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Vassar College - Vassarion Yearbook (Poughkeepsie, NY) online yearbook collection, 1905 Edition, Cover

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h 'il VASSARION VOLUME XVII VASSAR COLLEGE M D C C C C V Copyright, 1905 ly MARY A.1'R,x1l .2A"f'fE., 1 .JM W' - N lfx . .wi MUN PRES -251265-!1'5'11 .1 V ,I -, Ohhh SION --.mfidilg L - .pl U5 AAS A S OF UU Ovlg AN - ' , 1. AK , , , A ND A 1-YMPAT R FAC , D GOC ' tiff-'87 BOOK 'MENU HETIC 5 LTY1 AFWILL qu ' . 4 pr LUEZIHE ALIWOQJJVNSELLZ IN AZT, BEAR .' Ufl.-NOW MAQSARI E DF R To M RECIAT 0 AN TN iw , af H- NARON OF 'DICATE ,ANY O,ION f:Qyf97Q " neg . ,. .' 'IW 1510,-y' THIS P ,, - A '11 1f,,U3VIO16 To 341 gziw A V. 9-v y :- ia .BQ 74 'N Wwlx"fv'aY.s R ,fr I C A 'q. -Tw E RMY: J'-1-Jnsezgf YZSF A.BAS5ETTE.CD PRINTERSGRPVBIJBHLRS uLnr1oMuvn.mN 1m, LLn ess - Vx P I. QM iam? WmM MMM 124551 1 'D 4! .2 'Y Sw fgl Q Q1 V A S S A R 1 0 N MDCCCCV i ,K ,, JW-,K 1 Editorial Board N ' 1 11111 Xl1lll IIXII' X - ,1 1l11l1l1 WF: 1l1l111X11 DX f 1' IIXIN 111 11111 1111 N " 1, ll 111 NI 111 LII 'V - 1 1111 11 11111 1 1111 X-X b 5 f 111, 11111 kllgxil TXXLX 'l'l',R N J XI 111 1111 II 1111211 X A , X 11111 111111 11111 11'1 1 J A gg! 1 . Pub11s11e11 by them for me Class of IQO5 1 s f, J 1 1' ' ' E. ' '1 ' gg ' 1 1 W' 5 - 2 X X L- A ,.- Y-,V4,.- .Y ,- ,nurw nu-up-uuY4 -nf -H V- 4 - 41'-I I1-I --. 4 , ' Y ' , , g.55'f'. .1 , X P . ,gal . . 1.--, - X 1: ,111 Q'-.Z-1i.:4 3 "" , X fl 64 .':',:. ..-fe..-A E Q xy!! .--in .. , ml. If kj fi Ng f D .i,.1x' ' X G' fam: .E ggigk v "Fm:-95" . . "3-Sf : ' " '1' -' 'qs WT?-1 3 -,Q XJ . X ZS mf 79" , 54- Q .. -A ig f I. as 3 . " T -:meg T - 4 ' , ":.7'1-"': K S , x K P iii-' 7 ,xi Xl-1.3 X, f V, v- + ' ' . a L S 5 , Q: ax- x- 1 ',,, I I 'ZX 5 ?:'n:'52' ji' -1 "lax " y' 8 me cuss OF 1905 mf fbE1Q,5r,f6i,:x ' ji. ' ' M' -- xzxsmu co1.1,15G11 wuz- n if 32:1 ' ,,, ' V "'g3:'?Q k q slaN'l's Tl-Ili slim-LN f -.:,Q1ggf,, JP '1' li ICNTH x'uI.m1u mf 'I'Hli fffff- 1,' n fit: -- T 1 ,HN -N -..L-fp Q -4,-Q x,xss.-xnucux rx lm, um 11, mm -. X. , ww. J: f Us lumxlvnns w11,1. coxsloliu J D --"5u',"f x, 'K . , -' .' v 1 r :QQ 'rm-1 wxslc mrws, srcu mfuna ., "5 fu' t 'V' ' . . ' jjg yti, 'rms s.-xu P,m'rs, AND muczn-1 J, 1' ,Hx x, F-Y? 5' ?"lyg ff? 3 4,07 mmH'1'rl.x' uvnila 'rms WI'1"l'Y JQTQ' - . I -'54 " TL 1',xu'14s. AND IF 'l'HIiRIi mi 1' 'Km -' , 4-5 if 7 Q C l' , 344 ANY www ,unc Nm' PLIZ.-XSliD -, ' - f-': Y ' BY 'rma l,IGH'I'ER PfmR'1'1uNs, MQ ZQ-N5 ,Wifi - LET 'rumx mcxxmllzrsk TH.-x'r D 'u , V -V fxs S,-wma IS '1:Axs'1'1i1.1ass AND ,gf ,L H: 1f1,, x'r w1'1'1fmL"1- s1a, xsnNIxf:. H 1-G: '- f 0 -nr . il 5 su is ,x MAN me A Bfllllx 35165 p 'Q z545,a?- Wl',l'HfJli'l' A MNCH or A'l"l'lK' ' " 3515, f sfx1 ,'1'. '1'HliN xx'u,1, THEY ,xv- Kf---: . -.Q 6194 1524? ,. :Q 1 !5Qg2 cn-zm' om: 1-11-'1fmz'x' IN '1' H ra .., ' ,.- , 1 . , ' fvflkj -. 3 gg- 31,44 svmm' IN xx'H1c'H l'l' rs Glvxzx - - . 1' A .N Q YW ' ,. 74 ' - -IN Am, umm I'IiI,I,HWSI-III'. if 1 Q Y Nga! MM , . ,. J.-.45 'll' ' 5 "I lavp Wi' .12 Tl Xajfk J- '- : '11 1- fi: .... 5-1 5 Ee 05? ." ' ir 3 . -' e ig .T v 2 .. -- K .3-. 1 .5 . I 5 5- ,154 lt: ' , ' f ,rf , za Aka, CQ + '35 - ' E: ff .' .filylizif ,. on gl.. .xv 4, Fi: ,' N' ' ' 453,-" I Q? 1 Z9'?M4,"' "f".'2M'5"5' 2?Z7'?FF.2g53'6' if 3 f 'NEG S4453 ' '- fi L fra' f .af Q-wa. 1 ' :zi .2." 4. ' 'J' . . 'za' Hx 4 X FY? Agia-i ,Elk '7f17.?7:'k5ff'ev':9f-' rI'ITLli PAGE DEDICATION , EDITORIAL BOARD GRElZ'fING . CONTENTS CALENDAR . BOARD OF 'ICRUSTEES ,... OFFICERS OF GovIsRNNIIaN'I' AND INSTRUCTION CLASSES ...... HISTORY OF THE CLASS or IQOS . . . HTIII2 CoLI.IsGI2 CERADUATE IN F1c'I'IoN"!Lm-y llfluynm-11 Salmon STUDIINTS' ASSOCIATION ....... CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION . CPREE SONG . . DRAMATICS ATHLETICS . . Co1.1.EGIz I'UBI.IcA'I'IoNS MUSICAL CDRGANIZATIONS SOCIETIES . . SUPPER CLUBS SOCIAI. EVENTS GRINDS . DA'fA . ADVER'l'ISEMEN'lS I 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 I9 87 QI 97 99 102 103 125 153 T59 169 '99 zog 223 253 293 Calendar, 1904-1905 SEPTEMBER 23: College Exercises begin in the evening OCTOBER I: Annual Reception of the Chris- tian Association OCTOBER 22: Annual Excursion to Mohonk OCTOBER 29: Sophomore Party NOVEMBER 1: Lecture: "American Things of Today from the Standpoint of an Euro- pean Historian" Professor KARL LAMPRECHT NOVEMBER 4: Dedication of the Chapel of Vassar College NOVEMBER 4: Dedication Organ Recital M. AUGUST GUILMANT NOVEMBER 5: First Hall Play: "The Little Minister" NOVEMBER 11: Lefture: "The Humor of Haw- thorneu Reverend JAMES M. BRUCE NOVEMBER 12: Junior Party NOVEMBER 13: Reverend CHARLES WAGNER NOVEMBER 18: Lecture: "The National Li- brary at Washington" Mr. PIERBERT PUTNAM NOVEMBER 24.: Thanksgiving Day NOY'EMBER 25: Anniversary ofthe Philalethian Society NOVEMBER 26: Concert, COLLEGE GLEE AND MANDOLIN CLUBS DECEMBER 2: Piano Recital, Mrss AUGUSTA COTTLOW DECEMBER Q3 Lecture: "An Inside View of Philippine Life" Professor FREDERICK W. ATKINSON DELENIBER Io: Sefond Hall Play: "An American Citizen" DECEMBER 11: Christmas Music OCTOBER 21: Opening of the Senior Parlor S 727- 1 Y-MYYYTY-Lcliulw 177111, Lui--- LM, VASSARION 7 lDECEMBER 16 JANUARY JANUARY 4 6 JANUARY 7 JANUARY I3 JANUARY 22 Christmas Vacation begins College Exercises begin Lecture: "Personal Recollections of Brahms" Mr. GEORG I-IENSCHEL Memorial Service to Professor Ely Lecture: "The Volcanic Region of Central France" Professor WILLIAM NORTH RICE J cr u 'A Lecture: La Bastille et ses secrets M. FUNCR-BRENTANO JANUARY 30-FEBRUARY 3 Semester Examinations FEBRUARY 6 FEBRUARY IO FEBRUARY I7 FEBRUARY I8 FEBRUARY 24 FEBRUARY 24. FEBRUARY 25 Second Semester begins Lecture: "Touch, Hearing and Allied Senses" Professor GEORGE .HOWARD PARKER H Concert VAssAR COLLEGE CHORAL CLUB AND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Annual German of the New England and Southern Clubs Annual Meeting of the Vassar Historical Association Lecture: "Petrarch,' Professor H. ROBINSON 'Third Hall Play: "Old Heidelberg" lVTARCH 3 Lecture: "A Day in a Roman Theatre" Mr. KIRBY F. SMITH MARCH IO Lecture: "Indian Forms of Religion" Miss ALICE C. FLETCHER MAIICH 14 Lecture: "Jane Austen" NTISS HELEN IDAWES BROWN MARCH I7 Concert DANNREUTHER QUARTET MARCH I3 Annual debate between UT. M." and "Qui Vivev MARCH 21 Easter Music RIIARCH 24, Spring Vacation begins APRIL 5 College Exercises begin APRIL I4 Lecturc: Dr. JOHN EDWIN SANDYS of Cambridge APRIL I7 Concert Mr. FRITZ KREISLER APRIL 21 Lccmrc: H Some Recent Inquiries Into the Nature of Matlmelnatics " Professor E. V. HUNTINGTON APRIL 28 Founder's Day Address by Dr. JAMES FIULME CANFIELD of Columbia University APRIL 29 Concert COLLEGE GLEE AND MANDOLIN CLUBS MAY 6 Field Day MAY I3 Fourth H1111 Play: "Twelfth Night" MAY IQ Concert VASSAIK COLLEGE SYMPHONY ORcHEsTRA AND CHORAL CLUB MAY 3I Senior Vacation begins -JUNE 3 Senior Auction JUNE 5-9 Semester Examinations JUNE II Baccalaureate Sunday JUNE I2 Phi Beta Kappa Address JUNE I3 Class Day JUNE I4 Fortieth Annual Commencement ii 3 53 G I 1 v 1 1 4 -7- - . u u - . - A I l X L All Llkf f- fk Alek FW! EDWARD LATHROP, D.D., Clmirnzmz New York JOHN H. DEANE, A.M. New York VIOACIIIM ELMENDORF, D.D. New York AUOUSTUS H. STRONG, D.D., LL.D. Rochester lDUNCAN D. PARMLY .IAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., LIAD. EDWARD HIUDSON, D.D. VIOHN D. ROCREFELLER ALBERT S. BICKMORE, A.lVl., l. h.D. ALLEN W. EVARTS, A.M. SAMUEL D. COYKENDALL JAMES M. BRUCE, A.M. LEVI P. MORTON, LL.D. EDWARD ELSWORTH, A.M. FREDERICK T. GATES, D.D. HENRY M. SANDERS, D.D. CHARLES M. PRATT, A.M. HENRY V. PELTON, A.B. ANDREW -I. 'TOWNSON MARY CLARK THOMPSON EDWARD STORRS ATWATE HJELOISE E. HERSEY, A.B EVA PERRY MOORE, A.B. DANIEL SMILEY, A.B. R, A.B. New York Vassar College New York New York New York New York Ronclout Yonkers Rhinecliflf Poughkeepsie New York New York Brooklyn Poughkeepsie Rochester New York Poughkeepsie Boston, Mass. St. Louis, lWo. Lake Molizink VV. C. P. RI-IOADES, D.D. Brooklyn GEORGE li. DIMOCK, A.B. Elizabeth, N. J. l'lELEN MORRIS HADLEY, A.B. New Haven, Conn. G. MOORE PETERS, D.D. Cincinnati, Ohio CHARLES A. COFFIN New York l DNVARD PLSVVORTH, Tl'BHS1ll'01' of the College BENSON VAN VLIET, General SIlfJEl'i7lfPllrff'llf Zin ffflelnuriam Qlcbsalj mount GE111 BORN NOVEMBER 10. 1846 DIED DECEMBER 13, 1904 F53 iw' . a 1.-.-.-.1 sms1:z:sgf...,,.f.:vzgE,,,gess.., s S-s.f.,-ham-.t. GFFUCERS OF GUVERNMENT AND UINISTRUQTHQN -IAIWES M. rl-'AYLOR, LL.D., GD B If Presfrlent of Vassar College. Professor of Etbifs 1IGraduate of University of Rochester, 18683 of Rochester Theological Seminary, 1871. Active Pastor, 1873-86. D.D., Rochester, 1886. LL.D., Rutgers. President of Vassar, 1886. Called to Brown University, 1899. D.D., Yale, 1901. 1lPubIisl1ed: Articles ou "The Catecliumenatef' "The Place of Preaching in the Plan of God," K'Co-Educa- tion," "'Graduate VVork in the College," "The Kind of Education Needed by our Country," l'The Future of tlie Woman's College," "The Neglect of the Student in Recent Educational Theory," "Student Government in College," "A New NVorld and an Old Gospel," "Practical or Ideal." LEROY C. COOLEY, Ph.D., 0 BK, flffatllaew Vassar, 7r., Professor of Physics ana' Cbemzisiry. Fbysrrs 1lA.B., Union College, 18585 A.M., 1862. Professor in the New York State Normal College, 1861-73. Pro- fessor, Vassar, 1874. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, member of the National Educational Association, member of the New York State Science Teachers' Association. 1lPub1islzed: A series of text-books of Chemistry and Physics, contributions to various educational and scientific journals. XVILLIAM B. DWIGHT, A.lVl., ffobn Guy Vassar Professor of Natural H1'story and Curator of The llffuseum. Geology and llffineralogy 1lA.B., Yale, 1848. Course of Theology at Union Theological Seminary, 1854-57. A.M., Yale, 1857, Ph.D., Yale Scientific School, 1859. Principal of Englewood Female Seminary, 1859-67. Principal of "OfF1cers' Family School," U. S. Military Academy, 1867-70. Associate Principal and Instructor in Natural Science, State Normal School, New Britain, Conn., 1870-78. Editor Connecticut School Journal, 1872-78. Head of Department of Zoology, Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute, I878-90. Professor, Vassar, 1878. Uni- versity Examincr in Geology of the State of New York, 1894-95. Editor of the Department of Geology of the "Standard Dictionary," 1891-93, of the "Supplement to the Standard Dictionary," 1903. Various con- tributions to the transactions of the Vassar Brothers' Institute, 1883-90. Member of the American Society of Naturalistsg member of the Congres Geologique International, original member and trustee of the Vassar Brothers' Institute, honorary member of the Brooklyn Institute, member of Geographical Society, of the American Social Science Associationg honorary member of National Institute of Arts and Sciences. 1lPubIished: Papers in The Taconic, The Naturalist and other scientific publications, Statistics of the Strati- graphy of Duchess County, and portions of Washington and Columbia Counties, N. Y., 1890. ABHY LEACH, A.lVl., ID BK Professor of tbe Greek Language 1lFirst student in Harvard Annex, 1878-82. A.B. and A.M.,Vassar, 1885. Instructor in Boston Girls' Latin School, 1880-83. Instructor in Vassar, 1883-85. Associate Professor,Vassar, 1886. Leipzig University, 1886-87. Professor, Vassar, 1889. Ex-president of the American Philological Association, member of the .Archaeological Institute of America, member of the Board of Managers of School at Athens, ex-president of Association of Collegiate Alumnas. 1lPub1irhed: Occasional contributions to the Iimerican ffournal of Philology, the Classical Review, and other magazines. I0 l VASSARION I UCY MAYNARD SALMON, A M I ro error of Hufoq A13,UHlXCfSlI5 of RIlLll1g?lll, IQ76 A M 188, Fellow 111 lustorv, Bryn Maur, 1886 87 Instructor 1I1Lll'lI'Il 8tale Normal School, 1883 86 Assocmtc Proftssor, Vassar, 1886 Professor, 1889 Studred 111 lurope, 1898 1900 Published Educ 1t1on 1n 'XI1cl11g1n durmg the 'I'err1tor1al Per1otl, 1885 H1story of tl1e Appomtxng Poutr of tl1e Presldcnt, 1885 Fulton female bemmary, 1890, A Stat1st1calInqu1ry Concernmg Domcstxc Servrce 1892 The Un1on of Utrecht, 1893 Domestrc QCIVILC, 1897, second edxtmn u1t1 addmtxonal clnplcr on Domest1c Servrce rn Europe, 1901 ':ACHsAH M l IX A 15 ID 1311 I ro error 0 1lfIHfbEII117f1F.Y AB , Vass1r, 1868 Connectxcut I1terary Iustuute, 1868 70 Lady Prmcnpal and Instructor of mathe m1t1cs ID Pcddrc Insntute, H15l1to1x n, N , 1872 76 Instructor of Muhematlcs 1n Normal College New Yorl C1tV, 1876 87 Professor of Mathcmatrcs, V1ssar, 1887 Charter member of You York Intcrnatmml SOCICTY, member of Amcncan Matlxermtxcal SOCICKY VlARY W WIIIINEY, A M,1Pl3A Pro 11:01 o 14.1110110111 y A B Vass1r, 1868 Student at Harvard, 1871 73 A M Vassur, 1872 Unwersrty of Zur1cl1 187 6 PYIVJIC ASSISIIHE of Marla Mltchtll 1881 -Xstronomxcal uork at Harvard, 1889 Professor, Vassar, 1889 I llblliflld ODSCYVTIIOIIS of 1ar11ble stars, 1n Annals of H 1rv1rd Observatory , observatmns of comets 'md 1n1nor planets, 1n 'Vdl'l0llS astronomxcal per1od1c'1ls 111111 11.T F1 M1111 lX'l1LLs A bl 0 B11 11a 35501 o Eronomzrf A B , Unmrsny of Rochester, 1883, A M Uruvcrsrty of Rochester, 1887 Ph D , Coxnell, 1900 Post gnduate Scholwrslup 111 Hrstorx and Polmcal Scxence, UH1XCYbltV of Rochester, 188-, 84 Prmclpal Marnon CoIIeg1 1te I11st1tute, New York, 188, 84 Palmyrx Unron School, New York 1884 86 Fellow 111 Hrstorv md Pol1t1c'1l Economy, Cornell, 1886 88 Actxnq Instructor 1n Hnstory, 1889 90 Assoclate Professor of HIQIOTY and Lcononuc , Vassar 1890 93 Professor of I.cono1111cs, Vassar 1893 lVIcmber of Counc1l of the Amerrcan Ilconomxe Assoc11t1on Publrvlzcd 1r1ct1cal Economxc uesnons 'Ihe Labor Problem EAIN CHARLIMACNF BRACQ L1tt D obn Guv 111.15111 Pro error 0 fkfodern Langurlrfer f1 071161 A B , McG1ll Unnerslty 1881 Student at the Neuron Theologrcal Insututxon 1881 83, at the Sorbonne and College de Irance, 1884. 85 Secretary of Amcncan 1NIcAllAssoc1at1on, 1886 91 Assocmte Professor of Modern I anguages 1n Vassxr College, 1891 Professor, Vassar, 1892 DCl1WEfCLl course of lectures on Contempor 1ry Prencll I rterature, at the Lowell Instltute, 1898 Delegate of tl1e Amtrrcan Pc ICC Soclety to tllB Internatlonal Peace Congress at Rouen Read a paper before tl1e Academy of lNIoral md Pol1t1cal Sc1ences at Pans, 1904, Lxtt D Colgate Umversrty, 1904 Corrcspondmg member of the Brooklyn Instr tutc md the Nmonal Geograpluc SOCICYY 1lP14bl1sl1c1l Artlclcs 1n The Ouilook, Yhe Indepcrrzienf, The flndaver Review, The Natmnnl Geogrnjzhzc Lyllllgtulllf, The I'dIlCl1fl0II!1I Relic U, La Re uc Hrslonque of Pans, and other per1od1c'1ls OHN LEVFR1 Tr lVl00R1' Ph D , W H11 A4IlffI7P'lU IXIIJSLZV, 1 Pro F5501 0 flue Grzcf H7111 Lntzn Inn 11111111111 111111 Izfermurer Lntnz A Ii, Prmccton, 1881, A'M, 1884 Tutor rn Latm, Irmceton, 188 85 Gradtmte student at ohns Hopkms, 1885 91 In tructor 1n Latm olms Hopkms, 1887 88 PhD , olms Hopl 1ns, 1891 Asso cute Professor of L1t1n, Vass'1r 1891 92 Professor, Vassar, ISQJ Bfembcr of the Arclweolotpcal Instr tute of AIIICTICJ, member of the Board of Managers of School 1n Rome 'FD1ed, December I3 1904, m Vassar Collqqe . , A - 1 ,1 1 fl.. '1 '1 1g.'.,1j. ' 1' ' , .1 ' 1 - . in 11. 1 1 1 - . . 1' g ,. . ,M 1, . . . . .V . . ,, .U . . . 11 : 1 1' 1 , 1 U K-I .. S11 , I . -K ,. .11 -- - - - - .. 1 .11 i - 1. -11 1 1, .1 , h -- ,-I Y 7 Y ' K A ' Y 1 . . 1 . I 1 ' J If ,, ' . , . ., . Xl .. 1. 1. ' 1' 1 " - . ' A '1 . - 1'1' ' '- ' '1 ' . - . .11 ' ' , 1 1 ', - . 1 ' 1 . 1 1 ' 1 ' at 1 K A 4 n . 1 1 . -1 4 . . ff - f 1- 111. ., . 1 1 1' A 1. . ., 1 . - . , 4-7. - 1 1 , . 1' 1 . . 1 . 11' ' : 1' 1' li 1 ' 1 1 1 1' 1 ' 1 ' . A ' I L . ' .Isa I-lf 1 1- - 1 ' 1-f - f ' , . 1. 1, . ., , 1 1 . 1 1' 1 18 1 ' -V 1 "'- . ' '1 " 1 1 ' Jw- 1 1 ' ' , - . - ' ' I . " 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 -1. K - . ,. A1 1 ' , -7. ' " A . . . 1, -n : .1,f - - Q ,' 1-.911 - i.. , l ' f . If . It ,. J 1 . , , , . ., 7 , 1, . 1. . QI . . ' " " 1, . 1 '1 " ' , - -1 1 1' .11 -1 . 1 . " 1 " 1 1 .' .1 "1 1 1 ' . 1 1' -1 A ' l . 1 1 1 1 1 . . n I n n, ,L 1 l. V I L l' . . ' N 1 ' ' 1 1 . ,' L ' 1'11 v ' ' ' 1' '1.. J .. 1, ., 71, -f. -71 11 . 4 ci b J ' I 11 ., . ' - 1 1 . . . ' ' V 1 2- . 1 I 1' " - . 5' ,I - . . 4 1 . .. - 1 1 11, -- 5 -.1 - 1. K - I l 4 I n ' 1 , ,' 111 111. -.---1g- -- Y L.. - I2 VASSARION FRANCES A. XVOOD Librarian 1fIn 'Music Department, Vassar, 1867-7o. Essay Critic in English Department, 1870. Librarian, 1880. Acting Lady Principal, 1891. Nllts. RYLAND KENDRICK Lady Principal 1lLady Principal, Vassar, 1891. Abroad IQOO-OI. O'rT11,11s l-IERHOLZ Associate Professor of German 1IEducated in the "Hohere Tochtcrschule" and the "Seminary" at Thorn, Prussia. Instructor in the 'LHiihere Tiicliterscliulef' Came to America in 1873. Instructor in Cincinnati Public Schools, 1873-89. Associate Professor of German, Vassar, 1890. CHARLES W. lVl0ULTON, Ph.D., ID B I1' Professor of Cllemistry 1lA.B'., University of Minnesota, 1885. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1889. Professor in Vassar, 1892. li1.1zA1s1-:'1'1f1 B. 'l'H1aL1s1z11G, M.D., Professor of Physiology and Hygiene, and Resident Physician 1lM.D., hv0l'l1ZlIl,S Medical College of the New York Infirmary. Assistant Professor of Eye and Ear. Resident Physician in the New York Infant Hospital, and in the Nursery and Child's Hospital, New York. Professor in Vassar, 1887-90 and since 1892. Giaonoit Co1.1aMAN Gow, A.l3. Professor of Music 1lA.B., Brown University, 1884. Newton Theological Institute, 1889. Instructor in Smith College, 1889-95. Studied in Berlin, 1892-93. Professor in Vassar, 1895. lNIus.D., Brown University, 1894. 1lPublisl1ed: "The Structure of Music"3 WA Text-book on Harmony." LAURA JOHNSON Wvtnz, Ph.D. Professor ofEngl1'sb 1IA.B.,Vassar, 1877. Instructor in Miss Storer's and Miss Lupton's School,Cincinnati, 1881-84.3 at Packer Institute, 1884-92. Ph.D., Yale, I894. Instructor at Packer Institute, 1894-95. Instructor in Vassar, 1895- 96. Associate Professor of English, 1896. Professor, 1898. 1lPublisher1: "Studies in the Evolution of English Criticism"3 a school edition of "The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers" from The Spectator. l':l.I,A lhr'lCCAl.EB, A.B. Serretary of the College 1IA.B., Vassar, 1878. Instructor at Foster School, Clifton Springs, 1878-81, at Miss Liggett's School, Detroit, ISXI-85. Secretary to the President of Vassar College, 1885-93. Secretary of the College, 1893. l,I'IWIS li. PILCHER, lJl1.l3. Professor of Ari 1lPh.B., School of Miiies, Columbia College, 1895. Lecturer in Architecture at University of Pennsylvania, 1895-1902. Professor of Art in Vassar, 1900. Member of American Institute of Architecture. 1lPllbliXl1BIl! "Phases of Florentine Art", L"Essay on lVf0VCl'HCl'llf.l' AARON LOUIS TEREADWELL, lJl1.D., III B K, i70l7II P. Girarrl Professor of Nafu1'al Hz'stor'y. Biology 1lB.S., Wesleyan University, 1888, M.S., 1890. Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1899. Assistant in Natural History, Wesleyan, 1888-91. Professor of Biology and Geology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1891-1900. Professor of Biology, Vassar, 1900. Since 1898, member of Staff of Instruction, Marine Laboratory, VVoods Hole, Mass. 1lP11blisl1ed: Articles in the ffourrml of lllorphology, in Biological Lectures, in U. S. Fish Commission Report, and various other zoiilogical journals. ,pn L. 1:1 . . .run .. ---fy.. . Y- -, VASSARION I3 l-l. HEATH BAWDEN, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy 1lA.B., Dennison University, 1893, A.M., 1894. Student at Rochester Theological Seminary, 1894-96. Instructor of biology at Dennison, 1896-97. Instructor of philosophy at Iowa State University, 1900-01. Pl1.D., Chicago University, 1900. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1901-03. Professor, 1904. 1lPublishcr1: Articles in ffournal afColnpara1i'::e Neurology and Psychological Reviewg "A Study of Lapses," in monograph supplement to Psychological Review, "Syllabus of Psychology," 1902. GER'fRUDE BUCK, l,l1.D. .fssociate Professor of English W1 Co GR 1lB.S., University of Michigan, 1894, M.S., 1895. Fellow in English at Univcrsit Assistant in English at University of Michigan, 1895-96. Instructor in Indianapoli Instructor in Vassar College, 1897. Ph.D., Michigan, 1898. Associate Professor, y of Chicago, I894.-95. s High School, 1896-97. Vassar, 1901. 1lPublished: "Organic Education," 1897, in collaboration with Miss H. M. Scott, "Argumcntative Writing," ISQQQ "Expository Writing," with Miss Woodbridge, The Forum, The Edumlional Review, Modern Language Afotes, Educaiion, New graphs, The lflcmenmry School Teacher. "The Metaphor," 1899, 1899. Also articles in fork Teachers' Nlono- I. LIAM BANCROFT HILL, A.l5., W 13 lf Professor of Biblical Literafure 1lA.B., Harvard, 1879. Columbia Law School, 1881. Baltimore Law School, 1882. Union Theological Sem- inary, 1883-86. Pastor of Reformed CDutchj Church in Athens, N. Y., 1886-90, and in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1890-1901. Lecturer on Bible, Vassar, 1899-1902. Professor of Biblical Literature, Vassar, 1901. 1lPub1ished: "Mountain Peaks in the Life of Christ", U Present Problems in 'New Testament Study." RNHLIA H. B. ROGERS, Ph.D. flssociaie Professor ofR0mo11ce Languages 1lA.B., Wellesley, 1884. Studied in Italy and Spain, 1887-88. Ph.D., Yale, 1894. Instructor at the Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, 1891-96. Instructor in Vassar, 1896-1901. Associate Professor of Romance Lan- guages, Vassar, IQOZ. Member of the American Philological Association. 1lPubli.thed: Occasional translations for the Annals ofthe American Academy of Political and Social Science. AC11 l'lA111tlE'1' MCCURDY, l'h.D. zfssociate Professor of Greek A.B., Radcliffe College, Ph.D., Columbia University. Foreign Fellow of the Woman's Educational Asso- ciation, 1899-1900. Member of the Board of Associates of Radcliffe College, 1898-1900, I9OI-04. Member of the American Philological Association. PJAMES F. BALDWIN, Ph.D. ffssociaie Professor ofH1'story 1lA.B., Dennison University, 1893. Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1897. Instructor of Greek in Doane Academy,Granville,Ohio,1893--94. Instructor in Vassar, 1897. Associate Professor, Vassar, 1903. Abroad, 1904-05. 1lPuh1ishc1l: "The Scutagc and Knight Service in England." Maitoaitm' FLOY WAsH11U1tN, Ph.D., fl' B K, .S E Associate Professor of Philosophy 'lfAh 1lA.B., Vassar, 1891, A.M., 1893. Fellow i11 Philosophy at Cornell, 1893-94. Ph.D., Cornell, 1894. Pro- fessor of Philosophy at Wells College, 1894-1900. Warden of Sage College, Cornell, 1900-01. Lecturer in Psychology, Cornell, l9Ol"O2. Associate Professor of Psychology and Dean of Vlfomen at the University of Cincinnati, 1907.-03. Associate Professor of Philosophy, Vassar, 1903. Member of the American Psych- ological Association and the American Philosophical Association. Cooperating editor of the American ffoumal of Psychology. 1lP11hlisherI: Articles in Philosophische Sluclicn Mind, The Philosophical Review, The American journal of Psychology, and elsewhere. Translator of "Ethical Systems" and "The Principles of Morality" by YVil- helm xvllhdf. sent on leave for the year. ,. .. W-.. , ws., 1 in- mv --.L .annul ,. I4 V A S S A R I O N IFLORENCE V. KEYS, A.B. Associate Professor of English 1lA.B., Toronto University, 1891. Fellow at Bryn Mawr, 1893-94. Reader in English at Bryn lNIawr, 1895-97. Student in Oxford, 1898, in Berlin, I899. Instructor in Vassar, 1900, Associate Professor, 1904. SOP!-IIA RICHARDSON, A.B. Instructor in Mathernatics 1fA.B., Vassar, 1877. Intructor in Rutherford, N. J., 1879-85. Instructor in Vassar, 1886. ELLA M. FREEMAN, A.B. Instructor in Chemistry 1lA.B., Vassar, 1884. Instructor in Nichols' Academy, 1884-86. Instructor in Morgan School, Clinton, Conn., 1886. Instructor in Vassar, 1887. THARRIET ISABEL BALLINTINE Director of the Gynznczsium 1IGraduate of Dr. Sargent's Normal School of Gymnastics, 1891. Teacher at Lasalle, 1890-91. Gymnasium Director, Vassar, 1892. HELEN FRANCES EPLER, A.B. Instructor in French 1lA.B., Vassar, 1896. Instructor in Poughkeepsie. Studied in Paris four years. Instructor in Vassar, 1892. ADELAIDE UNDERHILL, A.B., 111 B K Reference Librarian and Catalaguer 1IA.B., Vassar, 1888. New York State Library School, 1889. University of Columbia Library, 1891-92.. Vassar, 1897.. EVA G. MAY Instructor in the Gymnasium 1lGraduate of Dr. Sargcnt's Normal School of Gymnastics, 1894. Instructor at Harvard Summer School for three summers. Instructor at Dr. Sarger1t's School, 1894. Graduate of the Toronto School of Oratory, 1892. Instructor in Vassar, 1895. MARY ELIZABETI-1 COOLEY, A.B. Instructor in Physics 1IA.B., Vassar, 1893. EMILIE LOUISE WELLS, A.B., 0 B K Instructor in Economics 1fA.B., Vassar, 1894. Instructor at Kemper Hall, 1894-96. Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellowship in Economics and Sociology at University of Chicago, 1896-97. Instructor in Vassar, 1897. JOHN C. GRIGGS, Ph.D. Instructor in Singing A.B., Yale. Pl1.D., Leipsic. Instructor at Carnegie Hall, New York. IVIARY CLOYD BURNLEY, A.M. Instructor in Chemistry 1lA.B., Woman's College of Baltimore, I897j A.M., 1899. Fellowship in Chemistry at Bryn Mawr, I897'98. Instructor in Vassar, 1898. ISABELLE STONE, Ph.D. Instructor in Physics 1IA.B., XVellesley, 1890. M.S., University of Chicago, 18963 Ph.D., 1897. 1lPubIislied: 6 Color in Platinum Films," in The Physical Review, May, 1905. lVIAY IVIONROE Instructor in Elocution 1IStudied under Mr. Steele lWIacKay5 under Mr. George L. Osgood. Lyceum School of Acting, New York, 1891. Taught at Brearley School, 1899-1904. Taught at Veltin School, New York. Instructor in Vassar, 1894. 'Absent on leave for the year. 'l'Absent on leave January-March, 1905. 1 Egg.. Y L. -FY v--..- I 1 . 7 1 5 VASSARION I5 CAROLINE ELLEN FURNESS, Ph.D. Assistant in the Obrerwztory 1IA.B., Vassar, 1891. Ph.D., Columbia, 1900. Research Assistant at Yerkes Observatory, 1901. 1lPublislxed: Catalogue of stars within one degree of the North Pole, deduced from photographic measures. Tl1is is the hrst publication of the Vassar College Observatory. CHARLO'I'I'E REINECKE Instructor in German 1lBcrlin Royal Teachers' Assembly, 1889-92. Studied in Paris, 1893. Instructor in Mrs. Carnegy's and Miss Bell's School, Philadelphia, 1894-1898. Student in Radcliffe, 1898. Instructor in Vassar, 1899. VVINIFRED JOSEPHINE ROBINSON, A.M. Inszrurtar in Biology 1lB.S., Michigan State Normal, I892.. Teacher at Michigan State Normal, 1893-95. A.M., Columbia, 1904. Instructor in Vassar, 1899. JULIA FRANCES VVICKER, A.B. .4.l'.S'l.Sl'!17lf in the Cbemirtry Laboratory 1'IA.B., Vassar, 1899. Assistant, Vassar, 1899. KATE S. C1-IITTENDEN Instructor in Piano Forte 1IIn charge of piano department in thc Catharine Aiken School, Stamford, Conn. Organist of Calvary Baptist Church, New York City, since 1880. Instructor in Vassar, 1899. Vice-President and Dean of the American Institute of Applied Music, and President of the Metropolitan College of Music. JULIA ENSIGN PETTEE, A.B. Arsirtmzt in the Library 1lA.B., Vassar, 1899. Pratt Institute Library School, 1895. 1IPnbli.rlIed: Articles in library journal. MARTHA DOAN, B.L., D.Sc. 2 E Irzsiructor in Cbemirtry 1lB.S., Purdue University, 1891. B.S., Farlham College, 1892. Sage Fellowship at Cornell, 1895-96. D.Sc., Cornell, 1896. Instructor in Manual Training High School in Indianapolis, 1896-1900. Instructor in Vassar, 1900. CORA JIPSON BECKWITH, B.S. Instructor in Biology 1IB.S., University of Michigan, 1900. Instructor in Vassar, 1900. CLAUDE MARIE FRANCIS, A.B. Arririant in the Gymnarium 1fA.B.,Rockford College, 1899. Graduate of Dr.Sargent's Normal School of Gymnastics, 1900. Instructor in Harvard Summer School, 1901-03. Assistant in Vassar, 1900. + ELOISE ELLERY, Pl1.D., fp B K Instructor in Hz'Jtory 1lA.B., Vassar, 1897. Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellowship at Cornell, 1897-98. A. C. A. Foreign Fellowship, 1899-1900. Ph.D., Cornell, 1902. Assistant in Vassar, 1900-OI, Instructor, 1902. MARY HARLEY, lVl.D. fiissiytinzt Resident Pbyrician 1IGraduate of W0mCll,S Medical College of New York, I892. Physician in private hotel in Newark, N. Hudson River State Hospital, 1899. Vassar, 1900. ELIZABETH I'IATCH PALMER, A.B. Instructor in Latin 1lA.B., NVellesley College, 1887. Graduate Student at Wellesley, 1887-88, at Yale, 1897-99, and I900-CI. Instructor of Latin at Wheaton University, Norton, Mass. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. Honorary Fellow of Yale University, IQO4-05. rx -I... - 16 VASSARION lrl ENR1 E'111'l3 STRUCK I7IJf1'LlL'f07' in German 1lGraduate ofLueftTheppelSe1ni11ary. Instructor at WVheaton Seminary, Norton, llflass., 1894-98. Instructor at Mfiss I-Iall's School, Pittsneld, 1898-1900. Instructor in Vassar, IQOO. KRISTINE MANN, A.Nl. . IllIf'Y'll!'fUl' in Englirb 1lA.B., Smith, 1895. ALI., University of Michigan, 1901. Student at Berlin University. Instructor at Orange-Dearborn School, Orange, N. J. Instructor in Vassar, 1902. GE1t'1'RU'Dl3 SMITH, A.lVl., HJ B Ii' l11.vtr111'tu1' I-TI llflllflwflltlfliff 1IA.B.,Vassar, I897, A.M., 1903. Instructor in Portland,Maine, 1897-99, in Englewood, N. J., 1899-1900. Graduate student at Vassar, 1900-01. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. . ' Qll.liMENCE IIAMILTON, A.lXfl. ' lvzsfrudor 1.11 Latin 1IA.B., University of lllichigan, 1893. A.M,, Radcliffe, IQOI. Instructor in the Flint High School and the Pontiac High School, 1893-98. Instructor in Vassar, IQOI. ' HA1ut11a'1' l2L1zA12c'r1-1 BEARD, AJS. 1l15fI'LlL'f0l' in FI'E71l'l7 fIA.B., Vassar, 1897. Instructor at the Cuscadilla Schuol,Ithaca, 13935 at Hillside,Norwalk, Conn., 1399- IQOI. Assistant in Vassar, ISQSHIQOOQ Instructor, 1900. lsauiai, Nl2l.SON T11,L1Nc:1-1AsT, l'h.M., 10 11 li' l15.Yl.5f1I7lf 10 :bv Lady IJ:-1'nf1'pf1l 1lA.B.,VJSS3f,IS78. Ph.M., Cornell, 1895. Professor of EHgliSll,NOfH13l School, New Paltz. Instructor at Slieflield, lllass. Vassar, l9OI. SARA11 ELEAN011 DUDLEY, AB. Inrfrurzor 1.11 Englirb 1lA.B., Vassar, 1897. Instructor in private school, Louisville, Ky. Instructor in Vassar, I9OI. E1.1zA1s1s'1H HAZELTON HAIGH1', A.M., KD B 11' Inst:-urtor in Latin 1lA.B., Vassar, 1894, A.M., 1899. Graduate student at Cornell, 1900. Lydia Pratt Babbott Fellowship at Cornell. Graduate Scholarship at Cornell. Instructor in Vassar, 1902. 1lPublirhed: Articles in Pael-Lore. EMILY HELEN DUTTON, A.NI. Inytruftor 1.71 Latin 1IA.B., Mount Holyoke, 1891. A.M., Radcliffe, 1896. Instructor of Greek and Latin at Mankato, Minn., 1891-95, at Girls' High School,Brooklyn, 1896-97. Student at Berlin and Munich Universities, 1901-OZ. Vassar, 1902. L1aoNA1uJ B. lVlcWH0oD, A.B., 4713 If Insrrurtor in 1VIu.vir 1IA.B., Columbia, 1893. Professor of Music at Columbia University. Vassar, 1901. LOUISE DUFFIELD CUMMINGS, A.lVl. Innructor in Matbfr11at1'f5 1lA.B., Toronto University, 1895, A.M., 1900. Graduate student at University of Pennsylvania, 1896, at University of Chicago, 18973 at Bryn Mawr, 1898-1900. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. ANNA BERNKOPF Inrtruftor in Gern111n flcraduate of Dresden University, 1889. Instructor at Asheville, N. C., XVells College and Rogers Hall. Instructor in Vassar, 1901. ,la 004 pug.. ., VASSARION I7 liL1zA11E'rH BUCHANAN COWLEY, A.M., 111 B K Instructor in Mafbmnaiics 1IB.S., Indiana Normal School, 1893. A.B., Vassar, IQOIS A.M., 1902. Graduate student at University of Chicago,1893. Instructor in Pennsylvania public schools, 1894-97. Instructor in Vassar, 1902. Member of the American Mathematical Society, member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics of the Mid- dle States. ADELE RUSSELL l':MliRSON, NLD. Alrsistant in Pbyriology 1lM.D., Woman"s Medical College of Philadelphia, 1902. Vassar, 1903. ALICE I. PERRY Woon Instructor in English 1lB.S., Wellesley, 1894. A.M., Columbia, 1901. Instructor in St. john the Baptist School, New York, and Miss Hall's School, Brooklyn. Instructor in Vassar, IQO3. l..liILA CLE1v11zN'1' SPAULDING, A.M., di B If Inrzructor in Greek 1lA.B., Vassar, 1899. Graduate work in Vassar, 1900. A.M., Columbia, 1901. Graduate work in Columbia, IQOZ. American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1902-03. Vassar, 1903. 1lPubIished: Discussion of "Methods of Dating Pre-Persian Attic Inscriptions," in The American journal af Jlrclnrolngy. CH1t1s'1'A11eL l"oRsY'rH Fiske, Pl1.D. Inrtructor in English 1IA.B.,Cornell, 1898. A.M., Columbian University, 1899. Instructor in Miss Shipley's School,Bryn Mawr, 1900. Ph.D., Cornell, 1903. Instructor in Randolph Macon School, Danville, Va., 1901. 1lPubIirlml: 'KTales of Terror: A By-path in Literature", "English Chroniclers and Playwrights: A Study of the Political and Social Life of England as Reflected in the Drama." lVlARY GARDINER IDUNNING, A.B. Arrirfant in the Sm-etary'r Office 1lA.B., Vassar, 1897. KATHARINH BLUNT, A.B., IP If li' flrsistmzt in the Clacmzatry Labaratory 1lA.B., Vassar, 1898. Graduate student at University of Chicago, and Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, 1902.-03. Assistant in Vassar, 1903. SARAH L. HADLEY, A.lVl. Instructor in HI-5f07"1' 1lA.B., Wellesley, 1896. A.M., Columbia, 1903. Instructor in Holyoke High School, Holyoke, Mass. Instructor in Vassar, 1903. IILORENCE lVlARY BENNETF, A.l3. fl5.1z'5fa11t in the Plrfyszicr Laboratory 1lA.B., Vassar, 1903. l,1z1LA DURANT IVlcL1soD, A.l3. I11.Yf1'llL'f07' 1.11 Englisla 1lA.B., Vassar, 1899. Student at Columbia, 1899-1901. Instructor at the Packer Institute, 1902-03. In- structor in Vassar, 1904. ALICE PRENTISS BARROWS, AJS. Instruftar 1.11 Englzirb 1IA.B., Vassar, 1900. Graduate student at Vassar, 1901. Teacher in Packer Institute, I90I'O3. Student at Columbia. Teacher at the Ethical Culture School in New York. Instructor in Vassar, 1904. ICMMA AMELIA WIl.LlAMS, A.l3. Asrirrant in Jlfluric 1'lA.B., Vassar. 1902, Graduate student in Vassar, 1902-03. Student of Music in New York. Assistant in Vassar, 1904. Louise HOYT GREGOIKY, A.l5. flssiktmzt in the Biology Laboratory 1lA.B., Vassar, 1903. --Y ,- I 1 18 VASSARION FRANCES GARDNEII DAVENPORT, Ph.D. Inrtrurtor in Hirtary 1lA.B., Packer Institute, 1890. A.B., Radcliffe, l894S A.M., 1896. Student at Cambridge, England, and in London, engaged in research work in the Public Record oflices and at the British Museum. Instructor in the Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyng holder of the foreign fellowship of the A. C. A. in history. Ph.D., Chicago University, 1904. Instructor in Vassar, 1904. flpublished: Nlonographs and magazine articles. lfM1LY I'lAMlLTON WELCH, A.l3. Arxixtmzt' in the Clvetrtzirir'-y Laboratory 1lA.B., Vassar, 1892. Instructor in New York, 1892.-97. Student in Europe, 1897-98. Teacher, 1898-1903. 1lA.B., Vassar, 1904. . AMY LOUISE REED, All D lnriructor in Englzislf Special student in English and History at Columbia and Barnard, 1904. Instructor in Vassar, 1904. lf1.1zA Po1.Hm1Us COBB, AJS. Asrzktazzt to the Lady Prinripal 1lA.B., Vassar, 1893. Instructor at Yonkers, 1895-1902. Dean of Women,Whitman College, Walla Walla, 190z-04. Vassar, 1904. CA'1'1-1AR1N1z SAUNDIZRS, A.l3. lnrtrut-tor 1.11 Latin 1lA.B., Elmira College, 1891. Graduate work at Bryn lltlawr, 1898-1900. University of Nlunich, IQO3. Vassar, 1904. - SUSAN NIYRA KINCTSBUIQY, A.M. Instructor in History 1lA.B.,'University of the Pacil'ic,1S90. A.M.,Lcland Stanford, 1899. Instructor in San Francisco, 1890-91. Graduate student at Columbia, 1901-03. Holder of the A. C. A. European fellowship, 1904. 1IPub1isl1ad: Papers in various historical reviews, "The Records of the London Company of Virginia," in preparation, to be published by the Library of Congress. NlARY CLARK BANCKER, Pl1.hfl. Instrurlor in Englzislv 1lPh.B., Ph.M., University of Michigan, I892. Instructor in Vassar, 1904. FIULIA G. GARDNER, A.13. .flrsistarzt in the Se1'ret111'y'.v Ojfre 1lA.B., Vassar, 1898. GRACE BRUCE, A.lVl. .4J5l'.Yfl17lf 1.11 Etbzrr ana' Pb1'lo5oplJ'v 1lA.B., Vassar, 1902. A.M., Elmira College, 1904. Assistant in Vassar, 1904. SUSIE PEERS SNELLING AJJI-Jftlilf to llliss Clazittettden EMMA PILAT GREIEN fnrtrurtor in Violin 1lGraduate of the New York College of lllusic, 1893. Graduate of the Leipsic Conservatory of lNIusic, 1894. Studied with Laurret. Played with Mendelssohn Glee Club and Orchestral Concerts. Instructor at Miss Bennet's, 19033 at Irvington, 1904-05. Instructor in Vassar, 1903. Arranged, with the exec-ivtion oi' the Presitlcul. in each division in order ofappoiiitnxent. THE FIR-RES ilirrir .miss .lmluffnr ,Seat on a tuffct -Eating of :urns mm of Luhrpg 'Ibm' cmm: Sl big Splhrr inn 5nrg5hnmn hvsihs her, ?luU frightrnrh ,midi ,lnmnfat numxg -Y, Y ,5.,,1q,, , 20 VASSARION I V fb I igiiyvfiififkf mx A Qui Freshman Class CLASS FLOWER: Dark Red Carrzatzvon Officers FIRST SEMESTER RUTH HORNIILOWIER .... . JULIA BARCLAY . . Vice RUTI-I HEALD . LORNA NII,sIzN SECOND SEMESTER IVIARY RICHARDSON BABIIQTT . . . GIZRTRUIJE CAPRON HUME . . Vic ELIZAIIETH FISHER WHEELER . . EDITH CRARY HALEY . . Pres Pre: Secr Treo Pres Pres Sem' Tren I l L' 5 I. l K' .V df de ta ur de de flf nt 'J' 67' nf nt fafy UTF7' L. as-wpw VASSARION Members of the Freshman Class ADAMS, HI-:LEN RAE ANDERSON, FRANCES BAKER ANDERSON, GERTRUDE CORNVIN ANGELI., Lois ANGELI., PAULINE KNICKIERROCKER l3ABBO'I'I', MAIQX' RICHARDSON HAIRD, GIQACE FOSTER BALDWIN, ANNA I'lARTSl-IORNIE BANEIELD, HELEN STERLING BARCLAY, JULIA BARNES, HELEN MARGUliRI'l'li BARNES, LENA VVOODVVARD ' BARRETT, R'lAY LOUISE BARTLE'I'1', IET1-I EL LE'1'I'I'IA BATES, ROSAMOND BEDELL, LOUA CATHARINE BERTINE, ELEANOR BEVIISR, NIAY NIARGARET BINGAMAN, NANCY SLAGLE BLANCRE, MARGARETHE BLATNER, ROSE MAliIIi BOARDMAN, IDELLA DWIGHT' BOURNE, HELEN BOWIE, NlAR'I'I-IA PA'l"l'liSON BOWMAN, lfI.IZABIiTH BOYNE, OLIVE LAIN BREWER, FLORENCE MUIIQHIEAD BRODIE, ALTHAEA lON1A BRONSON, lvlARGARl2'I' LA'l'HROP BROWN, LULU FLORENCE BROWNIZ, l"LORENCE AUGUs'rA BRUSH, EI.IsE SHERMAN BRUYN, IZSSIE BU'1"l'ERS BUCHANAN, -IIESSIE BUCKIIOUT, NIARGARIZT XVIIITE BUCKLIER, I-IENR1ETrA lVlCllRAYER Sharon, Pennsylvania Ocala, Florida New York Hartford, Connecticut Vlfaverly Brooklyn Youngstown, Ohio lfast Orange, New Jersey Austin, Minnesota St. Louis, Missouri Poughkeepsie Lansing, Nlichigan Englewood, New Jersey Bridgeport, Connecticut Cleveland, Ohio Goshen New York New Brunswick, New jersey Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Roselle, New jersey Alhany Montpelier, Vermont Auburn Richmond, Virginia Pittston, Pennsylvania Bradford, Pennsylvania Tiflin, Ohio Port Richmond New Haven, Connecticut Gloversville Bay City, Michigan Danbury, Connecticut Brooklyn Chicago, Illinois State College, Pennsylvania Fl Paso, Texas ,.--I-S-A --- VASSARION BULLARD, FLORENCE LOUISE BURKE, IVIABEL BLANCHE BURNS, ETHEL BUSH, VERA ISABEL CHAPIN, EDITI-I PITKIN CHARLES, HELEN ELIZABETH CHARLTON, DOROTHY CHILD, RUTH KIRBY CHILDS, MARY WHITIE CHIPP, DOROTHY CLARK, BERTHA ELIZABETH CLARK, ELIZABETH WOODRUEE CLARKE, EDITH CL1sE, IVIARGUERITE COLE, EMMA CAROLINE COLLIER, KATHARINE BROWNELL CONNOR, FRANCES CONOVER, DELLA BOARDMAN COOLEY, MAUDE CORNELL, EMILIE MIRICK CRAWFORD, GLADYS IRENE CRAWFORD, LESLEY BUCKLAND CROCKER, RUTH CUDDEBACK, ALICE IVIALVEN CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH COCHRAN CURTISS, EMILY MARSHALL CUSTIS, CATHERINE ELIZABETH DAMON, EDNA LUCY DANAHY, FLORENCE GERTRUDE DAVIS, HELEN ELIZABETH DAvIs, HELEN BURTT DAVIS, JENNIE DAVIS, MARY CLARK DAY, ALICE BOYNTON DENNISTON, IVIARY EDGAR DICKINSON, LUCY DODGE, FRANCES STANTON DUDLEY, MARGARET DUNN, GRACE DUNNEL1.S, ESTELLA I'IUSTON DUSTIN, BELLE FRANCES EASTON, FLORENCE LOSEY EDWARDS, CLARA ELLEN IEDVVARDS, HIJLEN Wilkes-BaI're, Pennsylvania Oxford Brooklyn Lowville Brooklyn Chicago, Illinois Oak Park, Illinois Albany Brooklyn Kingston North Adams, Massachusetts Springfield, Massachusetts Ellicott City, Maryland Seattle, Washington Oak Park, Illinois Brooklyn Burlington, Iowa Chicago, Illinois Madelia, Minnesotzi Brooklyn Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Summit, New Jersey Springfield, Massachusetts Port Jervis Newburgh Buffalo Washington, District of Columbia Mason City, Iowa Buffalo Atlantic City, New Jersey Saugerties Davenport, Iowa Camden, New Jersey West Newton, Massachusetts Yonkers Marion, Virginia New York Brooklyn lVlarion, Indiana Pittsburg, Ptnnsylvania Malone La Crosse, Wisconsiii Peru, Indiana Washington, District of Columbia 1,774 H I.7JUl,,,E,-1-5! l,,L,,,Y,.1.,,,-E -Y 3 VASSARION ICLDREDGE, EDITH ISLMENDORF, ETHEL ISLTING, REBIEKAH ENGLISH, MARGUEIKITE GRISWOLD ISRWIN, BARBARA IJAIRBANK, EMILY NANCY FARRALL, HARRIET LOZETTE FARRINGTON, MAEEL GOODSELL l'iEL'I'ER, LOUISE BENTLEY FENTON, ELSIE LOUISE IJERRIS, AMY IIIELEN FILLMORE, FANNIE l"EN'1'ON FILLMORE, INEZ IJINCH, GRACE MAY I'iISHER, I'IARRIE'I' PRovOs'r lfIsHER, HOPE IILAHERTY, VIvA LENORE Foss, CLARA ALMIRA FOWLER, IVIARJORIIE IJULKERSON, JESSIE ELIZABETH CIAYLORD, ALMYRA MATHER GEORGE, ERMA JENNIE GLAss, EMILY JULIA GOLEIN, ELINOR GERTRUDE CSORING, ISTHEL IVIARY GORTON, MAISEL ALIDA CIOULD, JESSIE GERTRUDE GRAVES, FRANCES CAROLINE GRAvEs, HELEN ELIZABETH GRAY, NANCY ISABEL GREEN, FREDA GREENWOOD, LILIAN ROSE GRIGGS, MARY AMERMAN GROENEVELD, ELIZABETH GERTRUDE GIKUMMAN, ANNE SOPHIA HAKES, BfIARION IIALI2, VIRGINIA SWINBURNI2 HALEY, EDITH CRARY HALLIWELL, LILLIAN I'IALSliY, KATHERINE FIAREMAN HAMMER, HILDA HANFORD, BESSIE ISUGENIA HARRIS, ROSALIE FIFI HARVEY, MAIJGE ANDERSON Marquette, Michigan South Orange, New Jersey Utica New Haven Connecticut Oak Park, Illinois Ithaca Batavia Poughkeepsie Brooklyn Buffalo Cincinnati, Ohio Bennington, Vermont Gambier, Ohio Broadalhin Davenpon, Iowa Marion, Ohio Grand Rapids, Michigan Buffalo Rochester Dryden Vlfestfield, Massachusetts Cleveland, Ohio Syracuse Brookline, Massachusetts 'Wappingers Falls WVaterville Waban, Massachusetts Cuero, Texas Hartford, Connecticut Poughkeepsie Syracuse Watertown Somerville, New Jersey Butte, Montana Southport, Connecticut Ilion Chicago, Illinois Brooklyn VVappingeI's Falls Bronxville Omaha, Nebraska Westfield, New Jersey New York Denver, Colorado ,,,-4,- if VASSARION HARWOOD, HAZEL MAY I'IAVENS, ELISABETI-I HEACOCK, I'IELEN VAN WYCK HEALD, RUTH WASHBURN HEATH, MAR JORY HEQUEMBOURG, I'IILDA MORSE HERIPF, ZULIME MARY HERING, HOLLIS WEBSTISR I'IIRES, MARY ANNA I'IOAG, RUTH HOFFMAN, EDITH MARJORIE I'IOGSlZ'I'I', ZELLA EDITH I'IOPSON, ANN ELIZA CANEDY HORMEL, GERTRUDE I'IORNBLOWER, RUTH HOTCHKISS, CELIA EMILY HOWE, ELOISE SHILTON HOYE, BUENA BUCKLEY HOYT, HELEN HUBEELL, BERTHA DE LAND HUME, GERTRUDE CAPRON I'IUN'l'ER, IVIARIE HONORA CAMPBELL JAMES, EDITH JENKINS, NANCY MAY JENNINGS, IVIARY BUCHANAN JOHNSON, ELEANOR HURD JOHNSON, EMMA LEONICE JOHNSON, ISABEL COLE JOHNSON, MARY ISABEL JOSEPH, HARRIET KLAUSNER JOSSELYN, HELEN BARSTOW KEYES, HELEN BROWN KIELLAND, JINNETT CHRIS1'INE KING, DOROTHEA BUHL KING, HELEN IDA KIRKENDALL, LUCY LOWRY KOLFF, LOUISE IJAFRENTZ, OLGA LYDIA LANE, MARJORIE LAWRENCE, MAUD WILLIS LEE, EUGENIA CONVERSE LEECH, HARRIET BLADEN LEET, IVIARGARET ANITA LEUTHOLD, BESS JULIET DE LIMA, AGNES ABINUN DE LIMA, BEATRICE ABINUN Shelbyville, Illinois Point Pleasant, New Jersey Gloversville Orange, New Jersey Newark, New Jersey Dunkirk San Antonio, Texas New York Salem, New Jersey Poughkeepsie Red Hook Cleveland, Ohio Bridgeport, Connecticut Cedar Rapids, Iowa Arlington, Massacliusetts New Haven, Connecticut Roselle, New Jersey Rochester New York Rochester New Haven, Connecticut lVIaysville, Kentucky Montclair, New Jersey Baltimore, Maryland Brooklyn Paterson, New Jersey Waterville, Maine Oswego Akron, Ohio Poughkeepsie Wallaston, Massachusetts Hartford, Connecticut Buffalo Detroit, Michigan Peoria, Illinois Ithaca Fort VVadsworth Brooklyn Chicago, Illinois Tusculum, Tennessee Stafford Springs, Connecticut Bristol, Pennsylvania East Orange, New Jersey Spring Valley, Minnesota Larclimont Manor New York ,-,, ,,,, 477- VASSARION 25 LINCOLN, lX'lARIAN BOND LLOYD, CAROLINE LOUISE Lockwoon, CSIERTRUIJIE HARRIIET LYMAN, CARRIE ARLENE MCALLESTER, GRACE PZVANGELIN li MCCLELLAN, EMMA BROCKWAY MCGARR, -IESSIE NIARGARET MCGAIiX'EX', HELEN l2l,lZABETH MCKAY, BETSEY NlCKliY, ELLEN BURDITI' MCLEOD, LOITA OL1vE MCMEIN, MELVINA MACNEILLE, LOUISE ADELE MCNE'Fl', CIZLIA AoNEs STEWART NIAGEE, ELLEN GERTRUDE MANEGOLD, IRMA LOUISE MAli'I'IN, MAIQY NIARSHALI. NIAXSON, EDITH -IANF MAYNAIQD, IVIABEI. EUIIORA A4ERRIAM, NA'l'HAl,IlE lVlliRRlTT, KATHAIQTNIE KROM NIESSINGER, P11-ILEN LOUISE lVl,IEYERS, PAULINE lVlILLER, ELSIE LAWRENCE lX'lII.NIi, MARIAN GIERS lVlURDOCK, SARA GEYIZR NIYGATF, HARRIE'I'rE WORTH NICREY, ALICE EL PASO NILSEN, LORNA NOIXIKIS, BERTHA HUNTINGTON NORRIS, VIOI A Novus, KATHARINE l"RANcEs NUSUAURI, SOPHIE NIINNIE fJAKLEY, DORIS GRAHAM fj,lDONNlZ1,I,, KENNETH fJTIS, HELEN CLARA Orr, .IESSIE WINIEREIJ PARKER, NIARION LOUISE l,A'I'RICK, EDITH lX'lA'I'HliSON l,A'I'I'ISON, ALICE CLXSCOIGNE PIZABODY, AMY LILLIAN l,I'I.lE'l'SCHINGER, AMELIA LOUISE PHIPARD, LEONORA ELIZAIIETH POOLEY, HARRIE'I'I'E ADAMS l70'I'l'ER, GRACE ELIZABETH Springfleld, Massachusetts La Crosse, Wisconsin Sharon, Massachusetts Syracuse Randolph, Massaclixlsetts Chatham Albany Tonawanda Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dorchester, Massachusetts WashiIIgton, Pennsylvania QuiIIcy, Illinois Roselle, New Jersey Bath Poughkeepsie Milwaukee, Wiscfmiisin Brooklyn Homer Oak Park, Illinois Omaha, Nebraska Stamford, Connecticut Highland Park, Illinois Rochester Fitchburg, Massachusetts Fall River, Massachusetts Ironton, Ohio Brooklyn Princeton, Indiana New York Portland, Maine Brooklyn Dansville Albany Newburgh Jackson, Michigan Chicago, Illinois Oak Park, lllinois Brooklyn Omaha, Nebraska Rochester Poughkeepsie Richmond Hill Brooklyn Buffalo Hinckley, Illinois ---lr, - Y ---- ---.5-. l VASSARION l POTTER, MILDRED DAY PRATHER, FLORENCE DOMBEY PULSIIORD, JENNIE QUAINTANCE, :HELEN QUIGLEY, MARGEIQY CLOSEY RAUS, lVIA'I'HILDA JOSEPI-IINE RAYMOND, NIARGARET LEONARD RAYMOND, MIRIANI HOTCHRISS RECTOR, MARTHA WARREN REYNOLDS, SUSAN SARAH RICE, HIELEN PULLACAR RICH, MEIINE ELIZABETH ROBINSON, FLORENCE PAGE ROCHE, JOSEPHINE ASPINWALI. ROCRWELL, JESSIE KIMBALI. ROSE, KATHERYN BELLE ROTHSCHILD, REGINA ROUZER, LEONORA GEORGE RYCRMAN, RUTH ELIZA SCHERMERHORNE, HELEN lvEs SCHIMMELFENG, JENNIE LOUISE SCHIMMELEENG, MARIAN FRANCES SCHIRMER, ELSIE BARIL SCHNEIDER, ELIZABETH Scorr, MARION BELLE SEDGWICR, MARION VVHITESIDE SELLERS, ANNA SERRELL, GRACE GARRETSON SHALE, BYRDE BELLE SHAW, MARGARET' HULL SI-IEILD, E'1'rA SI-IEPARD, CAROLINE GOREE SHERWOOD, MABEI. FLORENCE SHOTWELL, MARY TITUS SHOWALTER, ELIZABETH PAULINE SIOLER, EDITH LOUISE SIGNOR, DOROTHY SMITH, BETSEY EDWENA SMITH, BLANCHE GIKAVLIS SMITH, ELEANOR SNEYD-KYNNERSLEY, lVlARY IJAISY SOUTHARD, CLARE LOUISE SOUTHARD, MYRTLE ES'rEI,LE SPAFFORD, MATIE SPALDING, RUTH LILLIAN SPEFIR, lVlARY ALLINE Cleveland, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Irvington Englewood, New Jersey Saint Louis, lVlissOuri Cleveland, Ohio Troy Schenectady Chicago, Illinois Syracuse Buffalo Rochester Buffalo Omaha, Nebraska Fitchburg, Massachusetts Gloversville Cincinnati, Ohio Washington, District of Columbia Brockton Schenectady Warren, Pennsylvania Warren, Pennsylvania Saginaw, Michigaii Lawrence, Massachusetts Syracuse Poughkeepsie Wilmington, Delaware Plainfield, New Jersey New York Chicago, Illinois Westfield, New Jersey Washington, -District of Columbia Fayetteville Locust Valley Washington, District of Columbia Montclair, New Jersey Albion Camillus Orange, New Jersey Brooklyn Saratoga Springs Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Poughkeepsie New Haven, Connecticut Pittsburg, Pennsylvania VASSARIO N 27 SPENCER, FRANCES HUFEARER SPRAGUE, JULIA CLARK STAGER, FLOY STANLEY, ADA STANTON, NIARGARET ADLUM STANWOOD, ELISABETH START, EDITH ANNA STEWART, MILDRED PENROSE. STEWART, OLIVE STOKES, LIELEN VIRGINIA STONE, BEATRICE STONE, EDNA MASON STONE, KATHERINE IELSON STOWE, VIRA FROST STRAUSS, LUCILE ROSALIE STRONG, ELIZABETI-I 'THOMSON STUTSON, REBA SUPLEE, EDITH MAY SWORDS, HELEN TAYl,OR TAFT, LOUISE SENEY TAI'T, LIILDA CAROLINE 'lTAY, MAIQY FARRINGTON LPAYLOR, MARY LIVINGSTON THOMAS, lVlARY AUCUTI' THOMAS, NIILDRED FPHOMAS, WITTA TTHORNBURY, ZITA LILLIAN TICHENOR, GEOIKGEANNA 'POBlN, MARGARET HELEN TOZER, BERTHA ESTELLE TROTTER, MARGARET TRUE, RUTH SMILEY UPDIRE, HELEN RUSSELL URBAN, CLARA WINSPEAR VANCE, HELEN MOORE VAN CLEEE, EUGENIA VANDEGRIFT, DOROTHY VANDEGRIFT, FRANCES CSARRETI' VANDERBILT, BESSIE LEIGII VAN KIRK, FRANCES VIRGINIA WAL1.ANDER, EMMA VICTORIA XVANTY, HELEN WARDWELL, ITELIEN XIVATERBURY, LOUISE HOLMES WATSON, ELIZABETH CYNTHIA WEBER, ADDIE LOGAN Slater, Missouri North East, Pennsylvania Sterling, Illinois Sedalia, Missouri Ashburn, Virginia Evanston, Illinois Utica East Orange, New Jersey Cleveland, Ohio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Springfield, Massachusetts Brooklyn Wlieeling, West Virginia Newtonville, Massachusetts New York Wyalusing, Pennsylvania Green's Fork, Indiana Wilniington, Delaware New York Brooklyn Glens Falls Salem, Massachusetts Brooklyn Utica South Weyinoutli, Massachusetts Short Hills, New Jersey Poughkeepsie Mount Vernon Poughkeepsie North Bennington, Vermont Yonkers Rochester Princeton, New Jersey Buffalo Springfield, Ohio Ithaca Wilmington, Delaware Vlfilmington, Delaware Princeton, New Jersey McKeespOrt, Pennsylvania Mount Vernon Grand Rapids, Michigan Stamford, Connecticut Saratoga Springs Buffalo Trenton, New Jersey VASSARION WEEKS, RUTH NIARY . VVERTZ, ADA OLIVE WHEELER, CI-IARLO'I"I'IE KELLOGG WHEELER, ELIZABETH FISHER WHITE, LUCY AMELIA WHITE, NELLE IRENE XVHVITIER, MARY HELEN WHITTINGHAM, EDITH CYNTHIA WILCOX, PIELEN CHAI-MAN WI1.KINSON, HILDA WILLIAMS, ELEANOR ADISTA WILLIAMS, MATHAIEZ I,ovE YVILSON, NATI-IAl,IE WING, ALICE CHRISTINE WING, MARGARET MARY WITTIE, MABEI, ELVA WOLF, STELLA WOOD, MAUDE EMILY WOOD, SARAH HOWLAND WOODELTON, NIARY RUTH VVYOODRUFF, ELLEN WOODS, MAY INGERSOLL WRIGHT, NIARGARET CHOATE WRIGHT, RUNELIA AUGUSTA YOUNG, CLAIRE YOUNG, ELIZABETH ZABRISKIE, HELEN MARGARET ZIMMERS, RUTH Kansas City, hflissouri Johnstown, Pennsylvania Poughkeepsie Brooklyn Buffalo Weatherford, Texas Elmira Newark, New Jersey Mount Vernon Chicago, Illinois ' Ithaca San Jose, California Philadelphia, Pennsylvania North Grafton, Massachusetts Columbus, Ohio Brooklyn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Poughkeepsie Arlington New York New York Pulaski Pleasantville Fishkill Plains New York Memphis, Tennessee Englewood, New Jersey Allegheny, Pennsylvania .