Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1958 volume:

D li -,ei 9,57 : CJ fu wi 41'-bv-f'1?"' ff 97 'N . xo, '15 ' V if M 40 Q. w fyyficfx V, 11 uf jf 'QJNQ2 Nqffsgjj I km .A V 5 cgilliaitig ' ,, , Q, M, Qpjgw 'Ti "QV w e? . Jim aj -4.3,fffJ.4l:Qf1a?f1, 54 VA? . cxjwv My , ix A if H if Am if-fx - v W' fix 3' ' yyf9f1 CL W! 22, iii 7f'fiJ"fXffm .V Q WWI? W H? Si, C' N111 SKS' J N49 'lc-1,1-,J ' ' M 351 - Q . W' ,gk I ' ,v pwfywzwm M 512jwjjwW+A'Q U ,, , Q - , 1 7-17 wif' ,wfwywv www! QF 5 U'fwMX',1,yJJL Wyil"jLfQjQVfW - MTM We 1 5 N . , A ,, ' Q3 " 'f"Jx'f3'y3ifyrTWL 4jf'f'3 , , JM MQW-I A Q QAHAWW M my MMM-MZ' D5 f' WW. 4 SX wwf ,JMMMJ Q M ir - 57 ' ' l , ' A L . vgigf if f'?"F'4 , , ,M I .. ,.L..,5..1,--.A.jQ. .,- ,. MJJYQAY -'A-LLAAFY,-h ,VVA M W V u A ww UO 1, . iz.-A - V at 2 u P A A I A W ' OJ. "ff 1f0'L,L 3 ' ?Q's4Q ' i?7'?Q: ' ' 1 - '7 ' U A Q ' E l ,'i.V- .:.,b.' D-27 'KU V 1 VV lim' ' Ha . 37 Q , r ff- . ' ., fl ,, - s' " Gubtfjkfg - 9, Q , . G I Q , m I t if dj . I' , riifwvlf LQ! .3-2 A ,Jfv x A D: A " I Q 5' TD . I 'jf , V f w f . jx ,Ai H I K P hy . 49x " . ' ,X N Q . lg V .ff q, LJ w Ar X-0 . Q V '- 'T' Q X ry , '-AA . X . Q , V, . F ' ' LA:,,A 5 ' f? , E34 J" I . . hx A K VXGNQ .. b .9 ,vib X? 13, v, W q I ' -,A ,,' XJ fig! x EBJQ wQ 1 X A: ii . V V A I l ' D A U at 'U'-,X?!NiA5.' ,L . "i V tiff- Pegg Q JJ KMXIOWF ' I' M VAA K ' P ' , fi. '4 ' - e lfcfl- gi , gffixf -2' 53' Q - " wif - a',3ilr'1 ' - ' , X 54 'WN E ' K,A.- Q' . va- V - 3' .' - 2, ' Q ' A - I ' :li '- V .'v- fx: I ik 1 Z' I 1, .Q , . Q T' H 'QE ' V, ,V - J f -. - .', f b ' -, . ' 4 5 ' IN HONOR OF THE SENIOR CLASS THE SPECTATOR OF I958 ,E E 4 I,-ff Z F f 7' E' KZ X "' .4 f 5 S-sly! f.,Z"i"' gx j A X f ' if A-ix 771: fi' KNX ' M If E, 'WX' ' f WN f E' Xu n SEX fr W I 1' ! E. X X 1 I A X ' rf S' X J' f l! 4 c: E ' ' v4 N ' I O 'III-N' yi., A-5 5 j 3 xl xr- 1, X. Sf",': -.-::::::2:?i -lib?-v r ' Q O KE-4? .,E E US-E1 0 if' 23 ff 5 IR F." 7 o vT?3hv! 4-QS ' f. 11 X IW ' - ""' "" 'I -il 'J-9'xTXi'f'?-T: Eh' I I: L V E .- E - my ,itil . Uwwlwfvlff' .mga 6561.00 L Uwwwlefulfi, Wmmxflvwukz, Eifpwwf 0 We, the Class of 1958, in sincere appreciation for all of the cheer- ful and friendly help and advice he has given to us from seventh grade to our senior year, wish to dedicate this book to Mr. Frank Carricato. 5 MW ' ' Srluwl, bg AL .. ,O Dr. Evert F. Stabler Dr. I. Paul Shaffer U SECRETARIES TO SUPERINTENDENT SECRETARY T0 PRINCIPAL Miss Bemice Pieples Miss Eileen Klingensmith Miss Bonnie Shoop 6 Home of gdumfzm Seated, left to right: Mr. Edward Mrasz, Mr. George Ranallo, Mrs. Minnie Urban, Dr. D. E. Losasso, Mr. Weber Smith, Mr. john Adams. Standing: Mr. Michael Veselovsky, Mr. Thomas Stitt, Mr. john Foster, Mr. Alphonse Uskuraitis, Mr. Jack B. Alker, Mr. Raymond Dunmire, Mr. Robert Scott. Not shown: Mrs. Benjamin Lear, Mr. J. Donald Lemmon, Mr. Charles Kardos, Mr. Ralph C. Myers, Mr. Charles Scalzott. ASSISTANT HIGH SCHOOL DEAN OF WOMEN DEAN OF MEN PRINCIPAL Miss Jennie Owens George Matthews VVilliam Demchak . 7 'Thea COMMERCIAL Left to right: Mr. VVen- ban, English exchange t e a C h e r , Miss Ellen- berger, and Miss VVin- gert. Not shown: Miss Martin, exchange teacher in England. ENGLISH Seated, left to right: Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Kearney, Mr. Owens, Miss Mc- Elhaney. Standing: Mrs. Sanford, Miss YVeamer, Miss McDowell, Mr. YVilliams. LANGUAGE Mrs. Fantino and Mr. Sherwood. P Eg .xx X? N ' r Y fp xx My MATHEMATICS Left to right: Miss Esch, Miss Rudolf, Mr. Haldy, Miss Stewart, and Miss Patton. MUSIC Left to right: Miss VValk- er, Mr. DeSimone, and Mrs. Henderson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Left to right: Mr. Miller, Mr. Creigh, and Mrs. Bartman. SCIENCE Left to right: Mr. Mc- Bride, Mr. Dorwart, Miss Snyder, and Mr. Carricato. SOCIAL STUDIES Seated, left to right: Mr. Bennardo, Mr. Fantino. Standing: Mr. Bartle- baugh, Mrs. Klein, Mr. Bland, Mr. Elgelsky, Miss Ceraso. SPECIAL Seated, left to right: Miss Bauer, Mr. Tarosky, Miss Tuttle. Standing: Mrs. Pugliese, Mrs. Lankerd. faculty, Left to right: Mrs. Doutt, Dr. Lace, and Mrs. Vargo. 11 ndicaL Sid!! A Wa' 'J , 6 v 4 ' mnmmM fff Lf fd ww LASS ES :ff7'f!rfYffE'f?f !l'l f'rn'l!'Zf' .U-. - 1 Y Yiy- - -7. 1,1 ,.v' ' v'-I' .1-,-H' -, 'Mgr .g ,g-:ew-u fa-.ggf,f!.f,,g 5. ,X-.:,.,2,. , R ' K, M f., I S4 X XX. Kgs'-'ai-'A M f,.....vv 1 F , , i t my ff W1 1 G W M ff ul 3,1 f , ' X "Knowledge Is The Key To Success"-Class Motto FIRST DOOR As the key opened the door to our freshman year, we found our high school administration had been changed. Dr. Stabler took over the duties of Superintendent of Schools, and Mr. Glass became the principal of the high school for Dr. Shaffer, who was on a leave of absence. In this year we found new teachers and learned how to change classes without being late? Shakespeare's words, "Friends, Romans, Country- men, lend me your ears," was the cause of burn- ing midnight oil. Swimming was revived as a scholastic sport after twelve years. But because we were all so bright, we managed to get through our freshman year. SECOND DOOR As we passed through the second door of our high school education, Mr. Carricato be- came the new biology instructor, and seventh and eighth graders were now in the high school. The numbering system of the rooms was changed, which added to the confusion. A new name was given to the high school, Vandergrift Ir.-Sr. High School. Now that we were progressing in high school we were able to join clubs. During our sophomore year, golf became a new sport at V. H. S. THIRD DOOR When we entered through the third door, we were happy to know that we were now- Upperclassmen! Although the basketball team only won one game, the baseball team was stopped only by Andy Volek. The leaders of our "mob" were: Frank Mondi as president to serve, Ted Tarosky as vice president to help, Judie Carnahan as secretary to keep notes, Linda DeVinney as treasurer our money to save, Edmond Bickel as historian our history to write, Oiu' class iiower was the iris, and the class colors were lavender and white. FOURTH DOOR At last we made it through the final door that leads to our chosen careers. Throughout our senior year we lived many happy moments. There was the Senior Prom, Commencement, and many sports activities. The class elected a new president, Frank Ignaczak, as a symbol to follow. The others who were chosen were Bob Smith for vice president, Judie Carnahan chosen again as secretary, and Clarence Russell for treasurer. As we look back we can recall these things best. But to Find what is in store for this class of 150 students, we must call upon Cod to find the answer. Edmond Bickel Class Historian ig:-.F .. ' gran. Umm p!I.QALdQl'If, Ulm, Pfmzudent .7 Jfrhiduhn, Frank Robert Ignaczak "Jug" Academic "Rugged, reasonable, and respected" Football 10, 11, 125 Basket- ball 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Key Club 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 124 Student Council 11, Pres. 12, Home Room Presi- ilgnt 115 Hall Monitor 11, Robert Allen Smith "Smitty" General "Smiling, sincere, and sen- sible" Hi-Y 10, Vice Pres. 11, Pres. 125 Home Room Sec- retary 10, Swimming 10, 11, Co-Captain 12. Clarence Wesley Russell "Tootie" "Firm, friendly, and faith- ful" Student Council 12, Home Boom President 12g Foot- ball 12g Basketball 10, 115 A Cappella Choir 11, 12, Poster Club 12. Judith Marie Camahan "Judie" General "Cheerful, charming, and chummyn Hi-Newsette 10, 11, 123 Choir I 10, A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Majorette 10, 11, 125 Spectator Staff 10, 11, 12g C.A.A. 10, 11, Pres. 12. Edmond James Bickel "Butch" Academic "Helpful, humorous, and honorable" Student Council 115 Home Room Oflicer Sec. 10, Pres. 11, Swimming 10, 11, Co- captain 12, Baseball 11, 12, Band 10, 11, Vice Pres. 125 Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, Chess Club 103 Key Club 11, 12g Hall Monitor 12, National Honor Society 11, 12. James Eugene Adamik "Jim" Academic "Dramatic, diligent, and dependable" Dramatic Club 10, 11, 125 Thespians 10, 11, fScribeJ 125 Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Swimming Team 10, 125 Hi-Newsette 12. Nancy Ann Africh "Nancy" Academic "Easy-going, egctravagant, and expressive Library Club 105 Choir I 10. Janet Marie Aiello "Jann Commercial "Peppy, pretty, and pleas- ant" Home Room Otlicer 115 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 125 Majorettes 10, 11, 125 Spec- tator StaE 11, 125 Dramatic Club 11, 125 Thespians 12. Charolette Leora Ament "Curly" General "Friendly, frank, and flightyn Hi-Walkers 12. Helen Bernice And ring "Helen" Academic "Intelligent, innoxious, and interested Tri-Hi-Y 11, 125 F.T.A. 11, 125 National Honor Society 12. 