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 - Class of 1951

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1,--45-Q. A , ' ff 5-1, fm--. ,,y.'. .,,.: ia' 57... -1- ul. . :, 76- vu.. , ., .X ,, . 1' H 5 RQ ..:,. ad.: Ax' AV1-. rag, -f 1-1 ' Ji 4 , fr.. . f '-fem ,Wy f, ni, '4 " fr? . 4. Lg, 4.9 - .gf r f ,1.??Lk, - , f-ww ,. : ji V' - 1:-LA ., ,. . x, .-.N Y , , . , , , .Ni , 4 f .- - x f 3.572 .- ww-.-1 0.5, '- fi.. qv-...J ff--A ffm. '. 11' f V-xx, -1 15 .M1,.E'3 4,3 A.,,n-4,--.-fx , 1, if-1 5'iT'E5,:T: 2' V -, -- .K-, , - 1 .pq 1 1-L, . ' ,.11r5'fCiz-.,g,',-'- , -:Msggg:-wv.,gE-.QL 4 -' 1" Y " 2- 1. -2-rl. . -X 51 A 3? -. -V F ' .5 .. Lv 5 A 1925171 1 5j'j:,,ifLZfI,E'-,',5: , . , . X ' V. r - I' ,JYLQMHM 5'jgffiyiiIS'7g"gQf,2-lags! Ii'f?i'f:i1:':v., -4 1 F- , , f9t.Ja,.- - K , ,, l , - ,Q g ,, , f ,-1f",f ' aL,117g,,L1g- ,H-V,-1,f:,, 13 -V f , gt ,K . , LY: . VY V Y. ,jf-15.-J IV V N ,: V jg,-f' 1-mi':YLV::: 1 V.-i'f'f,,5 ::f--'::E:- - i-:fr':'f'If'rJ,ff'v.'-13:-'1f'v4f -1 fy' ' T J-, . of H If ,L4ffZf0 1'f'2m": QNX' ' " U A' ' ,f , , 1' fix 5M.7'4iQ-Y , 11, . '1 .- Q" "- .1.- 1.1m , 1-. v..-'---- ' - .'..' - f'-' -1,-f ' ' r' 1- 1- 1 ."'5'--.L' ff .1 ' -.-..a..'1 - f-1: -'ff-J" . 1- -" .f I-rf -2'-. - I. I-' "Vt 11, I 1 --1 II1- 1 -II"f1 .-1 Ig,r ' 3I'f'II...,fIa if - ff fi- lug f ..I..I-5.1--1,-I,-G-57113 ,515 - -. I . .-I -1 -A 4--1.-,I 1x -- . 1 Midi, --1. , - .- I1 - I 1 .- 1 1.-.1- ..-f- me-,I-1-N1.-I. 1 I 1 .. . . I1 L. I I . -. ...U 4. , - I1 ., I 1 I,,1.II1,3-II-.111 -J. .,I 1 1: I- I-I1 -. I I . F I' IIA I- ' I I ' I I"I I .. In I1 ,--1I'.'I'I -I ., .' 1 n IIII I -iv 5,1 1 'H-,.'-.9'.I' 1--I' -51 1' Q- A5-'.11l-4 4- . . - 3 1 1' -"' 11 3' ,I ---45 1 .1 "Y V. 5 'f I" -T-' ' fa-1IIjIa ,I -. ---. ,,--.-I. .. .. I - I ., ,- I I ...- .. :,.I '-I,,, .I w. .. . . IIII-.. 1 f'f .a W- 'f lmcii- ' 7- J? "FEE"--'-' -if .- -" '- ' I' 1 '-: "I: I -- 'fa wi' 2,5115-I -15'-'I 13.3 -I 1 . 1-Iv " -1' I,-.-af' f?I.-3.-'N Y. I 1 If,11I I. ph, 365.1 . .- ..I ,IJI . .I I1I .,-- 1 - 1 In x jg 190-. . cc ,-1I -11 , -, 1 1 I1 4 -1 . I--.5 1.5-1- III :I ffm. --II--:I-IQII1-e' -- 111 -11, . 1 -I - If. -1 z .I Q -1 . f- 1-151 .13-IIII-Ig,-PII. 111 I -'g',I I. -1Q1.I 1I: I' ' .:.1IIrII. 1-I I' 3 I -I vi-II 411' - I Y' ' - :Iv-F ,- 1- ' 1- - -. 1, :I I 'I:1:-I -- I .I. Ip,-1 3-I,-1IlI.IJgI1 II. .1 fre .1 1-1 --1.. I . -. . 1. 1...-1.I - - . . ..-- -1, - A .if -. 4-eIf'-1 1-. 've-11. - 1 . ' f -f-sz - 1- fi -'-I 1111- I- 1-2' - II.1?II I I :L .I , ,Ig-1-,,IfI r. r- :I T- -I - f -1 ' 1- . Y - .. I - 'I v .-J f., '-..INII'-ri-.I.1Q' ' . gII1' 1I- 11 if-'QI I-II 1-I5 ' -gg-5111- -ICI -115 .1'1 I, . - ' A .g5fI1'--q1'II'jli-- ,If-'I .T - I I II 111, 1.1 .---1 . '71 ' - 1 I . I, ',iI'11- 'mlhg .-11- . - ff- 11. - - . ft. . 111 f -1 -- -.1-1 -.I sq? 1- 9I'J,II-I- '.I IIII 1 I -'1 -.I II- .I I I I 1-,'-G' .I 1 I I'If.: -, ' 1-:I Dt 'I '1-.2 I- " ' ' ' - - . ' I -'15,-AT -F ' - .5 3' .--QQ: I1 Q5 1.--1II U: - - f " I - I " 11IIIIQI-'-- 1. . H2 -'gf .911 .1 L- I. ' . ---- Ip- 1 1 1 -- --. I . 3211, . EV'-HJ 72'-f' ' ' '-111: '1' 'Q - .1 ' , - ' " - - - '-.1 - .'-.11-is -1II.--I 1 I .III ..1- I4. . 1 1 .- . - - . IIII I.1, '-:,- I 1- I1 .3 1If1III - I -I III .-III,I, I III: III..I1I. I I. .-1 . 1 - . 1 . I I I , . f' I 'W 1-...f..T.-I - 1 ' 1 1 1 ', 1-'-'3I'.-I .ws -'Y Ii"-'-' Q E." . 1 9151- 1 I H I '11 - I ' ' A I I III. I .II IIII I,-I Ix II I .I I. I I1III . I 1I 5. . , ' 1---'1 '11 :11:-'-'.-- W- -Y-' '- ' '1 - -ff ' .1 .31 I. '- -'I'I. I- .Q ' I"" 1' T .- ' I"Q '- '. I- I.. I :III -T. . gIII- -1 -'fl 1-. -' -I IV? 'U ' ." ,' . - -1 ' ' ' 'l ' " 5"f!l'V"- . '. f I 6,5 1' 'ff-Q01 . 111- I'1bI--nal-r Q -- .l1'.--..f ' 1 'I'-:-.-. ' - . . 'V 1 -1 . ..a..,- 'pf-4 1- .- ... U . . .'I.-,I'.-IIIIf'IIe..Jl- 1 I1 I .I - i,II.- 5 III -- 1 .. ' - I '5' I - I I 1. If ,I I I' JJLII1, -1 .. - ' 1 NWA. W- 9 0 . Q '.I ' -Y--. I'!"-771 :I'-zz. F 1,9 -1- .. . I .I -- r '11 .- - III- - I-.inf ,,IE1Iv:-I.: :.f - If, I. . :V 1. .- - . ff- -- 'ffgja 1II1..1-I 1- H1-' 11? . ' 'I ghp . . - . .. .p.:u.:I.-. 1- - 1. I ,III F -- 2'.'I1' UI: I?I'3QII "1 .1 gm .-' ' ' ' QQ Z' I ':. I ' 1' -31 -1I 4- f1IL-1 1 - f --" - -1 -I-- v . - -1 JI. - I .r II I-1 II II.I...II .I.1I I I II I I II .IIf- .5 - :1 -.IIII"I.1 Ir- .4 ' . I,g5I-If.,,v, 1' I :,I " X' 'N' fI1 .' 1.N'2. i' 1 I ' I I-'..l'1' - n" '- .-' . I .I In-' 'Q--1 f ' 'nf-'. -- ,.I1III 1 ILfIl. I 1. 1 - . .I , II.. . I . I I ,.. IIII1. I I.III I I .1 - - 11,I- I ' -1, - .I :Y . ,LU I- I f . I,III- II I I 5 ..1' 1. ' 1 ' 1.- ' 1 1' - '1 ' - I: . 'If - - NI 1. 1 . 1, I-1" ' 1 " 1-I' . ' I II:1eI .I - 1 ,I-L III II I '1. .11'- ' H " ' - - III I 1 I II 1 I . ' -2 . ' 1 ' 'E -'- f- . I If-PII . ' 'II II I .1 ' I ' 41.1-+1 III " "1-' -1.3 2' Y -- 1 .Ii -fI'.II 7 . ""' ' 'I I 1 .Q ' I II ' II . .Z I' 1 -. . -- I' '1'141 ' 1 "1. I. ' " ' I7'I ., 1 .-1 '.. .- . - F31 ' - -- - I I I fl 1.I-' 1 1 . I - II I 1' ' I' -: . - I'.I .I I I - - ' ' I '.,'i' .1 r .I . I IIII I,II1I, I. I . -- 271 III -.J .I -1-IW" ,-.AU I"I I 1,,I I 1 ' .5 1:5 - .'1r5I1- 'hifi' 3 - 1 - I-.--.1fI 1I :I . 1 . I I I II I-I 1 - . Ii" H 45 1- - '1 .:- 1 ' 1 ' - I -L3 1 -1 I -,'I1I 1 I I ---1. ' - 1. . .ir -1-ffz: - . W ,.'1HL.1' ' 'u 1 1... ' W' .,'-'. - 1 III 1 T I 1 5 1 J' V. I IIW I I. f .I 5. - 1 'I 1' J'1l1f2.' LII -I1I'r1v -. I "fII'f11 I . 'Tyr '1' 'Y 5 2.157 I, . .1 I.' ij ---J - 1 -111"'1. J-' II' , - 'z -I' ' n-I '- 1' '. , II , I f1 - 1L- '- 1 1..I- I 1-1 ' "' " 'ff .19-.'1 , I I . I I .- 'ly X -. "..JN'.-"1-1' 1 rI.,l.QJ SI II , 1 11 -. - - 'Wil -1311 1 :1'l!""E'l' I" I I4 II. J. I . 1 .151 II.' 111--4211-'I .- -I I J' I1...'g'-- .I I 1 1'F-'1k4!'6Pig"IQ-?S'1'7'ffl--- i I ,' Q66 51. 1I,III.1.I11'fihq GIII 1,'II-.I I.I51'.-11, II ' - . Uihyjj I:-Ii iff I 'L -V.. G 71- . 'r .2 I'-11 . L ' '1 1 1 E 1 I I I. , ,II1 1 . - Ig 1' 1"..... 1. T v f , '11 'T V-V!! l . I.II' I I1I. Q.-ra. .I 1 1 1'- ' 1 1 .4- v I: 11 ' I ' s ", ' -- - . , 3 1 ' - 1 I.. , , II .. . II I .JJ--'I .ij I 6 I- I -fp I. ' 'l'ux- 1.- H 1 - ' . .1I. .- 1 J 1 11.-.1qf1.11- 1. -- l of 'Ph' V ' 'if 1 '-,V 1 11 ,.z.1 M'-"lf"'-'I ' i2'1 ' "' '-4' 'L ,1' . .I .I.1111g..gI1.-3 Ifn.. ?L1I!H1L16'F1'.1.-. Ir--Mn.- ..1. AI. A . A r-' - . A., " ' 5 .Ju .- Y .' J,1l . .1 1 1 -. ri 1 -1.1 -1 . 11:1 v - ' . .' -. 1' ' 1 1:11. 1. .. '-1-.L 'Lf 1. 1 1'. .X 1, I' .1-, I-L I 1 1 IYII' . . I 1 .IIIII I . '. .I .-- 1- f1 we 1 - - S--fi-"f1'1L:' . . 1 '--1421:-c-V f ' 'f--1 NT- -17"1 I "I-511. --'. II J. 1 1: 1 III. .I 1 ."f"' 1 '1 1 1 .J 5 -I I wr. -1..-1,-1, I .. S--.f-?.s.1iL' I 1 I. 1 ,III L ' '4 .1 ' 1- II III L, . I I IrIr'j:II I I I .ff 1.-L - . -114.-. 1 -I 1- .- . Qu 'ilk - ,.'i'T-fn. - ' '. 111 1 1 .1 1 -1 II . 1 I 1- ' -. .- 1' 1 ' ' - ' . -'111'.f- 1' .. - 1 -1 1' 5' lr, " - 2- r 'iwfqf . '. il .1 ,xxx -.. , . . . .IIII ,WI 5 'QZ": QQ' 114 I II 1- I1-...Id .IIII . - f 1- 1 -. 1 -JL .. -11,-. '1 .. 'Ywfipw .K .- I IIIIIIIIEII.1 .1 ..I.III . IIIIIII. . 'A Z -, l 5 P -S iw. 5' - .rio 9 as R. " . '- ,- , f-?:f ' Y :Eg lg:-i?' SE Y - 5 .':f -F . L' 1. S' .- f ' W- 1 :Q V- L FP .il . 'ya 53: ,grg fr' igigxai: 5 2 I 2 is W M ..11. w ,,.. . . ., 1331 T2 F? "" ! TEA 'qi i ' I '..Qf'f, I "'-xi "-B, I T-'. A A' , ,Ta x v: Q """-'- . " .114 'A --1-.+L-5-W ,f.....,, . -Q a ' F , 1 A um ZVQVLW ,Mg 305i ,IAznJergri L Quad? uczkica., 2 up - .1 S- 4 ap ,, , lip... .ll 'T 1' .. 9" I 1.12, :7 ' fl" J, ""u dm ' 1 ug. ts :N ., , - 5- 4 f '- ,gf .v I . : ,, ll 1 If If my nhlauH"' A 'Tv Eli- ga ff? . hum ff ' :ww , I W? -rf! 11 1' If Q ,Q ,,,,9aj5gf It , ,,. !:'i lm' X ff:-2' - ' "In f bi fl gg, W4 f HH: ff 'WW is W , Q "',i N 'k Af HI Milli! Al J X A ' 1' v .' F ,J V ll 5 W ' V W um' ' A 5 HH' L Al III sjfie 64-wa of 7957 in sincere appreciation of his helpfulness and interest in the students, Whether in class or not, dediccttes this book to mr. Oacar ,gzgneialer 21 .: ink 45' in i r l K az- , 4 ei' ef I E. C., 9 4 34 S SZJCIISI- TC: :Q QE ' ' v Tr. it fa Marc! of gywcafion Mr. S. I. Russell ....... President Mr. H. C. Roeper .... . . . Vice President Mr. I. B. Allcer ...... ................ S ecretary Dr. R. l-l. Knowles . .. ................. Treasurer Mr. I. R. Kurtz ............... Superintendent of Schools Mr. W. G. Calder Mr. D. W. Steele Mr. D. W. Morrow The Board of Education sincerely regrets the death ot Mr. I. Q. Adams, who has given his time and effort without reserve in this community, serving as member of the Board of Education for forty-two consecutive years, thirty of which he acted as secretary. V ..:, 3 tm .I 3 vw i? N X Mr. Iohn R. Kurtz Mr. I. Paul Shaffer Superintendent ot Principal oi the Vzincleraritt Public Schools Vanderqritt Hiqli School 8 Mrs. Vemon Doutt School Nurso Miss Gertrude Fehl ..f -vrvttiry to tho .tug 1'-riittowit-tit Mr. Iames Bartlebauqh Miss .1f..'ifzlStvutivs, Cftcicli Imoqene Bauer Sf'lf'l'lf"', llUlll"llllllKlll'J Mr. Beniamin F. Browne Miss St 'i+-nf 'f- Margaret Cline Music Supervisor Miss Cr Miss l.1l Miss flu Miss Hazel l. Ellenberqer umm-rwifil Studios Emilie M. Elwood lrtirifin Mabelle S. Hildebrand 'itil Stuclir-:s Evelyn Love lhfilislt, lrnirntilism in K I 7 GCDLA? Miss Matilda Brandon Secretary to the Superintendent Mrs. Carlo Favero Secretary to the Principal Mr. Guy M. Bennardo Social Studies, Coach Mr. Lynn D. Bland Social Studios Mr. William D. Demchak Physical Education Mr. Iames M. Dorwart Science, Faculty Athletic Manaqer Miss Hazel E. Esch Mathematics Mr. D. Fred Graham Social Studies, Coach Miss Iune McConnell Physical Education Miss Esther McDowell Enqlish I ,ll A I", Miss Hilda Mcilhaney Enalish Miss Ethel Martin Commercial Studies Mr. Iohn C. Owens English Miss Emma Patton Mathematics Miss Mary Rudolf Mathematics Mr. O. I. Schneider Social Studies, Coach Miss Gertrude Snyder Science, Homemakina Miss Calla L. Stahlmann Latin, Mathematics Mr. Kenneth Thompson Science Miss Margaret Weamer English M1 - if J., lov. A' Miss Helen E. Miller Enqlish Miss Iennie C. Owens Social Studies Mr. Albert Pishioneri Coach Mrs. R. Thomas Puqliese Spanish, English Mr. Blair Schreconqost Art Supervisor Miss Lillian A. Shumaker Enqlish, Drivinq Miss Mildred Stewart Mathematics Mr. Clarence Sturgeon Instrumental Music Miss Louise Winqert Commercial Studies Mr. Ioseph B. Yount, lr. Industrial Arts R JF S 'I -X .. Cfddrf ,Mdfory ife is just a game. Today as we graduate, the preliminary to the main attraction has been played. Tomorrow . . . tomorrow . . . and tomorrow will be chapters of a game still unplayed but for which we are ready. Our days in high school-the preliminary gamwhave been memorable, so let's review these days as we would a game, say basketball. Our line-up of stars is made up of persons who have led us in seeking vgctory. This offensive team has met all comers and emerged champions of l 51. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-OFFENSIVE TEAM President ....................... Harold Klingensmith Vice President .. . .... ........ I oseph Dezzutti Secretary .... ....... R obert Waros Treasurer ......................... Anthony Nicholas Historian ............................ Calvin Thomas The bleachers are filled with cheering fans as we play our game. Yes, the fans are all teachers. They are the ones who showed us the way to victory. Our reserve strength is capable, too. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ....................... Harold Klingensmith Vice President .. . .... Richard Loperfito Secretary ...... .... V algean Moore Treasurer .... . . . Nancy Snyder Historian .............................. Rita Solomon SOPHOMORE RULERS AND ATTENDANTS L Prince .................................... Iohn Bair Princess ......................... Marlene McDermott Sophomore Iester ...................... Frank Angelo And now, the action, play by play- . lump ball ........ Looking for report rooms our first day Out of bounds ............. The time we played hookey Field goal ............................ That A in math Foul shot .......... Sneaking to class after the bell rang Double dribble ...................... Talk in the halls Traveling ...... . . . Up and down, third floor, first floor Substitution .... ............ O ops, not in this game Time out ...... ............. S ummer vacations 10-second line .... ............. C ramming for a test Rebound ....... . . . Back to school after Christmas Charging .... ......... D own Iunior high hall Blocking . . . ........... The halls at noon Screening ............. ............... T ests Foul .................... ..... R eport cards And our peppy cheerleaders- Colors .................. .... : . . . Scarlet and White Flower ................ ................... Gar denia Motto .................... Little by little We will go far. The game is over, and we, the class of 1951, have won. This game that we have played is life. But the big game is coming up. At the football, basket- ball, and baseball games, at school dances and banquets, at club meetings and assemblies, and attending classes we have accumulated what we need to play this game ahead-life. U -Calvin Thomas, Historian H f 43' feat 9 fqwzaialen f 4? lljice-fqfeaialenf ,S2Cl'9t6ll'g reafmrer Aaforian 54,55 of any ., 1-L , - 115 " ' zrl'2iEf,.ni' H .s .sNt"'I' ,. , 'FT l-I I ,QQ if HAROLD EUGENE KLINGENSMITH General On a farm he will spend his prime, Enjoys hunting at hunting time. IOSEPH LOUIS DEZZUTTI General Office training he'd like to secure. He likes his sports, and that's for sure. ROBERT RAYMOND WAROS General "B To college or trade school we'l1 soon see o The football man, that we all know. ANTHONY NICHOLAS General In a football game he's no phony: Known by all his friends as "Tony". CALVIN WILSON THOMAS. IR. General 1 Everyone knows him, just as "Cal' . Football is his pastime pal. 71,0 R BARBARA LEE ADAMS General Barbara Adams we may see A secretary before "53". ANGELINE OLGA AMARANTO General Anqe, one of the G. A. A., Plans to work most of the day. MYRON IOSEPH AMENT General ln college soon he'll make his lodge: Spends his pastime at the garage. MARIE IUNE ARDUINO General Although Marie is rather short, 'Basketball is her favorite sport. l0SEPHlNE ANN BUZZELLI General On future plans she's not so keen, But often dancing she may be seen. , X V. as . , M cv... of Sm, 0... WILLIAM CHARLES ALTMEYER. IR. General Tall boy, Skip, has quite a voice. Raising chickens may be his choice. CATHERINE YOAN AMENT General In some hospital she'1l be lanclng. She's known by loan, and keen at dancing. FRANK GEORGE ANGELO General Frank Angelo, class jester of "48", To obtain a job he's made a date. EDMUND ALAN BUCO Academic "Sonny's" playing is very fine: Painting and drawing are next in line. LAURA ANTONETTE CALABRO General Skating rates high with Antonette, No future plans are made as yet. LEONARD DOLPH CAMPBELL General Leonard, the boy with hair of red, Likes to hunt, or swim instead. SOPI-IIE CAPLANES General Getting a job, she'll try to swing, ls often found embroidering. THOMAS ROBERT CERASO Academic "Tucker" is a baseball hawk, Pretty soon you'l1 be calling him i1DOCf1. ELIZABETH MARY CHILKO Commercial With a secretarial position she'd like to go steady, And to her friends, she's known as "Betty", RONALD LEE CHUDOWSKY General To college he'll soon be on his way, To be a "weather man" someday. CKCLJJ of ' 0112 A 12 . ffl? . ,,,U.,1 MATILDA ROSE CANE General "Tillie" at the movies can often be seen: Sports with her are mighty keen. VELMA IEAN CARNAHAN General A phys-ed teacher is her goal: Among her sports she likes to bowl. EDWARD SPERO CHERIS General Eddie is a high school drummer, Makes model airplanes in the sum- mer. THOMAS MATHEW CHRISTOPHER