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H947 Published by VANLUE I-HGH SCI-IOOI SENIOR CLASS Vclnlue, Chic amino ffze al Wcanfue ,wt sczmz FOREWORD As one of the Wildcats I'11 introduce to you Some of the tcrmers, ot few tamed, And more wildcctts too. 7he 7minea4 '7!w 7amec! an Me .fan-de fbecficwlfion We, the Senior Cloiss of 1947, toke this opportunity to express our sincere grortitude to our class sponsor, Mr. Deeds. lt was with his help thctt We completed our lost and loest yeor of school. Z2 TRAINERS SUPT. H. E. HINKLE History, Spelling, Coach LAWRENCE NICHOLS Principal, Business SCHOOL BOARD Erman Bright, Vice President Glenn McKee, President Milo Bayless, Clerk Harold Lee Garrett Miller SCOTT BRYANTS SHOE STORE, Three Doors South oi Harris Theater. FINDLAY. OHIO DOROTHY GASSMAN First Grade EVA SHULL Third Grade BERNICE DANIELS Fifth Grade IOHN HENNING Biology, History, Phys. Ed., Asst. Coach ANNA DECKER Second Grade CHARLOTTE CRIBLEZ Fourth Grade ANITA PRATT Sixth Grade LORINE OMAN Science, Latin, English FINDLAY GLASS COMPANY. FINDLAY, OHIO I n I I 1 2 COMPLIMENTS OF THE RUDOLF WILIAMAA MILDRED HUTSON English, Phys. Ed., Mathematics, Librarian Asst. Coach VIRGINIA REBER FRANKLIN DEEDS Home Economics Vocational Agr. ALICE OYER WILLIAM HOLTKAMP Elementary Music BCII1d RALPH BALMEH Glee Club AIRPORT CAFE, FINDLAY, OHIO rg 1 .-N ...f ,-N .f -5.- -,.? ..f- CLASS HISTORY After striving for l2 years, we have at last reached that long-looked for goal, that of graduating from the 12th grade. In '43 we drifted into our Freshman year. It was hectic at first, but finally we decided to settle down to being good high school students. Miss Grieser sponsored our class. Class elections ran as follows: President, Marilyn Beck, Vice President, Iames Dean, Secretary-Treasurer, Virginia Parrish. We chose blue and white as our class colors, Cala Lily as our class flower, and our motto "Success Awaits at Labor's Gates." .ll Norma Schubert Marilou Woodruff 1, Our Sophomore year was the next step. Mary Lowell led us through that year as class sponsor. The class officers were: President, Dale Wisner, Vice President, Don Bechtel, Secretary, Norma Schubert, Treasurer, Carolyn Richards. Our next task was that of being Iuniors. We presented the comedy "Her Emergency Husband" as our Iunior play which was successful. We had many good and also trying times preparing for the customary Ir.-Sr. Banquet which turned out very well under the excellent supervision of Virginia Reber, our class sponsor for that year. Class elections Were: President, Donald Bech- tel, Vice President, Norma Schubert, Secretary-Treasurer, Doris Bayless, Re- porter, Ruth Tanner. Now came the real test, the climax, the job of being Seniors. Results of class elections were: President, Donald Roberts, Vice President, Norma Schu- bert, Secretary-Treasurer, Marilou Woodruff with Franklin Deeds as Sponsor. AL BASS, FINDLAY. OHIO SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Iames Dean - - Reporter - - - - - Vice President - - - Secretary Treasurer Donald Roberts President CLASS HISTORY The results of fine co-operation Were exhibited in the presentation of the Senior play "Grandad Steps Out." Two chicken dinners were given by the class! Another feat was the publishing of the "Scarlet and Gray" in which We took great pride. On May 9 we were entertained by the luniors at the Elks. We now reached the climax of our school life, Baccalaureate and Commencement. We owe much of our future success to the teaching and teachers of Van- lue School and We shall never forget the good times We had there. SENIOR ACTIVITIES Q DORIS IEAN BAYLESS Duty and today are ours, results and futurity belong to God. Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Ann nual staff 4, Paper staff 2, 3, 4, Library 2, Office Help 4, Class Officer 3. DONALD BECHTEL Speech is silver, silence is golden. Play Cast 3, Play Com. 4, Annual staff 4, EEA. 3, 4, EEA. Vice President 4, Class Officer 3, Football 1, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, Z. MARILYN BECK Behavior is a mirror in which everyone displays their image. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Play Cast 3, 4, Glee Club Vice President 4, Annual staff 4, Paper staff 4, Office help 4, G. A.A. 2, Class Officer l, Ensemble 3, Band 1, 2, Operetta 3. H. D. GRUBE. WATCHMAKER. IEWELER, FINDLAY, OHIO IAMES DEAN lt matters not how a rnan dies, but how he lives. Play Com. 35 Annual staff 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Gperetta 3. HERBERT HENDRICKS Wise men say nothing in danger- ous times. Play Com. 35 Glee Club 35 Play stage manager 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND HENDRICKS A rolling stone gathers no moss. Play Com. 35 Basketball manager 2, 3, 45 Football l, 45 Annual staff 4' Play Cast 4. IACK MARSHALL The reward of a thing Well done is to have done it. Glee Club 35 Play cast 3, 45 Annual staff 45 Operetta 35 EEA. l, 2, 3, 45 F. EA. Reporter 45 Football 2, 3, 4. KANEL S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS FOR YOUNG MEN, FINDLAY. OHIO CALVIN MCCORMICK I-Ie was a bold man, he that first ate an oyster. Football l, 3, 4, Play Corn. 4. HELEN MCCORMICK A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. Glee Club I, 2, 4, Play com. 3, Play cast 4, Annual staff 4, G.A.A. 2, F.l-I.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2. PAUL NEWCOMER The man that blushes is not quite a brute. Glee Club 3, Play cast 3, 4, Annual staff 4, Paper staff 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4. VIRGINIA PARRISH We boil at different degrees. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Play cast 3, 4, An- nual staff 4, Paper staff 3, 4, F.I-IA. Vice President 4, F.H.A. I, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Cheerleader I, Class officer l, Band I, 4, Operetta 3. LESTER THOMAS, DIAMONDS, WATCHES SILVERWARE FINDLAY OHIO CAROLYN RICHARDS Music is well said to be the speech of Angels. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Play cast 3, 45 Glee Club Librarian 45 Annual staff 45 Paper staff 45 G.A.A. 2, 35 Class officer 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 35 Ensemble 1, 2, 35 Office Help 45 Library 2. DONALD ROBERTS A good reputation is more valua- ble than money. Play cast 3, 45 Annual staff 45 Class officer 45 FPA. l, Z, 3, 45 F.F.A. Secre- tary 45 F.F.A. Sentinel 3. ROBERT SHERICK Hitch your wagon to a star. Glee Club 35 Annual staff 45 Basket- ball 45 Football 15 Play stage manager 3, 4. NORMA SCHUBERT We know what we are, but not what We may be. Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Play cast 3, 45 Class officer 2, 3, 45 Glee Club Secretary- Treasurer 45 Annual staff 45 Paper staff 3, 45 G.A.A. 25 Library 1, 2, 3, 4. KOEHLERS GREENHOUSES. FINDLAY. OHIO RUTH TANNER In skating over thin ice our safety is our speed. Glee Club l, 2, 4, Play cast 3, 4, An- nual staff 4, Paper staff 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, Class officer 3, F.l'l.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Libra- rian l. DALE WISNER A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. Glee Club 3, Play cast 3, 4, Annual staff 4, Class officer 2, F.l:'.A. l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. officer 3, 4, Operetta 3, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. MARILOU WOODRUFF For I am nothing if not critical. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Play cast 3, 4, An- nual staff 4, Paper staff 3, 4, GAA. 2, 3, Class officer 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, FH. A. officer 3, 4, Operetta 3. B. 6- B. OII. AND FUEL COMPANY FINDLAY OHIO SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior class of 1947 of Vanlue High School, realizing that our school days are drawing to a close, do hereby make and publish this, our last will and testament. will and bequeath our various properties and characteristics as We follows: Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article 1- II- III- Iv-- vm vi-- VII- VIII-- IX- X.. Xl- XII-- XIII- XIV- XV- XVI- XVII- Helen McCormick wills her bashfulness to Bureada Stone and Nina Wohlgamuth. Carolyn Richards wills her music to Betty Casteel and Norman Faber. Paul Newcomer bequeaths his wavy hair to Herbert Risner. Don Bechtel wills his ability of keeping early hours to Elmer Walter. Norma Schubert wills her pretty clothes to Ioan McRiIl. Marilou Woodruff wills her ability of fighting to keep muscles to Betty Hendricks. Dale Wisner intrusts his strength to Charles Gorsuch. Raymond Hendricks bequeaths his good-nature to Raymond Dirmeyer. Doris lean Bayless wills her old notebooks and test papers to Iean Van Horn. Marilyn Beck wills her ability to sew to Molly Farmer. Herbert Hendricks intrusts his shyness to Norman Pratt. Iack Marshall leaves his way with the women to Edward Arnett. Virginia Parrish bequeaths her height to Richard Van Sant. Ruth Tanner wills her artistic ability to Irma Russell. Iim Dean wills his giggles to Bonnie Crawford. Robert Sherick intrusts his mischievous nature to Betty Lou Marquet. . Don Roberts wills his weight to Iohn Norris. XVIII--Calvin McCormick bequeaths his silent nature to Max Cole. XIX- XX- XXI- XXII- XXIII XXIV XX 'J- The Senior Class wills the little brown jug to the Iunior Class. To the Sophomores we leave our good manners and ability to work together. To the Freshmen we leave our nobleness and true understand- ing of others. We, the Seniors, will to the members of the faculty our sincere thanks and gratitude for the patience and the understanding they have shown us during our school days. -We, the Senior Class, do, hereby, extend our whole-hearted appreciation and thanks to the Board of Education and to our parents who have helped to make our school days the most happy and memorable of our life. -We, hereby, appoint Norman Pratt executor of this will and testament In testimony we, hereby, sign and seal this last will and testa- ment of the Senior Class of 1947. GET IT AT TI-I1 S. 6 S. DRUG STORE, FINDLAY, OHIO SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Sometime ago, upon awakening in the fore- part of the night, I found myself tormented by pangs of hunger. Having indulged in a rather sumptuous supper, I thought the experience strange, still unable to fall asleep, I arose and ate some sour pickles, a hamburg and finished with a bottle of coke. Although this combina- tion was surely not wise, it was all I had in the house. After eating I strolled out on the porch to cool off, for it was a warm night. Gazing forlornly at the moon I was suddenly startled by a brilliant light passing rapidly through the sky. I rushed back into the house and grabbed my coke bottle to focus it on the rapidly disap- pearing light. After watching until it passed from my sight, I went quickly out to the garage, climbed into my helicopter and dashed to the place where it had disappeared. While searcli- ing for a place to land I was quite startled to hear a voice speaking to me. Glancing down I saw that I had accidently left my radio on. Turning the volume a little higher I was surprised to hear the voice of Calvin McCormick giving me my landing directions. After I had landed I called a taxi to take me on a tour of this amazing city. While waiting for it I crossed to a near-by hamburg stand, for suddenly I felt very hungry again. As I watched the girl who took my order, the door marked "Proprietor" opened and out walked a frail little woman wearing horn-rimmed glasses. Something seemed familiar about her, but it wasn't until she took off her glasses and began combing her pretty blonde hair, that I recog- nized her as my old friend, Marilyn Beck. I had just said "hello" when I was frightened by the squealing of brakes. Looking up I saw my taxi round the corner on two wheels. Iust as I was about to enter, the driver said, "Pardon me, but don't I know you?" Glacing at him I immediately recognized Raymond Hendricks. I don't believe he had grown even an inch. The first building at which we stopped was similar to the courthouse in my home town of Vanlue. After passing several offices I came to a sign which read "Matrimonial Agency, Two Flights Up." Still being single I decided to go up, hoping I might find some handsome man that would be mine for the asking. As I shyly approached the door I was shocked to see Paul Newcomer solemnly reading the marriage vows to a young couple. Forgetting my former in- tention, I rushed quickly back down the stairs for I didn't want him to see me there. Ordering Raymond to drive on, I decided to view the city. This didn't turn out to be such a brilliant idea for Raymond drove much too fast for me to see anything. Later we stopped at the' concert where a famous musician was scheduled to appear. A hush fell upon the au- dience and out on the stage walked Maestro Don Roberts! After playing several numbers on his bass drum he motioned for his soloist to ld-lnkkmmw , F1114 come out. Marilou Woodruff appeared. The concert ended by Maestro Roberts accompany- ing "Song Bird Woodruff" to "Cheer For Old Vanlue." After leaving the concert I discovered that I was thirsty, so I decided to walk down the boulevard to see if I could find a