--Y N ,, - 2 . N. ' 1 X. , . 1 ' if k W xg g f A . --if S' ff" V I,.. as 1 K 1 "if 9. I U 'gf-Neil' 1 J ig' I 0, 0 Q1 1 I 4 p l a 3 X I X at 5 - M, GQ ff., ,,1 , f -j 21 ,9 X,6f71?5vQQ,,g1,iY' ww ,, 1,1 I i f yi J: 1- -11' yuh . nl-. ' V ? .."'..+z,:r' 4 ' ev I 5 , '.. Fun -'z' V' S ,, , X 1?:,' A I J , , X . I ' rx. rA,,: '1 9' 7:15, ff?E'r 4 1' W SP - 2 1 if' ' 5. .,,::-.- f-,D " . 4 x ,, ,x , iff '57 V' 111 D I -Q WN 'o 'Q mm, : no H55-:1f,.f Wg., - Q .. .. . Q, 1.- . N, gtg, " Q "gh, :F X ZF Rf-4: Nd, , THE SQFHQM E ,lMr6rrrv3K .lwlarlf 'Quits cuntrarxy 020111 hors punt garhtu grow? with silnrr belhi :Inn cormr 51112115 Huh prcttxg mains nl! in a raw. 30 VASSARION A555 M J S Sophomore Class CLASS FLOWER: Bf1'd65mU1-d Rose Offxcers FIRST SEMESTER GERTRUDE CULVER TAYLOR . . Prexzflenz ALICE HAMILTON BELDING ANNE WATERMAN HOPSON OLIVE BALLARD EDGCOIIII3 G SECOND ELEANOR GOLD BRINSMADE HELEN MILLER GLENN . GRACE EDNA MCCASKY. ELISABETII WHEELER AMEN SEMESTER Viff Vice Preszdfni Secretary Treasurer Prexzdent Presidenf Serretary Treasurer VASSARION 31 Members of the Sophomore Class AIKEN, IVIARGARIYI' HARRIET ALLEN, VEROIE EYIQLYN ALLIERTON, liD1'rII IVIARIE AMEN, ELISABTETH WHIQELER ANDRUS, RUTH AVERY, IVIARY ELIZAIIIQTH BANE, LUA lX'IA'I'ILDA BARRPRIQ, IVIARGARET JEAN BARTLETT, HELEN MAROARI2 BARTON, 'IIHYRZA MAY BAUMAN, I'lVIiLYN BIacRI.IaY, FLORENCE NICE BEERMAN, IDAMAYE BELDING, ALICE HAMILTON BELKNAP, MARY CONKLING BELL, STELLA BARIIARA l3IiNE'r, LAURA BENTON, HARRIET JACKSON BLEAKIJBY, EVELYN IiI.IzAIsIz'rH BOLE, ALICE AMIZLIA BORDEN, IVIARY l3owNE, SARAH MIESEIKOLIE BRACE, MAREL BREWSTER, EDITHA COLVIN BRINSMADE, ELEANOR GOLD BROOKE, LOUISA BROWN, MARGARET BROXVN, MAY l3RU1vI1.EY, IILORA CIAGER IIRYNIQR, IZDNA CLARE BULLARD, GERTIKUDE MARY ISUNRER, KATHARINE NIAY CAIN, IRMA FRANCES COATS, BESSIE MARION COMEY, CLARA IVIAY CONANT, GENEVIEVIQ CONNOR, MAY LOUISE CONOVER, ELINOR Evanston, Illinois 'Westl'Ield, Massznchtlsetts Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Exeter, New Hampshire Enfield, Massacliusetts Ifarmington, Connecticut Denver, Colorado Columbus, Ohio . Binghamton Chicago, Illinois St. Louis, Missouri Newport, Rhode Island New York Poughkeepsie Lockport Franklin, Pennsylvania Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois New Bedford, Massachusetts Franklin, Pennsylvania Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Flushing ' Englewood, New Jersey Rochester Wasliington, Connecticut Guthrie, Oklahoma North Adams, Massachusetts Ann Arbor, IVIichigan Newark, New Jersey Erie, Pennsylvania Glens Falls Yonkers Chicago, Illinois Akron, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Bradford, Pennsylvania Tenafly, New Jersey Chicago, Illinois VASSARION COOLIDGE, DELPHA COSGROVE, MARY MARGARET CRANDALL, MARY HALE CRANMER, AIZBY ATWOOD CROCRER, GERTRUDE LYNDE CROCKER, PAULINE QROSBY, ETHEL CROWELL, RUTH CUTLER, RUTH ELINOR CUTTING, ELLEN AGNES DARROW, EDITH MABEL DAVIS, FLORENCE ANNA DEACON, VIRGINIA CHRISTINE IDECKER, ELEANOR LEWIS DIXON, EDITH MONTGONIERY Dow, ABIGAIL MARION DOWNER, ELIZABETH IDRAKE, LIELEN AMES DRAPER, ELIZA ADELAIDE IJUNSTAN, EMMA HANNAY DUNWELL, ELSIE lDURBRIDGE, GWENDOLINE DURRIN, ELIZABETH EBEL, HARRIET ELLICOTI' EDGCOMB, OLIVE BALLARD EDMANDS, VIOLET FISHER, MARY ELIZABETH FRITZ, MIl.DRED ROBERTA FULLER, ADA SISSON FULLER, PAULA ELIZABETH GABIKIEL, ALPHA ELLEN GARDNER, MARTHA GARsoN, ALICE GETMAN, FRANCES ELIZABETH GLAESER, IDA IJILLIE GLANVILLE, ELEANOR MARIIZ GLENN, HELEN MILLEIQ GOODRICH, ELIZABETH RLY Gow, LUCY AUGUSTA GRANT, ALICE MARGARE1' GREENWOOD, MARION MILES GREGG, FLORENCE MCLEOD HA1NEs, FAITH HUNTINGTON HAMBURGER, HATFIE HAMILTON, FANNIE lVIATHEWS Watertown, Massachusetts Braddock, Pennsylvania Yonkers Somerville, New Jersey Chicago, Illinois Springfield, Massachusetts New Rochelle Springfield, Ohio Springfield, Massachusetts North Adams, lVIassachusetts Chatham Peekskill Bristol, Connecticut Rochester Worcester, Massachusetts Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands Boulder, Colorado Concord, New Hampshire Kenosha, Wisconsin Hancock, Micliigali Brooklyn Montclair, New Jersey Peekskill Albany Cortland Chestnut Hill, Massacliusetts Colorado Springs, Colorado Manchester, New Hampshire Newburgh Newburgh Tombstone, Arizona Hartford, Connecticut Rochester Lyons Brooklyn Auburn Franklin, Pennsylvania Santa Clara, California Somerville, Massachusetts Nlilwaukee, Wisconsin Utica Allegheny, Pennsylvania Colorado Springs, Colorado Allegheny, Pennsylvania Braddock, Pennsylvania I ,YYVJIL as A pu, VASSARION 33 HAMILTON, VERA ARLINE HAMLIN, lVlARION HOWELL I'lANSON, MARJORII: DE SPENSER HAliT, l'1IELEN HAZEL HASBROUCK, EDNA ANITA HAWLEY, HELEN HEDRICK, LAURA lXflCNEELY HENNEY, ELEANOR lVlAY Hicks, JOYCE JOHNSTON HINREI., EDITH WHITEHILL HITCIJCOCK, MARY NIINERVA HOLMAN, KATHARINE HOLME, ANNE WADDINGTON I'lOPSON, ANNE WATERMAN HUBBARD, ANN MOORE HUBBARD, ELIZABETH VAN WINKLE HUGHES, ESTHER MCCLURE HUMSTONE, LIZNA VIRGINIA l'lUYLER, ALICE TAYLOR INGRAHAM, RUTH IVY, FLORENCE IVY, MILDRED JACKSON, EMILY JEWETT, lVlARY DIXSON JOHNSON, ANNA MARIE JOHNSON, MAIKY CLINTON JOHNSTON, HILDA KAUFFh'lAN, BETSEY BEECHER KENNEDY, ADELAIDE GILBERT KING, EDNA VIRGINIA KINNEY, EDITH 5 KIPER, PEARL KLOTZ, SARA JULIA KNOX, RUTH KRAUSE, CARLOTTE FREDERICKE LAMBIE, MARGARET LANDON, MARY LOUISE LEAI., MARY AYRES LEONARD, LOUISE LINDEMANN, JULIA AUGUSTA LINTON, ENID Locrcwooo, LUCY LORD, IVIARY BENNETT LovELI,, I'lELEN ISABEL Pittsburg, Pennsylvania East Bloomfield New York Brooklyn Brooklyn Warsaw Salisbury, North Carolina Upper Montclair, New Jersey Brooklyn Buffalo Ware, Massachusetts Bangor, Maine Baltimore, Maryland New London, Connecticut Wheeling, West Virginia Yonkers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Poughkeepsie Hackensack, New Jersey Brooklyn Newton, Massachusetts Newton, Massachusetts New Paltz Canandaigua Kingston Springield, lllinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin Columbus, Ohio av Kingston Springfield, Illinois Lyons Chicago, Illinois Hackettstown, New Jersey Elmhurst, lllinois Cleveland, Ohio Northampton, Massachusetts Bordentown, New Jersey New York Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Milwaukee, Wisconsin Brooklyn Westfield, Massachusetts Wolf-eboro, New Hampshire East Weymouth, Massachusetts l ,ig , 4 L 1 I VASSARION LUNDELL, EMMA AURORE LYALL, MARGARET V. MAAG, EDA IRENE MAAR, LENA CHRISTINE IVICCASKY, GRACE EDNA IVICEWEN, MARTHA JANNETTE MCROSTIE, ELIZABETH GLASS . MCVOY, BESSIE GRACE MANNING, FANNY BRAUN MANRO, HELEN MIRIAM MAPLESDEN, VIDA INEZ MARKLE, GRACE DARLING lVIAXFIELD, BESSIE CAROLINE MAXFIELD, JENNIE SCOTT IVIEDBERY, LOUISE NIELLIER, LUCRETIA DOROTHY MERIIILL, KATI-IARINE COLLINS IVIILLER, ADA LOUISE IVIILLINGTON, ADA MILLS, ELEANOR I'IARLEY MOORE, MARY PETTES MORRIS, KATHARINE lX'ICCAMANT NEAL, MARY EDITH NICHOLSON, HELEN SCHENCK NORTHRUP, MABEL AGNES NORTON, JESSIE SWEZEY NUT1'ING, PHOEBE CUSHING PARKS, EMMA LAURA PATTISON, MARIE EDITH PECK, GRACE PEIRCE, CHRISTINE PERRY, SARAH BARR PHILLIPS, FANNIE YATES PIERSON, EMILY MILLER PIKE, VIOLET LEONARD POPPER, EDNA POST, JANE MAY POTTER, RUTH NINA QUINNELL, MARGUERITE LEWIS RANDALL, RUTH READ REEB, HENRIETTA LILLIAN ALICIA REED, ALICE CHAPIN REYNOLDS, FLORENCE JOSEPI-IINE ROBINSON, IVIARIE ELIZA RODMAN, LOUISE Poughkeepsie South Millbrook Youngstown, Ohio Poughkeepsie Chicago, Illinois North Lawrence Ogdensburg Nlinneapolis, Minnesota VVashington, District of Columbia Auburn Suffield, Connecticut Wilson Naples Naples Columbus, Ohio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Cumberland Centre, Maine Ithaca Herkimer Toledo, Ohio Rochester Pottsville, Pennsylvania Kansas City, Missouri Englewood, New Jersey Johnstown Oak Park, Illinois Jersey City, New Jersey Fairmont, West Virginia Jamestown Passaic, New Jersey Frankfort, lVIaine New York Savannah, Georgia Cromwell, Connecticut New York Macon, Georgia Buffalo Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Evanston, Illinois Fort Wayfne, Indiana BulIalo Springfield, Massachusetts Valatie North Adams, Massachusetts South Orange, New Jersey L l,, ,-Y YW, , Y,-Y-.V - .L VASSARION 35 ROGERS, LYDIA GARDINER ROOD, GLADYS ROSE, IVTARGARIET ROURKE, CONSTANCE MAYEIELD ROUZER, LEONORA GEORGE ROWE, LUCY JANE RUMNEY, KATHLEEN GAINE RUSHMORE, HENRIETTA DIKEMAN RYIJER, NI5I.LlE JANE ST. PETER, HELEN CLIZMENCE SAWYER, HARRIET SAYER, LYDIA ELLISON SCHULTQL, BEATRICE DIETZ ScOTr, SARAH RANNEY SENIOR, IVIARION ALMA SERVICE, MARION REID SESSIONS, DORA MERTICE Sl-IAXV, ANNIE IVIARGARET SHERMAN, XVINIFRED SPERANZA SI-IOPE, HELEN IVIARY KREIIS SIMPSON, GRETA SKINNER, ANNA MAY SMITH, AGNES BALL SMITH, EDNA LOUISE SMITH, JESSIE COMFORT SIIERRY, ANITA MAY SPOONIJR, GEORGINA BRACKENRIDGIS STIMMEL, LUCILE STONE, HELEN STROI-I, IVIARIE ELEANOR SWEENEY, HELEN BIERNICE SWEENY, ITANNY ROL1.INsON TAYLOR, GERTRUDE CULVER TAYLOR, HELEN GRAY TERRILI., EDNA CLARK TPIEIS, SOPHIE LOUISE TI-IIERS, HELEN TIJISTLE, IVIARGARIET BISI-IOP TINKER, GRACE EMILY TORRANCE, JANE VIIRACY, LOIS RICHMOND TIIASK, NATALIE ANNA VTSUCKER, KATHARINE TYI,ER, BESSIE ELIZA UNIJERHILL, ETHEL PIERCE Oak Park, Illinois Springfield, Massachusetts Nashville, Tennessee Grand Rapids, Michigan Wfashington, District of Columbia Chicago, Illinois Detroit, Micliigan Brooklyn Bangor, Maine Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Tuscola, Illinois VVa1wick BuiTalO New Brunswick, New Jersey Nlontgomery Detroit, Michigan Utica Eau Claire, Wisconsin Lincoln, Nebraska New Brighton Bowmanville, Canada Poughkeepsie Cynthiana, Kentucky Aurora, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Auburn Morristown, New Jersey Springfield, Ohio Rochester Detroit, Michigan Quebec, Canada Poughkeepsie Brooklyn Hawthorne Ansonia, Connecticut Germania, Pennsylvania Kenosha, WViscOnsin Bensonhurst Chicago, Illinois Allegheny, Pennsylvania Scranton, Pennsylvania Bayonne, New Jersey Newton, Massachusetts Albany Brooklyn il, I Y Lx, W A W.. - W, -YLYJY Jul. -Y L 4, ..,,, a. 4. Y.: ,pl 36 V A S S A R I O N URBAN, ADA JEANETTE Buffalo VAILE, LUCRETIA Denver, Colorado VAN BENSCHOTEN, ETHEL KATRINA West Park VAN BENSCOTER, MARY IDE Detroit, Michigan VANDERBILT, GRACE WINONA New York VAN NOSTRAND, AMY Orange, New jersey VAN SLYKE, NILLA VAN GAASBECK Hudson VAN VECI-ITEN, ANNA LAURA Johnstown ' VILAS, MILDRED WALBRIDGE, MARIE WARD, EDITH LOUISE WARNER, ELSIE PAULINE WAYMAN, GRACE LOUISE WENTWORTH, MARJORIE WESTFALL, ELLA IRENE WHITING, GRACE WICRHAM, LILLIAN MAUD WILDER, RUTH CHURCHILL WILKINS, LILLIAN GOODNOUGH WILLIAMS, FRANCES HAR1 WILLIAMS, LEAH PURMAN WILLIAMS, lVliABEL EVA WILSON, ELI-SABETH NORTON WILSON, MARY CONSTANCE WOOD, GERALDINE LUCILE WOODBRIDGE, ELIZABETH DANA WOODBURY, ISABELLA MITCHELL WOODRUFF, GRACE WORCESTER, KATHERINE BROYVNE WRIGHT, CARILE HANI-'ORD YOUNG, HARRIET ZAHNER, LOUISE REYNOLDS Cleveland, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Gardner, Kansas Brooklyn Buffalo South Weymouth, Massachusetts Coudersport, Pennsylvania Burlington, Vermont Poughkeepsie Lowell, Massachusetts Arlington, Massachusetts Bristol, Connecticut Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Washington, District of Columbia Orange, New Jersey Wappingers Falls Williamstown, Massachusetts Pottsville, Pennsylvania Brooklyn Allegheny, Pennsylvania Summit, New Jersey New York Adams, Massachusetts l I A 5 1 ZR W X, W1 Xxim X 5 7'1, vw' ,- W3 Xe-' MT f. ,v Yr Nr , .J -was fs -J .ga 'ar 'fe- 1 4. , f"' is ,. rx.-4 ui 2 lf? 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' 1' 'f-'Iii Q' ... ' V55 1.4 ,-gag.: H155-.1.,.,' . ' , - fe- 1- 1. - .. - .,.-.-f.J.':22Z2-1:.fg?Jf:9:555"?.r: -1. - .747 1 '. P -,.g.,5: my, - . -f ' -,.151-1.1-y:+,,.-:--91.3 5..-Q:-. '-'-5-1-,Em ' ,5 ,'-. X X 2:613525-3525:.e31c4.',::xff.115 evr gy. - f',,6fK "f1'.'I' 'Gi1Sf'f5i5?L.5r:EQ-fiZaLg':'.i3Z 6: ""fi.-' "' -rag gg:-':gf3:51fgs?.::.31:g::f: iz' ', '. - -'QQ nf, '71'1'.?I:f:j5.q':li'-E32:Gil -:-15311. ' j','.A'. 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X 1. 5' . , L. my I-CISJE' I , 'ul gk: 1,6 -2-, . amz: , mf Y -' Hz. ' - . ' X, . gf. A .- v- 1 F, S ,326 ,Q tb. kk- -.lGig:sQ- -Q? an . ax., -' r - . a 1:4 A ' " 1: '- ' vi Gil ' x K 1 '. ff' 23 A I .J b ,mai !'f,,4p5. 1: 1 'ft A' '-.31 Nw r r, 1 a?Q'1 -' A Y' ' , xkws-1 Q .,-55' - , .r af , N-I, x ,gf -I-A.. Q ,I I Q' .' 4 . ' . ' 1-Am, 1 4' ly, X 1 .- fall 1 . . 1 , , She., ' , : -1' -. -K :':.. 'tiki 2 'W-MQW WZ! THE TUNE CDDFFR Qrbcrc was an nib Iamg, mm what Un pau thmh? She linen upun nothing but Uictuaui ants brink, ibimxaii ann Drink were the :bmf of hrr Dirt, Kun pet this nib lang cumin nnmr Isccp quiet. Rwxfc, 'Am- 38 VASSARION 1 T A Junior Class CLASS FLO,WER: Gold Nugget Carnafzon Officers FIRST SEMESTER SUSANLITTLE GRIGGS . . . Pffj ANNA LAURAWEICHERT . .lfivf-Pres RDITHHOXVE . . . Srfr MAR1EL.T.MoRsE 5 . Tren SECOND SEMESTER JULIASEARING ..... . Pres EDYTHEPOWNALL .Fire-Pre.f E1.s1E XNEIL . Secr Axf1vBuR1.1NGAME , Trfa den Je eta U! den den tar ure sl.- ---YW Y , Y-.I VASSARION 39 Members of the Junior Class ADAMS, ELEANOR FOSTER ADSIT, RACHEL LIONNE ALDRICI-I, LOUIsE AUGUSTA ALVORD, EDITH HELEN AMEN, MARGARET RAWSON As!-IMORE, EDITH AURINGER, JESSIE AXTELL, DARLENE DAvIs BALDWIN, MAISEL HAILTSHORNE BEALES, ANGELA WALLACE BINNS, LAURA ELEANOR BOWEN, HADASSAI-I MAIIGUERITE BRADFIELD, HELEN C. BRIBACH, RUTH LoMAs BROOKS, MARJORIE EGERTON BROTHERTON, NINA CAROLYN BROWN, BERTHA BRUMBACK, BLANCHE CAREY BUFFINGTON, ELIZA BURLINGAME, AMY BURR, DOROTHY BUXTON, ALICE GOULD CAMPBELL, ANNIE DEMPSTER CAMPBELL, HIELEN CANTLON, KATHARINE DOROTHY CAREY, NIARY VINARKINGTON CHANDLER, ELIZABETH JEANNE CHILBERG, MABEL CLARK, LOUISE COLLIER, EDITH LEE COLLIER, ELIZABETH BROWNELL COMSTOCK, HARRIEITE JANE CONNELL, MARION CONvERsE, ROSE IRVINE COOLEY, LURA ESTHER CUDDEBACK, EI.IzAEE'rH MALVEN CuMrsoN, HELEN Brookline, Massachusetts Slingerlands Aurora, Illinois Winsted, Connecticut Exeter, New Hampshire Swatow, China Cohoes Harvard, Illinois East Orange, New Jersey Brooklyn Bryan, Ohio Delphi, Indiana Grand Rapids, Michigan St. Louis, Missouri Elyria, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Providence, Rhode Island Toledo, Ohio Madison, New Jersey Exeter, New Hampshire Williamstown, Massachusetts Warsaw Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Newtown, Indiana Erie, Pennsylvania Indianapolis, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Seattle, Washington New York Memphis, Tennessee Brooklyn Alpena, Michigan Omaha, Nebraska Louisville, Kentucky Canandaigua Port Jervis Buffalo VASSARION DALLAs, MARY DALTON, GRACE EADS DAVEY, RUTH LEONORE DIETZMAN, ANNA PRIEST DIMOCK, MARY JORDAN DUKE, SARA CHRISTY ECKHART, DOROTHY MARGUEIQITE ELWELL, MARION FREEMAN EVANS, ANNE MARIE EVANS, ELIZABETH MORRIS EVERMAN, EDITH CLARA FAIR, ETHEL MARION FARRAR, CLARA ETHEL FINK, CARY FISHER, AIMEE WINIFRED FITCH, MARION f FLEMING, CAROLINE LOUISE FORD, EMILY VAN DUZER FOSDICK, EDITH WELLINGTON FRAISSINET, LINDA FRENCH, BARBARA FRENZEL, CAROLINE EMMA GALUSHA, ORA WILSON GOETCHIUS, FLORENCE MALCOLM GRAY, ETHEL HELENA GREEN, MARION AMIS GRIGGS, SUSAN LITTLE GUNDLACH, MARTHA CHRISTINE HALL, EDITH GRACE HALSTEAD, RUTH HAMILTON, MARY CLEMENT HARRIS, ELLA FRANCES HATCH, LAURA HATHAWAY, ANNE HENDRICKSON, REBA CREED HENSZEY, JOSEPHINE GERTRUDE HILL, ELSIE MARY HINCREN, ELsIE ONDERDONK HOLT, ALICE ELIZABETH HOWE, EDITH HUNT, BARBARA HURLBUT, BERTHA GRACE HUTCHINSON, MARY BELLE JARNAGIN, MARY BYNUM Omaha, Nebraska Warrensburg, Missouri East Orange, New Jersey Louisville, Kentucky Elizabeth, New Jersey St. Louis, Missouri Chicago, Illinois Amherst, Massachusetts St. Louis, Missouri Fort Wayne, Indiana Dallas, Texas Saltsburg, Pennsylvania Kansas City, Missouri Louisville, Kentucky Minneapolis, Minnesota Passaic, New Jersey Flatbush Lockport Bulfalo New York Andover, Massachusetts Indianapolis, Indiana South Royalton, Vermont Poughkeepsie Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Louisville, Kentucky Middlebury, Connecticut Binghamton Adams, Massachusetts Arlington Saratoga Springs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Plattsburg Flushing Stapleton ' Norwalk, Connecticut Brooklyn New York Summit, New Jersey Bangor, Maine South Orange, New Jersey Branford, Connecticut Jeiferson City, Tennessee VASSARION 41 JEFEERY, EDNA JONES, EDITH TOMPKINS JONES, REBEKAI-I TOMPKINS KAHN, CLARIEEL VIRGINIA KAUTZ, ALICE MAEEL KAYS, AMELIA OGDEN KERR, ADA SARA KIMBALL, NANCY BUNTON KINGSBURY, NIABEL HYDE KLAPIR, IBVIZLYN GILL KNOX, JULIET HELEN LARMON, EDITH LOUISE LAWRENCE, JEANNETTE VVILSON LEWIS, SIDNEY I.l'1"I'LE, LIDA AGNESE LOEINGIER, VIDA LOWRY, ETHEL CARR MCCORMICK, KATHARINE CECILIA MACDONALD, EDITH ROSE MCGIRR, ALICE TIHURSTON MCKEE, HAZEL DUNLAP MACRELLAR, CYNTHIA MAY MCLURE, ELIZABETH MADDEN, MABEL BELLE MARCUS, I-IILDA HEss MARRETT, GRACE ELLINGWOOD MASON, RUTH LITTLE IVIESICK, SARA FREEMAN MEYER, FLORENCE ELEANOR IVIEYROWITZ, EVA HAWLEY IVIILINOVVSKI, MARTA IVIILLS, ELEANOR NIORRIS, FLORENCE NIAY MoRRIs, SARAH MORRISON, IVIAUDE MORSE, IVIARIE LOUISE TOWNSEND MUNN, MARGARET MUNSON, BEssIE LOUISE NEvIUs, MARGARET VAN DYKE NOBLE, MINNIE HAYS NUMSEN, MARGARET TILDEN OLDFIELD, BERT!-IA FELICIA OLDT, JESSIE THEODORA OLIPHANT, JEAN ALEXANDRIA Brooklyn White Plains White Plains Indianapolis, Indiana Albany Newton, New Jersey Collins Manchester, New Hampshire Woonsocket, Rhode Island- Clarion, Pennsylvania Salem, Pennsylvania Salem Scranton, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois New York Chicago, Illinois Troy Irvington Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Salem, Ohio East Orange, New Jersey Wheeling, West Virginia Chicago, Illinois Baltimore, Maryland Portland, Maine Rochester Schenectady Brooklyn New York Buffalo Brooklyn Oil City, Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Kansas City, Missouri Washington, District of Columbia East Orange, New Jersey Herkimer South Orange, New Jersey Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Cleveland, Ohio Garnerville Dubuque, Iowa Springfield, Massachusetts VASSARION PACKARD, LAURA ELIZABETH PAINE, MARION THURIEER PARK, RUTH AYIER PARRY, LYDIA MAXWVEL1, PERKINS, JANE NVOOD PIERPONT, ELENOR PLATT, MARY ALETTA POLK, ELIZABETH VANDERIIOOL POVVNALL, EDYTHE MARVIN PRICE, I'IELEN BLANCHE RAMSDELL, LOUISE MILLEIK RANSOM, RUTH RIDDLE, ETHEL MARIE RIDGWAY, INEZ ANNA ROBSON, ELIZABI51 I-I ALLAN RODEN, MAIEELLE RUSHMORE, ELSIE MI'l'CHELI. SAVILLE, ESTHER SCOUTON, HATTIE ANNA SHARING, JULIA SEARLE, HELEN ELIZABETH SEARS, MARION EMMA SEVERANCE, ELIZABETH SHANNON, LUCY ELIOTT SI-IERWOOD, ELIZABETH BENNETT SIBLEY, FRANCES CAMPAU SLESINGER, STELLA SMITH, RUTH EMILY STEELMAN, KATHERINE LOUISE STEWART, FRANCES JOSEPHINE STREIBERT, CARRIE AGNES SWEET, MARY CLARK TALCOTT, PIELEN PIOOKER TOWNSEND, FLORENCE EVA TUPPER, MARGAIKET TUTTLE, EDITH ADSIT ITYLER, NIARY LUCY TYLER, SARAH EMILY VAN DER VEER, ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK WALES, THEODOSIA HART WALKER, ALICE LESLIE WALLACH, ANNETTE FLORENCE WALLER, MARGARET LOUISE WARNOCK, LEONORA BAUSH Oak Park, Illinois Marblehead, Massachusetts Plymouth, New Hampshire Indianapolis, Indiana- Portsmouth, New Hampshire Rockford, Illinois Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie New York Columbus, Ohio Buffalo Buffalo St. Louis, Missouri Denver, Colorado Poughkeepsie Birmingham, Alabama Brooklyn VVaban, Massacliusetts Dushore, Pennsylvania Kingston New Brunswick, New Jersey Holyoke, Massachusetts Spokane, WaslIington Newton Centre, Massacliusetts Camillus Detroit, Michigan Wilmington, Delaware Binghamton Penn Yan Atlanta, Georgia Albany Hartford, Connecticut New Britain, Connecticut Salem Cleveland, Ohio Hornellsville New York New York Somerville, New Jersey Binghamton San Francisco, California New York Indiana, Pennsylvania Jamaica VASSARION 43 WARREN, LoIs WEICHERT, ANNA LAURA WEIL, ELSA IDA WELDON, KATHARINE 'FELFORD WELWOOD, FRANCES AMORY WHITE, MABEL GORDON WHITE, MARY ELIZABETH WILKINSON, RUTH DEAN WILSON, MARTHA EICHER WILSON, MARY HUSTON WITHEIIBEE, RETA WOLFERSPERGRR, LELIA WOODWARD, NIARIAN ELIZABETH WOOLVERTON, PRIMROSE WORTENDYKE, ELEANOR WRIGHT, GERTRUDE SUMNER VVRIGHT, JULIA HENRIETTA YERDON, MARION LUCILE ZIMMERMAN, LILY Cumberland Mills, Maine Danbury, Connecticut New York Amsterdam Brooklyn New York Argyle Binghamton Greensburg, Pennsylvania Washington, District of Columbia Brooklyn Sterling, Illinois Atlanta, Georgia Stockton, New Jersey East Orange, New Jersey Cleveland, Ohio Phelps Fort Plain Chicago, Illinois ---vv-Y-,l,, ,stun 44 VASSARION Fellow Mary Rziclaardson and Lydia Pratt Babbott- Foundation THALLON, IDA CARLETON, A.B., 1897, A.M., 1902, Archaeology. Columbia University Graduate Scholars STEARNS, ANNA PRENTISS, A.B., 19o4, English XNATERMAN, EMMA PHOEBE, A.B., 1904, Astronomy and Mathematics' WHITESIDE, IDA, A.B., 1904, Astronomy WYCKOFF, ALICE FORMAN, A.B., 19o4, Mathematics and Astronomy YosT, MARY, A.B., 1904, English Graduate Students HART, NINA, A.B., 1904, English and Philosophy HOLMAN, MABEL LAVINA, A.B., 1904, English MORENUS, EUGENIE MARIA, A.B., 19o4, Mathematics In Special Courses HYDE, CHERRY LEONARD ,,.. Winterset, Iowa JOSEPH, EVA . A . . . Poughkeepsie L1PP1NcoTr, ELIZABETH WHITE . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MILLS, MARIAN CHARLOTTE . Gloversville WEBSTER, ALICE CARY . . . West Bay City, Michigan Summary Graduate Students . . . Seniors . . Juniors . . Sophomores Freshmen - In Special Courses . . Whole Number 9 '99 185 249 345 5 992 47, V A S S A R I O N 45 States Represented New York . . 358 California , 6 Massachusetts , 83 Tennessee . 5 New Jersey 80 Vermont . 5 Pennsylvania 73 Maryland . 4 Illinois . . 61 Virginia . 4 Ohio . . 51 Rhode Island 4 Connecticut . 4,0 Kansas . 4. Michigan . 23 West Virginia . 3 Indiana I6 Washington 3 Missouri . I5 Arkansas . 2 Maine . I3 North Carolina . 2 Wisconsin I3 Arizona . I New Hampshire II Alabama . I Colorado . . IO Florida I Iowa .... IO Montana . 1 District of Columbia . 9 New Mexico I Minnesota . 8 Oklahoma . . . I Nebraska . 8 4- Kentucky . 7 Canada . 2 Texas 7 China . . I Delaware . 6 Hawaiian Islands I Georgia ..... 6 X Q X Vs Q 11 l 5.2.2 lg """f-f like sII 549 Vliiii qljj E iff , Ell. 3.e1 2 9 1 ' 9 W ?5'J3' '- i ff-12:11, v ' .- E. .. f ff' ,,,,7-4v--25. -I bv ' 7 5 :I -I - I f ,Lf-ff ,v - A , .135 3 fy. un- I. 1' .1 I .f .. 1 1 -bg fix ing, .-,,,, , J - 1, . 2,32 ,Qui Qfy- ' - gli., 1? 'L f, X I H- gd -:ff -.:n " 'Q' '-F.-.L 'tl- . - - we -5 " iss: F' 'l,e- 1 .-1+ V. ffhfk, I' .: - if Z L 1 ' I -1 H - , V I lv- l-N?-,, 4 3. . .. . f - . ,AQ,',A,',, F,C,:,,:.- in .. of 5 --fri: ': i'4g:f..i'-as f,:'3?'--ff? 1:4212 EI' " " - W-zI':i.'g ' . ' -'-4-F' - A --2 +'-an -2.-'s-:-:feee ' B 4. 1 ' 44, If 4 e:?:E'i:,g'g':!21I?P67E 1E5'S':-'Z:' J5-'1- I u . ba. LQNKQ f5.?E' ' -g 7 , ' f S' 1-A, V , P Q- ,mv Wg: 3 To ' , I ' In 3 Y . fi 1 - : ,, - - . I - lg -4 jf lf u 3435 Tl.+ 'IE J..,,. 1 17 ,nu-flYY,JUv1 3 J l 0 I l i I I l l I l l i l l ' . l , Y ,dl 0 J " ' 4 ol J . 4 -g U - Q.. Some 1905 Songs - Here's a class which we boast, 'Gainst the line of jolly Juniors She who makes our hearts stir. L61 all give way, Here's to her we love most, Across the Campus, ' And to all who love her. Laughing all and gay, --5 Tho' our years here are brief, We come, we come, we come. --x ---H We will love her forever, Come and join the jolly Juniors, ' And the ties that have bound us Time never can sever. Here's a health, 19031 -3 Here's a health, 19031 -1 Here we come singing, In time we're swinging, We keep this class alive- Make way, for we are coming, We keep things humming- Ohl we're 1-9-0-5! Singing, in time we're swinging, We keep this class alive- For we're the Seniors, The good old Seniors-- Ohl we're 1-9-0-5! -e Long may they live and thrive, Cheer for the Juniors, For 19051 To its rest ln the west Slowly sinks the golden sun, Shadows o'er the campus falling Are the voices softly calling 1905 to gather here. Haud ye leal! For voices steal From the world not far away. So while we're gathered here together, +- Comrades, pledge, now and forever, Loyalty to 1905. As Freshmen 1905 came one day to V. C. As green as the grass, like most freshmen, were we. ' ' With Sophomore year came a feeling of age. And we thought ourselves most exceedingly sage. And when we were Juniors our wild oats we d sow And always be jolly and sing as we d go But now we are Seniors more strongly we feel That where er we may wander we ll always haud leal l Q.. Q-- If -D1 i-t L ll hi' 11'l-Z1Illll- l II I IN 1 A ll I I- Kllllflllfiblllglggggggllla 5' I I ll lldll I 'N-req, 'I ' ' ' I: ll 'J - ' ' I 9 I ' 5 ' 9 . . .. 1 1 , f In 1 1 . . , o g h' - ' ' I ' l I - ' - " lgn JI f 1 0 . , E 5 , , - V ' . 0 cl ' J 1 ll ,q,,- ,Yanni :V-1-fqxffef, - .4-.., ,QR ' H, - ,Q .- 1' 1 , fgifw' ,' I' 4 T'-'I -" 519 '-' . .. '-'. '.' '."' '. 'Y' -'.1Y"'-ff-.-V "Win ... 17:55 '--1 ,.:w,. . 5 ., . , ,':::,M.1L -Em: I . :-ff: .4- v'.'- 4 . -..i lr. ,r:- Q ..,-,gm -A., an ., -'. -W Xa 4:-1' Z -Z"-w . --fx 'ff-5 -i.. 3. " 7:l'1f':1 XB 51.-J - - 1 A ' i ' ' My 'iff' 3.4 2- 1' , W ' ' ' A Q. JET? f 4 3 'L' 5:4 if - 5, P 2.-3:52 5 N ' lb W 5 ,. 22 '3 w xi i i 1 , " ' f Qi, f fa Qi . 1 ' 1 9 , 'Z' , Edffgugh H1"-,9-uQ.ff:.-- f ,.,' - JN., fr . :1 MEF! 'IV ' Q' ,, z -. 1.1 . ix i iii R . Qrhcrc was an nits munum ment up in n hmihct "wil: mummi, nib mnmsm, nib mumrm," quash ill jhinctp imcd high mi the mann, "whither, nb whither, nh mhithrr, in high?" inn mhsrz dhc mai guing T :units but ash ir, "En swrw thi: cnhmelni out nf the iifixgw Rm: in het hanh Khe cnrricil a btuum. ".illR 31 ' " my gn with gnu? "ings, Inge ani: hxgz ! " N MLC y 1 --IE' IF! Former Presidents je. , MARGARET F1 EMING F , DOROTHY Lswxs Freshman Year, First Semester Freshman Year, Second Semester ROBERT PERRY BURR Class Mascot CAROLINE SEALY MARY TAEER Sophomore Year, Second Semester junior Year, First Semester JEANETTE WARE junior Year, Second Semester .., ,,,,, Jlluluqv v A s s A R 1 o 131 . ': ,L ' ' .-' Q , :A s -aff' 9.5 2- '4'- . s f..T'?Q ' .515 f Vs L1 siw fx v '-4 1 af Senior Class CLASS FLO IVER: Liberty R050 Officers ARTHALINDENHENNING . . . Pres ARGARETC1-1As1-1. . Vice-Pres OBERTA TENEIR-IOHNS ' . Sefr IXIINAFRANCESRAYNOR . Trea , J! , , .-.lui VASSARION Q' Members of the Senior. Class SARAH CASWELL ANGEL1. 49 Watson St., Detroit, Mich " And she is long and lank and brown As is the ribbed sea sand." CAROLINE LEE ARMSBY ' Council Grove, Kan H Observe my ease of manner and match me if you can." HELEN BABSON 128 Washington St., Gloucester, Mass U Ah! I could not eat nor sleep for thinking of those seas." ANNIE MARIE BADEAU I5 Badeau Ave., Summit, N. J "None but an author knows an author's cares VASSARION GERTRUDE IANA BALLARD Crocker Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. "She is of the best blood, but bertcrs it with all the graces of an excellent spirit." HELEN CHAIN BANCROFT 2257 Ash St., Denver, Col. H Her words are theorems, her thoughts a problem." HELEN CAROLINE BARBER 7 Macomb St., Plattsburg, N. Y. "She was so neat that it worried her." BERTHA RICKENBRODE BARDEN 313 Wood St., Painesville, Ohio "What is worth doing at all is worth doing well." CAROLINE SEL1.ERs BARNES 2200 Pine Sr., Philadelphia, Pa. "Past, plupcrfect, prcstissimo player of the game." MARY BELLE BARRBRE The Normandie, Columbus, Ohio "I am so unaccustomcd to men, their tameness is shocking to me." Louise Reese BAss Rome, Ga. , " The future bliss, thy constant theme." fl SARA YOURT BEIERMEISTER Tibbits Ave., Troy, N. Y. CK , 1 b 1 eng' x LU' '- 'l lilly ."- l I' gi .- Q A Of all the girls that are so smart, Tl1erc's none like pretty Sally." ALMA WAINWRIGHT BELL Lzirchmont Manor, N. Y. "'Tis said she docs not much of her thinking in Dutch." EDITH C. BELL 4.01 N. Main St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio ii A learned lady famed For every branch of every science known." FANNY ANNE BELL 230 McDonough St., Brooklyn, N. Y. NVVe call it only Fanny"s pretty way." GERTRUDE BERGEN 517 Penn St., Camden, N. "Say! Are all thy Playthings snatched away F" VASSARION ELIZABETH M. BLOUNT Western Springs, Ill " With her hand the hungry she loved to feed, To the sick she lent her aid." MAIKY BUCKINGHAM BON 265 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y "I never dare to be as funny as I can." ELIZABETH SANFORD BOTSFORD Williamstown, Mass "The soul of melancholy gentlenessf' LUCY STUART BRADLEY II Pliilipse Place, Yonkers, N. Y "You'll admit it's a pity That every committee Can't have such a one at it's head." AGNES BOYNTON BRADSHAVV 34.3 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago, Ill. "I chirped, cheeped, trilled and twittercdf' EDNA WINIFRED BREZEE 119 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. "She chortlc-cl in her joy." - 4 QR in l 54 VASSARION P "Continued comfort in her looks, The Iineaments of gospel books." ETHEL JENNIE BRIGGS 156 E. Emerson St., Melrose, N. Y. Sioux City, Iowa , Fall.River, Mass. Holyoke, Mass. t., St. Louis, Mo. t., Buffalo, N. Y. K GLADYS CHARLOTTE BROWN Jennings Sr., "Friendship is the current of two minds." 'l i SYLVIA DURFEE BUFFINTON 216 Prospect St. U Her eye has all its radiant youth, Her cheek its morning flame." CHair not mentioned by requestnj il HELEN L. BURLINGAME 245 Walnut St., H It made her weep and sob and sigh, A speck or two of dust to spy." ELSA MAY BUTLER 2636 Osage S "Her appetite was limited, Her fragile form was all her pride." l , 4 KATHARINE WORTH BUTLER 33 1 Hudson S "All great characters have their foiblesf' P L... e E. f-. 9 L, , .I ln VASSARION FLORENCE ELIZABETH CAPRON 171 W. 83d St., New York, N. Y " Generous souls are still most subject to credulityf' MARGARET CHASE Brooklyn Terrace, North Adams, Mass "Such a one do I remember, Whom to look at is to love." HARIIIET EMMA CLARK Millerton, N. Y. " Modest she seems-not shy." JULIA CLARKE I3I2 Scott Sr., Little Rock, Ark. " Lies ten nights awake carving the fashion of a new doublet." HELEN ELIZABETH CLINTON 4.2 From Sr., Binghamton, N. Y. "A smooth and steadfast mind." ANNIE EUNICE COCHRAN Middletown N. Y. 3 "She was by nature a persevering child." ,I V A S S A R I O N EVA COLLINS 40 Maple St., Springfield, Mass "It is enough to say of some people that they are interesting." ELIZABETH WINSOB COLWELL Granville, Ohio Cl Her mild expression spoke a mind In duty firm, composed, resigned." ELIZABETH MAIE COMSTOCK 76 Grant Ave., Denver, Col "For lovers love the western star." MARY RUTGBRS MCCREA CONGER 75 Franklin St., lVlorI'istoWn, N. J " Its great merits are its perfect clearness and fairness." E ALICE JOSEPIIINE CUMMINGS 209 Main St., Medford, Mass. "Heavenly roses in her cheeks." ELIZABETH EUDORA CURTIS New Haven, Conn. "In her youth she had been muclI associated with German officers." VASSARION FANNY If-:LMA DAY zo Summit St., Batavia, N. Y. " Happy is she whom othcrs love." HELEN HowE DE BEVOISE 136 S. Second Ave., Mt. Vernon,N. Y. " Maiden with the meek brown eyes, In whose orbs the shadow lies Like the dusk in morning skies." SARAH MARGARET DELAMATER 202 Union St., Hudson, N. Y. i'What spare time she has for conversation, she spcndeth in putting seasonahle questions." MAIIY WEBB DINEGAN Quincy, Mass "She had withal a merry wit, And was not shy of using it." FLORENCE BEALS DOLBEER 45 Endicott Ave., Batavia, N. Y U Be not coy!" MARGARET LETITIA DUNBAR 1713 5th St., Wausau, Wis H This lass so neat has won my right good will." V A S S A R I O N HELEN BREE DUNSTAN Hancock, Mich. "An atmosphere of grace. mercy and peace of at least six feet radius." LOUISE ELIZABETH DUTTON Ellsworth, Me. fl I too can scrawl, and once upon a time I poured along the town a flood of rhyme." ESTHER EATON 398 W. 5th Ave., Columbus, Ohio "A bright, airy lady: very graceful, very witty and ingenious, skilled to speak her own mind." MARY ELEANOR EDDY I2I Rock St., Fall River, Mass. " The charms of thy song might summon the spirit To sit on the ears, all enchanted to hear it." EDITH FERNALD 9 Tahanto St., Concord, N. H. "There's nothing in the world like etiquette." MARGARET FLEMING 104 South St., Harrisburg, Pa. "The soul is strong that trusts in goodness, and shows clearly It may be trusted." V A S S A R I O N BERTHA AUGUSTA FONTAREDE Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 'lTimid and stepping fast." l KATHARINE FRENCH 9 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass. "I weigh not Fortunc's frown or smile, I rest so pleased with what I have." EDITH WINIFRED GANONG Lake Mahopac, N. Y. , "She never turned her steps, but marched face forward." ANNA EVANGELINE GAYLORD Branford, Conn H Oh, to know economics I yearn." ANNA DALE GIBSON Croton Falls, N. Y. ll Impulsive, earnest, prompt to act - And make her generous thought a fact." MARY HAZARD Gorr 903 Broad St., Providence, R. I. "Meagrc were his looks, Sharp misery had worn him to the bones." A -9 4 .5 4 1 -"T fr 1, -n,f -Wai V A S S A R I C N MARY ETHY1. GREENE 78 Day St., Fitchburg, Mass. "I am constitutionally susceptible to noises." LILLIAN EYRE GRIFFIS 504. Bulialo St., Ithaca, N. Y. . "All the gorgeous colors of the rainbow." HELEN HAGUE I5 Dorr Sr., Roxbury, Mass. "A smile and a kind word when we meet." MARION ELVIRA HAxNEs 204 S. 25th St., Omaha, Neb. KK The noblest trophies of mankind Are the conquests of the mind." ANNA CATHARINE HALSEY 239 S. Franklin St., Wilkes Barr?-1, Pa. " Oli, I don't care what you say about me-just so it"s nice." GRACE HAMBLEN Richmond Hill, L. I. H Not a word spake he more than was need." ,il .Y 1 ll .nl 1 V A S S A R I O N OLGA HASBROUK 70 Market St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y " It is tollaughf' CLARA ANNA HAWLEY Chatham, N. Y " A hright, interesting face-which is better than mere beauty." FANNY DICKINSON HAZELTINE 5 John St., Grand Rapids, Mich "A brave and active striplingf' LULU -IOSEPHINE HEDDEN 235 13th Ave., Newark, N. J "Fatc:can not harm me4I have dined today." ZELLA FREDERICA HEINZ Terrace Heights, Davenport, Ia "Which one of the fifty-seven ?" jassna Rose HENKEL 26 Alfred St., Detroit, Mich KK The vision and the faculty divine, but wanting the accomplishment of verse." VASSARION FLORENCE ADELE HENKING Gallipolis, Ohio "It's habit of getting up late you'l1 agree That it carries too far, when I say That it frequently breakfasts at live o'clock tea And dines on the following day." MARTHA LINDEN HENNING 55 State St., Saratoga Springs, N.Y. "There's in you all that we believe in heaven Amazing brightness, purity and truth, Eternal joy and everlasting love." ALICE HEYWOOD 217 Elm St., Holyoke, Mass. "Sets the table in a roar." RACHEL HOLMAN HEYWOOD Northampton St., Holyoke, Mass. "Allus sociable, perlite and 'greeable you'1l find Providin' that you strike him right and nothing on his mind." LAURA COLTON Hicicox 2360 Monroe St., Toledo, Ohio "She never juggles or plays tricks with her understanding." ELLA LAURA HILL Main St., Danbury, Conn. ll Crowns in my purse I have, and goods at home And so am come abroad to see the World." V A S S A R I O N HELEN I'IILl. Canandaigua, N, Y "Lassie, you're but young yet-wait a bit! MARJORIE Hiscox 64 Phila Sr., Saratoga Springs, N. Y " Though her mien carrics much more invitation than command, to behold her is an immediate check on loose behaviorg to lovc her is a liberal education." ALICE WARNER HOAG Schenectady, N. Y "Gcntcel in pcrsonage, conduct and equipagef' LINDA HOLLOWAY II Tower Place, Danbury, Conn. H Her whole deporrment is staid, modest, and civilg Her motto is Regularity." ELIZABETH FULLER HoI1soN 224 WHShil1gtOll Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. U The Frenchman's darling." FLORENCE ALDENA HOWE 35 Wesley St., Newton, Mass. "Methinks your eyes are fixed in meditation," X l 1 I , JL Jgnul VASSARION STELLA RUSSELL HUBBARD 2130 Chapline St., Wheeling, W. Va. H Or light or dark or short Or tall, She sets a spring to snare them all, All's one to her above her fan She'd make sweet eyes at Caliban." FLORENCE ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON Framingham, Mass. " I would not waste my spring of youth in idle dalliancef' ROBERTA TENER JOHNS 3439 Boquet Sr., Pittsburg, Pa. KC The reason first The temperate will Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill." ELIZABETH MCILVAINE JOHNSON 923 N. Madison Ave., Peoria, Ill. -4 The sweetest girl in the whole Senior class-she always wears ll White dress and blue beads."-1907 HAZEL IOHNSON 3422 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill. "I hold my peace, sir? No!" MAY IRENE KAVANAUGH 341 Webster Ave., Long Island City, N. Y. .U H I do not doubt his love, but I could wish His presence might confirm it." V A S S A R I O N AMELIA OGDEN KAYS 67 High St., Newton, N. K A fair-haired calmness." RUTH MARY KEENEY 9 W. Main St., Leroy, N. U The life of humour and the soul of wit." MARGARET ELIZABETH KELLY 303 Main Sr., Penn Yan, N. "Go, little letter, apace, apacef' MOLLIE SMEALIE KELLY 199 Hamilton St., Albany, N. "I go, I go, see how I go, Swifter than arrow shot from Tartar's bow." DAISY EMMA KEMBLE 381 Madison Ave., Brooklyn, N. "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." HELEN KENYON 170 St. Mark's Ave., Brooklyn, N. H Look at me and be sensible." L9 .1 Qffxvs l 1 I l 1 -1 --f f--- rg fs-1, 66 V A S. S A R I O N JULIA ELEANOR KING Warrensburg, N. Y "Wisely and slowf-they stumble that run fast." MARY IONE K1NGs'roN 584 Albany St., Little Falls, N. Y "A creature not too bright nor good For human nature's daily food." EVELYN ELIZABETH LACEY I27 Main St., Binghamton, N. Y "Actions rare and sudden." EDITH CLARE LANCASTER 133 Paine St., Worcester, Mass "The mind has n thousand eyes, The heart but one." EVELYN MURRAY LANE 748 Main St., Westbrook, Me K And mistress of herself tho' China fall l " HELEN LOUISE LEAVENWORTH 228 S. Franklin St., Wilkes Barre. P21 "A model for the best unscllislinessf' BLANCHE LEFEVRE Cobleskill, N. Y U A friend, a person with whom one may he sincere." EVELYN LEONARD 23 Terrace Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich "Work's an old-fashioned way o' gettin' a livin"." DOROTHY Lewis 212 W. 34th Sr., Philadelphia, Pa G How far the little candle throws its beams." KATE STEVENS Loomis Upper Montclair, N. J "And hor friends say, ' What?"' ALICE ELIZA LOUGHRIDGE 106 N. Madison Ave, Peoria, Ill "She:lcnows thc'great uncles of Moses, The dates of the wars ofthe Roses, The reasons for things, Why the Injuns wore rings ln their big aboriginal noses." Hiram BESSIE LowiaNsTi31N The Belleclaire, 77th St. and Broadway, New York U Let us consider the reason of the case, for nothing is law that is not reason." VASSARION HELEN MARKLEY LUKENS 911 Washiiigton St., Wilmington, Del "The general so likes your music, he desires you to make no more noise withzitf' AGNES LYALL South Millbrook, N. Y H Come, Sleep, oh Sleep, that certain Knot of peace." LEORA MARGERY MCCANDLESS Pittsburg Clearing House, Pittsburg, Pa "I love to Walk the giddy streets among." GRACE VIRGINIA MCCARTHY 4558 Lake Ave., Chicago, Ill "Friend of the stage! To whom both Players and Plays Must sue alike for pardon or for praise." lNlILDRED MCCLOSKEY Irwin and Murdock Aves., Pittsburg, Pa "As merry as the day is long." JANE BoYD MCCRELIS 41 College Ave., New Brunswick, N. J " Beware the fury of a patient man." VASSARION RUTH MCCULLOCH 1 loo N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. "In framing artists, art hath thus decreed To make some good, but others to exceed." ETHEL MAY MCKISSON 2157 Glenwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio " An eye and a head for business." BERTHA MAY MCMICHAEL Scotia Schenectady Co., Schenectady, N. Y. "Looks perfectly grave at a pun." GRACE ISABELLE MCNAUGHT 1640 Lincoln Ave., Denver, Col. "Srudious let me sit." LURA MAY MACK 5 Hamlin St., Watertown, N. Y. "The precious gift of steadinessf' HARRIET Louise MANNING 182 N. Grove Sr., East Orange, N. "Such a carriage, such ease and such grace! Such solemnity, too! One could see she was wise The moment one looked in her face." ELSIE RUTGERS MARSHALL Q79 Boulevard, Astoria, N. Y "A calm, clear mind not subject to the spasms and crises so often met with." LILLIE MARSHAl,I, 288 Clinton Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y "Just plain Lillie Marshall." RUTH ANNE MERSELIS Passaic, N. bl U 'Tis the greatest folly not to be jolly, That's what I think." Aucia NVHITTIER Missiskvia Raleigh, N. C K' Her visage grows warm with the ardor of duty." KATIE GALT MILLER 226 E. College Sr., Louisville, Ky "Stiff in opinions." MONA LOUISE MILLEIK Olathe, Kan "A face, Filled with a line old-fashioned gracef V A S S A R I O N 71 MARGARET MOIKIEHOUSE 304. Vermilion St., Danville, Ill. "Thu applause, delight, the wonder of our stage." lrlnfzmsw lVloRc:raN'rHAU Ago W. 72d St., New York City U I told them tales of other lands, Of over-boiling fountains, Of poisonous lakes and harren sands, Vast forests, trackless mountains." NAN lVlo'r'rl.m' 445 Clay St., Bowling Green, Ky. Ag 4 . . ' It possessed the human instinct in il marvelous degree, ll' could readily distinguish lwlween alcohol and tea."