Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO)

 - Class of 1947

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Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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-p 'N if WM xb T 1, 1 J!! DUI! 6 lm f fw 4 YK ,M Jil A lp ffa'-lf 1 .gym fu? hi 5'?T?""F.f--" 45:55 .ll in Ill M' W ,li f X mmHg'4iI glghlulullll Us X Ill! i X 5: IIJIIIJLIIII1 1 Z I IP' f Ufvlrifvnryy rv 1 4 rg! In m In xx lu H 2251 ggi ul M M E, i uf M111 ,KF gall! WW-W' n I ' .HI um if FII Ill III ll IUKLIII II WIFI' 5. n mmm U IU H XQX 56"-Tvf:'m1 Q-. XX? A M fS:?Q:':EEil:'nHH"iln:nn W fb 6, m fa I. w un IP' A , fy 4 Ill lllllll .,,"'gI,m 'S 5 gi 'K "' nsllifffi-In r't'l7 "Tu 431 n X E null! gm? I X4 g 5 y gf r ui 5. fa! r'5Qlgpfu WM X ll A X ff? E w ,T E 'ZTNW 'i.T:4"'i Y f - V! - ' y 'iii' Y rm 'gf-Ifggi E - -L-1 ky VA-,P ij .-ff -Tl ii ,,iffL' ini' W" 4,,r,A ,Avg I X -.-J-y 5 ., -i.-.-- ,.--" ,fx 1 ' , I Iii' gigs- ' , i.f- In fi' 'r7 S f 7 41,1 sl" I' ' 1:1--H 2111: N , f ' yfnff' II Mfff 1 , '- ':g-4 A , f ' Il f- - Q W, f ,mg ff f 1 II I X W, ff y 'Y 25 .4 Q ', X1 Z Z ' 4 ,' if , ii! ll ' Lili V af f f 1, N E f U 4 , ' ll I liiilf I ' EQ ,I 7' 'yay' ' If 5' . 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' H N f 1 ,Iv 5 n X' K F7 ' X lf 2 f 1 A C 1 f X! 1 ' ' ' 5 1 f . ef f ,jf 1 , . ik ,r f' ' X Q1 x f II. , ,T af f 4 49 X09 "f .kagngm df., K4 fzd , ! f Y' , , .7 fd, ff? sjg-?,,fg,c' 4, ' 'U- ' ' fm' ,fr --rg 5 A 1 fig, .a-hw., , , HQ, Vid, ff, L KC ffl- 'Z' , Klue and White 20th 14nnu7el-Aary YAAue 5, Peo Page Two 'S- EDITED BY VASHON ANNUAL STAFF JANUARY JUNE 1947 bedicatzon Thls the twentleth anmversary lssue of Blue and Wh1te 1S ded and to the ndeals that durmg these twenty years have grown mto a tradxtlon and a hemtage The Ed1tOfS Page Three O icated to the pupils of Vashou Table 0 Con ten M The Seniors The Advisory Groups Act1v1t1es Backward Glances 20 Year Chart The Calendar The Vashon Herald 1933 43 Patrons Page Four Administration 14dm1n1Atrat1on Page Sxx ?o1-eword My warmest greetmgs to the pupxls and frlends of Vashon school It IS my smcere wxsh that these years of progress W111 mark the begmnmg of a new era of meanmgful tram mg for our young people and cont1nued productwe commun 1ty relat1onsh1ps MR W G MOSLEY Prmclpal Vashon Hlgh School on the 20th Anniversary of the The 14AAiA tant Principahv .L Ylae C'lerleA -4 ?aculty MR W G MOSLEY PflHClpaI MR H S WILLIAMS MR C S TOCUS Asslstant Prlncxpals 1 IIGLISH MANUAI ARTS M1s5 N E Bell Mr I., D Blanton M J S COLSIHS M 5 M155 M155 MISS I Cren haw G I Dukson M L Donaldson V E Dreer Mr B I Franklm Mr M B Gray MISS M Lewls IV I L Merry MISS l"O Pye Mlss Roberts MISS ITJFU Schlnault M155 O Sco t 'Vllss F' Washmgton Mr F B Wllson Miss D Wynn SOCIAL STUDIES Mr -I E Anderson ,I Mr D B Bouggess MISS R Haynes Mrs L Lemee E Loveless F H Pru1tt G Ruffm Leno1r H P Saundle K K Wheeler Mlss O M Wr1ght MATHEMATICS I If P B a1r Bouldmg R K Fox C H Hamlett Nelson S W Proctor MISS I M Wallace M s I W1ll1ams SCII' NCF M1 .I W Dav1s Mr C L Elam MISS H D Forbes Mr P H Nash Mr G Outlaw Mr P Robmson Mrs L Sldner Mr C Sutton LANGUAGES Mr A E Badeau Mr S W Dlckson Mrs B Y Mltchell Mr C E Sawyer Mlss C Washmgton. ' ' . . M'ss . . . . . 1 r. . . . ', Sr. lr. F. I . I F r. . I . . . . , r. Mr.-J. 1 . l ' Mr. . . ' -' ' - . 4 Mr. . S. ' ' ' Mr. Z. O. ' , Mr. . . ' Mr. . . A ' . . M 1 1. . 1 ' ' ' Mr. H. T. ' Mr. . . , Mr. . . . - Mr. W. P. . - Mr. . . - rs . .I I ' M Armstead M C H Evans Mr C Gordon MISS B L Gudger Mlss K A M1ller MISS A Palmer Mrs A Walton M1 L P Woodson I INL ARTS Mrs B Rhoda MUSIC MISS R E Greene Mr S L Henderson COMMERCIAL MISS W Powe M ,I A Taylor PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr .I Balley Mlss G Dyson Mr E Salter MISS A W1ll1am5 COUNSELLORS MISS Z C Lane M1 R R Freeman LIBRARIAN MISS C M Bradley CLERKS Mlss M Echols M1ss S Edmundson Mxss H Hutt BOOK CLERK Mr W L D1xon SCHOOL NURSE Mlss C Wllkerson SCHOOL DOCTORS Dr Blalr Carter Dr X A H111 CHIEF ENGINEER Mr F W Young MANAGER LUNCHROOM Mrs B Reed HEAD CUSTODIAN Mr E Hughes Page Nmf- Our The She hfe IS closed our hfe begms long long anchorage we leave sw1ft1y courses from the shore Tfa e Ten H . . . . The ship is clear at last, she leaps! ws ri' :Ck rms at eflvw V-A...-J e CIMA Qi EW? QW fax? OFFICERS JANUARY CLASS Class Presldent Honor Soc1ety Herald Club Dramatxc Club Annual Staff Spanxsh Club Class Play HlkCYS Club Projectxonlsts Club V A A H1 Y ANNA SUE RANDLE Class Asst Secretary Semor Choxr Choral Club Glee Club Dancmg Club Swlmmmg Club Carmelnta Annual Staff Page Twelve PARLAN GREER Class Treasurer Honor Socxety Student Councll Cholr Span1sh Club Class Vlce Presldent Honor Socxety RUTH TAYLOR Class Secretary Honor Soclety Student Councll Swxmmmg Club , gs: l A ffl 'fl 'A .1 Q ' - if j 5 A of U Q A C X Q-M 1 X -5 N-R -..' ., f .. A A 1 lvvl.. : , t we V A A 3 :Q 4 X la ' ' si- 3 QQ , ff. ' W 35" f if? 1 Q HAROLD .WILLIAMS AARON' WARD dh lldfl, DORIS ALLEN Honor Socxety Choir Carmellta jr Red Cross Glee Club Swxmmmg Club Tenms Club Annual Staff Art Edxtm V A A A A A Girls Reserves H1 Y Co ed DE ELLA BALDWIN junior Chonr Swimming Club ROSEMARY BASKERVILLF Annual Staff VAA Hxkers Club Glee Club Swimming Club Student Councll Choral Club Senxor Chonr Dramatic Club RICHARD BEECH Football Team Basketball Team Track Team Class Play French Club Band Lettermens Club H1 Y Softball Team HENRIETTA BELL "1 df" UDELL SAMUEL BELL BETTY JANE BERRY Glee Club jr Cholr Swlmmmg Club LOIS BLACK Hnkers Club Glee Club Danclng Club Majorettes V A A Cheerleader ANNIE BLEDSOE Dramatlc Club Swlfnlnlng Club GLADYS BOGAN Swimming Club V Dancmg Club Ushers Club Page Thirteen dhlldfl, DORIS BOLDEN BAIOLA BOLLING DANIEL BROOKFIELD MATTIE BONNER EDWARD BROOKS Student Council Semor Choir Track Team Hlkers Club Baseball Team fMgr Page Fourteen 'UV ff' CALVIN BROWN PENNINGTON BROWN Band CHARLOTTE BUFFORI V A A Glee Club Semor Cholr ALBERT BURTON H1 Y Choral Club Latm Club Hxkers Club Semor Cholr V A A Glee Club Student Council LUERETHA BUSH ROSIE LFE CHAPMAN Trxple A s Swlmmlng Club Llterary Club BERNICE CLAYTON Glee Club V A A Hlkers Club Danclng Club FAY DORIS COBB Honor Soclety Student Councxl Latm Club Jr Cholr A A A ALTION COCKRELL Glee Club Semor Chour Choral Club SUSIE COFIELD 'Q ai' 1947 DAISY COLE H1lx6fS Club V A A Glee Club Latm Club Semor Choxr Deslgners Club JOE NATHAN COLE oenlor Chou' Band Basketball Team Football Team Track Team MARY COLLINS Glee Club Latm Club A A A V A A Dancmg Club Lltelamy Club Semor Choir VIRGINIA CONNORS Honor Soclety Glee Club ROSE MARIE COOKSEY junxor Choir Class Play Carmelxta Page Fifteen dn lldfl, HELEN COOPER CHRISTINE CROWDER GARNETTA LENORE CURRIE Student Councxl Dramatlc Club Spanish Club Glee Club V A A Hlkers Club jumor Choir CHARLESETTA CURTIS Honor Society Student Coun Lxterary Club Annual Staff MARGUERITE Page Sxxteen cal