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X' -' , , --4 4 V 4 4 ,V4 ,,4V,,: ,,44 W, ,,4 1' ea' .X R- X wwf' ' V .fx 'X . , zf' ' V , I F, - ,, W' , ,:' ,404 V ,, ,,M",,W V724-7. ,472 fl X Y ' 7 4 V4 4" -Vr'4.V,,,4,"V V44 V ,N-, ,144 f MW, XV., 4 ,, ,, , V, V .A,V4.f,,,.,,44 ,,,, I ,, 4 ,- ff-, ,, -Qt, Q44 V,,A,fV-V4, V V44 Z-,V44V,44V.74k,,g,7VV I , 1 , 4 0 ,Wm f' ,4' ,,!4"vV!,'.'4"'1n44, 24,5 , VV, 4f'4 ,4V, " ,, '4 ,ff ,0f,,,':, ,wx ,Q 7, 5 4 VV 4,,,d,,4,.Z,V4f!,, V,V4V' .744M,44.V7,,57 ', -ff V' " , X, , 444 'H V24'4',',g4V , ' V W . 4, 4,4 ,' 4,'f",VV'fyyff4j,,w,44"',VV4.',,'4f 4f 44, V ,4XV, , ,QV V, V, 4',', V, g4X,,,,.V44f',,,4 VV44 j 44,5 V4 ',,ffV,4,? ,4443-4r"V V44 V Q" , V- ,4 - , ,4,fz,ff1V' 44'.V,:4'. 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W V , V, X 7,4 J ,za -V35 ., 'j "'- - 74,5 7 X X X f 4 X , V , X ,, -V,4.f.-Mx,-44,4,X , . , 4 X- X 4 -V' X -, ':X,,,X 'V 'X'4.,fi'V'X -V - -1 M- 'f.',ff.:1,": - ,4 V , - X S NQ..,..4: 4 -W-X-Q Asn ,M -- 'VX 'ffm V - A w Vf -gjV3.X-V - - gf., 45 A V VVS ,rA, , - X4X,.,. ,,4 , QS . - W W W d is' mu W1 M-fjiji . , CIM hwfmwvqlgww Wqwoix Wfiww WL iufw Mm... H 53f5M H PW- FWM7 HMWM WLVZMM fgmwmbdwi www ,MZ OM- WW 'M WMMLWWM Wwffwwfw Jfj,WWf 0 an mai. M, MQW bww Q J!! x Q, ' 5? -" 6 " fit Q: 7 Q y . . xx Y f f ' W is- X . , fm :ix . ,wx Q- - Q Q44 I A SW X QP Q, ,M N wks ew sgjgn -S314 N. W, gn, r 'wi A- 5 - ' 4' A, in f N184 ,193 . wi 3? 0 Y .wfww 'V M1 M 1 ,W , ' 1 ,WW f 1! 4 Q ff ed I HE munth uf June, 19112, marks the cluse nf the fiftieth year in the career uf une nfVanderhilt's must distinguished men, Hr. Edwin lVlims. He graduated frpm the University in 1992 and hegan his Wurl-1 as a teaching fellevv in the de- partment uf English. He hecame head ef this department in 1912. The high excellence nf Vanderhilts Department uf Eng- lish, and its fame thrnughuut the natiun. is due in large part tu the wnrls ef Hr. Mims. Nut nnly, huwever, hy his Werk here has he cnntrihuted te the hruadening and enrichment uf the Universitys name. As authnr and lecturer, he is Widely lsnewn. Nu Van erhilt man is a mere lnyal friend and interested adviser tu his stu- dents. Nu Vanderhilt man is a mere inspiring teacher. The university and the men and Wemen with whom he has came in cuntact during these fifty years will nut furget him. The influence he has had in their lives is a permanent une. lt is tn Hr. lVlims that we dedicate this heels, the Epmmudere ef1942. e icafion "il V: ' . Ax-rf, GDWIN MIME miniafrafion "-sa OGL MARVIN M. CULLOM . ROBERT S. CHEEK . . 'l'ROBERT L, GARNER . . FITZGERALD HALL . . . FRANK K. HOUSTONE . , . JAMES M. SOUBY .... 'i'WILLlAM H. SWIGGART 'i'VANCE J. ALEXANDER . W. L. HEMINGWAY . . . P. D. HOUSTON ..... 'iN. BAXTER JACKSON . HERBERT V. JONES . . . DEVEREUX LAKE .... FRANK C, RAND ..... JAMES G. STAHLMAN . . A. B. BENEDICT ,... O. C. CARMICHAEL . . J. C. MCREYNOLDS . . REMBERT MARSHALL . . J. WOODALL RODGERS . 'YELDON B, STEVENSON . 'i'JOHN J, TIGERT E. MARVIN UNDERWOOD JAMES E. CHAPPELL . . . NORMAN H. DAVIS . . . 'i'FRANK A. GODCHAUX 'i'ROBERT S. HENRY .... J. P. NORFLEET ..... 'EDWARD T. SEAY . GEORGE A. SLOAN . . H. H. WHITE ...... 'Died Augusf I9, l94l. i'AIumni Trusfees. J TERMS TERMS EXPIRING I942 EXPIRING 1944 TERMS TERMS EXPIRING I946 EXPIRING l948 mrs feed . . . Nashville, . . . Nashville, . . New York, . . . . . . . Nashville, New York, Washingion, Disfrici of . . . . . , . Nashville, . . . Memphis, . . . Si. Louis . . Nashville, . . New York, . . Kansas City Tennessee Tennessee New York Tennessee New York Columbia Tennessee Tennessee , Missouri Tennessee New York , Missouri . . . . Sandusky, Ohio . . . Sf. Louis, Missouri . . . Nashville, . . . . . . . Nashville, . . . . . . . Nashville, Washingfon, Dislrici of Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Columbia . . . . . . . . . Ailania, Georgia ...........DaIlas,Texas . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . Gainesville, Florida . .A+lanIa, Georgia . . . . . . Birmingham, Washingion, Dislrici of Abbeville, Washingion, Disfrici of . .,.... Memphis, . . Nashville, . . New York, . . Alexandria, Alabama Columbia Louisiana Columbia Tennessee Tennessee New York Louisiana THE IIHANIIELLIJH DH. IJ. II. EHHMIIIHHEI. M.A., B.Sc., fOxon.l, LL.D., Li++.D., D.C.L. .x40!mini5f1f'0zfi0n . . The Vanderbill' Universiry comprises +he College of Arrs and Sciences, 'rhe Graduale School, and 'five Professional Schools. These are Medicine, Nurs- ing, Engineering, Law, and Religion. Enrollmenl for lhe year I94l-42 in all schools was I,643 sfudenls. Oliver Cromwell Carmichael serves as Chancel- lor of +he Universily. l-le was inauguraled in I937, +he Third Chancellor in +he hisfory of Vanderbilt Landon C. Garland served from 1'he founding un+il I893. He was succeeded by James H. Kirkland, who re+ired in I937. Under 'rhis capable leadership, Vanderbilf was and is clesiined lo play an imporrani parr in American higher educarion. JOHN E. POMFRET, M.A., Ph.D. FRANKLIN C. PASCHAL MA Ph D Dean of fhe Senior College and the Graduate School Dean of the Juni C II g ...THE The declaraTion oT war by The UniTed STaTes on The Axis Tound VanderbilT eager To give Tull service To The counTry. VicTory in modern war depends upon highly specialized knowledge. Skilled Techni- cians hold The balance oT power. The army camps can Teach The arT oT war and develop The physical sTamina oT The men, buT The ToundaTion oT special- ized knowledge musT necessarily be laid in The col- lege and The universiTy. The emphasis oT educaTion aT VanderbilT has been changed, in The College of ArTs and Sciences as well as in The proTessional schools, To poinT Toward The needs oT war. All Through The hisTory oT The universiTy, Vander- bilT men have responded quickly To The call To colors. The aTmosphere on The campus This Time, however, Though Tully as sTrong and as loyal, has a somewhaT diTTerenT Torm oT expression. During The TirsT World War, a sTudenT was considered unpaTri- oTic, and liTe wiTh his Tellow sTudenTs was hard iT he had noT volunTeered Tor acTive duTy or was noT sTudying some proTession direcTly connecTed wiTh The pursuance oT war. ln The spring oT l9I7 base- ball and Track gave way To rniliTary drilling. The boys were organized inTo Tour companies and were Q CHARLES MADISON SARRATT, M.A. Dean of STudenTs BLANCHE HENRY CLARK, M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Women ITNIVEHSITVS EW EIT drilled by Trained OTTicers. Cn Novem- ber IO, IQI7, dOcTOrs and nurses in The VanderbilT l-lOspiTal UniT leTT TOr acTive service amid The OvaTiOn OT a huge crOwd in Ryman AudiTOrium. ln The Tall OT I9 I8 VanderbilT UniversiTy became an armed camp. IT was deTailed by The UniTed STaTes Army as a uniT OT The STudenT Army Training Corps. Nearly 5OO men were enlisTed in This uniT. Kissam and Wesley l-lall were Turned inTO barracks, There was a canTeen, and The gymnasium served as The "Y" rOOm. All cOurses OT sTudy were subOrdinaTed TO The miliTary Training, and acTiviTies were aT a minimum. The naTure OT The presenT war, how- MCTYEIRE HALL ever, has changed The Type OT service demanded OT universiTy men and OT The universiTy iTselT. The Only semblance OT The armed camp On The campus This year is The drilling OT The company OT sTudenTs enlisTed in The Tennessee STaTe Guard. BeTOre Our enTry inTO The war This Time The gOvernmenT was able TO esTablish a sys- Tem OT Training camps which eliminaTes The nece-ssiTy OT Turning cOllege campuses inTO drill grounds. The Theory OT The Se- lecTive Service AcT has wrOughT The greaT- esT change. This assumes ThaT every man is willing and ready TO serve his cOunTry. The gOvernmenT calls men as They are needed. The TheOry is ThaT each individ- ,WOMEN'S DORMITORY SCHOOLS OF MEDICINE AND NURSING ual can besT serve his counTry in The par- Ticular niche inTo which he TiTs besT. Uni- versiTy Training is as imporTanT as miliTary Training in The business oT scienTiTic de- sTrucTion. STudenTs are discouraged Trom enlisTing. They are urged To conTinue Their educaTion as long as possible in order To prepare Themselves Tor any Task Their counTry asks oT Them. VanderbilT sTudenTs are as eager and ready To serve Their counTry as They ever were. They are calmly waiTing Tor Their call To duTy. Consciousness on The parT oT The sTu- denTs and TaculTy oT The role They have To play in The emergency has quickened Their inTeresT in every Tield oT sTudy. OTher- wise The exTernal appearance oT The cam- E161 pus has changed very Ii+TIe. AT The end oT This year The universiTy has TelT no abrupT loss oT men To The armed Torces. lmprovemenTs oT The TaciliTies oT The uni- versiTy have increased. The magniTicenT JoinT UniversiTy Library was opened Tor The sTudenTs in The Tall. Three Nashville schools, Peabody, ScarriTT, and VanderbilT, raised one million dollars and The Carne- gie FoundaTion maTched This wiTh anoTher million Tor The building oT The library. The sTudenT bodies oT The Three schools have The mosT up-To-daTe TaciliTies possible To obTain To help Them in Their worlc. The compleTion oT McTyeire l-lall, The new dormiTory Tor women, and The Library made The addiTion oT Two buildings To The campus in a single year. OT direcT imporTance To The war eTTorT is The Training oT docTors, nurses, and engineers. The pro-- gram in The Schools oT Medicine, Nursing, and En- gineering has been acceleraTed by The addiTion oT a summer session To meeT The increasing need Tor sTudenTs Trained in These proTessions. In war Time as well as in peace The TuncTion OT The college is To Train leaders. For This purpose The Navy has esTablished aT VanderbilT The V-7 pro- gram, which is The basic Training Tor The Reserve OTTicers Training Corps. Junior and senior sTu- denTs enlisTed in V-7 Talce courses in navigaTion, spherical TrigonomeTry, physics, and hisTory. They are permiTTed To graduaTe. ATTer sTuclying sea- manship and ordnance, They are gualiiied Tor ap- poinTmenT as ensigns.. RecenTly esTablished is The V-I course Tor sTudenTs in The Junior College. Suc- cessTul compleTion oT The V-I course is gualiTicaTion Tor admiTTance To The V-7 program. 'The special Tields oT lcnowledge in The College oT ArTs and Sciences, such as physics, The chemisTry oT gases and explosives, indusTrial chemisTry, maThe- maTics, are necessary To acTual combaT as well as 0 WALLER s. LEATHERS, M.D., l.L.D. Dean of The School of Medicine FRANCES HELEN ZEIGLER, R.N., B.S. Dean of The School of Nursing To producTion behind warTare. The imporTance oT These courses has been increased. ln addiTion To The acquiring oT special slcills, sTress has been laid on physical developmenT. The change Trom college liTe To The ardors oT miliTary Training is greaT. The maioriTy oT VanderbilT men sTudenTs will soon be enlisTed in some branch oT The service and, wiThouT preparaTion, The orienTaTion would be exTremely dif- TiculT. The program oT inTramural and maior sporTs is being conTinued as usual. ln addiTion To This, There is a compulsory program oT physical Training and calisThenics Tor all sTudenTs who are noT parTici- paTing in some maior sporT. The leadership oT educaTed men is imperaTive Tor The conducTing oT The war. IT will be even more so in The posT-war period oT adiusTmenT. The hisTory oT The aTTermaTh oT The TirsT World War Toreshad- ows To a degree The problems being creaTed by This war which will have To be solved-problems which reach even more deeply To The rooTs oT socieTy. ln This respecT The necessiTy Tor educaTion has become more imporTanT. To enable sTudenTs To compleTe I FRED J. LEWIS, M.S., C.E. Dean of The School of Engineering EARL C. ARNOLD, B.A., LL.B., LL.D. Dean of The School of Law 2--,w7 ' -or-X wi-54 315 Q 1. 1, W..- 5-A -.x y-.4 v Q I' UL ,,,a I .J RJ: wx- ,L - -4 - .' ' . f , A xx.. . ,. .' . ' . .-.1 x 4 A -, sg .I ..-L, .x . Y r . sg., V, , f - Q, Xu, . L 1 1 1 . 'K S 4 H-mph P -- I" ' TE,1'F"' r .' I. , ' '2 I s 'AC . H -K - -s. I-ng, . ,Hy Q' f,-'U - 3 A . ,. , . x E'-1 V n , xgfb l ,A , 1 K 1,125 f gs A , . 1 QZWWQ ,1 'Zee . ..,,.. Q -, ,-1 5 , W W ,Q " Q , Q ga , , as' Q. . if ., p3-L-Z. , : ng 41, Q1 S 2 Q 2 1 2 22+ .., ,,. -ms fu ,J .haf .V Lzgf.. . qf'. Z A . Q A pf A 'WWW f xv.:-,, hp 7tf"",3 Q 1-w I 'wwf . V -ff 1, .-Y ..-f- - E f f :MQ 5. , , '41 - E 45 gn ,, . 4 'A"'. , . , . 7 4- 1, 1.21: - f ,Ti f K 'Y f 1 f , W? Q , Q ' 2522 f '- ,-J 5 9579-Q , ' 3:4 . f ' . ' .ff Q, , atv -+ 'X ,-f 4 x.w1," ww . F .. Tag, 115 ' . ' -,i iff-' , I ' V , a i i..-,ILA-,f ' -W:-k 9.-,flijewf 12 , li" 5 ef? -,ff gv , ,L -..,, W ,,.,v A ,,.,, .W.. ,,..V . E ,V an .-:mu , 'W . ,- ' ' ,Vg 4, Hg 1 1 ,4:i5'i.: . . , dl . . l. V, Y ' ' H ,,,, v f' . - . 1 -. V 1 , V ' ? - ff - KWH, -f .V f V 4 vm.. K -V . . ., , . . ,, I 1 1 4 , .fm P' ' V f -vw, 1- fwygfflt , A5 f 01,4 . - 0,12 jig? lg' ' ' ,ga 9+ I- -mf Tf ,ff ' 'I-fT,,'w, M ,'--ew af2?4f'5fa-f, A . ' X Elia ku 1 4i ' gr'-gm' fp A 51 Kim, -' 4-,u Vg-uf., " " -g 4 'Q 1 N 1 gb! ' ' 9' . ' .PQg-515915. +R-var? x - -1 V. 1 V. ??.V:1Ei. -4 r , 1 .V ' JV' ' 1 " 7 ., "f"' A-'ggfifmf-A " is 2':"'ff: . ffwi YESW ff- V-z ug 2 eu, wgjnffgi. " ' ffisgi -1 fy-.4 V ' ff 551 twig Vfff- vkpv, If 5, A V. ,px as-',w3':es1fys .uf . JV?-2-'f5,,,..f.-',f ,QQ-hy, A145 A f, .1 ., 3,5 5' 5,37-4461 " ,ffrh .,' y qgV'G'5,W!?ff15a' 1 , 'G .Q ' id., ..k.. K- - , -'fibflbgig-?z5' . A ifjgw.. .2 1 ' - ff iifr. 'il ' ,-if23fI1j2.'g:mEZ ' 3 v - V Fir? M41-,-wav' ' - ' ":E1m'E'??5XfifL7i'v mu' Z'.'1Q: , ' 11 -4 if' f ' ' . " - - 5.5 'fi 1'-'-3' ,C ' "V.:.V Y: .4 'fv',,L3J,f:-V'ff ' ,.L:, X W , ,...,,..,f. . J, .Mg ,XM 951- f .1 I. W h,,V,:',, P, , r , A ., 15" f , gfgvz f V ' 1 ,V .Q Y , -1 ,Z ., ' . EV FN!! . 1 " p .fu-as gf , ga , . l.. 1 I gif?-V j -,wif - H.i.4,sv, X. -1, JA i-Qi. ,'f,.z. V ,S-'L Q4 ,sQ,,'f2.A -' , , ff"-,R':1' VZ!-'. 9, - : ,. ' -,J 4 . . , . .z,..A, ' ,v".' . 1r-- - , -al' ,g5,-f,.-1v.f'5f- V JL, --L V, an ,1- 33 . ,,-, P: ' . ' -mr V f f' '- -K V -L,-,Q'g.'4,,. . ...P " FSC- '-1643! 'V ff' .1 iv: "-Mya. 5433.1 iff. .- ff 1:-'B 'J VA-Zvi " :KA f 1 , f -x""5 ' 1 J. X fr' ' ,9 , f -.1 ... .fr - Li: , SAW T ,J 45, X f 1: ' . . 1. I., ' -, , 1 3,25 , V V :H . I xv 2' -. ,V if 2. ' 2 A A V .1- ' 155,-1 1. '11 , 1 1' Iii, ' ., 5 ' ' 3- ' 3.3 - A Q .fv"+:l- :Z '?',' : ' ,. x .V , : ,.f':'ys:QJ1-:M in ,L --gl, ' f-Q, Z V A2--1-::'ff:'-V '-.W iff-L ' Q , A-.I .4 1 0 "ff 'R ' . , :if-ZL'Zv'A1.5jg4V,. '-wife ' E' I ,,il.Vj. 1221- A . K .-,"-.W -5'-gm .4-, A 1.- -- .- ' ii f H , N A 'v 'L wi ' X ,M : -liz' . 'ig'-'rf' gf Vw: .. f '-ruff. 1-2, . . YP .. . .M , ,u...,V- ,. . ,f' h:,..i:. ' , I .aww ' ' ' ' X 1 V Q5 , A ' V Vq:,.-Q31-12:1 xl - - Q I h A X ,- A . . - N . Q3 1- - f V. X - , -wry... if 5 big? as much of fheir educafion as possible, fo enable as many as possible fo graduafe, fhe College of Arfs and Sciences has gone on a war fime schedule. A summer session has been added which is open fo all sfudenfs. A freshman who affends fhree sum- mer sessions may graduafe in Three years insfead of four. For fhis purpose fhere has been a modifica- fion of fhe comprehensive courses and comprehen- sive examinafions. Courses are offered in all of fhe deparfmenfs during fhe summer session.. The admission reguiremenfs have been revised fo permif fhe enrollmenf of falenfed high school grad- uafes who ofherwise would nof meef all of fhe lan- guage and mafhemafics reguiremenfs. This will en- able fhese sfudenfs fo gef fhe fundamenfal fraining necessary for milifary and fechnical branches of governmenf service. The program of fhe freshman year has been made more flexible fo permif greafer specializafion. ln order fo develop especially fal- enfed high school graduafes for fhe nafion's war efforf, Vanderbilf is offering fiffeen prize scholar- ships for fhe academic year I942-43 fo incoming freshmen. I JOHN KEITH BENTON, B.A., B.D., Ph.D. Dean of fhe School of Religion ROBERT N. ACUNNINGHAM, M.A., B.Li+'r. lOxon.l Aciing Dean of Admissions THE JOINT UNIVERSITY LIBRARY The JoinT UniversiTy Libraries oT Nashville, Tennessee, represenT a new movemenT in higher educaTion..They were esTabilshed To eliminaTe unnecessary dupIicaTion and To coordinaTe The resources oT Three insTiTuTions oT higher learning: George Peabody College Tor Teachers, ScarriTT College, and VanderbilT UniversiTy. AT The cenTer oT This deveIopmenT a new and endowed JoinT UniversiTy Library has been provided. The building and iTs endowmenT is ioinTIy owned and direcTed. One Board oT TrusTees conTrols all book resources and adminisTers all library serv- ices. ln like manner There is one FaculTy CommiTTee, one DirecTor, and one Treasurer. The plan Tor such a cooperaTive universiTy cenTer, supporTed by an adequaTe library, in Nashville, was The direcT ouTgrowTh oT a comprehensive survey made in I935-36, The enTerprise was designed as The nexT sTep Toward a greaT regional universiTy cenTer in Nashville. To make iT possible, The General EducaTion Board and The Carnegie CorporaTion gave subsTanTial sums oT money, and more Than Tive Thousand sTudenTs, TaculTy members, alumni, employees, and Triends oT These schools conTribuTed generously. , The acuTeness of library needs had been TelT Tor some Time. The chief adminisTraTive oTTicers of Peabody, ScarriTT, and Van- derbilT realized ThaT Their insTiTuTions, separaTely, could noT build up adequaTe resources. On The Vanderbill' campus, Tor exam- ple, in addiTion To The liberal arTs school, There were The proTessional schools in engineering, law, medicine, nursing, and religion. VanderbiIT, moreover, had had Two devasTaTing library Tires. The academic col- lecTion ToTaling 23,934 volumes, was reduced in I905 To 5,346 volumes, many oT which were pracTically ruined by Tire, waTer, and exposure following. In I932, The School of Religion Library oT over I6,000 volumes was damaged almosi beyond resToraTion by Tire. Since This cooperaTive eTTorT was sTarTed in I936, a Union CaTalog of all Nashville libraries has been compleTed: a Library oT Congress CaTalog has been acquired: and basic book resources have been increased from 285,000 To 400,000 volumes. The urgenT necessiTy ol: having regional universiTy cenTers oT TirsT rank in The SouTh, one in Nashville, is now Tully recognized. Such cenTers are needed To develop The greaT human and naTuraI resources ThaT abound here: To Train The leadership requisiTe Tor The soluTion oT complex regional problems: and To keep promising young men and women Trom migraTing To oTher secTions Tor edu- caTionaI, proTessionaI, and economic opporTuniTies, To The greaT loss oT The SouTh, DIRECTOR A. F. KUHLMAN I , ,, , .M......W .--J MAI N CIRCULATION DESK 0 REFERENCE Room 0 RESERVE READING ROOM GEORGE ROS EN BLATT . "N S. . . Vice-Presideni Memorial Hall. ' Alumni Hall OFFICERS . . . . , . . . President' PAUL YOUNGBLOOD . . MR. JAMES BUFORD ...,..,.... Perrnanenl Secrelary MEMBERS RACHEL BEVERLY , . MR. JAMES L. BUFORD' ' DR. JOHN CALDWELL FRANK CLEMENT . SARA JEAN COLVILLE JOHN DONALD . . , WILLIAM FRASER HENRYETTA GAGE . . MARTHA BRYAN . CHARLES LIPSCOMB . . . Nursing School . . Facully Member . . Facully Member . . Senior Law School . . . Nursing School . . Senior Medical School . Sophomore Religion . . Sophomore Academic SCOTT GEORGE . . HUGH HOWSER .... ROBERT MCRAE . . JAMES PROFFITT ...,. ANN STAHLMAN . . CLIFF TILLMAN .... ERICH WESTFIELD . , EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS . . W. S. G. A, WILLIAM SANDERS . . . . Edifor Husiler CHARLES WILLIS . . F241 DR. GEORGE MAYFIELD . . , .... Graduafe . . , . , Law School . . .Junior Academic . . , Facully Member Senior Medical School . . . .Junior Academic . . . Senior Academic . .Junior Engineering Presidenl Sfudenl Council . . . , . Presidenf S. C. A. STUDENT U NIGN The Board in Meeting, Sfanding: Scoif George, Bob McRae, George Rosenblaff, Dr. George Mayfield, Erich Wesifield, Charles Lipscomb, Willie Sanders, Dr. John Caldwell, Charles Willis, Mr. .lim Buford. Siffing: Dean Clark, MarTha Bryan, Ann Sfahlman, Henryeffa Gage, Jean Colville, BeTTy Hearn. The Board oT TrusT creaTed The VanderbilT Union in l925. The Union sponsors a social and culTural program Tor The UniversiTy CommuniTy, and provides Tor The managemenT oT Alumni Memorial l-lall, which is The Union Building. The AdminisTraTive CommiTTee, wiTh l-lill Turner, Alumni SecreTary, Chairman: C. M. SarraTT, Dean oT STudenTs7 OverTor1 Williams, Bursar: and E. J. Eberling, ProTessor oT Eco- nomics, as members, conTrol The usage and mainTenance OT The building. The STudenT Ac- TiviTies Board, meeing in monThly dinner sessions, is composed oT TwenTy elecTed members and Three TaculTy represenTaTives. Every deparTmenT in The UniversiTy is represenTed on The Board. lT malces appropriaTions Tor and sponsors Union dances, lecTures, recepTions, Teas, inTormal par- Ties, deparTmenTal acTiviTies, reciTals, dramaTic producTions, and many oTher diversions Trom classroom rouTine. ln addiTion To These services, The Union supplies newspapers and magazines Tor iTs six sTudenT lounges, purchases The sTudenT subscripTions oT The "l-lusTler," college weekly newspaper, operaTes and mainTains The Memo- rial Union Building. ln The Memorial Union Building, The Union supervises The VanderbilT STudenT CenTer, where a TounTain-luncheoneTTe service supplemenTs The lounging TaciliTies. The oTTice oT The Union SecreTary cooperaTes wiTh The adminisTraTion in coordinaTing The sTudenT acTiviTies program. The building is The cenTer OT exTra-curricular acTiviTies. lT was presenTed To The UniversiTy by VanderbilT Alumni and was erecTed, aT a cosT oT S200,000, in memory oT The VanderbilT men who died in The World War. ln The build- GEORGE ROSENBLATT Presideni' XX N X15 Xudy and r Xounqes used r ecreaXXon 'mq are s XX'Xer rooms e Xwenlvy o ' s. and som socXaX meehnq 'mess and X1 vXnq Xor bus '1aXXons a XXf1e orqam nor Among ' ' are Xhe X'Xo XXwe XouXXcXmq X XO. oXXXces 'm 'X GXee C u Coun QXX, SXUASYXX' Councx , " XXwe "Mas- "Commodore Band, XXwe " r" X3 S U XX1e X'XusXXe, . . X queracXer," ' CouncXX, and Garqoye Pan- CXuXo. ' ' oXXXces ar X'XeXXemc ' Pxssocxahon e The Numm ' XX'Xe oXXXce XX'we mam nd X'Xouse on ' DXrecXor a O X XXwe Umon ' XXoor, as Xs E 2 S T U D E N T i The Council in meeTing. The VanderbilT STudenT Council is The highesT sTudenT governing body oT The UniversiTy. IT acTs as inTermediary be- WILLIE SANDERS Presidenf Tween The AdminisTraTion and The sTudenT body. SpeciTically iTs duTies are: To call and conducT all general elec- Tions, class elecTions, and The Bachelor oT Ugliness elecTions. To represenT The sTudenT body in iTs re- laTions wiTh The TaculTy. To represenT The sTudenTs, or To secure Their represenTaTion, in The various organi- zaTions oT The UniversiTy. To elecT and supervise The cheerleaders. To rnalce all preparaTions Tor and To con- ducT The spring and Tinal dances, including The Junior and Senior Proms, and all oTher dances ThaT The Council shall deem advis- able To sponsor. To consider all Torms oT conducT ThaT WILLIAM SANDERS MR. JAMES BUFORD JIM BUTLER .... BILLY CARLEN . , EVERETT ERLICK , WEBB FOLLIN . BILL FREELAND . . GENE HIGGINS . . FRED HOLDER . . . WILL I. JORDAN . CHARLES LIPSCOMB Firsf Row: Billy Carlen, Everelf Erlick, Webb Follin, Bill Freeland, Gene Higgins, Fred Holder, Will I. Jordan, Charles Lipscomb, Tom Payne. Second Row: W. H. Pigg, George Rosenblaff, Harrison Rue, William Sanders, Bob Sfigler, Poyner Thweaff, Jim Wesl, George Ed Wilson. OFFICERS . , . Presiclenf JOHN WHALLEY . MEMBERS . Secrelary, Sfudenl Union ,.......LawSchooI Presidenl, Junior Academic . Presidenl, Honor Council . . Presidenl, Pan-Hellenic, Presidenl, Senior Academic ....,..,...Junior , .......... Senior Presidenf, Junior Engineers , . . . School of Religion . . . . . Edilor, "Husl'ler" I291 TOM PAYNE .,... W. H, PIGG ,,., GEORGE ROSENBLATT HARRISON RUE . . . WILLIAM SANDERS . BOB STIGLER POYNER THWEATT , TOM WALL ..... JIM WEST .,.... JOHN WHALLEY . . GEORGE ED WILSON . . Secrelary-Treasurer . . . . Medical School . ..........,. Sophomore Presidenl Sludenf Union . I, I . A. Presidienl, Omicion Della Kappa . . . . . , . . . Senior . . . . . . . . Junior . ..., . .... Senior .......LawSchooI . . Presidenl, Senior Engineers , . ,.., . , .Junior , ,Junior f 75 f ,' .'JNm. as Y J45Mi?'f sr. efgrsflfsmfsn -I: avwsz -s, ,. ' -4 . ,xl Q 1 ,vi V 'Q-Mfg'-s '.,. - -.- 'ff r6 .s X X. . - ea- Q by M15 X A - , X -1. X I r ,, Z ,E ,I . N ,,V, Fi .. ii- I I i L"x S 2 .ss-r':':'f""':I f F413 sr: kfsffk' Mbps- -s, i' 4 ei up 5 K 'fr S- 'fag s g , -if -I - -is X, . ,, X f 6-5:--.y I- NX Q X - I - ' , . 2 Q - I -'-wr : 'V 1 : .i1'5i- ' - Q .-1 ff M' Qi 9 is , H .5 ' I , LI . rs gl Q QQ- fb 1 H S f ' I 'A ' ,- ,Q gs: -xg, . xv -I Q, We ' , I U A . , ,Ars .-sw, . WM, , s N. i ss- ,X X .pm es 0 Aww , .X . ak, v , M.,,,c.A1., ,, N . .. is A X X xg , gsm sxvs , I ,, af v4 sf Q, n.,f,-feyfks-w,s,ssX.5g -. so , 'awscik I ,: ,. wg ws ggfg I , sw, sv as 1 - as s.. ws' ' 'X 'fM':'g. . '. xx.T,'wc,:gQ:f ,s,ys4'??f1'-X V 1- ' X WS F- ,s - 5 - . .Nw My A I f by K f. . I f- I. nk VIRGINIA TROTTER Junior Prom Queen may bring reproach upon Jrhe Univer- sily, anol Io cleal wilh individuals who 7 ,, ' may be guilly ol conolucl unbecom- ing lo a genlleman ancl lo a sluclenl ol Vanclerbill Universily. Every deparlmenl ol The Univer- sily is represenl-ed on The Council in- cluding The graduale schools. Sev- eral ex-ollicio members such as Ihe presidenl ol O. D. K., secrelary ol Jrhe Sluclenl Union, and The "I-lusIler" edilor sil on Ihe Council. Plans are now underway Io slream- line lhe aclivilies ol Ihe Council. A new conslilulion, giving sluolenls more praclical experience in sell- Il301 GUNCI governmenl, is being Iormulaled and possibly will go inlo ellecl during Jrhe school year I 942-43. The Council closed ils social program for Ihe school year I94O-4I by bringing Vincenl Lopez ancl his orcheslra Io The campus Io play lor The Senior Prom series June 5 and 6. Ivliss Ivlarlha Bryan was Class eleciions. nameol Senior Prom Queen and wilh her Courl reigned over all proceedings. This year Ihe Council inauguraleol ils ACTIVITIES. social acTiviTies wiTh The music oT Del Ca- sino and his orchesTra when They played Tor The Homecoming Dance on November I aTTer The Commodore-Tulane TooTbaIl game. The Tamous Junior Proms were held February 27 and 28. The Council im- porTed Bobby Byrne and his band Tor This NexT in line came Fred I-Iolder, presidenT oT The Junior Engineers, wiTh Miss Sue Alcen oT Paris, Tennessee. Byrne and The special sTudenT commiT- Tee selecTed Miss Virginia TroTTer as I942 Junior Prom Queen. As The "Commodore" goes To press iT is doubTTul wheTher The Senior Proms will Owl nabreak. Bobby Byrne and has Four Tromby series. Billy Carlen, presidenT oT The Aca- be held This year due To The less elaboraTe demic Junior Class, led The grand march, social program arranged since The ouT- wiTh Miss KaTherine OsmenT oT Nashville. brealc oT The war. T T311 I I EDITORIAL STAFF BOB MCRAE . . ...... Assislanf Eclilor E. G. DAVIS ....... . .Associale Edilor BOB GRANNIS ..,. ,....... P holoqrapher STAFF HEADS CAROLYN HARRISON, RAYMOND TAYLOR Classes VIRGINIA LOVE GRAVES, ALLEN DEAL . . Phofography ADELINE REUBUSH. BERNICE COHEN .... Typing LOIS HAINSFURTHER, BARBARA PERKINS . . Office WEBB FOLLIN, EUSTACE WINN . . . .Fralernilies PAT OLIVER, TEMPE CHESTER ....... Sororilies TOM BROWN, RAINEY FRIERSON Men's Organizalions CLINT MORGAN, FRED WM. M. CLARK Edifor TROUSDALE STURDIVANT, BETTY BAIRD. . . . . Women's Orqanizaiions MARGARET NOLAND, JACK CRUTCHER . . Fealures SONNY BAIRD ............... Arhlelics PEGGY I-IERIGES .......... . . Nursing OSCAR BURRIS, GEORGE HOLCOMB , . . Medicine BILL REED, DEAN GARNER .... Graduaie School CARMICI-IAEL. . . Deliveries MEMBERS Ed Anderson Anne Bowen Jack Brock Percy Brower Jane Brummiii Ellen Cameron Anna Marie Cale Lenora Coghlan Paul Cohn Bools Ferguson Lawrence Goldsby Josh Green Murray Haloer June Harrison Grill Harsh Sue Harl Marvin Holclerness Florence Holman Corinne l-lowell OF THE STAFF Marshall Hughes Jackie Jaclcson Frank King Gavl Lauderdale Mary Louise Lea Marqarel' Marshall Chuck Mills Billy Monrqomery Corinne Murrah Charles Porler Mary Curlis Reed Jaclc Reed Belly Reeves Waller Robinson John Slehlin Alice Thompson Florence Tompkins Jean Tuclcer Anila Williamson RNINETEEN FORTY-TW This book is The ThirTy-TourTh ediTion oT The VanderloiIT "Commodore" NoT unTiI I909 did The UniversiTy's yearbook assume This appropriaTe TiTIe. The TirsT annual, which appeared in l887, was called The "ComeT." IT was published by a board consisTing oT Two represenTaTives Trom each TraTerniTy on The campus. UnTil l9I7 The book conTinued To be published by such a group. Since ThaT Time iT has been The publicaTion oT The enTire sTudenT body. IT has been The purpose of every annual, "ComeTs" and "Commodores" alike, To presenT a picTure oT a year aT VanderloilT. Each has aTTempTed To puT beTween iTs covers The spiriT oT The UniversiTy. The STaTT oTi This "Commodore" has worked diIigenTly Toward This same goal. IT iT presenTs VanderbiIT as iT was in The year I94-I-42, iTs work will noT have been in vain, and iTs pur- pose will have been accomplished. BUSINESS STAFF Manager EIecT for I943 JIM BURNS ASSISTANT BUSIN ESS MANAGERS Chapman Bain Tom Brown E. G. Davis Syd Hailey Buford I-larmon George Holcomb FRED Jim I-IunT Maynard Thompson Tommy Walker Billy WaTson George Ed Wilson Gus Wilson CARMICHAEL Business Manager CHARLES LIPSCOMB EdHor ASSOCIATE EDITORS Belly Freeman Ken Cayce 'CIRCULATION MANAGERS Sam Balloll Bill Coker REESE BOGLE .....,.,..... News Ediior Mary Rose Eslcind, Mildred Milam, Jaclc Crufcher, Ann Slahlman, Bill Freeland, Sylvia Kolfler, Emily Schweizer, Jane Sleaoall. Paul Cohen, Bernice Cohen, Lois I-Iains- Iurlher. TONY REINACI-I ............ Sporls Edilor Slanley Bernard, Sonny Baird, Sam Bulls, Collon Clark. Laura Woodard. Jack I-Iudson, Jerry Brode. PEGGY I-IERIGES, JEAN DOUGLASS Sociefy Edilors Libby McCarIey, Miriam Coile, Marie Smifh, Jewell Sim- mons, Dollie Ragland. I341 EDITORIAL STAFF CI-IARLES LIPSCOMB . . . .Edi+or CHAPMAN BAIN . . . . Business Manager MARVIN I-IOLDERNESS . . . . Managing Edilor O BILL FREELAND. . . . .Copy Edilor NELLE SCI-IELL . . . . .Typing Edilor VIRGINIA PRITCI-IETT ........ Fealures Edifor Marshall I-Iughes, Nancy Travis, Randal Gordon, Melvyn Freedman, Carolyn I-Iarrison. R. R,TIPTON . . . . .... Exchange Edilor FROSH REPORTERS Grill I-larsh, James Pillcinglon, Elizabelh Woodcoclc, Whil Wrighf, George Pickens, Wallcins Ferguson, Wirl Couri- ney, William Shaver, Sara Seligman, Jane I-Iarrison, Gloria Gilberl, June I-Iarrison, Dan Sexlon, Bill Mason. Ru+h Cohen, Jack Reed, John Alcer. Known as The ArisTocraT oT SouThern College Newspapers. The "l-lusTler," VanderbilT's sTudenT weekly paper, was sTarTed in I888, when The TirsT ediTion appeared. The TirsT Ten years oT iTs pub- licaTion were under The auspices oT The C.alurneT Club oT The UniversiTy. UnTil I9I5, The paper was issued by The VanderloilT AThleTic Associa- Tion, louT has since become a privaTe enTerprise under The supervision oT The VanderloilT Univer- siTy PublicaTions Board. OuTsTanding men ThaT in The pasT have been associaTed wiTh The "Hus- Tler" include The laTe John Pascal oT The "ATlanTa Journal," Ralph McGill, lnnis Brown, J. G. STahl- man, Judge John DeWiTT, and Professor John Crowe Ransom, Tormerly oT Vanderbilt WEEKLY N E W S P A P E R BUSINESS STAFF CHAPMANBAIN JOHN BEVINGTON TOM BROWN JIM BURNS FRED CARMICI-IAEL BILL COKER WEBB EOLLIN l-IENRYETTA GAGE SYD HAILEY GEORGE I-IOLCOMB LOIS KU!-IN LEONARD LINTON FRANK SARALEGUI R. TIPTON Business Manager MARGARH'NOLAND Edifor I The MASQUERADER, widely known Jrhroughoul fhe Soulh and o+her counfries as The "Dic+a'ror of American Pul:Jlica'rions," was esfalslished af Vanderbill a long 'lime ago. lf has always had Jrhe same obieciive, io give boih siudenls and facully a chance To laugh. We feel Thai 'lhis is an especially worfhwhile aim in These +imes. E361 The Masquerader appears six limes a year on high- grade paper and in magazine form. ll is run enfirely by The sluclenfs as a privale en+erprise under 'rhe guid- ance of lhe Publicalions Board land wifh fhe financial supporl' of +he Commodorel. Each year 'lhe Masque:-ader sponsors a "Girl of +he Masque" conlesi Io elecl Ihe prerliesr girl on Ihe campus. The winner is presenfed wiih a silver rnasque, which is generously given by 'rhe frarernilies. A slricfly male vole elecls Ihe winner. BUSINESS STAFF GEORGE HOLCOMB WALTER ROBINSON The edilors feel Thai a magazine of high caliber, such as Ihe Masqueracler, is necessary Io round our college FRANCES CARTER Bll-LY CARLEN life, The Masquerader conlinues Io be one of Ihe Three JOHN BEVINGTON DICK PATRICK mosr popular publicalions at Vanclerbill. HENRYETTA SAGE MAYNARD THOMPSON EDITORIAL STAFF MARY POPE CREIGHTON JIM BURNS MARGARET NO'-AND '.-' ..-'-4 E diifor RAYMOND TAYLOR WEBB FOLLIN SYD I-IAILEY I .......... Business Manager Cl-INT MQRQAN BILLY MQNTQQMERY ASSISTANT EDI-I-ORS MILLER ROBINSON FRED HENRY CARMICHAEL Harry Ransom Harold Kalz George Ed Wilson Jack Crurcher SYD HAH-EY EDITORIAL STAFF BOB GRANNIS . . . FRANCES ANN CHASE . VIRGINIA PRITCHETT . JOE ADAMS ....., MARY POPE CREIGHTON SHELLY WELCH ..... . MARTHA ANN EARTHMAN PAT OLIVER ....... VIRGINIA NIMNICHT . LARRY GOLDSBY . . DICK PATRICK . . HARRIET ORR . LLOYD HERPEI. ..... Pholographer Wornen's EC.IiI'or , . Fearures Rewrile Ediror Sociery Edifor Sociery Edilor Socie+y Edifor Malce-up Ediror Exchange Edifor Exchange Edilor . Joke Edirar . , , .Typisr . Music Edilor , CIRCULATION MANAGERS Oscar Burris Bill Reed Business Manager 1, g 3 2 .Af ' ,lf 5 MW gm.. n f zzz. ..,. A - Z Q' f X. 5. ,3Y' X ,B-Q' Q , 14' mgyw , ,. he Elasses, a fairly impertarii part of University life, serve in put the student body in manageable farm. iiissis ,gn Memoriam KARL FRANKLIN METZ, '42 'lr wade 'lfljlzo izbievf in file .szruice of jkeir 60unfry JOE EARL ANDERSON, '4I ROBERT MORRISON DAVIS, '36 MYRON PHILIP FISHEL, '37 WILLIAM H. HOWE, '39 SAMUEL EARLE JOHNSON, 'II THAD PRIVETTE MEDLIN, '42 WILLIAM LEE NORTHERN, JR., '42 JAMES SEVIER PARK, '40 E ll I U I enior III. 55 0.Top Row: JAMES THOMAS ALLEN, 112 B H, Boise Cify Oklahoma. 0 RANDOLPH OSCAR BATSON, 111 X, Gulfporf, Mississippi. 0 CHARLES WILLIAM BEAVEN, Richlanols, Virginia. 0 GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS BYNUM, 412 X, Laurel, Mississippi. 0 OSCAR WILLIS CARTER, Mars Hill, Norfh Carolina. 0 JOHN MURPHY CHENAULT, A K K, Decafur, Alabama. 9' BoH'om Row: RICHARD MORTON CHRISTIAN, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 FREDERIC EUGENE COWDEN, fb X, Nashville. Tennessee. 0 ROBERT WENDELL DAVIS, JR., III X, Nashville, Tennessee. 9 RALPH MYERS DENHAM, A K K, Williamsburg, Kenfucky. 0 GEORGE ELLIS DUNCAN- A K K, Russellville, Kenfuclcy. 9 JAMES SORY FORBES. KD X, Hopkinsville, Keniucky. 34650:-noon. Thal was a good one! 9 Top Row: BRUCE DOUGLAS GRAHAM, HIP X, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 9 JAMES OSCAR HALE, A K K, Erwin, Tennessee. 0 Second Row: JOSEPH CULLEN HALL. fI1gB H, Roseboro, Norlh Carolina. 0 THOMAS BRANSOM HALTOM, '11 X, Nashville, Tennessee. 9 Third Row: CECIL JENNING HAWES, A K K, Conway, Soufh Carolina. ' WILLIAM KNOWLES HITE, Charleslon, Illinois. 0 Fourih Row: GAMEEL BYRON HODGES, KI' 13 II, Sparlanburg, Soulh Carolina. 0 J. LACY HOPSON, A K K, Cadiz, Ken+ucl:y. 9 Fiflh Row: JOHN McREYNOLDS JACKSON, Nashville, Tennessee ' WILLIAM LUTKINS JOHNSTON, Birmingham, Alabama. 0 Six'I'l1 Row: JAMES CURETON LANIER, JR., fb X, Jacksonville, Florida. 0 JAMES WATSON LASSITER. fl' X, Hunlingdon, Tennessee. OF MEDICINE enior III. SS 9 Top Row: JERE WHITSON LOWE, 111 X, Cookeville, T enne ssee. 9 OSCAR FRENCH NOEL, 112 X, Nashville, Tennessee. 9 JOHN ROBERT PARSONS, JR., 112 X, Nashville. Tennessee. 9 JOSEPH THOMAS PAYNE, A K K, Nashville, Tennessee. 9 JOHN H. PEYTON, A K K, Lebanon, Tennessee. 9 JAMES BOYCE PRESSLY, A K K, Due Wesf, Soulh Carolina. 9 Boffom Row: JAMES N. PROFFITT, 112 B IT, Maryville, Ten- nessee. 9 JAMES BRATTON ROBERTS, 412 X, Nashville, Tennessee. 9 JACK CLIN- TON SALLEE, A K K, Lexingfon, Kenfuclry. 9 IRVING R. SCHWARTZ, Nashville, Tennessee. 9 ROBERT WELLS SHIREY, CIP X, Camden, Arltan sas. 9 STEWART PHILLIP SMITH, fb X, Loolxouf Mounfain, Tennessee. jLe S C H O O L Where's Juicy Lucy? 0 Top Row: DAVID E. STEWART, 111 B H, Brownsville, Tennessee. 9 BERTRAM EDWARD SPROFKIN, Paierson, New Jersey. 9 Second Row: WILLIAM THURLOW, SNSODDY, fb X, Birmingham, Alabama. 9 CHARLES LIVINGSTON SUGGS, JR., 'If X. Rossville, Georgia. 0 Third Row: JOHN E. SUMMERS, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 HAROLD MQTRUEBGER, fl, B II, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 Fourlh Row: JOE EARLES TYLER, fb B H, Ringgold, Texas. 0 HENRY FAIRBANKS WARDEN, JR., McComas, Wesf Virginia. U Fif+h Row: EDWIN LEA WILLIAMS, KP B II, Maryville, Tennessee. ' GEORGE B. WYATT, CIP X, Kingsporl, Tennessee OF MEDICINE J L S S MORRIS ADAIR ......... Russellville, Ky. COLLIN FREEMAN BAKER, JR .... Tampa, Fla. LEO MAX BASHINSKY, fir X . Birmingham, Ala. WALTER F. BECKER, fl' B II . . Kaufman, ERIC BELL, JR., fl! B TI .... Bloominglo JACK ABE BERNARD ...... Rockwood, JOHN CALDWELL, A K K . Jefferson Cily, ORLON CARR, JR., A K K . . Ml. Verno ANDREW CAUSEY, fir B Tl .... Furman, MARY CLARK ........... Tupelo, LOUIS PIERCE OOY, R K K . . san Diego, SAMUEL DOANE, JR., A K K . Arkaaeiphia, JOHN DONALD, -is X ..... Pine Apple, SAMUEL DUNN, 112 X . . . . San Anionio, IVAN ELDER, KD B H ...... Nashville, FRANKLIN FOWLER . Mendosa, Argeniina, OLIVER HALTOM GRAVES, fb X . Jackson, JOHN WALTON GRIFFITH, JR. . Nashville, Texas n, Ill. Tenn. Tenn. n, Ill. S. C. Miss. Cal. Ark. Ala. Texas Tenn. S. A. Tenn. Tenn. ROBERT HEIMBURGER, A K K . springfield, Mo. JOE HALL JOHNSON JACK KEEFE, Ill, A K JOHN KESTERSON, KP NELSON KRAFT, 111 B KENN ETH LAWRENCE, JOSEPH LITTLE, fi, X K... BIT.. IT... AKK Clanfon, Ala. Nashville Knoxville Nashville, Florence, Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. S. C. Tenn. L46fl JOSEPH LONGINO, fif X . Sulphur Springs, Texas CLAY ROZEAR MILLER ..... Pensacola, Fla. MIRIAM MILLS ........ Brookhaven, Miss. LAWRENCE MOLLOY .... Whife Plains, N. Y. STEWART MORTLAND, A K K . . Sl. Louis, Mo. THADDEUS MOSELEY, 111, fl: X . wesi Paini, MATT MURFREE, JR., fir X . Murfreesboro, EDWIN MARVIN ORY . . G-ABE PAYNE, JR., fisx .... JAMES WALTER FOLK . . ALFRED POM ERANZ .... DALLAS REYNOLDS, A K K JOHN BUNYAN RIGGSBEE PAUL RINGER, JR., A KK JAMES SEACOT, fl, B TT .,.. Alexandria R. W. SHAFFARZICK, fb X . WILLIAM SMITH, fl' B II GEORGE STRAIGHT, 'Iv X . JAMES N. THOMASON, 'If J. R. THOMASON, A K K . HORACE WHITAKER, JR. . TIMOTHY WILLIAMS, fi, B IT GERALD WINOKUR . . . JAMES WOODS, JR., fif K . JOHN ROBERT WOODS, Miss. Tenn. . . For? Payne, Ala. Hopkinsville, Ky. . . . .Troy, Tenn. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Columbia, S. C. . . Piiisboro, N. C. . . . Asheville, N. C. , S. D. Sulphur Springs, Moni. . . . Auburndale, Fla. . . . Savannah, Ga. B TI . . . York, S. C. Founlain Inn., S. C. . Fayelfeville, Tenn. . . Decherd, Tenn. . . Jersey Ciiy, N. J. . . Lewisburg, Tenn. KI' B H . Alamo, Texas SOPHOMORE CLA CALVIN APPLEWHITE, 'I' B Hi. Kansas City, Mo. ANDREW AUSTIN, 111 X ..... Nashville, Tenn. ons AUSTIN, A K K . WILLIAM BEACH, fi X Marlboro Alliance, Ohio Lakewood, Ohio RICHARD CANNON, II, A K K . Leilchfield, Ky. CALVIN CHATI-IAM, .I WILLIAM CL'OSSON,JR., K K . . Greenfield, Ky. fl, B H . Flushing, N. Y. LENORE FONVILLE CLOSUIT . . . Jackson, Tenn. DONALD CONWELL, Ill B H .... Jasper, Ala. LYNN CURTIS, sll B H . . JAMES DADE, flf X .... WILLIAM DeLOACHE, fll X JAMES WOOD ELLIS, KID X . PARKER DAVID ELROD . . . SIl4OUS FERGUSON, A K K . . HARRY HARPER FERRAN, 'If X SIDNEY GARRISON, JR. . . RICHARD GERMAN, Il' X JAMES GLANTON, A K K . FRED JAMES GRAY, JR., 11' X MILTON GROSSMAN .... GRACE CORNELIA HUGHES MINYARD INGRAM, JR., fb X HOWARD JOHNSON, fb X . PALMER JONES, fb X . . . Maryville, Tenn. Hopkinsville, Ky. . Camden, S. C. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn, Middlesboro, Ky. . . Orlando, Fla. . Nashville, Tenn. . Franklin, Tenn. Georgefown, Ky. . . Sheffield, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Birmingham, Ala. . Dresden, Tenn. . . Corinth, Miss. . . Paducah, Ky. X471 ROBERT JORDAN, 'lf X .... Forl Valley, Ga. JIM HENCE LECKY, fb X . . . Calverl Cify, Ky. CONNIE LOWRY, A K K . . . JOHN B. MCKINNON, fl, X . . . Princelon, Ky. . Longview, Texas WILLIAM THOMAS MYERS . . . Danville, Va. GEORGE PHILLIPI, fb X . . . . Camden, Ala. JOHN PICKETT, A K K ....... Joplin, Mo. ROBERT PISTON, 'lf X .... Johnson Cily, Tenn. ROBERT PITTS, Ill, 'lf X .... JACK POSTLEWAITE, fl, B H . HAROLD PRIDDLE, KI, B H . . JOHN HENRY PRITCHETT, KI, JANE ETHEL RABORG .... LAWRENCE GRADY SCHULL DENNIS SHORT, A K K . . . DONALD STROLE, fl, X . . . WILLIAM ANDREW SWEAT, KID WILL HOUSTON TINSLEY . . WILLIAM WEEMS, KD X . . . MARSHALL WHITE, JR., KD X LOUIS E. WOLFORD, slr B H C. C. WOODCOCK, JR., fb X WALTER HARRY YEIDER . . . ERNEST H. YOUNT, A K K . . Cedarlown, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. . .Wichifa, Kan. B H . Bremen, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. . Tullahoma, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn, . Granile Ciiy, Ill. X . Corinlh, Miss. Gonzales, Texas . . Shubula, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Clarksfon, Wash. . Nashville, Tenn. . .OrIando, Fla. . Newion, N. C. FRESH M NCLASS Iv 'f ' ' 1 2. ' I. A . i R is A i 2 ' lf . ei f i A - I ix , . I . ' ' tl' ig E 1 xx , ,. I E 5, . . I E .3 Wggg, 7 , jke, Xgilwofl of EDIIII E 1 -. . i JOHN BAKER, -Ii X . , .I-Iepkineviiie, Ky. BLAIR BATSON, fb X . . . LINDSAY BISHOP, 'Ii X . . . THOMAS BLAKE, A K K . . . Poplarsville, Miss. Chailanooga, Tenn. . . . Sheffield, Ala. VALINGTON BORUM, A K K . . .Allus, Okla. WILLIAM BOYCE, A K K . RICHARD BRASFIELD, fb X . JEFFERSON BROOKE, ill X . WILLIAM COLMER, JR., CII X ABRAHAM K. CONDITT, JR. WILLIAM ANDREW DALE, 11 ERNEST EBERLING, 'Il X . .AnsonviIIe, N. C. . . . Dresden, Tenn. . . . .Canfon, Ga. . Pascagoula, Miss. . . Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. A X . DAVID DYER, A K K ...... Ridgelop, Tenn. X HARRY EUGENE EZELL, 111 ROBERT J. FLEISCHAKER . HUGH FORD, A K K . . . . Corsicana, Texas . . . Piilsburg, Kan. . . . .Auburn, Ala. OLIVER DUANE FORMAN, slr X . Nafchez, Miss. GEORGE GILLESPIE,1I' X . . . . .Jackson, Miss. RICHARD GRISE, 'IP X . . . Bowling Green, Ky. ROY GLENN HAMMONDS . WILLIAM A. HENSLEY . . L. HERRINGTON, JR., II' X . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Cookeville, Tenn. . Waynesboro, Ga. W. J. HUDDLESTON, CDB H . Hunlingfon, W. Va. THOMAS JERNIGAN, III, fll X . . . Paris, Tenn. J. C. JOHNSON, JR ..... SI. Pelersburg, Fla. HARRY EMIL JONES, CIR X . Chaffanooga, Tenn. E481 ALBERT LIPSCOMB, fl, X .... Nashville, WILLIAM LYLE, Ili X ..... Clarksville, WALTER W. MecoRKI.E, ei K K . eedeaen, FRANCIS MARzoNI, fi, X . . . Birmingham, AMY PHYFER MAYES .... . . Jackson, WALTER METZ, JR., iii X .... Denver, FRANK CASWELL MILES .... Nashville, MARION MOBLEY, JR., A K K . Florence, ROY WILLIAM PARKER, fi: K . . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Ala. Ala. Tenn. Colo. Tenn. S. C. Tenn. DE SAUSSURE PHILPOT, JR.,A K K .AugusIa, Ala. RICHARD PICKENS, JR., fb X . Nashville, Tenn. LEWIS C. POWELL, fl- X .... Winchesfer, Ky. THOMAS PURYEAR, A K K . . . Lebanon, Tenn. RALPH QUILLIN, A K K ..... ceebum, ve. F. P. RAWLINGS, JR., 111 B H . Sevierville, DOUGLAS RIDDELL, III X .... Swiflown, THOMAS SAPPINGTON, sb X . Pori Arlhur, HERMAN SHAPIRO ....... Brooklyn, FREDERICK SMITH, HP X . . .MooresvilIe, JOHN THOMISON, CI' X . . Challanooga, CLIFFORD TILLMAN ....... Nalchez, RUSSELL DORRIS WARD .... Nashville, WARREN WEATHINGTON, sb B TI . . Boaz, JOSEPH WEST, II, fb B TI .... Nashville, ELEANOR WILLIAMSON .... Columbia, WILLIAM M. WOODALL, JR. . Birmingham, Tenn. Miss. Texas N. Y. Ala. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Ala. Tenn. Tenn. Ala. Firsf Row: Arranging flowers in Nursery School . . . Recrealion Room . . . Freshman Camp. Second Row: Red Cross lcniH'ing . . . Faculfy af lunch . . . Convalescing on 'ihe roof. . . Pediafrics . . . Third Row: A Marioneife Show . . . Sunshine on 'ihe Hospifal Porch . . . All ready 'for a nap. . . Fourlh Row: Time ouf for lunch in lhe couniy . . . Freshman exams. . . Nursing aris . . . H91 x., Ml ll lid. ' y I X1 a '+ A4 74 I lf, ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL COURSE O Firsl' Row: FREIDA CHAPIN, Rochesfer, New York. Q MARIE JUNG, Bonne Terre, Missouri. 0 ESTHER STAUSS, New Orleans, Louisiana. 0 RUBYE DELL YOUNG, Bogue Chilto, Mississippi. SENIORS 0 ALICE ATKINSON, Clarksville, Tennessee. 0 CHARLOTTE BACON, Albany, Georgia. Q SARA JEAN COLVILLE, McMinnville, Tennessee. 0 VIRGINIA CRENSHAW, Belferlon, Maryland. O ANNE ELIZA- BETH GODFREY, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Q THELMA HARLAN, Johnsfon Ci'Iy, Illinois. I MARGARET HAYNES, Hopkinsville, Kenlucky. 0 ELSIE HLAVA, Cicero, Illinois. 0 Second Row: MARY JARNAGIN, Jefferson Cify, Tennessee. Q DOROTHY JOHNSON Savannah, Georgia. 0 VIRGINIA LUNN, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 ELIZABETH ANN MCELROY, Lebanon, Kentucky. 0 GRACE MAAS, La Grange, Illinois. 0 T501 TERESSA RADER, Brislol, Virginia. 0 MARGARET STEIGER, Danville, Kenfucky. 0 MARY JANE STEM Eagleville, Tennessee. 0 NELL TEETER, Poffsville, Arkansas, 0 LEORA WARREN, Tacoma, Washington. Q LORENE WILSON, Richmond, Keniucky. Q WILLIE WOOSLEY, Mebane, North Carolina. JUNIORS 0 Bollom Row: RACHEL BEVERLY, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 VIRGINIA BIGLER, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. 0 RACHEL BINGHAM, Culleoka, Tennessee. I RACHEL GIBBS, Ashland Cily, Tennessee. 0 RAYE GIBSON Sevierville, Tennessee. 0 JEAN HESSE, Savannah, Georgia. Q FRANCES HUNTLEY, Memphis, Tennessee. 0 BETTIE MIDDLETON, Norwood, Ohio. 0 SARAH MULLINS, Newbern, Tennessee. 0 VIRGINIA PEARSON Tallassee, Alabama. 0 MARTHA STELLING, Augusta, Georgia. 0 DORIS WRIGHT, Mobile, Alabama. Lili F-RES HMA l Ii 'l N LASST: 1 . I QT I 1-W- Q ,IQF . .l 2 A 'fm ,A", w-f-' i A Tig. Q l Q Fifgi- Row VIRGINIA MCMEANS . . . . Rogefsville, Ala. . , ELIZABETH AUSTIN Q I . H Ham' Ark' ADELAIDE MAHONEY . . . , . Brisiol, Tenn. .fi TT BETTIE PARKER BROWN . . . Gallafin, Tenn. JOAN WLLER ' ' ' ' O"a"d"- Ha' MARIANNE COLEMAN . I Maryville' Tenn- VIVIAN MORRIS . . . . Abbeville, Ala. ' JEANNE COLLEY I . U Moum Doral Fla. MARY E. MOSKOPP . . Cieveland Heights, Ohio W JANICE FEAGIN . . . . Graceville, Fla. Third Row 1 n MARY JANE FULLER ' Dawson SPWJSI KY- MAYBELLE PAXTON . , . .Cliffon Forge, va. T. JUNE HATCHER ' ' '-" Cofbin- KY- ANN SALLEE . . . . . Milledgeville, ea. I ! DOROTHY HODGE . . Elizabeihion, Tenn. JUNE STEWART U I l . Birmingham. Ala. -- e C 00 0 . A Second Row FAUVETTE TAYLOR . . . . . ooilian, Ala. .7 N U H MARY lzLlzAlaleTl-l JOHNSTON . . sebiing, Ohio VIRGINIA TESSIER . . . . . Franklin, N. c. Y . GERTRUDE KREUSLER . . Rockville cenler, N. Y. DOROTHY VAUGHAN ...... Frankforf, KY- JULIA LONG . . . . Sfarkville, Miss. E521 ELIZABETH ANN WHITE . Winsfon-Salem, N. C- - I l L.. l NURSING STUDENT COUNCIL VIRGINIA CRENSI-IAW RACHEL BEVERLY . . SARA JEAN COLVILLE VIRGINIA CRENSHAW I-IAZEL EOWLER . . . ANNE GODFREY. . MARY JARNAGIN . . JULIA LONG . . OFFICERS . ........ PresidenI ELIZABETH ANN McELROY . . .Vice-PresideII+ BETTIE ALICE MIDDLETON .... Secre-Iary-Treasurer MEMBERS . . Sfudenr Union . . SIuden'r Union . . . . Rresidern . .Junior Class Presideni . . . . . ,Senior . .Senior Class Presideni . . . . . . . .Freshman MARY JANE STEM . ELIZABETH MQELROY . . ADELAIDE MAI-IONEY . . BETTIE ALICE MIDDLETON JOAN MILLER ...... VIRGINIA PEARSON . ANN SALLEE . . LUCILLE SAVERY. . . .Senior . . . . . .Vice-Presidenf Freshman Class PresiI:.IenI' . . . . SecreI'ary'Treasurer . .Freshman . .Junior . .Freshman . .Junior C531 E I ,si Qi ,EE ii ii ei M 3 2 5 if 5 Z X E 2 'I 2? SUHUUL UF LAW CAROLINE ADAMS . . DAVE A. ALEXANDER .,.. cb BURDETTE F. BEVAN ..... qs ARCHIE L. BOSWELL . . . A JAMES H. BUTLER . . . :Ir FRANK G. CLEMENT . . .HKD WILLIAM OVID COLLINS, JR. 111 S E N I O R S Ti-HRDYEAR . . Tampa, Florida Franklin, Tennessee . . Lebanon, Ohio . Norfolk, Virginia Huichinson, Kansas . Dickson, Tennessee Nashville, Tennessee Firsi Row Caroline Adams, Dave Alexander, Burdette Bevan, Archie Boswell. Second Row: James H. Buiier, Frank G. Clement, Ovid Collins, , William Howard Covingion. Third Row: John Cusack, Harold Feldman, John Hagood, Charles Malone. Fourih Row: Roberi' Miller, Harry Mifiwede, Eliza befh Anne Turney. WILLIAM HOWARD COVINGTON . . qs A qs JOHN P. CUSACK . . ...., . . HAROLD J. FELDMAN JOHN A. HAGOOD . CHARLES K. MALONE ROBERT B. MILLER . HARRY L. MITTWEDE ELIZABETH ANNE TURNEY . . Washingion, Disiricf of Columbia E56 qw A qs . . Donelson, Tennessee . . Fori Worih, Texas Piifsfield, Massachuseifs . , .TaIIapoosa, Georgia rim A :lx A 9 KP fb A fb . . Mayfield, Kentucky . . Murray, Keniucky . . Nashville, Tennessee J l EDWARD BALLOFF . . HARDIN J. BARTON .... il LIBERTY BIRMINGHAM, lll RAYMOND BRIGGS . . FLOYD W. COX . . JASPER A. BATES . . . . . , q. CHARLES CULLOM . . . , qs WILLIAM F. EDMUNDS . . . cfm HENRY VEACH GRADY . . . . cp CHARLES T. HERNDON, Ill . :lx EDWARD K. KALLAY . . . FRANK L. KIRKMAN ROBERT N. MCNUTT . . . . cf: ,ills U N D E RC LA SS SECONDYEAR . . LaFoIIeHe, Tennessee . , . . Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . . Jackson, Tennessee . . Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . . Sl. Louis, Missouri DAWSON FRIERSON . . . . . fl! .A HUGH HOWSER . . . . . LEON PEEBLES, JR. . . ROBERT L. ROBERTSON .... qs A JAMES RICHARD TUCK ..., THOMAS P. WALL, JR .... . . Chicaqo, IlIinois FIRST YEAR . . . . Cenlerville, Tennessee . . . . . Livingslon, Tennessee . . . . Hopkinsville, Kenlucky . . . Chaflanooga, Tennessee . . . . Kingsporl, Tennessee . . Painesville, Ohio . Nashville, Tennessee . . . . Tupelo, Mississippi ALAN lvl. PRUITT, .JR ...... qs A GLYNN A. PUGH , . . . . mlm A HENRY L. REITLER . . . . . . EDWARD I. SHAW . . . . . IP A JAMES M. SWIGGART .... sl, A DAN E. WALTON . . , . . slf A DONALD L, WASHBURN ,... JOHN D, WHALLEY . . . . . fp A JAMES W. WOOD . ........ . . Jasper, Tennessee qs A qs . . Columbia, Tennessee . . LaFayeHe, Tennessee . . . Gibson, Georgia . . . , Murfreesboro, Tennessee . . Dresden, Tennessee . Bolivar . . Erwin . . Nashville . . Columbia . Brenfwood, . Birmingham, . . Nashville, . . Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Alabama Tennessee Tennessee mi xx-X, ,za ix' Pip' rl'L:,'E xzxij 'aff 1 E J :J 3553555 . X A - Asn? 3 'g M , , 'V W, 'X kk! ' J' f f 2 A1 1 Kiley ELI IU .V I I I FRANK C. FERGUSON HUBERT A. BAHR . . RAYMON BURROUGHS JOHN I. DICKSON . . MARCUS M. GURLEY F. BROOKS JONES . WILLIAM I. JORDAN . GRADUATES . . . shanghai, china JOSEPH D. -QUILLIAN, JR. SENIORS . . Villa Ridge, Illinois . . Goodlelfsville, Tennessee . . Nashville, Tennessee . . . Jackson, Tennessee . . Selma, Tennessee . . Coflondale, Alabama JACOB EDWARD WOLFE L6OIl DAN C. KENNER . . EUGENE S. OGRODOWSKI JOHN WILLIAM SPARKS ELBERT E. WALKUP . . JOE WHITMER . . VENETA WHITMER . . . . Waverly, Tennessee Firsl Row: Tlnird Row: Hulserl A. Balnr John l, Dickson Marcus lvl. Gourley Second Row: F. Brooks Jones William l. Jorclan Eugene s. ogfoaawski John William Sparks Elberl E. Walkup Jacob Edward Wolfe I I . .Winder, Georgia . . Greenville, Kenfucky Old Bridge, New Jersey . . Nashville, Tennessee . . Woodlawn, Tennessee . . Sparta, Tennessee . . Sparla, Tennessee MIDDLERS LACKWELL . . . . . Franklin, Tennessee M D. COMPERRY . . . . Marlha, Tennessee B. CRAWFORD . . . . Norfhporf, Alabama A. CRILL, JR. . . . . Memphis, Tennessee .S FARR . . . . Murfreesboro, Tennessee ' FOSTER . . . . Nashville, Tennessee l'. FOUST . . . ..... Moline, Kansas E P. FOWLER . . . . Springfield, Tennessee M FRASER . . . Many, Louisiana WOODROW GEIER . . ALBERT CADY JAMES . ROBERT E. JARMAN . JAMES T. JONES . . ERNEST R. KNOX . . RALPH W. MOHNEY . . JAMES PORTER MURPHY JOHN D. PERKINS .... JUVENAL E. SIIVA . , JUNIORS N BERRY .,... .... P erryfon, Texas Y H. BURROUGHS .,,..... Henderson, Tennessee RET S. HODGENS . . Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina E H. HOLWAGER . . . . Waynesboro, Tennessee C. JONES . . . . Cullman, Alabama . PARKER . . . . Belleview, Tennessee R. FRANK PORTER, JR. . FRANK C, RUSTEMEYER IRA H. SADLER ..... JAMES PORTER SANDERS COLLIE SEYMOUR .... RAY G. SILVERTHORNE . 'CLAYLON DEE weeks . SPECIAL L WAYNE BRADEN . . . . Nashville, Tennessee BOYD STlTT BURD . . . .Annislon, Alabama . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . Kinslon, Norlh Carolina . . Sfevenson, Alabama . . Sfevenson, Alabama . . Lexinglon, Kenlucky . . Dickson, Tennessee . . . Ensley, Alabama . . Brazil, Soufh America . . Lenoir Cily, Tennessee . . Collierville, Tennessee . . Lebanon, Tennessee . . Nashville, Tennessee . . . . . . . Dewy Rose, Georgia Washingfon, Dislricl' of Columbia . . Clinlon, Norfh Carolina . . . Slayden, Tennessee I I llllll I ll IH WILLIAM AUSTIN . RAY BENTALL . ARTHUR W. BRADEN E. R. BRADLEY .... CLARK EDWARD ADAMS BA., Vanderbilt ELisE PRITCHETT ALEXANDER ..... B.Ar, vsnderben FRANK MCEWEN ALEXANDER .... . B,A., Vanderbilt THOMAS BENJAMIN ALEXANDER , . B.A,, Vanderbilt JOSEPH D, APPLEWHITE . . M.A., Vanderbilt M.S., Vanderbilt M.S., Tennessee WILLIAM AVERA BLAKE . M.D., Emory . . Chemistry . . English . . . . Geology . History History . . Chemistry . . . Geology . Public Health . Sociology B.A., Transylvania . . . . Political Science B.A., Western Kentucky State Teachers JEAN BRECKENRIDGE Vanderbilt RA., HOWARD BROWNING M.A., JOSEPH ALLEN BRYANT . . M.A., BENNETT BUELL . . . . . M.s., Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Vanderbilt CHARLES SPENNER BULLOCK , .... M.A., Vanderbilt College . . . History . . . Historv . . English . . Chemistry . . . Economics MARIAN CALLOGHAN ........ B.A., University of U JORGE FREIRE CAM PELLO University KATHERINE CARMICHAEL . WILLIAM CHAM BERS M.A.. B.S., Murfreesboro HARRY LEWIS COLES HENRY RAY COOK . B.A., B.A., of Sao Pa Vanderbilt State Teac Vanderbilt . , . . . Biology tah . . , . . . Philosophy ulo . . . . English ........Anatomy hers College ........,History , . . Chemistry Vanderbilt l62l ANTIONETTE P. COOPER . ..... . . BS., Peabody EDNA CARLA CORDTS ........ B.A., Vanderbilt JOHN ELLSWORTH COVEY ....... B.A., Vanderbilt HOWARD HALL CREED .,....... M.A., Vanderbilt PAUL DINKINS ...,., ......... M.A., Southern California MOSS MAXEY DORBANDT ...... . M.D., Baylor HERBERT DRENNON ............. B.S., Mississippi State WILLIAM DU BOIS ............. B.A., Central College HERBERT STAFFORD EMIGH . ,....... M.S., University of Mississippi JEFFREY FLEECE ,... ........... B.A., Central College CARL LOUIS FOX, JR. - - - . ..... . . . . M .S., Emory U niversity GERALDINE GARANT ............ B.A., Randolph-Macon SCOTT GEORGE . ..,....... . . B.A., Vanderbilt HARRY GOLDGAR ............ B.A., Mercer RUTH GRACE ..... ,.... .......... B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic Institute DAVENPORT GUERRY, JR. ..... . as., Duke MAYNARD EDWARD HALL ........ B.S., Emory-Henry BARBARA J. HAUENSTEIN .,....... B.A., Bluffton College WILSON L. HEFLIN ........... M.A.. Vanderbilt BU FORD HIGGS ............. B.A., Vanderbilt . . Chemistry . . Biology English . . English . . English Public Health . Political Science . . Economics . Chemistry . . English . Biochemistry . . English . . English . . English . . French , Chemistry . . Chemistry . . History . . English . . Chemistry Ill IIIIIII Sllllllll THOMAS o'coHNoR HIGH ...... . . English s.A., wcffara ERNEST LEWIS HIXSON .............. . English BVS, California State Teachers' College JAMES ROLAND HODSES ............ . . English B.A., Vanderbilt VAN TANKERSLEY IRWIN ,...... Business Administration B.A., Vandzrbilt LEONARD CLARKE JOHNSON , .... . . Chemistry B.E., Vanderbilt ERNEST A. JONES ..,................ Physics ELS., Western Kentucky State Teachers College DANIEL JOSEPH KEEFFE .....,....... . , , English B.A., Louisiana State University THOMAS A. KEELY ............... . . Economics M.A., Vanderbilt KENNETH NEWMAN KIRBY ..,.. ....... . .Spanish B.A., Abilene Christian College WM. G. KIRBY ..........,. . ......... Physics B.S., Western Kentucky State Teachers College VIRGINIA GOLLADAY LAWLOR ..... . ...... English B.A., Cumberland ROBERT EDMUND LEE ............... Mathematics B.A,, Washington and Lee YOLANDE LEITE ...,..... ..,.... . . English B.A., University of Sao Paulo EUGENE LIIPFERT ........,... . . History B.A., Davidson WALTER ANTHONY LIVERMAN ...,.. . . English B.A., Cumberland EGBERT HUGH LUCKEY ........ . . Biochemistry B.S., Union JAMES ELMER MONTGOMERY ..... . . Sociology B.A., Maryville ARTHUR KEISTER MOORE, JR .....,. . . English M.A., Alabama ELMER GLENDON MOORE . ,,,. . . . Geology B.A., Illinois JOHN FRANKLIN NEELY, JR ........ . . Chemistry M.S., Vanderbilt ROBERT GILL NEIL ............. . . Geology M.A., Peabody College WILLIAM B. PATTERSON ............. Public Health M.D., Pittsburgh University i631 FRANKLIN SINCLAIR PROUT ...... , . . . BA,, University of Colorado GRIFFITH THOMPSON PUGH .....,,,,, . . Chemistry . . English M.A., University of South Carolina BYNO RYVERS RHODES ......... M.A., Vanderbilt BRISON OAKLEY ROBERTSON ..... B.A., Vanderbiit WILLIAM WOODROW SCOTT . , ..,..,. . B.A., Birmingham Scuthern Colleg WILLIAM CARY SKINNER ,.......,.. . . . French . . Chemistry Sociology e . .,.. Physics BS., Western Kentucky State Teachers College ORON PERCY SOUTH ....,............ M.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institut EDWIN LEFFINGWELL STEWART ,... B.A., Vanderbilt .ELAINE BROSIERS STUBBS ......... B.A., Agnes Scott THRESSA DALE SUTTON . , ...... B,S., Duke JOHN ICHERO SUZUKI ........... B.S., Madison College JOHN RONALD SWINNEY .......,... B.A., Central College EDWARD CRAWFORD SOLOMON ..... M.A., Peabody College A. ELIZABETH TAYLOR ............ History e . Spanish . . English . . Biology . . Chemistry Political Science . . Sociology . . . . History M.A., University of North Carolina JAMES CLIFTON THURMAN ,...... M.A., Vanderbilt IRVI NG WALTCH ER ............... B.S., Rhode Island State College DONALD GIST WITHERBEE ........... . . Mathematics Chemistry . . . Chemistry B.A., University of North Carolina GLYNN PEARCE WHEELER ......,.... B.A., Vanderbilt FRANCIS EARL WILLIAMS ........ M.A., Vanderbilt JAMES POWERS WOOD ............ B.A., Mississippi College CATHERINE ZEEK ......... I ....... B.A., Southern Methodist Universit . . Chemistry . . English . . Chemistry . Spanish Y fficers ACADEMIC WEBB FOLLIN . . . .......... . . . Presidenf EUGENE GREENER .............. Vice-Presiden? E N G I N E E RIN G JIM WEST .................... Presidenf FOLK .... w . .Vice-Presidenf l WILLIE SANDERS 0 First Row: HUGH ROBERT ADAMS, B.A., Woodbury, Tennessee, "Pursuit," 2, S. C. A., 2, 3, Van- derbilt Horse Show Director, 4, Skull and Bones, 3, 4. 0 JOE SANFORD ADAMS, JR., B.E., Tl K A, Cedar Hill, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Owl Club, 2, President, A. S. C. E., 2, 3, President, Pi Kappa Alpha, 3, Tau Delta. 0 CAROLINE BROWN AMBROSE, B.A., K A 9, Nashville, Tennessee, Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, 4. 9 MURRELL WILLIAM ANDERTON, JR., B.A., B 9 II, Winchester, Tennessee. O HARLAN WARD ANTHONY, JR., B.E., K A, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 JOE GWYNNE ATKINSON, B.A., A T Q, Lebanon, Tennessee, Omicron Delta Kappa, Football Numeral, Football Letters, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4. Q Second Row: WILLIAM THOMAS BAILEY, JR., B.A., S A E, Nashville, Tennessee, President, Phi Beta Kappa, Sophomore Honor Roll, Junior Bar, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, 2, 3, 0 MAUNSEL CHAPMAN BAIN, JR., B.A., A T Q, Brownsville, Tennessee, Ace Club, Sophomore Honor Roll, President, Artus Club, Assistant Manager, Baseball, 2, 3, Assistant Business Manager, "HustIer," 3, Business Manager, 4. 0 JOHN ELLIOT BAKER, B.A., B 9 H, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Skull and Bones, Sophomore Honor Roll. Q PRESTON HITE BANDY, B.A., Gallatin, Tennessee. 0 ALETHA L. BARGER, B.A., I' fl, B, Golconda, illinois, Tri-Arts, 3, 4, Athenians, 3, S. C. A., 2, 3. 9 COR- NELIA COOLIDGE BEALL, B.A., X SZ, Helena, Arkansas, W. S. G, A., Board, 4, President, Women's Residence Hall Council, 4, S. C, A., 3, 4. A N D E R B l L T I U N 4'-norms 2 J, HAILEY-ZERFOSS O Firsl Row: WALLY SMITH BEASLEY, B.A., X A E, Columbia, Tennessee, Track, I. 0 JEAN ELIZABETH BECKMANN, B.A., Savannah, Georgia, I. R, C., 3, 4, S. C. A., 2, 3, 4. 0 Second Row: CHARLES CALDWELL BELL, B.A., 2 A E, Nashville, Tennessee. Q JOEL SAMUEL BEN- NETT, B.E., Henderson, Kenfucky, Presidenl, Sophomore Engineering Class. O Third Row: as ROBERT BERNSTEIN, B.A., A E H, Yonkers, New York, Sophomore Honor Roll, Owl Club, Presi- denl, Alpha Epsilon Pi, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, Skull and Bones, 2, 3, 4, lnframural Alhlefic Board, 3. 0 LINDSAY KERR BISHOP, B.A., A K E, Chaflanooga, Tennessee. O Fourih Row: DUNKLIN CAFFEY BOWMAN, B.A., 2 X, Franklin, Tennessee. 0 RICHARD DUANE BRASFIELD, B.A., A K E, Dresden, Tennessee, Phi Chi, Vice-President, Omicron Della Kappa, Track, I, 2, A Capella, I, 2, I, R. C., l, 2, Vice-Presideni, 3, Presidenf, 4, "Pursuif" Sfaff, I, S. C. A. Cabinel, 2, Vice-President, 3, Assislanf Business Manager, "Commodore," 2, 3, "Husiler," 3, "Pursuif," 2, "Masquerader" Slraff Head, Sophomore Honor Roll. Q Fiflh Row: BETTY COOPER BRINKLEY, B.A., A O H, Nashville, Tennessee, A Capella, l, 2, 3, General S. C. A., l, 2, 3. 0 MARY BROCK, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Tennessee, Mortar Board, President, S. C. A. Cabinet, I, 2, 3, Masque Club, 2, Universily Workshop, 2, 3, A Capella, 2, 3, 4, Efa Sigma Phi, 2, 3, 4, "Com- modcre" Slaff Head, 2, Chi Delta Phi, 2, 3, Presidenl, 4, Majorelie, 3, Tri-Arls Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl, Junior Class, Vice-Presidenf, Delia Della Delia Sororify. 0 Sixlh Row: THOMAS WALTER BROCKETT, JR., B.A., Nashville, Tennessee. 0 JEFFERSON PACKARD BROOKE, B.A., ll K A, Canion, Georgia. A V E R S I T Y JOE ATKINSON V A N 0 Firsl Row: HUGH EDWARD BROOKS, B.E., E A E, Jackson, Tennessee, A. S. M. E., 2, 3, 4. 0 MONTCALM BROWARD, lll, B.A., E N, Jacksonville, Florida. 0 CATHERINE ACKLEN BROWN, B.A., A A A, Toledo, Ohio, Presidenf, Sophomore Class, Presidenf, Women's Alhlefic Board, 3, W. S. G. A., 3, Alhenians, 3, Lofus Eafers, 2, All-Sfar Basketball Team, 2, Queen of Wafer Carnival, 3, S. C. A. 0 J. D. BROWN, B.A., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Track, I, 2, Ace Club, "Husiler", Ela Sigma Phi, Secreiary, 4, S. C. A., l, 2, 3, 4. O MARVIN RAPHAEL BUBIS, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Phi Bela Kappa, Freshman Honor Roll, Sophomore Honor Roll, I. R. C., 4. I THOMAS W. BUCKNER, B.A., E X, Nashville, Tennessee, German Club, 2, l. R, C., 4, "Masquerader" Slaff, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Presidenl, Sigma Chi, 4. 0 Second Row: NATHANIEL REUBEN BURCH, B.A., B 9 IT, Miami, Florida. Q SWAN BURRUS, B.A., E X, Jackson, Tennessee, Presidenf, Skull and Bones, 4. 0 ELIZABETH REAMS CARLEN, B.A., A A A, Cookeville, Tennessee, S. C. A., Presidenl, Senior Cabinel, Vice-Presidenf, C. C. R. C., 4, JAA-VU, 4. 0 MARGARET JEANNE CARLOSS, B.A., A A A, Memphis, Tennessee, S. C. A., 2, 3, 4. I KENNETH D. CAYCE, B.A., fi' K E, Hopkinsville, Kenfucky, "Commodore" Business Sfaff, l, "Husfler" Staff, 2, 3, 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Presidenf, Phi Kappa Sigma, 4. 0 ANNE ELIZABETH CHAPPELL, B.A., Pineville, Kenlucky. D E R B l L T U N 4 I MARY BROCK 0 First Row: FRANCES ANN CHASE, B.A., X SZ, Lucy, Tennessee. 0 HERBERT CHESSIN, B.A., A E Tl, New York City, Vandy Players, l, University Workshop, 2, Sophomore Honor Roll, Skull and Bones, 2, 3, 4, Gargoyle Club, 2, 3, 4. 9 Second Row: WILLIAM MOORE CLARK, B.A., KI, A 9, St. Petersburg, Florida, Editor, I942 "Commodore", Sophomore Honor Roll, Owl Club, Treasurer, Calumet Club, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Track Manager, I, 2, I. R. C., I, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Junior Bar, l, 2, 3, JAA-VU, 2, Publications Board, 4, Phi Beta Kappa. 0 DOUGLAS EDDIE COCHRAN, B.A., A K E, Corinth, Mississippi, Freshman Football, Freshman Baseball, Band, l, 2, 3, "Masquerader," 2, 3. 0 Third Row: EDWARD FELAND COFFMAN, JR., B.A,, 111 K tif, Russellville, Kentucky, Sophomore Honor Roll, Owl Club, "Masquerader," I, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Tennis Manager, 3, Assistant Basketball Manager, Assistant Track Manager, 2, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, President, Phi Kappa Psi, 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4. I BROWN CONDRA, B.A., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Freshman Football, S. C, A., 2, 3. 0 Fourth Row: TOM KELLY CONNOR, B.E., CID A 9, Columbia, Tennessee, Tau Delta, S, C. A., A Capella, 2, 3, 4, Sopho- more Honor Roll, Tau Alpha Tau. 0 ROBERT MORELAND COOK, B.A., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, "HustIer" Staff, I, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, Choir, I, 2, 3, JAA-VU, 2, S. C. A., Class Cabinet, 3, 4, General Cabinet, 4, Editor, "Scan," 3, Editor, "Towers," 4. 0 Fifth Row: ANNE DOUGLAS COWEN, B.A., A O H, Nashville, Tennessee, President, Alpha Omicron Pi, 4, Lotus Eaters, 2, Athenians, 3, Vice-President, Mortar Board, 4, Sophomore Honor Roll, S. C. A. Cabinet, I, 2, 3, 4, Women's Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, JAA-VU, 3, l. R. C., 4, President, Freshman Class, Honor Council, I, 2, 3, 4. 0 ROSS COX, JR., B.A., E N, Nashville, Tennessee, Vice-President, Sigma Nu. O Sixth Row: MARY POPE CREIGHTON, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Tennessee, A Capella, 2, Masque Club, 2, Secretary, Gargoyle Club, 3, 4, "Masquerader" Staff, 4. 0 LOUIS H. CROSS, B.A., Beckley, West Virginia, Sophomore Honor Roll, S. C. A., I, 2, A Capella, I, 2, 3, 4, JAA-VU, 2, 3, 4. V E R S I T Y SELMA SELIGMAN Q First Row: CHARLES JONES CULLOM, B.A., Livingston, Tennessee. 0 NANCY GENE DALE, B.A., T' lil B, Nashville, Tennessee, Mortar Board, Secretary, Women's Pan-Hellenic, 3, Treas- urer, 4, S. C. A., I, Cabinet, 2, General Cabinet, 2, 3, President, Junior Cabinet, 3, Women's Athletic Board, 2, 3, Athenians, I. R. C., 3, Class Basketball, l, 2, 3, A Capella, I, 2. 0 ANN BOND DAVIS, B.A., K A 9, Nashville, Tennessee, S. C. A., I, 2, Women's Athletic Board, 2, JAA-VU, 2, 3, Athenians, 3, Assistant Business Mar-ager, "Masquerader," 3, "Commodore" Busi- ness Staff, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, 4, President, Kappa Alpha Theta. 9 ELIZABETH LLOYD DeBROHUN, B.A., E K, College Grove, Tennessee, A Capella, I, 2, 3, Lotus Eaters, Masque Club, 2, B. S. U., I, 2, 3, 4. 9 VIRGINIA HARLAN DENHAM, B.A., I' Liv B, Nashville, Tennessee, Cheerleader, I, Lotus Eaters. 0 JAMES MOORE DERRYBERRY, B.A., E X, Nashville, Tennessee. 9 Second Row: RICHARD JORDAN DONALDSON, B.A., IT K A, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 RICHARD DOUGLAS, B.E., X A IC, Nashville, Tennessee, A. S. M. E. O JEAN DOUGLASS, B.A., A A A, Huntingdon, Tennessee, W, S. G. A., 3, President, McTyeire Hall, 3, JAA-VU, 2, 3, 4, A Capella, 3, "Hustler" Staff, 3, 4, S. C. A., 3, 4. 0 GENE LANDIS DULANEY, B.A., Murray, Kentucky, Sophomore Honor Roll, Frasident, Sigma Delta Pi, Pan-American Club, Junior Bar Association. 0 MARTHA ANN EARTHMAN, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Tennessee, Gargoyle Club, Lead in "Let's Be Our Age", "Masquerader" Staff. 0 WILLIAM FRIERSON EDMUNDS, B.A., B 9 IT, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. V A N D E R B I L T U N THE VICE TEAM, REED AND CARNER 0 Firsi Row: ANNE LOUISE EIDELL, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee. 0 EVERETT HOWARD ERLICK, B.A., Z B T, Birmingham, Alabama, Phi Bela Kappa, Track Squad, 2, Sophomore Honor Roll, Junior Bar Asscciafion, 4, "Masquerader," 3, "Commodore," 3, Sfudenf Council, 4, Presideni, Men's Honor Council, 4. 0 Second Row: ALLEN STANLEY ESKIND, B.A., Z B T, Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Owl Club. 0 SARAH BELLE ESTES, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, 0 Third Row: CHARLES HERMAN EYERMANN, B.A., A K E, Sf. Louis, Missouri. 9 JOHN LEE FARRINGER, JR., B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Fencing Team, 2, 3, 4, JAA-VU, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Presidenf, Independenfs, 4, Gargoyle Club, 3, 4. 0 Fourfh Row: JIM SEVIER FOLK, B.E., E N, Tallulah, Louisiana, A. S. M. E., Vice-Presideni, Senior Engineers. 0 GERALD WEBB FOLLIN, B.A., A K E, Bell Buckle, Tennessee, Ace Club, Sophomore Honor Roll, S. C. A. Cabinef, Presidenf, Senior Class, Presidenf, Delia Kappa Epsilon, Presidenl, Pan-Hellenic Council, Sludenl Council, "HusI'ler" Sfaff, "Commodore" Slaff. 0 Fiffh Row: LEON FRANCIS FORDHAM, B.A., Glennville, Georgia. 0 MARY AGNES FOUST, B.A., Jackson, Tennessee, Phi Befa Kappa, Sopho- more Honor Roll. 0 Sixth Row: GILBERT SAMUEL FOX, B.A., Z B T, Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Arlus Club, 4, Sergeanl-al-Arms, Senior Class. 0 MARGARET ELIZABETH FRASER, B.A., A O H, Nashville, Tennessee, S, C. A., Arls Club. V E R S I T Y DAN WALTON I Firsf Row: MURRAY TAYLOR FREEMAN, B.A., II K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Skull and Bones. 0 SAMUEL JAY FREEMAN, B.A., A E II, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 ELEANOR GAITHER FRIERSON, B.A., .X A A, Columbia, Tennessee, S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, A Capella, 2, Junior Bar, 2, 3, 4, JAA-VU, 3, 4. 0 JOHN WILLIAM FRISTOE, JR., B.A., B 9 IT, Mayfield, Kenlucky, Skull and Bones, Band, I. 0 EDWARD CLINTON GARDNER, B.A., Columbia, Tennessee, Phi Beia Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi, S. C. A. Cabinef, I, 2, 3, I. R. C., 4, Varsiiy Square Dance Team. 0 GEORGE DEAN GARNER, B.A., 111 A 9, Ailanla, Georgia, Presidenf, Phi Delia Thela, Manager, Freshman Golf, Assisfanf Manager, Golf, 2, Manager, Golf, 3, Masque Club, I, 2, "Masquerader" Staff, I, 2, Business Staff, 2, "Commodore," I, Slaff Head, 2, 3, 4. 0 Second Row: MARY RUTH GASSER, B.A., Brenlwood, Tennessee, Winner of Freshman Debale, Sophomore Honor Roll, Chi Della Phi, Lofus Ealers. 0 LAWRENCE ALVIN GOLDSBY, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Camera Club, I, 2, 3, 4, German Club, I, Fencing Team, 2, 3, 4, Caplain, 4, Ari Workshop, 3, JAA-VU, 4, "Masquerader" Slaff, 4, "Commodore," 4. Q LOULA MARGARET GREEN, B.A., Fayelleville, Tennessee, A Capella, I, S. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Masque Club, I. 0 EUGENE GREENER, JR., B.A., Z B T, Memphis, Tennessee, Ela Sigma Phi, I, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Honor Roll, I. R. C., 3, 4, Calumel' Club, 3, 4, Artus Club, 4, Vice-Presidenf, Zela Befa Tau, 4, Vice-President, Senior Class, Phi Bela Kappa, 0 WALTER MADDEN GREGORY, B.E., Nashville, Tennessee. 0 ALFRED GREIF, B.E., Nashville, Tennessee, A. S. C E.. Secrelary, 3, Vice-Presidenf, 4. V A N D E R B I L T U N 15.6515 Q-fs S' ine QA, 1. s ses' we sw: 5. .: s 4 swf? .. .s . Q sf. ss..-,,,ss-Ag,,5V Q . WILSON-WALLER O Firsl' Row: GEORGE GOETCHIUS GRIFFIN, B.E., 'Il A 9, Rome, Georgia, Sophomore Honor Roll, Tau Della, A. S. M. E., Vice-Presidenl, 3, 4, Sergeanl-al-Arms, Senior Engineering Class, Ace Club, "HusI'Ier" Staff, I, "Masquerader" Staff, I, "Commodore" Sfaff, I. 0 SARA ROSE GROSSMAN, B.A., A E KID, Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Phi Bela Kappa, Women's Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, 4, Afhenians, Gargoyle Club, S. C. A., 2, 3. O Second Row: SCOTT HADDOX, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Gargoyle Club. 0 SYD HOUSTON HAILEY, JR., B.E., fl, A 9, Nashville, Tennessee, Omicron Della Kappa, Presidenl, Phi Della Thefa, 4, Vice-President, Engineering Class, I, A. S. M. E., Golf Team, I, 2, 3, 4, Secrelary, lnframural Board, 3, Junior Bar Associafion, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl, 3, Manager, Varsily Baskelball, 4, Business Manager, "Mas- querader," 4, Member, Publicalions Board, 4. 9 Third Row: ROY GLENN HAMMONDS, B.A., A 'I' SZ, Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Skull and Bones Club. 0 ANN MAY HARDEMAN, B.A., K A 9, Nashville, Tennessee, A Capella. Q Fourlh Row: CAROLYN ROSS HARRISON, B.A., A O TT, Nashville, Tennessee, A Capella, I, 2, 3, S. C. A., I, Cabinel, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenf, 4, Board of Direclors, 4, Chairman, Girls' Freshman Camp, 4, "Commodore" Staff Head, 4, "Hus'rler" Slaff, 4, JAA-VU, 3, Secrelary, 4, Alhenians, Women's Honor Council, 4, 0 WALTON WESLEY HARRISON, B.A., Shelbyville, Tennessee. 0 Fiflh Row: SUE BAYLESS HART, B.A., Memphis, Tennessee, S. C. A., 3, 4, "Commodore," 4. 0 WILLIS HARVEY HAYNES, JR., B.A., PI A E, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 Sixlh Row: VIRGINIA HENDERSON, B.A., A O IT, Millers Ferry, Alabama, Vice-Presidenf, Alpha Omicron Pi, 4, S. C. A., 3, 4, A Capella, 3, 4, Afhenians. 0 EDITH FRANCES HENRY, B.A., Moorhead, Mississippi, A Capella. V E R S I T Y JIM WEST 0 Firsl' Row: WILLIAM A. HENSLEY, B.A., K E, Cookeville, Tennessee. 0 PEGGY HERIGES, B.A., A O TI, Nashville, Tennessee, "Commodore" Slaff, 4, "Husller" Sraff, 3, 4, S. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Cabinef, 4, Women's Alhlelic Board, 2, 3, Class Baskelball, I, 2, 3, 4. 0 CHARLES THADDEUS HERNDON, lll, B.A., fb K E, Klngsporl, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Owl Club. I EUGENE BENJAMIN HIGGINS, B.A., E A E, Shelbyville, Tennessee, Omicron Della Kappa, Foolball, I, Baseball, I, Baskelball, I, S. C. A. Cabinel, l, Varslly Squad Foolball, 2, 3, Varsily Squad Baskelball, 2, Varsily Baseball, 2, 3, Caplain, 4, Senior Represenlalive, Sludenf Council, Sports Edifor, "Commodore," 3, "Husller" Sfaff, 3, "Masquerader" Slaff, 3, Sergeant, Home Guard, 4. 0 MARJORIE LEE HOWARD, B.A., A O H, Luclowici, Georgia, S. C. A., 3, 4, Gargoyle Club, 3, 4. Q TOM McLEAN HUDSON, B.A., A K E, Clarksville, Tennessee, Junior Bar, 3, Track, 3, 4. e Second Row: JOHN WALTER HUTTON, B.E., A K E, Nashville, Tennessee, Omicron Delia Kappa, Freshman Wreslling, Wreslling, 2, 3, 4, Caplain, 4, Tau Della, A. S. M. E., Presidenl, 4, Vice-Presidenl, Junior Engineers. 9 THOMAS PRIESTLY JERNIGAN, B.A., E N, Paris, Tennessee, Skull and Bones, Sophomore Honor Roll, Freshman Wreslling, Freshman Track, S. C. A., l, 2. I BEATRICE ELIZABETH JOHNSON, B.A., 1' sf' B, Grand Island, Nebraska. 0 HARRY EMIL JONES, B.A., Chalfanooga, Tennessee. 9 JACK PAUL JONES, B.A., B 9 IT, Memphis, Tennessee, Calumel Club, 3, 4. 0 ROBERT LOGAN JONES, B.E., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Presidenf, Owl Club, Presidenl, Junior Engineering Class, Presidenl, Tau Della, Presidenl, Kappa Alpha, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, Business Manager, 4, Circulafion Manager, "Husller", A. S. C. E., Sfudenl Council, Pan-Hellenic Council, S. C. A. Cabinet, I, 2, 3, JAA-VU, 2, 3, Home Guard, 4. V A N D E R B I L T U N Gamma Phi's sI'age raid. 0 Firsf Row: THOMAS LEE JORDAN, JR., B.A., Nolensville, Tennessee. 0 CHERRIE ANN KEATON, B.A., 1' fl' B, Nashville, Tennessee, S. C. A., I, 2, A Capella, I. 0 Second Row: DONALD SHARP KELLY, B.E., CII K E, Seymour, Tennessee, Ace Club, Owl Club, Sfudenf Council, Pain-Hellenic Council, Tau Alpha Tau, Presidenf, Phi Kappa Sigma, 3. 9 JOHN MAIER KENIMER, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Band, I, 2, 3, Sigma Della Pi. Third Row: WENDELL VERNON KINCAID, B,E., Nashville, Tennessee. o CHARLES EWING KING, III, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Efa Sigma Phi, 2, 3, 4, S. C. A,, 2, 3. 0 Fourth Row: JERRY VAUGHN KING, B.A., A' T SZ, McKenzie, Tennessee, Foolball, I, Capfain, Freshman Wreslling, Masque Club, Owl Club, Inframural Board, Pan-Hellenic Council, Presidenf, Alpha Tau Omega, 4. 0 TOM MOORE KING, B.E., Nashville, Tennessee, Secreiary-Treasurer, Tau Alpha Tau, Sophomore Honor Roll. 0 Fiffh Row: FRANK LLOYD KIRKMAN, B.A., A K E, Nashville, Tennessee, Phi Bela Kappa, Sopho- more Honor Roll, Calumei Club, 3, 4, I. R. C., 2, 3. Q REBECCA ANNE KORNMAN, B.A., A E fb, Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll. o Sixfh Row: ROBERT JAY KOSSOY, B.A., Brooklyn, New York, Sophomore Honor Roll, Skull and Bones. Q DAVID FREDERIC KOTKOV, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Calumet Club, Phi Sigma Iota, Sigma Della Pi, Delia Phi Alpha. V E R S I T Y MARGARET NO LAND Q Firsl Row: ALFRED WILLIAM LASHER, JR., B.A., A E H, New York Cily. 0 JO GAYL LAUDERDALE, B.A., TI B fb, Somerville, Texas, "Commodore," 3, 4. Q BOB LODGE, B.A., fl' K XP, Nashville, Tennessee, S. C. A. Cabinel, l, 2, General Cabinef, 2, 3, Vice-President, Cabi- nel, 3, Track, I, Ace Club, Owl Club, A Capella, I, Co-Edilor, "Scan," 2, "Masquerader," I, 2. 0 JUNE LONG, B.A,, E K, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 FRANCES MILLER LOVELL, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Tennessee, Vice-Presidenl, W. S. G. A., 4, Chairman of Class, 4, S. C. A., 3, 4. 0 DANIEL HARMAN MacDONALD, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, S. C. A., l, 2, 3, 4. 0 Second Row: STEVE FELKER MCCAMY, B.E., E A E, Dallon, Georgia, Presidenl, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pan- Hellenic Council, 4, A. S. C. E. 0 WALTER MCCORKLE, B,A., H K A, Gadsden, Alabama. 0 ROBERT NORWOOD MCNUTT, B.A., E Tupelo, Mississippi, Phi Bela Kappa, Phi Della Phi, Ace Club, Owl Club, Calumel, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl, 4, l, R. C., 2, Junior Bar, l, 2, JAA-VU, 2, Sophomore Honor Roll, "Husller" Slaff, 2, Legal Adviser, "Commodore", Q PAUL EDDIE MANNERS, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Phi Bela Kappa. 0 RICHARD DAKE MARTIN, B.E., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Tau Alpha Tau. 0 FRANCES ANTHONY MARZONI, B.A,, E A E, Birmingham, Alabama, Phi Chi, Track Numeral, I, Track Squad, 2, German Club, 2, Sophomore Honor Roll, Skull and Bones, 2, 3, Golf Leller, 3. V A N D 'E R B I L T U N I I -i HUDSON AND JONES 0 Firsf Row: FRANK CASWELL MILES, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee. 0 WILLIAM SIMON MILLS, B.A., B 9 H, Nashville, Tennessee, Assislanl Manager, Foofball, 2, 3, Manager, 4. Q Second Row: WILLIAM LOYD MINTON, B.A., K E, Roswell, New Mexico, Copy Edilor, "Husfler," 2, Skull and Bones, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl, Kappa Sigma, 4. 0 JOHN RICHARD MOORE, JR., B.A., XHI1, Nashville, Tennessee, Presiclenl, Chi Phi, 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Owl Club, Skull and Bones, Tennis Team. 0 Third Row: RAYBURN SABATZKY MOORE, B.A., Z X, Helena, Arkansas. 0 RICHARD THOMAS MOORE, B.A., H K A, Newbern, Tennessee, Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Assisfanl Manager, Baskelball, 3, Co-Manager, Track, 4, Junior Bar, 2, 3, 4, I. R. C., 4. 40 Fourlh Row: ROBERT ALEX MOORE, B.A., 2 X, Gallalin, Tennessee, Skull and Bones, Football Manager, l, Assisfanl Manager, 2, Band, 2, Baskelball, l, German Club, 2, C. A. A., 3. 0 ROBERT TOLMIE MOORE, JR., B.E., E N, Nashville, Tennessee, Tau Della, A. S. M. E., Sophomore Honor Roll. 0 Fiflh Row: WILL REESE MULLENS, B.A., A T SZ, Franklin, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Phi Bela Kappa. 0 ROBERT 'OVERMAN NELLUMS, B.E., K X, Nashville, Tennessee, Tau Della, Tau Alpha Tau, Presidenf, Sophomore Honor Roll. 0 Sixlh Row: ROY OLIVER NICHOLSON, JR., B.E., Nashville, Tennessee, Tau Alpha Tau. Q VIRGINIA ROSE NIMNICHT, B.A., IT B KII, Birmingham, Michigan, "Commodore" Sfaff, 3, 4, "Masquerader" Slaff, 3, Alhenians. I V E R S I T Y HARRISON RUE 0 Firsl' Row: MARGARET ELIZABETH NOLAND, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Tennessee, Morlar Board, Edilor, "Masquerader", Chi Della Phi, 2, 3, 4, Edifor, 4, Gargoyle Club, 3, 4, A Capella, 2, "Husller" Slaff, 3, "Commodore" Sfaff, 4. 0 PATRICIA ADAMS OLIVER, B.A., Tl B fb, Corning, Arkansas, "Commodore" Slaff Head, 3, 4, "Hus'lIer" Sfaff, 3, "Masquerader" Slaff, 4, Chi Della Phi, Corning Club, 3, 4, Presidenl, 4. 0 HARRIET MAXWELL ORR, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Tennessee, "Masquerader", Phi Sigma Iola. 0 HUGH PURVIS ORRELL, B.E., Nashville, Ten- nessee. 0 JOHN GRAY PALMER, B.A., fb A 9, Nashville, Tennessee, S. C, A., I, 2, Cabinef, I, A Capella, I, JAA-VU, I, 2, 3. 0 ROY WILLIAM PARKER, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Phi Chi, Wreslling, I, Skull and Bones. 0 Second Row: EDMUND BROOKS PATTERSON, B.E., A K E, Savannah, Tennessee, Assislanl Wrestling Manager, 3, Manager, Wreslling Team, 4. 0 IRIS ANNETTE PEARCE, B.A., Z T A, Memphis, Tennessee, B. S. U., 3, 4. 0 JAMES MCADEN PEEBLES, B.A., B 9 IT, Columbia, Tennessee, Omicrcn Della Kappa, Foolball, I, Varsity Leller, 2, 3, 4, Allernale Caplain, 4, Varsily Leif-er, Baskelball, 2, Owl Club, Presidenl, Bela Thela Pi, 4, Vice-Presidenf, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4. 0 ROBERT RADDING, B.A., Springfield, Massachusells. 0 MARY ELIZABETH RAINES, B,A., Z T A, Humboldt, Tennessee. 0 EDWARD ASKEW RAUSCHER, B.A., CI, K XP, Memphis, Tennessee. VANDERBILT UN A. O. Pi's priming for 'Iournamenlz 0 Firsl Row: MILDRED RAYMOND, B.A., I' ill ll, SI, Louis, Missouri, S. C. A., 2, 3, Gargoyle Club, 3, A Capella, 3, JAA-VU, 3, 4. 0 WILLIAM RAYMOND REED, B.A., fl, A 9, Tupelo, Mississippi, "Masquerader" Business Slaff, 2, "Commodore" Business Slaff, I, 2, Assislanl Fooiball Manager, I, I. R. C., 2, 3, 4, "Commodore" Staff, 3, Slaff Head, 4, Circulalion Manager, "Mas- '6,uerader," 4, Treasurer, Senior Class, 4, "I-luslIer" Business Slaff, 3. 0 Second Row: WALTER DUNCAN REGEN, JR., B.A., E N, Nashville, Tennessee, Freshman Foolballg Intramural Board, 3, 4, Presidenl, Sigma Nu, 4. 0 JOEL WESLEY REID, B.A., Greenville, Alabama. 0 Third Row: HENRY LOUIS REITLER, B,A., Z B T, Nashville, Tennessee, Arfus Club, Phi Bela Kappa. 0 ADELINE ERNESTINE REUBUSH, B.A., 2 K, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Moriar Board, Vice-Presi- denl, Sigma Kappa, 3, Sophomore Honor Roll, Lol'us Ealers, Alhenians, Phi Sigma lofa, Ela Sigma Phi, Presidenf, 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, Chi Delia Phi, Office Manager, "Masquerader," 3, Typing Editor, "Commodore," 3, 4, Women's Afhlelic Board, 2, 3, "Scan" Sfaff, 3, Phi Befa KBPPH- 0 Fourth Row: WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS, B.E., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Tau Alpha Tau, S. C. A. I JAMES E. RICHARDS, B.A., K A, Nashville, Tennessee. I Fiflh Row: MARIE MILLS ROGERS, B.A., I' 411 B, Richmond, Virginia, S. C. A., I, A Capella, I, 3, German Club. 0 IKE ALFRED ROSENBAUM, B.A., Z B T, Meridian, Mississippi, "Commodore," I, C. A. A., 3, "Masquerader," 3, Swimming Team, 4. 0 Sixfh Row: GEORGE ALAN ROSENBLATT, B.A., Z B T, New Rochelle, New York, Ace Club, I. R. C., 4, "Masquerader," Circulation Manager, 3, Sludenl Union, 3, Presidenl, 4, Sfudenl' Council, 4. Q STELLA ROSENBLUM, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee. I V E R S I T Y GENE HIGGINS O First Row: HARRISON BRIGHT RUE, B.A., I A IZ, Franklin, Tennessee, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Ace Club, Owl Club, Football, I, Varsity, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, Varsity, 2, Letter, 3, Captain, 4, President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Council. 9 EMMALINE RUST, B.A., Nash- ville, Tennessee, S. C. A., A Capella, Secretary, Sociology Club, JAA-VU. 0 ROBERT A. SAMMONS, B.A., B 9 TI, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Band, I. o WILLIAM EVAN SANDERS, B.A., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Council, 3, 4, President, 4, Honor Council, I, 4, S. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4, Board of Directors, 4, President, Campus Church Religious Council, 4, President, Kappa Alpha, 3, Vice-President, 4, 'Owl Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, 4, Student Union, 4, Publications Board, 4, Gargoyle Club, I. 0 THOMAS BARNETT SAPPINGTON, B.A., A K E, Port Arthur, Texas. 0 SELMA SELIGMAN, B.A., A E 111, Nashville, Tennessee, W. S. G. A. Board, 2, 3, President, 4, Honor Council, 3, 4, A Capella, I, 2, 3, 4, Arts Club, Z, 3, 4, Lotus Eaters, President, 2, Athenians, President, 3, President, Alpha Epsilon Phi, 4, Lady of the Bracelet, l942. 0 Second Row: J. W. SELPH, JR., B.E., K E, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Tau Delta, Tau Alpha Tau, Vice-President. Q ROBERT JOSEPH SEYFRIED, B.E., A K E, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Track, 2, 3, Sophomore Honor Roll, Secretary, Senior Engi- neering Class, A. S. M. E. O HERMAN LEE SHACKLETT, B.E., Island, Kentucky. O ANN SHAPARD, B.A., K A G, Griffin, Georgia, Lotus Eaters, Sophomore Honor Roll, VicesPresident, Kappa Alpha Theta, 4, Phi Beta Kappa. 0 WARREN BENTLEY SHEFFIELD, B.E., Nashville, Ten- nessee. 0 MAX V. SIGAL, JR., B.E., Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Skull and Bones. N D IE R B I L T U N ANNE COWEN 0 Firsl Row: JEWELL ONEIDA SIMMONS, B.A., A 0 II, Nashville, Tennessee, Intramural Baskef- ball, 2, 3, "Masquerader," 2, 3, "HuslIer," 3, 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Alhenians, S. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, A Capella, I, 2. 0 BETTY SMITH, B.A., K A G, Slafesboro, Georgia, Arls Club, 3,-JJ, Wce-Presidenl, 4. 0 Second Row: FREDERICK WILLIAMS SMITH, B.A., B 9 TI, Mooresville, Alabama, Phi Chi. 0 JOEL W. SOLOMON, B.A., Z B T, Challanooga, Tennessee, Owl Club, Assislanl Baseball Manager, 2, Sophomore Honor Rolll, Clrculafion Manager, "Masquerader," 3. 0 Third Row: BESS HARRIS SORRELLE, B.A., K A 9, Brownsville, Tennessee, lnlramural Baskelball, 2. 3. 0 LESLIE EDWARDS STEWART, B.E., K A, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 Fourth Row: JAMES MAYES SWIGGART, B.A., A K E, Brenlwood, Tennessee, Q WILLIAM HARRIS SWIGGART, III, B.E., A K E, Brenlwood, Tennessee. 0 Fiflh Row: JOHN MERL TATUM, B.E., K E, Halfiesburg, Mississippi, Ace Club, Owl Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Presldenl, Kappa Sigma, 4. I MARTHA HELEN THACH, B.A., F 111 B, Nashville, Tennessee, President, Gamma Phi Bela, 4, S. C. A., 2, A Capella, 2, Alhenians. 0 Sixlh Row: MIRIAM ELIZABETH THOMAS, B.A., A A A, Cleveland, Tennessee. 0 JOHN BROWN THOMIS'ON, B.A., Zi A E, Lookoul' Mounlain, Tennessee. I V E R S I T Y POCO" THWEATT Q 0 First Row: VINCENT VICTOR THURSBY, B.A., Memphis, Tennessee. 0 LEO POYNER THWEATT, B.A., 2 X, Nashville, Tennessee, Ace Club, Owl Club, Student Council, 3, 4, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4, Captain, Track, 4, President, Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Q CLIFFORD TILLMAN, B.A., Z B T, Natchez, Mississippi, Phi Beta Kappa, "Hustler," 2, 3, "Masquerader," 3, Student Union Board, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Honor Roll, Skull and Bones, 2, 3, Calumet Club, 3, President, 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, President, Zeta Beta Tau, 4. 0 HAROLD R. TRICKEY, B.A., E A E, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 MARY JEANETTE TRIMBLE, B.A., A O H, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 VIRGINIA TROTTER, B.A., K A 9, LaGrange, Georgia, Gargoyle Club, 4, Cheerleader, 4, JAA-VU, 3, 4. 0 Second Row: W. HUBERT TURNER, B.A., A K E, Carthage, Tennessee, 0 PATRICK HENRY WADE, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, Mana- ger, Freshman Tennis, I, Varsity Manager, 3, Sophomore Honor Roll, Eta Sigma Phi, 4, Intramural Board, 4. 0 CORNELIUS WILLIAM WAKEFIELD, B.A., A T SE, Union City, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Gargoyle Club, 3, A Capella, 2, 3, Artus Club, I. R. C., 4, "Hustler" Staff, 2, S. C. A., Vice-President, Alpha Tau Omega, 4. 0 WOODRUFF WARREN WALKER, B.A., E X, Nashville, Tennessee, Freshman Wrestling, Freshman Tennis, "Hustler" Staff, l, 2, 3, 4, "Mas-5 querader" Staff, 3, "Commodore" Staff, 3, Owl Club, Assistant Basketball Manager, 3, Mana- ger, 4. 0 MOSE LEE WALLER, JR., B.A., A K E, Lenoir City, Tennessee, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Junior Class, Vice-President, Owl Club, I. R. C., Masque Club, "Masquerader" Staff, President, Intramural Board, Freshman Track Manager, Assistant Manager, 2, Varsity Manager, 3. 0 DAN EDWARD WALTON, B.A., E A E, Birmingham, Alabama, Omicron Delta Kappa, Freshman Football, Varsity, 3, 4, President, Junior Bar Association, Owl Club, Track, I, Varsity, 3, 4. V A N D E R B I L T U N . Sf' we , 1 . f . as., i '?.,...a ..L-we-fe::x I I Ott to a Lab. 0 First Row: RUSSELL DORIS WARD, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee. 0 MARJORIE WARREN, B.A., K A 9, Blytheville, Arkansas, Athenians, JAA-Wu, 3, S. C. A. 0 Second Row: WARREN THOMAS WEATHINGTON, B.A., Boaz, Alabama. 0 JEAN CLAIRE WELCH, B.A., Nashville, Tennessee, President, Independent Girls, Vice-President, Independent Organization, 4, Councillor, Freshman Oamp, A Capella Choir. 0 Third Row: SHELLY HUGHES WELCH, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Ten- nessee, "MasqueracIer," 3, Gargoyle Club, 3. 0 ALLAN HENRY WELLMAN, B.A., 2 A E, Old Bridge, New Jersey, Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 Fourth Row: JAMES CUTHBERT WEST, B.E., fb A 9, Nashville, Tennessee, Freshman Wrestling, A. S. C. E., Vice-President, I, President, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Honor Roll, Secretary, Tau Delta, Honor Council, 2, Clerk, 3, President, Senior Engineering Class. 0 JOSEPH READY WEST, Il, B.A., slr A G, Nashville, Ten- nessee, "Commodore" Staff, I, 2, 3, Assistant Manager, Tennis, I, Skull and Bones, S. C. A. Cabinet, I. 0 Fifth Row: CHARLES BOSLEY WHITWORTH, JR., B.A., E A E, Nashville, Tennessee, Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gargoyle Club, Corporal, Home Guard. 0 JEAN WICKS- MAN, B.A., A E fb, New York, New York, Director, Workshop, 2, President of University Group Workshop, 2, Sophomore Honor Roll, Vice-President, Gargoyle, 3, Arts Club, Phi Sigma Iota, Treasurer of Mortar Board, S. C. A., 2, 3, Phi Beta Kappa. 0 Sixth Row: SARA ELIZABETH WILHITE. B.A., A A A, Cookeville, Tennessee, President, Delta Delta Della, 4, Camera Club, 2, 3, 4, S. C. A., Pan-Hellenic Council, 4. 9 MARK COCKRILL WILKERSON, B.E., E N, Nashville, Tennessee, Sophomore Honor Roll, Tau Delta, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, Band, A. I. E. E., 3, 4. l V E R S I T Y WILLIAM BAILEY VANDE 0 Firsl Row: DORIS JEAN WILLINGHAM, B.A., A A A, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 0 CHARLES WILLIS, B.A., K A, Nashville, Tennessee, Tennis, I, 2, 3, 4, S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, Presidenf, Junior S. C. A., Presidenf, S. C. A., 4, Sludenl' Union, 4, S. C. A. General Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, Board of Direclors, 3, 4. 0 MARY TOM WILSON, B.A., K A 9, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 LAVINIA PICTON WITHERSPOON, B.A., A A A, Nashville, Tennessee, Arfs Club, S. C. A. I Second Row: LEONARD WESLEY YOKLEY, B.E., Nashville, Tennessee, Presidenl, Independenls, 4. 0 VIRGINIA ELLICOTT YOUMANS, B.A., K A 9, Brenfwoccl, Tennessee, Tri-Arls, Senior Prom Queen, 3, Eta Sigma Phi, 3, Vice-Presidenl, 4, Business Sfaff, "Masquerader," 3. Q MARGARET ELIZABETH YOUNG, B.A., A 0 IT, Nashville, Tennessee. 0 JAMES PAUL YOUNGBLOOD, B.E., 2 X, Nashville, Tennessee, Sludenf Union, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Tau Alpha Tau. RBILT UNIVERSITY icers ACADEMIC BILLY CARLEN ....... .... P residani' CHARLES PLAXICO ......... Vice-Presidenf ENGINEERING R ............ Presidenf FRED HOLDE MIAL FESSENDEN . . Vice-Prasidenf 1 Q 'X W 5 , ,V W: u 1 N ' A A J L, - M L K. E , r fx 9? ,. G Y 32 5 5 Q. :ffl A L, Cu p-bearers. Firsl' Row 0 LANE ABERNATHY, B.A.g Delia Kappa Epsilon, Pulaski, Tenn. 0 JOE ADAMS, JR., B.A.g Alpha Tau Omega, Elowah, Tenn. 0 DORIS AKERS, B.A.p Nashville, Tenn. QGEORGE ALDER, B.A.g Phi Della Theiag Chalianooga, Tenn. Second Row 0 MACK ALLAMAN, B.A.g Bela Thela Pl, Sf. Joseph, Mo. 0 MARIAN ALLEN, B.A.g Gamma Phi Bela, San Mafeo, Cal. 0 EDWIN ANDERSON, l.A.g Phi Delta Thelag Chaflanooqn, Tenn. 0 MARY FLOYD ANDERSON, B.A.g Al- pha Omicron Pig Nashville, Tenn. l86fl Thircl Row OELSIE ANDREWS, B.A.g Nashville, Tenn. 0 GERALD AVERBUCH, B.A.g Alpha Ep- silon Pig Nashville, Tenn. - o DAVID BAKER, s.A.g Sigma Nu: Tu- pelo, Miss. OHIRAM BARR, B.A.g Alpha Tau Omega, Columbia, Tenn. Fou rlh Row 0 OPHELIA BASS, B.A.: Cumberland Cify, Tenn. Q PAUL BENHAM, B.A.g Sigma Chi, Marianna, Ark. Q EUGENE BERNSTEIN, B.A.g Alpha Ep- silon Pig Memphis, Tenn. O ROBERT BIBB, JR., B.E.g Sigma Chl, Nashville, Tenn. ' Firsl' Row O REESE BOGLE, JR, B.E., Apha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 EMILY BOURNE, B.A., Delia Delia Della, Owenlon, Ky. DSARAH BRIGGS, B.A., Della Delia Della, Franklin, Tenn. O WILLIAM BRIGNAC, JR., B.E., Forf- Au-Prince, Haiii. I C. P. BROCATO, B.A., Pi Kappa Al- pha, Cleveland, Miss. 0 BILL BROCK, B.E., Sigma Nu, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 LOUIS BROOKS, B.E., Zela Bela Tau, Nashville. Tenn. Second Row Q TOM BROWN, B.A,, Della Kappa Ep- silon, Toledo, Ohio. 0 MARTHA BRYAN, B.A,, K Al h Theta, Nashville, Tenn. appe p a 0 MARJORY BUNTYN, B.A., Savannah, Ga. 0 BILL BURKS, B.E., Sigma Chi, Colum- bia, Tenn. 0 JIM BURNS, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 OSCAR BURRIS, B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Columbus, Miss. o JACK BURTON, B.A.g Sigma chi, Nashville, Tenn. Third Row 0 BINKS BUSHMIAER, B.A., Sigma Chi, Van Buren, Ark. 0 CHARLIE BYRN, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 0 BILL BYRN, JR., B.A., Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 BETTY CALDWELL, B.A., Delfa Delia Della, Jackson, Tenn. OJOE CANNON, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Montgomery, Ala. IS71 O NEWTON CANNON, IV, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Franklin, Tenn. 0 BILLY CARLEN, B.A., Bela Thela Pi, Cookeville, Tenn. FourI'I1 Row 0 FRED CARMICHAEL, B.A., Bela Thefa Pi, Nashville, Tenn. Q ROSALIE CARR, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 NAN CASTNER, B.A., Kappa Alpha Theta, Des Moines, Iowa. 0 BILLY CATE, B.A., Phi Delia Thelag Nashville, Tenn. 0 JOE CATHCART, B.E., Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GERALDINE CATHEY, B.A., Lewis- burg, Tenn. 0 ANNE CAWTHON, B.A., Pl Beta Phl, Nashville, Tenn. Tyrone McRae. Q Firsl' Row 0 MARTINE CHAFFIN, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Gallafin, Tenn. 0 MARY FRANCES CHARLTON, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashvllle, Tenn. 0 TEMPE CHESTER, B.A., Kappa Alpha Theia, Chalfanooga, Tenn. 0 HAROLD CLARK, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row OJOHN CLOUSE, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Cookeville, Tenn. OALLEN COGBILL, B.E., Sigma Nu, La Grange, Tenn. O HOLMES COLLINS, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Springfield, Ohio. 0 VIRGINIA COLLINS, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. l8S'l Third Row 0 RUTH CONNER, B.A., Della Della, Allanla, Ga. 0 LILLIAN COOKE, B.A., Kappa Thela, Fullon, Ky. 0 CLAUDE COWAN, JR., B.A., Chi, Nashville, Tenn. O HUGH COX, B.A., Sigma Nu, ville, Tenn. Fourlh Row 0 JACK CRUTCHER, B.A., Sigma Epsilon, Henning, Tenn. 0 HELENER CURRIER, B.A., Tenn. 0 BETTY CURTISS, B.A., Kappa Thela, Nashville, Tenn. O E. G. DAVIS, JR., B.A., Chl Owenlon, Ky. Della Alpha Sigma Nash- Alpha Paris, Alpha Phi, Firsl' Row 6 ALLAN DEAL, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. OMATT DOBSON, B.A., Phi Delia Thela, Nashville, Tenn. OSARA DODSON, B.A., Hermifage, Tenn. 0 DONALD DUFT, B.A., Pl Kappa Al- pha, Chicago, Ill. OBUSTER EARLS, B.A., Sigma Chi, Gallatin, Tenn. 0 MAMIE EDWARDS, B.A., Kappa A1- pha Thela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARY EMMONS, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row O ROY ENGLERT, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. O PETER EYERMANN, B.A., Della KGPP6 Epsilon, Sf. Louis, Mo. 0 MIAL FESSENDEN, JR., B.E., Sigma Nu, Springfield, Mo. OJEANNE FONVILLE, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Jackson, Tenn. 0 DOUGLAS FORDE, JR., B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 CHARLES FRAZIER, B.A., Kappa Al- pha, Nashville, Tenn. I BILL FREELAND, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Forl Lauderdale, Fla. Third Row OJEAN FREEMAN, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 RAINEY FRIERSON, B.A., Bella Thela Pi, Columbia, Tenn. O HARRY FRITTS, B.E., Bela Thefa Pi, Rockwood, Tenn. OWILLIAM GARDNER, B.E., Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. E891 o WILLIAM GARNETT, BQA., Phi Kappa Sigma, Hopkinsville, Ky. 0 GRADY GATLIN, JR., B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, San Diego, Cal. 0 HENRY GEWIN, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Ala. Fourih Row Q ALEX GHOLSON, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Clarksville, Tenn. 0 LUCY FRANCES GIBSON, B.A., Delfa Delia Della, Johnson Cily, Tenn. QFORREST GLASGOW, B.E., Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. OJOHN GOODGAME, B.A., Charla- nooga, Tenn. g BOB GRANNIS, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 VIRGINIA LOVE GRAVES, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARGARET GRIFFIN, B.A., Easf Bern- sladf, Ky. Lipscomb lo Miss Vanderbill. Firsl' Row 0 WILLIAM GUPTON, JR., B.A.g Sigma Apha Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 WILLIAM HACKETT, B.A.g Phi Della Thelag Rome, Ga. 0 ELIZABETH HALL, B.A.g Della Delia Della, Nashville, Tenn. 9 JANE HART, B.A.g Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row I BETTY HAUGHEY, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Memphis, Tenn. O MARY ELIZABETH HERBERT, B.A.g Brenlwood, Tenn. I LLOYD HERPEL, B.A.g Bela Thela Pig Claylon, Mo. 0 LITTON HICKMAN, B.A.g Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. Third Row 0 ROBERT HINTON, B.A.g Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corinfh, Miss. 0 ADELAIDE HITE, B.A.g Gamma Phi Bela, Gallatin, Tenn. 0 GEORGE HOLCOMB, JR., B.A.g Bela Thela Pig Nashville, Tenn. 0 FRED HOLDER, B.E.g Paris, Tenn. Fourlh Row 0 MARVIN HOLDERNESS, JR., B,A-I Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sf. Louis, Mo. 0 CORINNE HOWELL, B.A.g KaPPi Alpha Thelag Nashville, Tenn. 0 HELEN HULL, B.A.g Augusla, Ga. 0 ANGELYN INGRAM, B.A.g Alpha Omicron Pig Dresden, Tenn. T901 Firsl' Row 0 JACK JENKINS, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texarkana, Tex. :1BARBARA JONES, B.A., Sl. Louis, o. OBUDDY JONES, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Lewislaurg, Tenn. OIWALTER JONES, B.E., Phi Kappa Psi, Jolief, Ill. OISHIFRA KARESH, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phu, Charlesfon, S. C. l HAROLD KATZ, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 JACK KAYE, B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Columbus, Miss. Second Row 0 JOE KERN, B.A., Sigma Chi, Green- ville, Ala, 0 B. B. KERR, B.A., Befa Thela Pi, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 0 GEORGE KING, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Shelbyville, Tenn. 0 OLIVER KITTRELL, B.E., Kappa Al- pha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 HENRY LAKS, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Pi, New York Cily. OWILLIAM LAUTNER, B.E., Nashville, Tenn. 0 ULLIN LEAVELL, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. Third Row OGRADY LEE, B.A., Hendersonville, Tenn. 0 ALBERT LEGGETT, B.A., Sigma Chi, Louisville, Ky. I ANN LEVINE, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 LEONARD LINTON, B.A., Phi Della Thela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 CHARLES LIPSCOMB, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Wynne, Ark. I91l o H. c. LONG, JR., B.A., sigma chi, Johnson Ciiy, Tenn. 0 STEVE LONGINO, JR., B.A., Befa Theia Pi, Sulphur Springs, Tex. Fourlh Row 0 JANE LOWENSTEIN, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GWYN LUKER, B.A., Apha Tau Omega, Columbia, Tenn. 0 LEWIS LYNE, B.A., Sigma Chi, Ridge- 'lop, Tenn. 0 KATHERINE LYONS, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. O PAT MCBURNETT, B.E.' Della Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. O LOUISE MCCLURE, B.A., Della Delia Della, Vero Beach, Fla. 0 JACK McCULLOUGH, JR., B.A., Phi Delia Thefa, Chalfanooga, Tenn. Burns and Davis. Firsi Row 0 HENRY MCGREDE, B.A.g Bela Thefa Pig Sulphur Springs, Tex. 0 HELEN MCMURRAY, B.A., Kappa Al- pha Theiag Nashville, Tenn. 0 LIDDON MCPETERS, B.A.g Delia Kappa Epsilon, Corinfh, Miss. 0 ROBERT McRAE, B.A.g Beta Theta Pig Memphis, Tenn. Second Row 0 TERRELL MCWHIRTER, B.A., Delia Kappa Epsilon, Rock Island, Tenn. Q WILLIAM MANAGAN, B.A.p Kappa Alpha, Lake Charles, La. 0 TOM MANCHESTER, B.A.g Delia Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 BETTY MATTHEWS, B.A.g Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. Third Row OALBERT MAY, JR., 5.5.1 Nashville, Tenn. O LEON MAY, B.A.g Zefa Beta Tau, Nashville, Tenn. Q EARL MAYO, B.A.q Chi Phi, Richland, Ge. 0 CHARLES MILLS, B.A., Befa Theta Pig Minneapolis, Minn. Fourih Row OWILLARD MILLS, B.A.g Alpha Tau Omega, Springfield, Ohio. 0 HERBERT MOORE, B.A.g Sigma Nu, Madisonville, Ky. a THOMAS Moose, JR., B.A.g sigma Chi, Corpus Chrisfi, Tex. 0 EUGENE MORRISON, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon: Earle, Ark. T921 Firsl Row O MARIAN MORRISON, B.A., Della Della Della, Philadelphia, Pa. 0 HENRY NELSON, B.A., Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 HOWARD NICHOLS, Chi, Nashville, Tenn. OEDWIN NORRIS, B.E., Glasgow, Ky. OJULIAN OLSEN, JR., Della Kappa B.A., Sigma Sigma Nu, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pensacola, Fla. OEMMET O'NEAL, B.E., Phi Della Thefa, Birmingham, Ala. 0 MARTHA OURSLER, B.A., pha Thela, Humboldl, Tenn. Second Row 0 RICHARD PATRICK, JR., Chi, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 0 MICHAEL PEARCE, B.A., Honduras. Kappa AI- B.A., Sigma Belize, Br. 0 BARBARA PERKINS, B.A., Kappa AI- pha Thela, Louisville, Ky. O GORDON PETERSEN, JR., B.A., Sigma Nu, Park Ridge, III. 0 CHARLES PLAXICO, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 BOB POPE, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Chaf- Ianooga, Tenn. 0 KEITH POUDER, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn, Third Row 0 EMELINE PRINCE, B.A., Winchesler, Tenn. 0 VIRGINIA PRITCHETT, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. OCHARLES PUGH, B.A., Sigma Nu, Nashville, Tenn. OBETTY RAINEY, B.A., Delia Delta Della, Columbia, Tenn. lf93.I O ALBERT RANSOM, B.A.A, Sigma Nu, Edwardsville, III. OHARRY RANSOM, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARY CURTIS REED, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thefa, Ripley, Tenn. Fourlh Row 0 HARRY RENN, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. 0 HOWARD RHEA, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Somerville, Tenn. 0 MARY HELEN RICE, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Greenville, Ky. 0 BRETT RICH, B.E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. 0 HARRY RICHTER, B.A., Bela Thela Pi, Alhens, Ala. 0 BILLY RILEY, B.A., Della Kappa Ep- silon, Meridian, Miss. OHOWARD RIPY, B.A., Phi Kappa Psi, Lawrenceburg, Ky. Buddy Brown, Buddy Cruicher, Buddy Holderness. Firs'I Row 0 GEANNE ROBERTS, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 WALTER ROBINSON, JR., B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Nashville, Tenn. 0 BETTY- ROTHSCHILD, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Brownsville, Tenn. 0 EMILY SCHWEIZER, B.A., Alpha Ep- silon Phi, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row 0 EMANUEL SCROFANI, B.A., Por? Washinglon, N. Y. ODOROTHY ANN SEWARD, B.A., Brenfwood, Tenn. 0 COUPERY SHANDS, B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Jackson, Miss. 0 GUY SHARPE, JR., B.A., Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, Tchula, Miss. Third Row 0 RICHARD SHILLINGLAW, B.A., Bela Thefa Pi, Nashville, Tenn. Q WILLIAM SIMPSON, B.A., Sigma AI- pha Epsilon, Monlgomery, Ala. 0 MARIE SMITH, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 RAYMOND SMITH, JR., B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Dresden, Tenn. Fourlh Row 0 FRANK SMYTHE, JR., B.A., Memphis, Tenn. 0 ANN STAHLMAN, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GRAY STAHLMAN, B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Nashville, Tenn. 0 SALLY STANFORD, B.A., Della Della Della, Memphis, Tenn. l94J Firsl' Row 6WARING STARBUCK, B.A., Palaika, Fla. 0 JANE STEAGALL, B.A., Kappa Alpha Theia, Nashville, Tenn. OTOM STEELE, B.A., Befa Thela Pi, Ripley, Tenn. 0 DOROTHY STEGMEIR, B.A., Delta Delia Delia, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JAMES STEWART, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Shelbyville, Tenn. 0 BOB STIGLER, JR., B.A., Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff, Ark. o WALTER sroNE, JR., B.A., Phi Kappa Psi, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row QALICE STOVALL, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 HARRELL STRICKLAND, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Corozal, Panama Canal Zone. 0 WILLIAM SULLIVAN, JR., B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Birmingham, Ala. 0 W. C. SWEAT, B.A., Delia Kappa Epsilon, Corinfh, Miss. 0 VISTON TAYLOR, B.A., Chalianooga, Tenn. 0 JOE THATCHER, B.E., Kappa Sigma, Lookoul Mounfain, Tenn. 0 MAYNARD THOMPSON, JR., Bela Thela Pi, McCrory, Ark. Third Row 0 RUTH THRELKELD, B.A., Henderson, Ky. 0 FRED TIPLER, B.A., Bela Thela Pi, Sheffield, Ala. 0 R. R. TIPTON, JR., B.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Tipfonville, Tenn. 0 NANCY TRAVIS, B.A., Pi Beia Phi, Cookeville, Tenn. OJEAN TUCKER, ILA., Pi Befa Phi, Nashville, Tenn. L951 O DONALD VAUGHN, I B.A., Kappa Alpha, Monievallo, Ala. 0 CHARLOTTE WALTON, B.A., Nash- ville, Tenn. Four'I'h Row 0 BILL WATSON, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. O IRVING WEISS, B.A., Apha Epsilon Pi, Memphis, Tenn. 0 ERICH WESTFIELD, B.E., Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARGUERITE W I L L A R D, B.A., Gamma Phi Befag Theodora, Ala. Q ETHEL WILLIAMS, B.A., Gamma Phi Beia, Nashville, Tenn. OANITA WILLIAMSON, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Old Hickory, Tenn. 0 GEORGE WILSON, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Rockwood, Tenn. Bill Freeland and "CoHon" Clark Fhd Row EUSTACE WINN, JR., B.A.g Delfa Kappa Epsilon . DORIS WOHL, B.A.g Alpha Epsilon Phi .... PHYLLIS WOLBERG, B.A.q Alpha Epsilon Phi . . lRVlN WOLF, B.A.g Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Second Row RAY WOMACK, B.A.g Kappa Alpha .... MARTHA WOOD, B.A., Della Della Della . . CECIL WOODS, JR., B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , . ARTHUR WORLEY, B.E.g Kappa Alpha . . Third Row SARAH WORLEY, B.A.g Pi Bela Phi . . . CLINTON WRIGHT, B.A.g Phi Kappa Psi . . , ELIZABETH ZERFOSS, B.A.g Delia Delia Della . . l96l 'YR . . Win'l . . . Nashvil . . Nashvil . . . Nashvil . . . Nashvil Lookoul Mounla . . . Nashvil . . . Nashvil . . Chaffanooq . . . Nashvil fficers ACADEMIC JOHN 'BURNS .................... Presidenf JOHN BEVINGTON ..... . ........ Vice-Presideni' E N G I N E E R I N G EARL SALA ..................... Presideni' JACK F-RALICK . . . . . Vice-Presidenf Fhd Row 0 JOHN AKER, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 JEAN ALLEN, B.A., Aflanfa, Ga. O MARTHA ALLEN, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. 0 KENNETH ARNOLD, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Madisonville, Ky. Q HENRY BAILEY, B.E., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Franklin, Tenn. 0 BETTY BAIRD, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thefa, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARY WEBB BAKER, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thefa, Gallafin, Tenn. Second Row Q RACHEL BALDRIDGE, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Fullon, Ky. 0 RYAN BALLENGER, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Greer, S. C. 0 BILL BATES, B.E., Kappa Sigma, Nash- ville, Tenn. Q BUCK BAYLOR, B.A., Della Kappa Ep- silon, Gulfport, Miss. 0 JEROME BEARMAN, B.A., Zefa Bela Tau, Memphis, Tenn. C ELMER BELL, B.E., Della Kappa Epsi- lon, Clarksville, Tenn. Q MORRIS BERNSTEIN, B.A., Alpha Ep- silon Pi, Savannah, Ga. Thhd Row 0 MARTHA BEVERLY, B.A., Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JOHN BEVINGTON, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. Q GEORGE BLACKBURN, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JOSEPH BOLAND, B.E., Pi Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. E981 0 IDELLA BOOTH, B.A., Sf. Peiersburg, Fla. . ANNE sowem, B.A., Pi aaa Phi, oak Park, m. 0 ARTHUR BOWEN, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Dyerbsurg, Tenn, Foudh Row 0 BARRY BOWERS, B.E., Sigma Chi, Penns Grove, N. J. Q LEONARD BRITTAIN, JR., B.A., Frank- lin, Tenn. 0 STEWART BRONAUGH, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Trenlon, Ky. 0 BETTY BROWN, B.A,, Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn, Q GEORGE BROWN, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 JANE BRUMMITT, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, McKenzie, Tenn. 0 MEDORA BRYANT, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Nashville, Tenn. Firsl' Row 0 SARA BURKE, B.A.g Nashville, Tenn. 0 WlLLlAM BURKE, B.A.g Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JOHN BURNS, B.A.: Sigma Nu, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 SAM BUTTS, B.A.g Alpha Tau Omega, Dresden, Tenn. Second Row 0 ELLEN CAMERON, B,A.g Kappa Alpha Thefag Chalfanooga, Tenn. Q MARTHA CAMPBELL, B.A.g Alpha om- icron Pig Tullahoma, Tenn. O SAM CAYCE, B.E.g Bela Thela Pig Nash- ville, Tenn, 0 FRED CLARK, B.A.g Kappa Sigma: Nashville, Tenn. L991 Third Row 9 EVERETT CLAYTON, JR., B.A.g Bela Theia Pig Nashville, Tenn. 0 HORACE CLAYTON, B.A.g Sigma Chi, Leeds, Ala. 0 LENORA COGHLAN, B.A.g Kappa Alpha Thelag Chalianooga, Tenn. g BERNICE COHEN, B.A.g Alpha Epsilon Phig Nashville, Tenn. Fourl'h Row Q RUTH coHEN, B.A.g Aflanfa, ea. I PAUL COHN, JR., B.A.g Zela Bela Tau: Nashville, Tenn. Q ROBERT COHN, B.A.g Zela Bela Taug lndianola, Miss. 0 JACK CONNORS, B.E.g Kappa Sigma, Memphis, Tenn. Firsl' Row o ROBERT COUSINS, B.A.g Pi Kappa Alpha, Gadsden, Ala. Q BILL CRABTREE, B.A.g Sigma Chi, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 EUGENE B. CRAIN, JR., B.A.g Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 JAMES CRAWFORD, B.E.g Phi Kappa Sigma, Evansville, Ind. Q WILL IDALE, B.A.g Beia Theia Pig Co- lumbia, Tenn. 0 BETTY DAUGHERTY, B.A.g Pi Beia Phi, Columbus, Ind. 0 VIRGINIA DEACON, B.A.g Gamma Phi Beia, Ereniwood, Tenn. Second Row QJEAN DeBR'OHUN, B.A.g College Grove, Tenn. 0 HERMAN DELANCY, B.A.g Alpha Epsi- lon Pig Cartersville, Ga. Q DOROTHY DODD, B.A., Gamma Phi Beiag Nashville, Tenn. 0 ROY DOUGLASS, JR., B.A.g Alpha Tau Omega, Huntingdon, Tenn. 0 BETTY DUNWOODY, B.A., Pi Beia Phi: Macon, Ga. Q CAROLYN ELLIOTT, B.A.g Alpha Omi- cron Pig Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARY ROSE ESKIND, B.A.g Alpha Ep- silon Phi, Providence, Ky. Thhd Row 0 JOANNE FARRELL, B.A.g Nashville, Tenn. Q WILLIAM FERGUSON, B.E.g Kappa Alpha, Chaiianooga, Tenn. 0 RUTH FERRIS, B.A.g Gamma Phi Beta: Norris, Tenn. 0 GEORGE FINLEY, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. l1ooJ Q JAMES FOLMAR, B.A.g Pi KappaAlphag Pensacola, Fla. 0 JACK FRALICK, B.E.g Beia Thefa Pig Defroii, Mich. 0 DOROTHY FRANK, B.A.g New York Ciiy. Foudh Row Q BETTY FREEMAN, B.A.g Gamma Phi Beiag Nashville, Tenn. O EMILE FRITZ, JR., B.A.g Sigma Nu, Mo- bile, Ala. 0 HENRYETTA GAGE, B.A.g Delia Delta Delia, Nashville, Tenn. Q AL GARBER, B.A,, Phi Kappa Psi, Bir- mingham, Ala. 0 BILL GARRIOTT, B.A.g Kappa Sigma! Gary, Ind. 0 GAYLE GAYDEN, B.A.g Kappa Alpha Theiag Nashville, Tenn. Q MARGARET GILL, B.A.g Pi Beta Phi: Kansas Ciiy, Mo. Firsl' Row I ALVIN GOLDFARB, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Pi, New York, N. Y. I J. C. GOODNER, B.E., Della Kappa Epsilon, Alexandria, Tenn. 0 ED GRAHAM, B.A., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Madison, Tenn. 0 JOSHUA GREEN, B.A., Phi Delia Thefa, Jackson, Miss. Second Row 4 WALTER GREEN, B.E., Sigma Chi, Franklin, Tenn. Q DAVID GROSS, JR., B.E., Zefa Bela Tau, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MURRAY HABER, B.A., Zeta Bela Tau, Nashville, Tenn. 0 WILLIAM HAGER, JR., B.A., Kappa Siqma, Nashville, Tenn. lfl01l Thircl Row g LOIS HAINSFURTHER, B.A., Alpha Ep- silon Phi, Chicago, Ill. Q FENTON HALL, s.A., Tampa, Fla. O JOHN HALL, B.A., Bela Thela Pi, Plain- field, N. J. g EDWARD HAMILTON, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Mobile, Ala. Fou rlh Row 0 FRED HAMILTON, B.A., Bela Theta Pi, Fayelleville, Tenn. 0 JIM HAMILTON, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. g BUFORD HARMON, JR., B.E., Bela Theta Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 BETTY JANE HARRISON, B.A., Pi Befa Phi, Nashville, Tenn. lx' Ti ,L Firsl' Row 0 KATHRYN HENDRICKS, B.A., Savan- nah, Ga. . JAcK HERRING, B.E., Delta Kappa Ep- silon, Arlington, Tenn. Q NANCY HIGHSMITH, B.A., Alpha om- icron Pi, Macon, Ga. 0 ELEANOR HILL, B.A., Gamma Phi Beta, Nashville, Tenn. Q ELMORE HILL, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 FLORENCE HOLMAN, B.A., Pi Beta Phi, Texa rka na, Ark. I ED HOPKINS, B.E., Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, St. Louis, Mo. Second Row Q BUNYAN HOWELL, JR., B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 CHARLES HUDDLESTON, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Jersey City, N. J. 0 ELMORE HUDGINS, B.A., Phi Kappa Psi, Cullman, Ala. Q DAVID HUGGINS, B.E., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARSHALL HUGHES, B.A., Beta Theta Pi, Kansas City, Mo. 0 IRA HUNT, B.E., Pi Kappa Alpha, Fort Knox, Ky. Q TURNER HUTCHISON, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. Third Row 0 BURTON HYDE, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Brooklyn, N, Y. 0 JOHN JENKINS, B.E., Nashville, Tenn. Q BETTY JOHNSON, B.A., Springfield, Tenn. 0 LOUISE JOHNSON, B.A., Huntingdon, Tenn. 0 BART JOHNSTON, B.E., Beta Theta Pi, Birmingham, Ala. lf102I 0 HENRY KEELING, B.E., Phi Delta naafag Nashville, Tenn. 0 JAMES KING, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nash- ville, Tenn. Fourth Row 0 MARJORIE KING, B.A., Delta Delta Delta, Tullahoma, Tenn. Q PAT KOMLOSS, B.A., Pi Beta Phi, New York City. 0 SYLVIA KOTTLER, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Boonton, N. J. 0 GUS KUHN, JR., B.A., Zeta Beta Tau, Nashville, Tenn. Q CHARLES LACKEY, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 RUTH LATTA, B.A., Pi Beta Phi,'Dyers- burg, Tenn. 6 ROBERT LEDNER, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Brooklyn, N. Y. Firsi Row Q ROBERT LEE, B.A.g Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Kansas Cily, Mo. O STANLEY LEVENTHAL, B.A.q Zela Bela Tau, Chaflanooga, Tenn. 0 AVA MARIA LEWIS, B.A.Q Alpha Omi- cron Pig Arlinglon, Mass. Q RUMSEY LEWIS, B.A.g Phi Della Theta, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row 0 ANNE LITTLE, B.A.g Thomasville, Ga. I FRANCES LORING, B.A.1 Gamma Phi Bela, Memphis, Tenn. 0 ROSS LOVE, B.A.g Phi Delia Thelag Tu- Pelo, Miss. 0 MARGERY LUCK, B.A.g Nashville,Tenn. EIOZI Third Row 0 HAGAN LUDLAM, B.A.g Kappa Alphag Largo, Fla. Q HORACE LUTON, B.E.g Pi Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 ELINOR McCARTHY, B.A.g Delia Delia Della, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JACK MCDAVID, B.E.g Sigma Alpha Ep- silong Birmingham, Ala. Fourlh Row 9 GEORGE MCELROY, B.A.g Sigma Chip Fori Knox, Ky. 0 CARL MCFARLIN, JR., B.E.g Sigma Chi: Nashville, Tenn. O MARSHALL MCGAW, B.E.g Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. g MARTHA McGRATH, B.A.g Sheffield, Ala. Fhd Row 0 CAMPBELL McLESTER, B.E., Kappa Alpha, Ashland, Ky. 0 BETTY MADDIN, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. Q BILL MANIER, B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Nashville, Tenn. 0 DOUGLAS MARTIN, III, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clayfon, Mo. 0 ED MARTIN, B.A., Alpha Tau.'Omega, Pulaski, Tenn. . WILLIAM MASON, B.A., waning, Tenn. 0 KING MATTHEWS, B.A., Sigma Nu, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row 0 JOHN MAY, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Germanlown, Tenn. 0 JOHN MAYFIELD, JR., B.A., Kappa Alpha, Shreveporf, La. 0 PORTER MAYO, JR., B.A., Chi Phi' Preslonsburg, Ky. 0 WILLIAM MELTON, B.A., Sigma Chi, Pine Apple, Ala. . MILDRED MILAM, B.A., Alpha omi- cron Pi, Nashville, 'l'enn. 0 BEN MILLS, III, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Needham, Mass. 0 RICHARD MINOR, B,E., Nashville, Tenn. Thhd Row Q MYRA MIRSKY, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Miami, Fla. 0 BILLY MONTGOMERY, B.A., Phi Della Thela, Greenwood, Miss. 0 ETHEL MOORE, B.A., Culleoka, Tenn. 9 JIM MOORE, B.E., Phi Della Thela, Bir- mingham, Ala, H041 0 WALTER MOORE, JR., B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 CLINTON MORGAN, B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Greenville, S. C. 9 WILLIAM MORGAN, B.A., Bela Thefa Pi, Cookeville, Tenn. Foudh Row 0 JOE MORRIS, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Paris, Tenn. 0 DICK MORRISON, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. Q ROBERT MOSS, JR., B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Kingsporl, Tenn. 0 NORMA MOUSSON, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JOE MURPHY, B.A., Bela Theta Pi, Nashville, Tenn. g JOHN MURREY, B.A., Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 PEGGY NELLUMS, B.A., Pi Bela' Phi, Nashville, Tenn. Firsl Row o JAIN NICHOLS, B.A.g Pi Bela Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 9 ALBERT O'BANNON, B.A.g lmmokalee, Fla. 0 'JACK ODESS, B.A.g Alpha Epsilon Pi, Birmingham, Ala. 0 ELOISE OGILVIE, B.A.g Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row Q GERALD ORKEN, B.A.g Alpha Epsilon Pig Chaflanooga, Tenn. a JACK OVERALL, af., Nashville, Tenn. 0 ELIZABETH OVERTON, B.A.g Kappa Alpha Thelag Nashville, Tenn. O WHITNEY OZIER, B,A.p Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Germanlown, Tenn. L105l Third Row 0 EDWARD PARISH, B.A.g Phi Kappa Psi, Hansen, Ky. 0 ANITA PARKS, B.A.g Pi Bela Phig Co- lumbia, Tenn. Q MARY PASCHALL, B.A.g Kappa Alpha Thelag Quaniico, Va. 0 LEX PATRICK, B.A.g Bela Thela Pig Fay- elfeville, Tenn. Fourih Row 0 THOMAS PATTERSON, B.E.g Kappa Alpha, Sl. Louis, Mo. 9 PHYLLIS PEAR, B.A.g Alpha Epsilon Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 BETTY PEEBLES, B.A,g Delia Della Della: Columbia, Tenn. S ARNALL PEERY, B.A.g Bela Thela Pig Columbia, Tenn. Firsl' Row 0 ROBERT PETTY, B.E., Sigma Chi, Coe Iumbia, Tenn. 0 W. H. PIGG, B.E., Sigma Chi, Colum- bia, Tenn. 0 CHARLES PORTER, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. Q FRANK QUACKENBOSS, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Evanslon, Ill. 0 FRED RAGAN, JR., B.E., Sigma Nu, Nashville, Tenn. 0 DOROTHY RAGLAND, B.A., Alpha Om- icron Pi, Elmhursl, lll. 0 HELEN RANSOM, B.A., Delia Della Della, Gambier, Ohio. Second Row 0 MARION RAYMOND, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. O LOYD REAVIS, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Dresden, Tenn. 0 BETTY ANN REED, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Fullon, Ky. Q BETTY REEVES, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Cooke- ville, Tenn. 0 ANTHONY REINACH, B.A., Zeta Bela Tau, Scarsdale, N. Y. 0 DOROTHY REINKE, B.A., Gamma Phi Beia, Nashville, Tenn. 9 JOHN REYNOLDS, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mariella, Ga. Third Row 0 RICHARD REYNOLDS, JR., B.E., Alpha Tau 'Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 ESTHER REZEK, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Miami, Fla. Q JACK RICHARDS, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Mobile, Ala. 0 BILL RIETZ, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Wafseka, Ill. lf106fl 4 TEX ROBERTSON, B.E., sigma chi,Am- arillo, Texas. Q MARVIN ROSENBLUM, B.A., Zela Bela Tau, Nashville, Tenn. O IRENE RUSSELL, B.A., New York Cily. Four'l'h Row OJOHN RUSSEL, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Maloon, Ill. Q EARL SALA, B.E., Della Kappa Epsilon, Toledo, Ohio. 0 ALF SATTERFIELD, JR., B.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Russellville, Ark. g WARREN SAWYER, JR., B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Cleveland, Ohio. O NELLE SCHELL, B.A., Gamma Phi Baia, Winchesler, Tenn. 0 RUTH SELLERS, B.A., Rock Hill, S. C. g HARRISON SHOULDERS, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. Firsl Row O BETTE SMITH, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. 0 HENLEY SMITH, B.A., Phi Della Thela, Birmingham, Ala. 0 RUSSELL SMITH, B.E., Phi Kappa Psi, Glendale, Cal. I SAM SMITH, JR., B.E., Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn Second Row 0 WILLIAM SMITH, B.E., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 ROSAMOND SNELL, B.A., Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Memphis, Tenn. 0 ROBERT SPRINGER, B.A., Phi Kappa Psi, Challanooga, Tenn. 0 MILDRED STAHLMAN, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. . L107fI Thircl Row Q FRANK STALNAKER, B.A., Kappa Alpha, Amarillo, Texas. 0 HARLAN STARR, B.A., Phi Della Thela, Rome, Ga. I JEANNE STEVENS, B.A., Della Della Della, Toledo, Ohio. Q FRANK STITES, B.A., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Louisville, Ky. Fourlh Row 0 AGNES STONE, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Hick- man, Ky. I NANCY STONE, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. Q TONY STREET, B.E., Sigma Chi, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 TROUSDALE STURDIVANT, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Nashville, Tenn. Wl f K . ll I ca. .-.5 , X U W .. lv X y s X l Q Tl .J T S-' Firsl' Row 0 BILLY SUMNER, B.E., Sigma Nu, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 PAUL TALLEY, af., sigma Nu, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 BERNICE TATUM, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Cenfralia, III. 0 RAYMOND TAYLOR, B.A., Phi Della Thela, Memphis, Tenn. 9 JAY TENENBAUM, B.E., Zela Bela Tau, Sl. Louis, Mo. 0 ALICE THOMPSON, B.A., Della Delta Della, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JOAN THOMPSON, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Kirkwood, Mo. Second Row Q GRACE TILLER, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 JANE TISDALE, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Nash- ville, Tenn. O FRANCIS TOOMEY, B.A., Lakewood, Ohio. 9 NELSON TRABUE, B.A., Bela Thela Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GIRARD ANNE TRITCHLER, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Columbia, Tenn. 0 PHYLLIS TROUT, B.A., Jacksonville, Fla. Q ALICE TUBB, B.A., Obion, Tenn. Third Row 0 WILFRED TURBEVILLE, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 EDMUND TURNLEY, JR., B.E., Pi Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARJORIE VANDILL, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Pine Bluff, Ark. O LEWIS WADE, B.E., Delia Kappa Epsi- lon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 CAROLINE WAGSTAFF, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Columbia, Tenn. 0 JIMMY WEBB, B.A., Phi Della Thela, Birmingham, Ala. 0 MICHAEL WEIDNER, B.A., Kappa Alpha, Challanooga, Tenn. Four'l'h Row O TH ELMA WEINSTEIN, B.A., Sleuben- ville, Ohio. Q SUE WEIR, B.A., Owensboro, Ky. IQIOBJ O DAVID WHITE, B.A., Phi Della Thelap Birmingham, Ala. 0 SUSAN WHITE, B.A., Delia Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. Q ELLIOTT WILLIAMS, B.A., Phi Della Thefa, Birmingham, Ala. 0 KENNETH WILLIAMS, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Albany, Texas. 0 VIRGINIA MAY WILSON, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. Fi'Hh Raw 0 EMILY WINSLOW, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 LAURA WOODARD, B.A., Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GERTRUDE WOODDY, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Ballimore, Md. Q JOHN WORTHINGTON, B.A., Chi Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 STEPHEN ZEEK, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 THOMAS ZERFOSS, JR., B.A., Phi Della Thela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 STEVE ZUMBRO, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Lewisburg, Tenn. fficers ACADEMIC TOMMY WALKER .............. WIRT COURTNEY, JR. .......... . ENGINEERING JOHN sremsn ............... WALTER SIMMONS ...,.......,. I lil 6 Z- Firsl Row o MARILYN ALFF, s.A., Easfon, Pa. 0 WILLIAM ALLEN, B.A., Bela Thela Pi, Gallafin, Tenn. 0 BETTY ANDERSON, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 WILLIAM B. ANDERSON, B.E., Bela Thefa Pi, Hopkinsville, Ky. Second Row OWILLIAM F. ANDERSON, ll, B.A,, Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 FORREST ANDREWS, B.E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Knoxville, Tenn. 0 WILLIAM ARMISTEAD, JR., B.E., Kappa Alpha, Anlioch, Tenn. 0 MARGIE ARNOLD, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. L1102 Thircl Row 0 HARRIET ATKINSON, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Newnan, Ga. 0 LEE AUSTIN, B.A., Della Kappa Ep- silon, Tren'l'on, Tenn. 0 CALVIN BAIRD, B.E., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pineville, Ky. 0 SAM BALLOFF, B.A.g Zela Bela Tau, La Follelle, Tenn. Fou r'lh Row 0 BILL BARTON, JR., B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JANE BATES, B.A.g Lewisburg, Tenn. QJULIAN BEISMAN, B.A., Chi Phi, Claylon,Mo. 0 MARY LANE BELL, B.A., Kappa Al- pha Thela, Nashville, Tenn. Firsl' Row 0 JOHN BERNAL, B.E., Kappa Sigma, Nashville,, Tenn. 0 STANLEY BERNARD, B.A., Zela Beia Tau, Rockwood, Tenn. 0 ALLEN BERRY, JR., B.A., Bela Theia Pi, Nashville, Tenn. OMARIAN BIGLER, B.A., Clearfield, Pa. OSHELTON BILES, B.E., Sigma Nu, Kingspori, Tenn. QBILLY BLEDSOE, B.E., Phi Della Theta, Birmingham, Ala. 0 GUERRY BOWEN, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Hoopesfon, lll. Second Row Q HENRY BRACKEN, B.A., Kappa Al- pha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARTHA BRADLEY, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. OWILL BRIGHAM, B.E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Dover, Tenn. 0 HUGH BRIGHT, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Birmingham, Ala. oLEWlS BRIGHT, B.E., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JACK BROCK, B.A., Bela Thefa Pi, Memphis, Tenn. 0 JEROME BRODE, B.A., Zeia Bela Tau, Memphis, Tenn. Third Row 0 JOE BROOKS, B.A., Zefa Bela Tau, Nashville, Tenn. OPERCY BROWER, B.A., Phi Delta Theia, Birmingham, Ala. 0 HOMER BROWN, JR., B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 DAN BUNTIN, B.E., Phi Della Thela, Nashville, Tenn. llllql 0 WARD BURGESS, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Louisville, Ky. OGASTON BURLESON, B.A., Kappa Alpha, Hamilfon, Ala. 0 MARY BYRD, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. Fourlh Row 0 MITCHELL CALDWELL, B.E., Kappa Sigma, Nashvile, Tenn. Q JIM CALLAWAY, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Florence, Ala. 0 MALCOLM CANTRELL, B.A., Beia Thefa Pi, Hunlsville, Ala. 9 ARTHUR CARPENTER, B.A., Phi Delia Theia, Norris, Tenn. OANNA MARIE CATE, B.A., Kappa Alpha The'ra, Nashville, Tenn. 0 E. J. CHAFFIN, B.A., Sigma Chi, Hughes, Ark. OJIMMY CHERRY, B.A., Beia Thela Pi, Nashville, Tenn. Firsl Row 0 BENNETT CLARKE, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JIMMY CLIFTON, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. o LARRY COHEN, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Memphis, Tenn. OMIRIAM COILE, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row 0 WILLIAM COKER, JR., B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Pensacola, Fla. O JOHN CONNERS, B.A., Sigma Nu, Memphis, Tenn. 0 HARRY COOK, B.E., Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 WILBA RUTH COPPLE, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Nashville, Tenn. lf112J Third Row OJAMES CORDNER, B.E., Phi Kappa Psi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 WIRT COURTNEY, B.