- l,0RlE'1'TA IVIUCKIQNHOUI-'1' SI2 Mill Sc., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. "Sighed to tl1ink,I read a book Only rcnrl, perhaps, by mv." linrrn lVlA1uoN NICHOLS 48 Howe St., New Haven, Conn. " Nature lmnl only made lu-r a lzxmh, :md religion had made her an angel." CQRACE Noucnoss 40 N. E. Ave., Atlanta. Ga. "A lip like hland persuasion." I , 72 VASSARION lf, t lt.:- lg. ' ,. l , 1. W.. A... . HELEN CUSHING NUTTING 61 Astor Place, Jersey City, N. J "Let us be silent, for so are the gods." CERENE OHR 933 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind A' Our real Rembrandt." EVELYN GLADYS O,LOUGHLIN 166 Ridge St., Glens Falls, N. Y "Seizes the prompt occasion, makes the thought spring into instant action." ELLA HUNT OST 1228 N. 5th St., Quincy, Ill "This fellow"s wise enough to play the fool, And to do that well craves a kind of wit." MARY LANDON OVEROCKER 31 1 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y "Most rare is now our old simplicity." IVA AUGUSTA OWEN 70 Chancellor Square, Utica, N. Y "Home-keeping hearts are happiest." VASSARION GRACE ADELIA PARROTT 1107 Mary St., Elizabeth, N. "Platonic friendship is Il pleasant theory which often leads to an unpleasant condition." RACHEL KEz1A PECK 174 Summer St., Bristol, Conn. U In action faithful and in honor clear, Who broke no promise, served no private end, Who gained no title but who lost no friend." MARIE LUMPKIN PINCKARD 930 S. zoth St., Birmingham, Ala. H The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid." ELSIE ELIZABETH PITOU 538 Madison St., Brooklyn, N. Y. "She seemed mild and pliable, but at bottom was decisive and Firm in l1er convictions." HENRIETTA PLATT 42 Cliff St., New York City "I cannot check my girlish blush, My color comes and goes, I redden to my finger-tips And sometimes to my nose." ELIZABETH Lrsx POWELL V Coxsackie, N. Y. "All golden with the never bloomless furze, Q That now blooms most profusely." 74 V A S S A R I O N CARRIE LOUISE PRATT 207 E. Main St., Penn Yan, N. Y. Fav. 1. IA 1. F-Q . .. -.-.f .1 5.5 A, Q., , , f1L.Ef..1 "The missionary bee in her bonnet." MARY AR1v10L1R l7RA'l"l' 1504. Central Ave., Indianapolis, lncl. " Prompt 1-loqilencc flowed from hvr lips in prosv or numerous wrsvf' l,l1Cv C. PRICE lfremont, Ohio " Lvarn ro talk slow,--all other graces will follow in their proper places." lVlAlilil. ANNE QUINN 813 Main St., Worcester, Mass. " The intuitive decision of Il bright and tlioroiigli-vclgr-Cl intellect." lVlARGARE'l' RAND l72 Remsen St , Brooklyn, N. Y. "Her shadow lengthens along thc land." NINA FRANCES RAYNOR Carbondale. Pa. 1. Good sense which only is the gift of Heaven, And tl1o't no science fairly worth the sewn." I T VASSARION MARY CHAPIN REED 734 State Sr., Springheld, Mass. "Her heart can nu'er be bought nor sold, How'rr it heats, it heats since-rely." CLAIRE LOVELL REILEY 78 Main St., Phillipsburg, N. "All the grviit rm- dying-:Intl Fm not fct-ling well." GRACE HAIIDINII RICHARDSON Huron Ave., Belmont, Mass. N YC gods! how she- will talk!" ,IESSIE CAMI'BEI.I. RICHARDSON 72 VV. 89th St., New York City "XVe'v0 got respects :Ind likin' for him, too." l,ll.LIAN IVIADELINE SAl,'l'ONS'l'ALl. 2700 Broadway, San Francisco, Cal. H Consider thc lilies of the field, how they grow, 'l'hc-if rnil not, neirlu-I' do thvy spin." GRACE ANTOIN li'l"l'li SAMPLE 309 S. Washington St., Saginaw, Mich, H 'Tis impious to hc sail." 2- .Jiul--Jh.. pug- , 76 V A S S A R I O N ADELAIDE LOUISE ScoT'r 704. Central Ave., Dunkirk, N. Y ' -Q "Amiabi1ity is a gift of heaven." CAROLINE SEALY 24.24. Broadway, Galveston, Tex "Born to excel and to command." DELIA ALSENA SHEPARD Colorado Springs, Col. U Quiet talk she liketh best." SUSAN AMERANTH SHERRY 5875 Cates Ave., St. Louis, Mo W-r ,, ,,.i -- J-mr -1- 4 H You see me, madam, young, sound and impudentf' MARGARETQMANDEVILLE SHIPP IIO4 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind " Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind." HELEN ANNA SLAUGHT Warsaw, N. Y "She was by nature perfectly good-humoredf' VASSARION MARDA KENDRICK SMITH Deming, N. M " Of all the airts the wind can blaw I dearly love the West." RUTH PATTERSON SMITH 252 Woodford Sr., Portland, Me H How much our England doth outweigh the World I" SARAH DORCAS SMYTH Weehawken, N. J "Amiability-a refined form of good nature." HALLIE NINAN SNYDER Arcola, Ill 'KI would do what I pleased." IRMA MAY SPENCER III Oneida St., Utica, N. Y ll A thoughtful mind, and deep." ETHEL MARION SPOI-III 121 N. Grove Sr., East Orange, N. J "Pyscl1e, where is thy Cupid P" ,,Il.YYf 1f,, 'MARGARET GRUBBS STARR 205 N. 10th St., Richmond, Incl H VVce, modest, crimson-tipped Howl-r." MARY BUL1,ioNs STEELE 602 Euclid Ave., Cherokee, Ia " Oh, my dear, how perfectly lovely! " MAIKJOIIY STEELMAN 622 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn " Better late than never." J! I .,. -Y' ANN ELOISE S'1'EWAR'1' 438 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga H Hang all your room with one large pedigree." PIAZEL HENR11a'r'1'A STRA1c:i-x'1' Oswego, N. Y 'Y BERTHA MAY STREET 207 Bishop St., New Haven, Conn "Those Ecrce inquisitors of wit, The critics, spare no flesh that cvcr writ." Melody and cleanliness seem to go hand in hand." VASSARION EMMrcI.1Nlz AMELIA S'rREE'1' East Haven Conn ! I "A spirit all sunsliine." HILDA VAN KLEECK SWIFT IOI S. Hamilton St., Poughkeepsie. N. Y "A mind well skilled to forge ur find a fault, A turn for punning, call it Attic Salt." KA'l'HAIiINE BOND Swiss North Adams, Mass "Ol1,!lic upon rliis single life! Foregn it l" MARY l'llEl,lJ 7liAISl5R 134 W. 82d Sr., New York, N. Y " llr- good, sweet maid, and lvl who will lu- clever." Em1'H 'liALLAN'I' N Richmond, Ind Maj' blessings be upon the licud of Cadmus, the Plimnicizms or wllonisoc-vcr it was rlmr invented books." lVlARTHA IRENIE THOMPSON Hudson, lVlicl1. rr A good conipaninn and as lirm ai friend. V A S S A R I O N MARY BELLE THOMSON Austin, Tex Never had these halls of knowledge Welcomed waster half so Wild." MARGARET TUCKER 206 Church St., Newton, Mass "Nature formed but one such man and broke the dye." ANNIE DE MOTTE TUTTLE Tenaily, N. J U I chatter over stony ways In little sharps and trebles, I bubble into eddying bays, I babble on the pebbles." RUTH MURRAY UNDERHILI, 38 Linden Ave., Ossining, N. Y. " Deep subtle wits In truth are master spirits of the world." HELEN FERGUSON VERMILYEA 298 Saratoga St., Cohoes, N. Y. U For it has always been my Way Never to do till tomorrow What was assigned for today." LOIS JUANITA VIELE Station A., Yonkers, N. Y. "A pretty, fair-haired child with a good deal of spirit and not a little vanity." VASSARION HELEN ADELAIDIE Vorvrrurniz 2254 Glenwood Ave., Toledo Ohio MI am resolved to be gay and look young until forty." Louisa AL1s1aR'rA WANIJEL 157 Taylor St., Brooklyn N Y H Do not saw the air too much with your hand-thus." ANNE VERONICA WARD 1844 Segal St., Philadelphia "I pray thee than Write me as om' that lovcs his fcllowmcnf' -IEANN15'rTE HUNTINGTON WARE ISOI WV. 6th St., Topeka Kan H From deep thought she herself Houses." CHARLOTTIQ LOUISE WVARNER Hotel Beresford, Ne "She has withal the breathing of her father's lofty spirit STELLA EL1zABi3'1'H VVATSON 450 Van Houren Sr., Pa "Few are my years and yet I feel The world was nc'er designed for nu 4 ,Y 4, , ,-1. 1, 82 VASSARION KATE PEIRCE XVHEELER II Deering Sr., Portland, Me. "Ye live in heaven and then Ye live on the earth again." MARY IDA WHITE 30 Casino Ave., Chicopee, Mass. BSO gentle yet so brisk." BESSIH MCJHON VVIGGIN 23 Snyder St., Orange, N. "Cheerful looks make every dish a feast." JEAN BINGHAM WILSON I32 17th St., Dubuque, Ia. "Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclosed." DAISY LEE WORTHINGTON 822 E. Jefferson Sr., Louisville, Ky. "I respect thy geniusg it is to me as yet unfathomedf' ANNIE BAILEY WEIGHT The Auburndale, Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio "In the Public Eye." 1-- V A S S A R I O N NIIRAH VIRGINIA WRIGHT Logan, Ohio "I was not born under a rhyming planet." frHFe1'!0:1 LAURA ADELAIDE XIVRISLEY Lakewood, N. "I once did hold it, as our statists do,' A haseness to write fair." GERTRUDE ALBERTA YEREK College Point, N. Y 'L Friendship is the current of two minds." MADOl.lN Russ ZACHIZR Branford, Conn. 'ANeat but not Enical, Sage but not cynical." ,WL , Zin Memoriam iaagcl Tfiirlipatrirk Bonn MARCH 3,1884 DIED Ocroasn 23,1902 41131512 louise QEhan5 BORN JANUARY, 17,1884 Dnsn OCTOBER 5,1903 igelvzn ibcrtba 211?iIc5 BORN JULY 19,1882 DIED DscEMesR11,1904 AEQMWPAREWQEAWQQEE I mf5W'WwfWk4'WW?QEQ? 'EgQ,b.y7A4,a,4E'g,Ek - r +I ff' ,M-gg,g,-EERE! -A fe? f?.1'WW55'e'iT"r?S f EE3,,'Q?a?:'j-fkgflf A231 E:-E5 Efkfa-??F.Q.2, " fggEOEMEH .3f MEMBERSJQ GRACE VAN DUSEN ABBOTT ELIZABETH ADAMS HELEN ALEXANDER ANNETLE ELIZABETH ALLEN FLORENCE LUCINA AMBUHL LILIAN ATKINS TAGGART MARGARET ALICE BALLOU BIZRTHA AUGUSTA BALS FLORENCE MARGARETTA BARKLEY BIERTA ADELL BEN AMELIA BERNHEIM ORA BETHUNE LAURA BOOTH ELIZABETH ELLIOT BRADFORD MAIKX' ELIZABETH BURRELL IRIZNE BVI-IYTE BUSSEY FANNY WAIT CANNON MAIKX' CIIAPIILE TAUZER MAIKION GRECIOIKY CI-IILDS EDANA SOPHIA COLLINS IRENE COPLEY ALIIRIGHT MAIKX' HALE CUTLER MAIKY CIECELIA DELANES CAROLINE MOORE EDSON HEI,EN.N ELDRED BEULAI-I STONE ELLISON VARINA EMMERT STELLA MAUDE FALK I AGNES LA FOY FAY SARA ELIZA FLETCHER RUTH FORBES HENRIETTA SUSANNA FRENZEL ADA SISSON FULLER EDNA GERTRUDE GOLDMAN ELIZABETH HAZARD GIKAFF FLORENCE GUILLANDEU LAQUEER EFFIE HAGER BERTHA PRISCILLA HAINES MAEEL JOLETTE HAMBURG EDITH FRANCES HANNA AMY GAZENA HARDICI4 A I'IAZEL HASEROUCK HARING HELEN HENDRICK BERTHA FIERRICK ETHEL REVELL HOLDEN HELEN TRACY HOPSON LILIAN CURTIS HOWARD ELSIE JOHNSON MCCOY MARX' ELEANOR JOHNSON ALICE MARTIN JONES MARGARET MOERS JONES BERTHA XVASHBURN JOSSELYN 86 VASSARION EMILY DEAN JUDSON THERESE KESSEL VIDA RUTH KINSELL MARY LOUISE KNOX ELIZABETH KING LIVERMORE MOLLIE LONG FLORENCE LOWRY HINKLE FLORENCE MCKINLAY LUCIA TULLER MAGIE JANE ANGELIA MATTHEWS ELMA CHRISTINE MENNEN ELLA FERDINAND MEYER ANNA RAE MILLS MAEEL ELSIE MOORE MARY ALICE MORGAN ERNESTINE PATTISON ETHEL ROSE PEYSER ADA MEANS REINER ALICE BUCKALEW RHONE ETHEL ALICIA ROBINSON HELEN RUMSEY EDITH WHITNEY SHAW JULIA BROWN SHILLITO MARY SIMON BINGHAM CARRIE REBECCA SLAUGHTER HELEN ANDERSON SMITH MARTHA SHEPARD SPENCER GRACE SPRAT1' ELIZABETH STREET LUCILE TALBOT EDITH BONSALL TAYLOR HELEN DENISON TAYLOR VIRGINIA TAYLOR MARY MYRES TOPPING ELLA' EDMONIA WARE GRACE WATERMAN HELEN WINSHIP VVI-IITE LOUISE WILLIAMS WENMAN MAY EMMA WILSON ESTHER WRIGHT VASSARION 87 'au y Q Q of 'wr 3 D W its . IM, All 5 - 4 'f' Ml p HCML CANB J I905 Il.. :' - ...' --u.- -, . 4 l wLF, E Ea History of 1905 FRESHMAN YEAR V. C. can well remember 'Twas the 18th of September That three hundred strong in number Came in search of college braing IQO5 she soon was known as And at once she proved all bona.: By unpacking her kimonas And accepting half of Main. At Molionk she got some scratches, Coming home she warbled snatches, Singing that there are no matches For the owners of the "5". Hallowe'en soon brought a suitcase, And a dolly with a cute face, And a bool-1 that called her fruit-gracious She's still alive! Then '03 gave her a greeting By a journey to a street in Every country-and the meeting lfVas Z1 very swell affair. Soon came fn df semester, Her exams appeared to pester her, And oblong white requests to her To tutor were not rare. Pretty soon this little lass Got Z1 big doggy for 21 mascot, fAlasl not such a mascot Has that class got any morelj As to work, she was a green oneg Second term was such :1 mean one That the class was quite fl lean one VVl1en it banged the Freshmandoor! ! '. lim: Wfzii Jxigs 3 I X ' , as r my if flllllli ai """. vt 1, W ie 3' ? L..-A ll' 3 88 VAssAR1oN Pia W? v f' V, ,rm ,, H 'RB bli L-J A . fi . KE-' KL if 4' 1 i 1 jf , . 'i , Qijfgymh-V -2 . ef' 1... ,:,:,n3, Av ' ' .4 , :gag nf' Eg?-rl 0 f- - me ,540 1 H 1? I 2' f-- , 'E J . -, V -- - +15-:wr -L. QQ - ..,,, H" 1 fl ff: , , ,, . , 'Q 'rv I 1, sy v.. ! N, L., ., .1, A if N'i....:1'Q" ig if I A . , , :E ,A y 1 diikaivvi li 4 i l il ll ay?-'5 5 .az '- ".-7 Y np" fjf W SOPHOMORE YEAR '05 came back a Sophomore- And Jimmy taught her half o'rnore Details of Vandal-Gotho War Than ever used to be, But she calmed her brain excited, Felt her efforts were requited, When, en mane, she was invited To the Senior Parlor tea. In old Phil in glory dancing, Freshie after fresh entrancing, At the infants kindly glancing lVith heneficence sedate, For she felt herself elated And most nobly celebrated To be so emancipated From the freshman's humble state. As druid realistic And with mournful music mystic, She chose a tree artistic To guard her luck for aye, But her ardor could not save her For ,o6, the little shaver, Took to basketball and gave her- Ta ra ra ra boom de aye! The spring came but to grieve her, For her sister had to leave her, And she prayed her to believe her Ever faithful, o'er and o'er, Hearts with sister sorrow smai-ting, Tear for tear in answer starting, "Do not hear the pain of parting- Ours forever, evermore! su if X VASSARION 89 i, "1 td, 7..f ?B M8 Jug. k..11l.' - Ennow Maur N FZIND if-We fu ' 4 , wg il 0 A . if 'i-,I-,v auuuz " 'Q ' 6 'Jr rw , , ll 'l .ill Xi if JUNIOR YEAR On this scene there came a sister, And she grabbed her up and kissed her For she couldn't well resist Her pretty way and baby face, And with kindness most alluring, Perfect happiness insuring, She took her off atouring Through that first semester place. This Junior year was noted For a cause so often quoted, All her pastimes were devoted To the earning of the mon.g By the sale of cake delicious And of opera creams and kisses Made in sundry chafing dishes, She contrived to raise the Sum. ln the spring affairs athletic Saw a vision so pathetic That the tenderest cosmetic Could not heal the painful wound, But Field Day saw sights more grcwsom For the other classes threw some Distance farther, also flew some Seconds faster o'er the ground. Qui-Vixfe-but this is tearful- And it really would be fearful To act otherwise than cheerful VVhen -lune came edging near, So she held her class elections By most natural selections And steamed oil' in all directions To await her Senior year. s.-- V Q Jr. ,MQ A A X 1:--:J - 4 V 'i ?u:.-w C 55? E aff-' JAWS r rg? , W X 1 , 1 I T v .p'.-.L 4: my ,-A ., 25 'Y' 'fi . 3 1 U gg Q0 VASSARION ' t it' t , A lllillltwglliiil 4 J ' V X -J 'fa 4, glui ng ' X SENIOR YEAR Senior homage justly earning, To old Main at last returning, By Prexytic methods learning About conscience, wills and Ways, Of Mohonk cannot be told In common tongue, nor Parlor golden, Nor the way the college rolled In fun and frolic all the day. For a while she Went campaigning, Mass meeting and hall arraigning, Shouting, arguing, explaining How the trusts and tariff grew, And as soon as she began her hockey games, She Won the banner, Then sat down in Prexy's. manner For a quiet month or two. Second term rolled gay and merry on, Its joys we must not tarry on, The IQO5 VASSARION Yvas hailed with shouts of glee. She acted, danced and skated, She played ball and debated, She fcasted and she feted And was happy as could be. And now she saw forever end Her college life, and reverend She held these days YVhose never-ending light is all our song, And another faithful daughter With the love that Vassar taught her Bids goodbye to Alma IVIZIICT, Ever fair :incl high and strong. in tu, -25121, Af' -5 :ji ',--- . 'f' ,4 . . 1 TZCQQL ' 1 ' Af :' .l.'fr1N' 1. -x' Wall! goo ' Q -71 I! t - V LT, 'll 1, l ,,l 2 X . P' QM' jk l I .l Hifi r'I TW' l VASSARIOiN QI The College Graduate in Fiction 4 HE historian of to-morrow in examining the ma- terial for a history of to-day will find a fruitful source in the fiction based on present-day conditions. Fashion, dress, customs, habit, amusement, occu- pation are all reflected in the pages of the novel with kodak faithfulness. But the historian will be on his guard against accepting at their face value the ideals of life found there, since these often reflect the personal opinions, ideals, prejudices or eccentricities of the writer rather than those of the age in which he lives. Especially is this true of those characters but recently introduced into fiction, and among the number is the college graduate. ln its inception the college was founded to prepare young men for the ministry. As long as it fulfilled this function exclusively and the graduate did I1Ot mingle in society at large but Was set apart for the performance of a specific work, the college graduate scarcely appeared in fiction and his introduction Was as a spectacled, visionary youth, who could not build a fire, and was generally unfamiliar with the practical affairs of life. But the function of the college has gradually changed andthe numbers in attend- ance have increased both relatively and absolutely. The college gradu- ate enters every profession, every business, every occupation, and from Q2 VASSARION the football Held to a presidential inauguration he is everywhere in evidence. It is therefore but natural that he should play a part in fiction, and since society has accepted with little question the young man who has been graduated from college, this part fairly well represents the college graduate as he really is. In the novel of to-day it is the college graduate who is always equal to any emergency from putting out a fire to repairing an automobileg it is the college graduate who risks his own life to save that of another, it is the college graduate who changes the rough mining camp into a settlement where decency and order prevail, it is the college graduate who by courage and self-reliance holds his own against great odds and finally conquers all difficulties. This picture of the college graduate is everywhere accepted as a faithful one, since it is recognized that one of the great results of collegiate training is to make a man master of himself and of his surroundings. But the young man has come into his own rather sooner than has the young Woman-again a natural condition, since college education for men has been of so much longer standin than has that for women. Fiction, ta S however, is beginning to turn its attention to the educated woman, and again it is perhaps but natural that its Hrst representations of her should be the projection of the image in the mind of the writer rather than a true picture of the college woman herself. The forerunner of the college woman in fiction was the blue-stocking of two generations ago-the woman of literary aspirations who inked her fingers, was a slattern in dress, and hel less and inetlicient in action. She has been su Jerseded b the colle e P S graduate Who at least in personal appearance is no longer a blue-stocking. On the contrary, she always wears a faultless tailor-made gown in the morning, plays golf and tennis in appropriate athletic costume in the VASSARION 93 afternoon, and attends balls in the evening in Paris creations of filmy lace. But the change is one of externals rather than one of actual character. lVlrs. Jellyby remained at home, but neglected her family in the interests of Borrioboola Gha. Her successor, the college graduate, as seen in fiction, detaches herself from her home environment, abandons her family for set- tlement work, relinquishes marriage for life in the slums, holds herself superior to her parents who have not had the educational advantages they have given her, and sacrifices her evident and immediate duty, as Well as what should be her highest pleasure, for any chimerical plan-it may be that of "living her own life," or that of reforming the world at large. To those who have had long years of association with college graduates such representations of them in fiction seem but travesties and crude car- icatures. Such cases do indeed exist, but they are sporadic and no more to be considered typical of the class of college graduates as a whole than arethe stock illustrations of college men who are street-car conductors in New York City. Those who thus depict the college graduate are by so doing confessing their own lack of acquaintance with college women, and at the same time they are showing an inability to understand present con- ditions, to observe accurately, to establish reasonable premises, and to deduce correct conclusions. One of the most serious errors of present fiction in its portrayal of the college graduate, especially of the college woman, is due to the assumption that all who hold a college degree are educated and that therefore the col- lege is pm' .vc responsible for all real or apparent failures on the part of its graduates. It is true that the college hopes to educate all who enter its doors, but it is unable to achieve this result in every case for the same 94 VASSARION reason that legislators are unable to make all men honest by passing good laws. The college often has to contend against social and personal forces too strong to make headway against them, and sometimes in the tug of war between the college and individual ignorance, it is the college that is van- quished. There is waste in all production, and the problem of the college is to reduce its waste to a minimum, while it is the problem of society to utilize this waste as far as possible. To attribute distorted, perverted vision even to a majority of college graduates and to hold the college responsible for this perversion and distortion is to maintain that all college training results in waste products. Another fallacy is found in the assumption that all college graduates are failures who follow a line of action not marked out for them by others. It has been inevitable that college training should result in many cases in changing passive acceptance of surrounding conditions into active desire to improve them, that righteous indignation against wrong should take the place of fatalistic acceptance of it, that intellectual ferment and restlessness should be the product of minds trained to exertion, that the desire to create should be the outgrowth of a consciousness of the ability to create, that impatience in treading the beaten tracks should follow the clear vision of fertile fields reached by unfrequented paths. If, then, the college graduate has forged ahead of old associates and feels the restraint of former condi- tions, as the fiction of to-day represents, it is often because the conditions surrounding her have remained stationary while she herself has made prog- ress. Harmony between the college woman and her environment comes, not by circumscribing her Held of action, but by bringing conditions into reasonable relation with her. She is not necessarily a failure because some things she is accomplishing are somewhat diH:erent from those that were VASSARION 95 accomplished by her non-collegiate ancestors, and different therefore from that which is to-day prescribed for her in fiction. The college woman to-day, like the college man, is living a healthy, normal life. She marries and has childreng she remains at home and performs the manifold duties always awaiting those who have no regular occupationg she teaches in every grade of school, from the kindergarten to the universityg she opens an office and practices law, medicine or dentistryg she enters every business activity and often acquires a com- petenceg she goes into poultry-raising, bee-keeping and floriculture, and studies intensive agricultureg she branches out into new fields and be- comes a civil engineer and an architect. The college woman is happy and prosperous with no more moral, business, or domestic failures charged against her than are charged against the college man. Wherever she is, she turns her college training to the work in hand, whether it be within or without the home, and thus makes that work effective. She applies science to cooking and to street cleaningg art to household decoration and to the laying out of city parksg economics to housekeeping accounts and municipal expendituresg psychology to the training of her own children and to the planning of school programmes. She does the work in hand and does not inquire too closely into the relation of that work to the social theories that prevailed before the college door was opened to her. She feels thejoy of creation and makes an occasional modest contribution to the sum total of human knowledge. She realizes the responsibilities that have come with opportunity and governs her life on the principle of nablesse oblige. The college woman, like the college man, is master of herself and of her surroundings. 96 VASSARION The college woman of to-day, with trained mind, high ideals, noble enthusiasms, and her acceptance of the newer ethics that finds the aim of society not in selfish culture or in self-denying service, but in mutual aid, has not as yet been faithfully portrayed in fiction, even by the college woman herself. But the true picture of her will be drawn in time, as the true picture of the college man has apparently already been drawn, and the historian of the day-after-to-morrow will then find in fiction an invalu- able source for the study of conditions already reached. LUCY NlAYNARD SAIJMON 4 ,W , 17 ' 3 G S T YY P! YY rl , . -,1YYY.YL-..-- VASSARION 97 M , Wr .' 'swf is Z. f Jn QM . i . I :JI . I ga 5357" , , A 'f M? 'ijt , . l , 54-E' 0 ' 145' . ., .- 0 In-... ..s . 'a ' 471' ..4:f-ul - Q.: '-.-- " ' -4:--A. ff--1:-my-Q.-A --V11-mf f f .:-:1r-..,:4:,-'-- 1, M '-Z-2111 19 "'1r-95' --722-Sa "i?3l35Li,23515-:4-.fs1ff-' , Ez- 41' " .5 ,f m A ,if 'Aj' Haig Q ,lr A f' 11:4-,iw -'J V --Cf:':.'g" 1' i' 'Quiz' A -15, X I "- 11- 3 . . . .9 ' Y' ' Q", 5 4: '. 6' I- - 5: 1:23.15 4- ... vq5i:l:p:.:5:L-1 , , . - :,4--,5g,- .L my EL, , .Q fa at . - 2 , 'a'4P.4'- .f,:iwE Lf' P .L 0 ' .mygs ,,-fi ,.f S, 6199, . ff: , 4 A If gf as Q :ak 1- x: Y' 'H ,I 'VJ ' .FY up 2' ,7 1 l,,'v,'v N 'VL-ljjziai F '- 3., 0 '-1: .1 "" .adfildgh ainmzi s M17 wif- Q iff- , :" guy : 13" :N iff' ,..,1. . . 5 sq? , . Q F 1 3 I' V 2 ! J '5 H 4 cg' -in E rw ' lg if 1 Y Q c JJQFQQQ jeff L., . :-114. .3 Qt " '21 '-5 4 . iff,-if .:' :i':. f' .5- - ' fg- IN 'lla-msn.. Presideni -":"3E,:' ..:f:.- 'Hmm -. - .-4' . 1,14-- '35 -1.1-L t Students' Association Officers MAIQJORIEHISCOXIQOS . , MARGARETTUCKER 1905 . , Vi: ELIZABETH ELY GOODRICH IQO6 , . JULIA HENRIETTA XVRIGHT 1906 , e-Preszlrfenf Secretary Treasurer 98 RVASSARION Committee on Self-Government MAIKJORIE Hlscox 1905 . . . . . Claazrman MARGARE'F TUCKER 1905 . . . Sec a RUTH MURRAY UNDERHILI, 1905 Ql'1eANNE'r'1'Is HUNTINGTON WARE 1905 SIDNEY LEWIS 1906 LOIs WARIKEN 1906 ADA SARA KERR IQO6 CAROLINE LOUISE FLEMING 1906 Prexfdent of Slrong Prexident of Lathrop President of Da'uz'.ron Prexzldenf of Raymond MARY BENNIQT LORD 1907 LUIS RICHMOND TRACY NATHALIE WILSON 1908 1907 MARY RICHARDSON BABBOTI' 1908 K 9 'fo 92' 3 7-Io L V "., " my ' X aim .Rim xi 'I ,512 N Qi f QR, Ngkqf V A S S A R I O N Q9 1 lI,' i, ,- "Y iz-,i:Qi? ' 1:71 3 ff:- ' "?f:f' r 1" 121355 -. . - 1 r Lf!" . . , -1 jf" --.sgwfb ,Qlff Christian Association of Vassar College Officers MARGA1114:'1' F1.1sM1No IQO5 . . .Pre,f1'denf ETHEI, BRIGGS 1905 , . . lfice-Prei-izlfnt MARY H11s'1'oN W11.soN IQO6 Cv U 7' 7' L' J' ll U Il ll li Il g S 01' I' F f 61 I' -Y MAIiGAIili'1' RANVSON A1v112N19o6 Recording Sefrefary RU'1'11ING11A1Y1AM 1907 . . . . .Treasurer A mtw efrfawfs CHRISTIAN 6 ASSOCIATION W Committee on Devotional Meetings HELEN DE BEv0isE 1904, Cfmzrman MARY TQABER 1905 HELEN GLENN IQO7 MARY B. JARNAGIN 1906 MARY JENNINGS 1908 Committee on Bible Study .IUL1A WR1GH'I' 1906, Claairman BERTI-1A BARDISN IQOS REBA C. HENDRICKSON 1906 MARY XVI-lI'I'E IQO5 V1RG1N1A DEACON IQO7 ED1'1'H LARMON 1906 SARAH BOWNE IQO7 Committee on Missionary Work ' HELEN PIAGUE IQO5, ClJHl'Tl710fl rl-HEODOSIA XVALES IQO6 MILDRED IVY 1907 I'IEI.EN FFALCOTT 1906 AGNES STREIBERT IQO6 Committee on Work in Poughkeepsie ELSIE HILL 1906, Chairman 1iLEAN0R ADAMS 1906 KATIE MILLER 1905 -IEANNETTE XVARE 1905 SIDNEY LENVIS IQO6 NIARTHA HIENNING 1905 MARY L0RD 1907 Committee on General Philanthropic Work IDOROTHY LEWIS 1905, Chairman MARY CONGER 1905 HARRIE'fTE COMSTOCK IQO6 AGNES BRADS1-1Aw 1905 LUCY LOCKWOOD 1907 IOO VASSARION 101 Committee on Work Among the Maids A. BAILEY XVRIGHT 1905, Chairman A CAROLINE BARNES 1905 V10LE'r PIKE IQO7 ORA GALUSHA 1906 MILDIKED V1LAs IQO7 Committee on Music SUSAN GRIGGS 1906, Cbairnmn Committee on Finance RUTH INGRAHAM 1907, Clmirmun NIARGARET LYALL IQO7 MARGARET BRONSON 1908 OLIVE 131000011111 1907 NIARY CHILDS 1908 Committee on Missionary Finance GliACE IX"ICNAUC2HT 1905, Clmirman JIZANNIETTE LAXVRENCE 1906 KA1'PIARINE TUCKIER 1907 ELIZABETH CUDDEIIACK 1906 KATHI,EEN RUMNEY 1907 HELEN ELIzARE'I'H DAVIS 1998 Committee on Membership NIARY C. REED 1905, CIJKIITIIHIYI , Editors of the Supplement CLAIRE RISILEY 1905, Editor-in-Clu'ef TREE SONG Thro' the dusk of the greenwood going, W'e have sought till we chose aright- Chose you, named you, and come to claim you ln the dark of the summer night. Hand in hand we circle 'round youg Break the sleep that you've slept so long! Wake to life, be glad we found you- Wake to echo our eager song! Leaves grow green for us, g Sap flow strong for us. Boughs bend low to hear. Wake to life from your sunny slumber, . To a life that you've never knowng Share our triumphs and hear our singing- Oh, be glad that you're all our own! Sleep no more! When all our songs are sung Stand firm for us, our name and trust to keep. When we are gone and gathered here no more, Fair dreams of us shall break your quiet sleep Long for us as we'll long for you, When in dreams you hear. Thro' the dusk of the greenwood going, We have sought till we chose aright- Chose you, named you, and come to claim you ln the dark of the summer night. IO2 ANN NX Y ig? DRHMHTICS X! PLAUDITE Those Roman comp mes we have read about Would fam request th applause of pit and gallery ln buskm brave and mask they d tread about The stage-and seek applause instead of salary. But these our actors-can we too much praise Their genius-and their toiling, worn committees? Our only fear, lest they too much amaze And rivals make the favorites of the cities. For Plaudite needs be no last request At curtain fall-unasked applause comes then, fo Your Plays and You are epochs by us blest, And longed for, long enjoyed, and longed again for 104 VASSARIGN I0 M fw ' fmjgb, T 1' 0 . v- 3 ..., , . -1 1-5, N -, - .5-:Al - .4-n55:.,. --a . r. , .,,.,,. P --1,,. . f'1-.e:.-, '? f:EQf1xf:'E - :gf l z ff v H' . -' ' A - .J .. Q L lf uf 1391552 '45 -1? 1? 4, . .. 1 ,A ,,.4,.gi - .555-Z-f:--V:-Lt-.. " '1.. ,f .g.'.aff :" 5, .- ' -f W 4'l'. ' 1 , . ' ,Q ib ' ' S-'ei ' 1 -,f Z Jr." :lm i Q-,.:.:' .12 Av +7 ' 'f 5,2 ,' . . Win' ix? FLC- 1 14' 1 .Ma , Q -- ,Aa ,gs mg , 4 55 .'l:' ,TW 'xiii 11?-f 1" r' 9:5 -ff' ,. H4 ,,1,',' sri," 4, If 54 U-lr aI'-'WA 'wif-. 9555? 2214 f' 1: 6' . few' ,ag kv ' , vm id .,,.f A 9.15, f UM Q ., A:-.L -I -- 4-. . . 1 hd fx -sg' ,Q F 2 1 Il! Eg s V , J O . u N101 143- , " A4 . .- as "HRW-'2 . . ... .-541. .. 2f' ' ' TRIVNIL. Philaletheis Officers GRACE VIRGINIA MCCARTHY 1905 . Presiden LUCY STEWART BRADLEYIQO5 , . Vice-Pre.vza'en LILYZIMMERMANIQO6, . . Secretar E1.s1E DUNWIZI.I.lQO6 . . Treasury JULIASEARINGIQOG ...,.. Property Manage IVIARY BORDENIQO7 . d.v5z'.vtantProperty flflnnage p AW 7 sfo f Eli? Qin wlfgfll X N SN U A QQ' xW f fffNx A , ' le. N" 'J f :. ' 17,19 A 'V ff ij' V .N -H! li! il. 4' . K -X NYT ,bt Vvrl, ' S v f . fl f-fi 'ft' ffii sn. fl 2 Q To X A Alpha. TVIARY B. BoN LAi1 Vt l'IENRIE'1'TA P CAROLINE FLEMING KATHLEEN G. RUMNEY S. C. Angell S. C. Duke H. C. Babson H. B. Dunstan S. Y. Beiermeister K. French M. B. Bon H. Hague J. Clark li. M. Johnson E. E. Curtis H. Johnson M. H. Baldwin C. L. Fleming H. Bradfield O. Galusha R. Brihach H. Knox J. B. Bruyn M. I. Marx R. L. Davey A. L. Miller B. Fair H. Millington E. E. Ayres M. R. Fritz M. Borden E. E. Goodrich B. M. Coats F. H. Harris C. M. Comey Nl. Lambie H. E. Ebel M. B. Lord M. E. Fisher H. G. Mears J. Barclay E. L. Fenton J. Buchanan E. G. Groeneveld M. E. Buckhout E. C. Haley M. W. Childs C. L. Lloyd M. G. English M. L. Parker 1905 1906 1907 1908 ro6 L K L. M. G. H. M. R. M. M E. H . M K L. I-I . A . L. H. E. O L. G Leonard S. Loomis Marshall McCloskey A. Parrot Platt T. Numsen A. Park Patton A. Platt Van Saltza Sawyer L. Quinnell GV. Rumney E. Sayel' M. Shope Nl. Sperry R. Tracy Quaintance P. Showalter Stewart R. Strauss Titchener Preszirlvnz re-President Secretary Treasure: G. A. Sample M. B. Thistle M. B. Thomson L. Vielc L. A. Wandel M. V. Wright K. Steelman L. B. Warnock M. Wilson Wortendyke K. Tucker B. E. Tyler A. Van Nostrand G. Whiting L. H. Zalmer D. Vandegrift F. Vandegrift H. Wilkinson N. Wilson M. C. Wright iw? 0 C f f-Jllflfiff fl' -f r i lf Beta SvrvlfxlluurizlzBurF1NToN19o5 President Arrcel-l1sYwooD19o5 lfife President LUCY'r SHANNON IQO6 Secreinry LOUISERODMAN IQO7 rsnrurfr Members 1905 G. I. Ballard . H. Hamlin R. McCulloch C. Reilley C. S. Barnes L. Henning E. M. McKisson L. M. Saltonstall L. S. Bradley H. Heywood G. Norcross H. V. Swift S. D. Bufiinton Hiscox M L. Pinckard A. B. Wright M. E. Eddy Lewis M. C. Reed M. F. Wright 1906 M. R. Amen B. Jarnagin M. B. Madden B. Saville M. E. Brooks G. Klahr G. B. Marrett M. E. Sears li. Bufiington Lewis R. L. Nlason NI. A. Senior L. B. Cooley Lobingier E. M. Riddle L. B. Shannon H. Talcott 1907 M. B. Avery H. Haines M C. Johnson R. N. Potter T. M. Barton Hamberger L. Leonard F. Reynolds lf. C. Brewster W. Hinkel E. VV. Lippincott L. Rodman V. Deacon Hicks L. A. MacNeille G. B. Spooner M. Gardner M. Hedrick G. E. McCasky G. C. Taylor 1-I. Glenn MCC. Hughes B. M. Pierson K. B. Worcester IQO8 P. K. Angell B. Collier YV. H. C. Hunter C. L. Southard L. C. Bcdell I". Fillmore M. B. Jennings M. A. Thomas M. M. Bevier A. Foss K. K. Merritt R. S. True I". M. Brewer T. Halsey V. Norris H. Wardwell B. Bevens F. Havens E. L. Sigler L. A. White M. H. Whittier 107 ' A. E. Stewart ,.vJuu,., 0 5' . ?Z Qf ' Theta RACHEL K. PECK 1905 l':LSlI2 H11.1,1 l',LlZABE'l'H EVANS IQ 906 Pire- 06 Prrrzif , . 'sul Presizleni Secreiary STVFIIXIIYFI' B. Sykes Nl. Underhill P. Wheeler M. Parry Pownall . M. Ramsdell J. Stewart E. Vvilliams H. Mills Medhury McRostie . Mellier L. Rowe M. Snow N. V. Van Slyke J. Roche LUCYROVVE 1907 Members 1905 NI. B. Barrere lf. Collins G. V. lxlICCZl1Tl1y' A. Bell E. Raton L. Muckenhoupt I-I. I-I. De Bevoise M Fleming R. K. Peck S. M. DeLamatcr A. W. Hoag G. H. Richardson 1906 lx. F. Adams H. Campbell M. Fitch R. L. Aclsit NI T. Carey R. C. Hendrickson D. D. Axrcll R. I. Converse E. NI. Hill L. E. Binns H. Cumpson NI. Munn M. Brown E. M. Evans S. Nlesick B. C. Brumbach C. Fink A. Oliphant 1907 R. Andrus R. Crowell E. V. Hubbard S. M. Bowne E. A. Cutting R. Ingraham E. Bowman E. A. Draper E. Linton L. Brooke A. M. Grant H. I. Lowell C. Brynes F. M. Gregg K. C. Merrill M. H. Crandall M. M. Greenwood M. Milinowski nl. L. Staley 1908 M. Babbctt E. Glass M. Lane R. Blatner H. Graves Ni. Nlilne D. Chipp R. Hernblower H. A. Pooley L. Felter G. Hume NI. Raymond A. de Lima IOS F. Robinson M. F. Schimmelfeng B. Stone R. Vvceks A. Wertz lf-fqfwwf S S 1 M ff- 'L 1 1' f' " 1 2 V . 1 X if yu f 4 ,V q 1. YS 1 1 . A -.. ' me " 5.171 Z H W N f Qs N v 1' X 'xf -A Q: y 'Wt A2 -.RH LT A 750 ' -4319 till ,l ' rf H 1 1 JA f V 1 ,ur-oft f' Si 'fQ'f2f1j?"J"' '.-w1-Mf'v.- N' lf'-..' .,.1,.w.,,., ,.:4.,i,. - 1 256.14 h ll 'LJlWffFb1rPM fs o Xxx , -. 1 Cr Q Qx ,AK VX l' Omega CAROLINE SEALY1905 Presidenr F1zANc12sC.S1111.1sY1oo0 lfirw-P1-exiflenz MARoA1111'rM.R0s1z IQO7 Sftreturv 121111011 CoN0vs111o07 Treasuefr Members I905 C. l.. Armshy M. L. Dunbar E. R. Marshall H. H. Straight A. M. Baclcau O. Hasbrouck C. Sealy H. Yvare M. R. Congcr F. D. Hazeltine lVl. M. Sliipp 1906 H. M. Bowen M. C. Evans B. G. Hurlhut Searing H. Comstock lf. V. Ford B. Hunt F. C. Sibley M. Dimock B. French H. Johnston S. Slesinger A. P. Dictzman M C. Hamilton McLure M. C. Sweet D. M. Eckhart L. Hatch M. L. T. Morse M. Wallaridge G. H. Ellis E. O. Hincken hi. T. Paine L. Zimmerman A. NI. Evans E. Howe I. A. Riclgway 1907 L. M. Bane A. lf. Gabriel Nl. P. Moore D. M. Sessions L. licnet K. Holman M. E. Neal C. Smith P.. Conover M Ivy S. P. Perry H. G. Taylor A. Cranmci A. M. johnson E. Popper M. Wentworth P Crocker E. V. King A. C. Reed I. M. Woocllvur O. B. Eclgcomh L. Lockwood M. Rose IQO8 M. P. Bowie M. G. lfarrington C. Kielland R. Rothschild E. S. Brush H. Fisher M. McMcin M. B. Scott A. B. Day R. lil. Harris H. L. Nlessinger A. Selleors F Cv. Danahy R. VV. Healcl H. W. Nlygatt M. T. Shotwell G. Dunn H. B. -losselyn K. O'Donnell IO9 Y -x"'Xw'n :W J Jf xx NON CHAPTER MEMBERS fxbcm OF PHILALETI-IEIS C. Bancroft C. Barber R. Bass A. Bell Bergen Nl. Blount S. Botsforcl B. Bradshaw W. Brezee J. Briggs C. Brown L. Burlingame VV. Butler E. Capron Chase E. Clark E. Cochran Collins W. Colwell M. Comstock E. Day W. Dinegan B. Dolbeer E. Dutton Fernalcl A. Fontaredc W. Ganong If V ' wi ng -if R4 'sn " N C 1 '.i.,-.f'.-.-arqfqf ""'-"'--'T' - ' A 1. , ,.3-13.43,.zeg-.-3-.-,g..5-5-1-.sag g..-.,af2a.5:-5.Q-'Q55c,mia4:-an.,gzfitzjkz14gi3:,QC',:1:gjr,5'f,:.:f,q:'g-3,:,.f .-as - fs H I "5 .'-'.g.':.'.:g':'g1Q -':g'.1i ',Z:'r 1'i'- 'A-121225-.14-'gf : .-.'-.143-13.-'uf -K,--5 4:16-':,:-5 -1: 4:2 1:1-47.1-5..'.f,-.'.w':. r-.- ,+".J--,J -'LC' n- ,,....A..s,'3:.::. -.,f,,4..g 3' . -- - - 1.-1-.vvf , h -Q -5-1,-I3 - 5 Y , - E1 I -5 . 4 v r Z K 9 ,- 5 . .11 42 5 7, .-.a , if ..... '.. N' .1 . , . I l . I. J' ' , l-1 79 1. IQOS A. lf. Gaylord A. D. Gibson M. H. GolI M. E. Haines A. C. Halsey G. Hamblen C. A. Hawley L. Heclden Z. F. Heinz -I. R. Henkel I". A. Henlcing L. C. Hickox lf. L. Hill H. Hill L. Holloway E. F. Hopson 14. . A. Howe S. R. Hubbard li. E. Hutchinson R. T. Johns E. M. Johnson A. O. Kays M. E. Kelly M. S. Kelly H. Kenyon J. E. King M. I. Kingston IIO If. E. Lacey Il. C. Lancaster E. NI. Lane H. L. Leavenworth A. E. Loughriclge H. B. Lowenstein H. M. Lukens A. Lyall L. IVI. McCandless J. B. IVIcCrelis B. M. McMicl1ael G. I. McNaught H. L. Manning A. VV. Meserve K. G. lVIiller N. Mottley E. M. Nichols C. Obi' E. G. O'Loughlin E. H. Ost M. L. Overocker I. A. Owen C. L. Pratt M. A. Pratt M. Rand N. F. Raynm V A S S A R I O N III C. Richardson M. B. Steele C. L. Warner A. L. Scott M. Steelman S. F. Watson S. A. Sherry B. M. Street M. I. White H. A. Slaught E. A. Street B. M. Wiggin M. K. Smith M. l". Taber B. Wilson R. P. Smith M. Tucker D. L. Worthington H. N. Snyder A. D. Tuttle G. A. Yerex I. M. R. L. li. li. A. N. B. M A. D. A. A. K. lf. L. Ii. li. IL. M G 1: Ii . li. M. IC. M. Spolu' G. Starr L. Adsit A. Aldrich A H. Alvorrl Ashmore VV. Beales C. lirorherton Brown Brown Burlingnnie Burr C. Buxton D. Campbell D. Cantlon J. Chandler Clark i L. Collier B. Collier M. Cudclebaek Dallas lf. Dalton M. Dixon Dunwell Durrin lf. Rlwell C. lfverman H H. A. Vortriede IQO6 C. E. lfarrar A. VV. Fisher li. W. lfosdiek L. Fraissinet C. E. Frenzel P. E. Fuller O. W. Galusha lf. H. Grey NI. A. Green S. L. Griggs M. C. Gnndlach lil. G. Hall R. Halstead A. Hathaway A. NV. Holme A. E. Holt M. B. Hutchinson IL. Jeffery lf. T. Jones R. 'l'. Jones C. V. Kahn B. li. Kaudfman A. M. Kantz A. S. Kerr N. B. Kimball . F. Vermilyea M. R. Zacher M. H. Kingsbury C. F. Krause E. L. Larrnon J. VV. Lawrence L. A. Little E. C. Lowry K. C. McCormick E. R. MacDonald A. T. McGirr I-I. D. McKee C. M. Mackellar M. B. Madden lr. E. Meyer E. H. Meyrowitz M. Milinowski E. Mills l". Nl. Morris K. NI. lVIorris S. Morris M. Morrison B. L. Munson M. V. Nevius hi. H. Noble J. S. Norton M1 T. Numsen II2 VASSARIGN B. F. Oldfield J. T. Oldt J. W. Perkins E. Pic rpent H. B. Price R. Ransom M. Roden E. M. Rushmore H. A. Scouton H. E. Searle E. Severance C. A. Strcibert NI. H. Aiken F. M. Allerton F.. VV. Amen R. Andrus H. NI. Bartlett F. N. Beckley I. Beekman A. H. Belding M. C. Belknap E. E. Bleakley A. A. Bole M. Brace lf. G. Brinsmadc F. G. Brumley F.. C. Bryncr G. M. Bullard K. M. Bunker I. F. Cain M. L. Connor M. M. Cosgrove G. L. Crocker E. Crosby M. C. Sweet F. F. Townsend M. Tupper A M. L. Tyler S. E. Tyler E. K. VandcrVeer T. H. Wales A. L. YValkcr A. T. TVallach E. P. YVarncr A. L. Waichert E. I. VVcil 1907 R. E. Cutler E. NI. Darrow F. A. Davis F. L. Decker A. NI. Dow E. Downer H. A. Drake E. H. Dunstan G. Durbridge F. L. Easton V. Edmands A. Garson M. Glanville B. M. Goring J. G. Gould L. A. Gow F. M. Hamilton V. A. Hamilton E. A, Hasbrouck H. Hawley E. M. Henney F. A. Vvnlwood M. Wliite NT. G. White R. D. Will.ix1son M. Vvilsan R. VVithLrbee L. Wcilfc rsperger M. E. kVoodward P. YVolvcrton G. S. Wi'igl1t NI. L. Ycrdon M. M. Hitchcock R. Hoag A. M. Hubbard A. T. Huyler R. Ingraham F. Ivy NI. D. Jewett A. G. Kennedy E. Kinney P. Kiper S. Klotz R. Knox M. A. Leal J. A. Lindemann E. A. Lundcll E. I. Nlaag M. Nlclfwen E. G. McRostie B. G. McVoy G. D. Nlarkle B. C. Maxlield V A S S A R I O N ' II J. S. Maxlield S. R. Scott M. I. Van Benscoter L. D. Mellier M. B. Service G. W. Vanderbilt A. Millington A. M. Shaw A. L. Van Vechten M A. Northrup G. Simpson M Vilas P. C. Notting A. M. Skinner E. I. VVestf1rll ll. L. Parks A. B. Smith R. C. VVilder C Peirce L. Stinnnel L. G. Wilkilis l" Y. Phillips H. Stone If H. Williaxiis lt. V. Polk M lf. Stroh N. lVilson L. G. Rogers F. R. Sweeney M. C. XVilson G. Rood H. B. Sweeney G. L. Wood C. M. Rourke lf. C. 'lierrill G. VVoodruFl' L. G. Rouzer Torrance C. H. lVrigl1t I-I. D. Rushmore N. A. Trask H. Young N. Ryder K. Tucker H. Sawyer A. Urban IQO8 I-I. R. Adams lf. A. Browne If. M. Cornell l' B. Anderson M VV. Buekhout G. I. Crawford G. C. Anderson 1-I. lVl. Buckler L. B. Crawford G. lf. Baird l" L. Bullard R. Crocker A. I-I. Baldwin M B. Burke A. M. Cuddehack l-l. S. Banlield V. I. Bush E. C. Cunningham H. M. Barnes lf. P. Chapin E. M. Curtiss L. VV. Barnes H. lf. Charles C. E. Custis lt. L. Bartlett D. Charlton lf. L. Damon R. Bates R. K. Child I-I. B. Davis N. S. Bingaman B. E. Clark Davis M Blancke lf. VV. Clark M C. Davis D. D. Boardman lf Clarke M E. Denniston ll. Bourne M. Clisc L. Dickinson O. L. Boyne F C. Cole F. S. Dodge A. I. Brodie F. Connor M Dudley M. L. Bronson D. B. Conover E. H. Dunnells L. l". Brown M. Cooley B. F. Dustin II V A S S A R I O N E. Edwards E. L. Johnson NI. D. Potter Edwards I. C. Johnson F. D. Prather Eldredge H. B. Keyes Pulsford lilmendorl' D. B. King Nl. Raus Flting H. I. King M. L. Raymond lfrwin - L. L. Kirkendall M. H. Raymond N. liairbank O. L. Lafrentz S. S. Reynolds L. l?21ITZlll H. B. Leech H. F. Rice I-I. lftrris M. A. Lett M. E. Rich liillrnore B. Ltuthold K. Rockwell M. liinch A. A. de Lima K. B. Rose L. lflalit-1'1y B. A. cle Lima R. lf. Ryckman M. Gaylord M. B. Lincoln H. l. Schermerhorne G. Gogin C. A. Lyman L. Schimmelfeng . A. Gorton G. li. lVlcAllester M. lf. Sehimmelfeng C. Graves l. Gray Green R. Greenwood A. Griggs Hakes S. Hale Hammer M. Harwood V. lleacock M. Hequembourg M. Herll' . W. Hering M. HoFFman E. Hogsett E. C. Hopson lf. Hotchkiss S. Howe D. Hubbell M. Jenkins H. Johnson M. lWcGarr B. McKay lf. B. Mcliey L. O. McLeod C. A. S. lVlcNetL E. G. Nlagee I. L. Nlanegold Nl. hd. Martin M. E. Nl ayn a rd N. lVlerriam E. L. Miller S. G. Nlurdock A. El P. Nickey K. F. Noyes S. M. Nusbaum D. G Oakley H. C. Otis E. NI Patrick A. L. Peabody L. E. Phipard G. E. Potter E. F. Schirmcl' E. Schneider lVl. VV. Sedgwick G. G. Serrtll B. B. Shale M. H. Shaw B. R. Smith B. G. Smith E. Smith M. D. Sneyd-Kynncrsley M. E. Southurd M. Spzfiford R. L. Spalding M. A. Speer F. H. Spencer J. C. Sprague F. Stager A. Stanley M. A. Stanton E. Stanwood VASSARION II A. Sturt V. Stokes Stunt Nl. Stone Srurson M. Suplce T. Swords F. Tay L. Taylor I-1. Tobin If. Tozcr Trotter R. Upclikc . VV. Urban M. Vzmcc E. Van Cleef L. Vanderbilt V. Van Kirk VV:mty A. L. VVelJer E. F. Wl1eeler H. C. VVilcox E. A. VVilliums M. M. VVing M. C. Witte S. Wolf Nl. R. WOOClLltOl1 C. Young E. Young R. Zimmers Ffffiij YT. lAk.o1l 'oc .Y,.-,n- , -5 , far?