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Vassar College - Vassarion Yearbook (Poughkeepsie, NY) online yearbook collection, 1906 Edition, Cover

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frm iefifmwm mmf , He VASSARION ADVERTISER Qtanuaru nf fashion Qiherpinbere OX 7 S Wentz Renowned NEW 2'ORK,' 452 Fuftb Affvenue, Can. Fontieth Street, 194 fffvenue, under Fyftn fffuenue Hotel 189 Broadway Cerner gf Dey Street N BM ff 3 Illllllw W1' 'ANR 1 7 KNOX ZVEWV Yozuc. ? 5. X , A F ,eg gf 1 E, -5? mm an ' pg .. , rel 5 . Y A11 orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention. Students' orders for Class and other Hats are given particular attention I WEMNG A E VASSARION B me VASSARION Apyisnfriseig The Merchants National BANK INDIANAP OLIS, IND. Capital, ,X'I,000,000.00 Surplus, jf500,0oo.oo Gltuiteh Qtates Ebepositorg OFFICERS O. N. FRENZICTA, President. J. P. Fmamzm., Vice-President Osmm FRENZEL, Cashier Frzrzn FAHNLEY, 2d V ice-President COLLECTIONS ON INDIANA A' SPECIALTY OR Perfumery of refine- ment- for dainty and useful Toilet Requisites- for Perfection Confec tions- for thoroughly re liable druggists' supplies of every description at prices to please- the College Girl will find us 'numquam non parati' South eine 5lBrug stare 46 Market Street. Poughkeepsie. N. Y. SHREVE, CRUlVlPcSc LOW CQ. 3eweIers anb Silversmitbs lvlakersof Vassar Seal Pin. Designs submitted and estimates furnished for Class and Society Pins STATIONERY OF THE FINEST GRADE. Programs, Class ln- vitations, Calling Cards Crests and Mono- lWm. T. Reynolds 8LCompany W Wboferafe Grocers and Shippers of Flour, Grain and Feed. Proprietors of the Celebrated PERFECT Brand ofCanned Goods. Mill Agents for "Christian Superlativen and 'fWhite Sponge" Flours. Choice Food Products a Specialty grams Poughkeepsie :: New York W'2'0u5 1dEI"Ul1' 5' N, , , 147 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. I HEI? if, R. Z.!i5mfQffeffgDm,T C TNA Nswiznmc ADVERTISEHIENTS PLEASE MIGNTION THE VASSARION -r He VASSARION ADVERTISER C ANY DEALER IF oFFEns You f f ASUBSTITUTE 1 ff ,- VASSAR WHEN YOU Z 5 P HA RMAC I ASK FOR X , fr 1 1 MARKET STREET T V J 5 Zi "' Next door to Smith Brothers Restaurant 7 . Z I Y 5 f ' The most complete and up-to-date drug store Z 9 in the Stare. We are agents for the Following: f 'K , f i ff Roger fs? Gallet Guerlain Houb- e if t, H d t, P 55' L ??mple'Puir, :rf X 2 5 lgalfl u nu resse ubm, giflgCf5ffff125C- 5 Legfande. and other famous European and lfgllfglli Z American perfumers J, X cusnlon jim T 5 BUTTON 2 N33 H 0 S E qvilgaglfl 3 SUPPURTER f T INSIST ON HAVING THE GENUINE f , oven Two HUNDRED STYLES ' WORN 0 5 A ALL VER THE WORLD if f " ' SOLE OWNERS OFTHE CELEBRATED Fon THE NAME Ann 'rl-IE ' Trrl .U MouLnED RUBBER Burrow T' l PIERRES COLD CREAM GEORGE FROST CO., MAKERS, Bos-ron, MASS., U.S.A. 4 I 'T T T' 7' . F fs ILLI E RX - A GOWNS MADE TO ORDER f 'B RN Bail wif' 6999? WW: 19 NEW YORK Cl'l'Y NEW YORK 3 1 VVEST 3 1 ST STFEET ALL ORDERS SENT BY MAIL 1xn.1-WEEN BROADWAY ENE 11-ru Avia. GIVEN PROMPT AND SPECIAL ATTENTION C. D. MILLE Wright, Kay Conxpuuy Detroit makers of ilgigb Qbraiae Eentwt fraternity Glinlhlenls ann ,itationerg Ou1'1906 Catalogue is now ready and will be mailed upor Telephone 111 application. Eqtimatesl and designs for dies, monogmms 1-rests. etc., furmshefl without charge. OFFICE AND REJIDENCE MARKET , STREET, PQUOHKEEQSIE i W7'igbf, Kay ED, Cd., jfcfuelers 53' Importers, DEff0Il' NEW YORK l Paris Office, 34 Ave, de 1'Opera IN ,msn Enmc: .'X1WE1c11QEMENTs PLE.-KST' MFYTION THE VAS-SAHION He VASSARION ADVER Thirty-Fifth ear SENIORS: have your C L A S S D A Y Bouquets arranged bv I Q 1,4 FLCRAL ARTIST o' , os s I 4' I' , , S P K I E : ADVERTISEMENTS PLE ' 1 7Ze VASSARION ADVERTISER E 7796 LEADING HOTELS qffize HUDSGN VALLEY 7 1 L 1 NELSON HOUSE, POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK HORATIO N. BAIN, PROPRIETOR THE PALAPINE, NEWBURGH, NEW YORK H. N. BAIN 8: CO., PROPRIETORS HORATIO N FRANCIS N. BAIN IN ANSWER! VERTISEMENTS PLEASE MENTT E VASSARION F 'He VASSARION ADVERTISER NEW ORLEANS "The Gateway qflhe Mi55i55zppi" The Coming Great City ofthe Great South. Largest Cotton, Rice and Sugar Market in the World The Most Popular Winter Resort in America. Continuous Horse Racing Golf Links. Hunting and Fishing.Comfort,Health Pleasure ' NEW ST. CHARLES HOTEL Modern Fire - Proof First-Class Accommodating One Thousand Guests. Turk- ish, Russian, Roman Sz Plain Baths Luxurious Sun Baths and Palm Garden ANDREW R. BLAKELY XL CO., Ltd., Props. 51, ents iiantfl Broadway and 1 lth Street New York One of New York's best conducted hotels, made popular by its rehne- ment, home comforts and good living Single rooms, 321. go per day and up European Plan Table d'hote breakfast, go cents WILLIAM TAYLOR 8 SON Also props. Hotel Martinique, Broadway 8: 33rd Sts. Capital, S200,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits, SI50,000 Fallkill ational Bank of Poughkeepsie ' OFFICERS FLOY MHIOHNSTON, President HENRY E. LOSEY, Vice-President WM. W, SMITH, Vice-President WILLIAM SCI-IICKLE, Cashier In ANsw1t.mNG iXD'S'IiR'I'!SEMDNTS ru A 1. mmvriox 'rms XASSARION ff?-N ffi cf he 5-R ul if0Plll2l lun THREE. FAST TRAINS leave Chicago daily for the Pacific Coast, via the Chicago, Union Pacific St North-lflfestern Line, over the only double track railway between Chicago and the Missouri River. The Overland Limited The pioneer fast through electric-lighted train to San Francisco and Portland daily. The most luxurious train in the world. Less than three days en route. The New Los Angeles Limited Electric-lighted, daily through train arriving at Los Angeles afternoon of the third day, via the new Salt Lake Route. Entire new equipment. Drawing-Room and Tourist Sleeping cars, Composite-Observation cars, Dining cars. The China 6 Japan Fast Mail Daily to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, through without change. Pullman Drawing-Room and Tourist Sleeping cars Free Reclining Chair cars. The Best of Everythzng. All agents sell tickets via this Line Write for booklets, maps, schedules, rates, list of A fri, otels, and description of limited trains. , if w. B. KNISKERN, P. T. M, , Chicago 8- North-Western Ry CHICAGO ton. :sap fZZe VASSARION ADVERTISER QEQFPSESE !1!5Hf3UC9VQQmP?l3K c Ann 1836 LEWIS H. VAIL, President MILTON A. FOWLER, Vice President JESSE GRAHAM, Secretary FRED L. VAIL, Assistant Secretary December 31, 1905 Capizal, ,3'20o,000.00 I Assets, 5gi9I3,2C?2.52 Surflus Z0 P0!z'Q1-Holders, 3375644.30 VAIL, SUTTON 8: VAIL, Agents 37 Mmm swf Pougbkeepszkf .- New fork I A VAQSARION Re VASSARION ADVERTISER I Vassarion Educational Directory Mrs. Mead's School jiri Girls HHILLSIDE," NORNVALK, CONN. SF Certificate admits to Vassar and several Middle State Colleges, also to all colleges represented on the New England College Entrance Board Special tutoring if desired General and Musical Courses of study , - I' For Circulars appgv to MRS.M.E. MEAD TROY, NEW TORK Ernrna Wz'llardSca00ljQr Girls fliormerly Troy Female Seminaryl 9? College Preparatory and general courses. Certilicate admits to Vassar and leading Colleges. Conservatory of Music and Art SCh00l. TWO Scholarships. Hockey basketball and out-of-door games. Fine, new, fire-proof stone buildings. Yi' ANNA LEACH, A. M., Principal Tae BALLIOL SCHOOL - Ucica, N. T. Y? Gives thorough preparation for Vassar. Regular College Preparatory Course supplemented by private tutoring Wher- ever needed. Fine Winter climate. Skat- ing, snovvshoeing, etc. Gymnasium, basketball, tennis. For Yearbook and further information, address Secretary EDITH ROCZPAPPELL HALL Riverview Academy Paaglzftcepsie, N. T. 92" Consecutive management for seventy-one years. Instruction Thorough, Life Sane, Equipment Modern. Military Discipline under Ofiicer Detailed by Secretary of War Catalogue Address YOSEPH B. BISBEE, A. M. PUTNAM HALL Home ana' Day Scbaoljir Girls Paughkeepsie New Tarle 97' Preparation for all colleges. Exceptional facilities for Vassar preparation. Elec- tive courses. Specialists in each depart- ment. Certificate admits to Vassar. Basketball, Tennis and other outdoor sports Francis A. Welaasky Ellen C lisae Barlleff The Detroit Home 85' Day School Established 1878 98" Special Acfencion given to Preparation for College Yi' Ella M. Liggeli, A. B. Principal feannerie M. Liggeff, A .tsociafe Principal IN ANSWERING Anvnnm-ISEMENTS PLEASE MENTION :rms VASSARION J , YZ.-2 VASSARION ADVERTISER Dfw' Goods, at oRT1MER Silks, Woolens, Muslims, etc. C Suits.Skir1:s, D R A K E ig Cloaks, Coats, ' Gloves. E. MIRIAM QOYMERE Home and Foreign Teachers' Agency 150 Fifth Ave.. New York City BsTA1x1.xsHED 1880 Universities, Colleges, Schools and Families supplied witl Professors,'l'eacl1ers, Tutors, Governesses and Readers in every lnanch of Education Teachers supplied to Mexico and South America. Schools con- l scientiously recommended to parents Musical Depariment l Successor to DATES fs? BURROUGHS e t C 0 310-312 Main St.. Poughkeepsie. N. Y. RYE SEMINARY For Particulars address MRS. S. LIFE THE MISSES STOWE, Rye, New York HOSMER HALL Day ana' Boarding Sclzoaffar Gif!! Special attention given to students preparing for college For Catalogues address the Principal Miss Martha H. Mathews 4296 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis MADAM ESTELLE fine flililltnrrp 277 FIFTH AVENUE .M . - ,LL W l 5 .2 Z "E ,XS 2 6- 5' fu , xx , a - ' rf 1 X ,ff f W s S W ws- 'im NSN Q 5. W Nsww 9- z ,S ,- I ' ...:. : -:as.f,... ' QW ' ff X i gsm :- . x 'Z e ' ' 4,412,Q ,- - J li' vnva ua 'ww 2lQP fNT'N9' Ew a .wr i L M LMI' NY I 2.Q'8jVHlNf5f 5001? . . Known all over the world by its reputation V IN ANSNVLRING ADVERTI LWILYIS PLE isis Mnvriox 'rum YASSARION EZeVASSARIONADVERTISE1g v -'E E 1 K Qlowetieve 18 EAST 45TH sr., NEW YORK. ME. BINNER directs especial attention to the scientific designing and approved construction of the FAMOUS BINNER CORSETS which culti- vate perfect symmetry of form Without deviating froin hygienic pnnciples. A Paris Fashion mcthority says.-" THE BINNER AMERICAN MODEL CORSET enjoys the l1'I:Sl'llZClflO7L if being equally popu- lar in Paris as in New I'orlc." l33,S?"eSilEEaEii?lLd 'Z2S32SLi'2,i TEXAS and LOUISIA A yllllllllllllll sv X THE We Q15 ' H 6754, fp' "4'w,M P0 Iii K . TEXAS .A IANUIP PACIFIC E. iuiivvuiiin, E , E ' wiiiiiii 5 5 My . tw ga rf S0 RAIL sell No Trouble to Answer Questions NEW DINING CARS, meals a la carte, between Texas and St. Louis Write f0l' l1CW book 011 Texas. Free E. P. TURNER, General Passenger Agent, Dallas Texas IN ANFXVFTTING ADVICRTISEMENTS PLEASE MENTION THE VASSARION 7Ze VASSARION ADVERTISER M l E' PHUTUGR PH FRAME I TERLI G Oval, round, square and oblong, 1n p1erced etched and engraved des1gns SIZES from 614 x 758 to 1134 x 1434 PIICCS 322 oo to 3538 oo A large assortment of to1let wares and fancy PICCCS ln both Sterlmg and S1lver plate, together w1th many new deslgns ln table ware allfordmg unexcelled opportumty for the select1on of g1fts Send for our booklet on to1let artxcles The ueen ofAutumn lllustratmg the new Chrysanthemum deslgn 726 MERIDEN CCMPANY S1lVersm1ths Internatwnal S1lVer Company, Successor 218 FIFTH AVENUE corner 26th Street Madlson Square Also entrance on 26th Street a few steps from the Broadway cars Y S ' f f f lf- ' - .. g A , Q . IN ANSWERING ADVERT 1 s 1 s IV ON THE VASSARION x w. un I K 1-G. -vh H M- , "I mf l .H I., .xLj' -1. . ' 1 h EL '23 if- S .k A rf ,-A. La, IV Nfl!! f-1 I JT' fu s owrmgjnftk-ilq-g5Q'6 .1 4 My Ensmz M Eliiushxaimeamlsn 'I 4 Mr.-'NI 'V'-1 w il I , 1,-' . 15-'N AL Hr'-5'im TI .,.J1' ,,. . Lf' ,Ip ,..i.."'-F' , IE- EI Engl? YL 10:64. i , ' T.. 7 , wi.I,. "I , :Big . -.v .- f -.1 Eqgljl.. K, l. -I w-'nebiiiins ML - s Bassarinn VOLUME XVIII THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO emfp iiaeatb Jbamhen AS AN EXPRESSION OF THE FRIENDSHIP OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIX ,g5"f'17j?h vIJ .,15,:I Xl' Q Q YAHR I L.-I Fxjjx .Q .4 1" ' I X, fs 7 I - TDSS R L S J I I I I I XNAQSX ,.., iff' I 4,:, Vp? - ' f I I '-.:' :Q ' 'L 1lX'g.i7H J- I Qx A ff A, '..A-' 14: X in I Q '- ' f 5 g I QQ om OHHDUIOBS TTLL2 MDCCCCVI f I ELSIE MITCHELL RUSHMORE EIVIILYSVAN DUSER FORD ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK VAN DER VEER FRANCES THOMSON TOWERS . AIMEE WINIFRED FISHER BERTHA GRACE HURLBUT EVA HAWLEY MEYROWITZ ELIZABETH IEANNE CHANDLER ELSA IDA WEIL CARLOTTE FREDERICKE KRAUSE 1pul1l1sbsz'u hp them fur the Qlllass uf 1906 4 VASSARION l7RIi'l'Tl'CE' 7 Nl 37 E feel that we owe a few introductory words to the pur- chasers of this volume of the VAssAR1oN in order to explain some of the changes which it has seemed , 'f expedient to make in the form of the book. There are, K Q of course, many minor alterations which need no com- ms A ment, but the new arrangement, the calendar, the enlargement of the part generally given wholly to grinds, and the plan of illustration, require some comment. It has been the idea of the board that the object of a college year book is primarily to represent the college for which it is published. Starting out with this idea as a basis for selection, we have tried to make the front of the book a full and accurate directory of the various college organizations. We have followed this directory by two divisions, the first containing everything that relates to the class of nineteen hundred and six, and the second comprising, under the title of Calendar, all the events of the college year. Likewise, in order that the literary part at the back might be more representative, we have enlarged it so that it now contains some serious prose and verse. ln the illustrations we wanted a scheme by which the separate drawings should have point and variety, and yet be planned in such a way as to give the book unity. And here again we have worked on the idea of making the VASSARION really representative of Vassar, so that all the models for the VASSARION 5 drawings, even to the conventional flower designs, have been taken from the campus. In the attempt Which We have made our thanks are due especially to Miss Salmon, Miss Wylie, Miss Buck, Miss Haight, and Miss Robinson for their interest, suggestions and criticism. It has been our best hope throughout that the result, in spite of its short-comings, might not be altogether unworthy of the class for Whom We have undertaken it, and of the College for which it stands. 'fll7'r!f?? i wvawaw M 1 s . R We-sk f I ' ff ' .. 1 H2 1 1 . ll I lilwfawffllf Q - -F p 1 I t 'ARMY' -'Ng'-4,I:'.:,X.: llinlflglglfiiiln ,, 'T C "4. im- A -'2Wlg?,il'ai,fr5y' fIga,Qfg1il"" f f -f l Ii' cw.-1 Av -I T 7 ,7 - -1.4-P.IIa..1"ff N. f Z - AIX 'le--H'-4.'7f! f'lf'F7fTS7' -- I - ,mf - - . l,. I' "i'l!' Vw '-fbi ll' 'ff'i ?'?7fF75 " mf' . 'ab si- '- Q." Liv 'frmfttizvzfi-fra:-:,f,: 42-'f' ,IIN xx' c'-'.- fi! ' ' ' NSN -.'7"--vs. "Q,"---fi lp .-N: Q ' IQXVXi'3?QQri'Fi?' - QF' f llfhxgx Xwibgys Xixi - ff i"i-fi-'illi X - I :ligne X A - ' W X A 'ai ARES:-A X A m,QI'-- gX WAX Ni . X I X I X l x X CONTENTS TITLE PAGE 1 DEDICATION . 2 BOARD OF EDITORS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 CONTENTS 6 DIRECTORY. Board of Truste s . . . A 7 OHicers of Government and Instruction 8 Classes ..... I7 Students, Association 25 Christian Association 27 Pliilalethean Society 30 Athletic Association . 35 College Publications J 51 Musical Organizations 55 Societies . . 65 CALENDAR ...,.. Q5 THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIX . I2I DATA ...... IO3 ADVERTISEMENTS 227 , ii"' 4' , f , S "" W7 f-..,. ,.. ff, , K!! 01, 4 'Q .ww fa f Www 5 e 42 f , , ' c E M 4 ' . i .E . 9 iwf f' .1 5 Q ? f Q : 2 2 2 Z ,e 'Q fe r 2 7 4 4 W . Q f 2 ,- . 7' ww, My 0 vm, 7 I 0 XEDWARD LATHROP, D.D., Claairman Ngw York JOHN H. DEANE, A.M. . . New York JOACHIM ELMENDORF, D.D. . New York AUGUSTUS H. STRONG, D.D., LL.D. Rochester DUNCAN D. PARMLY . . . JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., LL.D. . . New York Vassar College EDWARD JUDSON, D.D. . . , New York ALBERT S. BICKMORE, A,M., Ph.D. New York ALLEN W. EVARTS, A.M. . . New York SAMUEL D. COYKENDALL Rondout JAMES M. BRUCE, A.M. , Yonkers EDWARD ELSWORTH, A.M. Poughkeepsie HENRY M. SANDERS, D.D. , New York CHARLES M. PRATT, A.M. . Brooklyn HENRY'V, PELTON, A.B. Poughkeepsie ANDREW TOWNSON . . Rochester MARY CLARK THOMPSON . , New York EDWARD STORRS ATWATER, A.B. . Poughkeepsie HELOISE E. HERSEY, A.B. . EVA PERRY MOORE, A.B. DANIEL SMTLEY, A.B. . W. C. P. RHOADES, D.D. . GEORGE E, DIMOCK, A.B. . Boston, Mass. St. Louis, MO. Lake Mohonk Brooklyn, N, Y. Elizabeth, N. HELEN MORRIS HADLEY, A.B. . New Haven, Conn. G. MOORE PETERS, D.D. Cincinnati, Ohio CHARLES A, COFFIN . . New York GEORGE W, PERKINS . New York EDGAR L. MARSTON New York ARTHUR L. LESHER . . New York EDWARD ELSWORTH, Treasurer of the College 'K Deceased LOUIS P. GILLESPIE, General Superintendent X VS. X f xy' 0fl7CfM5' 01" 6'0IfMV!Vf1YI' AND .6YJ70UL'Tl0N Z f ff f f fm I 1 ff , 5 X2 f X , fa yjpilllff f',g,n -H i .1 ' 1 Q 5 Gr- P758 X., -Q-,j 4., fi, h e I X Qfflff--V ,H 5, X ff, S steer f 'L L ...X -sia,1iggfi2f-ff ,ff ' ' JAMES M. IIDAYLOR, LL.D., W B K Presz'zlen1f of Vassar College. Professor of Etbns 1lA.B., University of Rochester, 1868. Graduated from Rochester Theological Seminary, 1871. Active Pastor, 1873-86. D.D., Rochester, 1886. LL.D., Rutgers. President of Vassar, 1886. D.D., Yale, 1901. 1lPubIisl1ed: NA New World and an Old Gospel," uPractical and Ideal," and several addresses on edu- cational subjects. ' LEROY C. COOLEY, Ph,D,, W B If Matffaew l7assm', 712, Professor of Physics and Chemistry Physics 1lA.B., Union College, 1858, A.M., 1862. Professor in the New York State Normal College, 1861-73. Professor, Vassar, 1874. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 1lPubZisl1ed: A series of text-books of Chemistry and Physics, contributions to various educational and scientific journals. WILLIAM B. DWIGHT, A.M. 701111 Guy Vassar Professor of Natural History and Curator of the MMS6U771, Geology amz' Mz'nerz1logy 1lA.B., Yale, 1848. Course of Theology in Union Theological Seminary, 1854-57. A.lXI., Yale, 1857, Ph.D., Yale Scientific School, 1859. Principal of Englewood Female Seminary, 1859-67. Principal of Officers Family School, U. S. Military Academy, 1867-70. Associate Principal and Instructor in Natural Science, State Normal School, New Britain, Conn., 1870-78. Editor of Connecticut School Iournal, 1877.-78. Head of Department of Zoology, Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute, 1878-90. Professor, Vassar, 1878. University Examiner in Geology of the State of New York, 1894-95. Editor of the Department of Geology in the g'Standard Dictionary," 1891-93, of the uSupplement to the Standard Dictionary," 1903. 11PubIisl1ed: Various contributions to tlte transactions of the Vassar Brothers' Institute, 1883-90, Papers in The Taconic, The Naturalist, and other scientiic publications, Statistics of the Stratigraphy of Dutchess County, and portions of Xvasliington and Columbia Counties, 1890. ABBY LEACH, A,M,, ID B If Professor of the Greek Language 1lFirst Student in Harvard Annex, 1878-81. A.B. and A.lVl., Vassar, 1885, Instructor in Boston Girls' Latin School, 1880-83. Instructor in Latin, 1883-85. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1886-. Leipsic University, 1886-87. Professor, Vassar, 1880. lVIemher of the Board of lXIanagers of School at Athens. 1lPub1ished: Occasional contributions to the American ffaurnal of Plzilology, the Classical Review and other magazines. LUCY MAYNARD SALMON, A.M. Professor of Hisiory 1lA.B., University of Michigan, 1876, A.M., 1883. Fellow in History, Bryn Mawr, 1886-87. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1887. Professor, 1889. Special student at Paris and Florence, 1898-1900. 1lPubIislicd: l'History of tle Appointing Power of the President," 1885, "A Statistical Inquiry Concern- ing Domestic Service," 1892, "Domestic Service," 18973 second edition, with additional chapter on 'LDo- mestic Service in Europe," 1901, articles on educational and historical subjects. VASSARION 9 MARY W. WHITNEY, A.lVl., W B K Proferror of Astronomy 1lA.B., Vassar, 1868. Student in Harvard, 1871-72. A.M., Vassar, 1872. Zurich University, 1874-76. Private Assistant of Maria Mitchell, 1881. Harvard College Observatory, 1888. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Professor, Vassar, 1889. 1lPub1ished: Observations of variable stars, in Annals of Harvard Observatory, observations of comets and minor planets, in various astronomical periodicals. HERBERT ELMER MILLS, Ph.D., fp .B K Proferror of Eeonomzri' 1IA.B., University of Rochester, 18835 Ph.D., Cornell, 1890. Principal Marion Collegiate Institute, New York, 1883-84. Palmyra Union School, New York, 1884-86. Fellow in History and Political Economy, Cornell, 1886-88. Acting Instructor in History, 1889-90. Associate Professor of History and Economics, Vassar, 1890. Professor of Economics, Vassar, 1893. 1lPubIi:hed: "Early Years ofthe French Revolution in San Domingo." Several Outline: for economic study and syllabi for university extension lectures. JEAN CHARLEMAGNE BRACQ, Litt.D., 70b7Z Guy Vasmr Profersor of Modern Languages French 1lA.B., McGill University, 1881. Student at the Newton Theological Institution, 1881-83, at the Sorbonne and College de France, 1884-85, Secretary of American McAll Association, 1886-91. Associate Professor of Modern Languages in Vassar College, 1891. Professor, Vassar, 1892. Delivered course of lectures on t'Contemporary French Literatureu at the Lowell Institute, 1898, Litt.D., Colgate University, 1904. 1fPub1isl1cd: Articles in The Outlook, The Independenl, The Andover Review, The Alalional Geographic Jllagazine, The Educational Review, La Rez-ue Hiszorique of Paris, and other periodicals. J, LEVERETT lVlOORE, Ph.D., KP B K Profersor of Latin Language and Literature, Mattlaetu Vzzrrar, 712, Foundation 1'IA.B., Princeton, 1881, A. M., 1884. Graduate Student at Jotns Hopkins, 1885-91. Fellow in Latin, 1887-88. Fellow by courtesy, 1890-91. Plw.D., Johns Hopkins, 1891. Associate Professor of Latin, Vassar, 1891. Professor, Vassar, 1893. Member of the Board of lvlanagers of School in Rome. FRANCES A, WOOD Librm-imz 1lIn Music Department, Vassar, 1867-70. Essay Critic in English Department, 1870. Librarian, 1880. Acting Lady Principal, 1891. GEORGIA A. KENDRICK Lady PI'Z-Tlfl-fd! 1lLady Principal, Vassar, ISQI. CHARLES WV. NIOULTON, l3h.D., ID B lr Profersor of Claemirtry 1IA.B., University of Minnesota, 1885. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1889. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1892. Professor, 1894. ELIZABETH BARR THELBERG, NLD. Resident Phyxifion and Proferror ofPfJy.v1'ology 1lM.D., Woman's Medical College of the New York Infirmary, 1884. Assistant Professor of Eye and Ear. Resident Physician to the New York Infant Hospital, and in the Nursery and Child's Hospital, New York. Professor, Vassar, 1887. GEORGE COLEMAN Gow, A.B., Mus.D. Profersor of Murie 1IA.B., Brown University, 1884. Newton Theological Institute, 1889. Instructor in Smith College, 1889-95. Studied in Berlin, 1892-93. Professor in Vassar, 1895. Mus.D., Brown University, 1894. 1lPubIisl1ed: "The Structure of Music," WA Text-book on Harmony." IO VASSARION LAURA JOHNSON WYLIE, Ph,D, Professor of English 1IA.B., Vassar, 1897. Instructor in Miss Storer's and' Miss Lupton's School, Cincinnati, 1883, in Packer Institute, 1883-92. Ph.D., Yale, 1894. Instructor in Packer Institute, 1894,-95. Instructor in Vassar, 1895-96. Associate Professor of English, 1896. Professor, 1898. 1lPul2lishezi: L'Studies in the Evolution of English Criticism," 'LThe Sir Roger de Coverley Papers," edited for school use. ELLA MCCALEB, A.B. Secretary of the College 1lA.B., Vassar, 1878. Instructor in Foster School, Clifton Springs, New York, 1878-81, in Detroit Home and Day School, 1881-85. Secretary to the President of Vassar College, 1885-93. Secretary of the College, 1893. - - Lewis F. PILCHER, Ph.B. Professor of Art 1lPh.B., School of Mines, Columbia College, 1895. Lecturer in Architecture at University of Pennsylvania, 1895-1902. Professor of Art in Vassar, 1900. 1lPub1ished: 'gPhases of Florentine Art," uEssay on Movement." AARON LOUIS TREADWELL, Ph.D., W B K Professor of Biology 1lB.S., Wesleyan University, 1888, M.S., 1890. Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1899. Assistant in Natural History, Wesleyan, 1888-91. Professor of Biology and Geology, Miami University, Oxford,Oliio, 1891-1900. Fellow of Clark University, 1891. Non-resident Fellow, University of Chicago, 1892-96. Fellow in resi- dence, 1897-98. Professor of Biology, Vassar, 1900. Since 1898, member of staff of Instruction, Marine Laboratory, NVoods'Ho1e, Mass. ' 1lPublished: Articles in the ffournal of Morphology, in Biological Leclures, in U. S. Fish Commission Re- port, and various other Zoological journals. H, HEATH BAWDEN, Pl1.D. Professor of Ploilosoplay 1lA.B., Denison University, 1893, A.M., 1894. Student at Rochester Theological Seminary, 1894.-96. Instructor of Biology in Denison, 1896-97. Fellow in Philosophy, University of Chicago, 1898-1900. Instructor of Philosophy in Iowa State University, 1900-01. Ph.D., Chicago University, 1900. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1901-02. Professor, Vassar, 1902. 1lPul2lishea': MA Study of Lapses," in monograph supplement to Psychological Review, 'kSyllabus of Psy- chologyf' 1902, HA Philosophical Interpretation of Experience," in press, uSyllabus of Education," Articles and reviews in various psychological and educational journals, collaboration on editorial staff of journal of Comparative Aleurology and Psychology, on Psychological Bulletin, and on journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Melhods. GERTRUDE BUCK, Ph.D. fissociate Professor of English 1lB.S., University of Michigan, 1894, lNI.S., 1895. Fellow in English in University of Chicago, 1894-95. Assistant in English in University of Michigan, 1896-97. Instructor in Indianapolis High School, 1897. Instructor in Vassar College, 1897. Ph.D., Michigan, 1898. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1901. 1lPublished: k'Organic Education," 1897, in collaboration with Miss H. M. Scott, " The Metaphor," 1899, uArgumentative Writing," 1899, "Expository Writingf' with lVIiss VVoodbridge, 1899. WILLIAM BANCROFT HILL, A.B., D.D., LU B K Professor of Biblical Literature 1lA.B., Harvard, 1879. Columbia Law School, 1881. Baltimore Law School, 1882. Union Theological Seminary, 1883-86. Pastor of Reformed fDutchD Church in Athens, N. Y., 1886-90, and in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1890-1902. Lecturer on Bible, Vassar, 1899-1902. Professor of Biblical Literature, Vassar, 1902. 1lPulzlished: L'M0untain Peaks in the Life of Christ," 'KPresent Problems in New Testament Study," "Guide to the Lives of Christ." . VASSARION II CORNELIA H. B. ROGERS, Ph.D. ffssoriare Professor of Romance Languages 1IA.B., Wellesley, 1884. Studied in Italy and Spain, 1887-88. Ph.D., Yale, 1894. Instructor in the Adel- phi Academy, Brooklyn, 1891-96. Instructor in Vassar, 1896-1902. Associate Professor of Romance Languages, Vassar, 1902. 1lPz1bIisl1cd: Occasional translations for the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. GRACE HARRIET RXICCURDY, Ph,D. .f45.YOI'l.LIfL' Professor of Greek 1'IA.B., Radcliffe College, Ph.D., Columbia University. Foreign Fellow of the ,Woman's Educational Asso- ciation, 1899-1900. Associate Professor of Greek, Vassar, 1903. JAMES F. BALDWIN, Ph.D. Jssoriate Professor of I-fisiory 1lPh.D., University of Chicago, 1897. Instructor in Vassar, 1897. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1903. MARGARET FLOY WASHBURN, Ph.D., fb I3 K, Z E Assoriate Professor of Philosophy 1lA.B., Vassar, 1891, A.M., 1893. Fellow in Philosophy at Cornell, 1893-94. Ph.D., Cornell, 1894. Pro- fessor of Philosophy at Wells College, 1894-1900. Warden of Sage College in Cornell University, 1900-02. Lecturer in Psychology, Cornell, 1901-OZ. Assistant Professor of Psychology and Dean of Women in Uni- versity of Cincinnati, 1902-03. Associate Professor of Philosophy, Vassar, 1903. 1IPubIished: Articles in American journal ofPsycl1oIogy, and elsewhere. Translated "Ethical Systems" and uThe Facts of the Moral Life" by Wilhelm Wundt. Cooperating editor of the American journal of Psychology. , FLORENCE V. KEYS, A.B. Associate Professor of English 1IA.B., Toronto University, 1891. Fellow in Bryn Mawr, 1893-94. Reader in English in Bryn lVIawr, 1895-97. Student in Oxford, 18983 in Berlin, 1899. Instructor in Vassar, 1900, Associate Professor, 1904. SOPHIA RICHARDSON, A,B, Insrrafror in Matbernaties 1lA.B.,.Vassar, 1877. Instructor in Rutherford, N. I., 1879-85. Instructor in Vassar, 1886. ELLA M. FREEMAN, A.B. Instructor in Chemistry 1lA.B., Vassar, 1884. Instructor, Vassar, 1887. HARRIET ISABEL BALLINTINE, Dirmor of the Gymnasium 1IGraduate of Dr. Sargent's Normal School of Physical Training, ISQI. Assistant in Gymnasium at La Salle, 1890-91. Studied in Harvard Summer School, 1891, 1892, 1896, 1898. Gymnasium,Director, Vassar, ISQI. Instructor in Harvard Summer School, 1901, 1902. HELEN FRANcEs EPPLER, A.B. Instructor in French 1IA.B., Vassar, 1896. Instructor in Poughkeepsie. Studied in Paris four years. Instructor in Vassar, 1892. ADELAIDE UNDERHILL, A,B,, 0 B K Reference Librarian aud Cataloguer 1lA.B., Vassar, 1888. New York State Library School, 1889. Catolaguer, Columbia University Library, 1890-92. Vassar, 1892. EVA G. MAY fnstruefor in the Gymnasium 1'fGraduate of Dr. Sargent's Normal School of Gymnastics, 1894. Insrtuctor in Harvard Summer School for three summers. Graduate of the Toronto School of Oratory, I892. Instructor in Vassar, 1895. I2 VASSARION MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY, AB. Inrtructor in Playrior ffA.B., Vassar, 1893. EMILIE LOU1sE WELLS, AB., Q BK fmt,-uffof in Eggngmifj 1lA.B., Vassar, 1894. Instructor at Kemper Hall, 1894-96. Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellowship in Economics and Sociology at Universtiy of Chicago, 1896-97. Instructor in Vassar, 1897. JOHN CORNELIUS GRIGGS, Ph.D. fnrtruetor in Singing 1lA.B., Yale, PlI.D., Leipsic. Instructor at Vassar, 1897. Instructor at Carnegie Hall, New York. lVlARY CLOYD BURNLEY, A.M. Innfructor in Claemii-try 1lA.B., NVoman's College of Baltimore, 1897, A.lXI., 1899. Fellowship in Chemistry at Bryn Mawr, 1897- 98. Instructor in Vassar, 1898. - ISABELLE STONE, Pl1.D. Inrtrurtor in Playrirr 1lA.B., Wellesley, 1890. M.S., University of Chicago, 1896, Ph.D., 1897. Instructor in Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, Md., 1897-98. Instructor in Vassar, 1898. 1lPublisl1ed: i'Electrical Resistance of Thin Films" in The Physical Review, January 1895, uColor in Platinum Films," in The Physical Review, May, 1905. CAROLINE E. FURNESS, Ph.D., 'll B K Alrrirtarzt in the Observatory 1lA.B., Vassar, 1891. American Fellow A. C. A., 1898-99. Curtis Graduate Scholar, Barnard College, 1898-99. Ph.D., Columbia, 1900. Research Assistant, Yerkes Observatory, 1901. Vassar, 1894. 1lFellow American Association for the Advancement of Science. . 1lPublislzed: Catalogue of Stars within one degree of the North Pole, deduced from photographic meas- ures. flpublication of the Vassar College Observatory Number Onej WINIFRED ROBINSON, A.M. lnrtruftor In Biology 1lB.S., Michigan State Normal College, 1892. Teacher in Michigan State Normal College, 1893-95. Uni- versity of Michigan, 1897-99. A.M., Columbia, 1904. Fellowship in New York Botanical Garden, 1904. Instructor in Vassar, 1899. 1lPublisl1ed: l'The Spines of Fouquierigf' uHexalectris Aphyllus." KATE S, CHITTENDEN lnrtruftor ln Piano Forte 1lIn charge of piano department in the Catharine Aiken School, Stamford, Conn. Organist of Cavalry Baptist Church, New York, since 1880. Vice-President and Dean of the American Institute of Applied Music, and President of the Metropolitan College of Music. JULIA ENSIGN PETTEE, A.B. Assistant in the Library 1lA.B., Vassar, 1899. Pratt Institute Library School, 1895. Graduate student Vassar, 1899-1900. Vas- sar. 1900. 1lPul1lislzed: Articles in Library Journal. MARTHA DOAN, B,L., D,Sc,, Z E' Instructor in Cbenzlrtry 1lB.S., Purdue University, 1891. B.S., Earlham College, 1892. Sage Fellowship at Cornell, 1895-96. D.Sc., Cornell, 1896. Instructor in Manual Training High School in Indianapolis, 1896-1900. Instructor in Vassar, 1900. CORA JIPSON BECKWITH, B.S. Inrfrurtor 1.11 Biology 1lB.S., University of Micliigan, 1900. Instructor in Vassar, 1900. vAssARIoN I3 ELOISE ELLERY, Pl1,D,, 10 B K Lnstruft0r in Pfzistory flA.B., Vassar, I897. Lydia Pratt Bahbott Fellowship in Cornell, 1897-99. A. C. A. Foreign Fellowship, 1899-1900. Ph.D., Cornell, 1902. Vassar, IQOO. MARY HARLEY, lVl,D. flrszirtarzt Resident Pbyrician 1lGraduate of Woman's Medical College of New York Infirmary, 1892. Vassar, 1900. ELIZABETH HATCH PALMER, l7l1.D. flrrorziuie Profetror of Lufzin 1'IA.B., NVellesley College, 1887. Graduate Student in VVellcsley, 1887-88, in Yale, 1897-99, and 1900-01. Instructor of Latin in Wheaton Seminary, Norton, Mass. Instructor of Greek in Vassar, 1899-19015 of Latin 1901-05. Associate Professor of Latin, 1905. Honorary Fellow of Yale University, 1904-05. HENRIETTE STRUCK Instructor in German 1lGraduate of Lueft 'Iheppel Seminary. Instructor in Wheaton Seminary, Norton, lVIass., 1894.-98. Instruct- or in Miss I-Iall's School, Pittslield, 1898-1900. Instructor in Vassar, 1900. GERTRUDE SMITH Inrtrnctor in Matlaenmtifr 1lA.B., Vassar, 1897, A.M., 1903. Instructor in Portland, Me., 1897-99, in Englewood, NJ., 1899-1900. Graduate Student in Vassar, 1900-01. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. CLEMENGE HAMILTON, A.M. Inrtrnttar In Latin 1lA.B., University of Michigan, 1893. A.lNI., Radcliffe, 1901. Instructor in the Flint High School and Pontiac High School, 1893-98. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. HARRIET ELIZABETH BEARD, AB. Inrtrurtor in Frentla 1lA.B., Vassar, 1897. Instructor in the Cascadilla School, Ithaca, 1898, at Hillside, Norwalk, Conn., 1899- I9OI. Vassar, 1901. ISABEL NELSON TILLINGHAST, Ph,M,, 41 B K Arszixtani to the Lady Pl'Z-TIELPZII 1lA.B., Vassar, 1878. Ph.lNI., Cornell, 1895. Instructor in Civics and Economics in Hampton Institute. Professor of English Language and Literature in Normal School, New Paltz, and in French American College. Vassar, 1901. SARAH ELEANOR DUDLEY, A.B. Inrtruftor in English 1lA.B., Vassar, 1897. Instructor in private school, Louisville, Ky. Instructor in Vassar, IQOI. ELIZABETH HAZELTON HAIGHT, A,M,, W B K Instructor in Latin 1lA.B., Vassar, 1894.3 A.M., 1899. Graduate Student in Cornell, 1900. Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellowship in Cornell, 1901. Graduate Scholarship in Cornell, 1901. Instructor in Rye Seminary, Rye, N. Y., 1894- 95, in Emma Willard School, Troy, N. Y., 1895-1900, in Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1900-01. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. 1lPubIished: Articles in Poet-Lore. EMILY HELEN DUTTON, A.M, Inrtrurtur in Latin 1lA.B., Mount Holyoke, 1891. A.M., Radcliffe, 1896. Instructor in Greelc and Latin in Mankato, Minn., 1891-95, at Girlsi High School, Brooklyn, 1896-97, Student in Berlin and Munich Universities, IQOI'-OZ. Vassar, 1897. LEONARD B. MCWHOOD, A.B,, W .B If Lnxtrurior in Muxzic 1lA.B., Columbia, 1893. Professor of Music in Columbia University, 1897. Instructor at Vassar, 1902. 14 VASSARION LOUISE DUFFIELD CUMMINGS, A.M. P Instructor in Matbenmtics 1IA.B., Toronto University, 18953 A.M., 1900. Graduate Student in University of Pennsylvania, 18963 in University of Chicago, 18975 in Bryn Mawr, 1898-1900. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. , ANNA BERNKOPF Instructor in Gernzczn 1lGraduate of Dresden University, 1889. Instructor in Asheville, N. C., Wells College, and Rogers Hall. Vassar, 1901. ELIZABETH BUCHANAN COWLEY, A.M., 0 B K Instructor in Motbematzics 1lB.S., Indiana Normal School of Pennsylvania, 1891-93. A.B., Vassar, 1901, A.M., 1902. Instructor in Pennsylvania public schools, 1893-97. Instructor in Vassar, 1902. Graduate Student in University of Chicago, 1903-05. LEILA CLEMENT SPAULDING, A.M,, W B Ii' Instructor 1,11 Grfgk 1IA.B., Vassar, 1899. Graduate work in Vassar, 1900. A.M., Columbia, 1901. Graduate work in Col- umbia, 1902. American School of Classical Studies in Athens, 1902-03. Vassar, 1903. 1lFelIou'ships: Curtis scholarship, Columbia, 1900-01. Agnes Hoppin Memorial Fellowship at the Amer- ican School of Classical Studies in Athens, 1902-03. CHRISTABEL FORSYTH FISKE, I'h,D. ' Instructor in English 1lA.B., Cornell, 1898. A.M., Columbian University, 1899. Instructor in Miss Sl1ipley's School, Bryn lNIawr, 1900. Pl1.D., Cornell, 1903. Instructor in Randolph Macon Sclzool, Danville, Va., 1901. In- structor in Vassar, 1903. ' 1IPubIisl-red: "Tales of Terror, a By-path in Literature," 'KEnglish Chroniclers and Play-Ivrights, a study of the Poetical and Social Life of England as Reflected in the Drama." MARY GARDINER DUNNING, AB. ffssistant In the Secretarfs Ojfcc 1'lA.B., Vassar, 1897. LEILA DURANT MCLEOD, A.B. Instructor zln Engfzlsfa 1lA.B., Vassar, 1899. Student at Columbia, 1899-1901. Instructor in the Packer Institute, 1902-03. In- structor ir1 Vassar, 1904. ALICE PRENTICE BAIIROWS, A.B. Instructor in English 1lA.B., Vassar, IQOO. Graduate Student in Vassar, 1901. Teacher in the Packer Institute, 1901-03. Stu- dent in Columbia. Teacher in the Ethical Culture School in New York. Instructor in Vassar, 1904. EMMA AMELIA WILLIAMS, A.B. Assistant in Muszic 1lA.B., Vassar, 1902. Graduate student, I902-03. Student of Music in New York, 1903-04. Assistant in Vassar, 1904. AMY LOUISE REED, AB, Instructor in English 1lInstructor in Vassar, 1904. ELIZA POLHEMUS COBB Assistant to the Luffy Princijml 1IA.B., Vassar, 1893. Instructor in Yonkers, 1895-1902. Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of En- glish, Whitman College. Walla Walla, 1902-04. Vassar, 1904. JULIA G. GARDNER, A.B. flssistant In the SecretcIry's Ojfiff 1IA.B., Vassar, 1898. Vassar, I904. V A s S A R I 0 N I5 GRACE BRUCE, A.M. zfrrirtont in Ethier and Philosophy 1lA.B., Vassar, 1902. Chicago University, 1902-03. A.M., Elmira College, 1904. Assistant in Vassar, 1904. SUSIE PEERS SNELLING fisrirtont to Miss Chittenden LOUISE S. STEVENSON, A,B, Instructor in Clyenzistry 1l'Vassar, 1905. ISABEL WHEELER, AB., W B If zfrsirtant in Biology 1lA.B., Vassar, 1904. 1lVassar, 1905. LILY L. STROEBE, Ph.D. A Inrtructor in Gorman 1lUniversities of Heidelberg, Berlin, Paris and Lausanne. Pl1.D. at Heidelberg. Rye Seminary, 1904. Vassar, IQOS. 1IPubIis11ed: Die Angelsachsischen Kleiclernamen. Etymologisch, Kulturgeschichtliche Untersuchung. NIARIAN P, WHITNEY, Ph.D. Proferror of German 1lPh.D., Yale. Sorbonne, Paris. University of Zurich. Vassar, IQOS. 1IPuI1Zished: Several German and French Readers and Text-books. MARY B. PEAKS, Ph.D. Instructor in Latin 1lA.B., University of Chicago, 1900. Graduate Scholar, 1901. Fellow, 1903-05. Ph.D., 1905. Instructor in Greek and Latin, Downer College, Milwaukee, 1901-03. Vassar, 1905. JANE NORTH BALDWIN, lVl.D. A'5.ri.ttont in Physiology 1fVassar, 1905. MARY L. ARMSTRONG, A.B-. zfmirtarzt in the Library 1lA.B., Vassar, 1895. Oswego State Normal School, 1898-99. New York State Library School, 1904-05. Assistant in the Secretaryls office at Vassar, 1902-04. Assistant in the Library, Vassar, 1905. HENRY SEELY WHITE, Ph.D., WB K Proffrror of Matiaemtitzicr 1lA.B., Wesleyan University, 1882. Assistant in Astronomy, 1882-83. Instructor in Mathematics and Chemistry, Centenary Collegiate Institute, 1883-84. Tutor in Mathematics, Wesleyan University, 1884-87. Ph.D., University of Gottingen, 1890. Assistant in Pure Mathematics in Clark University, 1890-92. Asso- ciate Professor and Noyes Professor of Pure Matlzematics in Northwestern University, 1892-1905. Vassar, 1905. 1lPubIisl1ed: Papers in American Journal of Mathematics, in Mathematische Annaleng in Bulletin and Transactions of American Mathematical Society, in Annals of Mathematics, also a part of Lecturer on Mathematicr, the Boston Colloquinon, Associate editor of three mathematical journals. C!-IRISTEL XVHIPPLE WILKINS, A.l3. Afrrirttznt to the Lady Printipal 1IA.B., Vassar, 1900. Vassar, 1905. MARGARET JUDSON, A.B. Instructor in Engiirfy 1lA.B., Vassar, 1903. Simmons College, Boston, 1904-05. Vassar, 1905. KATE VV. TIBBALS, A.B, fnrtrudor in Erzgiirb 1lA.B., Wellesley, 1899. Fellow in English, Bryn Miawr, 1901-02. University of Pennsylvania, 1902-04. 1IInstructor in English, VVellesley, 1904-05. Vassar, 1905. 16 VASSARION EDITH FERNALD, A.B. , Hsszstarzt zn Chemistry 1lA.B., Vassar, 1905. Assistant in Vassar, 1905. MARGARET B, MCDONALD, Ph,D. Arrzlftant in Chemistry 1lProfessor in Vassar, 1905. EDA C. BOWMAN, A.M. fnxtruftor in Matbefnntzirs 1lA.B., Vassar, 1899, A.M., 1900. Instructor in National Cathedral School, Washington, D. C., 1900-03. Vassar, IQOS. LUCY ELIZABETH TEXTOR, Ph,B., M,A,, Ph,D,, di BK Inrtructor in History 1lPl1.B., University of Michigan. M,A., Leland Stanford, Jr., University. One year's study in Sociology at University of Chicago. Ph.D., Yale. University Fellowship in History at Yale. Vassar, 1905. 1lPubIi1hed: l'The Official Relations Between the United States and the Sioux Indians," fStanford Publica- tionl. HA Colony of Emigres in Canada, 1798-I875,n CUniversity of Toronto Studyj. ' FLORENCE S, DIALL Asxirtant in Gynzrmsium 1fInstructor in Vassar, 1905. GERTRUDE ELLEN BALLARD, A.M., W B 11' Inrtmctor in English 1lA.B., University of Minnesota, 1903. A.M., Columbia, 1905. Albert Howard Scholarship, 1903-04, Minnesota. Curtis Scholarship in English, 1904-05, Columbia. Assistant Instructor, Department of Rhetoric, at University of Minnesota, 1903-04. Vassar, 1905. HELEN S. HOLBROOK, A.B. f1sri.vta11t in PIJQIJZIEI 1lA.B., Vassar, 1904. Assistant in Vassar, 1905. E GEORGIANNA CONROW, A.M. Instruftor in French 1lA.B., Cornell University, 1899. Sorbonne, 1900-01. A.M., Cornell, 1902. Instructor, Olean, N. Y., 1907.-O33 South Orange, N. J., 1903-04. Summer Institute, Thousand Island Park, 1903, 1904. Vassar, 1905. MABEL L. CHESLEY, A.B. Instructor in Hz'xtory 1fInstructor in Vassar, 1905. IN mEmoRlAm MRS HELEN HENDRIE FLETT BORN NOVEMBER ll, l839 DIED DECEMBER Sl, I905 Ye are our epistle written ln our hearts known and read of all fair. I VASSARION I9 freshman Qllass CLASS FLOWER .' Lily of the Valfcy .ihmt Semester QBffirers INTARGERY FULTON . HARIiIE1'GOODYEAIi , Vice RUTH TAYLOR . ETHLQL IVIACOMBER Straub 521119516 QBtTinerei RUTH FLANIGEN .,.,.. . RUTH FULTON Vice CORA EDGCOMB . ATOSSA NILSEN , . Membership, 315 Pre.rza'c'nt Pre.vz'a'cnt Secretary 'Treasurer President Pre,vz'a7ent Sccreiary TTEHIUYET zo VASSARION J". s . if Of f Lg U J E Em. Higiifi 1 Snpbumnre Qilass CLASS' FLOWER .' Dark Red CH7'lIHfi0IZ first imnrstm: QBHirsrs FLORENCE AUGUSTA BROVVN . . . MARJORIE QUIGLEY . . Vice ANNA BALDWIN . JESSIE MCGARR . Secnntl Semester QBffir:ers MARTHA LOVE WILLIAMS . . . EDITH JANE MAXON. . Effie MAY MARGARET BEVIER. MARY TITUS SHOTWELL . : Membership, 259 Preszflenz' President Secretary Treaxurer Preszdent President Sefretary Treasurer VASSARION 21 VU ff KQV junior Glass CLASS FLO IVER: I37'l-l!L".V777H7'!2I R056 V :First Snemester QBffi:ers ELIZABETH ELY GOODRICH . . . Prey denf KATHAIKINE WORCESTER , Vife-Pres dent HARRIET REEL . . Sem' tgzfvry MARY LANDON T1-ea QBEUIITI Seamaster QBffirzm KATHARINE WVORCESTER ..... pref Lois TRACY . . . Vice-Pref GRACE WOODRUFE . Serr GERTRUDE LOCKWOOD . Trea Nfembership, IQO Z1 ITT "L" 1' if zlcffnt LZIL'7ZlL fflfy Zl1'E'1' 22 VASSARION xf ft A Seniur Ciilass CLASS FLOWER: Wbz'te Rose Q9Eims JULIA SEARING . . . . President ESTHER SAVILLE . Vice-President ELIZABETH ROBSON . . Secretary LELIA WOLFERSPERGER . . . Treasurer Membership, 193 V A S S A R I O N 9.3 :lFslIuh1s Varmr Studentr' flzld Soriety LOUISE HOYT GREGORY, A.B., 1903 Biology. Columbia University, Arsoriate Alurrznaf Felfowrbzlp A FLORENCE lVlARY BENNETT Archaeology. Columbia University. Mary Rzlrlaardson and Lydia Pratt Balzbott Founalation KATHARINE BLUNT, A.B., 1898 Chemistry, Chicago University. f5ta7Juats Stbulaw BERT1-IA R. BARDEN, A.B., 1905, Latin and Greek. LINDA HOLLOWAY, AB., 1905, English and Latin. KATIE GALT MILLER, A.B., 1905, Mathematics. HELEN C, NUTTING, A.B., 1905, English. NINA F. RAYNOR, A.B., 1905, Greek and Latin. Q5ra11uate Stunznts KATHARINE I, ARNOLD, A,B,, 1895, Music. ELIZABETH W. SCHERMERHORN, A.B., 1889, A.M., 1896 Music. EDITH M. NICHOLS, A.B., 1905, Latin. Summary Graduate Students . . . ll Seniors 193 Juniors 190 Sophomores 259 Freshmen . 315 Wlxole Number . 968 New York . Pennsylvania New Jersey Massachusetts . Illinois . Ohio . Connecticut Michigan . Indiana lVIissouri . Maine , . New Hampshire Iowa . Wisconsin Nebraska . . Tennessee . . District of Columbia Georgia . . Minnesota . Colorado Kentucky . Delaware . Rhode Island , Texas . Vermont I stares REDRESEWTED California . North Carolina Washington West Virginia Alabama . lVIaryland . Kansas Virginia Arkansas Wyoming Nlontana . South Dakota New Mexico Oregon Florida Arizona Oklahoma . Canada China Cuba England . France . Hawaiian Islands VASSARION 25 Statment Slssufiatinn MARY JORDAN DIMOCK . Prexidenr SIDNEY LEWIS . . . Vzlce-Prefzident MARY BABBOTT . . Secretary LUCY Gow . Treaxurm' 26 VASSARION Gllummittse un Self Quhetumznt MARY JORDAN DIMOCK .... Chairman MARY RICHARDSON BABBOTT Secretory SIDNEY LEWIS, 1906 ELEANOR ADAMS, 1906 CARY FINK, 1906 RUTH POTTER, 1907 Prefidenf of Strong ELEANOR MILLS, 1907 Prefident 0fLatl9roj1 HELEN GLENN, IQO7 Prerident 0jfDd1Jl'50H CARILE WRITE, 1907 President of Raymond RUTH HORNBLOWER, 1908 MARY GRIGGS, 1908 MARGERY FULTON, 1909 HELEN WAITE, IQOQ .::tr,hv 9 9 ,HM 9 'en ,, .- 5, V- ,f5SfEgj" .f?'1'5ff-Tx L X .4 . 'V x - ,. 'T?A'uf'!f:fif' +o :I 1:4-W? XS 'gigggl F. Ti -X ,Q-Tw-T552 " up-' --Y A .1 -sr-:':I.. F sw -4555 S, -,L f fi , VASSARION 27 5 'Q Qlbristian Qtssuriatiun SUSAN LITTLE GRIGGS . . Presidenz JULIA H. WRIGHT . . . Vine-President LOIS TRACY . . . . Recording Secretary RUTH INGRAHAM . Correxponding Secretary EMMA COLE . . Treasuurer I, n,. 1 1 , , , I -- 7 ', . 4' ., En -. fa- ' ' Cla.: - '. '. 1 - V ' ' , 1.. ,, , , , ..-5,-f ::r:+1F'f?"'ff :1?':"11M ' 1i.E,? fQ'i'.1,,5s, fgj. ' -. - ' ' ""7'1'15' 'si W EW 1.l?17'?fLF 1LI.1!11' ?s11 A . f11,I-'I- - 1 I-1 1lYV9TU1J 15" I ,rl FI Ill, '1 l'n 1'L!,"fI1-'.1l'1, gl I' rl-'IZ I ml, Iliff" K' lib, l"g:"1.7 1' ' Qi . f - X' 1 I '4 II l 'P 1 1 1 V Y ' 1,1-,G '1Ef7,',, - 0 6 uf' 'i"il'1I!'!4x ,,:-!!:',"AlMg'- 'f MEIEVEK, '1,1'N,I,I1'll!',"1:!,-f::C5i?,L1--1-!,:I,gf!-lfa'5g'1m,",lf"- 'W 111J'l'1fwl I' I HMI 1,11 1IlkU'1lg'QH :'fQf' ' VI 'la - Y I ,K I ! I M I , , It A , F I ,I T 1 1 , W!" Lf!!-5 I '?f'7'11".1"9?1',Lfl1!l',3??'fi.'1if- 11 If? I ,HW T7 If " "1 Jl"'1-1 L -- '4"'l"1f I' ' 11' 4-1 . -'L "- 1111 -"- If ! '1??'T5!i'fi:1f 1 -J. 'fffii 1' 29.1111 ,!'? MJ?" 11.2 " ' , III "1'f1Jkfhi,l155'?.'-1 . T '23 : l vl A W1-L Lf IRl1.'1.i:L::-1.:'-2 2.4.-:-'Riff-HEEL.:-E1 -:, 1- .4.--- 1.., ... . .. .1, A 115- 11:1-1.11: -- 41,u L1.4:.,:.r:'v-- -1. '-"-11 .-. --uf. -L'. Aida," A NY 'I 'Y -I 11,171 pl .1 1?-7 , ,q ,-, ., -.!11 111 ! 1' C11R1501A17'A55QC1AQ1o ' Qllummittee un Deuutiunnl :Meetings HELEN GLENN, 1907, Clmirnzan HELEN CUMPSON, IQO6 MARY JENNINGS, 1908 MARY LINDSAY, 1909 Qbnmmtttec un 41511112 Swtuhp MARY L0RD, 1907, Clmiv-man REBA LIENDRICKSON, IQO6 VIRGINIA DEACON, IQO7 EDITH LARMON, IQO6 RUTH HORNBLOWER, 1908 SARAH BOWNE, IQO7 JULIA BARCLAY, 1908 Qllumluittee an jiflisziunarp wurk JULIA WVRIGHT, 1906, Chairman NIARY CROSS, 1906, Szzb-CfJr1z'rrnc1n HELEN TALCOTT, 1906 BESSIE MAXFIELD, 1907 THE0D0sIA WALES, 1906 LUCY Gow, 1907 MILDRED IVY, IQO7 ALICE PATTISON, 1908 Qllflllllllfffkk un Wada in fglnugbkeepsie ELSIE HILL, 1906, Clmirman ELEANOR ADAMS, 1906 MARGARET R0sE, IQO7 MARY LANDON, 1907 . SARAH SCOTT, 1907 Qlummittes un Q3znetz1I pbtluntbrupir Eurk MABEL CHILBERG, 1906, Chairman LIARRIETTE C01vIsT0CK, IQO6 KA1'HARINE BUNKER, 1907 LUCY LOCKWOOD, IQO7 ELOISE HOWE, IQO8 VASSARION 6IuIIInIittcn un work ?Lmnng the ,iflhaihy ORA GALUSHA, 1906, Clmzrman L jUI.1ET KNOX, 1906 MARY BELKNAP, 1907 IFEISIE SMITH, 1907 RUTH TRUE, 1908 Qliululnittez nn ,illilugilc RUTH POTTER, 1907, Clmirmnn QImIuIIirtec on finance EMMA COLE, 1908, ClJ!llAT771NH MARY CHILDS, 1908 RUBY BRONVN, 1909 MARGARET BRONSON, 1908 PIELEN NICCULLOCK, 1909 Qlummittee nn ,Hlliizizilunarp JFina1Ice ELILABETII CUDDEBACK, 1906, Chairman ABBY CRANMER, 1907 MARGARET BEVIER, 1908 ABBY DOW, IQO7 JOSEPHINE ROCHE, 1908 MAIQION IVIOREAU, 1909 Qlummittcn nn ,iflhcnxhcrfihip ELLA HARRIS, 1906, Chairman QEUIZUI nf the Eauppiement . NIABEL KINGSBURY, 1906, Editar-in-claief iatuhent ibniuntecrri THEODOSIA WALES, 1906 ALICE PATTISON, 1908 VERA BRONSON, IQOQ go VASSARION bilaletbeis MARGARET MUNN . . President EMILY FORD . . .l'z're-Prefident RUTH WILDER. . Secretary KATHARINE BUNKER . . A . Treaxurer MARY BORDEN. . . Propc1'ty.Mr1nage1 DELLA CONOVER , Afxxzstant P7'0P6TfJ!MHHOg61' VASSARION 31 CAROLINE L. FLEMING P1'0Il.6!6Hf Vice-Prerirlent SKCVUN11 y Treasurer Van Saltza Sawyer Steelman B. W21l'HOCk Wilson . Wortenclyke Weichert M. Sperry R. Tracy Tucker E. Tyler MAIKY A. PLATT N ef 1, l'lARRIE'1' EBEL X." DOROTHY VANDEGRIFT up i ' jmBllllJBl'5 X IQO6 . . H. Baldwin H. Knox ' i . 131-aafaati M. 1. Marx M R. lanimli A. L. Mme.- Ql, 13. 131-uyn H. Millington 'Q . L. Davey lVl. T. Nurnsen . Fair R. A. Park I , V L. Fleming M. Patton Q.: -' T O. Galushu Nl. A. Flatt 22 1907 . V ' li. Ayres F. H. Harris - I U . Borden M. Lamhie Q, Nl. Coats ' M. B. Lord A ii .' M. Comey H. G. lVlears V K I H. E. Ebel M. L. Quinnell ' , I l M. F. Fisher K. G. Rumney " X Q' M. R. Fritz L. F. Sayer A .7.'! E. Goodrich H. M. Shope V Q i 1oo8 ii ' 1 Barclay F. James Buchanan C. L. Lloyd A A Nl. E: Buclchout M. L. Parker Q f f M. w. Childs H. Qunintance in ' ' M. G. English E. P. Showalter L. Fenton C. Shepherd i F. G. GroenevelclO. Stewart E. C. Haley H. Sprague 91131351 .909 E.MlLl.S'US. lVl. S. Barrell L T. Eastman M. Brinsmacle K. L. Farrow R. N. Bellatti M. M. Gage B. Baker E. M. Hickox M.L.ChamlJerlain G. L. Dodge E. Kahn A. Van Nostrand G. Wliiting L. H. Zalmer L. R. Strauss G. Titchener D. Vanclegrift F. Vandegrift H. Wilkinson N. Wilson Nl. C. W1'igl1t H.L.McCullough I. Nlilholland F. S. MCC01'd R. Presley L. M. Reed M. Scott LUCY ELIOTT SHANNON President H11LEN TALCOTT Vz'ce-President GRACL MCCASKY Secretary -" -', SIHYRZA BARTON Treasurer jfiilsmhms IQO6 M R Arnrn . Lewis E. Saville "1 afiw Y 901 f l XX j 'I Q In fl NX... 2 I . f lg 53.3 ' H r M E Brooks .Lohingier Buflanuton M. B. Madden L L Cooley . E. Marrett fl B ainagin .M. Riddle li G Klahr IQO7 P Avery .lfV. Hinkel M Barton . Hicks Benton . M. Hedrick . C. Brewster . lVlcC. Hughes . Deacon . Cardner ' . Glenn . W. Lippincott . C. Johnson . Leonard . H. Haines . A. MacNeille . Hamherger P IQO8 . A. Foss . T. Halsey . C. Bedell . Havens VI. M. Bevier F. M. Brewer L. Bevens K. B. Collier F. Fillmore - . Adams . K. Angell . B. Jennings . K. lVlerritt . Norris . Potter T909 G. Brown M. English D. Clark M. Castle E. Hasbrouck R. Flanigen G. Harris 32 VASSARION' A S : i rl 1 1, X if S lf Z ' I V 4 lf. Dunwell R. L. Mason Xi A I rx. .j- ' E S 4. . P xy N 1 .M.L. E , 1 gli' ' ii , 'L 'W A 5 1 51 M J. L qfm ,H if 2 ,A X f ' H f v M 2 J L E , X JJ 1 H 14 G T 5 E.MnL1.S'os. A. Cheyney E. Dunn A. McKinnie E. Eggleston M. E. Sears M. A. Senior L. E. Shannon H. Talcott E. VVeil G. E. MeCasky E. M, Pierson R. N. Potter F. Reynolds L. Rodman G. B. Spooner G. C. Taylor K. B. Worcester E. L. Sigler C. L. Southard M. A. Thomas . H. C. HunterR. S, True H. VVardwell L. A. White M. H. Whittier E. McDonald C. Phelps M. Rea M. Session D. E. Smith 1 1 -f I "L: Q ft: 14. nf W .Qt ITLIZAB ETH FVANS ALICE GRANT KATHAR11xF MERRILL RUTH HORNBLOWER F Adams L Adsit D Axtell E Bmns M Brown B C Brumbatli T Carey I Converse . Andrus , M, Bowne , Bowman , Brooke VASSARION lr Q T' A 5 R 1 - i H E.. .i ' q',, N X H.Camabe11 1 f P lf' I I L12 I b E to 1 ' lf L xf' 1' E 40 E L All 1 Q r -r beta E.MlLLS'US. 33 Preszdent Vice-Prexident Secretary Treasurer 1906 . Cumpson A. Oliphant M. Evans L. M. Parry Fink E. Pownall M, Fitch L, M. Ramsclell R C. Hendrickson M. Hill F. Stewart M, Munn F, E, Vvilliams S. Mesick M. Vvloodward . Meyrowitz 1907 M. Grant E. H. Mills , M, Gregg L, Medbury M. M. Greenwood V. Hubbard E. McRostie . Bryner lngraham L. lWellier . H. Crandall Linton L. Rowe . Crowell H. l. Lowell F. M, Snow . A. Cutting K. C. Merrill L. Staley . A. Draper , Milinowski N. V.aVan Slyke 1908 . Babbott H. Graves M. Raymond , Blatner Hornblower F. Robinson . Chipp G, Hume Roche L, Clarke llrl. F. Schimmelfeng E, Conklin de Lima B. Stone L. Felter . Lane V. Vankirke H. Edwards . Milne R. Weeks E, Glass H. A. Pooley A. Wertz 1909 J, Angell . Fulton K. McMartin R. Blankenhorn Fulton F. Powers M. Cogswell Hughes F. Proudfit L, Curry . Kays M. Root F. Darrow M. Kohn E. Sample A. Dunnshee VASSARION A ' " ' ' FRANCES C. SIBLEY Prerident ' "" Y MARGARET Ross 1 Vice-Prarident 6 Q , HELEN T. TVTESSINGER Secretary i' RUTH VV. HEALD Treasurer jfiilzmhzrs l 1906 A j 'N X X X 9, 1 IA -il' IV f fi 5 ' rs 2,5 f 1 11.1 l .fr f Xif . . Il? f l T: Ax J 1 Tl Q2 I TJVJ A Mn.L.s'oe. H. M. Bowen M. C. Hamilton M. T. Paine H. Comstock M. Dimock A. P. Dietzman D. M. Fckhart G. H. Fllis A. M. Evans M. C. Evans E. V. Ford B, French L. M. Bane L. Benet F. Conover A. Cranmer P. Crocker L. Hatch F.. O. Hincken E. Howe B. G. Hurlbut B. Hunt H. Johnston F.. McLure M. L. T. Morse 1907 M. Ivy A. M. Johnson E. V. King L. Lockwood M. P. Moore I. A. Ridgway J. Searing E. Severance F. C. Sibley S. Slesinger M. C. Sweet M. Walbridge L. Zimmerman A. C. Reed M. Rose D. M. Sessions J. C. Smith H. G. Taylor O. B. Fdgcomb A. E. Gabriel K. Holman llrl P. Bowie E. S. Brush A. B. Day F. G. Danahv G. Dunn M G.Farrington H. Fisher R. F. Harris M Arnold H. Baclces Nl Cooper B. Corbett Fi Dennis A. L. Dubois Nl. F. Neal M. Wentworth S. P. Perry T. M. Woodbury Popper 1908 Hogsett K. O'Donnell R. W. Heald H. Otis H. B. Josselyn R. Rothschild C. Kielland M. B. Scott Maplesden A. Sellers . McMein M. T. Shotwell H. L. Messinger E. Williams H. VV. Mygatt M. Williams 1909 K. R. Foster F. Mason Hitchings S. lf. Philips C. Kempton A. Platt G. L. Law D. Rice C. MacomberC. K. Wheeler VASSARION 35 ' "fA'15f.5'f'.-faifr ff A Q..-A " 'V .A A , 4 4 . -4. 1' . 1 ' V '-arm.-5 - ' f , . 3 A , Sltbletir Hssofiatinnr QBEEirers LYDI.A MAXWELL PARRY . . . President ALICE BELDING . Vive-Prefidrrrt SARAH BELDING . Serretary ANNA BALDWIN Treasurer 36 VASSARION jiilemhzrs uftbz Qtbletir Slssuriatinn Miss BALLINTINE MISSMAY PROFESSOR MooRE DR.THELBFRG 1906 F, F. Adams R. L. Adsit L. A. Aldrich E. H. Alvord M. C. Belknap L. C. Binns H. M, Bowen F. Bowman H. C. Bradheld R. L. Bribach B. C. Brumback F, G. Brumley F. Bufhngton A. Burlingame D. Burr A. G. Buxton A. D. Campbell M. Chilberg L. Clark E. B. Collier M. Connell L. M. Cuddeback G. F. Dalton R. A. Davey A, P. Dietzman lVl. Dimock E. Dunwell E. M. Eckhart E. M. Evans E. C. Fverman F. M. Fair C. Fink M. Fitch C. L. Fleming E. Ford P. F. Fuller F. E. Getman M. A. Greene E. G. Hall F. F. Harris A. Hathaway L. Hatch R. C. Hendrickson F.. M. Hill F. O. Hincken A. F. Holt ' B, Hunt M. B. Jarnagan F. Jeffery C. V. Kahn B. B. Kauffman A. S. Kerr M. H. Kingsbury C. F. Krause S. Lewis V. Lobingier E. C. Lowry A. T. McGirr F. McLure M, B. Madden G. C. Marrett R. L. Mason F. H. Meyrowitz A. L. Miller F, M. Morris K. M. Morris M . Morrison M. Morse M. Munn B. L, Munson M. Nevius M. H. Noble J. T. Olclt M. T. Paine R, A. Park L. M. Parry L. M. Ramsdell R. Ransom L Ridgway F. Saville J. Searing H. E. Searle M. E. Sears L. E. Shannon C. A. Streibert M. C. Sweet M. Tupper M. S.,Tyler S. Tyler L. Vaile M. Walbridge A. F. Wallach M. L. Waller L. B. Warnock A. L. Weichert F. A. Welwood M. G. White R. D. Wilkinson F, E. Williams R. Witherbee L. Wolfersperger M. Woodward E. Wortendyke G. Wright J. H. Wright L. Zimmerman VASSARION iperials L, M. Kinne H. E. Stull 1907 M, H. Aiken . Edmands M. Northrop E. Amen M. Fisher P. Nutting R. Andrews M. Fritz E, Parks " M. E. Avery A. E. Gabriel S. Perry H, C. Bancroft . Goodrich V. Pike M. Barton Gould C. Pierce H, H. Belding L. A. Gow E, Popper L, Bennett M. Greenwood R. Porter H, Benton H Hamburgher H. Reeb A. Bole E. Hasbrouck A. Reed M. Borden H. Hart L. Rodman S. Buwnes H. Hawley L. Rogers C. C. Brtwster E. VV. Hinkel L. Rouzer C, Bryner M. Hitchcock K. Rumley G, Bullard A. Hopson S. R. Scott K, Bunker E. V, Hubbard A. M. Sessions I. Cain E. M. Hughes M, Service G. Conant A, T. Huyler A. M. Shaw C. Corney ' R. Ingraham H. Shope M, Connor F. Ivy C, Smith E. Conover M. Ivy G. B. Spooner A. Coolidge M, Jewett M, Stroh A. Cranmer Nl. C. lohnson H. St. Peter M. Crandall A. Johnson F. R. Sweeney E. Crawford A. Kennedy L. Sayer G. Crawford P. Kipper G. C. Taylor P. Crocker M. Lambie H. G. Taylor C. Crosby M. N. Lawrence Torrence R. Cutler Lindemann N. A. Trask E, M. Darrow L. Lockwood H. Tucker V. Deacon G. Lockwood B. E. Tyler A. Dow M. B. Lord E. Underhill H. Drake H. Lowell M. Vilas E. A. Draper M. P. Lyall A. Van Nostrand E. A. Dunstan M. Maplesden L. Van Vechten G. Durbridge H. Manro G. Wayman H, E. Ebel L. Medbury M, Wentworth O. Edgcomb E. Mills G, VVhitney M. Moore VASSARION VVilder VV. C. Wilson C, Wright H. Vllilliams E. WoodrufF H. Young P, Williams K, Worcester 1908 Adams H, Edwards M. Maynard Angell C. Edwards E. Maxson Babbott M. English K. Merritt Baird B. Fairbank P. Meyers Banheld H. Farrall E. Miller H, Baldwin B. Fenton M. Milne W. Barnes H, Fisher H. Mygatt , L. Barrett H, Graves B, Norris . Bevier F. Green K. Noyes Blanche M, Griggs H. Otis Blatner B, Groeneveld M. Parker Bourne V. Hale M. Porter Bowie E, Haley L. B. Phipard Brodie H. Hammer A. Pldetschinger Bronson B, Hanford H. Quaintance Brush K. Halsey L. Reynolds Bruyn H. Harwood H. Rice Buch R. Heald M. Rich Bullard R. Harris F. Robinson Chapin H. Hequemlvourg K, Rose Charlton R. Hornlvlower H. Schermerhorne Childs C. Hotchkiss Schneider Chipp B. Howe F. Schimmelfeng Clarke H, Hoyt R. Sellers Clark M. Jennings C, Shepard Collier E. H. Johnson M. Shotwell Cole H. Josselyn E. Showalter Connor H. Keyes D. Signor Conover D. King B. Smith Cranford H. King A, Speer Cornell D. Kinnersley Sprague Custis M. Lane E. .Stanwood Davis H. Leech O. Stewart Davis C. Lloyd M. Stewart de Lima A. Lyman B. Stan de Lima G. McAllister L. Strauss Dodge B. McKey C. Southard Duiley McVoy E. Suplee Dunn M. Martin M. Taylor VASSARION A. True E. Wheeler E. Williams lf. Van Cleef S. White N. Wilson D, Vandegrift N. White A. Wing V, Van Kirk M. Whittier S. Wolf H. Wardwell H. Wilcox M. Wright A. Wertz H. Wilkinson H. Zabriskie IQOQ A. Allan G. Harris M. Root l. Angell E. Hasbrouck C. Rowe M. Arnold B. Hazen E. Rulofson B. Baker E. Hickox M. Ryerson R. Bellatti M. Hoffman E. Sidenberg M. Bills C. Hitchings K. Smith H. Brown E. Kahn M. Smith M. Campbell M. Kays A. Snyder D. Clarke M. Kohn M. Spaulding M. Clise M. Lusk E. Sprague F. Cutler H. Maclfnerney A. Stewart E. Darrow E. Macomber A. Strawn F. Dennis G. Madden F. Tyler Dunn B. Mann H. Waite C. lfdgcomb P. Martin B. Webster A. Fe-ick O. Mason B. Westerberg C. Forbes N. Miller M. Wilcox K. Foster A. Morse E. Winne C. Griflin M. Mumford E. Woodruff E. Hanford A. Nilsen E. Zeller fi il F f 1. rx,..k.v I - ,og FLEMING 1906 Basketball Team , Captain M. WALBRIDGE A. CAMPBELL M. MUNN E. M. HILL G. S. WRIGHT . E. C. LOWRY V C. FLEMING M. DIMOCK, Manager Center Center Side Center Side Center Forward Forward Guard Guard W. HU 1907 basketball Qleam ARD, Captain H. A. DRAKE M. VILAS A. H. BELDING R. C. WILDER YA. HoPsoN E. V. W. HUBBARD T. M. BARTON akllesigned M. P. MOOR Mana er Center Center Side Center Side Center Forward Forward Guard Guard 1908 basketball Qleam KING, Captain D. VANDEGRIFT M. MILNE H. JOSSELYN E. MCKEY H. ZABRISKIE M. BOWIE D. KING M. BABBOTT Manager Center Center Side Cenier Side Center Guard A Guard Forward Forward HELEN WAITE, 1909 basketball Ulieam Captain M. LINDSAY H. WAITE M. CAMPBELL H. BROWN S. PHILIPS C. GRIFFIN M. MUMFORD RUTH FLANIGE Center Center Side Center Side Center Guard Guard Forward Forward N, Manager F. HARR1 1906 Zanrisep Tlieam Captain E. HARRIS J. SEARING R. ADSIT M. PAINE M. CONNELL R. PARK E. FORD C. PINK L. PARRY E. EVANS M. BOWEN S. LEW Cenfer Forward Center Half-book Right Inside Forward Left Infide Forward Right Wing Left Wzlng Rigbi Half-back Left Half-bark Right Full-back Left Full-back Goal IS, Manager 1907 ,lfanrkep Tllieam H. WRIGHT, Captain C. WRIGHT H. TAYLOR M. JEWETT A. CRANMER M. GARDNER L. MEDBURY E. HUGHES G. WOODRUFF K. BUNKER C. PIERCE L. RODMAN H. H. HA Center Forward Right Inside Forward Left fnxide Forward Right Wz'ng Left Wing Riglot Half-back Left Half-bark Center Half-back Left Full-back Right Full-back Goal MHHUGET R. HORNBLOWE 1908 ibnrkep Qleam R, C a p 2' cz 1' n H. MESSINGER M. TAYLOR E . STANWOOD R. HORNBLOWER B. ERWIN E. FAIRBANKS H. ADAMS M. HEATH C. SHEPARD E. SUPLEE I. JOHNSON A M. I E N N I N Center ,F07"LULZTd Right In.vz'a'e Porwara' Left Inxide Forward Left Wz'ng Right W1'ng Right Half-bark Left Half-bark Center Half-back Left Full-back Rigfzvt Full-bark Goal GS, Affanager 1909 iianrkep Tlieam M1I,HOLLAND, Captain E. S. WOODRUFF E. FARLEY M. KINGSBURY A. E. HUGHES M. L. SCOTT A. H. WARE M. A. CAMPBELL J. FARRALL I. MILHOLLAND E. C. MACOMBER C. DE FOREST GRIFFIN M. LUSK, Manager Center Forward Right Infida Forward Lefz' Inside Forfuarzf Left Wz'ng Right Wz'ng Right Half-back Left Half-bark Center Half-fiark Left Full-back Right Full-bark Goal -My Wfpx X M X .-wrfgxh. Ygngxjljg ,im w-gsm may I I - " +-x1 "' 'en A 'WY-,K -,' ' ' -QQ' , 'A "A"' me-TTI' T REQUIRES Efufnf 50-YARD DASH Ioo-YARD DASH 220-YARD RUN Izo-YARD HURDLE FENCE VAULT RUNNING HIGH JUMP STANDING BROAD JUMP RUNNING BROAD JUMP PUTTING 8-POUND SHOT BASEBALL THROW BASKETBALL THROW 300-YARD RELAY RACE IOO-YARD HURDLE Renard 6 3-5 seconds I3 I-5 seconds 30 3-5 seconds zo seconds 4. ft., IO I-2 in. 4 ft., 2 I-2 in. 7 FI., 7 in. I4 fr., 6 I-2 in. 29 ft., II I-2 in. I95 fr., 6 in. 72 ft., 5 I-2 in. 42 4.-5 seconds I7 I-5 seconds :IFisIlI Day Qllbampiunzsbtp WON BY IQO5 'Basketball Qibampiunsbip WON BY 1906 Donkey Qllbampinnsbip WON BY IQO7 Holder A. S. WOOD, 'O3 F. JAMES, 'O4 A. S. WOOD, '03 B. LOCKWOOD, ,OI . E. MERRILL, '02 H. C. BABSON, 'O5 J. D E. G. GARDINER, 'O4. E. G. GARDINER, 'O4 E. H. WHITE, 'O2 A. BELDING, ,O7 H. MCCOY, 'O3 IQOI C. S. BARNES, 'O5 rf ' f , .5 Eennis Tllnurnament Winner of Doubles, 1905, S. LEWIS, '06, and SEARING, '06 ' Qllummittes RUTH A. PARK, 1906, Chairman ANNIE CAMPBELL, 1906 KATHARINE MERRILL, 1907 E1,01sE HOWE, 1908 MARY KINGSBURY, 1909 333522333 3"Q1E-ij 4 'iff 'Jig -- -I ':, sh-.r,L. -n." af 'V ' .,-'-- v '--N.-4 -'-254 , fi - Z1-f J .w"-m'42'1f'h" A NAM? 3 Jiv .-.IH -iv -. , - .- QW ' '- .- f.-.-.- : 4 -,"-1x2- E JV., .-552' 1- 4 1 A-1:0 ia? . .,. ,v'.,..,..x g,4.,l-l,.,ggcx gf .,.g-,. ,. - - In ..,.'a-3:11-4.5. :. , . 7 1" .f .V Msg? .,..,, -af. , , - ,M ., gizffv ,, ' Q 1 , .,. , .,1 -, . .. - s ..1.c'--,Z .-1-:: -r . vga? '1 S'-f., ,..f.q,L'-Q.-HE? -,fsrrw-Q X -1 -1 QQ 'N V ., gf-5fg?Y'5'g?'f1g1.'3Q-.3 'fQgC73 ,-V' Ff1f'::.g-,,gf:-- affgf-5-migiz i wait, V iq, : . V,y:i,.-163352. "'2'g'-'2 '.-It 71"--193 J., 5 . 1 -. "1 C' y. .,,. R1,w. Zf?i"'5z,":Z5 if 1 -gg .- 2-yy: . .x ..,,.,, yn, ,. ,K 5 N.,-,,.- N, .4 in... -4fi"L-W me - , my 31,Ti+r3Lw-'N' ,,V, Q' ' .--, - K' r if--zffj' -?5fEi'E.f ' 'M ISHS' JF ' was -Agsv -, , x - - ' , ,JQZ M' A 5,i'f-.9-.:I..,,,..g,, , ,--:sf - -' 3 , 12 Q- ,.','-.1 , ,.l3.-::1,1v+ " 'K '.7.,Ex .wht ' -- 1 Liifgv in-v-w. s ,. c , . f,, Gi '1 4f'.,2Jx'.-54-2933: H .- f5wf5f'2'E. , 1.154 ,Q:,'!'S71Li'?"cf?fi'J?Qffe'5"E5R- +:- win-f,,-,I-'fsxy 'x -Q Afmf' .K "5i34:??Js:4-WWXPKL-5:3-J-1" 4' ' 47:3 .--1,-Aw, 4,-f4lf:'H mfg-.vS"5z3s-W 'A-'?2EiA5emx3.5-9-xj..:--1-Yf-ref-w Q. - V va V ' a af.,gv5-P!- v---- ' 4 x - ' -.h, I ' - ' . '-5-""i4'-'."SS5? SC. V Q1 ,' 3f5.'2'1-1 ,1-, 7-1313: ' -1M - If x f' - 1-,... .- .1 -:W . ,- H- '-Q fa- .-5 . .- M rlw mu v llv w11s1eMm11fwryui nam umm R 'ff H """' vWl ' 4 W 1+ wa + Q M H W WM w w f i f N JM' fi Qf4ff H N! M' H ?E, HL lm N 'B 011132 jfilisrellanp fbuarh Qihiturs CARY FINK, 1906, Ea'z'z'o1--in-Cloz'ef ELIZABETH SEVERANCE, 1906 MARY BYNUM JARNAGIN, IQO6 FRANCES CAMPAU SIBLEY, 1906 LUCY DICKINSON, 1907 ELIZABETH ELY GOODRICH, IQO7 ELIZA ADELAIDE DRAPER, 1907 -Business managers MARION THURBER PAINE, IQO6 LOUISE MEDBURY, 1907 VASSARIGN N f.f. If 'f' ?fg'4 9, :uf gag! I 'fx AY 'WI ,fm-' -. -: I is wc 4 si A I I Bassarion ibnarh QE3I1itnr:txi:QIllJief ELSIE MITCPIELI, RUSHMORE ilitsrarp Qlihtturs EMILY VAN DUZER FORD FRANCES THOMPSON TOWERS ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK VAN DER V Qtt Qihiturs AIMEE WINIFRED FISHER BERTHA GRACE HURLBUT mbutugrapb Qilntuvr EVA HAWLEY MEYROWVITZ Srrrztatp CARLOTTE FREDERICKE KRAUSE Business Managers ELIZABETH JEANNE CHANDLER ELSA IDA WEIL EER 4' gi? sg I if Ifif fy 7 ,IP . in J. E 51. , J ' , 1 , SY' 5 . , ?: Q 6 . I-, gi , "QE: 51' X VASSARION Supplement ants Bet: ibuuk LCHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION PUBLICATIONSj Qitlttuys uf the Ben Bunk MABEL KINGSBURY CAROLINE FLEMING EDITH HOWE Qihiturs uf the Supplement MABEL KINGSBURY IQO6, Ea'z'tor-z'n-Clwief HARRIET EBEL IQO7, Bu.vz'ne.v.f Manager MARGARET BRONSON IQO8 ,, 1 +. WW + ffwff my ll! X IW! PM ' yi '11 X W .Wy W A1 f-wrw v wx! 'N A W1 ,W ,Ax "M '! w frls M! 1 Swim Vg M J H ' JM , 1 1 vv-A N, , H N " f I 1 .1 , ,L " :fi 4 i is Q-.. :C -L: QQ: .2 j -ik-jgi A QT Jug! 22 -1 !...!"'3j A -Z -cl Z ii f 5 fa H ,Si Q A":pg?f hr x 2 if' ii ,Q 'i f I THE GLEE CLUB VASSARION 57 RA F.MEs1cR, 1 6121: Qlluh ALETTA PLATT, 1906 A11cE C, REED, 1907 F, M, 1VIORRIS, 1906 V. C. DEACON, 1907 G. F. MCCASKY, 1907 H. S. NICHOLSON, 1907 A. C. REED, 1907 L. HATCH, 1906 N. B. K11v1BA1.1., 1906 M. H. NOBLE, 1906 A. L. WEICHERT, 1906 E. W. FOSDICK, 1906 S. F. NIESICK, 1906 first :ivnpranus L. RODMAN, 1907 R. BATES, IQO8 R. W. IIEALD, 1908 O'IDONNEI.L, 1908 In G. VANDEGRIFT, IQO8 5121111111 Supranus M. L. BARRETT, IQOS D. D. BOARDMAN, 1908 M. MCMEIN, 1908 .1T1rst Qlltus M. T.A1v113115, 1907 G. DUNN, IQO8 5121111111 Slime: I. S. NORTON, 1907 H. E, GRAVES. 1908 Leader f4crom,1'1fz1zz1t 111111511 lwnnavev' BROWN, 1909 . M. CORBETT, 1909 . R. DUNSHEE, 1909 E. PHILIPS, IQOQ . L. DU BOIS, IQOQ E. PRESLEY, 1909 A. START, 1908 . M. HOIITON, IQOQ I. BRODIE, 1908 DUNN, IQOQ MANDOLIN AND GUITAR CLUB FL VASSARION jiilanhulin ann Guitar Qiluh 1sN12v113vE CONANT, 1907 . Iendev G. CONANT, 1907 E. H. MILLS, IQO7 D. CONOVER, 1908 M. RISE, 1908 H. HAWLEY, 1907 M. Kms, 1908 EANOR H.M1LLs,1907 . ana first jilanhnlins E. CHAPIN, 1908 Saeruuh jillanhulins A. G. HARRIS, 1909 Q5uttars M. G. IXTILSEN, 1908 CLARK, 1908 NILSEN, 1909 LE1cH10N, 1909 HOFFMAN, 1905? LAW, IQOQ VASSAR COLLEGE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA VASSARION 61 Bazaar Qinllege Symphony Qrrbestra PROFESSOR LEONARD B,McWHOOD .... Conductor GRACE E, NIA'RRETT, 1906 . . Serretary ana' Treuxurer EDITH JAMES, 1908 ........ Librarian PROFESSOR CHARLES XfV.NIOULTON . Business Marzager iBinIins MISS BALLARD M. M. BEVIER, 1908 E. JAMES, 1908 AFARRAL1., 1909 G, E, MARRETI, 1906 K. F. NOYES, 1908 C. B. FORBES, 1909 E. S. WOODRUEE, IQOQ G. DUNN, IQO8 M. E. RICH, IQO8 Bruins M, RAUS, 1908 M. KO1-IN, IQOQ Cello--PROFESSOR C. W. MOULTON Flute-PROFESSOR W. B. DWIGHT Bas:-A. R. TAYLOR, IQOQ Organ-C. A. Foss, 1908 62 V A S S A R I O N X ?v-1.112215 N 5 WANIFNYQAVZJ-4-2145-1' 4'4s1LZ4fSR1A' X ,, 6. . l -- ge" I N V ff' VU Rf " A 7 ' X .Z A 11. A.. AZZ QL. ,MZ Zia Z A A SSR 1 . I Ry I 2 N I SB ESQ I I ,II SSS 1 51 TP - Z 0417. '54, , , 3,,,,',. Qfjwghgff, rf ff fff ,ffffff Z X fe- 1 5 , T y H 1. X .2 'A L .6 ' ,f ef ' . u 1 llv. X' fy? If rQ11m:f4fi'zgezs zmgxww-Q! Nm fff 7 REI "'4' a f8'E' A11 2151 NSI "Rf :First Supranus M. T. CAREY 1 O6 V. DEACON I O R. BATES I 08 3 3 I P S. L. GRIGGS, 1906 L. A. GOW, IQO7 R. W. HEALD, 1908 E. G. HALL, IQO6 H. I'IART, IQO7 H. I. KING, 1908 M. ITIILL, IQO6 M. IVY, I907 L. R. STRAUSS, IQO8 M. B. LIUTCHINSON, IQO6 M. JEWETT, 1907 M. A. THOMAS, IQO8 F. M. NIORRIS, 1906 G. NICCASKY, 1907 F. VANDEORIFT, 1908 H. A. SCOUTON, 1906 R. POTTER, 1907 A. C. WING, 1908 R. WITHERBEE, IQO6 A. DUNSHEE, 1909 L. YERDON, IQO6 M. E. BOWMAN, 1907 L. BROOKE, 1907 L. RODMAN, 1907 G. SPOONER, 1907 G. C. TAYI,OR, 1907 H. R. ADAMS, IQO8 G. PIIILIPS, 1909 D. SMITI-I, 1909 R. L. DAVEY, 1906 C. EVERMAN, IQO6 L. IIATCH, IQO6 B. HUNT, 1906 F. KRAUSE, IOO6 . B. PRICE, 1906 H. H. TALCOTT, 1906 W. VVALBRIDGE, 1906 I-I. BENTON, 1907 C. H M. H. HAMLIN, 1906 J. SEARINO, IQO6 F. TOWNSEND, IQO6 A. L. VVEICHERT, 1906 M. BRACE, 1907 H. BRADFIELD, IQO6 S. MESICK, IQO6 M, H. NORLE, IQO6 Suzruutl Snupranna M. BORDEN, 1907 M. L. CONNOR, 1907 A. CRANMER, 1907 E. GOODRICII, IQO7 V. A. HAMILTON, 1907 E. V. KING, 1907 L. LOCKWOOD, IQO7 REED, 1907 A. I. VVOODBURY, IQO7 first Qltuz E. C. BRYNER, 1907 N E. A. START, IQO8 R M. GARDNER, 1907 M. LAMBIE, 1907 B. TYLER, 1907 E. ELDREDGE, 1908 Szrunh Qltus R. ANDREWS, 1907 C. FLEMING, IQO7 J. NORTON, 1907 A. BRODIE, IQO8 .I. DUTCHER, IQOQ . W. MASON, 1909 M. A. O C. MUNSON, 1909 H. BUCKLER, 1908 BA. HASBROUCK, 1908 M. MCMEIN, 1908 G, LITCHENER, IQO8 M. H. WHITTIER, 1908 B. H. BAKER, 1909 A. KAHLER, IQOQ R. PRESLEY, 1909 IVIAPLESDEN, 1908 . BARBER, IQOQ N. M. HORTON, 1909 E. S. LYON, 1909 H R H. QUAINTANCE, 1908 . E. GRAvEs, 1908 , F. NOYES, 1908 I 'I 1 R. E. B. 1 ,, . . ..1i Sxx- 'Big ' ' " R .X ' . Tf'5g,-1.g,S3.N M -1 'igiiia qlov Q -51:9 ,T SbA:.xmSAxSmxxAxAX 11 1 .. 