Vassar College - Vassarion Yearbook (Poughkeepsie, NY)

 - Class of 1891

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Vassar College - Vassarion Yearbook (Poughkeepsie, NY) online yearbook collection, 1891 Edition, Cover

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- - . , . 9. N 11 'ar ,.Hf'w..1f!+,5. TF' Q13 -pi 4++i+ f-RSM' fin-1:1 73 +A - ,V , N f., f, ,,, .',. . 1 -. .'-'gr' -F Q ' J 1:4 -LL. 1 .fx , f: 1-2 1- '- - 1 wsu , 4 ,,., LZ if QU ' ' FS vu 'Q 4 ' I n -. ,---Q ff. . . M- , .N X , , , ,l .1 K I Q ,. . ,f ,, 'n 'JIV pi i, f 6 :I 1 l H," ,Y Ht: - ga ng' guy!!! .V LA-rr , . n Ii V 85,7 Q , ' , , - - 'JZ- L CL..." X 4 . l by ' .c..sw:- V - ' ,. inn gf .e ,L - 5 f : . - , f' jf." t ' . f ' , , ' 'T 'A ff- -:el ' A iii ff, A VII, 3 ' l IW NQTJ ! :Aj' L f I ," ,- fi LV.. - ' if ' X. Y, N, .1 L1 .VAKQ . -5 Mjgm, . 3, 1 -.-, N,-PAIR' - 1 3. . 1 'wg - -.A 'f -A 5 ' v 6' Cf.fbP'5"' xr! , , Q, ,H . x., ' ' ' . . - Y , MM-V 'fg'::l'QV15'L"fg 'x pw- ,- . , NN" - V ' U M ,ff ' . ffvlf ,ff N , 'IF X :- . ' F, Q ' a '2'-LL ,li . ., ,., . 1 - F-L. -J."-' ' avg ...p AJ, Y"aN 1. , , i- THE VASSARIQN 533333 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIQR CLASS SEQ VASSAR COLLEGE MAY, 1891 TO OUR GENEROUS BENEFACTOR, OUR LOYAL CHAMPION, AND OUR "UNKNOWN FRIENDP THIS BOOK IS GRATEFULLY AND AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED BY THE CLASS OF '9 1. PRESS OF A. V. HAIGHT, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. 6 If ,E Q Nb ' , "galil Q0- Sl., gfglns , r ., .fx We shall not say "LoVe's La,bor's Lost," If We can show to any A glimpse of Vassarls life Within -And turn an honest penny g If We can paint the "Vassar Girl," Xlfhose Wisdonfs often Witty, Xlfhosc, wit, again, is always wise, And who is Csometimesp prettyg mf 3. 1 M -' L. !' X 1 , , - f , I 9 aa j b ' M Y X ' iff? N xv NV . 1 .IV V fl Ui. . - a fl X Q "X- ' 41 : , - N , Y ,- -fl, M , ' rf if -L 1- .xo if - wm a, J ' M s: ' X X XX- x 1 X , ff I 1 X f ,V E41 X X, fn- Xfglyr A fx Q f Gm 'K ff all , is i , NV: 5 ef-ff -:mx , ' , g N5 , in l YL li l he X ll , '. , V' N" f" 'N-ke 1 Si Q lx X xg f' N 'H' ,, ' ' , f' SA , W ,J ' J Y 5 X wx . J" , ff x l-F1 " faq, .: 4'- If We can tell her loyal love, X5 , Devotion deep and steadyg V- AJ! , . ' f ' To AZ a Mater Glorious- - 5312, , , , m 1 1, Jr -A ' I Why then, we shall be ready .1 X xk , J 1' ff Y ' To say farewell, should We succeed ,f K ! iz n if In Inzmlzing Some confess that 1 ,MV X If 1, X ' N- X NM . , . This may be said of '91, X5 1 fm Fy , ' ,, " In pace requiescat! " fl mu , ' 4 if fe f X .J -ll Q6 F. HALLIDAY, Chairman. M, E. RICKERT, Literary Editor. QQEQEEAERNY ?BuSiueSS Managers. K. H. PRINCLE D. N. TAYL6R, ' fHum01'0uS Department- H. o. OAKLEY, Eciicorfs Drawer, 1 VASSAR COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. EDWARD LATHROP, D.D., BENSON J. LOSSING, LL.D., EZEKIEL G. ROBINSON, D.D., LL.D., CYRUS SWAN, AUGUSTUS L. ALLEN, GEORGE INNIS, FREDERICK TOWNSEND, HENRY L. YOUNG, JOHN H. DEANE, HENRY M. KING, D.D., JOACHIM ELMENDORF, D.D., AUGUSTUS H. STRONG, D.D., WILLARD L. DEAN, FREDERICK F. THOMPSON, ALANSON J. FOX, OOLGATE HOYT, DUNCAN D. PARMLY, ROBERT E. TAYLOR, JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., FLORENCE M. CUSHING, A.B., ELIZABETH E. FOBIJLETON, A.B., HELEN H. BAOKUS, A.M., EDWARD JUDSON, D.D., JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, NATHAN E. WOOD, D.D., ALBERT S. BICEMORE, ALLEN W. EVARTS, SAMUEL D. COYKENDALL, JAMES M. BRUCE, New York. Dover. Providence, R. Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Albany. Poughkeepsie. New Yo1'k. Albany. New York. Rochester. Poughkeepsie New York. Detroit, Mich. Yonkers. New York. Poughkeepsie. e Vassar Colleg Boston, Mass. Omaha, Neb. Brooklyn. New York. New York. Brooklyn. New York. New York. Rondout. New York. OEEIOERS OE THE BOARD. EDWARD LATHROP, D.D., CHAIRMAN. ROBERT E. TAYLOR, SECRETARY. WILLARD L. DEAN, TREASURER AND REGISTRAR BENSON VAN VLIET, SUPERINTENDENT. 4 Qcleulig Qbicforaiul. ' " "'G ,T I, 1 4 M. 1 '??fvl:um . l A 7? T mm QM SKJ S X NNmQmf A f f Z ., ,,, -i U 9 '5P4ff- M 'iw ' TQ? H is LLL: CcN,TfS6'bilQCJ QIOSQGI TDOQYE-5,,w 5 OFFICERS OF GOVERNMENT AND INSTRUCTION. Arranged, with the exception of the President, in each division, in order of their appointment. ' JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., PRESIDENT, PROFESSOR OF MENTAL AND MORAL PHILOSOPHY LE ROY O. OOOLEY, Ph.D., MATTIIEW VASSAR, JR.,.PROFE.SSOR. OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY. WILLIAM B. DWIGHT, A.M., PROFESSOR OF NATURAL HISTORY, AND CURATOR OF THE MUSEUNI GEOLOGY AND MINERALOGY. ABBY F. GOODSELL, A.B., LADY rnINcIr.xL. MANUEL J. DRENNAN, A.M., PROFESSOR OF RI-IETORIC, AND OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE ABBY LEAOH, A.M.. PROFESSOR OF THE GREEK LANGUAGE. LUCY MAYNARD SALMON, A.M., PROFESSOR OF HISTORY. AOHSAH M. ELY, A.B., PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS. MARY W. WHITNEY, A.M., PROFESSOR OF ASTRONOMY, AND DIRECTOR OF THE OBSERV ITORY ENIILIE ACHERT, ASSOCIATE vnowzssolz ow THE Immun LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IVIARCELLA I. O'G'RADY, S.B., Assocuvrn Pnoxmsson on' BIOLOGY. HERBERT ELMER MILLS, A.M., PILD., Assocxun Pnomsson on IHSTORYAND ECONOMICS. GERTRUDE A. FARWELL, M.D., mzovnssoiz or Puysronosy AND HYGIENE, AND RESIDENT PHYSICIAN. EDMUND N. SNYDER, Ph.D., QSupp1y for the yealzj IIIATTI-IIEW VASSAR, JR., Pnomsson OF THE GREEK AND LATIN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE 6 HENRY VAN INGEN. PROFESSOR OF DRAVVING AND PAINTING, AND DIRECTOR OF THE SCHOOL OF PAINTING FREDERICK LOUIS RITTER, MuS.DOC., rnomsson OF music, AND Dmmcron ov THE scaoor. oxr Music FRANCES A. WOOD, LIBRARIAN. IJYDIA ANNIE WHITNEY, TEACHER on' PIANO-Foam Pnnms. JESSIE CHAPIN, TEACHER OF PIANO-FORTE PLAYING. ELLA MCCAIJEB, A.B., snclmnny 'ro mms PRESIDENT. JESSIE IVI. HOAG, TEACHER OF Enocm-xox. SOPHIA F. RICHARDSON, A.B., 'rmcrmn OF nrulmzxwrlcs. ELLA M. FREEMAN, A.B., TEACHER OI1' CHEMISTRY. MYRA REYNOLDS, A.B.,, TEACHER OF ENGLISH. LIN A GUANTIERI, TEACHER OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. LAURA ADELLA BLISS, AM., MuS.B., TEACHER OF PIANO-FORTE PLAYING. MABEL R. LOOMIS, A.B., TEACHER or Ezmusu. FANNY LINCOLN STORY, ORGANIST, AND TEACHER OF ORGAN PLAYING. : JENNETTE BARBOUR PERRY, A.B., TEACHER OF ENGLISH. ANNA J. BRIDGMAN, DIRECTOR OH' THE GYMNASIUM. ELLA CATHERINE GREENE, A.B., TEACIIER OF LATIN. OTTILIE HERHOLZ, TEACHER OF GERMAN. J ENN IE MAY WICKES, TEACHER OF PIANO-FORTH PLAYING, CHARLES GRUBE, -rmcumn os VIOLIN PLAYING. 7 ily I V x: f x t ., I N 1 3 xx sf , O? ' -' "U . , Q, 'mb ' ff Q' ' X " ff ? . 5 . " V S VJ pw , fg, WW' V , W X V ' 7 X14 fx! ZZ xx? x - Eg g X 2 X .. X E ' 'fx X 1 " X ff X? 'x 1R"'. V Q ' 167,-7-,,. 'f - if web WW 'ii ' XmxXx."4I x x ' f D 2 51 3 Y ., 4' f-f . ! XZ f 4 X W ff "W f 'X' ,, K 'kpc w. F43 5 5 ,X XX , 0, X f nz X mr Q fy. -M x fx X. 1 - 'f L1 'X I K Rx , t X ex Ne agfw E N XX I, A ' ba Ni. ' my Y vi 7 " , j V X I R XY. .lf 5' X-fd 1 M N af fhff' X X x I vga 'A r ' L5 XL ' 4JWf'l"J N ff' Z7 fx A X. fx- ,1 .4 ,, . xx 1 ,m, f-fif:ffffWl'r1f 1 ,. n ar' mfg V , .,.- AX Til S-:inf f f QLQLJRJ-is X NK-f fs- A - inf ' ' 41' QJWPQQSX X W2-' iw L :QRQY-i Z- i'f,- -, xx 'N fiii ifif v - W:-L , -Q " 8 .- fpx THE VASSARIQN QQQBEQQ SENIQR CLASS Q53 VASSAR CQLLEGE MAY, 1891 :UO OUR GENEROUS BENEEAOTOR, OUR LOYAL CHAMPION, AND OUR HUNKNOWN FRIEND," THIS BOOK IS GRATEFULLY AND AEEEOTIONATELY DEDICATED BY THE GLASS OF 'QL PRESS OF A. V. HAIGHT, PDUGHKEEPSIE, N. V. H 'c c-: X J , X. 'iirg L fl X y ffl 2' mmm -M f .WQEQL ,. , A ga -441, . :fl Q, ng, - ,V we , 3, X 1 D ,140 N w ,. :ff ul 6 Vf as X f lv W JN A lm I f W LJ X ix ' f VL WE! 'I 4 5 J 4 . X f :l X 1 Xflxfr Q F' W 4 f , 9KQwLyf'v'M We shall not say L'Love's Labor-'s Lost," If We can show to any A glimpse of Vassar-'s life Within -And turn an honest penny g If We can paint the "Vassar Girl," Whose Wisclom's often Witty, Whose Wit, again, is always Wise, And who is fsolnetimesy prettyg P -Nj, ' 4 I xx 5 'xnxx jx' - , 5- -5 Ns 71 f ff f .1 L -'im N 1 ' 'V ,. fl- A Mn D h nmig We I X 5- .. , I ' ZIXX My l J W f x. ' 5i.:, '+'5fiq31 I' . L4 -. Ep , l g KY'3, K x if N he f ,J ' if F, If K . , f 4- A ' 'Wk 1' If We can tell her loyal love, fy , Devotion deep and steadyg 1 , To Alma Mater glorious- j , N y -' xx 1 Why then, We shall be ready J , f f 1 ' 1 V A ' To say farewell, should we succeed f ff , T V' 2 vm In making some confess that ' ' I! . 4 X' ' 0 ' l,1' Qt. Nl This may be said of '91, 'Xl l ,Q U, If . . - 4"'-if ' f N-X " hz pace reguzescat! " f L 41 fl J 4 f- XT-7' 1 ,f- me Rwgfgf 1 V ' Jing Q " . Z. N -:W -A 'x F. HALLIDAY, chairman. M. E. RICKERT, Lite1'a.1'y Editor. K' H' PRINGLE' ?HL1mOTO11S Department ' ' J Q3 fBusiness Managers. D N TAYLOR ' H. C. OAKLEY, Editor's Drawer. VASSAR COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. EDWARD LATHROP, D.D., BENSON J. LOSSING, LL.D., EZEKIEL G. ROBINSON, D.D., LL.D., CYRUS SWAN, AUGUSTUS L. ALLEN, GEORGE INNIS, EREDERICK TOWNSEND, HENRY L. YOUNG, JOHN H. DEANE, HENRY M. KING, D.D., JOACHIM ELMENDORE, D.D., AUGUSTUS II. STRONG, D.D., WILLARD L. DEAN, FREDERICK E. THOMPSON, ALANSON J. BOX, CCLGATE HOYT, DUNCAN D. PARMLY, ROBERT E. TAYLOR, JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., FLORENCE M. CUSHING, A.B., ELIZABETH E. POPPLETON, A.B., HELEN H. BACKUS, A.M., EDWARD JUDSON, D.D., JOHN D. ROCKEEELLER, NATHAN E. WOOD, D.D., ALBERT S. BICKMORE, ALLEN W. EVARTS, SAMUEL D. COYKENDALL, JAMES M. BRUCE, New York. Dover. Providence, R Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Albany. Poughkeepsie. New York. Albany. New York. Rochester. Poughkeepsie. New York. Detroit, Mich. Yonkers. New York. Poughkeepsie. Vassar College Boston, Mass. Omaha, Neb. Brooklyn. New York. New York. Brooklyn. New York. New York. Rondout. New York. OFFICERS OE THE BOARD. EDWARD LATHROP, D.D., CHAIRMAN. ROBERT E. TAYLOR, SECRETARY. WILLARD L. DEAN, , TREASURER AND REGISTRAR BENSON VAN VLIET, SUPERINTENDENT. 4 Qaeulig Qbigfowial. 5' 4 I T wdlgyx I ,g Q i ff? W 'i ' f' ML UHU M Z Nvfbdpip cf Closed XDOOQQU 5 OFFICERS OE GOVERNMENT AND INSTRUCTION. Arranged, with the exception of the President, in each division, in order of their appointment. JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D., 1-esrnnur, PROFESSOR OF MENTAL AND MORAL PI-HLOSOPHX LE ROY C. GOOLEY, PILD., ummirnw viissim, JR., rnozs-nsson os' rnvsics .mn cunnusrnr. WILLIAM B. DWIGHT, A.M., PROFESSOR oF NATURAL HISTORY, AND CURATOR oF THE MUSEUM GEOLOGY AND MINERALOGY. ABBY F. GOODSELL, A.B., LADY PRINCIPAL. MANUEL J. DRENNAN, A.M., PROFESSOR OF RHETORIC, AND OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE EABBY LI-EACH, A.M.. PROFESSOR OF THE GREEK LANGUAGE. LUCY MAYNARD SALMON, A.M., raoimsson OF msroay. ACHSAH M. ELY, A.B., PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS. MARY W. WHITNEY, A.M., PROFESSOR OF ASTRONOBIY, AND DIRECTOR OF THE OBSERVATORY EMILIE AGHERT, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IVIARCELLA I. OTJPRADY, S.B., Associurn Pnoxmsson on' BIOLOGY. HERBERT ELMER M1LLs,A.M., PRD., ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF HISTORY A.N'D ECONOMICS. GERTRUDE A. FARWELL, M.D., Pnoi-'Esson os' PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE, AND RESIDENT PHYSICIAN. EDMUND N. SNYDER, Ph.D., CSupp1y for the yea.r.j MATTHEYV VASSAR, JR., PROFESSOR OF THE GREEK AND LATIN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE HENRY VAN INGEN. rnormsson ov DRAIVING AND PAINTING, AND DIRECTOR on- TIIE scaoox. or PAINTING FREDERICK LOUIS RITTER, Mus.Doc., Pnomsson OF MUSIC, AND DIRECTCR OF THE SCHOOL on- Imslc. FRANCES A. WOOD, LIBRARIAN. LYDIA ANNIE WHITNEY, TEACHER OF PIANO-FORTE PLAYING. J ESSIE CHAPIN, TEACHER OF PIANO-FORTE PLAYING. ELLA MCCALEB, A.B., SECRETARY TO THE PRESIDENT. .IESSIE M. HOAG, TEACHER OF ELOCUTICN. SOPHIA F. RICHARDSON, A.B., TEACHER OF MATHEMATICS. ELLA M. FREEMAN, A.B., TEACHER or cIfxuIsTIw. MYRA REYNOLDS, A.B., TEACHER OF ENGLISH. LINA GUANTIERI, I TEACHER OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. LAURA ADELLA BLISS, A.M., Mus.B., TEACHER OF PIANC-Foam PI..n'ING. MABEL R. LOOMIS, A.B., I TEACHER OF ENGLISH. FANNY LINCOLN STORY, ORGANIST, ANI: TEACHER OF ORGAN PLAYING. JENNETTE BARBOUR PERRY, A.B., TEACIIER OF ENGLISII. ANNA J. BRIDGMAN, DIRECTOR OF THE GYIINASIUN. ELLA CATHERINE GREENE, A.B., ' TEACHER. OF LATIN. OTTILIE HERHOLZ, TEACHER or GERMAN. JENNIE MAY WICKES, TEACHER on' I'IANo-I-'CME PLAYING. CHARLES GRUBE, TEACHER OF VIOLIN PLAYING. 7 F ,Zigg- 7'l 2, 4 g f 5 ,1 A 1 , , NT E ZEQJVVL ' Rx kg ' X f I+ y ' exf 5 K Q? H X5 Q O? - fx A ' Vlyxfa . "X , 0' .91 fki M29 , . , fix wwf Zigi? f xx A141 gf , 61 ff k 5 .Riff ff ,M Qvgffj XX Y a ff: ' ' f , X E bi z- v ' Z f,-Z, x XX 7 MII, X , ff.. t g- X Y , wg f N .XX N Q 1, fy ,195 X 5' ' W ll X I N !7 L 1 Nfx . Malik :QQ f f' N"':-if . -ri? X i QE Q, 3 ,, ' lyin g -N - , W xi - fy Zfw - f 2 " 'Y gfff - ps 4' X V 'sfe 15- ,533 1 Skit . i QXXWSESFQ - ffm 8 '4 Q, K q Qienioe Qoitosiol. The underclasses say an y That a Senior's life is play, But any one who's tried it will that sentiment refute 5 For our duties grave are many, V While repose- We haven't any, ' And in vain We probe improbables, inscrutables we scrute. For our trials have begun When the rising bell has rung, We must scramble through our dressing, So as not to miss the blessing, Take a hasty cup of coffee and a roll 5 Dash OE something deep and brainy For the Vassar Miscellany, And speculate a little on the soul. A rehearsal for a Philalethean play, Then we help the young Omega on its way, Do some reading for a T. and M. debate, And reason with the girl who stays up late. Run in something light and airy For a meeting literary Of Alpha or of Beta ffor on drama they have froufnedj. Then we hasten to seclude us In the great tank padlavudpos, fTl1OI.'lgl1 We always ask permission, so that no one will be drownedy , Next devote some hasty glances To the national finances, And ponder on the ills that money brings. We must practice in the choir And take notes on the Messiah, Then do a little on the traveling rings. Oh, the underclasses say That the Senior's life is play, But with duties we're distracted, and with labor we are spent, But 'tis balanced by the pleasure And the privilege we treasure . Of calling Sunday evening on our august President.. 9 Red Bank, N. J. l'r'es1'rleni, Ware-P1'esz'fZe11f, Scc1'ezfm'y, Y3'f'f1s7r.7'e9', Poef, Qloss of '91, GZ Rose and G-ray. La France Rose. ALLEN, MARTHA TRAEEORD, , APPLEGATE, ANNIE, BENTLEY, CLARA AUGUSTA, BONNELL, MAILY BLIARSHALL, BRISBIN, HARRIET GARDNER, COPELAND, MARY LOUISE, CURRY, CARRIE MONELL, DINTUREE, CAROLINE BELLE, DORMAN, JESSIE THOMAS, ETTEN, FRANCES, FURNESS, CARRIE ELLEN, GREENE, NIARIA LOUISE, HAIGHT, ELEANOR HUAIBERT, HALLIDAY, FLORENCE, PIALLIDAY, VESTA, HOUSTON, I'IENRIETTA ADAMS, JANSEN, ll'IAR.THA ELIZABETH, JOYNER, BEssIE JOSEPHINE, IQAVANA, ROSA MARY, LAWRENCE, LOUISE ADELE, OAKLEY, HESTER CALDWELL, OEER, JULIA DIARIA, PRINGLE, ICATHARINE HALL, QUINN, MARTHA ELEANOR, RICHERT, BIARTHA EDITH, SHELDON, HELEN GRISWOLD, STRONG, KATE LOUISE, TAYLOR, DORA NEVILIIE, 'MT E. H M. E H. A J. W Red Bank, N. J. Westerly, R. I. Philadelphia, Penn. Schuylerville. Omaha, Neb. Albany. Penn Yan. Brooklyn. Chicago, Ill. Cincinnati, O. Providence, R. I. Poughkeepsie. Cairo, Ill. Cairo, Ill. New York. Brooklyn. Kelly, Miss. Oshkosh, Wis. New York. South Orange, N. J. Brattleboro, Vt. Springnelcl, O. Peoria, Ill. Chicago, Ill. San Francisco, Cal. Rochester. E Poughkeepsie. ALLEN. HAIGHT. RIOKERT. HOUSTON TOMPKIN TOMPKINS, JULIET WILBUR, UNDERHILL, FRANCES ANNA, VAN TASSEL, N ELLIE EMMA, VICKROY, CLARA ESTELLE, WASHBURN, MARGARET FLOY, WELT, IDA, WOODIN, JNIARY EMOTT, YVYLIE, STELLA MAY, San Leandro, Cal New York. New York. St. Louis, Mo. Rondout. New York. Poughkeepsie. Holyoke, Mass. 531- -'-'- T-2 N X Z2-ri Hg, 'ff X, I fnff-'E' 7 N F., f N V 'Q .uf , 4' LJ . 1 l77F,J7f'7ffI7 1 Jvc! J rf, ' 11,20 W -33153.15 If ,H x W?'4v :f1 'qw 'xv hy X "W of fawff ix my lx 7 w XJ? QW: J, f 1 ff li I K H X W li K I W Xi ff V W IQ ilf. EL wr- A 1 RN ,N in ,I 1 wi 5 A Q M 4 . 5 G IV in 4'-,I , x 'x lx wa? I I ' J!! Q , W ,J N y',.'.Y,f J I XX l ,U yyk WZ' 1 - . v " ff X 3 2,15 H s Q url I M N : N' 4 w N- f I Q rr- x LN Z-Zigi 12 X x-A, . L... , V --'wr 5- V' Qc Qegend of QSIP '92 gamma omiueaa: ABOUT NINE Mrnnsp All empty at ye Tables Long ben ye Siege of Senior State, Which Sir 191, ye hapless Wight, ben called to vacate. And among ye great and mighty ones that dwell in Collegelot, In solemn conclave gathered, ye debate ben long and hot. There was he Whose blow-pipe soundeth 'mid ye battle's rolling dun, lflis vassels are ye Pipettes, and his war-cry, 2 She whose graceful hand-wave sweeps away from Cal. ye thickest dus She who with compliments Q15 direct ye Freshman page doth crust 5 She Who oier ye heavens conducteth, in spite of many a Hunk 5 He who logically shovveth how all human thoughts ben thunk. And many other wise ones, and ye King, who, though not tall, Ben not ye leastest nor ye lastest, and ruleth over all. N ow blacker, than ye blackness of King l"reXy's Sabbath hat, Ye black despair it settled down and on ye assembly sate. For who should fill ye Senior Siege which must be filled full Well, And on ye sacred Corridor in worthy manner dwell? Now, While they sat debating, ye Church-bell gave a peal, Ye messenger did disappear with ye swiftness of oatmeal 3 But soon returned and kneeling, unto ye King did say, " May it please your royal Prexiness, a maiden comes this way." " By ye shades of Matthew Vassar, let her enter," quoth ye King, And a maiden knight in armor bright did step into ye ring. Upon no pony rode she, but behind a squire was seen, Whose doublet was in color of faded Freshman green. And on his arm ye Squire did bear ye Amazones shield, With this device emblazoned in ye ,four quadrants of ye field. In argent on ye quadrant tirsi, which was of azure hue, Like ye skyey-tinted water in ye swimming tank so new, Stood Botany oppressant, verte: in ye second, History, Surmounted by a Salmon regardant note-books three, And ye monster Trigos rampant 3 in quadrant third, a sell From ye many cells of a brilliant brain began to push and swell : And though ye fourth ben vacant, from its brightness all might know, That ye future many a doughty deed for ye Amazon would show. " Acljincm have l pergcdf' this ye maiden did declare, " Through many a danger, that l might lay claim to '90ls chair." '33 "Show your certifica.te,,' quoth ye King, "and as surely, maiden sweet, As we upon next Sabbath day shall roast-beet have for meat ,H 13 QAnd here ye King did sigh somewhat,J "so surely, maid, I say. Ye Senior Siege it shall bc yours. And first your name, I pray 5" UI am Sir ,92 yclept, my esquire, ,94." "Enough, enough !" ye Faculty in unison did roar, Ye Siege is yoursi'-"Not so," ye maid, "I will my rightful claim, By ye method of inductive proof, establish to ye same. And first, ye facts observed, to wit: All Collegelot doth iind That I have excellently filled ye dreaded Siege of Grind 5 My scope ben nowise limited unto ye telescope, iVit-h which, my brain nutating, ye stellar sky I swope. My biologic quest was marked with bacteria and frogs, Nor did I reach my limit in ye differential bogs"- But here ye door ben all to-brast by a breathless wight, and pale. "Sir '93," his shield did read Thus he King Prex did hail. "Sir '92 is dead, my lord, I killed her in a bout, And I demand that this, her ghost, be straigh tway kicked out. I want to be a Senior. Already have I knelt, And in dreams ye sheepskins' tickle on my itching palm have felt? Then '92 her browes frowned, and to ye rash one said. "Don't you think you uvzclertaise too much, when you assume me to be dead ? I'm sorry that a certain jest found not favor in your eyes, But that you would watch upon ye stair, pray how could I surmise ? And by eyes all heavy-lidded with sleeplessness, ye ken, Ye Hnest points be seldomseen, so full of sticks they ben." " Sir '93," ye King remarked. "I've some advice for you. My words of wisdom it were well if you would tumble to. - Don't use to much prolepsis, for there still be two long year Between you and ye sheepskin." Which when ye wretch did hear, He called for ye chloroform, and ye minions him did lay On ye prehistoric shutter, and he swift was borne away. " My conclusion from ye facts observed," King Prex concluded, "is, That to fill ye Siege of Senior State, ben this maid's exclusive biz. But behind ye fire-portcullis let nary light be found, I Nor bleating lambs, nor pointed hats, when ye watchman goeth round. Let ye spoon-holders be empty, and ye Freshman crush nowhere. Your esquire, he shall knightcd be, and have ye wise fool's chair." - For Prexyis wise selection, ye applause they did prolong, And '92 ye place did take at ye head of Tables Long. But ye last we heard of '93, when ye meeting did let out, He had not yet returned from his sojourn up ye spout. 14 QIOSS of '92, L PERGE AD FINEM 2 Y' 'in q- W of 1- ' Blue and Silver. White Carnation. Presidemf, Vzfce-Presideaz 25, Sec7'etm'y, Trcasurw, E. C. BANEIELD. S. B. TUNNICLIFI' H. L. MANNING. L. C. GRANT. ABBOTT, ELLEN CORDELIA, ARBUCKLE, AGNES, BANFIELD, EDITH COLBY, BARBER, CLARA LOUISE, BRUSH, REBECCA VVHITLOCK, CRAMER, ELLA WELBON, DANIELS, EVA JOSEPHINE, DEANE, LELIA CHILDE, FANTON, NIARY ELIZABETH, FLA!-IERTY, ELIZABETH. FLETT, PENELOPE MCNAUGHTON FROST, HELEN NORTH, ' XGOLAY, CORNELIA, GOULD, ELEANOR FRANCES, GRANT, LAURA CHURCHILL, IIARTRIDGE, EMELYN BATTERSBY, HENGE, llflAUD AMELIA, HERRING, PAULINE, ICKLER, JENNIE, JAMES, LINA BAYLIS, KING, NELLIE DEAN, NIANNING, HENRIETTA Lois, MAST, ELIZABETH DIATILDA, MOOREHEAD, HELEN GULIELMA, MORRILL, IHESTER BOTSEORB, HIORTON, BIARGARET, IVIOTT, EMMA LOUISE, OLDHAM, THEODOSIA, I' Out 01' College. 15 N ew Haven, Conn. Delhi. Wolfboro, N. H. Penn Yan. South Orange, N. J. Poughkeepsie. Grand Rapids, Mich Springield, Mass. Danbury, Conn. Birmingham, Conn. Nelson, N B. Poughkeepsie. Brewer, Me. Tarrytown. St. Paul, Minn. Savannah, Ga.. Ha1'1'iSbu1'g, Penn. VVatertown. St. Paul, Minn. Amenia. Owego. Providence, R. I. Spring'deld, O. Xenia, O. Susquehanna, Penn. Fall River, Mass. Poughkeepsie. Falmouth, Ky. OWENS, ANNA, PACKARD, MARY SECORD, PALMER, ANNA MATHER, PERKINS, ANNA LOUISE. PUTMAN, ESTELLE RIUTHERFORD, REED, AMY LOUISE, ROBBINS, ALICE MARICN, ROWE, ELIZABETH LINCOLN, SARGENT, MILLIE BIGLCW, SMITH, CARRIE JMORGAN, SMITH, TMARY ALICE, STEARNS, EDITH HELEN, STEPHENSON, ANNIE AGNES. TAYLOR, KATE, TITUS, KATE BARDWELL, TUNNICLIFF, SARAH BACON, ULRICII, ADELENE CLARKE, WAIIEMAN, SUSIE EMILY, WALLACE, EMMA FRANCES, WARD, EDITH, Woon, LUCIA EDNA, WOCEBRIDGE, SARAH ELIZABETH, Hamilton, O. Bayonne City, N. J. New York. Fresno, Cal. Grand Rapids, Mich Kingsbridge. St. Paul, Minn. Chicago, Ill. Jersey City, N. J. Hightstown, N. J. Seneca Falls. Detroit, Mich. Pittsburgh, Penn. Penn Yan. Bellows Falls, Vt. Macomb, Ill. Columbus, O. Hancock. Albany. Orange, N. J. New York. Brooklyn. 4 MEN W 1 1 ' if H i ! if mm y L I 53: .ff ffwaxf Mm ff N, u X - , '- -4 J '," " Q -X N V V I 72 x-NYXQ ' L FP' V W3 ' ea-1+ W. N. Swvylfb -W 'K ff ,I X 5 u, fi? ,df is lj? ww, If ,J --ff 71 "J, Vs f " -ff! f -1. if if N ZY V H :S f 3' " ,WW ML - -Y kb zau fgagg 1" E t -Qi' fs. 1 gi: .. e 51,4 '45 M- 17 skit og sr! I, f XZ, Q X 43 ' - ,se All r ferr Wi ts M Q95Opi'lOl'l1OF'6 Qcliioeial. LN. B.