DARRIS 1-Q -df? -Iii JUDSON DAVIS MARIE DAVIS Student Councll Dramatlc Club umor Cholr Latm Club Swlmmlng Club Dancmg Club V A A Zontas CELESTINE DAWSON GLORIA DAY MARSHALL DECATUR VL 'WA DIC XL O Hxkers Club Danclng Club Swlmmmg Club Annual S aff Zontas AI BERT DICKSONI btudcnt Courcll .Lrack Team H1 Y Band JAMES DICKSON Football Team L1terary Club Glee Club FCYIIOI Chou' Choral Club Annual Staff FLORINE DOBBINS Annual Staff Band Swlmmlng Club MARIE DOBBINS i947 DEBORAH DOSS Am ual Staff Glec Club pam h Club 'lenm Club ALFPED DONVNS Glee Club Semor Choxr H1 Y D amatlc Club Swlfllllllllg Club ELAINE DUNLAP Honor SOCICIY Tennls Club A A A DAISY ENGE Dramatlc Club Swlmmlng Club Sen1or Cholr A A A Annual Staff Hlkers Club CHRISTINE EUELL Honor Soclety Semor Cholr Glee Club Hlkers Club Correspondence Club Page Seventeen dh lldfy GERALDINE EVANS CATHERINE FARRELL Honor Soclety Annual Staff Hlkers Club Lxterary Club A A A V A A H1 Y Co ALBERT FINN Semor Cholr DOROTHY MAE FLETCHER Honor Socxety Student Council Dramatxc Club EDWARD FLYNN H1 Y V A A Semor Chou' Page Elghtecn NORMA MAE FRISON Student Councll junlor Chou' Glee Club MAMIE FULKS A A A umor Cholr Glee Club V A A CASTINE GAINFS Semor Cholr ROBERT GENTRY ALBERT GIBSON Student Councll H1 Y V A A X WILLETTA GIBSON Hlkers Club V A A KIOMA GILLIAM CHRISTINE GORDON Student Councxl Semor Cholr Latln Club CLARENCE GRAHAM Student Councll WILLIAM GRAY Band 'in 'WD' 1947 ONIF GREER Annual Staff DELORES GREGORY Semor Cholr Dramatlc Club Danclng Club A A A Hlkers Club Annual Staff SAM GREGORY Annual Staff Edxtor Football Team Basketball Team Band Lettermens Club Semor Play H1 Y FLORICE HAMILTON Student Councxl Semor Cholr Dramatle Club Choral Club Annual Staff MARY HA MILTON Page Nmeteen dh lldfl, ARTHUR HARRIS' Honor Soclety Student Councnl Dramatxc Club H1 Y Track Team Band V A A Semor Play Hlkers Club HENRY HARRIS Semor Cholr Q ,LAMES HARRIS Fbbtball Team Track Team H1 Y V A A ROSIE LEE HILL Glee Club MERCEDES HOLMES Page Twenty SAMMIE HUMPHREY JOHN HUMPHRIES Basketball Team Softball Team YVQNNE HUNTER Student Councll Dancmg Club Sewmg Club Latm Club V A A JAMES INGRAM Football Team Track Team Semor Choxr Glee Club Hxkers Club PEARLIE INGRAM Honor Society Annual Stal? Glee Club SARAH INGRAM A A A Honor Soclety Mooern Pr1sc1lla Spamsh Club DOPOTHY MAL. JACKSON HARVEY JACKSON Band Latm Club ALICE JAMISON JAMES O. JARMON Glee Club Junior Choir 1947 JEAN JILP FRIES GEORGF JOHNSON Chora Club Glee Club Semor Cholr HERBERT JOHNSON French Club LILLIAN JONES Glee Club Choral Club Semor Cholr Dancmg Club VAA BERNICE JORDAN A.A.A. V.A.A. Hikers Club Page Twenty-one an any EDNA KENDRICK FRANK KEYS Semor Chorr Choral Club Track Team Football Team H1 Y WILLIAM LAND Glee Club Semor Choxr HELEN LEWIS Glee Club Semor Cholr Swlmmmg Club LOUIS LOVE H1 Y Basketball Team Page Twenty two 'Wen- WILHELMINA MARTIN Student Councnl Glee Club Semor Chou' Choral Club Dramatlc Club V A A DESSIE MCCAULEY JAMES T MCGUIRE RUBY MCPHERSON Glee Club Semor Cholr DORIS MILLER Student Councll Semor Cholr Glee Club Dramatxc Club HERBERT MILLER HENRY MITCHELL Football Team Track Team gg WILLIE MONTGOMERY Band Senior Choir Football Team ANNIE LAURIE MOORE Glee Club Semor Choir V A A Band Senior Play Annual Staff MARY LOU MOTLEY Annual Staff Choral Club 7 Junior Choir Swimming Club Danclng Club AAA Tennis Club I947 FLORENCE MYLES Honor Society Student Council A.A.A. Literary Society V.A,A. ODELL NELSON Honor Society First Ranking Boy STEHMAN NELSON Senior Choir Glee Club H1 Y JEAN ELLA NEWSOME CSummer School 19465 SII VERSTEEN NIX junior Choir Page Twenty three dh lldfy INEZ OLIVER Glee Club Swlmmlng Club V A A RUBY LEE PARKER junlor Choir V A A HELEN PETTIT Glee Club ROMAGENE POOLE Honor Soclety H1 Y Track Team Lettermens Club Annual Staff ROBERT PRICE Page Twenty four 419' RUBY PPICE Glee Club oenlor Cl101 Choral Club owlmmmg Club P MMA LEE PUGH Senlor Cholr Tennls Club V A A GERALDINE REID Hlkers Club A A A Glee Club LOIS REYNOLDS Honor Socxety RUTH REYNOLDS Honor Soclety Literary Club HFLI N PICHARDSON Swlmm ng Club GEORGE RIVERS Annual Stall V A A Ser lor Play AI LB.NA ROBERTS Tumor Cholr Glee Club Swlmmmg Club Dancmg Club Ch LESTINE ROBINSON Band Glee Club V A A Sewing Club WILLIAM ROBINSON 'il' f' Yguw-v FLOYD ROBNETT S udenf Council Semor Cholr Choral Club Spamsh Club Semor Play I-I1 Y RUTH RYLAND jumor Choir ANNIF SACUS Semor Cholr Glee Club VFRA SHERMAN SYLVESTER SIMMONS Drarnatlc Club Glee Club Semor Cholr Latm Club Cheerleader Semor Play Tenms Club H1 Y Page Twenty five dh lldflf ALBERT SMITH Track Team CORA SMITH Glee Club Semor Cholr Choral Club Spamsh Club Kmttmg Club ETHEL MAE SMITH Semor Cholr Lat1n Club Tenms Club Hlkers Club JOHNNIE J SMITH Glee Club Semor Choxr Choral Club Herald Stal? V A A Llterary Club Semor Play Dramatxc Club Hlkers Club Cheerleader Annual Staff Carmelxta RICHARD SMITH Band Hi-Y Page Twenty-six SEMI ,al DAPHINE STEVENSON Correspondence Club Des sfnex Club Semor Play VEI MA STEVENSON Student Councll ETHYLEAN STRINGER ee Club BERNICE SUMMERS Semor Cholr Choral Club Swlmmmg Club Dramatlc Club CLARA SUTTON Honor Society Band Literary Club V.A.A. EDITH 'TABB Student Counc1l Glee Club Lnerary Club ALPHONSO TAYLOR ALTA THOMAS Glee Club MARY E THOMAS Latm Club MARY L THOMAS ,Q F 409' IVF... .. 00 11" 1947 MYRTLE THOMAS REOLA THURMAN SARA TOLIVER GEORGE TURNER Semor Cholr 4 Glee Club CALVIN TYLER Student Councll French Club Page Twenty seven an aan, V MILTON TYLER Junior Cholr JAY D WALTERS Glee Club Glee Club Track Team .lllmof Ch01f HIY ROBERTA VAILS ELSIE WATKINS Glee Club Glee Club ELTESA WATSON BETTY ANN VAN HOOK Glee Club Swlmmmg Club Senlor Cholr VERA WALDON INEZ WEST Zontas Swxmmmg Club Glee Club VAA JEANNETTA WALKER IVA MAE WEST HOUOF SOCICW Semor Cholr A A A Glee Club V A A Dramatlc Club Lnterary Socxety Spamsh Club V A A Page Twenty elght E 5 6 I 1 1 1 A LEWIS WHITAKER Student Councll Semor Cholr Choral Club Carmellta Senlor Play Annual Staff AARON WHITE Semor Chou' Glee Club H1 Y Carmellta HAMNER WILLIAMS Student Councll Llterary Club Annual Staff Band Football Team H1Y IZELLA WILLIAMS Glee Club Swlmmmg Club MARCELLA WILLIAMS Deslgners Club Annual Staff A A A Swlmmmg Club xht- 1947 PEGGY WILLIAMS Jumor Cholr Glee Club HlkCfS Club HERMAN WITHFRSPEON H1 Y Basketball Team MARIE WOODRUFF Student Councll Semor Cholr Glee Club Dramatlc Club V A A 1945 ESSIE WRIGHT Semor Choir Glee Club Student Councll Swlmmmg Club DORIS VAUGHN Page Twenty nme V.A.A. Poetry: Contest Wimter -7 dl! lldfll JAMES BROWN Semor Choxr ANNIE DENNIS fSummer Schoo V IVIAN LEE Semor Choxr 'Q Page Thirty 11465 E- VJILLIE BELL NEWBERN Semor Chou AVNIE LEE WAIR udent Councll Glee Club Cl'oral Club BFRNADINE MILLS Honor Socxety Student Councll Fxkers Club BOYCE ALEXANDER Summer School 1946 RIDGELEY BENNETT Summer School 1946 MILDRED BOGAN Summer School 1946 LILLIE COLCLOUGH Summer School 1946 ETHEL LEE GAVIAN