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Vashon Island High School - Vashonian Yearbook (Vashon, WA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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15 . . 'Q,.r'-nf' , xg ff . 1 , J ,. s xvw vs-N. auf-577 9- K' ' - ' ,,A,,':A',., 4 x , .1 M any If , i A . ff A ' g ' ' 'X M! ' ' A' FA 4' f , wg W 1 X , K A. X, . "fi , S"'x ' W K av 'ii J: A WX iqqf Ere. G, 'kb 1 Y, ' , if , -W u,, .5 ' -1 4 XLAJ7 7,7 , ,- K xy V W wx! ' . ' 5 .V 4: 45 1' N iv K ,. y , A rf, in fefg :A ff. Ji 5 - ' ff- 'Q 4f,i,fult , .HQ W' iv , if Q W-W' ,..f".. wg" wx 'X .-,hqtfm-S YQ- 'QQ' I , K - ' 1. f,""-E 1. Y 7 N 1 Q K .U xx Ki LX w LQ Qs N3 5- R1 X N , 35 N15 N x N N- " L 'f . K - , X 'xx Q X ff- S G m t1,'Q'lLL 5 J K' Len, 5 2f,'!lLig'Wl3i"L GRAD 11.4.4 ' 30. vlC.QltSQl L LC' 4. -u. -A H, '. ., W-.. M,-f11N""m' b f,ba...Qff.Q..Q4.,.f' 3.N,.,..Am-.NWN , V ,.,A....m...-.,....h ., k L. V . , H.- .W W..f, ,.,,,m,,.,,... mf... .,,,,,..,-,,.,,,.., , .W ,,.,,.. .-,-..7. . ,L J--1 f ' I ' , MW -wffi 2252 fi yzkfx fb--4-,-..24.o X A 44296 5 vas--sf.. A -L GQ' Xa,-.Ha '93 - UMM -?fH WWW! MMM if MW' 44,4 W' yjfif ,,,,!f4'jW,ff! 5 j TMJ fri! 1-ii. EXMZW MJ iicigsii Pff4'Zf3Q,fffJ ,, 1 Z7 WEE lx? U 33, X X53 A X W YQ W :X E, EERRQEATX M WW Ri 1 5 Ci fLWB2L?1WW?j3 ' AQ- YQXNXX ma M 3QfXXl7QXiFfi ' 'W . M AA . ,A AiwA.Zwl QW, Jam, , -M-49941 J., ?,....--JC qv--M-4-0-4-..-:-67f7'l. pf Jbvvokd blfU A QQQA, AW-.wo .Lu : -lv M5 ' , : ia-6 5,6 , M5 Eajjgffwf M15 5 E ' 11.1. WWWWA' ' fffam CITLM53 I ,Q ,, Q, D ,e4za1. KKQU MMPEQ ww ZW, ffffff Www! if 6 1 . f T078 Senior Class W of f X 1 WUGSJJVOW I-h817SCu'J7OOn resenfs -- ' 5 ,..-nr- f J T! ji J W K J X 4 Jw ' A Q F mgl 35553 i Aff ' li!! O, X X igjr-df XXX ff f , xx X ' n 4 UR w ii. X , 2 , XX XX ff x. ,N MXQf 6"' 5,5 55 J, i 3 , s"f J -iff? fi-X ,QMT My 1 255' yogi Q1 1 MLA? X l f wwf? XIX I fg ' Mc. 'AM gg! ZW! 1 59 E cgi-Mi ' B 4,44 35 sv to xc M 2,f 'Co 'LM Q CMM ' 'SJ al, JJ7..2'G W QSHYSIQQQR V Dedication A. F. BENNEST ARDEN IBSEN Every organization must have a leader. He must be a man capable of making many decisions. He must guide and direct the course of the school, and yet he must be a man the students can trust and confide in. Such a man is Mr. Bennest. However, a good leader does not make an organization. There must be the worker, the man who must carry into execution the decis- ions ofthe leader, and the man who you know will do a superlative iob. Such a man is Mr. lbsen. We, the class of '53, therefore dedicate this annual to these men who have worked so hard for the betterment of Vashon High School. ,QW b ' n , Y. X L W:W 'Jaf'ffW ,M Wyffw ff Mgwgfyiwpwfigiggsx fix Q igsgg 03 K3 ii Q El aWH EW fl fi ' 'ROE w K A dx v m SL eh Faculty VIRGINIA BIRKLAND ROBERT G CHILDS B S GLADYS CONSTANS B A MATTIE B.A., B.A. of Ed, University ot Utah University of Washington IDI College Washington State College University of Washington Eighth Grade George College Western College of Education Eighth Grade Home Economics Girls' Glee GERTIE GAMMELL, B.B.A. ARDEN IBSEN, B.A. GLADYS KENNETT, B.A. University of Washington Washington State College University of Washington Commercial Subiects Mechanical Drawing Washington State College Shop Physical Education t, V,., ,Mi 5 wwf 1 'dw lx e c r 1 x me B .. .1'if'?,:i'E25'tii We gps' :af iff, ' g Y , fi, DONALD I. LAKE, B.A. WILLIAM LANE, B.A. LLEWELLYN D. MORSE, B.A. ROY L. OSTROM, B.A. Linfield College University of Washington University of Washington Washington State College English Intermountain Union College University of Creighton Social Science, United States Journalism, Physics, Science, Geometry, Driving, Physical History, Washington State Mathematics Education History ,tt yiltfg sl LYNN G. ROBINSON, B. of Ed. MARVIN G. SCHWEIKL Central Washington College of B. of Ed. Education University of Washington Biology, Algebra, Chemistry English, Typing Ee I fm' UL rr, 3' , 'ff 3 'ls I si'i . LESLIE E. WALDEN B.F.A., M.S. Nebraska State College Catholic University of America University of Pennsylvania Band, Chorus, Music Appreciation ri -ur' i ,ew I Kids M.,-ff ,,o,,,-,.,,.,,..cs..-an we H. R. BARTON Superintendent By definition, music is a beautiful or pleasing arrangement of sounds. What is pleasing to one individual is not necessarily so for another. Some find rest and comfort by the blending of instruments in the rendition of a Beethoven symphony, others will prefer a blues singer in the interpretation of a Hogy Carmichael composition while others receive satisfaction in a Harry James rendition of a iauy, rhythmic composition. A very small percentage of individuals find no inspirational effects in music. Education is not universal in its effects and it is good that it isn't. lf we all had the same degrees of desires along the same line, society would cease to exist in a very short time. We can't all be doctors or engineers or common laborers. There must be the designer and administrator as well as those who perform the task of constructing or assembling. ln- dividuals must be schooled in the various lines of duty. It is the obligation of the school to partially train the individual sa he will be equipped to accept the responsibility that confronts him. A. F. BENNEST Principal Of all the arts, music is perhaps the most uni- versally accepted. Music is o part of our daily living. The artists who thrill us and the musical ensembles of top rank exemplify the highest type of devotion lo the ideal of selfqsacrifice and the qualities of teamwork that find a counterpart in the field of education. Your school training is intended to make you better fit to play your part in the responsibility that you have to yourself and to society for successful living and useful citizenship. It is the hope of all those who have contributed to your educational opportunities that you have learned your part well ond that you will find a useful expression of that learning in your future happiness. gg i ix we 1 uxlxxnxulllll lt i- gli 5 Q 1un1nvvnvuwx1x1w11 NHS A -' ' ' sa'fz,,.g3allvNi ef...,w.n.u-minus-e .wewffm-.sms ,.,..,..., ' x ,r N ik M W wx wW' ,. qw xNNMxg?Wf1w4 -JXJAJ SJ xyvofwi-VW ' QW, W cw Mk M M W W? M QW Wy NW ,i5mffbW5k MW w'?xA,,W yfgiwwm W9 ww M fywf f ,M K M QM 5 J W1 QW q pW5,Nf'ff,yf AQ MfMWpWffQfMfvWffwvw fwfAfwf Mm QLf .y My of Op. Y WB Av lp H wysw wmmxw JNQQ wwyw ev ov Wx-UKWW-.N XO'fw VN Y' ,ff U' Ag W M 5 AQ0fNjrQfVbQf'NJyffx'L ncyflllps WWW wW,07fffM S' aww of fu WDM W wx W ff lp jsp fm VILGDP AWM . xM,,' ' I yjmn Ul'ygq.,wq, WAJWW ,W V U 'J J QZQQM W 4 Qfffad WL M 'E W b WNf'gCv Mbf,"Wk WVW'w My Uchida MQJJZQQP 0321 -giifyfy' 9 Mm W W vu, Wmif,5f,fW WW WW jp! f N Q -- 7giyJ5yw'g'UbO, vtqjyf jwM,f6P97f!x I 0 W MwfML,,Qfgy W ' 1 Umlwpgl 1 B M jC v " OJWM QW, .SV UAUJ PWMVJVQL ffm' 9 J awp Jwbfjwffw' I ' M M My L i QL M5 FIRST ROW: Managers David Church, John Lewis, Bob Kalland. SECOND ROW: Bob Hearst, Joe Green, Wlbur Spencer L C H kl D Ch rch THIRD ROW Ed Jim Grover, Woody Hedman, Charles Watson, Bill Miller, Martin arsen, eorge oc ey, on u , Kennett, Dick Ellingsen, Roy Mittunen, Jeff Smith, Jerry Johansen, Jack Brophy, Corwin Swift, Mike Harrington George Nelson, Assistant Coaches Mr. Morse, Mr. Schweikl. FOOTBALL RUSHING Name T.D. Plays Gain Loss Net Avg Elmore 2 46 229 7 222 5.0 Miller I 39 I76 I I75 4.5 Hellesto I 34 I I5 22 93 2.8 Tellvik 0 30 74 0 74 2.5 Priebe I 4 I0 0 I0 2.5 Mickle 0 4 I0 O I I0 2.5 Hedman 0 27 55 I5 40 I .5 Brophy 0 3 0 8 8 2.8 TOTAL 5 I 86 669 53 6I 6 3.5 PASSING Att. Comp. Pct. Yds. Int. Td Elmore 59 24 .407 257 6 2 Nelson 3 I .333 I I I 0 Mickle 3 I0 .333 5 0 0 Hellesto 35 I0 .296 I 57 2 I Miller 6 I .I67 I5 I 0 Hedman I3 I .077 9 0 0 Tellvik 2 I0 .000 0 0 0 Brophy 2 0 .000 0 I 0 Grover I 0 .000 0 0 0 I24 38 306 454 I I 3 az ,Y 4 '11, .,.', J, -W I 'Ji' K 1 i we f "'u"gy X Q A Ve' it 3 ff S fu, . 3 ogy-aw ' , ez he 3 J 3,,1v"M 35, gk 4" 14,2 if v rj? 1, S Q-W1 --M Q- -r -3 ea. X ff H www , , ii, Q -,s,-'STX if - v I , 9 :tk S KF? vz fl 2' ii 4 J L. :MCM , 1 , I -0 H589 2 cami" Q 'Ro1mJsoN September I2 Foster Here H0055 September I9 Bainbridge Here September 26 Eatonville Here Sl-O 45-O I3-O ELMORF October 3 Lake Washington There October IO Yelm Here li LESTER 33-6 I3-13 HFLLESTO Here There dlllvng-..q,,, qw -4' ks' W ww There Here we l " 'six' x X1 an V, f 'VZQ' QM w zzgf' ,sf We ff M M 'tx .. ' My .T M.. M Y af me 'VPJSHON 0- P - VY Z V' Q. ox 5 Bethet f X fx 0 Q,'463Z' ygnbrid e C5 34 x e 9.5 gr Q3 Lakeqmsh gton YK 9 5 X La. 1 s gton Ng, at .F B .budge runs Xl 32 , git We QT I 43 W gat! gtvwlay y r m Qu 36 Yetm 5 43 Fife 29 Peninsuta Eatonvttte 40 North Kitsap X 42 FederatWay 5 26 Orting W, 42 Yexm SN Bethet 40 North Kttsap 5, O9 iw vasmfeas L Z2 53 RD 40 53 52 'H 49 55 5x 6X 56 53 5x N 5t 5 'IO I 56 4 51 44 x 1 wPx Il T Q NN ,3 XXX " 5- Xi Kg Eli? if Ne.lS0n Z-H UDB? T X.,,f-04" 'F 'X X ?x P riY'VlY'l fy, ff- 'Pino -lg 3 TER SA--EA 65 Kar x M .ff 'iw 'H' WM: n rahlm-Q 5: 4 isa 'rfffk 9' fx Y 11.1 Elmore ,...2I' cr' mi. LA g 3 71' :fn 1' T g if K I ,A , Q9 QQ Q W - ,... E J x :ry I 1 Exif I , Lg , 1 ' Q 2. Q Q E rw 1 If K f X IJ Ycena' X t E Mnckle f f i A .. X Gleb Ha esfe, r- A, . f .., .' L' Iqfnwg " 'X Qf 2 ll ag, My-W 2111-fm ,fi l V Q' X 1 ez , f-A, ., xt il k": La, "': AVA. I YW Z 1' gl, .. X 5 F? If 2 W' I A A. x,.. . , I 1 HV ' 2 X . E 4 ,V an an -Q .1 Irviiwul' A K' :lg ,:f'5f-.V , 1 1 73- A- If A I V X Xlffj lwvry, ,xx . E A 257' n Hier? Q ,', K f 0, . X l P , 6 Sp' , jf My X Q ' A 'fig HMC , L 1 We fha -if ' 1 155 - Wi,..? K ga g G Y V' Y 3, my V :X K U , 3 w.. Q ,b .ffm Yin :V 'ff ,., f: , ' - ,' ffm, X 'L 'A "' xj Nfl' s 5 if, -L , vi, , ff' L W ,if 1 1 xl 1 X Q N I S 'X 5 N, EB if v f ix Vf ,. 