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9 V .lf ,. ff af A f 3 if ' ' Q A 'K Y mi' ,L ,,hg, ""' b' f if -Q W- -5 wi ,M-'4 ff ' W . W ,W ef gA, ,-...,,..-.. 1, --.43 g XVMRIHIM Published by THE 1954 STAFF AND SENIOR CLASS of VARINA HIGH SCHOOL Route 5 Richmond Vlrgmlc DEDI We thesemorclassofl954 dedlcate thus yearbook to two members of the faculty whose frlendshnp and gundence have added so much to our hugh school years our soclal studies teacher Mlss Maude B Motley and our lxbrarnan Mass Jullet Moody Vw Au MISS MAUDE B MOTLEY ? MISS JULIET MOODY an -- 4 V . X U H U H .4 X ,K , Ai ,f N , l NWN. if - tl' ,' V . H- I 5' , 5 M 4:7 ' r , r , ,I . , ' fl' J: x ' . ,' ,ff 1 l, JI. ,lf "iff 5 , ,u4,,... v ., 1' , I -4 'I' ppffy ' I f ,ffl 'U , . , ,sh v,'9,'A, fl , v,' , lj ' fi' '1 Aft' ff' I , Z" if f '. ' 1 'Aff A 1' f, 4 ,AV , 'lf ' ' I I U ,, Ll f - I " ,.,t..', g U QQ l A , f, +A F' K I I . 'V I , . I Z THE Vllllllllllll Slllll UF 54 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Betty McCue All edltor Charlotte Blon rterary edrtor Annre Banton grrls sports edrtor Anne Ames lrterary edrtor Ahce Cabe edrtor rn chlef Pat Trllman busrness manager Joyce Drckerson advemsmg assrstant Betty Baltrmore art edrtor Anme Mae Crosby ad vertrsmg manager Ruby Norman feature edxtor STANDING Ronme Sutton extra currrcular edrtor Rose Norman Dons Krng crrculatron managers Mary Ellen Teas IYPISI Sh1r1eyBugg advertrsmg assrstant Mrss Marhse Bok MISS Monte11eBo1sseau sponsors Wrllram Heath photographer Loyal Moore Boys sports edrtor The staff and sponsors of the Varlnuan and the enhre sensor class of 1954 hope that thus annual wall be enloyecl not only now but un years to come, and that uf will bring back memories ofthe happiest times ln the lufe of the students, faculty and alumna of Varuna Hugh School 3 W HOWARD MEARS M Pl'1I'lClP31 V P I B S The College of Wllllam and Mary M A Columbxa Umversuy HDIHIHISTHHTIUH HHH HENRY D WARD Admm1su'at1ve Assxstant Chem lstry Physlcs 1' THOMAS G HARPER, IR Admlmstrauve Assxstant Enghsh 4 l i -uf' HIGH SUHUUL FHIIUHU SALLY Atvis English, History MRS. J. MERRITT BARLOW an Business MONTELLE BOISSEAU Biology, General Science MARLISE BOK English, Dramatics LOUIS D'ARVlLLE Band, Glee Club MRS. ALINE T. HALL Home Economics NORMA HENLEY English, Geography, Elemen- tary Library IANE MORGAN LEITH Guidance, English 18 'pd Q"""7 S ?F' 1 WILLIAM E. LONG p fV GQ. Mathematics, Physical Edu- xv' X cation, Assistant Coach , X NE f J 47" fy' S L tl ELLETT R. MCGEORGE, IR, Physical Education, Head Coach MRS. KATHLEEN B. MEARS English, Latin, French IULIETTE MOODY Librarian Q MAUDE B, MOTLEY Social Studies " CHESTER RHININGER General Science, Shop Mathematics, Algebra MRS. MARGARETTA C. SITE PHENS Mathematics W- X MRS. FERN THOMPSON Physical Education -C TRUEMAN R. TREMBLE Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing agp Q Us ',N4's i D AS. W W 4 Ns., N ,R S-.lf .Al Sinai , ELEHIEHTHHU New -JD 1 is MRS THELMA L BEADLES HARRIET V CHILDREY MRS ETHELH DEWBERRY Frrst Grade Second Grade Fourth Grade ix 'Cn V fl- 'so MRS ALLEN DOTSON MISS MIMI GOWEN MRS E B HARRIS Frrst Grade Frrst Grade Second Grade ,125 MRS HARRY C JONES MRS JOHN PASH HERBERT LEVENSON Srxth Grade Thrrd Grade Seventh Grade 6 Q A , , 4.4-Q nv-? ' e' A "' " if- '. f vX . 6 A Q of , ax V A K V . " ' X - ' a ' . . A A Y ' ' , , E . wprf I d ', x, ., . , FHCUHU MRS JOHN McCOY Srxrh Grade MRS VERAP MORTON Seventh Grade it MRS SERA SUDDUTH Frrst Grade br MRS BLANCHE MEADOWS Seventh Grade j ELVIRA D MORTON Srxth Grade MRS ROBERT NELSON Thud Grade MARGUERITE WINN Second Grade 7 MRS ARTHUR SHELBY Fourth Grade NOT PICTURED MRS McKAY MRS POWELL MRS G NELSON MRS RAYNES MRS STAPLES L E N 9- A Y S I L 2 ' ' ' Ann Saunders v 5X Buddy Wexs UUH UUUHGER UEHHS Anme Mae Crosby Charlotte Blon Betty Walls Ronme Sutton Ahce Cabe Betty Lee Gatlxn Betty Balumore Shlrley Bugg Betty Stnckler Joyce Dxckerson Pat T111man Anne Ames Skeeter W11I1ams 'ffibifii Patsey Ch11dress F 1 Woody mcks ROSS and Ruby Norman Ellen wans Sflllllll CLHSS HISTURU Well here s the nught l ve been wautung for But strangely enough l don t want to leave Our class has been through so much together Under the guudance of our eughth grade homeroom teachers, Muss Motley, Mrs Newton and Mrs Hockaday we became a part of hugh school and once we had obtauned our lockers we felt that we were really on our way The thungs we learned un Mr Shearer s math class! When we entered the audutoruum durung the furst part of our freshman year we were munus two of our fruends, Marue Toney and Raymond de Kazan who had gone to other schools lnutuatuon was frughtenungat furst, but such funl Remember how they bound up Anne Ames s mouth for talkung? And Ann Aducks was proposed to by Wulluam Heathl We really led Mrs Chrustuan and Muss Sheetz a merry chase Those crazy square dances Muss Sheetz taught us at our class party! Ronnue Sutton was our presudent We breezed merruly unto our sophomore year under the guudance of Mrs Fraser and Mr Green and wuth Gerald Gorden as presudent We welcomed Dorus Kung unto the crowd that year Our class treasure was well under way but rememberung that the Junuor Senuor dance was over a year away we blew ut on one last flung, our sophomore party Wuth S2 50 we started the lunuor year Our Yankee Loyal Moore entered wuth us Buddy Weus was our presudent and Mrs Hockaday and Mr Green, Sponsors Thungs really began to happen When several of us were made Beta Club members we thought we had really arruved but that was only the begunnungl At Chrustmas we receuved our class rungs Early un l953, we started work on our Junuor Senuor Prom The theme was Aprul Showers We the gym There was a hugh umbrella un the center of the ceulung that was supposed to shower confettu on the senuors Saturday nught at the dance all the lunuors wauted theur eyes glued to the ceulung but nothung happened A luttle dusappountment here and there was not enough to dampen our enthusuam though We consudered that dance the best ever anyway Some of us began work on Varuna s furst prunted newspaper whuch took all awards at the SIPA conventuon un Lexungton We knew that ut would be our task to keep up uts standards Funally we became senuors Thus year really has been the fullest and most excutung of all Ronnue us agaun our presudent Our new sponsors, Muss Bok and Muss Bousseau both have brought new udeas We ve changed several thungs thus year We ve abolushed unutuatuon and chosen standarduzed commencement unvutatuons Our class members take an actuve part un school lufe Geraldune and Aluce head the newspaper and annual Woody us co captaun of the football team andWulluam us Co captaun of the basketball team Wulluam has also been suburban league hugh scorer for two years Annue and Charlotte captaun the gurls basketball team Betty us the furst gurl SCA presudent un eught years Betty Baltumore Wrught, who surprused us all by gettung marrued last Chrustmas Eve, us head cheerleader Duamond rungs seem to be quute the style Ann Saunders, Ellen Walls, Joyce Powell Shurley Bugg and Parsy Chuldress are all proudly wearung theurs 9 u - u ' - u ' , . . I I . . I . . , . . . . I . . . . . . . I g I . . - . , . ' ' ' ll ll ' . . , . ' I . i . . I . . worked until late Friday night and Saturday afternoon throwing "raindrops" over the rafters in . . I . I . . . I . . I I . . . . , . . , . . . . , . . , . . . . . . . . . , . I . I . Lnfe Wnth Father , our senlor play, was a bug success, Jean finally learned how sat on Sherwnn s lap and Buddy stormed around whsle Ruby calmed hum nn her not very logncal, but qunte charming manner In the end, we dnscovered that those hours and hours af practnce had really been worth whsle We never could have done It without Mass Bok though Well, these last few weeks will never be forgotten There have been conventions and meetlngs and partnes Then fmal exams, class day and baccalaurate all leadmg up to tomght So manyofus seem to be crylng l guess lt s happmess as well as that feelmg that we hate to leave Varlna They say you get out of something what you put into lt We ve done our best and worked hard We can be proud to say we re Varnmans N.. OUR SENIORS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT Charlotte Blon treasurer Loyal Moore vtce presrdent Ron me Sutton presldent and Geraldrne Algner secretary 1 O MILDRED ANNE ADICKES Anne Scrence Club 1 4 reporter4 Latm Club 1 FHA 1 2 FBLA 4 Annual Staff 4 BETTY LLEWELLYN BALTIMORE Betty Cheerleader l 4 head cheer leader 4 G A A 3 4 secretary 4 Teenage Club 1 4 presrdent 4 Dramatrcs Club 1 Glee Club 3 FHA l 4 FBLA 3 4 Scxence Clubl 3 Softball l 2 Basketball 1 School commrtteecharrman 4 Newspaper reporter 3 4 4 H l PepClub4 Class secretary2 An nual art edrtor 4 '5 SEHIURS l GERALDINEH AIGNER Geraldrne BetaClub 3 4 L1braryClub l 3 treasurer 3 reporter 2 FHA 1 Jr varsrtybasketball manager 3 Latrn Club 1 French Club 4 L1 brary commrttee charrman 2 edrtor ln ch1ef4 ANNIE GERTRUDE BANTON Ann1e Newspaper reporter 3 4 FHA 1 2 treasurer 7 Bus mon1tor3 Scx ence Club l 2 4 vrce presrdent 4 Annual sports edrtor 4 Photog raphy Club 3 4 Basketball 2 4 co captam 4 Student councrl 1 G A A 3 4 Llterary Club l ll ANNE LESTER AMES Anne Basketball 3 Junior varsrtw bas ketball manager l Beta Club 3 4 Busmonrtor 3 4 FHA 1 2 ScrenceClub 4L1braryClub l 3 4 v1ce presldent 4 Newspaper staff 3 4 reporter 8a crrculatron staff 3 assrstant edrtor 4 Annual lnerary edrtor 4 Teenage club reporter 4 Glee Club l 3 4 Dramatrcs club 1 3 Latrn Club rt awards 1 4 French Club 4 SHERWIN MICHAUX BECK Beck Track 2 4 Monogram Clu SCIENCE Club 4 Glee Club 3 4 Rr x I 'T v- X 1 x I x J . - . - '- . l I . 