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 - Class of 1928

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- . , M :s',:fr1".f - H ' ff,h: ,i6'r, Q - 51-X 5 , F1 M Q tv, E 8 . LX J..:.-1.1. -:Qxrt Xl. A- of ? V V 1 s 34 5 'f 7 .- 4-, V 1.-Q' A- ' H v A it ' 'fi M W. R l .ln " , ' 432. .Q r x J :LET . 5 if A 'O X LQ, - A A- A iff Q'l,"V if I5 gf Wg - .f J 'X' if I fha if ilIlIllU5 . ' . Q ' ' Q 'sf f 22 + "W H' f'17'f1llfIf1f:11FT-Q ' . K if 5 fs- A ggg'MIgiliffn5F!1bl?1iifL-?:'E5g1g , ll. . fx x Q f 43- Aff V f ' 'A .. , 5 xi. 9 V ff-sp ,f rf K . if 're 2566 y ,. ' Q K. C Q -e i .iii 5 4 l 54 I A .- I N nf f ffl S 55 TA F-.R annum ml H1111 P Svpvriatnr 'Uanhergrnft laugh brijnul -XSXSN g Z1 f' "'. Q 5 ' Eisisiiesfii 5- lg" .-.-..... -nm-. I 1 ,lf V ' :Fl 5 K if w will . , ,f,..g X N . 'Q s 4-:M ,Q WN N gk. X 5 x I ,, QS Ing. . ..Aw --.1 -1' H ,FEE fb 1 ,In-gi 1 M. . I , I ' u., M . his ', fig N I, J "-lpsr,-'iffga M ll' , a N. lu "WWI iis!1. uf- 'M 1 'f ,. ' 'k' f:. lil ' Q NN miugylr. A ' L f ' i xi! ,sa-1 J , " . l 2 8 2 ,1 11 '-'5 X , X .1 411 NA VXHN 1' H' .' Q 4 '- ., mm -, N f' lla , ua MIK Q4 f' Wil k xx 4 If 'lf fx' - - - - , H2158 BBPTIIR RSD -if THE CLASS OF 1928 4 u u U u 9, Ii ng g Z n n L i 0 CN 0 52 201 1 11910103111 ingrininic 1 1 1:3 111 1:1 211 THE SPECTATOR 2131141110111 211034312 143141111 111 141131 - , i Y V AQ 3 , Q lovingly . pb! dedicates this Commencement Number of the SPECTATOR who has always been a sincere, devoted and Vandergrift High School to 'Q MISS BERTHA M. RAY u gl E32 patient teacher to the students of II Il H Il in if ,- vf :xl H n n n fi M1 KF is - f linl1ei:szs3eHunl!l:a i::: 5 dx lligx Inf' 413 'R f ET Il? t ip fr? kr ,Q A Di QQ' s to uxifnfwzumyxuxwnxwxzixwzmi.xmmxw, , 5 S 4 . S From ancient times 't has been the custom of man to leave for posterity some record of his achievements and accom' plishments. Thus we have endeavored with the kind help of teachers and friends to make this years publication a chronicle of our school life as vte have known it and to proxide a moment of pleasurable enjoyment to anyone who might occasion to examine this book. If this annual, at some future UPN? XMWMYWX mil 'DN VIWUDWK 'IJ YL' 71x X M l if 'J 6 6 E time, will recall to the memories of the students of the Senior Class of '28 some past incident, joyous or otherwiseg we will feel that our efforts have not been in vain. Dk'7Nll'U1'ifZ'KWNXC7hl X 1 L ian, 4? wx xt xnxfwxzfxowmmfxnxm. 5T.Q U 'B Q ,g .5 F nn. N' ' i was Q ...Q Jai' at ll , , ,ri-" ,. . A f A J M ,, j Hag' frin- Af 1f', X ,, A - I 1 A 5 X 4' J? ' l 60x'UfW'7l1x5lY'WlHfmW'mKmnxlfhif7rNf'1'nKf7I:RGTAW'71 'W 6 i llllllc illlJl'l'llIUI'fl L C131 :mmm 1111111115 I ADMINISTRATION II CLASSES f 111 CALENDER IV ORGANIZATIONS I I 1 I f 15.14 5 W V ATHLETICS IOKES AND ADS 'W ASK' UIIIPIIIS 'I' 1' A "'. Q I . I 5 N'-m1:'T Fi? N ?::::.:::: 212.221 . I A I gg? xr- A fl 1 , 1 . 1:3 ' E:- 1 35 ,IIILW Ik, ' X Ixaxgigfx A lgxh ,, 4- 3 ' A ' N 'E' M15 . iq. fq f I rr 1 '11 7 X 'N J' ilii K. iii ring l u A . LL' ' +I?" WI' I ' 34 -1-gk Nl. 1' A A 1 'A 11 1 - ' f X I, . K . 3 ', . , 1 ,af . I 'Q 1' f If . ,'-: X if I Z ASA xx - ffgi 'f' TQ? - ---- l - 1 .......J 14110301 rioiuioinioininiuiuinioiwxi ri 1 THE SPECTATOR 1 10111014 11-10101011 10101010101 101 1 At Eb? Qtrnssrnahs QW "You to the left and I to the right, For the ways of men must sever- Ancl it well may be for a day and a night, And it well may be forever. But whether we meet ov whether we part fFo1' our ways afre past om' knowingj A pledge from the heart to its fellow heart On the ways we all are going! He're's luck! For we know not where we are goingf, -Richard Hovey DJYJDD T .L :mrwnnmml'p 2 X .531 S0 5 'Aff-r 2 E E '3 W i V E 5 1 12' 3' : f 0 0 -. ' V U lg u lwg I N wx v, ZIV X-.MT Q 0 kvu'-5g?,.f' Wo ?,' ?3i jf I I4 W ff ailmw I N H Mai J f, N., flIlIIllI'll5TI'Hfl Ull 'X xx A V ...J 'H 51 . 5 Q fl X N PSL em 1 2E::1:::i 252.223 . 1 u . A , Q Q 4. 1 .fgm 1., :YIYHW ' fdui ny :Q R .W Q - fm .. 4 ' ' . m an e'ifgf'Q: N ,W 'T gl fn A A '- 71 :SSH m 'e' I ::?41:41 :M-i'i-Q" if Q, V .pa , 1, " F111-. Nflxnlriv ,'- Ml, I-hE'f'Q"l Silk l?."5gg.3'f4m" M 1 LIE! . '- V I KWWL' 1'-W':?x N"3'N.x::v7?" 5-WK "ilu . 'rx . ,V -'fi-:sig M" T f X31 . , M W Haag bam! .H ' f 7 .' Q , Fifi? . I 'TWU . ,M ff fig plxnli, 3 il w S-23,1 I f ig., ' 'YR ,FSE W :I Q H, .ff ,fur X f f 1 a Jgf, ff", V ' 17" f ,, 'l QM g .ns W 4 i Xllzzik Y if ' , W' V , , A ' "' " I x 'Y Q- .1-2 'V 5 ' 0 . I Ag, "' 1- 'I If i- .- K 1 Q . f f 'L W 1 N ' -fi X N ! A N xx.. 5 ' . ff!! .13 xx ' 1' 'fn 3 " -1-" l ' ' E P014ri010141101011102:11011110101111014rioilliarioiuioinioinilbd l THE SPECTATOR bviuivioioinixvial:I11vieri:114xi:l1o10ioin1o2cxinuioi11201010101I xg N- 45' . poininioioi :ini4vianicri:114rioinvioiuxioinilvioininioi 101:11 THE SPECTATOR 3014110101011 1oiulio2oiu10ini4r:oi4v14xi1s1f DR. R. H. SPEE We President R J. N. POFFINBERGER s. J. RUSSELL CHAS. H. OMC W. A. ROULSTON Superintendent President J. ADAMS H. C. JACK R. W. MCNUTT Seffefifb' Treasurer Baath uf 1,Buhlin Qlitluratinn 10301011 1014 10: 11 1:31 inibicrirlioillioicrilvioinioioi1113 1 24 THE SPECTATOR 11 lli P101 it lllifbilll Plllillitbltrihil itil it iliihi Q Zllieaiijer we He Lwallqs as if very weary 'round the room. A whisper and his head comes up. He reminds one of a canary Suddenly startled or very curious. Stillness reigns and he again takes up his weary wal Blond head bent down, hands folded in hack. Even one of our smiles will only bring forth A slightly cynical, slightly friendly look. Martha Richard, '29. 0111101010: D11010311014viuiozz1insie13411:riniuzozuioiozuqnuzni T H E S P E C T A T O R niclioimnxnioznioiuifnio1n10101xn3oi01cnio:4nd 303011 EHEIILIITQ "" 'Y1'i'W""' wx: mf ML, if 5, . ,X Y Mgfe? :nl np af, l?s xx X, 4 ' f 'Y xflk W H' H' 3-3 XX S L- 5 ix I Xtijgi U77 .wx 'W Q'-r ' " "MTW 'izvrfsm ' I , 'lu' Lilagllllllixunluu Wfllr.. llllllll.lllllllll l of 'i7"'3?' -' I 1 'f fx ' I - NWN. :AA Devin? rioioiotui vie Z4vio:i11oio3n3o1ca1oiin1 1411014 it 201 lint THE SPECTATOR , ba 10:1 30302014 24 ioioiuiniclioiuiiuioinioiui if 1411024 initrd MR. J. R. KURTZ Principal of Vandergrift High School 4234? Mr. J. R. Kurtz, Principal of Vandergrift High School, comes from Meyers' town, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Meyerstown High School also of Millers' ville State Normal, Albright College, and Bucknell University. Q He has 'taught science at Bismark High School, Goddard Seminary, Vermont, and Leland University, New Orleans, Louisiana. He was Principal and Coach of the High School of Vienna, Illinois. In addition to his present duties as Principal of Vandergrift High School, he teaches Plane Geometry. In his ten year's assof ciation with Vandelrgrift High School, he has proved a sincere friend and an ex' cellent teacher to the students. . D014ticrioioizlinioizxioiuxioicriusioilrioioioioixlicrislizrioifrind THE SPECTATOR 3010101010inioiciinioirrixriniuioicIZcricriabilxixxifhixiflicvifxiuxd fI'f.IIfI'I' sin: 4v1cvicli4ri4n1lsi1114l11:i4m::r1c inioibiuiuxoq THE SPECTATOR , 1111:isviciaxiiuiviiuicririzuicrim 1010101011 10101 5 MISS ALDA BAIN Algebra I. jfacultp WM . MISS HELEN NEILL, B. S. Domestic Science MISS HAZELLE CHESSMAN, B. A. French and Spanish MR. P. W. DIEI-IL MISS CAROLYN NICHOLS, A. B. Latin 1. A Art MISS BERTI-IA RAY MISS ELIZABETH FRANK, A. B. Algebra II. bond Lieometry Algebra I. Trigonometry Grammax Civics MR. G. F. FREE, B. S. General Science and Biology MISS MARGARET B. RUGH, Mus. Music Girls' Glee Club MISS ELIZABETH HEWITT, A. B. I Ancient History and French MR. T. P. KISI-IBAUGH, B. A. Physical Education MISS EVELYN LOVE, A. B. English I. MISS ESTHER McDOWELL, English I., III., IV. MISS DOROTHEA MCKEE Shorthand Bookkeeping Law Salesmanship MISS ROBERTA MCNUTT School Secretary MISS ELIZABETH MILLER Phvsical Education B.A MR. R. D. SCHURMAN, Th. B. Medieval and American History Director oi Orchestra and Band MR. E. W. SCOTT, B. S. General Science Biology Chemistry Physics ' Miss CALLA STAHLMANN, A. M Caesar Cicero Virgil MR. K. THOMPSON, B. S. English II. and III. MISS WINIFRED VON ALLMEN Tvplns X ' Business Arithmetic MR. H. W. VAN VALIN, A. B. Manual Training B 41185595 ni via is ifrinnioilxicvioiuinioioin 10101011 11 THE SPECTATOR 1014 11114xiuioiixioioinioiuirric 1 1030301 Hale y Geek How often when our school welve left To win our honorsg or bereft Of all on earth we feel so near Or crowned with victory so dearg How often when our work's begun, And then again when it is clone, We'll look hack on our high school days And feel the coniradeship that pays. No joy was ever so complete! No friends on earth we'll ever meet, Wlio with those here will e'er conipareg No days will ever he more fair. Our work, our play, our teachers too, Our classmates real and ever true, We'll ne'er forget, though year on year To us life shows with niany a. fear. To all you whom weleave behincl+ We wish the best that you can find- We hope that WE will gain success- fExpect'it too, we must confessj. We'1'e leaving now-we know that we Will e'er rejoice our school to see. Our hope is this--that V. H. S, XVill want to see ns all no less. Elizabeth Neal, '28 QJIQGl10l0iKll0QUD0lOilIiIbl!liflilblIL1Iildbilbl0llll0QlllllQ0llli010Z T H E S P E C T A T O R D0141014nxninxuioiuiuio:nrzuin1nv3o1cx1o1 Seninrz 1 uinuinicxiuinixliuioqi I3 1 , 5. Tl XX 'WJ' - Z x 1 l ,N I -x wi? j , X, 4221 Y?f,!4,P--...A Lf .- x 1 , ' K -11: E53 3 , N15 1271. Z JSA Ngwef. Y - ' 1 . A 'N-'15 ,S-ff -txt! I .X f 11 . 4 Z vlvv Q4 '. g.. A 1211, - A i n l " i - . !ii1EfLi"!qU 5 ? H. , f ,l,'-:,'iiQf:IiJ R . x X Dniuinioioixfini:12010103011finini-uri4r1xr11x10101014si0Z4ri1x1od THE SPECTATOR I 901011111rimrin1101aio:1:oil:invictarixviexicririxnilmrinwixiaxinixvd 1 SENIOR OFFICERS LAWRENCE FORBES BOWMAN LAWRENCE RUSSELL WEAMER KTBVVIIJ Vice President I The Newsie 25. Class Basketball 27, 26, 27, 28. President Football 27' Spectator Board 27, 28. Manager Football Team 27. K . . Manager Basketball 28. Poetry Club 28. The Zvillfh 'Lr,vm'0bllI7'17f7W.v 9 Newsic 25. Class Basketball 27. Class Baseball 27. 0 le in my et, a wrrysi ' ' "Suf1ce for tins sober boy, He's 'what we call cz ft0l1Cll8TlS joy'." JOHN CHARLES KAI-IL, JR. "Jack', Class Historian President 25. Manager Class Basketball 28. "Better late than no-ver." ELIZABETH NEAL JANE IRWIN MCCLURE ffLibIl ffJinL,J Class Secretary ' Treasurer. Spectator Board 25, 26. Glee Club 27, 28. Class Thi: New-sic 25. Glec Club 27, 7.8. Foldcrols of Basketball 27, 26, 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. The Newsic 27. ' , . l , H I "A calm- q-wet gwl cn Ivfe's busy whzrl. "Most find Imr fair and noble 'wzth graces I many." D1101021hisLinz:10:01uirrirbzrrioinixrinilrioinnioir nioioiuioioc THE SPECTATOR bclicnicnic11011viax1oi4r11xi4n1u2o:o:oicx1ruio11xi4 JOHN WILLIAM ADAMS N "Carp" Athletic Association 25. Crimson Eycbmws 26. Basketball ZS, 26, 27, 28. Football 26. Class Prcsi- dcnr 26. 27. Spectator Board 26, 28. "Be -natural young man, Be 11atu1'aI.:' ALFRED LOUIS AIELLO 0'I'T,rl,lIJJ "Hier b-rain. -works best when he is 071010- ing gum." JAMES WILLIAM AITES "Jim" "3Ierrily, merrily shall I live now." JOHN HUDSON ATKINSON "Jozlrlie" Basketball 28. The Ncwsic 25. Class Basketball 27. Poetry Club 28. "A modest man 'never talks of himself." ROSS W. ATKINSON "l'Voss" The Ncwsie 25. Football 27. "Behind a. frowning providence He hides a smiling face." CHARLES M. BEATTY "Chuck" Orchestra 25. 26, 27, 28. Band 25, 26, 27. "He's short-but so was Napolean." ARTHUR FAY BEIGHLEY "Facial" The Ncwsic 25. Class Baseball 27. "A worthy gentle-rnum is he As ever as busy as can. ba." FREDA JANE BELL The Newsic 25, Glcc Club 27. Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. "She is little Sim is wise Shah a lervror for her size!" 101: rioiuiuioiod 6 poi:1010101ui0103:130111initxi1sittin:inixinioiuioinrioidioiulq T H E S P E C T A T 0 R boil sizzixrioieuioiuioioioioioic riruitridxirltwicxicxiruirxiarifriund LOIS CAROLINE BLAIR Foldcrols of 27. Glee Club 26, 27, 28. Class Basketball 27, 28. Carric Comes to College 28. "St-uclious of ease and fond of humble things." LOIS MARCH BLAIR "JIarge' Glee Club 26, 27. Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. Folderols of 1927. Class Treasurer 26. Art Club Secretary 28. "She speaks, behaves, and acts Just as she ought." HELEN LAVINA BOYER "J tm i e " Spectator Board 28. Folderols 27. Carrie Comes to Collcgc ZS. Glee Club 27. 28. The Christmas Star 27. just Like thc Movies 27. ' "How brilliant and mirthf-ul The light of her eyes." MARY NAOMI BRANTHOOVER H1-tiny!! Glee Club 27, 28. Spectator Board 27, 28. Hi' Ncwsette 28. Folderols of 27. lege 28. Choral Club 26. Carrie Comes to Col- 'fToo young to behave herself." ' DOROTHY MARIE HD 0 tu The Ncwsie 25. The Love Foldcrols of 27. Glee Club 26 BRAYSHAW Pirates of Hawaii 26. 27. Poetry Club 28. Class Basketball 25, 26, 27. Class Secretary 25. Spec' tator Board 28. Athletic Association 25. Life Saving 27, 26. Class Baseball 26. Girls' Athletic Association 27. "She'Il conquer the wo-rlrl if the 'wo-rld permits her." PETER JACK BUCCIERI "Bfuesch." The Newsie 27. Football Basketball 27, 28. za. 26. 27. Class "Bly tongue within my lips I reign, For who talks much talks in vain." GEORGE J. BURKET T "Tw-k" Football 27. Basketball 26, 27, 28. Class Basket' ball 27. Folderols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. Band 27, 28. "I feel a host in this single arm." EVELYN ELEANOR CERASO "Clwrry" Athletic Association 27. The Ncwsic 25. Spectator Board 28. "M-uch 'work and no madness, All good and no baclnes.9."' poioir vi4ni4x1rr14si1i14r2lx14i1uricv1r riot:rirrioiuioirvioizxioioirrioq THE SPECTATOR D010ioiozmritwixiiogrxioinioiauiuioiuxoirukoiruiozoixxirxioirxiocl CECIL RALPH CLAYPOOLE "Rats" Football 27. Spectator Board 28. Class Basket' ball 27. "Good-u'1ae1z -nut 011101-1c'ise!,' VANCE LeROY COOPER "Dany" The Ncwsic 25. 'flVlmt flflllf wnnlrl hurry for? The 'worlrliv goin' fast enough, ai11.'t it?" FLORENCE MERCEDES CRAVENER "Sw+cls" Hi-Ncwscttc 25. "So full of life and friendly fun, .-1 pal In everyone." ELEANOR ELIZABETH CULP "Cz:Ipie" Glce Club 26, 27. 28. Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. Foldcrols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. Specta' tor Staff 26, 28. Girls' Baseball 26. Class Basketball 28. Art Club Treasurer 28. "Each morning was .-rome task beg-un, Each wrning sees its claire." GRACE IRENE DAVIDSON "Davie" Basketball 26. 27. 28. Clce Club 26. 27. Fnlclcrols 27. The Ncwsir: 25. Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. Spectator Board 28. Class Secretary 25. 