'U 5 1 E , +i A - if S.: W 5 ' x v l 1 ' -Y ,v ..,f .Lia-5 K S 5 , 2 LLW'A IIXM. L K Sx xx m 1 . ,LQ,z. ,V AA x Rx 1 N . -Qs' ' X X - V le X f ',, V if I, +A . ,gi rn: jf Fx! .-4' 15.1 ' 1 S I , gf M .V I E f ,wif K' "N, X' ' W1 .ai N5 , 5 1 ,xg Hi 4 K gi A, S Q XV Q S K1 'lf ,thy W 5 1. V - ' . - 1' M 4 f lfy 5 1 . y, XJ. I -7 , 52. ks K ' -S? ' 1 X:fz ,N 1 A 1 , ' J f -.1 , W 2 72 Q, -A f KAL. . h ' E f N ff ni 'il T Vashon rx, K SECOND TEAM Bethel Bainbridge Fife Lake Washington Lake Washington Bainbridge Peninsula Eatonville Federal Way Orting Yelm Fife Peninsula Eatonville North Kitsap Federal Way Orting Yelm Bethel North Kitsap E 'E .-,,....., a,,.,,-.1..a,,A..M,.., if' ...QA FIRST ROW: Joergen Schade, Joe Green, Jim Scott, Woody Hedman, Bob Dunlap. SECOND ROW: David Hawley, manager Pete Steen, managerg Jim Grover, Bill Miller, Karl Singer, Larry Lontz, Rolf Petterson, manager. Basketball FIRST ROW: Ed Kennett, Arthur McLean, Leo Long, Mike Harrington. SECOND ROW: Mr. Robert Childs, coach, Jan Ral- kowski, David Habbestead, Bob Hearst, Richard Billings. Vashon 33 28 47 33 33 28 38 43 FROSH SQUAD Federal Way Bethel DuPont Fife Franklin Pierce Bethel Federal Way DuPont 'IF 5 ,I in ,yi I V T'-, ,dr : , V J V, Q. ,SE I fm? lp " I Il Jill, l" 1 ' fill '- I : I . Q- I I as tg je, I I I ' Q J : A rtilif' -5245134 - I I , S '- ,,,g.J: .,,, 5 1 I-I 1 t 4 2 X ' ' .. V V i f X 1 , . 1-Z..-t.,,i,..K..X., - I- . ra, ,.,. .. ' f.,,s,ssw-ie .I A f fi: , Ei - ma ' . ' - ?-iff ., 4 PQ, PZ. ,f Ti - ' ., 1 vig' MARY JO WOLVERTON Girls' High School Champion 4' fs. 'H , ,i i In - ": .E , . . a ,w I it af' . 'I Q 1 A i ' ul l R6 Q ,, M , ?, DENNIS PUTNEY Boys' High School Champion Tennis I' Q it 1 Wifi' s I 1 5" a :.., . K s il. W, i-3:3243-Tgx it Si 4 MX :K-wait I 7-'x' 3.5'353.'g' iii Y:-if-Q 4 'its-trdipfw--252 4 f-. are K f ffwefwz I as V555,.,, ,, M, V, , Mix 1 -is .-gy V. - rx 1' i .-,QW A G ' I-.,-fi :ri I ' .V t wh, V xv ,Aa , 55 A . f my WW, '-:Ivy q..kQ'w33' -N' 1 ,, ,wt ,H x' f ,,,a,if,-Hr-rf , , s W A 5 2' Ti ,: gn., - gs s f ' 4 , 1 -- . . ' -W. , f . ' 0 s . 1, 4 A ,,.....,4,u......:,, ,L VASHON 2 vs. BELLARMINE 4 AT VASHON Singles: Putney IVI defeated Eigenwan IBI 6-2, 8-6 Petrich IBI over Yeend IVI 6-3, 6-3 Murphy IBI over Stanley IVI 6-I, 6-4 Nugent IBI over Nelson IVI 8-6, 6-4 Doubles: Murphy-Petrick IBI over Stanley-Platt lVI 6-I, 6-2 Putney-Yeend lVI over Eigenman-Luckins IBI 6-I, 8-6 VASHON 3 vs. TAHOMA 2 AT VASHON Singles, Boys: Putney IVI over Jolk iTI 6-l, 7-5 Girls: Finney ITI over Ryan IVI 6-I, 6-I Doubles, Boys: Platt-Stanley KVI over Iverson-Fish ITI 7-5, 6-4 Girls: Lane-I-lolert IVI over Sandhi-Sandhi ITI 6-O, 2-6, 6-2 Mixed: Lochow-Grady ITI over Yeend-Wolverton IVI 6-I, 8-6 VASHON 2 vs. FOSTER I AT FOSTER Singles, Boys: Putney IVI over Senler IFI 6-2, 6-2 Doubles, Boys: Stanley-Platt IVI over Courtmach-Jenne IFI 2-6, 6-3, 6-4 Doubles, Girls: Gavian-Carlson IFJ over Lane-Holert IVI 6-1,6-4 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT VASHON Singles: Pearson lToltI over Putney lVI 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 Doubles: Schneider-Wasmund iToltI over Platt-Stanley IVI 6-4, 6-4 ROY L, OSTROM Coach BATTINC AND FIELDINC . -it IP AB R H RBI 2B 3B SB SH BB HP SC Avg. PC A Cleb 84 41 7 15 9 1 1 2 O 1 O 10 .366 86 5 Karlberg 37 1O 2 3 1 2 O 1 O 1 5 .300 6 0 Mickle 84 35 3 9 4 2 1 6 O O 8 .257 102 6 P. House 71 32 8 7 1 O 2 1 O 9 .250 2 41 Elmore 84 41 9 0 1 0 1 0 1 10 .220 4 11 W. House 80 32 7 5 O 1 2 1 2 8 .219 10 82 Beattie 55 18 3 2 O 0 5 O 1 7 .167 2 14 Crane 79 31 4 2 1 O 3 O 0 14 .129 14 22 Hineman 84 28 3 2 1 0 7 1 0 11 .IO7 7 O Dunlap 23 10 1 O 0 O 2 O O 3 .100 2 3 Hedman 48 18 0 0 0 O 0 1 O 12 .OOO 7 1 Fuller 39 13 O 1 O O O O O 9 .OOO 1 O Hiatt 1 1 O O 0 O O O O 1 .OOO 1 O PITCHING IP AB H R ER ERA S0 BB HB W W. House 48 174 26 28 21 3.06 68 27 8 2 P. House 32 125 24 26 19 4.16 27 30 3 2 D. Cleb 2 7 1 0 O 0.00 2 O O O SCORES Vashon 1 Bainbridge -2 Vashon 3 vs Bothel 2 vs Tahoma 8 5 vs Issaquah 2 vs South Kitsap 5 5 vs Bellevue O vs Foster 8 2 vs South Kitsap S vs Lakeside 3 2 vs North Kitsap 7 vs Mount Si 2 4 VS Tolt f sf A,,.., , Q' We 2 F4w4FQ77? lz. -sup-ff I .. G 9 I 15Yg?E1more. rg un ap of A it 1 Q.. Pct. .975 857 982 896 652 979 889 878 .778 .714 889 5OO OOO Pct. 250 500 OOO -5 8 O 4 O 5 . M -as gy... . ke-,Lev A 0... ..E.-i.s? ... gf. . "- 1 - . :Q - .egg - 'Q s 1- 3... Wmiw, ,.,L MMV. 4 . Hous e, Pane A 1 .,.. A ,VA f .' ., wt ....' W V' ws . I 1 ..'i imwwwg I MWWWV84 L,LL 71' I J f " A I f . X ,f X 1 f 9 KX , G 1e la JM1c1113 View p...--.--ln, fg, ff? , f 1 1 v ...u,,.,w,. ' .... I - Q , ,w Wi an ' yXHf1xeman. Hecfman, TQ 1 N Fuller Smk SWIM A, an l fv My f V f X M Coach SQHMQH4 L 2 Grover' Spencef, Ellin den, Hidfni- a- . . .A..f:-,,L.ff-:Zia-153' .f i f . ,I Mfller-,' karnoerq, Eecdiffe, , H0153- Ku- I , if vx. John, L. Marx R-an 7 . detbvd-Tmq fo HUDQCUVKNUKW ,Li , , W 291-P 1 ,R if 3 . A ,W f x ,N f5+a. it M W' 7'V0Y1 ne, S S li IIS J f Glorfg , 4 11. Aff- .sf The biggest and most important goal to a boy in his high school career is to earn membership in the Lettermen's Club. Any energetic boy who receives a letter for a season of hard work and effort in athletics is justified in being proud of his worthy achievements and is undoubtedly entitled to mem- bership in the organization. This year the organization, consisting of 3l mem- bers, under the direction of President Allen Plancich and Advisor Mr. Lew Morse, sponsored several sock dances in the high school gym. Again this year, according to tradition, they held a large banquet with such distinguished personages as Royal Broughf am, well known sports editor of the Seattle Post- lntelligencer, "Babe" Hollinbury, Eastern Washing- ton businessman who was previously coach at the Washington State College, the O'Brien twins, Johnny and Eddie, from Seattle University, Bob l'Hooks" Houbregs from the University of Wash- LEW MORSE ington and Al Brightman, coach of Seattle Univer- Adviser sity, the specially invited guests to the annual Let- terrnen's Club Banquet. The Lettermen's Club helps in the keeping up of the high school grounds, operating the popular concession stand, caring for our new athletic equipment and protecting our gym floor from hard abuse. Since our athletic equipment was brand new, it received their extra special attention during the year. ettermen's Club FIRST ROW: Bob Dunlap, Tom Hellesto, Dinny Gleb, Dennis Putney, Roger Brown, Chuck lngraham, Bob Elmore, vice-presi- l dent, Dennis Priebe, Bill Mickle. SECOND ROW: Pinky House, Woody Hedman, David Hawley, Malcolm Steen, Stan Faas, i Ron lrvin, Don Church, Greg Smith, Fred Landers. THIRD ROW: Swede Plancich, president, Charles Stenek, Albert Schenkel, l Marlin Lester, Pete Steen, Warren Yeend, Junior Nelson, secretary-treasurer, Richard Fuller, Cary Lewis. ABSENT: Cary ar erg. FIRST ROW: Velmetta Stroble, Woodis Bibbins, secretary-treasurer, Pat Svane, presidentg Ruth Ann Armstrong, Lorraine Holmes, Liz Novak. SECOND ROW: Sally Evans, Frances Larson, Louise Holert, vice-president, Maxine Beall. THlRD ROW: Claudia Thomas, Sandra Meyers, Karlista Lane, Bonnie Ryan, Joan McLeod, Hannah Groat, X .. W is 55: 1 1 Tflo f' if 1,1 is 'ff W ' wg' GLADYS KENNETI' Advisor i r s e t t e r u ' I ' L C I Ii ., M Through the combined efforts of the Girls' Club a the Girls' Athletic Association, the Girls' Ath- Ie 'c Letter Club was formed on February 3, l95O. Concessions at all home games were made the responsibility of the club, and with twenty per cent of all proceeds going into the club treasury, suffic- ient profits were realized during l95O-Sl to pur- chase letter club pins. The club was ably guided this year by Patty Svane, with Velmetta Stroble serving as vice president and Woodis Bibbins as secretary-treasurer. On october io, following a football game, they sponsored the "Autumn Leaf Dance." As in the past the club worked zealously to main- tain a co-operative and sportsmanlike spirit in all athletic activities about school. The club is composed of girls who have received a letter through the Girls' Athletic Association. ln determining points for letters not only participation in athletics, but sportsmanship in class and school activities are important factors. Points are earned by regular attendance at meetings, medical and dental examinations, participation in tournament games, and activities outside of school such as swimming, horseback riding and the like. ln order to finance at least half of the money needed for pins, the club this year sponsored a pie sale, which appealed not only to their treasury but the whole student body. "To promote ideals of health and to foster a spirit of good sportsmanship." This is the goal of the Girls' Athletic Association of which Karlista Lane . was president this year. Assisting her were Frances mm ,"s 51: Larson, vice-president, Velmetta Stroble, secretary- ' S treasurer, and Lorraine Holmes, point chairman. s .-: . .J . , .. The officers, point chairman, adviser and repre- .VQ',. 1 F ,Q-.-e.,,y M. i sentatives from each class made up the executive Q-',. 