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Vanguard University of Southern California - Centurion Yearbook (Costa Mesa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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mwkmm fi . v t»«:, immiK ' VBFwrmtn % ' Wt- Trf m«: V .,; . ■ ■ i, -• r i SOJOURN 1981 - Volume Five Southern California College Fifty-five Fair Drive Costa Mesa, California 92626 ch out and touch a soul that is hungry, out and touch a spirit in despair , iflt t; • •• Reach out and touch a life torn and dirty, A man who is lonely— If you care! Sit ' ' ■■; » » ■ l m,-- ,-. : i! : ' .- . 1fyou veie on trial |- for being a ctnistian, w) would tliere be enough evideDce to convict you I «- id touch that neighbor who hatei you, id touch that stranger who meets you, t and touch the brother w o needs you, k ' each out and let the smile of God touch through you. m; . ■ ' •( ; .,- yt-- Ik m ' touch a friend who is we fiafn seeker unas ' f %, m a : " ' ,a : . » 2S ■ , -;i .j-mri - .■ ' - • ' m , ' ween T. ft - ■ft lb i» • j Xl Til ' ■■ E ' - - m iipi r - • ' WWRP Reach out and touchy though touching means losing A part of your own self— If you dare! atrr- jfftgi ? — ■ ™ ' gTSi - u mi iw x-s sss r::? ■■ ch out and give m Weg K mvelesSy m out and mak a home M W the homeless, 1 : ' ' ' l ■ • ' f ' ' ' ' " ' ' - « " K ri ' r 4- ' ;r a .: " m i Mi; m ! ' - j Reach out and shed God ' s light in the darkness, { Reach out and let the smile of God touch through you. ENLIGHTENED ■ ' ♦ ' ■ , v. ' - - S tv- ■ T Seniors Senior Class Officers: President, Rusty Wycoff; Vice President, Elaine Folev; Social Activities, Shan Valdez and Gloria Hardy; Secretary, Kelly Misaka; Treasurer, Grace Petito (not shown). 20 Enlightened Seniors Andv Abshire Business Physical Education Bob Adams Business Administration Tom Anderson Relieion: Pastoral John Arana Religion: Pastoral Greg A ustring Chemistry Biology Julia Baker Diversified Mike Beals Church Ministries: Youth Ed. Psych. Joy Bland Business Administration Madeline Bower Life Science Seniors 2 1 Seniors Marilvn Brooks Life Science; HPER Joe Broussard Religion: Pastoral; Psychology Jeff Campbell Religion: Pastoral Tim Cederblom Music: Theory Literature Dennis and Kathleen Buchmiller Music, Church Min.: Ed. Youth Charles Ceres Bibhcal Studies Dong-il Choi Business Administration Tom Couch History Political Science Elaine Currv Business Administration 22 Enlightened Seniors L Ken Burbridge Biblical Studies Jennie Cernllo Diversified Psychology Mark Dias Political Science History Tim Burnham English Stephen Chavez Psychology Mathematics Candi Calkins Music; Theory Literature Renae Chisnell Diversified John Doughty Biblical Studies AHson Downs Telecommunications Seniors 23 Seniors Bonnie Diinlap Psychology Claude Franco Psychology Biblical Studies Casey Giffin EngUsh Guv Drummond Church Ministries: Ed. Youth Michael Ellis Physical Education Rebekah Frost Telecommunications Robin Carton Religion: Pastoral Tim Gilman Religion: Pastoral Gloria Hardv Social Science: Psych. Business 24 Enlightened Seniors Robin Ettinger Psychology Gary Findley Religion; Pastoral Dean Gettys Biblical Studies Elaine Foley Diversified While the 1980-81 Basketball Sea- son was just getting under way. Rich Jessup was notified of his ac- ceptance for summer ministry through Sports Ambassadors. For three months. Rich will be touring various South American countries with a team of college ballplayers and his former High School coach. Rich ' s enthusiastic personality and athletic abilities will be his tools of ministry as he learns to Reach Out and Touch . . . Denise and Frank Heinrichs Psychology. Mathematics Seniors 25 Seniors Russell Herbert Biblical Studies Hilde and Frans Uuizt ' nga Biblical Studies Jaimee KozloJJ Psychology Cynthia Hess Heaith P . E . Recreation Albert Isaac History: Political Science i t Lori Honts Church Ministries: Ed. Youth Sheryl James Music Education William Loenhorst History: Political Science Hollv MacGowan Psychology 26 Enlightened Seniors Janice Hopkins Psychology Heather Hughes Diversified Mary Huhn Psychology Rich Jessup Physical Education Lisa Marie Kirk Telecommunications Keith Klein Business Administration Mary Mahon Biblical Studies Hugh Martin Church Ministries: Missions Lewis Matson Religion: Pastoral Seniors 27 Seniors Susan E. McGartland Social Science: Psych. Soc. Michael McKerracher Biblical Studies Kellv Misaka Business Administration Don Mohan Communications: Tele. Lit. Criticism Daniel Morris English Mike Murphy Physical Education Don Mellon Biblical Studies ■ ' ■ ■•■ii ' Sii M ■ j- ' .