26. Baseball 26. Red Cross Life Saving 25, 26. Girls' Athletic Association 27. Masque of Comus 27. "Life is but rn spun, she will enjoy every inch." CHARLES WILLIAM ELRICK "Chuck" Baskctball 26. Class Basketball 27, 28. Foot' ball 27. "A bold bad man."' EUGENE RICHARD FALENSKI llaayfl Basketball 28. "Speech is great, but silence is greater." ELLA PAIGE FANCHER "French" 6:01168 rful, respecting, self-allvancingf' puioiniqi1rioiiiii14ri:visri1sicticliirioicnioiniioioioiilixriiiiuicbd THE SPECTATOR , D014lioiuioiuioicmini:x141031iixziauianioinrioioziiioiixiaxifiifrjfvd CARRIE E. MARY FERRARO Spectator Board 28. "That art of smiling was full, simple and my." FREDERICK HARRY FERRIER "Fred" Class Basketball 27, 28. "He trurlged along unknowing what he sought, A-ml whistled as he 'went for lack of ihoughtf' ELSIE WYNONA FITZGERALD "'Nunic'J The Newsie 25. Glcc Club 27, 28. "The twinkle in thy eye denotes a merry mind." MABEL E. FRESHWATER "Jlabe" The Ncwsie 27. Glue Club 26. !'FGS'll01li,lI so slenderly, Young, and so faiir."J EDNA FRANCES GEORGE W'ashington Twp. High School. Glee Club 25. "We coiuldifl llo without her Bul we would not like another like her." RUTHE CORRINE GEORGE rr gn The Ncwsic 25. Class Basketball 25, 26, 27, 28. Class Swimming Team 26, 27. Athletic Association 26, 27. Girls' Baseball 26. Science Club 28. Art Club 28. Carrie Comes so College 18. Spectator Board 26, 27, 28. Glee Club 27, 28. "Pm not a flirt, Fm just goorl-Izaturvrlf' GEORGE HOMER GOODSELL "G'ooflie" The Ncwsie 25. Hi-Newscnrc 28. Spectator Board 28. Poetry Club ZS. "A 'very fllg1llf1'l'Il gvntlenmnf' WILLIAM GRIMES GOURLEY W NG-Ou The Newsie Zi. Masque of Comus 27. Folderols of 27. Poetry Club 28. Science Club 28. Spectator Staff 28. Editor, Hi-Newscuc 28. "A ladies' -man he sacks to lm!" poi:si010112201011ri:vioiniclilrilxioiruioiuioiitii T H E S P E C T A T O R ncrxqnxcvicriuriiriiuiiicrzcniariaszivzmwzmuii 1030 DAVID SAMUEL GREEN, JR. rc-Dave!! President Science Club 28, Spectator Board 28. "Had I been present at the creation, I could have given some useful hi-nts for the bettering of the order of things." HOWARD R. HALL "Cotton" Tumbling 27. "His 'ways are ways of pleasanf-ness Anil all his pafhx are peace." HAROLD DALE HAWK "Hawkie" Football 25, 26, 27. Athletic Association 25. The Ncwsic 25. Class Basketball 26, -27. Spectator Board 28. ' 'IA-nd let him be sure to lea-ue other men their turns to speak." RUBIE ESTELLE HENDRIE The Newsic 25. Glce Club 27, ZS. .Folderols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. "I have immortal longings in me!" TORRANCE EDWIN HETRICK ffEd7, Class Basketball 28. "He's a jolly little man lViIling to do all that he ran." MAE MAHALA HOFFMAN "rlI!1Zlt4," Glcc Club 26, 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. "'Tis a pleasure to know someone so naturally good naturedf' MILDRED LEALA HUNTER "JIM" "A quiet little girl that ezierybody likes." WILLIAM RICHARD JOHNSTON "D'i0k"' Apollo High 25, 27. Vandcrgrilt 27, ZS. Foot' ball 27. Carrie comes to College 28. "One cannot always be a l1ero.", But one can always be a man." 5901113011iiuiavia1102:310112303031xiiitsrinioioioiu5010101010101 THE SPECTATOR 011021131rinioiuioiuzivicrinioicriuzoizuioinicvioiuuioifxc I -oioiucl THOMAS HANKEY JONES "Tommy" Lecchburg High School. Football 27, 26. The Newsie 25. German Club 27. French Club 26. Class Basketball 25. 26. Vandergrift High School. Foot- ball 27. "The 10orld'x -no better if we 'wo-rry, Life'.s' no longer if we hurry." FREDA MARGUERITE KENNEDY Glce Club 27, 28. Choral Club 26. Foldcmls nt' 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. Class Basketball 28. "A maiden 'lmver bold of spirit .-Ind wmbly quiet." ZENEIDA M. KEMEZA "Nh: ie" Spectator Board 28. Glen: Club 28. Poetry Club 28. Hi'Newsctte 23. Carrie Comes to College 28. Girls' Baseball 26. Girls' Life Saving 25, 26. 27. Girls' Athletic Association 25. Class Swimming Team 27. "As merry as the day is long." ESTHER ALICE KIEHL "Eddie" "A winning way, a pleasant smile." VERA AMELIA KISSEL "Pompey" Spectator Board 28. "A deed willmut a namef' PAULINE ELINOR KLINGENSMITH "PorIdie" Glcc Club 25, 26, 27, 28. Choral Club 26. The Newsic Zi. The Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. Foldcrols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. Athlc' tic Association 25. Spectator Board 26, 27. Hi- Newscttc.Board 26, 27. Poetry Club 28. Art Club 28. Masque of Comus 27. "A daughter of the Gods- .llost divinely tall. MYRTLE LUCRETIA LESLEY Washington Twp. High School. Glcc Club 26. "She labored lmrd V And seemed content with life, No matter how it wentf, ESTHER MARIE LONG "Lougie" The Newsie 25. Glee Club 27, 28. Folderols of 27. Carrie Carnes to College 28. "IV-ith blue eyes and yellow hair She is 'very fair." X poiurioininioini 1Linz:114riatinxicxiiriiriixiiriftiitiaxii iioiuiuiuiuq THE SPECTATOR Dsxiilioiuioioinioiiri11011i1011lil11011lioiqiioioiiniotoiuioiod RUTH MILDRED LYNCH The Newsie 25. Glee Club 26, 27. Girls' Athletic Association 27. Class Basketball 26, 27, 28. Girls' Baseball 26. Folderols of 27. " yTis youd to be merry and wise." ALFRED ANTHONY MAGLOCCI "JIitZie" Football 17. Class Basketball 27. The Newsie 25. "IIe'Il find a way." MARGARET IRENE MARSHALL "Rea-nie" "She is CL miarture of si-ntplieity and kind- ness." GLENNA ELIZABETH MARTIN r'G'l'01ld6l,J Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. Glee Club 26, 27, 28. Foldcrols of 27. Cheer Leader 28. Carrie Comes to College 28. "If 'worry were the only cause of death, Then sho :eould live forever." WILDA CLAIRE MARTIN "Chic" Class Basketball 24. Carrie Comes to College 28. Glec Club 18. "Very blithe mul debonnir "With blue eyes and curley hair." LOTTA JENELLE MATTHEWS ffliall The Newsie 25. Glcc Club 26, 27, 28. Girls' Athletic Association 27. Foldcrols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. Hi-Newsette 28. Girls' Base' ball 26. Class Basketball 25, 27, 28. "W'hen duty and joy clash Let duty-'go smash'." HARRY E. MILES "A man of deeds, not words we find, 1 .. I I. 11a-if not many of hs land" LEONARD JAMES MOFFATT ' f'The wisdom of many, the wit of onef' P1biumini:lioinioioinioiz111rin13014r3ll1oicxi0i4x1oi01u1oi1r1o1clQ T H E S P E C T A T O R D1aioiv1o1o1oi014x1oi4mixicnicritvlvitviviariaxicricszxiqrirriuiiard I CLEDA GRACE MOHNEY rrTIud1: Spectator Board 28. Girls' Baseball 26. Girls' Life Saving 26, 27. Class Basketball 25, 26, 27, 28. Class Swimming Team 27. Poetry Club Secretary 28. Clee Club 26, 27. Booster Club 25. The Newsic 25. Girls' Athletic Association 27. Athletic Association 27. Foldcrols of 27. "Eyes of most 'unholy blue." MARIE ELIZABETH MOHNEY "A talkative yo-uug girl that has a clever line." ALFARETTA MELICENT MYERS :fri 'fn Vice President 27. Crimson Eyebrows 26. Fol' derols of 1927. Spectator Board 28. Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. Glee Club 27, 26, 27, 28. Poctrv Club 28. Choral Club 26. Class Basketball 25. Athletic Association 25. - "Learn a little Think a liffle Live fl' little-ami how!" DOROTHY LUCILLE MYERS Glee Club 26, 27, 28. Choral Club 26. Hi'News' ettc Stall: 28. Folderols 27. Love Pirates of Hawaii 26. The Crimson Eycbrows 26. Carrie Comes to College 28. The Ncwsie 27. Poetry Club 28. Orchestra 28. "Dig-nity is llm szvcetness of -wonmnhoodf' DOINE LeROY McCAUSLAND rrnlacly "He 'is so good H e 'would pour Rose-'water on a mail!" LELA GERTRUDE McCAUSLAND "Steve" Glec Club 27, 28. Foldcrols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. Class Basketball 27, 28. "Her 'voive is ever soft, Gentle and low-an. emcellent thing in a 1E'07llflll.v LOUISE E. McCLELLAND Thc Newsie 25. Glec Club 27, 28. Folderols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. "A calm quiet girl in lifefx busy 'wlzirlf' MEREDITH JEAN McCOMB "Dinan "Of those onre long c-urls, lVe think with sighs and mozmsf' To smile, painislioicrinrioiiriuioiuioioiciioiilivinrqsoiuinioiurinioinioq THE SPECTATGR Quzoioinxioiuiuioiiuioioinioicxioisriuioii-io1uC:ui41ioi1r1n2:x4I GRACE EVELYN McLEAN "She -works with a will and plays with a Both alike are worth the while." MARY ELIZABETH MCMAHON f1'Libl1 Thc New-sic 25. Glee Club Z7, 28. Choral Club 26. Foldcrols of 27. Carrie Comes to College 28. "Shel: not as shy as sho looks." CHARLES HARRY ORR no H2 Ou Football 27. Basketball 27, 28. The N-:wsic 'lv Class Basketball 27. Class Baseball 27. ".-1 nfl to think it 'would rome to this!" MERLE ELMER PAINTER ' rrDocJJ The Ncwsic 25. Spectator Board 28. "Thou wilt scarce bo a man before thy mother." BEATRICE AVENELLE PATTERSON unpatv Punxsutawncy High School. Glcc Club 26. Thc Maid of the Bamboo Screen 27. Red Cross Society 25, 26, 27. Latin Club 25. Vandergrifc High School. Glcc Club 28. Carrie Comes to Collcgc 28. Choral Club 28. "She is small, but what a. -world t'za'o4uld bo If the big ones did as much as she." RICHARD ARMSTRONG PENN INGTON r:Dicks1 The Ncwsic 25. Hi-Ncwscttc 27. Spectator Board 27. Football 26, 27. Class Basketball 28. "I pray for no mem but myself." FLORENCE MAE QUIN N uQ'llflI11ly!, The Newsic 25. Athletic Association 25. Foldcrols of 27. Art Club 28. "A smooth and steadfast mind Gentle thoughts and calm desiref' ELMO R. REARICK ffnfoeff y i "When the wall is dry they know the worth of water." poi1'initiiuinii1101111011101011iicriusioioioioioioifixoicxieriaiq THE SPECTATOR V D1i341011sirviz1014viisic139101::imaiuinnioinioininioillioiioioiod HOMER CLARE REESE Class Basketball 27. "It is not wise to be -wiser than neces- sary." ELSIE MAE REICHENBAUGH "Reicliie" HifNewscttc 28. Basketball 27. Class Basket' ball 25. "She moves like u goddess, And she looks like a queen. HARRY CAULFIELD ROWE "Honie,' "I um the muster of 'mg foto I um llm captain of my so-ul." RUTH MAE RUPERT "Soup" The Newsie 29. The Crimson Eycbrows 26. Foldcrols 27. Choral Club 26. Glce Club, 25. 23. Spectator Board 28. Just Like the Movies 27. Chccr Leader 28. Class Basketball 28. Carric Comes to College 28. 'fSlze could lm wilful and cruel Laughing or forgiving Shy or impudcnt in a b1'eoili." ANNA MELBA SCOTT "Bubbles" Class Swimming Team 26, 27. Class Basketball 25, 26, 27, 28. Secretary Athletic Association 26. Sncc' tator Board 28. Science Club 28. Art Club 28. The Newsic 25. Girls' Baseball 26. Athletic Associa' tion 25. "To k-now how fo lrido one's ability is great skill." CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS SCUILLO frcoloxy Class Basketball 27, ZS. The Newsie 25. Spectator Board 28. Class Basketball 27. 'NTL-r fm' better to know and 'noi talk, Than to talk and not know." WILLIAM JOHN SHOOP "Shoopg" Class Basketball 22. "Not lo:y but just rlou'l feel like working." l MURRAY EDWARD STEWART ' "Coon" , Class Basketball 28. Class Trcasurcr 27. "Tlmre,s a good time coming, Boys-Tlmreis a good time coming." 1 Di:itfiniiriot:mic13014IZoioiar1011xiixii1141101:r1inin1iiio14s1u1oinQ THE SPECTATOR Doiclioiniuioioiuioifnioioinioioiirioxuioioiivioiiuioiciioiucl MYRTLE ELOISE STITT ' "Surry" junior Swimming Team 27. Class Basketball 28 Arr Club 28. "Sl1e's good anfl always quiet, Never talks nor makes a riot." ROBERT JULIUS STOKER "Swirls" ' Football 27. Class Baseball 27. Class Basketball 27. 28. "He that sleeps fills not the pain. of study." CLARA CATHRYN SUMAN "I flon't say much, I jwst sl-udy my les- somrf' EDNA DOROTHY WAGLE ' Glcc Club 26, 27. Fnldcrols of 27. "Calm uml modest she winfls liar way." JULIA ELIZABETH WAGNER ffJ6wJI The Ncwsic 27. Athletic Association 26. Choral. Club 26. Orchestra 25, 26, 27. Basketball 26, 27. 28. Manager Girls' Basketball Team 28. Foldcrnls of 27. Carrie Comes to College ZS. Glec Club 26, 27. 28. Art Club 28. Spectator Staff 28, Swimming Insrrucror 26. junior Swimming Team 27. Captain Swimming Team Z7. Baseball 27. "One tongue Ls' S'llfl6l01lf for a woman., but not for me." MILDRED W. WARNER rrnlidu Glcc Club 26. Love Pirates of Habaii 26. Girls' Baseball 26. "We lifme but one life to live so why rush th-rough it." MEREDITH JANE WELSH "B u mlm" Poetry Club 28. Art Club 28. The Newsic 25. Glcc Club 28. Spectator Board 28. Carrie Comes to College 28, Choral Club 26. Masque of Comus 27. "Is alle not passing fair?" MARY JANE WHITACRE "A b ern "Slm's fi poppy, pretty little gifl, Who lives Qmrpot-ually in a whirl." poi'lainiesicxinioioi01011:1011fini:xiuioiuicvioimrinioioiluixxq THE SPECTATOR , noin1021:ioieu1oicx1u2o1cx1o:1r11siari4uiavi011 iaxioioicxioioiuiol MILDRED IRENE WILCOX "Min" " 'Tis by 'uivacify and wit That she shines in company." JAMES P. WILSON rfJilm1J ' file thought I heard a voice cry- 'Sleep no more'!" x i p411010111303014licrifxxnsioioioioixxixxioioioi 1101 11 vioioioioc THE SPECTATOR 10101030101 1011ixximviriaicwinriasirimriicnici 1110: 1:10101 beniur lass Jlaistnrp WW In the year -of 1924, September 6, a besieging army was sighted from the battlements of V. H. S. A On account of the distance, the insignia was indiscernible on the floating standard of the invaders. Suddenly a cry rang from the keep, L'The Freshmen! To Arms!" In a minute's notice, the peaceful castle was transformed into a more war' like mien. The Senior Guard was plainly seen, as they awaited the first onslaught of the invaders. The Freshmen charged. In perfect formation they stormed the walls. I may as well conclude my tale, as surely this memorable siege is known to every one, the day the warriors of Green entered the great castle. The first year of "Occupation" was very interesting, as we Freshies paraded through the halls astounded by the paintings in the main hall, and awe-stricken at the sight of the much talked of Prof. Kurtz., who seemed always wrapped up in his authority and majesty. The gym and the auditorium were wonders to us, as we were among the first to use it in weekly training. Finally, after we had become adapted to our quarters, we emerged from our lowly stage and entered into a new realm. We were Sophomoresg the curse of Freshmen! This year continued our earnest struggle for Juniorshipg and having good times mixed with these tasks, we weathered the story of the first semester, losing only a few hands. We were given the privilege to organize and elect the following officers, which we were deprived of doing as Freshmen: President f f - JOHN ADAMS Secretary f GRACE DAVIDSON Treasurer f f MARCH BLAIR In the spring of '26, the Sophomores were in the scope of the social activities. The occasion of our class party was a huge success, not only for the time being, but in the kindling of new acquaintances, which served to aid our unity. - nnxozuqn is 1 xi:xiixiirizxiozniuinixvioiznioieni rio: 101014 111301 THE SPECTATOR lilillillflli ll Q DQOQIIQ!!Dlli0iUilll0QllMbQlli0Q4 Q IQ Qliiibl IMKPQ4 1 At last, through the midst of our second year's struggle we were raised to a higher steppingfstone, becoming fullfpledged Juniors. We organized our class and elected the following officers: President f f f JOHN ADAMS Vice'President f f ALFARETTA MYERS Secretary f f DOROTHY BRAYSHAW Treasurer fffff MURRAY STEWART During this year, the Juniors figured in the operettas given by the Seniors, our assistance being recognized and appreciated. These presentations were, "The Crimson Eyebrowsu and "The Love Pirates of Hawaii". Again the spring activities arrived. Ah! the spice of our school routine! We entertained the Seniors in the Gym, which was cleverly decorated by the com' mittee, and, provided with refreshments and good music, meeting the approval of our guests, the success of the evening was guaranteed. The Seniors returned this courtesy and gave a party in honor of the Juniors, who enjoyed the evening's pleasantries. ' The drama continued, the curtain closed upon our Junior Year, and the Dawn of our Seniorship was begun. l On September 6, we sallied forth and held room 29 for our -last quarters in V. H. S. L Having outgrown our dignity of Seniorship, we settled down, laboring to retrieve graduation honors even as our worthy predecessors. Finally our class was organized and the following oificers elected: President f f f LAWRENCE WEAMER Vice'President f f LARRY BOWMAN Secretary f f ELIZABETH NEAL Treasurer f f JANE MCCLURE We then had a number of meetings which were necessary for choosing our rings, pins, and invitations. We also elected Miss McDowell as coach for our class play. Our class flowers are Lilies of the Valley and Red Carnations, which represent our class colors. Our class motto is "Carpe Diem", the English trans' lation being, "Make the best of your opportunities". Now the slowfwinding procession of the Class of '28 bravely marches from the hills of V. H. S. into the world of careers. -Jack Kahl, Jr. '28. THE SPECTATOR 1 ititIlibllIlllitllllilillllllllliixrllIQ Q1 illllnre rout Than netrp -996' 'You are familiar sights, Dear school, dear rooms, clear hall. We see you every clay- Scarce think of you at all. Dear books and doors and walls, Dear desks and blackboards, toog How often have we scrawlecl And carven our names on you. We laugh about you., school, And say ufelre glad to gog But unclerneath our laughing- We hate to leave you so! Martha Richard, 31rimn1u1n1niu1u1xu1o:n1010141102: 14 '2 1101: Qoxnic 1014:icviexiexxozuzoiozuxoiuzoxoi nioiojoxnic THE SPECTATOR " xzo1o2o:n: viuznzozugoin:3u1o34n1n14niz:1o:4n14u1o11s1o1o1o14 Q jfreshinfs Elhea of Grahuatinn few I am only a Freshie. With that enlightening statement, I humbly proceed to give my views on Graduation. If there's any' thing I shrink away from, or can't bear the thought of, it's Grad' uation. Why, it. seems the end of everything! just think, no more notes in studyhall, no more quadratic trinomial equations, and no more Latin conjugations! just nothing. Of course, you may go on to college but you will know hardly anyone there. After having the same teacher for four years, he will still address you as, "What's the name please?" But in highfschool, the teachers may call you by your nickname and even confidentially tell you last night's bridge score. And you may stay at home, or perhaps go to work, but did you ever notice that wistful look in an Old Grad's eye as he notices the carefree students? Give me anything, feven a Science testj but keep Grad' uation away! In fact, I may even decide to flunk! 