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 - Class of 1938

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Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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34. 1..,.1 , ,,...... f,. .. . 'J ' W-, .'m:,3:?n:.- -A 'w1f1-1-A - . 4. .wig :--.- --,. ?? Q w 1 if 4 if .5-1.2 ,Y -- Q. 2 5 is 3 Q X H1 M ff 2 gummy B X WD Ll my vv 115 D-Y , ll Im! Y n l 5 glllllg 1 Q Q z Q NN , X I , 5 HIBII. g we Q 7 T 1 P fl ' ' RSS 4 s THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE HIGH SCHOOL HAS THE HONOR OF PRESENTING THE TWELFTH VOLUME OF ......... T T ff ,l!VlJli N QQ, ww, .,.. . ..... I SMT? w w w ni lggggg IV M, M 1' Qf f K af E , K I U Rx K ,JL . L K J! J 'wuli' W'll1n W'!N!.,rm'Nl'lrnlhH!14hl1M'M1,J1l'i'lTnHTII1lll'Nr1QHU1'F1fV'I Ni' ' N lf' ,Ml lMls'Il ' W1 i rwlo"1+Ur1'1wm1,,1,WMUW'+f+'M'f'f"Tfwffflw-f'MWU..J-l'.1.M.1 QQ Q M' .. THE SPECTATOR 1938 FOREWORD The Spectator Staff this year has tried to include in the yearbook all the things that interest you mostkyour school, your teach- ers, your schoolmates, your athletics, and your clubs. It you enjoy this book as much as We have enjoyed working on it, We shall feel that our time has been well spent. DEDICATION In appreciation of his outstanding work in the fields of athletic and academic endeavor, with admiration for a man who, in a short two years, has carved for himself a place in the hearts of the school, and with respect for his human characteristics, we, the Class of 1938, dedicate this Spectator to MR. WALLACE SULLIVAN To Vandergrift High School XYithin these walls where we have W XVe've had a lot of fun. It is with saddened hearts we leave, Now that our Work is done. VVe'll miss our Chapels, operettas, Our paper and our dancesg NVe'll miss the games that we attend, Our clubs and our romances. Sometimes the road was very steep- The teachers helped us climb. They took our hand and led us on When we would lag behind. Since our futures will be shaped By work done in the past, VVe thank them, for they gave to us Foundations that would last. Many feet pass through these halls, Many more will comeg Much wiser students are they when Diplomas they have won. Though a long trail Winds before us NVe'll all keep in our hearts The school that sent us on our way And gave us all our starts. orked -Alison Croft 38 I' mmmmmm mmm 5.53.- MR. li. T. BRINKHR President Board of Education MR. -I. li. BIORGAX five Prvsif1'u11f MR. -I. AXDANS Svcrctary MR. S. RL'ss1e1.x. Treasurer MR. J. N. I'OFF1NB1sRu1-:R MR. F. J. fD,BRIIiN MR. G. R. S 8.1 S1 Jl.1..x C,.u.l'.x Mix. Imlx R. lx1'1:'rz 'rilllvmiwzl of Sflmnlx NIR. bl. I',x171. SIIAI-'1-'lik Princifval N5 'ur4'l1:rv - 1 . x s x F? usa.. Mhs -I mx Co1.w1-:LL .YcCrt'lary -11Qv',f f - xi if FACULTY MR. MR. MRS. F1,1zABR'1'II ADAMS MR. GUY BENNARDO English Social Science Miss IMOGIQNE BAUIQR Miss lX'IARGARI-TT CLINIQ: Clothing, Scicncc Music Supervisor S VVILLIAM D1-:MCHAR Miss VIOLA KAS'1'l42 Physical Education Social Sciuncc 962 JAMI-is IDORNYART MISS NANCY LAZIER Scivncv English, Librarian Mtss EMILIIQ ICLWOOD MISS BIARY LINN Social Scicncc Foreign l,a11g1iagm, lflIf1ll.K'lI MRS. liL1zAm:'1'u Fsvv MISS Iiv1e1.YN Lowa Comuzcrcial Eizglislz, .lournaliszzl NIRS. jos1c1'111N1c JONI-:s M155 CoRN1c1.1A NIABON Social Scivncc, ffl1f1ll.YlI Matlzcmatics Miss A1zR11.1.A jollxswmx Miss IQSTIIIQR NICIUOVYI-Il.l. . Maflzvznafics Eiiglislz 'QF' 1 E214 'Q .Y- THE SPECTATOR NIISS CAROLYN NICHOLS 11lr1tl1c111atics, Foreign I.a11guagcs Nllss M ILDRED OWEN Sofia! Scmzcc Mlss UIICNNIE OWEN? Sofia! Science M ISS lim 'AIA PATTON .1I0fllt'HIt1fiCS l1111111o11 how NINNI 1: Xllllllttll 1ra111111q 'wcflltllllflll I,7'U'ZUllIfI l11r1 11111 lu11qzmq1v 1lufl11'111atic5 ss Xllllllxl 11 1 1 1. XVA1.1.AC15 SULLIVAN lla! 111110111 1 .S1UCifll -S'1'ic11cc ss X IN NI1. K1-:NN11:'r11 THOMPSON Ill SllfNl'71S 1 S1'iv11rv IUXIPSUN II 1 A Senior's Farewell Don't you hate to say good-bye? I don't want to see you go, Time has passed so rapidly, And I'll miss old friends so. I don't want to say good-bye. It means so much to me To be back with old pals again, XVith old friends I can see. f I don't Want to say good-bye To the school we love so much, To books and games and tricks so rare, The high school with the personal touch. I just hate to say good-byeg But I'll be back again, I'll haunt those halls and rooms and books, I'll be back-but When? To the friends we've left behind,- Just feel that gusty sigh!- To the rooms and pals and teachers there, I don't want to say good-bye! --Jean Crooks, '38 f fi7f4" X w X, A , Ps--v-rro I .I 'I Senior Class History Eighth Grade: As Eighth Graders We entered high school, green but eager to discover the mysteries and thrills it offered us. The American Legion awards were earned by Laura Mae Lace and Edwin Sipos. Freshman : As Freshmen we were eligible to join clubs, athletics, and to contribute to musical productions. Sophomore : This year was not particularly outstanding. We became more serious and realized better the real meaning of high school. Junior : XVe were now upperclassmen. Our class proved to be active and showed interest in school affairs. Many members made the varsity football and basket ball teams. We obtained our class rings one year earlier, and, for the first time, organized our class. President ............ EDWIN MovER Vice President . . . ....... EDWIN SIPOS Secretary .... . ELIZABETH SHOUP Treasurer .... ..... L oUIsE PORTER Historian .............................. NIARIAN GARRETT Crimson and black were chosen as class colors. Senior 2 ' As nineteen hundred and thirty-eight came around, it brought closer the ending of our school days. For the fourth year Louise Porter was chosen to play the lead in the annual operetta, and again we have a large percentage of lettermen, both in football and basket ball. Our class officers are: President ................................ DANIEL GREEN Vice President .. ...... EDWIN Srros Secretary .... .. . ELIZABETH SHOUP Treasurer .... ..... L oUIsE PORTER Hi-Uvriarl -- .. MARIAN GARRETT L'Envoy Uur moment is here-graduation. The past has been a preparation for the future-We are out to make something of ourselves. We wish the next class success, and turn over to them our responsibility. -MARIAN GARRETT, Historian. The Class of 1938. TI-IE SENIORS sn lions Prvsidcnt General DANIEL C, Gulclax lf"iCC-.P7'CSidL'lIf EDXVIN LEE 511,05 Technical Trcasurcr IJICY LOUISE PORTIQR Classical Secretary BIQRTIIA lfI.1ZABE'l'Il SIIOUP Commercial Historian - ELLEN MARION GARRET1' Commercial - - THE SPECTATOR ROBERT GEORGE ANDERSON Tvrlnzival RORliR'l' CLAYTON ARTXI.-XX 7qt'1'llI!il'IIl ,IOIIN I'Al'l. BARLAK Gvllvral MARY ICLLFN RARNICS C41tl.Y.Yit'llI VALVI EAN li.-XUF-'l'IiR'l' Cvlzvrrll DOROTHY MARIE BIQNCE Gullvrrzl KICNNIQTII ICUGRNE IIIICR fj4'l1l'l'Ul MARG.-XRFT GRACE RIICR Gvllvrnl f RICHARD LYNN BLOSIC is ai' 43 G1'm'rf1i IUIIN WIUSEPH Hl.l7XlI2RAVI'IS, ,IR fit'llt'l'f1i ICIJXYIN RH2RRl'l"l' l3R.'Xl7STUCK f1c'llUl't1f ANNE TllffRlfS.N IZRIIESTIENSKY N C'1lI.Y.Vf!'lI1 ARLIIC SLOAX IHRUNVN, JR. U Gvnfrul 5 JOUR FRICDICRICK HUIIITIQ - SA Gvncral xg HELEN MINERVA BURNS Gr'nr'ral PAUL IQDXYIN BLTSII 71L'14IllIil'tI1 ,IACINT LOUIS CALIJICR.-XZZO Gvncral MICHAEL ,IOI IN CALIZZI x J' Gmzvral n I I x SENIORS MARY CANZANO General DONATO ANTHONY CARAVAGGIO Gmzvral HARRIETTE ELLEN CARNAIIAN General KIARTHA EVELYN CARNAI IAN Cllmxival ROSE MARIE CARPENTIERI q Gencral EDEVIGIE DOLORES CIQRASO f' G 'nvral VM f ELLEN RITA CERASO Gfllfflll IRIQNE ROSALIE CICIIOCICI Cmzwal x -f., ..,? Z" CHARLES LEE CLINE Tm'l11ziz'al HENRY GEN SLER CONRAD OIPIICIYII HAROLD XVILLIAINI COOPER TFt',1lIIfUl NICHOLAS VINCENT COSTANTINO I , , Trrlzuical 5 A JENNIE KIAIDELIIXIE COSTRINI I gg , 1 Gvneml Ii- 'Q ' -IOI-IN ERVIN CRAVVFORD, JR. ,L V. L..,, ' E ' Gfzzeral ' ' A DARWIN VVILLIAM CROCKER 'kg' i f Tt't'lll1IL7lll " 'xbxq ALISON CROFT, s A Classical A If JEAN LARUE CROOKS f ,Q I I ,I A ' COHlI1le'l'L'1.GI ' 3 I I J " DAVID WALTER CUSTER, JR. - I C General L f-+ A- '55 THE SPECTATOR JOSICPII ROSS IDICKEY f:t'IIl'I'1I1 s ANNA liI.I!,XlHi'l'll m1.L N G'r'm'ra1 3 I I' Q Q r N 'A' if Lf JOHN xx'll.l,1,xx1 mNn,.Ax ,V ,N Tc'1'fll1i1'rll A kk VIVIICN C I70N,'XI.USON L GL'lIt'l'I1l ' I!IC"X'l'RICIT I"R.'XNCFS UR.-XKF Cf'm'raI 5 - l-'LURICNCIC NIARIF DUNMIRIC x f'f41.v.s'ifrll f g 41 t 'Q N' Gmlws LOLTISIQ IEDNIE ... Q 5 ffvzzvmll 'ZF' XIICIIAIQT. IQUNVARIJ IWXIBRY Cf4'll1'I'lll 'Gm ' ' "' . fi! "'!'-.N-'fv' , Y X ' Q. t ,, 'Q 0 ,f :F If ' ff' 3 Mg 71' Q JOSICPII CQEURGH U.