drugstore, There were several beauty parlors on the other side, one of which looked quite expensive. Looking about for the name, I was amazed to find that it was owned and operated by lack Marshall. Farther down the street I saw a crowd of peo- ple waiting in line. Wondering what it was all about I asked a lady. She informed me that they were waiting to see Dr. Sherick, a famous specialist. Finally I found a drug store and went in to order my coke. The waitress, Doris Bayless in- formed me that she had been working here for several years, but just after 5:00 o'clock. She taught at the University during the day. When I came out I noticed a ladies hat store down the street. A sign in the window stated that they fashioned their own hats. As I hadn't had a new hat for sometime I decided to go in. Imagine my surprise when I found that it was owned and operated by Iames Dean. Glancing at my watch I found I just had time to see a movie before I went to supper. Going over to a newsstand to get a paper I was amazed to find Virginia Parrish. She had suc- ceeded in becoming the leading lawyer in town. She said that Norma Schubert and Ruth Tanner had married and both had large families. After reading the ads I decided on a little theater not far from the airport. I was rather tired when I finally got seated so I didn't pay much atten- tion to the news reel. Then as the show started I was suddenly astounded to see the name, Helen McCormick, appear as producer and director. When I came out of the theater I looked at my watch and saw that it was supper time. Go- ing back to Marilyn's hamburg stand I asked her if she knew of a place where I could get some French fries. She said that if I waited a minute she would show me one. Soon she came out with her hat and coat and we started. We hadn't gone very far until we came to the cutest little sandwich shop I have been seen. The moment I entered I felt at home. For stand- ing behind the counter peeling potatoes was I-Ierb Hendricks. At his side was Dale Wisner very carefully frying them, and the waiter com- ing toward us was none other than Don Bechtel After I had finished my delicious French fries I went back to my helicopter and started home. I was very thankful for my trip for some of my friends here had been asking about my former classmates. -By Carolyn Richards. ELEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Norman Pratt ........ Vice President Bonnie Crawford ......... Treasurer Betty Casteel ..,.. .... S ecretary Iohn Norris . . . .... President Top Row: Edward Arnett, Norman Pratt, Iohn Norris, Molly Farmer. Second Row: Nina Wohlgamuth, Richard Ewing, Elmer Walter, Herbert Risner, Third Row: Virginia Perkins, Norman Fa- ber, Bonnie Crawford, Betty Marquet. Fourth Row: Max Cole, Irma Russell, Ro- zella Funk, Richard Van Sant. Fifth Row: Betty Hendricks, Bureada Stone, Iean Van Horn, Ioan McRill. TENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS fBack row, left to rightl Richard Woodruff ......,. President Charles Gilliland ..,...,.. Secretary Ronald Nye ......... Vice President fFront rowl Margaret Roberts ........ Treasurer Reita Hendricks .... ,... R eporter Top Row, Cleft to rightl: Ronald Nye, Charles Gilliland, Wm. Daniels. Second Row: David Bright, Donna Grant, Raymond Pratt, Tom Sherick. Third Row: Ioyce Hatch, Randolph Row, Robert Lee, Grace Marshall. Fourth Row: Martha Cole, Rose Bechtel, Richard Woodruff, lames Mullins. Fifth Row: Margaret Roberts, Norma Thomas, Pat Haines, Florence Bright. Sixth Row: Marjorie Crew, Donna McCor- mick, Reita Hendricks, Dorothy Cook. NINTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS tStandingl Ruth Ann Hendricks . .Vice President Leura Bibler ............. Secretary Marilyn Arnett ...,..,,.,.. Reporter CFront Bowl George Kuhlman ..,,.,.., Treasurer Meltord Wilcox ........... President Top Row: Ernest Conley, Betty Patrick, Marilyn Arnett, Natalie Beck. Second Row: luanita Gore, Glenn Thomas, lanine Lay, Lucille Stacy. Third Row: Norma Beck, Glen Robison, Ruth Ann Hendricks, Meltord Wilcox. Fourth Row: Leura Bibler, Iack Arlington, Wilma Shuck, George Kuhlman. Fiith Row: Ann Gorsuch, Ethel Raye, Ca- rol Hotelling. EIGHTI-I GRADE OFFICERS Bonnie Rickle ...,,..... President Ioe Bright ....4.... Vice President Luana Nye. . .Secretary-Treasurer Norman Lee ........,,.. Reporter Earlene Beard .......... Librarian Top Row: Norman Lee, Norma Hotel- ling. Second Row: Bonylin Hatch, Eldon Bame, Ray Sullenberger, Mary lane Sherick, Arlen McRill, Earlene Beard, loe Bright, Virginia Hendricks. Third Row: Ioelene Marshall, Luana Nye, Bonnie Rickle, Mildred Roark, Edwin Walters, Perry Fletcher, Har- ry Richards, Iames Thomas. Fourth Row: Herbert Prater, Frances Risner, Phyllis Boyles, Rose Thomas, Ellen Tanner, Dortha Greene, Garnet Sampson, Mary Ellen Thompson. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Ben Bright .....,....... President Ramon Lee ,......, Vice President Leland Hendricks ...... Secretary Virginia Risner ,....,... Librarian Eleanor VanSant ...,... Reporter Top Row: Eleanor VanSant, Ruth Sampson, Robert Woodruff, Wilma Sizemore, Carol Cole, Carl Raye, Ben Bright. Second Row: Doris Stone, Leland Hen- dricks, Herman Conley, Marilyn Marshall, Ramon Lee, Delmar Phil- lips, Margaret McKee, Shirley Russell. Third Row: Marilyn Hutson, Marlene Hile, Richard Lee, Iune Fruth, Blake Fannin, Bert Arlington, Larry Shull, Ronald Crawford. ' Fourth Row: Nancy Roberts, Alma Roark, Eugene Lee, Arlene Fruth, Iames Hendricks, Robert Ray, Dale Hughes, Faye Marshall. Fifth Row: Walter Stacy, Bill Acker- man, Barbara Greene, Nancy Hem- inger, Marilyn Fetters, Virginia Ris- ner, Wanda Risner, Ioe Frazer. SIXTH GRADE Top Row, fleft to rightl: Barbara Stone, Nor- man Cole, Willis Bibler, Dale Shaffer, lun- ior Dyer, Ray Perkins, Delbert Marshall, Iohn Chilcoat. Second Row: Ted Shuck, Carter Raye, Iimmie Thomas, Victor Beck, Florence Ecker, Rich- ard Marshall, Billy Cook, Wilma Frasure. Third Row: Marjorie Lambright, Ieannine Roth, Clyde Hendricks, Paul Thomas,Geor- gia Dee Farmer, Lynn Anne Brown, Chris- tine Bailey, Ioan Crawford. Fourth Row: Betty Fletcher, Marita Lay, Nor- ma Iean Walters, Ronald Hatch, Geraldine Conley, Charlene Pratt, Laura Lambright. FIFTH GRADE Top Row, Cleft to rightl: Donna Bright, Billie Fletcher, Fannie Mullins, Nancy Siddall, Mary Ann Hagerman, Phyllis McRill, Iewel Risner, Eileen Wisner. Second Row: Ruth Sizemore, Io Ann Shuck, Darwin Hile, Norman Thomas, Iohn Fet- ters, David Haggerty, Ralph Higgins, Lynn Hendricks. Third Row: Ronald Shaffer, Kenneth Cole- man, Ronald Walters, Gabriel Shane, Mar- lene Monday, Betty Bateson, Frederic Nye, loyce Fruth. Fourth Row: Hager Roark, Lowell Hendricks, Arlo Bishop. Absent: David Gore, Orgie Marshall. FOURTH GRADE Top Row: Sharon Risner, Carol Roth, Ruth Fiegel, Ruth Arnett, Maxine Marshall, John Fruth, lames Barger, Charles Baldridge. Second Row: Marvin Lee, Karen Herman, Margie Cook, Russell Boyles, Geraldine Marshall, Manual Raye, Loranza Tackett, Evelyn Heminger. Third Row: Robert Ecker, Paul Thompson, Mary Shane, Betty Roark, Virginia Bame, Donna Rickle, Martha lean Fruth, Martha Greene. Fourth Row: Vivian Crawford, Ronald Cook, Reva Smith, Park Chilcoat, Howard Patrick, Catherine Marshall, Virginia Sherick, Win- field Thomas. Fiith Row: Vivian Walters, Dale Howard, Pa- tricia Brown, Ioanne Wickiser, David Hatch, Payne Hackworth, Doris Perkins, David Thomas. Sixth Row: Derrill Arnold, Gene Hotelling, Thomas Bateson, Iames Woodward, Donald Lay. Absent: Glenn Monday, Betty Grant. 