-jaKg- H p ? ss B ■ N«- ' i iri H i John Mondragon Mathematics Nancy Nelson Business Administration 28 Enlightened Seniors Renee Michno Church Min.: Ed. Youth; Psvchologv Laural and A I Moore Social Science: History Political Sci. Jav Miller ReHsion: Pastoral Mary Mina Psychology t 71 1 1 1 Music comforts, excites, entertains, expresses feelings and ministers to those who take the time to listen. The trained ear hears the in- tricacies of the composition just as our Creator knows the com- plexities of an individual. As a composer of music. Diane Roberts selects lyrics which will accentuate the quality of the instrumental. Diane ' s ministry of music is the product of many years of hard work and learning how to " polish " her natural talent. Through the ministry of music Diane Roberts will Reach Out and Touch . . . i H Paul Oll son Psychology; Church Ministries Seniors 29 Seniors Kellv Oster Biblical Studies Linda Rarey Biblical Studies Daniel Pearson Mathematics Tom Penix Church Ministries: Ed. Youth Steve Stebbins Biblical Studies Charlene Stone Diversified Bennv Suarez Biblical Studies 30 Enlightened Seniors Grace Petito Business Administration Me Ha Powell Diversified Theatre Arts Loh Prvor Christian Ed. Youth Ministries Tomojit Rovchoudhury Business Administration Gail Samoluk Psychology Dena Simpson Church Ministry: Ed. Youth Shigehiro Suganuma Business Admmistration Mildred Tapule Business Administration Susan Thompson Diversified Seniors 31 Seniors Tamara Tilus Enclish Al Trotter Business Administration Steve Willey Social Science: Psychology Dan White Physical Education Shari Valdez Telecommunications Brian Wright Rehgion: Pastoral Russell L. Wycoff, Jr. Music Education: Voice Jav Wikum Business: Accounting Ann Yancey Diversified Psychology 32 Enlightened Seniors Thomas Van Duesen Church Ministries: Pastoral Elizabeth Wilson Sociology Psychology Kathv Wilson Diversified Music Tim Wilson Business Administration Carv Youpee Communications Virgie Zeigler Physical Education Seniors 33 EXPRESSIONS « ;r.3 ' ■-J- Class Officers Class Officers: top left to bottom right Juniors: Sandy Nestor. Vice President Sandra Santiago. President Sharon Hodges. Social Activities Dana Heinrichs. Social Activities Carla Ford. Treasurer Susan Works, Secretary Sophomores: Perry Hamilton. President Kim Schnell. Social Activities Cindy Lopez. Treasurer Debbie Bennett. Vice President Hope McGuirk. Secretary Freshpersons: Sharon Stackhouse. Treasurer Linda Ward. Social Activities Michiko Yamaguchi. Secretary Judv Asmuth, Vice President John Murray, President .cfll Cv 36 Expressions Juniors Cheryl Adav Ron Adcock u Tatsuo A kamine Steve A Ibin Hugh A ustin An A ven V Beverly Baily Dusty Seals Byron Berwick Tom Bourne Robert Brooks Herb Cierlev m f? ■ i V t sH jj H Tv - H I H JeffClawson Don Clegg Terri Clement Curt Collins Juniors 37 Juniors Bob Congdon Lvle Denton Ines Garza 38 Expressions Ernest Copeland Richard Cordon Irma Cordova Angel Diaz Sheila Dinnel Darin Drake Roger Cask in Linda Geesey Juniors Jose Coronado J o Anne Cummin gs Celeste Davis David Dureaii Sam Ebersole Leanna Elliott v ' ' " V H H ;. Mj M pPs, ... H i H f F ' ■ Olivia Frazer Gail Fry Joe Gaffnev Esther DeLa Rosa Kathv Eskue Chris Gallup Vernae Goodwin Daryl Grasinger Joe Graves Kim Haggard Juniors 39 Juniors Terr I Hall Paul Karnes Scott Lewis Stan Massad 40 Expressions Ken Hardin Scott Harper Terilvn Kelly Tonya Kimble Ricardo Leyva Clayton Light Dwight McConnell Michelle McKenzie Loren Haun Larry Kraiss Ray Lipsch Juniors Dana Heinhchs Mark Kudlik Sharon Hodges Danny Jenkins Dwayne Lahore Lvdia Lawson Don Marchbanks Donna Martin Keith Johnson Larry Lemburg The ministry of encour- agement is especially needed in this world of negativeness. God has placed within Ava Evans the ability to see with His eyes of sensi- tivity. Ava ' s loving and giving attitude is a min- istry within itself Ava ' s excitement about liv- ing for Jesus leaves a lasting imprint within the people she meets. With Ava ' s encour- aging attitude she will continue to Reach Out and Touch . . . John Miller Tim Miller Juniors 41 Juniors Eric Moline Rodnev Penrod Mark Roche Barrel Morris Jon Nellis Matt Nelson Doug Pike John Porter Larry Potter Dave Rogers Paul Ruhadeau Jim Runge Diana Sarzoza Doug Schmidt Mark Schulz Steve Sidoti 42 Expressions Juniors Sandv Nestor Eric Oleson Nanette Oil Gary Paulson Craig Powers Glenn Richardson Marty Robertson Marlys Samler Denise Sandburg Sk V Sandeen Gregory Sipe Rodney Sipma Laurie Sloan Bill Robinson Sandra Santiago Hugh Smith Juniors 43 Juniors DeAnn Snipes Tom ' Soto Scon St. John Gilbert Stephan Svkes f Talking on the phone is an " art " for many, but to a few does it become a ministry. Darrell Morris spends many hours at Trinity Broad- casting Network an- swering incoming phone calls for coun- seling. The Holy Spirit is relied upon con- stantly, along with life- giving prayer for those seeking counsel. Dar- rell gives his time to be a listener and to Reach Out and Touch . . . Jim Souder Lynda Spalatta Carl Tademv Boyd Talbert Bryan Wood Susan Works 44 Expressions Juniors Matt Stankus Thomas Stark John Stearns William Steiner Debbie Thorpe Dave Tr us sell Vikki Waleszonia Steve Williams Een-Kwang Yang Karen Asmiith Juniors 45 Sophomores Shawn Adams Sharon Baldwin SuzY Brown Gale Collins Tana A iva: James A ndriteh Glenda Aparico Shelley Baldwin Tom Barbian Debbie Bennett Lisa Brum field Diana Biirford Tawnva Carter ■iij-- t V 1 ( k. ' Kelley Collins Mike Cornwall Nicholelle Crouse 46 Expressions Sophomores Michelle A rndt Iva Arnold Kirsiie Ballas Jeff Bahra Jennifer Cunningham Jeaneiie DeMatteo A nita Denigan Waller Filers Sophomores 47 Sophomores Mark Eiletson r " 1 1 K - - A ■ mLr ' 1 W - 1 Z.17! ; Gllmore Richard Hankins Mike Eiibanks Christine Findlex Mark Godfrey