-XINIfLAL'SK Gvllvnll A S I I ELFN ORFN DA VI S i'l11.v.vif'111 HARRY HARLAND DAVISON Clvrzvlurl I CJLDA MARY DICLLX Gvlzvrszl 5, JACK li. l7lil.l.IiIJONNli my j ., Gmvrul ' ,I L? AI.l3ER'l' I3EKlICllFI.Ii :funk Gruvral HIQIJQN JOAN Dm-A1.1xrA . :vs 0 0 .E Gmwral . OLINA DIiPAL'L i,' ciUHl!llIt'l'I'iUl x, JOSEPH j. DIZTTORIZ , Gvuvral 43" . I BENVICNUTO ANTONIO DIZZZUTTO ' - N ' Tzwlzniml lx 1 1? I-SME Ni o R s PETE ANGELO FERRACCIO Technical DOMINICK ARTHUR FICRRARA General IVIARY FERRERO General IRIQNE MARTHA I-'ILO Commercial I STEPHEN JOSEPH FILO Commercial I J LEO CHARLES FIORELLI A : '..' A I General HELEN MAE FITZGERALD General DOROTHY HELEN FOSSLICR ' General .I f-it I S T E I "1"','. 1 I, If .IOIIN ALBERT IVOSTER, JR. Tefhnirrzl BERNARD JOSEPH FRANCZYK General ROY EDGAR FRYER General BRENTON XV. GEORGE General VVILLIAM VVALLACE GEORGE Tcrlmival GEORGE GORDON Tefllnifal DONALD EUGENE GOURLEY ffK'II4'i'tll MARY RUTH GROGAN Classical THOMAS A. GROGAN, JR. Classical ROSALIE VIRGINIA HAMILTON Classiral X l? IRIZNIC ADICLINIC IYTRIIVRI C4'm'ral Nl A RY LOPISIC INTRI ICRI C'mnn1vrrial ,IUSI-IPII qGl'Y ISQXAC fwalrnll RUl5l'fR'li TIIIZUITCJRIC .I.XROSflfXX'SKl I Cn'm'ml lil.Ii.XNUR MARIE .IOIINSTON Cvlwrrzl ROY HIJXIXIC JUIINSTON f:l'lll'I'lIl .-XVSTIX IMICVQIOXICS 1 HIlllll1'l'4'l1Il R4 VIIICRT Xlll.l.IiR 'l'w1'l1l11,n1l af, J '+V 1 n"'5 , J f r HF' O. -v -1 H? 9, r 6- gf? lr- ' .4 1 ' fi: "T -IONICS THE SEECTATOR Q fl A- A W ,g Q : . , 1 4 AXI.l"Rl'flJ XIUORIC Ill'flll'fR'l' 'l'm'l1uiml XYfXI.'I'lCR Nl I I I-'VK XIAN ff4'11u1'41l BIERNICIC MAIQ lllil'I.liR livfzwral GER.-Xl.lD I,. IHEPLIER ijvlwrul XX'lI,l.lAM ARTIIUR IIliI'I.liR f:1'lIl'I'f1l ROFHQRT MICLI. llIi'l'RlCK Clvuvrul ,IJXNI ICS NIEAI. I IINICS Tm'lu11'vul XX'lLI,1.XM l'A'l'RlCK llOl"l"M.'XN Gvllvral RUISICRT ARTHUR IIURICR Tvrlzlziml IH-11.1-iN XIARGARIZT HUICY Claxsiral 21 A SENIORS .A I It C, ALICE MARIE KAHL ,T ,:" I l Classifal A ' . ELEANOR JOAN KAAIINSKI L- . ' L Z G4'lIt'VlIl K ,Y .Q I 7 1: Y qs v 4 7 x,.,,l,. I IIARI ROSI. RARAI INSRI General SSSS I EMILY MARIE IQEARNEY ' A Classical RAYMOND KEIRN, JR. C1lll.YXlL'lll IIILTON GEORGE KLINGENSMITH Gt'PlF7lll FRASER JOSEIIH KNAIIII Gclwral MARY LOUISE KNAIBR Gvzzvml gf ',-L 't 5? : '. kk I t q:: K -.-, 1, X A I It 1 W 1' f if J , K 'f bi 'Akg rl Qul A ' ' X V ggfh ,.I-- Q' , 'L JANET IRENE KNESS Gcufral FRANK GEORGE KOVALIK Gvzwral - NICHOLAS JOSEPH KRISTICH Gvncral ANN DOLORES KURUC Czmifaz L4 2 LAURA MAE LACE A, ' -QI --Q ' A I Q Classical . ARHANII FRANK LAMANNA ty I J Cipngral , ..-, .. ,u n Q RICHARD ANTHONY LEDONNE ' General I ' 7 -21' DOROTHY L. LEIGHIY I K Classiral I m X D DELMER LEDO LOSASSO f I ' I A Gmwral . 7 l VIOLA OLGA LOSASSO " I 1? General f I " " x i J , , MARILYN ,I IC,-KN Ml LLICR C4la.v.s iral l'.X'l'RlCIA M.'XlJIil.lNIi MILLER C.I41A'.fl'r'll1 ROIIICRT VVlLLl,'XNI MILL! RON 7'm'l1nimI THE SPECTATOR MAIQGAR ET AX N NII'l'Clll1LL Gmzvnzl is LILLIAN M.-Ui INIOIFIH-X'I"I' Gvllrrzxl VR.-XNCIS LLOYIJ NIOHNI-QY IBO ffvzzvnzl Tl I ICIALX ,I l'Nli MORRIS CvltI.Y.Vil't1l RUTHY LUL'lSI2 MOXYRICY fft'lI4'Vt1l tg 6 A .3 QL in ii 3 f ,". 2 K Ir -I 1 .lf xx A' .., 9 3 G?-2 Mfxm' rc.1.fxl.N1a LL'ISl f. V, f C l41.x'.x'14'1l1 7 'J' ' snlulzl. PAUL MARINO A Cf1'l14'l'1I1 V JVSTIN JUIIN NI-XSCUSICVICZ f14t'Il4'l'1ll FR.'XNCiiS vl-ilmxlcfx M,xz.xx1c1c fft'lIt'I't1l A xx'1l.1.mxl sums Au-ci1.E1.1..fxN1m 1 .U f1t'IIl'l'lIl ,V VIOIIN 1fR.xNc'1s NIUCLLTRIE Al 07" Rolaxcmw' M.-XIJIQLINIC 1012 KI JAA11 T4't'lIl1it'tIl ALLICN KICCUMH T4'4'lIlli1'tl! JANE XICFARLJXND C'lu.v.viral TNQ, Nln'ML1l.LI',N General CS G. MILLER General 23 I., SENIORS D EDXYIN JOHN Movme 5 1 - I Cvffwrll L I 3 I ZIGMUND RICHARD MYERS " '95 Gezwml '35 V ,,".I.. M' ROSE MARIE NAI'OI.I EI ' H Claxximl Q , I ERNIA NARP:'r'r0 I Gwzfral I i R 3 ' gf JI J I Q I' 8 1, f i. A W. I - .KL ., x I 'W' I I I A Stal? ig 3 s IEUGENIA JE.IxN12'rTE PANAGOS X -. . C 0HHlIUl't'llll RALPH FLETCHER PATERSON I Tm'l111ifal' I ELIZAISETII IOSEPHINE PATTON C1a.v.vifal LEO ALEXANDER PANVLOVVSKI Gcfzcral I VIRGINIA MAE PENROD I Clc1.r.v1'f111 ESTHER ELIZAIIETII PENTA Grzzcml I JOHN RALPH PERRY Grnmfnl ,IOHN JOSEPH PETRARCA General MERNA RUTI I I'ICKI.E Gvzlvral MANUEL ARTI I L7 R PROTOS General VIRGIN I A MARIE NASSIER f,1IUIIll14'l"L'Illl ICHARD HAMILTON O'RRlEN TL'fll1lIl'lllI OSEPII RICIIARIJ ORI.OXX'SliI 'lbullilinll EDNA MAE OTTICNISERG Gavwml affix po- gg I , I QQ' A 1 M A I ,, if 'UHF ---TTI-IE SEECTATOR W . l g ,IOSIQPI I RITIIXI ffmwnrl - Q IRVIN Rl'I!INOVI'I'Z 4 If1'm'1'111 IIIMIXI 'XLI III ' 'C C . QXNUR Rl'Ii.XS IX f1UIlIHIA'l'l'ItIl 'V' A 2 I II I,IiSI"UR'I' XYII.I.I.XRl RL'I.IS I Cvm'r11l ICYIiRIi'I"I' XV. RL'I'liR'I' fvllI.I'.K'Il'lI1 I5 L. VII'GINI-X M.XI'IIi I'L'ZliIXC'IiI - X CI'11I'l'rll X I l'II.fXI'I.IiS I.OL'IS sCo'1"r ""' I3 W . X lfvlwnzl I A I.. I,x IRICNIZ sruxxwx ,W D I - liwzwal ai, , 4 'C ., Q s a.. 1 A - I Q 7 , e-QL ,- . - ' is-T 5-:-. ,iff M2 , F an A "' Q -Q . I ' 1 , -f . 1 I' I fe 'fu wil U I C.xm11a1-1.,x Rossa 1-wall.:-:sl-1 Q 0 Q Q fx 1 gm '45 GL'l1L'HIl R.XI.I'Il.-XI,INIz .-XC1NI'.5 I'L K-I.II'.SI'. f'o1111r1vrr1'al , DOROTIIY YVONNIE RANKIN Cvnvral MARY IQICIIIXS ficzzvnzl IOIIN DAVID RICID l1I'4'l1l1i1'1Il DORIS GICNIC RICIIARIJS Gvzwrrrl MICII.-XICI, IFRQXNCIS RICIIARDS 'I'm'l111iml IXIARGARET LOUISE RIGGLIC L'un11m'1'fi11l IRICNI2 REGINA ROPELEVVSKI C'lt1.Y.YIc'tll PIi'I'IiR JAMES ROSSI Gvnvral 2a if ia I' Mx I N-Y R SENIORS if BFATRICIQ SIIIQFFLER Clalxsiml FRANK ALVIN SIIFLLHAKIKIER G4'll4'l"Ill RIARY .'XNN:XIIIfI.I-I3. SIIIfI'I-IfR ClI1x.fiI441l GLAIYYS ZUR If'I"I'A SI I OOK G'vm"ral DGROTH Y MAX I NIE SI I L"I'T '7 I C1llI.X'.X'Il'l1l EDITI I N.-XUKI I SI IL"I"I' Clf1.v.x'iI'Izl f ' -' VVILLIAKI IiI.l7IiR SIIL"l'T Gvllvral ' W"-r EGGI Ii F. SK XYI R Lvl' X Gvizfml N, R ., I I 3II II? KFNNIZTH NYAVERLY SI.,-XEKEP, DIR. ,2- Ii' Tm'l1I1iI'r1l' X A IIARIORIE LOUISE SNIDER I Czamfaz " ,4 I 'III I I IT'X'l'RICIA IMXYE SOEIANOS I', 3 CI0HHl1I?l'!'iUl Wifi ln.. " I3 MARY VERONICA SOLTIS Gmvral VVILLIABI STANLEY SPIHER Cfncral FRANCES REGINA STANKIIS I IIIII A Gmmfal 'vw E. RGBIERTA STERNER Clasxiczzl , DONALD M. STEWART ,,w" I General If STEELE S. STEWART Gwmral WILLIAM CARL STIFFLER I General JOHN L. TOVVNSEND, JR. Gvnvral JOSEPH TROILO Gvzwral VICTOR TROZZI Gvncral CLARA CORXELIA TURANO cIItI.V.Vl.t'lIl LENA ANN Tl'RRA C'la.v.viml DOROTHY XI.-XRIQARET I.'I.ERX CJlf1.fA'it'Ul MARY TIIERESA VARANO C'l11.v.vin1l HELEN I". VIROSTEK ljr'u4'ru1 1 ' I ,, 4 . 4' I ' - , Q N J x I - f"9"u Qf',dg,,.... ,qkg N H 5 X' , Q I X., ' D5- 55 THE SPECTATOR vnu X ' ,. ,LY N? 4' gy 3 N- ANNA Xl A E STITT C'l41.v.vim1 TO M I I. ST I TT Cvzzvrul AGNES MARIE STONEVICE Civllvnzl HAROLD DALTON STOREY ff4'1l4'r'4Il AIJELE ANASTASIA SIYTKAITIS Cjvzwrfzl MAE ELIZAIEETII SXYANK Gmmral GEORGINA MAY SXVARNIER C'Ic1.x'.x'1-ull MARY ELIZAIIICTII SXYENK G1-iwrul ELIZABETH ANN TATANANNI C0lIIllI4'l'l'IiI1 JEAN ELIZARETI I TEDESKI Conzmvrrial 1. SENIORS Q T . "' 1 ,J 41,1 4 , 1" . . 1 REGTNALD BURROUGIIS VVALCOTT 7 ' " " ': General S 1 -f f ELTNOR JANE XVALKER Av A A 6""i General JAMES BERNARD NVALKER S: fW A ' .. General RUDOLPH H. VVEAVER ' A General MALDEN DE LOR VYISE Com mereial A JOSEPH ROY ZANEXYICZ General MATHENV GUST ZARGANIS 'SE' General RUTH ROBERTA ZOZULA General QQ' I -R' IW? A If 4 1 :'. EEEE ' N. in f r ..,,' 'fin i I .'kk7 ' ' fr A 'Sye :::-? ' 2 Sl In Memoriam I Stephen Matthias Bushovsky June 2, 1918 August 31, 1937 Q "There is no death! the stars go down To rise upon some other shore, ,And bright in Heaven's jeweled crown, They shine for ever more." lim S THE IUNIORS IUNIORS 'Q B A ja, lletty Ainsworth lietty Carnahan z l 2 i 7 LK', L Ruth Alcorn Mary Carrieato cgi pi George Alker llellene ea-im-ia JS Olga Allera john Cichoeki Louis Ambrose Ella Clark u ,AQ " A y Q rrr' Lr V'Ag ff 0 ge I Krall it Kll. Nh Q f We , I jg 5 li at inn. j iv- ibn. rr if j ggi e lr rf t ,,g2'.' "CQ rf 'V llarry Andes lYilda Mae Anderson Uoininick Arterilano Frances Athanson Albert Ausk Frank llados Rita liagotat Ruby ,llaker Martha Ilan l'aul llarbus james llarelay Geraldine llaum Frances llaustert Marjorie llaustert Eugene lleatty Clair lleighley Ruth Hence Mary llertino Gertrude llegolly Robert lllair Steve lilaneiak lYalter lllanciak Don lllystone john Ilolear Frances Bowers lidward liranthoover Yada llraun Virginia lirown Harold llulkowski Mary jane llurkett Ralph llurnheimer Mary Bushovsky Ross lluteh lYalter lluyny Alvin Calhoun Oliver Claypool Ifugene Clever Donald Clowes 'llony Condeni Mona Cook john Corcetli Roy Coughenour Gordon Coy Margaret Craig Talrnage Cravener Doris Criek lYalter Crowe Mary Lee Dancy llarrison Davidson Kenneth Davidson Dominick Delliasio Anthony Dettore Armand Dettore Sebastian lJiCola joseph llinga llelen lice Dinger Anna lJiSabato Marie Dongiovanni lYalter lludenas Martha Grace Duffmwn Dale