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I I be armnan "52522222"ii51i'iIiEESQ"Eii5k'EEi3"' :nunnnnunn-nun-nu-.----.-un..-un -nun-nu-un-u Behitatsh tn jlllliss jlilotlep XVe, the Class of 1930, wish to express in this small way our gratitude to Miss Maude B. Mot- ley, who by her wise judgment and faithfulness to us, has won our sincere admiration. THE ANNUAL YEAR BOOK of the SENIOR CLASS OF VYARINA HIGH SCHOOL Volume NO. 8 1 N MARY BUILDING TORIUM AND PRI I-4 Q D QC "" r' Q., ,fu lyxf- ,wi WMA gzip U " Wa ,haf , J fi'-i'fi2'flv2wl?53f..ff S aa Qggioi f -'QE . , ve' flwwwiv ,,E-ffff'C4j+.erL z I A .D . 1, 14 st., 'Q fi Q AL A: fi ,E I I, - JOHNNIE JEDINAK Editor-in-Chief RUTH MUNR0 Social Editor EDWARD SAXBY Athletic Editor LIISS NIOTLEY Class Slronsor MISS BARRETT THE STAFF EDWIN MOORE Phoiograplzic Ediior EDNA XVAGNER Ass? Editor-in-Cldef NELLIE BOWSHER Art Editor MARIE GOODMAN Ass? Art Editor VIRGINIA EBERI,Y Bzlxiiuxvs lllmzagrr IMOGENE MORGAN fokc Editor Q LINWOOD COTMAN A.x's't Athletic Edilor MARY PEARMAN Asif Bus. Manager MRS. BERNHEISEI. Reprosmfrltive, Primary Grades Rc111'f'sc1ziatitfe, Junior High Sglmol l3I THE FACULTY I 4 I Meg -IQLN, 'iwvfj 345.4 ik: 446913: ,slum . ,, :ff f - M.zff'E Q5-ggi. A 'EST-5 51: vffvi 'V T . 5 Q 'Q' , I , Sept. Sept. S ept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov N ov. Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. alan. Ian. jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar Mar Mar Mar Apr Apr. pr J 'Q fy Q if' Qwwllgflffmlfk zmmlmf Smal sms SEPTEMBER l2sFirst day of school Quo order in the classroomsb. 20-First meeting of Junior League. 27-Annual committee meets. NVE MUST HAVE AN ANNUAL!! ' OCTOBER 4-Junior League Meeting. 'We initiate the "Ratsl'. 18-Glee Club "Weenie" roast. 25-Election of Yearbook Staff. 31-Chuck and Edwin learn to use a vanity case-Miss Motley instructor. NOVEMBER 5-Chinese Magician visits Varina-"PRUNE FIZH ! !! 27-Holiday for Thanksgiving begins. Z8-junior League Conference-Katherine VVins Prize for having the Big gest MOUTH. DECEBIISER . 6-Basketball boys go to Ashland-Mr. Baker LOSES his switch key!! 7ABasketball boys win second in District C! 20-Senior Class presents "Holy Grail". Z1-jan, 2-CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. JANUARY 22-Basketball game with Highland Springs. Ask "'Slim" about the SUB STITUTES. 28-Exams start. 31-They're over-'AHAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!" FEBRUARY 5-Renwick walks back to school for his FORGOTTEN FORD!! 6-We all get our 'tBeauty" snapped. Zl-"Colonial Days". , 22-Basketball game with Wlest Point-XYE VVIN ! !! RIARCII -"A Night W'ith The Queenu. -The Blue Birds and Varina take a holiday. 24-Clemens Marionettes. 28-Home Economics Banquet. 13 21 .APRIL 8-Senior Play, "Apple Blossom Time". 15-Annual goes to press! "A Sigh of Relief". !5l SENIOR CLASS I 6 J SENIOR CLASS I 7 1 tatistins mint R l8l Ji 'E G Q2 A 2 IH .4-I C C 1 'CJ v-4 1 oney g H Laughin Perkins Ilernice NAME Honnv FAVORITE SONG FAvo ITE EXPRESSION AIM IN LIFE w Irene Amory Silence Painting the Clouds "I dunno" To he everybody's with Sunshine friend , Bernice Bowis Flirting Turn on the Heat A'WlIoopee" To have a good time 055 7 Renwick Hall Teasing Stepping Out XVith "For gosh sakes" To be a comedian SUSIE Helen Garnett Eussing Sonny Boy "Stop nown To be a boss 2E'16P , , , . ,wif ' Sinclair Redford Buying candy Let Me Call You "Oh, Maryl' To be a scientist Sweetheart "vpn .q. 'vq V Marie Goodman Dancing Pagan Love Song ".l"or pete's sake" Not to be an old 563349 maid! is 9 Edwin Moore Talking to the girls Hello Baby "'Well l'll be in To see the world A Qi Virginia Eberly Teasing Should I? "I can't stand boys' To find one "good'l 'b b ' ' " Oy Mann Harrison Developing his horse Long, Long,Trail 'Al forgot" To juggle and jig laugh Mary Pearman Falling for Scientists Love Me "Uh Shaw" To fall in love V Ernest Lipford Visiting the junior l'll Take Lulu "lt wasn't me, Miss Not to be a bachelor! room Brooks' I tins i5 t H 1' f in B11 IN LIFE AIM VORITE EXPRESSION EA Roscoe Yeary Basketball Oh Katherina tOkay' 'l o be a bachelor 'A Ruth Munro Singing Love Has Made A ' My gracious" To live in Charles Gypsy Out of Me City , Y Lucile Frayser Talking All That l'm Ask- t'And as l was say- To loaf! ing Is Sympathy ing' , I 7151 ' Nellie Bowsher Reading movie mag- The Desert Song "1sn't he darling P" To be an actress azines Edward Saxby Taking blondes out Keep Your Sunny 'Cheekn To go in the auto 'E riding Side Up busin Ss fi , -J Clarese Redford Visiting Newport l'll Always- Be ln "Lawsey'l To be QFD :NVQ A . News Love XVIth You A U Johnnie Jedinak Helping Mr. Baker Oh Xl hat a Pal VVas ' lint-Listeniw To be a "RIG 7 MARY business man -sb Imogene Morgan Ioking l'1n On A Diet "Aw gowann To fall off Henry T6PDer Trying to be funny Turkey in the Straw "Huh P" To be a farmer Wai Thelma Garrett Baby talk If 1 Had a Talking ' For goodness sakes" To travel Picture of You ' ian Ernest Moore Trying to work Fm Looking for a "Oh Yeah P" To be an aviator I I Girl Named Mary Grace Vanderoef Reading The Prisoner's Song "Oh My Goshu To be an UGOODU FAVORITE SONG OBBY H E AM N C ,A - L - H01 G1 . f H X 61 9 ' Uma? i 055' NWWIQ . Q, gt 5, g rw y 49 '-r Q - fs .av-aww F-Wgf- ,ff-ggi. jus: fag, , .gxux 4 vu- 55559 ,,.q'f5fw- 413' rw 4: s , P e fih fsgqwvgyg W , , , Junior Qlllass NIISS BROOKS, Sponsor OFFICERS CLARA DAY .,...., .,.. . ., ....,..,,...... ,.,,......, ..........,...... P 1' esident GEORGE Mossy .,.,........ .,.......... V ice-President EIILDA XVHITLOCK ..,. ,,.,.,. . ,, ., .,,,., Secretary U11 -Aw 9 Lswqs ,A ,,1f9a'W'm I A 1432 Su A V L 3? 1- 0 .Y-A A "" u-- ' ' . 4-ff wx 5 ' 52' V- T IF A - .m Q:21'fAv:?gL4Q Tf2 ?asa3'25?QfZoisg x,L A , imphumure Glass Miss CHILTON, Sponsor OFFICERS MARGARET REYNOLDS ......... ,.....,,,,..,,,.................,,.... L .,..., ,,,,..,,.... P r cxident BILLY BATCHELOR ........,,, ,,....,...,.......,..,,,,,,,,,..... V ice-President MARY BISCHOFF ,,....,..,.,.. .... .,.,,,.,. S e cretary and T1'ea.vm'er BILLY DOTSON ...........,. ,......Y.,...,.....,........ C lass Reporter I1-21 f Q4 u su,- 4' .saw 1, 5 vm. W r44sv2WA6SSf,55 A' F bsvziawywvww f jd 5:' g , , jfresbman lass Section A: Mrss NOEL, Sponsor ,....,.Pre.yident ' OFFICERS FRANCES BROWN ............,..., A..AAA ..,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MICHAEL CAWTHORNE ..........., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,A,,, MARGARET ENROUGHTY YY,Y,,,.,.,....,...,...,,...........,.........,.,,,.,....,..., ,,.,,,,,........,,.,,.,, S ecretary Section B: Mlss DRINKER, Spam-or OFFICERS EUNICE CHILDRESS .......... ....,........,A.,..,.,.,..,...,.,...,,,.,..,.,,... IXDDIE DRINKER ..,,,,,,,.,...,,... ..,A.....,...........,..,..,.,,.....,,,, JOSEPHINE LAMMEY .,,,..., H31 17iC6-P7'657li6"l'lf and Treasurer .....,,.......Preszde1zt ecretary Treasurer 4 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL J x IISI I ni ff MEN- A ' 3a A-N -3 -X ,-WT' NME' 2 :Mn eww 'BBN "3" 0 i, 'Y-it N , 1? .5 , .aarasffileesaatas-,353 , , XVASHINGTON PROGRAM The Seventh Grades gave an assembly program on February 21 in honor of VVashington's Birthday. Sketches of the events and achievements of Wash- ington's life were given by ten pupils. A play, 'Aln Colonial Days", was pre- sented. The scene was laid at St. Mary's, Virginia, in 1746. George VVashington, a boy of fourteen was portrayed by Bruce Rennie. Other characters of the play were: Frieda Adickes, Alma Becker, Charles Cochrone, Helen Pollard, Elizabeth Hill, Willie XValton and many other boys and girls from neighboring plantations. The stage properties and costumes, which were either heirlooms of Colonial days or reproductions, were made or loaned by the pupils. The dances were the Virginia Reel and Minuet and the songs were those of the Colonial period. The entire program was a project on Colonial life. The stage properties were made under the direction of Miss Bertha Beazley, teacher of Manual Arts in the Junior High School. l16l 6' 5 A i N g ? 30 129123034 5 iv 1552 WF f Ja z A . 'U .. ." 'lt p", ,, -F.. ,,..' '7, :9,.. 'kN:, 4-w'6f'MtV5 " ' W 5 9 f 2- W ' 2 4 45,vv':"f: , .a i wgzglteawiewaefalvila gwarelgiafm , FIVE POINT PUPILS FIFTH GRADE Willard Garrett Jack Ferguson Morgan Saxby Edward Sigmund Franklin Attkisson Lewis Lanham Matilda Allen Lillian Lammey Bessie Grubbs Adelaide Madison Marguerite Purks Evelyn Grubbs Dorothy Davis Lucille Grubbs Charles Cochrane Henry Dowdy Clay Duncan Claude Goode Henry Nelson Eddie Vanderoff Thomas VVoolridge Council Cochrane Lawrence Clark Thomas Hildebrand Leon Meade JUNIOR Jesse NVhitlock Virginia Blackburn Artie Lindsay James Loflin Margaret Buisset Pauline Dovola SIXTH GRADE Phyllis Enroughty Louise G-waltney Louise Shomaker Arthur Canfield Pete Skubon John VVallo Roy Tepper john Cooper SEVENTII GRADE Wilson Pearce Paul Morawski Bruce Rennie john Lee Yahley Oneil Shaw Frieda Adickes Alma Becker Mary Dovola Mary Haynes Margaret Jenkins Mary Pavolich Elizabeth Sabol Elizabeth Shomaker Doris Spence Annie Chornensky Arthur NVagner David Crosby Earl Jennings VVilson Metts Frank Silva David Spence- Elizabeth Stoneman Gladys Throckmorton Annie Brown Gladys Henderson Elizabeth Hill Alma Hobson Dorothy Nance Helen Pollard Mable Street XVillie Wfalton Emma Whitlock Bertha Corson Rose Lee Wagner HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL The requirements for the Honor Roll are: perfect attendance, an average of 001, on all subjects and satisfactory conduct. Pupils who have been on the Honor Roll every month: SIXTH GRADE Doris Hill Louise Shomaker SEVENTH GRADE Helen Pollard Elizabeth Hill Dorothy Nance l17l pf 1 'Q 'VJ RQQEQM 0 Q QJTKHLKQK avg-mf vilgpk R9 Q99 If mx ff' l 1:-tariff iid' NEQPZM Ml. 'X33.Q1E. . uri? X? 9' l as E D N- . 'f:".. is :fr A-SHP, Vi 1 fx ,...l,gffM.