-D! .1 --.,-.LY, , Ji 1 57 116 VASSARION Fourth Hall Play May 14, 1904 e Tliammg of Qc Qbreluz IA Comcdic by Blaster YVilliam Shalzcspcare, truely set forth before ye worshippful Rflaydes of Vassar College, In ye monthe of Nlay, NIDCCCCIVJ Ye Characters BAPTISTA, 21 rich gentleman of Padua . VINCENTIO, an olcl gentleman of Pls" LUCENTIO, :I son of Vincentio . PETRUCHIO, 21 gentleman of Vcron CERIZMIO . , xl SllllIUl'S to BIIIHCZI Ye Players E. :HARRIS E. CUTTING M. ELDER G. VFAYLOR B. :HASTINGS HoR'rIsNs1o l M. MOORE 'TRANIO lg . . M. NIENNER HIONDELLO 5 . CIVZIDIS to Lucenu S. PERRY QRUMIO ' germ Q PJ 1 il. 1' M. BoN CUIIVI-IS 5 Y 4 ITIS to LU UL no . 'K IDARK A PEDANT .,.. R. XVILDER A TAILOR .... S. ANGELL KATHERINE Q N , I , EMILY FORD BIANCA 5'd2'l'ght"S of BL'Pf'm ' lADELAIDE DRAPER Wmow ..... DORA WARING Ye Play Directors WINIFRED SMITH l.vIABEL EMMA BROWN ELIZABETH RICKER DIMOCK GERTRUDI2 IANA BALLARD MARY FIELD TABER MABEL I'IYDE KINGSBURY ELIZABETH CHRISTINA VoN QA: llA RUTH CROWELL I L I GAVIN DISHART LORD RINTOUL CAPTAIN I'lAl.LIWEI.L TWAITS . First Hall Play November 5, 1904 Tlllbe 3LittIe :minister Cast THOMAS WHAMOND, Chief Elder . SNECRY HOEART ANDREW MEALMARER Elders . . SILVA TosH Ros Dow . MICAH Dow JOE CRUXCKSHANKS, Atheist . . SIERGEANT DAVIDSON . NANNIE WEBSTER JEAN, Manse Servant FELICE, Maid H. C. BABSON E. A. CUTTING A. M. HUBBARD M. MOREHOUSE E. FERNALD H. KENYON S. H. ANGELL S. B. PERRY A. HEYWOOD S. LEWIS M. E. AVERY H. HAGUE FRANCES CAMPAU SI BLEY CLAIRE REII EY ELEANOR HA1i1.EY MILLS AND LADY BARBIE . . . EMILY VAN DUzFR l'ORD Committee GRACE VlRGINIAYMCCART'HY lVlARY BELLE BARRIERE CAROLINE SELLERS BARNEE JULIA HENRIETTA WRIGHT I'IELEN CUMPsoN RUTH CHURCHILL WILDER DELPI-IA CooI.IDGE -' I-Q . -i,,,.,, 120 ' VASSARION December Io, 1904 Second Hall Play Qu wnerrcau Qlmtlgen X Cast BERESFORD CRUGER Qufrerwarcls called Carewj . PETER BARRURY CSmiOr Parmerj . . . I EGERTON BROWN CDefaulting Parmerj . . SIR I'l.UMI'HREY BUNN Can Englishmnnj . . OTTO STROBLE fu German-Americanj . , SIMMS fllnglislm vulerj . . . . LUCAS fn Clerkj l l XVAITER NIERCURY CCruger's Oflicc boyj . . FLOWER VENDER . . . . BEATRICE CAIQENV fan English girlj . GEORGIA CHAPIN Cam American girlj . . CAROLA CHAPIN Caunt to Georgiaj, ' E . LADY BUNN . . . . , . ANNETTE . . . . . . G. C. 1iAYLOR O. HASBROUCK G. DUNN E. TALLANT L. A. XVANDEL ll '. M. BUTLER E. EATON E. C. PITOU MARY EDITH NEAL MAY BROYVN LUCY ELIOT1' SHANNON RUTH SMILEY TRUE ELLA HUNT OST LOUISE MEIJBURY Committee MABEL ANNE QUINN LILLIE MARSHALL RACHEL KEZIA PECK l'IARRIE'l"I'E COMSTOCR HELEN I'IOOKER TALCOTT HELEN HART LYDIA GARDINER ROGERS LIELEN LOUISE MESSINGER 1 l l VON I-IAUGK VON METZING DR. JUTTNER LUTZ SCHOLERMANN GLAN7. COUNT VON ASTERBERG KARL BILZ of Saxonm KURT ENGLEBRECI-IT VON XVEDELL . RUDER . A VVAITER . KATHIE . FRAU RUDER . . FRAU DORFEL .... Third Hall Play February 25, 1905 QBITJ Zipethzlberg Cast KARL HEINRICH E. SAVILLE BARON VON PASSARGE A E. E. GOODRICH VON BREITENBERG H. H. STRAIGHT E. BURNS C. L. ARMSBY L. M. PARRY B. G. HURLBUT A. W. LIOPSON I C. L. PRATT S. F. MESICR C. L. FLEMING A. B. WRIGHT L. A. XVANDEL E. BOWMAN E. BERTINE ELEANOR HARLEY NIILLS . . KENNETH O,DONNELL . . SUSAN AMERANTH SHERRY lVIembers of Student Corps of Vandalia, Saxo-Borusia, Saxonia, Wbstplmlia, RhenzIniz1,xSu:Ibiz1. Committee LUCY STUART BRADLEY HE-LEN MORGENTHAU NIARGARET MUNN Annv A1 WOOD CRANMER MARDA KENDRICK SMITH MARY BYNUM JARNAGIN ENID LINTON DELLA BOARDMAN CONOVER Lyn' - Vg- Nw 1 fwja ll Y 1f,YYYY "- I 1,1 'ntl 124 V A S S A R I O N f ' ',X . fl Wg Q grab Fourth Hall Play May 13, 1905 I All ll ll Tlllmelftb jatgbt or what Emu will Committee lVlARY FIELD TAIIER IETIIEI. NICKISSON RUTH UNDERPIILL LILY ZIMMEIIMAN ELSA WEII. LOUISE MEDIIUIIY ELEANOR CONOVER CAROLINE LLOYD Chapter Plays XILPI-IA-M Rs. TUIsIs's 'IQELEGRAM BET!!-MY LORD IN LIVERX A RICE PUDDING THETA-A FLYING WIQDGE OMEGA-A VVEST POINT REGULAIION T ff' 7 f N ll jf J 1 'gb QQ, .pkg ' NI.- I S""'v V :J 5 NN I N W' ' -4 Q RCW? 1 F X X' WW f ff X ' -s 'f' f' i My Jx, " ,-fQ.: Dx'IXYX. 41 b -fixgusafwmfr , ,. 0 ff Qi Aw .5 V1 I, 1, f , 'fy 6631 'w-.Hwy fbb , , gg Xi. ZQ I, A Z tl ' Q ky. , Eb I -:M f 1' gin E ,, , wM ..' ' ,, V Q, I X," ,lx ' X ig' iw 1' L F X 1f..,,xy ,T-5-lf? 5-155 5 X71 fi 11 ' 'V ff ',,. 'V 1 V fy 1' 1 f fl " 1 ' I . ' . wh X - F X , I! fl. 'W 1 W" 'N f A V: ,Zan kj! fb G. 1 , ,, Iwi 15 , I 1 ATHLETICS if- g?-X 126 VASSARION GYM See the freshman neat and trim go to gym Three goodlhours every week: There they hear the chest-weight Come out sore in every limb From the gym. Bored. the junior and the soph g With each other lie and scoff, " Botherl now the skating's off We must cultivate a cough Or else-gym. Seniors, coming down from Phil While they have some time to ki Stop and watch a fencing drill. " Whyl do people go there still? Thal's the gym l " s squeaky o to gym, pass the gym ll V A S S A R I O N 127 '-6 ' '. , A 3 :K ,::.1 "M, r' Azrarf' F . ,A-' 9 ' flif i I-ek n al' 275 H ' ff-L -' 1- 35:11 ' 1? ' 'SSW' ---A-lf waz. - ,,.4 Q N' FJ, , - Az ..-ifolhg .if Y- 1- -- ' 41-. Athletic Association Officers CAROLINE SELLERS BARNES IQO5 . Preyident CAROLINE FLEMING 1906 . . . Vice-Pre.via'ent ANNIE DEMPSTER CAMPBELL 1906 . Secretary RUTH CHURCHILL WVILDER 1907 'Treaxurer 128 VASSARION Miss Ballintine Professor Ely H. C. Babson A. M. Badeau G. l. Ballard H. C. Bancroft B. R. Barclen C. S. Barnes A. NV. Bell G. Bergen Nl. B. Bon lf. S. Botsford L. S. Bradley A. B. Bradshaw G. C. Brown S. D. Buflinton H. lf. Clark Ia. W. Colwell lt . M . Comstock M. R. McC. Conger H. H. DeBcvoise Nl. VV. Dinegan S. C. Duke Nl. L. Dunbar L. Pi. Dutton lf. Eaton Nl. liddy B. Fontarecle Nl. Fleming K. French A. D. Gibson H. Hague G. Hainblen O. Hasbrouck F. D. Hazeltine F. A. Henking A. Heywood L. C. Hickox F. L. Hill S. Y. Beigrmeister Members of the Athletic Association Profs sso r Moore Nliss Nl ay ' 1905 Nl. Hiscox lf. E. Hutchinson R. T. Johns E. M. Johnson M. l. Kavanaugh R. Nl. Keeney H. Kanyon lf. King lf. li. Lacey lz. bl. Lane D. Lewis H. B. Lowenstein K. S. Loomis H. M. Lukens A. Lyall M. McCloskey R. McCulloch lf. M. lVlcKisson B. M. McMichael G. I. NlcNaught H. L. Manning E. R. Nlarshall L. Nlarshall R. A. Merselis A. W. lXleserve H. Nlorgenthau N. Nlottley lf. Nl. Nichols G. Norcross lf. G. O'Loughlin H. Ost I. A. Owen G. A. Parrot R. K. Peck bl. L. Pinckard H. Platt C. L. Pratt Nl. A. Pratt Dr. Thclbc-rg I.. M M C G C. Price Rand C. Reed L. Reiley H. Richardson L. Nl. Saltonstall G. A. Sample C. Sealy A. Shepard M. NI. Shipp H. R. S. I-I . M . A. H. B. It H. K M M A. Slaught P. Smith D. Smyth N. Snyder Starr E. Stewart H. Straight M. Street A. Strett V. Swift B. Sykes P. Taber B. Thistle M l. Thompson M Tucker R. Nl. Underhill H. F. Vermilyea L. Viele H. A. Vortricde Nl L. Wzlller L. A. VVandel J. H. Wz11'e S. lf. VVatson M. I. VVhite A. B. VVright A. B. Wriglit M. V. NVright G. A. Yerex w V A S S A R I O N I2 1906 IL. Adams . Grevius F. Morris R. Aclsit Hall K. Morris L. Aldrich Harris M. Nlorrison lt. Alvord Hathaway M. Munn M. Belknap Hatch B. Munson L. Binns Hendrickson M. Noble lt. Bowman Hill M. Paine R. Bribnch Holt R. Park lf. Brumley Hunt L. Parry A. Burlingame Jeffery R. Ransom A. Campbell Kuhn M. Sears M Chilberg Kauflnizm M. Senior L. Clark Kerr L. Shannon L, Collier Kingsbury C. Streibert R. Converse Krause M. Sweet L. Cuddeback Lewis A. Wallack G. Dalton Lowry L. Wzlrren R. Davey McLurc lf. VVelwood A. Dietzmzin Madden M. Wliite C. lfink Mnrcus R. VVill:inson A. lfishcr Mason L. Wolferspergex M Fitch Meyer M. WOOClXX'HfLl C. lfleming Miller G. lNright M Greene IQO7 M Aiken Conover A. Gabriel lf. Amen Coolidge lt. Goodrich l.. Andrus Crzinincr Gould M Avery Crzlnclnll l.. Gow lf. Baumann Crawford lf. I'l:isbrouck A. Belding Crocker lf. Hinkel L. Bcnet Crosby M. Hitchcock I-tl. Benton Cutler A. Hopson M Borden Darrow lf. Hubbard 5. Bowne Drake E. Hughes lt. Brewster Draper A. Huyler C. Bryner libel R. lngraliznn G. Bullard lfclgcomb lr. Ivy K. Bunker Edmonds M. Ivy l. Cain Fisher M. Jewett M. Connor Fritz M. Johnson 130 V A S S A R I O N A. Kennedy H. Reel: Torrence M. Lambie I. Ridgway Trask J. Lockwood L. Rogers Tyler L. Lockwood L. Rouzer Underhill M. Lord K. Rumney Van Nostrand H. Lovell L. Scott Van Vechten H. Manro M. Sessions . Vilas I. Maplesden M. Service G. Wayman L. lVIedbury M. Shaw Nl. Wentworth E. Mills H. Shope G. VVhiting M. Moore Smith R. VVilder M. Northrop G. Spooner Williams P. Nutting H. St. Peter W. Wilson E. Parks F. Sweeney G. VVoodrufl'i C. Pierce L. S.ayer K. Worcester V. Pike G. Taylor H. Young Il. Popper 1908 H. Adams H. Davis Heald L. Angell Davis Heald IVI. Babhott F. Dodge Hequemlrourg H. Banfield M. Dudley Hires L. Barnes G. Dunn Hornblower M. Barrett H. Edwards Hornel M. Bevier M. English Hotchkiss IVI. Blanche E. Fairbank Howe R. Blatner H. Farrall Hoyt H. Bowine L. Felter Jennings IVI. Bowie E. Fenton Johnson A. Brodie H. Fisher Josselyn M. Bronson A. Gaylord Keyes E. Brush F. Graves King E. Chapin H. Graves King D. Charlton F. Green Lafrentz IVI. Childs IVI. Griggs Lane B. Clark E. Groeneveld Leech E. Clarke V. Hale de Lima E. Cole E. Haley de Lima K. Collier K. Halsey Lloyd D. Conover H. Hammer Lyman E. Cornell B. Hanford McAllister L. Crawford R. Harris lVlcGarvey K. Custis If. Havens McKey V A S S A R I O N 1 1 C. McNttt K. Rose L. Strauss E. McVoy R. Rothschild E. Suplee M. Martin R. Ryckman M. Taylor E. Maxson Schimmelfeng M. Thomas M. Maynard F. Schimmclfeng R. True K. Merritt E. Schneider E. Van Clef P. Meyers M. Scott D. Vandegrift E. Miller B. Shale V. Van Kirk M. Milne C. Shepard H. Wardwell H. Mygatt W. Shotwcll A. Wertz B. Norris E. Showalter E. Wheeler K. Noyes D. Signor L. White L. Nushauni B. Smith N. VVhite H. Otis E. Smith E. Whittingham M. Parker D. Sneyd-Kynnersley M. Whittier M. Potter Sprague H. Wilcox A. l'Hctschinger F. Stager H. VVilkinson H. Quznntance M. Raymond M. Rector L. Reynolds H. Rice M. Rich F. Rohinson J. Rockwell M. Stanton E. Stanwood R. Start O. Stewart Stone V. Stowe C. Southard EQ A .. 'WT E. VVilliams N. VVilson A. Wing S. VVolf M. Wright C. Young H. Zabriski " W '. 1905 Basketball Team -"T," E3 . riff: 19, ,u: ,-24 w f ,g . rv , ,YZQQ -.-- --.: 1- --- .Y - 1 -- -, -P-1--4 Q f E-. .4 41 rv? - ai- 14 -5 :JJ Q 2: .. - . mf, -f.. A , , -f . . - -. g. . in f . 5-1 -1- 1 L Ezra iv 5 -ns L Q,- ,fg-3 ff 152: EQ '-,FEL ' E"1Q ..-ii Q iif P if , :2 5 Q -3-.?.'2 iii? 121 ?5-if 2 Ag 52 J- 1: -2 -:iff qi? 'i -if? ff. F-+V-Wi .5334 3 i?T':f', .ii g if 5:-, 55335-:iff 5: 7 '-S E3 :ima ri-'Q .1mWvn'a'QQ,-"9l..-fmgQ1l1mqnlmLm,Mpg4m.m,,,,,,,-m,?:Q giimmmgf:wfm,,T vTLmW.,.mfn.f.,v.W.mqrymvy,v...mfgfmya-if - ,fgfggxl gf: : ag-,fri E1-.-':.i'-1? E?:i if Ti- El ?? 2 Z-f . 'fi' -Tl? .kfgfjif-.5 'iff' W- if-'.'?.2g :af-,L 152 35 Z.. ff-L E- 2 5 ' if 5 .4--iis-if ,Ji -- lr E-E55 121,-. ' WL? ,ff fs? ??"p 35,3 fi - T5 ' jfs gf: f 2 '- ' 'f-if-E-:ef."L91-,ei-:'5. if EEA -T3 lr. .. Ff?'f if E1-1 E 2 Q 222 rg :ES EES lg fat? q :E ,fig 1? 55' H' V -:QA -2, -Q? ,Y ... 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SLE 5 fi- :E :ff 5325222 Q- Eff., 22:2 Ei? ii P sf? 342 Qfgg "5 5795 Q, ,, -52.5 '15 :gf '-3' ' ?3 L21 if QT: 1i2 'i -5' -5' 53 1 . 'J si' :L r-1 ' ' ,Tl S. D. BUF!-'INGTON G. C. BROWN K. FRENCH G. A. Ynntx 1 U I4 H43 n,l1l,fHriZQ5H5g -'4,, . ,i Vi? ,a .32 H, H, DgB1.gv01sn H. WAR!-: F. D. HAzEl.'r11-u: C. S. BARNES Il 53,9 M 3 v 4 f N E Q' f'?d AX NIA "'!' if .i Ai F55 ai: W w . Af 'QF ,w '..wQsL1lfE-'iffy'-' MEEi'?ff-fig f-S2"1is'fZ1l.if---4f4?'k L' -- Q" - ' 'J -" 'M4 'f'f53 41 V ZS 5, U ? ' '..i1- ,,-4-'?'S-I' :ii iggriigif 'N Zia' iii? gf if iii ' ' 'Fc Mac 'eq VASSARION 133 H . NVA li C. J- lf. H. G. K. G. 1905 Basketball Team I., Captain S. BARNES H. W AR E D. I'IAZlE1,'1'IN1i H. DEBEVOISE A. XIIZRFX FRENCH C. BROWN UFFING'1'ON,AJ!l71lZgc'T Cmtrv Cfnirf Slllllf Centre' Side Cenfre 1?0f'Ll.'l17'Il, Foruvzrrf Guan! Guarff is -,,-'i9"2 Ai ii! . ig 522 fi' - . - fir , 5551? i-Lf: 4? ix E ...Li 'L '13 fliijiiii 'Q 5 1 ' .5-Eiii 1' T -iii? ,isvff 'gf-F 555-Q Eg . Ti? 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Lowuv Guam' FIAIQMING G11 11171, Llgff 21 ii- Si 1-L' 5 , 92, 51- .gf , gifs 5625 L' E3 ,-5355531 ' 5-E - PH? :ggi-' 31 .W ie? '13 EEZ? Egg 744 7m m.s' In-.m x-.. :1l: . n,, ,,..Luigiv.m.vnw,-,,,.5.,..-mQ,,a gff f T. . . f EF .Q -QE .gi-L. 32: 221. fg11?fQ'?1i2 gf QE iii.-S if mi fig .2135 w if '-ie? if ' '--1? v'-f' 12? fi" 5 sag. 3 7 E52 -E.. given- - 1907 Basketball I eam saga? f L M-- q . , '.? ,.-: E ff E -4. E1 , is-Ii 1 2 2 -L .si-EEL. 525 i fi -1- 5 if-. 4. 3 .2 Q, 5.2- 5 -gi? 5-. ...- gi 5' ii.. .3 iii Mtf 555 E r-4 L '-1-is : - -f 1-f - ,J Q-. if 1,-1-322 :ji """' 1-55 Y -L3--5 ? ES' -1 .:?1' L-If' .::- 1 ? igi .i.Q.: 322- 15 22- f i - Ai 114 iii LW.. E222 E ,J-E32 2.1 V Y. ,V 1-5 ,+ ue. ,L -Q: ':-ig ' -.- -- '. fi- ,-1 ig? :ip :f 5 ,4 .,J.- J- MA- , S 1 . ,V : fr F? .fy f i,w?, 1 T. 5 iw f f 1 md g- A-lg.- E? kgbigifg Y""':1?i"?-Qi ' 57:5 . :fa -:+f 1 'ff P 'fi ' gf ?1' elf?-fs? E-gi , if' K3 23-3 ?:'fTf-i QE? i - 1 2? 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E4 6' if l C L ' 'rf r 1 T 2 ' T T TH 1 Holder of the High jump Record in Vassar Holder of the Baseball Throw Record in Vassar 'LM' 1 5 . , ' - - iii? yyyfpi ffljlly at 4 feet 7.5 mches at 195 feet 6 mches -13 55 ,ij .1 lll.11lfl2j2Q1,l'll"' , A1153 A 7' - Ngtlil' 7 : 'W lf' ll W ,Q mi E 'Mla PM-2-v--iff1""""""v?':--'W --ll?-F'-"-"IW" f'1"ffW'll:w:,.' "Cl -4,43-l 1- A522 '-If-L ' u"f La :Ll Jim' 'Eff M"f7f--X ULU.. Z5-. WHGG. - - ?..- F-:L-la! f iii' -,: ,534 5 GS T -lfkifsvi 1-WT 'ga' '.'3'1,?3f -2 E 5 32 New ' rf'-9 'WN' 'if Gif EI EA E 2 1 , as afipg? 1 - Mm -Q, may 5? 1 .g lffzwwzt 50-YARD ,DASH IOO-XYARD IDASH Rfronl 0 3-5 seconds I3 1-5 seconds .- .s 13 H older S. Woon '03 -IAM1-is '04 :1:- . '14 X 2. .Z!iZ--- X :X Wh il 4 K Q A r I R4 .'nA:'mr.LkSHT.--Etlgjx ' X Wm n":-.W "'4 .1 'SQ'-a-,,..,.-,,.s1sg::-f"' ,' ':-AN R E C O R D S 5 A I x 1- A Ei i 13.5. 71", 9 220-'YARD RUN 30 3-5 seconds S. VVUOD '03 J.. 1211 IZO-YYARD l'lU1m1.12 10 scconds B. l',oc1cwooD ,OI :figs l"12Nc1z VAU1.'1' 4 fr., IO 1-2 in . Ti. ME1z1x11,1, '02, V RUNN1Nu H101-1 JUMP 4 fr., 2 1-2 in. . C. BABSON '05 S'1'ANmNc: BROAD JUMP 7 fr., 7 in. . G. QARDINIER '04 RUNNING l31+.oA1m JUMP I4 fr., 6 1-2 in. . G. C:ARDINIiR '04 l'U'r'1'1Nc: 8-I'0UN1u SHOT ZQ fr., II 1-2 in. Ii. H. XVHITE '02 l3As1z1aA1.1. 'lil-'IROVV IQ5 Ft., 6 in. A. BE1.D1NG '07 I3As1ua'1'11A1.1. THROW 72 fr., 5 1-2 i11. H. MCCOY '03 300-Ymm R1z1,Av RACE 42 .1-5 seconds 1901 Field Day Championship W0N BY 1904 Basketball Championship WON nv 1904 Hockey Championship VVON nv 1905 .3 f7f'l Q' .--.' .'1 , 1 Q, .f... 5 ,-,1,. E: -' ' " L A 1 -M-f ,,..--W ,QF-1 .:Q Yr: E-, f -- f, -, i- : 2 :V ' , . ,,,,, f .1 -F 5: , H-,T-:Y T7 ,f-, aff L 17' 1. fg L-3,15 ,+7v 553: T 2 ---ii , 2.',:,i 1:12 -g-if sive -if 'H' - ifz 'I' 2 2 :if 1 -.fl . F-Q' ' 'i Y 'FZ f' , L:5 5 , 1:54 Z if E13 f -pf --'liQi -ff ' f .41 53 Ei? 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Q, .- --L EP.: i E H134 2 ri gg E QE' 'ii E' i.i7 iii Ei? an 5 ii , 'as - Eg- ...TY -Q- 51 2 ' Ez: ,:3T'E:-' -E 125:-V. ,1 ri: 1:3 ,-A 1 E 1- fi, if .Li V595 :lg Q... . 315 R ?5E?g?g '15 2 NE 'C ? 'M M ' Y - 7 R " ' ' r " - L H ' 06 vm C Fwr: 1 ob Doubles A. NX. Horsow, 1907 b1ngl1-5 . Arcn, 19 . - - 1 1 9 f Whivf' il ?5-53 ' M A51 G+. il E. 5 A -2:5 2 3- ' Wkkfw iliiwxx if' NW V NN 1' ff if VGA, -fi2Ti 112 'fi?5-E Lgi?iLf - 5 gi' ,T-.A :E-:IXLUUWm..1uu1111Qg11,....-1.-.fggl.i5LT..... ..wEfi,..1,N541wH11n-1S55..3. 4,022 muiibg A-3 'S 12, 2 if L 55 up-A Mew M: Y 'l 17, H S 1- 1 vggfiy 5 : E"5.-L 7,-353g :ig 52? :if , ,, ff f 1 i- :gig i ,ff TE ?-if if 2?- 'yyagfi if gi ini, il it-3 13 L-T 53,3 T531 'S RMLQ -0:5 1 5 ., f, f ' X . X . ,l .S 'J I A -'f I 'VS v -Y . M I1 gil X , 9 9 -9 9 - - ' J J V, A-, 'F' --ee -- e -e . - Ro? . ' v Tenms Tournament Winner of Singles, 19o-g-1904, A. W. HOl'SON, 'o7. 2iWin11c1' of doubles, 1903, l,. HATCH, '06 and C. FINK, 'O6. Tennis Tournament Committee A BA11.12YVV1a1o1-1T,Chairman HEI.EN lVIORGliN'l'I-IAU 1905 EVA MEY11ow1'1z 1906 MII,Dl1ED V11.As 1907 "Doubles not played oil' in fall of 1904 because of had weather 152 VASSARION THE STARTING Out, with the tide arunning, Out, and the wind blown free, And the swells aswirl, With a heave and a whirl, Asliding along our lee-So drive her! Give her all she can carry, The wind is ablowing free- And we're off for Hatteras! All for Hatteras- All for the open sea! Dimmer and dimmer growing, the old town settles back, With the gray breakwater showing like a finger our outward track, Only a glance behind us, then straight to the course before, The turn of the tide may find us afar from the shelt'ring shore. And what if the trip that waits us With tempest and wind howl free- We'll weather the gale 'Till the storm turn pale! Tho' Death be along our lee-So drive herl Proved by a hundred fathers, The valor we boast is free- And we're off for Hatteras! All for Hatteras- All for the open seal Strong are the loves we're leaving, yet a fisherman's heart must keep The stronger ties that are breathing where the scaly tribes swim deep And over the tear of parting, that comes from the homing call, Is the deep, wild joy of the starting and the inborn love of it alll Out, and the tide arunning, Out, and the wind blown free, And hearts that leap With the salt-tossed heap Aracing along our lee-So drive her! Crowd her all she can carry, The wind is ablowing free- And we're off for Hatteras! All for Hatteras- AII for the open sea! fffx J., x . -X ,M 2 1,4 t ' ",l4P514 Q W 4 , fax-gagk Ng N a.. iw I xr!- f 'PQ'-'1"',xf 'Jani f . -' ' Qgfqggfggffmhx. Y 'W xiii? 'R WW ' - ,'.'.-:fzfgfq lx., ,ff . le nm 3 W" 1 . 'gf X ypif, K Va n 55 JI f A 51 -21-zz-I A Fin ' . " w2951 f? ':i5 ' X -' 5322.222 fr f 2 iff f "ff Q fu ,. 4 NM SHQPP Sn. isf?7-13' aff: 5 ,siege 52212 5:1 f:?- at 55" 3 3+ -' Sl?" 'il E 5?-Tgigff-3 ikl, '53 "fl Ji 'A'-E2 ' Y' " -7 W - f: A-- A M 'ff ii'-?'f1f -f a-- 'ig 'E Q "P QF"?57??? ii? fe 5555 Q35 ff!-:ik 'R - 2 if-, F-1 fri- -ff. 22- 5153 - 3,15 1 Q F L52 595 ' 52' I g 522 -2 . 4 7-1: -Ei? E-33 E22 '? : 5?-.,"?i' Eg?-E gliii i I gg, - ' 2 ,fri M i -if -2551 - 1 :Egg 3 1 :ii ? 1E 'LA-'f ' if '-T4 ii--:EA 5" 9 " ff Y . ' 5 Y - .TK ' 11..Lli?-E- ?"':' E ff,-2-I E' 'tic 12? Si- li' - -- 5 -ff?i?f J 1 ' E ii, 3+ - MISCC any Boar ? if. , '-1 - 1-15235 ,Z -L.. 37 ,i Q , LE if, Y gf-3, 5, gg jig: 3 :F '-'Fi F'-F? 5-i,?Z,..-LT .iz Q55 5 i f'-5 5 flag '57-2 12,23 ' 'E' isa gl gi E: 'eip Z? ffl- L'2 if S1 i g '-iff ,QE -:fi --T 1? , -:T i. ff ' 5 5- -?e2 Air 4 E 2 i 9 2227:-'-15-2 'Qi' ig 1--4 I '12 ',. Lf: ' 'i- .iq ,Sri gag 2 -.iii :iii fl, -A-,'-" , 51- S?:.i:Ef.i af' f 5' Qj 'iliiml'"' '4 m1'Wv'111w:W 1'Wi if .....1Ifmmuwn .,qI mmw:mmrmf:m7l'1!I'i'!U"'f7"ff 'ij -:f"'i:- .13 I Ei fa 1 - -if 'Ei 1--3 QQ 22 -QQ.: 521535 BEL Qtifggfigf f? ""i":'--i. -Z g-f-iq?-'13 .if 'ff Ti ' H-T? Fi? T ? f ifi 'iii :jf Kmgigiagif,-aff af1L ?- 7 2 r-iQg:,3-' f " 'E fn-T.: E 14 ' 5 - -'rf if - -rg 3- Li? vi? '51 Eiil 5' M .1-ilgl 4- E - -if-2 5" L fi . Ei?fj' lg Gigi! as:-.ii e.1. QS.. -.-if 'Y 1-231' " -cz.-: 2 fe- 'fi if -lr -1 Q 4, 52 -iff V .- i Q gf,-A F ,DA -. gig, S. .T-1.5-5,-J? 2 agen? Si.: E TE. il 5-.Z 5:37, Q S 33 f --,, 5 H? '-7-2 , 5 -T'-ifggx E .1, , 2 iiifiil ig E 'Q ,wi ?,,ii , Fi ,E J ki Iii ?2 E .. :Z 'E 5 E 52255 . fi' , :TQ-25.5 5 Y-L 2 , A1 ' svz:i f+E??'1-1 ,, ,L ,-:Z r JSFZP .isa Zig- 2:41 ? 'E Qi - --lun' Q rl? ki? Q ' ' -iq fi Tig -ix. .S.l,-T :rf T if-l . ,gil : T , T 2 ??55-fi' ' C Y ' ' 6 1 : 3 'W ' 4 6? Q Q21 Q M. B. JARNAGIN F. C. SIBLEY C. Frm: M. T. PAINII E. TALLAN1' M. K. SMITH H. H. STRMGHT H. C. Bmxsow M. B. Box I Wvfzgw n., Z 55. '1 17' 1 1:2-2 E . My ' 12 T S H" f'5T 2 W W. xv 3. i 1 A --L 2-J E3 .. 4Z7' V-Wm' . K ,":2 - a ii 5-i-?':.?fti ,,:Q Legg?-ii 3: ' A -WRX' My up w ' ,Q ia ?5,1.LN5f'E Z. A ' 1 ' ' " ' " ' 'Fr Mac -arg -'- -iw -- lfil VASSARION 155 Miscellany Board Editors HAZEI. HENIiIIi'l"l'A S'1'RA1c:11'r 1905, Editor-1'n-ClJ1'ef HIf1,EN BA11s0N 1905 CARY 1711414 1906 Em'1'11 'l'A1,1,AN'1' 1905 NIARY BYNUM JARNAGIN 1906 MAIKIJA K12Nm11c1c Srv11'1'H 1905 FRANCES CAMPAU SIBLEY 1906 Business Managers MARY Buc1:1Nc:11AM BON 1905 MAIUON PMN12 IQO6 MA1u' Almouu P1zA'1"1' 1905, Editor April 1903-JUHC 1904. ELlZAIlF'I'H S11v1anANr1a 1006, Editor Januznry-March, IQOS, in place of CAM F1N1c --Tp. ,F-?-.. 2 fi- , if fi, if 1 5.5 51 ff 1' 29 - -T15 S52 :.Ef4 ,3 Z2 is -gg E12 Si iii 'ffig 2 F -2 AQ: , . ?' :Q E -1 FSE-as 'ra-., . :Qi Zi E 'Y "'s . L.k"1i s .5-2-S iff' -E JZ' -L - . Zi air: ga- 2,1 iq 5? :. " f -1-E f- -. - ' 1- A + .ui T 'Q'-E Y: Ei, T' - 1 1 1 ,- .- .- L-Q w?:ET:Agf P'TH-1LT...ll1ul+1nrw1.u,: 4 g u. r giilimlul,W2?wg-iw...,mm ,.xy.1f.gguv.,.1vg2ggg3 E, . 2 EEF ? ?Q 53 .,:-ii. ' ??2. T2 S, 215 22? 7223 '?' 'if-?ff4 Ef'?i.5 E-.SE iii? 1511 iii-. .JSE 1 E I 5 'gi E? 'S fn' V a. o Boa d Q54 fi? S D 5 SSHI1 fl I' F E' ,.i. . . . - 1 -,gif T- , iii? 'g . - ' - : if Z, -f-22 F' by :- :: .i'- :-1 F E 1 531. 3 52 Lf? i 33 :il -?i'? i. gg .iiii EEE' .aigfgit EU: ggi E iig - 2 Q if-iii '1":-2 -ii T iii '- E 2 A., 5 1' fi 2' 5 f 5 1 :E ii 1. - g :ffi 1-!A H- J-ff - Q2 an Ei . f I' 'f fi' ai: .1 E' if ,L.i T' f Q ...-1-5 Zlii f i 'Gi 2 E?l- ' ,gg '-32? i -f i if g . 5: . 3 5 2-J '-L,':. 1g lg 'ale - .-Y -.Y , 2, E45E 3' EL. 2,1-, ,- :G f Y -rn--T T 1 E , T4 E, 1 4 -. , , S4 -'1-3-,CL 3 if ""'M'mW"lm'7- 'Q 2-ld -""U"'w'f-JMHlE1EwW..i'3fEEE"'m'"TF""f""1W"""""'i'lif"Z""F"5'ETI ii ti " 551, 'l?E 5' 'A- Tj, :A E if : , Yi ,.. 1, ??Y lf' .TQ 1 - 3 " ia 5 Ii: - +44 1 . .iii--'?.'xL.'.' ' i-1311 1--:fi T , 'I " ,-Q . ' -E , I," T1 -???i ?5'-11,1 J' s'Q?5, .lf f ni- -Y ,V K vi -1? -iill Y: 1 55 - -:ik ig 3 -a. E- -ii? 7 5- 4 Y Z' S 1 ,Y - 3 ip-, P. , f . .5 5:5 :-Yi, -s 14 -x-2' 5 2' 5 2-af,-gg: -A ' '-5 ng ff-7: E 'LT '-W?" 's E- -5 :S 'ef 3? Q Q : w 1 .i1..2'1i.. -' . Eel-- QT-2 .gavgij -e-25273. ' ? -LLi'3 ?: HZ.-:M 5:5- ,aqfi-if. -- QEE? 2' 1 .gl ' 'ggi - 1 qs. ,."R-::3.4a-K g 1 44. F E? 'E' 2, ,-4 , 1,-LQ? ,Y5,.-'C-i. , 5 ..,.: 15 - PE? ET ,1 'Sir iq: 5' 3 ,K --A.. ,A -i i ? fl.. 7- ll L-5 5 lil- i iii? , 2 Q E 5:52 EF. T iff .Z f .6 haze 2 .3 f 1-Y gi 13+ i . 2 5, A Z. 8 vlqf- -Q? 2 -Q 5 -5 - Q fa: :E 3 -2 E 1315.2 ' ' A. B. Wmsm' J. B. XVXLSON S. C. Angell R. T. JOHNS M. A. QUINN klismffu, H. KENYON E. C. LANCASTM. M. A. PRATT R. MCCULLOCH L. C. Hxcxox i - .f1mZ3eQ5QLq5y,y14.. .552 Z' T441 Zi - i .S 3. Q ii 5 .Tj u1 ' ii K "'1MZ?xjL.Sitw. 'MVN W I jf Qfsj 332325 fiifig 5i?"i--4 Illnyumw ,Mining ,... - i E- ..... .- -2 1? fi? 'GSE' '-'- 'N-24' WW 22-I E' E' is E 1'-fl ii" ffnaigf 1 ' ' C 'aa VASSARION 157 Vassarion Board Editor-in-Chief MAIKX' ARMOUR PRATT Literary Editors NIABEL ANNE QUINN LAURA Co1,'roN Hxcxox JEAN BINGI-IAM XVILSON Art Editors R UT!-Il:AiVICCUI.I.0CI-I Ro1mRTAlTR N li R OH NS Photograph Editor HELEN KENYON Business Managers ED1'1'H CLARE LANCASTER SARAH CASNVELI. ANGIELI. Secretary A. BAILEY VVRIGHT 158 VASSARION GOODBYE! GOODBYE! Of course it will be fine in "society" to shine, To have one's gowns portrayed in social column, Be called a Debutante and at teas and routs to flaunt, But in spite of this I feel exceeding solemn, For 'tis Goodbye to Vassar, Good- b-y- e-!--Good- b-y-e-l-- Don't look at me on Class Day- l'll c-r-y-,--l'll c-r-y-.-- And my tears be falling down On my brand new Class Day gown, And altho' I ought to smile, I only sigh. Our mothers will be proud when they see us in the crowd, And will say "My daughter-Vassar-1905," But beneath our comp'ny smile, we'll be thinking all the while Of this dear, old busy, bustling Study Hive- For 'tis Goodbye to Vassar, Good - b-y-e - I--Good - b - y - e - I-- Don't look at me on Class Day- l'll c- r-y- ,--l'll c-r-y-.--- And the kind words to me spoken Only make me more heart-broken. And altho' I ought to smile, l only sigh. Yes, 'tis Goodbye Alma Mater! May the Gods good gifts allot herg 'Tis Goodbye to the sweetest bit of life! To a thousand things so dear that have made us happy here To these halls and groves with fun and frolic rife- For 'tis Goodbye to Vassar, Good- b-y-e-!--Good-b-y-e-l-- Don't look at me on Class Day- l'll c- r-y-,-l'll c-r-y- .-- Of the parting l'll be thinking, As the tears away l'm blinking, And altho' I ought to smile, I only sigh. True, l'm going home to mother, yet my grief I cannot smother, l would linger here forever and a day. Why can't these walls enlarge and keep us all in charge, That college life might be prolonged for aye? But 'tis Goodbye to Vassar, Good-b-y-e-!--Good-b-y-e-I-- Don't look at me on Class Day- I'll c- r-y-,--l'lI c- r-y-.-- And it's with an aching heart From this love nest that I part, And altho' I ought to smile, I only sigh. E gg Q f' ez? if 1 gg Q ' raw A Y .1 - 'ZR ' 1 7' - f' ,1 .- ,f3'H.f' iff' fu ' ' Q ey -F '+ :iii : ' ii 2 W '1Tf ' L, -N V I U 5 - V. uf, ' , 1 - v x L , 12' .2- Yv. f.. -v H S3 -wig-. E-Q ,fi -7+ S. 21 -3. .-1-. . 1-fl Q .. - 5 -i lo iz: -Q W.: - ii? iii- isii 31 El - vi.. 5:12 T' . - g?F 'L Fi- 1 ri. ?-Y 2 2 L-'35-.f i ?'1 ,Z 5 .fir -if 1- 2 5i?'- if ffff- Leixi ..--fig 1 ....f-.- 5.-w Riagg- gig? fig-if El , 3-gg 22-1 32, 'i-22' 1 -f .q.g?'45'E - A 1.-.H Tzgllmgallkl-..:lJ.l " """' mllillllml lll.qU,.: ug!E1. 1' '3i+?LHg 2-25: K A e'iN,ge, . f-,L 121 , K, E?-, 1 2- -3 - ...L ' , 5 ' -- - - Hl1ll1llfllo---Ifll-llmo lL-gLgw"'+lllow.-full-nloA-U :gig 'L' Lt 1 S -'-AJ ?': .rfcgsg 25, iii- 2 ' 'F iii fi'-5 -e .-.E -31 5-4: F?-. ' if if e . '1?:i'f f-'-Y -: 'il F355 tif? .-5 :ig Ei' gg?" if Q '-gig fiii gf f " Y H' L7 V+? ff 'H' "' '- ' E- 1- Qfgif L-2: "-1' 5:3 'EE-: ' Q55 ge E? 2555: ' Glee Club gif' E Q- E . . 'g o .e?: M P' E3 , ' 'f Q ,iii-i L E ?4' .Z 3 gr .1 i- .iz .-5. .fi gi it 5.2 5 5 f- ...T M -. i i g :i2.:??2gE? S ii. . ii -Zi' E 27 . E. 5 . 'Q' Q' E 5: if 15717 i.: -.5 3' L 5' . g? ' 1 1' i 5? 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Leadef ARvH.GoE1f 1905 . . . . ,flfcanzpanisf IXUILA HATCH IQO6 . 131111.11455 Aflllllllgff First Sopranos NIARY B. BARRERE 1905 ALICE C. REED 1907 ALICE W. HOAG 1905 L0U1sE RODMAN IQO7 CLAIRE L. REILIEY 1905 GERTRUDE C. TAYLOR 1907 I'Zl.IZABI2TH BOWMAN 1907 HELEN S. NICHOI.SON 1907 ANNA SELLERS 1908 Second Sopranos LI: ORA MCCANDI,Ess IQO5 IWARTA NIILINOWSKI 1906 LAURA HATCH 1906 IQIJNA VIRGINIA KING 1907 NANCY B. KIMBALI. 1906 LEONORA G. ROUZER 1907 Ii1.IzA1sETI1 HAVIZNS 1908 First Altos CIR.-RCE H. RICHARDSON IQOS VIRGINIA C. IJEACON 1907 NIINNIE H. NOBLE 1900 NIARGARIET LAIvm1E 1907 .IESSIE S. NORTON IQO6 NIILDRIED VILAS 1907 IiI.IzA1sETH XVHHIELER 1908 Second Altos HELEN I'IAGUli 1905 BERTHA M. STREET 1905 .I'Ess112 R. I-IENKEI, 1905 ALBERTA XVANDEL 1905 CIRACE R. SAMPL1-: 1905 CAROLINE L. FLEMING 1906 SARA I". NIESICK IQO6 Q-145 iii ikif' Af- 1 lf 9'-5: i-2 . '15 ' ?g? T--if: iii:- Zhg L 5553 . Mandolm and Gu1tar Club .4 ,fa .fa 5 .E -L if iff: 5 :ii 5? 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Lowenstein S. D. Smythe M. L. Dunbar D. B. Conover . VTWZS? i ,. 1 I if '- 5- E S -1 ag 5 25 ig:- ?, SN WW' . - E v xy Xw .QM 5 gc- F, f f afigiaiiga, f - - W Q," ...,.u,,,5l:.I.Q5...,j,'g'1fi2.JL ".miQ'!91af ' h W ::?j""h' .- AL- gt a ggi? Xa., ffl - QSM' - rf, :Q 4 Y!! gfcffw, Q KT -Q ,Z ----C lg: :If 12- :Ez--Ls W2 5? CS' -K.-.:+ 'IP ,Zia Q if E-' fx :if 'Q ag: is 1 ' C 'am 1 ll VASSARION 163 Mandolin and Guitar Club u'1'11 K1s15N1a1' 1905 . . Leader IAURA COLTON Hrcxox 1905 . . Manager First Mandolins HILDA I1.0wENsTE1N 1905 ICLEANOR NIILLS 1907 I"1,0R1sNcE HowE 1905 QSENEVIEVIE CONANT 1907 MAIKIIQ XVALBRIDGE 1906 ICDITH C1-1AP1N 1908 IVIAY BROWN 1906 Lo11NA WILSON 1908 Second Mandolins SARAH SMYTHE 1905 ELIZABETH KELLY 1905 HELEN LUKENS 1905 NAN TUTTLE 1905 HELEN MORGENTHAU 1905 DELLA C0N0vE11 1908 EL1zA11E'1'H CLARK 1908 Guitars iXiARGARE'I' IJUNBAK IQO5 RUTH KEENEY 1905 LAURA I'iICKOX 1905 PIELEN PIAVVLEY 1907 1fLoR1sNcE HUTCHINSCJN 1905 NIARGARET XNING 1908 .,.,k i , , rig? , 7 iii: 5 let . ff e ' ff. -5355 i " 1 ?i :iii L 5 'liz i-:f,i-11.533 5 . aff 21:1 Q -is -- ,Q .E ,M T-.- .ff -E . .C--J1.,,f -.Y -7: . f.. .ff .f L, Z, 1 .Q .22 2232. 22 Q? '?2:-.51 ii , 'giffiis -Gig iii 1 5 f W -'11 'fl Q- 51. fi ""-5 7-,il EQ 4-2I:e?5S?' 5553 155 g-fi L Q1 fi f : f-EJ fl' fl " f 'f'f.'??5i -' .,,.f2:f 223 Q gi? E '12 if 'Y'-E Q 'f f f . ,---sf... Saga -j-f ff-' rig? if? 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M 'f My .fl Q fi., ES - 'Z 'Q-ig 2:23 xii 1' gf if 2 1 1-5? if 'Egg it fl' Q '12-' -1 if 2 E2 E 25: ' ? 2 K. F. Noyes E. Jamvs K. Holman H. B. Dunstun G. E. Nfnrrett I ' . G. Dunn N. ISI. jenkins L. BI. Sznltonstall C. A. S. MfcNctt WWE' f,,.1Ml9 M. M. Bcvief S. M. Nusbaum L. B. lvicxvlwoa F. M. Bmw: 'R 'I f F. smger C. W. Moulton W. B. Dwight F. A. B011 WM .W fl VM.M . M MM ,Q . I vfilfwf "WW-gi!""'1"W1i7 "" N ,Q ...... ..... ---11-- QS ,ag 59? -if! X' Q iii, ,- -2 51: Lg?L- LglZ-g 551 ' - -ig 3 NM Zig E- E' QT' -2' 525i fi? V 'Fr mf-C -0 rg VASSARION 165 Vassar Symphony Orchestra l1R0F1ass0RLEONARD fRACE E. MARR1a'r'r1 ANNY A. BELL 1905 1'R0F12ss0R C1-1,xR1.ns X I". A. BELL 1905 L. M. SA1,ToNs'1'A1,1, 1905 B. BRGWN 1900 G. IT. MARIKIKTT IQO6 M1ss lf. M. BENNETT Cello Ofhcers B. MCW1-10013 9 0 6 . S e r V. M ou L'1'0N Members Violins K. I-l01.MAN 1907 M . M. BEVIER 1908 l'R01f12ss0R C. XV. M0U1.'1'0N H. B. IDUNSTAN IQOS G. DUNN 1908 la. VI-ANIES 1908 Violas MRS. C. W. M0U1.'ro Flutes . . . C0lIl!llL'f01' refnry and Treasurer . LIALTAZITIAIIII 13115171055 llfunn 67 N. M. JENKINS 1908 C. A. S. lX'ICNE'l"l' 1908 F. NOYISS 1908 I". STAGER IQO8 N M. RAUS 1908 Double Bass M1ss E. L. XYELLS PROFESSOR W. B. Dwnsm 1 V A S S A R I O N M. 0335 r:. .Lf'W.LfQN.J'pf,M .IVY .IVR J K. .lik Ji! JVK JI . Afg- . X A ' LQ , , ak '17 rf 67 , . M 511 11. 3,-at ..,- L-5 I .J .f" ,.p w11 gy, -f'E539-wg f' , A is ' X if , , A -A A .N A W7 .' ' ff", W ,, X- 1 1. lf X J - ff R " ' g L PROFESSOR GEORGE C. Gow . . Organixtand Direftov S. Y. BE1ERME1sTER 1905 M. C11AsE 1905 M. IS. EDDY 1905 A. C. HALSEY 1905 A. W. H.OAG 1905 R. A. MERSELIS 1905 S. L. GRIGGS 1906 E. BRIGGS IQO5 L. M. MCCANDLESS 1905 H. PLATT 1905 B. M. STREET IQO5 L. A. STREET IQOS H. CUMPSON 1906 E. C. BELL 1905 H. H. DE BEVOISE 1905 J. R. HENKEL IQO5 M. FLEMING 1905 H. HAGUE 1905 G. A. SAMPLE 1905 First Sopranos E. G. HALL 1906 E. M. HILL IQO6 M. B. HUTCHINSON 1906 H. A. SCOUTON 1906 M. L. YERDON IQO6 V. C. IDEACON IQO7 H. H. HART IQO7 Second Sopranos F. C. RVERMAN IQO6 L. HATCH 1906 B. HUNT 1906 M. NIILINOWSKI IQO6 H. B. PRICE IQO6 H. H. TALCOTF IQO6 First Altos G. C. RICHARDSON IQO5 J. SHARING 1906 M. H. LIAMLIN 1906 M. LAMISIE 1907 Second Altos L. A. WANDEL 1905 C. L. I-'LEM1N0 1906 S. F. 1VIESICK IQO6 M. IVY 1907 C. F. KRAUSE 1907 R. N. POTTER IQO7 G. C. TAYLOI! 1907 H. YOUNG 1907 E. BOYVMAN 1908 I". G. VANDEGRIFT 1908 M. WALBIKIDGE 1906 H. BENTON 1907 E. V. KING 1907 G. E. MCCASKEY 1907 L. RODMAN 1907 L. G. ROUZER 1907 F. E. TOWNSEND 1906 A. L. XVEICHERT IQO6 M. BRACE 1907 J. S. NORTON 1906 M. H. NOBLE 1906 URM' X 1 rf VS, 1 3 jf QAM" s- 1' ' I K fxbdggf- awk : .1 '--.J vi Rae X if X Uoflgifffj' Q QV' 4 if sr A I ...H ' Vassar College Choral Club . , - 'ILA V- If -. , . . 9 CS V I, ' Y 'A I5 , "LC IH r " :lv -Z Nw -3 f ' 'L .g :TL 41 Q. 1 n H fe J ,,,:5.ff2 ,, -4 I-1.535 5-'Hs-iii 4 5 'lj 5 L' X. IHX , I 5 d 4 ' -. 4 x I .fl . A if 4 WN 1 Ky - . P1101-wzssou G11 CLA1111-: Lover, Menus :LOUISE CA1:1.0'1"1'1: 17111: L1'1'Y AUGUSTA MA11csAn1:T LA11 M. B. BAR11i:1:11 1905 L. S. B11An1.1:v 1905 T. Bmoczs 1905 M. CHASE 1905 A. C.' 1905 A. B. W1110111' 1905 R. A. 1X'I1:11s1:1.1s 1905 A. B. 1905 li. F. Horsox 1905 F. A. Howl-: 1905 R. K. I,I'1'K 1905 H. P1.A'r'r 1905 Ii. EATON 1905 R. M. K1:1:N1:v 1905 G. A. SM1r'1.E 1905 M. NI. S111111' 1905 V. T. MA1'1.1:sn1tN IQOS o1zc:1:C.Gow . 1,R1:11,1-:v 1905. 'l'.Mo11sn 1906 Officers 111:n1c'1c1: Kufxuxrt 1906 Gow 1907. 111121907 . . . . ,455 R. L. Ansrr 1906 DAv1:1' 1906 R. L. Ii. G. HAI.l. 1906 E. M. H11.1. 1906 Members First Sopranos ixiant M. L. T. Monsz 1906 R. W1TH1:1u11a1: 1906 Second Sopranos C. L. IQEILI-ZX' 1905 H. H. STRAIGHT 1905 E. A. S'rRm:'r 1905 A. D. Tu'1"1'1.1: 1905 M. V. XVRIGHT 1905 First M. H. HA111.11v 1906 F. E. TONVNSICND 1906 M. W.-11.1111101111 1906 Second S. F. R'h'1SlCK IQOG Honorary L. M. BANK 1907 M S. M. BOXVNE IQO7 M V. C. D1-:ACON 1907 E. L. A. Gow 1907 H, H. H. HART 1907 M E. A. HAs1mou1:1c 1907 L. E. C. Ev1:11111AN 1906 G. C. F. KRAUS1: 1906 F. E. MCLUR1: 1906 L. H. BENTON 1907 H. IZ. Altos A. L. XVEICHERT 1906 M M. Bn.-xc1z 1907 M E. C. BRYNBR 1907 B. Altos H. F. V1-:nM11.Y1-:A 1905 L. Members Directar President Secretary . Treasurer . Librarian Librarian IVY 1907 D. jxaxvm-r 1907 C. W11111-1NG11A1v1 1907 YOUNG 1907 T. S1-1o'rws1.1. 1908 R. S'rnAuss 1908 H. Locxwoou IQO7 MCL. Gumcc 1907 G. Rouzxan 1907 BOURNE 1908 M. Go111NG 1908 G.'KRDNER 1907 LM11111: 1907 E. TYLER 1907 A. XVANDEI. 1905 Mas. E. S. ATXVA'FlIR Mus. R. KENI7RlC'K Mus. -I. L. Moom: Societies Come, join our societies, all ye who will, From Phi Beta Kappa to Shakespeare or Phil, From morning till evening our time they beguile. When do we study? Oh, once in a while! Youth is the season for pleasure and fun, X, Only too soon is our college life done. .. felt, if .4 Come, and be merry with song and with smile 55 - When do we study? Oh once in a while' " 1 4' G Ye who love German philanthropy Greek Present day politics suppers or ec Come for hard work is no longer in style When do we study7 Oh once In a whllel sy ,..x '11 W A r k k , iw- xswf V215 I Z' ,W ,mg l 5:5 es . ' "J"-Y -4 "X-Q - ix 1 M E . ' Y . , D I, .1 , ' , r X, 2 , 59.9, E , - - 1 .. 511-pf. tai --T Q f 'av 1 . . l ' :E X J X - - , ' E o X X X , io, ' , if I4 b l 'A w 'Y ,E , if ff 'fist . if 1 lcv' E325 .A . 1 '- V 3- - -:N V fp f , , ' ,".u A , XX Y - 4 an V Pl-ru Aa , x., 'A ' " 5 . ,, rr ' Xu ,Cl E, 1 ff - x- - - l X .ftizfzf-'T-1?' .."" N ' f " xqygf, .1 I..-:fy I 4 a f ,5 .-'s . T N ff ,- J I' ,' 2 ' 5, f , It X VW YA? s-4 ' Ll, N N. ' 1 2111 ' th!! X 'Bi . 5 f sh.: ' 1 in J 'll v I I .r ,W . '4 t vw "-'N tif W , 1-LL.. Q' ,-'L W .HN if .,. X 1 ,, ' h -. "-f ,-'.- I 4' X , 3' ' '. X ' 'fm 1. ' -ws? "J 4' '22 -- ' .,, -. - . 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Helen Babson Helen Chain Bancroft Bertha Riclcenbrodc Barden Sylvia Durfee BuHinton Sarah Margaret DcLamatcr Bertha Augusta Fontarede Marjorie Hiscox Linda Holloway Charter Members Members Elected in 1905 Elizabeth Fuller Hopson Florence Elizabeth Hutchinson Stella Russell Hubbard Edith Clare Lancaster Dorothy Lewis Alice Eliza Loughridge Harriet Louise Manning ' Katie Galt Miller Edith Marion Nichols . Sefretnry Treasurer . , . Theta of New York ISQO . Alpha of New York 1886 . . Alpha of Rhode Island 1884 . Iota of New York 1886 Alpha of Maryland 1892 . Alpha of Minnesota 1885 Alpha of Massachusetts 1892 . . Alpha of Rhode Island 1886 Helen Cushing Nutting Nina Frances Raynor Margaret Rand Hilda Van Kleeck Swift Mary Field Taber hlargaret Tucker Ruth Nlurray Underhill Daisy Lee Worthington IR DNTEMPD CLUB T' 1 X W3 N5 N b Gr RR hw V1 R' ' 3- ' WA 1 QSQQQ. xx X ' hx . ,R. .B ,I , YQ X Q... aw.JF1-.f xl M g , ..Q-1. . I 2 L, v 5 1.10 X N riff X l X - ,, , X is -HU 1 - xx E-if 91 51915 ' 3 -. 52-fi X H if I I - f 1' ., 1 I 1' 1 P - , , X , V, X! I v X'x MARY RUTGERS NICCREA CONGER 1905 UTH Lomfxs BRIIEACH 1906 . M. HOLMAN H. IiAnsoN M. BADEAU lf. BELL M. R. MCC. Co R. BR111AcH D. BURR li. FORD MRS. KRNDRICR Miss XVELLS NGER 1904 A. P. STEARNS 1905 L. IJUTTON L. I'IOI,LOWAY R. NICCULLOCH C. SIEALY 1906 lf. CQOODRICH Ii. JEFFREY M. RfIORSE L. VVALKER Honorary Members DocToR KIhlBAI.l. Miss MANN Miss XVASHBURN l7I President Serretary M. YosT M. K. SMITH H. H. STRAIGHT M. F. rl-ABER R. UNDERHIL1. E. RUSHMORR F. SIBLEY lf. SMITH Mxss BUCK Mxss WYLIE lun .. I Qwpgfw fi :-A -5- IIQI ' Il .155 C 591 f 1 ' J- ff, -- , Lili. If r . , A . .. f Aff 1 ' I JI 'L I0 - us- 5,21 Q b f MT ...Q :Lg - ' A Y K. i Vdwvmu- C1v1tas . Officers ATE PIERCEWHEELER IQO5 . . Cbanmnz ,L E R. MARsI-IALL IQO5 . . . Semen Members 1905 M. R. MCC. CONGIZR H. VAN K. SWIFT M. W. DINEGAN C. SEALY O. HASBROUCK M. TABER M. L. HENNING M. li. THOMSON D. LEWIS M. TUCRER G. V. NICCARTHY K. P. WHEELER E. R. MARSHAI,L H. WARE M. R. REED M. WHI1'E H. H. STRAIGHT D. L. WORTH1NG1'ON , IQO6 E. I". ADAMS M. R. AMEN M. DI. DIMDCR FORD M. B. .IARNAGIN I72. H. D. McKEE S. MORRIS -I. SEARING I". C. SIBLEY L. ZIMMERMAN ,mv . 3- . ., gall ' w.5,,,9 .fi f -4 a lwm . . 1 1. ... - 1 ----1. x . .. , 'I , A , ,. ..,. ,N X4 Q50 1 'V " "1 1 1 11? -.: ' .1-, The Current Topic Club Officers 11c1a R1a1s11 1907 1 r . IJTUXIVIIKIIY I A111.1N1c C laocxru IQO7 Irvs-Praszderzt lI111cN G1.1aNN 11907 . . Io1c1aH1CKs10o7 . . . Members 1905 A. lfl1sYwoo1u 1907 M. l3o1c111sN lf. GOODIKICH L. S. liowN12 J. HICKS li. Ii. C11Nov1c11 It. I-IUGH1-:s A. D. Coo1.1Dc:1a L. LOCKWOOD L. P. CRoc1q1z11 E. L1N'1'oN M. 1-1. CJLENN M. LORD L. K. RUMNEY R. XVILDER 173 . Secretary . 7H1'C'lI.Y1l7'l'l NIEDBURY NIILLS IQEED RODMAN RosE ROWE 174 VASSARION T andM Officers First Semester l'l11.1JA Lowl-:Ns'r1ilN . . . Spealcm IRMA bvizwciak . Clerk Second Semester CLAIRE R1i11,EY . . . . Speaker l'iS'I'HER EATON Clerl Members 'lil-IE CLASS 01' IQO5 Debates Resolved That the election of Roosevelt in IQO4 would be benehcial to the country. Resolved. That a verdict should he rendered when the majority of a jury agree. Resolfuell. That: the United States government should own and control the railroads. Rerolfuerl. That 31,700,000 should be appropriated for the navy purposes in 1906. the efioits of the employers to overthrow the Union Shops are forthe best inter Rfmlwfl: 'lihat nsts of the laboring-classes. X VASSARION 175 f l . V, -s. 1 u1 V1VC Officers First Semester CARY l'iINl-L . , . . Speaker HELEN CUMPSUN . . . Clerk MARY DIMOCK .Sergeant-ui-Arnzs Second Semester hluN1aY Lnwts . . . Speaker SARAH Mounts . , . . Clerk H,xz1s1, IVICKEE . Sergeant-nl-flrmr Members 'PHE CLASS or IQO6 Debates Rernlwtf: That immediate independence is not for the advztntage of the Philippines. Ie6'J0l'l,'C't!.' Thar :1 revenue t:1riH' only is suflicient to advance the best interests of the United States. Rvsolfued: That France was jrlstilied in her present policy with regard to the Religious Orders. Rerolfurrl: That the closed shop is justitizuhle. E Issued Q Fl-l'lZAC0.d0YTlY O Q Q Sh. Labor Union. 3 1 1-4 3 1 M D f 0 S' ARSHALLA O GLU 3 2 e Z. Demand Llninn Lgbal. 1 p . A S Mmm I Officers MA14Y1".'l'A1sx511 IQO5 . . . . President ELIZABETH J.CHAND1.ER IQO6 . . Secrrtary Members Dr. H. li. Mills Miss lf. L. VVells 1905 S. C. Angell R. Henkel N. Nlottley A. Nl. Badeau 1" A. Henking E. O'Lougl1lin H. C. Barber NI. L. Henning I. A. Owen C. S. Barnes A. Heywood G. A. Parrot M. B. Barrere R. H. Heywood R. K. Peck Nl. B. Bon H. Hill H. Platt L. S. Bradley M. Hiscox E. L. Powell E. NI. Butler L. Holloway NI. A. Pratt H. E. Clark lf. F. Hopson NI. A. Quinii H. E. Clinton R. T. Jolms N. Raynor E. Collins R. NI. Keeney M. C. Reed M. R. Conger Nl Pi. Kelly H. A. Slauglit l". E. Day H. Kenyon H. N. Snyder S. M. DeLamatcr lf. NI. Lane I. M. Spencer M. L. Dunbar H. L. Leavenworth Nl. Steele lf. Eaton D. Lewis M. Steelman E. Fernalcl H. B. Lowenstein E. A. Street M. Fleming A. E. Louglaridgc B. NI. Street K. French G. V. NlcCartl1y Nl. F. Taber E. VV. Ganong B. McCrelis E. Tallant A. Gaylord H. Manning K. P. Vlllieeler M. H. GOH' R. R. Marsliall M. I. White NI. F. Greene R. A. lX-Terselis B. NI. Wiggiii M. E. Haines M. L. Miller A. B. Nvfigllf A. C. Halsey M Morehouse NI. V. YVrigl1t L. Hedden H. Morgentliau M. R. Zacher 176 V A S S A R I O N I IQC6 L. A. Alclricli IL. M. Hill K. MCC. Morris M. R. Amen A. VV. Holme S. Morris E. Ashmore A. lf. Holt NI. V. D. Nevius D. D. Axrell E. Jeffery M. H. Noble H. Brndnelcl A. M. Kautz T. Cldt R. Bribncli M. H. Kingsbury L. Packard B. Brown N. B. Kimball ill. T. Paine It. Buflington E. G. Klalir E. Pierpont Cllrmdlcr H. Knox E. M. Rushmore L. Clark C. Krause H. E. Searle E. M. CLlflClClJflCli L. A. Little M. Tupper H. CUINPSOH V. Lolvinger E. K. Van der Veer ll. M. Dixon E. C. Lowry A. F. YV2lllZlCl1 M. lr.-lflwell H. D. McKee M. Waller B. Frzrnclm R. L. Mason F. A. Welwood P. lf. Fuller E. H. Meyrowitz lf. Weil O. VV. Griluslizi L. Hatch Ii. Mills 6 'R. Witl1c1'l3ee G. S. VVrigl1t -'Klum' 'vs '12 1 E. " 1 gs:e'r1w"w' if qv! iwi 34:-:QQ-Sl-5? if-A W., Q: l'i,1,.,IllyA.flg,,5f.f1, ' '-' 'l' ' 1 '-' "" - H slew ill' y A1 sw '91 .1 my ' 'l, r ':N..':, .w i 1' 1" ,,-1 nl'i'llllll"ii..'i'1 lwlllldjfdsxw ll llilffgf Q 51 .cf .1 off. 5 1 ,11 . -1- .97 UG.. 'r-gfifvxi, I U . 1 2? I" 1 1 v . f X fb, 'af X 1""4 - i - L: di lung., -. 5..-s.-lc.. ggi?-'AE 3-.-f. :Ss f:.:gg.g . -II- , -12:-" " M-1' ew. 1 1. l' 1 1 ,. Ji'-:Eg ' . - . .:.-A. .J l 'Tig , , QCLGQSQTJV' ,J . ff , 3 an-.sf-4 Q X in TT lame. T ' H? lilvilil ' ' all if X Q ,gl f f ltr ll D X I ' in f 7 , q mlm.. H., f, W f. I j,H'.',xll1lm11il1' l I ' K - , J Q 41 1' 1 N l X ,J P xl! ' l -D, . , f I , I X 1 iff? 2 - .ff-if---H - 5 .F 1 -' -213114 - 1 X K ff- :L .1 f "M T mu' ' E C ...M Officers ALICE ELIZABETH HOLT 1906 ..... Elector LOUISE RODMAN IQO7 . . Serretzzry z1ndTrez1.vu1'er Vice-Electors Miss WELLS ALICE Hzsvwoon 1905 ALICE C. REED 1907 BERTHA PIURLBUT 1906 BERTHA D. HUBBELL 1908 Members FACULTY Blunt Miss Miss Cobb Miss Hamilton Miss Herholz S. C. Angell A. M. Badeau G. I. Ballard H. C. Barber B. R. Barden lVIrs. Kendrick Miss McCaleb Miss Pettee IQO5 C. S. Barnes M. B. Barrera S . Y. Beiermeister F. A. Bell G. Bergen 178 Nliss Wells Miss VVl1itney Miss YVylie M. B. Bon L. S. Bradley H. L. Burlingame H. E. Clark J. Clarke V A S S A R I 0 N I H. Clinton E. F. Hopson L. C. Price lf. M. Comstock M. I. Kavanaugh N. F. Raynor M. R. MCC. Congcr R. M. Keeney M. C. Reed H. H. Dc Bevoise H. Kenyon C. L. Reiley S. M. De Lamatc-r lf. lf. Lacey G. H. Richardson M. W. Dinegzxn E. M. Lane L. M. Saltonstall F. B. Dolbeer B. Lefevre G. A. Sample M. L. Dunbar D. Lewis C. Sealy I-I. B. Dunstan A. E. Loughriclgc D. A. Shepard L. E. Dutton H. B. Lowenstein S. A. Sherry lf. Eaton H. M. Lukens M. M. Shipp Ii. Fcrnald R. McCulloch S. D. Smyth M Fleming M. McCloskey A. E. Stewart K. French H. L. Manning B. M. Street M H. Goff H. R. Marshall E. A. Street L. E. Griflis L. Marshall M. F. Taber M E. Haines K. G. Miller E. Tallant A. C. Halsey H. Morgenthau M. I. Thompson F. D. Hazcltine H. C. Nutting M. Tucker L. Heflden E. G. O'Loughlin H. A. Vortriede R. Henkel G. A. Parrot H. Ware lf. A. Henking R. K. Peck C. L. Warner M L. Henning M. L. Pinckard M. L. Waller A. Heywood E. E. Pitou S. E. VVatson R. H. Heywood E. L. Powell M. I. Wliite L. C. Hickox C. L. Pratt B. Wilson E. L. Hill M. A. Pratt A. B. Wright M. Hiscox IQO6 L. A. Aldrich li. C. Everman E. C. Lowry M. R. Amen ll. V. Ford A. T. McGirr E. Ashmore B. French H. H. lklarcus R. L. Bribach O. VV. Galusha R. L. Mason N. C. Brotherton E. H. Gray S. F. Mesick M Brown E. M. Hill E. H. Meyrowitz B. Brown E. O. Hincken M. H. Noble D. Burr A. E. Holt A. Oliphant A. G. Buxton B. G. Hurlbut M. T. Paine lVl Carey M. B. Jarnagin L. M. Parry H. Comstock -lellfery H. D. Rushmore H. Cumpson M. H. Kingsbury E. M. Rushmore R. L. Davey H. Knox Seating M Dimock S. Lewis H. E. Searle E. Dunwcll V. Lobingier M. E. Scars 1 180 V A S S A R I O N L. B. Shannon S. E. Tyler E. l. YVeil K. L. Stcelman A. F. Wallach R. D. Wilkinson M. C. Sweet M. Walbridge NI. E. Williams M. Tupper L. Warren L. Wolfersperger 1907 E. V. Allen L. A. Gow Nl. B. Neal E. YV. Amen F. M. Gregg B. L. Parks T. M. Barton H. Hamburger C. Peirce H. M. Banlett V. Hamilton S. B. Perry E. Bauman E. A. Hasbrouck F. G. Phillips F. U. Beckley H. Hawley R. M. Pierson I. Beekman E. Hinkel V. L. Pike' L. Benet M. M. Hitchcock E. Popper M. I. van Benscoten K. Holman M. Post H. Benton A. W. Hopson R. U. Potter S. M. Bowne A. lVI. Hubbard M. L. Quinnell E. C. Brewster E. V. Hubbard H. Reeb E. G. Brinsmade E. lVl. Hughes A. C. Reed B. C. Bryner A. T. Huyler lf. Reynolcls K. M. Bunker R. lngraham L. Rodman l. F. Cain F. Ivy L. Rogers C. M. Comey NI. Ivy G. Roocl G. Conant ' M. O. Jewett M. Rose Nl. L. Connor A. M. Johnson L. Rowe E. Conover M. C. Johnson H. Sawyer D. Coolidge A. G. Kennedy S. R. Scott M. H. Crandall E. Kinney M. R. Service G. L. Crawford P. Kiper D. M. Sessions G. L. Crocker L. Leonard H. M. Shope P. Crocker A. Lindemann E. L. Smith R. Crowell L. Lockwood C. Smith R. E. Cutler M. B. Lorcl H. Stone F. A. Davis M. V. Lyall H. B. Sweeney A. M. Dow M. l. lVlcEwen E. C. Terrill F. L. Easton E. G. McRostie Torrenee H. E. Ebel A F. B. Manning L. R. Tracy O. B. Eclgcomb G. D. Markle N. A. Trask V. Edmands B. C. Maxfield K. Tucker M. E. Fisher L. Medbery A. Urban M. R. Fritz A. Millington A. Van Nostrand H. M. Glenn E. H. Mills N. Van Slyke ,.