22 THIRD GRADE Top Row: Sarah Gorsuch, Norma McRill, Ber- nice Marshall, Glenn Rickle, Artis Roynon, Betty Mullins, Ronald Stone, lames Fletcher. Second Row: Laura E. Hendricks, Ersie Fan- nin, Alben Roark, Wendell Hackworth, Shir- ley Rickle, Ivan Bishop, Charles Shull, Den- zel Higgins. Third Row: Lee Heminger, Karl Sullenberger, Laurence Kessler, Leona Row, Annetta Habeggar, Carol Wickiser, Nina Fruth, Eu- gene Marshall. Fourth Row: Kyle Wiseley, Iarnes May, Ar- nold Arlington, Iames Haggerty, Mourine Bailey, Barbara Martin, Ieannette Lee, El- len Hile. Fifth Row: Norsie Fannin 12nd gradel, Lena Fannin. Absent: Ruth Ella Brown, Wayne Baldridge, Dorthy Monday. SECOND GRADE Top Row: Ruth Green lThird Gradel, Marga- ret Beck, Betty lane May, Kay Ellen Hall, Regina Ann Smith, Alice Hackworth, Cath- erine Fruth, Orgal Marshall. Second Row: Ioan Brown, Glenn Miller, Don- na Wickiser, Ianice Roth, Ianet Bright, Pat- sy Lambright, Terry Moorhead, Ierry Wood- ward. Third Row: Billy Ioe Higginbotham, Gene Hainen, Roy Perkins, Leroy VanHorn, Gerl Dene Barnett, Iohn Lay, Iacob Oman, Vir- ginia Heminger, Paul Fiegel. Fourth Row: Ronald Cardwell, lane Barger, Adis Risner, Clair Breitigan, Carl Thomp- son, Myron Wilcox, Sharon Kay Tong, Larry Fruth, Paul Bame. Absent: Robert Brown, Roger Conley, Basel Higgins, Ernest Mclntosh. FIRST GRADE Top Row: Marjorie Cook, Beverly Wiseley, Eva Mullins, Willard Frasure, Melvin Mar- shall, Terry Beck, Carol Bright, Nancy Thomas. Second Row: Paul Bailey, Edward Row, Perry Patrick, Rose Thompson, Richard Dipert, Linden Smith, Clair Saltzman, McKenley Marshall. Third Row: Marcella Risner, Anna Marshall, Iulia Hinkle, Larry Shaffer, Barbara Moser, Wilma Sturgill, Connie Farmer, Eddie Mot- tit. Fourth Row: Deanna Lay, Virginia Greene, Alan Loader, Barbara Cole, Wayne Raye, Shirley 'Fry, Floyd Chilcoat, -Billie Hannah. Fifth Row: Paul Chapman, Darus Bright, Sha- ron Shane, Martha Haggerty, Iames Martin, Gary Risner. Absent: Lee Conley, Linda Basinger, Bennie RaY, ludena Bacher. 23 xx Whafm 5115646 .J 4!L 33 hix ' . BLUE RESTAURANT. CAREY, OHIO 2 ,,....-A, , , AA. - A FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Paul NeWcomer', lack Marshallf Ronald Nye', lohn Norrisf, Raymond Hendricksf Edward Ar nett", Donald Bechtelf SECOND ROW: Mr. Hinkle, Coach, Robert Lee', Norman Prattf Dale Wisner, Co-Capfg Charles Gilliland' Herbert Hendricks, Co-Capf, Raymond Pratt', Norman Eaber', Mr, Henning, Asst Coach. THIRD ROW: Herbert Risner, Ernest Conley, Richard Woodrufff David Bright', William Danielsf lames Mul lins, Melford Wilcox', Elmer Walter, Randolph Row, Raymond Dirmeyer, Mgr. Absent when picture was taken, Richard Ewing, Mgr. ' Denotes Lettermen GAMES VANLUE OPP. Arlington, ...... U 6 North Baltimore. . . 33 U Liberty ........ 21 U Mt. Cory ..,. 45 7 Van Buren ..,. 7 0 Rawson ..,... 12 U McComb. .,..., 19 O Mt. Blanchard. , , 7 U Arcadia ...,.. l3 U Carey .... U 20 l57 33 FINDLAY SHRINE CLUB CHEERLEADERS Molly Farmer, Betty Caste-e1, Bonnie Crawford BASKETBALL GAMES VANLUE OPP, Mt. Blanchard ..... 53 10 Arlington ........ . 30 24 Wharton ...,... 24 9 Bloomdale ..... . 41 19 Liberty. . . ..,... . 39 21 McCutchensvi11e. . . 38 22 Centerburg ,..... . 42 21 Salem ..,...... 30 44 Van Buren ..... 25 21 Rawson ...... 33 31 Mt. Cory ....... 34 18 Bloorndale ..... 29 25 McComb ..,..... 53 24 Mt. B1anchard .... 47 27 Arcadia i...,.. 57 18 EE 3M TOURNAMENT Van Buren ..... .................. 4 4 29 Rawson ...... 42 30 Arlington .... 28 22 ET ET BASCOM TOURNAMENT b ' Old Fort ..... ........,............... 3 8 43 HOWARD CLEANERS, 219 EAST FINDLAY ST.. CAREY. OHIO Norman Pratt Charles Gilliland Raymond Pratt Guard Center Guard FIRST ROW SITTING: Raymond Pratt', Norman Pratt', Herbert Hendricks, Captf, Paul Newcomeri, Iames Dean', Dale Wisnerf Charles Gillilandf SECOND ROW STANDING: Melford Wilcoxiff, David Brightji, Glen Thomasqi, Ronald Nyeqi, Mr, Wiljamaa, Mr. Hinkle, Earnest Conleyjgf, William Danielsigf, Richard Woodruff?-,HQ Robert Leeqi. " Lettermen for Varsity qi' Lette-rmen for Reserve GIBSON-THOMAS SOHIO SERVICE, CAREY, OHIO, PHONE 7 Dcxle Wisner Icrmes Dean Paul Newcomer Herbert Hendricks Center Guard Forward Forward COACHES CLeft to rightj Mr. Wiljcmcrc, Mr. Hinkle, Mr. Henning LANNING MOTOR SALES, CAREY. OHIO Rah! Rah! Rah! Gyrn class Pigeon-toed seniors Having fun? Watching Ginn fix purse, Smack it hard, Nat. Randy Get a sun tan, boys. Kiddies After lunch, AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE - CALL HAROLD WILCOX, VANLUE, OHIO FIRST ROW, STANDING: Marilyn Marsiioii Reita Hendricks, Leura Bibler, Virginia Parrish, Nina Wohlgainuth, lean Van Horn, Ioan MCPZII, Molly Farmer, Doris Stone, Patricia Haines, Bonnie Crawford. SECOND ROW, STANDING: Bonnie Rickie, Eleanor Van Sant, Ioyce Hatch, Ruth Ann Hendricks, Ann Gorsuch, Arlen McRill, Iohn Norris, Ioe Bright, Charles Gorsuch, Irma Russell. THIRD ROW, SITTING: Carol Cole, Rose Thomas, Nancy Roberts, Bureada Stone, Ben Bright, Caro- lyn Richards. Absent: Mr. Holtkamp. BAND The first appearance ot the band was made at the first home football game with 27 members and 6 majorettes taking part. Under the excellent super- vision ot Mr. Holtkamp the band furnished entertainment between the acts ot the Senior play and at a P. T. A, meeting. In April the band went to Mt. Blanchard to play tor the tri-school program. Several members entered contests at Bowling Green, also the final ap- pearance ot the band was made at the spring concert. Band uniforms, the project sponsored by the P. T. A., are on order and anxiously awaited by all members. WAALANDS GREENHOUSE. 