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Q." M. is QLQ. v I gli 1 I D Q Q 0 ..- , Y. s l 'nanny out 1--f - 'C qQnun ll119- QQDCOO 1 . 4 SHI .':.. 4 ' - - s H Cai? is 5 ' . . ' 3 Q.. Q g. 2 - , I, ' QQ: f I E fp . L " unglnlnlnlll 3 I I 2 3 2 z i s i 3 y Q ! 3 3 E 3 S , . . M n k ,. . , . k ,m v l, , ,,, . , , N , k , , ,WL, .,. . ,, . ,.m.., . , ...,. , ,, , ,. M ,,., , , 4, W h .,. .M.. . . , ,,Q ,, , V ,e 1-51-:Y - F' ? if " . ,, VGA .b -n V- -'wx , ,.q,L M i rridlh It ' 1 'U J I 1' I R ,f lbs 1 all -an 1 " an M. . 3 . , Q 4 Q an li unsung -on -.. x -so L 85.1 ZQVWQ9' ' 'Q-Q00 'C'C"U"l""' asalllnn ' 701630 1 wr A - Q lla l Q xfdx gg., 'Qi m " 1 Y I .. Q 0 ,,'Q Q Q '2 'N X R 3 r KS? QQ sw 3 L Niwxduwzy CUMMGD GRE S ww QP glkk Q 195' Q Sf 4 R? , AS. ifffffglgf Q Q ,W i 1 T F '5"!1f3Q'fWf' ' W 5 I ii jg QQCCQ L23 In recent years, a number of students have come to expect a yearbook to be more than the traditional album filled with pictures which are meant to re- flect all that happened during the previous year. Few of them, however, share the same expecta- tions. Some of them expect it to remind them- to tell them-how they felt, what they thought about everything that had occurred. Others expect it to evaluate and assess the year in retrospect to tell them what was really significant. Students also have conflicting ideas about the way and to what extent a yearbook should cover specific events. Some believe that an annual should scrutinize every minute detail under the harsh, unyielding light of reality. Others believe that, while it should reflect reality, it should emphasize the pleasant hap- penings and minimize the unpleasant. A few feel that it should present the entire year in an arti- ficial rosy-glow. We did not set out to fulfill everyone's expecta- tions, for we believe that such a task would prove to be impossible to accomplish as well as absurd. The 1967 COMMODORE represents, rather, our conscientious efforts to produce what we hope is a yearbook that satisfies most Vanderbilt students and that captures, for its readers, the people, the moods, the activities, the events that were, in es- sence, Vanderbilt in 1966-1967. We have attempted to compile a record that will endure the test of time. For, many years from now we may be struck by the realization that we can no longer recollect all of those "unforgetable" college experiences we had once believed could never fade. If students, when they want to remember the years spent at Vanderbilt, can refresh their memories by glancing through the 1967 ,COMMODORE, it will have achieved an important objective. ' We have not tried to recall every specific incident of the year. Certain ones undoubtedly warrant more comment than we care to make. We have merely eluded to a few of them. Some will probably be remembered whether we are reminded of them or not, as for the others, if we do forget them, per- haps Vanderbilt will be better remembered with- out them. So, here is your 1967 COMMODORE. If we have managed to satisfy some of you, we will have suc- ceeded in our efforts. To those of you who do not like what we have produced, we offer our con- dolences. E Q EQ 41 W f fn ,S K q, .W - fi? Eff ,,iv V. Q49 f Y.LWf 11 ff ig? 9 ? 5 E 1 Q i 1 wi A I h M We have endeavored to include in these 452 pages some of the people who have been omitted in the past. These are peo- ple, whom we have come to associate with Vanderbilt, people, like the Director of Alumni andthe Assistant Deans, whom we have contacted in many of our daily activities. We have attempted, also, to recognize those individuals who have made contributions to Vanderbilt while we have been here. Sometimes it has been merely to recognize the work of the Deans of the seven, colleges, without whose efforts there could be not University. In some cases, it has been to acknowledge. the achievements of specific members of the faculty. It has been, also, to recognize on behalf of the COMMODORE a few otherwise forgotten seniors who have done what they could to improve Vanderbilt during their four years. Perhaps, there have been instances when not enough credit has been givenito accomplishments, This year we have seen- the revival of ,Sunday services' in Benton Chapel under the newly- appointed University' Chaplain. There was also theievening when an interested administration gathered on the Under- wood stage to answer the questions of a concerned student , One thing, however, appears to be rather- evident. During the past four years, Vanderbilt has demonstrated a definite tendency toward advancement. Our University has reevaluated itself, liberalized its outlook, broadened its scope, improved its facilities and its faculties, increased its size. In short, while we have been here, Vanderbilt has outgrown the often awkward adolescence of a sectional institution and has begun to show the maturity of a university with a national stature. What has been accomplished has taken the combined efforts of the entire University-the trustees, the faculty, the administration, the altunni, the students. The progress Vanderbilt has made thus far is remarkable, we hope, it is only a beginning. In appreciation forand in recognition of all that he has do-ne to further the best interests of the Vanderbilt Community, we dedicate the 1967 COMMODORE to . . . ALEXANDER HEARD Chancellor Heard has said: "Joining the university im- poses an affirmative obligation to make the most of a fav- ored chance." This obligation to take full advantage of the opportunity to associate with an academic institution ap- plies to each member of the university, whether he is an administrator, a faculty member, or a student. No single individual has done as much to fulfill this obligation as the Chancellor has while he has been at Vanderbilt. ' Alexander Heard joined our University on February 1, 1963, when he assumed his duties as Vanderbilt's Chan- cellor. Shortly after his arrival, the new Chancellor estab- lished aself-study, the Planning Study of 1963 and 1964, which was conducted by the faculty and staff, to evaluate the entire University and to make recommendations for each department and school. Many, of these recommenda- tions have been implemented and others form the basis for future plans. During the past four years, improvements have been made in several of the schools and different de- partments, the curriculum has been enriched in many areas, faculty salaries have been increased, new programs and areas of study have been established, including Van- derbilt-in-Spain. A program of building and expansion has been initiated and has been responsible for the construc- tion of the Oliver C. Carmichael Towersand the Memorial Gymnasium balconies. It includes plans for the completion of the' H. Fort Flowers ,wing 'of the Uoint University Li- braries, a Graduate .School of Business, the expansion of the Medical. Center, the renovation of several older build- ings, the' construction of the University Club and: several other buildings. ' ' - 6 Not all of the development has been in academic areasg Theiadministrative staffs have been improved and the positions of Vice-Chancellor of Finance, Provost, and Dean of the University for Institutional Relations have been created. The position of University Chaplain was also cre- ated and filled. The Madison Sarratt Student Center is more nearly a reality now than it was four years ago. While Chancellor Heard has been here, the administra- tion has been open to the suggestions of the students. He has Worked with them to strengthen student govern- ment. Under his guidance, the University's policy on drink- ing has been revised and the policy of visiting hours in men's dormitories has been established. He has also ap- pointed a special committee to study Vanderbilt's athletic program. Largely as a result of the massive, Planning Study, in June, 1966, the Ford Foundation announced a challenge grant of S11 million, in'which Vanderbilt must raise four dollars for each dollar given by the Foundation up to S11 million before June 30, 1970. The funds raised by this S55 million campaign will be used to finance many of the re- maining projects suggested by the self-study. In explain- ing the challenge Chancellor Heard said: "As the Univer- sity approaches its second century of service to the region and the nation, we must push higher the standards of ex- cellence that have characterized its distinguished past. Vanderbilt has been pointed to by educational leaders across the nation as a university on the threshold of great achievement. 'We must fulfill that promise." Since his arrival, Chancellor Heard has constantly worked to improve the entire University. He has given the University four years of enlightened and dedicated ad- ministration, guiding it to development and achievements. On February 6, 1967, the Chancellor was presented an honorary degree in University Administration by Frank Allen Philpot, Hustler editor, on behalf of the entire stu- dent body. Having completed four years as Vanderbilt's chief executive officer, Chancellor Heard was awarded the degree "for his work' in general university development with related work in student relations." Alexander Heard was graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of North Carolina in 1938. He received his M.A. in Political Science from Columbia in 1948 and his Ph.D. from the same institution in- 1951. In 1965 he Was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Columbia. He joined the faculty of the University of North Carolina in 1950 and became Dean of its Graduate School in 1958. He was tapped for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa in May of 1967. ' When he came to Vanderbilt, 'Chancellor Heard already if had. a deep commitment to freedom-both, personal and academic. Heetold the,Class of 1967 as it entered Vander- biltzi "A university is a place ofvfreedom, for only in an atmosphere of freedom can the human mind grow and dis- cipline itself, and learn the truth that sets men free .... " This year the Chancellor reaffirmed the right of student groups like IMPACT to invite controversial speakers to campus so that interested students could have the oppor- tunity to hear these. individuals express their conflicting ideas in .an open forum. During the past four years, we have learned many things at Vanderbilt, particularly from the example and attitude of our Chancellor. We will have learned a great deal even if we have only leamed, as he wrote in the 1963 COMMO- DORE: "Educated minds, Vanderbilt minds, never stop asking why things are the way they are and how they can be made better. A truly educated mind, and a true Van- derbilt alumnus, will not compromise integrity, nor let bias defeat fact, nor 'abandon the goal of justice and the spirit of charity, nor knowingly choose the ugly over the beautiful." CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 35 CAMPUS LIFE ON CAMPUS 69 HONORS A 97 ATHLETICS 129 ACTIVITIES GREEKS 201 ORGANIZATIONS 257 MILITARY 317 CLASSES 337 ADVERTISING 431 INDEX 452 MARGARET McCLINTOCK, Editor MICHAEL KING, Business Manager VA N DER BI LT 'z"'A!-Q' 1 ,, ..., ?g' A-awww dna Qing, six vvv'Y'Lf 1 1 gh W- iw" L We www, v 'vw ,, .-V ,QM , ' w g ' ww A W w , , , 1 ii' -1. my-f W 1 'sf fi' Each year combines some of the old with the new. 17. I l I W, ,, 13 . PFS- .715 TSP u f ' mi Q Old-friends, attitudes, routines, regulations, places I4 '35 X 4 -as, Q X r.-his 7, gy I! A, 100 i 'fr, mi, ...fn 4 fx S fwm-M 1 Wg, ,,,, , V ,W MW k x . X - fi Q W .. Bw x XX X - .9.:x5x:Q.-X X x XA. Q Wsggw .M f 1 X- A - 1 .: '--f- " 1 . ws , -L-- Q- Q A Q . 5 E , QS .N , if i. J S I N N b . Q K- . Q 1 , P - - km-. K - ' , 5 5- -. -, ig' ff Q'Q 4, 1, , , NA M ,... tmp. P Y m W ., A Q Q 1 G iii.. ' 7 .:,,,, . ,gr , , M Q W ' W Y . Repeated patterns of behavior frequently become loathsome routines 16 -nf uv-M Hunan ' "" In the midst of these perennial developments, students find a familiar security. ? 5 9 ? 5 Q vc 5 3 fi :ww .,,,,, W, Qs y ww msmamwz H L 1 w 'liek ,Mfg ,mi 'F tl! ...Wm-wing V 'W F 1 1. -f . . ,V 1-1 J, V x.'sfA Q QE 56 'ff V as V' , w X 'MN 'V W' 2 1 ' ' W K X if W +I' x ,f,, :v E y Q V Q V gf-' W., ? - ' 5 . W f , . 5 , Y is V k -di :L Y ,, I is X -, , . X XI, x , Q? I mm A' ,A S '- . ,H Y H3411 K . 1' 'lf ' .fl , X Q '. ' ' 4 x B , X if v. mx' . .L 'fa "V I Q A s A' 'g"""' H ' .1 QV gy WV- , up .E ..f,,.L ., 1 xg, an , 'x,.W 3 f ,,, ' r fav ow X ag If ' sf-P 1' I ' .Q 43", M , f' ' 1 ' . . if ' L ' ' .g " " 3 K E ff 9 X 'f mf' 'Q NK A P X LEX X ' ' MT 'F 44 5 'ff , X ' A ' , ,,1. M .,: 4 'Af' 'Q ffl e - 6 1' f M, ,.qg, . - i ,M K f Q f 5, vfl 5 12 M Ta A 53 Q f if 3 is Q ' 4 'iff 7 fr: 55551 f 2. ,A Q V H , :Q't'1- f Ea b 'ii4,,g:.n 1 N N Aly E an ,Mx xsiuidvfx N , . ' 1,.-X gb 15 H' - -.Y1?Qigf' ,ss ' A W ., ,N ' if Q ' Q Q 35 sf - , plvkx WV M A M M Q Af- -1 ,. 2- ' W A . Q W , if , -J -wif . ' ' .,: Limp?-',' 2 . 2 Q '- W 'Wm 'V 55'fs.q 'FL' 'K M3 'T " W' 'N , '12 , P+' - XML' . A, My ' f W , v- Lf , W. W' ' ' Y 0 Q A . ,K w ,fp I " "' sl 4 Q' Jig . . ' ff g . , 51:1 Q' ' M Ji! y 'Qtr alff-an mm v' -. J 1 Q 5 11. . . 223 13 H M S W4 , ,W F gaif! ,,,.......--- ,sg events of the year are spotlighted. 1.1 e U 1? W .. WF 18 S? if Q .. 4 X X . af. -N R 953 f WS ' 'xx N k . S Q.. NN . , + 5, Q ...Y X 1 6.4 flu Q,--AQ " ,W Q . Q X yy I :., X K 4 -K K Q. X XR X 5 N X X X X X X - 1 ffg l i-S v Q-If .5 i i Q 2 5? New moods bring significant changes to Vandy's lethargic attitude Each year several important programs and events are arranged and carried out almost en- tirely by Vanderbilt students. Happenings, like Homecoming, Parents' Weekend, the Contact- sponsored "Meeting of the University", the all- campus weekend, and IMPACT, all serve to emphasize, briefly, the dynamic tendencies existing in the Vanderbilt Community, then, the campus lapses back into its former condi- tion. In the past, these events were planned, or- ganized, and implemented, by a small group of involved, interested, and informed students, on behalf of the entire student body. Each student could benefit from these activities if he was in- terested enough to attend or to participate in them. This year has led many students to new ex- periences, new developments, a new awareness ofthe role of a university. The student body reflected its changing moods by its actions. The mood of concern was expressed to the Administration at the "Meeting of the Uni- versity." A questioning mood contributed to the revisal of the University drinking policy and to the establishment of menls parietal hours. Concern, responsibility, and involvement were essential features of growth and develop- ment. The meaning of tolerance was a basis for continued achievement. af ...f N an P 14' f ' a ,g ,f,x"','l A"-,r , 15,4 ' . J- z5 After youpafe been ,ftudying bookf for bl long time Saturday nzlgbt if finef 6 K 1 1' ,I 'lr V 49' "'I'.."-k 1 - '-T-.'T,j lr Each 1nd1v1dual has h1s own personalized study hab1ts Studying is a fundamental part of every Vanderbilt student's life. Each student has his own way of studying. Assignments, books, papers, tests are common to all. Many isolate themselves in the J UL, the Science Center, or their own rooms. Some study to learng some for gradesg some to socialize on study-breaks. Never-ending antics and short naps become more familiar as a few students burn the mid- night oil and others just finesse everything. . .2 i E 9 Q A my M +1E.,.I'Y . X nr- in ? .Q an, "ww-W-... 1+W 1 Q M, sf- ? ' .F 'K I x K , fu. K 1 . . , - j . N A . K ,. J' ,mf M jj- g W q N 1 QI ,f I xi u 491--'M gpm Q 4 X 'ff""" 1 ,fv- mmf Mg aww Q 'lf F Q. I l I A -4 1 1 4 Q i 5' i is WW' . nl' fm'-w' L ....,,,,, W-...,s..L.. H , Air , , 'far wif MVK! it al 'Q' , M22 ,, A. 45, . Mi Ai' 27 MQ: , . 4, , . :nl if N npr- -.. fig uw, XM A Q M , , W. , V f J, W Q -pa M..-W., M-.W mwwqn-nwspwna gg ,ww Zxk 7 4- ' 1 K s . , w 'Mi 'K 1 , as ,H v, , . ug, 23 1' . env. Neg -Jian K' A .4 E 4 " ' .or H- . i .Q ,jul , ' 1 . .4 ,nf 1 5 1, x v. M . I X N 4 ,Mlm 1. -. J '. i, 1 X . 5 K . , ., , ' . 0 fs , I f X. A XL ' - 5 ,. , f 1 .1 Q ' -. .-x ' .' 1 . L a ..-3 4 . . Y U1 1 ' .A A - vii ,. A - x U1 L ' - x , s. .. - t' wt P7 v H Q WA' 'wr Q X 1 I. ,X . fn i N t mf , . , . W1 , . .N 1 14 ' . , I ' ' Q -M 1 I ' .. ,Y K X 1 ,Jw ' 1 4 Q ' ' r n M 'f av. wx ,I . . 1 4 Nils.. r , V' X . ' ' nl A " . .. N 'vk ' A.. , . . 1, . h ,N gk I .v . '4-'. I w -. . 5 ftr 3.0 P vy -. 'gi 4 sl Q V , 1 VL v .' . ' 3,1 1 ' h gt 42 4 . M, al . . 4 . v ' A , Y .I v. S ' . 5. sv ' . 1 v ' . A Q N .N , 1 X. X ' ,1 ., 4 .X 1 -g W- "N vp .M 6 1?-x ' H ... . . , - f ', Q. N ' 1 'K , ' . 'A . ' M 5 " m. . NX x 1 . S ' K - . r ' J , gl U1 U .Y I I 'w ' L L , m ' . ,Q , . f 1 fx A . ' 4 ' ' 'X y S ' '. I x F Q sf R X: 4 A. Q A - lj I ' Q5 . 'S ' A 'l - x . , ' x . " .A ' . 1. 'K , 5 Q ,Q w X 1 I 4 .t ' ., , . w ' .' x. K y . 1 U, . . W 41 in X , 1 V -. -. ,. y . A . In v ' 'I ,-5 1. 4 1 fl t 5 , v n ' X .F - Q i ' M."9" r 7 u 5.4 . , J' x V- - .W R. M M, f.. .. A A .3 L. W ,Qu .. . N ,M Ai K f S , N I A x The administration of an institution like Vander- bilt is a large, complicated undertaking, but the oilcicials of the University manage to rise to the challenge. The change lines may be interminable and the student center not yet a reality, but these imperfections become secondary contrasted with the movements in administrative channels this year. The faculty became more involved with stu- dent concerns, from women's dress to baseball fa- cilities, while the Chancellor defended our right to hear both sides of a controversy. Hopefully, we will re-evaluate the University and will realize that Vanderbilt is the unified efforts of administration, faculty, and students. as edited by Sherry Gauthier and Anne Ramsey. 35 I OILVHLSI THE CHANCELLOR "Minds educated in the fullest sense are essential "The heart of the university, in fact, is the process of inquiring into the unknown and re-examining the knownf' "We consider the nation to be our campus and the world to be our proper concern? 36 ALEXANDER HEARD of W... . ' F ' QQ? " " -3,-fb. ggi O. C. Carmichael, Jr. presents Chancellor Heard with the architecfs drawing for Carmichael Towers at the dormitorgfs dedication. BOARD GF TRUST Vice-Chancellor Madison Sarratt, O. C. Carmi- chael, Jr., and Dean Sid- ney Boatwell welcome a member of the Board to the campus. . ..k:: X- ..:. A 5 . A . ' fb- N- L . t Si x L ' . f- - ff J B . .. b ,, T Q First row: Cecil Sims, Robert S. Cheek, Mrs. Albert Werthan, Harold S. Vanderbilt, Alexander Heard, Alec B. Stevenson, Eldon Stevenson, Jr., James G. Stahlman, and Frank Houston. Second row: Guilford Dudley, Jr., Ralph Owen, Parkes Armistead, Milton R. Underwood, William Waller, James A. Simpson, Dan May, David Kirkpatrick Wilson, Robert L. Garner, Henry C. Alexander, and HAROLD S. VANDERBILT HENRY C. ALEXANDER . ELDON B. STEVENSON, JR. . . . ALEC B. STEVENSON .... ALEXANDER HEARD .... 39 Andrew Benedict. Third row: John E. Sloan, Charles C. Trabue, Jr., Reagor Motlow, William S. Vaughn, Dr. Rudolph A. Light and Delbert Mann. Fourth row: Sartain Lanier, Don K. Price, Jesse E. Wills, Dr. E. Hugh Luckey, Winthrop Rockefeller, Vernon Sharp, William H. Vander- bilt, Sam M. Fleming, William A. McDonnell and Madison S. Wigginton. Mrs. Harold S. Vanderbilt in the background. . . . . . . . .President . . . .Vice-President . . . .Vice-President . . . . . . .Secretary . . . .Chancellor Vice-Chancellor Emeritus CHARLES MADISON SARRATT, D.C.L. ROB ROY PURDY, Ph. D., LL.D. Senior Vice-Chancellor ! I 5 i WILLIAM W. FORCE, Ed. D. DON R. ELLIOTT, M.A. Vice-Chancellor For Business Affairs Vice-Chancellor for Alumni and Development Affairs VICE- CHANCELLORS 40 ADMINISTRATIVE DEA NS 3? 2? J gf , SIDNEY F. BOUTWELL, M.A.T. Dean of' Men MARGARET L. CUNINGGIM, EDD. Dean of Women LEONARD B. BEACH, Ph.D., LL.D. Dean of the University for Institu- tional Relations EMMETT B. FIELDS, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences The University's goal has been described as the effort to make "the educated man synonymous with the effective man." In an eiTort to further this goal, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks students with high standards of scholarship and personal character and serious educational aims. The College Works continu- ously to expand the curriculum and to encourage stu- dent initiative in academic and extra-curricular activities. Degrees in the College are conferred in twenty-four fields, and course Work is offered in several others. The popular Vanderbilt-in-Spain and Vanderbilt-in- France programs provide opportunity for study and travel in Europe for a semester. The 1 is the student governing the The purpose of the organiza- whereby the members may effectively in the programs of the affect their intellectual, so- and spiritual welfare." Food areas is supplied by IMPACT, an mred symposium which brings campus for a Weekend to discuss est. The Vanderbilt Forum also brings guest speakers to campus throughout the year. VUCEPT and Womenls Advisory Council members serve as advisors in a program designed to acquaint freshmen with college life at Vanderbilt. The Women's Student Government Association, the Student Court, and the Honor Council are other organizations which are representative of the University's tradition of student government. 4 V w-,, ' a '21, 4 f 3 , H 5 A I I ,,f4H,71m' i 43 THE STUDENT CABINET. Bob Richardson, Jim yggapher, Earl Caudill, Phil Tidwell, Jerry Whig- White, Randall Ganues, David Se-itz, treasurerg ham, Warren Barr, Gaye Brown, and Edward Clyde Anglin, vice-presidentg Charles Hudson, Lopeman. presidentg Joan Edwards, secretaryg John Fair- 44 JAMES SELLERS, Ph.D. Dean of the School of Divinity One of the three graduate professional schools of the University, the School of Divinity, this year completes' its ninety-first year of seeking to provide a thorough, disciplined theological education. Organized originally as the Biblical Department, it became a separate entity in the general differentiation of schools that took place in 1915. lt has been interdenominational since 1914. The institution grants the B.D., S.T.M., M.A. Ph.D. with work offered in the fields of Historyj ligions, Theology, Biblical and Practical Studies' the studies of most candidates are vocationally one may pursue work wholly in the search for a complete understanding of what the Christian implies for existence today in the light of and modern theology. The past year has seen the completion of the of the Divinity School with the Oberlin School of Theology. Future plans include a panded department of continuing education expansion of the current recruiting area. SCHOOL OF DIV INITY SCHOOL OF G ROBERT S. Rows, D. Eng. Dean of the School of Engineering The increasing complexity of modern engineering ' -1 - -- .-.- 1 .1 ,,,.1-1,, ....i......1..,J The students in the school are governed by the Student Council, The annual Engineering Open House is one of the major events of the year. 46 THE STUDENT COUNCIL. First Row: Ray Bu- Wadle. Second Row: Ray Hunter, William Cor- chanan, Robert Roddy, presidentg Ann Bowe, sec- bett, Joe Demick, Peter Martin, Ralph Freeman retaryg Biff Johnson, vice-president: and Joe and Gerald Emison. 47 GRADUATE SCHOOL The School is the second largest division with an enrollment of approxi- students. Regular course Work is offered while additional special programs are Latin American Studies, Economic Devel- Physics, Nuclear Science and En- Slavic Language and Related Studies. School of Business is now in the planning has included graduate Work in its pro- opening of the University in 1875, but was a separate graduate school estab- students iind that study on this level is than that found at the under- because work is limited in scope and under the direct supervision of T. Lagemann, Dean of the school, has described the aims of Vanderbilt's graduate program in this Way: 4'We seek to provide every student with a thorough knowledge of a particular field and also- a mastery of the methods of productive scholarship." ROBERT T. LAGEMANN, D.Sc. Dean of the Graduate School 49 50 The Vanderbilt School of Law has an enrollment of approximately 380, a faculty of sixteen, with an addi- tional seven lecturers who are prominent Nashville lawyers. The building was constructed at a cost of one and one half million dollars four years ago. The case method of teaching is generally employed with em- phasis on free discussion between The first-year classes are small and promote good student All students belong to the Vanderbilt which is affiliated with the American sociation. of the American Bar Ass The Moot Court program is an school's curriculum. First-year to it in the spring semester and through the fall semester of the dents from the second year group before a distinguished court on Law case. A team is selected by the Vanderbilt in the National Moot which the school has often won in gory. The school publishes two quarterlies, Law Review and the Race Relations Law Reporter, using selected members from both faculty and students as staff. faculty JOHN W. WADE, S.J.D. Dean of the School of Law SCHOOL OF LAW SI 57. RANDOLPH BATSON, M.D. Dean of the School of Medicine Since its reorganization in 1925, the Vanderbilt Medical Center has served as a model for other medical school-hospital teaching centers across the country. In order to maintain modern facilities and keep growing demands, the Medical Center has much expansion and renovation. The hospital has increased to 513 beds, with clinics. The primary objectives of the education, research, and patient School's 271 full-time and 284 sicians have the long-range undergraduate medical students, graduate specialists. The multitude of carried on by the faculty and tribute significantly to the advance of edge and serve as an important part side support of over S5 million. The School of Medicine itself has vigorous program of development. jects costing some 39.5 million have recent years, and future plans call for ment which will require the expenditures of over S25 million during the next few years. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 53 SCHOOL OF NURSING 54- ALMA E. GAULT, Ph.B. Dean of the School of Nursing The School of Nursing seeks to combine a liberal arts training in specific nursing subjects, procedures of actual hospital care. The ,rn requires the Nursing student to take me liberal arts courses which are taken i Arts and Science, with the addition of geared to Nursing. The sophomore year 'eal introduction to nursing, but still :tives in liberal arts. The Nursing stu- :h of her time working in the hospital ealth programs during her junior and arning to deal with the patients' per- l as with their medical needs. The four- designed to give the student a broad theory, a knowledge of medical re- ght into psychological, social, and cul- 'olved in a patient's behavior, and an rch, possibly leading to post-graduate 'THE STUDENT COUNCIL. Seated: Barb Hay, Treas- Secretaryg Doreen James, Pat Kunze, and Carol Proc urerg Barb Laws, Vice-Presidentg Lynn Gaarden, Pres- tor. identg and Susie A. Farris. Standing: Sue McConnell, 1 , 55 WALTER GRAHAM, ,Ph.D. Applied Mathematics LAMAR FIELD, Ph.D. Chemistry HEADS W. DENNIS THREADGILL, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering DEPARTMENT H. LLOYD STOW, Ph.D. Classics WILLIAM H. ROWAN, Ph.D. Civil Engineering A We JOSEPH E. WRIGHT, M.A. Drama and Speech JAMES W. MCKIE, Ph.D. Economics and Business Administration RUSSELL A. FRASER, Ph.D. English FRED SCHUMANN, Ph.D, Electrical Engineering I :surf rf 579' simples- iiiwlfiwegiiii-?f"f Qrqieisgismssela Q3 fi' 552: jf. :-:, .. 5 ec,L . .WWI . Rl? .,.,. Tl!! wif 1 RAYMOND P. POGGENBURG, Ph.D. French F. HAMILTON HAZELHURST, Ph.D. Fine Arts and Music ROBERT B, CHANNELL, Ph.D. General Biology DEPARTMENT HEADS Germanic and Slavic Languages HERBERT WEAVER, Ph.D. History JOSEF RYSAN, Ph.D. WILLARD B. JEWELL, Ph.D. E- BAYLISS SHANKS, Ph-D Geology Mathematics OSCAR TOUSTER, Ph.D. Molecular Biology BRUCE M. BAYER, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 58 SAMUEL E. STUMPE, Ph.D. Philosophy WILLIAM H. ROBERTS, Ph.D. Spanish and Portuguese Mm ALEX N. DRAGNICH, Ph.D. Political Science WENDELL G. HOLYJADAY, Ph.D. Physics DONALD L. THISTLETHWAITE, Ph.D Psychology ERNEST O. CAMPBELL, Ph.D. Sociology and Anthropology 59 i x K C POTTER II DONALD J NESMITH ROBIN F. FULLER Assistant Dean of Men Assistant Dean of Men Assistant Dean of Men Administrative staff secretaries include Mrs. Bonnie Moody, secretary to the Dean of Womeng Mrs. Charlotte Winford, assistant to the Dean of Womeng and Mrs. Judy Crawford, secretary to Dean NeSmith in charge of student affairs. -.-l......i.m.... ....,........l....,.,.m.t,,M Wissesxmswifys- .www-rams 5.-at ALLEN STEELE President At its founding in 1879, the Vanderbilt Alumni Associa- tion stated four purposes: to extend within the purview of its mission the intellectual interests of alumni, students, faculty, and other friends of Vanderbilt, to encourage alumni, faculty, students, and other friends to maintain a constructive relationship with the institution and a con- tinuing concern for higher education, to serve as an agency through which views of alumni and friends may be con- veyed to the university, to foster a mature, informed sense of responsible citizenship. The Development Foundation, chartered in 1955, is charged with three functions: to plan, co-ordinate, and implement both immediate and long-range development of the university's resources and fund-raising policy, to devise the procedure and objectivesg to serve as a clearing-house for university fund raising operations. The percentage of alumni contributors is the highest giving percentage among all private, coeducational universities, a fact which makes alumni heads confident that the current S55 million cam- paign will succeed. Alumni support on this scale is vital to the current progress and to the future of Vanderbilt. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION CHARLES W. GENY VERNON SHARP C. MADISON SARRATT DON R. ELLIOTT President-Elect Chairman, Development Founda- Vice-Chancellor Emeritus and Vice-Chancellor of Alumni tion Dean of Alumni and Development ffffl VEREEN BELL CI-IANCELLOR'S CUP Awarded to The Teacher Who Has Contributed the Most to Student-Faculty Relations Outside the Class- room, 62. IZE RRATT PR 1'r8 w"Qg" 5 5, hc' "' lr 5 E 5 hing duate Teac .n Undergra 3 Viximii arded for Excellence 1 at qfwiwig gttigd AW A 3 Lp' Au 5 5 5 k 1 Q R .. R A A lg t Ce Pr 1Nd'PmA5,, : L- ' fy Th PQ U NL EWING P. SHAHAN 53 IN GALLS AWARD Awarded for Excellence in Classroom Teaching Avi-:RY LEIsERsoN BRANSCOMB AWARD Distinguished Professors Award DAVID A. NUNNALLY ampus life is a complex, multicolored mosaic made up of fragmented impressions which are vastly different for every member of the university. If the following pages have cap- tured some of the people, events, days, and moods that gave your Vanderbilt its identity this year, they will have fulfilled their intent. If not, perhaps you'll discqver facets of the Vanderbilt personality you missed. p The campus did begin to take on a dynamic personality this year, when everything from registration to wornen's rules, to rush proce- dures either changed or thought about chang- ing. Even George proved mortal in the face of the inevitable march of time! The year brought to many theabrupt realiza- tion that the University is inextricably tied to the city and region in which we find ourselves. Events on the apparently isolated "liberal" campus can generate whirlpools of reaction extending far beyond itself, we discovered. The year also brought all the traditional things that are part of Vandy life-the Satur- day night parties, the picnics in Percy Warner, the all-nighters, the 11:00 post office line, the basketball games, the anxious days of finals, the students honored for their four years of leader- ship and service, Rand Terrace in the after- noons, the processional at Graduation-these together with everything else you saw and heard and did are Vanderbilt in 1967. 66 MlKtfon, f ff Z CAMPUS LIFE ON CAMPUS as edited by Lorraine Tremblay and Richard Dieter HONORS as edited by Janice Aitkenhead and Ann Ward. 68 Maybe '67 will be remembered as 69 w 70 THE YEAR VA DY WOKE P W, 'Q The watchword was change-dorm policy, a new football coach, new IFC rules, the New Left. Even The Hustler changed. Scope was a part-it was a year that went in quest of new money for Vandy-and got it. It was also the year we learned that confrontation and conflict are painfully necessary parts of life and some- times aspects of a meaningful university experience. ' H 32. X412 K" ,rf e ' "U ' H" ' 3 'V 'lk 'L 2'k' ' , 5' iffy' HX ' 17-553 9? ,ig ,V,,, 1 JF ,M i X W V N ,P-W? .v ,2v,1:,, V , Qty ., r f Vw I 4 7121, A I , . 'T it . 1 , s n me 6 W4 ,f, , .af V' , f ,f , ' ' 1 ,., , "- fn if 1-ff 31254, 3: q vi: T 1 ' ' V, ' , ' r A A f , Q 4375, ,UV if ,M 5 4, 5 ,M qdifi A , .QAM in Q ,mfylai z in ,M V, 3 V . .. fa, it if V if 'f .,rr fb. , -ff K mf A i in 1 it r x, ! fi 'ir .an Q I -v , .VV trivia 5 ax ,lj Y f -P x fi' I V4 Vw 7, 'qv . ,. fljflg ' . V ,ffm ' ' we . f ", r'f-. , L gifs 5 A JM u U3 f 6 a l us H , 'Aff if W ,rri W , ff 51 ,-A- Y' 9 , My ALM L , .I 1: W' , f0wW 7 Q 1 'W V fi Workshops and retreats, seminars, meetings and more meetings marked the Week as VUCEPT and WAC, administration and faculty Ceven Dr. Marchantj worked feverishly at HOUSEBREAKI G THE E FRE HME - ff mwgggiig N W mmxx Q filfffii 1 Miss Sutherland and the Computer Center introduced the Mod Look in registration-lines were only three times as long as they used to be. , , f fn wx fi ,,, ,V W , 22 M M, 4 Q91 , '2- f if 3? fi? gf' 5 -f , Z 6 giiwf 1 GMZM f 'D by W 2 Y 4 4 fl 4 " Z Q W x M 4 W 4 19 M: ,M MM Jack Green: Losing but not dismayed" -The Hustler Nov. 11, 1966 New Coach Optimisticv -The Hustler fan. 13, 1967 if fairly' '69 22 luialn 1' .,, 5 1 fi 'X' Q ff K 'I A f , ,J 1 1 f if 4 1 1 Avis Q . iq, Sf --sz ,, K X 1 .. , Nr iw? Fall found Vandy students engaged in what Johnny Cash calls big, big, deals-Charm Week and Harvest Ball, combo parties, concerts, an occasional blue book or paper- ALLQIETO THE ETEDFROT Campus Government problems earth-shaking as usual-should Vandy stay in the A.S.G.'? Altizer came to tell us God was dead, and meningitis threatened briefly. The fact that Vandy could no longer sit comfortably on its haunches content that it was of high intellectual caliber as a regional institution hit home long ago. But it was just recently that evidence of serious academic upgrading has become conspicuous. Granted there are lots of growing pains. Scholarship at Vanderbilt might mean to you an absent-minded philosophy professor who rarely combs his hair, and never changes his shirt or remembers what he's said from one sentence to the next. Maybe its the biology teacher whois a campus joke or the budding young English prof who's very fastidious in his pin-striped Gants and reps and very wet behind the ears. Probably the bookstore won't have the book you need 'til two months after itis been assigned, and true-there's the chance of an ice cube in the hot place of the library having the book or journal you need for your thesis. Despite the bumps, Vandy is slowly but surely gain- ing a national reputation. Occasionally you might have an art teacher you'd just as soon hear for two hours as one. More professors are coming here with the inten- tion of staying, considerable amounts of money are being funneled into academic budgets, and department heads are rooting out the dead wood that was once abundant. Orals for Ph.D. candidates-are no longer the tea and cookies affairs they often have been, and the Vanderbilt Press is beginning to publish. For a change, the administration is becoming fairly responsive to student opinion. If this keeps up, THE HARV RD OF THE 0UTH ". . . Then the institution will make the repu- tation of its professorsg but now the profes- ' sors must make the reputation of the institutionf' NX ,,xX ,..x, 4 , K K C0 LD LIVE UP T0 IT AME X ., iw 3 Xl X 'gift w X X wk X Q J an Q.: MMS: sf, ,lx is -:I a A3213 ,E 2 X W J 'fs fy -a-tae'-5'f - , 4-QL A rmwu.-ep. A E ik W Vf"'Pwwwnf1vin.1 'U Lu'-L-Ha . WJ" WZ' " " . IG ORA CE I BLISS And then there was the freshman who wrote David Wood she would not attend Vanderbilt he- cause of its "trend toward immorality and loose ways of living." 83 84' , 9 4 'TKMQW' ., 1 w' . aim 'W N ff "" xy A ' ' wi Q 1 During November, Harold Stirling Vanderbilt gave eleven million dollars and what seemed like a shot in the arm to the entire campus. Vanderbilt Medi- cal School responded with plans for a S200 million center. Student government finally got off its broad backside and enlightened the ad- ministration and campus about the meaning of the word PARIETAL By March, real live TVC's were able to attend parties in the Towers and even take a drink with the blessing of all the proper authorities. There's a long way to go, but Vandy just might come of age . . . some day. , M , sh 1 'A Q L X s ' ,, N. ' ' 5 I 2 1 87 Culture exists in the Nashville-Campus area -you just have to dig real deep to find it. There are scores of lectures and concerts on campus, and some of them are Worthy of being heard by more than the dutiful Ph.D. candi- dates and faculty members of the departments involved. Altizer, Potter Stewart, M. H. Abrams, and Little Anthony were here. One of the foremost literary scholars and poets of the century is even teaching undergraduates. But probably the purest spirit of culture at Vanderbilt is distilled every Thursday after- noon from four to five during HAPPY H0 R g A N., M X fr.. . wlv, . A X W Jpsfigfg, AT JERRY 7 vi F , .1 ,H "The expression of viewpoints by a group of students Icloes not I adversely ajfect the ultimate image of a university . . . silence on a campus in the face of impor- tant issues does adversely affect the image of a univer- sity." -ALEXANDER HEARD 90 91 f IN TRIBUTE TO THE NASHVILLE METROPOLITAN POLICE FOR THEIR COOPERATION WITH THE VAN- DERBILT COMMUNITY wg, . RQ A ,i,:.i.. Q, Student government at Vanderbilt shook its "patsy" image this year when Bob Watson and his helpers stopped talking and started doing. They proved that students on this campus can influence faculty and administration to accept and endorse their ideas-liberalized dorm po- licy and the thoughtful courage shown during IMPACT are cases in point. They deserve a pat on the back. The extent to which the student body participated in student government and ac- cepted responsibility for what was decided was brought home when sleepy coeds and crarnrning students were routed from the quad and the lib during bomb scares. Possibly this was a year when VANDY SHOWED SOME BACKBONE 96 Achievement is defined as "something accom- plished, especially by valor, boldness, or superior ability." Attending Vanderbilt is, in itself, an at- tempt at achievement, and Vanderbilt students rank high in ability. Some of them meet with suc- cessg others do not. Some are recognized for their accomplishmentsg others are not. "Honors" repre- sents the superlatives-the prettiest, the smartest, the most active. Each of them has achieved some- thing here and is better or worse for the experi- ence. Vanderbilt has felt their impact and has unquestionably gained something from all of them. 97 PHI BETA KAPPA I CLASS OF 1966 SUSAN ELAINE BROOKS JAMES EARNEST GILLESPIE JAY ALAN KATZ JOSEPH RAY WOODS CLASS OF 1967 UREY WOODSON ALEXANDER, JR. ANNA KATHRYN BAKER CATHERINE LAMB PROPST BLACK ALBERT NEWTON BOTTORFF, JR. BETTY JEAN CROSWELL SUSAN EDITH CROWDUS KAREN ELIZABETH CUMBIE HERVEY LEIGH CUNNINGHAM ROBERT CROSBY EAGER GRADY MADISON GARRISON MIRIAM AMANDA GRIFFIN EUNICE SHEPARD HEWES GEORGE BRIGGS HUG EVELYN MARIE JOHNSON THOMAS WOODROW JONES, JR. RONALD FORREST KNOX, JR. JAMES HENRY LANDON ALAN STUART LEVITAN ROBERT MAXWELL LUCAS, JR. JACK MCKAY MARILYN MARGUERITE MINERS CANTWELL FAULKNER MUCKENFUSS III ADOLYN ACTON MYERS MICHAEL MANNING LANE PEARSON RICKIE SUE RHODARMER JOHN LEE SMYRE JAMES MORGAN SPROTT, JR. KAREN ELIZABETH STANDEFER DIANE KATHLEEN VAILLANCOURT LOUISE MALLORY BLACK WARD KENNETH RICHARD WASSON CAROL LOUISE WILLIAMS Y f - CLASS OF 1968 i MARY DALE TRABUE A DAVID HOWARD WARD WILLIAM HOLLIS WHEELER HONORARY MEMBER ERR ROBERT T. LAGEMANN Q we 2 l An Honorary Srholastif' Fraternity for Liberal Arts Students 98 TAU BETA PI I T A RUSSELL H. JOHNSON, JR., Presxdent ROBERT N. GAMBLE, Vice-Pres1dent GODFREY A. LUE, Recordmg Secretary CHARLES E. MOORE, Treasurer RALPH N. BUSSARD, Correspondmg Secretary ROBERT E. HEWGLEY, JR., Cataloger DAVID M. BAYER MELVIN L. BRAY JOHN BUCHANAN WILLIAM E. BUIST, III WILTON W. BURNETT, JR. RALPH N. BUSSARD JAMES R. CHESHIRE RONALD N. DUNCAN JAMES R. FOSTER, JR. ROBERT N. GAMBLE JAMES M. HEISKELL ROBERT E. HEWGLEY, JR. WILLIE E. HODGES, JR. STEPHEN E. JACOBSON TOM P. JENNINGS RUSSELL H. JOHNSON, JR MICHAEL R. KANNE EDWARD H. KLEINER JOHN H. KOON JAMES R. LAMPLEY GODFREY A. LUE BUFORD R. SMALONE, JR. CHARLIE R. MARTIN SAMUEL R. O,NEIL, JR. JAMES R. ONSTOTT DAVID B. PALMER JERRY A. STEINBERG RUDY J. WADLE, JR. JERRY W. WELCH LAWRENCE D. WHITE A National Honorary F ratermty for Engmeers A 5. E.. f I V ' 1 W xkufivl 3,f,'iJ'.' SIGMA THETA TAU SCI-IOLARS AND FELLOWS A National Honorary Fraternity for Nurses CORNING GLASS WORKS FOUNDATION TRAVEL AWARD STEPHEN M. BLOCK LINDA SCHLESINGER MABRY, President MARSHALL SCHOLARSHIP N. ANN WARBLOW, Vice-President LYN A. MYERS DIANE L- WELCH, Secretary JUSTIN POTTER MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS ELLEN DURHAM DAVIS, Treasurer THOMAS S. CLAIBORNE, JR. ARLINE DUVALL, Advisor J. LUCIAN DAVIS VIRGINIA GEORGE, Advisor JAMES M' SEED-I-T, JR. ANN C- BALDWIN WOODROW WILSON NATIONAL CHERYL CI-IILES FELLOWSHIP ELLEN DURHAM DAVIS SUSAN E. CROvvDUs-Sociology SUSAN ADDITON FARRIS ROBERT C. EAGER-Political Science MARIANNE HARRELSON MCIVER ROBERT M. LUCAS-ChemiSt1-y LINDA SCHLESINGER MABRY I JACK MCKAY-HiSt0ry NANCY L- MERCER MICHAEL M. PEARSON-Russian JOANNE L- QUALMANN KAYE A .PHILLIPS-Latin SALLY L- SMITH DIANE K. VAILLANCOURT- SUSAN L- UNDERWOOD Comparative Literature HELEN VAI-IN DAVID A. WELDER-Economics N. ANN WARBLOW I PAT CREEKMORE WELBORN DIANE L. WELCH 100 lv 4 1 I OCLPH AMS IQBO t I C I ' 'E IIFSZII 'M I U DELPHIANS A Scholastic Honor Society for Freshman Women CAROL J. POORE, President CATHERINE LESTER, Vice-President BARBARA J WILLIAMS, Secretary-Treasurer INITIATED MARCH, 1967 BETSY D. BENNETT TERESA S. BRATTON MARY L. FITCH JENNIFER B. GOTTFRIED CATHERINE LESTER LUCINDA A. LYONS PAMELA J. OWENS CAROL J. POORE MARY C. TAYLOR CYNTHIA WARRICK JEAN L. WEGMAN BARBARA J. WILLIAMS INITIATED OCTOBER, 1966 KATHERINE J. GRIFFETH MARY L. HESTER ANNETTE LLOYD BETTY L. MARTIN JACKIE S. MASON CAROL L. MILTON IOI PHI ETA SIGMA A National Academic Honorary Fraternity for Freshman Men RANDALL S. PREISSIG, President JAMES B. NATION, Vice-President CHARLES H. FOSTER, Secretary JOHN C. MORLAND, Treasurer ALEX N. BEAVERS, Historian ALEX N. BEAVERS JOHN F. BOSTON H. DENNIS BREWINGTON EDWARD N. BRIN BRIAN K. BURKE ROBERT S. DALTON CHARLES H. FOSTER STEVEN H. GIBSON DANIEL B. GLISSON, JR. ROBERT S. GREEN EUGENE W. HARRELL WILLIAM S. LACHICOTTE JERRY M. LAMBERTH THOMAS L. MCCURLEY JOHN C. MORLAND JACK E. MURRAH ROBERT A. NAILLING JAMES B. NATION RANDALL S. PREISSIG ROGER A. REED SHAWN D. SAAVEDRA MADISON H. SARRATT, JR. DOUGLAS C. SMITH THOMAS P. STARR RUSSELL.D. STRALEY EDWARD A. SWABB JAMES R. WRIGHT RICHARD.E. ZANDER HONORARY MEMBERS SIDNEY F. BOUTWELL ALEXANDER MARCHANT DAVID A. NUNNALLY i LOTUS EATERS An Honorary qoclety for Sophomore Women E RUTH SAUNDERS, President CLAIRE A LAUKHUF, Secretary CHERYL MITCHELL, Treasurer JUDY K. GOKEL SALLY HEISKELL KAREN HINSON JUDY M. JOHNSON CLAIRE A. LAUKHUF JULIA L. MALONE ELIZABETH MARKHAM JACKIE S. MASON CAROL L. MILTON CHERYL MITCHELL MELANIE J. MONK J EANIE C. NELSON KAREN L. RINARDO E. RUTH SAUNDERS SUZANNE W. SMITH J UNITH C. SMITHERMAN PATRICIA TWENTE ELIZABETH A. URBAN 107. ATHENIAN S An Honorary Society for Junior Women LEAH J. SNYDER, President PATRICIA I. GRAVES, Vice-President GLENN ELLEN HAYES, Secretary DIANE L. CLARK, Treasurer LYN BRACEWELL ADINAH L. BROWN DIANE L. CLARK BARBARA C. CROSBY ROSALIND C. FRANK RUTH HILL FULTON PATRICIA I. GRAVES MARTHA L. HAILEY GLENN ELLEN HAYES DOREEN C. JAMES BETTY GRAY KEELING CHARLOTTE A. MAYEIELD LINDA G. PETTEY SUSAN G. RILEY LINDA R. RUSSELL LEAH J. SNYDER MARY DALE TRABUE DIANN F. WHITE .N , Q2 fi SCABBARD AND BLADE An Honorary Military Society HARRY Q. RADCLIFF, Captain WILLIAM E. OAKLEY, First Lieutenant TIMOTHY A. FRENCH, Second Lieutenant JOSEPH E. PATRICK, JR., First Sergeant UREY W. ALEXANDER RICHARD L. ANDREWS ROBERT L. BROWN STEPHEN M. BEVIL DARRELL W. CAMPBELL WILLIAM W. CAWOOD, JR. FRANK W. DAHLINGER DANIEL L. DEVORE TIMOTHY A. FRENCH GARY R. GRABLE J. ROBERT HAGAN STEPHEN M. HALL VAN HARRIS THOMAS R. JACKSON HORACE E. JOHNS, JR. GILBERT E. JOHNSTON, JR. STUART C. JONES, JR. ROBERT W. KERR DONALD J. MACKAY WILLIAM E. OAKLEY JOSEPH E. PATRICK, JR. HARRY Q. RADCLIFF PAUL T. RUSSELL, JR. IO W CHI EPSILON A National Honorary Fraternity for Civil Engineers JOHN H. KOON, President WILTON BURNETT, Vice-President TOM JENNINGS, Secretary ROBERT GAMBLE, Treasurer CHARLES BONNEY, Advisor WILLIAM H. ROWAN, Advisor CLASS OF 1967 GEORGE A. BURKE WILTON W. BURNETT, JR. RALPH A. FREEMAN ROBERT N. GAMBLE, JR. STEPHEN M. HALL WILLIE E. HODGES, JR. EDWARD H. HUTCHISON TOM P. JENNINGS A. S. JOHNSTON JOHN H. KOON JAMES R. LAMPLEY MICHAEL W. MORRIS LYNN D. OZIER JO ANN SOMERS CLASS OF 1968 JAMES H. BANKS CARLTON CURRIE, JR. GERALD A. EMISON JACK R. HORNER THOMAS G. MENDELL ROBERT C. SMOLEN ROBERT C. WATSON ROBERT M. WHITE WILLIAM C. WOOD Q45'. X. I 'f' ' i TAU KAPPA ALPHA An Honorary Fraternity for Debaters PATRICIA M. EVANS CHARLES C. IVIE WALTER F. PRATT RICKIE RHODARMER 7 S. xx A liva- 'Sling' Q9 12159 I PHI SIGMA IOT A An Honorary Fraternity for French Students CAROL A. KIRK, President ANNA BAKER, Vice-President JOAN TRIPLETT, Recording Secretary CARL R. PHILLIPS, Corresponding Secretary CHERYL GOODMAN, Treasurer CARL R. PHILLIPS, Advisor ANNA K. BAKER CHERYL E. GOODMAN CAROL A. KIRK SHARON E. LEWIS ELLEN C. MYERS KATHERINE T. RUSSELL JOAN E. TIIIPLETT 104. DELTA PHI ALPHA A National Honorary Fraternity for German Students ALBERT N. BOTTORFF, President NORBERT A. BUSCH, Advisor C. MARK ADERMAN JOHN BOEHM, JR. ROBERT COOK JAMES F. CORRIGAN, III HOI TAN DOAN PAUL T. GREENE J. DONALD KIRBY JESSIE M. KLYCE DREW LITZENBERGER ANN L. MCCALLISTER LARRY R. MCGHEE MARIANNE H. MCIVER PHYLLIS R. MILLER FRED G. MOLSEN ROBERT J . MOORE HENRY M. SWATS PATRICIA A. TAYLOR DIANE K. VAILLANCOURT GREGORY K. WHITE KI -2 2- If ETA SIGMA PHI An Honorary F raternlty or Greek and Latin Students EVELYN M. JOHNSON, President BARBARA TARASOEE, Vice-President TOM W JONES Corresponding Secretary DOTTIE SUE JONES, Recording Secretary ALBERT N BOTTOREE, JR., Parliamentarian ALBERT N. BOTTORFF, JR. NORMAN A. CARL CAROL B. EARP DEBORAH L. HAGAMAN ROBERT W. HASH SALLY HEISKELL KAAREN HINSON ALICE C. HOUSEAL STANLEY A. IVERSON EVELYN M. JOHNSON DOTTIE SUE JONES MARTHA ELLEN JONES TOM W. JONES NANCY K. LOVE VICTORIA J. NULL JOHN W. POPP, JR. JAMES M. RAYBURN RICKIE S. RHODARMER JAMES E. SHELTON MARY ANNE SMITH BARBARA TARASOFF GLENDA K. VAUGHAN ROBERT WHITE W. READ WILLIAMSON M. JANE WYATT W. CRAWFORD YOUNG 10 nm SIGMA DELTA PI An Honorary Fraternity for S pamsh Students BETTY JEAN CROSWELL Presldent GENE S. FORREST, Vice Pres1dent DIANE E. WILDER, Secretary Treasurer NORWOOD H. ANDREWS Adv1sOr GERALD E. WADE, Advlsor GEORGE R. AYORA DIANE L. BROCK J UDITH A. CARMACK BETTY JEAN CROSWELL GENE S. FORREST NANCY FRAZEE IVONNE GROVE LETICIA M. HEGEWALD LYN A. MYERS BETTE J . TOMLINSON DIANE E. WILDER 1 OFFICERS M. AMANDA GRIFFIN, President SUSAN ADDITON FARRIS, Vice-President KAREN E. STANDEFER, Secretary EUNICE S. HEWES, Treasurer MARY Ross TAYLOR NANCY J. MANNING EUNICE S. HEWES CAROL L. QLERT DIANE L. WELCH 106 SUSAN ADDITON FARRIS RICKIE S. RHODARMER MARY LEE HUNTER KAREN E. STANDEFER I I EA A I A A , A mga H If ww , 'Q 1 4 3 Amid 2 , I yum Cl? ' 'fzgfw ,gy ,,,u. A I N I JANELLE WESSON LYN A. MYERS M. AMANDA GRIFFIN SEBRIANNE S. WAGNON 107 .1 Z1 ff a A ,1 2 3 5 5 G U54 K' W , ? fr . vs P' -as ' . Q v r I Q ,. 1. . N ,-X lgwi, - Q f l I N, E 1 5. rp Q s - 1' Q 'Nfl A 4, -sv, ff" OAQ, Yr rf,-,Xa E 'wx x W, W., .V Xf ,..--- ,414 all-'A s?3F':',? -A N . .V,.. v...i..,., E... Wi,- 1 'MV ,3 -W -WWE 7 s Z! MARSHALL F. MCCALLIE ROBERT C. EAGER JAMES H. LANDON ROBERT C. EAGER, President J. LUCIAN DAVIS, Vice-President MARSHALL F. MCCALLIE, Secretary Q X iksifsizifiuik f5Tfti . . . . f fA ENE A Natzomll Honor Fraternlty for Outstandlng Semor Men Yrfm 45 LJ ONHCROHI EDELTAlKAPPA 109 iT"Q,7 x COMMODORES SENIOR RECOGNITION Honor organizations serve to recognize some individ- ual students Whose records show unusually high achievement in scholarship and campus activities, but these groups are necessarily limited in membership. Each year there are many students, particularly in the graduating class, who have not been formally recog- nized but who have made valuable contributions to the university through their leadership and work in every aspect of campus life. The Editorial Staff of the 1967 Commodore takes this opportunity to honor these outstanding seniorsi I E Q ROBERT H. DAVIS, JR. SHERRY IRENE GAUTHIER C. REILEY KIDD EVELYN GRACE GREEN MICHAEL R. KING JAMES H. HENDERSON .wr ROGER W. MOISTER, JR ANN CARTER PARRISH H? xgxbs in ,L .. .,. W -sg RICHARD L. PENNINGTON JANE RALSTON SENIOR RECGGNITIUN BENNY B. WAGGONER III . JOHN G. SLATER K. N 9 LADY OE THE BRACELET Il BACHELOR OF UGLIN ESS ASTLAND R K W B as MISS V ERBILT DOREEN C. J AMES A,... 5:2 K 5 323 A L Y. Y 4. V X X. f X 5 Q 5 'TSS -55 -, X . . is -W ::-. U, - P ef- A zz' . . if'-'ESQJ 1 ' A -xg 'EQ 'f S ff ffli. E X ,, Q :YR wxw. DR. IIM ROBBINS AWARD 7 KING REX AND MISS CHARM 118 James F. Arthur III Stephen M. Block Joe W. Burkett Ernest P. Clement, Jr. J. Lucian Davis Robert H. Davis, Jr. Howard C. Derrick III Robert C. Eager Woods E. Eastland THE RAVEN MEMBERS Kenneth Wi Gibbs Stephen M. Hall Gilbert E. Johnston, Jr C. Reiley Kidd Edward H. Kleiner James H. Landon Thomas W. Lawrence, Marshall F. McCallie J D Roger W. Moister, Jr. Cantwell F.,Muckenfus Frank H. Pinkerton George E. Schultz, Jr. Kirk N. Starr Jerry A. Steinberg George E. Twente, Jr. Benny B. Waggener III Robert C. Watson S 7fWe,fi0bfl. Uafed AKE MISS COMMODORE K J, A k K -5 17.0 ' x S R 3 fl 'E P a TP f e f 1 2 5 3 , I 'I 1 ff 4 :'iiQq,gsAa-iw g ,!f.'.E', iwgfmfk ,lf 'w5""p9-i XI' E -ififf fi: I jy F s I 1 ? , fs' a .: gy? , i QM. 5 3 -Q55 5 L 5 3"i'l Q 3 3 3 M l 1 :I 1 A fi: 5 mx K H, ffl. "'f ., 2 F f , 3 five if t I ' I 54 3 P 2 s If Q Q 5 ' ff 1 1 X' 1 1 '- 4 v S 1 . H 1 , X, W 3 9 T ? y 'W ,ue 5 9 Z ' x Si? I 21? 50 if I L-315152, 2 ff... P' P :AW ' Q S if -,.+ ' WW 9.1, L.,-v ,1V,1,, ,. .-,V fl ".5uJ5Q:'f-'if . Q,,,,,5vL' 5- -5'x:1'u,"f2 'J'-af rdf. 2' I 3-,., 1, vw wr' ,'i'f'1l1-'. Vx , +23 2, Y -1ff!iit'T514mriH4w:i'5.1,F' Hlfw ' - waz , , A Qsfidfifrfg fi '. "Y ' 'f i fi ' 1 '. A' -2ff1iSgn: uw 5, was "1 Jig ,.,:, ',j,g-Sgggz., '- -.-ng: . '1 5 dt ff? 55.3. 4924. Q w , . we 33:11- M W M ' 6 5: .M 1 l ! ,? 1 ffx i I ! f 1 Q I V ANA tt.. FIRST RUNNER R. MATTHEWS EAE A.D SECOND RUNNER UP THIRD RUNNER UP TAMARA K. Hlcxs, KA SUZANNE C. MAHANY ARMY ROTC SEMIFINALISTS i I SINA D. CRADDOCK NAVY ROTC N 12.4 JOANNE C. FLEMING EX SEMIPINALISTS NIQRY LOU HOLT 16-sz ELLEN R. GREEN BGII 17. CONTESTANTS ANN CARTER PARRISH KA, DOREEN C. JAMES JUNIOR CLASS CHARLOTTE' H. CALLIS ATSZ SANDRA R. SHELTON PSK, JUDY K. GOKEL QIJKNII, MARY KAY KING SOPHOMORE CLASS, JUDY A. CARMACK Afbfl, ANN H. JOHNSON HKA 12.6 .73 .S .. JANE RALSTON SENIOR CLASS, Lois E. Mc- ANDREWS 1'-PB, SUZANNE W. SMITH HRT, ELIZABETH B. CROOK AAA KAREN C. CHAMBERS FRESHMAN CONTESTAN TS 'wk 117 DIANE G. GROSSMAN AEH, DEBORAH L. HAGAMAN KA, DIANNE RAVITZ AOII, CAROL L. MILTON X9 BETTY GRAY KEELING NUCLIAN S, PEGGY J. ZEEMAN ZBT, CAROL G. CARTER KE MISS COMMODORE CONTEST Seated: Suzanne Mahany, Debby Hagaman, Judy Carmack, Gigi Grossman, Meridith Oates, Peggy Zeeman, Dianne Ravitz, Betty Gray Keeling, Mary Kay King, Doreen James. Standing: Ellen Green, Sandra Shelton, Janie Ral- ston, Ann Carter Parrish, Judy Gokel, Kappy Kyle, Suzanne Meredith Oates, a senior from Greensboro, North Carolina, was selected Miss Commodore early in Dee cember at the climax of a pageant even more success- ful than those in previous years. Thirty girls, represent- ing various campus groups participating in the week of activities sponsored by the 1967 COMMODORE and ably directed by Nancy Manning. The agenda included television appearances, newspaper pictures, a dinner given by the sponsors, and a dessert with the judges. Miss Kay Thomas, William Akin, and George Kelley served as judges for the event. Master of Ceremonies Dave Overton, and entertainers Louis Brown and his band and William McKeown and Mike Scardino added to the pageant's festivity. At the height of the evenings excitement, Margaret Strom, Miss Commodore 1966, presented the crown and roses to her successor, as runners-up Reneau Matthews, Lillias Dale and Tam Hicks shared the spotlight. Smith, Mary Lou Holt, Karen Chambers, Charlotte Callis, Tam Hicks, Carol Milton, Lois McAndre'ws, Reneau Mat- thews, Joanne Fleming, Carol Carter, Lillias Dale, Ann Johnson. Not Pictured: Sina Craddock, Liz Crook. 12. Q A ' - I 'Q'-N -f .. , ' , X1 , ,,,, 4, . , .. YF- .Q .QW-. .' X his year, Vanderbilt's athletics were just about what many of us expected them to be. Sports scarcely dillered from last year or from recent years. There were, nonetheless, a few surprising exceptions that brightened the otherwise unimpressive, if not dismal, general athletic picture. In the fall, we watched as the football season progressed fromi optimistic beginning to dis- heartened end. Even the bigger and much im- proved Joint University Band failed to keep our attention. But the fall was not completely black. Out of the ruins of the football team emerged two All-SEC stars: Chip Healy and Scott Hall. And, for those who noticed, while the football team continued to lose, the sparsely followed soccer team was compiling a near per- fect record. Winter came and brought basketball and a surprising story of success. The excitement was the same even though'Clyde Lee and others had departed. Perry Wallace and the rest of the freshman team even convinced the upperclass- men that two games in one evening were better than one--especially if they wanted to get a seat. The varsity team won the games it was expected to win and then won many others it was supposed to lose. Out of it all came lots of experience for next year, four All-SEC players, and the SEC Sophomore of the Year. The minor and spring sports were pretty much the same as usual. Several of the varsity teams acquired new coaches and freshmen were permitted to play on a few of them. But, they still were handicapped by the lack of the su- perior talent that is necessary to produce win- ning teams. On the whole, though, the minor and spring sports had more people concerned about them this year than they have had for a number of years. The Chancellor appointed a special committee to study Vanderbilt's athletic program and the hope of better things to come is with us once again. ' We are optimistic that the sports will be im- proved. There will be a new coach, Bill Pace, to guide the football squad and there is a new athletic director, Jess Neely, who is deter- mined to build up the quality of Vanderbilt's athletics. With the students' support, we feel certain that they both can and will succeed. 130 Vvikagmq 131 ATHLETICS as edited by George Harvey and as photographed by David Condra Q O N HoMEcoM1NG QUEEN Chicken wire and crepe paper, nostalgic alumni, golden helmets and tarnished hopes, pomp and beauty, and a night-full of fun . . . these phrases can describe only one weekend at Vanderbilt . . . Homecoming 1966. It all started early in the fall with ideas of float themes, letters to parents and Sweethearts, and the booking of the Brothers Four. Ideas gelled and took concrete form, stark structures of wood and wire ap- peared, and the inevitable spirit of Homecoming took hold of the campus. Most books were ignored by Wednesday and for the first time in six weeks, aca- demics played a weak second to campuswide festivity. When Friday night finally arrived, we were well en- tertained by the Brothers Four, a modern folk group. From the concert that night until dawn Saturday more chicken wire was stuffed than turkeys on Thanksgiving. The sun rose on twenty-three finished products which were composites of many individual efforts. and COURT That afternoon, between halves of the Vandy-Navy game. the Homecoming festivities continued with the announcement and presentation of the Homecoming Queen, Susan Riley, and her court, Susan Butterfield, Carol Carter, Lillias Dale, and Paula Miller. During the first few minutes of her reign, the win- ners of the float competition were announced. The con- gratulations went to Beta Theta Pi, first, Phi Kappa Psi, second, and Sigma Nu, third in the fraternity competi- tion, while the honors went to Delta Delta Delta, first, Alpha Omicron Pi, second, and Gamma Phi Beta, third for the sororities. With combos at every fraternity house on Saturday night, and an invasion of teenie-boppers and Marines, the student body rallied one last time in classic style. Speedy Alka-Seltzer welcomed many back to reality Sunday morning. Xl' aw-f 2 Second went to A011 for "We Aim to Maim the Middiesf' "We've Got Navy's Goatv brought the Tri Delts first place When the work was done, the Betas won. EN placed third with "Tippecanoe Shakes Navy Blue." HCMECUMING KIJKNP torpedoed its way into second place. -. vw , 1 ,., E? Q B 9 9? ,nv 1 if .ge 59' X Y I 3 t V h W so ., x ' Mita tv 4.3 f f lv f"' ,, X W M-,Q X W , if X 41 :M ATHLETIC AVVARDS AND HONORS FOOTBALL Sportsmanship Rusty Cantwell Wade-Looney John Bruno All-SEC First Team CUPIJ Chip Healy Second Team CAPQ Scott Hall Chip Healy Hustler Player of the Year Chip Healy BASKETBALL All-SEC First Team Tom Hagan Second Team Jerry Southwood Bob Warren Bo Wyenandt SEC Sophomore of the Year Torn Hagan All-American Honorable-Mention Tom Hagan 5 L ,fu 15:5 tm i 138 , ,, f ,V W-fir Q mf I za at A my T S I ,a ss i tt f if L W . .4 7 . 