1111I'v'1w T - Q. ff, '::"' x? 1' -' '11 4 Q ff' ' -', Info., 1Wylb f'1ff"d wjfly' Q5 'ww 51 L 1 MZ ! I , J ,f A "1 1 1 1 CS 01? f SERS' IH, In :jf 1 " W 'AI' 1, 11.176 ' I . 5. ' TJ 15 3 1' ,773 ELSIE RI.HILL Prexzdenz A , ? ZR, 1 MARY D. JEWETT . Sem-.fiary K' EDNA C. HRYNER , Treaxzarer .IJ Ii f U UN , HELEN BOURNE . . 1.1111-nrzaz "LE D LUCILE STRAUSS . f'15Jl.Sfl17lf.Ll-B7'fI7'l0 ' A 1.. L 5 L. ADSIT, IQO6 G. HALL, IQO6 B. KAUEFMAN, IQO6 M. L. T. MORSE, 1906 M. TUPPER, IQO6 R. XVITHERBEE, 1906 E. C. BREWSTER, 1907 E. L. DECKER, 1907 V. A. HANIILTON, 1907 M. IVY, 1907 M. D. JEWETT, IQO7 H. S. NICHOLSON, 1907 V. L. PIKE, IQO7 .first iuptanurs R. U. POTTER, 1907 J. C. SMITH, 1907 G. WH1T1NG, 1907 H. R. ADAMS, 1908 .H, M, BARNES, IQO8 M. L. BARRETT, IQO8 J. B. BRUYN, IQO8 M. E. DENNISON, IQO8 R. F. HARR1S, 1908 R. W. HEALD, 1908 M. T. SI-IOTNVELL, 1908 L. R. STRAUSS, 1908 M. A. THOMAS, 1908 A. E H. A. W K. M M H. H. M R. L. C. WING, 1908 QYOUNG, IQO8 DRIGGS, 1909 R. DUNSHEE, IQOQ E. DUTCHER, IQOQ R. FOSTER, IQOQ FULTON, IQOQ M. GAGE, IQOQ R. GOODYEAR, IQOQ J. HAYS, 1909 A. LEET, 1909 MASON, 1909 V. IVIATHIESON, 1909 M. C. MUNSON, 1909 D. E. SMITH, IQOQ 64 VA SSARION DURR1N, IQO6 M. HILL, 1906 F. KRAUSE, 1906 R. MACDONALD, IQO6 E. PACKARD, 1906 S. VVRIGHT, IQO6 E. ALLEN, 1907 T. BENTON, 1907 L. CONNOR, 1907 C. BRYNER, 1907 P. UNDERHILL, 1907 SBEUHU Suptzmma E. E. GOODRICH, IQO7 L. A. GOW, IQO7 M. M. GREENWOOD, 1907 E G A. LIASBROUCK, IQO7 H. LOCKWVOOD, 1907 G. B. SPOONER, 1907 A. BATES, 1908 D. D. BOARDMAN, IQO8 H. M E. BOVLINE, IQO8 MCMEIN, 1908 :First Silltus A. START, 1908 M. H. VVHITTIER, 1908 RLDREDGE, 1908 R. C. BARBER, IQOQ A, M. KAHLER, 1909 E. S. LYON, C. BRADFIELD, IQO6 ANDREWS, 1907 555501111 Slltms V. I. MAPLESDEN, IQO8 M. LANE, 1908 E. B4ACDONALD, IQO8 M. D. POTTER, IQO8 E. WOODRUEF, IQO8 M. I. ARNOLD, 1909 B. H. BAKER, 1909 J. F. MCINTOSH, IQOQ A. R. TAYLOR, 1909 A. H. WARE, 1909 E. S. VVINNE, 1909 L. A. WOOD, IQOQ I. M. BRONSON, IQOQ E. DUNN, 1909 G. P. GODARD, IQOQ 1909 H. QUA1NTANcE, IQO8 H. M. ZABRISKIE, IQO8 ,, my 'N 1 I 'lwx N 1 km 1 15N M. X X X N w H MT'T w m W W W M ' 1 ly l ,I ' Nt'-.f wvafll LL' 3 ' l L bil H13 Q: x Wlkkm id Ami'-NLR ,mf H qi? .I MW ' '5fWmnW1"WW4 ' ' 1 , , K uw, ' 'L x w N V ,H W, X NK af" NN X-vw w f X N 1 ax! LW Q my I M11 H r wH'Q?L17i33?fA QA M f M JW' QWij PW , 1N NJ I W Cm-V X Q!! NNI' My n I' 1 IrI?gm'W.,1ef'fg fj' ylQ ,1fwgi, Hflafr 3' X! I, y X' " Y Lu U I-U 3111 ta iiappa HA Wu Qibapter nf ein Bork QBffirets MISS MARGARET F.WASHI3URN. . . Preridenf MISS LAURA J.WYLIE . . Vice-President MISS CAROLINE E.FURNEsS . Secretary MISS ELOISE ELLERY .... Treaxurer Glbartzr jlflzmhzrs WINIFRED BALL, A.B. Theta of New York, 1890 LEROY C. COOLEY, Ph.D. Alpha of New York, 1886 FERDINAND C. FRENCH, Ph.D. Alpha of Rhode Island, 1884 HERBERT E. MILLS, Ph.D. Iota of New York, 1886 J. LEVERETI' MOORE, Ph.D. Alpha of Maryland, ISQZ CHARLES VV, MOULTON, Ph.D, Alpha of Minnesota, 1885 THEODORE C. SMITH, Ph.D. Alpha of Massachusetts, 1892 JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D. Alpha of Rhode Island, I886 Eilrtibe jiilzmhets PROFESSOR LEACH, '85 PROFESSOR WYYLIE, ,77 PROFESSOR WHITNEY, '68 PROFESSOR WASHBURN, ,QI MISS FREEMAN MISS UNDERHILL MISS WELLS MISS FURNESS MISS ELLERY MISS G. SMITH MRS. TILLINGHAST MISS HAIGHT MISS COWLEY MISS SPALDING MISS REED MISS STEVENSON MISS I. WHEELER MISS BOWMAN MISS RAYNOR MISS NICHOLS MISS NUTT'ING MISS BARDEN MISS HOLLOWAY MISS MILLER VASSARION jjlflsmhsts Qilzrtzh in 1906 ELEANOR FOSTER ADAMS ELIZA BUFFINGTON DOROTHY BURR MABEL CHILBERG ELIZABETH BROWNELL COLLIER LURA ESTHER COOLEY GRACE EADS DALTON MARY JORDON DIMOCK SUSAN LITTLE GRIGGS MARTHA CHRISTINE GUNDLACH REBA CREED HENDRICKSON EDITH HOWE EDNA JEFFERY SYDNEY LEWIS JEANNETTE WILSON LAWRENCE ALICE THURSTON MCGIRR HAZEL DUNLAP MCKEE SARAH MORRIS MAUDE MORRISON MARGARET TILDEN NUMSEN JANE WOOD PERKINS INEZ ANNA RIDGWAY ELIZABETH ALLAN ROBSON ELIZABETH SEVERANCE FRANCES CAMPAU SIBLEY AGNES STREIBERT FRANCES JOSEPHINE STEWART ALICE LESLIE WALKER MARY HUSTON WILSON JULIA HENRIETTA WRIGHT PRIMROSE VVOLVERTON ' jf JO? "7J . ' I ,11- ,WlIAmHwj " krglpvf' ' 'N-Mug I M ylgf , . , pa' I G' . ,- H 'I W3I,'5I.S fb L, NJ VL , A-l?f'1I9wlf1P f' f s'-vw-I , . Vrxil ,jj HE! n.I' m M Am . J Q . .M wi g u:L..m.-iv' 1 I VASSARION 2 lg N ' - - Qui Eine first Semester QBifirets MAUDE MORRISON .... . Speaker GRACE MARRETT . . Clerk LINDA FRAISSENET . Sergeant-at-Army SEEUHII Semester QBEEirers SARAH MORRIS ..... . . Speaker ELIZABETH VANDERPOOL POLK . . . Clerk SARA FREEMAN MESICK . . Sergeant-at-Arms VASSARION TE. anh ffl. :First Semester QBfH:ms MARY AVERY ..... . Speaker MILDRED IVY . Clerk Swann Szmestzr QBfHcevs ADELAIDE DRAPER .... . Speaker ELIZABETH TYLER . Clerk CIYIGH QBEicrm AZFI D.MCKEE,19o6. . . Preszdenz ARAH MORRIS,IQkO6 , . . Secretary jtlemhers 1 9 O 6 E. F. ADAMS M. T. PAINE H. CUMPSON A. PARK M. J. DIMOCK M. RUSHMORE C. FINK SEARING E. V. FORD SEVERANCE E. M. HILL C. SIBLEY V. LOBINGIER H. TALCOTT H. D. MCKEE B. WARNOCK S. MORRIS ZIMMERMAN I 9 0 7 E. W. AMEN M. E. AVERY M. BORDEN E. C. BRYNER E. CONOVER M. B. EDGCOMB E. GOODRICH B. LORD L. PIKE C. ST. PETER ' 'RRR' T TOPIC C' L UB' QBiIirzrs ELINOR CONOVER,IQO7. . . MARY BORDEN,IQO7 . . MARGARET MASONROSE,IQO7 . DELPHACooL1DGE,19o7 . Members A, BELDING O. EDGCOMB M. BORDEN H. GLENN S. BOWNE E, GOODRICH C. COMEY M. M. GREENWOOD E. CONOVER H. HART D. COOLIDGE Hxclqs M. CRANDALL F. IVY P. CROCKER L. LOCKWOOD R. CROWELL M. LORD A. DRAPER E. LINTON Prexident Vice-Prexidefzi Sefrcftary Treaxurer MEDBURY MILLS REED RODMAN RosE ROWE RUMNEY VJILDER WORCESTER ' ' TE' '-ORF!-RY Q o O . FRANCES CAMPAU SIBLEY,IOO6 Prexzdent EDNA LOUISE SMITH, IQO7. Serra a I 9 O 5 H. BABSON L. HOLLOWAY M. HOLMAN I 9 O 6 R. BRIBACH E. JEEFERY F. SIBLEY D. BURR E. HOWE L. WALKER C, FINK M. MORSE E, WEIL E. FORD E. RUSHMORE L. ZIMMREMAN E. SEVERANCE . I 9 O 7 M. BORDEN E. CONOVER E. L, SMITH M. COATS E. GOODRICII C. SMITH R, POTTER I 9 O 8 V. HALE K, MERRITT MRS. KENDRICK DOCTOR THELBERG DOCTOR KIMBALL ipunurarp jflembsrz MISS WELLS MISS WYLIE MISS REED MISS BUCK MISS WASHBURN MISS MCLEOD MISS BARROWS VASSARION KN Srriptnres CARY FINK EMILY FORD REBA HENDRICKSON EDITH HOWE RUTH MASON ELSIE RUSHMORE ELIZABETH SEVERANCE FRANCES SIBLEY ELIZABETH VAN DER VEER LEONORA WARNOCK :L I ,. ws. I ' ,,,,,,..,- 'RMIT-C + 'E v, SHFIKUPEFIR , Se w CLUB W f V I W7 ,ff 5 1? 1 'I I QV . X, If " M E f n i lg QI Fir! " W I ,V I L ,f '- ' T,:,4W.f ,f:,f14f'f I ' I M if PT A II l:fMgfi"4!:f'-Q 'I W 5 'fxlfk "A I 'O V WMF fx Q' 2- .1fE.f2'f-ip ? 1- Q, ESTHER SAVILLE ALICE REED. RSTHER SAVILLE MARY DIMOCK LILY ZIMMERMAN SYDNEY LEWIS JULIA SHARING MARY LORD KATHARINE HOLMAN ALICE REED QBlTi:e1:s jfilembets I O O 6 1907 S6'L'f6'fl1Ty L7 MARY JARNAGIN CAROLINE FLEMING EDYTHE POWNALL FRANCES TOWERS ETHEL RIDDLE JOYCE HICKS LOUISE RODMAN RUTH WILDER President d Treaxurer 4?-1'-T:g:gfi:-,,,::.,N I II I3 W 5 E I I 1 I I ,'M:m"iiaiLi"" ""' "" ' Dzc - f N Cl . Y. , ..,L, ,V,,. If l 11-E DICK ENS CLUB ..,- 'M7FWU3"l 2,- U ,,-- '4- 'I , left -' 1' N W 3:9 , I 'H T if If i I' .1 PQ fi J ' L1 I l I1 .fix IV X' is ii, ,E , Q9Einers HELEN I'IOOKER TALCOTT,IQO6. . Prey IVIARION THURBER PAINE, 1906. Vice-Pre: ELINOR CONOVER, IOO7 . SH1 ELEANOR HARLEY MILLS,IQO7. Tren I 9 O 6 HARRIETTE JANE COMSTOCK MABEL HYDE KINGSBURY HELEN CUMPSON MARGARET MUNN EDITH CLARA EVERMAN MARION THURBER PAINE EMILY VAN DEUZER FORD FRANCES CAMPAU SIBLEY SUSAN LITTLE GRIGGS HELEN HOOKER TALCOTI- I 9 0 7 ELINOR CONOVER MARY HALE CRANDALL ENID LINTON ELEANOR HARLEY MILLS LUCY JANE ROWE MII,DRED VILAS ident ident etary .VZJTET filllli gl 'N .iw-12111 lgflfhlfywr 'wr 5 Q, , f Mull lllil .lllal ilfflflilllllllllll 'ifg?il,ll1f'll1yllb'11 W pdf l l l 1 1 1 f I 'J ' X gjikggg S4825 W A 1 151,11 7 l.W ,,lglN!1 my lhmllhlmw WW gill ll'll.1.il1ll1r11e-'2 . 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Brace E. G. Brinsmade E. C. Bryner I. F. Cain B, Coats C. M. Corney D. Coolidge P. Crocker E. Cutting R, E, Cutler O. B. Edgcomb M. R. Fritz P, K, Angell M. R. Babhott J. Barclay R. Bates D. D. Boardman M. Bowie F. A. Browne F. L. Bullard B. Burns H. B. Charles D. B. Conover E. M. Cornell L. B. Crawford E. Cunningham E. M. Curtiss C. E. Custis M. Dudley C. E. Edwards E. Eldredge B. A. Hasbrouck M. M. Hitchcock A. W. Hopson E, V. Hubbard R. lngraham M. O. Jewett J. A. Lindemann M. Landon B. C. Maxfield A. Millington M. P. Moore P. C. Nutting V. L. Pike E. Popper 1908 M. G. Farrington G. M. Finch M. Fowler E. G. Gogin K. Halsey H. Hequembourg Z. M. HerHi E. M. Hoffman R. S. Howe B. D. Hubbell G. C. Hume I. C. Johnson D. B. King B. A. de Lima M. B. Maynard E. B. McKey K. K, hlerritt H. L. Messinger P. hleyers D, Nl. Sessions A. B. Smith J. C. Smith H. Stone G. B. Spooner H. Thiers L. R. Tracy lf. P. Underhill A. Urban E. N. Wilson I. M. Woodbury G. Woodruff K. B. Worcester S. Murdock M. Parker A. Plietschinger L. Phipard G. Potter M. E. Rich J. Roche K. Rose H. I. Schermerhorne ll. L. Schimmelfeng M. Sedgwick E. Sheild E. P. Showalter C. Shephard B. F, Smith R. L. Spalding J. C. Sprague E. A. Start R. Stutson VASSARION 4 W Thomas E. C. Watson M. E. Witte R. True A. Wertz S. Wolf C. W. Urban H. Wilkinson R. Zimmers F. Van Kirk M. Williams IQOQ A. R. Allan H. E. Hobart M. L. Roar M Alston B. B. Johnston A. Rosenbaum H. C. Barker A. M. Kiihler S. M. Ruddy B. H. Baker E. Kahn C. M Rowe A. F. Blumenthal S. C. Kemp B. G. Rulofson M A. Boardman G. L. Law M. S. Scott M. Braden H. Leighton F. B. Seeley H. Brown S. Leonard E. M Sidenberg L. Buchenberger S. F. Levy M. H. Sisson M, A. Campbell M. D. Lindsay D. E. Smith C. A. Casler R. S. Lyon A. D. Snyder H. D. Clarke , A H. T. Macllnerney L. L. Soule M L. Cochran A. E. McKinnie B. A. Sprague E. D. Conklin E. C. Macombe M. S. Squier F. VV. Cutler E. L. Marrett E. M Stacey E. M. Dennis R. O. Mason A. L. Strawn E. Dewey I. Milholland P. R. Sutton C. B. Edgcomb M, E. Moreau A. H. Taylor K. S. Farrow M. Mumford, M. O. Thomas R. Flanigen M. C. Munson L. C. Todd M Gage A. Naumburg H. T. Yvaite L. M. Gouge A. M. Nicol Nl. E. Watton S. R. Hamilton C. NT. Phelps lf. D. Weil L. S. Hammond F. Powers W. Wey S, G. Harris L. A. Quinn G. M. VVhite R. K. Heyn M. A. Renner B. T. VVinne C. Hitehings M. C. Ridgway H. Woods Special Qlluutse E. Darrow VASSARION ELIZABETH CHANDLER Mournw In-cb Qssistant jiilnutners ELSIE RUSHMORE EMILY FORD FRANCES TOWERS ELIZABETH VAN DER VEFR EVA IVIEYROWITZ ELSA WEIL AIMEE FISHER BERTHA HURLBUT CARLOTTE KRAUSE aklncorporated April 14th, Springfield. Former Editors please take note. A lx A M f liigl y X 1 4 1' .1 f1f5.?!,1k,.Sf n - XA Xv . T , Si , Qfgfze qpf- 1-N0 ,Q gi -n . A nh ' f v, W gi . .21 S. 'EX . .-. fx- - - if of A A ' . A 92 i 'A 'HI , ,QNX ' 1, we ee L I ff"- ELIZABETH CHANDLER . Preiifient VIOLET PI . . Secretary jfiihmhzrs DR. H, E, MILLS Mlss E. L. WELLS IQO6 L. A. Aldrich E. Collier Lf. Jeffery E. Ashmore M. Connell A, M. Kautz D. D. Axtell E. M. Cuddeback M. H. Kingsbury H. Bradfielcl H. Cumpson N. B. Kimball R. Bribach E. NT. Dixon B. Brown E. Bullington A. Burlingame A. Buxton E. Chandler L. Clark O. W. Galusha L. Hatch E. M. Hill E. Hincken A. W. Holme A. E. Holt E. G. Klahr J. H. Knox C. Krause L. A. Little V. Lobingier E. C. Lowry H. D. McKee VASSARION R. L. Mason E. Pierpont A. F. Wallach E. H. Meyrowitz E. M. Rushmore M. Waller E, Mills H. E. Searle F. A. Welwood S. Morris S. Slesinger E. I. Weil M. V. D. Nevius M. Tupper R. Witherbee M. H. Noble E. A. Tuttle L. Warnock M. T. Paine E. K. Van der Veer G. S. Wright IQO7 M. Aiken H. Maurs M. Shaw E. Bauman L. Medbury H. Shope E. Bleakley L. Mellier A. B. Smith I. Cain K. Merrill E. L. Smith E. A. Draper P. Nutting C. Smith H. Ebel C. Peirce F. Sweeny O. Edgcomb S. Perry S. Theis V. Edmands V. Pike Torrance M. Fritz E. Popper N. Trask P. Fuller H. St. Peter K. Tucker A. Gabriel I-I. Sawyer E. Underhill E. Goodrich L. Sayer A. Urban M, lvy M. Service M. Wentworth M. Lambie D. M. Sessions IQO8 L. MacNeille I. Woodbury H EAAHNIKH T IP1-:IA PROFESSOR A,LEACH , 1'Ipoe5pog JANE W.PERKINs,I9o6 .'Av-r1TIpoe8poS HELEN M.GLENN,IQO7 . I'pap.f.La1-eve EULLBOIGMOV GRACE EADS DALTON, 1906 GERTRUDE CULVER TAYLOR, 1907 ALICE LESLIE WALKER, 1906 GRACE EMILY TINKER, 1907 Kowwvof Mlss MACURDY N. E. BROTHERTON R. ANDRUS H. GLENN K. COLLIER R. N. CHILD M. FOWLER M. HARDENBROOK B. HANFORD C. B. FORBES L. C. GLEN MISS SPALDING I 9 0 5 NINA F. RAYNOR 1 9 0 6 A, E. DALTON I. PERKINS 1 9 0 7 G. LOOKWOOD V. L. PIKE 1 9 0 8 I. MAPLESDEN M, MARTIN F. PRATHER M, RICE M. RAUS I 9 O 9 H. GATES R. HEYN S. E. TYLER G. E. TINKER E. D. WOODBRIDGE J. ROOHE B. G. SMITH E. SHEILD A. VVING S. H. WOOD E. HORTON M. D. LINDSAY c-:mines EKZEBQESUE- ML JULES CAl4BON . flvnorary Preside LAURA HATCH, 1906 . - Pfffide NANCY B.KIMBALL,IQO6 Vim-Pfffifff JESSIE C. SMITH, 1907 . OLIVE B. EDGCOMB, 1907 M. E. BOWEN M. E. BROOKS B. C. BRUMEACI-I L. CLARK H. J. COMsTocIc E. H. MEYROWITZ F. MEYER M. MUNN F. N. BECKLEY M. C. BELKNAP S. B. BELL L. BENET E. E. BLEAKLEY A. A. BOLE S. M. BOWNE K. M. BUNKER M. L. CONNER D. COOLIDGE H. B. SWEENEY A. H. BALDWIN ' F. L. BENEDICT E. BERTXNE PRDF. JEAN C. BRACQ MRS. BRACQ jfflembets 1906 C. L. FLEMING L. FRAISSINET F. M. GOETCHIUS M. GREEN E. K. VAN DER VEER A. F. WALLACH E. C. LOWRY E. LUNDELL M. B. MADDEN E. MCLURI-1 A. P. DIETZMAN D. M. ECKHART F. A. WELWOOD A. FISHER M. L. YERDON L. A. LITTLE 1907 P. CRocIcER A. M. JOHNSON R. G. CUTLER E. JOSEPH F. E. EASTON E. V. KING O. B. EDGCOMB M. LAME1E E. GORING L. LEONARD M. S. HANSON E. LINTON E. A. HASBROUCK M. V. LYALL J. J. HICKS J. MCINTOSI-I A. M. HUBBARD E. G. MCROSTIE R. INGRAI-IAM L. MELLIER I 908 J. B. BRUYN A. B. DAY G. DUNN K. F. HARRIS G. L. WOOD H. W. HERING G. C. HUME H. B. KEYES M. H. TOBIN ibunutarp Members MISS ROGERS MISS BEARD . Secreta 5 Hn N! fb 2 VI 2 W 3 is L. . PARRY E. POWNALL L. . RAMSDELL E . RIDDLE C. KAIIN J. KNOX N. KIBIBALL B. F. OLDEIELD H. S. NICHOLSON S. B. PERRY F. V. PHILLIPS E. M. PIERSON M. L. QUINNELL H. D. RUSI-IMORE A. B. SMITH E. L. SMITH J. C. SMITH M. E. STROI-I G. WOODRUFF A. DE VRIES H. WARDWELL H. WILKINSON MISS CONROW MISS EPLER MISS FLORENCE BRACQ 75K .fl I' A R I . 1 5 V,- -gf Q. . 1 lj, RRABMTSBW H jk? fist I 42.1 WEHEEM QBH!czta RUTH LEONORA DAVEY, 1906 . . CARLOTTE FREDERICKE KRAUSE, IQO6 ALICE MARGARET GRANT, IQO7 . . ESTELLA HUSTON DUNNELLS, 1909 . E. F, ADAMS R. L. ADSITI L, A, ALDRICH D. D. AXTELL A. BURLINGAME H. CAMPBELL M. CHILBERG L. M. CUDDEBACK R, L. DAVEY E. DURRIN E, W. AMEN E, BOWMAN A, BELDING L. BENBT M. BORDEN I, F, CAIN G, CONANT H. B. DAVIS A. M. Dow F. EASTON H, F, EBEL O, EDGCOMB A. GARSON members I 9 O 6 E, M. FAIR C. A. FRENZEL E. H. GRAY M, C. GUNDLACH A. HATHAWAY A. M. KAUTZ G. KLAHR C. F. KRAUSE E. R. MACDONALD F, E. MEYER E. MILLS I 9 0 7 A. GRANT H. DE S. HANSON L, MON. HEDRICK R. HOAO E. V. HUBBARD F. IVY M. D. IEWETT J. A. LINDEMANN F. G. MCROSTIE E. MOAG L. MEDBURY M. NEALE M, A. NORTHRUP f If President Vice-Prexident' Secretary Treaxurer F. M. MORRIS M. H. NOBLE M. MUNSEN J. W, PERKINS R . RANSOM E. SAVILLE H. SCOUTON S. SLESINGER L, VAILE L, ZIMMERMAN R. POTTER H. L. A. REEB C. M. ROURKE H. C. ST. PETER H. SAWYER B. SCHULTZ G, B, SPOONER G. TAYLOR S, THEIS N, A, TRASK I. WESTFALL M. C. WILSON G. WHITING I. M. WOODBURY G. WOODRUFF V A S s A R I O N 85 1 O o 8 H. R. ADAMS H. M. HEQUEMBOURG K. B. ROSE R. BATES B. S. HOWE F. SCHIMMELFENG M. BLANCKE E. JAMES M T. SHOTWELL E. BOYNE KIELLAND D. SNEYD-KYNNERSLEY E. BURNS M. A. LEET M STANTON E. B. CHAPIN B. LEUTHOLD E. T. STRONG M, DENNISTON E. MARSON E. SUPLEE M, DUDLEY P, MEYERS M TROTTER E. H. DUNNELLS S. NILSON H. R. UPDIKE B. ERWIN D. OAKLEY B. L. VANDERBILT V, FLAHERTY M. D. POTTER H. WANTY F. GETMAN PULSFORD A. L, WEBER N. I. GRAY M. S. RAYMOND A. O. WERTZ N. HAKES K. ROCKWELL D. A. WHITE S. WOLF M, WRIGHT I 9 O 9 M. S. BARRELL T. HAMMOND R. PRESLEY N. BLENDHEIM H. HAYS B. PHILLIPPS M. BRAND E. KAHN H. B. POOLE A. CHEYNEY B. A. MANN M S. SCOTT B. I. DAY I. MILHOLLAND E. SINDENBERG G. DURHAM H. MOTLEY A. D. SNYDER R. HAAS M. MUNSON E. WEIL E. B. OSGOOD ipunurarp jfiilemhzrs PROFESSOR WHITNEY Mlss WELLS Mlss STRUCK MISS HERHOLZ MISS BERNKOPF MISS REINECKE MISS STROEBE MR. HEINRICH CONRIED D-AUJGEITJEIK5 SEVASSAJR COIBIBIBIBE, QBfEirers ELIZABETH SEVERANCE,IQO6 . President GRACE WHITING,I9O7 ..... Vice-Prexident MARGUERITE GRISWOLD ENGLISH,I9o8 SL'CT6fL1Ty H7101 TTEGIUTET jmemhsrs I 9 O 6 ELIZABETH BROWISIELL COLLIER L, H. BROWNELL COLLIER, ,74 MARION FREEMAN ELWELL . A. M. NICKERSON ELWELL, '82 M.ARION FITCH . . ' CORNELIA KNOWLES FITCH, '73 ANNE WADDINGTON HOLME PAULINE WADDINGTON HOLME, '6 ELIZABETH SEVERANCE . A. H. LIUSSEY SEVERANCE, '80 LUCY ELIYDTT SHANNON . . L. E. CROCKETT SHANNON, '72 I 9 0 7 MARY BENNETT LORD . . . JULIA S. BENNETT LORD, ,74 LOIS RICHMOND TRACY M. R. RICHMOND TRACY, '76 GRACE WHIT'ING . . LILLIE LEWIS WHITING, ,75 MARY CONSTANCE WILSON . . M. CONSTANCE WILSON, '69 I 9 O 8 ANNA FORBES BAILIE . LENA WOODWARD BARNES . KATHARINE BROWNELL COLLIER LESLEY BUCKLAND CRAWFORD ELIZABETH COCHRAN CUNNINGHAM MARGUERITE GRISWOLD ENGLISH . VIRGINIA SWINBURNE HALE . KATHARINE KROM MERRITT KATHARINE FRANCES NOYES . ELIZABETH STANWOOD . ANNA EVANS BAILIE, '68 M. L. WOODWARD BARNES, '80 L. H. BROWNELL COLLIER, '74, GENEVIEVE BUCKLAND CRAWFORD JANE COCHRAN CUNNINGHAM, '74 2 L. W. KELLOGG ENGLISH, 75 H. S. SWINBURNE HALE, ,73 FRANCES HOYT MERRITI, '70 E. C. HARTMAN NOYES, '80 L. L. BROCKWAY STANWOOD, '80 VASSARION 87 I 9 0 9 RUTH FULTON . . BEATRICE SHATTUCK FULTON, '85 MARGERY FULTON . . BEATRICE J. SHATTUCK FULTON, '85 FRANCES WALRATH KITTS HARRIET WALRATH KITTS, '84 DOROTHY ELIZABETH SMITH LAURA BROWN SMITH, '78 ALICE DOROTHEA SNYDER GRACE BLISS SNYDER, ,77 CORNELIA HUNTINGTON WARE JEANNETTE HUNTINGTON WARE, ,7O JEANNETTE WILHELMINA WEY FRANCES LIGGETT WEY, '73 ibunutavp jjfrizmhsrz MISS WOOD MISS WHITNEY MISS MCCALEB XM Jyg X 7'Q'f!f'W 4 f- X I ,f YZ ,ff R Xxrx x 1 K ' STS, f f : E311 ' X6 I I S 1 f- f L O - . ,I,, - 1 L5 1 K V, A M -iv 655' Zvi 'Q ' XO, Alu! ,nw 14, F ' 4 " fy N . 'Z .pf , "4 X ,I "' fl! 1 AWE . :- - y X fi - rf: ,df f F-A-A 1 fx M 'X ..-D 1,--Elm I W k R b' ...LDir PROFESSOR M, W, WHITNEY . DOCTOR C,R,FURNESS . . . . Assixzant Dir Qltcsrs MR,JOHN BURROUGHS . . . Honorary Pre: LYDIA ELLISON SAYER',I9O7 . . . . Pres LOUISE ADEI.E MAC NEII.LE,IQO8 . . Vice-Pres HELEN CLEMENCE ST.PETER,19O7 Sefretary and Tren irtihz Wzmhers I 9 O 5 H. C. NUTTING D. L. WORTHINGTON I 9 O 6 E, ASHMORE O, GALUSHA K, MCCORMICK A. BUXTON M. GUNDLACH A, T, MCGIRR N. C. BROTHERTON R. C. HENDRICKSON S. MESICK L. CLARK A. W. HOLME L. PACKARD E, B. COLLIER M. HUTCHINSON E. PIERPONT E. M. CUDDEBACK E. JONES H. E. SEARLE A. P. DIETZMAN R. T. JONES T. WALES P. E. FULLER E, L. LARMON A. L. WALKER J. W. LAWRENCE F, WALLACK A. A, WEICHERT E E fro? rt0'l' ident z'a'ent ident 5 UTE7' VASSARION M. C. BELKNAP L. BENIET E. C. BRYNER G. I. CRAWFORD A. M. Dow O. B. EDGCOMB E. GLANVILLE L. A. Gow A. W. HOPSON R. INGRAHAM P. K. ANGELL D. BOARDMAN K. B. COLLIER A. M. CUDDEBACK J. K. ANGELL A. B. DAY I 9 9 7 IVY D. JEWETT LAMBIE M, MANRO B. PERRY C. PEIRCE D. RUSHMORE C. ST. PETER SAWYER E. SAYER 1 9 O 8 ELTING G. GOGIN E. C. HOPSON HORNBLOWER A. MACNEILLE I 9 9 9 E. C. HOLDEN NAUMBERG H. M. K. SHOPE J. C. SMITH G. B. SPOONER H. G. TAYLOR E. C. TERRILI. N. A. TRASK A. J. URBAN M. WENTWORTH ' G. VVOODRUFF L. R. ZAHNER J. L. SCHIMMELFENG L. S. TAFT M. M. WING E. YOUNG L. C. TODD L. WELLS 'Mi .4 of V Sw FQ. I' i l ,X V ' Q: is , is 55 I5 'ci 'C I ' f '45-Q W I.. fii x f E , ...zxlxz X E XX S E S E E 5 S : XX S X gs T X X IX A X X 8 '-J.. SOUTHERN CLUB. Xxx QEEEBVB MARY BYNUM JARNAGIN, 1906 . . . Pfesidenf E-X .IOYCE JOHNSTON HICKS, IQO7 . Secretary and Treasurer' Q Igfv 'Q jiilemhern District of Columbia .... Q S M. U2 o C3 E. xx Cl'-I 00 9:5 USED N3 fD FD U1XI af Z Z Z 7 Z a Z? 5 Q2 . . . Z? if Z' , ,fl ,,p'y"V-f,yjfg,:,f'v 4 . . North Carolina ..... . Kentucky . . . Texas . . . . . . 3 A . . . 2 Virginia ..... 2 Q West Virginia ..... I Kansas Arkansas Maryland fff Iffffwfff W4 J-uv' 'F -'iv H , .. , ff ff! W" 1 Rx fff 1 x f, f , ' , xufqf ' , A 3? X? f'1fff, , - ' ffff, X014 , ff' K, f . gk !! lfjyyxff ,. ' ff X f wif. , NEW EN GLAND CLUB. QBffirets ELSIE HILL, IQO6 . , , , ELEANOR BRINSMADE, 1907 . Secretary and jiflemhem President S 3 rm fl If. R 'Q fu Nz ,tc I Y 'su- rf: I. M, 41.-R -vis Ak 1 J", ,.,4..- ww.. Nm if' , - x W Hy, 1 , "" hs., .4 . 1 u a 'H K' X f f'E 'I .51 V P - ffjzf' 5 rv' , 'T 3, 3 f K? L5 ff N N' A! ff! NW if JM 7 ,3 1-ff i f Q Q , y ', , ' ' fffff' f ' X- XX VX' f "I ' ' ' , 4-' Q Io l X 1 , . Y ., Q , .J lf!,,,"X f Ja ? Q . ,,w,, 1 ,- x . X Z ,If,! 'X x x X X' f' 1. S , 3 X 1 5 S ag X X N 1 W Q 1, i N a X Q w S 34, Q 1 S B X Maine . .... . New Hampshire Vermont . Massachusetts Connecticut . Rhode Island II 7 II 68 23 3 3 X X X X Q E E S S5 X . X as S S I2 Q Q K - S N x " 'JC N Nf:NERp.qNi4.3k ks SSQXRQMXN sgwsNf.:3sm,l:x:f kgsfxx?iQisTkxxXSiwQ2Q2x11XXxa Nm -fw A. MT :Q-1 MW JHBSGU Gllllll, QBffizerso MABEL H,BALDWIN,IQO6 . . . President ELEANOR WORTENDYKE, IQO6 . Vice-President PHOEBE NUTTING, 1907 . . . Serretary MAY LOUISE CONNOR,IQO7. . Treaxurer jliilzmhcrrs 1 9 o 6 M, Baldwin B. Hurlbut M. Nevius Van der Veer R. Davey C, Mackellar F. Rhodes P. Woolverton M, Fitch M. Munn H. Searle Wortendyke 1 9 o 7 M, Connor NI. Landon P. C. Nutting Trask A, Cranmer L. Mellier S. Scott Wilson G. Durbridge I 9 o 8 N, Baldwin E, Elmendorf E. Howe Smith M. Barrett M. Griggs E. James Updike M, Bevier B. Hanford E. Johnson Vanderbilt M. Blancke E. Havens G. Serrill Weber L, Crawford R. Heald E. Sheilcl Whittingham H. Davis M. Hires E. Sigler Zabriskie M. Davis I 9 0 9 A. Allan E, Holden H, McCullocli Savin R. Flanigen H, Maclinerney A. Morse Van Wagenen buuuratp members Dr, M. Harley Dr. A, I. P. Wood OLORADO M CLUB 1 if A f-f VX 1 M. xy 'DH V 7 X-A, 5. ., , v Q wwf? ' - f I Q 5 X wk if ., , W -'-um Q, . G.. 1 -' f ' '07 Qibizf Cbijfuta INEZR IDGVVA Ulrike I 9 o 6 Cbipuza, INEZ RIDGW AY Sfyibnduza, LUCRETIA VAILE I 9 o 7 Zitkalala, MABEL BRACE Ugudw' 17 N za , MARY E. PISCHER IQO8 Kannpalm, GRACE SWEENY I 9 0 9 Nerzemoosba, FLORENCE BRUMBACK Wahsitz, MADELINE RIDGWAY Y, 1906 iff .AMW 'ffff ,. M .- fx X A Rsgxxfxg-C .L Q. n 4 . 8 NRA? fffflfffz V' I ' . n 1 . X271 -www-V-ILCI-.L QBificzw DOROTHY ECKHART, IQO6 JESSIE C. SMITH, 1907 MABEL MAYNARD, IQOE8 LAURA HATCH LIDA AGNESE LITTLE MARGARET H. AIKEN THYRZA M. BARTON LUCY ROWE EMMA COLE DELLA B. CONOVER DOROTHY CHARLTON BARBARA ERWIN ETHEL M. COOMBS ESTHER ERWIN RACHEL 'FRWIN President . Vue-President Secreiary and Treaxunremr Members I 9 O 6 ETHEL LOWRY MABEL B. MADDEN JESSIE NORTON I 9 O 7 IRMA F. CAIN ELINOR CONOVER LAURA PACKARD LILY ZIMMERMAN GRACE MCCASKY MARGUERITE L. QUINNELL JESSIE C. SMITH I 9 O 8 VIRGINIA HALE MARJORIE LANE MABEL MAYNARD HELEN MESSINGER I 9 O 9 ROSE HAAS EDNA B. OSGOOD CAROLINE ROGERS MARY LOUISE ROOT ELIZABETH STANWOOD HILDA WILKINSON HELEN CHARLES HELEN OTIS BEATRICE SCHAFFNER LILLIAN TODD EDITH SARAH WELI.S viB IELIRQRI 1 , Se ,7:'9 Q LHETQF QVQNTS -5 September Septem ber October October October October October November November November November November November November November December 5? am . 190511906 22-College Exercises begin in the evening. -Annual Reception of the Christian Association. 4-Lecture and Song Recital: Miss hdargaret Goetz. I3-Concert: Kneisel Quartet. 21-Annual Excursion to Mohonlc. 27-Opening of Senior Parlor. 28-Sophomore Party. I0-Concert: Mr. Thaddeus Rich, violinist: Miss Frieda Stender, sopranog Mr. Erwin Schonert, pianist. II-First Hall Play: Cyrano de Bergerac. I4-Prof. Wilhelm Ostwald, Ph.D., Lecture: Relation of the Natural Sciences to Philosophy. I7-Prof. W. M, Wheeler, Lecture: The Habits and Instincts of Ants. -Junior Party. 22-Prof. G. P. Baker, Lecture: London and its Theatre in Shakespeare's Time. 24-Dr. Benjamin F. Trueblood, Lecture: Wllat International Arbitration has done for the Peace of the World. -Thanksgiving Day. -Anniversary of the Philalethean Society. 96 VASSARION December 2-Concert College Glee and Mandolin Clubs. December 7-Senior Birthday. December 8-Concert: Mr. Hans Schroeder, baritoneg Mr. Hervvegh von Ende, violinist: Mr. George Falkenstein, pianist. December 9-Second Hall Play: The Royal Family. December Io-Christmas Music. December I5-ChfiStm3S Vacation begins. January 3-College exercises begin. January 5-Dr, Edmund Otis Hovey, Lecture: Mount Pelee and the Destruction of St. Pierre, Martinique. January I2-Prof. Harry Seager, Ph.D., Lecture: The New Political Economy. January 26-Concert of the Choral Club. January 29-February 2-Semester Examinations. February 5-Second Semester begins. February 9-Prof. Allan Marquand, Ph.D., L.H.D., Lecture: The Temple of Apollo near Miletus. February II-'Mf. Thomas M. Lurrette. Subject: Tschaikowslcy. February 23-Prof. R. C. H. Catterall, Ph.D. February 26-Speakers and Quartette from Hampton, Va. February 241Thifd Hall Play: School for Scandal. March I6-Flonzalay Quanette. March I7--Annual Debate between Qui Vive and T. M. March 23-Spring Vacation begins. April 4-College Exercises begin. April 27--Founder's Day. May I9-Fourth Hall Play: Romeo and Juliet." May 30-Senior Vacation begins. June 4-8-Semester Examinations. June Io-Baccalaureate Address. June II--Phi Beta Kappa Address. June I2-Cl3SS Day. June I3-Fortieth Annual Commencement. 11 v R y W' "2 A - 'I lx Mx? Yvfvffgf N 1 -I gf' ff, 'ff - ' ff ff 'ffdl , . , ' -,Q ' 4 . 'X -QW., ,544ff,7,,gl1?Q,, , 1 -, Q- ,f -FW? , . f , V , X '11 J Qffi ff f"W-1 f l f 13 , f 1 -1Wg.e1,1fZf1f',f -4341 .M fig, ,y , f fdfw -f Q ,. f ,Qi ip, - f Pg : ' Aff W 1 A I , . 1 ff - f XV M y 1. ly gggs mm f H f::.w1,.., ff' 1 f 5,11 f 7,g,,,A1-,,,,2i-- f riff- ff, - A vi ij fff 1 'IR 1 ' ' 'ies ,1 1, 'ff , 1 6 ' YM '-V Y. 1' "F" 212323 " 'fi 5' 'Z' sci f .:'-n +9 " I bvx x' 1152232 1 f f f 1,1 1 Rx 5 - 'iii fl? ' X ' '3:?1ix1:+..':2-'V Nm M, If 1' 4 Im 111 211111 2 11111111111 TES IFIFJE OCTOBER 22, 1905 Qiummittee FSTHER SAVILLE, IQO6, Chairman EDITH EVERMAN, 1906 MABEL CHILBERG, 1906 MARY BORDEN, 1907 MARY LORD, 1907 Retaining Qllummitten MRS. KENDRICK MISS GRIGGS iii IUIHIP The Hnnual Grip tn jfflubunk OCTOBER 21st, 1905 THE ANNUAL TRIP TO MOHONK WAS ORIGI- NATED BY MR. FREDRICK ,E THOMPSON, A TRUSTEE OF VASSAR COLLEGE IN 1889, AND HAS BEEN CONTINUED SINCE HIS DEATH BY MRS. THOMPSON. ffuuim QQWHEDITF gjE1E5HHU f lol' ah. dai' MN AWWA 449315320 WAY wmfgv, was-EMM' gm Qliummtttre '55,a1g "' xvi, HELEN HOOKER TALCOTT, Chairman ETHEL MARIE RIDDLE MARY TARKINGTON CAREY RUTH LEONORE DAVEY ' MARJORIE EGERTON BROOKS LILY ZIMMERMANN EDITH SKELDING HOWE 5 izong ofWe150me 1903 E - expanse IQO - 3 ' 3' 'V if ,,9Tg'Em 23-,W Rffarfax VX 4 Sv 39.2,-wif 335554 364925 Q gQs-,jg 5 'Q fffkbf 'SJW 5 5 R54 wg My .5 4. Q fyzfiggf A-"" ff W wwf? Qs W 9331 wig' km X X bzfbff fi' 39 NS wi ifvwf -g M5 xg. X NL.- 4 Tr' . ' -N -:..c' I7-1 ,.JJ:w,--- nl, Wx? if - '. - o - V - . Simi:-:'rf z?fZ'53'3'1'f2'zCf 'L . r . V ,M .A.v x,1,,:.--,Ml . . Q., M .V . A A 6 . , 1if5f+2'.?fQ S22 ii- ' 'ff H ,.. 5.3 fjjfcgl " ff c if ' - " -I V , W. 5 . 1 1 X V f wk '49, x , 42' ff QQ- aj 34,4-,fg.,C'f' ,- M5 3 J 4' my W 'G 1 V 4 ,N 'A 23 zz? 'ga '52 go' f N Af , , ' Wai? QM. Em. um V x . I ' . V - "1 - ' It ,. he53g,A5?,j ,W xx K , 1 ,. 3, , . , , . , , F-'Qi-I 'V -GFI:-'wil 1'5"'- -'-1 ' vi' ' .f ' . ' 5 -'Z ' Qi:-+3-ww-:fl,fl5gg'fe2g,g5?3 V0 95 ' 1. 1' . g -A - 'AM ,. -f 4-. 4' -,,, , 2.1 , - l p- H ' . - - 9 K, 51 wffi f -- 2 '. 1 ", .3-:lg ,Q " lf- ,.f' ,I - , c " Kg. :Q Q. :vz - - ' W'f"z- .- - 4 ..e -1 '- , V - ' - -V V ' 9 - . - V - -9,411 V x z ,Z A ,. qg. M - . , ' 59495: 2-4,-Z" ' vs. f ., . ' ' . Usa'- Q gg- V :': 43, - ,-, ' ' 51, viwgf-' -f-1 " - mfr ' ' f ' Va' A ,L . . V . V V ,I .:.5.3,: ., - ' V I ' fy f. X ' , I ' I I , ' ' ,Q 1 " " ' 'X IMMWUUIUW Qjzvwim ' OCTOBER 28, 1905 iupbumurzs to 1Frz5IJmen Gummittzs MARGERY QUIGLEY, Claaxrman ELEANOR BERTINE MARY DENNISTON HELEN jossE1.YN RUTH TRUE HALLUWEQEN. x yX X xg I dreamed a court was held one day Of witches dark and fairies gay, And in the dream it seemed to me That they arraigned the faculty. The leader of them raised her head And muttering low these Words she said: "Since they made us wait a Week Now our vengeance shall we wreakg Bubble, bubble, Toil and trouble We will make them ill at ease, Bubble, bubble, Toil and trouble Let the lake no longer freeze When the skating's ruined quite Maybe they'll be more polite!" 195 I I ? f ' ff-, QU 1-2 ' M 45555 ff ? ri.35"m! 4' I' 132 'QQ Jonson :WV - X xi-R 57' My fi DARTV i .f jf X NOVEMBER 18, 1905 Quniurs to iFre5IJmen V Qlnmmittse LOUISA BROOKE, Clmifman M. CRANDALL A. BELDING E. CONOVER A. CRANMER I. WOODBURY L. BENIET L. MEDBURY 5 XX fix s gf ,,,, H Q., El' emits etttlmgi y KW df its l , if ll . k4 t DX' 1 ll X M Wi! 13 December 6, 1905 Melody: I arise from dreams of thee. Ccmllowayy O, it's work together here And it's play when work is done, And it's song and twilight cheer, As the days speed, one by one- But more cherished than the rest, More bright in memory Are the hours we all love best, When we're singing, dear, to thee. May the days which lie before As the days now passed away, For Julia, more and more, Be fair, be glad, be gayd And though time may bear us far ln thought we'll still be true For all you 've been to us, dear, And all we 've been to you. MAI. D- N. '06 5 J s I ww 1' NW NN-xx 3 1 WRWW . E .2 7' fu xx , N XR a , kNWNNKK X 5 ffm? ., 7, ..-, 0, ,,.. Y., v"" ' ---9 Z 6 EHAMYYHW R 5525! 2 RZ 2 E ,Z z X 1 X o W 9 I f Z x I 2.45 ZWJ44., Z Eiix 2 E fi zlfnrtieth Qnnihersam QDUEUIDEU 31, 1905 Qlummtttes ELIZABETH ROBSON, Chairman JEAN GLIPHANT, 1906 LUCY SHANNON, 1906 SARAH BOWNE, 1907 MARY LORD, 1907 MARY CHILDS, 1908 EDITH ELDREDGE, 1908 SARA PHILIPS, IQOQ EDITH BOWNE, 1909 l5QIe1W In-IN I wuz' Q fu-,YJ In 1 N "L ' W Y WY Y Y A id 'VXA 5 ' I' "- f rfp f KZQXL. 7, 25 "A- qy fh QW-111' ,., - wp'- I ' 'W' ,. v m - A N W fghiiv ,, II N fy, - I -Imwwxv ATTN um' A X WMU? If X I -ss.-f 1lMum1l'mfi1L, ,m 1111wI4., Iw MIAMI- - -fmarmwmmumn nmm wmv'- '- .'-. W, ' , '4 " 'INF' 1, . A ., , :I::'5S,1:ing 9-. .u..g V I - .tx x 1,-19, I 113351: up . ,H - .- , - La L P-... I. R A. -I-,RN f- -,W - J .1 .1 A- '11-IMM 'N R" - NHIWXSN RW' Wirsrlqwfmw., NHRA- AM., f?L'M12lff-1 - ,I4:IXYIsI111Im.. 'fg Nf'E,M iQ,, " -' ' Y X' tm QF WWI ' law 15 X 'gr xv f h -:V-AN", xy? QV, -I-1 r-3 . -1 , - 1 , -x , , L 1219-X x tk ilsfsefw- ,swf PJL, infer '- Elaiifeigav. 5 ge' -' .. if-.-mi ke-QM flewfft T g ' I 4 QQN' KX my? 2 . sq . 'f - --at U , -W ' stem? 56 i 755 N ' R f N 1' l Y r lltumfllilllrf H tltltllllmw Bun Who says that Vassar does not pay Respect to George's Natal Day ? Can fairer flag be in the world Than that which is on Main unfurled ? Why-every thought on George we turn And all our good gray matter burn, His dates and schemes to try to cram For Jimmie's history Exam. E'en for our mail we do not care, To turn our minds would prove a snareg But in the chapel soulfully . We sing " My Country 'tis of Thee." And sure our way as all must see ls better than frivollty, Why George himself would not advise That we carouse and gormandise. .. .Z-f WINTER OIIITIIIY DEBATE 1-' H , s I --" IN M ' GIF MARCH 17, 1906 Subint Resolved: That the further restriction Of immigration by an educational test is for the best interest ofthe United States. DECIDED IN FAVOR OF THE NEGATIVE Eshaters Qui ibiuz-Qfffirmatihe AGNES STREIBERT JULIA WRIGHT MAUDE MORRISON Qllternntszgi E. F. ADAMS SEARING M. CIIILEERG A. WALIACH I. A. RIDGVVAY P. WOOLVERTON Glummittzes Qui 3-Bibs HAZEI. D. MCKEE, Chairman EDNA JEFFERY RUTH A. PARK CYNTHIA MACKEI,LAR ' GRACE E. IVIARRETT ELSA WEIL JESSIE SMITH QI. Sz .iIIB..-jhegatiuz MARY BORDEN LOUISE MEDBUR1' HARRIET SAWYER Qliternatezi E. A. DRAPER M, P, MOORE A. B, SMITH C4I.8l3HPl. MARY E, AVERY, Cb THYRZA BARTON LOUISA BROOKE ENID LINTON PI-IOEBE N'U'1'1'ING CONSTANCE ROURKE 6117771071 mblnfgf Cl I ,LAN . MKII 5 X X xx s . I 'F Xi. . 'K - ,Arg . QE i X" I. - W Q ku II ,fl- Lf'--TXi"?.,11',.v M1 , ' ' I' '51, 3-'QI Q. .-I, -S J' I A -9-,. -I L ,I II I A ENQI: ii i VM Q l Hv:1f" IIIIIW-5J 3H 'niT1.I5wI I ,ff Q iw U I I Xi N: 5:5255 " Q Qifwffi-I ,f, 'U ,!g N TXQ 3 I 6 Q x E51 sx sl U fill! QI I I XV I QW N Ii Q L 4 -N 1 7 f' ' X mn'M"'X95xx?3 W IWTMW NWN I VFW V I Imvl - . I II In II- RR I -W - gr ,. Ill .I , , I , if .. I I - I -WQIIW f. I WMI I 1 I I II'l"I- I II A I I I IW A . I hint ., I II -I. we E -A I my I-If 1' .IHHII Il I I YN IQ ww I II 4 " I I XI . W"' 'il W V IM lxiQ,'I-,3-A5 A I N my I O I IW IIA., -I I I InfU'?IW MII'yg Ni" S , mm Y di I I M ' :UMM lip' A 'J Ulu I I gx N I lfllrn- 'FII , 'X E lk in I I L A I M I I R f Q M I 'LW . pg ry .,v , W I, HZ gf IVE? J- Y x i i I. H , 1 fr 1. 1 'I I .nur 1 .1 .0 Hn? I , MARJO RIE EGERTON BROOKS, DARLENE AXTELL MARION WOODWARD GRACE MCCASKY RUTH WILDER ANNA BALDWIN BARBARA IRWIN ATASSA NILSON FRANCES TYER Chairman I , A Mi.. WHA. If ,.- 'A H20 Qi W W I IE xml SNS? AA I pfgfgxmf Y A 4 E U 1 ,I I ,If I Ll' . ff" .,-P X mm I I I KNJ A i f I N I l, Nl' N XI X I I fm! 'W M If I. W IIII IT' RITE-123 IL 3 Ikx, fwg X X I 1 Q H.G.K. '07 MARIE WALBRIDGE, Chairman MABEL BALDWIN CARLOTTE KRAUSE JEAN OLIPHANT MARION SEARS ELEANOR WORTENDYKF JULIA WRIGHT 'Y' XX? + V-1 E+. Q f 4 21 ' X X -F H Firm GE I 'P Q- J TIA 3.9. I Q . ,r , I LJ V f r 1 2 , 7 V fl A1 fi 5 Af, W Q....1X, 1 Y iu-A Q +lCJm,m,.mg 50133-filfff Efitlnfltlf Qiliiliilwlltitliliill S M Ng f f il ' ZX H b- ya Hffflnqwfiw, ' , I , mu X if DTHIIIEIIIKRZ 2 'i X, ! f I- .55 W 1 14 . am K' X f y: L3 . im Nw f R ,XX f x11'xQml ff XX V If 1? 