-The distinguished English scholar, Paulus Miltonius, presents the following hitherto unpublished fragment, which he assures us must he the work of that Father of English prose, "John Maundevylle, Knyghtef'-ED.j Q And alfo zee schulle undirftonde that in this Lond of strange Folk, cam I to a Regioun wher Wornrnen duellen ner withouten Companye of Men. The Men her ben fewe and for the grete, lytylle. And her the Wommen ben deuiden into 4 grete Clafses, als Men clepen hem. But the moft noble of tho' Clafses ben hizte Sopho-Mor. And Men byzylyche difputen why thei han receiuen this name. Somme declaren that hit cam fro Gocpog fwipog, that is to seyne, a zuys fbi But this is folyeg als for me, I seye hit cam fro Grek Gomos and Englyfsche more, that is to seyne, more zzgzs. And this grete C'Zzzf.vz'.v lernen and practiken the Blak Arte and hau moche Mizt ouer the euil Spirites for to callen oute Foir and to maken Sterres shinen bi Dai. For Wher als in oure Lond the Alkamaiftres werken in secree, her werken thei biforen alle Men and techen hire Arte. Also this grete CZajGis maken courbe lines oute of streizt and prouen how that no thyng is more als no thyng. And thei han grete Feer of a thyng which thei clepen A brzggezz' Moffzvzyfezz, or als is bet, Manftre. For zif that I undirftonde arizt, her is a Brigge, and under the Brigge lurketh a grete Monftre, and thei that wyllen for to gon ouer the Brigge 18 eyther thei fallen thuruh and ben deuoured bi the Monftre, or zif thei gon ouer to the tother Syde, than faren thei no bet. For a grete Mylle which standeth ner bi grindeth them to smal Poudre. And that oni zit linen, this is a grete Marvaylle. And eueri Tewefday thei meten and clucchen hire hecldes and byzylyche dif- puten apriari ef apoffcrz'arz'. And thei studien the Latyn tonge, and the Bookes wher in thei reden ben lyk unto oures, but whan thei speken the tonge, than do I ne undirftonde. But natheles Men seyen that thei speken euer " Quyte right." Al so ben thei wel acqueynted with many dyverfe tonges, Grek, Dutche and Frenfche. ' That thei ben moft wys this prouelh for that becaufe thei rulhen td the Librarie and ner iiften in hire hafte to reden mi Bookes alle be thei ben ne worthi. And that Wommen ben so Wonclerly wys is to me a grete marvaylle. GLOSSARY. For z'hegrefe, for the great part. Fair, Fire. Cozzrbe, curved. ZV213 nearly, near. Byzybwhe, busily. t,tt Jlfi, my. fire, their. 'QIIIIIEE 5111115 flllli f fe " 'Y !'f, fi Q i A f A f W A A - Sify? M f 19 QIOEE of '95, ,3 45 ' I5 ' A I , White and Gold. Yellow Rose. Presifclent, E. B. VAN ETTEN V-7:00-P7'6.YI.CZ67Zf, M. PARKER. Secretary, I.'E. BROWN. Treaszm-er, C. L. BONNELL. Poet, E. NEIL. ADAMS, ELIZABETH JKEMPER, BELCHER.. FRANCES SPAULDING, BLAIR, DIARY ELLEN. I BLAKE, NIARIAN STANLEY, BLANKENHORN, DIARY BARBARA, BONNELL, CORNELIA LEAVENWORTLI, BRADLEY, ELIZABETH SOPHIA, BROWN, ALICE CRAWFORD, BROWN, IRENE FOWLER., BROWN, BIARIANNA CATHERINE, A NCIIANDLER, MIARY MARTHA, CLARK, LILLIE BERSIIA, CLARK, MARY VIDA, COBB, ELIZA POLIIEMUS, COOLEY, M.ARY ELIZABETH, COOLEY, ROSSA BELLE, CUTTING, ELIZABETH BROWN, DCOLITTLE, BIAY AUGUSTA, EVANS, ETIIEL RI-IODA, FAIRBAIRN, KATIIARINE CLARA, FOSTER, FLORENCE JOSEPHINE, FREUDENTEAL, ROSE, FULLER, LOUISE ADELAIDE, GRANT, HELEN THERESE, HARIKER. IQATHARINE VAN DYKE, lf Out of College. 20 Nashotah, Wis. Fammington, Me. Angelica. lilnglewood, N. J. Englewood, N . J. Waverly. New Haven, Conn. Fort Meade, S. Dzlk Buntyn, Tenn. New York. Chicago, lll. Hightstown, N. J. Springfield, Mass. Flushing. A Poughkeepsie. Pouglikeepsie. Brooklyn. Rochester. Brooklyn. Wostflvld. N. -T. Walpole, N.ll. Englewood, N. J. Sherburne. Detroit, Mich. San Francisco, Cal. HOLBROOK, EMMA LAURA, JOLLIFFE, FRANCES BORGIA, KIRCIIENER, WILHELBIINA, MGDANIEL, EDITH, FICQUAID, ALICE SOPHRONIA, MARTIN, LEONOILA LAVAL, MATIIES, MILDRED OVERTON, MILLER, :MARY ANNA, l.VIOR,GAN, ISABEL AVERY, NEIL, EDITH, NEYVMAN, BESSIE PEARL, O,CONNELL, DELTA MARIA, PALMER, ELIZABETH CUMMINGS, PALMER, GRACE EMELINE, PALMER, JEAN CULVERT, PALMER, RUTH ELLEN, PARKER, EDITH MAUD, PHINNEY, HARRIET NYE, PRATT, LIENRIETTA ANNIE ROSSINI, PRESEREY, BLANCI-IE DEAN, SANDS, ADELAIDE GREEN, SANDS, GEORGIANA, SMITH, LAURA FITCH, STREETER, FLORAH WEALTHY, SUMMERS, NIARGARET ARELL, VAN ETTEN, ELEANOR BRISTOL, VAN SYCKEL, ANNIE, VAN VLIET, HELENA, WHITCOBIB, ADELE, WHITE, CLARISSA ELIZABETH, WILKINSON, ETHEL, VVILLETT, J OSEPHINE LAPE, Springield, Mass. S8111 Francisco, Cal. Poughkeepsie. Columbus, O. New Haven, Conn. Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Blandford, Mass. Poughkeepsie. Columbus, O. Zanesville, O. Marlboro, Mass. New York. Washington, D. C. Brooklyn. San Francisco, Cal Somerville, N. J. Alton, Ill. Saxtons River, Vt. Providence, R. 1. Port Chester. Port Chester. Moravia.. Johnstown. Butler, Mo. Port J ervis. Flemington, N. J. Poughkeepsie. Chicago, Ill. New Haven, Conn. Tarrytown. Glens Falls. 21, I .f xx A nm , J EQEWWNQQN f J ELX K 0 N o " 0 , E I gb 'aff ' IQ! 1- fi ,yr .xl--V'-,J .Q XX' -AA -cf, w, cf Y M - 4' .ffm ' wx :'Xxfl??'7 X5 L ff 7 i wx x A ffl ff X , ' 5' N-" x NX' VYINM 5 f ,- Q ' Q ' X5 g - 'J,,'wA x M Qi N N N-H fx , f X, Xi .: Q S.Elq xfglry AQ' fri W RX + fy 'ff I P XX W, V ix- QM 3 ww NH' 1 1 'QR X - I ig: I 22 'Q f,f4:f-lg: :freshman fciclifoieiol. The first year in college is a unique experience, and as we shall never be freshmen again-if we can help it-it may perhaps be well to pause for a mo- ment on the brink of Sophomorism, to survey our past experience, and define a little more clearly our present position. Our first impression, if we remember rightly, was of eXtreme melancholy. We wept copiously, particularly in chapel. When we did that, the Seniors said to each other : "Poor thing, how red her eyes are In and they asked ns to "exft with them. The consolation, incredible as it now seems, failed to console. We did not understand the magnitude of the honor thrust upon us, and we thought X had something to do with mathematics. But now we know. We know what "gym.', means too, and " trig.," and "log.,'? and " dig "-by experience. We don't ask our teachers if "they are new girls too,', any more, and we know that they donjt sell matches in the President's office. We know what our brains are made of, and that if we cultivate them with care they will perhaps grow so line and large that sometime they can be pickled in alcohol. We know all about protoplasm, and gerrymanders, and points of view. On the whole, we feel that we have improved, and we like this college, but we have noticed with pain a disposition on the part of some of our associ- ates to remember our youthful wild oats against us, and to apply to us such low adjectives as 'f stuck up H and 'C freshf' In regard to the Hrst charge, we boldly aiiirm that the crop is without doubt exceptionally small. Consider, if you please, our youth, the exuberance of our spirits, and the activity of our minds Y Consider, too, the sins we have left uncommitted. W As to the second charge, if indeed a certain dignity has been noticed in us-a vein of originality not quite usual in freshmen, attribute it not to a mere trivial, upstart tendency. It is far otherwise. The consciousness of a latent but mighty power throbs in our veins and thrills each fibre of our being, Vassar has waited for us, lo, these many years. The time has come for us, and we are here. Fall back then ye other classes I And sound, ye banjos and guitars of Vas- sar, your loud, triumphant strain l The procession is advancing I On its flag is ,94, and its motto is 9Z3c.566e. Freshmen of Vassar, your destiny calls you 5 On to your part in the glorious fray l Win, while no terror of failure appalls you, Honor and fame for the rose and the gray. 23 Presiclemf, Vice- President, Secretary, Trezzswev-, Poef, QICSS of '94. W I f time ' d'6 Rose and Gray. Pink Carnation. A. A. E. I. L. ABBOTT, MARY WINCHESTER. ANDREWS, ELIZABETH M CREHEAD. BARNES. ELIZABETH BCWDEN. BARTLETT. EMELINE BARSTCW, BEIIRENDS, MINNIE RANDALL, BERND, FLCRENCE, BOYNTON. MARY LOUISE, BRENECERDER. ADA FANNY. BROWN, ADA SHERMAN, CANDEE, MARIAN OTIS, CARTER, EDNA, CHASE, FLORENCE ADAMS, CHATER, ELLEN DUNDAS. CCMAN, CARCLINE, CooI.EY. GRACE WEES'rER. CRAIIPTON, SUSAN CIIARLDTTE. CREA. MARY LILLIAN, DELANEY, JOSEPHINE, EDWARDS, GRACE, ELSWORTH. ETHEL IIINTON, ENDS, IQATE LOUISE, EVANS, SUSAN HCYT, FERREL, MIARY ESTELLE, ' FERRY, BLANCHE, FISHER, LIZZIE GRACE, FITCH, LUCY ALDRICH, FITCH, MARY CLIFT., 24 NVest Haven, Conn. Yonkers. Providence, R. I. , Providence, R. 1. Brooklyn., Macon, Ga. Sewaren, N. J. Cincinnati, O. S. HUSSEY. L. LATIMER IVIOORE. C. LUSH. HCWE. North Adams, Mass. Poughkeepsie. Oshkosh, Wis. Chicago, Ill. Englewood, N. J. Hamilton. Plainfield, N. J. St. Albans, Vt. Decatur, Ill. Dallas, Texas. Chicago, Ill. Poughkeepsie. Grand Rapids, Mich New Haven, Conn. Columbus, O. Detroit, Mich. Knowlesville. Skaneateles. Skaneateles. Rutherford, N. J. St. Paul, Minn. FOWLER, FULLER, GEDNEY, GILLIIER, CHARLOTTE LOUI ZADA CONSTANCE, MARY ELEANOR, SA, ELIZABETH ACHSA, GNADE, AGNES, GOLAY, JULIETTE, HAIG HT, BESSIE HAEELTON, HASTINGS, 1l'lABEL LOUISE, FIAWES, LOUISE BUEEUII, HEIIIANS, IDA lVIAY, IHENCH, LILLIE COYLE, IIENDRICKSON, CMARY H., HILL, CLARA MOSSBIAN, HZOLBROOK, DIIYRA COFFIN, I-lOWE, LEONORA, IHOWELL, FANNY ASENATII, LIUSSEY, ALICE SARAH, JOHNSON, KIIIIBALL, LATIIIER, LEONARD, JULIA LOUISE, EDITH, ADA LONBARD, CLARA AUGUSTA LUSH, IDA CORNELIA, LYNCH, MARY C., QMACARTHUR, FLORENCE BLANOH lVlACAULEY, ANNIE RACHEL, MACAULEX', IHARY WIARGARET, MCCURDY, CAROLINE, DIANDEVILLE, DIARGARET, MARCHANT, MARIE, MARSHALL, ELIZABETH ARTHUR, MILLARD, IVIARTHA MAY, MOORE, ETHEL, BIORRILL, IVIARIAN AURILLA, DIUBIFORD, MARY BLANCHE, IVIYERS, ANGIE RIARTIN, l,AT'I.'EN', LIZZIE HIGGINS, PATTERSON, LEILA IAIENRY, PLATT, EMILY BARTLETT, ROBBINS, FLORENCE LILLIAN, SCIIENCK, LILLIE CORINNE, 1 SCHNEIDER, MARIE SOPHIE, SLADE, PIELEN MILDRED, SIIITII, ETIIEL MARY, SPIERS, KATI-IARINE ESTELLE, STEBHINS, ICATE VAN COTT, STIOIINEY, RUTH, STORY, ADA BELLE, UTTER, ICATIIARIINE RIINERVA, EJ 25 Poughkeepsie. Albany. New Haven. Conn. War1'en, O. Brewer, Me. Auburn. Brooklyn. Fall River, Mass. Auburn. H arrisburg, Penn. New Monmouth, N. J. Norwalk, Conn. Poughkeepsie. Cambridge, Mass. Port Jervis. Rochester. Easton, Penn. N ewtonville, Mass. Memphis, Tenn. Auburn. St. Paul, Minn. Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Louisville, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Youngstown. O. Poughkeepsie. Milwaukee, Wis. Pittsburgh, Penn. Poughkeepsie. Oakland, Cal. Brooklyn. Detroit, Mich. Newburgh. Newton Centre. MESS. Franklin, Ky. Poughkeepsie. St. Paul, Minn. Vemy, Ind. Covington, Ky. Quincy, Mass. New York. San Francisco, Cal. Rochester. Ouray, Col. Providence, R. I. VAILLANT, ABBY AUGUSTA, VANDER BURG, CAROLINE GERTRUDE, VAN KLEECII, iMELVINA, WAGAR, ISIATTIE NIAY, WELLS, EIIILIR LOUISE, VVHITE, GERTRUDE, WIIYTR, LAURA AGNES, XVILCOX, ALICE WILSON, 26 New York. Fail River, Mass. Poughkeepsie. Lakewood, O. St. Ignace, Mich. Brooklyn. Jersey City Heigh Providence, R. 1. f ts,N 45.3. Qollegioie gipeeiol Qssoe-ioiion. Qf gf Pres'5cZem', 177108-PT6SZ'd67'Zf Sccv'c2fm'y, Treas1w'eT, 7 AUNE, NELLA LANDT, BATCHELLER, ANNA LOUISE, BEERS, LILA ELIZA, BENSLEY, MAR'PPIi1 SOPHIA, BLACK, GRACIA MILDRED, BOWMAN. INA. BRoWN, OLIVE LIILTON, CHAPIN, BETSEY CHAPMAN, CHASE, ALICE GODDARD, COAR, ANNA 1V1AY. COLEURN, GRACE TALBOT, CONANT, HA'FTIE CORINNE, DAVIS, IQATHERINE BEHENT, DUNSTAN, CORA VANDELIA, ESTES, CHARLOTTE L., FULLER, FANNY I-IoWARD, GREEK., LILY, GRIMSHAW, BLANCHE, IIALL, ESTHER ADIELIA, TIANSEN, Lucr 1V1ATILDA. HENDERSON, LIZZIE GRACE, HZOMANS, SARAH SHEPPARD, HUGHES. NELSIE PATRICK, Rs fi faaafz - IIULBERT, EDITH JOSEPHINE, INGHAM, MARIA LOUISE, JONES, ELLA VIRGINIA, ICEYSER, ANNIE TOWNSEND, KNOWLSON, BIARY ELIEADET II LANDAUER, LIILDRED, LITTLE, MARIE LOUISE, LoRD, B'1AR.Y XVADE, 9 QT L. GREER. M. L. LITTLE. B. E. O,DWYER B. C. CIIAIDIN. Tipton, Ia.. VVa.11ingfOrd, Vt. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. Lebanon. Penn. Andeison, S. C. Evanston, 111. Brooklyn. New York. Newton Centre, Mass. Owosso. Mich. Rochester. Creswell, N. C. Brockport. Brooklyn. Chicago, 111. Minneapolis, Minn. St. Paul, Minn. Milwaukee, Wis. Pulaski. ' Englewood, N. J. Omaha., Neb. Yonkers. Say Brook, Conn. Morris Church, V R. Albany. Troy. Milwaukee, Wis. Middletown. Evanston, Ill. LOYD, ALBERTA, NICADAMS, BESSIE iVIAn.G,xRE'1'. IVICELROY, Lou VIOLA. MCKINNEY', MARY LOU, WIILLER, LOUISA, O,i3WYElf,. ELLEN, PHELPS. THEODORA Amr, Pr.A'1"1'. SARA SHERWOOD, REYNOLDS, EDITH IVIIRIAM. ROBINSON, IHABEL PORTER. ROSE, LILY, SAGE, LIELEN FRANCES. SANEORD, MAY STEVENS. SHAVER, JESSIE NIAUDE, S1-IERWOOD, MARY AUGUSTA. STAGG, PAULINE HANNAH. 'I'omPmNs. NANNA MAY. Woon. HARRIET ANNE, YOST, BERTHA ELIZABETII. Lynchburg, Va. Mt. Pleasant, Penn. Marshalltown. la. Farrnville, Va. Florence, S. C. Jackson. Mich. Dunkirk. Poughkeepsie. Leavenworth, Kan. Milwaukee, Wie. Providence, R. 1. Cincinnati, O. Bennington Centre, Vt Jamestown. Omaha, Neb. West Orange, N. J. Poughkeepsie. Saginaw, Mich. Waterloo. BAKER, MARY LOUISE, Poughkeepsie. Qfhe Qiehoole ofa Qld. BEATTIE, WIARGARET PARI BIRRMAN, AGNES, BURKE, MARY LOUISE, BUNTEN, MABEL ELEANOR, BYERS, PINA FRANCES, CARPENTER, GRACE, COOLEY, MABEL LILLIAS, FROST, MINA LOUISE, HATFIELD, FREDERICA DAVIS MOCURDY, MARY, MITCHELL, HELEN EMMA, RISSER, FLORENCE MAE, SAGUE, JULIA, VAN INGEN, JOSEPHINE KOELBIAN, WING, CARRIE THORNE, ll. SH, QF 'I5OinTIng. Middletown. Indiana, Penn. Clayville. Ronfloui. Cliicago, lll. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. , Poughkeepsie. Youngstown, Troy. Chicago, Ill. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Willow Brook. QF Imilsie. O. BAREOUR, DAISY FRANCES, BARRETT, MARY MELVIN, BERRY, ANNA, BYERS, DAISY EVELYN, CARPENTER, lVIAR,Y WRIGHT, CLARKE, ALICE BARNEVELDT, DOUCHTY, lVIAR,Y ELENA VAN' ELSWORTI-1, MLARY JOHNSTON, FERRIS, CAROLINE MURRAY, HAGCERTY, SUSIE HYDE, HAICHT, ANNA VALETTE, CGI HARPER, MARY, IHAWLEY, LINA STANTON, HOLRISTROBI, LOUISE FAY, Lookwoon, SARA FALCONERAG BAACDONALD, JESSIE LILIAN, MIASON, LOUISE HUILLBUT, MILLARD, BLUFF IIA IIYERASCIIOOI of painting, NIORRIS, MPAUD MARGARET, DEBOCART, aduato, 1889.5 29 Hartford, Conn. Allegheny, Penn. Stormville, Chicago. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. lvfatteawan. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. New Concord, O. Philarlelphia, New York. Penn 1'aflu:Ite,1889.jPoughkeepsie. Troy. Poughkeepsie. 1533 New Hzninburg. Bridgeport, Conn. MUHLHAUSER, SOPHIE, PELL, VIRGINIA ISOLIND, PERKINS, GRACE TAYLOR, SANDERS, IVIAUD LOUISE, SHWARTZ, LILLIAN, VAUGIIAN, MARTHA DUNN STEVENSON, WIETHAN, MZAY JOSEPHINE, WOODWARD, BIAY, WOODWORTH, IVIARY, Resident Graduates, . Seniors, . . . Juniors, . . . Sophomores, . Freshmen, . In Special Courses, . Q5 ummoeg. In the Schools of Art: Painting, . Music, Whole number, 30 Cleveizmd. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie. Petersburg, Va. Poughkeepsie. Washington, D. C. Webster City, Ia. 1 . 36 . 52 . 57 . 85 15 29 231 so 44 , 32 5 Q5fuclen1.5' Qssoeiaiion. Prcsvlclenzf, Vice-P1'z2si5Ze1zz', fS'ec7'ezfm'y and Treasu-1'c1', Leader Of Uollege Glee Club, OROANIZED 1867. O. A. BENTLEY, '91 F. ETTEN, '91. A. M. RORRINS, 192 F. HALLIDAY, '9l. Qommifree FOP QOUITOQRO QW. DR. FARWELL, Mlss LOOMIS, MAY 1, 1891. FACULTY. PROE. SALMON, A PROE. VAN INOEN, PROE. MILLS. STUDENTS. L. A. LAWRENCE, 'EIL H. C. OAKLEY, ,91. E. R. PUTMAN, '92. M. V. CLARK, '93. B. FERRY, '94. P. H. STAGG, S. byaeaker, PRES. NIATTHEW H. BUCKHAM, D. D. 31 QSQIF-CC-Qoxvelan mencf Qommiidree. C. B. DINTUREE, A. L. REED, Clzcnirovzcavz, G. A. BENTLEY '91, A. APPLEGATE, ,92. C. E. BANFIELD, '92-3. E. K. ADAMS. '94. B. H. HAIGHT. SPECIALS. P. H. STAGE. 32 , 91. K. L. STRONG. E. J. DANIELS A 77? , f 5 X A S -Q Tw ,gif 7 .T kr-.QQ 'E' if-:NF V X IF, X' L, 7 3 f E - W RX, x JR ' Q!" A A, 2 I- dk ff Qi.- fy , jf' Q . '2f1??3A-.swf f,:a.W,1 ffasp 3 .1 A M- 511 , z ff K , gk f , W' ff x LV: 4 X -' ,WJ f L-1 'ET-NM, E iw! 'Q f 33 v S. x eq V N, Tf X Q H 4 Ffa ,v V X ,W 'Amiga ' wb: fi? fir . 7T',' f ' 15 . SW? E 1 Fill-xij x V 2 f HW' fl ww , haw-J f . "" Mfg ' . .25 2 -M1 9 ' 1 SP IAAAHQEIZ. OEGANIZED 1865. Red, White and Blue, Presficlent, L. A. LAXVRENCE, '91 Vice-Presideizzf, H. A. HOUSTON, '91. Sec1'etm'y, E. J. DANIELS, '92. T1'easu4'eo', P. HEEEING, '92, Qommiffee fora ighilclleiheun QW. DECEMBER 5, 1890. . A. APPLEGATE, '91, B. G. B. DINTURFF, '91, A. F. HALIJDAY, '91, B. E. H. HAIGHT, '91, A. L. C. DEANE, '92, B. J. M. OBER, '91, A. T. XVELT, '91, A. Concert, COLLEGE GLEE AND BANJO CLUBS. A M H C. M E. M L. M H. D. C. M. A. R. Presiclevzt, Vice-Presiclavzt, Secreiary, Zl'easzw'eo-, Applegate, '91. T. Allen, '91, G. Brisbin, '91, B. Dinturif, '91, L. Greene, '91, H. ifiaight, '91, E. Jansen, '91. A. Lawrence, '91. E. Riekert, '91, G. Sheldon, '91, N. Taylor, '91, E. Vickroy, '91. E. Woodin, '91. Arbuckle, '92, Brush, '92, Qholylee Qlpho. ToM1c5f,ze1f Gower? sfvfaz. Red. MEMBERS. MCN. Flett, '92, E. Fanton, '92, E. F. Gould, '92 A. Hirsch, '92. S. Honnans, '92. G. Moorehead, '92, B. Morrill, '92. Oldham, '92, M. Palmer, '92. B. Sargent, '92. M. Smith, '92. Taylor, '92. Ward, '92, E. Wood, '92. C. Brown, '93, 36 A M . B. Drnrunrr, ' B. Clark, '93. P. Cobb, '93. E. Cooley, '93, M. l'a1'lcer, '93. N. Phinney, '93, Wilkinson, '93, E. Ferrell, '94. White, '94, A. WVhyte, '94. L. Batcheller, S. ' T. Colburn, S. C. Conant, S. V. Mchllroy, S. A. Phelps, S. L. Sanders, S. E. H. HAIGHT, 91 . APPLEGATE, '91, . E. JANSEN, 91. 9 M H H K. J. 1 L. E P E. A. E. M A. M Fl. L. P7'0S'iCZ67Zf, Vice Presficlevzt, Secretary, Y5'easm'e1", L. Copeland, '91, A. Houston, '91, C. H. W C. C. J. He Oakley, '91, Pringle, '91, Tompkins, '91, Banfleld, '92. Deane. '92, Daniels, '92, rring, '92, M. ivrast, '92, L. Perkins, '92. R. Putman, '92, E. Quinn, '92, M. Robbins, '92. S. Sanford, '92, M. Shively, '92, T02 LQA7767? Q17pc5f1e1f, White. MEMBERS. K. Starrett, '92, A. A. Stephenson. '92, B. Tunnicliif, '92, A. G. Ulriek, '92, . B. Titus, '92, . L. Reed, '92, . Morton, '92, L. Grant, '92, E. H. Stearns, '92, . D. King, '92, E. B. Hartridge, '92, E. K. Adams, '93, E. S, Bradley, '93, .C. Brown, '93, . S. Blake, '93, F. S. Belcher, '93, 37 hnpiee eta. H. O. OAKLEY, 91. K. H. PRINGLE, '91, E. B. GUTTING., 93. S. B. TUNNICLIFF, '92 M. M. Chandler, '93, E. B. Cuttingg, '93, L. Greer, '93, E L. Holbrook, 93. K. V. D. Harker, '93, F, B. Jolliife, '93, J. G, Palmer, '93, R. E. Palmer, '93, A. Van Syckel, '93, H. T. Grant, '93, C. E. White, '93, E. A, Marshall, '94, H. F. Sage, C. S. S. S. Platt, C. S. P. H, Stagg, O. S. Presiclent, Vice-Presicleozt, Secretary, T1'easu0'er, C. A. Bentley, '91. F. Etten, '91. F. Halliday, '91. V. Halliday, 91. R. J. . M. Kavana, '91. M. obey, '91. K. L. Strong, '91. N. E. Van Tassel, '91. I. Welt, '91. L E . B. James, '92. . L. Rowe, '92. M. A. Smith, '92. M. B. Blankenhorn, '93. B. P. Newman, 93. M. A. Summers, 93. E. B. Bartlett, '94. M. R. Behrends, '94. Qhopten mega. F. M. E G. S. K S. B. L. M M. E. M L. C. L. A. Blue. MEMBERS. Bernd, 94. L. Boynton, '94. Carter, 94. W. Cooley, '94. C. Crarnpton, '94. L. Enos, '94. H. Evans, '94. Ferry, '94. A. Fitch, '94. C. Fitch, '94. E. Gedney, '94. A. Gillmer, '94. L. Hastings, '94. B. Hawes, '94. M. Hill, '94. Howe, '94. S. Hussey, '94. 38 K. L. STRONG, '91. R. M. KAVANA, '91 A. S. HUSSEY, '94. L. A. FITCH, '94. E. Kimball, '94. M. C. Lynch, '94. A. R. Macauley, '94. M. M. Macauley, '94. E. J. MacMo1'ran, '94. M. A. Morrill, '94. L. H. Patterson, '94. E. Bl Platt, '94. L. C. Schenck, '94. M. S. Schneider, '94. K. V. C. Stebbins, '94. H. M. Wagar, '94. N. L. Agne, S. M. G. Beattie, S I. Bowman, S. B. C. Chapin, S. J. L. Macdonald, S. I Q, f 4, 71 If ', 'WL :fy JWW 1 ' ' ' 'Wg'ff.,': 5 M f ' ff'1l'H, 14 I!!-1:15 +5111 ff j41m w, ,5e1wfE4Li-I W X fha ffm- givzzff.ig11l.? , , fbi! wyk-'A 14 1- zifff 1,2 1- 5 153327 It ., : w , A' H I , 5 ,- l --Lf A f-'i..- Healy ? i 4 , .1 , ,L ,X er X 'fQ, 5 5- iw , ff?-ff?f5""i . . .f ' 'f" 1"fL -iflf: .. f X 'I , I QL, 4 af - ff X ,4,. Hi U L 2147 if' ' .12 , WDM rv 1" 5.5: ji! . :Af ffff' v .Q - ' " 5' fbqlzf . 1,11 . N IA' 4- ' -Y W . :F jf. :QQ-1 , 79.1, 'Y.g-"lx-Lfde, . ' 1 . ' QS . ' M 1 I lv VME .I EW " X M u 3 xi X tl ff ,ky 7? , 1143? K f ., X' flld qi' :""'QW'p1 N X ,,f f 1. l- ,p,1,f3,V.,, J N fx 04,6 ,Q X 1, If X y 54" 1 q ,zfzigf X Q f -Q-5 f f 'I ffj-QT L' . f 'J lif' 'Y' ff' ' W Eff XV S111 IIWQMQI V fb 1X 1 x " f! 796 7 xx 'MMM If M nj f e ,1, - Y X 4' -' , :..,1 . :J -.:f" I. f Lv -'i.,jf'Zfi,, , ',f,:,A .. rg - . .. nf ,,.-rv'1, "UU-, A ,, ,- A+- Q?'f?,1'5' ' 1' 4 iifvifhztz H1224 ' ' :yu gl YL bggflfsfw. , -.- Wag, 1 i " X, ' QQ!" ff 'f bq L, Q w.'-self.-bglplauv, g lxwg M , 2 flfffzsffgwW1--145.-L.':-fl '- :Ni K . M- l"ffw.1s 4 sJ,f5 ': f -. -. . M iff vol:-Q iw 2:2 N ' V Qi yjbfifii ,W1vg ,i-L.,-'-wE,.5g. n:,'h!!14'f7 ,JJ 41-Al 5 -sm--uf-,,1Pf3w -1 , i .. 'ff , . , 4 .. ,-- R , ' px. Q -ii, lk 'I y .n,. 'I1,- 1f'f'5fi,?'x 7" - 2241 5.19 ff., 'tn' , ' W 'W -915-Q fi r 1 '-":22'.-:X Q. .2---'fb '-' X I., ,r Af'-'EJ hs ' f UIH1 N.iif5iff'f.'3zl'2k'fi1f'zi"36f'.g' f'7'f':a' 'nf if 5 X- A ' , 52 , ,MI qi'-::4VT"f'If--gxeiii.5555-A-xfr- ,A ',l :. 1 - y . 3321 ewfifiwp .3 Ll 1, ,MMX ,EXAM K Q , .H ,I ifzfgf af gax - mv I I , f , fin " 52.64 L , --fa-755' My . 95,5 .ti-is x xx 7 N ' ' 'ft xx , ..,. ff f 1 J x 1,-'kk A ' N Q ' 1 ft I I x gm ,fc W x Ju xf f Z ? If '94 xx. ,ba -F E'-1 X iigsisfissf- "eare2fvf . A iff H -1555 Wig. I I 1-EQ u! mffyil I "Tw x ui :.A.'ue21.f'-, mia, 45.1 www ,, N I -l1g,fff?1.5 .Q ,fpffy f 1 '1 , - ' Uiiggu LQ'- -'5WfE1:m'f fifii T ? ' WT,5i,1ffQ,2a?:?fi if ' ' I , : 1m2eag2pg 'ff 11 , an 1 f Um gc.g7 I 4' ,"!Ia.f,Iu!! fl. ,V ' ,,- . Q , - '-aff, X " ' fx re'-fig-1 1 24' X 4' , I I hiluledrheun Qpenu ouse. OPENING OF SEASON 1890. UNDER MANAGEMENT, ..... Pllilaletllean Society Quest 45011 Qlog. SATURDAY EVENING, NOV. 2251. THE PRIVATE SE CRETARY Engagement of the inimitable E. WARD, as THE PRIVATE SECRETARY, Supported by the following Superb Cast: G. Cooley. H. A. Houston P. H. Stagg. E. H. Stearns. C. E. Furness. E. McDaniel. E. F. Gould. C. M. Curry. Miss Lawrence. Mr. Marsland ,........ T Harry Marsland, . . Mr. Cattermole, . . Douglas Cattermole, . John, . . . . Knox, . . . . Gardner, . . Mr. Gibson, . . Edith Marsland, . . Eva Webster, . . Miss Riekert. Miss Holbrook. Miss Ashford, . Mrs. Stead, . . . . and Robert Spalding, ....... E. Ward. BOARD OF MANAGERS. H. O. OAKLEY. H. A. HOUSTON. P. H. STAGG. E. K. ADAMS. R. M. KAVANA. C. M. CURRY. Dramalic Oritic, D. N. TAYLOR. 40 Miss Macaulay. gieeono EXQII Qing. JANUARY 17, 1891. CN GUARD CAST. Denis Grant, fAn African Traveleigj . . Corny Kavanagh, CAn AdVentu1'er,j . . Guy Warrington, . Grouse, fAn Attorneyj Baby Boodle, . . Druce, QA Soldie1"s SG1'V?JJHt,D . Mrs. Fitzosborne, QA WicloW,j .... ' Jessie Blake, fGuy Warri11gton's Cousin,j . . J. W. TOMPKINS. L. C. DEANE. COMMITTEE. V. TTALIDAY, Olumwzcm. S. B. TUNNICLIFF. 41 E. P. Cobb. S. B. Tunnicliff. J. JV. Tompkins. N. D. King. L. Howe. Q E. B. Bartlett. Miss Black. Miss M. M. Maoauley A. C. ULRIOK. M. V. CLARK. Qfhilsb QCII Blog. FEBRUARY 28, 1891. A RUSSIAN HCNEYNTOQNC. CAST OF THE CHARACTERs. Alexis Petroviteh ,...... C. A. Bentley. A Journeyman, Qafterward Gustave, Count Woroifskijy Poleska, . 4 . . . - . . . Miss Florence Halliday His Wife. A Baroness Vladimir, .... Miss Oakley. His Sister. Ivan, I . ..... D. N. Taylor. A Master Shoemaker. A Micheline, ...... Miss Latimer. His Daughter. Koulikoif Demetroviteh ,..... K. H. Pringle. Intendant of the Chateau Woroifski. Osip, . ....... M. P. Beattie. A Young Peasant. Peasants and Guards. COMMITTEE. A. APPLECATE, 07LCL'Z:7'777,f67Z. C. A. BENTLEY, E. WARD, C. B. DINTURFF, A. S. HUssEY, E. B. BARTLETT. 42 Fl MARCH 21, 1891. ourflh ffbiall plug. She Stoops to Conquerg OR YC Miitakes of a Night. Sir Charles Marlow, Young Marlow, . Hardcaftle, . Haftings, . Tony Lumpkin, Diggory, . Roger, . Dick, . Thomas, Landlord, Slang, . jeremy, Groom, . Beauvard, . . Mrs. Hardcaftle, . Miss Neville, . Miss Hardcaftle, . Ye Cali of Characters. L. V. McElroy. E. Ward. G. W. Cooley. R. Stickney. H. A. Houston. E. A. Gillmer. F. L. Robbins. M. M. Macauley A. R. Macauley I. C. Lusk. L. H. Patterson. K. L. Enos. L. B. Hawes. R. W. Brush. Miss Curry. Miss Robbins. Miss Ulrick. Miss Chater. DEANE. Dolly, . . . . . . YC Committee. M. T. ALLEN, Clzairmafz. H. A. HOUSTON. L. C. E. H. HAIGHT. B. H. E. Moons. 43 HAIGHT. ffif' ,!fl fi X' N X x1 f 5 1 Hey-Q ff f ' - - 1' X-lfX f , 1 X W1 ' N if 1 ' 1 X ' if -Q f 1' lx ix L Riff, , ,ml ' fx fx by 'Afff.fT ff Z 0 5 6' im N im ff UM f + ' Wiilfmn v i-'mm R! ,, X LU 'E - Q" ' E f V! I 1 Ykg ff' ,fy xv D iff ,437 L 27 ' f ' "' n'1 u4'? f f is 2 7174 ! 7? - - A f I . V w " 11 'ummm-2' -H N U. .. X bm ? W , i s, I I gp, If w , T f' -. if . Y PF' - iv f fg' Q" -A 4.1-'A 'WV if 44 Speaker, Glefk J 45 fi' 1-, .1 '0,Tf. wg 52g-A ny-, -'1 Tn ag, if 'N'."'fj1x 'iie,?4iv 'iff sal' 'L-9.51" 1'-w' ,mv and House of Commons. K. H. Pfingle. M. M. Bolmell. MEMBERS. The Glass of '91 gi,,:,'1:g-:f,,,:,- 1 , , f.a:z:s::s-V4'.11i:g:..L..G -,,-.19-.tgfip-,-.., , ,JZ--,-if-,-f -L--fe-V -1 ff flaw fggfy f f X fffff ff! 4 Q - +E- ,ze-,ug :- -, "r'HF-T-i -f- YY... - , Q ww .-ld?