- 1, I ' 1 4 I : 'W-' a's 3 .QQ-'A fl -6 -" " 'T' . QLsb4 ..! Q 1.9 ' "3 I I ,E-1 G.x..f4 P , S I Pupils who have been on the Honor Roll one month or more: Louis Aigner Jack Ferguson Eugene Reams Audrey Redford john Cooper Elmer Loflin Earl Jennings Grace Robinson Gracie Perkins Agnes Socker Charles Cochrone Thomas Hildebrand FIFTH GRADE Annie Chornensky Elizabeth Shomaker Elizabeth Sabol Dorothy Buker SIXTH GRADE Elizabeth Stoneman Pauline Beaver Mary Frances Charlton SEVENTH GRADE Bruce Rennie Alma Hobson Nancy Boon Dorothy Ferguson Pupils Banking regularly in School Savings: Louis Aigner Willard Garret Eugene Reams Wilson Yarbrough Audrey Redford Orville Hansen Robert Hickam James Oliver Morgan Saxby Wilson Sweeney Elmo .Messer James Gwaltney Nathaniel Grubbs Roy Tepper Chris Portewig David Crosby Karl Crouch Earl Hanvey Elmer Laflin FIFTH GRADE Virginia Blackburn Annie Chornensky Annie Grubbs A Margaret Buisset Dorothy Buker Katherine Charlton Pauline Dovola Ethel Gilbert Lucille Jackson SIXTH GRADE VVilson Metts Bobbie Moore Ben Reynolds Frank Silvia John VVallo Rachel Shobe Bessie Grubbs Fannie Robinson Thomas Cocker john Cooper l13ll John Urison Lewis Lanham Leonard Harper Dorothy Davis Gladys Throckmorton Irma Williams Annie Brown Bertha Corson VVillie Walton Emma VVhitlock Jeannette Mathews Oakley Easton Frank Enroughty Lewis Lanham james Lafein . Joseph Sweeney Carter Warriner Margaret Covington Paul XVallo Frances Buisset Mary Frances Charlton Mary Crouch Doris Hill Louise Gwaltney Grace Robinson Elizabeth Stonenlan Gladys Throckmorton Alma Becker Eddie Vanderoef Vllinifred Crouch Thomas Woolridge Frieda Adickes Mack Ratliff Velma Radvani Henry Nelson joe Sharp Claude Goode I' VI 173 is Jlmm' 3 L 1w2'v-wrwfcia 155,10 'WV VV? v ,Q Pg! 2 2525 if fb- Q"- at , A , .a a , SEVENTH GRADE Thomas Moore Margaret Jenkins Robert Duff George Beadles Charles Cochrone Margaret Black Dorothy Ferguson Bruce Rennie Randolph Reams LIBRARY VVilson Pearce Willie Walton Nancy Boon Dorothy Nance George Oliver Helen Pollard Gladys Henderson Bertha Corson Annie Brown The Junior High School has its own library. 171 new books have been added this year, the money having been raised by the pupils. There are 322 volumes. of fiction and 265 volumes for reference work con- sisting of history, biography, travel, poetry, science readers and encyclopedia. During the year 1,485 books have been read by the pu-pils. The work of cataloguing the books, mending books, and the manual work connected with the library has been done by the pupils. Mrs. Kirby is the librarian. The Junior High School of Varina gratefully acknowledges the gift of a large number of books and four pictures for our Library which were sent by Central School. CLUB ACTIVITIES Each room of the Junior High School is organized as a club having its officers and committees, such as Health, Civic, Social, Program, Athletic, etc. Some excellent work has been accomplished by the clubs. This spring a 'iClean Up Campaign" is being carried throughout the school- emphasizing cleanliness in every phase of life. Club members are doing all they can to improve the personal appearance, beautifying their surroundings, and being more courteous and considerate of their associates. ATHLETICS The pupils of the Junior High School are much interested in athletics. The activity period each day is given over to exercise, games, contests, etc. In the Field Day of 1929 our Junior High School won out in many of the events and we are planning to win more this year. The Athletic Meet for the Elementary Grades will be held at Varina May 9. The Contests, Relays, track events, etc., will be held in the morning. In the afternoon, the May Queen will hold her court, and the pupils of all schools m the District will entertain with songs and Folk Dances. The music will be in charge of Miss Mary Byrd Bledsoe, who teaches music in the Junior High School and who will direct the singing for May Day. The Junior High School pupils will choose the May Queen from the Five Point pupils of this building, 1191 i201 ADES PRIMARY GR C9 , . Y 5 at itvggskfi --.J f .,., Q a g, 9 Q -if lg .5 - . ",dvas4:fAeac2i eqmkwgieaedu l-Qllysa , PRIMARY SECTION A rhyme is a rhyme XVhether old or new. So with a rhyme we invite you Our pages to view. XVe've all worked together To see what we could do To make this animal better- VVe'll leave the rest to you. JUNIOR LEAGUE NEws XYe have been doing some real league work this year. Every grade in our building has its own league. NVe meet regularly once each week. Here we dis- cuss and meet our problems. Every child is a link in the junior League Chain, A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Therefore, every child has an incentive to be a better citizen. BIUSIC NOTES Our school is very fortunate in being able to pride itself in the possession of such a lovely radio. We have heard and enjoyed the series of radio concerts prepared especially for school