'Y I NQWSPHPSY Sffiff 3-4. reporter 3, lgQui1l8L Scroll secretary 4g Mer- Q-4: - 1 ' : ' I- - .1 - : Z I ' ' - 5 b 3-21 2 - ' 3 . 1 ' . A 4 s X CHARLOTTE JOYCE BLON Charlotte FHA1 2 Glee Club 1 3 4 Latrn Club Presldent 1 Ir varslty bas ketball 1 Basketball 2 4 co captarn 3 4 Sc1ence Club 2 4 prestdent FBLA 2 Classpresrdent 3 BetaClub 3 4 Newspaper staff 3 4 Photographyclubvrce presr dent 3 1secretary4 Old Domm ron Gxrls State 3 Mertt award 1 5 SCA secretary4 class treasurer 4 Qu1l18t Scroll 4 Annual L1t erary edttor 4 French Club 4 PATSY MAE CHILDRESS Patsy 4 H Club l Sc1enceClub 2 Glee Club l 4 FHA 1 2 4 Lxbrary Club 1 3 FBLA2 4 Qu1ll8t Scroll 4 Latrn Club 1 'K' if SEHIURS SHIRLEY MAE BUGG Bugg FHA1 3 FBLA 1 4 Sc1enceClub 1 2 Ir varslty basketball 1 Bus momtor 1 4 Offtce asslstant 2 ANNIE MAE CROSBY Annle Mae GleeClub 1 4 Sc1enceClub1 3 FBLA 2 3 FHA 1 2 4 Teenage Club 2 4 vrce prestdent 4 L1 brary Club 2 4 4 H Club 1 2 Bus morutor 1 4 Newspaper re porter 3 4 Annual advertrstng manager 4 Lat1nClub 1 Drama tlcs club 1 11 ALICE RUTH CABE Alrce Beta Club 3 4 pres 4 Annual staff 3 4 assxstant ed1tor3 ed1 tor ln chxef4 Newspaper staff art edrtor 3 4 Qurll 8: Scroll 4 Latxn Club 1 GAA 3 4 treas 3 Vars1ty Basketball 1 3 Student COUDC112 3 money maktng charrman 2 red cross chalrman 4 V1ce pres class 1 Merltaward 2 3 Drama club 1 3 LINDA LEEDS CUMMINS Lrnda Jr varstty basketball 2 Lrbrary Club 1 Qu11l8L Scroll 4 News paper staff 1 4 4 HClub 1 Mer rt Award 3 Dtstnct spellrng wxn ner3 Dramat1csC1ub2 4 French club 4 Latm Club 1 I I K, Aki? xi QT . . , A we-ff:ftf Q ', ' ,, , 'pf F WN I , I , 1 ' 2 I l f 'A I I- I X V - -, ' ' ' 3 '- . .' l Q . : Annual Staff,4g Band 154-H Club 3: HemiC0.C0unfy j.R.C. preg- - , Q 1- : ' - . : ' I k v f ' V l L 34' ,M A y S 'Z E , 12 . JOYCE ANN DICKERSON Joyce Band 1 4 Beta Club 3 4 v1ce pres1dent4 Newspaper reporter 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Bus Mon 1tor 4 Teenage Club 4 Office Asslstant 2 4 Red Cross chair man 2 FHA 1 4 pianist 2 3 4 State degree 3 Chairman of the Eastern Distrtct for state degrees 4 FBLA 2 3 treasurer 3 Merit Award 2 Glee Club 1 2 Qu1ll8L Scroll 4 JOHN HENRY HARDING John Industrial Arts Clubl 2 Foot ball 2 4 4 H 1 Safety patrol 4 Glee Club 3 4 Band 1 2 L1braryClub 3 Jr varsity bas ketball 2 3 SEIIIUHS BETTYE LEE GATLIN Bettye Lee Glee Club 1 Library Club FHA 1 2 Science Club 2 Photography C lub 4 WILLIAM PERRY HEATH B1 Basketball 1 4 co captain 3 4 Industrial Arts Club 1 Sci ence Club3 4 MonogramClub 3 4 presldent 4 Photography Club president 4 45 GERALD BROOKS GORDON Gerald Monogram Club 4 Newspaper reporter 4 Student counc1l3 4 treasurer 4 Baseball 3 4 Jr varsity basketball 1 Sci ence Club 2 4 president 3 C lass President 2 Industrial VOLLIE WOODROW HIC KS Woody Football 1 4 co captain 4 Track 2 4 Basketball manager 4 Newspaper reporter3 4 Sci ence Club 3 PhotographyClub 3 4 MonogramClub 3 4 Glee Club 2 4 French Club 4 R p Wtfa,-aw, R r. 2 T 4 6- 4 f ff- ' 1 C ' ' Q ' lj ' 1 - 3 1 ' . l l . - Q ' '45 I : ' president 4, Federation pianist FBLA 3-4: Dranmtics Club 3: Arts Club 1-2g Latin Club 1, .. -H.. : ' : '- 'IR' ' 'Z A' 'C F Q , X 1 2 L' I WILLIAM ROBERT JONES Mouse Sclence Club 1 2 Football 1 3 Jr varsrty basketball 1 2 Base balI2 3 Monogram Club 3 4 Glee Club 4 Newspaper reporter 4 Photography Club 4 Industrlal Arts Club 1 2 JEAN NORLENE LIVESAY Jean Cheerleader 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 secretary 4 Qu1ll 8a Scroll 4 Newspaper asslstant edttor 4 Ser ence Club 2 4 reporter 3 sec retary treasurer4 FHA 1-2 pres 1dent2 FBLA2 4 GAA treasurer Llbrary C lub secretary 3 G lee Club 1 3 Merxt awards 1 3 4 Old Domrnxon Grrls State 3 4? SEIIIURS KENNETH WARREN KEETON Kenneth Class treasurer 1 Jr varslty bas ketball 2 lndustrlal ArtsClub 1 BETTY IEAN MCCUE Betty 4 H Club 1 Dramat1csC1ub 1 3 FBLA 2 4 reporter 3 Parlra mentar1an4 FHA 1 2 Newspaper staff 4 Annual Staff art ed1tor 4 Presrdent of SCA 4 L rbra ry Club 2 Old Dornrmon G1rlsState 3 Teenage Club 4 ri T DORIS MARIE KING Dor1s Glee Club 1 4 FHA 2 Beta Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 L1braryClub 3 4 v1ce pres1dent4 Llbrary com m1tteecha1rman4 Qu1118r Scroll 4 NewspaperCo1umn1st4 Annual Subscrlptlon manager LOYALS MOORE Loyal Newspaper staff 4 Bus MOHIIOI4 Sctence Club 4 Class VICE pres rdent 4 AnnualSports Ed1tor 4 Old Dom1n1onBoys State 3 Mooers Hrgh School. Glee Club 1 2 Intermurals 1 2 Basketball 2 French Club 2 Baseball 2 K 3 4.5.3 X a t 2. , N .V .Y , 3 's -Qi I Z V , . sv ri 14 SFX' 1 A Ruby .A SEHIURS OLIVE IEANETTE OWEN Jeanette Science Club 1 2 reporter 2 FHA 1 2 FBLA 2 4 Lrbrary Club 1 Lattn Club 1 DIHIIIBIICS Club 3 Newspaper reporter 3 4 Advanced band 3 Begtnnrng band 2 Merrt Award 3 Glee Club 1 2 ROSE MARIE NORMAN Rose FHA1 2 Homemaku1gClub 1 Lat rn Club 1 Jr VGISIIY basketball 3 Jr varslty cheerleader 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 FBLA 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper reporter 4 Qurll 82 Scroll 4 Offrce Assrstant 2 JOYCE ANN POWELL Softball 1 Dramar1csC1ub l FHA 2 Sclence Club 2 Llbrary Club 2 3 GleeClub2 4 FBLA 3 4 Bus Monltor 4 Annual Crrculatlon Staff 4 RUBY MAE NORMAN Lxbrary Club 2 4 secretary 4 Bas ketballl 3 GAA pres1dent4 News paper glrls sports edrtor 4 Gtrls Athletlc Chauman 4 Merrt Award 3 4 Latin Club 1 Annual feature edltor 4 Dramatrcs Club 1 Glee Club 3 4 Iumor Varsrty cheerleader 2 3 Cheerleader 4 Beta Club 3 4 Qurll 82 Scroll 4 vxce presrdent 4 Fl-IA 1 French Club 4 ANN ELIZABETH SAUNDERS nn FHA pxanrst 1 2 FBLA 1 4 Vrce presrdent 3 hrsrorxan 4 Glee Club pramst 3 4 Scrence Club 1 2 Lat tn Club 1 Newspaper staff typlst 3 4 reporter 4 Homemakrng Club 15 '-9 Z 'Y - : - : " '.3.4: aft ' H N 5 : ' ' . 2 , 'f i "Joyce" , .- ' . 'Z . if Ak - - S . 1 I 1 A' ..A .. . Q ' f ' ' 5, 4 . - : - : - - Q' 1 4 l. ' . SEHIUHS HETTIE LOIS SLONE Het FHA 1 4 Franklrn County Htgh School FHA 2 3 RAYMOND GILBERT S HEPHERD Bert lndustrral Arts 1 ALTON EUGENE STAPP Alton Glee C1ub4 Sc1enceC1ub4 Stuy vesantl-hgh Scho0L Student coun c11 2 Drsmrssal squad 2 3 Class Presrdent 2 Automob1leC1ub Pres rdent 2 PAUL JONATHAN SHEREDA Paul Industrial Arts Club 1 Track 3 Safety patrol 4 Glee Club 3 4 Scrence Club 3 KVG 2 3 BETTY JEAN STRICKLER Betty Sctence Club 2 3 Latrn Club 1 FBLA 2 3 Newspaper reporter 84 typrst 4 Homemakmg C lu b 11 16 1-7 il at if SHIIURS PATRICIA ROSE TILLMAN at FHA 1 2 4 FBLA 2 4 Presrdenr 3 4 Bus Monrtor 1 4 Sc1enceClub 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 Varsrty Bas kerball3 4 Qu1ll8aScroll 4 News paper 3 4 advertrsmg manager 3 Annual 3 4 Busrness Manager 2 41-ll RONALD DEAN SUTTON Ronnre Beta Club 3 4 Class Presldent 1 4 Class vrce presrdenr 2 Class treasurer 3 SCA vrce presrdent 3 4 H Club 1 3 Industrral Arts Club 1 Scrence Club 2 4 Photography Club 3 4 Qurll Sr Scroll 4 Mono gramClub3 4 Footbal12 4 News paper staff 3 4 reporter 3 sports ed1tor4 Annualextracurrrculared rtor 4 CAROL ANN TIMBERLAKE Carol FHA 1 Glee Club 1 3 Scrence Club 1 4 FBLA 2 Photography Club 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Basket ball Manager4 Lrbrary Club 2 4 Newspaper reporter 3 4 Qu11l8r Scroll 4 French Club 4 Baseball 1 Annual Staff4 4 H Club l MARY ELLEN TEAS Mary Ellen Homemakrng Club 1 FHA l Latrn Club FBLA Z 4 Newspaper staff ryprst 3 reporter 4 Annual staff 4 BETTY MAUDELL WALLS "Betty' Science Club 2-3- FBL-X 2-4- FHA 1-23 Newspaper staff reporter 4 rypisr 3-4 17 'YS our "TY l SEHIURS MAUDE ELLEN WALLS Ellen Sc1enceClub 1 2 FBLA 2 4 FHA 1 2 HSSISIADI secretary 2 News paper reporter 4 ERHARD GEORGE WEIS JR Buddy Football 2 4 managerl Baseball 1 4 Track 3 4 Charrman Boys Athletrcs 4 Safety Patrol 1 4 Bus Monrtor 3 4 Newspaper staff 3 4 H 1 2 Monogram Club 3 4 Glee Club4 Latrn Club 1 Indus tr1a1ArtsC1ub 1 Class Pres1dent 3 WILLIAM H WALTON JR Brlly Industrral Arts Club 1 2 Football 1 3 Basketball manager 1 4 H Club 1 3 Safetypatrol 2 4 chref 4 Glee Club 3 4 Lrbrary Club 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Bus drrver 3 4 Photography Club 4 Band 1 LEWISRAYMOND WILLIAMS JR Skeeter Football 4 Baseball 1 2 4 Bus monrtor 3 Glee Club 3 Industrral Arts Club 1 lvlonogramClub3 4 Miss Morlise Bok and Miss Monfelle Boissecuu, sponsors . 