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,af 4 ,953 Q 5::,wz L Q , ,I Wpff, ' V Skhfg m ,. a . Q, . Vf,L v L fl? ' w :ffm ,-X1-Q4 Q 1 2,-w' ' , N 1 V ik, P 11 1 1 i nfl ' 1 '4 A A 1 . ','l. 'jk 5 5+ N., .Ny 4? v 4 1 c 43? A fa Q x ' 412 +V, my Sv 'nil G: 1 ' .9 ' lr ,,-1 . 1.-:Q ' V ,V 6 .". , C. xx, , Av, Us 'U fm- F 1 ,f L w . .4 P fi Ea PF . J,--- ,- -1,- ,,, ,,,., . -V. . . Ir., I. . ,.,7I. II ,I ,px 1.5: .-- I,,II-PQI.-.-11 -' 1.--4 -,I- , ,, .. ., ,.-.,-,1-4. .-.-.., . .X-,,.f.II,I 5, ,.I ' - H-.,,.I .ah .-. aa, II.. . .-.A,5,T ,,., ,IA z -n g 4...,.-,U I .Ir ,- I.,II. . II.. ,:.gI.:'...,- - I -New 9 I..- I., ' -' "i43i-nv I . L- ' -- -.-' .-- .ef , :-Fig- I. , .,. AL. .4 - E.. sy: . 1. 11.1 .. 'V 1 1',g,,1'.f,, , . -- -.- - -.1 I -QI ., -' .- .14-. . - .,r,,.,.,,,4 ,. 4, In . , , ,. .. ... -.- ,-..- . -I, .- , f.II-- --xv --. .-..., -- I -i.I..g.I IF, .I..+.: MI, I , I I .' -I I . 5, --f -I' , ..f -:-f..N.g,- ,x E. I .-I,.Px. --2 ' "" ' A '- 'W' .. - - wg-I.. , ,T ' I .- -, ,I .Q . .. 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A jj ' 1.5 .f:..-,.- .-..-. . -K,- .IA-, ,, , I I I .-, - I.,,.?I ,A ,I ,.I II I I, -, II I . - - . ,.. I--...I 4, , .. I...,III Q - L- . IIx.g--ff-hi.. . 'Q -L III3 I 'fn -. Q -. -.51 . ' 1 - ' ., - , '- " x ' ' , - - ff :,'-...1'-fax -Q fkf- +215 "' - ' ' A u -f fix Ai-Q -23. , 7 I I --Iv! II .' I -I - -uf . -I HI- 5 A.-. II - ' Q 4 2 ' . ' 1' X ,. - --. '5"',.' '- 'ff -' IA f' " ' ' --' ff- ', '.. -0. Q g -V ,, ' "Ab, ,-T. ' A' QA- ' I I .-.. I I..I-Q. ,I III, H . , ' ' X 3 , 1----' W ,if fx- 1" ' -'Q , -, -- .,,.,I, I,, f.4.,Q-III ... - . 7 . .,-,I ,ILI I , II,,I,,5I saints- -- wp. ' . ' .,-2 - -1.Ii I .,-LI-1:5 ..-I 2' -aff- - . .-.- ---4 ' " .- r 'ag--. --. A. -. N fr - w -, , ---' ,-,M x..1.,,.-. L I- ' 1,-I':f'P ,I ' 'I ,I -'fb '- II-. Li. .I, .I I -A ' -III - K X f -. . , -- ,, . ff- ...A A. Q .4 .5 --sub 1 . I.s 172 . II4 f.A,. ' -gun. 'L .- r, -.L-,- ,Q . - 7- 457' .L 1 -- I-I. H55 . f 2'-'--rg'--.' 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Q A , -'1 . 1 :VA 3 f , ' ' V J X 1 l A 91 41 so 0 57:5 . 5 . ii 1 , X.-,191-.1 , 'E 3 ref Z 3-.H ,aff :Ui - , .4 :1 . 5 , 1 .-.3 . ., V rw.: , . A ..,, 1 . fa- . f . A ' Tw ,Hs ,V Z- Y S i . ,I ,.-'L' 'A 1 " , . ' 1 '. x I 4 ' 4 - -' . ' "' ' 11. ' , w. s ', - ,fl E11 --"fm , 4' .' ' '11 " I 21, 1,-M. M 1 ,-Qilwi.. - x , ,V .., ' W , -f , '17 ' '4 'SY' , 3,55 F 3' 46 i 57 2 COPYRIGHTED 1934 N O ROSS CHESHIRE, Jr. ' Editor-in-Chief MAS ANDERSON usiness Manager X 'X M. COIIIIIIODODL6 I'C2'3'LL A YEAR BOOK PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 9. xii Sf Q? if 5 ii: Z E35 Q59 Vx ul-P :E WX ii. t gt 1' ' 'Q . S X w 1? Q t tg Q Y gt K t Mi SQ S X Ex t x ' A C S t il Xe R 3 i k 2 32 ., ii wi' Q Q? I it Q f-6 X fm X N Il g gt lx. , -'mm M Xdsfw . ' ' fx-1.1, - . - ' - ,, Q ka,.:, Nx.. ,.,,,,,,.,,. , , ' , Ss?