- S- N ' 2311 g.: .7 s 'si ' " .Y . ,ff -, ' , 5' ,347 X X ,ff ff 2 . ,f , ,lrpgeff 'e z--. f' Qui Qixve. Debating Society. ?feside1TL, Vice- Pfesiderfu, Secfetefy and Tfeasufeg MEMBERS. The Glass of '92 46 M. Mofton. P. Heffing. ZX. Ps. Stephenson - 2 ..f!?'1Ne - W D Walk A , Sv.. A . Y., '25 rw. Y TL -: S, .Sf-S.. .. - 3'?Q. Pile. 'iii ' .A FA ,AE .L,... 5,55 ,Lf pm. "1 1' 1 Qgholeeepeorfe l'1'es'icZemL, V 1'ce-Presiclent, Secretary, M. Allen. K. Strong. D. Taylor. L. Lawrence. J . Tompkins. L. Deane. H. Oakley. H. Houston. H. Grant. P. Stagg. MEMBERS. 47 lub. E. E. K. A. P. G. A. M E. A. MISS STRONG. MISS TOMPKINS MISS ULRICK. K. Adams. M. Mast. H. Pringle. S. Hussey. Herring. W. Cooley. H. Maoauley. . M. Ma.oa.uley. L. Holbrook. C. Ulrick. lvesvldenzf, Vzfce-Presifclemf, fSbc1'etary and T reasuow, A. Applegate. E. C. Banfield. C. A. Bentley. G . Edwards. B.Fe1'ry. C. Grolay. E. Greer. F. Halliday. V. Halliday. M. B. Mumford. GTF 'Q SW. L ' N X1 ,zz-: .4 mi ielsens Qlub. MEMBERS. 48 V. HALLIDAY A. APPLEGATE A. L. REED. C. Palmer. E. Palmer. L. Perkins. R. Putman. L. Reed. A. M. Robbins. L. Robbins. H. Stearns. Stickney. X -4. ff f . 'sf' 1 A A1 rj I 3 5? 5 . Q ,S l fill. .X . ,Q l fe ' ff f" . f " l ff will-l nl Lf-f-.-1 h ,f,f,p..w l1L5- I l we lm 1. A , x f -1 514555 :gi-ll I ' I I I P1'e.s1fcZen.1f, ' F. ETTEN. Vice-President, L. GREEK. Secretary and Iwaszmw, E. L. Rows. ..., A. Wlnitcomb. L. E. Beers. F. M. Risser. F. A. Chase. M. S. Bensley. D. E. Byers. 1 M. C. Lynch. 1 G. M. Black. E. Garnett. X F. D. MacArthur. P. F. Byers. . U '- ' B ll JF- ,. . .Li 77' .I it V 4 f x . 1 ,Z i xx iff M, A K 6 ' I I 1' lf! -8 x- 'f '. .0 df if ' ' 36 ls . . .J 3 Plresident, K. H. PRINGLE. Vice-Presiclevzt, E. M. BIAST. S0c1'e2fary and Trea.9u1'ev', b H. F. SAGE. C. E. Furness. E. Neil. A. F Bremfoerder. H. G. Moorehead. B. P. Newman. M. M. Mefjurcly. A- OWQHS.. M. E. Ferrell. M. Hzurper. A. G. Ul1'l-Oli. C. McCu1'cly. S. Muhllmuser. E. llICD2H118l. H. M. lV2wa1'. Fl. A. Gillmer. a 49 f !" UXy,Wm?fEQ, ,EXW fwilf p Fr NS A A. If 4.miWn' ! !x ,' ' 4 .- 4 X f A Zf,ff W x , A W A Nciweat ,K gg V 5 - J . x., .C f J xxxx ' ,. H-AJ 'ff Q -N f ?Hi5w1fllwm. EDITORS. '92- E. C. BANFIELD, E. B. I-IARTRIDGE M. S. PACKARD. '93- E. K. ADAMS, G. E. PALMER. A. M. ROBBINS, '92, Business Manager. E. B. CUTTING, '93, Asst. Business Manager. .3 '., Y mr, swell., uf- X 50 Libmricm, t ' I , I Azds, 4 L C'ura2f01", Academy CLondonj. Academy tSyracusej. American Journal of Con- chology. American Journal of Mathe- matics. American Journal of Phil- ology. A m e r i c a n Microscopical Monthly. American Naturalist. Andover Review. Annals of Natural History. Annales: Botanique. Annales : Zoelogie. Anthon's Photo-Bulletin. Archaeological Institute at Athens. Astronomische Nachrichten. Atlantic Monthly. Biologische Centralblatt. Blackwood. Book Buyer. Book News. Boston Daily Transcript. Botanical Gazette. Botany, Journal of. Botanische Zeitung. Century. Chemical News. Christian Register. Christian Union. Classical Review. Congregationalist. Contemporary Review. Critic. Domestic Monthly. Edinburgh Review. Qfhe Qibeoeyj. FRANCES A. Woon. LUCIA E. WooD. KATHARINE B. Tires. FLORENCE J. FOSTER. ROSE M. KAVANA. MARY E. BLAIR. DIARY A. LTILLER. Gfhe Qeoeing fQoom. Early English Text Publica- tions. English Historical Review. Evangelist. English Journal of Philology. Examiner. Fortnightly. Forum. Foster's Journal of Physiol- ogy. Garden. The. Gartenlaube. Harper's Monthly Harper's Weekly. Independent. Index to Periodicals. Inter-Ocean tChicagol. Journal of Hellenic Studies. Journal of Morphology. Journal of Mycology. Journal of Royal Microscopi- cal Society. Kate E'ield's Washington. Lend a Hand. Les Annales : Polit et Lit. Library Notes. Life. Literary YVorld. London Art Journal. London Quarterly. Mind. Morphologisches J ahrbuch. Musical World. Musical Record. Nation. Nature. New York Mail and Express. New York Times. 51 FRANCES A. WooD. New York Tribune. New York World. N ightingale. Nineteenth Century. North American Review. Observer. Philadelphia Public Record. Philosophical Magazine. Political Science Quarterly. Popular Science Monthly. Poughkeepsie Eagle. Poiiglikeepsie News-Press. Proceedings Academy Natu- ral History. Proceedings Boston Society Natural History. Quarterly Journal of Micro- scopy. Revue des Deux Mendes. Rheinisches Museum Philo- logic. Rund schau. Sanitary Era. Saturday Review. Scribner's. Shakespeariana. Silliman's. Spectator. Springlield Republican. St. Nicholas. Torrey Bulletin. Transactions of American Philological Association. Unitarian Review. Westminster Review. Zeitschrift fiir Wisscnschaft- lichts Zoologie. Zoologischer Anzeigcr. , 1 : .',. . 4 I 52 QSSQR-of? C uoson. THE CELEBRATED INN SANITCRIUM. PATIENCE WANTED. EISEASES QF TEE MINE SKILLFHLLY TREATEB. A LARGE AND ABLE BODY' OF LEARNED DOCTORS FORM THE STAFF OF RESIDENT PHYSIOIANS. A Special Leach may be engaged for the Entire Course. FCUR CCURSES UT TREATMENT WARRANTED TC CURE TEE MUST ACCRAVATED CASES A Physical Examination is Required on Entering. THE FIRST COURSE is especially adapted to those sultering from Vertigo, Nostalgia and Adolescence. . The remedies used are Perrygoric, Greene herbs, plane and solid diet, flavored With extracts of roots for the untlopliysticated. N. B.-By the end of this course the patient, as a rule, sufters no longer from addlelessons. The SECOND COURSE has been arranged for those afflicted with Enlarge- ment ot the Cranium, Inclinations to Haziness, and Loss of Members. A Little Manuel labor is introduced. The habits of life must become more Ceremonious and a Cicerone is sup- plied for each patient in Romeing over the grounds. Analytical examinations are frequently made to watch the progress of the treatment. THIRD COURSE.-The following course is simple and inserted merely as a preparation for the inal severe treatment and series of operations, any Re- formation is carefully studied, and every Constitution is expected to undergo a complete Revolution. ' I This course, however, is no joke, but it may be conducted At Home. 'FOURTH COURSE.-Now for the iirst time the brains are touched, and the Specialist in Mental and Moral Obliquity begins a new system of fmzfuiiig. Strong doses of orthodoxy are frequently administered. ' 53 At this stage only do the three preceding treatments visibly bear fruit. Heart troubles and all Organic germs must be eradicated immediately. Forces of Motion are stimulated and lost Energy is restored by Electrical treatment. The Physics used are delightful to the taste, and the course is open to all suierers, for it is made as Economical as possible. Patients at this point bid farewell to Room-mate-isrn, and when the Tree- tment is spade for, they are at liberty to leave, and each one will be furnished with a certiicate by the Doctor in charge, testifying to her A. B. ility to enter any pursuit of life. The treatment is carried on in an airy and palatial edifice, elegantly fur- nished, and approached by a delightful avenue Winding through a forest of Evergreen trees. The diet is equal to that of the best hotels, and a choice between French and German cookery is offered 3 but the sozqaerior course is condensed. Baths of all descriptions are connected with the institution, and the marble- lined sulphur-baths are world-famed. Adjoining the house containing these is a large play-room, Where the patients may recline after the exertions of the bath. ' The Inn Sanitorium is situated on the shores of a beautiful lake, Where steam yachts and pleasure-boats of all descriptions may be engaged at the Wharves. It is also Within easy driving distance of a Museum and Art Gal- lery eLab.orately equipped, While an Observation-Tower, reached by a short ride on the electric cars, commands a View of the country for miles around. The site is of especial interest owing to traces found of a former occupancy. Among the relics recently unearthed Was a lantern of grotesque fashioning, supposed to belong to the Dark Ages, and bearing the inscription 90, followed by the half-eifaced letters A. B. A library Well-stocked with light literature and recent fiction is open to all, and no extra charge is made for books lost, or purposely misplaced. The social life of the Inn Sanitorium offers a special attraction. Blissful evenings of Story-telling are passed in the softly lighted salon, and musical treats are given periodically by an experienced Harper. The leisure hours are Well Phil.led with literary entertainments, and at certain stages Chapters from the best authors are acted out by leading professional stars. The best of references and any further information may be obtained by addressing ED. I. Tons, Vassar-olf-Hudson. 54 ,' was U. 5 1 595" WE S il, Tfjg . M f' ,N , sk 2 Qi E 3 . Alqluu sf , .Q K Q 'X' 1:1 -rziiq ,E P w q ' 11 f T Q? f WWW ff x, as-+x, ., M gy , . ' 0 4 X5 20 ' 1 ' 4. 2 f-Q1 .f ,I 1 X W '3 TL L I - lf W , '--v-+N I-d N 1 is X' E ' " , Q .' ' K ' ' 44 1 N fi X ' M Q . f' ,f i . 3 f , . X A Wafif ' AY L' M- 2? X ff ' ' f' fvvfvmwff 'Y Q Rm ,dz , . V X X L W4 g sn 'I ' .lik 2 5 Q X X . X K 1 Nw if ff' 3 T' r ' 5 1 " I - r J f ' ' -vvu . - " A X J ff, Xl I I N l 1 RQ :ff M WN Nwffggfm 55 b- ' N J ii?5g2:es?s5gff5QgifgJi4H,F 1 ie gaiiiigi?5?2w2iQ??5sefQMwwww,1 wq - 2 E W p f 7 ff "A V 325+5'f1'vwf',11'1i'q-W' W A 215 O J, 2 E553 SIZE iw iwi Nw A V . 4 ' " L ' ' -215 W5 h l Hf1WT . H . H., ,:',, ,if ---,EiQ E L, ' if DW Uyw q - Lk . I nw X, 1 , 1 T", ,,,'- L,--f1:1.iA,-fl if , ' LK f, Tm- 'I Q ' ' ,A, , -.1 aw., Q -, X . A Y 7 ffg fif 1 3 1 ll " "ix 'MLK ' J-5 ' ,JQHXW xl . , ig X, ,,,- ,ig f ,,i,CZ, i'f f2,fAiE1,. ,g5 ggi 4,v X- N wxgq Nw - 1 r ff 'A rg ,ffffl M 'ffwikfffx Ai! WM JKT IW., 'M ' 'W lk 2514- 1 , 'M 5' f 2 - , jg ! ui:v 6f3i"iqW H! 'FX f g f- 4 f H3izw?.M1 Lf xwwQ:f4H::g4Q2.QZQQNWMWHWMQMWVQMEWfWWEwT 'rf 2Q:4 WW fWwM4P!VMVQw 2 ff f mwyf'hf affwwQfE F 1?QiwW.+,MMwgMkQEEEw fvW2WiiwV3'W'EW' 'E ,, Yum elf . V 4- if J'-'D " '-5 ' - af ' L gig'-A :fn-"af.7,f.,:,,'1 N ' , WMV 'HwQ? +wf ,mw? P' fwfwwmww,pdQ N "'Ef?Nj,'WWfn A - 'f' YH -f' V . ' IF '. 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Putman, '92. Second Sopranos M. A. Henoh, '92. E. R. Putman, '92. L. H. Patterson, 594 Seccmcl Alzfos. A. Bentley, '91, G. K. L. Strong, 391. G. E. White, '93. oncjo CC-Qlub. B. CUTTING, '93, Leader. Guitaws. A. S. Hussey, '94, E. M. Parker,'93. M. M. Maeauley, '9 E. A. Gillmer, '94, 59 First Soprano. E. H. Haight. H. C. Oztkley. K. H. Pringle. First Sopwmo. E. O. Abbott. E. B. Putman. A. L. Perkins. lose Qlee Qlube. 291. Leader, F. HALLIDAY. Second Soprano. S. M. Wylie. O. E. Viokroy. M. F. Washburn. '92. Leodef, A. L. PERKINS. Second Sopromo. C. Golay. M. A. Heneh. 4 S. B. Tunnioliif. Alto. O. A. Bentley K. L. Strong. Alto. M. S. Packard. K. B. Titus. '93. Leader, E. M. PARKER. Soprmzo. Alto. M. B. Blankenliorn. K. C. Fairbairn. L. B. Clark. E. L. Holbrook. E. B. Cutting. B. D. Presbzrey. E. B. Van Etten. F. WT. Streeter. 4 O. E. White. '94. Leader, A. L. LATIMER. Fw st Sopwmof Second Soprano. Alto. G. Mc:Curcly. L. Howe. L. C. Hench. G. W. Cooley. B. Ferry. E. M. Andrews. E. D. Chater. L. H. Patterson. H. M. Slade. M. S. Schneider. G0 5? , EQEQQNEGQDS 7- X QS K X K awazsw G. l f . 7- 7 1 J-,J 1 ,fx M' '7' -.lf-iff I ,nffff-WEA. 37 7 - sgix-gin , F -f:YQyll, YZ 4 Ri: - ie w ' K , ' A - if '- -gli 'I L 1 my . D . il .,, ..,- - - ' I S' lW2?Wga4'kK' f , Q f l mf ix F! fl 'X li iw if I U f X - I , , . .1 l l N l l Ad 4 I jf! V N X . , .22 ' C . ' .Z gmkqvk I 5 j I Q . XA 14-,H 17X F. - K W5 7741: . Lf? PWSMHW- M. L. GOOLEY, S. Vvjce-Presicleut, F, B1 RKM AN, S, 5'009'0fW'y, V. HALLIDAY, '91 MEMBERS. O. Banield, '92. M. L. Frost, S. H. C. O kl , ,91, P. Beattie, S. E. F. Gould, '92, F. M. Ri.sei'?7S. L. Burke, S. ' B. H. Haight, '94, A. M. Robbins, '92. S. Bensley, S. F. D. Hatfield, S. J. Sague, S. F. Byers, S. J. K. Van Ingen, S. E. H. Stearns, '92, L- Bunteni S- L- A- I:31W1'9HC0, '9l. F. H. Underhill, '91 M. Curry, 91. M. McCLirdy, S. G. T. Wing, S. H. E. Mitchell, S. 62 7-35 15 l I-T 'Fai . , im, , 3-t lfieifzfffy.. , :jff?2'L1- L .Liv : eff.-,: - 'Q Ilinl't- F,-,.-.ij ., ,...,,..-, . ,I1..,1 . 1- L4Ci"1.W xx N' - HL!- iflsif N- X il V -f ,E -'E' f f " Q' !' ' f l al' 1 ,- " WI .Nr-af.-1 S I iq '1 "" in 5" 12311 ' J A . .. - E ,' -a , v,' W ' , 1 1 ' f.- - ,,sv -H-.xv tgirl. 5 y ' ?e,j', . av r rg N 9 ,Ur ' A - Ill 'f iqfls, 'fx V' x - , nr 1 ' 1 ,Q X I, cgi, i f ,llflw nl ' f 1 5. 'X A I L21 'Ulwf fill ' 4 if f,",f X I f it f ga f i"'f f -U 1'-.-I ': - milf?-1--:Ewa-I-,'.f, - - "f ' ',r5..'-5-if . . , ' 5 . ' iff, Z " x 'wmzaer -- Wwb f 1 A f I bqm,,.z.w-5-A MW y - . V 4 A .wr-..:::-z3.1-.g..1..,1..-,,z.-fate-114 ,, H, .. 'Que l.,'i5xn1,- 1445 F l gazssz--lfffi-H.. . rsziziif, V, A Z f -. ' ' . ill I H . ?a5E+i'515" Mwff. -, - 5'-..,.f77" 4fvQ7 ' ' ., fp,XN ,fx ,y,x.?,A3j,. - Zi. H 7 ,f ' L55-,,' 4k5? Zig. - . . eminoeg istorjyj. Instr'zwzf01', Professor LUCY M. SALMON. M. T. Allen. P. E. O. Benfield, '92, H H. G. Brisbin. M M. L. Gopeland. L. J. T. Dorman. H F. Etten. K M. L. Greene. M E. H. Haight. M E. B. Hzu-tridge, 422. A MEMBERS. Herring, '92. Houston. E. J ansen. Lawrence. Oakley. Pringle. Quinn. Riokert. Robbins, 192. 63 H. G. Sheldon A. A. Stephenson, 9 K. L D. N J. W F. A. C. E. M. E S. M Strong. Taylor. Tompkins. Underhill. Viekroy. Woodin. Wylie. young XQomen's Qhwisiion Qssooiotion. OEGANIZED 1885. FORMERLY SOCIETY FOR RELIGIOUS ENQUIRY. P1'esicZent, Vice- Presiclen Z, Uorresjoomling Secreiary. Recorclfzlfzg Sec-retcwy, Qwaszwer, Q5 ORGANIZED 1867. mnoing G2omn1iTTees. ON DEVOTIONAL EXERCISES. E. K. Adams, ,93. C. Coman, ,94. P. H. Stagg, S. J. O. Palrner, '93. M. S. Pa.okzu'd, '92. Cr. Edwards, '94. K. L. Strong, ,91. M. A. Henoh, '92. E. C. Bauield, '92. ON OUTSIDE WORK. A. L. Reed, '92. ON MEMBERSHIP. A. M. Robbins, '92.' R. ON MUSIC. A. L. Perkins, '91. 64. E. H. STEARNS, 392. A. M. ROBBINS, '92. M. V. CLARK, '93. E. B. CUTTING, '93. M. B. MUBIFORD, '94 P. Cobb, 593. Rose, S. B. Clark, '93. C. Gramt, ,92. L. Holbrook, '93. Stiokney, ,94. A. Bentley, '91. M. Pa.1'ke1', '93. 155' va W N' I X gg i.. ., Q . wg A, .-Wm ' , fake Wi " X 'X ' Y' fi?-'Zi 'Vik' " Mm wif. '41iQmf' . is ' V ' Eff J, ' . 5 '4.,,5153?f , -'-' 4 I ,f ' Q, f . . K , f 15.1 ' ,v t Y f ff' 'ml' -1. 4' 7 f f HX QA , ,K ll f f f mx W fi ' - ,ff C aff! X I 0 f A gi 'xiii 11:41 'X Vlgx X kjfjf YA X, I A X MI M fr, ff! L f- . 'YJ ' v Tk.-. .K Im! ouble Wiley ag. K. L. Strong. F. Halliday. C. A. Bentley. L. A. Lawrence. F. W. Tompkins. H. C. Oakley. 65 1 ,1 I 1 , L, - Nw I hw ' K "3 -' - f 4 Www 2 , f,f,, ,Q X ',,,f . f , w, 'ff-f X I , H, W' 3 XX X 1 " ' ' f . 1 X 1 A 2 N Y- 'v , '62 'fn-5 1' a f , .. f., Q. . , . 1 WX Nw 1 ff Q f j A X. x 7.4, . , f ,. f L '5 A K ,. f ff 'ly 3:4 1 1 s I f I ' x Q2 if hw ' w ,a X-- I ff 5 f K X "9 Vfil, xkl' X R W! y W V' V " 'Nw gv ll 5 lf, wk , J If ,jw C X H ! -ry x N N .N X if L4 Y Y M L , if., ..,, f x 5 X V1 W Wk ! 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E. F. A. F. K. H. A. M. A. G. A. J. 1. 'SML L. Crea. Gnade. Kimball. B. MacArthur. M. Myers. L. Robbins. V. C. Stebbins M. Wagar. S. L. Batcheller. P. Beattie. Birkman. Mf Black, G. Chase. L. Macdonald. A. Phelps. M. P. Robinson. H. F. Sage. B. E. Yost. 1 VS V'VKZv'!1 7, 1" T . -'Wislgt' " S932 Y ' A N' if JEEP - 1 " - Xxx ' . ' ' . f - iz , if 5 X- 'Y- . A A i u. . N ,J .f '. To f xx N dy? xx , ' ' Nm- . f 4 - xx 'I , X s 4 . . X- V Qw?H . , 154' . L ' Rx, , W, xx J , NN ' Y xg, 1 - xx y 4 x no Q5 E X 'Q Q 5 1 ' 4 I 'f 9 f , ' .- E X! If Lab! 5 Qu W., ,fic-IA lifggaiig, , , QZQSQRFM f f-X I I - , , f .y W U . AL .A-f W W4 K W f ' " W ' A 'Z N W . 'Lvl , s i NY , MJ .gzamzgl KU X-. 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Bradley. C. Brown. 1. F. Brown. . C. Brown. . V. Clark. P. Cobb. . A. Doolittle. A. Fuller. B. J olliffe. Neil. P. Newman. S. McQuaid. . O. Mathes. C. Palmer. . N. Phinney. D. Presbrey. . G. Sands. Sands. F. Smith. . A. Summers. A. Whitcomb. E. White. Wilkinson. L. Willett. '94, B. Bartlett. . R. Behrends. F. Bremfoerder. . Carter. 69 C. M G S. E L. B. M L. 1. C. E. J. M E. L. K L. N E. M H L. S. H. A. HOUSTOL E. S. BRADLEY D. N. TAYLOR S. S. HOMALS L. G. DEANE Coman. L. Crea. Edwards. H. Evans. A. Gillrner. A. Fitch. H. Haight. L. Hastings. B. Hawes. M. Hemans. M. Hill. Kimball. L. Johnson. M. Macauley. Moore. H. Patten. M. Utter. A. Whyte. Specials. L. Agne. F. Barbour. . S. Bensley. C. Conant. Greer. S. Homans. M. W. Lord. M. M. Morris. S. J. Mulhauser. M. Shaver. M. D. S. Vaughan. H. A. Wood. f 'WF Q4 'fi r lv-1 1'5" ' 433 EQEN Tx XX fe ar xx f' I WNWNXN K a W fl ffff-X XX ' X114 bb , UMM 'Ny .K IA ' ' X f ?g -F??xf I- f Www S-'X f 14 I 'Z f J i f E f X' ff 5 Q-kN'Zf .' 3 B f Q 'N W 5 KM X D. E-Mfffffe. f 6 f F7 EH fffzfff F?iT -Q f Q jgafwzdif I MQ M A XQWQQQ bm Nu 5 Xb 'B Q ,-df. ' x , 2 Pj NEW W 2 w w P 13 X.- -5241 gnff if 'ff-gf-' x --L1,g7?2Z2Ql!"' KX f fig if?----2114 F,-ov E ' QSEWQ E lQgggQ 'VWjQ Q1 if fgjQXfQZ7fiLf7Zwy 'X AK A VM,V Z?afvQ ZTfVZT004L,- M Qi iff M r9LiYLf, 'iffy' f 39 ff "',,, " ty , .- xgg l 1 - 4f " X '45, x9"'lQ:j B A iq i L x Xl! glial, g SEsigEE?7'E E Q E??25' if '70 f ' :Lf QW? 59 W A ' 1 .5, V- :uh - M. T. Allen, 191. L. A. Lmvrence, :9l. F. Halliday, ,91. D. N. Taylor, '91. V. Hallidzmy, '9l. J. W.. Tompkins, '91. H. A. Houston, '91. 71 cc , Eff 4"pev'v'7fG13"7Cl'?f1Glf"?Kl7? 9 X ao 17 AQHA HA X35 lpmwifr N ' X ..'0 .I l 0 'I' ' ' ' 'pix Q Y ' A ff a gt kj .Q 6 I 1 Y' ' Pd ' a z N U- 1 f . Q .i I V '2 f M N ft4s',f!7y., f , ,, -X -N N X X-f A x gr T N' ffff ' - fX I , ,N ' 0 4- ff-' 'QW -fd P fx. - AN. 3 lu: N ' 5 ' 9 X l Tw - X - X Q l f v Q it f I i By f x J X ' X J ,f Q T l. 1 an . X I A 2 , 1 7 X 1 7 Glue chew 5 oeen. "Most potent, grave and reverend seigno1's." M. T. ALLEN. H. A. HOUSTON. 'K She looks upon them with a threaten- " Her feet, beneath her petticoat, ing eye." Like little mice, stole in and out." A. APPLEGATE. il The soul of Wit." O. A. BENTLEY. H " Born to blush unseen." K O. M. CURRY. " Go to the ant, thou sluggarclf' K F. HALLIDAY. KC " In maiden meditation, fancy free." D V. HALLIDAY. " Famous for a scolding tongue." L. A. LAWRENCE. ic A maid of prunes and prisms." . C. OAKLEY. cr No simplest duty is forgotf, . H. PRINGLE. " Hence, loathed Melancholy !" . L. STRONG. Iniirm of purpose." N. TAYLOR. " A countenance more in sorrow th angerf' J. W. TOMPKINS. " A prosy old duiferf' 72 ELI! Miss Perry. Leonora Howe. Leila Patterson. Blanche Ferry. Mabel Hastings. Ada Latimer. Helen Slade. Louise Hawes. Mary Mumford. Florence Robbins. Susan Grampton. -if Z i ,ffv ,-- Q, 1 L Daisy Barbour. Emeline Bartlett. Hazel Haighti Rachel Macaulay Ruth Stickney. Emily Platt. Ida Lusk. Alice Hussey. Minnie Behrends Margaret Macaulay Grace Cooley. an --'- 1- - X72 '5'v ,., , -gn: Qi' L- k iffy" ' . ff' if" -ll is '11 ri I 3 .1 , e li- 4. fT.'l--- v ,I 59 Ln.,- qxrixl fp-Jw K 'S -.-, im . lbw, , fj x My 'N yfigrf 5 W W 5 ke X 'y 7733 1 Ei E wo WEE. 4 ff1e??f7?iEEE fffjo?qE5i, Q 'R ' fl? ffffibfflf 41 fueufm 42 , Wk Ei 5 X fig! w'Kx'T' K N Ni W NX W if ' L . 'M 1 P? n-. I Q ,. , A i - - Q ,W -, , 2 , -- '-W 'F X ,- RQ- W" .jim -R . f .1 W gl- 'EGTQ' -- N P' 'H D M ' iid -fr ff 'X " f 0-.,,4,q3.. .-.' ' X .1 ' ' at 1' iq' V 'X ' X W x. ' Y M fa' ff m A W f f w M XR - .ax N' .N Xxx " M. -1 A I , 'X win 7-Qiislvlagf' "QM 1 , ',," z " I ' ' 2 ' XIX I E, Q . , ,, I f f . 1 . ... gs ' V X iv ' I 'M W RX Y f . I A V X X x X ' 1 X M, X, N N xf f . M X . . W ax - xi ' X X V 1 'X u Il X u my M ,X xxx ,X fbi K I Q ' wg V x MN XX ig A X X X X f E. K. ADAMS. G. E. PALMER. MARCH 7, 1891. COMMITTEE. ' E. NEIL. M. O. MATHES F. B. JOLLIFFE. A. C. BROWN. E. M. PARKER, Musical D121-ector. 74 1 tj :LW If Br rw I 6 'E-' 1515 Q. eb 1 11:2 J AN. -Z L , . : j, 1' LG fg, ". ,., -.H -.x A vs' .1 wg i grin n ,., N X X W x X 1 l I w 1 . n ' 'illfl f -. v. ,Q-g,,1 ,:- , 'F' ww. -1-. 6, , 5'5fZ"f"f:i1 fW'Hfg1f5-E 1::wrv'-- , , '. , , ., qJ.f,.,m 3. ,-E, . s . . .N... .MQ W.. .A .. H ,A 4, -jiqx-,"-rw..- 1 ,f,2,.u-.U - N A' ' - 'K' A 1' 'ff 5' H... ,h ' gf si .r4TYfff5wa' . A ' , 4+ " 'Q Q' - L J' fi , " I bs'---. . , . ,V . ., ,,,1?1i-, -fA -' ' 41:51 " A 'f', l""'f-, --55 5: -A V 'xi +' ff ' ' "' ' ' s.-'-931.-1 ,. 4-' 'f'-nr-1 '- - - L y , Qlfrfii-fF1 '. jpgjigj ' 1, 7 QQ 25 an n r ' if ' ' . I 'ijt' ' ffl ' 'wi F5 N ""- , If ..,3j1f.,--,m?3.gg5.5:,1 A 15,2 1 . yu . A XR :Q - 3.5 ,...T3q.:.Exi.?: U,--,ylbl ,ln I F 1 Ad ,I ill x , - ' V 'ff-M .' ' : fir 3,1 ' .. ' sw ' .mi ,C 1' nf' N r4m,i4'v1-- 12: V -,411-,:1v,,,i:' x , 1 - 5:31. . ' " :M M-Wi? s 15 ,X 1 ' +3 1 , 1 ' .fre-N1 W-6' vw A J X ,rv skis' .r-sn , 4, 1? 1? 2 ,ff . :Nil '5 V 52' '51 E5 5' . . f'a,ff3 'f --,J ' A ' N , ' 5 -4' 51... - 102- :ix-'.",hW1-. " Q- if ' ffflfx-'H ,K ' 3 f M X' Q ', ff.-5 fd ,H -.w"'A1:.-wg -'S "Pi V, K 15' .J . ,141 f' --5 sf -' ' , mp ffv, " A -Lnv1'f?Q"f,.i.fglf 2- Qtr? Eg: .ff-Aw! 4 4 I 1 Y 1 - V1 .1 -' f ',f5'giQy ,V 11 .1. . 'fjl' . I K, ,J ., gwnir-faq' "-g- ., ,ff 1 . w i- -' ?.f"' " u-1,-.' A u :f g a- 4 WL" "WH f ,J ,fi f ' ' IYQJ-S li 'i ffff' mi " xi 15 'I M -L 13 ,,.. ., ,, If A, - :,,j5'- 'fic .44 ' V 1 - A rx 35 - 'i ' t , N-.X I - X lf!!-1-,, I X up N I ,f' 4-XM ,fi"7f f ff M-L?-Q XXX X IX ,A - H NL Q. x ,. , X X . f 2 W X X -X X X - Ffh' 4 X N ,.:pff!Zg,g?.-f . I I X X M H .ff - - M :X - f - . . X. jf -e f -f -H, . X iff! I X x . i P' N , X 'XV' A I A 1- X X f . f , .Aga f N . I" ' N I. Li? X' l X I Q Lv! Y , - f f ff x ff X ,,, ' f 1 X , N - .f""' X X. .SX X -N. .+G-V OK qv 71 ,ot W 2 N 'x '- . 'Eng f X f ii BTH , ..--.-L- - Wx 'E" "x" X M' iz f 4 1 VA ' X My JN III. U V fl! , fs I I 11 , . I 5 fu" ' fgwf ' X ... f l f ' 6 X N ff- El V I 1 1gQ,L1 ' ' , .:f . f, Z 1 'J' I-1. ' d!i51H3rs?l.. pw ff, 511' 6 -'ff rw j.55!:6?"?'?r. 'a vu 'vi 1: -if .1 - 40 1 9' :QM ...ailug V, 4 ' gif f , 1 I ,X QE45Qi1:!!g,7fg!-Y K J v J! f X ,wdmjzz Q , .E X ig .aw YY M ' ,X ,. ,--af, X I, N 1 A I XL , .4 ew' ' 'A' '15 ' f 'ti' -yi V' Q5 X X I, X WV 'fB:rS?X 'T' ,' 1 K 1+ 1' N . 0 J, K . XX f N ' 'Y ' 6 X xx 1 fm NX X f V I X 1.'f , A 'K x .. .f 5, ' .1 Qobweb Ecmig. COMMITTEE. C. M. CURRY, Chairman. H. A. Houston. K. H. Pringle. C. B. Dinturi. E. H. Haight. 76 jff , fi 1 yfiiyff faZ"mm?QMgQf lW1wrI'uK fx -N- wifgl Q1 -+ ."wfw,pgv! V , W D, r . Q v "' 7 J: .5 ' fm, f f Q 9 f ffm W 3 1 X 2i ..f ' ff' ' - X7 I A - A . -Ip Nts , N '- '2 V ff 4 we - - N ,f ' ff' X Liang.. ,' . F- N X E ,I X I ' -x N i .',x, lk F ! yi,-gfm X V, : Ki X 1.11114-v 'lu xx -Warfjf. f I - gs I b. I 1, K INV ' " "' , X L ., vm if V 2 I U 'I 4 x :fi ' 1- 2 , I! W I1 J , . .qZ . ' KE' ,X In I In li ' ff K EMM, - it M 4 :Q- I 114954. is ' 'N W l X' 'M N-Q.. 5 WM ' 1. W ,M ytff 9 15 'V l. l 15,wW ?'l E ,-fr' 6 My W .-pi' ' 5 0114 fn fm aw. 9 1 -Q T4 fi' JVLJVLOH 0 'LKN - amiga? 44 'X 51.-5?-Z Mdmgkfcjc- M Q -f-'+L 'AT -i l 'I '77 jg AHS? fD,0CJv-N251 sf y. Wwe' 5 A ,i ,Q , f ff 4 ff :P K K ,5 AM 4, pf S U A1 fax. -.mi ll A E- 2' 1 V , J- f f I' I f i We QM X VL? .5 ga., Q-:.-L 11 f " lu. M . W- T .1 I1 ! 0 I I X'Rx x ,f ' x , 1 3 2 I 1 9 K u 541' ' f 1 X!! A" 'QI 1 f 1 N-.L f T-3: 'Z y f v 9 E 1 41 ll' " 'lx 1 . Q Ili . . "sr : P J 3 1' 5 K . f 'Q ' Ji .LX ' 'H X- . JI A 'fx 'F il ' 1 .-U! ' t 'N ' 'ME f . I EST' ' X - X S 1.17 .1 .XX ' s I Q , ' X fmhl w ,' , ,kb . 1 AMX' E f W . 2 1 Kai if j p . F E21 . K- ' fag? ,wg Q . 5 U VXI: L h A 'i 43 " '4 , nk uf- 1 .Lx N, 1,1 My --4 :I 4' -Y g g . -ff V. . f . r ll' '13 'N i eniow cmlow ommiidree. K. L. STRONG, C'!uczf1'111zm. J. W. TOMPKINS. V. HALLIDAY. H. C. OAKLEY. M. L. COPELAND. '78 ghe geo gable. In a corner of the parlor Stands at table, white and gold, 'Tis the joy of its owner, Many treasures does it hold. On the dainty little table WVhere the tiny tea cups rest, Stands the shining copper kettle, And the silver tea spoons' nest. Pure and white the cloth upon it, Broidered rich by fingers fair. Cups of china, thin and lovely, Spoons of gold, some strztnge and rare Here's a, tiny bit of silver, Came from Europe, so you see. This queer piece,-a. tea spoon is it ?- - From the west this proves to be. In this little silver casket Is the tea from far Japan. Lemon slices, thin as paper, Make a drink too good for man. Near at hand, at bowl of silver Holds Within its Walls so bright Little blocks and squares of sugar, Purest snow is not more white. Here za. plate of Hnest china, Offers wafers.