15 Anthony William Angelozzi "Ant" General "Mimic, rrrirthful, and mis- chievous Jane Frances Barlak "Sam bean" Commercial "Tall, timid, and thoughtful" Band 10, 11, 125 Dramatic Club 10, fSec.J 11, fSec.D 12, Thespians 10, fSec.J 11, lSec.J 125 Office Assistants 135 National Honor Society Daryl Eugene Baum "Poopsy" General Big, burly, and bashfuln Joyce Pearl Beck "Joyce" Commercial "Eager, efficient, and enter- . . ,, pnsing G.A.A. 10, 11, fTreas.J 125 Tri-Hi-Y 11, 125 F.T.A. 11, CSec.J 125 Home Room Oili- cer 125 Student Council 125 Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 12. Rita Louise Biagioni "Reef, Commercial "Nice, neat, and natural" Leecliburg High School 10, 115 Teen Timers 105 Junior Historians 105 Home Room Officers Club 105 Ne je- per Staff 115 Majormr -1. 115 Vandergrlft Area xigh School Hobby Club 11, 125 Maiorettes 12. 6 Ronald James Benes cc 'Beans" General Speedy, shrewd, and seri- ous" Joseph Michael Bennardo "Mike" General an Polite, punctual, and per- sistentn F.T.A. 11, 12, Football Manager 10, 11, 12. Joan Dolores Bemat oan" General "J Shy, sensible, and sweet" Vincent Kenneth Bernat "Vince" General u Reserved, rugged, and re- laxedv Baseball 10, 11, 12, Hall Monitor 11. Martha Diane Blackson "Didy" General "Positive, petite, and pleas- ing Cheerleaders 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, fChaplainJ 12, A Cappella Choir 10, 11, CStudent Directorj 12, Thespians 10, 11, CVice- Pres.D 12. 16 .1 Sharon Jeannie Blake "Sharon" General "Short, sweet, and silent" Poster Club 12, Library Club ll, 12, Photo Club 11, 12. Dennis Eugene Breiter "Joe" Academic "Unpredictable, understand- ing, and unusual" Student Council 10, Home Room Oilicer 10, Golf 10, 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 12, Ejhesiriians 11, 12, Key Club Barbara Ioan Brinker "Weaver" General "Bashful, blushing, and beaming" Mona Lee Brothers "Mona" General "Benign, baflling, and be- lieving" Janet Lucille Builington "BuHy" Commercial "Calm, cheerful, and con- sideraten Hi-Newsette Business Staff 11, 12, Choir 1 10 csecg, A Cappella Choir 11, 12, Color Guard 10, 11, 12, Spectator Staff 11, 12, Hi- Walkers 10, 11, CVice-Pres.J lg, Oflice Assistants 10, 11, l . Anna Bella Cane "Anna Bell" General "Gentle, genial, and gener- ous" Joyce Ann Maria Ciuca "Joyce" Commercial "Deserving, devoted, and direct" Oflice Assistants 11, 12. Louis Eugene Ciuca "Cine" Academic "Witty, willing, and whim- sical" F.T.A. 125 Thespians 11, fTreas.l 12, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 125 Home Room Of- ficer 10, A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 125 Dance Band 11. Thomas Cary Connor "Tom" Academic "Artistic, able, and amiable" Hi-Y 10, 11, fSec.l 12g Spectator Staff fArt Editorl 12g Football J. V. 10 fMan- agerl, Home Room Officer 12g Poster Club 12. Joyce Elaine Craig "Joyce" General "Frisky, fearful, and frus- trated" Spectator 10, 11, Tri-Hi-Y 12. 17 Robert Eugene Cribbs "Bob" Academic "Peaceful, polite, and pm- dent" J. V. Basketball 10, Swim- ming 11. Judith Elaine Cummings "Judie" General "Artistic, amicable, and amusing" A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 12g Tri-Hi-Y ll, 123 G.A.A. 12. William Vane Dailey "Bill" Commercial "Loq5uacious, I o u d , and loyal' Leechburg High School 10, 11g Football J. V. 103 Men's Chorus 10, 115 Newspaper Eg Vandergrift High School Lora Jean Davis "Lora" ' General "Bewildering, b u s li , and becoming" Hi-Newsette ll, 125 Choir I 103 A Cappella Choir 11, Library Club 10, Photo Club 12. James Robert Dell "Digger" Academic "Neat, natural, and nice" Football J. V. 10, Basket- ball J. V. 10g Key Club 11, fTreas.J 12. Norma lean Demcliak "Demp" Academic "Helpful, happy, and hasty" Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Cheerleader 10, 11, 125 Spectator Staff 105 Spanish Club 105 Hi- Walkers 11, 125 Photo Club 11, fVice-Pres.J 125 Oflice Assistant 11, 12. Glory Ann Derwinis "Gloria" Commercial "Useful, unconcerned, and . . understanding G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Office Assistant 12. Linda Lee DeVinney "Lynn" General "Dancer, dauntless, and fl dreamy Cheerleader 10, 11, Head 125 Hi-Walkers 11, 1Pres.D 125 Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 11, CSec.J 125 Spec- tator Staif 10, 11, 125 Class Officer fTreas.J 11. David Ross Dickey "Dave" General "Diligent, deft, and dedi- cated" Swimming Team Manager 105 Chess Club 125 Library Club 11, 125 Audio-Visual 11, 125 Stage Crew 11, 12. Terence Lee Dill "Terry" Academic "Friendly, fresh, and frank" Key Club 10, fVice Pres., 131, fPres.J 125 Hi-Y 11, lTreas.J 125 Home Room Of- ficer CPres.J 10, iPres.J 125 Student Council 10, 125 junior Varsity Football 105 Varsity Football 115 Audio- Visual 11, 125 Stage Crew 11, 12. 18 , , :il Catherine Dydo "Kush" Commercial "Carefree, cute, and cap- able" Hi-Walkers 125 Oilice As- sistant 1O, 11, 125 National Honor Society 12. George Ralph Esposito "Spider" General "Amiable, active, and agree- able" Hi-Newsette 125 A Cappella Choir 11, 125 junior Varsity Basketball 105 Varsity Bas- ketball 11, 125 Baseball 10. Walter Samuel Fairman, Ir. "Walt" General "Noify, naughty, and natu- ra Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Golf 10, 11, 12. Catherine Elaine Ferencak "St1'ench" General "Basbful, bouncy, and bliss- ful" James Gabelli "Buzzy" General "Lazy, lovable, and loyal" Key Club 12. Mary Ann Gai "Mary Ann" Commercial "Short, shy, and secure" Library Club 12. Sonya Helen Gallovich "Sonic" Commercial "Imaginative, impatient, and impressive" John Morrison Garrett, Ir. "Morrison" Academic "Cool, calm, and collected" Audio-Visual 11, Student Head 12, Stage Crew, Stage Manager 12, Chess Club, Toumament Director 12g National Honor Society 12. Sally Elaine George "Sally" Academic "QEa5rit, quiet, and quali- e F.T.A. 11, 12, Choir I 10, Tri-Hi-Y 11, 125 Library Club 10. Katherine Elizabeth Gillies uKayn Academic "Winning, watchful, and willing" Hi-Newsette, Editor in chief 12g Tri-Hi-Y 10, 1Vice Pres.J 11, lPres.J 125 Band 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 12g Thespians 11, 12, A Cappella Choir 11, 12g Na- tional Honor Society 12. 19 I l gc! 7' rf K Arlyn Wesley Gray Arlyrf' General "Silent, serving, and sincere" Audio Visual 11, 12, Stage Crew 12. H Eugene Aaron Gumbert ,, . Cummy Academic "Serious, sound, and serene" Chess Club 11, fPres.D 123 Hi-Newsette ll, 125 Hi-Y 11, fSocial Chairmanj 12. H Margie Mae Hinkle Margie" Commercial uTil2gtgEyn thoughtful, and Library Club 10, 11, 12. Rita Ann Iirobalc "Rita', Commercial "Helpful, hearty, and hu- morons" f U 'Virginia Lee Hughes GIHHY General "Manner-ly, m o 0 d y , and mystifyingn Alberta Diane Huska "Bert" Academic "Faithful, friendly, and fair" F.T.A. 11, QPres.J 125 Home Room Oflicer fSec.l 10, 125 Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Hobby Club 11, fPres.l 125 Hi-Walkers 10, 11, QSeC.l 12. Sandra Michel Iancaro "Sandy" Commercial "Anxious, audacious, and . . . ,, anticipating A Cappella Choir 125 Hobby Club 12. Anthony Charles Iankowski "Tony" Academic "Eager, energetic, and easy- going" Judith Ann Kaleda "Judy" Academic "Ingenious, indispensible, and impressive" National Honor Society 11, lPres.l 125 F. T. A. 11, KVice Pres.J 125 Spectator Staff 11, Editor in chief 125 Home Room Officer 115 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 125 C.A.A. 10, 11, CVice-Pres.l 125 Hi- Newsette Editorial Staff 11, 12. Robert Harold Kane "Sugarcane" General "Conical, courteous, and . ,, cooperative Hi-Y 125 Key Club Social 11, Social Chairman 12. 20 Patricia Louise Kanis "Pat" Commercial "Positive, polite, and pleas- mga Leechburg High S c h o o l Newspaper 10, 115 junior Historians 105 Usher 115 Vandergrift A r e a H i g li School Ofhce Assistant 12. Helene Ruth Karafinski "Cutta" General "Zealous, z e s t fu 1 , and zooming" OHice Assistant 12. Patricia Ann Kasubski "Patti" Commercial "Becoming, b r i g li t , and baffling" Nancy Ann Kibirsky "Nance" Commercial "Sure, serene, and sociable" Hi-Walkers 11, 125 Spec- tator Staff Treasurer 125 Ollice Assistant 125 National Honor Society 12. Cleda Elyse Klein "Elyse" Academic "Bouncy, bubbling, an cl brisk" F.T.A. 125 Hi-Newsette 10, 11, 125 Cheerleader 10, 11, 125 Spectator Staff 10, 11, 125 Hi-Walkers 10, 11, 12. Patricia Arlene Klingensmith "Pat" General ':'Cautious, consistent, and cheerful" G.A.A. 11, 12g Oflice As- sistant 11, 12. Emma Lou Knabh 'KEmma Lou" General "Faithful, line, and friendly" Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, fTreaS.J 12, Library Club 12. Thomas Robert Kocis "Tom" Academic "Talkative, trustworthy, and true" Swimming 10, 11, 12. Margaret Mary Kovalcik "Kovals" Commercial "Lauclable, laughing, and livelyn Leechburg High School 10, 11, Teen Timers 10, Maj- orettes 10, 11, Vandergrift Area High School Majorettes 12, Hobby Club 11, lTreas.J Mary Louise Krug "Lou" Commercial "Pleasant, p e r k y , and prompt" Spectator Staff 125 G.A.A. 10, fTreas.J 11, CSec.J 12, Office Assistant 12. '21 Q- Erma Dolores Kunkle "Dee" General "Observant, obedient, and obligingn Spanish Club 12. Donald Howard Kunkle "Sparky" General "Casanova, casual, and complacent" Student Council 10, Home Room Officer fPres.J 10, Iunior Varsity Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 12g Spectator Stall 11, 125 Key Club 105 Hi-Newsette 12. Walter Paul Ladik "Paul" Academic "Agreeable, adventurous, and agriculturall' Robert Rocco LaSpada "Bob" Academic "Cf1pable, catty, and come- Y junior Varsity Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 125 A Cappella Choir 11, 12g Spanish 'Club 12. J Josephine Ellen Lawhorn "Jo" Academic "Playful, pert, and petite" G.A.A. ll, 12. Nancy Clare Lee "Nancy" General "Aloft, assiduous, and apt" Hi-Walkers 11, CTreas.J 12, Hobby Club 11, fSec.J 12, 0Hice Assistant 12. David Iames Lemmon "jim" Academic "Popular, placid, and punc- tualv Hi-Y 10, ll, 12, Swimming Team 10, 12. Barbara Ann Lindfors "Barb" Academic "Witty, willing, and win- some" Apollo High School 10, Science Club 10, Newspa- per 10g Vandergrift Area High School Hobby Club 11, 12. Jacqueline Lynn Lindfors "Jackie" Academic "Genteel, g r a t e f u l , and grinning" Spectator Stalf 10, 11, 12, Library Club 10, 11, 12, Photo Club 12, Office As- sistant 10, 11, 12. William Dean Lookabaugh "Bill" General "Kindly, keen, and knowing" Photo Club 12. 