-nl ,H VASSARION II A. L. Van Vechten M. Vilas G. Whiting L. G. VVilkins H. R. Adams P. K. Angell M. R. Babbott ml. Barclay L. VV. Barnes M. Blancke D. D. Boardman H. Bourne O. L. Boyne M. L. Bronson F. A. Browne Buchanan H. M. Buckler If. Burns E. P. Chapin D. Charlton lt. Clark K. B. Collier li. Connor R. Crocker lt. VV. Curtiss F. S. Dodge M. Dudley C. E. Edwards E. Eldredge B. Erwin H. L. Farrall L. B. Felter A. H. Ferris H. Fisher V. L. Flaherty M. Fowler lf. G. Gogin F. Green M. A. Griggs M. Hakes K. Halsey F. H. VVilliams L. P. Williams M. C. Wilson I. M. Woodbury IQO8 H. Hammer M. A. Harvey H. A. Harwood E. Havens Z. M. Herlil' H. VV. Herring M. A. Hires E. NI. Hoffman A. E. C. Hopson E. S. Howe B. D. Hubbell G. C. Hume M. H. C. Hunter I. C. Johnson D. B. King H. I. King M. Lane M. B. Lincoln C. L. Lloyd C. A. Lyman I. L. Nlanegold M. B. Maynard G. E. McAllester E. B. McKey M. McMein K. K. Merritt H. L. Messinger P. Meyers E. L. Miller K. O'Donnell H. C. Otis M. L. Raymond M. H. Raymond S. S. Reynolds H. Rice M. E. Rich J. Roche G. Wooclrulil' K. B. Worcester C. H. Wright H. Young J. K. Rockwell H. I. Schermerhorne J. L. Schimmelfeng M. H. Shaw M. T. Shotwell E. P. Showalter D. Signor B. G. Smith B. E. Smith E. L. Smith I. C. Smith R. L. Spalding J. C. Sprague G. B. Spooner E. A. Start L. R. Strauss R. Stutson H. T. Swords M. L. Taylor W. Thomas C. W. Urban H. M. Vance D . Vandergrift H. Wanty R. M. Weeks E. F. Wheeler L. A. White M. H. Whittier E. C. Whittingham H. C. Wilcox H. Wilkinson N. VVilson M. E. Witte S. Wolf M. l. Woods C. Young ,, V.:- 182 VASSARION S Ki PEARE LHB Officers CAROLINE SEALY 1905 . . . . . Presidenr DOROTHY LEWIS 1905 . . Vife-President SIDNEYLEWIS 1906 . , Serretary r1nz1Trea.vu1'e1' Members 1905 Gertrude Inna Bullard Olga Hasbrouck Martha Linden Henning Dorothy Lewis Mary Chapin Reed 1906 Lily Zimmerman Mary Jordan Dimock Esther Saville Julia Searing Caroline Sealy Marjorie Hiscox Fanny Dickinson Hazeltine Rachel Kezia Peck Lillian Niadeline Saltonstall Sidney Lewis r Caroline Louise Fleming Mary Bynum Jztrnagin Honorary Members Nirs. Kendrick Dr. Mills Mrs. Mills Miss Salmon Dr. Moulton Mrs. Wloulton Dr. Moore Mrs. Nioore Dr. Hill Mrs. Hill VASSARION 183 CKE Officers KA'rEl'n1Rc1a W111sE1,121a19og . . . . Prexident SYLVIAIDURFEEBUFFINTONIQO5 . Vice-President MARION TI-IURBEIIIDAINE IQO6 . . . Sem-etar HELENIlooKH1zTA1,co'r'r19o6 . Treasurer Members IQO5 Caroline Sellers Barnes Grace Virginia McCa11hy Lucy Stewart Bradley Ethel May McKisson Sylvia Durfee Buflinton Mary Belle Thomson Helen Howe De Bevoisc Kate Peirce Vliheeler Margaret Fleming Annie Bailey Vllright IQO6 Harrictte Jane Comstock Nlarion Thurber Paine Helen Cumpson Frances Campau Sibley Emily Van Duzer Ford Helen Hooker Talcott Ex-Members Emile Louise VVells 1894 Elizabeth H. Haight 1894 Leila D. McCleod 1399 Honorary Members Prof. Bracq Dr. Bawden lVlrs. Taylor Prof. Pilchcr Miss Keys llflrs. Bracq Mins. Bawflen hliss Leach Mrs. Pilcher Dr. Thelbe-rg 'Ll'-" X eris' QE' 5 -fWl, QE .QQ l 1 f l ' NW Lua RANQAIS.'Q g W1 '.f .. '. lVl.'lULESCAMBON . . . I'1o1zorf1ryPre5iJel1 MARDAK. SMITH 1905 . . . . P1-esideu KATE P.XVHEE1.ER 1905 . Vire-Pre.-iden CAROLINE L. FLEMING 1906 FLORENCE L. EASTON 1907 1905 1906 A. NI. Badeau H. C. Bancroft J. Clarke M. Fleming E. W. Ganong A. D. Gibson F. D. Hazeltine M. E. Bowen M. E. Brooks B. C. Brumbach L. Clark H. Comstock A. P. Dierzman D. M. Eckhardt A. Fisher Members Nl. E. Haines . L. Hill E. F. Hopson R. Hubbard . Johnson . L. Leavenworth . B. Lowenstein . L. Fleming . Fraissinet F. M. Goetchen M. Green E. Joseph C. Kahn V Knox N. Kimball E. McKisson G. I. McNaught A. Nleserve G. Norcross C. Ohr I. A. Owen C. L. Powell L. A. Little E. C. Lowry E. Lundell M. B. Madden E. McLure L. lVlellier M. Milinowski E. H. F-'leyrowitz S6'L'1'6'ft11' ?-'Tf?l1J'll1'E C. Sealy M. K. Smith M. G. Starr NI. I. Thompson M. B. Thomson K. P. Wheeler M. V. Wnght M. Munn B. C. Oldfield L. M. Parry E. NI. Pownall L. NI. Ramsdell E. M. Riddle E. K. Van derVee A. F. Wallzicli E. L. Yvard F. A. Vvelwood Nl. L. Yerdon 1907 F. M. Gregg F. L. Easton Honorary Members Prof. Jean C. Bracq Mrs. Bracq Miss Epler Miss Beard VASSARION 185 H EAAHNIKH ETAIREIA 0xQ l ,.. , l . . -7 - ' ' I 'Inari :las 3, 1 'iff li " I' l R l l l 1 4 l 1 xx. g jf. . - 1 x xi F 1 l B l X x- ' 1 l -l l- . li I A' ' -M 'l1 '1-, yi ! 1 'll' 1 ,914 11 W . - A l i l A l J xl l is 1, vi lil 'ol 5 Mill l X Q. Riff ll , il il ' g li-llrllm-I PROFESSOR LEACH 1'Ip6e8pos Num FRANCES RAYNOI1 1905 ,AVTLFPCSESPOC A1.1cE LESLIE WA1.K12R 1906 T'pu,u.,u.a1'ei1s EIVMBODALOV A. Loughridc 1965 A. Dalton 1906 H. L. Manning 1905 Koufu Miss Macurdy 1905 B. R. Burden E. W. Brezee G. C. Brown M. W. Dinegan .VV. Perkins 1906 l ll Ol: Miss Spaulding F. E. Hutchinson E. M. Johnson E. M. Spohr R. M. Underhill G. A. Yerex 1906 E. Ashmore R. L. Bribach E. B. Collier E. L. Collier 1907 M. H. Aiken E. C. Bryner E. L. Decker E. Downer G. Durbridge E. M. Glanville H. M. Glenn E. O. Hincken C. H. Mackellar S. Morris H. D. McKee F. H. Haines M. L. Landon H. I. Lovell G. H. Lockwood H. M. Munro A. B. Spooner A. M. Skinner A. L. Van Vechtcn 1908 M. E. English H. I. Schermerhorne A. C. Wing Lg 1 V A S S A R I O N l , 1 l liglfg . lllll ' A P' .f ' ' y A Der-Deutsche Verein Officers LMA XVAINVVRIGHT BELL IQO5 LIILEN NIORGENTHAUIQOS . LIL w Y Z1MMERMAN 1906 LONSTANCE NIAYFIE. H. C. Barber NI. B. Barrere A. W. Bell G. Bergen E. M. Blount G. C. Brown E. S. Botsford S. D. Buflinton H. L. Burlingame K. W. Butler F. E. Capron H. E. Clark H. E. Clinton S. M. DeLamatcr M. W. Dinegan S. C. Dulce M. E. Eddy B. A. Fontarede Members IQO5 A. E. Gaylord NI. E. Greene M. E. Haines A. C. Halsey G. Hamblen L. Hedden J. R. Henkel E. L. Hill H. Hill F. E. Hutchinson R. Nl. Keeney D. Kemble M. Kingston D. Lewis H. M. Lukens A. Lynll H. L. Manning G. V. McCarthy . Sacre 111 ROURKE IQO7 T -I. R E B. H. L E. E E. M. E. H. R. H A. L. G M. . Prexzdenr Ifz'ce-President B. McCrelis McCulloch M. McKisson M. McMichael Morgenthau Muckenhoupt Nl. Nichols O'Louglilin H. Ost L. Pinckard L. Powell H. Straight M. Underhill A. Vortriede V. Ward A. VVrisley A. Yerex R. Zacher tary reasurer l., 3, 4 V A S S A R I O N 1 1906 E. F. Adams C. A. Ifrenzel M. H. Noble . R. L. Adsit lf. H. Gray M. Numsen L. A. Aldrich M. C. Gundlaeli VV. Perkins D. D. Axtell A. Hathaway R. Ransom A. Burlingame A. M. Kautz E. Saville H. Campbell E. G. Klahr H. Scouton 1 M. Cliilberg C. F. Krause L. E. Shannon L. M. Cuddeback E. R. MacDonald S. Slesinger R. L. Davey F. lf. Meyer L. Vaile E. Durrin E. Mills L. Zimmerman lf. M. Fair F. M. Morris 1907 li. VV. Amen H. Hamburger lVI. A. Northrup lf. Bauman M. de S. Hanson R. Potter A. Belding L. MCN. Hedrick H. L. A. Reeb L. Benet R. Hoag C. M. Rourke M. Borden E. V. Hubbard H. C. St. Peter li. C. Bryner A. Huyler H. Sawyer l. F. Cain F. Ivy B. Schultz G. Conant M. D. Jewett G. B. Spooner H. B. Davis P. Kiper S. Tlieis A. M. Dow A. Lindemann N. A. Trask F. Easton M. Melfwen I. VVestl'all H. E. libel E. G. McRostie M. C. Wilsoii O. Edgcomb E. Maag G. Vllhiting A. Garson L. Medbury I. M. Woodbury J. G. Gould M. Milinowski G. Wocadrufl' A. Grant NI. Neale IQO8 H. R. Adams Kielland M. T. Shotwell R. Bates O. L. Lafrentz D. Sneyd-Kynnersley M. Blancke M. A. Leet M. Stanton lL. Boyne B. Lenthold lf. Suplee lf. Burns E. Marson M. Trotter M. Denniston P. Meyers H. R. Updike M. Dudley D. Oakley B. L. Vanderbilt E. H. Dunnells M. D. Potter H. 'VVanty V. Flaherty Pulsford A. L. YVeber M. Hakes K. Rockwell A. O. Wertz H. M. Hequembourg, K. B. Rose S. Wolf lf. James F. Schimmelfeng M. W1'ight Honorary Members llrof'Herl1olZ Miss Reinecke Miss Wells Miss Struck lVIiss Bernkopf Mr. Heinrich COHflCd 1. UW 0 ol X 1 'X " inf- . vassaa eotieee i x x fifggmqi ee F1 GLADYS B1v.owN 1905 LUCY SHANNON 1906 Lois 'TRACY 1907 . Caroline Sellers Barnes Gladys Charlotte Brown Florence Elizabeth Capron Hilda Van Kleek Swift Jeannette Huntington Ware Elizabeth Brownell Collier Marion Freeman Elwell Marion Fitch . . Anne VVadclington Holme Lucy Elliott Shannon . Mary Bennett Lorcl Marta Milinowski Elizabeth Severance . Lois Richmond Tracy . Grace Whiting . . Mary Constance Wilson 'iifizr ' v 'q i i e ooaueartasr, ai 0 .1225 11 -'i ff' tlr- 4 QF V ' G '21 ...- . ,.,.- 1-viii 3 " sr W E H N'G Officers Members I 905 1 906 1907 188 . . . President . . Vice-P1'esz'a'en1 S6C7'6'ffl7'y HH!! cI'Y'L'f1.f1l7'F7' Lucy Sellers Barnes '75 Winifred Larned Brown '82 F. A. Littlefield Capron '78 Adelaide Van Kleek Swi't '80 J. P. Huntington Ware '70 L. H. Brownell Collier '74 A. M. Nickerson Elwell '82 Cornelia Knowles Fitch '73 Pauline Waddington Holme '69 L. E. Crockett Shannon '72 Julia S. Bennett Lord '74 H. R. Ransom Milinowski '73 A. H. Hussey Severance '80 M. R. Richmond Tracy '76 Lillie Lewis Whiting '75 M. Constance Wilson '69 VASSARION 189 Lena Barnes . . Katharine Collier . Lesley Buckland Crnwliorcl lf. Cunningham . , M. English . Virginia S. Hale . M. A. Stanton E. Stunwoocl Katharine Noyes . Katharine Merritt IQOS .., 560' 5 ,. ffgq t af.. -' M. L. Woodward Barnes '80 L. H. Brownell Collier 374 Genevieve Buckland Crawford 'Sz 'lane Cochran Cunningham '74 I. W. Kellogg English ,75 H. S. Swinbourne Hale ,73 Mary Ross Stanton '69 L. L. Brockway Stnnwood '80 E. C. Hartman Noyes '80 Frances Hoyt Merritt ,jo u""'e , s ., v fu..." FI SSX 45,2555 fr A V fri . Wx ,Q V, V ,4 ffiff Qin NvM!' l il XSL- MM .X r-if ,. lr ll l. N' .1 ,' , , 1 1 l sl' -Q X ll g fcwm ' o XM' 1 Pnorssson M. NV. XVHITNEY . . Dzrecior Miss Fumlsss . . . zlsrismnt Direrim Officers MR. JOHN Bunxoum-is . Hana1aryPreJ1aer1l HELEN ANNA SL.-xumir 1905, . . Presideni IJNDA HOLLOWAY 1905 . . Vice-Presidem LOUISI-ZVQIADI-fl,E MACNEILLE 1907 Secretary-Trmsurez lqeq 14,05 Active Members P. Waterman A. lVyckoff E. C. Bell H. Lowenstein I-I. A. Slaueln H. E. Clark J. McCrclis 1. M. Spencer S. Duke B. McMichael H. Straight E. Eaton H. lllorgenthau M. Thistle E. Ganong H. C. Nutting M. Tucker H, I-lill C. L. Reiley D. L. XVnrthinglun I.. Holloway M. Shipp M. V.Wright 1906 M. C. Gundlzicli M. B Hutchinson A. L. Walker 191.7 l.. Benet lil. Lamhie I, Smith E. C. B1-yner L. A. Mn , Edgcomb H. M. Manro G. u. Glanville L. Sayer K KI. D Iewett S. Perry w vy H M. K. Shope. ' Associate 1903- - :J cNeilleA, M. Sperry R. Simone! E. C. 'Terrill A J. Urban Members -1- Special ,f f wi X f X f is fo . f ,Z I, gl" I if l f 9 I li 1 f rf, .l.l . .jj 1 if J ' fl K f r u l X3 K' , l gillv 'ff .1 fl 1 r -b ' 1 l E Us 4 " l l - i Ni , .ef 1 ll' gl , 5 X ,N K 1 I I X71 K If l A ll .. if f. f ff ' ll. l: i' f l l Q ,llll i . ALICE Hliywouu IQO5. MY BURLINGAME IQO6 NIAINE . . Nlzw HAMPSHIRE VERMONT . MAssAc11Us13T1's RHODE ISLAND CONNECTICUT . Officers Members . . I 2 IO 5 65 2 33 127 IQI Preszzfenf L'T5'fH EW ' fy ' f rf I f I' MfS0UTHERN ' U w i- ' W If 'FAUX gf . if ymywxww Nh + CLUB , . II I, ,II I, MIX 'KQQLM ' X9 - f QQ? U it fi 'HQWP'-I 'rv if 2 FZ? ki 9 gf-f ldufx jog WQMCVX I xx Iuvya 7? H VX MARY BELLE THOMSON IQO5 . . . President FRANCES STEWART 1906 . . Vifre-Prexidenf LEONORAROUZERIQO7 . . Secretary 111I1fTrea.vuI'vr Members DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA . 7 GEORGIA . ' - 1 KENTUCKY . , 5 TENNESSEE . 5 'FEXAS . 4 MISSOURI . 4 WEST VIRGINIA 3 ALABAMA . 1 MARYLAND . 2 NORTH CAROLINA . I VIRGINIA . I NEW JERSEY . I OKLAHOMA . I 43 192 V A S S A R I O N I A . Officers LAURA HATCH 1906 . . . President C H I C H G O 'l5:LIZAI3I5'I'H lX4EACHAlVI BLOUNT IQO5 Vine- President 'W ' JIZSSIE COMFORT SMITH IQO7 J,--ff. , ..- if BT 1 .. Q, "'X T . - M. Blount , I A. B. Brzidslmzlw llirl ' l D. W. Eckhart 1 if G. Ellis ,N 1,51 L. Hatch L. A. 1111146 1 , .A If-,il - .l'l"f? A L . 5 M. Aiken ZH ll? T. M. liarton '-,' I. F. Cain X ,b:" , G. L. Crocker 'L "" 5 .Y l lf. Conover - V5 P. Kiper J - in Buclianan V A ' E D. B. Conovei D. Charlton 1 : , we B. Erwin f LL 11-T-If A ' V. 1-11.16 , IW. Lane 1 C L. U B l vi l SL'C7'6fClI'y H1111 7'f6!1.l'1l7'ET Members I 905 1 906 1907 1 908 H. Johnson G. lVIcCartl1y E. Lowry Nl. B. Madden S. Norton L. Zimmerman G. lVlcC:1slcy M. L. Qixinnell L. G. Rogers L. Rowe J. C. Smith Nl. E. Tinker NI. Nlziynzird H. L. Nlcssingcr Nl. S. Shaw lf. Stzmwood H. Wilkinson Honorary Member Miss Stone v,l.. -lv . . X , 31 I if ' ., .1 ' uf l - .il-D55 i f- '1,v. 'i1i ' Y-K+ ,, 'iff 4 51.1- 9 . 7 X My 1 . 1 , tif - Mgr' nf f f ' l XG , X I, New jersey Club Officers l-lARR11a'1'l..hflANN1Nts19o5 . . l'1-wliflwnl l'l'I'HEl. Nl. S1'0111x 1905 . l'1r1'-Pr-u.v1'dvnl NlABE1..l'l.l3AI.11w1N 1900 ISERT1-1A G. H u1c1.1su'r ILQO0 G. Bergen G. Hamblen l.. Hedden M. Fitch C. lVl. lVl,2lCl4Cll2Il' Nl. L. Cunnan A. Cranmei' N. ll. Baldwin M. L. Barrett l.. B. Crawford H. E. Davis E. Elmendorf S 4' L' I' 6 t ll 1' 1' T I' t' fl A' N I' 1' I Members 1905 A. O. Kaya G. A. Parrot A. D. 'liuttle R. A. Nlerselis C. L. Reiley S. E. Watsoii I-I. C. Nutting S. D. Smyth B. Nl. VViggin IQO6 Nl. lVlunn H. li. Searle P. Woolvertoim Nl. V. D. Nevins lt. K. Van der Veer E. lf. Vllortendykc 1907 G. llurliriclgc Nl. L. Landon P. C. Nutting A. 'lf I-luyler l,. D. Mellier N. A. Trask A. Van Nostrand Nl. C. Wilson 1908 Nl. A. Griggs lt. S. Howe lil. Sigler li. E. Hanford l' james B. G. Smith lf. Havens li.. H. Johnson H. R. Updikc ll. W. l-leald G. G. Serrel B. L. Vanderbilt M. A. Hires Shield A. L. Weber l.. C. VVhirtingh:nn H. M. Zabriskie hlargaretlie Blanche Honorary Members Ur. M. l-larlev Dr. A. l. P. Vllood '94 Z' 1 x C Y. -.N J,.- gJ.JZ,. THE CQLORA Q U 1 xx 1. X M ' We .? m O ' A UUDDQDQDUQQ ,W I D 4-0 Chiefs lV'vr1r111'A.vif',lfclv. '04-Supr. '04 ,l"!lIl.V1'fl7ll, Sept. 'O.I.- Feb. ,OS Shilmzfluzu, I-'L-lw. ,O5-'I une '05 Tribe 1905 lffvnn llQi.vfe, HELEN C. BANCROFT Winona, ELIZABETH M. COMSTOCK llfnfzyefbfz, GRACE I. B"ICNAUGH'1' lcpob Clwfpitfz, INHZ A. Rlnczlzvvm' Slvilmduzu, LUCRETIA VAILI' 1907 - Chu-we, FMT:-1 HUN'1'1NG'roN HAINES Zitlmlyla, AfIABEL BRACE Morzogxzzz, l21.1zAnu1'1-I IDOWNISR Ozlaomu, LUA M. BAUIQ Ugurlwirb, 1x'1ARY li. FISHER 1908 Inn, NIADGE A. Hmavwl-' '95 196 VASSARION J' Scriptores "dBm rn-ict us bsculur Famuufi! " PIELEN BABSON A. NIARIE BADEAU LOUISE ELIZAIHQTH DUTTON IXIARY ARMOUR PRA'rT NIARDA KENDRICK SMU!-1 PIAZEL I-I1zN1umVrA S'rRA1GH'r Enrrr-1 TA1.1,AN'r JEAN BINGHAM WVILSON Q' ww Q D U 'wg MMT U 9 XR f-M wma , W-.51 Q LT? ZW YI WWW Q3 if , f 4 ox QE as-Alzu D if r -W ON :M J y 1 Qi! 0 f Elf' LQ V 3 0 ' iiguv f ff! .,9q GDN N' . W a. ' ' K lm: S. F. T. B. O. T. 1 VN A Q 13 D XI 1 R H NI A R ll II T I I 197 --4.- , I .. maui, . wa 1 e L , L-LXJ4 ,ff X, r JN. Y W H X 1 J ff ' I ! V, ,I E i.x Ely ? V 'F 1 -, I W I ! ff .1 -I. ' ! 1415, ,X I ' 75 FEI I ' 149 ,II I AH. I ' ' fl fr' WI I --III? I q""Z' I R IL If .4 , JV A K 1-liz!! ,I I, ! , QQ Im. -, I I 'W Charter Members ffAROLINli SYQILERS BARNIcs NIARGARIVI' FLHMINLS HIELIQN HONVIE DE BEVOISIC A. BAILI-:Y XVRIGH1 Non-Charter Members CLARA NI. Comm' XIARTHA GARIJN1-:R NIARY HALIQ CRANDALI. ALICE I-hsvwoon MARIE STROH NIILDRED VILAS On Probation IQDNA VIRGINIA KING KATHLEEN G. RUMNEY 198 Cie gi fl , MEF QW ., Nu, l f:':e!.. wi x ,f 51.11-avi-px 4,7092 I xlgtl 'o':.:s III!!! xgx .:,u, !:u bu: Qu wr- . ,- ,--. Y JFEQEEESEES' fa.. W1 I . H3111 In 5 N riff, HL H' nl I' U 5 I lu I III 1 E " ll 'nv ' 1. un- ,n , izf 'lf' -.. '11-.f , .E!v:: E . ,QLQEQ lggal, 1 f' fig: -"'i'lf,i ii' 55' un ' liiili , ulmgl ..lEf-il . w..-....- 1 1255255521 L' 1?-gain-'." s... , "L'i'.L1i - I ,, .. 1:11. " " . .. ..l . - 1 - ,I mul' ,I ' un. ll,.:z'. . I .- ' lg ,. sf' f -555 .... - :Sgr ' "-nun 15' ' -.5 , 'WZ All I n --L :" -nr ' 1.--un- - -1.l'::::E'Z,, " ' ,. :um - K .vu 4, . ..-I an .- nn I " 1 r ""n-1- I' - ,1 1 In N ine Nimble Nibblers CA1101,1N 1a SEALY 1905 HELIZN CZUMPSON 1906 I-IA1zR1ETTE JANE COMSTOCK IQO6 MARY JORDAN DIMOCK 1906 KATHAMN 15 I'IOLMAN 1 906 MARION THURBER PAINE 1906 LILY ZIMMERMAN 1906 NIARY BENNET Loan 1907 LUCY JANE ROWE 1907 QOO O all' ' ', .-.. .. ' 'la' .1 X nv -1+ . VASSAR ION 201 Braukessel GERTRUDE I. BALLARD LUCY S. BRADLEY HELEN H. DEBEVOISE MARGARET FLEMING RACHEL K. PECK LILLIAN M. SALTONSTALI. ANN ELOISE STEWART I'IliLEN H. TALCOT1' ANNIE BAILEY WRIGHT 202 V A S S A R I O N .X '- f V , J A a If -A ff- A 4: A .i H 'JL' . , ' X ' '-" X , 'L 9 . af 'Af' j .. .Vie-II X b ' QE" X W L f 'fffx f' ,el I '11 fifffllf I X-Iggy, A-gl , ff' I 1 Ki V 1 I A . 'ii . eg f- ' gg f Li ,- A Court ifesf I' I' Supper Glee E v E I. Y N jest Courtiers liI,IzAlsE'1'I-I E. CURTIS ANNA E. GAYLORD HELEN HAGUI3 I?I.oRENcIs A. Howie li. MARION NICHOLS PIAZEI, H. STRAIGHT BIERTI-IA M. S'rIuaE1' IQMELINE A. STRI5E'I' MARGARITI' TUCKER ANNE V. XVARD NIADOLIN R. ZACHER O 1 LOUGHLIN vAssAR1 oN 20 What Four? kilflfue M11.DR1a1z k'lAGER 1905 LUCY CATHARINIQ PRICE 1905 MARIE PA'1'1'1soN IQO6 LAURA BINNS rqob Y , 3.--Y-I YQ '45 'fsd L 'A -K Vis? 'MJ Www ww Wm Sk E JANE 'FORRANCP RUTH POTTER VERA I'IAMIL'1'ON KATHAMNR BUNKFR M.AY CONNOR ANN HUBBARD IVIARY NIFAI. LEUNORA Rmrzvn 204. xk ff A QQ SQQUQB life-Q. EWQFS 206 VASSARION Christian Association Reception OCTOBER x, 1904 Committee SARAH BEIERMEISTER 1905, Cbainnmz GRACE PARROT 1905 MAR1oN PAINE 1906 NIARION SEARS 1906 RUIH POTTER 1907 Receiving Committee DR. 'TAYLOR DVQTRS. TAYLOR MRS. KENDRICK' MISS FLEMING fsx.. N 1 -iT Senior Parlor Opening OCTOBER 21, 1904 SENIORS TO SOPHOMORES Committee liTl-ml. MCKISSKJN HELEN MORGENTHAU LUCY BRADLEY KATHARINE Svruas Song of lffrfrn mc Rerponxr HEN1uET1'A PI.A'I"I' CAROLINE SEALY f5ER'I'RUDE BALr.AR1u 1905 Glas Cfulz I907 Gln- Cfuulz 4' Q r A i ,sz .n-,., Q23-:S ' gg-,zsfgif Q - Q.. :Srl If 'r, Silk .. if if "I,-I-3,3-,:f'5 N ,.i Q X! N I 'f X -V nE.f'ln 5-b ,1-'a A F -, Z.-bfi A XXL-li lull 4- -tn 3 ,ibn ullu1.T .mx 3 I Q 9 ,.. game?-g.,.,,i... or .. ,,. it 'Wil iw lllllllllllll mxllvW'1l'J,fg 3 il lil MP3-Is. ,li- w45i' ' I Y ' 5491 - . . v , . ,Ll . , A Q. . x 1 . -:fiei'??T'.,'3.f2-'15-'55 2 'H A V., , ., . 4 , .K I '.-.g-5: I 119 4 'I N + Nw ' ' m 5 was .. ,,,.. A T32 X Q 'I' I X 1 143 , M A ., 4 .- ,vv ,, Wifi ..-635.-'I'-'. , vlif'--'ve . r MWA. . ,Voz xl- -3,12 :kxr!5ti.1Ajj.r1utLi1t ,.,. . , -W'-.:LFc'1n'd'C'P'R 5' ' ' " "ff ' '. .6 'Wifi 'Kg ix 'Jil 1 ye- l y 'v grim mfr, Q'-4,41 . .- 1.,.'rii1'fifL". L-, u- 5 ,gs ' 3:1 ff 5, 11:-27 25- 7 f fi' ' F' if-3:73 5 fi? fg 'ffl-1 QT?-'f3.f' r I.'r"'4':k-':1.- Y: .. V . ' -- 14 A ,- 1.'1'-me-:I "JZ: f'?'l"f ' F.. ' 'Q -zz 1 -T4 '- if'a1f-Sf:':?:i7f5V:': .219-31.1 . , . -77 Nj, 3335:-3 .- I -JL, 1 :I -. Q Q' 'f3.,::-'grfi .' .. 5:3 gf .-3 4"i'?'-'Pgn-gxl"""",,l'Z4.-1 "Q ' 'bfi 4' 1 ,. r 4 r -sv-, -., 4.- '.- -- 2154- - 1" "N A ' -P:-' A , .-..:: j N. W. Q'-'Wifi , ' -1, - f ' .531-wa v,Of5x 1':::..w- .1?-'-':4:- :A .. '- .J - 'fr' - 9:11 N frrwguw, " ' P' - it fr f : Q H --'4 T- -, -' . , . .--r.. ' , , M . . .M it F A ,!f 1 A' ,1xgg...n , -.-iv. " - ' v- "" " '4, ' ' ., lv' X ,V N-. ' "3 , i 'W l 'Milf Y il l l l l r N r" " Q I :.?.,,.-:.- if -A ' H if ff-fe: ' - I r . ' , -sne- - .-J .. .. mf - k - A we e we , M -., r.- 'X ., N lllll'-ll' ...if - A, .. ' ' 1- ' '.:1f5"'r Ali xi rn K W, fa - - f4""' - e e A - --'rs' nw 9I.""'1',-"5 Y 5 v V "': 4 W' ,, JT -rf.: "'f 1 - Annual Trip To Mohonk OCTOBER 22, 1904 The annual excursion to beautiful Mohonk was originated in the curly QOJS, by Mr. Frederick F. Thompson, an honored trustee of Vassar College, through his generosity and benevolent interest in the student body. In his time all ofthe students participatedg but the college has since grown so . . that the trip is now limited to the ' large Freshmen and Seniors. Since the deixth of "Uncle Fred," the trips have been con- tinued through the kindness of Mrs. Thompson. ..A.,f.f- f A-'fun-: Ei5iF2125q'v't'Kf"r-LZ:4'f ,,,.,ff.-,--,M K-,. 4,.,- - I 1. ..-,.-?.,z.-.4- -4.-.V-.wk wfki. , ...., J ..... . Z N .,,, . .... - ,lj ' muy fm if , ,M '10, , '13 ?-Vim, i ,- B ,-,,.,- -- 0 5. Y .N as I K' B fd' 'Q- H X S fxvy' tt S WW ft Ul'tfw f' g!Q,rsQf.,, 'UN X A , -X ,N ,ga -"1 if A -qu r 0 - 4' "-wi,-X f- ,C ' fi X, t -A " -. T, -r . - , -Ji V t .yo LT L , I 1 t x. , '- :limi .X Lx -. X ' r fi """Lr'Ml 3 .X 'K i K MNH tilt! 'WMI' Html' 'Wi n 'Alf ts-,H Halloween OCTOBER 31, 1904 A pumpkin sat by a looking-glass, His face cut all askew, "I tell you what," he sputtered out, "Statistics prove it's true! Why, marriage and the college girl Are unconnected topics, Tis quite as sane to talk at once Of icebergs and the tropics." The looking-glass said not a word, The pumpkin not another, For right there by the glass She stood Not- looking for her brother. , 209 1.3, 1. 5 , , M I Sophomore Party J 7 SOPHOMORES TO FRES-HMEN OCTOBER 29, IQ04 7 f 9 Q00 A Committee NIARY BENNETP LORD, Ch E1,1sANoR BRINSMADIQ RUTH C1cow1e1.L VIOLIET P11412 G1ao1u:1ANA SPOONITR llH'Ill lf! -l+ , QI Dedication of the Chapel of Vassar College NOVEMBER 4, 1904 Donors of the Chapel MAILY Tr-mw THOMPSON of the Class of ,77 lVlARY MoRRIs PRA'rr of the Class of '80 The Cornerstone laid October 4, IQO2 The Building dedicated November 4, 1904 2II 4 ,Ln ml g . 3 ...iglgryg g.-Q-g:,2fg. . ,G - -1-21 - Q, Aj:-2-,gp-,, .,,.' 1 :iZexQ.f'iE if .4 -, -4 .1 .L -- vu'- f 1?:'.mJ'a 7,7 My--:..1!'..f-M 5'-iff A r' 1 .J Fgmfew , f.,i1y--1 .x.Nl,1., , . , ..,,,,, if .-5: L 1. Ayr' --. 'Y ., ,:..- Nr,-Lv. 1 I 1' Q 1.-'.:.3.f Y -' H X 'J Y? !5Q.:v.ij.,ii, ' 2,1123-.,, 545, if l' ,n I A, -- " " 'W v. ik ., Y 95 , A 3 1 ,- I -. ' A ft Q' -J ' , ,. A f 1 1 1 ' f4-5 1 1 'A ' Q' .Y+.+!1?f . J AS-S - '- Af A A 13' 11111 1112 A Q J- 115: un. ,Q A, K jg! 1 IMI: y . S 11? V N. fffpfg-Y ff f an 9 fzf-f f ' .m yfffl. 1 'U L,',!qW 5- 5.25 " ' ' 1 A . - 'idk 31 " ' mr- fl -. 1...-5 f'Q+?F"3"4"w?5"737L'+,. 4. .' 3 ' ' ' uk'-' A ' - w5"f5?i A I 5453.15-11,'?i'f1..,,,,uhV,"1,'s.A.,,E?f.h' Q4-if ' ' mifyggr 1 Wwe, . 1fg.rif'1vf"w "Hn, lf! " X " 'X ' 1j.:ef'flW?f""'w . X .af A N .M f-.if . MQW- -. ,vp f"f- , ww, ' buf.- 'I if ' Mu "' -1 . ' Y A . ,r X f LQ v O T E R S Qfp qy ' fig-11 I, E V ' -fl" ' K A -. Q. T . ' ,. Q2 . J F l R S SHOULD BE J AN " X' 1.-. ,. -' ,A '..- - A, NV Campaign Committee LUCY BRADLEY 1905, Cbairnmn HAZEL H. STRAIGHT IQO5 Republican Clnairrunn C. L1L1AN WARNER 1905 Democratif Chairman LAURA C. HICKOX 190 HILDA SWIFT IQO5 HEI.EN TALco1'r IQO6 JULIA SHARING 1906 ELLA HARRIS IQO6 RUTH DAVEY IQO6 5 I-1603751 ffvffr L T ,W0 QfQ4Qlf ' ' . nqfiij iff' ' t I "'-' ' E' -35775 V :ff 5' T -RVN K ,NKEVX j ,. ,-.k i . --J -' iw ' Qqhix --f- T C V .few O O . T T 3 C T' .T.W -T - M ' . J 0 1:-5: 9,21 ff! -6 -x'09!L'nd"',,ii": ,' ,Q ' 'f N - up . Qomk ' ,V-, Y . Iffxf, it-i ! ,. 3:w,qM'V!,:gdiL - ' -v,' X 2g6 ?GV A4v,K - ' ,,,"' . ff.. ' . g i fm'f.f-.r- T' H '2'A f i w ' ' W ,N ' 30 1, I Qi A :S ! v k IW lf Q' . .ef QTL ff-ff-,7f,!V,y4Mz?f fs- fTffTWfTffT T WT If ,.-WM! . mf. xg xg , 'lf ,E ,-1 5, , Q49 f1f5qgwMfWjfiT H 7f?5,xg s ' ' 'ff 'A Tiff. .vT4yT3!6if W, r5FI,ig,gFW 5 13,1 f, fiat? A525 A A ga THREE? wW?f3: B , x?"1::uc 'Woo , Z' f O Campaign ,Jfw,vg:'g T ,G , . T P- . Zip in l '2?i'X W UQ x-,ic-rwgmf-, .V V - 'mf " . 3 Results 0 IQ 4 .. gggfw iq REPUBLICAN VOTE 561 IDEMOCRATIC VOTE 157 SOCIAL PROHHTITIONIST V0-rp KVM F 'ss 445.9 Q, w 'nu Mfiuvfxwqiiw 'Wg' vb-'I ' . Y g?V,j'f1,f1.'?'i1E,Zu"g-4 . ii ,,.v2'14,,,'4.,,u 704, 75. 15 ,A p Q, li ,hams ,K DEMOCRATIC VOTE 2 . ' ' A1315 T-flgrir Q9 T 'V T 'N if .5 .,f,-.,-1-. Q., mag, Fi. 5 Qiffiul 9' -a,,"'0FC-'-16,"f4dl's. wiv- 1 ""'4.-,. ' in-:ff - ?'3:3'fb?v:Q - g f.,'JQ5" lgixkngl 4'- , -4,1 ' ff- ff-1 ff 1-5' 7. ,B,'LG'l1f.,g41'f - M? e P11 'qigifxxgi fax' I V ' C+?ff,Ziu ,T ,.ZE.d:g,g2 ' f 'gf -"'Z5j7,, X Xi ,Q J "' , -If O .ff V ' 4 Tm: ri- f, 'Km A ,A 'T M . 1- gm ., ,W ' by -X 7 .: ' ,. - . A, - - ' f .fuf-Q' .:sf,1 ' ., - ' .- vztufy., - -... f , 1 1 . , QM gwwg., Q, 'N 44' 7 .Eiga 'NE il' ?-1 u f, A' I' f -- if ffm "' . I - - V-F qeqagvlaisl ,K IM W in V gt- , - ' ' ff-v ' , vf""-ifffv: fH, ' , fy! T V, ' 1.4-gy -A 1 A V",-',,'S1'2'2,', 1 '59, ' ' :T 'f:'5' 53?" - lv."'f A is-5-.Ogf'i, QQ' ' 4 :.,.- ' 'ig-E4 1 014, w fr-vw T-1'-' f I l' K 1' 'fx mf iff?" J T K -v' '5"f ""i' 1'- 1 I I v-ff fxfo- I 25' cnior Q C 5-'Y f by ' 5: - LQ J V' i ff ITT. bb -3 SKEJI Q ,, b U fvci, -1 I ' OCTOBER 28, 1904 , A I Y JI I I ' 7 I . I I I 7 ' SENIOR BIRTHDAY SONG A J , T -W-W Q 4 ' Mezudyf QB Bzztzlegar 1 Bmw of J l I I I I Odbis :fright nt ght pi ng rm ' - 1 I I mifl'1f2'l2ff,l JK DD I 1' t , I I I ,. wr offs: num t u D h r 5 I I smrmi thnt"s IJ u I1 ch r r i Nl Y 1f!nu'ur b r tb 5 I 1 D I I f llyrruuir hr I1 I1 tl t c g 'I I A 'A Iwi th n p r n ' , , I J ' 3 Y I I .' I , , V f ', 7 I 1 i I I I ' H I III I I ' 1' I I, I gk il I' 3 il ' I 11 ga- Z1-""5lX-YU , ' 1 mi' P If x N , f I Q X I sg xJ1 W U - glam- ,i?2gx'I. ! JK gg I I 9 ' W Q Wil" 'W ' N ff .' 44 1 - '- f WM A f- 'gl 4 'lx X L I N ' J-N W -7 1-.. K N " Iggy, r' W Junior Party JUNIORS TO FRESHMEN November I 2, 1904 Committee LYDIA MAXWELL PARRY, CfJaz'rman MARY rfARKlNG'I'ON CAREY ALICE ELIZABETH Hom EVELYN GILL KLAHR ICLSIE MITCHELL RUSHMORIL ZIS THIRTY-NINTH ANNIVERSARY OF Philaletheis Day November 25, 1904 Committee E PIERCE WHIEIELER, Clmirnmn GRACE A. SAMPLE 1905 ANN ELOISE S'1'11AR'r 1905 NIARION E. SEARS 1906 LAURA HATC1-1 1906 MARY BORDEN 1907 VERA A. HAMILTON 1907 HELEN B. JOSSELYN 1908 JULIA BARCLAY 1908 i1i -:L i 5'-E,-4 ,p 1-1 L ., -. 'jj Q xt if 'ZEN msg' -A w + I . write . , is in " f w fr if W 'F gQg wit if 4 in . y . ,tj if flu., f It 5 1 I ., ,. , W f .I ,, T 1 I 4, , 3, " , 5- A 5 s fi C . 1 , yr -. b SIEI5 , mg, I. 7: ivy gig I H 1 S33 ? 5 7 Q5111- 4 air- ' 'Biff V 'Z "J-' 71' 3 -1 I 3 v 1 - I V llll EES' up m:,m.u: E2 w--:ar f-I--'i f' 5521 by 'uw 41' "W ., f L .H -in limp ' 45- dm H' ul-W 75" ' .MQ .' I ' , u WL N W 32 w .lv 'R 5? - S ,E A , -- 5' - -1 45-1 K , Q II Washington's Birthday FEBRUARY 22, 1905 "I understand," quoth George to Martha Washing- ton, his spouse, "That in my honor, once a year, the Vassar girls carouse. Sometimes the twenty-first, or third, or eighth or ninth-which e'er Best suits the Faculty-they don't appear to think I care. I-first in war, in peace, in hearts of country women, sigh To think I was not born upon the fourth day of JuIyI" , I ee e , I eeeee , I 1 i + , eeeeeeeeeeeeee I A Evil I I I I V I I .T TT T. se M. Qui Vive Debate MARCH 18, 1905 Subject Resolved: That the efforts of employers to overthrow the Union Shop are for the of the laboring classes. DECIDIED IN I"AvoR OF THE NEGATIVE best Interests Debaters T. 8a M.-Negative Qui Vive-Affirmative DAISY LEE WORTHINGTON lVlABEL KINGSBURY NlABEL QUINN lXqAUDE MORRISON LUCY PRICE ELIZABETH CHANDLE Alternates Alternates MARJORIE HISCOX HAZEL JOHNSON ELSA WEII, ALICE LOUGHRIDGE LILIAN XVARNER HAZEI. NICKIEE BERTHA STREET lVlARIE BADEAU GRACE MARRET'l' Committees ' T. 8s M. Qui Vive HILDA LOWENSTEIN, Cl1nI'1'nz11-I1 NIARY DIMOCK, Cbnirm HI HELEN KENYON EDITH HowE RTHFI. MCKISSON ELIZA BUFITINGTON ALMA BELL EDNA JEFFERY RUTH UNDERHILI, EI.sIE DUNWELL HELEN LUKENS in I Q -sr-u -,.f" r f 11' ,X ,L XX, - ff' MiH,.'9 , - . R : If ' 1 x?i:7fT:g?"'f-"hx, --N - ' Y I 4 L . J" ,I ' I '--,X sg f.:,L - " . tif 'gh X P, X j had 'N 4, N- -Nqr -'wi Mm -'N 733. 5"' I.. g..,7Z"F,.E Q7 -7"n5' 1 ' f L f v.,r' 14: . 1010 , ..-'LSA .' ,,, I. ' Cs. .....:r-I- ffflk- M1 57" M :X l":11V .. nova' "I, 'Hia' l" ' V I he-A X 7 'Ul f' ,-+ H. I I L ' ,J ,eg X ' .11 . - . . v ' Y, X513-'L I F .J . W. 5 P . 'f QL . A 6 gs as J. ju L.. N gf u 155 1 r , " I 'I 'l""', -dt., :gy 'I J .' W W fi f A - , L M- A M .vw 1 .I AVE? 'I ' J. 'n V if YA ,K-tk? . -' -- . 4- 0, f yt L A Ev M QNW1 j,A,,Hfiz??'AK,.:s 9 ifvnnf in QI"-gifs, A ., ,Y A L -9 ' L ul, .9 lr' ' -uf ' 3' 'J-' ' "1 km iQ'-c:"Wa"as?" '41 N""P A, , - K, fx ', ' u f, x-N12 , idk ,N . - vw N L f.... ' 0 21.P"'I9,7- L -'Wd F0under's Day by 'U"b 'S'f . . .- . A 'U'-'T Q , - . DU? '. ,'.M-AT. 1 3 c x ' 7521 V ' 'ky V. KRW' APRIL 28 E , I KA M , 1905 . f '.,J5..',,'g, ' I? w 4, Committee SYLVIA DURFEE BUFFINTON 1905, Chan-mmz IJARRIET NIANNING 1905 ELLA I'IILL 1905 LILY ZIMMERMAN 1906 SUSAN Gizmos 1906 ELEANOR BRINSMADH 1907 KATHARINE BUNKER 1907 119 .. Nw? N, , 7 5 . I XE, 2 '15, I an ' "' 4-QLXIL.-1351 :QQ if l f 77x I x N 4' I rg, X 4'-?:" ,'?'Kv L I LM 4, g,"A!9f' -'Saks "' 4 10 q N 1 5,1 ,l x JH ffsjigan Ill!!! S 'J 'N-lx mf 1 -as 4.0 QU NLM 'X' Class Day JUNE 13, 1905 .A+ fs-ig? qlsfkh '77s is K6 A J? y ' Q r ' I! 'Pk lib 1 I ,MAIN : 0241? 1 ji up , ,fw- Comm1ttee CAROLINE SEALY, Clmnnmn GFMRUDE IANA BALLARD XNNIE MARIE BADEAU I vL1 YN LEONARD HPI LN MOIKGENIHAU NTARDA KLNDRICL bmna Class Day H1stor1ans CDIKA HASBROUCk DAISY LFF XNORTI-IIN! IGN A 0 Senlor Spade Orator I lA1Lx HFNR11 TIA SIRAIGI-11 x Sf l. Agv jumor Spade Orator "vw 0? my F1 su: Rusmaonn "Rfb 5 rv7""w Q v O' J df LL C nb 1 sa -1 1' v as 'L' Qikq lifgx I bw 14 Y". sm J OX 5 2 R -4 ,ki ox! W 3 K 1 5 WNQWPE'-5" KJ 5'-xg Q ' W S. ik' 0 GX X ,NSW we 9 pi andy 9 mm f,3.gH'?g.f wzfszfifgv., , gig.. ., -.w'T'g'7l'?s A V Q 1. s..54Pf 1' N ' ' ' 'ik . . ,.x..'- 5 ' ' z' .1 J- 'V W-. V ' - Y A" rn -L A gg 1811-.p 4 7 4, "A, - 'sf as rams. A "af ' 1 kS.i4? ,- oifma "QQ f H7 ' 5' iff ' Y -A45 0 , Q , l W ff' 01 ' , 14? E ,ATN , IQQI vixgfv 9 ?.,..A or A gf. .Lu 'aah 1, x RA' '54 ' A ' . , L rl ' ut- 315 ggi N A ' "4 MV wwf P ,. R WI, v' 4 -1119, 'u ' 111, g . f - :Q 3- ' r. Q 1 yr Iisnmu EATON 6? 13 lie' sg N ' N9 4, I . ' . .' ':.' 0 m5a.-.jj' 4- .4":-nf 4 'A 'A Kyiv 1 ' ' ' ' ix .,, 4: Ve . P -7561 - i 5 3 f ' ' :Q " 5. , 'NL Lo? Q A: ,s ' EN ya, 'Qs A 4- 233. r- :S':.v S Q F D ' : QE. fa' if .,., 'S'1F"ix ' ' ' ' ' I: fs' - QW xx Q4 fi! A H' 'U " -4 J' ., ' 'gs YL 1 it wk I' .nf ' .-.-, A. ' Q A 1 T' G4 uk ,Vi W ,Qu-f 41. R . . f. V A "wi-L W " ' LQ4' 'M' 1 '1 Q 'M 1, .-xtxs N fl! " Ax? 25.3 A .1 0 .v:'6,., v fu -S, A -, I X , 4 V A -: fx- ,q,.6.:'. rg 4 sf! E-J ir - -iw ' .L I wk.. V, I Q ' - X A ix'XXxYx'X-xv, x , , f Q . g-4.-:QM -. " 1- XXX N' JJ ' W X ' ,fi T-fp 73-Y .Qmgxq X N H- j"',"'4.i" X ff"W-+ki'4J It Vg?" lm'-'1Qg?':iT'4. l H v X51 rwlln W1 1 . f. .-Jxfmr-Aa-A 4. AXA NX, I JJ '-f'- Us , It .nf qihrs. .JY "H-,,.,-?,5f7'pA.:- N ,f 7: ff -fff'11 1 3"23f" K l fuk' " J ,., '1 ,-, .. k1- .-Q.'?.me:i:q f, gx , , in H 1'1"1'A ' A A 1 V V All we. 1: . 51.1 1. -N iw 1 V- , . pr? 1-Q W-ftiffffj . -.fax k , -Q Q 1 -N I M ' Hd.. ni -L 'ul W ' nn' Aw! 1- X 'f if. 'fwfsxxxbe , fQ'Wwf.fem5,,L "4 fi: liens ''fmsflfh'4ML'f'W'fM 'V jf""Q:u X H f 1'E'E'1'55ifi 5EW f e' f!lwl'm:giF?'3n'W9-fig' 1'-5f5'M'! N , . .1 fi" -my . 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Q ' W3 G" T' , "" gugwirrl "ilu" H. iff -33, Ii4-gf'5m2- U1 '1i'3iif13'llilIU..'N1fl?"if mls-A12-2i'A N SQA 64 1 1, .!LiiQuii wif flgf - :y:g.AL' . WE'lM.Ll,:, '5f, A A, ,. -. 'Juni' Vlxlllllylgminnifizihwlgiiu ll -:Q- 55515-U A A "" ' '- -lk--5'-235 i-ff? N' X' 4 127 Fortieth Annual Commencement VASSAR COLLEGE, JUNE 14, 1905 Commencement Speakers SYLVIA DURFEE BUFFINTON MARGARET TUCKER EDITH CLARE LANCASTER HELEN CoRL1ss BABSON LINDA Ho1.LowAY NINA FRANCES RAYNOR 221 lf" lf 1 O Y ... ,sas -:if ,l?i - " Y ,A -L X-L THE F. F. THOMPSON MEMORIAL LIBRARY Completed Iune, 1905 ummm? W V19-vp ww ev mmrfgn rrwmww my 91 Nffjwn gfvgfyvw'QEMQQAMLQmmzMaM"Gf!'1'?fWE'WZ V ' 4 6 ' A 1 " ,CW af I NFWON XJAEV' Wi N912 3'0f5iO0w ful f3kWz4W?: 2 xy' ' wff .14 ,6Q, 'WZSQM fwwwwma-'fzfiiszaizffff 3wm01'lf1w'f,Qf N x . h X iw!!- f NWJ 1,5 NA MJ, of,.4-!,1.W J MMSaf'ameiasqzflwwa+'M4i'm344!Q-.image M109 plQ,ffGfvfcf4sf,mw,, -f AR I.-we af-4yK,,n,9nnm,q..q1,m 7MO!g6,AbBWgf!-wyygksx - 'NQQHYOB Q,ixi,4W0j6'5l,ygll.?'i W 71 KY ?'f0 mf TN W,1.sN A NV 1101145701 4 f E ,-Q: PJ 2 E EN! -5 'Ayr' t a I' V V - X 5 H hunb V-,312 6 5 Q ., vga,Q 9' Q , E ...X hw fs 1 A - I .- I s gfq lbf- I l .' t I K, I I ' A ,LKWP1 :Q-',.,"' 'su - I ' s Sfxvxfl - le 't -I ': - in U. 3 Y I .712 Q wsxik Wlr N kv C?-FRNI 135' IQO5-HCT Head n-is. , " '-'I-fvm... K --'14 . , N C0 , Z F1 , ' : .t ' ,V 18 A f D6 . l. , ,J ' '21 SENIQPSZ Auc iolv P . 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'f',f Y A ' ' Q SW -r Q IBHB3 aww KQN' R QQQVY if saw X 'fi ' 7 , v M ' 7 I ' aux A H M 5' . L Zh I 'wwllndfwvv -Parlor 226 VACSSARION When Chatty Went to College EAR mell' sighed Chatty, gazing at the band of her best petticoat. "I've lost the ping I guess I'll have to button it." just then Lady Clara Fear de Flunk ambled into the room. "I,m looking everywhere for a petticoat," she announced, flinging her- self down on the tea table and idly biting at a stein. "A petticoat FH Called Chatty, emerging from the bedroom. "Sorry, but I've just thrown my other one at the Greek professor in the bath-tub. You see,,' as Lady Clara crushed the stein in her alarm, "you see, I thought it was Georgief, Chatty looked delightfully wicked. Hxvllii-Wllilt did she do ?" gasped the freshman. "lVell, I couldn't see, but I seemed to hear her sing out 'Eurekaf so I supposed she wanted it." "Chattyl,' - "IVell, she did. She's a woman as well as a professor, isn't she FU Chatty was picking absently at her patent leathers. "Anyhow, silk bathing suits are all the rage,', said Georgie, picking her way out of the closet. "Here, Lady Clara, I found a kimona under Chatty's stale fudge cake in the bottom of the closet. Ilm afraid it won't do for a petticoat. Chatty has been aiding the deserving poor by selling cake-one slice sells for five cents and the others dry in my closet for sixty-hve cents, or else she eats it. It's very charitable, especially as it's my closet. Vllhat do you need a petticoat for P" "Ch, I don't need one, but I found a pin and wanted a petticoat to go with it. I never heard of using a pin for anything else, did you ?" "Willy don't you make a Sophomore buy it? They have lots of pin money. I know, for I found one of their little ring-watchfob-pin things and-J' " That Chattyfs latest EU called a voice from the doorway. "You had an engaged sign up, so I came in. I wish you'd give me one of your guitar strings-I've got to mend my tennis racquet for the game tomorrow." It was Pressy, the president of Students. "Sure," answered Chatty warmly. "Do you prefer G or F? Please say G as I need F in a solo at the concert this afternoon. Or perhaps you'd like a tuneful tennis racquet. Would 'After the Ball' do F" VASSARION 227 Pressy trailed the guitar after her to the door. "I think 'The Lost Chord' would be better," she called as she disappeared. "Now, Lady Clara, here's your petticoat. I made it out of my old tree costume. I ho e it Hts the in." "IT'm so glad IEY nose isn't retrouseef' murmured Chatty, attracting the attention to herself. "1'm gladder that my chin isn't, though." "Your toes will be, like the mun'1my's in the museum, if you don't hurry up. It's nearl f church time." Chatty rushed to her watch, dangling by it's fob from the gas-jet. "Ye gods! ten forty-five by the hand. Oh, no, that's a hairpin. It's not running. I don't see What,s the matter with itf, "You have ten seconds yet! "Only ten seconds and all my stockings to be darned!', "And you a member of the Christian Association!" shrieked Lady Clara. "VVhy, are you still here, puss? Yes, I belong-but then, I haven't paid my tax for the reception yet. No true Christian will go to chapel with holes in her stockings." "Then you're no true Christian, for there goes the bell. I'm going. Come, Lady Clara,', and Georgie trailed toward the door. "But you're not dressed!' "Never mind, I'll do my hair while waiting for the subway-Cit,s the elevated when it's going upfll she explained to Lady Clara. "And trust to the girl behind to hook me up." "The girl behind,the girl behindf, Warbled Chatty, as the door closed. "She's the nic-" just as the minister began his sermon, Chatty completed the last hole. "Of course I didnlt go,', she said, as the table was discussing the sermon and the cauliflower. "I knew it would be about Woman's place in the World. Besides, I have an excuse." "Chatty!,, cried nine shocked voices. "VVhy-I'll just say 'worn out.' They,ll never know it refers to my stockings. Probably they'll call me up and tell me I'm working too hard. Have some chicken, an bod F" yChaTtty is irresistible when she smiles and asks that question. J: J or the Eggoisti V L., . -Irs , c Headonist Susie Vassar and the Daily Egg, , u,,. ' 1-. lv s L - ,fl ni .5 ,Q ' f. A 1 fig " '. 'Ubi' ' . "l Qi .f '5 'f A ' "q' - 2 'Y ' V s. , Q QV n ' . B af'f:':mW . Y 1 x tl Q 5510 "X-A HX A . v " ' . is ' ' -. '!.. fgzi I y 1-,.. , ,V ' I 1' 5 .Y V 7' 'J 4 k..JlIy 'lglffl' 4 Q2 6' - sw ,M 4. 21,114 ignxssi 'lui J: , af . H - ....,, ,HI xr "Wi, G 111 .ge "L-fn,- Yi' I I 2 '1 4 ss -M, i',-- ,L J if-" .ZZEQ V A S S A R I N 229 Birds About Vassar As listed in the VVake Robin Book N.-uni Barrie YY Y Y PIJQCQQICIY iRlC!N1ARIl Rooster . Swan . . Chicken . Eagle . . Bird of Pray . l 7 p. 111. , Chapel Tower Sth Hour W Rockfeller, Roo 7,50 a. in Dining Room Nov. S . . On Top . . Sunday a. in . l Chapel . Meal Or 'lihe freshman sent an order For dinner-'C Let them luring Mc- 'steak '-oh, I must hurry! Llfntree'-that's any old thing." Alone the ordered steak came up And with it one terse phrase, "NVQ: always send meal orders Up to the room on trays." ders Ill 2 Gold Crest Latin Prose Boiled or Scrambled Rah for Teddy! 7.5 Minutes K I'm tired of all the same old things, So something new," she said, "I!ll order for my tea tonight, Let's see-a broiled SWCCtlJ1'C2lC.l.,, Her order sent, her joy was great, She gloated in her soul, Her sweetbread on the tray she spied, Alas! 'twas one sweet roll. Before the D Music Exam. "Now tell me quick, VVl1Zlt,S the diffierence between Schubert and Schumann FH "XVhy, one died of' insanity and the other was spontaneous and prolificf' zo VASSARION Fate A weuy lxttle Sophomore was comlng out of school For four long hours she d steadxly reclted Outsrde she met her roomm xte who was usually so cool, But now who seemed unutterahly exelted My dear, there tre foul letters mee bulky ones, tor you, Do hurry up and vet them and they parted The Sophomore gave one wlld yell as Sophs are apt to do And homeward rn great haste she bhthely sttrted And as she hurrred onward, she guessed what they would be And on thexr different purports cogxtated Now one IS from Papa and holds my needed monthly fee ' fAnd this was sand 1n utterance elated Another IS from Munsey, they talee my storlette, And one from May to ask me for a v1s1t And one from Tom to say hell come to Pounder s Danee I ll but She found the bulky letters besxdc the study door, To read thelr gladsome messages she started fhe first one was from Tom, Of Course, It s all a beastly bore But I must talee some re exams I m martyred The next one was from Munsey, the story was returned Refusal does not mean a lael. of merit And one from May to say the house unlucluly had burned, The fannly has usurped a I1Clgl1lJOl s garret And father s was a rather short but very polnted note In tones emphatle sternly to rebuke her You we ox eldrawn too wldely your allow ance so he wrote, This term you get no mo1e of Fllthv luere fhe weary Sophomore sat down to sadly medxtate And tned her drooplng spmts to erect em Ah happy she who happy tlmes does not antlclpate And blest IS she who ceases to expect em"' 1: ' ' 1 . 1 ' , 1 , ' ' n ! , , , , ix . A Y. . . ff . r z , - , - ' ,. r r Q N K t, in n - h I A r , , K , ff - . , v Kc . A , ' -A 1 ' 4 l K C I .., 1 , I' ' - 7 V , , ul . . . ,, Dear boy! I knew he wouldn't like to mxss lt! L. I .1 6 I V fl ' 1 A 4 4 , Y 3-I i 1 sr . . . 'X t ' 1 ' , 4: W, - sn ' 1 1 , 3 e 4 ' ' sc a X ' - .1 u ' I K 4 A , 4 ' J . . , .' A ' I 1 7 H 7 ,I I , ' Y ,yy J ss ' x , A u F J xl 4 - ' 1. . . . , - J H r . I . . , 1 . ' Q VASSARION 231 A Dialogue The physiology lecture-room was dark as midnight, for it was twelve p. m. The xnanikin Ferdinand was talking softly with the skeleton Isabella. H Dearest,', he Jleaded, Hdonlt Jretend 'ou don't love me. I can see ri ht throu h H l 5 E 3 you. I like your nervef' responded the skeleton. "You're certainly very vein." "You have no heart, Isabellaf, he sighed. "You have nothing within you that-U "Are 'ou reall as blue as '0Ll,I'C ainted F" she demanded coldl f. "You seem 5 Y l P , 5 If very superficial." He leaned over and touched her upper arm. "It's all very humerous-" he began. "Don't do that. It rattles me," she snapped. "Dear me, I,m afraid I'll go all to piecesf' he mourned. There was a pause. Then he changed abruptly. "Aren,t you awfully tired setting an example ?" "I'm a regular skeleton!" "And I'm so nervous. I'm tired of having people think me a model young man. Letys run away togetherf' and he leaned toward her tenderly. "I cannot do it,,' she sighed, turning away, "for I am a perfect lady," and pale with emotion, she reached for her toga. Tryin T5 iii' f . "mn mf, cg If Y 4 ali, l ! ll Q! . tn I jf, nl 1 T X! l f' lf ceififf 2 ' f 1dM-f-E' -'J Rock-fragment from C. 1905 B. C., showing the Seniorsos buying papyrus, a bi monthly rite. The coin used is the Arboralgworth about sixty cents in our money. 232 VASSARION Alphabet is for Ardent Alberta, From the rhythm you cannot divert her, She's coercive indeed And accustomed to lead, So to do it once more will not hurt her. is for Bridge-" Shall we play it F " lfrom morning till midnight we say it, Chicane and Hnesse Keep us all on the guess, And for Elwell, well, well, we obey itl is the Candle we may Enjoy on a Senior birthday, No privilege more vast, O Senior, thou hast, Give thanks, nor for greater ones pray. is adept Daisy Lee, A hot-headed blue-grassite she, If once she's decided She'll not be derided And when in a class debate-Gee! is the Rditor's song, J " Be sure that your glossy print's done," Yellow paper and ink Are her food and her drink, And her midnight-oil bill is miles long. is that Fine figure Five, 'llhat forever must go with "alive," No rhyme you derive Or attempt to contrive VVill do, so in vain you will strive. is for Gracie and Goat lvith " fresh butter " writ on his coatg She, 'tis commonly said, For two quarts of milk paid, And swiftly away did him tOtC. was an Honor. Alas! They would not go all round the class, And nobody knows How the smell of a rose XVill tum your sad thoughts to the past. is Inseparable lbb, VVho has cuddled us clear from the crib, A glass to the lass Wlho is dear to our class, Alasl 'twill all passl lVhat a lib! is a salon for dancing To hazy-dream waltzes cntrancing, Youlll find on its Hoor Always room for two more, The joy of the others enhancing. was a kind of a Knot In which Nina and Dorothy got, VVhen each tied ninety-nine A's up in a line To dazzle the commoner lot. is our Linden, low-limbed, VVl1ose wide-spreading boughs should be ln the spring it buds last, ltrimmedg In the autumn sheds fast, But our love for it ne'er will be dimmed. VASSARION 233 is the Might and the Main That to Mzlrgety and Martha pe1tain, The main part of their might ls upholding the right, And the main thing to keep right is Maiii. is an Ntinite power VVhich freshmen perforee must devour The Nrhe power I sing Of most aNy old thing, 'lihe source of their lacrymose shower! is for Organ, the heat Ol' whose pulses sounds under our feet, And that fond, final tone Ir prolongs to a moan, As lI'S bronchial tubes wheeze, sadly sweet. is our Parlor, successive Guests get information digrcssive, " 'lihose are walls, this the floor, And that is a door, l7on't you think the whole thing is impressive 9 ' is a Querelous fluiz, ,iv Wvhose fluintessence Qtiick in our phiz Produces Queer Quzikt-s Quite Questionable shakes- lfspecially Lewis'-yes, hizl . is for Rational Reason 'lihe course of our studies agreasinl, lfthics, Bihlc and lic- llut our code of rules seek And you won't find much reason to seize on is the Staunch Sophomore On whom we will always Set Store, For her Spirit and Song ln our hearts She'll helong, VVith the Sister who went on hefore. v is the Tri-weekly Tea VVhich often Tri-daily may he, It depends how you feel, Sometimes it is real lfun to sit round all day and make Tea. T stands for You if a Senior, ' If not, it's I1Ot you that we meang your Pride must not he hurt For we hope to divert You, e'en though you may not be a Senior. is this very Vassarion That has lost no occasion to vary on Nc-cc ssa ry Statistics And Characteristics, You'll Find much of interest to tarry on. stands for the VVhite, Long may she Wave clean and bright! And ever the name Of '05 proclaim And its memhers in friendship unite. is the grave Xaltation Xperiencc gives to our station, But to quite an Xtent Our Xistence is spent ln Xcusahle Xoneration. is our Yodeling Yellg ln our Youth we went at it pellmell, Our vocal chords straining, But now through the training Of' Bailey and Bah We excel. Z is For Madolin Zacher, Wie could never end this did we lack her She will always he last But shc knows that she has All the rest ofthe classmates to hack her. ,.w'n,- ., . . . ,ul--f - , U f If 1.1 .-1 sf: f NT., , 9.11 .iff . F A 'i75l'i'-.. ., e '.I,' .5-14' ,P 15" V'T1x.'l". ff 25" 1'-'Z 155 -'I 14- .4-'45 V1 .Mg .-K . f' -- 1 E- 594' " 'CYS -:"' .u-:-:ua 1-.1 " " Y'-6. .'-:3?ffC ' -:LgF'g'.1, L..5L - '. A .WIET-W X.-' 'Q wifi, Lf 2- 11 -ffirf ' Q 1- 0 fi X .., f - 5 -gr-:L lf.-.-.-i, 492- - 'V 2 1 -W 4' A J Lil 1 I 2,13 5 2 f ' 3551 X -1. 'A ffff . -71" ' Tiki... -all ' :lzliifll ' 57- IK'Qf'15::,5- 'r 1 , 5 ,sf-. .::'-P.5!i' ' - -via V - ' "."" 'yr "7 S':5' 57:-. ff 'I 1' V' - ' -' 5,1-.gag-'fig-I-.2:. -' '- . ,.'. " up' ' . f ..- - f -sggjf' --gn 3 'I ' b . -'3'- it , 1 VN QB,-. A V '712' is " ' . -Tiff' "-Sv'- 2 '- . .1f.,1,,.- --.,,. fe:-. ., ,, S ' l gi- 63: ' 1, . . fl.. . A ...V.., . gg: ' i 1 5 Q f us' xl - . , b Z" ".. Q. f u I ,W .55 , gx " u X51 .- - f n ' V , - Q19 -1 . f- ., , f X fi ff' - X 1 Q ' 1 N 'I 1 l ll X -INA.. .. I y A VR vf , -.. - -Lg, r .:. A . -f, E W: -Kf- , 1 N - X -f- f 4 7 X 'isa' ' - f T 22-v, : 1 ll H . . , , I A heuuming Agusluml. ur I 3 V A For we! weather, UHN llfvlty nun xr. mr! me fm gm. can be nom I Aclmrxmug cxexnng gown. . , . , - ., 1. . , , . H .K . , , A . lsn t xt comement. wlpxx .n ixnumg, .A 5 35565. ,cu-m1u,,,cS a week :md 51,11 Apprrwprjate foo!-wear may he tmen worn inqeml 10 WUI!!-CYIIICKQ 1-Nfl 15 fm last u long time, If pre- Q seen xn ng. rr, Rage-colored of mg' mn ' "'1"1N-U-f1I'l'l HHH UPU Ferre-I, one may wear her 'Q W1 YAY" Will' aff-ly rxhl-nm iq - "iff: 'uf 'Www Clmf"'l"! lmmcraxls oulheironi, iSec X ff' Z Welty. 1"'fUf' 'S "e'W- -mall ligq White numhrrs ,f' Q are thc- most populzxrnncl 1.151 ' thu lounge-at. 'f 1 A 1 Q 1 f.. - ,3 mfg 5 "2 '. TN-v-1.11.0 l"Z'-. ' ' . 