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,-. x V' .- x '.:x 'x v.f ,U AW .-w iff, " ff' .. ,P ,'l, Yi' -fii , , .. .7 lv, u .L i '4!- , -4 - ....t,,,.,,:,...... I .. ,.,.. 4 ff .U 'A' V V, ll I . ,nf ,Q Il? 2Q' . ,,,,,. ' I . . -"tl , 1 X 1 X . , , X lv L N . f Il' Y V 4 . . f 'K -. 'VI .32 nl' '4' . 47 '- f - '-,- Ng. . , x , -' ,,." -.' 'kg 041.411 ,Z 4 I h W- f 'ff' ff " 'lzffz' .x At. .Y J Edltnr MICKEY EHHMIEIHI-SEI. Manages' HHVHN EH EH YEHHHUHK Hill. TU THEE HUB ALMA METER, VHNHEHBHIE' All HAIL 1940 IUI I PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS IH? VANDERBILT Umvsnamf N!-KSHVELLE, TENNESSEE UNIVERSITY EEIITUIIE AETIVITIE ZITIILETIE EUNHNIS EIIZITEIINITIE IIE COMM0ll0Il GARLAND HA nother year has passed, leaving memories that will not tade-memories ol happy honrs and friendships continuing through the years. elf Everything changes: lllllll that is the stern law of fate. But the idea ol eternity can he found most easily in the remnants of thought and aetivity left ns hy the moment. 'fo lntfress our grasp ot these remnants, reminders at onr days at Vanderhilt, is the purpose ot this elirrt. saw Vanderhilt oi today is the onlminafion Ji the Vander- hilt ot all yesteryears and will determine to a great degree the Vanderbilt ot tomrrrow. lfor neither Vanderhilt nor fer ns is this the end hot merely theheginning. F r 1 I 1 W ir 7. ll' fv J., 4. 44: il 'K 1 HF 521 Y! all Q12 ie? aff E 2 5.5. Wt llllllll To business associates, deans, pra- tessors and the many Eommodoie ians With Whom he comes in contait through his Worla as manager of the Vanderhilt Athletic Association lie is WiLLlAlVl ll. Sill-IWAHTZ, the competent and ohliging hnsiness executive. But to the many Van- derhilt students Whose privilege it has teen to lanovv him he is just "ELlXlEll", the friendly counselor, the understanding companion, the encouraging coach. sk For the past fourteen years he has added mate- rially to the success ot the entire university as Well as to that of the Athletic Association. The greatest good he has done and is doing, however, is not to he found in the lHIS llltlll Written records of Vanderhilt his- tory. lnstead it is tound in the outstanding records ot those stig- dents Whom he has inspired, who have gone to him in time ot neel and have received the advice and encouragement that have heeii iesponsihle to a great degree fcr Tlceir accomplishments hoth While ir college and after. His profound lsnowledge of human nature ccm- hined With his clear understanding if the prohlems of youth is ot fm- nieasurahle value to this university. wtf May this dedication serve as our expression of appreciation for all that "ELlVlEll" has done for Vanderhilt students, and all that he will do in the future. CHQ. 55535452 i Il:lllA5E'5llig5g' uring the past halt century and more Vanderhilt University has occupied a place ot prominence. lt has molded the pattern of education in the entire South. Under the distinguished leadership ot the late Chancellor James H. lflirl-iland it has heeii a heacon of inspiration to those vvho have sought to faster the highest ideals in education. sie Under the guidance ol Chancellor U. C. Carmichael the University cortinues to develop character and leadership and through research it enriches the cul- tural, economic and spiritual Qife of the South. Yet Van- derhilt is not resting on its larrrels. lnstead it is seeking to develop a program to meet more adeguately the needs of the youth in this section. if At the present time construction on the Joint Lihrary tor the University Center is vvell under Way. The success ot the movement JOINT UNI E SI Y LIBRARY-UNDER CONSTRUCTION r-I .?'zl' . I ..u.aiup 'I isxcilijt ttf i PROPOSED WOMEN'S DORMITORY Wi Vllll WIlH PH which led to the erection of this huilding was due largely to the continuous efforts of Ehancellor Carmichael. aa Vanderbilt is novv entering upon a nevv era of de- velopment. Hy appropriate action of the Board of Trust in dune lfldd, a program' of expansion extending to jecemher dl, l945, was adopted loolsing to the improve- inent of every division of the University. We rejoice novv in Vanderhilts past achievements, hut anticipate even greater accomplishments in the future. Through the Zenturies to come it is destined to play a definite part in the progress of our civilization. X K2 v I w i -1 '4 . -4 'A ' 'M ' I 4, I .'. 1 ' '- I.. , M v Z, , , .V . ' ,gf A f -fg xy- . N1- . rf y . , I.. AJ , - I 5 , .M ,g,,,. . ff., ymf, ,si , . X, 1" ' I ' ' . ' X rf" VN, '7'Y4'N? 6 - 4 - ,'j,'2-Q" N 4.1, N ' ' ' f , f' , 'V ' ' ' JH, 5 3 ,' if . f, 4 ' W 0 . A A , . L, ' f- vw- f 4,1 - -W ' 1 - A . S- ' . ' ' g :f 14-g 5 'wx EV 5 X' ft. V , X, W .2 ' . . 'ff 'A X 1 3' ,.- P . .R fe ' 'nf N' -. x'R:.Xi I ,. lx ur' -' J" ' ' LU' 17' , W..gx.Xx, . , f - ,1 .Hg . A: . r - --rf- X - 51 ' . Q . , - 1. lv- -G - , ,A r .N,,v,- . f, J--fx w '. A' ' , xxw' 4, .gh x. 1 t 13,4 ' -1-4 if. vw. IAQ... - .' '- , . V-'ve ' I . , s 1 f .. -. P . , : J .W Qfv jk 'E 1'8- x -215 .xgva rj,- , . ,, f:- .Egg 4, ' N '. 4, 3- r.-'A , 4 vm.. UA, 2123, wr.. y , I s..,,' X42 ' 'su Q' .x . Q vb .. -f. . xg, . . v - . lst. qxx . I In 4 yt. ',-fy 1 , 'L 51-- ' if .- 12 ' r 1' 1 -X -' 'f"f-ix., "l , , . Q Wg? ' -"' 1 W' ,. ,awk xv ,.. .A ! I? lvklgbzxk - 4 ., , 1 , WP 'f' 1 N4 is -'W .v M -.. X Q - ,, 6,71 YQ ' f ' -:sg 1 , .- - ,ix - .' A n FY .I ,.., x 0' . . I W, 1 1,1 5 ,QKIPWQY .f-fm my 'ffm' , wfefigi ' Q,.,ff4 f muff We f if ffygwf , 7. ,g'?52fQf'w24v, ,t .. I, .W34pfjy,:i,f, yftfjfw -- ff I W Z 1 W I A i a x i w n V r I I 1 I x 1 1 4 I 4 I I, r , 1 w r w u r if if E i ? Q Y. Q CHANCIQLLOI2 CADMICHALL A capable adminislralive leader, a scholar, and a genlleman of broadesl' academic cul- lure, wilh a philosophy of life never dislurbed by +he clamors of Jrhe passing hour, he has gained +he respecl' and admirafion of his fellow educalors and endeared himself in rhe hearls of his sludenls. I I N 1 1 1 N l IN MEMORY Oli JAMES HAMPTON KIIZKLAND lSepfember 9, I859--Augusf 5, I939l For fhe firsf fime in fiffy-fhree years fhe name of fhe lafe Chancellor Kirkland does nof appear in fhe lisf of feachers and officers of Vanderbilf Universify. Many have confribufed fo fhe building of fhis insfifufion, buf if may be claimed, wifhouf fear of confradicfion, fhaf he made fhe greafesf con- fribufion fo ifs progress. Bishop McTyeire and Chancellor Garland launched fhe Universify upon ifs career, and ofhers have confribufed large funds for ifs expansiong buf Dr. Kirkland invesfed a long life. His infellecf, his courage, his pafience, his self-sacrifice, his faifh, wroughf mighfily in ifs behalf. Ofhers have spoken of his large place in fhe educafional hisfory of fhe Soufh and of fhe nafion. His influence and his fame are well esfablished fhroughouf fhe counfry. The COMMODORE would emphasize his relafion, over a long period of fime, fo fhe sfudenfs of Vanderbilf. For seven years as Professor of Lafin he helped prepare some of fhe leading classical scholars Of America, and inspired ofhers wifh fhe fhoroughness of his scholarship and fhe loffiness of his ideals. During all fhe earlier years of his adminisfrafion he performed many of fhe dufies of a dean of sfudenfs. His chapel falks and more formal addresses were a feafure of every academic year. Somefimes his voice was like fhaf of a prophef as he inferprefed some Universify or nafional crisis. Such a man's "lasf words"'are always significanf. No one will ever forgef his address fo fhe alumni when he refired in I937. Af fhe lasf meefing of fhe Board of Trusf, in supporf of Chancellor Car- michael's recommendafion of a campaign for larger funds, he said: "ln faking now a posifive sfand, we say fhaf we infend fo live now in fhe lighf of a larger cause, in fhe lighf of a Universify develop- menf fhaf covers fhe nexf fen years. We are announcing a plan and program for fhaf greafer insfi- fufion fhaf is in our hearfs, and fo which we have all been confribufing our lives." Buf fhe very lasf words fhaf he wrofe for any Universify group were addressed fo fhe Freshman Class of fhis year-words fhaf were wriffen iusf before he leff on his lasf iourney, and were prinfed in fhis year's Handbook: "ln fhe new fasks fo which you now puf your hands you will have a hosf of helpers. You will be surrounded also by a cloud of wifnesses wafching your performance and reioic- ing in your success. l bid you welcome info fhe sacred fellowship of sfudenfs and faculfy and wish for you success and happiness in all fhaf you underfakef' Avis Aroue VALE ln her forfy-one years of service +o Vanderbilr, Mrs. Mary Webb Haggard has been an inspiring friend +o sfudenis of fhe Universify. Serving in +he impor+an+ posifion of Regis- frar, she has firsf con+ac1' wifh prospecfive sfudenfs coming 'ro Vanderbilt By 'rhe gracious inferesl which she shows in fhese incoming s+uden+s, Mrs. Haggard facilifaies 'lheir orien- fafion +o 'rhe pracfices, procedures and cusfoms of fhe Universify. Throughouf lheir enlire s+ay al' Vanderbilf, she remains an undersfanding and helpful 'friend 'lo all who seek her advice. A TIZIBUTL T0 MARS. MAIZY WEBB HAGGARD -WW ,,,,. We ...- -Y --W -f ---- - '---ffrrn' 'f""fH's'if4F'V A A A A . A A A l I l l DLANS or fur urilviizslw , , cf! fi fl ,vw , -far DEAN POMFRET . I Dean John E. Pomtret came to Vanderbilt University in the fall of l937 to fill the administra- tive office of Dean of the Senior College and Graduate School. ln preparation for the duties which he so capably performs here, Dr. Pomfret attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in l9l7 and later received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Having served on the faculties of Princeton University and the University of South Carolina, he is well known in the educational world. He has achieved distinction in the field of research, particularly of Ireland, in recognition of rhich he was awarded the Tialteann prize by the lrish Free State. Just prior to coming to Vanderbilt, he served as Secretary of the Social Science Council of New York. During the past two years he has spent two months in a study of American col- leges, on a grant from the Carnegie Corporation. Dean Pomfret's wide experience in dealing with young people, his understanding of their problems, and the personal interest he main- tains in his students are his invaluable contributions to the Senior College and the Graduate School. 1 DEAN SARRATT The mosf difficulf faslq af fhe beginning of each school year is faking care of fhe freshman class. Dean Sarraff confinues fo perform fhis faslc wifh fhe efficiency so characferisfic of him. For fif- feen years now he has been herding fhe incom- ing class info line. ln spife of his precarious posi- fion of adviser fo fhe frafernifies, he mainfains fhe place of one of fhe mosf popular men df Vanderbilf. Besides his dufies as Dean of Men, he is insfrucfor in lvlafhemafics, and his finger is in "every pie" af Vanderbilf. He is in consfanf confacf wifh fhe sfudenfs and 'rheir problems. Dean Sarraff. a Soufh Carolinian, is a graduafe of Cornell, and is an honorary member of Omi- cron Delfa Kappa. DEAN LEWIS Dean Lewis, since his coming fo Vanderbilf in l925, has proven himself indispensable, bofh fo 'rhe Universify and fo fhe engineers. Shorfly affer he came here as Professor of Civil Engi- neering, he was puf af fhe head of fhe Engi- neering School. He is a leader in many fields, and his numerous confacfs wifh fhe business world help him fo place Vanderbilf sfudenfs in favor- able posifions. His inferesf in all sfudenf acfivi- fies brings him in close confacf wifh fhe sfudenfs, and he is a valuable member of fhe Vanderbilf Afhlefic Associafion. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Befa Phi, and Omicron Delfa Kappa. If is mainly fhrough his efforfs and his faifhful service fhaf fhe Vanderbilf School of En- gineering has come fo be ranlced as one of fhe besf in fhe Soufh. I l jim ""' TY --do-J 5 Q 2. r I 1. k 1 4 4 AS' 1' ,,,.,u' SA ,cn .1 X as , XJ J. 2 ' AKA.. Mx. DEAN LEATHERS 4 1 1 ""1'V','. iz: .-V11 f Y Qyjh, lr 4: me-3 rar, 3 '-avr. rn., frzrn T56 Ufffff,-rl , Y, . rf f ef Cncaqe ana Hevuu: U' , ' " Scnoc- He ma, an LLD, fr fn 7. v-- - : 1 anorraer from fne 'pf ?.'f, ,. ne once served ag a :,rcFe.gzf P-mfr.: .' -A DV earfmenf of Science ann Dew' of Mecnclne, succesdwg- D -V.- ww Lew' 'r rwefd many imperfanf IlOZtT.OVI'Q 'n , mcdidrwe. Eariy in Ha career nf? UF'-'i' ' of-Pubiic Healfn for Trte Mfp5f35fr,r,7 S"1",- HV 1 " Deparfmenh and was a member ei f'-Q slppi Board of Hearn. Lafey Dean L 'f.A fmwf has been Presidenf of ine Naflenfr Bmw Medical Examiners, and af 'lne ryrezeni FYTWVE Presfdenf-elecf of me American Pnbk I-iefm' Associafion. DEAN ZEIGLER Dean I-feWen Frances Zeicjer became Head ef r' ff Vancierbf Nursfnq Scnoor En I933. A gfirimfre af Jenn Hockms Scnoom efNursAr1g, Dear, Zffig ef received ner Bacne or of Scence ceofee :ferr N. . . Y J . Cdumcna Un ver5fy. fxmoncz fne mary rnffff fan? coslrons wnicn gne nas ned C1526 granu- ,- - , , r X - anon are rnose of Sczzer nrenaen' er Hui 'U a' Pfedmonf Hoscfar ln Pxfava acc ever af Efrzrf Unverefy Heac Merge af New Hafe' Hzzrfa of Yale Unversfy fxsssvacf Drecrer 0' Nu:- . . m F . r . ng Serv ces ana CCLICBTCTQ' Dreccr a' fee f -4, r :A Q Unrverb Tir of Cr, ca-, ans Dean er be ainse of Nergrq an Tre V'rqr'a Medea Cc eoe 'r Rcnmcrc. Deaf Zee er Cces ref cerfne ner nreresfs are acmffes 'O ner CFCYGSECV acce ' 4 . VM- -,-4' .- 4 3. NN' , I- GLU rites if cn. Vs OSF, r :MCG W: '279 WCW. Sn: jg A rn-'rnnrx-Cf 'nf 'fra fNI:."f-f-:. Cie:-arq"+,s.e f-5 V- L. -rr., --uv V- w V c. U-e, vm, r,,,, Je Rec: Craze Nurs rg of fne Amerca' Aasec if en or Un'vers'+'es ana nas servec ec 're Bears Q5 Drrecfcrs cr frve A arce 'cr Gu cacce C' Rua Y ,M HA New Mr M W-A -Q S : Ohwn. CV' V1 VDOVX1' Ccrfcefr. rg 1.15 C'fQO O1 Nursrg fs fnaf a rursfrg '5 nearln rersrc-eng mcorcorares ceo c nea en rursecg. Unger ner - rx 1 f . - - qmoance me Vanoerc 7 Sensor or Nursrrg wr ccnrinue +0 ercgress. n Memoriam ROBERT HENRY BELL February 24, I920-March 3, l940 College of Arfs and Science ANNE BLANCHE POPE May 2, l9l9-March le, 1940 College of Arfs and Science L , X JN .uf N, 4' 5575 W f 5X f K4 M, J ...J kix .lk SLNIOIZS 1'- , WL 3 i mimi Y 15, Y w Wll 1 Qie Y SD X U T5 1-Hg' ff Z M i t V. yi 1 , ,gil yy ,ff .1 In I H' E f i 5 I ' i r f i , 1 we Q 5: 1 H I W' 1 I i 1 l , I Q ce 5 I l . 1 1 I V w w w N H f FE 1 n 1 "f , i X 1 ' 1 Y l V 1 5 l i 5 t 5, 5, .Ii- 5 V1 f i N 1 , I E ELIZABETH LOVE COOPER Nashville, Tennessee Bachelor of Arfs EDNA CARLA CORDTS Long Island, New York AAA Bachelor of Arls JOEL BELL COVINGTON Newlon Cenler. Massachuserls 'll K E Bachelor of Arfs EUGENE ANDREWS COX. JR. L e w i s I o n , 'I d a h o K A Bachelor of Arls Presidenl, Kappa Alpha: Owl Club. EMILY LOUISE CRICHLOW Murfreesboro, Tennessee A A A Bachelor of Arts JAMES HUDSON CROWDIS Nashville, Tennessee Bachelor of Arfs EVELYN LOUISE CRUNK Nashville, Tennessee Bachelor of Am Elo Slflmfl ,Phi,. Secrelary: Sophomore Honor Roll: Phi Sigma Iota: Phi Bela Kappa. MARY THERESA DAVIDSON Nashville, Tennessee- .X A A Bachelor of Arfx Dean's Council: Della Phi Alpha: Vice-Presi- denl, Masque Club: Phi Bela Kappa. BEVERLY JANE DAVIS Nashville, Tennessee I' fl' B Bachelor of Aris Cabinel' Member and Secrelary, S. C. A.: Class and Sorority Basketball, '37, '38, '39, '40: Sororily Tennis: Sociology Club. W l L S O N M . D A V I S L u v e r n e , A I a b a m a K A Bachelor of Engineering Waller O. Parmer Scholarship, '36, '37, '38, '39: Tau Alpha Tau: Sophomore Honor Roll. JOHN WATSON DONALD Pine Apple, Alabama E X Bachelor of Arfs Presidenl, Sigma Chi: Vice-Presidenl, Sludenl Council: Ace Club: Owl Club: Skull and Bones! Sophomore Honor Roll: Omicron Della Kappa. ROBERT ADRIAN DOWNING Maclison, Tennessee K A Bachelor of Engineering A. S. C. E. RUSH WATKINS DOZIER 540532004-fille,Keniucly 'I' K 5 Bachelor ol Ads Aw Club: Owl Club: Intramural Traclg Inha- fffvfvl I""'C5lll'1CJZ 5- C. A.: Prcsicjenr, Phi Kappa Sigma: Assislanl Business lmmgqgr Qi "Con, rnodore": A Cappella Chorus. A L L E N E A R L Y A m a r i l I o , T 0 x a s .E X Bachelor of Arts Sophomore Honor Roll: lnlernalional Relations Club: Prcsidenl, S. C. A.: Sigma Della Pi: A. P. O.' Sludcnl Union: Honor Council: Frqh. man Track: Arlus Club: Phi Bela Kappa: Presi- dent, Sigma Chi. SARA FRANCES EDWARDS Clarksville, Tennossoo AAA Bachelor of Arla MARY BLAND ENGLES Memphis, Tennessee Bachelor of Ads WALTER FRANKLIN EVANS Nashville, Tennessee Bachelor of Engineering S. C. A. Cabinel: Sophomore Honor Roll: A. S. M. E.: Golf Team: Camera Club: A Cappella Chorus. JEAN MORGAN EWING Nashville, Tennessee Bachelor of Arls XD exe' x ,Q T291 1 X-cf".7' Q' A X i w i , I , 1 M I M 4 w . Z I 1 i A 1 E V: x 5 N 1 1 v L 1 l 2 3 1 1 w l v I Qi 1 .1 F v 1 3 " K 22 f 5: , 2 Cf .E ' xg 4. Eg ' :e Y a ig i ii . Q W 5 ' 'Q e 5 3 Yi I tl if is ,J V C Ii V T E ' V 5 " L 5 1 l W A 3' 4 I E1 ii W L! 4 1-. 1 p s E 1 F! il , N-1 W E 5 3 5 'l IV If H ff Q Ji . L4 , J 4 7 I , ' Q F I ' 1 l i L z J 12 ff if Fx J U A N2 1 U L w lk 'J si 4 5 fi z f 5 1 fi ' A N E , I vi N 15 ig ! 'Q ii i Q Q3 ff H 32 ll g 14 H 1 1 g : 3 3 Q 5 i 3 , l X C El 5 1 i 5 '59 5 1 I w A f W F , Q Q I 5 .. qi, Q1 10 2 Qi? 11 WK I K I V T 4 1 Y 0 :W 'QW M Q X i fi ii gi 55 ie E I if S1 rs 21 il -S :Q L! :E ' ': fi 11 ly! ii if ,f wi? 1 Y li g . 5 al f '3 5 ii 9 s f 5 f 4i fd i 1 5 l W! i X 1 'I I I I I , I I ' I I? II I I I I ,, I :I I I 1 3 I jI II I: IE I: IQ ' IZ LI I 1: I I. I I1 I It . I: I 'I I2 54 Y - I I Is, . I I I I. 11 !. in I1 II II II I: I I I I I I I II II I II I 1 I E . I I In I? I I W U III 3. c I. 'I I I I I I I: II I I I I I I I I I I I an If III I 1 I I I II ,U - I Ei - I RALPH CLARK STANARD Mobile, Alabama 'DAG Bachelor of Arfs ArlusCIub. JOHN EDWIN STANFORD Nashville, Tennessee 2 N Bachelor of Arfs Associafe Edilor, "Masquerader": "Commo- dore" Slaff Member: Vice-Presidenf, Baplisl Sludenl Union: Presidenf, Masque Club: Van- derbill Band. ANNE STEAGALL Nashville, Tennessee KA9 Bachelor of Arfs SHIRLEY WARDLAW STEELE Ripley. Tennessee KA9 Bachelor of Arls Masque Club: Vanderbill' Players: Universily Workshop: Varsily Baskelball: A Cappella Chorus: Honor Council: S. C. A.: Morlar Board: "Commodore" Slaff Head. JEANNE MARIE STEPHENSON Nashville, Tennessee AOII Bachelor of Arls A Cappella Chorus: Vice-Presidenl, Vandy Play- ers: Associafe Edilor, "Husller": "Masquerader" Slaff: Vice-Presidenl, Alpha Omicron Pi. MERRILL RUST STONE, JR. Nashville, Tennessee A K E Bachelor of Arfs lnfernalional Relalions Club. GRANT EWING STURMAN Ml. Carmel, Illinois B0 ll Bachelor of Arls SARAH ELIZABETH SURLES Culhberl, Georgia A A A Bachelor of Arfs Chi Della Phi: Associale, Vandy Players. LOUISE MAXWELL SYKES Nashville, Tennessee A A A Bachelor of Arfs Mafh Club, Secrelary: Sludenl Chrislian Asso- cialion: Alhenians: A Cappella Chorus, Presi- denl: Class Baskelball. JOHN SlMEON THERRELL, JR. Prairie Poinl, Mississippi E A E Bachelor of AHS LOVICK PIERCE THOMAS. JR. New Orleans, Louisiana 2 A E, Bachelor of Arts TrackSquad. J , ,I A flee? 5 Ci 7 fl l nlgix I MI CE- A 1 I v 5 K T: ' l ff e T Q15 , of J 9 9 ' B W JH E431 W Aff? M A N SG M L 5 J H A r S 5 F 4 5 ALBERT SAMUEL WALL New York, New York Bachelor of Arfs Sophomore Honor Roll: Arlus Club: Inferna- lional Relalions Club: Oufdoor Club. MARGARET LOUISE WALLER Lenoir Cily,Tennessee AAA Bachelor of Arls JEAN WEINSTEIN Nashville, Tennessee AEfI1 Bachelor of Arls Phi Sigma lofa: Co-Edilors: Chi Della Phi: Sophomore Honor Roll: Dean's Junior Council: "Pursuit" Sfaff: A Cappella Choir. SARAH FRANCES WHARTON Nashville, Tennessee A O II Bachelor of Arfs Sludenl Chrislian Associafion: German Club' Vandy Players: Masque Club: A Cappella Chorus. JOHN EVANS WICKHAM Allanla, Georgia KE Bachelor of Arls Vanderbill' Band: Librarian, Band: Masque Club: Vandy Players: Business Manager, A Cap- pella Chorus. CHARLES Challanooga, Tennessee WIGGINS Bachelor of Engineering BEN FURMAN WILKES Nashville, Tennessee Bachelor of Engineering Tau Della: Baplisl Sludenl Union Council: A. S. M. E.: Sophomore Honor Roll. HOOPER ANDERSON WILLIAMS, JR. Nashville, Tennessee 'If K 'I' Bachelor of Engineering G E R A L D W l N O K U R Jersey Cily, New Jersey Z B T Bachelor of Arls Capfain, Freshman Track Team: Varsify Track' Skull and Bones: "V" Club: Sophomore Honor Roll: Della Phi Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega: Phi Bela Kappa. MINDEL CLAIRE WOLBERG Nashville, Tennessee A E fl, Bachelor of Arls Corresponding Secrefary and President of Ela Sigma Phi: lnfernafional Relalions Club: Sopho- more Honor Roll: Corresponding Secrelary and Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Phi: Alhenian: Phi Sigma lola: Secrelary and Vice-President, Pan- Hellenic Council: Phi Befa Kappa: President of Phi Sigma lofa. JAMES EDWARD WOODARD Spring l-lill,Tennessee A KE Bachelor of Arls T451 KATIE ROSE WOODS Nashville, Tennessee .Xflll Bachelor of Arls BILLEE ANNETTE WOODY Mayfield, Kenfuclcy KAO Bachelor of Arls Athenians: Junior Council: "Masqueradcr." W,lLLlAM FRED WRIGHT Nashville, Tennessee K A Bachelor of Engineering Sophomore Honor Roll: Tau Alpha Tau: Tau Della. SAM IGOU YARNELL Challanooga, Tennessee K 2 Bachelor of Arls Omicron Della Kappa: Presidenf, Kappa Sigma: Ace Club: Owl Club: Baseball Manager: Slu- denl Council: Presidenl, Junior Class. J OAN YO U NG Nashville, Tennessee Bachelor of Arfs Jaa-VU. ABRAHAM ZHEUTLIN Jersey Cily, New Jersey Bachelor of Arls Ph' Bl K : D lla Phi Alpha: Skull and Bolnes? Sophaopniigre Honor Roll: German Club: Camera Club. SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Ben Ragan Ausfin, A K E ..... Bachelor of William Ross Ausfin, Jr ...... Bachelor of Skull and Bones. Collin Freeman Baker ....... Bachelor of . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arfs . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arfs .........Tampa, Fla. A ris Skull and Bones, A Cappella Choir. Wilbur Leroy Baker .............. Hazlehursf, Miss. Bachelor of Arls Edward Jerome Bien ............. Long lsland, N. Y. Bachelor. of Arls Craig Blair . . ............... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls John Brasino ................... Corona, N. Y. Bachelor of Arfs Roscoe Curlis Bullion .............. Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering William Joiner Chase, K A ......... . . Lucy, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Arfus Club. Jesse Lawrence Cohea, Jr., E A E . ..,.. Springfield, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Henry Ray Cook .....,.......... Georgiana, Ala. Bachelor of Arfs John Ellsworfh Covey, E X ........ . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls John Pafrick Cusack ............... Midland, Texas Bachelor of Arfs Charles Darwin, B 9 TI ............ Cookeville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Frank Haskins De Pierri, Jr., X KD .... . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Naf Bryan Dobbs, CIP A 9 ............ Barnesville, Ga. . Bachelor of Arfs Varslfy Baseball, '38, '39, "V" Club. Parker David Elrod ............... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arl's Harold Warner Glenn ........... . . Miami, Fla. Bachelor of Arfs Arfus Club. Josephine Lynch Greer ............... Dixiana, Ala. Bachelor of Arfs Afhenlans, Junior Council. Jack Ferrell Griffin, K E ............ Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Melver Thurman Griffin ............. Wrigley, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering William L. Harper ............... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Merwyn Hafch ......,.......... Columbus, Ohio Bachelor of Arfs Ralph Mercer Hinfon .............. Greenville, Texas ' Bachelor of Arfs Varsify Foofball, '37, '38, Baseball, '37, William Bradford Hume ............. Sf. Louis Mo. Bachelor of Arfs ' Joe Hall Johnson .....,... Bachelor Sophomore Honor Roll, of Milfon Mifchell Jurow ....... Bachelor of Freshman Track, Hub Club, Skull Helen Jean McEwen, K A 9 . . , Bachelor of Thomas Edward Mackey ...... 1 Bachelor of . . . . . . . Nashville . . . . . . . .Clanfon, Ala. Arfs German Club. ......NewYork, Arfs and Bones, German C N. Y. lub. . . . . . Porl' Arfhur, Texas Arfs A rfs , Tenn. George Anderson Mifchell ......... Chaffanooga, Tenn. of Arls . . . . , . . . . Bellevue, Tenn Engineering Honor Council, '36, Baseball, A. S. M. E. Bachelor Kiah O'Brien, Jr ......... Bachelor of James E. Palmer ................. Okolona, Miss. Bachelor of Arls David Pafferson ................ Hodgenville, Ky. Bachelor of Arfs Morgan A. Paffon, B 9 H ........... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Junius Lufher Plunkeff ......... '. .... Wagoner, Okla. Bachelor of Arfs Varsify Foofball, '37, '38, '39. James Walker Polk .................. Troy, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Sophomore Honor Roll, Skull and Bones, Phi Befa Kappa. Alfred Abraham Pomeranz ........... Brooklyn, N. Y. Bachelor of Arls Sophomore Honor Roll, Gerrrgln bSociefy, Skull and Bones, Hub u . Dennie Ezell Ray, Jr., K E ............ Jackson, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs "l-lusfler" Sfaff, Associafe Edifor, "Pursuif", Band, Manager, Band, Jaa-VU. Clarence J. Reinschmidf, 2 A E .,...... Pensacola, Fla. Bachelor of Arls Fred Cary Reynolds ................ Franklin, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Skull and Bones. John Alfman Reynolds ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arla Byno Ryvers Rhodes ............... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Dowell Smifh .................. Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering - James DeWiH' Smifh .............. Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Tom Grinfer Sfreef, Jr ............ Chaffanooga, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Francis Elliof Trimble, A K E .......... Nafchez, Miss. Bachelor of Arfs "Husfler" Sfaff, "Pursuif" Sfaff, Presidenf, Vanderbilf Players, Universify Work-Shop, Tau Kappa Alpha. Alvaro Vargas ................ Bachelor of Arfs Presidenf, Sigma Delfa Pi. . New York, N. Y. Charles Louis Walker .............. Earlingfon, Ky. Bachelor of Arls Marshall H. Warder .......... . .... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Harfwell Weaver, Jr., A K E .......... Dickson, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Band, German Club, "V" Club, Track Team, '38, '39, '40, Alfer- nafe Capfaln, Track Team, lnframural Track Winner, '37, School Record Relay, '37, Oufdoor Club. Hcrace Thursfon Whifaker ......... ,. Fayeffeville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Frank Glover Wifherspoon ........... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Freshman Track, Varsily Track, '37, '38, "V" Club, Camera Club, Presiclenf, Scoufing Frafernify. Walfer Yeider ..........,........ Orlando, Fla. Bachelor of Arls Skull and Bones E461 QWFEU ZXM W P J I . I 1 .Z W7 .W Lk f :rfib Q Junlolzs CLARK ADAMS . . . . . . fb K Nl' Liberal Aris FRANCES ADAMS . . .... . . K A 9 Liberal Arls FRANK ALEXANDER ......... CID A 9 Liberal Arls NELLO ANDREWS . . ..... . . Z A E Liberal Arls LAURA AUSTON . . ..... . . Liberal Ails KATHERINE AYCOCK . ....... II B fb Liberal Arls ANDROMEDIA BAGWELL ....... A O H Liberal Arls WILLIAM BAKER . . ..... . . K A Liberal Arls EDDIE BALL'OFF . . .... . . Z B T Liberal Arls LUTHER BARKER . . ..... . . CIP K 2 Engineering JAMES BATES . . .... . . K 2 Liberal Arls BLAIR BATSON . . ..... . . 2 X Liberal Arls WILLIAM BATTS, JR .......... B 9 TI Liberal Aris WILLIAM BEACH . . ....... . . 'IP K NP Liberal Arfs HAROLD BERNARD . . A ..... . . . Z B T Liberal Arls MADOLYN BIDWELL ......... A 0 H Liberal Arls . . Chandler, Okla. . . .JacksonvilIe, Fla . . Nashville, Tenn . . Hunlsville, Ala . . . Wynnburg, Tenn. . . . Lillle Rock, Ark. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Paducah, Ky. . . . Lafollefle Soufh ' Pilfsburg, . . Nashville, . . Poplarville . . Columbia . . Lakewood . . Rockwood, Pleasanl' View, u 1 Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Ohio Tenn. Tenn. BETTY BLACKMAN . . ..... . . K A 9 Liberal Arts JOHN BLACKMER . ...... . Z N Liberal Arls ELEANOR BLOCH . . ..... . . A E fl' 1 Liberal Arls WILLIAM BOOTH . . ...... . . 2 N Liberal Arls WILLIAM BRANDON ......... E A E Liberal Arfs JEAN BRECKENRIDGE ......,. I' fl' B Liberal Arfs MARGARET BROADWELL ...... 2 K Liberal Arls EDNA RUTH BRYANT ......... A 0 II Liberal Arts MARTINE BUNCH . , ..... . . A 0 IT Liberal Arls JEAN BURK . . ..... . . A A A Liberal Arls JUNE BURKS . . ..... . . A O H Liberal Arls JAMES CALDWELL . . ..... . . fb A 9 Liberal Arls SHIRLEY CALDWELL ......... K'A 9 Liberal Arls CAROLYN CAMPBELL . Liberal Aris MILTON CAMPBELL . . H K A Liberal Aris PRICE CARNEY . . ...... . . 2 N Liberal Arls . . Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . . Macon, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Franklin, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Columbia, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . .Sparfanburg, S. C. . Tullahoma, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. sw ,lk Eg i W CHARLES CARRAWAY E A E Liberal Aris HUGH CARTER, JR .......... JANE CHADWELL . . ROBERT CHALFANT . . . THOMAS CHAPPELL . . SUSAN CHEEK . . MARY PAYN E CLAXTON HENRY CLAY . . GUY CLINTON . . CHARLES COHEN ANN COLE . . WILLIAM COLMER DAVID COMEY . . A. K. CONDITT . . JOHN CONNERS . . MARC CONNOLLY . . ,JR.. B 9 H Liberal Arls K A 9 Liberal Arls B 9 H Liberal Arls Li be-ral iAifs K A 9 Liberal Arls I' 111 B Liberal Arls E A E Liberal Aris Libelai Arls Z B T Engineering A O IT Liberal Aris K A Liberal Arls X fb Engineering Liberal Arls 2 N Liberal Arls A T Q Engineering Birmingham, Ala. Jacksonville, Fla. . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashvile, Tenn Clarksville, Tenn . . Allanla, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Pulaski, Tenn. . . Annislon, Ala. Pascagoula, Miss. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Ridgefield, N. J. WILLIAM OORNELIUS THOMAS CUMMINGS CHARLTON DAVIS . . JOE DAVIS . . EDNA MURRAY DAVY WILLIAM DE LOACHE DO'MlNlCK DE LUKE . RAY DEMPSEY, JR. . . ELROY DIATIKAR, JR. . CHARLES DILLINGHAM, ELIZABETH DODD . . SUE DOUGLAS . . HERBERT DUN.KERLEY . JEAN DUSENBERRY . JOHN EDMUNDS, JR. NELLE EDWARDS . . . .lI,,A G. , Liberal Arls AKE Liberal Arls KA Liberal . .qi Liberal A O Liberal Liberal Arls 9 Arls TI A r'rs Arfs X mfr Liberal B 9 Liberal Arls H Arls H K Liberal JR. . A Arts ,E X Engineering 'Libgigi K A Liberal Arfs 9 A rls KE . . Nashville Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn Old Hickory, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville Tenn . . Camden, S. C. Schenecfady, N. Y. . . Ocala, Fla. Old Hickory, . . . Plainfield, Tenn. N. J. . Savannah, Ga. . . . Aflanfa, Ga. . . Nashville, Tenn. Liberal Arls . . Nashville, Tenn. I' 111 Liberal B 9 Liberal A A Liberal B Arfs II Arls A A rfs . Hopkinsville, Ky. . . . Nashville Tenn. lf5Ofl ESTELLE EH RENWALD A E 112 Liberal Arls ALEXANDER ELLIOTT ......... JAMES ELLIS . . JOHN ELLIS . . BYRNE EVANS . . DOROTHY EVANS . . . OSCAR EVANS, JR. . . HOUSTON FALL . . RACHAEL FARRIS . . THEODORE FEINBLATT Liberal Arls 2 N Liberal Arls 2 A E Liberal Arls X A E Liberal Arls Liberal Arls K 2 Engineering 2 A E Liberal Arls K A 9 Liberal Arls 2 N Liberal ArI's WINIFIIED FINGER . . . . . TOM FLOYD . . GEORGE FORT , . GEORGE FOX . . MARTIN FREELAND . DAWSO N FRI ERSON, A O Liberal 2 A Liberal B 9 Liberal Z B Liberal H Arls E Arls H Arls T Arls Engineering JR .... E X Liberal Arls QUINT FRYER . . ..... . . . K A Liberal Arls WILLIAM GIBBENS . . Z N Liberal Arls MARY ANNE GILES . . .... . . A A A Liberal Arls ANN CAROLINE GILLESPIE ..... A A A Liberal Arls KURT GLAUS . . ..... . . X 111 Liberal Arls EDWARD GOLDSTEIN ........ A E H Engineering BRENDA GOODMAN ......... Liberal Arfs HARRIET GOULD . ....... . Liberal Arls FREDG-RAY,JR... B 9 TI Liberal Arls MILTON GROSSMAN ......... . A E H Liberal Arls ELAINE HAILE . . ..... . . Nashville, Tenn. . Jackson, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Sherman, Texas . . Russellville, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Ripley, Miss. . . Como, Miss. Clarksville, Tenn . Nashville Tenn . Nashville, Columbia Tenn Tenn. A O TI Liberal Arls MARTHA HAKE . . . .... . . A O TI Liberal Arls RUSSELL NELL HANCOCK . . . . ' A O TI Liberal Arls DORIS HARDEMAN ......... A A A Liberal Arls SAMUEL HARRIS . . . . . . . . A T S2 Liberal Arls WILLIAM HASTINGS AK Liberal E A rls . . Goodlellsville, Tenn. Oklahoma Cily, Okla. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Cedar Hill, Tenn Eslelline, So. Dak . . Sheffield, Ala . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn McMinnville, Tenn . Henderson, Tenn SI. Pefersburg, Fla Porl' Arlhu r, Texas 1 Q. 11 11 ii 12 5: V Qi li f! 'I 1 .I :I li :I ii ll 1 fx H fi E 31 il 52 ,i :i 1 1 '1 I ,. I. :E :E '3 ,. '1 im Ei , ii 1 11 1! ii 21 '2 1 ii E! 1 I 1. 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Nashville, Tenn. . . Franklin, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Mayfield, Ky. HARRIET JACO BSON ..... JOSEPHINE JERNIGAN HAROLD JOHNSON . BETSY JONES . . PALMER JONES . PAUL JONES, JR. . . ROBERT JORDAN, JR. CHERRIE KEATON . . J. C. KELLY . . EVELYN KINZLY . . SHELBY KLYCE . . LINCOLN LAKOFF . . AGNESS LAPIDUS . . JAMES LASSITER . . JO-HN LEE, lll . . JAMES LEFFERS . A E 'Ii Liberal Arts A O TI Liberal Arts I IT K A Engineering i A Liberal Arts B 9 IT Liberal Arts I QI' K XP Liberal Arts ' lil A 9 Liberal Arts . .Atlanta, Ga . . Tampa, Fla . . Nashville, Tenn Mt. Pleasant, Tenn . . Paducah, Ky. . . Statesboro, Ga . Fort Valley, Ga. I' sb B Liberal Arts K A Engineering A O TI Liberal Arts I' fb B Liberal Arts X sb Liberal Arts A E 'IP Liberal Arts H K A Liberal Arts A T S2 ' Engineering 2 X Liberal Arts Nashville, Tenn.. Old Hickory, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Spring Hill, Tenn. . . Lakeland, Fla. L541 l l 3 I I 5 I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I! I I I I I I I I I lI II II II I I II IE 'I II II II I I I Ii I I I I II II I I I I 1 I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I QIJ Lind. ,M Ayn , V ,II II Q I I ,I z I ,I II ' I g I II . IIII II ,' I II I I I I I I I I I I I I ROSLYN LEWIS . . MARTIN LICHTERMAN . BRANT LIPSCOMB , . SARAH LOGUE . . ROBERT LORD . . WILLIAM LOWE . . MIRIAM LUSBY . . EDWIN LUTON . . WILLIAM LYLE . . ROBERT MCADAMS . . SIDNEY McCLAlN . . VIRGINIA MCCLELLAN FRANCES MCCON NELL A 0 ll Liberal Arts Z B T Liberal Arts X X Liberal Arts A A A Liberal Arts 2 N Engineering K 2 Liberal Arts A A A Liberal Arts 41 K E Engineering X A E Liberal Arts B 9 IT Liberal Arts A T S? Liberal Arts K A 9 Liberal Arts A O ll Liberal Arts JESSI E MCCRACK EN ......... MIRIAM MCGAW . . 1' fb B Liberal Arts A A I Liberal Arts EDWARD MCG EH EE ......... KP K WI' Liberal Arts . . Evarts, Ky. Memphis, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Lewisburg, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Clarksville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Sherman, Texas- . . Nashville, Tenn. Greenville, S. C. . . Louisville, Ky. . . . Nashville, Tenn . Montgomery, Ala JOSEPHINE MCHENRY MORRELL MCMULLEN JOAN MADDY . . DAYTON MANIER . . DELBERT MANN, JR. DAVINE MARLO-W . KATHRYN MARTIN . LUCY MASTIN . . WALTER METZ, JR .... RICHARD MICHAEL GLADYS MOERNER . JOSEPH MONTGOMERY, MARY MOONEYHAM FONTAINE MOORE GRAY MOORE . . TANDY MORRIS . . A A A Liberal Arts A T fl Liberal Arts Liberal cl: A Liberal Arts 9 Arts KA Liberal AE Liberal Liberal A A Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal JR. . B 9 Liberal I' fb Liberal 'E-A Liberal K A Liberal ZA Liberal Arts ll, . . Arts Arts A Ants Arts Arts Arts H Arts B Arts E Arts 6 Arts E Arts . Madison, Tenn. . . Lufkin, Texas . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Birmingham, Ala. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Huntsville, Ala. . . Denver, Colo. New Castle, Ind. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Denver, Colo. Forest City, N. C. . .Columbia, Tenn. McKenzie, Tenn Jackson, Tenn T561 E 1. 4' H 4 L I I Vu 1 1? f V ,. ,1 7,4 l ,l I I 1 EDITH MORROW .... , l Liberal Aris l f CHARLES MO-SLEY . . K A ,, l Liberal Arls ll l , LAURA MOSS . . 5 AAA E Liberal Arls , I BILLY MULLICAN . . .... . . I ji HKA Liberal Arls l l ROBERT MYERS . . ,..... . . l -Iv K 2 Liberal Arls SCOTT NALL . . .... . . X tl: Liberal Arls , IRMA LOUISE NIEDERHAUSER I I r fr B ' l Liberal Aris HARDY NOLAND . . ...... . . l A O H Liberal Arfs I., l ' JAMES NORRIS . . ...,.. . . i K A lr, Engineering 1 LUCILLE NORTCOTT ........ I I' fl' B Liberal Allis JR ..,.... A WILLIAM NORTHERN, b K A Liberal Aris 3 MARGARET NORVELL . K A 9 Liberal Arls JEANETTE OLLIVER . . ..... . . E K . Liberal Aris cIvIA OLSHINE . . ..... , , A E KID , Liberal Arfs HERBERT OLSHINE . . I Z B T l.iberal Arls HELEN PAXTON . . ...... . . H 'Il B Liberal Arls Waynesbor . . Nashville, o, Tenn. Tenn . Union Cify, Tenn. McMinnville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Mayfield, Ky. Breniwocd, Tenn. . . Florence, Ala. . Nashville, . Shreve-por . Nashville, Nashville, . . Nashville . Nashville, Tenn. T, La. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.. Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Bloominglon, lll. JESSE PERRY, JR. JACK PERRY . . ROBERT PERRY . . EMILE PETRONE . , MICHAEL PETRONE DES. PHILPOT, JR. RICHARD PICRENS DAN PORTER . . JACK POSTLEWAITE HOWARD PRATT . ELISE PRITCHETT , JANE REDMOND . . JAMES REED, III . . ROBERT REED . MIMI REISMAN . , CHARLES RENTROP . ll K A Liberal Arls B O H Liberal Arls K A Liberal Arrs H K A Liberal Arfs H K A Liberal A r'rs Liberal Aris A K E Liberal Arls A T Q Liberal Aris Liberal A rls Liberal Arls I' 'If B Liberal Arls Liberal Arls 2 A E Liberal Arls fi! A 9 Liberal Arls A 'IP U Liberal Aris K 2 Liberal Aris . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . A. Nashville, Tenn. . . . Augusla, Ga. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Macon, Ga. . .SL Paul, Minn. . . Daisy, TennQ . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Tupelo, Miss. Chaifanooga, Tenn. Germanfown, Tenn. If Y L-4-1 E583 I K 1 4 f 1 X 2.1 f COURTNEY RETTGER . . CHARLES ROBERTS, JR. . JANE ROBERTS . . BRISON ROBERTSON, JR. ANDREW ROBINSON CATHERINE ROESEL . MARIE ROGERS . . SCOBEY ROGERS, JR. JOHN RUBEL, JR. . . JAMES RUFFIN . . LAWRENCE SCHULL . SUSAN SCOGGINS LESLIE SEAWARD . . JANE SHUMACKER CATHERINE SIMPSON JOSEPH SIMPSON . . A O Tl Liberal Aris Liberal Aris- 1' 'IP B Liberal Arls I A E Liberal Arts K A Liberal Arls Libgfgi Arls 1' fi' B Liberal Aris Engineering i 2 A E Liberal Aris i 'lf K 'Il I Liberal Aris 'A T Q i Liberal Arls ' in 6 Liberal Arls 'Liberal Kris A E 'lf I Liberal Arls K A 9 Liberal Aris . . Liberal Arls . .'Memphis, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Madison, Tenn . Birmingham, Ala Old Hickory, Tenn . . Augusia, Ga . . Richmond, Va . . Nashville, Tenn . CIarksviIle,'Tenn . Covinglon, Tenn . Tullahoma, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn. . .Savannah, Ga Lookoui Mounlain, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . Birmingham, Ala JAMES SLAUGHENHOP P2 N Liberal Arfs EVELYN SLAYDEN . . .... . , Liberal Arls EUGENE SMITH . ..... . Z X Liberal Arls JEFFERSON SOGARD ...... B 9 IT Liberal Aris JEANNE STARR . . , . . . A E 'I' Liberal Aris JOHN NEWTON STEELE ....... 111 A 9 Liberal Arls CARLETON STERNE ......... A O TI Liberal Aris JOHN STEWART . . ,.... . Liberal Aris EDWIN STEWART . . ..... . . Liberal Aris MARTHA SUTTON . ...... . 1' KP B Liberal Arls ANDREW SWEAT . . ..... . . A K E Liberal Arls FRANK TATUM . . ..... . . K E Engineering KEITH TAYLOR.. . 2 X Liberal Arls NEUMON TAYLOR . ...... . K 2 Liberal Arls JOE THOMPSON, JR. . . . . fb A 9 Liberal Aris ANN POLK TRIMBLE .... A A A ' Liberal Arls . .Vernon, Texas . Nashville, Tenn. Por? Arthur, Texas Kansas Ciiy, Mo. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Rome, Ga. . . Annislon, Ala. . . Belmonf, Mass. . . Owosso, Mich. . . Miami, Fla. . .Corin1h, Miss. Hafliesburg, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Springfield, Tenn. E601 I K I I I I is ' l "' I I iS D. I. II II. B. I I i. L I I. 'I 'I I. I I, In II I I I II II II IZ I II In -I I. I I II II II I ,I II II :I Ii II ,I I! . ,I fI I I I . I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I II IMSII ,I :I Ii WILLIAM TROTTER . . HALL TU RNER FRANCES VAN DEREN MARY LOU VOSBURG . L. L. WADE, JR. MARTHA WADE BARBARA WAGNER . . MARGUERITE WALLACE JOHN WARREN MALCOLM WEATH ERS . ROBERT WEBB . DAVID WETHERHORN . GLYNN WHEELER . . . MARSHALL WHITE . . . LaGrange, Ga. RAYMOND WILLIAMS . . . . Humboldf, Tenn ....... . . ..Brenfwood, Tenn B O II 'I' A 9 Liberal Arls Liberal Arls . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn DAVID Wll-SON - - X li, 'Il A 9 Liberal Ads Liberal Arls . ....... . . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES WILSON - - - ' - - - - I1 CI, B B 9 II Liberal Arls Engmeelmg . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. DAMARIS WITHERSPOON . . . . . . . A A A K A 9 Liberal Aris Liberal Arls . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. MARSHALL WOMACK . . . . . . . . Liberal Arls P3 X Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ELLIS WOODY . . . . . . . K A 9 A T 5? Liberal Al-fs Liberal Arls 1 D I . . Q D I I . ' . Akron' Ohio BETTY WRIGHT . . . . . . . . . Liberal Arls A A A Liberal Arls . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. JOE WRIGHT . . . . . . . . . Liberal Arfs K 2 Engineering ..Mobile,Ala. C.J.WYATT,JR... fi? A 9 X qs Liberal Arls Liberal Ari-5 . . . . . . . . Loreffo, Tenn. ELAINE YARBROUGH . . . . . . . . . , K P3 1' fb B Liberal Arls Liberal Amis - - - - - - - Nashville. Tenn. CLARA NELLE Ylslsslz . . . . . . . . . , X 'I' 1' fb B Liberal Arls Liberal Arls -.Savannah.Ga. LEoNARDYoKLEY........... A, E , Engineering Englneerlng .Milan,Tenn. POLKYOUNG. E A E 2 X '-'bm' MS Liberal Arls - -B-6 ir- - Memphis. Tenn. WILLIAM YOUNG . . . . . . . . A T Liberal Arls Q Liberal Arls . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Columbia, Tenn. . . . Lynnville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Rome, Ga. . . Nashville, Tenn. Waynesboro, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Owensboro, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. L62fl 9 4. If W f 3 2, f ml! 1 I f! I J 1 ' U .1 42' Joe Agee, A T Sl . . .Courlland, Ala. Morlon Epsfein, A E II Far Rockaway, N. Y PICTURES Edna Marlin ..... . . Nashville, Tenn Liberal Arfs Engineering Liberal Aris William Akin ...... Nashville, Tenn. James Fosler ....... Nashville, Tenn. Fred M6S0n. fl, ll' - - Gfeefwlllef Tex-35 Engineering Liberal Arls l-lbefal AHS Clayfon Allgood, Jr. Alexandria, Va. Jack Fousl, E X ..... Jackson, Tenn. Marfha M00neY, ------- Griffin. GB Ei-lgll-leerlrlg Engineering Llbefdl Arls Joseph Anderson .... Henderson, Tenn. Robe,-l Gagfon ,,,,, Gasfonburgl Ala- Tlal'l'Y Moofe- -lf ----- Nashville. Tenn Liberal Arls Liberal Ails Liberal Arfs Harry Arlz ......,. Harrisburg, lll. R il ' Ffed Mullen. K,A --'- Anderson. Ind Liberal AHS usse Graves, gi'ii3i.m:ieiin.gNashviIle, Tenn. Liberai Aris Andrew Augfin ,,,,,, Nashville' Tenn, . . . . JOi1l'I OlCOI'll10l' ..... 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Tenn- Llbefal AHS Buford Higgs, Ig 2 . . . Nashville, Tenn. L'be'a' 'WS Edwin Boyers .E. .I . .Trenlon, Tenn. Llbelal Alls Wllllam Smifh - A.iNashvilIe, Tenn. nglneellng Milbrey Hinricks ..... Nashville Tenn. l ella l S Robe,-i 5,-own DII. Nasiwiiiel -i-emi' Liberal Arls Homer Smi'rhsonE . '. I Nashville, Tenn. l eral Allls Maurice Holdgraf .... Houslon, Texas llgllleellllg Thomas Brown Lib. . I. Balfimorel Md, Liberal Arfs William Sonnenfagrg I. . New York, N. Y. l era rls i era Arts William Huddleslon . Hunfingfon, W. Va. Jane Burgess .i .A.iNashville, Tenn. Liberal Aris Roberl Slamps, A K E . . Nashville, Tenn. i era rs g L'b l A ,IV Roy Huggins, A-K E . . Nashville, Tenn. l ella lls W' lam Caffolhbfrafii Aris- Allanla. Ga- Liberal Arls Harold Slanford ..... Donelson, Tenn. L'b l Al Paul Hughes ....... Nashville, Tenn. l era ls Ralph Caffe' -Engineering - Spafla. Tenn- Engineering Royal Sluarf . .I ..... Nashville, Tenn. R b h . Harry Husband,.2 X . . Nashville, Tenn. Lllllellal Alls o erl Co en. Ebiil-ai Aiiglonesboro, Ark. Liberal Arls Byron Taylor . .. ..... Nashville, Tenn, H , C H. D Clark Hullon, A'K E . . Nashville, Tenn. Llbelal Alls arrls o ner, LPg.biarEArilg1cKenzie, Tenn. Liberal Arls Dewiil- Tayioi' Ji.. ..'- Dickson' Tenn. - . Liberal Arts I Felix Jackson, Jr. ..... Mexia, T Hardin Conn, E ?iASipringfield, Tenn. Liberal Arls exas William -i-iiinon E X Goodieiisviiie Tenn I era r s ' - ' ' ' Joseph Johnsfon, II K A . Nashville, Tenn. Llbelal Arls Don Conwell .L.. .H ..... Jasper, Ala. Engineering H. B. Tomlin, Jr., A K E, Nashville, Tenn. lbelal Arls i . Engineering C H, D ,d i George Kalanzls . 1. . .i . Nashville, Tenn. o ler avi son. ..... Scoll' Field, Ill. Engineering Arlhur Wafson I . . Hickory Poinl, Tenn. l-lllefal Afis W If K A K Liberal Arls Wayne Dehoneyugeiai .I-iiiislashville, Tenn. El er lllg Liberal Arls Colllllllll' Mlss James Weems .I .A.i. Dickson, Tenn. l era r s Beniamin De Jalrntall' . . . Nashville, Tenn. charles Klllskel-libe'i,a'i 'Ang ' Mlaml' Fla' Charles While . . V. . .i . Nashville, Tenn. l eral Arls Engineering - S I K ' , A E H . . . ' . Raymond DrossLiEe.ra.l .A.r+glashville, Tenn. 0 Omlsall Liberal AriSNashvllle' Tenn Edgar Wimpy E. . 5 . Pembroke, Ky, nglneering M'ld d E ll., l ,,,., - Whif LaFon ........ Jackson, T n . . I re a er yiberal ArisNashvilIe, Tenn. i-iberai Am e ll' Clarence Woodciciglgig K6iIEiSNashvllle,Tenn. John Edge' qs K qf , , , gil li, I G I Earl Lancasler . . - .... Nashville, Tenn. - - Liberal AHS a es oro a Engineering Edgar Wrlghl, i-Ji'E,eiIXAiiSNashvllle, Tenn. Wallace Edwards i . Nashville, Tenn. Risley Lawrence. ..... Nashville, Tenn. Roberl Wynn ...... Birmingham, Ala. El'l9'nEe"lnQ Liberal Arls Liberal Arls l64l WTB M : - QV? X 0 1 w I gl ' 'E'- 4 if 4 Nfl W2 1635 X f' 1, N f mn, ff 1,, X f W Rfk Va Q sovuomous SANFORD ADAMS, JR ...... ..... C edar Hill, Tenn. TI K A Bachelor of Engineering RUTH ADAMS . . ............., Woodbury, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls CAROLINE AMBROSE .......... . , Nashville, Tenn. K A 9 Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM ANDERTON ......... . . Winchesler, Tenn. B 9 H Bachelor of Arls WARD ANTHONY ................ Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Engineering WILLIAM BAILEY ............ . Nashville, Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Arls CHAPMAN BAIN ...... . . Brownsville, Tenn. CARL BAKER . . A T Q Bachelor of A rls Cave Spring, Ga. Bachelor of Arls JOHN BAKER . . .......... . . Hopkinsville, Ky B 9 H Bachelor of Arls ALETHA BARGER ......... . . Golconda, lll I' CIP B Bachelor of Arfs WALLY BEASLEY ...... . . . Columbia, Tenn Z A E Bachelor of Arfs C. C. BELL . . ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. E A E' Bachelor of Arls ROBERT BELL, JR ......... Springfield, Tenn 2 X Bachelor of Arls JOEL BENNETT . ......... . . Henderson, Ky. Bachelor of Engineering JEANNE BEQUETTE ........... . . Nashville, Tenn A O TI Bachelor of Arls ROBERT BERNSTEIN ...... ' ..... . . Yonkers, N. Y A E II Bachelor of Arls I RACHEL BEVERLY ............. . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls LINDSAY BISHOP . . ........... Challanooga, Tenn. AK E Bachelor of Arls WILLARD BLUE ...........,.... Clarksville, Tenn. AKE Bachelor of Engineering FLORA MAE BLUMBERG ........ Shreveporl, La. A E 'If Bachelor of Arls DUNKLIN BOWMAN .......... . . Franklin, Tenn. 2 X Bachelor of Arls RICHARD BRASFIELD .......... . . Dresden, Tenn. A K E Bachelor of Arls BETTY BRINKLEY . ...... . . . Nashville, Tenn. A O TI Bachelor of Arls MARY BROCK . . .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. A A A Bachelor of Arls JEFFERSON BROOKE ....... . . . . Canlon, Ga. II K A Bachelor of Arls HUGH BROOKS ................. Jackson, Tenn. Z A E Bachelor of Engineering MONTCALM BROWARD ........ . . . Jacksonville, Fla. 2 N ' Bachelor of Arls CATHERINE BROWN ..... ..... . . .Toledo, 'Ohio A A A Bachelor of Arls J. D. BROWN . . .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Arls ELIZABETH CAREY ........ . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. A A A Bachelor of Arls JOSEPH CATHCART ..... ...... . . Nashville, Tenn. K E Bachelor of Engineering HUGH CATTS . . ............ Birmingham, Ala. 2 A E Bachelor of Arls l66il SAM CAYCE . . MARSHALL CH ERRY . B 9 IT Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Engineering HERBERT CHESSIN .......... A E TI Bachelor of Arls BILLY MOORE CLARK ......,.. 411 A 9 Bachelor of Arls EDWARD COFFMAN, JR ...... BROWN CONDRA RUTH CONE . . fb K 'I' Bachelor of Arls I K A Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls TOM KELLY CONNOR ......... fIHA9 Bachelor of Engineering ROBERT COOK . . ............ . . ANNE COWEN . . K A Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls MARY POPE CREIGHTON ....... . . LOUIS CROSS .... A A A Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Engineering JEANNE CUDE ................. Bachelor of Arls HENRY DAHLINGER .............. NANCY GENE DALE CHARLES DARRAH . K 2 Bachelor of Engineering F 'Il B I Bachelor of Arls A T S2 i I Bachelor of Arls Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . . Bronx, N. Y El Dorado, Ark. Russellville, Ky Nashville, Berkeley, Columbia, Nashville Nashville Nashville Beckley, W. Va. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. JOHN DARWIN ...... . , . . .Cookeville Tenn B I-J II Bachelor of Arls BOND DAVIS . . ......... . , Nashville Tenn K A G Bachelor of Arfs ELIZABETH DE BROHUN ........ College Grove Tenn 21 K Bachelor of Arts ELIZABETH DE MOSS .,....... . , Nashville Tenn 1' fb B Bachelor of Arls . FRANCES DICKEY . . . ....... . . Nashville, Tenn. 1' fb B Bachelor of Arls Tenn. MAC DICKINSON ................ Nashville Tenn. Z A E Bachelor of Engineering Calif. MARY FRANCES DODD ......... . . Nashville Tenn. I' fl' B Bachelor of Arfs Tenn. RICHARD DONALDSON ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. TI K A Bachelor of Arls Tenn. RICHARD DOUGLAS .......... . . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Engineering Tenn. MARTHA ANN EARTHMAN ..,.. . . . Nashville, Tenn. A A A Bachelor of Arls Tenn. ERNEST EBERLING ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. B 9 H Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM EDMUNDS .......... . . Hopkinsville, Ky. B 9 TI Bachelor of Arls ROY ELAM . . ...... . . . .lNashviIIe, Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Arls EVERETT ERLICK . ......... . . Birmingham, Ala. Z B T Bachelor of Arls Nashville, Tenn. . Decalur, Ala. ALLEN ESKIND . SARAH ESTES . Z B T Bachelor of Bgghglgf' gf Arls Arls . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. 4 I I I I I I' I fl II I. II EI II .1 'I I I I. I I, If I II 'I II II I I II II II I II II I If ' II II ai II II la' II II If I I II V II fl II If II II I I I I I II I E, II II :I 'I ii II II gI 1: II II 'I I II I I I II II IJ 51 !I Il II , I, I I. .I II ,I ,, II fi If 12 'I If I I 'f-I I VXI I I I I 1 I If? 'I ,JI 'I I ,JW 'I QI I I I QI ' 3' jr I' ,I D , ,f 'I 1 I I I ,I . 'I 1 WILLIAM EVANS . A T Q Bachelor of CHARLES EYERMANN ...... A K E Bachelor of Arls Arls JOHN FARRINGER, JR .......... . . . Nashville, Tenn. EUGENE GREENER, JR. . . . . . . . .s+. Louis, Mo. GEORGE GRIFFIN ........... . . Z B T Bachelor of Arls fl, A G School of Engineering . . . . Nashville, Tenn. SARA GROSSMAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . Memphis, Tenn . . Rome, Ga . . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls A E 'I' Bachelor of Arls JOANNA FINKELSTEIN ......... - - - 1 ----- - - Nashville- Tenn Bachelor of Arls 2' N Bachelor of Arfs ROBERT FINSTER .............. Murfreesboro, Tenn.A WILLIAM HACKETT .......... . . . Rome, Ga H K A fb A 9 Bachelor of Engineering BGCIICIOF Of AVIS JIM FOLK . . .............. . .TalluIah, La. SYD HAILEY, JR ............. . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 N fb A 6 Bachelor of Engineering BGCIWGIOI' of Enqlfleeflng b WEBB FOLLIN . ............. Bell Buckle, Tenn. GLENN HAMMONDS .,....... . . Nashville Tenn. A K E A T S2 Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Aris GILBERT FOX . . .... . . . . Nashville, Tenn. AMELIA HANCOCK ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. - Z B T I' II' B Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls MARGARET FRASER ........... . . . Nashville, Tenn. VIRGINIA HARLAN . , .-'.'... Mt Pleasant Tenn' A 0 Tl 1' fb B Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arts JAY FREEMAN ......... . . . Wilkes-Barre, Pa. CAROLYN HARRISON .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. A E H Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls , VOLLA FREEMAN .............. Hunfingdon, Tenn. TOM HARRISON ................ Nashville, Tenn. K A 9 B 9 H Bachelor of Aris Bachelor of Engineering FLOURNOY FREEMAN . . . ....... Lawrenceburg, Tenn. HENRIETTE HARTMAN .......,.. . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Arts WILLIAM FRISTOE, JR. ......... . . Mayfield, Ky. WILLIS HAYNES, JR ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. B 9 TI 2 A E Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arfs JAMES FULLER ....... . . .......... . . Dublin, Miss. Bachelor of Arls K E Bachelor of Arls DEAN GARNER - - --------- JR. ........ . .CookevilIe, Tenn. fb A 9 K E, BGCIISIOI' of Arls Bachelor of Arfg ROBERTA GIBSON ........... ....... . . . . Nashville, Tenn. I' fb B A O IT Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls ROBERT JONES Nashville Tenn CHARLES HERNDON ..........,... Kingsporf, Tenn. , ............. - ' . ,, K A I K E Bachelor of ED HIESTAND . . ..... . . A rls Arls Aris Aris Ari's Arls A rls A ris A ris K 2 Bachelor of BERTHA HIRSCH ......... A E KID Bachelor of MARSHALL HOLT ......... fl, K 2 Bachelor of WlLLiAM HOLT . . ..... . . II K A Bachelor of PEGGY HOWARD ......... A A A Bachelor of TOM HUDGENS . . ...., . . CII A 9 Bachelor of TOM HUDSON . . . . . . . A K E Bachelor of ISABELLE HUFF . . ...... . A A A Bachelor of JoH'N HurroN ............. ALLENE HYDEN . . JOHN HYDEN . . TOM JERNIGAN . J. C. JOHNSON, JR. . ROBERT JOHNSON JACK JONES . A K E Bachelor of Engineering A O H Bachelor of Aris 2 N Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls X 112 Bachelor of Arls Z N Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls . . Nashville, Tenn . .chicaga lll . . Nashville, Lawrenceburg, . . Cookeville . . Union Cify Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Clarksville, Tenn. . . Rockwood, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville Tenn. . . . Paris, Tenn. Sf. Pefersburg, Fla. Chaiianooga, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering OTTO JOSLIN, JR .......... ...... N ashville, Tenn A T Q Bachelor of Engineering BlLL KAMMERER . . . .....,. . . Sl. Louis, Mo fl, A 9 Bachelor of Arls GEORGE KEITH . . ......... . . . Nashville, Tenn. K Z Bachelor of Aris DON KELLY . ............ Excelsior Springs, Mo. fl, K E Bachelor of Engineering MERLIN KILBURY . . ............ LiHle Rock, Ark. E X Bachelor of Arls JERRY KING . . ......... . . McKenzie, Tenn. A T S2 Bachelor of Arls HUGHEY KING . . ..... A .... . . Smyrna, Tenn. Z A E Bachelor of Arls FRANK KIRKMAN . . ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. A K E Bachelor of Aris ' PEARL KOELLEIN ............. . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls REBECCA KAORNMAN .......... . Nashville, Tenn. A E ffl Bachelor' of Aris ROBERT KRIVCHER . . .' ........ . Memphis, Tenn. A,E H Bachelor of Aris GEORGE LANGHAM ., ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. K 2 Bachelor of Aris ALFREDLASHER, JR ........... New York, N. Y. A E TI Bachelor of Arls BOB LODGE . .......... Nashville, Tenn. 41, K XI' Bachelor of Aris JUNE LONG . . .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 K - Bachelor of Arls 4 L72l I L ..,-...,.- .......... ...........l.-... -., ,..., ,. R 29 K 3 17 iff W 1 I .jg X VAN LOVE . . . ROWLAND LOWRY ROBERT MCADOO . . STEVE MCCAMY . . WALTER MCCORKLE . JOHN MCCUNE . . . ROBERT MCNUTT . PAUL MANNERS . . . RICHARD MARTIN Bac ANTHONY MARZONI . JOHN MASON . . MARGARET MAY . . . KARL METZ . . WILLIAM MILLS . WILLIAM MINTON J. R. MOORE . . Nashville, Tenn. fb A 9 Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . Ensenada, Puerlo Rico A T S2 Bachelor of Arls ..Union City, Tenn. A 'I' 52 Bachelor of Arls ..DalIon,Ga 2 A E helor of Engineering . ..Gadsden,'Ala H K A Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. K X Bachelor of Arls ..Tupelo,Miss E N Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . .Cumberland Cily, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. K A helor of Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . Birmingham, Ala. Z A E Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls ,.Denver,CoIo. Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. B 9 H X Bachelor of Arls . Roswell,N,Mex, K 2 Bachelor of Arls . . -... . . . Nashville, Tenn. X fb Bachelor of A rls RICHARD MOORE ............ . . Newbern, II K A Bachelor of Arls ROBERT MOORE . . ......... . . . Gallalin Z X Bachelor of Arls ROGERS MORRISON .............. Nashville, 'Il A 9 Bachelor of Engineering WILL MULLENS . . ........ . . A T S! Bachelor of Arrs RAYBURN NALL . . ........ . . 2 A E Bachelor of Arls MILDRED NEEL . . ........ . . K A 9 Bachelor of Arls ROBERT NELLUMS ................ K 2 Bachelor of Engineering MARGARET NOLAND .......... A A A Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM NORTHERN, JR ........ 2 X Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM OLIVER ............ 111 A 9 Bachelor of Arls PURVIS ORRELL ........... H K A Bachelor of Engineering JOHN G. PALMER .......... fi, A 9 Bachelor of Aris WILLIAM PARKER .. .......... A T S? Bachelor of Aris EDGAR PARROTT , ......... . 11, A 9 Bachelor of Arls EDMUND PATTERSON .......... A K E Bachelor of Arls ANN POPE . . ........ . . K A 9 Bachelor of Arls Tenn. , Tenn Tenn. . Franklin, Tenn. . Sherman, Texas . Edgewood, Pa. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Newnan, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. l74I I I 1 I I SI II II II I II .I II I if II I II is I ss II II I I If II Is II gi ,I e I I . II II II Ii l. II :I II Ii I 31 I II IZ 1 7 I Il IE I: 'z ,I LI 3. . I CC 3 1217-III! WI ' If .f I I. IIVI II I III ,A If z. '- I I1 JOHN RANSOM, Ill MAXWELL RASMAN . EDWARD RAUSCHER BAE MILDRED RAYMOND . JOE REAVIS . . WILLIAM REED . W. D. REGEN, JR. . . ROBERT REICH . HENRY REITLER . ADELINE REUBUSH . . BILL REYNOLDS .... JAMES RICHARDS ALFRED ROSENBAUM . GEORGE ROSEN BLATT BALIE ROSS . . . CHARLES RUDD . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls ............JerseyCily,N.J. Z B T Bachelor of Arls ..Memphis,Tenn. Bachelor of Arls ...Sl.Louis,Mo. 1' fb 13 Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Lawrenceburg Tenn. H K A Bachelor of Arls ..Tupelo,Miss. KI' A 9 Bachelor of Aris ...Nashville Tenn. E N Bachelor of Arls ..... . . .. ...Nashville, Tenn. A T S2 Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Z B T Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Philadelphia, Pa. 2 K Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. K A helor of Engineering .......... ..Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Arls ...Meridian,Miss. Z B '1' Bachelor of Arls ..........NewRochelle,N.Y. Z B T Bachelor of Arls . . ........ . . Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Engineering . ...... . . . Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Arls HARRISON RUE . . Z A E Bachelor of ROBERT SAMMOINS . . WILLIAM SANDERS . B 9 IT Bachelor of K A Bachelor of THOMAS SAPPINGTON ...... MORRIS SAYLOR . . JANE SEABOLT . . SELMA SELIGMAN . J, W. SELPH, JR. . . Ba DOROTHY SEWARD . ANN SHAPARD . . A K E Bachelor of 2 A E Bachelor of Bachelor of A E fl' Bachelor of Arls A rls Arls Arls Arls Arls A rls KE chelor of Engineering Bachelor of Arls EMMA D SHELTO'N , . JEWELL SIMMONS WILLIAM SIMON FELIX SMART . . . r FREDERICK SMITH . . JOEL SOLOMON . . K A 9 Bachelor of Arls A O H Bachelor of Arls A O H Bachelor of Arls Z B T s Bachelor of Arls 'I' A 9 i Bachelor of Arls B 9 H I i I Bachelor of Arls Z B T i i Bachelor of Arls . . Franklin, Tenn Jonesboro, Ark. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Porl Arfhur, Texas . . Harlan, Ky. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Brenlwood, Tenn. . . Griffin, Ga. Columbia, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Chicago, III. Pine Bluff, Ark. Mocresville, Ala. . Challanooga, Tenn. I76I BESS S'ORRELL . CAROLYN STEHLIN . LESLIE STEWART . HOWARD STURM JAMES SWIGGART . . . . . . . . ..Brownsville, K A 9 Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Brownsville, A A A Bachelor of Arls .............Nashville K A Bachelor of Engineering Folleffe, A E TI Bachelor of Arfs ..Nashville, A K E Bachelor of Aris WILLIAM SWIGGART .............. Nashville, A K E Bachelor of Engineering J'OHN TATUM ............ . . Hafliesburg, K 2 Bachelor of Engineering MARTHA THACH ........... . . , Nashville, 1' 'D B Bachelor of Arls MIRIAM THOMAS ............ . . Nashville, A A A Bachelor of Aris POYNER THWEATT ............ . . Nashville, 2 X Bachelor of Arls CLIFFORD TILLMAN ...... ..... . . Nalchez, Z B T Bachelor of Aris MARY TRIMBLE . . . ........ . . Nashville, A O IT Bachelor of Arls FRANK TROOP . . .......... . . Decafur, B 9 H A Bachelor of Arls TOM TURBEVILLE . . .......... . . Nashville, K A Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM TURNER, JR ......... . . . . Carfhage, A K E WILLIAM WAKEFIELD ....... Bachelor of Arls . . . . . Union Ciiy, ATS? Bachelor of Arls Tenn. Tenn , Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Ala. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. JOE WALKER . Dyersburg, Tenn Bachelor of Aris WOODRUFF WALKER .......... . Nashville, Tenn E X Bachelor of Arls MOSE WALLER . ......... Lenoir Cily, Tenn A K E Bachelor of Arls DAN WALTON . ......... Birmingham, Ala. 2 A E Bachelor of Arls LEO WEGE . . ......... . Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Arls LURAY WELCH . ......... . Nashville, Tenn. A A A Bachelor of Arls SHELLY WELCH ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. A A A ' Bachelor of Arls JAMES WEST ............ . . Nashville, Tenn. sb A 6 helor of Engineering JOE WEST . . ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. 111 A 9 Bachelor of Aris FLOYD WHITLOW ...... I ..... Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Aris CHARLES WHITWORTH, JR ....... Nashville, Tenn. E A E Bachelor of Arls JEAN WICKSMAN ........... Jamaica, N. Y. A E KP Bachelor of Aris ANN WILKERSON .......... Nashville, Tenn. A O H Bachelor of Arls MARK WILKERSON ........ Nashville, Tenn. 2 N Bachelor of Engineering HARRIET WILLIAMS ........... Nashville, Tenn. K A 9 Bachelor of Arl's ci-:Annes wn.Lis . . . Q .,...... Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Arls E781 l l C X ni-,Y is iz rf? QW Jw . . . Nashville MARY TOM WILSON ......... ..... N ashville, Tenn. VIRGINIA YOUMANS 4........ .... B rentwood, Tenn. K A 9 K A 9 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts u DOROTHY WOELFLIN .........,.,. Nashville, Tenn. PAUL YOUNGBLOOD ....,......... Nashvllle, Tenn. Bachelor of Arts 2 X , , Bachelor ot Englneerlng I I I GEORGE WOOD ............. . , Nashville, Tenn. GEORGE YOUNGLOF .......... West Rlchfleld, Ohlo A T Q IT K A Bachelor Qf Arts B6Cl'IE:lO!' of Engineering . MARVIN WOODARD ............ Chattanooga, Tenn. WILLIAM ZIV .................. Chlcago, lll. K 2 Z B T Bachelor of Arts . Bachelor of AFl'S SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICTURES Hannah Abramson, B.A., Birmingham, Ala. William Alsobrook, B.A. . Joe Atkinson, A T '52, B.A. Donald Bachlott, B.A .... Preston Bandy, B.A .... Dorothy Bearden, B.A. . . Kathlyn Beasley, B.A. . . Jean Beckman, B.A .... Robert Bickle B.E . . . Nashville . . Waco, Tex. . . . Nashville . . . .Gallatin . . . Nashville . . . Arrington . Savannah, Ga. Nashville y, . ..... . Rachel Bingham, B.A. . . . . .Culleoka Thomas Brockett, Jr., B.A. . . . Nashville Marvin Bubis, B.A ........ Nashville Tom Buckner, B.A., 2 X . Mary Bugg, B.A ....,. J. O. Burke, Jr., B.E. . . . . . Nashville . . . Nashville . . . Nashville Swan Burrus, B.A., E X ..... Jackson Herbert Carmichael, B.A., B e H . . . Fairfield, Ala. Wlllilam Carter, B.A .... Westmoreland E. C. Crowe B.E ..... Amory, Miss. John Crutchel', B.A., 2 A E.. . . Henning Charles Cullom B.A. . . . . Livingston Herman Deeehlh, B.A. . . . Nashville Julius Doochin, B.E. . . Gene Du La ney, B.A .... . M urray, Ky. Mignon Dunlap, B.A .... I. . . Nashville Alfred English, B.A .... Florence, Ala. Bertram Ferrell, B.A. E Xl. . . Nashville Raymond Fishman, B.A. . . . . Nashville William Fitzhugh, B.A. .... Nashville Hughes Flanigan, B.A. . . . . Nashville Hugh Fly, B.A. A T S2 . . . . Jackson Jack Foley, B.A .... .... N ashville Mary Foust, B.A. . . ..... Jackson Susan Fowler, B.A. . . . Mankato, Minn. Henry French, B.A. . . . . . . Nashville Edwin Fulcher, B.E. ...... Nashville Jose Garcia, B.E ...,.. Edward Gardner, B.A. . . Ruth Gasser, B.A ..... Hal Gerber, B.A. Santiago, Cuba . . . Columbia . . . Brentwood . . . . Memphis Herbert Giddens, B.A. H K A . Nashville Paul Gilbert, B.A. ....... Nashville Lawrence G'l in BA . p , . . Harold Goldin, B.A .... . . . Clarksville Lawrence Goldsby, B.A ..... Nashville Margaret Green, B.A. .... Fayetteville Alfred Greif, B.E. ..... . . Nashville Henry Gude, B.A. ....... Memphis Owen Hale, Jr., B.A., 2 X . . Nashville Thurman Hall, B.A ........ Nashville Jack Hardeman, B.A., fl! A 9 . . Nashville Gene Harlow, B.A., A T SZ. Florence, Ala. Walton Harrison, B.A. .... Shelbyville Walter Harwood, B.A ...... Nashville June Hatcher, B.A. ..... Corbin, Ky. Samuel Hays, B.E., 2 X ..... Jackson Gene Higgins, B.A., E A E . Shelbyville William Hunt, B.E ......, . Nashville Joseph Johnson, B.A., Lake-Junaluska, N. C. Harry Jones, B.A .....,. Chattanooga Helen Jones, B.A ..... Blackfoot, Idaho Thomas Jordan, B.A ...... Nolensville John Kenimer, B.A ........ Nashville Wendell Kincaid, B.E. . . . Nashville Charles King, B.A. . . .... Nashville Ruth King, B.A .... ..... N ashville Tom King, B.E .......... Nashville Robert Kossoy, B.A .... Brooklyn, N. Y. David Kotkov, B.A., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Willard Parker, B.A. . . . . Nashville Andrew Pasayan, B.A. . . . . Nashville John Pasayan, B.A ........ Nashville Mac Peebles, B.A., B 9 TI . . . Columbia Tom Pierson, B.A., A K E ..... Ripley Joel Reid, B.A ...... Greenville, Ala. William Rennick, B.A. . . .Chattanooga Robert Rice, B.A., X fb .... Memphis John Roach, B.A ..... Las Center, Ky. Stella Rosenblum, B.A ...... Nashville Emmaline Rust, B.A. .,.... Nashville Phillip Saindon, B.E ....... Nashville Robert Seyfried, B.E., A K E ....... .............Coopersburg, Pa. Herman Shaklett, B.E ...... Island, Ky. Warren Sheffield, B.E ...... Nashville Milton Shier, B.A .... . . Passaic, N. J. Max Sigal, B.A. ........ Nashville Alvin Silverman, B.A. . . . . Nashville Frank Smythe, B.A ........ Memphis Gerald Spiller, B.A ...... Brady, Tex. Edith Sterling, B.A ........ Nashville Stuart Swaggerty, B.A., E N . . Nashville Charles Taft, B.E. ...... Nashville George Temple, B.E ....... Nashville Charles Lane, B.A ........ Nashville Frank Locker, B.A. ..., . . Fayetteville Monnie Lusky, B.A. . . . .Nashville John Lutz, B.E .... . . Nashville Floyd McCoy, B.E. . . . . Nashville Daniel McDonald, B.A. . . . Nashville Arthur McMurray, B.A. . . . Nashville George Marlin, B.A. ..... Tullahoma Gerald Medd, B.A. ...... Gallatin Frank Miles, B.A., A T Q . . . Nashville John Miser, B.E ......... Nashville Mar Miser B A y , .......... Nashville William Moncrief, B.A., 2 A E State Park, S. .C Charles Morris, B.E ....... Nashville Claude Moss, B.E. . ., ..... Nashville Roy Nicholson, Jr., B.E ..... Nashville Leslie Noel, B.A ......... Nashville Herbert Oglesby, Jr., B.A., B 9 H Memphis . . . . . . . Nashville . . . . . . . Nashville John Thomison, B.A., 2 A E, Lookout Mt. LeRoy Train, B.A ....... Chattanooga Harold Trickey, B.A., E A E . . Nashville Richard Trim, B.E ........ Tiptonville Ann Vaughn, B.A., A A A . . . Nashville Mildred Vaughan, B.A. . Port Arthur, Tex. Patrick Wade, B.A ........ Nashville Mildred Walker, B.A., A O II . Columbia Russell Ward, B.A ........ Nashville Thomas Weathington, B.A. . . Boaz, Ala. Charles Weaver, B.E. ..... Nashville Mary White, B.A. ....... Nashville Wllllam White, B.A., 2 A E . Springfield Doris Willingham, B.A., A A A ..... ...............Bethesda,Md. Harold Willis, B.A., K E .... Nashville Lavinia Witherspoon, B.A., A A A . . . Nashville Samuel Terry, B.A. Robert Tharp, B.E. Rcckmart, Ga. John S. Palmer, B.A., Tl K A . Memphis Rembert Woodroof, B.E ..... Nashville ll lm ri .. like I ffl 9 I 1 . 11 sfe f A . fi-TTTQW'"'Tf"i'S.Q',fET'Tli11.Z?iif'Till3 M' l Qllljl El QW lll. ell' C 0 M M 0 n 0 n If I ill I ij' R l ri ll yjlqell Q:1Qg.eeg1.1--g:g:i:g:i,21if.:i:ee,o,1,ggg,:egg 1:giQciiei.:grep:::1:,L:Qgi::g1ggi ' 1' f '-,K v J X Wh W Ill llll llrgxiflhl SL ,333 f I A xii JJ.5l lLN l -:I mol Eltfiliflef 5 l U if W wg- KW! ff? ?Q IX f x f B f ,W M f will A rnnsumm LANE ABERNATHY HUGH ADAMS . . JOE ADAMS, JR. . . JOSEPH AKERMAN . GEORGE ALDER . . MACK ALLAMAN . EDWIN ANDERSON . A Bachelor of Bachelor of KE Aris Aris A T S2 Bachelor of Aris ' K A Bachelor of Aris . . . 9 Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Aris l 1 CI' A 9 Bachelor of Aris ELSIE ANDREWS .......... . . Pulaski, Tenn. . Woodbury, Tenn . . Elowah, Tenn. . . Orlando, Fla. Chafianooga, Tenn. .Sl. Joseph, Mo. Challanooga, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM see ........... . . .ciarksbufg, w, Va K A PAUL BENHAM, JR. . Bachelor of Engineering XX Bachelor of EUGENE BERNSTEIN ....... DEWEES BERRY . ROBERT BIBB . . MAC BIGELOW . ANNE BLAIR . . GILBERT BLAKE . REESE BOGLE . . MARY BOZEMAN A E H Bachelor of A T S2 Bachelor of Bachelor of I Z X Bachelor of . . Ki, B. Bachelor of CIP A 9 Bachelor of ATS? Arts Aris A ris Ar'rs Arls A ris A ris . . . Marianna, Ark . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Johnson City, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Websfer Groves, Mo. . . . Nashville Bachelor of Engineering EK Bachelor of Aris . . . Nashville PORTER BRADSHAW .......... . . Nashville, Z X ' Bachelor of Engineering WILLIAM BRIGNAC ............ Porf-Au-Prince, ATS? Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Aris GERALD AVERBUSH ,.......... . . Nashville, Tenn. A E H Bachelor of Arls RENFRO BAIRD , . . ........ . . Pineville, Ky. 112 K NI' Bachelor of Aris DAVID BAKER . . ......... . . .Tupelo, Miss, 2 N Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM BALDRIDGE ......... .NashviIle, Tenn. K A I Bachelor of Aris wiLLiAM BANKS, JR. ......... .Memphra Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Arfs DANIEL BARGE . . ............ . . Butler, Ala. Bachelor of Engineering MARTHA BARKER ............... Birmingham, Ala. Bachelor of Aris CAMPBELL BARNETT .............. Nashville, Tenn. A T S2 Bachelor of Engineering BILL BRITTAIN . . ...... . . 2 A E Bachelor of Arls C. P. BROCATO . . ...... . . IT K A Bachelor of A EOUIS BROOKS, JR .......... ' Z B 'l' rls Bachelor of Engineering THOMAS BROWN, JR. ..... . . A K E Bachelor of Aris . . Franklin, . . Cleveland, . . Nashville, . . Toledo, , Tenn. , Tenn. Tenn. Haiti Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Ohio ,Q IIBZJ Lf X NLM gi! X 12 If 7 A X X LAWRENCE BRYANT ...... BILL BURKS . . JAMES BURNS . OSCAR BURRIS JACK BURTON . CHARLES BYRN WILLIAM BYRN, JR. . JOE CANNON . NEWTON CANNON, IV ...... WILLIAM CARLEN, JR ....... FRED HENNRY CARMICHAEL . . . FRAN CES CARTER WILLIAM CATE, JR. AN NE CAWTHON KENN ETH CAYCE MARTI NE CHAFFI N . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 N Bachelor of Engineering ................Columbia,Tenn. E X Bachelor of Engineering ....Dickson,Tenn. A T S2 Bachelor of Arls ..Columbus, Miss. fb A 6 Bachelor of Arls ..,Nashville, Tenn. 2 X Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. E A E Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Arls . ...... . . Monfgomery, Ala. A T Q Bachelor of Arls . . . . Franklin, Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Aris . . . . . Cookeville, Tenn. B 9 TI Bachelor of Arfs . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. B 9 H Bachelor of Arls ..NashviIle, Tenn. A A A Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . , . . . Nashville, Tenn. 111 A 9 Bachelor of Arls ..Nashville, Tenn. H KD B Bachelor of Arls ..Hopkinsville, Ky. fl' K 2 Bachelor of Arls ..GalIafin, Tenn. I' fb B Bachelor of Arls TEM PE CH ESTER , HAROLD CLARK JOE CLIFTON . DOUGLAS COCHRAN .... . ..... . ALLEN OOGBILL FRANCES COHEN HENRY COILE . . HOLMES COLLINS, JR LONNY COSTLEY CLAUDE COWAN, JR. E. G. DAVIS, JR. . ERNEST DAVIS . . ANTHONY DE CHRISTOPHER . . GILBERT DICKEY, JR. RAYMOND DICKEY 1, MATT DoBsoN . . . ,.... ...... C haflanooga, Tenn K A 9 Bachelor of Arls , . . ......... . . Nashville, Tenn Z X Bachelor of Arfs ..Ridgely,Tenn. fI1 K 2 Bachelor of Engineering . . Corinlh, Miss. A K E Bachelor of Arfs . ............ La Grange, Tenn. Z N Bachelor of Engineering ..Miami,Fla. A E fb Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. E X Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . .Springfield, Ohio A T S2 Bachelor of Arls ..AI'lanfa,Ga. X -'II Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 X D Bachelor of Arls ..OwenI'on,Ky. X 111 Bachelor of Arts . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. A E II Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . Peekskill, N. Y. Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 X Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . .GermanI'own, Tenn. B 9 H Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. 111 A 9 V Bachelor of Aris T841 i x I. 1 Ei 1 2? s I r i , V , 1, 1. ' I is 1 I if gf ef 'i ng, J I5 2. I , l x IE H ig 2: 5 H ry 'I fl Ei s I i F. lg E3 H 49 lx H H H 'e 9. 35 LJ fi 1, . el fx 4. 1- X4 2 5 I 5, 5 I if U il 2? H as u ff 53 ii 34 5 F n r I , s. :1 ii I. 11 I. if I : if i I 4 A? 6 iz . Q Ji di 1 11 5-Ulf 5 ww I 1 i H , fq , H 35 M W Li I 1. fl I fr ul fl 1 2 H l l R. SARA DODSON . Hermifage, Tenn. Chicago, Ill . Gallalin, . Nashville Nashville, A O TI Bachelor of Arls DONALD DUFT . . ....... . . H K A Bachelor of Arls BUSTER EARLS . . ....... . . 2 X Bachelor of Arls MARY EDWARDS ............ . K A G Bachelor of Arls MARY EMMONS . ........ . . . 1' 'IP B ROY ENGLERT . . PETER EYERMANN MIAL FESSENDEN ADINE FITE . . JEANNE FONVILLE Bachelor of Arls riaLhQelL,r' of'Arl's A K E Bachelor of Arls 2 N Bachelor of Arls A O H Bachelor of Aris Tl fl' B Bachelor of Arls CLIFTON FORDE, JR ............ . . JAMES FOX . . KATHERINE FRANKLIN CHARLES FRAZI ER 2 A E Bachelor of Arls fl' K E Bachelor of Arls A 0 TI Bachelor of Arls K A Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM FREELAND .......... JEAN FREEMAN . A T S2 Bachelor of Arls 1' qi, .B. . . Bachelor of Arls Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. . Sl. Louis, Mo. Springfield, Mo. Nashville, . Jackson, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. ROBERT FREEMAN .............. Whilehaven, Tenn Bachelor of Arts STANLEY FREEMAN ........... . . New York, N. Y A E II Bachelor of Arls GAITHER FRIERSON .......... . . Columbia, Tenn A A A Bachelor of Arls RAINEY FRIERSON ........... . . Columbia, Tenn. B 9 Tl Bachelor of Arls HARRY FRITTS . ............... Rockwood, Tenn. B 6 TI . Bachelor of Engineering NORMAN FROST . . ......... . . . Nashville, Tenn. A T S2 Bachelor of Arls MARY FULLER . . .......... Dawson Springs, Ky. A O H Bachelor of Arls i ANNE GANIER . . .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. A A A Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM GARDNER ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Engineering WILLIAM GARNETT ........... . . Hopkinsville, Ky. fl' K 2 Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM GEISKING ........ . . . Birmingham, Ala. 2 A E Bachelor of Engineering HENRY GEWIN . . .......... . . Mobile, Ala. A K E Bachelor of Arls ALEXANDER GHOLSON ......... . . Clarksville, Tenn. K E Bachelor of Arls HORACE GILES . . .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 N Bachelor of Arls FORREST GLASGOW .............. Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Engineering IVO GLENN . . ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Arls L86l RICHARD GLOVER ........ si? K 2 Bachelor of Engineering PAUL GOLDBERG, JR ....... A E H Bachelor of Arls RICHARD GOLDBERG ...... Z B T Bachelor of Engineering MOLLIE GOLDSTEIN ....... A E fb Bachelor of JAM ES GOODMAN ........ Bachelor of DAISY GRIGSBY .......... 2 K Bachelor of WILLIAM GROSS ......... Z B T Bachelor of WILLIAM GUPTON, JR ...... ' 2 A E Bachelor of JANE HART . . ..... . . I' fb B Bachelor of ALICE HENRY . ....... . Z K Bachelor of LITTON HICKMAN, JR ....... 2 A E Bachelor of ADELAIDE HlTE . . ..... . . 1' 112 B Bachelor of HARVILL HITE, JR ......... ' E N Bachelor of GEORGE HOLC'OMB, JR ...... B 9 H Bachelor of MARVIN HOLDERNESS, JR ..... 2 A E Bachelor of MARGUERITE HOLMAN ...... H 'IQ B Bachelor of Ar'rs Arls Arls Arls Arfs Arl's Arfs Arls Arls Arfs Arls Arls Arls . . Decalur, Ga . Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . . Griffin, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. . Franklin, Tenn. Chicago, lll. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Gallalin, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Sf. Louis, Mo. Texarkana, Ark. HENRY HOLMES, JR. ...... . 'D A 9 Bachelor of GEORGE HOLT, JR. ....... . JOHN HOUSMAN STEPHEN HOWELL, ELSIE HUFFMAN . WILLIAM HUTTON ANNE JELLINVEK . JACK JENKINS . . ELSIE JENNINGS . K A Bachelor of B6 n' Bachelor of JR. ..... . A rls Arls A rls 2 X Bachelor of Arls Bachelor- of .Arls Bachelor of Arrs A E fl, l Bachelor of Arls .Z .E .... Bachelor of Arl's Bachelor of JAMES JOHNSON, JR. ..... . NO-LEN JOHNSON, BARBARA JONES . GLENN JONES . 4. JAMES JONES, JR. WALTER JONES . . ATS? Arls Bachelor of Arls JR. ..... . ATS? Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls 2 A E Bachelor of A A T S2 Bachelor of A 'IP K XP rl's rls Bachelor of Engineering T881 FRANCES JORDAN .............. Scoffsboro, Ala. Bachelor of Arls . . Tampa, Fla Nashville, Tenn . . Mayfield, Ky . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . New York, N. Y. . Texarkana, Texas . . Armory, Miss. Hunfingdon, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. .Sl'. Louis, Mo. . Nashville, Tenn. Lewisburg, Tenn. . . .Joliel, lu. f . we In ., X-fy .aj jf J 2 X 1 X 1 ji i 4 CHESTER KACZMAREK ........ . . Hamframck. Mich- flf K NI' Bachelor of Arls JOSEPH KERN . . . ..., . . . Greenville, Ala 2 X Bachelor of Arls B. B. KERR, JR. . . ........... Murfreesboro, Tenn. B 9 II Bachelor of Arls OSCAR KIMBLER ................ Henderson, Ky. IT K A Bachelor of Engineering GEORGE KING . . ......... . . Shelbyville, Tenn. 2 A E Bachelor of Arls SARAH KIRKPATRICK . ......... A A A Bachelor of Arls OLIVER KITTRELL .............. X fb Bachelor of Engineering CHARLES KORNMAN ............ Spring Hill, Bachelor of Engineering Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. HENRY LAKS . . .,....... . . New York, N. Y. A E H Bachelor of Arls WALTER LAMB ................. Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Engineering GRADIE LEE . . ............ Hendersonville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs BRICE LEECH . . . Z. N Bachelor of Arls ALBERT LEGGETT, JR .......... 2 X Bachelor of Arls ANN LEVINE . . ........ . . A O H Bachelor of Arls P. O. LEWIS, JR BAE -I Bachelor of Arls CLAIRE LIEBER A E ll! Bachelor of Arls . Glasgow, Ky. . Louisville, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. . . Evarls, Ky. .Chicago, Ill. LEONARD LINTON ........... . . Nashville, Tenn fl, A 9 Bachelor of Arls CHARLES LIPSCOMB ......... . . Wynne, Ark fl' K Z Bachelor of Arls SAM LOGAN . ............... Nashville, Tenn. K A Bachelor of Engineering STEPHEN LO'NGlNO, JR ......... Sulphur Springs, Texas B 9 H Bachelor of Arls HOWARD LOYETT ....... L .... . . New York, N. Y. A E H JANE LOWENSTEIN .......... Bachelor of Arls . . Nashville, Tenn. A E KI' Bachelor of Arls LIONEL LOWRY, JR .......,. . . . . Winfer Haven, Fla. GWYN LUKER . LEWIS LYNE . . WILLIAM LYNN, JR .......... PAT MCBURNETTE JANE MCCAMPBELL ........... . . Nashville, 2 N Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. A T S? Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . .. .. . Nashville, Tenn. 2 X Bachelor of Arls . . Nashville, Tenn. A K E Bachelor of Arls . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Tenn. A O H Bachelor of Arls ' CLIFFORD MCCOLLAM ........... Daingerfield, Texas Bachelor of Arls MARGARET MCCRARY ............ Philadelphia, Tenn. JACK MCCULLOUGH, JR ..... A A A Bachelor of Arls . . .Signal Mounfain, Tenn. fb A 9 Bachelor of Arls HENRY MCGREDE, JR ........... sulphur springs, Texas B 9 TI Bachelor of Aris L90I HX. x A 1. ',' ie- , Fi 1 L! i. 3: i4 5 I T: 5 i V I I 1 1, x If if fi il Y . H I7 I I .1 EE fl il ix l1 V 1 E i Li ar I 11 ,Q vi . ,gl I ,ng Q I If : , 5 .f SARAH MCKELLEY ........ . . Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS MOORE, JR ........... Corpus Chrisli, Texas 2 K 2 X Bachelor of Arls BflCllelOl Ol Arls WARREN MCLAUGHLIN .... . . . . .Whealon, lll. EUGENE MORRISON, JR ......... . . Earle, Ark. cp K xy A K E ' Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of AVT5 HELEN MCMURRAY ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. GEORGE MURFF, JR. ........... Ashland Cily, Tenn. K A 9 2 X Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls LIDDON MCPETERS ........... . . .Corinlh, Miss. HENRY NELSON . . .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. A K E A K E Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls ROBERT MCRAE . . . ...... . . . Memphis, Tenn. COREE- NELSON , . ...,..... . .Tampa, Fla. B 9 H fi! A 9 Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls NELLA MADDOX ................ Columbus, ea. DONALD NETHERY """' ' ' ' - - ' Houslon. Texas Bachelor of Arls 2 N Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM MANAC-AN ............ Lake Charles, La. HOWARD NICHOLS --------- - - Nashville. Tenn- Bachelor of Arls ' 2 X V Bachelor of Arfs THOMAS MANCHESTER, JR ....... . . Nashville, Tenn. ' EDW'N N0RRlS ------ a ---'- - - Glasgow- KY- A K E 2 N Bachelor of A,-fs Bachelor of Engineering. A. J. MAY ..... .........,. ' . . . Nashville Tenn. FRANK NORTH ----'----- - - F'a'1"'i"- Tenn- Bachelor of Engineering E N Bachelor of Arls ' LEON MAY , , ,,,-....' a - Nashville Tenn. RICHARD NORVELL, JR ......... . . Nashville, Tenn. Z B T ' 2 A 'E Bachelor of Amis Bachelor of Arls CLEMENT MEANS ................ Lebanon Tenn. PAUL 0G'LV'E ' ' ' ------- - - Na5"Vi"e- ienn' Bachelor of Engineering A T 9 Bachelor of Arls CHARLES MlLLs . . ........... Minneapolis Minn JUUAN OLSEN' JR "------'-- - - Pensacola' Ha- B 9 H A ' 2 A E Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Alls WILLARD MILLS l - .'....-.. I .Springfield Ohio LOGUE OMOHUNDRO ............ Liffle Rock, Ark. A T Q 'P K X Bachelor of AHS Bachelor of Engineering RICHARD MINOR . . ,...... .... . . Memphis, Tann. EMMET '0'NEAl- ---------- '----- B lfmlnqham. Ala. Bachelor of Arls KID A 9 Bachelor of Engineering RUTH MOODY -----'-- ----- L arklnsvllle. Ala. RICHARD PATRICK, JR ........... Murfreesboro, Tonn. Bachelor of Arls Z X Bachelor of Arls SAM MOORE. JR- .-.--- 1 . - . - - Nashville. Tenn- MICHAEL PEARCE ........... aaliza, Brilish Honduras B 9 H Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Engineering l92fl GORDON PETERSON .............. Park Ridge, Ill Bac CHARLES PLAXICO . ROBERT POPE . . KEITH POUDER . EMELINE PRINCE VIRGINIA PRITCHETT . GLYNN PUGH .. RODERICK PULLEY . Bac MARY PAUL RABY . . BETTY RAINEY . ALBERT RANSOM HARRY RANSOM ANNE RAUCH . ARTHUR REBROVICH HARRY RENN, JR. . HOWARD RH EA, JR. E N helor of Engineering I i .A T S2 Bachelor of Arls K 2 Bachelor of Aris I I 2 X Bachelor of Bachelor of I' fb B Bachelor of ' ' 'A T S2 Bachelor of Arts Arls Arls A rls helor of Engineering A O H Bachelor of A A A Bachelor of E N Bachelor of 2 A E Bachelor of A E KD Bachelor of Bachelor of ID K E Bachelor of K 2 Bachelor of A rls Arfs Arls Arls Arls A rfs Arfs Arfs , BRETT RICH . . .... . . . . . Nashville, Tenn Arls Arfs Arfs Arls A rfs Arls 'If K E Bachelor of. Engineering . Nashville, Tenn. HARRY RICHTER . . . . , . . B 9 TI Bachelor of Chaffanoogal Tenn. MARY EVELYN RILEY ....... A O TI Bachelor of . . Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM RILEY . . . . . . . . A K E Bachelor of Winchesler, Tenn. HOWARD RIPY . ...... . II: K xl: Bachelor of . . Nashville, Tenn. BURTON ROBBINS ..,.... . Z B T Bachelor of Nashville, Tenn. GEANNE ROBERTS ........ I' fb B Bachelor of . . . Dallas, Texas WILLIAM R'OBERTS ..... . . . ' Z N Bachelor of . . . Nashville Tenn. WALTER ROBINSON, JR. . . . . . 'II A 9 ' Bachelor of Columbia, Tenn. ' WILLIAM ROBINSON ....... A E II Bachelor of . . Edwardsville, Ill. THEO- ROGERS, JR ........ . Bachelor of - - - Nashville. Tenn. HENRIETTA RUTH . . . . . . . . I TI fi' B Bachelor of - - -5hfeVeP0l'l'. La. BERNARD SANDERSON . . . . . . A E IT Bachelor of Chisholm. Minn. JOHN SCALES . . .... . . B 9 IT Bachelor of - - Gallafin. Tenn- EMILY SCHWEIZER ...... 1. . A E fb Somerville, Tenn. Bachelor of EMANUEL SCROFANI ....... Bachelor of . . Alhens, Ala . . Ridgely, Tenn . Meridian, Miss Lawrenceburg, Ky . . Miami, Fla . Nashville, Tenn . Owensboro, Ky Arls . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn Ar'rs I . . . . Eas+ Norwalk, Conn Arls . . . . . . . Decafur, Ala. Arls . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arls . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arls . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arls . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arls . . Porl' Washingfon, N. Y. Arls T941 BETTY SEIGLER . . A O TI Bachelor of LILLIAN SHACKLETT . COUPERY SHANDS JAMES SHANNON GUY SHARPE, JR. A A A Bachelor of 111 A 9 Bachelor of B 9 IT Bachelor of 2 A E Bachelor of RICHARD SHILLINGLAW ..... B 9 H Bachelor of ANNELLE SIMMONS ....... A O II Bachelor of WILLIAM SIMPSON ........ MARIE smm-4 . . RAYMOND smim, ROSAM'OND SNELL ANN STAHLMAN . GRAY STAHLMAN GRADY STAPP . . E A E Bachelor of A O IT Bachelor of JR ..... .. Arls Arls A r'rs Arls Arls A rls Arls Arls Arls A T S2 Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Arls 2 X Bachelor of Engineering Nashville, Nashville, . Jackson, Memphis, Tchula, Nashville, Nashville, Florence, Nashville, Dresden, Memphis, Nashville, Nashville, Franklin, Tenn. Tenn Miss. Tenn Miss Tenn Tenn Ala. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. . ROBERT STARBUCK . . TOM STEELE . . JAMES STEWART . . fisghglgf' .if B 9 IT Bachelor of I Z A E Bachelor of ROBERT STIGLER, JR. . WALTER ST-ONE, JR. . HARRELL STRICKLAND, EDWARD STROTH ER . E N Bachelor of fi? K NI' Bachelor of JR ..... fb K E Bachelor of . .Tampa, Fla Arls . . . . . Ripley, Tenn Arls . . . . . .Shelbyville, Tenn Arls . . . . . . Pine Bluff, Ark Arls . . . . . Nashville, Tenn Arls . . . . . Meluchen, N. J Arls . . . New Albany, Ind Bachelor of Arls JOSEPH SULLIVAN . . . ....... . . Nashville, Tenn. A T 9 Bachelor of Arls WILLIAM SWEAT, JR ....... . . . .Corinlh, Miss. ' 'A K E Bachelor of Arls VISTON TAYLOR, JR ............. Chalfanooga, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls JOSEPH THATCHER .......... Lookoul' Mountain, Tenln. K E Bachelor of Engineering BEN THOMPSON . . ......... . .Shelbyville, Tenn. B 9 TI Bachelor of Arls MAYNARD THOMPSON ........ . . . McCrory, Ark. B 9 H Bachelor of Arls JAMES TILLOU . . ........... Easf Aurora, N. Y. K 2 Bachelor of Arls l96Il . ,ZW ff' -4 """ rv- ---.XX '7 gy mfg X 'Wy ' y A L I if ' f if A fm Y. 'K f f lv 2 -' f ,, r , f , ,Q fi ' 'f A V If if . V ,ff-,W , . ,, lf W if ,f 'V N :X ' A ' 1,3342 ,, W, Q, - 1 W z1?w!! 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A K E Bachelor of Arls EUSTACE WINN, JR. . ...... . . , A K E Bachelor of Arrs PHYLLIS WOLBERG . . . . . . . . . . A E 'I' Bachelor of Arls IRVIN WOLF . . ...... . . A E TI Bachelor of Arls CHARLES WOMACK . . ..... . . K A Bachelor of Arls MARTHA WOOD . . ........ . . A A A Bachelor of Aris WILLIAM WADE WOOD ..... E A E Bachelor of Aris CECIL WOODS, JR. .......... Lookoul' Mounlain, 2 A E Bachelor of Arls ARTHUR WORLEY ......... K A Bachelor of Engineering SARAH WO-RLEY . . ....... . . IT fb B Bachelor of Arls THOMAS WRIGHT ......... KI, K KI' Bachelor of Arls ELIZABETH ZERFOSS ........ ' A A A Bachelor of Arls GUY ZIMMERMAN, JR. ..... . . . Winierville, FQB KDKXP... .. Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Ads Fil GEM GQ Ohio Tenn Miss Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. MI. Sferling, Ky. JL 'fur Qv T S E E I 5. W ? Ei '5 in - 41 15 3? ii T3 nl 'i ii Ze U if 5. i I 4, 'E eg! 21' H , Z I. A I 55 ,I if 1 gl :li YI lil i ,. fa? Efl Si! Q, I 5. i 1 W K 3 5 ,e if ' 4 Q of fi I! 3 IE . , 5 E ii li H4 1 31 ,bi 3 FFRESHMEN WHT OUT Doris Akers . ...... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Kennelh Anderson, E X Williamsporl, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Hilda Baird ....... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Aris Marion Barr, Jr ...... Columbia, Tenn Bachelor of Arls James Fleming, A T S2 . Memphis, Bachelor of Engineering Alberl' Franklin . .... Nashville, Bachelor of Aris Lillian Gaines ...... Franklin, Bachelor of Aris John GarreH', Jr. . . Goodleflsville, Bachelor of Arls Roberl Goldin, Jr ..... Rockmarl, Ga Bachelor of Aris Tenn. ' Joseph Baugh, A T S2 . . Franklin, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls William Beck ...... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Waller Beckham. De Funiak Springs, Fla. Bachelor of Aris Earl Bibb ........ Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls Carl Bingham .... . Bell Buckle, Tenn Bachelor of Arfs Graham Boyce, K Z . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering William Brighiwell, A K E Gainesville, Texas Bachelor of Arts William Brock ...... Nashville, Bachelor of Engineering Tom Brown ........ Memphis, Tenn Bachelor of Arfs Na+ Burch, B 9 IT ...... Miami, Fla Bachelor of Arls Medora Bryanf, TI 'Iv B . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls Binks Bushmiaer, 2 X . .Van Buren, Ark Bachelor of Arls Elizabelh Campbell . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Aris Dean Canfrell ...... Nashville, Tenn. . Bachelor of Arls Anfhony Cerrufi ..... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering John Chaffin ....... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Aris Doris Coffey .... Lawrenceburg, Tenn Bachelor of Aris Andrew Corsini ..... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls Sue Craig, K A 9 . . . Brenlwood, Tenn Bachelor of Arls Daniel Davis, Jr ...... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls' Randolph Denham, Jr. . Williamsburg, Ky. Bachelor of Engineering Margaret Donovan .... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls George Dunbar, 2 X . . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Harry Dunn ..... Hendersonville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls George Dury ....... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Aris Howard Ehms ....... Buffalo, N. Y Bachelor of Aris Lynn Farrar, Jr ...... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls Jane Fife ........ Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn ' U John Goodgame .Soulh Piflsburg, Tenn f Bachelor of Aris Marvin Gosseff ..... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering James Grisham ..... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Doris Gullman, A E 111 . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Aris Fred Hann ....... Columbus, 'Ohio Bachelor of Aris George Hardigg .... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Julius Harold ...... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Melvin Hays ...,.. Hermitage, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Mary Herberl' ...... Brenlwood, Tenn Bachelor of Arls James Holder . .... Paris, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Walfer Humphreys, Jr. . Greenville, S. C Bachelor of Aris Roscoe Jackson ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls William Jones ...... D Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Harold Katz ....... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Harold Keene, A E IT . .S+. Louis, Mo. Bachelor of Arls Earl Kirshner ....... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Sylvia Kolller, A E 'D . . Boonlon, N. J. Bachelor of Aris Gus Kuhn ........ Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls William Laulner ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Leroy Leafherman, Jr. . . Alexandria, La. , Bachelor of Arls Ullin Leavell, Jr., E X . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Hugh Lucas .... .... W averly, Tenn. Bachelor, of Arfs Donald Lunn .... . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Katherine Lyons ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Aris W. G. McComas, Jr. . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Fletcher McKinney . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Kinnard McLemore, Jr. .Franklin, Tenn. Bachelor of Aris PICTURES Donald McMillan .... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor oi Engineering Jack Marsden, K A . . . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls Thad Medlin, E X .... Jackson, Tenn Bachelor of Arfs Caiherine Moore ..,.. Culeoka Tenn Bachelor of Arts Kennelh Oehmig, Jr. . . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Aris William Omohundro, Jr. . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Hilary Osborn, Jr ..... Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Palrick Oils, A T S2 . . Royse Cily, Texas Bachelor of Engineering William R. Pace, Jr. . . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Arls James Parman ...... Nashville Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Earl Pelley ........ Sherman, Texas Bachelor of Aris Lee Pope, Ill, X sb . . Nashville, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Jack Renfz, Jr ...... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering William Rion, Jr. . . Old Hickory, Tenn Bachelor of Engineering Frank Roberfs, Jr. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Ernesl Ruh ........ Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Joseph Sbufloni ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Harvey Seay, Jr .... Fayelieville, Tenn. Bachelor of Aris Cliflon Shaw, A T 'Q . . Nashville, Tenn. , Bachelor of Aris Bernard Slenzel ...... Sl. Louis, lll. Bachelor of Aris William Sfephens .... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Sieve Sfevens ...... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering James Sfowe ....... Jackson, Tenn. Bachelor of Arfs Rulh Threlkeld ...... Henderson, Ky. Bachelor of Arls James Ward . . . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. , Bachelor of Aris Max Ward . .... . . Memphis, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Erich Weslfeld ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Vesta Whifley ...... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Aris , John Widell ....... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Shields Wilson ..... Fayelleville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arls Burnell' Wright, Jr .... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering ' LIOOJ ,,l' , " ' ' WBTEZHBIILT UNIVE ' X " ' ' ' A T F ' 'B E - , J-'JJ ,J , l V .ln J X. U E, . j. I , . lg l W - ,.....-. V .,. ' , Z ,VA-,,,V " - Va, , V V qv Q ' l .. S - f .. V , V ' . V R D 5 .' I Y 1 'Zz' ' - . 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T' 1 f- cvlfhm iff ,,VMV,Vc,-xffgiif' f- :iqnVuVna,,?gs'E". A D.ur5pn"' " rr-srl' "wha MW, 1.l,VVVVV-M 1' L 22' . ax . . V V V L R V were 1 T V V J l 7 ? f V... J ff . 1 " . . aa 1171471 f s. 'Z L.. ' f " ' . ' , .9-a ,- ' -"' . 'gi Qi , F lame ' f mf. F ' , . .. .,. .. 0 1 Y l . ' , N .3 - 4. , A f V.-.- ' , . 1 .lVsXa..z,:VZ?y .L2q,5Vw,.avc? .Qin ,3f,g'5"" V f 4 we i DICINE SENIOR CLASS -- SCHOOL OF ME Joseph F. Andrews . . . Harla 'P B TI Candidale for M.D. V John P. Bell .... Hopkinsvlll 111 X Candidale for M.D. Willard D. Bennell . . Pueblo, Candidale for M.DV. Edmund W. Benz . . Nashvllle, A K K Candidale for M.D. J. B. Boddie, Jr., Madisonvill A K K Candidale for M.D. n, Ky. e, Ky. Colo. Tenn. e, Ky. Ennell S. Brannon .... Rome, Ga. Candidale for M.D. William J. Card . . Nashville, A K K Candidale for M.D. Ralph L. Cash .... Princelo ill X Candidale for M.D. Randolph A. Cale . . Nashville, Candidafe for M.D. Tenn. n, Ky. Tenn. R. H. Chappell, Oklahoma City, Okla. Candidale for M.D. Guinn S. Cosf .Calhoun Cily, Miss. A K K Candidale for M.D. Orrie A. Couch, Jr. . Nashville, Tenn. A K K Candidale for M.D.. V Mary Waller Crifz . Slarkvllle, Mlss. Candidale for M.D. Thomas A. Donnell . . De Solo, Mo. PID X Candidale for M.D. I G. F. Douglas, Jr., Birmingham, Ala Candidale for M.D. Roberl D. Epsfein . . Nashville, Candidafe for M.D. Harry M. Esles . . . Nashville, A K K Candidale for M.D. Tenn Tenn Jacob T. Farris .... Richmond, Ky fl! B IT Candidale for M.D. John J. Francis . . . Nashville, Candidale for M.D. Arlhur M. Freeman, Jr., Florence CP X Candidale for M.D. Carl N. Gessler . . McMinnville, Candidale for M.D. Harold L. Gilliand . .Mercer, 112 B Tl' Candidale for M.D. Fred Bell Gray . . Rogersville, fl, B H Candidale for M.D. George F. Greiner , Harlford, fl' B II Candidale for M.D. Tenn , Ala Tenn Tenn Tenn Conn Henry S. Harris .... Franklin, Ky. A K K Candidale for M.D. Aubrey B. Harwell . . . Bells, 111 B TI Candidale for M.D. Samuel H. Hay, Jr. . Nashville, 111 B H Candidale for M.D. Tenn Tenn Harry C. Helm . .While Pine, A K K Candidale for M.D. Glenn G. Hendrickson . Maysville, Ky. K A K Candidafe for M.D. Benlon B. Holl, Jr., fb X Candidafe for M.D. Truxfon L. Jackson . . Nashvllle, li? B IT Candidafe for M.D. E. H. Kalmon, Jr., Nashville, Candidale for M.D. Warren M. Lonergan, Sf. Louis, :Im X Candidale for M.D. W. J. McDougal, Holdenville, 111 B IT Candidate for M.D. W. F. Meacham, Hopkinsville, A K K Candidafe for M.D. R. J. Murphey, Jr. Murfreesboro, fl? B H Candidale for M.D. Richard C. Nailling, Union Cily, Candidafe for M.D. Woodring C. Pearson, Nashville, Candidale for M.D. Beniamin J. Pricel .XBirmingham, Candidale for M.D. Charles A K K Candidale for M.D. C. Randall .Lexinglon, Ky. Tenn. Benjamin C. Rogers . Jacks: GDBH Cenlral Cily, Ky. Roberl E. Schell . Bowling G KIIBH Candldafe for M D Tenn. Vilda Shuman ..... Cooll Candidale for M D Melvin M. Simmons . NBSDVI Tenn. Candidale for M D J. L. Spencer, Norfh Carrolll Mo J C Thornfon Jr Brownsvl Okla A K K Candldafe for M D B T Towery College Hts S Ky KIIBH Candldale for M D Edgar Dale Urban Perry Tenn A K K Candldafe for M D James W. Ward . . .Amarl Tenn. Candidale for M D A. S. Warren . . Grosse Pol Tenn. A K K Candidale for M D Ala. Burnice H. Websfer . Nashvl Candidale for M D . fb X Candidale for M DV . . v Carl M. Whorlon . .Gadsc 'A K K Candidale for M D .,.-2, 'Ps- Gfibri fl-. QNX ! Ji Qi if K 5 , fa r l lI,0MM0Vfll0ll Q: VF fi VV alla I l lil ll! .2 . X lQ101J Candidale for M D Elden M. Rowland . .Alllan 41 X Candidate for M D l 1 f 7- , .. : - X lg I-'-' JUNIOR CLASS--SCHOOL OF MEDICINE JOSEPH JAY BAIRD, fl' B Tl . . . . La FolleTIe, JAMES H. BAXTER, CD X ........, Ashburn, JOHN THOMAS BRYAN ....... McMinnville, BENJAMIN F. BYRD, JR., A K K . . . Nashville, WILLIAM CAYCE, fb X ......... Nashville, CHARLES L. COGBILL, JR., KI' X . . . La Grange, JOE HAMILTON CRAMPTON, A K K . Lewisfon, Tenn. Ga. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Idaho WILLIAM CULBERTSON, JR., A K K . .Coeburn, Va. SAMUEL D. CUMMINS, II' B TI ...... Reform, Ala. WILLIAM T. DANIEL, 4- X . . . . . . Franklin DAVID A. DAVIS, A K K ,...... spfingfiala, WILLIAM DE VLAMMINO, 11, B TI . . . Kaufman WALTER L. DIVELEY, A K K . . . . .eanlaan LUKE L. ELLENBURO, fi- B IT . , . . Greenville Tenn. Tenn. Texas Okla. Texas BENJAMIN P. FOLK, JR., fl' X . . . . Tallulah, La. ROBERT M. FOOTE, A K K . . . . Fargo, N. D. RALPH N. GREEN, fl' X . . . ...... Miami, Fla. LAWRENCE A. GROSSMAN ...... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN R. HILSENBECK, A K K .West Palm Beach, Fla. JOE H. HILSMAN, JR. .......... Aflanfa, Ga. THOMAS J. HOLBROOK, A K K ..... Redbush, Ky. WILSON S. KINGSBORO, A K K .... Shelby, Ohio GEORGE E. LACY, A K K ..... Elizabelhlon, Tenn. JOHN D. LECKY, A K K . . . . CalverI Cily, Ky. CARL F. LUCKEY, KD B IT . . . . . .JacksOn, Tenn. MARION MCLELLAN, A K K . . . .Sumner, Miss. GEORGE H. MCSWAIN, HIP X fb B H JOHN M. MALONE, JAMES H. MATTHEWS LAMB B. MYHR, fb X WILLIAM H. PATRICK ROBERT R. PIERCE, KD LEONARD J. RABOLD, FREDERICK REARDON, SAMUEL D. RHEA, fl, WILLETT H. RUSH, A DAN S. SANDERS, JR. ,IDBTI X.. KDX. JR.,fIf X... KK. ,fI1X. JAMES A. SCOTT, 111 B TI JESSIE F. SCOTT, fi, ALVIS J. SCULL, JR., JOHN L. SHAPIRO . X... IDX.. JAMES B. SMITH, KD X FRANK W. STEVENS, fb X . . cl: THOMAS B. STONE, WILLIAM D. SUMPTER X... , JR., CI' PRESTON S. TROUSDALE . . DEANE W. WALLACE, THOMAS F. WARDER, AKK KIIX. CAROLINE JANE WILLIAMS CHARLES F. WILSON, AKK FRANK C. WOMACH, JR., CI' X . CHARLES R. ZIRKLE, QI' B IT . X.. . . . . Paris, Tenn. . . PorI'smouTh, R. I. . .TonkaWa, Okla. . . . Bellevue, Tenn. Washingfon, D. C. . .Alliance, Ohio . Bowling Green, Ky. Bowling Green, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . .VersaiIIes, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Jonesville, S. C. . . Lilfle Rock, Ark. . . Lilfle Rock, Ark. Nashville, Tenn. . Margie, Miss. Nashville, Tenn. . Hickman, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Florence, Ala. . . Norwich, Kansas Nashville, Tenn. . . Ramer, Ala. Girardeau, Mo. Nashville, Tenn. Kingslon, Tenn. Ca pe If102QI SOPHOMORE CLASS -- SCHOOL OF MEDICINE JAMES T. ALLEN, SI' B TI ...... Boise Cify, RANDOLPH O. BATSON, SIP X BARBARA MAE BINKLEY . . . JOHN M. CHENAULT, A K K RICHARD M. CHRISTIAN, SI' X LAWRENCE E. COOPER, JR., 11, EREDERIC E. COWDEN, -IA K . ROBERT W. DAVIS, JR., -I1 K . WILLIAM SAMUEL DAVIS, A K RALPH MEYERS DENHAM, A K GEORGE ELLIS DUNCAN, A K JAMES SORY FORBES, fi: K . . LATTIE MILLER GRAVES . . . JAMES O. HALE, JR., A K K . THOMAS BRANSON HALTOM . CECIL JENNINGS HAWES, A WILLIAM KNOWLES HITE . . GAMEEL BRYON HODGSE, fb B J. LACY HOPSON, A K K . . JOHN MCREYNOLDS JACKSON X . K K K KK.. H Okla . Gulfporf, Miss. . Nashville, Tenn . . Decafur, Ala . Nashville, Tenn . . .CooTer, Mo . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . . . Norlon, Va Williamsburg, Ky . Russellville, Ky Hopkinsville, Ky .ScoTIsville, Ky . . . Erwin, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . Conway, S. C .CharlesTon, Ill . Nashville, Tenn Cadiz, Ky . Nashville, Tenn WILLIAM LUTKINS JOHNSTON, 41 X . Birmingham, Ala JAMES C. LANIER, JR., fb X .... Jacksonville, Fla JAMES WATSON LASSITER, ffl X . . Hunlinqdon, Tenn JERE WHITSON LOWE, 4, K . . . . Nashville, OSCAR FRENCH NOEL, -11 X . . . . . Nashville, THOMAS EITE PAINE, JR., -I, X . . .Ab8I'dC6f'I, JOHN ROBERT PARSONS, JR., fb K . . Nashville, JOSEPH THOMAS PAYNE, A K K .... Teheran, JOHN HOLMES PEYTON, A K K . . . Lebanon JAMES BOYCE PRESSLY, A K K . . . Due Wesf, JAMES NICHOLAS PROFFITT, fb B IT . Maryville JAMES BRATTON ROBERTS, CI' X .... Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Iran Tenn. S. C. Tenn. Tenn. JACK CLINTON SALLEE, A K K . . . Lexingfon, Ky. IRVING SCHWARTZ .......... Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT WELLS SHIREY, ID X ...... Camden, Ark. STEWART PHILLIP SMITH, ID X . .ChaIfanooga, BERTRAM EDWARD SPROFKIN . . . . Paterson, DAVID EARL STEWART, 'II B TI .... Brownsville, Tenn. N. J. Tenn. CHARLES L. SUGGS, JR., fb X . . . . . Rossville, Ga. JOHN E. SUMMERS, JR. . . ,.... Nashville, Tenn. HAROLD MILTON TRUEBC-ER, 'Il B IT, For? Myers, Fla. SPENCER ALLEN TRUEX, JR., 'IP B IT . . Jackson, JOE EARL TYLER, 'I' B Tl ....... Ringgold, Tenn. Texas HENRY E. WARDEN, JR., 11- K .... Mecomas, W. va. EDWIN LEA WILLIAMS, CIP B TI .... Maryville, GEORGE BRECK WYATT, fb X .... Union Cify, Tenn. Tenn. LIOSI FRESHMAN CLASS -- SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MORRIS ADAIR, A K K ...... COLLIN FREEMAN BAKER, JR. . . Bowling Green, Ky. . . . .Tampa, Fla. LEO MAX BASHINSKY, 111 X . . . . Birmingham, Ala. WALTER F. BECKER, sb B IT . ERIC NEEDHAM BELL, JR. . . WENDELL CLARK BENNETT .. . JACK ABE BERNARD ..... JOHN D. CALDWELL, A K K . . . . . Kaufman, Texas . . Bloomingfon, III. . . . . Fesius, Mo. . . Rockwood, Tenn. Jefferson Cify, Tenn. ORLON VER-E CARR, JR., A K K ,.... Urbana, III. ANDREW JACKSON CAUSEY, 4' B IT . . Furman, S. C. WILLIAM WALLACE CHAMBERS . . .Car'rhage, Tenn. MARY CLARK ..........,.... Tupelo, Miss. LOUIS PIERCE COY, A K K .,... San Diego, Calif. SAMUEL N. DOANE, JR., A K K . .Arkadelphia, Ark. JOHN WATSON DONALD, 411 X . , . Pine Apple, Ala. RUDOLPH AMBROSE DRALLE, A K K . Maurer, N. J. SAMUEL CHESTER DUNN, fb X .... Nashville, Tenn. IVAN ELDER, CIP B II ........ Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. SILOUS CYLE FERGUSON, A K K . . Middlesboro, Ky. FRANKLIN THOMAS FOWLER, A K K . Nashville, Tenn. OLIVER HALTON GRAVES, 'If X .... Jackson, Tenn. JOHN WALTON GRIFFITH, JR ..... Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT HEIMBURGER, A K K JOE HALL JOHNSON, A K K JACK EDWARD KEEFE, III , . JOHN EMMETT KESTERSON, 'I' . .SpringfieId, Mo. . . . . . .CIanI'on, Ala. . , . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. JOHN ROBERT WOOD-S, NELSON HERBERT KRAEFT, sb B 1T . . Nashville, Tenn. KENNETH G. LAWRENCE, A K K . . . Florence, S. C. WILLIAM RANDALL LAY, A KK . . . Barbourville, Ky. JOSEPH ALEXANDER LITTLE, CI' X . . . Bessemer, Ala. JOSEPH B. LONGINO, 112 X . .Sulphur Springs, Texas CLAY RO-SEAR MILLER ......... Pensacola, Fla. LAWRENCE MOLLOY ......... New York, N. Y. STEWART R. MORTLAND, A K K ..... Hardin, III. THADDEUS M. MOSELEY, 111 X . . .Wesl Poinf, Miss. EDWIN MARVIN ORY ......... Forl Payne, Ala. GABE AUBREY PAYNE, 111 X . . . .HopkinsviIle, Ky. JAMES WALTER POLK, 111 X ........ Troy, Tenn. ALFRED ABRAHAM POMERANZ .... Brooklyn, N. Y. DALLAS BETHEA REYNOLDS, A K K . Lancasfer, S. C. PAUL HENRY RINGER, JR., A K K . . Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM ROBERT SCHAFFARZICK, 'ID X .,.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .While Sulphur Springs, Monl. DAVID L, SMITH, A K K ....... Las Paulo, Brazil WILLIAM K. SMITH, lib B H . . . .AuburndaIe, Fla. GEORGE W. STRAIGHT, 112 X ...... Savannah, Ga. JAMES R. THOMASON, A K K . . Fountain Inn, S. C. JAMES NELSON THOMASSON, fb B TI . .York, S. C. HORACE T. WHITAKER, JR., 'IP X . . Fayelleville, Tenn. TIMOTHY GLYNE WILLIAMS, C11 B IT . . Decherd, Tenn. GERALD WINOKUR ......... Jersey Cily, N. J. JAMES WATSON WOODS, JR., fb X . Lewisburg, Tenn. 41 B TI .... Nashville, Tenn. I1041 Z Q 'K ew Ellen Adair, Jean Bass, Frances Blomquist, Florence Burns, Mar Betsy Hood. Claire Jackson, Ann Looney, Ethel Lovell, Elton Mills, Dorothy Morris, Fannye Oast, Julia Rodgers, Emilia Saucedo, Sammie Shapiro, Laura Myrtle Wilson, Bernena Woldridge. THIRD YEAR--SCHOOL OF NURSING ELLEN ADAIR ............. Alderson, W. Va. Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing JEAN BASS ........ Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Candidate for Bachelor of FRANCES BLOMOUIST . . . Candidate for Bachelor FLORENCE BURNS ..... Candidate for Bachelor MARJORI E CAN NON .... oi bf Candidate for Bachelor of EDNA HANCOCK ...... Candidate for Bachelor of DOROTHY HELFENSTEIN . . Bachelor oi Candidate for BETSY HOOD ......... Candidate for Bachelor of CLAIRE L. JACKSON .,... Candidate for Bachelor of ESTHER LUTZ ......... Candidate for Bachelor of ANN LOONEY ........ Candidate for Bachelor of ETHEL BELLE LOVELL ..... Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing . . . . .Savannah, Ga. Science in Nursing Milligan College, Tenn. GOLDA MATTHEWS . . . Candidate for Bachelor ELTON MILLS ....... Candidate for Bachelor FANNYE OAST ....... Candidate for Bachelor VIRGINIA LEVERING PRICE iorie Cannon, Edna Hancock, Dorothy Helfenstein, Esther Lutz, Golda Matthews. Clara Polizzi, Virginia Price. Tabb, Sarah Thompson, Florence af oi af Weathers, Morrilton Ark. Science in Nursing . . . . Fort Smith, Ark. Science in Nursing Estill S. C. Science In Nursing Guilford College, N. C. Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of' Science in Nursing . .Spartanburg S. C. JULIA RODGERS ......,..... Louisville, Miss. Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing . . . . . Hillsboro, Ill. SAMMIE SHAPIRO . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing . . . Mason City, Iowa LAURA TABB ................. Upton, Ky. Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing . . . . . Kinston, N. C. SARAH A. THOMPSON . . . . . . . .Manchester, Ga. Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing . . . . . Madison, Wis. FLORENCE WEATHERS . . . . . . . . . . Elkton, Ky. Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing . . . . Clearfield, Penn. MYRTLE LEE WILSON . . . . . . . River Junction, Fla. Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL COURSE . , . . . Nashville, Tenn. CLARA MAE POLIZZI . . . . . . : . . Dallas, Texas Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Nashville Tenn. EMILIA SAUCEDO ..........., Austin, Texas Science' in Nursinlg Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing DOROTHY MORRIS .......... Columbia, Miss. BERNENA WOLDRIDGE . . . . . Kansas City, Mo. Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Nursing I f il 1 is I V rf fi-'X 'iw ' ll Iwi Aglillgj ILIMZ -N . - , ,,, - xg. 1.-he ., 'J EJ ,lbs-f 4 , - - . . - Q l x n iff, I I 372 A F H -if 4 . J I J if gl W af Wy nb 4 M LIOSJ .I CR i T lb I Q11 T' 7 Q Charlolle Cline, Mary Edilh Dean, Nadine DuLaney, Berly Mae Frazier, Kalhryn Harlan, Mary Virginia Hayes, Mary Louise Kaeder, Agnes. B. Kidd: Virginia Longesl, Doris McGill, Rlosamond MCQUEE1, Olixge Miller, Eunice Moe, Frances Pasoz, Sue Porler. inl . Eloise Rallings, Sarah B, Shull, Elba Sneed, Daloahcnee Tejaguoe, Dorolhy Vickers, Charlolfe Wilson, Charlolfe ' Yarbrough. SECOND YEAR -- SCHOOL OF NURSING BASIC PROFESSIONAL COURSE DOROTHY JANE BURKE . ...................... . . Nashville, Tennessee CHARLOTTE CLINE . . - .... Brislol, Tennessee MARY EDITH DEAN . . NADINE DULANEY . . BETTY MAE FRAZIER . KATHRYN HARLAN . . . MARY VIRGINIA HAYES MARIE LOUISE KAEDER AGNES B. KIDD ..... LOUISA LANHAM . . . VIRGINIA LONGEST . . DORIS McGlLL ,.... ROSAMOND MCQUEEN . . EUNICE MOE ..... FRANCES PASOZ . . . SUE PORTER . . GRACE QUINTO . ELOISE RALLINGS . . SARAH B. SHULL . . ELBA SNEED , . . DAPHNE TEAGUE . . . DOROTHY VICKERS . . CHARLOTTE WILSON . CHARLOTTE YARBROUGH' ANNA BORGMAN . . MELBA COX .... LUCY DADE . . . GLADYS DAVIS . . . OLIVE MILLER . . . . JOSEPHINE TALBOTT . . .. Lonaconing, Maryland . . . Russellville, Arkansas . Greenville, Souih Carolina . Mount Pleasanl, Tennessee . . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . . . . . . Dixon, Illinois . . . , . Lexinglon, Virginia Sparlanburg, Soul'h Carolina . . . . . Manquin, Virginia .. Enid, Oklahoma . . . Brislol, Virginia .. Pomona, California . Riverside, California . . .' . Forf Worlh, Texas . . . .S1'. Louis, Missouri . . Pageland, Soulh Carolina . .... Neva, Tennessee .Cherokee, Norlh Carolina Taylorsville, Norlh Carolina .. Cheslerlown, Maryland . . . Hooker, Oklahoma . Murray, Kenlucky . . . . . Auslin, Texas .. Wellsville, Missouri .. Louisville, Kenlucky . . . . Wichila Falls, Texas . . . Greenville, Mississippi . , Bowling Green, Kenlucky ,nn 47 JY Alice Atkinson, Betty Bacon, Charlotte Bacon, Sara Jean Colville, Virginia Crenshaw, Mary Crisfield. Kathryn Farthing, Anne Elizabeth Godfrey, Thelma Harlan, Margaret Haynes, Elsie Hlava, Frances Hurley, Mary Jarnagin. Dorothy Johnson, Virginia Lunn, Grace Maas, Elizabeth Ann McElroy, Teressa Rader, Virginia Robinson, Lucille ALICE ATKINSON . . BETTY BACON . . . . CHARLOTTE BACON . . SARA JEAN COLVILLE . . VIRGINIA CRENSHAW . . . MARY CRISFIELD ..... KATHRYN FARTHING . . . ANNE ELIZABETH GODFREY TH ELMA HARLAN ...... MARGARET HAYNES .... ELSIE HLAVA , . . . FRANCES HURLEY . . MARY JARNAGIN . . . ONEITA ATWOOD , . . . MARTHA CAMPBELL , . RUTH CHAMPION . CORINNE COCHRAN . FANNIE DIXON .... OUIDA GUICE . . . . FANNYE HAMILTON .... MARY SUE HARMON .... HELENA HART MARGARET HOCKENBERGER I HELEN HODGES ....... ELLEN JENSEN ....... Schuyler. Margaret Steiger, Mary Jane Stem, Nell Teeter, Leora Warren, Martha Watts, May Louise Williams, Lorene Wilson, Willie Woosely. FIRST YEAR--SCHOOL OF NURSING . . Clarksville, Tenn . , Reidsville, Ga . . . .Albany, Ga . McMinnville, Tenn . . . Drexel Hill, Penn . . Savannah, Ga . . . Boone, N. C . Kalamazoo, Mich .Johnston City, lll . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . . . . .Cicero, Ill Paducah K . . . , y. Jefferson City, Tenn. WILLIE WOOSLEY . . DOROTHY JOHNSON . . VIRGINIA LUNN . . GRACE MAAS . Savannah, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. La Grange, Ill. ELIZABETH ANN 4M'cELROY . Lebanon, Ky. TERESSA RADER . . . Bristol, Va. VIRGINIA ROBINSON '. '. '. ' '. f Gainesville, Fin. MARGARET STEIGER MARY JANE STEM , NELL TEETER . LEORA WARREN . . MARTHA WATTS MAY LOUISE WILLIAMS . . . LORENE WILSON . Mebane, N. C. ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL COURSE . . Cleveland, Miss. . . . Greenwood, Miss . . .Birmingham, Ala . . . .CoIlins, Miss. . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Mobile, Ala . . Little Rock, Ark . . Culleoka, Tenn . . Morganfield, Ky . Little Rock, Ark . Rolling Fork, Miss . . .Jackson, Miss VIOLA KELLEY . . HAZEL KINZER . . . ROBBIE NELSON . . IRENE PRYOR . DORA SCHNEIDER LUCILLE SCHUYLER ' ' MADGE SLEDGE . , ESTHER STAUSS . . . . NEZZIE SULLIVAN . LUCILLE TEAL . . . MIRIAM WALTERS . MARGARET YORK . . Danville, Ky. . Eagleville, Tenn. Pottsville, Ark. . Fort Scott, Kan. . . .Waco, Texas . Conway, Ark. . . Richmond, Va. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. , Nashville, Tenn. Little Rock, Ark. Hawesville, Ky. . Cleveland, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. New Orleans, La. Yazoo City, Miss. . Enterprise, Ala. . . Mobile, Ala. . . . .GreenvilIe, Ky. LlO7J Charles Lee Bagby, Elbridge Barlley, Amy Elizabelh Fowler, J. Forl' Fowler. Dwighl' Orville Jackson, Paul McCormack, Louise Panigol, John Pursell, John A. Turner. SCHOOL OF RELIGIO CHARLES LEE BAGBY .... ELBRIDGE WESLEY BARTLEY AMY ELIZABETH FOWLER . J. FORT FOWLER ...... DWIGHT ORVILLE JACKSON JAMES WILLIAM LANTRY . HUSTON PAUL McCORMACK LOUISE PANIGOT ...... JOHN WILBER PURSELL . . JOHN A. TURNER . . . HUBERT A. BAKER .... S. A. BASS ......... JAMES DONALD CREGO . . C. BLAINE DUNCAN . . . LYMAN FIRESTONE .... ROBERT L. HAYGOOD . . GEORGE ALBERT LOLLIS . . SHUGART MARTIN .... JOSEPH D. QUILLIAN . . J. SAMUEL SHELBY . . . SILVIO SILVA . . . J. J. STOWE . J. E. WOLF . . SENIOR CLASS MIDDLE CLASS . . Paducah, Kenfucky . . . Ferguson, Missouri . . Birmingham, Alabama . . Charlolle, Tennessee . . Kansas Cify, Missouri . . Greenville, Kenlucky , . Sparla, Tennessee . . Sr. Joseph, Missouri . . Souihside, Tennessee . . . Evarls, Kenfucky . . Nashville, Tennessee , . . Lebanon, Tennessee . . . Maryville, Tennessee Hunlingfon, Wesl Virginia .. Harrisonville, Missouri . . . . Empire, Alabama . . . Sallville, Virginia . . Nunnelly, Tennessee . . Winder, Georgia . . . Hickman, Kenfucky . . . . . . . . Rio, Brazil . .Spring Hill, Tennessee . . . . Marrha, Tennessee LIOBI I 1 SCHOOL OF RELIGION W. D. COMPERRY .... JUNIOR CLASS . Savannah, Tennessee JOHN ERWIN DICKSON . Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee AI-BERT DRIGGERS - - - . . .WauchuIa, Florida GEORGE P. FOWLER . . Springfield, Tennessee WILLIAM C. FRANCE . . . . . Sfuarf, Florida EDWIN FREEMAN . . . , , , Cadiz' Kenfucky CARROLL F. GRAVLY . . Murfreesboro, Tennessee WILLIAM I. JORDAN . . Colfondale, Alabama SAMUEL MAGBUL NASII-I , , Jubbulpore, India EUGENE S. OGRODOUSHI Sayreviile, New Jersey MARVIN H. THOMPSON . . Leoma, Tennessee EDITH CLARE WALDEN Connersville, Tennessee ELBERT WALKUP .... . . Jackson, Tennessee EWING WEAKLEY . . . Lebanon, Tennessee WADE WELDON . . Cenlral Cily, Keniucky JOE WHITMER ...... . . . Enid, Oklahoma MRS. VENETA WHITMAN . . . Enid, Oklahoma CANDIDATES FOR M.A. WILLIAM D. MEDEAVIS ..... .............. . . Kingsporl, Tennessee WOODROW WILSON WASSON . SI. Augusfine, Florida 1 ' f 1 ' -5' Fix ,- ,vs N: ,,' 5 will ,R Mfg, 1535 I 'P X I Qfr-f, ,J A-Jfsllggfw--1..q 'Ql,Mia--- f-ff'm-e--f.--.---- -f-swf, I Il-pl IL I I If I T I, T T V 'ci-J' ,- X113 ,L f I ffl A ,fpifgwfii c 0 M M 0 n 0 ll t ll, I ill I . If I I 5 fe mf? V , Y Z. , ,,,,, A ,gif , , :uf L.- sax!-' . MW u,,,,,L,,.., -eu 5, ,, -mgfrriif I-gil j-A K 4, v.,..... ,..........,.- .,,., -,,. , :J I 3 lfif .5 Win f fl 'll J rl ' WI J I C1091 lie Q L X afar X, 3 Wllmee milf LZILIJ ie M BERNARD H. BARNETT . Candidafe for JAMES C. BEARDSLEY . . Candida+e for GEORGE O. BENTON Candidale for WILLIAM W. BERRY . Candidale for VESTER G. BRADY . . Candidale for SIDNEY BROCKMAN . . Candidafe for HAMPTON BU RKHALTER Candidafe for Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor JOHN DOUGLAS CARMACK . , . Candidale for JAMES B. CARTWRIGHT Candiclale for Bachelor Bachelor JOSEPH GREER CUMMINGS . . . Candidale for Bachelor Bernard Barnelf, James Beardsley, George Benfon, William Berry, Vesler Brady, Sidney Brockman, Hamplon Burkhaller. James Carfwrighf, Joseph Cummings, Kemper Dodson, James England, Grover Hedges, Jr. Sfedman Hines, Henry Jost, Jr., William Lackey, Douglas Lambelh, William Nolan, Jr., James Alberl' Weller, Pierce Winningham, Jr. I SC LOF LA . . . . Helena, of Laws . .Tecumseh, Mich of Laws . . .Jackson, Tenn of Laws . . Nashville, Tenn of Laws , . .Jackson, Tenn of Laws . New Orleans, La of Laws . . Nashville, Tenn of Laws . . Cookeville, Tenn of Laws . . Memphis, Tenn of Laws . . Nashville, Tenn. of Laws Ark. KEMPER H. DODSON, JR. .... . . . Madison,,Tenn Candidale for Bachelor of Laws JAMES LAWSON ENGLAND .... Decafurville, Tenn Candidale for Bachelor of Laws GROVER F. HEDGES, JR. Spencer, W. Va Candidale for Bachelor of Laws STEDMAN HOLT HINES . Candidafe for Bachelor of HENRY LEE JOST, JR. . , Candidare for Bachelor WILLIAM LACKEY . Candidale for Bachelor DOUGLAS S. LAMBETH . . Candidale for Bachelor WILLIAM B. NOLAN, JR. Candidale for Bachelor JAMES ALBERT WELLER . Candidale for Bachelor PIERCE WINNINGHAM, JR .... Candidafe for Bachelor . . . .McCIeansville, N. C Laws Kansas Cily, Mo Laws Nashville, Tenn. Laws . Nashville, Tenn. Laws .Waverly Tenn. Laws Savannah, Tenn. Laws . Jackson, Tenn. Laws JAMES MARTIN ANDERSON . Bachelor of GEORGE STREET BOONE . . Bachelor of WILLIAM H. CORUM .... Ba el ch or of OREN HAROLD COUNCIL . . Bachelor of JAMES WILLIAM DEMPSTER . Bachelor f RICHARD CALHOUN DUNNO. ' Bachelor of ARTHUR L. ADAMS, JR. . . Bachelor of CAROLINE ADAMS ...... Bachelor of WALLACE A. AIKEN ,... Bachelor DAVE ALMON ALEXANDER . Bachelor of WILLIAM L. ANDREWS . . . Bachelor BYRON C. ANGLIN . . . Bachelor of BURDETTE F. BEVAN . . , Bachelor ARCHIE L. BOSWELL . . . Bachelor of of of of JAMES HUGHES BUTLER . , Bachelor of FRANK G. CLEMENT ..... Bachelor of WILLIAM O. COLLINS, JR. OOL FLAW . . . . Kansas Cily, 'Mo Laws .......ElkIon, Ky Laws Caslalian Springs, Tenn Laws . . . . . . Paducah, Ky. Laws . . . . .Jackson, Tennf Laws . . . . . Madison, Tenn. Laws FIRST YEAR . .Jonesboro, Ark. Laws . . . .Tampa, Fla. Laws Seallle, Wash. Laws . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Laws . . . Nashville, Tenn. Laws . . . . . Lumpkin, Ga. Laws . . . . Lebanon, Ohio Laws . . .Norfolk, Va. Laws . . Hulchinson, Kan. Laws . . . . Dickson, Tenn. Laws . . Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES HENRY HIGHT chelor B ALLEN M. STEELE .5 .... Bachelor JAMES MARCUS STUBBS . Bachelor BETTY ANNE THICE .... Bachelor ALBERT F, WHITMAN, ll . Bachelor GUY W. WILLIAMS . . . Bachelor CLASS WILLIAM H. COVINGTON Bachelor CHARLES E. CRABTREE . . Bachelor JOHN P. CUSACK .,.. Bachelor MAXWELL S. HADDOX Bachelor JOHN A. HAGOOD . Bachelor CHARLES K. MALONE Bachelor ROBERT B. MILLER . Bachelor HARRY L. MITTWEDE . . Bachelor CHARLES NELSON, JR. . . Bachelor RALPH C. STANARD ,... Bachelor ELIZABETH ANNE TURNEY Laws Liavvs Laiws Lani LAWS Laws Laws Laws La ws Laws Lawis Laiws Laws Laws Laws Lavvs Laws . Nashville, Tenn. . . Franklin, Tenn. . . . Lanier, Ga. Independence, Mo. . Nashville, Tenn. Forf Screven, Ga. . Donelson, Tenn. . Birmingham, Ala. Midland, Texas . Nashville, Tenn. . Tallapoosa, Ga. . . Mayfield, Ky. . . . Murray. Ky. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Mobile, Ala. Washinglon, D. C. Bachelor of Laws ' Bachelor fl I I . fy IV, I L? if I if fy55p5iQ,,, .,,..... ,.,, , .... L. L. f ee flu Z If ffl L T iQg ...jiL.ii,-XJ7! I 'm"W"i"'2" ,I be xml JL 'fi .J ' J I! X50 Llllfl I . I ' .V NN J I BUTTRICK HALL lHl llllllllll ln The span oT his days man Tinds ThaT all his Time is noT serious. Perhaps iT would be unbearable Tor him if iT were. The TacT remains ThaT man seems always To be pushing his heavy hours baclc and Try- ing To Till Their places wiTh Times oT lighTness. AgainsT a dreary background These happy days seem To Tlash. These Tlashes are whaT we remember mosT. The picTure oT college days would noT be com- pleTo wiThouT including The elemenTs ThaT make Tor The mosT pleasanT remembrance, beauTy and good Times. True, all days are noT sunny, buT Those ThaT are deserve To be preserved. yi L 1 5 3 i 1 3 'a 1: 1 , . v 1 ,+ Q 11 w., lx Qu: Li ,xr 1 1 I i 'II -1 I 1 I V. A I, A v ,. 4 'x li? airy lm 1 f r b w 1 w l r I wi 1. I 5 z ix vii my 1 L. r Q N rj 5 1 3 Q i i 15 li 5 1 WW? wikiwf , M aff lgimff w fi M1 il! Vi llx. , ft ffxvl-X f if uk f X-'K ' 7 . X-N" xx A1 f X. ,K Hx! F wxxf X Q f ' 1 12 ' X, A ' Y X N ,V X i ! R 1 W Miss Mnnulvm HIIIWKEEQQXM J 1 3, 5! milf- A---M f,f '4 ---M H '---- P. 1 1 A L, Y gf! MISS VANDERBILT I I X VI i gif l I I I' I XV N. I Hf IR 5' I I I ' XI N ,.f' I X .I -' fl I 'I I I I X, I' fl ' I ' A I If III I ISS I I H Ii I N I II H I H III IIT I N I - I IJ , ' I . I' I I I I, I I ' I I I . ' A .I I I I' I ,I I I I - I I I II I' -I I 1 'I' , I 'Ai . 'I ,I I ' X-f'-f I XI II,I'I I IIII I I I I I K, I ' I I I . I I I I II II I I I I III' I III II III I'Ii II ,III III I I W II ,III III I I I LADY OF THE BRACELET III Il I ,I . I-' JU, I '- Q K I hx uk L22 WL 54 ' . ,,, x,-,x f - .Iw- I I 3J.IIf F Y ,IlKI,II f I" I I IITI I I I X w W X, ' Ll fx M I 3 3 H N N I H I M H ' 43- X Q ,X., XX " 'X N- 1 ,VII Yx pl X .2 ,Ax J V J 5' f 1 W VK X11 ,V X . 1. 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X , .H ff' 1 , fx lf' ' , " fx N 1 GAMMA PHI BETA 1 1 , - ll J -x 1 W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 111 11 1 1 ' 1 1 i , '1 1 1 I 111 I ,,, 11 1 11 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 '11 1 '1 11 1 1 1:1 1 11' 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 M 1 111 11 11 1 1,1 111 1 11 1111 1 1 111 11 P 1 P 1-1 1 B '16 if 611' J: I . 21371173 1 1111 f ,111 ,1- 11,11 K. ffifx mix A!! .R 1. Q, 'R .f-A-X 353 1, we-Y-----X 11 .-Y-A11 X 1'X1 11 1 1 NL. 1 , 1,11 1 X x 1 - "-.. W' 1 1 My 1 11 1 111111 H11N1111111H11N 11 111 X.--N .. Xtx X . J' 1 '1 11' 1 11, 1 .V 1 .111 1 1 11111 1 E TA 115 s. X . x X' ' ' .N XA N ' ' A X MISS SHMH SHIHMHffN 1 X x 'x A, Y. Q X W 'A I i ' ALPHA EPSILON PHI f I 's -5 ,l 13 5 5 1 3 E 5 I I 1 3 1 1 f 4 ! 2 3 3 Q I " 'A ,,, K 4 v i ' . 99974 A, ,. Te I Q .rf ' ft, 311' ,,.. , .nf Q uu- ' .. .y Y is '42 C '1 .'f"I V ' I gf" - 4,."K-.-' ' J. I t. 1 .f::"f,' A 9' , 4,,.-gs-w Q ff iLQ,J'f::"5 ,a , , ' . , . ld' ' V U 1 l JI Aga..-1 7,-Y ' .- I". yes,-1 -A -."' 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I .ix , JW 111. 11 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1111 1 1111 2511 11' 1 ' 1 :IX 1 . 11: 111 1 1.11, 111' 14111 11111 '1111 1',!111 1 ' 111 it ,111 3 11.11 1 111 '11 1 11 ,I1 1 1, 5 1171 1 1 111 1 1 1 117' ' ,V 1141 11. 11 1 1 '13 1 1 11 1 1 1111 11 1 TLT' , 1 11 111 11k1 11 1 4, 1 4,11 1 . 1 V' , . ,.1 11 , 1 11 ,X N . 1' 11 ,1 A 11 11 1 11 11 W 1 1 A 1 111 11111 1 11111 1 ,NW 11111 ' 11 1 1:11 11111 ' I 1111111 1 11 'U 11 11 4 g 5? f' '1 11 5 1 1 Q 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 IHIHIIIIIIIII "As The Twig is bent so grown The free. si :wi O: 1 The sTudenT grasps The opporTunfT'es around rwfrn u'wga-rigrgiouve iii so can his IaTer acTiviTy be Toreseen. Qrem Taionrs wouo go Tor naught ia This world iT iT were noT Tor Their developmenT by worli. Aoffiif Teri, to buTT The rough edges oT individualism and To plug up delloienoes. The college graduaTe oT Today leaves his sheITered IiTe as a sTudenT, and sTeps inTo his place in The world oT compeTiTion, equipped wiTh knowledge oT noT only books puT human naTure and common sense, able To look ouT Tor himseIT. This is due in large measure To his parTioipaTion while in ooI'ege in ACTIVITIES. A EW OF SCHOOLS OF MEDICINE AN N 3 .Vik BV 11 ,1 11 1 1 1 14 1 11 1 15 1 'I .1 111 ,, 1 11 1 11 I 1 '1 1 1111 111 11 1 1' 11 '1 'L 1 '11 111' 1 1111 1111 11111 11 M11 11 1 10311 1111 11 1', 1111 'I 1K1 111' 1 11211111 1 1, 111' 11111 ' 111'1' 1 1 11111 1 ' 1 ,'11 1 111 111111 11,11 1 1 11 1 I' 15 1 1 1 ' 1 K 1 .11 111 . 1- W' 111 , . 1 ,1 1 11 Z1 1 1 L, .1 111 1 11 1,1 1 '11 11 11'1 111 11 J1111' 11 1 1 1 1'1' 1 Q1 11 11 11 1111 11 11 1 ,1 I 111 I 11 11 1,' 1 1,1 111 Q1 111, - 111. ,1 111 , 1 1 1 :1 1 11 ,41fl111 1 1 1 1 1 A' w QQ X ' K rx' 5. if Brig' 5 . 'gif THE ORIGIN AND PURPOSE The Board OT TrusT creaTed The VanderbilT Union in T925 The Union sponsors a social and culTural program Tor The UniversiTy C.ommuniTy, and provides Tor The managemenT oT Alumni Memorial l'lall which is The Union Building. The Union has dual conTrolling boards. The AdminisTraTive CommiTTee, wiTh l-Till Turner, Alumni SecreTary, chairman: C. M. SarraTT, Dean oT Men, OverTon Williams, Bursar, and E. J. Eberling, proTessor oT economics, as members, conTrol The usage and mainTenance OT The build- ing. FiTTeen per cenT oT The sTudenT Tees are allocaTed Tor This purpose. The STudenT AcTiviTies Board, meeTing in monThly dinner sessions, is composed oT TwenTy elecTed members and Three TaculTy represenTa- Tives. Every deparTmenT in The UniversiTy is rep- resenTed on The board. lTs TuncTions include making appropriaTions Tor and sponsoring Union dances, lecTures, recepTions, Teas, inTormal par- Ties, deparTmenTal acTiviTies, reciTals, dramaTic DEIZBILT producTions and many oTher diversions Trom classroom rouTine. ln addiTion To These services The Union supplies newspapers and magazines Tor six sTudenT lounges, purchases The sTudenT subscripTion oT The T-TUSTLER, college weekly newspaper, operaTes and mainTains The Memo- rial Union Building where sixTy-odd universiTy organizaTions hold more Than six hundred meeT- ings a year. ln The Memorial Building, Through iTs admin- isTraTive commiTTee, The Union supervises The VanderbilT CenTer-The sTudenT commons oT The UniversiTy, where a TounTain-luncheoneTTe service supplemenTs The lounging TaciliTies. The oTTice oT The Union DirecTor, oTher Than doing secreTarial worlc Tor The organizaTion, co- operaTes wiTh The adminisTraTion in coordinaTing The sTudenT acTiviTies program. The Memorial Union Building is The cenTer oT exTra-curricula acTiviTies-iT is The living room oT The UniversiTy. IT was presenTed To The Uni- versiTy by VanderbilT alumni and was erecTed .uv ' THE MEMORIAL UNION BUILDING Alumni Memorial I-Ial The Lounges Frierson Audiforium The Games Room Alumni Offices The Vanderbilf Cenfer STUDENT UNION af a cosf of 5200.000 in memory of fhe Vander- bilf men who died in fhe World War. The names of fhese valianf men are inscribed on fhe walls. This building is a beaufiful sfrucfure of Modified Oofhic design and is cenfrally locafed on fhe campus. In fhe building are sfudy and recreafion lounges and some fwenfy ofher rooms used for business and social meefings. Among fhe or- qanizafions having offices in fhe building are fhe I-loner Council, Sfudenf Council, Olee Club, Band, fhe HUSTLER, fhe COMMODORE. fhe PURSUIT, fhe MASOUERADER, B. S. U., Pan-Hellenic Council, Dramafic Clubs, and ofher sfudenf groups. The Alumni Associafion offices are on fhe main floor. The office of fhe Union Direcfor and house manager is convenienfly locafed in Ihe building and accessible fo everyone as an informafion bureau and for any ofher services wifhin Ihe scope and purvey of fhe secrefary. The lzaculfy Club room on fhe second floor is fhe general meefing place and recreafion cenfer for faculfy members. Frierson and Memorial Aucliforiums nof only accommodafe organizafion meefings buf are fhe scenes of nu- merous sororify and frafernify dances. Alumni Memorial Room I I . I I I I I I I ll I IIIBII JI., . T717 f ' Nr I xiii 'Milf .-V wc A if f A We E fs I Si ,J T' Z x J, f' V The SI'udenI Ac+iviI'ies Board in Dinner Session FACULTY MEMBERS ADA BELLE STAPLETON . . . . . Dean of Women IRBY R. HUDSON . . Assf. Prof. of PoIiIicaI Science GEORGE R. MAYFIELD ..., Professor of German OFFICERS BUD BEASLEY .......... Senior Academic Presidenf JACK BERNARD ........ Freshman Medicine Vice-Presideni BYRON C. ANGLIN ...... . Law Secreiary EX-OFFICIO BLAIR BATSON .......... Junior Academic Presidenf Sfudeni Council WALTER PARKES ......... Senior Academic Edifor THE I-IUSTLER VIRGINIA BLAIR ......... Senior Academic W. S. G. A. Represenfaiive ALLEN EARLY .......... Senior Academic Presidenf S.C.A. ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE ERNEST J. EBERLING . . . Asso. Prof. of Economics C. MADISON SARRATT ........ Dean of Men HILL TURNER . . . CI1'm., Sec'y AIumni Associaiion OVERTON WILLIAMS ........ . . Bursar MEMBERS CARL ROGERS ..... DEANE WALLACE .... VIRGINIA LEVERING PRICE MARY HAYES ....,. WILLIAM BERRY . . GEORGE BOONE . . LYMAN FIRESTONE . . . SARAH GOODPASTURE . . BUD TRACY ...... JOE WRIGHT ...... ANDROMEDIA BAGWELL . ELISE PRITCI-IETT . . . EDGAR WRIGHT . . I-I. B. TOMLIN .... CLIFFORD TILLMAN . . STUDENT UNION B T136fI . Senior Medicine . Junior Medicine . . Senior Nursing . Senior Nursing . . Senior Law . . . Junior Law . Junior Religion . Senior Academic Senior Engineering Senior Engineering Junior Academic Junior Academic Junior Academic Junior Engineering Sophomore Academic 0 ARD ACTIVITIES The scope and naTure of iTs program viTaIIy aTTecTs The social and culfural IiTe oT The Univer- siTy CommuniTy. During The currenT year The Union has sponsored IecTures by Alexander WooIcoTT, I-Ienry N. Snyder, Maurice I-Iindus, and James P. I-Iepbron, reciTaIs by OTTo and ETheI Luening, Thomas Ingram, and oTher arTisTs Tor chapel programs. Ten all-Universify dances, many deparTmenTaI TuncTions, The Founders Day and Senior Farewell dances, and numerous oTher evenTs sponsored by The Union are de- signed To make sTudenT IiTe on The campus en- IighTening and enjoyable. Each sTudenT becomes a member oT The Union upon maTricuIaTion and a non-TransTerabIe idenTiTicaTion card is issued ThaT enTiTIes The holder To aTTend all Union presenTaTions. Reading from Top To boTTom: The STudenT CenTer The Games Room Receiving Line aT The WashingTon Tea sf D Q7 ENT council The VanderbilT STudenT Council, governing board oT The sTu- denT body, is composed oT TwenTy members. Twelve oT These members represenT The various classes oT The College oT ArTs and Sciences and The Schools oT The UniversiTy. The oTher eighT, serving in The capaciTy oT ex-oTTicio members, include The secreTary oT The STudenT Union, ediTor oT The I-TUSTLER, and The presidenTs oT The Senior and Junior Academic and En- gineering classes, oT The STudenT Union, oT Omicron DelTa Kap- pa, oT The l-lonor Council, and oT The Pan-l-lellenic Council. l-laving conTrol over The maioriTy oT The sTudenT acTiviTies, The duTies oT The Council are naTurally many and varied. lvleeTing in regular session The TirsT Tuesday oT each monTh, and aT Times when necessary in called sessions, The Board weighs careTully The problems conTronTing The sTudenT body, and acTs in The besT inTeresT oT The UniversiTy as an whole. Each member pledges his Tull cooperaTion in The adminisTraTion oT The duTies oT The Council aT The Time oT his insTallaTion. PRESIDENT BATSON Ae ACTIVITIES The duTies oT The STudenT Council are: To call and conducT all general meeTings OT The sTudenT body. To call and conducT all general elecfions, class eIecTions, and The eIecTion oT The Bachelor oT Ugliness. To represenT The sTudenT body in iTs reIaTions wiTh The TacuITy. To represenT The sTudenTs, or To secure Their represenTaTion, in The various organizaTions oT The UniversiTy. To eIecT and supervise The cheerleaders. To malce all preparaTions Tor and conducT The spring and Tinal dances, including The Junior and Senior Proms, and all oTher dances ThaT The Council shall deem advisable To sponsor. To consider all Torms oT conducT ThaT may bring reproach upon The UniversiTy and To deal wiTh individuals who may be guiITy oT conducT unbecoming To a genTIeman and To a sTudenT oT VanderbiIT UniversiTy. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE AT The presenT Time The Council under The Ieadership oT PresidenT BaTson is TormuIaTing plans Tor a more closely coordinaTed sysTem oT sTudenT governmenT Through which The boards oT The various sTudenT organizaTions will be able To obTain beTTer cooperaTion in The supervision oT sTudenT acTiviTies. IT is The purpose oT This new sysTem To bring The STudenT Union Board. The Honor Council, Pan-I-Iellenic Council, and oTher sTudenT boards under a modiTied Torm oT cenTraIized conTroI which will aTTord inTeresTed sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in acTivi- Ties and will in general provide Tor greaTer eTTi- ciency in adrninisTering The duTies oT each board. The Council in Session CounTing The Ballofs Illl i , I II, Ill! Y 'I II I ,, I , , I. III I I I ,, Ii wi, I , I I I I I I I l .rl I III' Ii' II ,Il I II Ii, II :Ii Ml. 'II III l'i ,L , I I Ill, III IH! III li I,lg ly IN ,I I I IIII Ii' I gl I Nl II Ilxl Ill III ll ll ll , I Ill III I .Ill I I HI Ig I , , l lI.I ll' I I, ll, I II I I II-I lIl IIQI I llgil III ll ,ljl rifii III' ,, : 'I ,I I I1 - I I. ll 'I li II I, Ili' I . Ig., I I ,,, K, 'I III I flu 'Illll II I II , gli If L John Donald, Branl' Lipscomb, Harris Abrahams, Byron Anglin, Bud Beasley, Tom Brown. Joe Cummings, Thel Horn, Orville Jackson, Charles JeTTon, Don Kelly, Roy Kelly. DeIberT Mann, BerT Marshall, WalTer Parkes, WinsTon TipTon. Members of TIIIQ STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS I BLAIR BATSON . . .......,.... Presidenl' JOHN DONALD ........ . Vice-PresiclenT BRANT LIPSCOMB ...... ........... S ecrelary MEMBERS HARRIS ABRAHAMS . . BYRON ANGLIN . . . PresidenT Honor Council . . SecreTary STudenT Union BUD BEASLEY ..,.. ..... P residenT STudenT Union TOM TARTT BROWN . . . . PresiclenT Omicron Della Kappa JOE CUMMINGS .... ........... S enior Law MAURICE HOLDGRAE . . THEL HORN ...,.. . . PresidenT Junior Academic . Presidenl' Senior Engineering ORVILLE JACKSON . . ......... Junior Religion WINSTON TIPTON ..... Blair BaTson holds The disTincTion oT being one oT The Tew sTudenTs To hold The posiTion OT presidenT oT The VanderbiIT STuclenT Council as a Junior. ElecTed in The Tall oT I939, upon The resignaTion oT BerT Marshall, BaTson has per- Tormed capably The duTies oT The oTTice. Under his guidance The Council has been highly suc- cessTuI in improving The elecTion sysTem and in ll40l CHARLES JETTON . . . PresidenT Senior Academic DON KELLY . , . ...... Sophomore Academic ROY KELLY .... . Presidenf Pan-Hellenic Council EARL LANCASTER . . PresidenT Junior Engineering DELBERT MANN . ..... Junior Academic BERT MARSHALL . . . . Senior Academic WALTER PARKES . . . . . EdiTor HUSTLER ALLEN STEELE ........ .,.. J unior Law . . . . . Senior Academic bringing To The campus The mosT popular or- chesTras obTainable. V ATTer serving Trom The early spring To The Tall oT I939 Marshall resigned upon Tinding ThaT The pressure oT oTher duTies would noT permiT him To give The Time and aTTenTion ThaT he TelT The posiTion should have. During his shorT Ternn he proved himselT To be an adminisTraTor oT The True VanclerbilT calibre. "DI2OM-ING" ln bringing To a close The social aTTairs oT The year l938-'39 The STudenT Council engaged Will Osborne Tor The Senior Proms. The TirsT Council dance oT The Tall oT '39 had Tor iTs purpose The wel- coming back oT grads on Homecoming Day wiTh Glenn Garr and his Band sup- plying The music. Cn Thanksgiving Day, Tollowing The Alabama game, The Coun- cil sponsored Barney Rapp and his Or- chesTra. For The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT The UniyersiTy, The daTe oT The Junior Proms This year was advanced To mid-February. To The music oT T-lal Kemp and his band, Maurice l-loldgraT, presidenT oT The Junior Academic Class, led The Prom wiTh his daTe, Miss MargueriTe Wallace. Thanks To The "SmooThies," JaneT Blair, Bob Al- len, and Mr. Kemp, This series oT dances wenT down in school annals as perhaps The besT ever held aT VanderbilT. Pre- siding as The Queen oT The Prom was Miss Ann Polk Trimble and her CourT oT Fa- voriTes. CulminaTing The Social Calendar oT This year will be The Senior Proms on The sixTh and sevenTh oT June wiTh Dick Jur- gens and his 0rchesTra playing To honor The new members oT Omicron DelTa Kappa and The newesT alumni. AT righf, Top To boTTom: Prom Queen and her CourT. New O. D. K. Members Honored aT Senior Prom. Hal Kemp and his OrchesTra. The SmooThies. ,awk 'EDITORIAL STAFF BUD BEASLEY .,.... . . . EdiTor-in-Chief MICKEY CARMICHAEL . . . . . Business Manager BUTCH WYATT ..... . .AssisTanT Edifor RAY DEMPSEY ............ AssisTanT EdiTor STAFF HEADS l BILLY MOORE CLARK, MARY BROCK . . . Classes BOB REED, JACK PERRY . , FraTerniTies BOB MYERS, CHARLEY JETTON . Men's Acfivifies DEAN GARNER, JIM REED . . Men's Organizafions JOE THOMPSON .... ......, S napshoTs RUTH CONE ....., . . .Special Phofography BILLY BATTS, HUGH CARTER . , . GraduaTe School JOHN ELLIS, HOMER HOWELL ....... SporTs TOM HUDGENS ................ Typing GRAY MOORE ......,........ Sororifies SHIRLEY STEELE ...,... Women's OrganizaTions ANN C. GILLESPIE, DOT EVANS .... Biographic STAFF ASSISTANTS KaTsy Aycock, Tempe Chesfer, E. G. Davis, Jr., Es- Telle Ehrenwald, Lynn Farrar, George ForT, Leonard LinTon, Bob McRae, Bill Reed, WalTer Robinson, Mimi Reisman, John Rubel, Tom Sfeele, R. R. Tipfon, Damaris Wifherspoon. BUD We give you lfor 55.00-iT you boughT early. for S4-.5Ol The l940 "Commodore," Herein you will find your pic- Ture-maybe-iT you had iT made aT Loveman's Phofo- l2eTlex SrTudio, corner FifTh and Union-and if we didn'T ose iT. This may noT be a besT seller: iT may noT add an inch To EllioT's Five Foof Bookshelf: iT may noT go down in hisfory as one oT The Ten greaT books of all Times-buT we Think iT's preTTy good lfor probably no one else willl. Seriously, Though, wiTh liTTle remaining To be done be- fore The ThirTy-second Volume oT The VanderbilT "Commo- dore" goes To press may we pause and express our appre- ciaTion To Those who have aided so maTerially in This work. LiTTle could have been accomplished by us had our efforfs noT been guided by Mr. Joe LedbeTTer oT The Benson PrinTing Co. For his leadership, suggesfions, and full cooperafion we are indeed grafeful. To him goes The crediT of conTribuTing The mosf To This 3ear's ediTion of The "Commodore." Likewise may we exTend our Thanks To Messrs. R. G. Benson. Billy Benson, Joe Overfon. Dan Eadie, and Fay AshworTh for Their excellent cooperafion. May we express special Thanks To Dr. Edwin Mims for The accounf of our IaTe Chancellor James I-I. Kirkland which we used in The "ln Memoriam." We shall always be indebTed Tor This fine work. To Dr. George Mayfield. Prof. Irby I-Iudson, Prof. E. G. Rasmussen, and many oTher members of The Taculfy, we owe Thanks for Their useful suggesTions and help. We are indeed indebTed To Mr. Frank GuenTer for The picTures we have used in The AThleTic SecTion and To Mr. Dudley Green for The copy used in our Resume of The Season. To boTh we express our sincere Thanks. To Miss MargareT 'CovingTon and The sTaTf aT The PhoTo Reflex STudio we owe our Thanks Tor The many kind- nesses shown us and The fine work done on The phoTo- graphs Tor This volume. For The snapshoTs in This volume we are graTeful To Rufh Cone, Joe Thompson, Van Irwin, Bill HasTins, Claire Leiber. Ralph HinTon, MilTon Shier, and I-IunTer PiIkinTon. May we also exTend our Thanks To Miss Virginia Lev- ering of The School of Nursing, Lyman Firesfone of The School of Religion, Joe Cummings of The Law School and Joe LiTTle. Deane Wallace. and Orie Couch of The School oT Medicine Tor Their conTribuTions Toward This work. I am indeed graTeTuI To The members of my ediTorial sTaTf Tor The fine cooperaTion shown me and Tor Their paTience. I realize how Trying The work on'This ediTion has been and Tully appreciaTe Their services. No ediTor has ever been given more faiThful and loyal perTormance. So wiTh These humble expressions of appreciaTion we bring To a close our work on The I94-O "Commodore." May This volume serve as a permanenT record oT Vander- bilf life for you. This has been our endeavor. -EDITOR. I I I I I I l I I I BUSINESS MANAGER To make a yearbook a success, il is essenlial lhal lhe business slall be ellicienl in every sense ol lhe word. Lillie can be accomplished by lhe edilorial slall if lhe financial allairs ol lhe "Commodore" are nol managed properly. This year lhe business rnanaqer, Mickey Car- michael, has allorded lhe edilorial slali every opporlunily lo make lhis edilion lhe biqqesl success ol lhe lhirly-lwo volumes lhal have been published. To him goes credil lor a suc- cesslul adverlising campaign. increased book sales over pasl years, an increase in lhe number ol piclures made, and IOI per cenl coopera- lion in every maller lhal has arisen. l-lis line slall ol assislanls have added malerially lo lhe splendid work lhal has been done. STAFF ASSISTANTS Joe Davis, Clark l-lullon, Billy Balls, l-lugh Carler, Henry Clay, Willie Cornelius, Bill Boolh, Scoll Nall, Jack Perry, Tom Shea, Dick Braslield, I-lerberl Carmichael, Jirn Reed, Jack Jones, Kennelh Cayce, Fred Carmichael, Maynard Thompson, C. P. Brocalo, Cecil Woods. MICKEY IQAO COMMODORE bfi WALTER EDITORIAL STAFF WALTER PARKES . . ....... EcIi+or SIDNEY I-IIX ..,.... Managing Ediior MARC CONNOLLY . . . Business Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS Anne Caroline Gillespie, Delberi Mann ASSISTANTS J. D. BROWN, GEORGE FORT . . . Sporis DOROTHY EVANS ........ Socieiy MARTHA I-IAKE . . ...... Feaiures HARDY NOLAND ....... Carioonisf VAN IRWIN ,,.,..... Phoiographer I-IAROLD KATZ, JACK JONES . . .Rewrire SPECIAL STAFF WRITERS CIiIIorcI TiIIman, Bobby Cook, Bill Boo'rI'1, Rich- ard Donaldson, Marvin I-Iolderness, CI1arIes Lipscomb, Bob MCNUII, I-Iarry Ransom, Marvin Woodard. REPORTERS WaIIer King, Ann Shepard, SeIma SeIigman, Dan Porier, Jean Burk, Bill Burks, Mac Bigelow, Bill Van Arsdale. Coupery Shands, Virginia PriIcI'1eII', Vision TayIor. BOB JONES ...... Circuiaiion Manager THE IIUSTIEI2 M BUSINESS MANAGER Handling The financial problems of The "I-lus- TIer" is a difficulf Task. This year The iob. being made doubly hard wiTh The large reducfion in local and nafional ads. has required unfiring efforfs and efficienf managemenf. Marc Con- nolly, serving in The capacify of business man- ager, has provided This needed efficiency and energy in a manner which has helped make The issues a bigger success. BUSINESS STAFF WILLIE CORNELIUS JOHN NEWTON STEELE TOM I-IUDGENS BOB McADOO JOE ADAMS JOHN WI-IALLEY The "ArisTocraT of Soufhern Newspapers" is The appro- priafe name given To The VanderbiI+ "I-IusTIer." Pub- lished weekly by The sTuclenTs of The Universify. if reporfs The news lalfhough offen sfale. having been "scooped" by The ciTy papers and The Sfudenf Union Calendarl in a manner usually as iT happens, excepfion being The arficle concerning The Touch foofball game befween The Commodore-Masguerader 'Combinafion Team and The I-IusTIer Team, which ended in a score of six To nofhing in favor of The Combinafion Team, buf which was reporfed quife differenfly. AT Times when unable To gafher The news, The "I-IusTIer" has been forced To creafe Some by such mefhods as The Taking of polls To defer- mine sfudenfs' viewpoinfs concerning revolufionary ideas of The edifor. Buf disregarding all "pubIicaTion rivalry" for The mo- menT, we salufe The "I-IusTIer" for having gained for iTself a place among The Top-ranking college newspapers of The S-ouTh and congrafulafe iT on having won nafional recog- niTion on several differenf occasions. Esfablished in I888, iT has since ThaT Time performed a real service To The sTudenT body, bringing announce- menfs of imporfanf evenTs and meefings, sporfs news, edi- Torials, and oTher news of inTeresT To all. Each issue is anxiously awaifed by The sfuclenfs and faculfy of The Universify. IT holds membership in The Associafed Collegiafe Press T14-51 I if , , . :L gf, ,.Isu?g,,ivv g " X " . fd ,X 4 fx, , A' V NJ, MARC and disfribufes The Collegiafe Digesf. The "I-IusTler" does noT resfricf iTs acfivifies To The reporfing of news alone, buf in addiTion conducfs The "Miss Vanderbilt" elecfion, sponsors The "greased pole" climb, and engages in oTher annual evenTs. To serve as Edifor of The "I-IusTIer," The sTudenT musT be energefic, responsible. unbiased, and aIerT and musT possess ThaT well-known "nose for news." The posiTion This year has been filled by a sTudenT wiTh These qualifica- Tions, Walfer Parkes. I-Iaving devofed a large percenT- age of his Time for The pasT four years To The "I-IusTler." Parkes has gained a knowledge of publicafion work ThaT has enabled him To Till each issue wiTh The maferial which has drawn The sTudenT inTeresT. WalTer's problems This year have noT been confined To The deTerminaTion of whaf is The besT news-wiTh a large reducfion This year in The number of bofh nafional and local ads, a serious financial problem has been infroduced. Walfer has coped wiTh These and many oTher problems mosf admirably and indeed deserves The praise of The enfire sTudenT body. To you, Walfer-our congrafulafions-yours has been a Task well done. 1 1 I 1 11 I 1'11 11 b 1 1111 I 11,3 11 1 1 11 111. I 1 11r1 .111 , 1 I 1111-1 1 1 III111 'il I 11 Jil llll 1115 11 1' 1 L 1 1 1 11 1 111 ' 1' 1 1:1 rl" l'qfil1 1 1 11 '1 111, 1 1 1 11i.N+1 111 1'. I1 ljff- '1 .fivfz 1 v 111 I 1' - 1 1 .1 11N .I +11 1 ?a'il?l.g,?I - 11111 MAS This year Ihe MASOUERADER, VanderbiII's humor magazine, was ediled by Scojrlr George. ScoII's wil and originalily have made each edi- Iion a huge success and anxiously awaired by Ihe enrire siudenr body and Tacully. STAFF SCOTT GEORGE ...,,,. . . . . Edilor BOBBY PITTS .,.,.. . Business Manager MARTIN LICI-ITERMAN . . . , Associale Edilor EDITORIAL STAFF Bill Boofh BiIIee Woody Edna Murray Davy Bob Johnson Damaris Wirherspoon Caiherine Simpson Ray Dempsey Edgar Wrighf Willie Cornelius Tom I-Iudgens Leonard Linron Jim Reed Eddie Coffman Dean Garner George Wood BUSINESS STAFF George Griffin Virginia Youmans Charles JeHon I-Ienry Clay Dean Garner CIRCULATION John N. Slreele Bill Reed UEIZADIIZ Allhough handicapped perhaps Io a grealer degree Ihan any of Ihe orher publicalions on Ihe campus by Ihe huge slump in na'rionaI ad- verrising, 'rhe managemeni under Jrhe leadership of Bob Pills has nor failed in acquiring ample financial supporr for each issue. I I 1 I 31 111 F 1'1.,'. D PURSUIT, The magazine oT prose and poeTry oT VanderbiIT UniversiTy, is published guarTerIy. PURSUIT was Tounded To provide a medium oT expression Tor IiTerary inTeresT on The campus. Since iTs beginning in I938 iT has Tound iTs way To an imporTanT posiTion, being widely read and respecTed by The enTire sTudenT body and The TaculTy. UIZSUII BiTsy Napier, This year's ediTor, has capably Tilled The posiTion and has conTribuTed much To The success oT The magazine. James Tuck has headed The business sTaTT of This year's PURSUIT and has been successTul in- deed in handling The Tinancial aTTairs aIThough handicapped Tremendously by The reducTion in ads. EDITORIAL STAFF MARY CAMPBELL NAPIER . ..... EdiTor ELISE PRITCI-IETT . . . . ShorT STory EdiTor RAY DEMPSEY ...... . AssisTanT EdiTor ROBERT MYERS . . .... Review EdiTor ED MCGEI-IEE . . . . PoeTry EdiTor MARION K. LONG . . . . CurrenT Affairs Edifor BUSINESS STAFF JIM TUCK .... ..... B usiness Manager MARTIN LICI-ITERMAN . . . CircuIaTion Manager DICK BRASFIELD . . . . AssisTanT Business Manager BILLY BATTS .1 ..... . Exchange Manager ASSISTANTS VesTa WhiTIey, Esfelle Ehrenwald. Virginia PriTcheTT, Ann Ganier, Ann STahIman, Jean Cude, I-Iugh KaTz. TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS Hugh Adams, Jean Burlc. yum I I, 1 1 Q1 f1 , 1 If? Q1 -Q' 11111. 1 A 1 E11 ' 1V1' N I 1 1121 ' Hi' 111 Q15 1 1 Ulf 1 'Qzivi 1 13,1141 1 ,E 111 4 .1.11 1 1 wiv ,5 ,1 111' 1 K 1, 1 1, , 1 1 I 1 1 .1 1 " 1 'I I 1, Sf 1 11 1111 1 ,1 , 1 , 1, . 1,,1, .ix ,1 1 ,'11 V 1 1. 1 1 11, 1 1211 I 111 '1 i 11 '-1, pi! 1'i'1 1213 I 1 1' ' 51 L ll 1 T? 1 bi 1 14 1 11 1 11 ' 11 lil' .211 1111 I 11 ,1 I 1141 ,111 .F-' '15 11:11 111 '11 1' 11 K I .311 W4 1 ,-11 , A W 1 1 111 ,q1fll"! M4 NX' 1 1: 1 .11 11. 11 FURMAN HALL lHl Hllllllll Builders of noi only bodies buf minds and, mosl imporlanl of all, clwaraclers-llwal is llwe purpose of modern ATHLETICS. No longer is llwe only requi- sile of an allilele Jrlne body of a Greek god: in Jrlne keen compelilion of loday a quick mind is neces- sary, along willw Jrlwe True spiril ol sporlsmanslwip. And al llwe end of The game, llwe score may be lorgollen, bul nor lwow llwe game was played. l-lere on lield or courl rlie spiril of ATHLETICS of Today-cleanness, lair play, plus an undelinable spark wlwicli enables one lo play his liearl oul, wlwalever llwe odds againsl viciory may be-pre- pares one for The slrill grealer game of life. 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 11.1 1 1 1 1 11 1 .I ,I I1 11 1- I 1 1 1 I1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 I1 1 1 1 1 11 I1 I 1 1 1 I1- 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 i1 1 11111 1 11,11 I E11 1 11 1-1 III11 I , 1I I 1112 1 ' 1111' I' 1: 1 111 1 1 '11 11 II, 1II 1 11 11 I 11" I 1 1 1 1 1 1111 111' 1 1 1 11 1 11 511 Q 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 111 1. 1 111 1 ,'11 1 A 11.11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1II I 1 11I1 1 1 ' 1' 1 . 11 1 111 1 1. 11111 1 11 11111 1 1 1 I11 1 1,111 1 I1 1111111 , 111111 ' 11'W111 1 1 11 I .111 P 1-111. 111111 11 11111 1 1 111 1 .1I1 1 1111 11 I1 111 111 111 1 1 1,1 11111 1. I, 1 1'1 1-1 , 1 V 1 .I1I, I 1111 1 11I1,I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 I 1 1 11I I 1 1 1 1 W.,-, .. N., 1 i 1 l l I o l ZVLLH, l l l l AND His STAFF l l Because his feam did The impossible, scoring fwo l fouchdowns in six minules fo win fhe Rice game-be- y cause his crippled players ouffoughf a Rose Bowl 1 machine-because of his loyalfy and devofion +o ' Vanderbilf-we pay 'rribule +o Ray Morrison-a coach- : ing genius, well-deserving of fhe honor besiowed upon him Two years ago as fhe oufsfanding coach in 'rhe l Soufheasfern Conference. Our besl wishes go wiih A him and his aides as fhey leave us. MORRISON FRNKA MCINTOSH Caplain-elecl John Ellis, Miss Jean Beasley and Caplain Ray Andrus doing a bil of hunling IN MORE WAYS THAN ON A greal perlormance againsl Tennessee, a surprising viclory over Rice lnslilule, lhe usual win over Sewanee and lhe 1939 Vanderbill lool- ball season is lold. The Commodores were plagued belore lhe season opened and lhey didn'l rid lhemselves ol lhe various maladies all year. Qscar Evans, end, and Berl Marshall, aller- nale-caplain and slar guarlerback, were losl in preliminary drills wilh recurrences ol old knee iniuries. Caplain Raymond Andrus and Joe Al- kinson, slar Sophomore guard, missed several games because ol lhe knee-iniury iinx. Schol- aslic dillicullies kepl W. A. Mclilrealh, end, and Morris McLemore inaclive. Al various limes injuries prevenled Ralph l-linlon, Roy l-luggins, Mickey Flanigan and olhers lrom playing. There were plenly "lirsls" on lhe Commodore records. Vanderbill losl seven games lor lhe lirsl lime in hislory. The Commodores were 4"1Tf'5,.gA order bealen by Kenlucky, Ole Miss and Virginia Mil- ilary lnslilule lor lhe lirsl lime. Roy l-luggins and Junius lDocl Plunkell garn- ered "all-slar" honors lrom lhe I939 ranks. Hug- gins was named as lullback on lhe Wrilers' All- Soulheaslern Board. Plunkell was named on lhe Uniled Press All-Soulheaslern leam as quarler- back. l-le also was lhe lhird ranking pass lhrower in lhe counlry. Caplain Raymond Andrus was named lhe leam's mosl valuable player and linished lourlh behind Bob Foxx ol Tennessee, Ken Kavanaugh ol l.. S. U. and George Kenmore ol Auburn as lhe mosl valuable perlormer in lhe conlerence. Vanderbill, I3: T. P. l., I3 Wilh a squad riddled lrom iniuries and minus lhe services ol Caplain Raymond Andrus aller lhirleen minules ol play, Vanderbill made any- lhing by an impressive showing in lhe mid-week Linemen Dan Wallon, Maurice Holdgral, Sol Komisar and Mac Peebles Coaches Mclnlosh, Morrison and Welzel gelling fhings in X is x ix x x W7 ,W CAPTAIN RAY ANDRUS VANCE BURKE JOE ANDERSON THE COMWOD opener wifh Tennessee Polyfechnic lnsfifufe. Andrus suffered a recurrence of a lcnee injury lafe in fhe firsf period and was carried from fhe field. The day was for baseball, nof foofball, fhe femperafure hovering in fhe neighborhood ORE SEASON of ninefy degrees. The Commodores were in anyfhing buf fop shape. Berf Marshall, brillianf quarferbaclcg W. A. McElreafh, endp Oscar Evans, end, and Morris Mcl.emore, guard, were unable fo play for various reasons. ' Backs Mickey Flanigan, Gene Higgins, Roy Huggins, Doc Plunlceff and Charlfon Davis Vanderbilt scored TirsT mid-way oT The second period aTTer Hardy Hous- man's inTercepTion oT a pass and a IaTeral To Doc PlunIeTT had pushed The ball deep inTo T. P. I. TerriTory. PIunleTT wenT across Trom The Tour-yard line Tor The Tally. PlunIneTT's drop-kicln Tor The exTra poinT was wide. T. P. I. came righT back and Tied The counT. HarIow's Tumble was recov- ered by T. P. I. and O. C. Salmon wenT Through The middle oT The Vander- biIT line Tor The Touchdown. The Commodores came baclc in The Third period wiTh a quick Touch- down. Housman Toolc a ThirTy-yard pass Trom PIunIceTT Tor The Tally. PIunIceTT added The exTra poinT by a drop-lciclc. All The remainder OT The Third period and a greaTer parT oT The TourTh Tound T. P. I. ThreaTening. Finally wiTh Three minuTes IeTT To play T. P. I. recovered a VanderbilT Tumble on The Commodore ThirTy. On The second play PriesT gaThered in a shorT pass and raced down The sidelines Tor The Tying Touchdown. HuTcherson added The Tying exTra poinT Trom place- menT. Vanc.IerbiIT, I3g Rice, I2 One oT VanderbiIT's greaTesT Triumphs. Behind Twelve poinTs wiTh buT six minuTes To play The Commodores pushed over Two Touchdowns and added one exTra poinT To gain The verdicT in The TirsT meeTing beTween The Two schools. VanderbiIT was never ouT oT The ball game aIThough The Owls scored TirsT in The second period on an eighTeen-yard sprinT by Ollie Cordill and again on a shorT plunge in The Third period by Ernie Lain. Twice VanderbiIT ThreaTened in The opening haIT. An inTercepTed pass Icilled one ThreaT and a dropped pass over The goal line chilled The second. The Commodores marched 52 yards Tor The TirsT score. PIunI4eTT wenT over Trom The Two-yard line aTTer passes and plunges by Roy Huggins and Hardy Housman had moved The ball deep inTo Rice's TerriTory. Few people had hopes Tor a VanderbiIT vicTory aTTer Cordill came baclc wiTh The IcicI4oTT aTTer The VanderbiIT Tally. The Rice baclc raced 48 yards beTore being hauled down by Huggins. Three plays Tound The Rice Owls AT righT, Top To boH'om: Ralph HinTon, Doc PIunIreTT, and Hardy Housman. Preparing Tor The Game I T Managers Trimmier McCarley ancl Conway Haile wilh "Slooges" Duck Troller and H. B. Tomlin To lhe lefl, lop lo bollom: Maurice Holdgral, Caplain-elecl John Ellis, Roy Huggins losing a yard. Cordill's punl wenl oul ol bounds on lhe Vanderbill seven- leen. 'Plunkell picked up lhree yards and lhen compleled a 50-yard pass lo Bill Kammerer. The clock said lwo minules remained. Shorl passes and plunges moved lhe ball down lo lhe Rice lour. Vanderbill called lime oul lo lhink over lhe silualion. Seven seconds remained in lhe game. Plunkell and Huggins lhen concocled a huddle play and Huggins look a llal pass lo go over slanding up. Housman's allempled exlra poinl was wide bul il didn'l maller as lhe Kenluckian had added lhe all-imporlanl poinl aller lhe lirsl score. Vanclerbill, l3g Kenlucky, 2I ll was lhe lirsl Kenlucky viclory in hislory. ln lhe pasl lhe besl lhe Wildcals had been able lo gel was a scoreless lie bul lhere was no doubl as lo lhe winner aller lhe lirsl period. Coach Ray Morrison surprised everyone by slarling his second leam and lhe reserves pul over a quick louchdown. Hinlon laking a I3-yard pass lrom Mickey Flanigan and racing I2 more lor lhe score. Aller lhal lhe Commodores bogged down. Kenlucky came back wilh ils second leam in lhe second oluarler and lhe Wildcal reserves ran lhe Commodore varsily ragged. A blocked punl sel up lhe lirsl Kenlucky score. Junior Jones wenl I8 yards on a reverse lor lhe lally. Hardin added lhe exlra poinl. Vanderbill was moving goalward in lhe lhird period when Joe Shep- herd, Kenlucky caplain, leaped high inlo lhe air lo inlercepl Plunkell's pass and race 70 yards lor lhe score. Again Hardin added lhe exlra poinl. Zoeller climaxed a 69-yard Kenlucky march wilh lhe linal louchdown. Jones added lhe lwenly-lirsl poinl. Hiesland scored Vanderbill's second louchdown, laking a long pass from Roy Huggins. Kenlucky proved superior in praclically every deparlmenl ol lhe game. Vancly nearing The T. P. I. goal line THE SEASON UN VanderbiIT, I3g V. M. I., 20 AnoTher TirsT Time buT noT guiTe as decisive as KenTucky. Again VanderbiIT was away in TronT. The Commodores peneTraTed deep inTo V. M. I. Ter- riTory and Then PIunkeTT sTepped back and Tossed a pass To Ed I-IiesTand in The end zone. I-Iie- sTand also added The exTra poinT. The Commo- dores IeTT The Tield aT The haIT wiTh The Touch- down margin. V. M. I. came back and Tied The score on PriTchard's long pass To Irwin. The V. M. I. end slipped in behind The Commodore secondary and wenT across sTanding up. Paul Shu added The exTra poinT. Bosh PriTchard puT The KeydeTs in TronT wiTh a MAC PEEBLEs g-hggmw PIunIreTT gains againsf V. M. I. DLRWAY 69-yard gallop around end buT Shu missed The exTra poinT. Vanderbilf sTormed back and I-Iousman clim- axed The march by Taking a shorT pass Trom PIunkeTT Tor The Tally. The exTra poinT was missed and VanderbiIT's hopes Tell. WiTh The Time passing TasT, VanderbiIT again drove deep inTo V. M. I. TerriTory and appeared headed Tor The winning score. BuT PriTchard made his presence TeIT by coming up Trom his saTeTy posiTion To inTercepT PIunkeTT's pass and race 80 yards Tor The deciding score. Shu added The poinT aTTer Touchdown. VanderbiIT spenT The remaining minuTes Trying To connecT wiTh passes buT all Tailed. This game saw CapTain Andrus reTurn To acTion Tor The TirsT Time since his injury in The T. P. I. TiIT BOB BELL JOE ATKINSON -Sh ff fn! E m hw E xl Vx U wig M? M Y yi l, M y X4 lh M al Ex h P N V ' 5 W f f 515 1 , , W A K+-Eb a, J ,I ,A f . Q, f..,M.,.aWz3f X f .X ,f.a,, qz, wffwfw -WX , -, ,W X, , T f 2. 922 f, M,,f NN ,Q W Y f f a .Q-Wfmfv ma, Q' , ,, MQ, f!a,,ff,, m fa f' jx M N ww, xx, , .WB U WX ,f. Qjfnf:fQ,f1,f 2 . , ff, f Q V hahaah 1 f X ,wvv W Q A 1 1 f 1 ' v If Za lf.. ,ix -Q 7 1, . W X ., - Q. N S MAG X X W f Xa K qw, A Q X Q ff f I X f f 1 X 'Q Q QQ, . .. ,ff fL9g,,W,.N7 Qjqgyl ff - Lf X Nj fe X. f ff ,f J f 1 ' ff X arf ' New EMILE PETRONE HORACE RAINEY HENRY GUDE ' Phi Bei Managers Trimmier McCarley and Charles Majors The I939 Squad Huggins and Plunke'H puffing over a "big deal-H nf.-' w f NM p ff, 'Tili -.R+ W 4 , A01- 9,, Y., .wi I1 f if V' 582 mi? iw, I inf if f-, si ' W X xx 5 . gn-A3 5-aj Q LZ, fi thrall! f' iff, Q :infill I 5 563 , ! x Q W ' 9 L My 1 V. 3 V, 4 f n,3x,a 'W fl X, K5 ff A f H W, i f ,7 I, a j, i, M ' , , , f W hh Q ' h , , f, fx b - f '?'bA h 'A h A LM? X A 1 L,-J, I Hymn 2 M I Y? 3 4, fU,, M' , 0. r, f im f 13 E2 flrhhfg 2 kwa! h V l-liesTand Scoring in The V. M. I. Game ITA All A DART OT VanderbilT, 63 Georgia Tech, I4 The TourTh sTraighT loss Tor The Commodores aTTer a greaT perTormance. VanderbilT ThreaTened early in The opening period buT The drive Tizzled ouT aTTer reaching The Tech sevenTeen. A greaT punT by Pug Cav- eTTe goT Tech ouT oT This hole and Then The heaT began To Tell on The Commodores. The quarTer ended wiTh no score. Tech sTarTed rolling in The second period. Gib- son Took a long pass Trom Johnny Bosch To igniTe The spark. An end-around wiTh Bob Ison carry- ing moved The ball deeper inTo VanderbilT Ter- riTory. Then Gibson Tound a hole in The middle OT The Commodore line and wenT across sTand- ing up. Roy Huggins sTormed back 69 yards wiTh The nexT kickoTT buT passes wenT wild and The Com- modore ThreaT died. A clipping penalTy againsT VanderbilT made The second Tech Touchdown possible. Vander- bilT had driven deep inTo Tech TerriTory and on The kick ouT a Commodore lineman was deTecTed clipping and Tech was given The ball on Vander- bilT's ThirTy-Two. Two plays neTTed liTTle and Then Gibson made a sensaTional caTch oT a pass To go over Tor The Touchdown. Passes accounTed Tor The VanderbilT score. PiunkeTT hiT Ross l-lanna wiTh a 50-yard aerial bomb. Joe Anderson caughT Two oThers and The THE GAME Commodores were knocking aT The Tech goal. l'lousman's shorT dash gave VanderbilT a TirsT down on The Tech Two. Three plunges yielded buT a yard and Then Roy l-luggins bulled over Tor The score. The exTra poinT was wide. VanderbilT again ThreaTened buT Tour passes wenT wild and The drive Tizzled ouT. Oh, for The life of a TooTball capfainl -Jjffxsii , C ' g.: .i 4' ""'7 Huggins is halTed only a Tew inches from The Tennessee goal line. VanderbilT, 65 L. S. U., I2 Too much Ken Kavanaugh. The greaT Tiger Tlankman was The diTTerence beTween The Two Teams. l-le caughT passes Tor The Two L. S. U. scores and made liTe miserable Tor The Commo- dores all aTTernoon. L. S. U. sTarTed as iT she would rouT The Com- modores. The Tigers Took The opening kickoTT and sTormed righT on down Tor a Touchdown. Kavanaugh Took a 30-yard pas: To sTarT The ball rolling. Bird and Ana5Tasio combined To reel oTT Two more TirsT downs and Then Bird hiT Kav- anaugh Tor The score. The pass Trom cenTer Tor The exTra poinT was bad and Anderson Tailed To run over The oTher poinT. VanderbilT marched 72 yards Tor The Tying Touchdown. l:eaTured in The drive was The sen- saTional pass caTch by CapTain Raymond An- drus. Roy l-luggins climaxed The assaulT wiTh a shorT plunge Tor The score. l-lousman's Try Tor exTra poinT was no good. The C.ommodores came righT back wiTh an- oTher ThreaT, buT as in T935 The halT-Time gun caughT Them on The L. S. U. Two-yard line. Bird unlimbered his arm aT The sTarT oT The sec- ond halT and wiTh Kavanaugh on The receiving end OT a 32-yard pass The Tigers wenT in TronT Tor The resT oT The aTTernoon. Again in The TourTh guarTer L. S. U. worked The ball down To The Commodore 8-yard line buT a slugging penalTy againsT L. S. U. killed The ThreaT. The game ended wiTh The Tigers knocking aT The VanderbilT goal. Paced by l-lighTower, sopho- more guarTerback, L. S. U. marched To The Com- modore Tour as The game ended. VanderbilT, 7: Ole Miss, I4 The TirsT Time in hisTory Ole Miss ever de- TeaTed VanderbilT and The Commodores equalled an old-Time record oT sTraighT deTeaTs. The Commodores played a poor TirsT halT aTTer an early drive Tizzled on The Qle Miss nineTeen. Mrs. Huggins, The moTher of Three VanderbilT TooTball sTars, BaTTered and broken in body buT never in lo alT , CapTain welcomes son Roy back from Rice Y Y Ray Andrus is Taken ouT of The Tennessee game 4. ,iw fr f J f Yi s fwyff '. 1.14"-we mf ,gm A Fwy, wi ,av Afkfrpl Ari, 7 T Q giaiy'-2 ,.'?' in' ii' "'r9""' 1.70 "n'!i"' f '-"-'ir' " fm 'iv-f"':,'-T., ',',"7'i'-"-3,.,'-,.?-:- ,ff v-frwvf' -ze-' A , - A 7' 'z.f'...:Eituf7fLL ,'.i'-1..,i.'Tif1'1,- H1991 'z 11' J i I I if s -., xi'- W if fw..1.f ...-Win 3.2 " fzwfvyffgw, '-.x!.,.4f'A,A1".. '- T' hr 4 A 'P'0- 4 I., 4' ,,,- 1 ,V . A . Q, mg!! ..r.' ,,'-' ,.,.4, .ZW 3 .. , FY,-L -,,h-M9411 J' K , xy., ty.-.JM 1 Awgiw., ....-i1',' 5' ' A LEONARD ANGLIN BILL KAMMERER ROSS HANNA THECOMMODORLS The Commodore line baclcers were guilTy oT miss- ing numerous Taclcles and Cle Miss Tools advan- Tage To push across Two Touchdowns. The TirsT came righT aTTer VanderbilT had marched inTo Ole lvliss TerriTory and losT The ball on downs. T'lapes Taded back and Threw a long pass down The middle To l-lovious, who raced The remaining 50 yards wiThouT a hand being laid on him. SE A Tew minuTes laTer l-lapes climaxed a long march by plunging over Tor a six-poinTer. IT was a diTTerenT VanderbilT Team Thar Toolc The Tield in The closing halT. The Commodores pushed The Rebels all over The Tield and buT Tor Two unTimely Tumbles mighT have come ouT oT The game wiTh noThing worse Than a Tie. Caplain Andrus caughT a pass Trom PlunlneTT AT The Alabama Game ASON Ole Miss all buT scored 'ri . sting "'i' ii .. 's broTe loose Tor CO yards ony Tr, be "firlf'1 'Wi T, 1 peraTe TacTle by l3lunlfeTT, The fgfirne Q n r i V: Q T T possession on The Vanderbh Two. VanderbilT, 253 Sewanee, 7 Coach Ray Morrison employed reserves rs grefner rorfion oT Tun Vm, and The second sTringers gave a good r'if.COLJVll oT Themselves. Sewanee suTTered some unTorTunaTe breals buT The Commodores cashed in on a maioriTy. ATTer suTTering a penally on The lriclcoTT, SandiTer Tumbled The ner' and VanderbilT recovered. The Commodores immediaTely cashed in and Gene Harlow climaxed The march wiTh a shorT plunge Tor The Touchdown. AnoTher Tumble halTed a Sewanee march on The VanderbilT 22-yard line. The Tigers inTercepTed Plunl4eTT's pass on The nexT play buT The Tigers again losT The ball on a Tumble. CharlTon Davis sparlced and scored The nexT Two VanderbilT Touchdowns. He inTercepTed a Sewanee pass and came baclc 40 yards behind splendid inTerTerence To malce a Touchdown possible. He sprinTed Tour yards around end Tor The second VanderbilT score. Davis passed and ran The Third six- poinTer. He hiT Jack Irby wiTh Two passes To move The ball deep inTo Tiger TerriTory and Then cuT Through Taclcle Tor The counTer. George Marlin Tool: a pass Trom Gene Higgins Tor The Tinal Commodore Tally. Mac Peebles added The exTra poinT. SandiTer sprinTed 43 yards wiTh a punT Tor The lone Sewanee marlcer. Vanderbilt Og Tennessee, I3 A splendid perTormance Thaf wenT Tor naughT. The Commodores did everyThing buT win The game. They held Tennessee To a minus Three yards Trom scrimmage and ouT TirsT-downed The Vols. Tennessee had The TirsT break in The TirsT play aTTer The lcicl4oTT. Vander- bilr had aTTempTed To hide Ralph HinTon ouT Tor a possible pass buT The Vol lciclcoTT wenT ouT oT bounds and The C.ommodore halTbaclc was discov- ered, VanderbilT Tried anoTher pass buT Rilme inTercepTed iT on The Van- derbilT TorTy-Two. ln Three plays Tennessee losT yardage and was Torced To punT. The Commodores, running Trom a new TormaTion wiTh a laTeral pass ThreaT, reeled oTT a pair oT TirsT downs and Then were Torced To punT. Ten- nessee's reTurn lciclc was shorT and The Commodores were in oTTensive Terri- Tory. The Vols held and again VanderbilT puT Them deep in Their own To The righT, Top To boTTom: Ed HiesTand, HerberT Dunlcerley, Charles Gaulden Below: Foofball BanqueT L 'Nw I ? 7 Qi. WIND UD THE TerriTory wiTh a punT. I:oxx's kick-ouT soared beT- Ter Than sevenTy yards and The Vols were ouT oT danger. JusT beTore The quarTer ended, Bob Gude re- covered a Tennessee Tumble To again give Van- derbilT a scoring chance. VViTh Huggins carry- ing The ball mosT oT The Time The Commodores moved down To The Tennessee Three wiTh Tour downs To make a score. A reverse losT Two yards. Huggins picked up Three on The nexT Try. He moved To The one on The nexT plunge buT Ten- nessee's Torward wall rose To greaT heighTs To haIT The Commodore Tullback inches Trom The pay-OTT on The lasT Try. DespiTe a greaT kick by BuTIer, VanderbilT kepT The Vols in hoT waTer The resT oT The period. Tennessee sTarTed To move aT The sTarT oT The Third period. WiTh Warren doing The passing and Newman The bucking, Tennessee wenT over 60 yards Tor The marker. Coleman slipping in behind The Commodore secondary To snaTch a pass Tor The pay-OTT. VanderbilT kepT The hopes oT The Tans alive wiTh a march ThaT died on The Vol sixTeen. Sparked by CharlTon Davis and Roy Huggins, VanderbilT wenT 40 yards beTore The Vols Took The ball on downs. IN CON AIThough having a disasTrous year as Tar as scores are concerned The I939 squad deserves The praise oT all VanderbilT Alumni and The sTu- denT body Tor loyal perTormance and The high- esT Type oT sporTsmanship. No maTTer how evi- denT deTeaT appeared aT Times The Team played The game clean and preserved The VanderbilT I ammo 0ze.4 '69 SEASON Tennessee puT on a brieT drive buT was Torced To punT. WiTh The Time slipping by TasT Vander- bilT Took To The air on every down. IT proved cosTly as Fred Newman reached up and plucked one and bulled 63 yards Tor The lasT Vol score. He also added The exTra poinT. Commodore heroes were numerous. Roy Huggins Toiled 60 minuTes and played The greaT- esT game oT his career. Ed HiesTand was an- oTher sTandouT. CapTain Raymond Andrus was never greaTer. And so on down The line. VanderbilT, 01 Alabama, 39 The worsT deTeaT in recenT hisTory and esTab- Iished a new high Tor deTeaTs, seven, Tor Van- derbilT. I The Commodores moved inTo 'Alabama Terri- Tory early in The game buT Spencer inTercepTed an aerial and Trom Then on The Tide was on The move. Mosley gallopod 80 yards Tor one score. Nel- son caughT passes Tor Two more Tallies. Newman was on The receiving end oT a Touchdown pass. Spencer had a long run Tor a Touchdown. And so iT wenT all during The game. IT was a miserable Tinale Tor Seniors Andrus, Housman, HinTon, Anglin, Gaulden. Hanna, Burk and PlunkeTT. CLUSION principal oT "Tair play." No VanderbilT Team has ever had a more TaiThTuI leader Than This year's squad. DespiTe The TacT ThaT a knee in- jury prevenTed him TrOm Taking parT in several oT The games Ray Andrus' supreme eTTorTs and unquesTionabIe leadership were an inspiraTion To every member oT The Team. ' Sfanding: Lipscomb, Holdgraf, Rue, lrby, Peebles, Caplain Hanna, LiHle Kneeling: Hix, Hyden, Higgins, Hackett, Woodard, Davis, Thweaff and Young BASKETBALL SEASON Like fheir foofball brefhren, fhe Vanderbilf cagers could be classed as fhe hard luck cham- pions of fhe Soufheasfern Conference. Illness robbed Coach Jim Buford of his ace scorer, Pinky Lipscomb, for fhe final seven games of fhe season and for several weelcs fhe Commodore was forfunafe fo gef five sound boys in fhe lineup. Flu kepf Capfain Ross Hanna ouf of several games. Maurice l-loldgraf, Jack Irby, Poyner Thweaff and Johnny l-lyden were unable fo play af various infervals due fo illness. The Commodores wound up in fenfh place in fhe conference wifh five vicfories againsf seven defeafs. Vicfories were gained over Auburn lfwol, Sewanee lfwol and Kenfuclcy. Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Tech defeafed Vander- bilf fwice each. The Kenfuclcy Wildcafs handed fhe Commodores fhe ofher loss. Only in one game againsf conference com- pefifion was Vanderbilf oufclassed, fhaf being in fhe final filf wifh Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jaclcefs hopped on fhe crippled Commodores fo gain a 57 fo 39 decision. The ofher losses were by few poinfs and mighf have gone fhe ofher way had fhe feam been af full sfrengfh. Alfhough he missed fhe lasf seven games on fhe slafe due fo pneumonia, Lipscomb fopped fhe scoring for fhe year wifh l59 poinfs. The All-Soufheasfern forward of i939 apparenfly was headed for his besf season when sfriclcen wifh pneumonia. Lipscomb was honored Wllll fhe capfaincy for fhe l94I season by his mafes. Jaclc lrby, guard, will serve as alfernafe capfain. Capfain Ross l-lanna, who was honored on fhe All-Soufheasfern second feam for I9-40, was runner-up fo Lipscomb wifh l58 poinfs. The highlighf of fhe year was fhe vicfory Over Kenfucky in Nashville, 40 fo 32. If was fhe firsf win over fhe Wildcafs since fhe days of Willie Oeny, Pefe Curley, Dave Coleman, Kayo Over- ly and Company. The Commodores were dl Tull sfrengfh for fhaf +iI+ and appeared headed for greafer fhings. Only in fhe early parf of fhe game was Van- derbilf behind. ,Midway of fhe firsf half Bu- ford's boys wenf fo fhe fronf and sfayed fhere. The Commodores gradually increased fheir ad- S E A S Q N ' S R E C O R vanfage and were in full command fhe enfire second half. Pinky Lipscomb and Maurice Hold- graf were fhe Commodore sfandoufs againsf fhe Wildcafs. Lipscomb led fhe scoring and Holdgraf furned in a masferful defensive per- formance. The Commodores opened fhe year wifh Aus- fin Peay Normal and suffered a 40 fo 28 sef- back. Vanderbilf had had only a few days of pracfice affer Chrisfmas holidays and was nof ready for a feam of Ausfin Peay's calibre. Vicfories over fwo non-conference feams fol- lowed fhe Ausfin Peay sefbaclc. Murray was beafen, 47 fo 36, and Cumberland, 5l fo 37. C.oach Buford used his enfire squad in bofh games and all performers gave good accounfs of fhemselves. David Lipscomb was fhe fourfh non-confer- ence feam for fhe Commodores and fhe junior college gained fhe firsf of fwo wins over Van- derbilf, 5I fo 46. Coach Buford used his aces, Lipscomb and Hanna, sparingly in fhis game, saving fhe boys for fhe conference opener wifh Auburn fhe nexf nighf. Buford's iudgmenf proved wise as Lipscomb and Hanna led fhe Commodores fo a Sl fo 46 vicfory over Auburn. The Commodores func- fioned well in regisfering fheir firsf Soufheasf- ern Conference friumph. Vanderbilf hif fhe road for fhe nexf four games and sefbaclqs were suffered af fhe hands Of Georgia Tech, Tennessee and Alabama. None of fhe defeafs were by more fhan seven poinfs. The lone vicfory of fhe iaunf was againsf Au- burn. Jack lrby sfarred in fhe vicfory over fhe Plainsmen. Tennessee successfully boffled up Lipscomb fo gain a six-poinf win. The Commodores had a miserable firsf half againsf Georgia Tech and fheir lasf half rally iusf fell shorf of vicfory. Vanderbilf had a slighf case of sfage frighf againsf fhe Crimson Tide and wenf down, 4I fo 34. Tennessee came fo fhe Hippodrome and again elced ouf a vicfory over fhe Commodores, 34 fo 3I. The Vols enjoyed a narrow margin fhroughouf fhe game. Lipscomb and Hanna shouldered fhe Vanderbilf affack. For fhe sec- ond sfraighf fime Gilberf Huffman, Vol guard, held Lipscomb scoreless from fhe floor. Lip- scomb's field goals came wifh fhe Vol capfain resfing on fhe bench. Following fhe Tennesseeiloss came fhe Ken- fuclry vicfory. lf was one of fhe greafesf in Van- derbilf hisfory. From fhaf fime On fhings wenf bad for fhe Commodores, Alabama and Tech won for fhe second fime. Lipscomb was able fo play buf a few minufes againsf fhe C.rimson Tide. Vander- bilf was in fhe ball game all fhe way againsf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf Vanderbilf 283 Ausffn Peay . - .471 Murray Teacher . . 5l1 Cumberland . . . .451 Lipscomb . . . . Sl: Auburn . . . . 431 Georgia Tech . . 231 Tennessee . 34: Alabama . . . . 501 Auburn . . . . 3lg Tennessee . . .401 Kenfuclry . . . . . 563 Cumberland . . . 291 Alabama . . . 391 Georgia Tech . . 52: Sewanee . . . . .4l1 Lipscomb . . . . . 251 W. Ky. Teachers . . 37: T. P. I. . . . . . 313 Sewanee . . . . . 381 Kenfuclcy . . TOURNAMENT . . 463 Miss. Sfafe . . . . 343 Kenfuclqy . . D 40 36 37 50 46 49 29 4I 46 34 32 49 32 57 39 44 36 35 28 43 36 44 Capfain Ross Hanna wifh Coach Buford cf? ,Q R AssisTanTs McAdoo. Moore and Walker wiTh Manager Howell SEASOTVS. IZIQSUIHE Alabama despiTe The early loss oT Lipscomb. Alabama's heighf and abiliTy To conTrol The ball were The deciding TacTors. Tech swamped The C.ommo- dores, who were in poor physical condiTion. David Lipscomb handed The Commodores anoTher seTbaclc, 44 To 4l. VanderbilT made a greaT second rally buT poor marlcsmanship in The TirsT heaT was her undoing. WesTern KenTuclcy' dumped VanderbilT, 36 To 25. Again The Commodores were unable To locaTe The baslceT Trom The Tloor. VanderbilT had liTTle Trouble in gaining iTs TirsT vicTory over Sewanee. The Commodores rolled over The Tigers, 52 To 39. l-lanna, Joe Davis and John Milliken were The poinT-rnalcers Tor VanderbilT. On Their Trip To The mounTain Tor a reTurn engagemenT The Commodores were able To elce ouT a 3I To 28 To The leTT, Top To boTTom: Capfain-elecT "Pinky" Lipscomb, Jack lrby, Poyner ThweaTT John Hyden and Joe Davis is 2 , ,, f , if , T252 ,, fi" ' ' . 5 ' 51. .......c, ,. my fl The HeighT and Weighl' of The l940 Squad Mac Peebles Maurice Holdgraf and CapTain Ross Hanna win over Sewanee. Poyner -l'hweaTT had a Tield day againsT The Tigers. T. P. l. was beaTen 37 To 35 in The Tinal Nash- ville appearance oT The Commodores. Vander- loilT ran up an early lead buT The Cookeville looys rallied laTe in The game and all buT came away wiTh The verdicT. KenTucl4y gained .revenge Tor iTs seTloack earlier in The year, deTeaTing The Commodores aT LexingTon, 43 To 38. The Commodores made a loaTTle oT iT unTil l-lanna and lrloy exhausTed Themselves laTe in The conTesT. For The Third sTraighT year VanderpilT received a bad draw in The annual comference Tourna- menT in Knoxville. The Commodores were Torced To play Two games in one day and The weakened squad wasn'T equal To The Taslc. The Commodores Toolc Things raTher easy in bowling over Mississippi STaTe in The TirsT round, 46 To 36. The score could have been more had Coach Buford elecTed To leave his good looys on The Tiring line ThroughouT The conTesT. Cap- Tain Ross l-lanna Turned in a greaT game againsT The lvlaroons. AlThough iT appeared as iT The Commodores were in good shape Tor KenTuclcy The sTrain oT having played an aTTernoon game Told on Them in The Tading minuTes. For ThirTy-Tive minuTes, if, ' HTL: 'Tri l 4 xqli , iq, y QER49 i QER53, i 3 f Coach Buford and His STarTing Line-up RESUME VanderbilT sTayed on The heels oT The Tavored WildcaTs. Then l-lanna and The oThers begin To Tire and Coach Adolph Rupp oT KenTuclcy senT in several Tresh men and The 'CaTs pulled away To a 44 To 34 vicTory. l-lanna again was The CapTain Hanna Sinlrs AnoTher in The Alabama Game Commodore sTandouT. He shouldered The oT- Tense and reTrieved balls oTT boTh boards. Eleven leTTers were awarded Tor The I94O season. The winners were: CapTain Ross l-lanna, C.apTain-elecT Pinlcy Lipscomb, Joe Davis, John lvlillilcen, John l-lyden, Maurice l'loldgraT, Jack Irby, Poyner ThweaTT, lvlac Peebles, l-larrison Rue, Joe LiTTle and STudenT Manager l-lomer Howell. Lipscomb Follows Up a Long One in a Game wiTh Tech 7 .Wa x"'f-yy. , ' Q i'f""i'-N--N ff 'b-nu... M ' f ""'-mryati gf ru r w iiiiiiiiii r EAH1 Due lo lhe cancellarion of Jrhree marches, Jrhe Vanderbilr vvresrling learn had only lour marches This season. Improving sreadily, Jrhe Vandy wresllers finished by winning over rhe Universily of Tennessee and Maryville College, aller drop- ping marches To each of These learns ar The be- ginning ol The season. 