22 ..,...A Matina Mandis "Martina" General "Spicy, sporty, and sound" Choir I 10, Spectator 10g Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12. Sandra Kaye Mannella "Sandi" Commercial "Flighty, friendly, and fa- cetious" Hi-Newsette 12, Hobby Club 124 Spectator Staff 10, 11, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 129 Thespians 12, Of- fice Assistant 12. George Paul Margherio "led" General "Relaxed, reasonable, and ready" Football J. V. 105 Basket- ball I. V. 10, Basketball Varsity 11, 12, Baseball 11, 12, A Cappella Choir 12, Key Club 12. Rita jean Massari "Rita" Commercial "Cooperative, congenial, and capable" Hobby Club 11, 12, Li- brary Club 11, 12. Dorothy Virginia Matonak "Dorothy" Commercial "Remote, robust, and re- . ,, sponsive Poster Club 12. Ruth Ann Matthis "Ruth" Academic "Silent, smart, and saga- ci0us" Photo Club 10, QTreas.J 11, 12, Poster Club 12, Hi- Newsette 11, 12, National Honor Society 12. Linda Louise McDonald "Linda" Commercial "Tiny, thoughtful, and tidy" Washington Township High School 10, Tri-Hi-Y 10, Vandergrift A r e a H i g h School 11, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12. Robert Leo Mocadlo "Schmot" General "Small, Silent, and slyv Key Club 125 Swimming Team 10, Office Assistant 1 9 .4- Frank Thomas Mondi "Frank" Academic "Finn, fair, and faithful" Swimming Team 10, 11, 12g Photo Club 10, fVice- Pres.l 11, fPresJ 12, Band 10, 11, 125 Student Council 115 Home Room Oflicer 11, Hi-Newsette 11, 12, Class President 11. Carol Esther Morandini "Carol', General "Enduring, e a g e r , and earnest" Library Club 10, fSec.- Treas.J 11, 12g Hobby Club 11, 12. 23 Frank Joseph Mottola "Mutlo" General "Clever, charming, and . ,, comical Band 10, 11, lPres.l 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 12, Spectator Staff 11, 12, Dra- matic Club 11, 12, Thes- pian 12. Tonya jane Moyer "Toni" General "Busy, b e c o min g , and . ,, beanung Library Club 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 11, 12, Photo Club 10, fSec.l 11, 125 Choir 1 10, A Cappella Choir 11, 12. Alice Linda Myers "Lynn" Academic "Blonde, busy, and bright" Hi-Newsette 125 H o m e Room Oflicer 10, 11, Choir I 10, A Cappella Choir 11, 12, Majorette 10, 11, fHeadJ 12, Tri-Hi-Y 10, 115 Spec- tator Staif 12, Hi-Walkers 11, 12. Donald Harold Myers "Don" General "Neutral, neighborly, and nonchalantu A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Photo Club 11, 12. I Elsie Marie Myers "Elsie" Commercial "Distant, demure, and dear" Cammella Antoinette Naocarato "Carm" Commercial "Glowing, generous, and gay Spectator Staff 12, G.A.A. 10, 11, 12, Choir I 10, A Cappella Choir 11, 12, Col- or Guard 11, 12. Frank James Notarnicola "Notar" Academic "Handsome, 11 a p p y , and husky" Student Council 10, 11, 12, Home Room Otiicer 10, 11, 12, Football J. V. 10, A Cappella Choir 10, QPres.J 11, 12, Hi-Y 12, Key Club 12, Spanish Club 10, CPres.l 11, Photo Club 10, 11. Sally Louise Ottenberg "Sally" Commercial "Devoted, diligent, and doc- i ei, Poster Club 12, Oflice As- sistant 11. Betty Rose Palatella "Betty" Commercial "Exuberant, extreme, and excitable Choir I 10, A Cappella Choir 11, 12, Hobby Club 12, Dramatic Club 10, G.A.A. 10, 11, 12, Office Assistant 12. Diane Lee Pienta "Diane" Commercial "Sociable,, sweet, and sen- 'sensible' Photo Club 11, 12. 24 ,,,.....A Edward Fredrick Poleski "Eddie" General "Naughty, nimble, and non- cha ant" Band 10, 11, 12, Swimming 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Football J. V. 10. John William Porter "John" General "Swim1ner, silent, and sub- den Swimming Team 10, 11, 12. Maria Lucia Rametta "Mary Lou" Commercial "Dependable, devoted, and dextrousn Library Club 11, 12, Poster Club 12, Office Assistant 12. George Aloysius Ranallo "Fudd" Academic "Comic, courteous, and ,, casual Key Club 11, 12. -Arthur Edward Rath "Art" Academic "Eccentric, earnest, and easy-going" David Charles Baa' "Dave" Aca emic "Intelligent, interesting, and irresistable" Sandra Kay Reichenbaugh "Sandi" Commercial "Willing, witty, and whole- some" Spectator Stalf 125 G.A.A. 11, 125 Office Assistant 12. Ralph Alexander Russell "Alex" Academic "Mannerly, masculine, and mindful" I. V. Football 105 I. V. Bas- ketball 105 Varsity Basket- ball 115 A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Varsity Football 125 Spanish Club 12. Iohn Anthony Sack "Sonny" Academic "Quiet, quick, and qualified" Key Club 10, fTreas.J 11, 125 Home Room Oflicer 105 Student Council 10. Donald Iohn Scalzott "Don" Academic "Merry, mischievous, and lnystifyingn Hi-Newsette 11, 125 J. V. Football 105 Swimming Team 10, 115 Spectator 125 Library Club 11, 12. 25 Ln. Marvin Lester Shaffer "Les" Academic "Lanky, logical, and loyal" Baseball Manager 11, 125 Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Hi-Y 11, 12. Richard Lemmon Schaeffer "Dick" General "Generous, gay, and gallant" Hi-Y 10, 11, 125 Baseball 11, 12. James Lawrence Shaner "Iim" Academic "Firm, frugal, and faithful" Band 10, 11, 12. Ioan Kay Shirey "Jo" General "Eager, effective, and ex- citable" Hi-Newsette 125 Spectator Staff 12. l Constance Wanda Silicki "Connie" General "Gleeful, generous, and good" Choir 1 11. Charles Armand Silvestri "Armand" General "Sincere, silent, and shy" Denise Carol Silvis "Denise" Academic "Likable, leisurely, and level-headed" Hi-Newsette 11, 125 G.A.A. 11, 12. Dolores Ann Slahtovsky "Dolly" Commercial "Orcler1y, obedient, and ob- servant" Office Assistant 10, 11, 12, Library 10, 11, fVice-Pres.l 12. Dorothy Louise Smail "Dorothy" Commercial "Courteous, calm, and ca- pable" F.T.A. 11, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 11, CSec.J 125 Library 10, fVice- Pres.l 11, fPres.l 125 Oflice Assistant 12, National Hon- or Society 12. Alma Lorraine Solar "Alma" Commercial '5,BaiHing, bubbling, and ' bouncy" Library Club 12. 26 Anthony Louis Spagnolo "Tony" Academic "Tacitum, tailored, and talentedu Hi-Newsette 11, 12, Golf 10, 11, 12, Spectator Staff 12. Linda Mae Spagnolo "Linda" Commercial "Faithful, friendly, and fetcbingi' Choir 1 10, A Cappella Choir 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y 11, 123 Library 10, 11, fsecg 12. Juliana Deborah Stancik "Juliana" Academic "Eloquent, eilicient, and energetic G. A.A. 10, 11, 125 s anish Club 11g Hobby Chg: 125 Photo Club 125 A Cappella Choir 11, 12. Patricia Ann Steele "Patty" Academic "Active, a m i a b I e , and . ,, amusing Hi-Newsette 11, 12, G.A.A. 11, 124 Spectator 125 Home Room Officer fSec.J 12. Patricia Ioan Stefanik "Patty" Academic "Cheerful, calm, and cun- ning' Hi-Newsette 11, 12, Library Club 123 Photo Club 123 Hobby Club 12. James Andrew Stewart "jim" Commercial "Obstinate, obliging, and observing" Swimming Team 10, 11, 12. Eugene Strazzer "Stratz" Academic "Pleasant, peppy, and per- suasiven Baseball 10, 11, 125 J.v. Football 10, Key Club 12. Joseph Bemard Strazzera "Joe" General "Veracious, versatile, and vibrant" J. V. Football 10. Leonard Leroy Stuchel "Leonard" General KlA1llbllHg, amicable, and alert" Baseball 11, 12. Donald Glenn Summerhill "Don" Academic "Clever, courteous, and .,, candid Motion Picture Operators 11, 12. 27 Robert Eugene Sypulski "Sypul" Academic "Bold, benevolent, and bluilingn J. V. Football 10, Student Council 11, Home Room Officer fPres.J 115 Choir I 105 A Cappella Choir 11, 12. Christina Ann Szymanski "Christine" General "Shy, serene, and skillful" Choir I 10. Theodore Anthony Tarosky "Ted,' Academic "Loyal, likable, and lacka- daisicalv F.T.A. 12, Home Room Officer 10, 11 CSec.Jg I. V. Football 10, Class Oilicer fVice-Presj 11g Dramatic Club 10, 11, 125 Thespian 10, 11, CTreas.J 12. Gerald Peter Tola "Gerry" Academic "Intelligent, industrious, and ingeniousv A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Key Club 11, fSec.l 12. Barbara Ann Troup "Barb" Academic "Gay, gracious, and gar- rulous" F.T.A. 125 Spectator Staff 12, Spanish Club 11. QPres.J 123 Color Guard 10, 11. "' Nancy Lynn Trusal "Nanc" Academic "Talented, talkative, and tactfulh Dramatic Club 10, 11, CPres.l 12, Thespians 11, fPres.l 125 F.T.A. 11, 12, Choir I 10, A Cappella Choir 11, 125 Spectator 10, 11, Photo editor 12, Home Room Officer CSec.l 11, fPres.J 125 Student Council 125 Hi-Newsette Business Stall 10, 11, 12, Color Guard 10, 11, QHeadJ 125 National Honor Society 12. Gerald Melvin Vrooman "Gerry" General "Notable, neighborly, and nice" Chess Club 11, 12. Robert John Wagner "Bob" General "Happy, handy, and helpful" HiY 10, 11, fCl1aplainl 12. Dolores Jean Waner "Dolores" Commercial "Earnest, eager, and ethical" Library Club 11, 12, Hobby Club 11, 12, Poster Club 12. Patricia Ioan Waros "Patty" General 'fCordial, cooperative, and calm" 28 Laura Kathleen Wiant "Kathy" Academic "Eager, effective, and emo- tional" Student Council 10 CSec.l, 11 fSec.