18 QW! SEHIUH IILHSS PRUPHEIIU Geraldune Augner edutor of the New York Tumes, recently decuded to run afeature story on The Present Actuvutues of the Class of T954 of Varuna Hugh School Her reporters, Jean Luvesayand Carol Tumberlake were quucklyduspatched on aU S tour to seek out unformatuon The furst stop was the most logucal, that of the old habutat Varuna Hugh School There they were bowled over as they entered the buu ldung by the three musketeers, Char lotte Blon Loyal Moore and Woody Hacks, who now handle the athletuc department All the teams have a O 0 record Among the other old fruends found here was Mary Ellen Teas, affuce secretary to the new pruncupal John Hardung who was awarded the lab on the basus af past experuence un the offuce Elsewhere un Varuna, Betty and Ellen Walls luve un theur own duplex some years after theur double weddung They are now actuve members of the PTA As they walked across the road for a but of refreshment, they found that the old Varma Inn us now the Varuna Fullung Statuon run by the Co owners mechanucs, and lacks of all trades Kenneth Keeton and Lewus Wulluams Travelung on theur way up Route 5 they stopped un Ruchmond where Annue Mae Crosby and Bobby Tredway Pat Tu llman and Aubrey Lee were rausung opposung teams for AAA base ball whuch us now un full swung As they stepped on the bus they were surprused ta hear a famu luar vouce greetung them It was Bully Walton a well remembered classmate, now a top flught Greyhound bus druver As the bus sped through the beautuful Blue Rudge mountauns of Vurgunua they passed a luxuruous resort Hettue s Hulltop Haven Astrude a sleek horse sat Hettle Slone, one tume student of Varuna Hugh Havung stopped for ashort rest un Whattown, Pennsylvanua the gurls came across the sugn, Justuce of the Peace Raymond Shepherd Yes, ut was Bert followung un hus father s foot steps They were told upon enterung that they were lust un tume to act as wutnesses to the weddung of another fruend Betty Struckler, to a promunent busunessman When they arruved un New York they were guven a welcome by congressman and mulluon aure cattleman Ronnue Sutton who took them for a tour to observe the processung of meat From behund a rub of beef popped BuddyWeus owner and manager of theWeus Meat Packer s, aperatung on an unternatuonal scale That nught they attended the drama, Robunson Crusoe , playung at the Palace Theatre and starrung that famous actor Carlton A Southward As Crusoe came out on the stage amud thunderung applause they saw that he was none other than Charles Southward, one of theur talented classmates After the performance he took acurtaun call wuth husdurector and coach, Paul Shereda who had always excelled un speech and dramatucs class Found un the auduence were Joyce Duckerson and Betty Baltrmore, roammg together and stull collaboratung Joyce desugner of Joyce Orugunals plans the completewardrobe of Betty, a famous model After the play beung on an expense account they rounded the nught clubs and were Iustenung to some hot notes from a beautuful canary when they duscovered that she was Dorus Kung, now bulled as Marue La Kung chanteuse Her accompanust, they found, was Ann Saunders Z0 . . . . - I 1- U . . . . . U . I C l I ' . I I l . . . . . . I . . . , . I . . . I I I Q U ' P I 1 . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . . . . I I . . . , . . . . . . 1 I . . . . I . . . . , . . . . . . I . . . . I - - ' . . . . . . 1 . ,, . I . H . . - . , . . . . . . 1 uu . uu ' uu uu ' ' ' u .- , . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . l I T I I I - . . . . , I . . . ' uu - nu ' . . , . . - . . . . . . . , . . . . . . 0 . . . . ' I I . . . I I . P I I I - . . . , , . Walkung alongFufth Avenue the next day, they spued a famuluar face It s Aluce Cabe cruid Jean lt was undeed Aluce now a famous commercual Orfusf, complete wuth penthouse stu uo That afternoon they attended a boat race on the Hudson Ruver The wunner flashed over the funush lune un a trum red boat On the sude was emblazoned the sugn Jones Marune Boat C lt was Robert Jones collectung a new trophy to add to the 456 now un hus trophy case As they relaxed un theur hotel suute that nught readung the paper the headlunes declared that a new germ had been duscovered by that emunentbacteruologust, Anme Gertrude Banton Thus was no shock, for Annue was always duscoverung surprusung thungs un chemustry class The next day they prepared to leave New York As they entered Grand Central Statuon, they were almost run down by a handsome young man who was gallopung around the platform at top speed As he trupped past, they recognuzed Sherwun Beck one tume track star of V H S practucung hus dauly 20 mules whule woutung for a traun to Seattle He unformed them that he was to compete un the Olympucs beung held un the state of Washungton Boardung the Westbound traun, they encountered Ruby Norman, lust returnung from a trup to Yucca Flats Nevada, where she had vusuted three old fruends Jeanette Owen, Bettye Lee Gatlun, and Joyce Powell at theur posts as pruvate secretarues to topexecutuves of the Atomuc Energy Commussuon Ruby, a teacher cut Pan Amerucan Busuness College was un quute a hurry to get back to her classes un Ruchmond But, learnung of theur quest for news, she unformed the gurls that three classmates were nurses at the Mayo Clunuc Anne Aduckes, Rose Norman and Betty McCue are now un lune for promotuon as supervusors They took theur seats, but had hardly settled back when they were brought to attentuon by the sound ofa porter callung theur names Hurruedly they opened the telegram he handed On arruvung at the governor s mansuon, they duscovered another dunner guest, the Senator from Vurgunua Gerald Gordon who ummeduately began to argue on the questuon of Pork versus Beef or When are we goung to eat dunner'9 After a delughtful evenung, they hopped a plane to Los Angeles gust un the nuck oftume Up front sat Patsy Chuldress, her husband and seven chuldren who were all en route for a week end at grandma s on a ranch un Aruzona Patsy, luvung un Dallas wuth her army husband rauses the Slaughter kuds wuth a furm and steady hand It was quute easy to locate former classmate Wulluam Heath un Los Angeles Hus name us known to every movue fan Heath s Quuck Pux studuo covers fufty acres un the heart of the cuty As a specual treat to hus fruends Bull allowed them to sut un onthe showung of hus new pucture, The peruls of Lunda starrung hus latest duscovery, Lunda Leeds Cummuns A luftle duffuculty was encountered by the gurls un locatung one of theur fruends Shurley Horner, formerly Shurley Bugg She and Edward now luve on the shore of Lake Muchugan They ve named theur furst, Jack Travelung back to Ruchmond wuth only a few of theurclassmates left to vusut, they stopped at Vassar College and were greeted warmly by the dustunguushed Muss Ames head of the Englush Dept and dearly beloved by all the gurls Tured but happy at havung seen all theur old classmates and pleased that everyone was so successful, they boarded theur traun, restung secure un the knowledge that Edutor Augner would be pleased wuth the report Z1 ' ' ' ' ' ll I ' ua ' I O , . I ' I u . . . . . . . , H , n .- I o. , ' ' , . . . . I . I , , . . u 0 C I 0 . I 1 . . . . , . , . I . . . I ' - I them. It was from Texas, an invitation to dinner, signed "Alton Stapp, Governor of Texas." . . , . . . . . . . . . .. I I ll YI ' ' ll , . . I . - ,, , ,, . . . . . . ' -I ' Il I - - - u ' ' ' . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . . - I . ,, . . ., . . . . . , . I I u 1 0 I ' 5 I ' n I ' I ' ' ll ll I . . . I Lyone Argner Betty Bolton Ionnre Brandon Carol Crawford all JUHIURS sf 'EV AL Vlrgrnra Crawford Rex Dorey 55.- 1 nfs 'Nl 1'- y Nh., in? 3 'Cf fx If John Dvorak Mary Gratz 2 Uv! 1'-'S fl CLASS OFFICERS Tommy Purcell Vice-Presidenr Donald Seelman President-LoisGregory Secretary- Wyart Renick Treasurer. Lors Gregory June Gregson .-J ZZ Q Mary Groome AL Barbara Hxcl-ts Irmmy Hall Katherme Hamner Dorothy Jeter Ramon Johnson Katre Lampkrn Shrrley Lancaster Patsy Lrpford Pat Mabe Jesse Mathews Beth M1ller Alfred Mlstr Betsy Nelson Mary Poole Thomas Purcell Wyatt Remrk Made l1ne Roblnson FEIIX Salmons Katherrne Smellre Barbara Smlth Helen Smith Juanita Turner Charlotte Wendel Buddy Whltlow NOT PICTURED Alfred Brown Grace Dowdy Dora Palmore Albert Paraday Thelma Rob mson Shrrley Salmons John Smrth Bobby Tredway Davrd Wallo Lawrence Duke Ken neth Morrrs Charles Stagg Albert Lrckev James Farmer James Neagle Kenneth Nell A X B111 Harrlson Earnest Johnson John Jacobsen LCWIS Lanham Janet Lawrence Eugene Ledford Peggy Martm Wayne McLean Janrce Nuckols Rachel Nutall Jackre Owen Shxrley Panther Treva Quesenberry Patsy Seney Barbara Shlnn Patsy Smrthers Barbara Taylor Beverly Ukrop Jean Vaughn Tom Vontom Brlly Wavner B1lly Whxte Iaclue Woods Anne Yandle NOT PICTURED Jean Chrld ress Barbara Emerson Ber nrce Jones Mary Jane Meade Helen Sledge Shxr ley Wade Wayne Norman Edward Outland Em m e t t Gregory Mavrs Bohr Stuart Trrce Joe Barlow Ruth Saunders Bobby L a m my Mlllard Ilnnette Ellen Far mer Larry Blanks George Bergemann N orm a Bohr Lors Davrs Rrchard Ellrs Guy Jones Claude Shearrn Woody Sanderford Raymond Baker. vf- X 'Q- Y' AL 'Du Q' JUHIUHS 4 i Q--v fa? F? 'Q' Uv i5 Qu-'Q N 1""7 2 my img. ss, '9- 'Q7 L r-In LL ltr C""5 ' bf I Q' 1 Q? LEFT TO RIGHT Edward Outland Secretary Jean Vaughan Presrdent Barbara Shrnn Sheila Alvrs Charlotte Brooks Martha Dvorak Bettw Fraxser Janet French Jean Frrtts Myrtle Dudley Orebelle Doley Iames Durette Jerry Elhs Charles Farrbanks Thomas Fene Marsha FIIIIS Patsy Hall James Jeter Rose Krser Deloras Irlly Joanne Mrstr Shlrley Nelson Garnette Nunnally Beverly Phelps Alrce Panther Cary Lee Poole Frances Powell Tommy Young Ioan Seay Sherry Sutton James Thrmsen Norma Walls Nancy Yahley NOT PICTURED Stuart Bell Barbara Lawrence, Evelyn Prof- fitt Robert Walker Thomas Wright Jo Ellen Horton Lawrence Turner, Richard Reu Carl Orange Edward Long John Coughlin Joe Harden WilsonGeorge, Ralph Golding Robert Walls Henry Harlow Elsie Robinson Betty Aigner, SUPHUIHURES :- Y 91 1 SJ 'N R F4 5 qi 'E' 5.5 E' l""""' op. 1 !" 1 1 7""j v-s 41 3 011 li! IN 7 .fx li'- 3 ,rn C1-9 Nui .xn- FHESHHIEH CLASS OFF IC ERS lk 5 I1mmyDurrette V1ce Presldent B111y Melton Treasurer James Ieter Presldent Betty Argner Secretary if-1 6- T? Mary Jane Alvrs Betty Brackney Randy Carlrsle Carol Chrldress Peggw Conklt Ralph Dean Beverlx Drr as MISS HENLEY, Grade Eight. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Yvonne Kaloski, James Harris, Mason New, Jack Nelson, Betty Reed, Carole Roades. SECOND ROW: Betty Wagner, Segrid Lynn, Linda Booher, Arlene Whitlow, Betty Hollis, Mary Elizabeth Beadles, Anne Morrow, Ruth Shereda, Judy Enroughty. THIRD ROW: Gerald Webb, Dan Stevens, Leslie Spiggle, Frances Strickler, Sarah Johnson, Larry Snead, JackieDavis, Josephine Bayne, Grace Smellie, Jo Ann Dotson. FOURTH ROW: Herman Luellen, Kenneth Spruill, Clarence Moore, Edward Sweeney, Richard Willard, Fred Spicer, Ellis Daniels, Thomas Mistr, Billy Allen. MR, RININGER, Grade Eight, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Leroy Turnage, Carolyn Garrett, Edith Holder, Judith Christian, Mildred Jeter, SECOND ROW: Eleanor Hanvey, Gary Hicks, Mary Jewel, Sallie Brackney, Earl Brooks, Brenda Holder, Thomas King, ArvinMarsha1l, Linwood Boltz, Richard Bednar. THIRD ROW: Robert Landes, Brenda Blanks, Dorothy Landes, Herman Pickels, Howard Taylor, Thelma Loving, Winifred Atkins, Patricia Loving, Barbara Farkas, Leroy Palmore. MRS.THOMPSON,Eight Grade.FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David lngroff, Kathleen Harlow, Franklin Reed, SECOND ROW: Ann Harlow, Jackie Sweeny, Carl Whitlow, Sandra Wendel, Angie Morris, Ben McLean, Jackie Davis, Lawrence Powell, Fred Coxe, THIRD ROW: Kenneth Moore, Ann Foster, Sara Sue Fritz, Winnie Ritger, Lilly Brockwell, Rochelle Phelps, Janice Waddel, Donald Teas, Dorothy Conway, FOURTH ROW: Cindy Woods, Joyce Evans, MayBennett, Frank Perry, John Major, Billy Osterman, Barbara Currie, Brenda Davis, Betty Hodges, Paul Cox. SEVENTH GHHDE MR, LEVENSON, Seventh Grade, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Guy Childress, Ernest Seay, Suzanne Wagner. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Jacobson, Ethel Browning, Tommy Foster, Suellen Fairbanks, Davy Dowdy, Dutch Glass- cow, Robert Madison, THIRD ROW: Ann Livesay, Kent Trammell, Nadine Purks, Jo Young, Bobbie Coxby, Liz Reed, Betty Lee Bolty, Judith Burrage, FOURTH ROW: Ralph Barrett, James Caldwell, Joe Nowell, James Simms, Roy Gay, Pat Cox, Mildred Gatlin. MRS.MEADOW,Seventh Grade, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Harris, Joyce Cox, Jackie Smith, Addie Mae Lammey, Frankie Conkle,Johnnie Bugg. Ernest Dudley, SECOND ROW: George Spiggle, Bobby Baker, Lymon Horne, Phyllis Hall, Nancy Jackson, Barbara McCauley, Doris Mills, Joe Hanvey, THIRD ROW: Donald Wells, Carol Webb, Anita Priestino, Richard Ferrell, George Turbyfill, Thomas Metheneny, Rosa Lee Jordan, MRS, V, MORTON, Seventh Grade. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Hanchey, Georgeanne Wagner, Anne Parker, Pat Burks, Anne Summers, Barbara Lisbon, Jackie Russell, Dickie Gilbert, SECOND ROW: Bobby White, Billy Shearin, Hazel Samuels, Joanne Weis, Sally Sutherland, Marjorie Crawford, Benny La Prade, Ernest Mistr, Tommy Pennington, THIRD ROW: Wayne Oliver, Sarah Chenault, Lorene Morris, Lil1ianClay, Ruth Ellen Heckler, James Caughlin, FOURTH ROW: Billy Morrison, Sandra Forsythe, Charlie Bowery. MII uv nu' ow' MISS MORTON'S, Sixth Grade. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Judy Sunday, Faye Whitlock, Lois Dudley, Hubert Sweeney, Ryland Gorman, Larry Boone, Norma Luellen, Charles Hollis, Janet Davis. SECOND ROW: Ronald Ellis, Taylor Brandon, Jimmy Atkinson, Ronald Wade, Michael Powers, Nathan Dowdy, Tony Ingram, Tommy Moore, Catherine Harris. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Woods, Mildred Wade, Barbara Gunderson, Patricie Baughan, Jane Mistr, Ann Childress, Joyce Kirby, Gary Thimsen. FOURTH ROW: Billy Mears, William Major, Tommy Williams, Sidney Phelps, Benard Wright, Frederick Atkinson, Lawerence Major. NOT PICTURED: William Loving, Wilbur Gridgewater, Judy Roberts. ii- MRS, HARPER, Sixth Grade. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: James Lampkin, Frances Banton, Patricia Wright, Kenneth Duncan, Jack Sullivan, Malcolm Foster, Joan Sorenson, Minnie Parady, Charlotte Hendrick, Brenda Timberlake, Diane Gilmore, Nellie Taylor. SECOND ROW: Esther Williamson, Peggy Melton, Mary Jane Tremble, Richard Ellis, Charles Lancaster, Richard Kane, Jon Barlow, Betty Baker, Betty Taylor, James Dvorak, Eddie Sumner. THIRD ROW: Macgill Murphy, John Shinn, Gail Hall, Gene Silva, Marvin Townsend, William Burch, William Franck, Percy Flannagan, Robery Bergenian. MRS. JONES, Sixth Grade. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Sandra Wiltshine, Barbara Gilliam, Charles Garrett, Charlotte Brackney, Frances Bohannan, Judy Alvis, Woodroe Cutright, Douglas Yandle, Barbara Updike, Stella Emerson. SECOND ROW: David Cook, James Sneed, Mel Keenan, Benny Saunders, William Everhart, John Morris, Henry Nelson. THIRD ROW: Tommy Worley, Barbara Evans, A.J. Hall, Fay Emerson, Robert Metheny, Robert Long, PatrickClifton, JoanCarter, Linda Cochrane, William Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Silva, Joseph Wilson, Billy Walker, Jessie Jeter, George Whitman, James Moore, Sandra Terpenning, Peggy Hodges. H .rg FIFTH GRHDE MRS, GEORGE NELSON, Fifth Grade, LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Frances Wright, Jo Ann Wright, Shirley Haynes, Wilma Osby, Horace Grubbs, Kenneth Willard, Bobby Rapp, Donald Ac'ors. Wayne Spiggle. J.C. Morris. SECOND ROW: Henry Phelps, Mitchell Kambis, Jerry Acree, Rennie Newcomb, Howard Garrett, Ar- nold Gunderson, Pals Dowdy, Betty Ann Harper, Elva Lee Fadely, Rena Mae Wright, Susan Pollard, THIRD ROW: Janice Johnson, Donald Emerson, Barbara Palmore, JoJohns, Charles Coughlin, Ronnie Liptrap, Woody Morris, Dewey Thurston, Thomas Loving, Pauline Banton, Shirley COX. MISS POWELL, Fifth Grade. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Richard Harden, John Elkin, Blair Northen, Donald Small, Clifton Purks, Timmy Ingram, Donna Lee Hatcher, Shirley Kaloski, Earline Marshall, Brenda Sumner. SECOND ROW: Jean Ball, Beverley Dowdy, John Gregson, Constance Baker, Dorothy Fenne, Howard Eberly, George Gaulding, Jerry Merriden, Carole Enroughty, Betty Hamner. THIRD ROW: Bucky Snelson, Sandra Hicks, Joe Forsythe, James Bradley, Starkey Hare, Carol Stevens, Sharon Savage, Thelma Dowdy, Sherry Eborn, Joan Landrum. MRS. STAPLES, Fifth Grade. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Nancy Alvis, Shirley Boltz, Betty Gilland, Martha Bradley, Charles Morris. SECOND ROW: Wilson Aigner, Raymond Lanhom, Robert Hodges, Terry Hadden, Carolyn Nelson, Roger Luellen, Michael Smiley, Barbara Everhart, Donna Atkins, Bonnie Rohrig, Bill Benson. THIRD ROW: Marvin Lindsey, Edward Rickman, Jeanette Whorley, Helen Murphy, Patsy Easter, Edward Sal- mon, Jimmy Presson, John Campbell, Mozelle Phelps, Jackie Johnson, Judy Lucord. FUUHJH GHHDE MRS, DEWBERRY'S, Grade Four. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Judy Throckmorton, Vickie Seney, Jimmy Brown, Bayard Harris, Charlottellarris, Ricky Mears, Wayne Scarborough, Panielallarris, Martha Mistr, Peggy Barns, Gaynelle Britton, Alice Recd. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Madison, Diane Game, Linda Ellis, Bill Dot- son, Billy Graves, Ronald Turbyfill, Dick Hamilton, Larry Barlow, Harvey Salmon, Norman Sizemore. THIRD ROW: David Tomko, Jane Strickler, Allan Dotson, Gene Carter, Edwin Weis, Ronald Gilliam, Chuck Alvis, Wayne Parrish, Jimmy Shaw, Bob Nelson. Q I--4 r f-. I' gps, , J MRS, McKAY, Grade Four. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Thomas Marshall, Thomas Cocker, Frank Cock- rone, Mary Lou Jackson, Ann Garrett, Geraldine Slaughter, Billy Wendel, John Madison, Jerry Shaver, Anna Boone, Wayne Tibbs, James Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Paul Farkas, Tommy White, Steve Wallo, David Salmon, Joy Jean Wooley, Barbara Hives, Hubert Smith, Billy Lyon, Beverly Scott, Jane Ellis, Brenda Forsyth, Clay Tepper, Henry Dowdy. THIRD ROW: Louis Bourne,Fred Speelman. Sandra Davis, Billy Turner, James Mills, Eugene Dixon, Barbara Garland, Grenda Webb, Joyce Keesee, Roy Williamson. MRS. SHELBY, Grade Four. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Dorothy Kahl, Lottie Dudley, Jimmy Wright, Danny Silva, George Seal. SECOND ROW: Thelma Ratcliffe, Juanita Waddell, Carole Harvell, Mack Bivins, Jerry Gwaltney, Frankie Hollis, Patricia Choate, Betty Lou Sorensen, Aubrey Gunderson, Buddy Metheny, Linda Cox, Carole Lampkin. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Gatlin, Ralph Ferrell, James Townsend, Paul Griffey, Spike Seay, Oscar Rickman, Warren Hicks, Charles Samuel, Buddy Jones, Jessie David, Linda Talley. gk MRS, ROBERT NELSON, Grade Three, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Beverly Windle, Dale Christian, Betty Tepper, Jack Ferguson, Elizabeth Flannagan, Dallas Reed, Robert Hodges, Carol Luellen. SECOND ROW: Ralph Nelson, Clinton Jackson, Johnny Bowling, Ben Williams, Robert Lee Waddell, Dale Silva, Linda Lee Ingram, Dorothy Loving, THIRD ROW: Janice Webb, Shirley Ratcliffe, Diane Riggins, Frank Garrett, Charlie Baker, Robert Snipes, Marvin Beck, Terry Priestina, BACK ROW: Ruby Cutright, Kenneth Heckler, Norman Aigner Wayne Morris, Juanita Osby, Dea Wells, Elsie Loving, Mary Ellen Means. MISS PASH, Grade Three. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lillian Garrett, Janice Gilmore, Sue Crosby, Lris Mille, Connie Trusty, Cheryl Lanham, Joan Hendricks, Judy Hicks. SECOND ROW: Betty Williamson, Judy Bednar, Marlene Norman, Velma Cumbea, Sharan Oliver, Jerry Schwartz, Billy Johns, Patsy Lou Jones. THIRD ROW: Linda Woods, Shirley Foster, Eugene Cless, Floyd Allen, Lorraine Priestina, Edward Wells, Peter Alvis. FOURTH ROW: Donald Shinn, George Loving, Richard Lotsey, Linda Enroughty, Carol Clarke, Patsy Morris, Jerry Emerson. MRS. R.-XYNE, Grade Three. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Phillips. Gloria Clay. James Donati. Aubrey Gilliam. Herbert Whitlow. Linda Davis. SECOND ROW: OdessaMoore, Audrey Brackney. Dorothy Forsyth. Peggy Pitts. Donna Daye Bland. David Daniels. Frances Wagner. Daisy Garrett. THIRD ROW: Anna Samuel, Mary Sue McCue, Lois Ragland. Bernice Lash, Carolyn Jackson, Rosa Sammons. Scotty Cosby. Lottie Silva. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Scott, Janet Strath, Charles Smellings, Jimmy Strath, Dickey Meade, Shirley Turbyfilt. David Moore, Kenneth Roberts. SEUUHD MISS CHILDREY, Grade Two, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Barlow, Linda Shinn, Brenda Bell, Meade Ferguson, Wayne McLemore, Chester Alvis, Dennis Groome, Ronnie Harris, Carl Kaloski, SECOND ROW: Betty Ratliffe, Ernie Hall, Wayne Kelly, Patsy Throckmorton, Ann Burks, Riggy Ingram, Mary Louise Becker, Billy Jackson, Larry Pace, THIRD ROW: W, D, Aigner, Kenneth Kambis, Renny Tremble, Kathie Bivins, Barbara Garrett, Roy Dowdy, MRS, HARRIS, Grade Two, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: larry Tepper, Robert Black, Jimmy Madison, Robert Jordon, Pauicia Seay, Jimmy Clarke, Diane Blanco, Edith Kilgowe, Sadie Ann Godsey, Mary Marshall, Keith Elkin, SECOND ROW: Pauline Harwell, Diane Franck, Roy Rickman, Patsy Keesee, Linwood Brockwell, Darlene Doane, CarolAllen, Tommy Fadley. THIRD ROW: Wayne Newcomb, Kathy Grubbs, Harold Finchum, Roy Murphy Christopher Nuttall, Mack Small, Elizabeth Jordon, Reba Shover, MISS WINN, Grade Two, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Garry Flippo, George Ann Davis, Woody Reed, Claude Baughan, Linda Lee Husey, Morris Moore, Vernelle Dudley, William Phelps, SECOND ROW:R0bertGar1'ett, Nancy Whitlow, Philip Hall, Judy Lee Goode, William Grubbs, Valarie Mae Husey, James R, Dowson, Edward Bethel, THIRD ROW: Suzanne Obenshain, James Eberly, Alvin Mistr, Marvin Matthews, Brenda Shuff, Lloyd Throck- morton, Lewis Alexander, David Lee Turnage, FIRST BRHDE MRS, BEADLES, First Grade, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Raymond Conkle, Faye Cumbea, Janice Denton, Lois Johnson, Sue Bynum, Cathy Terpennirig, Troy McLemone, Randy Battenfield, STANDING: Tommy Helen Trusty, Bobby Game, Betty Barlow, Jimmy Hodges, Edward Henderson, Jimmy Dickinson, Betty Britton, Gary Johns, Mar- garet Becker, Alan Osby, Barbara Hicks, Betty Lou Haynes, MRS, DOTSON, First Grade, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: DaisySilva, Brenda Frayser, Anna Eberly, Bettye Hicks, Karen Schoen, Richard Williams, Meredith McCue, Russell Shaver, Jr,, Edward Haynes, Stephen Terry, Larry Garton, SECOND ROW: Susan Sweeney, Wayne Long, Roy Garrett, Earl Snelson, Sandy Dotson, Danny Snead, Archie Dowdy, Herbert Sigmund, Billy Wallo, Joe Meredith. THIRD ROW: Bobby Eberly, ArnoldEberly, Hillis Allen, Linda Hudson, Emil Soukup, Forrest Terrell, Nelda Pollard, Christina Thurston,Gail Tucker, Kathie Mur- Doch, Sandra Williams, MRS, SUDDUTH, First Grade, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Woods, Nancy Clarke, Curtis Robertson,Janis Dean. SECOND ROW: Ellen Marie Nadeau, larry Sizemore, Billy Windle, Bryan York, Arthur Weis, Eddie Wright, Lucille Bradley, Patsy Harris, THIRD ROW: Brenda Haynes, Kathleen Robinson, Barbara Dowdy, Gloria Dean, Charlotte Henshaw, Margaret Smith, Betty Jane Scott, John Finch, FOURTH ROW: Verd Ann Worley, Benny Rig- gins, Billy Smith, Jackie Clark, David Burkett, Dale Hicks, MISS GOWEN, Frrst Grade FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Shrrley Potts Gary Harrls Barry Lee Palmore Gene Jackson Betty Rrckman Sonneyboy Luellen SECOND ROW Arthur Brrdgewater Bobby Caldwell Ed bee Srg mund Morris Englehart Tommy Hlnes Vrrglma Garrett THIRD ROW Debby Wells Jane Mae Amory Pat Coughhn Jrmmy Hmgley Steve M1113 Jean Teppan FOURTH ROW Rossell Bohn Jerry rviae Brrdgewater Tommy Moms M1Ch3C1ACOfS Gene LOV11'1g III 3 6 BETA ig LEU B CHARLOTTE BLON CAROL TIMBERLAKE MARY E TEAS RAMON JOHNSON LYNE AIGN ANNE AMES GERALDINE AI'3NER DORIS KING Tvemuvev JOYCE DICKERSON Vwce Pre: dem JE AN LIVESAY Secremvy RCSE NORMAN RUBY NCRMAN .L A RONNIE SUTTON 'lyke' ,33- 6 ff'-X ,r 512553 ALICE CASE MISS JULIETTE MOODY res dem Sponsav :WS w 1 F1241 r M4 ,ffm 4024 "'l WYATT M., 'V RE