1 board which meets when any special problems arise. V J Class representatives included Dorothy Ward, sen- , iorg Barbara Jolly, junior, Louise Holert, sophomore, and Sharon Holert, freshman. Our adviser Mrs. Kennett, although new to the association this year, was loads of fun and did a wonderful job. The several activities in which the girls participated were volleyball, basketball, volley tennis, badminton, bowling and baseball. Tourna- ments were held at the end of the basketball and volleyball seasons with the sophomores taking both championships. The playdays are the most important outside activities. We attended one at Yelm in January and Advisof another at Bethel in April. Those who attended the Yelm playday were Karlista Lane, Patty Svane, Karen Udell, Frances Larson, Sharon Holert and Mrs. Kennett. They report having had a very nice time. The year ended with the awarding of letters to many of the girls who did outstanding work in GAA for the year. irls' Athletic Association FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Hartman, Claudia Bibbins, Jackie Errington, Gail Watson, Patsy Drummond, Barbara Heien, Diana Dahlgren, Sally Evans. SECOND ROW: Shirley Whittaker, Velmetta Stroble, secretary-treasurer, Lorraine Holmes, point chair- man, Alice Stroble, Nelda Denny, Yuki Matsuyama, Bonnie Ryan, Joan McLeod, Dona Munro, Janet Middling, Claudia Thomas. Tl-llRD ROW: Sally Edson, Jean Holmes, Karen Udell, Clarene Stroble, Pat Svane, Clay Dalrymple, Sharon Holert, Mary Ann Roncevich, Linda Hallberg, Joy Sherman, Joanne Christensen, Betty Swenson. FOURTH ROW: Jill Johnson, Patty Lane, Woodis Bibbins, Arlene Errington, Sandra Meyers, Frances Larson, vice-president, Eleanor Perkins, Laura Fry, Hannah Groat, Maxine Beall, Liz Novak. FIFT ROW: Mar Vaa Johanson, Betty Learned, Gloria Brown, Carol Hawley, Ruth Arm- strong, Shirley Raab, Lois Johnson, we Seltenreich, Barbara Jolly, Dorothy Ward, Joanne Puz, Louise Holert, Eldra Brown, Karlista Lane, president. ABSENT: R emary Ofdenkamp, Alexander,,CaroI Elmore, Sharon Stead, Patty Gates, Beverly Beaumont. r-sf. I J ' my 4 4 1 'V -it F 'ii ax, A XM' glyw lt f LRC . , . A., L. in 3 , , ,I ,-M V,., DRILL TEAM FIRST ROW: Lynn Alexander, Arlene Errington, Joan McLeod, Maxine Beall, Eleanor Perkins, Karlista Lane. SECOND ROW: Joanne Puz, Sandra Meyers, Liz Novak, Shirley Raab. THIRD ROW: Ruth Armstrong, Louise Holert, Lois Johnson. , W N . w, CHEER LEADERS Patty Svane, Eldra Brown, Freda Seltenreich, Team Mascot Peggi Morse. FRESHMEN CHEER LEADERS Shirley Whittaker, Myla Schmidt, Marlene Kalland. av l 2 X 'QQ , ,ja Eggs? 1 A X lx Q W A. , ts EDRNG LEADERS Carol Hawley, Barbara Campbell i -'t 'xi K 5' 31 N, :SS , C X X LE!! Go C-Hs! - Kat-lisfs, Eleanor-,nd 'D,,,,-n,,1 SUCH ENTHUSMSM 2 Q 1 SELF 'CONSCJOUSX Chlol. 9- NRNC-T ? Two UNUERBTFKHDING TDALS - Smut TDWZTTT - ctounnrclockwigcj Shrwlgj D .Rbmnx Caron mn. Luke v MR. USTWOH I Lou 9- Lqwn FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Novak, president, Kay Green, treasurer, Dennis Priebe, vice president. ALFRED F, BENNEST Adviser ,W I Ns we f' sf ,,, ,Q 9' ' X T ASB OFFICERS secretary. SECOND ROW: Mac Steen, assistant treasurerg Millard Cleb, Associated tudent The Associated Student Body of Vashon Island High School began this year with an excess of school spirit and plans for a very busy year. Elizabeth Novak was our president, the second girl in the history of our school to attain that honor. Assisting Elizabeth were Dennis Priebe as vice-presidentg Kay Green, secretaryg Dinny Cleb, treasurer, and Mac Steen, assistant treasurer. The first event of the year was the annual Pep Rally held each fall in Vashon to stimulate the interest of the Islanders in our football games. Cheerleaders Patty Svane, Freda Seltenreich and Eldra Brown, songleaders lsomething new at the school this yearl Barbara Jo Campbell, Marjorie Whaley and Carol Hawley, and the Pep Club helped the Student Council plan this gala rally. This year football season ticket sales were sli'ghtly different than sales of other years. Each student in the school was given a few season tickets to sell. After a week's campaign everyone who had sold ten dollars worth or more was eligible for one of four 55.00 prizes given away at a drawing held at our first Pep Rally, We sold more tickets this year than ever before. 'Ns STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Sharon Holert, Rosemary Ofdenkamp, Liz Novak, A.S.B. president, Arlene Benzon. A.S.B. secretaryg Dennis Putney, Stan Faas, Dennis Priebe, Barbara Heien. THIRD ROW: Dinny Hellesto, Malcolm Steen, A.S.B. assistant treasurerg Karl Singer. FOUR ROW: Pete Steen, Chuck ABSENT: Bill Mickle, Gail Watson, Reynold Priebe, Fred Putney, Ed Kennett. Body Activities Basketball season tickets were sold in the same manner with the ten high salesmen being treated to an ice cream feed. Liz Novak, Karlista Lane, Stan Faas, and Dinny Cleb were chosen by the Council to attend the annual student leaders' conference held every fall at the University of Washington. Here they entered into group discussions of such problems as school spirit, money raising projects, attendance at school dances, and better co-operation in all school activities. Once again all the former graduates were welcomed back to the annual Homecoming dance held this year on December 23. This year, unlike all former Homecoming dances, there was a king and five princes as well as the queen and her tive princesses. The theme of the dance, "Make Believe," was carried out in pink decorations which were very beautiful. Everyone who attended agreed that this year's Homecoming was the best ever. ln the spring of l952 the Curtis Publishing Company offered us a sure fire proposition to make money. The students sold subscrip- tions to many popular magazines to the residents of the Island. We were able to sell S2320 worth. Our share was 3580. Needless to say this year's student body has been very, busy. SECOND ROW: Kay Green, Cleb, A.S.B. treasurerg Tom lngraham, Woody Hedman. CERTI E CAMMELL Adviser FIRST ROW: Joy Sherman, Linda Hallberg, Marilyn Johansen. SECOND ROW: Sharon Holert, Patsy Drummond, Sandra Meyers, Lynn Alexander. THIRD ROW: Barbara Jo Campbell, Ruth Armstrong, Woodis Bibbins, Diana Dahlgren, Jerry Mof- fitt. FOURTH ROW: Karlista Lane, Carol Hawley, Shirley Raab, Lois Johnson. ROY OSTROM Debate Coach Debate l'Ladies and gentlemen, honorable judges, worthy opponents and colleagues-." Yes, that is how it starts out. The question this year was "Resolved: That the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should form a federal union." The debaters were for the l6th year under the direction ot Mr, Ostrom. The first big event ot the year was held at the College of Puget Sound in the spring. Participants from about 80 schools gath- ered tor the tournament to determine who would win honors for their schools. There were many types ot debating and public speaking. The second event was the Speech Festival at the University of Washington. Since this meeting was the last one of the year there were many subjects to be discussed and worked out with students of other high schools in a round table discussion. The schools we met this year were Bellevue, Stadium, Seattle Prep, Lincoln of Tacoma, Kent-Meridian, Auburn, Clover Park, and Foster. Ot this list, Stadium is considered our arch rival. We work hard to beat the rest of the schools, but we work overtime to best Stadium, which we did, Debating takes plenty of work: however, there is plenty of fun in it, ' The object of this organization is to establish good fellowship among the students interested in the pursuit of knowledge, to encour- age scholarship by recognition of merit and to promote good school citizenship. Eligibility depends on grade averages and activity points. To be eligible your sophomore year for membership and to be able to receive your one-bar pin, you must have maintained a 3. average with no activity points your freshman year. To be eligible your junior year for membership and for your two-bar pin, you must have maintained a 3. average your sophomore year and have earned two activity points. To be eligible your senior year tor membership and to receive your three-bar pin, you must have received a 3. average your junior year and have earned a total of five activity points. ln order for a senior to receive his torch pin, he must maintain a 3. average his senior year and have earned eight activity points during his tour years at high school and been a member of the Honor Society tor three years. During this past year, the Honor Society has sponsored a pie sale and dance. The group has been carefully guided by Mrs. Keyes. Honor ociet Adviser FIRST ROW: Sally Evans, Joan McLeod, Sharon Holert, Woodis Bibbins, Marilyn Johansen, Sally Edson, Maxine Beall SEC OND ROW1 Woody Hedman, Jeff Smith, Dennis Priebe, Carol Spencer, Liz Novak, Ruth Armstrong, Sandra Meyers Joanne Puz, Eleanor Perkins, Frances Larsen. THIRD ROW: Warren Yeend, Rolf Pettersen, Pete Steen, Karlista Lane, Lois Johnson Bonnie Pearson, Lynn Alexander, Chuck lngraham, Stan Faas, Jerry Moffitt, Karl Singer. X ., , xl, 5 Aw-M,'7,, 3,,.i-vp'-fare: ...afrsfip fy 7 x,.k.,gf11g. .. ,fr 4 f, ..y.,,,,,. w 1 " . ff "' Iwi. "IT-13 i- if 5521?-"'2f , A ixesj ff . Q We '. 1' ,age 1.5. 5.9, - . rwi,rn',jj' gg ?f 4-:f+,i,.,..f5' , ,,::f?"'- s. gg'-t?J:,5.'p"' ,,-pq -.V ,a -A ?t::M ' , ,. V, 2 R, rss xr we eggs- + S- ',3.:?s? 'f"B" 'Y' -Farsi, "Wi, "" iixfsjgi : , ui. ,, ' ' Y" 33: nvwfw i fix: .f FIT 'Vw sf' -Mx.. .i .Yi .rv , .- 4' " Q :riff-wqf-is fu 'fill 1 ., .K g g, Q Q 'i:i"'4'mf3'i , .sr-r , If 'iffy MQ' 'l-t'?f-QQ' ive' -" ggmm .-gi, 'f' . 'v-ef 2 V T4 A' 'Stair r A ' .