children by Vlialter Danxrosch. Edgar Allen Poe says, "lt is hard to discover a better method of education than that which experience of so many ages has evolvedg and this may be summed up as consisting in gymnastics for the body and music for the soul." Our grades are putting more emphasis on music appreciation than ever before. VVe have several victrolas and a new supply of educational records. Everybody loves the weekly song class. And should anyone happen to be passing by he would more than likely hear the familiar strains of "Old Virginia" or "Polly XYolly Doodlef' VVe are greatly indebted to our faithful and untiring pianist, Mrs. Thimsen. LIBRARY NOTES VVe can live without fishes, VVe can live without hooks, But our boys and girls Cannot live without books. Each grade is the proud possessor of its own library. These books are a part of the ch1ldren's very lives. Theylre their playmates as well as their teachers. A number of new books have been added to each library during the year. l21l J? 52 . ,H -ya Pe-A-S 75,4 . I, f-twawz I fe. -A I g - -4 1' -4 y 1, A-1 fxY,,e . by . I . BANKING NOTES Us f' 'm,mmf1 N Q H 4 of JAKE 0 im vi -5:54 eykirifivllik L-flaws, How many can hear the first grade singing, "Oh, penny, a nickel, a dime P" VVe are putting that very little song into tpractice, and we are learning some excellent lessons in thrift. The following children are banking regularly every Monday: - Low FIRST GRADE I will Save my money, a Robert Lee Buissett Ernest Jenkins Leroy Grubbs Guy Ashworth Florence Throckmorton George Repass Ernest Garrett Dewey VVade VVillie Buissett Mary Keeton Xlfilliam Canfield Bayard Leary Elizabeth Arnall Lillian Throckmorton Thomas Moore Barbara Sweeney Elsie Mae Meredith Claud Childress Hilda Hanvy Madeline Latham Geraldine Schwoob Bernard Dotson Oscar Caldwell Horace Ragland Noral Oliver Helen Pridgen Pearl Henderson Hudgins Eberly Bryan Alvis Robert Blackburn Carl Dulaney Earl Enroughty Bernard McNamee VVayne Oden Joe Ashworth J. S. Bland Thelma Williams Virginia Kent Oswalt Clyde Jackson Margaret Matthews Ben Peters Lorrine Street Willie Schwartz Vernelle Throckmorton Vance Pettigrew HIGH FIRST GRADE Milton Strelec Roy Grubbs Aline McNally Rosa Mae Beasley Mae McCaully Susie Meredith Clara Orick Howard Wade, Jr. Dorothy Silva Doris Wade SECOND GRADE Jack Elliot Oscar Hansen Bassett Harrison Isabelle Bland Billy Nettles Frances Thimsen Hilton Dean Virginia Ferguson Hallie Vaughan Rennie Mary Elizabeth Wrenn Melvin Cooper Raymond Jenkins SECOND-THIRD GRADE Hurst Eberly Karl Black Lucille Throckmorton Edward Canfield Otis Clark Walton Savage THIRD Edward Reynolds Thomas Spence Emily Burke Alan Dean Vincient Laflin Lewis Throckmorton Jessie Ray Parrish Mattie Schwartz VVarren Saxby Edward Covington VVesley Charles Clifton Cook GRADE Thomas Fadley Billy Charlton Sanford Davenport Emmett Goode Archie Nettles Joseph Savage FOURTH GRADE Gordon Goulding Frank Johnson Edward Portewig Emily Strelec l22l John Robinson Laurence Cullingsworth Gertrude Davis Mildred Estes Charles Hanvy Jack Reams Carter Anderson David Ferguson Mamie Cutright Leroy Shaw Mary Louise Buissett Clara Throckmorton Waverly Yarbrough Anne Buker Norma Lee Finnigan Joseph Wallo William Hollins Hettie Hollins Josephine Jenkins Ralph WVade Mike Pavlovich Bernard Cutright Ernest Seay Ida Mae Buissett Virginia Andrews Ernest Moore Thomas Walton James Estes Stonemai Mary Agnes Repass George Shaw, Jr. 1 Miss StOakley's visit. 1 U rg N A 5 ar iwaggtzffw Jac 259. an 61 ai , 1, at - I ex if ,'4?,QLf4lWfi-IM. , - 535554 ffl'-Eff ,EEL - Q Q Q ei 'likx 'ik Ng blk-J Q 125 yiimbwggi N 4 Robert Smith Hazel Lawson George Robinson John Tepper Mary Skubon Ida Throckmorton Earl Throckmorton Susie Wallo Lottie Silva Raymond ThrockmortonWalter Buissett Arthur Silva Josephine Hanvy Bernard Childry Harry Steinruck Martha Duff Ralph Johns John Wallo Pearl Johnson Paul Raettig Lessie Childress Elizabeth Lawson FIVE POINT CHILDREN FOR SESSION FIRST GRADE Mike VVallO Florence Cocker Marie Jenkins Mary Jenkins Virginia Orick Dorothy Portewig Frances Steinruck 1929-1930 George Repass, Jr. Florence Barlow Dorothy Beasley Hubert Yeary SECOND GRADE Virginia Ferguson Bassett Harrison Alberta Kohl Mary Elizabeth Wrenii Isabelle Bland Alice Hill Anne Buker Elsie Mae Meredith SECOND-THIRD GRADE Hurst Eberly Leverte Norford Jessie Ray Parrish Stanley Lindsay Bernard Davenport Marvin Jester Nora Oliver THIRD GRADE James Estes Stoneman Thelma Shomaker Aliese Golding Ernest Moore Lewis Throckmorton Roberta Norford Bernice Whitlock FOURTH GRADE Walter Buissett Mike Wallo Lewis Parrish Raymond Throckmorton Bernard Childry Elizabeth Lawson Harry Steinruck Mary Agnes Repass John Shomaker Frank Johnson The following children have been on the Honor Roll every month since the beginning of school in September. FIRST GRADE , Dorothy Beasley Gertrude Noriord SECOND GRADE Irene Belknap Virginia Ferguson Alice Hill