1 -. ' '- I ce K 'fix xx - X-,-1, 4' .N .V . , fx of W .Q A N - . j us xmx 1 I . 19 I , E , '. V, V. 'Higgs n-1 luxury, , fyg X K ' Z Z 7 Wx ' ' M X girls, gm! 1 ' 1 Q I X " - ", . f sometlung , -.7 0 j X X, -3 A 3-nu ought to earn for 7 4 " 4' yourselves. Th e y 1 - . . . . . ,ure xerg mre lhcxe 4 Z W 'M .E 9 llnys. ' l 1 ,- E Q - -"M: I " 1, 4- , g , gg, , 47 .di ' , X W Quite .1 rurioaily, a l B 5 Lf: gym "' ""Afhyq'21L, Q , 1 ,g 54 swn'ril.gifm WL-ll, ' . . en ,,',sq,gj5g..'.v!,I i.nM,3,9u'-gf, - , perhaps ymfll nz-e-ml ,ga , J 0 'j,4?-jfggffj-ff fl ,13Q"y,4i- 'X ff, ,. 1 . , . . . , J ,,g,4,w,1, ,ff . ., ,,f, , . f, . N 4 f Ax' . unkc n hun gun ' G rug, :hill - 1. - q,,ll,Aq,-, L'-Y., , 1' vim your dum.. , - ,,5,t,f.gV! JM .- mglsf' Thr-3 n rc: x c r y '7 If 1 fi I lmpxulzmr clwwlwre. any , iq. ., A 4 1 I . N 'rum 4,- X. mp 1. .1 M 'M' ' W ingnunnunulnlnillurm1-flig, 1, i U1 5 up A v c r y popular uollegc . . . style, although not correct Ilregw your Llxrxffulh dull out 1-fn hnml- nm, U, pu mi' mr on Sunday' kvrclm-If mlnllgml wnkh xnk. Of Q.-ursc yr-u yyon, vcryavw.,,l,rime1y with have n tru' lymg nmnml. lhl.1,,wcr rmrl of nm 2' 1 l 10 I Thi-1 r-tuck has the unique' 6 , .mamy or wang mn. pw- ffm-.: mm fr.m...m.. ' X - W 1 . J' ' 1 . f-, -NJN' N,.f1D" , ' 'rcllg mcxuug I J Q - Y Nlapvm. Quin' the thing - df ,xhcr ten, This in whit? nxzxkca A Rxscinating dress for rovnlnc-ncexnentp in colors il is pretty for class day, :xllhough whlle :md real Hum-rs are the sweetest for young girls. Une aff? these ympulur 18330 Styles, which has xml. ns yet. taken :my hold here, It is nn exznnplc nf the survival of the lhless. VASSARION 2 On Sunday My brother came on Sunday, But had to go awayg Such things as men may not come then, For they profane the day. Instead, I darned my Weekly socks, And sorted 0,C1' the rest, I did my math, I took a bath And straightened up my desk. I wrote my special topic And copied it with careg An hour or two I gossiped through And then shampooed my hair. My brother came that Sunday- But had to go awayg Such things as men may not come then For they profane the day. The Age of Anne "VVhat was it We discussed in J," Miss Wyflie questioned, "yesterday F" The cloying air I wildly fan, And gasp "Er-why-how old is Ann FU D. Art The Senior Class elects en masse, The course in Art called D- For cultureis fruit they make a shoot- "C'est le verger du Roi Louis!" 236 V A S S A R I O N Why Not P CHAPEL Nwiw ABSENCES CUTS ETHICS SENIOR wbENIOl-I iENIOR SENIOR FROM - TABLE CORRIDOR I ARLOR SEAL COLLEGE Ist Scmcstcr -.- I 2 Ist Semester I 5 6 SENIOR PRIVILEGE TICKET I 2 3 4 1nd Scmcslcr 1904- 1905 1115 SCYDCSICI' ' 2 3 THIS TICKET IS SUBJECT TO ANY REVISION I 2 3 4 4 5 6 AT ANY TIIVIE. IT MAY BE CALLED IN TEIVI- +fWY V COMMITTEES D PORARILY OR PERMANIENTLY. IT IS NON- I qwfmm' TRANSFERABLE CSEE Mem. IT MUST BE SIGNED THOUT Y AND PUNCHIED BY THE LADY PRINCIPAL. , , MAN OR 1' IANCE ON CIIAPEIIONEQ G- A- K. SUNDAY THWWKE RIVERVIENV FAMILY COLLEGE XVEST FATHER CSTRICTLY HOP XVEDDINGS PROMSL POINT ON MORAL n ,, C p QUNLIMITI-:DD I C :D Q IILAYS ONLYD I - - I CSEE EAI-KD I 2 3 4 L-UNDP-Y The Ruling Passion PREXY fto Z1 certain Senio1'D: "Let me see, you got honors, did1T't you ?', F141-IE ABSENT-MINDED SENIOR: "Yes, four in one hand, that counts-- " I've elected the nicest course-the Prejudices of Christirmity! Do you take it ? tliibt atlp Ilntertotem VOI.. IV. VASSAR UNIVIQRSITY, MAY 10, 1925. No. 210 Students' Association Much Important Business Hnndsomo Gilt A meeting of the Students' Association was held last night in the Assembly Hall of the Hiscox Students' Building. When the president called the meeting to order, only about thirteen hundred members were present, but during the reading of the min- utes some hve hundred more took their seats. The minutes reported that a dona- tion of 32000 had been made to the ltlaids' Gymnasium Fund. bliss A. Smith, chair- man of the Student Committee on Improve- ment, reported that the fioor of the Kendrick Dancing Hall is as in need of repairs. S250 was voted for this purpose on condition that the needed repairs be made in time for the usual fortnightly hop. The chair- man of the Committee on Faculty-Nlanip- ulation reported the action of the Faculty Committee of Student-Repression in regard to cuts. The report stated that typewritten excuses would be accepted for one absence per semester, that for two absences, printed excuses would be requiredg that after that, engraved excuses accompanied by photo- graph would have to be presented to the Committee. Miss G. Reen, IQZS, moved that kodak pictures be petitioned for on account of their comparative cheapness. She said that while the petition would not avail much now, perhaps it might be acted upon when I928 became Seniors. llliss Brown, chairman of the Acceptance Com- mittee, reported the gift of a howling alley and billiard room hy Professor ltloore, of the Latin department. CGreat applause., Courinmvl on page 3, column 1 1925 Class Supper The 1925 Class Supper will be held the night after commencement at Sherry's Poughkeepsie restaurant. It is rumored that fifty per. cent ofthe class will announce their engagements. This is the largest record since the class of IQO5, twenty years ago. It is noticeable, too, that IQOS and 1915 have been the only classes in whose Vzzsmrimu the society of L. O. P. H. has been omitted. The INTERVIEW' will pub- lish a special Class Supper Edition, con- taining full-length portraits of the members of the class, all in evening dress. Gone to Mars Professor Whitney has been granted leave of absence for the ensuing year, to attend the Inter-Planetary Astronomical Conference in Signal City, llflars. Profes- sor Whitney, as president ofthe Association, will be very much occupied, but the INTIQR- vlctv has the promise of a series of lliar- conigrams from her, one a week, describing the conditions in hlars and the business conducted at the conference. The Earth is sending a delegate from each large uni- versity. A New Building Professor Pilcher has completed plans for a special D Ar! building to be erected on the old McGlynn site. Its largest reci- tation room will seat one thousand five hundred. It is hoped that those electing this popular subject will at last be ade- quately provided for. In The Swim Professor Treadwell, while feeding the fish in Acpnarium Hall yesterday, leaned too far over one of the tanks and fell in. As the water was considerably over. the Professors head, he took a short swim be- fore coming out. Colonial History Examina- tion In anticipation of the coming examina- tion in Colonial History, the head of the department has announced a new plan of practical review. She will take her stu- dents to the wilds of the Adirondacks so that they may better :appreciate the origin and development of the colonies through their various stages. The nrst two days they will lead the life of the Indian, the next two, they will experience the zests and hardships of frontier life, then, through arrangement with Mr. jones of the Saga- more lnn, a Continental Congress will be held in which the students will represent the prominent men of the period. QSee list in library for characters.j It is thus hoped to bring to the minds of the students a better realization of the lives of our fore- fathers. Students will find list of articles required in each period posted in thelibrary. Every student is advised to bring a pocket edition of the Constitution. Junior-Senior Boat-Ride 1926 entertained 1925 yesterday after- noon and evening with the usual trip down the Hudson. The boat was elaborately trimmed with lanterns and red lights, and the tinkle of a thousand girlish voices shaded by the deeper guflaws of two hun- dred professors, made the river merry as a ballroom. The party Went to New York where they were entertained at Delmonico's. Afterwards they attended the Metropolitan an masse, occupying the dress circle which is reserved annually for this occasion. They came back at midnight in special cars. Reception to the Faculty The Seniors held the third of their series of teas for the faculty in the red room of the lNIcKisson Senior Suite Tuesday after- noon. The affair was charming in every respect. A feature of special interest was Mc- Whood's Symphony Orchestra of New York. 2 TH E DAILY INTERVIEW THE DAILY I TERVIEW Vassar University, May xo, X925 Issued every day by the Students of Vassar University, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Tl:'Ki1LS'.' ,ytpoo rr yt'm',,m1yr1h1'r in ndiffurfr, J rrnlx ir rujlv. Tint l11!cl'r'z'crz' ulny be fvrarrn'un" nf any qftlzr- uullquex .' in New Vo:-.l', ai :hr AQ-ru ,-Lvlur lirIu.vz' .' in L'l1r1"rqg'rr, nl lltr l'11!2ll.'r Ilrilnn' I jill' .ruff on all li-aiu.r yn1'r:,g uni qf l'arqg'lzA'my1.v1'r'. Editorial It is with ever-growing interest that we note the development of an Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Among a number of women's universities, whose students increase in number a thousand a year, such a society is imperative and essential. Twenty years ago women's colleges were allowed no sort of competition in this line. A limited amount of debating was permit- ted, but the mention of anything like com- petitive baskethall, hockey or track-meet was greeted with either shocked exclama- tions onthe part of the faculty or, what was worse, grim silence. The recent informal championship in tennis won by Vassar, however, has produced a more lenient atti- tude on the part of the patriarchs, and it is hoped that a few months will see the complete establishment of this much-needed association. The INTERVXEW begs to commend the action of the Philosophy department in making the course in ethics an entire lecture course, based upon "Taylor's Compen- dium of Ethical Theory and Practice." There has always been some slight feeling among the students, that the former text- book was not all that might he desired, and recitation in such a course is apt to be perfunctory and unsuggestive. The sus- pension of the examination is also most heartily approved. Herein the INTERVIEW voices the sentiments of the student com- munity. The Iwrnnvritw extends its editorial congratulations to the committee which so successfully managed the events of Founder's Week. Since the celebration has de- veloped into a week instead of a mere week- end, as formerly, the undertaking has re- quired a. very capable chairman, and a large body of sub-committees whose mem- bers are willing workers. This year every event has been an epoch in itself. The Junior Promenade in Kendrick Hall, the Sophomore-Freshman performance of the old-fashioned opera, L'Dolly Vardenng the series of basketball games in the circle, the automobile run to New York, the air-ship excursion to Lake Micliigan and back, all proved occasions of delightful entertain- ment to the girls and their men guests. The rest of the features, too numerous to record in detail, were conducted with equal ability. The committee deserves the praise and thanks of students, guests, and faculty alike. The class of 1925, being naturally of great importance, have their time very much occupied, but that is no excuse for the appalling dearth of Seniors at the teas for the faculty in Senior Suite. Tuesday for example, the number of the faculty who accepted the Seniors' invitation amounted to about two hundred, while the number there to receive them was barely ten. This is an unpardonable state of affairs and its cor- rection should be a matter of immediate attention. Literary Notes Prof. Wylie has issued a pamphlet entitled H The Awful Shadow of an Unseen Power, or Why J English Should Be Compulsory." The faculty announce the following sub- jects for commencement essays: H Recent Excavations of Boston Civilization "3 U How VVe Raised the Endowment Fund and YVhat It Has Accomplished "5 K Classes VVho Have Blade Their Mark "' fdealing especially with 1903 and 19059. The lastinstallment of Dr. Taylor's power- ful problem novel H The Pith " will appear in this month's issue of the Miscellany. The prize poem, won by Miss Writem, 1923, is a charming little folk-song in original Sanscrit. It has been set to music by Bliss S. A. Gow, 1915. The IP B K Keys for good gymnasium work are being worn conspicuously by the lucky recipients. They are very striking little affairs, representing a small chest- weight apparatus, with the initials N. C. It is conjectured that these stand for " No Cuts." Debating Vassar and Harvard will soon debate the question, " Do College Girls Marry? " Vassar will uphold the negative, Harvard the affirmative. The Reverend Dr. Cum- mings will act as moderator. T 8a M and Qui Vive will debate on the annexation of Japan by the United States. T 85 NI has debated the following ques- tion: Resolved: 6' That female suffrage is to the best interests of Russia." Qui Vive has debated the question: K XVould the appointment of such a man as Judge Parker as foreign diplomat be wise ? " For 1go6 Reunion Miss C. M. Francis of the Gymnasium Department is planning a great celebration of I906'S reunion at Commencement. She is actually renewing her youthin anticipation of it. She has planned as the main event a little trip to West Point for auld lang syne, where she and her 1906 classmates have many friends. STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION COI1ff71llEdfV'0Hl page I The chairman of the University Publications Committee reported that according to the amendment of 1916, 50 per cent of the hfiscellany profits should he given the Asso- ciation, and hence there was due the treas- urer the sum of 81500. The other half will he used for a life-size statue of bliss Buck, to be placed in the Miscellany Sanctum. MINOR ISUSIN ESS Miss Jones. 1927, requested the girls to mark their shoes plainly before putting them out to be blacked. The Association voted 5225.50 for representation in the Varrarian, by voluntary contribution. Miss Senior, 1925, the treasurer of the Associa- tion, made a short speech saying that if the students did not promptly pay the voluntary contributions, they would be requested to resign. The president then made a short speech, warning the students against run- ning their air-ships in remote and unfre- quented parts of the campus, especially those bordering the Hudson and the railroad tracks. She also urged them to leave the typewriters in the library as they would like to find them. She closed by urging each memher ofthe Association to purchase a l925V!135dl'f0ll,fOl' "without a Vnrmrianf' she said, "one can neither be certain of Who's who. nor absolutely sure of what's what." The meeting adjourned on motion. A Musical Cook-Book Director lVfcNVhood, formerly a member of the faculty of Vassar but now the head of the New York Symphony Orchestra, has been spending a few days in the University. He and Mrs. McXVhood, who fully equals the professor in ingenuity, are planning a little novelty in the shape of a blusical Cook-Book. For example, here are the directions for boiling eggs: For soft-boiled, put them in, rush to the piano and play one-half of one of Chopin's short etudes. If preferred a little harder, play it all. For hard-boiled eggs, play the hfoonlight Sonata. The professor expects the book to make a tremendous hit. TI-I E DAILY INTERVIEW 3 For the Graduating Class Mrs. Kendrick entertained the members of the graduating class, Eve hundred in number, with an elaborate luncheon yes- terday noon in her apartments on College Avenue. The decorations were smilax and orange blossoms. The luncheon was served by Van Vliet of New York. Assisting Mrs. Kendrick were Baron Kanclto of VVashing- ton, Professor W. B. Yeats, Mayor H. E. hiills,ProfessorFreen1an,ProfessorButcher, Mi. Jean Charlemagne Bracq of the French embassy, and the Reverend 'Dicky Taylor. Saville Home Again Vassar University will welcome the return to America of Esther Saville, who has been starring in England and the continent for the past few years. Miss Saville was a member of the class of 1906 and during her college years was noted as the foremost actress in Vassar. She went on the stage shortly after graduating and after playing a few years with Mansfield fwhosc under- study she was at timesj, Sothcrn and Edith W. Matthison, she began to star, taking male parts better than any living actress. The iirst play in which she starred was Rip Van Winkle, which, owing to the retirement of Joe Jefferson, was left vacant. Mr. Jefferson himself has said that he is fully satisfied with Miss Saville's acting. Among her other plays are Bernard Shaw's U Sometimes You Can't Tell," Ibsen's H XVhatta Gabblern and the Belasco-Long production "Jiri-Jitsu." The last few years she has been associated more or less with Salvini. She has returned in Shake- sperian repertoire. H Hamlet "' will be given next Saturday and a special train for Vassar will be run down. It is hoped that she will revive her most successful play, " Old Heidelberg," on Saturday night. Mr. Downing's Birthday Mr. Downing is receiving congratulations on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. He will he at home in his private ofhce in Ofi5cer's Hall this morning before and after lunch. The students have presented him with a handsome gold-headed cane. Mr. Downing is looking bale and hearty. Crew in Good Form The crew has been working up its spring form splendidly for the last few days. It carries on most of its practice between the Bridge and Lover's Leap, although a trial race was made down to West Point day before yesterday. Yesterday it had a small brush with Cornell, although the regular races have not yet begun. Manager E. Thelberg fwho by the way belonged to the class of 1912 and left a fine position at Riverview to accept this onej gave an im- portant bit of news to an Interview re- porter yesterday. K' Of course this is a dead secret," she said, " but Vassar is going to race with Cornell the third week in May, and with Yale the first week ill June. VVellesley and Bryn Mawr may be sand- wiched in between them, but it is doubtful. The crew needs its strength for the others. The average weight is about 169 pounds, height about 6 feet I inch. Yes, they are in splendid form. I heartily approve of the new five-hour gymnasium system. These are all girls who will make Phi Beta, Kappa in gym." Notice Will all the students who received de- ficient notices in gymnasium work please call at oiiice before lunch today and receive list of gymnasium tutors. The laboratory hours in gymnasium are very well attended but we find that the lectures by Professor hlay are neglected to a great extent. All those who do not have their cuts made up by the day after tomorrow at 11.45 a. rn. will be called up before Mr. Rockefeller, donor ofthe new gymnasium. BY ORDER or rite GYMNASIUM DEPART- M1-:N'r. Explosion in the Chemistry Laboratory The Chemistry department was startled yesterday by an explosion in the laboratory, caused by a careless Sophomore. However, due to the well-organized fire-drill that Pro- fessorWelchhas been developing allyear,the students marched out in perfect safety and order and the Volunteer Fire-girls succeeded in putting out the blaze in a few minutes. In this way very little time was lost from the regular laboratory exercises. -I- 'I'lfIl2 DAILY INTERVIEW Faculty Announcements CAII notices for this ilcpartuient inusthc placed in the box outside the l11.'f'rG'1'f'n' szincttuu or sent Ivy mail before 511,111.2 The prize of S500 offered by the hlusic department forthe best original composition has been awarded to Miss S. .-X. Gow,1915. The Faculty will be at home to the stu- dents in the reception room of Faculty Hall the second and fourth Thursday of the month, from four to six. Photographs of the Chemistry depart- ment will be on sale in the laboratory eighth hours. Professor Baldwin has obtained leave of absence for the coming year. He will talte his family abroad. Subscriptions to the Fncully Fizzle may be paid in the Fizzle Sanctum in Faculty Hall. The Latin department Euchre Club will hold its usual weekly meeting in the club- room Monday evening. The course in Higher Radium will not be given next year. Freshmen who wish to elect Ethics are advised to consult the instructor. The Greek department wishes to call particular attention to the lecture by Pro- fessor Butcher next Wednesday niht at eight o'clock. Professor Butcher is well known to the students as a scholar and a wit. As the Auditorium seats only about ISOO comfortably, those anxious to have a good seat are advised to be on hand promptly. The moonlight picnic planned by the Economic and History departments has been postponed on account of rain. The Faculty Dramatic Club has elected Professor Hill chairman of the next play committee. The president desires that heads of de- partments will report to him approaching birthdays and golden weddings. Professor Yeat's class in Short Course Keltic will not meet next week. The Faculty will be re-seated in chapel eighth hour today. A Faculty Flat Plans for the new Faculty Hat, the Liirerali, have been completed and the erection will begin at once. Professor hlills will give a pianola recital tomorrow evening at S p. m., in Faculty Hall. Don't miss it. A meeting of the Granddaughtcrs of 1905 will be held tomorrow at 4 p. m. in Student Hall. A Memorial Window A beautiful memorial window has been placed in T. 8.: M. Temple by the class of 1905, in memory of its first mascot. The 1915 Vasmrion has been received. It is at rich, white leather edition in three volumes. The illuminated work is highly artistic. Notices Students will please not carry away from the table any of the "Vassar College" spoons. Though curiositics, the Univer- sity cannot afford to supply them as sou- venirs. Seniors who wish their diplomas sent home bv mail will leave address and ten i cents in Sceretary's office. By order of the Faculty, no student may entertain a party of more than four men in the parlors after ten o'clocl: without a chaperone. Lunch must be ordered from the dining room by 7 p. ni. Don't forget to register your automobiles, air-ships, paracliutes or any sporting goods you wish to sell at the Bureau of Sporting Goods, Student Hall. Students will please be careful to observe the twelve o'clock rule. Club Notes The Socialist Sorority entertained Mr. G. B. Shaw, lately elected to the Chair of Socialism in Vassar, at the Inn last even- ing. The Contemporary Club will discuss next week "The New Duttonismh and "NVill Babson Live ?" Scriptores has elected thirty members from the Junior class, all of whom have con- tributed to prominent magazines. i.., , wl NT:-:Fz SF-on s F J " ' A , aim? Q ' if We M "' Q V1 1 ' " 1 f"f"- A si iiiiigf X ""1"' "+1 ff 'TV i Pogffgffyffn M l 'F ,lgfffif-V . IX Q: 'Lge' -Q- Lf3 kQQ9y,W3Dk H x4 Num W' f , f I 7 f ' ., x 3151, ,f , 7, 4,?fffi.j',1,. I Ml , , ef ff A :j!c1VE,- A, J figs- X - 5 if , ' up ' 'I V f 1 Af ' f at I If X M Wi . f 5 A, - . 57 'RM 242 VASSARION Heroes and Her-Worship BY A CYNICAL Rooiwnwnvr "Ain't they beautiful? She was the leadin' man in the show last night. just smell 'em. Never seen such Howers before." The Cynical Roommate in the inside bedroom turned over wrathfully. This from the maids at six a. m.! "Did you get a tub F" "No, I was looking at these flowers. The hero, you know, lives in there. I couldn't sleep last night for thinking of her eyes. They're so glorious every time she comes near me I tlyr-1'-Il! If you wait a minute maybe you can see her come out." "Mel" indignantly. "I saw her down at the water-tank last night. She came way down there to get a drink of water, and-" "Oh, I would have brought her up some, if Ild only thought! W'hat a chancel' "YVell, you didn't,,' with much relief, "for I saw her at the tank, and asked her to shake hands with me and-" The Cynical Roommate dragged disgustedly out of bed. No use to try to sleep, with adoring freshmen loose all ready. YVhere was her Water pitcher? Full of Howers, of course! As she waited dully for the hot Water to run in the bathroom, a wildly appealing xoice arose amidst the splashings in a near-by tub, "How can I ever meet I-Ier F" A muflled and dubious reply came from the opposite tub, "She tutors in mathf, A mad splash, a thud of a slippery cake of soap against the partition as hands were clasped in ecstacy, "MiJ.v Smith told me to tutor!" The Cynical Roommate banged the door so the hot Water splashed noisily about her feet, and the "Quiet After Ten " sign floated gently down upon the floor. She VASSARION 243 paused, perforce, before the Hying leaves of the Hero's block, and while the water slowly cooled, read: "Oh, star of wonder, star of light, Star of glorious beauty bright, Shining, shining, night and day, Oh, star of this our line hall play, Shine, oh shine, adown on me, Let, oh, let me darn thy socks for thee." The Cynical Roommate took her disgusted Way through heaps of costumes into her own room, and thought sadly as she combed her hair, "Could it be that I was ever a freshman, or a sophomore or a junior ?" A fat rosebud hurled through the corridor window struck 'her sharply on the head. It was accompanied by an unmistakably freshman giggle. "As my brother says-" she began angrily, then stopped, for the Hero, no, not the Hero, but her roommate, of whom she was "rather proud" had come in, in her every-day manner to have her every-day dress hooked, and together they went down to breakfast. E College Charades I. Unless I my second-alas, 'tis but human!- This college was founded to educate woman, And if dear Matthew Vassar with prudence and care Had not hoarded his money to make us his heir- In short, without saving, in which he was versed, I-Ie ne'er had been able, I'm sure, to my first. So best of philanthropists, let us enroll The name Matthew Vassar, of Vassar my whole. II. When my first is for luncheon displayed to our view, VVe students behave very badly, 'tis true. If my first should be Irish, we act even worse, And in fact what we say I cannot tell in verse. I So we put on our gloves, whose short name is my second, QThe best, say the makers, that ever was reckonedj And hie to the Inn, which delights every soul, And a rendezvous is to so many my whole. ff X Xxwg lx 26? X 'ex qi- The Wheel Within the Wheels." ' VASSARION 245 Letters Home 01' The Evolution of An .Ideal MY Room, Feb. 6, 1902. DISAIKEST, DEAREs'r MOTHER: I-Iow can I write you about it F I :un disgraced for life-and I have disgraced my familyl I have flunked Math-mother, can you ever forgive me? I who was the pride and joy of High School! Wliat things they predicted of mel But I have shown them my true self. You and father will never be interested in my education any more now, will you? It is awful to feel that one's life is a failure. I can never forget this-it is an epoch in my life. Don't pity me, but cast me out, as I deserve. Yours wretchedly, EVA MAMIE. VASSAR COLLEGE, Feb. 7, 1903. Damn-:sr MOTHER: IVell, you may as well know right off that I flunked chemistry. I hope you do not mind much. I hate to do it like everything, but there, so many girls Hunk that it lessens the burden. Still, I can't help feeling that I have forsaken my I-Iigh School ideals and your high ones. Do you think father will be grieved? Yours lovingly, EVA MAM112. VASSAR, Feb. 8, 1904. DEAR MAMA: VVell, semesters are over and we are in clover. I didn't Hunk a single thing except Ifc. Of course it's not a disgrace or anything like that, but it is so much trouble to make it up. And you can't he on committees and things. Besides, I'm afraid the Professor will think I'm not very good in it-and I'cl hate that. Good bye. Love to papa. Yours as usual, EVA M. V. C., 2-IO-IO5. Dlinlz MOM '- Just rushed in from seeing Graee's man to drop you my usual weekly note-am having a great time. Theatre last night-great. Am going to N. Y. and have great time with Tom -theatre, etc. Must stop now and dress for din. Tell Pop not to forget stipend. Yours alf- E. M. F. P. S. Flunked ethics. Tut, tut, tutl Alma. Mater as She is Sung I. earth sounding HARK, ALMA MATER, thro-ugh the land is going, , I world ringing, f praise T hum-m 1 brought The 4 f THOUSAND HEARTS have givn to the-e, hum-m- lsix ,l sent truth THOU, who dost noun the Tor-orch of light before us laa Ways - . footsteps paths lm be e' T f hght . 4 to co-um, o .d our pathway in the years - lgui e . of tru uth, mmhum time L tra la-3 hum ' walls we ringing OH, VASSAR, THRO' thy ihaus ithey hear it sounding going l halls sound ACROSS THY we hcar the MAGIC song laa hum 'TIS VASS -SARR, YEA, IT I-IS Ow RALMA ALMA MATER-r-r. That tall Which STANDS FOREVER F11-IR and high and STRONG! Who Ia II. hum-um um hum-la-n-In hum hum: hum-um um hun:-ln-zx-la hum hum f hum-hum ' tc de lgo As we THY 4 I -ll pass from out thy 1 A tr -ad l daughters L tra - la - lax - la - ln - la - nh: tm - la V la - ln - lan f seas around -1.1 - ah: tra - la V In V la - la - In A :uh of knowledge of right , 'd d T0 SCAAFTER far and wi e the l Seasons mlm of power-r ls near seeds around of tru-ull lsecds . . 1 of ti-lme hum hum -mn Vuh -laa la -: llu1nlmmVulnV ah -la-la -: hum hum A nm -ah-la -la hum-um b . l Digits with tra la la la MAY WE BE FILLED 4 by aspiration ' fromdhee of compensation l on high , . . msplratxon te - dv: - hum - hum - tra - Ia V ln -5 hum - um - a - tra - la la . ht portals draw l hgwer And from thy altars may we take our 1 in ht tra-la have l . g um right tra-la-la-la-te-cle-tc-de-r:-e-e-c- :-tra-la-la -la - la - a - .l f give hum-hum concentrate To com iensate hum'hum'a' THEE we .I our best tra la la For dedicate endeavors , tra la la l COHSCCTBIC I.r:xVlu-ln - lax - ln V n - hum -:ix - hum - a - hum: tra - ln. - la -- la That we may WORTHT be to f raise ling at l hum la - a- hum - zx -hum V n V hum SONG. Tzs VASS-SAR-R TEA, IT I-IS ow RALMA ALMA AMAA-TER, THAT ST A N DS FOREVER FA-AIR AND a-a-Q-and STRONG Ssftswilii Ui NX 4 1' A Q Y 'set Q uimin , .ar ..,, A "BV m ile i .. , -I-' 3 X '11,-if ,G X If to :1.LNF.'M..,o in dt I NX X43 . K' ll 'I l Y N .21 ll 1' I ,' I f Ab my -,ktlfllll at ff: .HW-' fs " W' .ir 'nf' J-i-:ff 6 X X ' - ., - '-X , i Pe, - 4 . ig, i i - s 1 if in- ga'9 i ,' -r 1 . . A1-f'm'i-if 735' '- 1.0 1- Q. uf 0 QR '.1-,4-fl.-f ' , i' .Qd ' , 45... 4 .4 459 ' 2 1 1 l - is if 'se ' if ' X ! .Li -f vp,-,N ' 3,35 ' -Qg,:.lf,.I: V .X ' - Lf. X " ', ' '52 'A T' 5 'I ' '- . I L 'll -. V, f 'X 'fi -,I V E E, " ffl 311, -, - , - 1. xr ,'- ' . i , A T.: :tg l ' i 5 2 1- ill .7 imlulfruil i -'if-Iii"-" ' x rf 3? f - " " 5 f " i . An Essay on Style Vllhen Walter Pater Wrote on "Style" He didn't drop a line On what Paree bestows her smile, lVhether eight tucks or nine By fashionis verdict is decreed- What color now is in the lead, Or shoes for summer-slow indeed, lVhat Pater Wrote on style. He never said a word on hats Or latest thing in gores, Or belts, or Whether high or flat Should be our pompadours. He drooled about that "unique" word, But whether ruflied, tucked or shirred Was what he meant, I never heard, When Pater Wrote on style. Since all progress of mind consists In differentiation, And every complex thing insists On lucid separation, VVhy didn't Pater write on clothes, And point the changes fashion shows, Then We might reason out the prose That Pater wrote on style. 24-7 I 248 V A S S A R I O N Ballade of the Hall Play Pictures Fair products of histronic art! How does it seem to feel a mist Karl Heinrich, Cruger, Juttner sweet A clammy coldness round the flooi And serious gavin-every part That, fly your best, you can t resist f In dress and pose and mien complete The more you try, it thicltens mole From wig to-I cannot say "feet," Your heads and shoulders I adore For those are only dim, you see. Imlnoitalizcd photogrziphyl A question now is right and mete, But once again let me implore Why do they blur you at the knee? Vvhy do they blur you 'lt the Lnee Printsl OF your standing insecure- The butchers are the powers rhzir bel YVhy do they thus your worth obscure ? 'Why do they blur you at the knee? F ' VV x X X , x . l I X f E Q tif' cpll. 'QI l ll l l E l, l l l ll I l X5 I ,W w ll Lire, 1 u ,I- nn LITTLE MINISTER :PI-IRFORMED AT A NI mfs COLL!-:os The Simplicity of Lap-a-jac ' ' f x n f M 3 Q ' i y v4 ' Ki X ' V' W i .4 , S g " ' 17' ' 3 l ' I 5' . 4' 4' N 1 V xml 4 - :L rg .XJ ,ls N if fn, 1 - H . 'l:, , ,ff 5 1 : , f. -vi-- V M- A 1 :L ,C 7, f I W1 ' 3, Aff ,J A l. Two lxzmcls, a brush. 3 can of Lnpvrqinc :md :s lit1lc jiulpg- II. is the greatest ol' home Ivcmxlifiers :uul home xurul will work n rcmnrknlrle trzmeafurnmliou on Hours and econvuuist'-2. It makes unique the things that are com- furuiture. mong it lends itself willingly to every form of wood and metal polishing. i ., f " ii 'L'.3'.5S""" fn ' V.. I --, .N 0 E' 174""s, P5HL::::.f3L- . 4, f i u an - Q ,... me an Mr ' ' F f-1 F? 3 " .1 '- in hr- 1-3' "' l V 1,15 iff. A .4-., , Q wil li " iiiif in , l X, , , - t 1 mad will fr 1 fn 4 5 1:4 S19 4 A. - X E Rina. I if 9 ' 'x E 1 , Y xx , I , Y - -- L 4 . .. r I5 ' ' 1 ' l A ' ' E : f LAP? fh . , rum. Ill. 'lmw1u1,11.iug wlxerc n smnuin, amine mul glow sur- lv. mp-1.-ylf xvczuslikrz irnu. hier- is n-quired :und apply Imp-sl-jru.. 'l'helmusGxr1un- lion will In:wu1plete:uui immemli:xu'. , im. ,mg . tb A f f A - w 1 . L i K full I ""'i -1- ' 1 I 'f fffgy' 5, 1 , o n .-'fill 3' ff - If d "' f y W: 7 ' Y , , Z, ,.ff..-ff-. - 4 u -rn' 4 - I . . 1- ' ' . - 4 ' Y' M..L.....3J3 V. lfynu have never uscll luqmfavjnc, we will give you :A sun Vl A l ' plc free of Ll: ir v l ,. v . vcautxful Lap-:L-jar: booklet easily obtained. ' : Le. tumkcs an impression on all who have tried it. Bad Effects of a. College Training-Out in the World E l m' - P03155 bnois' gum I. .Q 9 'ei w ,f QQQPTTQ 0 .gg 'Q PQ Q., Qgufz Q, -f W 'rl -Q ' r 1 - ,, . f, '-Tu' " 1.3-Q Q - ' ' K g 5 55n,F1 'f .st 110 W X r,f .,53r XX ,M r,,mg, f - Q Q qa J 27 Q 1 . -f ole' a- -v ' 7 1 :sb I K ' 'J 1 I Q L! - :Ii W " " Y 1 ,,f,,fg Q'l-' A M Z' rr Q53 ,M 9 Q, JV' LQ tl JH' L! 'I .100 , , 0 tl s X S ,' Elf 1 'w 'fff I 'gh ' 9204 S f X 14'-'M , mg. A QQM 551335 X ' N- Q? 5 'P " , 4 fa Xi f X 9 H f by Q41 Q4 I ,A'I.Q 5 5 ' I ru ,zz l1l .1111 - lllii l ' l ::"'J -L-V !!-'i1L. F1111 u mlmgz' ..' " ' - gi lvl' Ii 7511 : :i -- j-I El. 5155 132 '-1 J W W WZ VWWW Lax W -, v 7 1' gk f ml D , ' ' X N 'WE r' ..- ,A ir ' f UWK Q ' I .N X 'Z I f t YL 1 . li ! X INXXNQX eb 2 . - '11 Q lll v flg ll 4 A ' Q 'RTI Paper Song Sing a song of paper, Sing it with a sigh, Four and twenty pages Ordered from the die. Wl1en the box was opened The class began to scream. Wasn't it too funny To call a quire agream? -3 1m -nl lm-H.. I I X 3 .- -1 -5.-5.5 -i asa - '5-43-31-5 l I1 1 1 1 --3 .- .s in 5- -1- 2 l,4,.'g n U - n , r - xi V U 'jf' I 2125 -jj f' ,f KW? fi 194 f Mother's Fcarful Vision on hearing that Dang I 1 has an " Outside lies room." VASSARION 251 Femina Semper Mutabile "Yes, I told Miss lVlcClellan to make my nose longer, and to curl up those hairs around my forehead-you see I didn't have time to get a Wave-and then don't you think she ought to have changed the slope of my cheek there? My forehead is too high-I wanted that fixed and I told her I muff have a good-looking neck. She ditln't even make my mouth regular and my teeth, in that smiling picture, are simply :J At Mrs. K's Dinner Her table held a blooming plant, "I do love flowersf' said she, "I just can't keep from buying Every hloomin' little plant I see." i x X . I 'n :SWA A qw 'l in T- 1-, 5343 lx hm XI Q 503 ff: ..., f 1-if 4 .4 -5 QUE I , Lyx I '::a'1L:E: ' Iv ! , I A X' 1 . 12-' '97 I lf, I 5' ' f ll f ' X' 951 EQ I l f J ,- ,. W 'EJ' , V i Russ WHEN ONE IDANCES IN Ir. 1 W?7i'43mME'?Af5?f: - 'li- gi':15'2'3Mihf45a1- .gf M .::q,5l11'qfqr3-52g':g:x.. ga? ,Q 'H' .-Mm' :,,.'-35-gf, -.-5. if - N - wsffli,-,.E.15?:3jggf5'i'E9PfQ, 2?ay.k:5js.. WQTM I 'iv-f 5:1:"-e-vf'1'-fs-214 rraiifzfif.-Q-w?:1m -1 I 'f'hf'-:'f11- "EW WMS 25" v-K '-'i2!e!5.n1f'5. "UMR 1 1' N v 'a 5,.gjErg::-g:-45.g-',fg'- .1-M2445 ., -My . . , .. -5" 49, , 5 I ., -.. , ,-:,.m-'q'- .5'ig :--:.-ggq:g:.,:- o . Y '. , , Q4-1 ' 5 .gegbqamn-.gifs-'iii525,-93:0-,g,.:,ip.1f 5,-5.-1 V '- .5-1, 4. .f-:W f ' -- ' - P- :'-ff A -,l -swiss' w e f Flin: i Zniiiii. -'staff .ay ,. iw' t F 114 ' nxgu' v sq- '---Ag 5 is ,-me . -u:.ig, 1 .-, , - . ,fr i . ,,,g,'3--is P - -- A 1- .f --.- . . , V - - -. . a- Q, Tiltf Q' K 'Vg , gfiigira- : -14 .L-.h - 134: . W 1' F K iggifgiff - , ,fT- W 1 N D f,,i,, -me-Qflyxiqd N32 wma E F -,, W l . I-51552, 0" ' 'M wi ht -?1L4'l'af'2.J r .. 4 as- : W- - :Fa A . N. .. ' . 'r l.. J 'args-Q M, ' .if ' 4-15.- -S.-X s5iy4'?f1'x' N W Q ,... f, 9.-s-.47 .W - -- ---'-:ls . ,A-.. .- ' .ax A - X., N- ,QM xf,,L,- Nl1u..., u . .1... X v-I Xml gk .T W.. os hu 1 ..... .. X muh., gn... Mi rllqf, W--W Xlllt.. ' Going Home VVhen all my lessons have been learned And my last year at school is done, I shall put by my books and games, X "Good bye, my fellows, every one!" The dusty way will not seem long, The twilight lonely, nor forlorn The everlasting whippoorwills Thar lead me back Where I was bor And there beside the open dool ln u large country, dim and cool Her Waiting smile shall hear at last, l 1 . , N xw l I! "lVlother, I am come home from school." l Buss CARMEN. .,, lyk s, b Printed with the express pcrmission nf the Editors of llnr1Prr's lI'urkl,1 ..-.1 i - T 7 . ,gash ,ffff Y x 1 ,pr dn. Z ll 'Q 'CZ' SK 0 V if Z 'I r Nl JP r . f. f w 1 1 X f f X 'F 'viva : , " ji ff A A J Q,A,N ! ? f I R ,A km 45' W I , 5 1 NX fl' A22 K! R U9 W J MA Q ' XM X X U ri .1g'ro1.,I,,sgos. N-A .F ,g9- J 254 V A S S A R I O N Data from 1861 Through 1905 Buildings June 4, 1861 Ground broken by Matthew Vassar for Main Building 1864 1865 1865 1866 1879 1886 1889 1892 1892 1893 1896 1897 1397 IQOO 1901 1902 IQO2 1903 190+ 1904 1905 1905 Astronomical Observatory completed Main Building completed Lodge erected Building for Riding School, Gymnasium, and Music Rooms completedg 1874 altered for Natural History Museum, Gymnasium, Nlusic Rooms, and Art Galleryg 1890 Gymnasium changed to Hall of Casts, and Laboratories added lfassar Brothers'l,aboratory erected Eleanor Conservatory erected Alumna: Gym11asium erected Professors' cottages erected Strong llaH erected lf. F. Thompson Library Building erected President's House erected Raymond House erected Rockefeller Hall erected Swift Memorial Infirmary erected New England Building erected Edward Lathrop Hall erected Ifhza llavison llouse erected Ground broken for Library Chapel completed Miss VVood's cottage erected Library completed Doctor Hill's cottage erected VASSARION 255 Presidents of the College M1Lo P. JEWETT, LL.D., 1861-64 J. RYLAND KENDRICK, D.D., Arzing Pres: Joi-iN H. RAYMOND, LL.D., 1864-78 dent, 1885-86 SAMUEL L. CALDWELL, D.D., 1878-85 JAMES M. TAYLOR, LL.D., 1886- Existing Organizations Philalethcis, Constitution adopted December 5, 1865 lfloral Society 1866 Vassar Miscellany 1872 Society for Religious lnquiry 18675 re-organized into Christian Association 1885 Students' Association, Constitution adopted February 22, 1868 Shakespeare Club 1870 Dickens Club 1874 - T. and M. 1879 Tennis Club 18815 merged into Athletic Association 1895 Qui Vive 1882 Vassar College Glee Club 1882 Vassar College Chapter ofthe College Settlement Association 1891 Hellenic Society 1891 Current Topics Club 1892 Society of the Granddaughters of Vassar College 1893 New lfuglancl Club 1894 Southern Club 1894. Choral Club 1895 VVake Robin Club 1895 Civitas 1895 Contemporary Club 1895 Vassar College hflanclolin and Guitar Club 1896 Marshall Club 1897 Phi Beta Kappa, Mu Chapter of New York 1898 French Club 1899 German Club 1900 Vassar College Symphony Orchestra 1900 Chicago Club 1901 New jersey Club 1904 256 V A S S A R I O N Valedictorians 1867 H. A. Warner 1872 S. A. Catlin 1877 L. Wylie 1868 S. L. Blatchley 1873 H. C. Hiscock 1878 S. G. Wilkinson 1869 A. M. Glidden 1874. F. M. Cushing 1879 E. M. Perkins I87O A. Denton 1875 F. C. Perkins 1880 M. Reynolds 1871 E. M. Folsom 1876 C. Price 1881 M. L. Freeman 1882 Nl. Patterson Salutatorians 1867 ' Nl. L. Dickinson 1872 A. W. Foster 1877 C. P. Swift 1868 M. P. Rhodes 1873 E. D. Swift 1878 H E. Thompson 1869 S. E. Daniels 1874 E. A. Hill 1879 E. lVI. Arnold 1870 C. W. Ritch 1875 F. G. Swift ISSO C. B. Dow 1871 E. L. Hawkes 1876 A. Nl. Johnson 1881 A. M. Abbott 1882 M. F. Easton Presidents of Philaletheis 1865-66 John H. Raymond 1878-79 S. F. Richardson 1891-92 E. M. Must 1866-67 M. L. Dickinson 1879-80 G. F. Cole 1892-93 A. Whitcomb 1867-68 S. L. Blatchley 1880-81 H. S. Durand 1893-94 A. L. Latimer 1868-69 A. M. Glidden 1881-82 S. Yamakawa 1894.-95 E. M. YVelch 1869-70 E. D. Storer 1882-83 M. Foos 1895-96 L. Van Anden 1870-71 E. M. Folsom 1883-84 E. O. McMillan 1896-97 E. L. Baker 1871-72 E. S. Hollister 1884-85 Nl. E. Ewing 1897-98 E. F. Vassar 1872-73 B. VVilder 1885-86 lVl. lVI. Yvickham 1898-QQ E. K. Ray 1873-74 F. W. Barrett 1886-87 A. A. Berry 1899-oo C. W. Wilkins 1874.-75 M. B. Taylor 1887-88 F. L. MacCreery 1900-01 G. H. Baldwin 1875-76 E. S. Richards 1888-89 D. F. Norris 1901-02 M. Wright 1876-77 E. Nl. Logan 1889-90 G. E. Sanders 1902-03 G. A. Power 1877-78 H. R. Ransom 1890-91 L. A. Lawrence 1903434 F. Winchester 1904.-05 G. V. Mt-Carrhy V A S S A R I O N 257 Presidents of Students' Association 1866-68 M. W. VVl1it11ey 1879-80 M. S. Morris 1892-93 M. V. Clark 1868-69 M. L. Gilbert 1880-81 lf. G. Shaw 1893-94 M. B. Mumft rd l86Q-'70 M. Cliumzir 1881-82 L. li. Stanton 1894-95 K. C. Reiley 1870-71 D. l'lilClTl2ll1 1882- xg C. A. Vzilleuu 1895-96 lL. McCloskey 1871-72 S. A. Catlin 1883-84 L. K. Smith 1896-97 V. -lznnes 1872-73 M. Monroe 1884-85 lf. Deining 1897-98 P. A. Hzitlield 1873-74 l". M. Cushing P. Clinton 1898-99 lf.. L. Garrett 1874-75 li. A. Rice 1885-86 L. l". Sweetzer 1899-00 M. P. Schmidt 1875-76 G. I-I. Learned 1886-87 G. M. Cleveland 1900-01 L. 8. Holmquist 1876-77 S. l". Sliepparcl 1887-88 l". 'lf Patterson IQOI'-O2 C. M. Sperry 1877-78 S. G. Wilkinson 1888-89 L. li. Poppenheiin IQO2-O3 H. Mz1eCoy 1878-79 G. Darling 1889-90 K. Smith 1903-04 'IQ S. Taylor ll. Hazard 1890-91 C. A. Bentley 1904-05 M. Hiscox 1891-92 A. M. Rolvluins Senior Class Presidents 1867 1- M L. lliclcinson 1880 N. -I. Preston 1893 li. B. Cutting 1868 C lf. Glover 1881 M. Bryan 1894 B. Perry 1869 A. M. Glidden 1882 M. li. Brittzin 1895 Greer 1870 A. Denton 1883 A. H. Lathrop 1896 M. N. Sanders 1871 A. L. Sztnford 1884 A. lilancliard 1897 M. E. Chambers 1872 A. D. Seelye 1885 8. C. Hening 1898 A. Kauffman 1873 H C. lliscocl-z 1886 N. VVo0st1:r 1899 lf. Nichols 1874 l" lfislier 1887 l. Skinner 1900 A. P. Barrows 1875 L. VV. Kellogg 1888 G. Rideout 1901 M. P. jackson 1876 C. Prict- 1889 li. Greer 1902 T. H. Hadley 1877 G. Pi. Bliss 1890 lf. Nlorris 1903 lf. B. Thompson 1878 H la. Stanton 1891 M. T. Allen 1904 M. Yost 1879 18. C. 101111111 1892 A. L. Reed 1905 Nl. L. Henning Class Orators 1868 G B. Whittemore 1877 S. F. Sheppard 1880 G. F. Cole 1870 If L. Huglies 1878 A. Nl. Wing 1881 C. S. Wliite 1876 l' G. Metczill' 1879 S. D. Kennedy 1882 F. B. Taylor rl 258 V A S S A R I O N 1883 M. Sharpe 1887 I. Butcher 1891 M. Ober 1884 A. Townsend 1888 S. G. Chester 1892 S. lf. Wooclbridge 1885 B. C. Woods 1889 C. B. Weeks 1893 A. YVl'llICOI11lJ 1886 P. P. Morrill 1890 H. Borgman 1894. E. D. Chater 1896 L. hlladeir' Class Poets 1868 S. L. Blatchley 1876 Z. VV. Brigham 1896 C. D. Kinkead 1869 S. L. Stilson 1878 E. lfulliclc 1897 N. V. McClelland 1870 lf.. R. Coflin 1885 li. S. Leonard 1898 A. hVCl'lCVV01Tll 1871 NI. Clinton 1887 lf. R. Hoy 1899 A. R. Taggart 1872 XV. H. liliot 1888 hi. Rich 1900 M. L. Ray 1873 Nl. G. Townsend 1893 E. Neil 1901 A. Crapsey 1874 li. L. Hoyt 1894 L. Howe 1902 M. A. Pollard 1875 M. B. Taylor 1895 S. W. Hoagland 1903 M. YV. Cross IQO4. If. Lefevre . Class Historians 1868 NL L. Avery 1884 Nl. F. L. Hussey P. L. lNflcKinney 1869 K. A. Still 1885 M. W. Craig 1899 A. C. Jones 1870 C. VV. Rich 1886 A. Ferris A. R. Taggart I87I M. O. Glover 1887 M. Sweet 1900 R. Oberly 1872 M. hl. Rawson 1888 lt. L. MacCreery V. Sauvage 1373 A. Skeel 1889 A. T. Nettleton IQOI E. L. Cole 1874 S. Bennett 1890 K. Smith L. Cole 1875 L. Nl. Tappan 1891 VV. Tompkins 1902 N. O. Eldred 1876 L. Nl. Gifford 1892 S. B. Tunniclillf C. Nl. Sperry 1877 M. Stoyell 1893 E. P. Cobb IQO3 C. C. liasmian 1878 M. H. Rollins 1894. L. Howe H. A. Anderson 1879 L. M. Barr 1895 A. L. Crawford 1904 S. Taylor I88O A. P. Bailey 1896 B. Hart 12. Riedell 1881 K. H. Stockwell 1897 M. Reimer 1905 Ulga Hasbrouck 1882 M. R. Sanford G. lVl. Galluher DaisyLeeWVorthington 1883 S. T. F. Swift 1898 L. A. Chamberlain V A S S A R I O N 259 Class Prophets 1868 M. XV. NVl1itney 1897 Nl. B. Leverett L. Ramsey 1869 IC. NVilliams S. B. Staton C. Stoddard ' 1870 A. W. Woods K. T. Applegate 1903 E. B. Conklin l87l M. 8. Nicoll VV. M. Kirkland A. Bourne 1872 A. B. lfolger lf. C. Mallon A. L. Corbin 1873 ll XVL-ed 1898 Nl. Mz1cColl H. MacCoy 1874. A. G. Howes H. G. Davis B. Semple 1875 K. Roberts lf. Belknap lf. J. Sharp 1876 C. T. Hale 1899 V. Field E. Morrison 1877 A. H. Dana 8. G. Grant F. Hannah 1878 M. VV. Clarke E. James R. B. Uptegrove 1879 lf. XV. Towner M. W. Brown G. A. Blitz ISSO A. Van Klecck R. Uprlegrzlfl' 1904 F. M. Arrel 1881 A. Sliovc A. H. W'are I. M. Coon 1882 L. lf. Glenn 1900 A. L. Havens R. H. Crippcn 1883 L. Page H. B. Johnston F. G. Cunnea 1884 M. A. Cumnock F. E. O'Connell M. M. Elder 1885 G. L. Cliulalm lf. C. Packer M. H. Hegeman 1886 C. G. Lingle A. P. Savory M. M. Ingraham 1887 A. L. Jenckes M. Scarborough A. S. Macdonald 1888 R. S. Foster 1901 B. Adair M. A. Menner 1889 L. NI. Ferrell L. T. Bartlett L. Stanton ISQO C. lf. Patterson A. L. Howe H. E. True 1891 D. N. Taylor A. Milton N. R. Waterlvury 1891 M. M. Morton 8. Miles E. M. VVhite 1893 K. V. Harker M. B. Tupper 1905 E. Tallant 1894. lf. H. Ellsworth 1902 M. E. Cowling C. Uhr lf. A. Gillmer F. L. Dunning lf. Ost l". A. Chase N. O. Eldrecl Nl. Bon 1895 A. Grzxlmm Al. Fleming E. lN'lcKisson 1896 L. Booker A. Fletcher F. A. Howe 7 S. Vl. Cil1ZIll1lJCl'l2lll'l C. D. Kinkead I. H. Hearne Nl. A. Mason lf. Pierce L. Dutton G. Norcross ,755 1 260 V A S S A R I O N Senior Spade Orators 1868 I. Czimrr 1881 C. A. Lloyd 1894. M. Vzin Kleeck 1869 li. A. Strong 1882. M lf. Shovc 1895 I. H. Poppenhenn 1870 M. A. Parker 1883 A. B. Poinier 1896 L. F. Collins 1871 K. G. lewccr 1884. L. K. Smith 1897 E. B. Atkinson 1872 M. A. Loomis 1885 Nl. E. Kicker 1898 S. lf. Sheppzircl 1873 8. 