-pa-f-. X We fi .1 wfjxzliiliyt Q A -tt. 2 CONTENTS ,Alma Mater Athletics C00 Fraternities Q00 Features Grgariizations ,- ,-x -L ieii in picture dna story the events ol tlwe present year, and yet in tl'1e telling to portray tlwat inde- linable tradition tliat is a lneritage ol tlne past .... To sliovv tlie real university in all ol its vvidespread activities, and yet, to suggest in some small measure tlwat profound influence vvliicln it ever exerts on tlwe lives of all its students- lwas been tlwe pur- pose ol tlwis, tlwe tvventy-sixtli volume ol Ti-IE CCDMMODCDRE , l f DEDICATION TO DEAN CHARLES MADISON SARRATT " Q00 Because his duties as an administra- tive ollicer have not impaired either his sense ol humor, or his compre- hension oll youthi because of his sympathy lor and his understanding ol the student body, because ol his loyal help and co-operation in every matter dealing vvith the University and because in the depth of his lriendliness he is more than the Dean ol Men, we allectionatelyl dedicate this, the tvventy-sixth volume ol . THE COMMCDDORE . l,,,-4-""""'-'i-' M Vw X X XX X .X Bw. XXX X Qs, gif KXEX N QA Wixxkwx X is . .KQXXKQXSLS ijixgmk I TX EQ Wwxwvxwiiggxibx K X ai V3 -3 lwwvk k XXX 41 5952 Xggw X .N X. NV' , Nm 'aw 'XM 44 1 XX X XX 1 Sf X QX X X Mggw uw X W XXX vs X aw X X LX W QW M3559 YZ? X XX ,X Q X X 4 mu 'X www we ww m f 'E X In X, XX xg X343 ,. X ,XEXXX XX YHXXQNXXQX XX XX? ,wg -X 5 XXXX?SXiQqigS11SXlEm EX X R XXX X 'glks 155255 w MX X XXWXXX WX X Y X XXX? N X mv ff X X QX XXLHX XX 'W X sw in X " X XXX Mk X X-XX my-X A -qw X X- XQXQX Yi X QXXXX Q N H X WQXXX WX. X xiX X 1 ,xx 1 we Wg, A X1 R XX XSXQX X M 'X WX? X X X MX Tim ww XXX XXX T X1 X XXXYN WXX XX XXSZXMX Xglgiw Qkizgfau X Fw Q 'SQ N X XX W XXX Sm W at WX , X X X X 2 Xt XX ,AX R XX Xxx XX XNRLXN wx 1 XXX SQ A X31 WN XXMX, X XX A A iilllflflfll ust as tl'1e struggling days ol tlwe early University gave not tlwe sliglmt- est indication ol tlwe great aclwieve- ments and tlie consistent progress of tlwe past sixty years, so in turn as vve end anotlier year in tlwe lile ol the University, vvlwo can loretell tlwe splendid deeds or attempt to measure tl'ie ever-broadening' lield ol uselulness tlwat vvill be tlwe lweritage ol tlie next sixty years? QD N step with time trend ol modern spirit, tlwe pic- turesque ol tlwe old fades into the magnificence ol tlwe new and yet now, even as in tlwe past, the Univer- sity is but a temple to nurture tlie living spirit ol Vanderbilt vvliiclw lies ever inspired tlwelwigliestidealsol lwonor, duty and sacrifice. if" .Qi ,ww 1 .: -2, m?:t'x.4: .2 ,,m4f'v 3. i E i is S 25 5 3. e ft z i 5 ,IE ii tis 5 fl S get 3 if Sl 5 3 s X S, ' ti, . ISN? iii is 5 2 E L" is f 4 i Q ii if if : ga. si e i ii l ll ,. .. Ax S is is Zi sy 'E A V QA5551-',,,L?ffgQms.'w4QzQ,2s'.'2ss-1wfz:g A J, K wizvwssssssisrwmmf- i. A -.W-...t , ' .. 1WWiWi"' 'W' "T"'i"Mi we .mwwnvr xswwg sw "'Q'3iu1mt-.. WN-x Il ,swtwrwwwwwwi . Q RWM' i ' i Q , . A xy? e ul -X "Wm ' tw t ""'?- fwfr-'W , U ""?LT- .:.--if . ,w ....i. q:NM g sv :gf s ' ' 'f' v twat, ,M Q I ALMA MATER 0 Cn the city's western border, Reared against the slcy, Proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years roll by. Cherished by thy sons forever, Memories sweet shall throng, 'Round our hearts, our Alma Mater As we sing this song. Forword ever, be thy watchword, Conquer and prevail, l"lail to thee, our Alma Mater, Vanderbiltl. haill , I I Q -1 'I x R -X "-' Q w fi? 3 ,Q 5, -'sy .b T Q X , 'S - Xgfijiug -':. A . K . g Tw" N Q E wang Jlze campus 3511 lwalzgerfiff agspifaf Sfyissam Science Eafkoun guimizzq eelvy ucyizforium Goffeqe Upright, patient, tireless, benignly gazing down on the changing life at its feet, stands College Hall, a symbol some- how ol all that is finest at Vanderbilt. Glzmzceffor jfirumzol Equally upright, patient, and tireless, in his service to the University, is Chancellor Kirkland, who is largely responsible for all that is Finest at Vanderbilt FRAxKi.1N C, PASCH.