General He's not too tall and not too short, And raising dogs is his favorite sport. VINCENT ROBERT COLAIANNI Academic I-le's known as "Speedy" near and tar, Enjoys his sports and driving a car. Qin' EVELYN FAYE COLBERT General Plans lor the future she has yet to lind, Enjoys sports ot every kind. ESTHER IEANE CONTIE Academic OH to college "Ace" will go, But at tennis she's quite a "pro", STELLA ANNA COUSLIN General She'd like to try her nursing skill, But liking pets she always will. AMELIA MARY COUSLIN General "Emma" will always be around, At the five and ten she can be found. GEORGE LEROY CUDDY General Working with George, is a special treat: At truck driving he can't be beat. CLASS of " VL9 PAUL MILTON COLBERT General At tumbling he's quite a guy: And a trip to college he'd like to try. PATRICIA LUCILLE CONTIE General "Chick", our head maiorette, a secre. tary will be, When she has got her college def gree. IOSEPH COUSLIN, IR. General Farming and millwork appeal to ffloenl Which one to take, he doesn't know. IOHN MORRISON CROSSAN. IR. General "lack" likes sports, as we know, At baseball and basketball, he's a "pro". HAROLD THEODORE CUPEC General His music talent, he'll use some day, With the nickname "Sonny" he'll always stay. ' GRACE ELIZABETH CUSTER Commercial Wants to be a secretary, that she knows. Enjoys sports, dancing, and pretty clothes. DOLORES MARIE DURIANCIK General A college education is the making, And sports and activities she'll be undertaking. ANTHONY DOMENICK FANTINO General "Zeke's" our boy, "Zeke's" our guy! A trip to college he will try. ROBERT LOUIS FERRARA General His future plans we just don't know, But in his basketball he's made a go. ELLEN IEAN GALLO General She does not know her future plan, But dancing lends a helping hand. CAM Of em- Q., VIOLA JEAN DONATELLI Academic "leannie" wants to use her talents here and there, Her voice and playing are better than fair. ROBERT LEE ELDER General This fine lad is known as "Bo", With his voice to college he will go. TERESA REGINA FERRANTE Academic She'1l go to college by and by, In the band you saw her stepping high. MARY LAMON1' FITZGERALD Commercial Mary hopes to gain some knowledge, Not through cheering, but through V college. IOANNE LOUISE GALLO General In the future she has no definite plan, But she likes sports, that's our Ioanne, Ai ,rr , , . Q- wmv ELISA cAu.o ' General To business school she'd like to go. Now, listens often to the radio. BETTY LOUISE GEORGE General A nurse she wants to become, Thinks vacationing on a farm is fun. IAMES ALBERT GOLDSTROM. lR. Academic To college lim will soon find his way. He'll run a movie projector some day. DOROTHY MAE HALES General ln interior decorating she'll do fine. Llkes to play the piano in her spare time. NORMA IEAN HANSEN General Her future plans aren't made as yet, She stngs in the choir and Double Sextette. A ,'. A dm, ,,f3l,-1Q,, Armnssruz Gsoscs ' . Gqeral D Her future job she soon will have found, Loves to visit the camping ground, if 'E Q CAROL ELIZABETH GEYER General She likes music and movies, too, Wants a job when school is through. SALLIE LOU GUMBERT General At dancing you never see her striv- Atterlggl the movies, and likes driv- ma. BARBARA RUTH HAMM 'ademlc "Barb" can be usually found Driving her faithful "Chevy" around. KENNETH MEADE HARROLD General To the baseball team he's a regular "sem", He answers to the name of "Clem". 15 ' rfa - 5 -.-m SHIRLEY RUTH HAYS Academic Square-dancing and sketching with her is high, She'll get to Penn State by and by. CLARENCE EUGENE HESKETH General He-'s a football player wherever he goes, But where he keeps himself, nobody knows. THELMA MYREE HOFFMAN Academic In "49" we saw her tumbling, But at the skating rink we see no fumbling. IASPER EARL IACOBS Academic lasper Iacobs will reach the top. When he takes over the jewelry shop. ROBERT RAYMOND KAMIN SKI General A lover of nature, as we can see, Would like a career in the Navy. KENNETH EUGENE HEPLER General "Abner's" goal is to be a Navy man, But he'll play basketball as much as he can. EVELYN LOURDINE HILTY General To Evelyn, what words could be better, Than "Miss Hilty, take a letter." DONALD EUGENE HOLMES General His plans are not definite, says our "Mort", And football is his favorite sport. LAWRENCE DANIEL KALEDA General Hiking Larry soon will be, Out to sail the Seventh Sea. GIRARD IULIAN KARDOS General 'Ierry's" favorite hobby, as some of us know, ls traveling with a man who runs a movie show, 5 . - -. ' . ff ANGELINE ANN KASECKY Commercial . Ange likes loaflng, but she is th! one Who wants commercial, work when school ls done. ' 4 curms Jo!-IN xssuzn General His plans as yet are not too straight. But ln aircraft work, we think hed. be great. ' nomrr nouns xmas '- I ' V ' l Geizeral I-le's quite a drumrryer,jthat's our Bob: Wants truck driving for I: fob. 4 rl.. , '- IDA MAE IAAMISON ' General A job is just the thing for Ida Mae, She loves to qo to the movies so they say. CARL ARTHUR LINKES ' General . Carl has baseball on his mind. But no future plans did he yet find. l 1 I I .V w 1- 1 IACQUELYN ARLENE KAUFMAN General Her future plans, she's not yet made, 1 But in dancing she gets double "A" grade. Il 'B DONALD EUGENE KESLER Ar. General ff 1 Fro -,G 'V r's garage he gets his 'L 'im Listens to the radio, so they say. J H.. fflfj CHARLES mor xuunslhs. general "ml .Chiles Kunkle has no plans as yet, rf mt in his given crdfha' all set. .F V ' -ll ' '-Hg, 1 .fri LE Annu' 'I-EKNYICI-I-N, A W 8 H General , Sports for ml!" are graded "A", He has n ' s as yet today. 5' :Ha 1 if if s. ammo losspn 1.rm:n1o General ,... 1 F. "Legs" would like a school of trade, ' And to him sports have made the grade. , l G? ,f If 'M MERYLE ELIZABETH LITTLE Academic "Fiddle" has college on her mind. A medical rating we hope she'll find. IOAN I-'LORA LONG General Ioan's plans are not too sure, And she enjoys dancing more and more. RICHARD IAMES LOPERFITO General No future plans have entered his head, But basketball is fine with "Red". ROBERT KEITH McCUTCHEON General Off to college we'll see "Kay", He's industrious in every way. CHARLES HOLM Mc!-IUGI-I General Driving a car we often see "Skip", He would like to take a college trip. ff... 0 gif, 18 IRENE MARIE LONG General Dancing and movies are tops with Renie, As future plans, she just hasn't any. K RITA IEAN LONG General Rita likes to read most of the day, Ilas no future plans, so they say. JOAN EILEEN LYNCH Academic "Shorty" would like to help the sick, But to her reading she'l1 always stick. CHARLOTTE MARLENE MCDERMOTT Commercial She'd like to be in a secretarial line. And in her dancing, she sure does fine. CAROLE ANN McLAUGHI.IN Commercial No future plans are in the making, But a singing-pastime she's under- taking. SHIRLEY IOAN MCLAUGHLIN General Her future's not sure, but it's still early. We often see dancing, our friend Shirley. MICHAEL WILLIAM MARHEFKA Academic To take a four-year college-hike ls the one distinction of our friend "Mike". IOAN IEAN MARTONE General For plans we've searched high. for plans we've searched low, But we can't find any for our pal uid, HELEN MARTHA MAZUR General Her plana for the future have no definite fixtures, And we may often see "Tootsie" collecting pictures. ELIZABETH EMMA MILLER Commercial We'll soon see "Libby" working in a store Or collecting pictures by the score. 