4, SX 8 3 N V1 E xt Y N . at tXx A Q' was 'la STD is N x, 33? J W fe a t xt Y X 5 FOOTBALL Vanderbilt 24 0 0 6 6 12 10 14 7 0 SCHEDULE The Citadel Georgia Tech Florida VPI Alabama Tulane Kentucky Navy Ole Miss Tennessee Opponent 0 42 13 21 42 13 14 30 34 28 I HEAD COACH JACK GREEN Football season once again began with a ray of hope. In the opener against the Citadel, Coach Jack Green's charges rolled to a 24-0 victory. Vandy had finally won a game it was supposed to. Could this season be dif- ferent from those gone by? The Commodores hit the road to take on Georgia Tech and were completely stunned by the Orange Bowl bound Yellow Jackets 42-0. Florida was next, led by Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrierg Vandy put up a great struggle and had several occasions to win before finally bowing 13-0. And so the season went . . . loss after disheartening loss, some were close, but most were clear-cut defeats. The already apathetic student body became more apa- thetic and perhaps a better description would be "tired of losing." The fans were fed up with Coach Green's "Representative Football." Vandy wants a winner and the players want to be a winner and not a representa- tive, Why play if you cannot expect to be able to win anytime that you play? And so "Representative Foot- ball" and Coach Jack Green went, and may we wish them the best of luck. But the season was not as drab as our 1-9 record FIRST ROW: Jerry Prior, Cloyce Darnell, Gary Davis, Jim Whiteside, Chuck Boyd, Dave Maddux, Jim Thomas, Jim Sanders, John Bruno, Rusty Cantwell, Bob Goodridge, Dan Lipperman, Trow Gillespie, Frank Curtin, Ray Duffy. SECOND ROW: Lee Noel, Bob Kerr, Butch Brown, Steve PY Co-Captains Dave Maddux, LB, and Jim Thomas, E 140 Bevil, Bernie Kemple, Steve Kiss, Don Booker, Mike Greene, Tommy Davis, Marc Miller, John Shughart, Mar- lin Keel, George Parker. THIRD ROW: DeWitt Thompson, John Gamble, Dave Semlow, Roger May, Tim Theis, Bob Pegg, Russell Rice, Chuck Ousley, Dan Cundiff, Rickie might indicate. There wereseveral bright spots, the brilliant performance of sophomore Chip Healy brought him the distinction of All-SEC first team. He was the first Commodore since 1959 to accomplish this feat. Another performer, Scott Hall, a junior guard, was also honored with second team All-SEC. This shows that Vandy has the talent if it is used right. It is our belief that Coach Pace and his staff will do just that. Finally, and we believe it is the brightest cloud to come out of our dark season, the Vanderbilt Board of Trust decided to do- something about the Football pro- gram. They began by hiring Jess Neely, former Van- derbilt player who had just retired from Rice Univer- sity, as Athletic Director. Also, they hired Bill Pace as head coachg he came from Arkansas where he had been head offensive coach. This in itself was stimulat- ing to VU supporters since the Razorbacks seldom lost while Pace served in this capacity. Besides, Coach Pace is regarded as one of the top head coaching prospects in the country. He is a very personable and hard work- ing individual, and he has assembled a fine staff to assist him. All in all Vanderbilt Football has an optimistic out- look under the tutoring of Coach Pace and Athletic Director Jess Neely. A full freshman team has been recruited for next season which has many outstanding players. Vanderbilt and all alumni would like to quote Edgar Allen Poe, regarding VU Football of the dismal past: "Quote the Raven never more." Kaelin, Kelly Meyer, Wiley Maiden, Sid Ransom, Mike DeVane, Steve Shields, George Harvey, Dave Hedreen Dawson, Scott Hall, John Hammersmith, Steve Skupas. Jack Calhoun, Mike Giltner, Dick Stender, Pete Boney FOURTH ROW: Chip Healy, Steve Ernst, Bill Long, Char- Bob Yeiser, Terry Thomas, Steve Bigelow, Bib Ivey. lie Orth, Don North, Fred Klaass, Tom Williams, John f Chip Healy, LLB Scott Hall, RLB 14.1 Yeh rah! Whole damn team!" 1 ,Z f:l"wf7'iQZfQ3?i,,f'?fQk 'f fm 22 , "Come on, Vrmdyf' "You cfm do ip", Healy looks on in dispair 142. Dog-pile results: Citadel stopped cold by V.U. VANDERBILT-CITADEL September 17, 1966 Gary Davis makes one of Vandy's three touchdowns against Citadel. Chip Healy and drumsticlc. 1 Steve Bevil leaps over the Citadel defense for a gain Evil and ballhrepluched out of the air. VANDERBILT-GEORGIA TECH September 24, 1966 143 Charlie Orth tries out a new ballet step. Steve Spurrier gets racked by Monster Man. VANDERBILT-FLORIDA VANDERBILT-V. P. I. October 1, 1966 October 15, 1966 Dave Hedreen does "Highland Flingv around a V.P.I. end. While Steve Kiss blocks, Jim Whiteside practices self hypnosis. l Q 144 . 1 sf.-4' V' . . . 5 S xx L . j 5 i ex I ,vs L- . K S 2 . y, A .3 - "L -A Q i H Q ' X " .. ,W - ' . Q., " . r ,,,jf'w Y, ' 21' rffffv , , t ,, vwff55'ww:f H' Q X 'T a t " 5 : Wim ,, f ,X , ,,,,, ,, - . . V ,., 1 H , , t ? z: VA'V VVV, , A VVIA r A WY , , .,.. ,, My 4 1 VV l r-W ' A SKUPAS 1 ' W 1 ,, Q. g r., fa , A V " A ' lime " ' 'f . V iz A Z, f L", r rr ' IZ ' -- L J , g If " :lg li f Q, My ',,' wi lf 'f-6:52 gil" 1 I I P. M ,p-I" f 7 ,n' A, ' M W V C twig! -feiaei ' Bk, K r 4' my -if A, f- 52' ,'f'ZM,,gjf1',jM r .ta ' 130.1 g f',J'3n' 4 19 f?'q:'i1.g'f' Qi 'Wq,g nr1?'-Marg, -f gf :-- ., ., 1. 4 , ' V- "' L, , 4 io,,Y,cf,,r,,,q4.4y3rVf4wer., fr .3 fr' 'V 1 ' M M 4 . .Q V , if V ' 2 L,i,p,471ejf z' i4c4,g'if,, fl TWA? 2715421 -f v ' 'let MAY :vp 'j , 4 l ' ' " ., . , f ,,,, nf' ,. we A f"' , ,x ' I f fe V M ,Q at Z with 11463 at ' , tgffww ? f ' 13226 A -K H lyftwqy ' f .ff'3"w 'F a OWEN UU , A H 1 " ..,, K a,,fA3343'kftd ' "W Ml? L , "W A , 1' "" - -. i 7'1f5?ii5'r:1"' f nfyfffjw, W Q51 .W V. , Mff fefj, Q 5, V 2 ., ,, f, wa-:MU ,W us Maw , f , W. ,vii ff, LV, V - , . . , , ,v V ,W ., fmgwtetwnt,-M,. 4' T -f 'A I 1 H , fl, , " , twiwwwa '37 we f, ,, ri - ffl' qt ' .- ' 1- , ' ' ' ' o r V, , ffv- xv f a l r r 1 ii an in f g., I7,d,, , gqfigihik get ,:g1f'2,5,i1,54k,,' 4 ' "gg, I ' f ' 4, 5 Q I Y 'Hz' 4- -0 woEff".'w W ' '- W W , I ' ' ,. 3 f"" ffwialim W, '7M'm," ' f 37 H ' ,, . - ' 1 1" ' 5211?-iff 5'-55551 Ml w i x TU? W X ' S' " - "' in ' J W, W 'Q ' ' .wx ' ' , 'W A , 'V v f ' V 15"f5"Q'i?'M ' ig! A - ' W , My feel' fu avi it r at A fam A T L' , K Y , 1 t A ,A A 4 l V ll V ft ' ' 'kV. 'H . V ' ' ' , , n Don North eludes Alabama defense for a gain. Roger May -5- Steve Slcupas : TOUCHDOWN. Vanderbilt one of three teams to score on Tide. VANDERBILT-ALABAMA October 22, 1966 VANDERBILT-TULANE October 29, 1966 Charlie Orth takes a Greenie down. I Hammersmith clears a path for North. 45 Fred Klaus boots Vaucly into lead as John Bruno blocks and Bob Kerr holds. VANDERBILT--KENTUCKY November 5, 1966 Bob Pegg takes down the Navy. Don North or the Statue of Liberty? Chuck Boyd, about to be torpeoloed by the Navy fleet. HOMECOMING VANDERBILT-NAVY November 12, 1966 14 Mike Gilmer blocks a pass. VAN DERBILT-OLE MISS November 19, 1966 Don North drives for yardage against Rebels as George Parker and Rusty Cantwell assist. Mike Giltner, Scott Hall, and Trow Gillespie ta A X 1 t pounce on a Rebel. Qsuasw A .ms M - , -. My A J Gary Davis takes the ball as John Bruno tackles. VANDERBILT-TENNESSEE November 26, 1966 Mike Giltner, Rick Kaelin, and Chip Healey herd up the Vols 14-7 THE 1966 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM. First Row fLeft to rightj: John Ingram, Dave Strong, Christy Hauck, Winston Evans, Lynn Greeley, Charles Field, Pat Toomay, Ronnie Campbell, John Lyon, Mal Wall, Neil Smith. Second Row: Wilford Fuqua, Assistant Coach, Jim Brophy, Bob Bosserman, Greg Ray, John Valput, Jack Jakobik, Noel Stahl, Curt Chestley, Roddy Eggen, Bob Wright, Jim Combs, Jerry Chapman, Dave Malone, Assistant Coach. Third Row: Chester Caddas, Assistant Coach, Tom Van Dorne, Steve Coleman, Bob Woods, Dan Krik- stone, Bill McDonald, Al Monaco, Glen Petrina, Tom Wutchina, Charles Springfield, Bill Ferguson, Don Riley, 1966 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The 1966 edition of the Commodore yearlings pro- vided a great deal of hope for the future of Vander- bilt football. The youngsters played a fine Tennessee team to a 6-14 decision and had their chance to win and then came back to the young Rebels of Mississippi all they wanted in a 6-13 loss. The Baby Commodores, with Dave Strong passing to Curt Chesley and John Valput, Jack Jakobik and Jim Brophy handling the running chores, showed a lot of offensive punch in all four of their outings. Strong threw for five scores SCHEDULE Oct. 8 CA Vanderbilt Louisville Oct. 22 CH Vanderbilt Tennessee Oct. 29 QA Vanderbilt Kentucky Nov. 6 CHD Vanderbilt Ole Miss I against Louisville in the only win of the season and looked good in all four games. The Commodores gave up the ball ten times against the Kentucky freshmen, but still managed over three hundred yards in total offense. While the offense gets the headlines, there were several defensive players who will be heard from in the future. Mike Patterson, a linebacker, Bill Mc- Donald, a middle guard, Neil Smith, a monster man and John Burns at safety will be important cogs in the Commodore varsity for the next three seasons. Bob Asher, at offensive tackle, is ready to step up and play in the SEC. The young Cominodores showed more team speed and quickness than the past teams have shown and under the able leadership of Coach Don Riley more than held their own against some of the top freshman outfits in the conference. The Baby Commodores played some fine football along the way and proved that they are ready to become the stepping stones of a brighter Vanderbilt football path. Head Freshman Coach. Fourth Row: Jack Gilden, Bert John Valput sgrams for extra yardage Piatt, Greg White, Bob Gorman, Dan Mulvena, Bob Asher, Larry Eldracher, John Burns, John Elkington, Mike Patterson, David West. against Ole Mzss. 149 Yon win some . . . CHEERLEADERS Spearheaded by the activity of Bob Davis, Mr. Commodore, the Vanderbilt cheerleaders rose to new heights with the HBlade" and other new cheers and gymnastic stunts. They traveled with both the football and basketball teams whenever possible and caused a huge uproar even when they were about the only fans present. Although seemingly unpopular with UT fans and sportswriters Cbut isn't everyone'?j, the cheerleaders led the Vandy crowds to an all-time high in school spirit. Especially effective was the enthusiasm of Mr. Commodore, whose rather hoarse but always spirited voice could be heard even in the most dis- mal moments-and, there were dismal moments. For instance, there was the night that Bob's room- mate was tricked into giving away the Commo- dore,s uniform, leaving him suitless but neverthe- less present and as fired-up as ever. The cheerleaders, this year, Kas pictured in the top pyramid to the leftj: Coddy Coddington, Tom Moore, David Vaughn, and Mike Moore, forming the base, Tam Hicks, Doreen James, and Susan Riley, forming the second layerg and, Ann Lewis and Judy Van Hemert, forming the top. A successful experiment in the form of a base- ball pep rally was held this spring and will serve, perhaps, to add emphasis to Vanderbilt's spring sports. Next year's cheering squad has already be- gun planning for bigger and better "Blades" Yon lose some . . . and some just plain get 'rained out! The moment weive been waiting for, the kickoff. BOB DAVIS MR. COMMODORE GEORGE He was a true and loyal friend to those who knew him best and his presence will indeed be missed Tennessee s walklng horse will never know greater peace than the relief that George 1S no longer there to n1p violently at its heels the cheerleaders won t quite know what to do with themselves now that they dont have to spend hours searching the Sigma Chi house for George before games And will the athletic teams crumble without the comforting sight of his proud nose set at just the proper angle to let you know that he was too registered with the American Kennel Club and if you valued your little hands youd best keep them off our boys? A noble spirit human set down in canine body has fled and yet somehow it will always be there growling at you on Rand Terrance, submitting to a few perfunc tory pats, and then trotting off to only George knows where ' ' Q , , ,, A V' 1 A ,gf 4 l ,ff ,, , ' Tw , f ,:, . 7 mraf , 7 7 7 . , . . , . . - ' 7 . . 7 7 . . . . U H . . ' 7 , . . . . , . . . 7 lady. it 7' ,rf 4'-' 151 .QQQL One can almost hear George sigh, "Well, for a rookie, and a girl at that, she's all rightf' That adorable, blue-and-gray-eyed sweetheart of a puppy plopped herself down in the middle of Vandy's campus and took right over! We doubted, and mum- bled behind closed doors, thinking that no one could fill Georgels pawprints . . . ever. But after a few moments of ter- ror at Homecoming, Samantha was well on her way to show- ing any TVC who ever walked just what it means to be a real K'Sam," as she is affectionately known to her Sigma Chi trainers, has become the new mascot for Vandy,s athletic teams in a manner all her own. Her triumph is complete and her popularity is unquestioned, so once again Tennesseeys walk- ing horse had best beware. SAMANTHA 1 q, W ,ne ,Z-.3 LK'-fii BASKETBALL VANDERBILT OPPONENT 76 Western Kentucky 70 89 SMU 76 101 Southwestern Louisiana 68 88 Wake Forest 82 89 Duke 97 VANDERBILT INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT 98 Portland 63 100 LaSalle 95 77 i"Florida 69 116 Northwestern 92 51 ikAuburn 64 84 i'Alabama 8193 91 SKentucky 39755 65 '6Tennessee 59 78 iilVlississippi 7044? 71 iliAuburn 55 79 i'iMississippi State 64 79 ikLSU 77 75 i'iFlorida 83 51 iiGeorgia 41954 72 iiMississippi 67 53 :liTennessee 70 117 5Alabama 80 71 XGeorgia 61 71 i:lVIississippi State 74 110 :iKentucky 94 75 :ELSU 66 it SEC Games if Overtime Games THE EFFORT OF GREATNESS-A SURPRISE START TO A SURPRISE SEASON 157. Vanderbilt's basketball season can truly be read as a fairy tale. The squad, which lost its two big guns from the preceding season, was considered too small and inexperienced for Southeastern Conference title contention. The factor no one counted on was the tre- mendous desire that became their trademark. The Com- modores, with great determination, turned a predicted 13-12 record into 21-5 and in so doing, narrowly missed capturing the SEC title. Even in losing the title, the team gained the admiration of every fol- lower, no matter how old or how young. The 1966-67 Commodore squad was one of the greatest and cer- Kneeling: Bob Warren, Bob Bundy, Ron Knox, Kenny Standing: Coach Roy Skinner, Gibbs, Gene Lockyear. Kenny Campbell, Dave Boswell, Tom Hagen, By Wyen- andt, Jerry Southwood. E1 C .N Ut Www we 83.62 iffffff 5576? 325 3? tainly most exciting teams in Vanderbiltfs history. The season started off with an upset victory over na- tionally ranked Western Kentucky 76-70, followed by successive victories over SMU, Southwest Louisiana, and Wake Forest. Duke handed Vandy the first loss of the season, but the spunky Commodores rebounded by defeating Portland and LaSalle for their third suc- cessive Vanderbilt Invitational Tournament title. The SEC race opened against Florida, a pre-season favorite, with VU pulling off another surprise, 77-69. North- western was the next victim, but in returning to con- ference competition, the Commodores were defeated by Li tv px- p g i S, ,S -2 "4 -are N .i . if XX 'W' X I Auburn 64-51. Once again they rallied behind our "Coach of the Yearn Roy Skinner, and defeated Ala- bama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Auburn, Mis- sissippi State, and LSU, still tied with UT for the SEC lead. Florida proved to be too tall, however, and Vandy succumbed: then the Volunteers fell victim to the Ole Miss Rebels. WVith eight games left, the con- ference championship had yet to be determined. Two weeks later, with victories over Georgia and Ole Miss behind them, the Commodores traveled to Knoxville to face Ray Mears' understudies in probably the biggest SEC contest of the year. Tennessee won I TRAINERS AND EQUIPMENT MANAGERS. Rich- ard Worden, Joe Worden, Bill Kelley, Joe Trigona, Tom McCarthey. COACH SKINNER calm but not so calm, An almost orthodox layup by the Hardinhopper. that encounter, but several conference games stood between UT and the SEC title. Vandy's loss to the Vols dampened the enthusiasm of some faint-hearted fans, however, it failed to destroy the hopes and spirit of many supporters. Never content to be the loser, Roy Skinner and his boys ran up a 117-80 score at Ala- bama's expense. Only Mississippi State spoiled Vandy's final efforts. All in all, Vanderbilt's 1966-67 basketball team had a very good year. It was a year of excitement and sur- prises: a year filled with successes-achievements and glories from start to finish, a year not without some de- feats-disappointments and frustrations. It was a year when a 'gbuildingw team was a top contender in the race for the Southeastern Conference title-a race which lasted until the last shot in UT's triple overtime Win at Starkville. If there were times when individuals were the stars, there were many more when the play- ers functioned, played, acted like a single, cohesive unit-an outstanding basketball team. 154 'ws we 121 , .ff 1 AW' , :A tm.--L. ,- fl 1 ' fm ,, ,fp Hagan outshines Sunshiners. D0'Y'L,I worry-it'll come clown. w-'wifi'- Two more as Gibbs vmcrges from Qmdcrworld .nl"" I t's mine-damn it! Who put helium in the basketball? ,M fi Bo on way to a new record. Bo has the ball and the record-wow! 42 points! Alabama falls victim. Pow-wow is heap This Siamese-twin ball has gotta cease, Bob. I Yes, ifs a basketball. 57 Hagan onthe ball "Take the ball, but please get the hell off my toe." Gymnast Warren requires help, loses points on hanclstand. UT's patented fast break Gibbs drives for basket against Auburn. - SMU down and Out' A tremendous effort and a nostalgic first meeting victory over Mears' Mo- lasses. Z .Q 251 Vandy captures VIT. '6You're not going to stop me that way? 15 9 "That's right, boys, just step aside? I sv , v ' .. 1 gt K as 52.2553 e ,sg-fs t ' f - f sff. 'ww W- '- - Gibbs uses karate? The Phantom loses kilt, gains arms. "Leis see. the basket is just around this corner." 160 CAPTAIN JERRY SOUTHWOOD, All-SEC Second Team: drafted by Dallas of the American Basketball Association. BASKETBALL HONORS While the Vanderbilt Basketball team was having a very successful season as a team, the individual players were equally successful in winning personal honors. Four Commodores were designated for the All-SEC teams this season: Tom Hagan made the first team: Jerry Southwood, Bob Warren, and Bo Wyenandt made the second team. Tom Hagan was also named the SEC Sophomore of the Year. At the end of the season, Southwood and Kenny Gibbs were drafted by the new American Basketball Association. Six of the ten players on the squad averaged in double figures: Hagan, Southwood, , Gibbs, Warren, Wyenandt, and Kenny Campbell. Warren was the lead- ing rebounder. The team shot an amazing 50.4 percent, one of the highest shooting percentages in the nation. ' 15 .1 ', .- " if "YH, W X ' ' 221.gif LH' 'TTCIM ' G Q: if T7 V . fifft W' tg-" 43,5532 , . gg 4' A ... ' " Q, vm .R if fp. , . .. Z. . . , ' , , . I . W ,,, " f 2-35 V ,, A I ' , y VV, H ,,,. ., V I h i, I. I V VV , . AWA :Vhk , . , M, , 1- 1.1 1. , t 1 .Af f fmt. I V . TOM HAGAN, All-SEC First Team: SEC Sophomore of the Year: All-American Honorable-Mention. Next season looks equally bright. Returning letter- men will include Hagan, Warren, Wyenandt, Campbell, and Gene Lockyear, who was outstanding on relief all year. There will be four players not returning: South- wood, Gibbs, Ron Knox, and Dave Boswell. The re- turning players will be backed up by the B-team mem- bers and the freshmen, led by Perry Wallace. Rounding out the squad were Rob Boden, Jack Featheringill, and Mark Brumbaugh. No doubt we will hear more from these young men who brought fresh- man basketball an unprecedented following at Van- derbilt. l 5 ,,...myi0lP9' KENNY GIBBS, drafted by Louisville of the American Basketball Asociation. N BOB WARREN, All-SEC Second Team. Bo WYENANDT, All-SEC Second Team. 161 PRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RECORD VANDERBILT OPPONENT 73 Western Kentucky 65 93 Pensacola Junior Col. 80 81 Western Kentucky 89 84 Kentucky Wesleyan 65 93 Western Kentucky 87 64 Kentucky 85 50 Tennessee 49 69 Auburn 61 64 Middle Tennessee 68495 92 Tennessee Tech 102 76 Middle Tennessee 68 58 Tennessee 75 85 Middle Tennessee 71 70 Mississippi 'State 84 75 Kentucky 100 Perry Wallace, Art Welhoelter, Godfrey Dillard, Alex Beavers, Dan Due, Pat Tommay. Not Pictured: Steve King, Rob Boden, Jack Featheringill, if Overtime Game Mark Brumbaugh. Perry Wallace leads the Frosh to their first victory. 167. The 1966-67 season brought the Vanderbilt student body the three-hour basketball night instead of the previously more popular hour-and-a-half night. The student section was usually already filled by halftime of the first game. What brought on this new-found zeal that caused many to leave their books or bull sessions early and mass to Memorial Gymnasium? Under the guidance of Homer Garr, who also en- joyed his freshman year here, and ever-popular Bob "Snake" Grace, the freshmen posted a mediocre rec- ord, but if, as Coach Garr professes, the freshman year is used to develop players for varsity competition, we must regard this season as a success. The team was paced by exciting Perry Wallace, who averaged 17 points and 20 rebounds per game. Perry brought the fans to their feet time after time with his dazzling play featuring his personalized 'Kdunk shot." Also aver- aging 17 points per game was Art Welhoelter from Webster Groves, Missouri. Giving the frosh a Mo-town flavor was guard Godfrey Dillard who held a 13.5 point average. His running-mate, Dan Due from Indiana, was a sharp outside shot who averaged 12 points per game. Others seeing much action throughout the season were Alex Beavers, Steve King, and Pat Toomay, a scholarship footballer who injured his knee after eight games. SWIMMING The Vanderbilt swimming team found the year to be one of transition. In his first year at Vanderbilt, Coach John Smith, a former All-American from the University of Michigan, brought a new pattern of lead- ership to the swimmers. Aided by Assistant Coach Carl Butler and Diving Coach Laird Daubenspeck, Smith emphasized individual performance and im- provement. Seniors Drew Litzenberger, breaststroker, and Tom Jones, diver, served as the team co-captains. Mac Mil- ler worked as team manager. Handicapped by the lack of athletic grants-in-aid, the tankmen posted a 0-9 rec- ord. The season did have its bright spots, however. Several team records were broken and marked im- provement showed in their times. Vandy's swimmers got off to a slow start losing the first two home meets to Tulane, 57-40, and Florida, defending SEC champions. Traveling to Sewanee, the Commodores were handed a 56-41 defeat in spite of four first place spots in the meet. Against the University of Louisville, the score was 53-49, with the medley relay of Bob Goodwin, Drew Litzenberger, Erik Duerr, and Charles Dale setting the pace with an opening first place. Other first places for the Commodores were posted by Duerr, Goodwin, and Litzenberger. Bill Themann and Erik Duerr were Vandy's only first place winners when the mermen met Eastern Kentucky for a 77-24 score. The next day, however, the Commodores bounded back in Lexington with Ken- tucky topping the swimmers only 58-36. Vanderbilt fell victim next to Georgia Tech by a score of 57-43. How- ever, Bill Themann set a new varsity record to the 1000 yard freestyle and Bob Goodwin set a new in- dividual medley record. Others taking first places for the Commodores were Tom Jones and Duerr and the relays swum by Goodwin, Litzenberger, Duerr, Souby, Dale and Bill Snow. Vandy fell before Georgia 65-34, then in the final dual meet of the season, the Vander- bilt swimmers lost to Alabama by a score of 55-44. Van- derbilt completed the season with a fifth place in the SEC Swimming and Diving Championships in Lexing- ton, Kentucky. The freshman team suffered the same handicaps as the varsity and also had a losing season. Freestylers were Jeff Marquis, Bob Bashinski, Charlie Post and Larry Sims. Ron Young swam the backstroke While White and Chae Laird held down the breaststroke. Shawn Saavedra and Don Putnam were the freshman divers, and Charlie Tucker handled the butterfly. The freshmen also finished fifth in the SEC ratings. 164 Vcmdy's relay team goes into action. "But why can't I be in the Aquatic Club show? VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM. First Row: Assistant Coach Carl Butler, Head Coach John Smith, Bill Themann, Charles Dale, Alan Edmonds, Drew Litzenberger, Co- Captaing Manager Mac Miller. Second Row: Diving Coach Laird Daubenspeck, John Grant, Bob Goodwin, Bill Snow, Erik Duerr, Tom Jones, Co-Captain. Elusive butterfly. I lv- W , I Ki 1 '4 - W W ,U W 1 EA A u 7 WM W Q up A .,v- MEM M M V, - ' ' m""M"j ,i-' Moby Dick or a Commodore? Up periscope! H-TC' One last push for the finish. Jones fiies through the air with the greatest of ease. Last one in is a rotten egg! 166 "Aw, Coach, 'it's too cold in there!" ww-"" FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM. Charlie Tucker, Charlie Post, Shawn Saavedra, Bob Bashinski, Ron Young, Don Putnam. 'N' ,. f-wp.p-Q-gf? , N ' YQ L do Q A A ,mko "Peek-a-boo!" 167 BASEBALL D ,,. fi 1 .- I I' Wk An improved Vanderbilt baseball team is hopeful of bettering last season's 3-17 mark. A tightened defense, more pitching depth, and more scoring punch will help the team progress toward its goal. Shortstop Joe Benedict heads the infield with his fielding and batting. At third is Marlin Veel, one of the best defensive thirdbasemen in the Southeastern Conference. Second base is guarded by high-scoring Paul Schmidt. Rounding out the infield are firstbase- men Jim Armistead and Sam O'Neal. In the outfield are George Leonard, Jim Guisti, and Jim Harris. George is a strong hitter and fielder, while Guisti, a two-letter man, is the best defensive outfielder. Jim Harris, last year's leading hitter is providing his usual power for the team. Behind the plate is Bill Young, a fine receiver with a strong arm. The pitching staff is composed of Ron Knox, Tandy Easely, Paul Wells, Jim Wilkes, Larry Bunoschu, and George Harvey. Coach Archie has high expectations for his squad both this year and in the future. Interest in Vandy baseball has been revived, and a new field is expected to replace the present one. The record to date is 3-10. 1 Front Row: Jim Armistead, Tandy Easley, Paul Wells, Marlin Keel, Coach George Archie, Bill Young, Jim Wilkes. Second Row: Joe Benedict, Jim Giusti, Ben Kibler, Paul Schmidt, Jim Harris, Larry Bunoschu. Third Row: George Harvey, Ron Pettus, George Leonard, Bob Moore, Mike Carson, Don Wolfson, Ron Knox. Not Pictured: Jim Foster. , f - ,,,,. 5, , .. V' M wt ' .rw-' ' ' V 1' Vw af W" 'zu . M , V ' ' " . - ,. . , wif . '. '2".'e:, :7." . . V: W V. ' ww .W i 'f f,"V DVM ' ' 4' Wh! y , "" '- . . ,,,k.,,, N V We , V -we Vw ' t. V . V ' Q Q.. 1 ru, 7 WM ,- Florida offense proves too strong. Auburvfs base runner dashes for third. BASEBALL RECORD VANDERBILT OPPONENT 2 Tennessee 5 1 Tennessee 6 2 Georgia State 1 5 Georgia State 8 3 Auburn 5 0 Auburn 1 8 Auburn 22 2 Kentucky 7 6 Kentucky 4 1 Georgia 10 3 Georgia 4 0 Georgia 1 9 Sewanee 2 Mike Carson coaches the base runner. I 1 ' Vcmoly run scored by Armistead. Jim Armistead flashes base power. 170 O'Neal is all set. Jim Harris takes a Tip. Keel wheels around first SOCCER The soccer season brought several pleasant surprises to the team and its followers this year. Because this was only the second year the club has had uniforms and University-sponsored road trips, the record was ex- pected to be comparable to last year's 3-4-3. One major problem was the lack of a full-time coach. The players returned to school last fall to find that the graduate student who had been hired to coach them had decided to study elsewhere. Tom Meriwether served as player- coach until Oktay Varlier, a Turkish graduate student in Economics, agreed to coach the team. With all but one of last year's players returning and a strong fresh- man turnout, the club garnered a near-perfect record, marred only by a loss to Morehead State College in Kentucky. The club defeated St. Bernards College, Alabama 3-2 in the season opener and went on to top Morehead in Nashville, also by a 3-2 score. A rematch with St. Bernards resulted in another Commodore Win, this time with a 4-2 margin. UT also joined the roster of the defeated when the Vanderbilt team scored a 4-1 vic- tory over them. A magnificent showing by sophomore goalie Bob Bramblett helped the club post their fifth win over Emory by a score of 5-1, followed by a 4-1 win over the Sewanee representatives. The Nashville Inter- nationals were the next victims of the four-two-four attack instituted by Coach Varlier and led by Sandy Evarts and Tom Meriwether. The only loss of the season occured at the hands of Morehead State on a snow-covered field in 20 degree weather. The final game of the year was a decisive victory over Sewanee, the first they had suffered on their home field. Forwards Ernie Perez, lVlarshall McCallie, Leigh Kammerer, and Merlin Kilbury scored a total of 30 goals for the season, while goalies Bob Bramblett and Walter Tyree and defensemen Sperry Nelson, Byron Charles, Jack tBrooklynJ Carter, Newt Williams, and Mike Beckner held the opposition to only 13 goals. The British playing experience of George Brooksbank of London proved invaluable to the team. With most of the club returning next year, the 1967-68 season record is expected to match this year's outstanding finish. Coach Oktay Varlier intently watches the action. First Row: Leigh Kammerer, Ernie Perez, Tom Meri- Tom Sanders, George Brooksbank, Bill Gresham, Byron wether, Bob Bramlette, Walter Tyree, Tom Ryan, Bruce Charles, Mike Beckner. Not Pictured: Sperry Nelson, Mer- Bowman. Second Row: Coach Oktay Varlier, Stuart lin Kilbury, Sandy Evarts, Newt Williams, Larry Viers. Barnes, Tom Claiborne, Brooklyn Carter, Steve Canfield, --v-ww-' '56 A F f Q f K K f,: SK K Q If unnuQ K 'SP 5 S tiff' ! X if . 3 A f K . 6 L. if , -q, 5 33 , . ii - SP ' is .e W We .. vi,e.w..5 3 M if K Ki f 5 W1 ' . gm ,. KK F KKK KK ,E .K .K 4 KK -- .M - '-E K V , Ki? . K . , KKK . K in . 1 ' K K- 1 K L,, K , Q- X-K . .. K K 2 tx . K K K K K K ,Qg iii A KK XA K . KKKW .1 Y . K X ix K i.. A. ... KKKKK U K , K .. :vt-rr 4 K' ' .. ..'."m Q K K K . f.. ' Apt Q. KK, K yum 'Q 1 K W' x -H+' 4. . 1 , m .Q , 4 ff , , - .Q . - M. KK A . qw. . ., ... ,. . ,. ,W .. .sy .4 ,. K KK . - If fr.. . .Q K,.ifgKu.,K'23s! .ggi - if ., NN.. - 5 I , .:' . X My. . ' "3iQ5'g""53'5f'54Qf 'ff ix 'Avia' rw .4-A in .mE5'.-I .Q f . 1 -- : --lim' mv Q55 f ef-is-,gff'lf:2Q"1f!3i-'fxrvise' ' f"?:'wm 'rgkw' 4w4."1'-' fi-"'fvf'Wi': f,.s-M" as X' ' em, J 'f - eww. we 'H M 'A 'Nm--1 '.- .pw Pi' WN 'X--+ . . , X' 2. M J 2 . awww? iff ""'wf-W,-fi yi Vandy defense squeezes o1nponent's ojense. Claiborne makes big theft. SOCCER RECORD VANDERBILT OPPONENT 3 St. Bernards 2 3 Morehead State 2 4 St. Bernards 2 4 Tennessee 1 5 Emory 1 4 Sewanee 1 4 Nashville Internationals 1 1 Morehead State 3 6 Sewanee 1 "Oh, my aching head Much action centers around the goal 174 fr' C """ I Q ' ig! fe' bf Sperry Nelson attempts to block a shot, "Good tackle, Georgef' 6 ,F ff, McCallie struggles with opponent for possession of the ball. "They get their kicks out of it. 175 J! f 'at es whim ,,,,,Mi ,V, ,, ,Q -, 53,3 .,,, ,si ' QZTQN, ", 25 i WA I W , GOLF K 2 li l3s, The golf team, coached by Bob Renaud, the pro at the Hillwood Country Club, underwent a rebuilding year. The team's co-captains were Johnny Johnson and Sim Davis. Freshman Rob Boden and Junior Bar- ham Ray alternated in the top two spots throughout most of the season. They were supported by John Nickey, Jim Morgan, and Ralph Griffin who are all promising sophomore golfers. It is hoped that with the aid of future scholarships the golf team will continue to improve and will fur- ther strengthen the overall spring sports program at Vanderbilt. 1 Jim Morgan, John Nickey, Rob Boden, Ralph Griffin, Coach Bob Renaud, Hillwood Country Club prog Johnny Johnson, Co-Captain: Barham Ray, Sim Davis, Co-Captain. pp liiiiiii 534 , -Q sii' W TW Co-Captain Johnny Johnson, Coach Bob Reneau, and C0- Captain Sim Davis pilot Vanderbilfs golf team. Rob Bodin is also a steady putter. , A ,V f 1 , mf' 5 .gr rs: 9, , ., M. .,fw.,- me vu -Q' .rn 1 Y.-..+-M-1. . ,. .. .wr .U wp... . ...W , ,mfr W., 5, ,.,4,,, 5. -1. M.. ml- Q. , ,Mm .W 1. ,M ,. wr ff-f Q.-ww, ,,, Good putts require careful shots for accuracy. Bill Chastain fees of 177 vi A chip shot 'rolls toward, the cup. A long iron is needed to reach the green. I Sim Davis blasts out of a sfmdtrap I Johnny Johnson drives to open a match. Perfect wood by Ray. 6 I 4 1 4 in Q-4 wlfii TRACK Kneeling: Tom Stevens, Paul Hemphill, Dick Gilbert, Chip Covington, Tom Herman, Tom Sheron, Gary Peterman, Jim Heiskell, Steve Haviland. Standing: John Wallis, Bill Dixon, The Commodore thin clads, under Herc Alley in his 20th year at the helm of the Vanderbilt track program, had one of its best indoors seasons in recent years point- ing toward an improved spring. Led by Lucian Davis, the top sprinter on the squad, the Commodore runners were thin, but competitive in most events. However, the field events were the strong points in each of the seven dual meets. Gene Lockyear, who holds the school record in the shot put, teamed with Bill Caldwell in the shot and discus, while Ron Fawcette led in the javelin and Scott Kirkpatrick specialized in the broad and triple jumping events. This year, for the first time, freshmen were eligible for varsity competition and Coach Alley took advan- tage of the opportunity, giving youngsters experience and being rewarded with some fine performances, par- ticularly from Chip Covington, Rusty Trenary, Paul Hemphill, Dick Gilbert, and Steve Haviland. The efforts of the freshmen helped the squad thus making the fu- ture look somewhat brighter. The varsity schedule included home meets against Southwestern, Georgia Tech, Tennessee Tech, Memphis State, and Middle Tennessee. The Commodores traveled to Sewanee and Athens, Georgia, for road meets and to Knoxville for the annual running of the Southeastern Conference championships. 180 Lucian Davis, Steve Williamson, Bo Edwards, Mike Foran, Scott Kirkpatrick, Bill Caldwell, Bill Oldham, Coach Herc Alley. Georgia Tech running second to the Commodores. 4-4 er if C2 if o , li! W! Caldwell perfects his discus-throwing technique. Oldham clears the last hurdle. Some people get hung up on this sort of thing. "Quick-herefs her phone numberfi' "Out of my way-the new Playboy just came out 181 'JJ TENNIS Eph Walker, Greer Cummings, Kenny Campbell, Drake Boutwell, Randy Baker, Rusty Garth, Bill Reed, and Coach Jack Vredevelt. TENNIS RECORD VANDERBILT OPPONENT 1 Kalamazoo 8 0 Indiana 9 8 Birmingham Southern 1 4 Oglethorpe 5 5 Emory 4 0 Georgia 9 0 Georgia Tech 9 9 St. Bernard 0 3 Alabama 6 181 Under the direction of a new coach, Jack Vredevelt, the tennis team made considerable progress this year. After half the matches had been played, the team had already equalled last season's victory total. This year for the first time, freshmen were eligible to participate in the varsity spring sports, because of a new SEC ruling. The team had two freshmen, Greer Cummings and Eph Walker, playing positions number one and number five, respectively. The other four positions were held by members of last year's team: Captain Rusty Garth, Drake Boutwell, Randy Baker, and Ken- ny Campbell. Campbell did not begin playing until after the spring break, when he took over the sixth position from still another freshman, Bill Reed. Because of the new SEC rule and the possibility of scholarships in the near future, the prospects for con-- tinued improvement of the team are good. Coach Vredevelt has been in contact with many of the bet- ter players in the South and many have expressed in- terest in attending Vanderbilt. V-4" X. --s.v.m NX e 4 7 J v K K g Drake Boutwell watches one go by. S A-,I K c W.-.hN"""-...qlu-n-a-ai' he Quinn 'If that mosquito comes near me one more time . . .! 183 TF' Nw FENCING "Are you sure Zorro started this way?,' I Left to Right: Berkeley Merrill, Dan Bing, Chris Moore, Jim Iffland, Phil Olsson, Charlie Moody, Mike Moore, Eddie Fine,hCo-Captain, Greg White, Co-Captain, R. G. Stearns, Coac . The fencing team had a rather disheartening season this year. Because the team competes using only the foil, it found itself plagued by the lack of opponents. To eliminate this problem, the team and its sponsor, the Army R.O.T.C., plan to acquire the necessary equip- ment-sabres and epees- for next year. Although the team, coached by Dr. R. G. Stearns, lost all three of its contests with Auburn and the Cita- del, it gained Valuable experience. At the Citadel, the fencers competed, for the first time, using an electrical system to record touches, it lost the encounter by only two bouts. Members of the team also participated in the Georgia State Championship. Nine Vanderbilt fencers went to the Kentucky Division Championship and Co-Captain Greg White placed first in the competition there. Pc1rry.'v "On Q1UZ7'd.w I "Aaah . . . foiled again." 85 VL! , a RIFLE First Row: William Burnett, Frank Thompson, Richard Jahn, Charles Shusky, Larry Ahern, Bill Akin. Second Row: Major Gregg, Coach, Dave Mott, Jim Westcot, Ever- ett Anderson, G. Briggs, Richard Somers, Charles Finne, Sergeant Smith, Coach. This year, the riHe team posted its finest record, 12 wins against 4 losses, under the able coaching of Major Gregg and Sergeant Smith. Captain Burnett was one of the team's best marksmen. He was ably backed by Jim Westcot and Richard Somers. Several trophies were awarded to the team this year. Among them were a second place in the National Rifle Association Sectional, a fourth place in the Third U.S. Army Shoulder to Shoulder Meet, and trophy for plac- ing in the top ten per cent in the Army Area Intercol- legiate Tournament. After losing their first two contests the rifie team went on to win 12 out of the remaining 14 dual matches against such outstanding competition as Alabama, Ten- nessee, Cornell, and William and Mary. This season was very successful and it has done much to encour- age the minor sports program at Vanderbilt. I Major Gregg and Sergeant Smith watch closely as the final scores are posted. V Perfect form and a, good eye are essential. This is a winning shot. 'LV A . i in ms 1. '! These trophies were won this season Bulls Eye' by Wescot, Ahern and Briggs. 187 MEN'S IN TRAMU RALS Once again the men's intramural program at Vander- bilt had a successful and highly competitive year. With the addition of two new teams representing PSK and the Independent Athletic Committee QIACJ, there were sixteen teams participating in the various athletic contests. The Law School and Peabody College also en- tered teams, unoflicially, in the football competition, but they were not eligible for the interleague playoffs. The sixteen teams competed in a total of eleven sports. The intramural program was directed by the Intra- mural Athletic and Recreational Board, under the lead- ership of Buddy Schultz. The I-M Board, comprised of representatives from all fifteen fraternities and IAC, had the responsibility of organizing and supervising the eleven separate programs, it also arranged the play- off and championship games for each sport. The high-ranking teams from both the I- and M- Leagues competed in the elimination playoff to deter- mine the overall champion in each sport. There is no playoff to determine third and fourth places or fifth and sixth places. Points are accumulated for placing in each sport and the team amassing the highest point total for the year is awarded the sweepstakes trophy. Until this year, the intramural program was limited to fraternity competition because the independent men lacked the organization needed to take advantage of I-M membership. Last May, Steve Smith obtained ap- proval from the Board of Presidents to form the IAC in order to organize the independents. The IAC, led by Denny Brewington, has been able to organize a large number of interested men and its teams have com- peted effectively this year. The independents won the basketball championship. As of the time this article was written, all sports except tennis, softball, and track had been completed. The teams finishing in the first four places in each sport are listed below. The four teams leading in the sweep- stakes competition are also given, even though three sports were outstanding. LEAGUE MEMBERS 1-LEAGUE M-LEAGUE AEH BOH ATO AKE K2 IAC IIKA KA PSK 'CIJAO XAE CDKAI' EX 'PKR EN ZBT SWEEPSTAKES STANDING Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma I I-M LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS BASKETBALL FOOTBALL GOLF HANDBALL IAC EX K2 KA KA EAE mo KE Ex KA EN ATQ EAE BOH KA rpm SOCCER SWIMMING VOLLEYBALL WRESTLING EN CIJKE EX ATQ QKE KA HKA KE Bon ATQ EN EN K2 HKA KA KA MOST VALUABLE PLAYER AWARDS BASKETBALL FOOTBALL I-LEAGUE Bob Bramlette Frank Pinkerton M-LEAGUE Jay Popp John Slater I-M ALL-STAR TEAMS BASKETBALL I-LEAGUE M-LEAGUE Bob Bramlette Rusty Badgett Tim French Steve Hall Trow Gillespie Kurt Malm Lynch Hopper Jay Popp Frank Pinkerton John Slater Jerry Smith FOOTBALL Jim Armistead Ken Agee Scott Barnes Ronnie Bell Lindsay Cooper Bill Cothran Lucian Davis Sam Dewey Bob Edwards Bob Grace Reiley Kidd Chip Oelschlaeger Frank Pinkerton Ron Powell Lee Sessions Mike Turnbull Newt Williams Darryl Berger Ernie Chapman Bob Dinkelspiel Tom Dodson Ron Fawcett Jim Foster Chip Hanes Jay Kirkpatrick Scott Kirkpatrick Tommy Matter Ron Mautz Rick Pennington Wayne Robertson Paul Schmidt John Slater Dan Stinnet Bill Swann Bruce Toney Pat Woods ww X P Eg M v w Q , , W 1 'Y 1 v,,,, W . .1 AA -HL.. ,, sf '. F Y 'fb Q 6 ,,:ff f if , ff , 7 ',,r if r A , 1 41 L ' Q 9 al ,ff wi A , X I Mk 1 uf, X A X ,t , , x x +1 ,,k. Q N lx -...w ff, A "1 YY , 'A 1-gfw .M.,, QM. 1. The ball wins. Don't point, it's not polite. "Up and at em 191 A shot-perhaps. Betas-Independents collide EN,s get last minute instructions. 192. Catcher won't get this one. Beta "Baby,7 clobbers it. X W 3 W0lVIEN'S IN TRAMTU RALS Thetas and Nuclians reach for the ball, Let's not fight gwls The Women's Athletic Board, led by Ann Kimball, directed the womenls in- tramural program again this year. The women have completed competition in five sports and have yet to finish swim- ming and bowling. The winners of the different sports are given below. Ten- nis, doubles, AAA, KAG, and Nucliansg singles, AAA, Nuclians, and KAGJ. Bad- minton: doubles, AAA, singles, KAQ. Pingpong: KA won fi-rst and second. Basketball: AAA, KAO, Nuclians and AOII. Volleyball: AAA, AOH, XQ, and l-lBfI?. F lying high! I 2 L-.. 5 M N X :mx N X if . wf- -Vw.. J, mb, -rw A .4 V 1' Ready fm' action- Big girls don'1: cry. Girls play it rough and tough. 196 "Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3.,' . QW f 51- 'Zio QW 450 VIIUQ mit 5 I xxx ,A 44' N ff . gif - "' 5. fc ,. ' 'Z . ' Q? 7'-af f If gl' , 'ij f Z-iii 'iffy' XM 'fr 551.124 ,Ill M ,, , X ii. 7 xx. ' 4 :AJ fl!! I t xxx QCCQ 11,3939 i deally, the life of a student encompasses far more than the classroom and the library, though 'it's not always evident where' one finds the time for anything elses Participation in -sorority or fraternity, campus organizations, or the military programs can broaden and enrich a student's perspectives hopefully in conjunc- tion with the knowledge he gains from his studies, f " There is opportunity for personal recognition for those students who are outstanding in their leadership and contributions to the 'University through the various activities available to them, besides the gratification which comes from the knowledge that one has been able to give something of himself to a school too often seen as impersonal. As the enrollment of the Univer- sity continues to grow, all aspects of its life must grow also, providing ever-increasing op- portunity for the involvement of every student who chooses to be involved in the total life of his university. 198 IAI DV SHI ACTIVITIES GREEKS as edited by Joan Triplett and Charles Coddington ORGANIZATIGNS as edited by Mary Dale Trabue and Thomas Case. MILITARY as edited by Michael King. 7.00 Re-evaluation and change have been trends in the Greek system this year, as the IFC and Panhellenic groups studied their roles in the University and made alterations. The sororities created a general rush chairman, and the fraternities considered several changes in their rush system. Beyond these meetings, the cramming for pledge tests and the solemnity of initiations were some of the old antics the alums will gladly tell you about. Whether or not the Greeks provide all the services they claim to, they are central to the social activity of the majority of the campus, 7.01 'fE?5?gwE'r his ,fi ttmqaswigt. writing xii:-Vi '-wvrwtmfiiwft ' f,-H502-fifitfi iffy-A mf' sri vig? ii' fi? -Mi nr Z A 3332 f fqgw .. ,S- .t i sfqgg w 5... .s ' f 'N-Mffffjj, " tj fx -Twig? 97+ 'ml mimi! + it 'WZQEW Eff? 1'3X+bS+t9+l .aiwfwgkjiiai ,ywt4Q,fs,W,, Jvv ' fb ss v. asm? 'Mlm Jf '-wfztwtww, M wsfmiigr S gif ffsgfflifiiweyi! 'tiki wikis-' -wfrdirfii 'E-wwf -fifggsmxgrw ifgifne, as mai? if sf-S. ff ,W 7 tr ff. rwvirfffhiffcg my 1-fp ridges 2 N wi-ri+fQ,ewiz'3Q1 --,:.Jrfn+m?,ef .rf-Npfvfffwf: fp+fewfag,33+,. ffl '1,,fb+t+wQfw1, .:fz1fff,rY1f?3Tf5 ,mfwerg asf- ,wfmiast , Tlxlflxkiwv aw, ik A ,, .,a,, . , fs gt iii? if W , f gf 5 55275. f 2 fe e gfzfgba g -.f QYWJFS V if fissile L Ar A -- rflfliixiw 5 f 'E - A iw f fm We l at wwf 5 wife -ss? S ggi at 552535 if S' EM' 9,5 ' 41 4. 1 gm, Urge S' mfg if n ' F SW 5 s My . - '21 W ik My gg! is K S1 if 2 1 H E Q wg, iff? ess as it 53 fff sf' Q fr " af I 9 L. A . K 5' 'Q 2? 'I' ff A S16 W is 4 Af. S V '1VIy, this tastes good." "Stop the race, I'1Je lost my contact! THE GREEKS AT PLAY Watch out for those EX's. This powder is so becoming JJ 2 G fs "I wanna, go home . . ." Practice makes perfect. 1 1 x 3 75 I V-.. -..M 6 ,.f.4- 'LO The Houses The Cneeks uilT W-QU. 1 2 eeee eafffwif 1-sax X a at A 0 T 4 A cf A - . W o fo -' fl 'flaw' w I, , to xfx "2 1 "'. l5 H1x, ltVIW 1 u u j'.,. , Q E F N L Q c ef 1 Q b W t, ll' la X mf Q ANA 1. Chi Omega, 2. Sigma Chi, 3. PSK, 4. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 5. Phi Delta Theta, 6. Alpha Tau Omega, 7. Zeta Beta Tau, 8. Alpha Omicron Pi, 9. Sigma Nu, 10. Gamma Phi Beta, 11. Pi Kappa Alpha, 12. Phi Kappa Psi, 13. Delta Kappa Epsilon, 14. Pi Beta Phi, 15. Delta Delta Delta, 16. Kappa Alpha, 17. Kappa Delta, 18. Kappa Alpha Theta, 19. Phi Kappa Sigma, 20. Alpha Epsi- lon Pi, 21. Beta Theta Pi, 22. Kappa Sigma. Cfr I9 TLA! 1f7'4' i if f .- .kfae 21,-,cf ,-,,...- A , -pp our F, -5 ' N.,-tsS,g Ja! P , 'L ef: , -1--J C- 104 ' C Em RMU, xx ,, l1lll'Mll- Wg igfV ' ,N is 'V 5 Q r IO ,M ll 5 Mum WM I hx, og N dl? CXN5 I' MB ' My JCL, A fluml . F ,J IW " L ,y-AJ-,-- fri! QWWA f- 'ff' bf fimf - C XE I6 1 Q mm - ET!! 1 31 ..L,, ix ' fin' S M 2l 22 . ' 1 f 1. I . p Q Wi?-iid .QQ 1 f' x 5 7 .Q Mk 'fm ,E . f m X 4 Q N 2 Af " ' J 'LO I. Jr ,. 4, RY xi g' -A W , 1" 4X ,xxx 'f 1 X -WS R, XY , XX H X12 X .V .Q w , ' Rs -1 -' I. .,..-ff 5 ' N W.. i k - 5--T1 Q xii A 12' Xi' 1. xf , , . , , , , A. xfQ L, ,da Am 'Y i ' fn" 'i 1 ,W w- X f ' n R K K A ,A ,f ,f Y ai ' .J X r 7 , ,5..,.,: , if f f , U ff uf wl- X Will' f J .5 eh' 40 MARY LOU Hour MARGARET STROM Phi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl Rosnns ROBERTS LVN BRACEWELL Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Sigma Nu White Rose Queen ,db gf . S 1 was af -- ti X ...K .Q 3 4 fe!! ': wat sf 2 2 O 7 5 2.3 iw Q. 4 4, , ' V f A K , 'fs N' 'RA n -R , W R, A , ,R X L, if wfgxy .Q Y - RS is PANHELLEN IC COUNCIL This has been a year of purposeful change for the Panhellenic Council, and hopefully one of improvement. An expanded informational program for the rushees was the result of enlightened leadership on the part of the council. Rush, as always, was a successful enterprise for the sororities. Continued em- phasis was given to scholarship and service both on campus and in the commu- nity. This year the Council supported various philanthropies: the Chamber Music concerts, the co-operative nursery, the Clinic Bowl, the IFC. Beyond this. the Council learned to Work with the dynamic and concerned Dean of Women, to realize that the present organizational structure was limited and that a good committee can accomplish anything, from constitutional revision to creating the position of Rush Chairman. The Council has re-organized Within itself so that next year it can be concerned with its real purpose- fostering an all-Greek or Panhellenic spirit. First Row Anne Beveridge Wendy Lawrence Mary Lee Huntei Janice Ambeiy Second Row Betsy Woelper, Diane Block Ann Lewis Rickie Rhodarmer Third Row: Sharon Maginnis Dana Blum Betsy Chisolm Linda Web- ber Babs Beacham Fay Wirth 2.08 ,swf-ff X OFFICERS Rickie Rhodarmer, President Ann Lewis, Vice-President Diane Brock, Secretary Betsy Woelper, Treasurer MEMBERS AOII IVIJB Meryl Fedder Besky Oakley Rickie Rhodarmer LaJuan Furgason Bette Tomlinson Linda Webber XQ KAQ Dana Blum Tish Hegewald Mary Ross Taylor Anne Beveridge Betsy Chisolm Kathi Woods Betsy Woelper KA AAA Janice Ambery Babs Beacham Diane Brock TIBIP Sissy Griffith Ann Lewis Sharon Maginnis Mary Lee Hunter Wendy Lawrence Fay Wirth 2.0 . Grin and bear it, "And I am interested in ALPHA OMICRON Nu Omicron Chapter Carol Adzick Melinda Bain Emily Baker Pat Burnett Wendy Carlton Sue Carrere Cheryl Chiles Nita Chronos Karen Cochran Joan Critton Paula Davis Muffy Ecker Gloria Enochs Nancy Estes Baxie Feitel Linda Galloway Debbie Garber Elaine Goetz Pat Graves Ellen Green Mary Ann Green Susan Hagen Peggy Hanratty Nan Henig Carolyn Hicks Lucille Hicks Marty Huffman Sue Hutson Sue Jay Ann Johnson Susie Kemp Ellen Kessler Donna Killebrew Karen Kopert Gloria Laird Lynn Latimer Ingrid Lundahl Carolyn Luton Judy Maciula Nancy Maurer Charlotte Maylield Sally McCool Children, go where I send thee . . . Chicken Little hides kidnapees . . . NDW boosts Sears sales . . . AOII's are Charming and Hustling . . . Mederos doctored up with pills . . . Tay sets sliding example . . . Pikes help mobilize tugboat fleet . . . "Fire Dept?-Mitchell and Hagen" . . . Are those house potatoes? . . . Pass around the powderpuff fAre you kiddin' me?J . . . Frazee's dinner music pleases neighbors . . . Nita, as I said before . . . Beware world of U.S. ERP . . . JT's 9 goes unused . . . LaJuan,s crusade for cleanliness reaches new heights . . . Tucker's locks are shorn . . . George discriminates against Aunt Jemima . . . O'Cal and Ing become tavern wenches . . . Faster Service through Self-Selection . . . "I need Momma Collins" . . . Marion moonlights as Playboy Bunny . . . EB incognito perplexes filthy rabble as GE reigns as trashiest . . . It's so quiet-where's Sue? . . . Karen and friend go gumfug hunting . . . Kopert's rock collection outshines all . . . It's times like these, we're justly proud, we're AOH's, and so well endowed . . . 7.10 W5 Yes, we do have a multiplicity of interests among our sisters." ,. ff i fr . . f-- t ZF it 1:9 f 2.11 3 . Ska X LaJuan Furgason Cynthia Collins President Vice-President J- Ne w 'S N5 Qi SN 4 my G F 'Q Ann Carter Parrish Secretary Martha McFa11 Carolina Mederos Penny Miller Linda Miner Cheryl Mitchell Karen O'Callaghan Cathey Owen Janice Oxford Patsy'Ozburn Martha Packer Karolyn Payne Dianne Ravitz Marene Redman Gail Reitz Tay Rogers Elizabeth Roper Judy Rouse Linda Shipman Gwen Shipp Mary Ann Smith Susan Smith Sally Smoot Alice Stradley Gail Sweeney Katie Terwilliger Mary Ann Thomiso Bette Tomlinson Judy Thompson Pam Trautman Susan Tucker Pat Twente Alison Walton Linda Webber Jean Wegman Joan Wegman Marion West Nancy Whitehurst Alice Whitten Peggy Wilkerson Not Pictured: Susan Copas Judy Moe Nancy Frazee Treasurer I1 sag . il K kv ..., LL'- .,::. an . KVA' Mary Ross Taylor Linda Cooper President Vlce-President Ann Ward Secretary Betsy Woelper Treasurer Susie Additon "Just give us the facts, ma'am." . - .- '- " i" 1 ,ff W5 ,f ,fa Jan Altkenhead i Lyyy l H ' o A Lorraine Alexander V If 'FQ ' if i" W:i'L' ' ' 5 Nancy Anderegg V M ' a ' N 1' V , A Lil Anglin ' 'Z' ,, " an I , W f I , . . M - , " ,. it :W ,, .2 , 1 , , L g 15 'V y iw Ilfmha Askms We t ' 4'?1. 2i,f 'W if aw Barton f f M V' A oy.y it A or Mary Blair Bashford Sue Bell Dana Blum Anne Bowe Liz Butler Anne Cannon Elizabeth Coles Betty mme Cotton iiii "rt iiiiiii ivvll Anne Diemer A rrri 1 l ar n ,, 1 . , Grace Anne Douglas 7'3" '- " A 1 , VVAA N "l' 'V ' "i' ' 7 'ffl A Sara Ducote ' - g if 'il 3 'ff l K+ " Z EW M Yi Carolyn Egger t 1 iii M A + if t 1 Doffie Ellis t f Mary Beth Epes .,f,,,, - , J G, ,V n , kyryy , if Nancy Evans X Jaye Franklin A - - Ruth Fulton ,,, 4, Betty Gay Laura Gerow Nancy Goetzman I , Mary Graves , , ' 3 Linda Hamilton Jan Hartnett Tish Hegewald Sally Heiskell Julie Hendrick Genie Higginbotham Gail Hinrichs Susan Hoagland Kendra Horifmeyer Carol Kirk Catherine Lester Dottie Lester Harriet Long Ann McCallister 7.17. The Dennison Crepe Paper Company Foundation Award goes to Grace Anne and Ann . . . Carol attends Hell's Angels party with Nancy Sinatra . . . Dottie cuts hair . . . Louise investigates piles of garbage . . . Vut is goink on here in dis lilink room? . . . Judo wins an orphan's affection . . . Catie, did you ever find Moose under the bed? . . . Ask Fresca about the farm party! . . . Swaf hits the floor . . . Ski slopes in the house?? . . . Dish pan punch . . . The Big Decision: a date or a paddle? . . . Five down-nineteen to go . . . Fiasco Florence cooks up lots of men . . . Cannon Hddles while Room burns . . . Murrill goes North while Dana is 'Bam "E" bound . . . Little Zeus wears turtlenecks . . . Welcome Big Zeus . . . House girls perform take-off at Owl Hoot . . . lVIcCallister beats around the bush . . . Mustang Sally is NO tap dancer . . . Cooper's coffee pays off . . . Tinker-too . . . Taylor plans for new physical year . . . Ann removes glasses, gets resultsg applies lashes, gets resultsg wears bikini to class . . . Fact: apartments are a Socialist plot . . . Sweetie-pie calls . . . So does Alice . . . HIT IT! T17 1 if I Wav, tj" ' V, , 7 .Z 5,1 Q ,Wm My V .. ,.,,. ,V A H X WW 'mg '--- 1 V l"' , " W W I 1-fy iff ip.: ' ' " J 'A A U ' We ,"- i' A fx -fp 141' ff' ' f V ' W' L w ,...t 1 .4 , , " , . ,I ' fr , ' A ii A - CZ? iff," :sf are 2, F 5 at f ! ' 5, we n fy 'sr f '2 Jr 3 in ggi Ca -E 14 .ef 4 "" ' . fi W an '- ra M: fe ' , ESM? ' if Aff , X ' f-M . ,,,,. 'tw 1 3 W 3 an -A? .i nl '3 , , -A-S ,ntl ,Q A -' 7 ,N -'ar vw'-V 7.13 Q59 CMEGA Sigma Epsilon Chapter KFC 2 Claire McC'askill Ginny McGehee Bess Matthews Max Maxwell Carol Milton Fain Murphey Dena Murphy Mary Murrill Grace Myers Vicky Null Ann Ohlmacher Carol Olert Jamie Parsley Kathy Purvis Karen Richardson Alice Rogers Shelley Rosson Carolyn Rush Linda Russell Elaine Shannon Ruth Shelton Ellen Smith Karen Standefer Catie Stone Jeannie Sutherland Ann Swafford Dona Thompson Meredith Tucker Susan Upshaw Julia Webb Barbara Weyman Mettie Whipple Barbara White Loyanne White Marilyn White Anne Williams Florence Wolf Karen Worth Not Pictured: Patty Huddleston susan Piper DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Gamma Chapter af'.2s+ 5 5 4 Sara Alexander Suzanne Bible Lynn Biggs Beth Bradley Susan Brown Barbie Brown Eleanor Brownlee Martha Burgess Elizabeth Byrn Margie Caldwell Cindy Callender Rebecca Carpenter Ginger Carrington Liz Cimmino Mary Clark Jane Cleland Roberta Clements Liz Crook Nancy Crook Julie Davidson Patti Evans Betsy Finks Pauline Folbre Lynn Frazer Marilyn Gibbs Sally Gibson Emily Glasgow Janace Grant Becky Gray Martha Hailey Gail Hederman Judy Heifron Pat Hopkins Sara Hume Patti Jenkins Kappy Kyle Leslie Laird Wendy Lawrence Maggie Lee Tancie Lewis Rita Lillard Edith McFee Would you believe We used to be strong in Nashville? . . . Sloan and Burgess "steal" Katmobile . . . Hal snows house girls . . . The casual olive strikes again . . . Malady? Senioritis, just ask Vereen! . . . Popsickle . . . Smiley Riley wins again . . . He may have left mad . . . but at least he's gone . . . Will the real Dawn Tatum please stand up? . . . Liz Morty-fied by 55240 phone bill . . . Thomas and Tau's go around and around . . . "Harte called, Tommy called." . . . 'Tm glad he did it.', . . . Helen, you be quiet, and I'll have a good time . . . Frazer a-Paul-ed . . . Sarah is a Tri-Delt-finally! . . . Kappy and Susie favor exterior decorating . . . Libba, this is Jim Alford, a colonel at Seward Air Force Base . . . Bean Bomb! Jewels get a gem . . . Sina ponders, "What ever happened to cute, adorable Roger Burge?" . . . Edith has a happy Holiday- but nothing to show for it . . . Never trust a smiling Weitzel! . . . Maggie gets Brovvned While Marsha Simmers . . . Anne and McCord, oops, McCleod, rock UQ at Finals party . . . We heard Gina was a Pansy . . . Banana! . . . Mimi, meet Mrs, Livingston . . . Gladys survives, and house still stands, SOMEHOW!!! w , . W - ff 7.14 'D-lightful . . . D-lovely . . . D-si'rous!!!" ,,,- 1 f F A 139' ,W . . . 1 f 1::.,Q it SK r as X S T s t Mary Lee Hunter Sina Craddock President Vice-President Harriett Jordan Ann Kimball Secretary Treasurer Suzanne Mahany Liz Markham Betsy Martin Pat Mason Martha Milford Marsha Miller Carol Milliken wif' M -, -r W , W Carol Mooney Ann Newman Ginna Oldiield Nancy Onnybecker Paula Phelps Anne Ramsey Susan Riley Denis Sarratt Susan Schlegel Margery Schroeder Susan Sill Becky Sims Sherri Sloan Leslie Smith J unith Smitherman ' - ' '-" -V -Vf2l-,gE,-,,f, f ,f,,,l, t , W Q! k f ,, fa 'Ji' Sally Stalker Dell Stephens Jeannie Stevenson Lee Stokes Christy Tate E4 ,fax Dawn Tatum Kathy Thiel Camille Thomas Kathy Thweatt Jane Van de Roovaart Helen Walker Anne Wall Mimi Weems Susan Weitzel Louise White Vicki Williams Libba Wilson Fay Wirth 7.15 Helen Woodward Jane Wyatt Becky Oakley Pat Taylor President Vice-President Q e eeeeee , --12-,. M X, . . - ,- fw- Miriam Reynolds Merritt Wooten Recording Treasurer Secretary Jackie Adams Saundra Adkins Sara Anderson Carole Barnes Susan Barnes Kathie Benefield Adinah Brown Mary Catherine Brummett Barbara Callander Sue Anne Carpenter Barbara Cehan Nancy Childs Carol Chilton Diane Clarke Linda Collins Mary Lou Cooke Nancy Cooper Susan Cramer Hervey Cunningham Connie Dearman Susan Doty Susan Downey Carol Earp Anne Eliason Charlotte Farrar Meryl Ann Fedder Dhoya Foley Lyn Funkhouser Lynn Gaarden Marilyn Garnmel Jane Goodwin Frances Grigsby Margaret Harrison Susan Headrick Beth Huffman Pat Johnson "What do you mean, you donft think we'll win Athenian Sing with my solo?'i F FW V- g 4 ' aww "' Lff' sfaferqmv Hpfziflragsgf . fa,ffs'f,1f:w ' 'Wa me Y r . M 'fig 5' if WH rf ' ' Mffipi 1 .. 'r" ,,, ' ' 5,m,W,i5 ,, yy Uwe, 5 V, v If l'i' ,H ,,,. I i Aliv s El iii M , " if or F , it ' hrrhs i S V . V , V , L T if V W , ,4 W- " 1 ,- ' '--- ,s,, , A "',' r V r . ' , f F E f 6? ,, ,"f mfg 3 , is fgqp -, 1 1 " ew mir V 8- E W 'WA hthth - " ' ' 1 ff MV' f -'iff' ' Mb X, :L 21 A X 1, ,jf A K " WW .. . wt 7.16 Dan came by this morning . . . Camelot revamped . . . Midge replaces Jackie Gleason . . . JT: "Hey Rick-V' . . . We lose Tony but gain Apache . . . D. D. replaces Becky as sixth house member . . . Promisee dinner turns into one gigantic candlelight . . . "Hello? Is Mother there?" . . . Dan came by a few minutes ago . . . Good luck to Ann . . . Bobbing for apples brings brownie pointsg lectures and soccer suddenly popular . . . B.C.: "A fan dancer? You mean someone who dances only with . . . fans?" . . . A'Sorry, Becky's not here" . . . Dan will be right back . . . P.T.: Chopped liver? Chuck liver? Peanut Butter is td the birds as caviar is to humans . . . Plenty of popcorn from pledges . . . Stevieee . . . S.Mc. disappears every weekend . . .. Lorraine makes weekly announcement while Merritt and Kay hand out goodies . . . Bunny and the Skunk . . . Who made the phone call to Brooklyn? . . . A great summer, no sewing . . . Dan's here! GAMMA PHI BET Alpha Theta Chapter F . ggi-aw-4 5 . ' his rqpa Q- A , i fa , Ve, 432 J ,sa 'V ff '7 W , .11 . w ,, x '-' H . E, ,5..,,, M ,,,t ,, t .A W "" it was J as W ,yy K 4 V Sv V V . V T ,z ' vf-f ' at ,,. A ,. . V' ' H v 1 V. N t'tv it M . ,4 A Wk Q, F V 7, z gg, e A ' r ,, ' ',,s. 4. 41? at W ff l - -if K' 'gl V, 7 'iw ' I ,A ,..., 1 E A A . EE -if 7.17 Alice Jones Carol Ann Keithley Dana Kendall Susan Krienke Claire Laukhuf Lois McAndrews Sue McConnell Michele McMurtry Sally Marsalek Kay Miller Lynne Miller Jean Anne Millspaugh Cheryl Ann Moore Sandra Morris Marcia Nightingale Sally Ann Norton Sherry Overton Jane Patterson Marcia Perry Rickie Sue Rhodarrner Kitty Russell Donna Salmon Midge Shaw Ann Sibold Louise Slagel Susie Slagel Barbara Stein Jean Temple Lorraine Tremblay Susan Underwood Betsy Urban Phyllis Walker Tracy Walker Janelle Lee Wesson Marcie White Diane Wilder Connie Williams Ann Yingling Not Pictured: Marianne Bieser Cindy Leigh Marian McCain KAPPA ALPI-I THETA Alpha Eta Chapter W ALQJA 26, oops-27 great pledges find their way to Thetaland . . . Steinman wants penn . . . "California Dreaming" . . . "But you all, she was nothing in high schooln . . . Seniors jeopardize graduation . . . Law school enjoys brief moment of glory . . ,. The Streak and the Wig reign supreme . . . Big 3 birthdays popular . . . Smith hurts, burns holly for fuel, then bounces back . . . Leader likes volunteers and older men . . . The Vulture makes HONorable decision-trades baseball for pinball . . . "Sorry, this couch is reserved" . . . Surprise! Amrnonet and Thetas are friends . . . Williams linally has a real "buddy" . . . Parking lot strengthens Theta-KA relations . . . Ocean settles religious differences . . . Homecoming and Miss Commodore Contest prove majority doesn't always win! . . . Will Shapard get Stop sign? . . . The Bleeder and the Prize vie for Randy . . . Kappa Sigs build a Temple to the snow goddess . . . Bramblet looks for blood on sidewalk . . . Meyers and Kemp leave Zelda with bride magazines and dorm hours . . . Here's a toast to KAT! !! Brenda Alexander Nancy Bateman Anne Beveridge Marion Blalock Mary Lynn Bogle Becky Bramblet Helen Bransford Ann Browning Betsy Bugg Helen Burnett Susan Butterfield Charlotte Callis Beth Campbell Carolyn Candler Laura Carter Carol Clark Jody Conrad Arm Cowart Karen Cmnbie Lillias Dale Cadee David Trish Daume Catherine DeBardeleben Jackie Dunaway Gay Edwards Ann Eliot Susan Flaherty Joanne Fleming Jackie Glover Sarah Graf Louise Guest Marshall Hackett Vianda Hale Glen Ellen Hayes Jane Hendrix Judy Hennessey Katie Herron Kathy Hesse Tam Hicks Jane Hindman Marilyn Johnson Anna Jorgensen . J MM .5,.. ,vw of f ww, V ' 'mftw wr-tis" Hr.: 511--fm: 'framing , 15515511 1 fs. ,Ln ,A ',,l-mfg " ' ' + ' ' " ' i I gag: I , lx - ,'-' ,W , ' Q A 1- - , x ,M ' f , , 2 l - -ti '1 -as 1 i ' 1 '-we l'f"'l I A J J J '- 4 . iiity titil it , ,, ,..,, 5 ...V , ..,f . .,,., 4, WL ,. , ,U ,. -. ,,., Asn, ,, , .Jr man. M, .,,, 1 . Z 3- ' , 1 4 W' 2 ' ' , ' f , 4, it ,f T --iv f W ma' 5 1 .aa ' 1 ' iff' 4' 33 ? 