-Treas.Jg Home Room Olficer 104 Band 10, 11, fSec.-Treas.l 12, Majorette 10, 11, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 10, 11, Nice-Pres.l 12, Thespians 10, 11, 12, Oilice Assistant 12, National Honor Society 12. Glenda Joyce Wilcox "Glenda" General "Memorable, modest, and merryn Photo Club 11, 12, Poster Club 125 Office Assistant 12. Woodward Berton Wilhelm "Woody" General "Sincere, strong, and serv- . , mg' Library Club 10, 11, 12. Edward Robert Witkowski "Ed" Academic "Decisive, docile, and dur- able" Baseball 11, 12. John Anthony Witkowski "John" Commercial "Energetic, enlightening, and earnestl' Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, I. V. Basketball 10, National Honor Society 11, 12 CSec.-Treasj. Paul Lee Woodward "Woody" General "Lovable, laughable, and livelyi' Hi-Y 10, 11, 125 Varsity Basketball 11, 12, Varsity Football 125 Baseball 11, 12. Donald Eugene Work "Don" General "Bashful, baffling, and busy" Loretta Mary Yamber "Loretta" Academic "Pleasant, p o 1 i t e, and peaceful" Hi-Newsette 12, Spectator staff 11, 12, G.A.A. 11, 12g Ollice Assistant 11, 12. Stephen Kenneth Zahumensky "Kenny" General "Dramatic, deliberate, and direct" Dramatic Club 11, 12, Thespians 11, 12. Darrell Eugene Zalenski "Flash" Academic "Mischievous, mystifying, and masculinev J. V. Football 105 Varsity Football 11, 12, I. V. Bas- ketball 10g Varsity Basket- ball 11g Key Club 12, Spanish Club 12. 29 RONALD ZAHRNDT Bom: April 18, 1940 Died: May 9, 1955 In Memoriam Contentedly quiet He Walked these hallsg Brave and befriended Stood he, straight and tall, A religions young scout, Courageous and kind, Concern for all others Domineering his mind. Loyal forever, Obsessed in his strife, Bearing the cross Of the right way in life. So wind your way up n f To the gate gold and sun 5 We wish you great peace And God keep you, Ronnie. By Judy Hill Serviceman Phillip Hubbard I-5..: .L,, 7,,--.., 5 r 4 ri is N 5 V 1s-inns nw: -.. mwzki-may m-mmm: nu uummnmn .fm 1-1 nu-7: :ws-W Q. ...en 11. .um . ' gm, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right President .......... ...,..........,.......... E dward Lopata Vice President ,...... ...... J anet Venturini Secretary ......,... ,......... J oan Zelonka sfreasurer ...... ..,.. I acqueline Rupert Historian .,..... ...... S andra Shaeflzer Row 1, left to right: George Aaron, Hollie Alker, Jill Altmeyer, Genevieve Ament, Janet Ament, Josephine Ament, Ronald Ankeny, Michael Antenucci. Row 2: Oscar Arnal, Robert Atwood, Edmund Bair, Franklin Ballantine, Bart Bartetto, Lynn Bartman, Albert Battistelli, George Baum. Row 3: joan Bayle, Charles Bell, Richard Bennardo, Frank Bernat, Paul Betko, jackie Blair, Anthony Bliazis, Steve Bolcar. 31 , K -B . 'flame Row 1, left to right: James Borland, Edward Boyd, Dean Boylstein, Betty Brock, Robert Burlando, Francis Buyny, Dennis Byers, Anthony Calderone, Frank Ceraso. Row 2: Iohn Cesario, Marlene Chierici, Donna Cleveland, Charles Cline, Emogene Cochran, William Coifman, Arlene Colecchi, Thomas Collins, Ronald Conner. Row 3: Ronald Cox, Rosalie Cristello, Rebecca Cuddy, Kathleen Cummings, Robert Curci, Steven DeFalco, Albert DelVecchio, dlames Detar, Nicholas Dilick, Row 4: Petrona Domurat, Vemon Doutt, Frank Durancik, Geral ine Eckon, Richard Elkin, Joy Engleman, Anthon Ferrante, Emily F erraro, Theresa Filipek. Row 5: Barbara Filo, Keith George, Larry George, Walter Grabiak, Donald Grafdus, Bonnie Graham, Marianne Harendarcik, Lorenzo Hart, Sylvia Hart. Row 6: Harold Heckman, Frances Hepler, Martha Hepler, Andrew Holm, Robert Holmes, Carole Hone, Louis Hutcherson, Ronald Kardos, Jacqueline Kauffman. Not shown: Annabella Giles. 32. 'flame Row 1, left to right: Robert Kerr, Rita Kibirsky, Charles Kingirski, Barbara Kiral, Arlene Klem, Ingrid Knepshield, Casimir Kocis, Stanley Kocon, Juliane Kocur. Row 2: Margaret Kovalcik, Thomas Kuruc, Fred Lairo, Florence Lear, Sarah Leeman, Leonard Linkes, Gary Little, Marion Manganello, Thomas Mangus. Row 3: Grace Mannella, Andrew Marhifka, Eileen Marks, Kathleen Marks, Sandra Martino, Tony Massari, Peter Massetto, Kenneth Matonic, Faith McCabe. Row 4: Frank McDermott, Karen McGranahan, Barbara McLaughlin, Carol Medice, Geraldine Michela, Frank Mikeska, Theresa Milauska, Zears Miles, Barbara Miller. Row 5: NVilliam Miller, Frank Minik, john Mrasz, Arlene Naccarato, Iris Newell, Thomas Oliveno, Mary Osheskie, Ioan Park, jim Patterson. Row 6: Patty Pencak, Freda Peppler, Thomas Pierrct, Patty Pisarcik, Douglas Plnciennik, Bonnie Porter, Eugene Policicchio, Patty Pratkanis, David Price. Not shown: Fred McKinney. 33 'Claim Row 1, left to right: Elaine Pugliese, Rita Rametta, Eleanor Rearick, Judith Rearick, Loretta Rearick, Sharon Rifler, Faith Riggle, Betty Jane Riley, janet Richel. Row 2: Anita Robinson, Larry Ross, John Rukas, Marcia Rybar, Carole Schlotter, Larry Sciullo, Sharon Shaffer, Shirley Shuster, Rocco Silvestri. Row 3: Barbara Skwirut, Ioan Smail, Robert Sofaly, Edward Solomon, Dolores Soska, Mildred Stefaniak, Dennis Stefanik, Doyle Stephenson, Jerome Sterlitz. Row 4: Linda Stewart, Karen Stilfler, Darlene Stone, Phyllis Strong, Authur Summerhill, Loretta Svezeny, Robert Thomas, Joseph Tola, Ioan Toncini. Row 5: Eddie Troilo, Bonnie Troutner, Alice Urik, Berniece WVaitkus, Judy Whitehead, Fred Williams, Syd VVillson, John VVilson, Luke VVoody. Row 6: Donald Xvright, Richard Wylie, Christine Yanldura, Anthony Yarussi, Glenn Young, Paul Zahorchak, Carole Zahrndt, Chryse Zamalis. 34 .m ' 1- iw W 3 . ., . H I m .1 u , ' 3 '! ' .4 ' F " - LY ' 1.-1. :- Aj, 'W - ,.-, 4 h Rf," "' -A.. 1 ,. .A . L WSL. gy X. -f l 6. ,W NND. J 595. fi A Aw 4 xi z Row 6: Robert Clawson, Nancy Coax, Robert Connor, june Covey, Antoinette Cox, Carole Craig. Row 7: Sandra Cribbs, Richard Cunningham, Penny Daugherty, Bonnie Davis, Hazel Davis, Rose Marie DeBiasio. Row 8: Gene' DeFalco, Justin Delia, Barbara Dell, Bob Dem- chak, Patty Dorwart, Betsy Dun- can. Row 9: Lloyd Earhart, Stephanie Ferencak, Carole Ferrante, Donald Ferretti, jim F e u d a 1 e , Larry Fleming. Row 10: Carole Foster, Thomas Frederick, Bob Freilino, Antoinette Gallo, Arthur Gallo, Francis Gallo. Not shown: Eugene Beck, Larry Facchine. 36 Sophomore, Klan, Row 1, left to right: Roberta Adamik, Cary Allera, Ronald Alt- man, Clenn Ament, Richard Baker, Connie Benes. Row 2: Linda Besaha, Patty Bier, Irene Billak, jim Black, Ioan Blair, John Blaizes. Row 3: Doris Boarts, Callie Bobo, Helen Bochese, James Boyd, Jeff Brinker, Andrew Burlando. Row 4: Earnest Bussard, Virginia Butch, Ira Byers, Kathy Byers, Samuel Byers, Leonard Calderone. Row 5: Frank Calizzi, Frank Camilli, Joe Casagni, Harold Cat- tau, Gloria Chieffalo, Geraldine Clark. 1 -.. .rf - 25 img g-1 1- , - L1 if Q N 9 5' at : 12154 X f ' - ,, I L L L o . h JE K , QE .:i..V.k.-gk .ii 3 .' ...imma-...I lk x at K gsm -1 - -- , T i - ' ' B ' X3 e- i . . X , f is 11--T, 'V H-' - . , vii . r if L- J Qfsw: ss rar L - ' wikis w. 'fr-: . 2 - :: , Sf: : K z :: A -1.112 Y . - .Q if-Qu H l ie : Y' : -fslfi, 3 M- - ii A ii ' W Q ' r .. YQ 53 x sl L . K' ' n E so lla i s C 1 4 ,5 M ' , i ', x me . ,il , ' :isa 5224151 2:-,Af-.ati . si 1 legit 5 Q gig f ., ' V 4 :. W X . : ' L-, ,M so as if 3 ' D - 1 ' " as ,. - - ,- -X 3 .f fer' ,1 - ' ,245 Li ang", ai-4 I , 1,- 2 ' 1-ff: W- " . " , f 3 s F 1 Row 6: Elaine K 0 c o n , Leona Koleno, Andrea Kovalcik, Patricia Kristjch, jim Krug, Fred Kunkle. Row 7: john K u n k l e , Phyllis Kunkle, Marcella Kuruc, Patty Lamanna, Bill Lasher, Ronald Leeman. Row 8: Lynn L e r c h , Donald Leslie, Margaret Libent, Charles Lizik, Patty Logero, Daniel Lom- bardi. Row 9: jerry Long, Harold Looka- baugh, Alex Lotraris, Gary Lucas, Frank Luisi, Violet Lye. Row 10: Wallace Magness, Frances M a n n e l 1 a , Danny Marsinetti, Joseph Matson, Carl M a z e r 0 , Marsha Mazia. 37 see ma ix" ww., -gg. ki. 3. .K kq.., Svpfw Klazm, Row 1, left to right: Larry Geraci, Eileen Gerano, Linda Glacken, Carol Godleski, Lorraine Goetz, Christiana Goodsell. Row 2: Tim Gourley, Selma Graf- ton, Carole Ann Grantz, Gerald Halgas, Thomas Hanna, Christine Helhowski. Row 3: Patricia Hndek, Veronica H u cl e k , Galy Huffman, Dick Hugus, Dennis Jankowski, Monica Jasenak. Row 4: George ohnson, Robert Johnston, Kaleda, Ierorne Kallock, W a n d a Jastrzemhski, Winifre WValter Kaminski. Row 5: Sandra Kepple, Etta May K e s 1 e r , Dorothy Klingensmith, Dolores Klobuka, Nancy Knabb, Kathleen Knappenberger. .L., Row 6. ohn Parksh James Paschis Sylvia ilavlhfgette Petroski Jerome Petrosky, Judy Petrouski Row 7: Shirley Pioyesan, Dorothy Poleski- Michael Polka Russell Price, Armand Pugliese, Susan Pugliese. Row 8: Sandra Querio, Linda Rager, James Rametta, Louise Raschiatore, Robert Reed, Richard Retecki. Row 9: Patti Retter, Leroy Rhodes, Ronnie Romagni, Adelcia Rossi, Kenny Rupert, Floyd Sack. Row 10: Sheila Sanders, Elaine Sappe, Sam Sauro, Nicki Scott, Frank Sells, Margaret Sells. 