Dunmire john liarhart Eleanor Ifbert Richard lidxvards junior Erk 'llllOl1l1lS lishbaugh Ruth Euwer Ruth Farster Madaline Favero Oliver l'.Cl'I'1ll1f l,oiS lfloytl june lfostei' lXl1ll'Sll1lll XY:ilker lloiner lfonse Rolmert l'4l'llllL'C l'1'x'in l'il'CSt'l1 Czlrxnellzt Gallo Steplmnie tlnlloviull Stanley tiupinslci Louise tlxnwletto Rnlplm fillflllllll Ronze tlengo l7reml:u George llztrry George l,ycliz1 cililllllilllglfll lfstlier Gibson lfngenv Gibson Rita tlillen fllnrino tlinntzn lineto fillllllll 'lllielinu Glnnt lietty iluutHlUC Num-y Cloocllnie lien tlonrley l,oretl:n Greliznlslcis Klzlry tlrittin Ilnle llrnlilws xlIll'g1ll'Ct fitll'Ct'li1l llolm llurtzell .lane Ilepler XVill:n'rl Iiesketh Glmlys lletrick l.illi:ln lllineilc 'Ioe I lllllilllilll Virginia llollmen Phyllis llonzulle l,loyml llosey lrene llrolwzllc lliulc llungcr Clementine lntrieri Norman Jewell Robert .lolm liloyil rl0lll1S Annette lolniston llorotliy Johnston Rose lfztleclzt llorotliy liztufmun joseph lfztrclos Roy Kelly llnzel .lane Kennedy Cllztrles Kenncrclell Phyllis liespellier Klztrie Kilmirsky Annu Catherine King' llill liirkwootl Cecelia lfovalilc ulilllll lfoeis llilly lQI11llJlJCl1l3Cl'g'C1' llerlmert liritller ,'XlltlCIlll liugler George l.:1r1'ulJee ,l lelen Lzlveing Stephen Liehlco Yietorizl Lippolis Charles Liskzt .lolin l,iuzzi lYilliztm Lynch l'e:1rle Klulmon lletty Klztgness Patsy Maietta llete Nlztgloeci llelen Mztkowski Marino Mztngnnello Klzltilclzt 1llZlI'Ci1IltOIll0 Mary Murchesi Victor Blilffllllltlllil l4COllZlI'll Blztreliitelli 5: THE SPECTATOR my i A Fi -e..T. hive ee,i eeg EQ ,,e,.Q ,V ,S EQ ii.e i ' mg, i .S x Y 1-' 5, Q g'KhiM l W s 5 V' ,ry ,, 5 , ELE- 5.8. 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John Marencilq Elma Mario Josephine Markitell Richarcl Martin Anna Mathews Olga Mayer Esther McArthur Phyllis Mcflellanil Dean McConnell Dorothy Mcllaughey bfffllaclys McHenry mlm jack McManus l,illian McManus Robert M'eM anus Virginia MeQuaimle Anna Miccolis Lewis Milie Marjorie 'lean Miller Patricia Miller Margaret Minarilc ,lohn Miniotis Mary Mislca ' Ernest Mitchell Victor Mocamllo Edward Mokrohajsky .Piolate Montgomery Lillian Moore james Morgan l,ueille Moore 'lfflrayce Morrison Dorothy Morrow Richarcl Morrow Frank Mottola joseph Mullineaux Eleanor Musala john Musial Vincent Naeearato XX'illiam Naeearato lVilliam Nelson Mary Nemity john Noel Mauclie O'lirien XYancla Ulsheskie l,ucille Urlowski l'l'a1'riet Orr Marjorie l'aneoe Aclalia Panipueei .lean Vanipucci -4 l'ranlq l'aolo Rose l'aolo Evelyn l'anza Grace llatterson 3:Mary l'eppas Richard Perkins Maryellen Phillips joseph l'isarcik l'earl l'locha XYancla Plucinski Rocco l'ocetti llelen Porlkanowiez Frank l'oleslci .lohn l'olicieehio Stella Poinylcala Myrtle Price Rocco Vugliese Rose .Xnna Vugliese Mary ,Xnn l'ul0s limily Raehkaites Frank Rametta ,lean Reariclc Martha Recfl Anna Martha Reeger Robert Reichenbaugh Robert Riclenour joe Riley 1 ,lean Rolmh Yernon Roberts Nellie lioginski Guiilo Ross 'Iunior Ross 1. Louis Rossi lxiillllll' Rulis lileanrn' Salumis Uarmella Sack -lane Salvinu Cliarles Scalznlt .Mleline Semw'in1era :Xng'elnSt'i1tllu Samuel Seiullu llaroltl Sealmlm lfclith Secretly Nick Sguurakis Luis Slliltjlil-Cl' lletty lam Sl12lIllllCl'g,1'Cl' Cliltmi Shirley lfvelyn Sliuemaker lletty Sliutt litjlllly Silvestri .lean Silvestri Ralph Silware lierne Slagle llarulcl Small Klary lfmily Smith Mary Olive Snicler llarolml Snyrler llarvey Snytler lra Sulmer llelen Sufranlm Madge Sorrcls Kliellael Suslca lYamla Spang l'l1ilip Spaniel Martha Stanlcus .Xntlmny Sleflrali lilmer Steele Wallace Steele ll, .lulm Stelnlik lftlmfmtl Stemplinslii liranli Steri lhmrutlmy Stewart l.awrem'e Stitt . , . 4 ,lemme A2llCIlSlil J lltmtayiie Stitt Yirginia Simmer Qllatilcla Sttmevice lrene Sutlcaitis lilorence Szalenslqi Marie 'llate Xllfgilllil 'lletleslii lileaiwr 'llenaglin ,lane 'lllimnpsun liill 'llrnutner lfete 'lluramm Clara l'rsu George l'skuraitis Alplimmse Yaina Dwight Yarner lfmilv X'e1'i1:leu1til:t Xlike Yeselm'sliy Carrie Xillflltbll l'illQ'CllC Yilary Xlelviuea XX'aitkus Ueeilia llarzyniala Lucy XYCllSCl .lames xYl11llCj' -Iolm Xlltaley .Xlary Rulmerta Xthite Gladys Xxllillll Nlary .xllll lX'iclirmx'slii tletirge Xligle Uatlierine XYilliams tleralml XYilliams tleurge Yalculis .Xllen Ynung llulwert Ytlllllg' l,luytl Yurgelites lirerl Zzlccclgiiini -lulm Zarganis Stanley Zawaeki l2ClNVllI'll Ziclelq Frank Zugas THE SPECTATOR .flbf hu gave , x ,mil 'S Ei? 3 1. gf: f f f ,. . , , s -L -L Q Q- X Q e F ni.'.g,,1t aaa 0 rw UAE: ft 'i wr ft Q l t .mv aa.. S J Q Q iv xiii iiii' i dbg :C Q ' A 0 in IUNIORS- - Junior Class History Two years ago, the Class of 1939 began its higl1 school career. V. H. S. was new to most of us, although some had attended eighth grade here and were somewhat familiar with our surroundings. During our Hrst year, we numbered three hundred and forty-two members. As the months rolled by, we became acquainted with each other and with the traditions of our Alma Mater. Last year, as Sophomores, there were three hundred and four members in our class. A few of us began to find our places in clubs and other activities. This year, two hundred and ninety-one proud juniors were again sum- moned by the school bell. For the first time we elected officers and were organized as a class unit. President ...... . . HARlJl.D Butxovvskl Vim' President ...... ......... I XLL1-LN YOUNG Secretary-Trfasuvwf . . . ., MARJORIE JEAN MILLER Historian ......... ....... S 'ravi-3 LIcIIKo Class Colors ............... ....... .... f 2 reen and XX'hite As Juniors, we are proud of our place in school activities. XYe have found places on publication staffs, as members and oflicers of many clubs, and many of us have been outstanding in football and basket ball. As we conclude our Junior year, we look eagerly forward to our last year in Yandergrift High School, and to the ultimate goal-graduation! -Steve Lichko, Historian The Class of 1939 THE UNDER CLASSES I SDPH DMORES 5-8 542- 'g'LiQ'9'Qf'9-'igf-Q, Ch xl1 g,, L:?15R m 2.58 ' A A 0 9' gl 0 V., Ei-.':. 5r.'E+EE i 5 22-fl QTQAQW -A--Q, 5. 6.1 245-2-,gg 3515. , an Jane Adams Fernando Albini Salvatore Albini Carl Aleksunas Howard Anderson Lyle Anderson Frank Angelo Tony Angiulli Angeline Arcluino Frank Armello John Batik Eli Ban lrene Barnle Lawrence Barr Helen Heighley Jack Belfield 'Mario Bionc Naomi Hiram Edwin Blaugher Gerald Blose Ruth Blose Toseph Blumas Joan Briestensky Victor Brinker Edward Brooks Betty Brown 'Dale Brown Richard Brown Anjela Burnelis Harry Barnett Fred Calderazzo John Calizzi Frances Caly Esther Canzano Julia Canzano Edward Carney Angelo Carpentieri Carl Chapaitis Carne Cheris William Chierici Juliana Chilko Joseph Chupka James Clark Stella Clark William Claypoole Virginia Colaianni 'Anna Colantonio Jean Contreal Patricia Coulter Martha Cramer Mary Crate La Rue Crocker Thelma Custer Sophie Czuszack Julia Daciola George Dainelauskas Santo DeBiasio Virginia DeBiasio Rosemary Delick Carmella DelleDonne Ann DeMichele Loretta Deramo Marjorie Derwin Felix DiGiacomo Irene Dobesh Betty Domiano BeBe Doran Palmina Doria Dale Dougherty Richard Doverspike Jack Dunmire Mary Ellen Eakins Ann Efstathiades Frank Elefante Edward Essey James Erwin John Fazekas "Betty Fehl Amelia Ferraccio Thomas Ferrante William Fetterman Thomas Filo Theresa Fontana Paul Fiscus Robert Foster June Fryer Buster Fusillo Thelma Gagliarcli Glenna Gallatin Fred Gallo T ony Gengo Clair George Kenneth George Robert George Mary Giordani Nancy Giotto Sadie Gordon Imogene Gourley Marion Gourley Josephine Grillo Audrey Grimm ' Robert Grimm Frank Haley Glenn Hall Warren Harding Charles Hawk Elise Hebert Signe Heck THE SPECTATOR 'Dorothy Heilman Jennie Helhowski Raymond Hepler William Hixson Dorothy Hoffman Eleanor Hoffman Pauline HoFfman 'Betty Hunger John Hutchison Leonora lntrieri 'Marv Isaac Frank Julian Mary Julian Anthony Kaniinski Walter Kaminski Leona Kasper Deane Kauffman Evelyn Keppel Elizabeth Kline Geraldine Klugh Jean Knabb Pete Knatytis Andrew Kromka Frank Kovalik 'Paul Krkoska Merle Krotzer Joseph Kubik Joseph Kuchta Harriet Kuhns Gerald Kunkle Geraldine Kunkle Walter Lace Mildred Lanning Clement Lanzino Dale Laughncr Virginia LeDonne VVilbur Leonard Andrew Liska Mary Liska Armide Losasso 'Oreste Losasso Don Lukehart Jack Lynch Leonard Manganello Rose Manganello Victor Mannello Antonette Mansueto Filamena Marinucci Victor Martier Patsy Matarrese George Maxwell Natalie Mazonek Stella Mazurek ,.t .ik T v. , 37? ' A s o P H o M o lg: s gnwaaaaaa gaaaagaga -QQRQSQHS ' R aaaaaggaa A. naQaafbQ 5 A :i?? 9' ,A QI ,- if -- , 'Q fin. ,1- N Geraldine McMillen George Milanak Joseph