1, 'Wi' 7"M1ii?'f , , 'o-it V e f . . ,ww if? fd? mfg 2 1 ,I-W 1 ,Qt .E VE ,, 9 ,M ,,'15,,,1'fgigg. :1.'-, M qs ME ' , . ' Wi r W B it Q - T'ilZZ?f: V'-Ez: N --vl ' ifvwfz ,,,A " Y We ,, 5 f "--V l A ' V27 x i i ,, EI' A 5 E , W ' i ' 322 W M 2 "tl y gy V F arf gtk I - 'WH I ' ff' an ..p. 'f"7My, . ' ' , A f, f wt - , - R, me-,L sy k , V I, ,A 4 ' ' .f x 4' , W yye y H 5353 N V H fi ., ll , I ,, tg - ,, 1 yi, S, I . I - J page s V V J at r l ,aa ITV E - :ff ' aa an lv, 1-' f 'iff ' fr ' ,ai-'u .1 HX 'wg' 118 ? ' X 'N g ,, W l I 'Q at ,Q 4 Betsy Chisolm Paula Miller President Vice-Pres1dent "We thought seniors studied all the time . . .D gli E,,,V,,.: ,Q,, 5 : E 1 X as me 'fi fr' 5 '23 J ,"' ,f,':.: .'-:If 1 f af ,Ht , 46 rf 'f..'1,, Martha Smith Eunice Hewes 1 Secretary Treasurer "L Judy Kemp ' A ' ' D Nancy King I' Almut Lang m ' ' Julia Malone I .ga , Lise Matthews r' Sufi Reneau Matthews 9 f Q t " 7 ,, J niis , " 2 s, f ' V glam, WH? ,. 4?"5f:v 1 fy' .fl " J ff 'M-ef? t n X ' f - , ,'f- M, 7 -Y Z. , at nnii 'J ZVA to A: ff , V ' iq, . T-P ' f 'R ' K A , A W Mx VI -. 7 , i H A g I LV , , ,,.. . xl ,,. ",i 5 L'i,' 4 -ii' 1 .,,' H if j ,,AX 3 ,i,i VV Axl ,,i,, ,V s Z tr, V t A ,lm ia V4 M 4-:L Q i.i"3f pri? if 'W qw 5 . ' ,,, '- ' to 'LI 3 4Ea3vg,.: A-: - 4:59 " 5 J 11: 'Q1 f W M ,V X . M 4 Q Mary Donna McKay Mary McKenzie Betty Carol McMillan Anne Meckstroth Mary Meyers Margaret Mitchell Lyn Myers Jeanie Nelson Linda Pettey Cathy Petway Carol Procter Trish Roberts Jean Russert Carolyn Sanders Helen Shapard Weezie Sherrard Ginny Solomons Martha Steinman Marsha Tanner Donna Temple Patti Tessman Lynne Todd Elsie Vance Judy Van Hemeret Martha Waller Betsy Weil Shari Welton Joyce Wilkerson Carol Williams Kathi Woods Pam Zimmerman Not Pictured: Diane Davis Em Keeble Virginia Overton Cindy White KA? Babs Beacham Linda Oxford President Vice-President Barbara Wilson Joan Triplett Secretary Treasurer Mama clo'n't 'low no KD pickers 'round here. . . . Janice Ambery '1 ffifffiffti Marianne Andrews Anna Baker Gretchen Balthaser Peggy Bass Susan Blount .zz Ginger Blume Resa Bratton Kathleen Brewer Diane Brock Heather Burke Sheryl Carman Carmi Carmichael Barbara Cresswell Candace Cresswell Karin Cross Judy Daugherty Lee DeLaney Anne Derbes Cheryl Driver Jacquie Everly Randy Fite Claudia Graham Evelyn Green Gigi Guthrie Lynn Haberlie Debbie Hagaman Joan Hamilton Jenny Hardage Johnnita Harkins Lucile Harris Connie Hartleb Barbara Hay Vicki Heath Kathy Herrington Sue Hickey Kaaren Hinson Ellen Huggins Gail Hutchison Doreen James Sandy Jones i Casey Kennedy 'W M' fi 'af ,, Q , 7.7.0 White rose grows from Milner's heart . . . J ohnnita and Gail lead Freshmen, while Susan cheers them on . . . KD's take over Athenian Sing: President, Pickers, and lst Place . . . K2 House: Diane takes on Stern outlook, and Larry proposes to change Laws . . . Rain falls on last year's made Hay . . . Doreen rises above Norm in cheerleading . . . V. P. Mom: Ya'll, I have a teensy-weensy little favor to ask-it's really important" . . . Minnie Mae Prescott is appalled at Grace's living . . . Treasurer in league with Fuller Brush Co. ?-Nope, just eager Beavers . . . A snag runs in Betsyls Hanes . . . Pickers picked for TV appearance-the Bozo Show? . . . Jock of the Year gets support at Christmas . . . Bloomin' Roman holiday for Anna . . . Diane, Sheryl, Barb ring in the New Year . . . J. K. puts in application for UT Law School . . . Hamilton learns to grin and "barrett" . . . Weather report: Gayle over Kentucky, snow in Chicago . . . Winston tries for Noble Prize with Thermal theory . . . Percival is Foran ambassador at ATO House . . . Flaming Mame stearns a-head of us all . . . Love in AOT! 14 KAPPA DELTA Beta Tau Chapter W? if Q I am Joni Knight pf., H A .,,,, H , , Q Susan Landrum Barbara Laws Marianne Lewis Patty Lewis Jackie Mason Anne McEniry Betsy McMillan Kathy Meyers Patty Milner Karen Mitchell Donna Murphy Lyn Neal Pam Neikamp Patricia Neil J erre Kay Nelson Mary Beth Oliver Mary Margaret Oliver Leigh Palmer Carrie Penrod Linda Percival Carolyn Potter Margaret Ray Leigh Shamblin Lee Smith Q-ff Cara Snyder Leah Snyder Rhonda Stockton Barbara Stone Sandra Stone Sarah Stroud Leslie Tallaksen Pam Taylor 'tif 7.2.1 Linda Tillman Linda Thompson Stephanie Troell Nancy Tuholski Gayle Watland Diane Welch Maribeth West Sally White Libba Winston PI BETA PHI Tennessee Beta Chapter , l K I I ' 1 ,.' LfQU'hh3 5. 1, 'f,'g '. 1 -I xv Q lun K xxx X N N I l x l , xl I six ,, sl' I Porter Aichele Claire Bailey Ann Baker Sally Barlow Melanie Beene Cheri Booth Julie Boring Lyn Bracewell Gene Burges Judy Carmack Carol Carter Karen Chambers Wendy Chappell Emily Crenshaw Flo Criss Lannie Cunningham Marilynn Curtis Debbie Edwards Jennie Flippo Carol Fussell Ellen Gardiner Cheryl Goodman Pat Goodson Lila Grafton Kathy Green Martha Hilton Janice Holliman Mary Lou Holt Judy Johnson Ann Keen Vaughan Kilpatrick Carmine King Kathy King Mary Kay King Nancy Knox Ann Lewis Linda Lipscomb Lynn Lonergan Julie Lottinville Lucy Lyons Perry Macdonald Sharon Maginnis Come alive . . . M.L.H. has tow trouble . . . Rush gets gummed up . . . Weak, Meier . . . Roadrunner beeps at 12: 30 . . . It's an ear . . . Philadelphia Bowl ours for the yearg Chicago brings thoughts of 41 . . . Roller uses PUSH . . . The best 26 choose the arrowg no sales slips necessary . . . Meredith, as Miss C, makes it two in a row for Pi Phi . . , Lewis barely does the blade . . . Lost gold mine found again . . . A long weekend, Margaret? . . . We finally learned . . . Carmack uses telepathyg wins Miss Blueberry Award . . . The bag is a matchmaker . . . Wimsett uses her head . . . Web entangles house . . . Three Stooges await Great Meteorite . . . Secrets found in D-D-Dempster D-Dumpster . , . Two rocks in the Sr. gardeng several in classes below . . . Hello, Pi Phi House . . . Yes, Sis, there is a Santa Claus . . . Sr. legacy: Remember the sign on the back of the door . . . Yours in the wine and blue. 27.7. "You volunteered me for WHAT?! !" I ,j-J, , -gf ' ' ff' V ,AA ymf X ff 1 'JR 1? 'I K ' f ab sf y sf T1 F J mlwp "T """" " 5 I s rf W 5 f 3 Q we -' ff f f W qw' A fl A V4 7 Q, w V f ,ff as M M 'Z 4 -10 4 ' ' A ' I V ,.. ,K '1 1 J, if if 'at af .S aa ff. f J y 3 42 "' E957 Mew W WWF i. tr 5 5' ,ff Q Lf ' e e ee T K J, lox' 'tx-,f Lpfjv-1, g Sissy Griffith Nancy Mannmg President Vice-President Susan Crowdus Amanda Griffin Secretary Treasurer Joann Maguire Cathy Jean McDona Prissy McEachern Junelle McGaw Julie McGehee Virginia McKinney Kathy McMillan Judy Meier Becky Montgomery Marilyn Mooney Micki Mytinger Ann Norman Meridith Oates Barbara Park Patty Parry Sara Platt Janie Ralston Jeanne Ramsey Jane Rhoda Kathy Roberts Barbara Roller Sue Rosebrough Bebe Selig Kris Shennan Suzanne Smith Margaret Strom Ann Stuckey Cecy Sutherland Nancy Sweet Jane Thomas Ingrid Thompson Jackie Thompson Susan Touchstone Lucinda Trabue Mary Dale Trabue Betsy Wagner Ann Walker Laura Weil Jeanne Welty Cheryl Whitaker Sally Wimsett Not Pictured: Betsy Lee l RUSH-getting to know the freshmen in one 'easy' lesson. The mad race to finish Homecoming decora- tions before the judges arrive. 40- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Woods Eastland, President Butch Derrick, Vice-President Jerry Steinberg, Recording Secretary Manny Doyne, Corresponding Secretary Jim Arthur, Treasurer Ed Fine AEH Rich Rosen ATQ Bob Walker David Boyd Dallas Parker Ed Schumacher Dick Fitzgerald B011 Mike Moore AKE KA Ken Parchman Andy Dozier George Hug Fleming McClelland Chip Hanes Jim Martin Whit Morris 7.2.4 MEMBERS KE 'IPAQ CIHKNP CIJKE PSK Tee Bright Greg Faith Bill Stearns Woods Eastland Brooke Lathram John Stemmler Bill Phillips Jerry Steinberg Bill White Jay Baker Kurt Strasser Jim Wise Ron Crutcher Mike McAlister Bill Winstein Bob Thompson HKA Benny ZAE EX EN ZBT Waggoner Ken Wolfe Roger Burge Lucian Davis Bobby Mitchell Mike Bottorny Edd Gordon Buddy Schultz Harvey Baxter Tom Meriwether Dave Zilles Steve Block Bob Pinstein Phil Russ IN TERFRATERN ITY COUNCIL Fraternities, like many other campus institutions that have contributed significantly to the goals of higher education, each year become more aware of the changes taking place on our campus. In the words of Richard Fletcher, executive secretary of Sigma Nu Fraternity, "We'll fthe fraternity systemj survive if we're useful, we'll flourish if we're purposeful, and we'll insure our future if we're alert." The Vanderbilt Interfraternity Council exists in or- der to promote relationships that are conducive to the welfare of the fraternity system, to exchange ideas through the utilization of programs presented by the IFC for the strengthening of the member groups, to establish a continuous communication system to pro- mote effective programs, and to initiate resolutions and First Row: Manny Doyne, James Arthur, Woods Eastland, Jerry Steinberg. Second Row: Dave Zilles, Richard Rosen, Bill Stearns, Bill White, Kurt Strasser, Benny Waggener, Edd Gordon, Buddy Schultz, David Boyd. Third Row: Ron Crutcher, George Hug. Fourth Row: Jay Baker, John recommendations that will further the purposes and ideals of the Vanderbilt fraternity system. Composed of the president and two other representa- tives from each group, the IFC represents the com- bined voices of the fifteen social fraternities on cam- pus. Involving itself with rush, Greek Week, fraternity pledge competition, and, this year, aiding the field of academics by sponsoring an IFC Scholarship Fund, the council determines the rules and policies by which the fraternities govern themselves and administers dis- cipline, whenever necessary, for social misconduct. The IFC believes that it must evolve with the University, constantly striving for their common goals. This year, the council has shown that the fraternity system at Vanderbilt is useful, purposeful, and alert. Stemmler, Phil Russ, Daryl Berger, Bob Thompson, Greg Faith, Ed Schumacher, Dallas Parker, Whit Morris. Fifth Row: Ken Parchman, Steve Block, Donald NeSmith, Ad- visor. 12 6 , Darrell Berger Lawrence Bltunberg Marc Blumberg Stephen Blmnenthal John Boehm Jeffrey Bootzin Neal Borovitz Goelfrey Brandner Edward Brin Barry Cannell Alan Cannon William Diamond Edward Fine Alvin Fox Richard Golden lVIichael Gordon Thomas Griffin Henry Hecht Barry Hertz David Hildebrand Glenn Hirsch Michael Kessler Allan Kirstein Robert Klein ALPHA EPSILON PI Tau Chapter L, Tau pledge class largest in history . . . Alvin finally leaves . . . How'd he get to be best active 4 years apart? . . . Is the color tube going back after rush? . . . What are the bookcases for? . . . Pi forms an engagement ring . . . Athletic machine rolls on . . . We got the Juke, but where's the records? . . . Peabody still popular . . . Actives beat pledges in book battle . . . Klein gets pinned . . . Robin gets pinned . . . The Schnozz gets deschnozzed . . . Golden gets laveliered . . . Art's still eating . . . Strauss . . . Krunchy platform wins for Rosen . . . Bootzin-Pi's Pearl Me-sta . . . Walling's forehead rises farther . . . Scarf wants frogs . . . A Norman club card for Kirstein . . . Gordon-our man in government . . . Kessler loses his razor . . . Robin gets unpinned . . . Pi invades Arkansas and Wisconsin . . . The Wayne's no longer in Spain . . . VUT claims Norman . . . Wells corners the market . . . Twerp spends the year in bed . . . Robin gets pinned again . . . Pi takes over Hustler sports . . . Rothberg's still trail blazing . . . Hertz hot on his trail . . . Fine fences on . . . Bye Bye Bill . . . 7.16 nuns, "N ot even their best friends will tell them!" f',, fix' 'I .,,4f mv, lar , Vw ,W V ,E V ,,, Robert Walker Paul Kurtz President Vice-President f Vii' 55735lf77 l -- H ' V W f ,,,. Martin Kessler Robert Rouiman Treasurer Secretary fs 'AY , wwf' David Ornstein James Perlman Raymond Peterson "" A Ap "1, 3 David Rogers 1 5 Arthur - MA Rosenblatt W """ Richard Rosen ee'ifeie in x 1 Melvin Rothberg Richard Rottman 1 Norman Sandfield ' ' " Marc Sheinbein , ,,' Y' Phillip Sherrod Wayne Simon Alan Sternlieb Lewis Strauss George Toll Gerald Walling Julian Wasserman Steven Wells 7.2. Richard Zander Mark Zinaman .ms ,,,V,VwV :Q i,,,VqV-1: V - . K . QVVVV- ,V QV '-,'f'V-as-V, f:VsisV.V,'s -Q . VV Q tml 2 ggi V i J, .Q - ' .VwV::: X5 655553219 . , ..,, , '- -. 5 V--"sg X S QQ? N we V E X V 5, a 7 Charlie Martin President X we .. is e , V.. :HRV as' V, . 1 . 'L Paul Campbell Secretary Ae Ronald Vranich Vice-President V Qf J ' "i fs:-. Jas xs 'Q VVVVVVMVVVVV, Vw, V V V V, as +2 N X Qs Stuart Jones Treasurer Ray Armistead Albert Armstrong Jim Baldwin Stuart Barnes Chuck Boyd David Boyd Bill Butler William Caldwell Mike Conroy David Cooper Hal Davidson George DeJarnatt Robert Denny David Dixon Byron Donics Nick Duke Robert Edwards Fred Eidsness John Elkington Arthur Fite Michael Foran Albert Ganier Mike Greene James Gudenrath Bob Hagan Bill Hancock John Johnson Michael Johnson Mike Kern Donald Kirby Chris Kirk Pete Lawley Carl Leonard Dan Lipperman Joseph Lipscomb Bill Long Young swallows tongue, Rapai catches fly, and the rest just imbibe. ,V Q ' 'f W 2VVV?fV,'VVV 'V ' V " 2"fW"WfS6M V 4 ww rff " A ,,,,,,. V, ,,,,,,,g, f 5, f 'xv ww, " ' ,aw . , ' vu . - Wx V' ' V'V' , V 'Z 1 QQ, , W ' """ " Hr13""' V, eikiiiffwf -:Q -' 'f QV uV'2V"1 V, " 'V 'VV,'VV ash? 'f 'f","VVV'fVVf , 'V ,'V,':VVVVe,'4VV g5Vw?fgVV,V'V V W, V V V ' V . . V VV V H , L ' , a w' V ' V " i wi 5 ' ,V " ' " A ,'fs,Vf :WV 1 -7, V., W 1VVV:wf ' ' ima, , V 'V V ' V, M ' , , , V V"' A N Q' ,4 , 'V V' V , Q V ""'V ' HQ -it V' , V 'Y . C V' V-r 2 ' ' A ,.., ,.,., ' "4" 4' V V , ,, ' 'V , " ' ' " may ,,, ,hw - Q I 'M V- , V, U V A ,V1V,VV,VV, V ' V V? , V ' ' l F ' f"'f'f ' H ' V ' 'W' cjfgkfi 'A www , 'ay' ,V f f ,f ,QV 1 2 'V We A , "" -' . 'f 1 A ,M M ,QV ' , VVVV V MV , , ,V VV V V 1 -V " " '- ,:' 'V VVV,,z"bVV4e V JV' N" eifrwfr' '- , ,, A , V. V ,.,, ,VV,,,, 4 , .V ' W ,mv ' W' A 5" fi' 'W V' ' ' WW , ,j""M"m " U FH ' V ,V . .. ""' V, " V' ., V' ,V Y 'f' V " ' , ,"-3, W3 1'Va,"2V,"V,?' VV, 'V W E?f27?V'i VEC. ' "z" VVV V' , ' V 'mf ' " ff ff " " VV 5 ' V ' " ' ' " W V ,.,,, , do Vw V, V, g V ,ta VV VV .. VVV' ' 1 ' V 'V" ' ,V V"V' V V V' ' , n V V V VV V ' .VW V , , Q ,Q ' V' if 'W V ,WV V' " if , 'V .W ' , V, A 12.8 Taus provide Homecoming entertainment for campus at expense of front yard . . . the Bull leads chapter to a new era . . . Reid dumps on CM and is phased out . . . Prior joins soccer team . . . Pettyjohn engaged-in what? . . . Rabbit and Jones successfully defend attacks on chastity . . . Anderson rings with Hagan's ditties . . . George goes fishing over holidays . . . Chuck Boyd succeeds in love-sort of . . . the Prince is back . . . the Sly Pie with something up his sleeve . . . Scott reminds brothers to get dates early and then gets brother's date . . . Campbell McFalls into oblivion-takes two on the chin and loses deal . . . Johnny Johnson tries new hair tonic which stains tux . . . Shu in love with three . . . himself and . . . Davidson meets no one since Berkly strike . . . Operator, I want to call Japan . . . Taus go singing . . . Round by a landslide . . . Lightning, Andy, and Wrongway take all in fall . . . Armstrong's in love with a stranger . . . brothers eye the draft instead of the books . . . Fred comes back ALPHA TAU OMEGA Beta Pi Chapter f"f sw '1 from Spain to pay off ransom . . . Chuck gets red over orange 'ff iff .sei . . . Guds proves new math-twenty-one goes into twenty seven times with none left over . . . same sunset for scholastic standings . . . and life goes on in the Tau house. 'LZ G 9 Q 0 Pete Martin Paul Mears Edward Miller Gary Miller Ray Muehlman John Myers Steve Nichols Donald North Bob Oliver John Packel Dallas Parker Thad Pettyjohn Randy Pointer Gale Powell Jerry Prior Robert Rapai Hunt Rounsavall Joe Russell Charles Schneider Edward Schumach John Scott John Shughart Venance Sirnpkins David Sproul Don Tilley Michael Turnbull Henry VanDereb Steve Williamson John Wilson Bill Wood Jack Wotton Murry Wright William Young Not Pictured: William Chamberl Robert Gorman Steve Kiss Dan Morgan James Thomas John Valput BI' ain BETA THETA PI Beta Lambda Chapter S. Vaughn Allen Trim Beasley Ron Beldner Bill Berry Rich Beziat Bob Bockman Robin Boden Leigh Branham Marc Breehl Bill Buist Larry Bundschu Jim Byassee S. Brian Casey Carter Chapman David Condra Dennis Condra Greer Cummings Paul Deemer Fred Delavan Jed Delker Gene Dohrman Craig Douglas Ralph Dupps Frank Englert Trevor Evans Winston Evans Ron Fawcett Fred Fischer Randy Garrison Will Gauchat Martin Gilmore Rick Godknecht Henry Graves Joe Greenlee Austin Gresham Kent Habermeyer John Hamilton Jim Harris , George Harvey Jim Heiskell Allen Holbrook Fred Holbrook Jon Housholder Granny Jackson Stan Jackson Dave Jarvis Horace Johns Russell Jones Dick Kalb Bill Kennon Steve King John Koon John Levine John Lionberger Bedford Flash bags 34 for Beta . . . H. heads Jr. Bar, toot, toot . . . Mautz, Fawcett, Swann, Morris, ALL-I M . . . Betas win HC Decoration . . . L. T. Bomb has apt. warming for Fire Dance . . . Nose grows on Nub of the Plains, Spider grabs it . . . Galore sinks, captains leapfroggers . . . Nash gets rhythm . . . Load-ed shotgun gets Rose . . . Harvath second again . . . Frosh drops Cuddles . . . Turner wet in Buffalo . . . Moore loses pin Kr cheers, second time better . . . FN gets paperbag . . . Mama gets Burly's goats . . . Kelly starts, team stops . . . Zink Case tyjs 19th Hole . . . Mums filiflusters, not necessarily . . . Nasty unchanged . . . Rutdog loses O. to Frosh . . . Fischer leads C73 Sophs on belly . . . Delavan finds brass cheat at Ft. Knox . . . Koon gets Russeled . . . Betas grab two and a half Pi Phi garters . . . Tipton gets Green light UD, balls Hieskell and Housholder's friend . . . BAH-WOO . . . Buist returns . . . Orgy, Hells Angels, Fire Dance, Weekend, lt's in the bag for Wooglin. 7.30 mln!!! Beta gladiator guards 'uestal virgins. 1 !-1 li I 4, , ,lo 'KT""k,f'-v , ,ff ,W ., Mike Moore Skip Harvath Pres1dent Vice-President rw L Lg: ggi, I , V n 'J it 'ff J ft 3 Phil Shepherd Dick Fitzgerald Secretary Treasurer L... . K I 'ins A- -13. f".fuF,-ii J 1, ,si-we K Pg 04 A Q , ,i. is .ng-as 1 gf, P as 0-A . all S jsxf iff, so o V of .A ' k'--. . .--- .. . .. -K J ,... J F 2 .S - of . .J was k-33, ' s .s '- , S G W, zq. , , B 5 a V It y , V J . -9' ' -'Y - ,. 5 L ri N . - Q- K f L - . X AJ L it S D T. 'J 2 .Q " N ggf X r 'K' 'V - ls . - -:ibm . : ae.. Q we X I s Q'f'Qh 5lf A g,.: -Qr i in X Q' A ss wi. ig r .-:' .P -- F., A t. Q'-X J . .. I QP, Yi .": Q .ir fi r .,::,, I M H Q I K i,Lf, i i .l.. . , if N. ,7 E , 3 M 2 Y kj, g -: K 12 N . .ff ' .elf P in W- rw" r ' ' f x " off ' f f J , I S aaa L DW it S L .X..- I A - - l . Q.: ..L- gi' L wi ' :M .eg L lg , Y rrg: if ,gs r al y ,fs S J rrf . J X k""- A ' V Ili 1? Q 'S' ,ge ' . .X , i .. 'N 3 Y Y ,- X -Q , -af. 1. 1 : 53. Q ss. s 'lv 5 W , X 1 sa 1 k.-. fk-- 1 J., ..., :fig my ww, . is x., -x s , nv ,ff 1.5 B F3 f' ia lx r m. X X Q- s get X .- X-A -- -. .- , we K, .E . .r . . Fra K 'ef S . ' V - rx Qi' 3 lggg - X X 'U I 7.31 ,iii Bob Loftis Gordon Lord Pete Macdonald Greg Martin Ron Mautz Bill Menzies Jim Morris Hugh Nash Pete O'De1l John Olert Charlie Osborn Ken Parchman George Parker Ken Parrot Jeff Pomeroy Charlie Post Jim Purvis Tom Reed Allen Roach Bob Rogers Joe Rubel Doug Sanford Ed Scott Jack Sestak Ed Silberhorn Jim Smith John Smith Steve Smith Tummy Smith War-ren Snoddy Steve Spanyer Dana Starr Roddy Story Bill Strout Lee Summers Bill Swann Tom Tatum Bill Taylor Frank Thomas Ed Tipton Lee Tolley Todd Towery Steve Trautman J. Steve Turner Walt Tyree Ron Valentini John Weeter Greg White George Wilson Randy Woods Jim Work Gene Zink Not Pictured: Doak Grauer Larkin Matthew Kelly Meyer S E. Lueckenbach George Hug President Vice-President ' ,.,, 6 F 2 .L-L ,. 1535, :ii A : F. MCCl6lland Craig Tappan Secretary Treasurer Proctor Anderson Greg Andrews Jim Andrews, Jr. Richard Andrews Doug Blackford Jeff Bodle Drake Boutwell Jeff Bosse Joe Bowman Tim Bradley Mike Brandon David Brooks Norman Carl Brian Carlson Tom Case Frank Cook Ken Cook Charles Cotton, Jr. Ed Davis Sid Delong John Donnally Rodney Downey Andy Dozier Stewart Dudley Chips Elias Jimmy Ellis Pete Evans Roy Ewing Wayne Faircloth Bob Gardner Holland Giebert Hugh Glynn Max Goodloe George Gorin Harvey Gray Steve Guthrie John Haile, Jr. Ken Haile, Jr. Jay Hale Lyle Hammond Jack Hardeman Barry Hardin Bill Harford Jeff Harrison Tom Haselton Bill Hathaway Jim Hill III John Hill Wyman ' lmafgigiii "The Bird of Paradise, I presume ,... D 2.37. Buenos Dias, M. F .... Hail to the Chief-He sure can! . . D.O.S. closes membership with class of '66 . . . TDBM official Teamster representative . . . Card team seeks greener pastures . . . Knox buys picture-flash team new high . . . What percentage?-99441: pure--Mother McFarlane gets new babies . . . Dekes claim Miss Commodore . . . Dekes 7- Phis 0-I.M. team ruins record . . . La Joint develops full race cam . . . Dekes send army team-Tim, Roger, B. J., Pheets, Middle . . . Homecoming comes and goes, hooded car hop takes to the bottle . . . "Yes, Mike, but who does she date down here?', . . . Luckey torpedos flying sub-Connselor settles out of court . . . Christmas tree balled-Merry XXXX-mas . . . Harford permanent foreign student . . . What's black and gone? . . . And other expressions of regal displeasure, as it were . . . . 4. .. Adios, M. F. DELTA KAPPA EPSILO Gamma Chapter 117, 5' 5- 5:4 9 10nfrn,x'!,,xxXN- Q X I :F 5 1 E' 9 of K"'Y il Q 3 Q Ll E .pm . ::. 2 I I Ai i F rfsvae-EKG, 3 1 as , , . .e s - .. N - - K: Fifiift-W rfflsqi ,W - ' --1 'k-k K 5ff...,ks,s.'f' ' .. Q' K K .1 ..,. .. .. . K. A 5 4 li' , YS-P'?f'ff'fi1. ' .. -'s.:5fi:.2..::f1i:' 1-it J- :Vi - -5.-ici -:jfi."1Qf.i ifsiii :is f ' ' k -'ti' 7 " 5 Q J - 1 -"-- if , A I 1 ,. J J i . . s Q . . LL .L , K is ig, W fn ' ' 4 JW 'L J 5' V7 55- Q Q. 1 S .ll s . f . S . f J . ,E .W T, .. E k',k- il:l...i.,. VY ,,,,, . M . I s A jf 1 A I an fi' S351 . . i- Hifi' El 'ii -'i is f-Uni 3155 1- if J ' Ti-'Ik ' in k-L. fx - - 5'fii?f:5f:-"i!'H5x l"5 :,:.t5f i5E,.:., 5:5-,, 'CSE'-lkeil'-:-'-:E ' .: ' -H V 1'N:pQj,5?gfQg3ffff ' " ' "s1,iwrL:!: Qi. EJPYZSFQ B aaaea 1 at ' -53725 ' TW sis " 'X 'I "1 5 ' - ri - 1 . J. , ,f'- . ' , . ., , , . Nw All ' Q ' L W- i 3 f wi J 3 9 ffm is ' s i' Q7 1 1 ' 2 5 1 fs. f XKSM : :Q i h ei i r ' f 3.1 - .. . ..'- -N - L ' ' , -1.3 V. WA , 1 J , f -A 1:51 .3 ..-Z, fi, , X J a -A R it 5 x k h T . a A M' --.. X .'.' i or 2 p. o rpppp . rrrr trtrr y R 5- K - - g. . - -- .,.. - N - 5, J It o vs VW' , A 1 J" ' ,f J ' zz . 5 A f i Q A it fre ' s . V ' K i- , l ih ' 'ra W K "T -.1 J If - X. 1 f . Y 1 :T 5 s - r 9 1 jr ' 1' - f .J ,g ff? 7 5 5 p as 3, W 1- Q - aroogri ,ey fr- -W is , J . 1 f I 7-33 Speed Hopkins Mike Jamison Dan Johnson Bob Johnston Denny Kell Mike King Wynn Kittrell David Knowles Bob Krumlauf Greg LaPointe Jack Legg Roger Levinger Mike Lipscomb Stan McC1eary III John McFarlane Tom McGee Jim McGuire John McPheeters Bill Major Greg Martin John Merritt John lVIichener George Morton, Jr. Tom Nichols Joe O'Brien Bill Oldham Knox Pitts III John Ross, Jr. Rick Rozelle III Bill Sawyer Mike Scardino King Self, Jr. Steve Sibley Gary Shimer Earle Smith Joe Smith Craig Sprinkle Brooke Staley Joe Stamper Butch Stephens, Jr Bill Sutherland Dudley Teel Jerry Wells Gerry White Greg White Burke Windham III Tracy Witzenburg Ed Wolfe Not Pictured: Bill Wise KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Chi Chapter K 1" JE.. i 1 . 4, 1 X S asm-5 3492, Sandy Aldridge Jim Alexander Peter Bartholow Rick Bass Bob Beckman Joe Begbie Doug Biggs Jim Boyd Norman Bradley George Britton Bill Burrow Tod Burrow Bobby Chandler Ric Cannada Rusty Cantwell Bill Clarke Dudley Clendinen Mike Cooper Jamie Coultas Chip Covington Steve Cox Thomas Davis Dan Dillon Tom Dodson David Drysdale Roddy Eggen Bob Elkins Bev Evans Hank Evans Jack Featheringill Jim Foster Berry Gibbes Tom Goodgame John Gregory Raymond Grenfell Ralph Griifen Bruce Hamilton Larry Hamric Tom Hanes James Harper Jerry Harris Lewis Harris Steve Harwood Jim Henderson Jim Herbert Frasier Himes Bill Huddleston Phil Johnson Chris Jones Randy Jones Virden Jones Dean Kaestner Ben Kibler Gene Kinnaird Mississippi train rolls though KA House . . . KA's pledge Whiz Kids? . . . Kibler stops making Hay-or vice versa? . . . Shephard adds Chip to flock . . . Big E hits ceiling in chapter meeting . . . Cantwell, Whiteside, Sanders are bright spots in a dismal offense . . . Drys runs Trojan errands for White . . . Hanes, Begbie, Harper make bird bath . . . Herbert gets Thingby on the sly . . . Boyd tries to move in on Graves, while Bert bares bottom . . . Sprott loses out to the Virgin Isles . . . Starr squashes bug . . . P. W. says: "I don't think so, Rickn . . . Twente, Chastain, Stivers, Burrow rest in piece . . Aldridge dreams of Grand Dragon . . . "Bear D." studies dermatology . . . A'Wake up" Dudley . . . Heart leaves Hamilton for San Francisco . . . David eats Christmas present . . . Rock thinks he's got it in the bag . . . How do you say "whip" in French, Norman? . . . Are you a Turtle? . . . Wheat, barley, alfalfa . . . Where's the Hud? 7-34 Chip Hanes W.. ,K .,.. Q 3 E W W gg , : W WW "2 ii s x ,R as W3- Rick Pennington OLD SOUTH rises again-better Late than never. it h 1 President Vice-President . .,., . J M bb so .... c Bill Chastain Kirk Starr Secretary Treasurer Jim Koppius John Krein Hal Krueger Walter Lawless Mac MacClean Gayle Malone Jixn Martin John McCleery Pat McGregor Bill Mclnnes Richard McRae Terry McRae Alan Moore Louis Morrison Whit Morriss Chuck Muckenfuss Bill Norton Bill Ordway Richard Pence Gene Pennell Bert Pribbenow Kirk Rankin Craig Ripley Gale Rivers Steve Rosenblatt Jirn Sanders Paul Schmidt George Sibley Bob Silliman John Slater Billy Smith Roy Smith Ji.m Sprott Sam Stephenson Ed Stivers Gerry Storey John Templeton George Twente David Vaughn Tom Walker John Wallace Larry White Jim Whiteside Jim Wilkes Bob Williams Rick Williams Not Pictured: John Gamble Spivey Gault Dave Harper Bernie Kemple Jay Kirkpatrick Scott Kirkpatrick Bobby Plummer John Wesley i p 'H' " 1'1 T' irry 3 H , ' , ' 'G ,it in William Stearns Harold Redmile President Vice-President F l ' ':" r "i ""' , ' iff ' ' ' -fa 7 . ,,, :,E -VA ' ' ' 'ff' James Holcomb G, S, Campbell Secretary Treasurer Collins Andrews Rick Arendale Edward Baker Robert Bashinsky Ronnie Bell Donald W. Bouldin Tom Boyd Thomas Bright Leslie Brooks III Jay Brown Chad Browne Samuel Choppin James Christian George Christiansen Larry Creekmore Carlton Currie Bob Davis Simeon Davis Bradford Edgerton John G. Faith Grady Garrison Sidney Garrison Kenneth Gibbs Mike Giltner Gordon Glenn William Growdon Herbert Hamilton Kyle Hedrich James Heinrich Harold Hertenstein James Hicks Halton Higgs Phillip Hoffman William Hofmeister Charles Hon III Otis Hood Michael Hoover Thomas Hulan Edwin Jackson Leland Johnston John Kearns Merlin Joe Kilbury Peter Kinnear Joe Kirkpatrick John Kizer Grant Law Randy Lofton John Lovell Not Pictured: Dallas Gatewood Terry Thomas William Webb If JP W-h-o-o-o-pig 7. Double G and WAS give Kappa Sig sound sober leadership . . . Pledges down schoolies in rough game at Waggoner's and Currie's . . . Star and Crescents leave and return at unusual rate . . . Another banner year in I.M.'s-Kappa Sigs control fourth place . . . Magic and Zelda Z reign nightly around juke . . . Currie still can't decide, but Merlin can. Wonder what Christie will do? . . . Kizer thinks Biggs all the time . . . Reck's locks lose out, finally . . . Prince, Rock, Art, Mitch, C. A. and who!!! set up in exile in Towers . . . "Rah-Rah" rahs too much but delights the fans . . . Wild-Thing Hoov turns Xmas back-way back . . . House suffers much, but all enjoy the Brotherhood . . . KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Chapter 7-37 Philip Mayes Darryl McCullough David McGowan Richard Miller Jerry Mitchell Steven Moreland Larry Mullinax John Nickey Joseph Norton James O'Brien Thomas Perkins Richard Phebus Larry Pitman Randy Preissig David Prouty John Quenelle William Reck William Rice Thomas Russell Thomas Ryan Robert Schwendinger William Shanor Tom Shearon Michael Shelly' Arthur Rox Smith Murphy Smith Richard Smith Jerry Southwood Fred Spear Alva Terry Staples Edgar Steinau, Jr. Frederick Stumpf Charles Taylor III Vexton Taylor Claiborne Thornton III Robert Thurmond Robert Trentham Thomas Tribble Gib Vestal G. G. Waggorner Joseph N. Walden, Jr. Ed Wallis Robert Warren Olin West III Fred Williams Harry N. Williams Read Williamson Thomas H. Wilson John Winford Stinson Wood Thomas Youngblood The Phi's take 26 . . . Seniors miss Dondi, Martin, Glass, and PHI DELTA THETA 2:-hi-fs J N - Tennessee Alpha Chapter ng? 33:2 X ' ii Wir 01. 3' Ken Agee Tom Bailey Reid Ba.rnes David Beavers Leslie Bedford Chuck Billings Lenny Borg Bob Bosserman George Bosworth Ray Brakebill Johnny Bruno Rick Bryant Bill Buchanan Joe Burkett Jim Coughlin John Cox Joe Vaulx Crockett John Davis Tommy DeBuys David Dimit Chip Dudley Dan Due Eirik Duerr Paul Elliott Bill Espy Johnny Everett Jerry Faerber Jack Gosnell Kevin Grady Danny Hagarnan Chip Hall Scott Hall Glenn Harper Buz Helvenston Sam Herbert Tom Holbert Joe Holliday Cal Holmes Morty Howell Al Hubbard Johnny Hughes Jim Irvin Steve Jackson Dallas Jones Clint Kibler Rich King Bobby King Keith Kolerus the Preacher, but the immortal eight solidify . . . Russell, socks proving he's no fool, thinks top of Volkswagen corny . . . Cox plays the waiting-game in Iowa City, becoming quite a walker . . . Cha-Cha's Cajun prepares a Creole dish, as Burkette loses his meal ticket at the Tri-Delt house . . . Wall reveals himself: the biggest rocker in the house . . . Sugar Ray weathers gale at the Krispy Kreme . . . Gosnell informed he will be an airline pilotg plainly views his end . . . Singletary and Holmes prove the Pick of the house, as Albert leads the chase . . . Helvenston traded by Thetas . . . Watkins tried but roacl to Atlanta just not long enough . . . Over-fed ground sloth metamorphoses into bush-hog, as Emo goes hungry . . . Radio-fan Souby listens to "Punch and Judy Show" . . . Phikeia Larson lines everyone up with dates . . . Howell follows crooked path . . . To the lake house we go . . . Stemmler, you will get your chance . . . Bruno? Who is John Bruno? . . . All for one! 7.38 "And for you Santa, we have a pussy cat!" C. Greenfield Hil Secretary Tr 2. s1.WiY'iiii?'W XX sms? S gps? ' W " 'P . . .. , .P 3 .,., . J at J- , .Q 1Q,h ll he ,::,. - , I 1 . Woods Eastland Gilbert Johnston President Vice-President Jim Kothe Ray Larson Brooks Lathram Clark Lea Allen Lentz Bill Manier John Martin Don Matheson Tommy Matter John Mayfield Les McCormick Allen Meadows Flip Miller Bob Miller David Murphy Lee Noel Doug Oliver Coleman Oswalt John Phenicie Jay Popp David Proctor Jim Puckett Bill Quinlen Barham Ray Ron Reddin Allan Ruleman Paul Russell Coke Sams Richard Sasnett Larry Sims Bill Singletary Bill Snow Jim Souby John Stemmler Tommy Stephens Steve Taylor Dee Thompson Billy Thurman Mike Tooke Kirk VanValkenburg Bob Ward Milt Waring Ernie Watkins Jim Webb Bill White Wayne Williams Pat Woods Tom Woods ton Wall Casurel' Not Pictured: Ev Anderson Dennis Bishop Pete Boney Tony Johnston Fred Kraus Rosser Murray Bill Wilson Richard Worden Robert Carnahan Robert L. George President Vice-President -'.-1-. ...V -:.L 1 k.,L . e ee e e ee W'L1e Benjamin Hatfield Ross Rainwater Secretary Treasurer Smile, Charley. Timothy Alexander R. E. Brenning Richard Brewer Robert Brown J. W. Brown W. O. Bruning Rudolph Lee Carver Carl Cassell William Cawood Walwyn Cooper Michael Cope Donald Correll James Harry Davis Michael E. Davis Robert Gebhardt John Gore Carl GraeHin Mark Greer Henry Griffith Roy Heatherwick Robert Higgs Eugene Honea Gregory Jernigan Willard Johnson Joe Katzel 24.0 Hurry, Mary, Hurry . . . Whoa, Camella . . . And what can we do for you today, Dean Boutwell, Mr. Nesmith . . . Orphans?? What age, size, sex, etc.? Would you believe a dozen of each kind? . . . G-L-O-R-I-A, I wanta do it . . . New House receives official Christening . . . Bogus wine and spirits does it again . . . Rended-bird, Santa say . . . All right . . . Hog of Steel . . . Panzer Commander . . . Fighting Prince of Donegal . . . Danish Elmen rolls . . . Gore contracts Hibachi fever . . . "Boo Boon the red Baron . . . Single wing . . . S U A V E, a new slogan-If it hasn't been made, we'll make it . . . Higgs thought he landed a big One . . . Knox Inc. say "We'll get anything" . . . Nesrnith says . . . "I believe itl' . . . "Whiteside Kuhn" . . . Waldrum Rock Company . . . Miles of grovel . . . Bullet Bob whizzes them in . . . Phillips constructs H. C .... Chief has a squaw . . . Road runner and the sobriety test, a novel . . . Cooper buys WMAC . . . Schwenker goes to Ole Virginy . . . Sheets gets a gussy . . . Themann excels in the breast stroke . . . Chilly-Willy . . . Organic is for the birds . . . 141 PHI KAPPA PSI Tennessee Delta Chapter ,,, 4111. A xefflr' Willis Evan Kuhn Robert Langstaff Clifford Love George Marlin Larry Matthews John Alan McCoy Richard McCubbins Terry Medlin John Miles Richard Moody Dwight Moore John Morris IV Stephen Parker Andrew Pemberton Robert Perry William Phillips William Reed Cooper Schley John Schwenker Donald Lynn Sheets Walter Sweeney William Themann III William Totty Ahval Edward Turner Grady Warren III Colley Webb William White Russell E. Yester Charles E. Youman Not Pictured: Robert Cook Paul Cragan James Elmen Charles Higgins Ohio Knox III Richard Raney George Rayburn Jerry Steinberg W. Thistlethwaite Technique works 36 times . . .Viers replaces McBride . . . S.M. is talk of the house . . . Sullivan? . . . Selma K A dates . . . Everyone Washes out at the Sewers party . . . Oilicer Bolin taps on house . . . 12 Disciples replace the We 5 V I trains pledges . Goldsberry misses lunch . . . Bally Tally-Ho . . . Bunn's beer . . . Goren says "Don't double Coop" IOU1 Chaptef Al Hirt likes fratty club . . . Scotty stays Airborne . . . Krumpe's car mistaken for Dempster Dumpster . . . Stewart likes to eat . . . Lavaliers are "in" . . . Jackie thanks Wise . . . Aquajocks stroke . . . DeVane turns key . . . Culler, Burke take out squatter's rights in house library . . . Shake's M nerves uncalm Suzanne . . . K. B. gets wet . behind ears . . . Real McKinnie takes two A dumps . . . Grapefruit rolls . . . Plenty of ways for a broken ,mzgzz Z,,:',i . leg . . .Duck smashes glASS . . . J. P. - F 352 "trees" grades . . . No. 1 elf Santa off table . . . Steele ' 9 declines . . . W. A.'s railroad gets derailed. Wi ..... u WW r Ni Q' T as Qggazl--' A.. fill u fflllkx ai? Woody Alexander Myron Allenstein Steve Ayers Buddy Bacon Randy Baker John Benson Bruce Bowman Tony Burke Ban Burns Jim Carmody Austin Chinn Tom Claiborne Larry Conn Van Cook Joel Covington Steve Cox Bill Culler Ben Cundiff Bob Deaver John Devane Eric Dierks John Donaldson Fred Dunlop Larry Eldracher Edward Elliot Garland Everist Phil Farr Colly Fox Tim Frazier Dan Fuller Gary Ganick Bruce Garretson Dickie Genung John Gerth Jamie Goldsberry Jeff Goodman J eif Gordon Kurt Gratzol Bill Hagemann Steve Hall Pete Haring Sam Hart Rudi Heater Steve Herod Brent Hughes Randy Hunter John Hutton Bob James I 2.41. "Rush? . . . Rush? . . . Whafs 1'ush?', U an fiifiiffz ,M , 1 L 1' J' 3 H ' ' V it ,gif- hamh 'ff "'f::9'f:" ff , A President Coop Cooper Secretary A AW A , 7 , W J V Z 'o" ' QVV' l , A J , "" N ' wr, U5 f aa f' A r -' -A -me 'W 'A if 1 ' N nf- fr' Eff? ' ,it ' f ,. 'w ' " ., Apr., L 2 I 77 I 1 . , V V I X is Al ,Q :asrvvff Q 9 f "o,"' 'L v ' J J J oo o if J at W -2 L W' " "" Q?1 J ' Sh aw l " J 2 W ,-' - .J 1 -2 , J M' ' ' L '-1: f " '-Q' ' ' ' ' oooooo - WW J it o A J o oo S' ' is J , , EU J -V -f 3 J if L A 355' 1 ' Q.. f 15 1: 'M VV' W J f A N ' 4 . 'ooo L L I A K oooooo ' ' ' J ' 1' rf L ' ' 'iz JW J 1- " A ' Q' an L rw S if '37 J gi, L me ' 16 t l L , V J' fi .- or J . in V A' ' V' it " f if ' '22 'J' , 'W "i 1' .J M' 2 , J M ' ,J ' M' oooo fa. 3 Q X fi in 5 7-43 Ernie Clement H, L, Singer Vice-President Jay Baker Treasurer Don Jernberg Jim Keightly Dick Klima Dan Knopf Jeff Konker Paul Krumpe Chae Laird George Leonard Jeff Marquis Jim Matzger Larry McAndrews Tom McCarthy Rody McCathern Jim McKinnie Pat Moore Steve Morris Bill Mosley Gary Muller Bert Piatt Dick Pollard Rick Pratt Bob Schmid Scotty Scott Tom Shepherd Dave Simmons Doug Smith Hal Smith Ed Stacey Mark Steele Cam Stewart Dan Stinnett Kurt Strasser Tim Sullivan Robin Tait George Tamke John Treitz Larry Viers Bob Wesson Lyn Westmoreland Kent Wildman Jim Wise Blake Wood Not pictured: John Lyon Dave Bill McDonald 7? .B Lee McKnight Rusty Garth Presjdgnt Vice President LLLAL ' ' R sese tess stsi l diediii ,ws -- s LL,L f ,wa ' Jeff Vaughan Steve Parker Secretary Treasurer Buddy Abbott Larry Ahern Pete Ainslie Billy Akin John Allyn Clay Alspaugh Glenn Barnes Steve Bates Joe Baugh Frank Bolling George Briggs Randy Brooks Butch Brown Robert Bruce Ronnie Campbell Estes Cocke Charles Coddington Steve Coleman Harry Curlin Dan DeVore Junior Exner John Farringer Robert Fleming Charlie Foster Eddie Foster Charlie Gale Tom Graves Lynn Greeley Bill Grigsby Paul Hagen Tom Hall Paul Harris Rhys Harris Cecy Hawes Joe Henderson Shannon Holloway Jim Humphreys Don Hyde Andy Jackson Rick Jahn Ed Kelly Reiley Kidd John Kiss Tom Koch Bill Koch Jim Landon John Landon Jerry Loomis Where is the Mad Goose? 7-44 Muhammed Roberts retires, undefeated, untouched, gets Pat on back . . . Landon, pub board wheel, shaken by Ginsberg decision . . . Sharp ends search for young talent while Nixdorf wins hog award at local circus . . . Fearless leader launches campaign for social acceptability . . . Koch the elder catches lunch while Napoleon plans ahead and makes it big . . . Cloid joins masses in loss of pin as the Shack continues attempts to consolidate VU and Peabody . . . Move bitterly opposed by the Fetus, who is quality control engineer at local corp . . . McKay sticks to bear facts and Clay leads in civil rights battle, loses to blonde . . . Chuck participates in sensitivity session while Smallman learns high performance driving techniques from Cocke and Barf . . . Kelly chosen to replace Col. Sanders . . . Gapo makes No. 1 as new S.M.C. . . . Chief Justice finds Wally in garden . . . Saf grooms new "Phantom of the lodge" while Devers discovers power of Hattery . . . Radds rejected by peace movement . . . Ringed Ridley razes roof . . . The Lever Returns . . . bag PI KAPPA ALPHA Sigma Chapter 234' .4 " xx. 3? mmm: l 'sai VV W l W fli lloi' c J Z TL ' f ' ,, W ,1 ' " " Q '-Je? Q 5 , uvzl A A If V ,V -V ,. . 5 c"' ' ' ' " - 'V ,, 7 , ,, M35 , I ,V , I V if vt f , - , i , tw V Q j f, l 'za A A 1 4, W , Br i g, rw ,I ,Q A, M + 4:1 , r- we K A :ii 4 lj L1 -fi if W, I ., ' V ' 3 c ' . ' pm Im A " "1 , aw I N ,i.,i4WW,,,V , , ,,,, , WW W , , , , , ,Vl,,3V,l, ., V,,,r I? 1,22 Azrzj E ..,. , 1 A ' J is V J srii nvi V- ' V ccicr W J l J J f -W V fl rv ,. H V we , V . 4 4' "' ' f- ' f" 1 V V f' " 'W i W is uv ' it Vi V r .na ,V M , 7, ,rrk A., 1 , x ,a,' V " A 7ii7"h ' f':', K ,,.. : ' ' " " V Q gf y tfi ff" vVgsh7f4i A f ,, 7 H H4 V . QV, ,, Vkyk , ., , fr- 2- ? V ca VV ra 1 Q 0 ,, , wp, .., A , Y .5 if V' 3 Wi E1 V ,Qt -j ,1 ' , :EA V Aa , Z5 W W, V, 11? X 3, - Mp, ,V H f. M fn V ---W V J ,V mif l u , ti" ,V ,,., 3 ' , J, VV J V ,V. V .2 V, f Vw 1 , x if ' -'fr 5' , ' 7' ' - ' r ,. . V, - A V' f' V K' -7' ' :V' , , :V ,Zta li I It A E W' ' fimifiwf 5 V , 'V M , l 'W' wh' V pi "5" V an , wr i t . TW . E gs! V If, J 4 A , A 6 145 Not Pictured: Jerry Chapman Bob Creighton Dan Cundiff Steve Gunnell Jack Jakobik Dan Mulvena Dick Sharp Tom Whalen Jack McKay Fred McPhai1 Dave Matthes Ed Merrick Craig Meuter Bill Miller Dave Montiel Tom Moore George Morehead Tom Morgan John Morland Ridley Moorman Bill Morris Dawson Nesbitt Don Nichols Steve North Bob Oldham Don Paul Gary Peterman Rod Phelan Charlie Plosser Harry Radcliffe Mark Richardson Hardy Roberts Jim Roberts Owen Rouse Charles Saiiey Steve Schaffer John Seward Shackleton Smallman Smith Smitherman Spain John Ernie Jerry Gene Mike Charles Starks John Stuart Chuck Sullivan Mike Taimi Bob Thompson Rusty Trenary John Tunmey Benny Waggoner Robert Ward Dave Williams Joe V. Williams Ken Wolfe Marshall Wood Mike Wooten Bob Yeiser Raymond Aiken Stephen CL Allen William R. Davis, Jr. Allen L. Edsell Eranklin H. Foote George R. Gilbert Michael G. Glasgow Frederick M. Green John Gross Richard T. I-Ioos Raymond L. Jones Michael R. McAlister P S K Local Fraternity "Where's the surf room?" . . . I sure am glad I had a drink before this game . . . P S K rolls 7-0 . . . Mercenaries . . . Cougar, when you walk . . . Now who are We having for Homecoming? . . . Have you seen Bob's date? . . . Mickey comes home bald . . . "Byron" gets big bang out of school . . . Yes, Mother . . . A commodore taking a what? . . . . Sugar-lips lost his golden touch . . . Tank falls in love . . . Casanova snows them all . . . You mean Haren didn't sleep on any walls this Greek Week? . . . Cross's home brew . . . Pooh-Bear . . . Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood speaking . . . Knife fight in the livingroom . . . Where's the guy with the beard? . . . Return of the duck . . . Awards: Jones, rapid action . . . Glasgow, humility . . . McDonald, patience . . . Gilbert, cooperation . . . Green, athletic supporter . . . McAlister, bigamy . . . Janice from where? . . , Okra . . . The Clarksville broads . . . shield . . . Monroe owes S14 in phone bills? . . . How many watermelons? . . . Graveled in and 50 feet from the gym . . . Reetaaa . . . 833030 what? 146 I ii' . . 7 -me . 1 R. McDonald Vice-President f . V3 we will Q be weed' A A R. Hill Treasurer William R. Meaney John E. Monroe Tyler C. Nicholson George N. Plumlee, Jr. Donald H. Putnam Stephen H. Sturgeon Terry F. Troutt William L. Vecchione William P. Winstead Not Pictured: Raymond Frey Roderick Haren John Wyatt Lee Bryan Howard Long James Joseph Myers Frederick Rockwell as F- jgFfi.Fi F F F. : Butch Derrick, III President Kiggggwz.. szmwwgga Wwyff -X: .. Q :1P?.0Qj?iK??fF FH: l'FVFVi5FF':.f'5ii?f33?Ef?li5F. I f ' F N, ,QM L ' A' M Q . . Billy Gourley, Jr. Secretary Jim Alford Paul Anderson Randy Anderson Tom Anderson Jim Armistead, Jr. Lee Barfield Scott Barnes Mike Bell Bill Bourland George Bowles Geoff Braden Dick Brookfield Roger Burge Keith Caldwell, Jr. Randy Coley Chris Collins Bill Conway Jimbo Cook Lindsay Cooper Bill Cothran Bart Cousins Ralph Cousins York Craig Frank Curry Mike Daley Lucian Davis Frank Day III Tom Despard Sam. Dewey Jr. John Dickins Dwight Drinkard Bill Ferguson Charles Field Bob Gamble, Jr. Trow Gillespie Bill Graham Ross Hightower Hank Hill III Tim Hoblitzell Mike Howard Hugh Howser, Jr. Charles Hubbard Doug Jackson James Jackson Bill Jones, Jr. Don Jones Freddie Kahn III Bob Kerr X ...Y . x A . Ffh .. . Ei . 5 1 Q S . 1 Win Hallett, III Vice-President ,.,,, X....... Don Bowles Treasurer "The Homecoming Float is not the only thing that got smashed." mmf C 1 F . --. . . .:, ..,. ..,. I5 F F Q FFF .2 F FF - Ns.. 5 F.sf.sK F -was . K .W -- .sm ...F F , . if . F sr I7 F F I F . vu . F-F F F F F '-F i F Q ' ' F FF F F- . .iw FFf,'F"3 FF Qs: F F .if FFS .F FE WJ! , k 1 l'.v.,,p F, Q J .- 5- t FFKKQ-Fez' I : 'FSS . TFFFQN . .... K 5: . F .K :F-FF K - . F FN FF ,Q .ff . E FF A FQ. . F .- F QJ ' . F I F F. F F F. F ' ' .. il F FF F . K. K X 1 J .K Q . F K .- F i 1. F.: 'P K F I F ,. F 1 -1 4' is F s , F2 FF rs F i K 2. F Sf: x iss FF . NK . .ggqx it . F F was ,F FF :El 5 KE. K. FF .. A , I K :P F Qlfigg Viv - i'sF:'Fi"" 'ff ' . . . K ..,... . K K- K ., .,., 1 F S, " F F ,X . , F F F 33 - FQ. F-if .F 2?-F.. K.. FF FL j 5 FFFYFFFFFQEQ. F . F. . FF':3,F. 'F ...iii .F sf,.'Ff1v 'F . -- F -1 :F F S FIIF I F F F fr- ' . F F 'F -1. 5 3 F - Q F F"FF' NW FFF" MQW Q . fm 'i'i' Fw F' ii'i ' I .. " F FFFF 1 F K F - FF F F if .. FF . 'I . ' F F'-HBS ,4.,..3,, 5 I i ii in F F F -. F a Ar . F F ' 5553FF"1'1-1fS"f'fS'LFFfFF'FF5FF'FF'F ' Q W'W'V'F " 'F i WE- F err' GMS: FSXSZNF '.:fiE?5i'F55Z'W'!lY'JYi'f fir. 'iff I fi iiii i""" E T-17 1" G 13557522 i YTWSR- is 9"f5?'5 39' P F F - S v F . . 5 K . N . . FF . FF FF ' F-as FF.:-F. FI25iEss is5F1eSIFflg gs., Kg. F FFKKQ, K F? 5 FF I 1 - I ' . .. F FFFFF F F FFF F .., F -Fa-FF F FF as 'F JF F . F F 1 FS x K :: :?:3.E55f?5?Ff1f f F - I: 1" Fa F7s.hf'F es, I F .... Sw' .. F FF: FFFF - ' s-F- - . . F .NF ...iw FF'-FF-F1355 QFFFF-Fw.-F sf--.. seg: - :F.Ff.Ff.f:F::FF F F 31::F.sFF .FFFFHQFQQKX FF sa' F -FFFSHSF ii " F F Wir' .F'iFFE?iif5F lE4Fi1?F..: . A F' 1 'F F '1 F gsgiggf K F -F Ei fi F F 1 F- .F . gift, . F .EQ :FFF .ri I 3' 1 V K -F Q., ,. K X K... :gl F W FN Fw . 3 S 'ii' . FJQFSW F . F . F 1 F I . 1 if FQLFEEQF F as-P lsr 'F " . .S . S . . . R . . -. ii .F F . 7.48 Haynie has close shave with Uncle Sam . . Chuck decides to study gophers Are you hungry Peacock? . . . Easter Pig drops 1n for Christmas then lays an egg Spurrier kidnaps the KING from Todd Meadows has an accident and another and another and Freddy finally crosses the Jordan Brothers Hudson and Palmer co author best seller The Life of Rzley Sam gives Judy a first aid kit for Christmas Qand partiesj Mingus Collins, and Crimson Fleece walk to Memphis Hangers dominate the Deacon's poll Derrick goes on diet of Buttered Rice . . . Spalding talks it over with the Pope Janie picks up a pin after she Bowles a strike Kerr Muifs last chance . . . McCord crashes into Wall of Clouds Patti to have ulcers soon Prodigal Satch returns Black Bart takes a squaw Kirkpatrick snakes Curry Wilgus, and the Colonel After four of the best we bid farewell to the Great Stone Castle and our cherished memories of Tennessee Nu. 7-49 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Tennessee Nu Chapter Q ,Q R anis! J .r-. 'ivy 6-4 CHI: Jeff King Tucker King Ronnie Knox Louis Lanier Don Leslie Vince Lyons John McCallie Steve McCord Q..-ff Dan Magruder Jock Martiniere Mike Matthews Pat Maxwell Roger May Bill Meadows Billy Milton Bobby Mitchell Bob Moore Jim Morgan George Mudter, Jr. Mike Mullins Jim Newman Chip Oelschlaeger Marvin Palmer Pat Patrick III Frank Peacock Jim Pressly Bobby Robbins Randy Robinson Randy Rudolph Lee Sessions Gene Shanks Tommy Smith Lance Spalding Carroll Sterne Frank Stevens, Jr. Jim Tatman Doug Thomason Eph Walker Bob Watson Skipper Wild Paul Wilgus Chuck Wilson Mark Wolf Vaughn Woods Jim Wyatt Tommy Thompson, Jr. Not Pictured: David Bagwell Less Lyle Bobby Oliver, Jr Sid Ransom SIGMA CHI Alpha Psi Chapter 5 5 Steve Barnes Hal Bartch Bill Bell Bucky Benham Mike Bottomy Bob Bundy Jack Calhoon Mike Carson Jerry Carter David Clemmcms Guinn Cost Dick Cowan Tom Cowan Reggie Cullom Don Dahlinger Sam Davis Scott Davis Dick Dilger David Donohue Billy Dumas Tandy Easley Gibby Edson Barry Evans John Farrar Jim Felts Bobby Fraser John Freeman Steve Ginestra Edd Gordon Henry Green Tom Hagan Steve Hanks Bob Hardy Tommy Hart Brevard Haynes Sam Haynes Chip Healy Randy Herman Mike Holdgraf Lynch Hopper Don Hunter David Hyatt Bob Ivey Gil Jackson Ronnie Jackson Johnny Kaminer Chic Krukiel Bill LaFevor Dilger's new FLASH attachment shines at football game . . . Ousley back for return engagement-can Schurig be far behind? . . . Bundy tip-toes through the tulips-not Ligon's though . . . Green's innertube eases pain of Rush . . . Cullom introduces WINGATE to chapter . . . Meyer run down by Sportscar . . . Six-gun White shoots up town, friend Leffers on permanent Lunch break . . . Pudge loses 20 pounds but retains figure . . . Santa brings Schoette a new steel ball . . . Ten-fifty anxiously awaits shave sale . . . Our Sweetheart Miss Mississippi . . . Pethus gets tandum brown helmet . . . Schulz fears bomb attack from a kite . . . RIP George . . . Sam did what?? 'LSO Yi. "No, Samantha doesn't get any. Sheis not allowed to eat in the housefj Z, ,,.. MLW, -at ' R fi A X. , 'ia - - ,.., , Elie' . - f- . if M f . I Frank Pinkerton Buddy Schulz President Vice-President '..k ii- 1:1 .--' - -A fwgssg - e dd-d , ,, .... Bill Oakley Treasurer Jim Arthur Secretary Dinwiddie Lampton Mason Lampton Jim Leffers Bob Ligon Ernie Lowe Red Martin Bill McC1anahan Steve McConnell Leonard McGugin Jack McMaken Bill Meyer Roland Myers Charles Ousley Tommy Patten Pat Patrick Huck Patterson Bob Pegg Bill Petrie Ron Pettus John Phillips Kent Robbins Jack Roe Hoot Sarratt Bob Schell Phil Schoettle Willard Schreiber Dave Semlow Paul Sexton Alf Sharp Rob Shaub Steve Shields Phil Shinall Larry Simmons Pete Smith Tommy Stephens Gip Turley Art Welhoelter Tom Wheeler Harold White Warren Whitis Jack Wilder Bill Young Not Pictured: Bob Glenn Christie Hauck Jimmy Kaminer tooo N H msm-sw gs B . W ,Q 3 ' ., M, f .T m i Q: SQ A ,, ,W . ' ,rp ,ws ,Q rr 2 ,R X , . .. "" t r , ' se -5 fi be i S B Q Ae R Q I as 3, Q- Ye Wada? nw , 5 5 .. 1 ,Q ' ,"' : i K3 - fo t K, rv f . fi? t' V le' ,pi 5 . , . . Q , ,t,,. ri? sd :'b. ,r 1 Q A if 1 P P ' - Q i f f, - .- . --,, i H fa 1' if -f 2.-X X , . 5-+1 ' fr ,Q i . - ' it I-w 5 K ' L :."' A R " NK, f P be ft fiflr if 'ef or 'Ta ' iiii L "' ' .4 E .ma '- . w-.. .L ' . t, f' N7 'W P fu we -:Q 'W Q . Q ' fl' 'fig 5' - f ' K . ,N 5 Y ' , 2 Q 2 X f X S .. S X f .-me Pi . 1 si 431' : -. , , , ' ., A it 1-,X Q- X x urs t ' P K ii ' ' ,, . 2233.5 ke.. 5 K- f . i :..,3s. t,,. -- .,., ,E in I 5 K ai, 3 . V: Ei, A 'YPA S . L, we uc. t Y . , 42 i 19 'L' in A :ve K , v, Q 41 :Eg Ll -wp , -1- K. .3 -L ,V A - e N 4 4 ' no 3 s o N Q I SJ efsgwh i .. .,,, Q -- , -it . - 7, ea N ff , K 'f -ar 2.51 Neil Smith Pat Toomay Mal Wall h . . X X4 X he . . .W .. ies x N c Q ryigg Q 5- . N -k.. i if K - , ,av ff -f 1 i ,N - " .1 Sl If e F . 4 K 1- f-v K K' Harvey Baxter Greg Tugker President .. ti X at XX X .W--A Vice-President ' s :'e X x p-A . viva -t A -xi' X as Fred Molsen Gary Grable Secretary Treasurer Chip Ames Woody Arnold Bruce Baker Phil Bando Jim Barbour Jim Barr Mike Beckner Sam Benedict Nick Billman Paul Bragg Bob Bramlette Jim Britenburg Reggie Brockwell Brian Burke Steve Burnham Charlie Campbell Terry Cantrell Kells Carroll Pete Carson Jack Carter Byron Charles Byron Cooley Gordon Corlew Don Craft Jeff Davis Russ Davis Roger Debenport Dick Dempster Don Dickinson Allen Dunstan Dave Elliott Scotty Fergus Bill Ferguson Bill Foutch Tim French Winslow Fuller Mike Garner Richard Gilbert Jim Giusti Jeff Gorrell Bill Gresham Brooks GriH?1n Charles Hewgley Darrell Hickman Willie Hodges Fred Hunt Ed Hyde C. T. Jackson The 'Snakes' close in for the kill. l 5 ' , , A A ' ,", 7 " k f A , ,r,V V ,, V J: J: f W V I I ,. V Q Q i V I -fi If F' F, J Q i F3 F 'W 'Lf jr, ' f we ' . ,Q -f M' Y ' ' D f I ' I - 2212 ' f ' 'ii' ' "i- - . , ,,,, 4 ' , ,,,igf, ej v H . I , , 'J' H f ' r 2 Y. , ' , ' 'l w . ' ' , fl , H V 4" M . '47 W 125 aw ,we 437 aw, ' U ,Qi ,z ' ' 'WV ,' " 7 4 ' ' Y' i 2- ,...1g ' W A' 'Z Ii J fr ,:f ' :, ' ' f .. f fa, 1 - ' 'f ' . 'W ' A il fy' " f ff , ' ,, Q -as ' 1 gy! 4 3 3, , V. '1' ,W ' iz 1 "" ,T J 4, -1 2 ' ' Q' : , , jg, 1, N .iv Z -as i .ff t 1 16 H4 I A V W -vivv ., l l f ,. -'c ' , V' " 6' M-Af" ,ff -4 iw rfb FW in Vf 1Mf i was fiat ,,.. Lglg " H Q V Q" ' ' 'f" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . H JW V ytwftff g,m,',fff " ,im,,s,f fmmi,4,f 'f , wgwwerm-a wwffrw Wai W ., M., -'- I . , it , ,u 2 A ,vw I, X 1 ' .ar .ij , A A 'Or 2 V. 9.1 V f W' .5 l r 5 w " L M - .Z ' f ' -" Ai it A .1 , 9 fi "" www, f""- my-W .,,, . . ' f ' ' ' ' EJ' ,V 5 A, N, ,,t,7,, , , .,, , I , ,i I 5, I I ..,, ! ,.,, 2 , -:Z AR, ,Q ' ZW qs' V , ,. vi ' ff' i V ,J ' -ju - ' L 1 4 X E ' .I W J' -If 1' -if fi M f, a ig if 4 ' f ' f' W, ' . K Qi I , 7.57. Sigma abbreviates membership: HB, T, MBC, G, CT, RP, TD, JP. Computer cards next . . . Phantom Joins Ghost . . . Capt. Theis leads the team . . . Deeb pulls it out again . . . G. gets sucked in by hot idea. Cleans sweeper . . . 952 NU zips through alumni files . . . Gamma Xi! . . . What can you do to the flag, HB? , . . 950 plays mother again . . . Shower tiled and furniture here by Thanksgiving . . . Vanderbilt . Soccer Club, Yeah! . . . Flash sleeps through Sigma Nu S1gII121 Chapter potato famine . . . Say Bye Bye to tuxedos for meetings . . . 991 sets untied record at meetings . . . Baby snakes strike Pike . . . Hay Travis! Got a cigarette? . . . 974 has no socks, mu, pour soul . . . 962 gets lost in Woods . . . Pryor, Stark 8z Q , Q Baxter rally . , . Pooh Bear taken on trip to Tulsa. Gross Me 'Cf' ' Out! . . . Hay Schirmeyer! Anchor man? . . . Carter leaves, , J" ' N 953 Hydes on wagon . . . All IM ridge runner . . . The Q "' 7 Chicago Hood returns after change of heart . . . Downstairs if 'A shower impressive for rush . . . Knock Knock! Anybody in there? . . . -1-2-3- Roll Nus. Sooue Sigma. Razorsnakes! . . . Q ? I Walker Jones Leigh Kammerer Gary King Jim Kirk Dick Klein Rick Lynch Hal McClain Tom McCurley Tom Meriwether Jim Middlehurst Vernon M.imms Tom Mirguet Vince Murphy Sperry Nelson Dave Northern Alton Odum Richard Oldham Keyes Page Paul Pankhurst John Peden Ernie Perez Jon Peterson Skip Phelan Jon Ponder Ron Powell Bob Pryor Mott Query John Reeder Bill Schirmeyer Jim Seay Jim Shannon Dan Sprinkles Porter Stark Jack Stringham Bill Summers Jim Sutherland 7-53 Tim Theis Ken Thomas Chet Tisdale Rich Travis Charlie Tucker Jim Vinson John Wade John Ward Fred Warren Paul Watermulder Ben Webb John Weeks Greg White Phil White Jerry Wilder Mark Wood Tom Young Dave Zilles Not Pictured: John Dayani Kay Hunt Randy McSwain Bob Wright ZET A BETA TAU Alpha Gamma Chapter Dennis L. Avner Dennis R. Baer Gary S. Bale Darryl D. Berger Dennis S. Berzon Ivan R. Chanin Jack G. Charney Sammy W. Chawkin Raymond L. Cohen Larry S. Dansky Richard A. Davidson Richard P. Delman Richard M. Dicter Robert L. Dinkelspiel Michael E. Dorman Emanuel O. Doyne David A. Easa Roger J. Epstein Neal E. Farr Ronald I. Feldman Mark D. Fine Lee B. Forb Barry K. Freedman Stephen A. Freeman Charles M. Friedman Daniel S. Geller Alan R. Glazman Lee D. Goldstein Leonard H. Goldstein Jon I. Gordon Robert S. Green Ralph H. Greil Thomas D. Herman Richard L. Katten Irvin A. Kaufman Edward H. Kleiner L. Paul Kossman William R. Lamme Alfred W. Lasher Charles D. Lauer Richard L. Levine Alan S. Levitan Thomas G. Lewin Bertram L. Levy Kenneth A. Levy Jonathan B. Loube William S. Lowe Larry Lubel . I ' . 43,319 .1 url' f l 'lg NLLA-1 'Al 21 nas Chapter excels in all fields: Samuels tops . . . Hirsch graduates, Berns returns, Lauer leaves . . . Doyne bags 29 pledges and Shavin . . . Bear P. T., trains for V. C .... Seltzer and Safer return in spirit . . . Weary returns, finds Pope top, Cannes great . . . Rosenfield doctor, lawyer, Indian chief . . . Parker quits eating . . . Lusky finds an apartment-2 rooms, no bath . . . Cy disappears . . . Dink, Berger all-IM . . . Lewin and Librach partners, Max installs pay toilet . . . Sophomores? . . . Walter's hair suffers under Linda I, recoils under Linda II . . . Saturnalia unprecedented, Tonk and Formal great . . . Campus activities galore . . . Vucept and Commodore suffer . . . Ali infiltrates . . . Kossman brings back culture . . . J. G. brings back Trish . . . West Point dumps on ZBT . . . Kleiner goes to Gainesville on the MLA . . . Brothers form garden club: Russ gets KA Rose . . . Podris, Block and Berger get Green thumb . . . Kaufman wins brotherhood award . . . Miller makes Pennys teaching anatomy lab . . . Seniors leave great tradition. W . 254 "Who's got a Roman nose? ,J , 'i 2 f . , n fy, .. , ,,41 M ,, , " 'Lage . we V .Vw , "' was Z af... 'i I f 2 . -fig 7,3-. 'V 'xii . .,. gf zzfnzggz Q y I , . f I ' , A W M A riii ii .f M. f f f- 1 f f-fav.. f V,ff, f ' ' ' .wil we V . 'yy' , , V ' . , V Q ,, ,...v K wif 1 H I efyv f my -. .ll . . 7 r '. . ' F22 "l f 7 i ' Y 636 U - .. W y a? I ' ga ,V -A I ' ' .. ., ,,..,,W....lQ Y, A A ' A ',,,,, . W . "' se -2 f .1 , ' , ' " - e z' fl A ' ' f ' ' "" , H f H pwQiia:L.'.:'.J1. .. A . . W . . A A . .. ' ff .3 . ,f , 5 V V r . a R A A f ' A 5 ' ' lr 3 All HM r A ' -. My .,,,. N'-1' , V' 'K' f f N 'Y f :.- .V LA,Q ,i,,,,, , A351 , 1 iw 1:3 V W 2' 7-55 'iw it Q4 iiii Q 'gL'w . A 'ref . . -55 2 A " - . -XS .. lr .... - 'ffss' , Stephen M. Block Philip R. Russ President Vice-President 'S' If-H'-Q12 slr S Basra-"1 f- ,.fw:1i.15X45'L3 1" israf' fwffwfiw f : 1 Mk A Walter L. Berman Austan S. Librach Secretary Treasurer Herman A. Lusky William S. Markey Alan D. Mazer Thomas G. Mendell Max Michael Kenneth I. Miller Barry A. Morguelan Robert M. Moses Sanford B. Novick Alan W. Pailet Barry W. Parker Robert J. Pinstein William H. Pittman Fred I. Podris Sol H. Putzel Jerrold M. Ravel Richard A. Reamer Jack E. Rosenblatt Steven G. Rosenblatt Arnold D. Rosenfield Donald B. Safer Jay G. Safer Charles E. Sandmel Robert D. Segall H. Michael Seltzer Mark L. Sirak Stanley W. Sherman Alex P. Slabosky William L. Small Russell L. Smith George W. Tower Samuel D. Weakley Richard I. Weinrib Robert E. Wides Jeffrey A. Wolf Donald M. Wolfson Bernard D. Yomtov Michael A. Zibart Not Pictured: Michael Berns Gary Fragin Robert Hirsch Frederick Lynn "Boy, weren't the SAE,s busy last night!" The Sigma Chi,s go serenading. The morning after the night before. "I still say that good fences make good neighbofrsfy' Is this what they mean by 'brotherhoodff' As I gaze into my crystal ball . , ." 'The Flys are invading our basementfn ,,,, -- -f . --f- Nwmmml "What do you mean, 'Who in the Hell are we?' " Foe heard of snowmen, but this is ridiculous! '4Don't you think we need some girls with more 'class'?,' The freshmen are confronted during Orientation week with a conglomeration of campus organizations, all of which are eager for new blood. Some Hnd their places in one or more of these . . . most sit back and do nothing. For those who participate in the life of Vanderbilt beyond the classroom, the various organizations can bring the rewards of contribution to the University, a sense of involvement, and often, individual honors. The majority of extra-curricular activities have been able to expand and enrich their programs this year, not Without the dedication and hard Work of those in- volved. 157 Q gala af , 553252 - . 1 3 iii - 24555 ffyg. Wits. if rseifiiig -My M5225 3525 i f - ' 1 F i fi if N ga Q gg 3 it ..,, fx ,S f xv? 754 9, was 12 Y fi 1. S Q E, fi, ' at , ' ,egg . H...-.. .. T zikaaigg 2 .5 5 ., :--'g72!4'!!::S'i:: fi- a kffwdifgaiw- wrf. -dum .. .. -, .qs .-:Th E X 1-"'5"iiz51'1 " V-1 A - S:-we . Piriffi -151115151 E55 -1 5 153 SI. e 5 2 lm la tte! SE!i'Nive stirs! H 5 l ME fl' it .tit li it, We 52' gQ5'5giQi'l2 5 I S. i , - Us ,itz '53 iii isa 12 55? is sig 27 2552 .. 4. M. .W W., M A x ,.., ,...W,t.w, ,mm . M W W .... ww.-. .t..,.,gs,,.w,. -ff'-.ffm 'mzff--ads.: ..-..-:na--:.:.fas:fmmQ f"'fff'f--W-fw..f..fp"?"'-dam: '7 a,.