381 Klan, Row 1, left to right: Alice Mc- Causland, Robert McCann, Judith McDivitt, Chester McKee, Cary McLaughlin, Jackie McManus. Row 2: Gertrude Milewski, Ver- non Milewski, Richard Milito, Janice Mocadlo, Jean Mocadlo, Barbara Moore. Row 3: james Morandini, Edward Mosley, Jerry Moyer, Carl Mur- ray, Pamela Myers, Ronald Lee Myers. Row 4: Anthony Nabors, Monica Nell, Richard Nelson, Charles Newell, james Notarnicola, James November. Row 5: Marian Ochkay, Rachel Olinger, Priscilla Orkwis, Francis Pagliarulo, Donald Painter, Donna Painter. Row 6: Harriet Vovaris, Judy Vovaris, Stanley Waitkus, Stephen VVaitkus, Sam Walsh. Row 7: Kathleen Waros, David Watson, Richard Weiss, Daniel XVest, Richard West. Row 8: Patty Whalen, Delia Wil- helm, Linda NVillard, Bill Work, Aster Zaccagnini. Row 9: Anthony Zacklene, Chris- tina Zalenski, Patty Zandarski, Richard Zanewicz, Fred Zanolli. Row 10: Charles Zarganis, joseph Zinchini, Lillian Zimennan, Bar- bara Zuets, james Zuets. " 39 Klan, Row 1, left to right: Leland Shaf- fer, Frank Shannon, Leroy Shoe- maker, Patty Shoemaker, Fred Shope, Mil-dred Sloinka. Row 2: Mary Ann S b r o gli a , VVayne Smith, jerry Sofaly, Carole Solomon, Danny Soulier, Kathleen Stanley. Row 3: Clinton Stear, Harold Stedrak, Kathleen Steele, Patrick Stefanik, Ginny Stewart, Judy Stewart. Row 4: Earl S t i t t , Clarence Strand, Gaynell Strong, janet Strong, john Strong, Roberta Szy- manowski. Row 5: Helen Tomlinson, Dennis Troutman, Elizabeth Tumas, Irene Vallosi, Donald Varner, Robert Vincent. .,Q-QZQ3' A xv gs U fn V? ar Ni k 1 fl 5 ff A A - X 11 J Klan, Don Albert Connie Battistelli Roscoe Beatty Francis Beck Patty Bell joan Bemat Phillip Bertelle Jackson Blair Amelia Blanciak Harriet Boarts jerry Cupec David Dailey Douglas Davis Regis Dentzel Guy DeToma Elaine Dickey Douglas Dill Guy Donatelli Harry Eshelman Gerald Ferencak Bernadette Bolcar Kathy Filo Patty Bolcar Carolyn Booker Larry Boyd Frank Briggs Martin Briggs Kay Bricker Carolyn Brock Clarence Brown Elaine Bucci David Ficus Dora Francher Marlene Gadola Glenna Gaydeski Rita Gerano Lane Grafton Mary Ann Gwinn Ronald Hansen Judy Harendarcik Owen Burkett Rose Hart janet Bumheimer Carol Hartman Dave Cannon Pamela Hatzimbeis james Carney David Ceraso Bobby Cesario Tom Clielko Bernard Cichocki Fred Coleman Walter Croyle Ronald Hegadus Mary Alice Held Linda Hepler Walter Hepler Jerry Hesketll Larry Highfield Sharon Hines 41 3 Clam, Albert Hrobak Bill Hrobak Frances Hudek Bill Hunger Teddy Hylwa Charlotte Isaac jack Jaroszewski Sharon Kane Claudia Kestory Thomas Kibirslqf Robert King Anthony Klein Dick Knell Ken Kocon Margie Kocur Betty Kostka jo Ann Kovalik Hollie Krotzer joan Krupper Richard Kuhn John Lants Mary Louise Massetto Larry Miller Ed Minarcin Dennis Mulligan Norman Myers Tom Myers Marlene Nelson Maxine Nelson Paul Nicastro Dennis Nickols Patty Osheskie Carol Pacuch Eugene Panzo Betty Ann Peterson Dennis Phillips Richard Pisarcik Carl Pluciennik Diane Porter Rich Povlak Marvin Ray Harold Rearick Jacqueline Laugliner Judy Reichenbaugh Wayne Learn Allen Lerch Larry Lizik Edward Long Frank Losasso Cary Love Larry Riggle William Riggle Richard Roberto Jim Robinson Ronald Rose Betty Kaye Rowe William McKnight Shirley Rupert Patty Mannella Don Rupp 3 Hmm, John Salancy Susan Shaffer Sandra Shepler Bill Shoemaker Sain Short Kathleen Sikorski Ronald Sikorski Eddie Silvis Tony Sluka Eileen Smalstig Patty Smith Thomas Smoot Dave Sowers Frank Spagnolo Tom Stancik John Stanley Ron Stansbury Sulinn Steiin Bob Stoker Barbara Stopansky Dave Swarmer Robert Swarmer Paul Szymanowski David Tarosky Stanley Tarosky Larry Taylor Bobby Trusal Dale Vamer Shirley Varner Patty Vicini Patty Vida Rosalie Virostek Felicia V oelker Dennis Vovaris joan V oyten Ed W'aitkus james NValton John Walton Sandra Waner Sylvia Welkon Bill Wick Allen Young Darlene Young Richard Townsend Dennis Zidek Bill Trisoliue james Troiano Bill Troutner 43 Mike Zidek ,Q qhih, Hfwwla, Jane Ainsworth Donald Baker Donna Beatty Bill Blair Sylvia Blair Bonnie Blake Dorothy Bliazis Marcia Borland Charles Buccigrossi Ray Burkett Linda Byers Helen Calhoun William Carney David Clark Renny Clawson Robert Claypoole Warren Coax NVayne Cramer Lloyd Cravener Peggy Cricks Barbara Cuthbert Marilyn Czusack Thomas Dettore Daniel Downing Judy Dudzik David Duffman XVayne Ednie Elaine Emery Phillip F airman Melvin Fundrella Edwin Geer Daryl George Richard George Lynn Gibson Daniel Giles Bill Gillies Bobby Gosser Bill Gourley Carol Graden Darlene Gumbert Marlene Gunibert Carol Hansen Bill Hayden Antoinette Helhowski Margene Hoofring Larry Jack Janet Jackson Jacqueline Jascnak Theresa Jastrzembski Richard Kasubski 45 'F l . lhlufh, Banda, James Kerr Stanley Klingensmith Joe Kolodziejski Ioan Kovalcik Bobby Krotzer Connie Kuhns john Lanning Gillen Lear Glenn Learn James Lindfors Brian Lingenfelter Mike Lukehart Judy Magness Dolores Mangifest Ann Matarrese Robert Matthews Mary McDermott Vernon McDonald Gary McLaughlin Larry Means Eddie Menges Lorraine Milanik Mary Frances Milliron Patty Mirandola Peggy Mirandola Cathy Mitchell Iris Moore Marlene Murray Robert Nassif john Nemit Paula Nemit David O'Connor Anita Park Nancy Patrick Eugene Patterson Paul Peppler Allen Peterson Patty Pirhalla David Procious Roger Quillen David Retter Dennis Rhodes Monty Rilfer Barbara Riley Dennis Risher Linda Roy Carole Rumbaugh Sheila Rumrnel Bob Rupert Harry Rupert 46 Lhhfh. Banda, Leland Rupert Kathy Schlotter Danny Shaffer Ellie Mae Shaw Barbara Sheppard Mike Shoop Gary Shumaker Connie Shutts Karen Silvis James Sipe Bonnie Sloan Carolyn Slomka Laurel Sober Sandra Stewart David Summerhill Bill Swartz James Szalanski Leonard Szalanski James Tarosky Carol Uhing David Vamer Diane Vamer Eugene Waros Mary Lou Whitehead Billy Wilcox Mary Lynn Williams Patti Willson Virginia VVolfe Dennis Zahmdt Bob Zawachi 47 'fe JL. , jlwmfh, Hmda, Row 1, left to right: Molly Adams, Theodore Akins, Mary Alese, Susan Bair, Ray Baker, joseph Barainck, Terry Bartman, Gus Bashline. Row 2: Laura Beck, Charles Betts, Sami Bingman, Toni Bione, Tommy Blanciak, Irene Bliazes, Diane Bochese, John Buchanan. Row 3: Leonard Buyny, Gail Byers, Eileen Clever, Earl Cline, jim Cochran, Cindy Davis, Diane Dell, Beverly Dickey. Row 1, left to right: Kathy Dignazio, James Dorwart, Mary Jane Engleman, David Fitz- gerald, Charles Fox, Vincent Gaj, Cheryl Gaydeski, Larry Geer. Row 2: Paul Grafton, Guy Grazioso, Daniel Harm, Shirley Hart, Doris Hartman, Kathleen Helfran, Erma Hesketh, Amold Holm. Row 3: Kingsley Hunger, Louis Ignaczak, Pamela Jewart, Nancy Lee Julas, Kirby Kessell, Dean Klingensmith, Linda Klingensmith, Elizabeth Knabb. Row 4: Stanley Krafick, jane Lanning, Ivan Lee Larsen, Robert Lear, Marilyn Lindfors, Chester Lloyd, Terry Long, David Majeran. 48 Swmth, Hfwwla, Row 1, left to right: Sam Maraili, Nick Marino, Stanley Matthews, Linda McGuire, Patricia McGuire, Sandra McKee, Maurice Miles, Susan Milliron. Row 2: Ernestine Mirandola, Susan Moore, Linda Mrasz, Danny O'Connor, James Orlwvis, Freddie Osheskie, Linda Pavlok, Richard Pencak. Row 3: Kenn Peppler, Cynthia Petroski, Rosalee Phillips, Katherine Pir- halla, Vince Pirhalla, Francis Plilciennik, Carolyn Plucinski, David Rager. Va Row 1, left to right: Donnie Ravicchio, Marlene Rearigh, James Richards, Sandra Rupert, Tim Ruzbacki, Richard Schaeffer, Clyde Schall, Karen Shoemaker. Row 2: Robert Skwirut, Sam Slicker, Kenny Smith, Rich Smith, james Sowers, james Stanley, William Stewart, Wesley Smnan. Row 3: Becky Szymanowski, john Taylor, Ralph Taylor, Otis Thom son, Lavern Townsend, Paul VValker, Linda Waros, Susan VVhitlinger. Row 4: James Williams, David WVilson, Norman Wilson, Georgia Younkins, Bonita Zalenski, Diana Zanewicz. 49 ACTIVITIES , N I, ,-I Mx , 1 v 'I 3 Lu! ,. E NESS if-."w-5 it . , I J, .ff N A. IQ. . ' B I I Zigi!! -'I IIIIIIIIIIIW' I "' if I SI 'III MI fIfww,1'S1 I I I .I ' , II! II, U IE! Ky , "I-I-iii' I I I' I fn' 1 . 'QI II 1, If l'QfI".f5i"Ug ,gf 9 J I 1f-.,i..g4IIIII,d,,,Ifg VIIIIIII ,,,1 ,, 4 2 I I I I II I I L ' I I f 4 QE 5 I I I I IIIIII - I' , K A , I III' I "ig-ii ' ' I :3T5"'r I I I I I I llllll ' X N ' I I I A fff I I KTA, I ' ' I I I , , ,N 'Illini R N' F, I I I I 5 IX AI I I I II, I I I I 'II' :::I:P:.mI I I , I I II In I -"I" ,IW A I A II' If ' I f ' I II -4 I 'H ,HI ' I 50 E,-Z' map Semin i OFFICERS President Judy Kaleda Sec.-Treas. John Witkowski Row 1, left to right: Helen Andring, Ruth Ann Matthis, Kathleen NViant, John VVitkowski, Frank Ignaczak, Judy Kaleda, Edmond Bickel, Kay Gillies, Nancy Trusal, Joan Zelonka. Row 2: Miss Patton, sponsor, Jackie Rupert, Dorothy Smail, Nancy Kibirsky, Morrison Gar rett, Jane Barlak, Cathy Dydo, Oscar Arnel, Joyce Beck, Jill Altmeyer, Sandra Shaeffer. Knunul OFFICERS President Frank Ignaczak Vice President Bob Kcrr Sec.