Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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.1- -1 L 31-.1.I1II. 1 Q I . 4. 1 I: P- ' rfw . 'L .. 1 1' I II Q 5- fi 1 1.3"-1I,1I - -I 1. Lg, N3 I 1 Iwi- 1, +A "' I "ff W1 ' ' 5. . ' : I- 1. mf' I. I I 1 I III "I . QL- ' -MY ' . ., f A-If 1 1. Ls X I 1 . Ii 1.-31-1 A 1 1 Q5 II, 11 IIJ ' . , f ' 5, 11 IRI IKI1 : ,I I . I ' rl , IIL. I II ,L ' 45 .Q. 1. ' '. 1: 4 gif". , -, I 2 . 'A if M ' -1, '-1" 1-1' " .11 4 111, . Q. 'r-ggi 111 " " 'ff 7' 'L I 1 ' 11 ' LI I, ,Qi 1 ' 1 L. 1 If. .11 . 1. .II I I.I., I 1 .ig hy. ' -1,- I fr' II 1 -. 'FII FE, 99' ' " 1 1, s 1 11 '- LII II r 1 I W I - 1 A A, au' , III-XII 1 I. AIVT L I I. I' 11- .1 : .' IQ' I 1, 1 .I I 5-1 ' :P 11' .1 ' in?" '1' 1 XJ iff ' '..- 1 -3. I . 'I' ,. . I. I - -1 1 13. li 'I ' Q' . . fi .fs ' -AF 1. . ., 1 .3-' . --1 . ' ' 1 ., ..LQJI.I1'g I ,,1II Ej1"..1n "1H1 . '.--115 ' . . 4 .V 5,51 fs I1-.' I' 1- It 1 . I 1I '31 1 .V H1 -I W 'L ' -'T' '7 .1,I1'1:- 5 1 3, 'W.w..:.h -mf' .L1 1 TL 1'-'.i1.'a .1 '11-1 .QI 1 I, 111 F' 1 1. I 11- ,I I PH' ' 1: fr F .1. 4 1-1 .II1 '1:IA1- 1 I . 11. ' ' Q' I II .IJ1 .Q- 74. .I , .I,.1. '..-. 3 I-nw.. .I-. 'Il 1 T1 11 I A : Y ff 'Li-5 In r . 11' WH Lv-1 'IILMEQY' .EV - 4 . .I . 51- jff1'a4f' Baia.. 1 S-iw'-. - .1.-1., 1.7, 1. :1-3 1, - 1 1:1, 1 'if fry .-'B ' 1 '11 :Q .J 45 .1511 :W 1, Iii ' 1 r 1, I . .1 1 . 5: I . I - 'Q ' 1 ,, I 1 IT. A I ' 1' -' , '11 -.11..- . 3 1, 13 - :ff I 1...-' V : L ff ,. -' - ' -2-'1'. QP' .I - I 1 ' .v 111 If . :rx 4.1-+"...1,, 1, , . 1. '. . " -if II -15 - 1.1 " - rv. .I If.-',. .:' I 'A1.I .Li .. 17. , ,1- .I.,.I,., .1 II..Ip..III . . . I II I 1 lu.. . - - 1 ' .. .4 I 1 . ' 1.1 I 1. ,. ni I I 11 -'1 ' '1 '- " -11 . 1 qi II,I1'- II.I:- ' I II II I I.. ' I I .. ii 'mf I 1. 1 1 f..:f .1 'Tir' 1 ' . if F il-"' L 1: . ' .I.I' 1 I I 1. II ' X .h 'HGV' .. 1 U rf . 1' - - ' fs: ' 'aI'--1 -J 1. I 1, 'T ' nu V' U v I' r. 1 '5.m 4-E? 1 I '11II .V . 'I P91 1.1:1"v, n 1 . 1 , , 1 .I I- 111 , II 1 - -111 1- ' ,V -- 1 1 "3 wif '.'I":' . - - I . -- xl. "' K "W:-. 'E-1' ' .2I.1? QL! I II IIII .,1I I I IIIII II II 1 51' ' 'A f., "" 'T' ' 1 ."rII - . 1 4.11. " I ' 1 ' ' 1 414 .' . ' V 1 .1..M Pt, 'g . - 1 1: I" i 1: '1' - .. .1 '- .I 4 1 1 - " 1 - . . . ,1 1" .ff-.1.I..IA I13' ', 1 1 I 1+ .2 - 1 - , ' " I-'Lt1'., rf ' ' . .1 ' -- 'N ' , I . 1 1 - f 1 I -I . .I , 7 . I I. . ' 1 1 -".1. l 11'1,f' f . 1, 1 . ' 1 I 1- I 1 f-'X 41 I' ' -1 1' f ' 'A1 Z1 ' f- .aw - ' 5 -ci? I . . " '..A ' 1 . ' I II .1--'-I-1 . W . I . -4 I .I I ' I . 1 111 1 1 'I arf, lp, 'ff ' g 1 . . ' , I 11... ,fu 1 .4 . 3.1.1 - Q1 . I '11 ' 1271-fI Sl' -r, f ,110 1. .If II1- ,. "'-rw IRNIMI I5II-f "F Y Ia, 'L' il . 11" -f 'Q' Q W4 HI' 1 D I 1 i X X f 4 4 X gf. w .'pd,, ,nga V Jim Mm, x QI 1'fX 'Fw 3 O sg ff f X 795 Klan, Jiiafn THE GREAT DAY In remembrance of the education we have obtained and the time we have spent in Vandergrift High School, we, the Class of 1950, express our four years as phases of a great day that will long live in the minds of all of us. MORNING FRESHMAN YEAR Happy freshmen, mounting higher, gaining the wisdom that is much desired . . . new faces and getting acquainted . . . a joyous year highly rated . . . AFTERNOON SOPHOMORE YEAR Sophomores now . . . one step higher still . . . on the road for a goal much higher . . . club meetings and activities . . . new things and demonstrations . . . our Prince Bills and Princess Fossler . . . another year sealed and never to be forgotten . . . EVENING JUNIOR YEAR Rugged iuniors . . . nearing the end . . . class officers . . . President Ronald Bills . . . Vice President Edward Sinclair . . . Secretary John Bielak . . . Treasurer Joseph Parks . . . Historian Edward Hales . . . Class colors, green and white . . . a term of upsets and great surprises . . . NIGHT SENIOR YEAR Joyous seniors . . . we've reached the top . . . King Bills and Queen Fossler . . . Boy and Girl most likely to succeed-James E. Young and Jewell Wright . . . Class Officers . . . President Joseph Canzano . . . Vice President John Blackson . . . Secretary Joseph Parks . . . Treasurer Adam Karafinski . . . Historian Edward Hales . . . a great year to end a marvelous day . . . -Edward Hales, Historian 4 THE CLASS OF 1950 in appreciation of an outstanding teacher, who not only has the knowledge of his subiect but also has the ability to "get across ideas" to each student as an individual, dedicates this book to MR. BENJAMIN F. BROWNE -s ,, T1 I I .F Bound nf, 6 .IL PRESIDENT Mr. G. A. Whitacre VICE PRESIDENT Mr. J. B. Alker SECRETARY Mr. J. Q. Adams TREASURER Dr. R. H. Knowles SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Mr. John R. Kurtz BOARD MEMBERS Mr. D. W. Steele Mr. S. J, Russell Mr. H. C. Roeper The year 1945 saw the end of World War II, and in the fall of that year new equipment for Vandergrift High School began to be available. Since that time the library has been brought up to date, with new tables, chairs, Iibrarian's desk, card catalogue, vertical file, running water, in addition to the annual purchase of new volumes, including the World Encyclopedia and the Britan- nica. ln the fall of 1949, the domestic science room was equipped with two complete kitchen units, cupboards, refrigerator, deep freezer, gar- bage disposal, dish washer, washing machine, clothes dryer, ironer, six sewing machines, two sewing tables, twenty-four chairs, kitchen table, separate hot water system, and new window blinds. Fluorescent lights were installed in the main building of the high school, also added were a public address system serving both the audi- torium and gymnasium, new skylights and new curtain for the stage in the auditorium, a new electric scoreboard in the gymnasium, and a new heating system. Driving was added as a course of study to the curriculum, instruments were purchased for the use of the band members, a new movie pro- iector replaced the old one used in visual aid program, a summer recreation program with teachers selected and paid through the Board of Education was established in the town. Mrs. Doutt, school nurse, headed the medical and dental clinic, with three physicians and three dentists conducting examinations in the espe- cially equipped rooms in the Lincoln School, where high school students and teachers go for scheduled examinations. An additional secretary for the superinten- dent, new cupboards for the physics laboratory, ci planer and blue printing machine for the shop, a fence around the practice field on the south side of the building, and services of a psycholo- gist have also been added since the fall of 1945, when the Class of 1950 entered Vandergrift High School. MR. JOHN R. KURTZ MR. J. PAUL SHAFFER Superintendent of Principal of the Vcmdergrift Public Schools Vcmdergrift High School MRS. VERNON DOUTT School Nurse MRS. ZELLARS WEST MRS. GEORGE