-Bonbons, too, Fit for gods to eat rejoicing, This fair table holds for you. But one other charm detains us, Sweeter one you neler could see, 'Tis the charming hostess, asking, "Will you have a cup of tea? " 79 nnual Qommeneemendr. JUNE 10, 1891. HONOR LIST AND Co1111ENO1111nNT SPEAKERS. A. Applegate. C. M. Curry. C. E. Furness. F. Halliday. Chapel 01'cczf01', Ilhfstoricm, P-roplzezf, ,Spade Omtor, .7lIarshaZ, A J. T. DOr1nan. F. A. Underhill. ' R. M. Kavana. M. E. Rickert. G. E. Vickroy. M. F. W3Shb1l1'H Qlass Qag Qppoin1men1s. JUNE 9, 1891. J. M. OBER. J. W. TOMPKINS D. N. TAYLOR. E. H. HAIGHT. . C. B. DINTURFF Qlass Q03 Qom n1i11ee. K. L. Strong, C'7zfci1'11za1z. H. G. Brisbin. C. A. Bentley. V. Halliday. Qluas Qommi1Tee.s. ON PIN. L. A. LaLW1'enOe, C'7Lai1'mcm. F. A. Underhill. J, T. Dorman. ON PICTURES. H. A. Houston. 80 ON SENIOR AUCTION. K. H. Pringle, CVLcMQ1'man. M. T. Allen. . F. Washburn ON CLASS DAY BOOK. C. A. Bentley. V. Halliday. ON GLASS SUPPER. H. A. Houston, Oizairmrm. K. H. Pringle. G. B. Dinturff. HOXVL COMMITTEE. 0 0 9 1 : 5 '1 , Q 3 .1 ff EXE Xl Q27 l - .VJ . i ' 17" "" .,,, , 4 lf . A f. Iv ,wfgw 1.1515 A 5 81 Qdie curls Qoecnees. Maria Mitchell bequeathed to the College 31,000 for a scholarship, in mem- ory of her father. The class of '72 gave 3500 toward a musical library in memory of Miss Finch. One thousand dollars for a force pump, to supply the swimming tank in the gymnasium with water, was given by astudent. In February, the college received from a friend 955,000 for general purposes. Eight hundred dollars for a partial scholarship was given by Mrs. Marion Buckmaster. Mr. Horace Stanton gave a scholarship of 3S1,000, in memory of his mother. A new spectroscope made by J. A. Brashear, of Alleghany, has been placed in the Observatory. A 1-18 in. immersion lens, Zeiss, worth 25150, was given by Mrs. Mary Thaw- Thompson, of "77. By the final settlement of John Guy Vassaris will the College will receive about s45o,ooo ? The College received also 350,000 by the Fayerweather will. Mr. Frederick F. Thompson, of New York, gave 32,000 for a much needed gas tank. A line collection of invertebrates, preserved in the Zoological station at Naples, has been added to the Museum. Among the purchases made for the Museum this year are thirty pieces of pottery, made by various Indian tribes, particularly the Zuni Indians 5 also a large number of geological specimens, including a large slab of melonites from St. Louis. ' A Collection made by Mrs. George F. Kunz has also been purchased, and includes among other things, twenty-ive large specimens of Huor spar, from northern New York, an immense ammonite and other specimens from the "Bad Lands," Dakota 5 the tusk of a narwhal, Arctic Ocean, four hun- dred and lifty-two arrowheads, spearheads, etc., including many exquisite " bird J' or ff gem " arrows, made by North American Indians. By the will of the late Mr. J. Van Wyck Brinckerhoif, of Hopewell, the College was presented with a fine elk's head and antlers, and an assortment ot Indian implements, pipes, tomahawks, arrowheads, stone pestles, scrapers, etc. The College has also had the promise of a new library building from Mr. Frederick F. Thompson, of New York. 82 Gfhe f9r0eshmun's Qomeni. BEFORE EXAMINATIONS. The time I'Ve lost in wooing, In watching and pursuing, The light that lies In Seniors' eyes, Has been my heartls undoing. Though wisdom oft has sought me, I scorned the lore she brought me, My only books A Were Seniors' looks, And now what have they taught me? Q Qlurfugeog of Q51 Quleniine. X 'H I 'Vi is-S., gy YI N ,sill K ,xi Paw ' '- l i." rl' ' fl ,Zyl fn 13 She was bowed with grief and sorrow, So to comfort her I tried, And as I petted and consoled, Many questions, too, I plied - Had she had a telegram 2 I said g Was anybody ill? What a fearful sorrow it must be That could her heart so fill I But at length, between her sobbing MI-Ier secret became mine - Fo1'she'd written ten and had not got A single valentine 1 S3 fgizf H sz Ziff ,, ' M 'I .S 7 F, Q. Hy 3 A 53 3 QJ7 QLHILQ favorvy A ,ff A 1 0 V A Q- L' .EOHQI .QEAVGLUQ ,, f A - W7 ,L 51-geg gh W' ' wg! fnozfg, 43 QM ffm ' QM OfCx IYIIQO-lf WVff3f 22'-QLLJ use affeaiif Oknfcl.Xf4ygf?1fc-.E-cl. onfe 0QerfKa'7b . a '72 P'f0,KC:'f56 flfffiowflefe' .. f LL'f fl? 5f'1"f3-'fel M my Ouxfi 90 i4ifi,fLL ffgf-I-16: - 14 0 W,,,4fDffere,g OM7 QM6, . A . 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Chi Sha longfllq -for degrees. ?lTx51lYl.2l CLEA, CLTYLS, 'VH-D-s. ?uTx55Yl.Ql 3301 amb'.Tion shq WKH llve 'TQTIQS 'fhufl' lhc world CG-VI qxlvzv JYQ1"g'0T MZ, .BuTl1U"f0lll5 Sh! would. rw! 1 Evan she! If 'thus 51 le TYUTH ghq kqrw, vgvlq SHG! Love in mics Cm, bQsTn,,, Olpd. Levis Oqlxj povru she Sour, shall KH-levi LL ovad. .H,mu'T'3 Darlnnglfhusl spell L.N.D. , Llglfl' vf 1151, 1lQa:r-'fl1uS I tell LLB. qhi w1Th 'plovs zeal I vow DUN' Dtllghlllls w'rvT'l?n non! Duff? Q-lvtlg Ptlfn Shurycs on dv.: page, N5 GCWIU gjlrglvlg 'un wan' 5 red Yagi T"C.G O'qZu.C.l', docfork Sign 1 Yami. imljfl-WT. ylflln as am, cruel, NCD T To Hn All-ijwfctlf Srlixfu. qifowyl Wvmbew SIX Gigs avid, iiffrhs, SOZQQTS QWCL !flyS +662 Yowevgfmye, fbwrdxs mfv S1117-3 Hail, QUT, dean' HTHQ mails, le? me mid mx! Sowpj, , ov boiifi wj hem? avqowlrffjmf, cf rv :M ' U.. TOT QT T 501 falls owl .smfeve 40 em SETS all VOLQQ rw pulses qaqcixly. vi ov Q32 Sew' age owl ."" 'i y ' Q loxflliev .face . AW , Ck bemij more ew-"i'ro.w7en'7,j'?, . Ai . A .f" X Sweef gffwfvwg fowl, 'Q fir-152 you Mfgw- ? X M Ovqlx mea T or Vg ' gvnl of WW SS '51 5Zf OO+2W1d,Qwre5T Wov 5 aqcl mgseg ' 5 , U il I V sw 10:3 '7g1f?,21'4w1fr,5f 13533 'Q '7 ' - ' ? Mi I on If e Jro"fe7l ydvrcfznm i f ml +T3CY?mi-Wfafmf gm Ofbw QYVLV f1:Hf3fO5m,,,ev3 WL FRU? afar lime vwyadds l.e7"h7G aqlclx my ggn l ? -Im yon bold nw IQEQYT Q 0:9 Y .X M2yS,,'H7P 4' Yff1'17P ,boards lymfe 3mjja 5 Mr 7 .JN i f?W? 86 JR ttrttrsi Burr rw WANTED! WANTED! WANTED I ! By the Erencli-Department, in- formation concerning the irst letter of the Alphabet. YVANTED : Pupils in practical surveying and navigation between Poughkeepsie and New York. NOTICE: An extra course in Greek is offered to those stu- dents who find their present work insufficient to occupy their time. NOTICE : Woman's Intellectual Deficiencies, as shown by ex- perience of factories and Mills, will be an attractive feature of the course in Political Economy. FOUND : A Wonderful Remedy! Cures Headaches, Palpitation, Grip Pink-eye, Burns, Scalds, Guts, Bruises, Consumption, Spring- fever, Measles, D i p h th er i a Sprains, Rlieumatisni, and Gen- eral Deloility. 2 J PELLETS ! Pleasing to the taste and re- moving all necessity for fumiga- tion in cases of contagion. Address, ' A BROWN ck, WHITE, South side of 4th St. LOST : A likeness for the Kodak. Finder please return to the Presi- dent's otlice. N. B.-Any attempt to print further developments will be met with a decided negative. It Will he found that The His- tory of Our Own Times is Prof. Fislrently set forth by the Senior Glass. There will be no sequel. A class in Room K not lost, but gone before-the live minutes were up. .4 1 all STU YEN LYS, Bwlg TIN N LOST. Losr : Sometime between midnight and breakfast, three hours' sleep. Please return to O. M. C. Losr : Ainotion, but " let that pass." N. E. VAN T. LOST: Between 7:30 and 9:30 Wed- nesday night, her presence of mind. M. L. O. LOST: Her desire for solitude during a thunder-storni. F. A. U. Lostr : During spring vacation, some- where between New York and Califor- nia, the business manager of the Vas- sanios. As she was known constantly to carry large sums of rnoney, foul play is feared. Losfrz At the table, her five centses. H. O. O. FOUND. Fonnn: Religion during Lert 3 supposed to have been valued more on account of associa- tion than for its inirinsic worth. Owner may find same in state of good preservation with M. T. A. FOUND-out ! A great discovery l 'Makes straight hair naturally curly! A great. beautitler -of use to all. Apply to L. A. L. WosnEnEnL Drscovniwl For cleaning win- dows and polishing shoes, none like HQS. For references, apply to M. E. J. FQUND: That ieticence in class is the best way to win an honor. C. E. V. NOTICE! The new Ferry tbontj to Houston has been painted Brown and freshly repaired. The zeal of its runners is unaBeattied, and this late improvement Deaneotes it has plenty of custom, FOUND: A new dress,-maker. Terms mod- eratet?J. Work done quickly and neatly. Sly- ish bathing-suits a. specialty. Address V. FOUND : A Still-etto for piercing whispers. K. H. P. FOR SALE. Fon SALE : The contract to remove a His- tory Topic MS. from Vassar College to Pough- keepsie. Must be entirely 'finished before Sep- tember, '91, M. E. W. Fon SALE: A music-boxg plays "When all Things were in Q,uietSi1ence," "'l'here's Music in the Airf' closing- with "When McCarty Took the Floor," accompanied by a chapel lec- ture. K. L. S. Bar t'1et. Apply to A. A. Jusr OUT! The celebrated lecture by C. A, B., "Ancient Monuments and Their Builders." Special attention given to the work of King Cliornges. For. SALE! " The Complete History of Our Relations with Texas." E. H. H. Fon SALE: An honor. Present owner Ends it only an incumbrance. as she 'fdoes not need it in her businessf' Apply to F. H. Fon SALE-ient points on philosophical debate see M. F. W. diSpencer of Ethical Data. Fon SALE : "Letters from a Grandmother." Has tt wide circulation among the younger class of readers. Well bound in White. Fon SALE! A new song called "Ma Belle Maitressef' to the tune of " My BonnTy,aTby . . T. X Fffx SW HENTS RUAELFTZJN N LOST. Losr: A Pen which is supposed to have Flett to parts unknown with K. T. Losr : A gastly attempt to make her hair naturally curly. Early rising is advised to , . A. A. S. LOST: A room-mate in No. 36. Di- rections are solicited as to how to grin and Barrett. FOUND. FOUND : That excessive application to the Roiveing machine takes Mooreheacl work than muscle. A. L. P. FOUND : Bi o logical demonstration that two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same Lime. E. G. B. FOUND! A Reed that is Bently-able to break or be crushed. K. B. T. FOUND: In the Gym.. a keen sense of the hurnerus. L. C. D. FOUND: The Senior parlor a very agreeable place in which to spendau evening. I gladly recommend it to all Juniors. M. A. H. FOUND : On Class-day, a free-inenclous Sally of wit from the Junior class. -ron SALE. Fon RENT : For half the year. a bed and half a double room. Freshmen will not be Deaneyed. E. M. M. Fon SALE: By E. H. S.. a Ferry good Work on The Prevention of Staggnation inthe Y. W. C. A. Fora SALE: "In Love with a Ser- geantf' by E. F. G. sneer T S lilrlllehiyklt '93 LOST. FOUND. FOR SALD. LOST: In the First Ward, M. S. B. LosT: A pet dog rather tall, thin, with dark hair and eyesg answers to the name of "Dear Man." Any in- formation will be gratefully received by M. V. C. LosT : An attempt to Palm erself off as authority on corrections for tempera- ture. FOUND : Sage tea to be rough on rats. Should be heated over a candle flame, but not allowed to settle over night. I gratefully recommend it. E. B. O. FOUND! Some attraction in this Haighted spot. F. NV. S. FOUND: Adele-cate method for pol- ishing gems. Orders may be left at 97. FOUND! That for eifective Holiday decorations daisies are unequalled. F. B. J. FOUND! That College living does not agree with E. L. H., as she will soon take up her abode at the Nelson House. Fon SALE: A new style O' graphic ink. Wa1'ranted to last only from Sophomore History to Psyc.. but Will not fade in the sun. Apply to E. N. Fon SALE! A fine imported herb- arium, consisting of Cuttings from the flowers of Florence. F. S. B. Fort SALE : A good carriage after J une 10th, until which day owner will need it. E. B. VAN E. Bright ideas carried through promptly and ceremoniously by Adams' Express. fX SWDBEN T5 BULTFHNNN LOST. FOUND, FOR SALE. Losrz Her grasp of Historical sub- FQUIQD! H011 theC01-1-idol-3 01-theflid- Fon SALE! "Howe She Did It, or jects. E. L. W. eous Happenings of Hallowe'en," E. A, The Unknown Guest." LOST: By R. S., the early morning hours to an alarming extent. G. author. Please return to the library at once. FOUND: A lovely room with a hard wood Hoor at the end of one of the cor- ridors. For further information apply to L. B. H. FOUND! In 24, that two is company, three is none. A. S. H. FOUND! Ry M. E. F., that candy- pulls are considered loud unless prop- erly ma-tronizecl. Fon SALE: A good rest or rant! The Cookeing, which is aDorab1e, is carried on by Batter Sons, Adaed by Rob. Inns. Apply to A. R. MJ. Fon SALE: By F. B. MacA., the lat- est Chicago song. This is the Work of a Well-known author, and He Hasn't Done Anything Since. Fon SALE: By B. F., free translation of a French Work, on Ornithology. .K f 2 fx fbi '-Sf Y! z ' g g - lil, - L - ,M ja,-1 92 fm 1 M I 3 ?' Q 1 ai m KLQLEJ W EQTE3 IVE 1 ' . ZA eg 93 W Q may Qension of Qoeke. There was a young ape with a clam, Who said, " oh how hungry I am I But I sit and I sing And I hold this fool thing Tho' I'd very much rather not, matam. j Now this monk with a shell-Fish, I Ween Would soon grow exceedinglyilean 5 And would it not shock This same Mr. Locke To hear him thus curse and blaspheme ? Oh take from the monkey the clam ! Oh, feed him with crackers and jam I Oh, silence his wail, See him curl up his tail, And depart for his dear native land. lill- Cifheong. My little book I love full well, I read it night and day, And all about it, in Room N I prattle when I may 5 It's taught me more than I can tell, I warn you 'tis no story, 1 I have a fmostj " faint aggregate," Also a " category." I own a little, little mind, A series 'tis, of feeling, And through association I Oan recognize the ceiling. U I know my teacher is not real,- Only my own creation 5 I made him all myself, I did, With my imagination. 'Eme'riee. Oh little book, you are a fraud, You've caused me pain and woe 5 Youive taught me that I never knew All that I used to know. 94 Qi Wmoeol gale. I. Two maidens onee went to the libraree, To study their topics in Psyehologee 5 The third-and she was the wisest QFD one, Went with the intention of having some fun 5 One sat up straight with manner glum, One pictures drew and studied-so1ne- And the other went oft and made things hum. II Two maidens their way to the study took, Each armed with cheek and a huge note-book 5 The third-and hereis where the moral appears Was bathed in large, salt-rising tears 5 One answered the President's questions with gl One answered with more trepidity, And one CI'm sorry lj has left V. G. l Qu Qlhieol Qexveeie. Wa1'm is the classroom, and drowsy The sound of the soft falling rain, While Prexy is sagely expounding The " na'ture of pleasure and pain. " Why need we these long labored theories ? When the heart's heavy pain seems to fill All the world, and to blot out the sunlight, What care we for Spencer and Mill? And, ah! when the whole heart is swelling With happiness, small need lo task The brain to find out what this rapture- Good heavens ! oh what did he ask ? 95 ee, Elena qitohg. At 7:30 I'm as bright As can be-on a history night 5 At 8:00 I smother my first yawn And wish atleast one hour were gone. At half-past eight I'1l like to go, And ind the work a little slow 5 At nine I think I'd like to die So tired and dead asleep am I. At half-past nine I will not speak- To think of it just makes me weak !- And all my sighs and moans are vain To make me wide-awake again. Qfhe fE9Dhgjsieist's Qomplaini Oh, Spring has come," the poet sings, " And brightens every spot 5 The Warm May sunshine streams oter all," Alas l I find it not. On poet's lore I Would not frown, Nor east on him reflections 5 But all my light rqfmciecl is, And reaches me in sections. How can his balmy sunlight soft, Have perfect realization, When traveling through Iceland spar, Subject to jyolcwization ? 96 J, ," 'QS 5621- c " 4 , f- x 'V "-XA . 1 1' 'N - A 1 X . 1 . l.,' ' 1 ' A .X .. . . '5 ,wx , 5, - 'L"g. IIN.. Uhr :le i-fi-l .,.. X - ' "tif UU 2 T 032- elle :df I "iLL.T"-'ugh p 7 1 -U , A '1 Ll ll .. l A' AT. ' .fm ' MM I 'ff A fb if f X 1 If x j X One winter's day, it learned Prof., , s ff f XXL ff X hifi i, Q 1 9 . Xu, X 'x - X xx. x lx. 'N ' 2 IQ 'ls 'G W? ,ff 1 fu f f !. 1 i .x x AVA lfgi XM X. 7 .X . xl xl .X New ex Iii? M Did take his senior class To see the actual workings Of the scheme for making gas The maidens pleased his lofty mind With pleadings to explain The washers, and gztsometers, And great hydraulic main. He talked so fast and to the point, That soon they " knew it all," And no excuse the maids could find To still prolong " the ball." So back they start, he on il run 3 Qlflere on their Way you see 'emi A lecture in the lab. did wait 5 And so they " Cavyie Diem." 97 gebpheee melodies. The man in the moon Went in a balloon To drink from the milky way 3 I The big bear roared The little bear snored, And Hercules drove him away. Little obliquity Lost in publicity 900 from his YK, He hurried the sun To a regular run, And set the poor moon running high. Sing a song of theory, An explosion once took place 3 Three hundred little asteroids Sent whirling into space 3 But old Jupiter he iiirted, And their orbits so did mix, 1t's not at all an easy thing For Astronomers to tix. Hey diddle diddle, The earth in the middle, A comet jumped over the moon 5 The little stars laughed, The planets went daft, . And the dipper behaved like it spoon. Summer solstice sun ascended, Near Zenith for to be, But all the altitude it had Was 90-CP Dickory, diekory, dock, The sun got ahead of the clock 5 The clock ian down, But the sun went on, Dickery, dickory, dock. There was at little earth, And it had a little moon And it thought it at very pretty sight, sight, sight, When it saw a little rim On the edge of the moon Of reflected and projected brilliant light, light, light 98 Q Kzmciihemoiieol Qiege Calculus Makes a fuss . In the Junior's mind. Wlieii they die DX y On their hearts you find. Her eye is dim, Her hair's a muss, Her brain is full Of Calculus. Oh Weep for her She's gone from us, She worked too hard On Calculus. i5Xoeuee wviih '95, Our Latin teacher's very Wise, A Leipsic Ph.D. And yet the way he uses slang ls truly sad to see. He says " Egadf' 4' Confound it," too, " Hello old boy " and i' hang it." 'Twould make your hair in horror curl To listen to him " slang it,'7 And yet, if brought to task, he'd say, To all these accusations, H Now what objection can there be To spirited translations ?" Q gsioph. Sum bona Illia scies, Habes bonas moresg Sed tempora in Latine classe Est mihi magna bores. Scripsi Carmen liatinurn QO temporal O mores U Dum sedi in Latino elasse, Et nos surnus dolores. 99 100 - x xX 1 Wy 7 MQW f ,MQW W 2 ,W 2 ,Z W x W 7 xx ,x Z 1 xy V- W fW 4' JU W' MW Z , V, f flf ,WW W' fl W f Z , M2 my 2 ,' V, 1 nw Wi WZ IW W WWA JW Wi W4-,IFJ W WZ WZW WW y f ZW 1 2 ZW W 3 OTE L FI U3 3 ull' My 'WZ W W 2 MQW W 2 Q W W' 2 01117, 0 :W Q 2 W 0 Z f W . W 2 l1lIl W 2 ,W Z W W' JW Z Il ,, W' W fn ' Z 1' A W 2 NX X' Z W X ' WNW W Z I X Q W W ff W Z W W lHl W 2 Q W W 101 O58 one The Qeog. Written by J. H. STRONG. Allcgrstto. bo - ro, em. ZN 1 I 31 ij , 1X . ff I 1' 1 f I I ' dr I J A 1 5 ll l '11 qc 1 ' a F,-4 X 4 1 'r 1 1 ' . . i " . 4-': '. 1 1 . 5 : -L : ,gr - ' '51 r, Agp :L 4 5 2 -' : L I. - - 1 ., .. 1 1 - .. " , ' e Qt +21 ""-X7 f "'71-"1-f-f7f1f 11 45'--f.IL7j-,-L".f ff Ll. 1 1 J L-LJ L.LJ 1 1 1 1 1, ol., me life ar A stud-ont is Joy ous, 'rho' Emu-owed at names in my be, in may nc, 'ru delve for me :rm-um of deep mys-40 - fy - When, sw. Greek in ais- ' , VX- lf f I X I5-K ,va F7 1 1 ' ' I 1 5 C I ' 1 7 J: 1 '. 1 -J ' 1 : : l v I 4 . I ' ' : . : -4- 1 ' !. 1. 4 ' .LL I - - -4--Ale-JL' L 3 -5- 1.1.1 ILX7 f+.-f-7...ej I 4-7, ,jf sci ----- erm, Sn ma-den in awp my:-me -- ry, my:-re-ry. when amrgll-rm of vm-snr were toil - - - ing, ow 0 Morals" :xml Greek in ais- may ----- Umm Hope, ew. ' rose hue and gray ---- Crm.-1'1len, ere. , as 0 , ' fx I I , .5 f7 V fx.. I 111 ' -1 ' K., e ' 1' 1 f 1 1 E "' 5121 fl ill 1 yum : 1115-flil I l . , 1 ' - ' ' A ' Li. '-,jij-442 , f+7"'+ 75" +-vf'T-r-+V. f 1 1 Lu XL1 W L. . 1 P muy, in dis-muy, Camo Hope rolled lu col-ors of mor - - ning, Our han-ner of rose-hue and-rose hue :md gray. Then n cheer for the rose and the swan rpms-wry V - And umm. , me andflle nc. e-erase-was . . . 0 A- fra 11 1 3' .X A . fri? ff ' 7 - yi! I I fin- .Z I I I 1 I ' 4 ' Zi I f. ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 I 1 I 5 . - - , I1 f U1 ' ' . if Y .H1l?l71iYllF:I-I1 , Ziilil , I 4. : , 1 . ,. ,. , H... f . ,. 1- ' "'-r3F+1-4- 41' L1464-' 35I,,,"'-3. I uh Ll LU Lu 1 W1 7 71 gray ---- Des - pon - den-cy swift sped zu-way, sped a - way. And we sing A!-ma Mn-ter to ge ther, x Three cheers for the rose and the my - - Of, fb W, 43 I7 , I ' 1 f I . 1 - I . if -. I I 43 91 -V ,Q - I f -J. 1 : 5 I A -, K Q.: Q! ,Q rose and the gray L the gray! Oh, bright be the years that are coming, And bright be each day as it goes, Tho' gray be life's promise at dawning, 'Twill deepen and blush into rose. We'll clasp hands for joy or for sorrow, And sing as we speed on our way, Take heart and be brave forlife's morning, Gaze up to the rose and the gray. CHoI:Us-Then zz cheer for the rose and the gray, Pass never their lustre away, And we'll sing Alma Mater forever, Three cheers for the rose and the gray. 102 'Qixve la '91. 5 CTO the tune " Vive la C'0mpagnie."J We don't keep our lights up to study and cram, Vive la '91 5 In class We may Hunk, but We don't care a bit, Vive la '91 5 Let teachers and faculty scold as they Will, We'll laugh and be merry from Founder's to Phil., We'1l "-paint the town red," and We'll send home the bill Vive la '91. CHORUS-Vive la, Vive la, gay Vassar, Vive la, Vive la, gay Vassar, Vive la, Vive la, gay Vassar, Vive la '91. Our ovvn college colors, the rose and the gray, Vive la '91 3 Are quite good enough for this class any day, Vivela '91. '91 doesu't care what they say, '91 's going to have her own Way, '91 sticks to the rose and the gray, Vive la '91. 103 Guonus Cnonus. Qcxepe Qiem. CTO the tune " Three Sailor Boys.,'l I. Oh, we are jolly, jolly college girls, And of fun and song We never, never tire, But the Faculty it thinks We're too much high jinks, So they give us education somewhat higher. Oh, students, put away all care and prudence, Come and play, play, play, till the clock approaches ten For the College years are just a'1'o1ling by, And you'll never be a College girl again. II. Then come all ye jolly little college girls, Though your brains be small and your tasks be big, For to grind all day without time for play Makes Jack a stupid, stupid little dig. 104 Q Quasar Qroxverb. QTo the tune " An Old Saxon .P7'0'067'b.77D I. Q 'l'here's an old Vassar saying, and it runs somewhat like this, That a girl is half in heaven when she reaches Senior bliss. CHORUS. If you want the fruit of knowledge you must climb the tree and shake it, If a diploma's Worth the having, why, a four years course will make it. The examinations' awful, but its danger will forsake it, So I warn a clever student, if she wants A. B., to take it. 3. , II. Who would live a life of leisure, where incentive there is none? Who find her only pleasure in society and fun I CHORUS. III. Who would truly Carpe diem let her come to Vassar great, And in four years win the title of a " sweet girl graduate." gods? To The Qgm. ANDANTE. f'I'une : Eene Meevzy Ming Mo.j Here's to the Old Gymnasium, 1 Where we've often made things hum, Now the time to part has come, Farewell old Gymnasium. ALLEGRO. Here's to the New Gymnasium, Built by student and alum. Did we help them ? QSpoken: Q Well I some 5 How d' y' do, Gymnasium. WELCOME I 105 CHORUS. CHORUS CHORUS. Weak Woman. CTO the tune " B'l:7'Lg-Bi7Zg67'.,,J I sing of the feminine gender, Of a maiden I greatly admire, An earnest and loyal defender Of classics and sciences higher. On calculus this girl was crazy, On Hebrew and Sanscrit as Well 3 When I said: " Be mine," She replied: " I decline," And the reason I quickly can tell. -For she said " At a college called Vassar, I've found the life of my choice 5 For there is Psychology, also Biology, Physics, in which I rejoice. For Chem. I've a great predilection, For Logic, and German, and Greek, In Latin a native, I know every dative, And French I can fluently speak. I told her I long had adored her, I pled every day at her feet, She answered that I only bored her, Her requirements I couldn't meet. Then I told her that Pd been to college, That Pd been the stroke-oar on the crew, In many a town l'd made my " touch-down," And in tennis was not in the stew. -But she said, etc. 1 said I Was sure I could please her 5 I'd make it the aim of my life 3 Of burdens and cares I would ease her, If she,d be my own little Wife. We'd move in the very first circles, And We'd osculate better than they 5 At this she looked stern, Her' cheeks hot did burn, And so I turned sadly away. When she said " At a college called Vassar, I'd found the life of my choice, For there was Psychology, also Biology, Physics in Which I rejoiced, For Chem. I'd a great predilection, For Logic, and German and Greek 3 But-only come back, and I'll give it up, Jack And-oh ! I'm too happy to speak! 