NICK I N af! PATSY CHILDRESS BETSY NELSON L OIS GREGORY PAY MABE In I ,Q JOHN DVORAK REX DOREY ALFRED MISTR MARY GRATZ J UNE GRE GSON KATIE LAMPKIN MOST I NTELLECTUAL LoyaI Moore IUHUS IIIH MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Anne Ames Ronme Sutton BEST ALL AROUND Charlotte Blon Woody Hrcks MOST POPULAR Betty BaIt1more Wright Buddy Wels CUTEST Rose and Ruby Norman Sherwin Beck 38 MOST ATHLETIC Anme Banton WnII1cm Heath I A I u 9 X A - w I 'I Geraldine Aigner I I T Q, E? 1 , 'ft I I W' I If IIIUII6 THE SEIIIUHS NEATEST FRIENDLIEST Pat TrIImon Jean Llvesoy Gerald Gordon Bert Shepherd BEST LOOKING Shlrley Bugg John Hordnng BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST TALENTED Alice Cube WITTIEST Doris Kung Bully Walton Anme Moe Cfosby Kenneth Keefon Robert Jones 30 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Charlotte Blon Secretary Pat Mabe Vrce Presrdent Betty McCue Presrdent Gerald Gordon Treasurer STANDING Betty Baltrmore Dor1s Krng Frances Powell Betsy Nelson Shrrley Panther Jack Nelson Mrss Motley Ruby Norman Buddy Wers Betty Bolton Brlly Walton B1l1y Whrte and James Durrette STUDENT GUUHIIIL Ui SCH The Student Council is made up of the SCA officers, nine committee chairmen and a representative from each home room. It is the main governing body of the school. 40 MISS MAUDE B. MOTLEY Sponsor run Qyvlttttnna A True Relatzon of Such Occurrences of JN ote as Hath Happened zn Virginia ohn Smzth umber 4 YARIN-X HIGH SCHOOL RICHXIOND XIRGINIA J-XNLARX l-I l934 Exams Set Exams ys ll b Qin anuary S rkeys women not only can ut in some cases theyi oot them' held a turkey shoot, or the gym scoreboard 'vis B D Lilly and rry outshot their hus ther men Both carried s turkeys as proof of ship shoot, which cleared the athletic associatic 4 Xarina athletic field eys were awarded to rom 7 to 10 pm as follows chairma , announcer, Yernon rs, W H 'Vftars Wil wis Lanham Sr oe Lawrence Sr judges, Ellett 'vIcGtorge, am ur Matthews, Leste ox firing line Henry runners, Ramon ohry hnson Woodrow S Lanham r Serviml s Henry Dvorak, Q ws, and Mrs Lester ltz eighth szrader, w arksman to receive a 4 Stoneman, Henr rs were Billy Walton Mr Nlatthews, Bobby s C-rayetti, C T Wen Sweeney Harold Red Gardiner John Bugg Horace Lipford Law nd Louis Xigner nlors Meetln represented Yarina A district meeting erson High School ding the meeting I at Mabe June Grefl Ramon johnson M tsy' Nelson. Roy' rks represented the at the convention y Mrs. ulia Staples. and last through anuary 26 cordine to VN H Niears principal S Ihey will take place during second and third periods each day yyith a six day holiday after the last exam Pwl Shereda gms the bird Ihr sehr-rliile for the class nerinfis For Dfwcrdl YEVUS In hl5 'ittempts 10 estimated at 364350011 over gi five-' . 'ss Carter is studying for . 3 Bear period. In addition to the 4- S I A d 'degree iI music I th i ylltlitlli authori7ed by the voters S SthooI. CIolurnbi.i IL n.yyis1Il- Henrico Board of Supf'ry'isors as ' ll fx In xlw xolk MISS C' 'uf ir , , . l,, .. .:-:ljninia SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Katie Lampkin advertising manager- Geraldine Aigner, editor-in-chief: Ramon Johnson business manager' Ronnie Sutton, sports editor. STANDING: Alice Cabe, art editor Charlotte Blon assistant editor- Anne Ames assistant editor- Ruby Norman sports editor- Pat lyiabe circulation manager- Jean Livesay assistant editor' Barbara Shinn Beverly Ukrop Martha Dvorak exchange editors. I s assembled in the au... hey' received zencral in- th day. Discussion ildinx: Relations" were iuht difIercnt sections. and une Greuson para c second uroup entitled - SCI.-X interest students -i ies." T is pant- yy-:is - Whaley' High School. ent on the prournin was , H . , inning. f III , d Ih . . I. . ' s ' year. ave now receive Glli pins or - . . torum presented by the Richmond - .il qw! pummu, Snfi-ty' Council. P ni.iin topic vac. "How teen- I I Imvrs mu d ht. p to impmw. Infm, in XN.i ker. supervisor of Business .du- .III III I . s- - . "BU" dictation. , ,. ne. c cords are ide I' .- . . . . . . ., . V is L this home, school, and community. . CUUUU S IWC" in x1"lm'-'- . I SSI 'If Xyhdkins. inginauinu director ol the ,? ,,, T. - I . rty' li nfi. 'IYK' . . Oh t' . Lwl. 5. I S I1 y ilu number of accidents that occur in the liomi- in comparison to those of trafhc. Hermitage Wins I WIS- - 'I Our aim ls to ziye as much SfI'Xll possible and at the same time to be explained E X Beck Htnrico Cour i- " ' iriii. ' ' fonyae - 5" S 1. Nllil'tl Nllls By Geraldine -Xigner e to the country as s cflic ent and courte ty Xfanazrr rccrntl s offic a the c Q77 X rti nun HS y h h had the niina nn rt Hcnrito one of th modal co litht to th: dark o iiaa olitits as co I s otten been tc m Ihc principal a ii ana r p r hiye one hr r y thr lcted oar tr ls fp the opera n Jol t is ity rrliny ii ointnirnt in t prrsonml t rat thr cou y Home In Ly i Bu homm KI! n xy S it 1 in I tlulii iii s Q ti in coins n al ini. YN oi d ir 9 1 i ly in uth Bi tr' in t ippointiii ninth yyitli init L ixi iin Cl V I' S . .ind urban I T' A K , Kif 'x 1. ' in it . ..t i J i. ntyv. v ii . 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Ile ia-iw' 'i-d I I v i fri-nc' dcurvi' I C i linuinwiinu I om t tiahnii' Institute. Hi- - I f in pa ' gidi iii'tr:i , I .. - ' h.i gk' 'ipon I : iigu irip. finance a k home three stayed .isI Lin cnein . ' , I cliii ' l YM I I I I has ii"y'iois I' An. . . ' I I ' , A Snr lil 1. . Cl P .I I . V his fits . ' 1-n I I 'I . I I - 'lyltl ' I hay' I I ' I , V. e 'i ini 'ip.ilitif-sf ' I. ' I '- ii 'vi' ' 'I l. ' i' . "yy' pitlyl ni heir ls in y 0 I . ,Nfl ' 7 I 'I I5 lm il Ltiyriniiii nt Cl I S I n it c ,l 1 d iui il are in , the ' Un ot Ir B ly . h Wi l y 'I 1' irit tlim siiyiyist I 1 1 T ltd uily n L1 tiitts tint on to e tlii l S- it iy D s ' ll sl lit I ' ' ' iii is yyli il it itll! . v ' tilyl y .1 iy t i N six I I , , , , . .y itii d iiit li , I I I I it s in pi i yi lyy t , ' ' nn tion thin' i It y wild nit ly 'to l tt or I i .I 1 l ii .oi 1 ii I 7 in cl lliiittyi: t xll I ht l l cnt N tlitlviwit in tli i sry e li ' 'ly 1' i Th ' ' lh ni ml bl XF L lh s is thi nt il toni ol i XIII III I II III l l Q 1 iti li iid in httli piiiocl slum tiy IIII III II I I -I 'I C 'll ll i it Il i tli ii It win tl it 4 4 itlii I iii l I I Sif Liu l Ll i tilk th I I I II IIII I IIII IIIIII II II I III yII Ii I I IIyyIi t 9 h l tliiii ' tiyli it ii yy lu y ty K l Isl I I I 0 . tl .li-iiy iiiili ' 1 -ily tyi tit II I II Ih nit inin of sift l f C 9 9 I III In H Ihuli I I I I 'Q -is ulz-em Series A - -3- '1 y' Zyl Liam! :.U . PHUTUGHHPHU CLUB .-.ff C2 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Grace Dowdy Anrue Banton Mary Poole John Jacobsen William Heath Char lotte Blon Carol Timberlake Dorothy Jeter Jackie Davis SECOND ROW Jackie Sweeney Bettye Gatlin Madeline Robinson Lawrence Powell Mr Harper sponsor Juanita Turner Shirley Salmons Brenda Davis Josephine Bayne THIRD ROW Thelma Robinson Robert Jones Woody Hicks Bill Harrison Robert Sheerer Raymond Baker Ramon Johnson Ronnie Sutton Tommy Driggs SHFETU PHTHUL HND BUS WUHITUBS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Lawrence, Thelma Robinson, Juanita Turner, Madeline Robinson, Annie Mae Crosby, June Gregson, Richard Ellis, Barbara Smith, Lois Gregory, Helen Smith. SECOND ROW: Gar- nett Nunnally, Pat Tillman, Betty Frayser, Joyce Dickerson, Ramon Johnson, Buddy Weis, Billy Walton, Paul Shereda, Lonnie Brandon, Charles Fairbanks, Peggy Martin, Delores Lily, THIRD ROW: Joyce Powell, Shir- ley Bugg, Jean Fritz, Mary Jane Meade, David Wallo, Thomas Penne, Eugene Lipford, Loyal Moore, Georg Bergemann, Emmett Gregory, Anne Ames, SCIENCE CLUB 30 fro-1 "Q FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Ward Sponsor C.1ro1Trmber1ake Jean Lrvesay Charlotte Blon Anne Ames Ann Adrcks Betty Lee Gatlrn SECOND ROW Paul Shereda Gerald Gordon Wlllram Heath Sher wm Beek Loyal Moore -33 .glfltufe 0I'l'lQI'YlCl Qfd LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Evelyn Profflt Juamta Turner Dorothy Jeter treasurer Madel1neRob1n son Vrce Presrdent Joyce Dlckerson Presrdent Thelma Robrnson Secretary Dorothy Dowdy Nancy Yahley Slurley Nelson Beverly Drrggs Rose Kalsrer SECOND ROW Betty Reed Joseplnne Bayne Carole Rhoades Sandra Wendell Mrldred Jeter Jaon Seay Patsy Smlthers Cary Lee Poole Jackre Davis Arlene Whrtlow Mary Beadles Angle Moms Carol Chrldress Judy Enroughty Lmda Booker THIRD ROW Mrs