140 LARKINS ST.. FINDLAY, OHIO. PHONE 369 GLEE CLUB President .............. .... M arilou Woodrutt Vice President ........... . .. ,.....,... Marilyn Beck Secretary and Treasurer ......,........... Norma Schubert Librarians ..........,...... Carolyn Richards, Leura Bibler The Glee Club under the excellent direction of Mr. Balmer furnished music for several chapel programs. Forty members took part. In October we made our first public appearance at the P. T. A. meeting. Some ot our songs "Awake, 'Tis Spring," "Estrellita," and "Kentucky Babe" were sung in the tri-school program at Mt. Blanchard. The tinal appearance ot the Glee Club was made at a spring concert in May. A girls' trio, composed ot Marilyn Beck, Ruth' Tanner, and Carolyn Richards sang for banquets and chapel programs. - 5 Ann Gorsuch was the accompanist tor tl ".i trio, and glee club. 3 , 1 5, ' . We Q. .,-92 Efgzihg ,. R64 Q .676 '33 FIRST ROW, SITTING, fleft to rightl: Reita Hendricks, Patricia Haines, Natalie Beck, Norma Beck, Leura Bibler, Norma Schubert, Marilyn Beck, Marilou Woodruff, Irma Russell, Nina Wohlga- muth, Doris Bayless, Molly Farmer, Bureada Stone, Betty Hendricks, Donna Grant. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Crew, Ioyce Hatch, Rose Bechtel, Marilyn Arnett, Ianine Lay, Betty Pa- trick, Ethel Raye, Wilma Shuck, Ann Gorsuch, loan McRill, lean VanHorn, Carolyn Richards, Iuanita Gore, Florence Bright, Virginia Parrish. I STANDING: Ruth Ann Hendricks, Helen McCormick, Ruth Tanner, Margaret Roberts, Norma Thomas, Donna McCormick, Martha Cole, Carol I-Iotelling. Absent: Ralph Balmer, Director. R. L. COOK. BEECH AVE.. PHONE 3211 TOP ROW, Cleft to rightl: George Kuhlman, Glen Robison, Melford Wilcox, Glen Thomas, Ernest Conley, David Bright, Raymond Pratt, Robert Lee. SECOND ROW: Herbert Risner, Richard Woodruff, Ronald Nye, Richard Van Sant, Charles Gilliland, Max Cole, Bill Daniels, Charles Gorsuch, Randolph Row, Mr. Deeds. SEATED: lack Marshall, Donald Roberts, Dale Wisner, Donald Bechtel, Iohn Norris, Ed Arnett, Nor- man Faber. F. F. A. OFFICERS President ,..... ..,........ ..... D a le Wisner Vice President ..,. .,.. D onald Bechtel Secretary .... .... D onald Roberts Treasurer . . . ,..... Iohn Norris Reporter .,.,.................,............. Iack Marshall The important activities of the year included the initiation of Green-Hands, parliamentary procedure contest, F. F. A. and F. H. A. banquet, game supper, paper and scrap drive, and pest hunt drive. The organization was sponsored by Mr. Deeds, our vocational agriculture teacher. DR. HARRY HOSAFROS AND DR. WENNER. VETERINARIANS, CAREY, OHIO --Y f ..y,,. ... -Y . - u- TOP ROW, fleft to rightl: Ruth Ann Hendricks, Helen McCormick, Ruth Tanner, Margaret Roberts, Norma Thomas, Donna McCormick, Martha Cole, Lucille Stacy, Carol Hotelling. SECOND ROW: Ioyce Hatch, Rose Bechtel, Leura Bibler, Marilyn Arnett, Ianine Lay, Betty Patrick, Ethel Raye, Wilma Shuck, Ann Gorsuch, Ioan McRill, 'lean Vanl-Iorn, Grace Marshall, Iuanita Gore, Florence Bright, Miss Reber. rf FIRST ROW: Bonnie Crawford, Pat Haines, Natalie Beck, Norma Beck, Betty Casteel, Reita Hen- dricks, Marilou Woodruff, Virginia Parrish, Irma Russell, Nina Wohlgamuth, Molly Farmer, Bu- reada Stone, Betty Marquet, Betty Hendricks, Donna Grant. F. H. A. During September we helped in the Regional F. F. A. Officers Banquet. Officers for the year of 1946-47 were chosen. They are: President .....................,.....,.. Marilou Woodruff Vice-President .. .... Virginia Parrish Secretary ..... .... R eita Hendricks Treasurer .. ..... Betty Casteel Reporter .,..,.......................,,...... Irma Russell In October a Regional F. H. A. meeting was held at the Donnell Stadium in Findlay. Bonnie Crawford was chosen as Treasurer, and Dorothy Cook, Vice-President. Another Regional meeting was held at Liberty, and new members were initiated. A game supper was enjoyed by the F. F. A. and F. H. A. members of Vanlue. In Ianuary the F. H. A. contributed money toward the new refrigerator in the Home Economics room. During a monthly meeting held at school we wrote a letter to the F. F. A. members containing "What We Don't Like About Boys." We also received a letter in return, "What We Don't Like About Girls." ln February We were very busy serving the School Masters Banquet. Our annual spring F. F. A. and F. H. A. ban- quet concluded our F. H. A. activities for this year. HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP. CAREY BRANCH. QUALITY PRODUCTS 9 STANDING, flelt to rightl: Donald Bechtel, Mr. Deeds, lack Marshall, Marilou Woodruii,,Robert Sher ick, Carolyn Richards, Mr. Nichols, Virginia Parrish, Paul Newcomer, Raymond Hendricks. SEATED: Dale Wisner, Doris Bayless, Donald Roberts, Helen McCormick, Ruth Tanner, Norma Schu bert, lames Dean. Editor-in-Chief . . . Assistant Editor . . Senior Editor . . . Activities Editor . . Music Editor . . . . Snapshot Editors. . Sports Editor . . . . Photograph Editor Joke Editor ..i.,i. Alumni Editor .... Business Manager ANNUAL STAFF .Norma Schubert . . . , .Iarnes Dean . . . . .Ruth Tanner . Virginia Parrish Carolyn Richards . . .Marilyn Beck, Marilou Woodruff ..........,......lack Marshall . .Donald Roberts . . . . . . .Robert Sherick . , . .Raymond Hendricks . . . . . . . .Doris Bayless Assistant Business Manager .... . . .Helen McCormick Advertising Manager.. ....... .... D onald Bechtel Assistant Advertising Manager .... .... D ale Wisner Advisor ....,...... ....,...,. ..,. M r . Deeds Business Advisor .... . . .Mr. Nichols I PAPER STAFF FIRST ROW, Cleft to rightl: Wanda Risner, Sales girl, Eleanor Van Sant, Reporter, Reita Hendricks, Treasurer, Patricia Haines, News Collector, Carolyn Richards, Editorials, Doris Bayless, Manag- ing Editor, Iuanita Gore, Circulation, Marilyn Arnett, Reporter, Ethel Raye, Circulation. SECOND ROW: Ruth Tanner, Art Editor, Virginia Parrish, Typist, Marilou Woodruff, Typist, lean Van Horn, Exchange Editor, lrma Russell, Reporter, loan McRill, News Collector, Ioelene Marshall, Sales girl, Ruth Ann Hendricks, Ditto Operator, Carol Hotelling, Circulation, Mr. Nichols, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Norman Lee, Reporter, Marilyn Beck, Special Reporter, lack Marshall, Reporter, Iarnes Dean, Senior Reporter, Iohn Norris, Sports, Norma Schubert, Typist, Eldon Barne, Ditto Operator, loe Bright, Ditto Operator. IUNIOR PLAY CAST TOP BOW, Cleft to rightl: Miss Oman, Director, Herbert Risner, Dupont Darby, Ed Arnett, Iohn Boliver Charles Gorsuch, Thorndyke Murglethorpeg Richard Van Sant, Cicero Murglethorpe, Norman Pratt, Bill Bradshaw. LOWER ROW: Bureada Stone, Mrs. Georgiaria