-xl. M.A., Pn.D. D inn of this Uollmrqc of Arts und 7 'ionvo Ana BELL STAPLETON M.A., PH.D. Dean of WVomen Clz Sfory jp The Class of 1875, which was the first to be graduated by the University, departed from a campus decidedly unlike the present one, and left behind an atmosphere which had not yet been tinged with the various personalities which have played so great a part since that day in making Vanderbilt famous. Very little history and tradition lay behind them that June, for old Central University had first been incor- porated just three years before. And from this school as a basis, Vanderbilt University was born in 1873 under the leadership of Commo- dore Vanderbilt, who had made his first dona- tion in that year, and Bishop McTyeire. The Academic and Biblical Departments received students in September, 1875, following the erection of College Hall, although the Law and Medical schools, functioning earlier, had pre- sented diplomas the previous june. By the end of the century, great changes had taken place in all phases of the University. A Department of Dentistry and a Department of Engineering had been added, Wesley, Sci- ence, and Engineering halls, and the Gym- nasium had been built, and Kissam was just be- ing completed. At this time the endowment of the school amounted to ,S1,275,000, all of which represented donations from members of the Vanderbilt family. This, however, marked the mere beginning of the financial growth of the University. Mr. W. K. Vanderbilt, who had begun with the construction of Kissam Hall, continued his gifts until his death in 1920, at which time they totaled approximately 31,500,000 Added to this were the donations which made possible Furman Hall, Neely Auditorium, and Alumni Memorial Hall. Especially noteworthy is the benefit received by the Medical School from Mr. Andrew Carnegie and the Carnegie Cor- poration in the form of appropriations amount- ing to 52,500,000 The General Education Board of New York added to this sum 55,500,- 000 for the use of the Medical School, and 5700,000 for the other departments of the Uni- versity. '22 CHARLES MADISON SARRAW M.A. Dean of Men WALLER S. LEATI-IERS M.D., LL.D. Dean, School of Medicine ouzderhiff f EARL C, ARNOLD AB., LLB., LI..D. Dean of thv School of Law GEORGE B. VVIN1-oN M.A., D.D. Dean of the School of Religion At the present day, as a result of such mu- nificence we find included on the campus com- paratively recent additions in Garland and But- trick Halls, Calhoun Building, the Nurses' Home, and a 53,000,000 medical plant, while the total assets of the University amount to 520,000,000 Parallel to the financial growth is a steady rise in academic standards. The Vanderbilt diploma, which has always stood for quality of scholarship, keeps pace