1 Sincerely, Nancy Lazier, '31. !! Q2 52 Q gs gs QQ QQ 5:5 ami 225 Q53 !- QE! ll V! Q! QQ QQ Qs as Qs Qi 2. Nx x 0, Euninra !55Nlxx1Sx xx! 'N-.nv hmm' f fix 'Tim 'N I f K. Il :xx N' x x . - ' ' ' ' X if MQ' f 4., """K'c'. xv fflx ku Duiui rim ini bla 10101 Duioioioiuioia 1014 oioillioioicrioioioimrioznli 11010201011 THE SPECTATOR 101011xioinrioiuiilioioicriui 101 17010101 Adams, Gertrude Allison, Thomas Anderson, Frances Atkinson, Louise Atkinson, William Balsci, Anna Beatty, Lawave Beck, Mabel Beck, Vivian Q Begolly, Walter Beighley, Florence Bittner, Harry Brayshaw, Billy Bradstock, Mildred Breiter, John Brown, Bernard Buhite, Paul IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS -936, JUNIOR CLASS ROLL . Campbell, Byron Cannon, Anna Carothers, Martha Conn, Dweneth Conner, Bella Crossan, James Cunningham, Donald Demichele, Nicholas Detar, Donald De Villing, Frank Donaldson, Nellie Doutt, Homer Doutt, Rebecca Elwood, James Ferguson, Carl Fritz, Mildred Gailus, Margaret Gallovich, Joseph Gagen, John George, Malcolm Gibson, Lillian Goodsell, Laura Mae Grimm, Nancy jane Haney, Dorothy Holloway, Charles Hone, Herman jelenewski, Vitolcla Jones, Lowell Kaleda, Daniel Kardos, Mary Kaste, Viola Kennedy, Thelma King, Harriette Kreidler, Kenneth m"""" " """"' ' I UMM D T H E S P E' C T A T 0 R 10Q0i0l4 l Pill iQ PQOQOQOQOQOQlli0QOQOQOQOQI Q1 MIIMOQCFQ Krump, Herman Larson, Eleanor Lawson, Helen Lear, Zilla Lombardi, Mary Love, Theodore Luther, Wilovene Magaro, Chester Manganello, Joseph Martin, Nellie Mastrangelo, Samuel Mayer, Anna Mohney, William McClaren, Louise McKnown, Helen Neal, Catherine Orr, Kenneth Patton, Murray I JUNIOR CLASS Q96 JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Phillips, Zoella Pizanowski, Stanley Pounds, Elizabeth Prescott, Lee Radcliffe, Wayne Reed, William Reese, Hester Reese, Iris Richard, Martha Riggle, Eugene Robbins, Betty Roush, Frances Shaw, Catherine Shepler, Harold Shirley, Frank Sierakowski, Chester Silvis, Leon Simpson, Pauline Smeltzer, Paul Smelter, Ruth Sowers, Edythe Stitt, Claire Stoops, Olive Troiano, Ugo Troiano, Guido Troup, Arthur Turner, Helen Turner, Ruth Walker, Irma Walton, Jean Weimer, Ralph Whitehouse, Betty Wiant, Ira Williams, Selma Younkins, George Young, Susan 10101 901010: 1 14lioioinioinioioxnnioininiuinicxinioif 1 101010: THE SPECTATOR bniuiuiuinien1011x11vierinrioiuiczioicvicrialioioiiric 1010103 sic 1 Qlbe 3Iuninrs:::iBast ani: Present s In the fall of 1925 a class of -183 Freshmen were initiated into the work and ways of V. H. S. In May, as Freshmen, we elected Byron Campbell, President of our class, Donald Cunningham, VicefPresidentg Howard Bodwell, Treasurer, and Selma Willianis, Social Secretary. During the year Byron Campbell had one of the leading parts in the play, "The Crimson Eyebrowsf' Louise MacClaren, Malcolm George, Carl Ferguson, Murray Patton, and Homer Doutt belonged to the High School Orchestra. Theodore Love, Malcolm George, Carl Ferguson, Murray Patton, and Homer Doutt were in the High School Band. i The Freshman party was held in June. As part of the program, Vivian Beck played a piano solo and Naomi Branthoover gave a reading. 1926-1927 There were 164 Sophomores in 1926, and the following class officers were elected: Kenneth Kriedler, President, Lee Prescott, VicefPresidentg Frances Roush, Treasurer, and Martha Richard, Secretary. Many members of the Sophomore class were in the Orchestra and Band. Also, several were in the play, "Folderols". Naomi Branthoover had one of the leading parts. As skilled Bookkeepers, Selma Williams and Mildred Fritz entered a Com' mercial Contest in Greensburg. The Sophomore class party fcombined with that of the Freshmen, was held in June. During the summer of 1927 the members of the class were saddened by the death of Ruth Hawk, who was one of the most liked and most promising members of the class. poinioioioi riot:11011rxnioin1oio1nu1n1uvio101 2010101010301 THE SPECTATOR D014nisxii11111411rinioiuioieuiniczinioifxianininioioioiocl -0101041 1927-1928 This year there were 133 juniors. The class officers were elected: Malcolm George, Presidentg Charles Holloway, VicefPresidentg Mabel Beck, Treasurer, Chester Magaro, Secretaryg and Martha Richard, Historian. The Junior class was well represented in all the clubs, and in the Football and Basketball teams. Walter Begolly, Kenneth Kriedler, Captain, and Guido Triano starred on the Football field, in Basketball Ira Wiant and john Gagen represented the Juniors well. Vv'alter Begolly was elected Football Captain for 1928. Betty Whitehouse was a prominent player on the Girl's Basketball Team. William Mohney and Byron Campbell were Cheerleaders. There are several members of the Junior Class on the Spectator Board and the HifNewsette Staff. Some of the Junior girls who excell in swimming are Edna Lynch, Wilovene Luther, Anna Cannon, and Betty Whitehouse, each of whom has earned the junior Red Cross LifefSaving Emblem. Arthur Troup, another junior, is an excellent diver, and Lee Prescott earned much praise in the 1926-1927 Tumbling class. In the play, k'Carrie Comes to College," the junior Class was well represented: Frank Shirley, Charles Holloway, and Byron Campbell played leading partsg there were also many juniors in each of the choruses. The Junior Class is proud of joseph Gallovich, a talented amateur in the realm of drawing and painting. --Martha Richard, Historian. 1 1010101 10:1I11sicii111014nioioiuicxinioiulioif 2 T H E S P E C 'I' A T O R 30101 sia2o1o1n1oi4uioiuiuioioi 11:11:24 1 14 Zluniurs We are funiors, bright and saucy, QWheri the teachers donlt get bossyj. And we"ve really been advancing, year by year. O! these studies, so depressing, fFor they often keep us guessingj. But at last we'll soon be Seniors, never fear. Our teachers get this dedication fAnd with it goes our siipplicationl Let's have easier studies in the time to come. But we'll do our best as Seniors, fAnd no one will say welre "leaners"j For as graduates, we surely can't be dumb. Byron Campbell, '29 poiniuimrinioininingnn1n1oirl1o1u:1u1o1n:Quinrioiuioiniuioiexq I, THE SPECTATOR 10llbl0llliillDill1lli0illi010Q1llQllrliilllilllllllli1ll0l0l0il!i0l0Q Snphumnrrn 1130101 rioi ioilrioixiizwierioioioglvioixrioim 1 10101014 201: THE SPECTATOR W--.--.--.--,....-...-...--....,-..-.-----.-m Wilmer Aikins Audra Alcorn jane Allison Frank Ambroso Eleanor Anderson Merle Anderson Seldon Bailey Peter Bartos Francis Bartino Eunice Bauer Paul Beech Jessie Bell Louise Beighley Joe Blair Florence Blair Catherine Blose Ruth Blose Ruth Boyer Harold Bush Jane Byrne Stacea Caponas Kathryn Carnahan Dora Ceraso Willis Clauser Frank Colaianni Genevieve Coleman Esther Coleman Edythe Cost Irene Craft Arthur Cross Ira Cross Julia Culp Maxine Cuthbert Mary Cummins Marconi Delia Melvin Deshler Edwin Dickey Patsy Di Sabato Glen Donaldson Sabastien Donghia Melvin Doutt Velma Earhart Mary Elswick Irene Elwood Harry Ferguson Louis Ferraro Harold Ferrier Gail Fiscus Meredith Fitzsimmons Margaret Floyd Charles Frank Dale Fritz SOPHOMORE ROLL Arthur Fryar Pat Gagen Elizabeth Gumbert Claude George Reed George Grace Gerner La Rue Graden Virginia Gradwell Maxiiie Gourley Paul Green Frank Gurecka Louise Haag Dorothy Hamilton Dorothy Haney Arthur Harris Ronald Hepler Clarence Hesketh Mabel Hildebrand Miriam Humes Marian Isaacs Mary Intrieri Harriette jasper Isabel Jesser Helen Kardos Charlotte Kelly Lester Kennedy Herman King Merle Kipp Josephine Krstich Charles Knepshield Robert Law David Lawson Mabel Laughner Franklin Lear Romayne Leonard Charles Leslie Alice Lickenfeldt Irene Loring Yeurith Lucas Laura Lukehart Earl McCausland George McClelland George McGaughey Robert McClelland Hilda McElhaney Ira McKinney Fred McLaughlin Ina Matson William Means Charles Miles Joseph Mitchell Harry Mullineaux La Rue Myers Ralph Myers Mary Ann Nabors Kenneth Orr Harry Ortz Florence Owens James Paul Wynona Rearick Leroy Richard Lenore Riggle Floyd Risher Verona Romito Muriel Royer Helen Rukas Casmer Rulis Francis Sears Milford Schrecengost Georgia Scott Mildred Scott Olga Scott Catherine Shaffer Clyde Shaffer Ethel Shellhammer Opal Shellhammer Howard Shepler Harriet Shields Harvard Sigworth Tony Silvester Nellie Smail George Smeltzer Dorothy Smith Virginia Smolukas Sterl Snider Lucretia Snyder Ruth Steele Gordon Stewart Hugh Stewart Clarence Stitt Grace Stoops Clarence Taylor Harry Thomas Donald Tomlinson Madge Townsend Karl Truby Dominick Verano Merle Wadding Velma Walters Ronald Williani Bessie Willard Clarence Wilson Helen Yaley Laird Young poi ii sin:nioininioiiiioioixrifrimlifrioiirioi xioillioioioioiod THE SPECTATOR D014nicfini:lining:n14r1o1oi4x101o1ui4x14x10i4xi011 inioioioioiod SOPHOMORE CLASS 4553345 SOPHOMORE HISTORY Last year, our present Sophomores were an exceptionally active class of Freshmen. However, it is no less active this year, having quite a number on both the varsity basketball teams and on the football team. Besides this, we have members in most of the other organizations of the school. During last year, we had no officers. This year, the following were elected: President ffffff LAIRD YOUNG VicefPresident f f DAVID LAWSON Secretary ' f GRACE STOOPS Treasurer f-fff FRANKLIN LEAR Perhaps it is interesting to know, too, that practically the same group of girls who won the cup last year, won the cup oifered to the winner of the inter' class basketball tournament after beating the Senior girls in the finals. The boys lasted until but not through the finals. We are not without some talented people either, having been entertained several times in chapel by them, much to the delight of all present. In addition to this, we have also a few individuals.who ornament the halls and outfoffthefway nooks daily. We Sophornores have not been in V. H. S. for very long, and I hope none of us have to stay too long. -Isabel lesser, '30. viuioif 20101111911 jnioitrioininiui 1011 LQ THE SPECTATOR if inioiuioioini iniuininiuiui 10:1 101 Ghz Qlllass limp +2-We Whiz! A piece of chalk thrown- The class looks up- His face seems innocent and placicl Except for a twinkle in his eyes Whiclz only the watchful may see. Martha Richard, ' 29 Pcmiui1uifwifQ1r11rrio1nic:ic1242:1xiuiuiuinioxnioiul1010101010306 THE SPECTATOR lilYlhihihitl1lYQU10QlPi01HQ4lllQ4lQOQllQOQOillQ0illi010T4llUl0Q ilfrvnhmvn D01 1 vial ri 101014I1nitbil11014iiuvivinvioinrioioiusiuioicxiebifxd THE SPECTATOR ' Q 101010301 ui:rimuioixnioioiclioicricriirioioicnioia ioioioioind 'FRESHMEN CLASS ffi THE FRESHMAN CLASS This year there were two hundred and twentyfiive Freshmen. One hundred and twentyfeight of these were from Lincoln, eightyfnine were in the Building and eight came from the Catholic School. This has been a very interesting year to us. Some are taking a Classical course, some Technical, some a Commercial and some a General. Which ever it is we are putting all our pep into it. We have had so many different formulas and equations in Algebra I, we are almost ready for Algebra III. But they say we have to take Algebra. II Brst. We have completed a number of books in English. In Ancient History and Science we all have our own ideas, so we can get over the tests all right. Our Foreign Language books are nearly past use, we have studied them so hard. In basketball the boys' and girls' teams put up a stiff iight and lost, but wait for next year's game. The boys elected Albert Willard and the girls Grace Pounds for captains. -La Rue Cline, '31. 0030414 1 vi vi boi: ix ini 11031 William Adams Mary Anderson Andrew Baily Ruth Baird Carmella Bennardo Guy Bennardo Thomas Byers Jovina Butch Howard Callen Francis Ceraso Edward Clark Martha Claypoole La Rue Cline Thomas Cosgrove Kenneth Crawford Dorothy Crusan Elizabeth Donghia Carl Doutt Alice Durandetta Ellsworth George Arthur Wiant Gerald Wilson Harry George Lourene Graden Glesson Gibson George Hines, Jr. Hazel Irwin Henry Jeleniewski Anna Kepple Laverne Matson Ruth Newell Virginia Perrine Maxine Ramsey Hazel Richard Vivian Scott Earl Shaffer Thomas Stuchell Mildred Truby lQ4lQOQ0lDl0Qlli0i0iI THE SPECTATOR mini: 10111101010 ici:uinininioiur1o1nio1n1n:4 it 201 ui: 1 x14 FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL QW George Turney John Uncapher Earl Wagle Albert Willard James Arrington Geraldine Balsiger Frank Benes Frances Bertino Clifford Hasketh Helene Pluciennik Agnes Rearic Larue Sloan Agnes Willialnsoll Bettie Beck Marjorie Bush Arthur Butch Adalgisa Ceraso Walter Cuthbert Glenna Daugherty Louise Drake William Espy La Rue George Gistie Gienopie Billy Haynes Glen Kearney Mary Lenicrek Alfred Macino Helen Matusiak june McClelland Esther McComb Viola Miller Elizabeth Papp Grace Pounds Clarence Risher Helen Robison Rose Ross Edward Allen Ethelyn Beck Stephen Bolcar Helen Davis Steve Jastrzembski Michael Kirklcwski Henry Miller Frank Pisarcik Louise' Pugliese Margaret Ritchey Stewart Rowe Marie Rulis Evelyn Rupert Edna Shaffer Fred Shaffer, Jr. Dorothy Shannon Mary Snyder Myrl Sowers Ivlarie Stewart Lairde Vv'adding Eugene Walker Fern Weir Sonia Wersbaud Clarence Wigle Dorothy Young Dorothy Zozula Clifford Blair La Rue Boarts Cathryn Boehmer Frank Bortz Freda Boyd Evelyn Claypool John Cobb Marguerite Cook Ethel Courson Arthur Cross Earl Davis Elizabeth Deluk Irvin Dentzel Paul Hill THE SPECTATOR znxcvxoiuie11nioioiuzan:u:o11n2o1n1o1en1n14r:ns1o1n1fvi1r1o11 Dorothy Hoofring Richard Haszubski Joe Kocis Teresa Magaro Paul Magness Richard Mango Helen Marks Ruth Miller Tony Miller Ira Moore Vira Moore Steve Musola Margaret Paytash Joseph Pratkanis Mary Sack Paul Schaffer Ilone Scott Lucille Shaw Elsie Shellhammer Florence Shellhammer Mildred Shellhammer Helen Simolanski Nellie Smail Bertha Snyder Victor Sposito john Stedrak Mary Stir: Clyde Varner Charles Wehn Casimino Yakulis Howard Anderson Samuel Anderson Elizabeth Copeland Claire Davis Romayne Ebert Thelma Elder Grace Eshbaugh xiu1oi1u101o1o1o1lv1o111i4rix Ethel Ferguson James Gracy Edgar Grimm Ida Jane Grosse Helen Hinery Genevieve Hepler Harriet Hill Laura Hoffman Harriet Hulings Vernon Huston Carolyn Hutchison David Jones Dorothy Keirn Dorothy Kennedy Kenneth Kepple Nettie Lazier Albert Lynch Edward McDermott J. A. McGeary Martha Burnheimer Robert Milliron Samuel Moore Alice Morrow Adeline Perlett Mary Pugliese Reed Ramsey Thelma Smith Harold Snyder Mary Snyder Leroy Wensel Eleanor Wigle Ruth Wilcox Virginia Vllyman Roberta Alcorn Billy Bell jane Blair Mildred Blystone Lucy Bella Dominick Bella Nelle Bradstock Leona Brown Pauline Coles Irene Chrissifie Mary Chrissifie Harry Floyd Paul Grail' Robert Graff William Hall Rowland Jackson Pete Lemanna Donald Leslie Charles Lipanovich Don Lembardi Menas Caponas Mildred McCune Martha Mohoney Louise Miles Annie Nevember Lizzie Romire Adeline -Salassa Mary Shank john Tumas Ameil Aola Anna Zogas Nelle Long Willianm Adams john Begolly Kenneth Crawford Donald Fetterman Eugene Hoofring Samuel Hunger Merile Shilling Earl Shirey Howard Whitacre 110301 sioiuioi iu1o1o1n 101414:1:i1o1o1o14:1:r1n1o1u1 r:1u1 1:1 10101014 ' THE SPECTATOR Glhe Elnnucent jfresbie fWith apologies to Leigh Huntj An innocent Freshie fmay his tribe increaselj Awolqe one night from a deep dream of peace, And saw within the moonlight of his room, Making it rich and like a lily in bloom, An angel writing in a book of gold. A swelled head made the Freshie bold, And to the presence in the room he said, "Whatcha' writin'?" The vision raised it's head, And with a voice made to educate, Answered, S'The names of those who graduate." "An' is mine there?" said the Freshie. "Nay, not so," Replied the angel. The Freshie spoke more low, But cheerily still, and said, "Put me down for 'SI' then, As one who graduates with his fellowmenf' The angel wrote and vanished, the next night He came again with great wakening light, And showed the names of the 'Greenies' in '31' fwith zest And lo! The dumb Frosh's name led all the rest. Nancy Lazier, '31. 