'Q U f if W, 4l4!,f ' XXPIV .4 fl I 1 I Ai :Ml 41x I I K, ,F 411 1 f 1- x ,VII .411 'K' I Lg"'lXXxJ'? I 'M Z X " ' V-fe' W v' my Q22 X 'W I1 Z , Gm gf X . X' X If FW M X , 1 I KW ' K f + K iq 6 X -5- , :S??hM:2' ' X N ORSINO .... VALENTINE QCourtierj . CUR1o . . . SEBASTIAN . . . SIR TOEY BELCH . . SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK MALVOLIO CSteward to Oli vi al TESTE fa clownD . . ANTONIO .... A SEA CAPTAIN . A PRIEST . VIOLA . . OLIVIA . . MARIA . . . . Lords, L ETHEL MCKISSON LILY ZIMMERMANN adies, fourth Ziaall imap MAy 13, 1905 melftb ight nr what Bun will Musicians, Attendants, O Qllummittse MARY FIELD TABER LOUISE MEDBURY RUTH UNDERHILL CAROLINE LLOYD Hicers an P. MOORE . M. P. CROCKER E. M.. POWNALL E. A DRAPER O. HASBROUCK S. C. ANGELL L. BROOKE J. H. WARE A. HEYWOOD H. COMSTOCK K. FRENCH EMILY VAN DUZER FORD HELEN HAZEL HART MARY RUTGERS CONGER d Sailors. ELSA WEIL ELINOR CONOVER B jfitst Ziaall imap November II, 1905 prann be Mrgerat CAST CYRANO DE BERGERAC . . . E. SAVILLE CHRISTIAN DE NEUVILLETTE I. MILI-IOLLAND COMTE DE GUICHE . . H. COMSTOCI4 RAGUENEAU .... ' A. SELLERS LE BRET ...... K. OYDONNELL CAPTAIN CARBON DE'CASTEL-JALOUX H. QUAINTANCE LIGUIERE , . A. WEICPIERT DE VALVERT E. M. HILL MON'fFLEURY H. QUAINTANCE IODELET . E. KLAHR CUIGY . M. GARDNER THE CAPUCHIN A MUSKETEER ROXANE . THE DUENNA SISTER MARTHA LISE , MOTHER MARGUERITE . . E. KLAHR I J. NORTON E. MILLS E. WORTENDYKI5 V. LOBINGIER N. KIMBALL E. WORTENDYKE Lords, Ladies, Cadets of Gascony, Nuns, Etc. The Misses Robinson, Tuttle, Wood- ward and Hutchinson and the Messrs Cuddeback, Kerr, Harris, Gardiner, Axtell and WeicIIeI't. Qbummittse EDYTHE M. POWNALL MARY HAMILTON MARION SENIOR MARY BORDEN KATHERINE K. MERIQITT ANNA H. BALDWIN MARGARET MUNN A?-4..,..4:101,f,--.--,. 2, ' . ff.-.Q-1.'.m34 ---7 ' K ., --4.1, , . . fx-.f:-f1::+:21r11'f35,"l - "Alf''?.fE'rif:r3fr5-5?-Ifi ,ju ,V -' z, 1 Q 1 Qffuwfffaz ,-W? , ix., 6 f ff gf? 51 5:2355 1 1 f ff ff! .-'Y r 'fx fpy .vgxff ff 1, .i f fjqw ,V ' U ,:jgf5a::1f':1 ,. . - -f'9"5Z25.z . - " ,Q 152' 5221.2 J ...a 3 1 f rf f Z' 7 .QEEIZTA ' . ,Y I Li.. LLL, bzcnnh Zllaall lap December 9, 1905 SH 3KnpaI jfamilp LOUIS VII-KING OF ARCACIA PRINCE VICTOR OF KURLAND DUKE OF BERASCEN . COUNT VARENSA, PRIME MINISTER . BARON HOLDENSEN, CHIEF OF CARDINAL CASANO . . FATIIER ANSELM . . LORD HERBERT WYNDHAfM STAPLETON MR. VANDERDYKE G. COBB PRINCE CHARLES FERDINAND AIDES DE CAMP . FOOTMEN CHAMBERLAIN . . . MARGARET, QUEEN CONSORT QUEEN MOTIJER . . ANGELA, ONLY DAUGHTER OF COMTESSE CARINI . . COMTESSE PRADO . . MRS. VANDERDYKE Q. COBB MABEL H. BALDWIN CAST . . O. B, EDGCOMB D. VANDEGRIFT . D. M. SESSIONS H. E. GRAVES POLICE F. S. MESICK E. BURNS M. HANSON B. HUNT M. TROTTER . UROBBIEH M. TROTTER H. BRADFIELD E. LOWRY L. NILSEN K. M. BUNKER H. B. KEYES . R. FLANIGEN HELEN HART M. BROOKS K. MCCORMICK D. ECKHART M. JENNINGS KING LOUIS . Qllummittez MARIE WALBRIDGE MARION E. SEARS MOLLIE H. CRANDALL PAULINE CROCKER HARRIETTE MYGATT MARGARET BEVIER MARY CAMPBELL 'Qibirh 395111 1913? February 24, 1906 H Srbnul fur Sranhal LADY SNEERWELI. . SNAKE . . JOSEPH SURFACE . MARIA . . MRS. CANDOUR . CRABTREE . . SIR BENJAMIN BACKBITE SIR PETER TEAZLE . ROWLEY . . . LADY TEAZLE . . SIR OLIVER SURFACE CHARLES SURFACE . CARELESS . . SIR HARRY BUMPER . MOSES . . . TRIP . . . A CAST SERVANTS AND FRIENDS OF CHARLES SURFACE FAIRFAX PROUDFIT G. F.. MARRETT E. BERTINE M. FULTON S. LEWIS I. C. BONELL M. COOPER L. M. PARRY E. DUNN H. H. HART G. DUNN G. C. TAYLOR R. E. PRESLEY H. C. BRADEIELD S. B. PERRY E. F. HARRIS Qilummittee MARION TI-IURBER PAINE HELEN CUMPSON EDITH LOUISE LARMON ALICE H. BELDING RUTH NINA POTTER GERTRUDE C. HUME ISABEI. C. JOHNSON FRANCES L. TYER I I ' .' - . A p :.- if ww 5 -M--zz.-: Q .vm f-iv me . -:- , Q 5 ' . '. Q 5-'- r' It..-pr' 41? 'IB' 1-'L '12 - -:IEE -.Uri-'-.":'a" ,nz . 'JG 2 - .,,- : :gg-' , '- , 523 .- pe:-'....1,g.' -iii'-g'F I - 3. :.5,1: 5. -L1i',:a',-q 1, - -, 1.9: " TA--.lg Q aff 3 '31,--:gl ,iq , fi- ,.. -, 4 . - .-1-. .gg .1 . 1512511 ,l'f,.i31 af-- .:" 2 -2 -21 ' R.-af ff' 2 ' 1 1:11 ai 52 '- U1 . -, 3 . :--- '-.-':-Hag 4:-:- . r - L, -: ,L . . ,5 . ef ,-. , . -,gf : . .- ,.':g. , my 1 -3 . .5 f -. , v- 2' ".9'f?-12' ', -1-, Jgzrq ' "Q: -' V. . 1' r' -4 ',' '.L : -a' 6 ' - .T-.Z '45, V511'-' -" ' lf 741' ' - f 54' 1-:E 5 1- 'Q TEL- EZ-F' F4 f- f .. 1,-'.. :' ., ', 'f 4 L-L':. - A-fy, "' 5,5 g,.", fi, 5.52-'gi "f" ' "' ' ' 11-5:21 : " s sA-LfJ4 uf: 1' ' Q May IQ, 1906 I amen ann Eluhet Qllummittee MARY BYNUM JARNAGIN M. K. SHOPE DELLA BOARDMAN CONOVER HELEN ANNETTE FLORENCE WALLACH ' ELIZABETH BROWNELL CoL1.1ER KATHERINE HOLNIAN RUTH HORNBLOWER MARY KINGSBURY D Qibaptar flaps ALPHA-THE LAW OF HEART,S DESIRE BETA-THIE ROMANCERS THETA-A DOUBLE D1-LCEPTION OMEGA!-THE MOUSE TRAP QOLHSS Of 1906, Senior Cilass CLASS FLOWER: Whz'te Rafe QBffi:ers IULIA SEARING . . . Pram-ide ER SAVILLE . Vice-Prefident ELIZABETH ROBSON. . , Secretary LELIAVVOLFERSPERGER .Treasur 124 VASSARION i A 1 N 1 f 1 0 if in ,GR o Q Y' OOO Senior lass ull I ELEANOR FOSTER ADAMS 60 Windsor Road, Brookline, Mass I Q'And io! E. Adams' mme 1.-fd all the rest!" RACHEL LIONNE ADSIT Voorheesville, N. Y "And wliereso er we went like Juno's swans-" lsef IW. B. "1 ni ' Famed for propriety. LOUISE AUGUSTA ALDRICH 264 Downer Place, Aurora, Ill ai . ,, g'My little body is a-weary of this great world." A I.:.v'.g:5E'vA. -. far -A ii' EDITH HELEN ALVORD 152 Williams Ave., Winsted, Conn. vAssARIoN 125 Aan, R ,Q my . . I E ,T 2" A 411, .Q ' f-31'-+f ":2::'g:P.4. Q Z, A , f , f ' av lb 1' . , . C-:I--.Q ,QZ ai? , ' 3 I .. X ... . , EDITH ASHMORE 78 Winth1'op Ave., Wollaston, Mass. "And now for a treat shall I study awhile Or sew for the rest of the day? How happy could I be with either Were t'other dear charmer away!" DARLENE DAVIS AXTELL Harvard, Ill. llNow the plays are begun I shall have no peacef, MABEL HARTSHORNE BALDWIN 61 Munn Ave., East Orange, NJ. uWill you, won't you, will you, won't you, Won't you join the dance?" ANGELA WALLACE BEALES 153 Rugby Road, Flatbush, L. I. l 'KMany are called but few get up." HADASSAH MARGUERITE BOWEN Delphi, Ind k'Cards were at first for benefit designed, Sent to amuse, not to enslave the mind." HELEN C. BRADFIELD I6 State St., Grand Rapids, Mich g'For if she will she will, you may depend on it, And if she won't she won't, and there's an end on it." I2 VASSARION . v sh- it. .,. . V .-A,.,,... z:-:-:R-. . - ' . .?'Q:': Q N we , if --:-:-:.. gig-1:3 ' gi bf gr, W fi xj. .-,f ' I 5 . ,- RUTH LOMAS BRIBACH 6639 Virginia Ave., St. Louis, Mo. HI always understand you well enough till you begin to explain." MARJORIE EGERTON BROOKS Elyria, Ohio "My name is Solomon Isaacs, And my color is yellow this year." IM. E. B.l NINA CAROLYN BROTHERTON 88 Page Ave., E. Cleveland, O. uStill smiling." BERTHA BROWN 14.4 Congress Ave., Providence, R. I. "We are charmed by neatncss of person, let not thy hair be out of Order." MARGARET BROWN Wellesley Hills, Mass. "TH not budge one inch." BLANCHE CAREY BRUMBACK 1603 Madison Ave., Toledo,O. . uWhat a spenclthrift is he of his tongue." VASSARION 127 f-4-I' X qv Xl. -49 . -ff- E?i::E-Pf'Ev..f" vi V. ,Q A f 1497. .,.,. V QQ e I' fs if er Y, ,:' f -.11igJ5f' ,f ' .. Us ff sw, . f if X ,, ,V R' f ELIZA BUFFINGTON 26 Grove St., Madison, N. "I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard." AMY BURLINGAME 46 Main St., Exeter, N. H. 'kThey have a thing called Science With phrases strange and pat, My dear, can you imagine Intelligence like that ?" DOROTHY BURR Williamstown, Mass. "Her conversation was unmercifully oracularf' ALICE GOULD BUXTON Warsaw, N. Y. "I know the amplitude of time." ANNIE DEMPSTER CAMPBELL 5701 Stanton Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. "What a terrible thing is a conscience!" HEI.EN CAMPBELL Newtown, Ind. K'Who lavishly commends." i 128 VASSARION Q, QS' F , ,A-Ls, ' A f. I as I I' B 'A it-1, , 1 ' I W K r . -"""e, i , M 5 .fh a 1 - KATHARINE DOROTHY CANTLON 9 West Twelfth St., Erie, Pa g'Be careful but not full of care." MARY TARKINGTON CAREY II5O North Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind 'kAnd for my raiment it shall be such as shall provoke the Persiansf' ELIZABETH JEANNE CHANDLER Kewanee, Ill uSeldom he smiled, and smiled in such a sort, As if he mocked himself, and scorned the spirit That could be moved to smile at anything." MABEL CHILBERG IIO2 Fifth Ave., Seattle, Wash uOut, out, brief candle." LOUISE CLARK IOQ West 82d St., New York, N. Y 'kSl1e was relatively blessed." EDITH LEE COLLIER 660 Clinton Place, Memphis, Tenn uSl1e holds It a vice not to do more than she is cxpectedf, T VASSARION I2 'Q- t . 9. 2 I 4 5, ww' if X64 1 I '5 is f V.: t 'tw '45b, I :- :P . ..,- fa ,..L . K4 if ' XA ,iq ELIZABETH BROWNELL CoLL1E11 196 South Willa1'd St., Burlington, V L'Her manner was incurahly gentle." HARPJETTE JANE COMSTOCK 145 First St., Alpena, Mich K'Full of strange-sounding oaths." MARION CONNELL 623 South 24th St., Omaha, Neb "The sex was ever to the soldier kind." ROSE IRVINE CONVERSE 104 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, Ga uThere was a sound of hurrying feet, A tramp on echoing stairs, There was a rush along the aisle,- It was the hour of prayers." LURA ESTHER Coo1,EY 176 Gibson St., Canandaigua, N. Y UI just kept. quiet, and took notice." REBECCA BROWN CROLL is Middleton, P 650 let's discuss-just you and I, And try to answers find To questions theologicnl, It will divert the mind." 130 V A S S A R I O N ' fi t? ELIZABETH IVIALVEN CUDDEBACK 4.8 Sussex St., Port Jervis, IN "Her that ruled the roost." 4 . if . 23 :-T' Q- My i QA'-S. , ir, V .rf ,Q mg 'J y , 7 6 L,-5. :.- QI N , 2,512 :"' :,g . 5 K E , A X 'iffgxa ,li g?"xa I 'RFC HELEN CUMPSON IO8 Lancaster Ave., Buffalo, N 'LShe works as hard as adamant, That'S very hard they say." MARY DALLAS 201 South 25th Ave., Omaha, Ne uI'll go sleep if I can." GRACE EADS DALTON Wa1'1'enSbu1'g, Mo k'Rightly to be great Is not to stir without great argument." RUTH LEONORE DAVEY 32 Munn Ave., East Orange, N ALI will not cat my Soup I say, Take, take the nasty stuff away." ANNA PRIEST DIETZMANN Beechmont, Louisville uIf for a book you try to sign, To read at home with care, Fen though you go three weeks before, You'll find her name is there." V A S S A R I O N 131 V 3 MARY JORDAN DIIVIOCK 907 N. Broad Sr., Elizabeth, N. lvu, "With an effect of superlative decision." f ' EDITH DIXON II Walnut St., VVorcester, Mass b 'LCurs2:d be he Whoqnovcs ,my bones." ELSIE DUNWELL 207 Hart St., Brooklyn, N .Y , -4 Q 'f , 'NR'- "4,. Vw x f 1 ff! 1 X I 51" ' A , . 1 f 4. if ' iigjg , - ,J '-f:,:L- li. -f .. ' 'lCunning in mathematics." DOROTHY MARGUERITE ECKHART 187 Ashland Boulevard, uSupe of the evening, beautiful supef' ANNE MARIE EVANS 4OI7 Delmar Boulevard, S 'gOh the unnamed and unnameable Confectionery doings over which she presided." ELIZABETH MORRIS EVANS ' 424. Old Fort Place, Fort 'KI sat at my bridge at midnight." Chicago, lll t. Louis, Mo Wayfne, lnd I32 AVASSARION . . 'I- MF . -. G Xb.v- . . Q o Us Z J EZ .maj r EDITH CLARA EVERMAN 289 Junius St., Dallas, Tex "VVe don't know XVhy we got to laughing so-" lSee H. H. T.l ETHEL MARION FAIR Saltsburg, Pa "If Class Day had been today this year it would have been yesterday." CLARA ETHEL FARRAR . Midland Hotel, Kansas City, Mo "I'll speak in a monstrous little voice." CARY FINK R. F. D. No. zo, St. Matthews, Ky "They say that men have lots of faults, But women have just two, And that is everything they say, And everything they do." AIMEE WINIFRED FISHER ooo West 22nd St., Minneapolis, Minn "All art consists but in the removal of surplusagef' MARION FITCH 60 High St., Passaic, N. J uWhen I was at home I was in a better -placef, VASSARION 133 9 ,, Q , fe I EMILY VAN DUZER FORD 969 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. "Of inspiration gracefully chronic." EDITH WELLINGTON FOSDICK 167 Highland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. "O Fay-rie dream!" LINDA FRAISSINET 140 West 75th St., New York, N. Y. 'gThe gadding vine." CAROLINE EMMA FRENZEL 1627 North Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind MI am a Democrat!" ADA SISSON FULLER 217 Liberty St., Newburgh, N. Y uHer hand alone disturbs the silent dust." ORA VVILSON GALUSHA South Royalton, Vt l'She has no time to galivant, She has no time to play." 134 VASSARION .- .. N A eggs.. I r - Vdfafi I W ..f'flW, ,x r li -5,-,:'-v,:,- K ff X, :IH , fl! X ,, -,Z I Y 1 l A 2 fgrzx .4 - I . L, .h .,. . I . . Q ., ,ia Y I 5' , L, M, 9 I r' ' 4 I ff W? ...E III f l XQX7 . K QR is , Wi 4 Q. 4 , . . .. , fs T: +1 ,gi xv I ,NI f I 1 FLORENCE MALCOLM GOETCHIUS - 54 Noxon St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y MA car, a car, my kingdom for a car!" ETHEL HELENA GRAY 3724 Bartlett St., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburg, Pa uliasten your hair with a golden pin And bind up every wandering ness." lVlARION Alvus GREEN 1612 Third Ave., Louisville, Ky "I eat and yet I swear." SUSAN LITTLE GRIGGS Middlebury, Conn HI guess if you had seen her make Those awful faces like the head Of some old mummy or a fish Tau woulcln't want to go to hed." MARTHA CHRISTINE GUNDLACH 5 Truesdell St., Binghamton, N. Y uOh the Dutch Companee, is the best companeef' EDITH GRACE HALL 2 Crandall St., Adams, Mass k'What doth gravity out of her bed at midnight P" VASSARION 135 ,f wwf I S P 3q,:51r:,.:f,f A- -' . f , egg 44 ,. 'if :fin W, , , ,, ,f 5 ,gf Jr Cr , A A f 4 7' f 1 K , .1 1, --:P 132-'s f . . 'HH " V4 , , f 1 Mg. Q MPL. , . g-A 4? ' nn , L4 'P 2. RUTH HALSTEAD Arlington, N. Y. uSilent in seven languages." lVliARY CLEMENT HAMILTQN 628 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. UA Erie volley of words, gentlemen, and quickly shot 057 ELLA FRANCES HiARRIS 1947 Christian St., Philadelphia, Pa. 'SI am a perfectly plain, matter-of-fact person." CE. F. LAURA HATCPI IQ Delaware Place, Chicago, Ill 'KOne kiss-and then another-and another." ANNE PIATHAWAY 37 Broad St.,2Plattsburg, N. Y UI sit at my ease, And do as I please." REBA CREED HENDRICKSON 140 Central Ave., Flushing, L. I "Rhymes and dismal lyrics, Prophesying change beyond all reason, These the women sang." 136 VASSARION I If - .I , K- 1 . - I.,-Q.-mg - ,egajfi-fa.:331:33 ,, X C of MX iff 1 V A gl Qs. 5. ,A , L !1 in V. lr I 1 i Eff .. 4 I, fa 4, . JOSEPHINE GERTRUDE HENSZEY Brunswick, N. Y. uCrawling like snail unwillingly to school." ELSIE MARY HILL 40 Vkfest Avenue, Norwalk, Conn "Most brislcy juvenalf' ELSIE ONDERDONK HINCKEN 272 Berkeley Place, Brooklyn, N. Y 'XI am no orator as Brutus is, I only talk right on." ANNE WADDINGTON HOLME 1420 Druid Hill Ave., Baltimore, Md K'For weary hours in deep concern O'er dumrny's hand she loved to linger." ALICE ELIZABETH HOLT 218 Lenox Ave., New York, N. Y uYou mustn't believe all you hear For all that you hear isn't true." EDITH Howie Summit, N. I k'If no other in the world be aware I sit content, And if each and all be aware I sit contentf' -1 VASSARION G' - al'lC,. , Q I Q' ""5' 9 4 R' r 5 f il if , ff ' -Q., , 15 . -3.5, 497 A l 2? L --A , BARBARA HUNT 150 State St., Bangor, Me "Don't you find that you lie a lot more since you've taken Ethics ?'-' BERTHA GRACE HUIKLBUT ' CB. H. I4 Prospect.St., South Orange, N 'gLightly I vaulted up four pairs of stairs In the brave days when I was twenty-one." MARY BELLE HUTCHINSON ults habit of getting up late you'll agree It carries too far when I say That it frequently breakfasts at five o'clock And dines on the following day." Bradford, Conn tea, MARY BYNUM JARNAGIN Ieilerson City, Tenn k'Always wants everything explained." EDNA JEFFERY 343 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N "If you would grow great and stately You must learn to walk sedatelyf' EDITH TOMPKINS JONES Midland Ave., W hite Plains, N "She's the stillest child I ever heard." 138 VASSARION l ' wa as C C '-:L ,- 5' 'gift '. 11115-1:9 -4255? ' sill-EIEIF9' -gy 'M01"zs:r:::::g1fi '-1-1 af . 'fsrzzagzag ,, 4- .E-Z : .-.- f N. :1: -141 ' X Q 'B Y 3' QT' 4 B . f., ,-1r1.:sf3gafs+' 1, A 52' 'rf ,gZi2:l'T.9?5' fe '33 1 B F.2- ir Q ' 6 'A , ' X ' fffiiza REBEKAH TOMPKINS JONES Midland Ave. White Plains N. Y 3 5 HI know that's so." CR. T. 7.5 CLARIBEL VIRGINIA KAHN 4.00 North Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind "Break, break, break, On thy cold gray stones, O sea, And I would that my heart would not utter The thoughts that arise in me." ALICE MABEL KAUTZ Menands, Albany, N. Y HI cannot tell what the Dickens his name is.'l ADA SARA KERR Collins, N. Y l'See the rings pursue each other." NANCY BUNTON KIMBALL go Beltran St., Malden, Mass 'lSomeone allowed that she might study French." MABELZHYDE KINGSBURY Q3 Blackstone St., Woonsocket, R. I 'LIn certain moods there is nothing I am incapable of agreeing to." VASSARION 139 9 ff .., V EVELYN GILL KI.AHR Clarion, Pa. " 'Tis sweet to sing, but, Oh, how bitter To try a tune and then not git herl' JULIET HELEN KNOX Ben Avon, Allegheny, Pa. g'Shall I play to a heart, partner?" 4. S t . Q, if I I . :ash-I, ., .SQ K . R3 ,Q rff' 1 mf . 1 CARLOTTE FREDERICKE KRAUSE - 2439 E. 55th St., S. E., Cleveland, Qhio 'lOf all the girls that are so smart There's none can equal me- I know the Officers of all The Chapters in V. C." EDITH LOUISE LARMON Salem, N. Y. uOh that excitable and unreliable old lady, History!" JEANNETTE lfVILSON LAWRENCE 719 Delaware St., Scranton, Pa. "The Man that Worked Continualf' SIDNEY LEWIS 212 North 31st St., Philadelphia, Pa. "VVee NVi1lie Winkie rins through the town Upstairs and downstairs in his nicht-gown, Tirling at the window, cryin, at the lock, kAre all the weans in their beds? for it's now ten o'cloek.' " 140 VASSARION a D 3 6011, you can't do that." QL. A. Lg LIDA AGNESE LITTLE 4313 Drexel Boulevard Chicavo Ill "Born to manage as the sparks fly upward." S47 VIDA LOBINGIER 1280 Franklin Ave., New York, N. f . I I , ETHEL -CARR LOWRY 5735 Lexington Ave., Chicago, Ill . fix?" 'kWept o'er his wounds "" Told tales of aching pains." KATHARINE CECILIA MCCORMICK 58 Thirteenth St., Troy, N. Y 5 ."".i uShe gave me a good character f f " . But said I could not swim." ' EDITH Rose MACDONALD IO Renna Ave., Weequahic Park, New York, N. Y uNow I will do nothing but listen." ELIZABETH MCLURE Wheeling, W. Va "I built my soul a lordly pleasure-house Wherein at ease for aye to dwellf, ' ' fflgzrfgel A - I ii?- -1 'iii ' 'eff ' 4 if Y. VASSARION I4I W 3 ' ,- ff , s ss M 5 f, :.f fit: ,ay fv f . g,. x A N: ,gt H3 ,, 23 .' f u f l -, 1 295- Q' 1 , 66: 9? go A f' .. ..:fw.,:.. . ,,.., l2,fff,.:13,,,, I .. , f 1? fi . ,u g ui '- 1' ?2f'55i- .L swf. M! K- y 1 ALICE THURSTON MCGIRR I IQ Homewood Avef, Pittsburg, Pa. L'For when Hall Play time comes, ah me! Though I'm as sleepy as can he, I want the front seats in the hall So I don't go to bed at all." HAZEL DUNLAP MCKEE I42 Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio k'Looked like a precocious child." CYNTHIA MAY MACKELLAR 21 North 2ISt St., East Orange, N. "Why I will Fight with him upon this theme Until my eyelids will no longer Wag." MABEL BELLE MADDEN 3829 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. K'-Still we went coupled and inseparahlefl I See R.!L. 11.1 GRACE ELLINGWOOD MARRETT 70 Deering St., Portland, Me 'gShe teaches us that in life's walk 'Tis better to let others talk, And listen while they say instead The foolish things we might have saidf, RUTH LITTLE MASON 213 Culver Road, Rochester, N. Y 'LHeavens! was I born for nothing but to write ?" I42 VASSARION 4k 5- N ?Nf v4 wi' V 1 ,qw ' . '--an er. it 1' xr- SM 4 ' "WSH '24 f 1 r K ,N ., 4 9 5' af , I A 'F Ve fr ., f if is SARA FREEMAN NIESICK Box 419, Schenectady, N. Y g'I've got a trade-last for you." qs. F. MQ FLORENCE ELEANOR MEYER IO3 ,Division Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y "For I've got my own opinions And I guess I'll keep them too." EVA HAWLEY MEYROWITZ 322 West 80th St., New York, N. Y "You can't make me mad. I'm not proudfl CE. H. MQ ADA LOUISE MILLER 2193 Albany St., Ithaca, N. Y "No matter what the subject be For information come to me." ELEANOR MILLS 474 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y 'LUp in the IIIorning's no for me, Up in the morning early." FLORENCE MAI MOXKRIS 205 Lincoln St., Oil City, Pa k'She read novels the whole day long And I reckon she read them abedf' VASSARION 143 KATHARINE MCCAMANT MORRIS 403 East Market St., Pottsville, Pa "Myself too had weird seizures Heaven knows What!'7 SARAH MORRIS 190 South Hancock St., WVilkesbarre, Pa "Learned we found him." MAUDE MORRISON 14.22 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo UI am not mad but soon shall he." A MARIE LOUISE TOWNSEND lVlORSE I3I4. Columbia Road, N. W., VVashingtOn, D. C 'KI have no spare time in the world." MARGARET MUNN I3 Munn Ave., East Orange, N. J "If all the world's a stage-alas!" BESSIE LOUISE MUNSON A 312 North WashingtoII St., Herkimer, N. Y N-lust hitch your wagon to a star." 144 VASSARION MARGARET VAN DYKE NEVIUS A 71 Comstock Place, South Orange, N. ff' uNothing from Adam's fall to Huldy's bonnet 14' That I Warn't full-cocked with my jedjment on it." 2' . c MINNIE HAYS NOBLE Mount Oliver, Pittsburg, Pa. N. 'i'Tis better not to be at all Q ..Vv,. : Than not be noble." ,5 .:i3::il ' , b I MARGARET TILDEN NUMSEN 1 Overlook Road, Euclid Heights, Cleveland, Ohio ,. uf ' ,, "aj if i "Let us make history that I may learn it." BERTHA FELICIA OLDFIELD Gamei-ville, N, Y, ' g'Enjoys a life of ease." 'fa' JESSIE THEODORA OLDT 1240 Locust St., Dubuque, Iowa -V A 5 uThims my noations, Sammy, wheerby I means to stick." JEAN ALEXANDRIA OLIPHANT 25 Sherman St., Springfield, Mass. 'LI know each Soph. in old V. C. I I've rushed them all from A to Z." Q '. . K, L 1, f-.M ' 4 :haw , 4.2, if VASSARION 145 AURA LIZAB 3 'LShe scurries round from morn till night' L E ETH PACKARD 68 Lake sf., oak Park, 111 gf , fl ri W, , Ac ij, MARION THURBER PAINE I6 Washilugton Square, Marblehead, Mass 'kShe varies, so the teasing creature! RUTH AYER PARK Warren, N. H "There ain't a face but what she's shook her Fist in." LYDIA MAXWELL PARRY Golden Hill, Indianapolis, Ind "My only books were Sophomore's looks And folly all they taught me." JANE WOOD PERKINS I4 Cabot St., Portsmouth, N. H "With the gift o' gala werry gallopin'l" ELENOR PIERPONT West State St., Rockford, Ill HI love to lift the chest-weights, ,.fL,,.f I love to hear themsquealt, ' i1:'!L g,. I love my dear gymnastic Work That comes three times a week." 146 VASSARION Y-ewux 'Lx Q Uk -'Q 5 f W, l ZIA fi Q I f , .-,ff 23535 5. NE A 'Y ei v 2 J, A ,S it . s :mp fit A. V XX .K K - 'P f yi mn, 55 .tu 1 9 1 KA aj ff ff' , 4 as ,ff 9 fjiii ' rye:-:EV , MARY ALLETTA PLATT 24 Garfield Place, Poughkeepsie, N. Y "Had enjoyed herself hugely in her four years." ELIZABETH VANDERPOOL POLK College Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y uThe Lady of the Lake." EDYTHE MARVIN POWNALL 1963 Seventh Ave., New York, N.Y. "And all exclaim the self-same thing 'Her face, how very interesting E, ,, HELEN BLANCHE PRICE 709 Bryden Road, Columbus, Ohio k'She had a woman's inveterate admiration for the profession of arms." LOUISE MILLER RAMSDELL 432 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y 'gHe prized his skill in leisure." RUTH RANSOM Lancaster, N. Y "The Child in the House." vAssARIoN 147 wi A 'U' . ,, . x My " 4 '35 I!! :.,v 5 gi 4'6- 1' 2- 1 1, , x: ,flu eff , ., M 43 , ga .si I iyf 4 36,9 , 'Bag .. f 2 , ,W 1' A., 1 I , . 3572-Q' g 2 Ziff ' f. 'Jia' . 15.5 fig, W, fl aif:a.-fit?-159' M Ee 1 if I ETHEL MARIE RIDDLE 3737 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo uHe had forty-two boxes all carefully packed With his name neatly printed on eachf, INEZ ANNA RIDGWAY 1646 Grant Ave., Denver, Col g"Tis thou sweet analytics, that have ravished me." lVlARIE ELIZA ROBINSON North Adams, Mass. "The glass of fashion." ELIZABETH ALLAN ROBSON 5 Eastman Terrace, Poughkeepsie, N. Y 'kAnd:soon as a dance Has come to a close i Another begins And each merrily goes." MAIBELLE RODEN 18th St. and 5th Ave., Birmingham, Ala. HI dress me up in silk so line." ELSIE MITCHELL RUSHMORE IZQ Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y 'KWith such pathetic glimmers Of weird intelligence." I43 VASSARION ' 3 lg ,Ag A xr 5 ?4 W I 7' 5. I fe! NK' ...,. . 1 fx? x X sf , ., 1 . , 1. .1 -- ".-M y , 3. ' is .. ' - 'Z B I, Ko . .ave '- ire I5- . Gi if . ..f- 4' , I 4, P f "W-.. sk , AQ' 6 an 'YEQQ CRW ,,. ESTHER SAVILLE Waban, Mass. g'SlIe went her unremembering way." HATTIE ANNA SCOUTON Dushore, Pa. HA line a day." Q JULIA SEARING Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, N. Y l'Wl1ose age was twenty-chronologically.'' HELEN ELIZABETH SEARLE , Seminary Place, New Brunswick, N. J uMyself, when young, did eagerly frequent Doctor and saint and heard great argument." MARION EMMA SEARS 221 Elm St., Holyoke, Mass "Deeply, darkly, beautifully blue." ELIZABETH SEVERANCE 1410 Eighth Ave., Spokane, Wash 'Yes, I know it." I VASSARION 149 , s 4' 'xt f 4:3 ff '53 I 4,6 frff , Q -" v?2fZE511r. f dx y ff EXP V E . ,.,,,W-A I 'I 4 X "UN 1' 1 1 ' . 5- -'fyf:E25ifE1f2fE . -I ' v 2-1. fa t . , I if f K1 mkvf LUCY ELIOTT SHANNON 167 Lake Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. L'The social smile." ELIZABETH BENNETT SHERWOOD Czimillus, N. Y. t'Write me a letter, love, Send me a letter, love." FRANCES CAMPAU SIBLEY 529 jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. "Affect not to set out thy thoughts with curious, neat language." STELLA SLESINGIIR A 706 French St., Wilmington, Del. WTO the play! To the play! Should it take my last cent." RUTH EMILY SMITH 523 Chenango St., Binghamton, N. Y. l'The Smith a silent man is he." KATHARINE LOUISE STEELMAN 4.06 North Liberty St., Penn Yan, N. Y. NE don't obey no orders unless they be 'is own." ISO VASSARION 7 1 -e 3' if -'u rn-,e 'sfrs-9253 s.6zK-sr? 1, AQ325 , Qs X f ' at S '-1-., ,Q va- X 2 N. H, c- 3 1, 51 l 'G M FRANCES JOSEPHINE STUART 433 West Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga "Too late I stayed, forgive the crime, Unheeded flew the hoursf, CARRIE AGNES STREIBERT 610 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y "Why, sometimes Ixve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." MARY CLARK SWEET 637 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn 'LShe rises e'er the break of day, To eat her breakfast right awayg Of-this one thing she is most proud, To Mrs. K. she's never bowedf HELEN HOOKER TALCOTT New Britain, Conn f'-But we got to laughin' so Vile 'est kept a-1aughin'." lSee E. C. E.l FRANCES THOMPSON TOWERS 2123 18th St., Washington, D. C "There was a young maid so benighted N She didn't know when she was slighted, At the last Junior party She laughed just as hearty As if she'd been really invited." FLORENCE EVA TOWNSEND Salem, N. Y uPut on the pot, some food I've got, We'll Cook before you gO.', VASSARION 151 MARGARET TUPPER 1356 Broadway St., Cleveland, Ohio "I am nothing if not critical? EDITH ADSIT TUTTLE Hornellsville, N. Y. uTut, Tut!" MARY LUCY TYLER 1027 Park Ave., New York. N. Y. "The lesser with the greater-" SARAH EMILY TYLER 1027 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. " -ever wars." LUCRETIA VAILE 1610 Emerson Ave., Denver, Col. MI challenge you in verse, prose, Greek and Latin." ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK VAN DER VEER 18 High St., Somerville, N. l'The Bellman perceived that their spirits were low, And repeated in musical tone Some jokes he had kept for a season of Woe, But the crew would do nothing but groan." Q ,wr 152 vAssAR10N MARIE WALBRIDGE 2008 Parkvvood Ave., Toledo, Ohio UA fiery spirit of dispatch." V THEODOSIA HART WAI.ES QQ -, Tj III2 Kilmer Building, Binghamton, N. Y. , , f rff fi, fig ' V A ' "--dipt in all that treats Of whatsoever is." A nib., .vv..,, aa L, 5,5 X ALICE LESLIE WALKER 2016 Franklin St., San Francisco, Cal. "She covered between twenty and thirty miles in her little constitutionalsf' 19" 1 2, I an 1 ANNETTE FLORENCE VVALLACH by IO East 80th St., New York, N. YQ 'lGiven to starts and bursts '55 ' ' Of revel." 1 A, MARGARET L0U1sE WALLER E, E " KT0 bed! to bedl' says Sleepy-head." Indiana, Pa. . Q 8 LEONORA BAUSH WARNOCK 22 Carlton Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. "I take everyone seriously." .IH VASSARION 153 ANNA LAURA XIVEICHERT Danbury, Conn. GW ., "What's all that laughing going on F" l im, Said Proctor on Parade, 'Wy' k'That's Anna Weichert on a tear," The frantic neighbors said. 1 ELSA IDA WEII, Ogontz, Pa. if I, Avlv .- NI will he quiet and talk with you, And reason Why you are wrong." .-5' 6' KATHARINE TELFORD WELDON Amsterdam, N. Y. 'lI'm just as still as I can be,- Oh would my neighbors all would he, f One half so still as little me!" I ' FRANCES AMORY WELWOOD Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, N. Y. f y 'LHOW cliarming is divine Philosophy." 1 e ' MABEL GORDON WHITE 24.0 West 74th St., New York, N. Y. W 'gShe does not care With common man her thoughts to sharef, "" 5 My 'z 7, ". -524352 '.211:e. -f ' 'C 1.33, Q ' ,au i ,ii ' 'f'f'3'iQ1 MARY ELIZABETH WHITE 369 'Webster Ave., Jersey City Heights, N. I k'Why, that's easy!" 154 VASSARION Q '!Mi'iij:Ei55 RUTH DEAN WILKINSON 142 Main St., Binghamton, N. Y. v, i'Talk to. him of Iacob's ladder, and he would ask you the number of steps." U MABEL EVA WILLIAMS q,'. 1 zoo South Fairmount Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. i i . k'If I were punished for every pun I'd said, Fd hide my punished head." , i ifgz MARTHA EICHER WILSON Greensburg, Pa ' l'I'd rather read Royce, Huxley, Fite, Than waste my hours on fiction light, P Why should vain pleasure be my goal When moral questions fill my soul?" MARY HUSTON WILSON 2331 First St., N. W., Washington, D. C "How oft We slip through Windows To gain the corridor, 'V When Molly's Christian Meeting comes y5f:5,2'l-, 'Twixt us and parlor door." It , RETA WITHERBEE 1406 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. fi, V1 g ,F "Her songs were shot off on the impulse." vm, Q 9 Q I .,,.:1'l' LELIA WOLFERSPERGER 602 Fust Ave., Sterling, Ill 'LAnd never noted in him any study." VASSARION I55 MARION ELIZABETH WOODWARD 655 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. f Q is 'LStill to be neat, still to be dressed As you were going to a feast." A A PRIMROSE WOOLVERTON Stockton, N. 1 'KShe piqued herself on Writing a hand in which every letter was distinguish- able without any large range of conjecture." J I ELEANOR WORTENDYKE 132 North Grove St., East Grange, N. "As the dew to the blossom, the bud to the bee, ' .1 As the scent to the rose, are those memories to me." ,ig "-1 1" f, , GERTRUDE SUMNER WRIGHT 6107 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio uSlarIg rushes in where syntax fears to treadf, W . JULIA HENRIETTA WRIGHT Phelps, N. Y. uThe Gar antua was a river in S :Lin with nine mouths o enin into the Y 3 P P g -V .ii In Se an . , Cy. H. WJ MARY FRANCES WRIGHT 38 Sixth Ave., La Grange, Ill. "The starving chemist in his golden vein I , K4 Supremely blestf' 156 VASSARIQN MARION LUCILE YERDON Fort Plain, N. Y 5 .. 1- H . ' if 'w O babe of sweet xnnocencelw I-W. Compmy, v1ll'unous company, h'1s been the SP011 of mc! LILY ZIMMERMANN 1807 Barry Ave., Chicago, Ill ?LnD though write grinning 93?e'rx2 eiwr minhing ' what a 1invr dai? than ninetrcn Kip Cdtberchi nuns, nuns, nuns. VASSARION 157 .-'. wxfr. 01311123 1BI7E5IU21Tf5, 19011017332 ,"- ' M -A jHPlTlIJBI3 H1173 assot --rw-fv1' -ff.-f , -, 1 .. q L' " 'v:Fg'?i'f.Qi- .,::1,i, g, V ,f 1 LUCY SHANNON Freshm an Year First Seruesher H1 LDA JOHNSTON Sophomore Year " Flrst Semester SIDNEY LEWVIS Freshman Year Second Selllester 'G 4? DR. Tx-IIQLBEHG w e Hono1'a.1'y Member L5, fg55"fi 1 ' V' 5.ii:?'4"' , . fa ,Q M.mnG:x1m'r DIUNN h 4. , 1 if " 4-.3 Sophomore Kear- 'J f ' Second Semester i A-.I .-my . V fm--11' I A 4 2 1 112 S-We -" l SERENA ANNA GOWIQQ 3 5 Mascot A. SUSAN LTTTLE Gmccs ,IUMA SEAMNG -TU11i01' Yea? Junior Yem- F1rst Semester Second Semester M M B BB ANNETTE ELIZABETH ALLEN FLORENCE LUCINA AMBUHL MARGARET RAWSON AMEN LILLIAN WELLS ATKINS HAZEL EMERSON BACKUS CHARLOTTE LOUISE BARNES CLARINE ADELAIDE BAUGH MARY CONKLING BELKNAP CORA ELIZABETH BENNETT EDITH DULCIE BORG ELSIE HELEN BORG MARGARET ELLEN BURTON KATHARINE ELSIE CAMPBELL LAURA MICKLE CONGDON HELEN CUNNINGHAM FLORENCE ANNA DAVIS HELEN BURTT DAVIS LAURA AUSTIN DAVIS MYRA DAY JEANNETTE DONOHUE MYRA HARRIS DOUGLAS HELENA ELDRED GERTRUDE HANNAH ELLIS MARGUERITE CONDITE EVANS EVELYN MARGUERITE FERRIS BESSIE HULDA FERRISS RUTH FORBES JUSTIN PELLET FORT BARBARA FRENCH MARIE CONSTANTINE FREUND ALICE MAY FULLER FLORENCE AMY GILBERT CORA ROSSITER GOULD RUTH MIRIAM GRAFF GERTRUDE LLOYD HAMILTON CHARLOTTE LORETTA HANLEY HAZEL HASBROUCK HARING ISABEL JORDON HAYS HELEN HENDRICK HELEN TRACY HOPSON HAZEL HUTCHINSON HII,DA JOHNSTON MARTHA KINSEY MARY PAULINE KIRLEY SARA JULIA KLOTZ FLORENCE GRIFFIN KNAP JULIA LAUDER CLARA DREY LAUER THEODORA LEWIS EMMA AURORE LUNDELI. FRANCESS BERTI-IA LURIE DOROTEIY DODD LYON HILDA HESS MARCUS MAE IRENE MARX JANE ANGELIA MATTHEWS HELEN BUCKINGHAM MAY HARTY MILLINGTON MABEL MITCHELL FLORENCE REEB NELSON FLORENCE O7DAY ELIZABETH ANNA OTTMANN HAZEL MARIE PATTON VASSARION I GRACE PECK ANNIE GRACE TURNBULL ETHEL ROSE PEYSER- MARY MARGARE'1' TURNBULL HELEN LA TOURETTE POCKMAN ABBIE ALLEN TUTTLE HARRIETT ELMINA PUTMAN ELSA VAN VLEET FLORENCE GILLETTE DE PUY ELIZABETH CHRISTINA VAN SALTZA HENRIETTA LILLIAN REEB LYDIA WALLACE FANNIE PARSONS RHODES ELSIE PAULINE WARNER MARGARET ANDERSON ROCKWOOD LOIS WARREN HELEN RUMSEY HELEN WINSHIP WHITE CAROLINE ROWELL SMITH LULU JEAN WILE FRANCES ELIZABETH WILLIAMS :- ?ff I -T t, , ., . . , rm., ,. My S :ww Ifyff . . C. L F 51 1 I !f""'4W"W may was ? Slit: ileep mntaf frum "Ghz Waliajtlif' Long, long We've watched for this hour, The guerdon's won, now claim We our dower. Strong girt in pride here we stand To plight our troth, smite as pledge hand to hand.. Cui' call echo high! 1 Far Hung ring our cryl This seal our symbol shall be Of faith that's kept throughout eternity. Nor storm nor stress shall avail Friendship's proud heritage to assail. Our call echo high! Far Hung ring our cry! Oh strong, stay you strong, worthy be To watch and ward our trust 'neath this tree. Each heart beats quick with desire- This shade with victory's song to inspire. Gui' call echo high! Far flung ring our cry! 0 Z G f Q ,f 1 HQ, w 'W'fwM1f1ff Z4 -... .. CLASS DISTORY YH' T 4. DS A '-R J f ' iff . 