8. Dunn 1886 E. R. Foster 1899 E. K. Ray 1874 l.. H. Brownell 1887 N. H. Czxnlicld 1900 A. M. Crater 1875 K. Mcliain 1888 M. Ransom 1901 L. Smyth 1876 M. Clark 1889 M. M. Chamherlziin 1902 L. Burns 1877 M. Thaw ISQO G. ll. Kelly 1903 NI. I. Starr 1878 M. YV. Chase 1891 la. H. Haight 1904 M. Taylor I87Q lf. lf. lfletcher 1892 L. B. Hzirtriclgc 1905 H. H. Straight 1880 li. M. Vlfirhey 1893 lu. R. Fvuns junior Spade Orators 1869 M. G. Mend 1882 M. Sharpe 1894. A. Gruhzun 1870 li. M. Folsom 1883 M. Adams 1895 S. W. Chumberl un 1871 A. B. Folger 1884 Nl W. Craig 1896 8. E. Dudley 1872 li. VVecd 1885 C. G. Lingle 1897 M. Mz1cColl 1873 M. W. Marvin 1886 A. L. Jenckes 1898 A. Jenkins 1874. K. Roberts 1887 M. Rich 1899 M. L. Ray 1875 M. A. Jordan 1888 lx. K. Hunt 1900 L. Cole 1876 A. H. Dann 1889 H. lf. Mace 1901 M. B. Dale 1878 Nl. Colgate 1890 F. Halliday IQO2 H. A. Anderson 1879 E. M. Witl1ey' 1891 8. B. 'l'unnicli8' 1903 S. Taylor 1880 Nl. H. Stockwell 1892 R. B. Cooley 1904. M. B. Bon 1881 E. B. Varnes 1893 lt. A. Gillmer 1905 Elsie Rushmorv. Editors Vassariana 1866 Nl. L. Dickinson H. A. Johnson I-I. A. L. Nlnson H. A. AVEITHCI XI IX E5 E5 lk IR..I CJ PJ 1261 Editors Transcript 1867419 M. Glznzicr M. L. Avury M. Austin M. XV. VVl1it11cy 1868-69 xvilli2lll1S S. VVrigl1t H. 10111-5 If. R. Beckwith 1869-70 L. lll1i?l71ll'd R. Cofiin lf. Colby ' 1870 7I H. Norris Ni. S. Nicoll R. Cuiiin Editors Miscellany W I 1879- 73 C. Hiscnck '7g L. A. Stow '74 D. Swift '73 M. 'IAIPYOIT '75 A. Stow '74 CL Houws'7+ 1- n1CCk.f'7+ NICBLIRI '75 M. 'i':1pl1:111 '75 li. '1'1lVl0l' '75 G. Mmic:1ll"76 lf. I'0I5PilfI'0l1 '76 lf. llcrscy '76 A. -ltlfililfl '76 I". Si1ul1I1:11'1l '77 H. IJZIIIZI '77 XVylic '77 lf. Sta11t911 '73 R. B9tsf'91'ci '78 D. Brown '78 R. R:111so111 '78 it. If. l'9pplct0n '76 C 1873 7+ 1874-75 IS75 76 1876 "--1 1877 77 78 A. H. if. Uhlen '74 K. Mclinin '75 I N "l'1 ' C. .ppfm 75 - F.l3udcr'76 H. lf. Hcrsuy '76 5. I". SlN.'PlJ1ll'd '77 M. Smycll '77 Ni. XVl1ipplc '77 M. R. l39tsi'91'cl '73 M. I-I. Rollins '78 M. VX-'i11g '73, Bus. liffnn. If. M. Perkins '79 B. Hazard '79 l'.. -I:acol1so11 '79 262 V A S S A R I O N 1878- E. lf. Hakes '79 M. Reynolds '80 lf. .I2lC0bSOI1"79 C. H. Thackray '80 M. Colgate '7Q M. E. Mott 'So lf. P. Clarke '79, Bus. Mziiz. Nl. Reynolds '80 A. P. Bailey '80 l". Smith '80 H. C. Armstrong '80 C. S. XVhite '81 NI. L. Frccnian '81 A. K. Fitzhugh '81 Nl. Harrison '81, Bus. Alan. Ii. M M. B M. R. A. M Howe '82 King '82 Sanford '82 Nickerson '82 C. L. liostwick '83 Nl. Sharp '83 S. l". Swift '83 M. F. L. Hussey '84 J. H. Merrick '84 A. Blancliartl '84 L. A. Barker '84, B1 lu. S. Leonarcl '85 L. I-I. Gould '85 C. Hiscock '85 M. lf. Ewing '85, B1 Nl. King '86 Qrcsj L. lf. Swectzer '86 L. L. Newell '86 l'.. A. Ferris '86 1879-So , Bur. Alan. 1880-81 1881 , Bur. lllan. 1882-83 1883 lx. Man. 1884- zx. Affnn. 1885- -34 M. C. Palmer '81 A. K. Fitzhugh '81 C. C. Barnum '81 la. M. Howe '82 Nl. B. Brittan '82 M. R. Sanford '82 C. L. Bostwick '83 S. I". Swift '83 M. Sharp '83 A. H. Lathrop '83, Bus M1171 M. F. L. Hussey '84 J. H. Merrick '84 lf. S. Leonard '85 L. H. Gould '85 NI. Ewing '85, Ant B M M. King '86 L. I". Sweetzer '86 lf. Withowslcy '86, .41-sr B llfl lf. Withowsky '86, Bus llflzzu L. C. Sheldon '87 lf. C. Greene '87 S. W. Learned '87, Asst B M V A S S A R I O N 263 1386-37 L. C. Sltelclon '37 E. Shaw '88 Qresj lf. C. Greene '87 E. C. Kountze '88 A. K. Green '87 E. Lcwi '88 S. W. Learned '87, Bus. Alan. lf. L. lVlaCCreery '88, Asst. B. IW. 1387-ss li. C. Kountze '88 A. T. Nettleton '89 lt. Lewi '38 L. M. Ferrell '89 C. L. Bzrrnum '88 Nl. E. Chester '89, Asst. B. M. lu. L. lVl:lCCrecry '88, Bus. llflan. 1888-89 A. T. Nettleton '89 E. li. Nlorris '90 L. M. Ferrell '89 C. Suydzun '90 K. VVurren '89 M. Czxrbutt '90, Asst. B. flfl. M. lf. Chester '89, Bus. llflnn. 1889-90 E. lf. Morris '90 D. N. Taylor '91 C. Suydnm '90 R. M. Kavana '91 C. lf. Patterson '90 K. L. Strong '91, Asst. B. M. M. Czlrlmutt '90, Bus. Jlflfm. 1890-91 D. N. Taylor '91 C. Banlielcl '92 R. M. Knvana '91 A. L. Reed '92 MQ l". xfVZlSlll7UI'Il '91 A. Nl. Robbins '92, Asst. B. Ill. K. L. Strong '91, Bus. Mau. ISQI-Q2 lu. C. Bzrnlielcl '92 lL. K. Adams '93 lt. B. Hnrtridge '92 R. lL. Palmer '93 fresj M. S. l':1ck:1rd '92 NI. V. Clark '93 ' A. M. Robbins '92, Bus. MU11. E. B. Cutting '93, Asst. B. M. 1892793 lf. K. Adams '93 M. L. Boynton '94 M. V. Clark '93 E. L. Wells '94 IQ. R. VVilkinson '93 M. M. Macauley '94, Asst. B. llfl. lf. B. Cutting '93, Bus. 1Wm1. 1893-9+ M. L. Boynton '94 A. L. Crawford '95 lf. L. Wells '94 G. S. Boynton '95 A. S. Hussey '94 A. Uorrzmce '95, Asst. B. M. M. Nl. lVl21C:1uley '94, Bus. tllfnl. 264 V A S S A R I O N , 1894-95 A. L. Crawford '95 H. I. Scranton '96 G. S. Boynton '95 If. McCloskey '96 If. If. Boyd '95 G. If. MZICAHITLIY '96, 11:12. I3 A. Dorrance '95, Bus. llflan. 1895-96 H. I. Scranton '96 G. M. Gallaher '97 If. McCloskey '96 F. Hotchkiss 'Q7 B. A. Jones '96 A. G. Richey '97, flsxi. B. ill. G. E. M3CAHl1Uf '96, Bus. MKIII. 1896-97 . G. NI. Gztllaher '97 I7. L. McKinney '98 F. Hotchkiss '97 K. Blunt '98 M. M. Traver '97 I.. B. Justice '98, Asst. B. XVI. A. G. Richey '97, Bus. Illarz. 1897-QS I". L. McKinney '98 Hamilton '99 K. Blunt '98 M. Burr '99 S. F. Sheppard '98 A. E. Jenkins 'QQ, Ant. B. IW. L. B. Justice '98, Bus. Nlau. 1898-99 Hamilton '99 i M. L. Ray '00 M. Burr '99 M. Payne '00 C. G. Abbott '99 IVI. L. Horst '00, first. B. NI. A. IS. Jenkins '99, Buy. Mzzrz. 1899-oo M. L. Ray 'oo C. S. Reed '01 M. Payne '00 L. Smyth 'OI M. Budington '00 L. R. Albright '01, flxst. B. flff. M. L. Horst '00, Bm. llflarz. 1900-01 C. S. Reed 'OI L. NIz1cNair '02 L. Smyth 'OI If. Myiiter '02 I.. T. Bartlett '01 Ii. H. White '02, Asst. B. M. L. R. Albright '01, Bux. Mzzfz. IQOI-O2 L. Mz1cNair '02 IVI. A. Pollard '02 M. A. Mason '02 If. H. Wliite '02, Bus. Ma11. IVI. Belknap '03 L. lf. NIcCz11thy '03 N. A. Dunbar '03, Asst. B. Ilff. V A S S A R I O N 2 1902-03 VI. Belknap '03 lf. R. Dimoek '04 l lf. McCarthy '03 lt. G. Gardiner '04 VI. Canby '03 A. L. Henry '04, fini. B. M A. Dunbar '03, Bur. llfluu. 1903-04 R. Dimock '04 H. I-1. Straight '05 G. Gardiner '04 M. A. Pratt '05 L. Conger '04, M. B. Bon '05, Asst. B. IW. B. Forbes '04, Bus. llffmz. 1904-'05 H. Straight '05 C. Fink '06 ' . K. Smith '05 M. B. Jarnagin '06 Babson '05 lr. C. Sibley '06 Tzillant '05 M. T. Paine '06, Asst. B. M B. Bon '05, Bus. Alun. Editors Hors d'Deuvre ' 1888 L. D. Fagan Q L. MacCreery H. C. Butler Edwards lf. C. Kountze G. Chester M. Rich Editors Vassarion 1889 L. La lVlonte D. Anderson L. Nl. Ferrell War1'ei1 M. M. Chamberlain lf. Chester 1890 L. S. King l". Macc K. Smith lXfluerman K. O. Peterson Carburt C. F. Patterson 1891 lf. Rickert H. Pringle N. Taylor F. miiiafiy J, T. Dorman M. F. Wasliburii H. C. Oakley' F?- 266 V A S S A R I O N 1892 C. Bzinfielcl b. E. VVooclhridgc K. B. Davis A. Owens S. B. 'llunnicliff A. L. Perkins NI. lVIo1-ton 1893 l.. R. Nvilkinson M. O. Mzntlics E. R. Evans lC. Neil J. C. Palmer A. Wliitccmxiilm C. E. YVhitc 1894. R. H. Haight Nl L. Hastings G. VVhitc L. Howe ' C. Coman M. li. NllllTll'O1'd E. hloore hl. L. Boynton 1895 I". Cohen B. R. Strong E. Emery A. A. Monsch H. N. Lziduc ll.. G. Thorne G. Vvitschiczf lf. Hillicr 1896 I. G. Kruse J. A. Schwanz li. C. Cvrzmt R. A. Palmer L. P. Sheppard l.. XVinnington L. Greer R. H. XV3lXN'O1'fl1 A. Hero ' 1897 V. McClelland M. Reimer H. E. Beard S. lf. Dudley A. Yvhiton M. E. Levcrett A. L. VVilkinson A. Newell A. Claflin 1898 lf. Belknap A. NVentworcl1 H. I. Haight R. Nlurclock H. A. Cobh L. O. Rice F. Borden L. A. Chamberlain A. N. Gibbons V A S S A R I O N 2 1899 A. C. -loncs A. ll. lziggzirr M. G. Fulton S. G. Grant M. L. Hosmer C. Pl. King H. V. Turner M. VV. lirown M. L. Brinckcrliofl' 1900 V. Barnard P. B. Day M. V. Johnson lf. C. Pucker M. VV. Plumb V. Szuivugc A. M. Le Roy G. M. Cancllcr Nl. G. Harmon 1901 A. Crzlpscy E. Cole A. Affelcl I-I. lf. Storkc K. H. Glenclinning A. C. wVCl7SIL'I' S. lj. McDonald N. G. Hume H. XV. Fostf-1' 1902 M. Todd E. li. Alvu1'c1'oinluic R. R. Gentry 17. lfcnton F. L. Dunning M. Fleming R. M. Smith H. lf. Parton I. L. Ramsay 1903 lf. Slmrp A. G. Blitz lt. Carey A. l.. Corbin T. Vanzunee M. C. Kline: M. McCulloch C. M. Benton R. li. Uptegrovc 1904 lf. li. Gurlcy . Lefcvrcv K. S. llflcrrcll C. XVHITCI1 A. L. Carson li G. B. Day lf. H. Xfxllillfli 1. 1. Murphy K. M. Steeves I. YVl1eele1' 268 V A S S A R I O N 1905 M. A. Pratt M. A. Cluinn R. T. Johns J. B. VVilsrn1 li. C. Lancaster L. Hickox S. C. Angell R. McCullocl1 H. Kenyon A. B. Wrigl1t Recipients of the Helen Kate Furness Shakespeare Prize 1886 1887 ISXQ 1801 1893 1804 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1892 1394 Firrr Prizm - 1 from rizc- S' 1 P First Prfzf Srro mf Prize- M. P. Slwrwoocl C. G. Lingle C. A. Pratt L. C. Slwltlon 1896 1897 IS. A. .Innes -I. A. Schwartz M. Nl. Trzxver G. M. Gzlllznlwr L. La Monte 1898 A. H. Stone L. L. lddings A. B. Ptlrker M. Rickert 1899 li. Pettee D. N. Taylor 1900 QSecond prize? V. Sauvage E. K. Adams 1901 fSeconcl prize, li. Adair A. Wl1itco1nl1 1904. N. Hart li. H. Haight 1904 C. Rndyztrcl lf. D. CliHTCI' Recipients of the Barringer Prize S. H. 'l.'1'C2lllW'Zl-Y '83 1895 If. M. 'l':1ylor '95 F. L. Terry '87 1896 R. Nl. Nlann '96 1-. L. Terry '87 1897 S. F. Dudley '97 J. Pomerene '86 1898 Nl. li. lvlllllllli '98 F. L. Terry '87 1899 A. H. YVils0n '99 C. Keen '89 1900 I. A. '1'ou1-teller '00 C. Keen '89 1901 li. M. Cornell '01 J. Hendrick '90 1902 G. L. Kent 'oz G. Sands '93 1903 A. S. Nvoocl '03 Barns '94, 1904. L. lf. Lconzurcl '04, Recipients of the Mrs. Erminie Smith Prize 1889 1890 C. L. Scofield '90 1"ir.vr Prize -C. B. Dinturll '91 C. Gates '89 Srronrl Prize-A. L. Knowlton '90 li. V. Gaines S 1891 1891 H. D. King '92 First Prize EPZ. l5lal1c1'ty 'QZ E. M. Mast '92 Srfonzf Frizz'-Nl. lf. Cooley '93 V A S S A R I O N 269 1894 1895 First Prize -B. lf. Bennett '95 Firsi Prize -M. E. Gedney '95 Semin! Prize-K. C. Reiley 'QS Snronrl Prize-V. C. Wood '95 1890 1897 K. S. Dunlmm '96 M. Reimer '97 li. D. Dwight '98 1899 E. K, Samson '00 1900 IQO2 A. Davis 'OI C. Davis '03 1903 1904 Sl'IIgIL'.Y Dozilnfer Siiigfm' Doufzffs Singfcx IJUHIIIFJ Singles Doubff: Sizzglrs Dnulzlfx li. li. Dunning '03 lf. Nl. White '04 Winners of 1886 A. M. McKinl:1y '88 l. Skinner '87 A. M. McKinl:1y '88 1888 S. Wetmore '90 M. 8. Guerin '91 R. H. NV 2llXVO1'Il1 S 1890 8 .S. Humans '91 M, sciiwan 0 le, xvmfi- 193 1892 8. S. l'lomnns '92 8. S. 1'l0lll1lI1S '92 H. G. Morchczucl '92 139.1 H. S. Banks '96 H. S. Banks '96 lf. Platt '97 S. the Annual Te C. C. Malsien '04 F. Chase '04, PI. nnis Tournament 1887 Single: -A. M. lVlCKinlay '88 Double:-G. A. Pocock '88 YN. M. Sebring '90 1889 Singles -S. S. Homans 'QE Doulzlm-C. lf. Furness '91 V. l. Merrill S 1891 Singles -S. S. Homans '92 Doubles--A. C. Brown '93 ,li 13. Bartlett '94 1891-FAL1, rliOURNAMIENT Singles -I. A. lVIorgan '93 Double:-I. A. Morgan '93 B. R. Strang '95 1394 Singfex -H. S. Banks '96 Daublfx--H. S. Banks '90 S. l". Platt '97 ,JY -,--L, 270 V A S S A R I O N 1895 1896 Singles - S. Banks '96 Singles -E. L. Hunter '08 Doubles- S. Banks '96 Doubles-S. F. Platt '97 F. Platt '97 1. C. Tlmllon '97 1897 1898 Singles - G. Heywood '99 Singles B. Lockwood 'OI Doubles- C. Dowling '00 Doubles-Nl. P. Jackson 'OI L. Hunter '00 B. Lockwood 'OI 1899 1900 Singles- B. Lockwood 'OI Singles B. Lockwood 'OI Doubles- H. Wliitc '02 Doubles-NI. P. Jackson 'OI NI. Russell '02 B. Lockwood 'OI Dehult 1901 1902 Singles H. Vvhitc 'OZ Singles -M. Kinsey '06 Doubles XV. Bi1'd '02 Doubles-M. Kinsey '06 H. XVl1itc '02 S. Lewis '06 1903 1904. Singles VV. Hopson '07 Singles -A. VV. Hopson '07 Doubles- Fink '06 Hatch '06 VASSARION 271 Phi Beta. Kappa MU CHAPTER OF NEW YORK Officers Miss NlARGARE'1' l"I.OY WASHIIUIQN . . Preridenr NIISS LAURA jo11NsoN WYLIIQ .lfire-President A4158 CA11o1.IN1c ELLISN l"URNlfSS . . Secretary MISS li1.oIsE Pf1.I.IzRY . . , . . Trearurer Charter Members XVINIFRED BALI., A.B., Theralof New York, ISQO Lli ROY C. COOLIQY, l'h.D., Alpha of New York, 1886 l"ERDINAND C. lfu1fNcII, Ph.D., Alpha of Rhode Island, 1884 llHR1s12R'I' ll. MILI.s, Ph.D., Iota of New York, 1886 ul. L1avE1uzT1' Moons, Ph.D., Alpha of Maryland, 1892 C11A1u.1zs W. MouI.ToN, l'h.D., Alpha of Minnesota, 1885 rl'HEODORlZ C. SMITH, Ph.D., Alpha of lkflassacluusetts, 1892 JAMES NI. TAYLOR, LL.D., Alpha ol' Rhode Island, 1886 Members 1867 Harricttc A. XVZHTICI' CM1'S. H. A. VV. Bishopj 1868 Mary L. Avery Nlary P. Rhoades Achsah M. Ely Helen L. Storke Sarah M. Glazicr fMrs. M. Batcsj, A.M., '72 Mary W. Whitney, A.lVI., '72 1860 lfllcn VV. Babcock fMrs. WV. R. Brownj lfm111a L. Hubbard, A.M., '73g LL.l3., '73 M. Emma Colby fMrs, M. H. Smithj Christine Ladd Clkflrs. Fabian Franklinj, Sarah E. Daniels LL.D., '87 Ella M. Liggett I87O Mary Chumar fhlrs. G. G. Traskl Harriet O. Palmer QMIS. E. T. Slocumj .lane A. llenton Cynthia VV. Ritch Mary G. lkfcad fMrs. lf. A. Ahhcyj lflizabetlm D. Storcr Sophia D. Storke, A.M., '94 272 V A S S A R I O N 1871 H Amelia W. Esty flVlrs. C. D. Stowellj Sarah P. Nlonks, A.lVl., '76 lfllen M. Folsom Susan Raymond 1872 Maria P. Brace flVlrs. l'. Kinlballj VVilimena H. Eliot fMrs. lf. lfmersonj Sarah A. Catlin NLD., '72g A. M., '77 Alla W. lfoster, A.M., '76 1873 Elizabeth H. Brewer, A.lVI., '96 lVIary lf. Perry flVlrs. P. N. Moorej Caroline M. Gerrish Anna R. Phelps Helen C. Hiscock flVlrs. T. l3ackusj,A.lVl.,'78 Elma D. Swift Nlary A. Hopson Blanche Wilder fhflrs. F. P. Bellamyj Katharine M. Lupton Clara Wilson flVIrs. G. W. Kretzingerj 1874 Julia S. Bennett fMrs. E. H. Lordj Anna L. lWeeker lflorence M. Cushing Lucretia A. Stow fMrs. W. H. Cummingsb lilizaheth A. Hill QlVlrs. li. H. Spaldingj Caroline A. VVoodman, A.M., '89g S.B. 1875 Mary F. Huffington Florence C, Perkins Lucy W. Kellogg QlVlrs. li. H. Englishj Frances G. Swift QlVlrs. John Dotyj Eva M. Tappan, A.lVI., 'QSQ Ph.D., '96 1876 lflizabeth R. Fox flVIrs. D. F. Websterj Ella C. Lapham, A.lVl., '96 Heloise E. Hersey Grace H. Learned QlVlrs. A. V. De VVitt7 Anna M. Johnson Kate R. Lobingier Mary A. Vlorden, A.lVl., '78 Eliza G. Nletcalf QMl'S. Gustav Radekej 1877 lfrances A. Adams Sarah l". Sheppard QMrs. H. K. Armstrongj Grace E. Bliss fMrs. P. M. Snyclerb Caroline P. Swift fllflrs. E. S. Atwaterj Rachel B. Jacobs Ida VVoocl, A.lVl., '89g Ph.D., ,QI Laura Wylie, Pl1.D., '94 1878 Gertrude Bascom flVlrs. C. C. Darwinj M. Isabel Nelson QMrs. l. N. Tillinghastj Mary R. Botsford, A.M., '94 Ph.lVI., '95 Helen D. Brown Harriet R. Ransom QMrs. Arthur Milinowskij Mary WV. Clarke flVlrs. M. M. Ackerj Harriet R. Stanton QlVIrs. W. H. Blatchj Helen E. Thompson V A S S A R I O N 273 1879 Eleanor P. Clarke Bertha Hazard Mary Colgate Emily C. Jordan fMrs. H. C. Folger, Jr.j, Cornelia A. Dike A.M., '96 Emma NT. Perkins 1880 Hyla C. Armstrong fMrs. VVilliam Davies, Carrie M. Canfield fMrs. W. R. Thorsenb Annie P. Bailey CMrs. L. A. Bully Caroline B. Dow Marietta A. Barnes QMrs. G. W. Knightj Phebe T. Sutlilf, A.M., '90 Lucy Tappan 1881 Marion Burke, M.D. Harriet G. Curtis 1882 Nlary F. lfaston flVlrs. M. R. Conablel Ellen C. Semple, A.lVL, ,QI Elizabeth M. Howe fMrs. Lucien Howej Anne C. Southwonh QMrs. H. A. Wymanj Mary B. King fMrs. If. H. Babbittj Fanny B. Taylor fMrs. C. E. Young, 1883 Sarah C. Bernard Cornelia M. Raymond C. Lena Bostwick Mary Sherwood, M.D. 1884. Maic A. Chapman fMrs. I-I. C. Crouchj Martha C. Hubbard fMrs. A. Skinnerj lflla M. Freeman 'lustina M. Merrick QMrs. C. H. Hollisterj Jessie I. Spafford 1885 I Lucy Davis Malnel R. Loomis Lavinia H. Gould flVlrs. T. lVIacBridej Beatrice Shattuck flVI1's. F. S. Fultonj Abby Leach, A.M., '85 Mary Smiley flVIrs. C. O. Rhodes? 1886 Margaret P. Sherwood, Ph.D., '98 1887 Ida Butcher Nlargaretta Palmer, Ph.D., ,Q4 Beitha M. Critchley Louise R. Smith fMrs. H. R. Swif-tj, NLD., Charlotte Halliday fMrs. Elbert Wlllgb A.M., '89 Clara L. Jones 274 V A S S A R I O N 1888 Georgia Angell Eugenie C. Kountze fMrs.lVleredith Nicholsonj Maud King CMrs. E. G. Murphyb Eflie Shaw Adelaide Underhill 1889 Jennie Ackerly Mary D. Anderson fMrs. A. A. Hillj Charlotte Deming fMrs. B. Einleyj Elizabeth H. Griggs Lola L. Iddings Lillian La Monte Helen R. Putnam CMrs. Willard Barnhartj Helen H. Tunliicliff QMrs. R. C. H. Caterallj ' Katharine lVarren 1890 Helene Borgman QMrs. R. W. Husbandj Carrie F. Patterson Mary Dunham QMrs. C. H. Prescott, Adella Prentiss Antha L. Knowlton fMrs. K. B. Nlillerj Hanna E. Mace fhflrs. H. B. Hedrickb Caroline M. Curry Caroline E. Furness, Ph.D., 'OO Florence Halliday QMrs. E. H. Rogersj Rose NI. Kavana Rebecca YV. Brush QMrs. G. B. Toyej Eva J. Daniels Cornelia Golay fMrs. E. G. Benedictj Helen D. King, Ph.D., ,QQ lVlary S. Packard, .M.D. Elizabeth K. Adams Frances S. Belcher, A.lVI., 'QS Elizabeth S. Bradley QMrs. P. Mary V. Clark Elizabeth M. Andrews Emeline B. Bartlett Florence Bernd Caroline Coman Julietta Golay Nlary E. Lamson QMrs. VV. A. Lockwoodj Catharine Suydam QMrs. W. E. Clarkj 1891 M. Edith Rickert, Ph.D., ,QQ Kate L. Strong fMrs. C. G. Sewallj Margaret F. Wasliburne, A.M., ,93QPl1.D.,,Q4 1892 Amy L. Reed Alice M. Robbins flVIrs. W. H. hlartinj Sarah B. Tunnicliil' Elizabeth 'Woodbridge fMrs. C. G. Morrisj, Ph.D., '98 1393 Ethel R. Evans Henrietta A. Rossini Pratt E. Browning, Helena Van Vliet flVlrs. W. R. Ackertp Elizabeth H. Haight, A.M., ,QQ Nlabel L. Hastings Ethel R. Vvilkinson 1894 Mary M. Macauley fMrs. Letchworth Smithj Mary B. Mumford Angie M. Myers, M.D. Helen M. Slade fMrs. Chas. A. Andrewsj Katharine M. Utter CMrs. L. A. VVatermanj Melvina Van Kleeck QMrs. A. L. Shipmanj Emilie Louise VVells , JW VASSARION 275 Grace A. Beard lflizabeth lf. Boyd fMrs. VV. L. Lawton? Georgie S. Boynton Chflrs. A. T. Childj Margaret R. Brendlinger Laura A. Brownell fhflrs. C. lf. Yvoodhridgeb May H. Childs ClVlrs. VV. XV. Parsons, Susan l'l. lfvans Edith H. Gruhbs Harriet lf. Holmes l'l. Wlinifred Arnold lillen K. Cumming Annie lf. Douglas Josephine Fagan Aim Hero, A.lVl. Nellie Higman Ella S. Hulst QlVlrs. l". Greensletj Blanche A. Jones lda G. Kruse Frances A. Beckwith lVlary K. Benedict Flora B Bernlco uf , . i lilizaheth L. Bishop, A.lVl., '93 Helen l.. Bishop Anna T. Burchard Adelaide Claflin QlVlrs. G. R. Manslieldj Marrlia lVl. Clark, A.lVl., '98 Eloise lfllcry, Ph.D., '03 limily G. Hooker Grace H. Landfield fhflrs. Katharine l". Belcher Katharine Blunt Mary A. Deach Elizabeth D. Dwight Alice N. Gihlvons I-I. H. rliweedyb 1895 Hasseltine R. Fletcher XVillie C. -lohnson ' Anna A. Monsch flVlrs.H.F.Rohertsj,A.lVl.,'Q6 Theodora A. Phelps, A.lNl., '96 Katharine C. Reiley Jessie V. Skelton Eleanor L. Smith Elizabeth C. Smith fhflrs. F. Gallupj Elizabeth 'Upclegralif 1896 Lillian A. MacAllister Gertrude lf. MacArthur Ruth M. Mann QlVlrs. A. Hollingworthl Anne Moore Elizabeth lf. lacker Rose A. Palmer Julia A. Schwartz Alma E. Tuttle J 1897 Nancy V. McClelland lVlarie Reimer, Ph.D., '04 Anna G. Richey Alice VV. Sawyer fhlrs. H. I. Thomsenj Rachel C. Shaullier Beatrice Shaw Gertrude Smith Jessie I. Thain flVIrs. H. L. Powersj Maidee M. Traver Alice Wliiton flVlrs. VV. D. Ferresj Annie L. Vllilkinson, A.lVl., '98 ClVlrs. Joseph Head, 1898 Alice Kauffman flVIrs. Harry H. Pollcj Maria C. McCarty, A.M., ,QQ Susan YV. Norton .lane R. Nlurdoch Florence VV. Olivet May B. Granger, A.lVl., ,QQ Laura O. Rice Phelae A. l-latlield flVlrs. VV. lf. VVoodwardj Ethel M. Serviss fMrs. D. D. Ackermanj Lucy B. Hemphill Lizzie M. Simpson, A.M., ,gg Amy NVentworth fhflrs. S. H. Stonej 276 V A S S A R I O N 1899 Eleanor R. Baker Claire B. Hassler Edith C. Bowman, A.M., 'oo Mary Louise Hosmer Mary L. Brinckerhoff' Helen K. Hoy Augusta Choate, A.M., 'OO Mary L. Kleberg QlVIrs. E. H. Abbottj Alice Clarke fMrs. C. Braytonj Blanche hialtin, A.M., 'oo Alice B. Coles Ellen Cotrael Helen L. Davis Mary E. Eastwood Virginia Field Emma Lou Garrett QNIrs. VV. lean Hamilton Grace Andrews lflorence M. Brownell Alice Nl. Burnham Frances Dorrance Martha G. Harmon Susan B. Lent Alma M. Le Roy Leila Ruth Albright Louise Sherwood Bragdon Gertrude Florence Burleigh Elizabeth Buchanan Cowley, Adelaide Crapsey Elizabeth Dutcher Louise Somer Holmquist Iidith Preston Hubbard Lena Jackman Margaret Pinckney Jackson Ada Jeannette Lord Clara Eliza Axtell Isabel Hannah Dunham Helen Celia Heath Emily Hinkle Elizabeth Forrest Johnson Grace Luella Kent Elizabeth Nloore Luella Orr Adele H. Merwin Bertha Richardson Grace H. Robbins Ch-Trs. C. Nl. Le-wish Leila C. Spaulding Helen D. Thompson N. Boydj Alta VV. Tozer Mary E. 'Wylie ClVTrs. C. F. Duboisj IQOO lVIary Lovett Jennie IVI. Payne Marie T. Perry Nfahel P. Schmidt Isabel B. Trowbridge Gertrude Vaile Louise Vvare Ruth Wells, A.M., 'or A.M., '92 IQOI Sybil Jane Moore Etta O'Shaughnessy Mabel Helen Perkins Julia Pulsifer Dena Schleicher Anna Louise Schuldice Louisa Stone Stevenson Helen Eldred Storke Elizabeth Beers Taft Ellen Nfulford Van Slyke Nfary Barbour lvhitman QMrs. L. T. VVarnerj 1902 Winifred Sophia Riblet Fannie Prodow Simpson Elizabeth llllanley Smith Bessie Jackson Talmadge Nlillicent Todd Clara Louise W8lll7CfgcM1'S. WV. H. Archibald Bessie Davis lfVilson VASSARION 2 Margaret Dudley Adams Florence Mary Bennett Gertrude Louisa Besse Adelaide Bourne Alice May Chamberlin Mary VVilson Cross Nellie Anna Dunbar Ina Duncan Emily Beekman Dunning Clara Harriet Frederick Marion Rhea Frost Florence Hannah Ruth Maxon Adams Jessie Boyd Mabel Emma Brown Edith Brown Gurley Mary Louise Hagerty Cora Emma Haller Mabel Lavinia Holman Mabel Dodge Holmes Adelina Kuhn Cornelia Castner Malven Katharine Suydam Merrell Florence Felton Helen Corliss Babson Helen Chain Bancroft Bertha Rickenbrode Barden Sylvia Durfee Bufiinton Sarah Margaret De Lamater Bertha Augusta Fontarede hflarjorie Hiscox Linda Holloway Elizabeth Fuller Hopson Florence Elizabeth Hutchinson Stella Russell Hubbard Edith Clare Lancaster Dorothy Lewis 1 903 Violet Kauffman Lillian Elmina McCarthy Susannah Jane McMurphy Mary Elizabeth Mills Katharine Merrill Morgan Ethel Nlorrison Henriette Albertina Neuhaus Celia Arnold Spicer Mary Isabella Starr Clara Mildred Thompson lVIinnie Estelle Waite Julia Wlieelock 1 904 Jeannette Perry lVIabel Stanwoocl Anna Prentiss Stearns Katharine Miriam Steeves Lea Demarest Taylor Helen Elizabeth True Emma Phoebe Wziternian Isabel Wlieeler Ida Wliitesitle Pearl Cleveland 'Wilson Florence VVinans Alice Foreman Wyckoff 1905 Alice Eliza Loughridge Harriet Louise Manning Katie Galt lVIiller Edith lVlarion Nichols Helen Cushing Nutting Nina Frances Raynor Margaret Rand Hilda Van Kleeck Swift Ma1'y Field Taber Nlargaret Tucker Ruth Nlurray Underhill Daisy Lee VVorthington , a.1.e.Y. -..- 278 VASSARION Oflicers of the Associate Alumnae Vassar College of MRS. KA1'ESEELEYTU'f'1'LE,7O Presidenf University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Miss ADA THURSTON 'So Secretary Astor House, New York City MRS. ANNIE WILKINSON HEAD ,97 Treasurer MRS. Miss Mus. MRS. Miss Miss Mas. Miss 613 Westview Avenue, Germantown, Pa. Branch Associations BOSTON AND VICINIT2' ELIZA METCALF RADEKE ,76 254. Beneit Street, Providence, R. I. C1-IRISTEL W. WILKINS 'oo Secreiary and 4.58 Audubon Road, Boston, lNfIass. CHICAGO AND THE WEST ABBY FARWELL FERRY ,72 Lake Forest, Ill. ANTHA KNOWLTON MII.I.IaR 'go S6'f7'?1'C1Ty mu! 1060 Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, Ill. NEW YORK AND VICINITT ELIZABETH B. CUTTING '93 247 President Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. HARRIET M. JENCKES 384 Sl'l'7'3f07Aj' 117111 IO Gramercy Park, New York City CENTRAL AND WESTERN NEW YORK CATHARINE PATTERSON Cl-RANDALL '84 Westfield, N. Y. MARY A. NIASON 'oz Sf'1'7f'ff17'.V and 310 East Main Street, Batavia, N. Y. Freriizferzt Treasurer P1'L'Xl'dEfIf Trenxurer IJTUJIIIIEYZY T1 :arurcr P7'FS1l!1,UIlf Trez1.vu1'fr -S VASSARION 279 M Rs. Mlss M Rs. Miss Mus. Miss WASHINGTON fl N D THE SO U TH FRANCES l'lAl.DlEMAN S11Jw121,,1. '84 Prmiilrnt 804 ZISY Street, Washington, D. C. LUCY NlAIJHlRA '96 Smveffzry and Treasurer 33Il Newark Street, Cleveland Park, Washington, D. C. CLE VELAND .4ND VICINITIC lVlAI3liL B11EcKEN1t11Jc:E XVASON '96 Pre:ia'ent 2069 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio Sornm D. STORK12 ,7O Sei-rrtary and Treasurer 167 hvlllflllilll Street, Cleveland, Ohio SOUTHEAST l"1tANcrs L1c:G1e'1'r Wm' '73 President BARBARA ADAIK ,OI 7.53 Forrest Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. SL'fT'6'fH7'y ana' 'Treasurer 94 Washington Street, Atlanta, Ga. Officers of Vassar Students' Aid Society lVI1zs.'l'11oMAs S. MCGRAW Prexzizirni Mlss j1aANN1aT'1'12 M. L1Gc3E'r'1' First Vice-President Pnolf. LUCY M. SALMON Sefani! Vive-Prrsirlent lVlIlS,LUCIENl'lONVE Tl1irdVife- President Miss MA1t'1'1-QA S.WARN1a1t Secretary 74 Pitcher Street, Detroit, Mich. Mus. RAYMOND B. BACKUS 7u7'l?I157,l1'f7 i 280 VASSARION 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1375 1876 1877 1878 1879 I88O 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 'Died Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Nl rs. lVliss Nliss Miss Miss lVliss Nliss Miss Miss Miss Miss Class Secretaries Helen D. WO0dWHI'd Plattsburg, N. Y. A. M. Elyy' Vassar College Julia C. Wliite 124 Amity St., Brooklyn H. O. Palmer CMrs. E. T. Slocumj Pittsfield, Mass. E. W. Hopper Hackensack, N. A. B. Folger Nantucket, Mass. Nl. C. YVhitney flVlrs. B. Clarkj 616 VV. II3tl'l St., New York lf. lf. Chapin Lake Forest, lll. Nannie Allston Care U. S. Consul, Huddersfield, Eng. Sarah Fleming QlVlrs. W. Sharpej Chambersburg, Pa. H. B. O,Lea1'y QlVlrs. L. S. Davisj Sumner and Clinton Roads, Brookline, lVlass. J. lf. Davis Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va. E. H. Bentley QMIS. O. V. Stewartj 725 Bryson Street, Youngstown, Ohio E. K. Murpliey QlVlrs. T. V. Johnston, 310 W. 80th St., New York M. E. Burke Colorado Springs, Col. M. E. Case fMrs. F. E. Barneyj 915 Fourth Street, S. E., Nlinneapolis, Minn. Jessie K. Dewell 4.00 Orange Street, New Haven, Conn. M. E. Adams 471 Dunham Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio Nliss Phoebe Loving Miss Eleanor A. Ferris Miss 12. R. Hoy Emily Lewi, M.D. Miss Lillian La Monte Miss Catharine Suydam QMrs. W. F. lVliss lVI. E. Rickert December 13, 1904. 2003 Clay Street, St. loseph, lVlo. 2016 Scottwood Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 569 5th Ave., New York 35 Mt. Morris Ave., New York Wasliingtoli Street, Binghamton, N. Y. Clarkj Point Pleasant, N. 2657 North Lincoln Street, Chicago, Ill. V A S S A R I O N 281 1892 Miss l'. Herring QMrs. T. VV. Dillenbackj 4 Sherman Street, Watertown, N. Y. 1893 Miss NI. S. Blake QlWrs. YV. lf. Milne, 381 Central Park Vvest, New York 1894 Miss Lucy A. Fitch Skaneateles, N. Y. 1895 Miss Susan H. Evans 47 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn 1896 Miss Cornelia D. Kinkead Maple Grove, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1897 Miss Adelaide ClaHin fMrs. G. R. Mansfield? - 1 Trowbridge Terrace, Cambridge, Mass. 1898 Miss Amy Vllcntwonh CMrs. S. H. Stonej 156 Beech St., Roslindale, Mass. 1899 Miss Anna S. Tuttle University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 1900 Miss Margaret l3L1dington 122 N. Capitol St., Iowa City, Iowa 1901 Miss L. B. Platt 4.3 South Hamilton Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. IQO2 Miss lf. D. Merrill 114 YVilloughby Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1903 Miss C. A. Spicer 371 Broadway, Providence, R. l. 1904. Miss Florence Pelton 31 Garfield Place, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. IQO5 Miss Roberta T. Johns 3439 Boquet Street, Pittsburg, Pa. 9 O F' I N I s - .R 4. I pif . X 'J' or 9, 'T f :es 1224015 - l t!- , .,,.. 1 -F .- .lwivlfilsz The iaassartun Baath ertenns its lyeartiest thanks TO MISS SALMONg TO THE MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY COMMITTEE, MRS. KENDRICK, PROFESSOR MILLS AND PROFESSOR McCURDYg TO MR. ELS- VVORTHg TO E. TALLANT, H. C. BAB- SON, C. RICHARDSON, K. LOOMIS, AND R. UNDERHILL OF TI-IE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIVE H if-l l5E?MEiN1S THE VASSARION ADVERTI IFFANY at Co. Diamond and Gem Merchants, Gold and Silver Smiths, Stationers and Dealers in Artistic Merchandise. Information for Purchasers Tiffany Ek Co. are strictly retailers They do not employ agents or sell their Wares through other dealers Their prices are as reasonable as is consistent with the best workman- ship and a quality worthy of the name of' the house The minimum quality of Tiffany Zi Co. jewelry is I4-karat gold All their watches and rich jewelry are mounted in I8-karat gold All their silverware is of English sterling quality, Q25fIOOO fine Mail Orders Attention is directed to the facili- ties of'TiHany 85 Co.'s Mail Order Department. On advice as to re- quirements and limits of price, they will send to responsible parties photographs, cuts or other descrip- tions in detail Makers of Class Rings Medals Badges Emblems and other Insignias for Societies, etc. Class Cups Testimonials Trophies for Field and Aquatic Sports Corporate and Fraternity Seals Dies and Stationery for Universities Colleges and other Institutions Correspondence invited nion Square New York I nf'-its piczxsz' in 'rltron 'I'Hli N'A55.'XlllOY SE HE VASSARION ADVERTISER E have designed and manu- factured shoes, slippers and stylish footwear for thirty- Hve years. During all this time, We have been favored with the 'lion's share' of Vassar patronage. The com- plete satisfaction We have given in the past, we shall give in the future. QE. . Gilhersleehe 8 Qin. 314 MAIN STREET, POUGHKREPSIE, N. Y. FINE FOOTWEAR F O R EVE N I N G STREET AND ALL ATHLETIC USES. 1lVVe make to your order at short notice, shoes or slippers in any style or color to match your costume. " SPARTAH Boot, OI77 ff CGoN'1'z" 348 " PETITKH New lxflodel, 349 MERCIiDliS " zzz ln :ms ring m1v.'erriscrmtn1s please men tion THE YASSARION TH -. ,H -Y.g,.,,, E VASSARION ADVERT ISE LUCKEY, PL TT 81 CO. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. f ' H- ,L . LEEABJIYEATEE 3- C ' L . L .22 1' ' 1 ll 1.u Kr:Y,PLA . i - i A977'TWV"-1'Wlff-55U.'fif.-z H' me F.. sw LUCKEY5qE'Iz3Q 5Il81 . fw f-ff-W 2 L' wi El E " E E E E ET M 1'Q ?f+ 1f1ff R - J 5 . - T I-. N . l'i2 " 1'1'5r'-V T i i ? .- -5 T vi' -3ir,Ulill1glui1Q lff igeguzl - , 3 ll . ,f Ag , .....m1g El E I 1 , Q. ,Q B - , EI Ei ' V 1:i7'?fiz gl if E 3- + 1 e e 1 igmmi: . if .4 -ei gj -q 4' Q Agflz lie 'TT' 'n pj m . 'rn "ilu-455 i -i .fir ,111 Sf Ili v V. H .- ', ml ll ll 1 - fu. LY :,m..,ti - 1'-z-H!! .,1. im.: gel: j " gllq L- . If il ' QI l' -5, .lil ll gl '-.g , Nj:-gl neil ' W, f " ' T. . ' einrffl-L 1 -5-531 , ' . . - '-ge , 1 - - --- '-for ' - ,-.,... ,L -.. Y- - -f -:gg C..- The Large!! and Forenzofz' Store zn Pongbkeepfze Having been idenlyied fwillz VHJJHV .fince if wnsfounded, fnif store .fiends ready to .fnppbf efvery need. 1l'l'he immense ZlSS0l'U11Cl1I'S and moderate prices of this store have been leading flictors in making the reputation it enjoys. fllntcrior Decorating and VV:1ll Pzipuring ll Specialty. Hlfstinizites freely furnished on College Rooms 1lOur liurniture Store is the Canter for all odd :incl exclusive Novelties. 1lOur Drapery and Upholstery Departmtnt is the only one of its kind on the Hudson river. 1lOur Carpet :md Rug Department is the largest in this section of the state. D737 Goody, Mz'lfz'7zL'1y, Lzngerfe, W affix, Skirziv, Suzie, Coats, Sz'zzz'z'onel:y Fnrzzitzzre, Crzrybeff, D7'dfJL'7'ZT?J, Wa!! Pzlfmu' 24 DEPAR TIMENTS LUCKEY, P LATT 8z CO. 332, 334, 336, 338, 340, 342, 344 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. sweiing :i-lrvi'Iis:'zlie:i!s please ii llllhll 'I'HI'1 YASSARION R TH E VASSARION ADVERTISE 'Ee Bailey, Banks 89 Biddle Co. lLQD2,5igllI1L'5 ann gfvianufactuters nf Glass 191115, brick ibius, mangas, Glass Rings ann filings iitatiunerp. ILQDe5igng.i ann estimates of cost iuaiieh nu ref quest. gps nhiigatinu is incurteh sf MARY A. AMBIJCR CLARENCE W. PIERCE l'rf',vi4Ii':l1 I'hx'-l':'f',i'1El.'f1! frm! Trans. FRANK D. GRIFFIN .im-L-mfg' P. Ambler Co. BOOKS, NEWS N AN S T A T I O N E RY L Qlingrabing EI Qapsriultg 5 lVI:.lrkm:t Street 524. 254 Main Street POUGHKEEPSIE 91. NEW YORK 'HIGGINS' PHOTO gb, a.l.ll1l-I Wi? M1 1 r., v::.:.::gg:3,g4 42222212 'MREEW 's iv MOUNTER 'H iirnuiiulmwlwll Not only mounts photographs and pictures smoothly, evenly and Without cockling, but is also a handy adhesive for posting number slips on doors, tissue Work, mending books, etc. You will learn to lean on it for many uses if you keep it at hand. At a1lDeulfr:. CHAS. M. HIGGINS 85 CO., Mfrs. New York Chicago London Factory, 240-244 Eighth Street, Brooklyn, New York. Main Office, 271 Ninth Street. I In .insx 'ing :i.lvei'lisc:1i:'lxrS please mcnl fi inn THE YASSAR X THE VASSARION ADVERTISER 1 WILL MAKE Shirtwaist Suits to Order consisting of Tailor-made Skirt and Waist of the highest grade of lmported Butcher's Linen, Per- cale, Fancy Cheviots, etc., for 510.00 A SUIT to Students. Season price ofthese suits, 51500. This is a bona fide offer. Tailor-made Woolen Shirt- waist Suits from 825.00 to 53000. These suits can take the place of tailor suits that cost from 5350.00 to ,B60.0o. All Tailor Suits, Coats, Riding Habits, etc. S . K A L V I N I 53 W. 42d St., rlz'nrSixfh!1'ur'., New YORK CITY COLLEGE SONGS College Songs Paper, 50C V College Songs Cloth gilt, 31.00 This is the old favorite collection College Songs for Girls Paper, 291.00 Columbia University Songs Just published Cloth, 51.25 Dartmouth Songs Cloth, 51.00 Harvard University Songs Cloth, gl .50 Handsomest college song book Tech Songs Cloth, 81.25 BIUSIC LOVERS send for Table ol Coulents of 'l'he Ditsan Half- DoIIn'r Series I11.sIru11Le' lwusic Free upon. request OLIVER DITSON BOSTON, Mass. CO. C. H. DITSON CO. New York LYON 3' HEALY Chicago I. E. DITSON CE' CO. Philadelphia Order of your home Ilrsulzfr or any of fha above houses sbnstun Mnihersitp btbnnl nf Jillehitine The oldest co-educational school in New England. Advanced and thorough methods of instruction. A broad and comprehensive curriculum. Ex- ceptionally high standard results in small classes and makes possible unusually extensive laboratory and Clinical facilities, upwards of' 50,000 hospital and dispensary patients being annually available for purposes of clinical instruction. Fifty per cent of the class of IQO4 received desirable hospital appointments. Certificates of gradua- tion from approved high and preparatory schools accepted in lieu of entrance examinations. For zinformzzizon and Catalogue, apply to FRANK C. RICHARDSON, M.D., Regzlrtrar 685 Boylston Street : BOSTON, Mass. l ms llllg .I-lXl'liibt'Illl'IlY: please I1 lllllll 'l'l'lli YASS.-XlllUN Iii' i only Now let us send you the F R E E B 0 0 K telling all about it. We will also send you fifty original suggestions for improving your' handwri ting. F r- ug V7 r- X1 Y ST UFQHEIUMMINLSQ new GQ, Q' . Q illillmn '1e3mannThel13 Fells Itself 99 Dip pen in any ink well or any ink, press lever and operation is over. As a matter of cleanliness, comfort and convenience, don't you owe it to yourself to learn more about this perfect pen? Ifyou will let us send you our beautiful new illustrated catalogue, it will make you a CONKLIN enthusiast. The Conklin Pen Co. M""'3g,j33f'3,,,,,. Represented in Grant lirituin by American Agencies, Ltd. , 38 Shoe Lane, Farringdon Sb., London, E. C.g in Australia by luxe, Munn A: Gilbert, 17 Market Street. Melbourne. - In answering xxdvcrtiscnmllts please mention TH! V A55 NRIOIN ln .ins x lilly .nlvurtisvln 'nts please mention THE VASSAR THE VASSARION ADVERTISE THY-CA-LO fin Anfisepfic for the Maullz and Teeth Exclusiwb Not only the Best Liquid AI11ZiS6p1ZiC but the most elegant form in which a Real AI1tiSCptiC has ever been presented, making it "A Rare C0111- bination of the Useful and the Agreeablef' O1'1'g1'r1r1tn1' and P1'FfJ!11'l'll at TI-IE ELWIN LABORATORY POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. EDWARD C. BALCI-I L:1clies"l1ailo1'z111rl Habit Maker sg. Om' of ffm Few f1771F7'I.L'llIlJ In flu' l3ll.Yl.I1f'5A' 165-167 Spring St., New Yomt PLUMBING, GAS FITTING, HEATING, TINNING REMEMBER PETER ADRIANCE E93 SON lmx the lnrgrsl stork in the rily nf Gas Fixtures, Drop Lights, Globes, Shades, Burners, Heating Burners, Gas Stoves, Gas Irons, Gas Signs, Rubber Tubing, Agateware, Tinware, etc. 91' 393 Main Street, near Hamilton SI., Poursnkrm-slr-1, N. Y. American Institute of pplied Music CINCORPORATED :goal EDGAR o. SILVER, President DEPARTMENTS ' The Metropolitan College of Music The Metropolitan Conservatory of hlusic The Synthetic Piano School The American Institute of Normal Methods FACULT1' AND EXAMINERS Vllilliam liiason A. R. Parsons Tom Karl Harry Rowe Shelly Paul Ambrose H. Rawlings Baker McCall Lanham W. F. Sherman George Co1cmanGow Tweniiclh Tear begins Sejnember 26111, IQ05 etc' FOR I NFORM A T1 ON ADDRESS KATE S. CHITTENDEN, Dean 212 XVest 59th Street : NEW YORK CITY ION R L THE VASSARION ADVERTISER cibriginatnrs ann QD ' I ufm"'f5 W. H. MOSHIER co. gauges' . mf N f f imirg: mia 7 azz ary -l 1404. 1406, 1408 alll! 1410 ,michigan Qilhcnuc Q ,..,,. wllljiragn .54 01.39, . MARTIN A. RYISRSONS BUILDING , pf" I JOHN J. MILLS Emttst 348 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Hubert Zimmer HDIZIIIIOIIUS, fB9acrlJes, Qiletnrlrp, firpilberluare ani: Gut 4511155 274, MAIN STREET Poughkeepsie, New York Huinlftcssirzg Shampooing Wt. QI. ffflrwnnnell Scalp Treatment under Harper System Hair Gund: in Stork and Ilfadc ta Order 290 MAIN ST., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Over Hal1ifwell's jfs-zuclr-y Store Tslcplzaue 157-F APOIlEIiPSlNli LAUNDRY 00. QLAII Laundry Work left at Vassar Inn or at our Office will be delivered at the College. Telephone orders promptly attended to. I6-I8 ACADEMY STREET Dutchess 'Phone 3I7 Hudson River 'Phone 317-D ' ' 5-lenrx A 'I'H I' Y XSSAI ION ,Q THOUSANDS OF WOMEN Attribute their beautiful complexion to the fact that they use It softens, soothes, nourishes thc sking restores its freshness and rich colorg removes all roughness and blemishes. Delightful to use. Invisible on applica- tion. Prevents sunburn and kindred ills. Avoid substitutes. Inxixt upon having Lablache. Flesh, White, Pink and Cream Tints, 5oc per box. All Dmggists or by Mail- mm, Hwy, BEN. LEVY 8: COMPANY, French Perfumers 125 KINGSTON STREET 4 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. U. SQA. HE VASSAR ION ADVERTISER . . EAL J e W e lr y 97' 25 Market Street, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. MRS. C. jf. CARY' 2 College View Avenue. opposite college hedge. Will hoard the college girls' friends at moderate prices. Supper and Cakes served to order. Lunclies served at any time. Chicken salad a specialty. Ss. TELEPHONE CALI. 297-A Oscar F. Bernner Tbezztrlczzl cmd Street Pyzg lllczker Manufacturer and Dealer in GREASE PAINTS, POWDERS, ROUGES, ETC. XVigs and. Bezxrds Anmleur Performance to Hire. Tahlunux Make Up. 9 WEST 2811-1 S'l'RlQIi'l', NEW HORK ma'1'w11mN B1zoAmvAv AND 1-'Iwi-1 AVENUE PCH on a Photograph Guarantees Excellence and Permczfzerzce Special Rates to Vassar Students 935 BROADWAY NEW YORK C. H. P E Px K I N S EYE SPECIALIST 85 MANUFACTURING OPTICIAN SHUR-iON . I KlRsTElN's--glfgf SHUR-ON l.lENSt'1RlNl1lNG ANI! Rl-.l','XllilXG AT SHORT Nl1'l'lCli. We have the In-sr cquippevl lnlmrulnrir-Q in the Smtv.-. Slwultl yin: lin-.ik one of yi-nr glasses. lu-ing ns 0111.-ufllnelurggeslpic. us, or pina' formula. :mil we will give gnu :in cw-fl fluplil .mr in :i fun llours. C. Il. PERKINS. 231, Main Street, l'I ll'AllllilElil'SlE, N. Y, Cl-ias. R. Muller Any Number of Musicians Pianist-Director illullefs QBrrbe5tra Music Pzzrnzsbed for all Social Functiom . 77 Court Street Telephone, 3277 Main Brooklyn-New York GOOD EATING Xlmlu lry The C. ll. Ilinl Co., New lluvcn. Conn l:',vmlvI:'.vln'.i 1801 CHAS. H. HICKOK MUSIC COMPANY 276 Main St.. Poughkeepsie. N.Y. fLVVe can supply you with anything you may want in Music. He STEINWAY Piano ln .inswcring aldvertisennznrs please mention 'VH li VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISE K b Peck SC? P eck 4095 . . 36 Hosiery Shop ,7-7 230 Fifth Ave., New York yu M ' near 27th Street. .1 . ' - Q- ' I I I I We will give a discount of mhz I' V ' to any young lady who will get f I orders for us in dozen quantities ly, M assorted sizes or qualities. Large cash purchases and quick selling is the secret of our marvelously low prices. 1lVVe make to order, to match gowns, on a few days' notice, any color or shade of silk stockings. flOur special price SL75 for one- half dozen thin gauze lisle, also heavier qualities for men, women and children. These stockings we purchase from manufacturers wishing to close our, at under price for cash, any quantity they have and ordinarily retail at 5oc a pair. f 1 1' H XI is an article of dress most easily- pur- chzxsed by mail, add 30 a pair for T postage. Lew York draft or money or- der. Daily touch with the market hrings fashions first tn 230 5th Ave., New York Three New Toilet Preparations From PARIS for which we are sole agents in the United States. LA REINE DES CREMES LA POUDRE DE RIZ Ei la Reine des Cremes LE SAVON fr la 'Reine des Cremes These Toilet Preparations are the finest that it is possible to produce OVER +Ltl0,000 JA RS of the Cream are sold annually in Paris The Cream is the only Cream known that does not have grease for a foundation. It can he dissolved in water. As a perfect face Cream it is beyond all question the purest manufactured. jars of Cream, different sizes, 5oc, 75c, 31.50, 51.75, 83.75 Small box Powder, 75c. Large box, 81.7.5 Soap, 3oc cake, hox 3 cakes, 75C A sample jar ofthe Cream and a sample package of Powder free upon request JOSEPH HORN E COMPANY Pena Avenue and Fifth Street : PITTSBURG, PA. 'liirs H rum? i J rsh Ol ill-Eslwewilldeliverat any pointin me U,5.Hrar we can reach bg express r- A wqvgsrfajweffw 5 iggg,, f0flllE average UZOOOSHEETSIN nousl OI Aiiiillil ,9fl7?h?l3randE1L5fwfe. r and include free, WWFMWWXWKI I , as pictured Qere. All charges prepaid. qikhwfffeia 366eZe?ff1mr7y1!!7 jv uumou rn FRED J. WUSTL CARL A. WiisTL J. WUSTL'S soNs nstumers Costumers for Theatricals Old Folks' Concerts,Tab- leaux, Dickens Parties,etc. 40 Union Square : NEW YORK Between E. 16th and 17th Sus. 27 Smith St. : BROOKLYN, N. Y. Near Fulton St. TELEPHOJVE COJVNECTIONS nswering LlilYPl'llSCIlH'TllS please mention TH li V.-XSSA RlUN R F HE VASSARION ADVERTISER HAA5 BROEQFNEBOR Dressmakers SQ 9 Shih' Makers 1 Lczdies' Tazfors 9K qY8Cl1ClDg and Outing Suits. Gymnasium and Bathing Suits. Riding Habits a Specialty. SPECIAL DISCOUNT allowed to STUDENTS Wallbead S5 Dubois' Decorators 8 qbapmf laangrzrz QLA select stock of Foreign :md Domestic Wall Papers. Lincrusta, Wzxlton, and all rzlisccl Decorative Specialties. Burlap, Denim :mcl Crash WVall Fabrics gh 9 C99 II Catharine St., Poughkeepsie COFFIN Sc CO, Brolferf in Hzgh Gr ads Bonds 31 NASSAU STREET :: NEW YORK For U' China Genuine Hand-Finished Cut Glass or Gas Lamps with GHH7'H71fEEd Gas-Tight Tubing, Mantles or Supplies come to the Old Stand. 266 MAIN STREET. Gaadqufzbty at lawpriref WILLIIYM R. FARRING7'ON 1 nswrring zulxcrtiseluents plculsc llltfllfllbll '1'Hl-1 VASSA R105 THE VASSARION ADVERTISE - '--- --+!l-- - TIQKFOR YTHE WAI T Z 53.50 New Madras Waists Now Ready ALL SIZES 32 TO 44 W Beautiful corded effectsg all white, black and white. An immense variety of neat, pretty stripes. The smartest and cleanest cut Waist made. Thousands of beautiful patterns. Perfect satisfaction guaran- teed mail order customers everywhere. Send for new Catalogue and Samples. ' - MADE BY - JOHN FQRSYTHE THE WAIST HOUSE 865 BROADWAY : : NEW YORK l gl I'Hl N ASS-XRION R THE VASSAR I O N ADVERTISER TH E TEN EYCK ALBANY :NEW YORK Jg in trigger Wg pm: aiijvifflag "" i ' Kisffsfgiieisiiii T4 mf 5.1 fu' 1 ,i'i'fKi.iHY'lE55,i- 35152 i1l'fagsQ i vii' -ami . Positively Fire-Proof European Plan Jlflvrl allrarlivc Hotel in New Turk Slate 1Ve11r Slate Capital mul aiher places of interest Cuisine and service ofthe highest standard. Long distance Tclcplione in every room. Orchestral music during evening dinner. A delightful home for those wishing to spend some time in this interesting and historic city. H. J. ROCKWELL E5 SON PETER THO N Naval EJ" Merchant TAI LOR My Boys' and Misses, Sailor Suits a Specialty Ladies' Tailor-made Suits and Riding Habits I4 and I6 West 33d Street NEW YORK 1118 Walnut St., PHILADELPHIA G. S C H I R M E R Publirher and I mparier W' fillusir 'YK Qur Stock of Sheet Music, Books and Foreign Importations is indis- putably the largest in the country. Our editions are the very best and our prices are moderate. Catalogues Free 011 Hpplzicatzion. 