Summer School 1946 THELMA GOSEY CHARLES GREEN Summer School 1946 WILLIAM HAMM MARY LOUISE HAYES Summer School 1946 OLIVIA HENDERSON Summer School 1946 ELLA ROSE HOUSTON Summer School 1946 JESSE HOWELL Summer School 1946 ELOISE .IOHNSON Summer School 1946 VILMA LACEY Summer School 1946 MABEL LEE Summer School 1946 RAYMOND MASON Summer School 1946 OMIE LOU MITCHELL Summer School 1946 MARION SCAIFE Summer School 1946 MAGGIE SIMMONS Summer School 1946 MARION STEPHENS GEORGIA STEWART KATIE TAYLOR Summer School 1946 HENRY THOMAS Summer School 1946 LUCILLE THOMPSON TH EL MA THOMPSON j C WADE Summer School 1946 JUANITA WHEELER Summer School 1946 LLOYD WILLIAMS Summer School 1946 BOBBIE WINSTON Fnrst Rankmg Graduate Page Thlrty one Summer School 1946 - CIMA UUE' gil up qv 93 Nl OFFICERS JUNE CLASS MARJORIE TOLIVER VITALIS REID Class Presldent Class Vlce Presldent Honor Soclety Honor Socxety Student Councll Student Councll Llterary Club Semor Cholr Poetry Speakmg Contest Track Team Wmner H1 Y V A A DOROTHY THOMPSON WALTER PORTER Class Secretary Honor Soclety Student Councll Semor Cholr Latln Club A A A 5 Page Thlrty two Class Sgt at Arms Football Team Captam Basketball Team Lettcrmens Club Swlmmmg Club Honor Socxety H1 Y Student Councll Latm Club Llterary Club Dancing Club Swxmmgng Club A A A SARAH STEWARD sClass Treasurer I in 4 , E -.,. fa Q V T 2 . ng f C .,., A R so ,,t, , W Lf ' J .--- gf - lf. 3 If I l 1 lle NORMA AGNEW Honor Soclety Latm Club Servlce Club V A A CHARLB S ALLEN H1 Y FLIZABETH ALLEN Honor Soclety Student Councll Chorus Majorettes Glee Club VERA ALLEN Glee Club Dramatlc Club V A A QUINCY ALLRED FREDFRICK ALLEN HOWARD ANDERSON Latin Club Sen or Cholr Glee Club THELMA ANDERSON Sen1or Choir Choral Club Band V A A JUNIOUS ANTHONY Drum Bugle Corps Band Track Team Hlkers Club H1 Y V A A ARDIE ARNOLD Choir Hi-Y Football Team Basketball Team Lettermens Club Swimming Club Track Team 4 Page Thirty-three llne EDGAR EUGENE ATKINS LENORA AUDLEY Swimming Club Latin Club CYNTHIA BARNETT Annual Staff Semor Choir Glee Club Carmelita BERNICE BOLDEN A A A Chorus Student Council WALTER BOLDEN Latin Club Hikers Club Hi-Y V.A.A. Page Thirty-four 414 5 tl -4: . J MAXINE BOLIN Dra natic Club OMIN W BORDERS Football Team Track Team Basketball Team Letteimens Club Sw1mmmg Club Latin Club Eagle Aviation Club ROSE MARIE BOWFN Glee Club French Club UTH BRAZIL Glee Club Semor Choir Choral Club Annual Staff Hikers Club V A A DOROTHY MA Dancing Club Hikers Club Latin Club Glee Club V.A.A. E BROWN "FLMA BROWN EARL BROWNING Football Team Band Glee Club TRUEBELLA CHESTNUTT LEONARD COLE H1 Y V A A Swlmmlng Club GERTRUDE DAVE Latln Club 'WF 1947 GEORGE DAVIDSON French Club Track Team Glee Club Swlmmmg Club LORETTA DAVIS French Club CATHERINF DECATUR Cho us BET1Y JANE DICKE I-ukers Club Latm Club Curl Reserves V A A HARRISON DILLON Latln Club V A A Page RSON Thlrty Eve llnf STFPHEN DORN Honor Soclety Student Councll Band Glee Club Latm Club CARRIE DUVALLE Dramatxc Club Hlkers Club V A A RIO RITA EDMOND H1kCfS Club Modern Prlscllla V A A WILSON EDWARDS Student Councll Senior Choir JOSEPHINE ELMOREV! Chorus Senior Choir Page Thirty-six FU Milf- MARY FLIZABETH Chorus Zontas JELETT GAINES Annual Stafl THOMAS GASTON MARION GIVEN S Student Counc1l LUVENIA GUYTON Modern Priscilla V.A.A. LDS DELORES HADLEY l junior Choir Modern Priscilla Club New Homemakers Club V.A,A. ADLTHA HAMPTON Senior Choir Choial Club Modern Prlscllla Club HORTENSE HAMPTON Glee Club Junior Choir A A A OSCAR HAMPTON Track Team Lettermens Club Swimming Club GERALDINE HANEY Dancing Club Glee Club Cheerleader V A A Hiking Club 1947 IRMA LEE HARRIS Senior Choir Glee Club V.A.A. Swimming Club Cel' ORGIA HESTFR Glee Club Senior Choir VAA ODESSA HILL A A A Hlkers Club Dramatic Club Senior Cho r Swimming Club V A A XJENDELL HILL Football Team Track Team Basketball Team Glee Club vi? LFLIA HOLLEY Herald Staff Literary Club Dramatic Club , 5 Page Thirty seven lllw JOHN HOUSE Track Team Swimming Club VINCENT HOUSE JOHN HOUSTON Senior Choir Dramatic Club Latin Club Cheerleader V A A Annual Staff VELORA HOUSTON MABEL HUDSON Hikers Club Spanish Club V A A Page Thnrty eight gs. 41' 'CK i ' , ' gg ,, adm 1 MILTON ISAIAH Football Team Junior Choir Hi-Y BERTHA JACKSON A A A Glee Club Chorus ELDRIDGE JACKSON Football Team Track Team H1 Y V A A MADY lACKQON Glee Club Hilxers Club BIRDELL JOHNSON Glee Club MATTIE EAN JOHNSON J Junior Choir Choral Club Glee Club Hikers Club V.A.A. Zontas M JRLEAN JOHNSON Hlkers Club SYLVESTER JOHNSON Glee Club rf., COMMODORE oNEf. ""' J Annual Staff Dramatlc Club Latm Club Honor Soclety GUY JONES Senlor Cholr Choral Club Track Team Swlmmmg Club 'lr 1' '95 439 S2 K. Ls, f 15 1947 X. LUKE JONES Hi-Y V.A.A. VIOLET JONES Semor Cholr Choral Club Dramatxc Club Hlkers Club Swlmmmg Club V A A Zontas STELLA JORDAN Spamsh Club Hlkers Club Curl Reserves V A A BFTTY KEENE Student Councxl Honor Soclety Glee Club Tenms Club Swlfflfhlng Club RUTH LATTIMORE Page Thnrty mne llhe GLORIA LEE La m Club Chorus Glee Club Majorettes GFORGIA LONG Glee Club AGNES MACON Semor Choir Glee Club Spamsh Club Swlmmmg Club BERTHA MATLOCKP INEZ MAXWELL Junlor Choxr Glee Club V A A Page Forty OL' IE L MAAWELL G ec- Clul, od BTTTTB MCCLENDON He ald Club V A A 5 WILLIAM MCCLOUD FMETT MCWOOD Semor Cholr Dramatlc Club Track Team Lutermens Club Hlkers Club H1 Y V A A Swlmmmg Club Carmehta EDNA LEE MERRIMAN Honor Soclety WALTER MILLER French Club Band H?-Y Track Team Swlmmmg Club 1947 LENA MAE NELSON GE RTRUDE NICHOLS Spamsh Club Dramatlc Club CATHFDINE MOODY Homemakers Club V A A V A A A A A Swlinfnlng Club WALTFD LOU MORRIS Glee Club I atm Club Dancmg Club Hlkers Club lllkCI'S Club owlmmmg Club V A A VESTA NOBLE Booste s Durcmg Club V A A BURNETT MOSFS 48 Student Councxl Hrkers Club OPAL NUNN Sefvlce Club 'AH Student Councxl Track Team V A A Latm Club ,Q QWJ Eli W YA MTLDRED OWENS BESSIE NEAL Sfudent Councll Glee Club I-Ilkers Club Lafm Club Modern Prlscllla A A A Homemakers Zontas V A A Honor Soclety Se nor Cholr Page Forty one . . P, Q 1 A I-L Y 4 4 ,A I' Y . . Q LJ A . . W , , 4, "" ' A N ' . i VM . A -T . 