0056 O! ' 008 HARRIETTE IUNE MCPHILLIAMY General To watch football games and not be fat Are the two ambitions of our girl "I-lat". DELORES NANCY MARTONE Academic At Indiana State Teacher's College we may see Our skillful and graceful, playing nDeen. FREDERICK MATTHIS General He likes sports or hunting instead, That's our energetic, hardworking "Fred". O EDWARD CLEMENT MEDICE General Working at the dairy or going to school instead We see a very talented drummer boy, "Ed". ALYCE RUTH MILLIRON Commercial When it comes to humor, she sets a pace. That's our pretty and hardworking nACeH. IUSTIN IOHN MISKA General Iustin is a quiet lad. To obtain a job would make him glad. VALGEAN MOORE Commercial Our majorette, so pretty and neat, Will soon be on a secretarial fleet. HOWARD CARL MUMAU General Army or Navy, one of the two, We'll soon be adding our "Big Moo". ANNA IDA NOTARNICOLA Academic When they passed out brains, they didn't miss Ann, She's also a grade "A" movie ian. FRANCES ANN OSHESKIE Commercial To know "Franny" is a special treat, For she is kind as well as sweet. CKCLIM O! - VLZ ROBERT IAY MOORE General Working at Isaly's is his job, Always answers to the name of "Bob". RICHARD DALE MORAN General "Iulius Caesar," a football man, Can't seem as yet to find a plan. ALVINA DOROTHEA MYERS General Wants to take up nursing one ot these times. Swimming and square dancing are her favorites she finds. LILLIAN ANN PACUCH General She has no plans, our pretty "Lil", But television she watches still. N ORBERT ANDREW ORKWIS General On future plans he is in doubt, But "Norby" still has his paper route. RALPH EUGENE PAINTER General To be a Marine when school is done ls the chief idea of his father's son. LOUIS MARINO PALATTELLA General He's known where er' he may qo. That's "Lefty", our football pro. HELEN IEAN PATERSON Academic She'll soon be seen with a nurse's ktt, For her favorite pastime she likes to knit. MARVIN IAMES PEPPLER General lim's carpenter work is quite a scene: Would like to run a farming machine. MARILYN IANE PERROTT General Marilyn likes to sew a lot. For her future plans, she's qiven little thought. at ffm of 24, 0.6 VITO NICHOLAS PALATELLA Academic To work at a trade is the thing to do. lust ask Vito, that's what he'll tell you. ALFRED ANTHONY PANSA General Basketball is his pastime pal. He answers to the name of "Al". IAN ET CLAIRE PATTERSON Commercial With a special career, she has no dating, Is often found doing fancy skating. RUBY IRENE PEPPLER General To the job list we'd like to add Ftuby's name. ln picture collecting she'll find her fame. DOLORES HELEN PESARCIK Commercial "Tootsie" likes sewing work: Wants to be a secretarial clerk. DONALD ANDREW PESARCIK Academic Donald is a handsome boy, Driving is his greatest joy. EDNA GERTRUDE PHILLIPS Commercial She likes to Work and read a book, And a college trip, she'd like to hook. EDWARD KERN POOLE Academic Eddie's just a little pool, He'll make his splash when he finishes school. THOMAS KENNER POWELL Academic Tommy Powell, our photo man, Will get to college as soon as he can, DORIS IEAN PREVINI Commercial "Dorrie" wants to qo to college Totiill her head with business know- ledge. Ulm Oz Sal, GABRIEL PHILLIPS Academic "Gabbie" always rates on a dance floor. In college, he's sure to make a score. HELEN MARIE PITEL General Sewing, and crochetinq, too, Are the things Helen likes to do. IACQUELYN LEE POWELL Academic "Iackie" at college we will see. A pretty school teacher she will be. DONALD LEE PRESCOTT Academic OH to school will qo our "Coat", But his sports' honors he'll always tote. EDWARD EUGENE PRIMACK General On outdoor books he has a charm, May soon be seen on his own fur farm. THERESA MARIE PUGLIESE Academic A journey to college and nothina less ls the one idea of our own "Tress". IACQUELYN DALE REARICK Academic lavkie leads in her class oi science. Someday she-'ll give chemists her ut- most defiance. HAROLD LEROY RICHEY General To loin the U. S. Army beat ls the one idea of adventurous "Pete-". IOHN McDONALD RILEY General A reading and huntinq man is "lack" Who would like to carry a training pack. ROBERT RALPH ROSSI General Seen in choir wavinq a baton: ln musical fame, he'll surely qo on. ...Q -. Aga-. CALM Of Sm, W HERBERT LEE RAY Academic He has no plans, this special day, But he'll get some, for that's Herb Ray. HELEN GERTRUDE REILLY Commercial "DoDo" to us will not relate Whether to business school or a job she-'ll take. THOMAS FREDERICK RIGGLE Academic ln baseball he really makes a score. As for his plans, he's not sure. ROBERT EDGAR RODGERS General He plays the drums we all know But on future plans he's pretty slow. MARY BARBARA ROWE General No plans as yet have come to our "Bobbie", Seen on the dance floor, that's her hobby. DONALD LEE ROWE Academic Tall boy "I-lerk" is quite a guy, In basketball he's rated high. LAURA MAY RUPERT General Swimming rates high, and dancing, too, But she's not too sure what she'd like to do. CLARA ELIZABETH SERWINSKI General She hasn't a plan like the rest of them. You really like gardening, don't you, "Klem"? WARD LUTHER SHIRLEY General OH to school he'll get his start, He really makes the grade in Art. HAROLD DEAN SHOTTS General Dean in radio should be fine, Because he gives it all his time. Cf... of Sm, O.. '24 NORMA LEE RUDOLPH Academic A T, V. show just hits the spot. A nurse's suit, she'll soon have bought. IOSEPH LEROY SALISBURY Academic In college "Ice" will buy a stock. l-Ie says he really likes to talk. ROBERT IAMES SHEARER ' General ln school he tries to think all day, But on his hunting his mind will stay. CAROL LEE SHOOP Commercial The countryside she would like to travel, A postcard hobby she just did une ravel. JACK HARDMAN SHRIVER Academic They say Iackson's car rates high: A job, then college, he will try. EDWARD CLARENCE SHUSTER General Basketball is high with "Ed". No plan as yet in his head. BETTY JANE SMITH Academic Maybe college will be her plan. As of now she-'s just a radio fan. NANCY VIRGINIA SNYDER Academic Nancy likes to sketch and eat. Her appearance to us is very neat. IOHN LAWRENCE STEFANIK General Plans for "Yash" are not complete. His favorite, swimming, can't be beat. HERMAN IAMES STEFNIK General Herman's time we all know Will be at operating a movie show. il Academic At ping pong "Snot" c 4 ' us all Soon he will answer the ' call DOROTHY LORRAINE SNYDER General Sports with "Dot" are rated high. She wants a job with the F. B. l. Q DONNA IBAN SOBER Academic A snappy maiorette is she. A college st ent she may be. MICHAEL RICHARD STEFANIK. IB- Commercial He answers to the name of "Turk' At odd jobs he likes to work. CECIL RAY STEPHENSON General Cecil will be a "G. I. Ice" When off to the Army he does go ,- . ..-,.-- Ty.. V . LOIS ELLEN STEWART Academic Lois is talented in many a way, After college her talents will pay. ERNEST EDWARD SUPANSIC General He has no plans, so they all say: lust loves to hear the radio play. KENNETH WARREN SWENK General Seen at Isaly's all dressed in white: No future plans are yet in site. EDITH DOLORES TINELLI Academic Knows her piano from key to key But no future plans does she yet see. CAROLYN IACKSON UNCAPHER Academic Iackson's our cheerleader with all her pep And ln her dancing, she's really hep. E r 1 gfclrid 0 ' 014.8 26' f ------1 , NICHOLAS STRATAKIS General In all kinds of sports he'll click: He answers always to the name of "Nick". ELIZABETH MILDRED SWANK Academic "Libby" enjoys a basketball game. After college she'l1 make her fame. IAMES MIKEAL TARDIVO General "Squirrel" in sports will go far. ln basketball he's a star. STEPHEN FRANK TINELLI General An eager "Beaver" who's rated high. He'11 get to the Navy by and by. HELEN MARIE Commercial In home room activities, she's right on top. At business school. she'11 make cx stop. , H g A 'r ,A A . A . g..- V- 1- 1. 