111101 in1n1o1u1n:o1u14x1za1o1u1011 1: 1:14 1014 Doinioiuioini01014bioinioiuioilliixioioioilrioillifrilvioiibioi THE SPECTATOR 202010301411011101010101010101011rioilritvitlitlicvilriiviuviibitrd - Tan, annum: lm HUT 2 Ora 0 O O "Rf 'MQW M ' ! ' 6 xl.. xfbq, om 4o'o ' QQ l 309 A1 "HQ O4 QQVO as-9 yv Q9 .1 if .0 V. ,9,' 'y J 035 'gp V I YI 05" f 060 ' ..... is - I 'Hz 6155 Z1 ' 4 yfjfl I X545-' W 1 ' 1 Mx fx? I Ixrf if LI!! If v 92- M -,ff 'Wi QM 1 0x4 ' 01 11 I it X .AX HIPIIIIHIY 6 I M515-T? F54 l 1 H I ,f ff 'X Q 'Tv::::a:resz'u:-:..L---'I'-"'-'T ,- , - ,vi - ' ,QL s-' ,.- Q-Q 54 7 f :'0 11T?:l:gZTE?l'K 'gi' as r 'I L I .7 f 4 '.' 33, a -pl""" K gf H xgxg 3 'Q 'In ' y 9:oQ? il Xing 'K 1 " '.,, .i s 1 WN Q vm - M wiv' Q, ,-,. A , . ' X 364.4 I e a xlhfigxxw 'f?i'.:a4r 'OOO Q l , A hkiliu X , 'Hr 1 xx x El JV 0' Q A' . ' . 'ia HI X N. A , -.e,, what 51 B-, - 4 . H . ft .Nga 4' ' ' ' 1 'v 1 . ' Tw- " -' fk ' 1 H H Q?'75 535I! -,- ,I Aff.. l 'I' ' l. ' ,l Vfffegx 1' v f , :W W ' L fit!!- lf I ' -4 I ' L I X . ,F . A ',.':.,I-A I W It 1. iyMf:E.. ' I f ..,.,,f5?., q - ',.v1.1,f , ' f' ug N. ical H f I' -:gr-,g2at'g. J .f1'V .ggi ' , WEA 1 I Q -Fil. , 36722:-f-??.,,2ifi4i4,1-T: 'X . w '4 , Win. l , . - f ,ff 'ff -iw Aa, 1 , - I-jlfqvw. i pf :Xxx if XA """ 1551 .fee ,V-3' frfgii l 'lf.-.- "En 5153.5 -I X ,i ' ' ss -C-5 . S x U 1 h- - uh. Arm ? - , -"'- get xg Q , :fir - 'Wg f: ' .X X If K fmx lr: fa, 'A QQ 4 K 'M Z1 K Ni X xx ' 4' iq, ,, Y - - i ...-f-- -23 Doinioi 1 :ia 1010101011: ,l,i, W, X J rg, .. s N 'Q We 'L J -f september I-1 - 4. ' Q Ba Hanover mg: si l , ill 1,11 'fzwtilg ., "' 'f 1F':3 N A IN .faq tl mn.:-. . 1 i Q if Oc"l'o ber' 9,7 November I3 B F flue 6- ks-.wee fp r I November- 2521 Q ai rf .1 Db , t l 5 D D 5 Z. Neve wiper 251- 201011 THE in 10:01-uxncnnzuzoznzcxznvxozoxoxoxnq S P E C 'I' A T O R - rio14114:1n,103nxmrinznnxexzoioxrniu-:nina SEPTEMBER 6-School starts. Back to prison! Some are 12 beginning their High School careerg not so many see the beginning of the end. -School commences in earnest. Friendships are renewed. Some new advances are made. 14-Freshmen are running around wildly asking '21 12 77 '29 9 13 li for Room 35. -Mr. Kurtz signing excuses regularly. OCTOBER --Moe Rearick begins calling on his girl friends. -Zeneida Kemeza and "Teddy Roosevelt" celef brate their birthday. ---Many students will not need falsefaces to celebrate Hallowe'en. NOVEMBER -Hi-Newsette decides to make a regular school paper. Miss McDowell tells us a Fairy Story in Chapel. Geraldine and Wyiiona Fitzgerald narrowly escape death in an automobile accident. -Bob Fulton wins the prize at Ruth Wilcox's card party. 18-The English IV classes give amusing and interesting literary programs. '22-The first issue of the Hi'Newsette appears. 23 --Pepflvieeting held for Thanksgiving and the Apollo game. Z4--Turkey Day! Everyone stuffs with turkey and cranberries. Vandergrift loses to her rival, Apollo, for the first time in six years. 29-Poetry Club, consisting of Seniors, organizes. DECEMBER 2- --Murray Stewart and Arthur Troup sell their 5- 6.. 7... "town limousine". Doine McCausland visits his girl friend. Byron Campbell looks like an escaped "cave man" with trailing beard. -Orchestra practice is held in the evening. puioioioioii 3 bioioiniuioiixioiniuioiuiozuv1oio3n14x1oio1oq THE SPECTATOR IOQI QQPQK Q1 QOQlll0i0i0l0TllQ01ll10l0i0 Girls' Life Saving class has its work-out in evening. -The Fifth Period English IV class holds an exchange for their Christmas literary meeting. The howls of the Girls' Glee Club are echoing through the halls. -Walt Begolly is elected Football cpatain for 1928. Basketball season opens by the team's playing East Huntingdon. -Christmas vacation starts. -Santa visits Dale Hawk and presents him with a new set of brains. JANUARY -The birth of another year. -Poetry Club meets at the home of Dorothy Myers. -Georgia Scott entertains the members of the Little Ladies' Literary ,Club. Ford City plays both girls and boys in Basket' ball. -Science Club organizes. All boys present, but girls are welcome to join. -A number of students attend a party given by Peck Waugamen, '27. -Orchestra plays for the Steel Workers' Relief. -Kittanning Basketball girls defeat the Van' dergrift girls, 33-10. -The usual Poetry Club meeting at the home of Pauline Klingensmith. -A salesmanship talk is presented in Chapel by Eleanor Culp and Freda Bell. -Merle Anderson has been ill for three weeks from blood poisoning. -Leechburg defeats Vandergrift, 19-18. -Ruth Rupert and Edgar Brinker attend the Casino. -First day of Mid-Year examination week. -Billy Willis and Albert Shriver call on Mary Cummins and Lucretia Snyder in the evening. Vandergrift is defeated in Basketball by Apollo. 101: iniuinioinioic ind A- iiffzh I 1 Qec em be rb l :ll T i , E , 1 N" xy: ' l wwf lixsl' :lip 1 - f' as 'J as if " ' 0 f"l.uw .4 1 e eewibem I6 ,""N ,,.. .... . ...., , gl nQiiggLi.iil'r Q, 5' tffiifii U ll? ' LL Q sa .L var . A o 0 Q ' -! y 0 Q. danuar-Q13 0 L o 0 0 A gkyf is 11275 3- 14' 'I 991 poioioiqioioi ri ricxioiexioioioioifrianioirxiari ioiuioioioiuq f,"'i""-' ' 27 5 o y x Q Wy -se: dan vary If ,, .,,-- X N N X f, s 'G ,J-1-as H Januar-Lf 33 f I VI X I.-fi .1 f Q R +1.11 -' ' X X f N ' ! -f p y , f f ' da vi ua ry 24 'r 1' QQ Xl i 1 if l r Qi' fe g"- 'gk FW1, gs Fe brua ry .3 f O 0 Febru ary I4- iii? Fe br-var-3 15' Ii SM THE SPECTATOR Dlbilllilblllilliliibibiibilbi illiibiilihii 101 C Schubert Male Quartet entertains at Lyceum course. Science Cluh adopts constitution. FEBRUARY Weekly issue of the Hi-Newsette. Several students of V. H. S. attend a skating party held by the Epworth League of the Methodist Church. Thiel College Glee Club appears at the High School auditorium for an evening per' formance. Miss McDowell twants to know how old Washiiigtolu Irving was when he was born. Rev. Hammond of the Brethern Church and Rev. Rutchell, a visiting minister, render part of the program for Chapel. --Dick johnson goes to sleep in Physics class. 10-Harold Bush is host at a party given at his home. --The Bookkeeping II class and Shorthand I and II visit the Citizens National Bank after school. -Vandergrift is defeated at Leechburg. --Ralph Claypool trudges through the mud at Keppel Hill to see Geraldine Shaner. Merle Painter entertains several of Vander' grift's most attractive girls in the evening. -In History Class, Chuck Elrick tries to set the school on fire. -Spectator Staff is announced in Hi-Newsettc. Senior Class meeting decides on rings. -Operetta practice for the past two weeks. -Seniors select Motto: uCarpe Diem", which means, "Make the most of tofdayf' MARCH -March marches in like a powerful lion. -Zeke Troup gets heaved off the Squad. "Carrie Comes to College," is presented. Westmorclaiid Tournament takes place. D 21 ni xi bi xi 1 it xio1o1uio1uio11r1o14l10 D :oi i :ini 14 iuxioillioinivioilniixiuic THE SPECTATOR Spectator Board has picture taken after school. Also Seniors have class meeting and dedicate Spectator to Miss Ray. -Juniors have pictures taken after school. Foot' ball letters presented in Chapel. -Miss Hewitt's engagement to Rev. Holland is announced. -Majority of students go to Basketball Tournaf ment at New Kensington. -Teachers are kept busy signing excuses for students who attended the tournament last Friday. -Senior girls are defeated in Basketball by the Blairton girls. -Finals in class tournament played. Sophomore girls and Junior boys are announced win- ners. -Challenge Tournament. Seniors defeat juniors '22-14. -Many of the High School girls turn out for the American Legion Minstrel. -The Spectator Staff opens an advertising Camf paign in Chapel. Poetry Club has pic' tures taken. APRIL -All fools day! Those who aren't fooled are real fools. -Showers and what not! -Rush .......... .....,.....,.. ! MAY -A day of refreshing spring. -Gym exhibition! Double joints in evidence. -Skeleton in use again for the exhibition. -Four sinners sit up in front in Baccalaureate Sermon. A -Class Play. -Another shipment of blockheads embarked for V. H. S.-Eighth Grade Commence- ment. JUNE -Senior heeds tap for the last time in the cor' ridors of V. H. S.-Commencement! 10102014 3 bioi ai ri C :ini 5103111 103112011 I 1 a Q . A Egg:-ua rg -Z7 A 1 y 1 b Y nrsxx 14' I"larcH I-'74 U ,s t li .L v . fl 5.114 .1 ff- 'TT T .' 1 I CD I ll l l l I -,o i I ' pa 1 t J, QW it 'f' S April I5 23. at Ma-5' 0 'Q - 1 T 'W I 0 'QA 1 ! dl If f D' T " mam Q dune, L o 5, ' 5, 5' M' ' 2 0 C ' 1 of f tl an o ' - eil 7 ofa 1 2 : ' li 9 6 e so ' D01I:icuii110101011r30101151011lioillioioilrioioioiclimrioioicli03 . THE SPECTATOR N D014rio14rin101014xioiuioinioiiD31williflioiarioioilrioilrioiuioc A f S .h X f-ix' ' SH? ih .Ss : . ,g Q-4 Si Illvgannza lainie 1011 i1hioinioie111:icisui4v1xxirrizxicv14x1mr11b11b11!2 THE SPECTATOR m--,-i-,-.,--.,.,...-,-.. .... -.......,..-,-.--.--.--..W THE SPECTATOR STAFF OF 1928 Helen Boyer f Lawrence Weamer Lillian Gibson f Isabel Jesser f La Rue Cline f Naomi Branthoover Dale Hawk f f l Dorothy Brayshaw Grace Davidson f David Green J joseph Gallovich Anna Scott f Ruth George Grimes Gourley k Zeneida Kemeza J Julia Wagner f Merle Painter f Ruth Rupert - J a f , f f Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor f Junior Notes - junior Notes Freshmen Notes f f Alumni - - Pictures Senior Quotations - Art Editor Literary Editors f Calendar Sports fGirlsj Sports fBoysJ john Adams r r Jokes George .Goodsell f Business Manager ADVERTISING STAFF Eleanor Culp Herman Hone Wayne Radcliffe Carrie Ferraro Alfaretta Myers Columbus Sciullo Meredith Welsh Evelyn Ceraso Mildred Fritz ' ' ' f Bookkeeper Cleda Mahney l Ralph Claypoole ' Typists Vera Kissel J 1010101 . Dllioioil ioioioioiuioilvihisri11101Iniuilli0iclinio11x24r1nio1oq T H E S P E C T A T 0 R 101010101014 11 11 101111:11411u1014riuzoxuzoxnxozuxnioinzuioa 1 4 POETRY CLUB The Poetry Club was organized November '29, 1927. Quite a number of Seniors responded, but the group dwindled down to thirteen members. Meetings were held every two weeks at the various homes of the members. Studies of yesterf day's and modern poets wre made, from Omar Khayyam to Negro spirituals. The "Little Blue Books" were used. The meetings were usually enlivened by readings, musical selections, and bits of poetry from currnct periodicals. This was the first organization of its kind in V. H. S. A Menibers Dorothy Brayshaw Meredith Welsh Cleda Mohney Elmo Rearick Alfretta Myers Lawrence Weainer Dorothy Myers John Atkinson Zeneida Kemeza George oodsell Pauline Klingensmith Grimes Gourley 901112011 1 1014 1 1:vzmvzuuzumzfrzsnicrixxicriuxxiria in 1 in: :inguin- THE SPECTATOR ' nc 1 vi I1 vii 1 14:zeriot:simian1o1o1n3o1u1o1u1 114 1 In Z M2010 11041 THE HI-NEVVSETTE The HifNewsette was begun in the late fall of 1926, as a regular institution each week in the Vandergrift News. It contained writefups of things current in the High School. Since this was the iirst attempt in this field, people both in town and High School enjoyed it. During the first semester of -this year some vacancies made in the staff by graduation last year were filled, and the little newspaper was again printed as a sub' publication in the News. But as the issues appeared from week to week, the urge to make it a real school paper was too great to be resisted. The staff had had enough experience in journalism to warrant the change. So, having enlarged the staiic, an official HifNewsette was announced. On the day before Thanksgiving, the High School received their first real HifNewsette. Since then, week. by week, we have tried to keep the students and towns' people in touch with things prevalent around Vandrgrift High School. The school first supported the paper, the business men of town added their support, and the staff has worked faithfully and well. This cofoperation has made -the iirst year of the HifNewsette one worth-while. Dc11011allii:rioiuluiilioiulioifrinsicrioizxiurio? bi 11014 3 ri ri :icq THE SPECTATOR. Q wx rioioioiuxrrioiuirriarioifrirrioioioinxoiirioic 1010101111011 LABORIOSA LAETITIA "Laboriosa Laetitian is the Latin translation of "Toilsome joy". This was chosen by the members of the Art Club as an artistic name. The Art Club .was organized this year. The members of the club are mak- ing rapid progress under the direction of Miss Ray, Miss Neill, and Mr. Diehl. At the first meeting a committee was appointed to draw up a constitution, which was signed by all those wishing to become members of the club. The constitution states that the officers of this society be, President, Vice' President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The oificers elected were: President f f Joseph Gallovich VicefPresident f f f Lois Blair Secretary f f March Blair Treasurer f-f-ff' Eleanor Culp Any proposed change in the constitution can be effected' by a twofthird vote of the club. The main objects of the Club are: To encourage interest in art and to further the students knowledge in the different divisions of art in which he may be interested. Members of the Club have done soap carving, painted handkerchiefs and scarfs, designed purses, made pillows, done charcoal work, and various other articles. This work will be on exhibition this spring, and we suggest you look it over. There are several honorary members, graduates, who become automatically honorary members, people outside the school who attend on request of a member and who are voted in by the club, and members of the faculty. ioioioinil 1010101111cxi1xicv14n1lri4r11l1fri4Iilri4 3 1201 xioi THE SPECTATOR ioivioinioini riiliuioilrioiuioiuiuiiri xioiuitril I vi President f VicefPresident Secretary f Treasurer f Murray Patton Ralph Weiiner Billie Reed Malcolm George THE SCIENCE CLUB Officers 1 ,. f Charter Members Honorary Member Prof . Scott f David Green Ralph Weimer Malcom George Byron Campbell David Green Chester Magaro Ruth George Byron Campbell The Science Club was organized january, 1928. It is the first successful attempt at organizing a Science Club in the History of V. H. S. The club meets on Tuesday afternoon at two week intervals. The club has put on several very interesting and instructive programs. It aims to stimulate keener interest in Science among the students in Vandergrift High School. It is so founded that it will begin the following season with a new staff of officers elected before the clase of the pre' vious season. The organization is yet in its infancy but in a course of years it will expand and may some day become an established institution in the school. Duioil11010111101010301410101xricriaricxicnixxiinilbixsicritxidvjfxlrd ' THE SPECTATOR 21210111031xioioioioinioialioicviiriixicvioiuininioifnillioiuicvl 9 110301 11 431 10111101-411011111r11r11r20Z1b101010i1114 THE SPECTATOR D1 1010301 ri ri 1ioi1li0111i0Z0i1v1oini1 G-JUST our or COLLEGE" On May 29th, the Class of '28 will present the comedy by George Ade, "Just Out of College". The cast is as follows: Edward Worthington Swinger, just out of college Septimus Pickering, in the pickle business f Prof. H. Dalrymple Bliss, apostle of repose "Slivers" Mason, old college chum - Jack Lindsay, ex-collegian f f 1 1114111313111 x1cricri41ixx:1ri1v11:1D11i1111nl - John Kahl, jr. George Goodsell f Grimes Gourley Murray Stewart f john Atkinson Tom Catlin, exfcollegian f Lawrence Weamer Harvey Hughes, exfcollegian f f Fay Beighley Rufus, an officefboy f f f Merle Painter Ernest Bradford, a bookkeeper f Dick Pennington A Solicitor of Insurance - f Ross Atkinson A Delegate from the Union f f Thomas Jones A Collector of Souvenirs f f john Shoop A Ticket Seller -ffff f f Dale Hawk Train Caller fffffff f Vance Cooper N. W. Jones, a female business man -ffff Elizabeth Neal Genevieve Chizzle, one of those candid friends ' . f f Dorothy Brayshaw Luella jenkins Pickering, President of the Cofordinated Culture Clubs, March Blair Caroline Pickering, only daughter of Septimus ffff Ruth George Bernice McCormick, a stenographer fffff Cleda Mohney Aunt julia Swinger, of Duluth, Minnesota f Pauline Klingensmith News'Stand Girl f - Subscription Book Agent e f , e . f Lonesome Lady Traveler f Miss Larksum, a Bingo Girl Miss