Ave., Highland Park, Ill. 1008 Church St., St. Joseph, BIO. Seymour St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. . 1100 Wloodward Ave., Detroit, lVIich. . . . . Elgin, Neb. 80 W. River St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. . . . . Little Falls, N. J. Juniata Place, E., E. Pittsburgh, Pa. 150 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Canandaigua, N. Y. . . . Burlington, Vt. 523 6th St., Brooklyn, Y. . 147 TV. 55th St., New York, N. Y. 81 S. Cherry St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 790 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. . . R. P. D. 6, Stanley, N. Y. g 3401 Powelton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. . . . Olcott, N. Y. . . 504 Qnd Ave., Troy, N. Y. . . 504 Qnd Ave., Troy, N. Y. Cor. Prospect and Hill Sts., Nlarian, Ohio 307 Summit St., Knoxville, Pittsburgh, Pa. . 550 Broadway, South Boston, Mass. Q0 Sullivan Ave., Port Jervis, N. Y. . 6819 lVIcPheI'son St., Pittsburgh, Pa. . 817 Hervey St., McKeespOrt, Pa. 139 N. VVarren St., Trenton, N. J. 905 1Yashington Ave., Greenville, Bliss. . 603 Grand St., Troy, N. Y. . 22 "The Greenf' Dover, Del. R. F. D. Q, VVillimantie, Conn. 143 YY. 86th St., New York, N. Y. 143 YY. 86th St., New York, N. Y. 460 Norwood Ave., Bugalo, N. Y. . 553 Wfillow Ave., Council Bluffs, Ia. . 779 S. Pasadena Ave., Pasadena, Cal. Q79 . '1'i.E.KU.1LB AIUUB 45" I ..-, lx Ql- L p TRAGER, ELMA H. . TREVOR, MARGARET . ULLRICH, JANET R. . UNDERHILL, EDITHA . VAN ALLEN, MARTHA M. VAN ARSDALE, ALICE M. VANDEWATER, CHARLOTTE VAN DUSEN, KATHARINE P. . VOLLRATH, NIILDRED D. J VOSE, MARGARET B. . WADSWORTH, ISABELLA . XVAGNER, lVIIRIAM E. . WALKER, AMELIA . VVALKER, RUTH . YVALLACE, MARGARET . YVARDNVELL, MARGARET . 'WATSON, GRACE . WATSON, NIIRIAM . VVEIL, FLORINE R. . WELCH, FLORENCE M. . WELLS, ELIZABETH YVELLS, MARY . WEST, ALICE M. . YVEST, HELEN T. . . YVHIPPLE, HELEN K. . WHITE, JESSIE D. YVHITE, MARTHA I. WHITING, ANNE H. . VVICKHAM, EVELYN VV. . WIGHT, ELIZABETH VON B. YVILLIAMS, BARBARA . WILLIAMS, LOIS P. . WILLIAMSON, NIILDRED B. VVINESTINE, FREDERICA . WISHART, LAURA B. WOOD, FRANCES . Woon, MARY C. . WOODBURY, HELEN WOODRUFF, SILVIA . WOOLSEY, BKIARJORIE E. VVOOLVERTON, DOROTHY . WORSHAM, JOSEPH . YAMADA, KOTO . ZIMMERS, PI-IYLLIS AA . 3863 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio "The Circle," Campus, Ithaca, N. Y. 109 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 110 W. Chemung Place, Elmira, N. Y. . . Madura, South India 44 Avon Ave., Newark, N. J. . . . VVappingers Falls, N. Y. 240 VV. Evergreen Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. . 1621 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. . . Voseis Lane, Nlilton, Mass. . 2038 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. . . 424 Park Place, Lebanon, Pa. . 231 Edwards St., New Haven, Conn. ' . . Cass Station, Ga. . 117 VV. 79th St., New York, N. Y. . . . . . Stamford, Conn. 52 Kurfflrstendann, Berlin Nw. 15, Germany . . 778 Van Buren St., Milwaukee, VVis. . 19 YV 74th St., New York, N. Y. 23 Grove Terrace, Passaic, N. J. 80 Quincey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 80 Quincey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 860 Beacon St., Newton Center, lVIass. . . . Fredonia, N. Y. . . . Bledina, N. Y. 750 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N..Y. . . . . Berkshire, Mass. 45 Adriance Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . 404 Keen St., Blilwaukee, VVis. 41 Hyde St., Newton Highlands, Blass. 836 Prospect Ave., Hartford, Conn. . 4'711AAlaska Ave., Germantown, Pa. . 148 N. lV1ain St., 1Yaterbury, Conn. 438 Terrace Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. . ' 432 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass. . 6 Noxan St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 47 West St., Leominster, Mass. . I . . Hamburg, N. Y. . 117 E. 36th St., New York, N. Y. , . . . Stockton, N. J. . g . 129 VV. 97th St., Macon, Ga. 5 Sakaimachi, Kofu, Y amanashi, Japan . 1308 Liverpool St., Allegheny, Pa. 280 m UD EMS PAGE 1 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER BAILEY, BANKS 8: BIDDLE CO. Diamond Merchants, jewelers, Silversmiths, Stationers Makers of 1913 Class Rings of Vassar College Also Furnished Silverware for.Senior Parlor of Vassar College COLLEGE and SCHOOL EMBLEMS and NOVELTIES Illustrations and Prices of Class and Fraternity Emblems, Seals, Charms, Plaques, Nledals, Souvenir Spoons, etc., mailed upon re- quest. All Emblems are executed in the workshops on the prem- ises, and are of the highest grade of finish and quality. CLASS RINGS Particular attention given to the designing and manufacture of Class Rings. 1218-20-22 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. f?':":':::::::::::::::222:2222:22:22-':-9 ! Q ! Q ! H ! U ! U g Established 1902 H. R. Phone 142 Q . U ! E Q Louis GELLERT 6 Ladies' Fashionable E : Tailor C ! U II 5 is GARDEN sr. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. H Q E ! U ! U ' U ! u u-20:12:22:2::::::::::::-,:::::::::::I--Is In answering Advertise ents please mention the VASSARIOB THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE, -M? SHOES The variety of our lasts covers nearly every range of style desired, and the care we give in fitting appeals to the most exacting requirements of HIGH-CLASS TRADE We .especially feature Colonial Pumps in many leathers, 54.50 to 57.00. Sturdy tramping shoes, in high and low effects, made on orthopedic lasts. ANATOMIK Shoes, designed to correct fallen arch and flat foot. ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR FA U SATIN SLIPPERS SILK HOSE Qonyxb ma me won Ano dmunsn 314 ME.SD. GILDERSLEEYE 8: SON In answering Advertisements plea mention the VASSARION Poughkeepsie. N. Y. +BONWIT TELLER 8 C0 X' H THE STORE OF ORIGINATIONS " Maintaining, as We do, a permanent Paris office We are kept advised, daily, of the latest trend A in the mode. Whether it be a dainty piece of neckwear, a blouse, a negligee, a costume, a suit, a wrap, a riding' habit, abathing costume, a dress, or some dainty lingerie, if seen here it will bear a distinctive and original touch Which canat be found elsewhere. Prices are moderate, qualities considered PARIS PHILADELPHIA FIFTH AVENUE at 38th Street V NEVV YORK I lring Advertisements please mention t-he VASSARION PAGE4 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER UCKEY, PLATT Sl Co POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. ,, I -5125----Jfi.fv U My , - b g,..,, l - .. 1 1 ' f 4 111:-. .- . ,W f :e f y... . 4 . i, . , ..,.... if . V,.. V., .a . ami? TE A .pe 'Eri n . .r .L fr Ea .f - 'r-"f1- - ' ' A "" A ' A - IX , ,, ag ,. '-3 '25, . , p f YL. .4-"nFf'e e ' Prefs" A+' 11.11" Q ra: 'Q " 'H' 1, ,ig ---1. P' l . fi ." Aff' .. f-"3" - 44r....f-.Vw v"'.0444W :M , . .. Q - 1. - , "" a -f'i"1'?." i f 152, W y ' 75 7 , ' -. p i e 21 v'-' H . t N l I .ll 3 E m,,L ,, ' . ' " "f-Q:-'-1'-'-2-.f's::i: a Q -- -, s. t-.wa . as '- . ae 1' t qu e " ' . ,,,,,, . " ' ' ,Ir ..,. .,...,,,,k..,:,,.f W , , , - , -Q ,- .-W., . .Q J ,-,, 1 ' - " ., ,1:,m,.,,:, ,,,,,,,,,,A6 , . .. ,. ,,,,,.,, . . ,,,, , , ,,., f,f.,,. .,,, ,,,., ,,.. .m.X , ..,,, ,.,., . HZ . f .4 ,,., ... -'L-', . ' 12.51-'32P57a"."f'fi?"fffl'5H "" 7: ':Z1r:"Q" Birdseye View of Luckey. Platt 8: Co.'s Big Store NO DISC ONTENT History reports of Titus, the son of Vespasianv, that he never suffered a man to depart out of his 'presence with discontent. If he had been a storekee er he would have had a lar er store than ours. . . P 3 . DO1Hg our best and doing our utmost we have not reached the Roman Emperor's high altitude. Yet, 'we have never for a moment swerved from the rinei les to so serve the eo le that the should be . . . . P P P 9 .V 'thoroughly satisfied. With our capacious buildings and better educated service we believe that the gpast year's Work has been the best we have ever done. Our discontent is a great ambition to make :you contented. And this is to thank the Vassar students and their friends for their atience and interest in our , . . . P business. Nothing pleases us more than to hear people say scores of times a day: ' ' "THIS IS OUR STORE" We hope to hear the Senior Class say .this for years to come, just the same as they did in Poughkeepsie in their college days. Going away from Vassar need not mean leaving Luckey's. We have orders by mail from 32 States of the Union. With the Parcels Post in operation, your knowledge of our merchandise and methods of doing business, and our fast growing Mail Order Business, you will be able to remain our patrons. Anything you want in Wearing Apparel, Costumes, Dress Accessories, Fine Furniture, Draperies, Rugs and such merchandise as sold by hrst-class department stores will be found here in many lines and all strictly high class, up-to-date models. Send for catalog and Write us about any- thing in which you are interested. LUCKEY, PLAT T 81 CO. .:. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARIONI PAGE5 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER Nelson House Largest and best equipped hotel in the city HORATIO N. BAIN, Proprietor ALSO THE PALATINE, Newburg, N. Y. HORATIO N. BAIN Sc CO., Proprietors 53.6555 RG? ' I g Ad t' ments pl mention the VASSARION repare- nd really nu rii u . s ecially convenient for outdo r life. Onl oiling ' water needed, with a bit of cold milk or cream. 3, nd ugar. if desired. On r two cu fuls ns sus- 2 . :lining as a i meal nnd surpassin ei u . ' ., You can drin n ly u want-it won't ur you. ,ff C Xi, l I , . .h 5 I X il! l l THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 6 Sailor Suits a Specialty No Agencies Made to Order Only Peter Thompson Tailor for Men, Women and Children l l I8 Walnut Street Philadelphia and 634 Fifth Avenue opposite St. Patriclfs Cathedral New York, N. Y. Oscar F. Bernner Theatrical and Street Wig Maker Manufacturer and Dealer in GREASE PAINTS, POVVDERS, ROUGES, ETC. ' 105 West 47th Street Between 6th Ave. and Broadway NEW YORK Telephone 2631 Bryant VVigs and Beards Amateur Performance to Hire Tableaux Make-Up 9 .J ASYtop a ttosEp o yb s e o p ight gly d lghtf l k I o h t Free s mzple postpaid Lfyou mlf rms Dept 10 Soldhby Good Grocers 46 Hudson Street, New York In answering Advertisements please ment-ion the VASSARION . SCHIRMER INCORPORATED Music Publishers and Importers gg.-..-.5 Mail Orders Solicited anioirg Terms and Catalogues on Request .3 East 43d street NEW YORK T here's no reason why you should go away from Poughkeepsie when you want any PRINTING Our equipment is modern, and you will get our best attention and fair treatment THE A. v. HAlGH'l' co. POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Hotel Martha Washington 29th to 30th Streets, near Fifth Avenue, New York EXCLUSIVELY FOR XVOMEN 450 rooms en suit-e and single. 351.50 a day up. European Plan. Telephone in every room. Convenient to surface and subway transportation, theatre and shopping districts. Numerous baths on each floor. Caters especially to women traveling or visiting New York alone. Absolutely fireproof. Restaurant for Ladies and Gentlemen. Cuisine excep- tionally good. What Ten Cents will Do. Ten cents will buy a package of Jell-O, and with it and a pint of boiling Water you can make a delicious and beautiful dessert that will serve six persons. This ought to settle the high cost of living problem so far as dessert is concerned. . 