-2,511 ,'.g.kQ! Y , . K N 4" J' A N." Q Y"f is A. - , ' ' v ,eizizfi u A. "" 4 4-.A FIRST ROW: Arlene Benzon, Clay Dalrymple, presidentg Shirley Raab. SECOND ROW: Woodis Bibbins, Kay Green, Sandra Meyers, Liz Novak. THIRD ROW: Karlista Lane, secretaryg Carol Hawley, Ruth Armstrong, vice-president. i K CERTI E C-AMMELL Adviser Pep Club Green and C-oldl Fight! Fight! You have often heard that yell coming from a group of energetic girls. They are the Vashon Hi Pep Club. We work on a little of everything around the school. We help out in fire drills. We decorate the goal posts. We mark off the visitors' section of the bleachers. You will also find us working in the office at times. Then, too, you see us dashing around the halls in costumes, trying to get a skit ready. For our fun, we have a trip to Lake Wilderness in May. We also do some work on this trip, for it is then that we check the eligibility of members for next year, To get into the Pep Club one must earn a certain number of points, by the end of the sophomore year. Points are given for the various activities in which a student participates. ln other words, to become a member depends upon interest and effort in the activities of the school. The initiation takes place at the Award Program. The girl with the highest number of points, or the one who really deserves it, is awarded the inspiration cup at the end of her senior year. R were I I pledge, as a member of the Vashon Tri-Hi-Y, to create, main- tain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. I will prove, by being friendly and courteous, that I believe all people have basic worth. I will try to be an honest and sincere student and citizen in my school. I will be willing to cooperate to the fullest extent in any project which the Tri-Hi-Y undertakes. I will be careful of my personal appearance-remembering that it is not what I wear that counts, but how I wear it. I will not smoke or drink. I believe that by all my words and actions I must represent the highest standards of Tri-Hi-Y, and I realize that all I say and do is a reflection on the club. I am willing to relinquish my membership if at any time the club feels that I have not lived by its standards. Tri Hi- FIRST ROW: Karen Udell, Joan McLeod, Sharon HoIert,' Eleanor Perkins, Yvonne Norton, Liz Novak, Dona Munro. SECOND ROW: Sally Evans, Maxine Beall, Carol Hawley, Laura Fry, Ruth Ann Armstrong, secretary: Barbara Jo Campbell. THIRD ROW: Woodis Bil:-bins, Lorraine Holmes, treasurer: Clay Dalrymple, vice-president: Frances Larsen, Shirley Raab. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Ofdenkamp, Karlista Lane, Freda Seltenreich, Kay Green, president, Plrlene Benzon, Regina Whitworth. K--f "is.a. ii- eg . if 135.5 A Em H Wi' at t f ...vw sv. vga-,W . in , , -,W , if Q A ...J su GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS Arlene Benzon, president, Clay Dalrymple, vice-president, Regina Whitworth, secretary, Woodis Bibbins, treasurer ALICE KEYES Adviser Girls' This year the Girls' Club, under the excellent supervision of Mrs. Gladys Kennett and Mrs. Alice Keyes, has been very active. To start the year out right, we had our annual Big-Little Sister party. It took place in the later part of September. The purpose of the party was to welcome all the new girls to the school. The "little sisters" gave two skits, "The Three Bears" and "Napoleon Says Good-Bye to his Beloved Grandmother." But the "big sisters," not defeated, gave the skit entitled "School Days" and Laura Fry gave an excellent reading. On the Zlst of November we had our annual fall tolo. The theme of this dance was "Autumn Scene." Under the direction of Kay Green, the decoration committee decorated the walls and cur- tains of the stage with leaves of all colors. As is our custom every year, we decorated the halls at Christ- mas. Barbara Jo Campbell and her committee hung holly wreaths on the doors and bulletin board. At one end of the hall they placed a sign with "Merry Christmas" on it. When they were finished the halls had a very festive look. MOTHERS' TEA Club Although there had been some rumors going a-round that there would be no Polka Dot Revue this year, we were delighted that they proved false. This is a joint project that we share with the Boys' Club. We feel that Polka Dot gives everyone a chance to join in school activities. From the money received from Polka Dot we gave our mothers a tea in May. At the tea we had a style show, and a program put on by the music department added further entertainment for our mothers. The Home Economics department furnished the food and the girls did the remainder of the work such as decorations, table setting, and making corsages. ln the spring, we again sponsored the "Cotton Ball." We are proud to say that it was a success as have been all the Girls' Club projects this past year. "We've got a Girls' Club in our high school, lt is the fairest in the land, We work and tight to keep our honor, And we'll protect you to the end. You furnish fun for us together, 4237 xwnnir' And so together we love you, Cl-ADY5 KENNETT We pledge to serve you, Vashon Girls' Club, 'Till our high school days are through." Adviser 'wc FIRST ROW: Pinky I-louse, vice-presidentg Swede Plancich, Roger Brown, Bob Elmore, Bill Mickle, secretary-treasurer. SEC- OND ROW: Richard Fuller, Stan Faas, Dinny Gleb, presidentg Don Church, Malcolm Steen, Dennis Putney. THIRD ROW: Tom Hellesto, Gigs Pettersen, Chuck lngraham, Warren Yeend, Junior Nelson, Dennis Priebe. ABSENT: Cary Karlberg. f ,f " . a 14 xp- 1 BAK-stir , X IV WILLIAM LANE Adviser Hi- Our annual induction ceremony held at the Vashon Presbyterian Church in November was the first Hi-Y activity of the year. Cary Karlberg, Don Church, Warren Yeend, Charles lngraham, Dennis Priebe, Dennis Putney, Rolf Petterson, Stan Faas, Bob Elmore, and Richard Fuller were initiated into the club. All who attended were impressed by the ceremony. First on the program of Hi-Y activities for the school's benefit was a sock dance following a football game. The job of improving the schooI's parking facilities was a task continued from the previous year. Putting up the logs for parking spaces was this year's contribu- tion. Campus Day, a day in which all the students willingly pitched in and cleaned up the school grounds, buildings and busses, was sponsored and supervised by members of the Hi-Y. We also sup- ported the United Good Neighbors' Drive. These were just a few of the many services which the Hi-Y performed for the school and community. To raise funds we sponsored a movie at the Island Theatre. Every seat was filled and the project was a success. Our last activity of the year was a trek into the Olympics. This year the Vashon Boys' Club waslunder the able guidance ot Mr. Morse, adviser, and Tommy Hellesto, president. We are proud ofthe many projects we have carried out this year. Our first job was to sponsor a dance to bolster our depleted treasury. The next task was to conduct the "March of Dimes" campaign at Vashon l-ligh. Through cooperation we attained our goal. Following tradition, we sponsored intramural basketball and baseball. This provided students with entertainment during their lunch hour and was fun for everyone. "When Rooster Tails Fly" was the name ot the movie sponsored by the Boys' Club on February lOth. The movie was about the Seattle Seafair and the C-old Cup Races, and since these events are close to home, the interest of everyone present was apparent. Another of our projects was the appearance of the light in the parking lot by the locker room. We were prepared to make up Thanksgiving baskets to give to the needy, but we were not called upon to do so this year, as we have been previously. We invited some interesting speakers to come to the school and give talks to the student body, It has been a lot of fun working together on all the projects- we have mentioned, and we won't forget them for a long time. Boys' Club LLEWELLYN D. MORSE Adviser FIRST ROW: Tom Hellesto, president, Junior Nelson, vice-president, Dennis Putney, Bob Elmore, secretary. SECOND ROW: Pinky House, Marty Larsen, David Church, Pete Steen. THIRD ROW: Bill Miller, Don Church, Chuck lngraham. , 1.547 , . f Q 4. x ,,f. ,,,.e,i., X - f -1f'?"'+' i 1519? mwfti' , it ,W .A X. ww x-...RSQMIQ - ,, ,wg.J,Q . w'5sgt,,,, QI lr fi f X4 -1- It ff-'QU-gff'fg v w N., , . j,,,IlQ' 3 , I , X v.. .,.Aff-Q. -f. ,,.,,q5-, -A 4. - i. 'SL f 2 N 7 --fi 'DWF -ifvi-fi-?IXSi7fiT sms ,wlfwie of . M .