ALKER 'MISS CARYL MAE GARMEN MISS BETTY SPANG Secretary to the Secretary to lhe Secretary to the Secreiory lo the Superintendent Superinlendent Superintendenl Principal C Ja 'once , Us L X. " . ai' .A W 75 MISS IMOGENE BAUER Science MR. GUY M. BENNARDO Social Science MR. LYNN D. BLAND Social Studies MR. BENJAMIN F. BROWNE Science MRS. MAURICE BURKE Mathematics MISS MARGARET CLINE Music Supervisor MR. WILLIAM D. DEMCHAK Physical Education MR. JAMES M. DORWART Science, Faculty Athletic Manager MISS HAZEL I. ELLENBERGER Commercial Studies MISS EMILIE M. ELWOOD Librarian MISS MABELLE S. HILDEBRAND Social Studies MISS EVELYN LOVE English, Journalism MR. EUGENE McCOLGIN Music MISS JUNE McCONNELL Physical Education MISS ESTHER McDOWELL English MISS HILDA McELHANEY English MISS ETHEL MARTIN Commercial Studies MISS HELEN MILLER French, German, English P MISS JENNIE OWENS Social Studies MR. JOHN C. OWENS, JR. English MISS EMMA PATTON Mathematics MR. A. F. PISHERONI Assistant Coach MRS. R. THOMAS PUGLIESE Spanish MR. O. A. ROMETO Social Studies, Coach MISS MARY RUDOLF Mathematics MR. O. J. SCHNEIDER Social Studies, Coach MR. BLAIR SCHRECONGOST Art Supervisor MISS LILLIAN SHUMAKER English, Driving MISS GERTRUDE SNYDER Science MISS CALLA L. STAHLMANN Latin MISS MILDRED STEWART Mathematics MISS ELAINE STURIALE Mathematics MR. KENNETH THOMPSON Science MISS MARGARET WEAMER English MISS LOUISE WINGERT Commercial Studies MR. JOSEPH B. YOUNT, JR. Industrial Arts claim 1 E Lx flaw, PRESIDENT Joseph John Ca nza no General 54- VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER HISTORIAN John Edward Blackson Joseph Anthony Park Adam Karafinski, Jr. Edward Everette Hales General General General General 11 LURA ANN AKERS MYRNA WILLAVENE BELL Classical Technical NORMA JEAN ALEXANDER DONALD GENE BENNARDO Commercial General ROBERT EUGENE ALTMIRE ORVILLE CARL BICKEL, JR. General General RALPH LEE BARCLAY JOHN JOSEPH BIELAK General General DELBERT VERNON BAUSTERT MARTHA ELAINE BIER General Commercial WAYNE MATTHEW BAUSTERT RONALD CLARENCE BILLS General General KIM-'Lvl EDITH MALINDA BLACKBURN Commercial ROBERT JOHN BLANCIAK Classical MARY LOU BOYD General SYLVIA DOLORES BREZNICAN General LEON GEORGE BUDZILEK General CARMELLA ANGELINE CALABRO General JANET ELAINE CALIFORNIA General ROBERTA LOUISE ANNE CALLEN General ROBERTA LOUISE ANNE CALLEN La BORDE General CONSTANTINE CAPLANES General RICHARD FRANK CAPPO General GEORGE RICHARD CAPRETTO General DAVID FLOYD CARNAHAN HARRIET CATHERINE CLAYPOOLE General Classical ANNETTE JOAN CASSIMATIS ROLAND EUGENE COCHRAN General General RITA JEAN CHIERICI JANE FAIRFAX CONNOR General General ROSEMARY CICERO DAVID HARRY CONRAD General General JULIA ANN CIOCCA ALFRED BENJAMIN CONTIE Commercial General HENRY DOMENICK CIUCA RITA LOUISE CONTRAEL General General 614-44 DK KENNETH VERYL COOK General JOHN WAYNE CRAIG General WILLIAM TARR CROCKER Technical LAWRENCE ALLEN CURCI General BETTY LOU CUSTER General HELEN CZUSZAK Classical JACK NICHOLAS DeICIMMUTO General ANTHONY MARIO DELLEDONNE General WALTER EDWARD DeVlNNEY Technical CORINNE LOUISE DISMUKE General JOHN CLAIR DRUMMOND, JR. Classical CARL RAYMOND EARLY General CORBETT EUGENE ELKIN General ROBERT STEVEN FASANO General THERESA MARY FAZEKAS General KENNETH JACK FERGUSON General AMELIA BEATRICE FILO General NO RMA J EAN FOSSLER Commercial DOROTHY ANN FRONCEK Commercial EVELYN LEE GALLO General THOMAS VICTOR GALLUCCI General MARIANN LOUISE GIBBONS General ANGELINE JOANNE GIOTTO General WILLIAM FINDLEY GOLDSTROM Commercial 611144 DK GERALDINE GOLDIE HALLMAN General GLENNAMAE CIVILA HALLMAN General CYRIL JOSEPH HARANT General CAROL JUNE HEADLEE General HARYL HUGH HEADLEE General DONNA JEAN HEADLEY Commercial NORMA JEANNE HEDDINGER Commercial CAROLYN LQRUE HENNEMAN Classical ETHEL JEAN HILTY General NANCY LOUISE HOFFMAN General ALLEN JOHN HUNTER General CYRIL JOSEPH ROBERT KARDOS General LARUE CAROLINE KETTERING Technical RICHARD CLAYTON KICHLINE General BARBARA ALYN KING Commercial LUCILLE CECILIA KOVALIK Commercial FRANK STANLEY KRAFICK General THOMAS JOSEPH KUBIK General EVE ELIZABETH LaBORDE IVANICH General ISABELLE LUCINDA LAFFERTY General WALTER LATHAM General MILDRED ELIZABETH LEONARD Commercial LEO RUDOLPH LETTERINE General HOWARD WAYNE LINDFORS General Kid-M vi ROSE MARIE LOFFRETO Classical JAMES ANTHONY LOPATA Classical ETHEL RAE LOWMASTER Commercial DON LeROY McDOWELL Technical IRIS ANN MCKINNEY General MARTHA JEAN MACCAGNO Commercial F RANK ALFRED MAGNANTI General GRACE LOUISE MAGNESS General NORMA JEAN MAGNESS General ULYSSES JAMES MANDIS General ELSIE VICTORIA MANGIFESTA General ALEXANDER CHRISTY MANNELLA General CONSTANCE JO ANNE MARCONI Classical STEPHEN ANDREW MARHEFKA General PATSY ANTHONY MASTROCINQUE, JR. General PANAGIOTA MEGAS Classical ROSE MARIE MENDICINO General RUTH ANN MILEWSKI Commercial FRANCES JOAN MILIE General RAYMOND LEROY MILLER General FLORENCE MOCADLO Classical LILLIAN JOANNE MOHNEY Classical MARALYN MARIE MURPHY Classical ALFRED BROOKS NOVEMBER General KIHM vi ELIZABETH HELEN NUSCIS General DOLLY MAE OTTO Commercial PATSY JOSEPH PALATTELLA General VITO FRANK PALATTELLA General MICHAEL VERN PANCOE General SHIRLEY ANN PERROTT General lla?- ELSA BERTA PETRARCA Commercial LeROY EARL PEWTON General MARY ANN ELIZABETH PISARCIK General DOMINIC JOSEPH POCETTI General MARGARET KATHLEEN POJEDINEC Commercial HARRIET ELIZABETH PORTER General ERMA JANE RARAIGH General ANICETA MARIE RILEY General LEONARD CHARLES ROCK General LAWRENCE ROPELEWSKI General RITA JEAN ROSS Commercial WILLIAM DONALD ROWE General MARLENE SAPPE' Commercial RAFFELI NA CARRIE SAVASTANO Commercial CLYDE WHITSON SHAFFER Classical WESLEY ALBERT SHANER Classical SAMUEL JEREMIAH SHEARER General IRENE DOLORES SIKORSKI General 614-M 004 BARBARA ANN SILVESTRI General JOHN ROBERT SILVESTRI General VITO NICHOLAS SILVESTRI General GEORGE EDWARD SINCLAIR General EMlLlE LOUISE SNYDER Classical PATRICIA JOAN SOLOMON Commercial MARGARET ELAINE SOSKA Commercial JACOB CLAIR SPANG General ANTHONY STERLITZ Technical ROBERT EUGENE STIFFLER General ROBERT LAWRENCE SULTINI General MICHAEL ALOYSIUS SVEZNY General JAMES GARROWAY TANNER General EUGENE KENNETH TARDIVO General MILDRED KATHLEEN TAROSKY Commercial DOMINICK DONALD TEDESKI Technical BERNICE JANE THOMAS General ROBIN THOMPSON Classical JOHN JOSEPH TRAWINSKI, JR General JENNIE ELIZABETH TRISOLINE General ROCHELLE THERESA TROIANO Classical RICHARD ANTHONY TROZZI General MARY LOUISE TRUNZO General GLENNA JEAN UPTEGRAPH Commercial 6144-L D!