35 Union Square : NEW YORK A hustling promoter named Coe, Was head of a big Cocoa Co. A native named Koko Said, "Pay what you owe, Coe, 01' give up the Coe Cocoa Co." He had other projects, had Coe- Coke ovens were one line, and so The two coalescedg Imagine the rest- "Coe, Koko Coke and Cocoa Co." -Ex. In answering advertisements please- rx ntinn TI-l li VASS,-XRION A WORD TO MOTHERS THE VASSARION ADVERTISER The PEQPL1-3,5 63111 to Kllil Steam aundr One clollar's worth ol information for I5 cents. The Columbia Book of Yarns is beautifully printed and worth many times what we charge for it. Gives full instructions about the different stitches and all ' kinds ol knitting and shows pictures ot 80 subjects. I5 cents at dealers' or hv mail. lt also tells why COLUMBIA YARNS are the best and cheapest for all knitting purposes. ' v TH E WISE ONES are those who appreciate and take advantage of those things which are best. There can be only one hest, and that best in the matter of Laundry Work is Mfrs Columbia Yarns Philadelphia ours. Orders left at the Gate Lodge with Mrs. Law will receive prompt attention. AUNDR 23 and 25 CATHARINE STREET ILWhile the advertisements of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup state precisely what the experienced nurse knew the syrup had done and would continue to do for infants, there is as much that might be said of what it does for mothers. In allaying the pain of infants while teething it insures to mothers peaceful days and restful nights. In relieving infants of wind colie it relieves motlcrs of one of their main causes for anxiety, and as a remedy for cliarthcxza it would seem to be the antidote for all maternal fears. Hence mothers can enjoy the home circle and the out- side world as Well while their infants thrive through the medium of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. SPECIAL COLLEGE RATES E92 make Qbarimnn in all the Mmm Qilulum You will alfwayr fad New Szjflw in Photography at be wnlhtn Stunts Our large and z'2zcreasz'ng College buflrzefr ir a guarantee gf this. .Sis The oeautful brown lone Plafirzumr on our new flzozlntzizgr are now 'very popular. 350 MAIN STREET mm EUIIJYII 5tl.l.UlU POUGHKEEPSIE an vi im 1-in-iiiwixnrvits ph-:use mrmi-in Tl-lli YASSAILIUN 1, xl In .ins ring mlvcifiscnierlts pleuir ment HE VASSARIGN ADVERTISER MISS IKATIIERINE E. n'ICCLELLAN PIIOTOGRAPHER WE To TILE SENIOR CLASSES OF VASSAR AND SIIIITII COLLEGES, 1905 IJUPLICATE IJHOTOGRAPHS CAN BE OBTAINED AT ANY T1 ME 33 STATE STREET P1-:RMANENT ADDRESS NORTIIALIPTON, INIASS. SARANAU LAIiE, NETV YORK THE COLLEGE INN Near Vassar Calfege : PGUGI-IKEEPSIE, N. Y. ' Y 1Ag,"Z' fLl ff:WfiT!. ' I gy.-ff' k " The Inn to please its patrons legion Gzutliers Sweets from every region, Ancl at our bidding, suits our mood Witli angel cake or devil's food. -Class nf 1905 MARY SWAIN WAGNER Eff ANNE EDITH LAPI-IAM, Proprietors lun TH E X' A SSA RIO N TH E VASSARION ADVERTISE J. c. ACKERMAN No. 350 lVlA1N ST., Pouoniuznrsre, N. Y. Tclcplionc 7Qi'x. Fancy Grocer Dainrirshr lffzxmr Luntlzcs, Spr'em1's, etc., a Sperialg' Frfc dcliwzrly to IAC Collcgc overly qfIt77'Il0D7I. Lmrvz -your Pnckagurx at the Store. R. PVOLF Qlntmue iiiurmtute ANDIRONS, FENDERS, BRASS CANDLESTICKS, BLUE WARE, ETC. 2.20 MAIN STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, N. T. Wood 81 Bolton QFur1mfrly fffood if Tfttarnerj is ruggists ann bemists M The Oldest and Most Modern Drug Store in Poughkeepsie gh 288 Main St., Pougbkeejuie, N. T. A FULL LINE OF CUTLER LocK Boxes Md7ZjCHfL' Scimarf, Filer, Etc. Tbe Dudley Hardware Store JOHNSON Bc WILLIAMS, Proprietors 260 Mnirl Straft :: Po11ghlu'fp.rie, N. T. F rank H. Carpenter 326 MAIN STREET, Pouci-mas:-sua, N. Y. Lrzdim' Fzzrniibizzgf, Glover, Cormtf, Ribbdm, Hafieryg Hdlld,iKl'fIJit:f:f Derby 8r. Fisk, Clark 8s Flagg Shirt Waists, Notions Stylish Millinery Apgopriate to the Season. Popular Prices. 'Phone 352 . Qwe respectfully invite the Students of Vassar to give us a call when in need of First-Class Printing. Hansman, Beatty SL Pralow "THE PRINTERS" 233 MAIN ST., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Telephone Connection fLVVc have one of the Laryest and Most Complete Up-to-Date Printing Offices in the City. l :-'MJ Hlwn l'H IQ V.-XSS.-Xllll R 4 THE VASSARION AD VERTISER REPETTI Caramels Chocolates Bonbons' Qjtoe zmo' Factory : 1 14 E. I 24th Street Storey: 431 Fifth Avenue 46 W. 125th Street 48 W. 125th Street 328 Columbus Avenue NEW YORK CITY ARVERNE, By the Sea, LONG ISLAND C N I I I C S SIIIIEJIUV to ' ' R . G . L L O Y D Carrynlls and Carriages for large parties and funerals. All kinds of fashionable turno Horses for ladies dl'lVll'1g Il specialty Special rates to Vassar Vassar College to city or any depot in city, X. Extra charge for trunks carried on carriag 41 2 - 414 lVIain Street :: CS. College customers. Direct :rip with carriage from POUGHKEEPSIE NEW X ORK M55 A. R. Coughlan 5 All the latest Paris and American F lions on hand. 94 Market St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y W I L L E T T I T U S Qtnnttactov 8 Qeuiln er POUGHKEEPSIE : NEW YORK EU UIJDW mottomeot o vtttoe Wrlteiyour name by lotto: ness love emo. metoy on the tteotte of the t oos- f oooeuyoo me m ootttoet Wttltt. EXW by ol. and when you Write use A 4 To W teiwml o Q J i l , ,, m m Q20 L.E.Waterman Co I73 Bro a d way. New YorK 6 School SLBoston. I60 Slate S!.,Chlcago. 138 Montgomery5t.,5anf 2 Golden Luna Lnndnn IO7 5t.Jamex51J"lon!ren 41 '1 ranciscn Si oo. Before 6 .a.M. and after IO P.M., double rates. Telephone 188-A. 7 'L 3 e rig 'f . T ooo leove loeltmtoyoo o ln 463: . 'ji Q . X ii 2 ' ' ll ' O lo. lg. . 6 f t ' 9 fig f , l ' 4, A -1 ils L41 -.n ltr.-41, ,. Y pn-L THE VASSARION ADVERTISER S. GREENES Ciba 'Hasselt 'ilahies' Respectfully begs to call your attention to his REMOVAL To 322 Mill St.,corner ofCatharine where, at more conven- ient location, and in more commodious quar- ters, he will take pleas- ure in catering to your esteemed patronage. Telephone Call 3 2 I- D Special Inducements to Vassar Mailer Students PW .il W' Ab 5 all ye SALTFORD .3 l V ,..., 'ze Q "jfIn1Um5t" gt O '.. ,,,, O.. 'atxx 'W :alba Ll ,iizff .g.g.'3fW" POUGHKEEPSIE,N.Y. l l I llll X 'XSS XRICJ N 9 THE VASSARION ADVERTISERl HAVE YOU TRIED THEM? IF NOT WILL YOU F - i 7 t i l, . ., 'Q ii' Q.-4. f i . A-4- f 13 ii ,I els- '-'. 3.5 rl ft' --',..r?gv Vg- " , f WE MEAN THE f --t- Q, .iii Ljf fl- "'if-.Lfi" f nsiii-f 5. 35. nugb tops TRADE MARK HEN if they help your Cough, or Cold, or Sore Throat, or give you a quiet sleep, will you not please tell some friends about it and advise them to try them also? lVf know they will help anyoneksuffering from Sore Throat, Cough, or Cold. Also the best thing for Public Speakers, Miriisters, Singers, etc., and no bad effects after using them. Sold everywhere. SMITH BROTHERS, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ILP. S.-IF your Cough troubles you at night, just put one of these drops in your mouth before retiring, and let it dissolve gradually. It will help you. lawns' ann Gentleinetfs Qmstautant HERE the Substantials and Delicacies of the Season are served in the most approved manner. Also Bread, Cake, Pastry, Ice Cream, Ices, Jellies, Char- lotte Russe, etc. No intoxicating Liquors, Beer, Wine, etc., allowed. Parties, Suppers, Wedding Spreads, etc., supplied with every requisite. Also Waiters, Cooks, Dishes, Silver, Glassware, Linen and Personal Supervision, except in cases where Intoxicating Liquors, Punch, Ale, Beer, Wine, Cider, etc., are to be served. In that event, Waiters, Cooks, and Personal Supervision will not be furnished. SMITH BROTHERS Ciinnfettiuners ann Ciiatermzs Nos. I3 I5 Market St., POUGI-IKEEPSIE, N. Y. l ing ailveifiseinems please mr'nri-in 'l'H li YASSAIIION - HE VASSARION ADVERTISER ODD THINGS T196 bf V A S S Hyou ,,,m,f,,,f,,g ,Wm in fwfvffffwjf College Emblems, Class Pi11s,Badges, Flags, Stationery if QBnIp jiiluntblp lpuhlicatiun 52.00 pct flcut write or ml! on 15 scmxol. s'r1u3I51' 1: BOSTON, MASS. E VER TONE SHO ULD THKE IT FRANK BROTHERS M P E T E R K I N ' S jfine illinerp If ff? MQ '41 I,.g:.--.E 22,3 I igw N um. I. E, :ww KI 5 ,nllllll , S 1ammn.m'A g 'X mmm., K A kg Qwmys nf I ,. . E XX , 'I f 'il ns X 6 . Q 1 Q ew IME K' in 'If 4 I. , I ,I-"1"--.3 f A 79' 1-if!-"ii-?L? W" "'e,.gg.,fffw" FANCY GOODS RICH ' SEAS NOVELTIES qffbe ON PLIUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 330 MAIN STREET :z Street SL Cakgioagc Pumps Also the New G A R D E N T I E CTRADE MARKJ 336 Sixth Av IP, near Twenty-fri! I mxxrxfm-1'i11I: .x-lx-'nie-1::'11lK I lion TH If X'.'X5QS.'Xll IONI Street, NEW Y HE VASSARION ADVERTISER The Baker 81 Taylor Co. Wbalerale Booksellers' and Publishers .QL ilihrarp Hmpattment Prompt, Complete and Intelligent Service. We have sold books to Librarians for hfty years. 33.37 EAST mn STREET, UNION SQUARE NORTH, NEW YORK A CRUEL BLOW Together they stood by the sad salt sen, "O darling, what say the waves," said he. A nd she replied Without moment's loss, "They're softly murmuring, ' Swash b' gosh' I" ,-M. E. G., 1905 She met him in the darkened hall, Said he "l've brou ht some roses " 3 7 Her answer seemed irrelevantg It was " How cold our nose is." v Y -lfarszify Fortrzziglvtfy THE VERY LATEST STYLES IN JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE AT QUINTARD BROS. Ma7zzyfacfzz2"z'1zg fefwelefs 316 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, New York Giomkzjj Orclaeylm 103 N. Pearl, Albany, New York Telephone H. R. 745-A Telephone Home 792 FURNISHED MUSIC Williams College, 'q5,'q6,'q7,'qS,'qg,'oo,'o1,'oz 3 og Hamilton College, 'q5,'90,'97,'q8,'qq,'oo,'o1, Union College, fqg,'q6,'q7,'qS,'qq,'oo,'oi,'oz, 3 4 Cornell University, '94,'95,'q6,'97,'9S,'qo,,oo, r Colgate University, 'q4,'g3,'q6,'q7,'q8,'q9,'oo, l,'o2,'o5 G'UVEl'l10l',S Mansion, 'g5,'96,'97,'gS,'oq,'oo,'ox,'oz,'o3,'o4 The irtilhuurnz 8. Sfawhs fhlanufarturiug Qliumpanp lLLargest Manufacturers in the United States of Drag and Wheel Scrapers, Grad- ing Plows, Dump Carts, Wheelbarrows of all kinds, Trucks, Two and Four Wheeled, Steel Sinks, Cars, Mining, Industrial and Contractor's Dump ,Y ,Y COLUMBUS :: OHIO WRITE EOR CATALOGUE 2 ln :ins ring ndve1'risemenrs please n nrion 'l'l-ill VASSAR10 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER Stylish Teams lor Stylish People are furnisliwl nil ull hours nl W. J. McCurdy's Livery Stable r any s "lfThlly l it l s l l-lllg alleles ill ,Mn -1 . tiuumuimqfggwsl il ,". 1 ' I-I . agility t lie if e e r a i l 'll S' -V - ' es 5 can-anti.,-v Wayiirlzryliflit. E N-H lllllllhf llll l f -35.12 lin nw X XA Q . i , 35- -liQ1',..N i- ,., A fr gf ir- 4 3' "ll'p'4t l ' Y W If NJ- ' "" H in ',, 'H li" ,f ' - H e' ella , I, ,, 41N l' lvl 2' 4 X t ty. - , M725 X- X . 5 lk, 4 f J S ' i ,ij 1 'I li ,,. N Our horses are all well-led and well-groomed and our carriages a r e well - made, stylish and up-to- date in everypnr- ticular. We will equip you for a drive in a swell turnout and at a reasonable charge at short notice. New Telephone 440 Telephone 107-A William J . McCurdy I3 and I5 Washington Street Overheard on the Pike MR. EASY.-" Why should people visiting The Ex- position at night, use more Allen's Foot-Ease than in daytime?" Miss Foorrg.-" Because under the brilliant illumina- tion of the grounds, every foot becomes an acre !" MR. EASY.-H Fair, only fair! Pray, conduct me to the nearest drug store and I promise never to accept a substitute for you or Allen's Foot-Ease." GOLDSTEIN 3639 ROSEN New York Dyeing and Cleaning Eslahlishmenl EsT.tBL1s1mD 1896 20 Garden Street POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK Dyeing, Cleaning and Repairing Ladies' :intl Gent1emen's Garments of every description SILK DRAPERIES A SPE CIALTY First-class work. Reasonable Prices ALL WORK GUARANTEED DEA BRUS., Steam Pump Workj ' Boiler Feeders, Fire Pumps. Water Supply Pumps, , Duplex Punms, Fly Wheel Pumps, Elevator Pumps, Pumps lor every purpose. ' A -Decm Bros. have the largest rmrl mast complete Zane of Steam Pump Pullerns in America. INDIANAPOLIS. IND. I . - -X 'L .11 lljl . A in L Qu, - Y I Eg a n x- Y . Ju' ., :iii ,... . : --I .1 5:2552 , -g E s:e:,,..,, ,,s,, - - Q' le o ll-S TX-e . " , lr H F ' ' ' - -i I!! --DEAN BRUS iNrJ.- xl 1 l li1aru11.tiiiiilg ,itliteiti L tit'11!:'plt:.isi'lll llllilll ll-I lf l .-XSS,-l RION 3 T HE VASSARI ON ADVERTISER Printing 81 Engraving ol' every description promptly executed. WILLIAM V. MAAR 44. MARKET STREET, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Telephone CUl1II6L'fi02l F I S K XEIEQQHSES New Turk, Boston, Chicago, Eff. OVER 20,000 POSITIONS FILLED i Especially serviceable to college graduates by reason of large patronage among the better clars of High Schools and Private Schools. Send for Circulars. H. E. CROCKER W. D. KEER P. V. HUYSSOON Managers New York Office. 156 Fifth Avenue Dr. Stephen Palmer Dental and Om! Surgeon 310 M.KlN STREET POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW' YORK l' Feleplione 484-Al CALLS MADE IF DESIRED lliiulcts, Qlatnatinns ann llluttrli 1Dlantrs Wm. Stopher Sc Son FLORISTS Correcii Ave., POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. P. O. VASSAR COLLEGE 7 'zlephaue Violets Carefully Packed and Sent Safely to All Parts of the Country. Central New England R A I L W A Y fLThe scenic line of Connecticut, on which is located Norfolk, the highest railroad station and one ofthe leading summer resorts of the state. Situated at the head of the beautiful Canaan valley it is an ideal spot for a vacation with its Library, Gymnasium and Golf Course, which it is said excels the famous Lenox links. A delightful place for a summer residence. For detailed information apply to W. H. SEELEY General Passenger Agent HARTFORD, CONN. Thellecently Enlarged Edition of W E B ST E R S DICTIONARY COVTAINS 25 000 NEW WORDS Etc New Gazetteer of the World New Biographical Dictionary hewllutes 2280 Quin-toPnges .m0001'llustrahous. Should be in Every Home, School, and Office noo pages 1400 illustrations Size 7XIOX2A in A Special Thin Paper Edition 'n.tissuerl printelfx-om some plates as remilnr edition. thas limp covers and r. un l corners. Size: .J324x85Qx1Z in. FREE A Test in Pronunciation instructive und entertaining. Also illustrated pamphl:-ig. G G C MERRIAM C0 Publishers, Springfield Mass. l A . . - Also Webster's Collegiate Dictionary with 45 n . . . . ., . 4 ln nriswering zulveriiscrnenrs please mention Tl-l li VASE.-XRIUN THE VASSARION ADVERTISER 756 F. A. Bassette Company SPRINGFIELD : MASSACHUSETTS Producers of the Choicest Grade Illustrated Books if? Catalogs CAREFUL attention to arrangement and to skillful execution our specialty QUALITY higher this year than last. All done in our own establishmentw designing, illustrating plate-making, print ing. binding THE HALFTONES IN THIS BOOK WERE MADE BY US I IXISXXECZIIILI zadwlKi:-H114-lxlrl plcasc mrmion THE VASSARION THE VASSARION ADVERTISER TELEPHONE ESTABLISHED 18 1 TELEGRAPH SPECIALTIES American Beauty Roses Fancy Carnations E Lilies of the Valley Sweet Peas SENIORS have your CLASS DHT BOUQUETS arranged by ll 4 I ' ., 5 , ,.l,l QV? I ' I 'X :Mural Qtrtust POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW TORK Cut Flowers shipped to all parts of the Country FREE DELIVERY' TO THE COLLEGE ln .lxxfmvazxiiig .x-lwzwriswmv-nfs plea.-e zneiltlr-11 'l' THE VASSARION ADVERTISE j'ul...,.. 7796 LEADI G HOTELS qfflae HUDSO VALLEY NELSON HOUSE, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. HORATIO N. BAIN, Proprietor THE PALATINE, NEWBURGH, N. Y. H. N. BAIN 8: CO., Propriftorf HURATIO N. BAIN FPANCIS N BAIN i gl THF YASA XRION R THE VASS um,l'z'.v Figure Style " ARION ADV ERTISE 5 VASSAR GIRLS as in aRer years, fonclly recollect 53 their old college room. We can ag. help you make that room X worthy of remembrance. We have a new and com- - plete stock ofcollegefur- ' niture and decorations . , of exclusive variety, li that can nowhere be +' ' equalledinstyleand 4 Q price. Most cour- A N teousattention a- A iii' waits the favor E of your visit. 4 l- o.scnluaftsims ' . Furniture :gn-2 Main St. 3 Pcfkeepsie, I N. Y. W., W THE EIDEL COTTAGE bd-,il llll Xb .S I 5 J 'J A ll ls , ,, 3 , X. . ' 3 N il' f.-.- g '4Re1ykrrz Corsft Style a ll ll . ,ifilxll it 'a eff ,. L A.: 'ffiyk 7:25 2 . "-i ff , Tasty. l 'rf W 1' ' H1 l f ffl f il Iii Q li H l lx il Lf Lg, t i idrlxt ai PASYQGFWSQ REDFERN MOD- ELS are for the "Nfu' Figure" mode, La., the rouncled form with the Waist well- clcfinecl, suited to the prevailing fashions. Exquisitely beautiful, choice fabrics, pliant with genuine Whale- lmvnc, equipped with "Security" Rubber Button jarretclles, the right suppoirer for holding the garment firmly to the form. Rffwffl flffoflels, 33.00 to .Z'1j.00 per pair. The Warner Brothers Co. NENV YORK CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO NORTHEAST CORNER COLLEGE HEDGE Situated nn car line. Transient Guests a Specialty. Most convenient to the Col- lege. Bath. Summer Boatrlers also accommodated. For Particulars address MRS. JOHN EIDEL ARLINGTON, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. T. MISS EDYTHE C. HARRIS IMPQRTER OF Smart Street E5 Dress H A T S 204 NTAIN STREET : POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. H. R. Telephone 487-.4 ln nmswriing LlklX'LTl'llSCXllQ?I'llS please im-ntion 'l'l'l l'. YASSARIUN ln .in-n mtg .nlvr'1lie:'ml'X1fr-ylmlsf' mr-nriim 'l'l'l li Yr-XSSIXIL I W. Elsa, THE VASSARION ADVERTIS R. T. 'l'nAx'la W. T. Tn.-wis 251715 9093. LIVE RY Anything in Driving Line from Runahouts to Barges, we have. 362 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, New York JOHN H. CUSACK Agfntfor ffLOWNEY,S" Cbomlatcs and Ban Bans 213 IXIAIN STREIET :Z POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Jw, win BENSCHOTEH HARDWARE coj grfg FAR!!-Glmggwturs 23,3 BICYCBES 6 TTA SE SP0 Q' " AGENT FOR SPALDING SPORTING GOODS 9Y9T9I"9I'!U'!F9l"99"9l'9Y 9Y'9"!'9l"!' BTH' STH' sro? 197' if GLi1eQI1't,!,iJop sf 9' 'F 318 MAIN STREET 'F W gi Fin: Arr and Picnlre Framing 97' "' " S. W. RAYMOND " ' Sf' 99" 9Y'9f'9Y9Y'!'9I'5U' 9719? 9f'l'9l'99"9f'9f'9Y' 197' Mark Twain says: 'A With a single Wirt Pen I have earned the family's living for many years. With two I could have grown rich." He Paul E. Witt 4 FOUNTAIN PEN is a Moet Sensible and Satisfactory Wr1t1ng Instrument 111 horoushly Reliable Uncondmonally guaranteed Ask your dealer Sold on IIS ments .N 'N .Q . . I , Y . . . ' A 1- , I , . .1 , h- : A L' - .22-7.5-gpg 3 , One hundred styles Reputation World wide Catalogue an npplimzion Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pen O-fm ami FHff0fJ', Blaaflubfzrg, Pelzlzxnylzwzfzizz um , ER L 1 , :Ls Q., THE VASSARION ADVERTISER ESTABLISHEDISIS BROOK BROTHER BROADWAY, Corner TWENTY-SECOND STREET, NEW YORK Fine Clothing ' 'K' Valises Ready-made and to IP.iiii1Tl1c?x:i1ga3askets Measure Jewel Cases English Haberdashery Silver Flasks Hats Breakfast Jackets Shoes Dressing Gowns Traveling Goods etc., etc. 'Q H Rugsietc, Motor Clothing, Liveries and Accessories CATALOGUE WITH ILLUSTRATIONS AND PRICES MAILED ON REQUEST KO D A KS QfQi,QIj,'1,f,22Qf,i20P0ugl''mlm KO D A KS A N D C A M E RAS As Large and Fine Up-Io-date Stock of Kodaks, Cameras, Films, Dry Plates, and general Photo Supplies, as can be found Q 'fix in any Photo Stock House or ' -. A fwisl . - H , 'ffm' ,,.,. . gigs 5' ,,A,,,., C amera Store in the Country Developmg J for Amateurs is ,,.,.,, , ' .f Our Specialty . "-':":':2e21':"1fTti'Mu" we , f' ' A ,..,. QII- , ,,,j,5 ..:f1:' -' Prices the lowest for good, Q first- class work and , 513 1, -g ig, ggods at the ,.,, , f-.- , K O D S T 0 R E E. W. CUNDY 48 MARKET STREETJJOUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK FOUR DOORS BELOW NELSON HOUSE i J In answering aclvertisenients please mcmion THE VASSARION T -fixup HE VASSARION AD C. . ILLER DENTIST Telephone 1 1 1 OFFICE AND RESIDENCE 49 MARKET STREET, POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK To All Magazine Readers This Agency lms been esnlhlishcd over seventeen years. ll' you have never dua1tw11l1 us you can send your order 10 any hank in this town with instructions lo return order if we are not reliable. Ladies' Home Ioumal, 1 yr,, Shoo. Saturday' Evening Post. I YF-1 Y-2.00. Our Price 32.25 the two. Art lnterchnnge, 1 yr., ,S4.nn. Suburban Country Life, 1 yr., 51.00. Wn111nn's Home Companion, I yr., y'31.oo. Our Price 33.10 all three. Suburban Country Life, 1 yr., 51.00. Pictorial Review, 1 yr., 514111. Harper's Bazar, 1 yr., 51.00. Our Price 32.00 all three. 7Ze Grumiaux News and Subscription Co. Le Roy. New York 1 owl Anlinliseplic Toilel Deoclgrmzl Pbwtlen GUARANTEED NARMLESS The Loroso Co. Ulica. NX J Prevents and Destroys Odors But does not prevent prcspiration. Dusterl in shoes, armpits, on dress shields, etc., it will positively destroy odors arising from prespiration. 1lIt is antiseptic, guaranteed harmless and unquestionably the best toilet deodorant on the market, unsurpassed in quality and ciiect. Compare it with others and convince yourself of its superiority. 1lThe formula for Loroso was discovered by a famous physician and is in daily use in his family. 1lTwo cents in postage will bring a sample package to your door, thirty-five cents a three-ouncc box. Kindly remit by money order. , To LOROSO COMPANY, Um, N. r. "THE ONLY WAY" Between Chicago. St. Louis, Kansas City, Peoria Also to Colorado and California Points Ask for full particulars before closing your arrangements about th'e New, Fast and Elegant Service, via Chicago and Alton Railway Address GEO. CHARLTON, General Passenger Agent, CHICAGO, ILL. ln n. 1 :ip,ul1'1:11ir11111ri':-pla-:1s1'm1'n:i'1n'l'lllf Y.'XS5.'1ll HHN , VERTISER fi QQKQQ5 J rage, S X71 N 'N 1562? l! J Z 5434 V, L?Qg:x i ik 1 1 . 1 ,:: : , L - it x! f li Z' 7' x 0 7 'U we wf'be f'z.-Q General Alphabetical Index to Advertisers Ackerman, C., Poughkeepsie Aclriance, P., E95 Son, Poughkeepsie Allen's Foot-Ease, New York , . Ambler, P., Co., Poughkeepsie . . . American Institute of Applied Music, New York . Anglo-American Drug Co., New York . . Apokeepsing Laundry, Poughkeepsie A. P. VV. Paper Co., Albany . . . Bailey, Banks ii' Biddle, Philadelphia, Pa. Baker if Taylor Co., New York . . Balch, Edward C., New York . . Ballial School, The, Utica . . . Bassette, The P. A., Co., Springfield, Mass. Bent if Bush, Boston, Mass. . . . Bernner, Oscar F., New York . . Bird, The C. H., Co., New Haven, Conn. . Boston Candy Kitchen, Poughkeepsie . . Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Mass. Brooks Bros., New York .... , Caillerls Chocolate, New York . Carpenter, F. H., Poughkeepsie Cary, Mrs. C. J., Poughkeepsie Central New England Railway 34 ADVERTISERS' INDEX Chicago Alton Railroad . . Chicago 59: Northwestern Railway Co. Clark, C. Everett, Co., Chicago, Ill. Collin E57 Co., New York . . Conklin Pen Co., Toledo, Ohio . Coughlan, Miss A. R., Poughkeepsie Curdy, E. WV., Poughkeepsie . . . Cusack, John H., Poughkeepsie ..,. Dean Bros. Steam Pump WO1'kS, Indianapolis, Ind. . Detroit Home and Day School, Detroit, Mich. Ditson, Oliver, Co., Boston, Mass. . . Eidel, Mrs. John, Poughkeepsie . Elwin Laboratory, The, Poughkeepsie Estelle, Madam, New York . . Farrington, W. R., Poughkeepsie . . . Fisk Teachers Agencies, Boston and New York Forsythe, John, New York .... Frank Bros., New York . . Frost, George, Co., Boston, Mass. . Gildersleeve, E. D., ES' Co., Poughkeepsie Gioscia, Albany . . . . Goldstein U Rosen, Poughkeepsie ..... Greenes, S., Poughkeepsie ...... Grumiaux News and Subscription Co., Le Roy, New York Haas Bros., New York ....... Halstead School, The, Yonkers . . Hansman, Beatty if Pralow, Poughkeepsie Harris, Miss, Poughkeepsie . . Hickok, Chas. H., Music Co. . Hicks, C. N., Poughkeepsie . . Higgins, Charles'M., U Co., Brooklyn - Horne, Joseph, Co., Pittsburg, Pa. Horstmann, Wm., Co., Philadelphia, Pa. - - --7.1 . ADVERTISERS' INDEX ' 35 PAGE Hosmer Hall, St. Louis, Mo. . K Huyler's, New York . . M Johnson if VVilliams, Poughkeepsie . I7 Kalvin, S., New York .... . 5 Kilbourne if Jacobs Mfg. Co., Columbus, Uhio 22 Knox, E., New York .... . C Laneock, The T. B., Mfg. Co., Indianapolis, Ind. H Levy, Ben, Co., Boston, Mass. . . . Q Linden Hall Seminary, Letitz, Pa. . . L Lockwood Collegiate School, Scarsdale . K Loroso, The, Co., Utica . . 31 Luckey, Platt Co., Poughkeepsie 3 Lynch, M. bl., Poughkeepsie . . . 26 Maar, XV. V., Poughkeepsie . . . . 24 McClellan, Miss Katherine E., Northampton, Nlass. 16 McCurcly, VV. bl., Poughkeepsie . . . 23 McDonnell, M. C., Poughkeepsie . . 3 Mead's, Mrs., School, Norwalk, Conn. . . K Merchants National Bank, Indianoaplis, Ind. F Merriam, G. C., Co., Springfield, Mass. 24 Miller, Dr. C. D., Poughkeepsie , . 31 Mills, Dr. J., Poughkeepsie , , 8 Missouri Pacific Railway . M Moshier, YV. H., Chicago, Ill. . 3 Mulle1', Chas. R., Brooklyn . . . IO National Blank Book Co., Holyoke, Mass. E Neal, C., Poughkeepsie . . IO Nelson House, Poughkeepsie . 27 Pach, New York . . . IO Palmer, Dr. Stephen, Poughkeepsie 24. Peck Peck, New York . . II People's Steam Laundry, Poughkeepsie . I5 Perkins, C. H., Poughkeepsie , io , ,,,lf-an Yr 36 ADVERTISERS' INDEX Peterkin, John, Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle Quintard Bros., Poughkeepsie Raymond, S. YV., Poughkeepsie Repetti, Chas., New York . Reynolds, W. T., Poughkeepsie Riverview Academy, Poughkeepsfc' . Rye Seminary, Rye . . Saltford, W. G., Poughkeepsie Schirmer, G., New York . Schlude, G., Eff Sons, P0ughkeeps.e . Shaw, Daniel, Lumber Co,, Eau Claire, Wis. . Shreve, Crump 539 Low Co., Boston, Mass. . Smith Bros., Poughkeepsie ..., South Side Drug Store, Poughkeepsie . . State lVIutual Life Assurance Co., W01'C6St6l', Mass. . St. Charles, the New Hotel, New Orleans, La. St. Dennis Hotel, New York . . E . Stopher, Wm. 59' Sons, Poughkeepsie Ten Eyck Hotel, Albany . . , Texas and Pacific Railway . . . Thomson, Peter, Philadelphia and New York . Tiffany 59' Co., New York . . . Titus, Willet, Poughkeepsie . Travis Bros., Poughkeepsie . . . Van Benschoten Hardware Co., Poughkeepsie . Vassar Miscellany ..... Wagner E93 Lapham, The Misses, Poughkeepsie WVallhead ES' Dubois, Poughkeepsie . . Warner Bros. Co., New York . ADVERTISERS INDEX Waterman, L. E., Co., New York . VVilla1'd, Emma, School, Troy . VVirt, Paul E., Fountain Pen, Bloomsb VVolf, R., Poughkeepsie . . VVo1ven, The, Studio, Poughkeepsie Wood if Bolton, Poughkeepsie . Wright, Kay ES' Co., Detroit, Mich. Wiistl, J., Sons, New York . . Young-Fulton, MI'S. M. J., New York Zimmer, Hubert, Poughkeepsie . urg, Pa. g'WJD'3ll:l'Z5':' Q7 M .r 'NM ' 6Qg'ofn' a M E0 Y 9 yeas tbl 38 ADVERTISERS' INDEX Index to Poughkeepsie Advertisers ANTIQUES R. Wolf ATHLETIC GooDs Cundy EJ? Caire . . . Van Benschoten Hardware Co. BOARD Nlrs. C. Cary . lVlrs. John Eidel . . . The Misses VVagner and Lapham BOOKSTORES J. P. Ambler Co. . BUILDERS VVillet Titus CANDY Boston Candy Kitchen John H. Cusack . CHINA . Wm. R. Farrington . CLEANERS Goldstein and Rosen . DENTISTS John lVlills C. D. Millei' . , Stephen Palmer . and ,,, ADVERTISERS' INDEX 39 DRESSMAIQERS AGE A. R. Coughlan IS DRUGGISTS Elwin Laboratory . 7 South Side Drug Store F Wood Eff Bolton . I7 DRY Goons Luckey, Platt E99 Co. . 3 FANCY Gooos AND MILLINIQRY F. H. Carpenter . . I7 John Peterkin 21 FINE ARTS S. VV. Raymond . ZQ FI,oRIsTs M. Lynch . . 26 VVIII. G. Saltford , I9 VVm. Stopher . 24 FURNITURE George Schlude Sons 28 GRocIzRs J. C. Ackerman . I7 Wm. T. Reynolds . E I'IAIR DIQESSEIIS NI. C. McDonnell . 8 HARDWARE Peter Adrinnce 59' Son 7 Johxmsomffff Willia1IIs I7 40 ADVERTISERS' INDEX HO'fELS Nelson House JEYVELRY C. Neal . Quintard Bros. Hubert Zimmer LAUNDRY Apokeepsing Laundry . People's Steam Laundry . LIVERY C. N. Hicks . WV. lVI-:Curdy . Travis Brothers MILLINEIKY Miss Harris Music ' Charles H. Hickok Music Co. . NEWS Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle Vassar Nliscellany . , OPTuC1ANs C. H. Perkins PHOTOGRAPHERS The VVolven Studio PRINTERS Hzmsman, Beatty X Pralow . Wm. V. lVlz1:1r . . ADVERTISERS' INDEX RESTAURANTS Smith Brothers SCHOOLS Riverview Academy SHOES E. D, Gildersleeve TAII,ORS S. Greenes VVALI, PAPER VVallhead if Dubois f,xWJ' i'-55g 13.3 w ,, 7 37' A- ,A 1- , ., . re . , p NL' 'L I " J,-.frf-7 42 ADVERTI SERS INDEX Index to Non-Res1dent Adwerusers BANKERS The lVlerchants National Bank, Indianapolis Ind Collin if Co., New York . BEDS The T. B. Laycock Mfg. Co., Indianapolis Ind Books The Baker if Taylor Co., New York G. Es' C. lVIerriam Co., Springfield, Mass National Blank Book Co., Holyoke, Mass BUILDERS C. Everett Clark E5 Co., Chicago, Ill. CONFIZCTIONISRY Caillerls Chocolate, New York Huyler, New York . . . Charles Repetti, New York . COliSIi'l'S Warner Brothers Co., New York CosTuMEs J. Wiistl Sons, New York . DRUGS, TOILET AR'r1c1-1ss, ETC. A. P. VV. Paper Co., Albany . Anglo-American Drug Co., New Ben Levy E? Co., Boston, Mass. The Loroso Co., Utica . York lLw,,, ADVERTISERS' INDEX 43 . PAGE DRY Goous Joseph Horne Co., Pittsburg, Pa. . IJ FOUNTAIN PENS The Conklin Pen Co., Toledo, Ohio . 6 The L. E. Waterman Pen Co., New York I8 The Paul E. Wirt, Bloomsburg, Pa. . . 29 HATS Brooks Brothers, New York . 30 E. Knox, New York . C Hose SUl'l'OR'l'l2RS George Frost Co. Q"Velvet Gripvj, Boston, Mass. lVl HOSIEILY Peek if Peck, New York Il HOTELS Hotel Ten Eyck, Albany .... I4 St. Charles Hotel, the New, New Orleans, La. . H St. Denis Hotel, New York . . . H jnxveriw AND CUT GLASS Bailey, Banks and Biddle, Philadelphia, Pa. 4 Bent Bush, Boston, Mass. . . . 21 Shreve, Crump E97 Low, Boston, Mass. F Tiffany E35 Co., New York . I I Wfright, Kay U Co., Detroit, Mich. F LIFE INSURANCE State Mutual Life Assurance Co., VVorcester, Mas . H MACHINIERY Kilbourne if Jacobs Mfg. Co., Columbus, Ohio 22 lVlII.I.INERY Maclzime Estelle, New York . F ,,,,,r1, 44 ADVERTISERS, INDEX Music G. Schirmer, New York . Oliver Ditson, Boston, Mass. Music SCHOOLS American Institute of Applied Music, New York NAY'AL TAILORS WV. H. Moshier, Chicago, Ill. . . . . Peter Thomson, Philadelphia and New York . ORCHESTRA . . Gioscia, Albany . . . Charles R. MLlllCI', Brooklyn PASTE Charles M. Higgins 59' Co., Brooklyn PHOTOGRAPHERS Katherine E. lVIcClellan, Northampton, Mass. Pach, New York ...,. PRINTERS The F. A. Bassette CO., Springlielcl, Mass. PUMPS The Dean Brothers Steam Pump VVorks, Indianapolis, Ind. RAILROADS I Central New England Railway . Chicago and Alton Railroad . , Chicago and Northwestern Railway Co. . Nlissouri Pacific Railroad . . Texas and Pacific Railway . REAL ESTATE The Daniel Shaw Lumber Co., Eau Claire, VVis. .. -..-rl,-i W .Y .,. ADVERTISERS' INDEX 45 SANDWICHES The C. H. Bird Co. Penolia Sandwiches, New Haven, Conn. IO SCHOOLS The Ballial School, Utica .... K Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Mass. 5 Detroit Home and Day School, Detroit, Micli. K Halstead School, Yonkers . . . L Hosmer Hall, St. Louis, Mo. . . K Linden Hall Seminary, Lititz, Pa. . . L Lockwood Collegiate School, Scarsdale . K Mrs. Mead, No1'walk, Conn. . K Rye Seminary, Rye . L Emma Vvillard School, Troy . K SHIRT XVAISTS John Forsythe, New York I3 SHOES Frank Brothers, New York 21 SUBSCRIPTION AGENVCY The Grumiaux News and Subscription Co., Le Roy, N. Y. 31 TAILORS Edward C. Balch, New York . 7 Haas Brothers, New York I2 S. Kalvin, New York . 5 TEACHERS' AGENCIES P Fisk Teachers Agencies, Boston and New'YOrk 24. lVlrs. Young-Fulton, New York . , L XVIGS Oscar F. Bernner, New York . IO A 1.5 : i 7-1 liiir if QZQEEEEEQEE l Ano E3 f ' , ,rr 7.7 W -,,- fr- - A 1 5 ' -'2':?iEZT?L,? X- i?RiiBiM 5S3u FH- " '5? ???E ,5-- 2 T' X vf ' F4-gig ,- F 5?'.2:?1fLi , 1 as skillfully prepared pure and delicious as 1 4 252 552 Tum sms musing K Tm: SAME r:xcx-:1.Lr.NcE- 2 2. QL 7 Qi" EVERY 2 wnnmmrsn 1- ' E 1 CUSHION V BUTTON HUSETSUPPURTER FRONT PAD BELT Giving the Popular Straight Front Effect CORRECT HYGIENIC COMFORTABLE DF YOUR DEALER Or Qu pls. Nlmlvd QCott M r s ou ru. xpt of prxue GEO FROST G0 Makers Boston Mass Licensed nnderPat Dec 5 99 ' +. 1" 3-A,'xxvr,1f' 7 1 1 A f ' '- T ' 'fx , 1' IM . , R i i . In 1 , ' I K l l X Xl .,25c, . Q .,50c. :'ilk,75c.j Q N it . . 2.23 ' . '. ,- V ki Q TH ..-JIu'1..-Fil. E VASSARION ADVERTIS RYE SEMINARY For Partirzdr1r: address MRS. S. Ll Flf, THE MISSES STOVVF, Rye, Nciz,' fork LINDEN HALL Founded I7Q4 'Moravian Seminary for Girls Lititz, Lalzmfter County Pffzzzrylrfafzin 1lSend for SOUVENIR and CATALOGUE to Rev. Chas. D, Kreider, Principal AMERICAN AND FOREIGN Tlizanbnrs' Qlgmcp Supplies Colleges, Schools and Families with Professors Teachers, Tutors and Goveruesses, resident or visiting American or Foreign. Parents aided in choice of schools Sfprs. 913. 31. 190llI'lQfjl:l1lC0II 23 UNION SQUARE NEW YORK The ffalyied School 9lEoarDing ann Ebay 9:13001 for ebirls Certificate admits to Vassar and VVellesley Colleges .Sh- 1Hnnim:s:un:ib ulmnn Reference by permission to President James M. Taylor ER THE VASSARION ADVERTISER 'Daasarion Ehucational irectery , . Mrs. Mead s Schoolfor Girls UHILLSIDEQ' NORWALK, CONN. 99" Certificate admits to Vassar and several Mid- dle State Colleges, also to all colleges repre- sented on the New England College Entrance Board. Special tutoring if desired. General and Musical Courses of study. i For Circulars apply to MRS. M. E. MEAD New YORK, TROY Emma Willard School JW' Girls fliormerly Troy Female Seminaryj 97' College Preparatory and general courses. Certificate admits to Vassar and leading colleges. Conservatory of Music and Art School. Two scholarships. Hockey, basket- ball and out-of-door games. Fine, new fire-proof stone buildings. ANNA LEACH, A.M., PRINCIPAL Tlve BALLlAL SCHOOL UTICA, N. Y. Gives thorough preparation for Vassar. Regular College Preparatory Course supplemented by private tutoring wher- ever needed. Fine winter climate. Skat- ing, snowshoeing, etc. Gymnasium, haslcethall, tennis. For Tmrbaak mm' further informalian, address Secrzrlary HEADS : Louise SHEFFIELD BP.owN1a1.I. SAUNDERS EDITH Roc14WEl.1.HAl.1. HOSMER HALL Day and Boarding School for Girls sf Special attention given to students preparing for college For Catalogues address ilu? Principal MISS MARTHA H. MATHEXVS 4.296 WASHINGTON Bouuzvatzn : : : ST. LOUIS LOCKWOOD COLLEGIATE SCHOOL HEATHCOTE HALL, SCARSD.-XLR, N. Y. QF Fullest equipment for College prepa- ration and advanced General Course. Right of Certificate from Vassar, Wellesley and other Colleges. Beautiful home, with ample grounds in lawn and woodland. Nineteen miles from New York City. APPLY' FOR CATALOGUE The Detroit Home C93 Day School ESTABLISHED 1878 W' Special Attention given to Preparation for College ELLA Nl. LIGGETT, A. B. . . . Przinfipal -IEANNETTE Nl. LIGGETT, zlrrofzlafe Prlrzripal lx ln answering .nlvexlisenxerils please mention 'l'H E VASSARION HE VASSARION ADVERTISE Riverview Academy Sewnfiefb Tear THE SCHOOL which is now located at Riverview was organized and established in 1836 by Charles Bartlett and others on College Hill, Poughkeepsie. In 1867 the school, which had been under the guidance of Otis Bisbee for ten years, changed its location to its present site. It is now in the hands of his sonhloseph B. Bisbee. RIVERVIEW cultivates observation, attention, and the use of the reasoning powers. It prepares boys for college, for the scientific schools, the Government Academies, and for business life. THE INSTRUCTORS are men of high scholarship, and are experienced in their departments. Their relations with the pupils are those of older friends as well as of teachers. THE MILITARY INSTRUCTION is in the charge of' an Army Oflicer detailed by the Secretary of War. RIVERVIEW makes manly boys of robust physiques through drill, sports and out-of-door oecupations. These are all encouraged in proportion as they minister to a happy exercise of the mental faculties as Well as to bodily development. THE RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION is non-sectarian. Attendance, however, on all prescribed religious exercises is required. The School Chaplain is sent here by Rev. Dr. Chas. Cuthbert Hall. As Chaplain he meets every student and has a personal interest in him. THE BUILDINGS of the school are beautifully situated on high ground overlooking the Hudson. Careful attention has been given to drainage, lighting, and ventilation. It is a family schoolg every boy comes in daily contact with the principal and his family. JOSEPH B. BISBEE, A.lVl., Prinripnl Refers to President James IVI. Taylor. 1 ln answering .nlvizrrisezmziits please in ition TH li X XSS -XRION X Ka The WEST and NORTHWEST IS placed in direct communication with Chicago by means of the perfect train service of the Chicago 8: North-Western Railway, the pioneer line west and northwest from Chicago, and is the Only Double-track Railway between Chicago and the Missouri River. Via its direct lines Chicago is placed in close touch with all important commercial centers and tourist points. More than 1,700 stations, with a tributary population of over seven millions, are reached by the fast daily train service between Chicago and all points in Northern Illinois, Iowa,Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Wyoming. Four trains per day between Chicago, Council Bluifs and Omaha, three between Chicago and Sioux City, four between Chicago and St. Paul and Minneapolis, one between Chicago and the Black Hills, and an unsurpassed service of fast through daily trains via the Chicago, Union Pacific and North-Western Line between Chicago and San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver, Cheyenne, and all points in Nebraska,Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and on the Paciiic Coast. The Best of Everytbzng. All agents sell tickets via this line."" For folders, maps and full information address W. B. KNISKERN, Passenger Trafiie Manager, CHICAGO. r 40 THE VASSARION ADVERTISER N E W O R L B A N S The gateway of the Mississippi ST. ENIS HOTEL The coming great city of the great South Blioadway and Eleventh St-9 NEW' YORK The largest Cotton,Rice and Sugar Market in the world The most popular Winter Resort in America NEW ST. CHARLES HOTEL Modern, Fire-proof, First-class Accomlnorlations for One Thousand Guests American and European Plans ANDREW R. BLAKELY COMPANY, Limited P 12 o P Ia 1 E T 0 Ia S The Convenient Location, Tasteful Appointment, Reasonable Charges, Courteous Attendants, and Cuisine of Exceptional Excellence, are Character- istic of this Hotel and have secured and retained for it a Patronage of the highest order. Facilities for Banquets and Private Dinner Parties are ex- ceptionally fine. WM. TAYLOR 599 PIBOPRIETORS SON The T. B. Laycock Mfg. OO. INDIANAPOLIS : IND. fllmzufaciurerr of Genuine Swiss Imported ' Milk Brass 8: Iron Bedsteads, Institution Beds, Child's Folding Beds, Cribs is known and Cradles, Woven Wire and 2111 OVCI' Spiral Spring Beds Bc FoldingCOts the.W0f1d This line sold to the romumey' by its tbrougb F urn ifure dealers only iiiplilta' Commencement Day The last days of College life are memorable to every Vassar graduate. .It is better to have a paper containing a full report of the excr- cises mailed to your parents and friends than to write. The Poughkeepsie Eagle is thc only paper that gives a full report of these exercises. Set of four papers mailed to any address for twelve cents. The S fare Mzztual Lgfbdrrurance Cu. of WORCESTER, MASS. is one of the oldest Life Insurance Companies in America. It Was incorporated in 1844 and has been in successful opera- tion for over sixty years. It has an enviable reputation for conservatisrn, solidity and liberality, and has been often termed the "GILT EDGE COMPANY af AMERICA." VVILLIANI LANCASTER, General Agent Room 3ro, Company's Building : WORCESTER, MASS ln answering advertisements please mention THE VASSARION - V.---11wL,, HE VASSARION ADVERTISE Adwzbe fo 1796 VASSHR GIRL During vacation and While bestowing happiness upon mankind by your bright and glorious pres- ence, please call the attention of your brother- and the other girl's brother-to Nafureis Garden Spar comprising lands from which the saw timber has been removed, and where wild grasses grow lux- uriousl , and cultivated rasses to erfection. Y S P Where are produced the most perfect types of Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Hogs, which animals feed on the best rass ha and rain that can be . g ' Y. 3 . . producedg drink pure Spring Water, and CX1St 1D an almost faultless climate. A country which produces cereals, vegetables and fruit- of the finest quality, and in great abundance. If you 11,651-TL' full ilJll7'fl-l'll1I1I'.l' 1-rg11rd1'r1g 1bz'J wild Pf11'IlI!lv.S'l", nzfrfrfrr Fl'fIJL'7' or all of the LlIlHI07'J'I'g7Zl'I! AMES L GATES LAND Co., Milwaukee, WisL CHIPPEWA LUMBEP, 81 Boom Co., Chippewa Falls, Wis. JOHN S. OWEN LUMBER Co., Eau Claire, Wis DANIEL SHAW LUMBER Co., Eau Claire WIS l l tl mention TH li YASSARIUN TH Y, Piles ,,- E VASSARION ADVERTISER The Merchants National BANK INDIANAPOLIS, IND. .Qa- CAPITAL .B'1,000,000.00 SURPLUS ,29500,000.00 fillnitrn mates Ebepositotp O F F I C E R S O. N. FRI-ZNZIEL, Prcxidenr J. P. Fimxzm., Vice-Presidenf Osc.-in FRENZEI., Cashier FRED FAHNLI-zv, 211 Vire-Presidenl Co1,i.isc11oNs ON INDIANA A SPECIALTY OR Perfumery of re- finement-for dainty and useful Toilet Requisites-for Per- fection Confections-for thoroughly reliable druggists' supplies of every description at prices to please-the College Girl will find us 'numguam non pzzrcztih Qnutlg Qaine Drug store 46 .illaariact Street Qpungbkeepsie, 19. Shreve. Crump fe? Low Co. Jewelers ann Qilhetsnltitlgzei Mfzkfrf gr 111: V f1.r.ff1r Sm! Pin. Dsfigm Jzzbmittea' mn! e'Jtir11z1te.ffin'71iJhzvffbr Cffw and Satisfy Pifzr STATIONERY OF THE FINEST GRADE Programs, Class Invitations, Calling Cards, Crests and Monograms 147 Tremont St.. Boston, Mass. Wright, Kay 3139 Company Detroit Makers nf ibigb 15138118 :Fraternity Qimhleme :mu Svtatiunerp Our 1905 Catalogue is now ready and will he mailed upon application. TH-Zstiniates and designs lor dies, monngrams, crests, etc. furnished without charge. Wiuowr, KAY 8: Co., jewelers .Sc Importers, DETROIT Paris Qjfcc, 34 Afve. de l'0peru Madam Eyfelle alfine jfnillinew 277 FIFTH AVE. l ln .II'l5Vl'tJI'lIlg zidvcrtiscfrnvnls Ifir-asc m tion 'l'H li YASSAR T HE VASSARION ADVERTISER - fiieii i"g .4 E,VY '15, V. V as .- .Qi k 1 A ' ll.. li up p f Eff c W2 - li- K ill. A ir '0TEB'0'0K? ff l ' J" lvl . . M l ' i T. it i 'T ,A g ,,f- Q ,M 1 1 W W U f '-W 5, wg Operates ' 'at either end ,skww K X -. ..,, f as shown. xx NX Ax XX X W., E. " n wr' Q Q '1 1. 'c+W " f 'WWW5ili"f ' , , . Y 1. , ww. ,g- Y un I . wmv X .?5:is1:-l?:QX.::N 1. - - - 1f:g, X X X 'X .N li W... LOOSE LEAF NOTE BOOK ILThis is the cleverest loose leaf device ever invented. A slight pull on either ring will draw both back and lock them open. They can both be snapped together by pressing either ring or by closing the cover. Light, compact and inexpensive. Szmplex N ate Boob are bound in black cloth, stilf sides, and are Hatl opening. There is nothing to get out of order and they will stand long and constant usage. For sale by leading stationers. Manu- factured by NAT I O NA L BLANK BooK co. HOLYOKE :: MASSACHUSETTS Boston Cgnqfy Wm. T. Reynolds Ufoben 11The handsomest store in the city. lLCandies made fresh daily. 304 Main Siwft 81 Company .lf fyhofesczfe Grocers and Shippers of Flour, Grain and Feed. Proprietors of the Celebrated PERFECT Brand of Canned Goods. Mill Agents for "Christian Super- lative" and N White Sponge " Flours. Choice Food Products a Specialty. Poughkeepsie :: New York NVarehouses and Elevator opposite N. Y. C. Poughkffpfif 8: R. R. R. Passenger Depot answering ndvwriserlieliis please nnntion THE VASSARION l THE VASSARION ADVERTIS ,--Q - C. Everett Clark Co. GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS . gf! M, v J3- fllazifz Qjfce : Suzie 1405-6 Tiffe mm' fD'zzxf Bz4z'la'z'7zg ZOO Was6z'ngf0n Street Cbiwgo, ffl. BOSTON CHICAGO Qtontractors fD17'fQ'llJUlll1J5DlI grmelunrial Library, ibaszav QIDIIBQB ln .axxswmizmg lltfYt'l'f!b4'YUL'IlI5- plcfasz- munliun 'l'H li YASSARI ER HE VASSARION ADVERTISER Qtauharh nf glfasbinu Qihetpmbere y , sr icx q . , Q 1,0 rl Q-W W fi' 13 "V-1 V E ,E J io' ,.....'rnslel1u1l A mv 3,- R . X , .415-4555 1 X . ,znfia I., Swan X J A l " ' Q. X F it 1 Q5 X ' itwwnnllnmwurvvwvll in Z," - 4 .4ddrf55 all C077Z772Zl7IiL'!ll'f07Z.5' to 452 Fyffb Avenue 75- KNOX, -fi LYEW YORK KNaOX'S Work! Renowned diy NEW YORK 452 Fifth Avenue 212 Broadway Cor. Fortieth Street Cor. Fulton Street 194 Fifth Avenue Under Fifth Avc. Hotel Brooklyn, 340 Fulton Street QA11 orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention. Students' orders for Class and other Hats are given particular notice. I 1 ll lf-ll XAb XRIUN T,-,. 1-1., Ju. f 1... .3 1 "-' r ' H. .-Tai x visa...-1.- -1f..f:4.h L- rf: mazamgf. Tfmztxav ual.t:...:L.n:1.u -, wr-f3f3!E!tE.?,f?T?!'f?'i :v-my 1 1

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