--tW'?','L N awgw- V- 535731, of . f f Q. C . -,H 'pf-, .fc as if tug:-. ,le-3 Q35 W LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW: Myla Schmidt, Mar Vaa Johansen, Jill Johnson. SECOND ROW: Nancy Pruitt, Paula Law, Loretta Bates, Leo Long, Marlene Kalland, Mikal Harrington, Laura Fry. CERTI E C-AMMELL Librarian Librarians The library staff consists of eleven members. Two librarians work each period of the school day, except the fourth period, where due to boys' and girls' physical education classes, Leo Long and Mike Harrington tend the library three days a week and Mar Vaa Johansen and Jill Johnson tend it twice a week. First period librarians are Marlene Kalland and Myla Schmidt, second period, Mar Vaa Johansen and Jill Johnson, third period, Nancy Pruitt and Paula Law, fifth period, Nancy Pruitt and Laura Fry, sixth period, Melvin Thelin and Don Kolesar. The books are listed and filed according to the Dewey Decimal system. Each librarian is in charge of a section of books and is respon- sible for keeping them in order. The library also stocks three daily papers and many popular magazines. There are several sets of encyclopedias to aid the students in their studies as well as many different reference books. The librarians have had a very successful year and wish to express their thanks to Miss Cammell for supervising them in their work. Office taff n About the busiest place in the school is the office. Here the office girls are kept busy, under the supervision of Mrs. Metzenberg, doing miscellaneous jobs for Mr. Bennest and Mr. Barton. Starting first period, the absentee reports are collected from the rooms after roll has been taken, Admission to Class slips are made out for students who have been absent, tardy slips are written for those who neglect to get to class on time, homes have to be called to find out why students have failed to report to school, and the bulletin must be printed. Throughout the next four periods, besides the same jobs, there are errands for Mr. Bennest and Mr. Barton, and the candy money from the lunch room to be counted after the noon hour. Sometimes there is typing to be done for the different teachers. During the sixth period the duties are much the same with the exception of collecting the Admission to Class slips and adding up all the lunch money at the end of each month. Working in the office is fun, and if we happen to run out of work, there is always school work to keep us out of mischief. .ia Q 'Y an ,- EVA METZENBERG Adviser Rosemary Ofdenkamp, Carol Spencer, Kay Green, Woodis Bibbins, Karlista Lane, Arlene Benzon. Q i ' 'i . . ...,.,., W f fifqvp Washington .pv- ,, sg i ig ' .. LJ:2iS5g Ezqxczjbtgil Kkib va :jj LlNjE55I3L Editor . . . s Editor. . orial .... g NW ure Editor . . 'Q ts Editors . . ociate Editor . R isorooeoee x gg B U S Business Manager . . . Bonnie Pearson . . Clay Dalrymple . . . . . . . . Irene Leslie . . . . Mary Ann Tj msland Roger Brown, Gary Karlberg ..........LizNovak ...C.O..l.. .lMrO e I N E S S S T A F F ............JerryGarvin Circulation Manager. . . . . . .Barbara Jo Campbell A especially that which is termed Uidle is defined by Webster as Nspreading untrue we Vashonians are no different from others it is true, but it appears that we are, at the moment, at a A k of what can be classified as a-very bad habit- h ping! This is by no means anything of which to Q. fproud. is ' Yo one person can say nthis must stop!n and expect vaults. It is up to all of us to put an end to this, and it must be done soon. An individual may classify what he has to say, secretly or openly, to any three questions--Is it by asking Novembe. ,X .5 352 TEENA . CZJ F: TO DAY I believe thatthe teen- agers of today aren't half as bad as they are thought to be. Sure, people think we are worse than our par- ents were, but that is just because in this day and age things aren't as well hidden as they were twenty years ago. Also, in this modern age things that were taboo twenty years ago aren't thought about twice now. I think that most par- ents do know and care what their teenage children are doing out of school, and that those who don't wouldn't come tothe P.T.A. meetings anyway. It's true that the kids on the Island don't have much to do when school is out, but if there was a WTeen Canteenn or some- thing similiar, how many kids would go there to have their fun? Not many, sure a few, but not many. After a while the newness would wear off and there would be less going. On thewhole I don't be- lieve high school students on the Island are any worse than any place else. Being a somewhat co munity, peog 2sV"M1s- tendency to taller ' ?p make things 1 A Q.. than they are. C , st, gy fi, XX ,vw Hs vu , W, F.. v .as ii FIRST ROW: Jay Rea, assistant editorg Pete Steen, sports editorg Bill Mickle, editor. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Novak, ad vertising managerg Leslie Walston, assistant art editorg Dorothy Ward, art editor. Annual The Vashonian staff wishes to extend to you an invitation to come with us to review the song and melodies that have been played at Vashon High this year. We have been working hard and under the baton of Miss Cammell we have produced a book we think will provide you with many hours of pleasant reminiscence. From "Sep- tember Song" to "lt's a Great Day," is a story of gay and carefree days, so come with us now down Melody Lane. A CERTIE GAMMELL Adviser t, 'N i 5 if WZ? Q99 FIRST ROW: Sandra Meyers, Shirley Raab, Teddy Whitworth, Yvonne Norton. SECOND ROW: Karlista Lane, Jerry Motfit, Stan Faas, Bob Dunlap, Jay Rea, Malcolm Steen. chool Play, "Tiger House" ALICE KEYES Director ERMA LOWRIE ....., .............,7........7A4.,..,.,....,.............,A.......,. Y VONNE NORTON An heiress and the heroine AUNT SOPHIA .,...,....,,7..,,..,.,..,.....,,.............,....,.....,............. TEDDY WHITWORTH Genial, good-natured, cheerful, and very superstitious , ARTHUR i-mu! .t..,.........,..,,........,ee....... ,..,........e.....,t....,..........,,...w..e,. s TAN PASS Cood-looking, limps, and has a great lust for precious gems MaclNTOSH ....,.,.A..,.......... ..,,.......,...,,..,,,...,....,........,..,..,.......,,.......,,. M AC STEEN Rugged, husky, handsome, and the hero YAMI ,..,......,..,..,.,..............,.........,....,,...,.,......,...,...........,..........,,. JERRY MOFFITT Hindu housekeeper and member ot the Tiger cult OSWALD KERINS .......,.,.........Y.,,,...............,..............,....,.......,,..,.......,,,.. JAY REA A young, intellectual bug catcher THOMPSON ,....,.. ..a....,..,...,.,,,,.............,,,,...,,....,........,............. R OBERT DUNLAP A rough-bearded circus animal keeper PEGGY VAN ESS ...,.,.............................,..,...........,.,..,................ SANDRA MEYERS A talkative young girl friend of Erma's MRS. MURDOCK ....,......,........,,,....,.,,.....,.......,..,,................... CLAY DALRYMPLE A superstitious Scottish housekeeper THE MYSTERY WOMAN .......,,..........,.,....,.,.,.,,...............,,,. t,,, K ARLISTA LANE Wife of Arthur and ?????? This clever mystery play, which has been played by more than three thousand schools after a long, successful run on the professional stage, was laid around an isolated country estate called mystery manor because of the alleged hauntings. Erma Lowrie, a young shop girl, inherited the estate from her eccentric aunt, and according to the terms of the will she must occupy the house for the period of one year. Erma's cousins, Arthur Hale and Oswald Kerins, her living Aunt Sophia and Peggy Van Ess, a former girl friend, were all house guests when things begin to happen! The plot revolves about a necklace which was stolen from the Tiger Cult of Africa. All in all it was a very exciting and mysterious play and provided fun and entertainment tor all who attended. iii I aka Omcx her puncse harp. Chmese nuufserq rLu1vneS. Ofc, Laclul 1tvyTlv6'4 S1406 and MC- Harb-L1 IVMSTMW i I. 'po ka DQT 3 2 ,, Q 1 cj ST FIJI' YV? dh Q 75 H C, 'Bu ge , . v if ,W Q 1 1 Q .axwi ,'-X .ff ' ', lg.: , m 5 . Q., fa' , 5 AMTT 'Went Swggff The Landers 5isTer5. 5 5wecT QS Cavxcicf GHC, TMQW CQQYICC .So dang , 3. it Q Q x A 4 'X I Q ,Pi . K f , 7Q7'ff'g1va x W " N ggxg 7 a, A ba Jqbk Saba wh Shlrlew os 'We monk th -TTCC. Our mmwfarni qw-X Jev-rv' :Seam Qwcw QSOWQ. CHORUS FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Tjomsland, Clarene Stroble, Kay Green, Joan McLeod, Rosemary Ofdenkamp, Dennis Reuter, Albert Schenkel, Richard Siegrist, Eldra Brown, Paula Law, Marilyn Johansen, Yvonne Norton. SECOND ROW: Dianna Baldwin, Lor- raine Holmes, Mary Hartley, Regina Whitworth, Allen Plancich, David Bargelt, Roger Brown, Bonnie Ryan, Eleanor Plancich, Pauline Tellvik, Gloria Elmore. THlRD ROW: Laura Fry, Clay Dalrymple, Lynn Alexander, Shirley Raab, Junior Nelson, Tom Hellesto, Rolland House, Marvin Lester, Cireg Smith, Robert Elmore, Judy Hineman, Ruth Armstrong, Carol Hawley, Arlene MUSIC The past school year was a busy one, and we might add success- ful one, for the music department, which was under the direction of Mr. Leslie Walden. ' The first program of the year was the com- bined Christmas and Winter Concert on December I8. We had two exchange assemblies this year, one with Federal Way and one with Fife. As a new member in the Pierce League, Vashon was host for the League Choral Festival. Several groups appeared in the Polka Dot Revue and the Spring Concert. The boys' quartet-Stan Faas, Dennis Reuter, David Bargelt, and Chuck lngraham-sang for the Kiwanis Minstrel Show and entertained in other community pro- grams. The mixed quartet, girls' quartet, and the Madrigal group also sang at the Christmas program and at Homecoming. Benzon. This year a girls' drill team was formed that worked in con- junction with the band at all the home football games. Our band could always be depended upon for "pepping up" our teams at home ball games. The end of a perfect year came with the Baccalaureate Services in which the mixed chorus sang, and with the Commence- ment Exercises in which the band and chorus participated. LESLIE E. WALDEN Director BOYS' QUARTET Chuck lngraham Baritone Dave Bargelt Bass Stanley Faas 2nd Tenor Dennis Reuter lst Tenor DEPARTMENT BAND FIRST ROW: Sally Evans, Richard Billings, Reynold Priebe, Karen Udell, Jackie Errington, Ciail Watson, Diana Dahlgren, Charles Watson, Bill Miller, Jeff Smith, Mary Ann Roncevich. SECOND ROW: Ron lrvin, Cary Dvorak, Claudia Bibbins, Denny Ziminsky, Woody Hedman, Tom C-iske, Fred Putney, C-urine Nordby, David Habbestad, Charles Larsen, Marlene Ahl- quist. THIRD ROW: Merritt Smyth, Mary Lou Hartman, Wilbur Spencer, David Tellvik, Mike Harrington, Karl Singer, Bob Dunlap, Marvin Lester, Gaylord Westby. i N X 7l,55fai', Zwlla-'WW i I v 1 Q, X s 546 it E 5, N s 45 N. 3 2 N Q NN 411111, 'fff IIJWQJ Nw N. .tx X si" PM Q 1 Nxxx sssssssiesa, X I N vvxv X HOMECOMING The Queen ........... ...... R osema ry Ofdenkamp Senior Princess ........ ...............,.,.., K ay Green Junior Princess ,.,............, Barbara Jo Campbell Sophomore Princess ....,...........,..... Dona Munro Freshman Princess .s,..,.............. Barbara Heien Eighth Grade Princess ..,.,. ................SalIy Rush The King ,,,,,..i.,,, Senior Prince ...,..... Junior Prince .......... Sophomore Prince... Freshman Prince ..... Eighth Grade Prince ...... Pages ........ David Willsie, Dennis McCormick Crown Bearers .... Penny Meyers, Donna Singer Court Jester ............................ Dick Oppegaard .......Junior Nelson ...........Dinny Gleb . .......... John Purgalis Woody Hedman .Ronnie Brinton .....Pete Purgalis 'wr 5: -' ,a- W it 1 . E Wx 'S r J " f hi X S X S I osokbxxvsmuv X. mm ' MXQSNM wmwfifli W MM '3A""'Wd'vx6NV 51:9 OA-xrxw-2-"XA'i?DU!w og Q x - L U05- vbb'5YCM'SxWhw ox? 'N wif I if"Wi ' J V 9 JW HUDL 139' 04' ,,.ii f.'-J I ww ff W . o D My 11' Q li 1,11 '-.L 'Q 0 0 I :M fx, 5,,,'.,.. , ,. My 0,113 I pjlw if J,!,.v,.,tYb.,,g X1 4 . 5 f, ,f,fw"'ffi' I., fn!" I J" 1 Q. ,z -f'f"f I f zkf,-x'!' M A WW !flx'! f4" 2 f X' . 1 ,f 1' gf Sc ,ff X-2244!-L xjzffwf, D . OH 3 Ji M42 UML N' f ff wi -.fn J ' ' 'HEP WM 435 can ,QSM .th . K xw.. 'WK A-Q., x Mo , 0 up vw 'W , , f , Q Q-, ' W ,,, , " -,. .yn R40 '-Q. wil- 5 5 ""-,. N. ,X if EJ ii .mi ,. Q' l 91 Rf ,-ef' ,f 3' Q f Q NXQVVNA if 1 5 N lux ' 2 xx. ,W 'Rx wr? , .3 v' ff. gi in 5:1 2 I e..i . 41 0 ., .,, . 4.-4 We ilnkiti " Q W W 4 SA , 4? J FAC61 Jaan, yefineffij lDf'f'Gl316, fllngfencf Cfdfflff, fee lac gg' Airljfnxpr-3ra'?,a' XIGFC! anJMnLy Qffegz' .A , H .wg Afyl pg fk. V' my H L ' r Qam, Jamie, W A W--W-'M-Q-'M' .W I . i t M -sl K A.,, 5 11. M K A A ,N l it gp V N k ' E 1 r ' -5 A ,. E .. my I .gl Nl Qs? G a 7Z'fe monk S, 541-Adfd 1 I . 3 w QX M Q ,' f A x Q, E . Q 7 uk, ' :KL if Goof, I'?o GF!! 'Htl kk Mlfrlff 4 D A dh I bfi' Q' 'uw'-.. S guflfkl one 11? Jenef? ' ' , '- f S 1 4 1056 Sonfe7lhlLl7- D 1 sf .idler M C4701 Ml- 1 4 05 Ifdffhl 60h4I'70MJ'0!f SJIJ, Mr. Osfram anaf Mr, I',b5-,E- r r ez XSx,, 4 1 -7? "P?v- CUT 2 ' x.g 'xr4q V H F -11 5? sl A .bv bfi is ,Z SX, .J 4,9 fi 1 are N - 'gqgxr X fb t e i K . ,:,V I 1 - Z i K -1 V. f I , T7 I ieil f Aww. , , - a - V V . Qbel' L7 .. I . I LA, I 1 "'n'--'sf' FRED PUTNEY TIM STENEK JOAN DREWES DAVID WILLSIE DOUGLAS KLAPSTRIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Eighth Grade On September 3 we arrived at our section of the high school, ready to begin our new life. We plunged into our school life and soon found that it was much different than grade school. Our first busi- ness of the year was to elect class officers. After two weeks of meetings in Mrs. Constans' room, in which we held a primary elec- tion and read our campaign speeches, we elected our officers. On October 30 at eight o'clock, we held our first party of the year-a halloween party in the high school gym. Everybody thor- oughly enjoyed themselves. ln December we decided to contribute ten dollars to charity. After some debate we decided to buy a CARE package. We also had to answer the question of who was going to represent our class in the Homecoming as prince and princess. After an hour of discussion and voting the field of many was narrowed down to two candidates for princess and two candidates for prince. The student body voted on those candidates, and Pete Purgalis became prince and Sally Rush became princess. Adviser GLADYS CONSTANS . The Eighth Grade contributed eight musicians to the band. Our chorus sang two numbers in the Winter Concert. After Christmas we elected new officers, and being more experienced, we held a much more orderly election. We know that this last year has aided us greatly in our future years as regular high school students. Adviser ROBERT G. CHILDS FIRST ROW: Marilyn Crawford, Sandy Hull, Helen Reilly, Marlene Ahlquist, Suzanne Folan, Joan McCreery, Sally Rush, Donna Singer, Darla Calhoun, Phyllis Kratz, Kathy Schlenkel. SECOND ROW: Rosalee Landers, Penny Meyers, Laura Mae Smith, Madeline Puz, Byrde Eckrem, Judy Lavender, Karen Faas, Ruth Ann Fritz, Loretta Bates, Clarence Nicks, Karl Lane, Bob Hutchinson. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Hockley, Lauraly Learned, Marlene Hartley, Karen Engstrom, Carol Miettunen, Diane Nelson, Linda Lewis, Larry Gates, Bob Spangler, Marcus Law, Mike Brammar. FOURTH ROW: Jean Chittenden, Virginia Swift, Barbara Benzon, Gurine Nordby, Joan Drewes, Maureen Radine, Roger Stanley, Dennis Sather, Amos Hall, Curtis Haugen, Barton Keith. FIFTH ROW: Birch Krohn, Pete Purgalis, Clifford Moore, Charles Larson, Tim Stenek, David Willsie, Gale Thelin, Jim Palmer, Dennis McCormick, David Scott, John Mitchell. SIXTH ROW: Reynold Priebe, Jim Ofdenkamp, Fred Putney, Tom Giske, Larry Cattron, Zigurds Kokoriss, Lonny Finnegan, Douglas Klapstein, Gaylord Westby, Jack Oppegaard. ix W ww 1 1 1 .i w l C7-T fm.. 1-.- BARBARA HEIEN RONNlE BRINTON JOY SHERMAN SHARON HOLERT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Freshmen Well, we made itl After eight years of battling our way through the grades, forty-six new freshmen entered the doors of Vashon High, official members of the school at last. s . Most girls like to recall the days of their tender youth, and they were certainly given a chance at the Big-Little Sister party. Some of the upperclassmen were a little disgusted with our "juvenile" be- havior, but wasn't that the whole idea of the party? A few students attended the freshman basketball jamboree at Bethel, at which we scored our first victory, beating DuPont. We sponsored a dance after a football game to give our sagging budget a lift. Mary Ann Roncevich, Diana Dahlgren, Linda Hallberg, V and Joy Sherman turned out for debate and have all debated with other schools. Two groups of cheerleaders turned out and although it was hard to choose, Marlene Kalland, Shirley Whittaker, and Myla Schmidt were given the honor. They led cheers for the frosh and second team games. Fifteen freshmen, either in the band or Girls' Glee Club, per- formed in the Winter Concert. December 23 was the "big night" for two of our classmates, Ronnie Brinton and Barbara Heien, prince and princess at the annual Homecoming Ball. A number of girls turned out for GAA though many of them had to walk home. Sharon Holert was among the eight outstanding girls in the organization elected to go to the January playday. WlLLIAM LANE Adviser FIRST ROW: Terry Nicks, Yuki Matsuyama, Nelda Denny, Alice Stroble, Doris Burton, Mary Kneeland, Shirley Whittaker, Marlene Kalland, Evelyn Reitz, Jean Holmes, Richard Billings, Jan Ralkowski. SECOND ROW: Gail Watson, Diana Dahlgren, Mary Ann Roncevich, Sharon Holert, Jackie Errington, Claudia Bibbins, Myla Schmidt, Linda Hallberg, Billie Elmore, Beverly Beaumont, Barbara Heien. THIRD ROW: Patsy Drummond, David Church, Joy Sherman, Jill Johnson, Mar Vaa Johansen, Patty Lane, Eleanor Hatfield, Sharon Stead, Bob Davis. FOURTH ROW: Leo Long, Michael Harrington, Bob Hearst, George Hockley, Ed Kennett, Arthur McLean, Dennis Zimnisky, Tony Raab, Larry Jackson, Monte Smith, Gary Dvorak, Ronnie Brinton, David Habbestad. -awk S vs-X' L......W wi . . f ' - , '59 su F ft V .,b.,,k W .. i ,A if , g , A . . s., Nr , "' af X .X X KARL SINGER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer f ophomores When we came in as freshmen we were pot entirely green to our position because of our sojourn at the high school as eighth graders the year before. Although we still aren't upper classmen we don't regret it for a minute. We have for our adviser this year Coach Morse, back on his own two feet again. Early in the year we sponsored a tolo after a football game to raise funds. Dona Munro and Woody Hedman were our representa- tives in the Homecoming Court as princess and prince. Our annual class picnic was the finale for the year. The boys winning letters in football this year were Dave Tellvik, Bill Miller, Jeff Smith, Roy Miettenun, Woody Hedman, Marty Lar- son, and Richard Ellingsen. Many of the sophomores were among the enthusiastic group turning out for basketball. The girls were far from lazy when it came to sports. There were seven girls--Joan McLeod, Francis Larsen, Maxine Beall, Sally Evans, Claudia Thomas, Louise Holert, and Bonnie Ryan-who won letters in C-.A.A. in their freshman year. These were the nucleus making possible our G.A.A. championships in volleyball and basketball this Year. lt can safely be said that we, as a class, are extremely satisfied with our progress this year and are awaiting anxiously the time when we will be able to demonstrate our abilities as upper classmen. l-LEWELLYN D' MORSE Adviser FIRST ROW: Joanne Puz, Maxine Beall, Frances Larsen, Bonnie Ryan, Joan McLeod, Claudia Thomas, Meriel Wyman, Diana Baldwin, Betty Swenson, Joanne Christensen, Mary Hartley. SECOND ROW: Dona Munro, Eleanor Perkins, Louise Holert, Shirley Burton, Patty Gates, Carol Elmore, Susan Grant, Mary Lou Hartmann, Sally Edson, Sally Evans, Karen Udell. THIRD ROW: Robert Kalland, Esther Olson, Sonya Jensen, Gloria Brown, Betty Learned, Janet Middling, Roberta Larsen, Judy Hine- man, Doris Schlenker. FOURTH ROW: Karl Singer, Corwin Swift Richard Ellingsen, Joe Green, Wilber Spencer, Marty Larsen, Bill Miller, Charles Watson. FIFTH ROW: Dave Tellvik, Jim Grover, Jerry Johansen, Woody Hedman, Roy Miettunen, Jeff Smith, Tom Finnegan, Joergen Schade, Larry Lontz. SlXTH ROW: Melvin Thelin, Jim Scott, Glenn McCormick, Layne An- derson, Danny Willsie, Fred Landers, Dick Haack, Gary Lewis, Danny Bacon, Fred Chittenden, Merritt Smyth. ' ., y. HT f' WM aff' .2 -al--Q, 'K an fm.. I ,J ff' ' ' , my N-4 . 