Blythe, a Bingo Girl Miss Byrd, a Bingo Birl At the Coffee booth f At the Pickering booth At the FreefSample booth Vis Esther Kiehl Grace Davidson Glenna Martin Zeneida Kemeza Julia Wagner Jenelle Matthews A Mary Whitacre Meredith McComb f 1 f Naomi Branthoover - Eleanor Culp f Evelyn Ceraso f Esther Long f Marie Mohney f Ruby Hendrie Mildred Wilcox Marcedes Cravener f Claire Martin itors at the Pure Food Show Columbus Scuillo Ruth Rupert Charles Beatty Edwin Hetrick James Wilson Clair Reese Richard Johnston Alfred Maglocci Pete Buccieri Travelers Mildred Warner Eloise Stitt Elizabeth McMahon Louise McClellan Florence Quinn Freda Bell Stage Managers ' ' ' George Burkett, Robert Stoker IOIDPEFBSS A f f Elsie Reichenbaugh Dniviuinioini vie 10101ni::zeviexiuioinininiivioicuioin 1 :Quint THE SPECTATOR - D4 11 in if 2 10101 vioioioinioiulioqsninini 103014 2 ioiuiuioq , -,,,,,, THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Cluh, under the leadership of Miss Margaret Rugh is made up of 124 members from all classes in High School. The organization has been very successful in everything undertaken this year. The club participated in the Christmas, Washiligtoii and Lincoln Program as well as the Commencement Pro- gram, but the crowning achievement was the Operetta, "Carrie Comes to College," in which all members of the Club took parts. Duioinioiui bioioixr1axioilx1oiuiui0i1v11x1u21r1nr1o14lZ0i4ri ind THE SPECTATOR S0301 1 bio? 1011fini!xinillioioifriuiilioi liwiuiwi 10203010 "CARRIE COMES TO COLLEGE" One of the most successful of Operettas presented in the Vandergrift High School was "Carrie Comes To College," given March 9 of this year. The principal characters were: Frank Shirley, Helen Boyer, Byron Campbell, Ruth Rupert, Charles Halloway, Maxine Cuthbert, William Beighley, Bill Reed, Malcolm George and Pauline Klingensmith. The choruses and dances were chosen from the different musical organizations. What made it a great success was the cofoperation of the student body and members of the faculty. The scenery was built by Mr. Van Valin, Kenneth Smith, and Maxine Cuthf bert. Miss Miller coached the dancesg Miss Neal the costumes. Miss Rugh and Miss McDowell coached the play itself. Doini 12 rioinioiurioizriuxixmizxixbixvitrirrifri 2 rif in 10103 ri vi bd THE SPECTATOR D 1103011 it 1 mic ifrio1o1o11v1o1cuicx1n1ui4nil ini: 14 ini if initrd TI-IE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The Orchestra is just another music organization in V. H. S., but one we couldn't do without. Professor Schurman directs it. At the beginning of the year we elected Charles Betty, student leaderg Dorothy Myers, Secretaryg and Murray Patton, Librarian. We played at all the Lyceum numbers, Chapel, Mill Workers' Relief Meeting, a reception at the Methodist Church, and at the concert given by the Music Club of V. H. S., and the least of our appearances is not on Chapel morn' ing, when we play for opening and closing the Assembly. poi: 2 vii 103010101 wifiz11:011ngoxuzuznxuioxnioinxc is xoinxud . T H E S P E C T A T 0 R 501031 xnxnxni 1:11014vxoiuzuzozivzozuzoznzoxuznit no sioiuxoe THE HIGH SCHOOL BAND The High School Band this year is made up of thirtyftwo musicians, and are under the direction of Professor Schurman, a noteworthy leader, Most of the tooters this year have been green material to work with, and the band has been considerably weakened because of the loss of ten of the superfmusicians who grad' uated from V. H. S. They left us in 1927. The band, after reorganizing and practicing at least once a week, attended all the home football games on our local gridiron of this season in their blue'andf white togs. The band also played in the Halloween parade and were out to all the home basketball games as well as playing for several high school activities. The band received new books and new music this year. They combined with the orches- tra and glee club in a musical concert held May 8 in the High School Auditorium. The band officers elected for the 192728 term were as follows: Student Director -ffff Melvin Doutt Secretary - Williani Brayshaw Librarian f f f Murray Patton Assistant Librarian f f joseph Blair I 417, BJDDP 3 Jnrmurnnmhp .2- .ZX E Q X Q :Exif 7' in K 5" X X I 'llu , 'r 1 56 flthlstlrs ff X iff' ...J A-- 5- . 1Tf12?f?+ - 2 IfsYX'm'1Hi- . .41 ,-. v .-f ' 4' - I-, 462 if W, Q ui' 0 gf , .,., , W, , , , f . 5fgWA l1ffr"' M1111 01111111 M1 I e JH!-fwny , up In jqjnl' lu . 53 J msggf, 1 1 'figs 'B' - .ff "T 5:44:21 'W' ,y 1 , 'f""W I , u.?'unn? V! -'T' Y! , XXV Y . X 4 1,3 IWW ll HH, I iff Wm kk .lPw .igQ. f Q '49-Agrvzifj-21,4 A :xiii L QIW N " up H poznzozqxozozoif xevzcviuszrinizancoenxirzm:n1o:n1n1 xogozoiozod T H E S P E C T A T 0 R 9030101 14 1111014r14n1u1o4:4r1o14.:u1o1eu1ogn:oq9c ins: 1 101011 d i FOOTBALL SEASON OF 1927 One of the largest squads which has ever responded to the call for "grid" material at Vandergrift High School reported last September to prepare for a busy campaign. Seventy aspiring young candidates greeted Coach Tyson Kishbaugh, a graduate from West Virginia Wesleyan, where he starred in football and basket' ball, and also a former mentor at West Newton High School. He was confronted with the task of making a team with only four lettermen back in this large assmebf lage to draw fromg but nevertheless after much experimentation he filled the vacancies with capable men and prepared them for their first game. The team journeyed to Butler where they lost. a close game after a hard fight, 6-O. Another week of practice and they played Turtle Creek away and lost again. It looked like a sure win when the team went to play our down-river rivals, Leech' burg, 'but luck was against us for another time when in the last quarter a "Leechy" scooped up a fumble andrac ed for a touchdown to give the opponents a 6--O verdict. Overfconfidence and poor teamwork lost the game. Three more games were lost with Alumni, Jeanette and Hurst before a victory was finally gainedg that was at Tarentum where Captain Kreidler slipped through the opponent's defense for a touchdown and followed by kicking the extra point. The following week New Kensington came here and won 7-O. 50301 D101 ri ri ri rim114mio:1uiuiuioinzuioiflioicui ri ui vie 1 bi xc THE SPECTATOR D 203030101111 in1011nioinioioiuuioixuioiuui 1011111 2 li via ind FOOTBALL REVIEW The annual clash with Apollo on Thanksgiving Day brought here a team of veterans coached for several seasons in the same style of play by which they had beaten all their opponents except Harbrack by a large score. Apollo rooters ex- pecting their team to swamp us and get sweet revenge from all the victories amassed by Vandergrift since 1920 were surprised when a fighting Van team held them to 6-O. In the iirst quarter neither showed a perceptible advantage but in the second after Apollo had made a steady advance down the Held to the Sfyard line, Buist, leftfhalf, on a reverse play followed his interference around his right and made a touchdown. In the second half Vandergrift had the ball nearly all- the time and out- played Apollo. Several times when the locals were getting into scoring territory the opposition stiffened and held us for downs. The Vans gained the most yard' age and the most iirst downs-8 to 6 for the opponents. This was by far the greatest game Vandergrift played all year and they should be given credit for holding such a team to six points. Only four letter men and a few substitutes came back from last year, thus forcing the coach to fill the places in with new men, who were unfamiliar with the rudiments of the game and had little experience. Every school at some time meets with this situation and like Vandergrift do not usually finish a wholly successful season. This was Coach Kishbaugh's first year here, he had to become acquainted with men whose ability he knew little about, to find their faults so that they could be remedied and also much difficulty was encountered in placing the men where the best results were obtained. It took time, in fact it took an entire season before the men were playing with smoothness and good teamworkg and since only four of the twelve letter men graduate there are bright prospects for next year. In Chapel on March 14, twelve players and the manager received letters. They were-Captain Kreidler, Captain-elect Walter Begolly, Rearick, Hawk, Burkett, Buccieri, john Begolly, Lawson, Brown, McGaughey, Triano, Hepler, and Lawrence Weaiiier, Maiiager. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOR SEASON OF 1928 -s September 22 - Butler ff-ff Here September 29 ' Dayton Vocational School Here October 6 f Har Brack Union f f Away October 13 f Leechburg f f f Here October 20 f Kittanning f--- Here October L7 f Alverton, East Huntingdon Here November .1 f Open November 10 f Tarentum - - Here November 17 f Sewickley f Here November 24 - Open November 29 f Apollo f Away At Home 7 Away 2 D 1:1101 ini: ini viixi::ini01:xicxiniuioinioioimli 30101020103 T H E S P E C T A T 0 R be 14 1014 1014 zozozuzarzozerienicszmzxzxxozuvioz rio: :nic 101014141 l BASKETBALL SEASON OF 1927 - 28 Vandergrift, as a member of Section Six, W. P. I. A. L., played games with Apollo, Ford City, Leechburg, and Kittanning-all veteran and classy teams. Bef sides there were several other nonfleague games. A very good. schedule had been arranged and all the games proved to be interesting and in most cases close. Coach Kishbaugh issued the call for basketball candidates about December 1, and as usual a large number reported. He found but one letter man and a sub- stitute back from last year, so resorted to inexperienced men. During the hard pracf tice that followed, several promising players were discovered and fitted into a for' midable aggregation. Our first game was played here on December 15, with East Huntingtong the locals emerging on the long end of a 24 to 16 score. Fourteen teams were played thereafter and four of these were beaten. Strange to say not a game was won from the eight played in the league but four of them were lost by not more than three points. Several times is seemed as if we would be victorious but Lady Luck always turned against us and caused another defeat. poi:11:114nicxii1is11210101uiuixzioimiioioiarioilsioiuioioil P10141 THE SPECTATOR 101010201011 I nil Lrifricliariciimuimvimuiasiisicxi ioioiniuioiciiarcl BASKETBALL REVIEW When some take a glance at the scores they will immediately declare the season was entirely unsuccessful, but is it to be expected that a dozen inexperienced fellows who have never played together before to win games in the manner that has happened for the last several years? For sometime back plenty of substitutes have always been available to take the places left vacant by graduation and so a good team has been turned out annually. Last year an exceptional number of good players, nearly all seniors, represented Vandergrift and but two out of these ten came back this season. Naturally new men took their places whom it took time to develop whereas if they had had some experience they could have accomplished the things more quickly. The saying that "practice makes perfect" refers to basketball, also. The trouble this year was a lack of substitutes but this will hardly ever happen again, at least for several years, as Coach Kishbaugh certainly endeavored to train the youngsters who will play for V. H. S. in the future. The team this year must be given deserving credit for they did well conf sidering the handicap of inexperience which they were righting against and every- body truthfully will say they were indeed successful after all. The letter men this year are Adams, Orr, Rearick, Wiaiit, Falenski, Gagen and Love. si -If 1 x Tsflxfdlulfxsq 1803: 795, L A - g , i -, NWI, Qi TEV ,7 WTF: In J' Ei ---5 1 Q' P J D01 rioiluiexinioioioiuinioiusifxilr101n1nimlioini014 1 nic 10:01 T H E S P E C T A 'I' O R be in 1411014 311101111011101:I111111inmioiurioioioixlixvioinxioioioc THE WESTMORELAND COUNTY TOURNAMENT The fourth annual basketball tournament of Westnmoreland County was held at Greensburg on March 9 and 10. k Teams from twelve schools participated. They were-Latrobe, Greensburg, Norwin, Scottdale, New Kensington, East Hunt' ingdon, Jeanette, Sewickley, Parnassus, Youngwood, Mt. Pleasant, and Vandergrift. Greensburg by defeating Scottdale in the Hnals copped Hrst prize while Vane dergrift after losing to the Champs came back strong and won the Consolation cup. Greensburg with a veteran and experienced team showed line teamwork and a good brand of basketball in order to emerge undfeated. In the first round they managed to eke out a win over Vandergrift, who undoubtedly gave them their hardest light. The Hnal score was 30-25. Then they proceeded to take over New Kensington and season was entirely unsuccessful, but is it to be expected that a dozen inexperienced When some take a glance at the scores they will immediately declare the Scottdale in rather easy fashion. Vandergrift, on the basis of their past season's record, was conceeded small chance of getting anywhere, but after they "got going" they showed the best basketball of the year. They won three straight games, the last two of which were played with only 10 minutes intermission. On Saturday evening they took the floor at 6:50 and at 8:50. They walked off with the Consolation championship. Does such a team not deserve credit and praise for their fine showing and in over' coming such great odds? SCORES First Round Youngwood - 30 Mt. Pleasant f - 20 New Kensington 32 East Huntingdon f 30 Greensburg f f 30 Vandergrift 25 Norwin f 25 Sewickley f 18 Latrobe f '12 Parnassus f 16 Scottdale 32 Jeanette f 24 9411010101 vioinioxox mriinicricriiitxiilcrinricvizniari T H E S P E C T A T 0 R ze:zeriuzoioioiuxfvioiirxc 10:1 Second Round New Kensington Youngwood Latrobe f Norwin f f Greensburg New Kensington Scottdale - Latrobe - Final Round Greensburg e Scottdale f Consolation Series Mt. Pleasant - East Huntingdon Vandergrift f Sewickley f Parnassus f Jeanette f Vandergrift f Mt. Pleasant f Vandergrift Parnassus Wiiiner First Prize f Greensburg Wirilier Second Prize f f Scottdale Winiier Consolation Prize' f f Vandergrift THE ALLEGHENY-KISKI VALLEY TOURNAMENT The third annual AlleghenyfKiski Valley school basketball tournament was held in New Kensington during March 17, 16, and 17. The twenty-three teams which entered wereVerona, Falls Creek, Blairsville, Big Run, Brockway, Glen Camp- bell, HarfBrack, Tarentum, Arnold, Parnassus, New Kensington, Franklin, Freeport, Saltsburg, Aspinwall, Vandergrift, Apollo, Leechburg, Kittanning, East Brady, New Bethlehem, Springdale, and Oakmont. History merely repeated itself when the same two teams which met last year for the championship again forced each other in the final round of this tourney. Franklin annexed the title by defeating Blairsville 23-18g a game in which the victors held the lead at every stage. pox 101: 14 10101 'xnxx114,gf1101::xxixnznzoenuxozoinnxozaxzoxcuxoc T H E S P E C T A T 0 R :vioxx :oiln1o:u1ozar1o1n1014-11nxuioxozniozx in 10101014 1 vga ei BASKETBALL REVIEW In the consolation game Kittanning defeated by Blairsville in the semi-finals won out over HarfBrack Union, Franklin's earlier victim. Kittanning received the rank of third place and HarfBrack obtained fourth. Vandergrift played Blairsville in the first round and lost 19--15. The home team was leading by two points at half time but this was overcome by the Indiana Countians, and resulted in victory for the opponents. THE IN TERCLASS TOURNAMENT This tournament was held in the High School gym during the third week of March. The Juniors with another formidable team won the cup for a second time by defeating the Sophomores 25-14. In the first round the victors set down the Seniors 19-10, when the latter were sorely off form and the Freshmen 17-5. The games were all interesting and good class spirit was aroused. THE CHALLENGE TOURNAMEN Y A team composed of Seniors challenged a representative one of the junior, Sophomore and Freshmen classes to a series of basketball games. The challenge was accepted and games played during the last week of March. In the first tilt the Seniors won 23-14, but were overwhelmed 47-26 when they attempted to repeat with another victory. The last game turned out to be the most interesting of the three played when a determined Senior team de- feated their opponents by an 18-14 score. Challengers-Adams, Orr, Atkinson, Burkett, Hawk, Falenski, Stewart and Buccieri, Challenged-Gagen, Fairman, Wiant, Brown, Love, Patton, jones, and De- Villing. 