Clarkston, loan McRill, Malvina Potts, Molly Farmer Iasmine Iackson, lohn Norris, Peter Pepperdine, Bonnie Crawford, Peggy Clarkston, Betty Cas teel, Nadine Clarkston, lean Van Horn, Miss Sarah Pepperdine. For Pete's Sake! Peter Pepperdine, nephew ot rich Sarah Pepperdine invites his pal, Bill Bradshaw to live with him through the summer. His aunt disapproved of Bill's and Peter's girl friends, Pete's Latin grade, and his school activities. Mrs. Clarkston, Nadine's mother wants to rent the house so Pete tells all he is going abroad with his aunt and rents her house. Actually he, Bill, and Mug- gsy, Pete's college friend and Latin coach, dress as butler, gardener, and maid respectively so they can remain in the house while the girls entertain their alleged suitors, lohn Boliver and Dupont Darby, whom their mother wants them to marry. They try to keep these two from proposing, and the ensuing events send everyone into a spasm of laughter. Pete talks of roses, while Bill tickles Pegs neck with his whiskers, she blaming Dupont. Follow- ing these events, Malvina Potts, Muggsy's heart-throb arrives, gets suspicious, and accuses the three servants ot murdering Muggsy and Peter, To top it all oil Aunt Sarah cancels her trip and returns the next day. Bill dresses as a ghost, and tries to scare everybody out of the house, but he is too late. As Aunt Sarah enters one door, the three exit swiftly upstairs. Bill soon rushes in with news that he almost caught the three varmits who overpow- ered Pete and Muggsy. Ot course, the culprits were the boys in disguise. The maid was believed to have rented Clarkston the house. Everything turns out all right with the girls accepting their heroes, and Mrs. Clarkston approv- ing them, too. SENIOR PLAY CAST Dale Wisner .,.............................. ....... D etective Virginia Parrish . . . . . ..........., Tilly Helen McCormick .... .... T rudie Norwood Ruth Tanner ....,.. ..... L udie Norwood lack Marshall ....... ,..., I ack Norwood Raymond Hendricks .... .. ,... Kip Shadduck Marilyn Beck .... ,... ..... B e tty Shadduck Marilou Woodruff .... ..,. I udy Norwood Paul Newcomer .... ...,. I im Mahoney Norma Schubert . . . . ..,....,. Miss Abby Donald Roberts .... .....,....... G randad Carolyn Richards. .. ...... Mrs. lobe Feeney Doris Bayless .... ...... M rs. Laura Morton Mrs. Daniels Miss Oman .... ..............Make-up .......Director Grandad Steps Out Grandad, who has been ill a year, is still considered an invalid by his daughter, Mrs. Morton. She feeds him nothing but soup while he dreams of thick, juicy steaks. Grandad's boyhood friend, "Big lim Mahoney," arrives and plans to get Grandad out of the house to attend a steak supper at the Greasy Spoon. Unfortunately all Grandad's clothes are in storage, but Kip, his grandson, has a suit. They bribe Tilly, the maid, to get Kip's clothes and lie on the sofa and pretend to be Grandad. They sneak out of the house. Kip, who has a movie date with all three of the triplets, finds his suit miss- ing. Betty and lack find Grandad missing and they call in the police. Mrs. lobe Feeney arrives, looking for her husband who is also attending the sup- per. Miss Abby, the nosey old maid across the street, comes over to answer the phone while the officer and family are out searching for Grandad. Miss Abby sees and hears many mysterious things. Grandad and Big lim slip into the house and retire for the night. The family returns and finds Grandad safe at home. Miss Abby, who is still a bit nervous, is escorted to her home by Big lim Mahoney. Willard Daniels Mechanic Hazel Sausser and Martha Daniels Cooks Kenneth Monday Icmitor BUS DRIVERS Iohn Henning, Willard Daniels, Kenneth Mon- day, Merritt Hatch, Earl Monday, Lawrence Nic- hols, Carl Barger. Ianuary 31-Mt. Blanchard, at Mt. Blanchard- CALENDAR OF EVENTS September 3, 1946-School bells once again started to ring. September 13-Vanlue vs. Arlington at Carey- Vanlue lost 6-0. September 23-F.H.A. had supper for Hancock county F.F.A. September 24-F.F.A. Initiation. September 22-Vanlue vs. North Baltimore- Vanlue won 39-0. September 29-Seniors took Ohio State math test-Aren't we smart!!! September 29-Vanlue vs. Liberty at Liberty- Vanlue Won 21-0. October l-Seniors visited Dicken's studio, Fos- toria-See the birdie!! October 4-Vanlue vs. Mt. Cory at Mt. Cory- Vanlue won 45-7 - What a team! October 4-Iuniors selected class rings. October 4-Sophomores had a hayride - Did you have fun? October 4-Seniors chose caps and gowns. October ll-Vanlue vs. Van Buren-Vanlue won 7-0. October 8-Seven F.H.A. girls met for original at Donnell, tor F.l-1.A. meeting. October 18-First school paper was published. October 18-Vanlue vs. Rawson-Vanlue won 12-0. October 21-Seniors set date for chicken dinner. October 25-Vanlue vs. McComb-Vanlue won 19-0 - a push over!!! November l-Vanlue vs. Mt. Blanchard-Vanlue won 7-0 - tough one. November 6-Magician show in school audi- torium. November 7-Second school paper issued - Fast aren't we? November 8-Vanlue vs. Arcadia-Vanlue won 13-0. November 8-Individual pictures taken for annual. November 8-Freshman initiations by F.H.A. 10-Seniors served, public chicken November dinner - swell turnout. 14-Vanlue vs. Carey at Donnell Sta- November dium - score 20-0 - Vanlue lost. November 15-First clay of hunting season - Did you get your limit? November 19-Seniors took O.S.U.-1.0. test. November 19-F.H.A. and F.F.A. had Game Supper. November 28-29-Vacation for Thanksgiving. November 29-Vanlue vs. Mt. Blanchard non- league. Score 53-10 - we won. December 2-Vanlue vs. Carey, practice. December 6-Vanlue vs. Arlington-Score 31-24. We won again. December 7-Vanlue vs. Wharton non-league. Score 24-9. December 13-Senior play was presented. What a relief!!! December 16-Vanlue vs. Bloomdale 41-20 our favor. A December 19-Christmas musical program 3:00. December 20-Classes had Christmas exchange. December 20-Vanlue vs. Liberty. Score 39-21. December 20-Christmas vacation began. December 27-Vanlue vs. McCutchensville. Score 39-21. December 28-Vanlue vs. Centerburg. Score 41- 21. We won again. December 30-End of Christmas vacation. December 31-Vanlue vs. Salem at Salem-score 44-30. Vanlue's only defeat. Ianuary l-Vacation on New Year's Day. Now 1947. Ianuary 3-Vanlue vs. Mt. Cory-postponed due to ice. Ianuary 7-P.T.A. meeting, postponed due to ice. Ianuary 10-Vanlue vs. Van Buren-Vanlue won 25-21-tough and tumble. Ianuary 14-P.T.A. Ianuary 10-Semester exams. Ianuary 17-Vanlue vs. Rawson-Score 33-31. Ianuary 18-Vanlue vs. Mt. Cory.