13.5" AQ V 11' "'- Q 'L ' !1 g'31S?fiTi vlvl -ffulll . ' , ne , . :' 'syn Gibe Gtomenp uf mirrors Epince mn. are freshmen me babe all before, Em: nineteen sip me're marching, marching, nlarching, in me mi!! nn, nn, un, tn hicturpg Eur nineteen six !" ' fr nikifif -5552, ' Y-V e -.222-2-231:-.-. -QVY , ' .. ' V"f??" ' ' - . ' ' " '-1 , S aw " V-41.2.1 -:J ' sw. i my. -.-1' Q- N Mx .- ffc.-V-fi n 'fm' i. Q. J- e .5 L. I.-Y,.vw1 .Q,,x?..: Q . 4, -4 ' f?'5'rfcG'5-,:-- - . 1 -Mp.. -,',. .,, ., , . , . ,ai ,V i 5.-,L 4 0 x . . 41, , H 'fc C - .. - s -f . if -.:' 4-ji' Frei U-. . ' , . dl ,ax If In- f. ,Fr . ,, , . -1 F ,ft -.-.,,. Lv. -w 1 W.. 'c'g,Q " ."' z- , -P f"l V ,1-. VW- , 13 .fi- f?f .,f,.1m.,,--1 " H. 'L ' mf- "E '1' f .4-:W'aGgg,ySya:f fa 5:53F1-,:::v.q::?v:--1'1' '-ef' . " , P':f..,. -. " f--F ':--w.4f,i.- -. . Eegi giiz, 1 ,-ef 5, xv- 2-f-.e?.fg ryggv ' 9 43- 5' ' .41 ' ' 141-15 ,v"" 'F 2:21 3.3 Y A ' rg 1 J., ggi: ,I 125 may MV , -er 3?Wfm?..'2421?fP-'HQM if , ' 'L 1: 1 f 4- "gg-g:'-'1.5'p ' 'gt-Q ik 5 , V Y ' .0 LH? -' f ' M515 'Q P? iiemf ., W - 'ii - g,n23bf4,ii.A:g:5. li -1 Q, A , . H ig? :,n?' 4,' gat, ff,1..:?1?'i"g "TW H 6 ' 'gi f- -zi" f ' 5 qglgiifgrlbfr ig , .52 12 r 363542 lx -AH79' .' -A ' f 'f741"'-'-'E 7 -E ' vi 5-f 95- ' i .0 1, 4 1, I .. .4 -i2Q1.i,.45--.f-ggiy ggjii 1 6 'A ,Bb w MT H ' ' .e f '41 m,,,'w-::5fu 1 my r J . '-5 f Q ' A .Q 12 ,, lm- - ,,.. .. .... .-.1-X ,V -':E.-21-2' i -' .4 .X -' 7' lr WZ! iflfh? 1. riff '-..,1 ' 4. ' A 5, .. ', 4 "'5'.3" fi.?i5vS.?fi1 A 21325 " ff.15f'X f'-"ff Ni Q use . :aff ,. '.,,' V . , .AM N5 Mir- -ng-A -4. .,.--'S-.I "L .yfr:5"'45:35 1'-:za Q' 4xF,"'f'-'f' "' 7? 1L0iJB'5 JLHUOE Lust ff mme the iupbumuregi, the grinning Qnphnmurezi We are Inpaf, peg? every une. Wwe bnunh tugetber, Ihr ape ann ehet, JFm: a tiner dass than nineteen Hip there? nune, nune, none." It I 125 , ' "' '- '.. .i'f. , w-F." 1- -af' 1. ff: , -Qfffff i'J . 2 hh.. A V ' R ':i,'fggv.Q' 1 "-1 .Q . kg' mm gg..-. -1 ,.. 7b'?-52 ' 1 - -' eff. .N 43 :-..-,...-r -:. -. ., . 53 ",, NW ,, be , . .-, :gg . V Q'- ' -e5'3fzff?::-efzig ,1. .az " , . '-' , .. 'N T4 ' - "' .:',1,-rr, ,. 95 t 5 1 ,Q V- if.' x-:wif-tad" vi r' 1 ' ' 'X ' ff' 1 .-air .Q 4' I "'j-I 1' H "T 'f"'5 ,wx s 26 f ft e ' f 1 Q '15 1 m 3' W f 7 1-Y 1 ' Qt "f 5 Pix' 9 " EES., ' A f ' -. , -. .of A 1 ,- 1- A l -e f' -, ,, ,fu be ia' 427' If Eg N rv fdyflf N4 5' ,Ma -04-gfigiijrq gggyvqxzh N 'nf'z,.,'.:g,,. -of -fv' f" " "- 'v ! :1':-: ': f'E.',.. "liF'f T971-1 Q ,' 'll "hiv -N ' 4, ,Y HA5,.V...1,g5gg',Q4.:,E?' , Y,..e.. ' "Fla," 3- -4, ,' 1:13, ,I-f H ---ge --zrl gm , ML- 9 , , I' 271'-".'," f . :' 3- W2 ,g,5LfL-. ' '. z ' , - -,nf-s-a'1'251r-' ' - ' tx' " " , - r-.-t . .1-me . V A : gg-fu--fi , . -fe w, -f" 'fff' . pw N -. j .'s,,,5, h , I1-'Q ., . "Y, Vg lf- N.-3.. . n -L ,. I , " "wif-i. Q-Sify? -rr. sn -..,... ' ' W' ' ,Y-.jf-H, ' 'fi ' at 'zz' 'g'ffh.zirf", gg, Q .. 1,312 V ' ' . A er- fMr1""7T" mg., .,.., . V , . 'Wal 25 you like Hlt' Ciltamp, tramp, tramp, I I 4.911 beat the inpnugi 'zllumntxi cummg, 4911 they march, ?L Dauntiegii hanh are they. jan hietntgi fear they, ?HI foes Defy tbep, mn, nn, un they mme, HH baii, naught Kit! xy 9 fl NSW Y 1 :fm - T 2 :aw f f My , A, A .. 4':,., I 1 ix ' 1- 'I 4 lb n 1 ff 3341? WF! , K-RW 'ff I .W v.-1.q,QgQ- - f 41 X4 ,1-'PERU 19Qy75TiYd!-.fv- Q91 I KX., o , 1 gli!! gg 1 F94 U gg-fu Q I ,Q F vig! " Q If I x1 . , 1. 4 gf v ' ,Agn rs fx ,, ' 4 '-Q f 255. , - aj: Q45- ' 1-i fi-,K 'I wk., 1, 'u v V ' 'iSZ ' qc? g f . . ,. -. fg- ,. A ,,. M l , ,351 ,Z '2 'I Z ii? ' ' ,' - 7123. 'f . -' ' 1. n : , ..A-,,,15.4g5:,a,- .g' Q -f ag 4 , .A ,gf . , Q.-g131,,,..,g L j j f- g3'gfg1.?.1-:iv f-.1 s' ' ' ' w'55'9"S3'f'53?E5?f ' , - 'Q . .. Aug? V f i1'41.'1+ 4 . , - , - ftp, .54 xi ' " . ,Y - ,Mm -. w....,f, ' ' Kd- ' ' f -x., - sd? w5"A:'+9"'51W"' Aw iWf"2,i4"-wa : lx 49 .J Unmarked by us above the pine's dark peak When we go home the evening star will rise, The spring will come, the sunset color streak The quiet west, unwelcomed by our eyesg The dusty net-work of the road will lead, Untrodden by our eager tireless feet, Beside the river's tranquil, ceaseless speed, Or over hills where locust boughs hang sweet When autumn leaves are bright against the sky The Steps at dusk will wait our song in vain, No triumph will unite us by and bye, Nor grieving shall we share a lessened pain, Yet, though we pass beyond each other's reach Our hearts will still be faithful each to each. 'D Eiga csmmsyf Ciafg Qglinixf 'sQAgkJ WJ l T it 3 ' X X , Q' ,JA X -5.37 "' . fy-I ', ' ' 5 W r 1 bmw, .si .14 .. ? " 'il a I ' ll .Wf 1 W, .. r lf! fn ' " V fl ' - ,.,. , ,f l sl TH CHRISTM FIS PROCESSIO A thousand, hushed in expectation, Fil' The chancel-lighted chapel, overhead Glimmer the golden angels eager-eyed, Across the window's Wide, translucent arch The moon casts windy shadows, pearl and blue. ,f ll Far off a breath of music, faint and clear,- Threading the silence, Hutters into lifeg The organ answers like the tints that streak The western sky before the sun appears. Adffff ffaleles, Laete trzhmpbatex, Venite, fvenite, in Betfalefaem. Natum Kvialete, Regum angelorum, Venite aaloramux, Venite aaloramus, Venite adaramux, Dominum, The organ and the singing blend as blend Two rivers in the sunlight, on still on Adoring, free, and buoyant Hows the song: Cantet nunr fa, ' Chorus angelorum, Canter nunc aula coelestzium. Gloria, gloria in extelxis Deo. Venite adoramus, Venite adoramux, Venite adaramus, Dominum, Out of the dark the long procession comes With shining eyes, slow moving, clad in white, And as they mount the shallow steps they seem Like a triumphant frieze, the votive gift Of some mute Worshipper to sing his joy. 170 VASSARION 20 Qbapfs work You're working, you know, extr'od'n'ry slow, For tomorrow please make a new trial At the diction'ry of Skeat, for sure you'll admeet That Icelandic is ness'ry not futile. Read these three little plays, tell what each of them says In an essay, please don't make it meagreg Though the critics have bean both arb't'ry and mean, Read them all on Shakesperean Egger. Please strive to portray each separare trait Of each critic-his theme as it ware, And then you'll have got enough ness'ry data To write in the time therels to spare. U Qu ann Economics thinks I, I will learn, For to cultivate thrift need is stern, And a "study of Wealth" Will be good for my health, And perchance honest pennies I'll turn. But all my fond plans were upset, For my Hadley I ran into debt, And the "tute" bills to pay Nearly turned my hair gray- And I studied my wealth, you just bet! For here Fate has sure been ironical, It's terribly sad, but it's comical, Why-What's in a name? Not a thing, more's the shameg And though EC., it is not economical. :EQ I f b J M xw- I .dy W Gy . Wx Gfff S -Q W M, O XZ?-fy W- N Wwwwiiw' A rw O . LA JMJFQNIPJ 'v x 66, Q?-1244 6423 ' myffwwf O6 alkyl-iii k My I. R3L give 'QWJWQ WW? QQQX QB ww Bri-iw QE ' Qy w qolfw 172 VASSARION suggestions for genius pear "Take these hints as suggestions, not as instructions, and improve on them as you grow in experiencef' I. What the student brings to Senior year. I. "From the subject studied." 2. "From the study of the subject. II. What the Christy Pictures. Sir Galahad. Battered Sofa Pillows. 5 I 7 1 2 I Brass Candlestick Cprice IO set Temple Shakespeares. Cups without handles. centsj. I Unscoured Chahng Dish. I Fat Memory Book. JJ Ability to paint a Hoor. make' a shirtwaist. " " play bridge at all hours. " use gas stoves. " transfer Welsbach mantles. IK H conceal tack holes. student should gain from Senior year. A mediating view. A good marching song. A birthday party with candles. A few "A,s" CKeys not necessaryl. A love for dumb animals Qbears and rabbitsy. Ability to sing tenor. Two Commencement gowns Cwith or without trains VASSARION I III. Nlaterial with which the student Works. Opera creams. Embroidery scissors. Whitman's chocolate. Cream cheese. Engaged signs. Coffee pot. Mouse traps. IV. Definitions. Distinguish between Hymns played by the chimes. Privilege and permission. Cut and unexcused absence. Recitals in the Chapel and in Assembly Hall. Student government and Faculty government. "Remember that these hints are intended to be suggestive, not mandatoryf, Baba un bm: wager upun the rlkhe nf fffuntenipnrarp Eoha, let down the dim masses of your hair, Uncork your fountain-pen While flickering hope Vies with the stars, and Wind, and pearl-pale fear, Contemporary meets among the clinking cups And Celtic atmosphere of dewy teag O heart, O Wind, O night, O Jeremiah, Niam thick With stars, I would that I had died a little child. .R ' AJ 1 . - ' W 5 A - , .....f",.-If . I l m A sw Q i i f W1 ' ' L f i-X. li M 'N I Q -" lil I " A "ff lilxi Nl W 'NM S if -l ' ' "' 2 f lk S ,ff ' 'i , - 't e s i n N r 3 1 -IU, 'Him X J ,lx ' I lr , ,xv V ia - f ff - X lvl? 'My if i lla' f f ' 'W ,..- l -1 IBIJIIP QIDUIIUDUBF5 O begin with, we disapprove thoroughly, radically, and fundamentally, of this promiscuous and indiscriminate distribution of ill-equipped dolls to pamper paupers. But granted that this is a necessary evil of this frivolous age, since the atrophied feminine mind must find an outlet for its pent-up pettiness in some trivial way, we, from our Olympian heights concede that it would be a fairly harmless way ifthe dolls were not dressed in such an outrageous manner. Why should the eyes of the suffering orphan be tantalized with sight of satin and lace-the vivid Vanities of effeminate materialism F We college women, who should set the standard for future citizens, are we not in duty bound to force the masses to accept the wisdom and worth of hygienic and wholesale attire? Think of the shocking effect of these thousand dolls we dress each year, and which now go forth from the college to the four corners of our country, clad in ridiculous and inefiicient raimentl There is no reason why these baubles should be so grotesquely and meaninglessly clad-women, we say, inhibit! First, chop off their curling locks, the disgusting harbor of how many germs- shave them close to the head that they may be laved and lathered every morning. It is evident from a biological point of view that Miss Dolly should be .ram corxette, and let us, sweeping the fragile and senseless pumps of the past into the rubbish heap of proved disutility, put on their feet instead, strong serviceable tramping boots, flat of heel and square of toe. Now to the dress-let us do away with this maddening di- versity of costume and devise a uniform combining iron endurance with a common- sense beauty of simplicity uplifting to the debauched aesthetic taste of the parasites of the present. How much more antiseptic, soul-satisfying, pure of line would be neat but not gaudy jumpers ofjean and trousers of ticking! No room left for jealousy or envy, cut-throat competition is done away with by the strong unerring hand of levelling sanity, and psychologically, ethically and historically, we have proved our- selves masters ofthe age. -Courtesy of The Mzixcellany. VASSARION 175 'GLUE 1HBiJDlt Df :md CPermissi0n of B. Englishj HE sun was dropping slowly behind the eaves of the grey weather-beaten barn. From the lush pasture lands at the foot of the rounding hills came the faint low ofthe cattle sounding softly through the evening stillness. On the farm-house porch, where clustered great tendrilly masses of honeysuckle poign- antly sweet in the evening dew that was already heavy in the air, sat a woman gaunt and haggard, with yet the ruins of a former beauty in the curve of her thin cheek, the sweetness of the great eyes that looked so yearningly over into the mysterious sunset. She was holding in her arms a child, a little girl, whose sunny curls hung softly over her motherls shoulders, as shenestled her head contentedly in her neck. Ever and anon the mother would raise a listless hand to brush away the gnats that like a thin-spun web hung on the air in front of them. The old tune she was absently crooning mingled with the chirp of the nesting birds, the querulous notes of the turkeys in the yard, thezcontinuous complaint of the tree-toads and the comfortable rhythmic creak of her shabby rocking chair. "Mother," said the child, lifting her bright head suddenly from its resting-place, and looking at the older woman with her wide blue eyes, "Mother, you are sad to- nightlu Y "No, my darling," said her mother with a little sigh that belied her words, "I'm only thinkin,." "Mother, you are dreaming of the beautiful flowery country over in the bright- ness, where the sun sets, where you,ll meet Pap-I mean Fatherf' "My little one!" said her mother with a convulsive sob, suddenly burying her face in the child's silky curls. '4Why, Mother! now l've made you cry. "Don't, donltl I'm sorry!', said the gentle baby voice, and a rosy palm caressed the mother's worn cheek. So sat they a moment, lost in common memories. Then suddenly the mother threw back her head, with a cry of terror. "Mame!" she said harshly, pushing the child from her lap. "Mamel what is it P" 176 I VASSARION The child was trembling, too, now. "Ma," she said, "we was just sittin' there 'nd it all come over me like. What is it? Oh, take it away!,' The mother gave her a little shake. "We never talked that-a-way before, did we ?" I canlt think what it is, just- Shut up your whimperin' and tell me did I ever talk to you like that before, Mame PM "Ah, Ma, you never did, noways! Most often it's look sharp and get of to bed, or a clap on the ears 's what yozfll get!" "Well, 'nd you desarve it-but, oh, my little A-no, that's the same,-let me think, let me think! just like a spasm it comes over me and I want to kiss you 'nd talk about your Pa what's dead, only he ain't no more dead 'n I am, but out milkin' cows this minute. Let me think-Ah, Land!" The terrihed woman and the frantic child looked at one another, panting. Suddenly a yet more horrible fear darkened the mother's wild eyes. She leaped to her feet, and catching at Mamels hand dashed madly into the house, then as quickly out again, and down the steps towards the barn, murmuring feverishly, "She seen it, inside 'nd out!" "Ah, Ma, what is it F" gasped the child, stumbling painfully in the darkness as her mother's strong hand dragged her madly on. "We're in a magazine story," muttered the mother, hoarsely, as they ran. "I always got OH' before, but that there girl this afternoon caught me. Might ha' known enough not to wear that print dress. Said herself I was a reg'lar type. I s'pose not seein' the old man around she took me for a widow, ,nd what with the hay-fever 'nd all-oh, run Mame! lVIebbe she didn't see the barn!" No use. The old weather-beaten structure, its ghostly vehicles hung with cob- webs, its bins heaped high with golden grain, its lofts towering with the soft, fragrant mountains of hay, had been noted and appreciated to the full extent of its sweet dusty atmosphere, when a last soft ray from the dying sun struck athwart its velvety gloom a lucent bar of golden, dancing motes. And they fled, the two wild creatures, the fatal, gripping impulse still upon them. Through the barnyard, startling the roosting hens into cackling life again, into the dewy peace of the darkling orchard where the great piles of apples lay red beneath the trees, and out again, into the sweet-scented dusk of the old-fashioned garden-in vain! The Seeing Eye that had beamed alike on the peculiar shine of the haircloth sofa in the quaint, simple parlor, and on the VASSARION 177 peaceful fold of the surrounding hills, had glanced lovingly upon every picturesque nook, had noted how the crimson petals Clike drops of bloodj had fallen in a soft rich mantle under the rose bushes, leaving the great golden hearts of the flowers to face the autumn showers unprotected. No hope! no hope!! They sank exhausted at the porch steps and lay for a While sobbing quietly, their proud fbut reticentj New England hearts bleeding under their defeat. Then tenderly, the mother picked up her little daughter, and with the light of a higher resolution in her eyes, sat down again in the old rocking-chair. "It ain,t no usef' she said dully, carefully focusing her eyes to their original position. "I done what I could, but in just two minutes we'll be burstin, out in page QQ of that dratted magazine. Come on. Mame! You mightas Well take your medi- cine like a man!" "All right, Ma,,' said Mame, drying her eyes and carefully arranging her hair over her mother's shoulders as she resumed her place in her mother's lap. "It'll be over soon, anyhow. Are you ready? All right-go ahead!" crMOth61',,, said the child, lifting her bright head suddenly from its resting place and looking at the older woman with her wide blue eyes, c'lVlother, you are sad to- night!" 178 VASSARION Bimpassionen Qtnntemplatinn I I FFZES YEAR Ill lllllllmllllHMllllllKlIllll Illllllilllilllllll1IllIlH1ll11l illIlllilllllllllllIIIWW I mw j E gn-Q uqw,-we 1 :w a E X mmm if 93 1 ml 12 IIH mm -,W Ill lllimrblll VT JI V A in 3 IH: ll Q Z nl Mlll A ' I v .1 ., ':Z-..fv: -. 1 !1"i'W'm"?" k 'di '2 1 "iw ' "rl +194 sf! 1" llllli n?-5" '. "' ""5 'FW 5 i"'."?' -4."'M51 Q -3:12 EQ !HIm:"m"'f!'??lil?iQ:f 5 l-'Lael' I f' 1' - M , . ll": ap E., ill' 1 I 4 'Qu 1.276139 -W "4 V"'mi" iW'3i -"Y" a 47 V , W -, ' H' uv .gal 4, sd! 4 5, N Q, lr ' f I Q-R A ,Ai iv v- N MIA I nlllbribll 1 , . L-'A Q ,' F -4' NH' ' 44 I IOR YEAR v I VASSARION Eau Reber Gian fiilzli May I go home F" I heard 21 girl once asking Mrs. K My mother's silver wedding is 21 Week from yesterday It's in the middle of the week-" 4'Well, this one t1me ou ma Y Y But I ho e it Won't occur afrain " said anxious Mrs lx. P ID 7 :mary ,iupbulnurigsi Sophymore infelix lnens ad lah., lnter her hottles Fccit Z1 grab. lgnorat label, O magnus sorrow! Sophlmore is skywzird, Funus ad morrow. MORAL Quae vidit 21 thing Non ei Well known Est bene for her Rogare Miss Doan. Ginn gkaugbtp Girl? 'lane put poison in the soup, Girls fell dying group by groupg Mrs. Storm said, "VVhat a bore! Now We'll have to sweep the floorf' Milly, humming a refrain, Lit Z1 match and burned down Main Said Mrs. Kendrick, "This event 'Will start, I fear, a precedent." Z' f I Z. Z 2 2 Z ,Z Cl-423 FA Zigi ! 1 l IW' 'K l ' Ea ALR X E f-ff' Z t Q xx Z XSXQ 2' 3 2 NX llfffrfrf l i arf: g ' lllllllla I it E x 1. 'll ,' 5 ' -9, ,f I' "l Zi F S y llllllnff 1 S I I - -o t riff X xg , Q Q J 5: Xi 4 X X 5 X 'xx C Cn Q O. S Stu 523 G8 im S 354 ee UO ag. 23 :un In by-gone Springs, because I knew my room Would quickly echo to the June-bugs boom, A sound that threw me in a triple fitg But now no longer in my Wild despair I fly into the hall in light attire, No longer in the closet half expire, No longer in a dish-towel wrap my hair, But valiantly I seize 21 paper box Or college glass from out my goodly store, And as each June-bug 'gainst the table knocks I pin him fast Where he can Hop no more, And when my courage rises with the sun I pour them out the window one hy one. V A S S A R I O N 181 'A . Egg 15. 25. nn Gllje isenturgi -7j'f,'i IRLS, idle girls, I know not what they do, Tears from the depth of some divine despair I ' 153515. WEE Rise in the heart, and ather in the e es ,mia Na Q15-b,1m 1 g , Y In looking at the happy Senior Class, And thinking of the Work they do not do, Strange as a hymn played on the evening chimes That hath no tune, beginning, time, nor end, Sad as their own sad songs they sing at dusk, About mute sobbing rose-leaves, and the like, So St1'2lI'1,Qf6, so sad their moral problems are. On Wednesdays, when from half-past eight I tip Upon the front legs of my chair till four, And hear them talk of I-Iyslop, Kant, and Fire, And things they never read, nor ever will, How comfortless and vain the world appears. From MOM of the Manila: of Bzzberf' Qlfrgaustuiattnlt ann Ifieplp, ut Ghz Elahies -Elutneiu A humble Freshman, Qmay her tribe increasej Awoke one night from a deep dream of' peace And saw within the moonlight on her floor- CNayl 'twas the Welsbacli from the eorridor,j A spirit Writing in a pamphlet grey. eye ffvsrmcr ' 'Sayl Vllhat are those names you're Writing by the mile? She gently screamed, The vision smole a smile, And seeming on the page his gaze to Hx, Answered, "The goodly Class of Nineteen Six." "And are we Erst ?" said Freshman, "Nay, not sol' Replied the spirit, Freshman felt the blow, But cheerly still she said, HVVhy then, I pray, VVrite us as those who hope to lead some day." The spirit wrote and vanished. In three years It came again With great awakening cheers, And showed the names of all the classes blest, And lol E, Adams' name led all the rest! as 182 TVASSARION Flifff .' Seto nal: Fz'r.ft: Seca nd: Fzirxt: Second: Q'LlEE11.' Seca nd: First: Second: First: Seca nd: First: Seeond: First: Queen: Zin a iearlor FIRST GIRL SECOND GIRL QUEEN Now, my dear, does not this room look lovely? So neat. Those flowers, too, just what we want. They go so well with this pink border. Yes, and with this pillow. It does look clean. I took the little broom and swept the floor. How sweet- CEnter the Queen! I've got to sweep this here room now. What! Do you say that you're not ready yet F My dear, it's sweep day-how could we forget! Why, so it is! Here, take these flowers out. Alas, the dusting all to go for naught! There goes the bell, we have first hour both. And not one thing is put away yet! here, Take these Candlesticks, this Miscellany- The bowl, the bear, the pillows, and the clock- Now, over all a bureau-Cover throw. My note-book, "Hamlet," stay, my cape, then come At last they've gone, they always do forget It's sweep day-the young ladies are so queer. They often do forget their lessons, too. vAssAR1oN 1 Firrt Girl fre-enterf, lDH7'lfZ'7'LgD.' .Q'Zl8E7Z.' F Z-TJ I .' My pen! Whe1'e can it be? Oh! here it is! I found it in a slipper. Empty-well, I have not time to fill it- A pencil, then- There's the bell, Miss, it's the last one, too. Oh, I Can't be late again to Shakespeare. Illl have to cut, and then I'll have just time To run down to the Lodge to get my things. QExir First Girl.j Queen Crmziling grimlyj: Second: They do that every week, I heard them say They'd swept. 'Twill never do to leave it clean. 1,11 beat the pillows and then sweep the rug. Oh, Holy lVlither! Here,s the curtain down. llll say it blew down. fExz't Queenj Cffnter Second Girl.D -I-T-I-!-!-! I lllll m i Ul m llul si N ilr l f f 'll1,5,,lf m l ' ill illlw ll illiliii l li l il ll My ll ll T llqll l i ,j "l'lly,lllV'Qlli , 'e -'Qx. l l f ". ll-l 'il ,lv -, he l llllw fl ii M ll i wili,.,lllf,l i il lilMll'iV 4 i lik fa vi Wil iw l . ll ll l 'lll lf 'sl l ll ll 'll' f l + f lm-3, ll 'l lllw e l W e llli lflll' lwllillsl ll l w , ll ,llll w w l r l ll a l l w ell l? lffllll ll filwl i F :l l l'l ,'i l ' M l C6 Qlibe main filyaure The construction of the building is such that even more quiet is secured than in most Smaller- edifices. The Walls separating the rooms are of brick, and the floors are dieadenedf'-Vaxsar Catalog. gmutabtie bumper The hear is past-no more hels see As formerly, in spheres elite, Perhaps he decks some closet H Ther likdby gtflft And yet-ti 'gl t tl t h l ld g The past fb if y lx VASSARION I sg ' 3 3' .'.:4zQ:m'ae9' .. Mi? - o T .Mez-tv' www-A Q Q 0 Q , Q O. Q I 9.99000 .0 c o of e.:'-wer.: 2 nt:,.!'3 K -S gi.: :A 0 0 0 . O 0 0'o'e'o'o'o'o'3' ' '05 5 ' o'o'o'0'Q'o'o'o' - 5.30.4 .0:Q:0:OoOz9:o:' 1 ,ll O.Q.O' 64 1444 Q y ' Q Q Q Q 1 ally t 'lla 'Q ri f' 's o 9909 is- 4 ld wli, e I A Y. Qlnx. . e i lll lll ' fllh Though one maiden's dressed in a fur and a muff And the other in White is arrayed, Don't think that the one or the other is crazed, Or distrusting your eyes, stand dismayedg The reason is simple, and perfectly good, ln two lines I shall now set it forth- The airy young lady resides in South Tower, And the other young lady in North, uk !.2..!..s.e.fmiLQL.,wT 186 VASSARION Qin Qlgnnp in illzihz itigljttilzitgi Sue's room was exceedingly small, So her book shelves she hung on the Wall, For towels and soap ' In her closet she'd grope, And she hadn't a bureau at all. She didnlt have space for a bed, So she slept in a hammock instead, And she lived in a fright That 'twould fall in the night- Though she slept veiy lightly, she said. She kept all her Waists in a box That bruised her poor knuckles with knocksg And her knees grew quite sore Groveling round on the floor, As she needs must to get out her frocks. VVhen she asked a few friends Qonly threef Her mother and sister to see, The guests had to come In parties of one, And drink condensed milk in their tea. One night, lying freezing in bed, The book-shelves dropped down on her head She fell amid groans And the breaking of bones, And when she awoke she was dead! vAssAR1oN 187 Qt iitfnth Qhnut walkers' TT A HERE is a popular, and, consequently, of course, lfallacious idea to the erliect that a Walker is the product of muscle and EJ' energy. There seldom was a greater mistake, a good walker is not the result of constitution but of temperamenthit is mind, not matter, makes her what she IS. .Any one may acquire ' enough leg-force by a month of persistent "gym" work to carry her twenty miles, but a true walker is born, not made. There are a plenty of people who walk that are not walkers, admirable people in their way, and as much to be sought after elsewhere as they are to be avoided when in motion under an open sky. A Take, for example, your Reformer. VVhen she walks she will not let you sink into the healthful outdoor trance where thought gradually gives place to a gentle flow of impressions, and all the senses are pleasantly alert. No, she must still be murmuring and disputing, she has the first drawback-the discontented mind. The closed mind, too, is fatal. I once saw an extreme example of this type in a girl ,who always carried a volume of poetry with her to read as she walked along. The closed mind, the enthusiastic temperament, with a passion for reform, the aggressively literary or scientific type, all make bad Walkers, however far they may be able to walk. The distance covered without weariness is no measure of worth. A true walker may become tired, but her party never becomes tired of her. This is the real test, and in order to do this she must lay aside not "only her easily besetting sins, but her easily besetting virtue as well." She must have a sense of humor, an open mind, a contented spirit, and a capacity for silence. i would have the whole community become walkers, sickness would diminish by one-half, and all ills arising out of discontent, morbidness, and hasty speech, would vanish away. The world, under a blue and silver sky, lies quietly before you, not for conquest but for acceptance, enjoyment-the glint of the river, the distant hills, the scent of the 188 VASSARION locust blossoms, and the hard road underfoot. At noon there is a green place to rest in with sandwiches and sweet chocolate equally shared, each mouthful consciously satisfying as you listen to the drowsy mid-day call of the birds. Then on again in the fine Hush of your "second wind,', when a hundred miles seems a mere bagatelle. The brilliant light fades slowly, the clouds gather in the west, the sun sinks, and the whole sky is flushed with color. As you pass under the lodge gate, the gongs, an- swering each other in ten halls, sound almost pleasantly, purged of their customary harsh insistance by the distance, and the still, luminous atmosphere of happiness in which you move. - i ffftllje fifty uf the Will!" They may cry for dormitories Gyms, museums, added stories, But the bitterest need of Vassar has been never cried at all, So if John D. or Andy Have some extra money handy, Let the girls of Vassar tell them of a place to let it fall. If in they,d see us straining Every muscle, each neck craning Just to peep into the mirror through the crowds that throng the way Surely then they'd ope their coffers, And they'd make us splendid offers To line all the walls with mirrors- Hasten ye, oh happy day! VASSARION E132 iimpie ilife Why do you fret your mind by vainly asking NVhy classes war, and faction strives with faction F The cause of their warring and strife None know save the blessed immortals. Why do you seek to Find the use of college? Freshmen Hunk out, and Juniors fade to Seniors, Committee work shortens our rest, And Exams. are a foe to sweet slumber. Crushes wax hot, and make our lives a burden, Waning they leave our beds unturned at night-fall, In front of S. P. every year With changed face the numerals glitter. Why do you vex your minds with Ethics problems? Here let us lie at ease in our kimonas, Our fast-whit'ning tresses bedecked Vilith huge bows of bright-colored ribbon. What maiden now will hasten, skilled to mingle Canned milk with Wl'iitman's lnstantaneous Chocolate? The kettle glows over the lamp, And soon will the water be boiling. Pray who will summon Lydia from her chamber? Tell her to bring a cup and saucer with her, Her hair hanging down in a braid, Go, tell her to come without waiting. HORACE OD ESI IQO VASSARION Qtunentei' i.9annp Zbictiunamg of Qllollege Gemma A Englisb-QID A method of recovering the innocency of the eye. Example: The cyclamen, poised on a slender stem with patient ears laid back. Q25 One way of making a record. A Hzistory-A game in which the players impersonate famous Americans. Anyone found without a pocket edition of the constitution about her person is "out." Algcbra+A childrenls disease ofwhich the principal symptoms are headache, hysteria, and extreme depression. Tutoring brings relief, but no remedy has yet been discovered. Altlnlefe-Any member of the Athletic Association unconditioned in her academic work. . Biology-A complaint caught early Junior year. Its first symptom is a tendency to leave no stone unturned. The patient calls a centiped a myriapod, carries small crawling crustacea around in her bare hands, and discusses the anatomy of the cat during luncheon. There is no cure but time and patience. Bland Aff'A law passed by President Hamilton in 1792, which encouraged trade, put money on a sound basis, and increased the population. CakeAThe kind Alma Mater used to make. Bright yellow with blue icing and perfumed custard between the layers. Aesthetic and nutritious, but not Very delectable. Wlieiu baked in round tins it is indistinguishable from mullins. Cerztzped-Gena: Va.r5arz'ana. An animal somewhat larger than a good-sized rattle- snake, having an irrelevant multiplicity of legs. It feeds on dust, picture-wire and Harvard note. Cl1apcIfA place where you wish you had gone yesterday. Cifuil Governme-nt-Salmonary history. A letterary course. Dairy chain-Linked sweetness long drawn out. Dog-A concept of wag. Economic:-The cause of the laboring classes. VASSARION IQI Firewall-The House of Mirth. General Cbemntfry-A game played by the Chemistry Department and the Sopho- mores. Professor Moultoii is It. The players gather immediately after luncheon in the laboratory, and begin by doing the dishes of the previous set of players. The game consists in imperiling your life for the improvement of your mind. The Hrst one to leave the laboratory is beaten. Greek-Famous Men Who Have Known Me. Hamlet-Ophelia's fiance. Hangz'ng Book-:below-The fruit of folly. Appear in late September and generally fall before the snow lilies. Infirmary-A short cut to acquaintances. K French-Survey of the ethnographical characteristics of French. Physical envi- ronments. The influence of institutions, the family, the schools. The philo sophical, the scientific and artistic education. The religious institutions and in- fluences. Literary societies and the salons. Literary theories. Classicism, Romanticism, realism, naturalism, Parnassism, symbolism and impressionism. Foreign influences: American, English, German, Russian and Scandinavian. The moral and religious reaction in literature. Study of different departments of contemporary literature, and its representative men. Bruntiere, Lemaitre, Bourget, Pellissier, Faguet. Tendencies in philosophy, the idealism of Renan, the materialism of Taint, and the theistic philosophy represented by the new school. History, its transititon from an 211't to a science, Lavisse, Sorel, Ram- band and Hanotaux. Eloquence, transition from the aristocratic to the demo- cratic in the parliament, at the bar and in the pulpit. Poetry, its transformation, Sully, Prudhomme, dll-Tedredia. The drama, its present power-Sardou, Roulard, Hervieux, Ridupin. Novels, there characteristics and their men, Daudet, Bourget, Rod, Toti, and Bazini. ' Nato iferfey Club-Food and lines. Plaz' Baia Kappa-A key which Hts no lock, costing live dollars of hard cash, and four years of hard labor. Pbiloxapfay-The belongingness and hangingonedness of concepts. IQ2 vAssAR1oN Regulation-Any matter taken in hand by the Faculty, andannounced ex ratlaedra in type-writing on the bulletin. Example: The students are warned against singing on the steps of Strong between dinner and chapel in parties of less than three. These parties must consist of Juniors unconditioned in their academic work, Juniors with three hours conditional may sing standing in the rear, Juniors with more than three hours of uncompleted work must sing from the windows of the Strong reading-room. Roamon Lecture Courre-Freshman year, first and second semesters. Set-A game in which every player is It. If there is more than one set in the class, the game resembles prisoners, base, except for the fact that the players sit at tables. lt is a popular game, and very amusing to watch. Song Pracrire-A social gathering devoted to the discussion of current topics. Sponge-Ach, mein Gott! was ist das? Stamp-A medium of exchange, and a standard of deferred payment. Style-Nicety of perception, veritableness of apprehension, soul that infuses the whole, that gives it life, mind that moulds the subject, whether it be verse or prose, into unity of structure wholesome and perfect, but with due allowance for after thought-though never for surplusage-a perfect sense of words in their full and complex signihcance, a close and at the same time flexible fit- ness of words and structure to matter, and above all a sense, quaint and im- possible, of the impersonality of the personal-white light strained through a tinted window, yet retaining, as it were, the very essence of its purity. Sunday Tea-Review of Reviews. Sftuatting-A custom more honored in the breach than in the observance. S'ZUZ.71Z771'Z.7Zg Tank-The Social Whole. Table Three-The shout of them that feast. Example: "Do you believe -H "No, not if you do." Wake Robin-See John Burroughs. Also a game in which you engage your oppo- nent in conversation, and when la bird sings, say "What's that ?', If she tells you, she is Wake Robin. If she says "What ?,' you have her. Wasbz'ngt0n'5 Birtlaalay-A variable feast. .WI ,. fx. I , tat.: A W 14,2 21451 firing' 'H -bf "'4',XfNLFl f 2' 'wif' "fa M55 Q li, any wa. PIM rv. im. mf f qi" 'Yfijkj " U ' Z' fp, ' -. fy, Nell LQ!" M5 Wfyjffig ' 30 X fl X 4 f Q, is , 7, ' lf ff Zjx fjw l H ' 7 NV 'M - . X ' -, . 