-Treas. Jill Altmcyer Junior Class President Edward Lopata Seated, left to right: Miss Patton, s onsor, Sandra Shaefler, Jill Altmeyer, Frank Ignaczak, Nancy Trusal, Joyce Beck, Charles Clgne. Standing: Jackie Laughner, Nicki Scott, Betty Kay Rowe, Terry Dill, Clarence Russell, Danny W'est, Frank Notarnicola, Jackie Blair, Patty Kristich, Toni Bione. Not shown: Bob Kerr, Ed Lopata, Bob Thomas, Roberta Adamik, Barbara Dell, Daniel Lombardi, James November, Larry Boyd, Bill Hunger, Richard Town- send, William Blair, Brian Lingenfelter. 51 JJ 044' OFFICERS President Alberta Huska Vice-Pres. Judy Kaleda Recording Sec. Joyce Beck Corresponding S ecretary Sandra Shaeffer Treasurer Carole Schlotter Sponsor Miss McDowell Row 1, left to right: Elyse Klein, Dorothy Smail, Helen Andring, Sandra Shaeffer, Joyce Beck, Alberta Huska, Judy Kaleda, Carole Sclilotter, Nancy Trusal, Mike Bennardo. Row 2: Linda Besaha, Oscar Amal, Patty Pratkanis, Jackie Blair, Emily Ferraro, Arlene Colecchi, Kathy Byers, Ted Tarosky, Eugene Ciuca, Bob Connor, Larry Ross, Chryse Zamalis, Bill CoH3man, Joanne Smail, Kathy VVaros, Miss McDowell, sponsor. Row 3: Sylvia Hart, Barbara Miller, Callie Bobo, VVinifred Kaleda, Sally George, Barbara Troup, Lorraine Goetz, Nancy - Coax, Marcia Rybar. Not shown: KEleanQrwFie:yiQ, Shelia Sanders, Kathy Stanley. OFFICERS President Terry Dill Vice-Pres. Jerry Sterlitz Secretary Gerry Tola Treasurer James Dell Ronnie Kardos, Andy Holmes, Terry Dill, Bob Kane, Jim Notarnicola, Frank Notamicola, Dan Lombardi, Bob Mocadlo. Row 3: Larry Facchine, Jed Marghexio, Darrell Zalenski, Eugene Strazzer, Frank Ignaczak, George Ranallo, Jim Dell, Gerry Tola, Frank Calizzi, Jerry Sterlitz, Ed Lopato, Mr. Bennardo, sponsor. 52 .KM Row 1, left to right: Miss VVingert, sponsor, Harriet Vovaris, Susan Pugliese, Diane Blackson, Sandra Mannella, Nancy Trusal, Patty Lamana, jackie Rupert, Petrona Domurat, Arlene Nac- carato, Steve VVaitkus. Row 2: Hollie Alker, Kathleen WViant, Janet Aiello, Joan Zelonka, Marcia Rybar, Kathleen Marks, Eileen Marks, Rosalie Cristello, Barbara Filo. Row 3: Frank Ceraso, Kay Gillies, Arlene Colecchi, Rich Milito, joe Matson, Bonnie Graham, Sandy Shaeffer, Christine Zalenski, Emil ' Ferraro. Row 4: Carl Murray, Anthony Ferrante, jim Adamik, Danny VVest, jane Barlak, Kenny Zahumensky, Frank Mottola, Eugene Ciuca, Priscilla Orkwvis. Not shown: Dennis Breiter, Florence Lear, Ted Tarosky. OFFICERS President Nancy Tmsal Vice-Pres. Kathleen VViant Secretary jane Barlak Treasurer Ted Tarosky Scribe jim Adamik lumpzkuu, Row 1, left to right: Arlene Naccarato, Sandra Mannella, Diane Blackson, Nancy Trusal, Patty Lillllaflil, Jacqueline Rupert, Petrona Domurat. Row 2: Miss WVingert, sponsor, Hollie Alker, Kathleen VViant, janet Aiello, joan Zelonka, Kathleen Marks, Eileen Marks, Barbara Filo. Row 3: joe Matson, Kay Gillies, Anthony Ferrante, Jim Adamik, jane Barlak, Kenny Zahumensky, Frank Mottola, Eugene Ciuca. Not shown: Dennis Breiter, Ted Tarosky, Florence Lear. 53 OFFICERS President Nancy Trus 11 Vice Pres Kathleen WV1'1nt Sec. 1' rf. is Jane Blrlak I 20,- OFFICERS President Bob Smith Vice-Pres. Syd Willson Secretary Robert Connor Treasurer Terry Dill Row 1, left to right: Thomas Connor, Terry Dill, Eugene Gumbert, Bob WVagner, Jim Lem- mon, Bob Smith, Frank Notarnicola, Dick Schaeffer, Jolm Wfitkowski, Edmond Bickel, Mr. Bland, sponsor. Row 2: Rich Retecki, John Strong, Andy Holmes, Lester Shaffer, Paul W'ood, Ward, Bob Kane, Lynn Bartman, Frank Minik, Keith George. Row 3: Robert Connor, Ronnie Kardos, Syd YVillson, Gary McLaughlin, George Johnson, Anthony Bliazes, Bob Kerr, Ed Solomon, Richard VVeiss. Row 4: Bill Coffman, Jim Borland, Oscar Arnal, John VVilson, Jim Feudale, Charles Zarganis, Bob Vincent, Carl Murray, Carl Mazero. JILL -JCL -4. OFFICERS Row 1, left to right: Linda Spagnolo, Joyce Craig, Sally George, Joyce Beck, Matina lVRl.l:dis, Kathleen Wiant, Emma Lou Knabb, Kay Gillies, Jill Altmyer, Judie Cummings, Dorkithy Smail, Diane Blackson, Linda McDonald, Helen Andring, Miss VVeamer, sponsor. Row 2: Shirley Piovesan, Sylvia Hart, Sandy Martino, Carol Schlotter, Nicki Scott, Alice McCausland, Bonnie Graham, Shiela Sanders, Kathy Stanley, Dorothy Klingensmith, Rebecca Cuddy, Florence Lear, Jackie Rupert. Row 3: Annabelle Giles, Sandra Shaeffer, Kovalcik, Betty Jane Riley, Linda Stewart, Linda Besaha, Antoinette Gallo, Carol Li0U.l6SK1, Eileen Mar s, Eleanor Rearick, Joanne Smail, Hollie Alker. Row 4: Sharon Ritter, Chryse Zamalis, Carol Zahrndt, Iris Newell, Patty Doiwart, Betsy Duncan, Kathy Byers, Linda llvillklfd. Not shown: Andrea Kovalcik, Rachel Olinger. 54 President Kay Gillies V ice-Pres. Jill Altmyer Secretary Dorothy Smail Treasurer Emma Lou Knabb Historian Sandy Shaeffer '- fmwffo, gm' Row 1, left to right: Elyse Klein, Linda Myers, Kay Gillies, Ioan Shirey, Patty Steele. Row 2: Patty Stefanik, Lora Davis, Loretta Yznnber, Denise Silvis, Mrs. Sanford, adviser, Sandra Mannella. Row 3: Don Kunkle, George Esposito, Don Scalzott, Anthony Spagnola. '-9'ZfauArzfLa,a5" Row 1, left to right: Mrs. Klein, adviser, Judy Carnahan, Brigette Petroski, Janet Burlington, Nancy Trusal, jackie Kauffman. Row 2: Bill Coffman, Oscar Arnal, jim Adamik, Ronnie Kardos, Christine Yandura. Not shown: Elyse Klein. - 55 ,JJ ,fddo ' , Sin!!- Row 1, left to right: Nancy Kibirsky, Treasurerg Linda Myers, Advertisinf Editor. Row2 Judie Carnahan, Business Manager, Carmella Naccarato, Literary Editor, Judy Kaleda, Editorl in-chief, Ronnie Kardos, Assistant Editor. Row 3: Tom Connor, Art Editor, Frank Mottola Sports Editor, Nancy Trusal, Photo Editor. Row 1, left to right: Barbara Miller, Carol Medice, Jacqueline Kauffman, Martha Hepler, Judy Rearick, Arlene Naccarato, Elaine Kocon, Elyse Klein, Marcella Kuruc, Judie Carnahan, Linda DeVinney. Row 2: Mrs. Sanford, sponsor, Janet Venturini, Phyllis Kunkle, Patty Pratkanis, Loretta Yainber, Joan Shirey, Barbara Troup, Linda Myers, Patty Steele, Steve VVaitkus. Row 3: Judy Kaleda, Carinella Naccarato, Dennis Stefanik, Ronnie Kardos, Bill Coffman, Janet Aicllo, Janet Buflington, Kathy VVaros, Joan Zelonka, Brigette Petroski. Row 4: Mary Lou Krug, Nancy Kibirsky, Nancy Trusal, Ronnie Ankeny, Frank Mottola, Thomas Connor, SandcilReichenbaugl1, Donald Scalzott, Anthony Spagnola. Not shown: Jackie Lindfors, Don Kun e. 56 Jli-6r2aLluz1m, Row 1, left to right, seated: Monica jasenak, Juliana Kocur. Row 2: joan Toncini, Roberta Adaiuik, Barbara Skwirut, Elaine Sappe. Row 3: janet Venturini, Stephanie Ferencak, Brigette Petrosky, Frances Mannella, Sylvia Peila, Eleanor Rearick. Row 1, standing: Elyse Klein, janet Ainent, Gertrude Milewski, Janet Bulfington, Linda Myers, Linda De Vinney, Carol Schlotter. Row 2: Mrs. Klein, sponsor, Bernice VVaitkus, Patty Kristich, Gaynell Strong, Catherine Dydo, Nancy Kibirsky, Nancy Lee, Norma Demchak, Charlotte Ament. OFFICERS President Alberta Huska Secretary Nancy Lee Treasurer Marge Kovalcik Program Chairman Rita Biagioni mira gm OFFICERS President Linda De Vinney Vice-Pres. janet Builington Secretary Alherta Huska Treasurer Nancy Lee Row 1, left to right: Patty Stefanik, Rita Massari, Sandra Mannella, Alberta Huska, Sandra Iancaro, Harriet Vovaris. Row 2: Christine Zalenski, Barbara Dell, Rita Biagioni, Margie Kovalcik, Nancy Lee, Betty Rose Palattella, Dolores VVaner. Row 3: Juliana Stancik, Arlene Colecchi, Alice Urik, Carol Morandini, Frances Hepler, Barbara Lindfors, Mrs. Lankerd, sponsor. Not shown: Etta May Kesler, Frances Mannella, Elaine Sappe. 57 Klum, gm , OFFICERS President Eugene Gumbert Vice-Pres. Sid Wilson Secretary Bob Thomas Treasurer Edward Boyd Row 1, left to right: Kathy W'aros, Patty Dorwart, Edward Boyd, Robert Thomas, Eugene Gumbert, Sidney VVilson, Morrison Garret, james Borland, Vernon Doutt. Row 2: Dennis Stefanik, Monica Neff, Karen Stifller, Jill Altmeyer, Li.nda Stewart, Christana Goodsell, NVinifred Kaleda, Gerald Vrooman. Row 3: Charles Cline, Charles Zarganis, Franklin Ballan- tine, Charles Newell, Francis Pagliarulo, Harold Heckman, Dave Dickey, Mr. Dorwart. Not shown: Judy Petrouski. plwfo gm OFFICERS President Frank Mondi Vice-Pres. Norma Demcha Secretary Toni Moyer Treasurer Iuliane Kocur Row 1, left to right: Patty Stefanik, Sharon Blake, Christine Yanclura, Arlene Klein, Theresa Filipek, Norma Demchak, Diane Pienta, Rose Marie DeBasio, Glenda Wilcox. Row 2: Juliane Kocur, Marianne Harendarcik, Emily Ferraro, Franklin Ballantine, Glenn Young, Bob Sofaly, Juliana Stancik, Larry Ross. Row 3: Harold Heckinan, Don Myers, Frank Mondi, Bill Looka- baugh, Mr. WVenban, sponsor. Not shown: Toni Moyer, Lora Davis, Jackie Lindfors, Ruth Ann Mathis, Harold Catteau. 