Milauskas Eugene Milie Arthur Miller Margaret Misho Louise Mohney 'Ruth Morris Eddie Mowrey Myrtle Mulhorn Eva Mustakis Verdie Myers 'VValter Myers Edith Napoli VVilliam Nasetka Ann Novak Fred November 'Juanita Nulph Joe O'Brien George Olsheskie Amelia Pawlowski Alfred Peola Margaret Peppas Marie Peppler Lena Pieples Evelyn Petrosky Arthur Phillips Kenneth Phillips Louise Phillips Lula Phillips Nicolena Petrarca Paul Petrarca Mike Pinto Angelo Protos Esther Pugliese Anthony Quarato Virginia Quarato Paul Reeger Grace Regas John Reilly 'Genevieve Retecki Betty Reynolds Louise Ridenour Betty Riggle Dale Riggle Martha Rishel' Jack Younkins Kenneth Risher Louis Roberts Rose Roberts Roy Robley 'Josephine Rock Blanche Rodgers Jim Rosa Jack Rosensteel Robert Rudari Billy Rudolph Olive Mae Rupert Ruth Rupert Virginia Rupert Tillie Rusketsky Grace Santy Jack Sarvey Robert Sarvey Frank Schrecongost Esther Schriber Robert Schull Betty Mae Scott Dale Scott Edward Scott Mady Sedecky 'Jean Shafer Helen Shamberger Jean Shoemaker Homer Shook Ann Shumac Dale Shutt Rose Sicari "Chick Silvestri Constance Silvestri Eleanor Simko Jane Simpson Jean Simpson Betty Skinner Blaine Skrot Richard Slacker Frances Slivan Flavia Smith Boyd Snyder 'Marjorie Snyder Katherine Sotianos James Spaniel Edith Sposito Albin Stanczak Lester Steele Robert Steele Ethel Stefanics Raymond Stemplinski u THE SPECTATORA Irene Stephenson 'Nancy Stewart Earl Stitt Thomas Stitt Claude Stokes Angella Stratakis Robert Stringer Arthur Swenk Victor Szczepkowski Virginia Tate Antonette Tatananni Henrietta Taylor ' Casimer Teklinski Francelia Thomas Francis Trebilcock Gabriel Turano Evelyn Turner Elma Turra Lillian Ulery Dorothy Varni Joe Varrato Elizabeth Veccaro James Veneris VVi1liam Vicini John Voiten Anna Ward William VVilding Nancy Jane Williamson Betty Wilson Edward Wilson Eleanor Wilson 'Joan Wirtz Anthony Yucas Kenneth Young VVilliam Young Thelma Yerty Jean Yockey 'Jeanne Yerty Marion Zalenski Aloysius Zanewicz Louis Zanewicz Victor Zduniak Evelyn Zidek William Zinchinni Joseph Zinchini Frank Kromka Walter Rishel Yvonne Brinker I' J if f K' W, . i ,,.'-.1:" B 4, r -if . NJ- ..." , ,. 'za' N me wr, ski , .. sl 4. if -1 ' A ,s N5 14.5 4 1-3 'ES 1 af' ,QP . -pl ia- 'L-QSL is-Q ,., , .w ' Qi ami "lol: rg 'Zig . -9. ,f .1 A if -If . , ,f x. ,.p. it N . ,iw 114 Yak . :Q z e-bg .V N JE . ,N aft.- , 1-at H WJ in 53.1 i ix' uw.: ii Q TT' 'IALQ ar - is 5 . ,Z S1145 , . 'Ta dnl 'I X 'W 'if FY' HAH' 1.2 , it Y. Y ," ,:,.w 39 g L ,- X 'A .' ia., .Q .farhiiiii " FRESI-IMEN L 5 5 0 F' 0 i?g-Q-S-5539-1-PA Q sn Dorothy Adams VVilliam Albert Gladys Altman Ruth Altman Dominick Ambrose William Anderson Teressa Arduino Joseph Arnoldy Robert Auld Margaret Batik Hilda Bagotat Fred Baker Thomas Barbus Cleata Barger Edna Mae Bartoe Arlene Baustert "' Mary Jane Bauman Dick Beatty Clair Beck "'M:irguerite Benjamin Kathryn Bernatt Christene Berry John Bertetto John Bertino "'Le Roy Bills Don Blair Ambrose Blanciak Chester Blonski Frank Billock Stanley Blonski Sophie Bober Gilbert Boyd Harry Braden Francis Brady ,lack Brady Olive Bronovich Eleanor Brown Alexander Buccieri Betty Buchanan Dorothy Bush Frank Byers Stella Byers Anthony Calderazzo Mary Capretto Bill Carney Silvester Carney Ralph Carricato Anita Ceraso "Anna Ceraso Victor Chernesky lrene Chilko Orlando Ciciritti joseph Ciniprick Santina Ciocca Alice Clawson Roberta Clever Benny Colantonio Donald Colbert Lucy Corcetti Joseph Costantino La Rue Craig Mason Croft Lois Crooks Harriet Crosby 'Florence Curci Ethel Cupec Stephen Daniska Adolph DelVecchio Lucy DiSabato ,lohn Dombroski Freda Doutt Sylvia Dubanos Iennie Dudzik Richard Dunmire Telespor Dunskis lrene Irk 'June Emerick Laura Belle Fancher Earnest Fantino Iean Ferguson Beatrice Ferrante Egidio Ferrante Hilda Ferraro Jeane Fields Olive Finley Amelia Fiorelli Michael Firek Elizabeth Fitzgerald llarvey Fouse Myrtle Fouse I Mary Elizabeth Fresch John Freshwater Victor Froncek Louis Fryer Louise Gagliardi Emma Gallik Dominick Gardetto VValter Gaydeski Don George Dorothy George Helen George Eleanor Gervasi Iohn Giordani Margaret Gooclhue Henry Graves Joe Gray Laura Gregg Nora Grubbs Frank Gusky Don Hallman Rosie May Hartsfield Darrell I-laught, Jr. Helen I-leilman Irene Henderson Fred Hepler Vernon Hill Cladys Holben THE SPECTATOR 'Delores Hone Paul Horvat Mary I-Iudek Adam Hudak 'Howard Huey 'Margaret Hulings Eleanor Intrieri Katherine Janda Dorothy Johnston Don Jones Edward Kallock Irene Kaminski Isobel Kaminski Frank Kardos Steve Kardosh Tony Kargiotis 'Francis Keppel William Kerler 'Betty Jean Kibirsky Louise Kinnard Ernest Kirkwood Louise Knighten Edward Kocur john Kolek Stella Kolodjeski Frank Kovalcik VValter Kowalczyk Michail Krkoska 'Amelia Lanzino Joseph Lechner Mary Lentina Alulia Licata john Lichko 'Grant Lickenielt Sylvester Linkes Vendel Liska Mary Lizzi VVard Lockard i Frank Locorotondo Alan Lucas Edward Luczak Carmella Maglocci Billy Magness Mary Maictta joseph Majercak Lena Mansueto 4 i Elda Marinucci Ines Marchionna Victoria Martone Pete Mastro James Matarresse Nancy Mattola Mildred Mafonak Josephine Matusiak Stephie Mazak Angeline Mazia Veronica Mazur Gilbert Mazziotti U ,351 It Q 1 2 as if . Q it .a, QLQ. . . Q 2 .ref FRIQSHMEN i+E' mmvg ag HH-fe. -Q P. 'Yu p 1 .3 Qi 'FNB all i rq. Lia 1, .zu L iinfwg S 3 f 'f R h ligiaig- gf-in .5 M T , Edith McArthur Richard McClellan LeaRuth McCune Charles McFarland Marjorie McHenry Bertha McManus Olan McNutt Donald Means Josephine Mendolia Amelia Miccolo Chester Mieckowski 'Mary Milanak 'Loretta Milewski Frank Minik James Morris Dorothy Mulhorn Lillian Mullineaux Elizabeth Musula Paul Musula Lloyd McCune Harriet Napoli 'Adella Nasser Kathleen Nelson Nunzio Nero Angeline Notarnicola Mary Novak Santino November John Nawrocki Eleanor Olcak Daisy Otto Annette Papas Robert Paterson Patricia Patton Franklin Pearson Frances Penta Helen Perrine Anthony Pestonatto Tony Perry 'Henrietta Piasecki Arthur Piccoli Joe Pinto James Pirone Patsy Pirone Genevieve Plocha "Agnes Plowucha Teddie Plucinski James Porter Henry Potkanowicz Arnold Pugliese Marie Pugliese Tina Pulos Maud Purnell Andrew Putignano Eleanor Quarato Constance Rainelli Elsie Ralph Thomas Rankin Margaret Reeger Beryle Reichenbaugh Dorothy Reilly Evelyn Riffer Stanley Ritter Joyce Riggle Antionette Rinaldi Virginia Risher Lois Roberts Vivian Robinson - Wilhert Roebuck Sabina Roginski Adella Romito Millicent Rowe Nellie Rukas Modesta Rulis Betty Rumbaugh Edward Rupert James Rupert Betty Riggle Virginia Salata 'Betty Salvino Virginia Sample Leda Santy Laura Schlemmer Billy Secreto Shirley SheFfler Twila Shcllhammer Mary Silvestri Raymond Silvestri Harold Skinner Jean Smoyer Harriet Snyder Margaret Sober Michael Sofranko Irene Solomon Virginia Soltis Lloyd Sorrels Marion Steele Vera Steele Betty Stemplinski Eugene Stewart Ruth Stewart Eugene Stitt Lawrence Stoner Uoseph Stonevice Wylie Stringer Eugene St. Peter Virginia St. Peter THE SPECTATOR Edna Sunday Esther Swartz Aurelia Szczepkowski Helen Szydlowdki Pauline Tarosky "LeRoy Tattersall Thomas Taylor Chester Teklinski 'Evan Townsend Betty Jane Toy Frank Trisoline Mary Ann Trontner i'Edward Tumas Ruth Upperman John Uskuraitis Inez Varni Louis Varrato Veronica Vasillco Hilda Vernacotola Irene Vesilovslcy David Vojtoskovic Sophie Vos Genevieve Walker William Walsh Virginia Waltenbaugh Kenneth Walters Kazimera Wawrzyniak A 4 Casmier Wenskowski Kathryn Whaley Belly Whitacre Violet Wilding Charles Williams Charles Wilson Dorothy Wilson Mildred Wilson Edward Witczak Mary Ruth Witherow Frank Yacura Vincent Yakulis 'Jean Yockey James Young Ronald Young Ruth Yuchis 4'Frances Yurgelites 'Mollie Zawacki Nancy Zimmerman Adeline Zinchini Anna Jane Zozula Irene Zubal Victoria Elefante Ruth Aikens Frances Grekalskis f- R ,' A 5 TQ Sc - "w:""i' . H? 43 iii .stint EIGHT!-I GRADE 'v 5 '5 A f F lf" C r fi f--lt 4 y. E V H i ,. 