- EVANGELINE VAGIAS Commercial ANNA ROSE VESELOVSKY Commercial JENNIE VIETTO General DOROTHY JOYCE VIROSTEK General FLORENCE RITA VNUK Commercial JOANNE WADDELL General lx 25 DOROTHY LUELLA WAGNER Commercial LORETTA MAXINE WAREHAM Commercial DONNA MAE WATSON General MARILYN JOYCE WHERRY General JOSEPH WILDING General RUTH WILSON General JEWELL LORRAINE WRIGHT Classical GEORGIANA PHYLLIS YAKOWONIS Commercial JAMES EMERSON YOUNG Classical JAMES LEWIS YOUNG General JAMES ROGER YOUNG General LOUIS ZABINSKI General BERTHA KATHLEEN ZEMBA General MICHAEL DAVID ZEMBA General o o o MICHAEL JOSEPH BARALE Armed Forces ANGELO ALBERT FERRARO Armed Forces CHARLES LLOYD GRAFFIUS Armed Forces 61141 D04 CONSTANCE ANN ZELON KA Commercial . WILLIAM DAVID WILLIAMS Armed Forces JOHN JOSEPH HUSKA Armed Forces ANTHONY ALFRED SCIULLO Armed Forces ,J ff so fi 51 Zin Jiflemurium ' xx ' I . ROBERT EUGENE FITZGERALD EDWARD McCLELLAND Born July 28, 1931 Born November 11, 1932 Died October 28, 1947 Died January 20, 1945 27 4-4- .rv if President ., . . Vice President Secretary ...... Treasurer ..... Historian .... vu' iff t Y in if N377 Barbara Adams, William Altmeyer, An- geline Amaranto, Joan Ament, Myron Ament, Frank Angelo Marie Arduino, Eugene Bernocco, lesier Bonner, Alan Buco, Josephine Buzzelli, Antonette Calabro Leonard Campbell, Mathilda Cane, Sophie Caplanes, Velma Carnahan Thomas Ceraso, Edward Cheris ,. Harold Klingensmith Z Louis Cherre, Elizabeth Chilko, Thomas Christopher, Ronald Chu- dowsky, Rose Marie Clark, Veryl Clark, Elizabeth Cocco Vincent Colaianni, Evelyn Col- Patty Contie, Anna Couslin, Emma Couslin Joseph Couslin, Jack Crossan, George Cuddy, Harold Cupec, Grace Custer, Joseph Dezutti, Jean Donatelli Delores Duriancik, Robert Elder, Anthony Fantino, Teresa Ferrante, Robert Ferrara, Mary Fitzgerald, Ellen Gallo bert, Paul Colbert, Esther Contie, Joanne Gallo, Mary Gallo, Annabelle George, Betty George, Carol Geyer, James Goldstrom Sally Gumbert, Dorothy Hales, Barbara Hamm, Norma Hansen, Kenneth Harrold, Shirley Hays Edward Hepler, Kenneth Hepler, Eugene Hesketh, Evelyn Hilty, Faye Hilty, Thelma Hoffman I I -' .HL Donald Holmes, Jasper Jacobs, Larry Kaleda, Robert Kaminslci, U N Girard Kardos, Ange Kaseclzy, Jac- 'S quelyn Kaufman Richard Kelly, Curtis Kesler, Don- ald Kesler, Harold Klingensmith, Robert Knabb, Charles Kunkle, Leonard Lekavich. Carl Linlxes, Emidio Litterio, Meryle Little, lrene Long, Joan Long, Rita . -v Jean Long, Richard Loperlito Joan Lynch, Robert McCutcheon, Marlene McDermott, Charles Mc- Hugh, Carole McLaughlin, Harriette " 'w' McPhilliamy, Michael Marhefka I' 'T' Q- 'T' KW Q an .-4 f'- -. .....- X 'T mf- 'wa S-fi .N 1 Delores Martone, Joan Martone, Fred Matthis, 'Helen Mazur, Edward Medice, Elizabeth Miller, Alyce Milliron Justin Miska, Robert Moore, Valgean Moore, Richard Moran, Howard Mumau, Alvina Myers Tony Nicholas, Anne Notarnicola, Nor- bert Orkwis, Frances Osheskie, Lillian Pacuch, Ralph Painter 61144 vi Louis Palattella, Vito Palattella, Alfred Pansa, Jean Paterson, Janet Patterson, Marvin Peppler, Ruby Peppler Marilyn Perrott, Dolores Pesarcik, Don Pesarcik, Gabriel Phillips, Ger- trude Phillips, Helen Pitel, Edward Poole Jacquelyn Powell, Thomas Powell, Don Prescott, Doris Previni, Edward Primack, Theresa Pugliese, Herbert Ray Jacquelyn Rearick, Helen Reilly, Harold Richey, Carol Riggle, Thomas Riggle, John Riley, Robert Rodgers 'indicates no picture shown. Robert Rossi, Barbara Rowe, Don Rowe, Norma Rudolph, Laura Ru- pert, Joseph Salisbury, Clara Ser- winsi Robert Shearer, Ward Shirley, Carol Shoop, Harold Shotts, Jack Shriver, Edward Shuster, Carolyn Sinclair John Sinnott, Betty Smith, Wil- liam Smith, Dorothy Snyder, Nancy Snyder, Donna Sober, Rita Solomon " -Une, Edward Spiher, John Stefanik, Michael Stefanilx, Herman Stefnils, Cecil Stephenson, Lois Stewart, Nick Stratallis Elizabeth Swank, Kenneth Swenk, Don Talmadge, James Tardivo, Cal- vin Thomas, Edith Tinelli, Carolyn Uncapher Helen Uplinger, Margaret Vesel- icky, Edgar Vidunas, Eleanor Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh, Robert Waros, Joyce Watson James Watterson, Arthur Wawr- zyniak, George Wilson, Arthur Wing, Norma Jean Yerty, Ralph Young, Don Zanotti Carol Adams, Therese Adams, Janet Alexander, Betty Anderson, Theressa Andring, Yolanda Baglivio Dolores Barclay, Marie Bartolini, Sally Bell, Kenneth Bendlock, Emma Bernat, 'Irene Blackson, Eleanor Blanciak Merla Bone, William Bucci, Mary Grace Bucchholz, David Burkett, Guido Butch, Thomas Butch Clair Byers, Rosemarie Campi- sano, Gloria Canzano, Pete Car- rara, Patsy Ciardulli, John Ciuca Sara Ciuca, Lois Coffman, Victor Colaianni, William Coleman, Jean Crissman, James Cuflia Jane Cummings, Joseph D'Amato, Elizabeth Danovsky, William Dem- chak, Anthony DePanicis, Rita De- Salvo Donna Jean DeVinney, Norbert DiGiacomo, Theresa DiMaio, Ther- ese DiMenna, Charles Donghia, Darlene Doutt Barbra Elswick, Eugene Faiola, Otis Fancher, Margaret Fantino, Gloria Farah, David Fennell Thomas Ferencak, Rosemary Fer- rante, Gary Fitzgerald, Shirley Fitz- gerald, Larry Flowers, Richard Fon- tana 'indicates no picture shown. 6101-M DK Mary Ellen Foster, Ralph Fryer, Robert Gagen, Jean Galucci, Helen George, Rosanna Giancola Peggy Gibbons, Viola Goldstrom, Mary Ann Grabiall, Mary Guntrum, Mary Jane Hall, Russell Hall Dorothy Hallman, Robert Hankin- son, William Harris, Steve Hatzim- bes, Sandra Heckman, Patty Hepler Donald Heslxeth, Virginia Hile- man, James Hill, Barrie Hunger, Earl Hunter, Pauline Iarussi Henry Jack, Jack Jewart, Carole Julian, Conrad Kaminslsi, James Kettering, Barbara Klein Loretta Kocon, Phyllis Koleno, Joseph Kootz, Mildred Kraliclc, Joy Krofzer, Mary Kuchta Bernard Kumpf, Ray Kunlcle, Har- old Lambing, Shirley Lamoreaux, Shirley Lauffer, Donald Leap Frances Lemmon, Vernon Louden, Dale McDowell, Douglas McGrew, Joan McHenry, Lonaiane McKinney Robert Mclean, Dorothy McMan- us, Robert McMath, Richard Macino, Marie Mannella, Anna Marino . -Jw -av if T' ...ox C' CO ,-f .,,. .-0 Y fy- -0 'S' ga 'ss l-P . i s ag, qu? 9 rr' ' nfl , af' 11 nf' i The V 2 l I1 f Q'-J gil, , ., YA John Marks, Pauline Matarrese, Amelia Mazak, Joseph Mendicino, Mary Mendicino, William Milanak Rose Marie Milauskas, Vincent Milito, Norma Milks, Richard Min- arcin, Richard A. Minarcin, Richard Miska Sydney Mognet, Mary Moore, William Moore, Willis Mowrey, Mark Mullen, Reta Myers Clarence Nabors, Joe Nawrocki, Mary Lee Owens, Clyde Pancoe, Delores Pesci, Albert Powell Ralph Poynter, Dolores Primack, Mildred Purificato, Felix Raschai- tore, Frank Raschiatore, Patsy Ras- chiatore Donald Raymond, Norma Raye mond, Bettie Rearic, Donna Rearick, Charles Reichenbaugh, Carolyn Richardson Shirley River, Joyce Roberts, Peggy Rowan, Joanne Savastano, James Shafler, James Shepler Merle Shilling, Ronald Shuster, Charles Silvestri, Mary Silvestri, Sheila Smith, Evelyn Snyder Frances Snyder, Lois Snyder, June Solomon, George Sourlis, Boyd Spang, Leona Stanczak 5144-'L vi Charlotte Stefanili, Theresa Sterlitz, James Stimer, Eugene Summerville, Dina Tadiello Lois Tavelonis, 'Stephen Tinelli, Donald Traister, Donna Traister, Robert Troiano, Richard Tumas Paul Uhing, Emil Urilx, Ronald Varosh, Conrad Virostell, Anna Mae Vodzak James Wallace, Fred Wareham, Carolyn Whaley, Marcella Wherry, Martha Wherry lauranne Wiant, Aretta Williams, Carol Wilson, James Wilson, Juanita Wilson Ludwig Wineman, Stanley Wolfe, Richard Wright, Mary Wuyscik, Lawrence Yamber Martin Zidek, Amelia Znanec 'indicates no picture shown. 