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Franklin, Tenn. 0 LEE COVINGTON, B.E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Newlon Cenler, Mass. OJOHN COWAN, B.E., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. Fourlh Row 0 BOB COWEN, B.E., Phi Della Thela' Nashville, Tenn. 0 BILL CREW, JR., B.A., Sigma Chi, Jasper, Ala. 0 PAUL CRIDER, JR., B.E., Sigma Chi! Nashville, Tenn. 0 BILL CROSBY, B.A., Bela Theta Pi, Royal Oak, Mich. Firsi' Row 0 BEN.CUNLlFF, JR., B.A., Phi Kappa Psi, Nashville, Tenn. QGLENNA MAY DAILEY, B.A., Old Hickory, Tenn. OANN DE JOURNETTE, B.A., Alpha Omicrcn Pi, Rome, Ga. 0 EDWARD DINKINS, B.A., Sigma Chi, Paris, Tenn. QFRANCES YOUNG DRIVER, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 CHAD DRUMRIGHT, B.E., sigma chi, Nashville, Tenn. ILLOYD EMERY, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Paducah, Ky. Second Row QWILLIAM EPSTEIN, B.A., Zeta Beta Tau, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MAYO ESCUE, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. 0 DUNCAN EVE, B.A., Phi Della Theta Nashville, Tenn. 0 WATKINS FERGUSON, B.A., Phi Defa Thefa, Nashville, Tenn. 0 ELIZABETH FISHER, B.A., Gamma Phi Befa, Nashville, Tenn. Q BILL FLOYD, B.A., Bela Theta Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JACK FOLK, B.A., Sigma Nu, Tallu- lah, La. Third Row o LOUISE FRANKLIN, B.A., Kappa Al- pha Thela, Birmingham, Ala. 0 MELVIN FREEDMAN, B.A., Zeta Bela Tau, Lenoir Cily, Tenn. 0 MARILOU GARDNER, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GAYLE GERON, B.E., Bela Thela Pi, Hunlsville, Ala. 0 GLORIA GILBERT, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Allanla, Ga. F1131 0 Ross eu.LEsPie, B.E., sigma chi, Franklin, Tenn. GGLADYS GITTLEMAN, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Louisville, Ky. Fourlh Row i 0 J. D. GOODNER, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Alexandria, Tenn. 0 RANDAL GORDON, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 KATHERINE GOSSETT, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Danville, lll. 0 JOE GRAVES, JR., B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, El Paso, Tex. 0 BILL GRAY, B.A., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Nashville, Tenn. e CLIFTON GREER, JR., B.A., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. ORUFUS GUINN, B.A., Sigma Nu, Carfhage, Mo. X x I . g I ll ll I I I ll I Fhd Row Q KATIE WELLS I-IAGEY, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 CHARLOTTE HAILEY, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Nashville, Tenn. OJAMES HALEY, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 9 WILLIAM HAMILTON, Sigma Chi, B.A., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row ORUTH HARRELL, B.A. Tenn. Nashville, OJANE HARRISON, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 JUNE HARRISON, B.A., cron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GRIFF HARSH, Ill, B.A. Thela, Birmingham, Ala. Alpha Omi- , Phi Della IQ114l Third Row OJOHN HAYDEN, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Salem, Ky, 0 ALBERT HILL, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 RUTH HOLCOMB, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARION HOOPER, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. Fou rlh Row 0 BOB HOWELL, B.A., Phi Della Thela, Frankforl, Ky. 0 WILLIAM HUCKABA, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Florence, Ala. OJACK HUDSON, B.E., Della Kappa Epsilon, Clarksville, Tenn. 0 JACQUELINE JACKSON, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Franklin, Ky. Firsl' Row 0 VIRGINIA JAMEISON, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Augusla, Ga. 0 HENRY JARRETT, JR., B.A., Kappa Alpha, Macon, Ga. 0 JIM JONES, B.A., Sigma Chi, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 MALCOLM JONES, B.A., Chi Phi, Paducah, Ky. 0 DORRIS KELLY, JR., B.E., Phi Delia Thela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARIE KENNEDY, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Frankin, Tenn. C' WILLIAM KEYS, B.A., Sigma Chi, Corpus Chrisli, Tex. Second Row OFRANK KING, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Forresl Cily, Ark. 0 GILBERT KINZER, B.A., Kappa Alpha, Hunlsville, Ala. 0 GLADYS KORNMAN, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Nashville, Tenn. Q ROBERT Kaus, B.A., chi Phi, com- wau, N. Y. OCLARA ANN KUHLMAN, B.A., Pi Beta Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 LOIS KUHN, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARY LOUISE LEA, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. Third Row 0 JOHN LECHLEITER, JR., B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JACK LEHNHARD, B.E., Bela Thefa Pi, Evansville, Incl. 0 MIRIAM LOEB, B.A., Aflania, Ga. 0 DOROTHY LONGHURST, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. OGLEAVES LOVE, B.A., Phi Della Theta, Nashville, Tenn. lllsl Q ROE MCBURNETT, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. OLIBBY MCCARLEY, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. Fourih Row 0 MARTHA MCCLURE, B.A., Pi Bela Phi, Monmouih, lll. 0 JOHN MCGOWAN, B.A., Kappa AI- pha, Coffon Plan'l', Ark. 0 ROGER MCMANUS, B.A., Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 JOHN MANCHESTER, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. OWILLIAM MARSH, B.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Pefersburg, Tenn. 0 MARGARET MARSHALL, B.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, Nashville, Tenn. OOWEN MASSIE, B.E., Phi Kappa Sigma, Trenlon, Tenn. - 77, I Z- c ...B o A ,f"45 X gyf W I ',v,. ' 7: e", f L X' I ll Firsi' Row 0 WEFEL MATTHEWS, B.E.: Kappa AI- pha: Nashville, Tenn. 0 MAX MAZER, B.A.: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Leeds, Ala. 0 GEORGE MIDDLETON, JR., B.A.: Chi Phi: Norwood, Ohio. OJOHN MILAM, B.E.: Sigma Chl: Nashville, Tenn. Second Row 0 ROSEMARY MILES, B.A.: Pi Bela Phi: Nashville, Tenn. 0 LOUISE MOORE, B.A.: Gamma Phi Bela: Memphis, Tenn. 0 BILL MORRISON, B.A,: Sigma Chi: Hickman, Ky. OLOFTUS MORRISSEY, B.A.: Kappa Sigma: Nashville, Tenn. L1161 Third Row QCORINNE MURRAH, B.A.: Pi Bela Phi: Memphis, Tenn. 0 ROBERT OWEN, B.E.: Della Kappa Epsilon: Nashville, Tenn. OHAMILTON PARKS, ll, B.A.: Pi Kappa Alpha: Trimble, Tenn. OBUFORD PASCHALL, B.E.: Sigma Chi: Nashville, Tenn. Fourfh Row 0 SAM PEARSALL, B.E.: Della Kappa Epsilon: Gufhrie, Ky. 0 BOB PELTON, B.A.: Birmingham, Ala. OWILLIAM PERRIN, B.A.: Pi Kappa Alpha: Franklin, Tenn. I THOMAS PETERSON, B.A.: Chi Phi: Selma, Ala. Firsl Row 0 WILLIAM PHILLIPS, B.A., Kappa Al- pha, Nashville, Tenn. 0 GEORGE PICKENS, B.A., Phi Della Theia, Nashville, Tenn. OJAMES PILKINGTON, B,A., Sigma Chi, Marianna, Ark. 0 THOMAS PRYSE, B.A., Delia Kappa Epsilon, Clinchmore, Tenn. 0 LOUIS PUGLIESE, B.A., Bela Thefa Pi, Mayfield, Ky. 0 HOWARD RADY, B.A., Zeia Beia Tau, Nashville, Tenn. O ROBERT RAY, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. Second Row OJACK REED, B.A., Phi Della Thelag Tupelo, Miss. 0 MARTHA RICHARDS, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, Nashville, Tenn. 0 HUGH RICHARDSON, B.E., Bela Thela Pi, Nashville, Tenn. OMARK RICHARDSON, B.E., Sigma Chi, Columbia, Tenn. 0 MILLER ROBINSON, JR., B.A., Phi Delfa Thel'a, Nashville, Tenn. ORUTH ROBINSON, B,A., Decherd, Tenn. 0 JONES RUTLEDGE, JR., B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Lewisburg, Tenn. Third Row 0 FRANK SARALEGUI, B.E., Sigma AI- pha Epsilon, Havana, Cuba. 9 HOUSTON SARRATT, B.A., Phi Delia Thefa, Nashville, Tenn. 0 SARA SELIGMAN, B.A., Alpha Ep- silon Phi, Nashville, Tenn. OJOHN SESSOMS, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. lf117fI 0 DAN SEXTON, JR., B.A., Nashville, Tenn. OHENRY SHARP, B.E., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. 0 WILLIAM SHAVER, B.A., Sigma Chi, Wynne, Ark. s Fourlh Row 0 MARION SHOAF, B.A., Covingion, Tenn. 0 VIRGINIA SHOULDERS, B.A., Della Della Della, Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARVIN SILVER, B.A., Zeia Beia Tau, New Haven, Conn. 0 HUNTER SIMS, JR., B.A., Sigma Nu, Blyfheville, Ark. OMARVIN SMALL, JR., B.A., Bela Thela Pi, Gadsden, Ala. 0 BETTY JEAN SMITH, B.A., Madison, Fla. 0 BOWMAN SMITH, B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Nashville, Tenn. I I I..l 'ia Z- Firsl Row 0 E. W. SMITH, JR., B.E., Nashville, Tenn. 0 F. G. SMITH, JR., B.E., Alpha Tau Omega, Dresden, Pa. 0 MAX SMITH, B.A., Sigma Nu, Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 PEGGY SMITH, B.A., Gamma Phi Bela, New York Cily. Second Row 0 WILLIAM A. SMITH, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega, Red Bay, Ala. OWILLIAM B. SMITH, B.E., Della Kappa Epsilon, Nashville, Tenn. 0 LEWIS STAERKER, B.A., Phi Kappa Sigma, Gladewaler, Tex. 0 BILL STAMPER, B.A., Della Kappa Epsilon, El Dorado, Ark. lfl18J Third Row CJOHN STEBER, B.E., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mobile, Ala. 0 JOHN STEHLIN, B.A., Delfa Kappa Epsilon, Brownsville, Tenn. 0 STEIN STONE, B.E., Bela Theta Pi, Nashville, Tenn. l MILDRED SUGARMAN, B.A., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Allanla, Ga. Fourlh Row 0 MILTON THARP, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. OJOHN THOMAS, B.E., Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. OKENNETH TODES, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. 0 FLORENCE TOMPKINS, B.A., Kappa Alpha Thela, Nashville, Tenn. Firsl Row 0 GILLIAM TRAUGHBER, B.E.g Kappa Sigma, Nashville, Tenn. OGEORGE TREADWAY, B.E.g Kappa Alpha, Nashville, Tenn. OGUS TURBEVILLE, B.A.g Nashville, Tenn. 0 PAUL VANDERPOOL, B.E.g Nashville, Tenn. 0 MARY WALKER, B.A.g Kappa Alpha Thelag Franklin, Tenn. Second Row O THOMAS WALKER, B.A.g Bela Thela OCHARLES WARFIELD, B.A.g Sigma Chi, Nashville, Tenn. I PARKS WEAKS, B.A.g Della Kappa Epsilon: Fulfon, Ky. 0 GLORIA WERKMAN, B.A.g Pi Bela Phig Forl Wayne, lnd. O MARTHA WEST, B.A.g Alpha Omicron Pig Franklin, Tenn. Third Row 0 ROBERT WESTERMAN, B.A.7 Zeta Bela Tau, Pilfsburgh, Pa. O PETE WICKLIFFE, B.E.g Bela Thela Pig Greenville, Ky. ' OGUS WILSON, B.A.g Alpha Tau Pl! N-i5l'lVllle, Tenn- Omega: Bardsfown, Ky. I1191 0 THAYER WILSON, B.A.g Della Delta Dellag Gordonsville, Tenn. 0 ELIZABETH WOODCOCK, B.A.g Nashville, Tenn. Four'l'h Row 0 RILLA WOOLDRIDGE, B.A.g Nash- ville, Tenn. 0 HARPER WRIGHT, JR., B.A.g Delia Kappa Epsilon, Oklahoma Cily, Okla. QWHIT WRIGHT, B.A.g Alpha Tau Omega, Aflanfa, Ga. QCAROLYN WYATT, B.A.g Nashville, Tenn. 0 JO ANNA YOUNG, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. I I VA On guard. HOME GUARD The Second Tennessee lnfanrry Company D of The Tennessee Siale Guard was organized al Vanderbill in +he Tall of l94I. Hs purpose is Jrhe prolreclion of lives and properly and Jrhe main- Tenance of law and order. H will be especially Slcilled workmanship. ik W S T ? Regisiering for The NDERBILT'S PLACE I needed in case of disaslers such as floods plosions, rio+s, and invasion. Company D is composed of 55 Tennes above eighfeen years of age. Enlislrmenl 3 one year. These men are subiecf To aclrive in Tennessee al any lime, buf enlis'rmen+ doe affecl drafl slalrus. Learning fo build for defense. lf1201 xawfli Radio and Morse code. The Governor of fhe Sfafe, Prenfice Cooper, is Commander-in-Chief. Commissioned officers are: Capfain G. A. Dudley, Jr., Commanding Officer of fhe immediafe Company, Pirsf Lieu- fenanf Joe lvl. Dickinson: Second Lieufenanf Prank Plefcher. The Non-Commissioned officers are: Pirsf Sergeanf J. L. McCullough, Plafoon Aeronaufics. NAVY'HO Sergeanf Gray E. B. Sfahlman, Plafoon Sergeanf Liffon l-lickman, Supply Sergeanf G. B. Alder, Sfaff Sergeanf Eugene l-liggins, Assisfanf Supply Se-rgeanf Rodney Rucks, Corporal W. lvl. Rob- inson, Corporal Jack Parringer, Corporal Wm. A. Mason, Corporal Arfhur Bowen, and Corporal Newfon Cannon. N EW COURSES Aside from a summer program which is planned fo speed up fhe college course, Vander- bilf has several new courses for Nafional De- fense. Civilian Pilof's Training was esfablished in I939 under fhe auspices of fhe Civil Aeronaufics Aufhorify. From fhe fwo courses offered, pri- mary and secondary, a sfudenf was eligible for a privafe license and a cerfificafe of knowledge which was considered a sfep foward an insfruc- for's rafing. Now, however, fhe C. P. T. C. is a sfep info fhe armed service. An applicanf is required fo sfafe his infenfion of confinuing in fhe service. Each ferm fhirfy sfudenfs are en- rolled. Anofher of fhese courses now offered af Van- derbilf is fhe Naval Reserve Officers Training Program known as V-7. Under fhis program, men in fhe senior college are able fo enlisf in fhe Navy on inacfive dufy unfil graduafion and pur- sue prescribed courses such as navigafion, spheri- Draffsmen. H221 ME GUARD ' ENGINEER! USNR Class V-I comes To VanclerbilT. cal TrigonomeTry, physics, and naval hisTory. Upon graduaTion They Tollow inTensiTied courses To qualiTy as Ensigns in The Navy. A new program, which VanderloilT Univer- siTy was The TirsT school in The UniTed STaTes To adopT, is called V-I, and under iTs provisions any sTudenT may enroll Tor courses perTaining To Naval Training. ATTer a year and a half oT such courses, which are Taken along wiTh regular PorT arms. A+Ten'rion To roll. courses, The sTudenTs passing a compeTiTive exam- inaTion are divided inTo Two classes-Those which will enTer V-7 and Those which will enTer V-5 Tor Naval Air Corps Training. Those who Tail To pass The examinaTion are inducTed inTo The regular Navy as apprenTice seamen. Under This volunTary sysTem oT Training, Van- derbilT hopes To aid iTs sTudenTs To prepare Tor Their parT in NaTional Defense. Column of plaToons. l123Ql Paul H. Gilbert, B.A. . William Winstead, Jr., B.E. SOPHOMORE CLASS Students whose Dletures do Not Annear in the Class Dan Fourth Year Barbara Mae Binkley .......... Lawrence E. Cooper . . William S. Davis . . Hiram Large . . . Allan Truex . . . . . NURSING SCHOOL Elba Sneed . . Ann Bratten . . . Cecelia Cohen . . Hazel Fowler . . Betty Gardner . Jane Glass .... Virginia Gower ..... Mary Elizabeth Hearn . Virginia Hillard .... Vada Leonard . . . Mariorie Mathias . . Lucille Savery . . . Lorraine Tyler . Eleanor Wood . . Eleanora Faison . Nelle Warren . . Hannah Abramson, B.A. William F. Akin, B.E. . . Third Year .Second Year First Year SENIOR CLASS Donald D. Bachlott, B.A. . . Shirley Bartlett, B.A, . Annie Kathlyn Beasley, B Leonard L. Bennett, Jr., Mary Anne Bugg, B.A. . J. O. Burke, Jr., B.E. . Marshall C. Cherry, B.E. Jeanne Cude, B.A .... A... B.A... ,B9H.. Ernest W. Eberling, B.A., B G II . . George F. Freemon, B.E. Henry Angel French, B.A Samuel B. Hayes, B.E., Z X.. Charles K. Holland, B.A. . . Mortimer J. Horn, B.A. James C. Johnson, B.A., Joe S. Johnson, B.A. . . Edwin S. Lennox, B.A. . Monnie Lusky, Jr., B.A. George W. Marlin, B.A. 541141. George W. Penland, B.A. . . Lloyd W. Shelby, B.E. . Walter A. Snell, B.A. . Harry W. Wade, B.E. . Ann Carroll Wilkerson, B.A., A O IT . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Cooter, Miss. . . . . Norton, Pa. Rocky Mount, N. C. . . . Jackson, Tenn. . Cherokee, N. C. . . Woodbury, Tenn. . . Jonesboro, Ark. Chipley, Fla. . Charlotte, N. C. . . Snowdon, Tenn. . Greenville, S. C. . . Columbia, Mo. . . . . Michie, Tenn. . . Lake Charles, La. els Humbert Corsini, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Homer Dehoney, B.A. . . .... Columbia, S. C. I-larry Dunn, B.A., Z X . . . Hendersonville, Tenn. .losh Esslinger, B.A ...... . . . Florence, Ala. Lynn Farrar, Jr., B.A., A T S2 . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Robert Freeman, B.A ...... . . Whitehaven, Tenn. Stanley Freeman, B.A ...... . . New York, N. Y. Norman Frost, B.A., A T SZ . Nashville, Tenn. McMurray Gaines, B.E. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Jose Garcia, B.A ...... . Nashville, Tenn. Richard Goldberg, B.E., Z B . Nashville, Tenn. Marvin Gossett, Jr., B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. James Grisham, B.E ..... . . Sonnyvale, Ga. Henry Gude, B.A ...... . Memphis, Tenn. George W. Hardigg, B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. Paul Hembree, B.E ..... . Nashville, Tenn, Mary Virginia Howell, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. Frank Huber, Jr. B.A. . . . . . Elkmont, Ala. Robert Jolinson, B.A., E N Chattanooga, Tenn. William Jones, B.E. .... , , Nashville, Tenn. Katherine Kent, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Robert King, B.A .... . . Akron, Ohio Charlie Kornman, B.E. . . . Springhill, Tenn. Fletcher McKinney, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Clement Means, B.E. . . . . Lebanon, Tenn. David Middleton, B.A. . . . Savannah, Ga. John Miser, B.E ....... . . Nashville, Tenn. George Murtf, Jr., B.A., Is Ashland City, Tenn. Bryan Omohundro, B.E. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Edward Oswalt, B.E. . . . . Memphis, Tenn. Lee Pope, B.E ........ . Nashville, Tenn. Margaret Ransmeier, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. Art Rebrovich, B.A., E X . . . Chisholm, Minn. Bill Rennick, B.A. ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. Bill Rion, Jr., B.E ..... . Old Hickory, Tenn. Frank Roberts, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Theodore Rogers, B.A. . . . . . Decatur, Ala. Joseph Sbuttoni, B.A ....... . . . Nashville, Tenn. Warren Seyfried, B.E., A If . . . Niagara Falls, Ont. Roy Shaub, B.A. ....... . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bruce Sinclair, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. James Smith, B.A ..... . Nashville, Tenn. Rebecca Stallworth, B.A. . . . . Canoe, Ala. William Stephens, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. William L. Waggener, B.E . Nashville, Tenn. Vesta Whitley, B.A ..... - Nashville, Tenn. John Widell, B.E ...... . Nashville, Tenn. Harriet Williams, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Shields Wilson, B.A ..... . Fayetteville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Tupelo, Miss. . . . Aiken, S. C. . Youngstown, Ohio . Lexington, Va. . . Lebanon, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Arrington, Tenn. . . Savannah, Ga. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Jackson, Tenn. . Sunflower, Miss. Guy Zimmerman, B.A. . . Bowling Green, Ky. Mt. Sterling, Ky. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Petersburg, Fla. Lake Junaluska, N. C. . . . Savannah, Ga. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Tullahoma, Tenn. . Hayesville, N. C. . . Duckriver, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. JUNIOR CLASS Hilda Baird, B.A ............... Renfro Baird, Jr., B.A., 'IJ K XI' . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Pineville, Ky. Daniel B. Barge, B.E. . . Doris Barker, B.A .... Dewees Berry, B.A., A T Edwin Black, B.A., K X wtuts s. Blue, B.A .... Irvin Brightwell, B.A. . John Brittain, B.E .... Anthony Cerruti, B.E. . Henry Coile, B.A., Z X . Forest Home, Ala. . . Birmingham, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Maury City, Tenn. . . . Waverly, Ky. . Gainesville, Texas . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Grace Alford, B.A ..... Ward Allen, B.A ..... James E. Atkinson, B.E. . Robert Balch, B.A ..... William Bartee, Jr., B.A. . Jon Bennett, B.A ...... Mac Bigelow, B.A., 2 X . Carl Bingham, B.A. . . . Edwin Black, B.A. . Paul Brazeau, B.A .... Eugene Brooks, B.A ..... Alan Bubis, B.A., A E H . Winston Caldwell, B.E. . Mark T. Cayce, B.A. . . Anthony Corcoran, B.A. . Thomas Corlew, B.A. . Charles Crowdis, B.E.' . Hugh Evans, Jr., B.E. . Robert Fish, B.A. . . Estelle Fisher, B.A. . Gloria Gaston, B.A .... Redi Goodman, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Pine Bluff, Ark. . Nashville, Tenn. . Albertville, Ala. . . Henderson, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Maury City, Tenn. St. Petersburg, Fla. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . New York, N. Y. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Lebanon, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Wilbur Graves, B.A .... Ernest Hartley, B.A., E N George Herndon, B.E. . . Jane Hilsman, B.A. . . Robin Hirsiq, B.A. . Everett Holt, B.A. . Dorothy Katz, B.A. . Robert Keller, B.A. . Zane Kirshner, B.A. . Howard Lovett, B.A. . . Allen McDowell, B.E. . . Henry McGill, Jr., B.A. . Robert Mackey, B.E. . Hugh Midgett, B.A. . . J. P. Moore, B.E .... Ralph Mosling B.A. . Walter Nash, B.A. . . Mary Newman, B.A .... Maurice O'Bannon, B.A. . Rush 'Odil, B.E ...... Thomas Owen, B.A. . . . Sarah Evelyn Parrish, B.A. Hubert Peavy, B.A. . . . Stuart Perrin, B.A. . Orville Post, B.A .... Will Ed Powell, B.A. . . Edwin P'Poole, B.A .... Charles Pugh, B.A., E N Emmett Proctor, B.A., ll X Earl Ragsdale, B.A. . . Jack Raker, B.A .... Warren Reid, B.E ..... N. E. Rhodes, Jr., B.A. . . Laura May Roberts, B.A. . William Robin, B.A. . . John Robinson, B.E. . Bernard Rohling, B.A. . Rodney Rucks, B.A. . . Robert Scobey, B.E. . . Leonard Seitlman, B.A. . Harmon Sharer, B.E. . . Coy R. Smith. B.E, . Luther Smith, B.A. . Kenneth Spain, B.E. . Brock Stevenson, B.A. . Clitfe Stone, Jr., B.A. . James Timmons, B.A. . . Joan Van Natta, B.A. . . Rudolph Walters, B.A., fl, Goodloe Ward, B.A .... William Wells, B.A., E X Walter Williams, B.E. . . Myrtle Wolf, B.A. . . K Nl' Ward Wright, B.E. . . . Ken Young, B.A., E X . FRESHMAN CLASS Will Adams, B.E. . . . . J. A. Ball, B.E. . . . . William Barrett, B.E. . . William Barron, B.E. . . J. A. Berochik, B.A. . . Jim Binns, B.E. . . Homer Bollinger, BA. . . Ray Buchanan, B.E. . . Bill Buford, B.A. . . Butler Bush, B.A ...... Randolph Caldwell, B.A. Bedford Calhoun, B.A. . . Robert Cartwright, B.A. . Hannah Charlton, B.A. . Wilbert Chope, B.E. . . Saranne Cohen, B.A. . . Gilbert Cox, B.A., Pl X Bob Cummings, B.E. . . George Edwards, B.E. . Kathryn Evans, B.A. . Lyone Fehrman, B.E. . . Nashville, . . Tupelo, . Nashville, Atlanta, . Nashville, . Knoxville, . Nashville, . Nashville, . Nashville, . . New York, . . Brentwood, . Nashville, . . Nashville, O'd Hickory, . . . Benton, . Oshkosh . Nashville, . Nashville, . Nashville, . . Franklin, . . Nashville, Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Ga. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. N. Y. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Ark. Wis. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. St, Augustine, Fla. .. Cuthbert, Ga. . Sugar Grove, Pa. . . . . Waco, . Springfield . Nashville, . . Erwin . Nashville . Nashville, . Brooklyn, . Nashville , Nashville . Nashville, . Nashville . Nashville, . Nashville, . Nashville, . Nashville, . . Passaic, . Nashville, . Nashville . Nashville, . Nashville, . Nashville, . Nashville, . . ...., Austin, Texas Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. N. Y. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. N. J. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Texas Battle Ground, Ind. . . Greenville, Ala. CedarHill, Old Hickory, Tenn. . Brentwood, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Mt. Juliet, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Lewisburg, Tenn. . . McDonald, Pa. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Fulton, N. Y. Old Hickory, Tenn. . . . Florence, Ala. . Cookeville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. Goodlettsville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Louisville, Ky. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Portland, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. L1251 Ralph Fel'Quson, B,E . , . Nashville, Tenn. Bob Fesmire, B.E. . . . . Nolensville, Tenn. Will Fisher, B.E ..... . . Nashville, Tenn. Constance Fisher, B.A, , Nashville, Te,-in, Charles Ford, B.E. , Naghvillgl Tenn, Joe Gilbert, B.A ..., , Ngghville' Tenn, Leon Gott, B.A. . . . . Birmingham, Aa. William Goldberg, B.A , Nashville, Tenn, Bernard Goldhamrner. B.E. . Nashville, Tenn, D. W. Greene, B.E . . . . .Tullahoma Tenn. Andrew Greene, BA. . . , Nashville, Tenn, Bob Hamilton, B.E, . . , Fayetteville, Tenn. James Hancock B.E. . . Cedar Hill, Tenn. Ray Harlin, B.E. . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. W. J. Harbison, B.A. . . . Columbia, Tenn. Ernest Harris, B.E, . , Nashville, Tenn, Sam Harris, BA. . . New York, N, Y. Fred Helms, B.A. . Chattanooga, Tenn. Lee Hoagland, B.A. . . .... Mobile, Ala. Billy Hotstetter, B.A. . , , , , Nashville, Tenn, Jack Horn, B.A., I X . . Nashville, Tenn. George Horn B.E, . Bellevue, Tenn. Carlton Horner, BA. . Haddonfield, N. J. Charles Huckaba, B.E . . . Nashville, Tenn. Dorothy Husband, BA. , . . Nashville, Tenn. Jesse Jackson, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. N-illliifl -laCkSOH, BE. . . Nashville, Tenn. Charles Johnson, B.E, . . Nashville, Tenn. Vera Jones, BA. , . . . Nashville, Tenn, Harry Kelly, B.A. . . Bridgeport, Ala. John Kilzer B.E. . . . Humboldt, Tenn. Sara Knox, B.A. , . , . , Nashville, Tenn, Herbert Kuhn, B.A. . . .... Vernon, Texas John Lancaster, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Mac Latimer, B.E, . . . .Old Hickory, Tenn. Robert Lee, B.E, .... . . .Nashville, Tenn. William Longaker, B.E. . . ,... Nashville, Tenn, Jackson Lynch, B.A .... . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. Bob McGehean, B.E. . . . ..... Nashville, Tenn. Louie Manners, B.A .... Cumberland City, Tenn, Charles Miller, B.A., E N .... Nashville, Tenn. Ellis Morgan, B.A., A 'l' O . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Robert Nesbit, B.A, . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. John North, B.E. ...... . Old Hickory, Tenn. James Odum, B.E. . . .Old Hickory, Tenn. Hunter Owen, B.E ..., . . Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Buford Pearson, B.E. . . . Franklin, Tenn. Roy Perryman, B.E., 'll li I . . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. Raleigh Pickard, B.A . . . . . Peach Tree, Ala. George Proctor, B.A. . , , . Nashville, Tenn. Joseph Rankin, B.A . . .Carthage, Tenn. Wm. Redeman, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Ruth Reid, B.A ....... . . Burlington, Vt. Allen Russell, B.A ........ . New York, N. Y. Harry Sayle, BA., I A E . . Memphis, Tenn. Herbert Schulman, B.A., A . . Nashville, Tenn. Walter Simmons, B.E. . . . . Memphis, Tenn. Olivier Smith, B.E. . . . Madison, Tenn. Quentin Smith, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. James Sparkman, B.E. . . . . Dade City, Fla. Richard Stamps, BE. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Ralph Starr, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Francis Stevens, B.A .... . . . Franklin, Tenn. Joseph Stickley, B.A. . . . . Madisonville, Tenn. Walter Sullivan, B.A., E N , . Nashville, Tenn. Mary Ann Tanksley. B.A. , . . . Nashville, Tenn. Carson Taylor, B,A ...... . . Nashville, Tenn. Fred Terry, B.A., ll K A . . . Ithaca, N. Y. David Thompson, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Hall Thompson, B.A., E X . . Nashville, Tenn. Virginia Threlkeld, B.A. . . . . Henderson, Ky. John Vlamides, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Magdelene Wade, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. William Warner, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Clarence Widner, B.E. . . . Fayetteville, Tenn. Gerald Wilburn, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Norris Wilson, B.E .... . . Nashville Tenn. Walter Woody, B.E .... Robert Youngblood, B.A. . . Forrest City, Ark. . . . Henderson, Ky. 4 43 QA -H f A L ' . - V m . W ' Z r H . ' X K, -:xg : -4 - he Beauties and Favorites of 1942 shew the qlamereus side at the picture. The snapshots shew the campus at its best - and worst. FEATURES MIAA Selma Seliyman IIUAA lienryetta gage illal-ye:-lf Zack and Cornelia Kea!! June Cowen ALPHA OMICRON PI IIIIAA ?I'dML'6.6 Carter ?ranceA 14nn Chau CHI OMEGA ' WAHFV' joan Tlwmpun and Zillian Cooke KAPPA ALPHA THETA MIAA Martha Uumler Nancy Stone DELTA DELTA DELTA Pat Ulizler PI BETA PHI xx M llli A eanne ?vm1ille 14nne Cawtlwn Pl BETA PHI Uirginia Zfoumam KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA MIAA mar ie 141-nvid v K Ilia:-9 Roma Qlzind ALPHA EPSILON PHI I I Peggy Smith MIAA Harriet 14tlzinAon Uirginia liendemon ALPHA OMICRON PI lllargare t Steiger and Dada Zeonafrd SCHOOL OF NURSING IIILAA Kettq dun Jolnwon Martha Tlcaclc ' glwjiy 111614, fmilg Sclaweqer IIUAA Mildred Sugarman A+ fhe half. Le'H Page Firsl Column: Will if work? Tea hounds. Cul il out G. D. Ain'Jr we go'r lun. H's a fake. Second Column: Sublle Susie. Suave, ain'Jr he? Razzin' Rush Weelc. Posed. Glamour puss. POTPOURRI Righi' Page Firsf Row: Princelon week-end. Jusl looking? This won. Second Row: Slighl error. Thar man again. We don'+ gel Jrhis ei+her. Third Row: Oh, God! Promming. Field Jrrip. Fourlh Row: Welch 'rhisl Exam week. No. l794235, I pass. Fillh Row: Take if easy, chuml Amen! l Where have I seen you before? -my Wu, fig fx WSW f wx ' 514, 1 5535? Az-3 . I 1 W , ZW Q20 ff fl' x, J. 'iff' 1 4. Q . :A ,kg -gm 3, ,Fr . Vi 'ffkbfi M '15 , V? Pagliacci. Lell Page Firsl Column: M. D.'s en roule. l-le's mine. Food and lhings. Mermaid. Della Della Della. Second Column: Dudes. Our coeds. Wall-llower. ll's all over bul . . . Sh! who is il? POTPOURRI Righl Page Firsl Row: Grillin slill lrying. Big game hunlers. Modern design. ASecond Row: Who only sland and wail. Social slull. ll can'l happen here. Third Row: Relrealing? Comlorl- Al-ll-Il-I! Fourlh Row: Bombers. Mob scene. The old Army game. Fillh Row: Touchdown Vandy. We don'l gel il. All-oul ollensive. -"-' wi 9 M 2 ,. 1? I iff! x s JV Vi .5 Q 1 5 K .1 'ik ' 5 Q 1 :if - 15 I - , 15.5 . ' Y K x X I Q, 9 Xw Q X N fo? AQ X 3 vw , ez- .. . V fviwzt we in Mmm X M Uy.Nv V, ,Zi Q 4 -' . , - X Q ff J, QWWQSZXSQ 347 ,fgff -ig 2 I," ' ' f Y 4? .V 0 FM Vfgx- 3 -Q. Q. - 2 Rx ' V 1 ' M , ,ga QQ . AU,-9 X f-gf' ' H294-' Wffcwfww, V fs A -H, K , 'If,fdM2?fmi,':fQ A' ' , ,V ,W , ,.,., M, f., " M 2? M 1. ,J f 5 if if X- . ,vagal ff L . 3 Sw s ! Q ' Nwwfmf . Q.. ' , ,W ,L : ' WWA .,', L iw , f , M , ' ' -f vf.-gpg. 7 .W j 2 'Q ' ' - 3 Ls 4 V ,sv 'S' ,W fy X' ww -Q wg., YW I., 'Q Firsf Year Mecls. Lefl' Page Firsl Column: Floal propaganda. Ginny. Beaulies. A piclure of a girl playing cards. The ugly ones. Second Column: The myslery man. Pledge service. Club, caddy. Pep rally. Some of The looys. POTPOURRI Righl' Page Firslr Row: Today's The day. The oldesl arf. Second Row: The Mills srance. Peek- a-boo. Youmans and her has-loeen. Library "worlc." Third Row: Three on a spree. "Van- derbill Forever." Fourlh Row: Three o'clocl4 in Jrhe morning. Profiles. Tuffies. W, ww. 'We 'Qi E. Q, 5 . N X223 ' ' .md Fan-Mail. Lefl' Page Firsl Column: Academics. Landmark. Hep session. Culie. Whooping il up. Snow birds. Nancy. Second Column: Vandy's righfl Spring song. Annie C. Jivers. Alias. POTPOURRI Righi' Page Firsi' Row: Doesn"r believe in signs. Fair-haired looy. Pi Phi meeiing. Second Row: We like il. Oh, come now, Worley! Pin-males. Three queens. Third Row: Thela baskeiball. "Noi Jronighf, Willie-e". Pal pounding. "Why Don'i' They." Fourlh Row: "Now, don'Jr forgel'-". Rah! slurp, Rah! Freshman camp. ,mm fm ww an 1!.2JF:Ku. MicrophoTography aT The Library. LeTT Page l:irsT Column: Angels. A Tool, a drip, and a brainsTorrn lWhiTe's The one on The leTTl. Ice sl4aTers wiTh oTher Things. One way passage. Bull session. Second Column: Three girls on some sTeps. FraT meeTing. STore looughT. BeTas wiTh Their cup. l:irsT sign oT spring. The PhoTography DeparTrnenT aT iTs mosT. POTPOURRI RighT Page l:irsT Row: ChrisTrnas spiriT. Queen Ain'T love? Second Row: Give up? The big bangueT. STudenT's choice. Third Row: l-lome guard. B. B. 8: Co. SaTurday nighT. FourTh Row: Poor arT. Girl oT The Masque. Dollies. FiTTh Row: TheTa Tea-sippers. Who? . . . No! This didn'T win. f ' ' .- gf A V ,f 'Q-fi? " , .1 gay, - . x ,gb me nhl . :fi -Q,'1'! 3. Af. la., ,. 11 W' , , , f 1 wil' 411'-N ' 4 :iff - A-ms - ww. M ,,J,.,,.g "" Q ' . A n - ,pf ,.f.,,,.m 534-,Q .5 . ' f- . M., qw" X' ' ' - ' ,- 5,7 ,Q ' gg.. X .'sF3i:.,.f -ff , 'Mk' 1. -.5-: , V 42 5. F' i , . ...,.,V, . I K if ,ff ' V ' 'hw ' M' "" ' fx ssuzfc V Qin PM NN 5 A Q W ' if , . f A x S, gg W- 'fa g we , Q as 4 J, .Q . 4 M I ,. 4 1 M . ' I .i 'W V f 'Y J 5 x Y 1 FJ f. -- 2, ' , L K fi? l V qt A .1 v, wyksw ' 1, s V ' Q19 fl v ' if .375 9 5 wav , . Q lf f - mv wmmw ,W :. 4. wwf ,L fs 3 .sf 2 N YV, w. . fy' g,'Ga.mmw . F ' 9 . EIMS!! M955 he Fraternities and Sererities direet the energies et their members iii- te profitable channels, as Well as eeri- trihute te seeiat lite. HATEHNITIES 1 I 1 'N , 9' f . fa 1 ' N W:-A 1 'E IU 5 J Jia Z! 3, 3103 gi xx X- M I 3 -. 'Q aff, X - f f. 1- . ,f W,,.,,.Q v ' VV. ,vis zz ' ewggyh ,.., . W ,.v .mg 2 I 3. L, is if Mfzg sv F -ry! 2 L 'ai - A: ? " OFFICERS -as " f ,u V 'Qia- ..,l' .fo I F", clip' I 1 ' .1 Jflqae I- I SYD HAILEY JR. . . ED ANDERSON . . Presidenl , Reporler I A 4' , CLASS OF BILLY MOORE CLARK B.A. TOM KELLY CONNOR, B.E. Pelersb " , 6. . . ,Columbia Tenn. WALTER ROBINSON, . . DEAN GARNER JR .... 942 SYD HAILEY JR. B.E ...., JOHN GRAY PALMER, B.A. . fl ir 4,1 0 I BIII I A A ,X L f . ' " R - rigs 'I . f W, ll xJ'a""' .S -D ii' '!'T'?" 1w"::"':I'. ' ' '--' 44 ' .. -. I' X QQ' 1-gr 5 -E, Q I , E. i -new ,--. 33 in .I-, . . " , 44 . 'n.'- " ff J S o"1,v4wv. 4 ggfyjag' S, ,A ,Q-'f . "six PM JR 'MN f ' MGM? KV' "' 4 -VJ 19' - I v5.,,g,g A' w"' l . , SI Fl , , 'i iiie .. Ag ,, 9, . ia ,. i, ,, Founded al Miami Univer- si'l'y: December 26, l848g colors: argenl ancl' azure: flower: while carnaliong Tennessee Alpha es'I'ab- lished al' Vanclerlaill' in I876g firsl' "C-Evreelc-lel'I'er" organizafion on 'Ihis cam- pus. DEAN GARNER, JR., B.A. . . GEORGE GRIFFIN, B.E. . GECRGE ALDER, B.A. . . . EDWIN ANDERSON, B.A, . . OSCAR BURRIS, JR., B.A. . . WILLIAM CATE, JR., B.A. , MATT DOBSON, IV, B.A. . , WILLIAM HACKETT, B.A. . . JOSHUA GREEN, B.A. . . HENRY KEELING, B.E. . . RUMSEY LEWIS, B.A. . . Ross LOVE, B.A ....., . WILLIAM MANIER, B.A. . . . , . .Arlanla, Ga . . Rome, Ga . . Challanooga, . . Challanooga , . . Columbus, . , . Nashville, . , . . Nashville, WILLIAM REED, B.A .... , JAMES WEST, B.E .... . CLASS OF I943 Tenn Tenn Miss. Tenn Tenn . . . Rome, Ga WILLIAM MONTGOMERY, B.A. . . Greenwood, JAMES MOORE, JR., B.E ...... Birmingham, BILLY BLEDSOE, JR., B.E. . .A... JACK KAYE, B.A. . . . . LEONARD LINTON, B.A .... JACK MeCuLLoueH, B.A, . . EMMET O'NEAL, B.E ,..... WALTER ROBINSON, JR., B.A. COUPERY SHANDS, B.A .... . . . .NashviIle, Tenn. CLASS OF I944 CLASS OF GRAY STAHLMAN, B . . .JackSon, Miss. , . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . . .TupeIo, Miss. . . . . Nashville, Tenn Miss. Ala TOMMY ZERFOSS, B.A. . , . . . Birmingham, Ala. Ala PERCY BROWER, JR., B.A ...... Birmingham, DAN BUNTIN, B.E ...,.. . . . . Nashville, ARTHUR CARPENTER, JR., B.A ..... Norris, ROBERT COWEN, B.E .... DUNCAN EvE, Ili, B.A. . . . . . . Nashville, . . . . Nashville, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn WATKINS FERGUSON, B,A ....... Tupelo, HOUSTON SARRATT, B.A. . Miss CLINT MORGAN, B,A. . . HENIEY SMITH, B.A. . . . HARLAN STARR, B.A .... RAYMOND TAYLOR, B.A. . . JAMES WEBB, B.A .,.... DAVID WHITE, B.A .... . ELLIOTT WILLIAMS, B.A. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. I945 GRIFF HARSH, lll, B.A. . . . ROBERT HOWELL, B.A. . . DORRIS KELLY, JR., E.E. . . GLEAVES LOVE, B.A ,.... GEORGE PICKENS, B.A. . . JACK REED, B.A ..... . MILLER ROBINSON, B.A. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Ill . . .Secretary . . Treasurer . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .TupeIo, Miss. . . Nashville, Tenn. , Columbus, Miss . . Nashville, Tenn Challanooga, Tenn . Birmingham, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn . , .Jackson, Miss . , . Greenville, S. C. . . Birmingham Ala .,...Rome,Ga . . Memphis, Tenn , . Birmingham, Ala . . Birmingham, Ala . . Birmingham, Ala . . Birmingham, Ala . . . Franklorl, Ky . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Tupelo, Miss . . Nashville, Tenn SLEEPYoPU.MPoBATHLESSoBUNGePOOC v ws ,.M.Z.:s1. x-I 4--I. alum, The chaplrer ThaT Cornelius louilT is righT nexT door To BuTch's .... Every now and Then Sleepy Tries buT can'T guiTe geT The energy To leave and geT a daTe .... The boys seem To Take iT seriously. . . . They brace Their house up every year Tor rush week . . . and hide Greasy Sam LinTon. . . STahlman claims To have Taken a screen TesT. . . Disney wanTs To give Waldo one .... Pump Garner is in charge oi graTT .... Hailey and ZerToss are caughT in a crossfire Trom The Tri DelTa House .... Forced To resorT To spin-The- boTTle aT Their Kid ParTies . . . buT even ThaT doesn'T help GriTTin .... l'lackeTT deparTed Tor The Army leaving, a shorTage oT rum .... Mc- Cullough and George Alder are big wigs in The Home Guard . . . a hangover Trom MiliTary School, you know .... Colleclrively, They're a good bunch .... BiTe-more Clark asserTs ThaT he's Their chief claim To Tame . . . we ain'T a'saying .... PainTed The dining room chairs red and yellow . . . good Tor Sunday hangovers. . . . Typical Phi STruT . . . Billy CaTe's .... Only sporT -They really excel in is coed wresTling .... Like To Think oT Themselves as The socieTy playboys oT The campus . . buT Then again There's Greasy Sam. ANGYQGREASY Firsf Row: Wm. Moore Clark, Tom Kelly Connor, Dean Garner, Jr., George Griffin, Syd Hailey, Jr. Second Row: John Gray Palmer, William Reed, James Wesf, George Alder, Edwin Anderson. Third Row: Oscar Burris, Jr., William Cafe, Jr., Mari Dobson, IV, William Hackeff, Jack Kaye. Fourlh Row: Leonard Linion, Jack McCullough, Emmel' O'Neal, WalTer'Rob- inson, Jr., Coupery Shands. Fifth Row: Gray Sfahlman, Joshua Green, Henry Keeling, Rumsey Lewis, Ross Love. Sixfh Row: William Manier, William Monfgomery, James Moore, Jr., Clinf Morgan, Henley Smifh. Sevenfh Row: Harlan STarr, Raymond Taylor, James Webb, David Whire, Elliofr Williams. Eighlh Row: Tommy Zerfoss, Billy Bledsoe, Percy Brower, Jr., Dan BunTin, ArThur Carpenfer, Jr. Ninfh Row: Roberl' Cowen, Jr., Duncan Eve, Wafkins Ferguson, Grifl Harsh, lll, Roberr Howell, Tenth Row: Dorris Kelly, Jr., Gleaves Love, George Pickens, Jack Reed, Miller Robinson, Housfon Sarrafi. iw I , .I I 'B .,, ff- . - B5-'gag . -253053: -f' 7 -A 156: 5' w I' Am I' R EF: : 71 . L B PI' 1' P A S ILM ' 1 'run 1 I-bt is Q - L' .. 4. ff , , I 7 . J , j .., I , 7 OFFICERS X X5 BWAIBJM. . . , . .,. . Presidenf ALEX GHOLSON . . J AMIINTQN -f 'B + BOBBY POPE ,. .E W J' L H , . . ...... Hlgg- ell . . . CLASS OF i942 Vw " ff' e E - ' Af? .ma al"QR5"25'g:lJ I 2 .miss-, ws,- -f2'?g2,j,BQw' Te? Founclecl al Universily of Virginia: December IO, l869g colors: scarlel, green ancl while: flower: lily-of- lhe-valley: Kappa chapler eslablished al' Vanderbill' in I876. WILLIAM HENSLEY, li.A ...... Cookeville, Tenn. WILLIAM MINTON, B.A ....... Roswell, N. M. EDWIN BLACK, B.A. . . JOE CATHCART, B.E, . ALEX GHOLSON, B.A. . BILL BATES, B.E. . . BILL BURKE, B.A. . . FRED CLARK, B.A. , . JACK coNNoKs, B.E. JOHN TATUM, B,E. . CLAS . . Maury Ci'ry, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Clarksville, Tenn. CLAS . , Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. , . . . . Memphis, Tenn, SOE SOE SAM SMITH, B.E .... ROBERT NELLUMS, B.E. EJ. W. SELPH, B.E. , . . . Halfiesburg, Miss. Illllll . . .Secrelary . . .Treasurer . . Nashville, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Tenn. I 943 ROBERT POPE, B.A. . . HOWARD Rl-IEA, B.A. , JOE THATCHER, B.E. . I944 GEORGE FINLEY, B.A. . WILLIAM GARRIOTT, B.A. . . WILLIAM HAGER, B.A. CHARLES PORTER, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF l945 JOHN BERNAL, B.E, .... . . . Nashville, Tenn. MITCHELL CALDWELL, B.E. , . . . Nashville, Tenn. BENNETT CLARKE, B.A. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. GILLIAM TRAUGHBER, B.E. Challanooga, Tenn. . Somerville, Tenn. Lookoul' MI., Tenn. Lawrencebu rg, Tenn . . . . . Gary, Ind. . Nashville, Tenn. MAYO ESCUE, B.A. , . LOFTUS MORRISSEY, B.A MILTON TI-IARP, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . , Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. , . Nashville, Tenn. PUDoPOTSlEoPETEeDUTCHoBUTCHoDlCTA lT's hard To keep up wiTh migraTions buT They li+ down on Terrace Place Tor The presenT. . . Used To live by The ArT School buT The girls were unresponsive .... Goon Ghoulson is mosT meTic- ulous oT his appearance .... TaTum boughT him- selT a gavel . . . Then wasn'T re-elecTed. . Bobby Pope sTill doesn'T know abouT women . . Takes a "no" as a repulse .... Lard WhiTaker was Their socieTy playboy . . . used To geT awTully playful . . . "PoTsie" PorTer is priming To Take David Baker's place in The sun .... ChapTer holds crap games Tor The visiTing breThren . . . BaTes was raTher good aT Touch TooTball . . . and Told Them so .... Connors browned The boys Tor Owl Club so he could peroxide his hair again. . STill have To imporT girls Tor dances. RQFRICKQLARRY Firsl' Row: William l-lensley, William lvlinTon, RoberT Nellums, J. W. Selph. Second Row: John TaTum, Joe CaThcar'r, Alex Gholson, Roberl' Pope. Third Row: l-low- ard Rhea, Joe ThaTcher, Bill BaTes, Bill Burke. FourTh Row: Fred Clark, John J. Connors, George Finley, William GarrioTT. Fiffh Row: William l-lager, Charles R. Porler, Sam SmiTh, John Bernal. SixTh Row: MiTchell Caldwell, BenneTTe Clarke, lvlayo Escue, LoTTus Morrissey. SevenTl1 Row: lv1ilTon Tharp, Gilliam Traughber. 6 G 211,41 , Zi- , 5? ,sf ,- fm, ,fi "3i5'?' .sg , I fw Founded al Universi+y of Alabama: March 9, I856q colors: royal purple and old gold: flower: violeh chap- Ier exis+ed al 'l'he Universily of Nashville un+iI Civil Warp Tennessee Nu es'I'al::- lished al' Vanderloill' in I876. lllllll IP OFFICERS Archon MARVIN HOLDERNESS . Depuly Archon JOHN CRUTCHER . . CLASS OF I942 Tenn, GENE HIGGINS, B.A. . WALLY BEASLEY, B,A ........ Columbia, Tenn. KARL METZ, B.A. . . C, C. BELL, B.A. ,....... Nashville, Tenn. STEVE McCAMY, B.E. . HUGH BROOKS, B.E. . . . . Jackson, Tenn. HARRISON RUE, B.A. RICHARD DOUGLAS, B.E ...... Nashville, Tenn. HAROLD TRICKEY, B.A. WILLIS HAYNES, B.A. ....., Nashville, Tenn. DAN WALTON, B.A.'