14 ' llne KATIE PARRAM Student Councll Chorus ANNETTE PATTERSON Latln Club A A A EDWYNNA PERRY Honor Soclety Student Councnl French Club V A A A A A LOUISE PERRY Glee Club Hxkers Club Modern Prlscxlla V A A Zontas GRACE PETERSON Page Forty two 4' XI RUBY PIGGB Senlor Cholr Glee Club Servlce Club Majorettes JACQUEI INF PTNKAPD JAMES POPF ELMO POTTS French Club Track Team MAMIE PULLIAM Glee Club PAUL RAY Track Team Swlmmmg Club H1 Y V A A IRANK REED bXV1ITlU1lHg Club HAZEL REED Jumor Cholr Glee Club ALBERT RFNICK Football Team Track Team H1 Y Lettermen Club DOROTHY RHONE Semor Cholr Hlkers Club V A A f' if nl 10 eff' JUS 1947 ALLENE ROBINSON Glee Club Hlkers Club V A A A A A BETTIE JEAN ROBINSON Honor Socxety Student Councll Chorus Glee Club Drarnatlc Club Hlkers Club V A A EDWARDINE ROBINSON Student Councll Glee Club HlkCFS Club V A A A A A FTHEL LEE Glee Club V A A ROBINSON POSIE LEE ROBINSON Chorus Latm Club Kmttmg Club V A A Zontas Page Forty three line MARY ESTELLE SHEPARD Glee Club V A A ERNESTINE SKINNER Student Councll junxor Choxr Glee Club Dramatlc Club French Club V A A ADOLPH SMILEY Student Councll Annual Staff Spanlsh Club Dramatxc Club Hxkers Club Semor Play H1 Y V A A Honor Soclety GLORIA SMILEY Glee Club Hlkers Club Annual Stal? V A A ELIZABETH SMITH Page Forty four IVY SMITH Se'11or Choxr S udent Councxl Track Team V A A SWlITlY"llllg Club Lettermens Club Lols J SMITH Student Council lumor Cholr A A A Swlmmmg Club EVFRETTE SPINKS Student Councll Glee Club Latm Club Majorettes LILLIE GREENE Student Councxl Llterarv Soclety Dramatle Club JUANITA TATE Latm Club Dancmg Club H1kCfS Club V A A CHERRIE THOMPSON DOROTHY TUPNER Iumor Chozr Clee Club V A A A A A GLADIUS WAIR Semor Cholr Hlkers Club H1 Y V A A ODFSSA WAIR Student Council Senlor Cholr Choral Club Spamsh Club V A A ARTHUR WALKER Student Councll Semor Choxr Dramatlc Club Band Hxkers Club Track Team Swlmmmg Club V A A .cv Q1 'Qu vi' 1947 ELIZABETH WALLACE Semor Choir Hxkers Club Glrl Reserves CLll TON WARD Student Councll Latm Club Tr ck Team MILDRED WASHINGTON Honor Soclety Student Councll Glee Club Hxkers Club ROBERT WASHINGTON Sen or Cholr Track Team H1 Y V A A MAE ELLA WATERS Senlor Cholr Glee Club V A A Page Forty-Eve llhe BERNICE WENDALL Honor Society Dramatic Club Latm Club Swlmmlng Club Dancmg Club DOROTHY WHITE Student Councxl Band ELVIRA WHITE Senior Choir GERALDINE WHITE Latm Club V A A A A A OLIVIA WILKS Student Council ,Tumor Choxr Glee Club Dramatic Club Page Forty sxx IDA WILLIAMS French Club Hlkers Club V A A ROOSEVI' LT WILLIAMS Senior Cholr Choral Club French Club Hxkers Club H1 Y V A A Track Team ROSE MARIE WILLIA MS Student Councll Dramatxc Club Glee Club GLORIA WISE Annual Staff Glee Club Hlkers Club V A A QUINTON WYATT Student Councxl Glee Club Football Team Track Team Swxmmmg Club Lettermens Club H1 Y GERALDINE WYMS Chorus Semor Cholr Choral Club Hxkers Club IRA BEENE SH FRDELL BUTLFR Football Team JAMFS CAMPBFII Football Team Track Team Basketball Team Lettermens Club ARTHUR DIXON jumor Chonr Football Team Basketball Team Lettermens Club H1 Y CATHFRINE FACFN ARTHUR FAINT ELBERT HARRIS Student Councnl Semor Cholr Latm Club Band Dramatlc Club Football Team Basketball Team V A A H1 Y MOZELLA HAYNES ELLA JORDAN FANNIE KING French Club ROBERT PENNY ROZELIA ROBINSON LEDORA ROGERS HELEN RUTLEDGE Glee Club DOROTHY TOOKS JOHNNIE WALKFR Glee Club Hlkerq Club V A A A A A 1947 Page Forty Gever',. .- 1 Student Council He hstenf to good purpose who talxeQ note romycm 1 xr ' . L K, v r ,V .. , . . . 1' - 'gli 'flue 14daIiA0ry gl-011,44 1lA25 Mr Gray Page Fxfty 11B30 Mr Gordon 11A4 Mr. Hamlett l1B43 Mr Sutton IIB44 M1ss Wallace 11B46 Mr Woodson Page Fxfty one mm 5 4 . , 5 o G if Q, 1, N1 1 , 3 W WX W 11B9 Mr Evans 11B1 Mr Dlckson Page bxfty two 10A49 Mr Outlaw l0A50 Mr. Nash 10A51 Mlss Palmer Page Fxfty three 10A41 Miss Schinault IOA47 Mr Wheeler 10A22 Mr Franklm Page Fxfty four 10B38 Mr Prultt ltdlilllll ,....-Q 101339 Ml Ruffln 1 l0B42 Mms QL ott 10B45 Mlss C Washmgton Page Fxfty Eve W- 1. ' A - '1 ,,....,, V Y , - . S ' , ,l ' rv ' f , w :L . ' ' , JV . QJ 4' Lrg? :Q .,. Q JW M M' . ' ,-.gTlii1- -i1i.,. A h . ' 414.15 141, ig xi 'I ' ' .-...A4- 4.. VA ' ' Y M .t kj Q VCJM 4 A 1, :..4 ,..,A ..-. , . f K' 9' f , I J . , W U ., A I g X 1 10B28 Mxss L Washmgton l E.. 4-... 1OB3l Mlss Mlller I H ff lil 10B15 MISS Dreer Page Fnfty sxx . I . " I- "' 1 . .. X S - ,. -1.5 wer A ' A -.- V- ....H.,.,. k -Avxff Q , , 9 ' ,' . M X in A 04,5 ' W h f 4.lL.l..,......,- I x ' . 'Ni . x -'Q ' Q, ' -u 10B24 Mlss Crenshaw Plrst Group to subscrlbe 100 f to Blue and Wmte ui: ' Mas... .......a.... hump 'L 10B6 Mr Blanton 9A5 Mlss Bell Page I-ufty seven 1 Y qv I 1 , , x . "Y ...V ,..,,,. 1 ' f '1 ...g.,.,., . ......., , K 7 -4 -- 4 i 'v' - K I - X A 1 3 'X ff y NJ . . -. . - , X s Q 'e Q , A , f . ,iiegw f - :M-if ' .5 , A L . 'mar QA! Miss Dickson 13111: 9A48 Miss Gudger Page Fifty-eight QA29 Mrs Lemce 9A7 Mr Blaxr 9A32 Mlss Pye X 9A37 M1ss Wynn Page 1-xfty mm- :Q , Q . . ,L , , np. za 1 ,bans H. 4 w A , ,mmf x , X . xl in Ml' ' X ' ' X ' ' ,. A J , 1 -r YN k L . M, T , Q K j s K , K 'f :- N . spanis- Q... J 9BlO Mr Cousms 9B2 Mlss Armstcad ,ga Page Sxxty 9B14 Mr Bouldmg 3 -gp- VIPU 9B11 Mlss Dyson QCCQTFIU QB23 Mr Lenoxr 9B34 Mr Loveless Page Slxty one .Mm-1-Yvwm -- .. 4-...,A:: . ,.-......M ,. ,.,..b,. ,.,,, ..,. f, ,..., . . W, , " , "' 4, . . . . M. ,.,4,. - ,- . I V Y V Y 1. V I k in A '.Qf.,' WWWHA J T x Wax ' ..- fl' ' . f,.- Q I S J X K r A ,,..,.-., W-. K . - 7 1 . A x XX , V , N . , ..-h-4,...-.,,...4Q ,w.....,.,L.-.-f Q'-ffw f+ - . - -'-ft k , ,. I 1 ' .ML-.f-:.3g,..:, A ' , - .., . ,...,..s1 V 2?-4--?'W: " x K 1' I A ' ' 1 if YI' ' --V: ' I. Xuan ' K 2' I F"r -4- -s-an-ut?-up .-.-1-uhh. ...X 9B26 Mr Merry i an-un-Q 9B27 Mrs Mltchell S 'S 'W' XX QBTJX Miss Roberts X x f Page Slxty two X! X X X ' "I , U Qg.,g'iT1g..""."li7A"' 'M ' 7, A , Y ' , . ' A . Q f A , 4 v . , f . , r "Ni" ,.,,f' X , ,X Qu- ...Q f X , X f V tr x X X . XX W ' x X-X . s 1 V .K , , ' 'xt T , , , I i . A . W- : ...- 5. :rf 5 ' x ' . E2 ' m' .., X A in ---Wg N K ' .V , X, " Q w' N. -Z N' Xa 1 ' Q , 'K 1 . N P K ! I 1 9Bl8 Miss Wflght To all those who asslsted m any way m the preparatlon of Blue and Whlte, we glve our smcere thanks Blue and Whlte Sponsors and Staff Prmtmg by LINDNER SCOTT PRINTING COMPANY Engravmg by RELIANCE ENGRAVING COMPANY Photos by ROBINSON Page Sxxty three VXIISL IS he X m vac Q Ins c 1ItO tlme tor work 11 cl t.mC tor plax be S1 oux u ' 1 H ' 1 fflifjf li ' 16, 13X r I ' ' V , : ' N' L -I F H ix j,'-f ' Klue and Wlai e Staff Page Snxty sax Blue and Whlte Staff Sam Gregory Editor Mary Collins Secretary Vera Dickerson Secretary Harold Wxlllams Busmess Managerx Dorxs Allen Art Editor Marjorie Tollver Literary Editor Rosemary Baskervxlle Rlchard Beech Charlesetta Curtls James Drckson Florme Dobblns Deborah Doss Daisy Enge f Catherme Farrell Jelett Games Ome preer Florlce Hamilton john Houston Pearlle Ingram Commodore jones Vxvxan Lee Annle Moore Mary Lou Motley Douglas Potter Anna Sue Randle George Rlvers Sylvester Sxmmons Adolph Smrley johnnxe Smxth Vera Waldon john West Rodney West Lewxs Whltaker Lewls Whltaker Hamner Willxams Helen Wlllxams Marcella W1ll1ams . ' I l ' -. ' If I To D . , f M. Honor Society Sponsor Mlss Haynes President Stephen Dorn Vlce Presldent Sarah Steward Secretary Lelxa Holley Student Counczl Sponsors Mxss Lane Presxdent Wllham Pearson Mlss Wynn Vlce President A Cates Mr Franklin Secretary Dorothy Thompson Page Sixty seven f X Kane! 5.4 fi.. l' L1 muon 1, Hua:-1 scno 1 0 S' frg '40 Dlrector Mr Henderson Presldent James Fredrxck Cla Aiea Societe Vlce Presxdent Arthur Walker Secretary Dorothy Martnn shi Sponsor Mrs Mltchell President Geraldlne Whlte Page Sixty exght Vlce Presldent Dorothy Thompson Secretary Bernxce Wendell 5 A ' . 