106 7 Qophomoee Qhemisteg. CTune " Polly Wally Doodle." Though we've been burned and stained and blown up, Singing H2 S O4 5 Since we've had Chem. we feel so grown-up , ' Singing H2 S O4 . CHORUS- Fare thee well, fare thee well, farewell to the Lab. this year, Though there's examination, Yet still it is our expectation To take Junior Chem. next year. Miss Freeman thinks our class unruly, Singing H2 S O4 5 But we'll give three cheers for Dr. Cooley, Singing H2 S Oi . CHORUS. Quadro Qoeie Kamen. CTune " Newgate."J I We're jolly Vassar College girls, as doubtless you have guessed, We come from North and South and East, and small towns in the West To the marks melancholic, and the fun and the frolic. We've been through trials many and examinations long, And gained by flunking oft in class, by music, dance, and song, All the marks melaneholic, and the fun and the frolic. CHORUS- I'm glad I'm not in Wellesley, I am, I am. I'm glad I'm not in Wellesley, where they are scrubbing pots and pans. I am, I am. Ilm glad Pm not in Wellesley. II And when our course is linished and o'er friendships firm we grieve, When finally we make our bow, and take our tearful leave Of the marks melaneholie, and the fun and the frolic. We'll give three cheers for Vassar, and acknowledge all our debt, As we vow to love and cherish her for aye, and ne'er forget All the marks melancliolic, and the fun and the frolic. 107 Qome Query, 791. LTO the tune " Newgatefj When first we came to Junior year, We thought We,d try the stars, And perhaps take in the planets, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, And preeession, and nutation, parallax, and aberration 3 But when each night we sought them as they wandered in the sky, We found with perturbation they were much affected by This preeession, and nutation, parallax, and aberration. Ono. I wish there were no errors, I do, I do, I wish there were no errors, Whose formalze make Juniors blue, I do, I do. I wish there were no errors. Young Mercury, the infant, Jupiter and Venus fair, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune and the Asteroids are there, With preeession, and nutation, parallax and aberration. But in the line of magnitude 'tis Saturnis praise We sing, For though " somewhat disfigured," he is always " in the ring," With preeession, and nutation, parallax and aberration. Cno. And though while here at College many friendships Wax and Wane And We ind that they're affected, Utis a fact that gives us pain? By preeession, and nutation, parallax, and aberration. Yet always M-y W-y is for us the polar star, And for her our truest feelings ever unaffected are By preeession, and nutation, parallax, and aberration. qhe NQGII of The Weary Qoleeful Que CTO a tune From cz Sketch Book. By Ethelburt N evin.J In Winter I get up by night To dig and grind by candlelight 5 In summer just the other Way, I sit up then till break of day- I have to sit and dig-and more To listen to my room-mate's snore, And Wish above all else that I Upon my downy couch might lie. And when exam. time comes-ah me!- And I'm as sleepy as can be, Although night drops her gentle pall I do not go to bed at all. 108 Ccjenglecl Qelle. CTO the Tune H Jingle BeZZs."j Rattling o'er the stones, Jumping 0E the track, Bruising people's bones, Breaking every back g Splashing thro' the mud, Stiitling thro' the dust 5 If to Vassar you would go, Ride in them you must. CHQ. Rattle-bang! rattle-bang ! How We bounce around ! Yell as loudly as you can, No one hears a sound 5 Rattle-bang ! rattle-bang ! With many a jolt and jar, Riding out to Vassar On a bob-tail car. Just have missed your car, Have got to make a train 3 Minutes twenty-four, E'er it comes again. Pay the printed fare Using your last nickle, Driver rnutters: "Five cents more What an awful pickle ! Guo. QLast lines: Riding to Poughkeepsie In a bob-tail car.j Your hopes begin to rise, CYou've borrowed from a friendj Town is now in sight, The journey's near its end. Comes a sudden halt, They've stopped to count the fare 3 Horse and driver leave the car While you sit and glare. 3 CHO. fLast lines 3 I'll never trustmy lite again, To a bob-tail car.j 109 CHO. Qlma Imoier. QTO the Tune " Eton Boating So'ng."j Bryn Mawr may be 'rnore'clever, Wellesley may make more row, But Vassar will live forever, Honored henceforth as now. CHO.-Drink We our Alma Mater, hurrah for the rose and gray Drink We our Alma, hurrali for the rose and gray For him Who can afford it, Harvard in Wealth may roll 5 Yale in the Held may lord it, Princeton may kick the goal, But-- From the far olf Pacific, Florida and Japan, Heed not exams. terrific, Gather all ye who can. CHO.-Come to our Alma Mater, etc. CHO. Here's a long life to Vassar, Wave We her Hag unfurled, Nothing can e' er surpass her, Queen of the college World I Qiaafil x ff rg-fa! " ff? i XNQX figs? xmtsxxx Hfjfff MS s W ay Xf N Nllll 2-.357 O . '7 f F! f S ufa, I 531 f - -K 0 j ll-' Q0 Q- A 5' 4 Qc, .4 j , I ' - ,Eff X C 9 Tflfl w - X " -:-,: fer, :a-, Etna 'rxzl .' , R XT NJ V V 2-Pb s. VTF1 ix- - " f: ' - M lr-'Xi Qu . ff' .I f NV Q 5' f??! ' dbx ' 1,l','X- ,' ,ll ' , nike, aff on 'J f " X a' Ls!! f .,, NX 139' V A . , , J -Sf' 5 Y- H fr- 4 - i 'l"wf,X f f ' W . . ., . , is 9516 . ff -3- R :' K. ' -ap ff , . I y X' 3253? ' ' 1. if X l ly f 2 W X , K X f- "1 X! ll wx N ,A Q , .. ,,-- ck X" X ,5 x H- , X . xo. .- -zmz.-3' ,mi ., . . .WRU 1- A -f-.Nam . Y. aqm w if 4,-.ff are-hx , .f ,sf ' - .4-Qng, 1?'f"34 ,V 5- ' ,, Wzf.- , 1a 21 I+! ,pm I 1, , ru. --Q 3, ,mmm -M-qu -V., 1 ,-f e AN 3 y ,fwf-K cf- '- " X Hggxg -g,2:g911,fliig45 . - X 1-N'f5""" 3-52-Vwifiiff x 1 " f-QI ' Y. '1'uQ:f,E' N fy, ' ,lf K 1 l,. ' ujfgA.5',h'.' 2 " '- ef L 5 fa- Q- V ,ffffzx Wm O Q Hn fllbemoriam. ABBY MOORE GOODWIN DIED APRIL 23, 1890. 113 isioreieol. Vassar College, founded 1861 by Matthew Vassar. Opened 1865. Vassar Brothers' Laboratory erected 1879. Eleanor Conservatory erected 1886. Gymnasium erected by alumnae and students 1889. Erbesioenis of The Qollege. MILO P. JEWETT, LL.D., J OHN H. RAYBIOND. LL.D.. SAMUEL L. CALDWELL, D.D., J. RYLAND KENDRICK, D.D., Cinter. reg.j JAMES M. TAYLOR, D.D. Qoundaiions of' Q5oeie'rics. Philalethea, 1865. Floral Society, 1866. Vassariana, 1866. Society for Religious Enquiry, 18673 merged in Y. W. C. A., 1885. Students, Association, 1867. Transcript, 1867. Shakespeare Club, 1870. Miscellany, 1872. Exoteric, 18735 dissolved 1888. Dickens Club, 1874. Art Club, 1875. T. and M., 1881. Tennis Club, 1881. Qui Vive, 1882. Y. W. C. A., 1885. Microscopical Club, 1887. Collegiate Special Association. 1888. 1867-H. A. WARNER. 1868-S. L. BLATCHLEY. 1869-A. M. GLIDDEN. 1870-J. A. DENTON. cileoiewroians. 114 1871-E. M. FoLsoM. 1872- S. A. CATLIN. 1873-H. C. Hrscociz. 1874 -F. M. CUSHING 1875-F . C. PERKINS. 1879-E. M. PERKINS. 1880-M. REYNOLDS. 1881-L. M. FREEMAN. 1882-J. M. PATTERSON. 1875-F. G. SWIET. 1876-A. M. JOHNSON. -C. R. SWIFT. -H. E. THOMI-SON. 1879-E. M. ARNOLD. 1880-C. B. DOW. 1881-A. M. ABBOTT. 1882-M. F. EASTON. 1876-J C. PRICE. 1877-L. J. WYLIE. 1878-S. G. WILKINSON. Qc5ClIl.l1G1'Ol"'iOI1S. 1867-M. L. DICKINSON. 1868-M. P. RHODES. 1869-S. E. DANIELS. 1877 1870-C. W. RITCH. 1878 1871-E. L. HAWKS. 1872-A. W. FOSTER. 1873-E. D. SWIFT. 1874-L. A. HILL. Ervesibenfs Of -Ehilaleihea. 1865-6-JOHN H. RAYDIOND. 1866-7-M. L. DICKINSON. 1867-8-S. L. BLATCHLEY. 1868-9-A. M. GLIDDEN. 1869-70 1870-71 -E. D. STORES. -E. M. FOLSOM. 1871-2- E. S. HOLLISTER. 1872-3-B. WILDER. 1873-4-E. W. BARRETT. 1874-5-M. B. TAYLOR. 1875-6-E. S. RICHARDS. 1876-7-E. LOGAN. 1877-8-H. R. RANSODI. Eroesibenia 1867-8-M. W. WHITNEY. 1868-9- M. L. GILBERT. 1869-70-M. CHUMAR. 1870-71-D. HILEMAN. 1871-2-S. A. GATLIN. 1872-3-M. MONROE. 1873-4-F. M. CUSHING. 1874-5- 1875-6- 1876-7- 1877-8- 1878-9- E. A. RICE. G. H. LEARNED. S. F. SHEPHERD. S. G. WILIQINSON. G. DARLING. 1878-9-S. F. RICHARDSON 1879-80-G. F. COLE. 1880- 81-H. S. DURAND. 1881-2-S. YAMAKAWA. 1882-3-M. FOSS. 1883-4-E. O. DIACMILLAN 1884-5-M. E. EWING.. 1885-6-M. WICKHAM. 1886-7-A. A. BERRY, 1887-8-E. L. NIACCREERY 1888-9-D. F. NORRIS. 1889-90-G. E. SANDERS. 1890-91-L. A. LAWRENCE. fa qf51uden1.s' Qssoeimion. 1890-91-C. A. BENTLEY. 115 1879-80-M. S. MORRIS. 1880-81-E. G. SHAW. 1881-2-L. B. STANTON. 1882-3-C. A. VALLEAU. 1883-4-L. K. SMITH. 1884-5-E. DEMING. -J. P. CLINTON. 1885-6-L. F. SWEETSER. 1886-7-G. M. CLEVELAND. 1887-8-F. T. PATTERSON. 1888-9-L. B. POPPENHEIM. 1889-90-K. SMITH. M. A. CUMNOCK, '84. 1882- 1883- 3- K. A. ACER, '84. 4-M. J. GARDNER, 184. 1884-5- 1885-6 E. VVITKOWSKY, 186. G. G. LINGLE, '86. -M.WICIiHADI '86, M. P. SHERWOOD, '86 EPGSICIGHTS Of' Qui Qixve. 1886-'Y-E. SHAW, '88. F. T. PATTERSON, '88 1887-8-L 1888-9-H 1889-90-S. F. KING, '90. N. S. HADIILTON, '90. 1890-91-E. M. MAST, '92. M. MORTON, 792. WGUGQGPS of and . T. WOOSTER, '88. . BORGMAN, '90. 1883-4-S. C. HENING, ,85. 1887-8-A. T. NETTLETON, 89. G' E. HYER, 785. 1888-9-H. R.. PUTMAN, '89. C' HISCOCK, 85- 1889-90-M . RICICERT, '91. 1884-5-M. A. RICKER, '85. M F- WASHBURN' 791 1885- -L. O. SHELDON, '87, 1890-91-1? - KAVAN-4, '91- I. J. BUTOHER, 787. K PRINGLE, ,QL 1886-'7-B. M. CRTTORLEY, '8'7. E. C. GREENE, '8'7. D qieniow 621055 EPO.-sibenhs. 1867-M. L. D1c1iINsON. 1879-E. C. JORDAN. 1868-C. E. GLOVERL 1880-N. J. PATTERSON. 1869-A. M. GLIDDEN. 1881-A. G. WELIJS. 1870-J. A. DENTON. . 1882-M B. BRITTAN. 1871-A. L. SANFORD. 1883-A. H. LATHROP. 1872-A. D. SEELYE. 1884-A. BLANCHARD. 1873-L. F. CORLISS. 1885-S4 C. HENING. 1874-F. F. FISHER. 1886-N. WOOSTER. 1875-L. W. KELLOGG. 1887-I. SKINNER. 1876-J. G. PRIOE. 1888-G. 1iIDEOUT. 1877-G. E. Buss. 1889-E. GREER. 1878-H. E. STANTON. 1890-E. E. MORRIS. 1891-M. T. ALLEN. Qluas QQPOTOPE and Eoeis.. 1370-BY L- HUGHES- 1868-S. L. BLATCHLEY 1876-E. G. METCALF. 1869--S, L, STILSON, 1877-S. F. SHEPPARD. 1870-E, R, COFFIN, 1878-A. M. WING. 1871-.M CLINTON, 1879-S. D. KENNEDY. ' 1872-A, B, FOLGER, 1880-GL F- COLE- 1873-M G. TOWNSEND. 1881-C. S. WHITE. 1S74fE, L, HOYT, 116 1882-F. B. TAYLOR. 1883-M. SHARPE. 1884-E. 1885-B. C. Woons. 1886-N. P. MORRILL. 1887-I. J. BUTCEER. 1888-S. G. CHESTER. 1889-C. B. WIVEEKS. 1890-H. BORGMAN. 1891-J. M. OBER. 1868-N. L. AVERY. 1869-K. A. SILL. 1870-C. W. RITCH. 1871- M. D. GLOVER. 1872-M. J. RAWSON. 1873-A. STEEL. 1874- J. S. BENNETT. 1875-E. M. TAPPAN. 1876- 1877- E. M. GIFFORD. M. STOYELL. 1878-M. M. RIOLLINS. 1879-L. M. BARR. 1880-A. P. BAILEY. 1881-M. H. STOCKWELL. 1882-M. R. SANFORD. 1883-S. F. SWIFT. 1884-M. F. L. HUSSEY. 1885-M. W. CRAIG.- A. TOWNSEND. 1886-E. A. FRRRIS. 1887-M. SWEET. 1888-F. L. NIACCREERY 1889-A. T. NETTLETON. 1890-K. SMITH. 1891-J. W. TOMPKINS. 1869 -B. A. STRONG. 1870-M. A. PARKER. .1871-K. G. JEWETT. 1872-M. A. LOOMIS. 1873-S. S. DANA. 1874-L. H. BROWNELL. 1875 1876 -M. B. TAYLOR. Z. W. BRIGHAM. 1878-E. FULLICK. 1887- E. R. Hoy. CC-QIOSS '5XiS1'oPianS uno Qwophefs. M . W. WHITNEY. E. J. WILLIAMS. A. W. WOODS. M . S. NIOOLL. W. H. ELLIOTT. E. WEED. ' A. G. HOWES. K. ROBERTS. C. J. HALE. A. H. DANA. . W. CLARKE. E. M. TOWNER. A. VAN KLEEOK. A. SHOVE. L. F. GLENN. L. PAGE. M. A. CUMNOCK. G. L. GHUBB. G. LINGLE. A. L. JENCKES. R. S. FOSTER. L. A. FERRELL. enior' qipade QI-YQTOPS. F. PATTERSON. D. N. TAYLOR. 1875 K. M. BICBAIN. 1876-M. CLARK. 1877-M. THAW. 1878-M. W. CASE. 1879 117 w -L. E. FLETCHER 1880-E. 1881-C. 1882-M. 1883-A. 1884 1885-J . 1869 1870 1871-A. 1872- 1873-M 1874 -M -E. M. WHITIIEY. A. LLOYD. E. SHOYE. B. POINIER. L. SMITH. E. RIOKER. G. MEAD. M. FOLSOM. B. FOLGER. E. WEEE. W. MARVIN. ROBERTS. 1875-M A. JORDAN. 1876-A. H. DANA. 1877- 1878-M COLGATE. 1879-E M. WHITNEY OJ L. DICKINSON. A. L. MASON. M. GLAZIER. M. AUSTIN. J. WILLIADIS. H. JONES. L. HUBBARD. M. COLBY. H. MORRIS. R. COFFIN. C. HISCOCK, '73. D. SWIFT, '73, M. LUPTON, '73, 1891-E. H. HAIGHT. uniorv qfipabe QPa1OPS. 1891-S. B. TUNNICLIEE. Qcliioxms Qassuroiana. 1866. Erbcliioras Gfmnaewiplr. A 1867-8. 1868-9. 1869-70. 1870-71. Qdiioras rfmiaeellang. 1872-3. 118 1886-E. R. FOSTER. 1887-N. H. CANEIELD. 1888-M RANSODI. 1889-M M. CHAMBERLAIN 1890-G. R. KELLY. 1880-M H. STOGKWELL. 1881-E. B. V.-IRNES. 1882 -M SHARPE. 1883-M E. ADAMS. 1884-M W. CRAIG. 1885-G. G. LINGLE. 1886-A. L. JENCKS. 1887-M RICH. 1888-E. K. HUNT. 1889-H F. MAOE. 1890-F. HALLIDAY. H. A. JOHNSON. H. A. WARNER. M. L. AVERY. M. W. WHITNEY. S. G. BRIGHT. E. R. BECKWITH. E. R. COFFIN. M. S. NIOOLL. L. A. STOW, '74, H. E. OHLEN, '74. L. A A K E. A. STOW, '711. G. HOWES, '74. L. MEEKER, '74. M. MGBAIN, '75. M. TAPPAN, '75. M. B. TAYLoR. '75. E. H M S. A. E. POPPLETON, '76. E. HERSEY, '76. . A. JORDAN, '76, F. SHEPPARD, '77. A. DANA, '77. L. J. WYLIE, '77. M. H. M H. H. A. M WHIPPLE, '77. E. STANTON, '78. R. BOTSI-'oRD, '78. D. BROWN, '78. R. RANSOM, '78. M. WING, '78, Bus. Man. E. HARES, '79. E. JACOBSEN, '79, M. COLGATE, '79. E. P. CLARKE, '79, Bus. Mau. M REYNOLDS, '80. A. P. BAILEY, '80. J. H. F. SMITH, '80. C. ARMSTRONG, '80, Bus. Man. C. S. WHITE, '81. M L. FREEMAN, '81, A. K. FITZHUGH, '81. J. E. M M A. HARRISON, '81, Bus. Man. M. HOWE, '82. B. KING, '82. R. SANFQRD, '82, M. NICKERSON, '82, Bus. Man. C. L. BOSTWICK, '83. M. SHARPE, '83. S. F. SWIET, '83. A. H. LATIIROP, '83, Bus. Man. 1873-4. 1874-5. 1875-6. 1876-7. 1877-8. 1878-9. 1879-80. 1880-1 . 1881-82. 1882-3. 119 K. M. MCBAIN, '75. E. M. TAPPAN, '75. E. J. LMETCALF, '76. E. E. POPPLETON, '76. C. F. BUTLER, '76. H. E. HERSEY, '76, S. F. SHEPPARD, '77. M. STOYELL, '77. M. R. BOTSEORD, '78, M. H. ROLLINS, '78. E. M. PERKINS, '79. B. HAZARD, '79, E. JACOBSEN, '79. M. REYNOLDS, '80. C. A. THARRAY, '80. M. E. MOTT, '80. M. O. PALMER, '81. A. K. FITZHUGH, '81. C. C. BARNUM, '81. E. M. I'1OWE, '82, M. B. BRITTAN, '82. M. R. SANFORD, '82. C. L. BOSTWICK, '83. S. F. SWIFT, '83. M. SHARPE, '83. M. F. L. HUSSEY, '84 J. H. NIERRTCK, '84, M J. . F. L. HUSSEY, '84. H. NIERRICK, '84. A. BLANCHARVD, '84. L E. L. C. M . A. BARKER, '84, Bus. Man. S. LEONARD, '85. H. GOULD, '85. HISCOCK, '85. . E. EWING, '85, Bus. Mau. M. .KING, '86, fresh L. L. E. E. L. E A. S. E. E C. E. A. L. K. M E. C. C. M D. R. M K E. E F. SWEETSER, '86. L. NEWELL, '86. A. FERRIS, '86. WITIKOWSICY, '86, Bus. Man. C. SIIELDON, '87. C. GREENE, '87. K. GREENE, '87. W. LEARNED, '87, Bus. Mem. C. IKOUNTZE, '88. LEWI, '88. L. BARNUM, '88. L T. NETTLETON, '89. A. FERRELL, '89. WARREN, '89. . E. CHESTER, '89, Bus. Man. E. IMORRIS, '90. SUYDAIII, '90. F. PATTERSON, '90. . CARBUTT, '90, Bus. Man. N. TAYLOR, '91. M. KAVANA, '91, . F. WASIIBURN, '91. . L. STRONG, '91, Bus. Man. C. BANFIELD, '92. B. HARTRIDGE, '92. M. S. PACKARD, '92. A M. ROBBINS, '92, Bus. Mem. . TVIACCREERY, '88, Bus. Man. 1883-4. 1884-5. 1885-G. 1886-7. 1887-8. 1888-9. 1889-90. 1890-91. 1891-92. 120 S. LEONARD, '85. H. GOULD, '85. E. EWING, '85, Asst. B. M. KING, '86. F. SWEETSER, '86. XIVITKOWSKY, '86. Asst. B. M C. SHELDON, '87, C. GREENE. '87. W. LEARIED, '87, Asst. B. M SHAW, '88, f1'6S.9 C. KOUNTZE, '88. LEWI, '88. E. L. MACCREERY, '88, Asst. B.M T. NETTLETON, '89. A. FERRELL, '89. E. CHESTER, '89, Asst. B. M E. MORRIS, '90. SUYDAM, '9O. ' CARBUTT, '90, Asst. B. M. N. TAYLOR, '91, M. KAVANA, '91, L. STRONG-, '91, Asst. B. M. C. BANFIELD, '92. L. KEED, '92. M. ROBBINS, '92, Asst. B. M R. ADAMS, '93, E. PALMER, '93. B. CUTTING, '93, Asst. B. Qbiitorms EXOPE 6'G5Deuwe. 1888. L. S. FAGAN. E. L. MACCREERY. J. J. EDWARDS. S. G. CHESTER. SDDGITOPS Q H. C. BUTTLER. E. C. KOUNTZE. M. RICH. assahion. 1889. L. LA MONTE. M. D. ANDERSON. K. WARREN. L. A. FERRELL. M. M. CHAMBERLAIN. M. E. CHESTER. L. H. F. MACE. M. W. MUERMAN. M. CARBUTT. 1890. S. KING. K. E. SMITH. K. O. PETERSEN. C. F. PATTERSON. HQeeipien1.S of The 5XeIen IQa1e Qurmess qihahespearae 'praise 1886-M. P. SHERWOOD. 1889-L. LA MONTE. C. G. LINGLE. L. L. IDDINGS. 1887-C. A. PRATT. L. G. SHELDoN. faeeipienhs of The Qawwingera 'Blaise 1883-S. H. TREADWAY, '83. 1884-F. L. TERRY, '8'7. 1885-F. L. TERRY, '87. 1886-J. POMERENE, '86. 'aeeipienwis of The mmm 1889-Fivust Prize-C. L. SCOFIELD, '90. 1890 Second Pwize-S. C. GATES, 189. B. V. GAINES, S. -First Prize-O. B. DINTURFF '91. Second Prize-A. L. ICNOWLTON '90. 1887-F 1888-C 1889-C 1890-J Qwminie Q5miTh N 121 L. TERRY, '87 KEEN, '89. KEEN, '89. J. HENDRICK. lfiwise. innerms of' The Qnnual Q'-ennia Q-oL1Pnumen'T 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 Singles-A. M. MCKINLAY, '88. Doubles-I. SKINNER, '8'7. Singles-A. M. MUKINLAY, A. M. NICKINLAY, '88 Doubles-G. A. Pococli, '88. Singles- W. M. SEEKING, '90. S. L. WETBIORE, '90. Doubles-M. S. GUERIN, '92. R. H. WALWORTH, S. Singles-S. S. HOMANS, 192. Doubles Doubles -C. E. FURNESS, '91, V. I. MElc1z1LL, S. S. SQ HOMANS, '92. Singles'- -E. S. BRADLEY, '93. C. E. WHITE, '93. 122 '88. ssoeioie Qtlumnoe of' Quasar, Qollege. - OFFICERS. ' P7'6S7:CZG7ZZf-AIRS. ANNIE HowEs BARUS, '74, 1 ad. N ationai Museum, Washington, D. C. Vice-Presficleuts-MISS E. M. HOYKTE, '82, I 14 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. NIRS. MARY CHUMAR TRASK, '70, A 137 W. 49th Street, New York, N. Y. Treasurer-Miss M. L. BERNARD, '78, Secretary-Miss ALLA W. FOSTER, '72, Kingston, N. Y. Hotel Eliot, Roxbury, Mass. Assisirmzf Sec1'etm'y-MISS E. C. GREEN E, '87, Vassar College Qieoneh Qissoeiciiions. Association of Boston and Vicinity. President-Mrss LUCY TAPPAN, '80. Vice-Pv'e.sicZmts-1VIRs. ELIZA BIETCALF RADEKE, '76. Miss M. R. FITCH, '87. Secrezfmy and T1'eas2w'e9'-MISS M. E. CHESTER, '89, Newton Centre, Mass Miss A. L. JENCKS, '87, 12 Nickerson Street, Pawtucket, R. I Association of Chicago and the West. P7'08t6Z87Lf-MRS. JESSIE NVILLIAMS HINCKLEY, '80. Vice-Pmsiclcnt-Miss M. COOLEY, '83. Secretary and T7'6dS1L7'87'-BYISS E. NVITKOWSKY, '86, 2802 Prairie Avenue, Chicago, IH Assistant Sec1'ez5fw'y and T1'ecaszw'e1'-MISS A. H. LATHROP, '83, Rockfo rd, Iii Association of New York and Vicinity. Pi-esidevzt-1XiRs. LAURA BROWNELL COLLIER, '74. Vice-Presidmzf-lvirss M. R. Loomis, '85. iS'ecremo'y-Miss L. DAVIS, '85, 576 Lexington Avenue, New York, N. Y 7i'66lS1b7'67'-NIISS A. THURsToN, 'S0. r 123 Association of Central and Western New York. Po-esiclfmt-MRS. JULIA GHAPIN WILBOR., "73. . Vice-President-lst. MRS. EMMA HARTBIANN Norms, f8O. 2c1. MISS QE. B. HART, '90, 341. LMISS A. H. BTAY, ,89. Secretary and Treasurer-lvlns. GERTRUDE FROTHINGHAM WILLIATIS, '68, 46 Phelps Avenue, Rochester, N. Y Association of washington and the South. P7'0SiCZ67Zf-BTISS I. HOXNVGATE, '82. Vice-Presficleut-MISS Fi. G. BROSIUS, '88. Secretary and Treasmvr-MRS. MARY HOYT MOSES, '80, 227 E Street, N. W., Washington, D. C 1867-MRS. 1868-MISS 1869-MRS. 1870-MRS. 1871-MISS 1872--MISS 1873 T. A. F. E. E. A. Qloss eereeionies. S. NTCGRAW, 81 Alfred Street, Detroit, Mich. M. FILY, Vassar College. A, MAHONJ BOX '70, Pittsburgh, Pa. S. SLOCUM, Pittsiield, Mass. HOPPER, Hackensack N. J. P B. FOLGER, 139 West 14th Street, New York, N. Y. - - L, Address Mrs. T. J. BAGKUS, 57 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 18'74fMRS. W. D. SANBORN, Winchester, Mass. F. 1875-MRS. J. 1877-MRS. L. 1878-MISS J. 1879-MRS. O. 1880-MRS. T. 1881-MISS M. 1882-MRS. F. 1883-MISS S. 1884:-MRS. F. 1885-MISS P. 1886-MISS E. 1887-MISS E. 1888-MISS E. 1889-MISS L. 1890-MISS C. 1891-MISS M. SHARPE, Chambersburg, Pa. S. DAvIs, Brookline, Mass. E. DAVIS, Hampton, Va. V . STEWART, Steubenville, O. V. J oHNsToN, J R., New York, N. Y. F.. BURKE, Avenue House, Evanston, Ill. L. CRAWFORD, 229 Broadway, New York. SWIFT, Arnenia, N. Y. F. BARNEY, 507 Fifth St., S. E., Minneapolis, LOVING, St. Joseph, Mo. A. FERRIS, Madison Street, Toledo, O. B. HOY, 39 West 9th Street, New York City. LEWI, 312 West 33d Street, New York City. LA MLONTE, 112 Murray Street, Binghamton, N. Y. SUYDAM, Flemington, N. J. E. RICKERT, 888 Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 124 Minn. -mg. s- k " C.: x 'l- I . 'Ti m ,f mx Hmm X XMXXN Xxx x 5-F'-'-Eilik I Z1 'W wi, nu 0,19 H x g Tix 9 ' 1 L5 v ' 'Nm ,ui fm D .. s , K 'X 'Va ,. 1553? N. X X 'W 'KR 1 rn' W . X ifix X "M, ls f gss-iw. XX R. K 'X .N 1 7- 1 M x S , I '- ' '.e"i VA Y x , N lug? -a-g,,,..:--1 - . . - -W , , X , if ' , " ' 5 " ' '1.fMe.f1whw' ' 'e'-vizf-bzvfzw .L-f. .g,:fg5:.1g2L'L1ix-A ,Q 2.- -Jff - fa-ifmf' Q' - QTL-vii. Y3fi3Q"T'?"r, " 1i:f.'55'iu Q ' ' L, 125 He Who ru may read. I To QUR READERS: WE WOULD CALL ESPECIAL ATTENTION E TO OUR ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT, AND BEG THE FRIENDS OF VASSAR STUDENTS TO EAVOR OUR ADVERTISING PATRONS, AND PARTICULARLY TO IVIENTION THE VASSARION IN DOING SO. fr '- ' WN - fr a NX M , of It -4A.,I IW If M5 Es ,f I ' IN f -W: f 'IIAIIG Q14 M y X I ' 4 ,if K, y , X I . IlIlll' I1III ' ef ii, If RI IIS 11541. Ia 11 II III LII? The underwear portion of a Iady's trousseau suppIied from regular lines or made to meas- ure-Cost either way' submitted. Underwear Dept., 2d floor. WKIIEQRQQL. I ,,.. . BONBONS, CHOCOLATES. NOVELTIES IN FANCY BASKETS 5 BUNBUNNIERES FOR PRESENTS. 863 Broadway bet. 17th and 18th Sts., 150 Broadway, cor. Liberty St., NEW YORK. IQ':'OI'C'IC1'S by mail receive prompt ttentioni And he Will learn much to 111S d. t ' 126 7 W5 , . it-1 ,, - Q 1 e ' x '- 1 5Ul5ERl'0RllI.lTRlTl0ll f . 2 " . . .i . Q w 'if-THEUFE., . N K vflvf .a 'A' THE. J J ' ":'iY ee 1.43 V " R ' "" A W 'Z it 'L lf ri , .ga l IWEDICIHAL. . a r t 1 , .4 --4-I.. . li tv., 5- V . 1 i T A ,iv 'IMPERIAL GRANUM hasfi been on. the market ftir .,r1gany,years,:-and ,itstsales are i constantly. increasing. The greatest possible care is used in its manufacture, as we . -..' . - .,c . . f , ' - . - z".e. . can testify, having VlSltC'd'i,l'lC factory. ,Absolute cleanliness prevails, and the greatest care itaken l1av,,ef1produet absolutely ,unifornii 1faTliCffaCf1ftll5tt physicians 'almost univergallyf. reedtrrrhaeiniinit is suflipieritjproqofp of its "standard 'qu'ality'+ZfZze Clzkiffian Unfair, !VZ'ze1'Ye1t1t',j11fy 41-189o.".i.1'." .f- git.. r 5 - .4 r ,,, Q T'w,ENTy4sElvE.N'yearS ago last' ltiriew-r11viPE RIAL G'RANUM"w-is 8 recgniriw-esded , 1 to us- bygone of the leading physicians, of Cincinnati,-iforfa' child whQSe,lile'7had ljeeh despaired of, We believeiitilfisavecl 1'- ithe child'sf life, and-'it has been one'ofltl'1e'aftic1es 'necessary .to 'have in' 'the house ever since that time, andfwe, have' foundit equally 'elTieaci'?Qus, for the invalid' and aged. It has ,steadily increased in popularity during-all these years, and is to-day commendedgin the 'highest terms leading phys-iei-ans"all'1over the worlidif' 'There is probably no article onthe market that recei've's'Sb' much Biff? and aatetenitibn inevery detailifof-n'lanufaciure.-T!ee,,Chfz'sgiar1 af Work, N Y.5A1zg. 21, 1890. has been before the piublicffor many.yea,rs,,,and itwqgld be .' possible, probably, to procure regoriig.mendatio.ns1in its favor "frbin,.e'very,fa'1nily in which it has been used. Children aref'kejht,,in health, and in thousandsofcases invalids have not only. been kept5'alive,.'but Havefljeen restoredforperlect health by its use. We 'are glad. to know that the sale increases with every yeartif The MTE' -York Independent, fwts'9.r:89Q....f 'iz E . ' ' 1. themany'goudJthingjadvertised is thee,-'jff.IMP'ERIAL GRANUNMQU .The i announcement says, " It has justly ,acquired the reputation of being astandard dietetic preparation." I donot know what better commendatioxi I can give. It has' this reputation. and thereputatipn is deserved. While particularlyegrcellent for infants, in- valids and theaged, it is capable of being served in most aieiieaetis and appetizing forms ,for all ages, and for the healthyzas welliasithe sick.:7A723w York Observer, Feb. 21, 1889. 1IjZlQPEflilAfLFGRAl9l'UM is pf particfilar value to '.inyaiid'S, afidi 2112: 'agkdl 7' it E hnqfies- tionably-oneof-the,.sa02.'st,,,best, prepared, and most relliablef of foods. JTh.e'isecr:et fbf its success is in, its superior nutritive qualities, the weakest ,stomachs retaining and assim- ilating it,.Q1supplying.1-he strength without whicha patient is unable to recuperate. We cordially recomnnendjt to, our readers, ,and can do sp from persctnalknowledge ofits good qu 1lities,gfor we havef used it.