. CHARLES BYRN, B.A. . . NEWTON CANNON, B.A. , JOHN CRUTCHER, B.A. . DOUGLAS FORDE, B,A. . . BILLY GUPTON, B.A. . . . LITTON HICKMAN, B.A. . . BOB HINTON, B.A. . . . B.A MARVIN HOLDERNESS, JACK JENKINS, B,A, . . . KENNETH ARNOLD, B.A. . HENRY BAILEY, B.E. . . JOHN BEVINOTON, B.A. . ED GRAHAM, B,A. . . . . ED HOPKINS, B.E. . BOB LEE, B.A. . . . . CALVIN RAIRD, B.E. . . WARD BUROESS, B.A. , , WIRT OOURTNEY, B.A. . BILL GRAY, B.A. , . . CHARLES WHITWORTH, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. , , Murfreesboro, . . . Franklin, . . Henning, . , Nashville, . Nashville . Nashville Corinlh, CLASS OF I943 Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Miss SI. Louis, Mo . Texarkana, Texas CLASS OF . . . Madisonville, Ky. . . Franklin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Madison, Tenn. SI. Louis, Mo . Kansas Cily, Mo FRANK STITES, B.A. CLA . . . Pineville, Ky . Louisville, Ky . Franklin, . . Nashville, Tenn Tenn SS OF GEORGE KING, B.A. . ALLEN PRLIITT, B.A. . . GUY SHARPE, B.A. . BILL SIMPSON, B.A. . . JAMES STEWART, BA BILL SULLIVAN, B.A. . BILLY WATSON, BA . AL WELLMAN, B.A. A . CECIL WOODS, B.A. . I944 JACK McDAVlD, B.E. , DOUGLAS MARTIN, B.A. . . JOHN MAY, B.A. . . WHITNEY OZIER, B.A. JOHN REYNOLDS, B.A. BILLY SMITH, B.E. , . . . . . Louisville, Ky. I'-745 ROGER MCMANUS, B.A. FRANK SARALEGUI, B.E. HARRY SAYLE, B.A. . JOHN STEBER, B.E. . llll Eminenl Recorder Eminenl Treasurer . Shelbyville, Tenn. . . . Denver, Colo. . . . Dallon, Ga. . . . . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Birmingham, Ala, . Shelbyville, Tenn. . . Bolivar, Tenn. . . .Tchula, Miss. Monfgomery Ala. , . . .ShelbyvilIe, Tenn. . . . Birmingham Ala. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Old Bridge, N. J. Lookouf Ml., Tenn. . . . Birmingham Ala. . .St Louis Mo. . Memphis, Tenn. , . . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Marielfa, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Havana, Cuba , , . Memphis, Tenn. . . Mobile, Ala. JUDGEOPUPTEINTOWHALE TAILOL ONGGUTQ Grim-rush weelc .... The SAE's have degeneraTed To iusT The sleep boys since The TaculTy con- demned Their lciTchen . . . malce up Tor iT by Taking 'halT The coed populaTion ouT To lunch . . . one by one .... CruTcher's The big dealer po- liTically and socially .... STeve lvlcCamy divides his Time beTween The P. E. and The Engineering School . . . which amounTs To pracTically The same Thing .... Rush-weelq Talk is Taboo This year .... John May provides The glamour wiTh ThaT good-looking converTible .... Spend all Their spare Time building up ThaT horrible repuTa- Tion They have .... Charlie WhiTworTh, The human TooThpicl4, Torsook The SAE's Tor The USA. . . . l-lolderness expecTs To do greaT Things Tor The "l-lusTler" nexT year .... Rue conTenTs him- selT wiTh being The BMOC To end BlvlOC's .... Lilce To shock liTTle girls bv playing Their naughTy records .... Cannon and WalTon believe Tirmly in The wealcness oT The opposiTe sex .... Finally goT rid oT Their house moTher . . . claimed she cramped Their sTyle .... Typical SAE-Wally Beasley .... The Higgins harem almosT losT a member To a broTher up Trom Union. BIG DOGQTOOTHPICK Firsl' Row: Bill Bailey, Wally Beasley, C. C. Bell, Hugh Brooks, Richard Douglas. Second Row: Willis Haynes, Gene Higgins, STeve McCamy, Harrison Rue, Harold Trickey. Third Row: Dan WalTon, Charles WhiTworTh, Charles Bvrn, Buck Cannon, John CruTcher Fourfh Row: Douglas Forde, Billy GupTon, LiTTon Hickman, Bob HinTon, Marvin Holderness. Fiffh Row: Jack Jenkins, George King, Allen PruiTT, Guy Sharpe, Bill Simpson. SlxTh Row: James STewarT, Bill Sullivan, Billy WaTson, Al Well- rnan, Cecil Woods. SevenTh Row: KenneTh Arnold, Henry Bailey, John Bevingfon, Ed Graham, Ed Hopkins. EighTh Row: Bob Lee, Jack McDavid, Douglas Marfin, John lvlay, WhiTney Ozier, Ninfh Row: John Reynolds, Billy SmiTh, Frank STiTes, Calvin Baird, Ward Burgess. Tenfh Row: WirT CourTney, Bill Gray, Roger McManus, Frank Saralegui, John STeber. "Q" OFFICERS Presidenl' EARL MAYO ...,. . Secreiary Founded a+ Princefon Uni- versily: December 24, I824g colors: scarlei' and blue, Pi chapler esfablished al' Vanderbilr in I883. JOHN WORTHINGTON . . . . Treasurer CLASS OF l942 J. C. JOHNSON, B.A. . S+. Pelersburg, Fla. J. RICHARD MOORE, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS' OF I943 E. 6. DAVIS, JR., B.A ,..,. Owenlon, Ky. EARL MAYO, B.A. . . Richland, Ga. JOHN WORTHINGTON, B.A. Lexinqlon. Ky. CLASS OF 1944 PORTER MAYO, B.A .... Preslonburg, Ky. CLASS OF I945 JAY BEISMAN, B.A. . . . . S+. Louis, Mo. ROBERT KRUG, B.A. . . . Cornwall, N. Y. MALCOLM JONES, B.A ,... Paducah, Ky. GEORGE MIDDLETON, B.A. . Norwood, Ohio TOM PETERSON, B.A. . . . Selma, Ala. AVAILABLEQEGG-oPETEQDICKIEO Pelrilre is 'rhe word for Chi Phi .... Antler all, gin rummy is a good game and besides fhey like The name .... Also like Their locaiion on Wes? End . . all Jrhe noise and confusion, you know. . . "Egg" Davis won a prize for alienalion . . has one worry: +ha+ Jrhere won'l be a chaplrer for him To be head of afler Jrhis year .... Avail- able Jones believes he's a man wilh a iuiure. . . . Dick Moore is lhe allah, allah . . .he sels The boys an example . . . finally goi in Med School Jrhis year .... Worsl pledge: Middleion. . . Chapler ambilionz dale wilh a Thelra .... Wilh Buich passed glory. NATORoP.8uE.TEAM Firsf Row: J. Richard Moore, E. 6. Davis. Jr. Second Row: Earl Mayo, Porfer Mayo, Third Row: John Worlh- inglon, Jay Beisman. Fourfh Row: Malcolm Jones, Roberl Krug. Fif+h Row: George Middlelon, Tom Pelerson. '. I "'fi"Efsfs,. 9- :F5EEE"'Qifi5F,iiI' .1 ," T....iaaaZ-Lf. 'wh' " '- , ' ill- ' 7:4 ,, ' f '- ' 0 o"' L 1' '-I-5. Ja 112.9 Pit ' -' -wa- .,, , ROBERT JONES ..... WILLIAM SANDERS . . . .,. I, 0 FII! 5' I , I 'N IE. C I FII I ' Y 1 -- I. mn'ai6,.v syn?-. , 1 II 'vcd ' I Vasa.: I I 94 3 flu- " .5 '9 .ml ".- I ,- 5,0 . H 0437.5 W.'..,J' 'f Q.y ,g vi 'gl J In M , 1 W R . . 'Y' e0 M g'KA? ah 1, gf Founded al' Washinglon and Lee Universilyz- December Zl, l865g colors: crimson and gold: flower: magnolia and red rose: Chi chapler eslablished al Vanderbill' in IB83. WARD ANTHONY, B.E, . J. D. BROWN, B.A. . . BROWN CONDRA, B.A. . ROBERT COOK, B.A. . . ROBERT JONES, B.E, . . WILLIAM BYRN, B.A. ,. CHARLES FRAZIER, B.A. . WILLIAM GARDNER, B.E. FORREST GLASGOW, B.E. WILLIAM FERGUSON, B.E. HAGAN LUDLAM, B.A. . JOHN MAYFIELD, B.A. . CAMPBELL MCLESTER, B.E IPH OFFICERS . . . . Presidenl OLIVER KITTRELL . . . . .Vi Presidenl WILLIAM BYRN . . ii LAW SCHOOL RAYMOND BRI es, LLB. ..... Memphis, Tenn. CLASS or I942 . . . Nashville, Tenn. . , . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . , Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES WILLIS, B.A. . CLASS OF . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . , . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ARTHUR WORLEY, B.E. . . CLASS OF . . . Challanooga, Tenn. . . . . Largo, Fla. . . . .Shreveoorlj La. . . , . ,AshIand, Ky. CLASS OF WILLIAM ANDERSON, B.A ..,... Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM ARMISTEAD, B.E. HENRY BRACKIN, B.A. . . GASTON BURLESON, B.A. HARRY COOK, B.E. . . . . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. . , . , Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . . Hamillon, Ala. . , . . . Nashville, Tenn, GEORGE TREADWAY, B.E. . RICHARD MARTIN, B.E. . . Secrelary . . Treasurer . . . . Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM REYNOLDS, B.E. . . . .NashviIle, Tenn. BILLY RICHARDS, B.A. WILLIAM SANDERS, B.A. EDWARD STEWART, B.E. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. I943 OLIVER KITTRELI., B.E. , WILLIAM MANAGAN, B.A DON VAUGHN, B.A. . . RAY WOMACK, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. , , . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Lake Charles, La. . . . Monfevallo, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. I944 JOHN MURREY, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. TOM PATTERSON, B.E ....,,... Sl. Louis, Mo. FRANK STALNAKER, B.A. . . . . . .Amarillo, Texas MIKE WEIDNER, B.A. .... , l945 HENRY JARRETT, B.A. . GILBERT KINZER, B.A, . WEFEL MATTHEWS, B.E. . . JOII-I N MCGOWAN, B.A. Challanooga, Tenn. . . . . Macon, Ga. . . Hunlsville, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Collon Planf, Ark. WILLIAM PHILLIPS, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. EARTHOUAKEMcGOONoUNCLEIKEQ ' f--- ---s -f ---- H -- allen-l.:,e:,gm..a, -r----r ., f,:mm4,..mww mw,.m. -v The hearT and blood oT The SCA .... Charley Willis brings The SCAN home Tor The boys . . They scream and pass The aspirin when They Think oT Willie leaving .... Claim They all drink milk and waTer . . . Shocked a visiTing broTher. . . Bob Jones hasn'T goTTen over Owl C.lub yeT. . . They go Tor Gamma Phi's .... ChapTer sweeT- hearT: "Why Do They" PriTcheTT .... Bobby Cook sTill has a band sweaTer .... J. D. Brown sees To Their publiciTy .... Think They have The Engineering School righT under Their Thumb. . . Occasionally one oT Them shaves .... Pledge Don Vaughn isn'T so bad .... CaTch The TloTsam Trom The Phi house during rushing .... ChapTer moTTo: The glory ThaT was Jeff Davis' and The grandeur ThaT was's. TTRACTIVEQMADA Firsf Row: Raymond Briggs, Ward Anfhony, J. D. Brown, Brown Condra. Second Row: Roberi' Cook, RoberT L. Jones, Richard D. lvlarTin, William Reynolds. Third Row: Billy Richards, William Sanders, Edward STewarT, Charles Willis. Fourfh Row: William Byrn, Charles Frazier, William Gardner, Forresl' Glasgow. Fifih Row: Oliver Kiffrell, William Managan, Don Vaughn, Ray Womack. Six'l'h Row: Arfhur Worley, William Ferguson, Hagan Ludlam, Campbell lvlcl.esTer. Sevenfh Row: John Mayfield, John lvlurrey, Tom PaTTerson, Frank Sfalnaker. Eighfh Row: Mike Weidner, William Anderson, William ArmisTead, Henry Brackin. Ninfh Row: Gasfon Burleson, Harry Cook, Henry Jarreff, GilberT Kinzer. TenTh Row: John McGowan, Welel Malhews, William Phillips, George Treadway. K- Terln. - A .lr ' E ,Jgfr V .'iv2'f'l'i'Eilg-9 , -- WS""i" ? ' 117'-i7 -- 3 -, F . .' I E B- .51 11? . "B fi' R' af A f- - ,a I V, I , , . I , I f L I IL I S C' il' 5 .I f ' Z , if OFFICERS f Q ACCLTQEEBLES . . , , . . Presiaeiii TOM STEELE . . . . .SecreIarY I , X Ollldllil , . J viaapresiaenl BOB MCRAE . . . . . Treasurer I - ' ,, t , f I Q51 " ' , 'CLASS OF l942 he Y Bllfl. ANDl?RT i . B.A. . . " '- W Tenn. JACK JONES, B.A ..... . Memphis, Tenn. 'A JOHN BAKER, B.A ...... . . Hopkinsville, Ky. BILL MILLS, JR., B.A. . , . Nashville, Tenn. NAT BuRCH, B.A ...... .... M iami, Fla. MAC PEEBLES, B.A ,,.. . Columbia, Term. BILL EDMUNDS, B.A. , . . .Hopkinsville, Ky. BOB SAMMONS, B.A. . . . Jonesboro, Ark. BILL FRISTOE, JR., B.A. . . . . Mayfield, Ky. FRED SMITH, B.A. . . Mooresville, Ala. Bon ..-3,12 151.-, 1,3166 Q: Founded al Miami Univer- sily: Augus+ 8, l839q colors: pink and blue: flower, red rose: Be'la Lambda chapfer esfablished al Vanclerbilf in MACK ALLAMAN, JR., B.A. . BILL CARLEN, JR., B.A. . FRED CARMICHAEL, B.A. RAINEY FRIERSION, B.A. . HARRY ERITTS, JR., B.E. . LLOYD HERPEL, B.A ,.... GEORGE HOLCOMB, JR., B. B. KERR, JR., B.A. . . . SAM CAYCE, B.E. . . . . EVERETT CLAYTON, B.A. . . WILLIAM DALE, B.A .... JACK ERALICK, B.E. . . GAYLE GERON, B.A. . JOHN HALL, B.A. . . . . FRED HAMILTON, B.A. . . BILL ALLEN, B.A. , , . . BILL ANDERSON, B.E. . ALLEN BERRY, B.A. JACK BROCK B.A. . . . MALCOLM CANTRELL, B.Al JIMMY CHERRY, B.A. . . CLASS OF . Sl. Joseph, Mo i iCookeville, Tenn . . . Nashville, Tenn . . Columbia, Tenn , , Rockwood, Tenn. . . . . . Claylon, MO B.A .,.. Nashville, Tenn. BILL CROSBY B.A. . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. FRED TIPLER, JR., B.A. . - CLASS OF . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Columbia, Tenn. . . . Delroil, Mich. . . . . Hunfsville, Ala. . . . New York, N. Y. . . , Fayelleville, Tenn. NELSON TRABUE, B.A ..,. CLASS OF . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Memphis, Tenn. . . . . Hunlsville, Ala. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Delroil Mich I 943 STEVE LONG-INO, JR., B.A. . Sulphur Sprinqs, Texas HENRY MCGREDE, JR., B.A. . Sulphur Springs, Texas BOB MCRAE, B.A. ......... Memphis, CHARLES MILLS, lll, B.A ..... Minneapolis, Tenn. Minn. HARRY RICHTER, B.A .......... Alhens, Ala. RICHARD SHILLINGLAW, B.A ..,. Nashville, Term. TOM STEELE, B.A. .......... Ripley, Tenn. MAYNARD THOMPSON, JR., B.A. . . McCrOry, Ark. . . . . .Sheffield, Ala. I944 BUFORD HARMON, B.A .... MARSHALL HUGHES, JR., B.A. . . BART JOIHNSTON, B.E ....... BILL MORGAN B.A. JOE MURPHY,lB.A. ' ' A LEX PATRICK, B.A. .. ARNALL PEERY, B.A. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. I945 BILL FLOYD, B.A. . . . . JACK LEHNARD, B.E. LOUIS PIJQLIESE, B.A .... HUGH RICHARDSON, B.E. . MARVIN SMALL, BA .... STEIN STONE, B.E. . . . . TOMMY WALKER B.A. .. IBB4. ' ' ' ' 'PETE AWICKLIFFE, B.A. ...... Greenville: Ky. . Nashville, Kansas Cilv Birmingham, Cookeville, . Nashville, Fayelfeville, . Columbia, . Nashville, Tenn. Mo. Ala. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Evansville, Ind. . .Mayfield, Ky. . Nashville, Tenn. . .C-adsden, Ala. . Nashville, . Nashville, Tenn. OATHEA DQBARREL HEADOPOTHEADOTYRONE The pink and blue boys, lhey are called . . . and are doing lheir besl lo live up lo il wilh lheir lormal dinners every Wednesday nile and dis- playing lhe ping-pong and pool lrophies. . . They vow lhey'll do somelhing in men's inlra- murals yel .... Goal Head Anderlon praclices his hypnolic gaze every morn belore breaklasl. . . . Jack Paul Jones helped God slarl ilhings rolling back yonder .... Every house visilor is lorced lo look al lhe rug wilh lhe greal seal. . . . Mack Allaman and all ol lhe resl ol lhe brolhers courl Buslle Rainey conslanlly . . . she lhrives on Belas .... Losl glamour boy Fralick lo lhe gal back home .... John l-lall, "lhe Mole." is lrving lo console lhe girls around here, espe- cially lhe high school variely .... Herpel's going lo Annapolis lo become an admiral . . . he's boughl his hal and shirl bul has lrouble wilh lhe lil ol lhe lrousers .... Gude has gone long enough now lor Sammons lo openly say Cornelia is his .... They have lhe queeresl lasle in Presi- denls. . . Sleele's lheir lalesl . . . and Tyrone's 'on deck .... Carlen lhinks he has Kalie well in hand . . . bul down al lhe ATO mansion a boy smiles slyly now . . . he lhoughl so loo once. O L E o S T U L Flrsl Row: Bill Anderlon, Jr., John Baker, Nal Burch, Bill Ed- munds, Bill Frisloe, Jr. Second Row: Jack Jones, Bill Mills, Jr., Mac Peebles, Bob Sarnmons, Fred Smilh. Third Row: Mack Allaman, Jr., Bill Carlen, Jr., Fred Carmichael, Rainey Frierson, Harry Frills, Jr. Fourlh Row: Lloyd Herpel, George Holcomb, Jr., B. B. Kerr, Jr., Sleve Longino, Jr., Henry MCG-rede, Jr. Fiflh Row: Bob McRae, Charles Mills, lll, Harry Richler, Richard Shillinglaw, Tom Sleele. Sixlh Row: Maynard Thompson, Jr., Fred Tipler, Jr., Sam Cayce, Everell Claylon, William Dale. Sevenlh Row: Jack Fralick, Gayle Geron, John Hall, Fred Hamillon, Buford Harmon. Eighlh Row: Marshall Hughes, Jr., Barl Johnson, Bill Morgan, Joe Murphy, Lex Palrick. Ninlh Row: Arnall Peery, Nelson Trabue, Bill Allen, Bill Anderson, Allen Berry. Tenlh Row: Jack Brock, Malcolm Canlrell, Jimmy Cherry, Bill Crosby, Bill Floyd. Elevenlh Row: Jack Lehnard, Louis Puqliese, Hugh Richardson, Marvin Small, Slein Slone. Twelflh Row: Tommy Valker, Pele Wicklilfe. wi ,O QEW ,.,vQ+g f 4' 8 Qb X Founded al Virginia Mili- -lary lnslilule: January I, lB69g colors: while, blaclr, and gold: flower: while rose: Sigma chapler eslab- lished al- Vanderbill' in l886. MONTCALM BROWARD, lll, ROSS COX, B.A. . . , JAMES FOLK, B.E. . . THOMAS JERNIGAN, B DAVID BAKER, B.A. , WILLIAM BROCK, B.E ALLEN COGBILL, BE. . HUGH OOX, B.A. , . MIAL FESSENDEN, B.E. JOHN BURNS, B.A. . KING MATTHEWS, B.A. . . CHARLES PUGH, B.A. SHELTON BILES, B.A. JOHN CONNERS, B.A. JACK FOLK, B.A. , , RuEus OUINN, B.A. . ll l OFFICERS Commander ALLEN COGBILL . . ommander MIAL FESSENDEN . 'LAW SCHOOL f LLB ...... Columbia, Tenn. CLASS OF I 942 B.A.. Jacksonville, Fla. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. , . .Tallulah, La. .A. , . . . Paris, Tenn. CLASS OF . Tupelo, Miss. . . Nashville, Tenn. . , La Grange, Tenn. . .... Nashville, Tenn. . . . Springfield, Mo. BOB STIGLER, B.A. . . CLASS , . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Erwin, Tenn. F CLASS OF . Kingsporl, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . .Tallulah, La. . . .Carlhage, Mo. ROBERT MCNUTT, B.A, ROBERT MOORE, B.E. w. D. REOEN, JR., BA MARK WILKERSON, B.E. . I . . I943 EIVIILE ERITZ, B.A .... HERBERT MOORE, BA. ED NORRIS, BE. . . . , . . Treasurer . . ,Recorder , .Tupelo, Miss, Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . . . . . Mobile, Ala Madisonville, Ky . . Glasgow, Ky GORDON PETERSEN, B.A. . . . .Park Ridge, lll ALBERT RANSOM, B.A. . . . . Edwardsville, lll . . . , Pine Bluff, Ark. l944 FRED RAGAN, B.E. . . . . Nashville, BILLY SUMNER, B.E. . . . . Nashville, PAUL TALLEY, B.E, . . .TullahOma, I945 CHARLES MILLER, B.A. , . . Nashville, HUNTER SIMS, B.A. . . . . Blvlheville, MAXWELL SMITH, B.A. . . . . Nashville, WALTER SULLIVAN, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Ark Tenn Tenn BULLoFLOYDoMlKEoJUNGLEJIMOTRUNK There is an ugly rumor running around ThaT This mundane coTerie pracTice voodoo in Their base- menT ..,. They come inTo The limelighT once a year wiTh The EronTier Ball . . . lasT Time They had Two "woo" rooms. . . David Baker looked simply divine ThaT nighT . . . Barloara's gone now so he goes ouT wiTh Those horses in Percy Warner .... Bull Regen wanTs To lose weighT Tor The air corps . . . works ouT aT a bar L:pTown .... McNuTT is Their liTeraTi . . . reads Spicy WesTern .... STill have rigors over Ovid going ,... Mike Broward says he drinks beer . . . To louild himselT up . . . Those women keep Tearing him down .... Chap- Ter voTed To buy a chair and Two ashTrays Tor Rush Week .... Cox claims To daTe Shelley Welch .... PeTersen spends mosT oT his Time ouT oT This world .... WiTh BooTh an era passed, and some oT The old spiriT oT SmiTTy, Slugger and Phillips begins in a mild way To reign-Black, Mike, Baker, eTc .... STill Third Tloor is noT as .yeT a "recreaTion"? room as oT old .... Eessen- den has his hour oT glory as he leads Gage lMiss Vandyl To The Proms. 0 W EASELQBUG-EYE FirsT Row: MonTcalm Broward, Ill, Ross Cox, James Folk. Torn Jernigan. Second Row: RoberT McNuTT, Rol:zerT Moore, W. D. Regen, Jr., Mark Wilkerson. Third Row: David Baker, William Brock, Allen Cogbill, Hugh Cox. FourTh Row: Mial Eessenden, Emile EriTz, l-lerloerT Moore, Ed Norris. FifTh Row: Gordon PeTersen, AllJerT Ransom, Edward Shaw, Bob STigler. SixTh Row: John Burns, King MaTThews, Charles Pugh, Fred Ragan. SevenTh Row: Billy Sumner, Paul Talley, ShelTon Biles, John Conners. EighTh Row: Jack Folk, RuTus Guinn, l-lunTer Sims, Max- well SmiTh. JOE ADAMS, B.A. . . . Elowah, Tenn. 4 CLASS OF JOHN HAYDEN, B.A. . . Z fff Q34 4 i as X ' 5, .k aft-ri if "f ,223 .11 Ie. 'irfffresfffef 0 gggffs' ' F .Im Q ..L..,xf ,FJ 4 -v ..,1-pf". 52" 7 H y, . vf - Founded al Richmond, Vir- ginia: Seplember ll, lB65g colors: old gold and slcy blue, flower: while 'lea rose: Tennessee Bela Pi chapler eslablished al Vanderbill' in IBB9. '-"mi CHAPMAN BAIN, B.A, . . GLENN HAMMONDS, B.A. HIRAM BARR, B.A .... DEWEES BERRY, B.A. . . REESE BIOGLE, B.E, . . JIM BURNS, B.A ..... JOE CANNON, B.A .... HOLMES COLLINS, B.A. . LYNN FARRAR, B.A. . . . RYAN BALLENGER, B.A. ARTHUR BOWEN, B.E. . . SAM BUTTS, B.A. . . . . ROY DOUGLASS B.A. EDWARD HAMILTON, B.A.i f i. . . CHARLES LACKEY, B.E. . EDWARD MARTIN, B.A .... BEN MILLS, B.E ...... HOMER BROWN, B.E. , . BILL C-OKER, B.A. . RANDAL GORDON, B.E. .' ALBERT HILL, B.E. . . . BUDDY HOOPER, B.E. . . BILL HUCKABA, B.A. . . . JIOIHN LECHLEITER, B.E. . ATKINSON, B.A. ...... . Lebanon, Ill UIIII Worlhy Masfer rf ' Worfhy Scribe WO hy Chaplain CHAPMAN BAIN .Worlhy Keeper of The Exchequer CLASS OF Tenn. . . . Brownsville, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. BILL WAKEFIELD, B.A ,,.. CLASS OF . . Columbia, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn, . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Monrgomery, Ala. . . .Springfield Ohio . Nashville, Tenn. JOHN WHALLEY, B.A. .. CLASS -OF . Greer, S. C. . . Dyersburg, Tenn. . . Dresden, Tenn. Hunfingdon, Tenn. Mobile, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Pulaski, Tenn. Needham, Mass. STEVE ZUMBRO, B.A..... . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Pensacola, Fla. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Salem, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Florence, Ala. Nashville Tenn. WILLIAM c. MARSH, B.A. Q '. Q ' Refefsbufgj ELLIS MORGAN, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. WILLARD MILLS ...., I942 JERRY KING, B.A ,.... . . McKenzie, Tenn. WILL REESE MULLINS, B.A. ..,. Franklin, Tenn. WILLIAM R. PARKER, B.A, . . . . . Union Cily, Tenn. I943 BILL FREELAND, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ForI Lauderdale, Fla. NORMAN FROST, B,A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn, BUDDY JONES, B.A. . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. GWYNN LUKER, B.A. . . . . Columbia, Tenn. WILLARD MILLS, B.A. . . . Springfield, Ohio CHARLES PLAXICO, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. GLENN PUGH, B.A. . . . . . Erwin, Tenn. RAYMOND SMITH, B.A, . . . . Dresden, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. I944 JOE HALL MORRIS, B.A .,.... Harris, Tenn. RICHARD MORRISON, B.E. .... Nashville, Tenn. ORVILLE POST, B.A, . . . . Waco, Texas FRANK OUACKENBOSS, B.E. . . . , EvansTon, III. LOYD REAVIS, B.A. . . . Dresden, Tenn. RICHARD REYNOLDS, B.E ...... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN RUSSELL, B.A. Mafloon, Ill. WARREN SAWYER, B.E. . . Cleveland Heighls, . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. I945 BILL PENNYBACKER, B.A. BOB RAY, B.A. . . . . JONES RUTLEDOE, B.A . JOHN SESSOMS, B.A. . BILL ASBY SMITH, B.A. . BOMAN SMITH, B.E. . . r. e. SMITH, JR., B.E. . . eus WILSON, B.A. . . WHITTIER WRIGHT, B.A. Ohio . Charlesfon, W, Va. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Lewisburg, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Red Bay, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Dresden, Tenn. . . . Bardslown, Ky. . . .ATIanI'a, Ga. SCATTERGO OIDQRUSTYQRANKOMOTHER WAKE The Gargoyles hold down a Tloclc oT homecoming cups over on SororiTy Row .... Go in Tor The liTerary raTher Than The muscular side oT liTe. . . They say They have broughT PuriTans across in The "MayTlower.' '... Joe Adams and Mary Pope CreighTon are a gruesome Twosome .... Former memloer George Wood leTT The A. T. O. Tor The real McCoy . . . Quaclcenboss scares liTTle girls in The middle oT The nighT . . . he's eighT TeeT Tall and eaTs liTTle loabies .... Some of The boys are said To do a mean iiTTerbug. . . "Smiling" Bill Freeland wanTs To run S. C.. A .... he loolcs The oarT, anyway .... Jim Burns has so many big deals in The Tire ThaT even he's conTused. . . Think They're collegiaTe wiTh Their old cars and beer picnics. . . Typical ATO: Reese Bogle. . . l-lolmes Collins heads The Pi Phi suclfer lisT. . . . One or Two oT The boys lceep alcohol around Tor medicinal purposes . . . Bowen's always sick. ILLERQALFALFA FirsT Row: Joe ATlcinson, Chapman Bain, Glenn Hammonds, Jerry King, Will Reese Mullins. Second Row: Bill Wakefield, Joe Adams, Hiram Barr, Reese Bogie, Jim Burns. Third Row: Joe Cannon, Holmes Collins, Bill Freeland, Buddy Jones, Gwynn Luker. Fourth Row: Willard Mills, Charles Plaxico, Glenn Pugh, Raymond SmiTh, Ryan Ballenger. Fiffh Row: ArThur Bowen, Sam BUTTS, Roy Douglass, Edward HamilTon, Charles Lackey. SixTh Row: Edward Marlin, Ben Mills, Joe Hall Morris, Richard Morrison, Frank Ouaclcenboss. Sevenfh Row: Loyd Reavis, Richard Reynolds, John Russell, Warren Sawyer, Sfeve Zumloro. EighTh Row: Horner Brown, Bill Coker, Randal Gordon, John Hayden, Alberf Hill. Nlnfh Row: Buddy Hooper, Bill Huckaba, John LechleiTer, William Marsh, Bolo Ray. TenTh Row: Jones RuTledge, John Sessoms, Bill Asby SmiTh, Bowman SmiTh, Frank Smifh, Jr. Elevenfh Row: Gus Wilson, WhiTTier Wrighf. O v 5 ,-in .1 1 J., :gl-1 "1 5:...,e ll PS: ' Lgiilrrasffff... 1- .1 .,.,.',:, ,. 'Ang' '- VV 0 1.511 fig' ' 1531! 'gil' i' I 'Ks Nfei' C lllllllwffl J Z, .,E:ii?34-35-IQ.3:',:--E ix I s 1 x ,f "Eire ' ,I 9 1, - -,I 4, gl Q' 1 I :url lil! F ,W 1 1 K B. n , 'M 0 'Slat 344 ,lbjo f Q0 p"f.f Z' T 'f , .,Q:"' Hn no , 4 ', u 1,9 1 n,E,Q 2? 'GX'-.. - " if Founded al' Yale Universily: June 22, l844g colors: gules, azure and orf flower: pansyq chapfer exisfecl al' Universily of Nashville un- l'il Civil War, Gamma chap'I'er eslablishecl al Van- clerlaill in I 890. ,aa A 5 . I K Y . , f . x ' A 0 ' I I ' .. OFFICERS WEBB FOLLIN . . .... Presldenl' JOHN HUTTON .... ..,...,.. S ecrefary EDMUND PATTERSON . . . . Vi Presidenl CHARLES EYERMANN . . . Masler of Ceremony I O I CLASS or i942 DOUGLAS COCHRAN, B.A. . . , . Corinlh, Miss. EDMUND PATTERSON, B.E. .... Savannah, Tenn. CHARLES EYERMANN, B.A. . . , . Sl. Louis, Mo. ROBERT SEYFRIED, B.E ...... Niagara Falls, Ont. WEBB FOLLIN, B.A ,... . . . . Bell Buckle, Tenn. JAMES SWIGGART, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. TOM HUDSON, B.A. . . . . Clarksville, Tenn. WILLIAM H. SWIGGART, B.E .... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN HUTTON, B.E ...... Nashville, Tenn. PECK TURNER, B.A. ...,.... Carlhage, Tenn. MOSE WALLER, B.A. ...... Lenoir Cily, Tenn. CLASS OF l943 ' LANE ABERNATHY, B.A. . . . Pulaski, Tenn. TOM MANCHESTER, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. TOM BROWN, B.A ..... . .Toledo, Ohio GENE MORRISON, B.A. . .... Earle, Ark. PETER EYERMANN, B.A. , . .SL Louis, Mo. HENRY NELSON, B.A, . . . . Nashville, Tenn. HENRY GEWIN, B.A ..... . Mobile, Ala. BILLY RILEY, B.A ....... . . . Meridian, Miss. PATRICK McBURNETT, B.E, . . . . Nashville, Tenn. WARREN SEYFRIED, B.E. . . . Niagara Falls, Onl. LIDDON MCPETERS, B.A ......, Corinlh, Miss. WILLIAM SWEAT, B.A. . . .... Corinfh, Miss. TERRILL MCWHIRTER, B.A. . . . Clarksville, Tenn, GEORGE ED WILSON, B.A ..... Rockwood, Tenn. EUSTACE WINN, B.A, ...... Winlerville, Miss. CLASS OF I944 BUCK BAYLOR, B.A. . . . . Gulfporl, Miss. JACK HERRING, B.E. . . . .ArlingIon, Tenn. ELMER BELL, B.E .......,.. Clarksville, Tenn. JACK RICHARDS, B.A. ...., . . Mobile, Ala. STEWART BRONAUGI-I, B.A. . . . .Trenlon, Ky. EARL SALA, B.E. ...... . . . Toledo, Ohio J. C. GOODNER, B.E ....... Alexandria, Tenn. HARRISON SHOULDERS, B.A .... Nashville, Tenn. JAMES HAMILTON, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn, LEWIS WADE, B.E ...... . . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF I945 LEE AUSTIN, B.A. ..,, . . .Trenlon, Tenn. ROE MCBURNETT, B.E .... . . Nashville, Tenn. GUERRY BOWEN, B.A. . , . . .Opelika, Ala. JOHN MANCHESTER, B.A. . , . Nashville, Tenn. HUGH BRIGHT, B.A .... . .Birmingharn, Ala. ROBERT OWEN, B.E. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES CALLAWAY, B.A. . . . . , Florence, Ala. SAM PEARSALL, B.A .,.. . . Clarksville, Tenn. LLOYD EM,ERY, B.A ..... . . . Paducah, Ky. TOM PRYSE, B.A .... . .Clinchmore, Tenn. J. D, GOODNER, B.E .... . . Alexandria, Tenn. BILL SMITH, B.E. . , . . Nashville, Tenn. BILL HAMILTON, B.A. . . .,,. Nashville, Tenn. BILL STAMPER, B.A. . . ..,. El Dorado, Ark. JACK HUDSON, B.E. . . . . .Clarksville, Tenn. JOHN STEHLIN, B.A. . . . . , Brownsville, Tenn. FRANK KING, B.A. . . .... Forresl Cily, Ark. HARPER WRIGHT, B.A ..... Oklahoma Cify, Okla. PARKS WEAKS, B.A. .. . . . . . . . Fullon, Ky. GQHOGFACEQQBONESQSTAGNANTQBALD QAPPLESQ The dusl4y boys are beginning To high-haT The brawny odorous liTe They once led .... Once sold Their baclc yard To pay Tor a dance . . . now iusT occasionally Throw a beer parTy .... An awTul neighborhood . . . people Throw Things aT Them llilce iniuncTionsl. . . George Ed hides Trom obsTeTricians .... Follin prays every nighT Tor one oT Those CDK Things . . . Jimmy Swiggari' iusT prays .... PaTTerson's been looking ThaT way ever since he was iniTiaTed .... Aren'T sure wheTher They won The TooTball cup or The Sigma Chi's iusT goT Tired .... They doTe on inTimaTe liTTle TuncTions .... Spend Their Time geTTing The Pinks aT oTher TraTerniTies. . . The Eyermanns are sTill building each oTher up . . . somebody has To .... Music-malcer STehlin is leading Them inTo The social whirl .... ChapTer is sTill paying Tor geTTing Mose inTo ODK. FirsT Row: Douglas Cochran, Charles Eyermann, Webb Follin, Tom Hudson, John HuTTon. Second Row: Edmund Pafferson, Roberi Seyfried, William H. SwiggarT, James SwiggarT, Peck Turner. Third Row: Mose Waller, Lane Abernafhy, Tom Brown, PeTer Eyermann, Henry Gewin. Fourfh Row: Pal' McBurneTT, Liddon McPeTers, Terrell McWhirTer, Torn Manchesfer, Gene Morrison. Fifih Row: Henry Nelson, Billy Riley, William Swear, George Ed Wilson, EusTace Winn. Sixfh Row: Buck Baylor, Elmer Bell, STewarT Bronough, J. C. Goodner, James HamiITon. SevenTh Row: Jack Herring, Jack Richards, Earl Sala, Harrison Shoulders, Lewis Wade. Eighfh Row: Lee AusTin, Guerry Bowen, Hugh BrighT, James Calloway, Lloyd Emery. Ninfh Row: J. D. Goodner, Bill Hamilfon, Jack Hudson, Frank King, Roe McBurneTT, Tenfh Row: John ManchesTer, Roberf Owen, Sam Pearsall, Tom Pryse, Bill Smifh. Elevenfh Row: Bill STamper, John STehlin, Parks Weaks, Harper Wright Jr. GOONLET . ,. fi .: 1.7K ay.--,zu 4 f ,, . ,--" .. 'f 1 -,',' ,ua , N . , , gif. ,l A A N ia , I' n ' 2 IM ' 0 -A .. 'u::i I' f , vf' Y' ' I My ,. ,, ., , , VV . OFFICERS If , .LKNER 5,3..g.. . . . . Consul woomzurr WALKER . . , .Annofafor 1 I ff 'lfif 1. ,, . Q.-.I . . Pro-consul DICK PATRICK . , . . . Ouaeslor ,I , . 4, , . an A. LAW SCHOOL I I X04 fi ' X i' L. W3 QM, INGHAM, LL.B .,..., Jackson, Tenn. - s I I .I fy X 1 X -- -f A , J, i ,mf , 5 , CLASS OF 1942 D .IKLLN B.OW 4 '3 'L'i' :1 , T L' elV i L,Q-. Tenn. RAYBURN MOORE, B.A. . , Helena, Ark. V TOM BUCKNER, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT MOORE, B.A. . . . Gallalin, Tenn. SWAN BURRUS, B,A. . . . . . .JacIcson, Tenn. POYNER THWEATT, B.A ..,. . . Nashville, Tenn. JIM DERRYBERRY, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. WOODRUFE WALKER, B.A ...... Nashville, Tenn. SAM HAYS, B.E .,..., . ,Jackson, Tenn. 'PAUL YOUNGBLOOD, B.E. ,... Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF I943 PAUL B. BENHAM, B.A, . .Marianna, Ark JOE KERN, B.A, ..., . , .GreenviIIe, Ala. ROBERT BIBB, B.E ...., . . . Nashville, Tenn. ULLIN LEAVELL, B.A ..,. . . . Nashville, Tenn. BILL BURKS, B.E ..... . .Columbia Tenn. ALBERT LEGGETT, B.A. ....... Louisville, Ky. JACK BURTON, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn H. C. LONG, B.A. . . , Johnson Cily, Tenn. HAROLD CLARK, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn LEWIS LYNE, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. HENRY COILE, 8.A, . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. TOM MOORE, B.A. .... Corpus Chrisli, Texas CLAUDE COWAN, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. ELI MURFE, B.A. ..,. Ashland Cily, Tenn. HARRY DUNN, B.A ..,. . Hendersonville, Tenn. HOWARD NICHOLS, B.A. A . . Nashville, Tenn. BUSTER EARLS, B.A. . . .... Gallalin, Tenn RICHARD PATRICK, B.A. . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. BUNYAN HOWELL, B.A. . ,... Nashville, Tenn. A KEITH gg,DUhDER, EAA. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ARTHUR REBROVICH, B ....... is om, inn. CLASS OF I944 MAC BIGELOW, B.A. . . . . Nagville, Leng CAfExRRlgHh1lLcLFLAli,LlgA5,,E.B.E. . . Iltllaslllville, Trenn. BARRY BOWERS, B.E ,.,. . .P , , , . . . , as vu , enn. HORACE CLAYTON, B.A. . , .ei1ns. Egerjs, Ala BILL MELTON,CB.A .... . . Pine Agpiie, Ala. BILL CRABTREE, B.A ..... . . NashxC,lIe, Tenn 5VOB,E,RTP,lgEgI'Y,B ECE ,... . . gollumbia, i-llienn. WALTER GREEN, B.E .... . F ' , T . . , ...., . . . oum la, enn. .' Q?-Q33 ELMORE HILL, B.A. ........ Naginiiilllg, Tgiirri EMMETT PROCTER, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. si DAVID HUGGINS, B.E ,... ..., N ashville, Tenn TEX ROBERTSON, B.E. . . . Amarillo, Texas TURNER HUTCHINSON, B.A ..... Nashville, Tenn ANTONY STREET, B.E. . . . Nashville, Tenn. ' T- JAMES KING, B.A. . . . .... Nashvige, Te,r2n. . . Nashville, Tenn. ,1- -I GEORGE M ELROY, B.A. . . Fl. , . E , . . . . . as vi e, enn. C STEPHEN ZEEKr:oB.A,y ........ Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF I945 BILL BARTON, B.A. . . . . N sh 'Il , T . JACK HORN, B.A. . , . . Nashville, Tenn. , LEWIS BRIGHT, B.E. . . . . Nishxillilli, TZBB. JIM JONES, B,A .... . . Nashville, Tenn, E. J. CHAFFIN, B.A. , . . . . Hughes, Ark. BILL KEYS, B.A. . . . Corpus Chrisli, Texas F d d a,, U . JIM CLIFTON, B.A. . . . . lX,I,aslF,viIIe, Tenn. JBOLHNMI6AlIkAgVldNB.IgA. . . .... Na,s,hvi,lIe, Teln. Dun e I mver' JOHN COWAN, B.E, . . . 'Il , T . R , . . . . . . . IC man, y. SH, . June 28 I855. colors GILBERT COX, B.A. . . . . .aRaiduc?ah,eK3. BUFORD PASCI-IALL, B,E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Y' ' ' BILL CREW, B.A ,.,.. ..... J asper, Ala. JIM PILKINGTON, B.A. . , .... Mariana, Ark. blue and gold: flower: PAUL CRIDER, B.E. . . , . . Nashville, Tenn MARK RICHARDSON, B.E. . .CoIum,bia, Tenn. h., ' A, L, P . h EDWARD DINKINS, B.A. . . . Pa-ris, Tenn HENRY SHARP, B.E, . . . . . , Nashville, Tenn. W I e rose' PI a 5' C ap ESQDC-?,REggl5lfgHg,EB.E. . . . Npashxgllle, -T-enn Eg.,L,NSI-lA,XgEkR,ASB.Ag E. , . . . N. Y,Vvi1,ne,TArli. ' , L ,, ,... .,.ran1n,enn , ...BSVI.E, enn. le' esiawslfed af Vande' CLIFTON GREER, B.A. . , . Nashville, Tenn HALL THOMPSON, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. bill In l89I. JIM HALEY, B,A .,.. . . Nashville, Tenn CHARLES WARFIELD, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. OTTONOLULUQPINEAPPLEOGARGANTUA ll's aboul lime lor anolher census over on Zlsl. "Daddy" Ricks gol a wholesale rale on pledge loullons and wenl hog wild. . . Poco likes Barlow knives, loul so did Pinky .... They swap pins wilh lhe Thelas .... Claim lhey're hol in inlramurals .... Collon is nice looking . he gol in loy mislake .... ll's a lie alooul Woodrull . . . he's nol really a lhrowback. . Ambilion: lo gel loack in lhe Senale . . . lhey're lired ol losing eleclions .... ll's rumored lhey would like lo swap Warlield in lor a quieler model .,.. Their Haryesl Ball was lhe roughesl parly ol lhe year. . . Big Dawg Buckner, il is said, is Presidenl . . . he spends his lime reading up on "How lo be a Lion." . Bigelow leads lhe choir lal Bulch'sl .... House has lwo phones -one lor lhe nice women .... Are planning a "Gel Acquainled Week" lor aclives, somelime lale in May .... Typical Sigma Chi: Lulu. HTHOUSEQWHISKE Firsl Row: Dunklin Bowman, Tom Buckner, Swan Burrus, Jim Derryberry, Rayburn Moore, Roberl Moore. Second Row: Poyner Thweall, Woodrufl Walker, Paul Youngblood, Paul Benham, Roberl Bibb, Bill Burks. Third Row: Jack Burlon, Harold Clark, Claude Cowan, Busler Earls, Bunyan Howell, Joe Kern. Fourlh Row: Ullin Leavell, Alberl Legqell, H. C. Long, Lewis Lyne, Torn Moore, Howard Nichols. Fiflh Row: Richard Palrick, Keilh Pouder, Barry Bowers, Horace Claylon, Bill Crablree, Waller Green. Sixlh Row: Elmore Hill, David Huggins, Turner Hulchi- son, James King, George McElroy, Carl Mcliarlin. Sevenfh Row: Marshall Mc6aw, Bill Mellon, Roberl Pelly, W, H. Pigg, Tex Roberlson, Tony Slreel. Eighth Row: Slephen Zeek, Bill Barlon, Lewis Brighl, E. J. Chaflin, Jim Clilfon, John Cowan. Ninfh Row: Bill Crew, Paul Crider, Edward Dinkins, Chad Drumrighl, Ross Gillespie, Cliflon Greer. Tenlh Row: Jim Haley, Jim Jones, Bill Keys, John Milam, Bill Morrison, Buford Paschall. Elevenlh Row: Jim Pilkinglon, Mark Richardson, Henry Sharp, Bill Shaver, John Thomas, Charles Warfield. ,M Vg 41 -2 ' fy W is, , 4 x 'Z i ' iv " -'fi' 'Li -Wa. fam 1 . , f . W , 0 , 'J , Ll," ..f :Z-Y! ' n ,,? 1 B li E' -Q " l fm M , s ,Z "".' . 1 , . . 4, C Q E " WS, B s B I if an N I ly, V N , 'W' if , X., " D , ,M -L . ' rf ',f 'QW W? fM"ff, - e I , ,Q wig, -.Q f -Quan' 1 I5 Q32 af 1 r Y ' 1 1 - ,. .l 1 'E ' 329 1 sw M , F' NT , rf: v ' 154. 4,03 . wzfxf- '. J. , ,., 'f a A ,I W, f M' f 4 " eww T f if faryg' l 71 1 jf 7 u f lf f , . X X vp Y JJ V A iw f E fd , 'fi fs- -'fl , 9 5 4... Q a l :wi 1 I 3, 5... ,. ,uf M4 f - ff: , gi :jf - .I i if , 1 1 -- 1 ' lem- , - -f , - A " is ea ' H f "3 .if fa.:.,S --igrlfilw 4 A if if .fa , -Q Q, , ,Q Q9 mg., 1, ' 'QM V , p:1.ff'k':"5 f' ,es i ' . , 5' if f Q! ns M-f Nm. 'JY af W 1 F' N , , Q f 1 sf ,c e f 42 ,- , 2 4? 1 W' ' - A iE::T1?21 12 1 an 1,.i,,f- V g. . Y 5- 3? 'W if ... lf 12.45 . 'V .43:'6.1rm., .1 .,,. -A A n V NX .1 , , f- 1, l ,gl A ,L Q ... :-1' D -use , , , .f'?TfT"f f . , 5,2 Z Maw f 'Q fl My vw gg, ' ,a 'aaa ' Z in .f""f J, M 5 N , QQ mf ' '-fa gg., 3 4. -' ff 1 f 1 2 1 f 'Z ff 'im 4 7 M47 5 ,J as E f J , 4 4' f 750 'W I sf W yf ff 4 V, Q 2 ,, 1' ws. ef, ,V , 4 5, -- -:1 .eg- A- 4347 ff fi., 9, .M .V W, f , ,I . L ' .4'ft'4"'1r ff' f . , ff s, 1 'W nl ,f mi., l 1 1-:sz ' Q gr l KL , 2' E f v 1-if if X" 1'- li lzgap ' WW ' 4 I ww J, N-...f f ,f ' - ,zf ll, .fa-f hy. . . r 1 7 L eff' if if ,jf l fs J Ad 7 2' I F I ,ff if "'i"- 'if-rss? ,. ,... W, ...,,. W ,,,,,, . 'i:i+'5R91ar4zi',.' A E513-,,. - 'L' SLK?" I 'a. i ! '- f 4 e f K 1 1 4 f f W , if L?"l"-ffl I egg ., k 5 4 M If ,ff , f. 1 Y . 49 V Wgjg , 1 U, liz" X 1 if? x Q64 5 if Z N ff Y 1 X ' f Q in I! 'Q f 'A 1 f,, "' 9 Q ., 4 ,X 13:24 s 1 SL! N2 -0 ...- 2 I 'N :QQ-r1'32?f fi ., ,. L ,ff"',"' v F A M -w Q fl'-Q 'f7 , fviigiiq 675224. J , K ,gr f s V sf' f fe -.,.:fi K ,Z if f fl Y' v ,f A1111 -.1 1-1, . ii P 1 f ' 2 f af fr 1' f fc.-2 ' if If ., 1 ! 3, NF ,. ,., , A fi .. , sf' 1 4455 1 S egg: , Vfug 7 - 1,1-, g f .. - Z' """""' ,415 ' ' 12 me gm W? .f me--,sl 5 7 'Wiz - - f f i i - nm? ff" j i' W ' ,fT'."w, :B 'Al 'X if 4 1' --f 7' " A I B .ty fy ff .W '9 gf 7 fffs 'sis 2 A ' -I A ' Founded al' 'line Universily of Virginia: March l, l86B: colors: garnel- and gold: flower: lily-of-The-valley: Sigma clnapfer esfablished al' Vanclerbill in I893. . S. M. C. MOORE . . . J. S. ADAMS, JR., B.E. . . Cedar I-lill, Tenn. JEFF BROOKE, B.A ,,,.,,. Canlon, Ga. RICHARD DONALDSON, B.A., Naslwville, Tenn, CLASS C. P. BROCATO, B.A .... Cleveland. Miss. R. R. TIPTON, B.A. . llll llllll C. P. BROCATO .... EDMUND TURNLEY, JR. . OF l942 OF MURRAY FREEMAN, B.A. WALTER McCORKLE, B.A. Ric:-:ARD T. MOORQE, B.A. . l943 DONALD DUFT, B.A. . . . Tiplonville, Tenn. CLASS OF I944 JOE BOLAND, B.E. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. IRA HUNT, JR., B.E. . . ROBERT COUSINS, B.A .... Gadsden, Ala. I-IORACE LUTON, B.E. . JIM FOLMAR, B.A ...... Pensacola, Fla. ALF SATTTERFIELD, B.A. . EDMUND TURNLEY, JR., B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF l945 HAMILTON PARKS, B.A .... Trimble, Tenn. WILLIAM PERRIN, B.A. . FRED TERRY, B.A. . . . . Hhaca, N. Y. .Th.C ..S.C Nashville, Tenn Gadsden, Ala Newbern, Tenn . Chicago, lll Forl Knox, Ky Nashville, Tenn Russellville, Arlc Franlclin, Tenn R A I L R O A D 0 D O N A L D D U C K 0 .7 ., ....,,........ -- ......,. ,.........,,. ,A1v,l,,4xfL-g: ww Turning To The obscure side OT Things, leT 'us glance nexT door To The TooTball Tield .... They grab an exhausTed player every now and Then . . . goT TipTon and now keep an alcohol Tlame burning in TronT oT his image . . . never run ouT oT fuel .... ThaT "headless horseman" on The moTorcycle is Donald DuTT .... BroTher Richard Moore has Tried Tor every managership on The campus . . . The resulTs were mosT horrid. . . . They won'T leT BrocaTo resign as Treasurer . . . he Takes Their money so poliTely .... Donaldson- wiTh The lean and hungry look-TliTs around dur- ing rush week Trying To geT some blackmail on The big TraTs .... ChapTer seems To Think ThaT Those girls aT Cooper's have someThing . . . say They appeal To Their inTellecTual side .... Commodore Perry leTT and Manny breaThed easy in This house oT D-. ONTHEADOACE FirsT Row: J. S. Adams, Jr., JeTT Brooke, Richard Donald- son. S-econcl Row: Murray Freeman, WalTer McCorkle, Richard T. Moore. Third Row: C, P. BrocaTo, Donald DuTT, R. R. TipTon. FourTh Row: Joe Boland, RoberT Cousins, Jim Folmar. FiTTh Row: lra I-lunT, Jr., Horace I.uTon, AIT SaTTerTield, SixTh Row: Edmund Turnley, Jr., l-lamilTon Parks, II, William Perrin. AIPPI I "'x"':" OFFICERS C ,Q S . . Presidenf CLINTON WRIGHT . . Secrefary I WALT ,m n , , WALTER STONE . . . . Treasurer GRADUATE SCHOOL CLARK ADAMS, M,A. ,... Chandler, Okla. SCOTT GEORGE, Ph.D .... Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF I942 ED COFFMAN, B.A ,.... Russellville, Ky. BOB LODGE, B.A, . . . Nashville, Tenn. ED RAUSCI-IER, B.A. . . . Memphis, Tenn. CLASS OF I943 . L .r SONNY BAIRD, B.A. . , . Pineville, Ky. HOWARD RIPY, B.A. Lawrencelaurg, Ky. I ' WALTER JONES, B.E ,...... Joliet Ill. WALTER STONE, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. I , CLINTON Wraiern, BA. . clrarrrrraoga, Terr. CLASS OF I944 AL GARBER, JR., l5.A, . . Birmingham, Ala. RUSSELL SMITI-I, B.E. . Amarillo, Texas ELMORE I-IUDGINS, B.A. Chaffanooga, Tenn. ROBERT SPRINGER, B.A. ChaTTanooga, Tenn. Founded al' Jefferson Col- lege: February I9' I852: ED PARISH, B.A .... . . . I-Ianson, Ky. RUDOLPI-I WALTERS, B.A. , Greenville, Ala. colors: cardinal red and hun'Ier's green: flower: CLASS 01: 1945 Jacquiminoi' rose: Tennes- , JAMES CORDNER, B,E. . . Nashville, Tenn. BEN CUNLIFF, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. see Delia chapler esiab- lished al' Vanderbili in l90l. RALEIGH PICKARD, B.A, . . Georgiana, Ala. MOLEOLOVEReONE-POINTQCHIPPY "'H"""'f1-v"'--Y -,. - .M V V , Theres someThing morbid here .... lT is rumored The house is seTTling .... Soon as They sTarT charging Tor couples . . . lparkingl . . . in Their back yard . . . They can build a new one. . . . BesT CusTomers are Dekes Trom Eisk .... COTT- man's Their ODK hopeTul .... Rauscher puTs him- selT Through school by Teaching The boys how To play poker .... lniTiaTed Sonny Baird . . . and haven'T seen him since .... C,hapTer rod yviTh The women . . . WalTer Jones .... Milo l'ludgins sTicks his Thumb in your soup aT Doc Taylor's. . . . They came inTo prominence wirh Edge The GreaT .... Rush Talk , . . "lVlighT as well pledge Phi Psi: no one else'll have you.' '... Bob Lodge inTramuralizes .... ChapTer dream: To move Their locaTion To one OT The main ThoroughTares- They're so ouT oT Things down on Terrace. 0lRAoI'M RAUSCHE FirsT Row: Clark Adams, Ed CoTTman, Bob Lodge. Second Row: Ed Rauscher, WaI+er Jones, Howard Ripy, Third Row: WalTer STone, ClinTon WrighT, AI Garber, Jr. Fourih Row: Elmore l-ludgins, Ed Parish, Russell SmiTh. FifTh Row: RoberT Springer, James Cordner, Ben Cunliif. ,I I aahvgggg-Sigfgg , .,.. ,L , -..L - - A I 1 1 if V Hseiz' if .1 L' 2' fro '7' Q Vo Q- ' OFFICERS KEN CAYCE , . , . Alpha DON KELLY . . I . ela BRETT RICH . . BILL GARNETT . . . Sigma .. au I ,. o A' FIII f' 4 J . 