1 LI I s s dessert can be made in a minute. Dissolve the contents of the Jell-O package in a pint of boiling water. As soon as it is cool your dessert is made. There are seven delightful flavors of Jell-O: Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Cherry, Peach, Chocolate. At all grocers', I0 cents a package. The dell-0 price never goes up. The splendid recipe book, "DESSERTS OF THE WORLD," illustrated in ten colors and gold, will be sent free to all who write and ask us lor it. THE GENESEE PURE FOOD CO., Le Roy, N. Y., and Bridgeburg, Can. ss . , 1 And a ' x 25 be , .Q ssgaxxsrzllsev -V - 4, Q Qs MC K X W x K X X I' s. Q gi X Q lgb pam LEMON 0 1 Us ns55'R. G to "P J juli - fuuivi 1. ,, ' .4 ui .rs lily. ':.11.f-'kjf f ' xgf li ' if 1' L G42 g::2f,::1L- "' . Il fan.-v" The name IELL-O is on every package in big red letters. If it isn't there, it isnlt .TELL-O In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE8 ' 4 FINEST g 0 I 9 LARGEST QUALITY VARIETY E Sho e Polishes - A Sew 1 ef El-E L A A 1 if l 05an'ng"'W W D7 l l 1115- l lil: , .N i - Bucmuuauclc 11 l ,ns--4 D ns KV l dw,-L,,.s 0 3, V5 ,suzueaonze gl, ,., r I 5Il0'f5i,,1J T l lRllililll,3vmnEM0 - U' 4 .4...,,: -1132,-L.ilfj' ,,,: f'llllg'llll' l z .,,,,,50b 1 llll' lg, E ll llllllllllwl i- A f1T1 l 1 llll'l' f,..,a-if :ll - lllll ll' - .wfmwmuwf llf if-'cl'5fIfca"o' l llailll L'-' "' ll, Wm.,.il A 1 1 Smead ll-l gifFiTE19f'iQA-225 , ul ,," ilu -, D "L 'fl lilllll ' X l f12"i'fI7'l ' i:3E5ZEL3i'3T'ff' l ll lllllllllllll ll lll iflllfillll ,,.:lf?.-H f-A- 1 ll. A ll 31 Wrzrsemzfw- 12 2 2 33555 "DANDY" combination for cleansing and polishing all kinds of russet or tan shoes, 25c. "STAR" size, 100, HGILT EDGE " Th l l l' ' l Ll f ' th t o itixel contains Oil Blacks and Polishes ladies' and , . e ony QIKIOS sioe ressing 21 p 5 - f y ' . -. ch1ldren's boots and shoes, shines without rubbing, 25s. "FRENCH GLOSS."- 100-. ' A "ALBO" cleans and Whitens canvas shoes. In round white cakes, packed m zinc-tin boxes, Wlllh sponge, 1Oc. In handsome, large aluminum boxes, with sponge, 250. NUBUCK White Leather Dressing, cleans and whitcns Buck, Nubuck, Suerle and Ooze Shoes and Slippers, 25c, Ask your clealer for VVhittemore's Shoe Polishes. I f-A k "Up-to-the-Minute Ideas in Millinery" 'I I f li. 11 Naihzrn 5 Leading Hotel of Albany, N. Y. F I R E P R O O F Resolved that the Sta,ndarcl of Fashion in Headgear be D 'll 3 Orchestral Concerts daily during dinner, and Ppheld by VaSSarSh1dentS 5 after the play, in wearing hats from x w Afteinofn Tea, or Mezwnmi, from 4 to 6 A 'mee O C Oc ' NATHANAS , N Qi ALSO - - J G 0,5 E MILLINERY f . if X - .li 5 :gi 1 hr 0Bnnnhngz1 S H 0 P ,gee lik . X X55 A new FIREPROOF Hotel at syracuse, An K i ff T- 218 Main Street Both hotels conducted on European Plan, 'hm below Wf'5h"'gtonY g A N under direction of FREDERICK W. ROCKWELL. P0ugll3:Iee2255fwN' ' g VXI' 1 one, - In 19 answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION PAGE 9 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER HAVE YOU TRIED T HEM? fa - I -f' .-2 ' rgrvlpvfitlfmfaif Q x 'FR lf' 'V 1 .. 'ju , ' ' 3' X , Q 1-' ' 1 l 2374 XM? Wx . .Q ' , r i ,"'f:i5:a:5.'?XfQ. ., fi 1. IF NOT, WILL YOU? .fl gb- ,Q-5 I-.' Mqfll me , - . e1g:qmll ::.X We mean the fi S. B. Cough Drops HEN if they help your Cough or Cold, or Sore Throat, or give you a quiet sleep, will you not please tell some friends about it and advise them to try them also? We know they will help anyone suffering from Sore Throat, Cough or Cold. Also the best thing for Public Speakers, Ministers, Singers, etc., and no bad effects after using them. Sold everywhere. SMITH BROTHERS, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. P. S.-If your Cough troubles you at night, just put one of these drops in your mouth before retiring, and let it dissolve gradually. It will help you. Ladies' and Gentlemen 's Restaurant HERE the Substantials and Delicacies of the Season are served in the most approved manner. Also Bread, Cake, Pastry, Ice Cream, Ices, Jellies, Charlotte Russe, etc. No intoxicating Liquors, Beer, Wfine, etc., allowed. Parties, Suppers, Wedding Spreads, etc., supplied with every requisite. Also Waite1's, Cooks, Dishes, Silver, Glassware, Linen Punch, Ale, Beer, and Personal Supervision, except in eases where intoxicating Liquors, Wine, Cider, etc., are to be served. In that event, Wlaiters, Cooks and Personal Supervision will not be furnished. SMITH BROTHERS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Confectioners and Caterers Nos. 13 and 15 Market Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARIOKT THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE IO Bell PhO11G 16314: Parcels Post Service Solicited, oore rothers .' Modern F ootwear '. VVe offer you INTELLIGENT SERVICE and SUPERIOR QUALITY as inducements to trade at our shop .' .' .' .' 231 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Electric H E R R M A N H- VA I L Toaster Stoves REAL FSTATEAND INSURANCE . 37 MARKET s'r. POUGHKEEPSIE, N, Y. DISC Stoves ' Reading Lamps I Gas Portables rebuilt to Electric I Temporary and Decorative . Lighting Irons Heating Pads Battery Renewals F lowers for all Occasions for all Flash Lanlps 635 Main Street E R P E A S E Branch Store Q9 Market Street Q90 Main Street Near Liberty l ering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION PAGE II THE VASSARION ADVERTISER Jmiawalkef W W O O D PARLORS J' ' 324 Mm Sffeel UW D R U G C O M P A N Y POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 7 M p CHIROPODY, TVTANICURING X 1 FACIAL BEASSAGE f f ' HAIR GOODS P HAIRDRESSING, SHAMPOOING , I D G G I S T S SCALP TREATMENT Telephone 803 and OO TO ' BEVIER'S PHARMACY FOR PURE DRUGS AND MEDICINES Phyfieiom' Preferiptiovu ez SjJee1fezZz3:. THE GLDEST AND BXIOST MODERN DRUG STORE IN POUGHKEEPSIE Q88 IIIAIN S TREET SOLE AGENTS FOR GUTH FAMOUS CHOCOLATES AND BO f-BO1 . B VS Poughkeejosze, N. Y. Telephone C261 All Goodf Delivered Free EDMUND L. WOLVEN Seuo'z'o.