Hall June Cousins Grace Dowdy Barbara Emerson Beverly Phelps Patsy Hall Betty Brackney Peggy Conkle Lmda Blanks Jean Clnldress FOURTH ROW Mary Poole Patsy Chrldress Annle Mae Crosby Betty Balumore Shuley Bugg Frances Powell Pat Tillman Hettle Slone Shrrley Salmon ivy- JOYCE DICKERSON Pres MRS HA-LL Sponsor 44 Q, S , Llsnnnu clua awk SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT Sherry Sutton Norma Walls Btlly Walton Treasurer Ruby Norman S retary Dorrs Krng Presldent Anne Ames Vrce presrdent Patsy Smlthers Frances Powell STANDING Jeanetter Owens Shlrley Wade Barbara Smrth Jackxe Sweeney Charlotte Brooks Shelra Alvrs Ann Yandle Jean Frrtz Betty Grayser Mrss Henley Bernrce Jones Mrss Moody Betsy Nelson Marchalene Frrtz TOP ROW Mary Gratz Annre Mae Crosby Ianrce Nuckols Bernard Seal fri! S-J 43 ,J-4 RSX ,qt SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Grace Smellie, Brenda Holder, Patsy Hall, Betsy Nelson, Jackie Woods Brenda Davis. STANDING: Alice Cabe, Joyce Dickerson, Patsy Seney, Anne Ames, Evelyn Proffitt TEEH-HBE LEFT TO RIGHT: Annie Mac Crosby, vice-president, Mr, MCGeorge, Mr. L-ing, sponsors,Betty Bal 4 6 timorc, president, LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jimmy Durrett, Bernice Jones, Betty Frayser, Tommy Mistr, Billy White. SECOND ROW: Nancy Yahley, Mary Jane Alvis, Ann Morrow, Patsy Seney, Whinnie Ricker, Rose Kaiser, Arlene Witlow, Jack Nelson, Fred Cox. THIRD ROW: Barbara Currie, Eugene Lipford, Jo Ann Mistr, Alfred Mistr, George Bergeman, Freddie Marr, Larry Blanks, John Coughlin, Kenneth Sprnill. 4-H CLUB 3 K SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsy Childress, Beverly L'krop, Lois Gregory, Pat Tillman, Betty McCue, Ann Saunders, Bernice Jones. STANDING, FIRST ROW: Peggy Conkle, Beverly Phelps, Helen Sledge, Janice Nuckols, Jean Childress, Joyce Dickerson, Helen Smith, Beverly Dtiggs, Barbara Shinn, Carol Childress. SECOND ROW: Betty Strickler, Bettye Gatlin, Mary Ellen Teas, Virginia Crawford, Katherine Smellie, Bar- bara Hicks, Charlotte Wendel, Orabelle Doley. THIRD ROW: Jean Livesay, Ellen Walls, Jeanetto Owen, Ann Adickes, Patsy Lipford, Katherine Hamner, Betty Walls, Rose Norman. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Powell, Betty Baltimore, Shirley Bugg, Marshalene Fritts. FBIH CLUB mn. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT Betty Baltrmore Anme Banton Barbara Hrcks Thelma Rob1nson JeanL1vesay June Gregson STANDING Vrrgmra Crawford Betty Bolton Pat Trllman Mrs Thompson sponsor Betsy Nelson Ruby Norman Charlotte Blon A11ceCabe KatherrneSmell1e Pat Mabe Jean Vaughn HIUHUGHHIH CLUB KNJEELILG LEFT TO RIGHT IamesFarmer GeorgBergamann Nw ay ne McLean T mms Purcell Jesse Mathews Mr McGeorge sponsor Kenneth lxellsen WoodyH1CkS Earnestlohnson Edward Outland Lewrswrllrams Raymonlohnson john Dvorak Fred Mlstr Lyne Algner Mr Leng Sponsor STANDING SECOND ROW Law rence Duke Robert Wallo Wrllram Cauthotn Fred Marr Buddy WCIS Dawrd Wallo Gerald Gordon Sherwrn Beck Ronnie Sutton, Wyatt Renick, Billy White, Alfred Brown, Jimmy llall, Billy lvalton. STANDING, FIRST ROW: 'Www' i "" au, -3: ...hi LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Jean Livesay Betty Bolton Ruby Norman Katherine Smellre Betty Bal Brooks Barbara Hicks Pat Lipford Janet Lawrence Betty Aigner ROW Betty Lou Reed Leroy Turnage Rlchard Bednor Mason New Reed Mildred Jeter Kathleen Harlow Carole Rhoades Fred Coxe Holder Ruth Shereda Linda Booker Crylin Garrett Angie Morris Rose Norman Junior varsity THIRD Jack Nelson Davld Ingroff Franklin Betty Wagner Nancy Simmons Ed1th Jackie Davls Yvonne Kaloski Judy Christian Arlene Whitlow Dorothy Conway FOURTH ROW Jo AnnDotson Jack1eDavrs BrendaHo1der Jackie Sweeney Betty Hollis Ca.rlWh1tlow Lawrence Powell Sally Brackney Sandra Wendell Srgrrd Synn FIFTH ROW Howard Taylor Brenda Davis Mary Jewell Eleanor Hanvey Janice Waddell L1ll1e Brockwell Winnie Rrcgar Mary Beadles Beverly Felbts Anne Harlow SDKTH ROW Sue Frltz Ann Foster Thelma Loving Wrnifred Atkins Pat Loving Barbara Farkas Josephine Bayne Grace Smellie Ben Sea Billy Osterman Larry Snead SEVENTH ROW Joyce Evans Gerald Webb Dan Stevens Ken neth Moore Frank Perry Mae Bennett Frances Strxckler Sarahlohnson Betty Hodges Barbara Currie EIGHTH ROW Clarence Moore Kenneth Spruill Cmdy Woods Dottie Landes Brenda Blanks Ellis Dan rel Freddie Spicer Richard Willard Freddy Mistr Leslie Spiggle PaulCox R PEP CLUB 49 ' , ,,. , . I - A P ., . . ,.. , . ,, ....-.j1,,,,, . y I X WA timore, June Gregson, JeanVaughan, Virginia Crawford, Varsity cheerleaders. SECOND ROW: Charlotte 2. ! MAJORETTES LEFT TO RIGHT Ann Yandle Carol Childress Nancy Yahley Grace Smellie Segrid Lynn Winifred Atkins SECOND ROW, BAND MEMBERS Patsy Lipford Jean Vaughan Jackie Davis Jean Childress Helen Smith Lois Gregorv Beth Miller Charlotte Wendel THIRD ROW Ann Morrow Carol Crawford Katherine Smellie June Gregson Virginia Crawford Joyce Dickerson Barbara Smith Jo Anne Dotson Mary Elizabeth Beadles CarlWhitlovw Mr DArxille Instructor FOURTH ROW Dan Stevens lawrence Powell Mason New Biliy Wagner Alfred Mrstr Jimmy Thrmsen Lyrie Aigner Eugene Lipford Emmet Gregory Bernard Seal FOURTH ROW Budy Whitlow Felix Salmon UUIII Hllll SCHULI LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ronnie Sutton, Raymon Johnson. SECOND ROW: Anne Ames, Alice Cabe, June Greyson, Freddie Mistr, Linda Cummings, Carol Timberlake. THIRD ROW: Betty Bolton, Patsy Childress, Rose Norman, Jean Livesay, Pat Mabe, Katie Mae Lampkin, Ruby Norman, Ioyce Dickerson. FOURTH ROW: Pat Tillman, Doris King, Geraldine Aigner, Charlotte Blon. 50 GLEE UlUB FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Shrrley Wade Ann Saunders Charlotte Brooks Janet Lawrence Barbara Lawrence Janet French June Gregson Katherme Smellre Vrrgrnra Crawford Patsy Lrpford Jean Vaughan Peggy Martrn Angle Moms Sandra Wendel SECOND ROW Pat Lovrng Brenda Holder Rose Krser Orebelle Dulrng Rochelle Phelps Wrnme Rrcker Charlotte Wendel Betty Bolton Betty Brackney Norma Walls Frances Powell Wrnrfred Atkrns BettyArgner Delores Lrlly THIRD ROW Sara Sue Frrtz Ann Yandle Ann Harlow Carol Crawford Annre Mae Crosby Betty Baltrmore Charlotte Blon Dons Krng Grace Smellre Patsy Hall Barbara Hrcks Krtty Ham Alvrs Dottre Landes Shrrley Nelson Bemrce Jones Betty Frayser Ann Ames Jo Ann Mxstr Mary Groom Jo Ann Dotson Brenda Blanks Ann Morrow Mary Elrzabeth Beadles Joyce Powell Judy Enroughty Jackre Woods Jean Frrtz Marshalene Frrtz FIFTH ROW Leroy Turnage Bobby Landes Buddy Whrtlow Alton Stapp Woody Hrcks Iackre Owen Tommy Drrggs Alfred Brown Bernard Seal Budy Wes Sherwm Beck Brlly Walton Paul Shereda Patsy Chrldress Charles Southward Robert Jones Barbara Smrth John Hardrng Lawrence Powell 5 LOUIS D ARVILLE Sponsor 1 , : ' . . . . , ner, Lois Gregory, Beth Miller, Jackie Davis, Shirley Panther. FOURTH ROW: Beverly Phelps, Mae Bennett, Shella . -F 23,474 K! W7 . 1..1x6f'ff'Q7 , 1--,U ......-2 -M 6 1 1 1,111 1. - i S N 211155 -Qvsxff 5:5 VHRSITU CHEEHLEHDEHS LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Bolton, Katherine Smellie, Jean Vaughan, Jean Livesay, Betty Baltimore, Ruby Nor- man, June Gregson, Virginia Crawford. JR. VHHSITU UHEERLEHDEHS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte Brooks, Pamy Lipford, Betty Aigner, SECOND ROW: Barbara Hicks, Janet Lawrence, Rose Norman. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES vnasuu ruuwnu FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Jesse Mathews Ronn1e Sutton Jrrnmy Hall Lawrence Duke Woody Hlcks Edward Outland Rex Dorey BobbyTredway SECOND ROW Fred Marr Kenneth Moms WoodrowSanderford BuddyWe1s Alfred Brown Lewrs wl1113U1S Kenneth N1elsen Wayne Mclean THIRD ROW Carl Orange James Merheny Tommy Drrggs Bernard Seal B11lHarr1s0n J1mmy Neagle Joe Harden James Farmer FOURTH ROW Donnle Ellrs Brlly Melton Ralph Trammell John Hardmg Donald Sealman Jerry Ell1s Edward Long Garnett Nunnally FIFTH ROW Emest Johnson Manager Mr McGeorge Coach Mr Long Assrstant Coach Varlna Varlna Varnna Varma Varma Varlna Varlna Varma Varma Varma Sta fford Lou Isa Courtland Poquoson Mathews Beaumont Gloucester Powhatan Henry Clay F luvanno Mr NcGeorge and Mr Long, Coaches Xxn 'll JH VHIISIIU FUUIBI-III HRS ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mason New Jack Nelson B111y Osterman Gerald Webb Gary Hrcks Ben McLean SECOND ROW Dan Stevens Edward Sweeney Bobby Landrs Paul Cox Randy Carhsle Ellrs Damel THIRD ROW Robert Jones Rrchard Wrllard Fred Sprcer Mr Long Coach 1 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Varlno Vcrlno Vormo Vcrlno SCORES Bainbridge Sf Christopher I3 Bcunbrldge Sf Cbrmsfopher I2 DD gf. Q 7 1 I u 7 ' 7 I . 