5 l I .-4-'ili'Z!"' . -..a..-- ' I T fg"I?Taf""W"H'f"i', L , I I .. ,I Iypf 5 5 , 1. nl Xi if , 1 F, 1 'L X .:...'a: ' -"'f his '- ' - ' fm-'.e 4Q.'4'1'a'. 253.007 '4s6'2'!f Q4 Hurt? so H 'G 324' mine 'n 'Q 9901 O A639 'J .gag Q -'32 .. Q, B T V "Lj3gW'1?fgg:r ' If ' N1.. I 'Wifi' .P-' T523 ',"" I f A ,E .'-.: -X Founded al' +I-ie Uniiversiiy of Pennsylvania: Ociober I9, I850g colors: black and gold: 'flower cI1rysan'I'I1e- mum: Alpha loI'a chapfer edrablished al' Vanderbilf in I902. CLASS OF KENNETH CAYCE, B.A. . , Hopkinsville, Ky. DON KELLY, B.E .... JOHN CLOUSE, B.A. GRADY G-ATLI N, B.A .... BILL GARNETT, B.A. 'CLASS Cookeville, Tenn. San Diego, Calif, Hopkinsville, Ky. OF STRICKLAND, B.A,. . CLASS- JAMES CRAWFORD, B.E. . . Evansville, Ind. CHAS. HUDDLESTON, B,A. .Jersey Cily, N.J, OF KEN WILLIAMS, B.A. . CLASS OF FORREST ANDREWS, B.E. . . Knoxville, Tenn. BILL BRIGHAIVI, B.E .,.... Dover, Tenn. LEE COVINGTON, B.E. . Newlon Cenler, Mass. LEWIS STAERKER, B.A. . I942 CHARLES HERNDON, B.A, . Waslwinglon, D. C. l943 CHARLES LI PSCOM B, B.A BRETT RICH, B.E. HARRY RENN, B.A. , Corozal, P. C. Zone I944 Bos Moss, B.A. . , BILL RIETZ, B.A. . Albany, Texas I945 JOE GRAVES, B.A. . . OWEN MASSIE, B,E. . . Kingsport Tenn. . Wynne, Ark. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Kingsporl, Tenn. . Walseka, Ill. . El Paso, Texas Hopkinsville, Ky. ROY PERRYMAN, B.E. . Murfreesboro, Tenn, . Gladewaler, Texas DEARIEQIGGYQFLOFFYoBRUoSKI-FOOT - There is a naked brown house down on Broad. . . . The people There biTe Their nails and waTch passersby wiTh gleaming eyes .... FavoriTe pledging hold: half-Nelson .... Cayce pracTices lassoing in The summer Too . . . he wanTs The Combine To run him Tor B. U .... The SenaTe's willing .... Don Kelly is Their ex-whiTe hope .... STrickland's headed Tor Phi BeTa . . . buT gambles a liTTle along The way .... l-lerndon looks wisT- Tully aT The girls in The library . . . ThaT's as close as he geTs .... IT business doesn'T pick up, They may amalgamaTe wiTh The Tilling sTaTion nexT door .... GarneTT is The brighT boy .... BreTT Rich is The male halT OT Those sTar-crossed lovers you see huddled in The booksTore daily .... Lips- comb ediTs The "l-lusTler' '... aT leasT ThaT's whaT he keeps Telling ODK .... They pray To him in The evenings. oALLIGATORoPARSO FirsT Row: KenneTh Cayce, Charles l-lerndon, Don Kelly. Second Row: John Clouse, Bill GarneTT, Grady 6aTlin. Third Row: Charles Lipscomb, l-larry Renn, BreTT Rich. FourTh Row: Harrell STrickland, James Crawford, Charles l-luddlesTon. FiTTh Row: Bob Moss, Bill RieTz, Ken Wil- liams. SixTh Row: ForresT Andrews, Bill Brigham, Lee CovingTon. SevenTh Row: Joe Graves, Owen Massie, Lewis STaerker. CLASS OF I9-45 rj '- A ,L ,ll - wi gifwir-if - L if .953-fwIwilIE: I - fix s Lf I se I I' Us I I? I 63221 , f ,mil I I , I ,f , f, '- 2' I 1 'I-I, Ip. I 'I f' 1 ll iii, I , ,W sf' ff " X , 4 U ' 2 I.-H .- l X . ' ' '-L I I ' I 1 if OFFICERS I I l xi if Nff' 152 QX, ,l I ,WQWi3E lElFEOFI5',TILLMA . .... my.. . President AL ROsENsAuM . , , I f ,Az,f,fff , , I x I liifl QI 'I ,M 2?ffi5?JE1uLQENE G-REEN 4.gTJQ,'? , . . . . ,Q Piesiaenf GILBERT Eox . I ' f-F A el G A CLASS OF l942 EVERETT ERLICK, B.A. . . . ALLEN ESKIND, B.A. . . GILBERT FOX, B.A ,... EUGENE GREENER, B.A ..... . Birmingham, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. B.A. . CLIFFORD TILLMAN, LOUIS BROOKS, B.E ..... RICHARD GOLDBERG, B.E si .Q .Q ,Lf If -I. E JEROME BEARMAN, B.A. . AQVZBFI af' PAUL COHN, a.A .... ROBERT OOHN, B.A. . . Q 41 DAVID GROSS, B.E. . . . . . . . Nashville Nashville, Memphis . . Nashville . . lndianola . . Nashville, CLASS OF Tenn. Tenn. CLASS OF Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. JAY TENENBAUM, B.E. . L Founded al I'he College of Ihe Cily of New York: De- cember 29. lB98: colors: SAMUEL A. BALLOFF, B,A ..,.. LaFoIleIle, awe and While: Alpha STANLEY BERNARD, B.A. . . . . Rockwood, Gamma chapler eslablished al' Vanclerlaill' in l9l8. JEROME BRODE, B.A. . . JOE BROOKS, B.A. . . . . Memphis, . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. ROBERT WESTERMAN, B.A. HENRY REITLER, B.A .... ALFRED ROSENBAUM, B.A, . . GEORGE ROSENBLATT, B.A JOEL SOLOMON, B.A. . . . . . . Nalchez, Miss. I943 eus KUHN, B.A. . . LEON MAY, B.A. . . I944 MURRAY HABER, B.A. . . STANLEY LEVENTHAL, B.A ANTHONY REINACI-I, MARVIN ROSENBLUM, B.A B.A. . . . . .St Louis Mo. BILLY EPSTEIN, B.A .... MELVIN FREEDMAN, B.A. HOWARD RADY, B.A. . . MARVIN SILVER, B.A. , . . . . Pillsburgh, Pa. III . , Secrefafl . Treasure . . Nashville, Tenn . . Meridian, Miss New Rochelle N. Y Chaffanooga Tenn . . Nashville Tenn , , Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville Tenn Chaflanooga, Tenn . ,Scarsdale, N. Y . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn , Lenoir Cily Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn New Haven, Conn I K E o T Y o S I G N O R o P O K E R J O The home of Phi BeTas is on 25Th .... Serve champagne wiTh all Their meals .... Tillman, The liTerary docTor, comes over Trom Med School To run Things. . . They TrusT each oTher-each member goes over The Treasurer's books monThly. . . Greener wiTh The sTreamlined ears is "line" coach Tor The Trosh .... "Psychic Ike" Rosenbaum sweeTs Mary Rose Eskind .... Solomon goT a raw deal-lives away Trom his broThers This year. . . The boys Take a regular work-ouT over on The Duncan Tield every day .... Reinach's TaTher keeps The boys in cigareTTes. . . "Poker Joe" Cohn Takes an appeTizer every nighT beTore dinner . . . claims iT helps his appeTiTe. . . . Do a rushing business wiTh Those companies in BosTon ThaT puT ouT TranslaTions .... RosenblaTT runs Their poliTics on a personal basis . . . also likes To Think abouT himselT-smooTh, suave, sophisTi- caTed and charming, as he knows he is. . . ReguisiTe Tor pledges: money, money, money. ATLOAFQADOLP Firsl- Row: EvereTT Erlick, Allen Eskind, GilberT Fox, Eugene Greener, Second Row: Henry Reifler, Alfred Rosenbaum, George RosenblaTT, Joel Solomon. Third Row: Clifford Tillman, Louis Brooks, Gus Kuhn, Leon May, Fourfh Row: Jerome Bearman, Paul Cohn, Jr., RoberT Cohn, David Gross, Jr. FifTh Row: Murray Haber, STanley l.evenThal, AnThony Reinach, Marvin Rosenblum. SixTh Row: L. Jay Tenenbaum, Samuel A. Ballaf-F, STanIey Bernard, Jerome Brode. Seventh Row: Joe Brooks, Billy EpsTein,IMelvin Freedman, Howard Rady. EighTh Row: Marvin Silver, Roberf WesTerman. 1 -Z-,,.,:. ,?EA::?,,g ,-2.5 .1gy.g?rl3Y12s.Q:g,?4:F9"19jKE'Z figgvgi - fA Founded al New York Uni- versi'Iy: February, l9I3g colors: gold and blue: flower: gardeniag Tau chap- ier eslalolished al Vander- ER JR IIPSILII OFFICERS . Masler HERBERT CHESSIN . nl' Masler GERALD ORKEN . . CLASS OF ROBERT BERNSTEIN, B.A. . . Yonkers, N. Y. HERBERT CHESSIN, B. GERALD AVERBUCH. EUGENE BERNSTEIN, MORRIS BERNSTEIN. ALAN BUBIS, B.A. . HERMAN DELANCY, ALVIN GOLDFARB, B. LAWRENCE COHEN B.A. . B.A. . A. . . New York, N. Y. CLASS OF Nashville, Tenn. B.A. . IRVING WOLF, B.A, . Memphis, Tenn. C LAS . . Savannah, Ga, . . Nashville, Tenn. Carlersville, Ga. A. . . New York, N. Y. F CLASS OF , . Memphis, Tenn. I 942 S. JAY FREEMAN, B.A. . ALFRED LASHER. JR.. B.A. l943 HENRY LAKS, B.A. . IRVING WEISS, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. I944 BURTON HYDE, B.A. ROBERT LEDNER, B.A. . . JACK ODESS, B.A. . GERALD ORKEN, B.A. . I945 MAX MAZER, B.A. . bill in I929. HERBERT SCHULMAN, B.A. . Nashville. Tenn. Pl . . Scribe . . Exchequer . Wilkes Barre, Pa. , New York, N. Y. . New York, N. Y. . Memphis, Tenn. . Forl Dix, N. J New York, N. Y . Birmingham, Ala Challanooga, Tenn . . Leeds, Ala HANKQZOMBIEQCOLONUELQPOR KY' Chapler lounge prac+ical'y indislringuishable from funeral home . . . blue neon sign creales elfecl . . . slills have been broughlr in guile lreguenlrly. . . . Gene Bernslein who led The chapler and Jrhe Combine has deparled lor The Navy .... If any more members are called +o Jrhe colors, 'rhey'll have +o close up shop .... Member everyone likes . . . Lalcs . . . dropped Jrhe "X" from his name .... Terrify Jrheir 'rouch loolball opponenis by yellow shirls and uninlelligible yells .... Lasher, Jrhe boy who osculaled wilh Carler, has relired To wrile his memoirs .... Too bad Ernie Weiss, polenlial major league bal' boy, can"r be persuaded To lake off his varsijry swealer long enough To have if cleaned .... Bob Bernslein had his big year lasl year and is now living a guiel, romanlic life lBernice says il is quiell. . . The chapler has a slighl Yanlcee accenlr .... Keep The pavemenl' hol befween Jrheir house and The AEPhi house. WIMPYQMYSTERY MA Firsl Row: Roberl Bernslein, l-lerberl Chessin, S. Jay Freeman. Second Row: Allred W, Lasher, Jr., Gerald Averbuch, Eugene Bernslein. Third Row: Henry Lalis, Irving Weiss, Irwin Wolf. Fourfh Row: Morris Bernslein, Herman Delaney, Alvin F, Goldfarb. Fiffh Row: Burlon D. l-lyde, Roberl Ledner, Jaclc Odess. Six+h Row: Gerald Orlcen, Laurence Cohen, Max Mazer. 1 M Y L T 1 S UH ll H I T I E S The "We're a sisTer To our daTe" girls live wiThin spiTTing disTance oT The Tri-DelTs .... Occasion- ally They Talie advanTage oT Their long-range Tire. . . . Girls are Tairly hard up, iudging Trom The number oT Sigma Chi pins lying around .... l-lunTsman STeagall Tried hard, buT oughT To 'be given some crediT even Tor ThaT .... Glamour Girl: Joan Thompson . . . decided To give up exTra-curricular, Thereloy saving Tace .... Goodie- Goodie Bryan's wiTh us srill ...A Bronaugh Trying desperaTely To caTch up wiTh her lhe musT have liked Those dinnersl .... Mary CurTis says she's going To head Pan-l'lell nexT year .... Bond Davis Sally Soph's iT Tor The paper .... Perlcy has an oTTer wiTh The air corps research wind Tunnel . . . Typical TheTa maTerial: Ann Shepard. . . . The girls goT ThaT way by being snooTy To The righT people .... TheTa ambiTion: a cup, any cup .... ChieT claim To Tame: Tempe designed a new one Tor Spenser, calls iT "DesTiny"-ThaT which shapes our ends .... TroTTer seTs The pledges an example . . . buT only Flo can keep up wiTh her .... The Youmans sTring conTinues To grow . . . maybe she is more Than a sisTer. E R K Y o B A B E 0 Firsf Row: Caroline Ambrose, Bond Davis, Ann l-lardeman, Ann Shepard. Second Row: BeTTy SmiTh, Bess Sorrelle, Virginia TroTTer, Marjorie Warren. Third Row: Mary Tom Wilson, Virginia Youmans, MarTha Bryan, Nan CasTner. Fourfh Row: Lillian Cooke, Tempe ChesTer, BeTTy Curliss, Mamie Edwards. Fiffh Row: Virginia Love Graves, Corinne Howell, Helen Mc- Murray, MarTha Oursler. Sixfh Row: Barbara Perkins, Mary CurTis Reed, Jane STeagall, Anifa Williamson. Sevenfh Row: BeTTy Baird, Mary Webb Baker, Jane Brummiff, Ellen Cameron. Eiqhfh Row: Lenora Coqhlan, Gayle Gayden, ElizabeTh Overton. Mary Paschall. Ninfh Row: BeTTy Ann Reed, Trousdale Sfurdi- vanT, Joan Thompson, Gerfrude Wooddy. Tenfh Row: Mary Lane Bell, Anna Marie Cafe, Louise Franklin, RuTh Holcomb. Florence Tompkins. BOND DAVIS . . . ANN SHAPARD , . CAROLINE AMBROSE, B.A. BOND DAVIS, B.A ..... ANN I-IARDEMAN, B.A. . ANN SHAPARD, B.A. . . BETTY SMITH, B.A. . . MARTHA BRYAN, B.A. . . NAN CASTNER, B.A. . . TEMPE CHESTER, B.A. . . MAMIE EDWARDS, B.A. . VIRGINIA LOVE GRAVES, CORINNE HOWELL, B.A. . BETTY BAIRD, B.A ..,,. MARY WEBB BAKER, B.A. . JANE BRUMMITT, B.A. . . ELLEN CAMERON, B.A. . . LENORA COGHLAN, B.A. . MARY LANE BELL, B.A. . ANNA MARIE CATE, B.A. . 'N T, , III ,T II, I f A 1 I b GAV . , .fl Qqkl . . . . Presidenl . . Vice-Presidenl CLASS OF . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. , . . .Griffin, G . . . .S1aI'esl::oro, G . CLASS OF . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Des Moines, Iowa . .ChaHanooga, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. B,A. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Gallafin, Tenn. . . . McKenzie, Tenn. . . Challanooga, Tenn. . .Challanooga, Term. GERTRUDE WOODDY, B.A. . CLASS OF . . , . Nashville, Tenn. , . . . Nashville, Tenn. FLORENCE TOMPKINS, B.A. HELEN MCMURRAY . . -EW. 2 Tiifiiztfl 942 BESS SORRELLE, B.A. . , . VIRGINIA TROTTER, B.A. . . MARJORIE WARREN, B.A. . . MARY TOM WILSON, B.A. . VIRGINIA YOUMANS, B.A. . I 943 HELEN MCMURRAY, B.A. . . MARTHA OURSLER, B.A. . . BARBARA PERKINS, B.A. . . MARY CURTIS REED, B.A. . . JANE STEAGALL, B.A ..... ANITA WILLIAMSON, B.A. . . I944 GAYLE GAYDEN, B.A .... ELIZABETH OVERTON, B.A. . BETTY ANN REED, B.A .... TROUSDALE STURDIVANT, B.A. JOAN THOMPSON, B.A. . . . . . . . Ballimore, Md. I945 LOUISE FRANKLIN, B.A. . . RUTH HOLCOMB, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ,.y5,,5:q, ,9 ,fx AA! pi I of al E 1 T -I m ll-'I -I -4 um Z b -I I . ...gym-MX: - ' fi 'A' ff F' W Z Q. , ' -" " 2 1.65, I. h :Q-. "' . ,so HF,-UL .2 . - Eg,-' mnvgutu 1"',-- -Eggs. i 'ff i' ix? 3.5 5-Th ' ' . "'T mf-.Ll .. E55 . - ,g 'E Gut.-B, X :,1j--g- 1 ' xxQ 'Sf -JK Ii-'Zn'-Ky' Tu ' ' ,340 'Lys-' 1 ,,fuuxQ!'- v-1 'J. - 55193. '- a F 12. 1 -nu.--1,5 iq- e 5 ' 5 I 1 '?F'f2mn-. ,+ 4' '-, ' ui .n3:T-gzgx ginixxxxxk . .v ,- , an 1 Q , . .. ..... E .um gg- ugnl' 'E S .....-.-. .. .1 V X : '4.....- ,,, - .lv - gg 'luis .--iQ XE ..v..-nu.. ,,5:i,..,,' .. In ,g i' UU H, .. v: - ' uv-nuxxsts - - wL.9lQ-- - xxx 'i vu , 'K ' ' H".-:litem-, "ll'1l I 2 v f' EA-TTXJTZQQ 95 ' 6 0 O ' . - A A f Q J iggn ' is 1 '. 1 if IIIIII -rmn: t 1 all L" . '1".i. E 5' i 3 ajifff. 1" I ' F I' '- " M.1,a.H In . -v as . r 35 ' Ten '5 . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Humboldl, Tenn. . . . Louisville, Ky. . . . Ripley, Tenn. ,. . . Nashville, Tenn. Old Hickory, Tenn. . Y il'-4050 . Nashville, Tenn, .XX J -5' 'ii' , X I A! . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Fullon, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Kirkwood, Mo. . Birmingham, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. Founded al' De Pauw Uni- versify: January '27, I87Og colors: black and gold: flower: blaclc and gold pansyg Alpha Efa cI1ap'I'er esfablishecl al' Vanderbiliin l904. LITTLE DUCKQMISSYOTEMPTATIONQLIZ I l-leard a snip The oTher day over where 24Th looks down KensingTon . . . iT was Noland again and her scissors lcuTTing ouT jokes Tor The nexT "Masguerader"l . . .She s+ill has The gall To claim she doesn'T undersTand Them .... LasT year's "Commodore" gave her Tame, you know, "Legs" Noland, They call her .... Yes, There's someThing Tormidable abouT Mrs. BenedicT's girls . . . They have been dealing Themselves down To skin and bones here laTely .... Douglass won'T say cigar- eTTe-calls iT "nicoTine." . . . SpenT a small Tor- Tune on Their house This year Trying To keep up wiTh The Pi Phi's .... CarTer Takes herselT seri- ously . . . pronounces drama wiTh an "h" in iT, . . . Rush Week Talk: "You can'T Type a Tri-Del+." . . . Brock hif The Senior slump wiTh a bang buT claims she's Too busy dealing To care-aT The lasT counT she was 42 keys ahead oT Brown .... Lavinia is Their 4-l-l Club girl .... May May sfill sizzles . . . buT quieTer .... RuTh Conner Teamed up wiTh Billy l:risToe .... Killed Them To lose The baskeTball cup in The Tinals, buT Gage Took Miss VanderbilT wiThouT The baT oT an eye .... PuT Gages Tace on Brock and leT The whole exude CarTer-lline Torms To The righT and please keep movingl .... lnsisT ThaT all Their members have aT leasT Three daTes a week .... CuTesT pledge: Miriam Colle .... Girls pride Themselves on Their good repuTaTion on The campus . . . buT Lucy Frances and l-lelen Ransom have Tun anyway. A Y M A Y 0 B U S T FirsT Row: Mary Brock, CaTherine Brown, EIizabeTh Carlen, Peggy Carloss, Mary Pope CreighTon. Second Row: Jean Douglass, Marfha Ann EarThman, Gaifher Frierson, Miller Lovell, MargareT Noland. Third Row: HarrieT Orr, Miriam Thomas, Shelly Welch, Lavinia Frances Sally WilhiTe, Doris Jean Willingham. Fourih Row: Wifherspoon, Emily Bourne, Sara Briggs, BeTTy Caldwell, CarTer. Fiffh Row: Rulh Conner, Lucy Frances Gibson, ElizabeTh Hall, Louise McClure, Marian Morrison. Sixfh Row: BeTTy Rainey, Ann Sfahlman, Sally STanford, Marfha Wood, ElizabeTh Zerfoss. Sevenfh Row: Marfha Allen, l-lenryeT'ra Gage, Marjorie King, Elinor McCarThy, BeTTy Maddin. Eighfh Row: BeTTy Peebles, Helen Ransom, BeTTy Jeanne SmiTh, Mildred STahlman, Jeanne Sfevens. NinTh Row: Nancy Sfone, Alice Thompson, Susan WhiTe, Miriam Coile, Mary Louise Lea. Tenlh Row: Virginia Shoulders, Mary Thayer Wilson. Ti 41" X- iv f-A I Qi ' - w e-.. l R. ,- x ,Q.f' X, 'Fx Q .Ni K X ,. , 1 H i GTTI ' , I OFFICERS SALLY WILHITE . .... Presidenl MILLER LovELL .... . . I MARY BROCK . . . . .Vice-Presidenf CATHERINE BROWN I . , . -CLASS or I942 , ' . OI" MARY BROCK, B.A ...... . , . Nashville, Tenn., MILLER LOVELL, B.A ..... . . . .' ville, enn. I CATHERINE BROWN, B.A. .,.,.. Toledo, 'Ohio MARGARET NOLAND, B.A. .... Nashville, enn. ELIZABETH CARLEN, B.A. .... Cookeville, Tenn. HARRIETT ORR, B.A ,...., . . Nashville, enn. PEGGY CARLOSS, B.A. ...... Memphis, Tenn. MIRIAM THOMAS, B.A. . . . . Cleveland, Tenn. MARY POPE CREIGHTON, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. SHELLY WELCH, B.A .... . . Nashville, Tenn. JEAN DOUGLASS, B.A ...... Hunlingdon, Tenn. SALLY WILHITE, B.A. ...... Cookeville, Tenn. Imgmlnyi MARTHA ANN EARTHMAN, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. DORIS J. WILLINGHAM, B.A, . Murfreesboro, Tenn. awww? GAITHER FRIERSON, B,A ...... Columbia, Tenn. LAVINIA WITHERSPOON, B.A .... Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF I943 EMILY BOURNE, B.A. . . . . Owenlon, Ky. MARIAN MORRISON, B.A ..... Philadelphia, Pa. SARAH BRIGGS, B.A. . . . . Franklin, Tenn. LOUISE MCCLURE, B.A .,.. . .Vero Beach, Fla, BETTY CALDWELL, B.A. . . . .JaCkson, Tenn. BETTY RAINEY, B.A ,.... . ,Columbia, Tenn. FRANCES CARTER, B.A, . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ANN STAHLMAN, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. RUTH CONNER, B.A ........... Aflanla, Ga. SALLY STANFORD, B.A. . . . Memphis, Tenn. LUCY FRANCES GIBSON, B.A. . Johnson Cify, Tenn. MARTHA WOOD, B.A ..,.. . . Nashville, Tenn. X l ELIZABETH HALL, B.A .... . . Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH ZERFOSS, B.A, . . . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF I944 MARTHA ALLEN, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. HELEN RANSOM, B.A .... . . .Gambier, Ohio Ax HENRYETTA GAGE, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. BETTY JEANNE SMITH, B.A ..... Nashville, Tenn. 'TTT' MARJORIE KING, B.A. . . . Tullahoma, Tenn. MILDRED STAHLMAN, B.A. .... Nashville, Tenn. ELINOR MCCARTHY, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. JEANNE STEVENS, B.A. . . .... Toledo, Ohio BETTY MADDIN, B.A ..... . . NashvIlle, Tenn. NANCY STONE, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Founded ai, Bosion Univer- BETTY PEEBLES, B.A ......... Columbia, Tenn. ALICE THOMPSON, B.A, . . . Nashville, Tenn. SH, ,Thanks ivin Eve lass, SUSAN WHITE, B.A ......... Nashville, Tenn. Y' , 9 9 ' ' colors: sIlver, golcl, ceru- CLASS OF i945 lean blue: flower: pansy: MIRIAM COILE, B.A .... . . . Nashville, Tenn. VIRGINIA SHOULDERS, B.A .,... Nashville, Tenn. DGIIE1 Gamma eSfGbIISI1ed MARY LOUISE LEA, B.A. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. MARY THAYER WILSON, B.A. . Gordonsville, Tenn. al' Vanderlaill' in l9I I. QLEVIATHANQEARTHWORMoSOUPYoCLEO The girls on 23rd TorgeT The disTance Trom The campus when They walk loy The Deke and S. A. E. hangouTs ..,. Base oT operaTions-Those "quieT sTudy rooms in The library," The STudenT CenTer and The sunporch aT The house lwhen There's no sun oT coursel .... Rush Week Talk: annual parTy Tor The varsiTy, The Rose Ball, and The good ole days .... Hyden sTill Takes in The Gym Dances and STudenT CenTer .... ChapTer record dropped To new low This year when Tradi- Tional monopoly on TooTlaall capTain was defi- niTely losT .... You have To be a TooTloall hero To geT along wiTh Jewell Simmons .... A. O. Pi l3oasT: "Our girls geT married quicker Than any on campus' '... When The parTy drags, V. Henderson can always Tell one oT Those iokes. . . . Ann De JourneTTe sTruTs wiTh The band-also wiTh WarTield and MarTin .... They make Their pledges ioin The S. C. A. and adhere To The Tour- daTe rule . . . Woodard couldn'T hold ouTp besides she daTes The looy who helps The PresidenT oT The STudenT Council make up his mind when iT comes To liTTle maTTers like Prom Queens .... Carolyn Harrison maiors in S. C. A .... Pledge wiTh mosT "oomph"-Margie Arnold. UNE-BUGQVAMP FirsT Row: BeTTy Brinkley, Anne Cowen, Margarel' Fraser, Carolyn Harrison. Second Row: Virginia Henderson, Peggy Heriges, Mariorie Howard, Jewell Simmons. Third Row: Mary Trimble, MargareT Young, Mary Floyd Anderson, Rosalie Carr. FourTh Row: Virginia Collins, Sarah Dodson, Angelyn lngram, Ann Levine. Fiffh Row: Marie SmiTh, MarTha Beverly, BeTTy Brown, MarTha Campbell. Sixfh Row: Carolyn EllioTT, Nancy HighsmiTh, Ava Maria Lewis, Mildred Milam. SevenTh Row: DoroThy Rag- land, Rosamond Snell, Bernice TaTum, Gerard Ann TriTchIer. EighTh Row: Carolyn WagsTaTf, Virginia Wilson, Laura Woodard, Margie Arnold. NinTh Row: Anne DeJourneTTe, June Harrison, DoroThy LonghursT, MargareT Marshall, MarTha WesT. L Q ,-,,.., ,A l , N , , 7 "z X -we I .,, !IIllllll,,, S . 'w Jqiq- .. l X O' '4? m2Illll . I , I " IIIIIIIN. '- ' A.:-"!'!-vu lllllg L , i -ii llll all I I 'Wul' l OFFICERS , , i -L ANNE COWEN ,..... . . , Presiclenl BETTY BRINKLEY . . ecrelary ' A-il VIRGINIA HENDERSON . . . .Vice-Presiclerll' PEGGY HERIGES , , , 'ilf'2L2.,L,,.,3,y V--I, I ' I Rl:-i ,lIll!!!u' el I i ""l1'l'1" l I , .l, ' CLASS OF l942 all . . ' ' BETTY BRINKLEY, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. PEGGY HERIGES, B.A ...,.... Nashv e, T n 'i ANNE COWEN, B.A ..... . . . Nashville, Tehh. MARJORIE LEE HOWARD, B.A .... Ludowici, 'ga I MARGARET FRASER, B.A. . , . , Nashville, Tenn. JEWELL SIMMONS, B.A ,,,..., Nashville, Te n CAROLYN HARRISON, B.A. Nashville, Tenn. MARY TRIMBLE, B.A .... . . . Nashville, Tenn VIRGINIA HENDERSON, B.A, . . Millers Ferry, Ala. ANN WILKERSON, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenrl MARGARET YOUNG, B.A ...... Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF I943 MARY FLOYD ANDERSON, B.A. . .NashvIIle, Tenn. ALLENE HYDEN, B.A. . . . . .Nashville, Tenn ROSALIE CARR, B.A ...... . . Nashville, Tenn. ANGELYN INGRAM, B.A. , . . . Dresden, Terlrl VIRGINIA COLLINS, B.A. . , . . Nashville, Tenn. ANN LEVINE, B.A ,.... , . . Nashville, Tenn Xgfggaog, SARAH DODSON, B.A, . . Donaldson, Tenn. MARIE SMITH, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. .9 ,, 'A 'il fig LM I li , .bf CLASS OF l944 MARTHA BEVERLY, B.A. . , , . Nashville, Tenn. MILDRED MILAM, B.A ...,. . . Nashville, Tenn 4 BETTY BR-OWN, B.A ..... . . Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHY RAGLAND, B.A, . . , . . Elmhursl, Ill MARTHA CAMPBELL, B.A. . . Tullahoma, Tenn. ROSAMOND SNELI., B.A ..,.... Memphis, Tenn CAROLYN ELLIOTT, B.A .... . . Nashville, Tenn, BERNICE TATUM, B.A. ..... Halliesburg, Miss NANCY HIGHSMITH, B.A. . , Macon, ea. GERARD ANN TRITCHLER, B.A. , .celumhia, Tenn pounded af Barnard Col- ROBIN HIRSIG, B.A ,......,. Nashville, Tenn. CAROLYN WAGSTAFF, B,A. . .COlumlDia, Tenn lege, Columbia Universny, AVA MARIA LEWIS, B.A. . Arllnglon, Mass. VIRGINIA WILSON, B.A. . . , . Nashville, Tenn J 2 ,897. I , d LAURA WOODARD, B.A ....... Nashville, lehh. f""'a'Y ' 'FO 0'5','e and whlieq flower: Jaqulmi- CLASS OF ,945 nol' rose: Nu Omicron ' chapler eslablishecl a+ Van- MARJORIE ARNOLD, B.A ,..... Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHY LONOHURST, B,A .,.. Nashville, Tenn. derbilf in l9l7- ANNE DE JOURNETTE, B.A. .,.... Rome, Ga. MARGARET MARSHALL, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. JUNE HARRISON, B.A .... . . , Nashville, Tenn. MARTHA WEST, B.A. .... . . Franklin, Tenn. oDUM-DUMQBROOMeBUNNYoRED-BIRD M: 'nw "lvlolher" Thach has a lranlic lime keeping lhe gals in line al lhis eslablishmenl . . . lhe A. T. O. ballalion, you know. . . Nancy Gene Dale graciously donaled her piclure lo lhe Book Slore's l-lall ol Fame .... Virginia Prilchell musl use blackmail lo gel lhose colyumns prinled in lhe "l-lusller." . . . The girls have a special seclion reserved lor lheir skil cups .... Zeb and pre- Med have changed Ferris inlo a calmer person- alily .... Belly Freeman swears lhal she's lvlorlar Board malerial .... Mildred Raymond wilh greal ellorl manages lo look slinky .... Biggesl prob- lem: dales .... Deacon and Reinke have famous daddies .... Frances Loring looks mad . . . while Flhyl Marv looks nil .... Pel Freshman: Peggy Smilh .... Read books on marriage in lheir spare momenls .... Chiel claim lo lame: lounders and ringleaders ol lhe Sludenl Cenler Crew. INKYQPATQBAGQ Firsl Row: Alelha Barger, Nancy Gene Dale, Virginia Denham, Elizabelh Johnson, Cherrie Kealon. Second Row: Mildred Ray- mond, Marie Rogers, Marlha Thach, Marian Allen, Marline Chalfin. Third Row: Mary Frances Charllon, Mary Helen Emmons, Jean Freeman, Jane Harl, Belly Haughey. Fcurlh Row: Adelaide l-lile, Elizabelh Mallhews, Virginia Prilchell, Mary Helen Rice, Geanne Roberls. Fiflh Row: Alice Slovall, Elhel Mary Williams, Marguerile Willard, Virginia Deacon, Dorolhy Dodd. Sixlh Row: Rulh Ferris, Belly Freeman, Eleanor Hill, Frances Loring, Norma Mousson. Sevenlh Row: Eloise Ogilvie, Dorolhy Reinke, Nelle Schell, Harriel Alkinson, Elizabelh Fisher. Eighth Row: Gloria G-ilberl, Kalie Hagey, Virginia Jameison, Ninlh Row: Louise Moore, Marlha Richards, Peggy Smilh. I llilllljjlllllll H I II I ' ' ll llllllllllllllD 'Il ,. Ilfllilllllllll llllllll ii A I A b R -g l Q I 5 E --' -, T X . I, :llIIll l I i 'Rza I 'T .L F liealfylmlzssvs S lllllllllllli , A , 'F E315-mgahh Q -A , N S T lilff"" 0000? "I -Flllllp' OFFICER fa-ag 'af4.S9g, ,, R , im' 3 MARTHA THACH . .... Presidenf VIRGINIA FRlTCHETT . I . , f h"'gg" I JEAN FREEMAN . . . ,viae-Piesieleal FRANCES LORlNC , . . .,.. , JF!" . vi' , . CLASS OF T942 'Qs F-,gg " I I ALETHA BARCER, B.A .,.. . . Caleehela, lll. CHERRlE KEATON, B.A, .... ashvil a, , , 1 NANCY GENE DALE, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. MlLDRED RAYMOND, B.A. . Loui , flllllllul' . i I VIRGINIA DENHAM, B.A. ,.... Nashville, Tenn, MARIE ROGERS, B.A. ..,. I llllllll ..,.,.....-.. x I' I I ELIZABETH JOHNSON, B.A. . .Grand lslaad, Nele. MARTHA THACH, B.A .,,. 'lilggagiqmiiiigv ll lllv A I.-lllgr CLASS OF I943 FEW' MARIAN ALLEN, B.A ..... . . San Maleo, Calif. ADELAIDE HITE, B.A ....., 6. lin, enn. MARTINE CI-IAFFIN, B.A, ..., GaIIa+in, Tenn. ELIZAEETI-I MATTHEWS, B.A. . ville, Tenn, ws ' MARY FRANCES CHARLTON, B.A. . Nashville, Teaa. VIRGINIA PRlTCHErT, B.A. . , . . Na ille, Teah. IN MARY HELEN EMMONS, B.A, . I . Nashville, Tenn. MARY HELEN RlCE, B.A. . .... Oi ville, Ky. JEAN FREEMAN, B.A. . , . . Nashville, Tenn. GEANNE ROBERTS, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. JANE HART, B.A ..,.. .... N asllville, Tenn. ALICE STOVALL, B.A. ....... Nashville, Tenn. BETTY HAUGI-IEY, B.A. . ..., Memphis, Tenn. ETHEL MARY WILLIAMS, B.A ,... Nashville, Tenn MARCuERlTE WILLARD, B.A ...... Mobile, Ala. 1 as Rage. CLASS OF i944 VIRGINIA DEACON, B.A. . . Brenfwood, Terlrl. FRANCES LORING, B,A. . . . , Memphis, Tenn -I DOROTHY DODD, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tehh. NORMA MODSSON, B,A, . . . . Nashville, Tenn RUTH FERRIS, B.A. . . . . . . Norris, Tenn. ELOISE OGILVIE, B.A. . . , . Nashville, Terln. ' ' BETTY FREEMAN, B.A. . , . Nashville, Teha. DOROTHY RElNRE, B.A, . . . Nashville, Tehh. ELEANOR I-IILL, B.A. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. NELLE SCHELL, B.A. , . . . Winchesfer, Tenn. Founded a+ Syracuse Uni- CLASS OF I945 versi'I'y: November II, I874' HARRIET ATKINSON, B.A. . . , .Newl-lan, Ga. VIRGINIA JAMEISON, B.A. . . Augusra, Ga. colors: brown and mauve: ELIZABETH FISHER, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn, LOUISE MOORE, B.A. . . . . Memphis, Teha. flower: pink carnafionz GLORIA GILBERT, B.A. . . .Allahla, Ga. MARTHA RlCHARDS, B,A, . . . Nashville, Tehh, Alpha Theia chapfer esfab- KATIE I-IAGEY, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. PEGGY SMITH, B.A. . . . . New York, N.sY. lished al' Varlderbill' in I924 STINKYoHOGGYeA DDIEMAYoFUZiZYoFLOPPY This anaTomical Ii+Tle group has risen To The Top in a hurry .... They're driving The TheTas and Tri DelTas To drink already .... Possessors oT The only "decenT" sororiTy house on The campus, They gave The Tri DelTs The TidgeTs by moving in righT nexT door . . . Then They cooked up a quoTa sysTem and pulled Themselves ouT OT a hole .... Preeminence among The boys is mainTained aT all cosTs .,.. CawThori sidles and FriTzie iokes. . . . l:riTzie Tinally goT in . . . ThoughT she was going To have To be rushed all over .... lvlosT conceiTed pledge: Jackie Jackson . . . won The cup in lVlorTar Board sTunT nighT .... The SAE's seem To have a prioriTy . . . especially since The Li'l Aloner parTy The gals gave Tor Them. . Typical Pi Phi daTe: John lvlay .... PaT Oliver was recenTly elecTed "worsT dressed girl on The campus." . . Worley and Werkman quiT. . . . SunTlower l.aTTa courTs The ATO's .... S-ecreT ambiTion: "LeT's Pledge Boys." FRlTZlEoP.O.oSUN Firsf Row: Gayl Lauderdale, Virginia NimnichT, Pa? Oliver, Anne CawThon. Second Row: Jeanne Fonville, Nancy Travis, Jean Tucker, Sara Worley. Third Row: Rachel Baldridge, Anne Bowen, Medora BryanT, BeTTy Daugherfy. FourTh Row: BeTTy Dunwoody, lv1argareT Gill, BeTTy Jane Harrison, Florence Holman. FifTh Row: PaT Kornlos, RuTh LaTTa, Peggy Nellums, Jain Nichols. Sixfh Row: AniTa Parks, BeTTy Reeves, Agnes Slone, Jane Tisclale. Sevenfh Row: Emily Winslow, Mary Lou Gardner, KaTherine GosseTT, CharloTTe Hailey. EighTh Row: Jacqueline Jackson, Marie Kennedy, Clara Ann Kuhlman, Marfha Jaan McClure. NinTh Row: Rosemary Miles, Corinne Murrah. Gloria Werkman. Pl llllll ANNE CAWTHON , . GAYL LAUDERDALE . . . GAYL LAUDERDALE, B.A. . . ANNE CAWTHON, B.A. . . JEANNE FONVILLE, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Jackson, Tenn, Bill if I f A I T l N A we F 5 'T R I I I 1 . 5 , I y - II we T I l S' Q- ' .yffafiigf ,, R l 4g ,,..,.-,f,5,Wg, " T - ' E, 91' x mx web 5 Npkfgv is ws ' ,,ft.!: 9. '2 X -.-F' E X Ae L Nm, JEAN TUCKER, B.A. . . SARA WORLEY, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn 1, ,I V Q, ,- E TT we -',s,',f. iraqi Tw -s " ' , , , ' fi? " OFFICERS N354 llXlN'Xh'.r,j 4' -X, fwfkf 'rw 3, f 'i A . . . . Presidem' BETTY JANE HARRISO . T - "d'22lT,n. . 3,2-lllhl j . .vice-Pfesrdem MARGARET GILL . . , xp " ..... Tre su ' ' Q CLASS OF T942 5 . . .SomerviIle, Texas VIRGINIA NIMNICHT, . . . . Birmingha-'. T- ch. PAT OLIVER, B.A. . . ...... Coming, Ark. ai' V CLASS OF T943 Q RACHEL BALDRIDGE, B.A. . ANNE BOWEN, B.A .... MEDORA BRYANT, B.A. . . BETTY DAUGHERTY, B.A. . . BETTY DUNWOODY, B.A. , . MARGARET GILL, B.A .... BETTY JANE HARRISON, B.A. FLORENCE HOLMAN, B.A. . CLASS OF . . Fulfon, Ky. . . ,Oak Park, iii. . Nashville, Tenn. . Columbus, Ind. . . . Macon, Ga. Kansas Cify, Mo. . Nashville, Tenn. . Texarkana, Ark. EMILY WINSLOW, B.A. . . MARY LOU GARDNER, B,A. KATHERINE GOSSETT, B.A. , CHARLOTTE HAILEY, B.A. . JACOU ELI NE JACKSON, B.A. MARIE KENNEDY, B.A. . . . CLASS OF . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Danville, III. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . , . Franklin, Tenn. I944 ' PAT KOMLOSS, B.A. . . RUTH l.ATTA, B.A. . . . . PEGGY NELLUMS, B.A. . . JAIN NICHOLS, B.A. . ANITA PARKS, B.A. . . BETTY REEVES, B.A. . . AGNES STONE, B.A. . . JANE TISDALE, B.A. . . . . . . .CuThberI, Ga. l945 CLARA ANN KUHLMAN, B.A. MARTHA JEAN MCCLURE, B.A. . . ROSEMARY MILES, B.A ..... CORINNE MURRAH, B.A, . . GIJORIA WERKMAN, B.A. . New York, N. Y Dyersburg, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Columbia, Tenn Cookeville, Tenn . . Hickman, Ky. . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . MonmouTh, Ill . Nashville, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn Forf Wayne, Ind E '- Inst, , ,, ia' Founded aT Monmoufh Col- lege: April 28, l867g colors: wine recl and silver blue: flower: wine carnaiiong Tennessee Befa chapfer esfablishecl aT Vanclerbilf in l940. FLOWERQGDoTlZZIEoOUEENIEoGlN-GIN T l-louse is recognized by The number of lcniT-To-TiT sweaTers which pass in and ouT .... Seligman prexies These lassies . . . also WSGA .... Chap- Ter haunTs The library .... Kornman exTorTs The TilThy lucre every monTh . . . Then spends iT Trying To look like someThing ouT of "Vogue.' '... Mary Rose keeps smiling aT everyone . . . she's bound To geT elecTed To sorneThing .... BesT pledge: Mildred Sugarman .... Jean Wiclcsman raTTled The money Tor MorTar Board .... The girls sTill have Trouble wiTh The Sigma Chi's and The window shade deal . . . buT They love iT. . . . Phyllis Wolberg manages To else ouT her "A" every monTh .... EsTher Rezelc does odd jobs Tor The Gargoyle shows .... Karesh is Their prize aThleTe . . . has won Two ping-pong cups. . . . ChapTer is Tull OT self-sTyled glamour girls lTo wiT-l-ledy l-lainsTurTher, Veronica RoThschild, and DebuTanTe Schweizerl .... Sara Grossman TlaunTs a Phi BeTa key and a TraT pin .... The girls go in Tor Red Cross and Social Service worlc in a "big" way. E D Y o Y O K E FirsT Rowz Sara Rose Grossman, Rebecca Ann Korn- man, Selma Seligman, Second Row: Jean Wicksman, Shifra Karesh, Jane LowensTein. Third Row: BeTTy RoThs- child, Emily Schweizer, Doris Wohl. Fourfh Row: Phyllis Wolberg, Bernice Cohen, Mary Rose Eskind. FiHh Row: Lois l-lainsTurTher, Sylvia KoTTler, Myra Mirslcy. SixTh Row: Phyllis Pear, EsTher Rezelc, Wilba RuTh Copple. Sevenfh Row: Gladys GiTTleman, Gladys Kornrnan, Lois Kuhn. Eigh+h Row: Sara Seligman, Mildred Sugarman. lllllllll . . . . Dea . . .Sub-Dea CLA Fl l'l Ss OF . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. CLA SS OF Charleslon, S. C. , Nashville, Tenn Brownsville, Tenn CLA Nashville, Tenn SS OF . Providence, Ky. . .Chicago, lll R REZEK, B.A. CLA Nashville, Tenn . . Louisville, Ky Nashville, Tenn SS OF REBECCA ANN KORNMAN EMILY SCHWEIZER .... I942 SELMA SELIGMAN, B.A. . JEAN WICKSMAN, B.A. , i943 EMILY SCHWEIZER, B.A. . DORIS WO!-lL, B.A. . . . PHYLLIS WOLBERS, B.A. l'-744 SYLVIA KOTTLER, B.A. , . MYRA MIRSKY, B.A. . . PHYLLIS PEAR, B.A. . . . . . . . .Miarni, Fla. I945 LOIS KUHN, B.A. . . . . SARA SELISMAN, B.A. .,., . MlLDRED SUGARMAN, B.A. . . , .. lllllll ,X i W lllljl iii - + L , ,111 .i,, E , Uni!! irlilllllllllii E , .1 I ,,-, . Scrib . wilIe, 5 fflamaica, T'T'f A . Nashville, Tenn. . Decalur, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. Boonefon, N. J ' ,gf :c,,'1.:13. , , 2- C fu .Il-Wir: . , . mam., Fla. .lv w:,.-i-iff' . Nashville, Tenn. Founded al Barnard Col- lege, Columbia Universil-y: Oclober 24, l909g colors: .NashviIIe, Tenn. green and while: flower: . Nashville, Tenn . .Allan'ra, Ga. bill in l925. ETLE ONEo GEE GEE . nomo . WEE lily-of-l'he-valley: Chi chap- ' ler eslablished ai' Vander- n Alumni Hall rolls are called a thousand times a year. The following pages show Vanilerluilts extracurricular organization. llltll lllllll S gf M we if mp 2 fe Firsl' Row: Wm, Bailey, Marvin Bubis, Wm, M. Clark, Evereff Erlick, Mary Agnes Fousr, Clinlon Gardner. Second Row: Roberf MCNLITI, Paul Manners, Will Reese Mullens, Henry Reiller, Adeline Reubush, Ann Shepard. PHI IIIIII WILLIAM THOMAS BAILEY, JR. . WILL REESE MULLENS . WILLIAM THOMAS BAILEY, JR. MARVIN RAPHAEL BUBIS WILLIAM MOORE CLARK EVERETT HOWARD ERLICK MARY AGNES FOUST EDWARD CLINTON GARDNER OFFICERS MEMBERS PAUL HARRIS GILBERT EUGENE GREENER SARA ROSE GROSSMAN FRANK LLOYD KIRKMAN ROBERT MCNUTT PAUL EDDIE MANNERS 72021 IIIIIPII . . Presidenl . . Secrelary WILL REESE MULLENS HENRY LOUIS REITLER ADELINE REUBUSH ANN SHAPARD CLIFFORD TILLMAN JEAN WICKSMAN F T Row: Eugene Greener, Sara Rose Grossman, Frank Kirkman. Dr, John T, McGill, Professor Emerifus of Second Row: CliTford Tillman, Jean Wicksman. forTieTh year as SecreTary of Phi BeTa Kapp T T monies in Novemb November 5, l94I, marked The TorTieTh anniversary oT The Tounding oT The VanderbilT'chapTer oT Phi l3eTa Kappa, naTional honor TraTerniTy. 'Phi BeTa Kappa was organized as a "Greek leTTer" socieTy aT The College oT William and Mary on December 5, I776. -l'hroughouT iTs hisTory, elecTion To The organizaTion has been based on ouTsTanding inTellecTual abiliTy well employed, parTicularly in The acquisiTion oT a liberal educaTion. IT has also come To be a predicTion ThaT- The member will malce a valuable conTribuTion To socieTy. AT The annual meeTing oT The VanderbilT chapTer on November 5 oT This school year, Dr. John T. McGill, secreTary oT Phi BeTa Kappa since iTs Tound- ing in l9Ol, was honored aT a bangueT in Alumni l-lall, preceding The induc- Tion oT The eighTeen new sTudenT members. Chancellor Carmichael an- nounced aT The meeTing ThaT a Phi BeTa Kappa room had now been seT aside in Wesley l-lall as a meeTing room and as a place Tor Phi BeTa Kappa rec- ords, picTures, and memos. l203l HARRISON RUE . . DICK BRASFIELD . . . POYNER THWEATT JOE ATKINSON DICK BRASFIELD SYD HAILEY GENE HIGGINS JOHN HUTTON Joe Aikinson, Dick Brasfield, Syd Hailey, Gene Higgins, John Huhion, Mac Peebles. IIIIIIIIII OFFICERS MEMBERS DAN WALTON L204J . . . Presideni' . . . Vice-Presideni . . Secreiary-Treasurer MAC PEEBLES HARRISON RUE ' WILLIAM SANDERS POYNER THWEATT MOSE WALLER Harrison Rue, William Sanders, Poyner Thweaif, Mase Waller, Dan Walton. lllllll Pllll Omicron Delfa Kappa, nafional honor frafernify, was founded af Wash- ingfon and Universify in l9l4. lfs purpose is fo recognize men who have affainecl a high sfandard of efficiency in collegiafe acfivifies, and fo inspire ofhers fo sfrive for conspicuous affainmenfs along similar lines. ln fhis fra- fernify fhe mosf represenfafive men in all phases of collegiafe life are laroughf fogefher fo creafe an organizafion which will help fo mould fhe sen- fimenf of fhe insfifufion on guesfions of local and infer-collegiafe inferesf. O. D. K. recognizes eminence in five phases of campus life: scholarship, afhlefics, social, and religious acfivifies, publicafions, and forensic, dramafic, musical, and ofher culfural acfivifies. The Vanderbilf chapfer promofes parficular inferesf in inframural afh- lefics. A handsome frophy is awarded annually fo fhe frafernify who wins fhe highesf fofal number of poinfs in all inframural evenfs for fhe year. lI205fl Firsl Row: Joe Adams, Jr., Joel Bennerf, Tom Kelly Connor, George Griffin, Jonn I-Iulfon, Roberl Jones. Second Row: Roberf Moore, Jr., Roberl' Nellums, John Selph, Jr., Warren Sheffield, James Wesl, Mark Wilkerson. ROBERT LOGAN JONES . . JAMES CUTHBERT WEST . . JOI-IN WALTER HUTTON . . JOE SANFORD ADAMS, JR. JOEL SAMUEL BENNETT THOMAS KELLY CONNOR GEORGE GOETCHIUS GRIFFIN JOHN WALTER HUTTON ROBERT LOGAN JONES OFFICERS MEMBERS lf206J . . Presldenl' . . Secrela ry . . Treasurer ROBERT TOLMIE MOORE, JR. ROBERT OVERMAN NELLUMS JOHN WILLIAM SELPH, JR. WARREN BENTLEY SHEFFIELD JAMES CUTHBERT WEST MARK COCKRILL WILKERSON ll llllll Eive oufsfanding seniors of fhe.School of Engineering, under fhe guidance of Professor Wesley B. Brown, mef in April, I927, for The purpose of founding an honorary engineering frafernify. This organizafion was formed "fo en- courage by formal recognifion fhose qualifies of characfer, scholarship and leadership evidenf in cerfain upperclassmen of fhe School of Engineering." A consfifufion was adopfed, and officers were elecfed. A key and a seal were adopfed. Provision was made for fhe elecfion of alumni on fhe basis of fheir college and professional work. The frafernify fakes parf in campus acfivifies, enfering floafs in fhe an- nual l-lomecoming Parade, serving as guides for fhe Engineering buildings, and sponsoring an Engineering open house for prospecfive sfudenfs. The principal service of fhe organizafion is fhe presenfafion of smokers for fha enfire Engineering School. Leading professional men are obfained as speak- ers. Two or fhree such evenfs are held each year. A pefifion fo Tau Befa Pi has been submiffed fo fhe nafional execufive council of fhis associafion, and if is expecfed fhaf a chapfer will be esfab- lished af Vanderbilf in fhe very near fufure. I2071 Firsf Row' M Y Anne Cowen, N y Gene Dal Second Row: Margaref Noland, Adeline Reubush, Jean Wicksman. OFFICERS MARY BROCK . . . ...... ..... P residenf ANNE COWEN ...... . . Vice-Presidenf NANCY GENE DALE . . . . Se-c:re+ary MEMBERS MARY BROCK MARGARET NOLAND . ANNE CGWEN ADELINE REUEJUSI-I f NANCY GENE DALE JEAN WICKSMAN MHHTAH HUAHII EZOBJ IIIIIIIS II CHAPMAN BAIN . . . EUGENE GREENER . . CHARLES BULL CHAPMAN BAIN GILBERT FOX ROBERT A. CAMPBELL CHARLES CROUCH ERNEST EBERLING OFFICERS MEMBERS GRADUATE SCHOOL OCK REID ACADEMIC SCHOOL EUGENE GREENER PAUL MANNERS FACU LTY M EM BERS ROY L. GARIS D. M. GORDON GERALD HENDERSON JOSEPH RANSMEIER F2091 . . . . . . PresIcIen'I . Secrefary-Treasurer GROOMES .HENRY REITLER Tc. W, WAKEFIELD f .VJAOHN VANHS-ICKLE LOWE WATKINS OVERTON WILLIAMS Firsl Row: Billy Bales, BuckBaWor,PaulCohm William Dale, Ed Mar- Hn. Second Row:John Muney Jack Odmg Ed Parrish, W. H. Pigg, Billy Sumner. Third Row: Ed Turnley, David While, Ken Williams. WILLIAM DALE . PAUL COI-IN . ED MARTIN BILLY BATES . . BUCK BAYLOB . PAUL coI-IN . . WILLIAM DALE . WAYNE DECKEB . ED MARTIN . , . JQI-IN MLIBBEY . JACK oDEss . . ED PARBISH . W. H. PIGG . . . BILLY SLIMNER . ED TUKNLEY . , DAVID WHITE . . KEN WILLIAMS . OFFICERS MEMBERS ll ll . ..... . . Presidenl Vice-Presiclenl' . . Secrelary-Treasurer . . Kappa Sigma Della Kappa Epsilon . . Zela Bela Tau . . Bela Thela Pi ......ChiPhi Alpha Tau Omega . . Kappa Alpha . Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Phi Kappa Psi . . . Sigma Chi .... Sigma Nu . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Phi Delia Theia . Phi Kappa Sigma C2101 T MARVIN HOLDERNESS HARRY RICHTER BILL BYRN . GERALD AVERBUCH . . RENFRO BAIRD . . . LOUIS BROOKS . . TOM BROWN . . JIM BURNS . . . OSCAR EURRIS . . BILL BYRN ..... HAROLD CLARK . . E. G. DAVIS . . DONALD DUFT . . MIAL FESSENDEN . . . ALEX GHOLSON , . , FORREST GLASGOW , . RICHARD GOLDBERG , , I I OFFICERS MEMBERS . Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Phi Kappa Psi . . ,Zeta Bela Tau Della Kappa Epsilon . Alpha Tau Omega . , Phi Della Thela , . . Kappa Alpha , . . Sigma Chi . .,.. Chi Phi . . Pi Kappa Alpha . , . .Sigma Nu . ,Kappa Sigma . . Kappa Alpha . Zeia Beta Tau l2llfl GEORGE HOLCOMB , . . FRED HOLDER .... MARVIN HOLDERNESS, . . HENRY LAKS .,.. ,. CHARLES LIPSCOMB . . OWYN LUKER . . , DICK PATRICK . . Q GORDON PETERSEN . BOB POPE .... BRETT RICH . , , . HARRY RICHTER . . . WALTER ROBINSON . R. R. TIPTON ..,. EUSTACE WINN . . . . Presidem' . Vice-Presideni Secrela ry . . . . Bela Thela Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon .Sigma Alpha Epsilon . ,Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Phi Kappa Sigma .Alpha Tau Omega . . . Sigma Chi . . .Sigma Nu . , . . Kappa Sigma . Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Bela Thela Pi . Phi Della Thela , . . Pi Kappa Alpha Delia Kappa Epsilon Firsf Row: Gerald Averbuch, Louis Brooks, Tom Brown, Jim Burns, Oscar Burris, Bill Byrn, Harold Clark. Second Row: E, G. Davis, Don- ald Duff, Mial Fessen- den, Alex Gholson, Forresl Glasgow, George Holcomb, Fred Holder. Third Row: Marvin Holderness, Henry Laks, Charles Lipscomb, Gwyn Luker, Dick Pafrick, Gordon Peferson, Bob Pope. Fourfh Row: Breff Rich, Harry Richter, Waller Robinson, R. R. Tipfon, Euslace Winn, Clinfan Wrighl'. Firsf Row: Belly Baird, Marlha Beverly, Belly Freeman, Belly Jane Harrison, Belly Ann Johnson. Second Row: Sylvia Kofller, Frances Loring, Jain Nichols, Elizabelh Overfon, Dorolhy Ragland. Third Row: Esther Rezek, Mil- dred Slahlman, Susan While, Laura Woodard. FRANCES LORING . SUSAN WHITE . . BETTY FREEMAN . BETTY BAIRD MARTHA BEVERLY ESTELLE FISHER BETTY FREEMAN BETTY JANE HARRISON OFFICERS MEMBERS BETTY ANN JOHNSON SYLVIA KOTTLER FRANCES LORING JAIN NICHOLS ELIZABETH OVERTON . . President . . Secrelary . . Treasurer DOROTHY RAGLAND ESTHER REZEK MILDRED STAHLMAN SUSAN WHITE LAURA WOODARD Illl IIIIIIIS f2l2fI NANCY TRAVIS . . . EMILY SCHWEIZER MARY FLOYD ANDERSON . ELSIE ANDREWS ...,. MARTINE CHAFFIN .... MARY FRANCES CHARLTON RUTH CONNER ,..... BETTY DAUGHERTY . JEANNE FONVILLE . . JEAN FREEMAN . . . ANGELYN INGRAM . . SHIFRA KARESH . . IIIHE Ill MEMBERS . . Alpha Omicron Pl , . . . Independents . . .Gamma Phi Beta . . . .Gamma Phi Beta . . Delta Delta Delta . . . Pi Beta Phi . , . . Pi Beta Phi . . .Gamma Phi Beta , . Alpha Omlcron Pi . .... Alpha Epsilon Phi JANE LOWENSTEIN HELEN MCMURRAY MARTHA OURSLER MARY CURTIS REED EMILY SCHWEIZER MARIE SMITH . . ANN STAHLMAN . RUTH THRELKELD NANCY TRAVIS . JEAN TUCKER . . . ELIZABETH ZERFOSS . . ,.., Delta Delta Delta L2131 . . . President . Secreta ry-Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta 1 Alpha. Epsilon .Phi Alpha Omicron Pi . Delta Delta Delta . . . Independents . . Independents , . . Pi Beta Phi First Row: Mary Floyd Anderson, Elsie An- drews, Martine Chaftin, Mary Frances Charlton, Ruth Conner, Betty Daugherty, Jean Fon- ville. Second Row: Jean Freeman, Angelyn Ingram, Shifra Karesh, Jane Lowenstein, Helen McMurray, Marfha Oursler, Mary Curtis Reed. Third Row: Emily Schweizer, Marie Smith, Ann Stahlman, Ruth Threlkeld, Nancy Travis, Jean Tucker, Elizabeth Zerfoss. Firsi' Row: Nan Casfner, Geraldine Carney Tempe Chesfer, Mamie Edwards, Lifion Hick- man, David Kowom Second Row: Grady Lee, Kafhedne Lyong Harrier Orr, Barbara Perkins, Virginia Pri+- cherr, Adeline Reubush. Third Row: Ann Siahl- man, Jane SIeagalL Frances Toorney, Trudy Wdmmm,kanWkM- mam KATHLYN BEASLEY . . GRADIE LEE ...... KATHERINE LYONS . . LITTON HICKMAN KATHLYN BEASLEY NAN CASTNER GERALDINE CATHEY TEMPE CHESTER MAMIE EDWARDS RUTH GRACE LITTON HICKMAN French Honorary ScI1oIas+ic OFFICERS MEMBERS JAMES HODGES DAVID KOTKOV GRADIE LEE KATHERINE LYONS HARRIETT ORR BARBARA PERKINS Socieiv MARK FRANK PRESTON . . . . . Presideni . Vice-Presidenr . . Secrerary . . Treasurer VIRGINIA PRITCHETT ADELINE REUBUSH ANN STAHLMAN JANE STEAGALL FRANCES TOOMEY THELMA WEINSTEIN JEAN WICKSMAN PHI SIIIIIII-I IIIII lf2l4fI III SIIIIII PHI ADELINE REUBUSI-I . . . VIRGINIA YOUMANS . . J. D. BROWN ..... GERALDINE CATI-IEY CLINTON GARDNER I-IANNAI-I ABRAMSON MARY BROCK J. D. BROWN GERALDINE CATI-IEY RUTH COI-IEN OFFICERS MEMBERS JOANNE FARRELL CLINTON GARDNER EUGENE GREENER BETTY ANN JOHNSON l215fI . . . . President . . . Vice-President . . . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . , . . Treasurer IACPIARLES KING I ADELINE REUBUSH "E. L. STEWART PAT WADE VIRGINIA YOUMANS First Row: Mary Brock, J. D. Brown, Geraldine Cathey, Ruth Cohen, Joanne Farrell. Second Row: Clinton Gardner, Eugene Greener, Betty Ann Johnson, Charles King, Adeline Reubush. Third Row: Pat Wade, Virginia Youmans, GENE DULANEY ...... IRWIN BRIGI-ITWELL . . MICHAEL C. PEARCE BETTY C. KEEFE Belly Baird Kallwlyn Beasley lrwin Brighlwell William A. Byrn, Jr. Peggy Carloss Gene Dulaney Anne Louise Eidell Roy T. Englerl Mary Helen Emmons Juan Caslellano, Sponsor C. B. Brown OFFICERS MEMBERS Jose Garcia Paul I-Ialclier Slwifra Kareslm Belly C. Keele John Kenimer Kallwryn Kenl Joseplw I-I. Kern David F. Kollcov June Long FA-CULTY MEMBERS Mrs, Juan Caslellano P. T, Manchesier . . . . . Presidem' . Vice-Presidenl . . Secreiary . . Treasurer Kalhryn Marlin Michael C. Pearce Emeline Prince Geanne Roberls Francisco Rene Saralequi Joseph W. Sbulloni Jane Sieagall Edwin Slewari Mary Tom Wilson Callwerine Zeelc Millon L. Shane C. F. Zeek SIHIIIII IIIIIII PI If2l6fI ll lli BOB NELLUMS .... J. W. SELPH, JR ..... ERlCl-l WESTFIELD Elmer Bell Joel Benneli Bill Burlc Allen l-l. Cogbill Torn Kelly Connor Jack Connors Bill Ferguson Flournoy Freeman Bari Johnslon Don Kelly Wendell V. Kincaid Tommy King OFFICERS MEMBERS Bill Lauiner Carl McFarIin Roberi Mackey Richard Marlin Jim Moore Bob Nellums Roy Nicholson Bryan Omohundro Bob Belly W. l-l. Pigg Lee Pope l217fI Hl ll Presideni . . . Vice-Presidenl Secrela ry-Treasurer F, Quaclcenboss Bill Reynolds Brell' Rich Bill Rion Frank Roberls- J. W. selph Edv Sfewarl L. Jay Tenenbaum Joe Thaicher Erich Wesifield W. P. Winsleacl Paul Youngblood Xa ., i' i fat!" . V Jef", Firsi Row: Hugh Adams, Ed An- derson, Presion Bandy, Buck Bay- lor, Roberl Bernslein, Tom Brown. Second Row: Na? Burch, Swan Burrus, Joe Cannon, Billy Cafe, Herberl Chessin, Herman Delaney. Third Row: Roy Douglass, M. T. Freeman, S. J, Freeman, Rainey Frierson, William Frisioe, Henry Gewin. Fourlh Row: Alex Gholson, A. F. Goldfarb, John Goodgame, Billy Guplon, E. C. Hamillon, J. R. Hamillon. Fiffh Row: Wallon Harrison, Charles Huddlesion, Roberi' Kossoy, Ullin Leavell, Robert Lee, Roberl Ledner. Sixfh Row: Alberf Leggell, Sieve Longino, Ross Love, Hagan Lud- lam, George McElroy, Henry Mc- Grede. Sevenlh Row: Tom Manchesler, Ed Mariin, Earl Mayo, William Mel- lon, Willard Mills, William Minion. Eighth Row: Richard Moore, Rob- erl' Moore, Tom Moore, Henry Nelson, Howard Nichols, John Odess. Ninfh Row: Jerry Orlcen, Roberl Radding, Joel Reid, William Riley, Howard Ripy, Manuel Scrofani. Tenlh Row: Coupery Shands, Har- rison Shoulders, Max Sigal, Frank Smylhe, Gray Slahlman, Waring Siarbuck, N. H. Slrickland. Elevenlh Row: Vision Taylor, Poy- ner Thwealf, Mike Weidner, Eu- slace Winn, Ray Womack, Clinron Wrighl, Thomas Zerfoss. OFFICERS Q SWAN BURRUS . BILL MELTON . . BILLY RILEY ..... WALTON HARRISON . . . PresidenT . Vice-RresidenT . . SecreTary . Treasurer C. S. CHADWICK Faculty Sponsor Sllllll l ll llll ES Skull and Bones, The VanderbilT pre-medical socieTy, was organized in I92I by Dr. C. S. Chadwick, The presenT sponsor. The purpose oT The club is To serve as a TacTor in The advancemenT OT pre-medical educaTion aT VanderbilT, and as a source oT inspiraTion during The seemingly long years preceding acTual medi- cal work. Membership is resTricTed To Those pre- meds who have compleTed aT leasT one year oT work, and meT a required scholasTic sTandard. MeeTings are held each Two weeks wiTh a bangueT aT The end oT The year. A number oT disTin- guished men have appeared beTore The club To speak on subiecTs relaTing To pracTices and re- search in The various Tields oT medicine. ln addiTion To The more inTangible asseTs oT pre-medical educaTion The club has soughT To aid iTs members in meeTing The economic de- mands oT medical work. ln I936 a loan Tund was esTablished Tor The use oT Those members dependenT on ouTside assisTance. WiThin six years This amounT has increased To abouT 5700. lT is inTended ThaT This Tund be increased vearly and Tormed inTo a scholarship available To TuTure members. MEMBERS Hugh Adams Ed Anderson PresTon Bandy James B, Baylor Zeb BenneTT RoberT BernsTein Eugene Brooks Tom Brown NaT Burch Swan Burrus Joseph Cannon Billy, CaTe HerberT Chessin Herman Delancey Roy Douglass Josh Esslinger RoberT Fish M. T. Freeman S. J. Freeman STanley Freeman Henry French Rainey Frierson William FrisToe Henry Gewin Alex Gholson A. F. Goldlfarb Johnny Goodgame Billy 6upTon E. C. HamilTon J, R. HamilTon WalTon Harrison ErnesT HarTley Charles Holland Charles HuddlesTon RoberT Kossoy Uliin Leavell RoberT F. Lee RoberT Ledner Alberf LeggeTT STeve Longino Ross Love IIZIQJ Hagan Ludlam George McElroy Henry McGrede Tom ManchesTer E. H. MarTin Earl Mayo William MelTon Willard Mills William MinTon Richard Moore Roberl' Moore Tom Moore Henry Nelson Howard Nichols John Odess Jerry Orken RoberT Radding Alvin Raider Joel Reid William Riley Howard Ripy Manuel ScroTani Leonard Seifzman Coupery Shands Harrison Shoulders Max Sigal LuTher Smi+h Frank W. SmyThe Gray STahlrnan Waring STarbuck N. H. STrickland VisTon Taylor Poyner ThweaTT Rudolph WalTers Mike Weidner EusTace Winn Ray Womack ClinTon WriqhT Thomas ZerToss Guy Zimmerman Firsi' Row: Sfanley Ber- nard, Shellon Biles, Evereff Erlick, Bill Free- land, Bill Laurner. Sec- ond Row: Bill Mellon, William Sanders, War- ren Sawyer, Maynard Thompson, Jim Wesf. EVERETT ERLICK MAYNARD THOMPSON . JIM WEST ..... OFFICERS MEMBERS STANLEY BERNARD . .... . SI-IELTON BILES EVERETT ERLICK BILL FREELAND BILL LAUTNER BILL MELTON .... WILLIAM SANDERS . WARREN SAWYER . . . MAYNARD THOMPSON . JIM WEST ,...... . . Piesidenl . . Recorder . . Clerk . Freshman Academic . Freshman Engineer . . Senior Academic . . Junior Academic . . Junior Engineer . Sophomore Academic Presidenl, Srudenf Council . .Sophomore Engineer . . Junior Academic . . Senior Academic IIIII 'S HU III IUIINIII If220J IIIIIIII 'S HII IIII IIIII III JEANNE FONVILLE . SELMA SELIGMAN ANNE COWEN ANNA MARIE CATE . ANNE COWEN . . . JEANNE FONVILLE .V CAROLYN HARRISON ADELAIDE HITE . . . BETTY ANN JOHNSON SELMA SELIGMAN . JOAN THOMPSON . OFFICERS MEMBERS lfZ21fI . . . PresicIen'r Vice- Presideni . CIerIc . Freshman . Senior . . Junior . . Senior L . Junior . Sophomore . . Senior . Sophomore Firsf Row: Anna Marie Cafe, Anne Cowen, Jeanne Fonville, Caro- lyn Harrison. Second Row: Adelaide Hife, BeHy Ann Johnson, Selma Seligman, Joan Thompson. Firsl Row: Clark Adams, Eugene Bernslein, Tom Buckner, Ken Cayce, Richard Donaldson. Second Row: Webb Follin, Syd Hailey, Bob Jones, Jerry King, Sieve McCamy. Third Row: J. Richard Moore, Mac Peebles, W. D. Reqen, John Talum, Clifford Tillman. WEBB FOLLIN . CLARK ADAMS . . . EUGENE BERNSTEIN . . TOM BUCKNER . , KENNETH CAYCE . . . RICHARD DONALDSON WEBB FOLLIN ..... SYD HAILEY . BOB JONES . . JERRY KING . ., STEVE MCCAMY .... J. RICHARD MOORE . MAC PEEBLES .... .. W. D. REGEN . . . JOHN TATUM ..... CLIFFORD TILLMAN . . IM OFFICERS . . . . . Presideni MAC PEEBLES . . . STEVE MCCAMY . . . . Secreiary-Treasurer MEMBERS Pl -Hllll ll . Viceflaresideni . . . . Phi Kappa Psi . .Alpha Epsilon Pi . . , . .Sigma Chi . . Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Pi Kappa Alpha Delia Kappa Epsilon . . . Phi Delia Thela . . . . Kappa Alpha .Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..,.Chi Phi . . Befa Thela Pi . . . Sigma Nu . . Kappa Sigma . . Zela Bela Tau Illllllllll 52221 lllllll 'S ll -Hllll SARA WORLEY . . CAROLINE AMBROSE CAROLINE AMBROSE . . ANNE CAWTHON . . ANNE COWEN . . . NANCY GENE DALE . . BOND DAVIS .... JEAN FREEMAN . . . SARA GROSSMAN , . MILDRED MILAM . . JAIN NICHOLS . . . MARY CURTIS REED . . EMILY SCHWEIZER . . SELMA SELIGMAN . . JEWELL SIMMONS , . MARTHA Tl-IACI-I . . SUSAN WHITE , . . SALLY WILHITE . . SARA WORLEY . . LIBBY ZERFOSS . . OFFICERS . . . . Presidenl LIBBY ZERFOSS . . Vice-Presiclenl NANCY GENE DALE MEMBERS l1223II ll lllll Ill . .Secrelary . Treasurer Kappa Alpha Thela ..,.Pi Bela Phi . Alpha Omicron Pi Gamma Phi Bela Kappa Alpha Thela .Gamma Phi Bela .Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Omicron Pl . ...Pi Bela Phi Kappa Alpha Thela . Alpha Epsilon Phi .Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Omicron Pi .Gamma Phi Bela . Della Della Della . Della Della Della .. . .Pi Bela Phi . Della Della Della Firsl Row: Caroline Ambrose, Anne Caw- lhon, Anne Cowen, Nancy Gene Dale, Bond Davis, Jean Freeman. Second Row: Sara Grossman, Mildred Milam, Jain Nichols, Mary Curlis Reed, Emily Schweizer, Selma Seligman. Third Row: Jewell Simmons, Mar- lha Thach, Susan While, Sally Wilhile, Sara Worley, Libby Zerfoss. Firsl' Row: Cornelia Beall, Marlha Bryan, Marline Chaffin, Mary Rose Eskind, Jeanne Fonville. Second Row: Miller Lovell, Selma Seligman, Virginia Shoulders, Sara Wor- ley, Elizabelh Zerfoss. SELMA SELIGMAN . . MILLER LOVELL . . . MARTINE CI-IAFFIN CORNELIA BEALL . MARTHA BRYAN . MARTINPE CI-IAFFIN . MARY RQSE ESKIND . . JEANNE FONVILLE . MILLER LOVELL . SELMA SELIGMAN . . . VIRGINIA SHOULDERS , SARA WORLEY . . . ELIZABETI-I ZERFOSS . . OFFICERS MEMBERS . . . . Presidenl . . Vice-Presidenf . Secreta ry-Treasurer . . . . . Dormilory President . Sludenl Union Represenlalive .,.Junior . . . . . . . . Sophomore . Presidenl, Honor Council . . .... ..... S enior . President W. S. G. A. Board . . . , . . . Freshman . . . . . . President Pan-Hellenic Presidenl, Women's A'rl1leI'ic Board lllUIIlEIlS Sllllllllll IIIIIIBIIIIIIIIIII llSSUUlIIllIIIl 'fzzij -er' ,mas- 'B fafsll I-my -'94 --va,- IIIIIIIII 'S IIIIIIIIII Illl Ill ELIZABETH ZEREOSS .... DOROTHY RAGLAND . . NORMA MOUSSON . . SARAH BURKE .... CAROLYN ELLIOTT . . SHIERA KARESH .... JANE LOWENSTEIN . . BETTY MADDIN . . . NORMA MOUSSON . . PEGGY NELLUMS . . JAIN NICHOLS .... DOROTHY RAGLAND . . MARY CURTIS REED . . NELLE SCHELL . . RUTH THRELKELD . . ANITA WILLIAMSON . ELIZABETH ZERFOSS . . OFFICERS MEMBERS l225l . . . . . Presiclenl , . . Vice-Presiclenl Secrela ry-Trea su rer . . . . Independenl . . Alpha Omicron Pi . . Alpha Epsilon Phi . . Alpha Epsilon Phi . . Della Della Della . Gamma Phi Bela Pi Bela Phi . . . Pi Bela Phi Alpha Omicron Pi . ,Kappa Alpha Them . Gamma Phi Bela . . . . lndepenclenl . . Kappa Alpha Thela . Della Della Della Firsl Row: Sarah Burke, Carolyn Ellioll, Shifra Karesh, Jane Lowen- slein, Belly Macldin. Second Row: Norma Mousson, Peggy Nel- lums, Jain Nichols, Dorolhy Ragland, Mary CurlisReecl. Third Row: Nelle Schell, Rulh Threlkeld, Anila Wil- liamson, Elizubell-I Zer- foss. Firsf Row: Leonard Yokely, Jack Farringer, Jean Welch. Second Row: Ruih Threlkeld, Pai Wade. HEPE HE TS OFFICERS LEONARD YOKELY . . . . Presidenf JEAN WELCH . . Presidenf of Women JACK FARRINGER . . . . Vice-Presidem' RUTH THRELKELD . . . Secrefary PAT WADE . . . . . ....... Treasurer HISTORY OF THE INDEPENDENTS To help serve The social, aThleTic, and poliTical needs There has been increasing evidence ThaT The Independ- oT The unaTTiliaTed men and women sTudenTs oT Vander- bilT UniversiTy, The lndependenT organizaTion was Tor- mally inauguraTed Three years ago. An ouTgrowTh oT The Hub Club, a socieTy oT non-TraTerniTy men, The independ- enT group has grown rapidly, especially in The social and sporTs Tields. unTil Today iT occupies a deTiniTe place in The life oT The campus communiTy. For The pasT Two years, an lndependenT summer camp aT MonTgomery Bell Park has helped To unify The organ- izaTion and To sTimulaTe Triendships among iTs members. This year The acquisiTion oT an oTTice on The TirsT Tloor of Alumni Hall has conTribuTed even more To sTrengThen- ing The group as a whole and The individual Ties oT Triend- ship wiThin iT. enT organizaTion has really accomplished a service Tor The campus in bringing TogeTher The unaTTiliaTed sTudenTs oT VanderbilT. AThenians and l.oTus EaTers, honorary socie- Ties oT iunior and sophomore girls respecTively, were The TirsT To accord recogniTion To independenT girls by elecT- ing Them To Their membership. Omicron DelTa Kappa Tollowed This year by granTing poinTs To The Two ouT- sTanding sophomores and The ouTsTanding Treshman among The independenT boys, corresponding To The poinTs given Tor Ace and Owl Club membership. The lndependenT organizaTion hopes To go on from year To year helping unaTTiliaTed sTudenTs in all phases of campus liTe. Before any oT iTs immediaTe aims, social, aThleTic, or poliTical, however, iT is primarily oT VanderbilT and, as iTs moTTo sTaTes. "For VanderbilT." DICK BRASEIELD . . . WM. MOORE CLARK ROBERT MQRAE Lane Abernalhy Ed Anderson Jean Beckman Reese Bogle Dick Brasfielcl C. P. Brocalo Mary Brock Marvin 'Bubis Oscar Burris Jorge Campbello Fred Carmichael W. M. Clark Lenora Coghlan OFFICERS MEMBERS Anne Cowen Nancy Gene Dale Will Dale Rainey Frierson Clinlon Gardner Eugene Greener Marvin I-lolderness I-Iarold Kalz Roberl' McRae Paul Manners Dick Moore Virginia Prilchell' ASSOCIATE MEMBERS . . . . . Presidenl Vice-Presidenl' Secrefa ry-Treasurer Margarel' Ransmeier 'William Reed Waller Robinson. Jr. George Rosenblall' W. C. Sl-lands Bruce Sinclair, Jr. Tom Sfeele Bill Wakefield Mose Waller Erich Wesffield Euslace Winn Phyllis Wolberg V Illlll S IIIIII I2281 llll llll CLIFFORD TILLMAN . . ROBERT McNUTT . . . . MARVIN I-IOLDERNESS WM. MOORE CLARK CLINTON GARDNER EUGENE GREENER MARVIN I-IOLDERNESS BART JOHNSTON JACK JONES OFFICERS MEMBERS FRANK KIRKMAN DAVID KOTKOV BOB MCNUTT TOM MANCHESTER RAYBURN MOORE L21'.9l I I . . . Presidenl' Vice- Presidenl Secrelary-Treasurer ARNALL PEERY 'TGNY REI NAQI-I-7 WALTER ROBINSON- cou P SHANDS 'TO M ST EE LE CLIFF TILLMAN First Row: Wm. Moore Clark, Clinlon Gardner, Eugene Greener, Mar- vin Holderness, Bari Johnston, Jack Jones. Second Row: Frank Kirkman, David Kolkov, Roberl' McNul+, Tom Manchesier, Rayburn Moore, Arnall Peery. Third Row: Tony Rein- ach, Waller Robinson, Coup Shands, Tom Sfeele, Clifford Tillman. Firsf Row: Mary Brock, Medora Bryanf, Lenora Coghlan, Rulh Ferris, Dorolhy Frank. Second Row: Mary Rufh Gasser, Corinne Howell, Mar- garel Noland, Pal Oliver, Virginia Prif- chelf. Third Row: Helen Ransom, Dorolhy Reinke, Adeline Reu- bush, Ann Slahlman. MARY BROCK ...... VIRGINIA PRITCHETT . . ANN STAHLMAN . . ADELINE REUBUSH MARY BROCK MEDORA BRYANT MARY ANN BUGG LENORA COGHLAN RUTH FERRIS OFFICERS MEMBERS DOROTHY FRANK MARY RUTH GASSER CORINNE HOWELL MARGARET NOLAND PAT OLIVER . . Presidenl . Vice-Presiclenl . Secrela ry . Treasurer VIRGINIA PRITCHETT HELEN RANSOM DOROTHY REINKE ADELINE REUBUSH ANN STAHLMAN lHl Hllll Plll I2301 vi ? T7 if IIIIIS ANN STAHLMAN . . BETTY SMITH . JEAN WICKSMAN BETTY BAIRD ALETHA BERGER EMILY BOURNE MARY BROCK ELLEN CAMERON FRANCES CARTER TEMPE CHESTER OFFICERS MEMBERS BETTY CURTISS MAMIE EDWARDS MARGARET FRASER BETTY JOHNSON NORMA MOUSSON ESTHER REZEK C2311 4225 I I .LQ Presidenr . . Vice-Presidenr Secrerary-Treasurer SELMA SELIGMAN BETTY SMITH ANN STAHLMAN NANCY TRAVIS JEAN WICKSMAN LAVINIA WITHERSPOON VIRGINIA YOUMANS First Row: Beffy Baird, Alefha Barger, Emily Bourne, Mary Brock, Ellen Cameron, Frances Carfer, Tempe Chesfer. Second Row: Berry Curfiss, Mamie Ed- wards, Margare+ Fraser, Beffy Johnson, Norma Mousson, Esiher Rezek, Sarah Seligman, Third Row: Beify Smifh, Ann Sfahlman, Nancy Travis, Jean Wicksman, Lavinia Witherspoon, Virginia Youmans. HOLMES COLLINS ELIZABETH HALL . Joe Adams John Alcer John Berachilc Guerry Bowen Medora Bryanl Samuel Bulls Marlha Campbell Joe Cannon I-rances Carler Nan Caslner Herberl Chessin Lenora Coghlan Bernice Cohen Holmes Collins R Mary Pope Creighlon Hllllll ui OFFICERS . . Presidenl MARY POPE CREIGHTON . . . Secrelary . . Vice-Presidenl LEONARD LINTON , . Treasure,- K, MEMBERS Belly Curliss Lloyd l-lerpel Dorolhy Ragland Marlha Ann Earlhman Robin Hirsig Jack Rehn Carolyn Ellioll Joanne Farrell Rulh Ferris Willliam Freeland Roberl Fish Henryella Gage Gladys Gillleman William Goldberg Scoll l-laddox Lois Hainslurlher Elizabelh Hall Ed Hamillon June Harrison Kalhryn Hendricks Raymond l-lougl-:land Marshall Hughes Shilra Karesh Jane Kirshner Pal Komlos Sylvia Kolller Ava Maria Lewis Leonard Linlon Fr ance S Loring Willard Mills Myra Mirslcy Margarel Noland Mary May Paschall Phyllis Pear Harry Renn Eslher Rezelc Belly Rolhschild Leonard Seilzman Mildred Sugarman Bernice Talum Alice Thompson Virginia Troller Susan While Charles Whilworlh Jean Wicksman Elizaloelh Woodcock Whillier Wrighl ff af 1.5. , . 'milf This year The Gargoyle Club was placed under The supervision oT Dr. JonaThan Curvin, new TaculTy member in The Speech DeparTmenT. l-lis enThusiasm and abiliTy have been oT much assisTance in The di- recTion oT The club's dramaTic produc- Tions. Under The leadership oT l-lolmes Collins a program oT all-sTudenT produc- Tions has been Tollowed. ln December The comedy, "AccenT on YouTh," was puT on aT The CommuniTy Playhouse. NexT in early lvlarch Tollowing lasT year's program They again sponsored a musical review aT The ParamounT TheaTre. The club was TorTunaTe in having lasT year's presidenT, George Wood, who was home Trom Yale beTore going inTo The Army, To assisT in The wriTing oT songs and The di- H331 recTion. The review enTiTled "Three Cn a Spree" was cenTered around Three Camp l:orresT soldiers seeing Nashville wiTh The help oT Three VanderbilT coeds. Some oT The songs and dance rouTines Trom This will be Talcen To Camp l:orresT along wiTh oTher numbers some Time This spring. Jean Wicksman and ScoTT l-laddox have been in charge oT lceeping Nashville posTed on VanderbilT acTiviTies by means oT a bi-monThly radio program over WLAC. The spring producTion will be a group oT one-acT plays To be presenTed Trom The new sTage recenTly compleTed in The "Old" gym. Firsl Row: Joe Adams, Mary Anderson, Margie Arnold, Harriel Afkinson, Sam Ballol'f, Slanley Ber- nard, John Beyinglon, Reese Bogle. Second Row: Joe Brooks, Marlha Bryan, Jim Burns, Sam Bulls, Mac Canlrell, Lib Carlen, Lenora Gogh- lan, Paul Cohn. Third Row: Bill Coker, Johnny Conners, Wirl' Courlney, Louis Cross, Anne DeJournelle, Dorolhy Dodd, Jean Douglas, Lloyd Emery. Fourlh Row: Mary Rose Eskind, Jack Farringer, Bools Ferguson, Louise Franklin, Bill Freeland, Gailher Frierson, Lawrence Goldsby, Bill Gray. Fiflh Row: Rufus Gwinn, Kafie Hagey, Ed Hamillon, Belly Jane Harrison, Caro- lyn Harrison, June Harri- son, Gril'l Harsh, Peggy l-leriges. Sixfh Row: Lloyd l-lerpel, Ed Hopkins, Belly Ann Johnson, Jack Hudson, George King, Grady Lee, Mary Louise Lea, Leonard Linlon. Sevenlh Row: Jane Lowen- slein, Gleaves Love, Jack Overall, Roger McManus, Doug Marlin, Margarel Marshall, Billy Monlgom- ery, Norma Mousson. Eighlh Row: Dick Morrison, Belly Peebles, Loyd Reavis, Hugh Richardson, Geanne Roberls, Emmaline Rusl, Sally Seligman, Hunler Sims. Ninlh Row: Jewell Simmons, Bill Smilh, Marie Smilh, Peggy Smilh, Alice Slovall, Billy Sumner, Raymond Taylor, Virginia Troller, Tenfh Row: Susan While, Anifa Williamson, Gus Wilson, Virginia Wilson, Elizabelh Woodcock, Phyllis Wolberg, Jo Young, Libby Zerfoss. OFFICERS C BILL FREELAND . . Presidenf LEONARD LINTON . . . Vice-PresidenT CAROLYN HARRISON . . , SecreTary JACK FARRINGER, . . . Treasurer Homecoming commiTI'ee. lll IUII llllllllll lllllllllllll The Junior AThleTic AssociaTion oT VanderbilT UniversiTy, lcnown as JAA-VU, is a sTudenT organ- izaTion whose purpose is The promoTion oT more enThusiasTic supporT of The various aThleTic Teams by The sTudenTs. AdmiTTance is obTainecl by a sTuclenT's parTicipaTion in The preparaTion oT pep rallies, half-Time programs al' The TooTball games, and The disTribuTion oT colors and megaphones aT The sTadium. Also a maior parT oT The Home- coming weelc-end program is carried ouT by JAA-VU. In The lasT year They have doubled in size, in The eTTorT To malce more sTudenTs Teel lceenly Their parT in The aThleTic acTiviTies oT The universiTy. MEMBERS Joe Adams Mary Floyd Anderson Margie Arnold HarrieT ATlcinson Sam BaIloTT STanley Bernard John BevingTon Reese Bogle Joe Brooks MarTha Bryan Jim Burns Sam BuTTs Mac CanTrell Lib Carl-en Lenora Coghlan Paul Cohn Bill Colcer Johnny Conners WirT CourTney Louis Cross Anne DeJourneTTe DoroThy Dodd Jean Douglass Lloyd Emery Mary Rose Eskind Jaclc Farringer BooI's Ferguson Louise Franklin Bill Freeland GaiTher Frierson Lawrence Goldsby Bill Gray Rufus Guinn KaTie Hagey Ed HamilTon BeTTy Jane Harrison Carolyn Harrison June Harrison Griif Harsh Peggy Heriges I2351 Lloyd Herpel Ed Hopkins BeTTy Ann Johnson Jack Hudson George King Gradie Lee Mary Louise Lea Leonard LinTon Jane LowensTein Gleaves Love Jaclc Overall Roger McManus Doug MarTin MargareT Marshall Billy MonTgomery Norma Mousson Dick Morrison BeTTy Peebles Loyd Reavis Hugh Richardson Geanne RoberTs Emmaline RusT Sally Seligman HunTer Sims Jewel Simmons Bill SmiTh Marie Smifrh Peggy SmiTh Alice STovall Billy Sumner Raymond Taylor Virginia TroTTer Susan WhiTe AniTa Williamson Gus Wilson Virginia Wilson ElizabeTh Woodcoclc Phyllis Wolberg Jo Young Libby Zerfoss WALTER ROBINSON . . SYD HAILEY . . BOB MCRAE . . . JIM BURNS . . . RAINEY FRIERSON LANE ABERNATHY JOHN BEVINGTON ' MARIA-N BIGLER C. P. BROCATO JIM BURNS OSCAR BURRIS W. A. BYRN WILLIAM DALE OFFICERS MEMBERS BILL FREELAND RAINEY FRIERSON OAITHER FRIERSON SYD HAILEY GRIFF HARSH LEONARD LINTON FRANCES LORING BOB MCRAE BILL MANIER .. . . Presidenr . . Vice-PresIden+ . . Secrefary . . . . Treasurer . Sergean'r-a'I-Arms DICK MOORE ARNALL PEERY JACK REED WALTER ROBINSON PEGGY SMITH RAYMOND TAYLOR DAVID WHITE ELLIOTT WILLIAMS IIIIIII IIIIII ISSIIIIIIIIII I If236J 'Z fn JOHN HU'l'l'ON . . GEORGE GRIFFIN . . SYD HAILEY EDMUND PATTERSON . Henry Bailey Barry Bowers William Brignac, Hugh Broolcs Louis Brooks Richard Douglas Hugh Evans Mial Eessenden Jim Folk William Gardner Waller Green George Griffin J. l.. Grisham. Jr. OFFICERS MEMBERS Syd Hailey Sam Hayes Paul Hembree Jaclc Herring Fred Holder Ed Hopkins John Hullon Waller Jones Oliver Killrell, Jr. Charlie Kornman Campbell McLesler Ben Mills F2371 O 0 . . . . Presidenl' . Vice-Presidenl . . Secrelary . Treasurer John Miser R. T. Moore Purvis Orrell Edmund Pallerson Bailey Ross Earl Sala, Jr. Warren Sawyer, Jr. Warren Seyfried, Jr. Loyd Scobey, Jr. Herman Shaclnlell Harmon Sharer Edmund Turnley John Widell Firsf Row: Henry Bailey, Barry Bowers, William Briqnac, Jr., Hugh Brooks, Louis Brooks, Richard Douglas, Mial Fessenden. Second Row: Jim Folk, Wil- liam Gardner, Waller Green, George Grif- fin, Syd Hailey, Jack Herring, Fred Holder. Third Row: Ed Hopkins, John Hullon, Waller Jones, Oliver Kilrell, Jr., Campbell McLes- ler, Ben Mills, R. T. Moore, Fourfh Row: Purvis Orrell, Edmund Palferson, Earl Sala, Jr., Warren Sawyer, Herman Shacklell, Ed- mund Turnley. Firsl' Row: H, G. Hari, Chas. Willis, Carolyn Harrison, Anne Cowen. Second Row: Waller Green, Elizabelh Car- len, Ed Anderson, Bill Bafes, Henry Sharp. OFFICERS CHARLES WILLIS ,..... ...... P residenl WALTER GREEN .,... CAROLYN HARRISON. . . ..... Vice-Presidenl MR. HENRY G. HART . . ANNE COWEN ..... . . . Recording Secrelary MIRIAM MCGAW . . . BOARD OF DIRECTORS C, F. Zeek John T. Caldwell C. E. Crouch Carolyn Harrison Chairman F, L. Caslleman, Jr. Dr. Beverly Douglas Henry G. Hari J. K. Benlon Blanche H. Clark Mrs. Beverly Douglas Sidney Hix E. E. Bryan Anne Cowen Waller Green Charles Lioscomb Marlha Bryan Meredilh P. Crawford Ernesl Hardison Miriam McGaw Mrs. Ernesl Hardison GENERAL CABINET MEMBERS Ed Anderson Mary Brock Bobby Cook Bill Freeland Bill Bales Elizaberh Carlen Anne Cowen Carolyn Harrison SENIOR CABINET Il94I-42I ELIZABETH CARLEN . . . .......... Presidenl' Mary Brock Bobby Cook Peggy Heriges Miller Lovell Webb Follin Clinfon Gardner Willie Sanders JUNIOR CABINET Il94I-42I ED ANDERSON . . ....,.,.... . . Presidenl HELEN McMURRAY . . . . Bill Burks Jean Freeman Barbara Jones Emily Schweizer Helen Currier Marvin Holderness George King Rulh Threlkeld Charles Lipscomb SOPHOMORE CABINET II94I-421 BILLY BATES . , ...... ..... . Presidenl' BILL MANIER ..... . . SUSAN WHITE ....,............ Secrelary Marfha Beverly Mary Rose Eskind Belly Ann Johnson Dollie Ragland Waller Green Bill Ferguson Loyd Reavis FRESHMAN CABINET fl94I-42I HENRY SHARP . . ....,..... . , . Presidenl JUNE HARRISON . . . . . SARA SELIGMAN ............... Secrefary Sam Balloff Guerry Bowen Jack Hudson Mary Louise Lea Bill Buford Frank King Libby McCarIey , ..... Treasurer Y. M. C. A. Secrefary . Associale Secrelary George R. Mayfield Norman L. Munn Willie Sanders Selma Seligman Charles Willis Marvin Holderness Charles Lipscomb Selma Seligrnan , . . . . Secrelary R, R, Tiplon Nancy Travis , ...., Treasu rer John . Robinson Virginia Wilson . . . .Vice-Presiclenf Jo Young Slllllllll lllllllllll llllllllllllll IZBSJ IIITTIST ST IITITT TITIIIII DAVIS APPLEWHITE . . MARTINE CHAFFIN . , JOHN GOODGAME . . R. W. FREEMAN ....... ALICE STOVALL ...... MARY FRANCES CHARLTON MARGARET GRIFFIN . . . ELIZABETH DeBROHUN . . ULLIN LEAVELL, JR. . . ELIZABETH OHAPPELL . IRIS PEARCE. . . . . HOMER DEHONEY . . WILLIAM MANAGAN . . THOMAS HIGH .... FRANCIS WILLIAMS . . BETTY ANDERSON . . WILLIAM COKER .... JOHN LANCASTER ...,. ETHEL MARY WILLIAMS . . INEZ PATTON ....... WARD ALLEN ..... CLIFTON GREER . . , . WINFIELD APPLEWHITE . . MISS LOUISE TANKSLEY . MRS. GEORGE M. SMITH . DR. GEORGE M. SMITH . DOYLE BAIRD ..... EXECUTIVE COUNCIL lf239T . . . . . . . . Presideni' Enlislmenl Vice-Presidenf Enlisfmenl Vice-Presidenf Devolional Vice-Presidenl Devoiional Vice-Presidenl . . Social Vice-Presideni' . . . . . . . . Secrefary . . . . . Treasurer . . Publicily . . Publiciiy . . Publicily . . . . . . . . Publiciiy . . . . . . . . Chorisfer . Editor, B. S. U. Paper . Ediior, B. S. U. Paper Reporier . . . ,, Represenlafive . Represenfalive . Represenfaiive . 'Represeniafive . Represenfafive . Represenfafive . Exlension Work . . . . Sponsor , . . . , Sponsor . , Facully Advisor . . Siudenl Secrelary Firsf Row: Davis Apple- whiie, Mariine Chaffin, John Gooclgame, Alice Slovall, Mary Frances Charllon. Second Row: Margarel' Griffin, Eliza- belh DeBrohun, Ullin Leavell, Jr., Elizabelh Chappell, Iris Pearce. Third Row: William Managan, Willianw Coker, Elhel Mary Wil- liams, Cliffon Greer, Doyle Baird. VISTON TAYLOR . . MIRIAM THOMAS , . JOHN ROBINSON . . Firsl' Soprano Emily Bourne Jean DeBrohun Joanne Farrell Marilou Gardner Juanila Harrell Virginia Henderson Wanda McGregor Louise Moore Mary Curlis Reed Miriam Thomas Jean Welch Firsl' Allo Belly Baird Hilda Baird ' Marlha Beverly Rulh Conner Ruih Ferris Kalhryn Hendriks OFFlCERS . . Presidenf . . . . .Secrelary . , .... Business Manager EDWARD H. CLEINO . Edilh Henry Barbara Jones Mary Ann Tanksley Laura Woodard Firsl' Tenor John Bennell Na+ Burch Edward Dinkins Melvin Freedman Parker Graham Firsl' Bass William Anderson Roberl Hinlon Hagan Ludlam John Murrey Roberl' Pefly Harrison Shoulders Ray Womack BOB POPE ..,.. RUTH THRELKELD . . LLOYD HERPEL ..,. .........Direc1or Second Soprano Marilyn AIH Dorolhy Dodd Henryella Gage Robin Hirsig Angelyn Ingram Gradie Lee L. J. McGregor Dorolhy Ragiand Emmaline Rusl' Rufh Sellers Trudi Weinslein Second Allo Nan Caslner Jean Freeman Sara Seligman Selma Seligrnan Emily Schweizer Virginia Shoulders . . Librarian . . Wardrobe . . Wardrobe Joan Thompson Rulh Threlkeld Virginia Threlkeld Bellie Anne While ' Second Tenor Edward Coffman Frank King Max Mazer Bob Pope Goodloe Ward Leonard Yokley Second Bass Homer Bollinger Alex Gholson Lloyd Herpel Raleigh Pickard John Robinson Lurher Smilh William Smilh Vision Taylor llllllllll lllllll T l l240i i l ll Illlllllll E. l'l.CLElNO . . . . . Direcior BOB JONES . . MACK ALLAMAN . ....... Presidenl JACK JONES . . . . B, B, KERR ........... Drum Maier DRUM MAJORETTES Wilba Rulh Copple Kaiie l-lagey Ann DeJourneHe Mack Allaman Elmer Bell Sfanley Bernard Barry Bowers Henry Brackin Mark Bramle++ Sam Bulls Bob Carlwrighl Fred Causey Willoerl' Chope Edward Coffman l-larrv Cook E. B. Crain Edward Dinkins Donald Dull Lloyd Emery Lynn Farrar Bill Ferguson Ralph Ferguson Charles Finney Jack Folk Forresl' Glasgow D. W. Greene Parker Graham Lloyd l-lerpel Charles l-luckaloa Roloerl Jones Joe Kern B. B. Kerr Hagan Ludlam BAND MEMBERS John Manchesler Max Mazer J. W, McCollum Jimmie Pearigen Buford Pearson Bob Ray I-lal Ramer l-lugh Richardson Theodore Rogers Rodney Rucks John Samuels Reber? Springer James Sparkman Lewis Slaerker John Slehlin Bill Sfamper Bill Sullivan Carson Taylor Marvin Thompson Ben Thompkins Hlll Business Manager Publicify Manager Frilzie Holman Wilfred Turbeville Pele Whillowe Mark Wilkerson Arlhur Worley John Vlamicles Maioreffes: Holman, Hagey DeJourne1fe Top: PRESIDENT SIMS Middle: SECRETARY TURNER BoTTom: TREASURER WILLIAMS liullili lSlPF l:lERSlllllll Cecil Sims, L. 'I4 .... . . . Presidenf Hill Turner, A. 'I7 ..... . . . Secrefary Milfon Underwood, L. '28 . . . Vice-Presidenf Sam Mann, L. 'I4 ....... Vice-PresidenT J. T. McGill, A. '79 . . H. F. Flowers, E. 'l2 ..... Vice-President RoberT L. Garner, A. 'l6 . . .Vice-PresidenT Brownlee Currey, A. '23 .... Vice-Presidenf 'Overfon Williams, A. '27 ...... Treasurer . . . . . . Hisforian lProfessor EmeriTus, VanderbilT Universifyl BOARD OF DIRECTORS Term Expires I942 C, C. GREEN, A. '05, Chief Surgeon, Hos- piTaI Associafion, The Soufhern Pacific Lines, Housfon, Texas: MORTON B. il-IOWELL, E. '07, Special AgenT, Travelers Insurance Co., Nashville, Tenn.: E. B. MAUPIN, A. '09, Banker, Shelbyville, Tenn.: R. T, WALLER, A. 'I4, ATTorney, Evansville, Ind. Term Expires I944 W. P. MOSS, A. '2l, L. '2l, ATTorney, Jack- son, Tenn.: KATE ZERFOSS A. 'l8, Physician, Nashville, Tenn.: s, H. MANN, L. '14, A+- Torney, ST. Peiersburg, Fla. OFFICIAL ORG-AN: THE VANDERBILT ALUMNUS Main -Obiec'l'ive: A Living Endowmenf. "We, Therefore, propose The esTablishmenT of a living endowmenf, The corpus To be consTiTuTed by The alumni of Vanderbill' Uni- versiTy, and The annual alumni confribuTions To represenT The annual income from This living enclowmenf. Any confribufion To any universiTy enfarprise is income from The living endowmenf, provided IT is made Through The Living EndowfnenT." Term Expires I946 BROWNLEE CURREY, A. '23, PresidenT, Equl- Talole Securifios Corporafion, Nashville, Tenn., CECIL SIMS, L. 'l4, ATTorney, Nashville Tenn.: JOHN SLOAN, A. '25, rresidenf, Cain- Sloan Co., Nashville, Tenn.: ELDON B. STEVENSON, JR., A, 'l4, Vice-PresldenT, Na- Tional Life and Accidenf Insurance Co., Nash- ville, Tenn. Term Expires l94B CHARLES H. BROWN, A. 'l2, ATl'orney, Bir- mingham, Ala.: SAM FLEMING, A. '28, As- sisTanT Vice-PresidenT, Third Nafional Bank, Nashville, Tenn.: FRANK GILLILAND, A. 'l2 AT'I'orney, Memphis, Tenn.g EDGAR E. RAND, A. '27, lnTernaTional Shoe Company, ST. Louis, Mo. Term Expires I950 TOM LIPSCOMB, A. 'I7 A'H'orney, Cleveland, Ohiog HUGH MORGAN, A, 'l4, Professor of Medicine, VanderbilT UniversiTy, Nashville, Tenn.g COBB PlLC'l-IER, M. '27, Associafe Professor of Surgery, VanderbilT UniversiTy, Nashville, Tenn.: ALEC STEVENSTON, A. 'l6, Vice-Presidenl' and Trusl' Officer, American Nafional Bank, Nashville, Tenn. Top Row: E. B. Sfevenson, Alex Sfevenson, Hugh Morgan, KaTe Zerfoss. BoTTom Row: John Sloan, Brownlee Curry, Cobb Pilcher, Sam Fleming. L24-Zfl 'I -'W 1 4 Y 'HJ NEELY AUDITORIUM 3 S L 1 1 . , 4 4 1 U -p W anderhilt knows the value of team work. The sports program runs the gamut from ping pong to football-ma jors, minors, and a dozen intramnrals. THLETIES HEAD VARSITY COACH RED SANDERS Vanderbilf's I94I foofball season, second year under young H. R. lRedl Sanders' regime, was sfa- fisfically fhe mosf successful in I4 years. In many respecfs if was fhe mosf successful ever. Picked unanimously af fhe beginning of fhe sea- son fo finish af besf fenfh in fhe league of fwelve, fhe Commodores disdainfully wenf forfh and ac- counfed for eighf vicfories in fen sfarfs fo esfablish fhe besf vicfory percenfage since I928. . Scoring againsf every foe, fhey racked up 260 poinfs, highesf since I926, and played before an all-fime record home affendance of 70,000. They sfarfed off by upseffing Big Ten's powerful Purdue and followed up wifh friumphs over Ten- nessee Tech, Kenfuclcy, Georgia Tech and fhe Ivy League's Princefon fo go info November unbeafen and unfied. Then fhey bowed fo mighfy Tulane, "besf feam in America fhaf day," buf rallied fo whip Sewanee, Louisville, and bowl-bound Alabama. . . . ADMINISTRATION Vanderbilf's Deparfmenf of Afhlefics, Healfh, and Physical Educafion complefed ifs second year of organizafion fhis spring. All Universify afhlefics are under fhe confrol of a cenfral commiffee composed of fen T. B. Zerfoss, chairman of fhe Deparfmenf of Afhlefics, Healfh, and Physical Educafion. members: Dr. T. B. Zerfoss, chairman: Dr. Kafe Zerfoss, W. C. Schwarfz, Coaches H. R. Sanders, Paul Bryanf, H. E. Alley, Jim Scoggins, Jim Buford, W. J. Anderson, and A. B. Miles. The services of fhis commiffee are: To supervise all maffers concerning healfh, physical educafion, infra- mural sporfs, and infercollegiafe afhlefics. , To make recommendafions fo fhe Chancellor for employmenf, scholar- I I To confrol all infercollegiafe schedules and confracfs of fhe games, I budgefs of fhe deparfmenfs, and afhlefic publicify. l The policies and sfandards of fhe deparfmenf are formulafed by a I Universify Commiffee, composed of fhe following members: Dean C. I M. Sarraff, chairman, Dean Fred Lewis, Dr. Hugh Morgan, Overfon Williams lliursarl, Dr. Zerfoss, Cecil Sims lpresidenf of fhe Alumni Asso- ' ciafionl, and Brownlee Currey lpresiclenf of fhe Afhlefic Associafionl. l I2461 I ships, loans, and financial aid fo sfudenfs in infercollegiafe sporfs. End Coach Herc Alley Head Coach Red Sanders and Line Coach Bear Bryanl' Wilh a cerlain bowl bid hanging in balance, lhe Goldmen Jrhen proceeded To lose To Tennessee. Blocking Back Jack Jenkins led The league in scoring wilh 90 poinrs, lallying againsl every one of The len foes. Jenkins and cenler Bob Gude raled All-Soulheaslern and several All-America seleclions. Bernie Rohling, fullback, was named on The Big I2 All-Sophomore. Cenler Fred Holder was named caprain lo suc- ceed Joe Alkinson and Back Jack Jenkins was se- lecled allernale lo succeed Mac Peebles. The following received lellers for I94I service: Caplain Alkinson, Eddie Alkinson, Sonny Baird, John Burns, Binks Bushrniaer, Everell l-loll, Jack Jenkins, George Marlin, Jack lv1cDavid, J. P. Moore, Righf, above: Bryanf swears in 'lo fhe Navy. Below: Sanders and Bryan? walch lhe Tech game. THE INTHELDCKER Enfhusiasric fans carry Caprain Afkinson from 'Hue field. ROOM Trainer Harper ' N,g3 " ' 1.r - - - f xRA'Q , 'Q PPC? X is Effi- . .-.gniyw , '. if. S' , 1 jj,,nx X N 2 Y 3 X in Olsen, Tommy Owen, Mac Peebles, Ed Powell, ArT Rebrovich, Jack Rich- , Harry RichTer, W. A. RoberTson, ie Rohling, AlTred SaTTerTield, Dan Ton, Jimmy Webb, William Mills, man- e end oT The season Tound America railed in war. Line Coach Paul BryanT id The Naval Air Corps' physical educa- deparTmenT and was replaced loy Nor- Cooper, assisTanT Treshman coach. No r sTaTT changes were made. uards Emil FriTz and Jimmy Folmar, Back Tony Corcoran enTered The serv- :T The counTry, along wiTh graduaTing bers oT The Team. Jenkins slips by one Tackler and looks To The nexT. Managers Calhoun, Sala, Mills, Hall, and Brown. l94I COMMODORES Name Number PosiTion EDDIE ATKINSON . . JOE ATKINSON . . SONNY BAIRD . . . IRVIN BRIGHTWELL . JOHN BURNS . . . BINKS BUSHMIAER . . TONY CORCORAN . JAMES CRAWFORD . JIMMY FOLMER ..... EMIL FRITZ ........ JOHNNY GOODGAME BOB GUDE ..... FRED HAMILTON . . FRED HOLDER . . EVERETT HOLT . . JACK JENKINS . . . GEORGE MARLIN . . JACK McDAVID . . . TERRELL MCWHIRTER J. P. MOORE .... JULIAN OLSEN . . TOMMY OWEN . . MAC PEEBLES . . ORVILLE POST . . . WILL ED POWELL . . EARL RAGSIDALE . . ART REBROVICH . . JACK RICHARDS . . HARRY RICHTER . . W. A. ROBERTSON . BERNIE ROHLING . . HARRISON RUE . . ALFRED SATTERFIELD R. R. TIPTON .... DAN WALTON . . JIMMY WEBB . . End Guard End CenTer Back Back Back Guard Guard Guard Back CenTer Tackle CenTer End Back Back Back End Back End Back Tackle Tackle Guard Tackle Back Guard End Tackle Back Tackle Tackle Back Tackle End VANDERBILT A Tough opener Tor The Com- The Team holds The blockers back . . . ArT carries The ball inTo a pile-up, modores, I4-poinT underdogs againsT The big, experienced Big Ten machine. The Boiler- makers chose This game Tor an early-season "breaTher," Thinking Vandy would be an easy mark. They had noT. however, reckoned on The TighTing spiriT and deTerminaTion oT Coach San- ders' boys, who meT The Boilermakers deTermined To win despiTe The odds. Superior condiTioning and harder line play Told The Tale as The Gold and Black boys held The upper hand all The way, winning on Jack Jenkins' 22- yard Tield goal in The second period. The kick Tl1aT won The game. Moore around leff end for a gain. The Commodores' home debur was an impressive parade of Jrouchdowns. J. P. Moore sped 44 yards for one marker, Binks Bushmiaer 23 for anorher and Ari Rebrovich 22 yards for slill anolher. Jack Jenlcins, Red Burns and Jaclc McDavid scored ailrer suslained ollensives and Will Ed Powell lounciualed hoslililies by booling a 33-yard field goal in Jrhe final seconds of Jrhe fray. The Eagles were held To no iirsr downs and minus nel yardage. VANDERBILT 4:2 Red Burns 'Tallies . . . Commodores our 'Po cafch H1 i.P.l. .......-...m... M.,........ .,. X V .. . - J kins goes high for firsT Vandy Touchdown. VANDERBHI 339 KENTUCKY H5 The Gold and Black showed The sTuTT They were here. Behind I5-O in The second period, They made oT rallied To score one oT Their mosT signiTic:anT Triumphs. Jacc Jenkins made a desperaTe sTaTJ oT J. P. lVloore's pass over The VVildcaT goal iusT kJeTore The halT ended, and ThaT Turned The Tide. Binks Bushmiaer sparked a 67-yard crive and ArT Relorovich scored. l-larry RichTer reoovere ball on The 'CaTs' ll and Bernie Rohlinq zoo d a loose ed over rn Tor anoTher counTer. Red Burns recovered a wid cenTer- pass on The 'CaTs' Tive and Reprovich scorer: . EvereTT l-lolT lolocked a kickg a Triple pass Trom The IB allowed Jenkins To score aqain. A 46-yard drive, McDavid scor- ing on a pass, leTT KenTuckians sonfieThinq To Twink al:nouT. Commodores plow info The opposihon. Bushmiaer makes a nice gain on a reverse. X T 3 E X i 5 4 A dose of Jenkins' medicine is given +he Yeilowiacirefs. Vanderbiii had Jrraveled io Aiiania for Ehe Jrwo previous years 'ro receive a beaiing from Jrhe "Engineers," bui Ehis year, on home ground, sweei revenge was obiained. Jack Jenkins scored all Eourieen poinis, rarnrninq over for Two Jrouchdowns and booiinq boih exira poinis. Vandy's superioriiy was iarqer Than indicaied by The score. The ihroiiied Tech pushed over iis marker wiih sixiy-one sec- onds io play. The Keniucky Ga me. VANDERBILT H4 GEORGIA TECH R hl g es 30 yards Through The Tigers . . . Tommy Owen inTercepTs a Princefon p VanderbilT's second loaTTTe wiTh The PrinceTon Tigers was ToughT on home ground. The Commodores used every man on The squad and were never slowed down. PrinCeTon's alumni who reuniTed here Tor The week-end received no SouThern hospiTaliTy on The gridiron Trom Their hosTs. Sonny Baird, sophomore end, enioyed a Tieid day and was The hero oT The aTTernoon. Baird scored Three oT The seven Touchdowns, Two on beauTi- Tul pass snaTches and a Third on an inTercepTion. Binks Bushmiaer, J. P. Moore, Jack Jenkins, and Johnny Goodgame were The oTher Touchdown makers, con- TribuTing Tine all-around pemformances. 