with the clay in an in- tensified curriculum and rigid requirements for entrance and graduation. The professional schools have been outstanding in the high plane of work which they have maintained. Follow- ing the lead of the Biblical Department, those of Law and Medicine have long been organized on a professional basis. The latter department has forged ahead with its strong endowments to become the medical center of the South and a factor in the development of medical history. As in all other fields, Vanderbilt took the lead long ago in intercollegiate athletics, W. L. Dudley, professor of Chemistry, being the founder of the Southern Conference, and Dan McGugin, the dean of Southern coaches. The present stadium, erected at an expense of 5200,- 000, makes possible Vanderbilt's participation in modern sports on a large scale. Close together stand the names of Commo- dore Vanderbilt and Bishop McTyeire, who was the guiding light until the time of his death in 1889. The next figure is that of Dr. Lan- don C. Garland, beloved of his students, ad- mired by his colleagues, and recalled today as the first chancellor of this institution. The name of his successor will be overshadowed by none in Vanderbilt's history. James Hampton Kirkland has served Vanderbilt for forty-eight years, in the capacity of Chancellor for forty- one years, adding during this time, largely through his own efforts, the great majority of the University's assets and bringing prestige and honor to her name. 1 23 FRED J. LEWIS C.E. Dean of the School of Engineering SHIRLEY C. T1TL1s R.N., M.A. Dean of the School of Nursing g I Presirlrnt . . Vivo-l'n'.ridrnI Swfrrlary and Com. Rep. . SL'l'gl'dlll . rg I I ffl' IX xxx THE ACADEMIC SCHOOL I SENIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS , . . BEN VVEST . . . . . .JAMES C. HOLI,lDAX' Trramrrr ..... POLLY HABER POLLY PARRISII . . PRESTON BISSINGER Presidonr ....... ANDREW BENEDICT, JR. Fire-Pr:-sidml . .... . - - . .ED KELLY President . . l'ifr-Prfsidmrl Srrrrmry and Com. Rvp. . Srrgrant . Prrxident . Virr-Prrsidrnl . . . . . . . . . BOBBY OLIVER . . ..... VANCE ALEXANDER Trvasurer ..... HARRIS ALLEN . . . . . .AANNETTE RO'I'I-IsTEIN . . .RAND DIXON FRESHMAN CLASS . . . . . .FRANK FARRIS ...JACKCLAY S1-frrrary and Trrasurrr. . .... ANN Ross Srrrofary and Trrasurnr . . . . JIMMIE RYAN Corn. Rrp. ...... . . CARLYLE PI-1ELPs Com. Rrp. .----- - - ALICE HENDRICK gfrgt-any , , BOYD BULLARD Sfrgmnl . . . BILLIE PEEDLES SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SENIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS Prfgidfni , , V. S. SCOGGINS Prosidfnz ........... RGBERT BLUM I'ioe-Prosidcnl ......... HARRX' STARR Vif'f'Pff'5idf"" ---- - - - SAM BROWN Tnawwr VVILLIAM SUTHERLAND Son-rtary and Treasurer . . . XVILLIAM LAMBETH Srrrrlary and Com. Rfp. . Srrgranl . Prrsident . . Vice-Pr1':if11'rI! Srrrftary and Com. Rep. . Sorgeant . .J. XV. BLACK . JOE ROBERTS Corn. Rrp. . . . . . . . .TOMMY VFFLEMAN Sergeant: . . VVILL SHEARON AND FRANK PITTMAN FRESHMAN CLASS Prnidmt .....,... VVILLIAM MORGAN ' ' ' ' ' ' ' CHARLES MONDAY l'ice-Prnident. . . . . WILLIAM D. MCMURRAY STUART BRYAN Secrrtary and Treasurer ..... LONNIE VVOOD Tn-a.fur1'r . . . FRANK DAIAILINGER Com. Rpp. ..,,. U . J. H. Toucm-ON . - - - - - -STANFORD MOORE Sergeant . . . . . .CALISTER TURNER . . ROBERTSON CAMPBELL Honor Committee . . . DAVID RODENHAUSER ' X! .I X m , "III-' I JAR, A.q44, . E- I 2 I SCHOOL OFFICERS OF STUDENT BODY Pr1'siIi1'11l ......., , XNIENDELL L, EN5011 Ifin'-l'n'.ci.1rrzt .... SARAH NANNETTE ANALKER SI'c'rI'Iary and T1'I'aJurI'l' . . . . C. CARL DOLLAR OFFICERS OF SENIOR CLASS Poesidcnl. ........... BERYL KINSER l'Ire-Premlnzl. . . . . . . .C. CARL DOLLAR OF RELIGION OFFICERS OF MIDDLE CLASS Prrsidrnf ...... I'iu'-Pr1'.IiI1f11t .... . . .JULIAN SHOWALTER . . . .DWIGHT SHELBY Srrrvtary and Trrasuror . . . HAROLD E. BERGER OFFICERS OF JUNIOR CLASS Prr.ridPnf ...... . . . . .IRA LANGSTON l"irf-Prrsidenl . ...... ROBERT BARKSDALE Sorrriary and Trcasurer . SARAH NANNETFE VVALKER Srrrrfary and Tn'a.fur1-r ..... MORRIS DODSON SCHOOL OF LAW SENIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS . . .BRAX PROVINE . HOMER ARMSTRONG . OVERTON DICKINSON . . RICHARD LANSDEN Prrsident. . . . . . . . Vifc-Prrsidmt .,.. . Srcrrinry and Trfasurm' . . Honor Committee . . . FRESHMAN Prrsident . . . . . . . Svrreiary and Trraxurvr . Honor Com mxltve . . - . I'rc.via'e11t l ..... l'ir1'-Prrsnirrzl .... Ilonor Commitivv . . CLASS . CLARENCE BRALLEY . AR'l'llUR M. SHIREY . . . C. C. MILLER Srrrrtary and Trcasurrr R. PAT VVILLIAMS . . . . . .EO BUTLER PAUL ALLEN HORSI,EX' ANO G. REYNOLDS FOURTH YEAR CLASS OF MEDICAL SCHOOL Pm-sidrnl .... .... J OE J. PATE, JR. Sofrvrary and Tn-asur-or . . . THOMAS QTRIZZARD I'irr-l're.ridrnt . . . . ROBERT N. BUCHANAN Honor Commirrf-If . T. C. HU'I'I.IiR AND LEON RossON SCHOOL OF NURSING SENIORS SOPHOMORE-FRESHMEN Pnxcidrnt ........ SARAH IVICCULLOUGH Pnaeiflvnt ........ .ALICE 'TEMPLE DYER Sfrrriary and Treasurcr ..... -IESSIE BEASLEY Snrvtary and Trra.vurcr ..... BOBBIE TVHITE JUNIORS STUDENT GOVERNMENT Presidmt ......... ELIZABETH KRANZ Prrsidwzl . - ..... . . MILDREII 'ISAYLOR Sofretary and Treasurer . . CARRA LOU MCCASRILL 25 MRS. HAGGARD Mrs. Mary Webb l"laggard is registrar of the University. For many years she has served as the sympathetic friend and capable advisor ol students by whom she is universally held in high esteem. If you have not been in touch with Mrs. Haggard since you applied for ad- mission to Vanderbilt, why not renew an old 0 acquaintance? You'll be delighted. 0 Jil C7'lj9!9'ZZ6Ci6iii0lfL hi F r w -l L kj z""'Z"-'- x A SENIOR CLASS JOHANNA M. L. ABRAHAMS . . . Asheville, N. C. Arts and Sflfllft' A E 'IP Fraternity and Class Basketball, '33, Swimming 'Team, '33, Scribblers, '33, Vice-President Pan- Hellenic Council, '34 HARVEY C, ALEXANDER, JR. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of :Iris HD A 9 Tnorvms ANDERSON ...... Nashville, Tenn. flrls and Science fir A 9 Business Manager, COMMODORE, '34, Commodore Club, Business Manager of Student Directory, '32- y33, '33-'34, Freshman Football, Commodore Board, '32, Track Team, '34, Secretary Publications Board, '32-'33, '33-'34, Vice-President, Ace Club, Varsity Tennis Team, '32, '33, '34, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, Hustler, '32, Business Manager, Ilusilrr, '33, Assistant Business Manager, COMMO- ANN Rives BARKER .... Oklahoma City, Okla Arts and Srirnfe 1' II! B Honor Committee, '33, Glee Club, '33, Y. W C. A., ,33 Rosen C. BERSDN . .... Brownsville, Tenn Art: and Srienfe B 9 II Freshman Football and Baseball ROBERT J. Bmn ........ Rockford, Ill flrts and Science DORE, '33, Glee Club, ,33 ! President Sophomore Class, Honor Committee, '3I' '32, Football, '31-'33, Owl Club, Commodore Club' l if- SENIOR CLASS PRESTON Notuus BISSINGER . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and S cicnre JOHN XVALTON BLACK, jk. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Barhrlor of Enginrvring Z B T X CD Ace Clubg Sophomore Honor Rollg Blue Pencil Clubg Owen Medal in Philosophyg Calumet Clubg Phi Beta Kappag Sergeant-at-Arms of Senior Class RUTH K. Boxn ........ Martin, Tenn. :Iris and Scirnw E. R. Brxnv ........ Nashville, Tenn. A A A Bflfllflvf of Hrts Lotus Eaters, '32g Sophomore Honor Rollg Bachelor Maides, '33-'34g Delta Phi Delta Bsssnz Povcrzk BLACK . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A A A JOHN R. BRAY ....... Montgomery, Ala. Spanish Cluhg Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Sorority BaChfl0" Df E"9i"fl'fi"0 Basketball E N P ff?-f' 1 SENIOR CLASS HEALAN BROWVN ...... Springneld, Tenn. RUTH BURTON ....... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of .iris Arts and Science A A A 2 K BYRON EDWARD BRUBAKER .... Greenfield, O. Bachelor of Enginrrring X 'I' THOMAS CULLOM BUTLEK . . . . . Waco, Texas Ace Clubg Owl Clubg President Freshman Engi- Dvffvf vfMvdifif1f neeringg Vice-President, Junior Engineering! Honor Committee, Secretary and Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary and Treasurer, Student Union, President, Commodore Club, Vice-President, A. S. M. E., Board of Directors, Y. M. C. A. Sum MALONE CAIN ..... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science Lucius E. BURCH .... H. .Nashville, Tenn. Freshman Y. M. C- A. Cabinet, ,315 Freshman Aff-9 and Sflfnff Track, '31, Sophomore Y. M. C. A., ,325 Inter- K A national Relations Club U f SENIOR CLASS JAMES D. CAMPBELL ..... Nashville, Tenn. .-Irlr and Sficnn- BURT CARTER ........ Nashville, Tenn. l:'11gim'z'ring A K E Sophomore Honor Roll, President, Sophomore Class, President, junior Class, Assistant Track Manager, '31-'32, Secretary, Y. M. C. A., '30-'31, Pan- Hellenic Council, '31-'32, Owl Club, Commodore Club, Student Council, '30-'31-'32 J. Ross CHESHIRE ,....... Atlanta, Ga. ' .4rt.r and Sfirncr li 9 II Editor-in-Chief, Commonoklz, '33-'3-H Commodore Club, Assistant Editor, Coswtoooiue Board, '32-'33, Feature Editor, llusllrr, '32-'33, Sports Editor, Hustler, '31-'32, Huxllrr Reporter, '30-'31, Assist- ant Editor, Masqurradrr, '32-'33, Freshman Track, '31, Track Squad, '32, Varsity Track Team, '33Q Varsity Tennis Team, '32-'34, Runner-up Freshman Cross Country Run, '32, Runner-up, School Tennis Tourney, 'SIQ Runner-up, Class VVrestling Tourney, '31, Bruten Fulmen Pre-Legal Club, '33, Owl Club, VVinner School Table Tennis Tournament, '33, Vice President International Relations Club '33 '34,- Tnomas Connor: Coormt, JR. . . . Gleason, Tenn, .flrls and Sfirnn' II K A Band, '32 Glucsax' CORNELIUS . .... Nashville, Tenn. xlrls