Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA)

 - Class of 1946

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Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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,rxxw -I 1 -- A rf 1... X , 1. 1. ' 51, I. 11 .1 ,. 1. . II . , ,1., .4 A 4 .,, , 1 ,1I , . I I 1 11 ,., 11 11, , I . ' , .W " , 115. 1. - - 1 I . 1 1 .. 1.1, ,u .1 1 ' 1 . ' '11 '- " 1 1 , '. Nw? T 1 ff 1 ' .1 If 4-1' 1 1-Ji - 1 ' 1' fc. '3I1.11 1 1 1 ,, 17- 11, , 1 1.1. . 1 - , L- ,' . .A . , - . , J " . -x I . 1 ., .-fur.-,1.1, , ' ' - ' - ' ' 1 111, A .1.L."!f M' . 1 . I ,. , ,. 1 .151 1,1 51,3 fi-1.1 111 ""Y"1u"L Q1-1"-"1'1q"f1r 1 Ehpi 1" ' V""f 'bfff 'lII5lxx" :I Ax a 1 :A n 1 l N 1 1. ,,I.fLI, II I1 'L ff.. ., L, 1m-.j N IIT: , '.w-- . hw-1 - . . ,, .1 .1- 1 1 . . 5. J , Q , ,111-11 .1 - 1, 1-.,f1r. - "'1" 11' 1 F -1111,"'1-1 N- " -1.'g11. ,I 1,.. gf, 1,1-.1f 1,'a'1,Q, 211-.41-1-'1 ' pg' II...1'11 1- 11.I1II-E 'L I 1 ,Q 11- L .12 .UI .1 :I 'II Il,,,I '14, 1 . III1: r111..,+1I1-1 . 11 - 1fQCI'11':'-1'E:"' 'f'-"',1 "fi ,, , , 'Y ,js W 'l1" I1 Ifglf IQ ,III E.4f,I-' .I,III 4' ,L I ILIAI :,115vI1 1 ,,I I 1 In 1 2 135' 'v I1 11:1- .1x Ih,11I1vIII::LgINII I ,II . .III II ,.,I , I, 4.14, -Inu I V11 1 if AIM!" ,,1.-'-my 1.4 .,.,1, A," '1 :sw 1 1-L., -1- 31 .E,iI'5I1el3"' V7 ,'g'1"i" 1 . . . 1 I 1 l','- .,":I ,,', ' ' ,I 1-1-.1 " 1,r'.,.1' 1'-,....',.1 -V ffl . 1e."'1 ' , "V 'rw 1 'f- 13111:x2':51ii-J15r':'lI.II "rpg I j I N 'lf ' 1l1'l. ' i..1W'm1 ,LI I.1II I. Lim., ,2:',-1-w'1"1' U ' 11I I1I,1 .II ,III.I,I,,-I3 I1 111' 'T-. 1"1,. 1 'yu IW 11,1 Y, W ,I 1' '. .11 I.'.11.:1'1"'z, II I , ,I f."5"'L1-' '1'1'F1.'.. 1" "W ff-1 I J, ,LLI1,. 51,111 1 L' .- J 1 ' '1"J1' ,213 1 ' PM -. ,II I1 I. I I I I I -. 1,.'IIQj.,I-.'11 331, 'FI ,I - ' I' ."',1 .. f .1 1 . , ,. I IH-I pI 1 ,II II11 IIII-II 1,11 I1.I1.I1I-I,I'-I Iii," QI, '-1' QA1 1 - .mf gym, 4 -I' 1" 1- ' I+' 1I 1-I ,x I,..1N I 1 I .-4, .1 ,- :,1II .1-III . ' :Iv 1 ' , g"1' .1 '.1 .1 .. 1 .1 - - .--.11 -.1.--111'-1,1 I1.IG'.11I.I"' I1 -YI 21 - 1' Ivi'-:HI 525-,I 1,111 H 5111 .1 I-Lf1,.11'fg', ' 'wif 11 g,1I.fIJ. IQ!! 111'-f" 1 I .11 1 11.. 11 1. .1 -' -1 11111111- ,IrlFI1.11f1Ix4 I' fl- rf , 14 I , I ,",15'4 '11 . -' 1' 1, f-.u ff .12 1 .-- I, " 1 . IT' .-.1fu.1""' " ""- , I.,I I., II II .. I1 1IIIIII,.III .II .I . I.. I II 1. ,., II II .I I1 I,I 1, 1' 11'.- I !1"J'1 'I 7-' .1 '. 'I 1,,1.1 .Q I1 511 '-'L ' '-e1 r , 1I. ' II-. IIE .,'.': ""'l1"v" " 'I' .I 'F' 1 fr. I, " , 1IrI1 I .A ,1 II 51. . 1,,I 11 ,IA a111 'j"1lI 15' 1.'-' F" ' ""f' M1-'17 .IJ -1 ,.sILL.,-71-4 1 I :. -, ' I,Izf.fm1, g.'M . -' 1 3 + 11 . III,II,,I.II II.,I1. I, I. 11 1ffFf.J1?5'g- 1. H- ', . 1 11 1 3,5 Z,g'7"' 5- fi L 1-1 - 'Vx ,L ',,yf"1 'fA1"gaj .41 1 1?-51' 11 F.--' U--'-if ' -Il'q 1'-lI1.j xg' "' ' 'Z" '71,1"75"TJ,19' ' I 11.4 51' v I .,f"" 'lfkw Q' ',1:,aQ--'- "1f1.:., ' 15' LIIIIJI IWI,1IIII.,.II1,IIII 41 -11' x1,1, v v',1, '1I:.1'- ,'11,I1f -1 - - '-1, ' .-,- IL,I'5',l.-Ivnf? ' ,W 1..1L11-r1I--11'1g' , 4, ,, I , ' "'f'1, "Q M1 .91 I5 'f:P1-U 11-E ' 1 1 1 "1 . I f1aW'1111 .. I , I IIII1I., I1I,I I ,XIII I,I1I I,III1,I1III3II,,IIIIIIII.,.i1II1I1 II I 1 I , 1' 11,711 11h ,551 1 ..C:III. I.I .. . .I,- 1 ,, . . MI 1 Y, 1 ., -I, 1-.-1II1.I.1I,., III. I Ir? .II1I.II ,I QI I54I1II1I1-II1, I IIII II IIII..-I 1' ., My ' ' 310i IJ'1. IrI1'fI.'fpe'!:- I411-I11", ,"1f . .".1'1 vf '. ' -"'--""',,.11 ' 5-1-1' -. 11 , ' 1 1 ' 1' ', "1 ' 1' '13 L '.'.."W L7 ' - S1141 f' ""5'-i5"".-J' .:f,5Lf"--11" J' 1 - 1 :1 '1fgIg -IIJI 1.1 I I'I11I . . g" , I --"41- 3 1" 1j'qf11i:f-,IIIII.:.fII ,'.-'2,II:," .- 1 -I I -,, I '1I1-L1 ' 1, - -IxIj ' 'I I1II, II II1 I1III11:-II 5.-II:.IIF1I.I,I'?III1I I IL. I I. I I,.. .III I- . I II I 1 ,- II I 1I,I:IIIwg,q5jIf,1 IMII1 ,. I I ., I I .. 15, .III 1 J.-. I' I ',, 1 " '1 'I ',-'f:if3"31'1"f-.. 1 ,I ,I 4' -1-1 sr .'.I 1 '-- .1- I I., 1 1 I, I, I r 1. - , ' ' 1 1." , 1. , 1, ' ',"-l'f7' 5 1' 1,, 1 ' '- 114' ,.f F 'i 1 :'I W'-:I I . I' IIIQI. I -I . VI,.I.f 11 ,I1"i1p,' I , ,I I .11 14-' 1' H1113 -1 '111' ,1A1 fp-.: 1 .N -1 1 ,I 'NI 1i.'-I,1- .,'Q'1' 1 'N' '1f u"" Tig?"- 13" ' ""'5f!44 '- ':" 'g- 134'-1f ' ., I1 11' 1- 'T ' FH, ' 'JY-'1. ,' 1.-. 1 'Ar' "1" 'A " "' 1" '-E" .'- "'1'g-,3-- 1115 ra.'Z1.'4:ef'-',1"lL1F1-.-"'1".1lm- f-, -5 1 T' .1-1' 11'-1 'if nuff- H9 .: -. me' 1 11141, 11 1'ef.-Q15 Q, . ..1. ' .. -1 -- 3 -2 1 . "9-f -3" 1 ' 1 G ', 1 1- -Q,g,jgQ.3'- ','1.'5f" 'f!f"'5' 'r f-1I11I1Q?jgf'.fZ- .11 39.1. 29:11. 11 -P 1 ,I 1"11.L 111 ' -'Q' III -f ,1" ""'vf1f111gr" " 3 .I I . I I II.:- 3.1, 1I-15. 111 -I1I,,.I II.:I . .' W: If -I,- I 1:II.1I II I J II.. IIIE1 J-.III.I,:,.I 1 " ff ' 5 '1"s 'f1 ?l.fn?"1s-'FJ J5"k'111'.1 1 T1 f,1:1"S:v' "1'1L'L-'15'fj'.I1? 115 1'-ff'.Sr5 J, WE.'H'.:r .5J.A.7.'. N -'1"l, ML .'If. A 511 ' ' ,511 . ,"' ' 11' 41.511 . "!WB,f' 1I I gmc, 1 1 ' ,f.. I:I.Iw . I1II'n ' -1175311 ',11'I' Il' "1 "1'. af. IC. 1 - ?1IX'Ig41 LI.:j' 1 ' . 1Qf? ' I.'fI .. 4'I I1 fill ':fT42,, -A MW V 4.4.1 .. H 1 4 1 1 r' Y X1 r .IT 1 - is , ! ' H ' 51:-'-,u,:.' f' - lx", :. I , I L, 4' A M--.1 , 1 , ,,, .V , v ,f, -c Q. -v1"m! fa " u,' if ur -X 5 '..' g ,Q .1 w 1 1 7 11' M , m.lf v ' -un, 'IQ .1 w W ' -J. 'i 'xr X I .1. . Au n., P. A-, N .f,, xu' n ,. 5 1 'A ,Xl ,.,,: 4 1 , , mp,-gg, 'IIIIHIYDU4-Dil .1sk.x.!i1Q.lJ?l'wkw X .VZNLTW I. -fb.-.v5'El R-. Y I.-311211 FL 'HJ' ""' 'YKMIJZ5 .Sr.1!r'Si,'.Xln'J3-If-WF"HF1'Bl7 'ill'!JYJ1'El'iiEi' . -A-f, af- QN..X C, f .,......,.. , .NJA-.1,.X:,,,M......,.. 'mgwk'-., -N Kilim. x 92:95 y -. A ., 53' ',cA ,41 1""'A' ,S ff -. 1YaA,:l..l N, v 3? A ,,......,.,f., .,..,,,,,,,,,A Lf W SI'dA.:" -' ' 7 ,-v.,...,---mm, W., .,.. Q 13 L C I , P Jim 7946 jpxzcfafm, 0lf'8 LUOI' We wondered and puzzled when we were told To take all the snapshots a nice book would hold, To put them together, to have, all told, A picture book of the school's young and old. Snapshots and poses of fun galore, Tears, and confinement, and "bore", Fun with our teachers and scoldings sore- But isn't this book worth all, and more? The cramming for tests, the games of ball, We couldn't quite portray it all. But the names and the clubs and the pictures of all Who leave V. H. S., this book will recall. -The Staff of 1946 Spectator - 4 grnyvyyc ac, 7 1fO ECAUSE of our appreciation for her patience and her helpful guidanceg because of our admiration and respect for herp because of her friendship to us and her service to our school, WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO MISS EMMA PATTON Spectator - 5 sgzlfufor, gifozczlozczfing lt's not a stately mansion for those of wealth to use, lt's not a dingy castle for those who tend to abuse, lt's iust a plain white building, which knows no color nor creed: A place to learn, a place to play, ci place that is our need. lt's my own alma mater, and compared to all the rest, lt's my school that is so grand, the one that I like best. Within its walls are memories that to me are wealth untold, Memories I would not part with for a fee of priceless gold. In this building lingers memories I will ne'er forget, Of teachers who were my pilots, of friends I leave with regret. My memories, my friends, and I are embedded in life so new, My imprint's left in Vandergrift, whose colors are white and blue. My school friends and memories will leave me, as I iourney on, But my paths are wide and open for travel to treasures beyond. -Estelle Makowski, '46 Spectator -- 6 - . I ,4 ' . ',.' s IV' I' gown! O! gyoacafion CHARLES H. SNYDER President SAMUEL J. RUSSELL Vice-President GUY A. WHITACRE Treasurer JOHN Q. ADAMS Secretory DWIGHT W. STEELE ROBERT D. NOEL DR. ROBERT H. KNOWLE5 JOHN R. KURTZ Superintendent Spectaior - 8 JOHN R. KURTZ J. PAUL SHAFFER Supe intendent of Sch ols Principal of High School