'ir' .ok-, gp l, -ky, 1 K, A N-if ' 1 H36 we q.,1r,,. . ' , h . - , -5 , ' ,, f M 6 ,,, , 1 j, or Q A qy -C .9 - . ' - l N Q ?1-encla C1116 Sponsor Mr Badeau Presldent Rose Howze Vxce Presxdent Delores Gregory Secretary Calvm Tyler Sponsor Mxss Crenshaw Presxdent Melvm Gordon Vice Presldent Beverly Wllklnson Secretary Marie Brown Page Sxxty mnc bramatic 6,116 Senior Choir Director Mlss Greene Presldent Roosevelt Wxllxams Vice President Dorrs Mxller Secretary Mary Ahce Collins amor Clwzr ,X Page Seventy Dlrector Mlss Greene Presldent Catherme Wrlhams Vxce Presldent Betty Murphy Secretary Ardella Blount o o , 5 ' . r r Modern PriAcilla lik' Sponsor Mxss Armstead Presldent Loulse Perry Vlce Presldent Thelma Anderson Secretary Blllle jean Perry eneml Sczence C7116 Sponsor Mr Nash Presldent Norman Seay V1ce Presldent Antomette Chatman Secretary Mary Bell 'NJ Page Seventy one nc' Q" 3' Y , Ja NA I ,J la or K : Ms VI' . af'-" l .Ns 1 A Nl l ' Y O A A I a n liifl - I .2 ' , , - I 1 1 n 6 L , ..,.,...........r liilzem 6,116 Sponsors M1ss Dlckson Presxdent Johnnie Smxth Mlss Roberts Vxce Presxdent Clydese H111 Secretary Stella jordan Spam lc 61116 Soonsor Mxss C W3ShlngtOn Presldent Ethel Berry Page Seventy two Secretary Barbara Bowden Koa, glee Clair Director Miss Greene President Alphonso Cates Seeretary Farl Schaefer g 1 gzee cw Director Miss Greene President Maxine Meredith Vice President Peggy Leathers Secretary Mattie Crews Page Seventy three I Vice President - Charles Collins ir ' liomemalzem I Sponsors Miss M1l'er President Catherine Nichols Miss Armstead vice President Juanita Epps Miss Gudger Secretary Vesta Noble Homemalzem I1 'Z Sponsors - Miss Miller President - Catherine Nichols Page Seventy-four Miss Armstead Vice President - Juanita Epps Miss Gudger Secretary - Vesta Noble U4 lwn Nthletic 14 Aociation "FF5!"' Sponsors Mmss Miller Presldent Helen Kxng Mr Flam Vxce Presldent Geraldlne Haney Secretary Loyett Henley Cheer fender N-. Sponsor Mnss Mxller Leader johnme Smnth Page Seventy five ....., , , , 4 ,Q V .V . 15, in A A Q V . 4 l K J ' ,s , 6 - 1 -f ,.......,, ,.,,f...L.J 1, .. A. . ' ' anaarq C1446 Play Uetef-anA PgS y W Sponsor - r. erry 'A g V. X wa L E Some of those who Served in World lettermen I Sponsor Mr Salter Eulze tba!! Team Coach Mr Balley Captam Wendell H111 Page Seventy seven x .1,,,LlIF""' , , A -I ' .A l,...g- ..,-..,.-- , 1 Traclz Team Coach Mr Salter Captam Ivy Srmth 700 Mal eam Page Seventy exght Coach Mr Salter Captam Walter Porter Kay! Swimming C1116 Q10 Swzmmzng Club Q g Sponsor - Mr. Bailey Secretary - Emmett McWood I 0 ' 0 0 ' , V f A gi xx ,xiii xi I Y X , Sponsor - Miss ham ward turn backward O T1me Vlalxe me a duld agam Jwt for tomght' A JAY W . in your Flight l V X . , Kaclzward glanced Sad H A822 me md mgmgvem P, Huuawohm NH wg-5 OH Om U3 MN N-Q2 M AUHNE MO 3 601:00 magma ULFH W W W when Us HOC 0033 BQ EVE-EE he WULEM hr m EEDM W2 OSU El 2: 00: mug: Sv V Q02 Sv: OW: wN: WSH QA: wma Calm :S N02 wg: M32 N+2 aug DQ: Tm? AK: Omg Sq Eve Dim!! 2142 +4602 QV gan NW SA: :Nueva Su GQ: an M52 www .32 Bm gui gn mme Engng +A mag MMINMH2 Nm' HQ: 362: an ONE QNIWNE wwlgg U 28m 053. EW k vw MO W W W W W W WWW WW m M3965 3 vim wav? wum HSN, OOaUw Dwi 32054 BDESZ MN MC UGUSQ :dd W Nz: sw IRG! :H MI gan gm HWgGH WHHGDQQMO QOZQQZMHHQ moommmm nv Bmw AWNH Page Exghty two W A W H Q mn m Nw VAN M W WIFI I I W A 2 L igTiW 3 mwmWWW W WWWBmWmW wMWAW Www m mow BBW M mNoH CONN W WW NMWMW mn F MMM W ova E NON BNOH awww. 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Yes you guessed the freshmen are with us They are bewildered we are as happy to renew old acquaintances as we are loath to return to the grlnd Mr Tocus IS now an assistant prlnclpal Familiar Faces Department Mr Cousins IS back from the Army the last member of the faculty to return New Faces Department Mr Blair a returned veteran and Miss Pye both on our faculty September 4 The freshmen have the building to themselves today They seem more excited than usual and they are larger than the last few groups The rest of us have another days respite' Organization of the school and plannlng for the term free us one more happy day September 6 The first Good Friday of the year' lhe weekend lb only a tease after the good long vacation we left behmd Our building is sporting newly treated fioors 'lhey literally shine like a school boys face Everything is clean and waiting September ll The H1 Y with Mr L Woodson as sponsor had its first meeting of the year at the Pme St YMCA Ofiicers were elected and a program for the semester was planned September 12 The Student Council fthe vxgilantes of ye olde portalsj held their first meeting and elected officers Sponsors are Miss Lane Miss Wynn and Mr Franklin the Blue and White Staff of course' The nucleus of the group was formed under the guidance of Mr Couslns and Miss Bell This issue of the yearbook will celebrate Vashons twentieth birthday September 19 The Student Counc1l sponsors met to plan tor the ac ivitxes of the semester September 22 Get out the lmlment and ray lamps the football team had it first scrimmage today Captain Walter Porter and Wendell I-lll hmped off the Field when the smoke of battle cleared September 25 From this Tuesday forward the Blue and W nte S aff meets weekly to work on the yearbook Committees have been formed to accomplish speclhc tasks September 26 The first of a series of five audltorium meetings sponsored by the National Conference of Christians and jews was held 'today Dr Alpenfels noted anthropologist spoke most lnterestmgly CALENDAR FOR OCTOBFR October 5 All that noise you heard came from the throats of the student body At the first pep meeting of the season they limbered up their vocal cords for the coming football games The cheerleaders resplendent in blue and white were lead by that mighty httle lad Johnnie Smith whose contortlons on the stage outdid even the most conscientious jxtterbug wed ever seen H1s co workers were Helen King Lois Black Lillian Beasley Geraldine Haney and john Houston October 5 The hghts at the stadium were bright tonight The Va hon Wolverines clawed the Douglass Panthers to a 7 7 deadlock under the floods of th Public Schools Stadium October 10 Theres a suggestion of music in the air The VAA met today to plan the entertainment features for visiting teams it - . ' . ' :D i i . ' September 18 - Why did the Seniors make a mad rush to room 309? To organize Page Elghty three October 12 The Wolvermes defeated Kansas Crty 3212 ln a very fine game The YWC A was the settmg for the party glven the vrsrtors by the V AA Musxc a la Juke box danclng and dehclous punch and snacks were the order of the even mg M1ss M1ller was the very capable hostess chaperone October 14 Thrngs are rough all over the r1s1ng cost of hvmg rs reflected ln the prrce of lunch checks