1 e 414-Jw Q .4 fi .r .19 NPN B 4 6? 35 , 'vX 'S' 4-9 -0 G' 1 33' John Adamcik, Frances Adomatis, Florence Allshouse, Elva Anthony, Ruth Artman, Lillian Barbus, Theo- dore Bartoe Donald Bartos, Robert Baum, Gladys Beatty, Lillian Bernat, Mad- elene Bernocco, Elizabeth Bickel, Floyd Biclxel Virginia Blanciak Loretta Bliazes, Robert Bowser, Betty Branovich, Robert Burns, Elaine Bush, Shirley Camp Jack Canale, Herman Canil, Delores Carney, Charles Casedy, Mary Chapaylo, Joanne Ceslak, Margaret Chilko Robert Chupka, Lorraine Cicero, Maryann Cimprich, Richard Ciuca, William Conrad, Sylvia Craig, Pearl Crooks William Crossan, Francis Cun- ningham, Julia Curci, Benny Dal. ena, Nick Dalena, Winfield Daugh- erty, Joseph DeGeronimo Mary DelVecchio, Grace Dilick, William Dilick, Thomas Dluhy, An- gelo Donghia, Anthony Fallcne Herbert Fancher 6 03,3 Ima Charles Farren, Joseph Fasano, Joanne Ferguson, William Fox, Mono Freshwater Robert Froncek, Sylvia Froncek, John Gadola, Awilda George, Carrie Lou George Kathleen George, Richard George, Clyde Glaister, Lawrence Gonzales, Connie Gould 'Dorothy Graden, Anthony Grisafo, Marlene Har- ris, George Hatzimbes, Harvey Heclxman, Barry Hed- dinger Ray Held, Grant Henry, Lillabella Hepler, Donna Honadle, Gary Hone Carol Hughes, Dorcas Hunter, Catherine Huska, Wanena Hutcherson, Leora Jewell Don Johnson, Grace Johnston, James Kardos, Rob- erta Kilgore, Andrew Kiral Helen Klem, Greta Klick, 'Donald Klingensmith, Keith Knabb, Willabene Knabb, Mariann Kostka Theodore Kowalczylx, Leonard Kozlowski, William Krafick, Margaret Kubik, Annabelle Lalhrty 'James Larnson, Robert Learn, Junior Letterine, Daryl Little, John Lockard, Jack Lockabaugh 'indicates no picture shown Paul Lopata, Nancy McAninch, Rita McCool, William McKinney, Elsie Mclaughlin, Jack McLaughlin, Ethel McPhilliamy Toni Mango, Mariorie Marks, Phillip Marshall, Joseph Mazak, Sam Mendicino, Theodore Michelis, Richard Milauskas John Mineslxy, Judy Mohney, Shirley Moran, Donald Moyer, Shir- ley Moyer, Harold Mumau, Eleanor Myers Thomas Nasetka, Hosea Nabors, Myrla Newell, Carla Olinger, Mari- anne Orlowski, Charles Pagliarulo, Jo Ellen Palmer Anthony Park, Carl Penta, Don- ald Peppler, Jane Peppler, Joseph Perrino, Betty Pesarcik, Anna Petrarca Joseph Plazio, Rowenna Pounds, Margaret Prugh, Eugene Pugliese, Robert Querio, Mariorie Raraigh, Walter Ray Pearl Richard, Rose Ripoli, Rose- marie Rossi, Robert Rowley, Glenn Rupert, Lawrence Ruzbacki, Floyd Rzewniclx J luwz, Rose Marie Santarelli, John Santy, Kenneth Sara din, Eugene Sciullo, Pauline Shaeffer Phyllis Shellhammer, Carole Shelf, Boyd Shupe Anthony Sicari, louis Silvestri Judy Silvis, Edna Mae Skelton, Barbara Sloan Lulu Belle Smeltzer, Nancy Smith Margaret Smoyer, Richard Snyder, Nancy Solomon Robert Sproull, Dennis Stanlzus Dolores Stefanilx, Lindford Stewart, Jean Stoops Donald Strauer, Patsy Strazzer Clara Strzlec, Geraldine Swartz, Rolland Swartz Margaret Swauger, Bernard Szymansky Ronald Talmadge, Gary Tiger, Lorraine Troiano Doris Troutman, Demetria Vagias Marilyn Veitch, Lawrence Veselovslxy, Nancy Viro stek, Shirley Vovaris, Lois Wagner Helen Wallzer, William Willard, James Wilson William Winiewsky, Clara Wright Edward Wuyscik, Don Zack, Augustine Zemba Ronald Zemba, Dolores Zinchini f J A U1 4835 XIWIIK 40 audys jnnfball Head Coach Faculty Manager Student Managers MV- R9""9'9 Mr' Dorwell Jack Drummond Ralph Young Aggigtqnt Cough copl?::: Gnllucd Cyril Hcrunt Guido Butch Mr. Pishionefi Eddie Hale, Den Holmes lst row: Anthony Sterlitz, James Watterson, Edward Hales, Carl Early, Don Raymond, Robert Waros, Louis Cherre, Anthony Fantino, Louis Palattellap 2nd row: Stanley Wolfe, Vincent Colaianni, Tony Nicholas. Calvin Thomas, Don Zanotti, James R. Young, Clair Byers, Larry Flowers, 3rd row: Ronald Shuster, John Bielak, Charles Kunlxle, Eugene Hesketh, Don Tedeski, Ronnie Bills, Walter Latham, Tom Galluccip 4th row: James Wilson, Don Strozzer, Ludwig Wineman, John Blackson, Harold Klingensmith, Theodore Kowalczylt, James Hill, Leonard Kozlowski, 5th row: Mr. Dorwart, Guido Butch, Don Holmes, Ralph Young, Cyril Harrant, Jack Drummond, Mr. Pishioneri, Mr. Rometog not shown: Joseph Couslin, Edgar Vidunas. nl jcolum, September 11 V. H. S. vs. Tarentum .. . ..... at Vandergrift , . 12-25 September 16 V. H.S. vs. Linsly Prep .. . ,... Vandergrift 14-19 September 23 V. H. S. vs. Farrell ..,.... .. ...,.. Farrell ..... 12-0 September 30 V. H. S. vs. Altoona , ,,.. . . . Vandergrift 19-13 October 7 V. H. S. vs. Uniontown ..,.. .. . Uniontown . 20-12 October 14 V. H. S. vs. Elwood City .. . . Elwood City 7-19 October 28 V. H. S. vs. Har-Brock .. . . .... .. Har-Brock , 6-26 November 4 V. H. S. vs. New Kensington .. . Vandergrift O-12 November 11 V. H. S. vs. Butler . . .. . .. Butler. . . .. 0-12 41 JL jnnf.lralL PIay.c1m, WALTER LATHAM JOHN BIELAK ANTHONY STERLITZ THOMAS GALLUCCI RONALD BILLS EDWARD HALES CARL EARLY DONALD TEDESKI JAMES R. YOUNG JOHN BLACKSON '11, ' 'JL ' ,Sched Jnnfball. Junior High Coach Faculty Manager Student Managers Mr- schnelde' Mr. Dorwart Guido Butch Junior Varsity Coach Don Smith Mr. Pishioneri Regis Stefanik Ist row: Larry Flowers, Leonard Kozlowski, Ludwig Wineman, Eugene Hesketh, Tony Nicholas, James Watterson, Don Zanotti, James Hill, Clair Byers: 2nd row: Stanley Wolfe, Victor Colaianni, James Wilson, Don Strazzer, Calvin Thomas, Theodore Kowalczyk, Harold Klingensmith, Ronald Shuster, 3rd row: Robert Froncelc, William Winieslly, Don Zack, Dennis Stanltus, Paul Lopata, James Kardos, William Fox, 4th row: Mr. Dorwart, Mr. Schneider, Guido Butch, Don Holmes, William Conrad, James Young, Mr, Pish- ionerip not shown: Uunior Varsityj William Demchak, Tony DePanicis, Ralph Fryer, Don Hesketh, Vincent Milito, Willis Mowrey, Eugene Summerville, Uunior Highi Leonard Bell, Robert Bowser, Robert Burns, Herman Canil, Gennaro Faiola, Anthony Fallone, Ralph Fallone, Richard Facchine, James Feudale, Lawrence Gonzales, Grant Henry, Paul Lopata, Jack Mclaughlin, Harold Mumau, Frank Pagliarulo, Don Peppler, Leonard Pugliese, Francis Raymond, Richard Ross, Jack Shuster, Linford Stewart, Jack Taroslzy, Robert West. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SEASON'S SCORES September 27 J. V.'s vs. Tarentum ,. , . Tarentum 'I9-6 October 3 J. V.'s vs. New Kensington . New Kensington 27-O October 'I7 J.V.'s vs. Plum Township , Plum Township . 18-24 November 4 J. V.'s vs. Kiski Prep , . . Saltsburg . 