L - ff uoA RosE GAGEN Secretary to Superintendent MARTHA BRANDON Secretary to Principal Cl st Semester, JEAN BISSELL Secretary to Principal 12nd Semesterl Spectator -9 sift? im Zi, DOROTHY AMENT, IMOGENE BAUER, GUY M. BENNARDO, LYNN D. BLAND, CAROLYN N. BURKE, BARBARA ANN Spanish, Science, Social Studies, Social Studies Mathematics CERYAKI Social Studies Home Economics Assistant Coach Physical Education MARGARET F. CLINE, WILLIAM DEMCHAK, JAMES M. DORWART, HAZEL l. EMILIE M. ELWOOD, HAZEL A. ESCH, Music Supervisor Physical Education Science, EI-I-ENBERGERI Library Mathematics Assistant Coach Commercial Studies MABELLE S. JOHN B. KARRS, VIOLA M. KASTE, EVELYN LOVE, ETHEL MARTIN, Hll-DEBRANI1 Physical Education, Social Studies English, Commercial Studies Social Studies Coach Journalism Spectator - 'IO ESTHER McDOWELL, HILDA McELHANEY, English MARY RUDOLF, Mcnhenmotics MILDRED STEWART Mcxihematics I French, German, English EDITH SECRETO, Commercial Siudies KENNETH THOMPSON, Science HELEN E. MILLER, PERCY C MILLER JENNIE OWENS Science Social Studies LILLIAM A. SHUMAKER CHARLOTTE SMITH GERTRUDE SNYDER English BLANCHE WAUGAMAN, Art Supervisor 1946 2.5- Specfator - 'II IB jA6Lf ibl"lfl,l'VLI4fL8l" Og Do you hear that tap, tap, tap? That boy is "on the ball"! Now when it comes to rhythm, He has it over all. He beats it out with all he knows, Parididdles, tlams, ruflis, and rolls. And then he starts a back-beat stomp, To this they all begin to romp. Now he has them going wild! He's using some of Krupa's style. The last few bars are on their way, The whole darn band is full of sway. And then with one great trumpet blast The "iam" is ended LOUD and FAST! -William Adams, '46 Spectator - 12 'ls " ' '1 , "P'1"','1'f" m, ijw win, 41 fgr zffgiff.-AQ l"" ,Z -fu. y , 1 i President FRANK SPANIEL General Vice-President EUGENE BERNARD BARTOLICH Technical jfoecfafw Secretary CHARLES VETRO, JR. Technical Historian JAMES KENTON RIGGLE General Treasurer RICHARD PAUL KARDOS General Spectator - 14 ANN IRENE AARON DOROTHY JANE AMENDOLA General General ANGELA JANET ADAMCIK Commercial WILLIAM EUGENE ADAMS Technical HELEN LOUISE ALTMAN General AUDREY BRICE ARTMAN General ROBERT CLARENCE ATKINSON Technical ROY GENE BARGER General LOIS JEAN BARNETT CAM of 1946 WILLIAM HARRISON BARTOE, JR General ,wi Spectator - 15 ff" HELEN ELIZABETH BEECHER Classical ja C308CLl0Lf0lf' JOHN HERBERT BELL JOHN MERLE BOREN, JR. General Technical EVA ROSENNA BENNARDO Technical BARBARA JANE BILLETER Classical MARGARET JEAN BLACK General THERESA CYNTHIA BRANOVICH Classical EVELYN KATHALINE BRIDGE Commercial ANGELINA BRUNO General Spectator - 16 LOUIS PAUL BUCCI Technical PAUL ANDREW BUCO Classical BRIAN ALAN BURKE Technical LESLIE ALVIN BURNS Technical MILDRED IRENE BURNS General PHYLLIS JEAN CAMPBELL Technical BETTY JANE CANZANO General ELEANOR MARIE CAPRETTO General WILLIAM STEELE CARNAHAN General ANGELINE OLYMPIA CARRARA General MARIE SUSAN CERASO Commercial CVM Of M46 15 Spectator - I7 -0 35 9 . 2 Cv r ,anv- 17 iff 'sn' Wim Y jig SIMM RONALD SAM CERASO If' 1 BEATRICE ANN CHERO Classical General EMILY CECILIA CHAPAITIS Commercial HELEN LOUISE CHAPAYLO Classical THADDEUS FRANCIS CHRUSCIK General SARA JANE CIARDULLI Commercial ADELAIDE CICIRETTO General Spectator ROBERT JOHN CHILKO Technical RICARDO PAUL CIOCCA General -18 ANTHONY EUGENE CIUCA Classical SHIRLEY LOUISE CLARK General DOROTHY LUCILLE CLAWSON General DOROTHY ELSIE CONNER General FRANK HARVEY CLAYPOOLE Technical ARTHUR POMPEO COCCO DOROTHEA LOUISE CONTIE General FREDA MAE CONTIE Classical General ROSE LOUISE COLANTONIO General ROBERT WAYNE COY Technical Cfmg of 1946 MARGARET JOYCE CRILLEY General QF T if my - Spectator - I9 jk ,SEOZCEGLLLOIW LAWRENCE FRANKLIN CUDDY General ALICE RUTH CUSTER General ROSELLA ALICE DAVIS General GENO SAM DeFRANClSlS General LEONARD CARMEN DELIA Classical EMMA MARIE Del VECCHIO General MARY ANN Del VECCHIO Commercial VIRGINIA JOSEPHINE DePETRIS Commercial CHRISTY ANTHONY De SALVO Technical Spectator -- 20 LOUIS MARIO DiFRANCO General THERESA DOLORES DOMANSKI Commercial NORMA IRENE DUNMIRE General ANTONIO CARMELO FAIOLA Technical Q, TA . -il" JEAN FAY DUPPSTADT Classical PHYLLIS MAY EARLEY General ELEANOR OLGA FERENCAK General .5 ta'-if as 45? ELEANOR ROSE FERRARA Commercial JOSEPHINE LOUISE ELKIN General MARGARET LOUISE FILO om of 7946 0' JOSEPH VINCENT FONTANA Technical 'Y' f I QR ll f' X , msfliffli Spectator -- 21 our WILLIE MAE FOSTER General 348 agjoecfgalfor ANGELINE JEAN GALLO General PAUL REVERE GIORDANI Classical BETTY LOUISE GEORGE General GERALDINE MAY GEORGE Classical RICHARD EUGENE GOULD Technical LENORA ANN GRILLO Commercial JOSEPH MICHAEL GIENOPIE General LElLA GERTRUDE GRIMM General Spedalor - 22 BERTHA MAE HALLMAN General JAMES EDWARD HARROLD GORDON HAROLD HETHERTON General MARCELLA MAE HAWK Classical CARL HELD Technical RICHARD WARREN HILEMAN General PATRICIA JANE HILL Classical VIRGINIA MAE HIXSON General General MARLENE HETRICK General BETTY VIRGINIA HOFFMAN Commercial CKELIJIJ of 19469 PATRICIA JEAN HOFFMAN General 'fr R u. Iwi- Specfator - 23 HARRIET LOUISE HOLM le ,gioecfafor , I Classical AGNES LIVINGSTON HOOVER Commercial ROSALIND THERESA INTRIERI Classical BETTY JANE BARBARA JASPER General BETTY LOUISE JOHNSTON General JOSEPHINE ANTOINETTE JULIAN General LILLIAN ANTHONIA KARDOS Classical BETTY JEAN KASTE General PHILLIP DARREL KAUFFMAN General Spectator -- 24 ROBERT DWIGHT KAUFFMAN General I CARL HENRY KEIRN LILLIAN LORAINE KOSTKA General MARIETTA ALBERTA KLINGENSMITH Commercial VIRGINIA ANN KNABB General EDWARD BONIFACE KOWALSKI Technical SOPHIE LORAINE KOWALSKI Commercial DOLORES ANN KUKALI General Cfom of 7 General GENEVIEVE BERNADINE KOWALCZYK Commercial S RT JOSEPH LEAP General MARGARET JANE LEMMON Commercial 946 as 465 WW", Q CS' C5- Spectator - 25 ,Jiri fu" ff. 'fn I f 1.4 I sr CHARLES BOYD LOWMASTER, JR. jk SZOQCIIULIJOIW OLEN STEWART MCCUTCHEON General Technical JOHN EDWARD LYNCH General ALICE RUTH MCCOMB General MARGARET ANNE MCPHILLIAMY General WILLIAM JAMES MACINO General PHYLLIS LaRUE MAGNESS General Spectator DONALD JOHN MCDEVITT General ESTELLE JOANNE MAKOWSKI General -26 IDA ANTOINETTE MAGIFESTA General ENIS ANTOINETTE MARINUCCI Commercial VIRGINIA LOUISE MARTIN Commercial BLANCHE ELLEN MECHLING General DELORES JEAN MACUKEWICZ General VINCENT JOSEPH MILIE Technical LENORA ILENE MATONAK Commercial MARTHA JOHANNA MAYER General JULIA ANN MINARCIN Commercial CAROLINE MINIOTIS Commercial GEORGE RICHARD MISTRICK Technical CEM M1946 3 Spectator QQ' 1 fx, iv 'ff' Q6 Q -27 fa K' .fly 3 A. W ,4 A ' nf' Z8 CSKOQCLLJEOI' NANCY FLORENCE MOTTOLA General JOSEPH EUGENE MURPHY, JR. BERNICE ANN NEPPLE General Technical GEORGE MATHEOS MUSTAKAS General SALVATORE AUGUST NAPOLI General ELMER MICHAEL NASSER Technical LUCILLE PATRICIA OLCZAK Commercial MARY ANN Ol.lNGER General BEATRICE MADALAINE PACE General Speclator - 28 RlTA JEAN PAGLIARULO General MARY STELLA PALATELLA General LILLIAN IRENE PAPAS SOPHIE CECELIA PENCAK General General ZITA PASCHIS General ROBERT BLEAKNEY PATTON General CLARENCE LeROY PEARSON RICHARD ALLEN PERROTT Technical RITA BERNADINE PESARCIK Commercial ANNABELL PHILIPS General WILLA JEAN PHILLIPS General Cfom of 7 946 'S' -sa. 445 Q 1' 'Q' Tv wiki All Specmlor -'29 Qin -Lf, JE, fa. i JENNIE PLOCHA Commercial jk CSEOQCEQEOP' CHARLES JOSEPH POHANKA DORIS JEAN PROGECENE Commercial Technical MARIO FRANK POLlClCCHlO General JOSEPH DANlEL POLITO General GARLAND FRANK POYNTER General WILLIAM SHERMAN QUARTERMAN General PAUL EUGENE RAMETTA General DOROTHY LaRUE REARICK General ADORIA LOVE RICHARDS Classical Specfator -30 VERNON DANE RIGGLE General CLARA LOUISE RlPOLl Commercial EUGENE THOMAS ROWLEY General ANNA MAE