The doughnut dlscs w1ll now cost you 6c Wrll the Non eaters reorgan1zeP October 15 Where drd that pm fall? In study hall of course' Tests come oFf th1s week for the hrst gradmg perlod Such sllent act1v1ty textbooks notes and other references become No 1 on all readlng hsts October 17 The band attracts many lrsteners and observers these mornrngs Mr Henderson puts the puprls through thelr paces each day rn the school yard Dont l1sten too long to make lt IH to advisory meetmg on trme' Mxss Haynes and Mr Sawyer will be very unhappy rf you do October 22 The Semors unfastened the old purse strlng to make the first payment on class Jewelry today The occaslon was as excltmg as lf dlamond rlngs were belng ordered' October 23 The Trxple A s of the Glrl Reserves gave thelr First shmdlg A gala tlme was had by all cards are out and the countenances of the puplls reflect thelr satlsfactlon for the lack of samell October 24 Everywhere we look blue and whlte rlbbons haxe made their ap pearance No mlstaklng senrors now Several sklts were put on today the audrtorrum by the Annual Staff Watch sales Jump now' October 25 The Zontas of the Glrl Reserves not to be outdone gave a barn dance at the YWCA Many of our frlends from Sumner were rn attendance October A very sad day Vashon journeyed to Loursvrlle Ky and was defeated 36 6 Those southern cuhn ls are ha d on Yankees yes mdeed' October The wrtches rrde tonrght We are lookmg forward to a great deal of sane fun Members of the Polrce Department are entertalnlng youngsters of the nelghborhood 1n the bulldlng tonlght to keep them oft the streets CALENDAR FOR NOVEMBER November 1 Some folks thought a nelghbormg school was havmg a klddle party rn the gxrls gym but rt was only the QB s being entertamed by the Student Councrl Delegates were selected from the Student Councrl to attend the Y Youth Conference The Senror Class Play cast was selected and Mr Merry rssued scrrpts to the char acters That dashmg man about town Harold Wllllams plays the lead November 4 The yearbook campargn has been extended so late shoppers can get IH on the bargaln A substantlal savlng wxll be effected by those who Subscrlbe now Hurry hurry' Smiles and frowns . . . it's "payday" - or should we say, "pay-off day"? Report ' in ' ' . 26 - . ' ' ' , ., 31 - . Q . . - . Page Exghty four "The 7lein9A We bid lat Summer . . . November 5 New members were mducted 1nto the Vashon Chapter of the Natlonal Honor Socxety today Mr J Hutton Hynd of the Eth1cal Soc1ety was the speaker November 6 In assembly today Prof Ethel Haw1n of ChlC3g0 Umverslty was the speaker 1n the second meet1ng m our serles November 9 The L11 Abners and Dalsy Maes were really 1n there at the Sadxe Hawk1n s Day Dance glven by the Zontas at the Y W C A CApolog1es to Al Capp and the cltlzens of Dogpatchj November 10 On th1s Sunday our beloved teacher MISS M3fgUCfltC W1lk1nson passed We shall mlss her smlle and her tlreless efforts to glve the best to her pup1ls But we shall not forget her November 11 Arm1st1ce Day brought us no truce on the football field We lost a thr1ll1ng game to Wash1ngton Tech 13 6 Phe men of the H1 Y and the1r lad1es made merry at the Y M C A November 15 Amerlcan Educat1on Week was wound up wlth Open House at Vashon th1s even1ng Varlous school operahons were carrxed on so that our guests mlght see us at work Guldes led v1s1tors through the bulldlng An lHtCl'CStl!1g and eye appeal1ng exh1b1t was set up 1n the mam floor corrxdor Cl1max of the evemng was a program 1n the aud1tor1um wh1ch featured students 1n act1v1t1es representmg the var1ous departments of the school November 18 Dr Leo Shaplro was the third speaker 1n our serles today Uslng puplls ln an 1nterest1ng exper1ment he brought home very forcxbly the xmport of h1s talk November 25 That old hollday mood begms to assert 1tself Thanksg1v1ng and two days rel1ef are ln the oFEng' November 27 A pep meet1ng the l1ke of WhlCh we havent seen ln many moons was held today Coach Salter and several team members made st1rr1ng speeches and were loudly accla1med Sp1r1ts were h1gh the cheers beat deafen1ngly agaxnst ear drums We w1ll w1n Thanksg1v1ng day' November 28 Unhappy day we lost 13 0 1n the trad1t1onal Turkey Day Classlc But we had fun on th1s clear warm day A huge crowd ln the gay holxday mood followed every play w1th great lnterest Then home to that turkey dlnner to as suage our ruffled prlde November 29 Have you seen the papers? Two full weeks for Chrlstmas va cat1on because of the coal strlke Can th1s be real? Vashon H1 Y defeated Sumner H1 Y 13 6 We feel better now CALENDAR FOR DECEMBER December 2 Another month of work l1es ahead Commg back would be dreary lndeed were lt not for the br1ght prospect of Chr1stmas Page Exghty six In order to conserve coal the bulldmg wxll be closed at 4 45 P M dally December 3 Dr J D Lohman of Chicago Unlversxty was todays speaker ln our audltorlum serres December 4 No more hustle and bustle rn the early A M and at 2 12 The A perlod classes are no more They bow out amxd tears and cheers You know whose December 5 Dont hlnder the major movement no conversatlons or extended locker lolterlng between perlods Keep movmg' December 9 Today lsnt Sunday Iverybody 1 togged out lor pxcture takmg Such engaglng S1'I1llCS lor the b1rd1e' VVe re l1Olfll1'15 our breath lor the clouds are heavy today December 10 Mlss Greenes choral groups are preparmg lor the Xmas program to be presented on Xmas Fve December 11 Report cards today The Xmas holldays wlll not be lengthened after all The end of the coal strike brmgs back the orlglnal days numbermg llttle more than a week December 12 Mrs Asbrook veteran art teacher retlres today We hope she wxll enjoy the quiet llfe IH he Chlcago home A hearty welcome to Mrs Rhoda who comes to fill the vacancy December 16 Today IS reckonlng day comprehenslves are wlth us agam An December 18 The S S Brxgade CSuper1or Semorsj are away today Stowe Teachers College portals are opened wlde to reveal the joys of attendance at sald lnstltutxon 1 Walk lnto my parlor ard the spider to the Hyj Groups are postng all over today The cloudy weather was o kmd to the plcture takmg last week December 19 Hurrah tor the class play' Our young xhesprans made Seven Keys to Baldpate worthy fare for our theatucal palate December Z4 That glortous season lb wrth us agam' Today the choral groups under Mlss Greene presented a beautiful program ot Xmas carols Then lollowed goodbyes wlth hollday wlshe Hoatmg merrlly through the corrldors See you january 2nd CALENDAR FOR JANUARY January 2 Back agaln after wonderful days ol lelsure we are dreaming of the good tlmes stralght through each class perxod' january 8 L11l1e Greene of Vashon partlcxpated on the Seventeen program Its Up to Youth over a natlonal radlo hook up January 13 Memories crowded back ln audltorlum today when the faculty and pupils met ln memorlal to our teacher Mlss Marguerlte Wllkmson Agaln we wlll not forget January 17 Thus IS lt for the senlors today they know . - c . . 