Lamae Goodwin Crislv Hanson Sieve Harris Cherie Fitzgerald Gasten Graham Jeff Haun Dina Hernandez Nvdia Hernandez Richard Hild Craig H ink el 48 Expressions Kennan Ford Chuck Freeman Shervl Gcmske John Greg Wendv Griffith Suzanne Hagedorn Mar Jo Hawkins i Karen Hedden Sophomores Lvn Geronimi Perry Hamilton The camera is XoJoe Petito as the pen is to the writer— " A picture speatcs a thousand words " . Through this tool and gift Joe ardently seeks to impart the bold and tender reality of today ' s mis- sion field. Joe earnestly desires that his portraits will illustrate God ' s exceeding love toward man- kind, as he accepts the challenge to Reach Out and Touch . . . Laura Hodges Sophomores 49 Sophomores Brad Humbles Mark James Anne Jehle Steve Jessup Cindy Lopez Rochelle Luce Kathv Mandel Janie Martin Hope McGuirk 50 Expressions Cathleen McNutt John Melton Diane Menke Sophomores Donna Millsap Carlos Minoz Jessica Mentenegro Jov Mosqueda Sophomores 51 Sophomores Jill Mosqueda Brenda Norton Tommy Poochigan Mike Murray Cari Mushagian P Kevin Olson Jill Page Richard Porras Ted Piigh Michael Roberts 52 Expressions Rhonda Rogers Richard Rogers Chris Muzzv Denise Pavan Chester Quails 1 Bli ' J ■ »■■£ Kaaaii IbicwJK i Robin Ross Sophomores Joe Petiio Kristi Pettijohn Wanda Pielers Robert Pommier How do YOU reach out to a deaf ear? How do you communicate the gospel to a person who speaks a foreign lan- guage? Easy, learn their language and then communicate! Ah, but what if you can ' t use your mouth? The answer is Sign Language. Anita ' s many years of inter- preting to the deaf have prepared her to minister on Channel 40. Anita Bowen brings the gospel to a silent world through her abil- ity to Reach Out and Touch . . . Charlotte Rosser Clare Rubel Sophomores 53 Sophomores Doug Sadler Kathv Sharp Terry Stacker Rod Verbeck 54 Expressions A Ibert Sakai Greg Salciccioli Dennis Shell Tom Shirev Debbie Sluncbrouk M V Hamid Tavakoli Diane Sanchez Ww mkx, nH| | 1 ' ' ' H ? A, jipfflKgM jjB w. Vance Terry Chris Wagner Linden Webber Shelly Weber Sophomores Kim Schnell Steven Schultz Connie Seaward Ruth Sembrat Cvnthia Springston Susan Stahlman Brenda Stevens Linda Stiles Victor Thannickal Robin Triggs Steve Tucker Doug Valitchka Mike Wilson Richard Yeomans Lori Youpee Sophomores 55 Freshpersom Terrv Abbott Tim Albanese Jennifer A Hard Kelly Barnett Barbara B rower Bill Bean Kathv Bean Amy Brown Stefan Andersson Skip Berry ' ■ ' ' Tamera Brown Robert Biieno Mistv Cleman Kathy Clough Gregory Cockefair Toria Cole 56 Expressions Freshpersons Judy Asmulh Debbie A vers Lorena Baker 1 1. f L Christine Baran Dave Blenkhorn Derek Bogue Michael Book Janet Bradford Dave Conner Karen Cox Randall Crawford Natale D ' amico Freshpersons 57 Freshpersons Bill Danjou David Elmore Jerry Davis Gail Dickerson Oscar Dotson Steve Elmore Terri Enriquez Kenneth Ewing David Fontana Debbie Frost Richard Garcia Dorita Gardner Billy Gains Stephanie Gains Nick Gonzalez Brad Grams 5S Expressions Freshpersons Keith Fan- Angela Farm Sharen Fiestam Nancy Garza Minnie Gibson Kathy Gilmour Michele Folsom Jerry Godsey Steve Grimes Lisa Guth Ahseng Ha Freshpersons 59 Freshpersons Samuel Ha Debra Heinrichs Art Jackson Bruce Kline Tami Hallak Tiirid Halvorsen Melodv Haney Dwight Herring Tim Johnson Larry Jones Sharon Hamolskv Carlo Hoekstra Andrea Kary Judy Kramar Larry Larron 60 Expressions Freshpersons Coleen Hampton Dona Hood David Harrell Esther Harris Terry Harris Colleen Hope Keith Hughes Painck Kane Ron KillingsHorth George Hiintlev In recent years, music has earned a more prominent position within most church services. Leading the body of Christ in mi4si- cat worship is a gift that the Father has put into the fingers and heart of John Murray. The varied tempos of his guitar sets a pace that inspires worshippers , to join in praise of the Lord. Through music, John endeavors to 3 Reach Out and Touch Alison Law Natalie Leckie Freshpersons 61 Freshpersons Julie Lemburg Paul Liashenko Susan Light Diane Macek Jeffrey Maddan Susan Maddison Sandra Lithe Jeff McCasland Denise Moonier Laura Moriarty Dan Mortensen Cyndy Neill Varoujan Nercessian William Norton Francine Oatridge 62 Expressions Eileen Lockhart Kellv McLemore Sahine Midler Freshpersons Terry Lockhart James Logan Rhonda MacDonald ) f« f i Linda Meek Brve Melancon Joanne Miller Janet Mimdt John Murray Kathv Murray Joe Ormond Rebecca Palmero Marcie Peck Kent Peterson Freshpersons 63 Freshpersons Sharon Pike Mike Reis Daniel Sanchez Rick Phiimer Paul Pratt Don Ricketts Debbie Scliell Greg Scroggins Sharon Stackhouse Sandy Sommer 64 Expressions Andv Stenhouse Bruce Pugh Johnny Rodriguez Ed Romero Belinda Severn Corinne Stipek Ladan Quiring Juan Romero Phil Shrover Freshpersons Annette Ralev Maria Ravgoza Anduradha Rovchoudhurv Brenda Sander Kevin Sisti Melody Smith Sharon Stone Jerri Thayer Moses Theimer Taunva Rediger Gary Samoluk Scott Smith Paul Theodore Freshpersons 65 Freshpersons Amir Tabassi Linda Thompson Haryanto Tjiptodihardjo Jeff Tolhert Linda Ward Ray Watson Geoff Winner Julie Wood Karen Woodthorp Faith Yeske A hna Williams 1 m t. ! j ■ : 0 ' Ik f ju mi n •• ' .i f « W .