'i - ' , f , -' " Q am all 3 f ti U f W x- ' 6.19 Wg. my Cyl! i ll, la f y i? ffigi , l 1,494 f:5,. L.1,' ! Qogx mf ,jf,,'4lr.7j,,,ylffQ.' ff i fg , 'h y J J ,,,, , I 1 . ,J yi? pt! t.,Vv Marg., V 5 V XMWA iffy, K V 7 !,4V,4Z!.jQ,y X I -a ,ff .Wil f A, 4 , 1,7 ,L ,. 1, 4 ff, 1.7, 6 ,, Zi -A . , Wf25'2?fQl,y 'Qi' ty . A0517 ty 1 W QW W f Q7 W K fr .5 .7 ,mp ' 5 fj py fy V ' fl M if 'ff . .uw at ff , QM l I W5 A QD J "ttf 'Y , ws -fi 1 rf -9 , 'llz. aff? A Wi li? ., f d te my lah-"-'H' x' . Zi I if , ni, ff a r , Q6 ,.-4 1 ff -- P " 5 ""lf7l,if Pif fff'7 f - . l' Q.. ' ' ' .W My Que mme mars M .Y L, ,A Ze . zfett '- f a.. ' P NCR upon a time there were fj feva i' th mi b d h - a e ef A TCC 1 C . CHTS DHIPC .lo 1'1 Qeggf ' Q X .X ny, Jeremiah, and H. H. B., l' :gg f?"7Q4'1 Qlfxxl QXX ffxh ff A . I- W, l Eff 7 1 - 5 K X 4 who entered Vassar College in the tall vghsgs 1 - - - f 1 . "WL -1-. 1? , it 'ff l 34' :Qj ' : of nineteen live. As they were very ' 5 ' ' , W , T . . . ' Psi '-if'f1J,, Y -A l 1-,17,,v' ,,. yn clever they quickly decided to skip the -25? ' ?l!?W??'4Ee1p'- '54, l 9 J l f, ' E. Sita W W 4 hrst three years, and graduate With " 5 X, Z Nineteen Six, "for," said they, 'CSl1C is -, Q' f bw I mg ' ' tldnnfe " Ek, Q1 Zu! fl, A the smartest class in college, and she gg : ii i- '4.i'5' ll i .H "wwf -- '-f'?"', -f J Lag 1' ff' I ff- M 'x ifidi hf 7, has a erfectl ood Senior Parlor gill-M it 'T'-M!" 'i W i 71 R c ! ! . Y g 79 51 with shiny numbers over the door. "' 'X , 'Q,1f , So they took their examinations, -- .1 and passed them all successfully, ex- ' - I ,Alf ' - . . . 0' f? '. iv l cept Johnny Bear, who tailed in Fresh- , g fier m. 1' ' H ' b h M ' l X If . man ygiene ecause e cou not gal a , P W i 435341 - Q, ff' ' ', X' 1 remember that 21 child under three We Ajay 167 ,906 , . f W' , i . H 13 , :ff i months of age should not eat beer, fh4 0' 5 776 I" . i cheese and tea, and Jeremiah, Who ' ff XP-l pmt would persist in mixin Mar Oueen " I . 1.8 25 hi N - ff? -.H-,, e g Y Z 2 Q "'77"' xi 'l 'I : 'A:- ff' fl lem - . .X . i ,aww 54 115 fr -2' '4 f e ff V1 fp- J 'ff f ' re Q f X ,.,,. , , ,gg 6 xx H f y'?' M4 Z jig! Tx x , ll? '- 'S' ' 1 f.': ,.' I 'iii r:?- Wa- -f , ' ll 6 l M " X ' f w ,f af ff f gggaf .za 'Mg . ,W .. ' Wwzqb WW . If ,isis X 6:-fe 'J 13 Q t?b . f e 4 EWS, ' 1, t ' A 1 " f fl 42' f l 2 N Yf ,V -Q falqz , MZ, 3 - W vnu 2 1 Sym f fr' - , fe " 'ef aes '-"" f ' x - V ff -.251 Q ' "Q- pl- Kwik!! .. Z -5 f- t x NX -e 1 S-ef e Qs. v - ' -1 , ffwffff 5 I MB y " I s f , - i t Af, D -fly. ff' ,af as ff f , W .. , ai inf, uw - F ff ,ww If W m yr .- ,f -L of 0 ' f'?Ea5Q 'Q ' ' H R, l 7V lv- P ' f Z 51. ,fy ,f ' if ' ap lil' be , e- 'l"2f gi 5239? .lr f if f' 5' A .1 pf , ' A if high .Q-..f f ' a ' , f Jw ' f I ' .. if ' f i 'fs ,f f f i gr 1" t 7J " " X Q - IQI QAK Y' ba 21 ,51 fl in 'fi ff eff fic ma Q ogy, , e y y C NHT? fg iff," f --ff V 'L ' -- lg 1 . 4 -K -Ja WI , ,fr D . QS . f yi ! ' A 1 if f Zh af? gl! ,f 'F ,J lol: f of 9 - 579 - it Af ii! E gf i . l 1 i 3 I ' of Scots and Otto IH on his History ' Gif? ,f-F 7 lu --W 47,-,,- f ig Q7 papers. f , .... ,aff . ? 1 ' ' These three little bears had a large, comfortable parlor, but as they had , to spend all their money on Ethics f ffl 1- ' of books they had very little furniture 5 Q5 1 , f' , 7 . . - 4 ' X , X beside soa boxes, either to he, eat, -2 , I, fr 7 -xy 1 , . P -gjlfz ffl' f i 'i . i X -,, 'L,,'7f,,ff ff, sleep, or read upon, Johnny Bear fi l o" ' thought this Was a Joke. Jeremiah . 7 ' .f ' f . . . ig., V ' 1 ,. '- ' gl T ,bf I said it was a disgrace. But H. H. B. gi ,s,i " i took a mediating point of view, and Q'l11' it riff!! 7 said that as the distinction between ,., lg' 'X N I ff- ' iff fz books and furniture was purely func- , ,37 , fy f . . . . g 3 b W fl EQ, ,f ff tional, it might have been just as Well L ew i-- f fl? ' ,,. . ' 5 !,,,. 5, f f fm? to have bought one chair, and gone to , '95 - 5 5 f . - f , the Library for Hyslop-particularly , ,f "7 I ' " . l . ,f -5' , Qif j g as his room-mates never read any of ' X fvff ,. ,777 f I . 15 rpx if 1.5. ,fn , XX N .15 the books, to which they replied, "and g ff -f' ,, ' 'lg fi ' - . 9 ' sa ,f , , neither do you, pal, that am t no lie. fu y , Zif f x cyl . W. . " gy! , w , ,H f I ffirfz Y -M, M51 my m f , ff, A fi " f 7 c ' 74 1 ff, I 4 ff 'Qi' 6 1, six 1 XX f Na- X If S mfg: v f f I P ff' X 7 2 ' 5,5 ,gg , fl, 2 T mt i , f 7 WE ffr?f a J V I I 7 Xlsuil- l-9.67 i f ,ff N 'A f x , I, , . A , X! l l i f H 1 'J X1 H1 , 5 ,f I if Q, X 1 1 X :fy A,:,,,h L . i'f?0,,,ff'c' f " lf 1' l V l, ffif EY . f -" 4 'T' f 9 t 1 , N i , 4 y 7415, V 0 jf - 'bfi 'I 5 'Q " .. V livin! i Ns W ' 5 A gl' ff Q Q12? 1-ff .44 ,I H iw' z if V ' ' , - ig - v Pie: , M . F ' 'ff f ,f Q if f At f f X 1 3 - ' ' , ' i"." ' .- ll 1.6 Q, f ,lf ' ,w 1 ' 41 X.- ,V - I '!' Q :Qi f ,I r' K . gf If 1. , , , , f -f 9, i V fee- W A ff- f - 4 7 si- ' "ggi: A - , 1,1 1 my 1, m y. Y-f P ., . N, ' 8:96 I .4 - , s 4 ' , ,- j ji Q 0,1-P! -lr ., ' ' 1. - ,. ' Av 'J - I ,K ' ,. f 12 ,, f-:gi - 1- 4,f fx , ,.. f, 1, J f 'v f y Q 'hjfvf gn 'Q '1 Q, Eifvgi '- 7--fd' Y -4' f 1 1, f " 6-1 ,gf 5 -f' 7 s ' 'fwvim , A f -11, . f z , , ' Y ,J X A - 4 if , gc.: ,- A s -1-43. , , V V- Q 'mr -rf - , ,r s , f- i X To uf? X -N 1- , fl' ., , ' V , iff gf f 1 X' f ' 1 . ' . -" 'QM ' 7 ' L 1' - A. ' rf 1 9""' " ' f 1 Vi, . f - .ff f y ,X .,- -ff - A A - ff i Zpfv q Y jf , jf! K I 7 jf, rx , Wg xgzqyfgf t vfszgg.--,-5. 5, W -f - - j. L if Z"i5,2' - JJ : ' Q2 '1 - - 5" Y gig LA ' . fr Y - . Y MMM.. if-it ' K, '- 1 , - ff-..i.l,-,,,,,, ,Z f , I -if-g ry -L-feta ,gi-I -f ,i ,V 1 - a t f'-1 . ff ,, ' f v' .. J f" ,, av' N ffm fr , 41,4 1 X ' 'R ll' fZ v' ii 1 . I 1' if NVJ, 1 - I - - 't, . :fi-1 I' f . , ' ,,.A ,Gy gjfjfft f,1' Q Av ' 1' V' N' 14, ' X 'QV pl M - ""T A rf it fl XX :mg t A if -ry- , 4' ' I f 1 nil' - X - ? igtrytkgi. ' y 'l p 5 -'il iff if - 1 'rc t f ':w?55f" f 1 it ' ffl' Wfl : ,'., gf ' .uit Mwfxuh, ' 2 'rf' 'ilu' '3l's""ffa ' 1 In fact, these three bears had very y 7-we .? i5T1Ei-- g I - 1'.?51gS??"'?A-.,':..g.,:, ,,..... .W ...- 14W ,ff O t X X X J X xx fl if filiiuiiif ,.. -2 , fff f'2C::gQL'19ijgf gli ,, p fjiffk il lfz. JL' Kr J ,f 725' f ff f,,9f 'ff l W fog, 245i if ' M H t J 'ik 'Xl bg, ' ,ff'2g1 - 'A i x at 2 2 5' little time to study because 'they Were so busy reforming the college. John- ny Bear was anxious to cut down the social functionsg Jeremiah Wanted to pass a measure by Which no academic Work should be expected of the Sen- iorsg but H. H. B. took a mediating point of view, and chiefly desired to form the faculty into classes under the direction and tuition of the student body. They did a deal of talking, particularly after twelve o'clock at night, and drank a great many large cups of Whitman's Instantaneous Chocolate. Moreover, they discussed social problems at meals till the maid Who Waited upon them turned into a nihilist, and Went to Russia for rest and recreation. -if-ff--fag. rfi, H C Q ig., N, f,'f:fQ'?b,f .I 7. ,qs 555 f 2 ,imw li t, t ,f will . it O0 0 i f f gg y f y j ,f ,ka 40 ci Z ffl- , X Il, f -, iy,. '7l + ff J 4 ,, diy NX ef Qs gsvn, ...,, -"l' l"r 5 O 'it it f cj 6 f Qs Qs 0 ff lf ' ff' r1'a fi 'l s P " 4 CD' "Q 0 f M ' A C CD 3 3 1, e NC-'11 .f ff- ripff--r' " N I : fl . .if Z . I W x' VK Q1 aa if f i ev ,faq , Q ff ,N Q, ef, 'ff -af ' ,, .Q Q 'sn-QD! 7 1 I V' '--. ' . .. in l l Wulf 3 WM fy ffff f If fe W1"' in 't fa W f N w 1 ,Q 'K M f Jif fy W., y I 7? fy! ff V l Q"Sf l" l v ' X7 X X 1f " f' ff ww fa a' f 1 4 to j vflylzzn f ,',1Lj, ,. -gg' i V2 Tl- ' L' ' F 'L' 11 Y I il!-,rj ff f - ff" 1+ fzf Y l - 7 X li --I QQ Lrg ' f1'f1677XWlll f f lax!!! In as H + , 0 K gf? 'a I a"is2.'2 X X f 'X f ' XNXX . 5' 2 Thus they Would have contlnued A' ff! Jing! If . . . ,425 unt1l the end of the chapter lf H. H. '3'L- fl-:fa lv - - - X . A l B. had not agaln saved the sltuatlon '-P - ,H nkji, A -- :.f- . l all f ll ,,, ' lu by taking a mediating point of vievv. "My co-mates," said he, "What can't be cured must he endured. Carpe diem. Be gay While you may. I ,,, t .3 Let us go down to the Inn for luncheon." , , 7 'n . . " ' Q 7 So the followed th1s excellent lece , I E Y P a nlw y of adv1ce, and l1ved happ1ly ever after- ? I a-th 'hh h a -I I F Z vvar vvne nug t A ave appene I 'l far otherwise had they lunched in l va nf. gg fiwgggi faaw 159125 ' ' MW t fy ff f iff fif ffvif-"' 5' 5 ,., - t M5514 A "I ' Y fl ff if' V t ff gf iffy lx ff l all ' f ' X , X ,qffvf , fl .X Q - X I 7 , f f A 'WW F lf X f ' M y -.ff 'H 1 la! 'Vw 'W lf f f H ib a l- An, of ' a af W' 5 W ' f ' f n' fl ff 7 fm 7 V l xi fl vffiiglll 'M' 'af ' ali' -' if , 1:54 V, . , 123 ,I XX 4, f,', M -14, M jf 1 ' I 1 1 , , , ,A X 1 1 X v mA" -rp "xx x ' , 1 131 X f" XM ' ' 'J f' ' ' '?Q A e , -if yn fc, ' xp yff X2 v . fy' , Y, ' 1 fy ,,. , ! 1 f,,T. , X DL..-ff" ,.-1-""lf, ' ,,z,,.,2.!-f-iff?" f Zi" ? 6 X g S x , Q XJSK A A: Liv' 4 23 X f f YVNQL lfxx XX 1 X ii X X 4A wg 5 xi M5 ff ' Af' Y 5 X' U W, iff X ki:-il V Q XX R f w E f KR 1 X fl ' QQ! ' 194 V A s s A R 1 0 N ata from 1861 through 1906 ilinilllings june 4, 1861 Ground broken by Matthew Vassar for Main Building 1864 Astronomical Observatory completed 1865 Main Building completed 1865 Lodge erected 1866 Building for Riding School, Gymnasium, and Music Rooms complctcdg 1874. altered for Natural History Museum, Gymnasium, Music Rooms, and Art Galleryg 1890 Gymnasium changed to Hall of Casts, and Laboratories added 1879 Vassar Brothers' Laboratory erected 1886 Eleanor Conservatory erected 1889 Alumnae Gymnasium erected 1892 Professors' cottages erected 1892 Strong Hall erected 1893 li. lf. Thompson Library Building erected 1896 President's House erected 1897 Raymond House erected 1897 Rockefeller Hall erected 1900 Swift Nlemorial Infirmary erected 1901 New England Building erected 1902 Edward Lathrop Hall erected 1902 Eliza Davison house erected 1903 Ground broken for Library 1904 Chapel completed 1904. Miss Wood's cottage erected 1905 Library completed 1905 Doctor Hill's cottage erected VAssA111oN 195 flrssihentz uf the Qzinllege lVlILO P. j'EwET'r, LL.D., 1861-64 RYLAND KENDRICK, D.D., Arting Presi .lOl-iN H. RAYMOND, LL.D., 1864-78 dent, 1885-86 SAMUEL L. CALDWELL, DD., 1878-85 JAMES M. 'TAYLOR, LL.D., 1886- Qlfyzizting Qlhganigatiunz Philaletheis, Constitution adopted December 5, 1865 Vassar Miscellany 1872 Society for Religious Inquiry 18675 re-organized into Christian Association 1885 Students' Association, Constitution adopted February 22, 1868 1 Shakespeare Club 1870 Dickens Club 1874 T. and M. 1879 Tennis Club 18815 merged into Athletic Association 1895 Qui Vive 1882 Vassar College Glee Club 1882 Vassar College Chapter of the College Settlement Association 1891 Hellenic Society 1891 Current Topics Club 1892 Society of the Granddaughters of Vassar College 1893 New England Club 1894 Southern Club 1894 Choral Club 1895 Wake Robin Club 1895 Civitas 1895 Contemporary Club 1895 4 Vassar College Mandolin and Guitar Club 1896 Marshall Club 1897 Phi Beta Kappa, Mu Chapter of New York 1898 French Club 1899 German Club 1900 Vassar College Symphony Orchestra 1900 Chicago Club 1901 New Jersey Club 1904 Colorados 1904 Scriptores 1905 196 V A S S A R I O N Ealzhictutians 1867 H. A. Warner 1872 S. A. Catlin 1878 S. G. Wilkinson 1868 S, L. Blatchleyt' 1873 H. C. Hiscock 1879 E. M, Perkins 1869 A. M. Glidden 1874 F. M. Cushing 1880 M. Reynolds 1870 J. A. Denton 1875 F. C. Perkins 1881 M. L. Freeman 1871 E. M. Folsom 1876 C. Price 1882 M. Patterson 1877 L. Wylie Salutaturians 1867 M. L. Dickinson 1872 A. W. Foster 1878 H, E. Thompson 1868 M. P. Rhodes 1873 E. D. Swift 1879 E. M. Arnold 1869 S. E. Daniels 1874 F. A. Hill 1880 C. B. Dow 1870 C. W. Ritch 1875 F. G. Swift 1881 A. M. Abbott 1871 E. L. Hawkes 1876 A. Nl. Johnson 1882 M. F. Easton 1877 C. P. Swift Qprzsihents uf Qllbilalztbzis 1865- john H. Raymond 1879-80 G. F. Cole 1893-94 A. L. Latimer 1866- M. L. Dickinson 1880-81 H. S. Durand 1894-95 E. M. Welch 1867- S. L. Blatchley 1881-82 S. Yamakawa 1895-96 L. Van Anden 1868-69 A, M. Glidden 1882-83 M. Foos 1896 Q7 E. L. Baker 1869- E. D. Storer 1883-84 O. McMillan 1897-Q8 E. F. Vassar 1870-71 E. M. Folsom 1884-85 M. E. Ewing 1898-99 E. K. Ray 1871-72 E. S. Hollister 1885-86 M. M. Wickham 1899-00 C. W. Wilkins 1872- B. Wilder 1886-87 A. A. Berry 1900-01 G. H. Baldwin 1873-74 E. W. Barrett 1887-88 E. L. lVIacCreery IQOI-O2 M. W1'ight 1874- M. B. Taylor 1888-89 D. F. Norris 1902-03 G. A. Power 1875-76 E. S. Richards 1889-90 G. E. Sanders 1903-04 F. Winchester 1876- E. M. Logan 1890-91 L. A. Lawrence 1904-05 G. V. McCarthy 1877- H. R. Ransom 1891-92 E. M. Mast 1995-06 M. Munn 1878-79 S. F. Richardson 1892-93 A. Whitcomb VASSARION 197 1866 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874- 1875- 1876- 1877- 1878- 1879 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1373 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1868 1870 1876 M. W. Whitney M. L. Gilbert M. Chumar D. Hileman S. A. Catlin M. Monroe F. M. Cushing F. A. Rice G. H. Learned S. F. Sheppard S. G. Vlfilkinson G. Darling B. Hazard M. S. Morris L. Dickinson E. Glover M. Glidden A. Denton L. Sanford D. Seelye C. Hiscock Fisher L. W. Kellogg C. Price E. Bliss F.. Stanton C. Jordan B. Whittemore L. Hughes G. Metcalf Mlresiuznts uf Stuuente' Silssuriuttun 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884- 1885- 1886- 1887 1888 1889 1890 81 G. Shaw 82 L. B. Stanton 83 C. A. Valleau 84 L. K. Smith 85 L. Deming J. P. Clinton 86 L. F. Sweetzer G. M. Cleveland 37 88 F. T. Patterson 89 L. B. Poppenheim Q0 K. Smith QI C. A. Bentley 1891-92 A. M. Robbins 1892-93 M. V. Clark Seniur Qblass Qjlresthents 1880 N. Preston 1881 M. Bryan 1882 M. B. Brittan 1883 A. H. Lathrop 1884 A. Blanchard 1885 S. C. Hening 1886 N. WVooster 1887 T. Skinner 1888 G. Rideout 1889 E. Greer 1890 F. E. Morris 1891 M. T. Allen 1892 A. L. Reed 1893 E. B. Cutting Qllams QBratnw 1877 S. F. Sheppard 1878 A. M. Wing 1879 S. D. Kennedy 1893- 94 M. B. Mumford 1894-95 K. C. Reiley 1895-96 E. McCloskey 1896-97 V. James 1897-98 P. A. HatHeld 1898-99 E. L. Garrett 1899-00 M. P. Schmidt 1900-01 L. S. Holmquist 1901-02 C. M. Sperry 1902-03 H. J. MacCoy 1903-04 S. Taylor 1904-05 M. Hiscox 1905-06 M. J. Dimoek 1894 B. Ferry 1895 Greer 1896 M. N. Sanders 1897 M. B. Chambers 1898 A. Kauffman 1899 E. Nichols 1900 A. P. Barrows 1901 M. P. Jackson 1902 T. H. Hadley 1903 E. B. Thompson 1904 M. Yost 1905 M. L. Henning 1906 Searing 1880 G. F. Cole I88I C. S. Wlmite 1882 F. B. Taylor 198 1 VASSARION 1883 M. Sharpe 1887 I. Butcher 1892 S. E. Woodlvridge 1884. A. Townsend 1888 S. G. Chester 1893 A. Whitcomb 1885 B. C. Woods 18811 C. B. Weeks 1891, E DXC11111111 1886 P. P, Morrill 1890 H. Borgman 1896 L. Madeira 1891 M. Ober Qlllaas masts 1868 S. L. 'Blatchley 1876 Z. W. Brigham 1897 N V. McClelland 1869 S. L. Stilson 1878 E. Fullick 1898 A Wentworth 1870 E. R. Coffin 1885 E. S. Leonard 1899 A R. Taggart 1871 M, Clinton 1887 E. R. Hoy 1900 M. L. Ray 1872 W. H. Eliot 1888 M. Rich IQOI A. Crapsey 1873 M. G. Townsend 1893 E. Neil 1902 M, A. Pollard 1874 E. L. Hoyt 1894 L. Howe 1903 M. W. Cross 1875 M. B. Taylor 1895 S. W. Hoagland IQO4 E. Lefevre 1896 C. D. Kinkead Qllass bistnrians 1868 M. L, Avery 1884 M. F. L. Hussey 1899 A. C. Jones 1869 K. A. Still 1885 M. VV. Craig A. R. Taggart 1870 C. W. Rich 1886 F. A. Ferris 1900 E, R. Oberly 1871 M. O. Glover 1887 M. Sweet V. Sauvage 1872 M. Rawson 1888 E. L. MacCreery 1901 E L, Cole 1873 A. Skeel 1889 A. T. Ne-ttleton L. Cole 1874 J. S. Bennett 1890 K. Smith IQO2 N O. Eldred 1875 E. M. Tappan 1891 VV. Tompkins C. M. Sperry 1876 E. M. Giftcard 1892 S. B. TunnicliFF 1903 C. C. Eastman 1877 M. Stoyell 1893 R. P. Cobb H A. Anderson 1878 M. H. Rollins 1894 L. Howe IQO4. S. Taylor 1879 L. M. Barr 1895 A. L. Crawford E. Riedell 1880 A. P. Bailey 1896 gl. B. Hart 1905 O Hasbrouck 1881 K. H. Stockwell 1897 M. Reimer D L. Wortliingtoim 1882 M. R. Sanford G. NI. Gallaher 1906 F. T. Towers 1883 S. T. F. Swift 1898 L. A. Chamberlain L. M. Parry F. L. McKinney VASSARION 199 Qllluss mvupbets 1868 M. VV, Whitney 1898 M, MacColl F. Hannah 1869 F. Williams H. G. Davis R. B. Uptegrove 1870 . VV. Woods F, Belknap G, A. Blitz 1871 M, S. Nicoll 1899 V. Field 1904 F. M. Arrel 1872 A, B. Folger S, G. Grant l. M. Coon 1873 , Weed E, James R. H, Crippen 1874 . G. Howes M, W, Brown F, G, Cunnea 1875 . Roberts R, Updegrallq M, M, Elder 1876 .T. Hale A. H. XIVZIFC M. H. Hegeman 1877 , H. Dana 1900 A. L, Havens M. M. Ingraham 1878 M. W, Clarke H. B. Johnston A. S, Macdonald 1879 W, Towner F, E. G'Connell M. A, Menner 1880 Van Kleeck C. Paclter L, Stanton 1881 Shove A, P, Savery H, E, True 1882 F. Glenn M. Scarborough N. R. Waterbury 1883 Page 1901 B, Adair F. M. White 1884. M. A. Cumnoclc L. T, Bartlett 1905 F. Tallant 1885 L. Chubb A, L, Howe C. Ohr 1886 G. Lingle A. Milton F. Ost 1887 I.. Jenckes S. Miles M. Bon 1888 S. Foster M, B, Tupper F. McKisson 1889 M. Ferrell 1902 M. E. Cowling F. A. Howe 1890 F. Patterson F. L. Dunning L, Dutton IISQI N. Taylor N. O. Fldred G. Norcross 1892 M. Morton M. Fleming 1893 V. Harker A. Fletcher 1894 H, Ellsworth I. H. Hearne A. Gillmer M. A. Mason F, A, Chase E, Pierce 1895 Graham L. Ramsey 1896 Booker C, Stoddard W. Chamberlain 1903 E. B. Conklin . D. Kinkead A, Bourne 1897 M. E. Leverett A. L. Corbin B. Staton . T. 'Applegate W. M. Kirkland . C. Mallon H, MaCCoy B. Sernple E. Sharp F. Morrison 200 V A S S A R I O N Senior Svpane QBraturs 1868 I. Carter 1881 C. A. Lloyd 1894 M. Van Kleeck 1869 B. A. Strong 1882 M. E. Shove 1895 T. H. Poppenheim I87O M. A. Parker 1883 A. B. Poinier 1896 L. F. Collins 1871 K. G. Jewett 1884 L. K. Smith 1897 E. B. Atkinson 1872 NI. A. Loomis 1885 E. Ricker 1898 S. F. Sheppard 1873 S. S. Dana 1886 R. Foster 1899 E. K. Ray 1874 L. H. Brownell 1887 N. H. Canfield 1900 A. M. Crater 1875 K. McBain 1888 M. Ransom 1901 L. Smyth 1876 M. Clark 1889 M. M. Chamlnerlain 1902 L. Burns 1877 M. Thaw 1890 G. R. Kelly 1903 M. T. Starr 1878 M. W. Chase 1891 E. H. Haight 1904 M. Taylor 1879 E. E. Fletcher 1892 E. B. Hartridge 1905 H. H. Straight 1880 E. M. Wirhey 1893 F. R. Evans 1906 P. Woolverton junior Espana QBratn1:s 1869 M. G. Mead 1882 M. Sharpe 1895 S. W. Chamberlain 1870 E. M. Folsom 1883 M. E. Adams 1896 S. E. Dudley 1871 A. B. Folger 1884 M. W. Craig 1897 hi. MacColl 1872 E. Weed 1885 C. G. Lingle 1898 A. E. Jenkins 1873 M. W. Marvin 1886 A. L. Jenckes 1899 M. L. Ray 1874 K. Roberts 1887 M. Rich 1900 L. Cole 1875 M, A. Jordan 1888 E, K. Hunt 1901 M. B. Dale 1876 A. H. Dana 1889 H. F. Mace 1902 H. A. Anderson 1878 M. Colgate 1890 F. Halliday 1903 S. Taylor 1879 E. M. Withey 1891 S. B. Tunnicliilp 1904 M. B. Bon 1880 M. H. Stockwell 1892 R. B. Cooley 1905 E. M. Rushmore 1881 E. B. Varnes 1893 E. A. Gillmer IQO6 L. Brooke 1894 A, Graham Qliliiturs Eassartana 1866 M. L. Dickinson H, A. Johnson H. A. L. Mason H. A. Warner VA S S A R I O N 201 QBI1ituts flliranstript 1867-68 S. M. Glazier M. L. Avery H. M. Austin M. W. Whitney 1868-69 E. Williams S. Wright E. H. Jones B. R. Beckwith 1869-70 E. L. Hubbard E. R. CoH'in M. E. Colby 1870-71 M. H. Norris M. S. Nicoll E. R. Coffin Qlinitnrs jriilisczllaup 1872-73 H. C. Hiseock '73 L. A. Stow '74 E. D. Swift '73 H. E. Ohlen '74 K. M. Lupton '73 1873-74 L. A. Stow '74 K. McBain '75 A. G. Howes '74 E. NI. Tappan '75 A, L. Meeker '74 1374-75 K. McBain '75 E. E. Poppleton '76 E. M. Tappan '75 C. F. Butler '76 M. B. Taylor '75 H. E. Hersey '76 E. Cf. Metcalf '76 1875-76 E. E. Poppleton '76 S. F. Sheppard '77 H. E. Hersey '76 M. Stoyell '77 M. A. Jordan '76 1376-77 S. F. Sheppard '77 Nl. Wl1ipple '77 A. H. Dana '77 M. R. Botsford '78 L. Wylie '77 M. H. Rollins '78 1877-78 H. E, Stanton '78 A. M. Wing '78, Bus. Man. M R, Botsford '78 E. M. Perkins '79 H. D. Brown '78 B. Hazard '79 H. R. Ransom '78 E. Jacobson '79 2CD2 Y! 28. S S FK I2 I CD 'PJ - 1878-79 E. F. Hakes '79 M. Reynolds '80 E. Jacobson '7Q C. H. Thaclcray '80 M. Colgate '79 M. lf. Mott '80 E. P. Clarke '79, Bur, Mzzn. 1879-80 M. Reynolds '80 M. C. Palmer '81 A. P. Bailey '80 A. K. Fitzhugh '81 J. F. Smith '80 C. C. Barnum '81 H. C. Armstrong '80, Bur. Mfln. 1880-81 C. S, White '81 E. M. Howe '82 M. L. Freeman '81 M. B. Brittan '82 A. K. Fitzhugli '81 M. R. Sanford '82 Harrison '81, Bur. Man. 1881-82 E. M. Howe '82 C. L. Bostwick '83 M. B. King '82 S. F. Swift '83 M. R. Sanford '82 M. Sharp '83 A. M. Nickerson '82, Bur. Man. 1882-83 C. L. Bostwick '83 A. H. Lathrop '83, Bur. Mari. M. Sharp '83 M. F. L. Hussey '84 S. F. Swift '83 H. Me1'rick '84 1883-84 M. F. L. Hussey '84 E. S. Leonard '85 H. Merrick '84 L. H. Gould '85 A. Blanchard '84 M. E. Ewing '85, Asst. B. llfl. L. A. Barker '84, Bw. Alan. 1884-85 E. S. Leonard '85 lVl, King '86 L. H. Gould '85 L. F. Sweetzer '86 C. Hiscock '85 R. VVithowsky '86, first. B. IW. M. E. Ewing '85, Blix. Mflrz. 1885-86 lW. King '86 Cresj L. lr. Sweetzer '86 L. L. Newell '86 E, A. Ferris '86 E. Yvithowsky '86, Bus, Man. L. C. Sheldon '87 E. C. Greene '87 S, W, Learned '87, Arif. B. M lf XX S S fX Il I CD li 203 1886-87 L. C. Sheldon '87 E. Shaw '88 Cresj E. C. Greene '87 E. C. Kountze '88 A. K. Green '87 E. Lewi '88 S. W. Learned '87, Bus. Mun. E. L. MacCreery '88, Asst. B. M. 1887-88 E. C. Kountze '88 A. T. Nettle-ton '89 E. Lewi '88 L. M. Ferrell '89 C. L. Barnum '88 Nl, E, Chester '89, Asst. B. M. lf. L. Mz1cCreery '88, Bus. Mfan. 1888-89 X A. T. Nettleton '89 E. E. Morris '90 L. M. Ferrell '89 C, Suydam '90 K. VV:1rren '89 M. Carbutt '90, Asst. B. M. M. E. Chester '89, Bus. Man. 1889-90 E, E. Morris '90 D. N. Taylor '91 C. Suydam '90 R. M, Kavana '91 C. F. Patterson '90 K, L, Strong '91, Asst. B. M. M. Carhutt '90, Bus. Matz. 1890-91 D. N. Taylor 'QI B. C. Banfield '92 R. M. Kavana '91 A. L, Reed '92 M. F. WashhL1rn '91 A. M. Robbins '92, Asst. B. M. K. L. Strong '91, Bus. Man. ' 1891-92 E. C. Baniield '92 E. K. Adams '93 lf. B. Hartridge '92 R. E, Palmer '93 Qresj M. S, Packard '92 M, V, Clark 'Q3 A, M, Robbins '92, Bus. Man, E B. Cutting '93, Asst. B, M, 1892-Q3 E. K, Adams '93 M, L. Boynton 'Q4 M. V. Clark '93 E, L. Wells '94 R. Wilkinson '93 M, M. Macauley '94, Asst. B, M, B. Cutting '93, Bus. Mnn. 1393-94 M. L. Boynton '94 A. L. Crawford 'QS E. L. Wells 'Q4 G. S. Boynton 'QS A. S. Hussey '94 A Dorrance '95, Asst. B. M, M M. Macauley '94, Bus, Man. 204 VASSARION 1894-95 A. L. Crawford '95 H. I. Scranton '96 G. S. Boynton '95 E. McCloskey '96 E. E, Boyd '95 G. E. MacArthur '96, Ant B A. Dorrance '95, Bus. Man. 1895-96 H. I. Scranton '96 G. M. Gallaher '97 E. McCloskey '96 F., Hotchkiss '97 B, A. Jones '96 A. G. Richey '97, Asst. B, G. E. MacArthur '96, Bus. Man. 1896-97 ' G. M. Gallaher '97 F. L. McKinney '98 F. Hotchkiss '97 K. Blunt '98 M. M. Traver '97 L. B. Justice '98, Alxxt. B. M A. G. Richey '97, Bus. Man, 1897-98 F. L. McKinney '98 Hamilton '99 K. Blunt '98 M. Burr '99 S. F. Sheppard '98 A. E. Jenkins '99, Ant. B. L. B. Justice '98, Bw. Man. 1898-99 J. Hamilton 'QQ M. L. Ray '00 M. Burr 'QQ M. Payne '00 C. G. Abbott 'QQ M. L. Horst '00, Auf. B. M A. E. Jenkins '99, Bm. Man. 1899-00 M. L. Ray '00 C. S. Reed 'OI J. M. Payne '00 L. Smyth '01 M. Burlington '00 L. R. Albright '01, fifsxt. B M. L. Horst '00, Bus. Man. 1900-01 C. S. Reed '01 L. MacNair '02 L. J. Smyth 'OI 3 E. Mynter '02 L. T. Bartlett '01 Q H, White '02, Asst. B. M L. R. Albright 'OI, Buf. Man. . 1901-02 L. MacNair '02 M. A. Pollard 'O2 M. A. Mason '02 E, H, Wl1ite '02, Bus. Man, M. Belknap '03 L. E. McCarthy '03 N. A. Dunbar '03, A Jsf. B V A S s A R 1 0 N 295 1902-03 M. Belknap '03 R. Dimock '04 L. E. McCarthy '03 E. G. Gardiner '04 M. Canby '03 A. L, Henry '04, Assi. B. M, N. A. Dunbar '03, Bus. Mrzii. 1903-04 E. R. Dimoclc '04 H. H. Straight E. G. Gardiner '04 M. A. Pratt, '05 M. L, Conger '04 M. B. Bon '05, Asst. B. M, A. B. Forbes '04, Bus, Man. 1904-05 Y H. H. Straight '05 C. Fink '06 M. K. Smith '05 M. B. Jarnagin '06 H. Babson '05 F, C. Sibley '06 E. Tallant '05 M. T. Paine '06, Asst. B. M. M. B. Bon '05, Bus. Man. 1905-06 C. Fink '06 V. L. Pike '07 F.. Severance '06 F.. E. Goodrich '07 M. B. Jarnagin '06 E. A. Draper '07 F. C. Sibley '06 S. Medbury '07, Asst. B. M. M, T, Paine '06, Bus. Man, Qlihituts Ears 11'EDznhts 1888 F.. L. MacCreery J. Edwards S. G. Chester L, D. Fagan H. C. Butler E. C. Kountze M. Rich Qihiturs Eassuriun M. D. Anderson K. Warren M. E. Chester H. F. Mace M. Muerman M. Carbutt 1889 L. La Monte 1890 L. S. King L. M. Ferrell M. M. Chamberlain K. Smith K. O. Peterson C, F, Patterson zo VASSARION 1891 F. Halliday M. E. Rickert T. Dorman K, H, Pringle M. F. Washburn D. N. Taylor H. C. Oakley 1892 E. C. Banheld S, E, Woodbridge K, B. Davis A, Gwens S. B. Tunniclifln A. L. Perkins M. Morton 1893 E. R, Wilkinson M. 0, Mathes E. R. Evans E, Neil C. Palmer ,A, Whitcomlv C. E. White 1894 li. H. Haight M. L. Hastings G. White L. Howe C. Coman M, B, Mumford E. Moore M. L. Boynton 1895 F. Cohen B. R, Strang lf. Emery A, A, Monsch ' H. N. Ladue E, G, Thorne G, VVitschief E. Hillier 1896 I. G. Kruse -I, A., Schwartz B. C. Grant R, A, Palmer L. P. Sheppard L, Winningtoii L. Greer R. H. Walwo1'tl1 A, Hero 1897 N. V. McClelland M. Reimer H. E. Beard S, E, Dudley A, Whiton M, E, Leverett A, L, Wilkinson A, Newell A. Claflin VASSARION 20 1898 E, Belknap A. WCDtWO1'fll H. I. Haight J. R. Murdock H. A. Cobb L. O. Rice F. Borden L. A. Chamberlain A. N. Gibbons ' 1899 A, C. Jones A. R. Taggart M. G. Fulton S. G. Grant M, L. Hosmer C. E. King H. V. Turner Nl. W. Brown I lVl. L. Brinckerholf 1900 V. Barnard P. B. Day M. V. Johnson E. C. Packer Nl, VV, Plumb V, Sauvage A, M. Le Roy G. M. Candler M. G. Harmon 1901 A. Crapsey E. Cole A. Aflfeld H. E. Storke K. H. Glendinning A. C. 'Webster S. P. McDonald N. G. Hume H. W. Foster IQO2 M. Todd E. B. Abercrombie R, R. Gentry F. Fenton F. L. Dunning M. Fleming M. Smith H. E. Parton I. L. Ramsay 1903 E. Sharp A. G. Blitz A. L. Corbin M. C. Kline C. M. Benton E. Carey T. Vanamee M. McCulloch R. B. Uptegrove 208 VASSARION 1904 G. B. Day E. B. Gurley E. H. Welch E. Lefevre I. Murphy K. S. Merrell K. M. Steeves C. WHf1'6H I. Wheeler A. L. Carson 1905 M. A. Pratt M, A. Quinn R. T. Johns J. B. Wilson E. C. Lancaster L. Hickox S. C. Angell R. McCulloch H. Kenyon A. B. W1'igl1t 1906 E. M. Rushmore E. V. D. Ford B. Hurlbut E. Van der Veer F. Towers A. Fisher C. Krause Recipients uf tbz Eden iliate .Furness 1886 M. P. Sherwood C. G. Lingle 1887 C. A. Pratt L. C. Sheldon 1889 L. La Monte L. L. Idclings 1891 M, E. Rickert D. N. Taylor 1893 E. K, Adams A. VVhitcomb 1894 E. H. Haight E. D. Chater E. Meyrowitz E. Chandler E. Weil Svbakezpzars 1lJri5z 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1904. 1904 1905 B. A. Jones J. A. Schwartz M. M. Traver Cv. M. Gallaher A. H. Stone A. B. Parker J. E. Pettee fSecond prize, V. Sauvage QSec0nd prizej B. Adair N. Hart C. Rudyard R. M. Underhill VASSARIO N 201 Recipients uf the ilinrtiiiget lilrige 1883 S. H. Treadway '83 1884 F. L. Terry '87 1885 F. L. Terry '87 1886 Pomerene '86 1887 F. L. Terry '87 1888 C. Keen '89 1889 C. Keen '89 1690 nl. bl. Hendrick '90 1892 G. Sands '93 1894 E. E. Barns '94 Recipients uf tb: jflrs. Qirniinie 1889 Firit Prize -C. L. Scofield '90 Serond Prize-S. C. Gates '89 B. V. Gaines S 1891 Firrt Prize -H. D. King '92 Sefonfz' Prize-E. M. Mast '92 1394 First Prize -B. R. Bennett"95 Seronal Prize-K. C. Reiley '95 1896 K. S. Dunham '96 E. D. Dwight '98 1900 J, A. Davis 'OI 1903 E. B. Dunning '03 E. M. VVl1ite '04 1905 Nina F. Raynor 1895 l". lVl. Taylor '95 1896 R. M. Mann '96 1897 S. E. Dudley '97 1898 M. B. Mahan '98 1899 A. H. Wilson '99 1900 I. A. Tourtellor '00 1901 lf. M. Cornell '01 1902 G. L. Kent '02 1903 A. S. Wood '03 1904 L. E. Leonard '04 Smith 1jJrige 1890 Fz'r.vf Prize -+C. B. Dinturff '91 Scrbnd Prize-A. L. Knowlton '90 1892 Ffrxt Prize -E. Flaherty '92 Scrond Prize-M. E. Cooley '93 1895 Firxt Prize -M. E. Geclney '95 Serond PTZAZE"'V. C. Wood 'QS' 1897 M. Reimer '97 1899 K. Samson 'oo 1902 C. Davis '03 1904 C. C. Malven '04 E. F. Chase '04 210 VASSARION Etnnsrs nf the Qnnual Glennie: Gluurnament 1886 Single: -A. M. McKinlay '88 Double: -I. Skinner '87 A. M. McKinlay '88 1888 Singfex -S. Wetmore '90 Doubles -M. S. Guerin '92 R. H. Walworth S 1890 Singles -S. S. Homans '92 Double:-M. Scl1will C. E. White '93 1892 E Singler -S. S. Homans 'Q2 Doublex-S. S. Homans '92 H. G. Morehead '92 1893 Singles -H. S. Banks '96 Daublex-H. S. Banks '96 S. F. Platt '97 1895 Single: -H. S. Banks '96 Doubles-H. S. Banks '96 S. F. Platt '97 1897 Single: -C. G. Heywood '99 Doubler-F. C. Dowling 'oo E. L. Hunter '00 1899 ' Single: B. Lockwood 'OI Doubles-E. H. Wliite '02 E. M. Russell '02 1887 Singles -A. M. Mclfinlay '88 Double:-G. A. Pocock '88 W. M. Sebring '90 1889 Singfex -S. S. Homans '92 Doubles-C. E. Furness '91 V. I. Merrill S 1891 Singles -S. S. Homans '92 Doubles-A. C. Brown '93 1892 Single:- E. B. Bartlett 'Q4 -FALL TOURNAMENT I. A. Morgan '93 Doubles-I. A. Morgan '93 B. R. Strang 'QS 1894 Singles -H. S. Banks '96 Doubles-H. S. Banks '96 F S. . Platt '97 1896 Single: -E. L. Hunter '98 Doubles-S. F. Platt '97 I. C. Thallon '97 1898 Single: B. Lockwood 'OI Daulzlex-M. P. Jackson 'OI J. B. Lockwood 'OI 1900 Singles B. Lockwood 'OI Double:-M. P. Jackson 'OI J, B. Lockwood 'OI fllefaultf VASSARION 1901 1902 Singlex -E H. White '02 Single: -M. Kinsey '06 Doublei W, Bird '02 Double:-M. Kinsey '06 Single: Daublei H. White 'oz 1903 W. Hopson '07 Fink '06 Hatch '06 S. Lewis '06 1904. Single: -+A. W. Hopson Doubfe:-C. Fink '06 L. Hatch '06 1905 K Doublex-S. Lewis '06 J. Searing '06 '0 212 VASSARION bi ibm appa 51151111 Qllgapter of 5122111 114061 QBfficets MISSINIARGARET FLOYWASHBURN . . Preszident M1SS LAURAJOHNSON WYLIE . Vice-President MISS CAROLINE ELLEN FURNESS . . Secretary MISS ELOISEELLERY .... Treasurer Qllbartzr jlilzxnhera IKVINIFRED BALL, A.B., Theta of New York, 1890 LE ROY C. COOLEY, Pl1.D., Alpha of New York, 1886 FERDINAND C. FRENCH, Ph,D,, Alpha of Rhode Island, 1884 HERBERT E. MILLS, Ph.D., Iota of New York, 1886 I. LEVERETT MOORE, Pl1.D., Alpha of Maryland, 1892 CHARLES VV. MOULTON, Ph.D., Alpha of Minnesota, 1885 THEODORE C. SMITH, Ph.D., Alpha of Massachusetts, 1892 JAMES M. TAYLOR, LL.D., Alpha of Rhode Island, 1886 jliflzmhetz 1867 Harriette A. Warner fIVIrs. H. A. W. Bishopj 1868 Mary L. Avery Mary P. Rhoades ACIISZII1 M. Ely Helen Storke Sarah M. Glazier QMrs. M. Batesj, A.M., ,72 Mary VV. Whitney, A.M., ,72 1869 Ellen W. Babcock fM1's. WL R. Brownj Emma L, Hubbard, .A.M., ,733 LL.B., ,73 M. Emma Colby CMrs. M. I-I. Smithj Christine Ladd CMrs, Fabian Franklinj, Sarah E. Daniels LL,D,, '87 Ella M. Liggett VAssAR1oN 213 Mary Chumar fMrs. G. G. Traskj Jane A. Denton 187o Harriet O. Palmer fMrs. E. T. Slocumj Cynthia W. Ritch Elizabeth D. Storer Mary G. Mead fMrs. E. A. Abbeyj Sophia D. Storke, A.M,, '94 Amelia W. Esty QMrs. C. D. Stowellj Ellen M. Folsom Maria P. Brace fMrs. P. Kimballj Sarah A. Catlin 1871 Sarah P. Monks, A.M., '76 Susan Raymond 1872 Wilimena H. Eliot fMrs. E. Rmersonj, NLD., '72g A.M., '77 Alla W. Foster, A.M., '76 Elizabeth H. Brewer, A. M.,'96 Caroline M. Gerrish 1873 Mary E. Perry flVlrs. P. N. Moorej Anna R. Phelps Helen C. Hiscock QMrS. T. Backusj, A.M., '78 Elma D. Swift Mary A. Hopson Katharine M. Lupton Julia S. Bennett QMrs. E. H. Lordj Florence M. Cushing Elizabeth A. Hill QMrs. Mary F. Buflington Lucy W. Kellogg QMrs. Elizabeth R. Fox fMrs. Heloise E. Hersey Anna. M, Johnson Mary A, Jorden, A.M., Frances A. Adams Grace E. Bliss fMrs. P. Rachel B, Jacobs E. H, Spalclingj E. H. Englishj Eva M. Tappan, D. F. Websterj 178 M. Snyderj Laura Blanche Wilder fMrs. F. P. Bellamyj Clara lfVilson CMrs. G. W. Kretzingcrj 1374 Anna I.. Meeker Lucretia A. Stow fMrs. W. H. Cummingsj Caroline A. Woodman, A.M., '895 SB. 1875 Florence C. Perkins Frances G. Swift QMrS. John Dotyj A.M., ,953 Pl1.D,, '96 1876 Ella C. Lapham, A.M., '96 Grace H. Learned QMrs. A. V. De Witty Kate R. Lobingier Eliza G. Metcalf fMrs. Gustav Radekej 1877 Sarah F. Sheppard QMrs. H. K. Armstrongj Caroline P. Swift fMrs. E. S. Atwaterj Ida Wood, A.M., '893 Ph.D., ,QI Wylie, Ph.D., '94 214 V A S s A R 1 o N 1878 Gertrude Bascom fMrs. C. C. Darwinj M. Isabel Nelson fMrs. I. N. Tillinghastx Mary R. Botsford, A.M., ,Q4 Ph.M., ,QS Helen D. Brown Harriet R. Ransom QMrs. Arthur MilinowskiD Mary W. Clarke QMrs, M. M. Ackerb Harriet E. Stanton CMrs, W. H. Blatchj Helen E. Thompson 1879 Eleanor P. Clarke Mary Colgate Cornelia A. Dike Bertha Hazard Emily C. Jordan QMrs. H. C. Folger, Jrj, A.M., '96 Emma M. Perkins 1880 Hyla C. Armstrong fMrs. VVilliam Daviesj Carrie M. Canfield CMrs. W. R. Thorsenj Annie P. Bailey fMrs. L. A. Bullj Caroline B. Dow Marietta A. Barnes CMrs. G. W. Knightj Phebe T. Sutliicf, A.M., '90 Lucy Tappan 1881 Marion Burke, M.D. Mary F. Easton QMrs. M. R. Conablej Elizabeth M. Howe CMrs. Lucien Howej Mary B. King fMrs. E. H. Babbittj Sarah C. Bernard C. Lena Bostwick Maie A. Chapman fMrs. H. C. Crouchj Ella M. Freeman Lucy Davis Lavinia H. Gould fMrS. T. MacB1'ideD Abby Leach, AM., ,255 Harriet G. Curtis 1882 ' Ellen C. Semple, A.M., ,QI Anne C. Southworth QMrs. H. A. Wymanj Fanny B. Taylor fMrS. C. E. Youngj 1883 Cornelia M. Raymond Mary Sherwood, M.D. 1884 Martha C. Hubbard QMrs. A. Skinnerj .Iustina M. Merrick QMrs. C. H. Hollisterj Jessie L Spafford 1885 Mabel R. Loomis Beatrice Shattuck CMrs. F. S. Fultonj Mary Smiley QMrs. C. O. Rhodesj 1886 A Margaret P. Sherwood, Ph.D., '98 VASSARION 215 1887 Ida Butcher Margaretta Palmer, Ph.D., ,Q4 Bertha M. Critchley Louise R. Smith fMrs. H. R. Swiftj, M.D., Charlotte Halliday fMrs. Elbert Wingj A.M., '89 Clara L. Jones 1888 Georgia Angell Eugenie C. Kountze QMrs. Meredith Nicholsonj .Maud King QMrs. E. G. Murphyj Effie Shaw Adelaide Underhill 1889 Jennie Ackerly LolaiL. lddings Mary D. Anderson fMrs. A. A. Hillj Lillian La' Monte Charlotte Deming fMrs. B. Finleyj Helen R. Putnam QMrs. Willard Barnhartj Elizabeth H. Griggs Helen H. Tunniclilt fMrS. R. C. H. Caterallj Katharine Warren 1890 Helene Borgman fMrs. R. W. Husbandj Carrie F. Patterson Mary Dunham fMrs. C. H. Prescott, Adella Prentiss Antha L. Knowlton fMrs. K. B. Millerj Mary E. Lamson fMrs. W. A. Lockwoodb Hanna F. Mace CMrs. H. B. Hedrick, Catharine Suydam QMrS. W. E. Clarkj 1891 Caroline M. Curry M. Edith Rickert, Ph.D., ,QQ Caroline E. Furness, Ph.D., 'OO Kate L. Strong CMrs. C. G. Sewallj Florence Halliday CMrs. E. H. Rogersj Margaret F.W3ShbUYD6,A.M.,,Q3QPh.D.,,Q4 Rose M. Kavana 1892 Rebecca W. Brush QMrs. G. B. Toyej Amy L. Reed Eva Daniels Alice M. Robbins fMrs. W. H. Martinj Cornelia Golay fMrs. F. G. Benedictj Sarah B. Tunnicliff Helen D. King, Ph.D., '99 Elizabeth Vvoodbridge QMrs. C. G. Morrisj, Mary S. Packard, M.D. Ph.D., '98 1393 Elizabeth K. Adams Ethel R. Evans Frances S. Belcher, A.M., ,98 Henrietta A. Rossini Pratt Elizabeth S. Bradley QMrs. P. E. Browningj Helena Van Vliet CMrs. VV. R. Ackertj Mary V. Clark Ethel R. Wilkinson , 216 VASSARION Elizabeth M. Andrews Emeline B. Bartlett Florence Bernd Caroline Coman Julietta Golay 1894 Nlary M. Macauley QMrs. Letchworth Smithj Mary B. Mumford Angie M. Myers, M.D. Helen M. Slade CMrs. Chas. A. Andrewsj Katharine M. Utter fMrS. L. A. Wate1'manJ Elizabeth H. Haight, A.M., ,QQ Melvina Van Kleeck QMrs. A. L. Shipmanj Mabel L, Hastings Emilie Louise Wells 1895 Grace A. Beard Hasseltine R. Fletcher Elizabeth E. Boyd fMrS. VV. L. Lawtonj Georgie S. Boynton fMrs. A. T. Childj Margaret R. Brendlinger Laura A. Brownell QMrs. C. E. VVoodbridgej May H. Childs fMrs. Susan H. Evans Edith H. Grubbs Harriet F. Holmes H. Vvinifred Arnold Ellen K. Cumming Annie E. Douglas Josephine Eagan Ann Hero, A.M. Nellie Higman Ella S. Hulst fMrs. 17. Blanche A. Jones Ida G. Kruse Frances A. Beckwith Mary K. Benedict Flora B. Bernkopf W. W. Parsonsj Greensletj Elizabeth L. Bishop, A.M., '98 Helen L. Bishop Anna T. Burchard Adelaide Claflin fMrs. G. R. Mansheldj lVlartha lVl, Clark, A.M., '98 Eloise Ellery, Ph.D,, '03 Emily G. Hooker Grace H. Landfield fMrs. H. H. Tweedyj Willie C. Johnson Anna A. Monsch fMrs.H.E.Robcrtsj,A.M.,'96 Thcoclora A. Phelps, A.M., '96 Katharine C. Reiley Jessie V. Skelton Eleanor L. Smith Elizabeth C. Smith QMrs. E Cvallupb Elizabeth Updegralif 1896 Lillian A. MacAllister Gertrude E, MacArthur Ruth M. Mann CMrs. A. Hollingworthj Anne Moore Elizabeth E. Packer Rose A. Palmer Julia A. Schwartz Alma E. Tuttle 1897 Nancy V. McClelland Marie Reimer, Ph.D., '04 Anna G. Richey Alice Wv. Sawyer fMrs. H. l. Thomsenj Rachel C. ShauFHer Beatrice Shaw Gertrude Smith Jessie I. Thain Chdrs. H. L. Powersl Maidee M. Traver Alice Wliitoii QlVlrs. W. D. Eerresb Annie L. VVilkinson, A.M., '98 CMrs. Joseph HeadJ VASSARIQN 217 Katharine F. Belcher Katharine Blunt Mary A. Deach Elizabeth D. Dwight Alice N. Gibbons May B. Granger, A.M., ,QQ Phebe A. Hatheld fMrs. Lucy B. Hemphill Eleanor R. Baker Edith C. Bowman, A.M., Mary L. Brinckerhoff Augusta Choate, A.M., 'Oo 'oo VV. E. VVoodwardj Alice Clarke CMrs. C. Braytonj Lllen F Cotiael Helen L Davis Mary E. Lastwood Virginia Field Emma Lou Garrett QMrs. Jean Hamilton Alice B. Coles W Grace Andrews Florence M. Brownell Alice M. Burnham Frances Dorrance Martha G. Harmon Susan B. Lent Alma M. Le Roy Leila Ruth Albright Louise Sherwood Bragdon Gertrude Florence Burleigh Elizabeth Buchanan Cowley, Adelaide Crapsey Elizabeth Dutcher Louise Somer Holmquist Edith Preston Hubbard Lena Jackman Margaret Pinckney Jackson Ada Jeannette Lord N. Boydj 1898 Alice Kauffman QMrs. Harry H. Polkj Maria C. McCarty, A.M., ,QQ Susan W. Norton Jane R. Murdoch Florence YV. Olivet Laura O. Rice Ethel M. Serviss QMrs. D. D. Ackermanj Lizzie M. Simpson, A.M., ,QQ Amy Wentworth fMrs. S. H. Stoney 1899 Claire B. Hassler Mary Louise Hosmer Helen K. Hoy Mary L. Kleberg fMrs. E. H. Abbottj Blanche Martin, A.M., Adele H. Merwin Bertha Richardson Grace H. Robbins fMrs. C. Leila C. Spaulding Helen D. Thompson Alta W. Tozer Mary E. Wylie CMrs. 