-f.,.:-Q N mn -, fp,-,..1f-.wa mf.,fgt-"iff--its-za -- .mt r .,ELW,mw- .. ,gi s r,. fi' ss, ig: 'li 'f E Q Mi 'lit PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Publications Board not only elects the heads of the various student publications, but, because there is no school of journalism at Vanderbilt, it also acts as an advisory committee for editors and staffs when needed. The student-faculty group, representing a cross-section of the Vanderbilt community, Works toward an ideal of editorial freedom for student pub- lications, and it is the conflicting definitions of this goal which cause many of the problems with which the Board must deal. In addition to the editorial issues to be settled, the Pub Board must regulate the financial affairs of the publications and handle the new student publications which are constantly being organized to voice the interests of the whole student body or various segments of the University community. The Board meets once a month in full session, but the members of the editorial standards, the business policy, and the associate members' com- mittees are busy throughout the year. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS COMMITTEE. First Row: Rebecca Davis, Bill Weiss, Diane Footitt, Secretary. Second Row: Dr. Vereen M. Bell, Jim Landon, Dr. Willard B. Jewell, Dr. Walter W. Graham. BUSINESS POLICIES COMMITTEE. First Row: Larry Creekmore, Dr. James S. Worley. Second Row: John Haile, Jim Rosenblatt, Jim Landon, Mike King. EDITORIAL STANDARDS COMMITTEE. First Row: Jim Bell, Mary Ross Taylor. Second Row: Frank Al- len Philpot, Margaret McClintock, Chuck Muckenfuss. 158 COMMODORE X MARGARET MCCLINTOCK, COMMODORE EDITOR MIKE KING, COMMODORE BUSINESS MANAGER 7-5 9 CLASSES EDITORS: Marilynn Curtis and Drew Litzenberger SPORTS EDITOR: George Harvey ADMINISTRATION EDITORS: Anne Ramsey and Sherry Gauthier 2 2.60 ON CAMPUS EDITORS: Richard Dieter and Lorraine Tremblay A-farming: um ' 1"-A--M----1 MILITARY EDITOR: Mike King GREEK EDITORS: Joan Triplett and Coddy Coddington gon 5? L . 161 HONORS EDITORS: Jan Aitkenhead and Ann Ward ORGANIZATION EDITORS: Tom Case and Mary Dale Trabue MANAGING EDITOR: Janet Katz STAFF Editor Margaret McClintock Business Manager Mike King Managing Editor Janet Katz Administration Sherry Gauthier Anne Ramsey On Campus Richard Dicter Lorraine Tremblay Classes Marilynn Curtis Drew Litzenberger Greeks Coddy Coddington Joan Triplett Honors Jan Aitkenhead Ann Ward Military Mike King Organizations Tom Case Mary Dale Trabue Sports George Harvey FINANCIAL SECRETARIES: Prissy McEachern and Nancy Frazee EDITORAL ASSISTANTS2 First Row: Donna Gustafson, Kathy Hesse, Ed Davis. Sec- ond Row: Tim Bradley, Rich Gilbert, Max Goodloe, Bruce 162 Bowman, The editors and staff of the 1967 COMMODORE hope that you will find a record of what 1967 at Vanderbilt meant to you within these pages. We hope that som'e- Where in this assortment of yearbook material you will be able to discover a picture or a phrase that will recall for you some aspect of this year. But even if you dOn't find your Vanderbilt here, we have at least had the chance to record our own impressions of the University. You have the freedom to interpret this book as you see fit for We have interpreted your Uni- versity as we saw fit. BUSINESS STAFF. First Row: Ellen Shavin, David Northern, Linda Lipscomb. Second Row: Allen Dunstan, Joe Williams, Jim Kirk. Miss Commodore Contest Manager Nancy Manning. Advertising Manager Jack Stringham and Assistant Manager Jerry Safer. SPECTRUM Spectrum was begun five years ago and was in- tended to represent the best student writing on a campus Where there is little creative writing outside the classroom. The magazine has increasingly included poems and stories as well as scholarly Work, and the financial security of the Activities Card has enabled the staff to take more imaginative approaches to the layout, thus increasingly making it livelier in appear- ance and encouraging students to submit their manu- scripts. This year for the first time Spectrum has three issues and a different and less esoteric format. With these innovations Spectrum should move from its place of passive acceptance by the students to a place where it will be enthusiastically regarded as a real addition to student publications. Jim, Bell, Spectrum Business Manager and Mary Ross Taylor, Spectrum Editor. msn wus Left to Right: Susan Orpin, Sara DuCote, Ernest Chapman, Inerny, Donna Gustafson, Mike Kiernan, Roy Marokus Dee Dorsett, Dawson Nesbitt, Becky Gray, Valeska Short, Robert Green, Jack Rosenblatt. Sherry Hughes, Catherine Lester, Eva Matthews, Bill Mc- 59WNhMl'mf'XxFK6i HUSTLER -QQQN, -i K... Frank Allen Philpot, Hustler Editor. Larry Creekmore, Hustler Business Manager. x I ,f,fHmW f ..., L... . ...r. . M., A..e .W f .- GENERAL STAFF. Left to Right: Brad Sabel, Rusty Johnson, Kathy Hoagland, Phil Juwig, Jeff Davis, Susan Hoagland, Sandy Baily, Liz Williams, Caryl Privett, Carol Sanders, Jim Hoagland, Gail Reitz, Beth Bradley, Tancie Lewis, Pat Johnson. 166 , hi! IHYDOIITQYKXKQT BUSINESS STAFF. Left to Right: Claiborne Thornton, Bill Hofmeister, Donna Gustafson, Alex Slabosky. 3255555 'L EXECUTIVE STAFF. Left to Right: Tom Lawrence, Sara And- erson, John York, Paul Kurtz, Barbara Crosby, Lew Cod- dington, Tom Benson, Ray Jones, Brad Edgerton, Carol Earp Philpot. The Hustler, in its Hrst major expansion in forty- five years, added eight extra issues to its spring semes- ter schedule to experiment with a twice a week format. The project was made possible by a special subsidy from the University. The eight Tuesday issues for the first time used color as well as more pictures. This experiment required major changes in production schedules and staff organization, but both the editor and the business manager felt that this effort was necessary to meet the campus need for an expanded newspaper. Their hope is that next year's staff will be able to produce a paper twice a week all year long. WRVU Johnny Haile, WRVU Station Manager EXECUTIVE BOARD. First Row, Left to Right: Cooper Schley, Cindy Leigh, Doug Smith. Second Row: Chuck Youman, Mike Weesner, Kirk Brown. 168 John Hoge, WRVU Business Manager For the second year, the campus radio station has been under the directorship of Johnny Haile. For a president to succeed himself is unusual, but then so is the quality of the manager. Beginning last year, Haile introduced a revised program and selections. Student interest and listening imrnedi- ately rose. This year has seen the same rapid ad- vancement. Indicative of the new prosperity of the station are the new studios which were occupied by WRVU the Spring semester. We congratulate the manager and his station for another excellent year. CONCERT HALL STAFF. First Row, Left to Right: Bert Bertorff, Bill Conway, Gene Boggess Dan Glisson, Carl Cassell, Kirk Brown. GOOD MUSIC ANNOUNCERS. First Row, Left to Right: Lee Swift, Tom Hall, Jan Sullivan, Bill Mahon, Rob Taylor, Jeff Browne, Paul Hyman, Connie Rhett, Kirk Brown, Joe Manson, Susan Thorpe. Rock AND MUSIC AMERICANA STAFF. First Row, Left to Right: Jim Freeman, Mike Weesner, Bob Langstaff, Ross Rainwater, Cooper Schley, JeFf Wolf, Alan Pailette, Randy Brooks, Rick Geyer, Bob Rodgers, Charles Youman. Paul Hyman and Bill Allen. 169 V. U. T. 170 7.71 This year the Vanderbilt University Theatre pro- duced several diflerent types of plays and was most successful in its endeavors. The first production in the fall was L'The Late George Apley,', a comedy by John Marquand and George S. Kaufman. The theatre group also undertook the production of a musical, "Three Penny Opera," with the help of the Peabody School of Music. In the spring, the Shakespearean tragedy of "Romeo and Juliet" was presented and the final production of the year was an Irish play, "Juno and the Paycockf' Both Cecil Jones and Bob Baldwin demonstrated their ability in the direction and fine scenery of these productions. A new addition this year was the student-directed one act plays. It is hoped that the group will continue to grow and entertain ever larger audiences in the remodeled interior of the theatre. ' Peabody-Vanderbilt Jazz Ensemble Peabody School of Music Concert Band. ' --team-X-b,r-mera This year the Vanderbilt band really came of age. The Marching Band entertained at the half time of each home football game with a program of precision marching and page-antry which demonstrated that the goal of being recognized as one of the outstanding bands of the Southeastern Conference may be accom- plished in the not too distant future. Band members also participated in pep rallies and played in the Bas- ketball Pep Band. The Marching Band is a part of the Joint Universities' effort to create a complete instru- mental program for both Vanderbilt and Peabody Col- lege which includes, in addition to the Marching Band, the Concert Band and the Jazz Ensemble, each pre- senting programs throughout the school year both on and off campus. 2.77. IOINT UNWERSITIES BAND Members of the 1966-67 Vanderbilt Marching Band are as follows, alphabetically: Karen Archer, Claudia Badgett, Joy Bailey, Wanda Ball, James Baxter, Charles Beaty, Gary Ber- kenstock, Myra Boysen, Tommy Boze, Paul Bragg, Beverly Branding, Dean Brown, Kirk Brown, Louis Brown, Rhea Bucy, Bobby Butts, Ed Cameron, Rudy Carver, Elaine Clinkscales, Bill Conway, Carol Crosslin, Michelle Davis, Jay Dawson, Wayne Deason, Stokes Dickins, Lou DiGennaro, Sprigg Ebbert, Franke Foote, Pete Fox, Charles Franklin, Barry Freedman, John Fullerton, George Gaffney, Nikkie Girvin, Judy Gokel, Lee Goldstein, Mark Grear, Libby Ham, Ray Harvey, Bill Har- riss, Cherie Harwell, Douglass Henry, Speed Hopkins, Jim Hu- stead, Sue Jay, Ben Jobe, Ann Johnson, Gary Johnston, Joe Jones, Todd Jones, Frank Kirchner, Susan Krienke, Richard Band Practice Law, Larry Lee, John Legg, Janet Logan, Linda McFadyen, David Melton, Robert Moses, Walter Murray, James Nation, Richard Neill, Kathy Oliver, Mada Patterson, Mary Ann Payne, Paul Plant, Linda Poplin, Frances Raber, Eberhard Ramm, Bruce Ranney, George Recker, Frances Reed, Robert Reed, Tom Rhea, Steve Rosenblatt, Buddy Shaw, Claudia Shaw, David Sherwood, Diane Shupe, Bruce Smedley, Betsy Smith, Harold Smith, Pete Smith, Craig Sprinkle, Carolyn Steger, Lynn Stoner, Martha Suter, Allen Swift, Lewis Tandy, David Thompson, Greg Umber, Dick Walton, Tommy Watts, Martha Wessel, Bill Wheeler, Gayle Whitfield, Bill Wiggins, Andy Wil- liams, Jane Williams, Terry Williams, Jim Wolfe, Russ Mays, Drum Major, Tom Rich, Manager, Cooper Schley, Announcer. 173 Trombone Ensemble First row: Bettie McDavid, Sally Marsalek, Olivia Stockard, Conra Gandy, Jessie Klyce, Janis Holeman, Shelley Rosson, Cyrus Daniel, Director, Judy Jackson, Carol Kirk, Mildred Chastain, Louise Rocker, Diana Dauksch, Diane Wilder. Second row: Judy Hull, Karen Lavely, Julie Hendrick, Charlene Bell, Lucinda Hawes, Joan Elliston, Janis Slep- icka, Ann Baker, Nancy Windrow, Marty Dell, Linda Gronberg, Carol Kersting, Charlotte Fausett, Bonnie Tyler, Third row: Patty Lewis, Diann White, Elaine Patterson, Frances Grigsby, Marianne Andrews, Mary Beth Oliver, Carolyn Selph, Karen Sirnonsen, Karen Richardson, Sandy Brickell, Marjorie Lord, Beth Dankert. Fourth row: Joe Vetter, Susan Holly, Janice Dickmann, Katy Barton, Melanie Aalders, Marcia Gaarden, Barbara Frankenfield, Pam Stevenson, Daisy Reese, Mark McCrackin, Dick Davis. Fifth row: Jeff Schmitt, Jim Farrar, Mark Powers, Milner Seifert, Moses Taylor, Richard Dempster, David Comperry, Joe Katzel, Bill Bell, Pat Walker, Hoi Tan Doan, Cortland McKee, Wayne Christeson. OFFICERS: Milner Seifert, Business Manager, Cyrus Daniels, Director, Barbara Franken- field, Publicity Chairman, Carol Kirk, President, Dick Davis, Librarian, Conra Gandy, Fall Secretary, Diane Wilder, Wardrobe Mistress, Janis Holeman, Vice-President. Not Pictured: Judy Hull, Spring Secretary. 7-74 A CAPELLA CHOIR The A Capella Choir, directed by Cyrus Daniel, in addition to providing an outlet for musical expression for Vanderbilt students, performs several times during the school year for the University and the Nashville community. The choir's activities this year began with the Christmas concert which was followed by the an- nual spring concert, a spring tour to Chicago, and a program at the Belmont Methodist Church in April. MADRIGAL SINGERS First Row, Left to Right: Carol Kirk, Beth Dankert, Janice Dickmann, Bettie McDavid, Shelley Rosson. Second Row: Richard Dempster, Bill Bell, Dick Davis, Wayne Christeson. MEN'S GLEE CLUB The members of the Men's Glee Club have had an- other successful year under the direction of Dr. Daniel. The twenty men went on tours to Atlanta, Chattanooga, Louisville, and Cincinnati in addition to giving their Christmas and Spring concerts. Their songs are as varied as their travels. Besides singing classical and religious numbers, the Glee Club special- izes in spirituals, Broadway tunes, popular songs and college songs. First Row, Left to Right: Dr. Cyrus Daniel, Mark Mc- Chopin Dick Davis Third Row Randy McSwau1 Joe Crackin, C. W. Fewel, Joe Vetter, Pete Evans, Jim Middle- Katzel Paul Watermulder Wayne Graham Jim Briten hurst, Retta Eden. Second Row: Don Bailey, Brooks Sand- burg Eric Carlton ers, Ted Rockwell, John Schwenker, Mark Salley, Walker 7. 76 i RW is The newest organization on campus is the Sports Car Club. This year, under the leadership of President Berkeley Merrill, the club has had three rallies. The club is open to any students who are interested in sports cars and racing. The popularity of the Sports Car Club, especially with the Metro, has grown rapidly in its few months of existence. SPORTS CAR CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Henry Van Der Ebb, Connie Williams, Cindy Leigh, Rich- ard Moore, Dottie Ellis, Mike King, Berkeley Merrill, Bob Pryor, Bill Nelson. Second Row: Terry Tibbot, Mac Shelton, Ken Garrison, Bill Swann, Parnell Jones, Art Thompson. STUDENT ASSOCIATIGN First Row, Left to Right: Benny Waggoner, vice-president, Lipscomb, Judy Carmac-k, Mark Steele, Rickie Rhodarmer. Bob Watson, president. Second Row: Nancy Manning, Sherry Fourth Row: Linda Russell, Woods Eastland, Rusty Garth, Ed Gauthier, Bud Fischer, Ann Carter Parrish, Eunice Hewes, Schumacher, Lynn Gaarden, Bob Eager, Reiley Kidd, Sebri- Kirk Starr. Third Row: Chuck Muckenfuss, Betsy Urban, Joe anne Wagnon, Ross Hicks, Leslie Johnson. 'L The Student Association has been headed for the second year by the Board of Presidents, a form of gov- ernment originated here in 1965. This year many ques- tions have been raised about the rules and regulations of student life. The committee on alcoholic beverages, through the use of school-Wide questionnaires, indi- vidual discussions, and informal debates, has investi- gated the desirability of allowing alcoholic beverages to be had in the dorms and at school-sponsored activi- ties. Especially active was the comrnittee on parietal hours. Their investigations ranged as far as the Duke campus where they tried to evaluate the success of the program of parietal hours there. The Course Evalua- tion program was extended and computerized. Another innovation this year was the all-campus Spring Week- end. SA CABINET. First Row, Left to Right: Joe Burkett, Stu- Twente, Secretary of Public Relations, Jim Love, Secre dent Activities Card Chairman, Rick Pennington, Attorney tary of International Affairs, Bill Meadows, Election Com General, Lee Barfield, Secretary of Finance. Second Row: missionerg Bob Dinkelspiel, Secretary of Student Affairs. Drake Boutwell, Secretary of Educational Affairs, George HONOR COUNCIL The Honor Council has been an integral part of Van- derbilt since classes began in 1875. Its goals and tradi- tions are accepted here as a part of our way of life, however, it is not something merely to be accepted and forgotten. As Chancellor Heard has written: "When a student cheats under this system, he is not simply guilty of an isolated infraction of a rule, as an individual who has broken his honor. He is also guilty of an implied attack upon the honor of all. One who cheats, in a group where all have given their word not to cheat, is in reality attempting to use the character of the great body of honorable persons as a shield to hide his own transgressions." Aiwa p . . HONOR COUNCIL. First Row, Left to Right: Pat Graves, Jim Wise, Linda Webber, Janie Ralston. Second Row: Sina Craddock, Steve Moreland, Cheryl Mitchell, Fain Murphey, Third Row: Gary Grable, Chip Hanes, Susie Farris, Karen Standefer. Fourth Row: Greg Campbell, Bill Stearns, Clerk, Herb Hamilton, Junith Smitherman. Fifth Row: Jerry 7.80 Smith, Wade Johnson, Perry Macdonald, Fred Warren, Karin Cross. Sixth Row: Roz Frank, Secretary, John Mor- land, Karen Cumbie, Ann Baldwin, Cracker Currie, Kevin Grady, Seventh Row: Jim Middlehurst, Marshall McCallie, First Semester President, Steve Hall, Second Semester President, Tom Claiborne, Byron Charles, Bill Oakley. First Row: H. L. Singer, Ken Wolfe, Jim Alexander, Rus- sel Garth, Bill Dow, John Koon, John Weeter. Second 181 Row: Jerry Safer, Jim Rosenblatt, Max Michael, Robert Ward, John York, Ed Baker, Fred Hunt, Ken Parrot. STUDENT COURT With the assistance of Dean K. C. Potter, the Student Court has again strived to demonstrate the desirability of putting the campus government into student hands. All disciplinary cases involving undergraduate men are under the jurisdiction of the Student Court. It is to the credit of all members that the Court functions as quietly as it does. The result is an efficiency seldom found in Vanderbilt student organizations. W. S. G. A. First Row, Left to Right: Dean Margaret Cuninggim, Ann Second Row: Betty Gray Keeling, Lynn Gaarden, Rickie Carter Parrish, Linda Oxford, Charlotte Mayfield, Susan Rhodarmer, Judy Carmack, Ann Ward, Mary Graves, Touchstone, Gail Hutchinson, Ann Kimball, Roz Frank. Ruth Fulton, Candy Cresswel1,Johnnita Harkins. 7.87. The Women's Student Government Association pro- vides the basis of unity among all women at Vander- bilt Whether they are arts and science, engineering, or nursing students. Every undergraduate woman has an opportunity to voice her opinions and oifer suggestions through her class representative on the WSGA Coun- cil, the various organizations to which she belongs, or by means of the WSGA suggestion boxes in the dormi- tories. In addition to its regular function of governing and channeling a coordinated program for all Women students, the Council sponsors various projects such as an honor dormitory for select junior and senior Women, the Nora Challin Scholarship Fund, and Par- ents' Weekend. This year WSGA proposed a tive-day long Student Exchange Program in which several coeds visited other colleges and those institutions sent repre- sentatives to the Vanderbilt campus. V First Row, Seated Left to Right: Ruth Saunders, Jackie Mason, Susan Sill, Susan Smith, Martha Milford, Marion Blalock, Carol Milton. Second Row, Standing: Margy Cald- Standing, Left to Right: Evelyn Green, vice-presidentg Sherry Gauthier, Catie Stone, Fay Wirth, secretary, Mari- lynn Curtis. Seated: Ann Ward, president. Missing From Picture: Cheryl Chiles, treasurer. 7. well, Linda Pettey, Cindy Callender, Ann Wallcer, Jan Hartnett, Wendy Morriss, Karen Cumbie, Cathey Owen, Anne Ramsey, Nancy Crook. WOMEN 'S STANDARDS The Women's Standards Committee, which is part of the Women's Student Government Association, tries to encourage and maintain high standards among all Vanderbilt co-eds. It emphasizes individual discretion and intelligence rather than strict obedience to a set of rules. The suggestions of the Committee are merely the expressions of the aggregate standards of indi- viduals. In setting the pace for the TVCS, it sponsors a fall and spring fashion show, Charm Week, which is climaxed with the Harvest Ball, and monthly student- faculty coffee hours. In addition, the Committee tries to meet the needs of the co-eds by periodically selling food late at night. WOiMEN'S ADVISORY COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right: Ann Carter Parrish, Bebe Selig, Helen Woodward, Eunice Hewes, president, Margaret McClintock, secretary, Sherry Gauthier, treasurer, Margie Schroeder, Susan Riley. Second Row: Susan Hagen, Barb Hay, Leigh Shamblin, Janet Katz, Diane Footitt, Martha Hailey, Sara Anderson, Claire Laukhuf, Nancy Goetzman. Third Row: Kaaren Hinson, Liz Markham, Jackie Mason, Pat Kunze, Jane Van de Roovaart, Joan Wegman, Gloria Enochs, Charlene Bell, Mary Graves, Joan McCarty. The Woman's Advisory Council strives each year during Orientation Week to instill in each new co-ed an awareness of the various opportunities and chal- lenges in all areas of Vanderbilt life. Each year the Council sponsors fireside chats in the homes of pro- fessors to promote student-faculty rapport. This year the VVAC also entertained the professors and their fam- ilies at the Branscomb Christmas Dinner. Active throughout the year, these student advisors try to en- courage new academic and social pursuits on the part of new students and to provide every freshman girl with an understanding friend who knows what being a freshman is like. First Row, Left to Right: Julia Malone, Pat Graves, Fain Murphey, Ginger Carrington, Mary McKenzie, Kathy Hesse, Margaret Mitchell, Marcia Nightingale, Lyn Funkhouser, Roz Frank, Mary Blair Bash- ford, Mary Dale Trabue. Second Row: Junith Smitherman, Junelle McGaw, Lynn Lonergan, Gay Ed- wards, Dotty Lester, Lorraine Tremblay, Ruth Hill Fulton, Betsy Urban, Jeanie Nelson, Perry Mac- donald, Linda Cooper, Penny Miller, Alice Stradley. Third Row: Holly Wiggins, Anne Ramsey, Ann Ward, Evelyn Green, Linda Lipscomb, Sally Barlow, Lyn Bracewell, Karin Cross, Nancy Knox, Susan Cramer, Linda Russell, Diane Welch, Barbara Cehan. Missing From Picture: Mary Ann Smith, vice- president. VUCEPT Vucept is composed of a group of select upperclassmen who attempt to provide the incoming freshmen with an enthusiastic and positive orientation toward the Uni- t versity. Each Vuceptor is assigned about ' six freshmen advisees with whom he works throughout the school year. This year Vucept has continued to sponsor the Career Seminars and the popular fireside chats, informal visits with the professors by small groups of students. Each Vuceptor tries to acquaint his advisees with Vanderbilt and with its traditions and rules, but more im- portantly a Vuceptor is a friend who can understand the problems of a freshman because he has been through his own fresh- man year not too long ago. Members of VUCEPT for 1966-67 are as follows, alpha- betically: Reiley Kidd, Chairman, Jim Alexander, James H. Landon, Jim H. Henderson, Gordon T. Corlew, Joe W. Burkett, Kenneth I. Miller, Jerry Steinberg, Board of Governors, Michael L. Allen, James O. Baldwin, James H. Banks, David C. Beavers, Robert L. Beckmann, Jr., Bill Gene Bell, Walter Berman, Stephen M. Bevil, Charles K. Billings, Donald W. Boulden, William Bourland, Donald E. Bowles, Charles R. Boyd, Robert K. Brown, John Bruno III, W. Roger Burge, Gregory S. Campbell, Thomas J. Campbell, Paul Campbell III, Frank P. Cantwell, Jr., Thomas S. Clairborne, David Robert Clemmons, Charles C. Coddington, Dennis Martin Corbly, Jr., Ed Cox, Lucian Davis, Robert H. Davis, Jr., James E. Delker, Richard Dicter, Thomas Foster Dodson, William W. Dow, George S. Dragnich, Robert C. Eager, Gerald A. Emison, Bev Evans, John E. Everett, David Fargo, Cyle Ferguson, Clifton W. Fewel III, Fred A. Fischer, Russell Y. Garth, Jeffrey S. Gordon, Gary R. Grable, Kevin Emmett Grady, Carl David Graefiin, Lee David Goldstein, Leonard Howard Goldstein, John Thomas Goodgame, Jr., James M. Heis- kell, Jr., Jon Housholder, Al Hubbard, James Robert Humphreys, Tom Jones, Irvin A. Kaufman, Ben Kibler, Mike King, Rich King, Edward Kleiner, Paul Kossman, John Lea, Chris Madigan, Wiley H. Maiden, Lowell F. Martin, John Martiniere, Jr., Patrick Maxwell, Jack Mc- Kay, Terry P. Medlin, Thomas N. Meriwether, Max Mich- ael III, Jim R. Middlehurst, Tom Mirguet, Roger Moister, David Charles Montiel, Michael William Moore, Steve Moreland, John Cowan Morland, Albert W. Morriss, Jr., Chuck Muckenfuss, Wallace R. Nelms, Jr., William Odell, Lynn D. Ozier, Marvin H. Palmer, Geoffrey S. Parker, Ronald M. Pettus, Richard L. Pennington, William M. Petrie, James B. Pressly, Jr., James F. Puckett, Ross Alan Rainwater, Richard A. Reamer, Christopher L. Rigg, Ar- nold D. Rosenfield, Philip Russ, Sam Sadler, Richard B. Sadnett, Edward Schumacher, Robert D. Segall, Lee M. Sessions, Jr., Eugene B. Shanks, Jr., John Slater, Lance Spalding, James Sprott, Kirk N. Starr, William A. Stearns, John A. Stemmler, Kurt Strasser, William R. Strout, Frank C. Thomas, Dewitt Thompson, John G. Treitz, Kenneth G. Tucker, Samuel D. Turner, George Twente, Pace Van Devender, Thomas Capell Walker, Jr., William Q. Weiss, Jim Whiteside, James Carroll Wilkes, Stephen D. Williamson, Jim Wise, Mark R. Wolf, S. Kenneth Wolfe, Marc A. Wood, Marshall Wood, Bernard Dow Yomtov, William Holmes Meadows. - WOMEN'S RESIDENCE HALLS The Women's Residence Halls Council, under the ju- risdiction of the Women's Student Government Asso- ciation, is the executive, legislative, and judicial body of all women residents. Working closely with the As- sistant Dean of Women, it attempts to promote under- standing of matters pertaining to the students. lt exer- cises its policies through the President's Board. The "Hanging of the Green," sponsored at Christmas time by the Council, is an important part of the campus observation of the holiday season. - X K ,' -,K J . ASX Q Y, -Q , il' ' X ll' "1 Y. 'lf ml f Rai l We ' it if ' - - li I' li' f 3 X --- i 1 s V V , A L? . I , . A ' I -- j sw gg jg g. ijt it +1 f s a of V , , 2 ,af is E -1 A., Ll- " f J' f l N X s his First Row, Left to Right: Mary Fitch, Roz Frank, vice- presidentg Judy Carmack, president, Lyn Bracewell, sec- retary-treasurerg Marcia Floyd, Suzanne Bible, Betsy Martin, Leslie Laird, Janace Grant, Jackie Adams, Ann McCallister, Barbara Wilson, Babs Beacham, Junelle Mc- Gaw, Janet Katz. Second Row: Tay Rogers, Helen Wood- -1.86 ward, Nancy Anderegg, Evelyn Green, Glenn Ellen Hayes, Nancy Knox, Becky Montgomery, Missing From Picture: Sally Barlow, Susan Butterfield, Mary Lou Holt, Barbara Roller, Jackie Thompson, Susan Weitzel, Carol Williams, Perry Macdonald, Anne Duncan, Ruth Fulton, Gloria Enochs, Ellen Smith. NUCLIAN S First Row. Left to Right: Sue Eufemia, Faye Silverman, Bivans, vice-presidentg Betty Gray Keeling, presidentg Francie Raber, Ann Jeryl Martin, treasurerg Dale Meanley, secretary. Second Row: Connie Cannon, Janie Scott, Janet Nuclians, the organization for independent under- graduate women, offers its members the opportunity to participate in various campus activities. As a group they enter intramural sports, Homecoming events and are eligible for Lotus Eaters, Athenians, Mortar Board, Miss Commodore, and Homecoming Queen. In the fall the Nuclians have a coke party and present a skit to inform the new coeds about the opportunities offered by the organization. They sell doughnuts in the Women's Quadrangle during the fall as a money- making project. The Nuclians combine their independ- ence with group membership which enables them to participate actively in Vanderbilt campus life. 7. Diann White, chaplain. MEN 'S RESIDENCE HALLS Since the construction of Carmichael Towers, many of Vanderbilt's rules regarding consumption of alcohol and visits from members of the opposite sex in the dorms have come under close scrutiny, because the Towers are so conducive to entertaining guests. As a result of this re-evaluation, a committee was formed to investigate and suggest changes to improve the so- cial situation in the dorms. It will be the duty of the lVIen's Residence Halls Council to uphold and enforce whatever new rules are made in the process of making the upperclass men's residences a place not only to work, but also to live. Jed Delker, Jimmy Stewart, Marvin Palmer, Vice Presi- dent, Pacelan Devender, John Bruno, Secretary-Treasurer John Weeter, President. 7.88 ERESHMEN MEN 'S RESIDENCE HALLS First Row, Left to Right: Fred Hunt, Steve King, Brent Hughes. Second Row: Gib Edson, Eric Dierks. 7. 5 2, V7 W? A , I fi , ,z he , ' f ri, , . .1 A, 9 f Who starts the poor unguided freshman on his right- ful path of conduct in the dorms? The Freshman Men's Residence Halls Council does, and helps take a burden of discipline from the upperclass Residence Halls Council. It also sponsors such events as Freshman Weekend and the crowning of Mr. and Miss Freshman, who enjoy regal fame on the campus. IMPACT Front Row Cleft to rightjz Jack Stringham, Sherry Back Row: Jim Landon, John Lea, Rickie Rho' Gauthier, Linda Russell, Margie Schroeder, darmer, John York, Gordon Corlew, Frye- Gail Chuck Muckenfuss, Mary Lee Hunter, Janet Katz. lard, Jim Henderson. 2.90 -ww IMPACT '67, the weekend symposium on topics of national significance, continued to expand its activities this year. The total program consisted of a series of lectures each followed by a question and answer period, a magazine of the symposium, and a luncheon. Beginning early in the fall semester Chairman Bob Eager and his Advisory Committee began securing speakers and planning the topic, "The Individual in American Society? Committee members lost plenty of sleep and nerves were on edgeg but, when April 7-8 finally arrived, the many, many individuals who had worked to make IMPACT '67 a success saw their efforts rewarded. Front Row Cleft to rightj: Jane Wyatt, Kathy Thiel, Nan- cy Manning, Amanda Griffin, Mary Dale Trabue. Back Row: Bob Eager, Lee Barfield, Jack Pratt, Paul Kessman, Jack McKay. 7.91 First Row, Left to Right: Karen Rinardo, Nancy Manning, Judy Carmack. Second Row: Don Bowles, Bob Thompson, Bobby Segall, Gilbert Johnston. FORUM The Vanderbilt Forum is one of the most ambitious of all student-directed programs on campus. Under the direction of Nancy Manning, it brought Sir Robert Menzies, former Prime Minister of Australia, to Van- derbilt to speak in the fall. The Harold S. Vanderbilt Lecturer for this year was Under-Secretary of Defense, Cyrus Vance. Other prominent speakers on diversihed subjects concerning science, education, and political affairs were also presented under the sponsorship of Forum. 2.97. DEBATE TEAM The 1966-67 Debate Team provided an opportunity for students interested in speech to compete in inter- collegiate debate tournaments and to continue develop- ing their forensic ability. The club sponsors a local chapter of Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, the national honorary speech fraternity for students who have participated in intercollegiate speech competition for at least two years and are in the upper third of their class. This year the Vanderbilt Debate Team rep- resented the University in ten tournaments including competition at the Air Force Academy, Northwestern University, and Harvard University as well as various schools in the South. In addition, the Club sponsors annually the Vanderbilt Invitational Debate Tourna- ment, which was held the first weekend in January this year with twenty-four schools from all over the United States participating. Charles Ivie, President, Dr. Randall Fisher, Rickie Rhodarmer First Row, Left to Right: Charles Serritt, Rickie Rhod- Wood, Charles Ivie, Joe Blount, Jack Pratt, Ralph Kirk armer, Pamela Owens, Nancy Bateman, Richard Stark. endall, Assistant Director of Forensics, Dr. Randall Second Row: Roger Reed, Phil Farr, Tom Graves, Marc Fisher, Director of Forensics. 2. VISA VISA, the Vanderbilt International Student Associa- tion, is only five years old, but it has added an impor- tant element to campus life. By offering a basis for communication and friendship, VISA provides students of all nationalities represented on the Vanderbilt campus an opportunity to increase their mutual under- standing. VISA carries on a variety of social activities and projects including picnics, parties, and special tours. The highlight of this year's program was the International Fair held during Parents' Weekend. Stu- dents set up booths to display the art work, handcrafts, literature, and native dress of their various countries. First Row, Left to Right: Mariano Alierta, vice- presidentg Ellen Libbey, member-at-largeg Becky Oxford secretary. Second Row: Javier Gisbert, treasurer, Hoi Tan Doan, president. 7-94 7-95 First Row, Left to Right: Kirk Starr, President, Barbara Roller, Secretaryg Bob Davis, Vice President. Second Row: Suzanne Mahany, Mike Spain, John Stuart, Coddy Cod- dington, Randy Herman, Ridley Moorman, Treasurerg John Slater, Carol Carter. Missing From Picture: Tam Hicks. CSAA Basketball season seems to be the highlight of school spirit, but the Committee on Student Athletic Affairs must strive to maintain this spirit throughout the year. Pep rallies and bonfires are in the order of events for football season, and the CSAA also sponsors the tra- ditional beanie sales to the incoming freshmen, the election of the cheerleaders and Mr. Commodore, and the annual presentation of the Dr. Jim Robbins Award. This year the CSAA established the practice of send- ing telegrams with the names of all willing students to the basketball team while playing important games away from home. They also officially adopted a new basset hound, Samantha, as mascot to fill the warmly felt spot left by George. SAILING CLUB The popular Sailing Club, now in its fifth year, seeks to promote sailing and racing as intercollegiate sports. The club meets every weekend at Harbor Island on Old Hickory Lake or takes off to other southeastern schools for regattas. Twice a month the group holds an interclub regatta between the skippers within the Vanderbilt Sailing Clubg in addition, the members gather once a week for classroom instruction and a general business meeting. As a climax to a year of sailing and partying, the club took a trip to the Ba- hamas during spring break where they island hopped aboard a British brigatine sloop for five days. 2.96 WO 12 2 2 AQUATIC CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Suzie Schlegel, Second Row: Kathy Green, Cara Snyder. Third Row: Dale Meanley, Judy Heffron, Cindi Vogel. Fourth Row: Noralyn Warren, Linda Tillman, Nancy Sweet, Ann Baker. Fifth Row: 'L Karen Triplett, Sue Robbins, Jenny Robinson, Mary Margaret Oliver, Cheryl Mitchell. Sixth Row: Beckye Brackman, Suzanne Mahany, Helen Haltom. 98 2. Unknown to most of their fellow Vanderbilt students, the members of the Vanderbilt Wom- en's Aquatic Club practiced all year for their spring water show. Their sponsor, Nancy Stokes, directed and coordinated the numbers in the show, and once again the show was a big hit. The theme for the 1967 show was "The Pool of Favorite Fables." The girls, in gay colored costumes, swam with professional precision to such fables as 'The Wizard of Oz," "The Stead- fast Tin Soldier," "Hansel and Gretel and the Witch," 'Tale of Two lVIandarins," and "The Little Mermaid." APO First Row, Left to Right: Steve Stinson, Projects Vice President, Charles Duncan, President, Pink Folmar, Social Chairman, Dave Fargo, Treasurer, Jim Middlehurst, Pledging Vice President, Dudley Johnson, Historian, Gene Kinnard, Craig Reynolds, Mike Allen, John Lea, Cyle Ferguson, Executive Vice President, Philip Pfeifer, Ad- visor. Second Row: Dennis Bass, Curry McMurry, Alton Odum, Shawn Saavedra, Jim Banks, Recording Secretary, Chris Madigan, Tom Cowan, Melvin Blevins, Sol Putzel. OO Third Row: Bill Akin, Jerry Loomis, Ross Hicks, Andy Jackson, Steve Gibson, Joe V. Williams, Al Draper, Mike Watson, Al Case, Bedford Walters, Richard Hardy, Robert Dalton, John Seward. Fourth Row: Robert Green, Mike Shane, Bob Cole, Steve Flohr, Craig Cooper, Joey Camp- bell, Oz Finne, Bill Snow, Chuck Powell, Fred McPhail, Ken Garrison, John Raggio, Steve Burnham, Lt. Jack Stevens, Chairman of the Advisory Committee. Vampire-like eyes on a sanguine background Ccom- plete with cobwebj ghoulishly opened the Alpha Phi Omega blood drive for the Red Cross this year, the fifth successful one of the campaign. APO is a national service fraternity and each year it lives up to its goal of providing the impetus behind many functions as career guidance and IMPACT. In a more concrete vein, it furnished an APO shuttle to the airport during the holidays. G A A Gamma Beta Phi is a national service fraternity whose chapter at Vanderbilt is one of the newer organi- zations on campus. The membership is open to any student with at least a 1.5 average. Gamma Beta Phi tries to raise the money to sponsor scholarships in its name for those students who need them. First Row, Left to Right: Denny Brewington, Presidentg vins Belvins, Lorraine Tremblay, Scott Fitzgerald, Ginger Retta Eden, Secretary, David Sayers, Treasurer. Second Blume, John Raggio, Sherry Hopper, David Beard, Mary Row: Meredith Tucker, Robert Moore, Dale Meanley, Mel- McKay, Pete Evans. First Row, Left to Right: Brad Edgerton, Greg Faith, Bob Stahlkuppe, Ken Wolfe, Tom Claiborne, Landon Anderson. Second Row: Al Hubbard, Donald Kirby, Edwin Cox, John McFarlane, Carlton Currie, Whit Morris, Bev Evans, Tom SKULL AND BONES Qualified pre-medical students seeking guidance and financial aid have found the Skull and Bones Society quite helpful in furnishing both. Since its founding in 1921 by Dr. E. E. Reinke, the society has assisted hundreds of pre-medical students through loans for schooling, provided they have a 1.8 average at the com- pletion of two semesters of work at Vanderbilt. The purpose of this organization is to create an interest in medical education and medical practice. Diverse lectures are given by recognized men in various medi- cal fields. First Row, Left to Right: John Raggio, Rick Arendale, Roland Gray, Jim McGuire, James Booth, Jim Veach, Arthur Rosenblatt, Ralph Barr, Second Row: Randy Preis- sig, Zachary Goodman, Charles Duncan, Victor Davis, Goodgame, John Slater.Third Row: Pat Walker, Mike Dawson, Doug Biggs, Bernard Kemple, Charles Shane, Jim Alexander, William Markey. Albert Davis, Charles Campbell, Ted Casey, Bob Wilson. Third Row: Manny Doyne, Ken Haile, Proctor Anderson, Reiley Kidd, Jay Popp, Steve Barnham. N aiSislf5?Si igifggligih fticfftft aa, Ns as X 3:-E .ffflfiff ik' a'.-5155, S srwf ff X af, 3 , I M Q X 1UN1oR BAR Assoc1AT1oN Since Vanderbilt requires no definite pre-law course to be followed by undergraduate students, the Junior Bar Association is extremely helpful and important in furnishing aid and guidance for aspiring legal talents. Through its activities, the Junior Bar exposes its mem- bers to the elements of the profession. Highlighting the year were the appearances of many distinguished guest speakers. First Row, Left to Right: Richard Scott, Charles Bone, Bill Berry, Paul Beemer, Carter S. Chapman, Richard Kalb, Allen Holbrook, Thomas Reed, Todd Jones, Joe Williams, Allen Case. Second Row: Hauy Nixou, William Ordway, Thomas Walker, Deward Foster, John Seward, Lee Bar- field, David O'Connor, Joe O,Brien, Kevin Grady. Third Row: Joe Greenlee, secretary-treasurerg Horace Johns, presidentg Norman Bradley, vice-president. O YOUNG DEMOCRATS The name Young Democrats implies the purpose of this club. It is for any student who is of Demo- cratic affiliation or sympathy and wishes to further his interest. The members of the Young Democrats were active in the elections this fall and support the Democratic party at all times. First Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Lee, Sec- retary, Richie Rhodarmer, Women's Vice President. Second Row: Steve Smith, Vice Presidentg Charles Bone, Presidentg Denny Brewington, Treasurer. INVESTMENT CLUB The aspiring young executives of the Investment Club attend regular meetings, at which there are speakers from the investment field. Discussions follow the speakers' talks. The purpose is to acquaint the members with further knowledge in stock dealings and investment analysis. First Row, Left to Right: Jim Rosenblatt, vice-president, Por- ter Stark, presidentg Earl Henry, treasurer. Second Row: Dan Bing, Wally Nixon, Allen Jones, Ed Hyde, Bill Ferguson, Phil Bando, Byron Cooley. Third Row: Don Wolfson, John Peden, Charles Peterson, Charlie Post, Edward Swabb, Dale Burton, David Golightly. A. S. M. The Vanderbilt Student Chapter of the American Society for Metals is a relatively young organization in the Materials Sci- ence Division of the Engineering School. Its purposes are to stimulate student in- terest in the latest scientific and engineer- ing developments in the field of metals and engineering materials, to offer inspira- tion through contact with nationally known speakers on metallurgical subjects, and to familiarize students with the professional attractions of a career in metallurgical research or production. T"""'h-----.... -I' nv .1 ll wr-f 2-m...,,,, First Row: Tom Tilhnan, Larry Huey, Dilip Chaudhuri, Ray Buchanan, Walter Curfman, Ronnie Buchanan, Joe Scardina. Second Row: Collins Andrews, Russ Kitchell, Del Hughey, Dr. James Wert, Mike Hilley, Bill Webb, Dr. Robert Good- rich. Third Row: David Early, Charles Sutherland, Mike Moore, Tom Jennings, George Smith. . First Row: C. E. Moore, Martin J. McLean, Richard L. Andrews, George Burke, Robert Candler. Second Row: David G. Brooks, Robert L. Brown, M. L. Bray, Peter W. Martin, Michael R. Kanne. 305 S. A. M. E. The Society of American Military Engineers is designed to acquaint its members with all aspects of engineer- ing in the Army and Navy. This stu- dent post of the national chapter works toward its goal by having a speaker once a month and by taking field trips to such places as the Percy Priest Dam project. In addition, they enter a pro- ject in the Engineering Open House every spring. sn.. ii 'S as his A. I. CH. E. In order to acquaint Vanderbilt engi- neering students with actual professional engineering practice, the student afliliate chapter of the American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers at Vanderbilt has sponsored lectures, trips, and movies on the social as well as the technical areas of the pro- fession. In addition, the chapter holds vari- ous parties and picnics to provide both social and professional activities for its members. A. S. C. E. In structuring future civil engineers, goals, the Vanderbilt student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers attempts each year to present programs dealing with current problems and fields of particular interest to civil engineering. The members have enjoyed speakers from many state public service departments, as well as special guests prominent in their field. 306 the First Row: Ray Hunter, President, Anne Bowe, Secretary, Newt Williams, Jim Baldwin, John Ackley, Tommy Hooten. Second Row: David Moran, Melvin Roth- berg, M. Byron Charles, Bill Corbett, Vice President, James Haile. First Row: Steve Hall, Jerry Emison, James Pinkerton, James Myers, Professor C. F. Devilbiss. Second Row: John Koon, Mike Morris, Ronald Crutcher, Charles Gilbert. Third Row: Lynn Ozier, Joe Benedict, Charles Stewart, Robert Plummer. Fourth Row: Jim Banks, Dan Brame, Robert Hall, Jack Horner, Rick Loudermilk. Fifth Row: Jim Andrews, Mike Apple, Steve Belts, Bill Wood. - l-n--mm- Y W mummy, fsgvnam-use!-E W , 1-gms. ,,,. Ag. ,Q- ,Y w V W .Muff fa f .1-willmf I. E. E. E. The Vanderbilt student branch of the Institute of Electricial and Electronic Engi- neers is one of many in the country'S engineering schools. Founded in 1963, this group holds weekly meetings with frequent lectures given by electrical engineers. The Vanderbilt branch of the I.E.E.E. encour- ages and participates in meetings with other southeastern colleges. A. S. M. E. This student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is an organization which seeks to promote an interest in engineering in a practical rather than an academic sense. The A.S.M.E.'s functions are oriented toward engineering as a profession. Reflecting this goal are the guest speeches of practicing engineers and frequent visits to industrial concerns in the Nashville area. 30 MEMBERS. Joe W. Demic, Chairmang Charles Moore, Vice Chairman, Robert Hewgley, Secretary, Rick Berquist, Treasurer, Kenneth Agee, Ga- briel Aya, Stephen Ayers, Joseph Bagley, James Beakley, Philip Becker, Ro-nnie Bell, Don Bouldin, Edward Bowen, Jack Brush, Dale Burton, Mi- chael Caldwell, Darrell Campbell, Mark Carden, William Chamberlin, Peter Chang, James Cheshire, David Condra, Charles Cook, Dean De Meyer, Frank Dahlinger, Anne Duncan, William Dunker, James Foster, James R. Foster, Jr., George Gilbert, Michael Giltner, Henry Griffith, Harold Hagar, Walter Hayden, Jim Heiskell, W. J. J. Hoge, Paul Hyman, James Jackson, Howard Johnston, Alice Jones, Ed Kleiner, Earl Le Det, Godfrey Lue, Bu- ford Malone, Vernon Mimms, Richard Moody, Donald Murphey, Hugh Nash, Ira Norman, James Odum, Ted Oliver, Samuel O'Neal, James Onstott, James Owen, John Martiniere, Donald Pelster, Joseph Poliakon, Ronnie Powell, Michael Richardson, Calvin Romans, Judith Rouse, John Scott, Douglas Smith, Tommy Sowell, Custis Stamp, Charles Starks, William Stutts, Douglas Tipton, Edward Turner, Martin VanBrauman, James Vin- son, Joseph Wadle, Robert Walden, Robert Watson, George Weant, Francis Wells, Larry White, James Wise, William Wood, Robert Work, Wellington Young. First Row: Russell Johnson, A. D. Donnelly, Alvin Fox, Carter Chapman, Robert Brown, David Palmer, William Hill, Frank Dieli. Second Row: W. F. Wright, Advisor, Dennis Finn, Philip Bologna, William Brown, John Bar- calow, Peter Martin, K, O. E. Tschaepe. Third Row: Martin McLean, John M. Buchanan, James Teal, Henry Swats, Paul Russell. ner- '.rahz.'w'aQ ivrcwggym' or NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club serves as the parish for Vander- bilt University's Catholic students. Socially, it invites students to attend bi-weekly discussions and partici- pate in different functions including ice-skating, danc- ing, guitar-playing and just relaxing. During Lent there is Mass every day at five olclock and regularly on Sunday mornings throughout the year. Graduate students and professors are encouraged to participate in discussions on varying topics. F First Row, Left to Right: Susan Bertram, Frank De- Long, Kathy Krulac. Second Row: Laurie Schafstall, Jeannie Sutherland, Joe Cleary. Third Row: Charlie 1 4 5 Suggs, Sue Ross, Jo Ann Dotson. Fourth Row: Drew Brant, Teal Bradley, Kathy Ryan, Mary Agnes Rohrer. Fifth Row: Patty Semmes, Ann Lennon. 08 HILLEL Hillel, the Jewish college student organization, is both a cultural and a religious group. Its membership is composed of students from all area colleges who meet for fellowship and social activities, as well as worship. Dinner meetings are held once a month and special programs on interesting and timely subjects are arranged for most holidays. Hillel's objective is to provide an atmosphere in which Jewish college students can share in religious, social, and service activities. First Row, Left to Right: Dr. Asher Farhi, Advisor, Dr. Dave Sacks, Ed Zeitlin, External Vice President, Gail Stern, Presidentg Mo- nique Scheni, Service Chairman, Marilyn Weinstein, Membership, Norman Sandfield, Internal Vice President. Second Row: Doug Allen, Lee Goldstein, Adria Eisenkramer, Betty Zyskinx, Janet Rappaport, Sharon Hawkins, Faith-Susan Stein, Drama Chair- man, Myra Axel. Third Row: Joel Weintraub, Robert Klein, Publicity Chairman, Russell Smith, Charles Sandmel, Neal Borovitz, Marc Blumberg. SCA GENERAL CABINET. First Row, Left to Right: Carol Olert, Martha Waller, Eva Matthews, Martha Smith. Sec- ond Row: Roger Moister, Tommy Stephens, Jane Wyatt, Chris Jones, Jon Housholder. Third Row: Dave Fargo, Ann Newman, John York, David Hyatt, Curry McMurry. Fourth Row: Bill Odell, Nancy Bateman, Chuck Sullivan, Nancy Knox, Sam Sadler, Randy Herman. SCA The Student Christian Association is open to all Vanderbilt students. Now firmly established in its new house, the SCA has continued the challenging program it began last year. In addition to the bi-weekly class luncheon programs, the weekend retreats, and chapel services, the CONTACT program has continued with renewed interest and support. CONTACT offers students the opportunity to hear the Vanderbilt pro- fessors discuss subjects of interest and to question and talk with the faculty members. This program has fostered student-faculty relations and boosted the enthusiasm for the SCA. The organization also sponsors many projects to serve the community as well as the campus. With the growth and expansion on the Van- derbilt campus the SCA has proved to be a meaning- ful organization which can move with and influence this growth. IO SCA SENIOR CABINET. First Row, Left to Right: Chuck Sullivan, Evelyn Green, Dudley Johnson, Sherry Gauthier, Alan Gorrell, Phyllis Miller. Second Row: Nancy Goetz- man, Dave Fargo, Ann Newman, Chris Jones. ..s.,..aiz2' FRESHMAN CABINET. Seated: Elsie Vance, Martha JUNIOR CABINET. Seated: Diane Davis, Curry McMurry, Smith. Standing: Marianne Bieser, John Blackman, Pam Ted Overman, Rich King, John York, Martha Waller Trautman. Standing: Randy Herman, Tommy Stephens, Eddie Baker SOPHOMORE CABINET. Seated: Suzanne Smith, Nancy Knox. Standing: Jon Housholder, Bob Thompson, Frank Bolling, Dan Hagaman, Tom Bailey, Johnny Hughes. 311 ! 1 1 l BSU EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Left to Right: Linda Collins, Sec- retary, E. G. Cline, Service Chairman, Virginia Wilson, BSU The Baptist Student Union offers an opportunity for all Vanderbilt students, regardless of their re- ligious affiliation, to participate in a wide variety of social activities and service projects. This year the BSU has sponsored several service projects with men- tally retarded and delinquent children. Every day the Center is open for a sandwich lunch and a brief noon- day devotional. In addition, the students gather twice a week for a vespers program. Whether it is a party, a picnic, an open-house after a ball game, or just an interesting discussion, the BSU can provide something for all students. 17. STUDENT ASSOCIATION CGMMITTEES PARIETAL HOURS COMMITTEE. Left to Right: Marvin Palmer, Judy Carmack Steve Smith, John Weeter. COURSE EVALUATION COMMITTEE, Left to Right: Roger Moister, Joan Talley, Jim Landon, Bill Weiss, Joey Campbell, Carol Mooney, Bill Thurman. COMMITTEE ON ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Left to Right: Jerry Safer, Carol Olert, Chuck Muckenfuss, Sharon Maginnis, Bill Weiss, Steve Smith, Jeanie Nelson, Rusty Garth. 313 COMMODORE PHOTOGRAPHERS The editors and staff of the 1967 COMMODORE wish to ex- press their appreciation to the HUSTLER, the NASHVILLE BANNER, the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN, the Vanderbilt News Bureau, and the photography staff without whose help this yearbook would never have been completed. The photo- graphers worked long hours taking pictures in every conceive- able place at every possible time, in addition, they spent count- less nights in the darkroom developing and printing pictures for these 452 pages besides innumerable others that the editors discarded, Although it is impossible to give credit for every photograph, the staff especially wishes to thank John Wilkison for the art work that appears on the division pages, and Russell Ray, Charles Hewgley, Terrill Parker, Mike Scardino, Winfred Anderson, Chris Madigan, Dick Dempster, and Richard Moore for their efforts. as F i H I Q DICK DEMPsrER 314 W MIKE KING KING SELF ff Y JOHN WILKISON WINFRED ANDERSON BRIAN HOLTSCLAW 3 15 CHRIS MADIGAN any uw sw .. If 9 Sfz ,W ,. 1L,A . f , 5,..1:Q as X. X M Q is an 'wk W A WN k""fm.,. Q X 73? Q X . A .Y lI'II L V .Mwgm Col. Robert L. Crouch, Professor of Military Science, and Cadet Paul Russell, Commander of the Cadet Battalion. CADET BATTALION STAFF. First Row: Cadet Lt. Col. Paul T. Russell, Jr., Battalion Commander, Cadet Maj. Urey W. Alexander, Jr., Executive Oflicer. Second Row: Cadet Maj. Richard L. Andrews, Adjutant, Cadet Capt. James H. Landon, S-2, Cadet Capt. Gilbert E. Johnston, S-35 Cadet Capt. R. Bryan Heatherwick, S-4. 31 ARMY R. O. T. C. The Vanderbilt Battalion of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps has, since its establishment in 1954, become an integral part of the University. The purpose of R.O.T.C. is to provide the Regular Army with Commissioned Lieutenants who have re- ceived, along with an undergraduate degree, a thorough indoctrination in the elements of military strategy and operations necessary to make them superior officers. In addition to classroom and leadership exercises, the unit offers such extra-curricular activities as Band, a Drill Team, a Counterguerilla platoon, a rifle team, and a fencing team. Enrollment for the past year was 341. CADET BATTALION STAFF. Cadet lst Lt. John W. Parker, III, Asst. S-2, Cadet lst Lt. Robert W. Candler, Jr., Asst. S-3, Cadet lst Lt. Michael R. King, Asst. S-25 Cadet lst Lt. Charles C. Gilbert, III, Asst. S-4. CADRE: First Row: Maj. James E. Cashwell, Jr., Asst. Robert R. Blankenshipg SFC Layard L. Durham, PMSQ Col. Robert L. Crouch, Jr., Professor of Military MSG James R. Sneedg SSG Emmey M. Edwards, SGT Science, Maj. Lawrence B. Owens, Jr., Asst. PMSg Arthur E. Smith, Jr. Maj. Noel D. Gregg, Asst. PMS. Second Row: SGM v 119' BAND. First Row: L. D. Ozier, Platoon Leader. Second Row: C, S. Runnion, III C. S. Higgins, Jr., J. A. Draper, Jr., W. B. Waters. Third Row: W. L. Vechiomie, L. F Wright, III, K. B. Simonis, W. O. Fouch, Jr. Fourth Row: R. A. Reed, A. E. Piatt C. R. Schmidt, D. J. Johnson. 319 1 S A S SPONSORS. Left to Right: Miss Suzanne Smith, Miss Mary Kay King, Miss Martha Askins, Miss Ricki, Rhod- armer, Miss Joanne Fleming, Miss Susanne Mahany, Miss Marshall Hackett, Miss Babs Beacham. 37.0 Chancellor Alexander Heard accepts the painting of Lt. Settlemire from Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Settlemire. On February 25, 1967, the Senior Classroom in the Army R.O.T.C. building was dedicated to lst Lt. William D. Settlemire, the first Vanderbilt graduate to die in the Vietnam War. Settlemire, who Was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star for gallantry in combat, was active in the R.O.T.C. program as an undergraduate and served as a Company Commander during his senior year. During the dedication ceremony, Lt. Settlernire's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Settlemire, pre- sented to the University a painting of their son which has been placed in the classroom. W ' 1' N s is ,VV 77. Y W ' I . I . W ,Mummy COUNTERGUERRILAS. First Row: R. H. Brockwell, C. D. J. Mackay, I. L. Smith, R. C. Oldham, Jr., T. R. Shep- H. Covington, H. A. Scott, M. E. Davis, R. A. Ellis, B. H. herd, D. M. Brandt, R. L. Wilson, T. W. Stephens, J. L. Long, F. W. DeLong, III. Second Row: T. N. Meriwether, Jakobik. "Which way to Centennial Parlc???,' T- 27. v-'ik K im. YS 11 . :rin L g , ss. 'TF-f 5.2530 "Today, men, we are going to discuss Pnnitive Article q9f120." "The Midnight Slculkers strike again . . xx KS Lf 11 "M-I-C--K-E-Y . . ." "Say down there, do you suppose you could slack up a little on the rope?u "Let's see now . . . was it left over right or right over left?', "Good Morning, Vanderbilt . . . Fm sorry, those lines are busyf' 37-3 ! i f M 1 45? N!-s. A , ff ..,, 1 , i IVHA L Wg, 4' ggmy L f ' Milf? Ewa , 0? --lA2f' "'5""Z V- A K , k , ,V 555, ',"w,"' ? V , ,,.f ' ' . ' V ,V ., : ', . ' 1 , ," ". 'L A fm W1 V,,1 X " A1: .iv V ff' Q2 ,K if A, g , ..,, ,S -,,, 2 E , M' ' 1 ' 5 "' , , , M W, awww, s Wm ' . Jima, ,, AAAA A A AV A . YM if 3 23 Z Q 5 Q Li f E 2 5 1 9 fa 2 Q i DRILL TEAM. First Row: W. L. Small, R. A. Rainwater, D. G. Brooks, J. R. Se- ward, E. E. Wallis, P. T. McGee, O. K. Gratzol, C. W. Fair- cloth. Second Row: J. W. Schwenker, W. K. Graham, P. W. Jewig, R. E. Fraser, C. Exner, S. R. Dud- ley. Third Row: G. N. Martin, C. F. Car- michael, F. M. Wil- liams, F. Babes, O. Knox. Fourth Row: R. L. McCathern, J. E. Monroe, D. K. McGowan, O. W. Brackman, J. C. Jac- obs, W. L. Dumas. "Yeah, and I swear the sign on the truck said 'Rand Hall Catering Service'!', RIFLE TEAM: First Row: W. W. Burnett, Jr., F. W. Thomp- son, R. P. Jahn, C. D. Shusky, L. R. Ahern, B. R. Akin. Second Row: Major Noel D. Gregg, Coach, D, E. Mott, J. L. Wescot, E. P. Anderson, G. B. Briggs, R. L. Som- ers, C. O. Finne, Sgt. Arthur E. Smith, Assistant Coach. 326 "That's right, her room is on the fifth floor, second 'room from the rightf' ,fy fa I Za 5 ' 2' W' 7' ,. "1v: 'img L ' W 'QQ J gk .mi a ,f d ,,,, Q M JM W1 W I' 'fx Ky 2, X Y i f W ,x 1 Mr Q A 'Ii x 5 K .A.. - SNR , 1 iejgfiiiil ffN,m1,xgm if Q xx' I u 'U 3- if R S QS 5 Qffxx, N M4 xx Nw. xx XXX . Xxxxxxxx 'Xxx - - Q.. X. A ' . , 'x""'-Kxs.:..,-Q.,v-an-Q,-,SNQ" V wwf' Y I Q .msiivksi -wgfsaegfmgsgi ifzxigiiiaixwww . N Kia kiaX,:.'1SXE3f5biiS: k . r WT ' L-Siiifisiiiiiiiiffifi 'X ! 24, ,3 " " Q o . ' 4 O I A. ,- ,V X , ,V , Y ww L. Q! f 5,2 , Kg 5 WL s. , xi 3 K. -2 ' '- x A X .L Q r X 9 it .NN . ., Y. ,if . v W W Q .h. .N W 'A ,W . .. S ' K E, ,:'.k X . A -. 4 i f - . ' N X M'TT'k3N-'N- 'f A h- rms Zi ' f " ,M ,gs ,. , '. N5 rx-'v'ixZ'.f. ,N-.Q-f Wf ,ww-f was X, --X-1 f - 2 5 . g K X. . 1- 5 -Q, Q . SE ,is ,if " Jag: Nt , Q M v X . K f is fikffsggg i . t iv, Q I R X K Q .R S-52 Xi :.k -1 hw , -wiv Q b KM " M if M - -X aw ,, 3' , fm -N. 4 . 1 K n 'ff " z W 'E K Q ' 4 awww-ASSE fwhww-SAN' -as-.hw M... Q s WWNQQ., . ' L MXN .x.. . . .V gm. . , ,,,,,. . f?S'N Q -N nf- fe ' ' ' Mx-L,.,: . .L 5 A7 ,, W. .Wa -- 4 Q X H A I K5 5 X ' - .fig K :Xu K ' Q4 iw N W ' ga: iiews-X if a n if :Nw ,f 55? C. R. Berquist, Capt. USN, Commanding Oliicer NAVY R. O. T. C. The purpose of the NROTC program at Vander- bilt is to train Midshipmen to be competent leaders, eligible for commissioning as Naval oiiicers upon graduation. As students, Midshipmen must meet the R. C. McEwen, Cdr. USN, Executive Officer academic requirements of Vanderbiltg but they must also be prepared to meet both the academic and mili- tary requirements of a Naval officer. The NROTC pro- gram prepares undergraduates for the military service in the classroom, on the drillfield, on summer cruises, and in a variety of extracurricular activities. W. C. Drumwright T. E. DeWitt, Lt., USN J. E. Stevens, Lt., USN D. K. Smith, LCDR, USN T. A. Fowler, Lt., USN Maj., USMC L. A. Sluss E. R. Doersam R. E. Hawkins J. P. Scarcelli J. W. Overfelt S!Sgt., USMC GMCS, USN QMC, USN SKC CSSJ, USN YNC, USN ' - im s We '7'i"'I'i 3? Fr R ' J S SF MIDSHIPMEN STAFF OFFICERS First Row: H. Q. Radcliffe, Battalion Commander. Second Row: T. A. French, Battalion Adjutant, F. W. Dahlinger, Battalion Executive Officerg R. L. Brown, Battalion Oper- Q0 EG! lNFN N 'f ! ations Officer, R. C. Srnolen, Battalion Personnel Officer, R. L. George, Public Information Officer, R. M. Vranich, Battalion Karate Expert. . N! ,KA S 1 1.- Q A N 1 3 J . I P 1. - 9? 6 . ,W ,Q 1 Q ,W -fi- F3215 WS!" 1 ,. .W MIDSHIPMEN BATTALION OFFICERS First Row: S. M. Hall, M. J. McLean, W. L. Dunker, M. W. Howell, J. F. Reeder, J. K. Henderson. Second Row: J. A. Carmody, J. R. Hagan, C. A. Greenfield, J. R. Scott, W. C. Miller. Third Row: S. C. Jones, D. W. Bouldin, W. E. Beaty, G. A, Emison. Fourth Row: D. W. Campbell, G. A. Rasmussen.N0t Pictured: G. R. Grable, J. E. Love, A. J. 31 Begbie, M. W. Moore, W. W. Chastain. NROTC BAND First Row: G. R. Grable, J. W. Vinson, R. W. Harvey, Row: P. L. Johnson, J. F. Phelan, P. W. Bragg, W. R G. K. Page, C. K. Curtis, G. A. Rasmussen. Second Row: Sweeney, B. W. King. M. Taylor, B. W. Ranney, N. E. Farr, L. W. Tandy.Third DRILL TEAM First Row: D. W. Campbell, A. J. Begbie, D. G. McClure, Row: J. M. Edmondson, B. C. Baker, C. G. Post, R. W. D. J. Murphy, N. D. Grauer, E. J. Perez, F. R, Oldham, D. Kalb, J. A. Webb, C. C. Heil. Fourth Row: J. M. Keenum, W. Fuller. Second Row: D. K. Matthes, R. F. Scott, M. G. B, K. Burke, C. T. Hulan, K. W. Thomas, E. L. Niebrueg- Glasgow, W. R. Williamson, L L. Luster, R. E. Rydel. Third gie, D. R. Hughey. 337- SM E3 WM FLIGHT INDOCTRINATION PROGRAM First Row: D. W. Bouldin, G. R. Gilbert, J. M. Edmondson, J. E. Beakley, R. M. Anderson, H. Q. Radcliffe. J. R. Scott, LCDR D. K. Smith.Sec0nd Row: R. F. Scott, 'fluld i i ,A 1 7 t 2 Q , it .25 . s , 2 ag 0 5 1, . . 5 . ,, J, M . . K f fmmmm -.... .... - A' V 1 .,,. ,.,,W.3.,t,W...,.,.,, . ,, , ,, .,.. ., ,W BLUE ANGELS First Row: Gloria Laird, Ellen Green, Janice Oxford, James, Anne Beveridge. Second Row: Sina Craddock, Mare-ne Redman, Doreen 333 "One more wisecrack about my sword, and you all go to the brig!" z "Send that peckerwood down the tube . . .U Q ' , N ,fr 1' - ,, ' W . "f I '44'i7i""'-' 'HY' .W X , 4 X . x Y ' VA Wu, my ri, .Q K at 11.1. , .Q.,,n,so.,Q.s.f'e'a.y ,L g..