4,1 . VI, L L is :seem rv. seamen-'1MMw fs?ls' , ilsmw E' P251 lui. MARGARET MARY VESELICKY Commerclal "Margie" likes to listen to the radio. ln secretarial work she'll make a go. ELEANOR PHOEBE WALSH General Eleanor likes to read, they say, But she hopes a job will come her way. NORMA IOYCE WATSON Commercial ln a secretary's seat we'll soon see Joyce. Trying to cook is her pastime choice. ARTHUR IOHN WAWRZYNIAK General ln basketball he's made a start, No definite plans have yet come to "Art". RALPH FREDERICK YOUNG General Our swimming champ, as we all know, And off to work he soon will go. 641,55 of ' OVL8 EDGAR IOHN VIDUNAS General Eddie's sports are really fine, At college he will spend his time. MARIE ELIZABETH WALSH General In volley ball she plays a good game, But in her juggling she's made her fame. IAMES MATHEW WATTERSON Academic "Watty's" a whiz in every game, But in football he's made a name. NORMA IANE YERTY Academic ln her education she'll go far: Is often seen in her slick new car. DONALD ANTHONY ZANOTTI General To college he will take a walk: The tall, handsome man you know as "Doc". Row 1: Carol Adams, Therese Adams, Icmet Alexander Row 2: Belly Anderson, Theressa Andrinq, Yo- landa Baqlivo Row 3: Dolores Barclay, Marie Bartolini, Sally Bell Row 4: Kenneth Bendlock, Emma Bernal, Irene Blackburn Row 5: Eleanor Blanclak, Merla Bone, Mary Grace Buchholz Row 6: David Burkett, Guido Butch, Thomas Butch Row 7: Clair Byers, Rosemarie Camplsano, Gloria Canzano Row 8: Pete Carrara, Patsy Ciardulli, Iohn Ciuca Row 9: Sara Ciuca, Elizabeth Cocco, Lois Coff- man 6 Q55 28 that ' e3L,al.s1l.f.el-, .2 Row 1: Victor Colalannl, William Coleman, lean Crlssman, Iames Cuffia, lane Cummings Row 2: Joseph D'Amato, Elizabeth Danovsky, Wil- llam Demchak, Anthony De Panicis, Rita De Salvo Row 3: Donna De Vinney, Norbert Giacomo, Ther- esa Di Malo. Therese DlMenna, Charles Donghia Row 4: Darlene Doutt, Barbra Elswick, Eugene Falola, Otis Fancher, Margaret Fantino Row 5: Gloria Farah, David Fennell, Thomas Fer- encak, Rosemary Ferrante, Shirley Fitzgerald Row 8: Gary Fitzgerald, Larry Flowers, Richard Fontana, Mary Ellen Foster, Ralph Fryer Row 7: Robert Gagen, lean Galucci, Helen George, Rosanna Glancola, Marqaret Gibbons Row 8: Viola Goldstrom, Mary Guntrum, Mary lane Hall, Robert Hankinson, William Harris Row 9: Steve Hatzimbes, Sandra Heckman, Patty Hepler, Donald Hesketh, Virginia Hileman Row 10: lames Hill, Earl Hunter, Pauline larussi, Henry lack. lack Iewart of 1952 . l 'girl 5 1 f:-' Kr! "',y. ' r f .. b - L I 3.1 4 ' - 1' 13 . L iu' " " H My ?,:1 "' 'ff ,r '- . H y- -i Q 1 'I - , AIT i :I 1, A -:- 1 4' , . at ' ,1 '. I -' H X . , x - . ' 3.1 -.-M ............. S.. 1 - 29 Row 1: Carole Iulian, Conrad Kaminski, lames Ket terina, Barbara Klein, Loretta Kocon Row 2: Phyllis Koleno, loseph Koontz, Mildred Kra- lick, loy Krotzer, Mary Kuchta Row 3: Bernard Kumpf, Ray Kunkle, Shirley Lam- oreaux, Shirley Laufier, Donald Leap Row 4: Frances Lemmon, Dale McDowell, Ioan Mcl-ienry, Lona lane McKinney, Robert McLean Row 5: Dorothy McManus, Robert McMath, Richard Macino, Marie Mannella, Anna Marino Row 6: lohn Marks, Pauline Matarrese, Amelia Mazak, losephine Mendicino, Mary Mendicino Row 7: William Milanak, Rose Marie Milauskas, Norma Milks, Richard Minarcin, Richard Andrew Minarcin How 8: Richard Miska, Sidney Magnet, Mary Cath- erine Moore, William Moore, Willis Mowrey Row 9: Mark Mullen, Reta Myers, Marylee Owens, Clyde Pancoe, Delores Pesci Row 10: Beverley Pasterik, Albert Powell, Ralph Poynter, Dolores Primack, Felix Raschiatore Cf,-,M How 1: Frank Raschiatore, Patsy Raschiatore, Don Raymond, Norma Raymond, Bettie Rearic Row 2: Donna Rearick, Carolyn Richardson, Shirley River, loyce Roberts, Margaret Rowan Row 3: loanne Savastano, lames Shaffer, Iames Shepler, Ronald Shuster, Charles Silvestri Row 4: Mary Silvestri, Sheila Smith, Evelyn Snyder, Lois Snyder, lune Solomon Row 5: George Sourlis, Boyd Spanq, 'Edward Spi- her. Leona Stanczak, Theresa Sterlitz, William Stifiler Row G: Dina Tadiello, Lois Tevelonis, Don Traister. Donna Traister, Richard Tumas Row 7: Paul Uhing, Emil Urik, Ronald Varosh, Conrad Virostek, Anna Mae Vodzak How 8: lames Wallace, Francis Wareham, Carolyn Whaley, Marcella Wherry, Martha Wherry How 9: Lauranne Wiant, Aretta Williams, Carol Wilson, Iames Wilson, Ludwig Wineman Row 10: Stanley Wolfe, Mary Ann Wuyscik, Laur- ence Yamber, Martin Zidek, Amelia Znanec ' indicates no picture shown of f Q5 2 Row 1: lohn Adamcik, Frances Adomatis, Elva Anthony, Ruth Artman, Lillian Barbus Row 2: Donald Bartoe, Theodore Bartoe, Walter Baum, Gladys Beatty, Lillian Bernat Row 3: Elizabeth Bickel, Floyd Bickel, Loretta Blia- zes, Robert Bowser, Betty Branovich Row 4: Robert Burns, Elaine Bush, Shirley Camp, lack Canale, Herman Canil Row 5: Dolores Carney, Roger Casedy, loanne Cheslak, Margaret Chilko, Robert Chupka Row 6: Lorraine Cicero, Maryann Cimprich, Richard Ciuca, William Conrad, Sylvia Craig Row 7: Patricia Covey, Pearl Crooks, William Cros- san, Francis Cunningham, lulia Curci Row 8: Benito Dalena, Nick Dalena, Wintield Daugherty. loseph De Geronimo, Grace Delick Row 9: William Dilick, Thomas Dluhy, Angelo Don- ghia, Anthony Fallone, Herbert Fancher Cfcm of 7 953 Row 1: Charles Farren, Ioann Ferguson, William Fox, Robert Froncek, Sylvia Froncek Row 2: Iohn Gadola, Awilda George, Carrie Lou George, Kathleen George, Richard George How 3: Clyde Glaister, Laurence Gonzalez, Connie Gould, Marlene Harris, George Haizimbes Row 4: Harvey Heckman, Barry Heddinger, Ray Held, Grant Henry, Lilla Belle Hepler Row 5: Donna Honadle, Gary Hone, Carol Hughes, Dorcas Hunter, Catherine Huska Row 6: Wanena Hutcherson, Leora Iewell, Donald Iohnson, Grace Iohnston, lames Kardos How 7: Roberta Kilgore, Andrew Kiral. Helen Klem, Greta Klick, Keith Knabb How 8: Willavene Knabb, Mariann Kostka, Theo- dore Kowalczyk, Leonard Kozlowski, William Krafick Row 9: Iune Kridler, Margaret Kubik, Annabelle Lafferty, Iames Lamison, Robert Lauffenburger Row 10: Guido Letterine, Daryl Little, Iohn Lockard, lack Lookabaugh, Paul Lopata Row 1: Nancy Mc!-Xninch, Rita McCool, William McKinney, Elsielee McLaughlin, Iohn McLaughlin Row 2: Etheljane McPhilliamy, Antonia Mango, Marjorie Marks, Ioseph Mazak, Sam Mendicino How 3: Theodora Michelis, Richard Milauskas, Vincent Milito, Iohn Minesky, Iudy Mohney, Shirley Moran Row 4: Shirley Moyer, Harold Mumau, Eleanor Myers, Thomas Nasetka, Myrla Newell, Shirley Oberhelman Row 5: Carla Olinger, Marianne Orlowski, Charles Pag- liarulo, Io Ellen Palmer, Anthony Park Row 6: Carl Penta, Donald Peppler, lane Peppler, Ioseph Perrino, Betty Ann Pesarcik Bow 7: Anna Petrarca, Ioseph Plazio, Rowenna Pounds, Margaret Prugh, Eugene Puqliese Row 8: Robert Ouerio, Marjorie Raraigh, Walter Ray, Charles Reichenbaugh, Pearl Richard Row 9: Rose Mary Ripoli, Rosemarie Rossi, Robert Rowley, Glenn Rupert, Iohn Ruzbacki Row 10: Floyd Rzewnicki, Rose Marie Santarelli, Iohn Santy, Kenneth Saradin, Eugene Scuillo CZCLJ5 of 7 953 Row 1: Pauline ShaeHer, Phyllis Shellhammer, Carole ShoH, Boyd Shupe, Anthony Sicari Tow 2: Louis Sllvestri, ludy Silvis, Edna Skelton, Barbara Sloan, Lula Belle Smeltzer Row 3: Nancy Smith, Margaret Smoyer, Richard Snyder, Nancy Solomon, Robert Sproull Row 4: Dennis Stankus, Dolores Stefanik, Lintord Stewart, Iean Stoops. Donald Strazzer Row 5: Patricia Strazzer, Clara Strzlec, Eugene Summer- ville, Geraldine Swartz, Holland Swartz Row B: Margaret Swauger, Bernard Szymanski, Ronald Talmadqe, Gary Tiger, Lorraine Troiano Row 'lz Robert Trolano, Doris Troutman, Demetria Vagias. Marilyn Veltch, Lawrence Veselovsky Row 8: Nancy Virostek, Shirley Vovaris, Lois Wagner, Helen Walker, William Willard Bow 9: Iames Wilson, Iuanita Wilson, William Winiesky, Clara Wright, Richard Wright Row 10: Edward Wuyscik, Don Zack, Augustine Zemba. Wendolyn Zemba, Dolores Zinchini Kfcm of 7 953 C4155 of f 954 1 v M w low lx Pauline A Adamtk, Edwin Adams, Sally Adams. Dolores Airtch, Eugene Alese, Sylvia Am Andrtnq A lv nw za Alberl Anthony, loeeph Baer, wunm Baker, Jam.. semen, nmlmwh Battlstelll. Pamela Baultert, Patty-Beatty, Shirley Beck ,. lov 31 Leonard Bell, Richard Bendlock, Norman Bones, Margaret Btckel, Mary Ann Blelak, Peqqy Bobo, Betty Bodenhom, MarqaretBonner low 4: Rose Ann Borello, Betty Boucher, Louis Branovich, Ierome Breiter, Rose Bricker, Bemice Brown, Anna Bucctqrossl, Donna Burlington IGI 53 Dora Butch, Amelia Calabro, Anita Canzano, Harriet Carnahan, William Chepkevlch. Louis Chlertct, Glorta Ctuca, Richard Clawson I low Ox Ioyce Claypool, Chloe Condo, Lorraine Coon, 'William Cooper, Ray Couslln, Herbert Covey, Louis Curct, 'Rudy Dalena, Donald Ztdek, Ronald Davis . , low 7: Rose Marte DePan1cis, Donna Detar. Marlene DeVtnney, Donald Dezzuttl, Mildred Durtanctk, Annette Ella, BdnaEmery, Richard Facchlne r ' 4 C I F34 :lov ll Gennarqwola, Modesta Falenskl, Patricia Fennell, Lucille Ferracclo, Iames Feudalu, Ianle Fox, Gwendmn Furman, Mary Gasparella 5 low ll Delores Gatto, Kenneth George, Robert George. Richard Glrts, Ruth Grabtak. Lauren Gru,, Harry Grtppaldt. Iulta I ' N ' indicates no picture shown. YQ' , Q 37 - I' Lg.,.i1.:.