- POUGHKEEPSIE Photographer to VASSAR COLLEGE, IOOO-1913 RIVERVIEW ACADEMY, IQOO-1913 GLEN EDEN SEMINARY, 1910-1913 THE BENNETT SCHOOL, 1911-1913 PUTNAM HALL SCHOOL, IQI3 POUGHKEEPSIE HIGH SCHOOL, IQIO-1913 Our record in College and Scfzoof Work is our Guarantee I Ad 1 mention h YASS-XRION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER X PAGE I2 Just bring or mail your Kodak films here to be developed and printed We ll furnish your Camera Supplies, Ansco films, Cylco paper Bicycles, Sporting Goods, Yes, Motorcycles, too I EDWARD RYAN 233 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Te'e"h0ne-H'R'800'W' Paul Reichardt Decorating Company M011Uf0CfUf9fJ Of F L A G S of Every Description 415 MAIN STREET - - - POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Professional Flag and Bunting Decorators ANDREW SMITH Hair Mattresses and Upholstering Cushions of all kinds made to order at short notice. - 19 ACADEMY STREET The Furniture Store Every year our energy and best ei- forts are used in producing for Vassar Students the most practical, the most dependable, and the best quality ol College Furniture. We have been doing this for over forty years. It will be for your interest to see us for your l9l3 Furniture Wants. George Hughes Ei Son 406-408-410 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. The Furniture Store In answering Advertisements please Lntion the VASSARION H., SCHEFER Ladies' Fine Tailoring CLEANING AND REPAIRING ' A SPECIALTY 6 South Hamilton Street ii in Il - .-.UQ X The Largest Talking Machine and Camera Store in Poughkeepsie. Victor Victrolas and Edison Phonographs in our Camera Department. - We carry the largest stock of Cameras and Supplies in the city. Developing and Printing at short notice. Enlarging our' Specialty. PRICE 81 QUINTARD 14 Washington Street Poughkeepsie, N, Y. PAGE I3 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER g,:..I0:0:0:0I0:0I.,20:0:..:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,: I.,:.,:n:..:.,:.,:..:.,:.,:.,:..:.g U II I WE SPECIALIZE IN FLOWERS! Q H NOT ONE KIND BUT EVERY KIND THAT Bl.oolvls u I H I - A - - I E ,.1,a r - Q.E- L gf'g'gij:5i":AETfiff:Qti?'i1" D e I Ive r I es 5 n Accounts ETE to any pa' n ' a re TINXTE El 1 if U n ited States I u , 4- I .T , ..:. 2 ' ' - G Svliclfed T,,T E4E f on 24 Pours n F "TE ii-is notlce 5 I I I I H U f "THE SA..TFORD FLOWER SHOP" H H POUGHKEEPSIE NEW YORK H 5,:.,:.,:..:.,:.,:.,2..:,,:..: I I I I I I I : 20: I I Z I :.,:K.:o:.,:.,:0:.,:.5 Cash Paid for College Furniture At Any Time TELEPHONE J. B. Sisson's Sons 372 Main Street ,gnuuInnnI1uuTnunruIuIunuTnuuunununoIuunIuuummmmnumnmnofuumInTTunuuvuunu:unnuuunuruunuIr1IInumunnuuuwmnnmnmum PETER ADRIANCE 8: SON 2 Plumbing Tinning Heating Table Percolators, Serving Dishes, Aluminum Ware, Gas and Alcohol Stoves, Gas Tubing. Special price on Brass for Hammered or Pierced Work. 3 393 MAIN STREET near Hamilton Street 5 POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. +IT.,....,.,,...,....,..,T.T......,.T.Tm.T.T.muT.,...,.,u...T..W...T,T,,.Tm...Tml..IT.T.TmT.,IH....,U...W.....U.,...,,.,.,.u,...,. ..,,.T.,....m,,.. 'E' Gul' store is the place to find Spalcling's Athletic Goods Also Anything in the Hardware Line Van Benschoten Hardware Co. 273 MAIN STREET Phone 239-J Poughkeepsie, N. Y. g.:.,:.,:0:.,:.,.-...-.,:..:.,.-0.-U.-...-..-.5 g THE CALIFORNIA FRUIT COMPANY g I . . . I ! 'gh For Cholce Frults ! 2 C 0 M E T 0 U 5 Q I g JUST BELOW WASHINGTON STREET g 5,2.,I.,:UIT,:..:..:..:..:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,....3 In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE I4 HARDWARE Call and see us for Pocket Knives, Scissors or anything in our line. Baskets, and a full line of Hardware J. E. ANDREWS C 279 MAIN STREET G. Di GEIQIQARQ Ladies' and Gents' Tailor . . CLEANING AND REPAIRING . . Haight and Raymond Avenues :: :: x: ARLINGTON, N. Y. Fred W. Zimmer Thos. J. Zimmer ZIMMER BROTHER ..Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry.. Omcial Watch Inspectors: New York Central Lines., C. N. E. R. R., and N. Y. N. H. dz H. R. R. EXPERT REPAIRING 319 Main St., N. Side Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Capital, '.5200,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits, 3300,000 Fallkill ational Bank OF POUGHKEEPSIE OFFICERS: GUILFORD DUDLEY, PRESIDENT HENRY E. LOSEY, VVICENPREBTDENT WM. W. SMITH, VICE-PRESIDENT WILLIAM SCHICKLE, CAsHn2:n GEORGE W. SWEET, Ass"r CASHIER DIRECTORS: WILLIAM T. REYNOLDS GUILFORD DUDLEY WILLIAM SCHICKLE JAS. D. KEITH W, E. HOYSRADT WM. J. BEARDSLEY ALBERT E, SCHWARTZ WM. DEGARMO SMITH HENRY E. LOSEY FLOY M. JOHNSTON WM. W. SMITH I. W. SHERRILL ROBERT KNOX HARRY C. BARKER CHARLES MORSCHAUSER In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION TH E VVALLACE CO. An exclusive line of Wornen's and'Children's Wearables, Coat-s, Suits, Gowns, Evening Wear, Rain Coats, Corsets, Muslin Underwear, Gloves, Hosiery, Millinery, Men's Furnishings, Linens, etc., Carpets, Rugs, Draperies, Statu- ary and House Furnishings. Comparison is the keynote that places us high. To appre- ciate our high grade of eyiciency, we suggest your inspection. Uuderstanriing follows inspection. We aim to satisfy lhe most critical and conservative buyer, of our superior merils. The Wallace Co. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. E TERPRI EPUBLISHI li COMPANY 283 Main Street Poughkeepsie, New York g,-.,-.g P R IIN T I N G For All Occasions g,-..