■ - Michiko Yamaguchi Donald Zeigler Dorene Zeigler 66 Expressions Freshpersons Janie Vahev Linda Verton Jim Villapondo Leslie Walton Calvin W illiams Teresa Wilson Toni Wilson Julia Wimack In ministering to a physically handicapped person one must be sensitive to the individ- ual ' s spiritual needs without neglecting their physical needs. For Ann McClellan, a quadraplegic, eating, bathing and many ba- sic functions are next to impossible without the aide of a loving, caring person. Natalie Leckie fulfills this need in Ann ' s life. With an open mind and open heart Natalie strives to Reach Out and Touch Freshpersons 67 Students A t Large Terrv Cederblom Martha Elliot Beckv McFarlane Diana Collar Waller Dittrich Richard Gonzalez Lisa Kaufman Doug McKenzie Percy Remsey 1 Virginia Dodge Deborah Martvn pSI B ■ W 1 F 1 ■ W .( Janice Tuin Gerald Winant 68 Students A I Large Open House Open House 69 i »-,♦ ' " ■ ' « mi. :j ; " All-School Retreat 72 Experiences The first of 15 weeks of classes for the 980 Fall Semester drew to a close with weary, sleepy, fogged minds anticipating the weekend and a chance to ESCAPE. Once S.C.C.ers were safely atop the mountain and walking the grounds of Camp Cedar Crest, the anxieties of school seemed so far awav. While " Water War " veterans planned new strategies for at- tack, others enjoyed the soothing quiet of nature and the crisp, clean air. The All- School Retreat provided the medium for activity, enthusiasm, devotions, silence, and the strengthening of friendships. Experiences 73 Chapel PP -f W7 B L W fl|[ H ' mm J Jj 74 Experiences Experiences 75 Harvest Party 76 Experiences Clowns, kids, bands, animals, food, " freaks " , trash . . . you name it and you ' ll probably find it. " Under the Big Top. " In the center ring. Sophomore Class President. Perry Ham- ilton, led the parade of skits, comedy, and other entertain- ment provided by our own S.C.C. " celebreties " . The car- nival atmosphere was made complete by various food and game booths sponsored by campus clubs and organiza- tions. All who attended, will long remember the Harvest Party of October 3 J St, 1980, and their experiences " Under the Big Top " . Experiences 77 Father-Daughter Banquet The Campus Women ' s Association brought ' " The Won- derful World of Dads " io S.C.C. Dads and their daugh- ters enjoyed the evening of entertainment including skits, songs and special guest speaker. Mr. Frost. 78 Experiences Experiences 79 Fall Intramurals 80 Experiences Senior Sneak Experiences 81 Fall Drama Production S2 Experiences Experiences 83 Christmas Banquet 84 Experiences ms3 :. This year ' s Christmas Banquet, sponsored by Social Activities, was held at the Proud Bird in Los Angeles on December 12. Special entertainment included singer Bruce Hibbard, and a skit presented by SCC ' s very own Church Drama Group. Experiences 85 Valentines Banquet The ' 81 Valentines Banquet held in the Dining Commons offered a relaxed evening of entertainment and socializing. The entertain- ment included musician Warren Dobson, and various faculty and staff members serving roast beef. Both received rave reviews. 86 Experiences Experiences 87 Spirit Week Urban Cowboy Day 60 ' s Day 88 Experiences Hawaiian Tourist Day Blue and Gold Day Experiences 89 Homecoming 198 J Homecoming Court Tom Anderson, King AH Downs, Queen Gail Samoluk, Senior Heather Hughes, Senior Sandra Santiago, Junior Cindy Lopez, Sophomore Rhonda MacDonald, Freshperson w- 90 Experiences Experiences 91 Reach Out to Your Potential r j|jj -i n. : TT 92 Reach Out and Touch ♦ tipv imlltrU ' ' v ' V n. k 0s f-rtSuCftaS ! Reach Out and Touch ... 93 J.- ' ' I1 -.J-- l ? " 94 ?eflcA Owr and Touch n k ' 2 r.. - ' vt?; : m K zi M ij k r V ' y. ifi lipi. 4 v. A f? »V ;. !.. r 9t c z M? z Enthusiasm i ' f . ' i »»•►» ' ■ ' .y . ' V vJ;nN v. , | • -- ; , - S5 ' ' ,_- C« - T ' - «. l H m Reach Out and To iA -i: , iwitei s; ' Reach Out to Your World Q II -A jm . d ' t ' t ' i i ' t . (-1. tj; 1.x t-— :, -3 IC P m Reach Out and Touch ■ - ' •« , ' i t t 8, ' tJ . ' f ' P : " i X w - r Tu, liM ' r )r:. r% -Q $• ' jm... fm .1 ' ' . ' j. ' sK ' ■■ 1 7 I hH B ■ ■■■ • S3 1 s ' ■ pp 1 ' ' ' ■- yjKiiSHI ■ixr--- -. ' f I Reach Out am EXCITEMENT Cheerleaders 100 Excitement ] 980-81 Cheer Squad top left to bottom right: Rhonda Rogers; Beckie NeaU Donna Millsap, Head Cheerleader; Jane Mar- tin; Al Trotter; Don Marchbanks; Gary Samoluk; Michelle McKenzie; Mike Eubanks; Shelly Weber; Skip Berry; Angel Diaz. Cheerleaders 10! Soccer top left to bottom right: Jim Brown, Assistant Coach; Henry Ho; Rik Morris; Sergio Morera; George Huntley; Leanna Elli- ott, Score Keeper; Ken Backman, Coach; Rich Cordon; Bob Congdon; Steve Harris; Amir Tabassi; Brad Grams; Bob Bueno; (not pictured) Tim Albanese; Ken Ewing; Chris Gallup; Keith Hughes. 102 Excitement Soccer 103 Girls Volleyball 11)4 Excitemcni top left to bottom right: Charlene Stone, Debbie Frost, Beckv Frost, Nancy McCafferty, Karen Woodthorp, Sharon Lemburg, Coach, Mildred Tapule, Kathy Sharp, JoAnne Ciimmings, Lvdia Lawson, Julie Lemburg. Volleyball 105 Girls Basketball top left to bottom right: Linda Geesey, Karen Woodthorp. Nancy McCajferty. Sharon Lemburg, Coach: Kathy Sharp, Julie Lemburg, Jo Ann Cummings. 