'oo M. Lewisb C. F. Duboisj I ooo Mary Lovett Jennie M. Payne Marie T. Perry Nlabel P. Schmidt Isabel B. Trowbridge Gertrude Vaile Louise Ware Ruth Wells, A.lVl., 'or A.M., 'oz IQOI Sybil Jane Moore Etta 0'Shaughnessy Nlabel Helen Perkins Julia Pulsifer Dena Schleicher Anna Louise Schuldice Louisa Stone Stevenson Helen Eldred Storke Elizabeth Beers Taft Rllen hlulford Van Slyke Mary Barbour Whitman QMrs. L. T. Warnerj 218 VASSARION Clara Eliza Axtell lsabel Hannah Dunham Helen Celia Heath Fmily Hinkle Elizabeth Forrest Johnson Grace Luella Kent Elizabeth lWoore Luella Orr Margaret Dudley Adams Florence Mary Bennett Gertrude Louisa Besse Adelaide Bourne Alice May Chamberlin Mary Wilson Cross Nellie Anna Dunbar Ina Duncan Emily Beekman Dunning Clara Harriet Frederick lVlarion Rhea Frost Florence Hannah Ruth Maxon Adams Jessie Boyd lVlabel Emma Brown Edith Brown Gurley Mary Louise Hagerty Cora Emma Haller Mabel Lavinia Holman Mabel Dodge Holmes Adelina Kuhn Cornelia Castner Malven Katharine Suydam lVlerrell Florence Pelton IQO2 Winifred Sophia Riblet Fannie Prodow Simpson Elizabeth Manley Smith Bessie Jackson Talmadge Millicent Todd Clara Louise Wallberg CMrs. VV. H. Archibaldj Bessie Davis Wilson 1903 Violet Kauffman Lillian Flmina McCarthy Susannah Jane McMurphy Mary Elizabeth Mills Katharine Merrill Morgan Ethel Morrison Henriette Albertina Neuhaus Celia Arnold Spicer Mary Isabella Starr Clara Mildred Thompson Minnie Estelle Waite Julia Wheelock 190+ Jeannette Perry Mabel Stanwood Anna Prentiss Stearns Katharine Miriam Steeves Lea Demarest Taylor Helen Elizabeth True Emma Phoebe YVaterman Isabel Wheeler lda Whiteside Pearl Cleveland Wilson Florence Winans Alice Foreman Wyckoff VASSARION Helen Corliss Babson Helen Chain Bancroft Bertha Rickenbrode Barden Sylvia Durfee Buflinton Sarah Margaret De Lamater Bertha Augusta Fontarede Marjorie Hiscox Linda Holloway Elizabeth Fuller Hopson Florence Elizabeth Hutchinson Stella Russell Hubbard Edith Clare Lancaster Dorothy' Lewis Eleanor Foster Adams Eliza Bulhngton Dorothy Burr Mabel Chilberg Elizabeth Brownell Collier Lura Esther Cooley Grace Eads Dalton Mary Jordan Dimock Susan Little Griggs Martha Christine Gundlach Reba Creed Hendrickson Edith Howe Edna Jellery Sidney Lewis Jeannette VVilson Lawrence Alice Thurston McGirr I 905 Alice Eliza Loughridge Harriet Louise Manning Katie Galt Miller Edith lVlarion Nichols Helen Cushing Nutting Nina Frances Raynor Margaret Rand Hilda Van Kleeck Swift Mary Field Taber Margaret Tucker Ruth Murray Underhill Daisy Lee Vlforthington I 906 Hazel Dunlap McKee Sarah Morris Maude Morrison Margaret Tilden Nulnse lane Woocl Perkins Inez Anna Ridgway Elizabeth Allan Robson Elizabeth Severance Frances Carnpau Sibley Agnes Streibert H Frances Josephine Stewa rt Alice Leslie Walker' Mary Huston Wilson Julia Henrietta Vlfright Primrose Woolverton 220 VASSARION QBffirer5 of the Sdssntiate Qlumnae uf Bazaar allege MRS. KATE SEELEY TUTTLE '70 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. MISS ADA TIJURSTON '80 Astor House, New York City MRS. ANNIE VVILKINSON HEAD ,Q7 623 Westview Avenue, Germantown, Pa. -Brannb Qssuciattuns 1 BOSTON AND VICINIT2' MISS BERTHA HAZARD '79 MISS CHRISTEL W. WILKINS 'oo 458 Audubon Road, Boston, Mass. CHICAGO AND THE WEST SEL'7'Efl1I'y 07112, MRS. ABBY FARWELL FERRY '72 Lake Forest, Ill. MRS. ANTHA KNOWLTON MILLER '90 Sm-gfafy and 2060 Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, Ill. NEW YORK AND VICINIT2' MISS ELIZABETH B. CUTTING ,Q3 2.47 President Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. MISS HARRIET M. IENCKES '84 Seffgwry ,,,,,j IO Gramercy Park, New York City CENTRAL AND WESTERN NEW YORK MRS. CATHARINE PATTERSON CRANDALL '84 Westield, N. Y. MISS MARY A. MASON '02 Sggmwy and 310 East Main Street, Batavia, N. Y. Presialent Serretary Treasure1 P1e5z'z1ent Trearurer Prerzident Trearurer Prexident Trerzxurer Prexzialent Trearurer VASSARION 221 WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH MRS, FRANCES HALDEMAN SIDWELL '84 Prelident 804. ZISY Street, Washington, D. C. MISS LUCY MADEIRA '96 Secretary and frreaxurer 3311 Newark Street, Cleveland Park, Washington, D. C. CLEVELAND AND VICINIT2' ' MRS. MABEL BRECKENRIDGE WASON '96 Premient 2069 Euclid Avenue, cleveland, Ohio NIISS SOPHIA D. STORKE '70 Secretary ana' Treasurer 167 NVhitman sneer, cleveland, Ohio SOUTHEAST MRS. FRANCES IJIGGETT WEY ,73 Prexident 153 Forrest Avenue, Allnnln, Ga. MRS. WARREN N, BOYD ,QQ Secretary and Treaxurer Hitters uf Bazaar btutwnts' Hits Surietp lh!IRS.F11HCJMASS,MCGI1AW Prelideut Miss JEANNETTE M.1.IGGETT Firm Vive-Presidenr PROF.LUCYM. SALMON Set-ond Vice-Prefidenz MRS.LUCIEN HOWVE Tbz'r11'Vl're-P1'e.vide1lf MISS MARTHA S,XVARNFR Selrf-fury 74. Pitcher Street, Detroit, Mich. MRS,RAYMON15 B,BAcl1Us Trlznl-urer 222 VASSARION 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1374 1875 1876 T877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 lass Serretaries Miss Helen D. Woodward Plattshurg, N. Y. Miss A. M, Ely? Vassar College Miss Julia C. Wliite 124 Amity St., Brooklyn Miss H. O. Palmer QMrs. E. T. Slocumj Pittsfield, Mass. hdks E.YV.liopper liackensack,TJ.J. Miss A. B. Folger . Nantucket, Mass. Miss M. C. Whitney QMrs. B. Clarkj 616 W. 113th St., New York Mrs. E. F. Chapin Lake Forest, lll. Miss Nannie Allston Care U. S. Consul, Huddersfield, Eng. Miss Sarah Fleming fMrs. W. Sharpe? Chambersburg, Pa. Miss H: B. O'Leary CMrs. L. S. Davisj Sumner and Clinton Roads, Brookline, Mass. MksJ.E.DaWs Hampmnlnmuuw,Hampwn,Va Miss E. H. Bentley CMrs. O. V. Stewartj 725 Bryson St., Youngstown, Ohio Miss E. K, Murphey QMrs. T. V. Johnston, 310 W. 80th St., New York Miss M. E. Burke Colorado Springs, Col. Miss M. E. Case fMrs, F, E, Barncyj 915 Fourth St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn, Miss Jessie K. Dewell 400 Orange Street, New Haven, Conn. Miss M. E. Adams 471 Dunham Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio Miss Phoebe Loving 2003 Clay Street, St. Joseph, Mo. Miss Eleanor A. Ferris 2016 Scottwood Avenue, Toledo, Ohio Miss E. R. Hoy 569 Fifth Avenue, New York Emily Lewi, M.D. 35 Nlt. lVlorris Avenue, New York Miss Lillian La Monte Washington Street, Binghamton, N. Y. Miss Catharine Suydam CMrs. WV. F. Clarkj Point Pleasant, N. Miss M. E. Rickert 2657 North Lincoln Street, Chicago, Ill. Miss P. Herring QlVIrs. T. W. Dillenbaekj 4 Sherman Street, VVatertown, N. Y. Miss M. S. Blake QMrs. W. E. Milnej 381 Central Park VVest, New York Miss Lucy A. Fitch Skaneateles, N. Y. Miss Susan H. Evans 47 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn mica Dec. 13, 1904. I V A S S A R I O N 223 1896 Miss Cornelia D. Kinkead Maple Grove, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1897 Miss Adelaide Claflin fMrs. G. R. Mansfield? 1 Trowbridge Terrace, Cambridge, Mass. 1898 Miss Amy Wentvvortli QMrS. S. H. Stonej 156 Beech Street, Roslindale, Mass. 1899 Miss Anna S. Tuttle University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 1900 Miss Margaret Budington 122 N. Capitol Street, lowa City, lowa 1901 Miss L, B. Platt 43 South Hamilton Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1902 Miss E. D. Merrill II4. Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1903 Miss C. A. Spicer 371 Broadway, Providence, R. l. 1904 Miss Florence Pelton 31 Garfield Place, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1905 Miss Roberta T, Johns 3439 Boquet Street, Pittsburg, Pa. 1906 Miss Elizabeth Robson 5 Eastman Terrace, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. f fl' W l.liZ I. "Z, , ,T-..., ,f - tb fa., ' ..-fwfr, , ,F .g X' fifffiaic ff' v gf ' .1 . . gi? f 1 04 -' 2 4-x 3,-,- gy fi ee-f 1 x 3 , f A 1 - ec The ieassation menus its tlganiw TO THE FACULTY COMMITTEE, TO THE PHOTOGRAPH COMMITTEE AND TO ALL WHO HAVE RENDERED US THEIR ASSISTANCE W 4 214 Z? Z W? , f Z 2 'Z f Z' Z if Z X W , sm f, 12 5 gf K 5 XZ ff L 4 fa g X fe . J ZW' W M Wi? My I R? W " i N WN M ' wa M? WiMI w M X4,kQ2g,,27 3 ' 'W Sy? ff , f f,i 'XY 1 ' "' 5U '1"W A W 'li hz DAVA f 5 xi N U: V Vf, FJ1 f,'2 f f' ' E U b I A M Y 1 ""' 2-,Eel The ahah!-ation takes pleaf Sure in recommenhing all the iivmz anheetising in thie hnlume as thoroughly reliable fn . ' la f Z XX x x xxxNNNm N X 9 .. .... x xx Xxx W K X .+ mNmxxxx xxx M Nx mk xx :N :K x mx W mm. if 1 4 v f" 0 Z N ? V' Z f I 2 Z ? Q 1 g f 4 Z A .40 2 7 S- yn X x xx X f f Z Z x Q f Z Z 2 7 f Z Z 1 I Q M K :S xx fi 1 gf, "g 1 f 9152 Q ,Zi 7 521 'Ee VASSARION ADVERTISER l TIFFANY at Co. DIAMOND AND GEM MERCHANTS Jeweled Chain Bracelets I 4-karat gold 'Photographs upon request Bracelet. Eight jades set in Burmese gold, ornamental links - - each Bracelet. Nine turquoises in Bur- mese gold links - - - - each Bracelet. Seven amethysts set in an- tique gold links - - - - each Bracelet. Eleven topazes in orna- mental antique gold links - each Bracelet. Seven opals set in Burmese gold links - ---- each Bracelet. Four large peridots mount- ed in antique gold links - - each Bracelet. Open cable link, polished or Roman gold, no jewels - - each Tesigns of diamond and oflier richer bracelets fo sail indifvidzzal tastes 323.00 25 .00 27.00 32.00 36.00 40.00 15.00 jefweled Engagement Bracelets Polished or Roman gold, with permanent locking catch, 318.50 27, 28 and 36 each Tiffany 8: C0. are strictly retailers. They d0 not em- ploy agents or sell their Wares through other dealers IETH AVENUE EW 0RK Tiffany Ed Co. always welrome II fomparfroiz of prifer. lN ANSWLHING AIDVEIRTISEMENTS Pinmsis Mmsurmw 'FlIFlX'.'lSSAli.lON Mail Orders All Mail Orders are handled by trained men, whose expe- rience and knowl- edge of what is most in favor at themoment assure c areful selections or intelligent ad- vice for those sini- ply desiring assist- ance. Tiffany 8a Co. 1906 Blue Book will be sent to in- tendingpurchasers Without charge. This catalogue con- tains No Illustrations lt is a compact little volume of over SOO pages, with concise de- scriptions and range of prices of jewelry, silver- ware, watches, clocks,bronzes, porcelains, glass and other artistic merchandise Gold Bracelets on Approval Upon receipt of satisfactory refer- ences froin any National Bank or responsible busi- ness house, Tiffany Se Co. will send on approval selec- tions from their stock to any part oftheUnitedStates Pie VASSARION ADVERTISER . B. etlhersleene 8 5011 314 main Street, nugbheepsie The College Girl with foot petite, i Requires shoes so trim and neat, That where she goes, to class or tea, Her style shall always proper be. , yi The footwear of the dainty kind At Gildersleeve's she'll surely find, i While style and shape and fit and wear Are up to date in every pair. l l f 1 o s P R E Y f i ' ' O S T E N D ' ' . , l T is a pleasure to us to advertise in the UVASSA- RIONH for we realize that the most discriminating class of customers are our readers-a class whose patronage we esteem most highly, and to whom we are assured of giving complete satisfaction. INE footwear, custom-made to our own order, for order at short notice, shoes or slippers in any style or color to match your costume. Even after your college days, your home or vacation mail order to us will be filled satis- factorily. May We have the favor of your visit? -' f ' fdffi. 15535 ' -53.553 - V J --,,,gwf.i ,garb . , .K 5.567 evening, street or athletic uses. We make to your 'fi I 71, . "IW: 1 ' - bl-ns. ,,.,gi'?2f:j-. f . f A wij3,5'az!g9 t., N x 1 2 1-Hi-4' ffQQ.l-3""- QE. . 6tIhersIe1zhe8 gnu 14 aiu Street, nugbkeepsie T IN ANSNVERING .ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE MENTION THE VASSARI ON Ee VASSARION ADVERTISER --M K H g ggggglvq g LUCKEY. PLATT E? C . f r , nt- M' 1 a ' A i. Ama?-fugzzri . A qc. I ,.l- h :I,,,,5f., 7, .,, -,vi '15, V v 33+ ' 'rff if -. E ll UCKEY,Pl.kI'l' sq 5 - B.KH5E'5lllMliEfa5. :Y . - -- ,i 544-542 - 0-1.-. .5 - , ..'- u i .-:gg ilwgr n.-,551-., r g' '7' W- J '. - "" . i .. 1,9f'f,.7 1 A i, . Tr' fav - , A " ' '6 .... -. I W . ... -G 4 ' - . E 3 E E T f f f af 5 E Et E gr 5 gg g gi E 5 t H y eg2,aY,14ii5g'..-af., 5 w - ffigf ,1,'r.,a fee' L ' ' R- ' --' 2' 1 . i K T1 M' E T , :A -L l" ..ll-LJ -,'- ,4.!.,. f-sv . n fl- '- ,fi I nl 'M -l - -H the """-'EAF5 ' y, . Elem j -I w fait-ff2t1'9,l!,' ll Ifl.'5iifzvrsf??:f ' HI ivifl - -f---1-'-i- l P - ,v-.-..-i1. - -- ---1--L, 726 Store of Luckey, Platt ff? Co., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. This store is the leading trading center and the largest mercantile establishment in this section of New York State. The varied departments, and the immense lines of goods carried make it the most convenient and economical place for trading. One can be clothed and one's room or home furnished under this one rooll Goods are sold at the most reasonable prices to be found at any place one may go or send, and in every instance our personal guarantee stands behind the Well-known high value that always makes your trading in this store satisfactory Dry Goods Carpets Furniture Upholstery Wall Paper Ready Made Garments 24 DEPARTIWE TS Free deliveries at Vassar We Want daily. All purchases of E - h 55.00 or over delivered free to , ,n-joy t e of charge Within loo miles P1'1V11eQe5 that of Poughkeepsie this SfO1'6 gives livery modern convenience, and generous liberality have helped to make this store the foremost place for Vassar trading LUCKEY, PLATT Ee? C . IN ANSXVERING :XDVERTISEMENTS PLE.-xsm MENTION THE VAQSARION He 'VASSARION ADVERTISER PURSSELL MFG. Co. Cazfereics' PERFECTION OF THE CATERERS ART IN VVEDDINGS, AFTERNOON TEAS 7 AND OTHER HOME FUNCTIONS Daimjf Serfuice and EjRCfJ D6lZ.CZ.0ZlJ Englzkb Wedding Cake Lzmcfzeofz Room, Laa'z'e.v Exclzzsifuegf BROADWAY, AT TVVENTY-FIRST STREET NEVV YORK IN ANSWEMNG ADVERT s ON Tl-IE VASSARIUN me VAss5AR10N ADYERTQER 5 5 T1-1E1zE.1s ONLY ONE Qantsg' atlnr In Poughkeepsie Whose Work compares with the leading houses in New York. He also takes great care in re- modelling garments. 0 E R New York Ladies' Tailor Ed' Furrier - , 9 64. Market Street, POUGHKEE PSIE, N. Y. gained by those who wear f'Our Glasses" are the ' 'A I 0 I c I advantages lost by those who do not. ' I . WE MAKE ' ' something when we sell them, but you make more d , , A when you wear them by being free from the many r m , V 'io M 9 unpleasant features of all other kinds of glasses K Wgyy-5-sfyt-59M5y,,6ly5b4Cjf 4023.1 ' omfffwlyauionzfmopsflo WM, C, B b zorfmrxfanzazanrnfro O PT I CI AN . V rfusmfaamzca.,4f,es.ezfs".m :mommy Ofhce up-stairs 310 MAIN STREET ustnnfltnthtrsitp Qtbnnl uffwhitiue tion. A broad and comprehensive curriculum. Exceptionally high standard results in small classes and makes possible unusually extensive laboratory and clinical facilities, upwards of 50,000 hospital and dispensary patients being annually available for purposes of clinical instruction. More than fifty per ' cent. of the class of 1905 received desirable hospital appointments. Certihcates of graduation from approved high and preparatory schools accepted in lieu ofentrance exami- nations. For information and 'Catalogue apply to FRANK C. RICHARDSON, M. D., Registrar 685 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. IN ANSWIERING Anviannsr MLNT PI DA 1: MENTTON T1-in VASSARION 6 'Yie VASSARION ADVERTISER A Bride's Stationery Latest Sryles in Co 1'1' ect Form Engraved Marriage Announcements, Wedding Invitations, Church Cards, At Home and Calling Cardsg also line social correspondence papers. Samples on request "The Etiquette cy' Wedding Stationery" Published by the Bailey, Banks Sz Biddle Co. A reliable booklet on correct form, phraseology, etc. Free on application Gifts for Bridesmaids QIIALITY 14-K GOLD Brooches 53.75 upward Bracelets 6.00 upward Pendants 10.00 upward Collar Pins 2.00 upward Gifts for Ushers QUALITY 14-K GOLD Scarf Pins 52.00 upward Tie Clasps 4-.00 upward Watch Fobs 10.50 upward Cuff Buttons 4.75 upward The above quotations illustrate the attractive jewelry obtainable in this establishment at Moderate Prices. Descriptions and prices of Richer jewelry in the Bailey, Banks Sc Biddle The Year BOOIC-Mailed Free on Request Gaodf ,rent an approval BAILEY. BANKS Es? BIDDLE CO. 1213-20-22 CHESTNUT STREET 1 PHILADELPHIA . . Qmhler Qlmnpanp STATIONERS AND ENGRA VERS Qt dfull itme of Jlknte 2500115 aim Qtollege Q1Bemm:ihiIia. we Sell Temple Qbaizeapeare at a Special price to Qtnllege QYIIDBUF5 254. MAIN STREET, 5 MARKET STREET POUGI-IICEEPSIE, New YORK Central New England R 17 I L W A T 1LThe scenic line of Connecticut, on which is located Norfolk, the highest railroad station and one of the leading summer resorts of the state. Situated at the head of the beautiful Canaan valley it is an ideal spot for a vacation With its Library, Gymnasium and Golf Course, which it is said excels the fam- ous Lenox links. A delightful place for a summer residence. For detailed information apply to VV- General Parxenger Agent HARTFORD, CONN. IN ANSXX IQIUNG Anvisnrrsr xII:N'I PI EASE MENTION THE VASSARION me VASSARION li'5DV!3RTISERy,'X pp E, W D o Y o u s e ffFiE5-lol Q Mm gfflfii-lol -ca-lo 1 ' ' E '4NA1vrlsiPrlc,..t ' V Prepared exclusively for the Mouth and Teeth Tl-IY-CA-LOL does all that tooth powder, pastes or soapy dentifrices can do and a great deal more. They merely polish the teeth and perfhme the breath. THY-CA-LOL NOT ONLY cleans the teeth, but a THY-CA-LOL MOUTH BATH penetrates every crack and crevice ofthe teeth, and every recess of the mouth, destroying the germs of decay and cleodorizing every impurity, thus eliminating the .fozzrrff of unpleasant breath cl ' ' an the uzzzfe of teeth discolorlng and deca i y ng. A postal Card request will bring by mail a free trial bottle to any Vassar Student or Alumna For sale by many druggistsg 25 cents, 50 cents and 51.00 per bottle THE ELWIN LABORATO RY : Poughkeepsie : New York! 0012306 RQ LTO ruggists ant: bemists The Oldest and Most Modern Drug Store in Poughkeepsie 288 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, New York IN ANSWERING AIDVERTISFLITIX re 1 LAGI NILX 11oN TI-Us VASSAHION S3 Ee VASSARION ADVERTISER TORR ' fashionable iianiea' Tailoring ann Zerezifi waking Gtstahlifibment Evening Gowns and Fine Tailoring a Specialty. Materials of all kinds fur- nished. Plating, Pinking and Buttons Made D. C. Phone 364-2 Residence 364.-3 MRS. N. H. STORRS, PROPRIETOR 27 Garden Street, Poughkeepsie, New York ' AL A. G. SPALDING 65 BROS. 40 West jazth Street, New York City NEAR WALDORF ASTORIA Ladies' Hairdressing in all its Branches. Hair dyed in any shade. Manicuring, Facial Massage, Scalp Treatment, Marcel waving done The largest llfzzzzfjzctlzrers in the IVorl11' W' ATHLETIC SUP- PLIES AND GYMNASIUIVI APPARATUS. A. G. SPALD- ING 81 BROS.' Trade Ilhrk on any athletic implement is a mark ofquality. Uniformsforallindoor and outdoor Sports. Spaldingfs Illustxated Catalogue will be sunt free on application. A. G. SPALDING 84 BROS. ' om galil' G -to O TRADE 9 ALDI ' o fr U, 4.0.1976 ruse lfnjfiwfu Cz'm'z'nu Z' V ' d I I I to PCTI-CCKIOD New' lifrk, Clzirayn. 1h'112ff'7', ,Ilz'rme- uffulix, l'lrz'lmz':lf7lzm, l'z7!s611ry'. S1111 l"rnm'1'xfn, lfvxfmz, lffz!lz'u1m'i', H"n.rl1- 'zzylm K CU Sl I ' .Sjf ' . , . . 361 8 Street iirfiiali ll I I I I i Elzgtrzfz ,Hum Inrg, iowa y. Cberzgfr Toe Tootb Lzlvtereztea' powder with Toote Powder are argument "HAPPY TEETHN Dentists say: " Ure it by ez!! meezmn It keeps the mouth fi-esh and sweet and the teeth clean and White. It stamps the user with refinement. For sale at all dealers or by mail 25 cents Ehe Gbeneig Gibemical Gompamg, Hncotpotateb IIBOI El, South IIDHHCIDCSTCF, GOI1l16CtiCl1I IN ANSNVERING ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE MLNTION 'THE VASSARION ABLACI-IE FACE Poumm is used by thousands of women who attribute to it their beautiful complexions. Lablache'Face Powder softens, soothes, nourishes the skin 3 restores its fresh- ness and rich color, removes all roughness and blemishes. Delightful to use. Invisible on closest inspection. lts healing properties, its power to make the skin on the Face, Neck and Arms clean, clear and healthy, assures Lablache Face Powder a place in the affections of every wellzdressed woman. At every season it is desirable, for it is so judiciously prepared that it repairs in- stantly the ill effects of wind and sunburn. Get the genuine, counterfeits and substitutes are not only disappointing, but often are a menace to health. Flesh, Wliite, Pink or Cream, 50 cents a box. ,V Sold everywhere or by mail. Send in cents for sample. BEN. LEVY 5: CO., French Perfumers, 125 Kmosron smear, Bosron, MASS. io gg 3 gag VASSARION ADYERTISER THE Baker S93 Taylor Co. W Wholesale Bookfellerr and Publishers '1LibrarQ Eepartment Prompt, Complete and Intelligent Service. W'e have sold books to Librarians for tiny years. 33-37 East 17th Street Wallbead ea Dubolf Eecorators anb llbaper 'Mangers A select stock of Foreign and Domestic Wall Papers, Lincrusta, Wal- ton, and all raised Dec- orative Specialties, Burlap Denim and Crash Wall Fabrics. Union Square North ' New York 9 and II Catherine Street Poughkeepsie Special College Rates We make Carbon in all the New Colors You will always find New Styles in Photography at E S n Ibm ituhrn Our large and increasing College business is a guarantee of this. QL The beautiful brown tone Platinurns on our new mountings are now very popular. 350 MAIN STREET, POUGHKEEPSIE IN ANSWERINGADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE MDYTION THE VASSARION YHA? VASSARION ADVERTISER 11. V - . I , STAJBARD QUAIQ I h C P E O P L E S QUALITY QIIARTTTY T , T -- Steam Laundr CANDIES, N COCOA T CHOCOLATE? THE WISE ONES ' are those who appreciate and take advantage of those things which are best. There can be ONE REASON WHY - - , PRODUCTS only one best, and that best in the matter of Laundry Work is ours-. Orders left at the Gate Lodge with Mrs. Law will receive prompt attention. MAINTAIN THEIR POPULARITY WITH THOSE Iwo DEMAND THE BESTGOODS IS THAT STANDARD 0F QUALITY U IS NEVER LOWERED IN ORDER T0 JOIN THE RACE FOR QUANTITY L A U N D R Y - Z3 and 25 CATHARINE STREET JOHN I-LCUSACK J, zfgent for ULOWNE Y'S" Chocolates ana' Bon Bans 213 MAIN STREET :: POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Jewelry 97' 25 Market Street, POUGHKEEPSIE, N Y R. WOLF REMEMBER PETER ADRIANCE E8 SON DEALER IN Qntruuz dfuvmture ANDIRONS, FENDERS, T BRASS CANDLESTICKS, BLUE WARE, ETC. W l 220 MAIN STREET j POUGHKEEPSIE, N. T. X 393 N IN ANSXVDRTNG ADVERTIMZNILNTS PLD XSD MFYTION T1-IELVASSARION hat :be lmgesz slack in the C191 af Gas Fixtures, Drop Lights, Globes, Shades, Burners, Heating Burners, Gas Stoves Gas Irons, Gas Signs, Rubber Tubing, Agateware, Tinware, etc. 97' Main Street, near Hamilron Sz., Pouomclznzrsnz N 12 img VASSARION ADVERTGEE Mme. Yale's ALMOND BLossoM Compl xion Cream GREATEST TOILET LUXURY MADE CLEANSES, SOFTENS, PU Soap and Water Only Cleanse Superlicially RIFIES, WHITENS AND BEAUTIFIES THE SKIN A daily necessity al home and ahroadg a treasure when traveling by land ui'wale1':or when on an outing of any kind, and particularly prized at a seaside or mountain resort. Protects the skin lrom tlllilllfl winrls, huining' IZIYS ol the sun and every iuiiuious effect of the elements. Prevents and cures abnormal reclnessof the nose or any part of the lace, and that purplish hue due In exposure or colcl, also chapping, ehaiine, aolcl sores. fever hlislers and all irritation ofthe skin. lt is the greatest known speeihe lor burnsg takes the fire out more quickly than anything else, soothes, heals and prevents sears and suppuialion, lnrlispensalnle for use of infants and every menihei' of llie household. An exquisite natural heaulilier. A grateful application after shaving. Excellent for massage purposes. Now in two sizes. Mme. Valeis Almond Blossom Complexion Cream is sold hy all druggisis in 50:cen! and One-dollar Jars. Copy of Madame Yale's hot-lc of Beauty and Physical Culture will he mailed free to all ladies Address, MADAME M. YALE, Flat Iron Building. New York MME. YALE SAYS:- A little Aln ioncl Blossom Complexion Cream should be a liecl e I ' h A pp iery time t e lace and hands are Washed. In removes the dust, soot, grime, smut and smudge from the interstices of the skin and makes the surface smooth as velvet. Fine Millinery RICH FANCY ooons Wm! nah 651m-'V' : E figs ef- f f-ss,- Qf? ffl?-':?Y,, get Q. f af 61l"""01QXwXE -- ' -W' e X Nr- 'Q S i Wmlnw, giilniiiilillil lk Kilim ,. ..,,, ig Qi EUR .l liiiillllllll ZIIIIIWQXS Ei! e xe, Wgfdfy , -My E-N ,. W '99 4111 'vamm n ' Novelties of the Season "ElBete1fkins" Established 1896 r GOLDSTEIN Sc ROSEN , Dyeing, Cleaning and Repairing Ladies' and W Gentle-:men's Garments of every description X Silk Draperies a Specialty. First-Class Work, Reasonable Prices 20 Garden St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Established 1801 CI-IAS. H. HICKGK yMUSIC COMPA l 276 Main St.. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. l We can supply you with anything you may Want in Music i Ee STEIN W AY Piano IN A Nswmnme ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE :imN'r1oN T!-ILL VASSARION me VASSARION ADVERTISER AA g ggggggg g gg gi Hairdressmg Shamfooing Q- 4, fl! .f???"+. -5f.rg,r2'f" 0 b A,j3'6a9.fq.FEs '.LJ'.,.,i. yt 5.3, : i:5'fif7."i1 1-, ef' ' , ' S- 'f' , a w iiee ' -5 .-33-was W e hgggtitafsnaf-I1 'Y f 'f f 2- -. - if H- --- -- ei- REGISTERED TRADE MARK. "I GIVE 'EM FITS." ANU1 IN THE le HIGH CLASS SHIRT WAISTS AND SHIRT WAIST SUITS Exquisite in Design Dainty in finish Perfect in fit just the thing for College Girls For sale by all leading Department and Costume Stores throughout the United States . CEE. ifIn:EnnneII Scalp Treatment under Harper System Hair Goods in Slack and Made to Order. 290 MAIN STREET, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Omar Halfi-zuzrII'.t jfefzuelrj' More Telephone 157-F .f4rfz'.vfz'c P0 rrfca ifzzre by Phofogffczp hy The Gallup Stuoio ORIGINAL POSES, EXCLUSIVE STYLES OF MOUNTINGS. R' T' W' T' Fisk Teachers Agencies ' NEW YORK BO 'TON CHICAGO. ETC. I, H h E r 0 5 Q Over 20,002 Positions Filled Especially serviceable to college graduates by rea- Anything in Driving Line Hom Runabouts to Barges, we have. 362 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, New York son oflarge patronage among the better class of High Schools and Private Schools Managers H. li. CROCKER W. D. KERR P. V. HUYSSUON New York Office. 156 sth Ave. Hubert Zimmer Ebiannunhy, wetting, Siehmeltp, iailnerwatt ann wftut Glass 274 Main St., POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. Commencement Day The last days of College life are mem- orable to every Vassar graduate. It is better to have a paper containing a full report of the exercises mailed to your parents and friends than to Write. The Poughkeepsie Eagle is the only paper that gives a full report of' these exercises. Set of four papers mailed to any address for tvvelve cents. IN ANsxvif:1uNo Anvmt'1'1siciv1ux'1's 1'r,1-msn MIQNTION 'run VASSAHION 14 Ee VASSARION ADVERTISER THE T EN EYCK ALBANY : NEW YORK i , mggfiggg E5 it 4 t .jv X we 'ff l as . AEM. SEEQ V 'f at -5 ,statin h ing Bill aaiallv E maitgg aa .atgtfgjigistii . f E 5 Hin its at ug r-art ists - t fa I i- -. X mi a? , , - " ' ""' M" -' -mer-Hin ' -' I- .-.n-,...,,lf HRM Positively Fire-Proof European Plan Mos: azmzczifue Hare! in New Terk Stare Neaf' State Capitol and other pfares qf interest Cuisine and service of the highest standard. Long distance Telephone in every room. Orchestral music during evening dinner. A delightful home for those wishing to spend some time in this interesting and historic city. I-I. ROCKWELL 85 SON PETER IHOMSD Naval 65 Merchant TAI LOR My Boys' and Misses, Sailor Suits a Specialty Ladies' Tailor-made Suits and Riding Habits I4 and I6 West 33rd Street NEW YORK 1 I 18 Walnut St., PHILADELPHIA The Vassar College Song B005 Published by G. SCI-IIRMER, 35 Union Square, N. Y. A COLLECTION OF GLEES, PART SONGS AND CHORUSES, FOR FEMALE VOICES. SEM PRICE, 31.25 A Book ofspecialinterest to all female students, partic- ularly to the students and alumnae of Vassar College. There was a young lady named Dido, For the love of Aeneas she sighed-oh. But he said, "I can't tarry, And you I'l1 not marry." So he left her, and she up and died-oh! IN ANSWVERING ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE MENTION THE VASSARION Ee VASSARION ADVERTISER 15 OPTICIAN That quiet efficiency of our optical service: that careful attention to detail coupled with thirty years of practical experience has placed the Meyrowitz stores foremost in the preference of those who need the best in Eyeglasses Spectacles Opera Glasses Lorgnettes Field and Marine Glasses Photographic Cameras and Supplies A mail order Prescription Department whereby we serve eyeglass patrons throughout the country by having a copy of their prescription filed at one of our branch stores 1 , I 0 ,Tzu . . I I Optician . ' Optician -f 9 Y ,- . 4 NEW YORK STORES 2 WESTERN STORES 104 East 23d Street, near 4th Avenue MINNEAPOLIS: 604 Nicollet Avenue 237 Fifth Avenue, near 27th Street ST. PAUL: 358-360 St. Peter Strcet 125 West 42nd Street. between Broadway and 6th Avenue 650 Madison Avenue. Corner 60th Street PARIS: 3 Rue Scribe We rant S S be Eecoratot WALL PAPERS WALLPAPERS The Largest Wall Paper Store in Poughkeepsie We make special prices for papering rooms for Vassar College students Let us give you an estimate for papering your room for 1906. Head- quarters for Mjaellany J lif e" ' . Only Monthly Publication iaP'3'LaC DF 52.00 per Year QE. AD. Grant EVERYONE SHOULD TAKEITL 317 Main Street IN ANSNVERING Aovlslvrrsizurswrs PLEASE MENTION THE VASSARION S S A 7Ze VASSARION ADVERTISER GIISTUKVTQ LCDRIEYE Iwmgmpwr Te the Senior Clem: W' Vezrmr College, 1906 implicate iebotugraplgs can he uhtatneu at any time. Broadway, Corner Maiden Lane, ALBANY, N. Y. S GREENES Che Uassar labies' Gailor Respectfully begs to call your attention to his remofuezf to 322 .Mill Streef, eomerql' Cezlfarzrzhe, Where, at more convenient location, and in more commodious quar- ters, he will take pleasure in catering to your esteemed patronage. TELEPHONE CALL 321 D SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS TO VASSAR STUDENTS I A X XSSARION :me VASSARICN Atfvfiitrisnri 17 AFULL LINE OF C U T L E R LOCK BOXES Ma7zz'cufe Sczltrarr, Fifes, etc. W The Dudley Hardware Store johnson ESC Williams, Proprietors 260 Main Street :: Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ,Q 9 Wafebop ozoeZZ- We are told that the ideal corset lor college wear is one that will enable you to be Well dressed for lecture room, golflinks, tea or study hour Without wasting time to change from one style to another Redfern Corsets are boned with whalebone, light, resilient, unbreakableg are designed by the leading style creators of the worldg and Ht so comfortably that they are scarcely felt. Why shouldn't they exactly suit Vassar requirements? Price 53.50 to 515.00 per pair 'l'1'l E XVARNER BROS, CU., NEXY YORK CITY ibauts nbendl n. , Importers and Makers ol' :Furs Wholesale Retail Q13 Broadway, bet. zoth and 21st Sts., New York Telephone, 645 Gramercy. V J. Howard Fitchett STATIONER and ENG RAVER W aterman's Fountain Pens Whiting's High Grade Note Papers 271 Main Street. The Carr Sb 011 5. E. llinpmnnh 318 .illliain itteet ieuugbkeepriie aintings in QB i I a n D mater diiolot, Qbtnbings, Qiuplep prints, Qbiiiesun .Si Qlbttstpilhamtngs Qrt Q9rnamen1s 8 mixture .framing 4 Q, L IN Axsui uma Anvwmr lllll xi LL ist mt xirox 'rum VASSARION He VASSARION ADVERTISER "A DAINTY MORSEL FOR DELICATE SKINS" ikefs violet erate There is no toilet delicacy so soothing, softening and healing as VIOLET CERATE for sunburn, chaps, roughness, pimples, redness, freckles and tan. 1LThere is nothing known to toilet arts so pure, so creamy or so delic- iously fragrant. "VIOLET CERATEN is a facial armor against chilling winds and parching sun. ' ' Y i A 4 r I . 