-.g Programs, Announcements Reports, Blanks, Etc. PAGE THE VASSARION ADVERTISER I Interest in 'Eaeh Individual Order Together with careful workmanship and originality make our photographs different-characteristic of our sitters The Gallup Studio CHARLES H. GALLUP FREDERICK A. SMITH Pho tograp hers I 292 Main Street Vassar Pharmacy Next door to Smith Brothers Wood and Denatured AIcohoI Imported and Domestic Perfumes JOHN D. SAUTER, Ph. G. Prescriptions 0 Specialty I Ad I I VASS AR ONT THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 16 Vassar Educational Directory The Liggett School Reincorporatcd CIQIZDQ formerly Detroit Home and Day Schoolg established 1878. Twenty received in School Family. Equip- ment modern. The Misses Liggett . . Principals Heathcote Hall SCARSDALE. NEW YORK The Misses Lockwood's Collegiate School for Girls Beautifully located among the Hills of Westchester County, between the Hudson and the Sound, only 4.0 minutes from New York, Heathcote Hallioffers all requirements for a iinelv equipped school for girls. Ethcient preparation foricollege is provided. Certifi- cate accepted at the leadiii colleges. Fine gymna- sium and tennis, skating and other outdoor sports. Catalogue on request Walnut Hill School NATICK, MASS. Careful preparation for Vassar and other Colleges for Women Forty acresg four buildingsg pleasant and health- ful situation in suburbs of Boston. Catalogue, with pictures of school, sent on re- quest. MISS CONANT MISS BIGELOW Principals LO V5 a s -1, -v 1333 HILLSIDE Founded by Elizabeth B. Mead, 1883 NORWALK, CONN. A school for girls, in a picturesque town, one hour from New York. Admits by certiiicate to the leading colleges. Attractive General and Special Courses for girls who do not enter college. Music and Art instruction. Pleasant home and school life. New separate school buildingg small classesg outdoor sports. Booklets on application. lVlARGARET R. BRENDLINGER, A.B.,Vassar, Priizcipal VIDA ITUNT FRANCIS, B. L., Smith, AJ-focizztf Tn answering Aclvertisements please mention the VASSARION PAGE I7 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER RYE SEMINARY A girls' school, one hour from New York Diploma for college preparatory and general course Certificate privilege to Vassar, Smith, Wellesley and Mt. Holyoke Unusual advantages in music Physical training, riding and outdoor sports Mrs. Life, The Misses Stowe, Principals RYE, N. Y. PUTNAM HALL A Vassar Preparatory School for Girls One Mile from Vassar College Endorsed by Dr. James M. Taylor, President Vassar College. Dr. Wm. Arnold Shanklin, President Wes- leyan University. Dr. Talcolt Williams, Director Pulit- zer School of journalism of Columbia University. Beautiful location that permits of invigorating outdoor life. Horseback trips to the home of the naturalist, John Burroughs, at Slabsides, and to Lake Mohonk. Winter sports. Gymnasium. Basketball. Tennis. Prepares for Vassar and other colleges, with certificate privilege. Write for catalogue and views. ELLEN CLIZBE BARTLETT, A. B., Prin. Box 805, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Lombard SPECIALTIES -for- CKHLEGEGHUS Send for new booklet showing illustrations in colors. Henry S. Lombard, 22 to 26 Merchants Row. BOSTON, MASS. When looking for style and quality in a hat and prices which are reasonable it would be to your interest to call on H. M. BACON cor. Main and Garden Sts., Poughkeepsie P -M Emwi If in Doubt ' . .PA- about what type of Tennis Racket to buy---and A. G. Spal- ding 85 Bros. proved to you that before they placed on the market the Spalding HAH Comersl' Racket that it had been passed upon by six different players, allof national reputation- Would that satisfy you F' Price, 58.00. V Just examine it in any of our stores-or send for our 1913 Catalogue, which describes it and other Tennis Goods. A. G. SPALDING 6: BROS. 126-128 Nassau Street 25 West 42d Street NEW YORK In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE IS THE VASSAR MILLINERY PARLOR The Largest and Most Complete Millinery, Fancy Goods and Art Departments in the City Bell Phone, 1287 Free Deliveries at Vassar CARPENTER'S NEW STORE 316 Main St. POUGHKEEPSIE F. J. NESB ITT Dealer in Food Specialties, Game, Poultry, Meats, Etc. 261 Main Street POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. PRINTING AND ENG R A V I N G OF EVERY DESCRIPTION PROMPTLY EXECUTED WILLIAM V. MAAR 44 Market Street POUGHKEEPSIE Telephone Connection NEW YORK T h e A 1' t S h 0 p THE PLACE THAT WILL PLEASE YOU Picture Framing-the Right Kind. Large Collection of Framed and Un- framed Pictures. Eastman Kodak Agency. Developing and Printing S. W. Raymond 318 Main St. Particular People Always Prefer S chrau th 's Ice Cream 149-151 Main street - ' Poughkeepsie New York In answering Advertisem t pl tion the VASSARION IIIENIIALE MM 2 SHUE FOR WOMEN THING 8: COMPANY 257 Main Street POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Search the City WITH A MICROSCOPE AND YOU COULD FIND NO BETTER PLACE THAN HERE TO HAVE YOUR BICYCLE REPAIRIN G DONE We are intensely particular on the subject of the quality of our repair Work. It is the best that knowledge, care and honesty can produce. Pierce, Racycle and Iver-Johnson Bicycles ' srommc coons or ALL xmns B SPORQIQINIGIQMEQQZSQ STORE Poughkeepsie, N. Y. J. LASS Electrical Shoe Repairer Work done while you wait IN TWENTY MINUTES 23 Catherine St. POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. PAGE IQ THE VASSARION ADVERTISER QSVTHE PIERCE -AIVIBLER COMPANY? 1-5 Marta sffeef-POUGHKEEPSIE, N, Y.L254 Main sffeef FULL LINE OF SCHOOL and COLLEGE LOOSE-LEAF NOTE BOOKS and FILLERS I CBookseIIers -at Stationers ar Engrabers G QB Phone I57 HAIR cooos Misses lVIcDonne1l Hair CDressing and Sharnpooing Treatment of Hair and Scalp a Specialty Facial Massage Representing Martha Matilda Hai-per's "Method." Rochester, N. Y., U. S. A. 316 Main St. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. WHO 'DOGS Your 'P Mrs. D'luhosch Does the Best Work At Reasonable Prices College View Avenue ARLINGTON THE best bank for the Vassar girls to deposit their money is the jarmers C5 Wanufacturers National Bank of TOUGHKEEPSIE, 51. Y. This bank was selected by Matthew Vassar, and he kept his money here until the date of his death Capital, 5200.000 Surplus and Profits, 5250.000 IVIRS. B. ROBINSON Fasbionable ae cDress Waking 3 Haight Ave. Arlington, N. Y. Dutchess Phone, 734-3 Uandi Tea House 7 College Wiefw :Avenue 4-AZRLINGTOSNC The Uandi Tea House, formerly of Coboufg, Canada, has been .opened by Mrs. Quipp and Miss Taylor Light Luncheons and Suppers may be had at short notice. Salads, Sandwiches and Ice Cream rnade to order. AFTERNOON TEA SERVED DAILY f'oDELL's" The Quality Groce r Special attention given to Vassar students for their social evenings any Number, I7 GARDEN STREET Next door to Louis GeIlerf'5, iI1eHabii Maker Phone, 260 DELIVERY EACH DAY AT 4 P. M. In answering Advertisements please mention the YASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 20 Dr. J. E. Patterson DENTI ST 66 MARKET STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. HOURS: 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. O. B. HILL LIVERY and VASSAR RIDING SCHOOL Saddle horses, single and double rigs by the hour or day delivered to the College on demand. Barges and large sleighs for parties. Special attention and prices given to Vassar students. Cor. of Main and Raymond Ave. Phone- 718-W POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. "College Tea Room" I0 Collegeview Avenue Arlington, N. Y. I Service it la carte. ,Caterers for Boat Rides, Parties, Lunches on Campus, Etc. BOX LUNCHES AND WAFFLES, SPECIALTIES Transient Rooms that will please you at 'Reasonable Rates Hand Embroidered Dresses Automobile for Rent C. E. YOUNG FLORIIST SOUTH VASSAR LAKE The only general florist in the vicinity. Fine grade of all kinds of growing flowers, also ferns of allhkinds. Visitors are welcome to go through the greenhouse at any time. 4 Telephone Call 669-VV z Z I fe Mr MDORE'S THE ORIGINAL f NoN-LEAKABLE 52.5033 EDUNTAIN PLN ASK YOUR DEALER WHY? Chas. G. Percival, lVl. D., Editor of Health, New York, says: " On my recent two years' automobile tour' of 50,000 miles into every part of the North American Continent, l carried a lVloore's Non-Lealcable Fountain Pen, and l am pleased to say that it never failed me despite the rough usage l gave it. It worked with equal facility in the tropical climate of Mexico as in the Arctic Circle. On my South American trip next year l shall again carry a Moore." FOR SALE AT ALL COLLEGE BOOKSTORES AND DEALERS Descriptive circular and price list mailed on request Every Moore Non-Leakable Founlain Pen carries nrilh il ine mos! unconditional guaranlee. AMERICAN FOUNTAIN PEN CO., ADAMS- CUSHING 'YC FOSTER MGHUfGClUfCf5 Selling Agana 168 DEVONSHIRE STREET, . . BOSTON. MASS. In an xterm Adx eitrsements please mention the VASSARION PAGE ZI THE VASSARION ADVERTISER Try ur Photographs For Their Face Value l Tuma Main Studios at 1546-1548 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, N. Y. also at Northampton, Mass. South Hadley, Mass. Princeton, N. J. West Point, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. PHOTOGRAPHERS TO Vassar College Wesleyan College Barnard College Rutgers College Mt. Holyoke College Columbia College U. S. Military Academy Amherst College U. Sf Naval Academy Brooklyn College N. Y. Military Academy Adelphi Academy Wellesley College I Ad ti 'ments pleas t th VASSARIONI THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 22 C. I'l. P E RK I N S Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician SHUR-0N Lens Grinding and Repairing at Short Notice We have the best equipped laboratories in the State. Should you break one of your Glasses, bring us one of the largest pieces, or your formula, and we will give you an exact duplicate in a few hours. C. H. PERKINS 286 lVIairl St. POUGHKEEPSIE 'G If it's made of Rubber we have ltt' We wish t ll your attention ' to our CO1'I?Pi:gC line of . . . We carry the largest and best line of the following in the city: Druggists' Supplies, Rubber Clothing, Rubber Footwear, and a very complete line of Sporting Goods. ALLING RUBBER CO. I9 sroiuzs 268 MAIN STREET . The Poughkeepsie Savings Bank Incorporated 1831 THE ONLY SAVINGS BANK IN THE CITY Assets, 815,000,000 FLOY M. JOHNSTON, President JOHN K. SAGUE, Treasurer ' YOU CAN ALVVAYS GET THE BEST ' I Ci? 011 e ge Furniture AT THE RIGHT PRICE ' . n. B meow I I In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION PAGE 23 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER M60 ll CREG. U. S. PAT. OFFJ The Only Guaranteed Waterproof Should a "Cra'venette" Rain Coat at any time prove unsatisfactory as to its rain shedding quality, if sent us by parcel post or express tprepaidj to 8th and Madison Streets, Hoboken, New Jersey, we will give it our "Craven- ette" Proof press and return it by parcel post or express fprepaidi making no charge for doing this. We will "Cra'venette" Proof and dry clean any other garment that does not contain Rubber, for which there will be a charge from 53.00 for anordinary Rain Coat to 34.00 or 355.00 for Men's and Women's Suits, and special garments. Always fasten a tag in buttonhole of the garment with your name and address written plainly on it and write us when shipping same. Please note that our guarantee covers only the rain-shedding quality of the garment. You can arrange for this if you wish to do so with the Retail Mercliant of Whom you purchase your coat, and We prefer that you should do so. ff' Crafvenette Co. , U. S. A. mnimlc Proofing Works: Sth and Madison Sts., Hoboken, N. J. A garment made of a "Crauenette" Cloth has this circular registered trademark stamped on the inside and a Silk "Cravenette" Label sewed at the collar or elsewhere. X Cravenette Co., Ltd., Bradford, Eng. B. Priestley Sr Co., Bradford, Eng. Cravenette Co.,U. S. A.,Hoboken, N. J. Mila! Qiiiniriiiti+i i irtii.if i' f ' iiiiix -.f . Q Willow Furniture wemlw it iris unequallecl for 1155 style, workmanship and durability. We have furnished some ofthe most artistic homes throughout the country, stained or enameled as desired, upholstered in smart 'oretonnes and other goods to harmonize with any color scheme. Chair as illustrated sells for S6.00: with seat -cushion covered in cretonne or plain rep, F.O.B. Catalogue on request. MINNET 8: CO. Lexington Avenue Between 40-41 Street, New York City The Rose Tea Room 44 W. 33d St., N. Y. City Cpen Sundays and Holidays A restaurant serving Southern home cooking by Southern colored cooks. Convenient to Pennsylvania Station, theatres, shopping district. Special Club Luncheon, 35c. SUSAN C. CARROLL Owner and Manager In unsu ering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 24 JA Cf"S 352 BIAIN STREET POST CARDS, STATIONERY : : A UTOPIAN CHOCOLATES : : PARKER FOUNTAIN PENS : 7. T Gd7"7"Z.fjl Bell Phone 1967-J B. FORMAN, Proprietor DUTCI-IESS CLEANING, REPAIRING AND DYEING SHOP I3 Garden St. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. GU TAVE LOREY igurtraii lghuingrapher TO THE SENIOR CLASSES OF VASSAR COLLEGE, 1906, 1908, 1909 and 1911 Duplicate Photographs can be V . obtained at any time HOME PORTRAITURE A SPECIALTY Appointments made for any distance 176 State Street, Albany, N. Y. In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION 20 cp CAN HELP YOU IF YOU WANT EMPLOYMENT AND CAN AFFORD TO PREPARE FOR A PAYING POSITION If you are leaving College or High School with no other preparation for work than is given in purely academic advantages, If you have to make your living and wish to be able to earn good pay with merchants and business men, bankers and financiers, railways and other great corporations, Eastman Can Help You. A course in this widely known commercial school will give you a thorough tI'2l1I11I'1gf01' business and qualify you to earn A HIGHER SALARY than will ever be paid you until you are able to render more efficient service. A national reputation based on more than half a century of successful experience attracts students from every State in the Union and many foreign countries, All commercial branch- es practically taught, Delightful recreative environment. No vacations. It will pay you to attend our Summer Session. WV rite for our prospectus-new while you are thinking about it, It Will convince you that We can fit you for business and find business for you, as more than 50,000 graduates testify. Address Clement C. Gaines, M. A., LL. D., Box C. C., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. PAGE 25 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PROMPT WORK REASONABLE PRICES 5 ELSA NICKSE The ideal Woman's Shoe that always fits and has a smart individual style. Enticing styles, very attractive prices. Evening Slippers to match gowns. Free daily delivery to college. Shoe Emporium 258 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. The zolei Shop Southeast Hwenue Poughkeepsie ew York ewelry of P uality Expen' Repuz'rz'ng Watches Sid jfefwelry HUBERT ZIM MER 274 MAIN STREET oo TO COURTNEY,S LAUNDRY 26-28 CATHERINE STREET For Fine Laundry Work OF ANY DESCRIPTION Ladies, Shirt Waists One of Our Specialties Phone 770. 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EUROPEAN PLAN SERVICE UNEXCELLED Q ' I A Tl-IE We AGNER INN 5 g MARY SWAIN WAGNER, Proprietor POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK Near Vassar College 2 AllUlhliliUMOM0-1UilllUl0llll0llllCM M M if-Fl 1 l ini lil ill i' l0l'Ul4'l.ila 7 B Q M Forty-eight years of supremacy in fine shoe- . making for women is the QUIT record. if You can have confidence in an dealer Y ' who sells Eur! shoes, because We select our 'HE QUIT sm dealer as carefully as our materials. Main, 3 doors below Washington Street In the Heart of the Shopping District FIRST NA TIONAL BANK OF POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. t0pposlte the Morgan House? MZ, - SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-ANZ, Every facility for handling your banking business promptly s and efficiently . 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We desire to call attention to the advantages this bank offers. All business placed in our charge will receive careful and prompt treatment. Espe- cial attention given lady patrons. Interest on Deposits C. N. Arnold, Prey. I. R. Adrianne, Vice-Pref. W. C. Fonda, Cafhier Ln answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 28 Fl THE ELEcmle Cm ENGRAVING Co. B U F PALO, N.Y Wt' MADE THE EIVGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK. E E In answering Advert t pl t tl X XSSARION PAGE 29 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER ggi it K1 , it 11 1 inn in n, no 5 L n Lt in Y AA V JA Y I V 1 A Y Y l .A V 1 Yi -A Y This edition of the Vassarion Was printed by us J Y i r ii i E E A in .... '," - . I 3 V i r EEEE i-'L.ii. E ,I In Hausauer-J ones Printing Co. il- PRODUCERS OF - A V A A High-Class Book and Catalog Printing H 253-257 Ellicott Street BUFFALO, N. Y. t In answering Advertisements please mention the VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 3 i7 i I iw! :IQ cojfjjii I . -....-... 1. A 1 nlfgvl I I Elma? , . A. l v-1,31-,Q n '14 i 7 -I I 1 . . E. v- . . I . mm ...V M . ezpzoldsj URE FOOD elzancee RODUCTS "You CAN'T BUY BETTER eoons AT ANY PRICE' Wm. T. Reynolds 8: Co. Importers and Wholesale Grocers Salesroom, Offices and Warehouse. opp. N. Y. C. Depot Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 0 3 .H s entlemm? gui-nishixg Quang. BROADWAY CoR.TWENTY-SECOND ST. NEW YORK. Angora and Shetland Knitted Garments English Blazers Polo Ulsters Dressing Gowns Breakfast Jackets Trunks Bags, Valises Shawls Rugs and Robes Novelties from West End London Shops MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING Furnishings, Hats and Shoes Send for Illustrated Catalogue I g Ad I I pl 1 ussimow PAGE 31 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER The Fame of the Svtvinmag HE PIANO by which all others are measured and judged is not merely a local or national one. It is international, universal, world-wide, and is the recognition, in the strongest possible manner, of a work of art that is in its line unequalled and unrivalled. 