106 Excitement Girls Basketball 107 (■- ' --. m ' 1 ,v i " 1 " r i " i i y - - " " j jINatapg Wi n 1 : 5 - St im swf V " V V f 1 |N3 s fi -% s V, v, Mii K WS ' ' f% w T ,.yi;. jt . . mJF- ' . :- -Si. ,.- M " - S Ol f - n n 4 9 m m im Varsity Basketball 1 H Ia S f B ■ [ HP m Fw SB H H f M B Ik a F " f0jSm JBV I K P % V 1 f m V ft Mh t ' ' H V 1 1 " " p J • V ! £3Bf ' " ' ' ' ' ' " V j H 4 " i i» u . ■■ V 72 Excitement I fl. top left to bottom right: Ed Moriarty, Coach Mark Roche Mike Roberts Dan Mortensen Larry Hirst Greg Salciccioli Rick Porras Rick Plumier Bill Reynolds, Assistant Coach Mike Miller Rich Rogers Rich Jessup Mike Murphy Mike Wilson Varsity Basketball 113 Baseball top left to bottom right: Coach Doug Adams, Abe Salazar, Hugh Austin. Glen Richardson. Mark Henkel. Steve Sidoti. Jeff Tolbert, Dusty Beals, Assistant Coach Bob Cavendar. Rick Gonzalez, Tom Friday. Jeff Piaskowski, Jim Sotters. Mike Nelson, Jeff Haun, Don Clegg. Dan Pearson, Steve Al- bin. Dale Boshae, John Mondragon, Dwayne Meyers, Dan Bonomo. 114 Excitement ! » ■fe m Baseball 115 ff - : X. -- EDUCATffm President Wayne Krai ss 118 Educators Educators 119 Administrators 120 Educators top left to bottom right: Lewis Wilson, Academic Dean Ken Clewett, Business Manager Roy Matthews, Director of Development Debby Rush, Director of Financial Aid Gary Jones, Guidance Center Coordinator Mark Bell, Dean of Students G. L. Haggard, Director of Church Relations Cecile Mock, Title HI Coordinator Educators 121 Administrators 122 Educators top left to bottom right: Roger Gaskin, Student Representative Larry Pate, Missionary in Residence Keith Ewing, Registrar Babe Evans, Church Relations Coordinator Wes Wick, Director of Admissions Murray Dempster, Faculty Representative Educators 123 Division of Humanities and Fine Arts 124 Educators Shirley Felt, Ph.D. top left Keith Ewing, M.A. Chairman top right Morris Pike, Ph.D. bottom left Lynn Kanaga, M.S. bottom right Educators 125 Division of Natural Science and Mathematics 126 Educators 12 3 ' 5 6 7 • » " " 12 U 14 15 16 IJ l» ! " » 20 21 ?? 25 2 25 Educators 127 Division of Religion and Philosophy Byron Klaus, M.Re. top right Jerry Camery-Hoggatt, M.Th. bottom right 128 Educators Bill Williams, Ph.D. top right David Clark. Ph.D. Chairman middle left Murray Dempster, Ph.D. bottom left Educators 129 Division of Social Science m%. Dennis McNutt. Ph.D Chairman top left Augustus Cerrillo, Ph.D. top right Vince Gil. Ph.D. bottom right w 1 130 Educators Educators 131 Division of Professional Studies Ed Moriartv, B.A. Jim Hackett, M.S. 132 Educators •n». Sharon Lemburg, B.A. top left Way man Carlson. Ph.D. Chairman top right Herb Smith. M.A. f bottom left Educators 133 Auxiliary Faculty Irving Ahlquist Beatrice Berry Rudy Cerullo Warren Dobson Miles Eaton Peter Fournier Robert Haldin Robert Harris Althea Holdcroft Ronald Hughes Bethel Johnson Darlene Lawrence Clarence Nedom Ann Oglesby Taylor Puryear Lowery Roobian John Scott Board of Directors Ron Ballard Fred Cottriel Wayne Kraiss Leonard Nipper Everett Stenhouse Officers of the Board Everett Stenhouse Chairman Fred Cottriel Assistant Chairman Leonard Nipper Secretary Treasurer Paul Seng Leon Skeie Charlotte Streight Carol Stewart Bart Sullivan Mark Thallander Sam Thompson Sue Watkins George Wood Honorary T.C. Cunningham L.E. Halvorson L.H. Hauff V. Nybakken E.W. Odell L.B. Reynolds Executive Members Silas Bartsch Mel Bennett Warren Hill 134 Educators Stajf i: :t :t: ' ' : top left to bottom left: Debbie Godfrey Secretary to the President and Academic Dean Kathy Coleman Assistant to the Dean of Students Denise Beardshear Secretary to the Business Manager Barbara Harvey Admissions Secretary Sylvia Clark Secretary to the Registrar Educators 135 Stajf 136 Educators 973-3200 top left to bottom right: Rosemary Jackson. Director of Alumni Phyllis Burns. Title III Planning Assistant Virginia Evans, Office Church Relations Coordinator Barbi Rouse, Learning Assistance Coordinator Gary Jones, Guidance Center Coordinator Gary Robertson. Student Resource Advisor Debbie Rush, Director of Financial Aid Becky Stilling, Assistant Director of Financial Aid June Grubbs, Assistant Registrar Sue Watkins. Counselor Pam McCarthy, Accounts Receivable Audrey Komides, Accounts Payable I Bookkeeper Lynette Mohamed, Payroll Supervisor Dawn Box, Secretary to Athletics Educators 137 Staff X ' r f ■ m 138 Educators r ■ ■ . top left to bottom right: Ken Tracy, Head Librarian Mel Covetta, Assistant Librarian Diane Smith, Secretary to Education Credential Analyst Fred Cruse, Chief of Engineering Services Art Price, Chief of Building Maintenance Ray Frankenberger. Head Janitor Florence Tracy, Library Clerk Carolyn Evans, Library Clerk Betty Price, Accountant John Briley, Head Groundsman Karen Arana, Cashier Pat Tasonis, Communications Supervisor Nancy Morrison, Bookstore Manager Tom Daily, Maintenance Technician Educators 139 %. dw JJF- ,-.