1 6 ' ' ' I9 O ' . ' I O o e' BUEIS' VHRSHU BHSllE1BHll FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wyatt Renick, Robert Schoenborn, Gerald Gordon, John Dvorak, William Heath, co-captaing Felix Salmon, Bobby Tredway, Jesse Mathews, SECOND ROW: Mr, Long, coachg Lewis Lanham, Billy Wagner, Fred Misa, Bobby Lammey, Ralph Trammel, Bill Harrison, Georg Bergamann, Woody Hicks, manager, VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES 61 Varina 63 Varina 61 Varina 60 Varina 62 Varina 48 Varina 58 Varina 54 Varina 46 Varina 58 Varina 59 Varina 55 Varina 51 Varina 92 Varina 60 Varina 48 Varina 40 Varina 51 Varina 48 Varina Alumni Beaumont Beaumont Highland Springs Henry Clay Chester Manchester Fluvanna Henry Clay St. Patrick's Midlothian Highland Springs James Monroe King George King George Chester Manchester St. Partick's Midlothian District ll, Group ll Tournament 38 Varina Chester 41 - Overtime iz? BUUS JR VHHSITU BHSHETBHLL FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Rrchard Wrllard Edward Sweeney Woodrow Sanderford Tommy Mrstr Jimmy Durretle James Jeter SECOND ROW Jack Nelson Rlchard Bednor Gary Hrcks Randy Carlrsle Fred Cox Mason New THIRD ROW Stewart Bell Paul Cox Brlly Melton D 1 7 I ff? .J J f KX BHSEBHLL 5,31 I LR!,y XFN: I X og STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Bobby Tredway John Dvorak Jesse Mathews SEATED CLOCKWISE Wayne McLean Woody Sanderford Georg Bergamann Gerald Gordon Buddy WSIS Alfred Brown and Wyatt Renrck .s--fi' N Lily' X 58 ii 9995 LEFT TO RIGHT Ramon Johnson Tommy Purcell Fred M1stx Sherwm Beck captam Woody H1CkS and Edward Ourland wi 13, vf , M 1 GIRLS VHHSHU BHSHETBHLL X 'i iii' LEFT TO RIGHT Myrtle Duddley Betsy Nelson Thelma Robrnson Mary Poole Pat Trllmarx Barbara Hrcks Charlotte Blon Annre Banton Barbara Shmn Rachael Nuttall Patsy Hall Katherme Smellre Jo Ann Mrstr 'I -an 60 GIRLS' JH. VHHSITU BHSHETBHLL FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT De1oresL111y Barbara Lawrence PatsyL1pford K1ttyHamner Pat.sySeney Evelyn Proffrtt SECOND ROW Iackre Sweeny Sherry Sutton Norma Bohr Joan Seay Big.-1 61 AUTGGRAPHS fywfjflw bf QMULgdWW 5 Wvgwf of J of CAMWWMQ migmwx j Q"9L'Mf'ATffJZ if QL 5fa,fZ,E550Wf A EL X mmm, bfwk Lf QM., adm x fc' 'Q fxibpan, 12-4044 CQACQ QW Afiww Mmm, Qghkuwj 3 757 IAEA' Qfp Cf. 79 ?ZMwMmJ A WM-W--Ygmzbrwa 03f,i,4,,, 25-dw? i W ,WM WWQ MMM f bv fww MWQKMMXQ Clamu WF fka6b QMQADCMJA KWWHX IMMWMYZ 'Mm hw. Arwgmimww if WML? E 13 JJ W df? 005210 fvws dkntv fzbbci' 6220! D AXA avqw 04illif,Wi7 Zdizlffifnwhd kLemM1KuMZAwwQg g?QA?y0U ,QZAZQJLZ W Y iff'-74 5 4 +A A Jfffo fZQb,MJ7w It , do 9 C!! . . . Lf . ? if I ,077 a o o , 1 ' ' f K5 S 4 LOA - X A Q L Akw - Lx Ln. X , ',.7 f- A , , Vf , " ' 1 Lfkgnraf f?,,,.Q,71,gy , A ' f f M2 of 57f5f9w offgf .. Vjl 'K 'f H 4 ,Ll . Q fig Wg! fLlf"V'W' 5" ,,jQ,Z, I Q M -,, , rv' X W' '-14 Q ' Z W 0Ln"'1fZ4sJ, , if ,V f, I I 'ff . I ' ' W rl A Eu 7 l dfkvmk' fc, 1: U0 cv ig f fl' - . , ' A9 . P1,M 1 f' M M NM I V' I ' 1,1 , ZLL. 'L'-lf' I V . J' , Q f ,f " K- r A J U I 1 ' I V I5 .. U , A Y LI S ' K fy! U , ,l i I X , ' o Il ,f f ' x A 7 , 0 67 f QM, VJ, f J ,g H X, V Y VA ,J ug , bail R970 CY l'C,+C , gvmau xijf IW U ?77 ,jf ff ff "m ' l 9 " I 1 ' ' U f ll I ' ln K H ,K 1 t 4- Il , a 4 0 a ofupfy 6? Ur ff' UAL? ,. 'N' , , X UMWQ ' 3 fs ,f'LQfffL HEHHHIBEH When Mr Baker was prnnclpal? -In The clothes ten years ago? Dug When the faculty played basketball those crazy skirts and Mass Owens was the star? When the seniors were nn the first grade When Woocly and John The year we won the 63 danced at mltnation? tournament? I I 'J 1- -in A .'L'L4nvLvf:v - Q L,,M .-. ff g -sn . I ff"1,' ' 7'-hw" fllt, ,,,.r7 V. V. ,. ',A ,".-.,HQ.u H' M t .un Q - 'ns ,' ' , X " ,., ,, - ' N . y . , 1 x . Q. . y . I N 1 il. 11 ,GI SUUTHH1 MA11l1IAlS IIIIMPA 1 Incorporated SAND - GRAVEL - CONCRETE One Yard or o Million 3011 Dock St. Richmond, Vo. Phone 3-3451 Better Milk 1' C sl-fl Powerful ugh' IST I X NEW KIEKHAEFER 4623 Nxn- ,I Better Health nj 'wx J msnrunr Vs' VIRGINIA DAIRY CGMPANY A ,og,,-5 5 H-I-he Home of Better Milk., rim new PUSH-IUTION NEUTRQI. CLUICHI 'f2m'i'f'f-1 Dial 5-2838 COQPER'S I00 W. Cary St. Dial 2-8684 Have some Pet Ice Cream today...and every day! In any one of the popular standard flavors. . .or, the feature flavor of the month . . . you'll always agree, Pet Ice Cream is the finest, most delicious Ice Cream you've ever tasted! .---f . .,.I , , ,-" " " ' "A -f.. ' "fi - -1 '1.':'. 'f' ,.--- AQ, -'f T 5, ! I , , - I f E ' 'lil' l, M,,,f"Z 5-Z il? .... ....-....,...f-f'j ,. I-f ff In N. .,.,. , -I --s-- - T ' -' ' .la ffi- ' yi , : 456-. il 1? 1: ax xz- il ,'7,' . .. I 25155, '. 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WALKER Quality Shoe Repairing 4617 Williamsburg Avenue Formal Wear To Rent niwil- oomiy and Accessories. luldmg atenals Corporation HOUSE OF FORMALS I M ' 1625 East Byrd St. Former y at odern Tailors Phone 3-2763 113 N. 8th Phone 2-0553 Richmond, Virginia McINTYRE IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Your Intemational Harvester Dealer Genuine Parts Blue Ribbon Service Richmond, Virginia West Point, Virginia Phone 3-0233 Phone 275 J. A. BLACK SONS, INC. Since 1899 Fifty-Fifth Anniversary 4715 Williamsburg Avenue Richmond, Virginia Furniture -- Zenith TV General Electric Appliances Easy Terms Phone 7-4541 CE NTER PHARMACY NELSEN 3 West Nine Mile Road Phone Fairfield 4711 FUNERAL HOME Highland Springs, Va. 1603 Williamsburg Rd. Automobile Delivery Air Conditioned .CCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOO. earn while you learn! Your pay starts from the first day at the telephone company - even while you're learning your new job! That's one reason so many young girls choose a tele- phone job when they finish school. They don't need experi- ence to get this good job - and they're paid while they learn a skill that'll always be useful. Find out more about the variety of telephone jobs from your high school counselor - or come in and see us when you finish school. The Chesapeake 8- Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia O I O OO 0 ig P' HUG H HOLDER WATCHMAK ER 1628 Williamsburg Road Richmond, Virginia Selection of watch bands Spidel "' J. B. " Gemex EGGLESTON 8. GRUBBS MARKET Meats, groceries, Frosted foods 4712 Williamsburg Avenue Phone 31855 S. P. TERRY I P,A.IN'I'INC, P.-XPERING ANI? DECORATING FLOOR SANIDINC AND FINISHING C'0mnz4'1'4'ial. I?Zl1ll.YffI.f1l and Rf.vi1l1'r14'e' Sjfray Painting 1020 XVEST CARY STREET Rrc:ux1oND,VlRu1x1a DIAL 8-1-I3 196 HARRIS FLIPPEN Sc CO. AIGNER'S CHICKEN I"c"'P"'a"d HATCHERY Distributors of ,S SPORTING GOODS 713-715 E. Main St. Richmond 19, Va. FRANK B. BATES PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR 5 114 National Avenue Richmond, Virginia Phone 3-8861 STALLS ONE 81 TWO First Market Gus Weis Fresh and Smoked Meats J. T. AMES Real Estate 1223 Mutual Building Office phone 7-5911 Residence 2-5253 City - Suburban - Farms Waterfront Properties Patronize LEIG H BOWLING CENTER 405 E. Nine Mile Rd. Fairfield 4741 LASTER ' S FOOD STORE 1621 Williamsburg Rd. Selected Meats 8- Poultry Frozen Foods 8. Produce HARRIS-BRENAMAN Incorporated ATHLETIC SUPPLIES . . . SPORTING GOODS 717 EAST GRACE STREET RICHMOND 19, VA. Dial 2-4797-2-4796 FULTON CLEANING YVORKS DRY CLEANING ANU PRESSING Udorlews Suits or Plain Ilrf-mx Childrr-nK Work A Spm izilty 505-507-BU9 LOVISIANA STRI4.I3'I' VARINA ELECTRIC COMPANY RoI"rI: 5. RICIXIBIOND, VIRGINIA P11ONFlVARINA -131 WESTINCHOUSE PRODUCTS Appliance Sales and Service Elc-rtrieal Contractors Eva B. Anderson L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY P R O D U C T S 4111 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Va. Dial 4-3542 JOE P. 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Broad St. 327 N. 17th Sf. Texaco Products Phone 2-6103 Phone 3-9826 Compliments of D. S. PARRISH LUMBER CO. PEEASE PAEIEIINIZE EIIIR ADVERTISERS YMRBOOKS 7' r 7 Q VA-1 9 xv, Q, Q. Q , 'o ' 1 I-9 I 4' W., Z' 1 ! , , sg, : an g,'-:m... 'mggiv , 4, . . ,,, J' fb? 11 in Ji A! . M ., , if-u .. Av ' we 7 . -s DQ. , .Q 5. Y X :P - ,V 'Az' with W-s i . 4 q' in ...H ' , .,. Of' . . , t, mg is U. -r, .v ' 'is 1 , ' ,, w 9 o 'fa fwfr' .,. .Q aq-

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