ROBERTO General FAY LaRUE ROBERTS LILA ROMAINE RUDARI General Classical ROBERT ALEXANDER RULIS Technical HELEN MAE ROSENSTEEL General NINA ELAINE RUTH General MARGARET SAFFIRIO Commercial Cfdjil of 1946 , , Q wr 'S- l Spectator - 31 '36 LORETTA SAPPE' Z8 ,SIZQCEOOLEOIW and General IRENE BERNADETTE SARADIN General JENNIE TERESA SCALZOTT Commercial THOMAS ELMER SCHAEFFER General JOHN ROBERT SHAFFER Technical VIRGINIA IRENE SHAMBERGER Classical RALPH LeROY SHELLHAMMER General MARY LOUISE SHEMAK General ROBERT WALLACE SHOOP, JR. General Spectator - 32 JOANN MARILYN SKEMP Classical MARGARET MAY SKINNER ROBERT MARTIN SMAY General General LOUIS VINCENT SLIVAN General JANICE LAURELLA SLOAN General HAZEL MARIE SLONAKER General DOLORES CHRISTINA SOLOMON Classical HELEN SOURLIS Commercial GLORIA LORENE SPANIEL Classical MARY ANN SPIHER 67cm of 7946 DOLORES LORRAINE STEFANIK Commercial Spectaior - 33 'iii JAMES EDWARD STOVER General 'gum 1? Us Soecfafor DOROTHY RUTH STUMP Classical WILLIAM CARL TRAUTERMAN Technical CHESTER RAYMOND SYPULSKI Technical NANCY ELLEN TANNER Classical ALBERT RICHARD TROIANO Technical JACOB RAYMOND TAROSKY General MARY VALGENE THOMAS General KATHERINE DOLORES TUMAS Commercial ALPHONSE ANDREW USKURAITIS General Speciaior -- 34 GENO RICHARD VARRATO General RUDY STEVE VESELICKY Technical MARGARET VNUK General HAROLD LeROY WALKER General JOHN HOWARD WILSON Technical MARGARET LOUISE WALKER General MELVIN WALKER, JR. General THADDEUS RALPH WENSKOWSKI General MARGARET LOUISE YACU RA Commercial JOHN NICHOLAS YANOUZAS General GLADYS MAE YARNEL General CONSTANCE LaMAR WHITE General TIM BUFFINGTON YOUNT Kfam of 7946 JOSEPH EDWARD ZELONKA General 'T Spectator - 35 ju Memoriam RICHARD TYRONE MAZUREK HAZEL IRENE MCGUIRE Moy 22, 1928 April 19, 1927 November 7, 1945 April 15, 1945 cc O live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die .... " -Thomas Campbell Spectator - 36 Jae gfaaa of Z6 As Eighth graders in '42 we were 250 strong, Separated, yet willing to ride along, Coy and White were chosen to receive the American Legion Award, Ready then to travel forward. In the fall of '43, three hundred and seven appeared, For our teams we loudly cheered, As Princess and Prince we had Ruth and Coy, The Coronation Dance bringing on the ioyg Saddened only by the thought of the final tests, Still striving to do our best. As the year '44 rolled around We were still forward bound, Coming from our two hundred and sixty-three There were quite a few helping to bring Victory, Football and basketball were "tops", We also liked the semi-formal hops. In the year of '45 we had but 239, At the end we still felt pretty fine, As our flower we chose The beautiful yellow rosep Our colors were brown and gold, To us they will never grow old, Couples found romances At our "Sadie Hawkins" and "Snow BaIl" dances. But best of all was our senior year, To us, this thought we will always hold dearg Coy and Ruth were again at the top, And crowned at the "Celestial Corona" hop, Our semi-formals wound up the year And gave memories to us that will always be near. So now we move on to worldly schools, And the next class will make their rules. -J. K. Riggle, Historian Loretta Sappe, Scribe Spectator - 37 ana ski Pres Maglocci Le n olK l k'-V e'i:E:i.f!,'-EZJPSQS al ROOM 25 FIRST ROW: James Arduino, John Cane, Betty Jane Butz, Lois Busler, Joseph Arteritano-President I, Elizabeth Barbus-Secretary I, Dolores Buyny, Mary Ann Bucci, Phyllis Armor. SECOND ROW: Anna Colderone, Norma Jean Baglivo, LaVerna Bier, Eva Boulis, Dorothy Bonante, Rita Bernot, Marie Adamcik, Mondora Adams. THIRD ROW: Clara Campisano, Anthony Amaranto, Elaine Byers, Martha Barr, Marjorie Bence, Cora Beatty, Valgean Beighley. FOURTH ROW: Paul Black, Jack Bills, David Adams, Patrick Brady, Willo- vene Bradstock, Mathildu Brandon. FIFTH ROW: Michael Angelo, Phyllis Browrk Lynn Altmeyer. NOT SHOWN: Richard Baustert, Robert Bennett, Robert Blymiller, James California. ROOM 26 FIRST ROW: Evelyn Ferrante, Gertrude Fehl, Elinor Dunmire, Margherita Del Cimmuto, Rosemarie Contie--Secretary l, Joseph Di Giacomo-Presb dent I, Olga Del Vecchio, Irene Cassimatis, Kathryn Efstathiades. SECOND ROW: Leahbelle Gagen, Helen Franczyk, Ernestine Delle Donne, Emily Dudzik, Mary Louise Ferencak, Lillian Cuddy, Florence De Panicis, Imogene Eakins. THIRD ROW: Andrew Cox, Fred Cuica, Bob George, Harry Clawson, Frank Gapinski, William Ferguson, Charles Gathers. FOURTH ROW: Joseph Cimprich, Lawrence Chupka, Anthony Colecchi, Joseph Garda, Leonard Elswick, Harry Gathers. NOT SHOWN:' Robert Gearhart, Lloyd Fulton, Paul Donghia, Evelyn Foiola, Steve Dingo, Lawrence Curci. ROOM 39 FIRST ROW: Leonard Kowalski, Dorothy Held, Lillian Guntrum, Natalie Kaczor, Joan Lemmon, Betty Lockhard, Mary Kasecky, Rose Grande, Margaret Johnston. SECOND ROW: Marie Gray, Gerald Jackson, Marianne Gurecka, Mary Hanecak, Louise Kettering, Viva Kerr, Harriett Gallatin, Genevieve Kromka. THIRD ROW: Teofilia Krulikowski, Joan Larrabee, Lois McGuire, Shirley Kissell, Cecilia Gallilc, Delores Houser, Maxine Lowmaster. FOURTH ROW: Charles Kovalcik, David Hughes, Harry Kesler, Eleanor Kuwc. NOT SHOWN: Ethel Nabors, Ronald Myers, Charles Murray, Raymond Mazonek, Harold Magness, Vincent Lekavich, Walter Kulczycki, Eugene Lakek, James Hixon. UNIUH5 . .. Spectator - 38 W' 'Irs ii 9 V A5 1 xl Eiga? Wx Ti INS "-3 mga Q 'QQ 'Gr-, X Q, --'v I ROOMS 39-44 FIRST ROW: Wallace Mrasz, Leo Marsili, Manuel Matarrese, Mary Hether- ton-Vice President I, Frank Matarrese-President I, Martha Nelson- Secretary I, Dorothy Macino, Evangeline Martikes, Louis Morandini. SECOND ROW: Betty Znanec, Janet Wilson, Betty King, Betty Mulhorn, Mary Nelson, Elizabeth Mazur, Sophie Mazurek, Anthony Moliterno. THIRD ROW: Robert Myer, Michael Zahorchak, Robert Maglocci, Lois Marks, Stella Nawrocki, Maxine Moore, Ethel Zidek. FOURTH ROW: Stephen Milanak, Richard Matusiak, Robert Milie. NOT SHOWN: William Waros, Harding Williams, Clarence Wilson, Joseph Yandura-Secretary I, Walter Zalenski, Ruth Whaley, Beverly Wilson. . ROOM 31 FIRST ROW: Elaine Ross, Rita Shaetfer, Evelyn Perry, Joan Nemit, Guinevere Rowe-Secretary I, Carmela Sforza, Barbara Paterson, Lois Richardson, Alberta Rzewnicki. SECOND ROW: Mary Scuillo, Dorothy Ruth, Jean Procious, Barbara Robley, Judith Robbins, Virginia Parker, Fern Shaner, Rosemarie Pesarcik. THIRD ROW: Virginia Peppler, Joan Reefer, Kitty Salancy, Betty Richey, Fern Rankin, Mary Roebuck, Jane Procious. FOURTH ROW: Robert Rearick, Pete Savastano, Frank Pinto, Martha Phillips, Romeo Santy, Eileen Peppler. FIFTH ROW: Floyd Riggle, James Shatter, Jack Peters, Louis Pugliese NOT SHOWN: Frank Palmisano, Louis Pangrazi, Gary Peters, Andrew Poieclinec, Kenneth Ridenour-President I, Lawrence Robak, Richard Rulis. 4- Room as FIRST ROW: Betty Spang, Thelma Shupe, Isabelle Shriver, Richard Solomon -Secretary I, Narcissus Trentin-President I, Carmel Sicari, Carmella Silvestri, Marie Valentino, Nesta Veneris. SECOND ROW: Irene Veselicky, Florence Trentin, Margaret Veselovsky, Anna Svezeny, Valiean Uhing, Harriet Steele, Mariorie Soltis, Leona Sobczak. THIRD ROW: Helen Texter, Irene Vida, VaIJean Smay, Betty Spaniel, Evonne Silvis, Stella Shost, Angela Tinelli. FOURTH ROW: Richard Veitch, Ruth Shannon, Helen Walker, Ruth Tanner, Joann Walthour, Irene Szczepkowski. FIFTH ROW: Chester Trawinski, John Sourlis, Angelo Trisolin Ralph Varrato, Jerry Stokes. NOT SHOWN: Edgar Stephenson, William Sloan, Harryi Strott UNIUIIS . .. Spectator - 40 V0 Spectot 41 ,jx K? Larry Chernaus kas Sarrnella COFCGITC ROOMS 44-4 FIRST ROW: Rose Zduniak, Marie Bucci, Imogene Wolfe, Dolores Young, Joseph Albini-President I, Leonard Zelonka-President I, Barbara Bradstock, Robert Brasiola, Harriette Young. SECOND ROW: Ruth Anderson, Phyllis Williams, Gretchen Wyatt, Ora Lou Wareham, Dolores Wawrzyniak, Lucille Bonante, Doris Bush, Gloria Adams. THIRD ROW: Joseph Alese, Jeannine Bell, Chrystal Bartoe, Lucille Blazaitis, Lois Beatty, William Williams, Dorothy Altman. FOURTH ROW: Andrew Zanotti, Frank Angiulli, Theodore Wieman, Margaret Zemba, Paul Barnett, Joseph Woiciechowski. FIFTH ROW: William Bell, Edward Bush. NOT SHOWN: Josephine Wilson, Richard Yamber, Rudy Bartolich, Richard Altman, Oscar Bartoe, William Bernacco, Joseph Blose, Robert Womeldorf. ROOM 43 FIRST ROW: Louise De Carlo, Joan Contrael, Joan Ceraso, Jean Capretto, Richard De Petris-Secretary I, Joseph De Salvo-President I, Joseph Chierici, Dolores Davison, Joanne CoHman. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Canzano, Marion Calwell, Margaret De Filippi, Rosina Buzzelli, Theresa Chelko, Charlotte Cufiiia, Anna Chapaylo, Carmella Corcetti. THIRD ROW: Frank Carricato, Richard Courson, Dorothy Craig, Anne Cun- ningham, Attilio Cesario, John Danovsky, Margaret Delle Donne. FOURTH ROW: Paul Daniska, Walter Castelletti, Virginia Canil, Pauline California, Helen Del Vecchio, Benny De Biasio. FIFTH ROW: Lawrence Chernauskas, Bruno Del Vecchio. NOT SHOWN: Paul Camp, Alma Ciardulli, William Condo, William Clark, Victor De Geronimo, Ralph Culp, Jack Davis. ROOM 36 FIRST ROW: Michael Kowalczyk, William Girts, Woneida Fossler, Susan Elefante-Secretary I, Patsy Giotto-President I, Rose Essey, Dorothy Ferrante, Anna Gengo, Donald Hepler. SECOND ROW: Mary Grupac, Edith Dettore, Mary Fryer, Nancy Geyer, Donna Kaulifman, Frank Ferrara, Roberta Kaminski, Katheryn Hotzimbes. THIRD ROW: Marcella Horvat, Velma Kardos, Patricia Fazekas, Betty Dluhy, Loretta Farah, Teresa Gallo, Eleanor Filo. FOURTH ROW: John Hetrick, Doris Frick, Louise Jones, Marjorie George, Jean Ferguson, Mary Gallo. FIFTH ROW: Richard Froncek, Pete Giannini, Doris Gumbert, Pauline George, Robert Kelly, Jack Hetherton. SIXTH ROW: Frank Iarussi, Robert Jewell, Kathryn Gearhart, Charles Graf- fius, Marvin Fox. SEVENTH ROW: Clara Dubrawka, Eunice Fennell, Robert Floyd, William Holmes, Donald Doutt, Ralph Ednie. NOT SHOWN: Lyle Gourley, Henry Duriancik, Clyde Henneman, Robert Kerr, Robert Hileman, Joseph Kasecky, Allen Harding. SUPHU UPIES . . . Spectator - 42 fa' 'W I5 V Q Q 2 rg , Jef 'S' Wmmwgg x , iw xi A n 4, W Q i 1 , ' M lisp :niggas as I -1 w 1 5 V fn, .3 is " egg' kk RA," S' '. f X -J , 'af' sf """','0f-1 ' 5' 5 If .5 1' f x 'E 'tifkna 'pg 8:3 9 ,. . 5 M t F ' xg -i.. ' :ggi ,Nj 42 , . W 1 W mm gs Af as Q gi ? 5 2 'f ul pf g s Wie 514' V N04 Y: Ay? Six' , cfm ' ES ax VY? X ' ia QI 1 X , , x. .s- 45, I ff iii Y Q 34 if Frank Norea Scorefar Olga filicia Rose Marie See re 9 ROOM 8 FIRST ROW: Robert King, Dorothy McGinnis, Bernice McHenry, Margaret Mazak, Paul Long-President, Jean Lynch-Secretary, Antoinette Lof- freto, Marion McQuiston, Tom McDermott. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Kurten, Alfred Kolakowski, Ernest Magaro, Mary Jane Lobert, Alexander Lairo, Delores Mclntire, Juliana Liska, Marian Magee. THIRD ROW: Jack May. Lawrence Matonak, Betty Lou McKinney, ohn Knabb, Donald Klick, Sylvia Kukalis, David Means. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Lopata, Valiean Lookabaugh, Dorothy Lott, John Kuchta, Casimir Luczak, Meltord Laufter, Dick Logan. NOT SHOWN: James Long, Delores Kirdler, Chester Latham, Leroy Mclntire, Herman Kozlowski, Iris Klingensmith, Richard McCune, Harold McGinnis. ROOM 7 FIRST ROW: Eleanor Mieckowski, Mary Moore, Anna Pace, Dolores Mont- gomery, Dorothy Mocadlo-Secretary, Martha Palattella, Mary Palatella, Isabel Mendicino, Jane Olinger. SECOND ROW: Frank Fark, James Molenari, Joseph Napoli, LaRue Nabors, Margaret Pierce, Lillian Petrosky, Irene Milanak, Anna Miniotis. THIRD ROW: Andrew Musala, Anna Rose Misho, Patricia Mohney, Antonette Palmisano, Grace Paolo, Ruth Mohney, Stella Nemitz. FOURTH ROW: George Peppas, Charles Nabors, Rudy Minarchin, Joseph Petrarca, Pete Nicholas, Jennie Mae Newton, Mildred Nelson. NOT SHOWN: Robert Milito-President, Lewis Miller, Frank Morea, Don Morgan, Ted Nowrccki, Lawrence Omasta, Arthur Pavetti, Virginia Paterson. ROOM 6 FIRST ROW: Constance Rzewnicki, Frances Sicardi, Genevieve Shupe, Olga Sciullo-Secretary, Robert Reilly-President, Agnes Scott, Mildred Shan- non, Gertrude Rzewnicki, Maxine Selig. SECOND ROW: Leona River, Margaret Simon, Alma Ramaley, Teresa Ross, Rachel Schlemmer, Sallylou Riggle, Lois Ranson, Patricia Retter. THIRD ROW: Mike Plica, Norman Rowan, Mario Secreto, Leland Rearigh, Thomas Shirley, Larue Ross, Hazel Roebuck. FOURTH ROW: Armand Silvestri, Dominick Ripoli, Glenn Prescott, Erman Policicchio, Henry Savastano, Emmo Silvestri. FIFTH ROW: Francis Plowman, Richard Shaffer, James Shemak, Vincent Rossi, John Rossi. NOT SHOWN: Betty Rarigh, Doyle Rowley, Doyle Shellhammer. ROOM 5 FIRST ROW: Ann Stefnrk, Frank Trozzi, Patty Thompson, Joan Wherry, Felicia Smith-Secretary, Ruth Weamer-President, Ann Vagias, Esther Upper- man, Eleanor Vodzak. SECOND ROW: Gladys Strzlec, Yvonne Smeltzer, Leona Vilary, Helen Supansic, Mary Sloan, Eleanor Uhing, Betty Sinnott, Georgia Stratakis. THIRD ROW: Ruth Tumas, Mary Ann Stancik, Patty Sipos, Mildred Virostek, Evelyn Suponsic, Anna Marie Urik, Edith Trunzo. FOURTH ROW: Wilbur Thomas, Dean Swenk, Bill Spang, Jane Warfel, Genevieve Tomlinson, Elmo Walter. Viaros. FIFTH ROW: Paul Swenk, John Sober, Joseph Vnuk, Roy Swank, Menas SIXTH ROW: Donald Toy, Robert Truscott. NOT SHOWN: Andrew Vida, Victor Virostek, Arthur Walker. SUPHU UIFIES . . . Spectator - 44 Spectator ROOMS 4-I9 FIRST ROW: Eddie Bell, Louis Arduino, Willis Brinker, Kenneth Blose, Rose Marie Aulbach, Edith Varrato, Margary Stefanick, Marilyn Slagle, Jeanne Piquard. SECOND ROW: Patricia Barnett, Betty Buhite, Margaret Smeltzer, Alice Bernat, Patricia Snyder, Katherine Veneris, Dorothy Bernot, Shelia Burke. THIRD ROW: Eddie Tarosky, George Vernacotola, Don Slivan, Charles Sny- der, Louise Sober, Ella Mae Artman, Georgia Baustert. FOURTH ROW: Leonard Batik, Louis Adamcik, Robert Snyder, David Black- son, Robert Adams, Miles Willard. FIFTH ROW: Anna Mae Angelo, Renetta Armello, William Adamik, George Burkett, Donald Black, Glenn Bartoe. NOT SHOWN: Eugene Akins, Robert Truby, Harry Wing, Donald Virostek, Betty Sowers, Clinton Bence, Hubert Hutcherson. ROOM 19 FIRST ROW: Leona Valentino, Dorothy Slahtousky, June Shope, Helen Sun- day, Joan Wiant-President, Jennie Varni-Secretary, Sylvia Varrato, Dorothy Sloan, Florence Swenk. SECOND ROW: Irene Yount, lda Mae Taylor, Mildred Watterson, Charlotte Wineman, Betty Spiher, Nancy Wiggins, Betty Sultini, Billie Tressler. THIRD ROW: Patricia Work, Shirley Thomas, Elda Tadiello, Angelica Tinelli, Marie Vicenti, Sylvia Zelonka, Patty Stefanik. FOURTH ROW: Leona Wudkwych, Billy Townsend, Mackey Smay, Stanley Szymanski, Rosella Yankauskas, Anne Yandura. FIFTH ROW: Andrey Williams, Ruth Wilson, Dorothy Solomon, Alvira Ste- fanics, Amy Stewart. SIXTH ROW: Lillian Vida, Frank Trentin, Kenneth Womelclorf, Louis Strazzer, Stanley Spiher. NOT SHOWN: Jimmy Warner. ROOM 3 FIRST ROW: Gertrude Canzano, Catherine Ciciretto, Rose Marie Ciuca, Lucille Burns, Ida Del Vecchio-Secretary, Mike Campanella-President, Anne De Geronimo, Norma Casedy, Mary Carrara. SECOND ROW: Walter Chapaylo, Chester Buyny, Ethel Claypool, Lorraine Cox, Clara D'Amato, Dolores De Filippi, Patricia Bybel, Doris Calderazzo. THIRD ROW: Joseph Chilko, Joseph Chule, Rudolph Ciuca, Artilio Campi- sono, Alfred Cesario, Donnie Dalena, Alfred Di Franco. FOURTH ROW: Irene Dida, Rose Mary Butch, Lulu Caplanes, John Dettore, Michael