1 ' I I I - 51 1 : - I - l I . . . , . - , .. U 1' 1- v , ' t ' I A - . . . . . V . H... . . 9 N 44 - Q ' . air of earnest endeavor pervades the school. nA f 79 ' ' ' - 4 4 .1 A ' '- . . .. . .. , .- I T ' ' ' ' .. rs V I .1 , H - - - Page Exghty seven ar ?r1endA and lJe02erA "'II""' Ziff fl! ll' ahah. 1 Flrst Engxneer F Weldon Young and Staff Mrs Reed and StaFf Page Exghty e1ght Mr Hughes and Staff 0 I M V I T? L . 1 R ..,. K ' - N- 'N 1 l 'v wg " sr I I 5 i, - 4 if 3 C A 5 Here ee wk '+ ix january 21 - Another term draws to a close, and we leave behind the work, and the fun, of one more semester with our faculty and our friends. Next week we face the prospect of new classes, new friends, and new horizons to conquer. Congratulations to Mildred Taylor, 9B10, who has been on the Honor Roll each grading period since her arrival at Vashon. and here ul-ing the Second February 12 Mr Clifford Evans jr leaves us to become principal of an clem i tary school He is replaced as Boys Counsellor by Mr Ruge rreeman February 14 The Vashon Choir gave a delightful program in th auditorium today The Pepsi Cola Scholarship exams are being given today February 18 The School Tax Campaign is with us again Essays and speeches are the order of the day February 19 Vashons Choir sings at Roo exelt High today On February 21 Roosevelt sends a group to This exchange is a part of Brotherhood Week activities February 28 Off again today' An in service session of the Missouri State Teachers Association is the reason April 10 Junior Town Meeting ot the Air sponsored by the ST LOUIS STAR TIMES and radio station KXOK at Vashon April 11 Musical program by the Vashon Choir and Band May 1 Honor Society Induction ceremonies 'W ef-Allin-uv-.1-e------.-........,. ......F"'f" M-ww-.........,..,, ,mv erm -'I Page Elghty nine . ' i i ' H . s " . C1 - Q 1 4 T us. ' J ' . , . ..,. c.,.,,,,. M W Hurmxvi S 1' A' ' I Vu A VV .W ' ' fig, V VV e We-if-ff- - -t as-up ' 1 ' , Ttifi" "f if XX ' Y ,, VV .,....,,., , ,, V A V . 5 3' ' 1 3 . ' n A as iff f ' W 5 . f Q - ' V i t S A " R ..,.' ii C S C ' A .. " 'f-" ., ' ' . fi Y g i ' 'F ,, , ' A , - V A , 5 9' , X 1 ' fra 'P 5 . M ' F ., , V K, A Q .. fu-1 4 C , "" ' ,. ,. 5' Eaclzward glancu - Ylae Ua lcon Herald Page Nlnety Chrlstmas Issue 1933 Mr Tocus was the first Negro ever to act as sololst wlth the St Louls Symphony Orchestra Coach Wheeler IS preparlng hls WOlVCflUCS to meet some s out opponents The Herald Staff wlll glVC a party at the home of Mr and Mrs Blanton Dec The Dramatlc Club under the sponsorshlp of Mlss L Washlngton made a hlt wlth the publlc when It produced A Man irom Nowhere Mr W G Mosley Asst Prlnclpal sold S106 40 IH football tlcket March 1934 Apr Dean Lucy Slowe educator from Howard UHIVCTSIIY Addressed the Vashol faculty and students Frlday Ma ch 1 The prlnclpal had a meetlng and dlscus ed the problem of lmprovlng the chool The Glrls Swlmmlng Club sponsored Ly MISS Almstead 1S progresslng ln preparatlon for the swlmmlng exhlbltlon Whlch they wlll glV6 soon A speech was made by MIS Lane Dean of Glrls Her subject was Youth Looklng Forward ll 1 34 The Dlamatlc Club presented a eyclora'na to the school The Glee Clubs are presentlng tllelr hlrd operetta under the sponsorshlp Mr Wllson featurlng Israel Tappln ln the Bebgar Studen The Student Councll wlll publlsh a handbook for the year 1934 35 FIVC of our well known puplls and a lormer gladuate now slng over the radlo They are known as the Vagabonds to thelr radlo audlence The TEHHIS Club sponsored by Mr H S lAJlll1Zl'T1S IS plannlng a tournament n June Puplls from the Vashon and Surnne Hgh chool arc o lng at the ope llng of the new 'nurllclpal audltorlum February 935 M awyer who has just coll lI'OIIl Sum lel lb now lll charge of the reln statement department One hundred and SIXYY four frc h'nel en ere' vashon l january March 1935 The The The The Glee Clubs are worklng hard on the opere ta HMS Plllafore ldeal Vashon boy Blrdette kldd Advanced Chorus IS planlllng to glVC a coneert football recelpts from the Sumner Vashon game were the largest ln hlstory Aprll 1935 The Herald Poetry Contest IS under way A German Club IS belng organl7ed Dorothy Rlchardson leads the chool IH Cl1Ol3I'Sl'11p wlth an average of 95 February 1936 The Engllsh Department IS sponsorlng a varlety p ogram ln the audltorlum wlth the followlng sectlons Poetry Spelllng Short Sto y Publlc Speaklng and Interpretive Readlng The last ISSUC of the Herald was sold out l'l twenty mlnutes v . . .Q , t A L . . . , . 23. . A . . . .V , . . ble . . . . X U . ,, 4 . . . . K. . . . , . . . .,. f . . V I V A , i' J. L: 5 . . , . . A . I . . . Y v ' - - Q 1 - . .1 S , . . - 4 u , 9 1 T A 4 . . . 5 . . L of - ' - - .lr--, A rv . , U L. tl yy - - - , . . . A , 1 . . H . Q 4 L . . . l 1 .J Lv ' l S ! l . v . . , . . . - ' - 1 1- r ' ' - . r. , .. - 7 , ' - . ' . YV . ', - J 1 1 . X1 1. . v - 4 . l. - n . t , . ' ' AL 7' . , , . . t - . 1 . S . S A . . 1 . . . . A Y . . - v y A 1 s A A . . March 1936 The Vagabonds former Vashonrtes have srgned an N BC contract and are a great success over the Blue Network In the audrtorrum meetrng Rabbr Isserman made a plea for good wrll rn Amerrca among all races Aprrl 1936 Thomas Bonner 10A rs leadrng the school rn scholarshrp wrth an average of 96 509 Mrss Inez Crenshaw of the june class represented Vashon at a Vocatronal Gurd ance Conference rn jefferson Crty Mrss Schrnaul s roup gave a program for the Preparatory Department Hon orable mentrorr rn a poster contest conducted rn the rn erest of the Clean up Campa gn was won by Queen Esther Banks Mrss Hutt rs back at work after a short rllness May 1936 Pvrlyn Charles wrns the Herald Poetry Contest june 1936 Jacque Hornber cr scored heavrly rn the Vashon Sumner Track Meet November 1936 'andon won the electron that Vashon puprls held recently but Roosevelt swept the country' The Student Councrl has selected a new button whrte on blue Vashon trounces Loursvrlle on a rough Freld 7 0 December 1936 late rnstructor Commencement speakers are Ethel Danrels Davrd Bell and Paul Dobbs january 1937 If sufficrent puprls show rnterest rt rs lrkely that German wrll be offered next year The crty champronshrp game between Vashon and Sumner was called off because of a drsagreement over the elrgrbrlrty of a player Max Yergan spoke to the student body about Afrrca The Advanced Chorus has started workrng on the oratorro Elrjah March 1937 Vashon won thrrd place rn the annual basketball tournament held rn jefferson Crty under the ausprces of Lmcoln Unrversrty M Carl Ho'man senror had a short story publrshed rn OPPORTUNITY Aprrl 1937 Wrllram Brown was adjudged the wrnner of the 3rd Annual Herald Poetry Contest Anne Brown and Todd Duncan sang for us rn the audrtorrum They appeared rn the oratorro Flrjah whrch was a huge success Mrss Dvsons Sports for Grrls Club had a successful dance Proceeds went to the fund for band unrforms May 1937 The questron Who wrll be May Queen? holds the school rn suspense The theme for June graduatron rs Effectrve Crtrzenshrp Mr Sawyer treats the wrnnrng teams rn hrs Latrn classes to rce cream julra Watt rs chosen May Queen' October 1937 Mr Evans has organrzed a Red Cross Lrfe Sav ng Class whlch meets every Frrday afternoon Page Nrnety one ' KA 91 ' ' , , . . . , , , fl!