Mary Elizabeth Wren BIG MOMENTS IN LITTLE LIVES Assembly Day. Victrola Hour Baling waste paper to sell for Library books. Cafeteria time. VValter Da1nrOsch's radio program. VVeekly Song Class. l231' 1 rd yt I 'S R4 M F fx .wigs J ig ' 7 0 Wa. .f yds' ku A, A 014: Chula ,fav Uxyhgjlgyf , ggsattiw. WA . -is 5 A Q ,ffl - A 'gf :li V 1 I . . eiZIQK9.a6g4H?B?xiB1v?.aQ'J"i 5145159241 , Moving Picture Day. Having pictures taken by a real photographer. Junior League Program. REVELS OF THE FIRST GRADE TULIP CHORUS .....,.....,............................................,..,,,. Jack Reams, William Canfield and Chorus SHADOW DANCE ,,,.........,,,,,,...,..,....,....... .............................,.......................... V ernelle Throckmorton RECITATION-My Shadow ................... ......................................................... G ladys Aigner TTANSEL AND GRETEL DANCE ....,....... ...................,....,,.,,...,.......................................,,,,,,..,,,,,..,,..,......,..... C horus THE LILAC TREE-SOHg .,,..........,..... ................,,......,,,.....,,,,, J ack Reams and William Canfield 'TALKING PICTURE ......,..,,,...........,........................ Elizabeth Arnall, Aline McNally and Chorus TULIP AND TALKING PICTURE CHORUS-Gladys Aigner, Marie Norford, EvelyII Lawson, Rosa Mae Beasley, Dorothy Beasley, Rebecca Allen, Mae Reed, Mae McCauley, Roberta Purks, Susie Meredith, Juanita Fadley. HANSI-:L AND GRI-ITEL CHORUS-ITEHC Purks, Mary V. Lawso1I, Virginia Kent Oswalt, Mildred Estes, Mary Davenport, Juanita Fadley, David Ferguson, Laurence Cullingsworth, Clyde Jackson, George Repass. PRIMARY GRADES Low FIRST GRADE-Miss Margaret Kelly, Teacher Gladys Aignor Guy Ashworth Florence Barlow Herbert Barlow Robert Lee Buissett Charles Caldwell Elizabeth Campbell Maggie Childress Melvin Dew Johnnie Dickman Mildred Estes Leroy Grubbs Ernest Garrett Charles Hanvy Heartwell Hollins Clyde Jackson Laurence Cullin sworthErnest Jenkins g Mary Davenport Gertrude Davis HIGH Albert Allen Rebecca Allen Elizabeth Arnall Carter Anderson Dorothy Beasley Rosa Mae Beasley Vlfilliam Canfield Joseph Cvacho Mamie Cutright Earl Dew Juanita Fadley Evelyn Lawson Mary Lawson Paul Lawson Margaret Matthews Marie Norford Billy Nuttall Virginia Kent Oswalt Helen Pavlovich Ben Peters Vance Pettigrew George Repass Johnnie Robinson Helen Schubon VVillie Schwartz Charles Shifflet Huson Shifflet Marion Swanson Lorrine Street Beverly Taylor Dorothy Throckmorion Florence Throckmorton Vernelle Throckmorton Dewey Wade Paul Wallo Thelma Williams FIRST GRADE-MTS. C. C. Abernathy, Teacher David Ferguson Linwood Grubbs Mary Keeton Bayard Leary Mae McCauley Aline McNally Roland MCNamee Susie Meredith Gertrude Norford Howard Nuttall Clara Orick Irene Purks Roberta Purks Jack Reams Mae Reed Mary Eliz. Reynolds Joseph Schubon Wallace Scott Margaret Scott Leroy Shaw Dorothy Silva l24l John Stone Milton Strella Lillian Throckmorton Leonard Tyra John Tyree Doris Wade Joseph Wallo Brett Winn Herbert Yeary Hubert Yeary Robert Austin Eugene Beaver Irene Belknap Isabelle Bland f ' rr 'W ' "hv7?:.s vow Q o 0 ww fy? PM.:-it -'M A KNMV vs gg 1 ji gg! 1.-'E if-i-JW. ZEQT: - is rw-Lwf, ,f6Q:Eg.W.- 4 , H , SECOND GRADE-Miss Mabel Barrett, Teacher Claud Childress Stephen Clark Melvin Cooper Hilton Dean Oscar Hansen Hilda Hanvy Bassett Harrison Betty Hickam Alice Hill Hubert Dulaney Elsie Mae Meredith Raymond Jenkins Mary Nelson Durrette Thomas Moore Alberta Kohl Gladys Eacho Charles Lee Monahan Madeline Latham Jack Elliot Billy Nettles Mary Louise Buissett Virginia Ferguson Edward Raettig Anne Buker Norma Lee Finnigan Emma Schultz Edward Bulheller Kenneth Fussell OVERFLOW ROOM, SECOND GRADE-Miss Hilda VVar Karl Black Hurst Eberly Nora Oliver Oscar Caldwell Pearl Henderson Jessie Ray Parrish Bernard Cutright Hettie Hollins Helen Pridgen Bernard Davenport Marvin Jester John Pavlovich Bernard Dotson Stanley Lindsay Mike Pavlovich Hudgins Eberly Edward Norford THIRD 'GRADE Menalie Beaver Edward Covington Joe Ernest Edward Canheld Virgil Cutright XVilliam Hollins VVesley Charles Ellen Dickman Josephine Jenkins Clifton Cook Bryan Alvis Virginia Andrews Mataleen Austin Geraldine Schwoob Elmer Spence Barbara Sweeney Earl Steinruck Frances Thimsen Clara Throckmorton Joseph Wallo Elsie VVhitlock Mary Elizabeth VVrenn VVaverly Yarbrough ren, Teacher Horace Ragland VValton Savage VVarren Saxby Mattie Schwartz Combs Tyra Leverte Norford Lucille Throckmorton Ralph VVade THIRD GRADE-Miss Kathrine Cooke, Teacher Carl Dulaney Earl Enroughty Thomas Fadley VVayne Oden Susie Pavlovich Edward Reynolds XVinona Griggs Clara Jackson Virginia Jones Leo Baltazor Mary Jane Gilbert Margaret Robinson Vincient Laflin Robert Blackburn Clara Madison Thelma Shomaker Ernest Seay Ida Mae Buissett Bernard McNamee Nellie Louise VVarrincrThomas Spence Emily Burke Ernest Moore Bernice VVhitlock James Stoneman Billy Charlton Archie Nettles Joseph