Carricato, Norma De Francisis. FIFTH ROW: Harrold Cribbs, Louis Canzano, Robert Davis, John Burns, Robert Crawford. SIXTH ROW: Raymond Cuddy, Joseph Curci. NOT SHOWN: Wesley Carnahan, Joseph DePaniscis, Harry Clever. PPIESHIVIE ... Spectator - 46 mf , M Mn M Saw Q 'v Y l s 1 , f. 5 Eff' ' ,m ,f N.. gg ax ,, 4451 gy ,A 3, . in vw if y ' J " A it .M f,..U figs A x ff 1 1 399421 ii-A: Q -4 an-Wu Kuchfo. Johnston - ROOM 2 FIRST ROW: Theresa Dinga, Geraldine Hepler, Veronica Filipek, Tony Don- ghia, Jack Harris-President, Lillian Froncek-Secretary, Teddy Gapinski, Paul Hunter, Jean Hepler. SECOND ROW: Dolores Grekalskis, Mary Fontana, William Hansen, James Ferraccio, Bernadette Hansen, Richard Ednie, Harry Doutt, Patricia Fleming. THIRD ROW: Fred Honadle, Donald Fetterman, Alice Yockey, Dorothy Frick, Edna Hilty, Lillian Dluhy, Betty Dobesh. FOURTH ROW: Robert Earhart, Larry Hamm, John Gvath, William Gvoth, Donald Hunter, William Girts. FIFTH ROW: Edmund Ferencak, James Hepburn, Marshall George, Thomas Headley, Anthony Di Menna. NOT SHOWN: Richard Dunmire, Donald Earley, Robert Fryer, Robert Harris. ROOM I FIRST ROW: James Kunkle, Florion Lekavich, Ralph Klingensmith, Ronald Long, Dorothy Le Donne-Secretary, Lawrence Loperlito, Augustine Kuchta, Herbert La Borde, Thomas Kavouras. SECOND ROW: Mabel Larrabee, Dolores Kulczycki, Virginia Loperfito, Constance Dentzel, Antonette Lattanzi, Bertha Louden, Almeda Isaacs, Eugene Kline. THIRD ROW: Loriean Klingensmith, Emma Jean McNutt, Lillian Kocur, Leona Kardos, Dolores McHenry, Ruth Kunkle, Sylvia Ferencak. FOURTH ROW: Anna Jane Klingensmith, Atellio Lattanzi, Joseph Januch, Robert Johnston, Victor Linkus, Harry Fitzgerald. FIFTH ROW: Edward McArthur, James Logan, Virgil Lauffer, Carl Kubik, Roland Fancher, Carl Kiehl. NOT SHOWN: Aloysius Kallok-President, Leland Learn, Richard Kunkle, Ada Kunkle, Clyde McPhilliamy. ROOM I 1 FIRST ROW: Henry Orkwis, Samuel Phillips, Frank Moliterno, Richard Pisorcik -President, Betty Parks-Secretary, Delores Pagliarulo, Eleanor Pachol, Andrew Pieples, Theodore Mustakes. SECOND ROW: Mary Mottola, Helen Moyer, Ethelredo Musala, Mary Ma- tarrese, Helen Nicholas, Katherine Mastorakis, Dorothy Ofsanko, Edward Olsheskie. THIRD ROW: Rodney Menlc, Eugene Marchionna, Marilyn Maddox, Erma Marcantonio, Winona Mechling, Pauline Pencak, Carrie Macino, Geraldine Martier. FOURTH ROW: William Malcolm, Michael Maietta, Marilyn Miller, Georgia Marks, Mary Ann Mistrick, Agnes Miska, Florence Penta. FIFTH ROW: George M. Mandis, George J. Mondis, Mario Milie, Raymond Mazurek, Ulrich Matthis, Thomas Paterson. SIXTH ROW: John Minarcin. NOT SHOWN: John Mazur, John Mascarello. ROOM 14 FIRST ROW: Donetta Reichenbaugh, Mary Policicchio, Sylvia Saradin, Doris Richardson, Anastasia Pittman-Secretary, Rose Recchia-President, Erma Raraigh, Shirley Raub, Ofelia Ripoli. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Sbroglia, Dorothy Roberts, Patricia Raub, Mae Reed, Ivana Santy, Peggy Rearick, Shirley Ray, Dosis Rishel, Emma Quillan. THIRD ROW: William Roberts, Robert Shaffer, Marion Shearer, Nancy Robb, Poppy Pittakas, Anna Mary Serwinski, Mary Rudari, Betty Reitter, Lois Roebuck. FOURTH ROW: Albert Poynter, Frank Progecene, Anthony Pocetti, Clifford Shanner, Samuel Russell, Larry Ray, Henry Quorterman. FIFTH ROW: Charles Slagle, Edward Sciullo, William Shatter, Thomas Smay. NOT SHOWN: Gladice Sarvey, Richard Rishel, Ernest Pomotto, Joseph Polka. FPIESHIVI N . .. Spectator - 48 ,"'?'1 Spectator 'Tl' "i A !: W in.: Q , ,X. ww, ,..,.,. , ,W iS. 'W fam. f'!' r-X" n U 1 ... Ai - .. .L 77.Q"""""', FIRST ROW: Leonard Delia-Manager, William Trauterman, Jack Bills, Richard Veitch, Walter Kulczycki, Charles Vetro, Frank Spaniel-Co-Captain, Paul Giordani-Co-Captain, Vincent Lekavich, Joseph Alese, Sam Napoli, James Shemac. SECOND ROW: Guy M. Bennardo-Assistant Coach, Raymond Tcrosky, Jack Bell, Robert Coy, Robert Shaffer, Frank Palmisano, William Waros, Anthony Colecchi, Robert Milito, James Shaffer, Donald Earley, Rudolph Minarchin, John M. Karrs-Coach. NOT SHOWN: Rudolph Veselicky, McCune, J. Minarcin. VARSITY FOOTBALL LETTERMEN: Bell, Colecchi, Lekavich, Giordani, Veselicky, Waros, Tarosky, R. Minarchin, Vetro, Spaniel, Shemac, Milito, Earley, Bills, Kulczycki, R. Shatter, J. Shaffer, Vietch, Coy, McCune, Trauterman, Napoli, J. Minarcin, Delia-Manager, Gienopie, Palmisano. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Vandergrift I ,.,. 6 Leechburg Vandergrift , 7 Kiski Prep Vandergrift . ,. 26 Leechburg Vanclergrift .12 Kittanning JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW: Thomas Paterson, Donald Headly, Samuel Phillips, Frank Parks, Paul Hunter, Joseph Chula, Frank Trentin, Floren Lekavich, Donald Hunter, Donald Toy. SECOND ROW: William Adamik, Anthony Di Menna, Andrew Cox, Peter Nicholas, Robert Womeldort, Robert Truscott, Walter Castelletti, Harry Fitzgerald, Robert Kelly, Francis Plowman. THIRD ROW: Louis Pangraci-Manager, Mr. Dorwart- Coach, Miles Willard, Victor Virostek, Alexander Loria, Thomas Galucci, William Bell, Andrew Zanotti, Louis Strazzera, Frank Anguilli, Joseph Gienopie-Manager. W5 Johnny" Karrs came to Vandergrift as head coach for the 1945 season and managed to mould a successful squad from the few veterans who returned from Ted Rosenzweig's football machine. The Lancers of 45 were the most sensa tional scoring team seen in the Kiski Valley, and they compiled the finest record in the past eleven years of gridiron campaigning at V. H S Vandergrift Va ndergrift Vandergrift Va ndergrift Va ndergrift Vandergrift Vanderg rift Va nclergrift Va nderg rift Vandergrift VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE .. .. 20 .4'l .. 20 .. 26 . 46 . 32 , 37 20 I3 33 Ford City Leechburg New Kensington Indiana ., Kittanning Butler ,.., Penn High Har-Brack Ambridge Apollo . INDIVIDUAL SCORING Spaniel Shemac Bell J. Minarcin R. Minarcin Milito , Trauterman Vetro Napoli McCune Morea . Waros . , Tarosky Veselicky ,,,, .,...,. ...,.'l'l5 .. 62 19 18 I7 14 'I2 SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Lett to Right: Charles Vetro, Frank Spaniel, Jack Bell, Robert Shaffer Raymond Tarosky Robert Coy Paul Giordani, William Trauterman, Samuel Napoli. Not Shown Rudolph Veselicky Q Q A f5 L Vandergrift Vandergrift Vandergrift Vandergrift Vandergrift Vandergrift Vondergrift Vandergrift Vanclergrift Vandergrift Vandergrift Vandergrift Vandergrift STANDING: Coach Karrs, Howard Magness, Jack Bell, Bob Atkinson, Clarence Wilson, Richard Kardos Frank Spaniel, Paul Giordiani-Manager. KNEELING: Kenneth Ridenour, Miles Willard, Melvin Walker, Wallace Mraz, Dick Veitch. VARSITY RECORD 37 New Kensington 29 Vandergrift Apollo 31 Kittanning 29 Vondergrift Butler 30 Ford City I 43 Vandergrift Tarentum 32 Har-Brack . 29 Vandergrift Springdale 30 Butler , 25 Vandergrift Freeport 31 Apollo ,, 23 Vandergrift Leechburg 46 New Kensington 44 Vandergrift Kittanning 31 Tarentum . 29 38 Springdale 28 WPIAL QUARTER-FINAL 36 Freeport 25 Vandergrift Homestead 27 Har-Brock 32 31 Leechburg Q5 SWEATER BENEFIT GAME 36 Ford City 41 Vandergrift 41 Alumni VARSITY INDIVIDUAL SCORING Walker 191 Ridenour Kardos 162 Milie Bell 140 Willard Veitcln 95 Atkinson Spaniel ,... 