7 A 4 . X Ax Q W -cn.. 5' ' t A G v A . . . .M ' ' M A . Y 5' " ,IJ 'a'f.',"'iv+ K X7 .A -w...,., gsm , I r A . 7 'F M As.. "'1V"",v,,',L rf W 75? 4 mn., , W 3 . .Y f K .-fr 4, , ..,:+:-W , W , N if IA' ' x v ' fr. A .-,,x"', u ,. 4 , ..3.M,f. - , i M M v , ' X ,.'?"' Q' ' : ir Li 4'1- a X, f w ' QPF' iffy if fa3' ,,,.-.. NNAQM. ,tl -6 VV-Mm m W . . 5 Mak, -Q- Yiisyvw . , ,.:q. ffm. " -'- I .2 if .5 Wytrr A ,Q "kf Show M ' . . 3. CHARLES INGRAHAM ROLF PETTERSEN LOIS JOHNSON JERRY GARVIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Juniors September 7, i952 marked the birth of a new and better Junior Class into the Vashon High records. Chuck lngraham very ably led our class through the various minor difficulties. Many of us were occupied with extracurricular activities. Football letters were earned by Bob Elmore, Warren Yeend, Don Church, Marv Lester, and Dennis Putney. , A dance after Bainbridge game provided us with funds to help carry us through our financial worries. We were well represented at the annual Homecoming at which a new feature had been added, that of electing a king and princes. John Purgalis was chosen as our prince and Barbara Jo Campbell our princess. Basketball found us ready also. Bob Elmore, Jerry Garvin, Gary Karlberg, Marvin Lester, Chuck lngraham, Warren Yeend and Dennis Putney were on hand to contribute their talents. Warren Yeend, Mary Jo Wolverton, and Dennis Putney carried the banner on' the tennis court. Baseball claimed a few Junior boys also. Bob Elmore, Chuck lngraham, and Gary Karlberg were among those who returned to the diamond. We also contributed Patty Svane and Eldra Brown as cheerleaders . and Barbara Jo Campbell, Carol Hawley, and Marge Whaley as MARVIN G. SCHWEIKL songleaders. Adviser A very interesting year was climaxed by our annual class picnic held at Cross's Landing. FIRST ROW: Arlene Errington, Velmetta Stroble, Edna Hutchinson, Karen Dunn, Marilyn Johansen, Hannah Groat, Barbara Jolly, Janet Fry. SECOND ROW: Ron Irvin, Dennis Reuter, Marge Whaley, Nancy Pruitt, Carol Spencer, Mary Lee Lewis, Paula Law, Woodis Bibbins, Eldra Brown, Laura Fry, Sandra Meyers. THIRD ROW: Jim Munro, Pat Svane, Barbara Jo Campbell, Beverly Graham, Bonnie Pearson, Lynn Alexander, Lois Johnson, Eleanor Plancich, Shirley Raab, Ruth Armstrong, Carol Hawley, Greg Smith. FOURTH ROW: Don Church, David Hawley, John Purgalis, Malcolm Steen, David Bargelt, Albert Schlen- kel, Marvin Lester, Warren Yeend, Jerry Moffitt, Richard Fuller, Robert Elmore, Stanley Faas, Dennis Putney, Charles Ingra- ham, Rolf Pettersen. MARGARET ALENE BENZON lena-"Although on the quiet side, her pleasing personality and fun loving character make her a ioy to know." G.A.A. I, 2, Chorus I, 4, Polka Dot I, 3, Spring Concert 'l, Christmas Program I, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Mother's Tea 3, Office 4, Student Council 4, Girls' Club President 4, Girls' Glee Club 4. ROBERT ORVILLE DUNLAP Bob-"His 'A, B, C's' are Aviation, Baseball and Cars." Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Polka Dot I, 2, 3, 4: Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Stage Crew, Class Play 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4. GORDON THOMAS GODFREY Gardy-"He wants most of all to finish school so he can do something worth while." Basketball 2, Chorus 1, 4, BRUCE ROLLAND HOUSE Pinky-"Pink is our only redhead, but he isn't an irate Irishman." Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Hi-Y Vice President 4, DeMelay 'I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. ROGER LOREN BROWN Reg-"lf personality is any criteria, he will succeed." Football 2, 3, 4, Polka Dot 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Hi Jinx Staff 4, Chorus 4. GLORIA NATALIE ELMORE Gloria-"Always friendly toward everyone." Mother's Tea 2, 3, 4, Polka Dot 2, 3, 4, Christmas Program 2, 3, 4. ENI KATHLEEN JANET GREEN Kay-"Her vivaciousness and friendly ways will win her friends wherever she 9ees." G.A.A. I, 2, Polka Dot 'l, 3, 4, Chorus l, 4, Mother's Tea 'l, 3, Christmas Pro- gram I, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Hi Jinx Editor 3, Student Director of Junior Play 3, Girls' Ensemble 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Tri-Hi-Y President 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, A.S.B. Secretary Office Staff 4. MARIAN KARLISTA LANE Karlista-"Always willing to da her part, and much, much mare." G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Polka Dot I, 2, 3, 4, Library I, 2, 3, Homecoming Pro- gram I, 2, 3, Girls' Letter Club 2, 3, 4, Mother's Tea 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Girls' Letter Club Vice Presi- dent 3, Student Council 3, Debate 3, 4, G.A.A. President 4, Pep Club Secretary- Treasurer 4, Homecoming Committee 4. WILLIAM MARX COOMER Bill-Even though he never drives one car for much mare than a week, he is more decided about other matters." Stage Crew, Class Play 4. MARY CLAIRE FOLAN Mary-"Like the wise old owl she always listens, seldom talks." Mother's Tea 'l, 2, 3, Class Play 3. ORS THOMAS DAVID HELLESTO Yup-"Although on the short side, "Yup" is about the hardest sports competitor in the cIass." Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, Boys' Club Cabinet I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Bays' Club Secretary 2, Bays' Club Treasurer 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Class Play 3, Student Council 3, 4, Spring Concert 3, Polka Dot 3, Boys' Club President 4, Class Vice President 4. HELEN IRENE BEYER Irene-"Her personality and friendly attitude toward everyone will make her a big success in life." Secretary-Treasurer I, Treasurer 2, Secre- tary 3, Chorus 'l, 2, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Spring Concert I, Honor Society 2, Polka Dot I, 3, Hi Jinx Staff 4. CLAY DALRYMPLE Clay-"Her talkative ways have exhausted many a teacher." Mother's Tea I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Debate 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Girls' Club Cabinet 3, 4, Girls' Club Treasurer 3, Girls' Club Vice President 4, Chorus 4, Hi Jinx Staff 4, Christmas Program 4, Spring Concert 4, Girls' Drill eam 3, 4, Home- coming Program 3, Student Director of Junior Play 3, Girls' Ensemble 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Girls' Glee 4, Polka Dot 4. MILLARD EDWIN GLEB Dinny-"Dinny rates high in points, both in personality and in hustle." Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Polka Dot I, 3, Football Manager 'l, DeMoIay 'I, 2, 3, 4, A.S.B. Assistant Treasurer 3, Class Play 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Hi-Y President 4, Boys' Club Vice Presi- dent 3, A.S.B. Treasurer 4. LORRAINE ELIZABETH HOLMES Lorraine-"Her sincere friendliness wins everyone." Polka Dot I, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Library 2, 3, Mother's Tea 3, All School Play 3, Girls' letter Club 3, 4, Chorus 4, Point Chairman of G.A.A. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM McEWEN MICKLE Bill-"This leader is as well at home in sports as he is in the classroom, where few surpass him." Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, DeMoIay I, 2, 3, 4, Bays' Club Cabinet l, 2, 3, Polka Dot I, Spring Concert 'I, Chorus I, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President 2, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club President 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Class President 3, Student Council 3, 4, Hi-Y Secretary- Treasurer 4, Annual Editor 4. 'N-F HL--xi ...X ,swarm 41? E7 'VT vs, : ,fm W 'iklfi S. 55,1 T , ki Wi- - 2 'in , . ff 1 -H-' La' ff MSS- -fi f 'Z 5:E1,5i"1,.": 5-uggg 32:3 V, '- 5?1':s2'?a .fs 5 LQ z i 4 1 ' ' 5274 i5Q3lif? g,.5 , f in-an HU!" tiff """"Qv y J gr 1 2 at 'bf' - ff, 'B'-1 -:l. '--A,l ' .X 'Q'- l ll in AWN ,-J.. .g w 1 45 L fm ,WN-...Q .mg WX 3 AY 1. L 6 L,AL ,, wg. M M? , - xg' Nav' 'Qty' ,mera 'fir L 'Fx if . 4 .. 5 5, yt g:L:-- " -.Qi-W'-wf.? 3 GEORGE NELSON, JR. Junior--"You can always be certain of a smile and a friendly word when Jr. is around." Football Manager i, Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Boys' Club Cabinet 3, Chorus 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Polka Dot 3, Spring Concert 3, Boys' Club Vice President 4, Lettermen's Club Secretory 4. ALLEN LEROY PLANCICH Swede-"Swede can be counted on to liven up any group." Football l, 2, 3, 4, Polka Dot 'l, 2, 3, Christmas Program l, 4, Spring Concert 'l, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 4, Class Play 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Lettermen's Club President 4. MOLLY YVONNE NORTON Von-"One of the foremost girls in the class in personality and leadership." Student Council 'l, Debate l, G.A.A. 