-..,- ,A wi I an . , .V I ,,.,. ' A V ' Row 1: Anthony Grochulski, lohn Cwuercio, Betty Hallman, Milan Hanacek, Richard Hansen, Connie Harendarcik Row 2: Lorraine Harendarcik, Betty Ann Hays. Edward Henry, Iohn Hepler, Larry Hepler, William l-lesketh Row 3: lean Holmes, Sylvia Hornicak, Gloria Horrell, lames Hutchison, Mary Iohnston, Mary Ann lone Row 4: Sylvia Kaleda, Shirley Kelly, Rodney Kinqirski, Dorothy Klem, Patricia Kocon, Leonard Koleno Row 5: Rita Kovalcik, Iames Kridler, David Kuruc, Vivienne Lairo, Louis Lamoreaux, lose-phine Lattanzi Row 6: Iames Lemmon, Betty lane Liska, Charles Long, Ioan Long, Mary Ann Lopata, Theodora Losasso Row 7: Carl Lynch, Ronald McFeaters, Albert Macino, lay Maddox, Rose Marie Maqnanti, Ioan Mastorakis Row 8: Betty Ann Matonak, Dolores Matonak, Delbert Matonic, Edward Matthis, Raymond Me- dice, Ida Mendicino Row 9: Vincent Milewski, Manley Milks, Terry Miller, Ronald Mineskyt loseph Moranclini, Wayne Morrow Row 10: lames Myers, Henry Nawrocki, William Neff, Ierry Nepple, Evangeline Nicholas, Hazel Orr CVM Row l: Fltlllli llrmlitxrttlo, Bru- lmrcx Puintnr, Rivhcxrd Pcmcoe, 'l'urosrx Prxtiturci, Florence Putter- son, Sue Patterson, Steve Potrou- ski Row 2: llftltltlyllf' Phillips, losoph Pithfxllrl, Mull:-I Pnllfwk, Bonnie Pnwvll, llvxum Pwyntf.-1, Gfxil Pm' QYISOII, Holt'-rt Pufqh Row 3: lfwrtfxrfl Pufjlifzsc, Eu- qt-nv Pttriltt-1110, G1-mldinc Cuil' lc-rl, lurk Hfxrtclllo, Vlrfginiu Rus vltifxtom, K1'Illlf'lll Ruth, Vul lean llfxy Row 4: l"rtn1r'i:4. lltxymonfl, An clrr-W ltr-rvltiu, Cllcxytcrn Helvlton- lltltlflll, ltr-'tis llfvilly, Putririrx Hi- mvl, lfrlnvl lloltinsarm, llonfxld Hod- tll'fS How 5: lftrnirvw- llfmfnr-1, Wil' lifllll llrrswllz-, llfllg-lll'lf15s,Hin'l1f11rl lltISS,C:tllt1lYll llupf-lt, Khuol Sfll5' num, ltxwqttf-lirw S4'llfXf'Hf'I Row G: flvrmgift Slltlt"'flf'l, Immt Shrxffrer, Alive Sllf'llCfll7fIl'lJf'l', Dor- othy Shall, Guy Shook, Donald Smith, Shirlv-y Snydr-r Row 7: lftmrrs Solomon, Paul Sormls, Iosvph Slf'dIflk, Bevmloy lrmu Storms, Hrmfxlfl Stmnq, Spr- fgrxy Sll1If1f'OIl, Betty Ann Svozony HOW B: Milfltvfl SVFZIPIIY, Inwolv Turosky, Arthur Tuylrvr, Shilley Thomus, Cfxml Tmnt, Luvonnrl Trvnt, IYIHIUS llhinfz Row 9: llfxtlnfntt Urlmn, Sonia Urlmnslai, Cvxtlurrinf- Vinr-vent, l.m1is Vculwlk, Pnulmr- Wulvott, Putty Wums, Audrey Wrrlls Row 10: llolumt W1-st, Dfxviri Willinms, Mt-rlv Yorty, Suc- Younfa, Sluxmn Zfxrk, Tvrldy Zul- Qnski, Vmrmicwx Zn-mlm, Terrfstx Zurick 0 1952 iv Sv L9 l if C39 r-Q Q Sf f 2 2 lE- 2 nf i .............. .............. . ., .. .. hai' -.. ...... . 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'X : WMV P fw- W Qui! fr lst row: Mary Fitzgerald, Edward Poole, Iacquelyn Rearick, 2nd row: Norma Yerly, Robert Mccutcheon, Gabriel Phillips, Shirley Hays, Not Shown: Miss Love, Sponsor. 42 JA- mafia SMX Sliiilvy li11ys G11l11i11iPl1illi11s Co-Editors-in-Chief l.1uq11wiy11Hm11i.'k News Editor li1s11e1 l-11,-mlm E1iwr11'd P01111- Co-Sports-Editors Miss Lovo Adviser porlersz liwlly A11f.i1-1s1111, H1111-1111l7111111,M111y l11I1C'i'i1lll, W1ll111111 ii-11115, f111uly11U11-:1,111l1o1, 111 l.lIllff"iij Feature Writers: ll11v1fi li111lf:f1l1, H11sf1111111if1 C-111111isc111o, RL-l1111'1i iVikh'iI1O, iiorlwmi K , . r 1y, l1!i11y .11lv11::f11, l11l111 .1!f'i11111l-c, i,,1111 Iililllf' Wi1111l, Mmy A1111 W11ys1-ik: Sporis Writers: I111-i' 1 1 111.1111 l111l11111i i1111t111111, k.11111fi lxiiifi-15, lf1iw111ci Miwiiv-1-, I1111111s lin-1111-ig Typisiss ifvi-ly11 llilty ll 11 l 111 If 111 l1111 illll 111 l'f1+'11-'l1, li11l1y P1-11pl1-1 1-11 ,11 , 11 ,1 u,5L1f1,e55 SW N1111111 Y--ily Advertisinq Manager l'l11yl11p1-11-111lfi Circulaiion Manager 11i1111i4- ill11ll111s Bookkeeper l!l1::1a li1l1i1-l111111fi Adviser A, fl l'i11111111i11 Pl1illi11s, B-1rl+i111,1 Klein, l11111vs G41lciS11'o111, Mmy Fiizqmiilci, Mmiv B1111uli11i, Sully livll, l11l111 Si1111f111, Miss Hilciolmirid, B1i1l111111 Elswivk, Noimu Yoity, Hwl'1v1't Ni-'F11l1'l11-011, 141111111 311111-'nf11k, Hmlw-it Hay: NotShowr1: linvili iiinkrftl, lnsvpli D1-Ziiilli -15 UMCQPJ Donald Prescott President lames Hill Vice President Edward Poole Secretary Iasper Iacobs Treasurer Mr. Bland Sponsor Umm, loseph D'Amato President Donna Sober Vice President Norbert DiGiacomo Secretary-Treasurer Michael Marheilca Student Council Representative Miss Miller Sponsor Z- Q- lst row: Iohn Sinnott, Edward Spiher, Ward Shirley, Don Rowe, Thomas Ceraso, Thomas Powell, Michael Steianik, lames Goldstromg 2nd row: Kenneth Bendlock, Mark Mullen, Daryle Little, Richard Ciuca, Felix Raschaitore, William Stifiler, Martin Zidek, Conrad Kaminskyg 3rd row: Don Iohnson, Angelo Donqhia, Francis Cunningham, Grant Henry, Robert C-iaqen, Clyde Pancoe, Richard Miska, Conrad Virostekg 4th row: James Wilson, William Coleman, Dale McDowell, William Demchak, Andrew Kiralp 5th row: William Harris, David Fennell, Robert McMath, Richard Macinop Standing: Edward Poole, Don Prescott, Iasper Iacobs, Mr. Bland, Not Shown: Ice D'Amato, lames Hill, Charles Paaliarulo, Don Pesarcik, Walter Ray, William Willard, Stanley Wolfe, Robert Lauiienburqer. Carol Shoop, Norbert DiGiacomo, Donna Sober, Miss Miller, Ioe D'Amato, Carrie Lou George, Patty Hepler, Donna DeVinney, Dorothy Snyder: Not Shown: Mike Marhefka, Richard Macino, Richard Tumas, Ronald Varosh, Lawrence Zamber, Martin Zidek. reno - Qrman 44 lf'L - L ' M CVM! sl row: IMI- II-:L XIIIIIIIIII, IIIIWI'-IIIIII Il'-IIIIIIIS, IVIIIIIIIIII- MI'IJIfIIIIIIII, IVIAIIY I'II:'-IfII'IIIcIg 2nd row: IVIIITY II I I I II I I III II III yI IIIIII IIX I'IIIy C-IIIIIII CI I I C'IIsI I 3rd row IVI III I' IIIIlllI II 11. :.yE 1: ,-I-- -- I . 'I 2 I I' Nl I - IIXV4'IIj 4th row: S-lllxllxl I I:. .III,f I- I I. 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V-III, VI II- III-III INIIIIIIII ls! row: Mm IIII'III1'!5I',IIIIIIJIYII IIII-'IIIIIIII IIIIIIIH-:Q DIIIIIIIII'ik, CXIIIII IIIIIIIII: 2nd row: ITSIIIIII CRIIIIII-, I- :II I' I'- I:I- II, 'IU I--11-I I'-IIIIIIII-, IVIWIYIW' I.IIII-Ip 3rd row: GI-III-I CRIIIL'-IIIII, IIIIIII CIISSIIIIIII, IlIIIoIIIy II II I' I'IIy III II I 'III IIIIIII::-I I'II-IIi--sm 4th row: Illllfl T-II'IIf-IIII, I'fvrIIyII SIIYIIIII, LIIIIIIIIIIIII- . I,-, II' I ' 'ISI ', l1wIIII:', IMI IIII' II-III-IIIIII: Standing: Iiwtty SIIIIIII Allll NIJ- " I, I' .' II- I-I-I I'Iu-JIIIII I.IIf'IliE, IIIr:I-I II KIIIIIIIQZ, HIIIII-II FIII I IIIIIIIII ss, I- lly NII IIIII-Is, III- II IIKI MIII ' I 'I' I IIIIIIL II Ir: Ill III-If-, IIIIQ'-II f'IIl Sw-I Illllll III I Nklll y Suydm, III-III I.yIII-II, Ix-IIIIIIIIII - IIIII, DIII0 M-'DI1wvIl, WIIIIIIIII SIIIIIIII, IIIIIIIIIII ll III Illlll S III lIIIl Noi Shown CIIII IIyI-Is II-IIII-II'-I IIIIIIIIII, focznbfz Cp!Z'nIr.s Marlene McDermott III IISIIIIIIII Barbra Elswick Vlvv INIIISIII-IIII Mary Fitzqerald SI I.