-Qfde''C'br1grega!z'o'izalirl, Basiuh, Mars., Marek, 1889. - -k 1 f-w eso1.D,f.Bv DRUGGJSTS. . -. -t sHhbP'1Nc- DEPOT, JOHN' CARLEMCQ SONS, Nsvii Yokx. 4127 .A .wa . L A A A ' ' Ai .,A' X -U A- -A Ff faval flq, ff .Q v , V A 'g' 1A T NOED U A T MANUFACTURERS OF 1 S ARTI STS IVIATE F3 IA -f ' , 'L A, .V D A A V Q A a A A A C. T. RAYNOLDS X: CO.'S A . , ARTISTS' a 1 A M W T, "Ma h i f IN I ,aaifiwdp AT ' ' as :T as WW' ? 'W T A A ' DUUBLEH UR 'LARGE SIZE Enamel ' INCLUDEIAQPEIEEYE or FOR PRFWUCIFG A- , T V ,,.V.: ,,,W,,, POLISHED -SUR-I-'ACE I was TWENTY-ONE 'MADDERS ' SON- - I ' , ,1., OU UNUSUAL BRILLIANCY. M JU 33" ,M ,' F I-T N ITU R -EPT , T'HEsE'co1.oRsARE USED . WICKER W.M? E' A I -LEADING ARTISTS A A Em' A T 1 -f N THROUGHOUT THE ' ' READY FOR USE: M V COUNTRY. A --'-'- f ,Tx A R T 1 ST s U P P L-lf E S A - , A. ,TT, Tm MATT, W , , A , V.EA,ifff,: W Oil and Water Goloraand Pastel Paintingi, I Drawing and Mathematical' lnstnumentsi. o V V M Q: 3-Af.f'55f. +T'I53.IlT'-TTTTTTT ' ' A ' TT" 1 " . '-jp ' MANUFACTURERS OF ' A f A b ARTISTS FI N E BRUSH ES, 1 Canvas and Academy Board, OILS, MEDIUMS AND VARNISHES. me aa IGS FEILTTGN ST., NEW VURKS, , f A Q ,fa1f'?-fn' ' ,- , .ywxvrut ,LE . .' J'1,xv.' .. A - ' :R'1f'Afi--2559 'af A ,Q , , f- Sggzf 2 , T .1-'1"J,1,i5, an-, 112-.:3' A - Sa...-x::w3.,S.J, . 555,-1, A. : i-!:g -JA- - ,Q-E ri A E TIFFANY 8m C UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK. WATCHES. Special attention is called to the line of Tiffany Watches. They are stem-winding anchor movements, in 18 karat gold hunting cases of superior styles and finish. Each watch is stamped with the name of the house, thereby carrying its guarantee. SIZES FOR LADIES, S40 TO S60 H H GENTLEMEN, S65 TO S75 Cuts showing sizes and styles of watches and chains sent on request. Ladies, watches also ill bracelets, chate- laines, card cases, pocket books, etc. CLASS RINGSL Alumni badges, fraternity emblems, cups, trophies, prizes, etc., suitable for class gifts and presentation. 'liffauy Sz Co s "Blue Book" or Catalogue for 1891 sent upon request 129 WANTED-The student Who Writes letters in Psyo. EDUCATED for successful business, taught how to get a Living, make Money, and become enterprising, useful citizens. EASTMAN COLLEGE, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., on the Hudson, the only institution devoted to this specialty, consists of the Schools of BUSINESS combining Theory and Practice by a novel and original system of training, and giving ACTUAL daily experience in Merchandising, Banking and every variety of Oiiice Woitk. No student can take this course and remain ignorant of actual business transactions of daily occurrence as conductedin the great exchanges in New York and London. PHONOGRAPHY AND TYPEWRITING the best field for educated young ladies. Students. Wishing to become shorthand arnanuenses are thoroughly drilled in correspondence. Students desiring to become general verbatim reporters are taken through all grades, finished on lectures given in the co lege g in no other school in this country is this opportunity offered. PENMANSHIP for Business, Drawing and ornamental work. An art indispensable for teachers. TELEGRAPHY readily learned, and when acquired earns good pay. These schools, embracing six depart- ments, are in charge of eight professors and iive assistanthinstructors. EASTJVAN hasvbeen well styled THE BUSIIVESS UZV1 VER ITY OF AUIERICA. It is the oldest and most practical Commercial School and the largest and most popular Private School in this country. Refers to patrons in every State YOUNG MEN and Boys starting in lite for themselves or assuming the business of a father or relative. and wanting the best preparation to assure success g YOUNG LADIES desiring to qualify themselves for good positions, and to make themselves independent for life in a short time at a very moderate expense 5 PARENTS AND G-UARDIANS Wanting their sons to be useful, prosperous citizens, and their daughters prepared for the accidents of life, and made self supporting: ACADEMIC AND COLLEGE GRADUATES desiring a practical and profitable nnish to their theoret- ical ancl unavailing education g DISAPPOINTED YOUNG AND MIDDLE-AGED MEN who are tied to conservative families, or places unsuited to their ambitions and abilities, or who desire to change their course of life, by seeking places and business more satisfactory and remunerative, will find THE AVEW, short, practical course of study here most invaluable. There are no vacations. Applicants enter any day with equal advantage. Board and tuition fees more reasonable than an oth FIRST-CL ' ' ' ' ' ' y er ASS school. Address for cataloge giving special information, EASTIYIAN COLLEGE, OLEMENT O. GAINES, PRES'T, POUG-IHIIKEEPSIE, N- Y- QlElSSlQEll SQllOOll ndgn Hall, F r Girls, A POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., Special Course in College Preparation, fit- ting for all coueges open wwomen. Experi- Has an independent graduating ence in this work has given the Principals knowledge of the training necessary for a COLITSC, 3.lTlCl p1'CpEll'CS SllllClCl'1tS fO1' successful entrance into College. Pupils fitted in this school are now at Vassar, COllCg6. rIlXfVCl'1l2y-l:lVC yOLlI1g Wellesley, Smith, Oberlin and Barnard. Also,aGraduating Course, embracing more ladies from thig School 211'C HOW extended work in Modern Languages, Science and Literature. Excellent facilities in Art and Music. Catalogue with terms, description of Courses of Study, SCC., on application. 324-326 MILL ST., Clgglb in the Various depart- ments at Vassar. MISS NORTH PS9 MISS BARNES, Samuel Wells Buck' PRINCIPALS. PRINCIPAL. 130 You may talk about friends who, 111 trouble, U Will help you to featl 1' your nest 5 Maintain their high reputation for elegance and beauty Of linish. They are invaluable for SELECT SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCE, and can be Obtained in various tints, surfaces and thicknesses. FOR SALE BY ALL LEADING STATIONERS AND XVIIOLESALE ONLY BY MARCUS WARD 81 CO., LIMITED, 734 Broadway, New York. Speeial ' ROBERT BEALL, Preparatory Sebool . EOWSEELER FOR VASSAK. -A PALISADE AVENUE, ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY ll. W. STERLING. O. M. GERRISH, LLB Stationer and Engraver. 495 Penn. Avenue, WASHINGTON CITY. 'ou I I But, for our part, we 1 Cl t That' Fayevvzrellzer friend th l TL F. GROTE Sz CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Ivory, Tortoise Shell and Pearl TOILET ARTICLES, HAIR ORNAMENTS AND FANCY GOODS. Hand Mirrors in oval, round and square styles, and I-Iair Brushesrto match in Ivory and Tortoise Shell. Also Hat, Cloth, Bonnet, Military and other Brushes in large variety. A full line of Puff and Powder Boxes, Glove Stretchers Shoe Lifts Button H ks cl M i G , , oo an an cure oods, Ivory Staunton Chess, Checkers, Checks, Dice, Dominoes and Stationery Goods. Real Tortoise Shell and Amber Shell Hair Pins, Combs and Ornaments in latest styles and exclusive patterns. 114 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NOTE.-Price List will be sent on application. NEW YORK. PACH BROS., Qollege Qloss hoiogeophees, ees Beozxownv, NEAR 22D STREET, JXVJ-E W YORK- l-A-Q... IVIILLIO eoolis. Rare, Curious, Current, IN' STOCK ALMOST GIVEN AWAY I LIBRARIES SUPPLIED CHEAPER THAN AT ANY BOOK STORE IN TI-IE VVORLD. LIBRARIES will BOOKS BOUGHT MAMMOTH CATALOGUE FREE. Legged Bfofhem 31 CHAMBERS STREET, 7 aa door West of City Hall Park, NEW YORK BEST .ART SZVIYXISISDEST OIITEYXYI. SIGN ED artists: proofs of the best Etohings, costing with tasteful frame from 3510 to 3380. FREDERICK KEPPEL M OO., of Paris, and 20 East liith Street, New York, have just issued their illustrated descriptive Oat- alogue KNO. SJ. It Will be mailed on receipt of 10 cents in postage stamps. Also high-class water colors. Visitors are always welcome to call and examine these pictures. For Sale.-By 391, Mui-ray's Handbooks of Psychology in good condition. Juniors take notice. i """'g5Q5, f- .-ve. .. , , ,..... .- ,:.f . gps- -1 15 ....z,.. mln,-5-ff ., '. ' ..,.,,mQ'f'i,: Q f-3.31 Fi 17' A ' 43:1-at xii' 5- f -' f"- 'E-"": ,' z rf",----1 j-1 ly' , V - , ' , ' , E -.251 he '. t ,-J, xp- R. vi--"F-I , . . nm' ,-f . it ef-' , , -- , l,Lf-,.z,-if .f -1 -- '- - - "WW-,'e..: ei '. 4' 7 V - , - - . - THE "'S0HAMER'i IS THEBEGSTL ' ' i I X x fi S 0 221.4 . g . if ' . ' t PIANOS -V-VN, I , V ,. -c -. '- its Are Preferred by l r e l .. ina" i e ATG the Favor- , the -COIlSCIO.I1tl0l1S 5,I1,,,3,,my.,WM . y A A- A 'M EU. w,":iI.'l.i.,-'IH ,""' "4 'g ' - ' ' i, ' i . . W i . . u"' --V , ltes of the Music , lilnsical Instruct- p -.QQ , , U , , , - , X '-,- ' ' Q Xf- .tfi,,,' : 7' . L . . . . .. , . -- .5 P 1- fi , - I' - ' .A iq' , ors and Musloians, . , 1 n f - 'LOVIHS 'Pflbllcf Y if , , n gif if iw., 'f 5' ' 2' , . . ,i - . ..,, , ' ' - . ,sas fill ' , r -.LYFI JW 1 5 , -N , A Y The "Sox-tl17Amerieun Review-H says of tllBiC01BlllltdQgtlhlllt5l' Pianos: I ' 1 ' Y " No one. can fail to- notice in them every good quality which one is entitled toexpect from agood insfpu- ment 5 nobility, elasticity and utmost clearnesshof tone, and an extent of power which never fails, added to 1 which a perfect evenness of touch renders them as near' perfection as has been thus far attained. Their ' touch unites with absolute precision a delicacy and pliability, and a most happy responsive quality not, , found in the instruments of any other maker. M - ic. Zi' ff -,s f ' rf ,. r k. .X E., I E . l . Y Zu pw. I. E517 ., 2. VV, It 4- . 25, -ry -wr 2 ,-Y: ,Y - While the present firm of Sohrner 8: Qo. was founded in 1872, its existence really extends further back 91112-T1 1860- Its author and head,-Mr..I-Iugo Sohmer, is a native of .the Bl2:Ck,FQl'SSt, in Germany, coming of a, good family incomfortable circumstances, and was given a ,most -linished. scientific and literaryneducation, at the same time acquiring a thorough knowledge of music and the pianotorte. At- sixteen years of age he ar. rived in New.York and wasapprenticed to piano-making inthe factory.of'Schuetze and Ludolph, Thorough- ly learning his trade with this finm, he returned to Europe in 1868 and traveled in the-various capitals. studying' 'piano-making criticallv and scientifically from every possible standpoint. Iii 1870 he returned to New York, and in' i872 commenced embodying in practical forrn the ideas which his training and travelhad brought. -His partner was Joseph Kuder,1WlJ0 stillcontinues in the 'lirrn-a piano-makenwho studied the art and trade "thoroughly in the Vienna shops, and added considerable experience gained in thershops of prominent makers. 'At present the Firms consists, in addition to Messrs.-Sohmer and Kuder, of Mr. Charles Fahr and George .R'eiclimarm, each member of the firm being fin 'charge ofa special department, to which he devotes his eflfire energies. , The concern now hasgin addition to its 'extensivejvarehousec on Fourteenth Street and Third. Avenue, a new factory at Astoriafwhicli is the most rnagniiicent and complete establishment in the country, anld- the advent of which has done much for Long 'Island in inducing hier manufacturers to establish them- 'se ves there " - ' , . ' EXIST! 'with the present average production ofthe firm, which is the high figure of forty pianos per week, it is vet insufficient to supply the extensive demand, the firm being to-day largely in arrears of its orders. V V Ajvidely-spread constituency demandingthese celebrated instruments, they may berhad not only at the gijincipal warerooms, 140.110 .155 Eastfliourteentli Street, New York, but at Montreal, Canada5 236 State Street' , hicago 5 Union Llub Building, San Francisco, I522,01l'VE1' Street, St. Louis, M'o.g' E123 Main Street, Kansas -City 3 as also ot local dealers throughout thecountry. , . ,-The laurels of.the firm of Sohmer 8: Co. have been justly earned and cheerfullyybestowedf' r ' nnomivnn Fuzsr PRIZE CENTENNIE lcxvosrrrom r'HIn.innr.Prlil. isis. , - c I I M e ' ' A m:cmv1g:D FIRST Pnxzn AT MONTREAL,,CANADA, 1881 and 1ss2. . SOEI'lVIE' eco., ' GRAND, ,SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOFORTES. .N wiLl'0l'00lllS: 149. 151, 153, 155 East 1-ith Street, N. Y. Factory : Astoria., L. I., opposite Eighty-sixth Street, NEW' YORK- ey TAHE H SOHMERU IS BEST. ' 3 For Sale.-Some long Greek lessons. 133 -.., - :Heil-'H Q, ' .L l DRI' I . TE SAL THE CHCICEST S IILA I . ANDA. A SEE 4. IIACSTQECCNCIVIICIALI ALDyEI:m S EMS',EN 'I FORT SALE AT ALL THE ' ' 'P W 0 L' h LEADING GROCERS. - ,L E WOULD CALL CUP READERS AFV TENTICN TO THE ADVE RTISEMENT, DISPLAYED ON ANOTHER PAGE, OF THE- CELEBRATED CLCVE-EITTINIC CGYRSETSI LADIES WILL ,DO WELL TO ACCEPT THE SUGGESTIOIN CONTAINED THEREIN, AND IN DQINGL SC, WE WOULD REC'OM'IVIE.ND THE HE-" CLCvE-PITTINC IN ROYAL EAST BLACK AS BEING THE MOST DESAIPAISLE. I 134 " T fri THE Comb and nE51von5113LE. EeST.A.ELISEIEID 1828- Y X 1 X QN the acquisition of knowledge, in building character, in becom- ing endowed with spiritual power, this principle is all im- portant: TO HIM THAT HATH SHALL BE CJVEN. And so he is richer who holds fast to the most, not he who earns or produces the most. This is the doctrine of sensible economy, and by Cleansing, Dyeing or Rehnishing all sorts of Fabrics and Garments, we enable thousands of people yearly to save and to use a large proportion of the original value locked up in Clothing and Household Fabrics which have become soiled or faded, or limp, or tiresome. ,Sum- mer Silk Flannels, Challies, Pongee, Crepe, Silk or Wool-eVe1'y- thing. We cheerfully answer all inquiries explicitly and promptly. X X Y Steam D eing and Cleansing Establishment, Mill Street, corner Platt, Rochester, N. Y. , ,...N,,,K.-gg-,,K,x.,-. GOODS RECEIVED AND RETURNED BY MAIL DR BY EXPRESS. 135 Found.-An organ in prayer-meeting. K ao Q T 'r i 4 7? ffl TZ YQ HOME atom smooife 2 :ay . 5, 57'-L:j,, P' sf :Eff N C -i' fr I W l A ,f l Emil s ang, v-Z 3,1 f ff , mafesgfqism fi, .Q ,gg .I ,at -17 ., ,, ,. -H, Z ff fr Wu Y. X if 'I 1 I 5 ,,,, - :Isla qu ,, M "R" FS? Cr. -1 . .5-1,13 , J ug. -ma l tf ri H 22 ' -. , 5, '- , g ,, V W , ,x-1 -3- '1 2 4. - ' 1 5f""-- 5 ' P. . -1 -. -1 C X 1 ' f lr n er v X X!! X l N fe A if of f f if x "' 'r K -- '-Ei!! 5 ill., ff jf! ,s 1 ll ..-:S-1 + J' VASSX-XR: E Esmeusueo lava 73 STMON CERTWCATE Q DMC? we L-Il umm DETROIT 55 H OO L .J DLICGETT eoauerrreas Cjf,fEff2'EE,1fm,,.2 55?-'22, -RQ-,L ' " '? ,.3'i"l' ,wl7' rs Sn..............-..,......,..m,,2 E E E ,.. F1-.,, . E E ' x E - : : ' ,,,, .4 ,, X , .,..h .W , Q E I . - 'era .f. -' .. e - 1,-,L ,sggzsf-5:5545 img -ey J, , - . : : 5 'T '4"'Ev:--1--Q-aafvzziiiiiu li-.,gi-ffl.-.SGl-swf'.t,,.l h p y 5 more 5 2 : 'T : 2 1 funn:nun-iq.-.pu-.-npf U i.,,,,,,- P, 5.-1-:K Z.-.-u....-umU..-I..-.-.-.3 Y V LW" "'i Y V Y f ,- C iw ll! , V ' l ' x 2 Aff' Ig W HY are we headquarters for all schools ? Not only because we give them special prices, but because the quality of our Work is pleasing, and our pictures always satisfactory. If you Wish the finest photographs to be had in this city, at moderate prices, call on us. We make all the latest novelties in portraiture, both large and small. E C. H. GALLUP X CO., 292,. 294, 296 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. BOSTON, NEW YORK, CHICAGO CHATTANOOGA, PORTLAND and Los ANGELES TQZQUQVS, HQQDHQS BVEB,Efl'T 0. FISK dz CO., PROPRIETORS. 7 Tremont Place, Boston. 6 Clinton Place, New York. 106 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. 402 Richardson Block, Chattanooga. 42 Washington Building, Portland, Oregon. IZOZ SouLh'Sp1'ing Street, Los Angeles. 100 page Agency Manual free to any address sw W e ' -' ,,., .- fe .. - ' sg' 5 1gi.Q..? '.g,:-f3A3llE:"',..f2 'giiefi-' -'ff it , 5 1 'll I lllll 1 - Qffffff J ' If' lfigfi V - 'xi A " L f .1 W . 1 , WATCH HILL, Ft. I. ' , S AND ANNEXES. I f I ' Q i. .QLLY ,'.,' igfgz.TQQLL.gigef-6llQiLgTi1 '2 iiilfixf Y V . . . - ' Elly-' " ,-,ill ' ll .:::. ,.,, w ill i ':A2 I ' . ff iiifl.:fl 11i2Mias+il itil 1 E 'il..1ii'ill 'li5i El -i liii Q T E mil-lib!-m'fwi1L5H1l il'ln fi lli, 'llelii li 'ffY2i 47'1l ? "5- 'Ml I ' .1 E iivie i-1 ' 'V -'-u f i . I. f ,N-' 1 . if . 2 5, .i?iiii:niuuaHf'i'fi: 1 'i f1Qi i.1 1:l i1 A , jj Epi S . it A4 ' isilif ui will ow f:-pu Lf, ,E E-e .,!E.: q, , e llif ii I 1? . H i ll ,Hill Qi. E , ll fi.. E S Elllllllllllllllllllilllwl 'l'lllllllwll l llll llll'll'l' "'l lllll lllll 1 e ' . E . Q ...,i . ill Iiillllllllll llllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllll . A Q .- ' L f Q-1 Q-EZLLIEZQ.-1... .QIQ m 4.. v-,1,,:. ..:1 . --f - E W , 'ff 3:7 33 2-T'L1,':z?Q'va 3i Ee nigg a Ilblwl is ' ' S c Z e ve IW ' -- """L"' A . . S gl l f ylie of . 'T' mi-if .TLC f i? .5 "A"':: 3. i E " c.LLs ::' . ' WITHIN FIFTY FEET OF EACH, OTHER.- -eunsws TAKE .MEALS IN TI-IE PLIMPTON. I . , SEASQN OF 1891. . me - AWN TENNIS and self-operating swings for guests of the House. Boating and i- ,Fishing good. Free fromnmosquitoes. Good teams furnished on short notice. . Telegraph inthe house, and post-oliice near by. Four mails in and out daily. First-class -orchestra furnished for the season. The finest music hall in the State. I ' EEEEEENCES- WAYNE GRISYVOLD, No. 3 YVz11l St., New York. JAMES D. GILL, Esq., Springfield, Mass. ' f VM. W..FOSTER, Bafltimore. CHARLES VV. KNAPP, Esq., St. Louis. ' I ' VW. C. HASTINGS, Esq., Murray Hill Hotel. Rev. NV. A. SNIVELY, 63 Chestnut Street, New W. -P. ANDERSON, Esq., 75 Pike St., Cincinnati, O. Orleans. i' 0.71-If NORTHAM, Esq., Hartford, Conn. . Ak JOHN D. VVATTLES, Sunday School Times, Phil- 35264- Q CHARLES L. LONG, Esq., Springfield, Mass. Adelphia. ' I WATCH HILL, R. I., OPEN 'MAY 10TH. ' WILLIAM HILL, Proprietor. 137 ' . fin. , . 7-3.1, " O' x :gf .iiilellzs -Q7 i ,R .. . ntw.-1. , . Black Qiw T 'N 14 1 T , , T Question in the minds of the Sophomore HISTSOIY Class :- V. 1 T ARL1 Gro UNK C31 Co- ' '.": 1231122-'5'2's A ' ' Silks- ImP0f'Wd Dress Goods- 4'o- lio - wdr " o Jaorcets. end I 5 - 4 Mourning rfllg 'M A HI Furs and Fur Q QQQE E AHLINGTON RUNK V R jllaoaaens 1 b ' , f T Goods- :mr.evre:am:r v:....::, N , Q.i2.r.4,. Garments-' T T man me -My mg 4- , E 1. h MJF A A A A A A A V YZ A A A A A H315 ' T Rear India e and T r 1lLmgmH,nureIlmrr or L1 1 nuu nom il T T T Umm Crepe T W Scotch ms- m m V andr T - W I KM' jf J ,jrgimf Sl? o ' ' and - Mountain E Stefmlal' , T , 5 -,,,QL,Y.i2!1IW2L! --,,,,,-, - ' fel NZM -erin ' e in ::::::::: 4 E A Flennels. WUT 1 -oA.' i s e and 1 A :o - T fr Hosiery. . - 1 R f I ., QI I. 'ig' , i ' ,rl or l o, ' ,,Ug1 r.rG3M.7,j' lqL.' , W' I , W '1 USS V AQ Embrolderles. --'Q DRY GOODS A ee 1 Z' '-1' .5 W., H me .,., 'H T V F Tl I f sem. 1 Leees. E Q ' +A were ' rare.- u "'N r 1 : -wir' J - 2 nrrw lmu o r Imported 3 ,Hf'L ' ,T-M11 ., mr f."f.1LiV?!14V::a:"L Wimmiiliil' A. 1, ,, M1135 : 'fbi 1 V -fill! E?" T - , T l '-L miuggp mrr wv'rs1r.1,zWe"'f ,our '1V1lN:11N"f"E'H, Willlilyflh, of 11' ' . Umbrellas, Fans f:' 5' 5Tm7IWpulI! , Vhiif5PTl I ' M'2'i Iwi-3"T':1 f5WlTef1 r 4 ' ' 'T ' 3-E' ' .iw'rI11 ',r-or . who W' MTI: Ami. M7 '5fEf5Er1 '.sf'iYf3f'3'E' ' V :A H ff- -- ea ' r i' T .n Goaohmg - Dress 1: 6 , u f . T Parasols, Q . of-.ii -- n - ' o Trlmlmngs 1 - ' f 1 r ' EM -gp EEN e"' ' "" r W N - ov TTI TJ 'Q 'Finer A Imported rgg w-3 T fr , . , T egljwxwiwl I h.hMYFmiQ! ,YIHWWIIMEI T COSUIIHBS, 1:T1ie'r1?,r+rvi:91'Q:3. 1 :I 5:-!:x1W'Mj,' E -. T and , .' Thi 3 h ' . "fe 5' 1 2 '- .3-,J-Q, " fi i "'- iff fl E N--L , , - -fy Pans 'JZETW V lvretezrl gf, 5' Armstloe - . T511 W . .. ' Mlumefy- ,W or T ' ' T Furniture- , L f "" itggjggwfe ' CHEST NUT STREET, . PHILADEAPHIA. T. W " I9 this w1'iT9?"' ,T 1 138 'f Li-:T I I ,, 'ig 1."'U'1 .':,E.v' -' " gzzrii' FOR SALE-Some Faculty honors. ' 3fw3 PARUUETBY Films ,, A idsll V 1. , 5 - .?,,,3.y , t e R A 's a e w s a .lf?j?i-W , il h -ll f a contribute more to the 'QL' V-' BEAUTY and COMFORT .lm , if lk ..l. . . Sw of the HOME than any other one thing. We combine THE " -11" C "Q ?A" ,"7 FINEST QUARTER CUT WHITE OAK l51F " '5q"l9ff7li . . with various colors of nat1ve and im- :fllillll'll ' 1O A- A t d h d ds to roduce AN .1 IH . N A por e ar Woo p I-.:s1,.Tq1i ,,. v .. sm: 231 'f giiif -'i' fi. ARTISTIC EFFECT 3 or We can 'L.Ul., ,W L. '.? 1 '?l'5illl'il4f'il11'!W.?', fl, ' ,- . make them of all one Wood to suit .- ,ff A- fe' .1 ":?i'l 'i.1i.gav . fi Customers' ' . :-'lllf 4. Mf',2s-2?-EK? WAX AND BRUSHES Pon POLISHING, CHEAP. Send for Catalogue showing New Designs. if , - , L A ii. . .M s. o. Joi-I NsoN, 'lil Racine, Wie. f ' - Y ff-' 1 T i V I , G X V- FH L , :...ip'-TQ lf A .Wh 4Ii'i5BfHl1 X-A-:2'H'f1 , . so -. I I .f.7E-:mfsay 5 I . -A 'f WA- ,! .7 "Q - gin ,, Qhzkxeru' me M U w! 'i"- !E1I,a!fe.fEa1'-I-L-I-if ' ihiaaumeam . l afffgq.-qwygf 5 il lil illm- -:1 Wm' . ,, i. , Fginii A . 5, E: fx ,. ,.' .. . ' f'w .:rgfe:z:R f.s ,1 ,1f 13.64. 4 '-le- f ,! f-uifif:wlUITI inilrt L. ' 4-fsifii a- "l?3 '3755:- M - is --1, 1' . cr' in -' I A ' E QEQ Q' GF- NEW QITY. 2 600 rooms at 51.00 per Vday and upwards. European Plan. First-Class Restaurant, Dining Rooms, Cafe and Lunch Counter, a la rarfe, at moderate prices GUESTS' BAGGAOE TO AND 1-'ROM GRAND CENTRAL DEPOT FREE. Rooms where ladies and gentlemen may check valises, coats, parcels, SLC., without charge. Traveles arriving via Grand Central Depot SAVE CARRIAGE-HIRE AND BAGGAGE EXPRESS by stopping at the Grand Union. FORD GARRISON Gt CO., Proprietors 139 'WANTED-More tiuxe before exams. Jw A qs ., 1 " wi ,NED U N EQUALLEDR IN DESIGN CQNSTRUCTION QFINISH ILLvsfRATED CfxTALOGvE FREE my ,Mxlxx "I ft ' HI f'N?Wy3f?, mmm? QQ' ffl! ff, P iw f f , f ffzii ' Q? X ,gf 7 S f 'f M A'7?7715"'afriAP7 A O ' Sffeff. Bosfon. 5f?fYfYC'!'7 HOUSESA I2 WHHREN ST NEW YC7f?ff. E9! wf15f15H.f1vf,cf-ffcrfmo. Ff?.C7'OE'Y l7'flH'7'FU17D.5 L'UlYh'. 140 x mmvyv' eeeenaea whimwigwfgi A.V. AIG T he PRINTER wwwwwwwwww iE5E X'lTwifflXB'il1 an ""ffll2f'?2f 1, QQQ. QQQQHQ cnineea iz W e Ei eei g5'5'3'5'3 3 5'x5'5'5'5'5'3'3'55'WW5:f lleiiiiiy l'fiii53fJil QMMHMMMMMMM 'iflbiiiikfiisillzi l My NWVWWKJ Elzeiifgia 2:-1' hen you ane in.xvan'r of Qniming, Pe4 A membec Tha? we have The pxewem QTyles of qy'pegThe laTesT lzlmoderen lima- chineny, and The Qem VQoPlQmen.. Yfipe pay The higheshnages, and so commano The besT TalenT. have Myles of Gfype suiiable Fon any class of wack, and dia- eeiminafing worvlemen who lenoxv how To use Them. Que xnonlv has noT The appeaicance of' " Qmwreun H pr-'inTing, which cheap help and boys' wowlc are anne To giee. ' ,NU YJ., fJ.,,.Y.,J,,, .wgiggnsvfh .15 .arty ' ieszfhfhimfi ne of' our rules is newer' To disappoinT a cu5Tomen. Qln expenienee of more Than Thirfly years in The pninTing busi- ness has convinced us ThaT This nule musl somelimes be suspended. always Tny To enfonce iT, hoxceeen, ana have a large forcce which ean he concenTnaTe.o on hurdniecl xvonk when necessacy. Vg gp. .lg f-D1 lif ?,lfLi"f T , H e do noT claim To he The "cheapcsT" ' pninTen in'The eounlry, buT our cus- Tomens usually Eno oun prices ahouT as low as Those fnequemly bemanded for infenion week. can and be glee as much value f'on The money, all Things eonsicereec, as any pr'inTer' in The eounTny. Qnoens come un- soliciTeo f'r"om every q5TaTe in The Lilnion, as well as frvom Wmexico, Qenhcal and '5ouTh Qmenica, noT always on accounT of supenion work alone, buT when The maT- Tcr of' cosT is also consideeec. have pr'inTeo and boune every number' of " 6'-he Wassanionf' and voe TrusT we shall he able Tc mulvc The same sTaTemcnT many years hence. 'si , ,, . in 1 LOST-Specific gravity 'in the Senior History Class, V . ""'x ' X "Q.Q '3,jg4.S1."i ix 4 -f ,Q ' ,S ' ,- a g' , ga ff,1.,5 1 3 - 1 QQ 'hx A Q cf' A e s 1.1 lslll A Q A A9 J A 4- Q f 1 il JZ, P1161,1c111E - is 54 , . A A- 1 W ' RA g g u Wig XXXTT., -5 'TS 5. ' ' 9 .T 15 ' 1 VQ7 A , ,LT M ,if A X. F7 R4 5 TT' ff -.NNN 1 '36 VillfT ""'-1 f ' ff., ' W A f f l "ll l A ' I fgidlf ' V31 :ui -km. I3 u f 4 L 1 'li V Qi 1, -,Q I ' if Jxlilrp ' - A w1 ' , lllwllli l , 1fiH.'Vlfif:'f " Kfrflll ff vw. N : ,M-A HQ- ,111 1 A. X ,ll 41,6 ..,,., -1 PFU RSS- 1. E , HENRY A. REWLANDKZCO ' lui ' 'illl mgf ,- . i l y 'L DeU1'0it1MiChigan,U.S,A'. H"li' 1 N A . 1 A A ...... I ,LL ,... 