58 p!l0fQiCf0'L Klub OFFICERS Student Head Morrison Garrctt Lighting Director Arlyn Gray Seated: Morrison Garrett. Row 1, left to right: Terry Dill, Dave Dickey, Don Sunnnerhill, Stan Kocon. Row 2: Andy Holmes, Arthur Sunnnerhill, Mike Antenncci. Row 3: Keith George, Syd YVilson. Top: Jim Borland. Not shown: Ronald Kardos, Mr. Thompson, sponsor. OFFICERS President Dorothy Snlail V ice-Pres. Dolores Slahtovsky Secretary Linda Spagnola Treasurer Geraldine Michela ow gm Seated: Christine Yandura, Patty Stefanik, Sharon Blake, Linda Spagnola, Dorothy Smail, Dolores Slahtovsky, Geraldine Michela, Mary Ann Gaj, Annabel Cane, Dorothy Poleski. Row 2: Rita Massari, Mrs. Pugliese, sponsor, Dolores VVaner, Rebecca Cuddy, Marge Hinkle, Carol Hone, Carol Morandini, Anita Robinson, Alina Solar, Larry Ross, Loretta Svezeny, Loretta Rearick, Emma Lou Knabb, In rid Knepshield. Row 3: Joan Bayle, Iris Newell, Oscar Arual, David Dickey, VVoodward VViIhelm, Delia VVilhelm, Wanda jastrzembski, jo Ann Smail, Mary Lou Rametta. Not shown: jackie Lindfors, Grace Mannella, Toni Moyer, Don Scalzott. 59 Klub OFFICER President Charles Newell Seated, left to right: Paul Betko, Miss Patton, sponsor, Indy Whitehead, Stephen Bolcar. Standing: Charles Kline, Charles Newell, LeRoy Shoemaker. I 5 Seated, left to right: Faith Riggle, Martha Hepler, Bonnie Porter, Connie Benes, Sylvia Welkon, Jackie Blair, Kathleen Sikorski, Patty Vincini, Christine Helhowski. Row 1: Carol Medice, Dolores Kunkle, Barbara Troup, Mrs. Fantino, sponsor, Carol Ferrante. Row 2: Anthony Massari, Robert LaSpada, John Salancy, Ralph Russell, Frank Duriancik, Glenn Young, Douglas Pluciennik, Shirley Rupert, Eddie NVaitkus. 60 OFFICERS President Barbara Troup Vice-Pres. Jackie Blair Sec.-Treas. Barbara Miller Not shown I I I f Row 1, left to right: Kathe Schlotter, Linda Hepler, Patricia Mannella, Janet jackson, Mar- gene Hollring, JoAnne Kovalik, Barbara Stopansky, Barbara Cuthbert, Patty XVilson, Laurel Sober, Cheryl Gaydeski, james Sowers. Row 2: Mr. Williams, sponsor, Kirby Kessell, Sharon Hines, Sandy VVaner, Mary Massetta, JoAnn Krupper, Rosalie Virostek, Marjorie Kocur, Connie Kuhns, Lynne Gibson, Ioan Voyten, jimmy Troiano. Row 3: Charlie Fox, Frank Losasso, VVarren Coax, Robert Lear, Norman Myers, Mary Ann Gwinn, Sylvia VVelkon, Betty Kostka, Dave Tarosky, Stan Tarosky, Frank Spagnola. Not shown: Shirley Rupert. - - Jlnnim, 6111.6 OFFICERS President Frank Spagnola V ice-Pres. janet jackson Soc.-Treas. Patty Mannella Row 1, left to right: Lillian Zinnnerinan, Linda Glacken, June Covey, Patty XVl1alen, Glenda VVilcox, Sharon Blake, Dolores YVaner. Row 2: Sally Ottenberg, Patty Pratkanis, Mary Lou Rarnetta, Dorothy Matonak, Thomas Conner, Patiy Hudek, Miss Tuttle, sponsor, Linda Hager, Delores Klobuka. 61 J. Uappellar Kham OFFICERS: President, Frank Notarnicolag Vice President, Eugene Ciucag Secretary-Treasurer, Linda DeVinney. Row 1, left to right: Diane Blackson, Linda Spagnola, Betty Rose Palattella, Alberta Huska, Carmella Naccarato, Judy Kaleda, Janet Aiello, Nancy Trusal, Linda Myers, Judie Carnahan, Linda DeVinney, Janet Buflington, Norma Demchak, Linda Stewart, Carol Schlotter. Row 2: Karen Stifller, Loretta Svezeny, Shirley Shuster, Sandra Martino, Betty Jane Riley, Jerry Moyer, Andy Holm, Eugene Ciuca, Joan Toncini, Martha Hepler, Jackie Kauffman, Arlene Naccarato, Janet Venturini, Sheila Sanders, Kathy Stanley. Row 3: Florence Lear, Juliane Kocur, Barbara Kiral, Vemon Milewski, Clarence Russell, Albert Battistelli, Ralph Russell, Frank Ceraso, Jim Notarnicola, Patty Pisarcik, Faith Riggle, Mrs. Henderson. Row 4: Sylvia Hart, Marcia Rybar, Rosalie Cris- tello, Paul Zahorcak, Charles Bell, Oscar Arnal, Keith George, Bob Kerr, Robert Sypulski, Rocco Silvestri, Arlene Colecchi, Karen McGranahan, Rita Rametta, Joyce Beclgcguliana Stancik. Row 5: Jackie Rupert, Hollie Alker, Janet Rishel, Janet Ament, Carole Zahrndt, Bob LaSpa a, Walter Fairman, Jim Adamik, Don Myers, Lester Shaffer, George Esposito, Gerald Tola, Don Kunkle, Frank Notarnicola, George Margherio, Frank Mottola, Kay Gillies, Toni Moyer, Judie Cummings. 62 OFFICERS Row 1, left to right: Carole Medice, Monica Neff, Christine Goodsell, Nancy Coax, Elaine Kocon, Sandra Querio, Virginia Stewart, Arlene Klein, Carol Craig, Carol Solomon, Gloria Chiellalo, Louise Raschiatore, Andrea Kovolick. Row 2: Miss VValker, director, W'inifred Kalecla, Nicki Scott, Lorraine Goetz, Patty Lamanna, Phyllis Kunkle, Elizabeth Tuinas, Brigette Petroski, Linda VVillard, Astor Zaccagnini, Linda Besaha, Sylvia Peila, Sandra Kepple, Judie Rearick. Row 3: Alice McCausland, Dora Fancher, Emily Ferraro, Rachel Olinger, Betsy Duncan, Francis Pagliarulo, Donald Vamer, Don Leslie, Bob Clawson, Jim Rzunetta, Lee Myers. Anthony Nabors, Sharon Shaffer. Not shown: Sandra Jancaro, Patty Logero, xvillilllll Hunger. 9-614 6116 Kham OFFICERS President Lee Myers Secretary Andrea Kovalick President VVillia1n Hunger Vice-Pres. Sandra Shepler Secretary Jacque Laughner Treasurer Elaine Bucci K XJ .' JN 'N Row 1, left to right: Sami Binginan, Elaine Bucci, Kathy Filo, Jacque Laughner, Sandra Shepler, Patty Vicini, Susan Shaffer, Felicie Voelker, Maxine Nelson, Susan Milliron, Kingsly Hunger. Row 2: Gillen Lear, Patty Smith, Glenna Gaydeski, Betty Ann Peterson, Betty Kay Rowe, Judy Reichenbaugh, Carolyn Plucinski, James Sipe, Robert Rupert, Sam Short, Miss VValker. Row 3: Torn Chelko, Ricky Kuhn, Mary Milliron, David Swarmer, Bernadette Bolcar, Painella Hatzeinbeis, Jackson Blair, Guy Donatelli, John Walten, James XValten. Row 4: Larry Boyd, Bill Hunger, Gary Love, Harry Esheliuan, Guy DeToma, Allen Young, Jack Jaroszewski. Not shown: Darlene Guinbert, Marlene Gumbert, Patty Oskeskie. 63 Band Xia OFFICERS: President, Frank Mottolag Vice President, Edmond Bickel, Secretary, Kathleen Wiant, Drum Major, Frank Mondig Head Majorette, Linda Myers. Row 1, left to right: Janet Buffington, Barbara Troup, Rita Biagioni, Stephie Ferencak, Monica Jasenak, Kathy Steele, Kathleen Wiant, Priscilla Orkwis, Linda Myers, Frank Mondi, Janet Aiello, Sarah Leeman, Judie Carnahan, Sylvia Hart, Elaine Kocon, Margie Kovalcik, Carmella Naccarato, Nancy Trusal. Row 2: Robert Swarmer, Bob Trusal, Dorothy Klingensmith, Richard Kuhn, Brian Lingenfelter, Frank Losasso, William Trisoline, Mildred Slomka, Shirley Piovesan, Stanley Waitkus, Floyd Sack. Row 3: Jackie Jaros, Richard Retecki, John Stanley, Susan Shaffer, Judy Stewart, John Walton, Artie Gallo, Jim WValton, Bill Gillies, Russell Price. Row 4: Joe Matson, Kathy Byers, Richard Weiss, Jim Borland, Fred Coleman, Eleanor Rearick, Janet Burnheirner, Jim Rametta, Richard WVest, Ed Poleski, Edmond Bickel. Row 5: Robert Clawson, Allen Young, Bill Hunger, Kay Gillies, Judy Cummings, Bob Connor, Frank Ceraso, Anthony Ferrante, Charles Newell, Nick Dilick. Row 6: Gary McLaughlin, Gary Love, Wayne Smith, Dann West, Anthony Calderone, Jim Shaner, Dennis Brieter, Jane Barlak, Frank Mottola, Mr. DeSimone, director. gt 'J 64 Left to right: Judie Carnahan, Elaine Kocon, Sylvia Hart, Kathleen Steele, janet Aiello, Rita Biagioni, Linda Myers, Head, Margie Kovalcik, Monica jasenak, Sarah Leeman, Priscilla Orkwis, Stephanie Ferenchak, Kathleen Wiant. Holm, ylldlii Left to right: janet Buflington, Barbara Troup, Carmella Naccarato, Nancy Trusal. 65 OFFICERS: President, Judy Carnahan, Vice President, Judy Kaledag Secretary, Mary Lou Krug, Treas- urer, Joyce Beck. Row 1, left to right: Loretta Yamber, Patty Steele, Judie Cummings, Toni Moyer, Josephine Lawhorn, Carol Solomon, Barbara Dell, Denise Silvis. Row 2: Virginia Butch, Judy Vovaris, Jackie Kauffman, Elaine'Pugliese, Gloria Derwinis, Linda VVillard, Carol Craig, Linda Besaha, Helen Bochese. Row 3: Juliana Stancik, Sandi Reichenbaugh, Carmella Naccarato, Betty Rose Palatella, Margie Kovalcik, Chryse Zanialis, Sharyn Riffer, Mary Lou Krug, Joyce Beck. Row 4: Judie Carnahan, Judy Kaleda, Ca1'ol Zahrndt, Mrs. Bartnian, sponsor, Bonnie Troutner, Karen McGranahan, Rita Rametta. Not shown: Patty Klingensmith. 5. Q. J.. a6'a.4lmtbalL jmm, Row 1, left to right: Judy Kaleda, Carniella Naccarato, Betty Rose Palattclla, Joyce Beck, Mary Lou Krug, Rita Rametta, Judie Carnahan. Row 2: Margie Kovalcik, Karen McGranahan, Juliana Stancik, Carol Zahrndt, Sandra Reichenbaugh, Bonnie Troutner, Chryse Zamalis, Sharyn Riifer. 66 M 5 . rmmwma.-wsf1f,. . ' 1- , -Q. nwmsx-guvrno-w-vw . ,.,.....-.......,................,..-...,....,..n,...n ,,,... ., f' Q Ss... 1 i ,uwml 'Ill I ,f 4 :ffm -'lmfluigf 'vi ' X Q X ' x , s i? ,' -N N x Q' My u ' , 2414 W X ll t W NR Z , N 5 'Y I I J Fir 6' 'VU ww ,r 'S Wwa E k . ' ' " ' v f 1 'I :JW . o'0q ' .Qi MW? ' 595' 1 ' X .lf 1-21' ,Q - Y .E- . .E jnnfball. Row 1, left to right: Bob Kerr, john Cesario, Frank Minik, Fred Williams, Armond Pugliese, Lero Rhodes, Luke Woody, Bob Curci, Denny Soulier, Gary Lucas, Zears Miles. Row 2: Darrell Zalenski, Ralph Russell, Harold Heckman, Frank Ignaczak, Paul Woodward, Jim Patterson, Charles Zarganis, Jim Notar- nicola, Bob LaSpad, Doyle Stephenson, Clarence Russell, Rich Zanewicz. Row 3: Larry Facchine, Frank Calizzi, Andy Holm, jerry Kallock, Ken Matonic, Frank Durancik, Eid Lopata, jerry Sterlitz, John Wilson, Lou Hutcherson, E Mosley. Not shown: Fred Zanolli, Jim Morandini. VARSITY SCORES V.H.S. Opp. V.H.S. vs Elders Ridge .....,. ..,..... 1 4 0 V.H.S. vs New Ken. .,....,,........ .....,.. 0 39 V.H.S. vs North Huntington ........,..... 6 13 V.H.S. vs Kittanning ..., .,.,,... 