Savage Lewis Throckmorton Sanford Davenport Roberta Norford Emmett Goode Thomas VValton Allen Dean Pauline Nuttall Aleise Golding FOURTH GRADE-Miss Alma Smith, Teacher Joe Ashworth Marie Jenkins Mary Repass Harry Steinruck J. S. Bland Mary Jenkins George Robinson Helen Stone YValter Buissett Lessie Childress Bernard Childry Florence Cocker Fred Dabney Martha Dulaf Gordon Goulding Josephine Hanvy Frank Johnson Elizabeth Lawson Myrtle Neugesser Virginia Orick Paul Raettig Lewis Parrish Doris Portewig Edward Portewig George Shaw, Jr. John Shomaker Hazel Lawson Arthur Silva Lottie Silva Mary Skubon Robert Smith Frances Steinruck l25l Emily Strelec Earl Throckmorton Ida Throckmorton Raymond Throckmorton John Wallo Susie Wallo Ralph Johns John Tepper A f Q N. x ltflfffwliuora it-l'eil5iLa.vfXlaa C A f xi fre! 1 af -N. N vt j'd?3'K" ,L ff. 'vga LW f, . eyfvtlig ' 531.51 1 il?-:gf 51: 9 'i t YARINAS HONOR ROLL STUDENTS The following students have been present and on time every day this year and have made an average of 9011 on all subjects: Ruth Munro Virginia Eberly Marie Goodman Emma Henderson Grace Vanderoff Lurena Beadles Louise Shomaker Margaret Reynolds Ldevia Readies Dorothy Nance Helen Pollard Joe Pollard Elizabeth Hill Doris Hill l26l Thelma Shomaker Alice Hill Elizabeth Wrelin Irene Belknap Dorothy Beasley Virginia Ferguson IZ71 4 F of' w'iW:'iifi5 VV55'k' Ja P?- -2 2 w e A .E , JUNIOR LEAGUE OFFICERS Edwin Moore and Ernest Lipford .,,.,,,,,........ Dorothy Wagner and Howard Hines ..,......r.. Ruth Munro and jane Ellen Moore ....................,......, Mary Pearman and Aubrey Brown ,,,,,..,..,.,..,,..........,.,........... MR. BAKER, I 23 I Adviser Presidents Vice-Presidents ......Secretaries ....,,... Treasurers in 3 ga.,- ziiiaymi .X.,5Wa2ff., QM 'Nik ' L if Jaxw'-3ej:w.,4ivQSYwN4 . -, if 1 jiri? W- 5.4 Witt! i isa: nf4V',"': ' N f"' fi-.5 I V 9 .- 1 -hwy '11 v .-fvifvi - 13550 gi f 3 i Wlym3,!g .nb , me.:ef.J 511351,-2 ff E E' fi. , E v , Virginia Eberly ........, Ruth Munro .,....,,..,, Mary Pearman ..,,... Bernice Perkins ..,,. Irene Amory Bernice Bowis Virginia Eberly Lucile Frayser Helen Garnett Thelma Garrett Marie Goodman Emma Henderson Ruth Munro JEAN STUART CLUB Miss PAGE DRINKER, Adviser JEAN STUART, Sponsor OFFICERS MEMBERS Mary Pearman Bernice Perkins Clarese Redford Grace Vanderoef Clara Day Margaret johns Helen Lovejoy Catherine Peers Mildred Redford Dorothy Shobe Anne Stoneman Hilda Whitlock Mildred Amory Lurena Beadles Thelma Bottoms Rozella Hedrick T291 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Thelma Brockwell Vera Hansen Mary Jones Virginia Nuttall Lula Throckmorton Dorothy Wagner Edna VVagner Mary Whitlock f 'Q 0 Q 1 59 m r- , mv?w.3fZQ f wgwwf r-3 R C-' EC- xxa V-f'i'. "':,'0 'A ."'lHvt.. , .-awffiufgejbw fd w?L"'MSfMsa , . QQwmes:a.4S.45Sg . , F. F. Afs MR. C. C. ABERNATHY, Adviser OFFICERS lirnest Lipford ......... ,,,,,.,,.,.,,.,,.,,,,,,..,,,..,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,A,,,,,,, P r egident Charles Wagner ..,...,. . .....,... V ice-President Edwin Moore ........ ...,......,......... S ecrc-:tary Ellwilfll Saxby .....,.... ,,.,,,.,,,,,r, T reagurer Sinclair Redford ...,...... ,,r,,,,,,,, R epm-'fer Edward Childress .,.,,.. ,,,,,,,, X Vatchdog l30l f 1 , mnfllmil uk it h Vlzikr is 4 I 'IRQ' MQMQ1 N w M' SW' 0 'L -5 59512- .sf '51 .Tn . , , GLEE CLUB . Miss Bledsoe .......,,ss,, ..,......,, ss.,......,,.,..w..,,,,,,,.. ,..w,. D 1 r ectpr Mrs, Thimsen ......,... .,.......,...............,.......w.w.s.. ......... P 1 amst OFFICERS , Ruth Munro .,,,,.,.,..,.s...,., ..........,.,....,..........,........... ...........,4,......................... P F '6SiC1611t Margaret Reynolds ,,.,,, ...,,,,,,.......,A.....,.......,, Y 'lC6-Pfesidelif john jedinak ,,,,,,s,,,,sss,, ,, s,,,,,,,, ........ S ecretary and Treasurer Clarese Redford ......... .......,......................,,.... .....,..A,....................,..,----A.--- L i b1'H1'i2111 BIEMBERS Marie Goodman Addie Drinker Arthur Lee VVarriner Virginia Eberly Catherine Peers Clara Day Mary Pearman Mary Whitlock Sue Dabney Iane Ellen Moore Lucy May Murphy Lucile Allen Mamie Silva Rosa Warriner Mildred Amory Edward Saxby Charles Wagner Clarence Wingo George Mosby John jedinak Edward Childress Etta Walls Grover Shurm Joe Pollard Arthur Fussell Sinclair Redford Billy Batchelor l31l Annie Hart Thelma Garrett Bernice Perkins Margaret Reynolds Ruth Munro Virginia Nuttall I ni . V 3:5 0 .44 'NTSA af, S, 39 05-xy'-0 N rikfuffliagevg-V 2 ff' 9 Efagkmff . ee C . Q1 4 QLg'Lg932ZL1?.akg2"f PqLae52Qf50i!Z9vm.'3lIYn.-,Q . , OFFICERS OF THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Roscoe Yeary ...,,........ ,,.,.,......,, P resident Charles VVagner .... ...,,.,,,,,....,...,,..,..,... X fice-President Vera Hansen ......... ........,. S ecretary and Treasurer Catherine Peers .r,......r. ..,..,,.,,........,..,..,, , ..,........ R eporter I3-21 nf' I N if NWS N ix 'ww W' 'r B 4 ,- S4 5" 0 'QAE lefty. "4,"T is A S910 429 67,9 exe. fwijgqfm lr , 'QA Lay ,ibn taxa, ,-.qqf0vr9l'10Wf .5 9 -. :.. vfgqvqiisnwwgs , tmefliiseirtgafeig , , GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Virginia Nuttall ...,.,.,,, Catherine Peers Captain-Forward Forward Vera Hansen ..,.......... Substitute Forward Clara Day .........,,,....,,.,,, ...,........,....,.,,, , .........,. C enter Hilda Whitlock ....,,..,.., ...,,, ,,..,., , , , Side Center Anne Hart ....,,,,.............. .....,,.,.,,....,,.,,...........,..., G uard Rozella Hedrick ..,..........,.,..,......,...,..,...,,,,,,..,,,,,....t,,,.... ,..,................. ,,t, ,,,,,,,....... ,,r...... S u b s titute Guard Doris Howard .,.....,...,......,.........,.....,.,.,,........,,,,,,...,,.., ...,,,............,,.....,.......,................ ,,,,,...............,.,..,....,., G L iard This team h as won 10 out of the 19 games played. I 33 l Af- ! fl ,Ig-W gkvwf- X ' N N W r N 1 5 f, , , Agkrlpx agx ll' -4 TN! 1 ,JJ A, 1 9 V QA v 1" Wif e N I Quia V-1 ' f if r fmlii - , Charles VVagner Ernest Lipford ...,,,,.. Linwood Cotmau Ernest Moore ,, Roscoe Yeary .e..,,, Stuart Savage ,... Edwin Moore ,,,,,.. ....,. BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM This team has won 22 out of the 28 games played. T341 , .,,,,, Right Forward ,, Left Forward Substitute Forward ,,,,,..,.. . ,,....,,,...,. Center Left Guard . ......,, Right Guard .. Substitute Guard ATHLETIC SNAPS I 35 1 eff' T: .-.' 9 5 N HW? 752. I W . I :Sg132q1'29g, Lita -1 INLJAJPA 3,5vm9umL9IM 4 , FIVE POINT CLUB The purpose of the live point club is to improve the physical condition of the school child. A member of this club has perfect vision, hearing, teeth, throat, and proper weight. In Varina school we have 120 Five Point pupils. i363 61 ni nf Ja ex .f A' '44"a1W" if m5',r-- . .-,WE !4F52f 'ees , .aae,e:,Hv:e.: papaya , Jokes Edwin M oore Bernice Bowis Ernest Moore money F" John -Iedinak 1 Ernest Moore Mr. Abernathy : Henry Tepper "My uncle is Filthy with moueyfl : HSend him arouiid and I'll clean him np." : 'Alf you went to college, would you ever write home for it Never." "I think it would he better to send telegrams, too." Do you sec that hotel? That's where l lost my sweetheartf, . "Gosh, what l'l21171JC'1lCCl?H Mr. Abernathy: "I married her." Bernice Perkins: A'VVhy didn,t you want to take an early morning Canter FU Yirginia Eberly: "XYith me, it's the cot before the horse." Helen Garnett: "You men are responsible for the makeup we girls put on our faces." Ernest Li zfordi g'Yes, how you do love to but such thinfrs on our shoulders." . l as Mann Page: "Your girl friend called up and said she wouldn't be able to meet you today at allf, Edward Saxb : "Well, that's a wait off my mind." Y , Nellie Bowsher: A'Hey, what's the idea of pulling the chair from under me like that FH Grace Vanderoef: "XYhy, do you know a better way?" Philip Stoiieman: "Hey, wake up, your car is at the door." Roscoe Yeary 2 "I know. l hear it knockingfl Mary Pearman: "What is your favorite boy's name F" , i y lxuth Munro: ' Randolphf Imogene Morgan: "I passed Shakespeare, today." Mr. Baker: 'fljid he speak ?" Mrs. Abernathy: '4You don't know what meals are in store for you, darling." Mr. Abernathy: "In store for me F" Mrs. Abernathy: "Yes, Yahley's delicatessen store." l37l f lg .5'l flfl ' '9 'ff 1 avyifrvr . .s , Zikmsgdkatbiea -1 PQLJMIQSZM wha.. , Qlumnae ntes CLASS OF 1916 Mrs. Charles Stagg Cnee Susie VVilsonj, Route 5, Richmond, Va. CLASS OF 1917 Virginia Nelson, Marion Garnett and Selena Beasley are all of Route 5, Richmond, Ya., and are in business. Ethel Beavers is teaching. Ruth Fortna is in business in Richmond. The housewives are: Mrs. James Condrey fnec Margret Haycoxb, Mrs. Frank Aigner fnee Elizabeth Millerj, Mrs. Stone Cnee Evelyn Ranniej, and Mrs. Thomas XYilliams fnee Elsie Fiesej. , CLASS OF 1918 Mrs. Lloyd Beasley Qnee Ester Doreyj, Mrs. Johnson Cnee Lavelon Dupeyj, and John Jester, who is in business in Richmond. CLASS OF 1919 Mrs. James Barlow Cnee Mary Davisj, Mrs. Davenport Qnee Lillian Red- woodj, and Mrs. C. B. Harrison, jr. Qnee Emma W'adej. CLASS OF 1920 Two housewives, Mrs. Tunstall Cnee Naomi Kirbyj, and Mrs. Fletcher fnee Inus Hickamj. Mrs. Dorsey Kirby fnee Ethel Hedrickj, teaching at Va- rina. One farmer, Sanford Alexander. Jeanette Kirby, Marie Fortna, Bernice Blankenship, and Harry Haycox are in business. Dorothy Yancleroef, teaching. CLASS OF 1921 Catherine Dew is married, Benjamin Harrison, Gertrude Barlow are both working in Richmondg Randolph Harrison married his classmate, Jessie Kessler, Route 53 Byrd Nelson is teaching at Yarinag Alfred Mistr is on a farm, Route 5, Franklin Bernheisel is in business, Elizabeth Stoneman is with the State Wel- fare Department. CLASS OF 1922 Harry Barlow, in business, Route 5, Richmond, Va.g Lacy Hedrick and Russell Hill are farming, Route 53 Mrs. Raymond Britton Qnee Marion Lanhamj, Route 8, South Richniondg Mrs. Taylor Cnee Mary Martinj, Route 6, Rich- mond, Va., Mrs. McManus Cnee Helen Roodj, Route 5, Richmond, Va.g Mrs. Parson Qnee Mae Pattersonj, Mrs. Dewey Hall Qnee Aline Timberlakej, Mrs. Larking Lockhart Knee Blanche Hendersonj, West Va., Mrs. Garland Banks fnee Ellen Strathjg Channing Glenn, student at VVilliain and Mary College: iobert Mann, preaching at Charlottesville, Va.g Mrs. Reuben Snell Cnee Estelle Fussellj. 