5.1 .... ........., if lliiliilll , X A if ,. THE ONLY MEDAL AWARDED FOR I-'URS IN THE AMERicAN DEPARTMENT AT THE PARIS EXPos1T1oN, 1889. ENRY ,NEWLAND 81 Co., '- ' o41MPlNUFACTJRlNGDO Punier and F111 Merchant . IIVIPORTERS OF LONDON AND PARIS NOVELTIES. Being one ofthe LARGEST MANUFACTURERS of LONDON DYED ALASKA SEAL GARMENTS in the UNITED STATES, we will always offer special in- ducements to customersiwishing STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS GARMENTS. We Solicit Repair Work during the Summer Months, as it can be executed cheaper and with less delay than in busy season. Measurement Blanks and all desired informa- tion furnished promptly on application. Correspondence Solicited. HENRY -Ll. NEWLLXND X1 GO., 0FFICEi 89 Rue. Des P61115 ch6mps,Q'p162, 164, 166, 166 JEFFERSONAVE., PARIS, FRANCE.' DETROIT, MICH. . 143 D ' ,., :ww-. qnm"'qvw.1:v:1fU11,L'51 A "W-4, iii? 2j"'1':-is'2111!3!'7'i?3i"7:f'ff'f5f"" L "ffL1-1f!f:'f-'FTS'-1'"5-13.5+f:L".?1a'e.'f-f.,FnJ.,, , . 'Q-1-FW!" 95: C' . 4 , f . .Y .1 .-.4-.... N. f-fm' 'i--fri '-'f"" V' f"'.'5'I?': ?'1'!E1-'f'f,'J"G-,u 9 21 L7-X"'1' , n V i : "YN, JA.3,:,u:-.,M,,L:??53,wimfgR,i3.',? , ,..., - , - -1' N-+ 1' ,N V 'N .' - Q , - V. - A-1 ,'-L. .21 Nr .9f.".?'1f-.I I L P, .. ,. .. . .nu ' , , 41 ,- E GOIN ' 5uT NoT qETG6NE!?7ff m : us Fm :Qing V u- jf-I A' K.GHEATf5ELL!V ' V ,, q ' 1 'llms s113tVm 'i'1qs Y- ' of obwireg to Hifi ihaconvgnfzlilexnucegi il . . . . nation, is 6239851 ro 'qmpogg -ag! ag? . gpgecrk-9 .... N 7 4, . . V I ' Q P' an 5 sn: an gm ,V 1 A J'I'e re'la your cfjd-n'ee fp EJ'urn'iQ. ?m .yo Q'r emvqzgg ,year wana QPxn1Tq ueza, ,A A 4, .... X?a?ucv51?Q QPxe5A2oc3i afi1bf'hf4' ff ,Qi 535 if m bs us 5 us 2 m 7 ' I QF 31JEQ1A-L INTERE,ST 'WIliL -- CSHQM, wma or wafaouru rLQGw 5U, '.W' ' N Q,C1.g'?GQ, cioiffi or lwii'Fiou iI1 i'opg9 " L Cf5'f'c:l 230015 Saefvem, ibrclcitfaefm, '19 ocK'e'mSb,f ' D 'EGHGIJ C5oQi'um'em', Euofeks, Mo 75", ' ' 1 Qiwcfurenb, 19 c1mp S?1dc1 eQ, 32:zfi Q4-.cLQ51r,guc,. f 3 ' f5gO0lCQ,C1I'2d Sfqfoe fG9Recqa k!j rip Ewen cm c1ui'15eniZi c 523002-gd-QR 1 " 3 ' ' V Eorfi' qou Fqng for-,one, 'mg frienhcll? , x Ill E IH IHA E IH' f ' yi l N. B.-An Adrhission Fee will prbbaibiyilixe 1a1, but very Small. 'A ' 3 ' N "1 V f144 -V 'A ' I " rf' A , f- ' - Q w- V' fzfa""'-Af: , . Y , E-pt E . ' r V . . 'r-:.,L.-.:w, 1' W - - -, ,.f...1::-'Q-H -'xv' -, .,. 'f.4f1gfff',snd.l5F-.,-avi 'K 1542,-.-C'f..m pg-'tf:iam4'v'fw'f. ' .- SUUVENIR SPUUNS f fm n. 5, will 'lillm 1. W ,..., 'nf i!.i1f , .l - ...Li-3' 37 . 12' 1955. - lllx l' . 1, , ' lv X X... . of 3, 3 QLQL N SE l .. ' . N THE Kmcxsnsocxen " spoon. .5 ...fl . W 5 x O , . fi , S f ..fVlli3f.?.fJ?.lLZitf?3IZiii?S.i3i??..n53fl1Z?1?iZ1'EilnQ? i Q ,Q C ' V- - -1 ' ,P S J . smith's art. No expense has been spared in work- il ,N rg-1 X up 2. manship, designxflnish, and weight. to make thern 5 ' . W XM 3.122.352 :ssn:fys.:2.2f1:.s2ls:.ts.s1.,, 2 l l T T an mimi' We ill send them, at the followin -' n Q' W g prices, to V ' E3 any advcsiress, subject to return, and rnoneyrefundecl Zi X ,' S 4 if they should be in any degree unsatisfactory. 8 l l 3 'N - 'T X' W Teaspoon .... . . ...... ........ 52.00 l aa ii kms' Toaspoou, gold bowl .... .,....... . . 2.50 3 1, W' E Q71 X S1 Orange Spoon... ................ 2.50 W ls M .5 W- Orange Spoon, gold bowl. . .... 3.00 E A Q gd xg We also offer another interesting Souvenir Spoon Z Q . Q 'N of New York, called the E 974 V QT .J H " ANNEKE .uns " O Fi N ' Z S 5 XYITY And made in the following articles. The face in E E H this spoon was taken froni an old YVOOClC1'lt,.1S an M W Z "HN excellent likeness, and will be particularly inter- H H Q esting to her heirs. pq .. xv' " ' 1 .' Coffee Spoon .... ....... . . .SL25 S 'J is Coffee Spoon, gold bowl ..... 1.50 Q , 5 li' Shorbet Spoon. .... . .. .. 2.50 E 1 'I F - Sherbet Spoon, gold bowl. .... . .. 3.00 1 .N Paper Cutter .... ....... . .. .... 2.00 4. l gf 1 Butter Spreader ....... .. . .... 2.00 .QM Sugar Tongs .......................... 4. H0 N' K Bonbon Spoon ............ ., ..... , . 3.00 I yea.......,, The Knickerbocker and Anneke -lans Spoons ,LM make excellent prizes for card parties, and are valueciil as Elinner souvenirs, and class-day and gg?-'f W5 birth ay gi ts. 13? 7 X T Tl l . +4 lmf lx ' ..,.. H. 'ill 0 0 n U no 5 life Mi?" H- I I I ,.., . ml. 1.1. gp!! I7 UNIUN SQUARE, N. Y. ggglpl, Cy fi f ESTABLISHED 1844. l 114 .-In - A-5 ,f 1 A .1 Dealers in ff .f .f ,. "tml -Ani" 4: I f WATCHES, DIAMONDS, SILVERWARE, IN THE Q.. N' JEWELRY, CLOCKS AND BRONZES. H , , H W Rip Van Wmkle The H PETER STUYVESANT " Coffee Spoon. -W :g - i TEASPOON Y E Glhdct Size D f 4'Rip" awakening from t o Q, -. ...M Ql , -'43 W hw twenty years Sleep, H, i f' ' Esta TQ' f " ' li' is startlingly realistic, '- , .1 "y f H ,,,,:1 the figure, hat and gun 2- ' V coming out in bold re- -. Y lief. "'i::i!'ES--:' These designs are patented and can be obtained only of us. The " ANNEKE JANSP Coffee Spoon. 81.25. THE "PETER STUYVESANT " COFFEE SPOON. The handle of the Coffee Spoon is the figure of Peter Stuyvesant and is a striking' statuette of-the old Governor. f flllxact Sizej I Kipp I N V . - I Fly: jul -1 'r--V ". 1 . E , ,U - ff! 145 F. HERZIG Se co., I n fa rl ts C I O 3 k S, i.. ggm, ----I-ij i ::::::::::-... gmggggmnh V !!!I! iiiiifilifc ii gii5RiEi5 .siiieiiuii..! X FISH! it army Q'-:isis igiseiiiiai 3 H C 555555, ieiismiiiii amii asssagi 1 22152222121 fsuf uguyi , fsiiigiinlg I ,, "i I " used I i' 'iliiliiwgif as K Knit Goods i X N: 5 :L:. 95 9 - H 'nt A I E g, ip I 593.1 .. i :gal ' 1,17 ' ' 1 'fee-:Emil .I N! " V" 5.4 .,,E5...!i!!!iiiii1!iaiai -o ifssszffffzs-aamiimgg,,,, mg sig, f X .eiffiwiewiiiiiiiiiiill f sasiisaissaiiiiiiisiiasii , EIC G U S -m:::::s:,:z:...,,. iii, iw! liiilllllllllllllIE!!!l!!!'ill!w jus iii 7 f isgiaiaisgg, an ' ,ggimiiliiiiiiiinmiiqg,,i. ,maggie . 'rsssssssiise iaisiiasiiiasieeeaiieii d i - 3 Fl Qaiwsguegig i!!w!i!M!!.aE3giil!-vii ' 4 iiieggifiiiniii aiiiiiiiigggiiilli-5532255 I siissnimnis- iiaiaami-igieeigiagegii, - I I SI I I4 C 2 3 5 1 in-ann.-pn stil i X Embroidered Flanneis, ll3 and ll5 RRllYlCE STREET, NEW YORK jqwqlry. Ilfatqlyes. Diamoiydg. Q- S 'Q We aim to priced articles of GOLD AND FANCY JEWELRY, FANCY DIAMOND ORNAMENTS FOR NECK- . . . WEAR, RINGS, Etc., Etc. . . . In WATCHES, none but Reliable Makes and Guaranteed Time Pieces, in Gold and Fancy Ornamented Neillo and Fine . . . . Silver Cases. . . . have the Latest and Most Desirable Styles in moderate Our long experience and personal knowledge of all branches of our bus' ' iness give us exceptional facilities for furnishing to order Special Articles from odd designs, such as CLASS . . . EMBLEMS, MEDALS, Etc. . . Correspondence Solicited. Designs submitted. ROWS BROS.. N. E. C0rneroiStz1teani1 Monroe Streets, CHICIIGU- LOST-The interest of the Freshmen in sermons. 146 LOST-Pink ioe cream and cake to match. olllways oeasonalole and Nlosl Enioyalole Musiq EOCDRS are 1 College Songs 150 cts.j, Q0 Songs, 200,000 sold. College Songs for Banjo 131.002, Guitar CSSLOOD. Good Ola' Songs We Usea' lo Sing 1SSI.oOj. Temperance Ralbfing Songs 135 cts.J Praise in Song 140 cts.j, New Gospel Songs. Song Harmony 160 cts.j, Fine 4-part Songs. Popular Song Collection 131.005, 37 good Songs. Song Classics, Alto Voice 12HiI.o0j, 47 Songs. Song Classics 181.001, 50 high-class Songs. Classic Tenor Songs 131.001, 36 Songs. Classic Barilofze or Bass Songs1fH-31.005, 33 Songs. Popular Dance lllusic Collecliovz 15Il51.ooj. Choice Vocal Duets 181.005, The Newest. Popular Piano Collection 131.005, 27 pieces. Classical Pz'a1zz'sl15l751.OoQ, 42 pieces. Piano Classics, 131.005, 44 pieces. Et Also Music in quantity and variety for all instruments, in fact all possible Music, amounting to 3,000,000 or more piecesg 4,000 Music Books, all possible In- slrurnents except Church Grgans 5 all the good Instruction Books. Send for Cata- logues, Lists, description or advice. ANY BOOK OR PIECE MAILED FOR RETAIL PRICE. Oliver Ditson Conlpany. Boston- C. H. Ditson 8: Co., New York. VA11. EROT S, "THE P OTOGRllPHERS." 254 81 258 MAIN ST., WQQIQIIHIIKEEWSHE, INI. Y. QLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR '80, '84, '85, '86, '87, '88, '89 AND '90 llll8SllR COLLEGE CLH88 COMPOSLTES FOR '87 HND '88 ' FOR SALE-The analysis of sermons from Dec. 1 to Feb. 1. Apply to Freshmen. 147 For Sale.-The joke on the swimming tank. - H .- z ' EE 'z . Gf mlb? Eu 5 ki xxixxxs ixs f s ,W WDLMESGUDUTTS ri. M " " A- RS if .gift Zl. . E EUU-H i NNI Holmes Sc Coutts' FAMQUS ENGLISH BISCUITS, The New York Biscuit Co., ARE PRONOUNCED To-oAY THE FINEST IN THE vvomo. it Our Americall Homes and How to Furnish T111-3111.55 FUR IT RE. R. J. HQRNER 81 CO.. Furniture Makers at Importers, ei, ee and ee West 23.1 sweet, Respectfully invite the attention of parties contemplating furnish- ing to their large and comprehensive stock of First-class Furniture, distributed in Ten Show Rooms, and comprising the very latest novelties of the European and Domestic markets, selected by our own buyers. Many of these novelties are exclusive, and cannot be seen elsewhere. The advantages to be secured by early visitors will be apparent. Goods will be held until wanted. N o deviations made from marked prices, which are in plain igures, and the lowest that can possibly be named for first-class goods. R. J. HORNER 85 CO. 148 Found. --A few train gowns among the underclassmen. - For-Qvn5tiPaI:iQn,- Dyspepga - accQmpanled2y,Aci'dibe-Sick-HCadadqe, Heartburn-andm-the Nausea-and, ' Constipation-of Prcg,nangA1t- Dwtll-bc Fwnd-invaluable' ,Q CQ 'rAQQ f1fff2f' 5f5 NCwTQPl4 l"XanuFaCU9r'n PALATABLE: EAFE: El-TIIIQIENT: k2+ffi iLY 1PaFf? f1, iw? -ff10fei,L4f2'1Qi1-We 'ML' D5 , A wml SMH xx'l wun frm.,-f ni FOUND-Specitlc levitsy 'in the 'Glass 11+ P0111 Efion. K '. Q 'W 3-QL. 2 Th A - P , L Af" g ' 'N ' ' ' ' Y P I I Y - - - g 'j1l.21g :j. r Y . Y T V , 'L I: if my W 1 V . ,f A W I X W W V. :A .I , ' . I 'ls KE .,,f up , ' M'ANUFAcTURERN5bNoF 1 I ' i ' A - , g F I .N Jil 1:6 J-fl S N C5--CJZLJJII VVORSTED CASHMERESQ N ALBATRIOSS CLOTH., ' ' BAT1sTE, ' N , FINNJ-N DJ:e,:n1:ss J5'LQANi I N 11 f V IN SEVERAL QUALITIES AND GREAT VAR1E"1fY'OFNPATTERNS, H' -ZEPHYR GINGHAMS? N N ' ' ' MADRIAVS CLOTH, ' N 'CI-IAMBRAYS, N , 'N ' ' ' "1' N OXFORD' CLOTH SN, 1 N N ' . SILK Made from Com bed Yarns? and V co1or', quality- Equal to the best foreign fabrics. - ' ' ' A N AAR A POR SALE BY LEADING RBTAINL HOUSESNIN ALL s1:oT1oNb,or TH1: CQUNT1mYg ' - '150 ' 2 Q- , A N VV ' ' ' flQ,.vQLgi5:J'fYif-"1 N DREKA Fine Stationery and Engraving House, I 121 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. College Invitations Wedding Invitations Class Stationery Visiting Cards Fraternity Stationery Banquet Menus Programmes Diplomas and Medals Steel Plate Work for Fraternities, Classes and College Annuals. All work is executed in the establishment under our personal supervision, and only in the best manner. Unequalled facilities and long practical ex- perience enable us to produce the newest styles and most artistic effects, While our reputation is a guarantee of the quality of the productions of this house, Designs, S mples and P 'ces sent pplioation Morgan l-louse. COR. MAIN AND CATHERINE STREETS, PoUGHKEE.Ps1E, N. Y. .l..l........i-.l . . The lccaticn of this Hotel is the most central in tlie city, of easy access from all the Principal Depcts and Steamboat Landings, being especially ccnifenient to all the leao'ingTRetail Stores .,.,,, . WVANTED-Beef Steak fo b kf 17 151 -91-li' E E--'le AMERICANSFOREION EEXGHERS' EENCY SUPPLIES COLLEGES, SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES VVITH THE BEST A x ' I J I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PTUIBSSUIS, THHUIIBTS, THIUFS Hilli GUVBTIIHSSBS, Resident or Non-Resident, American or Foreign. ARENTS AND GUARDIANS AIDED IN THE CHOICE ' OF GOOD SCHOOLS EOR THEIR CHILDREN OR WARDS WITI-IOUT CHARGE. ONLY THE BEST SCHOOLS REPRESENTED. - CALL ON OR ADDRESS, MRS. M. i. YOUNG-FULTON, American and Foreign Teachers' Agency, S 23 UNION SQUARE,' NEW YORK CITY. 152 vast- 11 ,w,,A:s'm X44 4 I V ff? K ORREOTLY ENGRAVED uvwm Tl0N8 5g5ft'i'f7m'ii5'Qltf4- MENSEAAEN r, cLASS-DA r, , omit REOEPTIONS, SOCIAL GATHEHINGS. AND STEEL PLA TE WORK OF EVERY USES AND COLLEGE ANNUALS. ADDRESS -ArN,Dl:21fuL:r0fci5yfEjufgDlggljga-if f - fe. A. ,sw 2'vf2',f' ffpvyig ffL,,,ih4ef35gyV cLASS ORESTS, uoivocfmus AND coA rS-o.g?Aei1AgQj e- rg., Queeg uri'-KTNZQ .JV-'fu' 5 if ..'L "H "5Efi7-.aff AND WEDDINGSTATIONERY, RECEPTlON-'2fN,DA..QAlhLhN-h C5hAl?D3S',W.?tg,fE-'- 45,325,254 D ,g2??'ife!f it DLLA if ,W 'jfsfhg fL'E Y x ,elif X ' l PLCELLING in the making of Unique and Artistic Menus, I Programmes, Dance Cards, Souvenirs, Etc., we offer our services to those requiring High Class Worh. 0ur Speciality is ' Originality of Design and 8uperiority'of Execution. ln our Print- XV' 3.49 '. V.. T., ,, .j P10 a4etine'rH5E'?r57' Matte tion :fx ifuen to Oolle e Work. We haue 1, ..:"!gf'f , 'A, 1 ' g Lfvfrf mil' X W A - - . 5:51. aqxllt .gras-in-z1n.t1n Anng as .Golfer e Publications. Oatalc ues 'I-,.1,m-2:4 -,,,,f,,,..1 L AL 9 -h2!'.f.,, 9 ,.f,, .9 9 1 M3415 -1' ',.:ff'3ifi7f ,EHxfh7'4'?' -UT' WNW1XZ?U!ftggU"zJ.L ,wh . . . Fjgg5,y?5Zig,yiQ,'5ftnQgfLQ!UDcofngtraot,ytdiglllt1'sfrLaftrifjg'Pnrhtrpg and Binding, and if ' w.fIff:Af M e4Dt+f'1 - we jlleaggggfto fLii"ijAl3,Sh,'.LfQti'D1QgKQS'-'gypon request. . . . A., . . . .f?hX4g?3fyf?,.,g,:.1m .,,,i41f?2,,..allftatlliqersflof-Gollege,,Glee5EQfp1-b,sQ,are1f invited to write for Z,fQ.5S,3,.-gg-Lg.. .1 gsm. L .,--.ef AD, . . Tye! iff- A . ri 'r A ' "" . ,txSewITIS?Efiffftifzfrstwf,,EeQaL441L2Amef-fiwifi'have 'Wade for lwdfw Clubs- F 'L' 9721 'Xi A ' . . . ft., A6'eriitttohyusigjvor15s5Lmp1esfR'anD' price-list of our New Fraternity 1 Us F ' 'Y -A-2.W- .A eff' . - . ,Fine Steel Plates. Theu have been universally -Dewfff. .W .... ,Q in-'faflb :A+ . only correct engravings of the Badges they W:j,,.3i:L! gy hsgufifagg-V233 ---f ' - ' -"- iff , -415,5 U' f"1'23'f1f"L' 'Ay' Q -f?9'QWeAe -E ith -.21 'A ii? Lf - 17 - 'fwslf' ,f 4- if we-'. -A-K A A- . ,A ffl. E. CHASMAR aff Co., A1 -Alf - " fi51iBifiQiDLffffYf W- Y- f,g.g,,3iQ:.f-,fl , -- :.,g,'. 5' Q' , Ln , Vic' 1 For Sale.-By the Faculty, a. new edition of " The Residueury Legafseef JOSEPH WILD 8: CO., Oriental Rugs Q? Carpets, EVERY KNOYYN VARIETY. --E1X4lBRACING1- Napaul, Lahore, Khorrassan, Bahndurr and Persian. Rich Colori-nQ5, U1ziquQ PZIIIQTRS and SUPQPL Qualify. 'Q-TYXTEOLESALE AEE IR,El'I'.A.IIll1---2+ 82 AND 84 WORTH STREET, NEW YORK. Extensive Assortment -OF NE'VV mass QOODS, E1LKs, nL.vEfTs, ETC. NOW CN EXHIBITION. CHOICE DESIGNS AND IXRTISTIC COLORINGS. SAMPLES SENT WHEN REQUESTED. LORD 8L TAYLOR, Broadwimy and 20th St.-NEW YORK-G1'2l.IlfI :u1dCl1rystie St Wanted.-Mo1'e Water in the organ. 155 SCDOOI fOI' Giflg, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF nbias 1katbarine flb. lupton 31 JBeIIevue Elvenue, fllbt. Eluburn, Q:1lICIl1l1Hfl, wbio PREPARATION! FOR COLLEGE LKANIINAIIONI Ib NIADD X SPECIALTY WE LIKE SOFA PILLOWS. 373 ARE IN USE IN CQLLEGE. WEE ALSQ LIKE AFTER' DINNER COFFEE WE HAVE E02 LITTLE COFFEE sPooNs. 156 - 3, lv: - A , . Q1 1 -. .,g.4::.s,,.f,.-' -' -. 'een --J 1 "kr 'xii' -Kali mfg, A 4: :-,5':u1'..r . -- t. 1 - .- ' all v - '..1Z-.-,avi-V IW " ii .ees W . T ' .e. . 4.1 M, V. v ix, 1 'f-jul' ,-Lf M J IAPL wa 4 iz? 'if elk it ' Vs' 1 K 5 ' A LW . f.- ',1iwr5.f" hz' 1, FOUND-Four Hall Plays-. Q ,ivlsiiffi 1 ,ware ig - 5?1f1"'4315 4 'GH-.22 A rev- -" sag . .5,..f - 5211- ? flll ' . ii if ' A . xliill. ' rr-."eJr:e.'-'L' - vf ng fi -M 512:11 fi ras., 7 - ,r rin Eff:-9251 riff- . ' - Q: fmt-. :-5-1: 2- ,si :i5g:..1 - .-t.r?'a5,p:.-: -. wt- ,. .- sgutif ' i M lx- 3. .l Q.- Tflc. . 1 r:,g-pq-. 1 . ,'Ff:5.:,f L-rx-k . A-.-j. :-. ' Y 'Iwf ' . -tm . . -.' LE' ,Q ei ,.,. ,., v gs: 3,1 .f ti .N rig " . AQ... N. .V :Jflr . . .. -'T.,Z-.,.. .,,..,. , ., .L . 'CL Sef- '.. "SF .ff sag. jimi. 4 '-,v',zZ- ' .. gg . Egg.. ,tw Q-... f tag. 3 .AQ E. l- 3.51 .Q ' 'sl r 1 We 4 YJ Y, Mg. i, fr P. if -Q... 'Wm 5' v 1 .l , Q 1, 1- xx ' n , X xg? -rr. . ,t Y o R K o E N T Rs A L at . HU.DSONiRlVER R. R. t sr se. Rs D T HE T R AV E LIN G Pu B L lc : N A Grand Central Station. S . Where all its trains arrive and. depart. 'lt is located at 4th Ave. and 42d St., and is the only Railway Passenger Station in the City of New York. . Through Car" Routes 1 To Chicago, St. Louis and the West. One via Niagara Falls--the world's greatest cataract-the other via Cleveland and the South Shore of 'Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. A ' X ' Great Limited Trains. I .Every day in the 'year between New York and the West, connecting at Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati for points beyond. ' ' 1 Perfect Tracks. ' A ' Two exclusively for Passenger trains and two for freight, 'assuring safety and ' speed. - - ' ' Great Health Resorts. n Saratoga. 'Niagara Falls, Adirondack 'Moi1ntains, Berkshire Hills, Clifton Springs, aslwell as the hundreds of seaside. lake. mountain and spring resorts - --for the tourist, that everywhere. abound in New York and New England. A ' R Splendid Express Trains, W Daily betiveen' New York and Chicago, all equipped with new Wagner Vesti- bule Sleeping, Drawirg-room and Dining'Car-s. T - Days in the Week . the traveling community is accommodated by this great artery of commerce, in -a manner that is nowhere surpassed. Its through car service being superior in quantity as-well as quality to that of any other railway in the country. - t . Great Passenger Trains T Daily traverse the Empire State 'between New York and Buffalo and Niagara Falls, stopping at the more important intermediate commercial centres, and connecting with diverging lines for every established gateway of commerce in America, affording facilities that are not even -approached by other lines. rfftifiir--fi'Would you secure the greatestcomfort possible in a trip between the East and West go via the IN E VV YORK CENTRAL- G Called by the Press of two Continents, AMERIC1-VS GREATEST RAILROAD For tickets time tables or information regarding routes or rates apply at any ticket oliice o the Company or address, FRANK J VVOLFE General Agent Albany Station, N. Y. JGHN M TOUNEY GEORGE H DANIELS, General Manager General Passenger' Agent. I . 1 '5 .jj 'I -1 , .. 1 ' .ig ig - ,Y . . w Q I f .5-U74 . . - 411 2 ' . i T 4 55? '. -I .' V ' ,Qjf ' c c 9 7 51111- 'SLS . ' .':'f:,r Fil? Y . - n . 1 v 7 "9"-.T ' F ' A y , . gf .41-V' - .11 ,Z t . ,gy "sl: - ' -. 2-53. Y A T - .T V 1 - ,af , ... .F C v NF ' . 15" I - ' ' - "1-'fa-1 1 1 -2551?-i'f f ' 2355? ' Q :..asQ? "g3,T5?g3:iqi-2 ' l- L'- .512 Qui X 4 v 'uf 'sw f. ra w - J ' fm v Q 1 ' -x U 'L I dur v sb A 1... I fa- 1 .3 K. , .. ' ,,.,.,f.,'r.:w., ,,-.+L ..,, , . A . xaws, 1 Y. ffifhff:v:.3':'g'1- Hfzif ff. .eg ,.,,'.1q a a'L.:f. . ff1 ME' ,, V. - - gf 7 ,"1'g'?f' 1' 1: -"fi g,.5i,!5g: w , N Y 4 . , V ,VNV A 47- , ,-.,..!,, . ,.,?!, - - - , .1 I 1 - ., . ' ' - f ,, ,. " if- . ',,i-T'l,'i,2i- :m:S'1Zv:jff A-:'11x3L.4 1 , , -L. - V 'V I ,.., , .I . , 1 . --P, A' v-',. fxrfqflf L .HL I- V , b T ' " , , i ' cv 41- "TL" 1-if 5 ' ' - 4. ' -' f - "1 -' ' ' - W, 1 A . W.. -V -1 K, '.,"','f"AZv'f,',-:.,.'f , , Y L - - 'If f ., '- 'fs -. 1 -I '1 1 ,Y 'V - . 1 I P , ' ? : 1 'W IN ' IZKPORTERSXAHDV 1u3TA1 IsiE1i3 QFi' V A,', D R 11 G A f 3imm1affe1m0nf1 s V , ,QQR RI 5 fem f 4 Q Q winch WZ.Off'Z1'V111, Q 3 Q 3 F II-TTEEN iDl FFERE'NT X ' . FITTING THE MGST DIFFICULT FIGLIIKE, . 7 ' 3fiu5anf1 Sa1ui11 13fQC176, Mqire, Blaclg Want and A AT PHIQES mwcfrxjemok ,.',5 MAIL QRWDER Spzcizallyg organized for fiIli'ng Q1'dzr31J1T0mp1Txg'aniQ1 JQi31I' , I Au Icmgu-amd Qammgqz will :be mailed ffzz uporf' appidauon. - V " 52, 54 52' 36 Wear asa NEW mow fr , , 1 ,J , gf-1 ' 158 " A 1 .5 .iii 1.-5 gm z , f f fy 5fxL'i"r" TOTTT-Aft ' T 10 U t5 e ht uh b o C do: T ms reaso bl O 15 J ci plly tteretttrtlett1"''Wi f X X 7-'ji ' dt tt, M I J K X X 25 wzzcz zs 0716 of Me most deszwzble. fllaa' W 1176. Dave and Black. The "GLOVE-FITTINGH A Perteet Fitting Corset. Many good dressmakers are blamed for a poor Ht, when the X ew customer does not Wear the proper Corsets to give the Ht. In these days of progress, nothing is too small to notice. By simply Wearing one of LANGDON St BATCI-IELLER'S GENUINE 'TI-IOMSON,S GLOVE-FITTING CORSETS, not only a perfect Ht is assured to the customer, but comfort and grace as Well. 109 r !. ',.: . , H . ,E I 1, a ,-1 3.52515 -rvf 2. .F . ' ' i E' "-- A ii A ill Wil E , lf , flfmi f ll -A lihfz i leilaaa' 'T Lf' T - f .1-' 7. 1 . , . 31,1-.,. 1 ,799 ,,,, ,, .1,,xuv:: Tourists, Travellers, Railroad and Business Men SHOULD STOP AT THE BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT C' reseller?- Front anol Porter Avenue, BUFFALO, N. Y. THE MUST ELEGANT H0 TEL IN AMEHIUA. , Situation commanding abeautiful view of Lake Erie and Ni ara River. Spacious Conservatory filled with rare exotics. Special rates made for parties remaining one week or longer. Hotel particularly well located for business men and Lheir families. LATE DINNERS.-MUSIC. UEFSNGW Y0l'k Heralfl, Oct. 15, l889, in speaking of the Pan-Americans' visit to Buffalo, Says 3 " When the Delegates arrived there they went to the 'Niagara' Hotel, and saw one of the handsomest and sweetest hostleries in America. Hales, 33.0 a day and upward-American plan. Telegraph for accommodations in advance at our expense. CHARLES A. DUNN, Manager. ' .f .. f .1-,-'.,.13.i21,..2k' ,-,.iL,.':'g,g.:Q51L+,.g,.15,g 51.3.3 x., . 1 -f . .,, L. 1' fffxf'-.' ' fi' ' f ,J N A A . " 'L E f 1 L. . . x 'A ' f WY. M v , .1 tl., .3-+5 , ' fn. 9 -1 I gp-'rf 3' ff ' 5 .1 M! Pk.: 1 E I N WA CI ' .xiii wir X , - 5,34 , -' L. , L Q - WIHIUIQEIW ' rmilvllflm . U P RI Ci HT NGS- PUXN 05. if' . 1 A . -TF' .1-l, -ln l eL i LA 5 'H We . WFS Affef- -' ' -' aqief' Affigeffl? fsIiEfQEfTHdifec'ofgniied Standard Pianos of the World, pne-eminently the best instrumentgat present 1'lin:ii'J.e:- expdrted and sold imi all art centres of the globe, pfeferz-ed for 'private and public use gTBy'the grfeatestwliving artists, ajnd endorsed, among hundreds of others, by such as : F3g'fi'ft5!g?.'li', I,-if - ' I ' A A . A ' WAGNER, ' A S. B. MILLS, . A ' AFMNZ LISZT' ' I J' MOSCHELEQRT NIEMANN Q., 'A ANITON RUBLNSTEIN, S ' A 1 , QQZEHESCTGR,:BERL1ozi, N NICOI-A RUBINSTEIN' AFELICELN DAV-ID, - CAM'ILLiIf.'ffgLTg5EQgE5f. . '7 '- -- "'e . . , . CHARLESGOUNODL ' W. TAUBERTA gglgyj+?gMB3QISE THOMAS, RUDOLPH WILLMERS, ' - ' 2' ' ,THEODORE THOMAS? -. J- f CARL BAERMANN, A X'5f31:q,5g 1 A A 4 M , A. DREYSCI-IOCK,' L4 A CARL WOLFSOHN, HE-LLER, H Q4 AND BY MESDAMES ,,-', -1,jADOL,PHE HENSEILT, 'L ADELINA PATTI, 1 ff f - 'ALFRED' JAELL, L' 1 ETELKA GERSTER, . A, S 'Y A ' 14 4' , 1'JOSEBHAJOACHIM, . A ' V TERESA TITIENS, LEWRAENEAL JOSEFFY, .ANNETTQE ESSIPOFF, . ' fM'oR1z, RDASENATH-AL, A A ANNA MEHL16Iflj:RIE.KR BS f ' . 'CONRAD ANSORGE' ADELE AUS DER EDHE' 'A E " ,e .ge3q,1fL3H.EAo.Do,RE LESCHETQIZKY, PAREPA RGSA ' t'.e ' FR-ANZ RUMMTELH ' A ' - MINNiE'HAUAK, , . A. MAANMWONTEL. f 'EMMA JUCH, A - S WILLLAM MASON, ' A src., arc. . ' . A ILLUSTRATED 'CXTALOGUESMAILED FIQEE ON APPLICATION. g2.. g'7'.,f13pf. ' V' A ' I I EIN We A Y Cgl SUN S A WAHEBUUMS, STEIIWIAY HALL, l0'l-I ll E. I4ih STREET, ,, W . A , ' NEW YORK. EUROPEAN DEPOTS U ' STEINWAY HALL STEINWAYSPIANOFABRIK, H Alf" 5' 3 'A ' ' . ..F3,:f4 , , f - ' Sj'5-yg- ' QQ- 'ESL-'-LP' -Q MEAL' . 1' A . ' ' ' 4.5 1.'f'7T', . . . . ' , l ' A if. - A P ' .A,j,. fry. . I J- ' .jq5T115gf'LoWer Seymour St., Portman Sq., W., I St. Pauli, Neue Rosen-Strasse, 20124 lr ,H I, LONDON, ENGLAND. l HAMBURG, GERMANY. ' , , 161 -:"f'.- ' " . 2255241 "?'5'5' 4' f ' 5:3 A wr LL--,.r. ,ng Q--, -7- ld""4l1 . Q . '. A..-iff, -, . , -- " A I1 fr. Apevvwr. 7, . ' ' F' Q Liam:-nlxf iCl"""7-A-'- 1 W 'j."1i"lT7'f-":'f: cf?-:"'7::,:f.'r1m1-run,1 . ' ' ' :fu :Qi-wi: , ...V ff7i?frD1 Q . ,::5fSg:1:h: 1 I O .-, . ,, , . . - 1-1 . -Q: f, '1-1185573575 J'-'7f:'J'-:i.h1fg L"1i.1'm-:fi"'Q13?fJ" -, 111- , . -' J- '.g,i1f!f?uv'f'I -we5173f3.'f.1'-'f:,F,iE-:js .4 ' Fl "v:1a5'fe:g1'f-+V'-I 9 1"-'S 5' 1 'wi -it211151.-'L'v17'1.F?5Ef3'.fr.2f1. F1- 2. M554 xg 1. 54? L NIH fx!h!N1A!! H , ,h . V1 , , .1 , i 1 I 1 5' 1--1sim-..,.1Lf.,iK11 1 Q ax my A ,h .vw h ,. ., ff . , . . 4 .. 7 2,-vm,-N-,w. .I 1 .. .' - -, ..,, ,I-,,fm,, A J N V ,A ,L 21N 1 X 1 . - , . CELEBRAIED11 IVIYXT, 1 I V' 1 li Q-ees-4:2-ii LHDIESFKOUHDQHHTSQHNDQD F . F, . , Wx ' ,:::':"HNp11h::: 111115 . DUNIQQDCXP . 5113119 ' 1 1178-H518 1911112 Q 1 1121112221 22211 5121, 1311 Broadway, 1111111 Q0111t1121111111l1E S1111 1114 CHESTNUT 311, 2111111221115 21111112111 HQUS11, c1111cA1G Q. Gfnld N1ecia.1"Awarded Paris OST- joke of Ootobe . If found, please return to Ninelx .V . 