1 4 6 V.H.S. vs Ford City ...... r.,..... 1 9 12 V.H.S. vs Scott ..,..r. ....., . 0 14 V.H.S. vs Ramsey ..r... ,....... 1 2 18 V.H.S. vs Tarentum ...... ,...,... 1 3 39 V.H.S. vs Derry ..... ........ 0 6 70 V.H.S V.H.S V.H.S V.H.S V.H.S. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES V.H.S. Opp. vs New Ken. ..,.. ....... . 12 0 vs Penn High ,..... .,..., 6 18 vs Ford City ........ ......... C ancelled vs Tarenturn vs Kittanning ....,....Cancelled 0 jnntball 1 Frank Ignaczak Robert LaSpada James Patterson Clarence Russell Ralph Russell Paul Woodward ., K7 Z7 ff vf! fiviffl e-fy' Ne--qmflg 4. "Lu ' K if "f,--7 7 1 I ,, :L If f . f'-' 611 ,I - few? L,'vL4'K Jw- . V 'Vo'-frfzfe. '- ,Af ,1 X' ff - fifffm Darrell Zalenski Michael Bennardo ' , ' Jnnfbal Row 1, left to right: John Lanning, Bill Blair, Jim Kerr, Bob Rupert, Stan Klingensmith, Dave Fitzgerald, Larry Lizik, Rich Poulak, Jerry Hesketh, Sam Maraii. Row 2: Chuck Buccirgossi, Monty Biffer, Ted Hylwa, Ken Kocon, Larry Taylor, Gary McLaughlin, Regis Dentzel, Bob Claypoole, Dave Swarmer, Iohn Taylor. Row 3: Dave Sowers, Bob Stoker, Tom Myers, Allen Young, John Lantz, Gary Love, Bill Hunger, Larry Boyd, Tony Sluka. Not shown: Ron Rose, Ron Stansbury, Harry Eshelman, jim Szalanski. JUNIOR HIGH SCORES V.H.S. Opp. Oct. 3 Oct. 31 V.H.S. Vs Penn High fAWayj .............. 12 13 V.H.S. vs Kittanning fHomeQ .,......,..... 13 0 Oct. 24 Nov. 7 V.H.S. vs Springdale fAwayQ ,r............ 14 6 V.H.S. vs Ford City fAwayj .,... ...,.,. 2 0 13 COACHES MANAGERS Left to right: Fantino, Bennardo, Egelsky. Left to right: Amold Holm, Rich Bennardo, Mike Bennardo, Tom Kibirsky, Denny Zahrndt, Charles Fox. 72 Q 3 if a fr ai uf .S w' ',Jmm, Row 1, left to right: Bob Smith, co-captain, Ed Poleski, jim Bickel, co-captain, Jim Adamik, Jim Lemmon, Vernon Doutt, Connor, Tom Pierret, Anthony Bliazes, Peter Massetto, Lynn man, XValter Grabiak, Bob Sofaly, Charles Buccigrossi, Bob Ian. Jan. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb Feb Feb Feb Kiski A..........., Mt. Lebanon Clairton .....A. Connellsville Butler .......... Kiski ......,..... Clairton ....... Connellsville Butler .......... ....... Away .,..,.,Home .,,....Away ....... Away .......Home ,......Horne .......Home ....... Home .......Away Stewart, Tom Kocis, John Porter, Edmond jim Borland, Keith George. Row 2 Ron Bartman, Mr. Fishel, coach, Harold Heck Rupert. V.H.S. Opp. ........S1 55 ,.,.....15 71 ....,,..18 66 e.e,....31 55 n.......18 67 M36 49 .,,.....Forfeited to Clairton ........36 49 4.....,.29 55 73 ' Bmkafbad Row 1, left to right: Richard Elkin, Eugene Scuillo, Bob Kerr, Louis Hutcherson, George Esposito George Margherio, Frank Minik. Row 2: Mr. Bartlebaugh, coach, Frank Ignaczak, Jerry Sterlitz, Edward Lopato, Paul NVoodward, Donald Kunkle, manager, john XVilson. Nov. Dec Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec Dec. "Jan. jan. 'Ian. "Ian, "jan. 'Ian. "jan. Ian. "Jan. Feb 'Feb " Feb 'Feb ' Feb ' Feb 'Section I Games Vandergrift ....... 61 Turtle Creek ..... Vandergrift ....... 66 Apollo ,............. Vandergrift ...,.. 55 Freeport ..,.............. Vandergrift ....... 58 VVashington Twp. Vandergrift ...,... 54 Leechburg ..........,.. Vandergrift ....,.. 62 Apollo .....,.... V andergrift ....... 65 Latrobe ,.... Vandergrift ....... 50 Arnold .,.,, V an dergrift ,....., 64 Ta rentum .... Vandergrift ....... 64 Ken High .... Vandergrift ....... 67 Kittanning ...,... Vandergrift ....... 53 Har Brack .....,.. Vandergrift ....... 38 Ford City ........ Vandergrift ....... 74 Butler ........,. Vandergrift ....... 49 Leechburg ..... Vandergrift .,..,.. 75 Arnold ..,..... Vandergrift ...,... 75 Freeport ...... Vandergrift ....... 62 Ken High .... Vandergrift ....,.. 70 Kittanning ,....,. Vandergrift ....... 57 Har Brack ...,.,. Vandergrift ....... 59 Ford City r..,... Vandergrift ....... 77 Butler .......... COUNTY TOURNAMENT V andergrift ..,...,,,...,....... 67 Ligonier ..,..... Vandergrift ,...,... ,......,. 5 9 St. Vincent ,... . 39 . ...,...., 25 Vandergrift ........ ........, 4 2 Greensburg ..,..... , ....... 68 74 KHP CAD KA! CAD KHP KHP KA? CAD KHP KHP KAP CHD CAD CHD KAP KH? CHD KA? CH CAD CHD CAD BHAAQMHIL ofQff,Q!U'I'LQI'l, Donald Kunkle George Margherio Frank Ignnczak George Esposito Paul Woodward 75 ' away. awww Row 1, left to right: Arthur Gallo, manager, john Parks, Leonard Calderone, Richard VVest, Daniel Lom- bardi, Armand Pugliese, Carl Mazero, Robert Conner, manager. Row 2: james Notarnicola, captain, Anthony Klem, Francis Pagliarulo, Mr. Creigh, coach, Daniel West, Richard Milito, Larry Facchine. Turtle Creek r......,.... . Apollo r......,.,......,..,.,.... Freeport Washington Twp. ..... . Leechburg .....,..........,. Apollo .....,......,.......... . . Latrobe ........ ......... V.H.S. Opp. 52 13 Stewart ..,........... Ridge ............... .43 27 Washington Twp. ,..,....,..,.. 17 30 Ford City .,....,... 34 25 Kittanning ...,.... 25 26 Allegheny- Hyde ......,....... 30 19 Ford City ......... 31 17 Kittanning ..,.... 25 13 Allegheny- Hyde .,....,.,,... 20 22 Ford City ....,..., 45 13 Kittannin g ...... XVO11 Lost Allegheny- Hyde .....,....,... 31 13 Ford City .....,,... 42 20 Kittanning ....,. Won Lost Allegheny- Hyde ........,...., 31 25 76 55 36 45 64 43 26 V.H.S. opp. V.H.S. opp. V.H.S. opp 35 25 so 87 59 Arnold ........ ........ L eechburg .... .......,,. Tarentum ..... ........ 3 4 39 Arnold .......,. ....,,. 3 9 Ken High ,..,..... ........ 4 8 36 Freeport ..... ....... 4 6 Kittanning ...... .1...... 5 1 44 Ken High ...... 1...... 2 8 Har Brack ,.,,.,. ..,..... 3 1 53 Kittanning ........,....... .52 Ford City ......... .,..,.., 6 7 57 Har Brack .....,............ 45 Butler ........... ..,..... 4 2 32 Ford City ...... ,...... 4 3 Butler ......,. ....... 5 8 Row 1, left to right: Larry Boyd, Tom Chelko, Richard Townsend, Owen Burkett, Harry Eshelman. Row 2: Ralph Taylor, Larry Baum, Danny Shaffer, Jim Kerr, Frank Losasso, Terry Bartman. Row 3: Eddie Silvis, Eugene Panza, Larry Means, Eddie Menges, Teddy Hylwya. Row 4: Dennis Vovaris, Mr. McBride, coach, Torn Kibirsky. Bauball jmm, 'x .il 3. Row 1: Manager, jim Borland, Edward WVitkowski, Louis Hutcherson, Eugene Strazzer, Frank Mikeskia, Frank Minik. Row 2: Paul Wfoodward, Lester Shaffer, Coach, Mr. Miller, Frank Ignaczak, Vincent Bernat, George Margherio. Not shown: Larry Facchine. TJETTERMEN-GRADUATES OF 1957: Steve Slivan, Jerry Lombardi, Albert Veselicky, Meade Mat- iews, Manager. Hull leam, Left to right: Walter Fairman, Dennis Breiter, Jim Krug, Paul Zaliorchak, Vernon Doutt, Anthony Spagnolo. 77 Ace Painting Contractors A. C. Anderson Service Station Be-Bop Club Beighley's Market Bentleyls Market Bob's Restaurant Brady Funeral Home Carnegie's Confectionery Sam Ceraso, M.D. Coleman Hardware Condo Brothers Deb-Mar Pet Shop DeVinney's Sweet Shoppe East Vandergrift Service Station Egeris Jewelry Ferraccio Brothers F errante Motor Company Ceorgels Plumbing Glagola Studio Gordon's Radio Store Cosser Tire Service R. A. Graham, Insurance Guthrie Chevrolet Company Henry's Radio Sales and Service W , Hood Edsel Motors, Incorporated Richard Hunger, Insurance Hyde Park Glove Company Iohnny,s Mobile Service Kuhifs Pharmacy Landeaifs Martin,s Market Paul E. McElroy, D.D.S. Dr. Frank I. Mottola, Optometrist Myer,s Print Shop Park's Sunoco Service Quality Clothes Shop Ross, Pharmacy, Heights Rukas Beverage Distributing Company Smitlfs Hosiery Shop Steele,s Furniture and Appliance Company Stitt Iewelry Uncapheifs Real Estate United Cleaning Company Vandergrift News Venturini Brothers Coal Company Welsh Printing Company VVray-Yount Company H. L. Yerty Lumber Company Zamalis Shoe Shop 78 drlznow Kurtz Bros., cover, printing and binding. Circle Engraving Co., Inc., engraving. Conner Studio, photography. Left to right: Mr. Camp, Mr. Stonevice, Mr Adamik, and Mrf Sproull. 79 K 'N O35 ,salma XML, ,LW WWWV Yip W of-7 WW 3 was Qzgfi H6 M 9 if ff 4JM'M V047 AM! l f fgjf EXP- J QCMMVC A W fy -, Mjf' 7 TX 4'1',gffQ gf' . PWM xv' W WWMJ , , W M WWW Q A M -,cj - V! WWW ff 1 275, s.! We ,pg,:"JX4. W, IWW FM 'W WMWWE I 'Ax 'I HL, fr F , I V 1 vgawfia In f,,, .ki WM mag ' f J 524+ -f 24 A wdjsl, M Q .V ry f, ." A .u . X X . P0 M Y, W N5 'O I. 13 V4 . V. 1. NU .. X flip? -' nf X ' K w U xv W 4 Q 7 J y f U7 xi 4 v f uf' J, N: SJ ,jf . Ng W1 BK ,J . ' wf My ,yy NAP ds, Q q If , x 5 . ,A 'ff' A' X , 1f" ' C L I C?4Q Q' HAL- QLD ,355 7 5 ' 4 K af ' '25 5 I? Q0 - ' 1: tv cy 2 J rl- f Af: H M . A .N E1 ' fi, VK '.-KX ' ,. Q fi Munir, S 2 XQJMWW7 I J New iffilmwff WM 21 'X?f!'QbYwiS 3 - 1 Gif s , ,N WEBER shea Ng! W7 WWW Mdff VW 1 g ll ULU N L99 -bfflf A -J 1 . 4' "?', ,,Q042Z"" 'J W 1v '2Z1 'ff' JwU'L' ,fJ+ img L, vrvw-f' , gllfbw ji - A 'ui' VW Q CM y 1 f 3 Ev E MWJMW ff . X Q WM W NBSFIQBQQ S A -f?'4'QU I V frfugp Www! WWW? '."1. PM :Q ,L 'A V P 5430 wad 1 W W X 5 0 Jw U X WW MW ,W M wb Q Zwfw wfwpiwgww WWW M W M W A WUW Wim JjWw'l! 225,51 N-f J if 4Al, WWW PW Lf ! 19 W ' A Ei yu " i9 Q1 ' W , ,-7 I A 1 QWwMpW ,prim M . k FMWWQ , f ,,,7 A V u -:V 6 , f'fW0ff, J 474 ,Y 4 .A -'ff fl W 1 A

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