'Nsvrfi ffz f' yff sh, f X wks ,L W, Wwgsmfv, A , 0 y rf, gm sf wffN7f,vmww4W,m'.sv,,f, N , . ,, W W, , Lellermen include Brooks l-lughes, John Hur lon, John Pellell, Rush Dozier, Scoll George Clark l-lullron, Bud Bray, and DeWi+T Srnirh Bud Bray caprained Jrhe i940 Jreann, Clark Hui lon being caplain-elecr for l94l. The Varsify Squad Xl, V' . W4 , gf E Z K E 4 E 1 S E E i s Righl: lnlielders Troller, Jellon, Higgins, Huggins, Lipscomb ancl McAdoo. Below: Coach Schwarlz wilh Caplain Jellon. L WITH ILLIHIEIR AND Several laclors have handicapped lhe l940 squad lrom lhe very beginning ol lhe season. The uncerlainly arising lrom lhe change in lhe coaching personnel ol lhe'Alhlelic Associalion and lhe prolonged winler wealher made neces- sary a poslponemenl ol lhe lraining season lo lale in March. Also lhe replacemenl problem presenled lo Coach Schwarlz by lhe loss ol eighl oulslanding senior players has demanded serious consideralion and a greal deal ol lime. Bul in spile ol lhe handicaps lhe members ol lhe squad have worked hard and lailhlully lo gel in shape lor lhe opening game. The leam H1731 is led by'Caplain Charles Jellon who lasl year handled lhe lhird base corner bul was shilled lo second al lhe beginning ol lhis season. Jel- lon received an ankle iniury in lhe baseball lrain- ing season ol his sophomore year and lhus was able lo lake parl in only a lew games, bul he remained on lhe squad and lhrough conslanl praclice and carelul lraining was able lo rid himsell ol his iniury belore lhe i939 season. Aller a year ol oulslanding perlormance he was elecled caplain and is capably lilling lhis posi- lion. Taking over lhe dulies al lhird is lleel-looled Gene l-liggins, a newcomer lo lhe squad lhis year. Because ol his experl lielding and line lorm al lhe plale he shows signs ol being a real assel lo lhe squad. For lhe second lime lhe shorlslop posilion is being laken care ol by "Duck" Troller, one ol lhe besl in lhal place for a number of years Troffers service fo fhe feam lasf year was a valuable confribufion On firsf base is veferan Pinky Lipscomb perform ing in malor league sfyle l-lis dependable hf fing was fhe deciding facfor in many of fhe games lasf season. Defying fhe blinding glare of "old Sol" in righf field is Jack Griffin, serving his second year on fhe squad. Taking fhe place leff vacanf in cenfer field by fhe loss of Capfain Boss is C.harley Roberfs, anofher second year man on fhe squad wifh maior league prospecfs. This year Ray Andrus refurned fo fhe diamond affer a year's absence derson is doing fhe leff hand hurling for fhe squad, and is expecfed fo see a greaf deal of service. Oscar Wrighf, Raymond Francis, and l-larold Levy are also showing up well on fhe mound and will undoubfedly be valuable assefs fo fhe squad. These regulars are capably supporfed by ufil- ify men Russell Chambers, Homer l-lowell, Jobie Bernard and Bob lVlcAdoo. and is alfernafing wifh hard-hiffing Roy Hug- gins in leff field. l-luggins saw service in a num- ber of games lasf year and aided maferially fo fhe successful season by his excepfional pinch- hiffing. Af fhe posifion behind fhe baf is fhird year man Chippy Chapman Chapman was shiffed lasf season from firsf and is showing marked abilify in his new posifion In number one posifion for fhe mound work is righf hander Buford Higgs l-lis hurling lasf season well qualified him for fhe fop rank on fhis years squad Thus far fhis season he has won one game and losf one A newcomer fo fhe pifching sfaff is John Therrell Because of his superior fasf ball and fine form he has been labelled fhe sensafional find Dick l-len RhfC+hr Ch Cham Q PPY P der H gms A s ernar Gf and R beris IOAO Sli ASON in Photo by I H Joe E. Brown With Members of fhe Squad Vanderbilf opened ifs Soufheasfern Confer- ence baseball schedule in Aflanfa by dropping a O fo 6 decision fo Georgia Tech. Red Oliver, a nemesis of fhe Commodore baffers, limifed fhe invaders fo six widely scaffered blows. On fhe ofher side, Buford l-liggs, Vandy's junior righf hander, was found for fen blows. l-lowever, fhree errors confribufed fo fhe Vandy downfall. Capfain C.harley Jeffon was fhe only visifing baffer fo drive ouf fwo blows. Vanderbilf losf ifs second game in a row fo Georgia Tech by fhe score of 5 fo 7. The Com- modores hopped fo a 2-I lead in fhe firsf inning, buf Tech fied fhe counf 3-all in fhe fhird. A four-run uprising in fhe fiffh clinched fhe deci- sion for fhe Engineers. John Therrell, making his firsf sfarf for Vandy, allowed buf six hifs buf walked six, which did nof help fhe Gold and Black cause. Skippy Troffer, wifh 2 for 4, and Pinky Lipscomb wifh 3 for 4, paced fhe Com- modores in hiffing. Back home, fhe Commodores broke ouf in a rash of base knocks fo break info fhe winning column, defeafing Befhel I4-2. Schwarfz em- ployed fhree fwirlers, l-liggs, l-lenderson, and Righfz Capfain Charley and Manager lgou Therrell in fhaf order. Capfain Jeffon, wifh 4 for 5, Troffer wifh 3 for 5, and Lipscomb wifh 2 for 3 were fhe leading Commodore baffers. As fhe COMMODORE goes fo press, fhere remains six more Conference games for fhe I94O season. The Gold and Black meefs fhe Universify of Kenfucky here for a couple, and fhen fhe Commodores journey fo Lexingfon for fwo refurn games. Finally Vandy closes ifs sea- son wifh fwo games wifh Georgia Tech. Besides fhese, ofher games will be played during May. THE '59 TRACK SEASON lina UniversiTy Talcing TirsT place: and To The Memphis CoTTon Carnival meeT in which Young Tied STanley oT Alabama To win TirsT place in The iavelin Throw, and Noel placed second in The 440-yard run, Shal4leTon oT Ohio STaTe winning by inches. AT The banqueT which closed The '39 season, Coach Anderson awarded leTTers To TourTeen men Tor Their service To The Team: CapTain Johnny Noel, Joe lvlcfiinness, l"larTwell Weaver, Billy Young, Lynwood l-lerringTon, De- WiTT SmiTh, Jay Slaugenhop, James Tuclq, Ed l-liesTand, Willie Cornelius, J. O. O'Connor, Jere Winolcur, William l-lume, and Billy BaTTs. The high repuTaTion oT The VanderbilT Track squad was upheld in The dashes by C.ornelius, Noel, l-lerringTon, Slaugenhop, Hollins, and Winolcurp in The weighTs by l'liesTandg in dis- Tance runs by BaTTs, O'Connor, and lvlcGinness: in hurdle evenTs by Weaver, l-lume, and Tuclcg in The iavelin Throw by Young, and The pole vaulT by WiTherspoon. Promising men Trom The Treshman Team preparing Tor nexT season in- cluded Bill NorThern, disTance runner: Thurman l-lall, all-around sTar in running and Tield evenTs: and Dan WalTon, Tollowing in l'liesTand's sTeps wiTh The weighTs. The Dean of SouThern Traclc Coaches, Bill Anderson has guided The desTiny of The VanderbilT Track Team for over ThirTy years. Along wiTh his TiTle of CapTain, Billy Young has The repuTaTion of being The mosT ouT- sTanding iavelin man in The hisTory of The UniversiTy. AlTernaTe-CapTain HarTwell Weaver has proven his abiliTy as a Track- man while aT Vanderbilt DIZOSDECTS l-ligh hopes Tor The I940 season were based on The reTurn oT l.eTTermen Slaugenhop, l-ler- ringTon, Weaver, Young, l'liesTand, Cornelius, WiTherspoon, Hume, BaTTs, and Tuck. Coach Anderson sTarTed The season holding his men down To The 300-yard runs Tor an unusually long period oT nearly a monTh To geT Them in Tone Tor The season ahead. ATTer worlcing Them inTo good shape, he began locaTing Them Tor Their prospecTive evenTs in The coming meeTs. Cor- nelius and Slaugenhop, oT The reTurning old men, Toolc The 440 places as in The previous year, and by consisTenT pracTice They have re- Tained Their leads. Arriving Tor pracTice laTe in l30I2 THE The season, Slaugenhop was aT some disadvan- lage buT he soon caughT up in Training and re- sumed his old posiTion. Tuck holds down The 220 lows again This year, and Weaver is sTill lcing oi The highs. The TasT Trio, l-lerringTon, Tuclc, and Slaugenhop, have been sTepping The 220 in "l-lE" Time all season. Slaugenhop, The num- ber one dash man, also holds down The cenTury and comes ouT consisTenT winner. CompleTing The race evenTs seT up, BaTTs and STamps Take The disTance runs. ln The Tield evenTs Billy Young has Talcen wins in all meeTs as was predicTed aT The beginning oT The season. Young leads The Team, and along wiTh his TiTle oT capTain, has Jim Tuck I940 TIQATTI The repuTaTion oT being The mosT ouTsTanding iavelin man ThaT VanderbilT has seen in many years. l-liesTand reTurned To resume his weighTs posiTion wiTh The same success coming in dual meeTs, and WiTherspoon holds down The high jump and pole vaulT. New men, boTh upperclassmen and sopho- mores, have seT a high mark This season. They have sTepped in as sTrong compeTiTion Tor honors wiTh The leTTermen. Bill Mullican, junior, is holding his own in The 440 run wiTh The besT oT Them. Thurman l-lall came up Trom lasT year's Treshman squad. l-lall is oT The one-man Team calibre. T-le excels in Tield and running evenTs. and in pracTice comes ouT vicTor oTTen in The dashes. The problem is deciding iusT which evenTs Coach Anderson wanTs won by him, and which vicTories would beneTiT The Team's record mosT. l-le sTeps The 440, halT-mile, and The cen- Tury wiTh equal success, and Takes high iump and pole vaulT spoTlighTs in The Tield evenTs. l-lall promises To be one oT The mosT valuable men on The squad Tor his enTire sTay aT Vandy. l-le has Two more years aTTer This one. Simpson, an- oTher junior newcomer, showed his meTTle in The DisTance Runner Billy BaTTs l179fl Cornelius Finishes FirsT meeT wiTh SouThwesTern by copping The halT- mile prize. l'le will be a sTrong man Tor nexT year's conTesTs. Dan WalTon and Bill NorThern came up Trom lasT year's Treshman squad and have enTered The weighTs and disTance runs. l-lardy Housman waiTed Three years Too laTe To geT Tull opporTuniTy To show whaT he is made oT. Even wiTh iusT This year's Training he is in The dash spoTlighT wiTh The seasoned men. C.apTain Young is a sTrong conTender To Take Top honors aT The Comference meeT This year wiTh his 207-TooT iavelin Throw. l-le is slaTed To break his own record again beTore The year is ouT. Mile relay posiTions Tor The meeT will be picked Trom Top raTers Cornelius, Weaver, Her- ringTon, Slaugenhop, l-lall, Mullican, and Simp- son. Already This year The Teams oT Tennessee PolyTechnic lnsTiTuTe, Lincoln Memorial Univer- siTy, and SouThwesTern UniversiTy have been meT and walloped by The Commodores. The meeTs wiTh T. P. l. and L. M. U. were held on home ground, and The squad meT SouThwesTern aT Memphis. The duel wiTh The UniversiTy oT KenTucky squad was posTponed because oT weaTher, and if held aT all will be laTe in The season. Five meeTs remain on The schedule Tor The resT oT The year: The UniversiTy oT Tennessee, Georgia Tech, WesTern KenTucky, The inviTaTional meeT aT Memphis, and The ConTerence meeT aT Bir- mingham. i l M I l TTTTJ , A535 l The I940 Squad-Coach Mooney, Davis, Brown, Taylor, Woodard, Hyden, Manager Morgan VanderbilT's I94O Tennis Team, one oT The besT in The SouTh, consisTs oT veTerans Joe Davis, Tom T. Brown, Marvin Woodard, Byron Taylor, and Joe LiTTle-all reTurning leTTermen, sTrengThened by Sophomore Johnny Hyden in The number Three posiTion. Charles Willis rounds ouT The squad. WiTh only Two maTches remaining againsT T. P. l. and Miami UniversiTy, Vanderbilr This spring has deTeaTed Tulane, Illinois Normal, Bir- mingham-SouThern, Sewanee, Georgia Tech, Alabama, WesTern KenTuclcy Teachers, and SouThwesTern, losing only To Spring l-lill College and one conTerence maTch To I.. S. U. which was played on cemenT courTs. Joe Davis, who deThroned Russell BobbiTT as conTerence champion lasT spring, reTained his crown This season by his brillianT playing, deTeaTing UmsTeTTer oT L. S. U. in The Tinals. The Team is capTained Tor The second year by Tommy TarTT Brown, a capable and sTeady-play- ing Tennis veTeran. l-leyward Morgan serves as manager. Above: SouTheasTern Conference Champion Joe Davis LeTT: Coach Mooney and CapTain Tom Brown The prospecTs Tor The I94O golT Team were excepTionaIIy brighT, wiTh LeTTermen Ireland, Tracy, Nall, and Sanders reTurning Trom lasT year. AT The Time oT The annuaI's going To press, only one game remains unplayed, ThaT being wiTh The UniversiTy oT KenTuclcy on May II. During The second weelc oT April The Team journeyed To AThens, Georgia, Tor The annual SouThern InTercolIegiaTe TournamenT, wiTh The UniversiTy of Georgia as hosTs. In The enTries Trom all oT The souThern universiTies, VanderbiIT won eighTh place, and among The Teams repre- senTed in The SouTheasTern Comcerence Vander- bilT placed TiTTh. This year's Team is composed oT The reTurning Iefrermen Trom lasT year, sTrengThened by soph- omore addiTions. IT consisTs oT C.apTain Ireland, Bud Tracy, ScoTT Nall, Wade Sanders, .Billy Car- roll, and sophomores I-Iarry Jones, Edgar Par- roTT, Leroy Train, and Syd I-Iailey. Jimmy BaTes serves as manager. , The VanderbilT Team has a real golTer as iTs capTain, Barney Ireland, who hails Trom Bir- mingham, Alabama. The I94O Team AN The I94O schedule and resulTs are: VanderbilT VanderbilT VanderbiIT VanderbiIT VanderbiIT VanderbiIT VanderbiIT VanderbilT . . .I3 6 . . . I7 . . .II sg, im, 2 im, Tulane . . . L. S. U. . . WashingTon U W. Mich. Thrs. . . Alabama . . Sewanee . . . Georgia Tech W. Ky. Thrs. . Ca pfain Barney Ireland M is 354 5 I2 1 7 W i l J T I I The TirsT sTep in a compleTe re- organizaTion oT The VanderbilT ATh- leTic Plan Through coordinaTion oT all UniversiTy aThleTics was accom- plished This spring by The appoinT- menT oT a commiTTee wiTh Dr. T. B. ZerToss as chairman To head The newly Tormed DeparTmenT oT ATh- leTics. HealTh, and Physical Educa- Tion. This commiTTee's duTies consisT oT general supervision over all maT- Ters in The Tour deparTmenTs oT HealTh, Physical EducaTion, lnTra- mural SporTs, and lnTercollegiaTe AThleTics: The making oT recom- mendaTions To The Chancellor Tor employment scholarships, loans, and Tinancial aid To sTudenTs in inTercollegiaTe aThleTicsq conTrol over all inTercollegiaTe schedules and conTracTs oT games, budgeTs oT The deparTmenTs, and aThleTic publiciTy. The members include Dr. T. B. ZerToss as chairman, Dr. KaTe ZerToss, and Coaches W. C. SchwarTz, Jim BuTord, W. J. Ander- son, A. B. Miles. H. R. Sanders, Paul BryanT, H. E. Alley and Jim Scoggins. To esTablish The policies and sTandards To be main- Tained and carried ouT by This new deparTmenT oT The UniversiTy is The Task oT a UniversiTy CommiTTee com- posed oT seven men. These are Dean C. M. SarraTT as chairman, Dean Fred Lewis, and Dr. Hugh Morgan. To serve on This commiTTee as ex-oTTicio members are Mr. OverTon Williams, Bursary Dr. T. B. ZerToss, Chairman oT The DeparTmenT oT AThleTics, HealTh, and Physical Educa- Tiong Mr. Cecil Sims, PresidenT oT The Alumni Associa- Tion, and Mr. Brownlee Currey, PresidenT oT The AThleTic AssociaTion. . ln order ThaT These commiTTees may know The views oT The sTudenT body concerning maTTers oT aThleTics, physical educaTion, and healTh, and may adopT policies in line wiTh The sTudenT viewpoinT, There has been Tormed a STudenT Board, consisTing oT The EdiTor oT The "HusTler," PresidenT oT The STudenT Union, PresidenT oT The STudenT Council. and PresidenT oT The Junior Class oT The School oT Medicine. ,gg f DR. TOMMY ZERFOSS Upon The resignaTion oT Coaches Ray Morrison and Henry Frnlca on March I7, and The resignaTion oT Coach McInTosh a Tew monThs previous, The VanderbilT AThleTic AssociaTion was Torced To seT iTselT To The Task oT securing a compleTe TooTball coaching sTaTT. Desiring To Till The Head Coach posiTion wiTh a VanderbilT gradu- aTe as well as a man oT abiliTy, The CommiTTee employed H. R. "Red" Sanders, VanderbilT, '26. Coach Sanders was an ouTsTanding player while in VanderbilT and is Today recognized as one oT The SouTh's mosT capable coaches. Since his graduaTion he has coached aT Clemson, Columbia MiliTary Acad- emy, UniversiTy oT Florida and Louisiana STaTe UniversiTy. He has been highly successTul in each posi- Tion he has Tillecl and reTurns To VanderbilT wiTh a brillianT record oT achievemenT. Upon The recommendaTion OT Coach Sanders, The CommiTTee employed Coach Bear BryanT To Take over The duTies oT Line Coach. GraduaTed Trom The UniversiTy oT Alabama in I936, he has since ThaT Time held The posiTion oT Guard Coach There. ln his Tour years oT coaching he has achieved Tor himselT a name oT prominence. To aid Coach Sanders in backTield insTrucTions Coach l-lerc Alley has been selecTed. Coach Alley received his B.S. degree aT The UniversiTy oT Tennessee in I93O and his M.S. aT Louisiana STaTe UniversiTy in I939. ATTer several years' service in The physical educaTion deparT- menT aT L. S. U., he was made head coach aT The Middle Tennessee SiTaTe College in I939 and comes To VanderbilT wiTh a successTul record. Coach Jim Scoggins, VanderbilT. '35, was chosen To serve as Treshman coach. Since his graduaTion he has coached aT Columbia High School and Columbia MiliTary Academy. He is widely heralded as one oT The mosT promising coaches in The SouTh. NL ORDER WF TTTPMD. .... .... W Frank Guentc ,Y 25,3 is I r Q lg l.A Er uf' as :fi in gm iv 'x H ME 5. iw ,xii i vi ,M ,L .e,, My xiii , ig' wav w ix .11 1 1,2 'w i'f 'l is In N , 4, 'Ir is' ,m MF I r ai: fi Wig M :v X E fl , ll ii ' 5 flgfl M 'E 1. aw W1 ?s' Q1 a? I R ? 'O ,ni Ly: 1 ' Cn W I i , , 41, -E IH W fd V. vi ,I+ , ., I., ? Nfhn Q34 CALHOUN BUILDING M4 'V ,M-f-f' v lHl lllllllllllllll QRGANIZATIQNS are universal, in all cullrures. al all Jrirnes, and in all places. So il is nor surprising lhar campus lile should be governed by QRGAN- IZATIQTHIS. Labor, said lo be Jrhe preroqarive ol inlelligence, applied lo all lields ol college associa- Jrions resulrs mosr olren in a coordinarion imporlanf lor The basis ir lounds lor laler days. I+ is here in The fields ol ORGANIZATIONS Thar we learn lo develop our ellorrs in Jrhe channels wherein Jrhe grealesl benelils can be derived. K I I 5 1 Z , 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 i 1 I M l i M i , M r W V i I l Q I S f N P ' H W' THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Cecil Sims, L. 'I4 . ....... Presidenl' R. L. Garner, A. 'I6 .... Vice-Presidenf ATTorney, Nashville, Tenn. Vice-PresidenT and Treasurer, GuaranTy Hill Turner, A. 'I7 . ..,... SecreTary TrusT Co., New York. VanderbilT Universily Cobb Pilcher, M. '27 . . .Vice-PresidenT . F. Flowers, E. 'l2 .... Vice-Presidenf Surgeon, Nashville, Tenn. PresidenT, DiTTerenTial STeel Car Co., Sam H. Mann, L. 'I4 . . .Vice-Presidenf Findlay, Ohio ATTorney, ST. PeTersburg, Fla. J. W. Holman, A. 'I4 . . . Vice-Presidenf Overfon Williams, A '27 .... Treasurer Real EsTaTe, Texarkana, Ark. Bursar, VanderbilT UniversiTy J. T. McGill, A. '79 ...... HisTorian Professor EmeriTus, Vanderbilr Universify BOARD OF DIRECTORS TERM EXPIRES l94O HUGH J. MORGAN,. A 'l4, Professor of Medicine, Vanderbill' UniversiTy, Nashville, Tenn., RAY MORRISON, A 'l2, Head FooTball Coach, VanderbilT UniversiTy, Nashville, Tenn., ALEC B. STEVENSON, A 'l6, Vice-PresiclenT, Gray-Shillinglew 84 Co., Nashville, Tenn.: W. C. Teague, A 'l2, ChieT EdiTorial WriTer, "The Memphis commercial Appeal," Memphis, Tenn. TERM EXPIRES I942 C. C. GREEN, A '05, Chief Surgeon, Hos- piTal AssociaTion, The SouThern Pacific Lines, HousTon, Texas, MORTON B. HOW- ELL, III, E '07, Special Agenf, Travelers Insurance Co., Nashville, Tenn.: E. B. MAUPIN, A '09, Banker, Shelbyville, Tenn., R.dC. WALLER, A 'I4, ATTorney, Evansville, n . TERM EXPIRES I944 W. P. A '2I, L '2I, ATTorney, Jack- son, T TE S. ZERFOSS, A 'I8, Physi- clan, S. I-I. MANN, Jr., Fla. BEN G. , Slaugh- 'fer Engineers, TERM EXPIRES l946 BROWNLEE CURREY, A '23, President EquiTabIe SecuriTies CorporaTion, Nash- ville, Tenn. CECIL SIMS, L 'l4, ATTorney, Nashville, Tenn. JOHN SLOAN, A '25, PresidenT, Cain-Sloan Co., Nashville, Tenn. ELDON P. STEVENSON, JR., A 'l4, Vice- PresidenT, NaTional Life and AcciclenT In- surance Co., Nashville, Tenn. TERM EXPIRES I948 CHARLES H. BROWN, A 'l2, ATTorney, Birmingham, Ala. SAM FLEMING, A '28, AssisTanT Vice-PresidenT, Third Na- Tional Bank, Nashville, Tenn. FRANK GIL- LILAND, A 'l2, ATTorney, Memphis, Tenn. EDGAR E. RAND, A '27, lnTernaTional Shoe Company, ST. Louis, Mo. OTFFICIAL ORGAN: Tl-IE VANDERBILT ALUMNUS Main ObiecTive: A Living Endowmenf "We, Therefore, propose The esTablish- menT of a living endowmenT, The corpus To be consTiTuTed by' The alumni oT Van- clerbilT UniversiTyg and The annual alurnni conTribuTions To represenT The annual lil- come Trom This living endowmenT. Ahny conTribuTion To any universiTy enlerprlse is income from The living endowment provided iT is made Through The Living EndowmenT." Top: PresidenT Sims BoTTom: SecreTary Turner .CI0 XII' lf187I Tom TarTT Brown, O. C. Carmichael, Jr., James Tuclg,-Raymond Andrus. Charles Beasley, ScoTT George, Beri' Marshall, John Mxlllcan, Neilson Tracy. Sam Yarnell, Joe LiTTle, Trimmier McCarIey, RoberT PlTTs. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS TOM TARTT BROWN . ..... . . . . . . O. C. CARMICHAEL, JR. . ........ Vice-PresldenT JAMES TUCK . . . . SecreTary-Treasurer MEMBERS Raymond Andrus Charles Beasley Joe LiTTle Morris Burlc Earl C. Arnold ed aT End of Junior Year ScoTT George BerT Marshall , John Milliken aT Beginning of Senior Year Trimmier McCarIey EIec+ed aT End of Senior Year John Noel FACULTY MEMBERS Fred J. Lewis OE C. Carmichael George R. MayTielcl I . r y R. Hudson Ray Morrison Nellson Tracy Sam Yarnell Rol:aerT PiTTs William Travis C. M. SarraTT Hill Turner Tom ZerToss Omicron DelTa Kappa is The S+ ' h enlor onorary organizaTion composed oT The recognized campus ,. leaders. IT recognizes eminence in Tive phases QT campus life: Scholarship, AThleTics, Social and i Religious AcTiviTies, PublicaTions. and Forensic AcTiviTies. The local circle OT This naTional organ- izaTion was esTablished on The Vanderbillr campus April 28, I934, reTaining The name and ideals of The old COMMODORE Clulo. , l lf188il fffh P05 Virginia Hindman, Lucille Johnson, Marlha I-laynie, Shirley Sleele. Annelle Macon, Shirley Block, Virginia Blair, Jane Raborg. MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS VIRGINIA HINDMAN .... ...... ...... P r efidenl . . . , , Vice-Pregiglenf MARTHA HAYNIE .... .l . . . Secrelary SHIRLEY STEELE . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS ANNELLE MACON VIRGINIA BLAIR SHIRLEY BLOCK JANE RABORG Morlar Board, senior women's honorary organizalion, was organized in l9l8 al Syra- cuse, N. Y. Bachelor Maides Chapler al Vanderloill is lhe newesl addilion, having been inslalled January I3, l94O, as lhe sevenly-Iirsl chapler. The organizalion recog- nizes 'and loslers elforls in lhe combined fields of scholarship, leadership, and service. lf189l .JNJ Scoli George, Abraham Zheullin, Jack Bernard, Oliver Cromwell Carmichael. Jr. Evelyn Louise Crunk, Mary Davidson, Allen Early, Jr., William Jordan, Theodore Trimmier McCarley, .lr. b Jane Efhel Raborg, Mary Mooney Regan, James Tuck, Alvy Donald Walker, Jr., Gerald Winokur, Mindel Wol er . g. OFFICERS ALLlE SCOTT GEORGE . . A .... ........ P residenl ABRAHAM Zl-lEUTLlN V. . . Secrelary MEMBERS Jack Abe Bernard Mary Theresa Davidson V Alvy Donald Wdllfef. JP- Oliver C. Carmichael, Jr. Allen Early. Jr. Gerald Lincoln Winolcur Evelyn Louise Crunlc William K. Jordan Mindel Claire Wollaerg T. Trimmier McCarley, Jr. James Waller Poll: Jane Elhel Raborg Mary Mooney Regan James Richard Tuck A Nalional Scholarship Fralernily, membership in which is on lhe loasis of scholaslic record, eilh if h T' er or Jr e irsl lhree years or for all four years ol undergraduale world. ll is lhe hiqhesl scholaslic honor allainalole al Vanderbill. lf19Ofl JA Rober? Moore, Tom T Brown Roy Kelly Darby Fulfon E P Horn Jr Leonard Johnson, Joe Snodgrass Nellson Tracy Furman Wnlkes Wlllnam Wright MOORE . , . TOM T. BROWN . . ROY KELLY DARBY FULTON E. P. HORN, JR. LEONARD JOHNSON An honorary engineering organlzahon composed of men chosen upon The complehon of enghl Terms of required work because of Jrheur excellence In scholarship Admls sion is by elecllon of The acllve members OMICRGN DELTA GAMMA TRIMMIER MCCARLEY . . JAMES Pl-HLBRICK ALLEN EARLY Charles Beasley Bill Boolh Bill Braden Hugh Carfer William Chase R. A. Campbell C. E. Crouch E. J. Eberling lARTUSl OFFICERS MEMBERS Joe 'Cummings John Edmunds George Fox Harold Glenn Charles Lanier Sid McClain FACULTY MEMBERS Joe Frank Roy L. Garis . . . . Presideni . . . . . Vice-Presidenl Secrela ry-Trea su rer Jess Perry Jim Reed Ralph Sranard Alberl Wall Pai Wilson D. M. Gordon Gerald 'Henderson Overion Williams An honorary scholaslic sociely composed of sludenls majoring in Economics or Business Adminislralion. L192J I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I In I V,'z. 'QF D 'If I HONOR COUNCIL OFFICERS HARRIS ABRAHAMS .... ,... 6 RICHARD PICKENS ..... . . . PresicIenI . . . . . CIerIc THOMAS HARRISON , . . . SecreIary I MEMBERS HARRIS ABRAHAMS ALLEN EARLY EVERETT ERLICK - BLAIR BATSON i, RoY KELLY I RICHARD PICKENSI THOMAS HARRISON MAYNARD THOMPSON JAMES WOMACK OSCAR KIMBLER The Honor Sys'rem af VanderbiII is a cherished IracIiIIon-buI more Than merely a Iradilrion. II is The purpose of Ine Honor Council Io mainlrain Inis sysIem and Io F preserve Ine high slrandard of Imonor In scI1oIasIIc work. I 'A Ac, A mi CI . ff . I ., V VIII AVN I9 ILL! QQ" I I I I W I pIQsIf. ,',3fH Irlxfyrfdvgf 1 'J 'I U....,"'J I-V' -,..m.-LiI'N'I,'.IvXF5 1 rflj V1 -mmm-W-W I , P I FI? XX---ef-- .,.., ,, 0 ,,.....M....,..,,, .,,.,,,,,., ,,,., , , , g,n.,..,, ,, ,, ,. if,--mfr:-f,-1e---f-L-rv, ' LT-2 fr- -- A v- ---- A-- I " fpffff' '1 A"' f I',n f A no no A A A , I I II IL C 0 M M 0 n 0 ll If 'If JI If kv f MIM WI f 'B 1 II' I J ' I I I I l l I li il il In l lil iii 'I ll fl ll' Il fl .I ll ,I in I, ll ln I' I I ll El I li ll in ,. 51 ,. ,, il ll I ,, ii li I I I I I I I 1,1 II ,I ii" I . I .I I I III il I 3l I I I I Fred Gray, Howard Humphreys, Henry Clay, Millon Grossman, Eddie Goldslein, Sidney McClain, Ellis Woody, Bobby Chalfanf. Scoll' Nall, C. J. Wyall, Homer Howell, Delberl' Mann, Roberl Perry, James Bafes, William Cornelius, Billy Troller, Charlie Heffron. Ed McGehee, Millon Campbell, Emile Pelrone, John Ellis, Branl Lipscomb, John Blackmer, Bil,l Boolh, Edward Balloff, l-Iarold Bernard. OWL CLUB OFFICERS FRED GRAY, Bela Thela Pi ....... ' .... ....... P residenl HOWARD HUMPHREYS, Phi Kappa Sigma . ...... Vice-Presidenl' ' HENRY CLAY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Secrelary-Treasurer MEMBERS MILTON GROSSMAN EDDIE GOLDSTEIN SIDNEY MCCLAIN . ELLIS WOODY . . . BOBBY CHALFANT . . SCOTT NALL .... C. J. WYATT, JR. . . Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Tau Omega . . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Befa Thela Pi ChiPhi . ........ Chi Phi HOMER HOWELL . . . Della Kappa Epsilon ROY HUG-GINS . . DELBERT MANN . . ROBERT PERRY . . JAMES BATES . . . Delia Kappa Epsilon . . . . Kappa Alpha . . . . . Kappa Alpha . . . . . . Kappa Sigma WILLIAM CORNELIUS . BILLY TROTTER . . CHARLES HEFFRON ED MCGEHEE . . . MILTON CAMPBELL EMILE PETRONE . JOHN .I WENDELL BENNETT BRANT LIPSCOMB . . JOHN BLACKMER BILL BOOTH . . . EDWARD BALLOFF HAROLD BERNARD . . ..... Zela Bela Tau . . Phi Della Thela . . Phi Della Thela . Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Phi Kappa Psi . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... Sigma Chi . Sigma Chi . Sigma Nu . . Sigma Nu . Zela Bela Tau A Sophomore-Junior honorary organizalion, lhe Iwo mosl oulslanding Sophomores of each lralernily being eligible lor membership. lls purpose is lo promole beller relalions among lhe lralernilies al Vanderbill. L194fl John Tafum Don Kelly Frank Troop George Rosenblafl' Chapman Bam J D Brown Rrchard Donaldson Webb Follln George Griffin J C Johnson Jr Robert Lodge Bob McNuf+ Harrlson Rue Howard Sfurm Poyner Thwealf ACE CLUB OFFICERS JOHN TATUM Kappa Sigma Presldenlf DON KELLY Phu Kappa Sigma Vlce Presldenl' FRANK TROOP Bela Thela Pl Secrelary GEORGE ROSENBLATT Zela Bela Tau Sergeanl' al Arms MEMBERS CHAPMAN BAIN Alpha Tau Omega J D BROWN Kappa Alpha RICHARD DONALDSON Pl Kappa Alpha WEBB FOLLIN Della Kappa Epsilon GEORGE GRIFFIN Phu Della Thela J C JOHNSON JR Chl Ph: ROBERT LODGE Phu Kappa Psi BOB MrNUTT Sigma Nu HARRISON RUE Sigma Alpha Epsilon HOWARD D STURM Alpha Ep :lon Pl POYNER THWEAIT Sigma Chl An organuzahon composed of one oulslandung Freshman from each lralermly who us elecled 'ro serve for his Sophomore year The purpose ol Ihe orgamzahon IS Io enlerlaun Ihe vlsrhng alhlellc leams I i Firsi' Row: Fred Gray, Roberl' Jordan, Bill Jordan, John Baker, Blair Bafson, Roberl' Bernslein, Lindsay Bishop. Second Row: Charles F. Bond, Richard Brasfield, Charles Bray, Jeff Brooke, l-lerberl Chessln, William Colmer, William DeLoache. Third Row: Ernesl' Eloerling, Roy Elam, James Ellis, Ted Feinblall, Harry Ferran, Tom Floyd, Billy Frisloe. Fourlh Row: Millon Grossman, B. A. l-lallum, Glenn Hammonds, W. A. Hensley, hynnwood Her- ringlon, M. D. Ingram, Tom Jernigan. Fiflh Row: J. C. Johnson, Palmer Jones, James Leffers, Pinky LipSfOmb. Waller McCorkle, Charles McMurray, Tony Marzoni. Sxilh Row: Karl Melz, Waller Melz, Bill M1nlon,,Rlchard Moore, Roberf Moore, Bill Myers, Scoll Nall. Sevenlh Row: William Norfhern, William Parker, Rpberl Perry, Des Philpol, Richard Pickens, Roberf Pisfon, Roberl' Pills, Tom Sappinglon. Eighlh Row: Lawrence Schull, Bob Schulman, J. J. Slaugenhop, Fred Smilh, Andrew Swear, Joe Thompson, Poyner Thweall, Clifford Tillman, Nlnlh Row: Joe Walker, John Warren, Malcomb Weglgmerlsm, JoihWef,+, Marshall While, Ellis Woody, C. J. Wyalf, Jr., ra am eul in. I .1 ..1 c 0 in Mir nmir Tn ri lf X Eiiliiiiij' ,-...,..iie,A...izc. ii -,,: .,..,...,g,Q.,.--1 E l f K ' I196Il T f SKULL AND BDNES The Vanderbilf pre-medical sociefy, The Skull and Bones Club, was organized in I92I by Dr. E. E. Reinke, and fhe firsf official meefing was held Ocfober 20, l922. From fhis fime-unfil I932, Dr. Reinke served as fhe faculfy spon- sor, and af fhe laffer dafe, he furned over his dufies fo fhe presenf sponsor, Professor C. S. Chadwick. lf is fhe purpose of fhe club fo serve as a facfor in fhe advancemenf of pre-medical educafion af Vanderbilf, and as a source of inspirafion during fhe seemingly long years preceding acfual medical work. ln realizafion of fhis, fhere have appeared before fhe club a number of dis- finguished speakers, in addifion fo fhose from Vanderbilf, from fhe Universify of Cambridge, fhe Universify of Lon- don: fhe Universify of Upsala, Sweden: fhe Universify of Copenhagen, Denmark, John l-lopkins Universify: fhe American Medical Associafion, and many ofher oufsfand- ing organizafions. ln addifion fo fhe more infangible aspecfs of pre-med- ical educafion, fhe club has soughf fo aid ifs members in meefing fhe economic demands of medical work, and in IQ36, a loan fund, now fofaling over 33400, was esfablished for fhe use of fhose members dependenf upon oufside as- sisfance. lf is infended fhaf fhis fund be increased and formed info a scholarship available fo fufure members. l197J Roy Kelly, Sam Yarnell, Nellson Tracy, Harris Abrahams. Charles Beasley, Bill Boolh, Tom Tarlf Brown, Sam Coolik, Rush Dozier. Scolf George, Conway Haile, Ruben Smilh, Winslon Tiplon, James Tuck, C. J. Wyalf, Jr. MEN'S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS ROY KELLY. Kappa Alpha ..... ...... ....... SAM YARNELL, Kappa Sigma ....... ....... V ice-Presidenl NELLSON TRACY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Secrelary-Treasurer - A MEMBERS HARRIS ABRAHAMS . ....... . CHARLES BEASLEY . . BILL BOOTH .... TOM T. BROWN . . . . SAM COOLIK . . . . RUSH DOZIER . , . SCOTT GEORGE . . . CONWAY HAILE . . . . . Zela Bela Tau . Bela Thela Pi . . . Sigma Nu Phi Della The'la Alpha Epsilon Pi Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Kappa Psi . . Sigma Chi RUBE SMITH ---. . . Alpha Tau Ome . WINSTON TlPTON . . . . Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES TUCK . . . . Della Kappa Epsilon C. J. WYATT, JR. . . . . . . . ........ Chi Phi This organizalion is Composed ol one member from each lralernily, usually bul nol always The presiclenl. ll is lhe governing booly ol lralernal aclivilies al Vanderblll lf198Il YE? . Rulh King, Mindel Wolberg, Annelle Macon, Shirley Caldwell, Caroline Ambrose. Madolyn Bldwell, Jane Raborg, Jean Breckenridge, Mary Frances Dodd, Selma Seligman, Jeanelle Olliver. WOMENS PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL RUTI-I KING Alpha Omlcron Pl OFFICERS MINDEL WOLBER6 Alpha Epszlon Phu ANNELLE MACON Sngma Kappa SHIRLEY CALDWELL Kappa Alpha Thela CAROLINE AMBROSE MADOLYN BIDWELL JANE RABORG ANN VAUGI-IN JEAN BRECKENRIDGE MARY FRANCES DODD SEI MA SELIGMAN JI: 'NIETTE OLLIVER MEMBERS Presrdenl Vice Presldenl Secrelary Treasurer Kappa Alpha Thela Alpha Omlcron Pl Della Della Della Della Della Della Gamma Phu Bela Gamma Phu Bela Alpha Epsilon Phu Sigma Kappa AS a member ol lhe Naluonal Pan I-Iellenlc Congress lhe Womens Pan I-Iellemc Councul slruves lor harmony among lhe sororllues and worlcs lor lherr common good Il regulales rushing and has Iurusdnclvon over all mallers ol general concern lo sororllues -.Z rf I I I99 G W I I I I I 1 1 in 'T ll Ii I ll I I 1. I I ii I in if-1,15 1 I ,I I 4 il I I . I I E. I l Z v i I I i I ill' llsyl ill' I ll .I 3 I 5 GE if STUDENT CHRISTIA ASSOCIATION General Cabinel' Sophomore Cabmel' ALLEN EARLY .,............ Presidenl ANNE COWEN ............, Presidenl MIRIAM McGAW .......... Vice-Presidenl CHARLES WILLIS . . . . Vice-Presidenl' GLADYS MOERNER ...... Recorder ANN VAUGHN . . ...... Recorder WILLIE CORNELIUS Chairman of Finance BOB LODGE ..... . . Finance Chairman ADHG Cowen Scoll George Mary Frances Dodd Bill Oliver- Bill Norlhern Ann Vaughn Nancy Gene Dale AI Lasher Bailey Ross Susan Cheek Mary Brock Dick Brasfield Andromedia Bagwell Henry Clay Bob Jones Rufh Adams HGFFY BUFIKS June BUVIYS Bill Norlhern Allene Hyden Mary Frances Dodd Maynard Thompson Bailey R055 ' Marguerile Wallace Glenn Boolh Freshman Cabinei. Nancy Dale ' Senior Cabinel' MAYNARD THOMPSON ..... Presldenl GLENN BOOTH . MARGARET FOLK SARAH WHARTON CLARK JOHNSON Harry Burks Reese Carlwrighl Allen Early . . . . . . Presidenl . . . . . . . . . Vice-Presidenl . . .. . . . Secrelary Chairman of Finance Frank Evans Buddy Slone Jane Lee McLean Junior Cabinel MIRIAM McGAW ......... . . . Presidenl ANDROMEDIA BAGWELL ...... Vice-Presidenl HARDY NOLAND BILL DeLOACHE June Burks Susan Cheek Henry Clay Willie Cornelius Ray Dempsey Gladys Moerner Marguerile Wallace Jack Perry . . . . . . Recorder Chairman of Finance Sue Douglas Courlney Rellger Jane Roberls Jimmy Ellis Bobby Stamps Sid Hix Bill Boolh Andy Ausfin GIBBY BLAKE .. Reese Bogle Jeanne Fonville Marguerile Holman Barbara Jones George King Tom Manchesler Boar C. F. ZEEK .... ALLEN EARLY .. Dr. Beverly Douglas Mrs. Henry G. Hari George R. Mayfield E. E. Bryan, Mrs. Beverly Douglas Ernesl Hardison Norman L. Munn Slrallon Fosler Mrs. Ernesr Hardison Jack Clay Anne Wallace Finance Chairman Marvin Holderness Eliza belh Zerfoss Charles Lipscomb Marlha Wood Virginia Prilchell d of Direclors . . . . . Chairman . . . Recorder John Pomfref I George M. Smilh C. E. Crouch Henry G. Harl Harry Burks Andromedia Bagwell Willie Cornelius Fred Gray Miriam McGaw Marguerile Wallace LZOOQI f BAPTIST STUDENT UNION SIDNEY McCLAlN . . ......,.. President FURMAN WILKES . . . Membership Chairman WAYNE DEHONEY . . . Devotional Chairman LAURA AUSTON . . . .... Social Chairman BETTY DeBROHUN . , ....... Secretary BERT MARSHALL . .,....... Treasurer DOYLE BAI RD .... MILBREY HINRICHS . ....... Publicity MARTHA MOONEY . . . . Assistant Publicity HOOPER WILLIAMS . . . Choristcr and Reporter LOUISE TANKSLEY . . ..,....,. Sponsor DEAN FRED LEWIS . . .... Faculty Adviser DR. GEORGE SMITH . . . , Faculty Adviser . . Student Secretary REPRESENTATIVES BILL MANAGAN . BRENDA GOODMAN . . LAURENCE GILPIN . HARRIS MCDANIEL BILL AUSTIN .... JOHN HAGOOD , . EDGAR WIMPY . , . MARGARET HAYNES Sunday School Training Union Sunday School Training Union Sunday School Training Union . , General Sunday School and B. T. U. . ........ Mary Kirkland Hall . . . . Belmont Heights Belmont Heights Baptist . . . , . First Baptist . 4 . First Baptist . . Immanuel Baptist . . Immanuel Baptist THE COUNCIL The otticers given above compose the B. S. U. Council, which meets weelcly. THE MEMBERS All Vanderbilt Baptist students who are enlisted in at least one unit organization ot a Baptist Church in Nashville are members ot the Vanderbilt Baptist Student Union. xlf0M LZOIII William Jordan, William Cornelius, Darby Fulfon, Harris Abrahams. Eric Bell, Bill BooTh, O. C. Carmichael, Jr., Ray Dempsey, Leonard Franlf. N ScoTT George, Marlin LichTer,man, Trimmier McCarley, Ed McGehee, Bob Myers, WinsTon fipTon. CALUMET CLUB WILLIAM KING JORDAN OFFICERS WILLIAM CURREY CORNELIUS . . . CHARLES DARBY FULTON. JR. . . DR. GEORGE R. MAYFIELD . . l-larris Sanders Abrahams Needham Eric Bell, Jr. William Edward BooTh Oliver C. Carmichael, Jr William Currey Cornelius MEMBERS John EllsworTh Covey. lll Ray Dempsey. Jr. Leonard l. Frank. Jr. Charles Darby FulTon. Jr. Allie ScoTT George . . . . . . Presidenl' . . Vice-PresidenT . . . . . . SecreTary FaculTy Adviser MarTin LichTerman Trimmier McCarley, Jr. Edward Glenn McGehee Roberl' Manson Myers WinsTon Frederick TipTon William King Jordan The purpose of This organizaTion is To recognize and encourage liTerary inTeresTs and abiliTy on The campus. Membership is limiTed To sTudenTs above The Sophomore ranlc and is run on a compeTiTive basis. The C.alumeT Club poinTs wiTh pride To The many well-known Tigures in The liTerary Tield who once were members of This club. Lzozl ? 4. 'X 'WAX I ,Wk ff""II1 Eur f i ff 'Wm ww -Us 1 1 LX' K STQ' aw JV ,ff Iv ff 35 A If fNf' Q dh' WIIIIe Cornelnus Dol Evans Ann Carolyn G-I'IespIe Bull Boolh Joe Adams Andy Bagwell Dewees Berry Reese Bogle Larry Bryanl Jlm Burns Oscar Burris Joe Cannon Hugh Carter Bully Moore Clark Bob Cook Louis Cross Bond Davns Mac Dlcklnson BIII Evans Jack Farrmger BIII Freeland Norman Frosl Marlha Hake Van Irwln Befsy Jones Jack Jones Jane Lowensfeln MEMBERS Gladys Moerner LIIa Moss Jessie McCracken B b M N Il' Bl Ol o c u Il Iver J G Palmer Mlm: Rersman Mary E Rlley Coup Shands BIIIy Walson John Whalley Phyllls Wolberg Marlha Wood Sarah Worley Bull Young JAA VU OFFICERS WILLIE CORNELIUS DOT EVANS ANN CAROLYN GILLESPIE OSCAR WRIGI-IT Presldenl Vzce Presldenl Secrelary Treasurer BILL BOOTI-I Commrllee Chalrman Joe Adams Andy Bagwell Dewees Berry Reese Bogle Larry Bryanl Jxm Burns Oscar Burris Joe Cannon I-Iugh Carler Bllly Moore Clark Bolo Cook Louus Cross Bond Davls Mac Dlckanson BIII Evans Jack Farrmger BIII Freeland Norman Frosl' Marlha I-lake Van Irwln Belsy Jones Jack Jones Jane Lowensleln Gladys Moerner Llla Moss Jessie McCracken Bolo McNuII' BIII Ollver J G Pa mer Mlml Relsman Mary E Rnley Coup Shands Bully Walson John Whalley Lavlnla Wnhhe rspoon Phyllls Wolberg Ma rlha Wood Sarah Worley BIII Young An assocualvon, memloershlp IH whnch IS open Io sludenls of all four classes In Ihe College of Arls and Sclences IIs purpose IS Io promole Ioeller school splrll among The sludenls l.203I Cf P., ..,, , is M, L rlll L. , . ,Q 5. .,.' f 1781 ' Y"' -V WI- "-7'4" ' . ' X . 1, ' S? in , fa im W a if ' 'Vfj' A if I - U - - A , Lv VL r ,,.,, VI- ,. I f. VI' W , J .. A --Wf V -' I If' ?, . - A : f-131, U- Qi-jig 3417- '- I . " ' 45? I 1 , ' ,- 1 V. , V.V, V- .V Q VV ' . I V 2 -V Y , jg' V, -. J ., , lv ,.,, V f - my fy 2 --3 I Q, ,,,r,, 'I 1 erar V' f J IV . ' ,ZA 3 - ,311 ...,, r. W, -,-1.1.1 -I ,,2,,,Wp , , . :- - ,- V: ff 1-,, I. 2gI,,- , -A I . ' V-1 ,,'f22'I. . 'f'- . I ' ' 711- f, . fi ' -fs, I H V- .UV 1" .- ,- 3'VV,'. S ' 'L .gVIV'.j .5 - I ,sa-ici ', .QV I , .I V I I 1 B' 9' A - " -Q N " : I . ..,. ' I ' . :I--01?-1 -'If ..-924'-Q I' I .ll I I V1 15 I - I' I 23.3.1 ' , K V - ,I ,.V. . 4 A I ' .I ' if V ' L" - V V V -525 I. . ,,. V ,,.. V. . - .I ww' . J f 1 ,Q ,.,.. Q Q 5 V ..., 'I 'V -If. , M , " ' :lf ,- " ' , ,,,, if 5-' 'V':!',.. . f " ' .J ' N .,,,, nhq V ' Q V LV -"V' .V V"s A lk -QV V V If ' . ' 1.: .f:II,, ' 5 if SV ' A no - I I f . 7 a'.V. I ff ' 5 I A 92 , '44 I ' Vi Vf' I , , ,f I I ,.. ' L 1' ..., ' - 3 .Vf " - ' I . I I I I' I I I I I I I 1 . I , ' . l I I I I I A I I I I I I . I . I I l I I I I I . . . I I I I . I I I I . ' ' ' ' I - I ' I I I I I I . , . - ' . . I J 2 ,. :I is 9' 'A f' l OFFICERS LOUISE MAXWELL SYKES ...4.... Presidenl JOHN MISER .... Secrelary-Librarian JOHN WICKHAM ....... Business Manager GLADYS MOERNER , Wardrobe Mislress EDWARD H. CLEINO ........... Direclor Soprano Rachel Beverly Belly De Brohun Sarah McKelley Jane Roberls Virginia Blair Margarel Donovan Russell Nell Hancock Jane Roller Mary Maxine Bozeman Nelle Edwards Mary Miser Emmallne Rusl Belly Brinkly Gailher Frierson Gladys Moerner Ann' Slahlmarl MGFY Brock Henrielle Harlman Sara Walls Nllckols Louise Maxwell SYLGS Jean Burk Lillian Gaines Jeannelle Olliver Mlrlam Tl1OVT16S Mary Pope Creighlon Ann Levine Margarel Regen Belle Underwood Frances Van Deren I 1 Allo . N . Frances Adams Eslelle Ehrenwald Cherrie Ann Kealon Vlrqlnla PfIlCl1ell Laura Snow Auslon Jean Freeman Evelyn Kinzley Mary Regan Hilda Baird Amelia Hancock Lila Moss Selma Seligman Jane Burgess Jane Harl Hardy Noland Emma D.. Shellon Elizabelh De Moss Adelaide Hile Margarel Noland Jewell Simmons Rosamond Snell Tenor David Alkinson Edward Collman Richard Michael John Wickham David Baker Roy Elam Roberl Pope Hooper Williams Gilberl Blake Frank Evans Balie Ross Bass Joe Adams Harry Burks Louis Cross W. P. Haslirigs William Banks Oscar Burris E. G. Davis George Keilh 1 George Boone Holmes Collins Gilberl Dickey John Miser George Boswell Tom Kelly Connor Slanley Gross James Penrod Richard Braslield Roberl Cook Wallon Harrison John B. Ransom Vislon Taylor l ' ' f, x . -3: ,fx -gf rife-J, if-ig Tag l ii p -.. ,Jw i. ff i. , -X J ,fvimri J J ff P if s ill 1 N J gg Q imuiyvmjjio. JWVM li, Jil! il l l THR ' f ' ,Q A E as E as 1 s.cco E oc-- cc1s.o-,po pc Lg,-E Lo ,dggjcgggjiLifjgllsl.i5lr',i4fiJi-5'-S l,29l-liflflil i yi V X fwfr J fra-g',i4pk.i' MM g if 2 nk! xl L J! w J i C 0 M M 0 n 0 ll If iwfillllfii fyll aiiiieelif I 5 if f l' i A il N ii .. "'i,,,.Q2J AA fill F, ' X , J' -f 4- --f-TW V-ff Q.-.O-.-. c,,-.-,-.-,A,,,,.--. ,, ,,s,,,c ,.,,, -,,wi.'j!gfi gh, 5 gl cgaf if ill-Z1ifflLQi?ld l 'fi 4 i , b Hy , V, 2 L,i75gEiikETrlulg,h f X K f ggi! W' L4 rz04i Q-rifl l. 937 VNC Jill if j lf i X ii i ,-.-f2f1fili!'ssli',l,sf ,T X U X 1 7 vfsf ? vt ii Kees f 45.5 Ls R ' Q G f L 1' .-.N C111 -f ' A . - 1 -., F Ti I I" I fa I l nik If K7---,L I4 'r' ,I lj If ll iff: lg 'I 1414! JI ll'i ffl.-X, fr, --..,fl ,sul -f . lp f, -o- I flflllqy g:1,fu VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY BA D JOHN PAUL JONES HUGH CARTER Drum Malors B. B. Kerr Scoll Nall Willard Parker Basses William Boyd Ed. Balloff William Gibbens James Miser T. B. Rogers Clarine-'rs Joe Adams Joe Akerman Mack Allaman Hugh Carfer Earnesl Davis f.g if ,. OFFICERS Dlreclor JOHN MISER Manager JOHN WICKHAM MEMBERS Ted Feinblalf Miau Fessenden Bilhal Howard Joe Kern Clemenl Means J. J. Slaugenhop John Sfewarf Glynn Wheeler John Wickham Ellis Woody Clinlon Wrighl Drums William Calhoun Ed Coffman Harwill Hire Corwin Rife John Slanford David Welherhorn Horns Douglas Cochran John Miser Roderick Pulley Dennie Ray Saxophones William Briqnac Forresl Glasgow James Norris Mark Wilkerson . C. Fryer ames Goodman William Gribble Munson Howe Trombones President Librarian Chrislian Koher Henry McGrede Arlhur Worley Trum pels William Bee Millon Campbell William Colmer Robert Cook Donald Duff Harold Johnson Roberl Jones Wendell Kincaid Waller McCorkle Richard Minor Lorrey Slreel' Pele Whillowe hw-'I ,N N I - . -me ffl '. PGV! wil "il, NX lillf ' ,Nw If-' he -Yafoff X ,Q 111. ' fl f, , 1 Xflfr I if 'l',VV" l 1' I 4 ly jlfff I I ' IMG-Jai fi --5 .ff X 5 fl fzfilff I MQ!! 4 0 M M 0 ll 0 ll r iylgllql. .WTI ill, I f,ff'lll2L if ff' If I I-'FM ll ff wil il 5 1 f f .1 I if X xx l fe' ff ' lvl lxynrflli Tel-I IL. ll. I, . 'fi 'iflff iw if 1 . ' l qw! ffl, 4'ff'Zil'X,l ,ll ffl!! li I lzilji lg f'lixlHF L LX X XXX Xi I fix Mindel Wolberg, Elise Prilchell, Jeanelle Olliver, Hardy Noland, Jean Burk, Shirley Caldwell. Susan Cheek, Evelyn Crunk, Ray Dempsey, Nelle Edwards, Eslelle Ehrenwald, Elaine Halle, Margarel Hoffman. Lucille Johnson, Shelby Klyce, Virgi-ia McLellan, Kalhryn Marlin, Bob Myers, Civia Olshine. Mimi Reisman, Edwin Slewarl, Carlelon Slern, John Van Ausdal, Frances Van Deren, Jean Weinslein, M I NDEL WOLBER6 Ann Wilkerson. PHI SIGMA IOTA ELISE PRITCI-IETT ..... JEANETTE OLLIVER . . HARDY NOLAND Jean Burk Shirley Caldwell Susan Cheek Evelyn Crunk Ray Dempsey Nelle Edwards Eslelle Ehrenwald Elaine Haile OFFICERS MEMBERS Ann Elizabelh Hall Margarel I-Iollman Lucille Johnson Shelby Klyce - Virginia McLellan Kalhryn Marlin Bob Myers Civia Olshine . . . . . . Presidenl' . . Vice-Presidenl . Secrelary . . Treasurer Mimi Reisman Edwin I.. Slewarl Carlelon Slerne John Van Ausclall Frances Van Deren Jean Weinslein Ann Wilkerson Waller Yeider Wilh emphasis on French, Phi Sigma Iola slimulales inleresl and promoles scholarship in romance languages. n Toward lhis end, il sponsored Iwo French movies lhis year. Membership is based on scholarship and advancemenl in French. F2061 v Y' I Zi . i I l f' I ' 21 Q y Marfha Haynie Jessie Clay Orr Elise Prilcheff Susan Cheek Marfha Hake Virginia Blair Mary Brock Edna RuI'h Bryanf Shirley Caldwell Mary Frances Dodd Sue Douglas Esfelle Ehrenwald Ann Ganier Ann Caroline Gillespie Brenda Goodman I H I Sarah G-oodpasfure Rulh Guenler. E . . . anne ale Margaref Ann Hoffman Mary Napier Peggy Norvell Jane Raborg Adeline Reubush Carlefon Sferne Elnzabelh Surles Jean Weinslein. MARTHA HAYNIE JESSIE CLAY ORR ELISE PRITCHETT SUSAN CI-IEEK Virginia Blair Mary Brock Edna Rulh Bryanl Shirley Caldwell Mary Frances Dodd Sue Bradley Douglas Eslelle Ehrenwald CHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS MEMBERS Ann Gamer Mary Rulh Gass Ann Caroline Gillespu Brenda Goodman Sarah Goodpaslur Rulh Guenler Elaine Halle Marlha Hake Pre ldenl Vice Presidenl Secrerary Treasurer Margarel Ann Hoffman Mary Campbell Napier Jane Raborg Adeline Reubush Carlelon Slerne Ellzabelh Surles Jean Wennsleln Kappa Chapler of Chl Della Phi was reeslablished on lhe Vanolerlolll campus in May I939 ll is a nahonal honorary lnlerary sororrly and membership is allalned loy compelillon N!!! l2u7l ? .......... y ................. l. . I s' I Q , fx I a,l1l ly-'I.lz l J - ,- .i f' ,iff If N ' Ji lf' -I . A ' l Mickey Carmichael, Heyward Morgan, Marion Long, Richard Brasfield, Billy Moore Clark. , William Cornelius, Hugh Carler, Susan Cheek, Allen Early, John Edmunds, Byrne Evans, Dol Evans, Henry GGWID. Lynwood Herringlon, Frank Kirkman, Miriam McGraw, Roberl MCNUII, Jesse Perry, John Pellell, Bill Reed. John Sleele, Merrill Slone, William Troller, A. D. Walker, Jr., Alberl Wall, Mose Waller, Mindel Wolberg, Ray Williams. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB MICKEY CARMICHAEL . . . HEYWARD MORGAN MARION LONG Thomas Alexander Richard Brasfield Billy Moore Clark William Cornelius Hugh Carler Susan Cheek Allen Early John Edmunds Byrne Evans OFFICERS MEMBERS Dol' Evans Henry Gewin Lynwood I-lerringlon Frank Kirkman Miriam McGaw Roberl' McNull' Jesse Perry John Pellell Bill Reed . . . . . . . Presidenl' . . . . . Vice-Presidenl Secrelary-Treasurer John Sleele Merrill Slone John Thomison William TroI'I'er A. D. Walker, Jr. Alloerl Wall Mose Waller Mindel Wolberg Ray Williams A nalional organizalion whose membership al Vanderbill is limiled lo lhirly aclive members. The clulo's purpose is lo promole inleresl in inlernalional affairs. L208J Selma Seligman, Mary Frances Dodd, Ann Shapard, Rebecca Kornman, Ann Rauch, Emily Schweizer Ann Cowen Allene Hyden. ' ' Mary Paul Raby, Belly Seigler, Calherine Brown, Ann Slahlman, Elizabelh Zerfoss, Marline Chaflin Mary Helen Emmons. ' Virginia Harlan, Mamie Edwards, Hfelieerli:2clsIi1g'rLauyg,h'Hggr!2E WAILIIQZWQQ-Mary Bozeman, Elizabelh DeI3rohun, LOTUS EATERS OFFICERS SELMA SELIGMAN. Alpha Epsilon Phi ...... .... P residenl MARY FRANCES DODD. Gamma Phi Bela . . .... Secrelary ANN SI-IAPARD, Kappa Alpha Thela . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS REBECCA KORNMAN . .. ANN RAUCH , . . EMILY SCHWEIZER . ., ANN COWEN . . ALLENE HYDEN . MARY PAUL RABY BETTY SEIGLER . . . CATHARINE BROWN . . . ANN STAHLMAN ANN VAUGHN , Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Della Della Della Epsilon Phi Epsilon Phi Epsilon Phi Omicron Pi Omicron Pi Omicron Pi Omicron Pi Della Della Della Della Della Della ELIZABETH ZERFOSS . . . MARTI NE CHAFFI N MARY HELEN EMMONS . . . . VIRGINIA HARLAN MAMIE EDWARDS HELEN MCMURRAY HARRIET WILLIAMS .. .. MARY BOZEMAN . ELIZABETH de BROHUN . . . ADELINE REUBUSH SARAH MCKELLEY . . . ...... Sigma Kappa Della Della Della Gamma Phi Bela Gamma Phi Bela Gamma Phi Bela Kappa Alpha Thela Kappa Alpha Thela Kappa Alpha Thela . . Sigma Kappa . . Sigma Kappa . . Sigma Kappa Lolus Ealers is an honorary organizalion lor Sophomore women. Il is composed ol lwo members lrom each sororily, elecled on lhe basis ol scholarship and campus aclivilies. The purpose is lo coordinale lhe programs ol lhe several sororilies and lo inlensily lhe college experience as Vanclerbill women. J,. Lucille Johnson, Sarah Goodpasfure, Marguerite Wallace. Selma Seligman, Mamie Edwards, Virginia Blair, Rulh King. WOMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION orrlceas I LUCILLE JOHNSON .... ...... ...... P r esiclenl SARAH GOODPASTURE . . . . . . . Vice-Presidenl MARGUERITE WALLACE . . . . Secrelary-Treasurer MEMBERS SARAH GOODPASTURE . . ..... . . Chairman Senior Class MARGUERITE WALLACE . . .... Chairman Junior Class SELMA SELIGMAN . . . . . Chairman Sophomore Class MAMIE EDWARDS . . . . Chairman Freshman Class LUCILLE JOHNSON . . . . . Presidenl Honor Council VIRGINIA BLAIR . . . . Sludenl Union Represenlalive RUTH KING . . . . . . . . Presidenl Pan-Hellenic The Woman's Sludenl Governmenl Associalion seeks lo cooperale wilh lhe lacully in lhe iurisdiclion ol all undergraduale women sludenls of lhe Universily. The W. S. G. A. Board serves as lhe execulive body ol The associalion. LZIOII June Burks, Calherine Brown, Berlha Hirsch, Marguerite Holman. Adeline Reubush, Jane Roberfs, Marguerile Wallace, HarrieI Williams. WOMENIS ATHLETIC BOARD OFFICER JUNE BURKS Pfegdenf MEMBERS CATHERINE BROWN ADELINE REUBUSH BERTHA HIRSCI-I JANE ROBERTS MARGUERITE HOLMAN MARGUERITE WALLACE HARRIET WILLIAMS The purpose of Women s Allilelic Board is Io organize ancl requlale all rnlrramural porls among Ilwe women slruclenls OI Ilwe Unlverslly and Io encourage a spiral ol Irienclly compellllon E211 XXV! If I f I All 1 .. A.. 41. Carlefon Sferne, Jane Roberls, Kalsy Aycock, Andy Bagwell, Margaref Broadwell, June Burks, Susan Cheek, Sue Douglas. Nelle Edwards, Eslelle Ehrenwald, Dol Evans, Marion Head, Louise Howell, Miriam Lusby, Miriam McGaw. Mary Harl' Mooneyham. Jeanelle Olliver, Civia Olshine, Helen Paxlon, Elise Prilchell, Mimi Reisman, Evelyn Slayden, Marguerile Wallace, Damaris Witherspoon. ATHENIANS OFFICERS CARLETON STERNE ..... H JANE ROBERTS . MEMBERS Kalsy Aycoclc D ' Eslelle Ehrenwald Andy Bagwell Dol Evans Margarel Broadwell Marion Head June Burlcs Louise Howell Susan Cheek Sue Douglas Nelle Edwards Miriam Lusby Miriam McGraw Mary Harl' Mooneyham Jeanelle Olliver ..........Presidenl' Secrelary-Treasurer Civia Olshine l-lelen Paxlon Elise Prilchell Mimi Reisman Evelyn Slayden Marguerile Wallace Damaris Wilherspoon This is a group of ouislanding girls in The Junior class. There are lhree girls from lhe independenl group and lhree from each sororily. ll sponsors lhe annual "Alhen- ian Day," which is held lo give prospeclive college girls a view of campus life. I2121 Virginia Blair, Nelle Edwards, Miriam Reisman, Shirley Block, Sarah Goodpaslure Rlla Lane Eff' Chl M ic a mers, argarel' Jackson, Marlha Haynie, Jean Breckenridge, Calherine Simpsoh, Jeanel'l'e.Olliver. Hardy Noland, Edna Rulh Bryanf, Miriam McGaw, Jean Burk, Mary Mooneyham, Evelyn Kinzley, Marlha Hake. VIRGINIA BLAIR NELLE EDWARDS ARTS CLUB OFFICERS MIRIAM REISMAN Shirley Block Sarah Goodpaslure Rilo Lane Effie Chalmers Margarel Jaclson MEMBERS Marlha l-laynle Jean Breckenridge Calherrne Simpson Jeanelle Olllver l-lardy Noland Edna Rulh Bryanl' Presldenl' Vice Presldenl Secrela ry Treasurer Miriam McGaw Jean Burl: Mary l-larl Mooneyham Evelyn Krnzley Marlha Hake The purpose ol Arls Club is lo develop lhe apprecialuon lor and lo encourage lhe lalenls in The line arls among The women sludenls in Vanderbill Unlverslly Mem bershup is limlled lo lwenly live undergladuales of Junior and Senior classes -Z yn Il ,'. I I I I I I I 5 : II II, K ly ry MASQUE CLUB OFFICERS JOI-IN STANFORD ..... . . . . . . ...... Presidenl GEORGE WOOD .... .... V ice-Presidenl' NELLE EDWARDS -..... . . . . ..... Secrelary RAY DEMPSEY .... ........ T reasurer JIM PI-IILBRICK .... Procluclion Manager MEMBERS Joe Adams Bill Booih Mary Brock Lawrence Bryanl' Jim Burns Mary Payne Claxlron Holmes Collins Joe Cannon Mary P. Creighlon Elizabelh Dodd Bill Freeland Dean Garner Paul Grubbs Isabelle I-lull Belsy Jones Jerry King Leonard Linlon Willard Mills Gladys Moerner Lila Moss Jeanelle Olliver Charles Plaxico Alberl Ransom Emma D. Shelion Mary E. Srmilh Raymond Smilh Bob Sligler Caroline Slehlin Shelley Welch John Whalley Jim Johnson Coupery Shands Oscar Burris Gray Slahlman Marc Connolly An organizalion ol Vanderbill sludenls formed lor lhe purpose ol Iurlhering dramallc inleresl among Ihe sludenl loody. Numerous enlerlainmenls are presenled loy This ' group during lhe year: CL0MM0Il0lllf E214J I I E . SIGMA DELTA PI OFFICERS ALVARO VARGAS RUTH KING LOUISE MCMURTRY ALLEN EARLY MEMBERS John Bingham Edna Murray Davy Ehzabefh BIecIsoe Jose Garcla Margarer BroadweII Read Grooms Prnce Carney Merwyn I-Iarch Darfha Carver I-IarrleI Jacobson Effie ChaImers BeII'y Keefe Manerva Clemenfs Roberfa Lucker Dorofhy Crrder AnneIIe Macon Mary C Cunnmqharn Karhryn Marrln FACULTY MEMBERS Juan CasIeIIano Sponsor Mrs Juan CasIeIIano C B Brown W1II1am Johnson Presldenf Vlce Presldenf Secrefary Treasurer Irma L Nlederhauser LucuIIe NorIhcoI'r James Phllbrlck James W Rach Johme L Smoiherman Edwin S'rewarI' Jane Vick AIIoer'r Whlfman EIame Yarbrough Paul Manches'rer Charles Zeek A nahonal honorary IraIernIIy waIh IorIy one chapIers In Ihe Un1IecI Shares The VancIerbuI'r Chaplrer was organized un I938 Io Iormenr a Iove for Ihe I-Inspanuc con Irnbuhons Io modern culrure and Io IosIer Ihe cooperahve spnrnr berween Ihe nahons of I-Ilspanlc and Enqhsh cuIIure 5 . '37 J 1 'S I 7 S? WV gn iz .Q W 19 X ' A KJ: QI JNIK 71665 If Nj ,J K 1 X if 7 X If ffl jffjx xx II X XTX I AV I I - - I . I .I ' I I 7fy If ff, I , ,WI :fin 'if .Cn Sis T fffrv-...ff IIIQ Ki1'i'. IrI", ff I Ifjrfff 1, .-'rn N 'UI' bf --I f"'I ir ,LT , V 'L 1 f' KfT"'ET1f ff v mfs-fhrrf eww f III' 'Wa 'fflfflif ff ' ' P f'-'IH 'cf -X XI: II A II fff y y MIG f If ,Aff 1 I , 1 9' 1, 0 M M 0 ll 0 R f SAI. .IF Yrs I3-SKI, QI rg' I5 1 5 Q I "IfIffe4- , , QI I ff' ,ff I ff 'IVZII :IIA I IN?,!l1l' '- IIXQI IIXJII f'NIfP'I I In I XIII 'II' III I ' K 'ff I I VIQITI ICI I "I If "I ,II NUI Lx C' yr mmf ,rf ffm, fuzz I , if I WMI -'QIII' Iccifffiy 1 , ,, I Mfr ff ,' If ' I .EIS I I ZIV' v,' NSU U yzgaia-i4,1, 4 ' ' V U I 'Lx -Q.V"1eiRIs XI I' ,II I f . :5I I I STI I . I 'I III' I I I IIIQII IL I I I 'In , . I I 'I III I . II II I If II II ii I ' I' II 2'I FIIII I QI IIIIQIQIQI I III ISM I jII II III? I III I III IIIII I III 'IIEIII I I I II ISII QI I II IIII III I II II'III I?I I I III ZI I I ' I IN ? I IIIIA I X I I I I .III I I II .'IiI iI II I, IIIII I l II IIIIIII II I I I m y I II I QI I I I II I II' I It I I I IIII I I II I II' II. I I 'I I I I I K, I II I :IX I Y I I ,I'I I I If' W 1 I I ' A-f . I I In I II II I I If II In I I I , 5. 'I II , I ' I I I I I' .I I I I I I I I I- I I I I I I I . I.. -I I I' IIE ' ' I ,I I II. I I. ' I I I I I .I- I I I fII I I I II ID I II II. I I II I I I I I ,I I I IE? I I III EIL I I: ' , I I I I I I II I I If I I VIII I 'I I I I I I I III QI I I I I I I I III I II I I II I I I I III . III. I- I W'IIj I IIIII I II 'V IIIIII I 'Il 5' I 9 I . ML M I NEELY CHAPEL QYN' lHl llllllllllllllll From fhe beginning if was nof infended fhaf one should fravel life's road alone, and so arose groups, or brofherhoods. The same idea, fhaf of people wifh similariinferesfs banding fogefher in groups, has passed down fhrough fhe ages, and so foday among sfudenfs we have FRATERNITIES. ln college one binds himself wifh a group whose influence is nof for four years, buf for life. Such a group offers companionship, helpfulness, profecfion, recognifion as such, buf more fhan all, if insfills in fhe person a feeling which, fhough beyond expression, is value- less. And so fhe purpose of FRATERNITIES-fhaf of offering reciprocal aid fo an individual--is ac- complished. I' I I I I . I I I ,I 3 I, ' I: , .1 Q II II II II I I I f I , IS -'I I 3 II I I I , I: ,I IIVX I I I I A ,j' I 'IIN III I JI I IIIII 5 I ,I 1 I In II I I! x Ir IN 3 I ,X W 2 I I' I I I I I II II I I IQ I I 9 v I III I I I . I I I I W I I I V I If I ,II I'I I N I IIVIII I I Ii XI 'I I ISI! I II I 'I .' I I -N II I NI I I I 'III I III Q I I ' I ' ' I I I ' I . I I3 I I I U I W I 1 I I II I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I ,I I ,I IIQI ' , ':I I ' I. HIII I . I ' I I II' I I I II IL I I 1 I I I I III I "IIg:' I ' I I 'XIII 3 I III ' I A , .yu ,I Q, I I , I as IIHII I I .I , I I I ' I I I I III I III I I Q I 'I I I ! I II I3 I! I I I Ig ' W- II I I I ' I I, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I l . I I Z I ll ' III I-I III I III I I I I I C411 PM Chi Phi was Tounded aT PrinceTon UniversiTy, De- cember 24, I824. IT is The oldesT social TraTerniTy, and nexT To The oldesT Greek-leTTer TraTerniTy, second only To Phi BeTa Kappa, Tounded in I776. As Chi Phi exisTs Today, iT is The union oT Three or- ganizaTions oT The same name Tounded Tor religious. liTerary and social purposes. lTs growTh since Tound- ing has been conservaTive, buT oT such naTure ThaT aT The presenT Time iTs ThirTy-Tive chapTers are locaTed Trom coasT To coasT in TwenTy-Two sTaTes. Chi Phi was esTablished on The VanderbilT campus in l883, eiqhT years aTTer The UniversiTy was Tounded. IT was reesTablished in I924 as Alpha-Pi ChapTer oT Chi Phi. l2191 CHI DHI FIZATIZIZNITY Firsf Row: Raymond Andrus Byron Angiin Leonard Anglin Hardy Housman Second Row: Dave Comey Dorn Del.uke Kurr Glaus Third Row: Lincoln Lakoff Scoif Nall Hall Turner Fourfh Row: Roberi Webb Burch Wyari' J. C. Johnson Fiffh Row: Dickie Moore Lonny Cosfley E. G. Davis Oliver Kiffreil of KS X.. XX .IX N A .X XX Uxox J A . - X 115 in -xgxrx X , K , :XXX .. ,ii ulxxl ft L, X, 'df ---1 'G'-sniff -...wp -W if MEMBERS CLASS OF l940 RAYMOND ANDRUS, A.B. BYRON C. ANGLIN, LL.B. LEONARD F. ANGLIN, A.B. FRANK DePIERRI. JR.. A.B. HARDY I-IOUSMAN, A.B. CLA BILLY CARROLL, A.B. . . DAVID COMEY, B.E. . . DOMINICK DeLUKE, A.B. KURT GLAUS, A.B .... LINCOLN LAKOFF. A.B. . SCOTT M. NALL, A.B. . HALL TURNER. A.B. . . ROBERT WEBB, A.B. . . C. J. WYATT, JR.. A.B. . CLA J. C. JOI-INSON. JR.. A.B. J. R. MOORE. A.B .... ROBERT RICE, A.B. . CLA LONNYT S. COSTLEY. A.B. E. G. DAVIS. JR.. A.B. V. . OLIVER KITTRELL, B.E. . LEE POPE, III. B.E. . SS OF I94I SS OF I942 .. ..S'r. SS OF I943 lf221fl . Mayfield, Ky. . Lumplcin. Ga. . Lumpkin, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. . Mayfield, Ky. . .A+lan'ra, Ga. Nashville. Tenn. . . Scheneclacly. N. Y. Nashville. Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Mayfield. Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Rome, Ga. Pelersburg. Fla. Nashville. Tenn. Mempl1is.Tenn., . Allanla. Ga . Owenlon. Ky. Nashville. Tenn Nashville. Tenn Founded al Princelon Universily, December 24. I824 Colors Sea rlel and Blue Flower Grapevine lsymboll T3 ,xfx F f F ff- xx. I 1 K H. E. MELENEY. Iv1.D. . LEO DICKISON, Pl1.D. . . MALCOMB COOK, MD. . . J. W. Blaclc, Jr. J. Bransforcl Dr. W. E. Buisl' W. D. Bunlon W. G. Buller Ruben Connor J. G. Currey E. E. Douglwerly J Ford Marlin E. Gilmore A. L. Groce V C. W. Hawlcins, Jr. C. B. Hicks E. J. C. Lalcoff, Jr. R. P. LGVIIFGHCG Dr. E. B. IvIcAlexander J. F. lvlcllwaine J. R. Mcllwaine Dr. H. E. Meleney CHI PH FRATRES IN FACULTATE Associale Professor ol Prcvcnlivc Medicine and Public Houllli FRATRES IN URBE . ..... Inslrucfor Bioclwemislry . .Professor Medical School Ernrnoll O'CallaqI1an F. S. Parker J. P. Poynor, Jr. J. C. Sandidge E. A. Sayers. Jr. V. G. Scogqin J. P. Sheflall A. F. Smilh A. G. Spivey. Jr. F. A. Sullivan W. D. Sullivan J. H. Tulile C. L. Turner C. B. Wallace E. B. Willcinson H. Winn Dr. C. Wlwealley N. W. Wooldridge Roy NVorIlwingIon I l22zJ E V.. .- . , E .A f. T li ., i' , r+ 1 'ew f 1 ug :if 'nf , ' I VIE' ,- T ll L il TVXMUHT Z isa ii -f4wlX9' Tis? gala '7fzeZ'a pi On AugusT 8, l939, BeTa TheTa Pi celebraTed iTs one hundred+h anniversary aT The CenTenary Celebra- Tion held aT The place oT iTs Tounding, Miami Univer- siTy, OxTord, Ohio. The TirsT oT The lvliami Triad, BeTa TheTa Pi, was Tounded as a resulT oT The combined eTTorTs oT John Reilly Knox and seven oThers. Knox was The moving spiriT behind The early acTiviTies oT The TraTerniTy and The riTual is largely his worlc. Through The impeTus oT Founder Knox, BeTa TheTa Pi was The TirsT social TraTerniTy Tounded wesT oT The Alleghenies and was The second TraTerniTy To have a VVesTern chapTer. During The War BeTween The STaTes, many oT The SouThern chapTers were Torced To become inacTive, buT Through a new SouThern expansion program oT BeTa TheTa Pi, in almosT every case These chapTers have been resTored. The nineTy chapTers oT BeTa TheTa Pi are now well diversiTied geographically, The youngesT oT These being The chapTer Tounded aT Dulce UniversiTy in l939. 4 4 l f 1 4 4 i 1 is rx-,.,,L I A K "'-N.,X, x K MX i I ggi' , x ve rsily, Oxford, Ohio. MEVMBERS CLAS S OF l940 ARTHUR ADAMS, A.B ............. . CHARLES P. BEASLEY, A.B. . . . O. C. CARMICHAEL, JR., A.B. HARRY FERRAN, A.B ...... JIMMY HAYNES, A.B. . . . . AL HOLLAND, A.B. . . WILL KING, A.B ....... JOE LONGINO, A.B ....,. TRIMMIER MQCARLEY, A.B. . . BILL MYERS, A.B. ..... . GABE PAYNE, A.B .,..... GRANT EWING STURMAN, A.B. CLASS OF l94I BILLY BATTS, A.B. ..... . . HUGH CARTER, A.B ...., ROBERT CHALFANT, A.B. . RAY DEMPSEY, A.B ..... JOHN EDMUNDS, A.B. . . GEORGE FORT, A.B. .,.. . FRED GRAY, A.B. ...... . HUAJHLETTE JACKSON, A.B. . PALMER JONES, A.B. . . . . ROBERT MCADAMS, A.B. . . JACK PERRY, A.B. . . . . JEFF SOGARD, A.B. . . . . MARSHALL WHITE, A.B. . . RAYMOND WILLIAMS, A.B. . JIMMY WILSON, B.E ..,.. C LAS WILLIAM ANDERTON, A.B. . . JOHN BAKER, A.B. ..... , HERBERT CARMICHAEL, A.B. . SAM CAYCE, A.B. ..... . MARSHALL CHERRY, B,E. . . JOHN DARWIN, A.B ..... ERNEST EBERLING, A.B. . . BILL EDMUNDS, A.B. . . . BILL FRISTOE, A.B ..... TOMMY HARRISON, B.E. . . JOHN P. JONES, A.B. . . BILL MILLS, A.B ........ HERBERT OGLESBY, A.B, . . MAC PEEBLES, A.B .... ROBERT SAMMONS, A.B. . . FRED SMITH, A.B. . . . FRANK TROOP, A.B. . . CLAS MACK ALLAMAN, A.B ,.... WILLIAM CARLEN, A.B ...,. S OF I942 S OF I943 FRED H. CARMICHAEL, A.B. . RAYMOND DICKEY, A.B .... RAINEY FRIERSON, A.B. . HARRY IFRITTS, B.E .... . GEORGE HOLCOMB, A.B. . . JOHN HOUSMAN, A.B. . B. B. KERR, AYB ..... STEVE LONGINO, A.B. . . HENRY MCGREDE, A.B. . . BOB MCRAE, A.B ..... CHARLES MILLS, A.B. . . SAM MOORE, B.E ..... HARRY RICHTER, A.B. . . JOHN SCALES, A.B. .... . JIM SHANNON, A.B ...... RICHARD SHILLINGLAW, A.B. TOM STEELE, A.B ........ BEN THOMPSON, A.B. , . , . MAYNARD THOMPSON, A.B. . FRED TIPLER, A.B ..,.... LZZSII . . Jonesboro, Ark. , . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Orlanclo, Fla. Murfreesboro, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. Sulphur Springs, Tex. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . , Ml. Carmel, Ill. . .Columbia, Tenn. . ,Jacksonville, Fla, . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Ocala, Fla. . .Hopkinsville, Ky. . .CIarksville, Tenn. . .Sheffield, Ala. . . . Mayfield, Ky. . . . . Paducah, Ky. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . , .Nashville, Tenn. Kansas Cily, Mo. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Humboldl, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . , Winchesler, Tenn. Hopkinsville, Ky. . . . Fairfield, Ala. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Cookeville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . . . Mayfield, Ky . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . , Memphis, Tenn. . .Columbia, Tenn. . . .Jonesboro, Ark. . . Mooresville, Ala. . . . Decalur, Ala. . . .S'r. Joseph, Mo. . . Cookeville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . Germanlown, Tenn. . .Columbia, Tenn. . . Rockwood, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Mayfield, Ky Murfreesboro, Tenn. Sulphur Springs, Tex Sulphur Springs, Tex . . . Memphis, Tenn . Minneapolis, Minn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . . . Alhens, Ala . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Memphis, Tenn . , . Nashville, Tenn . . . Ripley, Tenn . .Shelbyville, Tenn . , .McCrary, Ark . . .Sheffield, Ala Founded al Miami Uni l839 Colors Pink and Blue Flower The Rose -,E -. R-':t9r x H BUT? ., .. f X I 1' j..,' A J fz. 1 . I, K x f , IX R , I K ,f .I 2 X, I I , 4, ,f , , , X BETA THETA PI JOHN C. BURCH, M.D. . . THEODORE MORFORD, M.D. RAY MORRISON. A.B .... W C RECKLESS, M.A., Ph.D. Charles O. Akers James C. Barbour R. W. Bogar. Jr. Roberl Berson George F. Blackie Herberl T. Browne Harry Baird Bond John C. Burch Sam Y. Caldwell George L. Clemenls George P. Clemen'l's Allen Cummings Paul D. Cunningham Bruckner Chase Frank l. Cherry J. Ross Cheshire, Jr. Waller H. Clarke John L. Craig Kendall Cram John Crowell Lesler W. Dann Roberl O. Davidson W. Lipscomb Davis John A. Davis. Jr. James Geddes Douglas William N. Esles, Sr. William N. Esles, Jr. James Erwin Alberl G. Ewing, lll S. Cecil Ewing W. H. Ewing Frank Farris Alberl N. File Slrallon Fosler William F. Fry. Sr. William F. Fry, Jr, Frank Gillespie Clark Giles FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN URBE John S. Gordan Roberl D. Goodlell Mac Glasgow Glenn R. Granl Avery Handley Joseph Handley K. C. Hardcaslle George Harvey Fisher Hawes Marlin A. Hayes John Holoway J. M. Houghland Gerald B. Howard Leland Hume George lngram Thomas Joy Phillip Kerr George Killebrew John F. Killebrew James R. Love. III Preslon Lunsford Wilson Lynch Richard Marlin William C. Mason Alex McClain Enloe McClain Thomas Malone Charles McLaughlin Morlon McMurray W. D. McMurray F. Millspaugh James Morel Theodore Moriord Ray Morrison Morgan Pal'l'on Samuel F. Pickering J. M. Peebles Roberl' L. Proclor, Jr. Roberl C. Provine W. Slreel Ransom . lnslruclor in Gynecology . .Assislanl in Clinical Obslelrlcs Head Foolball Coach . .Assislanl Professor of Sociology James S. Read W. C. Reckless Joseph Roland Edward Rooney George Rouhlac Hanley Sayers Dr. Na+ Shofner Charles Simpson l-lenry E. Smilh H. F. Smilh R. W. Smilh J. H. Teas William T. Teas Will Temple Prenlice M. Terry Joseph Therrel Charles C. Trabue, l. Charles C. Trabue, ll. Charles C. Trabue, lll Thomas M. Trabue L. L. Treanor William O. Treanor Roberl Trull Calisler Turner Edgar Uden W. H. Vaughn Ned Wallace Francis Warfield O. B. Washinglon, Jr Frank Weiland Richard W. Wessner Carler L. Wilson Lindsay, Wilson Dr. Jack Wilherspoon Jack Wilherspoon C. P. Woodard Ellery C. Workman Clarence C. Young vssfkgjees I2261 DelTa Kappa Epsilon owes iTs beginning To a group oT idealisTic young men who enTered Yale in I844, and Tailing To Tind everyThing ThaT They expecTed in The TraTerniTies exisTing aT ThaT Time, banded Themselves TogeTher. Thus There was Tormed The nucleus oT whaT laTer was To grow inTo a naTional and Then inTo. an inTernaTional TraTerniTy, Taking iTs place wiTh Alpha DelTa Phi and Psi Upsilon as one oT The Three leading TraTerniTies in The greaT EasTern universiTies. The new organizaTion Then began .a program oT expansion in The WesT and SouTh, locaTing aT only The besT insTi- TuTions. The Civil War Took iTs Toll in The SouThern schools, buT many oT The older chapTers have been renewed. The "Deke" TraTerniTy was The TirsT To esTablish a chapTer in The ciTy oT Nashville. Up unTil The Time oT The Civil War, DelTa Kappa Epsilon was Tirmly esTab- lished aT The UniversiTy oT Nashville. ln The year l889 anoTher group oT idealisTic Triends, mainly Trom Webb School, soughT To reesTablish This Torerunner oT Nashville TraTerniTies, which was such a power in The EasT. A recharTer was granTed by The naTional council, and Gamma ChapTer TorThwiTh Took iTs place oT leadership on The VanderbilT campus. Dili Firsl Row: W. T. Adams David Aikinson Glenn Henderson Joe Lillie Marion Long Chris McClure Second Row: Merrill Slone Jim Tuck Tom Cummings Bill Hastings Homer Howell Third Row: Billy Hudson Richard Pickens Andrew Sweaf Lindsay Bishop Willard Blue Dick Brasfielcl Fourlh Row: Douglas Cochran Charles Eyerman Webb Follin Tom Hudson John Hullon Fiffh Row: Frank Kirkman Ed Palierson Tom Sappingion Jimmy Swiggarl Billy Swiggarl Sixlh Row: Huber? Turner Mose Waller Roberl' Whiinell Lane Abernalhy Tom Brown Peler Eyerman Sevenlh Row: Henry Gewin Bill Lynn Tom Manchester Liddon McPelers Gene Morrison Eighth Row: Henry Nelson Billy Riley W. C. Sweal Bob Will George Wilson Eusiace Winn ,mfs f xx x' xx X 0X .-use X ,xx X.QQ : VX. . ,Xxx K ,I -,As xv.sXs iXXxxs A KADDA EDSILON M E MBERS CLASS OF l940 W. T. ADAMS, JR., A.B. . DAVID ATKINSON, B.E. . . GLENN HENDERSON, A.B. JOE LITTLE, A.B. .... . MARION LONG, A.B. . . CHRIS MCCLURE, A.B. . MERRILL STONE, A.B. . ELLIOT TRIMBLE, A.B. . JIM TUCK, A.B. . . . CLASS OF l94l TOM CUMMINGS, JR., A.B. BILL HASTINGS, A.B .... HOMER HOWELL, A.B. . . BILLY HUDSON, A.B. . . ROY HUGGINS, A.B. . . CLARK HUTTON, A.B. . WALTER KING, A.B .,.. RICHARD PICKENS, A.B. . ROBERT STAMPS, A.B. . , ANDREW SWEAT, A.B. . . H. B. TOMLIN, B.E .... - C L LINDSAY BISHOP, A.B .... WILLARD BLUE, B.E. . . . . RICHARD BRASFIELD, A.B. . DOUGLAS COCHRAN, A.B. CHARLES EYERMANN, A.B. WEBB FOLLIN, A.B. . . . . TOM HUDSON, A.B. . JOHN HUTTON, B.E. . FRANK KIRKMAN, A.B. . . ED PATTERSON, A.B ..... TOM-BLAIR PIERSON, A.B. THOMAS SAPPINGTON, A.B. BOB SEYFRIED, B.E. . . . . JIMMY SWIGGART, A.B. . BILLY SWIGGART, B.E. . . HUBERT TURNER, A.B. . . MOSE WALLER, A.B .... ROBERT WHITNELL, A.B. . ASS OF l942 CLASS OF' I943 LANE ABERNAIHY, A.B. . . IRWIN BRIOHTWELL, A.B. . IOM BROWN, A.B ..... PETER EYERMANN, A.B. . . HENRY OEWIN, A.B. . . BILL LYNN, A.B .....,. TOM MANCHESTER, A.B. . LIDDON MCPEIERS, A.B. . , GENE MORRISON, A.B. . . HENRY NELSON, A.B. . . BILLY RILEY, A.B .... W. C. SWEAT, A.B.' ..... BOB WILL, A.B ........ GEORGE ED WILSON, A.B. EUSTACE WINN, A.B. . . . I.Z29l . . Trenton, . . Nashville, . . Nashville, . . Bessemer, . . Trenton, . . Nashville, . , Nashville, . . Natchez, . . Dresden, . . Nashville, Tenn Tenn Tenn Ala Tenn Tenn Tenn hAks Tenn Tenn . Port Arthur, Tex . . Beaumont, Tex . Clarksville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . .Corinth . . Nashville: . . Nashville . . Corinth, . . Nashville, Chattanooga, . Clarksville, . . Dresden, . . Corinth, . .St. Louis, Bell Buckle, . Clarksville, . . Nashville, . . Nashville, . . Savannah, . . . Ripley, Tenn Tenn Tenn Miss Tenn Tenn Miss Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Mis hAo Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn . Port Arthur, Tex .Coopersburg, Pa . . Nashville, , Nashville, . Carthage Lenoir City, . Dyersburg, . . Pulaski, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. . Gainesville, Tex. . .TOledo, Ohio . .Sl'. Louis, Mo. . , . Mobile, Ala. Fort Bragg, N. C. . Nashville, Tenn. . ,Corinth, Miss. . , . . Earle, Ark. , Nashville, Tenn. . . Meridian, Miss. . . Corinth, Miss. . . St. Louis, Mo. , Rockwood, Tenn. Winterville, Miss. Founded al' Yale, l844 Colors Azure, Glues and Or. Flower Pansy ff iw. A t Tit. slim "iii 153 rg if ff'-. i Jig 4,14 If , ,LJ 1, Nj! I I ' I If' ' , In f DELTA KAPPA EPSILON HORTON R. CASPARIS, M.D WILLIAM L. FLEMING. M.D. . . C. M. HAMILTON, M.D. . . CHRIS MCCLURE, M.D. . EDWIN MIMS, Ph.D .... DAVID R. PICKENS,' M.D. . FRANK C. RAND .... WILLIAM H. SWIGGART . Howard Ball Horace H. Beaven James E. Brill W. l. Brighl, Jr. William Borches E. E. Boyd James L. Browning W. H. Caldwell Charles Cason ' Roberi Clapp Dr. R. Horlon Casparis Allen R. Cornelius Charles Cornelius. Jr. Charles L. Cornelius H. H. Corson, Jr. Sam Cowan A. D. Creighlon Dr. Hale Cullom Dr. M. M. Cullom Charles DaviH. Jr.. Lawson Davis Lindsey Davis- Paul Davis Sam Davis Gordon Duncan FRATRES IN FACU LTATE FRATRES IN URBE Carl Dury J. C. Edwards Moreau Esles McDaniel Ewing Joseph Fylce Farmer C. L. Forl Joel B. Forl, Sr. Tom Fuqua William A. Fuqua Dr. Charles Hamillon Willard R. Hendrix Bill 'Hendrix Cheairs Hughes Na+ C. Hughes Harold Huggins James Huggins William Hume Roy B. Kennedy. Jr. Hunler Leflwich Richard Lindsey Dr. Charles Lowe John Keilh Maddin Charles R. Maiors Jeff IvlcCarn Fred Mcliibbon Wm. Neal McKinney . Professor of Pedialrics . . .Resideni Physician . . lnsrrucfor of Clinical Dermalology . .Professor of Clinical Radiology . .Head of English Deparlmenl . . Professor of Clinical Surgery Presidenl Board of Trusl Secrelary Board ol Trusl' Dr. C. C. McClure Dr. Edwin Mims James H. Morris Roberl Nealhery Dr. Oscar G. Nelson John Orman Henry C. Parrenl Dr. D. R. Piclcens Thomas W. Poinler Joe Reeves Joe C. Roach E. C. Scruggs William Shumalcer Wm. A. Spiclcard John H. Slelson Waller Slolces. Jr. Roberl Slurdivanlr Wm. H. Swiggarl C. F. Taylor Dr. Wm. O. Vaughn Frank Wade Edgar Walling James M. While P. A. Williams Roberl O. Young f I 2301 1 I I I 3 1 5 K Q is Dlll Dill Firsf Row: Eric Bell Bud Bray Tom Brown Bill Chapman Charles Ireland John Milliken l-leyward Morgan Second Row: Roberl Moore John Pellell Roberl Pills Ralph Slanard Frank Alexander James Caldwell Willie Cornelius Third Row: Joe Davis Lynwood Herringlon Roberl Jordan Daylon Manier Bob Reed Joe Simpson Fourfh Row: John Sleele Joe Thompson ' William Troller Sonny Warren David Wilson Billy Moore Clark Fiflh Row: Tom Connor Dean Garner George Griffin Billy Hackell Syd Hailey Tom Hudgens Sixlh Row: Bill Kammerer Van Love Rogers Morrison Bill Oliver John G. Palmer Edgar Parroll Sevenlh Row: Bill Reed Felix Smarl James Wesf Joe Wesl George Alder Ed Anderson Eighlh Row: Gibby Blake Oscar Burris Billy Cale Mall' Dobson Henry Holmes Billy Hullon Leonard Linfon Ninfh Row: Jack McCullough Goree Nelson Emmet O'Neal Waller Robinson Coupery Shands Gray Slahlman Vision Taylor 'N L , X 2 RX .X A 5 . r HQQQQ - 5 X' .X ' -1 XXxwXQL A THLTA 'Om vm i . 'i l V, 2 e l l l l i l l l l l I, I l l X ' i Fl? A L Yil.Y'i"i - iv versily. Oxford. Ohio MEMB CLA ERIC BELL, A.B ........ CHARLES BRAY, A.B ..... TOM TARTT BROWN, B.E. . WILLIAM CHAPMAN, A.B. . NATHANIEL DOBBS, A.B. . . CHARLES IRELAND, A.B. , . JOHN MILLIKEN, A.B .... ROBERT MOORE, B.E. . . HEYWARD MORGAN, A.B. . . JOHN PELLETT, B.E. . . , ROBERT PITTS, A.B. . . . RALPH STANARD, A.B. . . SS OF l940 CLASS OF l94I FRANK ALEXANDER, A.B. . . JAMES CALDWELL, A.B .... WILLIAM CORNELIUS, A.B. . . JOSEPH DAVIS, A.B ..... LYNWOOD HERRINGTON, A.B.- 4. I ROBERT JORDAN, A.B ..... DAYTON MANIER, A.B ..... ROBERT REED, A.B ...... JOSEPH SIMPSON, A.B. . . JOHN STEELE, A.B ....... JOSEPH THOMPSON, A.B. . . WILLIAM TROTTER, A.B. . . JOHN M. WARREN, A.B. . . DAVID WILSON, A.B .... CLASS OF I942 WILLIAM MOORE CLARK, A.B. TOM KELLY CONNOR, B.E. . GEORGE DEAN GARNER, A.B. GEORGE G. GRIFFIN, B.E.. . . WILLIAM HACKETT, A.B .... SYD HAILEY, B.E ...... JACK HARDEMAN, A.B. . ., TOM HUDGENS, A.B ...... WILLIAM KAMMERER, A.B. . . VAN LOVE, A.B ........ ROGERS MORRISON, B.E. . WILLIAM OLIVER, A.B. . . . JOHN GRAY PALMER, A.B. . EDGAR PARROTT, A.B ..., WILLIAM REED, A.B .... FELIX SMART, A.B. . . JAMES WEST, B.E. . . JOSEPH WEST, A.B. . . C LAS GEORGE ALDER, A.B ...... EDWARD ANDERSON, A.B. . . GILBERT BLAKE, A.B ..... OSCAR BURRIS, A.B ..... WILLIAM CATE, A.B. . . MATT DOBSON, A.B. . . HENRY HOLMES, A.B .... WILLIAM HUTTON, A.B. . LEONARD LINTON, A.B. . JACK MCCULLOUGH, A.B. , GOREE NELSON, A.B. . . . EMMET O'NEAL, B.E ..,.. WALTER ROBINSON, A.B. . . COUPERY SHANDS, A.B. . . GRAY STAHLMAN, A.B. . VISTON TAYLOR, A.B. . S OF I943 L233fl ERS . . Bloominglo . . Birmingham n, lll Ala . . Birmingham., Ala . .SL Louis ,Mo . . . Barnesville, Ga . . Birmingham Bowling Green, , Ala Ky. . Shreveport, Ln . . Greenville, S. C . . Greenville, S. C . . . Cedarfown, Ga , , Mobile, Ala . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . .Waynesboro, Ga . . . Fort Valley, Ga . . Nashville, Tenn . . .Tupelo, Miss. . . Birmingham, Ala. . . . . Rome, Ga. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . La Grange, Ga. . , . Mobile, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Liflle Rock, Ark. . .Columbia, Tenn. . . . Aflanfa, Ga. . . . Rome, Ga. . . . . Rome, Ga. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Union Cily, Tenn. . . .S+. Louis. Mo. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Newnan, Ga. . . Tupelo, Miss. . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Challanooga, Tenn. Challanooga, Tenn. Websfer Groves, . . .Columbus, Mo. Miss. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Tampa, Fla. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Challanooga, Tenn. . . . . .Tampa, Fla, . . Birmingham, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Jackson, Miss. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Challanooga, Tenn. Founded al Miami Uni December 26, l848 Colors Argenl and Azure Flower While Carnalion I. i .ZS 2 35330 'QEIQW 51.0113 5 -.1 fi c' f X X I ' lf PHI DELTA THETA RICHARD A. BARR, M.A., M.D. . . MORRIS BRANDON . . . J. P. W. BROWN .... JOHN DANIEL, M.A., LL.D. . M. B. DAVIS, M.D .... A. W. HARRIS, M.D. . . J. OWSLEY MANIER, M.D. . JAMES c. MEREYNOLDS HUGH MORGAN, MD. . LARKIN SMITH, MD. . JOHN TIGERT . . . E. M. UNDERWOOD . . . NEWTON UNDERWOOD, OVERTON WILLIAMS . . w. H. win, Mo. . . T. B. zEREOss, MD. . . Allred T. Adams David P. Adams Evan L. Adamson Harvey C. Alexander, Jr Charles Anderson William J. Anderson Thomas J. Anderson Charles W. Arnold Goodall Bailey Thomas B. Baker, Jr. Charles O. Barham Richard A. Barr Richard A. Barr, Jr. Walfer S. Bearden, Jr. Andrew B. Benedicf, Jr. John T. Benson Greene Benfon, Jr. John T. Benfon Arch Bishop, Jr. Roberl' B. Bogle, Jr. Eclwon M. Bond, Jr. Clyde E. Bowers John R. Braden Richard A. Braden James C. Bradford John S. Bransford Raymond Borwer, Jr. Edward T. Brown John P. W. Brown Lyfle Brown Henry K. Buckner George N. Bullard Charles W. Caldwell Dandridge W. Caldwell, Jr. .lohn F. Caldwell, Jr. Meredifh Caldwell Rogers Caldwell Frances R. Campbell Lemuel R. Campbell Charles F. Carfer William C. Colley John H. Connor Roberf G. Connor Edwin W. Cooper Vaughn W. Cooper W. Prenfice Cooper Edward B. Craig, Jr. Edwin W. Craig Francis J. Craig Nafhan G. Craig Donald Crevelinq James G. Creveling, Jr. Joseph V. Crockeff Joseph V. Crockelnl, Jr. Roberl P. Crockefl' Wafkins Crockelf, Jr. John S. Cullum Brownlee O. Currey John Daniel Murray B. Davis William L. Davis, Jr. John H. DeWill', Jr. Paul DeWiff Ward DeWifl" Gordon' Dickerson Beverly Douglas Byrd Douglas, Jr. Bruce Douglas Lee Douglas Leonidas Washingfon D Guilford Dudley, Jr. Charles A. Embry Herberl Farrell Louis Farrell, Jr. Norman Farrell Willis M. Farris, Jr. Frank G. Fife Oliver P. Fleming Frank W. Fletcher .lohn S. Flefcher Minos L. Flefcher, Jr. Reau L. Folk, Jr. Garfh E. Forl Dudley D. Frazier James S. Frazer, Jr. Lewis Frazer Washinglon Frazer Thomas W. Fred Frederick J. Fuller George J. Gale FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN U RBE Edwin S. Gardner William H. Gardner Charles C. Gilberf, Jr. William H. Goodpasfure Roberf F. Goodrich Julian H. Greene James T. Griscom Alfred M. Hagan Fitzgerald Hall William D. Hardeman, Jr. Ernesf K. K. Hardison, Jr Alberl W. Harris Will L. Harris William F. Harris Douglas Henry Roberf Henry John S. Herberl Roberf D. Herberl, Jr. William B. Herberl, Jr. Russell W. Hooper lawrence B. Howard Joseph T. Howell, Jr. Morfon B. Howell, III Morlon B. Howell, IV nRoberl B. Howell R. Boyfe C. Howell, Jr. Howell E. Jackson Roberl F. Jackson, Jr. Poberf F. Jackson lra P. Jones David M. Keeble Edwin A. Keeble John B. Keeble, Jr. S. F. Keeble Thomas C. Keeling .lames Allen Kennedy Pichard V. Kennedy Roberl M. Kennedy Thomas Kennedy William G, Kennon, .lr. William L. Killebrew Will P. Kirkman Vaden M. Lackey .lohn W. N. Lee Samuel E. Linlon Samuel E. Linfon, Jr. ' 1 . . Professor School of Medicine , , . Member Board of Trusf . . Member Board of Trusf . . . . . Professor of Physics . . Professor School of Medicine . . Professor School of Medicine Professor School of Medicine . . . . Member Board of Trusl . . . Professor School of Medicine . . Professor School of Medicine . . .Member Board of Trusl . . . Member Board of Trusf Assisfanf Professor of Physics .............Bursar . . Professor School of Medicine . . . . .School Physician Henry Z. Lipscomb Van Garvard Love Hill McAlisfer Crulcner McClure Wade R. Sperry Eldon B. Sfevenson Alberl W. Sfockell Walfer Sfokes Hunfer McDonald Roberl' W. Sfroud Leonard B. F. MCG-ugin George J. Slubblefield Roberf E. McNeilly Alonzo M. Tenison Percy D. Maddin William J. Tenison Dow E. Mallernee, Jr. Overfon Thompson, Jr. John O. Manier T. Miller Manier Will R ' Manner, Jr. Roberf Lee Thompson Roberl' McTyeire Iigerf Sidney Tompkins Roberf H. Marr Edwin C. Tompkins Nafhan R. Marlin Orrie R. VanDyke Richard E. Maffhews Charles Sloan Vaughn Ollie F. Minion Hugh J. Morgan Waller lvl. Morgan Harry S. Vaughn Joe H. Vaughn, Jr. William J. Wallace, Jr. Lee J. Mohr James M. Waller William H. Morgan Roberl Armisfead Waller Whife Hall Morrison, Jr. William Waller Edward E. Murrey Charles Warferfield Fdwin T. Noel Oscar F. Noel Dempsey Weaver, Jr. William C. Weaver William N. O'Brien William C. Weaver, Jr. Roberf Orr Edward C. Webb Alberl' Parish George C. Webb Williams E. Park, Jr. Roberf C. Websler Harvey Pride Joseph B. Wesf Frank P. Provosf Joseph R. Wesf David Procfor Olin Wesl, Jr. James Ragland John P. Williams, Jr. Waller Richardson Overfon Williams Edward M. Roeder Phillip Williams William D1 Rose -lesse E. Wills Francis M. Rumbler, Jr Charles W. Wilson Edward D. Sharp Richard T. Wilson, Jr. Vernon H. Sharp, Jr. John A. Wilherspoon, Jr Waller B. Sharp William H. Wifi . Landon R. Smarfl' Emmons H. Woolwlne Laird Smifh Roberl' H. Worke, Jr. larkin Smifh Thomas W. Wre-nne Marion G. Smifh Douglas M. WQICIIWI Sfufson Smifh Malvern H. Wrlqhl' John W. Solomon, Jr. Tom B. Zerfoss Jss, ' LZ34J i', N M Ls.. ?Y phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma was Tounded by seven sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania on OcTober l9, l85O. The aim oT These sTudenTs was To Torm a closely-kniT, selecTive organizaTion based upon conservaTive princi- ples. Since iTs incepTion iT has aTTained a uniTorm na- Tional disTribuTion, purposely limiTed To The leading universiTies oT The counTry on The precepT ThaT gualiTy is more desirable Than quanTiTy. Since iTs esTablish- menT in i902 on VanderbilT campus, Alpha loTa Chap- Ter has consisTenTly developed, along These conserva- Tive lines, a well-rounded personnel. l235Il Dlll KADDA GMA Firsl Row: Joel Covinglon Rush Dozier Bill Jordan James Rich Second Row: Lulher Barker Charles l-leflron Marshall Holl Third Row: Howard Humphrey Ed Lulon Roberl Myers Charles Herndon Fourlh Row: Don Kelly Kennelh Cayce Joe Cliflon Fiffh Row: James Fox William Garrlell' Richard Glover Charles Lipscomb Sixfh Row: Logue Omohundro Harry Renn Brefl' Rich . Harrell Slrickland X 'x RX X .RX r 'XZ X 1 SFX X ,M X xxx xx LXR XX .- , 'Xfx 1 r so ,, -XXNXA . an . ss : x-,xg - Y..,,:-,:X5 2, is H., , W- fig: MEMBERS CLASS OF I940 JOEL BELL COVINGTON, A.B. . . . RUSH WATKINS DOZIER, A.B. . . WILLIAM KING JORDAN, A.B. . JAMES WILLIAM RICH, A.B. . CLASS OF I94I LUTHER VANCE BARKER, B.E. . . . CHARLES H. HEFFRON. A.B. . MARSHALL HOLT, B.E .... HOWARD M. HUMPHREY, B.E. . ED LUTON, B.E .... ROBERT MYERS, A.B. . . CLASS OF I942 CHARLES THADDEUS HERNDON, A.B. DONALD SHARP KELLY, B.E. . CLASS OF I943 KENNETH CAYCE, A.B. . JOE CLIFTON, B.E. . JAMES A. FOX. A.B .... WILLIAM GARNETT, A.B. . . RICHARD GLOVER, B.E ...... CHARLES STEWART LIPSCOMB, A.B. . LOGUE OMOHUNDRO, B.E. . HARRY RENN. A.B. . BRETT RICH. B.E. . . . . . . Nowion Cenfcr, Mass. . . Madisonville, Ky. . ,Pino Bluff, Arlc. . .Nasl'iville, Tenn. souih Piifsburg. Tenn. . .TaIedo, ohio . . Nashville, Tenn. , . Bayiown, Tex. . . Naslnville, Tenn, . . Nashville, Tenn. . .Kingsporlg Tenn. . .Washing+on, D. C. . . Hopkinsville. Ky. . . Ridgely, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . . Decafur. Ga. . . . Wynne, Arlc. . .LiHle Rock. Arla. . .Galla'Iin, Tenn. . .Nasl1ville. Tenn. H. STRICKLAND, JR., A.B. . Rarifan Arsenal, Mefeuchen. N. J. lf237T Founded al Ilwe Univer sify of Pennsylvania l850 Colors Black and Gold Flower Chrysanllwemum I PHI KAPPA SIGMA JACOB M. JOHLIN, JR., M.D .... JAMES A. KIRKLEY. M.D. . . JOHN W. SIMPSON. M.D. . WILLIAM SIMPSON, A.B. . Charles Akers Clark Akers Thomas B. Alexander Samuel M. Banks Roy W. Black Hal Blair Dr. R. Boyd Bogle Miller Brandon Dr. J. L.iBryan Doak Campbell Lee F. Cayce' Dan Cockrill Sferling Cockrill Dr. Sam Cowan L. R. Currey, Jr. William A. Darden, Jr. George T. Dunn, Jr. Ernesf DuPon'I' Dr. Roy Elam P. M. Esfes P. M. Esfes. Jr. Frank Farris, Sr. Graham Finley Charles Fleming Ben Gambilll Bill Givans FRATRES IN U RBE Joe Harf Cale Haun I. V. Henderer Bill 'Hendricks James Hofsfeffer Henry Hopfon Claude Horner C. A. Horner Tafe Huggins Will Huggins Jesse R. James James M. Jennings Erskine Klyce Alfred T. Levine. Sr. Frank Maddux William F. Malone A. F. Mason Donald L. McClearen Kennefh McDonald Roy Miles W. M. Mifchum Rev. A. J. Moore Harry L. Nelson William Newsom Dr. O. A. Oliver John Omohundro John R. Overall FRATRES IN FACU LTATE . .Assisfanf Professor of Biochemisfry . . . Insfrucfor in Clinical Surgery . . Assisfanf Professor in Obsfefrncs . .Assisfanf Professor of German Dr. Paul Perry Carroll Reed Phil Robinson David Scoff Jesse Scoff Judge Guild Smifh Ed Souby Ernesf Spain Prof. Hubbard Srygley Hubbard Srygley. Jr. Dr. P. D. Srygley Theodore Srygley James S. Terry Trousdale Terry H. O. Thomas Banks Turner V Eugene Vandergriff Dr. James J. 'Vaughn D. R. Wade James E. Ward W. E. Ward, Jr. Dr. Paul Warner Lemuel A. Warner Roberf H. Whife Alberf S. Williams Dr. T. V. Woodring P. L.'Woodward Dr. G. M. Zucarello F2381 , i1.. l Ma Kappa Pu Phi Kappa Psi was Tounded aT JeTTerson College, February I9, I852, by Charles P. Moore and William l-l. l.eTTerman. ln The TirsT Tew years aTTer iTs incep- Tion, The TraTerniTy spread rapidly inTo a neTworlc oT many chapTers. Phi Psi, like many oTher chapTers, was hiT hard by The Civil War, buT was soon back on iTs TeeT again, having ThirTy chapTers by l87O. G5rowTh has pro- ceeded sTeadily and There are now TiTTy-Two acTive chapTers. Phi Psi has always been regarded as one oT The more conservaTive oT The "old line" TraTerniTies. Slow To expand in The SouTh, because oT reTrogression due To The Civil War, iT has come Torward in This secTion in recenT years. The TraTerniTy magazine, The "Shield," possesses a record unique among similar publicaTions, in ThaT Tor over six years every chapTer has submiTTed a news- leTTer Tor every issue. , Tennessee DelTa ChapTer was esTablished aT Van- derbilT in I9Ol. IT has, since ThaT Time, iniTiaTed over Three hundred and TiTTy members. lf239fl f ir' f, y , M E MBERS CLASS OF 1940 SCOTT GEORGE, A.B. . MARCUS STUBBS, LL.B. , . HOOPER WILLIAMS. B,S. . CLASS OF l94l CLARK ADAMS, A.B. . . WILLIAM BEACH, A.B. . . JOHN EDGE. A.B .... HUBERT P. JONES. A.B. . EDWARD MCGEHEE. A.B. . JAMES RUFFIN, A.B. . . CLASS OF l942 EDWARD FELAND COFFMAN. A.B. . ROBERT EMMETT LODGE, A.B. . . FRED EDWARD MASON. A.B. . CLASS OF RENFRO BAIRD. A.B. . WALTER JONES. B.S .... CHESTER KACZMAREK. A.B. . WARREN McLAUGHLIN, A.B. . HOWARD RIPY. A.B. . WALTER STONE, A.B. . CLINTON WRIGHT, A.B. . . GUY ZIMMERMAN. A.B. . . L2411 I943 . .HousIon, Miss. . .Lanier, Go. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Chandler, Olclo. . Shaker I-leighfs, Ohio . . Sfafesboro, Ga. . Sfafesboro. Ga. Monfgomery, Ala. Covingion, Tenn. . . Russellville. Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Greenville, Tex. . . Pineville, Ky. . . . . Jolief, III Hamframck, Mich . . .WheaIon, Ill . . Lawrenceburg, Ky . . .NashvilIe, Tenn Chaffanooga. Tenn MI. Sferling, Ky. Founded af Washinqlon and Jefferson College. I852 Colors Cardinal Red and I-IunIer's Green Flower JacquirninoI :Q-A ,',.Ifz2x I... ,. C.-, - S PHI KAPPA PSI JOHN W. ADAMS. M.D. . . LESLIE DILL, M.D ..... DUNCAN EVE, JR.. M.D. . LELAND JOHNSON, M.D. . Roberf Armisfead Allen Douglas Berry Frank Allen Berry Rufus Roland Samuel C. Boyer, Jrf. William DeWald Boyer Richard C. Brown Norman Bryanf Joseph W. Byrns, Jr. Ivlilforcl Bullingfon William IM. Carr, Jr. Felix R. Cheafham John H. Cheek' A. B. Clark Winsfon L. Clark Pefer V. Cloke. Jr. W. C. Clough, Jr- Larry Cooper Harold Curry Willis B. Dowell William G. Doyle Finley Carfer Dorris William I. Edwards William Evans Duncan Eve, Jr. Paul F. Eve, Jr. Roberf C. Fosfer George C. Gaffney William Gaffney James M. Gallagher Guy Gillespie Alex Godwin, Jr. FRAT RES IN FACU LTATE FRATRES IN U RBE James T. Granberry Walfer F. Pond C. Driscoll Grimes Thomas A. Grimes Cornelius Hall Phil Harris Phil M. Harrison Wifherspoon W. Hays Carfer Hendricks Joseph L. Hill Hal W. Huddlesfon Leonard B. Hughes Clarence M. Hunf Howard B. Kerr W. A. Kelley O. W. Kuhn Edward Liffell W. M. Mann Joseph O. Marfin Maurice Maffingly Billy McDougal Roberf D. Mills. Jr. John B. Morris Richard S. Morrison Harry S. Myers Hamilfon Parks, Jr. J. Clinfon Parks A. O. Pafe Lee D. Payne w. K. Phillips Ofis B. Raclebaugh John Ransom Assisfanf Pafhologlsf . .Assisfanf Professor of Obsfefrics . .Adiuncf Professor of Medicine . . .Assisfanf Pafhologisf Medicus Ransom Bailey Rascoe Morris Ray, Jr. F. S. Reyer Ernesf Rice Haskell Righfor Howard Rooney Herndon S. Scobey J. N. Scoff Daniel P. Sexfon Will Shearon Earl D. Sloan Richard D. Small Billy Smifh Jordan Sfokes, Sr. Jordan Sfokes, Jr. James W. Sfokes Tommy Sfone Edward Swain Charles M. Swifzer Boyd Taylor - Jesse H. Thomas Luffrell Thomas James S. Tupper Sfanley M. Vail Gideon P. Wade Benneff Walfers Howell E. Warner, Jr Charles B. Whifworfh D. E. Wiley - Thomas J. Wynne J. G. Wynne rssows f242fI 6 ' Sigma Chi was Tounded aT Miami UniversiTy, Ox- Tord, Ohio. in I855. This group, The Third TraTerniTy oT The Miami Triad, was begun as Sigma Phi. The Tounders noT knowing ThaT anoTher TraTerniTy already exisTed under The same name. Thus, when The riTual was sTolen, causing a reesTablishmenT under The pres- enT name, The TheTT was acTually a good deed To Sigma Chi. Seven Tennessee ConTederaTe soldiers Tormed The ConsTanTine ChapTer during The Civil War To keep Sigma Chi alive in The SouTh. The TraTerniTy is now well represenTed in The UniTed STaTes and Canada. l:243fl SIGM ll 1 Firsf Row: Fred Bond Keilh Broyles Harry Burks Allen Early Conway Hall Ross Hanna ' Charles McMurray Second Row: Roberl Pislon Horace Rainey Blair Bafson Charles Dillingham Dawson Frierson Sid Hix James Leffers Third Row: Bran'r Lipscomb Eugene Smilh Keilh Taylor Marshall Womack Polk Young ' Roberl' Bell Dunklyn Bowman Fourfh Row: Merlin Kilbury Roberl Moore Bill Norlhern Poyner Thweall Woodruff Walker James Youngblood Paul Benham Fiflh Row: Roberr Bibb Mac Bigelow Porler Bradshaw Billy Burks John Burlon Harold Clark Henry Coile Sixfh Row: Claude Cowan Gilberl Dickey Busfer Earls Buddy Howell Joseph Kern Alberl Leggelf Lewis Lyne Sevenih Row: Thomas Moore George Murff Howard Nichols Richard Palrick- Keilh Pouder Grady Slapp Ed Weaver XX V X ,. , -:J if .3 A X Nc xx y xv., i s M E CLASS OF l940 CHARLES FREDERICK BOND, A.B. . . TRAPIER KEITH BROYLES, JR., A.B. . . HARRY BLACK BURKS, JR., B.E .... . JOHN ELLSWORTH COVEY, lll, A.B. . . ALLEN EARLY, JR., A.B .,..,,.. . JAMES CONWAY HAIL, JR., A.B. . . EDWIN ROSS HANNA, JR., A.B ..,. . CHARLES MATTHEW MCMURRAY, A.B. . . ROBERT ERWIN PISTON, A.B .,,..,. HORACE RAINEY, JR., B.E ..,,,. . CLASS OF l94I BLAIR BATSON, A.B. ...... . . . . . DAVID NEvILLE BEAUCHAMP, A.B. . , WENDELL WALTER BENNETT, A.B. . ROBERT COHEN, A.B ........, HARDIN HENRY CONN, JR., A.B .... . CHARLES K. DILLINGHAM, JR., B.E. . . JACK SINCLAIR EOUST, B.E ...... DAWSON ERIERSON, B.E ....... SIDNEY DAYTON Hix, A.B ..... HARRY HUNTER HUSBAND, A.B. . . JAMES LEEEERS, A.B. ...... . ALBERT BRANT LIPSCOMB, A.B .... EUGENE L. SMITH, A.B ......... KEITH WALTON TAYLOR, A.B. .... . WILLIAM FRANKLIN TINNON, A.B. . . JAMES MARSHALL WOMACK, B.E. . . EDGAR ARTHUR WRIGHT, A.B .... POLK LAFFOON YOUNG, JR., A.B. . . CLASS OF l942 ROBERT HENRY BELL, JR., A.B ....... DUNKLYN CAFFEY BOWMAN, ll, A.B. . . THOMAS WOOLDRIDGE BUCKNER, A.B. . . SWAN BURRUS, JR., A.B ........., GEORGE WILLIAM DUNBAR, A.B. . . MERLIN KILBURY, A.B ......... ROBERT ALEXANDER MOORE, A.B. . . WILLIAM LEE NORTHERN, JR., A.B. . . LEO POYNER THWEATT, JR., A.B .... WOODRUFF WARREN WALKER, A.B. . . JAMES PAUL YOUNGBLOOD, B.E .... CLASS OF l943 KENNETH ANDERSON, A.B ....... . . PAUL BURRES BENHAM, JR., A.B. . . ROBERT L. BIBB, JR., A.B ....... MAC ALLEN BIGELOW, A.B .... PORTER BRADSHAW, B.E., ..... . BILLY BURKS, A.B ..........,. JOHN ROBINSON BURTON, III, A.B. . . BINKS BUSHMAIER, A.B .,...... HAROLD CLARK, A.B ...... HENRY COILE, A.B. ...... . CLAUDE C. COWAN, JR., A.B .... GILBERT BUEORD DICKEY, A.B. . . BUSTER EARLS, A.B ...,.... BERTRAM E. EERRELL, A.B .... OWEN HALE, A.B ....... BUDDY HOWELL, A.B ..,... JOSEPH HERAM KERN, A.B ..... ULLIN W. LEAVELL, A.B. ..... . ALBERT EARLE LEGGETT, JR., A.B. . . LEWIS LYNE, A.B .........,.. THAD MEDLIN, A.B ......... THOMAS O. MOORE, JR., A.B. . . . GEORGE MUREE, A.B ....., . . . HOWARD HUNTER NICHOLS, A.B. . . RICHARD C. PATRICK, A.B ...... R. KEITH POUDER, A.B. ..... . GRADY STAPP, B.E. ...... , EDMUND COLE WEAVER, B.E. . . M B E R S ...MinoI,N.D . , . Erwin, Tenn Columbia, Tcnn Nashville, TL-nn. . . Amarillo, Tex . . . Batesville, Ark . Lillle Rock, Ark . Nashville, Tenn. Johnson City, Tenn. . .COlumbia, Tenn. . Poplarville, Miss. . . Greenville, Ala. , . . Gahanna, Ohio . .JOnesboro, Arlz. . Springfield, Tenn. . . Plainfield, N. J. . . .JaCkson, Tenn. . . Columbia, Tenn. . .GallaIin, Tenn. . . Nashville Tenn. . .Lakeland Fla . Nashville, Tenn Port Arthur, Tex. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Owensboro, Ky. . Springfield, Tenn. . . . I-rankiin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Jackson, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . LiHle Rock, Ark. . . Gallalin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Marianna, Ark. . Nashville, Tenn. Johnson Cily, Tenn. . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . Columbia, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Van Buren, Ark. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Gallalin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn, . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Greenville, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Louisville, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Jackson, Tenn. Corpus Chrisli, Tex. Ashland Cify, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Murfreesboro, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Founded af Miami Uni versify, l885 Colors Blue and Gold Flower Whife Rose IDCJG I - I245l ALFRED BLALOCK. M.D .... R. R. BROWN. M.D ...... FRANCIS L. CASTLEMAN, C.E.. M.S. WILLIAM CATE, M.D ........ THOMAS CHAPPELL ..... SAM L. CLARK, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D CLARENCE CONNELL, B.E. . . H. C. GAYDEN, M.D ..... H. U. GAYDEN, M.D .... REUBEN L. GAYDEN, M.D. . . WALLER S. LEATHERS, M.D. . JAMES OVERALL. M.D .... BEN G. SLAUGHTER, B.E. . . JAMES G. STAHLMAN, A.B. . W. O. TIRRILL. JR., M.D. . . F. HILL TURNER, M.A ..... THOMAS M. WOODARD, A.B.. CHARLES F. ZEEK ...... John J. Albers A. M. Alexander Roberf L. Alexander John L. Ambrose J. S. Anderson G. H. Armisread, Jr. William A. Bass Jack S. Bafrien John Bales Archer W. Beasley William D. Beasley William A. Benson G. A. Berhurum, Jr. D. B. Blakemore J. G. Blakemore Alfred Blalock Charles A. Borders J. E. Bouchard, Jr. C. A. Bowen, Jr. Doswell P. Brown Harden L. Brown M. J. W. Brown Roberr R. Brown I-I. L. Buchanan, Jr. Dudlay Burron Jos. G. Campbell George Campbell F. L. Caslleman John M. Cafe Randolph A. Cal'e William R. Caie Wirl A. Care F. R. Chandler E. B. Chappell, Jr. R. W. Cisco, Jr. Sam L. Clark William N. Clark H. H. Clemenis, Jr C. P. Connell W. F. Creighion W. F.'Creighl'on, Jr. Roberl' Creighlon David Crockelr F. H. Crockelr J. M. Culbrealh R. B. Curell, Jr. Harben W. Danniel Gilberr P. Davis Paul N. Davis, Jr. I-larold K. Dickson Burr an S. Dudley G. Dunbar Y Charles J. S. Dunbar, III J. S. Dunbar, Jr. William M. Duncan John H. Ewin Sam Ewin Roberl' Ewin RoberI G. Fields H. C. Finger Walier H. Finley W. H. Filzgerald C. C. Flannery James H. Folk Foresl L. Follrell V. W. Frances, Jr. James S. Frazer Horace C. Gayden Lewis R. Gayden H. V. Gayden John F. Gebhardl Hugh W. Glenn M.A. SIGMA CHI M.D' ' . . Assisianr . ...... lnsrruclor in Surgery . . .AssisIan'r Professor in Surgery . . . . Insrrucfor in Civil Engineering Assis'ran'r Professor in Clinical Medicine . . . . . . . . .lnslruclor in Hisiory . . . . . . . . lnsrrucfor in Analomy .Superiniendenl of Vanderbilr Hospiial . . . . .AssisIanI' in Clinical Urology . . .Assisranr in Clinical Gynecology . . .Assisianr in Clinical Urology . . Dean of Medical School . .... lnsrrucror in Pediarrics . . . . . Member of Board of Trusl' . . . . . . Member of Board of Trusl in Clinical Obslelrics and Gynecology . . . . . . . . . .Alumni Secrelary lnsiruclor in Biology I I Romance .Language Deparlmeni Head FRATRES IN U RBE David W. Glenn T. W. Goodler Felix K. Grasly Roberr M. Hall Humphrey Hardison L. M. Hollins Connel Horn P. D. Houslon, Jr. R. R. Housion. Jr. Ogden S. Howell James Hofsread Paul E. Hussey Charles Johnson Charles H. Johnson Frank W. Johnson Cecil D. Jones Thomas C. Keeling Wm. H. Kiser, Jr. Kisser Knox John John Jerry E. Lambdin Sarrain Lanier H. Lassiler John W. S. Leaihers Frank H. Leavell R. O. B. Leavell Leavell Ullin Lewis P. Lindsay Glen Liner Lingner Louis H. S. Lipscomb. Jr. R. O. Mallermie Ira H. Mal'l'hews Ralph H. Malson Donald P. McEwen Norman S. McEwen C. A. Mclnrurff D. L. McOuiddy C. W. Mimehearl Henry P. Minion Thomas H. Milchell Charles M. Moss R. O. Norvell W. E. Norvell, Jr. James C. Overall Frank T. Parker J. C. Parker, Jr. W. P. Parker. lll Joseph L. Parkes Alberl' B. Pascall David Pailerson Claude W. Pearson Jesse M. Peck, Jr. C. B. Penningion James W. Perkins Wm. B. Pelway Wm. G. Pixl'on Irwin C. Pooley Wm. S. Porier John F. Posey, Jr. Edward Po'Her, Jr. Jos. R. Puryear R. B. Puryear, Jr. VV. S. Puryear, Jr. Charles S. Ragland William S. Ray William C. Roberls W. A. Robinson, Jr D. E. Rode-nhauser Fred L. Sale S. R. Sanford, Jr. H. L. Scales, Jr. Hall C. Simpson Ms L2461 Egberi W. Smirh Eugene M. Smil'h E. B. Slahlman James G. Slalhman Alex B. Slevenson Logan C. Taie VVillard C. Teague Jesse B. Thomas P. B. Thompson Louis Tillman W. O. Tirrill, Jr. L. O. Trabue John H. Tucker F. Hill Turner J. J. VerIrees, Jr. William J. Wade I Il Ir I I I I I . I I il I .I, Ii If J. W. Wakefield, Jr. T. M. Wakefield Lewis D. Wallace Edmund J. Walsh Samuel Weakley Dempsey Weaver Roberl' L. Welch R. S. Whillield John H. Worley L. B. Worley Roberl' L. Worley 'M. S. Wigginlon Geo. Williamson Roberr D. Willock Elmer E. Wilson William S. Wirshing T. M. Woodard. Jr G. M. Yarbrough Raggio Young Charles Franklin Ze I I I I 'I ek I Sigma ,azpfm swim Cn The nighT oT March 9, I856, eighT close Triends gaThered in The candlelighT oT a SouThern mansion in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Tounded The Sigma Alpha Epsilon FraTerniTy. ln The eighTy-Two years oT iTs exisTence, S. A. E. has become one oT The largesT and mosT powerTul naTional TraTerniTies. There have been esTablished one hundred and Ten chapTers in TorTy-Two sTaTes. Nearly TiTTy Thousand men have been iniTiaTed. The second chapTer was Tounded aT The old Univer- siTy oT Nashville, which laTer became VanderbilT Uni- versiTy. Tennessee Nu was esTablished on The Van- derbilT campus in l883. Two Tennessee Nu men, Mar- vin E. l-lolderness and J. WashingTon Moore, have served as EminenT Supreme Archon, The highesT oTTice oT The naTional TraTerniTy. AT The beginning oT The Civil War, The secreT riTuals oT The TraTerniTy were enTrusTed To Lucy PaTTie oT Ken- Tuclcy Tor saTelceeping. ATTer The war she was iniTiaTed. and has remained The only woman member oT Sigma Alpha Epsilon. T2-171 i i 1 Y 1 ,jf Lf gi Q, 3 il A H 01 I r lff , an 'A , ,, E1 jx . ixyxaij- A ' -,517 1 .Q-xx, 1 I M E CLA EDWARD H. ANDREWS, A.B. BILL BOGLE, A.B ........ WILLIAM C. BRADEN, A.B. . GENE FLOWERS, A.B. . . . BERT MARSHALL, A.B. . . OREENEIELD PITTS, A.B. . WADE SANDERS, A.B. . .5 THOMAS A. SHEA, A.B. . . JOHN THERRELL, A.B .... L. PIERCE THOMAS, A.B. . NELLSON TRACY, B.E. . . MBERS SS OF I940 CLASS OF l94l NELLO ANDREWS, A.B ..... HAROLD BRANDON, A.B. . . CHARLES CARRAWAY, A.B. . HUGH CATTS, A.B ...... HENRY CLAY, A.B ..,... FRANK G. CLEMENT, LL.8. . HARRIS COLLIER, A.B. . . JOHN ELLIS, A.B .,..... BYRNE A. EVANS, A.B .... HOUSTON B. FALL, A.B ...., TOM TAYLOR FLOYD, A.B. . WILLIAM GREEN LYLE, A.B. . FONTAINE MOORE, A.B .... TANDY MORRIS, A.B ..... JAMES H. REED, Ill, A.B. . . BRISON ROBERTSON, A.B. . . JOHN RUBEL, A.B. . . . . GLYNN P. WHEELER, A.B. . CLASS OF I942 WILLIAM T. BAILEY, A.B. . . WALLY BEASLEY, A.B .... C. C. BELL, A.B ...... JOHN CRIJTCHER, A.B. . . MACK DICKINSON, B.E .... RICHARD DOUGLAS, B.E. . . ROY O. ELAM, A.B ...,. WILLIS HAYNES, A.B. . . GENE HIGGINS, A.B ...,. HUGHEY KING, A.B. . . . . FRANCIS MARZONI, A.B. . . JOHN W. MASON, A.B. . . STEVE MCCAMY, B.E. . . . WILLIAM MONCRIEE, A.B. . RAYBURN NALL, A.B. . , JOHN B. RANSOM, III, A.B. . HARRISON RUE, A.B ..... MORRIS SAYLOR, A.B. . . . JOHN THOMISON, A.B. . . HAROLD TRICKEY, A.B. . . DAN WALTON, A.B. . . . . YEATMAN WHITE, A B. . CHARLES WHITWORTH, A.B. CLASS OF I943 WILLIAM BANKS, A.B. . . . LEONARD BRITTAIN, JR., A.B. CHARLES BYRNE, A.B. . . . NEWTON CANNON, IV, A.B. . DOUGLAS FORD, A.B ..... BUDDY GEISKING, B.E ,... IVO B. GLENN, A.B. . . WILLIAM GUPTON, A.B. . . LITTON HICKMAN, A.B. . . MARVIN HOLDERNESS, A.B. . JACK JENKINS, A.B ....... GLENN JONES, A.B .,.., GEORGE KING, A.B. . . . P. O. LEWIS, JR., A.B. . RICHARD NORVELL, A.B. . JULIAN OLSEN, A.B .... GUY SHARP, A.B ....... WILLIAM SIMPSON, A.B. . . J. T. STEWART, A.B. .... . WILLIAM WATSON, A.B. WILLIAM WADE WOOD, A.B. CECIL WOODS, A.B ..... . L249l . . Birmingham, Ala . . . Dexler, . . Omaha, N.M Neb. . . . Sylvesler, Ga . . Greenville, Tex . . .Sarasol'a, Fla . . Nashville, . . . Nashville, Tenn Tenn . . . Prairie Poinf, Miss . . New Orleans, La . . .Sl. Louis, Mo . . Hunfsville, Ala . Nashville, Tenn . . Birmingham, Ala . . Birmingham, Ala . . . Allanla, Ga .. Lebanon, . . MacKenzie, Tenn Tenn . . . Sherman, Tex . .RusselIviIle, Ky . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Como, Miss . . Clarksville, Tenn . . Columbia, Tenn . . ,Jackson, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Birmingham, Ala . .Clarksville, Tenn . . . .Milan, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Columbia, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Henning, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Shelbyville, Tenn. . Smyrna, Tenn . . Birmingham, Ala, . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Dal'fon. Ga. . .CoIumbia, S. C. . . Sherman, Tex. . . Nashville, Tenn. . .... Franklin, Tenn . . Harlan, Ky. Lookour Mounfain, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Birminqham, Ala. . . Springfield, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Memphis, Tenn. . . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. . . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Birmingham, Ala. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . , Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . ST. Louis, Mo. . . . Texarkana, Tex. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Shelbyville, Tenn. . . . . Evarfs, Ky. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Pensacola, Fla. . . . .TChula, Miss. . , . . Florence, Ala. . . . .Shelbyville, Tenn. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . Lookoul Mounlain, Tenn. ounded al The Univer siiy Ol Alabama. l856 Colors Purple and Old Gold Flower Violel ,f!:, 7.9: 25. , :Aria NIU, f ,L B, ' ' -T J-- -5 Ili J, If 14, 'C fy, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ALBERT W. HUTCHISON . . . . . . . FRANK K. HOUSTON .... GEORGE PULLEN JACKSON . . . . . . J. T. Allen Dr. Charles Anderson Thomas Applefon J. C. Armisfead Wirf ,Armisfead Burgess Askew John Askew Pierce Askew Tom Bagley Cullen E. Baker Ferris C. Bailey Wm. Bainbridge. Jr. Walfon Barker William F. Barry F. M. Bass. Sr. John A. Bell William Benson William S. Boofon James T. Boykin Clarence T. Boyd Sewell Brandau James Brandon John H. Brandon W. C. Brown W. Foskeff Brown W. R. Bryan. Jr. Billy Burneff Larry Burfon J. E. Cain, Jr. Julian C. Campbell Neil Cargile Alberf Caverf Tillman Caverl' Berfram Chalfanf Sheffield Clark William B. Clark Jack Clay Evans Clemenfs R. A. Coleman S. F. Coleman Zach Coles FRATRES IN FACULTATE ' . lnsfrucfor in Civil Engineering . . Member of Board of Trusf FRATRES IN U RBE John R. Cross James R. Crufchfield Edward Curd Dr. James A. Dale E. T.- Davanf Elmer Davies Edward Deeds W. Raymond Denney H. Dickinson, Jr. Joe Dickinson Overfon Dickinson Dr. H. L. Douglass John Early Wesley Dyer Roberf Evans Peyfon Evans Sam Fleming Ernesf Franklin C. T. Galbreafh Mack Gilberf Dr. McP. Glasgow ' Hallum Goodloe Henry Goodpasfure C. P. Green. Jr. Dudley Green J. A. Grannis Russell E. Harf Judge C. K. Harf Rev. C. E. Hawkins, J J. Wiseman Head R. M. Hickey. III Judge Liffon Hickman George W. Highf Horace G. Hill, Jr. J. W. Hirsig Wm. P., Hoffman. Jr. Lunsford Hollins John J. Hooker J. Ross Hopkins Sfanley Horn. Jr. James Horner Roberf Horsley William H. Howe H. G. Huddlesfon C. E. Hunf John Hunl' Lee Hunf A. W. Hufchinson Joe Hufchinson Prof. George P. Jackson J. F.'Jarman Dr. H. E. Johnson Ben F. Jones. Jr. Hardee C. Kilgore J. E. Keefe. Jr. J. E. Keefe. Ill Edward Kelly Judge E. F. Langford Henry C. Lassing David S. Landsclen Dickie Lewis J. Carlfon Loser L. Buchanan Loser Joe T. McCary Gafes McCauley John McCauley K. T. McConnico D. E. McGugin Leonard McKeand E. L. McNeilIy A. Marshall Prof. Brownie Marfin W. L. Marfin Allen Meadors Harrell Meadors John A. Meadors Dr. J. T. Meadors Norman Minick Garland S. Moore H. C. Moore J. Washingfon Moore W. W. Morehead . . . Professor of German John H. Noel William F. Orr, Jr. Ralph Owens Gray Pafferson R. Lanier Peebles William Penick Dr. R. H. Perry J. M. Phillips Dr. A. W. Pierce Louis Phillips Raymond Pirfle Roberf Oliver Sfephen Ransom Alberf S. Rose Norvell Rose Paul A. Rye Thomas B. Scoggins Baxfer Smifh DeWif'I' Smifh Flem Smifh F. C. Sfahlman Park Sfreef Clark Tippens W. M. Tucker Vernon S. Tupper Vernon S. Tupper, Jr. George H. Tyne Thomas Uffelman, Jr. Sefh M. Walker Harry Walfers. Jr. J. Arfhur Wands A. J. Wheeler John Wherry Walfer Williams Dr. W. C. Williams G. C. Woods L. A. Wuesf Baxfer Young . Carl Young Alberf S. Zemp V MQW EZSOJ L nzpzm 7m mmm Alpha Tau Omega was Tounded aT Richmond, Vir- ginia, on SepTember I I, I865, being The TirsT Greek- leTTer TraTerniTy organized aTTer The Civil War. lTs TirsT chapTer was esTablished aT The Virginia lvliliTary lnsTiTuTe in l.exingTon, Virginia. lTs Tounders were Three young ConTederaTe soldiers whose prime obiecT was To resTore The Union, To uniTe TraTernally The young men oT The SouTh wiTh Those oT The NorTh, and To Tos- Ter a ChrisTian broTherhood dedicaTed To The Task oT achieving and cherishing permanenT peace. They Tound Their inspiraTion in The senTimenT: No NorTh, no SouTh, no EasT. no WesT, BuT one greaT naTion, l-Ieaven blesTl The Tounders conTemplaTed a naTional organizaTion consisTing noT only oT a large number oT chapTers, buT oT chapTers in all parTs oT The counTry. Alpha Tau Omega's growTh has been sTeady, Tor Today There are nineTy-Tive acTive chapTers locaTed in TorTy-Tour sTaTes, embracing a membership oT over TwenTy-Tive Thousand. , . ,U .W-.-W M- '--- w- . .."""ff TZSIT fx M E MBERS CLASS OF I940 ERNEST BUCHI, B.E. OLIVER GRAVES, M.D. . . BILL HuME, A.B. . . . BILLY LACKEY, LL.B .... DICK NAILLINC, M.D. . . JAMES D. RHILBRICI4 REuBEN SMITH, A.B. JOHN THORNTON, M.D. ALBERT WHITMAN, LL.B. BRECK WYATT, M.D ..., BILL YOUNG, A.B ..... C MARC CONNOLLY, B.E. . SAM HARRIS, A.B ..... M. D. INe-RAM, A.B. . . SHEARER IRWIN, A.B. . . JACK LEE, B.E ....... SIDNEY MCCLAIN, A.B. . MORREL MCMULLEN, A.B. DAN PORTER, A.B ..... LAWRENCE SCFIULL, A.B. ELLIS WOODY, A.B .... C JOE ATKINSON, A.B. . . CHAPMAN BAIN, A.B. . CHARLES DARRAH, A.B. . BILL EVANS, A.B ...... HUGH FLY, A.B ..... GLENN HAMMONDS, A.B. GENE HARLOW, A.B. . . JIM JOHNSON, A.B. . OTTO JOSLIN, B.E. . . JERRY KING, A.B ..... ROWLAND LOWRY, A.B. . ROBERT MCADOO, A.B. WILL REESE MULLENS, A.B BILL PARKER, A.B ..... ROBERT REICH, A.B ,... BILL WAKEFIELD, A.B. . . GEORGE WOOD, A.B. . . ,A.B. . LASS OF I94l LASS OF l942 CLASS OF I943 JOE ADAMS, A.B. . . . , CAMPBELL BARNETT, B.E. JOE BAUGH, A.B ..... COBURN BERRY, A.B .... REESE BOGLE, B.E. . BILL BRIGNAC, B.E. . JIM BURNS, A.B. . . . . JOE CANNON, A.B ,... HOLMES COLLINS, A.B. . JAMES FLEMING, B.E. . . BILL FREELAND, A.B. . NORMAN FROST, A.B. . . NOLEN JOHNSON, A.B. . BUDDY JONES, A.B .... GWYNN LUKER, A.B. . WILLARD MILLS, A.B, . . PAUL OGILVIE, A.B ..,. CHARLES PLAXICO, A.B. . GLENN PUGH, A.B. . . . CLIFTON SHAW, A.B. . RAYMOND SMITH, A.B. . JOE SULLIVAN, A.B. . . JOHN WHALLEY, A.B. . . L2i3I . . Nashville, Tenn. . .Jacl:son, Tenn. . . . Franklin, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Union City, Tenn. . . . Gilberlsvillc, Ky. . . Lawrenceville, Ga. . . Brownsville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Union Cily, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Ridgefield, N. J. . Sl. Pelersburg, Fla. . . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . Duplex, Tenn. . . Sherman, Tex. . . Greenville, Tex. . . Macon. Ga. . .TullahOma, Tenn. . .Columbia, Tenn. . . . . .Waco, Tex. . . Brownsville, Tenn. . . . Decafur, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Jackson, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Florence, Ala. . . Huniingdon, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . McKenzie, Tenn. Ensenada, Porlo Rica . . Union Cily, Tenn. . . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Union Cily, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Elowah, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . , Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Por? au Prince, Haili . . . . . Dixon, Tenn. . . Monlgornery, Ala. . .Springfield, Ohio . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. . . Lewisburg, Tenn. . , Springfield, Ohio . . . Franklin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . .Erwin, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Dresden, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Founded al Richmond. Virginia. l865 Colors Old Gold and Sky Blue Flower Whille Tea Rose .,'! ALPHA TAU OMEGA R. W. BILLINGTON . . DONALD DAVIDSON . GERALD HENDERS-ON LEON LANIER .... DAN ROBINSON . . R. E. SULLIVAN . R. J. WALKER .... W. W. WILKERSON, JR. CLANTON WILLIAMS Richard Abernafhy J. H. Acklen Alberf Andrews. Jr. Busfer Andrews, Jr. J. R. Ausf VV. M. Bailey Isaac Ball J. R. Bandy Allan D. Bass James O. Bass James C. Bean R. W. Billingfon W. L. Blair .Joe L. Booker L. V. Boxwell R. R. Boulf Harris Brown Warren C. Brown W. J. Bryan Hal Buchi T. C. Bunfin W. L. Caldwell John Caldwell A. L. Childress E. G. Clark G. C. Clays Charles F. Clemenfs D. M. Clemenfs Milfon Cook A. R. Crawford John Daniel Rollin Daniel Charles B. Davidson Donald Davidson J. R. Dawson J. J. Didcofl' Frank Dorify FRATRES IN FAC U LTATE ' Professor of Clinical Surgery Professor of English . . Business Manager of Vanderbilf Universify . .Assisfanf Professor in Clinical Dermafology . Assisfanf Professor of Hisfory . . Assisfanf Professor of Clinical Ophfhalmology and Ofology Assisfanf Clinical Ophfhalmology and Ofology .Assisfanf Clinic Ophfhalmology and Ofology FRATRES IN URBE Tom Duke George Dunlap N, C. Elam Hardie Ellis Tom Ellis Parfee Fleming Sfuarf Fleming M. N. Franklin John Gamble Walfer Gamble Burns Garreff P. S. Gilman Frank Goar B. W. Hailey Joe Hafcher Jack Harris G. D. Henderson Tom Henderson George Hill Gene Holman Chris Hopkins Leonard Hopkins T. C. Horn B. B. Horner W. J. Hudgins James J. Hufson Dorris Hyde R. W. Jones T. G. Kain R. B. Kay David C. Kelly P. J. Kimbrough Percy Kinnard Afha Kirk Burgess Kirkpafrick James B. Kranz J. B. Lackey L. M. Lanier Luke Lea Luke Lea, Jr. R. Ledyard Jack Lenfz Roberf Lusk Ellioff Mackle Roberf Mackle Hugh Malone Firpo Maples Jack C. Massey H. H. McAlisfer, Jr. Daniel McAlpine J. R. McCullough R. E. McLigne Bob McTigue Joseph McTigue W. P. Milan ' Lamar Miller A. Y. Moore B. P. Moore F. A. Mees J. C. Moulder A. B. Neil Einer Nielsin W. S. Noble Oscar Noel l. A. Nunn J. W. Perry J. W. Perry. Jr. Hugh Quillian M. P. Ouillian R. L. Ouifman Wendell Phillips , G. H. Rafferman George B. Raine Roberl' Reeves lnsfrucfor in Hisfory C. O. Rhea Claire F. Reem Roland Richardson Boos W. Richer T. M. Robinson, Jr. Lallie Richfer Harry R. Sanders Henry R. Sanders R. L. Schmid. J. B. Scobey Thomas Seehorn J. W. Shackford Cecil Sims Douglas Skidmore J. C. Sparks Eugene H. Sfrayhorn J. G. Sfephenson George Sfoves R. E. Sullivan John Thompson, Ill Virgil Tomlin H. S. Wakefield Bradley Walker M. E. Ward J. W. Warner. Jr. R. J. Warner Q Shirley Wafkins Walfer Waffles R. N. Waffs W. D. Weafherford Alberf F. Whifman W. S. Whifman W. W. Wilkerson B. H. Willingham Ed Whalley Ben Wes? wQ L254T 4 f Ali i "If 115 ,J R . ' H wal is 1 in ,- i G' Q' ,f 5 if i Sf! ' Q 'sw X i i l i i -l 5. ,- - kwa ,aww The Kappa Alpha Order was founded in i865 af Washingfon College during fhe presidency of Roperf E. Lee. The frafernify was esfablished wifh fhe idea of creafing ia permanenf organizafion which mighf preserve and fosfer fhe manners, fradifions, cusforns, and ideals of characfer and achievemenf of fhe Soufhern people. Being founded on fhe ideals and precepfs of Lee, Kappa Alpha reveres him as ifs pa- fron sainf and spirifual founder. Excepf for fhree chapfers in California, fhe order has purposely con- fined ifs acfive chapfers fo fhe Soufh. L255i KADDA Firsf Row: Mack Campbell Eugene Cox Wilson Davis Roberl Downing Darby Fullon Jack Halbrook William Hull Second Row: Roy Kelly Walfer Parkes Henry Seinknechl' William Wrighl William Baker Billy Colmer Third Row: Charllon Davis Q. C. Fryer J. C. Kelly Delberl Mann Charles Mosley . James Norris Fourlh Row: William Norlhern Roberf Perry Andrew Robinson Floyd Whillow Ward Anlhony J. D. Brown Fiflh Row: Brown Condra Roberl Cook Bob Jones Dick Marlin Bill Reynolds James Richards Sixlh Row: Balie Ross Charles Rudd William Sanders Edward Slewarl' Tom Turbeville Leo Wege Sevenlh Row: Charles Willis Joe Akerman Bill Baldridge William Bee William Byrn Charles Frazier Eighfh Row: William Gardner Forresf Glasgow George Holf Waller Lamb Sam Logan Ray Womack Arihur Worley X l X 1 - D .X x X K - 1 5: 3 Xl. s fr : . x 4 I .- lx 1 X or jf ' f ' fffx : x Xxx AlDllA 114' pg 'TV sfzfff "'-Q fax :Gtr 3? 4121 M E M B E R S CLASSOFl940 MACK CAMPBELL, A.B. . . WILLIAM CHASE, A.B. . EUGENE A. COX, A.B. . . WILSON DAVIS, B.E ...... ROBERT A. DOWNING, B.E. . C. DARBY FULTON, B.E. . . JACK HALBROOK, B.E. . . WILLIAM O. HULL, B.E. . . JAMES R. KELLY, B.E ..... WALTER W. PARKES, A.B. . . HENRY SIENKNECHT, B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Lewislon, Idaho . Luverne, Ala. Madison, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Dickson, Tenn. . . San Anlonio, Tex. . . Old Hickory, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Oliver Springs, Tenn. WILLIAM F. WRIGHT, B.E. . Nashville' Tenn, CLASS OF l94l WILLIAM L. BAKER, A.B ........... .... P aducah, Ky. WILLIAM M. COLMER, JR., A.B. '. . . . . Pascagoula, Miss. CHARLTON DAVIS, A.B ....... . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. Q. C. FRYER, A.B .... . . . Goodleilsville, Tenn. J. C. KELLY, B.E ..... . . Old Hickory, Tenn. DELBERT lvl. MANN, A.B. . Nashville, Tenn, CHARLES E. MOSLEY, A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. FRED M. MULLEN, A.B. . . . . .Anderson, Ind. JAMES C. NORRIS, B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM NORTHERN, A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT H. PERRY, JR., A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. ANDREW ROBINSON, A.B. . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. FLOYD WHITLOW, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. CLA H. WARD ANTHONY, B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. JEWEL D. BROVLN, A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. BROWN CONDRA, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT M. COOK, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT L. JONES, B.E .... Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD D. MARTIN, B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM REYNOLDS, B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES E. RICHARDS, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. BALIE ROSS, B.E ...... Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES RUDD, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM SANDERS, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. EDWARD STEWART, B.E .... Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS J. TURBEVILLE, A.B Nashville, Tenn. LEO WEGE, A.B ....... Nashville. Tenn- CHARLES WILLIS, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS JOSEPH AKERMAN, A.B. . . - Orlando. Fla- WILLIAM BALDRIDGE, A.B. Nashville. Taha- WILLIAM BEE, B.E ..,.. . . .ClarksburQ. W- Va- WILLIAM BYRN, A.B. . . Nashvilla Tami- CHARLES FRAZIER, A.B. . Nashville. Tami WILLIAM GARDNER, 'B.E. . Nashville. Tsfifi FORREST GLASGOW, B.E. . Nashville Tami GEORGE HOLI, A.B .... Nashvilla Tami WALTER LAMB, B.E. . . Nashville- Tenn SAMUEL LOGAN, B.E. . . Nashville- Tsfifi JACK MARSDEN, A.B. . Nashville Tenn- RAY WOMACKI AIBG U . Nashville Tenn Nashville, Tenn ARTHUR WORLEY, B.E. . . Founded al' Washlnqion and Lee Universlly l86S Colors Crimson and Gold Flower Magnolia and Red Rose f .-9,-are Iaiidiin Osiuyt' O ,ian 9 ' 1 Qi EQ grgmab 9l, f0 I I ' Q5 9 KAPPA ALPHA FRATRES IN FACULTATE J Q WILLIAM C. BILBRO, M.D. . ............. . . Inslrrucror in Clinical Surgery LUCIUS E. BURCH, M.D. . ...... Porlessor of Gynecology W. C. DIXON, M.D ...... . .Assislranl Professor of Gynecology 5 THOMAS H. MALONE. LL.B. . . ........ Professor of Law EDWARD T. SEAY, LL.B .... ......... . . Professor of Law us I FRATRES IN URBE R. L. Alford M. E. Derryberry, Jr. R. M. Jones E. A. Price W. C. Alford P. L. Derryberry E. R. Kinnebrew M. L. Puryear Josh Ambrose John Devoe E. T. Kirkpalrick A. D. Reed C. Hunrer Baker J. V. Dickson George Know R. E. Reed J. A. Ball Dr. W. C. Dixon J. C. Knox J. B. Richardson. Jr. K. M. Baird Roberl C. Dunn W. H. Knox. Jr. J. E. Richardson M. Banning R. W. Dury Douglas S. Lambelh R. M. Richardson John M. Barksdale A. D. Edwards W. H. Lamberh Charles D. Roppy Melville' Barnes E. E. Lane B. W. Landsrreer. Jr Miller Robinson Dr. Hugh Barr E. P. Ennes Als Leonard M. S. Ross Vicror Barr C. A. Folk M. S. Lewis J. M. Royan Charles Beary C. W. Folk R. H. Lyle Roberl Saw'rell Dr. W. C. Bilbro R. E. Folk J. C. R. McCall E. P. Scales Herman O. Blackman E. T. Frazer J. T. McCall Mason Scoby -4? O'rey Briggs J. Fuller W. F. McCall Edward T. Seay ' Joe Boadus Dr. L. E. Burch H. W. Caldwell J. F. Caldwell J. W. Caldwell R. E. Caldwell John Calhoun James Campbell Slewarl Campbell G. K. Campbell L. F. Chapman W. C. Cherry C. E. Clark James Claylon Runcie Clemenls, Jr. J. Calvin Cockrill C. W. Cook W. E. Cook Delamere Cooper H. M. Cox J. S. Coyner William Crilchlow Dr. R. S. Curlis Paul M. Davis Paul M. Davis, Jr. H. D. Dallas H. D. Dallas, Jr. L. T. Derryberry Rod Gilliland Alvin Graham. Jr. Allen T. Guild William A. Guild W. A. Gulrhrie L. W. Hardage W. D. Hardeman J. E. Hari C. A. Harwell S. K. Harwell R. E. Haynes Harry Hedrick Tanner Hendrick J. B. Hibbirs, Jr. Louis Hibbils. Jr. C. F. Hickerson Joe Hill J. B. Huflines J. B. Hunrer Roberl' Hale William L. Hood Alvin Hawkins Granberry Jackson Powharan W. James W. H. Johnsion Barron Jones D. K. Jones Edgar Jones V. M. Jones H. B. McSwain Thomas H. Malone C. S. Marlin. Jr. H. W. Marrhews J. F. Meris W. E. Meris Dr. C. M. Miller Willis Morgan Edwin S. Morgan H. B. Morrow John Murphree Dewin Murray O. F. Nye P. F. Nye Dr. John Overion S. D. Owen Tom Parkes H. E. Parmer, Jr. T. L. Parmer. Jr. E. C. Perry Eugene Pilcher M. B. Pilcher W. Polk S. T. Porrer W. R. Porler D. M. Pos? W. H. Preslon E. K. Prewirl J. W. Shipp ' J. A. Sloan. Jr. Paul Sloan William Spears W. M. Srarnes A. W. Siockwall H. A. Suggs Dr. W. A. Sullivan T. C. Tanner I J, L. Templelron J. W. Templelon 9 George M. Thomas, Jr. Tom Tyler L. G. Waldrop M. H. Wallace S C. C. Washburn T. H. Warkins D. W. Webb T. I. Webb F. H. Weller Horace V. Wells, Jr. J. B. Wells Paul Willis A. W. Wilson Hilliard O. Wood , R. J. Woods. Jr. Charles Wykle L. B. Yarbrough 1 4 egg, l l I l L258fl l l 4 pi Kappa HIFI: Six Confederale ollicers, as a means ol perpelua- ling lheir friendship, founded Pi Kappa Alpha al lhe Uniyersily ol Virginia on lvlarch l, I868. The lraler- nily mainlains a Memorial l-lall al lhe Universily in memory ol ils lounders A Expansion, allhough nalional in scope, has been con- T servalive. Since l909 lhe lralernily has been inlerna- s lional in characler. A nalional conyenlion is held bien- T nially, a dillerenl' seclion ol lhe counlry being selecled 3 each lime. The general ollice is localed al Allanla, Georgia, and a lraveling secrelary visils each chapler l periodically. T There are sevenly-eighl aclive chaplers. The rilual, which is ol such anliguily lhal ils aulhorship is un- known, and lhe original badge designed by lhe lound- 5 l ers, are in use loday. I r a l 'l ls Y ,Nl ,, Y ..-VMI ii I259l T vi KADDA ALPHA Firsl' Row: Raymond Francis B. A. Hallum John Hughes Winslon Tiplon Second Row: Third A. D. Walker Milton Campbell Elroy Dialiker Harold Johnson Row: James Lassiler William Mullican Jesse L. Perry Emile Pelrone Fourlh Row: Fiflh Sixfh ,., X Michael Pelrone Joe Reavis J. Sanford Adams J eff Brooke Row: Richard Donaldson Roberl Fensler W. Edgar Holl' Waller McCorkle Richard T. Moore Row: C. P. Brocalo Purvis Orrell Donald Duff Oscar Kimbler R. R. Tiplon NNMX . ., X ,x .s s N .15 My MEMBERS CLASS JOHN CHENAULT, M.D. . . RAYMOND FRANCIS, A.B. . JOHN ORIFFITH, M.D .... B. A. HALLUM, JR., A.B. . . JOHN HUGHES, A.B. . JOHN JACKSON, M.D. . TOM KELLEY, M.A. . . JOHN SI-IAPIRO, M.D. . MELVIN SIMMONS, M.D. . JOHN R. THOMASSON, M.D. . . WINSTON TIPTON, A.B .... A. D. WALKER, JR., A.B. . CLASS MILTON CAMPBELL, A.B. . . ELROY DIATIKER, A.B .... EDGAR HERTENSTEIN, B.E. . HAROLD JOHNSON, B.E. . JOE JOHNSON, B.E .... EARL LANCASTER, B.E. , JAMES LASSITER, A.B .... WILLIAM MULLIOAN, A.B. . JESSE L. PERRY, JR., A.B. . . EMILE PETRONE, A.B. . . MICHAEL PETRONE, A.B. . JOE REAVIS, A.B. . . . CLASS J. SANFORD ADAMS, B.E. . JEFF BROOKE. A.B ....... RICHARD DONALDSON, A.B. . . ROBERT FENSTER, B.E .... HERBERT OIDDENS, A.B. . . W. EDGAR HOLT, A.B. . . WALTER McCORKLE, A.B. . RICHARD T. MOORE, A.B. PURVIS ORRELL, B.E ..... JOHN S. PALMER, A.B. . SIDNEY SMITH, A.B. . . JOE P. WALKER, A.B. . CLASS C. P. BROCATO, A.B .... DONALD DUFT, A.B .... OSCAR KIMBLER, B.E. . . R. R. TIPTON, JR., A.B. . . . . .NaShviIIe. OF l940 . . . . . . .Deca'rur,AIa. . . . NashviIIe, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Brady, Tex. . . BaIcersviIIe, N. C. . . .NashviIIe, Tenn. . . .NaShviIIe, Tenn. . . . . .NashviIIe. Tenn . . .Tip'rOnviIIe, Tenn. . Dyersburg, Tenn OF I94I . . . . . .TuIIahoma, Tenn. . . NaShviIIe. Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn . . McMinnviIIe, Tenn . . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Nashville, Tenn . . . . Nashville, Tenn . .Lawrenceburg, Tenn OF I942 . . . . . .Cedar I-IIII, Tenn . . . . Canfon, Ga . FI: LauderdaIe, Fla . . . . Havre de Grace, Md . . . . Nashville, Tenn . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn . . .GadSden, AIa . . . Ne-wbern, Tenn . . NashviIIe, Tenn . . Memphis, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn. . . Dyersburg, Tenn. 1 OF I943 Cleveland, Miss . . .Chicago, III . . Henderson, Ky . . Tipfonville, Tenn. Tenn. . . .NashviIIe, Tenn. Founded ai The Univer Sify of Virginia, I862 Colors Garnef and G-oId Flower LiIy-of-Ihe-Valley L Q? ,ef Xa n K' wifi ft. ' I,261I .J I P I RICHMOND C. BEATTY . DUDLEY BEAUCHAMP . . JOHN K. BENTON . . . JOHN CALDWELL .... FOWLER HOLLABAUGH . JOHN E. POMFRET . . . E T RAMSDELL .... EUGENE M. REGEN . Rev. W. C. Alexander Creed Arnold Cecil Baily Fred Beasley H. R. Bell Douglas Beihurum Dale Bevan W. D. Beauchamp W. E. Bowman R. C. Bramwell M. C. Bridges Kennedy C. Brooks James O. Bush Roberi Caldwell W. A. Caldwell Porlrer Canfrell Thomas Carney James C. Chambliss Waller F. Coxe Thomas Cooper Ed Corloilf Roberi' Core R. N. S. Crownover Allan B. Cummings W. E. Danley Richard Ellis Frank Englerr, Jr. Whifney Evans J. Tyree Fain, Jr. Howard Ford John Frazier Howard R. Fullerlon Dr. Thomas Gilberf J. Morgan Gordon Tom Guyion James Graham, Sr. E. Ward Harris Herman Head Edgar Herlensrein Ashley Hill Byron Hill KAPPA ALPHA FRATRES IN FACU LTATE . .Assislanl Professor of English Teaching Fellow, Chemisiry Dean of School of Religion . . . . Professor of Poliiical Science . . . . .lnslruclor in Clinical Ophlhalrnology . . Dean of Senior College and Graduare School . . .Assislanl Professor in School of Religion FRATRES IN URBE Dave Hinkle J. W. Holmes C. P. Hollr Thomas Holi' Frank Hosse Prall Irby William Jackson, Jr. Roberr M. James Dr. O. S. Jones Thomas Kelly Roberi' Killman Edward Kirkpalrick Jack Je'rer Claude M. King E. L. Koly Carver Lackey William A. Lauderdale D. K. Lee John A. Lindermood N. T. Lowry Jesse Lynn Chesney H. Lyon James Manley Gordon Marsion Dr. C. L. Marlin W. L. McClanahan Rev. J. F. McCloud D. H. McCullough W. C. Miller O. W. Moerney 'W. D. Mooney Sam Moorer Brown Morgan William Morgan Clyde Mullins Aveni' Murfree Glenn Nelson, Jr. Boone Noel John R. NeloleH Larry Nuchols Warner Oliver Gregg G. Oman John Oman, lll Harvey Page . . Professor of Orrhopedic Surgery Edmund Pardue Howard Pardue George PaHon Wallace Pallon Tom PeHy Carlyle R. Phelps George Perry Franklin Pierce Eugene Pigg Horace T. Polk John E. Pomfrel Lewis S. Pope George Price Rev. Prenlice Pugh Sharpe Oueener C. T. Ramsdell A. L. Rawlings Ed Regan Eugene M. Regen J. L. Reynolds Cook Sellle Harvey Sherer Aaron Shelion Dr. W. J. Smilh K. C. Slangle Earnesl Sulherland Dr. H. Tanksley Fred Tenle Millon Thomason DeWiH Thompson. Ill Millon Thompson Maynard Tipps Rev. W. L. Townes C. E. Van Cleve Ed Wassen Neil Waison H. W. Wilkinson N. H. Woodruff Hugh Wrighr Muse Womack Z. L. Wynn e r zezin I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4, X I f., I 1 I R mf' Xgql ' a gf? . X ' '51 i m i , 'Af it -. Aff 7,4 H, -iq. , M MEMBERS CLASS OF I940 WILLIAM ALEXANDER. A.B. . . . LEO BOLSTER. B.E. .... . KENNETH COLLINS. A.B. . . . OVID COLLINS. JR.. LL.B .......... GEORGE MOORE. B.E .......... . Franlclin. Nashville. WILLIAM ANDREWS. A.B. . . . . . . Nashville. Nashville. Nashville. Nashville. WILLIAM SCHAFFARZICH. A.B. VVhiIe Sulphur Springs, JOHN STANFORD. A.B ........... Nashville. CLASS OF I94I JOHN BLACKMER, A.B. . . WILLIAM BOOTH. A.B. . . PRICE CARNEY, A.B. . . . . . JOHN CONNERS, A.B. . . . . . JAMES ELLIS. A.B ..... . TED FEINBLATT. A.B. . . . . . W. N. GIBBENS, A.B ...... ROBERT LORD. B.E ....... . . JAMES JAY SLAUGENHOP. A.B. . CLASS OF I942 MONTCALM BROWARD. II. A.B. . . . JAMES SEVIER FOLK. B.E ...... . JOHN PALMER HYDEN. A.B ...... ROBERT NORWOOD MQNUTT. A.B .... W. D. REGEN. JR.. A.B ......... MARK COCKRILL WILKERSON. JR.. A.B. CLASS OF I943 DAVID BAKER. A.B ......... LAWRENCE BRYANT. JR.. B.E. . . ALLEN HUGHES COGBILL. B.E. . . ERSEL MIAL FESSENDEN. JR.. B.E. . HORACE RAINEY GILES. B.E. . . PAUL WILSON GRUBBS. A.B. . . JAMES HARVELL HITE. JR.. A.B. . . BRICE TERRY LEECH. A.B ...... . LIONEL LOWERY. A.B. ........ Win DONALD MAXWELL NETHERY. A.B. . . EDWIN NEIL NORRIS. B.E ....... FRANK NORTH. A.B. ........ . GORDON LIVINGSTON PETERSON. B.E. ALBERT RICHARDSON RANSOIv1.JR.. A.B. . WILLIAM ANTHONY ROBERTS. A.B. . . ROBERT LEATH STIGLER. A.B ...... WILLIAM PROCTOR VAN ARSDALE. A.B. I265Ql Nashville Nashville. Nashville. Nashville. Nashville. . Broolclyn. . . Oklahoma Cily. Nashville. Vernon. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Monl. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. N. Y. Olcla. Tenn. Texas Jacksonville, Fla. Tallulah. La Nashville. Tenn. THOMAS PRIESTLY JERNIGAN. III. A.B ..... Paris. Tenn. ROBERT ELMORE JOHNSON. A.B ..... Challanooga. Tenn . .TupeIo. Miss. . Nashville. Tenn . Nashville. Tenn . .Tupelo. Miss. . Nashville. Tenn. LaGrange. Mo. Springfield. Mo. . Nashville. Tenn. . Nashville. Tenn. . Nashville. Tenn. . .Glasgow. Ky. 'Ier Haven. Fla . . I-lous'Ion. Tex . .Glasgow, Ky Franlclin. Tenn .Parlc Ridge. Ill . . Fairfield, III Owensboro. Ky. . Pine Bluff. Arla . .Sil4esIon. Mo Founded al Virginia Mililary Insfilule, l869 Colors While. Black, and Gold Flower While Rose . 'Avia 'Sf 3 - 90 ' 1 Og 5 ,'l.x . 3 n!?"3' ..-Nfl 5- '9A:f":'f I' T f'v 10 f ,Ga f ,.,4 lo.. .A E E H BARKSDALE. M. SIGMA NU FRATRES IN FACULTATE D. . . ............... Associaie Professor of Urology CHARLES B. BROWN . . . .Assisianlr Professor, Romance Language Deparimeni' G R GAGE ...... . Professor of Bofany FRANKLIN C. PASCHAL . . Dean of Junior CoIIege of Arfs and Sciences, Professor of Psychology CHARLES MADISON SARRATT .........,.. Dean of Men, Professor of Maihemafics CHARLES W. WILSON, JR. . . . . .Assis+an'r Professor of Geology T. H. Alexander Dr. J. W. AIIord, Jr Harry E. Ambrose Ray BeesIey Richmond BIacIcmer Dr. W. E. Bones , J. R. Bray G. D. Brooks B. B. Cheney R. M. Clemenlrs. Jr. C. U. Coggin. Jr. R. D. Cooper Roberf Demoss A. D. EaIherIy A. D. Ea'IherIy, Jr. Dr. R. E. Forf Herman Eriiz C. F. Geny Dr. J. P. Gilberi' C. B. Gracey Jack Grannis Reid Groomes W. D. Hardison Dr. C. W. Hoifer J. G. Houk W. J. Howard FRATRES IN U RBE G. Jackson, Jr. J. T. Jackson Dillard Jacobs Jesse Johnson Ward Kane O. M. KeaIhIey Ray Knighr W. O. Lamb Ned D. Len'rz A. T. Levine R. W. LighIIoo'r F. G. Lord H. G. Lowe Lee J. LovenIhaI Francis McCar+hy E. N. McClure H. F. Mc6aw Roberi McGaw B. E. Maihews A. O. MaxweII Dr. T. W. Menees J. C. Morrison. Jr. J. C. Myers A. I. Myhr. Jr. Dr. E. M. Orr N. S. Owen M. Carr Payne William PraH' G. A. Puryear, Jr. W. A. Puryear J. M. Roberis M. S. RoIoerI's, II M. S. Roberis, III C. B. Rogers, III J. L. Safley C. W. Scheffer J. H. Schefier J. L. Schefier B. Shackehford Roberf SIayden AIden H. Smirh C. SouIherIand. Jr. L. B. Siephens Dr. R. SIewarI J. A. Slrumb L. B. Siumb P. R. Siumb. Jr. James Sweeney Bill SwaHs Noble Van Ness Jerome Werloer L. H. YaI'es J. B. Young J l-l IH I266J 1 - : Q a- '- v, -4 , " X W S355-X9 , X Y N , 5 ,T 5 1 5 Y 1 PTM X i 32 g Kappa Kappa Sigma was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Vir- ginia on December IO, l869. Of The original group oT "Tive Triends and broThers," The only living member is William Grigsby McCormick, philanThropisT and re- Tired uTiliTies execuTive. From iTs incepTion The TraTer- niTy deTermined on a policy oT expansion, having Today one hundred and Ten acTive college chapTers in The UniTed STaTes and Canada, a membership oT approx- imaTely TorTy Thousand and over one hundred alumni chapTers. Kappa Sigma is The TirsT SouThern TraTerniTy To esTablish a chapTer in The NorTh. The Kappa ChapTer was Tounded on April I3, I877, aT VanderbilT. IT was The second naTional TraTerniTy on The campus. Among The disTinguished alumni oT Kappa Sigma are: JeTTerson Davis, PresidenT oT The Confederacy: George Jean NaThan and Lowell Thomas, wriTersg Bishop Green oT The lvleThodisT Church, SouThg UniTed STaTes SenaTors lvlcAdoo and AusTing Judge Manley l-ludson oT The World CourTp Admiral Cary Grayson, and Dean ChrisTian Gauss oT PrinceTon UniversiTy. ' l2671 M E CLASS SAMUEL CALDWELL. B.E. . . WILLIAM GRIBBLE, A.B. . THOMAS HALE, A.B. . CHARLES JETTON, A.B. . VERNON MITCHELL. B.E. . ROBERT NAYLOR, A.B. . DENNIE RAY, JR., A.B. . . JOHN WICKHAM, A.B. . HAROLD WILLIS, A.B. . . JOSEPH WRIGHT, B.E .... SAMUEL YARNELL, JR., A.B. CLASS JAMES BATES, JR., A.B. . . HERBERT DUNKERLEY, A.B. OSCAR EVANS, JR., B.E. . ALFRED HATHCOCK, B.E. . PAUL HAURY, B.E. . . ED HIESTAND, A.B. . BUFORD HIGGS, A.B. . JAMES HODGES, A.B. . JACK IRBY, B.E ....... WILLIAM LOWE, JR., A.B. . CHARLES RENTROP. JR., A.B. FRANKLIN TATUM, JR., B.E. NEUMON TAYLOR. JR., A.B. MALCOLM WEATHERS, A.B. MARVIN WOODARD, A.B. . CLASS GRAHAM BOYCE, B.E. . . JOE CATHCART, B.E .... HENRY DAHLINGER, B.E. . BEN HAYS, A.B ....... WILLIAM HENSLEY, JR., A.B. GEORGE KEITH, A.B .... GEORGE LANGHAM. B.E. . JOHN MCCUNE. JR., A.B. . WILLIAM MINTON. A.B. . . ROBERT NELLUMS, B.E. . JOHN SELPH, JR.. B.E. . JOHN TATUM, B.E ..... WILLIAM WHITAKER, A.B. CLASS MBERS OF I940 OF l94I . . Birmingham. Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville. Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Nashville. Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . .JacI:son, Tenn. . . . .AI'IanIa, Ga. . . Nashville. Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Challanooga. Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville. Tenn. . . Nashville. Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Savannah, Ga. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . Pine Bluff, Arla. . . . . Germanlown, Tenn. I-lalliesburg, Miss. . . . . Germanlown, Tenn. . . . . Lorello, Tenn. . Chalfanooga, Tenn. OF I942 . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .Dublin, Miss . . . Coolreville. Tenn . . Nashville. Tenn . . Nashville. Tenn OF I943 ALEXANDER GHOLSON, A.B ...... ROBERT POPE. A.B ..... HOWARD RHEA, A.B. . . JOSEPH THATCHER, B.E. . . JAMES TI LLOU, A.B .... L2691 Old I-liclcory, . . Roswell, New . .NashviIle, Lawrenceburg, . Halliesburg, . .Nashville, . . Clarksville, Chalranooga. . . Somerville, . . Challanooga, . Easl' Aurora, Tenn Mex Tenn Tenn Miss. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn N. Y. Founded al' Ihe Univer sily ol Virginia, I869 Colors Scarlel. Green, and While Flower Lily-of-Ihe-Valley '-Lu off--'Q ,4 .B Q, ,Qi 'Q g-Zfof'-.1-1, uw .,-91.4 - '-62?-fsigw NI: !' O ANDREW B: BENEDICT. A.B .... KAPPA SIGMA CHARLES E. CROUCH. M.A., M.S. . W. O. FAUGHT, D.D.S. LEONIDAS C. GLENN, Ph.D .... WILLIAM S. GRAY. M.D ...... ERNEST W. GOODPASTURE, M.D. . . WILLIAM A. HUNTER. LL.M., M.A. . JOHN T. KERCHEVAL, A.B .... FRED J. LEWIS. C.E. . Treasurer of fhe Universify , , . . .Insfrucfor in Business Adrninisfrafion . . .Assislanf Professor Clinical Denfal Surgery . . . Professor of Geology . . .Assisfanf Professor Clinical Denfal Surgery . Professor of Pafhology . . . . .Professor of Law Bursar School of Medicine . . Dean of Engineering School MYLES P. O'CONNOR. LL.B.. M.A. . OWEN H. WILSON, M.D ...... ......... Tom T. Anderson William C. Armisfead Wm. S. Hi. Armisfead Presfon P. Bailey David H. Barker John H. Barksdale William E. Beard Walfer S. Bearden John Bell A. B. Benedicl Edgar A. Blair Frank Blair Roberl' Lynn Bomar Harry W. Booz Cawfhorn A. Bowen Lee Brock Charles B. Brown Luke W. Brown Henry B. Buckner Edward L. Campbell James H. Cherry Norfon N. Chrisfopher Woodford Claypool Neely B. Coble William G. Colmery William B. Connolly Roberf G. Conney Roberf J. Craig Larkine E. Crouch Rigney Dees Thomas M. DeMoss Dr. Raphel S. Duke James M. Durrell' Horfon F. Early Roberl' H. England Richard E. Es'I'es Walfer L. Evans FRATRES IN URBE Rudolph S. Farrar Walfer O. Faughf Walfer S. Faulkner John L. Ferguson Ray Ossler Fessey Wilson P. Fisher Jamie G. Forsfer Dancy Forf Mark L. Fowlkes Loomis M. Ganaway H. Paul Ganf James C. Gardner Richard D. Gleaves L. C. Glenn E. J. Gooch A. V. Goodpasfure E. W. Goodpasfure John S. Granf William S. Gray B. B. Gulleff Perry M. Harned William O. I-Iarris Frank Highfower Owen M. Hines Eugene T. Hollins Rolfe L. Hunf Richard D. Jakes Roberf Jakes. III A. G. Keim, Jr. Hodgson W. Keim David C. Kelly John T. Kercheval Carson T. Kirkapfrick James P. Lawrence Joseph W. Lellye'H' Fred J. Lewis Dr. R. Z. Linney Thomas L. Livingsfon Frank C. Lowery Charles R. Lucas William A. Mabery William M. Marlin Julian Mayo Dr. H. F. McGIoIhlin Edward B. McGrew John S. Milam William L. Miller C. B. Moody, Jr. George L. Morelock George L. Morelock. Jr. P. G. Morrissey. Jr. Herberf E. Morrow Joseph B. Mullins Harry P. Murrey Wendell Nicholl John B. Nichols Jesse M. Nixon Myles P. O'Connor Jones E. Orr William F. Orr Walfer M. Parrish Leonard F. Pogue John C. Ransom Roloerf A. Redus Herberl' B. Reed David C. Rice Alberf Roberfs Charles S. Roberfs Dr. Joseph Roemer Charles M. Rolfe, Jr. William M. Ross Fred M. Russell fx . . . . .Professor of Law . . Professor of Clinical Pediafrics 1 John Russell James H. Ryan Roberf Ryan Edward L. Sandy Richard Safferfield Ellsworfh Scales Wm. R. Schwarh James G. Shanklin Allan R. Sharp I-Ienry Sharp Vaughn Slack Thomas L. Sneed R. D. Sanford. Jr. Henry P. Sfanley Richard Laban Sfeele William E. Sfeger W. T. H. Sufherland. III George W. Thacksfon Richard S. Thompson Willard L. Throop Harlin G. Tucker Thomas G. Tucker Thomas G. Tyne T. Mimms Tyner James J. Vaughn Carroll T. Ward John I-Ianor Webb George C. Wesf Segewich D. Wesf Dr. Alvin O. Wesf James L. Wilkerson John M. Wilkerson John R. Wilson Owen H. Wilson Henry S. Winford Frank L. Wren Ii270J Nur' 56:6 gala vm In i898 a group oT TourTeen Theological sTudenTs in New York C1Ty bound TogeTher by The close Ties oT Triendshlp Tormed a TraTernal organuzaT1on They Took Tor :Ts name The Greek leTTers ZBT ln I902 a local TraTern1Ty oT The College oT The CiTy oT New York Omlcron Epsilon Phi requesTed a merger oT The Two groups and became ZeTa BeTa Taus TirsT college chapTer Since ThaT Time The TraTerniTy has enjoyed a rapid and successTul growTh Today :T has ThirTy-Tive acTive chapTers in The UniTed STaTes and Canada ZeTa BeTa Tau is proud oT iTs heriTage as The oldesT and largesT oT all Jewish college TraTerniTies. The Alpha Gamma ChapTer was Tormed on The VanderbilT campus in The Tall oT I9 I7. and received iTs charTer Trom ZeTa BeTa Tau in I9l8. lTs developmenT has kepT pace wiTh ThaT oT The naTional TraTerniTy. If271J I 1 E 1 W I I l . I I 2 . I X X X . XRXWYY k : x 'wg 1 'X 'L X 3 . .,,XXx.:Q.. , + xg -fr' Xi--N- , .W , xiii' ' M E CLASS HARRIS ABRAHAMS AB JACK BERNARD AB LEONARD FRANK A B LEONARD GHERTNER LOUIS LEVY AB GERALD WINOKUR A B MBERS OF I940 CLASS OF I94I EDWARD BALLOFF A B HAROLD BERNARD AB CHARLES COHEN BE GEORGE FOX AB MARTIN LICHTERMAN AB HERBERT OLSHINE A B CLAS EVERETT ERLICK AB ALLEN ESKIND AB GILBERT FOX AB EUGENE GREENER AB MAXWELL RASMAN AB HENRY REITLER AB ALFRED ROSENBAUM AB GEORGE ROSENBLATT A B WILLIAM SIMON AB CLIFFORD TILLMAN A B WILLIAM ZIV A B S OF l942 CLASS OF I943 LOUIS BROOKS B E RICHARD GOLDBERG STANLEY GROSS A B CHARLES KORNMAN LEON MAY AB BURTON ROBBINS AB NasI1vuIIe Tenn Rockwood Tenn PensacoIa Fla Nashvrlle Tenn Ha s Tenn Jersey Clfy La FoIleHe Tenn Rockwood Tenn PuIaskl Tenn NasI1vlIIe Tenn Memphus Tenn NasI1vlIIe Tenn Birmingham Ala NashvlIIe Tenn NasI1vlIIe Tenn Memphus Tenn Jersey Cliy NasI'nvlIIe Tenn Merldlan Mass New Rochelle Chncago III Chaffanooga Tenn Nafchez Mrss Chncaqo III Nashvllle Tenn Nashvnlle Tenn Chrcago III Sprung Hull Tenn NasI'1vrIIe Tenn Miami Beach Fla Founded af The College of Hue Cary of New York I898 Colors Azure and Whde ei I z . B1, . A.B ......... ' , . . , ................ u , , .' . ...,..... ' . N. J. , . ......... ' , N. J. , . . ...,.., , N. Y. JOEL SOLOMON, AB .......... , . . . ,....,......... ' , . is .0 Q, .95Q, 1, . 'QA 9 Ivey ",l' Q , B.E ......... ' , . . B.E ........ ' ' , . S A V L:7s1 I , , I , V I'-II ' III II ff I Z ETA B ETA TAU SAM BERNOW, DD.S. . MARION DAVIS. M.D. . . A. E. KELLER, M.D .... ALBERT WEINSTEIN. M.D. . . BERNARD M. WEINSTEIN. M.D. . Dr. Sam Bernow R. D. Blum, Jr. Boris Brooks Morris Burk Elmer Cohen Joseph Cohen Dr. Marion Davis Roberl' Epsiein M. M. Eslcind Henry Franklin Alvin Gherlner Alberi Goldberg Harold Henning Leonard Hyman Homer Jonas S. J. Joseph Dr. Alvin Keller Melvin Kornman . M. S. Lebecl: Horace Levy FRATRES IN FACU LTATE . . . . . .Assisiani Visiring Surgeon in Denial Surgery . . . . Associale Professor of Clinical Dermafology . . . Professor of Prevenlive Medicine and Public Healih FRATRES IN U RBE Dorris Lovenlhal Marlin Lovenihal Samuel Lovenlhal Ira Luslcy Leon Ma'I'ison Dan May Joe Morse, Jr. Inslruclor in Medicine Inslruclor in Surgery Herman Rosenblum Seymour Samuels, Jr. M. F. Schwariz Samuel Simon Jerome Small Alfred Siarr Elmore Sielzer Dr. Alberi' Weinsiein Dr. Bernard Weinsiein Sol Weinberger G. S. Weiss Alan Zibarl' . Carl Ziberi T274J rqlpfza. Zpdilm Pi On November 7, l9I3, a closely-lcniT group oT sTu- denTs aTTending New York UniversiTy laid The Tounda- Tion oT Alpha Epsilon Pi. This Jewish TraTerniTy was organized "To inculcaTe and promoTe deep-seaTed Triendshipg To encourage TruThTulness, honesTy, and courage: To inauguraTe a healThy spiriT oT cooperaTion and helpTulnessq To creaTe a beTTer undersTanding among our Tellowrnen, wiTh a view To vigorously par- TicipaTing in universiTy acTiviTies To The muTual advan- Tage oT all concerned." Several years laTer, aTTer The group had acquired solidariTy and sTabiliTy, They decided To Torm a na- Tional organizaTion. ln l9l7 The BeTa ChapTer was esTalolished aT Cornell, The TirsT sTep in a momenTous expansion. Today This expansion conTinues To carry The Alpha Epsilon Pi banner inTo all parTs oT The na- Q Tion. we I ltr' I I I' I I I I I 1 W1 I I l l I i Ill' .ip Q IDIIA LDSILON DI Firsf Row: Meyer Bergman Sam Coolik Julian Kolller Harold Levy Second Row: Eddie Goldslein Millon Grossman David Welherhorn Roberl Bernsrein Third Row: Herberl Chessin S. Jay Freeman Roberl Krivcher Alfred Lasher Fourth Row: Howard Slurm Gerald Averbuch Eugene Bernstein Ernest Davis Fiffh Row: Stanley Freeman Paul Goldberg Henry Laks Howard Lovell Sixih Row: William Robinson Bernard Sanderson Irving Weiss Irving Wolf , If 3 X, x .1 X 492 gang. he l I I I Ili , I NX J ,' i .: 1. in q XFX A 5 .J RX X K E ,XY5 .b I Pi ' s I if-' , - - 'idx f .I ,nys f 15, E51 .X 1 --,xox , E it :Ab Mx . K xQQOq, 1 I I' Eff'-5'5" 'J' -1 " I, V "" I . if ' , -, E. , V 'L 9: '32'E-1'I1'iQ'1-9f,.ff-' -1 ' -7 . M E MBERS CLASS OF l940 MEYER BERGMAN, A.B. . . SAM COOLIK, A.B. . JULIAN KOTTLER, B.E. . , HAROLD LEVY, A.B. . CLASS MORTON K. EPSTEIN, B.E. . EDWARD GOLDSTEIN, B.E. MILTON GROSSMAN, A.B. . SOL KOMISAR, A.B ..... DAVID WETHERHORN, B.E. CLASS ROBERT BERNSTEIN, A.B. . HERBERT CHESSIN, A.B. . . S. JAY FREEMAN, A.B .... ROBERT R. KRIVCHER, A.B. OF I94I OF I942 ALFRED W. LASHER. JR., A.B, . . HOWARD D. SITURM, A.B. . . CLASS GERALD AVERBUCH, A.B. . EUGENE BERNSTEIN, A.B. . ERNEST DAVIS, A.B. . . STANLEY FREEMAN, A.B. . . PAUL GOLDBERG. JR., A.B. HENRY .I. LAIcs, A.B .... HOWARD LovErr, A.B. . WILLIAM ROBINSON, A.B. . BERNARD sANDERsoN, A.B. IRVING WEISS. A.B ..... IRVIN WOLF, A.B. . OF I943 T277l Aberdeen Miss. . .Reynolds, Ga . . .Boon'ron, N. J . .Woodmere, N. Y Far Rockaway, N. Y . . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . Savannah, Ga. . .Yonlcers. N. Y. . . New York, N. Y. Wilkes-Barre, Penn. . . . Memphis, Tenn. . . New Grerna, N. J. La Follelfe, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . New Yorlc, N. Y. . . Nashville, Tenn. . New York, N. Y. . New Yorlc, N. Y. . . . Norwalk, Conn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Founded al' New York Universify, New Yorlc Cify. I9I3 Colors Blue and Gold Flower While Gardenia AEII SOROIZITIIQS T A l mu' T N93 3 , fo' TX, i ,eo J, -1-2 +. rl ' .J M . , .5 ,,, i J 'n T' f-3' l , .1 .A, 'T M 's'3:il""x6 A ' is - i - 2'--fr 1 ' i HYTVA, y ' l 'Ji Yr T , , , , , l -'. Q , i 'an l by i Yi T T ' i-Q l....i...g.ae4c---,. Kappa rqlpfna. 7fzeZ'a Kappa Alpha TheTa was Tounded aT De Pauw Uni- versiTy in l87O. IT holds The disTincTion oT being The TirsT Greek-leTTer TraTerniTy lcnown among women. The local chapTer oT Phi Kappa Upsilon, Tormed by TiTTeen girls aT VanderbilT UniversiTy, received word on December I5, IQO3, Trom The NaTional Kappa Alpha TheTa ThaT Their charTer had been granTed. On Jan- uary l5, l904, The Alpha ETa ChapTer oT Kappa Alpha TheTa was ins+alIed. For several years iT was The only naTional woman's TraTerniTy aT VanderbilT. This year The TheTas moved Trom Their lodge builT in l9I3, To Their new house on KensingTon Place. The TheTas have become a crediT To Their naTional organizaTion and To The UniversiTy. They ranlc as one oT The leading sororiTies in scholarship, inTramurals, and general acTiviTies. They have been ouTsTanding in all phases oT sororiTy liTe aT VanderbilT. T279J 1, 1 , l l l I ,V KADD l I l , l ' , .V ' lg . ll' l L l l P ' P l i l 4 i ' V l Firsl Row: g, Mar Helen Henry L l l Lucille Johnson 'li X Ann Sleagall 'li Shirley Sleele Il Biilee woody lui llll Second Row: Frances Adams lzlllll Shirley Caldwell' 'Q :,'. Jane Chadwell I Susan Cheek l . Third Row: "y Xl 1 Sue Douglas Q lil Rachel Farris I 'A Virginia McClellan -, ll Gray Moore ' Peggy Norvell ,' 1' Fourlh Row: ' 5,111 Susan Scogglns ll! . Calherine Simpson ' l, y Marfha Wade I 1 ' Damaris Wilherspoon I . Q W . . l Fiffh Row: l Caroline Ambrose , l Belly Blackman 1' l Bond Davis ll l Volla Freeman l Mildred Neel Sixth Row: ll 1 Ann Pope RI Ann Shapard gl Babe Sorrell l I Harrier Williams l ' Sevenfh Row: 1 i Mary Tom Wilson IV l Virginia Youmans , 1 Tempe Chesler , , V I Mamie Edwards l wif Helen McMurray l 1 ,fl lil l i' E54 .fa 3 .Ji .' S W lqll v J' 6 A gig l X l xl ill l l 'xf 'Y 'Oil 1 i' . ixxsgisig . A i 1 .r MEMBERS CLASS OF I9-10 MARY HELEN HENRY, A.B LUCILLE JOHNSON, A.B. . JEAN MCEWAN, A.B. . . ANN STEAGALL. A.B. . . SHIRLEY STEELE, A.B. . BILLEE WOODY, A.B. . . CLASS OF l94I FRANCES ADAMS. A.B ..... SHIRLEY CALDWELL, A.B. . JANE CHADWELL, A.B. . . SUSAN GI-IEEI4,A.B. . . SUE DOUGLAS. A.B. . RAGHAEL FARRIS. A.B. . . VIRGINIA MCCLELLAN, A.B. . GRAY MOORE. A.B. . . . . MARGARET NORVELL, A.B. . SUSAN SCOGGINS, As. , . CATHERINE SIMPSON, A.B. . , MARTHA WADE, A.B ...... DAMARIS WITHERSPOON, A.B. CLASS OF CAROLINE AMBROSE. A.B. , . BETTY BLACKMAN, A.B. . . BOND DAVIS, A.B. . . VOLLA FREEMAN, A.B. . MILDRED NEEL, A.B. . ANN POPE, A.B. . . ANN SHAPARD, A.B. . BESS SORRELL, A.B ..... HARRIET WILLIAMS. A.B. . . MARY TOM WILSON, A.B. . . VIRGINIA YOUMANS, A.B. . . CLASS OF TEMPE CHESTER, A.B ...... MARY ALEENE EDWARDS, A.B. HELEN MCMURRAY, A.B .... IZAII I942 I943 . .I-liclcmon, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Porl' Arihur, Tex . . Nashville. Tenn . . Ripley, Tenn . .Mayl'ield. Ky. . . .JacIcsonville, Fla . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . .A1lan+a, Ga . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville Tenn . . McKenzie. Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville. Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Hunlingdon, Tenn . . Piflsburgh, Pa. . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Griffin, Ga. . Brownsville. Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Challanooga. Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn Founded al DePauw Universily, I870 Colors Blaclc and Gold Flower Pansy lx I 0.4.00 Fran Mrs. Hele KAPPA ALPHA THETA B. H. Abernaihy n Alexander Mrs. Josh Ambrose Mrs. E. C. Armisiead Sara Armisiead Mrs. Frank P. Bachman Mrs. Melville Barnes Mary Louise Bearden Mrs. W. S. Bearden. Jr. Mrs. Andrew Benedici, Jr. Polly Ann Billingion Mrs. Asa Black Mrs. Alfred Blalock Mrs. Mrs. R. B. Bogle, Jr. Reber Bouli Ellen Bowers M rs. Eliza Miller Brannan befh Brookes Mrs. H. K. Buckner Mrs. Joseph W. Byrns. Jr. Mrs. Dorolhy Kirk Canlrell Sara Cecil Mrs. Carmine Clark Cheers Mrs. Frank l. Cherry Mrs. T. A. Clarkson, Jr. Mrs. George Cloys CharloHe Connor Mrs. Chas. W. Cook Mrs. James F. Cook Mrs. R. G. Cooney Elizabeih Cornelius Mrs. Joe Crampion Mrs. Roberr Creighlron Mary Louise Crawford Mrs. Waikins Crockeif, Jr. Annie Lee Crowell Elizabeih Dandridge Mrs. M. B. Davis Ann Dillon Mrs. Howard Dobson Mrs. Geddes Douglas Louise Douglas Mrs. Jones EllioH Elinor Ewing SORORES IN URBE Ma riorie Ann Fla u'r'r Mrs. Mrs. Euge Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Jean Mrs. Mrs. Elise Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Merediih Flau'r'r S. M. Fleming, Jr. nia Freeman T. A. Fuqua Edwin Gardner Chas. Francis Geny ne Gibson Chas. Gilber'r. Jr. Harry J. Guiiee Handley Ernesi' K. Hardison, Jr. Chas. Hawkins Thomas Henderson, Jr. John Herberf Roberi' Herberl, Jr. Louise Herron Hen rieHa Hickman Mrs. Elva Mrs. Luiher Holcomb Hollins Ernesi L. Howe Isabel Howell Charlo'H'e Humphreys Willie D. Johnson Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Ella John T. Kreig Frederick Lucas Lewis Lyne Joseph T. McCarey Leonard McKeand, Jr. ces McLes'rer Puryear Mims Mrs. C. M. Moss Mrs. J. E. Nagy Mrs. Oscar G. Nelson Mary Noel Evelyn Norlon Mrs. John Omohundro, Jr. Mrs. James C. Overall Mrs. Roberi C. Pailerson Mrs. Carr Payne Mrs. Alberi l-l. Phillips, Jr. Mrs. Maiihew B. Pilcher, lll Aurelia Po1'+s Julia Powell Mrs. G. A. Puryear, Jr. Mrs. Morgan B. Reynolds Dr. Linda Rhea Juanila Roberrs Mrs. J. W. Roper May Isabella Saunders Mrs. Thos. W. Schlaier. Jr Mrs. Roberlr L. Schmidt Jr Elhel Sara Scoggins Mrs. Thos. B. Scoggins Adelaide Shull Harriel Shorl' Mary Helen Simpson Mrs. Cecil Sims Mrs. Fleming W. Smilh Mrs. Harold F. Smiih Mrs. Laird Smilrh Mrs. Anderson Spickard Mrs. Alec B. Sievenson, Jr. Mrs. Thos. P. Siewarf Mrs. Alberi W. Sfockell Mildred Sfoves Mrs. C. P. S'rree'r, Jr. Virginia Siu rdivanl' Mrs. John T. Sugg. Jr. Mrs. Brice Sumner Florence Teague Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Thos. Trabue W. O. Treanor, ll H. B. Trimble W. O. Tirrill, Jr. Abbie Scolf Vaughn Siella Scoii' Vaughn Waddell Walker Mrs. E. J. Walsch Exine Webb Mrs Mrs. John H. Whaley, Jr. M. S. Wigginion Mrs. T. A. Wigginion. Jr. Mrs A. L. Williams Mrs. E. E. Wilson Mrs Earl G. Woolwine Ann Wrighl' Louise Young Clara Bell Puryear l H2821 fbelia .Edie Edie On Thanksgiving Eve in I888 Delfa Delfa Delfa woman's frafernify was founded in Bosfon, Massachu- seffs. The purpose of Tri Delfa is friendship, scholar- ship, and service, wifh each chapfer sfriving fo de- velop a sfronger and more womanly characfer and fo broaden fhe moral and infellecfual life of her mem- bers. ln I9I I Thefa Delfa Thefa, a local sororify on Van- derbilf campus became Delfa Gamma Chapfer of Delfa Delfa Delfa. Af presenf fhere are eighfy-seven chapfers of Tri Delfa, fhree of which are in Canada. Delfa Gamma Chapfer has fulfilled fhe hopes of fhe founders in being oufsfanding in fhe fhreefold purpose of friendship, scholarship and service. E831 DELTA DELLA DELLA Firsl Row: Edna Cordls Emily Crichlow Mary Davidson Sara Frances Edwards Sarah Goodpaslure Marlha l-laynie Elhel Joy Second Row: Alice Lewis Jane Logue Ledora Maddux Rebecca McRee Jane McLean Emma Jean Milchell Third Row: Bilsy Napier Jane Raborg Mary Elizabelh Smilh Elizabelh Surles Louise Sykes Margarel Waller Fourlh Row: Jean Burk Nelle Edwards Mary Ann Giles Ann Caroline Gillespie Sarah Logue Miriam Lusby Fiflh Row: Hannah McCrary Miriam McGaw Josephine McHenry Lucy Maslin Laura Moss Ann Trimble Mary Lou Vosburg Sixlh Row: Belly Wrighl Mary Brock Calherine Brown Elizabelh Carey Mary Pope Creighlon Marlha Ann Earlhman Sevenlh Row: Gailher Frierson Ann Garnier Doris Hardeman Peggy Howard Isabelle Hull Belsy Jones Eighlh Row: Margarel Noland Caroline Slehlin Miriam Thomas Luray Welch Shelley Welch Frances Carler Ninlh Row: Sarah Kirkpalrick Belly Rainey Lillian Shacklell Ann Slahlman Dorolhy Whealley Marlha Wood Libby Zerfoss ,.,,.c 1 X M E CLASS EDNA CORDTS, A.B. . . . . EMILY CRICHLOW, A.B. . . , . MARY DAVIDSON, A.B. . . . SARA FRANCES EDWARDS, A.B. SARAH GOODPASTURE, A.B. , MARTHA HAYNIE, A.B ....,. ETHEL JOY, A.B .... ALICE LEWIS, A.B. . . JANE LOGUE, A.B ..,. LEDORA MADDUX, A.B. . . REBECCA MCREE, A.B. . . . JANE LEE MCLEAN, A.B ..,. EMMA JEAN MITCHELL, A.B. . MARY CAMPBELL NAPIER, A.B. . JANE RABORG, A.B ..... MARY ELIZABETH SMITH, A.B. . ELIZABETH SURLES, A.B ..,. LOUISE SYKES, A.B ...,. MARGARET WALLER, A.B .... CLASS JEAN BURK, A.B. .... . NELLE EDWARDS, A.B. . MARY ANN GILES, A.B. . ANN CAROLINE GILLESPIE, A.B. SARAH LOGUE, A.B .,...., MIRIAM LUSBY, A.B. . . HANNAH McCRARY, A.B. MIRIAM MCG-AW, A.B. JOSEPHINE MCHENRY, A.B, . LUCY MASTIN, A.B. . LAURA NEVILLE MOSS, A.B. . ANN TRIMBI E, AB. . MARY LOU VOSUURG, A.B. BETTY WRIGHT, A.B. . . CLASS MARY BROCK, A.B. . , CATHERINE BROWN, A.B. ELIZABETH CAREY, A.B. MARY POPE CREIGHTON, A.B. MARTHA ANN EARTHMAN, A.B. GAITHER FRIERSON, A.B, , . ANN GANIER, A.B. . . . DORIS HARDEMAN, A.B. CLARA ELIZABETH HOWARD, A.B ISABELLE HUFF, A.B. BETSY JONES, A.B. MARGARET NOLAND, A.B. CAROLINE STEHLIN, A,B. . MIRIAM THOMAS, A.B. . ANN VAUGHN, A.B. . . LURAY WELCH, A.B. . . SHELLEY WELCH, A.B. . DORIS WILLINGHAM, A.B. , LAVINIA WITHERSPOON, A.B. . CLASS FRANCES CARTER, A.B. . . . , ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, A.B. . SARAH KIRKPATRICK, A.B. , . BETTY RAINEY, A.B. . . LILLIAN SHACKLETT, A.B .... ANN STAHLMAN, A.B. DOROTHY ANN WHEATLEY, A.B. MARTHA WOOD, A.B. . . . ELIZABETH ZERFOSS, A.B. . MBERS OF l940 OF I94l OF l942 OF I943 IZSSI Long ls'an'i, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Clarlsvilagi Nashville N, Y. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tear. . , , Milan, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn, . Nashville, Tenn, . Cookeville, Tenn, . . , Trenlon, Tenn, . Russellville, Ky. .Tullahorna, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Cedar Rapids, Iowa . . Culhberl, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Lenoir Cily, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn, , . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. , . Nashville, Tenn. Lewisburq, Tenn. Philadelphia, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Hunlsville, Ala. Union Cily, Tenn. Srrinqficld, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Lynville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn, . Toledo, Ohio . Memphis, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Columbia, Tr-nn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Henderson, T'-nn. . Cookeville, Tenn, Rockwood, Tenn. Ml. Pleasant, Tenn, . Nashville, Tenn. Brownsville. Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn, . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn, Murfreesboro, Tenn, Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn, . Nashville, Tenn. . Columbia, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. , . Nashville, Tenn. , Nashville Tenn. Founded al Boslon Uni versily. H388 Colors Silver, Gold and Blue Flower Pansy 1- ,Q it A 4 i ff' DELTA DELTA DELTA Mrs. E. R. Adams Mrs. R. L. Alexander, Jr. Mrs. Thomas Anderson, Jr. Mary John Alwell Mrs. T. B. Baker, Jr. Mrs. John Ball, Jr. Mrs. James C. Barbour Anne Elizabeih Ballle Marrha Beasley Mrs. Charles H. M. Beally Mrs. A. B. Benedici Mrs. Wendell Bennell Mrs. Walier Bennie Bess Black Mrs. Charles G. Blackard Mrs. John Braden V Mrs. George Brew Mrs. Joseph E. Burk Mrs. Roberl' E. Cain Ellen Rion Caldwell Sarah Caldwell Gerlrude Casebier' Mrs. Brainard Cheney Mrs. J. Ross Cheshire, Jr. Ada Childers Mrs. Sami L. Clark Mrs. John W. Clay Mary M. Clemenis Mary Harris Cockrill SORORES IN URBE Karhryn Geny Margarel' Giles Mrs. Henry Goodpaslure Laura Graham Ma rgarel Greene Mrs. Allen Grimes Eleanor Hall Mrs. Philips Harding Mrs. Baxier Harris Mrs. Waller G. Harris, Jr. Mrs. C. M. Hash Mrs. Fred Hasiy Mrs. Cale Haun Sarah Henderson Harriell Hibbs ' Mrs.'Charles Hicks Mrs. Eugene Hollins Mrs. Roberi Holly Mrs. Maxey Jarman Mrs. Philip T. Jones Margarel Keller Mrs. Hardee Kilgore, Jr. Virginia King Mrs. Sam Kirkpalrick, Jr. Mrs. James A. Kirlley, Jr. Mrs. W. S. Lealhers Elizabelh Love Mrs. Harold G. Lowe Mrs. Harold B. Magee Mrs. Howard Maxson Mrs. John T. McCall Mrs. George F. McCanless Mrs. Sydney McClellan Evalina Polk Mrs Juslin Poller Lilla Provosli Marianne Rankin Ellene Ransom Mrs. Waller C. Reckless Slella Rich Mrs. Ballle Rodes Mrs. William B. Connell, Jr. Mrs. John R. Cross Mrs. James W. Crulcher Mrs. S. A. Daniel Mrs Roberl DeMoss Mrs. Joseph Dickinson Mrs Byrd 'Douglas Mrs Gordon Duncan Mrs T. E. Dunn, Jr. Mrs. T. E. Durrell, Jr. Mrs. Gus W. Dyer Nancy Edwards Lee Lewis England Carolyn Eskridge Frances Evans Jean Ewing Mrs. J. BI Fidlar Mrs. Paul Fleming Grace Follin Mrs. Eugene L. Frazer Belly Freeland Mrs. Harvey Gee Sara Geislman Marlha McHenry Evelyn Miller Mrs. O. F. Minion, Jr. Mrs. Roberl M. Mirchum Mrs. B. P. Moore, Jr. Elise Moore A Mrs. Yuill Moore Mrs. J. S. Morrell Mrs. Richard L. Morrison Eugenia Moseley Mrs. Wayne Murphy Mrs. William Neely Margarel Norlh Mrs. A. P. Ollarson, Jr. Polly Parrish VMrs. E. While Pallon Mrs. Henry R. Perry Mrs. W. D. Phillips Mrs. Roloerl Pierce Frances Rose A Mrs. Lynn Sanford Mrs. L. L. Scorl Mrs. Julian Scruggs Mrs. J. Clyde Seale Mrs. Eliza Tom Shriver beih Smilh Eugenia Smilh Mrs. Joe Harry Smilh Mrs. M. A. Smirh Linda Sneed Rulh Sneed Mrs. W. V. Sowder, Jr. Eva Sievens Jane Sulherland Sue Sulherland Mrs. Homer Terry Mrs. Clarence S. Thomas Mrs. J. Haskell Tidman Alic Mrs e Traloue . J. F. Waldrum Mrs. George B. Walker Lydia Walker Mrs. Marian E. Ward Mrs. W. E. Ward. Jr. Mrs. O'Bryan Washinglon, Jean Wellerau Mrs. A. J. Wheeler Mrs. Jack P. While Mrs. Roberl H. While Ellen Whileman Mrs. Joel M. Whiiney Mrs. J. M. Whilson Lau ra Whilson Frances Wilkerson Ani'ra Mrs. Mrs. Williams Malcolm Williams W. E. Williams Mrs. A. W. Wilson Mrs. W. M. Wilson Dorolhy Winlor Mrs. Hilliard O. Wood Anne Woodard Mrs. Tom Zerioss J L286i W.- l i L X . i l T.. ---. fdlphe Ummm Pa Four sTudenTs aT Barnard College, Columbia Univer- siTy, in New York CiTy, banded TogeTher on January 2, l897, and Tounded Alpha Omicron Pi. The Tounders were: Jessie Wallace l-lughan, l-lelen ST. Clair Mullen, STella George STern Perry, and ElizabeTh Heywood Weyman. ln I905, The TirsT ediTion of The organiza- Tion's magazine, To Dragma, was published. AT The presenT Time There are TorTy-Three acTive chapTers and TiTTy-Tive alumnae chapTers in The UniTed STaTes: Two acTive chapTers and one alumnae chapTer in Canada. The naTional organizaTion has accomplished much ThroughouT iTs neTwork oT chapTers. An Anniversary EndowmenT Tund was esTablished in I92 I. This Tund is used in loans To chapTers Tor purchasing or remodeling chapTer houses, and in loans To individual members. GraduaTe Fellowships oT one Thousand dollars, dedi- caTed To The memory oT Tormer Grand PresidenTs RuTh Capen Farmer and Lillian MacQuillan iv1cCaus- land, are awarded annually To members and biennially To non-members, The laTTer Through The A. A. U. W. Social service work has been done in coniuncTion wiTh The FronTier Nursing Service in Appalachian ridges oT KenTucky. Local philanThropic work includes a library in VanderbilT l-lospiTal Tor chariTy ward paTienTs. lf287l ALDHA Firsl Row: Virginia Blair Margarel Folk Margarel Jackson Madelon Johnson Rulh King Jeanne Slephenson Second Row: Sarah Wharlon Kalie Rose Woods Andromedia Bagwell Madolyn Bidwell Edna Rulh Bryanl Third Row: Marline Bunch June Burks Ann Cole Edna Murray Davy Winilred Finger Elaine Halle Fourlh Row: Marlha Hake Josephine Jernigan Evelyn Kinzley Frances McConnell Hardy Noland Fiflh Row: Courlney Rellgar Carlelon Slerne Ann Wilkerson Jeanne Bequelle Belly Brinkley Sixlh Row: Ann Cowen Margarel Fraser Peggy Heriges Allene Hyden Roslyn Lewis Sevenlh Row: Emma D. Shellon Jewell Simmons Mary Trimble Sara Dodson Adine File Kalherine Franklin Eighlh Row: Mary Jane Fuller Ann Levine Jane Mcflampbell Mary Paul Raby Mary Evelyn Riley Ninlh Row: Belly Seigler Annelle Simmons Marie Smilh Rosamund Snell Charlolle Wallon Marguerile Willis ,AS 4 X . .x -Xxx -X . NXOQ I ,Q , . xgsr 0MlCl20 NDI I-V4 JOB "Wa 'W' ,,,..-., M E MBERS CLASS OF I940 VIRGINIA BLAIR, A.B. . MARGARET FOLK, A.B. , . . MARGARET JACKSON, A.B. . MADELON JOHNSON, A.B. . RUTH KING, A.B. ,..,. , JEANNE STEPHENSON, A.B. . SARAH WHARTON, A,B .... KATIE ROSE WOODS, A.B. . CLASS OF I94l ANDROMEDIA BAGWELL, A.B. MADOLYN BIDWELL, A.B .... EDNA RUTH BRYANT, A.B. . . MARTINE BUNCH, A.B. . . JUNE BURKS, A.B ..... ANN COLE, A.B ....... EDNA MURRAY DAVY, A.B. . WINIFRED FINGER, A.B ..., ELAINE HAILE, A.B ....., MARTHA HAKE, A.B ...... JOSEPHINE JERNIGAN, A.B. . EVELYN KINZLEY, A.B .,... FRANCES MCCONNELL, A,B. . HARDY NOLAND, A.B. . . . COURTNEY RETTGER, A.B. . CARLETON STERNE, A.B. . . ANN WILKERSON, A.B. . CLAS J-EANNE BEOUETTE, A.B. . BETTY BRTNKLEY, A.B. . . ANN cowEN, A.B. . . . . MARGARET FRASER, A.B. . . PEGGY HERiGEs, A.B. . ALLENE HYDEN, A.B. . . ROSLYN LEWIS, A.B ..... EMMA D. SHELTGN, A.B. . . JEWELL siMMoNs, A.B. . MARY TRIMBLE, A.B .... MTLDRED WALKER, A.B. . . CLAS SARA DODSON, A.B ..... ADINE FITE, A.B ........ KATHERINE FRANKLIN, A.B. . MARY JANE FULLER, A.B .... ANN LEVINE, A.B ...... JANE MCCAMPBELL, A.B. . . MARY PAUL RABY, A.B. . . MARY EVELYN RILEY, A,B. . BETTY SEIGLER, A.B. . . ANNELLE SIMMONS, A.B. . MARIE SMITH, A,B. . , . ROSAMUND SNELL, A.B. . . . CHARLOTTE WALTON, A.B. . MARGUERITE WILLIS, A,B. . . OF l942 OF I943 L289J . . Nashville, Tenn, . . .TJIIUIJIQ L-J. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . FliriI, Mich. , , Nashville, Tenn. . , Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . .Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Pleasant View, Tenn. . , Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Annislon, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Ripley, Miss. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . , Dickson, Tenn. . . .Tampci, Fla. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Greenville, S. C. . . Florence, Ala. . . Memphis, Tenn. . .Annislon, Ala. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . N55I"lVIlIe' Tenn, . . NashviTIe, Tenn. . . . . Evarls, Ky. . . Columbia, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Columbia, Tenn. . Hermilage, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Madison, Tenn, Dawson Springs, Ky. . Nashviile, Tenn. , . Donelson, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Ridgely, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. , . Nashville, Tenn. . . , Shelby, Ohio Founded al Barnard College, Columbia Universily, IB97 Colors Red and While Flower Jaquiminol Rose 559 ,55 - 5' -'QT 11 'i ' 1143. .1 E -F ALPHA OMICRGN Pl Mrs. Jack Adams Jean Adams Corinne Anderson Mrs. R. A. Auslin Mrs. Ferris Bailey Mrs. John W. Barlon Mrs. W. H. Barlon Rulh Prenlice Baskelle SORORES IN U RBE Mrs. Lurlon Goodpaslure Nancy Gordon Mrs. John Gral Eleanor Graham lNinilred Green Lucy Greer Mrs. Ward Grimes Mrs. W. C. Gross, Jr. Mrs. Lynch Bennell Helen Bisz Mrs. Joe Booker Helen Bramwell Frances Brallon Mrs. Julian Brallon Mrs. W. M. Breazeale Lula Brockman Mrs. Vernon Brogden Mrs. M. K. Bruce Mrs. J. C. Caldwell Mrs. W. J. Campbell Mrs. Richard A. Hard Mrs. W. S. Harper Mrs. S. H. Harringlon Mrs. C. B. Hearn Marion Hill Mrs. Benlon Holl Mrs. Chris Hopkins Mrs. Clarence Hopper Mrs. VV. R. Hendrix Mrs. Oscar Holsleller Mrs. Thomas Hughes M rs. Tale Hullon Lucy Reid McMurray Mrs. J. L. Miller Vivian Moore Mrs. Theodore Morlord Mary Morrison Mrs. L. A. Newman Jeanne Noland Cha rlolle Norred Mrs. Frank Owsley Harriell Pardue Mrs. lra H. Reese Frances Rucks Mrs. Herndon Scobey Mrs. J. R. Shacklelord, Jr Barbara Shields - Mrs. Roloerl Sholner, Jr. Mrs. Marion Smilh Mrs. Jerome Sneecl Grace Snell Frances Spain Mrs. Paul Carroll Minerva Clemenls Mrs. Howard Cochran Mary Dorris Margarel Dickinson Adelle Dudney Kolherine Dudney Mrs Overlon Elkins Frances Ewing Mrs. Ernesl Jackson Mrs. Leon Jourolman Sarah Kinzley Margarel Lamb Mrs. Ned Lenlz Douglass Levine Iris Marie Lighllool Dorolhy Dean Loser Mrs. Roberl Magruder Mrs. Alex Taylor Mrs. Lullrell Thomas Mrs. Roy Thompson Mrs. W. J. Tichenor Mrs. Slanley Treanor Jane Vick Mrs. Sam Walker Mrs. George Webb Frances Weise Mary Alice Farr Mrs. D. G. Faulkner Lela Fry M rs. Benny Genlry Jean Goode Mrs. Travis Marlin Mrs. W. H. McCord Mrs. Marlin McNamara Josephine McKelvey Lilli an McLaurin Bessie While Jean Whorley Evelyn Widell Eva Jean Wralher Mrs. Charles F. Zeek l290J Gamma Phi BeTa was Tounded aT Syracuse Univer- siTy November I I, I874, by E. Adeline CurTis, Mary A. Bingham. Frances E. Haven, and Helen M. Dodge. fXlThough in iTs early years Gamma Phi spread rap- idly in The NorTh and NorThwesT, The Tendency in re- cenT .years has been Toward SouThern expansion. Gamma Phi BeTa became The TirsT inTernaTional soror- iTy wiTh The insTallaTion oT a chapTer aT The UniversiTy oT ToronTo, OnTario. Three oTher chapTers have been insTalled in Canada since ThaT Time. Lillian Thompson was one oT The Tounders oT Pan-l-lellenic, and Gamma Phi BeTa was one oT The TirsT members oT ThaT body. The sororiTy mainTains Three camps Tor underprivileged children, wiTh members oT The various chapTers acTing as advisers and helpers. f29lJ X X X XX K X il' . ix GAM Firsl Row: Effie Chalmers Jane Davis Rulh Guenler Willa Hamner Rila Lane Harriel Poller Second Row: Mary Regan Margarel Regen Kafherine Sanford Sarah Thweall Jean Breckenridge Third Row: Mary Payne Claxlon Jean Dusenberry Margarel Hoffman Cherrie Kealon Shelby Klyce Jessie McCracken Fourlh Row: Mary Mooneyham lrma Louise Nieclerhauser Lucille Norlhcoil Elise Prilchelf Jane Roberls Fifih Row: Marie Rogers Marlha Sullon Frances Van Deren Elaine Yarbrough Clara Nelle Yeiser Alelha Berger Sixth Row: Nancy Dale Elizabelh DeMoss Frances Dickey Mary Frances Dodd Roberla Gibson Amelia Hancock Sevenih Row: Virginia Harlan Mildred Raymond Marlha Thach Marline Chafiin Mary Helen Emmons Eighih Row: Jean Freeman Jane Hari Adelaide Hile Virginia Prilcheli Geanne Roberls Elhel Mary Williams IEW k, .X , .ki X1 ,ix XXX xX x MA Dlll BlQlAi ,i lf! 4. 1-is -1- Lgghv :gil JN' :5r,',:,.-Ea -J, i' E ' Aff if ffl, L, it ' fx, fl , if ju ifij ,. V I. yay' .'-",'.'-" ,, 'gf' LJ, cgi. W i-if i-F: " l:.5:.'35I--: f , 1, fi .nf ff A f ,W 1 1 fj i ff, MEMBERS CLASS OF I940 EEHE CHALMERS, A.B. , JANE DAVIS, A.a ..,. RUTH GUENTER, A.B. . . WILLA HAMNER, A.B. . . RTTA LANE, A.s ..... HARRIET POTTER, A.B. . , MARY REG-AN, A.B. MARGARET REGEN, A.B. . . KATHERINE SANFORD, A.B. . SARAH TWEATT, A.B, CLASS OF l94I JEAN BRECKENRIDGE, A.B. . , . MARY PAYNE CLAXTON, A.B. . . JEAN DUSENBERRY, A.B. ,... . MARGARET ANN HOFFMAN, A.B. . CHERRIE KEATON, A.B. .... . SHELBY KLYCE, A.B. . .. JESSIE MCCRACKEN, A.B ....., MARY HART MOONEYHAM, A.B. . IRMA LOUISE NEIDERHAUSER, A.B. . LUCILLE NORTHCOTT, A.B. . , . ELISE PRITCHETT, A.B. .. . JANE ROBERTS, A.B. . MARIE ROGERS, A.B. . . MARTHA SUTTON, A.B. . . . FRANCES VAN DEREN, A.B. . . ELAINE YARBROUGH, A.B. . . CLARA NELLE YEISER, A.B. . CLASS OF l942 ALETHA BARGER, A.B. . . NANCY GENE DALE, A.B. . . ELIZABETH DeMOSS, A.B. . FRANCES DICKEY, A.B. . . . . MARY FRANCES DODD, A.B. . ROBERTA JEAN GIBSON. A.B. . AMELIA HANCOCK, A.B. . . VIRGINIA HARLAN, A.B. . . MILDRED RAYMOND, A.B. . . MARTHA THACH, A.B. . . CLASS OF I943 MARTINE CHAFFIN, A.B. . . MARY HELEN EMMONS, A.B. . JEAN FREEMAN, A.B, . . . . JANE HART, A.B. .... . ADELAIDE HITE, A.B ..... VIRGINIA PRITCHETT, A.B. . . GEANNE ROBERTS, A.B. . . . . ETHEL MARY WILLIAMS, A.B. . . Birmingham, 4 . . Nashville, . , . Buller, . . Dyersburq, , . Nashville, . . Nashville, , . Nashville, . . 4 Nashville, . , . Ripley, , , Nashville, , . . Nashville, , . .Clarl:sville, . . Nashville, . . Memphis, . . Nashville, . . Nashville, Ala. Tenn. N. J. Tenn. Tenn, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. . . . Louisville, Ky. Foresl Cily, N. C. . . Brenlwood, Tenn. .. Shreveporl, La. . . Nashville, Tenn. , . Madison, Tenn . . Richmond, Va . . . . Miami, Fla . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Waynesboro, Tenn. . .Galconda, lll. , . Nashville. Tenn. . . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . . Nashville. Tenn . . . . . Rockford, lll. , . , . Nashville, Tenn Mounl Pleasant, Tenn . . . .AlIanla, Ga . Nashville, . Gallatin, . . . Nashville, . . ,Nashville, . . . Nashville Gallatin Nashville, . . Nashville, , . Nashville, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn, Founded al Syracu Universily, IB74 Colors Brown and Mauvf Flower Pinl Carnalion A Tis GAMMA PHI BETA Charlorie Andress Eliza berh Beasley An neH'e Beasley Lucille Beasley Eleanor Brown Mary Friel Brown Charloire Caldwell Polly Calhoun Elizabeih Ca rr Lucille Care Mrs. Mrs M rs. Mrs Hugh Cecil M. C. Chambers Charles U. Coggins G. F. Cole. Jr. Mary Carherine 'Cunningham Mrs. Leonard Dugger Mariha Ealherly Mrs. William P. Finney SORORES IN URBE Ann Hesier Fox Julia Gibson Virginia Lee Griflilh Eleanor Guihree Bonnie Hager May Herron Marrha Highiower Mrs. Tom M. Holi Ruih Horn Mrs. Joe Jerron Elizabeih Harman Mrs. John Hood Doroihy V. Hufcheson Louise Jackson Margarei Johnson Malinda Jones Marrha Lane Mrs. Roberi Killman Mrs. Josephine C. Kingree Mrs. D. L. Lansden Mrs. Frank R. Len Janei' McKay Elizaberh McLane Ruby McMur+ry Louise McMurJrry Mrs. James W. Manley Mrs. George Mayhew Mary Cecil Morrison Ruih Morion Dorolhy Niederhauser May Noel Mary Elizabelh Oman Mrs. R. J. Oiiarson Lorraine Regen Mary Louise Reinlce Dororhy Rich Mary McKinnee Sharpe Mrs. Joe Sharpe Mrs. B. F. Smilh Rosalyn Smirh Mrs. Franlc Spanier Helen Sierling Elizaberh Srrayhorn Mrs. Benneir Arden Thompson Carherine Van Deren Charlorie Williams Rosemary Williams Mrs. R. T. Young Mrs. Roberr Young sswee If294J 4 1 Wa Ada PM PETITIONING GROUP Pi BeTa Phi, one oT The TirsT inTernaTional sororiTies was Tounded aT MonmouTh College, MonmouTh, llli- nois, on April 28, l867. AT presenT There are eighTy- one chapTers in TorTy-one sTaTes oT The UniTed STaTes, six chapTers in Canada, and a ToTal oT one hundred and nineTy alumnae clubs. Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, graduaTe oT The UniversiTy oT VermonTg Mrs. l-lenry C. Wallace, graduaTe oT lowa STaTe College, and Miss Susan B. AnThony, graduaTe oT MonmonTh College, are renowned alumnae oT Pi BeTa Phi. A local philanThropic proiecT is The mainTenance oT a seTTlemenT aT GaTlinpurg, Tennessee, which provides a Tully accrediTed high school, a medical cenTer, and arTs craTT Tor The people oT This mounTain disTricT. Also, Pi BeTa Phi has a TiTTy Thousand dollar Endow- menT Fund Tor undergraduaTes oT The sororiTy. The Tounders Tor The Pi BeTa Phi peTiTioning group oT VanderbilT UniversiTy are Virginia l-lindman oT George WashingTon UniversiTy, EdyThe Cale ThornTon oT Indiana UniversiTy, KaTherine Aycoclc oT Randolph- Macon, and Miriam Freeman oT Birmingham-SouThern. This group will receive Their charTer in The Tall oT T94-O. TZ95Il I Dl BETA Dlll Firsl Row: Miriam Freeman Virginia Hindman Edylhe Thornfon Second Row: Kalsy Aycock Louise Howell Helen Paxlon Third Row: Ann Blair Anne Cawlhon Jean Fonville Fourfh Row: lvlarquerile Holm Henrielra Rulh Sarah Worley lx fix xx X . X M E CLASS OF I94O MIRIAM FREEMAN, A.B. . . VIRGINIA HINDMAN, A.B. . . EDYTHE CALE THORNTON, Iv1.A. . . . . CLASS OF I94I KATSY AYCOCK. A.B. . LOUISE HOWELL, A.B. . . HELEN PAXTON. A.B. . CLASS OF I943 ANN BLAIR, A.B. . MEDORA BRYANT. A.B. . ANNE CAWTHON. A.B. . JEAN FONVILLE. A.B. . . MARGUERITE HOLMAN, A.B. . HENRIETTA RUTH, A.B. . SARAH WORLEY, A.B. . . I29T'I . . Nashville, Tenn MBERS Birmingham, Ala, . Nashville. Tenn. FI. Wayne, Ind. Liffle Roclz, Arla. . Big Rock. Tenn. FOUI'1dCd of lVl0!'f:xf.Ul l College. 1567 Bloomnngfon, Ill. Colors . . , Wmo and Sulfur Blu Flower Wino CarrmIi'.n . . .NasI'1ville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. -ll - .o , 3 . .JacIcson, Tenn. . Texarkana, Ark. Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . i l l l P I Mrs. J. B. BiH'inger Evelyn Braden M rs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Richard Braden Dorofhy Bryan Thomas Buniin Charles L. Cornelius Thomas C. Builer Lindsey M. Davis Hershal EvereH Frances Falvey Mrs. Claude R. Foun+ain Mrs. Rod Gilliland Mrs. Jack I-mahne BETA PHI SORORES IN URBE Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Henry G. Hari Bruce Huiiaker Lee Huni Dawson King Frederick Kuhlman Rube McKinney J. B. Phillips Gilberr Marshall Morion F. Mason Fiizgerald Parker Fred Parker E. B. Wagner Lawrence Wilkerson James E. Wood, Jr T lfZ98fI I I Alpina 8714161041 Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded on Ocfober 24, I909, af Barnard College in New York Cify, by l-lelen Phillips, Ida Beck, Rose Gersfein, Augusfa l-less, Lee Reiss, Rose Salmon, and Sfella Sfraus. Af fhe presenf firne fhere are chapfers of Alpha Epsilon Phi fhrough- ouf fhe Unifed Sfafes and in Canada. Since ifs founding, Alpha Epsilon Phi has been infer- esfed in philanfhropic work. In I936 fhe presenf na- fional proiecf of Scholarships for Refugee Sfudenfs was adopfed. The chief organ of fhe sororify is "Columns," which is published four firnes a year. Chi Chapfer was esfablished af Vanderbilf on April l8, l925. Throughouf ifs hisfory fhe primary purpose of Alpha Epsilon Phi has been fhaf of developing sfrong fies of friendship. mon ALPHA Firsl Row: Shirley Block Jean Weinslein Mindel Wolberg Eleanor Bloch Second Row: Eslelle Ehrenwald Harrier Jacobson Agness Lapidus Davine Marlowe Third Row: Civia Olshine Mimi Reisman Jane Shumacker Jeanne Slarr Fourlh Row: Flora Mae Blumberg Sara Grossman Berlha Hirsch Rebecca Ann Kornman Fiflh Row: Selma Seligman Jean Wicksman Mollie Goldslein Ann Jellinek Sixlh Row: Claire Leiber Jane Lowenslein Ann Rauch Emily Schweilzer Phyllis Wolberg ,AN "T ,ff 2 F an ' ., X xikx ii an X. L , l " X X,-' . NX xxx XX E X X .. Of x X Vi 1? l l l l MEMBERS CLASS OF I940 SHIRLEY BLOCK. A.B. . . . . . JEAN WEINSTEIN, A.B ..,,,, MLNDEL CLAIRE WOLBERG. A.B. V. . CLASS OF I94l ELEANOR BLOCI-l, A.B. . . ESTELLE EHRENWALD, A.B. . . HARRlET JACOBSON. A.B. . AGNESS LAPIDUS, A.B.' . DAVINE MARLOWE. A.B. . . CIVIA OLSHINE, A.B. . MIM! REISMAN, A.B. H. . . . JANE SCHUMACKER, A.B. . JEANNE STARR. A.B. . . CLASS OF l942 FLORA MAE BLUMBERG, A.B. . SARA C-ROSSMAN. A.B. . '. BERTHA HIRSCI-l. A.B ..... REBECCA ANN KORNMAN, A.B. . SELMAISELIGMAN, A.B ..... JEAN WICKSMAN, A.B. . . CLASS OF 1943 FRANCES COHEN, A.B ...'... MOLLIE GOLDSTEIN, A.B. . DORIS GUTTMAN, A.B. . . ANNQIELLINEK, A.B. . SYLVIA -RCTTLER, A.B. . CLAIRE LEIBER. A.B .... JANE LowENsrELN, A.B. . . ANN RAUCH, A.B ...V . EMILY SCHWEITZER, A.B. . PL-LYLLLS woLBERe,'A.B. . . lf301fl . . .Shreveport La. Nashville, Tenn. . . .Nashville. Tenn. . .MaCon. Ga. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . .A+lania. Ga. Nashville, Tenn. . Birmingham, Alai. . . Nashville, Tenn.. Charranooga, Tenn. Chaffanooga, Tenn. . .Nashville', Tenn. . Shreveporr, La. Nashville, Tenn. . .ChiCago, Ill. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. New York, N. Y. . . Miami, Fla. . .Griffim Ga. . Nashville, Tenn New York, N. Y . Boonfon, N. J . .ChiCago, lll . Nashville, Tenn . Shrevepori, La . Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn. Founded af Barnard College. New Yorlz, i909 Colors Green and While Flower Lily-of-'rhe-Valley 0 one 'jzjh 1 ow ' --o - .. .gga .n'l.3f,1.g - ' .A 'PY 3- Q- 'J ,' If ' 4Q4 , 1 . W ALPHA EPSILON PHI Mrs. Rolland S. Abrahams Louise Aland Mrs. Leo M. Alperl Belly Freeman Anderlon Fanny Lucille Aron Brinah Emilie Back Helen Rose Bauer Mrs. Irving Bernslein Louise Bloom Rose Breyer Marlin Eslelle Cohen Florence Cohen Corinne L. Cohn Mrs. Alberl A. Collins Elizabelh Davis Mrs. Julius B. Drayer Mrs. Joe Eichberg Mrs. Allen A. Felknor Carol H. Flalau Alma Foreman SORORES IN URBE Helen E. Frank Belly Anne Friedman Mrs. W. A. George, Jr. Leos Goldberg Mrs. David Gordon Polly Haber Gladys Hanover Mariorie Hanover Carolyn iHarris Sara Frances Harris Mrs. Reuben Herzleld Elizabelh E. Hirsch Helen R. Hirsch Mrs. Frederick Hyman Bernice Irene Hyman Berlha Klibanoll Maxine Lapal Berlha Leibovil Mrs. Nalhaniel Levine Mrs. Meyer Shum Mrs. David B. Levy Hazel Lai Levy Mrs. Edward Lewis Mrs. Lewis Lowenslein Mrs. Arlhur Magid Mildred Marcus Dorolhy Marks Mary Lee Marlin Carolyn Prendergasl Hermine Doris Rich Mrs. H. Leon Rosen Esla Rosenberg Mrs. Ben Rolh Mrs. Sam Bernow Mrs. Seymour Samuels, Mrs. Edwin Sapinsley Mariorie S. Schnukler Mrs. A. L. Segal Mrs. Louis Segal Fannye Rose Shore Anna Simon Mrs. Saul Sleinberg Jeanne Claire Viclor Mrs. M. A. Weingrun Mrs. Alberl Weinslein Dorolhy Weinslein Mrs. Alberl Werlhan Helen Werlhan Mrs. Morris Fischel Rulh Wind Mrs. Ed Loeb Helen Eleanor Yalle Mrs. Jacob Zager e L3021 J - 1, i i l 1 i l l l I 4 Q ,.... .. i 1 i Z l 1 Kappa Sigma Kappa, llie iiiil: inlernalional woman's ira- lernily, slands essenlially llie same in name and plan as wlien founded in November, IS74, by llie iirsl live women lo enler Colby College, Waierville, Maine. Sigma Kappa adopled as ils inlernalional philan- lliropy, social work in The Maine Seacoasl Mission, leeling llwal il would be rendering filling liomage To ils iive founders. The clwiei organ of llwe sororily is line "Triangle," a guarlerly magazine. Sigma Kappa lias placed clwaplers only in four-year colleges and universilies ol liigli siandards. Funda- menlally Clwrislian, democralic in spiril, universal in applicalion, Sigma Kappa lwas never losl siglwl ol Jrlwese ideals. Alplwa Rlio Cliapler of Sigma Kappa was es- lablislied on May l5, l926. l303fl SIGM First Row: Annelle Macon Margaref Broadwell Marion Head Second Row: Jeannette Olliver Rufh Cone Third Row: Beffy DeBrohun Alice Frances Henry June Long Fourfh Row: Adeline Reubush Jane Seabolf Fiffh Row: Maxine Bozeman Daisy Grigsby Sarah McKelly My X V-X ,N -, a E NI X R x x, ,. .14 XXI K Vx' 9 -x xXx L A KADDA S0l20 DITY 4 1 . by f r haw. 'A N , ffx -13 ,fx 1 A 1 Nffx uk X Q, 1 q lv' V 3 x X X X - f X X f i-, F A f . k gb , K X MEMBERS CLASS OF I94O ANNELLE MACON AB CLASS OF MARGARET BROADWELL AB MARION HEAD AB JEANNETTE OLLIVER AB CLASS OF RUTH CONE AB BETTY DeBROHUN A B ALICE FRANCES HENRY AB JUNE LONG A B ADELINE REUBUSH AB CLASS OF MARY MAXINE BOZEMAN AB DAISY GRIGSBY A B SARAH MCKELLY AB L305J I94l 942 943 Naslnnllo Tenn Franlnlun Tenn Nashvnlle Tenn Nashvnlle Tenn Berkeley Ca If College Grove Tenn Nashvnlle Tenn Nashvnlle Tenn Philadelphia Pa ashvnlle Tenn Franlclun Tenn Nashvrlle Tenn Founded al Colby Col lege I874 Colors Lavender and Maroon Flower Vnolol 9 Ex ooooo O O O l , . .............. , I'. JANE SEABOLT, A.B ............. Nashville, Tenn. -fl .0 1 .o' 0. , -94 1,75 Q- I 419' l , . ....... N ' . . 4 W' 1 1 ,' ,E 5, N' E 5 xi xy iv 11 x n if E s ' s 1 1 ' x , , X 1 51 . 5 if A . ,Z I M ? Vg I 1 1 K H fa sy 1 as , E ,V S ,T H f H1 35 L l 3 ur 3 cp mf ,r gg Y fl W L. , I 'ii mi! Q4 N 'sq QI w Q w '?1'1: Wm xg, ' wi sf!! 1 u X Q12 1 1 NI' i 1 N , X 1 V5 3 HW W . iii s I xl. Y! W 11 NI I 'H UVSW' i 'VMNTN l , :MW 1. V y ' wi Q 5, f si I 1' ' R1 K l fi M gx I P ', X 'L 'a 3 QQ 1 . i 1,5 ' 1 F ' . 1 1 1 1' ' if ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 l 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 i HHV1H1lS1M1N1S 1 SMART CLOTHES COMPLIMENTS AND FASHION PF CESSORIES AC CAPITOL 9 ENGPAVIIXIG co. LUVEIVIANS ' I34 FOURTH AVE N Since I862 PHI'-UPS NASHVILLE A BUTTORFF MPGL SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY COMPANY O CII AI CI INIoveIIy Dep I I 6 IO INIIII SII PI VIII ALL PRICE STOVES AND RANGES AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT Microscope, Disseclring SeIs and OII'IeI' SIuoIerII Supplies PI-IYSICIANS', HOSPITAL AND SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Say H Wilh Flowers 9 WILLIE GENY, '36 Phone 6-l648 2I2 Sixlh Ave., N. BELLE MEADE FLOWER SHOP BOBBY GENY Phone 8-3600 Harding Road M. P. BROTHERS GROCERY CO. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! . . WELL KNOWN BRANDS Time and efforf expended Io effecf the saving of a nickel here and a penny there is offen a source of loss insfead of goin. Shopping around for an hour in The hope of saving a few cenls on a Trivial purchase is one sample of This. Anolher is 'ro buy an inferior arficle when a good one would cosl buf liflle more. A 1 LASTING FAME N565 ln Every Deparlmenl We Show Ihe MUST BE BUILT ON TRUE QUALITY ' 0 all Credffiqfqu - C ICE CREAM Correclr Sfyles and Besf Qualifies al Lowesl Prices Consislenl Wifh Good Qualily STETSON HATS ARROW SHIRTS Slein-Bloch Clolhes Nafionally Known We are Always Firsi fo Show The Laiesf College Sfyles "NashviIIe's Store for Well Dressed Men" Church Sfreei' Facing Capiiol Blvd. Compliment of B. H. STIEF TENNESSEE LUMBER co. A 5I3 Fosfer Sfrccf ' MARTIN A. HAYES 8. co. General Insurance and SureTy Bond SIXTH AVE.. N. NASHVILLE, TENN. Commence Union Bank Bnnnnng Tel. 6-OI96 THE PARAIVIOUNT "TenneSsee's FinesT" F. L. Home of Paramouni' and Fox Pi I' ZZI3 I-IILLSBORO ROAD SOUTHERN Praclrical Phomgraphic Supplies, MUNICIPAL BONDS AgTa-RolIeiTfIex-FiImo- Equitable Securiiies Corporaiion - DeTende" RQGER-IDEET AND BURK HARDTWEAR SUITS AND COMPANY DISNEY HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS - 0 AT MALLERNEE- HUDDLES-I-ON FEMININE APPAREL FOR 220 6TI1 Avenue FASHIONABLE WOMEN GREEN HILLS MARKET "GOOD THINGS TO EAT" HAMILTON TIRE COMPANY TIRES-BATTERIES-ROAD SERVICE Church Shea! al Thirteenth Avenue Slone Hamilton T,1,phon. 5.2900 NASHVILLE TENNESSEE ROY GREEN RQY PWM LOVENTHAL Bnos. Hillsboro Road Phone 8-664I Filly Years of Insurance Ser-.ric-1 THE FUN ENCYCLOPEDIA By E. O. Harbin A masler book of recrealional worlcers conlaininq more Ihan I,OOO pages-really an encyclopedia for Those planning recrealional acliviries, parries and games. Jusr published. Price 52.75 METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE WHITMORE 3. SMITH, Agenfs PHONE 6-264I BIO Broadway Nashville, Tenn. DIXIE The House Where Ihe SouIh's Bos? Priniing Plafoz Are Made 0 ELECTROTYPES U NICKELTYPES 0 ADV. DEALER CUTS RUBBER PLATES Mulfigraph Plafes 9 Newspaper Mais DIXIE ELECTROTYPE CO. Nashville, Tennessee NashviIIe's Finesrl .WuMHQgg Milc and Dairy Producls NASHVILLE PURE MILK CO. , I40I Church S+. PHONE 5-645I Complimenls of PIGGLY-WIGGLY STORES HARMSON BROS. O FLORISTS 4, -1- HAVE A NATURAL, SPLENDID PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN In LUVEIVIAN' PHOTOREFLEX STUDIO Where you can I1eIp choose in Ihe camera's mirrors Ihe very pose and expression you wanI In your picrure. Ti? OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY COMMODORE I 3 I DRINK CALL FIJFI' I y Q G o I, n B'I. u M,E'7-2,2 BEER SOUTHERN BEER COMPANY Complimenfs of HETTIE RAY'S I303 Zlsf Ave., So, HETTIE RAY'S DINNER CLUB 9 Mile Hill-Harding Road DOWNTOWN GARAGE I44 Fifth Avenue. Norlh Any Service for Your Car HOWARD BRYAN, MGR. TROY LAU N D RY 'Aslc Your Neighbor I5fZy DISCOUNT AT MAIN PLANT 5-659I I7OO Slale McEWEN S LAUNDRY 7Ol Flflh Ave ue Norlh ESTABLISHED l88I PHONE 6 lI6l Laundry Dry Cleaning Dyeing Rug Cleaning Knil Sunh Blocking SERVING NASHVILLE OVER HALF CENTURY ELLISTON PLACE SODA SHOP II Ellnsron ace LYNN CHANDLER Pop Tasly Sandwiches Delicious Plale Lunches The Lasl Word In Service Whilman s Candy Founlam Service Complnmenls of EVERETT BEASLEY Wholesale Dry Goods Nohons Men s and Women s Furnishings 304306 LOWER BROAD ST NOEL HOTEL 250 ROOMS 250 BATHS F n a d Rado O RUSSELL NICHOL Mgr I I Incorporafed . n I 2I ' Pl ' , r . I Na hvi ' w n i I ' T ' Every Room Wilh Circulaling Ice Wafer, Ceiling ' ' ' a , n i il li il, i i i r i ally - f of Nash ll I P ii il vi e, ncor oraled it We hope this will serve as a reminder of pleasant hours you have spent here during the past year. ii i i i i i I ! GEORGE M. PAINTER. V V li FOOD SODA 66 E E 7 i , 7 ll 1501 I-IILLSBQRO ROAD NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Cornplimenrs of i I THE KRESS STORES i Ave., Ave., ' of UNITED ELECTROTYPE i QOMPANY i , Elecrroiypes-Nickel Types-Mars i E 5I7 COMMERCE sr. i PHONE 5-4342 PEERLESS STEEL FURNACES ECON-O-COL S+okers C. H. REESE AND SONS i309-II Church S+. Phone 5-6607 Complimenrs of WATERS GROCERY COMPANY We Specialize in Fancy Groceries and Fresh Mears Harding Road ai Wesfover Drive 8-5561-PHONE-8-556l if ei iii' will 3 MEN WANTED!! ThroughouT The SouTh There are always openings wiTh The LiTe and CasualTy Tor men whose Training and ambiTion TIT Them Tor The bigger iolos in IiTe. The In- sTiTuTion oT LiTe Insurance oTTers Through iTs home oTTice and Tielcl worlc unIimiTed oploorTuniTies. VanclerbilT men since organizaTion oT The LiTe anol CasualTy Insurance Company, over a Thircl oT a cenTury ago, have playecl an imporTanT loarT in iTs sTeacly growTh in size ancl service-boTh in iTs Tlelcl and home oTTice personnel Bm!! fad. paafwizan Now ProTecTlng Over a Million Policy Owners ThroughouT The SouTh LIFE AND CASUA Y INSURANCE COMPANY OF TENNESSEE HOME OFFICE NASHVILLE A M BURTON PresidenT Ao LT OUR CCMMQN HERITAGE . . . "A good name is rarher Io be chosen Ihan grealr riches" PROVERBS On Ihis common ground we meelr, for many of your gradualres who have conIribu+ed Io The greaI repuIaIion of VanderIoiII UniversiIy have carried 'rheir preceprs of high ideals wiIh Ihem in associaring wiIh This company and Ioday, as Ihen, are devofing Iheir eIforIs Io building "A Soufhern InsIi+uIion of Charac+er" THE VOLUNTEER STATE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY oi-iATTANooeA, TENNESSEE PAT R C N S OI Ihe I94O Commodore Paul M. Davis P. D. Maddin E. R. Burr WaIkins CrocI4eH C- A- CFGIQ Henry C. I-Iibbs P. D. I-Iousion Warfield 8: Keeble VanderbiII SIuden+ CenIer Ambrose PrinIing Company CLARK AND COMPANY SPECIALIZING IN UNDERWRITIN6, REFUNDING AND REFINANCING OF MUNICIPAL BONDS Telephones 5 6364 5 6365 NasI1vlIIe Trus'r Bunldmg NASHVILLE TENN I Ladies and GenIIemen VancIerbiII Good Luck Ior All Ihe Days Io Be HOTEL HERMITAGE HOWARD E. BAUGHMAN, Manager COMPLIMENTS OF THE NASHVILLE GAS AND HEATING COMPANY 0 ON SIXTH AVENUE FoR FLOWERS 6OI Church 325 Union COM PLETE OFFICETOUTFITTERS NASHVILLE I STATIONERY CO. 427 COMMERCE STREET NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN GOOD MILK . . . fqnlfaanq '4 PASTEURIZED HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN "D" ' PROTECTU-CAP SEALED just as lenq ng Men :lie tee seen 0r live lee long llle Shield Mem In I-leur communitq Will have Il service I lo perform. The NATIIINAI LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY, Inc HOME OFFICE NATIONAL BLDG NASHVILLE TENNESSEE n . RAIG, Chairman of I'I1e Board C. R. CLEMENTS ' I TABLE-TEST SHELBY LUMBER co. Il I Lumber. Roofing, Mill Worlc. Sash. Doors, Wall I Eggs-PouITry-Meals Bowl I Phone 5-III6-Shelby Avenue and S. Second ST. I ALLOWAY BROS. COMPANY 'P Q PROVISIONERS FRED B. CASSETTY COAL CO. Tel. 5-27I4 8I6 4+h Ave., N. I I I II' I COMPLIMENTS OF ' , I BAPTIST STUDENT UNION II I I ff I S OF VANDERBILT 1 lair: af.5Wff'f And 'I 4 fnr II! 'I Firs'r Bapfisf Church Immanuel Bap+is'l' Church III Belmonf HeigI1+s Baprisi' Church II I iI I. I II I CompIimenTs I of I I PAUL HARRIS GILBERT I B.A. I942 2,2 I-I Ii .,1 III II II I" I-I This Book Is Bound In a Kingslcrafr Cover Manufacfured by THE KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENN. Producers of Eine Covers for All Purposes COAL-COKE MOVING-STO RAGE Bond-Chadwell Company I MOVING-STORAGE COAL-COKE I625 Broad S+. Tel, 5-4l5l, I2 Arcade Tel. 5-4I54g. F , 1 9 103 S12 Y ai I 5. ,. szaqsglqna gsaizell splzom x. V - - f-..-...,.., , Y- - ,,....,,,.Y ,I AMA W' .f - .saga .14 43,3 x x. -N, .- , ,.. -.. ,,,-.- .Q Nqr -'Ry .- .4 'W'-. 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