„,. -.;j:-,: j, -. ENTHUSIASTS A.S.B. Officers Roger Gaskin President Guy Drummond Vice President Leanna Elliott Secretary Gloria Hardy Treasurer f-- - " W « 142 Enthusiasts Student Representatives Sharon Baldwin Rep. at Large top left to bottom right: Craig McClelland Brad Humbles Tom Bourne Larry Kraiss Sharon Baldwin Cheryl Aday Tim Cederblom Enthusiasts 143 Social Activities 144 Enthusiasts Campus Women s Association C.W.A. Officers Jane Martin President Sheryl Ganskie Vice Pr esident Irma Cordova Devotional Chairperson Celeste Davis Secretary Nanette Fischer Treasurer Bev Kraiss Social Activities Cahleen McNutt Historian Cindy Long Publicity Chairperson Judy Popineau Advisor Kathy Coleman Advisor Enthusiasts 145 R.D s and R.A s Renae Chisnell. Marilyn Brooks, Leisa Gains. Kevin Ollson. Marty Robertson. Tom Bourne, Mary Mahon. Lori Honts, Grace Petito, Matt Nelson, Dwight and Heather McConnell. 146 Enthusiasts Enthusiasts 147 S.A.M. Club S.A.M. Club Jim Hackett Advisor top left top left to bottom right: Chris Gallup. President Rick McAllister, Vice Pres. of Membership Robert Pommier, Vice Pres. of Publicity Kelly Collins, Vice Pres. of Programs Leanna Elliott, Sec. Treas. 148 Enthusiasts Musician ' s Guild top left to bottom right: Karen Asmuth, President Debbie Stonebrook, Secretary Tim Cederblom, Vice Pres. Tom Shirey, Treasurer Enthusiasts 149 Choir 150 Enthusiasts Vanguard Choir top left to bottom right: Toria Cole. Diane Roberts, Dana Cole, Larry Potter, Kevin Johnsen, Terry Abbott, Don Marchbanks, Cynthia Fager, Claire Rubel, Tana Aivaz, Maria Raygoza, Brenda Stevens, Celeste Davis, Ledan Quiring, Janet Bradford, Dori Gardner, Kelly McLemore, Skip Berry, Ricardo Wheat, Chuck Smith, Angel Diaz. Kathy Murray. Becky Palermo. Debbie Stonebrook. Teresa Wil- son. Mary Lang. Janet Mundt. Karen Asmuth. Jim Runge, Paul Rubadeau, Scott Harper, Robert Pommier, Kristi Pettijohn, Nicholette C rouse, Stephanie Coins. Diane Macek, Chris McCoy. Rhonda McDonald. Candi Calkins. Eileen Hummel, Director Enthusiasts 151 Vanguards top left to bottom right: Clayton Light, David Fontana, Terry Abbott, Gale Collins, Ron Adcock, Kevin Johnson, Nicholette Crouse. Sheryl Ganskie. Michelle Folsom, Karen Asmuth. Julie Wood, Routa Gardner, Cahleen McNutt, Mark James, Tom Shirey, Steve Rudd, Joe Ormond. Darin Drake. Noel Wilson, Director. i 152 Enthusiasts Enthusiasts 153 Missionary Assistance Program Missionary Assistance Program: Church Ministry: Juvenile Hall: Channel 40: Spanish Ministry; Prison Ministry; Street Theater: Church Drama: Child Evangelism: Ernie Deporto, M.A.P. Co- ordinator 154 Enthusiasts Street Theater Allen Martin, leader Street Theater Enthusiasts 155 Church Drama and Channel 40 8 ' " - Brenda Stevens, leader Church Drama Barrel Morris, leader Channel 40 -- - ,». ■- -: - i tx 156 Enthusiasts Child Evangelism and Church Ministry Terilyn Kelly, leader Child Evangelism Denise Sandburg, leader Church Ministry Enthusiasts 157 Juvenile Hall and Prison Ministries 158 Enthusiasts Spanish Ministry Enthusiasts 159 New Wine Press 1 m H H-- - ' 9 H. ' - ' ■ ' ' H I l w V M-..««r- H 0 7 e o bottom right: Tom Stark, Business Manager Tom Bour ne, Slack Cutter Cheryl Aday, Copy Editor Vince Gil, Advisor Mike Wilson, Copy Editor Don Melton, Editor Designer, Fall Semester Tom Peni.x, Creative Services Director 160 Enthusiasts top left to bottom right: Becky Frost, Staff Writer ■ Brad Humbles, Frank Blair Look-AUke Sandv Nestor, Staff Writer Steve Jessup, Editor, Spring Semester Don Mohan, Staff Writer Denise Pa van. Staff Writer John Doughty, Circulation Manager Enthusiasts 161 The Designers: Sojourn Dr. Shirley Felt, Advisor top left 162 Enthusiasts t ( % i et top left to bottom right: THE 1981 SOJOURN CREW Bev Kraiss, Editor; Tim Johnson, Layout; Michelle McKenzie, Advertising Graphics; Shelly Weber, Business Advertising Manager; Wendv Griffith, Layout; Gale Collins, Layout; Jade Lawton, Lay- out; Sue McGartland, Business A dvertising Manager; Cristy Hanson. Editor; Michiko Yamaguchi, Typist; Kathy Buchmiller, Layout; Charlotte Rosser, Typist; Robert Pommier, Layout. Those who " missed the boat " : Kirstie Ballas, Artist; Gail Dickerson, Layout; Angle Farro, Layout; Tommy Poochigian, Layout Copy. Enthusiasts 163 Brought To You By: PHOTOGRAPHERS: left to right; Joe Petito, Bill Bean, Sam Ebersole, Cristy Hanson, Marty Robertson, Tim Miller, Carlo Hoekstra, John Doughty, Jim Coins. Not present: Rick Smith, Sue McCartland, Eric Oleson, Ricardo Wheat. Joe Petito A SB Photographer Jim Coins Assistant Photographer The Great Darkroom Move 164 Enthusiasts In this life we can try our best. Run the race with all our might. But it ' s not by us that we ' ll cross the finish line. It ' s Christ only who will win our fight. No one is too insignificant to listen to. No one too small to pass bv. ■■ We can make the effort ■J if we want to. Come on; Let ' s give it a try. See the people hurrying by, They don ' t know the peace they can feel. How will they know unless we tell them. We must set them on ; an even keel. WE must set them on an even keel. Enthusiasts 165 ORO ORO GIRO 9 e j Congratulations Class of 1981 Southern California District Council Assemblies of God Everett Stenhouse, Supt. Fred Cot t hell, Asst. Supt. Leonard Nipper, Sec. I Treas. -t . tAi .Q| ,5t , c ■: e 314 ASHER Avenue • Taft, California 93268 God Bless You Class of 1981 PASTOR LEE COFFELT ASSOCIATE: STEVE PRESTON Thank -you, Word Music, Inc. for permission to use the Ivrics lo " Reach Out and Touch " in the I ISI