-I IIII ll y loan Lynch TI IIIISIII III Shirley Laufier IIIsIIIIIIIII Miss Stclhlmann SI -IIIISIII cm-,,,Il, Ioan Lynch III IISIIIIIIII Nancy Snyder Vlvv IwI'PSis'IvIII Belly Smith SIRI wIIII'y Ann Notarnicola TIIII ISIIIOI Dolores Duriancik SIIIIIIIIII CoIIIII'iI IIIIIIIIISGIIIIIIIVII Edward Cheris I'IIIIIi.'iIy CIIIIIIIII III Mrs. Puqliese SIIIIIISOI' lst row: Norma Raymond, Patty Contie, Mary lane Hall, Donna Sobery 2nd row: Dar- lene Doutt, Valqean Mooreg 3rd row: Marilyn Veitch, Marjorie Raraiqh, Shirley Moran. Clurinets Trombones Ioseph Salisbury Anna Bucciqrossi lay Maddox Ralph Poynter lean McAllister Carolyn Rupert Richard Snyder Larry Kaleda Andrew Kiral David Fennell Thomas Butch Lorraine Coon Iohn Lockard Bernard Szymanski Louis Vodzak Mildred Svezeny Michael Marhetka Iohn Ferrante Linda Wiant Base Horns Robert Rossi Felix Raschiatore Richard Macino Fred Wareham Thomas Pohanka Eddie Dubrawlca Scrxophones Ray Kunlcle Pauline Walcott William Nefi Anna Petrarca Teresa Ferrante Sara Ciuca Shirley Joyner Trumpets David Burkett lohn Ciuca Richard Fontana Victor Swanson larnes Kettering Thomas Dluhy Robert Lauftenberaer Richard Ciuca Ierry Nepple Rowenna Pounds Rosanna Giancola Betty Ann Hays Sue Young Homs Edith Tinelli lacquelyn Powell lean Donatelli lacquelyn Rearick Iames Silvestri Bells Meryle Little Chloe Condo Serqay Sturgeon Theresa Pualiese Flute lane Fox Drums Toni Manqo losephine Lattanzi Frank Angelo Laura Poynter Matthew Boulis Lynn Burkett Michael Varrato Cymbals Lorretta Losasso Donald Kaufman afbreffe5 Patricia Contie Head Muiorette Mary lane Hall Assistant Head Mciorette Mr. Sturgeon Sponsor Bass Drums Robert Elder Bcrritones Alan Buco Lucille Ferraccio Muiorettes Patricia Contie Mary lane Hall Donna Sober Darlene Doutt Shirley Moran Valaean Moore Marjorie Raraiah Marilyn Veitch Norma Raymond Flag Carriers Margaret Pruah Carrie Lou Georqe Alice Shellenbarqer Edna Mae Skelton Director Mr. Sturgeon CZ 861'- LLI, QPU lury Fitzgerald urolyn Uncupher llwillf MM-:lf lvl'-Is: llss McConnell llgimzr-'ii Trumpets ' 1 Ill xvul lliul-Lf H 'mllyii lllv'-iyilmi, Scilly Brill, M Hiflifxrfl lhriliiiii Clarinets lvissvgfli rwlllfilrl llfilpll llriyrih-r Anim lim-wlfllf 1 Ifyy My 1rlfl1iX 'Nillifim C f-lv in iii Trombone lllf'fl Vv'+xI+-lifirii iujp Bliyloliyii, Blnlmiru Klviii, lminiio Clic-sl-if-lc, Milly lwilzuiwml-lp No! 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CM Omcm lacquelyn Kaufman President Amelia Mazfilc Secretary Miss Elwood Sponsor lane Cummings, Carol Wilson, Elizabeth Miller, Mary Silvestri, Gertrude Phillips, losephine Men- dicino, Mary Ann Wuysick, lacquelyn Kaufman, Antonette Calabro, Amelia Mazak, Miss Elwood, Emma Couslin, Rita McCool, loy Krotzer, Emma Bernat 50 1 ,Ml 1 1 ,1.1 rawmfic 'r'0r.5 1.01111 111110 M1'Ki11110y President D111ot11y 'S11y1i111 Vice President CKIIO1 1l11lmlll Secretnryffreasurer AI1111 Bllffl Student Council Representative Miss Wi111w1't Sponsor lst row: 1'11tty f'1111t11-, t'11111ly11 W't111l11y, 1311111105 H1111'111y, Lois Snydrw, A11111 B111'c1, Cum! 111li1111, 1.111111 1111111 M1-1'.1111111y,, 1J11111tt1y H1111-5, Sylvi11 D111i11111'ik, 1V1ilI1C'l'll' 111111155 2nd row: D111lo110 tl1111tl, 111111 1'1111111:11111, M111y Q111I111, Il'It'Sll 111111111ts-, C11111'1- C,11str-1, M111y 111110 111111, t1t1111I-1:1 1'1111I111111l11, 111 1111111 MIlI'lIl11, 13111111111 11r1l1I111s, 110111-1t Elcier, Do1c1tt1y Snydm, J11 W111111-11, 1111I1111-sa 1t111i11111'ik, N11111111 1i111l11I1111, V1111i11i11 11il111111111, Sliiiley L1111f'f11r, M111y Ellen t11::t111, V1-I11111 K 1111111111111 1 cis T1-v1111111i:sg 3rd row: 1flIlltlS 1111t1-l1isn11, Ariqvlo D011ql1i1'1, Duvid Blll kwttq Not Shown: t311lIy Hell, 1111111 F1111-11, S11i1'111y PlY1'ffIf'l!I1fl, Roliwrt L1111tt0r1l1111'q0r, Wi1li11111 M1'Ki1111r1y, 11111111 V111-1tt1-1111 1 1111111-:1 11lv11st1i, Mil1t1f-11 D111111111'ik, 111y Mficiciox, L111'il10 F011111'1'i1'1 P6010 CM 111-Wt, 111111111-1' 11111111111-111 President ' 11111111 I 111111111-:L Vice President AIIHN 1l1111i1'11I11 Secretary 1'1ttyf'111ti1- Treasurer Alllt N'1t11111i1'11111 Student Council Representative 1111, 1111 1'J.'Il1' Sponsor Seated: Nc1111111 RkIYIllOIld1 lst row: Rita DeSulvo, Dorothy Holes, Helen Upli11qo1', 101111 Domitelli, i5l1i1'l11y F'it:t141:11,1ld, Dolows D111i11111'il-L, G11b1ie1l Phillips, Norlwert DlGlLla'CDlllLWI 2nd row: MklY1ltll'G'l 111111ti1111, 1V1fll4jOIL'l Kulyik, 10501111 D'A11111tC1, 1V1111y Me11di1'i11o, D011 Zcinotti, V11111111 C111'1111l11111, Allll N1,t11111i1'11111, M111y 1211+111 1-'ClSlPl, Lois T11v1-l1111is, A111111l11 Do111111i11, M1. Hl'UWllUf Not Shown: Altlll 11111111 1111111111 F1-1111, Tt11111111s Powell ti11111'tiv1-J, 0111111113 Silvvstri, Dmis T1r111t1111111, l,11dwi11 Wi11o111.111 51 uariefy ofim Norma Raymond President Elaine Bush Vice President Rose Marie Milauskas Secretary Miss Miller Sponsor .AI CM oficm Sandra Heckman President Dolores Barclay Vice President Barbara Klein Secretary Dolores Primack Treasurer Mary lane Hall Student Council Representative Viola Goldstrom Publicity Chairman Miss Weamer Sponsor 153:33 Z lst row: Emma Bernat, losephine Mendicino, Annette Elio, Rose Marie Milauskasp 2nd row: Phyllis Shellhammer, Teresa Patitucci, Gloria Cuica, Mary Lee Owensq 3rd row: Dolores Barclay, Sylvia Harnicak, Elaine Bush: 4th row: Frances Lemmon, Serqay Sturgeon, Amelia Znanecg 5th row: Norma Ftaymond, Carole Shari: Sth row: Mary Mendicinop Standing: lean Holmes, Miss Miller, Bita Kovalcik, Merla Bone, Carolyn Richardson, Geraldine Swartz, Gay Shook, loann Ferqusonp Not Shown: Lillian Bernal, Donna Burfinqton, Gloria Canzano, Pearl Richard, ludy Silvis, Lois Tevelonis, Lois Wagner. Standing: Marilyn Veitch, Barbara Painter, loann Ferguson, Mary Ann Lopata, Shirley Vovaris, Miss Weamer, Lona lane McKinney, Mildred Duriancik, Gail Proqason, Barbara Klein: Seated: Sally Bell, Barbra Elswick, Donna Traister, Viola Goldstrom, Mary lane l-lall, Sandra l-leckman, Carol Salsrnany Not shown: Dolores Barclay, Dolores Primack, Mary Ellen Foster, Mary Kuchta, Toni Mango, Marjorie Marks, Lois Tevelonis. 52 .uWF,Y ..,, --- .. .pe-. , 1 . l l A 74-Y . r- -no-rl' MMM Umm Theresa Puqllese President Lois Stewart Vivo President Mary Gallo Secretfiryffrecisurer Vulgean Moore Publicity Cliuirinun Carolyn Uncapher Student Connvil Representative Miss Hildebrand Sponsor Seated: Mtnilyn V1-it'-li, lflllllll PV-rfnisnn, Dolores lltirifrnr-ik, Fllen Gfrllo, Frtinc-os Oslmskio, lv-in l itr-lszrfn, llf'l"ll llptlilituil, llvtlf-n ltr'-illy, Ml1l'lfllF'l Ffintinrv, liflrnlflnv lVlr'Dnrinr:tt, lint-qtieilyii Pnwfhll, 'film-rin lvlvwif-, Vfirfflyli llIl"'llFltf'l, lrwn Lynvli, llditli Tinvlli, Prtxnvt-s Lrfninicwn, Mixttlnr Wlwrry, fny Cltillfi, fallfll 'Nil::rtn, Mflry llllflll Pfister: Standing: Tlifircisti Pnqlibso, lnis Sttfwtnt, Miss llildv l mntl Nfillllil litiynwnfl, I+-tin lirunritttlli, Milcllml Krtitivlc, Mcity lvlonclivino, lrlti Mun l.flIlllSOIl, Mtn -llfx llNl1f'IIY llwlfwt-rs Zinvliini, lvlfrrif- litntnlini, Virqiniu llilvnuin, Shirley lmiiftrir, Ctrml lnlirin: Not shown: llltiltfiwsa lifxtvlfiy, litirlvrirti Klein, los:-yiliitirv Mondivinu, lflncinmr Wtilsli. Wofion Qcfnre pemlfom liaptx lm-ltza, ltiniris llill, lltimlul llivliviy, Dontilul llvslcrltli, Wylllltllll Ccilnnitin, Cltllltlll V111-:ati-lc, lifvlw-it lJlv4'titrli-'wit Cllr-tial Opt-irrtnil, lost-pli Konrttui, Nwrlwrl llillitiroiiw, Vinv-int lill'IIIlll, lin wwf llf-:sl-if-tlt: Not shown: llolw-rt VVtrms, Mr. TllUIllPSUll fSponscnl. 5 54 unify ijoolfgaj jam SEASON'S SCORES V. H. S. vs. Munhall .. 6-19 V. H. S. vs. North Catholic .. .. 0-25 V. H. S. vs. Elwood City .. .13-13 H. S. Butler . .. 0-33 V. H. S. vs. Farrell . . . . . .20-19 H. S Har-Brack . . 6-24 V. H. S. vs. Altoona ... .. . 