-1 A ,LN , . Q f If ,, , Mini- wr A, - 4....FF -' f' . - Q ' -49' l i f It K 'af by , Q ' V Q ps V A N . t, Q XA "Foe heard of walking the plank, but this is ridicu1ous!" I by ws S . X My lllal yi 0.4 1 'E s i 6 lk' --i ' s 4 "How should I know? It was just floating there beside the ship . . ." I N l l tl Fw R "Last year, only Eddie smoked LSZM . . '1Now remember what the guy at the ticket booth said . . . 'Use the air-sickness bag in- stead of the windowl' " JJ "No I will NOT go to the show with youll' 2, mn Q i W V mg "It looks like a WHAT??" ,GN f 5' "Yes, it all depends on how much you're willing to sacrifice for your country . . .U "I realize the Army beat us last year, but don't you think it's a bit much for ball game?U X 5 , .wg li ian H 9 K t I a foot- 4-.ww 'Y W'M'fW442,,,,u 4 W ,, M-b" f ff "I can understand getting your thumb caught, sir, but your Whole hand??" . 2, . ,. ,Lx 0 N. E. S. E. P. Front Rank: EMICSSD C. D. Mayg ETZCSSD P. L. Theyerg ATIKACJ J. A. Poliakon, Jr.g FTM2 W. E. Beyatteg HM2 R. L. Hornerg EM1 ISSJ J. L. Dodd. Back Rank: AQC M. L. Brayg FTMZCSSJ A. A. Appelg ETICSSJ H. F. Glynng YN2 R. E. Hammondg HM2 K. O. E. Tschaepeg DM2 A. N. Thornhill. Sgt. M. R. Kanneg Sgt. C. E. Mooreg Sgt. C. A. Millardg L. Cpl. F. A. Dielig Sgt. R. J. Wadleg Sgt. J. R. Tosig Sgt. R. H. Johnson, Jr.g Sgt. W. L. Dunng Cpl. B. A. Clarke. 336 Front Rank: HM2 M. J. Zeringg ETIKSSJ R. D. Workg ICICSSJ W. A. Browng MM2 G. A. Wal- tersg EMHSSJ M. L. Measel. Back Rank: EMICSSJ C. H. Romansg CT1 T. R. Rohlandg ET1 ISSJ F. M. Morrisg ICIKSSD P. W. Marting EMICSSJ R. E. Beasong ADJ1 J. W, Eason. , V ,Q 4, , .-,. , . ,. , i he three schools and four classes of stu- dents' on campus have provided a diversity of ' h interest and direction which has occasionally' madeiitselfknown, and more often been criti- cized for keeping itself hidden. At any rate, the Chancellor was right when he said, "Yon are Vanderbilt, andaVanderbilt' is you." . ' 338 , X' X. fo f I f' - p f n ff' 1 1 fag ff 4 X I .1 f' ff! f i if Xl i 7 ,f ff cp,-J f ' ff! I 3:3:f:i:3:-.'... -' V a -:-:-:-:... if-1: , p .::33EgE5E5E5E1f1f 254 E52 Qi. - 1. :5:si2SsSf5si5S2.1 555. HB2 555i52555sEsEfS21?fj. if53E5::.j , 'ZsSf5fS:..::2:f:I:"255s2E255:2f "ff2s -:-:+:-:-:A:-:-' -za:-:-:-2111: 59 ww-will -. ,-f If rf X ,4 'KX , ,. f"f ff13QA:I1If'f:Q3222513QifQ:r1fE:EfrEjEgfFgi,E:E113355355E:2:1.-.Er':'A1'2AE ."--' .15 .," f':gf .1-,Aj:'.rA1Aj1,A::':,: ,-., ,f W . .' 2F'ifIf115ii?12315E51:EfilffiEli?EEEQEfEzEfQ2525I5?A595 """'- A'::5-2a'f'f5A , ,.-- 1fi5:I15EE53'iQ?3535i325355.:,A.:1:iIQ.lEi2:. X 3" A . -ff..-'15 fl.ZfL5i5??551i1flQ:225555335525955ff'Q'5:As:Qf'Q':i'1A 'q,. i-3.1,i..5115?f"155II23225115251-51133532E552fiiiiii'.522Zf2i5fQ,Z, X - ' A' A 1" w f X X -A ' A V ..,-.A-. 4,A- 1, A' ' ' . A. ,AA 7 f f ' N X f' A 'A" '.A lvvv -'."'A jf "" ' 69' "" ' X '.1E1ErErErEr2 ""' ' AIAfAfE1?25rErEr??3rE:f:f:1i15r ' .ff 32i?i5Q53?11A?f5:f" -22ZiA:f51:A':ff'fif51f1'1?i'Af'A"' SQA: SA A' '1A:" Af ::A'A37:':i1A. . :YE "'A IAIAIEIEIEIEIEIEI53 A - A -'- , " 'A'f'f'A'A1' f ' 195' X ''s:s5sEsEsfsS5522:fAfA:.1 A 1 ff. .A f .1 -'-' ., .:5:s:s:5:fA:::I1:1S15:s: , f , Aff' +2 if-iff 'flag ,gjikflq .,"':ff"' - 'f,y,r :Eif:i:E:f'g1::Aggg M A ,f 5E33:5:g:5:g:5:gE5SgEgE3 ,f" A A-A A -N. - - A A A-A-gf: ..-, 45 71- .nf A f 'fi 'A-' i f f'f5555A55l5Zl52i5Z3i?lf- ' .125i5f5f5f5f3f5535?5'ff:::: A 4" ' V' f'-?!2' '- -"' .fr A-,f"'Q: Jiirli 5:2 fi:-i',-1:"':':'::f'Q:j,j5f'f1 " . ,.1?iEfEfE27'f'fIE2E:Ef' . ,,A- 52152225 41354 ?5f5i?f5kE5? ' 4? .4fri',QfQQ5Qf2EQ5Q.55ff" ,Q,, ' 'fifeaQ'QiiiQiA5Qj,5122g1f12i2?2AlAif25125ii3,.gfAs55i522iff2g 'IIE ""1Egf' AA I-' MQ" .X'A3P4'5.11E' f15rlf "' Afv? :n .'fff?5:if'Q:1:' "' S .5-:AZ-"1Zf-.iiiiz Ai ':5'i5Z5AQ?f7-5' V "WI-. ' - . 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M H , ,-A, . 15 ,, x F' o - f X .. ,Qv In :MA Q W v, AA ' ' A.Av'A 3 f Ae-'ser-irvf-Jo' viii ' A H A -. 7? . - '1 - N xt !'vtv'Jx cn NX' X fl Q.: N AQXX '1' F7121 ,jj F A , b. A r H, C X EMA- A ,gg 2, S it-3' A 1. f , Q iz I S F' I 1 AA .A L ? li! A: L , , Ar ,. Q L 5 - i N. 153:35 QQ' 2' A xx CLASSES as edited by Marilynn Curtis and Drew Litzenberger 340 , S OFFICERS. Mary Graves, Vice-Presidentg Chuck Muckenfuss, Presidentg Margaret Strom, Secretaryg Ed Kleiner, Vice-Presi- dent. CABINET. Bob Davis, Elections Chairmang Gilbert Johnston, Student Activities Cardg Martha Steinman, Concert Comrnit- teeg Bob Eager, Educational AHairsg Sam Sadler, International Affairs. SEN IORS l "M 34 I .lwf ' ..l.1pwwstfs, mMa.A.J.vptaE mm-1 First Row: JOHN B. ACKLEY, E ............,..,., Media, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: A.I.Ch.E. FRANCIS E. ADAMS III, A ........ Arlington, Tenn. HISTORY: S.C.A., Jr. Bar Assoc. JACQUELINE ADAMS, A, DDB . .Chattanooga, Tenn. MATHEMATICS: Gamma Phi Beta, Treasurer, House President. SUSAN M. ADDITON, N, XQ ........ Pittsburgh, Pa. NURSING: Sigma Theta Tau, Delphians, Honor Council, Nurs- ing Student Council, Mortar Board Vice-President, Women's Advisory Council. Second Row: JAMES E. ALEXANDER, A, KA .... Memphis, Tenn. CHEMISTRY: Alpha Phi Omega: Skull and Bones: Student Court, Vice-President: Vucept Board of Govemors. UREY W. ALEXANDER, JR., A, on ...,.,,.,..... Sulphur Springs, Tex. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Vucept: Phi Eta Sigma: Blue Pencil Club, Vice-President: R.O.T.C., Battalion Executive Ofiicer: Scabbard and Blade: Phi Kappa Sigma, Alumni Secretary. MYRON K. ALLENSTEIN, A, xmas , . .cadsd-ai, Ala BUSINESS ADIVIINISTRATION: R.O.T.C. MARCUS CLAY ALSPAUGH, A, HKA .,.......... Scottsboro, Ala BIOLOGY: S.C.A.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Steward, Rush Chairman. Third Row: RICHARD L. ANDREWS, E, AKE . .Wilmington, Del MILITARY ENGINEERING: Scabbard and Blade, S.A.M.E. THOMAS W. ARMISTEAD, A ....., Meridian, Miss ENGLISH, Honors: Vanderbilt-in-France: B.S.U., Council. JAMES F. ARTHUR III, A, EX ...... Memphis, Tenn PHILOSOPHY: Sigma Chi, Pledge Trainer, Secretary: I.F.C., V Treasurer: Vucept. AINNA K. BAKER, A, KA ......,. Chattanooga, Tenn FRENCH: S.C.A., Delphians, Italian Club, French Club, Van- derbilt-in-France. Fourth Row: EMILY R. BAKER, A, AOII ......., Nashville, Tenn BIOLOGY: Miss Vanderbilt: Homecoming Court: C.S.A.A.: Women's Advisory Council: Lotus Eaters: Women's Athletic Board: Greek Carnival Queen: Alpha Omicron Pi, Social Chair- man: Miss Commodore Contest. JAMES G. BAKER, JR., A IIDKE . . .Madisonville Ky BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION:,Phi Kappa Sigma, Treasurer: Freshman Tennis. J ANIS R. BAKER, A ........... Germantown, Tenn. RUSSIAN: S.C.A. Impact. VIRGINIA L. BANKS, A ........,. Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY Fifth Row: DOROTHY R. BANTA, A .......... Louisville, Ky. MATHEMATICS JOHN C. BARCALOW III E .......... Valdosta Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E., Dorm Council., HARVEY E. BAXTER, A, EN ...... Gainesville, Fla. HISTORY: Sigma Nu, Commander: Dorm Council, Freshman Cheerleader, Soccer. BARBARA J . BEACHAM, A, KA . . .New Orleans, La HISTORY: Kappa Delta, President: Army R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Judicial Board, S.C.A., Senior Cabinet. ff -W 4 SENIORS First Row: KATHRYN C. BEARD, A ...,,..... Chamblee, Ga. MATHEMATICS: A Capeua cnnir. WILLIAM E. BEATY III, E ........ Nashville, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: N.R.O.T.C., Tennis Team. A.s.M.E. DONALD EUGENE BEDWELL, E . . .Camden, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: I.E.E.E. ALBERT J. BEGBIE, A, KA ...,..,. Shreveport, La. ECONOMICS Second Row: BONNIE BEKKEDAHL, N .,,,.... Washington, D.C. NURSING JAMES E. BELL, A .........,..,.., Hindman, Ky. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Slpectrum, Business Manager: mpac . MARY SUSANNE BELL, A, XO ..,. Memphis, Tenn. HISTORY: JAA-VU, Mock Republican Council. JOSEPH A. BENEDICT, E ........ Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING Third Row: SAMUEL HOLLY BENEDICT Ill, E, EN Smyrna, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Varsity Track: A.I.Ch.E.: sigma Nu, Social Chairman. THOMAS R. BENNING, A ........ Lowland, Tenn. ENGLISH EDWIN W. BENSON, JR., A ........ Madison, Tenn. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ANNE S. BEVERIDGE, A, KAO ..... Nashville, Tenn. FINE ARTS: Junior Panhellenic Delegate, Kappa Alpha Rose, N.R.O.T.C. Blue Angel, Miss Commodore Contest. Fourth Row: STEPHEN M. BEVIL, A ......,. Chattanooga, Tenn. ENGLISH: Vucept. STEPHEN M. BLOCK, A, ZBT . . , .... Houston, Tex. HISTORY: Vucept: Zeta Beta Tau, President: Impact Finance Chairman: Orientation Chairman: Student Activities Card, Secretary: Dorm Council: OAK. SALLY S. BLOOD, N ,,,...,...., Nashville, Tenn. NURSING: S.C.A., T.A.S.N., Presbyterian Campus Center. J UDITH R. BOBO, A .......,...... Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY Fifth Row: DARRELL T. BOGGESS, E . . . . .Madisonville, Ky. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E., B.s.U., Sailing Club. ALBERT N. BOTTORFF, JR., A ,..... Prospect, Ky. GERMAN: WRVU: Delta Phi Alpha, President: Eta Sigma Phi. DONALD WAYNE BOULDIN, E, KE .............. McKenzie, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: I.E.E.E., Treasurer: S.A.M.E.: Vucept: Kappa Sigma, Scholarship Chairman. CHARLES D. BOUTWELL, A, AKE ........,..... Birmingham, Ala. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Tennis: Secretary of Educa- tional Affairs: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chalrrnan: Junior Bar Association. Sixth Row: EDWARD I. BOWEN, E ......,..... Baltimore, Md. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: I.E.E.E. DONALD E. BOWLES, A, EAE ........ Dallas, Tex. HISTORY: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer: Dorm Council, President: Vucept: Forum, Stgfriifng Committee: Dean of Men's a . ' SARA SUSAN BOYCE, A . . .Webster Groves, Mo. FRENCH: COMMODORE. JESSE N. BRADLEY, JR., A, KA ..., Huntsville, Ala. ENGLISH: Junior Bar Association, Vice-President: Spectrum, Editorial Board. Seventh Row: FRANK L. BRANHAM, JR., A, BOH . .Gallatin, Tenn. ENGLISH: Beta Theta Pi, gcerrisponding Secretary: Hustler: PAULA K. BRAWLEY, A .......,...... Earle, Ark. CHEMISTRY: Nuclians, Women's Standards, Phi Beta Kappa. MALVIN L. BRAY, E ....,....,,,..... Halls, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Tau Beta Pi: S.A.M.E., Treas- urer. DIANE L. BROCK, A, KA .,.... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. SPANISH: Kappa Delta, Sergeant at Arms, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Panhellenic Representative: Panhellenic, Treasurer, Secretary: Lotus Eaters: Athenians: Sigma Delta Pi: Women's Advisory Council. SENIORS JAY BROWN, A, K2 ,.., ,,..,,. L ake Forest, Ill. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Sigma, House Manager, Pledge Trainer. Guard Officer, Hustler, Circulation Manager. ROBERT L. BROWN, E . ...,, Huntingdon, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, A.S.M.E., N.R.0.T.C., S.A.M.E. WILLIAM A. BROWN, E . ., .. Spartanburg, sc. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, N.E.S.E.P., A.S.M.E., Secre- tary-Treasurer, S.A.M.E. JOHN BRUNO III, A, QAGJ ..,,... , Jackson, Miss. BIOLOGY, Football, Dorm Council President, Secretary, Executive Committee, Men's Residence Halls, Vucept. Second Row: GARY W. BUCHANAN, A . Caruthersville, Mo. MATHEMATICS, S.C.A., Vice-President and Treasurer, Ameri- can Institute of Physics, Student Section. WILLIAM ,E. BUIST III, E, BCDII , . .Nashville, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Beta Theta Pi, Secretary, A.I.Ch.E., Tau Beta Pi. JAMES W. BURKE, A . . . . . .... Nashville, Tenn. ECONOMICS JOE W. BURKETT, A, QDAGJ . , . .Texarkana Tex. Y BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Baseball, Dean of Men's Staff, Men's Residence Halls Council, Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, Vucept Board of Govemors, Student Association Cabinet, Di- rector of Student Activities, Director, Freshman Orientation, Junior Class Cabinet, Director of Public Relations, All-IM Football, S.C.A. Third Row: WILTON W. BURNETT, JR., E . .Nashville, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.Ch.E.. A.S.M.E., Sigma Tau. Rifle Team. WILLIAM H. BURROW II, A, KA . .Greenville, Miss. CHEMISTRY, Impact, Public Relations Staff. RALPH N. BUSSARD, E , , . , ,Little Rock, Ark. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Eta Kappa Nu, President. SUSAN BUTTERFIELD, A, KAGJ Lookout Mt., Tenn. PSYCHOLOGY, Kappa Alpha Theta, House President, S.C.A. Cabinet, Residence Halls Council. Fourth Row: ANN MARIE BYBEE A ., . .,Houst0n Tex CHEMISTRY, Sailing Cllib, Treasurer, American Cheniical Society, Student Afliliate. WALTER K. CALDWELL, JR., A, EAR ............ Franklin, Tenn ENGLISH, Phi Eta sigma. WILLIAM C. CALDWELL, JR., E, ATQ ........... Mountain Lakes, N.J. ENGINEERING, Track. DARRELL WAYNE CAMPBELL, E , , , ..... . . , , Elizabethtown, Tenn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, N.R.O.T.C., priu Team Fifth Row: ROBERT W. CANDLER, JR., E, KA . ,Atlanta, Ga CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, A.I.Ch.E., S.A.M.E., R.O.T.C. Staff Kappa Alpha No. 8. R. ALAN CANNON, E, AEl'I .,,.. Spartanburg, S.C CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, Sailing Club, Alpha Phi Omega, A.I.Ch.E., N.R.O.T.C. MARK A. CARDEN, E ............ Nashville, Tenn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, I.E.E.E. J UDITH A. CARMACK, A, IIBQID . .Albuquerque N.M 7 SPANISH, Women's Residence Halls Council, President, Vice- President, Panhellenic Council, Secretary, Forum, Secretary, Pi Beta Phi, Secretary, Board of Presidents, W.S.G.A., Judi- cial Board, Hustler, Women's Editor, St. Aug'ustine's Board, Impact, Sigma Delta Pi. Commander. Sixth Row: SHERYL K. CARMAN, A, KA . , , . .Murray, Ky FRENCH JAMES A. CARMODY, A, IIJKE . , Fullerton, Calif BIOLOGY, Company Commander, N.R.0.T.C., Impact. ROBERT N. CARNAHAN E QKIII ..Nashvi11e Tenn CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, Plii Kbppa Psi, President, Retard- ing Secretary, A.I.Ch.E., R.O.T.C., S.A.M.E., Engineering Council, Faculty Club. MICHAEL W. CARSON, A, EX ...... St. Louis, Mo BIOLOGY, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Football. Seventh Row: WILLIAM W. CAWooD, JR., A, aim' ............., Kingsport, Tenn POLITICAL SCIENCE, Phi Kappa Psi, Pledge Trainer, R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, Counterguerrilla, Chicago Tribune Mili- tary Award. BARBARA JEAN CEHAN, A, rims . .......,..... . Western Springs, Ill FRENCH, A Capella Choir, Vanderbilt Student Association, Secretary, Women's Advisory Council, Gamma Phi Beta, So- cial Chairman, Song Chairman. MILDRED A. CHASTAIN, A ..... ,,.. A tlanta, Ga FRENCH, A Capella Choir, Honor Dorm. WILLIAM W. CHASTAIN, A, KA . , . Tampa, Fla POLITICAL SCIENCE, C.S.A.A., Junior Bar Association, Golf: Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Secretary, N.R.O.T.C., Vanderbilt Representative to West Point Conference. 44 First Row: JAMES R. CHESHIRE, A ,,,V.... Nashville, Tenn CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. BETSY CHISOLM, A, KAO ,....,.,,......,....... Lookout Mountain, Tenn HISTORY: Advisory Council: S.C.A.: Freshman Annual Staff: Kappa Alpha Theta, President, Rush Chairman: Panhellenic Council, Standards Board. JAMES MICHAEL CLARK, A . .Old Hickory, Tenn MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ERNEST P. CLEMENT, JR., A, QK2 ......,..,.,... Birmingham, Ala POLITICAL SCIENCE: Senate: Board of Presidents: Publica- tions Board: Phi Kappa Sigma, President: Vucept. Second Row: JAMES DUDLEY CLENDINEN, A, KA . Tampa, Fla POLITICAL SCIENCE: S.C.A., Junior Bar Association. E. G. CLINE, A . .....,......,,. Chattanooga, Tenn BIOLOGY THOMAS H. COLEMAN, A . ,Milford Center, Ohio BIOLOGY ELIZABETH P. COLES, A, XQ .......... Atlanta, Ga. Advisory Council: Chi Omega, Social Chairman, Pledge Trainer. Third Row: MAXIE T. COLLIER, A ,.....,..... Waverly, Tenn PSYCHOLOGY CHRISTOPHER ALAN COLLINS, A, SAE ......,.. Birmingham, Ala GEOLOGY: Football, Freshman Baseball. CYNTHIA HARDMAN COLLINS, A, A011 ........ Washington, D.C HISTORY: Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-President: Women's Standards: S.C.A. LAURENCE D. CONN, A, QKE ..... Memphis, Tenn PHYSICS Fourth Row: ROBERT M. COOK, A ,....,.. , .HattieSburg, Miss BIOLOGY: Saiung Club: Delta Phi Aipha. EDWIN D. COOPER, A, CIJKE ..,,,.... Thayer, Mo HISTORY: Phi Kappa Sigma, Secretary. LINDA D. COOPER, A, XQ .......... Louisville, Ky CHEMISTRY: Chi Omega, Vice-President: Women'S Advisory Council: American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate: S.C.A. GORDON T. CORLEW, A, EN . . Bayville, L.I., N.Y PHYSICS: Vucept, Board of Governors: Freshman Orientation Chairman, American Physics Society. Fifth Row: JAMES F. CORRIGAN, A ,......,.. Wantagh, N.Y ECONOMICS: Delta Phi Alpha. GUINN SHAW COST, A, EX ...,,. Hopkinsville, Ky BIOLOGY ROBERT BARTOW COUSINS, A, BAE . .Dallas, Tex POLITICAL SCIENCE EDWIN BAGGETT COX, A , ,..... Nashville, Tenn PHYSICS: Joint University Bands: W'RVU, Business Manager: American Institute of Plgxysics, Astgdent Section: Skull and ones, . df . First Row: JOHN E. COX, A, fI1At9 .,.........,.... Evanston, Ill. ECONOMICS: S.C.A., Junior Bar Association: Track. SINA D. CRADDOCK, A, AAA ........ Louisville Ky ENGLISH: Women's Advisory Council: Honor Council: Lotlis Eaters: N.R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Pi Kappa Delta: Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President. DONALD K. CRAFT, E, EN ..:...,. Brentwood, Mo. MECHANICAL ENGINEERI'I1:iE'ineIl-l.S.M.E.: Sigma Nu, Pledge DAVID L. CRECRAFT, A ......... Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY Second Row: LARRY R. CREEKMORE, A, K2 .,.. Bolivar, Tenn. HISTORY: Hustler Business Staff, Manager, Advertising Man- ager: Spectrum. JERE L. CROOK III, A .....,...... Memphis Tenn. PHILOSOPHY: s.c.A., Impignb Young Turks, Blue rienoil u . BETTY J . CROSWELL, A ........ Cincinnati, Ohio SPANISH: Sigma Delta Pi, President: Newman Club, Secre- tary: Vanderbilt-in-Spain: Joint University Band. SUSAN E. CROWDUS, A, use ......... Dallas, Tex. SOCIOLOGY: Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman, Correspond- ing Secretary, APW Award: Coed Handbook Staff: Colvuvro- nonm: N.S.F. Grant: S.C.A.: JAA-VU: Impact. Third Row: RONALD E. CRUTCHER, E, PSK . . .Franklin, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Vice- President: A.S.C.E.: S.A.M.E.: Riiie Team. SUMNER R. CULLOM, A, SX . ,,.,.... Wilson, Ark. BIOLOGY KAREN E. CUMBIE A KAO ..,,..,.. Orlando, Fla. ENGLISH: Women's Ailvisory Council, Women's Standards, Honor Council, Delphians, Honor Dorm. HERVEY LEIGH CUNNINGHAM, A, IWIDB ...,..... Burgettstown, Pa. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: Gamma Phi Beta, Scholarship Chair- man, Parliamentarian: Delphians: Impact. Fourth Row: JAMES M. CUNNINGHAM, A ...... Nashville, Tenn. BIOLOGY HARRY S. CURLIN, JR., A, HKA . .Nashville, Tenn. ECONOMICS: Vucept, V.I.S.A., Junior Bar Association, S.C.A. DOYLE E. CURREY, JR., A .,., Chattanooga, Tenn. ENGLISH: COMMODORE, Sailing Club, Spectrum, S.C.A. JAMES FRANK CURRY, A, EAE . .Birmingham, Ala. POLITICAL SCIENCE Fifth Row: MARILYNN N. CURTIS, A, IIBKD .... Louisville, Ky. ENGLISH: Coivuviononrz, Honoraries Editor, Class Co-Editor: Pi Beta Phi, Censor: Women's Standards: Vanderbilt-in-France: JAA-VU: S.C.A.: Honor Dorm. LILLIAS A. DALE A KAO ........ Cohunbia Tenn. ENGLISH: Vanderbilt-infrranoe, Miss Commodore Contest, Homecoming Court, Kappa Alpha Theta Marshall. JESSE CLOYCE DARNELL, E ......., Boaz, Ala. CIVIL ENGINEERING: Football. DIANA L. DAUKSCH, N ,.......,... Maitland, Fla. NURSING: S.C.A., A Capella Choir, Freshman Committee. . 1 f elf, f f.,o.s,.fwf. CADEE C. A. DAVID, A, KAO .,,..... Orlando, Fla. First Row: ENGLISH: Kappa Alpha Theta, Editor, Women's Advisory Council, Delphians, S.C.A., Vanderbilt-in-France, Honor Dorm. JULIA W. DAVIDSON, A, AAA . . .Nashville, Tenn. FINE ARTS, Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Aquatic Club. MURAT H. DAVIDSON, JR., A, ATO , 4,,... ,..... . Cincinnati, Ohio GEOLOGY, Alpha Tau 031933, Vice-President, Freshman rac . THEODORE E. C. DAVIES, A . .Barbourville, Ky. BIOLOGY Second Row: JAMES H. DAVIS, A, CPKIII ..., . . Cleveland, Tenn. RUSSIAN, Phi Kappa Psi, Recording Secretary, S.C.A., In- vestment Club. LUCIAN DAVIS, A, ZAE ,.....,,,,.. Jackson, Miss. CHEMISTRY, Phi Eta Sigma, President, OAK, Vice-President, Track, Honor Council, Skull and Bones, Treasurer, Vucept, Parent's Weekend, Chairman, All-IM Football. ROBERT H. DAVIS, JR., A, K2 ,....,.,.. ..,...... , Signal Mountain, Tenn HISTORY, Kappa Sigma, Guard, Mr. Commodore, C.S.A.A., Vice-President, Hustler Business Staff, Impact, Vucept. SIMEON B. DAVIS, E, K2 . ..., Roxboro, N.C POLITICAL SCIENCE, Dorm Council, Football, Kappa Sigma, Pledge Class Secretary. Third Row: MICHAEL H. DAWSON, A . Apinckwey, Mich. BIOLOGY, Football, Skull and Bones, V.U.T. LAUREL J. DAY, A . . . .... . .Glenview, Ill. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY CONNIE M. DEARMAN, A, DDB . . . , ..... . . . . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn CHEMISTRY, Delphians, President, Spectrum, American Chemistry Society, Junior Affiliate, Women's Advisory Council, Honor Dorm. ROGER G. DEBENPORT, E, EN . .KirkwoOd, Mo. CIVIL ENGINEERING Fourth Row: JOE W. DEMIC, E . Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, President, Eta Kappa Nu, Corresponding Secretary, Sailing Club, Engineering Coun- cil, Men's Glee Club: N.R.O.T.C. Drill Team. HOWARD C. DERRICK III, A, EAE . .LaFayette, Ga. BIOLOGY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Interfraternity Council, Vice-President, Greek Week Charity Carnival, Chair- man. THOMAS E. DESPARD, E, EAE . . Lancaster, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING, A.s.c.E. SAMUEL R. DEWEY, JR., E, EAE . Birmingham, Ala MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Fifth Row: DANIEL L. DeVORE, A, HKA . . .Winter Haven, Fla. BIOLOGY, Pi Kappa Alpha, IM Chairman, Assistant Social Chairman, Newman Club. RICHARD M. DICTER, A, zm- ...... Louisviue, Ky ENGLISH, Honors, COMMODORE, Section Editor, Course Evalu- ation, Editor, Blue Pencil Club, Skull and Bones. JACQUELINE DIENNA, N . ....... Houston, Tex NURSING, Semi-finalist, Miss Commodore Contest, T.A.S.N. THOMAS F. DODSON, A, KA . . . . .Hartselle, Ala CHEMISTRY, Alpha Phi Omega, Vucept, Impact Staff, All- IM Football, Freshman Baseball. Sixth Row: ARTHUR D. DONNELLY, E, BOH .............,.. Bowling Green, Ky MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, A.S.M.E., Beta Theta Pi, As- sistant Treasurer. JOHN R. DONNALLY, E, AKE . .Hong Kong, B.C.C MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SUSAN E. DOTY, A, DDB .... , Petersburg, Ind POLITICAL SCIENCE, Impact, Cole Hall Vice-President. WILLIAM W. DOW, A . . .... . . . .Meridian, Miss MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, Vucept, Impact, Student Court, Head Clerk, Mock Republican Convention, Dorm President, Inter- Dorm Council. Seventh Row: EMANUEL O. DOYNE, A, ZBT . .Nashville, Tenn CHEMISTRY, Skull and Bones, Secretary: Vucept, Freshman Annual, Co-editor, Zeta Beta Tau, Rush Chaimian, Secretary, I.F.C., Corresponding Secretary. CLAIRE H. DROWOTA, A ..... . .Nashville, Tenn PHILOSOPHY SARA DUCOTE, A, X0 ....... ..... S ylvania, Ohio ENGLISH, Women's Standards, Coed Handbook. RONALD N. DUNCAN, E . . . . . .NashvilIe, Tenn MECHANICAL ENGINEERINCQE, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., N.S.F. 1'3l'l . SENIORS WILLIAM L. DUNKER, E ,..,,,...A Lakeland, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Newman Club, I.E.E.E., N.R .O .T.C. RALPH L. DUPPS, E, BOII ..,......, Louisville, Ky. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Beta Theta Pi, Social Chair- man, A.S.M.E., Vucept. ROBERT C. EAGER, A .,..,..,....., Valdosta, Ga POLITICAL SCIENCE, OAK, President, Impact, Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Forum, Co-founder, ChairInan, Hustler, Associate Editor, Vucept, Board of Presidents. CAROL B. EARP A DDB ...,.,, Chattanoo a Tenn g ENGLISH, Hizstleh, Eta Sigma Phi, Honor Dorm. , Second Row: WOODS E. EASTLAND, A, IPAQ . .Doddsvi1le, Miss BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, OAK, Phi Delta Theta, Vice- President, President, I.F.C., President, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice- President, Vucept, Board of Presidents, S.C.A., Freshman Dorm Council. THOMAS E. ECHOLS, A ....,,......., Atlanta, Ga ENGLISH, Honors, S.C.A. FREDERIC ARNOLD EIDSNESS, JR., E, ATO ..... Boca Raton, Fla MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ANNE K. ELIAsoN, N, mis ,..,.,...... Quincy, Ill NURSING, Sophomore Nursing Class, Vice-President. Third Row: EMILY ANN ELIOT A KAQ9 ...,.,.. Houston Tex HISTORY, Kappa Alpha: Theta, Social Chairman, Correspo,nd- ing Secretary, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Court, S.C.A. Cabi- net, Coivnvionomz, Miss Commodore Contest, Advisory Council. ROBERT N. ELKINS, A, KA ,......, Columbus Ga BUSINESS ADNIINISTRATION, S.C.A., Junior Bar Associa- tion, Soccer Team, Kappa Alpha Historian, Alumni Secretary, House Manager, Adil. DAVID J. ELLIOTT, A, EN ....,..,,. Houston, Tex BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DOROTHY E. ELLIS, A, xo ...,,. Birmingham, Ala MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, Chi Omega, Corresponding Secre- tary, S.C.A., Women's Residence Halls Council, BSU. Fourth Row: SUSAN M. ELSEVIER, A ..., ..... C lanton, Ala. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, S.C.A., BSU, A Capella Choir. FRANK W. ENGLERT III, E, BGJII . .Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING GLORIA J. ENOCHS, A, AOII ..... Shelbyville, Tenn. SOCIOLOGY, Alpha Omicron Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Women's Aquatic Club, Student Director, Women's Advisory Council, Women's Residence Halls Council, S.C.A. PATRICIA M. EVANS, A, AAA .,.... Louisville, Ky. HISTORY-POLITICAL SCIENCE-ECONOMICS, Debate Club, Secretary, Women's Advisory Council, Miss Commodore Con- test, Sigma Nu Sweetheart Court, Honor Council, Judicial Fifth Row: Board, Impact. DAVID R. FARGO, A .,..... . . .Memphis Tenn. ENGLISH, S.C.A., Class Co-Chairman, General Cabinet, ,AKIJSL Treasurer, Vucept, St. Augustine's Board of Directors. CHARLOTTE F. FARRAR, A, DDB .,...,,,....,... Shelbyville, Tenn. P . HOLOGYQ A Capella Choir, Coivnviononz, IM All-Star Basketball, Soccer, Women's Athletic Board. RONP LD ALAN FAWCETT, A, BOII ...........,.. Wheeling, W.Va. CHEMISTRY, Track. RAYMOND S. FERGUS A EN .. . . .Osceola Ark. BIbI.dGY ' Sixth Row: S. CYLE FERGUSON A .....,..... Meridian Miss CHEMISTRY, course Elfaiuation, Investment Club, lion, ' Vucept. CLIFTON W. FEWEL III A . ........ Meridian Miss. ENGLISH, Vucept, Glee President, B.S.U., Couhcil, DENNIS P. FINN E .....,............ Central Ind. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ' ARTHUR F. FITE III, A, ATQ ........ Halnilton, Ala. ECONOMICS, Impact, Spectrum, Subscription Manager. Seventh Row: WILLIAM E. FITZGIBBON III, A. .............. . Birmingham, Ala. MATHEMATIC S DAVID A. FLANARY A ..........,. Houston Tex. FRENCH, Teniiis, Vanderbilt-in-France. , PINK L. FOLMAR, A . . ......... Montgomery, Ala. CHEMISTRY, AQPSZ, Corresponding Secretary, Vucept, V.I.S.A., S.C.A., Army Drill Team. MICHAEL J. FORAN, JR., E, ATO . . .Arlington, Va. CIVIL ENGINEERING 48 ,.,a-Q 'F 1 10 ""' -.t,.,v- 349 First Row: JAMES KELLER FOSTER, E ...,, Nashville, Tenn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, I.E.E.E. ALVIN FOX, E, AEII ..,..,...... Chattanooga, Tenn MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Alpha Epsilon Pi, President, Engineering Open House Afgecwcizlisgion Committee Chairman, NANCY FRAZEE, A, AOII . .I..., Memphis, Tenn BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Delta Alpha, CoIvnvIo- DORE, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Omicron Treasurer. STEPHEN A. FREEMAN, A, ZBT . Indianapolis, Ind HISTORY, Zeta Beta Tau, Vice-President, Coivnvzonom-:, Junior Bar Association, Hillel, C.S.A.A. Second Row: TIMOTHY A. FRENCH, E, EN . , Fort Meade, Md MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Scabbard and Blade. CHARLES M. FRIEDMAN, A, ZBT . . Louisville, Ky POLITICAL SCIENCE, Course Evaluation Book, Coivuvxononn, IM Board, Elections Committee. E. LeJUAN FURGASON, N, Aon ..,..... Ocala, Fla NURSING, Phi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart, Nursing Faculty Representative, Alpha Omicron Pi, President. LYNN C. GAARDEN, N, IWIIB ...... Kensington, Md NURSING, Nursing Student Association, President, Vice-Presi- dent, W.S.G.A., Board of Presidents, Nursing Student Council. Treasurer, Class President, T.A.S.N. Third Row: ROBERT N. GAMBLE, E, EAE ,,,..,,, Effingham, Ill CIVIL ENGINEERING, Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President, Vucept, Sigma Tau, Treasurer, A.S.C.E., S.C.A. DEBORAH GARBER, A, Aon . Chicago, Ill BIOLOGY GRADY M. GARRISON, A, K2 .,..... Ripley, Tenn PSYCHOLOGY, Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, President, Hustler, Circulation Manager, Temporary Business Manager, Vucept, Phi Eta Sigma. SIDNEY C. GARRISON, A, K2 . .Murfreesboro, Tenn MATHEMATICS Fourth Row: RUSSELL YOUNG GARTH, A, IIKA . .LOuisville, Ky ENGLISH, Student Court, President, APO, President, Secre- tary, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Vucept, S.C.A., Board of Directors, Skull and Bones, Tennis, OAK. SHERRY I. GAUTHIER, A . , . . Bridgeville, Pa ENGLISH, Women's Advisory Council, Treasurer, Women's Standards Committee, Impact, S.C.A,, Senior Cabinet, CoIvI- Mononn. ROBERT L. GEORGE, A, IIDKT ........ St. Johns, Me. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Kappa Psi, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Vanderbilt Investment Club, Treas- urer, N.R.O.T.C., CrosscuwizglLEsBEditgr, APO, Conservative Club, oar . KENNETH W. GIBBS, A, KE . . , . . Somerset, Ky. BIOLOGY, Basketball. Fifth Row: CHARLES C. GILBERT III, E ...... Nashville, Tenn CIVIL ENGINEERING, A.S.C.E., s.A.M.E. JAMES H. GIUSTI, E, EN . .MemphiS, Tenn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Baseball. NANCY R. GOETZMAN, A, XQ . . .LOuisville, Ky. FRENCH, Women's Advisory Council, S.C.A., Senior Cabinet, B.S.U., Vanderbilt-in-France, Honor 'Dorm. EDWIN L. GOFF, A . , , . North Little Rock, Ark PHILOSOPHY, Young Democrats, Students for a Democratic Society, Student Political Education and. Action Committee. Council on Human Relations. First Row: LEE D. GOLDSTEIN, A, ZBT ..,, . Louisville, Ky PHILOSOPHY, APO, Executive Vice-President, Vucept, Marching Band, Concert Band, Concert Master, Impact, Junior Bar Association, Committee lflor Alternatives to War in Viet am. DENNIS W. GOLDSTON, A . . Bessemer, Ala ENGLISH MARTHA CAROLYN GOOD A . ,.,. Dallas Tex PSYCHOLOGY, Student-Faculty Chairman, S.C.A., Freshrhan Cabinet, Nuclians, Secretary, Eta Sigma Phi, Honor Dorm. CHERYLE.GOODMAN,A,HBcI1... .. Webster Groves, MO FRENCH, Women's Standards, Women's Advisory Council, S.C.A., Tau Alpha, Membership Chairman, Floor Counselor, Parents Weekend, Zeta Alpha Rho, Pi Beta Phi, Arrow Cor- respondent. Second Row: JEFFERY GORDON, A, QDKE . . . Dunwoody, Ga MOLECULAR BIOLOGY JON I. GORDON, A, znr . . Miami, Fla BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Junior Bar Association. JOHN M. GORE, E, QDKXII .......... Nashville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Phi Kappa Psi, Recording Secretary, I.E.E.E. ALAN LOUIS GORRELL, A. . . .OwensbOro, Ky CHEMISTRY, S.C.A., Senior Cabinet, Dorm Council. Third Row: WILLIAM H. GOURLEY, JR., A, BAE . .... . . . . Nashville, Tenn BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Record- ing Secretary. GARY R. GRABLE, E, EN . . Winter Park, Fla MECHANICAL ENGINEERING with ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERING option, Honor Council, Vucept, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Nu, Lt. Commander, Treasurer, Soccer Club. CARL DAVID GRAEFLIN, E, fl3KlIf . Nashville, Tenn CIVIL ENGINEERING, Track, William Cornelius Award, Phi Kappa Psi, Pledge Trainer, Vucept. MARY G. GRAVES, A, XQ . . ..PrOspect, Ky BIOLOGY, Board of Presidents, Senior Class Vice-President. Women's Advisory Council, W.S.G.A. Fourth Row: EVELYN G. GREEN, A, KA Anchorage, Ky PSYCHOLOGY: Women's Standards Committee, Vice-President, WOmen's Advisory Council, Kappa Delta, Corresponding Secre- tary, Fire Marshall, S.C.A., Junior and Senior Cabinet, Judicial Board, Residence Halls Council. CHARLES A. GREENFIELD A IPAQ .... Atlanta Ga ECONOMICS, Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, N.R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Dorm Council, Freshman Baseball. JOE M. GREENLEE, A, BGDII Lubbock, Tex BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer, Junior Bar Association, Secretary-Treasurer, Investment Club, Young Republicans, Intercollegiate State Legislature. J. BROOKS GRIFFIN, A, EN . . . San Jose, Calif BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Fifth Row: MIRIAM AMANDA GRIFFIN, A, IIBfb . .Atlanta, Ga ECONOMICS, Residence Halls Councils, Impact, Hostess, Treasurer, Advisory Committee, Floor Counselor, Pi Beta Phi, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Mortar Board, President. RUTH V. GRIFFITH, A, use . . . . . .Dallas, Tex POLITICAL SCIENCE, Pi Beta Phi, President, Rush Chairman, Women's Residence Halls gloluncil, Pi Kappa Delta, Standards airman. DIANA G. GROSSMAN, N . . Nashville, Tenn NURSING, T1A.S.N. WILLIAM C. GUNTER, A . ..St. Louis, MO GEOLOGY I SE ORS First Row: KAMAL K. GUPTA, E .,..,..,,,..,... Delhi, India MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, A.S.M.E., A.S.M., APO, V.I.S.A., A Capella Choir, Student Senate, Board of Presidents, Freshman Annual, Parents Weekend, Dean of Men's Staff. THOMAS H. GUYTON, A ,......, Shreveport, La. ENGLISH JOHN R. HAGEN, E, ATO . . ....,.. Savannah, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING, IM Board, Vice-President, A.S.C.E., Semper Fidelis Society. LLOYD J. HAILE, JR., A, AKE .... Cleveland, Tenn. POLITICAL SCIENCE, WRVU, station Manager. Second Row: STEPHEN M. HALL, E, QIJKE. , , . . . Selma, Ark. CIVIL ENGINEERING, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, Honor Council, Vice-President, Vucept, A.S.C.E., Sigina Tau, Scabbard and Blade, Dorm Council. WINTHROP M. HALLETT III, A, EAE . .Mobile, Ala. ECONOMICS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President. RAYFORD E. HAMMOND, A ..,. Nashville, Tenn. MATHEMATICS, N.E.S.E.P. CHARLES R. HANES, A, KA . , , ....., Mobile, Ala. BIOLOGY, Kappa Alpha, President, Honor Council, Skull and Bones, APO. Third Row: PEGGY A. HANRATTY, A, AOII . .HOpkinsville, Ky. PSYCHOLOGY N. DAVID HARPER, JR., A, KA . . ,LOuisville, Ky. U ECONOMICS, Men's Residence Halls Council, S.C.A., JAA-V , Investment Club. VAN HARRIS, A .,....,......... Newbern, Tenn. HISTORY, Dorm Council, Scabbard and Blade, Impact. LEON W. HARVATH, A, BOII ............. Australia PSYCHOLOGY, International Vucept, S.C.A. Fourth Row: GEORGE E. HARVEY III, A, BOII . . .WeirtOn, W.Va. HISTORY, Football, Baseball, COMMODORE, Sports Section Editor. G. STANLEY HATCH, JR., A .... San Antonio, Tex. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BENJAMIN FRANK HATFIELD, JR., A, fIPK'II ..... Atlanta, Ga. BIOLOGY LUCINDA J. HAWES, A , . . . . , . , Lewisport, Ky. SPANISH, Vanderbilt-in-Spain. Fifth Row: AUDREY ANN HAY, A . . Lexington, Tenn. ECONOMICS WALTER W. HAYDEN, E , . Nashville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, I.E.E.E. JAMES E. HAYES, A ..., . . , . . , Madison, Tenn. PHYSICS-ASTRONOMY RONALD E. HAYNIE, E .. .. ,,.. Memphis, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, A.S.M.E., A.S.M. Sixth Row: JAMES M. HEISKELL, JR., E, BOII . . Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Beta Theta Pi, Historian. Sec- retary, Track, Dorm Council, Vucept, I.E.E.E., Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Vice-President. H. R. HELVENSTON, A, fbAO . . . A Oakton, va. POLITICAL SCIENCE JAMES H. HENDERSON, A, KA . , Jackson, Miss. ENGLISH, Impact, Vucept, Board of Governors, Vanderbilt-in- France, Student Government, Convention Delegate, Coivnvionons. EARL O. HENRY, JR., A ,..,.,.. ,Nashvil1e, Tenn. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Investment Club, Treasurer. Seventh Row: ROY B. HETHERWICK, A, f1vK1lf ...... Metairie, La. PSYCHOLOGY, S.C.A., Senior Cabinet, Wesley Foundation, Phi Kappa Psi, Recording Secreta,ri'I,TChaplain, Historian, R.O.T.C.. EUNICE S. HEWES, A, KAO . , ,BirniinghaIn, Ala. MATHEMATICS, Women's Advisory Council, President, Mortar Board, Treasurer, Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer, Board of Presidents, Delphians. i CHARLES W. HEWGLEY III, A, EN . .Jama1ca, N.Y. ENGLISH, Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Hustler. ROBERT ENSOR HEWGLEY, JR., E . . .......,. . . Nashville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Tau Beta Pi, Cataloger, I.E.E.E., Secretary, Eta Kappa Nu, Recording Secretary. SENIORS First Row: CHARLES R. HICKS, JR., A . . .MObile, Ala. ENGLISH, Honors. JAMES B. HICKS, A, KE . .New York, N.Y. ECONOMICS: Kappa Sigma Secretary. R. ROSS HIGHTOWER, A, EAE . . . Florence, Ala. CHEMISTRY: Vucept. JOHN FRASER HIMES, A, KA .... .Tampa, Fla. ENGLISH: Cheerleader, Junior Bar Association. Second Row: WILLIE ERWIN HODGES, JR., E, EN .. ..... . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING: Sigma Tau. JANICE HOLLIMAN, A, llliclo .... Tulsa, Okla. MATHEMATICS: Aquatic Club. MARY L. HOLT, A, IIBQIP . Nashville, Tenn. PSYCHOLOGY: S.C.A., .TAA-VU, Miss Commodore Contest, Phi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart: Pi Beta Phi, Philanthropies Chair- man: Women's Residence Halls Council, Homecoming Queen Nominee, Mock Republican Nominating Convention, Parents' Weekend Committee. GARY L. HOMAN, A .... . Sudbury, Mass. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Third Row: CHARLES HON, A, KE .... . Chattanooga, Tenn. HISTORY J. THOMAS HOOTEN, E . .Birmingham, Ala. CHEIVIICAL ENGINEERINCELEQESR Council: A.I.Ch.E., Vice- LYNCH C. HOPPER, A, EX . . .Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY: Sigma Chi, Historian: S.C.A.: Freshman Basketball. MICHAEL W. HOWELL, A . . .Nashvil1e, Tenn. HISTORY: N.R.O.T.C., Debate, Christian Student Center, APO. Fourth Row: GEORGE B. HUG, A, Alilfl ....... .... D allas, Texas ECONOMICS: Delta Kappa Epsilon, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, IFC Representative: Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Vucept: COMMODORE, Financial Advisor. MARY LEE HUNTER, A, aaa Gallatin, Tenn. MATHEMATICS: Delta Delta Delta, President: Mortar Board: Athenians: Lotus Eaters: Women's Advisory Council: Impact. RAYMOND G. HUNTER, E Nashville, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: A.I.Ch.E., President: Engineering Council. EDWARD H. HUTCHISON, E Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING: A.s.c.E., XE. Fifth Row: EDWARD T. HYDE, A, xx Talladega, Ala. PHILOSOPHY: R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Color Guard: Sigma Nu, Reporter. DOUGLAS W. JACKSON, E, BAE .Little Rank, Ark. CIVIL ENGINEERING: A.S.C.E. GRANBERRY JACKSON III, A, non .............. Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY: Beta Theta Pi, Social Chairman. JAMES M. JACKSON, E, BAE Little Rank, Ark. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: I.E.E.E. Sixth Row: THOMAS R. JACKSON, A, EX . .Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY: Scabbard and FBlid3eh N.R.O.T.C., Track, All-IM oo a . STEPHEN E. JACOBSON, E . Los Altos Hills, Calif. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Hustler, COMMODORE, N.R.O.T.C. Z BETH ENNINGS A M h T ELI A A.J , emp IS, enn. POLITICAL SCIENCE: S.C.A., .IAA-VU, Cammoanan. TOM P. JENNINGS, E . . Tullahoma, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Seventh Row: RICHARD B. JEWELL, A ..Nashville, Tenn. ENGLISH HORACE E. JOHNS, JR., A, BOII Eagleville, Tenn. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Debate: R.O.T.C.: Scabbard and Blade: Junior Bar Association, President: Intercollegiate State Legis- ALLEN CLARK JOHNSZOUIQ' A . Nashville, Tenn. PHYSICS EVELYN M. JOHNSON, A . Nashville, Tenn. LATIN: Eta Sigma Phi, President, Secretary: S.C.A.: Young Democrats. .. S L,...... F.. .... .S YP' tr? ""'J -Ii: 'QR -o-ev Y' If . av' A wa ' -xv' ,-. My QU s Q it .- '- - .fi ,Mac ,--.9 st.-at H , I. . :tiff - 'g."g:, ,,f,..: T. . ,st FG .f-an .A ...f p,.,i?f'f" gig :ge ..,,.-,w.,1,, 5-51- X P I xx NDA iii T, 'area F ' iffy Q ,:. f. :we F t..,..... ...Q , ,3,.....,,.i,,,f:- 5, First Row: JOHN W. JOHNSON, E, ATS2 . , . . , .Houston, Tex. CIVIL ENGINEERING, Golf, A.S.C.E., Freshman Baseball, IM Board, Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Captain. LESLIE G. JOHNSON, A . .. . , Florence, Ala. HISTORY, APO, President, Board of Presidents, Representa- tive to Nashville Collegiate Exchange Council. ROBERT D. JOHNSON, A . . , , Little Rock, Ark. MATHEMATICS, APO, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Historian, SCA? Selnior Cabinet, International ucep. RUSSELL H. JOHNSON, JR., E . . Huntington, N.Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, S.A.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Presi- dent, A.S.M.E., President, Engineering Council. Second Row: GILBERT E. JOHNSTON, JR., A, OAO ..,.,,..,... Birmingham, Ala HISTORY, Phi Delta Theta, President, Historian, Chorister, Forum, S.C.A., Senior Cabinet, Swimming, Impact, Scabbard and Blade. ALLEN R. JONES, A, EN . . . ,Vero Beach, Fla. HISTORY, S.C.A., Sailing Club, Junior Bar Association, In- vestment Club. CHRIS B. JONES, A, KA . . . Atlanta, Ga. ENGLISH, Vanderbilt-in-France, S.C.A., Junior Class Chair- man, Executive Board, Track. DONALD FRANCIS JONES, A, BAE Little Rock, Ark. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Third Row: MARILYN E. JONES, A . Silver Spring, Md. HISTORY, WRVU, Prograngiulgglrjctor, Honor Dorm, Impact, STUART C. JONES, JR., A, ATQ , Boston, Mass. HISTORY, N.R.O.T.C., Color Guard, Company Commander, Scabbard and Blade, COMMODORE, Military Editor, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Historian, All-IM Football. SUSAN LANGFORD JONES, A . Wilmington, Del. MATHEMATICS, Vanderbilt-in-France. THOMAS W. JONES, A . . Fi. Thomas, Ky. ECONOMICS, Vucept, S.C.A., Eta Sigtna Phi, Treasurer, Sec- retary, Investment Club, Impact, Junior Bar Association, Varsity Swimming, Co-Captain. Fourth Row: HARRIETT SORRELLE JORDAN, A, AAA ,...... Memphis, Tenn. FINE ARTS REID SUTTON JOYNER, A Towson, Md. HISTORY ALFRED KAHN III, A, ZAR ......, Little Rock, Ark. PSYCHOLOGY JANET H. KATZ, A, AEG, . Beachwood, Ohio MATHEMATICS, Women's Advisory Council, Impact, Historian, COMMODORE, Mock Republican Convention, Women's Residence Halls Council, Lotus Eaters, Parents Weekend Committee, Miss Commodore Contest, Coed Handbook Committee, Women's Fifth Row: EMILY KEEBLE, A, KAO Nashville, Tenn. SOCIOLOGY, Kappa Alpha Theta, Parliamentarian, Recom- mendation Committee, Miss Commodore Contest. EDWARD S. KELLY, A, IIKA ...... Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY, Honors, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sergeant at Arms, Par- liamentarian, Steward, Junior Bar Association, C.S.A.A. ROBERT WILLIAM KERR, A, BAE . . Birmingham, Ala. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Scabbard and Blade. CLOID REILEY KIDD, A, IIKA ...... Memphis, Tenn. MATHEMATICS: Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi, Vucept, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Parents Weekend Committee, Honor Council: Student Court, S.C.A., .iI'4'J, Board of Presidents, Skull and Bones. Head Fire Marshall. First Row: ANN M. KIMBALL, A, AAA ...... Chattanooga, Tenn. ENGLISH, Women's Advisory Council, Women's Athletic Board, President, Athenians, W.S.G.A. Council, Delta Delta Delta. Treasurer. JAMES GARY KING, A, EN oo... Nashville, Tenn. BIOLOGY, Impact, Sigma Nu Table Manager. MICHAEL R. KING, A, AKE , . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. FINE ARTS, COMMODORE, Advertising Manager, Military Sec- tion Editor, Business Manager, V-Book Editor, Vucept, Vucept Handbook Editor, Impact, Executive Committee, S.C.A., Fencing Team, Cercle Francais, President, Delta Kappa Epsilon, House Manager, Sports Car Club, Treasurer, Publications Board. PAUL GREGORY KING, A ,,..,,,. Sugarland, Tex. CHEMISTRY, S.C.A., American Chemical Society. Second Row: TUCKER W. KING, A, BAE ,..., Jacksonville, Fla. ECONOMICS, I.M. Board. . CAROL A. KIRK, A, XQ .,,...,,. .K1TkWOOd, Mo. FRENCH, Phi Sigma Iota, A Capella Choir, President, Chris- tian Science Organization, President, Madrigal Singers, Wom- en's Advisory Council, Husger, Vanderbilt-in-France, Honor orm. TIMOTHY L. KIRTON, A ,.... . . . Orlando, Fla. ENGLISH, S.C.A., Freshman Baseball. EDWARD H. KLEINER, E, ZBT . , ,,Nutley, N.J. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Senior Class Vice-President, Tau Beta Pi, Association Student Governrnent's Committee, Chair- man, Vucept, Eta Kappa Nu. Third Row: JOHN A. KNEIPP, JR., E . , ..,,. Potomac, Md. MECHANICAL ENGINEERI-xNSG1,lIEMims Hall Dorm Council, JOAN ELAINE KNIGHT, A, KA , Baltimore, Md. ENGLISH, S.C.A., v.U.'r. DAVID D. KNOWLES, A, AKE . .Palestine, Tex. ENGLISH, Sailing Club, COMMODORE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, House Manager. RONALD F. KNOX, A, BAE .Montgomery, Ala. ECONOMICS, Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Investment Club, S.C.A. Fourth Row: WILLIAM F. KOCH, JR., A, IIKA Louisville, Ky. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, S.C.A. JOHN E. KOLEMBA, E . .. Hendersonville, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, A.S.M.E. JOHN H. KOON, E, BOII . . . , . Louisville, Ky. CIVIL ENGINEERING, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, APO, Impact, Vucept, Student Court, Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer, President. KAREN KOPERT, A, AOH . Jonesboro, Ark. HISTORY Fifth Row: PAUL L. KOSSMAN, A, ZBT . Greenville, Miss. POLITICAL SCIENCE, Vucept, Impact, APO, COMMODORE. PAUL FREDRIC KRUMPE, A, fI1K2 . . ..,..,. . . East Williston, N.Y. BIOLOGY, Young Republicans Club, Men'S Glee Club. JENNINGS C. LAMBETH, E, IIKA . .........,,. . Youngstown, Ohio MECHANICAL ENGINERRING, Dorm Council, A.S.M.E., Phi Eta Sigma. JAMES R. LAMPLEY, E . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING, A.S.C.E., Sigma Tau. DINWIDDIE LAMPTON III, A, EX .... Prospect, Ky First Row: ENGLISH JAMES H. LANDON, A, 1'lKA ,,,.., . .Atlanta, Ga ENGLISH, Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer, S.C.A., Impact, Execu- tive Committee, Editor, Course Evaluation, Editor, Vucept, Board of Directors, Publications Board, A.S.G., OAK. CHARLES D. LAUER, A, ZBT .,,. Cambridge, Mass POLITICAL SCIENCE TOM LAWRENCE, A .,,..,.,.. ,...., M obile, Ala HISTORY, OAK, Impact. Second Row: BARBARA J. LAWS, N, KA , Statesville, N.C NURSING, Woman's Standards Committee, School of Nursing, Secretary, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart and Court. JOHN E. LEA, A .,.. ., ..,. ....,, T ulsa, Okla POLITICAL SCIENCE, vucepr, s.C.A., APO. ROBERT ALAN LEDERMAN, A, AEII . , . . . . . . . . Highland Park, Ill PSYCHOLOGY, Dorm Council, Residence Halls Council, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Secretary, Vice-President. JOHN C. LEGG, A, AKE . . . . . , . . . .St. Louis, MO BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Third Row: ALAN S. LEVITAN, A, ZBT , . . .LOuisville, Ky MATHEMATICS, Vanderbilt-in-France, Zeta Beta Tau, His- torian, Dorm Council, Secretary, Vucept. ANN H. LEWIS, A, IIB1Iv . . . , .Chattanooga, Tenn ENGLISH, Miss Frosh Court, Freshman Cheerleader, Eta Sigma Phi, Varsity Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, Miss Vanderbilt Contest, C.S.A.A., S.C.A., Panhellenic Council, Vice-President, Woman's Residence Halls Council. SHARON E. LEWIS, A . .. . . , , , Harlan, Ky FRENCH, Honor Dorm. JOHN C. LIONBERGER, A, Bon South Bend, Ind ENGLISH, Swimming, Beta Theta Pi, Vice-President. Fourth Row: WILLARD ANDREW LITZENBERGER, JR., A . , . Elizabethtown, Ky MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, Varsity Swimming, Co-Captain, Delta Phi Alpha, Impact, Vucept, COMMODORE, Class Section Co- Editor, Dean of Men's Staff. JAMES E. LOVE, E .............. Clarksville, Tenn CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, Impact, Chairman of Interna- tional Vucept, Secretary of International Affairs. JOHN W. LOWE III, A ............ Nashville, Tenn ENGLISH, V.U.T., S.C.A., Young Democrats. ROBERT M. LUCAS, A . . Pascagoula, Miss CHEMISTRY, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, S.A.A.C.S.. President, S.P.E.A.C., Prometheus. Fifth Row: CI-IARLENE A. LUCKHARDT, N . . . . Fort Lauderdale, Fla NURSING, Vice-President Senior Nursing Class, Newman Club, T.A.S.N. GODFREY A. LUE, E , . , . . Kingston, Jamaica ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, I.E.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Secretary. EDWARD A. LUEKENBACH, A, AKE , , . . Greenville, Miss ENGLISH, Delta Kappa Epsilon. President. HERMAN A. LUSKY, A, ZBT .,.. Houston, Tex BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sixth Row: CAROLYN LUTON, A, AOII Memphis, Tenn POLITICAL SCIENCE, Honor Dorm. DONALD JOHN MACKAY, E Louisville, Ky CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, Scabbard and Blade, A.I.C.E. DAVID D. MADDUX, A Hopkinsville, Ky BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Varsity Football. WILEY H. MAIDEN, A . . . Memphis, Tenn PSYCHOLOGY, Varsity Football, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes, S.C.A., Vucept. Seventh Row: BUFORD R. MALONE, JR., E ...... Nashville, Tenn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, I.E.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu, Treas- urer, Tau Beta Pi. CAROLYN S. MANESS, N , Kingsport, Tenn NURSING NANCY JANE MANNING, A, um, Franklin, Tenn ENGLISH, Mortar Board, Athenians, Lotus Eaters, Board of Presidents, Student Senate, Forum, Chairman, Women's Resi- dence Halls Council, N.C.E.C., Secretary, Floor Counselor, S.C.A., Preface, Editor, COMMODORE, Coed Handbook, Editor, Financial Secretary, Miss Commodore Contest, Director, Miss Charm Court, Parents Weekend Class Chairman, Impact Ex- ecutive Committee, Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President, Dean Chadlin Scholarship Award. THEODORE T. MAECHIBEODA, A Pittsburgh, Pa PHILOSOPHY, Football. SENIORS First Row: WILLIAM S. MARKEY, A, ZBT ..,..A,..4........, University Heights, Ohio CHElVIISTRY: Vucept, Skull and Bones. DAVID G. MARSHALL, E ...,,.. Tullahoma, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING CHARLIE R. MARTIN, E, ATO . , ,Memphis, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING: Alpha Tau Omega, President: Engi- neering Council, Chairman: Tau Beta Pi: N.E.S.E.P.: Eta Kappa Nu. MARY JANE MATROS, A . . . , .,.. Asheville, N.c. PSYCHOLOGY: S.C.A., Sailing Club. Second Row: EVA W. MATTHEWS, A ,,,.,. . .sheHie1d, Ala. ENGLISH: S.C.A., Secretary: Honor Dorm: Spectrum. ANN L. MecALLISTER, A, xo , Fort Wayne, Ind. ENGLISH: Chi Omega, President: V.U.T.: Delta Phi Alpha: Women's Residence Halls Council. TOMMIE JOAN MCCARTY, A . . .... Atlanta, Ga. ENGLISH: Women's Advisory Council, Women's Residence Halls Council, S.C.A., B.S.U. MARGARET M. MCCLINTOCK, A . , .Muncie, Ind. HISTORY: CoMMopom:, Editor: Women's Advisory Council, Secretary: Delphians, Athergans, Publications Board: Honor orm. Third Row: L. SUE McCONNELL N IYPB , ...,. Princeton Ky. NURSING: Nursing studeilt Eaculty committee, B.s.U., Senior Nursing Class President, Nursing Student Council. CHARLOTTE J. MCDANIEL, N . ,Poplar Bluff, Mo. NURSING CAROLE D. MCGREGOR, N , . .Clarksville, Tenn. NURSING: Junior Nursing Class Vice-President, T.A.S.N., Dis- trict President. WILLIAM D. MCINERNEY, A . . . . Fairfield, Ala. ENGLISH: A Capella Choir, Business Manager: Madrigal Group: Spectrum: Editorial Board. Fourth Row: MARIANNE H. MCIVER, N , . .Nashville, Tenn. NURSING: Phi Beta Kappayrglelta Phi Alpha, Sigma Theta JACK McKAY, A, IIKA . , .... Blytheville, Ark. HISTORY: Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President: APO: C.S.A.A.: Junior Bar Association: S.C.A.: Vucept. MARY DONNA McKAY, A, KAGJ . , .Louisville, Ky. PSYCHOLOGY: Kappa Alpha Theta, Athletic Chairman: Women's Residence Halls, Secretary-Treasurer. LEE A. MCKNIGHT, A, IIKA Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY: S.C.A.: Junior Bar Association: Senate: Impact: Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Secretary. Fifth Row: MARTIN J. MeLEAN, E .. . Nashville, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E., S.A.M.E., N.R.O.T.C. JUDITH s. MEIER, A, use , Wheeling, W.Ve. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Trainer. FRANK S. MENEFEE, E , Old Hickory, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E., Track. CRAIG F. MEUTER, E, IIKA . . , . .Louisville, Ky. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.Ch.E.: Pi Kappa Alpha, As- sistant Social Chairman. Sixth Row: THERESA SUE MILBURN, N , Perryville, Ky. NURSING KENNETH I MILLER, A, mn . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CHEMISTRY: APO, Pledge Trainer: Skull and Bones: Vucept: Board of Governors: Freshman Annual, Co-Editor: Zeta Beta Tau, Historian: Impact. MALCOLM H. MILLER, A . ..Atlanta, Ge. CHEMISTRY: International Vucept: V.I.S.A., S.C.A. PAULA C. MILLER, A, me ., Evansville, Ind. SPANISH: S.C.A.: Women's Standards: Miss Commodore: Kappa Alpha Theta, Ist Vice-President. Seventh Row: PHYLLIS R. MILLER, A . .WestWood, N.J. ENGLISH: S.C.A., Delta Phi Alpha. JEAN A. MILLSPAUGH, A, IYIIB . .Oak Ridge, Tenn. ENGLISH, Honors: NURSING: Honor Dorm. PATTY D. MILNER, A, KA . . Houston, Tex. HISTORY: Vanderbilt-in-France. MARILYN M. MINERS, A Jacksonville, Fla. PSYCHOLOGY, Honors. E .,.,...., . I .. gm ss. fffxiiiltffidexss- A R v .,, A Y. an s ----sa Ee' aa . a- - s D f , gf . n 'as . I . , , 1::' . , ,QLI -lg 1 :.,, ....:... I .,,a.a... ,ra v,.,.. ,As . .eiilifs-YF' ' 'N : Tri -S-11: 'ff REE - - 4 Ei:-:'r': . s i A -dv E 'ss +I 'ffv 4-17" . I M" rl? ,Q W Jr:-1 ' JW, fs .. I I . N. C, X 5 A -3' , :Sa 357 First Row: THOMAS E. MIRGUET A EN . . .Coral Gables Fla. BIOLOGY, Sigma Nu, Cliapldin, Alumni Onicer, Vucept, Vanderbilt-in-Spain. KAREN LOUISE MITCHELL, A, KA 4.,..A....,... Louisville, Ky. PSYCHOLOGY, Kappa Delta, Sergeant at Arms, Social Chair- man, Sailing Club, Social Chairman. ROGER W. MOISTER, JR., A ........., Atlanta, Ga. HISTORY, S.C.A., President, Board of Presidents, Vucept, Dorm Council, Junior Bar Association. FREDERICK G. MCLSEN, A, EN ,...,. Dallas, Tex. GERMAN, Delta Phi Alpha, Gaxnma Xi, Secretary, Sigma Nu, Secretary. Second Row: CHARLES W. MOODY, A . ....., Nashville, Tenn. SOCIOLOGY, Fencing. CHARLES E. MOORE, E ,,.,.., . . . .Miami, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Eta Kappa Nu, I.E,E.E., Vice- President, S.A.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Treasurer. J. PATRICK MOORE, A, mas ..... Claalanatl, ohio MATHEMATICS, IM Board, C.S.A.A. LYNN ELLEN MOORE, A .....,, .Nashville, Tenn. FRENCH, COMMODORE Third Row: MICHAEL W. lvIooRE, E, Boll ........ Dallas, Tex. CIVIL ENGINEERING, Cheerleader, JAA-VU, C.S.A.A., Vice- President, President, Homecoming Halftime Chairman, Engi- neering Council, Open House Committee, Beta Theta Pi, House Manager, S.C.A., Vucept, PareSngEWeekend Committee, Forum, A .... RICHARD H. MOORE, A .... ....... H ouston, Tex. GENERAL BIOLOGY STANLEY MOREHEAD, A ..... . . . Mayfield, Ky. CHEMISTRY, APO. DAVID H. MORGAN, A .......... Wllllamsburg, Ky. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, Marching Band, Intemational Vucept. Fourth Row: SUSAN MORRELL, N . ........... Bethesda, Md. NURSING, A Capella chair. JAMES T. MORRIS, E, BOH ........ Frankfort, Ky. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, IM Board, I.E.E.E. DAVID E. W. MOTT, A .......... Washington, D.C. PHYSICS, Sailing Club, Rifle Team, WRVU. CANTWELL FAULKNER MUCKENFUSS III, A, KA .. . .. . .. . ........... Montgomery, Ala. HISTORY, Senior Class President, Board of Presidents, Sen- ate, OAK, Vucept, Impact Advisory Committee, Forum Execu- tive Committee, Publications Board. Fifth Row: LARRY F. MULLINAX, A, K2 . Chattanooga, Tenn. BIOLOGY, Kappa Sigma, Cgraniii Master of Ceremonies, IM oar . W. MICHAEL MULLINS, A, BAE . . .Amarillo, Tex. CHEMISTRY, Track, Skull and Bones. DONNA L. MURPHY A KA . ........ Brewton Ala. ENGLISH, S.C.A., Kappa ,Delta, Assistant Treasurer, W.S.GiA., Calendar Editor, Women's Advisory Council, Honor Dorm. DAVID JACK MYERS, A ..... . . . .Lebanon, Ind. PHILOSOPHY, Glee Club, S.C.A., Young Democrats. First Row: ELLEN C. MYERS, A ........ . . .Nashville, Tenn. FRENCH LYN A. MYERS, A, KAGJ . . . .... New Orleans, La. ENGLISH: Delphians, Lotus Eaters, Athenians, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, Residence Halls Council, Sigma Delta Pi. HUGH O. NASH, JR., E, B811 . . ..,. Savannah, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: I.E.E.E., Swimming, Freshman Tennis, IM Board. . PATRICIA J . NEIL, A, KA . ,.,.. Knoxville, Tenn. FRENCH: Vanderbilt-in-France, Women's Standards. Second Row: JERRE K. NELSON, A, KA .,,..,, Humboldt, Tenn. HISTORY: Women's Advisory Council. M. LOUISE NELSON, A ,.... . .Hoosick Falls, N.Y. ENGLISH ANN D. NEWMAN, A, AAA ..,. . . Farmville, Va. ENGLISH: S.C.A., Impact, Hustler, Delegate to A.S.G. REBECCA M. OAKLEY, A, FQDB ,..., Odessa, Tex. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Gamma Phi Beta, President: Impact: S.C.A., Junior Cabinet: Women's Standards. Third Row: WILLIAM E. OAKLEY, E, EX . . .Nashville-, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Scabbard and Blade, Vice- President: Honor Council: Sigma Chi, Treasurer. MERIDITH J. OATES, A, HBQ . . Greensboro, N.C. ENGLISH: CoMMonoRE, Woman's Standards: Transfer, Univer- sity of North Carolina: Miss Commodore. DONALD JOSEPH O'BRIEN, A, AKE .Florence, Ala. ECONOMICS: Junior Bar Association, Newman Club, Hustler, Spectrum. MARY L. O'DELL, A .,......... .Knoxville, Tenn. HISTORY: Transfer, University of Michigan, S.C.A., Impact, Coivnvionona, Hustler. Fourth Row: WILLIAM EDWARD ODELL, A , , , St. Louis, Mo. MATHEMATICS EDWARD E. O'HARA, E , ,..,.. ,Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING CAROL LEE OLERT, A, XQ , .,,. Cincinnati, Ohio ENGLISH: S.C.A., Vice-President: Women's Advisory Council: Women's Residence Halls Council, Secretary, Treasurer: Mor- tar Board. TED R. OLIVER, E .,,.. .. .NaShv111e, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: N.R.O.T.C., I.E.E.E. Fifth Row: SAMUEL MATHIS O'NEAL, JR., E . ............ . Nashville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Baseball, I.E.E.E., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. JAMES R. ONSTOTT, E .,........ . . .Verona, Miss. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINICE Eliga Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, CHARLES R. OUSLEY, A, EX .... Jackson, Tenn. HISTORY: Football, All-IM Basketball, Freshman Baseball. LINDA J . OXFORD, A, KA . .... ..., B ristol, Tenn. BIOLOGY: Kappa Delta, Vice-President: Women's Advisory Council: S.C.A., Cabinet: Lotus Eaters, President: Athenians: Vanderbilt-in-France. HHN SQ' L V 'Mil .K SENIORS First Row: LYNN D. OZIER, A . . , A,,...,... .Decatur, Ala. ENGLISH: Investment Club, Vucept, S.C.A., R.O.T.C. DAVID B. PALMER, E, PSK ,,A... Ciiieiiiiieti, Ohio MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E. MARVIN H. PALMER, A, EAE L.,.. Memphis, Tenn. ENGLISH: S.C.A.: Impact: Men's Residence Halls Council, Vice-President: Student Court. BARRY W. PARKER, A, ZBT . . .Chattanooga, Tenn. ENGLISH: Dorm Council, Track, Hustler, Coivuvronorm. Second Row: GEORGE PARKER, A, BGJII .......... Louisville, Ky. ECONOMICS: Commonoar, Sports Section Editor. JOHN WESLEY PARKER III, A ...... Atlanta, Ga. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: R.O.T.C. ANN CARTER PARRISH, A, Aon .,., .,....... Hopkinsville, Ky. ENGLISH: W.S.G.A., President, Secretary, Treasurer: Women's Advisory Council: S.C.A.: Kappa Alpha Rose Court: Miss Charm: Lotus Eaters: Athenians: Miss Commodore Contest: Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary, Rush Chairman. JOSEPH E. PATRICK, JR., A, EX ...... Decatur, Ga. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Scabbard and Blade, I.F.C., Rifle Team, Young Republicans. Third Row: FRANK H. PEACOCK, A, SAE . Jacksonville, Tex. HISTORY MICHAEL M. L. PEARSON, A ...., Nashville, Tenn. RUSSIAN: Honor Council. RICHARD R. PENCE, A, KA ,,,.... Salisbury, N.C. BIOLOGY: International Vucept, Inter-Dorm Council, JAA- VU. RICHARD L. PENNINGTON, A, KA , .st Louis, Me. CHEMISTRY: Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer: Vucept: Student Associatigrlk .Attorney General: I.F.C., Rush airman. Fourth Row: KAYE PHILLIPS, A . . . .,... Clarksville, Tenn. LATIN FRANK ALLEN PHILPOT, A, PSK . Athens, Ala. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Hustler, News Editor, Editor: Vucept: Impact: WRVU Announcer: Phi Eta Sigma: I.F.C., OAK. FRANK H. PINKERTON, A, EX ..., Franklin, Tenn. CHEMISTRY: Sigma Chi, President: Freshman Basketball, Baseball: All-IM Football, Basketball, Softball. JAMES W. PINKERTON, E . ...., Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING: A.S.C.E., A.s.M. Fifth Row: GEORGE N. PLUMLEE, JR., A, PSK ,..,,,....... Oak Ridge, Tenn. MATHEMATICS: PSK, House Manager: Sailing Club. RICHARD SHANNON POLLARD, A, QDKE ,...,... Nashville, Tenn. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROBERT N. POWER, A .,... .,.... N ashville, Tenn. ECONOMICS GERALD L. PRIOR, JR., A, ATO ..... Webster, NY. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Football. Sixth Row: DAVID F. PROUTY, A, K2 ,......, Alexandria, Va. POLITICAL SCIENCE SUSAN R. PUTERBAUGH, N . . ..,, . . , . . . . . . . Shawnee Mission, Kan. NURSING: Hustler, A Capella Choir, Senior Nursing Class Treasurer. J OANNE L. QUALMANN, N . . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. NURSING: Nursing Student Council, Freshman Nursing Class President, Treasurer: S.C.A. ROBERT M. QUERY, E, EN . ..,,... Decatur, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Sigma Nu, House Manager: A.I.Ch.E. Seventh Row: HARRY Q. RADCLIFFE, E, HKA . .Falls Church, Va. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: N.R.O.T.C. Battalion Com- mander: Scabbard and ilgd1e6fE President: R.0.A. Medal: JANE RALSTON, A, IIBfD ...,. El Dorado, Ark. FRENCH: Honor Council, Athenians, Parent's Weekend Chair- man, Honor Dorm, Vanderbilt-in-France. LAUREN CE M. RALSTON, A ...... Nashville, Tenn. PSYCHOLOGY: Vanderbilt-in-France. JEANNE L. RAMSEY, A IIBKIP . ......, Dallas, Tex. HISTORY: Women's Advisory Council: Pi Beta Phi, Pledge President: Honor Dorm. SENIORS First Row: RICHARD W. RANEY, E, 421011 ,.., Wauwatosa, Wis. CIVIL ENGINEERING GEORGE A. RASMUSSEN, A .,,I.A.. Bethesda, Md. PHYSICS: N.R.O.T.C. HAROLD FRANKLIN REDMILE, JR., E, KE ...... Hendersonville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING RUTH REEDER, N ,,.,..,.........,.,. O'Fallon, Ill. NURSING, Nuclians, Lotus Eaters, T.A.S.N., Honor Dorm. Second Row: JOHN F. REEDER, E, EN ...,.....,., Richmond, Ve. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING-ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING option: Impact: I.F.C.: N.R.O.T.C. MIRIAM REYNOLDS, A, P11113 ,..,., Huntsville, Ala. ENGLISH: Gamma Phi Beta, Recording Secretary. RICKIE S. RHODARMER, A, me .................. Murfreesboro, Tenn. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Vanderbilt Debate Council: Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, National Secretary: Delphians: Lotus Eaters: Athenians: Mortar Board: Mortar Board Award for freshman woman with highest average: Junior Class Sec- retary: Panhellenic Council, President: Women's Advisory Council: W.S.G.A. Council: Board of Presidents: R.O.T.C. Hostess: Miss Commodore Candidate: Miss Charm Candidate. WILLIAM RUSSELL RICE, A, KE . Jackson, Tenn. HISTORY: Football. Third Row: MICHAEL A. RICHARDSON, E . .Hopkinsville, Ky. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: APO. WILLIAM W. RICHARDSON, A . . . .Houston, Tex. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Winner of Founder's Medal in Oratory: Second, Frank K. Houston Oratory, V.U.T.: Debate: WRVU: Vanderbilt-in-Spain. CHRISTOPHER L. RIGG, A ,..... Kingsport, Tenn. HISTORY: Vucept. HARDY LEROY ROBERTS, JR., A, IIKA ..,,,,,.. Paducah, Ky. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chair- man, Sergeant at Arms. Fourth Row: ROBERT F. RODDY, E . ,......... Nashville, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E.: Engineering Council, Vice-Chairman. CALUM H. ROMANS, E ...., , . . . Sheffield, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: N.E.s.E.P., s.A.M.E., I.E.E.E. STEVEN G. ROSENBLATT, A, ZBT ...,,,.,....... Chevy Chase, Md. CHEMISTRY: Marching BanXd,UDTrum Major, Skull and Bones, ARNOLD D. ROSENFIELD, A, ZBT . .Hamden, Conn. CHEMISTRY: Coivnvzononsg Track: Vuceptg Zeta Beta Tau, Social Chairman: IM Board: Concert Committee: Counseling Fifth Row: RICHARD A. ROTTMAN, E, AEII ...,..........,. Center Staff. New Haven, Conn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. KATHERINE T. RUSSELL, A, IVIDB .... Atlanta, Ga. FRENCH: Vanderbilt-in-France. PAUL T. RUSSELL, JR., E, me ..,..,,. Albany, Ge. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Army R.O.T.C., Battalion Com- mander: Phi Delta Theta, Scgci61I1EChairman, House Manager: A. . . . SAMUEL R. SADLER, A .... . Sweetwater, Tenn PSYCHOLOGY, Honors: Vuceptg Vanderbilt-in-France: S.C.A., Treasurerg Senior Class Cabinet. Sixth Row: CHARLES K. SAFLEY, A, IIKA ...,.. Jackson, Miss CHEMISTRY: Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society. JAMES F. SANDERS, A, KA .... Johnson City, Tenn HISTORY: Football, Dorm Council. SUE L. SANDERSON, A .......... Scottsdale, Ariz PSYCHOLOGY: A Capella Choir, S.C.A., Westminster Fellow- ship Cabinet. NORMAN L. SANDFIELD, A, AEII . . .Dal1as, Tex BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: APO: Freshman Swimming: Hillel, Vice-President: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Formal Chairman, Tau. Tales Editor. Seventh Row: REEDER C. SAVAGE, A ..... .... H untsville, Ala. ENGLISH WILLIAM M. SAWYER, A, AKE .... Russellville, Ky. PSYCHOLOGY: Investment Club. RICHARD D. SCALERA, A ....... Somerville, N.J. BIOLOGY GEORGE E. SCHULTZ, JR., A, EX .Miami Lakes, Fla. BUSINESS ADIVIINISTRATION: Intramural Board, President: Vucept: Student Court, Clerk: Baseball: Sigma Chi, Secretary, Vice-President. O First Row: CHARLES A. SCHNEIDER, A, ATO ,.,A.......... Washington, D.C PHILOSOPHY, Soccer, sauing Club. ROBERT G. SCHWENDINGER, A, KE .,,,,..,.... Short Hills, N.J JAMES C. SEAY III, A, EN ........ Nashviuo, Tenn BUSINESS ADMINlSTRATI8g, Sigma Nu Alumni Contact cer. SUZANNE SELPH, A, AAA . ..,, .... . Burke, Va FRENCH, A Capella Choir, Sailing Club, S.C.A. Cabinet, Van- derbilt-in-France. POLITICAL SCIENCE. Second Row: DAVID N. SEMLOW, A, EX . . . .Peoria Heights, Ill BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Football, Track. JOHN WILLIAM SI-IACKLETON, JR., A, IIKA .,... Wilmington, Del BIOLOGY WILLIAM C. SHANOR, JR., A, K2 ...,............ Coral Gables, Fla PSYCHOLOGY MARC L. SHEINBEIN, A, AEII . .....,...,....... . Oklahoma City, Okla PSYCHOLOGY, Hillel, Religious Chairman, Vice-President, President, Fencing Club, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sentinel, Vice- I President, Interfratemity Council. Third Row: STEVE F. SHIELDS, A, EX .,.. . . Maryville, Tenn. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Football. GARY R. SHIMER A AKE . ...,.., Bismarck N.D. CHEIVIISTEY, skuu and Bones. ' LINDA V. SHIPMAN, A, Aon . . Dyorsburg, Tenn HISTORY, Alpha Omicron Pi, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-ab Arms, S.C.A., C M I1 R B 'nes Staff' I a t, Y R - 0 M0 O E, HSI S , TDP C Ollng 6 publicans. REBECCA E. SIMS, A, AAA , . . . . .LouisVille, Ky. LATIN Fourth Row: JOHN G. SLATER, A, KA . .Birmingham Mich. 2 CHEMISTRY, Skull and Bones, President, Treasurer, Vucept, C.S.A.A. Council, IM Board, Secretary, Freshman Basketball and Tennis, Varsity Tennis, All-IM Football, Most Valuable Player, IM Basketball, King Rex Candidate. ERNEST SMALLMAN III, A, HKA ................. McMinnville, Tenn ECONOMICS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alumni Secretary, Jr. Bar Association, S.C.A., Investment Club. CAROLE A. SMITH, A .,,.., . . . .Kingsport Tenn. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, Delphians, Nuclians, V.I.S.A. ELLEN E. SMITH, A, XI2 . . . . .LouisviIle, Ky. PSYCHOLOGY, Residence Halls Council, Impact, B.S.U., S.C.A. Fifth Row: GEORGE L. SMITH, E .. . . Valley Station, Ky. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, A.S.M., A.S.M.E. JOHN J. SMITH, JR., A . .Birmingham Ala. ENGLISH, APO. ' MARTHA FRANCES SMITH A KAGJ . .Palmetto Gag HISTORY, Kappa Alpha Theta, Recoirding Secretary, Song- leader, S.C.A., Miss Freshman Court, Women's Advisory Coun- cil, COMMODORE, Vanderbilt-in-France. MARY ANNE SMITH A AOII .... Nashville Tenn. LATIN, Women's Advisory: Cciuqncil, Vice-President, Eta Sigma 1. First Row: ROBERT C. SMOLEN, A 4..4 ..., M assape-qua, N.Y. PSYCHOLOGY: Dorm Council, President: Scabbard and Blade, CHARLES M. SNELL, A ...... Elizabethtown, Tenn. PHYSICS-ASTRONOMY JO ANN SOMERS, E .,...,,....... Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING: A.S.C.E., Secretary. GEORGE W. SONNTAG III, E . . .Harrods Creek, Ky. CIVIL ENGINEERING Second Row: JERRY W. SOUTHWOOD, A, K2 . . .Evansville, Ind. HISTORY: Basketball, King Rex Candidate. TOMMY L. SOWELL, E ..,....,,., Nashville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: I.E.E.E. LANCE R. SPALDING, A, EAE ...,..., Tulsa, Okla. CHEMISTRY: Dorm Council: Student Court: Skull and Bones: Vucept: Dan McGugin Scholarship Award: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scholarship Chairman. HERBERT W. SPENCER III, A ......... Mobile, Ala. PHYSICS: APO, Sailing Club, S.S.A.I.P. Third Row: JAMES M. SPROTT, JR., A, KA . .Lake Wales, Fla. BIOLOGY: Vucept: Domi Council: Honor Council: Skull and Bones: Phi Beta Kappa: Kappa Alpha, Steward. CUSTIS LEE STAMP, JR., E . . ..... Nashville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Engineering Council, I.E.E.E. ROBERT F. STAMPFLI, A . . .... Brentwood, Tenn. GREEK KAREN E. STANDEFER, A, X9 . .Chattanooga, Tenn. PSYCHOLOGY, Honors: Chi Omega, Pledge Class Vice-Presi- dent, Activities Chairman: Honor Council: Women's Advisory Council: Delphians: Lotus Eaters, President: Athenians, Treas- urer: Mortar Board, Secretary: Parents' Weekend Steering Committee: Mock Republican Convention: Impact: Investment Club: Young Republicans. Fourth Row: GAIL M. STARKS, A ....... . . , , .Ha1nilton, Ohio HISTORY: V.U.T. KIRK N. STARR, A, KA . . , . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. CHEMISTRY: Board of Presidents: Vucept: C.S.A.A., President: Kappa Alpha, Treasurer: Skull and Bones. WILLIAM A. STEARNS, A, K2 . .Cincinnati, Ohio HISTORY: Vucept: Kappa Sigma, President: Honor Council: Kissam Hall President. DAMARIS STEELE, A, ,... ....... N ashville, Tenn. POLITICAL SCIENCE: COMMODORE, S.C.A. Fifth Row: EDGAR STEINAU, A, K2 . . ....,. Cincinnati, Ohio ECONOMICS: Kappa Sigma, Guard. JERALD A. STEINBERG, E, CIJKiI1 , .Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING: Vucept, Board of Governors: Interfra- ternity Council, Executive Committee: Junior Class Cabinet: Phi Kappa Psi, Rush Chairman, Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer: Tau Beta Pi. MARTHA ANN STEINMAN, A, KAO . .St. Louis, Mo. ENGLISH: Women's Advisory Council: Aquatic Club: N.R.O.T.C. Blue Angel: Miss Commodore Contestant: Greek Week Queen Nominee: Miss Vanderbilt Nominee: Kappa Alpha Rose Court: Lotus Eaters: Athenians: Concert Committee: Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-President. PRISCILLA G. STEVENS, A ...,... Nashville, Tenn. ENGLISH -ufwlwww.,-f :1..fs,,, fe . if Jaw V f J, W,,.,..if-up--B--n Wawmwawwsmwgwrwi-mmf f , SE ORS First Row: CHARLES E. STEWART III, E ..... Gardendale, Ala. CIVIL ENGINEERING: A.S.C.E. DAVID J. STIEF, A . .. ....A...,. Kingston, Tenn. HISTORY: Band, V.U.T. JAMES D. STINNETT, A, fIvK2 ,I..V,., Staunton, Ill. HISTORY: Men's Glee Club: Jr. Bar Association: Phi Kappa Sigma, Delta: Mock Nominating Convention: Impact: C.S.A.A. EDWARD M. STIVERS, JR., A, KA .... St. Louis, Mo. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Soccer Club: Career Seminar: Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman. Second Row: WILLIAM G. STOKES, E .,o... Clarksville, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MARGARET STROM, N, IIBKD ,..., Knoxville, Tenn. NURSING: Vice-President, Freshman Nursing Class: T.A.S.N., Second Vice-President: Mock Republican Convention Commit- tee: Senior Class Secretary: Miss Charm Nominee: Miss Com- modore: Impact, Finance and Hospitality Committees: Pi Beta Phi, Arrowboard Rep.: Pi lliilppi .lhlpha Dream Girl: Head Fire ars a . CHARLES C. SULLIVAN II, A, IIKA ............... Wyoming, Ohio SOCIOLOGY-ANTHROPOLOGY: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Trainer: S.C.A., General Cabinet: Contact: Impact. TIMOTHY JOHN SULLIVAN, A, QK2 ...,........ Haverford, Pa. ENGLISH: Blue Pencil Club: Spectrum: Phi Kappa Sigma, Cor- responding Secretary. Third Row: WILLIAM SWANN, E, BOH ..... . .Galveston, Tex. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING! Soccer Club. JOHN M. SWANSON, A .,..,..,.... Memphis, Tenn. HISTORY: Al's. HENRY M. SWATS, E . . . Nashville, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E., Delta Phi Alpha, S.C.A., I.C.A. JOAN D. TALLEY, A . . .... ....... L nnisviua, Ky. PSYCHOLOGY: Honor Dorm, Treasurer, Social Chairman. Fourth Row: JOHN R. TAGGERT, A . ...,...... Kingsport, Tenn. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARY ROSS TAYLOR, A, XO ..... Pine Bluff, Ark. ENGLISH: Senate: Junior Class Officer: Women's Advisory Council: Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, President: Spectrum, Editor: Mortar Board: Athenians: Lotus Eaters. PATRICIA A. TAYLOR, A, MDB . . . . . .Troy, Mo. PSYCHOLOGY: Delta Phi Alpha: choir, Gamma Phi Beta, Rush Chairman, Vice-President. JAMES L. TEAL, E . . . ....... Williamsburg, Va. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E. Fifth Row: JOHN ASHLEY TEIVIPLETON, A, KA .........,.. Lake Bluff Ill. PSYCHOLOGY Vucept: Dorm Council: Pledge Class President: Vice-President, Freshman S.C.A.: Soccer Club: Student Activi- ties Card Committee. KATHRYN TERWILLIGER, N, Aon ............... Richmond, Ind. NURSING: Alpha Omicron Pi, Standards Chairman: Aquatic Club. PATRICIA A. TESSMANN, A, KAO . ............. . Sunset-Whitney Ranch, Calif. PSYCHOLOGY: S.C.A.: Volunteer Worker at Settlement House. JANE B. THOMAS, A, IIBID . . . . . Columbia, Tenn. ENGLISH: C.S.A.A.: Women's Residence Halls, Judicial Board. Sixth Row: FRANK CLINTON THOMAS, E, Bon . .......... . Louisville, Ky. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Beta Theta Pi, Rush Chairman: Vucept: A.l.Ch.E., Secretary: Freshman Baseball. MARY ANN THOMISON, A, Aon . .Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY: Aquatic Club, S.C.A. JACK R. THOMPSON, A ....... Birmingham, Ala. ECONOMICS: Dorm Council. BRENDA G. TIPTON, A .... Roan Mountain, Tenn. ENGLI SH Seventh Row: GEORGE S. TOLL, JR., A, AEII ...... St. Louis, MO. BUSINESS ADIVIINISTRATION BARBARA TRAPP, A ........... .Memphis, Tenn. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: v.I.s.A., Sailing Club, Italian Club, Vanderbilt-in-France, Impact, V.U.T. JOAN E. TRIPLETT, A, KA ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. FRENCH: Kappa Delta, Historian, Treasurer: COMMODORE, Greek Editor: Impact: A Capella Choir: Hustler: V.U.T.: French Club: S.C.A.: Vanderbilt-in-France: Phi Sigma Iota. JOHN DAVID TRULY, A ....... Wichita Falls, Tex. PSYCHOLOGY SENIOR First Row: SUSAN L. TUCKER, A, AOII . .Mernphis, Tenn. HISTORY, Aquatic Club, Sailing Club. GEORGE E. TWENTE, A, KA .....,, Jackson, Miss. CHEMISTRY, Student Association, Public Relations Secretary, Vucept, Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Impact. WALTER P. TYREE, E, Ron .. ...Birmmgham, Ala. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, Soccer, Track, V.U.T., Treasurer, Beta Theta Pi, House Manager, Pledge Trainer, A.I.Ch.E. SUSAN L. UNDERWOOD, N, mis ,..,,. Normal, 111. NURSING, Gamma Phi Beta, Magazine Chairman, Rituals Chairman, S.C.A., Nursing Student-Faculty Committee, Junior Nursing Class Treasurer. Second Row: RONALD A. VALENTINI, A, Bon . Pittsburgh, Pa. SPANISH, Beta Theta Pi, Social Chairman. HENRY G. VAN DER EB, A, ATQ . .Lake Forest, Ill. BIOLOGY, Student Activities Card Chairman, Publications Chairman, Dean of Men's Staff. C. DAVID VAUGHAN, A, KA Birmingham, Ala. MATHEMATICS, Cheerleader, Dorm Council, Kappa Alpha, Captain IM Football, M.Y.F., C.S.A.A. LEONARD O. VAUGI-IAN, E . .Nashville, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING, A.S.C.E. Third Row: RONALD M, VRANICH, A, ATQ .Maple Hts., Ohio ECONOMICS: Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-President, House Man- ager, Freshman Football, Sailing Club, N.R.O.T.C, RUDY J. WADLE, E , ,..... . . . . .Tuscaloosa, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, S.A.M.E., I.E.E.E., Engineering Council, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. BENNY B. WAGGONER, A, HKA ,......,..,,...... Hendersonville, Tenn. POLITICAL SCIENCE, Vucept, President of Freshman Dorm, Junior Class President, Student Association, Vice-President, Young Democrats, Junior Bar Association, S.C,A. SEBRIANNE SWANN WAGNON, A . . . . . . . . Tuscumbia, Ala. ENGLISH, Hustler, Sailing Club, Delphians, Vice-President, Athenians, President, Mortar Board, Women's Residence Halls Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Board of Presidents. Fourth Row: JOSEPH NEIL WALDEN, JR., A, K2 . . ...,... . . Booneville, Miss. ECONOMICS, Vucept, Interfraternity Council. ROBERT G. WALKER, A, AEII ................... New York City, N .Y. HISTORY, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Secretary, Treasurer, President, Interfraternity Council. THOMAS C. WALKER, A, KA ...... Lexington, Ky. POLITICAL SCIENCE, Junior Bar Association, S.C.A., Vucept, Impact, R.O.T.C., Dorm Council. ANNE LEE WALL, A, AAA , .Blrmingham, Ala. ENGLISH, Delta Delta Delta, Publicity Chairman, Marshall, Freshman Cheerleader, Miss Freshman Candidate, Miss Com- modore Contest, Semi-finalist. Fifth Row: HILTON FRAZIER WALL, A, LIDAO . .Atlanta, Ga. BIOLOGY, S.C.A., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Chaplain. Treasurer. ANN R. WARD, A, XQ , . ..., ..... . . .Aurora, Ill. HISTORY, A Capella Choir, Impact, COMMODORE, Section Editor, Women's Council of W.S.G.A., Women's Standards, President, Chi Omega, Secretary. LOUISE M. WARD, A . .,....,..... Nashville, Tenn. PSYCHOLOGY FREDERICK A. WARREN, JR., E, EN .,.......,,. Rocky Hill, Conn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Honor Council, I.E.E.E., FE, Vice-President. Sixth Row: ERNEST M. WATKINS, E, KDAO .,,. Tallahassee, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING CYNTHIA LEE WATSON, A . . .... Nashville, Tenn. POLITICAL SCIENCE, Del1ate Club, University of Tennessee rans er. JOHN W. WATSON, A , .Signal Mountain, Tenn. PHILOSOPHY, V.U.T., President. ROBERT C. WATSON, A, EAE . . . Montgomery, Ala. PSYCHOLOGY, Student Association, President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, McGill Award, Vucept, Scabbard and Blade, King Rex. Seventh Row: LINDA G. WEBBER N AOH . ,Webster Groves Mo. NURSING, Athenians, Vlfomen's Advisory Council, Honor Corin- cll, Panhellenic Council. JOHN M. WEETER A BOTI ......... Louisville K y. CHEMISTRY, Freshman Rhsidohoo Halls Council, Men's Regi- dence Halls Council, President, Student Court. JOAN C. WEGMAN A AOII ,,....... St. Louis Mo. HISTORY, Women's Advisory Council, Alpha Omicron ivi, Scholarship Chairman, Honor Dorm. LAURA I. WEIL A IIBfD ,..... . , .Greenville Miss. ENGLISH, Pi Beta: Phi, Music Chairman, N.R.O.T.C. Sporisor, Miss Commodore Semi-finalist, Kappa Alpha Rose Court, Honor Dorm. s.-.-qw 36 4 are : vi -Q Xxx S na AAAS t n E . . gs it jr 5 , L ' ., "W at . . Q I "' sw I , Y, Qi Q '6 A S gg K A--r 5 W ii fs x Q as ,.,,..,,md. 2' . 7 S . , fi? sw aft, ,sis if if .nv Aa, I ,.-ay. ziw ev - s 5 'P faq. 'V as K E ' r fs 365 First Row: SUSAN CLAIRE WEITZEL, A, AAA . Louisville, Ky ENGLISH: Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman, House President. DIANE L. WELCH, N, KA . , , . , Largo, Fla NURSING: Kappa Delta, Scholarship Chairman: Dormitory Assistant: Mortar Board, Historian: Hustler Staff: Sigma Theta Tau, Secretary: Women's Advisory Council. JERRY W. WELCH, E . . , ,... . . .ClarkSville, Tenn MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, N.S.F. Undergraduate Research Grant. . DAVID A. WELDER, A ,.... . , . .BridgevIlle, Pa MATHEMATICS Second Row: STEVEN A. WELLS, A, AEII . .Coral Gables, Fla POLITICAL SCIENCE: V.U.T.: WRVU: Hillel: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Parliamentarian, Corresponding Secretary. JEANNE C. WELTY, A, um A Washington, D.C ENGLISH: Women's Athletic Board, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Court, Honor Dorm. JANELLE L. WESSON, A, FQDB .Nashville, Tenn ENGLISH: Women's Advisory Council: Lotus Eaters: Athenians, Vice-President: Mortar Board: Gamma Phi Beta, Pledge Trainer. OLIN WEST III, A, K2 ............ Nashville, Tenn. HISTORY: Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Senior Guard: Social Chairman: Hustler, Executive Business Manager, Advertising Manager: Founders Day Declamation: Loventhal Peace Oratory. Third Row: CHERYL A. WHITAKER, A, IIBQD Savannah, Tenn ENGLISH: Women's Standards. LAWRENCE D. WHITE, E , . Nashville, Tenn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Tau Beta Pi, Newman Center, l.E.E.E.: Eta Kappa Nu. ROBERT M. WHITE, A ...... . , Huntsville, Ala CHEMISTRY: Scabbard and Blade, Eta Sigma Phi, Riiie Team, Counter-Guerrilla Platoon. WILLIAM E. WHITE, JR., A, 11-Kip A Anniston, Ala CHEMISTRY Fourth Row: ROBERT E. WIDES, A, ZBT . Murphysboro, Ill POLITICAL SCIENCE: Zeta Beta Tau, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer: COMMODORE Business Staff: Hillel, Religious Chairman. TERRY M. WIGHT, A , . . .Fort Myers, Fla BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: S.C.A. GERALD D. WILDER, E, EN . , , Beaumont, Tex ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PAUL C. WILGUS, A, BAE . , . , , .Atlanta, Ga ECONOMICS Fifth Row: JOYCE S. WILKERSON, A, KAGJ . ,Memphis Tenn HISTORY: Kappa Alpha Theta, Archivist: S.C.A. Caliinet: Honor Dorm. PEGGY WILKERSON, A, A011 . ,NaShville, Tenn ENGLISH: Women's Standards. CAROL L. WILLIAMS, A, KAC9 . . .Parkdale, Ark PSYCHOLOGY: Residence Halls Council: Athletic Board: Del- phians: Honor Dorm, President: Kappa Alpha Theta Outstand- ing Sophomore. VICKIE M. WILLIAMS, A, AAA , .Memphis, Tenn PSYCHOLOGY SENIORS BARBARA L. WILSON, A, KA . . Wyomissing, Pa. PSYCHOLOGY: Residence Halls Council: Kappa Delta, Record- ing Secretary: Aquatic Club: Italian Club. J. SCOTT WILSON, A ,,...l,, .,... .,,. E r ie, Pa. BIOLOGY MELISSA G. WILSON, A ,..,,,. ....l. A iken, S.C. PSYCHOLOGY: Hustler Staff: Athenians, Impact, Honor Dorm. THOMAS H. WILSON A KE ..,, Milwaukee Wis. BUSINESS ADMINIs'13RA'1lIoN, varsity Football, Ddrm Council. Second Row: FAY K. WIRTH, A, AAA ............. Jackson, Miss. ENGLISH: Delta Delta Delta, Sr. Panhellenic Delegate: Wom- en's Standards, Secretary. WILLIAM ALLAN WISE, A, AEE . .Rock Island, Ill. CHEMISTRY: Young Republicans: S.C.A.: Sailing Club: Invest- ment Club: Skull and Bones: American Chemical Society: IM Board: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President, Social Chairman. M. ELIZABETH WOELPER A XQ . . .Atlanta Ga MATHEMATICS: Chi Omega, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer: Junior Panhellenic Representative: Panhellenic Council, Treas- urer: JAA-VU: Coed Handboolfl Staff: Mock Republican Con- ven lon. MARGARET ELIZABETH WOLFE, A .,....,....,. Meridian, Miss BIOLOGY-MOLECULAR BIOLOGY-CHEMISTRY Third Row: STEPHEN KENNETH WOLFE, A, IIKA ,,.., ..... . ...,.,.....,.,...,....,..,,. Huntington, W.Va CHEMISTRY: Student Court: Vucept: Skull and Bones, Vice- President: Interfraternity Council. F. BLAKE WOOD, E, QDKE . . . . . , , .Atlanta, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: kA.S.M.E.: A.S.M.: Freshman rac . MARSHALL R. WOOD, A, IIKA , , .Louisville, Ky HISTORY: Pi Kappa Alpha, Steward, Pledge Trainer: President of Freshman Dorm: JuniorTClass Treasurer: Vucept: IM Board, reasurer. MARVEY B. WOOD, E ..,...... Scottsville, Ky CIVIL ENGINEERING Fourth Row: WILLIAM C. WOOD, JR., E, ATQ . .Birmingham, Ala ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Alpha Tau Omega, Historian: Dorm Council: TE.E.E.: Student Court: S.C.A., Freshman Coun- cil: R.O.T.C. Color Guard, Commander: Vucept. KATHI WOODS, A, KAO . ..,.. Nashville, Tenn HISTORY: Kappa Alpha Theta, Panhellenic Representative, Recommendation Committee: Women's Advisory Council: Van- derbilt-in-France. ROBERT D. WORK, E . . . . . . . Evansville, Ind ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: S.A.M.E., N.E.S.E.P. JACK ALFRED WOTTON, E, ATI! , Atlanta, Ga CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Fifth Row: MURRAY H. WRIGHT, A, ATO Memphis Tenn ECONOMICS: Spectrum: Impact: Alpha Tau Omega, Sentinel, Worthy Scribe. RUSS E. YESTER, E, KIJKIII . . . , . .Miramar, Fla ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Phi Kappa Psi, Chairman Griev- ance Committee. BERNARD D. YOMTOV, A, ZBT Birmingham, Ala ECONOMICS MICHAEL J. ZERING, A ,... . .San Diego, Calif. PHYSICS gnu mQvamvna1arvnu.aiw wuwQwa.nwwAi- ,1aaaw-1mamvaan-muvpvnfnuvIa.w.qi5uaw-mrmf4u.l.rayaa.A-: .-sua-aaaaawmi-um-mail-A in-M-an-i Shall? 1, 1. .L . OFFICERS. First Window: Penny Miller, Secretaryg Edd Gordon, Vice-Presi- dent. Second Window: Ruth Hill Fulton, Vice-Presidentg Bob Segall, Treasurerg John Treitz, President. IUNIORS CABINET. Linda Russell, Representative to the Board fairsg Jed Delker, Electionsg Ed Schumacher, Repre- of Presidentsg Fred Dunlop, Concert Committeeg Bill sentative to the Board of Presidentsg Tom Stephens, Weiss, Representative to the Board of Presidentsg John International Affairs. York, Public Relationsg Craig Tappan, Educational Af- 367 NIORS FRANK ADAMS, A A...., . . Beaumont, Tex MARK ADERMAN, A ,. , ....,.,. Houston, Tex SAUNDRA JEAN ADKINS, A . . . Arlington, Va KENNETH A. AGEE, A, TAG ,.... Nashville, Tenn PETER G. AINSLIE A TIKA Kin s Ort Tenn , , ....... g p , JANICE M. AITKENHEAD, A, xo ,l., Si. Louis, Mo JOHN E. ALBERT, A . ...... .,.... P aducah, Ky. F. SAUNDERS ALDRIDGE III, A, KA .... Rome, Ga JAMES L. ALFORD, JR., E, BAE .... McComb, Miss MICHAEL L. ALLEN, A .,,.. Jacksonville, Fla STEPHEN C. ALLEN, E, PSK . . . .NaShville, Tenn WILLIAM M. ALLEN, A . , . Elizabethtown, Ky JANICE E. AMBERY, N, KA , Keokuk, Iowa PROCTOR R. ANDERSON, A, AKE . Lake Blui-I, Ill RANDALL M. ANDERSON, E, SAE . Marietta, Ga COLLINS A. ANDREWS III, E, K2 . .Pine Bluff, Ark JAMES M. ANDREWS, JR., E, AKE . Nashville, Tenn MARIANNE ANDREWS, A, KA . . Savannah, Ga MARTHA ELLEN ARENDALE, A . Huntsville, Ala STEPHEN V. AYERS, E, fIJK2 . ..,. Sarasota, Fla JOE H. BAGLEY, E . . , . . .Fayetteville, Tenn EDWARD L. BAKER, A, KE . .ChattanOOga, Tenn WILLIAM R. BAKER, A, QIJKE . .MadisOnville, Ky CLAUDIA A. BALDWIN, N Chattanooga, Tenn JAMES O. BALDWIN, E, Am DAVID, G. BALL, A JAMES H. BANKS, E .. Nashville, Tenn Kingsport, Tenn Florence, Ala LINDA R. BANNING, A .. . . Reehelle, Ill MARTHA CLAIRE BAREEIELD, A . .COlumbus, Ga H. LEE BARFIELD, A, EAE . Macon, Ga WILLIAM E. BARKMAN, E , .Oak Ridge, Tenn SALLY ANN BARLOW, A, lIBfI1 , Tulsa, Okla RALPH I. BARR, A . ..... . JOHN G. BARRETT, A , Hopkinsville, Ky , . . Mobile, Ala MARY B. BASHFORD, A, XQ . .Webster Groves, Mo MARGARET D. BASS, A, KA Nashville, Tenn RONALD DENNIS BASS, A Gordonsville, Tenn ROSS F. BASS, A, KA . . . . Jackson, Miss NANCY E. BATEMAN, A, KAO ..... McKenzie, Tenn JOE BAUGH, A, mia .... . . Franklin, Tenn JAMES EDWIN BEAKLEY, E . Nashville, Teuu ROBERT L. BECKMANN, JR., A, KA West Paint, Ga PAUL L. BEDFORD, E, KIJAQJ . . Nashville, Tenn MARYS.BEIL,A. ., ... Nashville, Tenn RONALD L. BELDNER, A, Ben ,..... Clayton, Mo BILLG.BELL,A,EX , CHARLENE BELL, N . ..... , JANE P. BELL, A . . . . RONNIE H. BELL, E, K2 ......... PAUL B. BENHAM, A, EX SARA S. BENNETT, A ...,. HENRY T. BERGLUND, A . WALTER IRA BERMAN, A, ZBT WILLIAM W. BERRY, A, B011 RICHARD F. BEZIAT, A, BCBII . . FRED D. BIGGS, A, KA ..... NICK BILLMAN, A, N , ...... . JANET E. BIVANS, A ....... MARION W. BLALOCK, A, KAC9 Dickson, Tenn . .Hindman, Ky Leawood, Kans . Springfield, Tenn. Marianna, Ark Dothan, Ala Northbrook, Ill . . .Jackson, Miss Nashville, Tenn . Cincinnati, O Poplar Bluff, Mo .Vero Beach, Fla Miami, Fla . . .Atlanta, Ga HANS-GEORGE O. BOCK, A . . . .TullahOma, Tenn . ILS wi' '2 IUNIORS ROBERT T. BOCKMAN, A, BGJH ,.,... Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES W. BONE, A .,.....,,,.. Gallatin, Tenn. DONALD E. BOOKER, E .......... Kingsport, Tenn. LENNY E. BORG, A, CDAO ....,..,.,,. Atlanta, Ga. JEFFREY A. BOSSE, A, AKE ........ Evansville, Ind. ANNE W. BOWE, E, XQ .... The Hague, Netherlands ELIZABETH A. BOWE, A ....,...,.. Boulder, Colo. CHARLES R. BOYD, A, ATO ..,... Madison, Tenn. DAVID R. BOYD, A, ATQ .,.... ,,,. P aducah, Ky. LYN BRACEWELL, A, IIBKID .......... Houston, Tex. WM. RAY BRAKEBILL, A, QAO .... Memphis, Tenn WILLIAM H. BRAMHAM, A ...... Nashville, Tenn EARL L. BRAMWELL, A .......,.. Nashville, Tenn MICHAEL C. BRANDON, A, AKE . .Nashville, Tenn DREW M. BRANDT, A .,,..,...... Memphis, Tenn RICK S. BROWN, E .. .,....,.,. Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD F. BREWER, A, 1DK1If ....,, Raleigh, N.C. SANDRA G. BRICKELL, A .,..,. Birmingham, Ala. THOMAS BRIGHT III, A, K2 ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. REGINALD H. BROCKWELL, E, EN .... Paris, Tenn. RICHARD B. BROOKFIELD, E, EAE .... Upper, N.Y. CHARLIE G. BROOKS, JR., A ...,,. Nashville, Tenn. ADINAH LYNN BROWN, A, FCDB ,.... Murphy, N.C. MORTON L. BROWN, A, HKA . .Johnson City, Tenn. KIRK R. BROWN, E, QKMII .,..,...,. Harrisburg, Ill. . Memphis, Tenn BARBARA BROWNE, A, AAA ......,.Rumson, N.J CHAD BROWNE, A, K2 ...,,...,....,.. Tampa, Fla WILLIAM A. BUNDY, A .......... Los Altos, Calif GENE E. BURCES, HBO . , , . Charleston, S.C HEATHER M. BURKE, A ..,.. ..... E ureka, Calif M. TERRY BURKHALTER, A . WILLIAM H. BUTLER, E, ATQ .... Jacksonville, Fla. HUGH M. CALDWELL, E ..,,.,,,., Madison, Tenn. MARGARET CALDWELL, A, AAA .NaShville, Tenn. DONALD J. CALHOON, A, EX .... Jackson, Tenn. CHARLOTTE H. CALLIS, A, KAGJ . .Nashville, Tenn. GREGORY S. CAMPBELL, E, KE. . .Offutt AFB, Neb. PAUL CAMPBELL III, A, ATQ. .Lookout Mtn., Tenn. THOMAS JOSEPH CAMPBELL, A .... Atlanta, Ga. FRANK P. CANTWELL, A, KA .... Morristown, Tenn. REBECCA W. CARPENTER, N, AAA ,.,, Atlanta, Ga. CAROL G. CARTER, A, HRT ..... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CAROL J. CHURCH, A . . . . . JOHN A. CARTER, JR., E, EN RONALD L. CARTER, A . . . CARL C. CASSELL, E, am , LEWIS A. CATHEY, E , . . .. WINN CHAPPELL, A, um . M. BYRON CHARLES, E, EN JACK C. CHARNEY, A . . . CALLIS L. CHILDS, A ..... CHERYL CHILES, N, Aon CAROL L. CHILTON, A, FIDE JOE M. CHISOLM, A . . . .. NITA C. CHRONOS, A, Aon . . .BrOOklyn, N.Y . .Hur1tsville, Ala Oak Ridge, Tenn . .NaShville, Tenn Montgomery, Ala . . . St. Louis, Mo . . . .Augusta, Ga . . . .Paris, Tenn ......Miami, Fla . . .Louisville, Ky . .Memphis, Tenn Okmulgee, Okla . . .Glenview, Ill THOMAS S. CLAIBORNE, A, tram ...... Atlanta, C-a. JAMES E. CLARK, JR., A .... Capitol Heights, Md. NONA JOYCE CLARK, A .. .... Atlanta, Ga. DIANE LYNNE CLARKE, N, IWDB . Des Plaines, Ill. ROBERTA E. CLEMENTS, A, AAA . . .Atlanta, Ga. IUNIORS KAREN JEAN COCHRAN, E, AOH . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES COCKE, A, HKA. . .Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 'fA" A p, ' CHARLES CODDINGTON, E, HRA. . .CharleRe, N.C. I p LEWIS J. CODDINC-TON, A .. ...Cleveland, Ohio "iff RAYMOND L. COHEN, A, ZBT . . . CLYDE E. COLLINS, A oo.....,.. Shelbyville, Tenn LINDA LEE COLLINS, A, mm ........Camilla, Ga CHARLES M. CONROY, A, ATo...C1.irlieville, Tehh WILLIAM M. CONWAY, A . . . CHARLES F. COOK, E, AKE .... LINDSEY W. COOPER, A, EAE . . . , Springfield, Va . . .Montgomery, Ala . . . . . .Louisville, Ky WILLIAM E. CORBETT, E ,,,...., Memphis, Tenn WILLIAM T. COTHRAN, E, EAE RICHARD H. COWAN, A, EX . THOMAS G. COWAN, A, EX . . Birmingham, Ala . . .ClarkSville, Tenn . . .Clarksville, Tenn KATHLEEN M. COYLE, A ....,., . .Baltimore, Md C. YORK CRAIG, A, EAE ..,,...,,, Aberdeen, Miss BARBARA L. CRESSWELL, A, KA .... Atlanta, Ga ELIZABETH B. CROOK, A, AAA .... Jackson, Tenn BARBARA C. CROSBY, A ........,.. Augusta, Ga KARIN L. CROSS, N, KA . .... . . .Baton Rouge, La . . .Louisville, Ky. Y '59 WILLIAM R. CULLER, E, IDKE . . .BreckSville, Ohio ANNE C. CUNNINGHAM, A, HBfIJ.Clarksville, Tenn. CARLTON CURRIE, E, KE .... PAMELA S. CURTIS, A .... .Pine Bluff, Ark. Redlands, Calif. BARBARA L. CUSTANCE, A . . . . .BoxbOrO, Mass. RICHARD ALAN DAVIDSON, A, ZBT .Lantana, Fla. GARY M. DAVIS, E . . ........ La Mirada, Calif MILDRED REBECCA DAVIS, A .... Nashville, Tenn R. SCOTT DAVIS, A, EX .... Webster Groves, MO RUSSELL B. DAVIS, A, EN ..... . .Nashville, Tenn SAMUEL E. DAVIS, A, Ex .... MARTHA L. DEACON, A . . . DIANNE DEAN, A ...... ROBERT H. DEAVER, A, epics . JAMES E. DELKER, A, Bon . DEAN A. DeMEYER, E . .. FRED DELAVAN, A, hon . .. RICHARD E. DILGER, E, Ex JAMES D. DILLON, A, KA . ROBERT DINKELSPIEL, E, ZBT. JAMES L. DODD, A ..... Wilmette, Ill. . . Brentwood, Tenn Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . .Evanston, Ill Owensboro, Ky. Charlotte, N.C Little Rock, Ark . . . .Lantana, Fla . .Nashville, Tenn Germantown, Tenn . . . . Carmel, Calif. GENE DOHRMAN, E, BKHJH ..... .Louisville, Ky DAVID A. DONOHUE, A, xx . . RODNEY E. DOWNEY, A, ARE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla . . . .Nashville, Tenn GEORGE S. DRAGNICH, A ......... Nashville, Tenn EIRIK O. DUERR A KDAO .... Huntsville Ala ANNE C. DUNCAN,7E . . . .' Nashville, Tenn CHARLES C. DUNCAN, A .. Charlotte, N.C FRED H. DUNLOP, A, IDKE . . . D. KATHARINE EAKINS, A . Clarksville, Tenn . Pittsburgh, Pa DAVID EASA, A, ZBT West Hempstead, N.Y JACK M. EDMONDSON, E . Cunnin ham Tenn HOUGHTON F. ELIAS, A, ARE GERALD A. EMISON, E 8 i . . Omaha, Neb .. .Nashville, Tenn MARY BETH EPES, XQ ...... ..... L ynchburg, Va JOHN E. EVERETT, A, mo . . ERNEST L. EWING A ARE .. Mem his Tenn P i Nashville Tenn CLIFFORD FAIRCLOTH, A, ARE. Q . .Wyomin7g, Del RICHARD M. FARNELL, A . DeWitt, N.Y O N IORS JEFFREY P. FARRAN, A . .Winston-Salem, N.C. BRUCE T. FERGUSON, A F...,A, Owensboro, Ky. CHARLES E. FIELDS, JR., E -. .Nashville, Tenn. EDWARD H. FINE, A, AETI .......... Hollywood, Fla. ELLEN E. FINKS, N , AAA . .,,..... Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES OSVILLE FINNE III, A ..... Saltville, Va. KAREN S. FISHMAN, N .,.... ...., S t. Louis, Mo. RICHARD FITZGERALD, A, BGJTI .... La Jolla, Calif. SUSAN E. FLAHERTY, N, KAO . , .... Atlanta, Ga. J OANNE C. FLEMING, A, KAG ..... Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT M. FLEMING, A, IIKA .,.. Columbia, Tenn. DHOYA FOLEY, A, mm .,... ....,,... F oley, Ala. DIANE L. FOOTITT, A . .Indian Harbour Beach, Fla. JAMES M. FOSTER, U, KA .,,... Birmingham, Ala. JAMES R. FOSTER, E . , . ,Nashville, Tenn. ROSALIND C. FRANK, A ,.... . . .Houston, Tex. BARBARA S. FRANKENFIELD, A . Savannah, Ga. J AYNE L. FRANKLIN, A, X9 . .San Antonio, Tex. RUTH LYNN FRAZER, A, AAA .,,. Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM R. FRAZIER, A ...,. .,., H untsville, Ala. BARRY K. FREEDMAN, A, ZBT , Granite City, Ill. WILLIAM O. FOUTCH, JR., A, EN ..,. Paris, Tenn. PARHAM R. FOX, A, CDKE ...,. St. Petersburg, Fla. DANIEL W. FULLER, E, CDKE Knoxville, RUTH HILL FULTON, A, xo , Columbia, CAROL LEE EUSSELL, A, HBO , ,Dickson, CONRA L. GANDY, A . , Nashville, ALBERT E. GANIER III, A, Am ...., Nashville, WILL E. GAUCHAT, A, HGH , Clarksville, BETTY K. GAY, A, XO .,., ,. . Downey, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Calif. BERRY H. GIBBES, A, KA ,Greenville, S.C. SALLY GATES GIBSON, A, AAA Memphis, Tenn. GEORGE R. GILBERT, E, PSK .... Nashville, Tenn. MICHAEL E. GILTNER, E, KE .... Humboldt, Tenn. EMILY R. GLASGOW, A, AAA , . . Nashville, Tenn. ALAN R. GLAZMAN, A, ZBT ,,Birmingham, Ala. JACQUELINE GLOVER,A,KAG.Ashland City,Tenn. HUGH F. GLYNN, A, AKE , , ,Nashville, Tenn. LEONARD H. GOLDSTEIN, A, ZBT , . .Dallas, Tex. ZACHARY D. GOODMAN, A Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. EDWARD E. GORDON, A, xx ..,Pulaski, Tenn. J. JEFFREY GORRELL, A, EN ,Owensboro, Ky. JOHN A. GOSNELL, JR., A, IPAQ ...... Arlington, Va. THOMAS W. GRAHAM, A South Pittsburg, Tenn. WILLIAM A. GRAHAM, A, BAE Columbia, Tenn. HENRY K. GRAVES IV, E .............. Bethel, Del. PATRICIA GRAVES, A, AOII Jackson, Tenn. REBECCA J. GRAY, A, AAA HENRY B. GREEN, A, EX MARY ANN GREEN, A, A011 , CHERYL M. GREENE, A , . PAUL T. GREENE, A , ROBERT MICHAEL GREENE, E, FRANK S. GREENLEE, A RUSSELL G. GREGORY, A , Kingsport, AUSTIN H. GRESHAM, JR., A ...... Louisville, H. RUSSELL GRIFFITH E IIIKXII Nashville JAMES J. GRIFFITH, A ' , Kingsport, FRANCES C. GRIGSBY, A, Vfllli .... Nashville, WILLIAM W. GRIGSBY, A, Irm. . .Kingsport 7 Corinth, Miss. . ,Atlanta, Ga. .Nashville, Tenn. Jacksonville, Fla. New Orleans, La. ATQ Evanston, Ill. Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. N IORS ERNEST J. GRISET, A ........ -. .Bound Brook, N .J . JAMES P. GUDENRATH, E, ATQ .... Houston, Tex. J. MARSHALL HACKETT, A, KA9 ...... Rome, Ga. HAROLD P. HAGAR, E ............ Nashville, Tenn. JAMES M. HAILE, E ............. Nashville, Tenn. KENNETH L. HAILE, A, AKE ...... Cookeville, Tenn. MARTHA L. HAILEY, A, AAA ...BrentwOOd, Tenn. J. GREGORY HALE, A, AKE ..... Worthington, Ohio SALLY N. HALE, N ............ Chattanooga, Tenn. SCOTT R. HALL, A, mo .......... BRUCE A. HAMILTON A KA .St . . . .Tulsa, Okla. Petersbur Fla 7 7 ' ' g! ' JOAN ELLEN HAMILTON, A, KA .... Houston, Tex. JOHN J. HAMILTON, A, B811 ...... Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM HANCOCK, E, ATQ. . .Newport News, Va. THOMAS E. HANES, A, KA ........ . . . .Atlanta, Ga. STEPHEN W. HANKS, A, EX ...... Jenkintown, Pa. WILLIAM V. HARTFORD, A, Aim.. PETER T. HARINC., A, on ... GLENN A. HARPER, A, Mo . JAMES W. HARRIS A Bon . .Monterey, Mex. . . . .Dallas, Tex. . . . .Atlanta, Ga. .Dallas, Tex. JERRY L. HARRIS, A, RA .... '. '. '. '. '. '. Pensacola, Fla. LEWIS G. HARRIS A KA . . Houston, Tex. R. RHYS HARRIS, JR., A, IIKA fairmioghem, Ala. BEN HARVEY, A, EAE ........ Chattanooga, Tenn. GLENN L. HASTINGS, E ....... Seaford, Del. BARBARA A. HAY, N, KA ........ Cincinnati, Ohio GLENN E. HAYES, N, KAKD ........ Dickson, Tenn. J. BREVARD HAYNES, A, EX . .MurfreesbOrO, Tenn. HERBERT KYLE HEDRICK, A, K2 . . . .Kenvil, N.J. LETICIA M. HEGEWALD, A, XQ .... Louisville, Ky. JOSEPH HENDERSON, A, TIKA .... Oak Ridge, Tenn. JULIE ANN HENDRICK, A, XQ ...... Jackson, Miss. JUDITH A. HENNESSEY, A, KAGJ .... Sarasota, Fla. MARGARET FORT HENRY, A .... Greencastle, Ind. JAMES O. HERBERT, A, KA ....... SAM B. HERBERT, E, IDAGJ ........ WILLIAM R. HERMAN, A, EX ...... KATIE M. HERRON, A, mo ........ DIANNE G. HERSHEY, A .... .... BARRY M. HERTZ, E, AEII ........ ROSS H. HICKS, A ................ . Anderson, S.C. Nashville, Tenn. . .Maitland, Fla. Memphis, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Niota, Tenn. NANCY G. HIGGINBOTHAM, A, XQ . . .Dallas, Tex. ROBERT LEE HILL JR., E, PSK .... WILLIAM JAMES HILL III, A, AKE MARTHA D. HILTON, A, RBI, ...... JOHN J. HINDLE, A .............. JANE HINDMAN, A, mo .... .... GAIL A. HINRICHS, A, xo ROBERT L. HIGGS, E, IDKIII ....... KATHERINE D. HOAGLAND A . . . Nashville, Tenn. Shreveport, La. Nashville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. .LOuisville, Ky. . Nashville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. KENDRA HOFFMEYER, A, in .... Cincinnati, Ohio ALLEN W. HOLBROOK, A, BGJH .... J . TERRY HOLCOMB, A, K2 ........ MICHAEL R. HOLDGRAF, A, EX .. Owensboro, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. . .Winnetka, Ill. JANIS I. HOLEMAN, N ................ Sturgis, Ky. SHANNON HOLLOWAY, E, TIKA. . .MiddletOwn, Ky. JAMES C. HOLMES, A ........... Baton Rouge, La. JERELYN M. HOLMES, A ........ . . . .Atlanta, Ga. KATHERINE J . HOLSOPPLE, A . .Oak Ridge, Tenn. EUGENE J . HONEA, A, QKIII ...... Birmingham, Ala. OTIS W. HOOD, A, K2 ...... . . . .Little Rock, Ark JAMES G. HOUGLAND, A .......... Paducah, Ky ALICE C. HOUSEAL, A .......... Birmingham, Ala MORTON B. HOWELL III, A, CDAO. .NaShville, Tenn PATTY ANN HUDDLESTON, A . .Hattiesburg, Miss CHARLA L. HUDSON, A .......... Franklin, Tenn ELLEN HUGGINS, A, KA ......... . Nashville, Tenn JAMES R. HUMPHREYS, A, HKA .... Cordova, Tenn CHARLES L, IRBY, A ........... ROBERT B. IVEY, A, SX ............. Cp T. JACKSON, A, EN ...... .Clarksville, Tenn .Decatur, Ga . . . .Washington, D.C EDWIN C. JACKSON, E, KE ....... Springfield, Tenn STEPHEN E. JACKSON, A, CDAGJ ....... Tulsa, Okla DOREEN C. JAMES, N, KA ....... PATRICIA JENKINS, E, AAA .. MARY FRANCES JETT, A ..,. ANN H. JOHNSON, E, AOH ... PAMELA S. JOHNSON, A .... ROBERT S. JOHNSON, A, AKE ALICE FAYE JONES, E, mls . DALLAS J. JONES, A, RAE .. HENRY J. JORDON, A ....... MAY JUAN, A ............. MICHAEL G. KAPLAN, A .... RICHARD L. KATTEN, A, ZBT IRVIN A. KAUFMAN, A, ZBT ...... JOHN W. KEARNS, E, KE .... JAMES MARVIN KEETON JR. BETTY G. KEELING, A ......... JOHN M. KEENUM, A .............. .Vero Beach, Fla . . . . .Memphis, Tenn . . . .San Marino, Cal .Huntsville, Ala Nashville, Tenn . . . .Atlanta, Ga Memphis, Tenn . . . . .Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn .Red Bank, N.J . . . .New Orleans, La .LOuisvi11e, Ky . . . . .Nashville, Tenn , A .... Ashland, Ky .TullahOma, Tenn .SheHfield, Ala N IORS JAMES M. KEIGHTLEY, A, om. . .Harrodsburg, Ky. WILLIAM B. KELLY, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. SUSIE KEMP, A, AOII .......... CAROL L. KERSTING, N .... . . .Texarkana, Ark. . . .Fort Knox, Ky. W. BEN KIBLER, A, KA ............ Louisville, Ky. MERLIN J. KILBURY, A, K2 ...... Little Rock, Ark. J. ERIC KINDBERG, A ............ Mt. Brook, Ala. CHARLES R. KING, A, TAG ........... Atlanta, Ga. EUGENE F. KINNAIRD, A, KA . . MICHAEL S. KINNARD, A ..... DONALD KIRBY, A, ATQ ....... . . . .LOuisville, Ky. . . .Franklin, Tenn. .Birmingham, Ala. GERALD B. KIRKSEY, E, KIIKWI' . .Huntingdon, Tenn. . Alexandria, Va. GEORGE R. KITCHELL, E ....... REINHARD M. KLAASS, E ROBERT A. KLEIN A AEII JESSIE M. KLYCE,,A, ...... 11111 KEITH M. KOLERUS, E, oAo .... HOLLY C. KNUPPEL, A ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. ...... . . .Eastlake, Ohio Huntington, W.Va . . . . .Evanston, Ill . .Mt. Prospect, Ill .Petersburg, Ill CHARLES E. KRUKIEL, E, ax ...CharlestOn, W.Va PAUL M. KURTZ, A, AEII ...... Spring Valley, NY. ELIZABETH C. LANCASTER, A ..... Florence, Ala REINHARD LANGE, A ............ LOUIS D. LANIER, E, EAE ALFRED W. LASHER III, A, JANE E. LAW N ......... Huntsville, Ala .. . . . . . .West Point, Ga ZBT ...... Houston, Tex H. GRANT LAIN JR., A, WENDELL LAWRENCE, A, EARL G. LeDET, E ................ ALLEN D. LENTZ, A, fIfAGJ DONALD LESLIE, A, EMC . .. . . Pontiac, Ill .Lookout Mt., Tenn AAA .... Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn . Hendersonville, Tenn DORTHY E. LESTER, A, XQ ...... New Orleans, La ROGER L. LEVIN GER, AKIC ............ Baker, Ore HELEN FRANCES LEWIS, A, AAA . .Mernphis, Tenn MARIAN L. LEWIS, A, KA .......... Houston, Tex. PATRICIA A. LEWIS, A, KA .......... Tulsa, Okla SUSAN LEWIS, A ................. Memphis, Tenn THOMAS G. LEWIN, A, ZBT . . .University City, Mo. AUSTAN S. LIBRACH, E, ZBT .......... Clayton, Mo. LINDA A. LIPSCOMB, A, HB6 .... Nashville, Tenn MICHAEL R. LIPSCOMB, A, AKE . .Mernphis, Tenn WILLIAM KIRK LOGGINS, A .... Charlotte, Tenn LYNN D. LONERGAN, A, IIBIIH ....... St. Louis, Mo HARRIET R LONG A X9 Trenton JULIE L. LOTTINVILLE, A, mae ...... Tulsa, CHARLES R. LOUDERMILK, E ...Nashville-, MARJORIE LYNNE LOYD, A ...... Lebanon, SHARON L. MAGINNIS, A, HBHD ...... Bellaire, Tex. SUZANNE C. MAHANY, A, AAA ...... Oxford, Ohio Tenn Okla Tenn Tenn ANN JERYL MARTIN, A ........ Shelbyville, Tenn. JOHN H. MARTIN, A, fIwAf9 ............ Dallas, Tex. LOWELL F. MARTIN, A, EX .... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. S. JERALD MARTIN, A ........... Columbus, Miss. JOHN P. MARTINIERE, JR., E, EAR ..... Rome, Ce. THOMAS R. MATTER, A, oAo . DAVID K. MATTHES, E, mm ..... . . . . . . .DallaS, Tex. LARRY E. MATTHEWS, A, nIvKw1f . . .Nashville, Tenn. RENEAU R. MATTHEWS, A, KAG ...... Atlanta, Ga. RONALD W. MAUTZ, A, B911 ......... Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA M. MAXWELL, A, xo PATRICK MAXWELL, A, BAE . . . .Alexandria, La. . . .Nashville, Tenn. 4 GPH 12421, SN NIORS ROGER T. MAY, A, EAE ............ Pensacola, Fla. CHARLOTTE MAYFIELD, A, AGU . .Memphis, Tenn. MICHAEL MCALISTER, E, PSK .... Nashville, Tenn. LAWRENCE MCANDREWS, A, fDKE .Nashville, Tenn. JOHN W. MCCALLIE, JR., EAE .... Knoxville, Tenn. J. FLEMING McCLELLAND, A, AKE . . .Atlanta, Ga. CLAIRE L. McCOY, A ............. Nashville, Tenn. CATHY J. MCDONALD, A, HBQJ .... Memphis, Tenn. ROBERT L. McDONALD, E, PSK . .Nashville, Tenn. PRISCILLA MCEACHERN, A, HRKII . .Memphis, Tenn. ANNE W. MCENIRY, A, KA ........ San Marino, Cal. MARTHA B. MCFALL, A, Aon ......... Atlanta, Ga. JOHN E. MCFARLANE, A, AKE .... Palestine, Tex. JUNE L. MCGAW, A, IIBQD ........ Nashville, Tenn. VIRGINIA E. MCGEHEE, A, X9 ...... Jackson, Miss. LARRY R. MCGHEE1, A ............ Nashville, Tenn. JOHN P. MCGREGOR, A., KA ...... Clarksville, Tenn. A. L. McMILLAN, E ................. Valdosta, Ga. ELIZABETH MCMILLAN, N, KA .... Gainesville, Fla. T. MICHAEL MCMILLAN, E .... Chattanooga, Tenn. CARL C. MCMURRY, A ............ Jackson, Miss. JACKIE L. McRAY, A .............. Versailles, Ky. JAMES A. MEADOWS III, A, KDAGJ Birmingham, Ala. WILLIAM MEADOWS III, A, EAE . .Memphis, Tenn. PAUL S. MEARS JR., A, ATQ ......... Orlando, Fla. MARTIN L. IVIEASEL, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. ANNE MECKSTROTH, A, KAGJ ....... Fort Lee, N.J. THOMAS G. MENDELL, E ......... Scarsdale, N.Y. NANCY LIND MERCER, N ....... Milwaukee, Wis. THOMAS N. IVIERIWETHER, A, EN .... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM L. MEYER, A, EX .......... Helena, Ark. MAX MICHAEL III, A, ZBT ...... Jacksonville, Fla. JIM R. MIDDLEHURST, A, EN ...... Houston, Tex. J UDITH L. MILHOLLAND, A .... Chesterfield, Mo. ELLEN KAY MILLER, A, DDB .... Hodgenville, Ky. PENNY L. MILLER, A, AOII ....... Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM C. MILLER II, A .......... Hialeah, Fla. WILLIAM CONRAD MILLER, E, HKA . .Vienna, Va. VERNON MIMMS, E, EN .............. 1VIiami, Fla. ROBERT L. MITCHELL, E, EAE ...... Atlanta, Ga. J UDITH K. MOE, A, AOH .......... Owensboro, Ky. DAVID CHARLES MONTIEL, A, IIKA . .Mobile, Ala. RICHARD N. MOODY, E, fIJK1If .... Nashville, Tenn. CAROL L. MOONEY, A, AAA ........ Decatur, Ala. ALAN L. MOORE, A, KA ............ Jackson, Miss. ROBERT J. MOORE, A ............ Richmond, Va. SHARON A. MOORE, A ........ Charlottesville, Va. M. RIDLEY MOORMAN, E, HKA . . .Huntsville, Ala. STEVE C. MORELAND, A, KE ........ Atlanta, Ga. JOHN B. MORRIS, E, QIDKKII ........ Washville, Tenn. SANDRA E. MORRIS, A, FQIJB ..... Owensboro, Ky. ALBERT W. MORRISS JR., A, KA ...... Tyler, Tex. WENDY MORRISS, A ............ Sylacauga, Ala. GEORGE B. MORTON, A, AKE .... Manchester, Tenn. GARY R. MULLER, E, CIJKE .......... Dayton, Tenn. V. FAIN MURPHEY, A, XO ...... Lookout Mt., Tenn. M. VINCENT MURPHY, A, EN ........ Atlanta, Ga. JAMES J . MYERS, E ............. Nashville, Tenn. JOHN A. MYERS, E, ATQ .......... Louisville, Ky. ROLAND H. MYERS JR., A, EX .... Memphis, Tenn. IIINICRS MICKI MYTINGER, A, 1'IB1ID HENRY S. NELSON A EN . . . . . . . .Tulsa, Okla. Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM s. NELsoN,' A ..1'fQf..HbnsIbn, Tex. WALTER W. NIXON, A .......... Jacksonville, Ark. VICTORIA J. NULL, A, XQ ........ Nashville, Tenn. J. ALTON ODUM, E, EN .......... Nashville, Tenn. NANCY L. ONNYBECKER, A, AAA . .Louisville K R. THEODORE OVERMAN, A CATHY D. OWEN A AOH I Y- . . . . .Oak Ridge, Tenn. Houston Tex REBECCA LOUISE OXFORD, 'A' 1 ljabksbnvllla, Fla: DAVID MICHAEL PALENCIA, A ...Call, Cblbnlbia PAT PALMORE, N ................. Cave Cny, Ky. L. AUBREY PARISH, A ............. Daphne, Ala. ANN C. PARKER, A ........... Miami Springs, Fla. GEOFFREY s. PARKER, A, IIKA .,.... Atlanta, Ga. PATRICIA ANNE PARRY, A, IIBCIJ. .Memphis, Tenn. JACQUELINE A. PASCOE, E ......... Nichols, Fla. KAROLYN R. PAYNE, N, AOII .... Hopkinsville, Ky. JOHN W. PEDEN, A, EN ....... Chattanooga, Tenn. LINDA C. PERCIVAL, E, KA .... Shrewsbury, Mass. MARCIA A. PERRY, A, DDB .... Sherman Oaks, Cal. ROBERT C. PERRY, A, fI1KNIf ............ Urbana, Ill. GARY M. PETERMAN, A, IIKA Brentwood, Tenn. CHARLES H. PETERSON, A ....... Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM M. PETRIE, A, EX LINDA G. PETTEY A KAQ .. . . . . . .Louisville, Ky. . Bessemer, Ala. W. THAD PETTYJOHN, A, ATO. '. '. I '. Bainbridge, Ga. CATHY o. PETWAY, A, KAO ...... Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM H. PITTMAN, A, ZBT . . .Montgomery, Ala. R. KNOX PITTS III, A, AKE ...... Shelbyville, Tann. JUDY K. PLEMONS, A ........ Chattanooga, Tenn. WILLIAM POINTER, E, ATQ . .St. Clair Shores, Mich. JON W. PONDER, A, EN .............. Chicago, Ill. MARGARET G. PORTER, N ....... Ft. Mitchell, Ky. NATHAN F. S. PORTER, JR., E . . . .Huntsville, Ala. CAROLYN C. POTTER, N, KA ........ Wheaton, Ill. CLARENCE L. POWELL, JR., A LaGran e Ill ELIZABETH A. POWERS, A ........ g , . . . .Nashville Tenn. RONNIE F. POWELL, E, EN ...... Pine Bluff, Ark. T. VIRGINIA POWELL, A ..... . . . . .Stone Mt., Ga. WALTER F. PRATT, A .............. J ackson, Miss. JAMES B. PRESSLY, JR., EAR . DAVID Y. PROCTOR III E CIJAO . . . .Greenville, S.C. . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT E. PRYOR, A, SN, ...... 'fsb Paestine, Tex. JAMES F. PUCKETT, A, quo ... JAMES D. PURVIS El BGII . Hattiesburg, Miss. . Russellville, Ky. soL H. PUTZELI JRI, A, ZBT .... . .Smyrna, Tenn. JOHN D. QUENELLE, A, KE ..... . . .Sycamore, Ala. WILLIAM L. QUINLEN, A, CIPAGJ ...Memphis, Tenn. ROSS A. RAINWATER, A, CIJKIII ..... Sapulpa, Okla. ANNE LESLIE RAMSEY, A, AAA ...Ga1latin, Tenn. JAMES R. RAMSEY, A .......... Little Rock, Ark. J. KIRK RANKIN, A, KA ............. Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT J. RAPAI, A, ATQ . .Delhi, Ontario, Canada DIANNE RAVITZ, A, A011 ....... . Kensington, Md. CHARLES B. RAY, A, TAG? ......... Memphis, Tenn. RICHARD A. REAMER, A, ZBT . . . . . .Durham, N.C. DAISY A. REESE, A .................. Dallas, Tex. M. DIANE REPP, A ............... Nashville, Tenn. CRAIG H. REYNOLDS, A .... . . . .Louisville, Ky. . . . .Pine Bluff, Ark. iR R A ,, sm I . S., . W S 37. 'J f ,. i I . .Q w-nu ,A L... ., , , Q JW QQ R A A "" 4- X v P+ f 5 W "' :iP' -ef, I as 4 --' DA Y S . ' la A I., NIORS MARK RICHARDSON, A, HKA ..Brementon, Wash. SUSAN G. RILEY, A, AAA .......... Houston, Tex. TRISH L. ROBERTS, A, KAO . . .Winston-Salem, N.C. JAMES WAYNE ROBERTSON, A .... Sumter, S.C. ALAN W. RODGERS, A ........... Huntsville, Ala. ROBERT C. RODGERS, A ....... .... A tlanta, Ga. OCTAVIA E. ROGERS, A, AOII ...... Tupelo, Miss. BARBARA A. ROLLER, A, HBCID ...... Tulsa, Okla. ARTHUR A. ROSENBLATT, A, AEII .... Miami, Fla. JOHN J. ROSS, JR., A, AKE ...... Savannah, Tenn. SHELLEY A. ROSSON, A, XQ .... Springfield, Tenn. IVELVIN ROTHBERG, E, AEH .... Nashville, Tenn. JUDITH T. ROUSE, E, AOII .......... Midway, Ky. PHILIP R. RUSS, JR., A, ZBT . .. LINDA RUTH RUSSELL, A, xo JAY G. SAFER, A, ZBT ....... JOHN M. SAFLEY, JR., A ..... DONNA F. SALMON, A, ms . CHARLES E. SAMPLE, E ..... HANSFORD SAMS A GAG .. LELON W. SANDERSON, E .... ' . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . . .J acksonville, Fla. . . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Overland, Mo. . . . . . . .Decatur, Ga. . . . .Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES S. SANFORD, E ...... Watertown, Tenn. RICKYE JO SARNO, A ........... Jacksonville, Fla. RICHARD B. SASNETT, JR., A, fIJA9 . . .Atlanta, Ga. COOPER M. SCHLEY, A, fIJK1If ...Birmingham, Ala. WILLIAM D. SCHNEIDER, A ..... Nashville, Tenn. MARGERY K. SCHROEDER, A, AAA . . .Normal, Ill. KATHERINE R. SCHUERMANN, N . .St. Louis, Mo. EDWARD SCHUMACKER, A, ATQ . . .Columbus, Ga. JOHN REID SCOTT, E, ATO ...... Covington, Tenn. M. JANIE SCOTT, A ............. Little Rock, Ark. RICHARD SCOTT, A, QIIKE . .Colorado Springs, Colo. ROBERT D. SEGALL, A, ZBT .... Montgomery, Ala. BEBE L. SELIG, A, IIBCD ............. Houston, Tex. LEE M. SESSIONS JR., A, EAE PAUL E. SEXTON, E, EX ...... M. ELAINE SHANNON, A, xo .. DONALD L. SHEETS, A, fI1KNIf.. PHILIP L. SHEPHERD, A, Bon . CARL DOUGLAS SHUSKY A WAYNE M. SIMON A AEII . . . . . .Marietta, Ga. . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Gainesville, Ga. . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . .Cincinnati, Ohio . Stafford, Kan. Shreveport La SUSAN ELLEN SIIVIPSDN, A ..D5Rlners, Grovti, Ill: HENRY L. SINGER II, E, QKE .......... Atlanta, Ga. MARK L. SIRAK, A, ZBT ....... ..... C anton, Ohio SUSAN A. SLAGEL, A ............ Lexington, Ky. ALDEN E. SMITH, JR., A .......... Memphis, Tenn. ARTHUR F. SMITH, JR., E, K2 . . .Brownsvil1e, Tenn. r.-.--' - P'.I :Q Q . .,....., ,Q LQ Q T: Q Q ,M Q Q ,T A I . ,gag ' J Q in ' f S I x 1.-:A Q dk R' I A PEP- A ' ' iitt i ieiis i " 2 Yi f i' . ' T, , .A f . '+A . If .E+ - f.'.'1.i"Sei:5i4 :'N:E:::?5E'E. ' ' I -XS f?N'Wlf5f3Sf3'i . W .. Q Q Q Q Q QQ Q QQ' Q :Q . R 63: Q, 1. ' Q -f nf 'I QM.. R. . .. - i I' ' , I A 1 l - A ... I I I Q Q K 3 , 'I 'R ' 9. 1: W, 1 , QQ ...S -Q 'FA A ' -jj, -R1-I ' 1' ' rs-PM .f - , ,Q, . .. A 'grggiggg P 'G - . - ' PSN Y -1 fue... ' ,AWD at Q, . ....L... ,, . QQ . H ., , Rigs... QQ .. . - A A. I Q r . X. x I J . .. Q fi 1 "'.- I - - A R. - Q Q 2 1" . QQ Q- X S,....,..frf I 1. , . ...,. QQ QQ , Q .. if . . . uurkr Q -M Q ix 5, E. - gg an g Q .-.S Q -I.. . . . QQQQQQ .. . . I A ' ... . ..., K QQ Q I . 1' . . 'I . . '. A vlhy K ' Z . ' K 5 is h I ' "i" .5 -' I Q Q E . Q Q K1 ,,... .5. I - I in . A 55 it 1 -if 'li I Q - . I I 3 I A . .ws . .SAI 377 JERRY H. SMITH, A, IIKA ..... JAMES SMITH, E, mn ......... .Johnson City, Tenn. . . .Wilmington, Del. LEE SMITH, A, KA .............. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. LESLIE E. SMITH, A, AAA ..... M. HAROLD SMITH JR., A .... MORRIS D. SMITH, E .......... RUSSEL L. SMITH, A, ZBT . .. SALLY L. SMITH, N ...... . . .Little Rock, Ark. Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . . . .Leoma, Tenn. . . . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. . . . . .Camp Hill, Pa. STEPHEN H. SMITH, A ..... ..... N ashville, Tenn. SUSAN L. SMITH, A, AGU ...... LEAH J. SNYDER, N, KA ..... Winston-Salem, N.C. JAMES M. SOUBY III, A, QAO . .Highland Park, Ill. DAVID D. SPROUL, A, ATQ ........ Houston, Tex. IUNIORS EDGAR A. S-TACY, E, QKE .............. Dell, DOROTHY C. STAMPS, A ........ Nashville, O. PORTER STARK A EN . . . Worthin ton Ark. Tenn. Ohio W 7 7 ' ' ' g 7 CHARLES F. STARKS, E, HKA ..... Louisville, Ky. REGINALD E. STARKS, E ...... Chattanooga, FAITH S. STEIN, A .......,......,... Yonkers, JOHN A. STEMMLER, A, IPAQ ..... Memphis, Tenn. N.Y. Tenn. THOMAS W. STEPHENS, A .......... Atlanta, Ga. FRANK W. STEVENS, JR., A, BAE . .Nashville, Tenn. CAMERON R. STEWART, A, LIJKE ..Alexandria, Va. SUSAN H. STEWART, A .............. Dallas, Tex. OLIVIA TATE STOCKARD, A ....... Raleigh, N.C. BARBARA B. STONE, A, KA .... Garden City, N.Y. SANDRA E. STONE, A, KA ........ Nashville, Tenn. ALICE B. STRADLEY, A, AGJII ........ Atlanta, Ga. JACK F. STRINGHAM, A, EN ..... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN F. STUART, A, IIKA ......... Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM E. STUTTS, E .......... Columbia, JEAN M. SUTHERLAND, A, xo ..... NANCY A. SWEET, A, H1342 .... .Atlanta, ........Miami, Tenn. Ga. Fla. T. MICHAEL TAIMI, E, HKA .......... Potomac, Md. LESLEY A. TALLAKSEN, A, KA ...... Atlanta, Ga. CRAIG TAPPAN, A, AKE ............. Mobile, Ala. CHRISTY K. TATE, A, AAA ........ Louisville, Ky. THOMAS D. TATUM, A, BGJH ...... Richmond, Ky. VISTON TAYLOR, A, K2 .... South Pittsburg, Tenn. MERYL FEDDER, N, IVPB .............. Atlanta, Ga. KATHRYN J. THIEL, A, AAA ...... Evansville, Ind. NANCY J. THIER, N ............. Cincinnati, Ohio DIANA L. THOMAS, A ..... ..... Lo uisville, Ky. KENT D. THOMAS, E ........... Clarksville, ARTHUR B. THOMPSON, JR., A . . .MemphiS, DSWITT C. THOMPSON, E, KIDAO .... Nashville LINDA A. THOMPSON, A, KA ..Chattanooga, WILLIAM N. THURMAN, JR., A, me . .Auam Tenn. Tenn. , Tenn. Tenn. a, Ga. ROBERT P. THURMOND, A, KE . .Dyersburg, Tenn. KATHRYN A. THWEATT, A, AAA . .N ashville, Tenn. EDMOND F. TIPTON, A, BGTI ...... Nashville, Tenn. LESLIE H. TIVERS, A ............ Memphis, Tenn. BETTE J. TOMLINSON, A, AOII ..... St. Louis, Mo. MARY DALE TRABUE, A, IIBfIJ .. .Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD B. TRAVIS, A, EN ......... Oak Park, Ill. STEPHEN M. TRAUTMAN, A, BGJH .N ashville, Tenn. JOHN G. TREITZ, A, QK2 .......... Louisville, Ky. LORRAINE TREMBLAY, A, F'-DB ....... Miami, Fla. K. GREGORY TUCKER, A, EN . . .Brentwood, Tenn. TIPPY VALIN, N ............ Fort Lauderdale, Fla. JANE V. de ROOVAART, A, AAA Cedar Rapids, Iowa GLENDA K. VAUGHAN, A ...... Nashville, Tenn. JEFFREY VAUGHAN, A, HKA .Webster Groves, Mo W. LEE VECCHIONE, E, PSIK . .Goodlettsville, JAMES W. VINSEN, E, EN ............ selma, Tenn: Ala ROBERT M. WALDEN E. ........ Hopkinsville, Ky HELEN WALKER, A, AAA ...... Chattanooga, Tenn. J. WALKER JONES, A, EN ........ Pine Bluff, Ark WINIFRED A. WALKER, A, IIBQD .... Sheflield, JOHN S. WALLACE E ..... Kin s ort Ala. Tenn , ..... g p , MARTHA W. WALLER, A, KAGJ .... Evansville, Ind RICHARD J. WALTON, A .......... Gatesville, Pa ROBERT F. WARD, A, IIKA ...... Copperhill, Tenn. IUNIORS GRADY L. WARREN III, A, IRI, . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT G. WARREN, E, K2 .......... Hardin, Ky. ALTON L. WATERS, A ............. Bristol, Tenn. GAYLE WATLAND, A, KA .... Arlington Heights, Ill. MARY RANKIN WEEMS, A, AAA . . Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM Q. WEISS, A ....... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. EMILY J. WELLS, A ........... LYN WOOD WESTMORELAND, A, DIANA F. WHITE, A ......... GREGORY K. WHITE, A, EN .. HAROLD S. WHITE, JR., A, EX Jo MARILYN WHITE, A, xo. LOUISE M. WHITE, A, AAA . . .Birmingham, Ala. NANCY WHITEHURST, A, AOH . . . JAMES H. WHITESIDE A .... .Harrisonburg Va. IIIKE Hampton, Ga. . . . . .Raleigh, N.C. . . .Villa Park, Ill. . . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. . . . .Martin, 'Tenn. . Cincinnati, Ohio .Glasgow, Ky. DIANE E. WILDER, A,'roR '. '. Nashville, Tenn. R. KENT WILDMAN, A ...... CAROLE C. WILHELM, A .... JAMES C. WILKES, A, KA .... O. WAYNE WILLIAMS, A, AAO . ...........MorO, Ill. Smithtown, N.Y. . . . . . .Lexington, Ky. . . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. ANNE E. WILLIAMS, A, xo .... Lookout Mt., Toon. CONSTANCE WILLIAMS, A, TQIJB . . . .St. Louis, Mo. DAVID S. WILLIAMS, A, HKA ...... St. Louis, Mo. FRANK B. WILLIAMS III, A . . .Johnson City, Tenn. HENRY N. WILLIAMS, KE ......... Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT M. WILLIAMS, A, KA . .ClarksVille, Tenn. STEPHEN D. WILLIAMSON, A, ATQ .... Tulsa, Okla. ELIZABETH S. WILSON, A, AAA ...... Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH WINSTON, A, KA ...... Valdosta, Ga. JAMES D. WISE, E, CIJKE ............ Houston, Tex. ROSEMARY WITHERINGTON, A . .Munford, Tenn. MARK R. WOLF, A, EAE .......... Stamford, Conn. STINSON O. WOOD, A, KE ............ Macon, Ga. HELEN M. WOODWARD, A, AAA ..... Atlanta, Ga. MERRITT WOOTEN, A, DDB ........ Lebanon, Tenn. JAMES E. WORK, JR., E, B011 .... Nashville, Tenn. DENNIS C. WORKMAN, A ..... CHRISTINE M. WORTHEN, A . . . JANE WYATT, A, AAA ......... .WaShingtOn, D.C. .Chickamauga, Ga. ANNE E. YINGLING, A, mis .... JOHN C. YORK, A .............. . . . Sarasota, Fla. . .Alexandria, Va. Shawneetown, Ill. CHARLES E. YOUMAN, E, QKXI1 .... Arlington, Va. PEGGY J. ZEEMAN, N ....... DARRYL E. ZINK, A, Bon .... . . . . . .Miami, Fla. . . . .Bedford, Ind. SOPHOMORES OFFICERS. First Row: Candy Cresswell, Vice-President, Mary Kay King, Secretary, Bud Fischer, President, Second Row: Bill Norton, Vice-President, Keyes Page, Treasurer. CABINET. David Beavers, Public Affairs, Winfred Presidentsg Marc Steele, Representative to the Board Anderson, Public Relations, Dennis Avner, Student of Presidents. Aifairsg Betsy Urban, Representative to the Board of 380 I SOPHOMORES WILLIAM C. ABBOTT, E, HKA ..... LAWRENCE R. AHERN, A, HKA .. . KATHRYN P. AICHELE, A, use . LOIS A. ALEXANDER, A .,...... LORRAINE ALEXANDER, A, XO . TIMOTHY P. ALEXANDER, A, LIHKY MARIANO ALIERTA, G2 ......... JOHN BRUCE ALLYN, A, HKA . .. CHIP AMES, A, EN ....,,..,..... NANCY J. ANDEREGG, A, XQ LANDON B. ANDERSON, A ...... . Nashville, Tenn. Kingsport, Tenn. .CharlestOn, S.C. .lVIemphis, Tenn. .Memphis, Tenn. . .HoustOn, Tex. . Zaragoza, Spain . Rochester, N.Y. . Owensboro, Ky. Cincinnati, Ohio . . .Celina, Tenn. SARA A. ANDERSON, A, FCIDB .... Knoxville, Tenn. CHARLES L. ANDRE, A ......... . Memphis, Tenn. SUSAN L. APPLEGARTH, N ......... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT R. APPLESON, A ....... . Memphis, Tenn. SARA L. ARCHER, A ............... Gadsden, Ala. CHARLES R. ARENDALE, A, KE .. JAMES C. ARMISTEAD, A, EAR ... . .JacksOn, Tenn. .Nashville, Tenn. ALBERT ARMSTRONG, E, ATQ ...KensingtOn, Md. WOODY W. ARNOLD, A, EN . .Carlisle Barracks, Pa. MARTHA F. ASKINS, E, X52 .... McMinnville, Tenn. DENNIS L. AVNER, A, ZBT ........ Gallipolis, Ohio LUIS GABRIEL AYA, E ..Bucaramanga, Colombia SUE BACHMAN, A ................. Flossmoor, Ill. CHARLES L. BACON, A, CDKE ..... Kansas City, MO. RUSTY BADGETT, E ............ Madisonville, Ky. ALEXANDRA BAILEY, A ......... Alexandria, Va. THOMAS G. BAILEY, JR., A, QIJAO . MALCOLM E. BAIRD, E ......... .Nashville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. BRUCE C. BAKER, E, EN ........ Shelbyville, Tenn. BARBARA J. BALLOFF, A ...... LaFOllette, Tenn. JIM K. BARBOUR, A, EN ........ CAROLE D. BARNES, A, mls .... .LevittOWn, N.Y. . . . .Decatur, Ga. GLENN M. BARNES, A, IIKA ........ Louisville, Ky. REID B. BARNES, E, TAO ......... Blnnlngnenn, Ala. STEVENSON F. BARNES, E, SX .. STUART M. BARNES, A, ATQ .... JAIVIES v. BARR, III, A, EN ....... HAROLD J. BARTCH, E, ax ..... ANN D. BARNEWALL N ..... . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. .Nashville, Tenn. . . .St. Louis, MO. . Denver, Colo. JUDITH A. BASSMAN,,A .iilllVIemphis, Tenn. DOUGLAS T. BATES, A ........ Centerville, Tenn. DAVID C. BEAVERS, A, GAG? ......... Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL W. BECKNER, A, EN . . . . . .Decatur, Ga. ROD M. BELL, JR., E ................. Dallas, Tex. KATHERINE BENEFIELD, A, DDB . . Louisville, Ky. ALBERT G. BENNEYWORTH, A ..Nashville, Tenn. JOHN S. BENSON, A, QK2 ............ Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS D. BENSON, A .......... Fairforest, S.C. DARRYL D. BERGER, A, ZBT ..... New Orleans, La. DENNIS S. BERZON, A, ZBT ........ St. Louis, MO. CAROLYN J. BESS, N ............ Nashville, Tenn. STEVEN H. BIGELOW, E . . . . . . . . Chickasaw, Ala. LYNN L. BIGCS, A, AAA ............ Jackson, Miss. CHARLES K. BILLINGS, A, TAG ...... Dublin, Ga. DANA W. BLUM, A, XO .......... HILLARY H. BLYTHE, A ......... JOHN J. BODLEQ, A, AKE ......... ......MacOn, Ga. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Granville, Ohio FRANKLIN BOLLINC, A, HRA .... Kingsport, Tenn. PHILIP E. BOLOGNA, E ..... Ridgefield Park, N.J. SOPHOMORES CHERYL A. BOOTH, A, 1'IBfD ...... .... A tlanta, Ga. JAMES L. BOOTH, A ............. Memphis, Tenn. JEFFREY A. BOOTZIN A AEII . . .Jacksonville Fla WILLIAM D. BOSTICK, A ........ Nashville, 'fennf GEORGE A. BOXWORTH, A, me ...... Rome, Ga. MICHAEL B. BoTToMY, A, EX ....... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM L. BOURLAND, A, EAE. .Memphis, Tenn. GEORGE E. BOWLES, A, EAE ......... Dallas, Tex. JIM BOYD, A, KA .................... Tampa, Fla. RACHEL N. BOYD, A ........ ..... A thens, Tenn. THOMAS H. BOYD, E, KE .......... Munford, Tenn. MYRA J. BOYSEN, A ............. Nashville, Tenn. CAROLYN L. BRADSHAW, A . .Winston-Salem, N.C JOHN V. BRACEY, A ............ Little Rock, Ark ROBERT W. BRAMLETTE, A, EN .... Houston, Tex. EVELYN A. BRANDON, A ..... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MARC D. BREEHL, A .............. Louisville, Ky. HAROLD BREWINGTON, A . .Hendersonville, Tenn GEORGE B. BRIGGS, A, TIKA ....... Reidsville, N.C GEORGE M. BRITTON, A, KA ....... Houston, Tex JEFF P. BROOKE, A ............... Bessemer, Ala DAVID G. BROOKS, E, AKE .... Chattanooga, Tenn LESLIE R. BROOKS, A, KE .......... Jackson, Tenn. DONALD L. BROWN, A .... ..... N ashville, Tenn JOHN F. BROWN, A ................... Griffin, Ga ROBERT P. BRUCE, A, HKA ...... Kingsport, Tenn MARY C. BRUMMETF, A, TYIJB .... Birmingham, Ala RICHARD E. BRYANT, E, KDAGJ ........ Atlanta, Ga ROBERT A. BUNDY, A, EX ........ Richmond, Va W. ROGER BURGE, A, EAE .... ..... A tlanta, Ga F. ANTHONY BURKE, A, QIJKE ...... Louisville, PATRICIA C. BURNETT, A, AOH .... Louisville, STEVEN J. BURNHAM, A, EN ......... Mobile, Ala CLAUDE H. BURROW, A, KA ..... Greenville, Miss WILLIAM F. BUCHANAN, A, IDAC-D. .Texarkana, Tex A. STUART BUSHING, E ......... Maryville, Tenn Ky Ky MICHAEL E. BUTLER, E .......... Memphis, Tenn GEORGE H. CAIN, JR., A ........ Greenwich, Conn BARBARA CALLANDER, N, M113 . .Alexandria, Va JOHN M. CALLAWAY, E .......... Madison, Tenn MICKEY L. CAMP, N ................. Dexter, Mo H. CHARLES CAMPBELL, A, EN .... Pikeville, Ky DAVID P. CAMPERRY, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. ANNE W. CANNON, N, XQ ........ Nashville, Tenn VIVIAN D. CANTRELL, N .......... Lapeer, Mich W. TERRY CANTRELL, E, EN. .Murfreesboro, Tenn NORMAN ALAN CARL, A, AKE . . .Nashville, Tenn BRIAN E. CARLSON, A, AKE ...... Alexandria, Va CARMI CARMICHAEL, A, KA .... South Bend, Ind EILEEN A. CARPENTER, A ...... Nashville, Tenn KAREN N. CARPENTER, A ............ Rome, Ga SUE ANNE CARPENTER, N, I'fI1B..HyattSville, Md SUZANNE M. CARRERE, A ...... New Orleans, La GINGER CARRINGTON, A, AAA. .Collierville, Tenn PETER S. CARSON, E, EN .......... Louisville, Ky LAURA C. CARTER, A, KAC-5 ...... Port Arthur, Tex JAMES A. CARBER, A ....... ..... L akeland, Fla THOMAS L. CASE, A, AKE .... ..... D allas, Tex STEPHEN B. CASEY, A, B911 ...... Louisville, Ky THOMAS F. CASH, A ............ Nashville, Tenn 87. SOPHOMORES LOIS D. CASHELL, A ........ STEPHEN D. CAVINESS, A .. ANNE L. CHANDLER, A ..... .........Gretna, La. JOE D. CHANDLER, E ......... PETER N. CHANG, E .......... CARTER S. CHAPMAN, E, BGJH NANCY M. CHILDS, A, rims .. AUSTIN B. CHINN, A, QIDKE MICHAEL ALLEN CHOATE E . . . . .Hyattsville, Md. . . . .Burlington, N.C. . . .Albertville, Ala. .Kingston, Jamaica . . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Memphis, Tenn. Tappahannock, Va. . .Nashville, Tenn. JAMES B. CHRISTIAN, A, 152 .::.Little Rock, Ark. MARY C'. CLARK, A, AAA .... WILLIAM P. CLARKE, A, KA . DAVID R. CLEMMONS-, A, EX MARSHA D. COHN, A ........ ROBERT L. COLE, A ......... STEVE L. COLEMAN, A, HKA RANDOLPH C. COLEY A EAE ... . . . . .Tulsa, Okla. . . . . . . .Houston, Tex. . . . .Nashville, Tenn. ........Atlanta, Ga. . . . . . .Kirkwood, Mo. . . . . . . .Luverne, Ala. . Atlanta, Ga. N. CRICHTON CoIv1I3Rf A' ...., llEo.rt' Mitchell, Ky. DAVID L. CONDRA, E, BGJII ....... Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM R. CONLEY, A . . . .OwenSboro, Ky. DAN E. CONNOR, A ................. Paducah, Ky. JOAN C. CONRAD, A, KA9 ..... WILLIAM J. CONWAY, A ROBERT P. COOK, E, QIPKKII .... . . .Waterloo, Iowa . . . . .Louisville, Ky. . . . .Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM ALAN COOK, A ........ Memphis, Tenn. MARY LOU COOKE, A, IVIJB ...... Cleveland, Tenn. BYRON L. COOLEY, A, EN .......... Winnetka, Ill. CRAIG D. COOPER, A ............. Evansville, Ind. NANCY E. COOPER A ...... . Houston, Tex. WALWYN E. CooPIiP., E, q5K1lf......-.'..GI'6eI'1Vlll9, S.C. WILLIAM R. COOPER, E ...... MARY C. COOTS, A ....... . . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Paducah, Ky. GARY D. COPAS, E ................ Madison, Tenn. MICHAEL E. COPE E QIJK-If .. Nashville Tenn DENNIS M. CIoRBIlY,'.IR., E .fCIiaIIan00gaf Tennl BETTY ANNE COTTON, A .... College Grove, Tenn. CHARLES E. COTTON, A, AKE ........ Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL A. COWAN, A ....... Springfield, Tenn. JOEL B. COVINGTON, A, fDKE ...... Weston, Mass. SUSAN M. CRAMER, A, IWIJB ........ Houston, Tex. EMILY S. CRENSHAW, A, HB6 ....... Atlanta, Ga. CANDACE T. CRESSWELL, A, KA .... Atlanta, Ga. DEBORAH C. CRIST, A ......... Shippensburg, Pa. JOE? VAULX CROCKETT, A, QIHAQD. .Nashville, Tenn. JOHN WILLIAM CROSS, A, PSK . .Memphis, Tenn. DONALD WAYNE' CROTEAU, E ................ Fort Lauderdale, Fla. JERALD L. CUFFMAN, E ..... Goodlettsville, Tenn. JOHN H. CURLEY, E ............. Franklin, Tenn. DONALD G. DAHLING-ER, E, EX . .Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES S. DALE, A ....... Fort Lauderdale, Fla. DIANE A. DANILSON, E ......... New Orleans, La. J UDITH DAUGHERTY, A, KA . .Chattanooga, Tenn. PATRICIA J . DAUME, N, KAGD ...... St. Louis, Mo. PAULA S. DAVIS, A, AOH ............ Metairie, La. RICHARD H. DAVIS, E ............ Houston, Tex. ROY GIBSON DAVIS, JR., E ...... Memphis, Tenn. THOMAS L. DAVIS, JR., E, KA . .Morristown, Tenn. WILLIAM R. DAVIS, E, PSK ....... Nashville, Tenn. J . FRANK DAY, III, A, EAE ...... Birmingham, Ala. CATHERINE DeBARDELEBEN, A, KAGJ .......... Birmingham, Ala. SOPHOMORES PAUL C. DEEMER, A, BGII .... Bowling Green, Ky. LINDA LEE DeLANEY, A, KA ..... Charleston, MO. SIDNEY W. DeLONG, A, AKE .....,.. Franklin, Ky. RUTH M. DELOOR, N ........... Oak Ridge, Tenn. ANNE DERBES, A, KA ............... Metairie, La. JOHN T. DeVANE, A, GJK2 ......... Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM DIAMOND, A, AEII . .N. Minnn Beach, Fla. JOHN R. E. DICKINS, A, EAE ..... Pine Bluff, Ark. DON P. DICKINSON, A, EN .... W. Bradenton, Fla. ANNE DIEMER, A, XQ .............. Houston, Tex. CHARLES H. DIETZ, A ..... .... N ashville, Tenn. DAVID G. DIMIT, A, GAO .... ...... T ulsa, Okla. DAVID L. DIXON, A, ATQ ........ Washington, D.C. WILLIAM D. DIXON, A . . . ..... Kansas City, Mo. JOHN B. DODSON, A ...... .... N ashville, Tenn. JOHN A. DONEGAN, E ............ Nashville, Tenn. Louisville K CRAIG H. DOUGLAS, A, BGH ....... , y. GRACE DOUGLAS, A, XQ ...... Bowling Green, Ky. OLIVIA M. DOWNEY, A ..... Shaker Heights, Ohio SUSAN W. DOWNEY, A, DDB .... Springfield, Tenn. ANDREW W. DOZIER, E, AKE ....... Louisville, Ky. DAVID C. DRYSDALE, E, KA .... St. Augustine, Fla. CHARLES B. DUDLEY, E, LIUAGD .... Memphis, Tenn. STEWART R. DUDLEY, A, AKE . .Birmingham, Ala. NICHOLAS R. DUKE, A, ATQ ..New Haven, Conn. ALLEN C. DUNSTAN, A, EN ...... Memphis, Tenn. RICHARD T. DUVALL, A .......... Finchville, Ky. ANITA A. DYER, A .............. Kingsport, Tenn. TANDY L. EASLEY, E, EX .... ..... F redonia, Ky. JOHN W. EASON, E ........ ..... D ayton, Ohio CAROL A. ECKE, A ................ Clarkston, Ga. BRADFORD EDGERTON, A, KE .... Baltimore, Md. JAMES B. EDMONDS, JR., A ..Germantown, Tenn. ALLAN G. EDMUND, E .......... Cherry Hill, N.J. ALLAN L. EDSELL, II, E, PSK ...... Louisville, Ky. DEBBIE A. EDWARDS, A, HB6 ..... Columbus, Ind. D. GAY EDWARDS, N, KACO ...... Kingsport, Tenn. ROBERT T. EDWARDS, A, ATQ ..McKenzie, Tenn. SUSAN S. EDINGER, A ............ Louisville, Ky. IVAN R. ELDER, A .................. Bremen, Ga. ALVIN C. W. ELLIS, A ...... .... N ashville, Tenn. JAIVIES W. ELLIS, A, AKE ........ Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD A. ELLIS, A ..... Berkeley Heights, N.J. JOAN L. ELLISTON, A .......... Covington, Tenn. JAMES F. ELMEN, A, KDKNII ............ Atlanta, Ga. ROGER J. EPSTEIN, A, ZBT ......... Yonkers, N.Y. WILLIAM GREY ESPY, JR., E, TAG . . .Dothan, Ala. NANCY S. ESTES, A, AOH ...... Winter Haven, Fla. BARRY LYNDE3 EVANS, E, EX .... Memphis, Tenn. NANCY A. EVANS, A, XQ ............ Tampa, Fla. OWEN BEVERLY EVANS, JR., A, KA . .Decatur, Ala. PETER C. EVANS, A, AKE ........ Mt. Sterling, Ky. TREVOR EVANS, E, BOH ......... Nashville, Tenn. JACQUELINE M. EVERLY, A, KA .... Danville, Ky. SHERRY JEAN EZELL, A ......... Lebanon, Tenn. JERRY J. FAERBER, A, QAO ...... Memphis, Tenn. JOHN G. FAITH, A, K3 ............ Evansville, Ind. JOHN L. FARRINGER, III, A, HKA . .Nashville, Tenn. BAXIE FEITEL, A, AOH ......... New Orleans, La. RONALD I. FELDMAN, A, ZBT . .Chattanooga, Tenn. 84 SOPHOMORES JAMES MILLER FELTS, A, EX .... Nashville, Tenn. MARK DAVID FINE, A, ZBT ........ Louisville, Ky. FRED A. FISCHER, E, BGJH ......... Louisville, Ky. ROBERT STEPHEN FLOHR, A ..... Louisville, Ky. PAULINE FOLBRE, A, AAA ...... San Antonio, Tex. LEE B. FORB, A, ZBT ............... Richmond, Va. MILES A. FORMAN, A ...... Fort Lauderdale, CHARLES H. FOSTER, A, HKA ..Springfield, Fla. Tenn. JAMES A. FREEMAN, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN L. FREEMAN, III, A, EX .... Nashville, Tenn. REBECCA FUNKHOUSER, A, PDB Oak Ridge, CHARLES W. GALE, A, TIKA ...... Somerville, LINDA J. GALLOWAY, N, Aon ....... Atlanta, RONALD R. GALVIN, A ....... Elizabethtown, ALAN T. GANTT, A ............... Riverdale, ELLEN M. GARDINER, A, ITBQ11 .... Tallahassee, ROBERT L. GARDNER, A, AKE Elizabethtown, LORING M. GARRISON, A ............ Easley, RANDY R. GARRISON, E, BGJH ...... Clayton, DANNY S. GELLER, A, ZBT .... South Orange, Tenn. N.J. Ga. Ky. Md. Fla. Ky. S.C. Mo. N.J. RICHARD GENUNG, E, QIJKE . . .Goodlettsville, Tenn. LAURA J. GEROW, N, XQ ........... St. Louis, Mo. ROBERT J. GERHARDT, E ..Maracaibo, Venezuela JOHN W. GERTH, E, QIDKE ......... Nashville, Tenn. MARILYN O. GIRRS, A, AAA .... Decatur, Ca. STEVEN H. GIBSON, A ............ Chatham, N.J. TROW GILLESPIE, A, EAE ........ Memphis, Tenn. STEVE GINESTRA, A, EX .... Et. Lauderdale, Fla. DAVID WILLIAM GLASCOFF, A .... Waupun, Wis. MICHAEL GLASGOW, E, PSK . .Ashland City, Tenn. VICKI L. GLASGOW, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. DANIEL B. GLISSON, E ......... Lake Wales, Fla. M. ELAINE GOETZ, A, AOII ....... Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD GODKNECHT, A, Et-In .. . JUDY K. GOKEL, A .............. RICHARD GOLDEN, A, AEII .... st. . . .Hialeah, JAMES E. GOLDSBERRY, A, fmt: . . DAVID W. GOLIGHTLY, E ........ THOMAS GOODGAME, A, KA .... MICHAEL HENRY GORDON, A, AER Taanack, . . Kokomo, Northpart, N.Y. Fla. Petersburg, Fla. Nashville, Tenn. Ind. .Clearwater, Fla. N.J. KEVIN E. GRADY, A, fmt-I ............ Atlanta, Ca. JOHN W. GRANT, A .............. Evansville, Ind. OTTO K. GRATZOL, E, fIvKE . . .Westbrookville, N.Y. THOMAS H. GRAVES, A, HKA ..... Louisville, Ky. DANIEL ROGER GRAY, III, A .... Columbia, Tenn. ROLAND W. GRAY, A ........... Nashville, Tenn. MARY E. GRAYBILL, A ........ Montgomery, Ala. ELLEN R. GREEN, A, AOH ........ Nashville, Tenn. FRED M. GREEN, E, PSK .......... Nashville, Tenn. KATHRYN LEE GREEN, A, lIBfb .... Houston, Tex. JOHN L. GREGORY, E, KAI-J ...... Martinsville, Va. RALPH D. GRIFFIN, A, KA ........... Atlanta, Ga. MARY ELLEN GRIZZARD, A .... Jacksonville, Fla. ROBERTA J. GROCE, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. DONNA M. GUSTAFSON, A ..... New Orleans, La. GIGI GUTHRIE, A, KA ..St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. GINGER A. GUTHRIE, A ........ Dyersburg, TEYH1. ROBERT S. GUTHRIE, A, AKI-I ........ Dallas, Tex. RAY D. HACKETT, E ............. Madison, Tenn. SANDRA L. HAEFNER, A ....... Baton Rouge, La. SOPHOMORES LINDA HAFER, N .................. Westfield, N.J DANIEL P. HAGAMAN, A, QDAQ . .Chattanooga, Tenn DEBBIE HAGAMAN, A, KA Lookout Mountain, Tenn MARY SHARRON HAGAN, N ...... Louisville, Ky THOMAS HAGAN, A, EX ........... Louisville, Ky. SUSAN J. HAGEN, A, AOII ....... Crystal City, Mo. CURT O. HALL, A, QJAGJ ............... Albany, Ga HERBERT W. HAMILTON, E, KE .... Jackson, Tenn. BROCK J. HANKEQ, A .............. Kirkwood, Mo. BARRY E. HARDIN, E, AKE ........ Memphis, Tenn. JAMES E. HARDY, A ........ ....... P erry, Ga. BESS A. HARPER, A ......... ..... Lo uisville, Ky. JAMES A. HARPER A KA ........ Huntsville Ala EUGENE W. HARRELLI, A .... Mayfieifi, Kyl PAUL W. HARRIS, A, moi ....,....... Dallas, Tex. STEPHEN T. HARRIS E ......... Birmingham Ala MARGARET HARRISON, A, MB ..Kingsport, Tenn: CONNIE M. HARTLEB, A, KA ..... Melbourne, Fla. KATHLEEN M. HARTIVIANN, N ..Nashville, Tenn. RAY W. HARVEY, JR., E ........ Manchester, Tenn. EDWARD S. HARWOOD, E, KA ........ Dallas, Tex. WILLIAM HATHAWAY, A, AKE . . .NaShVille, Tenn. CECIL JENNINGS HAWES, A, IIKA Charlotte, N.C. KATHARINE H. HAYGOOD, A .... Greenville, Ala. SUSAN CAROL HEADRICK, N, FQIJB ..Pitts, Tenn. CHIP HEALEY, E, EX .... Lookout Mountain, Tenn. JAMES R. HEATER, A, fIwK2 ......... Sarasota, Fla. HENRY HECHT, A, AEII ........ New Haven, Conn. JUDY A. HEFFRON, N, AAA ........ Adrian, Mich. CARL P. HEINEMANN, A ....... Chattanooga, Tenn. JAMES M. HEINRICH, A, K2 ...... Evansville, Ind. SARAH J. HEISKELL, A, XQ .......... Atlanta, Ga. WINDER M. HELLER, A ........... Bethesda, Md. PETER V. N. HENDERSON, A . . .Cape Neddick, Me. DAVID W. HENDON, A ............ Mableton, Ga. NAN HECNIG, E, AO1'I ............. Nashville, Tenn. BETSY F. HENKEL, N ...... Hendersonville, Tenn. JAMES STEVEN HEROD, E, QIDKE . .Knoxville, Tenn. HAROLD J. HERTENSTEIN, E, K2 .... Atlanta, Ga. ... . . . . .Joelton, Tenn. KATHLEEN P. HESSE, A, KAC9 ...... PHILIP LAWRENCE HESTER, A . . . .Metairie, La. .St. Louis, Mo. DARRELL E. HICKMAN, E, EN ...... Athens, Tenn. CAROLYN F. HICKS, A, AOII RONALD E. HICKS, A ............. TAMARA K. HICKS, A, KAGJ ...... Nashville, Tenn. DAVID A. HILDEBRAND, A, AEH . .Louisville, Ky. KAAREN HINSON, A, KA ............. Albany, Ga. DAVID C'. HITE, A ................ Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS HOLBERT, A, GJAQJ . . .Lookout Mtn., Tenn. FRED D. HOLBROOK, E, BGDH. .N. Little Rock, Ark. BRUCE D. HOLCOMB, A .......... Kenilworth, Ill. JERAL R. HOLDSWORTH, A ..... Nashville, Tenn. JOSEPH H. HOLLIDAY, A, fbA0 ..Nashville, Tenn. SARAH H. HOLM, A ...... . . .Houston, Tex. .Erwin, Tenn. BRIAN P HOLTSCLAW E RICHARD T HOOS A PSK MICHAEL B. HOOVER, A, K SHERYL L. HOPPER, A ..... Auburndale, Fla. Brentwood, Tenn. . .Evansville, Ind. . . . . .Baton Rouge, La. JOSEPH HOLMES, A, GJAGJ .......... Cedartown, Ga. A CHARLES HOUSHOLDER, B631 I . Memphis, Tenn. ALLAN B, HUBBARD, A, mo ,..... Jackson, Tenn PAULA M. HUD1s, A ............... Yonkers, N.Y BETH HUFFMAN, A, DDB ..... ..... M ayfield, Ky JOHN J . HUGHES, A, fDAf9 ........ Memphis, Tenn JUDITH L. HULL, N ............... Beltsville, Md RANDOLPH G. HUNTER, A, QDKE .... Ashland, Ky 7 SARA HUME, A .................. Nashville, Tenn FRED A. HURST, A ............... Tazewell, Tenn HOWARD S. HUSSEY, III, A ........ Tarboro, N.C WILLIAM HUTCHINS, A ........ Clarkston, Ga JOHN W. HUTTON, E, KIFKE ........ Nashville, Tenn JAMES C. IRVIN, A, 111369 . .. ..... Prospect, Ky JUDY P. JACKSON, N ............. Lebanon, Tenn STAN G. JACKSON, E, BGDII .......... Abilene, Tex JOHN C. JACOBS, A .............. Scottsboro, Ala RICHARD P. JAHN, A, IIKA .... Chattanooga, Tenn LOUIS M. JAMISON, A, AKE ...... Memphis, Tenn DARLENE A. JARNOT, N ........ Nashville, Tenn DAVID A. JARVIS, A, BGJH ......... Louisville, Ky ATARA SUE JAY, A, AOH .... West Memphis, Ark RICHARD R. JENNINGS, E ....... Henderson, Ky DONALD V. JERNBERG, A, QIIKE . .Mt. Prospect, Ill DANIEL C. JOHNSON, A, AKE ..,..... Atlanta, Ga FRANCIS T. JOHNSON, E ...... Cocoa Beach, Fla JUDITH M. JOHNSON, A, HB!-D ........ Tulsa, Okla MARILYN K. JOHNSON, A, KAG .... Sarasota, Fla MICHAEL R. JOHNSON, E, ATQ ...... Atlanta, Ga PAT JOHNSON, A, IYIDH ............. Camden, Tenn RICHARD M. JOHNSON, E ...... Lake Worth, Fla VINCE E. JOHNSON, E ........... Nashville, Tenn WADE C. JOHNSON, E .......... Montgomery, Ala LELAND M. JOHNSTON, A, KE ..... Jackson, Tenn STEPHANIE S. JOHNSTON, A .... Memphis, Tenn SUSAN T. JOHNSTON, A ............. Atlanta, Ga RAYMOND L. JONES, A, KDKY .... Nashville, Tenn. RUSSELL C. JONES, E, Ill-NI .... Murfreesboro, Tenn SANDRA J. JONES, N ............. Vincennes, Ind VVILLIAIVI G. JORDAN, E ........ Oak Ridge, Tenn ANNA L. JORGENSEN, A, KM-J ........ Atlanta, Ga RICHARD WILLIAM KALB, A, BGJII . . .Vienna, Va WILLIAM M. KEEL, E ............ Nashville, Tenn CAROL A. KEITHLEY, A, YflwB .... Maryville, Tenn SOPHOMORES EDWARD DENNIS KELL, A, AKE . . .Mellville, N.J. JUDY A. KEMP, A, KAGD .............. Dallas, Tex. DAN A A. KENDALL, A, 1'-6B ....... Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM G. KENNON, A, BGDII .... Nashville, Tenn. JULIE D. KERLING, A .......... Fayetteville, Ark. W. MICHAEL KERN, E, ATQ ....... Bethlehem, Pa. ELEANOR H. KESSLER, N, AOH ........ Troy, N.Y. MARTIN KESSLER, A., AEH .......... Tampa, Fla. FRANK M. KIBLER, E, 6MB .......... Atlanta, Ga. DAVID C. KIECH, N .............. Jonesboro, Ark. DONNA M. KILLEBREW, A, AOH . .Nashville, Tenn GEORGE ROBERT KING, A ...... Nashville, Tenn. KATHRYN L. KING, A, HB6 ...... Nashville, Tenn. MARY K. KING, A, HB6 ............ St. Louis, Mo. SUSAN C. KING, A, HB6 ..... Murfreesboro, Tenn. PETER KINNEAR, E, KE . . .Buenos Aires, Argentina JOE T. KIRKPATRICK, E, K2 ..... Memphis, Tenn. ALLAN E. KIRKSTEIN, A, AEH ..... Hartside, N .Y. EDWIN N. KITTRELL, A, AKE . .. ..... Tyler, Tex. JOHN F. KIZER, JR., A, K2 .... ..... M ilan, Tenn. RICHARD A. KLEIN, E, EN ........ St. Louis, Mo. RICHARD D. KLIMA, A, 6K2 ...... Huntsville, Ala. B. GEORGE KNIAZEWYEZ, E .... Nashville, Tenn. DANIEL P. KNOPF, A, 6K2 NANCY L. KNOX A HB6 . THOMAS C. KOCH, A, IIKA. ' ' U ERIC T. KONEKAL, A .,... JAMES G. KOPPIUS, A, KA JAMES R. KOTHE, A, KDAO . . . LEIGH W. KOTKOV, A .... PATRICIA R. KUNZE, N . . . MARY K. KUPPER, N ........... KAPPY L. KYLE, A, AAA .. BILL LAFEVOR, A, Ex ..... . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM D. LAMBERT, A ...... . . .Louisville, Ky. .Montgomery, Ala. . . .Louisville, Ky. .WhiteSbOro, N.Y. . . .LexingtOn, Ky. . . . . .Tulsa, Okla. . . . .SyOsset, N.Y. . . . . . .Commerce, Ga. .Louisville, Tenn. . . . .HouStOn, Tex. . . Henderson, Ky. ROBERT M. LAMONS, JR., E, fuzz ..... Tulsa, OMR. MASON H. LAMPTON, A, EX ....... Prospect, Ky. JOHN R. LANDON, E, HKA ........... Atlanta, Ga. GREGORY P. LaPOINTE, A, AIU? . . .New York, N.Y. RAYMOND H. LARSON, A, 6AGJ .... Memphis, Tenn. JOHN BROOKE LATHRAM, A, LIJAGJ Memphis, Tenn. CLAIRE A. LAUKHUE, A, 116B .... Fern Creek, Ky. KAREN A. LAVELY, A ........... Nashville, Tenn. WALTER J. LAWLESS, A, KA .... New Orleans, La. DONALD H. LAWLEY, A, ATQ ...... Summit, N.J. VALERIE LAWRENCE, A . . .Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. MARGARET R. LEE, N, AAA RUSSELL W. LEE, A ....... JAMES LEFFERS JR. A EX . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Needman, Mass. GEORGE K. LEONARD, A, JAKE' f f f jNashvil1e, Tenn. JOHN C. LEVINE, E, BGJH .. RERTRAM L. LEVY, A, ZBT ...... ROBERT M. LIGO-N A EX . .........Houston, Tex. . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. DANIEL D. LIPPERIVIAN, E, A'1If2l1z..Bellaire, ohio WILLIAM R. LONG, A, ATQ JOHN C. LOVELL, A, KE JOHN P. LUCAS, A ........ GEORGE LUCKEY, E,,AKE . ANNETTE LLOYD, A ........... . . .Jefferson Town, Ky. . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. LARRY C. LUBEL, A, ZBT ....... . . .AnnistOn, Ala. . . . . .NOrfolk, Va. .. . . .McLean, Va. . . ..... Florence, Ala. 8 SOPHOMORES MARY M. LUCKHARDT, N .... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. INGRID A. LUNDAHL, A, AOH ........ Dallas, Tex. RICHARD A. LYNCH, E, EN ...... Mt. Prospect, Ill. CHARLES V. LYONS, A, BAE ...... Memphis, Tenn. ALEXANDER W. MacLEAN, A .... Nashville, Tenn. PETER C. MacDONALD, A, B911 ...Owensboro, Ky. PERRY A. IVIACDONALD, A .......... Tulsa, okla. ROBERT BRUCE MacILVEEN, A ..Huntsville, Ala. CHRIS J. MADIGAN, A ........... Little Rock, Ark. GWETHALYN MAGILL, A ...... Brentwood, Tenn. DAN MAGRUDER, E, EAE ..... McComb, Miss. DORIS M. MAHON, N ................. Hazlet, N.J. WILLIAM E. MAJOR, A, AKE ...Willimantic, Conn. JULIE L. MALONE, A, KACO ........ Memphis, Tenn. ELIZABETH MARKHAM, A, AAA Tiptonville, Tenn. SALLY W. MARSALEK, N, F'-DB ...... Glendale, Mo. BETTY LUCK MARTIN, A, AAA ..... Jackson, Miss. GREGORY N. MARTIN, E, AKE .... Nashville, Tenn. GUY V. MARTIN, A ................ Trussville, Ala. JAMES G. MARTIN, III, A, KA ....... Jackson, Miss. KAREN K. MARTIN, N ...... . . . L. ELLEN MARTIN, N ...... PETER W. MARTIN, E, ATQ .... THOMAS W. MARTIN A ...... JACKIE s. MASON, A, KA ..... 11 CHARLES E. MATTHEWS, III, E K. HEIDT MATTHEWS, JR., E . CHARLOTTE A. MATHIAS, N . JODEE K. MAUNE, A .......... .Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Dalton, Ga. .Nashville, Tenn. LARRY E. MARTIN, A ........... . . . .Shaftsbury, Vt. .Nashville, Tenn. .Owensville, Ind. . .Madison, Tenn. . . . . . . .At1anta, Ga. . . .Maplewood, N.J. London, England NANCYE F. MAURER, N, AOH ........ Atlanta, Ga. LOIS E. MCANDREWS, A, IWIDB .... Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS P. MCCARTHY, A, JDKE . .Nashville, Tenn. RODY L. MCCATHERN, E, QK2 . .Old Hickory, Tenn. CYNTHIA MCCLENNON, A ...Winston-Salem, N.C. DAVID C. MCCLURE, E .......... McKenzie, Tenn. LESLIE G. McCORMICK, E, fIvAGJ STEVEN G. MCCONNELL E EX . . . .Le-Xington, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD E. MCCURRINS, fIJIiIIL'.'.Annanda1e, va. STEPHEN L. MCCORD, E, EAE . ALICE R. MCCOWN, A ........ EDITH s. MCFEE, N, AAA ...... . . . .Shreveport, La. . . . . .Pulaski, Tenn. . . . .Atlanta, Ga. P. THOMAS MCGEET, E, AKE ....... Nashville, Tenn. JULIE L. MCGEHEE, A, HBQIJ . . . JAMES P. MCGUIRE, E, AKE . . . . . . .Greenville, Ala. ........Joplin, Mo. E. FRED MCPHAIL, A, IIKA ......... Charlotte, N.C. MARY MCKENZIE, A, KAQ .... . . . . . .Shelby, Miss. JAMES M. MCKINNIE, E, KPKE ...... Lakewood, Ohio JACK D. MCMAKEN A EX .... Cincinnati, Ohio JOHN C. McPHEETERS,,E, AKE '. '. . .sn Louis, MO. TERRY S. MCRAE, A, KA ..... CAROL DALE MEANLEY, E ..... TERRY P. MEDLIN, A, fI,K1I1 OLDEN B. MEEK, A ............. JANET E. MENDELSOHN, A . . BERKELEY S. MERRILL A .. . .Marianna, Fla. .Mernphis, Tenn. . .Jackson, Tenn. .Nashville, Tenn. . . .Dayton, Ohio Fort Worth Tex. KATHLEEN M. MEYERS, N, KA .. .Valparaiso, Ind. MARY M. MEYERS, A, KAQJ .......... St. Louis, Mo. JOHN A. MICHENER, A, AKE ...... Kirkwood, Mo. EDWARD J. MILLER, A, ATQ ...... Nashville, Tenn. SOPHOMORES LYNNE L. MILLER, A, IWIDB ....... Columbia, Tenn. MARSHA JANE MILLER, A, AAA ...... Tulsa, Okla. RICHARD A. MILLER, JR., A., K2 . .Memphis, Tenn. ROBERT F. MILLER, A, GJAGJ . . .Germantown, Tenn. CAROL E. MILLIKEN, A, AAA . .Bowling Green, Ky. CAROL L. MILTON, A, XQ ............ Alcoa, Tenn. WILLIAM T. MILTON, A, EAE ......... Atlanta, Ga. CHERYL MITCHELL, A, AOI1 .... Vicksburg, Miss. JERRY W. MITCHELL, A, K2 .... Signal Mt., Tenn. MARGARET M. MITCHELL, A, KAGJ Memphis, Tenn. REBECCA J. MONTGOMERY, A, HBCD Versailles, Ky. WILLIAM R. MENZIES, E, BGII ..... Jackson, Tenn. MARILYN J. MOONEY, A, IIBQ I .... GlenRock, N.J. BOB MOORE, A, BAE ............... Gallatin, Tenn. CHRISTINE V. MOORE, A ......... Memphis, Tenn. NELSON K. MOORE, A ........... Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT R. MOORE, A .......... Kingsport, Tenn. THOMAS LOWELL MOORE, A ...... Florence, Ala. THOMAS O. MOORE, E, HKA ........ Houston, Tex. JAMES H. MORGAN, A, EAE ...... Greenville, S.C. MORRIS H. MORGAN, E .......... Cedartown, Ga. TOM E. MORGAN, A, HKA ........ Knoxville, Tenn. BARRY MORGUELAN, A, ZBT ...... Louisville, Ky. JOHN COWAN MORLAND, A, HKA .... Monroe, La. STEPHEN PAUL MORRIS, A, QIJKE . .Ft. Worth, Tex. H. LOUIS MORRISON, III, A, KA ...... Dallas, Tex. WILLIAM A. MOSLEY, A, CIJKE ...... Decatur, Ga. RAYMOND MURHLMAN, E, ATQ Charleston, W. Va. GEORGE E. MUDTER, A, EAR ...... Manchester, Ga. DENA P. MURPHY, A, X0 ............ Decatur, Ga. MARY L. MURRILL, E, XQ .... Parkersburg, W. Va. ROBERT A. NAILLING, A ....... Union City, Tenn. WALLACE R. NELMS, JR., A .......... Macon, Ga. JEAN C. NELSON, A, KAC9 ........ Nashville, Tenn. STEVEN H. NICHOLS, A, ATQ ....... St. Louis, Mo. THOMAS R. NICHOLS, A, AKE .Chattanooga, Tenn. WILLIAM M. NICHOLS, A, IIKA .... Jackson, Miss. JOHN A. NICKEY, A, K2 .......... Memphis, Tenn. MARCIA NIGHTINGALE, N, IYIJB .... Louisville, Ky. ELLEN M. NOBLES, E ........... Yazoo City, Miss. LEE F. NOEL, A .................. Nashville, Tenn. GAIL ANN NORMAN, A, IIBKD ......... Dallas, Tex. DONALD C. NORTH, III, A, ATU . . .Lynchburg, Va. STEVEN F. NORTH, A, IIKA ........ Jackson, Miss. JOE M. NORTON, A, KE ............... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM N. NORTON, A, KA ...... Jackson, Miss. DAVID L. NORWOOD, A ........ Montgomery, Ala. VALORIE A. NUNNS, A ......... Great Falls, Mont. KAREN S. Oi'CALLAGHAN, A, AOII .. .Atlanta, Ga. ALBERT OELSCHLAEGER, E, EAE Larchmont, N.Y. CHARLES H. OFFENBURGER, A Shenandoah, Iowa ANN OHLMACHER, A, XQ . . .New Port Richey, Fla. WILLIAM W. OLDI-IAM, E, AKE .... Louisville, Ky. MARY B, OLIVER, A, KA ......... Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM M. ORDWAY, A, KA ........ Decatur, Ga. SHERRY E. OVERTON, A, DDB .... Nashville, Tenn. FRANK T. PADBERG, A ......... Little Rock, Ark. G. KEYES PAGE, A, EN ........... Vicksburg, Miss. KATHRYN L. PALMER, A, X9 . . .Birmingham, Ala. JOHN I-I. PAMPLIN, A ................ Atlanta, Ga. was if N, 390 I SOPHOMORES PAUL F. PANKHURST, E, EN . . . .Memphis, Tenn. KENNETH PARCHMAN, A, BTH. . DALLAS R. PARKER, A, ATQ .... LARRY M. PARKER, E .......... LEO WILLARD PARKER, E ..... KENNETH D. PARROT, A, Bon RICHARD PATRICK III, A, EAE .CinCinnati, Ohio . . .Houston, Tex. .Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Louisville, Ky. .Nashville, Tenn. WARD W. PATTERSON, A, EX ....... St. Louis, Mo. SARAH F. PEDIGO, A .......... Chattanooga, Tenn. BOB L. PEGG, A, EX ......... Coeur d'Alene, Idaho DON R. PELSTER, E ................ St. Louis, Mo. GENE B. PENNELL, A, KA ........... St. Louis, Mo. CAROLINE L. PENROD, A, KA . . .Indianapolis, Ind. BOBBIE J. PERDUE, N .............. Red Fox, Ky. CRAIG B. PERKINS, A .............. Houston, Tex. THOMAS W. PERKINS, E, KE .......... Bristol, Va. JON C. PETERSON, A, EN .... Chippewa Lake, Ohio RONALD M. PETTUS, E, EX ...... Nashville, Tenn. JAMES E. PHELAN, A, EN ........ Blacksburg, va. PAULA D. PHELPS, A, AAA ........... Athens, Ga. LYNN FRANCES PHILLIPS, A ,.... Richmond, Va. WILLIAM W. PHILLIPS, A, INN, Chattanooga, Tenn. GARY W. PICHON, A ................ Eufaula, Ala. ROBERT J. PINSTEIN, A, ZBT ..... Memphis, Tenn. LARRY R. PITMAN, A, KE ......... Evansville, Ind. STEVE E. PLONKA, A ............. Huntsville, Ala. FRED I. PODRIS, A, ZBT ...... Bethel Island, Calif. DEAN W. POLEN, A .............. Hopedale, Ohio JOSEPH A. POLIAKON, JR., E ...... Ingleside, Ill. JEFFREY C. POMEROY, E, BQH .... Loveland, Ohio JOHN W. POPP, JR., A, CIJACD ......... Elmhurst, Ill. GALE H. POWELL, A, ATQ .......... St. Louis, Mo. DARRELL W. PREBLE, A .......... Huntsville, Ala. RANDY S. PREISSIG, A, KE ........ Jackson, Tenn. GILBERT A. PRIBBENOW, JR., A, KA . .Jasper, Ala. JOHN FRANCIS RAGGIO, A .... Lake Charles, La. H. VIRGINIA RAISOR, A ......... Owensboro, Ky. LINDA K. RAMPTON, A ........ Jacksonville, Fla. MARGARET L. RAY, A ............... Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE RAYBURN, A, fI1K1If . .Webster Groves, Mo. JAMES M. RAYBURN, A ........... Pulaski, Tenn. DON N. RAYMOND, E ..... ..... N ashville, Tenn. WILLIAM P. RECK, E, KE ...... . . . . .St. Louis, Mo. RONALD D. REDDIN, E, IPAQ ...... Memphis, Tenn. MARENE REDMAN, E, ,wit .... . GENELLE L. REED, E ........... THOMAS J. B. REED, A, Bon .... .Nashville, Tenn. . . .Versailles, Ky. . . . .Mayfield, Ky. JOHN JOUBERT REEVES, E ........ Soperton, Ga. DALE V. REINER A ......... CONSTANCE M. RHETT, E ...... JANE LOUISE RHoDA, N, ima .. KAREN L. RINARDC, A ......... CRAIG M. RIPLEY, E, KA ........ ALLEN M. RoACH, A, non ...... KENT M. ROBBINS, A, EX ...... ROBERT A. ROBBINS A EAE ..Pittsburgh, Pa. .Nashville, Tenn. . . . Suffern, N.Y. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . . .Mayfield, Ky. . . . .Mayfield, Ky. Memphis, Tenn. GARY T. ROBERSON, A ........ New Albany, Ind. JAMES DALE ROBERTS, E ..... Montgomery, Ala. JAMES K. ROBERTS, E, HKA ........ Decatur, Ga. KATHLEEN ROBERTS, A, UR'-IJ . . .Coral Gables, Fla. SOPHOMORES DAVID H. ROBERTSON, A ......... Dickson, Tenn. GEORGE G. ROBERTSON, A ....,. Memphis, Tenn. HENRY F. ROBINSON, A ............ Raleigh, N.C. LOIS V. ROBINSON, A ................ Macon, Ga. RANDOLPH W. ROBINSON, A, EAR Shreveport, La. JAMES CURRY ROBISON, A ......... Atlanta, Ga. CHERYL LYNN ROBLEY, A ...... Denmark, Tenn. FREDERICK ROCKWELL, A . . .Corpus Christi, Tex. JOHN L. ROE, A, EX ................. Evanston, Ill. ALICE ROGERS, A, XQ ...... ..... J ackson, Miss. JAMES M. ROLLINS, A .... ..... N ashville, Tenn. KYLE E. ROLLINS, E ........... Charleston, W. Va. RICHARD ROSEN, A, AEN St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. JAMES H. ROSENBLATT, A .... Fort Adams, Miss. G. HUNT ROUNSAVALL, A, ATO . . .Louisville, Ky. ROBERT JON ROUTMAN, A, AEII ..Anniston, Ala. WILLIAM R. ROUTOM, E ............. Paris, Tenn. ALLAN RULEMAN, JR., A ........ Memphis, Tenn. CHARLES S. RUNNION, A ........ Newport, Tenn. CAROLYN A. RUSH, N, XQ .......... St. Louis, Mo. THOMAS D. RUSSELL, A, K2 . . .Brownsville, Tenn. HELEN JEAN RUSSERT, A, KAO Youngstown, Ohio THOMAS L. RYAN, E, K2 ..South Pittsburg, Tenn. JAMES T. SANDEFUR, A ......... Carrollton, Ky. CHARLES E. SANDMEL, A, ZBT ..Cincinnati, Ohio DENIS SARRATT, A, AAA ......... Nashville, Tenn. ELVYN RUTH SAUNDERS, A . . .She1byville, Tenn. DAVID B. SAYRES, A ................ Atlanta, Ga. EDWARD J. SCOTT, A, BGII ........ Frankfort, Ky. HARRY A. SCOTT, A .............. Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM V. SCHIRMEYER, A, EN .... Houston, Tex. PEGGY SCHLADENHAUFFEN, N ..... Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN K. SCHLEGEL, A, AAA .... Indianapolis, Ind. ROBERT L. SCHMID, E, CIHKE ...... Nashville, Tenn. PAUL F. SCHMIDT, A, KA ........ Shelbyville, Ky. CHARLES J. SCHMITT, E ........ Oak Ridge, Tenn. GLENN SCHOET'I'LE, A, EX . . .West Memphis, Ark. JOHN SCHWENKER, E, LPKY ...... Schnectady, N.Y. MARSHALL MILNER SEIFERT, A ...Evanston, Ill. WILLIAM K. SELF, JR., A, AKE ....... Marks, Miss. LEIGH A. SHAMBLIN, A, KA ........ Houston, Tex. CHARLES B. SHANE, A ............ Louisville, Ky. EUGENE B. SHANKES, A, EAR .... Nashville, Tenn. HELEN C. SHAPARD, A, KAC9 .... Columbia, Tenn. ELLEN M. SHAVIN, A ......... Chattanooga, Tenn. MIDGE SHAW, A, PGJB ............ Cincinnati, Ohio THOMAS H. SHEAROM, A, KE ..... Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM M. SHELTON, A ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. STANLEY W. SHERMAN, A, ZBT ...... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT P. SHINALL, A, EX .......... Atlanta, Ga. R. GWENDOLYN SHIPP, A, AOTI ...... Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN SHOLAR, A .................. Atlanta, Ga. JOHN A. SHUGHART, JR., A, ATQ . . .Camp Hill, Pa. ROBERT M. SILLIMAN, A, KA ...Montchanin, Del. DAVID E. SIMMONS, A, LDKE .... Birmingham, Ala. G. VENANCE S-IMPKINS, E, ATQ . .Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM R. SIMPSON, E ........ Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM SINGLETARY, A, QJAGJ . .Thomasville, Ga. ALEX P. SLABOSKY, A, ZBT ...... Nashville, Tenn. LOUISE G. SLAGEL, A ............ Lexington, Ky. WILLIAM L, SMALL, A, ZBT ...... Nashville, Tenn DOUGLAS C. SMITH, E ...... Fort Lauderdale, Fla EARLE K. SMITH, E, AKE ..... Mount Prospect, Ill H. STRATTON SMITH, III, E .......... Tampa, Fla KATHY W. SMITH, A ................. Atlanta, Ga L. DOUGLAS SMITH, E, fDK2 ........ Selmer, Tenn PETER J. SMITH, A, EX ........ Lake Worth, Fla ROY W. SMITH, E, KA ............ Nashville, Tenn SUZANNE W. SMITH, A, ITBCI1 . . .Chattanooga, Tenn TOM SMITH, A, EAE ........... Chattanooga, Tenn WILLIAM H. SMITH, E, KA ...... Nashville, Tenn J UNITH SMITHERMAN, A, AAA . .Montgomery, Ala WILLIAM P. SNOW, E, fDA9 ..... Highland Park, Ill CARA L. SNYDER, A, KA ..... Winston-Salem, N.C STEPHEN R. SPANYER, A, BGJIT .... Louisville, Ky MICHAEL L. SPAIN, A, HKA ......... Bozman, Md CHRISTINA SPARROW, A .... Harwood Heights, Ill DANIEL F. SPOND, E ............ Donelson, Tenn JAMES J. STAGGS, E ............. Nashville, Tenn ROBERT F. STAHLKUPPE, A ........ Decatur, Ga BROOKE STALEY, A, AKE ..... Orrnand Beach, Fla SALLY F. STALKER, A, AAA .......... Atlanta, Ga JOE CALLAN STAMPER, A, AKE . .Cleveland, Tenn TERRY STAPLES, E, KE . . .Malden-on-Hudson, N .Y DANA W. STARR, E, BGII ........... Houston, Tex MARK R. STEELE, A, fIDKE ............ Decatur, Ga THOMAS W. STERLING, III, E ..Union City, Tenn CARROLL P. STERNE, A, EAR ........ Atlanta, Ga BARBARA A. STEWART, A ......... Decatur, Ala JAMES C. STEVVART, A ... STEVEN A. STINSON, A . LEE V. STOKES A AAA .. CATHERINE EL STONE xo ' ' ' ' ' .Birmingham, Ala . . .Rochester, Ind . San Antonio, Tex Potomac Md ROBERT G. STOREY, III, Afiqk .naliasfrex ALAN RAYMOND STRAIN, A .... Memphis, Tenn RUSSELL D. STRALEY, A ....... Mercersburg, Pa SOPHOMORES KURT A. STRASSER, A, fIDKE .... Oak Ridge, Tenn. B TRAUSS A AEII Houston Tex LEWIS . S , , ........ , . WILLIAM T. STROUT, A, B011 ........ Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES L. SUGGS, III, A .... Chattanooga, Tenn. JAN ANNETTE SULLIVAN, A .... Nashville, Tenn. RONALD E. SUMMERS, A ........... Sikeston, Mo. CECILE D. SUTHERLAND, A, 1'IBfD .... Dallas, Tex. EDWARD A. SWABB, E .......... Short Hills, N.J. GAIL SWEENEY, A, AOH ...... Germantown, Tenn. ROBIN B. TAIT, A, QIJKE ............... Dallas, Tex GEORGE W. TAMKE, E ............ Kingston, N.Y. MARSHA M. TANNER, A, KAGD .... Beaumont, Tex. JAMES S. TATMAN, A, EAE ........... Atlanta, Ga WILLIAM TAYLOR, A, BQDII ........ Louisville, Ky PAMELA TAYLOR, A, KA ..South Pittsburg, Tenn DONNA A. TEMPLE, A, KAC9 ........ Houston, Tex JEAN TEMPLE, N, FQIJB ........ Western Springs, Ill TIMOTHY L. TI-IEIS, E, EN ......... Frederick, Md WILLIAM A. THEMANN, E, CDKYI' .... Madison, N.J CAMILLE THOMAS, A, AAA ..... Birmingham, Ala STEPHEN D. THOMASON, A, EAE .... Decatur, Ga INGRID E. THOMPSON, A, l'IBfIb . . .Nashville, Tenn JOSEPH THOMPSON, A, EAR ......... Atlanta, Ga JUDITH THOMPSON, A, AOH ...Birmingham, Ala ROBERT G. THOMPSON, A,HKA. .Lewisburg, Tenn. CLAIBORNE THORNTON, E, KE Brownsville, Tenn DONALD W. TILLEY, A, ATQ ........ Paducah, Ky REBECCA B. TIMBERMAN, A ..... Anchorage, Ky CHARLES H. TISDALE, A, EN ........ Decatur, Ga LYNNE H. TODD, A, KAG .......... Nashville, Tenn. JAMES LEE TOLLEY, E, B011 .... Lynchburg, Tenn SUSAN TOUCHSTONE, A, 1'IBfIv ........ Dallas, Tex THOMAS N. TRIBBLE, A, KE ...... Memphis, Tenn ANITA KAREN TRIPLETT, A .... Panama City, Fla STEPHANIE TROELL, E, KA ...... Pleasanton, Tex ALICE MEREDITH TUCKER, IYDB .... Hughes, Ark DAVID F. TUGMAN, A ........ Lookout Mt., Tenn ROBERT M. TUHOLSKY, A .......... Paducah, Ky MICHAEL TURNBULL, A, ATQ . .Mt. Clemens, Mich A. EDWARD TURNER, E, CDKNII .... Nashville, Tenn SAM D. TURNER, A ............ Chattanooga, Tenn STEVE TURNER, A., BCDII .......... Scottsville, Ky JOHN TURNEY, A, HKA ....... Daytona Beach, Fla PAT TWENTE, A, AOII ..,.......... Nashville, Tenn BONNIE M. TYLER, A .............. Baltimore, Md ELIZABETH ANNE URBAN, A, IWIJB . .Houston, Tex MARTIN M. VanBRAUMAN, E ........ Dallas, Tex JOHN P. VanCEVENDER, A ........ Jackson, Miss JUDY VanHEMERT, A, KAC9 .... .... D allas, Tex JAMES D. VEACH, A ......... ....... V ienna, Ill CINDY L. VOGEL, A ........ ...... G lenview, Ill RITA K. WADDELL, A . . , . .... Memphis, Tenn SAMUEL P. WALKER, A .... ...... B rantley, Ala SARAH A. WALKER, A ......... Guntersville, Ala TRACY J. WALKER, N, IVIUB ........ Rochelle, N.Y. WILLIAM MILES WALLACE, A .... Gate City, Va GERALD D. WALLING, A, AEII .... Lynchburg, Va JAMES W. WARD JR., A, EN ...... Nashville, Tenn LACEY MILTON WARD, A .... ..... W olcott, N.Y. WILLIAM B. WATKINS, A ........ Anchorage, Ky 4 SOPHOMORES JOHN T. WATSON, E .......... ROBERT M. WATSON, E ......... GEORGE E. WEANT, E ........... BENJAMIN WEBB, JR., E, EN ROBERT F. WEBB, E ......... ROGER M. WEBER, E ....... FRANK F. WEBSTER, E .... SAMUEL L. WEEDMAN, A . . SALLY K. WEEKS, N ....... JERRY C. VVELLS, A, AKE . . . PAUL W. WELLS, E ........ PAMELA WEINSTEIN, A . .. SHARON E. WELTON, E, KAO MARION B. WEST, A, Aon . TOM W. WHEELER, E, Ex .. GERALD H. WHITE, A, AKE LARRY J. WHITE, A, KA .... LOYANNE WHITE, N, xo .. HARRY WARREN WHITIS A 7 5 ' PATRICIA A. WHITMER, N ...... HOLLY WIGGINS, A ............. JOHN E. WILKISON, A ......... ALETHA A. WILLIAMS, A ...... JOSEPH WILLIAMS, A, IIKA ...L . Fayetteville, Tenn. .Pine Bluff, Ark. . . . . .Dallas, Tex. . .Bowling Green, Ky. . .Louisvil1e, Ky. . .Morrisville, Pa. Lake Worth, Fla. .Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Greenvi1le, S.C. . . . .MemphiS, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Huntsvi1le, Ala. . . .St. Louis, Mo. .Memphis, Tenn. . . ........ Boaz, Ala. . . .Martin, Tenn. . . .JacksOn, Miss. .Nashville, Tenn. .Blytheville, Ark. . . . . . .Miami, Fla. . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. .Springfield, Tenn. . .Huntsville, Ala. ookout Mt., Tenn. LYNN A. WILLIAMS, E ............ Palm City, Fla. MARY CAMERON WILLIAMS, A .... Louisville, Ky. W. READ WILLIAMSON, A, KE. .Brownsville, Tenn. CHARLES E. WILSON, A, EAE ........ Atlanta, Ga. DONALD BRUCE WILSON, A ...... Prospect, Tenn. PAUL M. WILSON III, A ............ Jackson, Miss. RONALD L. WILSON, A .............. Jasper, Ala. TED C. WILSON, A .................... Dallas, Tex. SALLY A. WIMSETT, A, HBKID . .Miami Springs, Fla. NANCY G. WINDROW, N ........ Columbia, Tenn. ANN K. WINQUIST, A ........ Fort Lauderdale, Fla. PAUL L. WINSLOW, E .......... Gilbertsville, Ky. WILLIAM P. WINSTEAD, E, PSK . .Nashville, Tenn. TRACY WITZENURG, E, ANR .Shaker Heights, Ohio FLORENCE M. WOLF, A, XQ ...... Memphis, Tenn. DONALD M. WOLFSON, A, ZBT . .Jacksonville, Fla. ELAINE M. WOOD, N ................ Decatur, Ga. MARCUS A. WOOD, A, EN ..... ..... M obile, Ala. PATRICK WOODS, A, JAG ........ Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD R. WOODS, A, B911 .... Honolulu, Hawaii THOMAS C. WOODS, A, TAO ...... Memphis, Tenn. KAREN V. WORTH, A, XQ ........ Cincinnati, Ohio JAMES ROBERT WRIGHT, E ...... Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT J. WYATT, A ........ ........ R ome, Ga. MADISON B. WYCHE III, A .......... Elberton, Ga. DAVID R. YATES, A .................... Flora, Ill. ROBERT J. YEISER, A, IIKA .... Johnson City, Tenn. THOMAS DANIEL YOUNG, A, EN . .Nashville, Tenn. WELLINGTON H. YOUNG, E .... Kingston, Jamaica WILLIAM D. YOUNG, E, EX ........ Frederica, Del. MICHAEL A. ZIBART, A, ZBT ...... Nashville, Tenn. DAVID F. ZILLES, A .................. Mobile, Ala. PAMELA ZIMMERMAN, A, KA!-J ...... Atlanta, Ga. VICTOR H. DAVIS A .. SARAH A. ALEXANDER, 'A' '. '. '. '. '. SCOTT Y. BARNES, A ....... WAYNE S. COPLEY ............. CAROLINA L. MEDEROS, A, AOIT .Columbia, Tenn. .Nashville, Tenn. Perrysburg, Ohio . Columbia, Tenn. .Winter Park, Fla. FRESHMEN OFFICERS. Ric Cannada, Presidentg Rick Geyer, Vice-Presidentg Johnnita Harkins, Vice-Presidentg Martha Milford, Secretaryg Tim Hoblitzell, Treasurer. CABINET. Dan Sprinkles, International Affairsg Joe Lipscomb, Representative to the Board of Presidentsg Bill White, Student Activities Cardg John Seward, Public Relations. 396 CHARLES D. AKERS, A .... ........ D alton, Ga. FRESHMEN ROBERT R. ABELN, A ........... Stamford, Conn. BARBARA R. ACKERMAN, A .... Nashville, Tenn. GREGORY B. ADAMS, A ........ Baton Rouge, La. LORELEI M. ADEN, A ............ Nashville, Tenn. CAROL S. ADZICK, E, AOH .......... Racine, Wis. RAYMOND A. AIKEN, E, PSK . .King of Prussia, Pa. 1--' Rus 1' '-1' 0 - fsiyf K E' S -- BILLY W. AKIN, A, KA ......... . Columbia, Tenn. PETER N. ALDRIDGE, E .......... Asheville, N.C. BRENDA L. ALEXANDER, A KAGD . .Jackson, Tenn. STEDMAN V. ALLEN, E, B811 .... Nashville, Tenn. NICK AMMONS, E, EN ............ Meridian, Miss. PAUL N. ANDERSON, A, EAE ........ Atlanta, Ga. TOM. R. ANDERSON, A, SAE .... . .Pine Bluff, Ark. GREG A. ANDREWS, E, AKE ...... Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH H. ANGLIN, A, X52 . . . Alexandria, Va. GEORGE W. APFFEL, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. KAREN L. ARCHER, A ......... . . .Bethany, Okla. . Q .- ' "W g l-mm ,g,,, D ' mix E- ' . ,.,. . -... . f- ' , . .W w wWw-'ffY2f-- ...M - . -S-e sexassfi 5222218 ff ...CSN -bw-.Q-Sig..-.. . ww .. . ,sissisw -- 1.eaSXf?-:if-3? v -4- S ...S-1 X. I .AS - - sn . . lpfki 'fi-A .. I I :.' . f .li-.-S: H . S.. . s i .. .. mf X., . .. ..,,55S,5,N,, . ,,..,. .Y ..V,, . . .. . . K., ,553 . ' - - L ' S - I . kr Vykk K . . A ' -5.5-gg . 2- ' --,V it if ix ACB " ' f -f ---- -. l . " '- -'fs A . A ' ., fr.. . A E . A., , V xg .L , j K ...S . -- gl , Lge i " 'd'i ' - f . I . ', - . ' - A - .- . I . . R ' A S .. . S " I S ,... .. ,,., . A ' " A. , ' L ..., I . I at ,.. 5. D K 2 X if ii', - ' I -' ' . A - ,.., ---- . . '- ' ' . ' . ...S . ......- A -,,,. . . . - ... . ., .A I W-4 7 A S J . as . ,. ' . , , K . , kk L ef V . E 'K .Q ..,- ' . . , - . ,, I .. . 7 -- I if , . , . 'dds 1. -.i. I .EE ' I A A A --ii 7 A i F . D Q k. S . -d'- . E- ' ' -K.'- V I l . IRA- . . .. - . s-n- .- . gf it . . ' .- I I '.i-" i A z . "'.i 2 . P' ....,.,, . -, B . . ' me 'SNR sig?-se" -11fsB,sa -.f:f:.-a.- if-. ,..--:.'f?'- 'R' ' ---- ,.: ., S-.RR-Pls' ff- " . " , - --,Hg-g 425555 --- 'n f' 3355352 '..-I"1:l'I ' "" "I Fil-SE'.i-'M .,.. .. .... . . .... . . E .. - . .AW .NS . ,,.. . .-.. S ,. ,... . A .- .., ,M E ,.. . .. . . 2 R W 1.5 I if dk-, 5 d.s- . gitgggggg 4-.V A .-y..1.-B ' 5. . 'i-. 55 R ' R -.--k . . 4.. . , xt - X gi,- ,g h B is pm .. - . - ' "" I ' .. , eds' : . 'Iliff-Q. 145 1 , . E f A f .M lf- i-" ggi. 7' L ' 5 1 -.i' , '-'-- .. -'-'- . X- ' ' ' L E - assnd ' -. ' ", ' H ' -S3353 Sifisili QS' - 15-355-ggi-'fs 'i,. 'S L-E1 . L -- ---- . ..-.... ...--. .... . - ..-.. . ' ff Q s-i. iff? " 'i-Id hr - .. LE ' "" P " ,Il -- , -'-- A if '--. 1--z-.1-A2-iii W as. i gi ffiigtf'--S R A.ds - S f :' ' f- E'-EE. :EE fi 'f-b, Yr: - .. f .. -.1-:. :.. R- A". :- - -- 2. 5 .Q f- i ,ati ram . . ff: E '- - . i 1' f fi-1. - .khk. 1-fi ' . 'gf 5 . ' YQ' . i ff 'sda l ' . i i-.- . - L- A . R1 1 -.d- A f ' - " it 'E' - ' iii ' - K V K .. .A t . .Sw ,Q A K 397 RAY B. ARMISTEAD, A, ATQ . .Olive Branch, Miss. FRED W. BABES, A .............. Huntsville, Ala. FRED S. BACHMEYER, A ..... Lexington, Ky. DENNIS R. BAER, A, ZBT ........ Memphis, Tenn. CLAIRE M. BAILEY, A, HBQID .......... Dallas, Tex. DONALD E. BAILEY, JR., A . .LaWrenceburg, Tenn. MELINDA F. BAIN, A, AOH ........ Memphis, Tenn. ANN BAKER, A, HBGS ........ Webster Groves, Mo. LINDA J. BAKER, A ............ Dyersburg, Tenn. GARY S. BALE3, A, ZBT ............ Horse Cave, Ky. GRETCHEN BALTHASER,N, KA Longmeadow, Mass. PHILLIP G. BANDO, A, EN ........... Dallas, Tex. ROBERT B. BANKS, A .......... Tullahoma, Tenn. SUSAN G. BARNES, A, FCIDB ........ Pensacola, Fla. DONALD M. BARNETT, A . .. ....... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT J. BARNETT, E .... .... N ashville, Tenn. DIANE J. BARON, A ........ ..... L louisville, Ky. JOHN M. BARTHOLOW, E ...... Dallas, Tex. PETER B. BARTHOLOW, E, KA KATHERINE L. BARTON, A, XQ . . ROBERT B. BASHINSKY, E, K2 . . . . . . . . .Dallas, Tex. Oak Ridge, Tenn. Birmingham, Ala. STEVE C. BATES, E, IIKA ............ Dallas, Tex. CRESTON N. BAUMUNK, A ...... Pittsburgh, Pa. JAMES F. BAXTER, A .......... RICHARD A. BAY, A .......... CHARLES T. BEASLEY, E, BEE .. CHARLES H. BEATY, E ........ ALEX N. BEAVERS, JR., E ...... DANIEL W. BECTON, A ........ . . Madison, Tenn. . . .Louisville, Ky. Springfield, Tenn. . .Portland, Tenn. . .Madison, Tenn. . .Indialantic, Fla. MELANIE M. BEENE, A, 1'IBfI1 ...... Athens, Tenn. ROBERT P. BELCHER, A .... ...... T ampa, Fla. JOHN M. BELL, A, BAE .............. Conroe, Tex. BETSY D. BENNETT, A .......... Charlotte, Tenn. ROBERT E. BENNING, A, -DK-11 ...... Bristol, Tenn. TERESA A. BERFIELD, N ......... Port Byron, Ill. DARRELL E. BERGER, A, AEII ...... Oregon, Ohio WILLIAM E. BEYATTE, E .... Ste. Genevieve, Mo. SUZANNE M. BIBLE, A, AAA ........ St. Louis, Mo. DAN T. BING, A ................ Clarksdale, Miss. CAROLE A. BISHOP, A .............. Atlanta, Ga. CHERYL A. BLACKBURN, A .... Oak Ridge, Tenn. DOUGLAS BLACKFORD, E, AKE .Birmingham, Ala. FRESHMEN JOHN GORDON BLACKMAN, A ..Nashville, Tenn. TROY R. BLANN, A .............. Nashville, Tenn. KAREN SUE BLAYDES, A .......... Houston, Tex. MELVIN L. BLEV INS, A .... South Pittsburg, Tenn. SUSAN L. BLOUNT, A, KA .......... Decatur, Ga. BARBARA J. BLUM, A .......... Gainesville, Ga. LAWRENCE BLUMBERG, A, AEH . .N. Bergen, N.J. MARC H. BLUMBERG, E, AEH ........ Rome, Ga. GINGER E. BLUME, A, KA ........ Vero Beach, Fla. STEPHEN BLUMENTHAL, A, AEH . .W. Orange, N .J . F. W. BLUMENSCHEIN, II, E ..... Huntsville, Ala. RICHARD HAROLD BOAK, A ........ Aloha, Ore. BARBARA D. BOCK, N .,....... Tullahoma, Tenn. ROBERT S. BODEN, A, BGDH ....... Anchorage, Ky. JULIAN EUGENE BOGGESS, A ..Columbus, Miss. MARY LYNN BOGLE, A, KAGJ ........ Dexter, N.M. JULIE A. DORING, A, IIBKIJ ............ Odessa, Tex. NEAL I. BOROVITZ, A, AEH . .Cleveland Hts., Ohio ROBERT BOSSERMAN, E, QIJA . . .Harrisonburg, Va. JANIS M. BOURY, A ............ VVheeling, W. Va. BRUCE F. BOWMAN, A, KIHKE ........ Oswego, Ill. JOSEPH H. BOWMAN, A, AKE ...... Franklin, Tenn. JAMES F. BROWN, A ............. Greenville, Ala. JERRY WAYNE BROWN, E ....... Nashville, Tenn. RAMAH G. BROWN, N ........... Nashville, Tenn. SUSAN M. BROWN, A, AAA .......... Atlanta, Ga. JEFFREY W. BROWNE, E, fbKiI1 ..Huntington, N.Y. ANNE H. BROWNING, A, KAG .... Nashville, Tenn. ELEANOR BROWNLEE, A, AAA .... Greenville, S.C. BUFORD L. BRUCE, JR., E ........ Nashville, Tenn. WALTER O. BRUNING, A, QDKXII .... Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM BRACKMAN III, A .... St. Arlington, Va. GEOFFREY B. BRADEN, E, EAR . . .Nashville, Tenn. A. TEAL BRADLEY, A ........ New Canaan, Conn. MARGUERITE BRADLEY, A, AAA . .Memphis, Tenn. TIMOTHY BRADLEY, A, AKE .Oklahoma City, Okla. PAUL W. BRAGG, A, EN .......... Columbia, Tenn. BECKY J. BRAMBLET, A., KAGJ ....... Atlanta, Ga. GEOFFREY BRANDNER, A, AEH W. Hartford, Conn. HELEN M. BRANSFORD, A, KAC9 . .Nashville, Tenn. EDGAR CLAYTON BRANTLY, E ..... Odessa, Tex. TERESA S. BRATTON, A, KA ...... Hartsville, Tenn. KATHLEEN BREWER, A, KA ......... Decatur, Ga. SHERRY E. BRIDGEWATER, A ..Knoxville, Tenn. EDWARD N. BRIN, A, AEH ...... New Orleans, La. JAMES E. BRITENBURG, A, EN ..Ft. Thomas, Ky. DONNA LYNN BROOKS, A ...... Nashville, Tenn. STUART R. BROOKS, A, HKA ....... Louisville, Ky. GEORGE E. BROOKSBANK, A .... London, England G. RHEA BUCY, A .................... Paris, Tenn. MARGARET E. BUGG, A, KAGJ ....... Durham, N.C. LAWRENCE BUNASCHU, A, BGTI . . .Louisville, Ky. MARTHA M. BURGESS, N, AAA Grosse Pointe, Mich. BRIAN K. BURKE, A, EN ........ Arlington Hts., Ill. HELEN E. BURNETT, A, KAG . .Chagrin Falls, Ohio JAMES B. BURNS, A, fDKE ............. Macon, Ga. ELIZABETH S. BUTLER, N , XQ ..... Jackson, Tenn. JAIVHES M. BUTLER, E ............. McComb, Miss. JAMES E. BYASSEE, A, BCBTI ....... Louisville, Ky. ELIZABETH D. BYRN, A, AAA .... Nashville, Tenn. PRESHMEN CINDY L. CALLENDER, AAA ........ Jackson, Miss. ORREN E. CAMERON, III, E ..,... Nashville, Tenn. BETH W. CAMPBELL, A, KAGJ ........ Orange, Tex. EUGENIA H. CAMPBELL, A ...... Galveston, Tex. JAMES M. CAMPBELL, A ........... Cullman, Ala. RONALD M. CAMPBELL, E .... McMinnville, Tenn. TERRY A. CAMPBELL, E ......... Franklin, Tenn. CAROLYN O. CANDLER, A, KAO ...... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT C. CANNADA, JR., A, KA ..Jacka0ii, Misa. M. BARRY CANNELL, A, Ann .... Nashville, Tami. LYNN M. CANTOR, N .............. Louisville, Ky. EVANGELINE GAIL CANTY, A ..Jacka0iivi11a, Fla. ERIC L. CARLTON, A ........... Birmingham, Ala. WENDY J. CARLTON, E, AOII ..... Huntsville, Ala. F. CHARLES CARMICHAEL, A ...... Clinton, Tenn. KELLS C. CARROLL, JR., E, EN ....... Ozark, Ala. RUDOLPH L. CARVER, fDKXIf ALAN E. CASE, A .......... MARY M. CASSIBRY, A ...... SUSAN E. CAVIN, A ........ KAREN C. CHAMBERS, A, ima .. IVAN R. CHANIN, A, ziafr ..... MARSHA J. CHATTIN, A ..... JERRY U. CARTER, A, EN ....... . . . . . .MadisOn, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn .... . . .Moline, Ill . . . .Arlington, Va ..........Tr1on, Ga .LexingtOn, Tenn .........Macon, Ga. ........Atlanta, Ga. SAMMY W. CHAWKIN, A, ZBT . .ChattanoOga, Tenn. JOHN WESLEY CHILDRESS, A . .Lewisburg, Tenn. SAMUEL W. CHOPPIN, A, KE ...... Nashville, Tenn. GEORGE H. CHRISTIANSON, III, A, KE Atlanta, Ga. JAN F. CHRISTENSON, E ...... Somers Point, N.J. WAYNE CHRISTESON, A .......... Florence, Ala. ELIZABETH CIMMINO, A, AAA. .Fredericksburg Va. CAROL B. CLARK, A, KAGJ ........ Nashville, Tenn. JANE M. CLELAND, A, AAA ........ Jackson, Miss. RANDY S. COHEN, A ............. Allentown, Pa. Tenn STEVE A. COLEMAN, A ..... DENNIS L. CONDRA, A .... JAMES F. COOK, E, EAE .......... Nashville, KENNETH H. COOK E AKE ....... Nashville . . . . .Del City, Okla. . . . . .Gallatin, Tenn. Tenn. MICHAEL A. COOPER, E, KA ...... Lexington, Ky. DAVID F. COOPER, A, ATQ .......... Kenosha, Wis. VAN BALDWIN COOK, A, CIDKE ...... Sarasota, Fla. SUSAN COPAS, A, AOII ....... Johnson City, Tenn. WILLIAM CORRELL, E, QJKJ JAMES F. COUGHLIN, II, :DAO JAMIE A. COULTAS, E, KA . RALPH L. COUSINS, A, EAE CHARLES H. COVINGTON, A ANNE M. COWART, A, KAO .f. STEVE B. Cox, A, KA ...... STEPHEN J. COX, A, an PAUL CRACAN, A, AKI .. PLO CRISS, A, uma ...... JOAN CRITTON, A, Aon .... NANCY G. CROOK, N ...... JOSEPH G. CUMMINGS, A, BEN L. CUNDIEF, E, JAKE KERRY C. CURTIS, A JAMES M. DALEY, E, EAE .......... ROBERT S. DALTON, A ...... . . . . . . . .RoSemont, Pa. . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . . .PenSacola, Fla. .........DallaS, Tex. KA Moorestown, N.J. ........Atlanta, Ga. . . . . . . .Lexington, Ky. . . . .Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Maryville, Tenn. .......Atlanta, Ga. . . . . . .AurOra, Ill. . . . . . . .JacksOn, Tenn. BGJII . .NaShville, Tenn. ..............Cadiz,Ky. .......Phenix City, Ala. . Tulsa, Okla. . Chattanooga, Tenn. ELIZABETH ANN DANKERT, A ..Springfield, Ohio FRESHMEN LARRY S. DANSKY, A, ZBT ........... Miami, Fla. THOMAS D. DARBY, A ........ Old Hickory, Tenn. ANDREW DARNELL, A ........... Beaumont, Tex. BARBARA L. DAVIS, N .......... Manhasset, N.Y. EDWARD PERRY DAVIS, E, AKE . .Memphis, Tenn. JEFFERSON J. DAVIS, A, EN ........ Newnan, Ga. JOHN K. DAVIS, A, QAGJ . . .Colorado Springs, Colo. MIKE DAVIS, E, TKXI' ............. Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS H. DeBUYS, E, JJACEJ .... Birmingham, Ala. M. VIRGINIA DECK, N ............ Louisville, Ky. GEORGE LEE DeJARNATT, A, ATQ Owensboro, Ky. KATHARINE M. DELL, N .......... Baltimore, Md. RICHARD DELMAN, A, ZBT .... University City, Mo. PAMELA G. DEMENT, A ...... Stuttgart, Germany RICHARD R. DEMPSTER, A, EN . .Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT B. DENNY, A, ATQ ........ Westbury, N.Y. JAMES W. DICKIE, A ............ Wilmington, N.C. QUENTIN STOKES DICKINS, A, Greenwood, Miss. JANICE S. DICKMANN, A .......... Perryville, Mo. ERIC JACKSON DIERKS, A, QIKE . .Louisville, Tenn. JOHN DONALDSON, III, A, QKE ...... Atlanta, Ga. MIKE E. DORMAN, A, ZBT .......... Jackson, Miss. BYRON D. DONICS, A, ATQ ...Langley A.F.B., Va. DENISE MARIE DORSET, A .......... Ballwin, Mo. ALLAN T. DOWNEN, E ..... ....... S idney, Ohio SHARON L. DOYLE, A ............ Cave City, Ky. JOHN A. DRAPER, A ............. Columbia, Tenn. D. DWIGHT DRINKARD, A, EAE ..Memphis, Tenn. CHERYL E.. DRIVER, N, KA ........ Waterloo, Iowa DANFORD R. DUE, A, KIJAGJ ...... Indianapolis, Ind. DENNIS W. DUKE, A .............. Madison, Tenn. WIELIAM DUMAS, E ................. Mobile, Ala. J ACQUELINE DUNAWAY, A, KAQ Little Rock, Ark. RUTH C. DYALL, A, AOII ......... Cincinnati, Ohio RICHARD H. EDMONDSON, A . . .ClarksVille, Tenn. GILBERT G. EDSON, E, EX ........ Columbia, Tenn. RODMAN A. EGGEN, E, KA ....... Shelbyville, Ky. CAROLYN A. EGGER, A, X9 ...... Kingsport, Tenn. LAWRENCE ELDRACHER, A, KDKE .... Fairfax, Va. JOHN A. ELKINGTON, E, ATQ .... Stamford, Conn. EDWARD C. ELLIOTT, A, fIvK2 ...... Lexington, Ky. PAUL F. ELLIOTT, A, GQAQ ...... Birmingham, Ala. SUSAN L. EUFEMIA, A ...... ..... N orwalk, Conn. JOHN H. EVANS, A, KA ............. St. Louis, Mo. WINSTON S. EVANS, E, BQII ...... Nashville, Tenn. EVERIST L. GARLAND, E, IIJKE ..Sioux City, Iowa CARL A. EXNER, A, HKA ........ Milwaukee, Wis. NEAL E. FARR, A .............. Miami Beach, Fla. PHILIP G. FARR, A fDKE .... ..... T hornson, Ga. JAIVIES M. FARRAR, A ............. Kirkwood, Mo. CHARLOTTE A. FAUSETT, A .... Birmingham, Ala. JOHN FEATHERINGILL, E, KA . .Birmingham, Ala. W. H. FERGUSON, E, BAE .... Fernandina Beach, Fla. WILLIAM M. FERGUSON, A, EN . .Wellington, Kan. CHARLES W. FIELD, A, BAE .......... Macon, Ga. MARY L. FITCH, A ........... Western Springs, Ill. MIRANDA S. FITE, A, KA ........ St. Simons Is., Ga. N ANETTE LURENE FLEMIN G, N Flemingsburg, Ky. EFFIE J. FLIPPO, A, IIBQD .......... Nashville, Tenn. MARCIA E. FLOYD, A . . . . . . . .Hamilton, Ohio T 'I9L:?Ei:?wZ.E9 M " ' "Al f-48372 ESZ?iWJ5J"J J Sifffflff If S7 J 0 .K f ,KM ...Q 3 ew' f as gg. 'QT' 7 f..-we 15 fl. W.. A f . Q? l .ag Is ' 1 -Sars... -x Q J . . .,..,. . , -V - -f .S . .3 ,. 1.s4111f'f .. if? fff111'1f' lilies? ' fe A A aft 541 41 . - ' ' ,g. ' 1 I we -'N'-is 1 W., A-'- :. - ...Rv Y ' iii J, x Sz.. . ,I wg 12. I 51511. . I -..-. . : ., ., ...- . .f . . - lf . " - -if f' f'-MTI'-,f f 'Jw :EE .asf .Q 3 -sa., 1 W f E, m.,..i-2619 is A ""'rl 2.',f' '. ' M" R 7 'iii' .' : ,. ,.., , . .. :.,:,X,:x,:5.,:w:.mph -:,-::,,-:::-me QQgiM12h:PSSl1?1gjiQ9iggV JW 11 if?53if5iS: ff1f17 :5fS3f'.if'f.17-5lfo:1'l'ff', ff515il'717- ff' 'ffl A . qv .Q --are . mi ifgfi, f Q.. ,-i- A-f --M -sl ' .I -Nr" 1. ' - A Z ,gg ' 'k" mm ln Q Q A 5. " .. .... A 1 W giwsaggg N K. 1 ,,,' - N 3, . - . L. . A ,Qj'i, -..V-.-1 .,...., iliiissisfiffgi ' Q xp vrkvrkv A ax p ,,,, ,,,,, p - . -f .,.,. . f f- X st- .M-fsw.. fa-wwfwk .2 Q:-f . A.:s:.:-.:m:.Q:-:ara-'eff.:'faIfS.ff:a:::.:.f.: .asm fvffvamifimgf - -.if'?S"ifls-"1f'-f' b f . ' ' A 4 f J A "1i' .ig h" ' 'F A ' 5 A - . -, . . - Nw. . I I , M Q '- . I 1 SQ S J Q , ' ' t . VM A - ii' 'W ' -. 'Tw' ge ' W' ig. 'T -. 2 'W is z ia .' S1 . 5 1. sv sf 7 V is . ssis I 1 -2 b A lf g A is Esf' 3. . 'X . 2 W ' ' ' ' ,..... - Sw ' iff--T' ' ' ' -13.5. I few , Y 'li 1 I F 1 A ' i 'M 2s..21e21f14": 1' '-f- :Hz2gf2'.Qz4si 'wfg,:zs.xiaa' AWE, , . -. A' '-'2g,f ' -1 ,35.."..Q .a m """' , MMM E ' - Sum- -- . Sew . - -. K S3575 H e. K - aaziasiz . . - - xp. , Q, ,-as : :Rt F, 5 4, V, -ws .32 -f5f.S3'. ' ft Q K me AT M K 'fl' im.. K """f?"Q,.g' wi? 4 L, - eff " - v 1 .4354 . . G ' . - ,U V Q,..f,giQv L 1-.ff if..:-f:- 4oo J "TSE fffffaxf' 'f f if .' "'k H :.::Q....... ff' ,--, i 1 , A K .. ..,.g .. ...M .. . W .W .xk...s... . . -X - A ' as . . --M-1 axis -ff: . -1-.1ff.:ff. we-faeff-A SSN f fix. k N agjzi- if-,Q I ' :fn 1- K : S :I t . I .. . . W A . if-' A ' " Fi . A F' A . A . .. ' rl. 2: - Xl 5 - . - Q I . ' ' f , .- - F . 3, . .. fa? ,..- i I - l if l ' bm' if -ALL K A FRESHMEN FRANKLIN H, FOOTE, A, PSK . .Wethersfield, Conn. EDWARD J . FOSTER, A, HKA ...... Greenville, Ky. EVELYN F. FOSTER, N ........ Summertown, Tenn. PATRICIA A. FOSTER, A ....,......... Foley, Ala. ROBERT Ci. FRASER, E, EX .......... Atlanta, Ga. TIMOTHY H. FRAZIER, E, LIDKE .... Nashville, Tenn. l,,'- :5f': WINSLOW H. FULLER, E, EN . . . .Wilbraha1n, Mass. , ,., eel , . Q eeef MARCIA J. GAARDEN, A ........Kensington, Md. . , W ' H ' Q ,,,. A"' i f 'eee fi X GEORGE E. GAFFNEY, A . . . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. ' A A 'ez' ,l. x S fi JAMES P. GAMERTSFELDER, E . . . . . .Berwyn, Pa. amp MARILYN GAMMELL, N, PDB . . . . .N ashville, Tenn. A - h ., Q - ' GARY P. GANICK, E, CDK2 ......... Nashville, Tenn. ,..,,, MICHAEL A GARNER A w D 11 T . .,.: A .??i...i X, , . , , ..,. . . . . . . . . 3. HS, EX. J , ' , A . . BRUCE W. GARRETSON, E, QDKE . . . .Bethesda, Md. f Ie EL. 7 . , 'ffiif if -'LLL .,.,., , LLYA A if ROBERT E. GEBHARDT, JR., E, fblixlf .Baltimore, Md. li J' J m ' Q IXQAIAIQQIQBLAI-ILLAF.GGEJlN1IiCgiEAA. . . . . . . . .Mc1l?tgl?nHciry, Ala. Q f i? "EE ' A . E , , FCPB as Vi e, Tenn. .