Sojourn. dol jo here? re you convinced tj you to a specific ministry within the Church? Do you feel the need for graduate education so you can be a more effective minister? If your answer to these questions is yes then the Assemblies of God Graduate School can help you. To receive more ADMISSIONS !Assem6[ies - ' Graduate S " 1445 ffdWiWltie Ave , SpringfialAJtlissQij 16H Enterprise CON- GRA TULA TIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 AND OUR KIDS AT sec First Assembly of God 4901 California A ve. Bakersfield, Ca. 93309 (805) 327-8446 FRED COTTRIELL, D.D.. Pastor HERB SMITH, Associate Pastor DARYEL ERICKSON, Minister of Education WENDELL VINSON, Minister to Youth LARRY CHAPMAN, School Administrator RON CHAPMAN, Minister to Children CHRISTIAN LIFE CHURCH Asscmows o Goo 3400 PACIFIC AVENUE LONG BEACH CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1981 CONGRA TULA TIONS CLASS OF 1981 Calvary Assembly of God 242 Panamint Ridgecrest, Ca. 93555 Congratulates the Class of 1981 14626 Pioneer Blvd. Norvi ' alk. Calif, 90805 Enterprise 169 1980-81 CHEER SQUAD Donna Millsap (Big Head) Shelly Weber (Repeat) Jane Martin (Skipper) Michelle McKenzie CLil Mac) Beckie Neal (Rosan Rosanadana) Rhonda Rogers (Toe- Head) " ' Sense me. ' sense me . . . Aaahh! " Magic Mountain Muscle Man. " Look at the Flying Ship. THE WH.AT? " " Rhonda bend over ... " Shado Chicken with Rollers by Mac. " Toe-Head? What ' s a Toe-Head? " " I think I ' m gonna die! " 1 70 Enterprise " Custom " Tub Shower Enclosures • Installation • Repairs • Steam Bath Units • Fiberglass Shower Units • Tiffany Glass Doors Free Estimates We manufacture to best suit your needs. Congratulations Class of ' 81 from Ventura ' s " First Family " C L SHOWER DOOR 346 n kimBAll BO • veniuRi, a 03004 548-3500 548-6382 Visit our Showroom— J 784 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, Ca. Award Winning Photography Portraits • Formal Studio • Casual Environmental Creative Wedding Coverages Passports 14 Fashion Square Santa Ana, Ca. 92701 (714) 542-4863 South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa, Co. 92626 (714) 549-2103 JOE and JIM—Photography and pos- itive attitudes. DON N IE MELTON-Midnight food runs. TOM PEN IX— A veteran ' s advice. TOMMY POOCH Copy and En- couragement. GREG HEMSOTH-Patience with amateur Editors. SHIRLEY FELT -Technical Con- sultation . KIRSTIE B A LLAS- Artwork. SKIP and GREG-Recreation Direc- tors. 1981 SOJOURN STAFF-Gracious acceptance of your " peon " roles. DR. GREVE-Inspiration. DR. McNUTT-Use of your dark- room and technical photographic advise. Enterprise J 71 The Rowdy Doughty Brothers Members of the Crazy Christian Rail fan Society Salute DR. FRED GREVE Dr. Fred Greve Rick Dr. Greve. Thanks so much for teaching and helping me under- stand who I am. I really enjoyed vour class. Love. Rick PAVLOV PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY TRAIN CLEARANCE F r e. - d Station Md vj iO 19 ' Conductor and Engineer Fre e Cn rci d rhg £ " A-t- d- U- r - 5 ' £a: -c. - 1 •a C L ri - ORDERS FOR YOUR TRAIN ARE Rule 4.00 MESSAGES MAXIMUM AUTHORIZED SPEED_L2,.0_M.P.H. Time IZ:0 A m Ttr -p. Jec..- a-f Opr. Fo ) •. Greve: A one day engineer of the D RG H ' Silverton Train. You are a true man of God and it has been a blessing knowing you. Thank-you for vour help and for your love. God richly bless you. Love, John John 1 72 Enterprise FROM VOX POPULI THE GUYS OF 5CW Judy and Wes, (X).3,M " He asked and I said ves! " Judy K. Popineaii Thanks for being Chrisi-like in all you do . . . You ' re both so special to me. I knew that " MAN FROM WASHINGTON " couldn ' t stay away! And Jude. I can tell you ' re a true SCC ' er at heart! I love you! Lori My. m - » -- Bw ' ■t S OKZK SNEAKY SENIORS SANTA MARIA " PITS TOP " Ricardo Sue Dena John Candi Melia Diane Bill Enterprise 1 73 RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS vs. TONYA and GRACE Case brought against defendants: Charged with disappearance consisting of four days without notice or contact. Defendants plead not guilty. Prosecuting Attorney request defendants to take stand. Defendants svivrn in with hand on map of Northern California and crossed fingers behind their backs. Prosecuting Attorney: Where did you go? Defendant 1: Hearst Castle. Prosecuting Attorney: Is that the extent of your travels? Defendant 2: Well, uh. uh, I can ' t go on. I must confess, we went further. We were afraid to tell, but we went all the way to SAN FRANCISCO! Defending Attorney: I object! I must confer with my clients. Court is adjourned for 10 minutes. Defendants return with plea changed to guilty. Jury ' s decision: GUILTY with a sentence of life imprisonment at Alcatraz. P.S. To anyone we disappointed, this is just our joker way of confessing and saying we ' re sorry. We were afraid to tell vou! If forgiven, please send saw in cake in care of Prisoners, Cell Blocks 701 or 703. " Every job is a self- portrait of the person who did it. " PSALM 117 ' O PRAISE the Lord, all ye nations; praise Him alt ye people. For His merciful kindness is great toward us and the truth of the LORD endureth forever. Praise ye the Lord. ' ' PSALM 1 1 1:9 ' ' He provideth redemption for His peo- ple; He ordained