6-26 V. H. S. Ford City ...... .. 0-12 V. H. S. vs. Ambridge . . . . 7-46 H. S New Kensington 0-6 lst row: Leonard Kozlowski, Louie Palattella, Don Zanotti, Robert Waros, Eugene Hesketh, Larry Flowers, Iames Watterson, Anthony Fantino: 2nd row: Donald Holmes, William Demchak, Don Strazzer, Tony Nicholas, Leonard Lekavich, Ludwig Wineman, Calvin Thomas, Donald Raymond 3rd tow: Vincent Colaianni tStudent Manaqerl, Mr. Dorwart tFaculty Athletic Manaqerl, Mr. Bartle bauqh tAssistant Coachl, Mr. Graham tl-lead Coachl, Mr. Pishioneri tAssistant Coachl, Mr. Bennardo U-Kssistant Coachl, Ralph Young CStudent Manaqerl. enior pfayerd DON ZANOTTI LOUIE PALATTELLA EUGENE HESKETH ROBERT WAROS IAMES WATTERSON ANTHONY FANTINO DONALD HOLMES LEONARD LEKAVICH TONY NICHOLAS CALVIN THOMAS 56 I1 1 . lfmior lllamify lieam SEASON'S SCORES V. H. S. vs. Har-Brack . . . 6-24 V. H. S. vs. Butler . . . . . 7-31 ' V. H. S. vs. Tarentum . . . 7-7 V. H. S. vs. Saltsburg . . . . . 6-5 V. H. S. vs. New Kensinqton . . 14-18 V. H. S. vs. Kiski . . . . . . O-28 lst row: Richard Facchine, Clair Byers, Richard Ross, Robert Froncek, Augustine Zemba, Gennaro Faiola, Vincent Milito, David Kuruc, Victor Colaiannig 2nd row: Richard Moran, Andrew Recchia, Ronald Shuster, Paul Lopata, Conrad Virostek, lames Kardos, Grant Henry, William Fox, Iames Myers, Ioseph Morandinig 3rd row: Mr. Bartlebauqh tCoach7, Thomas Butch tStudent Manaqerl, Mr. Bennardo tAssistant Coachl: Not shown: Richard Bendlock, Iarnes Feudale, Ralph Fryer, John Guercio, Richard Hansen, William Hesketh, Charles Long, Delbert Matonic, Frank Pagliarulo, Ioseph Pir- halla, Francis Raymond, Dennis Stankus, Robert West, Edward Wuyscik, Don Zack, Ted Zalenski, Mr. Dorwart tFaculty Athletic Manaqerl. 57 V V. V V iii 444 Mardifg gadgefdaff Sinn vs Leechburg . . . vs Tarentum . . . vs Leechburg . . vs Ellwood City . . . vs Tarentum ..... vs New Castle .... vs Ellwood City . . . Vs 'Kittanning ..... Vs Punxsutawney vs ' Har-Brack ..... 452150113 xSif0l"Q5 .. . . .55-38 V. H. . vs 'New Kensington .. .. .....43-3l .H. . vs 'FordCity......... .....47-44 .H. . vs 'Butler......... .....5l-45 ,H. . vs New Castle .....50-48 .....53-50 .....39-40 .....63-48 .. ..... 64-45 ..........45-37 Har-Brack ........ . . . Vs New Kensington H .H. . vs 'Ford City ...... . H 'D H . . . vs Butler ...... S V S V S V S V. H. S. Vs 'Kittanning ...... V. H. S. vs ' V S V S V S V S . . . vs Punxsutawney .. ' indicates Section I Games At the tournament in Greensburg, played February 24, March 2, and March 3, Vandergrift High School won the County Championship of Class A, with the following scores: V. H. S. vs Hurst ..... V. H. S. vs leanette V. H. S. vs Derry Tw . . . 53-38 p. .............. 49-27 59-60 62-69 39-50 51-75 60-39 45-50 68-52 54-60 68-57 35-55 Mr. Schneider Head C ach o Mr. Pishioneri Assistant Coach Edward Medice Rnlvert Gagen Managers Each Senior acted as game captain throughout the season. lst row: lames Tardivo, Richard Loperfito, Thomas Cera- so, James Watterson, lack Crossan, Don Prescott, Don Rowe, 2nd row: Willifrrn Demchak, Dale McDowell, Fe- lix Raschiatore, Clyde Pancoe, Conrad Virostek, Iarnes Hill, 3rd row: Mr. Rishioneri, Robert Gaqen, Guido Butch, Don Traister, Edward Medice, Mr. Schneider. 58 izfufzior Mrdifg fi?a5Le1fAcLff ,gyqoaacf Ccaches: lVii.Rtxitlwlif111fili Mi. lliszliiwiivii Managers: llulifilt Curry-it ltvryii1oi1flMr-riif'f- i-S. vrs lJ?9ClllJl1fCJ . . S. vzz Tcirfalituiii .. fl. vs: Loocliburcg . . 55. vi: lfllwood City J. vs: 'Vriiontuiii ... 53. vsa Now Castle .. fi. v:1 lfllworici Cfity 13. vs: Kittrxniiiiiq ... ES, v:-1 Piirixsutrrwiioy fi. vfz Har Brook ... L ls! row: William Fox, Dennis Stankus, William McKinney, Iames Kardos, Paul Lopata, William Willardg 2nd row: Raymond Medive, Edwin Adonis, Rolwert l,'.1UH9Ill'JUTCj91', Leonard Bell, Riuliald Rossp Grd row: Mi, Bsiitlobaiiqli, Vvvlllllllll Ciossan, Iolin Guercio, Ricliaid Bendlovk, William Heskvtti, Robert Gaqen, Mi. Pishioneii: Not Shown: Robert West, Leonard Kozlowski, Franvis Raymond. .. ...29-21 4. ..,23-44 . ...12-53 .. ...l4-29 2 , 2 Y l'Il.f0l'l 5 f0l'l'g5 . . .32-18 New Kensington ...22-34 Ford City ...... Butler ........ New Castle .. .32-44 Kittanninq .... '-' Har-Brock ..... f I' New Kensington .28-32 7 4-97 Ford City ...... .23-50 Butler ......... .33-50 Punxsutawney . 31-45 22-29 16-40 25-70 17-30 34-20 40-44 17-48 15-40 69-35 gmegaff cglozdonk Soren V. H. S. vs Freeport ... ... 3-3 V. H. S. vs V. H. S. vs Ford City .... ..... l Z-4 V' H. S' VS V. H. S. vs Kittanninq . . . .. . 6-2 V. H. S. vs West Deer ........ .. . 6-5 V' H' S' VS V. H. S. vs Shannock Valley . .. .. . U-4 V. H. S. Vs Coach ..... .. . O. l. Schneider Manager .... . , . Edward Medice lst row: Felix Ftaschoitore, Thomas Ccraso, lames Vtfatterson, lack Crossari, Don Raymond: 2nd row: Edward Medice, Anthony Fantino, larnes Tardivo, Don Prescott, Richard Lopertito, Mr. Schneider. Freeport . . . Kittanninq . . . Ford City ....... Shannock Valley l 60 lllzrdify CM Sponsors V1111'1-11111-111111111111 1.11w11111 1111-1111-11 Managers ow: f1111111111y1'1111111111,1'1-1ix 11f1::1'21i'1111111, VV'i11i11111 174'II1V11fIk, 111111115 W111101sc111, H1'111eA1'1 W111115, 1.111111- 1111 111 1 111111 11 .1111 111 l14111lY111I1L1 1111y 11ovv115 11011 11 S 1 2 d L1 191111111 ,, ,, .. 1-1 ,1111 1 L1, 1,,,,! 1111 1 11 41 '11:1'111g n row: 'y111- 1-1, 11u'111 W1111 1111111, 11111111111 1111111111 1 11v111 11111111 '1111lIY N1 11111111 1.1-111111151 L11k11vi1'11, 111111111 Y11111111, 1 11111:: 1 -1 1:111 111:-11111 11111-11111 1.11. S1 Ld was V11111111f 1111111111 President 111111111:s111111111111: Vice President , 1 1.'111111111'11111- 5ecre1ury1Treclsurer 1.'1:.:s 1111" 7111111-11 Sponsor , . 11 11111 1'111 111111111 3rd row: 111111 111111111-s, 1111111-11 KZ11111111, 1111111-1111 11--ske-111, 131111 2111111111 CR11111111 V1111s111l1:, 111-11 11111, 111111 1.111111'1: 4th row: M1. 4111111 1111, 171111 T111is1v1, 1111111,-s T11111iv11, 1111'k Q'111ss1111, 131111 1111w11, 1111-1111-15 N01 Shown: 13011 S1111L'111f1'. ls! row: Miss M1'C1111111111, V1-1111111 C1111111111111, 1501111115 13111111111-ik, 1111111111111 lxK1I1P, B1111y 1111111111 1"1111111111 1315 1111111 11111111111 2nd row L11 11111.-J1111, 1'111111111y 111111-5, 1111111111 lf1v11s1i11, P11111 L1'-11113 41h row: 1.1111-1111 111111:'11s, 111111111111 1Q111111'k, L111'111i11e T10 '1-111 Klivk, 1.1115 '1'11111v1111is, 111-11-11 W111l-:1-1, T111-111111 1101111111117 3rd row: P111111y 1111111, 111-11-11 11 1111111011 51h row: 141111-1111 Ko14o11, S11i1'1e V11v1111a, 1111111111 A1111111111, A111111 1'X11111111111o5 Sth r 1 Y ,111-1111 S1111111 1'111y S11 1 KI 11-1111 C11Ss1111111, M111y 11111111 190511113 N01 Shown: A111111 C1111s1i11, 11011111 M11 C'11111W 1 1 f+1-- Q, -- .L 61 OW .9 1 K K 5 'QL , Cara 'A li' Aa GILCJ' CCLPCJJ ,Mi GCAGHWJ 1 at id 1 wsu O .Q O 4 ww? ommencemenf r09fam5 all Q td ACKNOWIEGIIWYII PlIO'I'OGRAPHY-Gems!! Studio, Yandcrqrih, Pa. PRINTING AND BINDING--ilu!!! BBN.. Cfliddbld. PQ, ENGRAVING-Circle Efompany. Ihdidflxlblii. COVER DESIGN-Poqqy lbvran and Amelia Znannc w. Mx' '-tau iypi. nf. w .Q . y1q5E, . :ii- . 3, M. AZ-PJ 'a ' I 1 we-A". V.. M"u'??1.L k - .9 mazffgq- H 'V i'3E'0 1 JJ, v :- -' r 3 lr 31, .X-' W MMI. ,1,,, '-'-,s,x-fu. ' 1 -ll -JV ' ':...f ,. I .A rx, , -rig... , ke:-' 1 . A.. ' -x ' ,, ,L w "x" Q , 2. -v ' ,. ' ve 7, 'M'ig,miLQ':-41 ' img: V, . , z-Ll., vlf' ' 4, pvi i 1 I., w . - '-f- :f V3 iw fa, V 'I . I J , xl., p D r-w' LQ q, . .fl ,fax , 1 1 . , . -" 'lfgi ,f La Ei -1 ,J- ,'ur 1 V if ,QQ -,,'!.. M 5 " , X, I K, ,XX .Eg Q l QV Aw 1 EJ? N, . ,V 1,- -ldf , -:ft if X' :. X" - 1 x 1 N ,379-f-ff1,L-A,..Y-.,..w: 51...---.,...f..q-,..1.:, Qiwg,-ggleeff ff 1 x X K x x F. 3

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