9 'iff fi- -5 V V -il V C , t e ,. V VV V C - VV V H , VVV g C 9 W 1 Juan? l to , A V ' W'LLF ' ,. iivvf I llc-tty :Xlcxznuler 5 V M VV Almla Allera V V V V- ,arthur Ambrose ,,, f po -A V, tg 3 ' A lxalpli Anderson ' GQQZZA entt 2 f ' 'r ' V' 'Q 'ff A l 'C Martin Anginlli ' VV u ll . TQ? V ' - 3 Betty Artman V I V VV V VV ,. Vit V 1V -5, V ' ,. r I .V V VZ gl. V1 'M lfl1f1'rIlL"3fl'.,C'l'G gf' . C -VV I V - gg Samuel Hartoe , ,if ii 1 f J I Evelyn Beatty go. '..' lfgne ' Q A V Tabor Blair ' j ' Q' Vl Edgar Blose A I liinily Bonessu f ' I " l , Smith Broacllicacl ii ..., Altt Z-' k -,fl Donald Bush -fe l e immcia Rush if -' 3 5 W "" rm g ' lcla Butch V 3 G ' 6 . I Gloria Calclerazzo ii ,, 5' ii ii i"--Q- i ,, Anna Marie California C "'-'i"5- F, VV . , Betty Callen V ff' .',A A V A . -V Imogene Campbell 4' ' -fi Q s H 5' Rocco Cappo A gf f Q V My VV V Fclith Ceraso Nick Cheris gf" J , C 1' V Paul Chietlalo i i ' 'is - N' V ' Tony Ciocca 2 5 'S '4"" M A' Alma Ciuca , l L: la A: an Annabell Claypool '23 n ' 4 "" f ' 'Q ft, VV M- VV1lliam Claypoole ' S V t -1: Lim Louis C0560 Q A 1 K SVN Blair Cochran V 'T' f ',lV rw gi Harry Cochran V 4 , Maxine Colaianni ff A 'F ,lean Colantonio F V V ' uf- Q Samuel Colello ii ' A xylllllllll Coleman ' . ff llonald Conner V- AA Vs Q 1, -- Vg XVilliam Conner V V131 V e Samuel Cook A - A J "' " ' VC . - Tony Corcetti Y -as E Z 5 ., i Q ll , .. V1 Vg V V 5 ,xi ' in i fl if l if 'W' N l':n1l Congln-nour Nancy C'ownn l.Zllll'1l.'lJClll' Coy lictty Crillt-y Alict' Crista-llo llonzilrl Crooks Rose Annu llzivis Caroline llcfurlo lfrzink Dcfurlo Annu Xlziry lJK'lQilIlllll Nick l,k'll1'l,tDllllk' Alfred Dcttorc 'l'ony llcttorc llgo l,k'l:l'Illll'U llon llingcr Vito llongiovztnni Martin llorizl Fstcllu llongln-rty Robcrt Doutt Jimmy llnlrzlnos Artlnir lluppstzult Vernon lfckmztn Dorothy lirlnic Mvrritt lfclnic fic-orgc limerick litlu-l lfslilmzuigli Alex Faiolo Mary lfaiolo lflnily l'lllY'l'1lll Betty lfcnncll Rirllzml licrguson Susan l'iCI'l'll.lllC Angelo lfcrrnro Sara l'lCTI'1I.f1l. Xlcrlc: lfloycl Larry lfryvr lloniinick lizigliztrfli lfrztnk linllo Xorln-rtu fiirts lflorcnct- Kiicnopin Victor Cruzizuio llclvn firckzmlskis THE SPECTATOR v ' i ' f t .X ,li?.E.' 'Z' i nto H 2. iQ.ig.p'LQ3.'gL 9 9-9-if t 'A 'Ss . Q. f lf f i gm 7' P342 rl gmt Bairnfllng-gi i 'I v . 'Ea , ' . EIGHT!-I GRADE Phyllis Griffin Kay Grifhths Elva Grubbs Boyd Gumbert Harold Gumbert Harriet Hall Virginia Hallman Valgene Hartman Harry Hepler Dale Hoffman Anna Mae Holm Mary Honadle Gloria lntrieri , Dick Kahl Arlella Kaminski Margaret Kearney Harold Kelly Jean Kennedy Twila Kennedy Thomas Kirkwood Harriet Kline Blanche Kocon, Dorothy Komendy Mary Krepol Betty Kurten Arthur Lace Blanche Latipaw Leo Leap Leon Leftheris Billy Lemmon Arnold Leonard Gerald Lindenmuth Lucy Lizzi Jenny Locorotondo Dominick Lofretto Stella Lofretto Josephine Logero Guido Losasso Lois Luther Gail Lynch Adeline Maglocci Domenick Maietto Antonetta Manella John Mario Dan Mario Erman Markitell Bruno Marsili Vincent Marsili Evelyn Martier LaRue Matson James May Charles McAninCh Delyte McClelland Catherine McCutcheon Shirley McGosley Ralph Mclntyre Jane McManus Herman Miles Marian Milks VVilliam Missemikes Eleanora Mitchell Kenneth Mitchell Robert Mitchell Charles Morgante Martha Morea Nick Morea Dorothy Mulligan Caroline Mustakis Nellie Naccarato Emma Naretto Betty Nepple Imogene Nichol Mary Notarnicola Mary November Betty O'Conner Harvey O'Conner Clyde Ottenberg Eleanor Panza Joe Paolo Joe Paterson Morris Patton Lena Penta John Peppas Jane Perkins Corabelle Phillips Doramae Phillips Frank Piasecki Elizabeth Pieples Mary Poleski Frank Policicchio Betty Polliard Norman Poynter Howard Procious Louis Puglicse Jenny Putignano Constance Racllkaitis Lucy Rametta Tressa Ranielli Frances Rearick Jack Rearick Pauline Rearick Jimmy Regas Joe Retter Florene Richardson Hazel Riley Richard Roberts Jean Ross Joe Rossi Eleanor Rulis Charles Rupert Kathryn Rupert Clarence Sabin 'Alfred Sciullo Guy Sciullo Fred Settino Jack Sgourakis 'Robert Shaffer Robert Shamberger James Shoemaker Elsie Shook Lawrence Sicari Francis Silvestri Jean Silvis Patricia Skemp Helen Slivan Homer Smail Wayne Smay John Smeltzer Myrtle Smoyer Norman Snider James Snyder Joseph Solomon Geraldine Sorrels Bernell Steele lda Stokes Leo Stoltz Billy Stover Martha Tarosky Betty Taylor Margaret Thomas Carl Toy William Truby Gertrude Uhing Fred Ulery Sammy Urso Pearl Varni Alfred Varosh Amelia Varrato Domenick Varrato Helen Vidunas Jenny Viterbo Norwood Walker Robert Warner Howard Wells Roy Wells Betty Wilcox Eugene VVilson Charles Williams James Vlfiniesky Billy Woodhall Glen Work Eugene Yarnel Grace Yerty Jane Young Gust Zanos Catherine Zarganis Rose Zelletrow Patricia Schreckengost "'Frank Zinchini Edith Scoccimerra Lucy Arduino 1 X ATHLETICS- ' - - Football ln the sweltering heat of late August, the coaches were overwhelmed by the huge squad which responded to their call. The answering candidates had to be whipped into shape for one of the toughest schedules in many years. Qui' tilt with Jeannette was dropped and Latrobe added. This is the first time we have resumed relations with Latrobe since 1925. September 18-The Blue Devils took to the road for their first game of the season, which was with Ford City. V. H. S. scored first by sending over Shutt on a 52-yard drive. Ford City retaliated and evened the score. Fol- lowing recovery of a blocked punt behind their own goal line, Vandergrift surrendered the game to the Ford-men with an 8-6 score. September 25--Leechburg invaded the Van's gridiron, primed for their annual scrap with the Rosenzweig machine. The Blue Devils were out for a victory to even their loss to the Forders. Playing amid a cloud of dust, the Vans pushed Mascusevicz over the line for three touchdowns, and Miller added an extra point. Thus the Blues chalked up their first victory with the score 19-0. Cctober 9-The Lancers were unable to beat the timekeeper's whistle for a victory or possible tie with the Latrobe eleven on the Red and Black's field. In a cold, drenching rain, both teams showed stubborn resistance to opposition, but the Latrobites were able to pierce the Blue line for the tally which won the game. VVith only a few minutes to go, the Lancers staged a rally which ended on the one-yard line as the whistle blew. The squad re- turned home, bringing the hard-fought 6-0 loss on their books. Cctober 16-Seeking revenge, the Blue Lancers proceeded to whip the strong Kitlanning eleven in an exciting game on the local gridiron. The Kitties rang up seven points and the locals came back to send Shutt over for a goal and extra point. In the second period, the Lancers jumped into the lead through a pass to Mascusevicz and another point by Shutt. Again the Kitties tied the score at 14-all. On a long pass from Zawacki to Stewart the Vans earned a well deserved victory, with a 20-14 score. October 22-The Blues journeyed to Har-Brack for a night tilt in the ever-present rain which has jinxed the game for the past three seasons. Har- Brack marked up six points and the Blue Devils even the score with a pass from Shutt to Stewart. The Greens again jumped into the lead, but, after a rest at the half, Troila skipped over the goal to upset the score. Not to be outdone, the Union boys staged a last minute rally, and clenched the tilt with a winning goal. Score, 19-13, in favor of Har-Brack. uf .Q - - t THE SPECTATOR FOOTBALL SQUAD Uctolwer 50-'l'he uncleteatetl eleven from 'llarentum invarleil the local griil-iron anal went away with the .X-K league championship. The Ureshar men put on the power :mtl scorecl in the early moments of the game. The Yans stag.1'ecl a 75-yarml tlrive to senil Shutt over for the only lllue-marker. 'llhe Neil-Cat squacl openeml up in the fourth period and again crossetl the pay-line. 'llhe game closetl with a l-l-fm win for the lireshar men. Xovemlier l3-.Xfter a weeles rest, the lllues invailecl New Kensington anal wonncl up nllClllIl4l the eight-hall." 'llhe locals' line was unable to stop the fast, shitty hacltlieltl ol. the Ken-lli boys. lloth teams were ont to lvreak the 6-0 tie of last year. antl the gante enclefl in a lfwftm victory for the aluminum city teani. Novemlier Z5-'l'lllf 'l'l'IQlilf,Y-lJ,XY CIMXSSICY Swinging the Tiger lay its tail in a sea of mnil, the l.ancers tlownecl the .Xpollo lmoys in an even scrap. Shuttis punt forcetl the 'lligers to lticlt from lmehincl their goal, hut the lticlc was lmloclccrl anfl recovereil hy Teltlinslti. This game, with a score of O-0, broke the two-year tie antl gave the lllues their sixteenth victory over the Orange anil lllaclt. 'llhis year's recortl was not impressive, hut the team showecl the fans some nice lootlvall. 'llwo local lads, XYilliam Shutt, fnlllmaclt, anal john liar- harl, taclqle, were chosen for positions on the .X-ll league team. l.ettermen inclutle: Calizxi, liuclenas, liarhart, lialwry, Fryer, Klascuse- vicz, Kliller, Rlusial. Scalzott, Shutt, li. Stewart, Stilller, Stitt, Telclinslci, 'llroila, Young, fanewicz, Zawaclci, ancl Sipos, Manager. 45 ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKET BALL SQUAD Varsity Basketball By winning the twelfth annual Xtfcstmorelancl County Class .