162 . 'E T . - ,J-1 1" 'iw .,r 11 . .giwll .Qq.'g05 F. W. DEVOE 81 CCQ NEW YCDRK AND CHICAGO, - A . . I OQIMHNUFRGTURERS omg ' I ARTISTS, 1viATERiALs. AS K l-TQAFQ' A - . F. W.'tDevoe LST. Co.'s Artists' Tube Colors. ' F. YN. Devoe 81 Co.'s Artists' Canvas. AF. W. Devoe 81 Co.'s Artists' Brushes. F. VV. Devoe 81 Co.'s Academy Boards. ' F. VW. Devoeudt Co.'s Qils, Varnishes and Mediums. ERE-coinmended by leading artists of Boston, New York and Chicago. Are universally acknowledged the best.for all 'MAGAZINE and DETECTIVE CAMERAS, being used exclusively by the most Prominent Amateurs on their Photographic Tours. For sale all dealers. Send to Factory for Reduced Price Listi .1oHN CARBUTT, x Wayne Jurrction, Philadelphia. WANTED-A class in sei 'o - physioloffy 163 5jii. uuu iLle is L ""'i'HiiIi5!"iiEi-. fj:,!ln!!lnlus.. f,,,--lung!! llllllllllls ,,!!!!!!!!!! ,l-glll. !!!!l.!l 'V ulusnlslsgnslnguulle 1 ng suuunuunsugu s 'filigiiiiiijiiijtas 1- lfi'E!!!!-!!E.!!EJ!':l!gll!!.Q!lY vI!!L!QQQ!!lQl!!!!!l? , 5HEEIE4u!i'iH!55' mu!!! M!!ll!65r"df H9MBPi1l3Ml 'S TENNIS RACKETS . -'Fw --or View f-,J re-ef' ' 1 1, . . Q ' A -jfs . e -- A : Y"h: ,, - ffifrf-'i'1 ,. - ,, T-15,3 Y' ', 'T' '- Q! , x. -'S P T' ill! l!NuuLh"'!lfE?g9:'E? A if - ' ' .i.l5Qw "f' C A J rv: C A - ' . M' For1891. . "1 ff 4.45"-2 Cood Tennis 'Players use the " ECLIPSE " Racket. Send for Tennis Catalogue. Special Rates to Clubs. . E. 1. HORSMAN, 341 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. ' , H. S. ACKER, of Poughkeepsie, Q T ' Carries a Full Line of these G l l y el of ...fl'H.'i..lf.?J1''lE.f1'lQ"?L?.....v Silvcr, Burdcll 5: Co., embrace a very large number of the best and most popular school and college text-books used in the schools of the United States. These books have been prepared under most careful supervision, and represent the best skill available for the prepar- ation of text-books. They present a varied list, from which a most judicious selection can be made for everylgrade of public or private schools, academies or colleges, in .I CLASSIC AND MODERNLANGUAGES their list is particularly rich. It includes Texts in GREEK, , FRENCH, , LATIN, c ' ITALIAN, GERMAN, . SPANISH, AND OTHER LANGUAGES, besides editions of nearly all- the great Latin and Greek authors, with notes by leading classical pro- fessors and teachers. ' ' Descriptive pamphlets, circulars, and the A. B. C. Catalogue of over 2,ooo volumes, will be sent free on application. H Correspondence cordially invited. A AMERICAN 'BOOK Coil P.-NNY. NENV YORK: 806 and 8o8 Broadway. CINCINNATI: CHICAGQ: 137 Walnut Street. 258 and 250 Wabash Ave. 6 Hancock Avenue, Boston, ' ' 740 Broadway, New YORK, 4 ' 122 'Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO, f 1023 Arch Street, PHILADELPHIA, Publish valuable new text-books for schools and . colleges, including the subjects of-- Reading'qPub1ished jan. 1, 18913, Writing, Vocal Musio, Spelling. Book- keepiny, Langilage, History, Physi- ology, Chemistry, Supplemen- tary Reaoling, Civil - 5 Government, Eoohomics, Moral Philosophy, E10- II ' Also several choice books for the general reader- Calnlogue and descriptive circulars mailed upon P application. ' - A ' Correspondence from School Offlcersi SU-Pefin' tendents, and Teachers is most cordially invited. 164 A .1 35. Iii' i LSU. HQUSE IQARGEST ANB BEST EQHIPPED HGTEIJ IN THE CITY. 26, 23, 30, 32, 34 MARKET STREET, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. WQQQEDD H. N. EAIN, Proprietor. Dress Reform Czirmcnts IN ALL STYLES. BATES VVAIST, CSubstitute for Corsets.j f x E a- L ' FE 111-1-Q 'ir 'i ii tiif M' ,' -,. ffff N Mi, if I lg . llfil ll Jersey Knit Union Undergarments, In silk wool, merino and gauze. Perfection in fit, finish and durability. C BATES Sz CO., 47 Winter Street, Boston. 67 W. 23d Street, New York. -Catalogue sent free. 165 lEVO,l..UTil0N -IN DRESS. A N 1 ,M 511116-'mxl 5 Lltlfi Qlr f 1952524 ,Km-'ij JP' if Yi I qt x, ser -.E .H ,. Li .'1k'h,, 1 -'ii 5. .3242 -ii' if offs- - fflifii ff? -.J V1 iiifar. 'rf' , ...-2. yarn, 12,4-.' l 'Q 3. .'F,s51:f55, Qrgifcxtil QW: V' f, tI1f:ff'HEQila-1-, 1. ' .- -2:1 U i- 1 4 g L N :iii vi g f Tw' 3,1 " H f 1' X, ,LL 4, 1 X . 'T i' ,L ' f vltlzi H S N, :XX 1 gm an Vi ,S 2 74. nf' f ' if : - ..:?,- ,- .- s ., , .t-exif" - -' ' -ft' , , Q-A-gif ry '1 1 3 .MJ W L ' 1 1 ' h gim- fff- femife :ff 'WW A' An Artistic Gown made on the Jeimess Miller System. 'Ili you prefer to be healthy and at- tractive to being, sickly and unattrac- tive read TH E JENNESS MILLER MA GA Z1 N E. lt teaches correct dress and physical cul- ture, and no woman can atlord not to read it. If you subscribe for only one Maga- zine, by all means take the Jenness Miller Monthly. You get in sub- stance what is best in all the other pe- riodicals of a simil- ar kind, besides volumes of impor- tant information not found in any other publication, and which is price- less to its readers. Its illustrations are works of art. Subscription Price, 52.50 Single Copies, 25 cts. D0n'l pu! qy"s11I1.tcrib- ing bu! Order il UI nnce. . .'rYt.ER'e PEARTL DE .TIFRI E, 'I'OCD'I'IEE CAKE- For Cleansing the Teeth, Preserving the Enamel and Purifying the Breath. The Cheapest, Purest and Best Dentifrice in the market. Is a healthful preservative and Dental be1utiHer,l1eals, strengthens and hardens the gums 5 removes tar- tar and other impurities from the teeth, without injuring their enamelg cools and refreshes the mouth, and imparts a pleasant odor to the breath. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS, PRICE IO CENTS. Should you be unable to get the Pearl Dentifrice at your Druggist, kindly let us know and we will see that you are supplied. ADDRESS ALL ORDERS TO HENRY T. MUDGE, Sole Prop., '8 Nostrand Aveiaue, Brooklyn, N. Y. D Qu Qr1istie,Qcrioclieal Ei WITHOUT LETTER PRESS. fti .' - --1 - Q , PUBLISHED MONTHLY. EACH ISSUE OF H SUN AND SHADE " CONSISTS OF EICHT OR MORE PLATES OF THE HIGHEST GRADE, ON PAPER 11X14 INCHES. MN our rapid growth the wish has been indicated unmistakably for the highest grade of pictures and of the higher class always for quality rather than quantity. Following rather than lead- ing such a wish, we feel that we make no mistake iw making the future career of the 'Vlagazhe io be rather that of an " ARTISFIC PERIODIC-XL," than " A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD OF EVENTS." I Our efforts, therefore. will be directed in the future to make " SUN AND SH.-XDE "-an artistic periodical which shall be not on y pleasing but EDUCATIONAL in its broadest sense. Some of our plans may be briefly referred to. 'We shall reproduce the lead-nq pictures in the great collection ofthe Metropoli'an Museum of Art. .Within the covers of " SUN AND SHADE " will be found from time to time, reproductions of the works of American artists. A We :hall e.rprrz'alQ1 emierwor to enmzzrage Ike 6l7'fl'.YfZ'6' side of 1z'irfctp!P,0z'0g1'zIj1hy in all il: pharma And we shall supplement these special features with examples of Sculpture, Architecture and Industrial Art. If in the future we receive as hearty a response to our efforts as we have received in the past, our task will be indeed pleasant, and our road to success a royal one. THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR "SUN AND SHADE" IS 21554.00 PER YEAR, commencing with No. 5, Or any subsequent number. Single or sample copies. 40 cents. Orders for copies of Nos. I, 2 and 3, will be received at 6o cents each, No. 4 at 31.00. THE PHOTO-GRAVURE COMPANY, 137 Wig, EZZQTREET' i166 GEO. M. PETERS. ' c. D. EIRESTONE. 0. G. PETERS. ccl.ulvlEsus BUGGY. co., OOLUIVIBUS, OHIO. . ' MAANUFIACTU RE RS OF F I E BLlGrGrIES, E . PHAIETONS, SURREYS, CABRIOI.ET S, VICTORIAS, I ETC. f X E. u ll sf, I I .,,, ,.. . ,Lg I PNY.. ., Q Gurconstant study of the wants of users of Fine Vehicles, ,close observance of Details, strict adherence to-Finest Quality only and Perfectecl System of Manufacture, have 1'ewa1'decl us with success that has never been equaled in the History of Vehicle building. I I CATALOGUEAOF DESIGNS MAILED UPON APPLICATION. ' ' I ' 167 "A Wonderful Career." THE LTFE OF DOROTHEA 'LYNDE A D-IX. By FRANCIS T1FFANv. ' . WITH A FINE STEEL PORTRAIT, 31.50. " From her papers and the letters written by her and preserved by the recipients, Mr. Tiffany has constructed what, in view of the attendant difficulties, must beregarded as a remarkably good and satisfactory life of her. if if if It was a wonderful careerg and many will lay down this well-written and Sympathetic biography. agreeing with the conclusion of one of her friends, who, in com- municating her death, declared Dorothea Lynde Di-x the ' most useful and distinguished woman- America has yet, produced' "-New York Tribune. at at "We have in 'this volume a vivid, Sympa- thethic, and admirably drawn sketch of a re- markable character and a remarkable career. ii if' This -memoir is of,-unusual excel- lence, both as a portraiture of a rare person- ality and as a' history of a great career."- Basion Watrhfzzan. ' ec- at I at " The book must have a permanent place as a record of a wonderful life. ii bi if The reading public on both sides of the sea owe a debt of gratitudeto the man- who has 'given so clear and glowing account of her work."- St. Pau! Pioneer Past. -X- ." A book of absorbing interest and of gen- uine helpfulness by virtue of its lessons. in the power of .patience and persistence and daunt- less. courage."--Wm-:ei-fer Spy. . . - '36 L' The quality of her friends speaks volumes as to her personality. Mr. Tiffany has W1-if- ten a sympathetic and interesting memorial, and 'has Shown excellent taste in'all mattersf' -Sprzngfirld Republican. ' A -me -as "'This is a book of absorbing interest. depicting in a graphic manner, a most 'extras -o 'dinary career."- Clzriqlian frztelligmrer QNew Yarhj ' For sale by all bookseilers. Senttpos ,Out-Door Brookes. V H. D. THUREAU. ' - " His power of 'observation seemed to in- dicate additional senses.. 'He saw as with microscope, heard as with ear-trumpet,' and his memory was a photographic 'register of all he saw and heard.-R. W. EMERSON. WALDEN 3 or Life in the.Woods. 31.50. 'Fhe'Same. Riverside Aldine Series. 52.00. A WEEK ON THE CONCORD AND MERRIMACK RIVERS 31.50. ' . ' EXCURSIONS IN FIELD AND FOREST. 31.50. CAPE COD. 31.50. THE MAINE Woons. 31.50. ' LETTERS AND POEMS. 31.50. A YANKEE IN CANADA. 1.50. EARLY SPRING 'IN MASSACHUSETTS. 31.50. SUMMER. From Thoreauis Journal. 31.50. ' WINTER. From Thoreau's Journal. 31.50. JOHN BURROUGHS. "The minuteness of his observation, the keenness of his perception, give him .a real originality, and his sketches have adelightful oddity, vivacity, and freshness."- The Nalion, 1Vfzu York. - ' . INDOOR STUDIES. 31.25. ' .SI,GNs.ANDfSEAsoNs. -31.25. WAKE-ROBIN. 31.25. - ' The Same. Riverside Aldine Series. SLQO. WIN1l'ER SUNSHINE. 31.25. ' BIRDS AND PoE'rS. 'S1'.25.' Locus'I's AND WILD HONEY. 31.25. PEPACTON. ASummer Voyage. 31.25. 'FRESH FIELDS. 31.25. ' BRADFORD tlfoitxtar. A RAMBi.ER'S LEASF. Excellent Outdoor Essays. 31.25. A BIRDS IN THE BUSH. 31.25. ' -" One 'of the most char-mingly natural Iof the writers on open air subjects."'- Thcfimer- mn, Phifaflbfphizi. A ' OLIVE THORNE MILLER. BIRD WAYS.. FStI.2'5. IN NESTING TIME. 31.25. v . "Mr, Torrey and Olive'Thorr1e'M5i1ler have fairly made, each in a different way. a title to .a lh-ankisome estate in the domain 'once ruled ny him of Walden Pond."- The Indz-A '+perzds11?,:New Yvrk. , A ' -SUSAN FEN1M0IiE COOPER. ' RURAL HOURS. 31.25. - " A charming description of the Scenes of country life Ain and about the ,a11thor's resi- dence at'C1ooperstovmn."-- T Izcfllfzstlan Umm, New York. . tpaid, on receipt of p'rice,,Lby-the Publishers, ' HOUC-HTON, MIFFLIN at co., 4 Park street, Boston, Mass. A its A y THE NEW SHORT-SHORT WATERBURYS. li A SERIES N" 4 SIZE FOR LADIESf l 1 N" g HNHMELED DIHD. A e. -. ff k DUST PROOF, SNAP BACK AND Q N BEZEL. ,g ggg y b " ' ia ,- -E vu , E ,. Q A L lf gsg sw kglfvwg Q Ll Z L, A QE n-Qgggbgl iw RQ? W. Z' A A L Qqf -W Xu1 A l if . Z WTR IEWEAS - - - f' - LL, ww .. M ,-, . 5. GE . Nizfhi E' xffllfgq L92 X I f CGTW1 A L . 31 a f fhsw? - , 211' 7 bb, me 'Q 1,1 T' A T A ' f f sl. W 1 I wumuunv L it? . v Q4 0 ll 1 2 1 J' F , ,R ,X lg'-gf , . A A ff, if ' A s f vii V if,-f L, L, '5:Q,.f Full Dial. 2 W Qi ff. 2' 2 3 E u' . Q '--" A THE CANLY ACCURATE , f"A AND TIME KEEPING ,ff , "' N 1 JJ: '. C LA Low COST kgqga? an - QI, .lgv Q. ' Y. Ladies' Watches. Chatelaine Dial. A N FORVSALE' ONLY BY REGULAR RETAIL WATCH Fancy Back. 3 CD :U 4: Q S 2 E u N w E m z ? I g n., ' -A Q .vyx Alia ' M ' V I ' Gold Filled ,or Coin Silver DEALERS. A' yv I . A f fm ig: 'A QQ? K 1 H ,, Q Nl? E? 'I f X1 NR?-ml , . f Q, ,, --N Ylkw f' If ' ' 'NW wg A fwf T s NX ENS V 155, T315 .' 'Y nm 9 FTM ls? 'F .gxb 5-:LST-Lf" ,- lbigfy HQGLEQ fl -Jam ff- .If-Er, xfdh X l 1 av 1. ,, 1 M v, l7w'?"'::. W 'Maw' 1 A , 'flaky , x A ""' fmhfff' 'lhx ,L TH E DI R ECT LIN E Hiwl I ,vzrgfgyt ,fm fENT TAL All THE EAST AT THE WEST ' fi ,1 55531 - Q ,W AiL i'f:Lf4ET -'f i A SUPERB EQUIPMENT OT THE FINEST CARS OF ALL KINDS. ..,-..RUNN1NG-f- Wagner Palace Sleeping Ar Parlor ars CHICAGO, ST. LOUIS ATU DETROIT, BUFFALO, SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, BOSTON, AND NEW ENGLAND POINTS. 91-NITXG7-'XR ZX F-'7XL.L.S.'IG SOLID VESTIBULED TRAINS BETWEEN CHICAGO AND BUFFALO, RUNNING THROUGH ON FAST TIME, DRAWN BY NEW TEN-WHEELED "GREAT MOGUL" ENGINES. OVER A SUPERIOR ROADWAY AND UNUSUALLY HEAVY STEEL RAILS. MEILS SERVED EN HUUTE IN SUMPTUOUS DINING SARS. DRAWING ROOM CARS ON DAY TRAINS. " There 'ls but one NIAGARA FALLS on Earth, and but One Direct Great Railway to it-THE' MICHIGAN CENTRAL." Summer Tourist Rate Books, Time Tables, Folders, and other information sent upon application ROBERT MILLER, 0. W. RUGGLES, General Superintendent, G-en'1 Pass'r and Ticket Agent, DETROIT. CHICAGO' 170 a dagd 1d ufm g 1HffW1Hg TWC .ACRES plant F-IQLMS, We of Hoag SPECQ' ' ' 1 ,QA ' I3UfCh2lSCT Si Wm' do : 'carl ordefu P by the su:mmCr,ru sh ,1 ' ' 'f You 1' ' -I f V , Y, :BI - 2' A f Y 12.31, 1 1 .Af,.', Z,'7i"'fi:L'a"'." 3 -eu' -f if ., 4. , 4' iq 4 1 'fl Q25 is I - QQ! " J, ,j 3. 4 . ---v '. . - 1 -" ' f:f' gy. ,, .U . . 0 A . A 9 wfnf' 4 ' - "4f'1L4' . f . ' 4 if " 1 -f , 'iagteiirmqu A ",, .g.1Q33w, ' I 2 .ff .. -Q7 'A-' f f- - ' 'm il A. if fa: 4 2' . " L ,S ,JN ' .2 'f A Nf. fQk1- A- 4 rw. -f4if? A5,.L, s ,5fK 111 f Rh. W- fb . 4, X- - - lm" - JV Saab .tt V I, 25.- -QW Liz, ,, My LFQTTT 5" ' Hy, ' Ami' A+ ' fl ilu Y' wi 'W9.'1fZ',J. "4ll!, 40 -'-- A ' '-.' S' HI ' .5 I il ..,. - N M i ' -, ' trrlgukii 1 5 6' PM Zfslar, '-"' --zu lflifffdjllflw- ' Wg A K' mu. " -4: 1 .1 A few. A wh' A -' Nha. .fywa uhfwf-w"1. "'F75"""f"1:1?4!'1fl0Y ef A ' ll IIA! 'mi N I. .ff'f.-T7 H -. - -, H.. m ll W - Xxx 4.11 5- N A M .f'5Fu'E5nsRg. f QZ VWJ -M9 .b H um M955 rw -X ' " Wf595E',f:?i:'4:Mxl'A,D W' ' "' "um ifW sH"f" " ' .M A-fF:g:,.::f. ' ' ' ' . - -'f -fN- ' -Q-,dgfgg The Kodak in the country. Take A Kodak " Mess the bution. A we do 'tba ffeszf' ,COR YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELFQ K Send for Catalogue. With you. THE .EAST AN COMPANY ROCHESTER. N. Y. ' 173 r W- -L 'Rf Ia." ' J LOST The Musle ans the COHLGIUS ' KOR THE.MOST-RELIABLEVRACKETS USE ' H .W Special, Newport Special, H'arvardQSpecia1 For they 'afei strung with ORIENTAL CUT. A I quality' of g-ut.. been 'sparedj tokmake them all that is desirable in' style, strength ajndl ,the -BEST IS THE GHEAPEST. V V . are of' improved patterns and phoroughly made and polished, and are makers who use the famous ORIENTAL GUT, .and have the EX- of this valuabpe 'article in this'.country. The beaufy and strength, but the NON-STRETC-HING'qua1irgy of the ORIENTAL GUTA, makes it of the that all wishjnga 'Superior Racket, arid -'Que 'phat -is ALWAYS TIGHT, this1,artic1e,- for No OTHER' GUT' MA-DE' possesses f-this value-.lame quality: I 1 ' esL11fSSre MA'Nfu FG. Co.. LPAWTQC K ET. R. sl: . 5Q. TITTWlEK. MEDKJNES PNNTs.Qus, Nl E D-ICI NE Se BIRU. S H E S, ' . TOILET :ARTICLES IT e PE-RFU.MEA BY-Q. .e ' , P V . 'M 8-Y Main Sfreef, 1wP GLASS 'PATENT' THEQWf15H1NG ToN QKSUUUENIR SPOONS. k9Lf37'l?Z'IZgL Silver, and 'zin- .' R' I expensive. U , ' 'Regzkftefed Tmqe .gM6l7'kS.q . . S014 my by, GALY2 BRO. 6' CO., -JEZUEZZGVS and ,SzZve1'smz'z"hs, ffoj Perma. Avenue, - Wa'shz'1zgZe1z, 2 D. C. Descrfzyyzfizw pmfceglist sent' on cqr plvlcatffmz. lLE.TT,ERS Flllllll :.lll0RLDS GREATEST PIMNIST 'ff-VON BU LTCJWQ. H ALBEF i' THEY " I ii ' Bi0'liHiMllliEClL1lTRlli" I T 11, I- ' 767 V in AM l ii' 4' T X 7 EUGEND'AL,BERTS'Ll .' -VONLBULOW. S, ,LET':l'E,,R , , K After Gouoert,Tour, 1890, , 'Io WM. KNABE, Esq.,QBa1Liinore,. Dear Sir:-My renewed anilby more .use-under 'aggravating cirf cumstances, as -baclhealth afnd tire- some travelin -enlarged expe . -- g A . ' riepce of your Pianos this Csecond- 'and last transatlantirjfseason hasl throiighout con51fmed myself in the opinion I' EXPI'ESSCd lastyear, v-iz : .Thai ,vozmd and lpzzclzuof Me Knqbg Piano: are mon' xympatheiir ta my fearf cmd hands Hum .vauzzd 'and itpuclz of any .oflzer Pianos in Me United Staffs. As I met with. frequentop- -pontunitiesiof establishing comupaf- isons between, the Knaibe Pianos and Insfruments of .rivalizipg of Would-yivalizing prodxucers. 'Lglare now' add th2.t,I declare them Ike- absalzcffljl ber! in America. ' , , With sineere regards, - I Yours Truly, ' ' DR. HANSKVON BULOW. Hamburg, 2731 May, 1896. I New York, May 16th, 1890 i llllli lllmg do ' - T " .IQSMANUEACTURERS OF GRAND, flPRIGHT5i-P I A N QS AND gg uN:quAu.gao IN 'rows 'roucl-T, wonKMANsHlP I - . AND .nuansnrrv . W ' YORK 148 Fifth Avenue near 20th Street BALTIMORE : ' WASHINGTON 22 a.nd,.24 W. Baltimore Street. 817 Pennsylva,nia,A G 1 T 2' '. -.. ' egg hqnw . ,. . M ,1- CV' str. 5 1. :Q ""'f'L-:ar F M. Q. mgeve 54 SQN, l.ivery,Salef'BoaroIing Stables OFFICE AND STABLES: 412 and 414 MAIN STREET, POUGHKEEPSTE, N. Y. HORSES wi' CARRIAGES TO LET ON MODERATE TERMS. Passengers conveyed to and from the Boats and Cars. HORSES FOR LADIES' DRIVING' A SPECIALTY. zfZZ!mmfzW 2 VIENNA CAFE AND RESTAURANT, Broadway and l0ih St., New York. Wanted.-Th 17 SIMPSON, GIIIIWFIIIIIJ 8a SIMPSUN, Ladies' Imported Suits and Cloaks. Our importations 'for the Spring and Summer of 1891 are now on exhibition for sale. They comprise the latest designs of the leading fashion centers of the World, and include novelties prepared specially for us, in Ladies' London Made VValking Jackets, Wraps, Capes, Traveling Garments, suitable for all climates, with special assortments for steamer Wear, and a magnificent assortment of Suits for Street, Carriage an-d Home use. ' IVIISSES' SUITS AND SCLOAKS. This season We have made greater preparations than ever in our Misses' Suit and Cloak Departments. No such beautiful collection has, in our experience, ever been shown in any one establishment. While our usual careful attention has been given to the materials, trimmings and workmanship of Suits, Coats, Jackets, Reefers and Newmarkets, designed for school and street Wear, We make a magni- ticent showing of those suitable for dress wear. S Misses' Garments, from 4 to 18 year sizes. Ladies' Garments, 32 to 48 inch bust measure. No charge made for altering either Ladies? or Misses, Cloaks or Suits, 6TH AVENUE AND 19TH STREET. ' 176 noex To Qcleentisenients. ARTISTS, MATERIALS. F. W. Devoe, New York City, . C. T. Raynolds, New York City, . Books. American Book Co., New York City, . Houghton, Mifliin 86 Co., Boston, Mass., Leggett Bros., New York City, . . Silver, .Burdett 86 Co., Boston, Mass., . BICYCLES. Pope Mfg. Co., Boston, Mass., CAMERAS. John Carbutt, Wayne Junction, Philadelphia, Pa., The Eastman Co., Rochester, N. Y., . . . CARRIAGES. Columbus Buggy Co., Columbus, Ohio, . CONFEOTIONERY. Huyler, New York City, CORSETS. Langdon 86 Bateheller, . . DRUGS. Henry T. Mudge, Brooklyn, N. Y., . . 'Wood 81 Tittamer, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., DRY Goons. C. Bates, Boston, Mass., .... Darlington, Runk 86 Co., Philadelphia, Pa., . F. Herzig, New York City, . . . Loraine Mfg. Co., ..... Lord 86 Taylor, New York City, . . . Simpson, Crawford 86 Simpson, New York City, . Stern Bros., New York City, .... Wechsler 86 Abraham, . . . 177 172 PAGE. 163 128 164 168 132 164 140 163 173 167 126 159 166 170 165 138 146 150 155 176 169 126 DYEING ESTABLISHMENTS. ' PAGE D. Leary, Rochester, N. Y., . 135 Ercnmos AND ENGEAVINGS. Frederick Keppel 85 Co., New York City, . . 132 FURNITURE. R. J. Horner 85 Co., New York City, . . 148 Funs. Henry A. Newland 85 Co., Detroit, Mich., 143 GROCERIES. Holmes 85 Coutts, New York City, . 148 O. 85 O. Tea, .... 134 HATS. Dunlap 85 Co., New York City,' . . 162 HoTELs. Grand Union, New York City, . 139 Morgan House, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., - 151 Nelson House, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 165 Niagara Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., . . 160 Plimpton Hotel, Watch Hill, R. I., 137 IMPERIAL GRANUM. John Carle 85 Sons, New York City. . . 127 J EWELRY. M. W. Galt, Bro. 85 Co., Washington, . 170 J. H. Johnston, New York City, . . . 145 Rowe Bros., Chicago, Ill., . 146 Tiifany 85 Co., New York City, . . . 129 LIVERY STABLES. ' M. G. Lloyd 85 Son, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 175 MAGAZINES. J enness Miller Magazine, . . . 165 Sun and Shade, New York City, 166 MEDICAL. Tarrant 85 Co., New York City, 149 MUSIC PUBLISHERS. Oliver Ditson Company, Boston, . . 147 PARQUETRY FLOORS. S. C. Johnson, Racine, Wis., 139 PHOTOGRAPHS. , John Carbutt, Wayne Junction, Philadelphia, Pa., . . 163 The Eastman Co., Rochester, N. Y.. . . . 172, 173 C. H. Gallup, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., . . 136 Pach Bros., New York City, . . 132 Vail Bros., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., , y , , 147 178 "1 PAGE PIANOS. William Knaloe 85 Co., New York City, . 174 Sohrner 85 Co., New York City, . . . 133 Steinway 85 Sons, New York City, . 161 PRINTERS. A A. V. Haight, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., . . 141 RAILROADS. Michigan Central, .... 170 New York Central and Hudson River, . 157 RESTAURANTS. Fleisehmann, New York City, 175 RUGS AND CARPETS. Joseph Welch 85 Co., New York City, . 155 SCHooLs. Detroit Home and Day School, Detroit, Mich., 136 Eastman College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., . . 130 Katharine M. Lupton, Cincinnati, Ohio, . 156 Lyndon Hall, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., . . . 130 L Miss North and Miss Barnes, New York City, 130 Sterling 85 Gerrish, Englewood, N. J., . . 131 SRNICR AUCTION, . 1 . . . . 144 STATIONERY. Robert Beall, Washington, . . . . 131 A. E. Chasmar 85 Co., New York City, . . Opp. 152 Dreka, Philadelphia, Pa., . . . . 151 Marcus Ward 85 Co., New York City, . 131 TEACHERS, AGENCIES. Everett O. Fisk 85 Co., Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, . 136 Mrs. M. J. Young-Fulton, New York City, .... 152 TENNIS RACKETS. H. S. Acker, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., - 154 R. Bliss Mfg. Co., Pawtucket, R. I., 170 TOILET ARTICLES. F. Grote 85 Co., New York City, . - 132 179 gable of Qontents. Trustees . . Faculty Editorial, Faculty and Teachers, Senior Editorial, . Senior Class, . Junior Editorial, . Junior Class, . . Sophomore Editorial, . Sophomore Class, . Freshman Editorial, Freshman Class, Collegiate Specials, School of M usic, School of Painting, Resident Graduates, . . Students'Association, . Self-Government Committee, Literary Department, . Philalethean Society, . Chapter Alpha, . Chapter Beta, . Chapter Omega, Philalethean Plays, T. and M., . . Qui Vive, . . Shakespeare Club, Dickens Club, Chicago Club, V . Ohio Club, .... Vassar Miscellany, . . . The Library and Reading Room, Vassar-oif-Hudson, . . . Musical Department, . Chapel Choir, . . . Thekla. .... . College Glee and Banjo Club, . Class Glee Clubs, . . . Miscellaneous Department, . Art Club, . . . Seminary History, . Y. W. C. A., . . Double Alley Way, . Floral Society, Tennis Club, T. P. C., . . , Camera Club, . The Baker's Dozen, The Darning Club, Trig. Ceremonies, Cobweb Party, PAGE 4 5 6 9 10 13 15 18 20 23 24 27 29 29 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 38 40 45 46 47 48 49 49 50 51 53 55 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 67 69 '70 '71 '72 73 '74 7 6

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