'l, 2: Class Treasurer l, Polka Dot l, 2, Chorus I, 4, Class Secretory 2, Spring Concert 1, 4, Christmas Program I, 4, Honor Society 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4. DENNIS NORMAN PRIEBE Dennis-"Though quiet, he is one of the most intelligent." Polka Dot I, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, Student Council 2, 4, Class Play 3, Class President 2, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club Cabinet 2, Letter- men's Cl b 3, 4, A.S.B. Vice President 4, Hi-Y 4. .wp t 0 .S frzifgflfnffw RICHARD BARRETT SIEGRIST Dick-"A small guy in stature, but a real friend to know." Chorus 3, 4, Stage Crew-Polka Dot 3, 4, Stage Crew-Mothers' Tea 3, 4, Bendix Room 4, Class Treasurer 4, Stage Crew- Senier Play 4. MARY ANN TJOMSLAND Mary Ann-"One of the gayest girls in the class." Mothers' Tea 'l, 2, 3, 4, Polka Dot l, 3, 4, Christmas Program 2, 3, 4, 16,37 HAROLD KARL STEEN Pete--"Born ta lead-and he does it in sports as well as in school." Football l, 2, 3, 4, DeMoIoy l, 2, 3, 4, Polka Dot l, 2, 3, Band 'l, Spring Con- cert l, Homecoming Court I, Christmas Program 1, Student Council 2, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Letter- men's Club 3, 4, Class Play 3, Basketball Manager 4, Boys' Club Cabinet 4, Class President 4, Annual Sports Editor 4, Senior Ball Chairman 4. LESLIE JOAN WALSTON Les-"One who will go far in her ambition to be a top flight artist." Girls' Club Representative l, Mothers' Tea 2, Attended Forest Ridge 3, Re- entered 4, Annual Staff 4, Christmas Program 4, Chorus 4. ' ELIZABETH JANE NOVAK Liz-"Liz has the personality, drive, and spirit to continue as a leader in later life as well as she has in high school." Debate l, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Annual Business Manager 4, Student Council 'l, 2, 4, Mothers' Tea l, 2, 3, Polka Dot l, 2, 3, Homecoming Court l, Home- coming Court Program l, 2, 4, Spring Concert l, 2, 3, Hi Jinx Staff 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Christmas Program 'l, 2, 3, Madrigal Singers 4, Ensemble 3, 4, Quartette 'l, 4, Glee Club 4, Sextette 2, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Letter Club 3, 4, A.S.B. President 4, Class President l, Class Vice President 3, Honor Society Secretary- Treasurer 3. JAY WESTON REA Jay-"An intelligent person such as Jay will be certain to succeed in what- ever he undertakes." Entered from Litchfield High School, Litchfield, lllinois 4, Debate 4, Senior Play 4, Baseball 4, Assistant Annual Editor 4. MELBA CLARISSA STROBLE Clarene-"A demure and good-natured person to acquaintances, but humorous and talkative to those who know her well." Library'1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Chorus 4. DOROTHY ANN WARD Dot-"Always smiling, and energetic and co-operative in the class and school affairs." Polka Dot 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian I, Homecoming 3, Mothers' Tea 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Lunchroom 4. ROSEMARY OFDENKAMP Rosie+"Her iolly manner attracts many friends." G.A.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Mothers' Tea 'l, 2, 3, 4, Office Staff 4, Homecoming l, 2, 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Polka Dot l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Girls' Glee 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Chorus 4, Homecoming Program 4, Christmas Program 4, Spring Concert 4. FREDA ADELAIDE SELTENREICH Fritzy-"Her cordial, friendly attitude makes her popular." Entered from Alaska 2, 4, Yell Leader 4, Homecoming Princess 2, Girls' Club Cabinet 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. PAULINE ANITA TELLVIK Pauline-"A friendly, intelligent person who is likely to succeed in anything she tries." Mothers' Teo 1, Honor Society 2, G.A.A. 2, Librarian 3, Chorus 4, Polka Dot 4, Spring Concert 4, Christmas Program 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, 'Girls' Ensemble 4, Class Secretary 4. REGINA THEO WHITWORTH Teddy-"Because of her courage in voicing her opinions in any matter, she is an important person in shaping class and school policies." Entered from Edmonds 3, Girls' Club Secretary 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chorus 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Christmas Program 4, Spring Concert 4, Polka Dat 4, Girls' Glee Club 4. 9 ,xx x Aix XX .49 5 ,af- 'I . K KX 1 e ,Y X ? S h M, A ,Aff "' W . xx' Q S 2 1 Q mgng V .awww WV! YV -J' 1-Ji if -.ff Q' A 9 0 .' i12,.x , gi A,. Zi w ' Y Jw S , S A , . , Lwiiah U X X-Z Q' ' K, wf Q ,, , 3 . if 352 A ig' New , ' V Q "5 ,. E 2 'N 5 ,. Qi . 2 f . 1 . ,:." f . 4 H 1 ,iff i9?'Q?i5f2f'h " - . f'1, Q 1,,. " , M I ' flfilif' i Q K , P gfvgg 1 M , Jwwf km, . gms, WN, .5 V 14 Wd? I-V ' ...y- f ' V , ' as Y 4 if .1 gf gr x l rf 513 'i Tf , ' 5,21 L 1 QP! 'df XRQ' ' Tommy l-lellesto, vice-presidentg Pete Steen, presidentg Pauline Tellvik, secretaryg Richard Siegrist, treasurer. ROY L. OSTROM Adviser eniors As entering frosh we were a large class-somewhere in the number of 65, but as the years rolled by we decreased, leaving us a grand total of 32. We were ambitious, with some of our class joining into school activities and sports. At the beginning of our sophomore year we sponsored a dance and party for the frosh. Five boys earned football letters, and two girls earned letters in GAA. In November of our junior year we sponsored a sox dance and pie sales to get money enough to finance our play and prom. Our play was a comedy concerning the trials and tribulations of a high school student's life, with the appropriate title of "The Hickory Stick." lt was ably directed by Mrs. Evans. We used a Mexican theme for the prom, but even though the orchestra was too expensive for us, programs weren't printed until the last second, and we lost money, we had tun putting it on. As seniors we sponsored a play titled "Tiger l-louse," an exciting mystery. Our Senior Ball, too, prospered, and the final year at high school came to an end tar too quickly. We've tried to contribute a lot to our school-how successful we've been is for time only to tell. X 1 '1 A m b J' gqpxiz 'jawn M , A , ilk K 150 Q by V, A ., Sn V,,,,. gf ' ' 5 .1 ggi Mann? vlhfys Tillfm Dbadfx Lg, il! flu? 5hds ,-f' Orffho Bhskball in Irene 1 Nav-1 Finn. , f I , ,sl , l , Q - 'V I K. f f +1 Yi ggi A5 Q f 1 1 A an .b 'W , wx -- . L , fl Jw , A A. ,4 A mNem,m QV, Cheer Landers .. -pay, Efdra, F,-QT,-le HU6'TlCbPr'l'vI Fmn NIH? Fv'ficnL Benson L ' M 4 f' ,f W si' . 5' ,gpm The. Marnfn flFY'l.r" . .T ag + 'Pear 0 lwxrnnc Y hfme 4-ll i! A fi4'i ' 'WI' fr- , V9 1 --f. .W ZZ'o1i '5'?f,Q'V "i I T xii I x 3 ' qhsw X 1 , FI N I Z 'HX K F A it. x Xf'1W 211' Q' W gy Ag V . : ... Qghgol Board 2 My-.GPC-UI, Mr. Flv'-m5Tr-uv. ,Ph-. lffrschner-3 n L MLWWMMML , iimdig Saliam - Vhlfwsrfh f ST 5 f JR 5 .anew I :Fixx Our fqjikrux cooks MVS- Pvfce QM Mrs.. GMX 0 wa H. ?q-4 SABHT DoAnXvn?l2. HU Qboapcij MY.Sf7diA' ,Bob GMA W3 Maw Van. ADVERTISING Many thanks are extended to the following businessmen, who helped make it possible for us to finance this annual. ALIBI, THE AL'S SERVICE BACCHUS LUMBER COMPANY BERG'S CHEVRON SERVICE BERTHA'S SOUVENIER CENTER BURTON GARAGE COFFEE AND DAWN'S DRESS SHOP DEN, THE DOCKTON STORE DUNSFORD AUTO FREIGHT HENDERSON TYPEWRITER 6022 CALIF. AVE., SEATTLE HI GRADE DAIRY HI'S MARKET CENTER HYDE, TED, CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ISLAND ISLAND ISLAND ISLAND JACK'S BARBER SHOP FEED AND SUPPLY COMPANY LUMBER COMPANY THEATER DRIVE-IN MARKET JOE RAND KIMMEL'S SHOP-RITE K.I.N.G. BROADCASTING COMPANY KOM ,O LAVENDER'S STORE LAW, CHARLES, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW MACKIE'S GROCERY NOVAK, A, T, ADVERTISING POULTNEY, ARTHUR, INSURANCE REX'S RED AND WHITE FOOD STORE RYAN'S STERN'S COFFEE SHOP TOM REVELLE, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE TOMMY'S COBBLER SHOP URQUHART, A. D., INSURANCE VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON VASHON AUTO FREIGHT BANK BARBER SHOP BOWLING ALLEY DRUG STORE HARDWARE ISLAND HOME BAKERY ISLAND NEWS RECORD ISLAND PACKING COMPANY LUMBER AND SUPPLY MOTORS VARIETY STORE WILLIAMS GROCERY WlNTER'S FLORISTS WATERMAN REALTY COMPANY An JW QMMW Zgjfimm' ,W WW ggjiifijw Mfg W wfWM4bw AMWW WjiQW?WWMjwfWxwwwg LW. 0 .f ,wwWf.fQ W Qmflfxiyffftp fgfm Jjiifji QQwQiQQx y ESQ wsu, ymgwff Q 5 Eff?'ffg L K Q 'S R x2??Xgx36 EQ ESS 3 2 EQ SQTQM ? siwi EQ Q-SrJ f ,igx ' f Wf "WMS ' ?"f' 3 R' ag xgS3sMi?2? L J 5 ekgxiik fi 2: my L I i 3 3 MQW- W if fps? V 5 1 EN g , s i , J' 'J Oxqpiw lj' rf, MGQFC0 ' ' L'WwLfnL"f uAlF. N i 1633141 ., w5b -'Q S0,ff'l J 1' V ldwcmy, , , ' btawnv V., .q k Zag? f"'Q,5 f"ffQ4 f'JQfif?l.vf'L1,?W i " ' H W r' ff ff ,Q WW ' Joaflaflmffw 0"MMi 95,71 f 7 19 Jpyjji 6 Gd 'fi' ff Way! ,yy fl ILLQQ' L ig A Jn-J jlfkjg g W""W""'5,,-2' 'Id fm, W7 w i A,.:. v 3 is Mivewwjljai M?" if , 5 fm .,.,o.,.,,,,?h 6 ,' X fv A fl7w7'L'W M 'fp fffiafff-.fag pn-.qu 35 "'f"'i vhrf wg I I . an . .Q , . Qt 3, ily., .af ,4,f1 "' f", 1 ff ...KV ' I , N' 9 u fl . n 1 4' ?"3?: W .nf 'Q , 03,35 , 'ff' y .kwa My K Q' A M ' . ' Q 1 1 F QW - 1 -- 1 me ' A , f 4 ' N g 't ,, 5 tl fl- 'ze ' jf 52 ' ., KJ Jw: .. fs' -4, Y 7 ' lv ' l . H11 F ' 6 ""'! 1 , 1 , .H , . I ff au 3 Q I W a za' A I r F C wit, f V L '5 , ki , - 4 , ., , ' - 1 4 - . al-1 . ' , g A . 5 , fe 0,4 1 al , ., . V xiwgq L' ' 41 ,Q - H ,i W C .1 - ,S Z x N 1'f? " 'A J I ' K ' .1 x 5 . - " Q , f . A h si Q V ,f tg 1 40' ', ' H 5 ?,.'Zg.1 f mfg-f " ,,, , ! e --5: 'Q ,- - -- sffil n MM" l, ff J, ' lm , "2z ' A A- 'K ,f 52' Q u 5533: fy Q Q Q11 if , X, Fu 5. 'On ,- .A A ' .A2'f,c.,? , A ':, Af . . -x T, W- ,f pw, 4 .k ' 115 f . fqg' Vfgmi EW 2 Hg'f4-4. , 4? ' My Q 1' g it 41 2? i' I ' 3' 3? A 4 ,J xr' ,X A vm ,-R 'K 44 , :..1g,fj,f,:.4:-ffl, ' 's,..,,,jl,,5-.35 if,4',?fqgyQ44gi.A.5x-Nba 1 .4 f K' 3' Qv . 1, ' fn MV qs' H 11. M we 1. vi' ,IX 'U Mfg 2 , 4 V 'L ,HV ,P Q Q 1 A s K 2 , JL 1 ff' A W. K zu, E f 1 M 'K' 2, f, 2 ,. .9 g g f-. x ,v Le, , M is - sf sf 1 ff, w f ff" K lt' Q :Tai W- gf 45. 453.6 sf ,nf f 'P '-ma ff 'Wy , . A ex N, li z-lfnlih A yi' ' A5 gg ff W A fy- , L , '5 Wx f +fr -,wx .dal 'A -wp..-.Q V M 'iw MY , . ' 5 3 1 su sn wr wx 2 15 ss MX M' 5 :ff WL .ai

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