11113034 :Q 30111202014rioinnxoiuioiui ri THE SPECTATOR 1 wif in 101111 q D 1201111011 20101 11oi02014riirioiuioiuinini 11021 1 3 1 101041 December li January January January january February March March March March March March Games IS 20 17 18 16 15 16 9 7 1 J 4 4 . NON-LEAGUE GAMES AND TOURNAMENT East Huntingdon f f 16 V. 12 Varsity Club f 31 V. H 24 Sewickley - f 17 V. H 28 Rochester f f 23 V. H 31 Kent f 21 V. H 7 Sewickley f f S V. H. 2 Salina - f f 13 V. H 9 Greensburg 10 Sewickley N ' f JO V. H. ' f 25 V. H. 10 Mt. Pleasant f 16 V. H. 10 Parnassus 16 Blairsville Opponentts Total Total Total Total Name Adams Orr Rearick Falenski Gagen Love Wiant Atkinson ,Patton Jones Reed Burkett points scored by Opponents f points scored by Vandergrift Games won ffff games lost - PLAYER'S RECORD Field Goals I Fouls S1 78 42 34 18 17 9 25 13 16 i 9 13 S 16 9 5 3 7 3 2 1 0 1 3 197 216 f f S V. H. f - 19 V. H. . 227 V. H a , 1 f f 437 f 492 f 8 '12 Made 4 5' 8 10 14 '1 :I 7 5 1 4 1 0 O 98 f 24 Here f 25 Here f 33 Here f 24 Here f 15 Here 36 Away - 73 Here f 25 Away 34 Away - 26 Away 5 13 Away f 15 Away 352 Total Points 207 92 46 32 29 25 21 19 10 7 2 2 492 101010103011 T H E S P E C T A T 0 R 50111311 ic 11 ioinioqpuioznxoiux ui: 11101 rioinioioioiuioi lit GIRLS' BASKETBALL Girls' basketball practice started last November with a large squad. XVe took all kinds of exercises so as to work up our endurance for the real season This season began in December and the first game was played on anuary 6, 1978 We did not elect a captain, but one was appointed before each game Al though the girls did not have a very successful season they worked hard and came up against the best teams in this section. The following players received letters: Betty Whitehouse Louise ,Haag Julia Wagner Romayne Leonard The following is December Alumni january january January January February February February March Ford City Kittanning Leechburg Apollo Ford City Kittanning Leechburg Apollo the 1927-28 Schedule: Here Away Away H ere Away Away Here Away H ere Grace Davidson Jane McClure Nancy Grimm Harriett King Alumni - 9 V. H. S F. G. H. S. -16 V. H. K. H. S. -33 V. H. L. H. S. -21' V. H. S A. H. A. --SS V. H. S F. G. H. S. --20 V. H. S K. H. S. 22 V. H. S L. H. S. 18 V. H. S A. H. S. -25 V. H. S 0101 riot D101 4 u u 201 xiuiuc inioiniod 911101 inlioioinioinioimlxnioinininioiuniariuiri 1 THE SPECTATOR 20103 via 111101 via 1 uioim Doiuioic ioioininioizricxiu CLASS TOURNAMENT The Hrst class tournament was played between the junior and Senior Girls. These girls were coached by Jane McClure and Grace Davidson. But Grace's Seniors seemed too much for the Junior Girls and beat them by the score 19-15. This might be cluetotheirprevious experience with Washingtoii Township. The next game was between the Sophomore and Freshman Girls. These girls were coached by Betty Whitehouse and Julia Wzigiier. WiIgllCf1S Girls were too good for the Freshman and won by the score 'liv4. A This left theScnior and Sophomore Girls to battle for the cup. This game was the most exciting of all the games. The Sophomores had won the cup last year by help of WZLQIICIQS coaching and thc Seniors decided that they would not leave them have it this year. The first quarter was very exciting with the score 1-O in favor of the Sophomores, but at the end of the first half the score was 2-7 in the favor of the Sophomores. During the half both teams were hearing the music by both coaches. The next quarter ended in score of 8!5 still belonging to the Sophomores, and at the end of the game the score was 14!-9 for the Sophomores. They had won the cup again, The following girls were out for Sophomore team, and Coach Wagiier gave each one a chance of playing in the games: Forwards Olga Scott Ruth Blose, fCapt.J Meredith Fitz Simmons ' Guards Georgia Scott Maxiiie Cuthbert Ruth Steele Bessie Willz11'd Freshman Girls Senior Girls - Senior Girls f Centers Isabelle jesser Helen Kardos Ruth Boyer Results of the Tournaments f f 4 'Sophomore Girls f 19 junior Girls f Championship Game - f 9 Sophomore Girls Side Centers Catherine Shaffer La Rue Myers '25 -15 '14 poxozoinx ri ixuzoxuz :rxuzoxnzoxuxuzoxuzcrzcuxcrxnioxcniaxxzsxoq THE SPECTATOR ' poxuzox :xox -1o:u1ogv1ninzozoznxoinxoznzmriot: 1o:ucbo1u1oc ALL STAR GAME w "Did you see the V. H. S. Girls playing this year?" "No, were they good?" "Well, I don't say they were the best, not were they the worst, for they are the best sports you ever saw, but of ccurse that is one of the things V. H. S. 15 noted for. Well, the best game I saw was the All Star Game, and here are a few details: "About five minutes before the game started the girls, led by Captain Wagner, proceeded out on the floor in single file, and circled around the baset, when suddenly they noticed that someone was missing, and that girl was Grace Davidson, she had forgot to put the waves in her- permanent. "Well, the game started and within two minutes the Captain called time out because Betty Whitehouse's nose was shiny, and Harriette King's hair was all over her head. "Then the Referee blew the whistle, this woke up Romayne Leonard, who had been asleep ever since the game started. She immediately began to look around the gym, and she missed the tip off,'for just then she sighted 'Windyf "But at least we had one wide awake player, for Anna Cannon got the tio off from the other center, but then she nut the ball on the floor and began to roll her stocking, while everyone sang "Roll 'Em Girls" but Anna didn't mind that. Then the side center on the other side made a dive for the ball, but Betty White' house, was too good for her, she made a dive from her end of the floor into center picked up the ball, and carried it back to her section. She certainly did' some fast work. "But just before the ball went through the basket the whistle for the half blew. Tough luck for our Girls. The score was now 16--12, the other team's favor. "During the half we had good music by V. H. S. band, but the girls in the dressing rooms were hearing a different kind of music. "Our girls came out with new vigor when the second half started. The ball came down to the guard end, Jane McClure made for the ball, but the next thing we knew jane was on the floor. Jane called a conference with Nancy Grimm, who was also playing guard. They both decided it was a mean trick for the opponents to have placed a hairpin there, so she would fall over it, so they both went on strike. Then the coach sent in Louise Haag and Eleanor Anderson. After a couple minutes Eleanor got the ball, but she couldn't pass it to Louise because she was very interested in her forward. Of course we all wanted to know what she was looking at, so we all circled around, and what do you think we saw? There was the cutest little dimple in that girl's knee you ever say. Louise asked all about it, because she wanted something to tell Clair, about after the game. H "Then the whistle blew and the game was over. "But it was a good game and I sure hope to see the games next year for they are going to have the best team ever." 1 902Inab:rixniniqviuioiuininuincbcrivnio:n1nin1n14vioioinioinioioc THE SPECTATOR D011111rio:nzf124Iifri1I11rio:11301:rl:rin2-oi:nimuioirridiclioinivioq pt1011:1014ri:12011rioif111ville131lic11011sioilriuioioioiwlioilnicrd THE SPECTATOR QxvurqmvcnqqxcncqmrxavcncvtxrtfrxmrQ0Q0Q0Q0Q0to:mu1lto:u:0cvu:0Qurn:oc! E T.5 gi :Jmmm III! ll1J'p NV! Q 6 Q-4 ,nv .1 fx HB4 T E x. Q 5 9 is KJ, WN 4 , -.:..--"'-5 M F eE E Qerixsm Zlnkes and Er! ff 'v ,lx , f 'H Yi . s 5 'fi 'E i.n-:'i5f.:El : 7' 'Hsieh E . ui". 1 S ' , ? 'Qu " Tix . , V J X fy X Egg X A ' Wx-. a. .. 'r Nf- ' ": ,' - J Q ,I .F fl ' 'f ki .',.4iQ 'it' 'Zigi 'Z Q 52, 'fif - " I ' ' X ' x X-Hia ' Isl . f- ,x ' J Six .. ,- 5 -in , fi ' - - - 5.2 in-K I '- ,. r . I'-as, 'Wi 4 ....-. . ' - , I -5 X P.-C xx lg IH' 4 W .if Y ,E . - 4, , T K Q4 X 1. . Q mx .. H Wiiisfg' I - f Wmgig ' ssssii f . , "M ' 'SEL f Quail-1 'Av- - Tsii An I If sfsai A ...1" Q f y X ' jg!! H X T . ' 'tgp H I 'V f 5355! is . RJ. 1--5 A ja PM x, ...I . ,J M f gtg I qi :E Qing' .1 - 1 V ' i W Q ' f-.1 V 5fj:4fl.g.Q,' 2 W- l' 3 IIWSJ 5":"" -::, , f M ' V "' 'i"Q'fi-.135 f E--fi I3-Eff'-.- ., I W - A - -f , JA W , 5 , ni . A N If , I x 'gm nl, f l lff I x iw Q '1' ff 5' ' ' N , X A ff! Lili XX ' 'rl -f. 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One Senior girl is so dumb that she walked into a store the other day, and pointed at a watermellon, said, "I Want to buy that big pickle." . just Stands Under the swinging street car strap The homely coed stands, And stands, and stands, and stands. And stands, and stands, and stands, and stands, Mr. Iviohney-"Last night, sir, I distinctly saw my daughter sitting on your lap, what explanation have you to offer?" Dale Mc.-"I got here early, sir, before the others." Miss Stalhman-"The ancient Greeks committed suicide oftenfx George Goodsell-"Them were the days. You can only do it once now." Beatrice-J'IIve been told I'm very pretty." Grimes--"Can't you take a joke?" "If 'VJhy Did I Kiss that Girl?' is a twofstep, and 'Down in Old Virginia' is a waltz, what is 'Bred in Old Kentucky? " "Ten cents a loaf." She sat on the steps at eventide, Enjoying the balmy air, He came and asked, "May I sit by your side?" And she gave a vacant stare. .!..-..-.............-..-..-..-..-,.....-..- -..-........,......- -..............- -..-.....-.......!. I I g E.c.BElGHLEY i FANCY GROCERIES DRY GOODS Delivery Service. Phone In Your Order Now 500 HANCOCK AVENUE Phone 173 VANDERGRIFT, PA. .g,......-.................. -.... ............,.- -..-...I.-......-.................-..-......-..i. ioin v 1 4 1 1 i ' T H E S P E C T A T O R 90101014uioiuioiozuioiavioiinioioiunioioioinui ri: :nie 1010106 in1-n-u-u-n-1--..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-...-..a-n-n--n-- - - - ---I-In--Iv-ll-I i "SPRING" AND BASEBALL I BOTH ARRIVE AT THE SAME TIME ! . SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE I S P A 1. D 1 N G ' S I I n ! KISKI NEWS 1 VANDERGRIFT - ! gi.4.1.I-....q.1.p....1.l1nn1uu..-I.-In-.gl1.141 1.11,- -!r---'--------------------- -------------r if l I I l L ' 1 MEANS' A 3 I Q DRY CLEANING Co.1 I 3 I CLEANERS and DYERS 1 I GF DISTINCTION W I I Q 167 COLUMBIA AVENUE i VANDERGEIET i I z 4-------A---------M-M.----------4 it COMPANY PENNA. 1 1nu.1u..n., ...naman-.ullgilpi .iniq.1...-..-.., TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1928 VANDERGRIFT HIGH SCHOOL We extend to you our Heartiest Con- gratulations upon the Success you have achieved, rising to the height of your desire. During the various affairs in connection with this Glorious Event you-Boys :md Girls, will need new Footwear, to make your attire complete, and we cordially invite you to call and inspect our Exclusive Styles which we have received for this occasion. ALTMAN'S The Home of Good Shoes 141 GRANT A VE. ....1u1u1:-1.n1u.1l.1..1.......1..1..-.Ill Miss McDowell-"Why havent you your lessons?" Esther L.-"I couldn't study-the lights went out." Miss McDowell-"Why didn't you turn them on and send Jimmy home?" Mother fsingingj--Rock-afbye, baby, on the tree top ..... , ,...,. . Modern Baby-For the love of Mike, keep quiet, I'm trying to go to sleep. Stewed-"'s wait here for El car." Stewdest-" 'Sno use! The car is gone. I can see its tracks." .g..-.....-.:,..-...-ei:...R:..T:::.:L......:5..-,.-.:-, ,...-.:T......-..-..........-..-.-..-..-. i SUGGESTIONS FOR GRADUATION GIFTS I Perfumes and Atomizers. Toilet Sets in Gift Boxes. Manicure Sets, E Compacts of Latest design. Quality Comb and Brush Sets. 1 Fountain Pens, Pen and Pencil Sets. Kodaks, etc., etc. I Consider the great number of beautiful and useful things we offer and l you will be sure to come here for first biggest and choicest selection 1 JULlAN'S PHARMACY i CORNER EIVIERSON and WALLACE STPEETS i Phone 888 'i' VANDERGRIFT, PA. ...-pn1111x11n.1u1u-an-uru11.1n-uu1I11-u1-n1u..u-Ip-u-.n.1u1uu-uu1nl1uu-nu1ul-II1 blu3011li11301:rininioioiuioi111011x14Linbinioinioizlioilrioilvint T H E S P E C T A T O R poxozniozoxoxuznxognnioznxoaroxoiuzozcaqnnnxcviciiaszariaieiiciauo +u-------------------------------Q i THE SERVICE STORE I I . Fancy and Staple GROCERIES I FLOUR I a n I l l Cor. Harrison and I I Madison Avenues I . 1 5 D. w. MCGEARY l H Phone 566 .gg-...........-.....-.....-...........-......-..-.g. .1niI-1.I1n-ll-.u1..1.l1...1uilp....l1n- 'E' BEST WISHES H TO THE I cLAss OF 1928 M , l ' ARCADIA THEATRE E L. M. JONES, Mgr. I 'I' I J. Pauline K.-"Must I sleep in the dark?" Mother-"Yes," Pauline K.-"Oh, then, let me say my prayers over again-more carefully." i'Grimes," said his mother, "I wish you would run across the street and see how old Mrs. Bogus is this morning." A few minutes later Grimes returned and reported, "Mrs. Bogus says it's none of your business how old she ' 11 is. Meredith Mc. - "Let's go to the movies." Ralph C.-"No, let's stay here on the front porch. We can read better subtitles on the flivversf' I l l I. if H . Anna S.-'iI'Iey, d'ya know Ida?" Ruth G.-"Ida who?" Anna S.-"I dunno." Myrtle I...-"No, Edna, I wonit drink this milk. I will drink milk that comes from a wagong but do you know where they got this milk? They pulled it out of a cow." lohn A.-"You look like a sensible girl, let's get married." Zeneida K.-"Nothing doing. I'm just as sensible as I look." Clare R.-"How did you break your wrist?" Edwin H.-"I changed my mind in an Automatic Restaurant." 'qliWillTllllIlll'illi'llillill?ll1llTll'TllDi. l I l A Q J. M. EBER1' 5 ll 2 I QUALITY MEATS, GROCERIES, I l BUTTER, EGGS, in CHICKENS ff 516 HANCOCK AVE. Phone 928 l.-..-...-..-..--.----..--M-------------a rq?l1..1.g1n.-gn-.11n--u1n1nn1nn-nu--ul-ll-O!! IE ITS TIRES SEE l Doc GossER i Il SALES AND REPAIRS L Balloons and High Pressures T M ichelins Lead! I l Phone 924 l 158 SHERMAN AVENUE I Near End of Bridge I Sudden Service Road Service 1 I 4---------------------------------------+ iuigmnmni 1 1 mums...n-.u.-9.1winlmqgiglmpqmgn-.gp1l.1..- -. ... .. -. .... 1 501010: mu: sz inrin11ummmnmezniuzozomomume 1 L14 inxomnmnzoa T H E S P E C T A T O R turmoil mom mm moi:1101:Imomomumomzrmomomomnm rmomom m 1 momma: COMPLIMENTS OF V - V t 'T 1 I H 5 Y 1. . -. , I N E . I fdif-i1'E.Sha.l'frL 1 ' - " A ' , 4 A Finest Thealre A Manager in the Kllski Vxlleq P f . MATINEE DAILY Q EVENING PRESENTATIONS A DOORS OPEN 1:30 at, 7100 and 9100 oblock.. VANDERGRIFT, PA. - HOME OF THE FINEST IN PHOTO PLAYS AND MUSICAL PRESENTATIONS,.-ll--1-1111111111111lu1-'inn-la-up-gulnpmuillmini EY A YOUR pq Q9 SHARE 'CY A or 9 Posrrf The Answer is Easy as to what policy to buy. For over thirteen years every policyholder in this company has had a substantial portion of his premium returned to him in profit participation. Pennsylvania Indemnity Corporation PHILADELPHIA PARTICIPATINGAAUTOMOBILE INSURANCE H. R. W H E: R R Y FIRE INSURANCE AUTO 105 C WEST MONROE AVE. VANDERGRIFT. PA PHONE 674 I... 41 ni.. THE SPECTATOR :civic ioioinioi134viarilALMri1atrio1oioi4r1o14lioi4li4xi011r11xillC Arfmsitmiforfngvs . CASH CARLOAD BUYING ENABLES US TO SELL BEAUTIFUL LIVING ROOM SUITES AS LOW AS 3 1 0 0 . 0 0 K . .Q '?r!'Y,,!Hi'g':?xQf- "la,--. ,f ' .Ala 4 Ha - . we AMW I. I- . , Q I Ov "' '--53 A - ...qi fm A. 1 s Q, f. -'fl 'W ,rl -.f S-0' 1 .1-mg. . ,-ff' 1 - . e,f.gMMwMqgwy9, ', .r. X5 .n' . " ' l A - ?Q. ,rs 3 1 .if -, -' "' 3-g53':". .3 : ,- lex M M J 1 -X-8 j,. t, I ,:,,, "',-.rl - -33322 , -, -- Tl sfif. f yRa " "wi5yn-um Ifsz.Lu.g,i..m.u1Q:g,f.p . ' Shaq . Fi , ' Iliff' '14 ' mn! ,f1f1:?E-575-33.5 f .5 , I, -'gtg v'fH.fZZCWI'5F5.'Z-.'.'."l'.1gtIY ,, r'kZ'!9i' -'E ",5:N.f.u::.wm.'.:-'rv+11QQ' XGWR5- 1: 1 ,LyQLazLgf2' rn - cw-I fy X I I , 1 I xx 4,2 , --- - '- A Six Syyles of Coverings in Jacquard Velour Reverse side of cushions in good grade of Tapestry R.M.ARMSTRONG ' Funeral Directing by R. M. ARMSTRONG and R. W. DUNMIRE PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 215 Night Phones, 363 or 335A in.