85 Mrasz Wilson , 43 Magness LETTERMEN: Bell, Atkinson, Wilson, Walker, Kardos, Veitch, Spaniel, Giordani-Mgr. Spectator -54 STANDING: KNEELING JUNIOR VARSITY Rudolph Minarcin, Casimir Luczak, Bob Milito, Bill Condo, Edward Bush, Bill Bell, Bob Re Ily Manager Ferraro, Patsy Giotto, Frank Morea, Don Virostelc, Frank Angiulli, Tom McDermott JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Vandergrift I4 New Kensington 35 Vandergrift Har-Brock Vandergrift 22 Kittanning 26 Vandergrift Leechburg Vandergrift I6 Ford City 28 Vandergrift Ford City Vandergrift I5 Har-Brack 2I Vandergrift Apollo Vandergrift I4 Butler 36 Vandergrift Butler Vandergrift 23 Apollo 20 Vandergrift Tarentum Vandergrift 23 New Kensington 34 Vandergritt Springdale Vandergrift I5 Tarentum 29 Vandergrift Freeport Vandergrift I6 Springdale 8 Vandergrift Leechburg Vandergrift I5 Freeport 27 Vandergrift Kittanning Vandergrift I9 Van Hi-Y 27 JUNIOR VARSITY INDIVIDUAL SCORING McDermott 59 Bush 25 Ridenour Morea 48 Luczak 24 Reilly Willard 44 Milito 24 Minarcin Magness 3I Giotto 2I Condo Milie 26 Angiulli I8 Virostek Increased interest on the part of local followers of the floor sport paid good dividends during the I945-46 cage year. The Blue Devils managed to bring the Section V crown back to V. H. S. once again, losing only one league contest on their card. A fine spirit of team play existed throughout most of the season, and that plus the capable direction of Coach Karrs added up to a championship ball club. Spectator - 55 BAND FIRST ROW: Estelle Makowski, Mathilda Brandon, Imogene Eakins, Gloria Adams, Ruth Mohney, Dorothy Ferrante, Rita Ross, Rose Marie Ciuca, Virginia Parker, Carmela Silvestri, Frank Progecene, Ronald Long, Frank Carricato, William Hansen, Kenneth Blose, Richard Cappo, Orville Bickel, Wesley Car- nahan, Olen McCutcheon, Lynn Altmeyer, Emma Del Vecchio, Patty Sipos, Joan Ceraso. SECOND ROW: Anna Avenzeny, Frank Iarussi, Peggy Crilley, Joseph Fontana, Donald Fetterman, Carl Kiehl, Elmo Walters, Albert Poynter, Richard Ednie, Willis Brinker. THIRD ROW: Hazel Slonaker, Jack Hetherton, Jane Warfel, Dorothy Craig, Jeannine Bell, Alexander Laero, LeRoy Pewton, Robert Harris, Jack Harris. FOURTH ROW: Robert Maglocci, Frank Claypoole, Jack May, Wilbur Thomas, Joseph Di Giacomo, Ernest Magaro, Nancellen Tanner. FIFTH ROW: Brian Burke, Anthony Colecchi, William Adams, Charles Pohanka, Gordon Hetherton, Joseph Murphy, Miss M. Cline-Director. NOT SHOWN: Nina Ruth, Erman Policicchio, William Bell. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Gertrude Fehl, Joseph Arteritano, Nancy Geyer, Joseph De Salvo, Patty Thompson, Tim Yount, Sara Ciardulli-Head Cheerleader. Not Shown: Miss Edith Secreto-Sponsor. First Violin Rose Second Violin Cello Bells First Clarinet Second Clarinet First Trumpet Second Trumpet Third Trumpet First Trombone Bass Horn Saxophone Drums Piano Virginia Martine-Principal, Robert Reariclx, Rita Shaeffer, Bernice Nepple, Marie Contie, Shirley Clark, Dorothy Mocadlo, Mary louise Gallo, Dolores Montgomery Richard Altman, Susan Elefante, Mary Fontana, Ofelia Ripoli, Olivia Varrato Nancy Wiggins Dorothy Gregg, Jane Warfel Hazel Slonalcer, Nancy Ellen Tanner Jeannine Bell, Erman Policicchio Anthony Colecchi, Joseph Fontana Elmo Walter Rose Marie Ciuci Jack May, Joseph Murphy, Charles Pohanlma Joseph Di Giacomo William Bell Dorothy Ferrante, Frank larussi, Dorothy Parlrer, Franlx Progecene William Adams, Brian Burlre Doris Progecene, Phyllis Brown-Assistant Student Director-Brian Burlxe Director Miss Margaret F. Cline ORCHESTRA SENIOR OCTETTE Phyllis Brown-Accompanist, Virginia Shamberger, Sara Ciardulli, Nancy Ellen Tanner, Dorothy Rearick, Betty Hoffman, Hazel Slonaker, Virginia Martin, Jane Lemmon. Not Shown: Miss Cline-Director. Paul Swenk, Richard Perrott, Brian Burke, Garland Poynter, Roy Barger, Vernon Riggle, Nancy Ellen Tanner, Leila Grimm, Virginia Shamberger, Hazel Slonaker, Virginia Martin. Not Shown: Doris Progecene-Accompanist, Miss Cline-Director. MIXED CHORUS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Rosalind lntrieri, Barbara Billeter, Joan Larrabee, Harriet Holm. Second Row: Joseph Arteritano, Leslie Burns, Robert Atkinson, Joseph Murphy, Michael Zahorcak. Third Row: Estelle Makowski, Hazel Slonaker, Nancellen Tanner, Joann Skemp, Robert Shatter, Robert Coy-President, Charles Vetro, Phyllis Campbell- Secretary-Treasurer, Jean Duppstadt, Ruth Tanner, Sara Ciardulli, Joanne Walthour. Standing: Virginia Parker, Shirley Clark, Walter Zalenski, Charles Vetro, Michael Zahorcak, Roy Barger. Seated: Rosalind Intrieri, Freda Contie, Dorothea Contie, Patricia Hoffman, Rita Pagliarulo, Martha Mayer, Gloria Spaniel, Phyllis Earley. Not Shown: Lillian Papas, Dolores Solomon, fPhyllis Campbelljl, CAdoria Richardsl, CBarbara Billeterl, Miss Love-Sponsor, Miss Shumaker-Sponsor. 'll llndicate inactive members. OUILL AND SCROLL DRAMATIC CLUB FIRST ROW: Jane Lemmon, Kathryn Efstathiades, Freda Contie, Dorothy Ruth, Betty Spaniel, Eva Boulis, Rita Pagliarulo-Treasurer, Rita Pesarcik, Nina Ruth-Secretary, Enis Marinucci, Jennie Scalzott. SECOND ROW: Genevieve Kromka, Jean Duppstadt, Adoria Richards, Narcissus Trentin, Mary Hanecalr, Gloria Spaniel-Vice President, Joann Skemp, Jennie Plocha, Margaret Yacura, Dolores Stefanik. THlRD ROW: Mario Secrets, Robert Brasiola, Frank Ferraro, Mary Nelson, Evelyn Ferrante, Imogene Eakins, Ernest Magaro, Ralph Ednie. FOURTH ROW: Frank larussi, Robert Maglocci, Paul Barnett, Joseph Albini, Ralph Varrato, Robert Milie, Vernon Riggle. FIFTH ROW: Miss Dorothy Ament-Sponsor, Robert Myer, Joseph Arteritano-President, Roy Barger, Erman Policicchio, Jack Peters. NOT SHOWN: Paul Black, Ted Wenskowski. FIRST ROW: Eva Bennardo, Fay Roberts-Student Council, Phyllis Campbell-Secretary, Emily Dudzilc, William Adams flnactivej, Richard Solomon, Joseph Di Giacomo. SECOND ROW: Nancy Tanner, Robert Atkinson, Joseph Murphy-Vice President, Robert Shatter, Brian Burke, Michael Zahorchalc. THIRD ROW: Robert Coy, Paul Giordani, Charles Vetro-President, Leonard Delia-Treasurer, Walter Zalenski, Mr. James Dorwart-Sponsor. Spectator - 60 A. C. FIRST ROW: Rosalind lntrieri, Dorothy Ferrante, Jean Capretta, Eleanor Ferrara-President, Edith Dettore, Carmella Silvestri, Narcissus Trentin, Dorothy Bonante, Olga Del Vecchio. SECOND ROW: Olga Sciullo, Juliana Liska, Eda Mangifesta, Jean Carrara, Lenora Grillo-Treasurer, Betty Barbus, Anna Calderone, Marie Ceraso-Vice President. THIRD ROW: Julia Minarcin, Lenora Capretto, Rose Colantonio, Margaret Filo, Lenora Matcnak, Ethel Zidelm, Clara Campisano. FOURTH ROW: Dolores Stefanilx, Gloria Spaniel, Sara Ciardulli, Emma Del Vecchio-Student Council Representative, Estelle Makowslci, Jennie Scalzott. FIFTH ROW: Enis Marinucci, Mary Ann Del Vecchio, Miss Edith Secreto-Sponsor. NOT SHOWN: Dolores Solomon-Secretary, Beatrice Chero. FIRST ROW: Richard Pisarcilx, Gertrude Canzano, Helen Nicholas. Mary Policicchia, Betty Canzano, Katherine Mastoraliis. SECOND ROW: Robert Snyder, Wilbur Thomas, Donald Virostelm, Roy Swank, Barbara Paterson, Leonard Batik, Robert Truscott. THIRD ROW: Donald Klick, Pete Nicholas, Anthony Ciuca, Eugene Bartolich, Brian Burke-Vice President. FOURTH ROW: Miss Helen Miller-Sponsor, Leonard Zelonlca, Louis Bucci, Gene De Francisis-President, Lawrence Matonak, Romeo Santy. NOT SHOWN: Michael Angelo-Treasurer, Marilyn Slogle-Secretary, Andrew Cox, John Sober, Paul GERMAN CLUB Daniska. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Edith Dettore, Marie Ceraso, Eleanor Ferrara, Jane Lemmon-Secretary, Freda Contie, Ruth Weamer, Leona Kardos, Jennie Varnie. SECOND ROW: Mary Hetherton, Lenora Matonak, Emma DeIVecchio, Dolores Solomon, Harriet Holm, Fay Roberts, Margaret De Filippi. THIRD ROW: Armand Silvestri, Sara Ciardulli, Miss McEIhany-Sponsor, Phyllis Brown, Martha Mayer, Miss Love-Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: James California, Joseph Arteritano-President, Frank Spaniel, Joseph Murphy-Vice President, Jack Wilson, Mr. Shaffer-Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Harry Clawson, Robert Shatter, Robert Atkinson, Brian Burke, Jack Peters. SIXTH ROW: Eugene Bartolich, John Yanouzas. fR'l9X'9,' FIRST ROW: Ora Lou Wareham, Rosemarie Contie, Mary Moore, Marie Bucci, Marion Magee, Alma Ciardulli, Nancy Geyer, Barbara Bradstock, Ruth Weamer. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Stump, Jean Duppstadt-Secretary, Joan Skemp-President, Patty Sipos, Sara Ciardulli, Enis Marinucci, Eda Mangifesta, Rosalind Intrieri. THIRD ROW: Mariorie Stefanick, Sylvia Kukalis, Lois Jean Marks, Doris Bush, Betty Parks, Leila Grimm, Marie Ceraso. FOURTH ROW: Crystal Bartoe, Alvira Stefanick, Ruth Tanner, Virginia Patterson, Clara DUbFGWlKd, Doris Progecene. FIFTH ROW: Miss Blanche Waugaman-Sponsor, John Dettore, Clyde Henneman, Jack Harris, Joseph Albini-Vice President. NOT SHOWN: Patricia Retter, Lynn Altmeyer. POSTER CLUB PHOTO CLUB FIRST ROW: Gertrude Fehl, Elaine Ross, Dorothy Mocadlo, Carmela Silvestri, Beatrice King, Lenora Grillo, Peggy Crilley-Secretary, Eva Bennardo, Dorothy Rearick. SECOND ROW: Mary Fryer, Donna Kauffman, Josephine Ellcin, Freda Cantie, Guinevere Rowe, Valiean Smay, Anna Mae Roberts, Mary Gallo. THIRD ROW: Rita Pagliarulo-President, Dorothea Contie, Barbara Billeter-Asst. Secretary, Phyllis Magness, Lenora Matonak, Imogene Ealxins, Rosemarie Contie. FOURTH ROW: Miss Jennie Owens-Sponsor, William Adams, Brian Burke, Dorothy Stump, Estelle Malmowslci, David Adams, Michael Zahorchalc. FIFTH ROW: Vernon Riggle, Jack Wilson-Student Council Representative, Robert Atkinson-Vice Presi- dent, Henry Duriancilx, Ralph Varrato, Walter Zalenski. NOT SHOWN: Lynn Altmyer, Paul Black, Richard Rulis. ill!! P, 'E,..":: -Qin L... Thi FIRST ROW: Marian Magee, Eleanor Ferrara, .loan Nemit, Betty Spaniel, Harriett Steele, Dorothy Bonante, Olga Del Vecchio, Narcissus Trentin, Martha Palatella. SECOND ROW: Carmelia Silvestri, Donna Kauffman, Genevieve Kromka, Gertrude Rzewnicki, Lucille Bonante, Gertrude Fehl, Joan Lemmon, Marie Ceraso. THIRD ROW: Julia Minarcin, Florence Trentin, Joan Reefer, Margie Bence, Freda Contie-Student Council Representative, Marie Bucci, Margaret Slminner-Secretary-Treasurer, Rita Pagliarulo-Vice President. FOURTH ROW: Anna Chaypalo, Mary Hetherton, Joan Larrabee, Evonne Silvis, Carmelia Corcetti, lenora Matonak, Jennie Scalzott-Publicity Chairman, Clara Campisano, Genevieve Kowalczylx, Virginia Canil, Delores Stefanik, Teresa Gallo, Ernestine Delle Donne, Harriett Gallatin, Miss Ceryalx-Sponsor, Helen Chapaylo, Estelle Malcowslxi. NOT SHOWN: Dolores Solomon-President. Spectator - 63 4li TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: Julia Minarcin, Lenora Grillo, Harriet Steele-Vice Pregident, Teresa R055, Joan Wherry, Jggn Cerqga, Dolores Montgomery, Elaine Ross, Joanne Coffman, Barbara Bradstock,Jean Lynch. SECOND ROW: Mary Louise Gallo, Nancellen Tanner, Virginia Parker, Barbara Billeter-Treasurer, June Lemmon, Eva Ben- nardo, Patricia Thompson, Mary Nelson, Rosalind lntrieri, Lois Jean Richardson. THIRD ROW: Crystal Bartoe, Dorothy Stump, Lenora Matonak, Adoria Richards, Jean DuppstadtfPresident, Shirley Kissell, Val Jean Smay, Harriet Holm, Leila Grimm. FOURTH ROW: Betty Hoffman, Ruth Mohney, Mathilda Brandon, Doris Bush, Estelle Makowski, Gloria Spaniel-Secretary, Joann Skemp-Historian, Enis Marinucci. FIFTH ROW: Evelyn Ferrante, Patty Sipos, Jeannine Bell, Rachael Schlemmer, Phyllis Brown, Anne Cunningham, Sara Ciardulli. SIXTH ROW: Joan Larrabee, Joan Walthour, Ruth Tanner, Virginia Paterson, Clara Dubrawka. Not Shown: Dolores Solo- mon, Miss Stahlmann-Sponsor. was 'SKK' -rw y-in-vm I FIRST ROW: Tim Yount, William Ferguson, Kenneth Ridenour, Jerry Stokes, Thomas McDermott, Richard McCune, Romeo Santy, Richard Solomon, Robert Patton. SECOND ROW: Jack Wilson, Paul Black, James California, Robert Rulis, Paul Camp, Robert Reilly, Robert Coy-Vice President, Leslie Burns-President. THIRD ROW: Jack Bell-Treasurer, Albert Leap, Melvin Walker, Robert Shoop, Richard Gould, Robert Milie, Vernon Riggle. FOURTH ROW: Paul Giorclani, Joseph Murphy, Donald McDevitt, James Stover, Rudy Bartolich, Jack Peters. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Bland-Sponsor, Eugene Bartolicli, Lyle Gourley, Harold Magness, Robert Atkinson- Spectator - 64 Secretary. ALLIED CLUB FIRST ROW: Samuel Napoli, Geno De Francisis, iirman Policicchio, Joseph Fontana, William Macino, Armand Silvestri, Anthony Amaranto, Richard Rulis, Richard Solomon, Patsy Giotto. SECOND ROW: Joseph Arteritano, Louis Silvan, Robert Rulis, Arthur Cocco, Christy DeSalvo-President, louis Pangrazi, Joseph Garda, John Sourlis, Joseph DiGiacomo. THIRD ROW: Frank Morea, Richard Ciocca, Ronald Ceroso, Anthony Ciuca, Robert Milie, John Yanouzas, Mario Policicchio, Frank Spaniel. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Taroslmy, Richard Kardos, Robert Shalter, Walter Kulczyclx, James Shemale, Leonard DeIia-Secretary-Treasurer, Charles Vetro, Rudolph Veselicky. FIFTH ROW: Clarence Wilson, Paul Giordani-Vice President, William Waros, Rudolph Minarcin, John Kuchta, Vincent Lelmavich. SIXTH ROW: Mr. Guy M. Bennardc-ASponsor, Anthony Colecchi, Eugene Bartolich. NOT SHOWN: Chester Sypulski, Vincent Milie. ,. N , ?r,,V,,lw,,,,W6s VM..- .-,,.. ,Q FIRST ROW: Lillian Papas, Jane Lemmon-Student Council Representative, Rosalind lntrieri, Maria Ceraso, Virginia Martin--Accompanist, Mary Ann Olinger-Secretary, Dorothy Rearick, Eleanor Ferrara. SECOND ROW: Nancellen Tanner-Vice President, Jean Duppstadt, Adoria Richards, Phyllis Campbell, Helen Rosensteel-Librarian, Agnes Hoover, Beatrice Pace. THIRD ROW: Virginia Shamberger, Phyllis Earley, Betty Kaste, Margherita Del Cimmuto-eLibrarian, Dorothy Conner, Doris Progecene, Leila Grimm. FOURTH ROW: Leonora Matonalc-fTreasurer, Sora Ciardulli, Enis Marinucci, Gladys Yarnel, Virginia Knabb, Hazel Slonaker. FIFTH ROW: Estelle Malzowslxi, Betty Hoffman, Miss Margaret Cline---Sponsor, Margaret Walker, Phyllis Magness-President. NOT SHOWN: Patricia Hoffman. SENIOR GLEE CLUB t--qs if 1 -vauuunwvn SOPHOMORE GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Martha Palottelo, Dorothy Mocadalo, Dorothy Ferrante, ,lean Capretto, Anna M. Gengo, Dolores Davison, Rose Essey, Dolores Montgomery, Joan Wherry Ruth Weamer. SECOND ROW: Alma Ciardulli, Margaret De Filippi--Student Council Representative, Constance Rzew- nicki, Charlotte Cuftia, Ann Chapaylo, Carmella Corcetti-Vice President, Theresa Ross, Lillian Petrosky, Margaret Pierce. THIRD ROW: Woneida Fossler, Betty Raraigh, Genevieve Shupe, Lois Ranson, Isabelle Mendicino, Leona Vilary, Patricia Snyder, Betty Sinnott. FOURTH ROW: Susan Elfante-President, Chrystal Bartoe, Mildred Nelson, Rachelann Schlemmer, Edith Dettore-Secretary, Lucille Bonante, Mary Jane Lobert. FIFTH ROW: Mary Louise Gallo, Virginia Patterson, Patricia Mohney, Kathryn Gearhart, Jeannine Bell, Hazel Roebuck. SIXTH ROW: Eunice Fennel, Miss Margaret Cline-Sponsor, Clara Dubrawka. FIRST ROW: Olga Del Vecchio, Dorothy E Sicari, Harriet Gallatin, Narcissus Trentin, Nesta Veneris, Elaine Ross, Martha Nelson-Vice resident, Joan Lemmon, Dorothy Jean Helcl. SECOND ROW: Carmelo Silvestri, Genevieve Kromka, Betty Spaniel, Fern Shaner, Beatrice King, Barbara Paterson, Judith Robbins, Rita Shaeffer, Virginia Parker. THIRD ROW: Lois Richardson, Marjorie S-oltis, Mary Nelson, Betty Mulhorn, Barbara Robley, Isabelle Shriver, Guinevere Rowe, Val Jean Smay. FOURTH ROW: Rosemarie Contie--Secretary, Joan Larrabee, Janet Wilson-President, Mary Hetherton, Evelyn Ferrante, Thelma Shupe, Valiean Beighley. FIFTH ROW: Joann Walthour, Ruth Tanner, Miss Margaret Cline-Sponsor, Mathilcla Brandon. NOT SHOWN: Ernestine Delle Donne, Ruth Whaley, Marie Gray, Mariorie Bence, Margaret Johnston, Evonne Silvis, Evelyn Perry. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW: Dorothy Ferrante, Eleanor Ferraro-Student Council Representative, Jean Capretta-Seo retary-Treasurer, Marie Ceraso-President, Dorothy Le Donne, Edith Dettore, Many Louise Gallo, SECOND ROW: Adorla Richard-Publicity Chairman, Julianna lislma, Rose Zduniak, Patricia Falelcas, Margaret De Filippi, Dorothy Ofsonko. THIRD ROW: Anna Roberts, Susan Elefante, Lenora Capretta, Grace Paola, Patricia Stefanilx. FOURTH ROW: Anna Rose Misho, Betty Lou McKinney, Miss Emilie M, Elwood-Sponsor, Joan larrabee, Joann Walthour, NOT SHOWN: Virginia Loperfito. p I-ann-1 'Q FIRST ROW: Evelyn Perry, Natalie Kaczor, Dorothy Macino, Rita Shaeffer-Treasurer, Dorothy Ruth, Betty Spaniel, Helen Beecher, Patty Hill, Virginia Shomberger, Fay Roberts, Rosalind Intrieri. SECOND ROW: Margaret Johnston, Dolores Buyny, Phyllis Earley, Edo Mangifesta, Josephine Elkin Unac- tivel, Dolores Mascusevicz, Irene Cassimatis, Mary Kasseckey, Beatrice Chero, Emily Dudzik. THIRD ROW: Rose Grande, Teofilia Krulilcowski, Irene Vida, Mary Hetherton, Janet Wilson, Evonne Silvis, Mathilda Brandon flnactivej, Imogene Ealuins flnactivel, Phyllis Brown. FOURTH ROW: James Grinder, Robert Gearhart, Geraldine George Ilnactivel, Willie Mae Foster fln- octivel, lois Marlls, Patricia Hoffman, Dolores Solomon-President, Pete Savastano. FIFTH ROW: Miss Ament-Sponsor, Louis Pongrazi flnoctivel, James Arduino-Vice President, James Harrold, Anthony Amaranto-Secretary, Jerry Stokes, Paul Doughia. SPANISH CLUB VARSHY CLUB FIRST ROW: Samuel Napoli, John Bills, Anthony DeMenna, Joseph Gienopie, Louis Pangrazi, BPatsy Giotto, Joseph DiGiacomo, Richard McCune, Joseph Alese, Walter Castelletti. SECOND ROW: John Kuchta, Marvin Fox, Robert Kelly, Victor Virostek, Frank Morea, Miles Willard, Frank Pinto, Pete Nicholas, Harry Fitzgerald. THIRD ROW: Rudolph Veselicky, Andrew Zanotti, Walter Kulczycki, Charles Vetro-Secretary, Leonard Delia, William Trauterman, Richard Veitch, Vincent Lekavich. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Tarosky-Treasurer, John Bell, Frank Spaniel-President, Casimer Luzack, Frank Angiulli, James Shaffer, Don Toy. FIFTH ROW: William Bell, Robert Shatter-Student Council Representative, Paul Giordani, Robert Coy, Rudolph Minarcin, James Shemak. SIXTH ROW: Mr. Guy M. Bennardo-Sponsor, Robert Milito, William Waros, Frank Palmissano, Anthony Collechi, Mr. John B. Karrs-Sponsor. NOT SHOWN: William Adamk, David Adams, Michael Carricato, Attilio Cesario, Donald Earley, Charles Graflius, Florian Leckavich, John Minarcin, Thomas Paterson, Samuel Phillips, Francis Plowman, Robert Reilley, Frank Trentin, Robert Truscott. M., 4 FIRST ROW: Judith Robbins, Martha Nelson, Lois Richardson. SECOND ROW: Miss Helen Miller-Sponsor, Betty Kaste, Mildred Nelson, Margaret De Filippi, Valgean Beighley, Genevieve Kromka. THIRD ROW: Louis Slivan, Helen Chapaylo, Ronald Ceraso, Mondora Adams-Secretary-Treasurer, Edith Dettore, Roy Barger-President. NOT SHOWN: Steve Dinga, Nancy Robb, John Dettore, Ivana Santy, Norma Jean Casedy, Rose Recchia, Geraldine Hepler, Delores De Filippi, Ruth Whaley, Rosella Yankauskas, Theresa Dinga, Mildred Wat- terson, Patty Fleming, Joseph De Panicis, Tony Donghia, Frank Matarrese, Joseph Yandurn, Katherine Ciciretto, Beatrice King, Patty Hill, Charles Murray, Dolores Grekalskis, Connie Dentzel, Jeanne Piquard, Florian Lekavich. FRENCH CLUB BUSINESS STAFF FIRST. ROW: Miss Shumaker -Sponsor, Lois Richardson, Virginia Parker-Advertising Manager, Theresa Domanslxi, Joan Nemit, Carolyn Miniotis-SecretarylBookkeeper, Helen Chapaylo. SECOND ROW: Franlm Claypoole, Joseph Arteritano, Brian Burke, Robert Myer-Circulation, Harry Clawson, Roy Barger-Business Manager. FIRST ROW: Gloria Spaniel-Proof Editor, Dorothia Contie-Co-Feature Editor, Walter Zalenski-Sports, Charles Vetro-Sports, Martha Mayer-Co-News Editor, Rita Pogliarulo-Co-Feature Editor, Rosalind lntrieri-Editor-in-Chief. SECOND ROW: Helen Beecher- Features, Phyllis Earley-Features, Freda Contie--News, Josephine JulianwTypist, Marie Ceraso-Typist, Irene Cassimatis-News. THIRD ROW: Zito Paschis-News, Dolores Stefanik- -Typist, Dolores Kukalis-Features, Dorothy Conner- Features, Beatrice Pace-Typist, Lillian Papas-News. FOURTH ROW: Jean Black-Features, Genevieve Yowalczyk-Typist, Brice Artman-News, Sara Ciar- dulli--Typist, Enis Marinucci-Typist. FIFTH ROW: John Soren-News, Miss Evelyn Love--Sponsor, Michael Zahorchelr. NOT SHOWN: Dolores Solomon-Co-News Editor, Shirley Clark-Features, Patty Holifman-Features, Paul Black-vSports, Mary Palatella---Typist, Doris Progecene-Typist, Mary Shemac-Typist, Adelaide CicirettofTypist. HI-NEWSETTE lunxnnauu SPECTATOR STAFF FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Olinger, Jane Lemmon, Elaine Ross, Marian Magee, Jennie Varni, Nancy Geyer, Barbara Bradstock, Gloria Adams. SECOND ROW: Rosalind lntrieri, Adoria Richards, Dorothy Le Donne, Virginia Loperfito, Felicia Smith, Sara Ciardulli, Enis Marinucci. THIRD ROW: Jean Duppstadt, Nancellen Tanner, Patty Sipos, Doris Bush, Barbara Billeter, Harriet Holm. FOURTH ROW: Joann Walthour, Ruth Tanner, Joann Slcemp, Imogene Ealiins, Miss McDowell-Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Miss Waugaman--Sponsor, Miss Martin-Sponsor. NOT SHOWN: James Riggle. FIRST ROW: Katherine Veneris, Ida Mae Taylor, Geraldine Martier, June Shupe, Winona Mechling, Charlotte Wineman, Jennie Varni-Student Council Representative, Leona Valentino, Anna De Geronimo. SECOND ROW: Connie Dentzel, Clara D'Amato, Patricia Barnett, Patricia Fleming, Doris Jean Calderazzo, Marilyn Maddox, Dolores De Filippi, Sheila Burke, Florence Penta. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Piquard, Nancy Robb-Patricia Bybel, Alvira Stefanics, Dorothy Le Donne-Secre- tary, Ivana Santy, Nancy Wiggins-Publicity Chairman, Mabel Larrabee. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Reariclc, Anna Mae Angelo, Dorothy Solomon, Ann Yandura, Virginia Loperfito- Vice President, Dolores Pagliarulo-President, Joan Wiant. FIFTH ROW: Betty Sowers, Patty Stefanik, Miss M. Cline-Director, Donetta Reichenbaugh. NOT SHOWN: Marilyn Slagle, Marilyn Miller, Betty Reiter. FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB ff"'m3'7ff' 377' S22 VJ .xdulfograpfw L M ff My W wwf MQW M Q f 'ff A f NW A W atc 2 ffn ,M if A Kwik Wijggwy, aqilig "5fWw MM ?41'l'isf+'fx W Wy A M ,. , 'z JV 5, - f Spenufor-71 x-jg fall ' f" ' . , . W QMIJQ .1goLf09rczl9A5 H N A W fffzfw' iff ,f: sm J Sym , L 4-jf 3 IEW M! WMM WWW fAi,R-feyf My kia? iw A www? df! ,L MWZ9 , U MW WMZW V QM ZW ' PHorosRAPHv-H. c. PLANK ENGRAVING-ERIE ENGRAVING CO. PRINTING--KURTZ BR G coven neslsu-NANC The Stal? also wishes to thank Sport Material and Walfer Zulen X XX Spa I,.u .II I, .rj- .- II 41' ' . v i II. .r I . . .'-5 If..,I., -.E x . ...I 4,-H' v , f' ,,.. ,I 1 , .I :- ' K - 1 7 Z ,I .II II w ' 51. .vii-.. '- i ,-uf' . -, q'I .,:. ,mg I 55.2. , . fur IG' 1 . , r . r, pl H.. , 4. 'z ' Us f .x in 'L wh . .I ' . I I If ,.4fI Ir. -,-. 11 , --3 w. ' 7 A ' UI' AK- -I I . 1 1- .ua - I .. -5- .21 . Q. ., f- .- .1 Q 'lff . .. ,H 1.- ' - -pg- '!- I - .X .1 Im- . . . FP' jg " -E. . ' 3 . I. -,I e II I. E.. . . IV f r ,I, , .z .5 T5 f" .-I ,Q, NL 'LA V .' -' LI.. MII ,I 'E' 'L lq-I' ' :X 5 Sr ' ' '. L. I! -E F .Lf ' wmv. '.,.I 1 -x "..' .., I ,. .- .-, I . I --,--I, ,.,.. .- 1-,:. '- lg - ... .3-., --1'-,LH--.-4 f. 4' w' -,. '.-.. '-1" y I .Fw .I ...f ,lg ,Y ff.,-III-1,-5 .,j- I I. I. ., .., - .,,,. 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Suggestions in the Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) collection:

Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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