2-21 November 9 J.V.'s vs. Bell Township . . Vandergrift ,. 0-26 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SEASON'S SCORES September 22 J. Hi vs. Har-Brock , Vandergrift 0-20 September 29 J. Hi vs. Greenburg , Greensburg . , . 0-31 October 6 J. Hi vs. New Kensington . . . Vandergrift ,. 2-21 October I3 J. Hi vs. Penn Township . , . Penn Township 0-I3 October 30 J. Hi vs. Jeannette Vandergrift . . 6-0 43 Uwuulq, a6'a.4AQfba!L 1st row: Mr. Don Prescott, Tardivo, Eddie Eddie Vidunas. December December December December December December January January January January January January January January January February February February February February February Co-Captains-Patsy Mastrocinque, Eddie Hales Coach-Mr. Schneider Assistant Coach-Mr. Pishioneri Student Managers-Jack Drummond, Eddie Medice Faculty Manager-Mr. Dorwart Schneider, Edward Medice, Jack Drummond, Mr. Pishioneri, standing: James Watterson Felix Raschiatore, Michael Stefanik, James Tardivo, Don Rowe, James Lcpata, Eugene Hales, Richard Lopertito, Paul Colbert, Thomas Ceraso, not shown: Patsy Mastrocinque, SCHEDULE 7 V. H. S. vs. Leechburg ...., .,.,. 9 V. H.S. vs. Ambridge 13 V. H. S. vs. Peabody ,..... ,...., 16 V. H. S. vs. Ambridge ........,...... 20 V. H. S. vs. Leechburg ,....,....,.,. 23 V. H. S. vs. New Castle ........,...., 3 V. H. S. vs. 'Butler ..........,...,.,... 6 V. H. S. vs. 'Ford City ...,....,...... 11 V. H. S. vs. 'New Kensington 13 V. H. S. vs. North Catholic ,.,.,..., 17 V. H.S. vs. 'Kittanning .............. 20 V. H. S. vs. 'Har-Brack .,.......,.. 24 V. H. S. vs. 'Arnold ........,..,.... 27 V. H. S. vs. New Castle ..... .,.... 31 V. H. S. vs. 'Butler ......... .. .... .. 3 V. H. S. vs. 'Ford City ..,....,....... 7 V. H. S. vs. 'New Kensington , 10 V. H.S. vs. North Catholic .. ., 14 V. H. S. vs. 'Kittanning . . 17 V. H. 5. vs. 'Har-Brack .,.,,...,,,. 21 V. H. S. vs. 'Arnold ......,..,, . ' indicates Section I games. 44 At Home At Home At Home Away Away Away At Home Away At Home Away Away At Home Away At Home Away At Home Away At Home At Home Away At Home 25-30 31-68 27-46 27-57 29-35 43-48 34-42 34-57 34-50 24-39 37-51 40-51 29-41 52-46 34-37 39-59 42-65 53-43 59-40 37-64 52-51 JL Uruuuty, a6'aAlmtl:alL Coach-Mr. Pishioneri Student Managers-Robert Gagen, Merle Shilling Faculty Manager-Mr. Dorwart lst row: Robert Gagen, Pete Carrara, Guido Butch, Robert Troiano, Donald Traister, George Sourlis, Merle Shillingg 2nd row: Mr. Pishioneri, Ludwig Wineman, William Demchak, Dale McDowell, Clyde Pancoe, James Hill, William Willard, Don Raymond, Martin Zidek, Conrad Virostek. December December December December December December January January January January January January January January January February February February February February February SCHEDULE 7 V. H. S. vs. Leechburg .. ,... , . 9 V. H.S. vs. Ambriclge ,. 13 V. H.S. vs. Peabody .. . .. 16 V. H. S. vs. Ambridge , . 20 V. H.S. vs. Leechburg . 23 V. H. S. vs. New Castle , ....,..,., . 3 V. H.S. vs. Butler ., .,.,....,., ..,. . . 6 V. H. S. vs. Ford City .. ,... .,.. . . . 11 V. H. S. vs. New Kensington , 13 V. H.S. vs. North Catholic ..,... 17 V. H.S. vs. Kittanning ......,..,....,. 20 V. H. S. vs. Har-Brack .,... .,,..... 24 V. H. S. vs. Arnold , , ..,.. . 27 V. H. S. vs. New Castle ..,..,. , 31 V. H.S. vs. Butler ., . .,,,,,,.,.. 3 V. H. S. vs. Ford City ......,...,..,.... 6 V. H. S. vs. New Kensington ..,.. 10 V. H.S. vs. North Catholic ...,... 14 V. H. S. vs. Kittanning 17 V. H. S. vs. Har-Brack , , , 21 V. H. S. vs. Arnold . ... 45 At Home At Home At Home Away Away . Away .. At Home Away .. At Home Away . . Away .. At Home Away At Home Away .. At Home Away At Home At Home Away . , At Home 30- 9 28-39 23-26 21-51 15-17 23-55 26-32 23-42 23-34 24-35 25-20 30-54 26-35 26-45 10-28 32-43 23-21 34-36 41-27 23-29 43-29 6-0 46'n.41balL Coach-Mr. Schneider , Faculty Manager-Mr. Dorwart Student Manager-Eddie Medice 1st row: Eddie Hales, James Watterson, James R. Young, Leo Letterine, James Lopata, l.eon Budzilek, Carl Early, Eugene Tardivop 2nd row: Don Prescott, Thomas Ceraso, Walter DeVinney, Eddie Medice, Mr. Schneider, Mr. Dorwart, Jack Crossan, Robert Fasano, Ronnie Bills. After a lapse of over twenty years, baseball was added as a sport to the interscholastic athletic schedule of Vandergrift High School. Natural talent, under the able coaching of Mr. Schneider, was found capable of defeating the best teams in Western Pennsylvania, capturing the W. P. I. A. L. championship for two suc- cessive years. SCORES 1948 1949 vs. New Kensington . . ., 5-4 V. H. S. vs. West Deer vs. Jeannette ., ,... . .... 8-4 V Shannock vs. Shannock . . ,....,. 11-10 V Freeport vs. Ford City . . . ..., 8-1 V Ford City vs. St. Vincent ..., 6-4 V Kliicmnlng r VS. Shannock V uvlu 8,-I V West Deer .,.,... .. vs. Jeannette .. .,.. H19-0 V Shcnnock r"' vs. Ford City .,.,, ,. ,... 11-6 V F'eeP"f' vs. St. Vincent . ..... 9-6 V Ffjrd Clfy """ l V Kittanmng ,.,.. .,,, vs. Bell Township . ., . . .... 12-8 V Elders Ridge hvvlun vs. New Kensington ..,.. 4-0 V. Arnold HIIAA H I vs. McKeesport , vs. Carmichaels . , vs. Crofton . . .. .. 3-1 5-4 7-5 V V V 46 Hurst ...,..., California West Deer .... 10-4 8-1 5-4 10-2 9-8 5-4 9-3 12-3 3-0 5-O 10-9 5-4 5-4 5-3 lst row: William Conrad, Thomas Ceraso, Guido Butch, William Fox, William Demchak, William Winesky, Willis Mowrey, Ralph Fryer, Eugene Summerville, Leo Letterinep 2nd row: Ralph Young, John Blackson, Ludwig Wineman, Don Prescott, Don Holmes, James Watterson, Eugene Hesketh, Robert Gagen, Calvin Thomas, Richard Loperfito, Edward Medice, Anthony Fantinop 3rd row: Mr. Dorwart, Don Tedeslti, Robert Fasano, Eugene Tardivo, Fred McClelland, Dale McDowell, William McKinney, William Willard, Victor Colaianni, Vincent Milito, Don Raymond, Louis Cherrep 4th row: Mr. Rometo, James R. Young, Lindford Stewart, Jack Drummond, Theodore Kowalczylz, Merle Shilling, Felix Raschiatore, Walter DeVinney, James Hill, Joseph Couslin, Anthony Sterlitzg 5th row: Mr. Schneider, Dan Strazzer, Don Rowe, Michael Stetanik, Edgar Vidunas, James Lopata, Edward Hales, Ronald Bills, Robert Waros, Louis Palattella, .lohn Bielakg 6th row: Don Zanotti, Charles Kunkle, Walter Latham, James Tardivo, Larry Flowers, Leonard Kozlowski, Leon Budzilek, Thomas Galluccig not shown: Carl Early, Harold Klingensmith, Ward Shirley, Klub SPONSORS: Mr. Rometo Mr. Schneider Mr. Dorwart Mr. Pishioneri Conrad Virostelx, Mr. Pishioneri. 5. Q. President Joyce Virosteli Vice President Rochelle Troiano Secreta ry-T rea su rer Helen Czuszak Student Council Representaive Florence Mocadlo Publicity Chairman Dorothy Hales Sponsor Miss McConnell , s 1 lst row: Florence Mocadlo, Dorothy Hales, Joyce Virostek, Rochelle Troiano, Helen Czuszalu 2nd row: Miss McConnell, Dolores Duriancik, Rita long, Betty Chilko, Dina Tadiello, Georgiana Yalzawonis, Darlene Doutt, Julia Ciocca, Marlene Sappe, Margaret Sosllap 3rd row: Jewell Wright, Valgean Moore, Mothilda Cane, Constance Zelonlla, Velma Carnahan, Florence Vnulc, Anna Couslin, Emma Couslin, Theresa Sterlitz, Rose Marie Lotfretog not shown: Thelma Hoffman, Carol Riggle, Patricia Solomon. 