555. VANDERBHT QMS PRINCETONi M TULANE aa The Tigers complefe a shori' pass, lnro November unbealen and unried, Jrlme Commodores were oullasled by a bigger, more insoired Green Wave, Vandy bowed lo Jrlwe "besJr Jream in America Jrlial day." For Jrliree periods ir was lnammer and longs. Led by Bob Glass and McDonald, Tulane gol oil lo a I4-7 lead al half lime in a bruising lray. A 70-yard run by Bernie Roliling afrer ralcingascreened pass early in +l'1e Jrlfiird period evened Jrlie score, bur Tulane bad loo much power and wenl on Jro score again in ine Jrlwird and Jrwice in ine lourili. Glass circles rigl'1+ end. , 111- VANDERBILT Old Timers recall fifTy years of 'FooTball. modores scored Three Times in The TirsT period and deTended The margin The resT OT The way. ArT Rebrovich sTar OT The day scored TirsT aTTer an 80-yard drive. Julian Qlsen seT up The S E N E E second wiTh a 63-yard runbaclc wiTh an inTer- Sewanee's Golden Jubilee spoiled as The Com- cepTed pass, Jenkins scoring. Red Burns passed To Jimmy Webb Tor The Third. SEWANEE BACK RUSHESIN TO STOP BURNS -...-,Y,W.... ,..........,,,Q..,... V Y, ...V V , ,L,,,,. N, ,E YVVVY WLS:-immmw A sTarTing line: Olsen, WaITon, FriTz, Holder, Aflcinson, Rol:erTson, Webb. -I'aIIesT Gold ToTaI in TiTTeen years. The game meanT merely Traveling all The way To Louisville Tor a none Too heavy worI4ouT. Sanders' boys were checlceol in The TirsT guarTer by a TighTing Ii++Ie Team buT opened up To malce The game compIeTeIy one-sioled all Through The IasT Three periools. Jack Jenkins scored Two Touchdowns, Jack Mcllavid personally accounTeoI Tor Tour. Binks Bushmiaer, I-larry RichTer, Tommy Owen, and Jimmy Webb Tallied The oThers. VANDERBILT 6 LOUISVILLE A muddy fray. VANDERBILT ALABA M A A crowd of enflwuslaslic and loyal fans braved pouring rain and mid-November lemperaiure lo see Vanderbill score ils grearesl Jrriumpli in years, decisively licking Jrlwe greally favored and lfiiqlwly coniidenl Crimson Tide, laler Colion Bowl clnampions, on a field lcnee deep in mud. -l'l'ie Two reams displayed slow buf hard-iouglil ioolball Jrlwe iirsi hall willi ine Commodores somewlwal more ine offensive Jream. Two and a lwall minules afler Jrlie second lialf slarled, Arr Rebroviclw relurned a Tide punl iorry-iwo yards lo place ine ball on Jrlwe enemy iiileen. Reproviclw lnen called a iriclcy pass play lo Jack Jenkins leads 1'l1e way for Rebroviclm. Rebrovich pulls bolh Teams his way. COMMODOREST ROUNCE HDE Jenkins. Jaclc grabbed The ball on lhe eleven and slormed across Jrhe goal. Then he added The poinl. Jimmy Nel- son and his males were lhrollled There-- aller. The resl ol: Jrhe game amounled lo a lounling duel which Vanderbilhs Red Burns deiinilely won. J P M e Tries a pass . . . Jenkins scores again-in his Tenih consecuhve game. VANDERBILT TENNESSEE 265 The Commodores' Touchdown. A dismal end To a brillianT season. A TlaT Commodore Team bowed To an inspired VolunTeer eleven aT Knoxville when a win would have meanT an aTTracTive bid To a maior bowl. Tackle Don EdmisTon was The big Thorn in Vandy's side as his TeammaTes, CiTers, SlaTer, Bud l-lubbell and MiTchell, blasTed over Two Touchdowns in The second period and one in each oT The Third and TourTh. The Commodores showed one spark oT greaTness. Early in The Tinal period, Bernie Rohling engineered a Touchdown drive originaTing Trom a kickoTT behind his own goal line. Jenkins wenT over and kicked The exTra poinT. ------------ - -v.-..-...-,..i..,- CONFERENCE AWARDS To Jack Jenkins and Coach "Red" Sanders wenT Two oT The SouTheasTern Conferences mosT coveTed awards. Jenkins received The OuTsTanding Player's award which is a mounTed silver TooTball. Sanders received a plague given The ouTsTanding coach oT The Comcerence. BoTh awards were presenTed aT chapel by "The Nashville Banner" which had Taken a poll Trom The players and coaches OT The conTerence. Early season predicTions overlooked Vander- bilT as a sTrong conTender, buT Sanders and his valuable assisTanTs puT The Commodores in The naTional spoTlighT. Jenkins noT only received The OuTsTanding Player award buT also was named The ouTsTanding blocking back. Jenkins will reTurn nexT year and is sure To be again in The spoTliglwT. BOB GUDE Tor The second consecuTive year was named All-SouTheasTern cenTer. l-le was also named on Fox-lvlovieTone All-American Team. While playing Three years oT varsiTy ball Gude has been compared wiTh VanderbilT's oTher ouTsTanding cenTers, l-linkle and Gracey. Today he is serving wiTh The armed Torces oT The counTry, as are many oTher VanderbilT aThleTes. PEEBLES SENIOR 0 JOE ATKINSON, capTain and guard on The l94l Team, will be missed heavily by Coach Sanders and new Line Coach Norman Cooper because Joe Tor Three vears played his hardesT and during his capTaincv kepT The whole Team in a TighTing spiriT. 0 BOB GUDE in his Three years made a name Tor himselT ThaT places him wiTh l-linkle and Gracey, Tamous in years pasT. Gude's record OT Two Times All-SouTheasTern and several All- American selecTions speaks Tor iTselT. 0 GEORGE MARLIN, who won a regular berTh laTe in his iunior year, played good TooTball consisTenTly This vear, despiTe a mid- ' EETTER' MER' season iniury. Marlin was liTTle and TasT and gave opposing Tacklers a Tough Task in caTch- ing him. 0 MAC PEEBLES, alTernaTe capTain and regu- lar Tackle since his sophomore year, suTTered Trom an ankle injury in I94I and Tailed To sTarT a game Tor The TirsT Time in Three years. Those who saw "PoThead" in The Alabama game realize how much he will be missed. 0 DAN WALTON was given The Task oT Till- ing Maurice l-loldgraT's place lasT year when l'loldgraT was ouT wiTh a bad ankle. Dan proved his meriT and received enough ex- perience To be able To sTack up wiTh all Tackles whom he Taced This year. l GUDE MARLIN , .. ...- . . 1 v l .mu-1 Emil ainzieliluz unhmm 4 . A J. -s,,,pm:.l l i l i l NEXTY 70 , The world crisis, as expecTed, is hurling The TooTball squads of schools all over The counTry. Though VanderbilT has suT- Tered greaT losses oT players as well as ThaT of Line Coach Bear BryanT, The prospecT Tor nexT year's Team is brighT. The posiTion vacaTed by Bear BryanT has been ably Tilled by Norman Cooper. who, Though young, is noT wiThouT proTiTable playing and coaching experience. An ouTsTanding cenTer aT Howard College, he was elecTed To The l.iTTle All- America Team his senior year. Upon graduaTion he played Two years of proTessional TooTball wiTh The Brooklyn Dodgers, aTTer which he spenT several years as line coach aT his Alma lvlaTer. ln l94O lvlr. Cooper enrolled in Peabody To obTain his MA. degree and laTer Take up coaching seriously. While aTTending Peabody, Cooper was employed by Red Sanders of VanderbilT as assisTanT coach. Since becoming aTTiliaTed wiTh Vanderbilt Cooper has also served as head baske+ball coach. Though The Task which Coach Cooper Taces promises To be a cliTTiculT one, Vanderbill is TorTunaTe in having a capable man To underTake iT. Nexl' year's squad will be capTained by cenTer Fred Holder, who saw aboul' as much service during The pasT season as All-American Bob G-ude. The boys chose as l-lolder's alTernaTe The mosT ouTsTanding back oT l94l, Jack Jenkins. Wilh eighTeen letfermen reTurning, and many re- serves in addiTion To The new sophomore players, VanderbilT should have anoTher good year cn The gridiron. FRED HOLDER JACK JENKINS Line Coach Norman Cooper Back Row: Rayburn Hancock, Paul Crider, Frank Smifh, Waller Kilzer, J. Ball, Bob HamllTon, Marvin Small, Fred Helms All::erT Hill Ofis Warner, John Norlh. Fronf Row: Harry Sayle, Calvin Baird, Bob Cummins, Squirrel Simmons, HunTer Owen, Billy Barron Shelfon Biles, Jack Lehnard, Jack Lynch, Harry Kelly, Bob Howell. l COACH COOPER The year l942 Tound VanderbilT's baskeTball Team under a new menTor, Norman Cooper. "Coach" Cooper prese-nTs a record ThaT cer- Tainly makes him capable Tor The job. For Three years he played varsiTy ball aT l-loward, coached Tor one year aTTer his graduaTion, and Then enTered The proTessional players' branch oT The game. BaskeTball is noT Cooper's only coaching Tield since he has been given The none-Too-small iob OT Taking "Bear" BryanT's job as head line coach Tor The TooTball squad. BeTore The season sTarTed orospecTs were none Too brighT Tor The new menTor. AlThough There were seven leTTermen reTurning Trom The 1941 squad, lasT year's seniors, including Three Times All-SouTheasTern Torward "Pinky" Lipscomb, were To be missed heavily. Coach C.ooper Took over his new duTies and puT ouT a Team ThaT gave a very crediTable accounT oT iTselT. The win column ON THE HARDWOOD Managers: Wilson, Hailey, Holcomb, and Taylor. shows a ToTal of six, Three being againsT SouTheasTern ConTerence Toes, while The loss column ToTals nine marks againsT The Goldmen. BUT The maioriTy oT The de- TeaTs were eiTher over-Time games or losT by a Tour-poinT margin or less. This year's squad had no ouTsTanding sTars, buT a well-rounded quinTeT of men who had Their good and bad nighTs. The '42 Team was capTained by guard Harrison Rue. Rue proved To be an ideal and ouTsTanding capTain. While noT possessed wi+h above-The-average baskeTball abiliTy, l-larrison held The highesT possible respecT oT his Tellow players. l'le was The TirsT ouT Tor prac- Tice, worked as hard if noT harder Than any member oT The squad, and was The lasT To go To The showers aTTer The daily workouT. Probably The ousTanding man of This year's Tive was cenTer l-lomer Dehoney. "Red" came To VanderbilT Trom David Lipscomb. While aT ThaT insTiTuTion he seT The school record oT scoring 3I7 poinTs in a single season and managed To cage 22 poinTs in one game, also a school record. Dehoney TiTTed in well wiTh The Cooper sysTem and was The high scorer in mosT of The games. AT The Torward posiTions The Commodores had Julian Olsen, Jimmy Webb, and Poyner ThweaTT. Olsen was second highesT scorer of The Team, and his slashing driving game chalked up manv a score Tor The Vandy Tive. No one showed more TiqhT and because oT his exTreme value To The squad his TeammaTes have chosen him capTain Tor The i943 ouTTiT. Jack Jenkins and Tommy Owen held down The back courT posiTions. AlThough a liTTle weak on The oTTense, boTh were sTalwarT guards and Their rebound work was especially ouTsTanding. Jenk- ins' abiliTy was proven by his honorable menTion Tor The All-SouTheasTern ConTerence Team. OTher men who made up This year's squad were Sonny Baird, l'lenry Laks, Ryan Ballenger, and Ed Graham. Baird proved To be The handy- andy man, playing all Three posiTions in one game or The oTher. Laks was handicapped by an ankle iniury which kepT him idle a greaT parT oT The Time. Ballenger and Graham, Two sophomores, saw less acTion buT boTh received valuable ex- perience and will no doubT see more service nexT year. Back Row: Ryan Ballengar, Harrison Rue, Homer Dehoney, Ed Graham, Tony Corcoran, Tommy Owen. Front Row: Sonny Baird, Henry Laks, Jack Jenkins, Julian Olsen, Jimmy Webb. A slighf difference of opinion. BASK IBA I AUBURN The Commodores suffered a doubIe defeaf in Their series wifh Auburn, due mosfIy fo fhe brii- Iianf play of AII-Soufheasfern cenfer Shag I-Iaw- Icins and sfar forward Frank Ivianci. The game af Auburn was Vandy's firsf conference game and fhe cIose score of 35-33 was somewhaf encour- aging. The Commodores had an off nighf af Ihe foul Iine, sinking onIy 5 ouf of I5 giff fosses. The game played Iafer in fhe season on Ihe Hip- podrome courf was a hard-IucIc sfory since Au- burn came from behind from a 22 fo 6 margin fo a five-poinf vicfory. Dehoney made 26 of The GoId's 45 poinfs in This confesf. GEORGIA TECH AND GEORGIA On fheir firsf road frip fhe Goldmen affer Tommy Owen in acfion. losing a close encounTer wiTh Auburn Traveled To ATlanTa and whipped The "Yellow JaclceTs" 39-32. IT was The TirsT SouTheasTern C.onTerence vicTory Tor The Coopermen. Red Dehoney was aoain The mainsTay oT The Vandy aTTaclc. l-le dropped in I8 poinTs To conTinue his hoT scoring pace. In The reTurn engagemenT aT The Hippo- drome Roy lvlundorTT's crew evened The series by winning 35-27. IT was an uninTeresTing game as boTh Teams were TlaT, The Vandy guinTeT espe- cially having Trouble hiTTing The meshes. Tommy Owen Trom his guard posiTion managed To malae nine poinTs. The Gold and Black Tive probably played iTs besT game oT The season ag-ainsT Georgia. Coach Elmer Lampe broughT a Tor- midable squad To Nashville buT The Bulldogs were noT able To cope wiTh The Commodores. The Gold was ahead aT The halT I7-I3, buT in The lasT period The boys goT "hoT" wiTh Julian Olsen. Tommy Owen and Jimmy Webb leading The way. When The gun barked The scoreboard read Van- derIaiI+ 58, eeafgia 38. ALABAMA AT Tuscaloosa The Gold Team ran up againsT a sTubborn deTense and were able To malie only Two poinTs for Tech. Tive Tield goals. The Tinal score was Ala- bama 33, VanderbilT l9. The game played in Nashville a week laTer was a diTTerenT sTory. AlThough The Tide was vicTorious, They had To win in an overTime period. There were plenTy oT Thrills as Jack Jenkins was banished Tor roughness and The Two coaches were warned Time and again abouT proTesTing Trom The benches. VanderbilT was leading 33-3I buT Johnny l-lines swished one Trom The side as The gun barked To Tie The score aT 33 all. ln The overTime period Wheeler LeeTh and Lou Adair puT The game on ice Tor l-lank Crisp's Team. There were many sTars in The conTesT. For The Gold and Black Jack Jenkins, l-lomer De- honey, and Julian Olsen played ouTsTanding ball. Wheeler, l.eeTh, l-lines, and Jim RoTh were 'Bama's heroes. TENNESSEE Tennessee barely deTeaTed The Commo- dores aT The l-lippodrome. The score was 34-33 buT The highly TouTed Vols were al- mosT upseT. Playing Their hearTs ouT The Coopermen ToughT all The way, and wiTh a minuTe To play The score sTood 34-32 in Tavor oT The Vols. The nexT Tew momenTs were very exciTing as Coach Mauer of Tennessee was penalized Tor proTesTing Too loud Trom The bench and Olsen made The Technical Toul shoT as The game ended. In Their encounTer aT Knoxville The Vols won again, This Time by a score oT 39-26. The Tracas was highlighTed by The scoring duel beTween Dick Mehen, sTar cenTer oF Ten- nessee, and Jack Jenkins, ersTwhile Vander- bilT guard. Young Mehen managed To cage I4 counTers, while Jenkins looped in l3. MISS. STATE, OLE MISS On Their road Trip inTo Mississippi The Commodores broke even. They deTeaTed Mississippi STaTe 4I-38 Then losT The Tollow- ing nighT To Ole Miss 38-3l. In The TirsT Top: Olsen and Jenkins hawk The ball. Middle: Olsen guards. BoTTom: All eyes on The ball. seT-To The Vandy crew ToughT an uphill baTTle. Behind aT The halT ZI-I4 They Tinally Tied The score aT 34 all. Webb, ThweaTT, and Owen Then scored Trom The Tield To ice The conTesT. The Ole Miss game Tound The Commodores' passing and ball handling way oTT. As a resulT The Team didn'T cliclc. SOUTHEASTERTN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT AT The close oT The season The SouTheasTern ConTerence TournamenT was held in Louisville. VanderbilT enTered buT had The Tough luclc oT meeTing The sTrong Auburn c1uinTeT in The TirsT game. The Plainsmen won The Thrill-paclced aTTair by a score oT 36-34. ln The lasT halT The Gold losT Dehoney, ThweaTT, and Owen via The Toul rouTe and This proved To be a heavy iolT. ATTer The TournamenT The squad elecTed Julian Olsen as capTain oT The I943 Team. The popular Pensacola boy has The spiriT and aggressiveness which a capTain should possess, so we may resT assured ThaT The Commodores will have anoTher TiqhTing ball club nexT year. l.eTTers were awarded To CapTain Rue, Dehoney, Jenkins, CapTain-elecT Olsen, Laks, Corcoran, Webb, ThweaTT, Baird, and sTudenT manager Syd l-lailey. JULIAN OLSEN Ca pTain-EIecT for 43 CAPTAIN GENE HIGGINS RESULTS OF I94I SEASON Vanderbili VanderbiI+ VanderIaiII VanderIoiII Vanderbih VanderIoiII VanderbiI+ Vanderbili Vanderbiljr VanderIoiII Vanderbihr VanderIoiII VanderIoiII VanderI3iII' VanderbiII VanderIoiII' VanderIoiII I27 WesIern KenIucIcy Teachers I6 Ilg Michigan SIaIe . . . . . IO 23 IIIinois Wesleyan . . . 8 75 Georgia Tech . . . . 8 41 Georgia Tech . . . . II I3q BradIey Tech . . . . I2 9: Ken+ucIcy . . . . 3 IO: KenIucI4y . .... . . I3 9g Middle Tenn. Teachers . . . 2 51 Georgia Tech . . . . . 7 75 Georgia Tech . . . . 4 I4-I T. P. I .......... I5 73 WesIern Kenlrucky Teachers . 4 7: T. P. I ........., 6 21 Keniucky . . . . 5 8: Keniucky . .... . . 6 61 IVIiddIe Tenn. Teachers. . . I3 HIISIHIIII AT VANDERBILT The VanderIoiII nine was hi+ hard by gradua- Iion and only five Iefiermen answered The call of Coach Jim Scoggins for spring prachce. A Iarge number of sophomores up from Ihe fresh- man Ieam heIped Ihe siIuaIion grealrly, and I+ appears +haI This year's Ieam will be made up Iargely of Ihese men. COACH JIM SCOGGINS Bad weaTher handicapped The squad in The early pracTice sessions and only Tour days oT worlc were goTTen in before The TirsT game. An- oTher early seTbaclc was The aTTaclc oT acuTe appendiciTis which Coach Scoggins suTTered aT The Third day oT pracTice. l'le was operaTed on immediaTely, and was ouT Tor abouT Ten days. The Team was TorTunaTe, in This emergency, in securing The services oT Clyde CasTleman, Tor- mer New Yorlc GianT piTching sTar, during The absence oT Coach Scoggins. "Coach" CasTle- man filled The TuToring posiTion admirably, and The whole squad, especially The piTchers, re- ceived valuable aid. This year's Team is ably capTained by Gene Higgins, a senior, playing his Third year oT base- ball. CapTain l-liggins was shiTTed Trom Third To second in The laTTer parT oT lasT year and will handle The lceysTone duTies This year. l'lis speed conTribuTes much To his Tlashy Tielding, and his consisTenT hiTTing has been a highlighT oT many games. PoinTers To piTchers Ballenger, Hill, and Graham by Clyde CasTleman. AnoTher reTurning leTTerman, "CoTTon" Clarlc, will perTorm The Third-base duTies. l-lis accuraTe arm and plaTe power won him a place on lasr year's Team, and he seems To be headed Tor an even more successTul season. Two newcomers round ouT The inTield- "Chuck" Mills aT TirsT and John "Red" Burns aT Back Row: Rudy WalTers, Tommy Owen, Coffcn Clark, Chuck Mills, Red Burns, Ed Graham, Ryan Ballenger, , Jack Connors. Fronf Row: Johnny Goodgame, Elmore Hill, Ed Parrish, Capfain Gene Higgins, lrving Weiss, Hugh Howser, and Clyde Casfleman. ,rff e 4 - w , 1-l wss,m'.1 l lnfielclers Clark, Higgins, Howser, and Mills. Y shori siop. These men have diiiiculi jobs in filling Jrhe spois .leflr by Jrhe gracluaiion of "Pinky" Lipscomb and Bill Trohier, yer bolh have been progressing rapidly and promise io be valuable asseis +o Jrhe Team. Hugh l-lowser, anoiher new- comer irom ihe Law School, has shown promise as an iniielcler and ihreaiens +o break inio ihe lineup. The posiiions in The oulriield have noi been deiiniiely seiiled. The graclualrion of Bernard, CoH'on connecis. RoloerTs, Farrell, and Howell leTT all The places open and The compeTiTion has been keen. Jack Connors, Rudy WaI+ers, J. P. Moore, and Horace ClayTon, all up Trom The Treshman squad, have alTernaTed wiTh Johnny Goodgame, a reserve lasT year, aT The diTTerenT posTs and The regulars will be selecTed Trom This group. The caTching duTies will be handled by Dick PaTrick and Henry l.aks, Two reTurning leTTermen, and Tommy Owen and Ed Parrish Trom The Tresh- men. All are experienced men, and will be used alTernaiely. Elmore Hill, a TalenTed sophomore, seems To be The leading candidaTe Tor numloer one piTching honors. The piTching sTaTT includes Ernie Weiss, a leTTerman lasT year and TirsT-year men Ed Graham and Ryan Ballenger. Managers Robinson and Burns. l942 SCHEDULE March 28-lllinois Wesleyan . . , . Here April 6-DePauw UniversiTy . . . . Here April 8-KenTucky ...... . . . Here April 9-KenTucky .......... Here April I3-WesTern Ky. STaTe Teachers . . Here April I7-Georgia Tech . . .... ATlanTa April I8-Georgia Tech ..., . . ATlanTa April 20-Mid. Tenn. ST. Teachers, ivlurTreeslooro April 24-Georgia Tech ....... Here April 25-Georgia Tech ....... Here April 28-T. P. l. . . . . . Here May I-Tennessee . . . Knoxville May 2-Tennessee . . . Knoxville May 5-T. P. l. . . . . Cookeville May 8-KenTucky ........ LexingTon May 9-KenTucky ........ LexingTon May I2-Mid. Tenn. STaTe Teachers . . Here May I5-Tennessee . ........ Here May I6-Tennessee . ........ Here May I9-WesT. Ky. ST. Teachers . Bowling Green Ouffielders Goodgame, ClayTon, Moore, and Connors. ,nw MW.-i..1v COACH BILL ANDERSON TRACK Back Row: Manager Bob McRae, Ed Turnley, Rainey Frierson, Ed Anderson, Harry Dunn, Tom Moore, Poyner ThweaTT, Coach Bill Anderson, Wm. MonTgomery, Emmefl O'Neal, Billy Carlen, Tom Hudson, Howard Nichols, Sam Smith, Harry Ransom. Fronf Row: David WhiTe, Bill Manier, Binks Bushmiaer, EvereTT HolT, Jack Jenkins, J. P. Moore, Dan Walfon, Sonny Baird, Arihur Worley, Ed Rauscher, Jack Herring, Warren Sawyer, Manager Dickie Moore. l.aTe in The winTer oT l942 when The Track Team answered The call oT Coach Anderson To reporT Tor work iT could easily be seen ThaT This was noT des- Tined To be a banner year Tor Track aT VanderbilT. l.asT year The Team Tinishecl The season undeTeaTed in dual meeT compeTiTion and presenTed a mile relay Team ThaT will probably be unequalled aT VanderbilT Tor some Time To come. This relay Team composed oT lviullican, Cornelius, l'lall and ThweaTT broke The school record, won The CoTTon Carnival and SouTh- easTern A. A. U. Trophies and Took second aT The Florida Relays early in The season. , Thurman l'lall and Poyner 'l'hweaTT, The Two besT perTormers oT lasT year's squad were elecTed To co-capTaincy Tor This year. BuT as TaTe would have iT, l'lall was called inTo The air corps, leaving only ThweaTT. GraduaTion, conscripTion, and whaT-noT Took heavy Toll oT The weiqhT men and oTher runners, leaving only Tour leTTer men besides CapTain ThweaTT. As This book goes To press The l942 Team has noT had a meeT and There is no way oT Telling how The season will Turn ouT or who will give The besT perTormances. However, The Florida relays are over and VanderbilT was noT represenTed Tor The TirsT Time in several years. Coach Anderson has long been noTed Tor his relay Teams and has always Taken pride in Their showing even if he hasn'T had a record-breaker every year. BUT This year he really means iT when he Tells The newspaper reporTers ThaT he doesn'T have a relay Team. ThweaTT is, as lasT year, ready and can be counTed on To keep up wiTh pracTically any man in The conTerence. Bushmiaer, a record- breaker in Arkansas high school meeTs, is now being developed by C.oach Anderson. AlThough The coach says he won'T have a relay Team This year, in view oT his pasT record, we Teel saTe in saying l2741 . ,mfwrmw . .,.AA . ASW, f'::::sf1L ..ex: T" W '97 CAPTAIN THWEATT ThaT he won'T sTop unTil he has Tound The Tour TasTesT quarTer-milers on The Team. The schedule, unTorTunaTely, is noT an easy one, wiTh Two conTerence meeTs, Ole Miss and KenTucky: Missouri Teachers' College: SouThwesTern, T. P. I.: and The CoTTon Carnival meeT in Memphis. NOT in an eTTorT To make pre-dicTions, buT review- ing The TirsT Tive weeks' work, iT appears ThaT The Tollowing men will wear The Gold and Black on The cinders: Bushmiaer, ThweaTT, or Baird in The hur- dles: ThweaTT and O'Neal in The quarTerg Hudson and Rauscher in The halT-mile: and WhiTe, Frierson, and Burris in The disTances. Jack Jenkins, under The TuTelage oT Baby Ray, a VanderbilT record holder, is expecTed To do well in The weighT-Throwing, along wiTh Dan WalTon, a leTTer-man oT lasT year. Carlen and l-lolT will Throw The iavelin, and ThweaTT, Dunn, Herring, and Baylor will high and broad iump. VanderbilT can .hardly be expecTed To beaT The SouThern Teams who hire Their Track men similar To Their TooTball players, buT our men will make a crediTable showing againsT any Team who picks iTs runners Trom The sTudenT body wiThouT oTTering scholarships or parT scholarships. This is due To The coaching and developing given by Mr. Anderson, a man who knows his Track and how To work wiTh boys as well as iT noT beTTer Than any man in The SouTh. The sTudenT managers who endeavor To encour- age The runners and keep The Track in shape Tor The season are Dickie Moore and Bob McRae. Top: Buchmiaer and ThweaTT Take The highs. Middle: Jenkins ready Tor The Throw. BoTTom: WhiTe and Hudson in The sTreTch. ATTernoon doubles pracTice. TENNIS Due To The brillianT playing oT Joe Davis, lasT year's capTain and Three Times SouTheasTern Con- Terence singles champion, VanderbilT has builT up quiTe a Tennis repuTaTion. Joe's graduaTion has leTT This year's squad The none Too small Task of living up To This repuTaTion and Tacing a diTTiculT schedule oT Teams. Davis' deparTure is noT The only blow Thaf The Team has had. Johnny l-lyden, a rankinq player in SouThern Tennis and The capTain-elecT Tor The '42 squad, was called inTo The Army beTore school sTarTed in SepTember. Also losT by grad- uaTion was Three-year leTTer man, Byron Taylor. Richard Shillinglaw, holder oT many singles TiTles in The SouTh, was elecTed capTain and given SQUAD The number one spoT on The Team. "Shilly" has as his TeammaTes The Tollowinq reTurning leTTer- men: Lewis Lyne, B. B. Kerr, and C.harles Willis: and Ken Young, George Blackburn, and PeTe Jenkins, sophomores up Trom lasT year's Tresh- man squad. As The book goes To press, Coach Cunningham has hardly had Time To pick a regular order oT The players, buT in The TirsT Tew maTches The boys have played The Tollowing posiTions: Shillinglaw No. I, Kerr No. 2, Willis No. 3, Lyne No. 4. Young No. 5, and AlTernaTing aT No. 6, Black- burn and Jenkins. The doubles combinaTions are Shillinglaw and Lyne No. I, Kerr and Young' No. 2, and Blackburn and Jenkins No. 3. I2761 The Team journeyed To New Orleans over The EasTer holidays where They played a round-robin seT oT maTches wiTh Harvard and Tulane. l.aTer in The season on home courTs VanderbilT will play The UniversiTy oT lvliami Team, which ranks as The number Two in The counTry. The l942 Team is making a none Too impressive record buT There is one Thing ThaT is encouraging abouT This year's squad. Charles Willis is The only member To graduaTe and Three oT The mem- bers are sophomores who will no doubT improve considerably wiTh The experience oT This year's compeTiTion. There have been Tour maTches This year and improvernenT is already noTiceable Trom The sTandpoinT oT The Team as a whole. Bill Freeland serves as manager oT The squad and is ably assisTed by Sam Cayce. CAPTAIN SHILLINGLAW STanding: Coach Cunningham, Fefe Jenkins, Charles Willis, Henry Colle, Lulu Lyne, Manager Bill Freeland Kneeling: Caplain Richard Shillinglaw, George Blackburn, B. B. Kerr, and Ken Young. WRESTLING The Commodore grapplers Tor l942, under The TuTelage oT Wilson Ward, had a successTul season in The respecT ThaT They beaT Tennessee Two Times wiThouT The leasT biT oT Trouble: The TirsT Time wiThouT losing a maTch. The resT OT The season was noT as Tavorable, buT iT can be said ThaT The VanderbilT wresTlers Taclcled some oT The besT Teams in The counTry. A record oT Tive wins and Tive losses Tor The season was made and in di- viding wiTh Maryville our boys righTTully claimed a Tie Tor The sTaTe championship. John l'luTTon, Tollowing in his broTher Clarl4's TooTsTeps, served as capTain and always Turned in a good bouT. l-le scored wins in The maioriTy oT his maTches. The Team members and Their weighT Tor The year were: George Blackburn, l2lg Cscar Burris, l28g CapTain l'luTTon, l36g Tom Brown and Rainey Frierson, l45p R. R. TipTon, l55: .lack McCullough and Elmore l-lill, l657 George Alder, l75g and Jaclc Richards, heavyweighT. The Team Tor nexT year is TorTunaTe in having all buT Two OT iTs members reTurning. l'luTTon is graduaTing and Tom Brown goes inTo medical school, buT The resT OT The Team is abouT divided beTween sophomores and juniors. The leTTer men OT This year elecTed Oscar Burris and Red TipTon co- capTains. Manager Tor The season was Ed PaTTerson. As- sisTanT manager was PeTe Jenlcins. Back Row: Manager Ed PaTTerson, George Alder, Jack McCullough, Jack Richards, Elmore Hill, Coach Wilson Ward. FronT Row: Tom Brown, Oscar Burris, John HuTTon, George Blackburn, Rainey lfrierson, R. R. Tiplon. Back Row: Coach Ted Feigel, Bre'l'T Rich, George McElroy, CapTain Ed Anderson, Flournoy Freeman, Bill Anderson. FronT Row: Henley Smifh, WhiTney Ozier, Malcolm Jones, Leon May, and Harvey Moore. This year Tor The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT VanderbilT a swimming Team has donned The Gold and Blaclc Tor acTive compeTiTion againsT oTher schools. Since The TirsT weelc OT December. The Team has been gaining momenTum in spiriT and aloiliTy. Under The able guidance oT Coach Ted Feigel, a Tormer All-American swimmer and diver, The in- experienced group OT swimmers has improved remarkably. Times have been slashed by greal' margins, due largely To The posT-C.hrisTmas pro- gram oT one mile per clay, or eighTy-eighT lengThs oT The pool. There have been no sTandouTs on The Team, nor records brolceng however, McElroy, SmiTh, and May have perhaps had The edge on The swimmers, and CapTain Ed Anderson has been lf279il a consisTenT winner in The diving deparTmenT. There could be some word OT praise Tor each member oT The Team, buT collecTively iT can be said ThaT They proved loyal and conscienTious worlcers ThroughouT The season. The record sTrung up by The swimming Team is none Too impressive, noT having a single vicTory To show Tor This year. DeTeaTs were meT aT The hands oT Texas A. 34 lvl., lndiana, and CasTle l-leighTs lVliliTary Academy who proved Too sTror.g in each OT a series oT Three meeTs. There being buT one senior on The squad, The TuTure is promising. NexT year should Tind a sTrong Team oT experienced swimmers Taking laurels Tor VanderbilT. lT has been decided ThaT swimming will deTiniTely be classed as a minor sporT nexT year. Bari' Johnsfon, Bob Ledner, ErnesT HarTley, Coach Sanborn, Bob Springer, Jack Farringer, Lawrence Goldsby. Sponsor Anita Parks in cenfer. The i942 Tencing Team boasTed only Two men wiTh experience aT The beginning oT The season, CapTain Lawrence Goldsby and Jack Farringer, buT under The able TuTelage oT Coach H. C. San- born, The sophomores were rapidly Turned inTo craTTy Toil-wielders. STarTing The season wiTh a loss To Georgia Tech, The Toilsmen hiT Their pace The maiches aT KenTucky. in The nexT maTch aqainsT KenTuclcy. Sophomores did mosT oT The work in deTeaTing The WiIdcaTs 7-2. From Then on The VanderbilT Tencers had Things Their own way in The SouTheasTern ConTerence. When They avenged Their early 9-7 deTeaT aT The hands oT Tech wiTh a IO-6, They reTained Their S. E. C. crown. AT The close of The 1942 season The Team had piled up ThirTy-Three bouTs. VanderbilT puT a Treshman Tencing Team on The sTrip Tor The TirsT Time in l942. AlThough The Treshmen were Torced To compeTe wiTh prep school Teams which had had Three or Tour years experience, They acquiTTed Themselves well. In spiTe oT only one win, The men gained valuable experience Tor beTTer perTormances nexT year. The Treshmen wielders were Bob Ray, Bill I-luclcaba, Bill BarTon, Bill Colcer, and Joe STicl4ley. A INTRAMURALS The ODK inTramural Trophy, designed To promoTe keener compeTiTion in inTramural sporTs, was awarded lasT spring Tor The TirsT Time-To Phi DelTa TheTa. This Trophy is awarded on The basis oT an exTensive poinT sysTem, going To ThaT TraTerniTy garnering The mosT poinTs in inTramural acTiviTies. The Phis cinched The Trophy by winning The Track meeT lasT May. The inTramural sporTs program was begun This Tall wiTh The cross-counTry run. Leading a colorTul Tield of abouT 70 enTries was Oscar Burris oT Phi DelTa TheTa, breaking The old record oT.ll:45 Tor The 2 I-2-mile course by Tive seconds. Burris gained permanenT possession oT The Trophy by virTue oT This being his Third successive win. ln second place was David WhiTe, Phi DelTa TheTa: Third place, Rainey Frierson, BeTa TheTa Pi: TourTh place, Bill CrabTree, Sigma Chi: and TiTTh place, Gleaves Love, Phi DelTa TheTa, The Team Trophy wenT To Phi DelTa TheTa, who placed six men in The TirsT Twelve posiTions. Deke, BeTa, and Sigma Chi Tinished nexT in ThaT order. The black boys oT DKE won The inTramural TooTball championship Tor The second sTraighT year aTTer a hard- ToughT series oT Tie games wiTh The Sigma Chi's. The oTher Two league winners were Phi DelTa TheTa and Kappa Sigma. who baTTled To a O-O Tie Tor Third place. NexT came ThaT sporT oT sporTs, ping pong, in which The BeTas nosed ouT The Phis. Deke's came Third. Incli- vidual honors wenT To Buzz Lee, BeTa, who deTeaTed Charles Eyermann, D. K. E., in a gruelling Tinals maTch, The pool sharks of The campus proved To be The BeTas, who won The Tourney oT The cue ahead oT The Independ- enTs, Dekes, and Sigma Chis, The laTTer Two Tying Tor Third place. T-lerman ShackleTT, IndependenT, gained The win over Chapman Bain, ATO. The Sigma Chis grappled Their way To vicTory in The wresTling TournamenT. wiTh The Dekes hoT on Their heels. Phi DelTa TheTa was Third, The class champions were as Tollows: l2l-lb., Chad DrumrighT, Sigma Chig T28-lb., John ManchesTer, DKE1 T36-lb., Ed MarTin, ATO: T45-Ib., John Reynolds, SAE: T55-lb., Jack BurTon, Sigma Chi, T65-lb., WalTer Robinson, Phi DelTa TheTa: T75-lb., Elmore T-Till, Sigma Chip T85-lb., Billy CaTe, Phi DelTa TheTa: Heavy- weighT, Bill Manier. Phi DelTa TheTa. In baskeTball The BeTas, paced by Chuck Mills, emerged vicTorious over The Sigma Chis, Kappa Sigmas, and Kappa Alphas, who Tinished in ThaT order. As is The cusTom, The VanderbilT champions played The Sewanee champs Tor The inTramural Trophy, Trimming The visiTing Phi DelTa TheTa mounTain Team 38-ll, To keep The cup on home shelves. GeTTing in shape Tor The TournamenT. INTRAMU RAL BOARD OFFICERS MOSE WALLER ..... . . PresidenT RAINEY FRIERSON . . . . . SecreTary MEMBERS GEORGE ALDER ,... Phi DelTa TheTa ROBERT BERNSTEIN . . Alpha Epsilon Pi RAINEY FRIERSON .... Befa TheTa Pi ALEX GHOLSON . . . . Kappa Sigma WALTER GREEN .....,, Sigma Chi JIM HUNT ....... Pi Kappa Alpha SororiTy baslceTl:zall. WALTER JONES . . . . Phi Kappa Psi DON KELLY ...... Phi Kappa Sigma J. RICHARD MOORE ...... Chi Phi W. D. REGEN ...,..... Sigma Nu GEORGE ROSENBLATT . . ZeTa BeTa Tau WARREN SAWYER . . Alpha Tau Omega TOM TURBEVILLE ..... Kappa Alpha PAT WADE ,....,... lndependenfs MOSE WALLER . . . DelTa Kappa Epsilon AL WELLMAN . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon COED INTRAMURALS There has been more rivalry shown in The sororiTy inTra- mural conTesTs This year Than ever beTore Tor The sororiTy who wins The mosT poinTs by The end of The year will be awarded The gianT inTramural cup. The ping-pong TourriamenT, The TirsT inTer-sororiTy play- oTT in The Tall, was won by The A. E. Phi's who deTeaTed The A. O. Pi's. ShiTra Karesh conquered Ava Maria Lewis in The Tinals Zlrl l, 2l-I6. In The riTle conTesT The A, O, Pi's were The winners wiTh The Tri-DelTa's as runners-up. Carolyn EllioT led her Team-maTes wiTh a score oT l93. Marfha Campbell came second wiTh l80 poinTs. The badminTon Tournameni' inauquraTed The inTramurals Tor The second Term. The Gamma Phi BeTa Team com- L282l posed oT Frances Loring and BeTTy Freeman nosed ouT a vicTory over The TheTa Team of Carolyn Ambrose and Flo Tompkins by a score oT IS-9, I5-3. The basl4eTball Tirial This year was beTween lasT year's rivals, The lndependenTs and The Tri-DelTa's. The Inde- pendenTs deTeaTed The Tri-DelTa's 36-l8. ln The consola- Tion game The TheTas won over The Gamma Phi BeTa's. For The second consecuTive year The Tri-DelTa's wallced oTT wiTh The swimming meeT cup wiTh a score of 96. The A. O. Pi's were second wiTh 79 poinTs and The TheTa's, Third wiTh 76. Scheduled Tor The spring Term is inTer-sororiTy Tennis which will complefe The girls' inTramural program. The inTramural cup will be presenTed To The sororiTy who has ToTaled The mosT poinTs. !9j9'C6CiZil.0lfL As much as in an aThleTic evenT, iT is Teamwork in The publishing oT a yearbook ThaT makes possible The accomplishmenT oT The Task. WiThouT The assisTance oT many individuals and many agencies, This book could never have appeared. FirsT oT all l am graTeTul Tor The cooperaTion oT my ediTorial sTaTT, especially To Bob McRae, assisTanT ediTor. Fred Carmichael and his sTaTT are due especial Thanks, lThey will pay The billsl. For The BeauTy SecTion picTures and Tor The general phoTography work, one oT The mosT imporTanT iTems, l am indebTed To Bob Grannis, and To his co-worker, Allan Deal. Will Grimsley, oT "The Nashville Tennes- sean," conTribuTed The game summaries oT The l94l l:ooTball Season. The excellenT work done by Benson PrinTing Company, especially by Joe l.edbeTTer, Ed Benson, Dan Eadie, Richard l-loward, Al Slonecker, and Joe OverTong The Tine cooperaTion oT lvlargareT CovingTon and The sTaTT oT l.oveman's PhoTo ReTlex STudiog and The CraTTsmanship oT The personnel oT The CapiTol Engraving Com- pany-all These were indispensable. To The adverTisers in The pages Tollowing is due much graTiTude. They are The boosTers behind This work. WhaTever crediT may come To me Tor The T942 Commodore, l wish To share equally wiTh all These oThers, who have made The publicaTion possible. WM. lvl. CLARK. KNOWN FO R REAL VALUES In fine household linens, siIIc and colron piece goods, ladies ready- Io-wear, me-n's and boys' furnishings, floor coverings, shades, curiains and draperies. H. J. GRIMES COMPANY 2I5 Pulolic Square Nashville, Tenn. TRU-LI-PURE SeaII'es'r Milk NashviIIe's Finesf COMMERCIAL Food, Cooking and Serving Equipmeni MCKAY CAMERON CO. ZIZ 3rd Ave.. 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HILL fJ6fZ40-M614 204 2ls+ Avenue, Soufh CI1iIi, IIaIian Spaglweiii, Piaie Lunches, Draughlr Beer DIAL 5-9I32 Always Open Budweiser on Tap WHI1 Your Drink EAT-A-SNAX PEERLESS STEEL FURNACES ECON-O-COL Siokers C. I"I. REESE AND SONS 09-II Church S+. Phone 5-6607 .egg 1 Provides Eamily securily for millions of people wI1ose premiums are Then inves+ecI +o provide employmeni for oI'I:er millions . . . and 'ro suppori I'I1e GoxiCernmen+ in financing +I1e war. iff THE NATICNAI IIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE CC. More Than S879,000,000i Life Insurance in force. .fife cam! eadaczlllq Mm Succeed reemgs sf .JH A nfl!-, B. :F Niiii 1 BUILT FOR PROTECTIQN NASH Bonouoi-1 neoi T' U will I il l a fl , i E 1 E 'U mi 5 :Al ! 5 f 'ii lo A ii ff E2 T 'aw ti' J , I - 4 nib. -'1 ' , SJ '1 .ell W I 'llll IF: 'i -' T .lllrl f 'il ilil 1 5 x w. Ii ii fi I X i lil ' H, iilruc J Because They represenT a large and successful lnsTi- TuTion. The reliabiliTy oT The Company They represenT has been esTablished by a ThirTy-nine-year record oT service and The paymenT oT more Than TiTTy-eighT mil- lion dollars in beneTiTs To policy-holders and benefi- ciaries. Wi+h more Than a million LiTe and CasualTy policy-holders as boosTers, Their only iob is To appraise The needs oT Their clienTs and meeT These needs wiTh The righT Life insurance conTracT. IT you wanT a posiTion Where your success is limiTed only by your abiliTy, where you can wriTe your own pay checlc, we have a place Tor you. LIFE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE C OMPANY OF TENNESSEE Home OTTice: Nashville A. lvl. BurTon, PresidenT WEST END eig B 0 W L l N G ' mf.- V jg. 1. 1,,. qvn, 1 5 hm fi, 1 -.- in ff... Q 4, , :lu WELCOME VANDERBl-" 2807 WesT Encl Avenue HAMILTON TIRE COMPANY Tires - BaHeries - Road Service Church Sfreei ai Thirfeenih Avenue STONE HAMILTON Telephone 5-2900 Nashville, Tennesse S'rucIen'rs Always Welcome ai THE CAMPUS SODA SHOP AND THE STUDENT CENTER The Besi Things Io Eai Cornphmenis of THE KRESS STORES 237 FIHI1 Ave., N. 3I7 Third Ave., N. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Drink- GERST PILSNER BEER "BesI' Beer in Town" WILLIAM GERST BREWING CO Incorporafed NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE PARAMOUNT THEATRE PARAMOUNT AND 20TH CENTURY-FOX PICTURES LOVENTHAL BROS., Inc. General Insurance COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OVER FIFTY YEARS OF INSURANCE SERVICE BRADFORD FURNITURE CO. Edrablished I889 FIFTY YEARS OF UNCHALLENGED LEADERSHIP IN FURNITURE VALUES LIIII IIIIIIS SMART CLOTHES AND FASHION ACCESSORIES I Since I862 BELLE MEADE FLOWER SHOP ORCHIDS aI' SpeciaI Price for S+udenI's Phone 8-554I BOBBY GENY, Manager H' I nf nollf of 5 1 I I 1 , C ll, ff' CANDY AND REFRESHMENTS 63I CHURCH 29I6 WEST END PHILLIPS 81 BUTTORFF MFG. COMPANY ENTERPRISE Ranges and Heafers Coal-Wood-Gas and EIec'I'ric The SouIh's Largesi and Finesi Display of China-Glassware ancI SiIverware O 2I7-22I Third Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn. BELLE MEADE SUPER MARKET Phone 8-333i I-Iarding Road Free Delivery Complimenls of E. K. HARDISON SEED CO. Wholesale Field and Garden Seed NASI-IVILLE, TENNESSEE Complimenls of AMBROSE PRINTING CCIVIPANY B. H. STIEF JEWELRY COMPANY JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS Sixlh Avenue Nashville, Tenn. DIXIE ELECTROTYPE Co. MAKERS EIF FINE PLATES FUR LETTERPRE55 PRINTING 0 ELECTROTYPES 0 Ru BBE R PLATES 0 NICKELTYPES 0 STEREOS AND MATS NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE NASHVILLE SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 4OI CI1urcI1 Sfreef O Microscope, Disseding Se+s and DIXIE DRIVE IT YOURSELF SYSTEM Ren+ +I1e Cars and Trucks You Need By Mile, Day, Week, or Lease by Year New Passenger Cars-SmarI Panel Truck Heavy Dufy S+aI4e Trucks "WHERE TO BUY IT" DIXIE DRIVE IT YOURSELF OII1er SIudenI Supplies SYS-I-EM PHYSICIANS', HOSPITAL AND Across from James RoberIson HoIeI SICK ROOM SUPPLIES IIZI 7+I1 Ave., N. 6-I I I2 THE I942 COMMODORE is Ioound In a Kinqdhaff eaaea Designed and Produced by II1e WorIcI's LargesI Cover Manufaclrurers THE KINGSPORT PRESS Incorporafed Kingsport Tennessee PATRONS Of The I942 Commodore W. A. BENSON, SR. KIRKPATRICK BROKERAGE CO. P. D. HOUSTON HENRY C. HIBBS PAUL M. DAVIS C. A. CRAIG 5 L Q' In F II' li 0 cn as 'U 5- un 5 Il' IIIIINTINN NNINPANY :fr NASHVILLE o ,, L. O ug 95911 slum: 3417 My ff fff l ll FL

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