-Score 35-18 Ianuary 20-Bloomdale-There-Score 29-25. Ianuary 24-McComb, at Vanlue-Score 53-24 25 Ianuary -Iunior High Tournament Drawing! Score 47-27. February 1-Iunior High Tournament. February 7-Arcadia vs. Vanlue. Score 57-18. February 8-Iunior High Tournament. Vanlue vs. McComb - Vanlue lost. February ll-P.T.A. February 12-School Masters Banquet. February 13-County Tournament. February 15-Elevator Dinner. February 15, 20, 22-County Tournament. February 25-Parliamentary Practice Contest at Arcadia. We won! February 28-Bascom Tournament We lost to Old Fort. March ll-P.T.A. March 20+Nessle Show, 3:00 p.m. March 20-F.F.A., F .1-1.A. Skating Party. March 31-Good Friday. Chapel. April 2-Athletic Banquet. A April 8-P.T.A. April ll-Iunior Play. ' April ll-Preliminary District State Tests. April 16-Honor Society-initiation at McComb. April 18-Vocational Banquet. April 20-Tri-County Musicale. April 21-Allen's Music Entertainment. April 25-Eighth Grade Tests. April 25-Music Concert. April 26-Glee Club-Bluffton. April 26-State F.H.A. Convention. May 2-Grade Operetta. May 9-Iunior-Senior Banquet at Elks. May 10-County Softball Tournament. May 12-Baccalaureate. 2:30 p.m. May 16-Commencement. 8:00 p.m. May 19-25-Senior Trip to Washington, D.C. 1942 Nana CBechtell Stauffer-Findlay, Ohio Mary lane lBreitiganl-Findlay, Ohio lack Dean-Vanlue, Ohio Lane Dyer-Carey, Ohio Loren Helter-Findlay, Ohio Robert Hendricks-Findlay, Ohio Mary McKee-Alvada, Ohio Reid McKee-Findlay, Ohio Reva lMcKeeJ Robinette-Findlay, Ohio Roberta fMillerl McKee-Vanlue, Ohio Pauline Mullin Mary CNaeyaertJ Conrad-Vanlue, Ohio Clair Oman-Vanlue, Ohio Samuel Opp-Findlay, Ohio Mary Ellen iRediclcJ Dean-Vanlue, Ohio Clifford Reed-Findlay, Ohio Iohn Roberts-Findlay, Ohio Thomas Roller-Findlay, Ohio Donnabel Shuclc-Findlay, Ohio Donnabelle Shull--Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Avonelle Stone-Findlay, Ohio Iane Stone-Kentucky , Ardeth Thomas-Findlay, Ohio Raymond Tong-Forest, Ohio Billy Ward-Carey, Ohio Margaret Wohlgamuth-Dayton, Ohio 1943 Samuel Bechtel-Vanlue, Ohio Calvin Casteel-Findlay, Ohio Ronald Coldren-Findlay, Ohio Sara Ellen CColel Tong-Vanlue, Ohio Timothy Cole-Findlay, Ohio Paul George-Findlay, Ohio Ianice Ann Cl-leckl Fields-Vanlue, Ohio Erman Hendricks-Vanlue, Ohio Iohn Hendricks-Vanlue, Ohio Ralph Loudenslager-Tiffin, Ohio Ina Ruth CMillerJ Moser-Findlay, Ohio William Norris-Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Naomi CPhillipsl Cosner-Findlay, Ohio Kenneth Reinhart-Fostoria, Ohio Wyatt Risner-Toledo, Ohio Richard Robinette-Findlay, Ohio Donald Walters-Lima, Ohio h 1944 William Bibler-Vanlue, Ohio Earl Bright-R.R. No. 3, Findlay, Ohio 42 ALUMNI y Doris Cole-Findlay, Ohio Iola Crawford-Vanlue, Ohio Virginia CDyerJ Axles-Carey, Ohio Bobby Hendricks-Vanlue, Ohio Mary Iane CKuhlmanJ Schidler-Findlay, Ohio Paul Moser-Findlay, Ohio Wallis Phillips-Alvada, Ohio Leslie Pratt-Vanlue, Ohio Ruth Ellen Reed-Findlay, Ohio Eulalia Reinhart-Alvada, Ohio Iames Roberts-Findlay, Ohio Burdeen Thomas-Carey, Ohio lane Thomas-Kentucky Ralph Wisner-Toledo, Ohio 1945 Florence CBarberJ Searfoss-Findlay, Ohio Ross Bechtel-Vanlue, Ohio Alice Bright-R.R. No. 3, Findlay, Ohio Gene Byal-R.R. No. 3, Findlay, Ohio Patricia CCratesJ Oman-Vanlue, Ohio Laverne Kauffman-Findlay, Ohio Carol CNeWcornerl Walter-Alvada, Ohio Kenneth Nye-Alvada, Ohio Betty CParrishl Leiby-Findlay, Ohio Mary Louise CRisnerl Ritter-Fostoria, Ohio W. B. Row-Alvada, Ohio Rosetta 4StillbergerJ O'Flarety-Findlay, Ohio Leona Wan Hornl Kemmerly-Carey, Ohio 1946 Charles Bibler-Vanlue, Ohio Donald Broadwater-Vanlue, Ohio Iean Coldren-Vanlue, Ohio Helen CColel Walters-Findlay, Ohio Orville Cook-Carey, Ohio Helen Grant-Vanlue, Ohio Marcella Hendricks-Vanlue, Ohio Mary L. King-Bowling Green, Ohio Frances Marshall-Colmbus, Ohio Donna M. Miller-Vanlue, Ohio Edith Risner-Bowling Green, Ohio Betty Sausser-Vanlue, Ohio Louise CShaiferl Pratt-Vanlue, Ohio Claren Thomas-Carey, Ohio Raymond Dale Walters-Vanlue, Ohio STANLEY BECK 8 SON SHEET METAL MYERS GROCERY YOUR FRIENDLY STORE PLUMBING Ecmcy Groceries cmd Quality Mecxt Flint cmd Walling Water Systems Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Vanlue Mt. Blanchard Phone 95 Phone 35 Phone 79 Vanlue, Ohio lllY'S SERVICE ll. W. SHAEEER ELEVATOR LUBRICATION TIRES - BATTERIES E - ACCESSORIES Grain, Mill Feed, Purina Chews TUNE-UP-VULCANIZING Fertilizer' Fence FEED MILL Q .1 Phone 'll3-A Vanlue, Ohio phone 92 Vcmluel Qhio COOPER SERVICE if? Coo er 'nuns FINDLAY, OHIO MAIN AND HARDIN PHONE 5 I-IILE DUCK FARM COHIG fo the AND I-IITCHING POST I-IATCHERY for CMV' Ohio HOME COOKED MEALS ' TASTY SANDWICHES Pekin Ducklings SUNDIES cmd COLD DRINKS Broad-Breczsted Bronze Poults O 0 Vanlue Ohio Ruth King Phone 50 T Vanlue, Ohio Phone 118-A EUGENE 1-IENDRICKS 8: SON PHOTOS HAY , STRAW in this Annual taken by WOOL MARC1-HON , of DICKEN STUDIO Vgflfse Fostoria - - Ohio The c1'rY MARKETS QUALITY FOODS Main Office 400 Liberty St. Phone: Main 761 Findlay Ohio 1-IEBFF-1 ONES C0. Manufacturing IEWELERS and STATIONERS 1407-1419 North Capitol Ave. Indianapolis 7, Ind. W. F. CREEGER 8 SON JOHN DEERE Quality Implements BERNARD FURNITURE -.- STORE Genuine Repairs and Service -Sefvice While You Rest' -" CAREY, oH1o TWO STORES Carey, Ohio Tiffin. Ohio Phone 236 Phone 927 I. C. HOCHSTETTLER RUSSELL E. HERMAN AND SONS FUNERAL HOME ELEVATOR - GRAIN - - MILL FEED Fertilizer - Fence - Sait Purina Chews if-. 426 W. Main Cross Street Invalid Coach Service PI-IONE: Main 429 719 South Main Street Findlay, ohio Phone 172 Findlay - - - Ohm Tl-IE NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY Findlay - Ohio Finishing Lime - Mason's Lime Agricultural Limestone Agricultural Hydrate Crushed Stone x Compliments ot TURNER-FENSTERMAKER SHOE COMPANY 'Every Pair Checked by X-Ray" Plants at Carey - Findlay - Marion FINDLAY' Q1-110 Lima - Rimer - Bucyrus Compliments ot KIRK MILLING COMPANY PHONE M-129 N. S. GATES 8: SONS WISE FARQUAR FURNACES Lennox Air Conditioning Ambler Asbestos Roof Barrett Bonded Hooters 2Ol N. Main Street Phone 412 Findlay. Ohio THE 'rAnnox-MccALL ' STONE CO. DESOTO PLYMOUTH Manufacturers of DORSEY MOTOR SALES Crushed Stone and Sandstone Agricultural Limestone DEPENDABLE USED CARS 0 FINDLAY, OHIO Compliments of The VANLUE GRAIN and SUPPLY ASSOCIATION VANLUE, OHIO STILLBEBGEII 8: SONS VANLUE. or-no MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE FARM MACHINERY Sales and Service KUHLMAN. IEFFERY AND MILLER Radiators, Bodies, Frames G. M. C. TRUCKS Sales and Service 227 E. Front St. Findlay, Ohio NEUI-IAUSER HATCRERIES Inc. U. S. Approved and Pullorum Controlled "GOOD LUCK" CHICKS 452-454 East Sandusky Street