47 I I I 5- r""":' my .Af 11,1341 A,!.sAAfv J !'l Pxesident Jewell Wright Vice President Ronald Bills Secretary-Treasurer Jeanne Heddinger Sponsors Miss McElhaney Miss Love Kamal 'Y' Ist row: Norma Magness, Florence Mocadlo, Rita Ross, Mary Lou Boyd, David Conrad, 'Ind row: Jewell Wright, Joan Lynch, Delores Duriancilc, Rose Marie Loffreto, Norma Fossler, Maralyn Murphy, Robin Thompson, 3rd row: Miss McElhaney, Dol- ores Barclay, Toni Mango, Harriet Claypoole, Jeanne Hedclinger, Joseph Canzano, Orville Biclrel, 4th row: Alan Buco, James Lopata, Eddie Hales, 5th row: Joseph Salisbury, Robert Sultini, Ronald Bills, 6th row: Eddie Poole, Wesley Shaner, Joseph Perrinog not shown: Barbra Elswicla, Lauranne Wiant, Harold Klingensmith, John Blaclxson, Mildred Leonard, Joanne Mohney, Miss Love, Mr. Shaffer. Mr, Shatter Qi E. .1 Jfonm, rid ' President Georgiana Yakowonis Secretary-Treasurer Jewell Wright lst row: Constance Zelonlxa, Emilie Snyder, Jewell Wright, Georgiana Yakowonisp 2nd row: Florence Mocadlo, Jacquelyn Reariclc, Lena Giotto, Rochelle Troiano, Rita Ross, Lois Stewart, Anno Notarnicolo, Meryle Little, 3rd row: Willavene Bell, Carolyn Henneman, Norma Fossler, Connie Megas, Robert Powell Marconi, Maralyn Murphy, Joanne Mohney, Rose Marie Loffreto, Ruth Milewski, Betty Shirley Hays, 4th row: Vito Silvestri, Robert Blanciak, Walter DeVinney, Don Tedeski, McCutcheon, James Lopata, Jack Drummond, Henry Ciuca, James E, Young, Thomas not shown: Lura Akers, Barbara King 49 ur " JL Ist row: Miss McDowell-Sponsor, Loretta Wareham, Robin Thompson, Miss Martin-Sponsor, Mary Silvestri, 2nd row: Jane Connor, Sandra Heckman, Lona Jane McKinney, Carol Shoop, Amelia Znanec, Dolores Barclay, 3rd row: Carol Heodlee, Barbara Adams, Lois Stewart, 4th row: Margaret Gibbons, Sarah Bell, Jacquelyn Powell, 5th row: Valgean Moore, Connie Marconi, Norma Fossler, Mr. Schrecongost- Sponsor, 6th row: Maralyn Murphy, Mildred Tarosky, not shown: Dorothy Snyder, Barbara King, Delores Morione, Shirley Hays, Peggy Rowan. Ist row: Donna Traister, Sandra Heckman, Harriet McPhiIliamy, Erma Raraigh, Lura Akers, Harriet Claypoole, Mr. Schrecongost, 2nd row: Martha Wherry, Marcella Wherry, Virginia Hileman, Barbara King, Norma Fossler, 3rd row: Margaret Gibbons, Mary Silvestri, Margaret Soska, Margie Raraigh, Jeanne Heddinger, 4th row: Mariann Gibbons, June Solomon, Irene Sikorski, Norma Magness, Mildred Tarosky, Frances Lemmon, standing: Rose Marie Loffreto, Floyd Bickel, Dolores Barclay, Lois Stewart, Shirley Hays, Norma Rudolph, not shown: Theresa Fazekas, Jack Ferguson, Robert Sultini, Jennie Vietto, Loretta Wareham. 67nAie1L Klub President Norma Magness Vice President Lois Stewart Secreta ry-Treasurer Barbara King Student Council Representative Harriet Claypoole Sponsor Mr. Schrecongost 50 Editor-in-Chief . , , , .. . Mary Lou Boyd , Co-Feature Editors , ,, Lura Akers and Connie Marconi News Editor ,, ,. Erma Raraigh Sports Editor Wesley Shaner Head Editor . Alfred November Interview Editor . John Blackson Proof Editor , Vito Silvestri Adviser .. , . Miss Love Feature Writers: Geraldine Hallman, Joanne Mohney, Maralyn Murphy, Jacquelyn Rearick, Norma Rudolph, Dorothy Snyder, Lois Stewart, Richard Kichline lnot shownly Reporters: Roberta Callen, Shirley Perrott, Aniceta Riley, Shirley Hays, Gabriel Phillips, Sports Reporters: Cyril Kardos, Frank Krafick, Edward Poole, Anthony Sterlitz, Edward Hales, Jasper Jacobs Knot shownlp Typists: Elaine Bier, Ruth Milewslri, Mildred Taroslry, Loretta Wareham, Dorothy Wagner, Marlene Sappe Knot shownl. lst row: Norma Yerty, Mary Fitzgerald, 2nd row: John Sinnott, Carolyn Henneman, Constance Zelonlma, Evangeline Vogias, Miss Patton, 3rd row: Joseph Dezzutti, James Goldstrom, Robert Blancialc, Herbert Ray, Robert McCutcheong not shown: Mildred Leonard. Business Manager Mildred Leonard Advertising Manager Carolyn Henneman Circulation Manager Evangeline Vogias Secretary-Bookkeeper Connie Zelon ka Adviser Miss Patton 51 'lst row: Ronald Bills, Haryl Headlee, John Sinnott, Jack Drummond, 2nd row: Richard Macino, James Goldstrom, Jasper Jacobs, Edward Poole, Conrad Viroslelc, David Fennell, William Demchalr, Orville Bickel, Joseph Canzano, John Blockson, 3rd row: Ward Shirley, Thomas Ceraso, Dale McDowell, Donald Prescott, Felix Raschiatore, Donald Pesarcik, William Harris, Richard Kelly, Charles Pancoe, Thomas Powell, 4th row: Merle Shilling, Richard Canale, James Spiher, James Hill, Edgar Vidunas, Michael Stefanik, Edward Hales, William Coleman, Donald Rowe, James Lopata, Mr. Bland, not shown: James Wilson. President Ronald Bills Vice President John Sinnott Secretary Jack Drummond Treasurer Haryl Headlee Student Council Representative James Lopata Adviser Mr. Bland Left row: Patty Hepler, David Conrad, James Shafiier, Ronald Varosh, Michael Marhefka, middle row: Joseph D'Amato, Annette Cassimatis, Corrine Dismuke, Miss Miller, William Crocker, right row: Donna Sober, Joyce Wherry, Frank Kraficlr, Juanita Wilson, not shown: Jack DelCimmuto, Richard Canale, Ruth Wilson. 3 - 5 611411 President Patty Hepler Vice President Joe D'Amato Secretary-Treasurer Donna Sober Publicity Chairman Frank Krafick Student Council Representative David Conrad Adviser Miss Miller 52 Jiri- ' President Willavene Bell Vice President Marlene McDermott Secretary Joanne Mohney Treasurer Helen Czuszalr Historian Emilie Snyder Adviser Miss Stohlmann lst row: Ange Kaseclxy, Mildred Leonard, Jacquelyn Reariclc, Meryle Little, Belly Walsh, Shirley Laufler, Mary Jane Hall, Eleanor Walsh, Mary Fitzgerald, Lois Snyder, 2nd row: Joan Lynch, Rita Solomon, Lois Stewart, Rita Ross, Constance Zelonlia, Carol Shoop, Marlene McDermott, Barbara Adams, Harriet Claye poole, Jeanne Heddinger, Phyllis Kolena, Carolyn Henneman, Marie Bartolini, 3rd row: Joanne Mohney, Maralyn Murphy, Connie Marconi, Willavene Bell, Belly Megas, Emilie Snyder, Norma Yerly, Carolyn Uncapher, Jacquelyn Powell, Carol Headlee, Carol Adams, 4th row: Norma Fossler, Lura Akers, Barbara King, Marcella Wherry, Shirley Hays, Helen Reilly, Jewell Wright, Ann Notarnicola, Elizabeth Swank, Barbra Elswiclx, Helen Czuszak, 5th row: Esther Contie, Theresa Ferrante, Rose Marie Loffreto, Rochelle Troiano, Florence Mocadlo. lst row: Emilie Snyder, Nancy Snyder, Esther Contie, Robin Thompson, 2nd row: Rose Marie Mendicfno, Betty Nuscis, Jane Connor, Carol Headlee, Mrs. Pugliese, Wesley Shoner, 3rd row: Joanne Mohney, Dorothy Hales, Elizabeth Swank, Joan Lynch, Betty Megas, 4lh row: Lois Stewart, Jean Paterson, Meryle