9 WEBSTER S Iuctltus oselcg i ggiviafket street, POUGHKEEPSIE, N, Y. I V DICTIONAR 1 , .B WV V A M g itamesi Dantz' d5Iuiae5 "----, V ' Wane ly N E E D E D INDIVIDUAL STEEL ENGILAVED rvgfinii BY EVERY LABELS X.. I STUDENT and Teacher Sclzdfar Circular. fi , gi- '-"' ' GRAND PRIZE WoR1.D's FAIR ST. Louis ' WITH mmm ENLAWD l ICH J MILLS 25,000 New Words and Phrases ' New Gazetteer of the World New Biographical Dictionary ,, Editedgxy W.CT. Hlarris, PhkfliaLL.D., " I United tates ommissionero ucation. .1 2380 Quaxto Pages. 5000 Illustrations. ' Also V!ebster's Collegiate Dictionary 1l1G Pages. ll 0 Illustrwtions. Regular Edition, 3 bindings. . De Luxe Edition, ow bible prune-r, 2 beautiful bindings. FREE, " Dictionary XVI-inklesfl lllustraied pamphlets. G' G' C' M1?,',Q'-faTuQ,,?,Q',ggiP'1ngHeld' Miss' 348 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. IN ANSWERING ADvERTIsEIvII:N'I's PLEASE MENTTON TI-IE VASSARION iZZe VASSARION ADVERTISER 19 Qbrtginaturgi HUB. W. H. MOSHIER CO. Qlgezlgners . 21111.31 Naval Tazlorg BI ut Quits JP if U13 :gf 29 ei RJ M A R T I N 1406, 1408, 1410, 1412 ann 1414 ' jiltirbigan Qllhenue fllljiragu A RXERSON S BUILDING The kind tlraz' tlze arlftlef DO N OCT Colne out TOOTH BRUSHES A Complete Line 25c to 500 TRY OUR DRUGS FOR RESULTS T. R. LAWRENCE 130 Main Sc. libre. 3. 3. LfBagnaII GHYDQI5 anb 1Rug9 Gleaneb PRICE LIST Moquette and Velvet, 6c a Yd. Brussels, 5c EI Yd. Ingrain 40 a Yd. Ladies' and Gents' Garmentf Dyed and Cleaned Lace Curtains and Blankets Cleaned D. C. PHONE 700 IS GARDEN ST., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. LOUIS GELLERT Ladies ' Tailor I8 Garden St., POUGI-IKEEPSIE, N. Y. ESTABLISHED 1902 H. R. PHONE, 142 All Garments made in the latest Paris and Amer: ican styles, Up to date. All Work guaranteed perfect fitting and the best workmanship. Also altering neatly done. Mrs. M. C. Kenyon Importer M MILLINERY, HAIR GOGDS 314 Mm sf., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. OVER G1LDE1esLEEVE1s SHOE STORE I WERING AD RTI ENTS PLEASE MENT HE VASSARION 2 O . 7Ze VASSARION ADVERTISER COLLEGE SPREADS are delightful when you have good things to- eat. What college girl does not like shrimps, lobster, salmon, snrdines, olives, and pickles-rich Whip- ping cream, salad dressing, rabbit, chocolate fudge, fancy crackers, tea and coliee and many other dainties. The best in this line can be found at H. R. I-IOYT'S, Fancy Grocer 50 MARKET STREET. opposite Cannon Telephane .'Vo. 524, I P. A. TESUNE CUSTOM TAILOR TILHNCS' UEHIOI' IIDHDC SLUIB HUICFQC S1110 IDIZCSSCD COL UIIIB US l.fVSl7'lTUTE BLDG. WASHINGTON ST., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. For 'Exclusive KBits" WfCliinn We respectfully invite the students ol' Vasssar to give us a call When in need of First-Class Printing Genuine Hand-Finished Cut Glass or Gas Lamps With'Gnf1mnieed Gas-Tight Tubing, Mantles or Supplies corne to the Old Stand. Hansman, Beatty 81 Pralow HTHE PRINTERS" 233 MAIN ST., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 266 MAIN STREET. Goof! gzkaltry nt law prirer. hlepbong C0""mi0" We have one of the Largest and Niost Com- plete Up-to-date Printing Oflices in the City FRANK H. SWEET WILLIAM J. CARMAN H Stock Yards and Stables Livery and Sales Stables ' ' So. St. Joseph, Mo. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. UMBRELLAS and PARASOLS repaired and covered Sweet 8. Glarman LIVERY, BOARDING and SALE All Work done promptly and at STABLES R54ZJ'077Ub!5 P77535 Carriage, Cab, Runabout and Surry at all hours 369 MAIN ST., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. H. R. PHONE, 1-F D. C. PHONE, 328 5,1y"j51rACj'j0N GU'ARAyXITEED 110 MAIN ST., POUGHKEEPSIE. N. Y. B. O. KINGSLEY Special a!zr:n!io11gifue1z to Cleaning, Presfing and Repairing LADIES' CLOTH COSTUIWES P1-1NoE, 369 No. 4 Mrs. i E. C. Tompkins "THE CORNER sToRE" 348 Main St., cor Academy Fine Ivlillinery. Neckwear. Notions. Hair pins.. Fans, Laces. Fine ruchings. Ribbons. etc. CORSETS A SPECIALTY Only the best maker wid Ladier' Hare, Glover, elf., Hfdffgddffffl Nr Dollr IN AN swicnmu Auv1m'r1suinmN'rs PLr'-val. M1-'N'rtoN 'rum VASSARION Re VASSARION ADVERTISER Suffolk QEngrahtng 8 Klectrntppmg Qin. Engravers for VASSARION . K 9-If N H he -, QTYSDJ5 Q avgfbzln-l-KE,-,fig Makers of HALF-TONES,LINE ENG RAVINGS and COLOR PLATES A ELECTROTYPERS 234-236 Congress Street : Boston, Mass. 75 Westminster Street : Providence, R. I 225 Fourth Avenue New York fZ?ie VASSARION ADVERTISER FORSYIHE'S WAISTS AND SUITS S P R I N G S T Y I.. E S WALKING TAILOR MADE LINGERIE SUITS WAISTS WAISTS Imported Serges, Chiffon Serges, Panamas, Chiffon Panamas, Novelty Mix- tures, Tweeds, English Fancy Suitings, etc. Plain and Solid Colors, etc. Largest assortment of Scotch Madras Waists in the world. 5ooo patterns in White, black and White and colors. 53.50 each. Immense variety, includ- ing all the styles. Very Smart and Dainty. All sizes, 32 to 44. JOHN FORSYIHE, 865 Mail Orders Promptly Filled BI'02lClW21Y 'Ee COLLEG E INN Near Vassar College : POUGHKEEPSIE : NEW YORK For Sunday night supper, or anernoon tea, Dinner or breakfast, I think you'll agree, flier find me the damsel who never has beenb The best place to go for us all is the Inn. Where flowers in the candle-light gracefully droop, We indulge in a dream of tomato bisque soupg Away from Main's horrible dining-room din- Oh! what did they do when they hadn't an Inn? MARY SWAIN WAGNER, Proprietor IN ANSVVERING Anvmvrr TS L s NI 10N THE VASSARION file VASSARION ADVERTISER 23 ALBANY ART UNION butnggrapbs Qrttsttr 9' 3 , if Z Z . . 48 North Pearl Street Poughkeepsie Flag Company 302 Main Street z: Poughkeepsie. New York Manufacturers of High Class Flags Ei? Pillows Felt Novelties for All Schools Es? Colleges SHOW ROOMS: College Ave. ad house West of Grand Ave. OLD ENGLISH LETTERS A SPECIALTY Mail Orders promptly attended to H O S I E RY S H O P Send New York vlraft or monev order. Add three cents per pair for postage PLEASE SEND SIZE I-IOSIERY EXCLUSIVELY The Only Store of Its Kind in this Country Can match gowns in . , , ' pure thread silk, plain HQ Lb skyl. N f . 1 3-Qifie embroidery, beautiful designs, 33.50 a pair. Same in Lisle thread very thin and fine and self embroidered 3l.7S' very handsome. Special Silk Lisle 39 cents per pair, or 52.25 per I doz. value 69 cent per pair. Endless variety of stockings from 25 cents per pair to the finest made, at right prices. Lace medallion like sample, and em- broidery,puresilk2S5.50 W ,,,. V: . S., s, .1-tj: 'WZ 1- iQ4s-. ., ,..., 9 per pair. Same as cut, " e-2 21.1- -1 ,, lfiijg: linest, thinnest Lisle thread 52.50 per pair. Bright, Pure Silk like cut, and different patterns, 33.5021 pairg Finest Lisle thread 51.50 a pair. . . 1 -gr. Q fa S ef 3 252.503 pair. VV1th self , .rw + V A' ' if ff Y 2- V, I as I G' f'Z.f gf, Wffgws a if wen! if lt i ' 'W ' fm' ...QW A ' :H f . 3 , J. f 4 Amy f -' 1' we alta' 1 f as :sf !"l W Yi 3,52 ' 'fvfbfff f 91.3 '52 iff' , r , Q Wg? fda' 9 ZX 1 A if 5 '76 ' 1 0 fe 52' ,W . Y 2 si. jf? f I' :aa rr rf? 230 Fifth Avenue New York RS. C.J.CARY 2 College View Avenue, opposite college hedge Will hoard the college girls' friends at moderate prices. Supper and Cakes served to order Lunches served at any time. Chicken salad a specialty TELEPHONE CALL 297-A -' Y' , A- ,pkg i f ef I L B L I S S A R D L 1 ,3 - up 309 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 'jf .-' Over office of Pou hlcee sie Li ht Heat Sc Power Co. Q QV,-9: .M v , g P g : ,,: - - MHHICUTID Facial and Scal Massa e, Sham oom f" P22 .g, . g . P g "ef f: Dr in b Hand, Scientlfic Chiro od - cn as 'fP' Ygy PY 0 ege en, cron y Ins Q Treatment of the Scalp a Qu Maker to wearer! High-grade work at low p:1ces S ecialt Write for illustrations. Special designs in colors will be P Y made free of Charge. Satisfaction guaranteed in every instance BUNDE ef UPMEYER co. g r 5912. Mack Block, Milwaukee. Wis. T E L E P H O N E 4 I 7 M IN ANSXVERING ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE MENTION THE VASSARION TPIAVE You TIQIED THEM? IF Nor, WILL YOU? .,1,, -. il stall . ,, ull, 'fl-15 ' ?"f"f?'u ff", '1:5j1L5i145" - fgg 1,M.! , '- X -' . ,, . 4 6 T R A D E M A R K HEN if they help your Cough, or Cold, or Sore Throat, or give you a quiet sleep, will you not please tell some friends about it and advise them to try them also? We know they will help anyone suffering from Sore Throat, Cough or Cold. Also the best thing for Public Speakers, Ministers, Singers, etc., and no bad efects after using them. Sold ewzjfwfaere. SMITH BRGTHERS, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 111328.-If your Cough troubles you at night, just put one of these drops in your mouth before retiring, and let it dissolve gradually. It will help you. Qantas' aah Qtntlzmmla Btataurant HERE the Substantials and Delicacies of the Season are served in the most approved manner. Also Bread, Cake, Pastry, Ice Cream, Ices, Jellies, Charlotte Russe, etc. No intoxicating Liquors, Beer, Wine, etc., allowed. Parties, Suppers, Wedding Spreads, etc., supplied with every requisite. Also Waiters, Cooks, Dishes, Silver, Glass- ware, Linen and Personal Supervision, except in cases Where Intoxicating Liquors, Punch, Ale, Beer, Wine, Cider, etc., are to be served. In that event, Waiters, Cooks, and Personal Supervision will not be furnished. R SMITH BROTHERS Qlnniettinners ana Ciiaterers Nos. I3 5539 I5 Market St., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. IN ANSXVERING ADVERTISEAIIQNTS PLEASE mEN'rroN T1-In VASSARION he vAssARioN ADXQERTISER G0 T0 lien Brothers FOR ALL TOUR DRUGS They can save you 25 Telephone Cofmections Dr. Stephen Palmer DENTAL AND ORAL SURGEON OFFICE AND RESIDENCE 272 Mill Street, opposite Congregational Church Formerly 310 Main Street MONEY HOURS C S A M. T01 P M. ' ' 228 MAIN STREET 2 P-Ml To me P a s made 1f d6S1I'6d LAWN TENNIS, CROQUET, RACKETS, TENNIS BALLS, FENCING FOILS, GOLF BALLS, INDIAN CLUBS, DUMB BELLS, PHOTOGRAPH NETS,SCISSORS, POCKET KNIVES, TACK HAMIVIERS, CARPET SWEEPERS, COAT AND SKIRT HANG- ERS, NUT CRACKERS, CORN POPPERS A FULL LINE OF HARD LVARE J. E. ANDREWS 279 Main Street, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 20th Century Photography Always up to date. Our Studio is now fully equipped to turn out first class work on short notice. 1I THE NEW NDERFUL ARISTO ARC LAMP enables AND W0 us to produce the most artistic effects day or night, rain or shine. STOP on your way to the theatre or party, no hurry, no worry. S71 div 0,6511 llmzdzzy Iflfedzzevday and tsllfllflllflj' cran- . 1 ,f ' V . . iuffu'-7 fu 9 IRM.-.fllye by Sjfefinl Ajipoifztwelzf. THE VAN OSDEL STUDIO 271 MAIN STREET foverj. Howard Fitcl'1ett'sJ .g,v?f'3"""5"2S3Q. Qf A wg, Q "Q.,,,,pP' -S, 'Ile CM LIAR Wf5654.g.g.':fi4"fl' , ALTFORD "jIutUerist" VHS' POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. IN ANSNV1 1uNG Auvl-:HTIS1 xx ILNIS 111 wx M1 XIION TILE YASSARION He VASSARION ADVERTISER . P. HOLLANDER CO. FIFTH AVENUE, AT TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, NEW YORK. Speczkzlzjf House for Pmrizml, Preizjf Franks' of every Description, all made on our own premises, thereby assuring our customers exclusive models Prices nzfzgzhgfffom 535 to 5125 1'-fs .--,-. 1 v,.,- -.N, Ri, 1 fm-jlggg .C '." ' ' " 6'5" .K , " J ffl 's,lA 9 fl f V551 ',', 1 7' , .j. ' 1 ' if gs?" 1. -' I Q7 lf . e,-r ' .lbs ' , if IN kfjl ' - 'xx XJ rv' ff M, " will ALUMINUM" ,Nr .-,,.,,, V- i s ,-' ,, "- 'f' ' CLEANS CANVAS SHOES, BELTS, SKIRTS, CAPS, ETC. PERFECTLY, IYILL NOT INJURE OR ROT THE MATERIAL, SAME AS OTHERS. THE ORIGINAL AND BEST, IT IS ABSO- LUTELY WHITE, AND DRIES AN ABSOLUTE XVHITE. TI-IIS IS THE ONLY CLEANER THAT WILL NOT RUB OFF, IF USED ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS. MADE IN XVI-IITE AND TI-IE FOLLOWING COLORS, RED, BLUE, PINK, YELLOXV, GREEN AND GREY For Sale at First Class Stores anufacfufed by CARL H. KRIEG 65' COMPANY N?x?v1i?E6l13?5?:fY IN ANSXVERING ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE MENTION THE VASSARION fZZe VASSARION ADVERTISER LOG The JF. H. ibassette Qiumpanp of SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS WOULD RESPECTFULLY CALL YOUR ATTEN TION TO THEIR SUPERIOR FACILITIES FOR PRODUCING He HIGHEST GRADE OF CATALOGS A N D B O O K S EMBRACING Eesigniugz wash Eraintngs Zgalftunw :1B1finting: Btnhiug EACH STEP CARRIED TO COMPLETION IN YZ HIGHEST SENSE 6 CIILIN OUR OWN ESTABLISHMENT. We court inquiries and a test me VASSARION ADVERTISER A. J. CRAWFORD COMPANY 253-255 Fifth Avenue acobean, Chippendale and Sheraton Styles Antiques and Decorations Eine Furniture in l Old English Silver, Crystal, Sheffield Plate, Porcelain, etc. Estimates and Designs Submitted for Old English Interiors Annex ofthe"LITTLE SHOP" I East 31st Street . 31, PVMPBEIISCHOTEN HARDWARE 01.3 l gif' Q54 l SN? FARQGIMPLQQENTS 173 BICYCQE 6 f. 5 T S if S f p0'97lN5 IN THE GooD OLD. DAYS 5. 60005. F ': 'fl h f k." ESHMAN S t at Four U-un P AGENT FOR SPALDING SPORTING GOODS NIOR No." F ESHMAN: "Well, -ir's minel, May I rake 1r, please? Gymnasium and Swimming Suits SPA College Flags and Pillows is Felt Numerals of all Sizes. 46 Smith Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. IN ANSXVIQRING1XIJV1GR'1'IS1SMl:1N'1'S PLEASE MmN'1'1oN 'rim VASSARION Re VASSARION AIQYERTISQR gggAggWggAgMw- M R 294 FRANK H. CARPENTER FINE MILLINERT AND FANCY GOODS PHONE 352-L 326 MAIN ST. POUGHKEEPSIE MISS EDYTHE C. HARRIS . fmporfer of Smart Street and Dress HATS AND SHIRT VVAIST SUITS 204 Main Street, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. V H. Af, TELEPHDNE, 487-A C . H I C K S Succefror fo R. G. LLOYD LIVERYMAN Carryalls and Carriages for large parties and funerals. All kinds of fashionable turnouts. Horses for ladies' driving a specialty. Special rates to Vassar College Customers. Direct trip with carriage from Vassar College to city or any depot in city, 51.00. Before 6 A 1111. and after IO IRM., double rates. Extra charge for trunks carried on carriages. Tel. 188-A. 412-414 Main Street " POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK 1Amer1can Institute ,J 1 ,.S 4 ..Q.? ,:ag3t, of Applied Musle I . II. ' ""' l q1Nc01eP01eA TED IQOOJ I p f-Ag: I1 D G A R o. s I L V 11 R, fffmmf 1 I-gi t 1' :Fi-i . 1 l D .E P A If T M E 1V T S ,--2 .' 'H i 1 'lj,92-1 ,i1,' I The Metropolitan Colle e of Music 1 I ' .41 I I I I' C ' ' ' i"l lk? l l The 'iletropolitoin Consgrvatorg of Music .axe 5 ,Q YGUR The Synthetic Piano School 'S ' MEMORY andwmte 1 The American-Institute of Normal Methods 1 I - v g USE., FAILS' f2,ffi2if,,0' F A C UL T if A AVD E XA M1 NE ze 5 Q ' - zwe 1 XVilli:11n Mason A. R, Parsons Tom Karl I Wa'-ter rlllallls l Harry Rowe Shelly Paul Ambrose H. Rawlings Baker 'S-l McCall Lanham W. F. Sherman George Coleman Gow W I M I ' '- Fmu em TU'6lIffEfk Year bzgivzr September 2650, 1905 IT NEVER FA!LS-i4 I -l-T 1 1 r L- E' Waterman CO- FOR INFORMATION ADDRESS 17 5 Broadway, New York f 3 W SALE BY Am DEALERS I I KAT E S. C H 1 T T E N D E N , Dean Y Ji 1 l 212 XVest 59th Street 1 NEXV YORK CITY IN ANSWIQRING Anvimfrxsi Ml zvr PI EA E 1I1.N'r1oN THE VASSARION The Chicago ii lion Railroad O, .'-a ' N QS o 4 fini o LY WA " fszoiiifss, aaiizzief Bglwggn Geo. J. Charlton Chicago Si. Louis liahsasilt From to Eahlahawlhh Poo wof is invaluable U I N P E ,Always f?2dY to respond the in' writes with non-skipping regularity: Cor- Stsnt xt touches the paaper. respondence a pleasure. A card will bring eputauon WOfld'W1d-e' you a catalogue of 100 styles All dealers, or catalogue on application. BOX G' H BLOOMSBURG PA Found onaxi?ile3ex?AEC:?g-gStationers Box G ,ll, BLOOMSBURG, PA. 529.5 IN ANSVVEHING ADVERTISI iurivre PLEASE MENTION THE VASSARTON Ee VASSARION ADVERTISER 31 MRS. L. H. TRAVIS !IDODi6t6 S. T. Taylor System. Evening and Dinner Gownsf Fancy Waists a Specialty D. C. Phone 567 zo Liberty Street If You Show This Card At FLAGLE. R 'S 292 and ZQ4 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. You Can Get Whiting's French Cheviot The best pound paper made, for' Eighteen Cl SD Cents per pound Regular price, 25 cents per pound S. J. KELDER NELSON HOUSE LIVERY, BOARDING and SALE STABLES First-Class Cabs, Coupes, Carriages, Reasonable Rates Horses Boarded by the Day or Month . . -'SS -Wm "wi We L.. 1.42" e Office, South End of Hotel, 34 Market Street Telephone 29-A and 122 with the New Company EDWARD L. BAKER Elrt Expert Artistic Framing. Passe-Partouts. Frainer of all College Paintings. 1'ictu1'es Restored. Paintings Relinecl Engravin s Cleaned. Maker of Gold and H. 'l-EIU l F' '. Picture and 'LIC O0f lllmeb Mirror Frames Regilded. Pic- tures boxed a nd shipped 329 Main St., Up Stairs, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Opposite "Lucl:ey Platt" REFER ENCES: Rev. james M. Taylor. D. D., Ll.. D. Pres. Vassar Rev. j. MCC. Holmes. D. D., Prof. I., F. Pilcher, Prof, lfl. E. Mills Prof. G. C. Gow, Mr. Henry Booth, Mr. l. Reynolds Adrinnce Mr. Edward Elswortli, Mr. Alfred M. Frost, Mr. William C. Smillie Mr Peter B. Hayt PRINTING a1zcZEN GRAVING Zfoivirfoifliiii executed i WILLIAM V. MAAR 44- MARKET STREET : POUGHKEEPSIE NEW YORK Telephone Connection CI-IAFING DISHES and necessary supplies, such as Forks and Spoons, Alcohol Flagons, Nickel Plated Toasters, Nickel Plated Trays, and Specially Prepared Alcohol GAS LAMPS, Extra Tubing and Shades Five O'Clock Tea Kettles, Tea Balls, Cake Boxes, loss Sticks, Fancy Candles, China and C-lass A. B. STOCKHOLIVI Z2 :S 306 MAIN STREET be :allege illiner A. W. JACOBS Corner Main and Liberty Streets Millinery, Shirt Waists, Gloves, Corsets Neckwear J Our entire second rloor devoted exclusively to Millinery I IN ANSNVERING Aovnnrrsnxrrwrs 1 1 1' xsn xmxfrrorz 'rr-nz VASSARION 2 126 VASSARIOPI ADVERTISER BROADWAY, CORNER 2.2ND STREET, NEW YORK ESTABLISHED 1818 CLOTHING Angora and hetland waistcoats LIVERIES Dressing gowns, Steamer Rugs. MOTOR Luncheon baskets, Fitted Bags, GARMENTS Jewelry cases, ilver flasks, ENGLISH Novelties from the shops of HABERDASHERY West End LO1'1C1011 GS' HATS FINE SHOES Oar 71620 aaoifet 'f CLOTHES 8z THE HO UR" ,rag- LEATHER GGODS geflifzg what to wear on varjam areafiom ETC- maifed aa regzzeft. ' pw KODJYKS aaa' CAMERAS -1 A- -MH-wr h IIIA, YN We have them from 551.00 to 535.00 M 07267 More in PoL1gbZ'eeAp5z'e dewatea' to the Kodak and Camera Ib ' bz1.fifze.r.v. ff larger auf! better line rannat be jiund anywhere. Q , 5 if DEVELOPING PRINTING AND EN- E U LARGING for Amateurs a Specialty fn, -I u "1 0 - -i - ir .ass or zz air flees wi FrCf WkrF P " 7 E. W. CUN DY : Tae Kodai Stare 48 MARKET STREET, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 4 DooRs BELOXV THE NELSON House IN ANSXVERING ADVERTI. ON THE VASSARION fZZe VASSARION ADVERTISER Stylish Teams lor Stylish People arc f lff-11 Mm' af aff hmm .lf W. J. McCurdy's Livery Stable UV E L Our horses are E Y all well-fed and . -.fl1l1l1gl,1!eiL5F., tip, x. A i well-grooinecl I A 1 Huff' , 1 lllil l IQ, ,515 ,Q N and our Carriages M1 Xi are well-made, '..' 0 'H-1 f, -- sg-,M 7. . kk stylish and up-to- . 11 l 3.. .-W6 1: clatiin eva? hai mile" 1 1 Q me ef- W 1 e1"-'Nfjf - 'Y 1- -e" 4 drive in 21 swell ree f s L 315111 . ,fe Ml 'I my X 3? ,Kyo turnout and at a 'SE Q ANB - 3, reasonable i C 'Q ' ix: l charge at short . . 5 Q :VJ notice. T.: -l ' fbi' g -'-filfiif-"2-'D h - ei New Tele Jhone . -.,-,.. 1 74 I f I -. .af S- - ,. --ae ,111-1 5 ,Q , 11.- RIWMA P Telephone IGT-A :ov-1 William J. MCC I3 and I5 Washington Street urdy 'liiis Hiiuiil-if? 4.3-. Q I 1 M' 7 f of 1 yay? 1, Qw!,fefffo5ye,f's., f ,ff 1 0J,,,WnpjjgyW4 1? " 1 IE"-,V A2-"lei "" if V ' -' ' ' A 's ' -fs, 1 1 2 f X gym-2 . 1, eff.f,:ffewf ,. . 1 .6,1,.,,,,, 1 1 11? 3 ..,.f N' X' ' 1 I ,D S, , , , I gf .1 Q. 1 1 'N - ,S ipi , 1 OW 1 1 Up Ol 35125-Jwewilldellveral any polnl in The ll.S.il1ai we can reefli be express s , f0l'll'l9 GVETBQQ KIZOOOSHEETSINROLLSQ OI :,- A l"' Ppmim 317313 Brand EfLi7'721p5Aa. le 5 1 endlncludelree,A7Wf0.44'f29fZlfMFf 1 .1 l l esw1zefief.JW1ffeee as piclured liere. jill cliarges prepaid, vlkhwffffw 366QQ7efm11Wlff PLATO PRESS CYI6 US LEROY BAIQVES, Pzfblishcf' Poughkeepsie, New York, U. A. Maker if lrigh-class Books, boakfets and Litcrmly Publi zzziorzsfbr parzirufar authors A sperialiy qfprifuate editions. Personal superfuisian. Carre:- porzdenre soficitcd. The New YORK Tinuzs Review in noticing " WAIFS,, s aid: "The whole hook is unsually attractive from a typographical standpoint, and reflects great credit upon its printer, Cvuus L, BARNES, of Poughkeepsie." AMERICAN AND FOREIGN Teachers' Qgenrp Supplies Colleges, Schools and Familie-s wi:h Professors, Teachers, Tutors and Governesses, resident or visiting American or Foreign. Parents aided in choice of schools Qprs, QB. 31. foungfjiultoxi 23 UNION SQUARE NEW YORK LINDEN HALL Founded 1794 Moravian Seminary for Girls Lititz, Lafzmfter Cazffzzy Pefzm 'fvafzifz J HSEND FOR SOUVENIR AND CATALOGUE 'ro Rev. Chas. D. Kreider, Principal be Halifax! Selma! Mourning ann EDM? Qbrbuol for e?5irl5 Certihcate admits to Vassar and Wellesley Colleges W LQOHRCYBSOITSMUDSOII Reference hy permission to President James M. Taylor IN ANSWERING ADVliIR'IISLMl"X'l9 11.1 XQF wr x mow TI-IFlVASSAlllOl.v 34 Vassar Accomodation Shoo Established especially for Vassar College trade We study to please in the following Lines: CLEANING, PRESSING, AL- TERATIONS, REMODEL- LING Sz DRESSIVIAKING a Specialty M. L. WEIBRICK, Proprietor THE VERY LATEST STYLES IN JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE Qauintarb ferns. AT 75 e VAS SARION ADVERTISER .I-XBOOTH DEALER IN CI-IINA, JAPAN and I N D IA TEAS or ROASTER of COFFEE MANTUFACTURIATG W 7EWELER S 3'6 Main Street, POuShkeeP3le, New Y0fk 368 Main Street. Poughkeepsie, New York l , U IITH a Princess or close-fitting gown nothing will give such an elegant contour to the figure as the new boned corset cover and bust supporter known as the De Bevoise . I Brasslere A perfect bust supporter and corsetcover A .h Combined. Made of most durable fine A. :f-. batiste, lace trimmed and lightly boned. It pulls down snugly over the figure, fastens to the corset clasp with a straight front tab,eyeletted, confining the bust with no pres- sure to its proper place. Comes I, well above the top of corset in Q back, holding the flesh and shoul- if der blades in place. Easily 9 laundered. Worn with charm- ' ff cl th hee t Ing e ect un er e s res lingerie waist. Sizes 32 to 48 inches bust measure. No. 1906,-Fine Bntiste, l f W, edged with Torchou lace and one 5 B row of ribbon ..... 51.00 lag No. 1911.-Extra Hue Barisre, edged with Val. lace and two rows of insertion ...... 51.50 r a corset depzzrtme1zt.r,ur.tcnd Lu your deaIer'r name and we will supply you dircrt. Catalogue on request. Chas. R. De Bevoise Co., 247 High St., Newark,N.J. 1 W' 'sta 6451, I, sg 3.15 I affilffr- .fe I , ,::3gfE. Q: ff ' if fx- ' as ,gf 1.34.-" I 2-155-li,-'?fm" it I? ll"- 4 ,' i I A ll GEO. HUGHELS G SON Makers and Sellers of Spec1alFurn1ture Adapted to the Requirements of Vassar Students Our Assortment for September, IQO6, will eclipse all previous efforts Visit the Original Headquarters for College Furniture GEO. HUGHES Cd SON 398, 404, -LOG, 408, 410 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . M. GREENBERG llahies' atlnr La test tyles Reasonable Prices POUGHKEEPSIE : NEW YORK IN ANS WERING ADvEnTrsEMEN'rs PLEASE MEN'rroN THE VASSARION ima VASSARION ADVERTISER WO 3 The HDICI Tllflf Is Like HOIHC iiflnrgam lgnusr THE FINEST GRILL ROOM ON THE HUDSON Open from 7 A M to 12 M ala Carte 'wwf' mf' f2ff"' GQZLD- iff-E?-2 M6 'gills General Qlpbahztiral inner to Qbhrrtisers Adriance, Peter 85 Son, Poughkeepsie II Albany Art Union, Albany, . , 23 Alexander, New York . Allen Bros., Poughkeepsie ..... 25 Ambler, P. Co., Poughkeepsie .,.. American and Foreign Teachers' Agency, New York 33 American Institute of Applied Music, New York . 29 Andrews, Poughkeepsie ..... 2 A. P. W. Paper Co., Albany . 33 Bagnall, Poughkeepsie ' , , . I Bailey, Banks 86 Biddle, Philadelphia, Pa. Baker, E. L., Poughkeepsie . . . 31 Baker 85 Taylor, New York , IO Balliol School, Utica ..,. . . Barnes, Cyrus L., Poughkeepsie . . . . J 85 33 Bassette, The F. A. 8: Co., Springheld, Mass. , Z7 Bauer, Poughkeepsie ..... . Binner, Madame, New York Blissard, Mrs. Irene, Poughkeepsie . 2 Booth, Poughkeepsie ...... 34 Boston University School of Mediciiie, Boston, Mass. Brooks Bros., New York ..... 32 Bunde 85 Upmeyer Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 23 38 ADVERTISERS' INDEX Cailler's Chocolate, New York . ..... J Carpenter, F. H., Poughkeepsie . . 29 Cary, Mrs. C. J., Poughkeepsie , 23 Central New England Railway . . 6 Cheney Chemical Co., South Manchester, Conn. 8 Chicago :Sz Alton Railroad . . . 30 Chicago gl North 'Western Railroad G Cohen, Louis ESC Co., New York . . I7 Crawford, A. Co., New York . . 28 Cundy, E. W., Poughkeepsie . , 32 Cusack, H., Poughkeepsie . . . II De Bevoise, Chas. R., Co. Newark, N. . , 34 Detroit Home and Day School, Detroit, Mich. I Drake, M. C., Poughkeepsie . . J Dutchess lnsurance Co. ' . H Elwin Laboratory, Poughkeepsie 7 Emma Willa1'd School, Troy . I Estelle, Madame, New York . . J Fallkill National Bank, Poughkeepsie F Farrington, Wm. R., Poughkeepsie , 20 Fisk Agency, New York . . I3 Fitchett, H., Poughkeepsie , I7 Flagler, B., Poughkeepsie ' 31 Forsythe, J., New York . , H 22 Frost, Geo. C., New York . . . C Gallup, The, Studio, Poughkeepsie . I3 Gellert, Louis, Poughkeepsie . , IQ Gildersleeve, Poughkeepsie . 2 Goldstein 85 Rosen, Poughkeepsie . I2 Grant, E. V., Poughkeepsie . 1 I5 Greenberg, M., Poughkeepsie , 34 Greenes, S., Poughkeepsie . . . . I6 Halsted School, Yonkers . . . . 33 Hansman, Beatty 8: Pralow, Poughkeepsie , 2O Harris, E. C., Poughkeepsie . . . ZQ l ADVERTISERS' INDEX Hickok, C. H., Poughkeepsie Hicks, C. N., Poughkeepsie Higgins, Chas. M., Brooklyn . . . Hollander, L. P. 85 Co., New York . . Home and Foreign Teachers' Agency, New York . Hosrner Hall, St. Louis, Mo. . . . Howieson, New York . A Hoyt, Poughkeepsie . Hughes 85 Son, Poughkeepsie Huyler,s, New York . Jacobs, A. W., Poughkeepsie Johnson 85 Williams, Poughkeepsie Kelder, S. J., Poughkeepsie . Kenyon, Mrs. M. C., Poughkeepsie Kingsley, B. O., Poughkeepsie Knox, New York . Krakower, J., Poughkeepsie Krieg, Carl, New York . Lawrence, T. R., Poughkeepsie Levy, Ben 85 Co., Boston, Mass. Linden Hall, Lititz, Pa. . Lorey, Gustave, Albany . Luckey, Platt 85 Co., Poughkeepsie Lynch, W. J., Poughkeepsie McCurdy, VV. J., Poughkeepsie McDonnell, M. C., Poughkeepsie . Maar, Wvm. V., Poughkeepsie . . Mead, Mrs., "Hillside," Norwalk, Conn. . . . Merchants National Bank, Indianapolis, Ind. . . . . Meriden Brittannia Co., International Silver Co., Successor, New York Merriam, G. 85 C. Co., Springfield, Mass ...... Meyrowitz, E. B., New York . Miller, C. D., Poughkeepsie Mills, J., Poughkeepsie 40 ADVERTISERS' INDEX lVlorgan House, Poughkeepsie 35 Nloseley, L., Poughkeepsie . 18 M0sl1ie1', WV. H., Chicago, Ill. IQ Neal, C., Poughkeepsie . II Nelson House, Poughkeepsie . E Qstrander, VV. H., Poughkeepsie . 20 Overacker, Charles, Poughkeepsie 28 Palmer, Dr. Stephen, Poughkeepsie 25 Peck 85 Peck, New York . . 23 People,s Steam Laundry, Poughkeepsie II Peterkin, John, Poughkeepsie . I2 Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle , I3 Poughkeepsie Flag Co., . . , 23 Purssell lVlanufacturing Co., New York . 4. Putnam Hall, Poughkeepsie . . . I QL1inta1'd Bros., Poughkeepsie 34, Raymond, S. VV., Poughkeepsie I7 Reynolds, Wm. T., Poughkeepsie . B Riker, VVm. B. 85 Son, New York 18 Rye Seminary, Rye, N. Y. . I Riverview Academy, Poughkeepsie I St. Charles Hotel, New Qrleans, La. F St. Denis Hotel, New York , F Saltford, W. G., Poughkeepsie 25 Schirmer, G., New York . . . I4 Shreve, Crump 8: Low Co., Boston, Mass. B Smith Bros., Poughkeepsie . , . 24 South Side Drug Store, Poughkeepsie B Spalding, A. G. 86 Bros., New York 8 Stockholm, A. B., Poughkeepsie . 31 Storrs, Mrs. N. H., Poughkeepsie , 8 Suffolk Engraving Co., Boston, Mass. , 21 Sweet U Carman, Poughkeepsie , 20 Ten Eyck Hotel, Albany . . . I4 ADVERTISERS' INDEX Tesone, T. A., Poughkeepsie Texas and Pacific Railway . Thomson, Peter, New York . Tilfany E39 Co., New York . Torrpkins, Mrs., Poughkeepsie Travis Bros., Poughkeepsie . Travis, Mrs. L. H., Poughkeepsie Van Benschoten Hardware Co., Poughkeepsie Van Osdel Studio, Poughkeepsie Vassar Miscellany . . . Vassar Pharmacy, Poughkeepsie Wagne1', Miss, Poughkeepsie . Wallliead 5' Dubois, Poughkeepsie VVarner Brothers Co., New York VVaterman, L. E., Co., New York Weibi'ick, M. L., Poughkeepsie Weil Eff Haskell, New York . Wirt, Paul E., Bloomsburg, Pa. Wolf, R., Poughkeepsie . . Wolxfen, The, Studio, Poughkeepsie Wood 539 Bolton, Poughkeepsie W1'ight, Kay if Co., Detroit, Mich. . Yale, Madame, New York . Zimmer, Hubert, Poughkeepsie f' ef' 12 , ' It' ,mg ,,. 5 L35 42 ADVERTISERS' INDEX inner to Bnugbkeepsie Qlhherttsers ANTIQUES R. VVolf II ATHLETIC GOODS E. W. Cundy . . . . 32 Van Bensclioten Hardware Co. , 28 BANKERS Fallkill National Bank , F BOARD Nlrs. C. Cary . 23 BOOKSTORES J. P. Ambler Co. 6 CANDY J. H. Cusack II CHINA VVID. R. Farrington , 2O -A. B. Stockholm . , 31 CLEANERS lVlrs. Bagnall I9 Goldstein Eff Rosen V I2 B. O. Kingsley 1 20 DENTISTS C. D. Millei' . C J. Mills . 13 Stephen Palmer - 25 DRESSMAKERS Nlrs. Storrs . 3 Nlrs L. H. Travis 31 ADVERTISERS' INDEX DRUGGISTS Allen Bros. . . Elwin Laboratory . T. R. Lawrence . South Side Drug Store Vassar Pharmacy . Wood 55' Bolton . DRY GOODS M. Drake . . Luckey, Platt iff CO. . FANCY GOODS AND MILLINERY F. H. Carpenter . . A. W. Jacobs . . . John Peterkin Mrs. Tompkins FINE ARTS E. L. Baker . . S. VV. Raymond . FLAGS, ETC. Mrs. Charles Overacker Poughkeepsie Flag Co. FLORISTS M. Lynch VV. G. Saltford FURNITURE . . Hughes if Son . GROCERS Booth . . Hoyt . . . Wm. T. Reynolds . HABERDASHERY Lucilius Moseley . HAIRDRESSERS M. C. MCDonIIell 44 ADVERTISERS' INDEX HARDWARE Peter Aclriance 59' Son . II Andrews . . . 25 Johnson E39 Williams . I7 HOTELS Morgan House 35 Nelson House . . E INSURANCE Dutchess Insurance Co. . . H JEWELRY J. C. Neal . II Quintard Brothers . 34 Hubert Zimmer . I3 LAUNDRY Peoplels Steam Laundry . . II LIVERY C. N. Hicks . . ZQ S. Kelder . . 31 W. McCurdy . 33 Sweet E99 Carman . 20 Travis Brothers I3 MILLINERY Miss Harris . 29 Mrs. Kenyon . . IQ Music Charles H. Hiclcok Music Co. . . I2 NEWS Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle . I3 Vassar Miscellany . . I5 OPTICIAN Bauer , . 5 PHOTOGRAPHERS The Gallup Studio . . I3 The Van Osclel Studio . , 25 The Wolven Studio IO ADVERTISERS' INDEX PRINTERS Cyrus L. Barnes Hansman, Beatty U VVm. V. lVlaar REPAIRING XV. H. Ostrander M. L. VVeibrick RESTAURANT Smith Brothers The College Inn SCHOOLS Putnam Hall Riverview Academy SHOES E. D. Gildersleeve STATIONERY J. H. Fitchett J. B. Flagler . TAILORS J. M. Greenberg S. Greenes . J. Krakower P. A. Tesone WALL PAPER E. V. Grant Wallhead E99 Dubois Pralow . we-. f.qf' - X ww . Jx vw QE: wr- A r A X122-seg is QQ! 86 46 ADVERTISERS' INDEX Ember tu ynnfiirsthznt Qlnhertisers ATHLETICS A. G. Spalding 35' Bros., New York . 8 BANKERS The lVIerChants National Bank, Indianapolis, Ind. . B Books The Baker 53: Taylor Co., New York . IO G. C. lVIer1'iam Co., Springfield, Mass. I8 BRASSIERE Chas. R., DeBeVoise Co., Newark, N. . 34 CATERERS The Purssell Mfg. Co., New York . 4 CLOTIIIERS Brooks Brothers, New York . 32 CONFECTIONERY Cailleris Chocolate, New York . -I I-Iuyler, New York . . II CORSETS ' Madame Binner, New York . . K 'Warner Brothers Co., New York . I7 DRUGS, TOILET ARTICLES, ETC. A. P. W. Paper Co., Albany , . ' 33 Cheney Chemical Co., S. Nlanchester, Conn. S Ben Levy E51 Co., Boston, Mass. . 9 VVm. B. Riker 255 Son, New York , I8 Madame Yale, New York . I2 ENGRAVERS The Suffolk Electrotyping Co., Boston, Mass. 21 FOUNTAIN PENS The L. E. Wate1'man Pen Co., New York 29 The Paul E. Wirr Co., Bloonesburg, Pa. . 30 ADVERTISERS' INDEX 47 FURNITURE-ANTIQUE A. Crawford Co., New York 28 Fuizs Louis Cohen S99 CO., New York I7 HAIIKDIKESSEIQS Alexander, New York . 8 HATS E. Knox, New York . . . A HOSE SUPPORTERS George Frost Co. C"Velvet Gripnj, Boston, Mass. C HOSIERY Peck C99 Peck, New York . . 23 HOTELS St. Charles Hotel, The New, New Orleans, La. , F St. Denis Hotel, New York .... F Ten Eyck Hotel, Albany . I4 INK Chas. M. Higgins, Brooklyn . 5 JEWELRY, ETC. Bailey, Banks E39 Biddle, Philadelphia . . . 6 Bunde if Upmeyer, Milwaukee, Wis ..... 23 Meriden Brittannia Co., successor International Silver Co. . L Shreve, Crump C97 Low, Boston, Mass. . . , B Tiltany E5 Co., New York . . I W1'ight, Kay 559 CO., Detroit, Mich. . C MILLINEIKY , Madame Estelle, New York . Howieson, New York . C MUSIC G. Schirmer, New York . . . . I4 MUSIC SCHOOLS American Institute of Applied Music, New York 29 NAVAL TAILORS W. H. Moshier, Chicago, Ill. .... IQ Peter Thomson, Philadelphia and New York . I4

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