-n....l1l,1,.1....-IU1-uu.-lp.-nn-up-.aiu-.-a.1u..-lp1.l1gl1..1..-.ul-..1q1lg-ni...-...I 5 ! Q 5 ! i i 1 Q 1 E ! ! ! 1 Q 1 Q ! I I 1 Q 1 I H is-In--up gui. n1l .1q,...n1np1.,1, 115.-gg-15.11.115-np.il1g.g g-..- uxrll-rlliuunu Doioinioi 103 vioioialilriariniuinioiirioiavinin ioillioioiuioc THE SPECTATOR Dario? 30141103011nioicliniariluioiivioiuioinioi I1 fini! ioioiod :sq1..1.,....1 -nin,,..-...1..1n.-.......-..-,,.....-H1..-............1 ....,.1...-.g-nt...-.--..-I. R T f I t j i el 7 il COMPLIMENTS OF j L LIBERTY RESTAURANT i T AND CONFECTI-ONERY E ll 'I 1 I 119,121 GRANT AVENUE VANDERGRIFT A 3- 4, .-..-............-..-..-.............-..-..-..-............-................................-..-..-..... '1.lniu--.l...n.-l..-.n.1n.-n-.qlilpil.1lli-.- 4. . Murray S.-"So you think your son only dates with cripples?" Fred F.-"Well, he has to have the car J, E, even if the dance is only two blocks I I away," I WALL PAPER, PAINTS, I I VARNISHES and BRUSHESl Wynona F.-"How did your father's - building burn?" i Picture Framing A Specialty i Mae H.-"A light in Einsteins' store I started it." l f - Wynoiia F1--"Oil light, gas light, or ll 209 Long 3 OW Street elwflc wht?" . , l Phone 4431. Vandergrift, Pa.l Mae H.--"Father said that it was an I l Israel ite . Q 1 Oi' 'U''-"1'l-l'-"'-'l'1'l-'l-l'-ll-ll-Il1u-nie Harry IR.-"How lgloes your new cigaf .5..Q......-.......-..-.......-..-...-............-..:1. ret ighter wor ?" T Paul B.- Finef I can light it with one Substantial Footwear and match now' Conservative Styles l Bob S.-"She was only a stableman's daughter." George B.-"Well?" Bob S.-" ...... ...... A nd, she looked it!" Bill Paul-And does your daughter play any of the songs of yesterday? Mrs. Myers--Indeed she does. Dar' ling play "Valencia" for Bill. I I 4, -n.-pl1.41m-:gl-.un-.ln-.lp.1.......1ui.l1lp1g SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY i FI GEORGE'S 136 GRANT AVENUE VANDERGRIFT, - - - PAT 3- 901413 mic1itvitIitP24rioiivioiniauioisvirriixioinioioit it 101010101 THE SPECTATOR 301113 :ini niclicviilic1010102111031uioioilrioiuricrinrioilrioiuioc in-"-"""M"""-mn"-'h"-"'1' if,""-'Pm-"'"-"'M-'M'-"-"'1' I COMPLIMENTS REAL ESTATE 1 I and ALLEN INSURANCE s N YVD E R i 1 I A i ' ' T T in. E. FLICKlNGERi i WALL- PAPER i NEXT TO THE HEIGHTS V - POST OFFICE G Ii n ll 4 l , . I . I i Phono 802 - I 'i""""'1 1"1"""'1""""""i """""""""'n'i' 'i'-ln-u-- -1ln-wu1lu-nu:-nw-uu1ll1 1-ll--ll-lin .?n-..-. .....-. ..........i..-..-..-....................-oi- 4:I-ID-I--upII-H-n--i-N-U-H-n--.-M E Office Phone 400 i ,l 5 i Ino. Lambros, Prop. Phone P 86 A 38? l , ' . 2 I 5 Fine Confectious and STORES: i 1ceCream A T ei 1 T VANDERGRIFT f , 340 LONGFELLOW ST. 1 - L r 1 L SUGAR Bowl. I i Phones 460-930 i al 151 Grant Ave., Vanderfgrift g ,. - S I 1 , ' i WHOLESALE and RETAIL if 157 WASHINGTON AVE. u 1. T 1 We make our own Ice Cream . Q: . Phones 30-830 : Il 50C Pe' Quan .L l The Store of Dependable Merchandise E ""'""-"""'!'-""""'-"""""""'""""""':'i' .ig -In-ul--II111-1111lliul-Il-111:11-In--II1-I-in!! March B.-"I've got a composition to 'g"----'-------------------------------H'Q' do for my homework tofnight, 1 daddy." I Father-"Oh! What is it to be ou?" D R Y March B.-"Paper, daddy." L G O O D Marcedes C.-"Have Indians any dis' i E tinct social groups?" i Eleanor C.-"Smeg haven't you heard I of those Indian clubs?" L E 1 F l Esther K.-"Stop!" U Q ,S Columbus S.-"What's the big idea?" u . Estglgigsli.-"W'ait till I take off. my R E A D Y . L, T Helen B.-"What is the cure for love i at first sight?" V NHOlhi B.-USECOHCI sight." gi.-rm-lIin1:1--nur-u1ll1nn-ll-lu-nl-n1un-vu l1ll-ll-ll1ul1:q1:m1n.1 .- .1 1 -. 1 -fain-.ll11n1ll1nn1 1 1 .1 ini 1 ri ltxioioioioiruioiuioinrioioinioiuioiali fini vi 141141101 THE SPECTATOR 30111141 10101 ioioioioiarioioioifuicvixui 24 it 1 x14 ioioioe PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER TO YOU, BY ONE WHOSE WORK IN LIFE IS THE MAKING OF THEM To my mind a good Photograph is something more than a piece of paper with the features of one or more persons imprinted upon it, then placed in a suitable mounting, to be given to this person or that person. To the man who made the picture, should he be one who keeps abreast of the photographic times and studies his subjects before making his exposures, he has given you something that is a record which in time nothing can duplicate, S0l1l6t'lllIlg that there is no other known way of recording the features of people for the future, unless it should be a costly painting, which is beyond tl1e reach of the average person. A good Photograph carries with it the sentiment of the giver, which alone is the thought behind all giving, and brings to my mind a slogan that, c'Your Friends Can, Buy Anything You Can Give Them-Except Your Photograph." A Mother will have a picture made of her baby, who ap- preciates that particular picture more than the child when it has grown to man-hood-or woman-hood, nothing could buy it., To the young man and young woman who graduate out of this Class, these pictures will keep fresh in your minds the pleasant memories of your school day's and in the future, with the aid of this Class Annual, you can recall those day's and point out to yourself that this boy and that girl has been successful in their lifeis work. H. C. PLANK, Photographer PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER g1lq1g.1..,-.qg1n1m1q Qu.. q1u1w1 1 .- -. if-. -'1qq1lq1 -.ll WHAT A PHOTOGRAPH SHOULD MEAN 11'-q 1' I I I II JI ,- I I IJ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .-111.111,-..n.1-,,1.n 1.l.....-.qliglqqginiqgiq 9010101 11 ni 1 ianxniuiogoirvalninwioiuioioiinioiuuic 11 1 1020: brain: 1 ui is 1010102411uioiuioicxioiuixxioi uioioiuioiuiojild THE SPECTATOR -nini-I1 -. 1 gi 1 1- -n4,....:1.g...:- - 1:nin..7nn1l. ...Y 1 .1 -. ,Y -Yu-gin-ug1g. IYONGHIA BROS. LUMBER CO. I I I ' i ROUGH LUIVIBER AND MILL WORK I I I ROOFING, BRICK, SEWER PIPE, BUILDING I I BLOCK, HARDWARE, ETC. I Gijfiffiqlla il I y Phone 737 338 WALNUT STREET VANDERGRIFT, PA. I 1.-.-ll.-gu11n1nu-un-lniuui I--ul--lnxlu-Il1ll1ll1un1ll1ul-1ll1nu--ul1niluiluiplil-i,.1.,,i,:,E, '-"-"-"-"-"-"-""- 'I'-"-"-"-""!' james A. fat partyj-'IMay I sir on phone 955 I your right hand at dinner?" I Carrie F.-"I may need it to eat with, LA VOGUE I but you may hold it a while." BEAUTY SHOPPE 1 . BLANCHE LUCAS, prop. I John K.-I don't feel right about this SI12lll1p00Illg, Marcelling., Facials I Scalp Treatment, Manicuring, i Water Wnviilg, Finger - Wavixig, Bobbing I I Second Floor 221 Longfellow Strccti' -lllITIlillillTllillTllillillllli'lilila illillillillllliil?lllll'Tllillill1llill1? ' COMPLIMENTS i -oF- I I MRS. BROOK!-IARTI HOME HAT sHoP 409 FRANKLIN AVE. I VANDERGRIFT - - - PA.I i .1 powder of yours on my coat. Esther L. fnonchalantllyj-It's quite all right. I have plenty more in my compact. Charles O. Ito clerk,-I say, fellow, could you take that red tie with orange spots out of the window for me?" Clerk,-Why, certainly, sir. Pleased to take anything out of the window any time, Sir. Charles O. fwith lock of reliefj- Thanks awf'ly, ole top. The beastly thing bothaws me every time I pass this way. Alfretta M.-"I'm going to mother," she sobbed, "and I never want to see you again." Artie A.-"Too latef' he said, "your mother went home to grandmother last night." :u-..u.Lulu-.nniuu1nu1un1un..u.iun11-1 D014xicxioinzamzoiniuincsr ioiuioiuioioirlco pix ioioiniuicxioiud -THE SPECTATOR K nozqrznxoiozoiosuxoz znxoznxoinxx-:vines can xuqpuznzoznxuqmmu 'I' -.......-..........-..-...................-................ in14...In--111.5-..,1nn1-.1..1l....Igi.. DR. O. P. BUSH DENTIST 130 Grant Avenue ,1un1un1n-lluui:u...un.1un1-u1nl1lu1uu1un DR. D. DALE STITT DEN TIST Longfellow Street A. I. SLAGLE, M. D. Farragut Avenue A. C. BONATTI, M. D. Grant Avenue u-1.1n,iq1n.1n.1uu1nn1nninn1uuiun1u ROSS H. SPEER, M. D. Washington Avenue zni-I...spin-.gnlp--min.-..i..1..1ll...t DR. JOHN P. QUINN DENTIST 155 Columbia Avenue DR. WALLACE F. COWAN DENTIST 116 Grant Avenue 1.1-.....i-I-.lllll-1.1l.1...-..l1...-...ig J. M. PATTON, M. D. Jefferson Avenue 1.11-p-ul..-...I 1 1.-ni...-.'.1ni.l1gp.1l n- I- DR. M. E. PAINTER DENTIST 145 Farragut Avenue W. J. CARNAHANf M. D. Washington Avenue -gu1uu1q.1..i..-..i..1..1lt..-I..-lgllliu- THOMAS CERASO, M. D. Cor. Wallace and Emerson Sts. -up-1I-...1.l1-n1un1nn1uu..ql...u n...u,.u-n- DR. M. E. LAUFFER DENTIST Longfellow Street DR. M. E. WILSON . OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 135 R. 156 Farragut Ave. JOHN A. BOALE, M. D. Longfellow Street qlinlyinniql.-nn1gn1lp1g1.l1., J. C. STAHLMANN, M. D Grant Avenue -..-..g1..1gp1..1n1nn.1.u1n-..u-..n1...1..-.. W. J. LACE, M. D. Grant Avenue -.l1..-.l.1..1.--..n- 1 ,,1,,-..--...1.... J. A. NEWCOME, M. D. Specialty, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat Washington Avenue .... nl111.nil3.-pglqlimg-.q.i.l1..i..1,.i -.luiulllninn-gl-.ruin-. -.. -. .- i 1 91110101 Lcriurioioioioiuifxiuif THE SPECTATOR xinioiuiuioii io1n1o1n1o:oilrC D011101021134:iavicrifrioiuuiuioicaimviluioiuioifri 111 1 vioiuioiud p-.lu1u1n.1n.-pg.....1..1,.1,.1...-l.-Ilia:-..l1l. 1-4.473-1:1 main.-lzillilz rf uni:-n?:.1.p1l.'l!l l PENNANTS BANNERS PILLOWS l Add dignity, color and spirit to your school work by the use of felt Pennants, Banners and Emblems. No order too l I . . I small to receive our attention. I I Catalogue Free ' STANDARD ' PENNANT COMPANY BIG RUN, PENNA. i -ruining-11111-uuiu--11:1-un:nn-u-anim:-nu--nainn-:nn-u1uu1nn1un-lu-lu-luill?uI1uu-:sic -""""""""""'-" -"' """-"' NO ATHLETIC GIRLS WANTED "If your girl plays Soccer" COMPLIMENTS Merle P.-"How come that holdup ,OF.. beat you up after you had taken all ' those lessons in boxing?" George G.-"He did it while I was trying to put on my boxing gloves." MILTON E. UNCAPHER Mr. Kurtz-'LHey, you can't smoke in here." Charles E.-'Tm not smoking." REAL ESTATE AND Mr. Kurtz-uVVell, you've got a cigar ret in your mouth." INSURANCE Charles E.-"Yeah, you got pants on, but you're not panting." Dale H.-'LPorter, I say, porter! Don't let that man oil' here with me! He CORNER is not of my station." Q Porter-"Waffo'?" GRANT and COLUMBIA AVES- Dale H.-"He comes from a lower berth!" . Phone 8 A conservative Scotchman says, "I'd give a thousand dollars to be one of -I:--ll11l-ll-vii - 721 7: 1:1111 :l1l those war ITIIIII0I'la.lfeS.N i'li.'7l'l.'7'.7 1 'i 2:7 "Ei i: 'iif li:lTl-Tillill-" llilliliilll li Illllilli l ! CONDO'S MARKET 8: MILK DAIRY 1 THE ,SERVICE THAT NEVER SLEEPS Eat Some and You'll EATMORE Brand Mayonnaise Our Own Product Popularly Priced 25:3 and 450. g Cal135 3 Deliveries Daily I .,..n -.gnilni -. 1 , .-..,11.u..u.-.U 'i' pozozuxozoxuznzx xnzoinzoiuxoznxniozuuxnxui szoxnxoxuioioa T H E S P E C T A T O R 10101010101 wif inxioiuuioicuioioioioiarifsicxizvic 101021 10101111 1""': """"E:"""' """" I:"':R"'""""'""""""""""""""""""l f B E N J A M I N ' s L PHARMACY AND MUSIC STORE l GEO. R. BENJAMIN, Ph. G., Prescription Druggists Z THE REQCALL STORE 7 ORTHOPHONIC VICTROLAS, VICTOR RECORDS I I KINIBALL PIANOS, GRANDS AND PLAYERS FREED EISEMAN RADIOS AND R. C. A. RADIOLAS L....HIE..22252.fY!YE5..ETQEE,21.IE.XTEEX......-...S'ES2f2i2ffl..-..i. 'I' Mr. Thonmpson-"Who fiddled while I U - Rome burned?" 2 n:nn1uu:nu1nn1ul1ln1 1 --m1 1:1111-ul-aiu Ross A.-"Hector," VANQERGRIF1' Mr. Thompson-"No," D C ' , Ross A.-"Towser." RY LEANING H Mr. Thompson-"Towser! What do 3 WORKS you mean? It was Nero." g -3' ' , 1 . Ross A. I Well, Inknew Itnwas some l, PRESSING and REPAIRING .. body wlth a dogs name. ,I if Office, 111 GRANT AVENUE Dot. B.-"I thought youuwere going VANDERGRIFT, PA' 1 to be engaged to Roger. ly Q Cleda M.--"I was but the ring he P11090 41 bought me was too small so we call' Q ed it off." l Il I - ff' , WARREN AVENUE Larry B.-"Where did you get the O me T new hat?" APOLLO, PA. I Gene F.-"IES a present from the wife. I Phone 326 V I came home early yesterday and found it on the table." . .i.......: :.E:..... .E:....1 122. ?.7l-l--137-1 11 7 : :'7l:l'-i:'il:f'-illillfflilf llTllTll'l':l33I2 llilllli -1 llliliii Q -FOR RECREATION- I i MAGARO 8: MARAFFVS 5 BOWLING AND BILLIARD PARLGR Q "WHERE COURTESY RULESU Ll EAT-Wllell y0u're hungry DRINK-Wllexl you're dry Q CANDY AND TOBACCO i E 214- LONQFELLOW STREET VANDERGRIFT, PA. ul +I'illlllillliiililllillilllllillill1illl'-"Ulillilli"ll"1llT'lli'll 'Zlilliiilli-IIUTIIIT-llilllll"Ilil:3- boioioicrioioiuixzioioioi-1ilisvitxixriziexixwixicrifi 3111010104 more1101:apozuguxoiuiozoxuzoxniozeuguzuxuxuxnxuz 11 nie :nina T H E S P E C T A T O R ' :1ll:l:4:l-1:7 1:1 .. 1: -q-.uziu-in -ES..-..........-.....-..-.....-..........-......-.,-9 'E' l 1 : 5K-LlNGENSMlTH'S HARDWARE 1 : l i AND HOUSE FURNISHING STORE i ' l l MAKE OUR STORE 'YOUR STORE 7 5 145 GRANT AVENUE Q Phone 487 VANDERGRIFT, PA. l : niw.n-u1u11m-.111un-:mins-un-un-u-uuin-1ning- u-:min1:niuuiuu-ll-ul-un1ll1ul1uu1llill1-'wsu ll.u-n-u-n-n-u-n-u-n-M-n-M----lm G D "I' d' d th i race .- ve iscovere e cause i W O R L D L Y gfvocziissl hundred per cent of all E W I S D G M Glenna lvl.-"Remarkable, and what ' ' 757 I KlWhC?1 Fire and Water ere, at Gfjcitb.--tMarriage.-Q I War, Fwe Always Dies Q Maybe so-but not until it has Barber-"Shall I cut your hair close?" Q done more damage than most Janelle. M-T NO-Stand of HS far HS Q people can afford to pay for. P0551b1e- l Be sure you are full insured. ' Q u y l Thls agency Wlu be glafllto A son at college wrote to his father: I talk over your present policies L-N0 mon no fun your Son -1 i and. your present values and The father Answered? ' I advlse you' i 5 5 3 "How sad, too bad, your dad." E . E L I E B R O S, Ella F.-"What's an operetta?" i Vera K.-"Don't be foolish-it's a girl I JACK D. MILIE THOMAS MILIE who works for the telephone com' ii Phone 423 pany. I 303 LONGFELLOW ST, Dig Catcher-"Do your dogs have icense?" g VANDERGRIFT - - PA- Alfred M.-"Yes, sir, they're just cov' .it-I-I'-u-4--n-I'-H-u-u-I.-u-n----H+ ered with them." +nl"'47'1."i"i"i'l7l 'lll.Tl.7l'll:f ll13ll'il:TllTl:llllllTl: llTllllI'- llillbillillii-llC1lllCl+ z i l HFLOVJ ERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS" I l i COLUMBIA FLOWER SHOP ! T Under New Management I 5 FORMERLY BROWN,S FLOWER STORE i Your Patronage Will Be Greatly Appreciated ll . O I 5 179 COLUMBIA AVENUE f i Phone 350 VANDERGRIFT, PA. i ninllill1ll1ll:ll1ln1lu1-111111:-uw-nnrunx-uuxuu--nn-tuning-In-..1'..1l-1...-...1,,.1...1..1.,,,.,,1:,,..,,,i, xinir io: 1 11014131114 in 1 11:13:11: 1 101:11 1111 1103014114 :uint THE SPECTATOR - 1101010101011 1 vi 111 in 1 1 1 1 131111111111 14 it 1 111 10141101 COMPLIMENTS -QF- Vandergrift Hesighifs Pharmacy J. G. ROSS Phone 515 VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA i.,1l.1..1.....gu1.....u1..-1.. .-. 1 .... 1 111, -. 1. -g.....1 - :ll 7: 11.1 -I..-..1,..1..1-n.-.n1l,iuu1nn1-n.-un-nuiuuiauilliglilli.Ii1,.1.,i..-...1..i..1..1.,1. THE BADGE OF PROSPERITY A bank book is a certificate of business ability and the true badge of prosperity. Time easily proves that it is not impossible for most people to have a substantial bank account. We invite your account and vvnt to help you become Hnancially successful. Citizens National Bank VANDERG-RIFT. PA. CHAS. T. CULP, President C. W. PERRINE, Cashier 4, -.......-..-u.....-....1.-. ... ul- .......... ,.......-1...-..-.11-...-..-........-....-..-..-......... nl. 1u-u.-........-..,i...-.l.-...- 1 1. 1 1 up .....-...-......-..- -..-...-..-...... '1- 1 -.u1.q1.l1..1l.g....ipl11.11.-.u.....-. 1 ...Il-.n-..II.....1l.i.-.iniI.-...in1..i.liII.1-n.-I 1IIi:bi:viari:IZIIifhis10101Is:criII1Ix1IIiIv34IiII11IiII21r1 Ii ri viola: T H E S P E C T A T O R 90i0i0?lr10iu11 iuiviuioioiarioiIIi0:u1uc:IIiII:o1II1 rio: 141106 f 11.-un1nII.-..II,1nu.-IIII1uII1IIII-uII-.II.-..1u.1..-...,1,,1..-..I1...-.I-....I..1...-III1.I-..,1u.-1,11-u-n 1' SPORTING GOODS ' l VV e cater our trade to Schools and pupils All lines of Sporting Goods BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, TRACK SUPPLIES l Standard advertised merchandise at C U T P R I C E S I THE WORKINGMENYS STORE - 6 STORES Q l "WE SELL FOR LESS, l GRANT AVENUE VANDERGRIFT, PA. -ll-ll1l-I1ll-ll-III-uulvu-lu 1--11 II -uII-n- -uu-lII1uu-an-IIIIQIIII1IIn1IIII1.