- RICHARD A. GEYES, JR., A ........ . .Bryan, Tex. . ,... .... .......Q. . . . "TSf f-A :fi r-..1.1: 1fShA-: A lgi JOE H. GIEBERT, E, AKE . . . . . . . .J acksonv1Ile, Fla. . Iie 'AAAI h l-1i ,I A . RICHARD K. GILBERT, A, EN . . . . . . . .Fairfax, Va. . J Gif - J l'i IEL g A LLJ . A 1 MARTIN E. GILMORE, A, BCBH . . . .NashviIle, Tenn. J R "f' A ., LAAJ GORDON H. GLENN, A, K2 . . . . . . . .Memphis, Tenn. JJSL if ,,A ll'XX il Xlh l q NOBLE M. GOODLOE, A, AKE . . . . . . .Houston, Tex. . . in 1 JAMES J. GOODMAN, A, 111142 .......Houston, Tex. LAL JJJ JL ,..,. ,, Jf': LLIZZ . 12 PATRICIA L. GOODSON, A, 1IBfIv . .HuntsVille, Ala. . "'. , ' 1,E , '.,, f J JANE C. GOODWIN, A, DDB . . . . . . .NashvilIe, Tenn. ' h ,Q fs' gf. , K, ,ELA h 'I jg GEORGE D. GORIN, JR., A, AKE . . . .LouisVille, Ky. . .- :5v"'f' JENNIFER B. GOTTFRIED, A ...... Nashville, Tenn. y A f :'. , . , f x SARAH W. GRAF, N, KAG . . . . . . . .Cincinnati, Ohio , . J iii ' A LILA C. GRAFTON, A, HBfI1 .. . . . . . . . .Dallas, Tex. . Q " ' ? SQfQffQ "QA i "" - . lii ..?, A D K I A , ,,kb i i 'J' A CLAUDIA L. GRAHAM, A, KA . . . .New Orleans, La. . . .:..,. gn ff iii , bz, A h MICHAEL ALAN GRAHAM, A . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. fi g rgg i'J if A .', A I WAYNE K. GRAHAM, E ......BoWling Green, Ky. Qi ' 'AAA JANACE GRANT, A, AAA ....... . . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. A Q . .,.. I . bz WILLIAM H. GRAY, E, AKE . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. ig A MARK E. GREAR, A, fIVKlI' ........ Texarkana, Tex. 401 FRESHMEN . Charlotte, N.C. JAMES E, GREEN, IR., E ...ii.'.....'.'..Nashvil1e, Tenn ROBERT S. GREEN, A, ZBT ROSE F. GREEN, A ...... STEVEN E. GREGORY, E . RALPH H. GREIL, A, ZBT . . . . .Memphis, Tenn . . . .Charlotte, S.C Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . .Montgomery, Ala RAYMOND F. GRENFELL, A, KA . . .JaCksOn, Miss WILLIAM B. GRESI-IAM, A, EN ........ Tampa, Fla MARTHA GRIFFIN, A .............. Summit, N.J MICHAEL GRIFFIN, E ......... Nashville, Tenn THOMAS S. GRIFFIN, E, AEH .... Jacksonville, Fla DAVID F. GRIFFITH, A .......... Newnan, Tenn WILLIAM A. GROWDON, A, KE ..Little Rock, Ark LOUISE V. GUEST, A, KAG ........ Ft. Payne, Ala LYNN A. HABERLIE, A, KA ......... Houston, Tex KENT L. HABERMEYER, A, BGJH ..... Aurora, Ill WILLIAM F. HAGEMAN, A, KIJKE ..... Houston, Tex PAUL W. HAGEN, A, HKA VIANDA P. HALE A KAO THOMAS J. HALL A HKA J. THOMAS HALL, E, PSK. 1111111 . . . . . . .Montgomery, Ala .Nashville, Tenn Webster Groves, MO HELEN F. HALTOlVI,,E .... ..... Nashville, Tenn Memphis, Tenn. .IENNIE M. HAMILTON, A, xo ....... DeLand, Fla LINDA K. HAMILTON, A, xo ..Highland Park, Ill WM. LYLE HAMMOND, E, AHF .... Nashville, Tenn LAURENCE M. HAMRIC, A, KA ....... Dallas, Tex JOSEPH R. HANSON, E ........... Nashville, Tenn JENNIFER L. HARDAGE, A, KA . .J acksonville, Fla JACKSON HARDEMAN, E, AIU-Z. .Old Hickory, Tenn JAMES T. HARDIN, A ........... Indianapolis, Ind JUDITH A. HARDWICK, A ....... Cleveland, Tenn ROBERT H. HARDY, A .............. Elberton, Ga B. JOHNNITA HARKINS, A, KA .... Jackson, Miss ANDREW W. HARRELL, A ........ Vicksburg, Miss F. ANDERSON HARRIS, E ..... Chattanooga, Tenn LUCILE HARRIS, A, KA ............. Jackson, Miss CHARLES J. HARRISON, E, KE . .Dyersburg, Tenn. PATSY J. HARRISON, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. CATHERINE H. HART, A ............ Wheaton, Ill. L. THOMAS HART, JR., A, EX ..... Nashville, Tenn. SAMUEL C. HART, JR., E, JAKE ..Cleveland, Tenn. JAN V. HARTNETT, A, XQ .... Webster Groves, Mo. THOMAS M. HASELTON, A, AKE .... Bethesda, Md. STEPHEN K. I-IAVILAND, E ........ Frankfort, Ky. NANCY W. HAWKINS, N ........... Vienna, W. Va. TAYLOR K. HAYDEN, E .......... Nashville, Tenn. SAM M. HAYNES, A, EX ...... Murfreesboro, Tenn. VICTORIA L. HEATH, A, KA ......... Atlanta, Ga. GAIL HEDERMAN, A, AAA .......... Jackson, Miss. KAY F. HEJNA, A .......... .... F t. Sheridan, Ill. ROBERT H. HELM, A ............ Louisville, Tenn. EMORY P. HEMPI-IILL, A ....... Brownsville, Tex. CAROLYN B. HENDERSON, A, XQ Beaumont, Tex. MARY J. HENDRIX, A, KAO ....... Nashville, Tenn. DOUGLASS E. HENRY, E ......... Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS D. HERMAN, A, ZBT ..Milvvaukee, Wisc. KATHLEEN HERRINGTON, A, KA. .Nashville, Tenn. SUSAN F. HICKEY, A, KA ....... Chapel Hill, N.C. LUCILLE W. HICKS, E, AOTI . .Jefferson City, Tenn. THOMAS J. R. HICKS, A ............. Mobile, Ala. I 401 FRESHMEN HALTOM C. HIGGS, E, K2 ......... Malvern, Ark. DAVID J. HILL, E ............. W. Hollywood, Fla. HANK HILL, A, EAE .............. Memphis, Tenn. JOHN LESTER HILL, E, AKE ........ Houston, Tex. GLENN D. HIRSCH, A, AEII . .Mountain Home, Ark. TIM HOBLITZELL, A, EAR .... Pearl Harbor, Hawaii LINDA E. HOEHN, A ............ Wilmington, Del. PHILIP K. HOFFMAN, E, KE ...... Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM H. HOFMEISTER, E, K2 ..Hixson, Tenn. SUSAN M. HOAGLAND, A, X0 .... Memphis, Tenn. JOSEPH W. HOLLADAY, A ,....... Linden, Tenn. SUSAN F. HOLLY, A ......... Hendersonville, N.C'. JACK TL HOPKINS, A ............. Jackson, Miss. PATRICIA L. HOPKINS, A, AAA ..... Atlanta, Ga. SPEED E. HOPKINS, E, AKE ........ Upperco, Md. RICHARD L. HORNER, E. ......... San Diego, Calif. TI-IOMAS S. HORTON, E .......... Nashville, Tenn. JASEPH M. HOWARD, III, A, EAE .Nashville, Tenn. BRENT A. HUGHES, A, fiK2 ...Birmingham, Mieh. HUGH C. HOWSER, JR., A, BAE . . .Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES N. HUBBARD, A, EAE .... Newnan, Ge. GREGORY S. HUBBARD, A .... Elizabethtown, Ky. WILLIAM HUDDLESTON, A, KA. .Heiiiesbiirg Miss. ETHEL V. HEATH, A, KA ............. Mobile, Ala. MARTHA HUFFMAN, A, Aon .... Biyihevilie, Ark. SHERRY R. HUGHES, A .... CHARLES T. HULAN, E, KE . HENRY H. HULL, A ........ FREDERICK D. HUNT, A, EN LINDA J. HUSSUNG, N ..... JAMES H. HUSTEAD E ..... Montgomery, Ala. Shelbyville, Tenn. . . . .Jacksonville, Fla. . . . .Washington, D.C. DON W. HUNTER, A, EX ........ . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .LouisVille, Ky. .Lawton, Okla. GAIL F. HUTCHINSON, A, KA ' ' ' '.'.'Memphis, Tenn. SARA L. HUTCHISON, N .... SUSAN M. HUTSON, A, Aon . . . . . . .Bethesda, Md. DAVID P. HYATT, A, EX, ........ DONALD H. HYDE, A, HKA . RICHARD W. HYLTON, A .. Brentwood, Tenn. . .Nashville, Tenn. . . .Pasadena, Tex. i.. .l .D .... Houston, Tex. JAMES P. ITIN, E ............ Nashville, Tenn. GILCHRIST L. JACKSON, E, EX ...... Danville, Ky. WINTON A. JACKSON, E, HKA ........ Dallas, Tex. SHARON L. JACOBS, A ............ Louisville, Ky. KAY L. JAMES, A ......... North Little Rock, Ark. ROBERT M. JAMES, A, KDKE Shawnee Mission, Kans. GERALD R. JERKIN S, A .......... Nashville, Tenn. GREGORY L. JERNIGAN, A, fIvKKI1 . .Ft. Worth, Tex. MARILYN C. JESSE, N, AAA ........ Appleton, Wis. FRANK P. JOHNS, A ............... Sheffield, Ala. GORDON JOHNSON, JR., A .... Bell Buckle, Tenn. JEFFREY R. JOHNSTON, A ....... Springfield, Mo. PHILIP L. JOHNSON, E, KA ........... Selma, Ala. ANDREW W. JOHNSON, III, A ........ Atlanta, Ga. RUSSELL JOHNSON, A, IDKIII . . .Chattano0ga, Tenn. RICHARD K. JOHNSSON, E ..... Oak Ridge, Tenn. COLIN R. JONES, E, KA ....... Pass Christian, Miss. PATRICIA D. JONES, A .............. Atlanta, Ga. MELISSA A. JONES, N .......... Centerville, Tenn. VIRDEN C. JONES, A, KA ........ Greenville, Miss. WILLIAM D. JONES, E, BAE ...... Pine Bluff, Ark. ROY W. JORDAN, JR., A ......... Memphis, Tenn. SUSAN J . KRIENKE, A, DDB ..... FRESHMEN PHILIP W. JUWIG, A ........... . . . .Augusta, Ga. STUART DEAN KAESTNER, A, KA Louisville R K JOHN SHEEHAN KAMINE LEIGH KAMMERER, A, EN ..... JOHN E. KAMMERUD, E . JOE G. KATZEL, E, 1111011 . . ,E,E LYNN K. KATZER, N .... ANNE H. KEEN, A, HBLI: .. TIMOTHY C. KEENER, E JAMES R. KELLEY, A .......... KATHLEEN C. KENNEDY, N, KA MICHAEL A. KESSLER, E, AER . VAUGHAN KILPATRICK, A, use JEFFREY R. KING, E, EAE ....... NANCY C. KING, N, KAO ......... ROBERT S. KING, E, mo ....... STEVEN R. KING A Bon ....... WILLIAM SCOTT KING, JR., A . . .' JAMES E. KIRK, A, EN ......... JOHN C. KIRK, E, ATU .......... JOHN B. KISS, A, HKA .......... ROBERT K. KLAGES, E, IIKA DEBORAH J. KLATTE, A ........ JEFFREY KONKER, A, CFKE ...... JANE E. KRAFT, A ............. JOHN R. KREIN, E, KA ........... CAROL A. KREWINGHAUS, A ..... DEBORAH ANN KREYLING, N .... Kirkwood . Windermere , Ky Atlanta, Ga , Fla. .Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Paducah, Ky. .Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. .Maryville, Tenn. Conneaut, Ohio . . .Wilmette, Ill. . . . .Atlanta, Ga. . . . .Atlanta, Ga. .FernWood, Miss. . . .Pittsfield, Ill. Memphis, Tenn. Cincinnati, Ohio .Memphis, Tenn. .Birmingham, Ala. Indianapolis, Ind. .Kingsport, Tenn. . .Ciolumbus, Ohio Spartanburg, S.C. . .Lake Forest, Ill. . .Brentwood, Mo. .Florissant, Mo. .St. Louis, Mo. , Mo. .Homestead, Fla. Pa. DANIEL J. KRIKSTONE, A .... McKees Rocks, HAROLD A. KRUEGER, II, A, KA .... Ironton, Mo. DAVID KRULAC, E ................ Pittsburgh, Pa. ROBERT E. KRUMLAUF, E, AKE . .Columbus, Ohio WILLIS E. KUHN, A, 1IJK1I1 ........ Indianapolis, Ind. WILLIAM S. LACHICOTTE, A ..... ANN LESLIE LAIRD, A, AAA CHAE E. LAIRD, A, CIJKE ...... GLORIA J. LAIRD A Aon ...... .Charlotte, N.C. . . .Atlanta, Ga. Paris, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn WILLIAM R. LAIVIME, A, ZBT .'Kettering, ohio JERRY MICHAEL LAMBERTH, E ..Ce1nn1bIn, Ky. SUSAN C. LANDRUM, A, KA ...... Lexington, Ky. ALMUT E. LANGE, E, KAO ......... Huntsville, Ala. ROBERT K. LANGSTAFF, A, QDKQI San Marino, Calif. MARK R. LANKTON, A ........... Worthville, Ky. LYNN K. LATIMER, A, AOII ....... Nashville, Tenn. CLARK D. LEA, E, QDAGJ .......... Memphis, Tenn. MARTHA K. LEATHERMAN, A . .Hot Springs, Ark. JOYCE F. LEHMAN, A ........... Nashville, Tenn. JUDITH A. LEKASHMAN, A ...... South Bend, Ind. CARL H. LEONARD, A, ATQ . . .Clarendon Hills, Ill. CATHERINE W. LESTER, A, XQ . .New Orleans, La. RICHARD L. LEVINE, A, ZBT .... Birmingham, Ala. KENNETH A. LEVY, A ...... .... S Carsdale, N.Y. CAROL LEWIS, A ...... ..... T ulsa, Okla. ELLEN J . LIBBEY, A ............ Potrerillos, Chile WILLIAM A. LIEGOIS, E ............ Lacrosse, Wis. IVIARGARITA LILLARD, A, AAA ..Cincinnati, Ohio THOMAS G. LINTHICUM, A .......... Atlanta, Ga. JOSEPH LIPSCOMB, JR., A, ATS! . .Hartsville, Tenn. HETTIE A. LISH, E ............... Nashville, Tenn. 405 ROBERT L. LOFTIS, A .... ..... N ashville, Tenn. RANDY LOFTON, A, K2 ..... .... P ort Arthur, Tex. WILLIAM T. LOGGINS, E ............ Miami, Fla. JERRY L. LOOMIS, A, HKA ..... Sweetwater, Tenn. ROBERT G. LORD, E, BGII ........ Washington, Ind. JONATHAN BARRY LOUBE, A, ZBT Bethesda, Md. CLIFFORD LOVE, III, A, fI3K1I1 ,,.. Nashville, Tenn. JESS W. LOVE, JR., E ............. Nashville, Tenn. ERNEST B. LOWE, A, EX ......... Maryville, Tenn. WILLIAM S. LOWE, A, ZBT ...... Lawrenceville, Va. LANDON L. LUSTER, A .... ..... N ashville, JOHN H. LYON, A ................ Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. LUCINDA A. LYONS, A, HBfD ....... Sheffield, Ala. EDWARD HAYS MABRY, JR., A . .Memphis, Tenn. JUDY L. MACIULA, N, AOH .......... Tulsa, Okla. JOANN E. MAGUIRE, A, HBCD .... Wilmington, Del. SUSAN A. MAGYAROSI, N ....... Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM T. MAHON, A ...... Webster Groves, Mo. GAYLE I. MALONE, KA ........... Trenton, WILLIAM R. MANIER, IV, E, TAG . .Nashville, FRANK MARIUTTO, E ............ Nashville, GEORGE W. MARLIN, A, ADKQ ..... Jackson, ROY S. MAROKUS, A ..........,... Dayton, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Ohio JEFF A. MARQUIS, E, fIvK2 .... ....... A tlanta, Ga. STEPHEN A. MARSTILLER, E . .Clarksburg, W. Va. GREGORY J. MARTIN, A, BGII .... Cincinnati, Ohio JAMES A. MARTIN, III, A ......... Nashville, Tenn. MICHAEL R. MARTZALL, E .......... Denver, Pa. PATRICIA J. MASON, A, AAA ....... Houston, Tex. DONALD S. MATHESON, A, GAG .... Sunbury, Pa. ELIZABETH B. MATTHEWS, N, XQ Pittsburgh, Pa. JAMES M. MATTHEWS, A ....... Winter Park, Fla. J. LARKIN MATTHEWS, A, HGH. .San Antonio, Tex. LISE MATTHEWS, A, KAG ...... New Orleans, La. L. TURNER MATTHEWS, E ...... Columbia, Tenn. JAMES A. MATZGAR, A, KIJKE Ft. Sam Houston, Tex. PRESHMEN PHILIP H. MAYES, A, K2 ......... Nashville, Tenn. DAN A. MAYFIELD, A ................ Bells, Tenn. JOHN H. MAYFIELD, A, QPAGJ ...... Shreveport, La. ALAN D, MAZER, A, ZBT ........ Birmingham, Ala. NANCY L. MacNAUGHTON, N ..... Brentwood, Mo. DALTON MCBEE, JR., A ......... Greenwood, Miss. CLAIRE E. MCCASKILL, A, XQ ...Memphis, Tenn. HAROLD D. McCLAIN, E, EN ...... Pine Bluff, Ark. WILLIAM MCCLANAHAN, E, EX . .Nashville, Tenn. JOHN G. MCCLEERY, A, KA ...... Birmingham, Ala. STANDISH MCCLEARY, A, AKE .... Baltimore, Md. SALLY MCCOOL, A, AOII ........ Memphis, Tenn. JAY MCCOY, A, QIJKKII ............. Madisonville, Ky. VICKI F. MCCOY, A ......... West Hollywood, Fla. MARK O. MCCRACKIN, A ............ Atlanta, Ga. DARRYL V. MCCULLOUGH, A, K2 Little Rock, Ark. THOMAS L. MCCURLEY, E, EN ..... Gulfport, Miss. LINDA J. MCENTYRE, N .......... Whitwell, Tenn. DAVID K. MCGOWAN, A, K2 ........ Jackson, Miss. LEONARD F. MCGUGIN, El, EX .... Nashville, Tenn. LINDA S. MCHENRY, A .... Melbourne Beach, Fla. WILLIAM W. MCINNES, A, KA ...... Jackson, Miss. MARGO H. MCKINLEY, N .......... Belleville, Ill. VIRGINIA A. MCKINNEY, A, IIBfIw ..Eldorado, Ark. SANDRA A. MCLEOD, A .......... Morrilton, Ark. BETTYE C. MCMILLIN, A, KALD .... Nashville, Tenn. KATHRYN MCMILLAN, A, IIBQ ...... Austin, Tex. MICHELE A. MCMURTRY, E, DDB . .Lexington, Ky. FLOY C. MCPHERSON, A .......... Dickson, Tenn. RICHARD D. MCRAE, A ............ Jackson, Miss. CELIA A. MCREE, A .............. Memphis, Tenn. GEORGE R. MCSWAIN, A ...... Ormond Beach, Fla. WILLIAM R. MEANEY, A, PSK ...... Palmetto, Fla. EDWIN A. MERRICK, E, HKA ..... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN C. MERRITT, E, AKE ........ Columbus, Ohio ALFRED M. MICHEL, E ......... Birmingham, Ala. JOHN H. MILES, A, JPBKII ............ Dickson, Tenn. MARTHA F. MILFORD, A, AAA .... Memphis, Tenn. GARY C. MILLER, E, ATQ .Jacksonville Beach, Fla. JAMES L. MILLER, A ............... Decatur, Ga. JAIVEIS P. MILLER, A, LIJAGJ ........... Dallas, Tex. LINDA J. MINER, A, AOH .... ...... A tlanta, Ga. JOHN E. MONROE, III, E, PSK .... New Orleans, La. CHERYL A. MOORE, N, DDB ....... Nashville, Tenn. DWIGHT T. MOORE, A, 1IJK1I1 ........ Madison, Tenn. GEORGE R. MOREHEAD, A, HKA .... Orlando, Fla. WARREN MORGAN, E ............ Cedartown, Ga. GLENN O. MORRELL, JR., A ........ Bristol, Tenn. FREDRICKE M. MORRIS, E ...... Nashville, Tenn. PAMELA J. MORRIS, A .......... Wheeling, W. Va. WILLIAM E. MORRIS, A, IIKA . .Corpus Christi, Tex. WILLIAM H. MORRISON, E ...... Memphis, Tenn. CHRISTINE P. MORROW, . . .......,.. McLean, Va. ROBERT M. MOSES, E, ZBT ........ Cleveland, Ohio SUSAN M. MUDRICK, N .... Hendersonville, Tenn. DAVID J. MURPHY, E, QAQ ........... Atlanta, Ga. JACK A. MURRAI-I, A ........... Birmingham, Ala. JOHN R. MURRAY, A, QAG ......... Cordova, Tenn. WALTER R. MURRAY, A ......... Nashville, Tenn. GRACE F. MYERS, A, X9 . .. ..... Ft. Worth, Tex. 40 MUN 407 PRESHMEN JAIVHBS B. NATION, A ............. Liverpool, N.Y. VIRGINIA LYN NEAL, A, KA ......... Atlanta, Ga. RAY DAWSON NESBITT, A, IIKA ..... Dallas, Tex. JAMES B. NEWMAN, A, EAE ........ Farmville, Va. TYLER C. NICHOLSON, E, PSK ...... Jasper, Ala. PAMELA K. NIEKAMP, A, KA ...... Louisville, Ky. ROBERT J. NORTHWAY, A .......... Houston, Tex. DAVID M. NORTHERN, A, EN .... Memphis, Tenn. SALLY A. NORTON, N, FTB ..Murfreesboro, Tenn. SANFORD B. NOVICK, El, ZBT .... Memphis, Tenn. JAMES C. O'BRIEN, A, KE .......... Florence, Ala. DELMAS R. O'DELL, A ....... Ravenswood, W. Va. VIRGINIA M. OLDFIELD, N, AAA .... LaGrange, Ill. FORREST R. OLDHAM, E, HKA ...... Jackson, Miss. RICHARD C. OLDHAM, E, EN ...... Louisville, Ky. JOHN R. OLERT, E ................ Cincinnati, Ohio DAVID R. OLIVE, A .............. Nashville, Tenn. DOUGLASS M. OLIVER, A, QPALD . . .Nashvi1le, Tenn. MARY M. OLIVER, A, KA ............ Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT S. OLIVER, E, ATS! . .. WILLIAM B. OLIVECRI E ..... .. .Ft. Thomas, Ky. . . Cheverly, Md. PHILIP J. OLSSON, E' .......... '.'.C1eveland, Tenn. C. BLAIR ONEY, A .................. Houston, Tex. A. DAVID ORNSTEIN, A, AEII W. SUSAN E. ORPIN, A ........... DOUGLAS W. ORR, A ......... Long Branch, N.J. . . . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. . . . . .Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES P. OSBORN, A, BGJII ...... St. Louis, Mo. GUY C. osWALT, JR., A, me . . . . . . . .Mobile, Ala. PAMELA J. OWENS, A ............... Dallas, Tex. JANICE E. OXF ORD, A, AOII ..... Nashville, Tenn. PATSY J. OZBURN, A, Aon ..... Brentwood, Tenn. SANDRA D. PAGE, A ................. Atlanta, Ga. MARTHA A. PACKER, A, Aon . H. LEIGH PALMER A ....... CLAIRE PARKER A ......... STEPHEN B. PARKER, A, f1JK1I1 JAMIE M. PARSLEY A XQ .. JOHN F. PACKEL, A, ATQ ...... . . . . .Jackson, Miss. . .Keni1worth, Ill. . .Memphis, Tenn. BARBARA E. PARK, A, nm .' ...... Tulsa, Okla. . .Jonesboro, Ark. FRANK T. PARKER, JR., E .Nashvilla Tenn. . . . . . .Carme1, Calif. .Kingsport, Tenn. RICHARD T. PATTRiv, R, zx .Nashvi11e, Tenn. ELAINE PATTERSON, A ............. Decatur, Ga. JANE PATTERSON A FCIJB .. Maryville Tenn JOHN A. PATTERSON, A ...... Lewisburg, Tenn. DONALD P. PAUL, A, HKA .......... Ballwin, Mo. SHARON A. PAULI, A, DDB .... New Orleans, La. A. J. PEMBERTON, A, QJKWP .... Cape Girardeau, Mo. ERNEST J. PEREZ, E, EN ............. Miami, Fla. JAMES E. PERLMAN, A, AEII .... Two Rivers, Wis. RAYMOND W. PE'I'ERSON, A, AEII Loves Park, Ill. CHARLES R. PHEBUS, E, KE .... Union City, Tenn. CALVIN R. PHELAN, A, IIKA ........ Hobart, Okla. JOHN V. PHENICIE, E, IPAQ .......... Tulsa, Okla. JOHN W. PHILLIPS, A, EX ........ Nashville, Tenn. ALBERT E. PIATI' A fI1KE .... . Bellaire, Ohio SUZANNE PICKERING, A, 1'fPBmH ... . . . .Norton, Va. SUSAN L. PIPER, A, X0 ........ Los Angeles, Calif. SARA C. PLATT, A ................. Carthage, Mo. CHARLES T. PLOSSER, A, IIKA . .Birmingham, Ala. CAROL J. POORE, A ................. Athens, Ga. FRESHMEN CHARLES G. POST, A, BCDII ...,.. Vero Beach, Fla. . Evansville, MARK K. POWERS, A ........... SUSAN M. POWERS, A .......... RICHARD R. PRATT, A, LDKE ....... RICHARD E. PRESLEY, A ....... GEORGE A. PRESTON, A .... . ROBERT G. PRESTON, A ........ WALTER E. PRESTWOOD, E .... Fort Payne, CARYL P. PRIVETT, A ......... Birmingham, Ind. . . .LaGrange, Ill. .Rutland, Vt. .Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Denton, Tex. . Nashville, Tenn. Ala. Ala. MARY CAROL PROCTER, N ..... Nashville, Tenn. KATHERINE S. PURVIS, A, X52 . .Birmingham, DONALD H. PUTNAM, A, PSK ..... Lakeland, PATRCICIA A. UINBY A . .Ft Lauderdale, Q , . . . FRANCES M, RABER, A ......... Indianapolis Ala. Fla. Fla. Ind. SUSAN A. RAINS, A, mais ,....... Nashville, Tenn. STEVEN R. RAMPTON, E ........ Jacksonville, Fla. BRUCE W. RANNEY, A ............. Auburn, Ala. DAVID C. RAND, E .......... New Canaan, Conn. JOSEPH P. RATLIFF, A ...... Pass Christian, Miss. JERROLD M. RAVEL, A, zur ........ El Paso, Tax. ROGER A. REED, A ................... Hayii, Ma. WILLIAM M. REED, A, 4PK'If ........ Louisville, Ky. GAIL S. REITZ, A, AO1'I .............. St. Louis, Mo. KAREN E. RICHARDSON, A, XQ ..C'arthage, Tenn. DAVID L. RIDINGS, E ............ Nashville, Tenn. JESSE H. RIGSBY, III, A ........ Clarksville, Tenn. VICTOR M. RIVERA, E ..... Bayamon, Puerto Rico WILLIAM G. RIVERS, E, KA ..... Greenville, Miss. MARTHA S. ROBBINS, A ............ Austell, Ga. LINDA JOYCE ROBERTS, N ...... Wakefield, Mass. LOUISE Q. ROCKER, A ............. Marietta, Ga. DAVID MICHAEL ROGERS, A, AEH Hollywood, Fla. ROBERT C. ROGERS, A .............. Vernon, Tex. JACKIE H. ROOKER, E .............. Ripley, Miss. ELIZABETH C. ROPER, A, Aon ....... Atlanta, Ga. KARIN S. ROSE, A .................... Miami, Fl SUE E. ROSEBROUGH, A ....... Indianapolis, JACK E. ROSENBLATT, A ............ Miami, STEPHEN W. ROSENBLATT, A, KA Ft. Adams oWEN C. RoUsE, A, mia ............ Midway, 8. Ind. Fla. Fla. Ky. RICHARD D. ROWLETT, E ........ Buchanan, Tenn. R. ROYSTER, III, E ................ Henderson, Ky. 1 ., f..ff. ., f ff-f . :,a, wai . f ., - ia aa. uw A.-fimaw aua- 4.0 PRESHMEN WILLIAM M. ROZELLE, A, AKE .... Houston, Tex. JOE C. RUBEL, A, BGJH ............ Pensacola, Fla. BARRETT J. RUDICH, A .......... Stamford, Conn. RANDALL L. RUDOLPH, A, EAE . .Nashville, Tenn. JOE P. C. RUSSELL, A, ATQ ...... Sao Paulo, Brazil BRADLEY K. SABEL, A ............... Largo, Fla. DONALD B. SAFER, A, ZBT ...... Jacksonville, Fla. CAROL J. SANDERS, A ............. Carthage, Mo. NANCY C. SANDERS, A, KA9 .... Tullahoma, Tenn. DOUGLAS SANFORD, A, BGJH ...... Lubbock, Tex. SAMUEL D. SAPP, A .................. Macon, Ga. HOUSTON M. SARRATT, JR., A EX Nashville Tenn. MICHAEL C. SCARDINO E, AKE .... Bayside, N.Y. STEVEN G. SCHAFFER, E, HKA ...... Evanston, Ill. ROBERT H. SCHELL, A, EX ........ Owensboro, Ky. CHRISTOPH R. SCHMIDT, A ...... Nashville, Tenn. WILLARD C. SCHREIBER, JR., A, EX Louisville, Ky. HOWARD M. SELTZER, A, ZBT Daytona Beach Fla. JOHN G. SESTAK, A ................ Chamblee, Ga. JOHN E. SEWARD, A, HKA .... Johnson City, Tenn. SHAWN D. SAAVEDRA, A ...... New Orleans, La. JAMES A. SHANNON, E, EN ...... Columbia, Tenn. ALFRED D. SHARP, III, A, EX ..... Nashville Tenn. ROBERT J. SHAUB, E, EX ........ Nashville, Tenn. CLAUDIA L. SHAW, A .............. Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL H. SHELLY, A, KE ......... Atlanta, Ga. RUTH A. SHELTON, A, X0 ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. JOHN H. SHEPARD, E, QDKE .......... Moultrie, Ga. THOMAS R. SHEPHERD, A, CDKE ...... Atlanta, Ga. KRISTINE M. SHERMAN, A, 1'IBfIJ Woodstown, N.J. LOUISE E. SHERRARD, A, KAGJ ...Rock Island, Ill. PHILLIP H. SHERROD, A, AEH . .Jacksonville, Fla. FREDERICK W. SHILSTONE, A . .Morristown, Tenn. JOHN F. SHERWOOD, A ............... Spur, Tex. VALESKA A. SHORT, A ........ Indianapolis, Ind. GEORGE LEWIS SIBLEY, A, KA .... Houston, Tex. STEPHEN T. SIBLEY, A, AKE ......... Atlanta, Ga. ANN GORDON SIBOLD, A, FQIDB ...Alexandria, Va. EDWARD J. SILVERHORN, A, BGJII Cincinnati, Ohio SUSAN S. SILL, A, AAA ............. Houston, Tex. JANET SILVERBLATT, A ....... Coral Gables, Fla. FAYE J. SILVERMAN, A . . . ......... Atlanta, Ga. LARRY G. SIMMONS, A, EX ....... Nashville, Tenn. KARL B. SIMONIS, E ............ Columbia, Tenn. KAREN ANN SIMONSEN, N ....... Rochelle, N.Y. LARRY E. SIMS, A, GAG .............. Tulsa, Okla. JANIS S. SLEPICKA, A ........ Downers Grove, Ill. SHERRY A. SLOAN, A AAA ........ Louisville, Ky. CANDYCE D. SMITH, A .............. Atlanta, Ga. DAVID B. SMITH, A ............ Adamsville, Tenn. JOE T. SMITH, E, AKE ............... Canton, Ohio JOHN H. M. SMITH, A, BGJH ........ Nashville, Tenn. LYNN SMITH, A, LIJKE ............ Texarkana, Ark. MARTHA J . SMITH, A ........... Greensboro, N .C. MURPHY ROWTON SMITH, E, KE Memphis, Tenn. RICHARD JAMES SMITH, E, KE . .Bryn Mawr, Pa. RONALD G. SMITH, E ............... Milan, Tenn. THOMAS A. SMITH, A, B811 ..... Winchester, Tenn. GENE SMITI-IERMAN, A, HKA ...... Bessemer, Ala. SARAH M. SMOOT, A, AOII ......... Syosset, N.Y. PRESHMEN DONALD W. SMUCYGZ, A ...... Jacksonville, Fla. WARREN M. SNODDY, A, B811 ......... Greer, S.C. VIRGINIA SOLOMONS, N, KAO New London, Conn. MARY E. SOUCHUK, N, TQDB . .Western Springs, Ill. STEVEN F. SPEAR, A, K2 ......... Alexandria, Va. EDWARD J. SPITZ, A ...... ..... T allahassee, Fla. SUSAN SPRAGUE, A .............. Beckley, W. Va. CRAIG SPRINKLE, A, AKIC .New Smyrna Beach, Fla. LEONARD D. SPRINKLES, E, EN ..... Orlando, Fla. THOMAS P. STARR, A ............ Anchorage, Ky. JOHN W. STEENBERGEN, A .... BARBARA M. STEIN, N, mm WILLIAM STEIN, III, A ..,....... JOHN F. STEPHENS, A, AKE .... SAM L. STEPHENSON, A, KA .... ALAN P. STERNLIEB, A, AEH DELL C. STEPHENS, A, AAA .... JEAN STEVENSON, A, AAA ...... PAMELA J. STEVENSON, A ..... GARLAND K. STEWART, E .... JERRY C. STILES, A ............ . . Columbia, Tenn. . . Huntsville, Ala. .New Orleans, La. . . . . . .Dallas, Tex. . .Greenville, S.C. ......Miami, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . . .HOustOn, Tex. . . . .Decatur, Ala. . . . .HoustOn, Tex. ROBERT M. STOCKTON, E ...... Baptistown, N.J. RHONDA J. STOCKTON, N, KA Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. RODDY L. STORY, A, BGJH ...... SARAH S. STROUD, A, KA ...... H. ANN STUCKEY, A., HBCIH ...... FREDERICK W. STUMPF, A, KE . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . .Dallas, Tex. . .Nashville, Tenn. . .Sandusky, Ohio STEPHEN STURCEON, A, PSK Oklahoma City, Okia. LEE C. SUMMERS, A, Hou .......... Louisville, Ky. ROBERT W. SUMMERS, JR., A, EN ...CrOsby, Tex. JAMES SUTHERLAND, A, EN ...... Bloomfield, Ky. WILLIAM P. SUTHERLAND, A, AKE Nashville, Tenn. THERESA SWAFFORD, A, XQ . .ChattanOOga, Tenn. CAROLYN P. SWAN, A ........... Tallahassee, Fla. WALTER R. SWEENEY, E, KDKIII .ChattanOOga, Tenn. CHARLES L. SWIFT, A ........ Fredericksburg, Va. DOUGLAS B. TARPLEY, A ...... Henderson, Tenn. DAWN TATUM, A, AAA .......... Hattiesburg, Miss. CHARLES M. TAYLOR, III, E, KE Little Rock, Ark. MARY C. TAYLOR, A .......... Chattanooga, Tenn. STEPHEN G. TAYLOR, E, KDAI-D ........ Atlanta, Ga. ANGELA M. TEBER, N ..... South Pittsburg, Tenn. DUDLEY G. TEEL, A, AKE .......... St. Louis, MO. WILLIAM F. THISTLEWAITE, A . . .Nashville, Tenn. KENNETH THOMAS, E, .EN ...... San Antonio, Tex. JOHN B. THOMISON, A ......... DONA L. THOMPSON, A, xo .... FERRON W. THOMPSON, A ..... JACKIE R. THOMPSON, N ...... ARTHUR N. THORNHILL, El ..... SUSAN C. THORPE, A .......... STEVE TICARIC, A ............. LINDA D. TILLMAN, A, KA ..... MICHAEL C. TOOKE, A, IDAO .... WILLIAM S. TOTTY, E, fbKwI1 .... GEORGE W. TOWER, A ......... . .Nashville, Tenn. . .GaineSville, Ga. . . .LOuisville, Ky. . .CharlestOn, S.C. . . .LaGrange, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. . .BeaumOnt, Tex. . . .Natchez, lVIiss. . Shreveport, La. . . . .Denver, Tenn. . .StamfOrd, Conn. BEVERLY T. TOWERY, E, BOII .... Anchorage, Ky. LUCINDA T. TRABUE, A, HBCIJ . . . NANCY K. TRAPP, A .......... PAMELA C. TRAUTMAN, A, AOH . .Nashville, Tenn. ..MemphiS, Tenn. . .Nashville, Tenn. 410 ,Lf -J eel I II PRESHMEN RUSSELL B. TRENARY, E, HKA ....... Dallas, Tex. ROBERT L. TRENTHAM, A, KE . .Knoxville, Tenn. TERRY F. TROUTT, A, PSK .... Chattanooga, Tenn. NANCY LEE TUHOLSKI, A, KA . LEWIS W. TANDY, A ............... . . .Evansville, Ind. CHARLES B. TUCKER, E, EN ..... Nashville, Tenn. GIBSON TURLEY, JR., E ....... . . . . .Helena, Ark. THOMAS C. TYER, E ........... Galena Park, Tex. SUSAN UPSHAW, A, X52 . .. . .. STANLEY F. UPTON, .......... ELSIE NICOLL VANCE, A ...... .Falls Church, Va. ..Libertyville, Ill. .Washington, D.C. JON K. VanVALKENBURGH, A, QIDACEJ . .Tulsa, Okla. GIB VESTAL, A, KE ............ JOSEPH W. VETTER, A ......... . .Rockford, Tenn. . .Ft. Benning, Ga. LAWRENCE ALLEN VIERS, A .... Kirkwood, Mo. JOHN W. WADE, A, EN ........... Nashville, Tenn. G. C. WAGGONER, A, KE ......... Nashville, Tenn. BETSY WAGNER, A, IIBCIJ .... ........ D allas, Tex. CONNER R. WALKER, E ........ Oak Ridge, Tenn. EPHRIAM B. WALKER, E ............ Mobile, Ala. PHYLLIS C. WALKER, A, 1'fIvB . . . Summerville, S.C. ROBERT E. WALKER, E .......... Columbia, Tenn. JOHN V. WALLACE, A .............. Clayton, Mo. ED E. WALLIS, A ................ Knoxville, Tenn. BARBARA R. WALTERS, N ...... Huntsville, Ala. ALISON F. WALTON, A, AOII ........ LaPorte, Ind. ROBERT T. WARD, A, IIJAGD ....... Rochester, Minn. MILTON G. WARING E QIJAG Atlanta Ga. MARY PAUL WARNERS N, TTB' '. '. '.NsshvI11s, Toon. KENNETH B. WARREN, JR., E ..Elizabethtown, Ky. NORALYN G. WARREN, A ..... .Oak Ridge, Tenn. CYNTHIA WARRICK, A .............. Dothan, Ala. JULIAN NOA WASSERMAN, A, AEH . .Dallas, Tex. RICHARD WATERFILL, A, TIKA .... Anchorage, Ky. PAUL G. WATERMULDER, A, EN . .Byrn Mawr, Pa. WILLIAM B. WATERS, A ........ Knoxville, Tenn. IDA E. WATSON, A ............... Nashville, Tenn. SAMUEL D. WEAKLEY, A, ZBT ...... Louisville, Ky. COLLEY WEBB, A, fI7K'I' ........... Amarillo, Tex. JAMES A. WEBB, A ............... Nashville, Tenn. JULIA G. WEBB, A, XQ .... JOHN L. WEEKS, A, EN .... . . . .J ackson, Miss. . . . .Fairfax, Pa. JEAN L. WEGMAN, A, Aon ......... st. Louis, Mo. ELIZABETH ANN WEIL, A, KAO RICHARD IAN WEINRIB, A, ZBT HARRY E. WEIR, A ............ ART R. WELHOELTER, A, Ex .. ROBERT G. WELLMAN, A ...... LESLIE C. WELLS, E ........ . . . .St. Louis, Mo. . . . .Hewlett, N.Y. . . . .Jackson, Miss. . . . .St. Louis, Mo. . . . .Louisvil1e, Ky. ......Ewing, Ky. JAMES R. WESSON, A, fI1KE ....... Nashville, Tenn. IVIARIBETI-I A. WEST, A, KA ......... Metairie, Pa. J AIVIES L. WESTCOT, A ........... Nashville, Tenn. BARBARA J. WEYMAN, A, X52 . . . Cincinnati, Ohio METTIE M. WHIPPLE, E, X0 .... Manhattan, Kan. BARBARA A. WHITE, A, X9 . . .Clarendon Hills, Ill. GREGORY A. WHITE, A, B'-DH ...... Jackson, Miss. GREGORY LOUIS WHITE, E ........ Athens, Ala. MARCIE A. WHITE, N, mn .... Woodbury Hts., N.J. PHILIP O. WHITE, E, EN .......... Waverly, Tenn. SARA F. WHITE, A, KA ....... Bethesda, Md. . Mentor, Ohio FRESHMEN WILLIAM R. WHITE, A, me ......... Tulsa, Okla. ANDREW THOMAS WHITLEY, A New Orleans, La. ALICE M. WHITTEN, A, AOII .... Memphis, Tenn. LYNN BURKE WINDHAM, E, AKE ..H0uSt0n, Tex. WARREN H. WILD, JR., A, BAE .... Mccomb, MISS. JACK C. WILDER, EX ............ Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT W. WILKINS, E .......... Evergreen, Ala. ANDREW M. WILLIAMS, A ...... Hermitage, Tenn. ELIZABETH D. WILLIAMS, A ...... Houston, Tex. FRED M. WILLIAMS, A, K2 .... Chattanooga, Tenn. JEAN WILLIAMS, A ...... North Kansas City, Mo. RICHARD H. WILLIAMS, A .... Clarksville, EARL KENT WILLOUGHBY, A . .Clarksville, GEORGE E. WILSON, A, BQDH .... Harriman, JOHN S. WILSON, A, ATQ ...... Chattanooga, VIRGINIA A. WILSON, A ....... Chattanooga WILLARD F. WILSON, JR., E ..... Memphis, WILLIAM WILSON, A, LPAGE ........ Nashville, JOHN S. WINFORD, A, K2 ....... Covington, JAIVIES B. WITHERSPOON, A ..... Nashville, JEFFREY A. WOLF, A, ZBT ....... Haverhill, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Mass. ANN H. WOLFA, E ............. Huntington, W. Va. GEORGE E. WOLFE, JR., A, AKE . .Manchester, Pa. VAUGHN H. WOODS, E, BAE ...... Nashville, Tenn. SUZANNE M. WOOLLEY, A ...... New Orleans, La. MICHAEL E. WOOTEN, E, IIKA ...... Hinsdale, Ill. LUCIUS F. WRIGHT, A .............. McLean, Va. JAMES A. WYATT, A, SAE ............ Macon, Ga. IVIENEES W. YOUNG, N ............ Dayton, Tenn. WILLIAM BRADFORD YOUNG, E, ATQ Syosset, N.Y. THOMAS A. YOUNGBLOOD, E, KE Evansville, Ind. RICHARD E. ZANDER, A, AEIT . .New Orleans, La. OLLIE D. ZANDONA, E .............. Ashland, Ky. ROBERT A. ZIMMQERMAN, A ...... Evansville, Ind. MARK H. ZINAMAN, E, AEH ...... Nashville, Tenn. MARGARET A. ECKER, A, AOH .... Cincinnati, Ohio 412. 3 7: 3 .-easiifsf' - 'SSH :..,ff:.sf I .,..- i.a-figisfi , . . sf? 56,3 Y H' I N E' - Tll- ss's I sL'i L . L is . , .., .' 5 '.s" - ' -ii.:I ' " - . -- - ... , - , I I i t is V. V ,F-TI' I . ,,,,, . E la r I f , E ":' 3 . E A . " JFS gi- -ig es.I fi ' el. f N ..... I 5, . it ki Q ,T Q D f nd I sseit if s.Lee I ,gi ,iff . V5-L, ,,,. E .., V Q I, ,L-3 3 la 0- . I' eaeee e.e... A L siesi ' . . . . , ..... , ...,.. . - .,-: pl .... . Q .... - :ag Q ' 5 Q3-gm . WI' ww. GRADUATES 413 LAW SCHOOL J:,'YVx T ' 9f'1Qw,, ,,y,1Q,,A V, W mf 3 f V, .4 ff 4 sph W 'V xy. 4155? , ,f?f'gl! ' .3 Y. ,V J A X 414 41 LAW SCHOOL ALVIN P. ADAMS .............. Syracuse, N. Y. P. RAYMOND BARTHOLOMEW .... Mercer, Pa. JON C. BEDNERIK ....... Winston-Salem, N. C. SAUL C. BELZ ..... ...... N ashville, Tenn. HOWARD R. BERKENSTOCK, JR. Nashville, Tenn. DOUGLAS R. BERRY . .. .... Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS G. BOST ............ WALTER E. BOWMAN, III JOHN R. BRANCATO .... ......DuBois, Pa. CHARLES C. BROWN ......... KING H. BUTTERMORE, III . .. LEE J. CHASE, III ....... JAMES H. CHEEK, III ......... JAMES R. CHESHIRE, III ...... PERRY T. CHRISTISON . . AUBREY L. COLEMAN ........ BRUCE P. COMISAR .... ALAN S. COOPER ....... . .RosWell, N. M. Fort Valley, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Harlan, Ky. . . . . . .Memphis, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Jacksonville, Ill. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . . .LOuisville, Ky. GEORGE V. CRAWFORD, JR. ...... Miami, Fla. THOMAS A. CRAWFORD, JR. . .Momclam N. J. M. ELIZABETH CULBRETH . .Waynesville, N. C. LEE S. CUTLIFF ............... Nashville, Tenn. WALTER LEE DAVIS .... ..,. M emphis, Tenn. CHARLES W. DIXON .... ..... S umrnit, Mo. RICHARD L. DUNLAP, III ........ Paris, Tenn. JOHN W. FALBEY ........... Cocoa Beach, Fla. WILLIAM A. FENWICK ....,.. Owensboro, Ky. JOHN D. FITZGERALD ...... Lewisburg, Tenn. LAW SCHOOL WILLIAM E. FLOWERS ...... Larchmont, N. Y GERALD C. FORSTNER, JR. ........ Euclid, O JON O. FULLERTON .. THOMAS R. GAMBLE . O'I'I'O B. GERLACH, III JOHN GILL, JR. ....... .. . JAMES C. GOOCH MICHAEL S. GOTKIN . WILLIAM P. GRIFFIN DAVID G. GRIMES, JR. . . . . .Washington, D. C DANIEL H. GROSS ......... . . . .Jackson, Tenn .Birmingham, Ala . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn . .Monterey, Tenn . . . Jackson, Miss Takoma Park, Md . .Nashville-, Tenn Birmingham, Ala JAMES H. HARRIS, III .... San Bernardino, Cal MICHAEL T. HARTSFIELD .... Memphis, Tenn AUBREY B. HARWELL, JR. . . .Nashville, Tenn C. J UDSON HARWOOD ....... Nashville, Tenn JEFFREY W. HELLBERG ......... Sheffield, Ill MATTHEW A. HENDERSON .. .Huntsville, Ala WILLIAM M. HESSON, JR. .... Nashville, Tenn ROBERT E. HOEHN ........ .... L akewood, O JOHN J . HOSSENLOPP .... ..... N utley, N. J I GARY B. HOUSTON ..... .... N ashville, Tenn ROBERT P. HUBBARD ........ Nashville, Tenn FREDERICK B. HUNT, J R. . . .Birrningham, Ala WILLIAM W. JOHNSON, JR. .... Florence, Ala SCOTI' V. JONES ...... THOMAS P. KANADAY . FARHAD KAZEMZADEH JAMES E. KEELEY .......... HARRIET KING ........ WILLIAM D. KIRKLAND BRYAN K. KOONTZ .... RONALD D. KRELSTEIN WILLIAM LEE LACKEY RICHARD F. LANG ..... . . . . .DuBois, Pa. . .Nashville, Tenn. New Haven, Conn. .Fall River, Mass. . .Nashvi1le, Tenn. . . . . .Danvi1le, Ky. . . . ...... Hillview, Ill. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Savannah, Tenn. . . .Montclair, N. J. MICK R. LARSON ........ Laurel Springs, N. J ROBERT N. LATELLA ............ Bronx, N. Y JOHN D. LENTZ ............... Nashville, Tenn HOWARD S. LIEBENGOOD .... Plymouth, Ind LEONARD G. LONDON ........ Fairlawn, N . J JOHN R. MacLEAN .... ..., N ashville, Tenn LAW SCHOOL LIBERO MARINELLI ......... JEFFREY H. MAZEROLLE . . . DANIEL W. MOALLEN ....... JOHN R. MOCALL .... GEORGE R. MOORE ......... THOMAS WARREN MOORE JOEL H. MOSELEY ........... JOHN B. MURPHREY .... . . .Trenton, N. J. .Nashville, Tenn. .MonrOeville, Pa. . . . .Louisville, Ky. .Wz-ishington, Pa. .N ashville, Tenn. .Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Ke1'ens, Tex. R. PRICE NIMMO ..... .... S pringfield, Ill. JAMES T. OGLESBY ......... Millington, Tenn. WILLIAM D. OMOHUNDRO . . .Nashvi1le, Tenn. ROBERT E. PARKER ........ Shelbyville, Tenn. CHARLES J. PITMAN .... WILLIAM R. PLA'I'I' .... WILLIAM A. PYLE ........... WILLIAM A. RANSOM, III . . . . . . .Leon, Iowa . .Cynthiana, Ky. . . .Jackson, Miss. .New Orleans, La. HUGH M. RAY ............... Greenville, Miss. WILLIAM B. REYNOLDS ..... . Nashville, Tenn. LAWRENCE G. RICCI, III ...Gui1der1and, N. Y. ROBERT L. ROBINSON ......... Newport, Ark. I ROBERT G. RUARK ........... Nashville, Tenn. T. WILLIAM SAMUELS, J R. .... Bardstown, Ky. THOMAS M. SHOAFF .......... Ft. Wayne, Ind. ROBERT E. SIMS .... .... Lo uisville, Ky. M. LEE SMITH ............ Johnson City, Tenn. MILTON W. SMITH, JR. . WILLIAM s. soLMsoN . MALCOLM B. STERRE'I'T JULIUS S. SWANN, JR. . . FRED D. THOMPSON .... LEON R. TIMMONS W. SCOTT TRUNDLE .... FRANK J. VANDALL . . . JAMES H. WALLACE . . . MICHAEL A. WEIGHT . . WELDON B. WHITE, JR. FRANCIS P. WILSON . . . . . .Nashvi11e, Tenn. . . . . . .Memphis, Tenn. . . . Southport, Conn. . . ..... Gadsden, Ala. . . . .Nashvil1e, Tenn. . . . .Louisville, Ky. . . . .N ashville, Tenn. . .PittsbIurgh, Pa. . . . .J ackson, Tenn. . . ......... Hilo, Ha. . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn . . . . . .Nashvil1e, Tenn DOUGLAS A. WITTERS .... Birmingham, Mich MICHAEL S. YAN COCK ....... Philipsburg, Pa JAMES R. YON ......... .... T allahassee, Fla GRADUATE SCHOOL ROBERT E. ALLEN .... ..... L ufkin, Tex. JOHN BOEHM, JR. ............ Nashville, Tenn. GONZALO CARIAS-PINEDA La Ceiba, Honduras HOI TAN DOAN .... .... S aigon, Viet Nam ANNA F. HINDS ..... ..... M aryville, Tenn. JAVIER J. GISBERT ............ La Paz, Bolivia THOMAS B. STEPHENS .... Bowling Green, Ky. ROLAND E. WHITE ..... .... N ashville, Tenn. 410 as collected and arranged by Jack Stringham and his staff. 47.1 EIA ISIQLH SN G , L ll.g1gep8-hiagflalty avxgolffrom your sgloo r. X x Life 611121 fasualig Zzf11nf111fP KPIIIIIOIIIIQI of Z111Pf1'1Pf lf -.19 X, eooke manufacturing Q A. FQ at parties , 1.5 ff 1 Q' SH C0lnpany Cleveland, Tennessee Chairs ' Sofas A Complete Line of Upholstered Furniture xl' Q5 Q fb- , Q things g0 , I - -h.--- w-'--- w :finer 5 :gf r ' E , E l at .NQHJAQW6 Q ogmme Sfuobo EARLY AMERICAN ' ,!l0l'l'le5f0t1J .HOMJG Formal Wear Rental Servlce r Rental costumes ' MADISON GREEN HILLS . 403 Gallatin Road 2031 Richard ,Tones Large Selection 895-5432 2925545 Theatrical Makeup Il 2515 wesf :na Avenue o 292-2381 l HOME OF ETHAN ALLEN 0 - .ef A S eg T CRDSS KEYS RESTAURANTS DOWNTOWN AND GREEN HILLS 47. 3 Cond1t1on1ng T.V. Free Park ALLEN-HOTEL One-Half Block Off Vanderbilt Campus 66 9 99 Miss Martha s Fine Food A MUTUAL COMPANY FOUNDED IN 7894 I808 Wesl End BIcIg. E Ray Jericins Bud CI"umIeY K. W. Dye I Manager Unil' Manager WE OFFER A UNIQUE PLAN THAT COMBINES PROTECTION AND SAVINGS WHICH IS AVAILABLE ON A DEFERRED PREMIUM BASIS TO JUNIORS, SENIORS, GRADUATE AND MEDICAL STUDENTS. Suiie I223 NasI1viIIe, Tennessee 255-6l43 Ii Serving Nashville ,,, Lofion Fraices WaI'Ier Sfoices Tom Copiin X nod ,n Frbm tzlie 'fold wesff' in Nashville I 'ffl I-. Drugs , if HIICY -cHARcoAL BROILED sTEAKs -swoon 2 School SHPPIWS I! Psp Delicious Game Dinners Fealuring: Stationery' IZ Wg PhefsTIiil'dQRLi'22'wIiii3IWfi1e:i7.uEIil'flinIsonI f ,Z E 5 5 5535122 llnlll .milf X 3 4 5555515555 297-7777 lf 5 555-5555 555-5555 if , sss 7,i 21st81 Wes. End I, J I Q 5 CACTUS CANYON Sustome ewe ry rf ' 2222 Hillsboro Dr. Just 7 Miles From Downtown Nashville K Gifts Q D4 I l Out Hillsboro Rd, TLIlllrilElg,i'l:'L3+iCgOnd Slreel Pas? Green Cosmeucs fmmalf llieamf The very ?in eA t fn ? owe:-A 24IO Wesf End Phone 29l-2600 fNex+ door Jro Krysfalj Nashvili Tennessee J lc S H 'Finds roses from Emma's Hue r h f 'F J h H k QL DPPP X 11 DrPep X llWf?"iW il: A H92 "L"lklll1lw1wus1..T.' LLTQIILNY CUSTOM MOLDED msncs 1.5 KUsAN,lNC. KUSHN C9 3206 BELMONT BLVD. PLANTS! N h Il T F kl T H d Ky G ll SC I k II T Free Parking In Oxford Parking Area CHAMBERS' CHARCOAL HUUSE 215+ 81 Dixie Place Nashville, Tenn. Sizzling Sfeaks From 51.00 To 53.95 Special 8 oz. T-Bone 51.49 Complefe Real Bar-B-Q - Bar-B-Q Ribs 8: Chicken Privafe Dining Room Available For Parfies , ff A iiii 41 FRANK FILSON, JR.. Mgr. Phone 292-9710 Chambers sieaks are popular wiih Jerry Safer and Janef R pp po 1' MAMO Pllilli HUTEI. CUURTS Highway 41 and 70 Soufh I001, Air Condifioned Free Television Heafed Swimming Pool-Pu'H'ing Green Comlggmenfd 0 Howard Johnson Resfauranf Adjoining AVCO CORPORATION Rich-Schwarlz Beauty Salon Exquisiie Sfyling CY I-2611 Exi. 29 or 31 47,6 2400 W. End Ave. Nashville, Tenn Alclen H. Smi+h, CLU Ar+I1ur D. Reecl, '26, CLU Joe Thompson, Jr., '4I, E. Dan Smii-I1 II, '6I, CLU Richard W. J. Tippens NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. THE REFRESHMENT TRIO TAKE YOUR CHOICE. . . on TRY ALL THREE KING SIZE IN QUANTITY KING SIZE IN QUALITY O BEAMAN BOTTLING CO. 715 THOMPSON LANE CLU "f -'f4-p:a.1:f:::::- .if .2:I:-:I 25335: '-15: f:::::,1:.,,.,1:.:.:z jf. IIIIZZIIIIIMIIZWZIZI5num "Do you 'rhink 'rhis permanenI' will malce me more feminine?" Henry Drug And Hardware 29I4 Wesi' End Avenue W. I. Henry CY I-2053 SUPPUHTING THE VANDERBILT IIUMIVIUNITY I5 MURRAY- Hin AVI Jack Sir does. RENT A CAR ARCHWAY H19th 81 Church" AL 6-5959 4 Ingham seems io have convinced Bobby Seq has a better idea 4 9 XXI I!! X I f In I THE NA NNKEE x f ' IFG U 5 PALOFF. - Y - F- - V Jes. u, s. ru. on. f X CAPITOL HILL INN 710 James Robertson Parkway AL 4-1921 SOUTHEAST INN 981 Murfreesboro Road 244-2080 WEST END INN 1800 West End Avenue AL 4-1441 4130 FOR THE PAUSE THAT REALLY REFRES.-IES ' ' k ' .W-1 , ,QM 1632 wigs,-M m 1 f wgafiifif I " 'u Q4 ,251 ' J ,X if ' " M ws. Q. 5 ggi TQ? xg fl I 1-as ffigf gf, wig 3,4 sf? 1 --- If A Q 3 we , 1: g, I I 1' I V, I gg Q FQ If nf" ,gy 45 'H 4 ws. 55 Va 4: ' QW' a Wh .wma M. Wim f , w 7 0 ' 5 1 ' f" -Affaf' MH' mg 3 " QJW ff' I 3 . . I f ' ' 'f .333-T.: W. -f qm',???ZL45"- if ross: . f w sftsqq? 5 s W5 X fwsifmgf ,'Lhwqf'sg1fs1W,5 - F? I was lo, aw w U ,.s'Z..,. . giipffgiqf Mg ' 4 - saw ,- ggff if f 'Ai 4 1 H ' -rw ' 4 NN ' 4 ' A f -".z?'- ' fm Wgifi ifsbfrfkyia Q .-394, 534611 18 Tflwiflm rms ' ffszfsw r - s.- . .- -,-W-'-' 5,-L 8 ' M ...z i f ' . S -Q j g ,.- f,9..,f.s.h .f U ,g - 1 ---- Q I 0' gs Zi . , . W Y- Q 11 . . .., 41 , 1 I , H15 , .. w-...W , 5 3 sf I If wgifffg ix gig .mi I m MSE? 28 H1 sf, -5- 21,1-VIETTTI Ei I Tris I3 ff? Q , I. .Mix . Q1 1311 I if W ffifg 15231255 Wir I f 113511 ,M f ,Ee g I ix 1531 Tim' 4if2r,f1i?,r I w ' H132 in 2f'1'f5'S12?2.Eew ,zfrgrfr R I I I ie M525 Ising? 1 Uh!" i-E1-' "- We Q1 35355 I 511 I 41551105 f 91 ' I 1 25121 , 122:11 wi asf? -. ' K If X r-Siu fr , I If wg I M ' I I I 4 I IEENI was 52-I nz fr I 4 ' 1 wi S I .1 55252 . -I 5 L., TE 11 3 f -:TE 19151 f iirffifi I '-V. '-2-' ffl . gi , "5 WHAT I. z 1 .Q 5 I .fvfggig g is s lfvffkvsh fix S T T Zi y . .r,. ii W I I Complefely Remodeled WHI1 More Comple1e Emacl 16th 81 UIIUIICII IAcross 'From 'l'he Coca-Cola BoHIing Planfl We're llpen When You Need Us EDWARD VANT INE STUDIOS INC HX Cptdygk Nationally K P eye cafcAing . . . 0 Art o letterpress Engraving Q lithographic Plates o Color Process Plates ALL PLATES IN THE COMMODORE WERE PRODUCED BY GULBENK ENGRAVING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE FORTY-FOUR YEARS OF SERVICE TO PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS 43 EICCTFIC Supply Corp Get the BEST.., Get WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS IIZO3 De-monbr ST. Ph n 254 O54I NasI1'II 3 Te . c + muh -Appl' -L'gh+' g Fw COMPLIMENTS MILK as ICE CREAM OF from you' Iavome TRANSIT READY MIX, INC. 6I7 MAIN STREET NASHVILLE TENNESSEE IN NASHVILLE COKESBURY MEANS BOOKS AND COMPLETE BOOK SERVICE 4I7 Church S+. 254-9488 "II We I-Iaven'+ 60+ II, We'II Self II For You NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE "Ac+uaIIy I was Ihinlcing more in Ierms of a mini-sIcirI'." Wafkins CrocIceH' III, CLU, A'57 I A sw t! W, 'VITUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY g ! sosrofv, M4ssAcuUser QOOC1- STARKEY DUNCAN AGENCY sown. A-A,4,4, V I I II Nashville Bank 8: Trus'I' Building 255-573I DAIRY rooos i f SEY -xg, RQ, A A -E 751---H A L F , - -- g r: J, 3 MARCHETTI s RESTAURANT Q W 'VVV if Viii I X L-J .NI Genuine Homemade I+aIian Pizza Pies The power Fuel for People, S. A Delicious SpagI1eHi and Spumoni 434 I9I'I1 Ave., S. a'I' Wes'I' End AL 6-9I45 AIR-CONDITIONED CHARTERED BUS 1 1 81 Company One of the Soutlfs Largest Insurance Agencies 33I2 Wesl End Ave. Nashville. Tenn CY 8-33I I NASHVILLE TRANSIT CO. 242-4433 SAFE-CONVENIENT-ECONOIVIICAI. Complele Line of Beverages CH 2-5I4I 90I l2'rh Ave., Soufh wha+ I said-TWO SINGLES!" 4 Ivleelinq and Banquef lzacllilies 24-hour lrec parking lor quesls Corner 4+l'1 8: Church S+. Hayes Noel, '37 Dr. Oscar Noel, '35 OWnel'S Across from Ihe LHC Tower O. Russell Nichol, Gen. Mgr. NASHVILLE'S NEWEST 24-hour food service I001, r-concli+ionecI Beauliful Suifes AH'rac'Iive Room V Reliability V Intelligent Service V Experience V Fair Proposal V Competent Advice V Excellent Materials V Skilled Craftsmanship V Pride In Product V Exceptional Production Time BENSON 0 Nashville Manufacturers of The 1967 Commodore 4, QSO' iifj '04, lg at Sas 1545 9 S IW, QA? 5' kg' x 4 c We have many salesmen, aetfaartes, investment men, real estate men, lawyers, electors, agency men, and efteentflyes who were eelneateal at Vanclerbtlt. The bond between oar two flnstttntflons ls strong. li' ACCIDENT i Mg ll p NAT IQ!!! I-El gm- d 437 Hs a weekly affair Woulcl You Walk a Half Block For a Good Haircuf? Try Us Jusl' Once We Think You'Il Like The Somelhing Exlra We Pul lnlo Each I-laircull Razor CuI's are our specially OXFORD BARBER SHOP THE OXFORD BUILDING I3I3 2Is+ AVE., SOUTH ACROSS FROM PEABODY - V2 BLOCK FROM MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING ENGINEERS 00110501 en ttf 0 O MAN 458 odmdrose Printing Company l62 4th Avenue, No. Nashville, Tennessee Al. 6-l l5l Stocks Boncls Wiley Bros., Inc. 400 Union Street Nashville, Tennessee Robert L. Reeves '56 David W. Wiley, Jr. '52 William C. Tune '52 Robert D, Brown, '52 Frank W. Fletcher '25 Ruololpll'1S. Farrah '28 YOUR , T 'F DESQNS 'gbgwllll U l fmf iff!!-17 I cAN As f AWNINGS I, Eirrlfwymfll Nashville Tent and Awning Co. 6l5-20th Ave., N. ALpine 5-744l an Make, are you sure you're the mares type?" THE OXFORD SHOP .,. 4.,....1.igagaq.1:.,1i,gi.....-.U-...:..1e1i.1-r1..1.rgi,g.lq-1 P O BOX 1087 NASHVILLE Z TENNESSEE COMPLETE LINE ROBERT' UBB ann. Sanitation Needs 0 Frozen Foods Restaurant Supplies ' Canned Goods Coffee Roasters 0 Paper Supplies 0 Fresh Fruits 8. Vegetables -1--1--an-,q.hgilq...1a1Mgr,gl11-vga:rxf--vH.--'14-1it-.--1uqn1n1n1.l1f,1 One Day Student Service On All Cleaning and Shirts "Self-Coin Operated Laundry" Village Cleaners 81 Launderetle Wed End Avenue 2OIO Acklen CY l-4264 Fine Tailoring tor Gentlemen--Clotlwes in ttie Traditional Manner. 4,39 Next Door to tl1e Post Ottice okay, guys . . . 8-6-CTE . . T-- "Xa . f g 54 Q' 2 ' , . V 0 J I Q T f Q fm i r ' iu a L :kstraight thru like a CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS bus! CHARTER BUSES. . .ideal for all groups: THRU BUSES . . . on many schedules you relax straight thru to your destination on rest room-equipped "Silver Eagle" buses. FIVE STAR LUXURY SERVICE. . . exclusive "Golden Eagle" buses with hostess aboard, delicious foods, music, rest rooms. offering snack bars, game tables and rest rooms aboard. AND REMEMBER . . . CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS ALSO OFFERS FAST, DEPENDABLE PACKAGE EXPRESS. .f""N"XQ "Easiest travel on earth ,' 1 - Q ' as Lf N TRAILWAYS 440 EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC For Professional and Ama+eur I Ari' and Drawing Maferials I Medical Arls Building Phone AI. 6-I I78 Nashville, Tennessee FLAMING STEER RESTAURANT Specializing in Delicious Charcoal Broiled Sfeaks l904 WEST END 420 UNION STREET OPEN 6 AM TO MIDNIGHT and GREEN I-III.I.S VILLAGE fills! ' 9 A I'I TIT gg I T,,.,, E II I I' I 'I' Illl -U Judy Heff A K b II and Madeleine Moreau enioy a X IX Ioolr al Myrfle Spaulding's new Spring fashion. ,mmm M me g wth affffalaf .ynlffhly Ypawfrl .zf...,mt,, fwfr af -wmv. Jemfy. ur WI1i'Ie 'lie-inslanl elegance. gMffCA2!!g TUXEIJII RENTALS, INC. Quaffg-- FOR A REASONABLE PRICE 2926 WEST END AVENUE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37205 Smith, Reed, Thompson, Ellis Co. I322 Nashville Trus'I' Building Nashville, Tennessee 872OI 255-7625 Adminislering V.U. SI'ucIen'I' Insurance Program MERRYLOG FARMS, Inc. llTl1e Finest In Wholesale Poultry" 705 3rd Avenue, Norfh CH 2-0486 BENNY C. BIEATTY AREA CODE 6l5 GENERAL MANAGER PHONE: 292 4545 ELECTIIA DISTIIIBUTING C0. ELECTRONICS GlLBERT'S LIQUUR STORE I60I CHARLOTTE 255-4296 WE CARRY WINES OF THE WORLD "Allen, +l1is will really malce you a 'lweef fellow!" SWING AND SAVE AT THE GREATEST LITTLE STORE IN NASHVILLE SWING DISCOUNT 2IST AVE. SOUTH AT DIXIE PLACE OXFORD HOUSE APT. BUILDING MEADOW GULD ICE CREAM The Nation 14 favorite Southern Leather Company Ell Witt Cigar Co. of Nashville 5l8 3'd Ave" N' LUGGAGE AND LEATHER eoons Wholesale V,' 70' Ewing Ave' . .. ,,. - . .. ' 5.1.4 Nashville, Tennessee TAMPA NUGGET CH 2-3326 ' ' " Just BEHIND SEARS 5? CASUAL "- Vo E C0 ' N R 5 9 lik for simpbf wonderful 'f Sportswear 4 Who's drinlcing the Oertels? f , Open Fri. 'til 9 p.m. ' belle meude ROHSFIS Restaurant theatre bldg. tAL's TO THE GANGJ 44 24l3 Elliston Place A Good Place to Drink and Eat rm FF Q ARANT L: WQOLWORTHS O PA , ni' M N1- YOUR MONEY'S WORTH MORE AT WOOLWORTH'S l805 ZIST AVE., SO. HILLSBORO VILLAGE 1rHERTzpuryQ inthe drive Whole bean coffee grind it fresh! kalwfbffwf mwffffwf Rl 444- , , 3 . 5 FOR TOMORROW S ARCHITECTURE PRESTRESSED CONCRETE STORES WAREHOUSES ij. OFFICE BLDGS. cL1N1cS BRIDGES I I , Xff 1 A . SCHOOLS f --V' ,- 1, 135.-.. f 'GK X APARTMENTS - S f' 1 1 '51 MOTELS if - E 'fv- STADIUMS Em K 5.3:-gi, ff view, "Ask Your liwjb' - - . 11,31 1' 1 Architect" 1- 1 Ah- -ligillll r . - .1 1 ' ' "-,ff-Q" ' T ' ' 7, . mlm 1 lvxv I. 9 '- ' L , .L 1- g0...,.--- lC1KO1UlLlI. 0llIlll ff? l 0Pen 'Til 5 I2 Midnigm ' I 1 Wm p I 0 dv 1 ! xl l I ,ip z A tiff? I Z : I706 2 I ST AVE. 298- I 554 A Thinking Fellow falls A . . . Yellow Cab 256-0101 "UQ M'l'W7' Stop ROHl.1lgn "OFFICIAL AIRPURT UAB SERVICE" 2I2 I0+h Ave., S. THE STARR CO. l2l4 Demonbreun Slreel Nashville 3, Tennessee Wholesale Refrigerai-ion Supplies Washing Machine Parfs 0 Healing Confrols Appliance Par+s 0 Marine Supplies Al. 5-5621 WRENNE MORTGAGE 81 REALTY COMPANY SINCE 1898 Mortgage Loans Tnsuranve 120 Union St. Zip Real Estate Appraisals Code 37201 256-8195 445 ll 2OII-I3 8TH AVENUE, SOUTH NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37204 A MUST DURING YOUR VISIT TO NASHVILLE Luncheon or Dinner ai Hisforic BRASS RAIL STABLES In Prinfers Alley E c On The Siie oi Andrew Jaclcson's Slables I I , I TRADITIONAL SOUTHERN FOODS STEAKS FROM OUR COPPER CHAR BROILER Open I I:OO a.m.. - ll:3O p.m. Call AL 6-7312 Daily, Excepi Sunday Helen Nolan, Owner ELECTRICAL CUIITRIICTURS HILL-SMITH SYSTEMS, INC. Termife 8: Pesf Conirol Service I506 8'ih Avenue Sou+h I040 Murfreesboro Road Phone 256-56I7 Nashville, Tennessee 254-3584 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ESTABLISHED ms 295 Cumberland Memphis. Tennessee 324-2 I6I CARDINAL-JOHNSON Cleaners and Laundry Drive in Plani' a'I' 29 I 0 Wesi' End l807 2 Isl' Ave. Soufh IOI 2Is+ Ave. No. Inexi' Io IreIan'dsI HOME OF PERSONALIZED SERVICE 4436 blended for us- COMPLIMENTS E IIII Ii LI ,me NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ALBERT LITTLETON ER ERVICE not the Whole CULLIGAN SOFT WAT S 5I I 26II1 Ave., Nor+I1, NasI1viIIe, Tenn. 37209 Tel. 29I-6080 I Sewing Nashville Since I947 COMPLIMENTS OF UENTIIIII. VAN 81 STORAGE UU., INC. AIIiec.I Van Lines 2607 CI1arIoH'e Phone 29I-67I3 WILDER MUTUR CUMPIINY I26 I4+I'1 Ave., NorI'I'1 255-766I 447 Steel Service Ce., Inc ANANCS 4280 Siclco Dr. NASHVILLE, TENN. I306 I7+I1 S+., N.W. KNOXVILLE, TENN. . 'S of aw.: 7' is rw ETL f I :M .fl gg 'Q' 'fl is Pam Taylor, Suzanne Mahany, Nancy Frazee and Penny Miller go ape over clolhes aI"II1e Village Sfore. The Village Store 4004 Hillsboro Road "WHERE THE SMART VAN'DY COED LOOKS FIRST" Compgmenfa o BDLLEGE BARBER SIIBP CRANE SUPPLY CBMPIINY 530 8+h Avenue Souih AL 5-7343 CRANE VALVES PLUMBING-HEATING-AIR-CONDITIONING 448 JOHN N. ANDERSON V. U. '48 W. J. ANDERSON, III V.U. '6I JAMES C. BARBOUR V. U. '32 M. EDWARD BENSON, JR V.U. '62 EWING L. BRADFORD V. U. '29 WILLIAM H. BRADFORD V. U. '59 RAY B. BURTON, JR. V.U. '6I WILLIAM H. CAMMACK V. U. '52 BROWNLEE O. CURREY V. U. '49 EDWARD G. DUDLEY, JR. V.U. '60 RICHARD D. FLETCHER V. U. '5I WILLARD R. HENDRIX V. U. '27 THOMAS M. HUDSON V. U. '42 JOE E. HUTTON V. U. '48 O. R. LEDYARD V. U. '27 CHARLES McDANIEL V. U. '55 THOMPSON H. McDANIEL V. U. '59 PAUL W. McGAUGHY V. U. '30 L. GARTRELL MILAM, Ill V. U. '62 SAM J. MOORE, JR. V. U. '43 CECIL G. MURDOCK V. U. '6I RALPH OWEN V. U. '28 H. LAIRD SMITH V. U. '27 ROBERT F. STAMPS V. U. '4I JAMES S. TART V. U. '64 THOMAS B. WALKER V. U. '47 E QU ITAB LE Securities Corporation DALLAS 0 HOUSTON 0 BIRMINGHAM 0 JACKSON 0 MEMPHIS 0 BOSTON ATLANTA 0 HARTFORD 0 GREENSBORO PHILADELPHIA 0 NEW ORLEANS 322 Union Street Nashville 3, Tennessee Two Wall Sfreef New York 5, New York 805 SYN AVINU i NORT -9- f 4 . GX? Nyc out' t IOC, ENGINEERING CO. PHONE ALPINI 6-2185 FABRICATORS 8: ERECTORS OF STRUCTURAL STEEL .QENGINEE , CRANE SERVICE 00LONlIlL llUTOMIlTlC SALES C0. WILSON A. LEEOAN-Owner 269-5885 ALL TYPES OF MERCHANDISING MACHINES Loveless Restaurant Specializing in Southern Fried Chicken, Country Ham Steaks, Hot Biscuits, and Homemade Preserves 10 MILES OUT HIGHWAY 100 PHONE 352-2831 THOMPSON FRUIT COMPANY Fresh Fruits-VegetaIoIes-Frozen Foods Processed Potatoes UM Zvndvn Shop 3800 West End Avenue Nashville, Tennessee Phones AL 5-482l I30I Second Ave., No. GIFT WIRAI' 8: MAILING SERVICE AL 4-6434 Nashville, Tennessee . , Ceorglan, Uld Slluficld, 8: Victorian Silver ' FT NEGLEY FLOWERS 24th and West End Serving Nashville tor 90 Years 29I-6230 449 LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS Convenient Location At Division and Broad I Day Service "Coin Operated" Laundry WHAT! DO MY owN WASHING! ARE You NUTS? RAINS BROTHERS DOES IT BETTER, AND CHEAPER TOO. RAINS BROTHER'S Cleaners and Laundry No. 2 "Cal'ering +o Vandy S+uden'rs" 4720 NOLENSVILLE ROAD 832-4399 II8 2IST AVE., NORTH 226-7972 402 2lST AVE., SOUTH 254-8282 Jusi Say "Charge li" Lips+iclc Slain 1 i . We of +l1e COMMODORE would like To recognize fh A, A -N Removing xx fix ' , OU' B. H. STI EF COMPANY l Speciality for Their conlinued supporl of our book i889 "?9f'M'74'NM"'r'-Z' . . .. 'NM'I-ff'F2014'5'2404'Z'I'N'3-21245142-Nrlri-I+? -1:2ss:a:aaa2252QE::5:s:s:s:s:s:'NR..1..fggff gigsfaRa:s:s:s:a:f:ass:a:Ts:1:5as:s:s:a:as:s:a:z:s:s:1:f:2:::1:2: 93 s V -Q5 'i:'1f5E5EfEf':5E5E5E L12-?"'1E 45532 '25 25'fc55:5i:f: 521515555 'iliibifii 5- 'Q -,T :-:-a+:-1 :Ta-:-.-1 , ,-1 -zz: -:-3, .....v. .... . SPANS SPACE AND TIME from bridges to barges- to towers - transmission and missile NASHVILLE BRIDGE COMPANY P. 0. Box 239 P. 0. Box 70 Nashville, Tennessee Bessemer, Alabama 5:53323:53:glgqiglgglsiygg-1ME:gZ7fE:5:3:3L3:f:3:5:325:5:1:i:i 450 lrx A Family Tradition... in Your Neighborhood! 0 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 0 MAGAZINES ' SICK ROOM SUPPLIES 1 COSMETICS 0 DRUG NEEDS ' UNUSUAL GIFTS U FOUNTAIN SERVICE ' CAMERAS AND FILM ' FINE FOOD 0 CIGARETTES AND CIGARS ' x ' Q Wx" v, . ,jf 5, if Y wwubmDQrMs,I 1 24 'Zi'-. ax '. , .A Y PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS vm- 0 IDB Church Sires? 0 ZIV PubIIc Square I . zaoo wma End Aww. n nm Hzmbw Roda 'IEE bf'-'VFW ' H ' cnuoe Accounts : LW Gm rnsonu. snvrcs Style-Conscious Men Wear FLAQG Shoes Flagg Bros. Shoe Store 625 Church Street Nashville, Tennessee I 0I'l'l,0AI'l'lC'I'1 iii 0 PETWAY REAVI BUSH BUILDING CO sos am Ave. N. K I ORGANIZATIONAL AND ADVERTISING I DEX A Administrative Section, 35 Advertisements, 421 Alamo Plaza Motel, 426 Allen Hotel, 423 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 226 Alpha Omicron Pi, 210 Alpha Phi Omega, 300 Alpha Tau Omega, 228 Alumni Association, 61 Ambrose Printing Co., 439 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 306 American Society of Civil Engineers, 306 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 307 American Societ for Metals, 305 Y Aquatic Club, 278 Archway, 428 Army ROTC, 318 Arts and Sciences, College of, 42 Athletics Section, 129 Athenians, 102 Avco, 426 Avis, 428 B Bachelor of Ugliness, 115 Band, 272 Baptist Student Union, 312 Basketball, 152 Baseball, 168 Beaman Bottling Co., 427 Benson's Printing Co., 436 Beta Theta Pi, 230 Bittner's Costume Rental, 423 Board of Trust, 38 Branscomb Award, 64 Bransford Sharp and Wallace, 435 Brass Rail, 446 Breeko, 445 Bush Building, 451 C Cardinal-Johnson, 446 Casual Corner, 443 Central Van 8z Storage, 447 Chambers Restaurant, 426 Chancellor, 36 Chancellor's Cup, 62 Cheerleaders, 150 Chi Omega, 212 Choir, 274 Coca-Cola, 423 Cokesbury, 433 College Barber Shop, 448 Colonial Automatic Sales, 449 Colonial Coffee, 447 Commodore, 259 Continental Trailways, 440 Cooke Manufacturing Co., 423 Crane Supply, 448 C. B. Criddle, 424 Cross Keys, 423 CSAA, 295 Culligan, 447 D Deans: administrative, 41 assistant, 60 Debate, 293 Dedication, 8 Delphians, 101 Delta Delta Delta, 214 Delta Kappa Epsilon, 232 Delta Phi Alpha, 104 Democrats, 304 Department Heads, 56 Divinity School, 45 Divinity School Cabinet, 44 Dr. Pepper, 425 Dury's, 441 E Electra, 442 Eli Witt, 443 Emma's Florist, 425 Engineering School, 46 Engineering School Council, 47 Englert Engineering, 449 Equitable, 448 E. C. Ernst, 446 Eta Sima Phi, 105 F Fencing, 184 Flagg, 451 Flaming Steer, 441 Football, 139 Ford, 429 Fort Negley, 449 Forum, 292 Freshman Class, 397 Freshman Class Oiiicers, 396 G Gamma Beta Phi, 301 Gamma Phi Beta, 216 Gilbert's Liquors, 442 Glee Club, Men's, 276 Golf, 176 Graduate School, 48 Greeks Section, 201 Gulbenk Engraving, 432 H Hartley Uniforms, 434 Hermitage Supply, 433 Henry Drugs, 427 Henshaws, 423 Hertz Rental, 444 H. G. Hill, 444 Hillel, 309 Hill-Smith System, 446 Holiday Inn, 430 Homecoming, 133 Honor Council, 280 Honors Section, 97 Hustler, 266 I IMPACT, 290 Ingalls Award, 64 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 307 Interfraternity Council, 224 Inter-Murals, 188 Investment Club, 304 J Jersey Farms, 434 Joy's Flowers, 449 Junior Junior Junior Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Bar Association, 303 Class, 368 Class Officers, 367 K Alpha, 234 Alpha Theta, 218 Delta, 220 Sigma, 236 King Rex, 118 Kinson, 425 Kusan, 425 L Lady of the Bracelet, 114 Law School, 51 Life and Casualty, 422 Loveless Restaurant, 449 Lotus Eaters, 102 M Madrigals, 275 Marchetti's Restaurant, 434 Mario's Restaurant, 428 Meadow-Gold, 443 Medical Arts Pharmacy, 441 Medical School, 53 Merry-Log, 442 Military Section, 317 Miss Charm, 118 Miss Commodore, 120 Miss Vanderbilt, 116 Mitchell's Tuxedo Rental, 442 Mortar Board, 106-107 Murray-Ohio, 427 Myrtle Spaulding, 441 N Nashville Bridge Co., 450 Nashville Tent and Awning, 439 Nashville Transit Co., 435 National Life, 437 Navy ROTC, 330 Nero's Cactus Canyon, 424 Newman Club, 308 Noel Hotel, 435 Northwestern Mutual, 427 Nuclians, 287 Nursing School, 54 Nursing School Council, 55 O Old London Shop, 449 Oman Construction Co., 438 Omicron Delta Kappa, 108-109 Organizations Section, 257 Oxford Barber Shop, 438 Oxford Shop, 439 Ozier, 445 P Panhellenic Council, 208 Pat's Pizza, 445 Petway-Reavis, 451 Phi Beta Kappa, 98 Phi Delta Theta, 238 Phi Eta Sigma, 101 Phi Kappa Psi, 240 Phi Kappa Sigma, 242 Phi Sigma Iota, 104 Pi Beta Phi, 222 Pi Kappa Alpha, 244 Photographers, 314 PSK, 246 Publications Board, 258 R Rain's Brothers Cleaners, 450 Raven, 119 Residence Halls Council: Freshmen Men's, 289 Men's, 288 Women's, 286 Rich-Schwartz Beauty Shop, 426 Rifle Team, 186 Robbins Award, 117 Robert Orr, 439 ROTC Ball, 328 Rotier's Restaurant, 443 457- S Sailing Club, 296 SAME, 305 Sarratt Prize, 63 Scabbard and Blade, 103 Scholars and Fellows, 100 Sealtest, 433 Senior Class, 342 Senior Class OfHcers, 341 Service Liquor Store, 435 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 248 Sigma Chi, 250 Sigma Delta Pi, 105 Sigma Nu, 252 Sigma Tau, 103 Sigma Theta Tau, 100 Skull and Bones, 302 Smith, Reed, Thompson and Ellis, 442 Soccer Club, 172 Sophomore Class, 381 Sophomore Class Officers, 380 The Southerner, 430 Southern Leather Co., 443 Spectrum, 264 Sports Car Club, 277 Starkey-Duncan, 434 Starr Co., 445 State Life of Indiana, 424 Steel Service, 447 B. H. sue-f, 450 Student Association, 278 Student Association Committees Alcoholic Beverages, 313 Course Evaluation, 313 Parietal Hours, 313 Student Christian Association, 310 Student Court, 281 Swimming Team, 164 Swing Discount, 442 T Tau Beta Pi, 99 Tau Kappa Alpha, 104 Temco, 447 Tennis, 182 Thompson Fruit Co., 449 Track, 180 Transit Ready Mix, 433 V Vantine, 431 Vice-Chancellors, 40 Village Cleaners, 439 Village Store, 448 VUCEPT, 285 VUT, 270 VISA, 294 W West End Drugs, 424 Wilder Motor Co., 447 Wiley Brothers, 439 Wilson-Quick, 451 Woolworth's, 444 Women's Advisory Council, 284 Women's Standards Committee, 283 Womens Student Government Association, 282 Wrenne Mortgage, 445 WRVU, 268 Y Yellow Cab Co., 445 Z Zeta Beta Tau, 234 L 1 LA

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