his covenant forever— holy and AWE- SOME in His name. " And Gloria you did it with excellence! You ' re quite a lady, and I ' m very proud of you. I love you. Rick 1 74 Enterprise ii THE SIXERS 1980-1981 Misty, Julia, Sharon. Kaihy, Patricia, Necv, Janet. Heather. Cindv. Debo. Carlo, Terri. Bev. Chris. Dana. Jov, Jennie, Nan, Sharon, Candi, Laura, Diane, Kim, Lori. " Let ' s go to dinner. " " love our floor. " " I want some ice cream . . . " LATE NIGHT TA LKS (at 10:00 p.m.) " Eleva- tors here " " I LOVE YOU " " A Boyfriend: ' : ' " " L-7 " " NC-2 " " DE-TURLIT " " I said goodnight-Get to bed!!! " Sixth floor: We had some good times; great times even! The unity was special to all of us. Thank -vou for your love to me and the love vou showed to each other. I ' m glad Jesus was part of our floor! I love vou! Lori Your R. A. Enterprise 1 75 Barbi, THANK- YOU FOR LOVING ME ... I LOVE YOU! Sue 1 76 Enterprise Kelly, ' 7 could wish von jov and peace to last a whole life lon . I could wish you sunshine or a cheerful little song or wish vou all the happiness that this life could bring. But I wish vou Jesus more than anything. I could wish you leaves of gold and may vour path be smooth. I could wish you treasures or that all your dreams come true, and I could wish you paradise that every day be spring. But I wish you Jesus more than anything. Cause when I wish vou Jesus I ' ve wished you everything. " Kelly I love vou. Clark IN MEM OR Y HERBERT L. CIERLEY JR. June 6, 1939-September 21, 1980 THE LAST TRAIL AUGUST 8, 1980 ALASKA Enterprise 1 77 In Dedication milv Radio Program " The Power Hour " Fred J. Greve, Pastor Manhattan, Kansas J 952 178 Dedication First Church Columbus, Indiana 1941 1IA ll¥lll!l. ■ ■ ISO Dedication Dr. Fred J. Greve Fred Greve is not afraid to say " I love you. " With the subtly of a listening ear and the strength of a loving, caring attitude he reaches out to people ' ' right where they ' re at. ' ' Whether playing the role of counselor, professor, colleague, friend or a combination of these, he treats people with the respect he himself would want. Dr. Greve has been a college professor for over 25 vears. He was Academic Dean and Vice President of Bethanv Bible College be- fore coming to S.C.C. in 1975. He returned to the college classroom because he feels that the real work of anv college is done in the classroom. He was a pastor of various churches in Kansas for 15 vears before he entered higher education. A productive writer. Dr. Greve has contributed manv articles to national magazines and to church pub- lications. He has written curriculum for adult education in churches, and he has written two textbooks for the International Correspondence Institute in Brussels, Belgium. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and he maintains a private prac- tice in counseling. With great appreciation and admiration the Sojourn of 1981 is dedicated to DR. FRED J. GREVE. Dr. Greve, through vour car- ing attitude, we are encouraged to Reach Out and Touch the needs of individuals with the love of the Father. Thank You. Dedication 181 In Closing After thumbing through this hook, looking for pictures ofvou and vour friends, vou may pick it up again to read the copy. We hope that vou will. Much time and thought was spent in deciding the theme for the Sojourn of 1981. It is our desire to reflect the attitudes and goals of both the individuals and combined community of SCC. Because of itsmKKKKKKflWf ' ffftl tions and practical applications during our years at SCC ar the- theme of " Reach Out and Touch ' was chosen. The challenge to " reach out " would not be complete without the element of " touching ' TSKghout the book we have offered you various ways to. " reach out " — to vour potential, your world, artWyour Creator. Following each challenge to " reach out " are suggestions of how to " touch " — wTth anthusiasm and sensitivity. Anyone can " reach out " . We do it so often it becomes habit— like saving " hi " when we make eye contact with someone walking bv. When we " touch " , we make ourselves vulnerable by opening up. We spend time we don ' t have to listen to a friend ' s problem, we make ourselves sensitive to others needs, we pray and care about the welfare of others. We must WANT to " touch " — It doesn ' t come naturally. It ' s hard to believe that we ' ve survived after a year ofbeini probably think we live in the Yearbook Office! We ' ve " ■vei v dedicated people. Natural and artificial stimulant Mighty 690, and " darkroom cider ' helped us endu the job. But the real encouragement came from people up all night and looked like it, people who have lear " Reach Out and Touch. " e Editors of this book. Some of you ed " thanks to the hard work of some s, Dr. Pepper, 7up, B.J. Grunts, The -nighiers which are an expected part of cared, who loved us even though we ' d been to, and we ' re confident will continue to. Reach Out to Your Creator mt N» - ' V yp [ pi •j i- i! I»A t » I I . ' J iN. Reach Out and Touch . . . ' ' And as many as touched became perfectly whole. " Matthew 14:36 i fri k M f ' ft flSv ■vS. 4 i- f fULx H i 192 Reach Out Mnd Touch ' • tjei Pf ' " rvit mam

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