Findlay. Ohio FINDLAY BODY REPAIR Complete Rebuilding of Wrecked Cars PAINTING 2: GLASS Body and Fender Repairing 322 E. Sandusky St. Phone 2816 Findlay, Ohio L. C. DIPERT S: SON "THE BUSY sToRE" Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE Vanlue, Ohio Phone 24 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 The Snyder Lumber Oo. VANLUE CAREY PHONE 61 PHONE 49 DONELSON PACKING can moron sms COMPANY CHRYSLER :: PLYMOUTH -'- Sales cmd Service Wholesale Dealers in L F - Beef, Veal and Pork Products Nu-Day Brand Sausage 201 East Findlay Street Carey, Ohio Phone 42 Carey, Ohio Phone 43 Compliments of The BURSON CLOTHING COMPANY CAREY - OHIO NEUI-IAUSER I-IATCIIERIES CAREY, OHIO "GOOD LUCK" CHICKS U. S. Pullorum Controlled "Say It With Flowers" SILVERSTEIN cnnmr cnnnunousn Au" Pans and FLOWER SHOP M ' C, I. lenkins, Prop. NEW and USED Cut Flowers, Plomts cmd AUTO PARTS Florol Designs Member - - Florist Telegraph Delivery CAREY We Deliver Phone Phone 94 Vitrified Drain Tile Sizes 4 to 27 inch The Hancock Brick and Tile Company FINDLAY. OHIO EAT and ENJQY QUALITY BRAND ICE CREAM Bearing and Transmission COITIPBIIY Manufactured by PQWER TRANSMISSION PURE MU-K AND DAIRY MATERIAL HANDLING COMPANY Findlay Toledo Tiffin ' ' Ohio EGBERT Home Furnishings Compliments of 404 E. Sandusky Street F- w- Findlay Ohio COMPANY PHONE 2440 COMPLIMENTS OF W. G. COLDREN Funeral Home I 205 W. Sandusky Street FINDLAY, OHIO PHONE 600 BISHOP BROS. Hick's All Steel Safety Glass School Bus Bodies BOWLING GREEN, OHIO PHONE 19 W. I. DURBIN BUCKEYE INSULATION COMPANY -.- For Highest Prices Paid CALL ARTHUR NAEYAERT Home Office 306 East Main Cross Street Findlay. Ohio Poultry Dealer I1 Vanlue, Ohio Pho Complete Service of Insulation and Installation of - - Windows and Doors e62 AM. 4, . , r . , S ,xiii 3- ' W fy-'U 3 31 D ,e ,wizika 109 C902 E Q 2 ,f ,L ,-,-. l E . . et ' li gig? W, W In , ry R3 H k l .srl ,mn ,, if ' !Q9O i f ' ' 3 G ' if ' ff: 1"f 5f?fr?iF115?Ni2f, e , X9 , ff t 58 i X mv A f f-ff , ' ' I! 3 ' a as , 43 V 'g r X M0 V , ,, V ' 34 W v Air ff, fr gf ftffe giggfg 1 ' W f f L - ' Wfffvwi ag 'Q K I M 'K Q S l If ' - xc ' I i K , 3 ,f , k Wy . p 3 A , 5.5 ' if ' ' -I ji gf w ' A V ' -'Ts' ' 2... E 4' 1 Jia". , 4 V n - M., eys to Achievement Keys not carried in the pocket or the purse. But in the mind. Keys that open not just ordinary doors . . . but vast areas of achievement in the sciences, the .arts, the humanities. It is one of the purposes of education not only to fit the student with a basic ring of keys to knowledge . . . but also to teach him how to make his own keys for all the doors to achievement he will want to open throughout his life. How many keys to achievement are needed? Enough to keep one busy for a lifetime, fashioning themout of knowledge, reason and experience. For no matter how many doors you unlock, there is always another door to even greater achievement still to be opened. The 0HIO 0IL GDMPMIY rlununr, ol-no H Pnooucsns OF PETROLEUM SINCE IOKES Mother: "Well, Raymond, I know you're glad school is over. And just what did they teach you this year?" Raymond: "Not much, I've got to go back next year." Girls experimenting with men's generosity are known as "human gimme pigs." "Has that florist any children?" "Two. One is a budding genius and the other a blooming idiot." "Why did the moron die with his boots on?" "He didn't want to hurt his toes when he kicked the bucket." Virginia: "Have you given the goldfish fresh Water?" New Maid: "No, ma'am. They haven't finished what I gave them yesterday." It was rather embarrassing to Glen T. when the teacher asked him how to spell "weather", but he tried, anyway. "W-E-T-I-I-I-R," Glen fum- bled. "That," said the teacher when he had fin- ished, "is about the worst spell of 'weather' we've had around here in years." . .13- Miss Oman: "Don't you know the difference be- tween ammonia and pneumonia?" Fish: "Sure, one comes in bottles and the other in chests." t "I fhink a sharp nose usually means a great deal of curiosity." "And a flattened one may mean too much." Marilyn: "Why is the letter 'k' like a pig's tail?" Norma: "Because it's at the end of pork." Sign in rural district: HBEWAREI To touch these wires is instant death. Anyone found doing so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." Mr. I-Iinkle: "Nancy, spell chicken." Nancy: "I-Le-n." 5-lxflr. Hinkle: 'fl-.told you to spell chicken and you spelLled'hen." . Nancy: "'W'eIl, aren't they the same thing?" p fs I ' ss' A' Rudy: "Can't you spell 'Mississippi'?" Iohn N.: "Sure, I know how to spell it, but I don't know when to stop." "My doctor tells me I can't play golf." "So, he's played with you, too." Sign posted outside a Virginia kennel where dachshunds are bred: "Git a Long Little Doggie." Police Officer: "I-Ialtl What have you in that bag?" Dale: "Rocks" Police Officer: "What kind of rocks?" Dale: "Plymouth" "Now boys," said the teacher, "can any of you tell me how iron was first discovered?" "I understood my father to say they smelt it." "Yes," said the dear old lady. "I think the United Nations conference was a good idea, but it's a pity they have to have so many foreignersfc in it." V u lui- Q., J 4 4 First Cord: "Fred's father spent a thousand bn "I his schooling this year." - ' Second Cord: "And to think that all he'll get is a quarterback." Diner: "This soup's very thin, Waiter." A '-J. '. 'a Waiter: "Yes, sir. The manager likes L. . "l". . 1- .tl""'-I f' I u Q ' ' nf '. ple to admire the design on the plafef' zfldgv, A 21' D Marilyn: "What do you think of Buddh5.?lf.'2i 1 .re Ruth: "OK, but I think oleomargari etis jilstmctfsfrp- good." a 25454 . Tuul . ' '.' Miss Oman: "Can you give me an example of wasted energy?" -x ' Don B.: "Yes, ma'am., T ingtd D story to a bald-headed ni A U t . I' ' 1' Fi- S1212 Us 131- J. 4. .- W, 4. . . Y ,I , it-J Mrs. I-Iutson received a letter from the ymotheriy-. of one of her pupils37fDear Mrs.: 'xPlease, doriffutf give lack M. any ITKDTG hemework.,-j .That sum...Qgi about how long would it llQkS-,Cf man fo 'walk 50, a day's work. And after i3he'd:walkec? it your Q , - - W: marked the sum Wrong. 'y I - I 'Fr gn ' ' . , ' V' ' . .Iii I . . . , . Q' .ii 3:5 -' .'9T'.il2P , f' 1 I H 4 I..'. js' .V . . .rs 1.14 '-rf' T -1-""f'5r . '4 iff- SMG' 5 Q.1t5af."l. 1' tr. -erptas - I -.-I-'lsfw times around the square caused his father to loser. we 9' Ji an :fl 44: 1. if. , ,L ' i. I .-A .fi H, .s, AJ .L A 5 is I u A F35 5 s n I

Suggestions in the Vanlue High School - Scarlet and Grey Yearbook (Vanlue, OH) collection:

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