'll From its inception, the Steinway Piano has been known as THE BEST PIANO, without qualification and without limitation. ill An inspection is respectfully invited. :: 1: :: :: :: STEINWAY 8a SONS STEINVVAY HALL 107-109 East 14-th Street, New York Subway Express Station at the Door Represented by the Foremost Dealers Everywhere THIS SAFETY PEN i Fulfills Another Requirement Can he carried upside down, lying Hat, right side up or any wa , and cannot s ill. The ink su l is hermetically H , Y P PP Y sealed in the barrel by the cap. ,W 2 , 9 mx' 0 S Watermans ounta1nPen lffmllk 'KB' Q lllnl Q Nl V' mi it The Safety type is of the usual high Waterman Standard and X ' an My may he had in all sizes with points to suit every handwriting. wr.. ' , v N llll 7' From the Local Dealer N- v ' I... E. Waterman Company I73 Broadway, New York I g Ad ' 'ti' ments plc mention the VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER PAGE 3 - THE FLAG SHOP -E s C P The PHOLSON GALLERIES B A ik 0 A R L 3 0F PAWTUCKET, R. 1. 2 li , S i E 2 l,fAZ Nosegays Bayberry Dips Sachets T P A S 2 E amz 0 . 5 IL Cards Favors F s 0 VILLAGE HANDIWORK F O .i , F . R PennantsQ.Hf1PlIlows S Athletic Goods Q ff COLLEGE + Yif' ffl EW "' L' 4: L MEMORABILIA CUMPANY E F 'f of Philadelphia, Pa. A N T E D O S -f S P ,'E , A 3 Q N - - E .'E, " 'A'L 'L,A.'i 5 D -.. .,.. 4 " E L ' L' 5 1 R E L I I READY! lT's PARK ac TILFORD'S S TEMPTINGLY DELICIOUS I O S CHOCOLATES AND BON BQNS E FOR SALE EVERYWHERE Z N A PARK dk TlLFORD'S E S Sli, 72ND STRIgE5I'N3z.YCiJALCUTIV?SLTS AVENUE S NEW YORK Sodas - 'Sundaes I Ad tl mention the VASSARI ON Alphahntiral Zlnhrx in 2-Xilusertiarrz ART STORES Raymond, S. VV., Poughkeepsie. .... . BANKS Fallkill National Bank, Poughkeepsie.. . . . Farmers' 8 Manufacturers' National Ban First National Bank of Poughkeepsie. . . . kj P5ngi1'ke'ep'Sie Merchants, National Bank, Poughkeepsie.. . . . Poughkeepsie Savings Bank. ........... . CAMERAS AND PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Ryan, Edward, Poughkeepsie.. ..... . . CATERERS Schrauthls Sons, J., Poughkeepsie .... Smith Bros., Poughkeepsie .. ...., . . . CHIROPODISTS Langfred dz Mund, Poughkeepsie.. . . . CLEANING AND DYEING Forman, B., Poughkeepsie.. ...,.. , Goldstien 8: Rosen, Poughkeepsie.. . . COCOA AND CHOCOLATES Blookers' Cocoa, New York.. . . . DENTISTS Palmer, Dr. Stephen, Poughkeepsie. . . Patterson, Dr. J. E., Poughkeepsie.. . . DRESSGOODS AND TRIMRIINGS The Surprise Store, Poughkeepsie.. . . DRESSMAKERS Nickse, Elsa, Poughkeepsie ....... Robinson, lVIrs. B., Poughkeepsie .... DRUGGISTS Bevier, H. B., Poughkeepsie. ........ . Vassar Pharmacy, Poughkeepsie ........ VVood Drug Co., J. VV., Poughkeepsie. . . THE VASSARION ADVERTISER ELECTRICIANS Central Gas and Electric Co., Poughkeepsie.. . , Pease, E. R., Poughkeepsie.. .............. . . FLAG SHOPS Poughkeepsie Flag Shop ........ Reichardt, Paul, Poughkeepsie .... FLORISTS Gindra, Conrad, Poughkeepsie .....,... Saltford Flower Shop, Poughkeepsie.. . . . Violet Shop, The, Poughkeepsie ...... Young, C. E., Poughkeepsie. .........., . Foon PRODUCTS Jell-O, Genesee Pure Food Company, LeRoy. . . Milan, J. lil., Poughkeepsie ........,......., Odell, N. J., Poughkeepsie. .. ., Reynolds Co., New York ......... FRUIT DEALERS California Fruit Co., Poughkeepsie.. . . FURNITURE Abercrombie Shop, The, Poughkeepsie.. . . Barlow, M. H., Poughkeepsie.. . Hughes, Geo. Sz Son, Poughkeepsie Minnett Co., New York.. ....... . . Smith, Andrew, Poughkeepsie.. . . . Sissons Sons, J. B., Poughkeepsie ........ SUITS, LADIES, FURNISHINGS, GOWNS, VVAISTS, Bonwit Teller Sz Co., New York ........ . Jacobs, Alex. VV., Poughkeepsie. ........ . Luekey, Platt 81 Co., Poughkeepsie VVallace Co., The, Poughkeepsie ..., HAIRDRESSERS lNICDor1nell, Misses, Poughkeepsie. Walker, Javinia, Poughkeepsie ..,.. HARDWARE Andrews, J. E., Poughkeepsie ...... Van Bensehoten, E., Poughkeepsie. HOTELS Hotel Martha Washingtoiei, New York. . . . Nelson House, Poughkeepsie ......... Ten Eyck, The, Albany, N. Y.. . . . INSURANCE Vail, Herman H., Poughkeepsie.. . , . ETC PAGE 3 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER JEXVELERS Bailey, Banks Sz Biddle Co., Philadelphia. .... 1 ltlelhado, J. P. Sz H., Poughkeepsie .,...... . . 27 Tiffany 8: Company, New York. . . . . A Zimmer Bros., Poughkeepsie .... . . 14 Zimmer, Herbert, Poughkeepsie . . . 4 . . 25 LAUNDRY Courtneyis Laundry, Poughkeepsie ..., . . Q5 D'luhosch, Mrs., Poughkeepsie ....... . . 19 LIVIQRY ' Hill, O. B., Poughkeepsie .,.. . , 20 MEAT BIARKETS Nesbit, F. J. ......,....... . , 18 lVIEN,S FURNISHINGS Brooks Brothers, New York.. . . . . 30 NIILLINERY Bacon, hlrs. H. Nl., Poughkeepsie.. . . , . 17 Carpenter, E. H., Poughkeepsie. ...,. . . 18 Knox, New York .............,. . . B Nathan, A. hi., Poughkeepsie ....... 8 BIUSIC DEALERS Hicock Nlusic Co., Chas. H., Poughkeepsie . . . . . Q6 Price ik Quintard, Poughkeepsie ..,........ . . 12 Soliirmer, G., New York. ...,.. 6 Steinway, New York .....,.. . . 31 OPTICIAN Perkins, C. H., Poughkeepsie. ..... . . QQ PLUMBING Adriance, P. 85 Sons, Poughkeepsie.. . . . . 13 PIIoToGRAPIIERs Gallup Studio, Poughkeepsie ..... . . 15 Lorey, Gustave, Albany ....... . . 24 Wlhite Studio, New York ...... . . Q1 VVolven Studio, Poughkeepsie .... . . 11 PRESSING AND REPAIRING Di Gennaro, Arlington ..... . . 14 PRINTING AND ENGRAVING Electric City Engraving Co., Buffalo .....,. . . 28 Enterprise Publishing Co., Poughkeepsie.. . . . . 4: Haight, A. V. Co., Poughkeepsie. ......... 6 Hausauer-Jones Printing Co., Buffalo. . . . . Q9 hiaar, Wfilliam V., Poughkeepsie .... . . 18

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