- I Y I - L - l .' , ' t 4. s A -1 . 4 1 ' ,' I .' ' .' . , 1-1 v y - . . , . , . . A memorral servrce was held rn the audrtorrum tor Mr. Wrllram Moten, our , C f , rr . x ' .. ' rn " 11 , . , , . , . .. H .. ,, . ' . , . M ' ' rr ' ll ' V ' - rr I ' ' ', - va . , November 1937 Henry Armstrong a former Vashon pupxl becomes a world champxon. December 1937 The Good Englxsh Contest IS under way Arrests are bemg made for grammatlcal errors Walter Ray with a score of 125 made the hlghest score on the Senlor Test 1n the hrstory of the school january 1938 The Fourth Annual Poetry Contest IS under way February 1938 Jeftrey Mlller FCLCIVCS the Harvard Award at Commencement lhe Creator Vashons magazme o ozlglnal lxterary contrlbutlons wlll soon make IIS bow Aprll 1938 SIXIY hve report for sprmg football practlce Creator sale proflt reported May 1938 The operetta Patlence was a great Success Vashons Track Queen IS Mlss Dorothy Lee October 1938 Odell Morrls wms honorable mentlon ln a natronal contest conducted by the Amerxcan Magazine on the general theme Amerxca Mr Wllson IS tralnlng the Boy Scout Slnglflg group November 1938 The Camera Club has been d1scont1nL.ed because of Mr Reefs transferrlng to Stowe At the 9A rneetmg Armon Crawford was elected presldent of thls group Class plns to dlSt1I'1gl1lSh 9As wxll be purchased Apparently Hrtler doesnt know the dest1tut1on and devastatlon wrought by the last war or he refuses to heed xt All we can do ln thls country IS to bulld up our armaments and hope for the best Benny Goodman predlcts the end of swlng 1n two years jenuary 1939 Plans have been hmshed for the publlcatxon ot the second edltlon of the Creator the 60 page llterary magafme wh1ch made 1ts bow last March The Senxor Class play Aunt Tzllxe Goes to Town kept the audlence of 1000 ln an uproar of laughs May 1939 On May 3 for the Hrst tlme St Louls w1l1 brxng together delegates from t e n1ne hlgh schools of the clty to d15CUSS Young Cltlzens Day The June Class wxll pubhsh a yearbook the hrst 1n recent years There w1ll be 500 COp1CS at S100 each Wllma Stlne rs the Track Queen October 1939 The freshman class of 400 IS the largest rn the hlstoly of the school Marva Seals was elected presldent of the Dramatlc Club November 1939 That SW1ft twxstmg eluslve comet lfnown as Lawrence Lavalle leads the Vashon W0lVCf1HCS ln scormg December 1939 The Vashon Herald Club IS plannmg the thlrd xssue of the Creator Page Nlnety two , 9 J , V A .. H - - , . , , 7 A Y , Y .. . ,. , . , , , . , . . , . v , . . . . . , . , . . . , . , , , . , , . h . . . . . . , , . , , Y l ' 5 91 Rememkzr 141 Wznter long + -A fm 5-nf' swf' Page Nmety three Apru 1940 On Our Way an all school productxon vull be glVCU rn May May 1940 The Vashon Revue was a great success MHJOI 3ltI'3LtlOI1S were Mlss Dreers Hollywood Club and Mlss Dysons Auuacade Antree Ellls wms first prxze ln the state Elks Oratorxcal Contest Mlss Schm ault and Mr Couslns are sponsors The 9th annual sesslon of the Emergency Summer Sthool wzll be h lcl ln the St James Church Blllldlflg Octobel 1940 Our new principal Mr W G Mosley vvzxte a lette to the puplls Clyde Cahlll IS elected presldent of th Ja hon Patrol Mr Prultt IS our new Athletlc Dlrector January 1941 The fourth annual lssue of the Creator IS due ln March Luclus House lS elected presldent ot the Student Coun ll Aprll 1941 Thlrty puplls sang at the funeral of M1ss I Vanderburg former Vashon teacher Attreus Nesbxtt sang several solos May 1941 Charles Crawford and Ruth Hutclnnson are Klng and Queen of Vashon October 1941 Elght new faculty members have come to Vashon They are the MISSCS Dlckson Bell Wynn Pltts and Wrlght and Messsrs Proctol Franklln and Morrison November 1941 ohn Van Hook Vashons gentleman football hero enters h1s fourth season of play February 1942 joseph Hoard IS the new Drcsxdent of the S udent COLtI'lC1l Mlss Dlckson has two baby alllgators ln her room: The next draft w1ll just about clear out the Herald Club May 1942 Sugar wholesalers and retaxlexs reg, ste at Vashon Famed cartoonxst h Slmms Campbell appeared at Vashon Davxd funn won prmes ln the Stlx Baer fuller Art Contest November 1942 Two faculty members have been elected to national scholastlc honorary socletles Mr Cousxns was elected to Phl Delta Kappa and Mr Tocus to Phl Kappa Phl Mlss Dyson has secured a leave of absence and IS now 1n the forelgn SCFVICC of the Amerlcan Red Cross January 1943 The laxgest january class ln the hrstoxy of the school wlll march the last mile Charles Crawford lS the new presldernt of the Studen Councxl March 1943 Vashon has 81 boys 1n class 1A for the draft Page Nmety four 1 ,, ,, Q. . . . 1 ' ' 1 ' . 1 4- ' . .' . ' . 7 - 1 c . - . u Q . A . A ., 1 , . . . . , . 5 . , . .Q E A 4. . A , C . -. .1 . 1 'C C. 1 1 1 . . , . , 4 - 4 . . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 J . '. , S . - -. '. . . 1 1 1 . . P Q . A L . ' n. 1 . 1' .. ,'. 2. . , ,. .r V . .- -T . 1 . , . . 1 , , , , ,,- ' A - tl ' 1. . 4. 5 . A L . 1 1 M john E Anderson M1ss M3fgUCf1fC Armsteadz Mr Jodle Balley M1ss B M Baker M1ss Naoml Bell V Mr Frederlck Blalr Mr Harry T Bouldmg M1ss Cassandra Bradley Dr Blarr Carter Atty and Mrs Frank Clegg Mrs Edna Coffman Mr Tofnmle Colbert M John S Couslns Mr Charles Crawford Miss Inez Crenshaw .f M ohn Davls M1ss Geraldme Dyson gf Chauncey Elam Chfford Evans J Chfford Evans S and Mrs Ruges R Freeman Sf Curtls I Gordon r Madlson B Gray MISS Ruth Green lllrs Fthel Gregory M1s BCSSIC Gudger V Mr and Mrs M110 Hamllton Mr Pete Harblson Mr Arch1e Hart MISS Ruth Haynes Dr X A H111 Mr Emanuel Hughes M1ss Elreda Hunter jacks Barber Shop M jrm jackson Jxtney Sandwlch Shop Mr Herman Johnson Mr Walter P johnson Mr Wllham johnson M1ss Ida Jones Mr and Mrs Solomon Koonce M1ss Zephyr Iane -ff Pat:-om Mrs C L Lee Mr Zald Lenolr M1ss Martha Lewls M J E Lovelessv Mr F L Merry Mrs B Y Mltchell lflr VJ G Mosley, Mr Phllllp Nash Mr George Outlaw! 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Suggestions in the Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) collection:

Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 14

1947, pg 14

Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 22

1947, pg 22

Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 40

1947, pg 40

Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 48

1947, pg 48

Vashon High School - Wolverine Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 94

1947, pg 94

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