-X Champion- ship, the Vanclergrift High's basketecrs challcerl up one of the most impressive season-records seen by the school in almost a clecafle and a half. The Sullivan- coachecl squad coppcd 18 tilts of their regular interscholastic schedule and lost one game out of four in their post-season run. lintering the county tournament for the first time in many seasons, the lllue and NVhite quintet drove through to the Finals and submerged Mt. Pleasant Ramsay, 32-23, for the county cliatlem. March 5 Yanclergrift ..,... 42 Scottrlale . . 22 March 11 Yanclergrift ...... 45 Jeannette .... 37 March 12 Yaridergrift ...... 32 Mt. Pleasant ......... 23 Topping a, highly-ratccl Leechhurg' squacl in a section tilt, the locals tiecl with Ford City for Section 5 honors, with 8 wins and 2 losses to their credit. This was the first time since 1927 that the lllue Lancers were given the opportunity to try for the section honors. The play-off took place in the Har-Hraclc gym with the Purple ancl tioltl machine winning from the local crew, 41-24. V.H.S. .. .... 53 .Xvoinnorc . . 'Y.ll,S. 27:31 liittanning , V.H.S. .. .. 50 l"ranlclin Twp Y.l'l.S. ... g.. 45:41 Leeclihurg . V.H.S. .. .... .io llcll Twp. ... Y.H.S. ... ... 341: Forcl tlity ., Y HS. .. .... IS .Xrnolnl . . . Y,ll.S. 40 Tarentum . V ILS. .. .... 30 XYcslingl1onst V.l l.S. ... ... 15 Har-llraclc . V HS. ,. ..., 35 .Xvonniorc . V.l'l.S. .... ggi" lntliana . . ,. V ., .. 50 lllairsvillc . . V.l l.S, ... ... 6444 Kittanning . V.H.S. .. .. :IX Ford City .. V,ll.S. 3344 Lcechhurg . V ll.S. .. .. 341: Xxvtlflllllljflllll , Y.H.S. 50 Apollo . . .. Yll.S. .. .... 57 Tarcntum . . V.H.S. ......., 3734 XYorthington YH.S. ........ :Xt Indiana . . Y.H.S. ........ .to Apollo . . .. V HS. ........ 30 Har-llrack . . fl: Section 5 games. l.t-ttermen inclucle Roy Kelly, W'illiain Spiher, Dale Dunniire, NYilliam Shutt. Charles Cline, lfugene Gibson, Harold Cooper, Donalcl Stewart, and Robert Huber, Manager. -- THE SPECTATOR Junior Varsity Basketball Litillllllgi tlirongh thcir scznson with cighl vict in incl thru lossy to I cu-mlil Ciozich -lznncs lJorwz1rl's llluc :mil XYhitc Q ll X in s ll llhlu X':n'silv rn-Corel by bowing' only lo Hill'-lll'11Cli, liittm if oiil Son-ing his lirst sn-:ison :ns lczulcr of thc hlzxvins Lomi Dorn nt nlnppu fast qnintcl Zlffllllltl thc four vctcrniis of last yn-:1r's L nn ll' or lx Ln Young, XX'illi:nn Young, :incl lfrcml Qi2llClL'l'ZlZZU. Thy unioi lmislxitcus plum in spcclziculzn' typo of hall soon on inziny of our local omits mil no L ot t tilts lay Il nmrgin of Il fcw points. funior Varsily Season Record V.ll.S Nfl l.S Y.Il.S Y,l LS Xfl l.S Nfl l.S Y.H.S YI l.S Xfl LS X'.ll.S V.ll.S Vlill1'ClllllI11 l'l,IlI'-llI'2ll'li Kllllllllllllg l.L'CL'lllbll rg Forml City 'li2l!'k'llllll11 I lar- Ilrack Kiski . . .. Kitlzinning l.n'0vl1lm1'g Apollo . . . Members of thi- squzul inclurlv: Doininiclc Artur! lno l r'1nc s lim lx Lk llrzulv Anthony CIllilCl'ZlZZU, lfrccl Calclcrazzo, lion 4 Qlo Q L nor 1 Marion Courlcy, Anthony liznninski, Riclizml Mn in Ju lxiqqlr lclinonc Sitcinplinski, Louis X'ZlI'I'Zll0, .Xllcn Young, Xylllllllll o 1., NNI L Cio L Mzinzigcr. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD ATHLETICS Tenms Champ DO X 40216 NGK Y X is ,fx Boskczfba if Awarded V V ' ' rv , 54 f1A 1, 1- 9 I Llfesovlnf ,-,............. THE SPECTATOR Girls' Athletics BASKET BALL lntcr--class competitions were begun in February, and day and Friday at four o'clock. held every Mon Seniors Soflz a nz ores Crooks . . .. . .. . F Ridenour . . . .... lf V. Baustert . . . F Kasper QCH .... . . l Mitchell . . .. F Czuszack . . .. Shepler . . .. ... G Doria . . .. .. .... C1 Burns QC5 . Turra...... ln F. 'llatananni li A. Tatananni . . li Juniors I f ruslz nz v 11 lluffman tfb ... F liauman CCH ... .... F F. liaustcrt . F McManus . . . .. I Anderson . . F Notarnicola . .. I Magness.. ...G l'ulos.......... ...,l Moore . . . G Szczepkowski . . G King.. G Corcetti..... C SWIMMING SQUAD LEADERS Advanced swimmers were selected by Miss Miller to act as squad lead- ers and to assist the beginners. Special classes were held Thursday at four o'clock. Leaders include: Iletty Ainsworth, Frances llaustert, Mariorie llziustert, Valjean Baustert, Vada Braun, Helen Bee Dinger, Betty Domiano, Martha Duffman, Eleanor Ebert, Rita Gillen, Annetta Johnston, Eleanor Johnston, Anna King, Viola Losasso, Madeline McFarland, lfletty Magness, Patricia Miller, Margaret Mitchell, Dorothy Mowrey, Emma Naretto, Virginia Pen- rod, Helen Podkanowicz, Stella Pomykala, YVonne Rankin, Anna Reeger, Louise Ridenour, Lois Shatter, lietty Shamberger, Annabelle Shepler, Ferne Slagle, jean Silvestri, Lucy XYensel. TENNIS Fall tennis tournaments resulted in Betty Magness, junior, becoming champion over her classmates in the single matches. Double matches were not included in this year's series. PIN AND LETTER AWARDS Valjean Baustert, Senior, and Eleanor Ebert, junior, were awarded "V's" through earning 150 points, by participating in various athletic activities as well as maintaining a B-average in academic work. Jean Crooks, Valjean Baustert, and Virginia Penrod, Seniors, acquired the necessary 250 points to receive pins. Extra points are required in health, team work, and service to obtain pins. These girls are the first to earn this award. ATHLETICS SWIMMING SQU GYM CLUB THE SPECTATOR Swimming Squad For the iirst time in the history of the high school, a swimming team has been formed. Mr. Demchak has picked students who have been out- standing in aquatic work. The squad plans tO enter competition with district foes and to enter interscholastic swimming meets. One, held at Carnegie Tech, gave the boys their first experience in an event. LlRVIN FRESCII ROY ROBLEY ROBERT FRANCE CHARLES RUPERT RALPH GARMAN CHARLES SCOTT NORMAN JEWELL LESTER STEELE WALTER LACE THOMAS STITT GEORGE NIAXWELI. THOMAS TOY FRANK PIASECKI CHARLES WILSON JOSEPH RUBAI GERALD WILLIAMS IRVIN RUBIN JAMES VVINIESKY KENNETII YOUNG RONALD YOUNG A FRANK ZOGAS Gym Club For the first time, the Gym Club has an identification in the sweaters purchased by the members. The Organization meets twice a week to practice on various gymnastic stunts. Near the end of the year, the club presents a series Of stunts at the annual Gym exhibition. , . IEUGENE BEATTY ROBERT FRANCE AMBROSE BLANCIAK EUGENE GOURLEY STEPHEN BLANCIAK ROBERT HAR1'ZlEI,L JOBE BUIIITE JOSEPH HOFFMAN ANTHONY CALDERAZZO WILLIAM HOFFLIAN FRED CALDERAZZO FLOYD JOHNS EUGENE CLEVER WALTER LACE JOHN CORCE'l"l'I JUSTIN MASCUSEVICZ NICK COSTANTINO PIOLATE MONTGOMERY HARRY DAVISON WALTER MYERS HARRISON DAVIDSON WILLIAM NELSON MICIIAEI. FABRY RICHARD O,BRIEN LEO FIORELLI VERNON ROBERTS FRANK FIREK DALE SCOTT JACK FOSTER ANGEI.O SCIULLO CLIFTON SHIRLEY HOMER SIIOOK MICIT,AEL VESELOVSKY WILLIAM WILDING 55 .61 ATHLETICS O I' Cheer Leaders .'XNNAl4li1.l.l'. 5Hle1'1.1clc .. .. '38 BIAVDIIQ U'B1e11cx . . ...... '39 CL11f'1'ox SHIRLL-:Y . ...... '39 .I 1-ixxll-1 ZALICNSKI . . . ROBIQRT I"RANc:1c . . . . lJ,x1.r: 51.'o'r' A-Pm -g-'U' S0 Q 'Z ORGANIZATIONS - SPECTATOR STAFF Meets as OccasiOn demands . . . l:lI'Sl ycarbOOlq published in l927 . . . purpOsc Of club: tO publish a better book than bt-fOrc . . . we hope you lilcc it. Editor-in-Clzicf ....... ,........... H lARlAN GARR1-i'r'r Senior - Is.ri.s'1'a11f . . . . RIADICLINI-I llrll'l"ARl,AND fmzfor . lssisfam' ...................... MARJORI14: JEAN Klll.l.l-IR Buys' .fltlzlcfics ....... .. JUNIOR CR,xw1fORD, l':DXX'lN S11-Os, lflil-ID CALORZRAZZO Girls' .'Iz'1zIv1'ir.f .. .. .................... l'lcARr.r-: RI.-'XBON Clubs ............... ......... l -Ousrz PORTIQR, lllARY JANR BI,'RKIiTT .-lr! and l,aj'-mmf Staff ........ .-XRLIE BROWN, gXNNA CA'l'lll-IRINI-I IQING, BICNNY SII.vr:s'1'R1, lWARV CRATE, S,x1,VA'1'ORl-2 ALBINI, Hl41l.I41N PERRINF Class lirlltors and Assistants: 5iCl'lfi07' Historialz .... .,................. R IARIA ll.-XRRli'l"l''a11i5 .. I'IAR0l.lD COO1-RR, ICLLL-:N CARNAIIAX, linwm NIOYI-lk, lJARXYIN CROCRER, l2I.lZAlll-l'I'I-I SHOV1' j1HliU7' Hislnriau .. ..........,.............. S'rlcvla Lrvuxo .AIssi.vfam',s' , .. JOHN l2ARllAR'l',, IQITA GILLI-:N, SAMVICI. 9c1l'I.1.O, .XLLEN YYOVNG, lhlARJORll-I PANUOR, l.AXYRlCNL'l'l S'l'lTT .Si0fll101I107'L'S . . , . llrirrv HUNOER, 1Xl'DRlCY flRIlNI M Frvshmciz . .. ............ IDOROTIIY XYILSON Eighth, Grade . . ................. PA'1"rY SKEMP, DONALIJ Bush Typists ...... .. .. NIARGARI-I'1' Rliillllli, RIARY LOUISE lN'l'RllCRl., IRI-:NIC F11.O Bookkccfvcr ............................................... ,Xt's'1'1N JONES .-Idvfisers .. Miss MCDOWI-QLL, A4158 Sl'l,l.lVAN, MR. l,AXYRl-fNK'l-I 'FIIKBKIPSON - - THE SPECTATOR The I-Ii-Newsette Spmisorsz Bliss lim-lyii l.m'c. L-ilitmizil . . . Mr. licnnctli Tlioinpsmi, busi- ness . . . Miss Viola Sullivan, art . . . fwgziiiizccl in 1928 . . . purpose: to mlm' opportunilics fm' C11-zitivc writing . . . tuuk zmuuzil trip to l'iltslvurgli . . . first- lizmcl vicw uf ccliting :mil iiicvliziiiiczil ilu-pzi1'tim-ms . . . cflil thc Yzmclcrgrift News om- rlziy czivli wzui S'l'.Xl"lf' iJlQliiXNlZ.X'l'Ii JN l:'f1'ilur-ill-C'l1ii'f ..........,......... ........ I 'IlYl.I.IS lXlL'fl.l-ZI.l.AND C'f1-Nmus, llvrzd, fum' .llakvfzifi lziilifmxv ........ XYil.1m Axiwiaiasox, bluiix Nom, .lSA'.:.YflIlIf.Y .... 'l,xxil-is lZ..xicci.Ax', l':l.lZAl4li'l'lI Kimi, lXlAD12l-Z SURRlCl.I.S, lCi.xi,x 'l'i'i:i:,x, lili'I"l'Y Alu l'A'i"mx, Yiiuzixifx l'i4:Niwn, Nl.'XRl.'XN llussi-tic, l..1xxxiu'.m il. 5'l'I'l"I', lffllll-IR'l' Nxiivi-ix' lfuulim' lidilnr ................,...,.,.,....,....... -l.-XXI-I ,l1llUXll'SUN .l.s'.vi.v!f111f.v .... ,Ink l'i4lS'l'l'ilQ, .XVIJRI-IX llicixixi, HAM' L'im'i'1-1, ANN.-Xlil-II.l.l'I Niicif1.i-tic, l,A'l'RlllIA l'..x'l"1'ux, iXlARY l'il.l.lfN llixiixlcs, Dux l.i'i4iciifxic'i', l'.i'i:i':xi4: 5'I'ICWAlC'l', lfl'l'.-X Ili-xuu'iux'1' lfflilnriul lfdilnr Sfwrfs lfdilor ..... . ls,vi.x'tr111f.f liflltlf lfcfilm' .. . lixvlzulzyfv lidiim' ,-lr! ffrfllm' ...... . lx.vi5tr1l1l.v lI1:.vil14'.v.s' ,lllllllllft . l.V.Yl.VfKIllf.V T.vfii.vfs . . . . . 1:fmi,iwpU- .. . I. . blixria lfiinilzn Coimux Cm' lqltlll.-XRD lll'N1:i-,lc, l'ilTXYlN SIPHSV, l5Al.I-I Rl1itil.Ii,l.AlQl'liCR.-X141 l'1-ifxicl. Klixmix .. lllc'l"i'x' MMQNI-:ss filixvlmli-1 CYIEIMIQN .. .Xi:i.iic llieuwx, .Xxxx liixip, lmix Klixiirris, Ilicxxv Sll.YIiS'I'lil i 2 ................................ lQIl'lI:XRl7 l'll'N1:iaia .. lal.ic.xNui: l'.mci4'i', lQIl'II I .A xx' mix vii S'l'l'l"l' Aim l,ICRlilNS, lQi"rii Rl'vicic'l', inxnziic Q i-zimw, Xin1,,x l.umam, Klixiu' liicisixs, lului.x Ixtxlflfllvlill I :six N Umm KS HI-NEWSETTE STAFF ORGANIZATIONS Quill and Scroll lipsilon Gzunnm ldlllllltlll chapter , . . organized 1920 . . . znetive members. thirteen , . . total membership, eighty-four . . . qualifications, junior or senior, in upper third of class, outstanding editorial or business work in journalism, must be recommended by local sponsor and be pzxsseml on by International Seeretziry , . . Purpose: encourage :ind recognize outstzincling journzilistie efiiori . . . Sponsor: Miss Love . . . XY1l.n,x MM: Axlmllilcsox JAM!-is l'iARl.'I-AY Gounox Cox' jnvla l'l0S'l'liR lQil'iIAl-ID H1'Nu1-:ic lilC'l'TY lX'lAGNl-ISS l,1lYLL1S lllCCLl'I1.I.ANIb l P14:ARr,1c Mfxiaox .lonx Nom. lXlAl'IJIli CYIEIQII-:N RICIIARD fYB1c11iN .XNNAliliI.I.l-I SIllCI'i.l"R -IANIC Tnoirrsox - ' - - THE SPECTATOR Hi-Y Club Sponsor: Klr.'rence Thompson . . , meets XYeclnesfl:1y at four . . niemlmershi 1, fortv-I'oui' . . . Vresimlent, lfufene Gibson . . . Yice l'resiclent . fs - llarwin Crocker . . . Secretary, Charles Scott . . . 'l'reasurer, 'lohn Xoel . . . furnishes ushers for lmasketliall games . . attends church in full memliership once a month . . . llarry .Xnrles lX'illiam lynch l'zllNY1lI'il llroolts -lack Lynch llale llrown Robert Klcfomlm lfrlwin llush liolmert Nlilliron Charles Cline Blames Morgan llarolcl Cooper llick Morrow Gormlon Coy lfclwin Moyer llarwin CI'lrL'liCl' ,lohn Kloel XX'alter Crowe Dick O'llrien llale llunmire llick llerliins Richarcl lbunmire Dale Riggle -lohn liarhart llill Rudolph junior lirk Charles Scott Clyile lfloyll llale Scott 'lack lfoster Clifton Shirley lfu fene liilmson XX'illiam Shutt S5 K N 4 ' X' heorge iiornlon ltmlwin Slpos Ilan Green Kenneth Slacker 'llhomas Grogan llon Stewart Alfrcrl llelmcrt lfugene Stewart james llines llhillip Spaniel Ray lieirn llete 'l'urano Charles liennermlell .Xllen Young Xxllllllllll liirliwootl H E!-.l lil 61 ORGANIZATIONS Tri-H-Y Club Sponsor: Miss Schneider . . . Esther Gibson, President . . . Rose Napoli, Vice President . . . Mar'orie ean Miller Secretary . . . Clara Turano, Treas- J 1 , urer . . , Elizabeth Shoup, Corresponding Secretary . . . club organized in 1934 . . . present membership, forty-six . . . voted the most active of school organizations this year . . . gave Christmas Party, Thanksgiving baskets, Faculty Tea, parties . . . had outside speakers at evening meetings . . . took edu- cational trips , . . club meets every Xleclnesday. VVilda Mae Anderson Rita Bagotat Vallean Baustert Yvonne Brinker Betty Carnahan Ellen Carnahan Patty Coulter Betty Fehl Marion Garrett Esther Gibson Rita Gillen Imogene Gourley Mary Griffin Audrey Grimm Bernice llepler Dorothy Johnston Eleanor Johnston Alice liahl Dorothy Kaufman Emily Kearney llazel Jane Kennedy Anna Catherine King Laura Mae Lace Pearle Mahon Betty Magness Marjorie J. Miller Margaret Mitchell Ruth Morris Thelma june Morris Esther McArthur Phyllis McClelland Virginia McQuaide Rose Napoli Maudie O'Brien Louise l'orter ,lean Rearick Margaret Riggle Annabelle Shepler livelyn Shoemaker Elizabeth Shoup Romayne Stitt Betty Swenk 'lane Thompson l.ucy XVensel Clara Turano Malden VVise THE SPECTATOR i i i i Choral Groups Ilivimlwl illitb four gruiips . . . Scnim' Girls lilcc Club . . ..l1ll1iUl'fiiI'iS lilw Ululi . . . lfiglmtli liimim' lilcc i ,. Q Lilulm . . . lima Q huriis . . . clubs llIlliCl' mliivclluii nl Miss iXiJll'g'IlI'k'l Clim- :mil Miss C'orm-lin Nlzilnm , . . as main pmjcct, pn-sciitcil lik' U1JQl'x'1IIl . . . 'Hiiilt' RCHL' of llzircclmizf' . . . sung mm-rllic i':uliu:l1ielz1t Bimini Vlcriszinl. 63 ORGANIZATIONS- Orchestra Plavs at Chapels . . . lyceum programs . . . music concert . . . meets Mon- diy and XX ednesday at four . . .membership . . . thirty-seven . . . under the direction ot Miss Cline. First Violins Ray Keirn Mary Ellen Barnes Anna Mae Stitt Dorothy Fossler Roy Coughenour Victor Moeadlo Lawrence Barr Geraldine McMillin Donald Means Victor Szczepkowski John Stefanik Ioseph Cimprick Orlando Ciercetti Second Violins Kay Griffiths Richard Ferguson Leo Leftheris Ethel Eshbaugh James Morris Steven Daniska Drums Robert Milliron james Young Clarinet.: Harry Andes john Policicehio Robert Young john Kocis Trumpets Charles Cline, Jr. joe O'Brien, jr. Paul Fiscus Gerald Hepler Altos Frank Elephante Samuel Marino Benny Colantonio Bass Roy Johnston Trombones Martha Grace Duffman Donald Dinger Piano - Betty Swenk Margaret Craig THE SPECTATOR Band Under supervision of Miss Helllhaney . . . . . . and at all basket hall games . . . and at Olliee . . . T1'1u11fn'f.s' Charles Cline. bloe Cfllrien, -Ir. .lobe Buhite Paul Fiscus Gerald Hepler Thomas Iferrante Kenneth Risher Donato Caravaggio Louis Ambrose lfdward Mokrohajsky Richard Ferguson Francis Keppel james May lNlorris Patton Arthur Duppstadt Tronzlwnvs I Jonald ul linger Clarillcts Harry Andes john Kocis Robert Young john Balik john Rosa Saxoplzoncs Robert Huber Samuel Marino joseph Pisarcik Richard Brown Thomas Nay .tlltos Frank lilephante Benny Colantonio -lack Delneld Hass Martha Grace Dul'fman Roy Johnston james Duffman James Kennedy played at all football games the dedication of the new Post Drzmzs Charles Liska Robert Milliron lrvin Rubin Gerald Blose Lester Steele Donald Crooks Robert VN'arner James Young Cymbals john Noel Billy Stover Drum Major Alice liahl .llclsfof .I ack Kennedy .mu t""""4....m saw 65 ORGANIZATIONS National Honor Society Vandergrift chapter installed during the school term of 1931-1939 corresponds to Phi Beta Kappa in college . . . represents highest recognition a school may bestow upon a student . . . to date, membership includes one hundred and ten students and alumni . . . eligibility, junior or senior st md ing . . . outstanding in qualities of leadership, scholarship, character Lnd service . . . President, Robert Jones . . . Secretary-Treasurer, Marie Dun mire Senior Jlfembers Mary Ellen Barnes Marie Dunmire Thomas Grogan Robert jones Madeline McFarland Beatrice Shefller Edwin Sipos Clara 'llurano Arlie Brown Harold Cooper fzmio XYilda Mae Anderson James Barclay Gordon Coy Phyllis McClelland Darwin Crocker Ben Dezzutto jack Foster Austin jones Richard U'Brien Virginia Venrod Louise Porter Elizabeth Shoup lVilliam Shutt Betty Swenk r fl'fCllZZ7C7'5 Marjorie Jean Miller John Noel Lawrence Stitt Martha Grace Duttman Benny Silvestri Q - - - - " '- -THE SPECTATOR Student Council Continued sponsorship of school activities . . . about school . . . hall duty , . . ushers . . . helped st life . . . held activities banquet . . . presents student aided in routine affairs mlve problems of school problems for discussion and solution . . . first semester officers: President, ,lack Foster . . . Yice Presi dent, lfdwin Sipos . . . Secretaryfllreasurer, Phyllis McClelland . . . second semester ofticers . . . President, Ilan Green . . . Yice President Laura Rl Y Lace . . . Secretary-'llreasurer, lieatrice Shelller . . . Robert Anderson Wilda Mae Anderson Robert Auld james llarclay Ruth llence Xlarguerile llenjaniin .