1331 t r ja 511. A , . 4 .. W' Q a Us f- - afwsc de llt gtw e wm.-s-A. .fw -sf f -Q 2-W rx,-.,. - E. . '1,fbl3'Z9',' if if 'elif 2 fy wa. . , Q Ml1Q.,Eiff'V LN. 5 qpyj' -5tk..J.s,yP F Wink.: 10194 C LA S S 0 F 1923 Sallie Brachett Qmarriedjg Catherine Berheisel, teaching in Page Countyg Nettie Eberly, teaching at Glendale, Elko, Va., Olive Hall, teachingg Randolph Harrison, Working in Richmond, Richard Fussell, Cecil McCol1ister and Lorraine johnson are working in Richmond. Willie Lanham, in business, Route 6, Rich- mond, Va., Mrs. Richard Hughes Cnee Ruby Pattersonjg Alvin and Edwin Mistr are farming, Route 5, Richmond, Va., Harriet Childry, teaching, Mrs. T. P. Hobson Cnee Gladys Fisherj. CLASS OF 1924 Berkley Fussell, teaching at Great Bridge, Route 3, Norfolk, Va., VVilliam Atkisson, in business, Alabama, Mabel Drinker, Elma Fussell, Charles XYhitlock, Clarence Crouch, Thelma Goodman, are in business in Richmond, Va.: Orville Frick, Clifton Forge, Marie Baughman, Isabell Hall, Gladys Davis, in business, Route 5, Richmond, Va., Esther Hines is a governessg Mrs. john Hall, jr. Qnee Ruth Murphyj, Mrs. W'ill Beadles tnee Lola Martinj, and Mrs, Gifford fnee Gertrude Throckmortonj, are all keeping house, Mrs. Frank Bates fnee Ruby Durrettj, Rosa Barrett, Barnetts, Va., Benjamin Hubbard, in business in Rich- mond, Va., Doris Rathien, teaching. CLASS OF 1925 Mrs. Clarence Snadecki Qnee Virginia Adamsj, Philadelphia, Pa., XVillis Throckmorton, Frank Yahley, Mrs. Charles Jefferson Cnee Mary Stonemanj, Margaret Cousins, Forest Hedrick, Albert Hare, james Childry, all in business, Route 5, Richmond, Va., Garland Osborne, in business, Richmond, Va., Elko, Va., Thaddeus Morawski, Madeline Becker, VVill Beadles, are in business, Route 6, Richmond, Va., Rachel Mistr, student at Richmond Business College, Rich- mond, John Nelson and VVillis Fussell are Farmers, Richmond, Ya., Roselyn McCann in business, South Richmond, Va., Isabell Xlihitlock, student at VVil1iani and Mary Extension, Richmond, Va., Mrs. Oscar Northern fnee Bernetta Wag- nerj g Mamie Canfield, in business, Richmond, Ya. CLASSES OF 1926-27 . Herbert Baughan, student at Medical College, Richmond, Ya., .losiah Fussell, Constance Foxall, in business, Route 6, Richmond, Va., Raymond McCann, attending college in Florida, Elizabeth Yahley, Martha Lee Elliot, Ruth Sadow- sky, in business, Margaret Throckmorton, in business, Route 5, Richmond, Va., Mrs. John Blon fnee Eula Davisb, Route 5, Richmond, Va., Gertrude Drinker, student at Harrisonburg State Teachers College, Harrisonburg, Va., Eugene McAnally, student at W'illiam and Mary, lliilliamsburg, Ya., Julia Xliagner, 1'11.i1'S- ing at Retreat for the Sick, Richmond, Va., Lelia Fussell, student at Richmond l39l 63 W' ls GF -1.15-ifJ'w. Neff' ss f f'fQ?,?g'i'fj'l,CE-.a I-i -W"-sag ss 4 U . , , . cafe.-Jdksfnticuclf -my ,ra falss-asm. Business College, Margaret Redwood, Margaret Gill, Helen Drinker, students at Willfam and Mary Extension, Florence Osborne, in business. Elko. Va.: Grace Lovejoy, in business, Route 6: Emmett Holder, in business. Route 5, Richmond, Va. CLASS OF 1928 Christine Sweeney and Helen VVagner, students at VVilliam and Mary Ex- tension School, Louise Sadowsky, student at Richmond Business College, Robert Nelson, student at VVashington and Lee University, Lexington. Va., Lucile Bowis, Thelma Day, Cleo Yeary, Carl Hickain and Annie Canfield are in business, Route 5, Richmond, Va., Virginia Nelson, in business, Richmond, Va., Ruth Fussell, Elma Milam and Elinor VVhitlock, in business, Route 6, Wilmer Hedrick, student at Morgantown University, lVest Virginia. CLASS OF l929 NVillinette Fussell, Thelma Shurm, Helen Yahley, Gwendolyn Staples, Aubrey Hedrick, Eddie Hare, Beverly Crouch and Carl Beasley, all students at Rich- mond Business College, Vaughn jackson, john Pearman, Beverly Pearman and Allan Dotson, all attending V. P. L, Alice Throekmorton and Floyd Nuttall, in business, Route 5, Richmond, Va., Ida Beadles and Thelma Becker, in business, Route 6, Richmiond, Va., Florence Woods, at home, Elko, Va., Catherine VVhit- lock, attending Smithdeal Business College, Richmond, Va., Lilli Otteson, S. T. C., Fredericksburg, Va., Clara Mistr, student at State Teachers College, Farm- ville, Va., john Payne, student Columbia University, Percy Moore, student University of Richmond. Of Of Of Masonic Home Press, Inc., Highland Springs, Va. v0f Or Or l40l

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