Little, 5th row: Betty Smith, 6th row: Anthony Sterlitl, not shown: Amelia Filo, Lena Gfotlo, Dolores Duriancilc, Robert Sultini, Edward Sinclair, Franlf Magnanti, Edward Hales, Vito Silvestri. President Belly Megas Vice President Robin Thompson Secretary Nancy Snyder Publicity Chairman Vito Silveslri Student Council Representative Wesley Shoner Adviser Mrs. Pugliese 53 .gm CLARINETS TRUMFETS SAXOPHONES Ralph Poynter Joseph Salisbury Anna Buccigrossi Thomas Powell Thomas Butch Robert Elder Jay Maddox John Lockhart Corinne Dismuke Lorraine Coon Esther Contie Jean Stoops Richard Snyder William Coleman Andrew Kiral Richard Ross HORNS Alan Buco Jean Donatelli Edith Tinelli Jacquelyn Powell Jacquelyn Rearick David Burkett Orville Bickel John Ciuca Leroy Pewton Jerome Breiter Donald Dezzutti Gennaro Faiolo lris Ann McKinney Rosanna Giancola Richard Fontana Richard Ciuca DRUMS Frank Angelo Ward Shirley Lynn Burkett Matthew Boulis Michael Varrato Robert Rodgers Wayne Baustert Steve Hatzimbes BELLS James Young Meryle Little Theresa Pugliese Larry Kaleda Ray Kunkle Sara Ciuca Theresa Ferrante Anna Petrarca PICCOLO Willavene Bell FLUTE Jane Fox TROMBONES Richard Macino Fred Wareham Sydney Mognet Eddie Dubrawka Tommy Pohanka FLAGS Margaret Prugh Helen Walker Band Mr. McColgin BASSES 1 BAR'-I-ONE Carrie George Robert Rossi James Kettering Felix Raschiatore Lucille Ferraccio William McKinney . . m' Barbara King, Lura Akers, Nancy Hoffman, Harriet Claypoole, Valgean Moore, Donna Sober, Darlene Doutt, Mary Jane Hall, Pattie Contie Head Maiorette Patty Contie Director Mr. McColgin Joanne Mohney, Sally Bell, Mary Fitzgerald, Barbara Klein, Marie Bartolini, Carolyn Uncapher, VIOLINS Mary Lee Owens Jean Donatelli Alan Buco Gladys Beatty James Kettering CLARINETS John Loclxard William Coleman Ralph Poynter Joseph Salisbury SAXOPHONES Ray Kunkle Raffelina Savastano Anna Petrarca Teresa Ferrante Maralyn Murphy 0 Director-Mr. McColgin TROMBONES Fred Wareham Sydney Mognet E flat HORNS Jacquelyn Rearick Edith Tinelli Lois Stewart PERCUSSION Robert Rodgers Margaret Prugh Carrie Lou George Darlene Doutt TRUMPETS David Burkett Orville Bickel BELLS Meryle Little James E. Young PIANO Barbara Silvestri ACCORDIONS Delores Martone Robert Rossi FLUTE Willavene Bell Klum, - leader for Football Season Maralyn Murphy leader for Basketball Season Joanne Mohney Sponsor Miss McConnell i Unable Director Miss Cline Accompanist Lois Snyder lst row: Ethel Lowmaster, Rita Chierici, Evelyn Gallo, Frances Milie, Erma Raraigh, Annette Cassimatis, 2nd row: Iris Ann McKinney, Emilie Snyder, Carol Headlee, Elsie Mangifesta, Maralyn Murphy, Norma Magness, at piano: Lois Snyder. 'JL H. fappdla, Kham 1:50:14 President Secretary Librarians Frank Magnanti Maralyn Murphy Betty LaBorde, Frances Snyder Vice President Student Council Representatfve Director Robert Sultini Norma Magness Miss Cline lst row: Norma Hansen, Lena Giotto, Evelyn Gallo, Rita Chierici, Teresa Ferrante, Lonajane McKinney, Shirley Hays, Norma Rudolph, Mary Guntrum, Annette Cassimatis, Erma Raraigh, Jean Donatelli, Miss Cline, 2nd row: Evelyn Colbert, Elsie Mangifesta, Rose Marie Loffreto, Frances Milie, Iris Ann McKinney, Richard Macino, Barbara Rowe, Marilyn Perrott, Maralyn Murphy, Norma Magness, Betty LaBorcle, 3rd row: Frank Magnanti, John Ciuca, Carol Headlee, Emilie Snyder, Joseph Salisbury, Edward Cheris, Vito Silvestri, Robert Sultini, Jean Paterson, Robert Elder, 4th row: James Goldstrom, Guido Butch, Charles Silvestri, Douglas McGrew, Robert Rossi, Robert McCutcheon, William Altmeyer, Alfred November, Haryl Headlee, Alan Buco, Leonard Campbell, not shown: Frank Angelo, Michael Pancoe, Anthony Sicari, Frances Snyder, Doris Troutman, Louis Palattella. 56 Miss Cline Director Accompanist left to right: Richard Macino, Joseph Salisbury, Robert Elder, Haryl Headlee, Douglas McGrew, John Ciuca, Charles Silvestri, Robert Rossi: at piano: William Harris. '11, fappalla, Kham President Secretary Librarians Elaine Bush Charles Pagliarulo Marilyn Veitch Anna Petrarca Vice President Student Council Representative Director Douglas McGrew Anthony Sicari Miss Cline lst row: Miss Cline, Marilyn Veitch, Josephine Buzzelli, Nancy Smith, Emma Couslin, Rose Marie San- tarelli, Dolores Stefanik, Judy Mohney, Richard Snyder, Francis Cunningham, Richard Macino, Eugene Sciullo, Richard Ciuca, Lorraine Troiano, Carrie Lou Georgep 2nd row: Catherine Huslca, Toni Mango, Clara Strzlec, Jo Ellen Palmer, Elsie McLaughlin, Elaine Bush, Dolores Zinchini, Carole Shoff, Shirley Vovaris, Roberta Kilgore, Marlene Harris, Aretta Williams, Shirley Camp, Elizabeth Biclrel, 3rd row: Anna Couslin, Rita Jean Long, Margaret Swauger, Edna Mae Skelton, Jeanne Stoops, Annabell George, Rowenna Pounds, Mary Chapaylo, Theodora Michelis, Helen Walker, Lois Wagner, Grace Johnston, Lois Tevelonis, Mary Lee Owens, 4th row: Robert Bowser, Charles Pagliarulo, Anthony Sicari, Angelo Donghia, Douglas McGrew, Robert Rossi, Joseph Perrino, Eugene Pugliese, Sylvia Craig, Judy Silvis, Mariann Kostka, Evelyn Colbert, Phyllis Shellhammerg not shawn: Lillian Barbus, Norbert DiGiacamo, Mary Ellen Foster, Andrew Kiral, Anna Petrarca, Frances Snyder, Doris Troutman. 57 Help, Unable William Harris gm Klub President David Carnahan Vice President Don Tecleski Secretary Willavene Bell Sponsor Mr. Owens lst row: Jean Crissman, James Wilson, Frank Krofick, Jack Drummond, Robert Gagen, Ralph Painter, John Lockardf 2nd row: Willavene Bell, Wesley Shaner, Winfield Daugherty, Don Tedeslxi, David Carnahan, Fred Wareham, Herman Stefnik, Walter DeVinney, Larry Kuledo, Girard Kardos, Mr. Owens, not shown: Ronald Bills, Leonard Campbell, Don McDowell, Eddie Poole, Boyd Shupe, Michael Stefanik plwfn President Lena Giotto Vice President Gabriel Phillips Secretary Anna Notarnicola Student Council Representative Robert Sultini I ,. .W ......,, ,W ,,. NZ. -. A. ,ll N xi, 5 ' lst row: Annette Cassimatis, Rita Chierici, Shirley Fitzgerald, Helen Pitel, Betty Petrarca, Norma Raymond, Rita DeSalvo, Helen Uplinger, Evelyn Gallo, Lena Giotto, Louis Cherre, Theresa Fazelxas, Delores Duriancikg 2nd row: Margaret Fantino, Teresa Ferrante, Dorothy Hales, Mary Mendicino, Vito Silvestri, Carolyn Sinclair, Richard Trozzi, Jennie Vietto, Irene Sikorski, George Copretto, Velma Carnahan, Lawrence Curci, Anthony Fantinog 3rd row: John Trawinski, Robert Knobb, Thomas Powell, Anna Notornicola, Loretta Wareham, Gabriel Phillips, Robert Sultini, Leo Letterine, Alan Buco, Delbert Baustert, Potty Contie, Orville Bickel, Jack Ferguson, not shown: Frances Lemmon, Miss Owens 58 lb Klub President lst row: Nancy Smith, Ethel McPhilliamy, Emma Couslin, Elizabeth Miller, 2nd row: The,-ew Falekqs Shirley Moran, Jane Connor, Rita McCool, ,lean Alexander, standing: Miss Elwood, Secretary-Treasurer Mariann Gibbons Publicity Chairman