-Xnne llriestensky Yvonne llrinker llarold llulkowski lidwin Iiush lilla Clark Gordon Coy LaRue Craig Margaret Craig' junior Crawford Alison Croft Dale Daugherty -lohn lbinga lrene Filo Stephen Filo .lack Foster lfugene Gibson Ilan Green Thomas Grogan Robert lluber Robert jones .-Xlice liahl Laura Mae Lace Charles Liska .lack Lynch Phyllis McClelland ,Xdeline Naglocci ,lustin Blascusevicz Robert Blilliron blames Morgan Dorothy Morrow Richard Morrow 'lolin Noel Louise Porter Beatrice Sheftler Shirley Shetller Edwin Sipos Patricia Skemp llarriet Snyder Margaret Sobers Yietor Szczepkowski Lucy XYensel Gladys XYiant Dorothy XYilson i. ORGANIZATIO Six-S Club lfirst organized in 1028 , . . present membership, twelve . . . Oliver Clay- pool, President . , . Robert Young, Yice President . . . Cordon Coy, Secre- tary . . . Mr. Flames llorwart, Sponsor . . . meets every other XYednesday at seven . , . discuss current topics in science . . . completed telescope . . . re- cently joined the Junior Academy of Science of llennsylvania . . name means Simple Scientists Safe Scientifie Science Society . . . Robert Anderson George Gordon ,llarry Andes hlames Morgan Uliver Claypool Richard Morrow Roy Couglienour Ralph l"aterson Gordon Coy lfdwin Sipos 'llalinage Cravener Robert Young Debating Club THE SPECTATOR Spmisur, Miss Milclrccl Owen . . . 1'1'esimlcnt, llczltricc Shcfilcr . . . Secre- tary, Cl:u':1 'lxurzmo , . . orgzuiizcml 1936 . . . meets sccuml und fourth Tuesday of c-:ich month . . . studied questions on Munitions and Unicaim-i'al'isI:1- tion . . . 'Tzuncs Hzirclziy VTIIOINZIS Grogan Mary lfllcn lizirncs Yirginizi NcQuzLinlc Oliver Clziypnml llczltricc Slicliier Paul Fiscus Lawrence Stitt Clam 'FLIYZIHO il 69 ORGANIZATIONS Poster Club As nzune implies . . . provicles posters for games . . . operettzl . . . other school activities . . . uncler sponsorship of Miss Sullivan . . . Presiclent, Mil- dred XX'ilson . , . Yice President, Isobel lizuninski . . . Secretary, Mollie Zu-- wzleki . . . Student Council Representative, Yiclor Szezepkowski . . . Dorothy ,Xclzlms ,Xrlie lirown Richzlrcl llrown .luck licliielml Lois Crooks john Freshwater Elizabeth Fitzgerald Ilonztlcl I lillllllilll lsolnel liaminski 'llinzt l'ulos Marie llugliese XX'illmert Roeluuclc Blanche Roclgers Aurelizl Szczepkowslci Victor Szczepkowslci I,elioy 'llztttersoll John Uskuruitis Dwight Yzirner Vincent Yzlkulis Mollie Zztwzlcki - THE SPECTATOR Junior Dramatic Club Klzule up of unclerclnssinen . . . orgnnizecl in 1036 . . . meets every :tt four . . . has stuclieil puntomimes . . . clietion . . . one-:let plays . lNleNutt, President . . . Patty Patton, Secretary . . . Helen Verrine urer . . . sponsored by Bliss Florence Phillips . . . Ralph .Xnclerson llilly Leminon Robert .-Xulnl Lois Luther Mary 'lane lilllllllilll Cfiil Lynch ,lzunes May Marguerite Benjamin lietty lluchztnzxn Ilelyte KIeClellz1ncl Donald llush Ulzln KIeNutt l':1tty Hush Kenneth Mitchell .loc Patterson Patty Patton Imogene Campbell Nancy Cowan llelen llerrine Shirley Shelller l'z1tty Skemp Mason Croft Riclmrml Ferguson jean Ferguson Yerzt Steele lfsther Swartz .lCZll1llC lfielcls Norherta Girls Yznlllene llzlrtmun Dorothy XYilson Irene llenclerson .lane Young llelen l leilmzln Richztrcl liuhl Friday Olun Treas- ORGANIZATIONS Photography Club Organized in 1057 . . . Robert Anderson, President . . . llill Young, Vice l'resident . . . Elmer Steele, Secretary . . . studies the Various phases of photography '... held outings , . . inet with Mr. l'l:1nk at studio . . . lends to skills in hobbies . . . Sponsors: Miss Jennie Owens, Mr. ll. C. l'lztnk . . . Robert Anderson John Noel Robert gkftlllllll Edward Scott Dick Beatty i Beatrice Sheftler .-Xrlie llrown Dale Shutt Gordon Coy llzlrriet Snyder fxlziry Crate llzmrvey Snyder Loretta Derznno Mudge Sorrels Yrvin Fresch lflmer Steele XYilliam Kirkwood Earl Stitt Elizabeth Kline Robert Young John liocis llill Young 'A THE SPECTATOR lunior Chamber of Commerce Organized in 1936 . . . this year, has eighty-three members . . . under leadership of Miss Mertz and Mrs. Espy . . . President, Jean Tedeski . . Vice President, Elizabeth Tatananni . . . Secretary, Matilda Marcantonio . . . Treasurer, Edward Branthoover . . . meetings held whenever speakers are available . . . took sight-seeing trip to Pittsburgh . . . held Christmas party . . . and picnics in the spring . . . lletty Ainsworth Ruth Alcorn Rita Bagotat Steve Blanciak Edward Branthoover Mary Jane Burkett Helen Burns Betty Carnahan Margaret Craig Jean Crooks Walter Crowe Nicolina DePaul Anna Elizabeth Dill Helen Bee Dingcr Anna DeSabato Beatrice Drake Eleanor Ebert Ruth Euwer Madeline Favero Irene Filo Stephen Filo Dorothy Fossler Jane Foster Carmello Gallo Marian Garrett Rita Gillen Betty Goodhue Nancy Gooclhue Mary Gritiin Margaret Gurecka Irene Hrobak Mary Louise lntrieri Austin Jones Rose Kaleda Dorothy Kaufman Hazel Jane Kennedy Anna Catherine King VVilliam Kirkwood Victoria Lippolis William Lynch Matilda Marcantonio Elma Mario Josephine Markitell Anna Miccolis Marilyn Miller Margaret Minarik Grayee Morrison Dorothy Morrow Joseph Mullineaux Virginia Nasser Mary Nemity Wanda Olslieskie Harriet Jane Orr Edna Mae Ottenberg Jeannete Panagos Rose Paolo Pearl Plocha Helen Podkanowicz Stella Pomykala Ralphaline Pugliese Jean Rearick Margaret Riggle Jean Robb Florence Rukas Sam Sciullo Mabel Shaffer Betty Shamberger Elizabeth Shoup Ralph Silware Mary Emily Smith Mary Olive Snider Patricia Sofianos Frank Steri Dorothy Stewart Steele Stewart Romayne Stitt Elizabeth Tatananni Jean Tedeski Virginia Tedeski Allen Young Lloyd Yurgelites Frank Zogas gaussian!! ORGANIZATIONS Ruetama Club Name is AMQXTELR spelled backwards . . . cloes not elect officers but has a Secretary-treasurer, Marjorie Snider . . . meets each Thursday t four . . . organized for the first time this year . . . has sixty-six members hacl Christmas party . . . gave balsam fir tree to school . . . now growing, on campus . . . purpose of club: to prepare members for acting . . . Sponsor Nlr Kenneth Thompson . . . lletty Ainsworth Mary Ellen llarnes Eclwarcl llranthoover joan llriestensky Yvonne llrinker Edwin Bush Eclevigie Ceraso llelen Ceraso Oliver Claypool Elizabeth Cline lean Contrael Mary Crate Alison Croft .lean Crooks Thelma Custer Dale Daugherty Loretto Deramo Palmina Doria Mary Ellen Eakins Eleanor Ebert Ruth Earster llelen Fitzgerald black Foster Kenneth George Rita Gillen Charles Hawk Lloyrl llosey Leonora lntrieri Robert .lones Emily Kearney Phyllis Kespelher joseph Kuehta Virginia Leljonne Yiola Losasso lletty Magness Phyllis McClelland Marilyn Miller Patricia Miller Louise Mohney Ruth Morris Rose Napoli Evelyn Panza Nieolena Petrarea Lena Pieples Louise Porter Esther Pugliese Mary Regas john Reilly james Rosa Samuel Sciullo Betty Mae Scott .lean Shafer lieatriee Shefller lletty Shutt Marjorie Snider XYallace Steel Lawrence Stitt Victor Szezepkowski Virginia 'lledeski Eleanor Tenanglio ,lane Thompson Evelyn Turner Dwight Yarner Mary XYhite Nancv ,lane XVilliamson mfjdfie .lean Miner - THE SPECTATOR Bliss l.azier, Lilmrariau, sponsor . . . six members . . . reorganized and catalogued the high school lilrrary . . . lilmrary was foumlecl in 1927 . . . 1116111- lmers of clulm repair and circulate hooks . . . during lilmrary periocls . . . three o'cloclc to live . . . each clay . . . lilmrary housecl in special room for the iirst time this year . . Ruth lleiice julia Canzano Came Cheris Stella Mae Clark Dorothy Johnston Gladys XX'izmt 75 ORGANIZATIONS Senior Octet Four hoys . . . annl four girls . . . appeared in chapel several times . . . tool: mart in S urine' Music Festival . . . wresentetl mart of the Commencement l l s l l program . . . formed the nucleus of the group which appeared at Mount Pleasant on A vril 3Uth . . . S ionsor: Miss Marfraret Cline . . . b Louise l'orter Ray lieirn, lr. Xlerna Ruth l'ickle lfmlwiu llush, .lr Roberta Sterner black Foster lletty Swenlc Rolmert Jones FAREWELL As we change from boat to ship Anil launch the ship on waters lmlue, We think of all our memories clear, The memories which we leave with you. Good-bye, we all must to you say, XX'ho for so long has refuge been, llut we'll remember, as you will, Many things we here have seen. .P rg: pg: AX last farewell we bitl you, hoatg Our ship now soon will sail awayg llut we'll recall in days to come l low you, tlear school, helpenl shape our way. -Georgina Swarrner, '38 m A-L 'LA x Q 2 um mm uannfmsw . r X. , w .mf ,J-ansmfr "'sLnumvaulmn ' ,ng W 1 -N - Y'-""""f'I" f A 1 2---:QQ-:fi tiiveLes?a1ff:fffff-'ff:- A 1---1 '---'-If '-'-

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