-1.I1,.,1,,,i -m-'- - - - - - - - - -In-In-T Moe R.-"Have a drink of elephant : whiskey?" L Julia W.-"What's that?" L Moe R.-"Take one drink and you 1 throw your trunk out of the win' Z dow." BARBER SHOP l ! Teacher-"Use statue in a Sentence." L Abie-"When I came in last night my I papa says, 'statute Abie?' " 172A COLUMBIA AVE. Z I T Alfred A.-"Didn't I see you taking Between Grant and WHShiDgtOHT a tramp through the woods yesterf S day?" L Freda B.-"The idea! That was my father." -........- - - - - - .. - - ......-.....I.g. -..-...-.,.-..-,.-..-...-............-...........-,....,..........I.....- - .....-,............,...,.-......-.......'!' Office Phone 486 ' Night Phone 405, I ' E PHILLIPS BROS. GARAGE Q VANDERGRIFT, PA. ' I AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES AND PARTS PoP ALL MAKES OF CARS ' I I STORAGE REPAIRS OILS GASOLINE - l AMBULANCE SERVICE WIIECKING SERVICE I I -3- 1--1.111 ? Stroioioi xi 112 xi ni rioioioiunioioioiaioza 1 mini mining pinion Y' 3 THE SPECTATOR f boi: 301412411 3 P301 iozoiuuioxuiarluzoznuiunic inzoiuioiuimniocl 14.101 1 11.1 1 11.1 1 11.1 1. 1 1. 1,1 1,.1..1...1u..1m.1..1m1.u1..1.,1..1 The Prudential Insurance Company an 1 of America A HOME OFFICE, NEWARK, NEVV JERSEY JQHN BAUER, Asst. Sup't J ii. 138 GR.ANT AVENLIE, VANDERGRIFT, PA. LOCAL STAFF Lash, Thomas A. - - 121 Suxnlner Ave., Vanclergrift., Pa. lutkrieri, Joseph M. - - 409-A Hancock Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. Whitacre, Guy A. - 133 Sherman Ave., Vandergrift., Pa. Wi1'tz, Ralph L. - - 122-B Grant Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. Deibler, Ray E. - Greensburg Road, Vandergrift, Pa. Fiscus, John W. - - - 520 N. 6th St., Apollo, Pa. Hartman, Alva H. - - 520 N. 4-th St., Apollo, Pa. McCormick, Eugene - - - 301 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. GERTRUDE I. RETTER, CLERK Now Showlng f cc A vo LEARBURY 6 . l l , X q fifxfsf - '. 1 SNAPPIEST YGUNG MEN S I 'I SUITS ON THE MARKET ? '- I V 'X Also the New f Q 95 HATS, SHIRTS and NECKWEAR J. D. FLUDE COMPANY 1.1.1. 1-.1.,1..1..1 1 1g.1..1.,1..1un1..1.1.w1,.1g.1.1 1 1 11.1.1 puioiuioiuioia 104:02-ioixnioicuiozcriuioicuicviuic 14 ioioiuioq THE SPECTATOR D1 10301 li vi 1 1010101111010101011:iirxuioiixiniuiuioinnioiod -....-u...n1..-.lui -.1-..1..1...-I..-lg.-..1u1 1 1 1 1111.11.- ' KJY. ,-1 ie I s, - 5, . , , 7' ' -' :'- A' ' , - . g R A , 1 - X "": U . " 3 5 ' I ' T . . W T sfffag- 1 f X4 aas,fyg eases. f t ii1ssg asskx 'Vj'if asa. 73453 . 1 H I ' Q m'affT"'i5L zf si ,airs . E 43-,Q I' -V . ' at-gf: , ii ' 1, N a: 15-,gl H1 5 5 3 A51 v- ig. QW, g was iv :F , : V' , 4 Q -if K, -I H .. fwfr A ?Ef-if3-.- 5123 1 i s . f I ,,:,..N, , , ,.':q.' 1 - -. Q - '- 5 Y i1i-,,-7.- - 1: ,. fl ' 1 T Y " V ""' 4' ' l H. L. YERTY !'OiI'ice 'Phone 12 Residence 'Phone 233 Roofing, Stained Shingles, Wall Board, Paints, Oils, Vamishes, Builders' Sup- plies, Glass, Sewed Pipe. Septic Joints, Flue Lining, Wall Coping, Brick, Sand, Gravel, Cement. Lime, Cromar Oak Flor-ing. LUMBER AND MILL WORK Office and Yard 181 Lincoln Ave., Near School Building -...- ,...... .. - -......,..,.-.......-f.-..--,g. 1u.....1.l1l.1..1l.-ll-. 1 Florence G.-"I don't see why you in Drugs Chemicals sisg ontrwalking icrgettheetdeep snow i an ge :ng your U w . ' Mabel F.-"Do you think I want every' R As PH.G. 5 one in town to see the hole in my : stocking?" PRESCRIPTION ! I SPECIALIST 2 . . l Elizabeth N.-"Just think, every time N T I breathe somebody dies." glR?I?,,1l?iNPlll: Elsie R.-L'Better try Listerinef' Phone 542 I D "Mother may I go out to swim?" I Sick "Yes, my charming daughterg but don't B1OlOg1CalS ROOII1 Supplies! hang 'round the camera man. Go L on into the water." iv'-'-ll-nl--'I-::1un-nn1-u1u-'Ln-U-3si. Tni TllTIlil!ilMTI!!!-QInu-IIll:Isillll.Illn1ll1Ml-tlllill-1lllill-1ll1-lil'1'llTll"U'Ul'-'IliWil- .r l In "Gifts That Last" you have just what you are seeking for that graduation present. A gift of jewelry, diamond or a watch defies the passing years and will keep fresh the memory of this momentous event through' out the lifetime of the graduate. : We have the right thing for this purpose. Call and you will find it in the rich variety of our offerings-in beautiful designs and extraordinary values. We shall be glad to serve you. PHILLIPS a+ANDEs 5 IEWELERS Here Since 1901 Vandergrift, Pa. ! U,-...1wi.....I.in1..ill-.ll-.....g1q.1.pi..-qi... 1. .1.,....1l.....1.q.....uigntlpipgillll.-us..1 To inniuuiuniuuiun.-ul1uu...n:1 .-uni. ailing-un-.n1l.1.u1..1.....n1..1u.1u'1-lil'...gig ltlillllillll lllllt illitiillitbltbllbl i i lllililillllilbl M Pl! M0101 5 THE SPECTATOR lllliblilillilbl ill iiliitlllbii 14 il i llllitri il ii 1 M014 illilriil -5. -......-..-.....-..-..-,,.-..-...-..-..-...-..-..-..-......t-.....,-..- - - .. - - -I- Build A Home First Money put into a home is invested, not spent. ' It yields a return in dollars and cents as well as in comfort and happiness. MR. RENTER! ' If you are weary of paying out good money to your landlord, if you would rather bein quarters that you can call your own without adding a dollar to your current expenses we would be glad to show you several attractive homes which we can sell you on terms like rent. MILIE BROTHERS JACK D. MILIE THOMAS MILIE Phone 423 303 Longfellow Street Vandergrift, Pa. -.limi 1 1....1n1 .Q 1..- 1..1m,1-1 .-11 .....1.n1ul..-lu1n.. .- -.ui..1 .- Vandergrift Savings SZ Trust Co. VANDERGRIFT, PA. RESOURCES NEARLY S4,000,000.00 fEour Million Dollars, A S A F E B A N K 4721 Interest Paid on Savings Accounts TOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED J. S. WHITWORTIi R. C. GEORGE President Sec. and Treats. -.uuilg-.,.1.nninu1 1 -. 1. -. 1 1 1, .fi 1 1 1 -. 1 u-an 11:11:11: E .11 .- :, , -4 - :L - -: -. : ,Y 1 -. 1 gn-..gin1.l1l.1,l1..i...1..-.ggi 1..1n1..i. mf.:'.':,:Q::: 1f.:Zni'7'7"?57i737'7E": ZIIIIIIIIIW mutu-u---m-n---m-.m--m-u--ul-E.-....-..-u..-...-.n-..---..-.,-....1..-.,1..--.11-1uu--u1un-nn? THIEVES CAN STEAL YCUR AUTC, BUT THEY CANT i i INSURANCE CLAIMS Z -rg Uur Fire and Theft Auto Insurance is ! ,..s5.. ig ' 2 ' '-12, INTERFERE WITH THE PAYMENT OF YOUR a wise safe-guard to throw about your li jfvftwwim 5' car. You can't afford to stand the loss l - . f , 22-f--1 . . . - arkffrllb H 31Q5g??"fi--'-" and lnsurance coznpames can and will. L "3 ,-6 -'Autg Other attractive -forms of auto insurance I x --' Sic-,len protecting your from damages. ll K ' T I , --- I , J. F, B AIR 1 5 ai ' y R XXV' JUSTICE UF THE PEACE Q insulgge Q, Eaiiivi REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE T C --' ' ' ' "l"':f- Phone 54 241 Longfellow St. -....-..-...-..- .. .. - -......-.... -...-.......-...-,.-..- - -,.,-...-..-..-,...........-....-,45. -...- - ..........-...-..-..-..-.::..............a-4. STUDENT 5 Li1i'TZ3,zsfg23iE3C1SWS HEADQUARTERS I Vance C.-'TYou bet! My wife felt -. 1 one in my pocket once and thought FOR it was a mouse." School Supplies, Candy, Books, E V Latest Columbia RCC01'dS, I "Hey, there, feller! What yo' all run' Magazines and I nin' for?" Ice Cream sWH1ff Et9Q7i bis fight-" I o a S g tm. 1 "Jes me an' another fellerf' WI LLIAM' S T Chuck B.-"What is a detour?" - 1 Elizabeth Mc.-"The roughest distance 307 LOINGFELLOW ST. between two points-., .-..-A-..--..-...-..-...-,.-.,.-..-..-...-T..g. -............-,..,-..-......-..-...-..-.,.....-...-...-...-................ - .... - ... -.-..-.............q. . L ASK DAD-HE KNOWS T THAT THE BEST l BILLIARD and POCKET EILLIARD TABLES I ARE FOUND AT 1 ,BRIDESON 8: LACE BOWLING 1 . : LUNCHES 4 10101: 101010101:xzoioiuxoinrxuzuguiox viuznxoiuinif T H E S P E C T A T O R :ir :exif 1n3o1o1o1u1410141201411nvcwozngozuxognzuxoz-ui 1..1..1uq1g.1.p1m1-.1lu1l.....m1n1: l1..,1..1'.1..q1u.1m-...1....-m.1,1l....g1m,y FRATERNITY, COLLEGE and CLASS IEWELRY Colmnencenment Announcements and Invitations jeweler to the Senior Class of Vanclergfift High School L. C. Balfour Complany MANUFACTURING IEWELERS AND STATIONERS Attleboro, Mass. ASK ANT COLLEGE GREEK ,1ul1.'1n.141l1.41qn1.,1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS AND PROGRAMS ENGRAVED AND PRINTED NAME CARDS DANCE PROGRAMS AND PENCILS QEAASQS TTAEAAA Nm MN TELEPHONE-FAIRFAX 3957 18f2O WEST STOCKTON AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA BON VOYAGE AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1928 11.1H1.n1ql1.p1..1..1..1.n1.q1gr1H5119-ng-up-1.1..1..1..1..1l.1..1l-1 1 1gl1.q,1g.i..-. 1np1l,1.r1..1.g1n........-. -.M-.M1 .- -. -. 1 imiui iuulpuigi .-1.1uuiniuuinn1nn1uu1gn1l..1,.qim- -.nil 201031130101 riuioioiuioioioq THE SPECTATOR poi1:1014iiuioinioioizrioicxioiur boiuxoioim ioiuioioinioicuiuinuioioivnioiuxi 1011 10:1 1 :nine N-.q..-...-I..-...Q,....M1..1l.i-1 1. illilpiqu-u.1n:'1!I LET THE A. if-9 P. SERVE YOU We carry a full line of NATIONALLY ADV ERTISED MERCHANDISE I THRIFTY PEOPLE SAVE PENNIES BY BUYING AT OUR STORES The Great Atlantic SL Pacific Tea Co. 171 COLUMBIA AVE. 165 WASHINGTON AVE. IF IT IS REAL ESTATE BARcA1NSi that you are looking for, we have them I n IF IT IS LOTS I We have them also and don't I forget that we have accom- I modations for you and T E R M S to suit every one I We are located at ' 303 LONGFELLOW' STREET Ml L IE B R o s. 1 JACK D. MILIE THOMAS MILIE Phone 423 I VANDERGRIFT, PA. I .4.1un1un1 1nu1un1m.1...1 1.g1.g1.g1u1.pi,.1. .ani 1 1 1an1nn1pl1..-...ihli 11.14,- 'I' 6- 0 Z I I I I I - I I I I I 202 LONGFELLOW AVE. 400 WALNUT ST. I -I- Miss MeDom'elI-"What does 'una' ware' mean?" john Shoop-"lt's the last thing you take off at night." Doine Mc.--"That is a pretty sash for your new dress." jane Mc.-k'Sil1y! That's the dress." .,-..--...I--.--..-...-,........-.,..,........-.......-4. TRAUTlVIAN'SI PAINT AND OIL HEADQUARTERS I Lawrence Bc Duquesne Ready Mixed Paints I Carter Pure White Lead I I I I Varnishes, Enamels, Stains, Colors I and Brushes I I . I Janitor Supplies, Painters Supplies I Blue Seal Cleanser. I ' Wa1'el1ouse I 132 E. ADAMS AVE. I Phone 342 J Get Our Prices? ,-..-..., 1..i..1.g1u-1.'1nn1nu1..1..1 ...I-.I,uiu 10201 ri 2 his 2 1010101mini:xioioinioloioini vi ii 1 1111411411 THE SPECTATOR 10Qlli0l4 Qlliibl lfiltillllfiiiIilblllllblliilIi0illll7Q0illi0l01 i0l1lC .......-..........-...,,-..- -..-.....-..............-..-..-..-,.-...,.-..-.....-..-...-..-.Iq. Exclusixe Agents for I wAL.K-ovER SHOES i The BEST SHOES in the IVORLD. At the Lowest Prices I I I I ADOLPH'S FOUR STORES NOW i 117 GRANT AVENUE 876-878 FIFTH AVE. Tel. 267 NEW KENSINGTON 409 CORET ST. I Tel. 960 VANDERGRIFT 7 933 FOURTH AVE. I I TARENTUM, PA. 1 I I n.-..q-.u,ivn1nq- 1 .... -. -.u.1...-41.-.n-........ in-...Q lginu-ll:lninn1n-nl-.nniuiunx-nu-nn-u:ian-.:aiu-.nfnu--u:7un1uu1u-:Tunis-si.: A n1n:.Lpn1n BE A IVELL DRESSED MAN QUICK SERVICE! IN Have Your Suits Made Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing i To Measure 325.00 Lowest Prices I A. DONGHIA. 'rAll.oR I 704 WALLACE STREET ' "GIVE US A TRIAL" u.-un-u.--p-.u-nuinrw ALLISON DRY GOODS CO LEADERS IN IUNIORS and MISSES DRESSES and COATS I I ofa n-n1un1un1uu-nn-un1uu-uu1un-nu-an-nu-mfg I VANDERGRIFT, PA. 4 Thomas J.-"I had a wonderful time at your party last night." Dave G.-"Why, I had no party last night." Thomas J.-"That so? Well, believe me, I was at somebody's party?" Mother-"Leonard, you should never do anything which you would he ashamed for the whole world to see." Leonard M.-"Hooray! I won't have to take any more baths." -. 1 1 glnilllgl1.1...lg-.u1.l1l.1.l1..1.,1pg1,1141-I THE SPECTATOR Ddricrilricrininifvinrioioievioiuvioic ioioioioioioini ioioioiud Do1014:1ar1o11ni01oin11r::x1o14 1 rzoxogoiuzoxnioioi v2o1u1u1nq 1un-nl-nu1ll1ln1uu-hl- - -ul-uu-lu1ln- -'1 1 -un1nn1uu-:ln-ul-1:1main:-1ln1ln1ll:ln? I L U N C H L U N C H I POOL, BOWLING, TOBACCO I BILLIARDS with CHEERY SERVICE B U C K ' S Grant Avenue, ' Vandergrift, Pa. L U N C H L U N C H .-I..-..1I,.1..1nIu1.u1nn-un1uuf-:u-u-mimi-n in-u: -nu 1111: :-1:11u1nl-111-1-1-1111-ulvv-ri .-pq.-u1uin1u1u-u-1nn--n-an1nn1un1un- 0? I Mother-"You are at the foot of the I spelling class, are you?" FIRST CLASS I Jim W.-"Yes'um." SHQE REPAIRING I Mother-"How did it happen?" I Jim VV.-"Got too many Z's in s is SHOE SHINE Sofia' I I Marie M.-"I say, old dear, what's E, MARCANTONIO good for biting 6ngerfnails?" I Ruby H.-"Sharp teeth, silly," I CORNER If Adam came back. to earth the only GRANT and FARRAGUT AVESDT thing? he d recognize would be these - 5 ......., :....i:L..-.: -.. --:.-.. 2.-.1-..t:.g. ""'lU1'll'f':lTIlTlli:lTl:7IIT i ':i:flllllYll1llil2fl l:T:':-1:4 34517-f I2l:lll'T-IU? I SWQLIQQ I s. E. M o H N E Y 1 I Amee BUICK DEALER I Erlblemgfilllflilyflzflnn g AUTCMOBILES ACCESSORIES REPAIRS CORNER HANCOCK AVENUE AND WALNUT STREET Phone 5 6 VANDERGRIFT, PA. -15 b010i0i4r14ui010101010i4 1 1414 ini: 301010102014 1014 1010101 p010zo14r14r101014n1 ,101 1101010101 az rinxozuxoioic 101010101 T H E S P E C T A T O R 'f"""'-"-"-""""-"-"'-""-"-"-"-"'-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"--"-"-"-"- I 5 BIEHLBABURKETT I , , ,-in Y, AROUND THE SHOPS! i '15, " Around the shops in the large cities you will see 1 J 'L A Q nothing any newer than you see at Biehl Es? Burketts. Yi? ' QQ, We always have the newest in Suits, Hats, Coats accessories 'for men. ' l DOBB'S HATS BRAEBURN CLOTHES Q w1LsoN Baos. AcoEssoR1Es 0 5 BIEL-lLa BURKETTQ , Vandergrift PeImSY1V3U1a I .!.,,,-,,-,,,,,,-,,,-,,-......-...-...-......-...-.......-. Lawrence W.-"Have you any whisf key?" Drug Clerk-"No, but we have some' thing just as bad." Traffic Cop-"What's the idea balling 1 - - if I 1 5 W. C. HUNGER i LOCAL and LoNG up traffic like this? Why don't you DISTANT HAULING use your noodle?" : - u , Meredith W.-"Didn't know the car Plano Movmg a Specialty had one." E E 404- HANCOCK AVENUE Lawrence W.-"Have you heard the latest Ford joke?" Phone 517 Dick J.-"Heard it? Man I own it!" -ll-n-n-'--u-u-n-!D-u-u-n-u-- if'-''-"-"-"-''-"-"-i'-"-"-"-"'-"-"-"-"-"-"-''-"'-H'-"-"-"--'--'---'---- 1 1 5 L. S C I U L L U ll l , LADIES' and GENTS' FURNISHINGS l DRY GOODS and NOTIONS 1 INFANTS' and CHILDREN'S WEARING APPAREL F Q 403 LONGFELLOW STREET VANDERGRIFT, PA. I . 4..............-................-...-.....-..........-....... H-uuiqqluuinl-.un1.un--nu-qn1uu1uu1uu1u1n .ig.1l.1..1..1g.i.l-.glililiIli,-411-11.-. ini: 1 u-.l..n.-.....l1,.i. 1 3 1 1.011 Qoioioioiui 101 5101 110101 14 1:1101 111 101113 ui ri: 3 rim 1 cg at 4 v v 11 T H E S P E C T A T O R vin? ic 101011 1 via 1:3 101 v1o1o1uq,5,NL 94110301411 10101011 3 ini ,Y qi1.1--iiminiu:-nu1n:7nu1ul1uz7n .-..-..-..-.. ..-..-..E..-......-..-........l......-r- I SHOES AND HOSIERY EOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN FURNISMNGS I EOR MEN AND BOYS GET IT FROM i W1R.MAXWELL I "It Pays and Saves" Q 237 LoNoFELLow STREET Phone 451 R. 1...-u...u...,1u1ng1..1..1...........1I.- BUY IT AT THE ECONOMY STORE 221 LONGFELLOW ST. WHERE YOUR S DOES 1.l.1,.ip.-1.1. .1Il1.I-.II.-.1111-.Il-M1..1..1......1. VANDERGRIFT, PA. -i- Ruth L.-"If you tell a man tnything, it goes in one ear and out of the other." ' Howard H.-"And if you tell a woman anything, it goes in at both ears and out of her mouth." DOUBLE DUTY "My boy when you grow up I want: SC T0 81.00 you to be a gentleman." Harry M.-"I don t want to be a gen' WHY PAY MORE? tleman, Pop. I wanna be like you." 'ui"1"""""""1"1"'1"'l1"1ll1ll1IfH1ll1nl- u--lu-m1ui-uu1nu1nl1un1np1n-11uu1nn-nu1u-if I I l IILANDAU I l I CLOTHIER AND FURNISHER I Exclusive Dealer in MICHAELfSTERNS oLoTHEs I Grant Avenue Phone 216 I I 'I' D11011via11110101:vinioininioiaxioillioisnioinsicriuioioiuioind THE SPECTATOR Doioiuioilmic101113010ifvi:P11rZ0Ch1x20i4lioi010i0i010ilri1r1oi4IC C920 sahs cwlzolz 0 cz serwce It70!!fJ01'!Ol'1'H8C! is ilze onzy lasffng 1'GCOl'7'1p01'1SG ojl1fnc!usl1'y. Cgze Qanfon CA511g1'au1'11g cmc! glecfroglfnc Q0 Qaniou, 9111.0 Cmvcluccrs of-flue 6l1gYUL'I'l1g8 1.11 ilzfs Cggoof Tha above illusrralion is the McKinley- Memorial erected at Canton, Nineteen hundred six. L 5 5 1 ,x M Tx? -Aka. 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Suggestions in the Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) collection:

Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Vandergrift High School - Spectator Yearbook (Vandergrift, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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