Jean Alexander Colabro, Gertrude Phillips Student Council Representarive Rose Marie Lolilreto Mary Jane Hall, Rose Marie Loffreto, Donna Reariclx, Jacquelyn Kaufman, Theresa Fazekas, Anna Notarnicola, Jewell Wright, Mariann Gibbons, not shown: Antonetle will Small i Ist row: Evangeline Vagias, Erma Raraigh, Mary Lou Boyd, Connie Marconi, Lura Akers, 2nd row: Vito Silvestri, John Blaclcson, Alfred November, Carolyn Henneman, Wesley Shaner, Connie Zelonlxa, not shown: Robert Blancialx 59 JCL-ldalknzm, ii is President Rochelle Troiano Vice President Carolyn Henneman Secretary-Treasurer Jean Alexander Publicity Chairman Bernice Thomas Student Council Representative Rita Ross Sponsor Miss Hildebrand 6'ww1umL Klub Mary Jane Hall President Vice President Sandra Heckman Secretary Donna Traister Treasurer Helen George Publicity Chairman Barbra Elswick Student Council Representative Delores Duriancik Sponsor Mrs. Burke 'lst row: .lean Alexander, Carolyn Henneman, Bernice Thomas, Rochelle Troiano, Rita Ross, Jean Donatelli, Francis Osheskie, Mary Mendicinof 2nd row: Marie Bartolini, Norma Raymond, Josephine Mendicino, Shirley Laufter, Theresa Pugliese, Mildred Krafick, Edith Tinelli, Mary Gallo, Carol Wilson, Eleanor Walsh, Joan Lynch, Valgean Moore, 3rd row: Rita Solomon, Lois Stewart, Jean Paterson, Helen Reilly, Frances Lemmon, Marlene McDermott, Margaret Fantino, Carolyn Uncapher, 4th row: Georgiana Yakowonis, Joyce Virostek, Jennie Vietto, standing: Delores Duriancik, Rose Mendicino, Ellen Gallo, Miss Hildebrand. NM? 'lst row: Donna Traister, Barbara Klein, Sandra Heckman, Mary Kuchtag 2nd row: Dolores Primack, Judy Silvis, Mary Jane Hall, Sally Bell, Delores Barclay, Mrs. Burke, 3rd row: Carole Shoffg not shown: Helen George, Barbra Elswick, Delores Duriancik, Mary Ellen Foster, Viola Goldstrom, Patty Hepler, Lonaiane McKinney, Lois Tevelonis, Carol Wilson, Edna Moe Skelton. 60 lst row: Alan Buco, Emilie Snyder, Frances Milie, Vito Silvestrip lst row standing: Darlene Doutt, Jean Donatelli, Annette Cassimatis, Evelyn Gallo, Rita Chierici, Erma Raraigh, Carol Julian, Grace Custer, Marie Arduino, Norma Rudolph, Lois Snyder, 2nd row: Mary Jane Hall, Mary Gallo, Norma Magness, Rochelle Troiano, Georgiana Yalcowonis, Dorothy Hales, Mary Lou Boyd, Maralyn Murphy, Elsie Mangifesta, Delores Duriancilx, Ellen Gallo, 3rd row: Esther Contie, Patty Contie, Corinne Dismulme, George Capretto, Patty Solomon, Lawrence Curci, Eddie Cheris, James E. Young, Delbert Baustert, David Burkett, Orville Bicllel, 4th row: Dorothy Snyder, Loretta Wareham, Ruth Milewski, Robert Sultini, Lonaiane McKinney, Mariann Gibbons, Alfred November, Haryl Headlee, Bill Crocker, Theresa Fazekas, Miss Wingert, not shown: Joseph Salisbury, Marlene Sappe, Amelia Filo, David Carnahan, John Trawinski. lst row: Mildred Kraficlz, June Solomon, 2nd row: Judy Silvis, Sally Bell, Carole Shoff, Elaine Bush, Mary Chapaylo, Marian Kostka, Merle Bone, 3rd row: Mary Mendicino, Mary Lee Owens, Rose Marie Milauskas, standing: Mildred Purilicato, Carol Wilson, Frances Lemmon, Joan McHenry, Carolyn Richardson, Miss Sturiale, Dolores Barclay, Amelia Zanaec, Emma Bernat, Pearl Richard, Lois Wagner, Phyllis Shellhammer, lay Krotzer, Lillian Bernat, Norma Raymond, Geraldine Swartz, Dolores Zinchini, Gloria Canzanop not shown: Shirley Camp, Lois Tevelonis. 61 Klub President Vito Silvestri Vice President Frances Milie Secretary-T reasu rer Emilie Snyder Student Council Representative Alan Buco Sponsor Miss Wingert President Sally Bell Vice President Elaine Bush Secretary-Treasurer Pearl Richard Program Chairman Mary Mendicino Publicity Chairman Merla Bone Student Council Representative Dolores Barclay Sponsor Miss Sturiale Ist row: Eugene Hesketh, Harold Richey, 2nd row: Walter DeVinney, Jock Drummond, Richard Canale, Vincent Colaiannig 3rd row: Robert McCutcheon, Robert Blanciak, Robert Warosp not shown: Henry Ciuca, Jasper Jacobs, Don Pesarcik. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Photography-Shaffer Photographic Studios, Vandergrift, Pa. Printing and Binding-Kurtz Bros., Clearfield, Pa. Engraving-Circle Engraving Company, Indianapolis, lndiana Cover Design-Mary Silvestri 62 hbn, Upmatofm, 79 9- I9 0 Under the direction of Mr. Thompson, a group of twelve boys show pictures each week to various classes throughout the school. Teachers and students are grate- ful to these people who take their study hall time to be of service to other teachers and students. w ' 1 af lx V9 1 W YU' . ,. N ii ., 1' u 'N at r' yah ' c Q Fi e ' 'A 1 .9 fL'iig .1 as ...,.J'. awww .1 I-11,-II I . I .IIIIIII I -I ,1- N1,11 1 f , .ff '14, 1 I I . .'p5l,II"i ,1 1- 5-H115 il f -fp, HIIQII 'gIZ-1"1L21E11a-1 1' 1 I1 ' ,I IU.. I .7I?IL1Ic1:M ,.1 "'-1-T' 1 136' 1 1, I. -11... L L 1 511 A I". 1 'ffqi js : ' II Ai 1' 1 1 '1 1 ' D 1 1 I ' " , 'I I 1.Zf'i'T -'1' 3 ' 11'Lf'E: ' !l'L' A ":-".n-Lf1- 'T-'71 1 15. '?Fr":1. '-1,15 1,1- If IIQIIIIQ1 MEI. ' wwf: '1 1 1 X21 V: 1 9 -"W, JL . -i ' ,I, f' ri In, ' I- .11 II , Ii, . ., 1 1.. , ,1 ,, -5- a -1. ,. '1 ' '15, ,- I If 'III iff, 'li I IM. I 1, , 11 ' " - , -K L- JI: --ji-I 1 I- M. ",' 11 7' I L..-: 1,l.,.I-E I "-11g P' - .'1,, , I , if " :gm uf! 'II' W I 'V 'gl 1 B ,. II II IIIIIIIII. ' T. ' i - - :fl I . ' 1 . -' I ,p - I1 I. . 1 1 'II - .4 Il I' I 1 11.II - I '11 I' 'Y .. II 'ri' ' II I, I, ' 1 ' '- f. ' ff III II ,nf-' ' ' 4 ': fl . , 1 1 1 M Ax 1 , 1 ' - 1 I . , f I I I I ' , I I an -1 5 ' 1 1311 12- fc' 1 I I I 'I ': ' W .AL ' ' pl ' .. 1I?Q - 'lr '-J. 3 - 4' t - 'V V- . X - f1s-"1I11:- ,I LIIIII-4 f,:I1P-'1- -. I -'AIII -'. 1 .' 'I I ' "'l-- fi 1, '- 1 11 1 I-I ' . I' 'I 1 I II , , 1 - r- ,J 'UI . . 1.1 I if I -1 ' I A I , I .,I. .IrI - , I.I , I '- 1 11 If I ' ' w 1' - ,. 1'.I ' I V I , I VLQI, . .1 ' U' ' 11" 'f, ' , 1' 1-' ' -- . 1I 1 .' I?" 1. ' A' 11 1' ' !"1 ' 1+ I' ' 1 II I I i' "1 We hse,,',' 'A na.. r 2- . .II I , ' 11-HU. 111. .+!I1- 1 1,-I11, 1 1 11. c 1, 1-I, I : 3' , Ja' .,I1'- 1' ,I,, I at' . 1 . I. .xi L "1w4"" 1I1I 1.1 . - 1-- , 1 '1Y".', ,. 5 1-1 .zII . I Y' . .11 .I.-1 . 11 I '-V: ,11 ,LI , I- Q 1 I . I Y ' WI I WV. , ,I,,,1. ,,,, .d g 1 -,V I' 1' 1 1. -4 , 1 .II I 1 X 1 1 1 .'I 11'1'.' ' 11 1 N 1, 1.1. 1 1 L91 .Lu- 1- 1 IIIJ . 1 1. I-. JIU . 4... 1 III ' I . I -. " 1 y.. 1 1 ,, I r . 1 F E111 5. 1 I 5.. 1 ,I1 . .11 vii 1 I IX .I 1. 1 1 I. , A 1 '21 ', 11,-F 3'w 1. Z1 4 'I 1 .11 1, .. ,: .1 I.1. ., I I 1 ..i1..,4I . ' ni. 1111-v. .- I 1 1 .fl aww I . i W.. I . ?Ef.:1 if- if'--. II I ? ' 5 111 V. 1 ' '--11: '41 1 I111 1 . . aff 1.7 QI f' J' 1 1 -NA, YJ '- gh, 1 . 4 5+ i f II A 51" ig .11 . JI ,I' .I1- .1 .I. ,,.. I 1--,Z-II 1 J 11 1 , 51' --1 -11 .. if ' ll -1, - ,I 1,-I 21 K I , A 'Q Q , 2 .I. 'ff INA. 1". .,,.I -1 ,.i1. 1-if 1 1.1 i . ...,f, v --+ Y ' Y ex--' g 4 .. if nlf':1f,FFv f "s I 11-Q

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