and Srit-nn' fb ll K Sophomore Honor Roll, International Relations Club, '31, '32, '33, President, '34, Eta Sigma Phi, '32, Treasurer, '33, President, '34, National Treas- urer, '34, German Club, '34, Honor Committee, Clerk, '34, Y. M. C. A., '3r, '32, Cabinet, '33, '34, Board of Directors, '34: Ilusllrr Editorial Board, 34, Houston Oratorical Finals, '33, Freshman Bas- ketball, Intramural Basketball, '33, '34, Champions, '33, Intramural Kittenball, '33, '34 VVn.l.xAM CUNNINGHAM .... Brooksville, Miss. Ari: and Sfirnu' A K E Ace Club, Owl Club, Secretary and Treasurer, Commodore Club, '33-'34, Y. M. C. A. Board, '31- '32' Nlasqurrndrr Staff '31-'32' President Junior - i Y. 'M. C. A. Cabinet, '33-'34 ' - ' ' Class, '32-'33: Student Coi1nciI,"32-'33 3l . ff",-"" X A SENIOR CLASS MARIE FELTON DeMoss .... Nashville, Tenn. .lrts and Science EK BAKBARA MARY DENMAN .... Mankato, Minn. Arts and Science K A 6 VVomen's Representative on Student Union, Chair- man of Sophomore Girls, Secretary and Treasurer of junior Class, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet Fraternity and Class Basketball, '31, '32, '33, Glee Club, W. S. G. A., Sophomore Honor Roll, Bachelor Maides, International Relations Club XVILLIAM MCCLURE DRANE . . Clarksville, Tenn. Arts and Science A T A Assistant Baseball Manager, '33, Owl Club, In- ternational Relations Club SADYE DOOCHIN ....... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arts ALFRED DoNALnsoN ELLIS . . . Nashville, Tenn. Ari: and Science Eta Sigma Phi, '32, '33, '34, Vice-President, Ateneo Hispanico, '32, '33, Secretary and Vice-President of Eta Sigma Phi, President, Ateneo Hispanico, I 3 33' 34 MARY Amee FARR ...... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A 0 II "Miss Vanderbilt," '32-'33, Band Sponsor, Hustler Staff, '32-'33, Co-editor Hustler, '33-'34 f SENIOR CLASS MILDRED LUCILLE Fire .... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN W. FRAZIER ..,... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Srirnrz' .-Iris and Scienre 1' 111 B H K A Girls' Glee Club Treasurer, Skull and Bones, ,32-'33, Varsity Trackg Hustler Staff, Vanderbilt Players ALMA FOREMAN ....... Nashville, Tenn. flrls and Sfifnrr WILI.IAIvI G. FULLER . .... Texarkana, Texas A E 'P Bafrhvlor of flrls Delta Phi Alpha: Secretary of Mathematics Club, K A '33, Sophomore Honor Roll LUCY GILMORE GREEK ..... Nashville, Tenn. ANTHONY VICTOR FORTE .... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science Arts and Srienrr A 0 H Delta Phi Alpha German Fraternity Y. VV. C. A., Spanish Club l x A SENIOR CLASS PoI,1.v HAIIER. . . . .... Nashville, Tenn. .-Iris and Science Bach-lor Maides, '33-'34, Vice-President, Senio' Class, Co-Editors, French Club, '32-'33 PHYLLIS E. HAHN ...... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science ROBERT BAKER HALE .... Old Hickory, Tenn. Arts and Science K A President Freshmar Class, Freshman Football Squad, Winner in Handball Doubles, '33 THOMAS CALVIN HAMBRICK . . Brooksville, Miss. Ari.: and Science A K E Freshman Football Varsity Squad, '31-'32, Student Council, Secretary, Student Council, '33, Owl Club AVERY HANDLY, JR. ...... Nashville, Tenn. Ari.: and Science B 9 II Eta Sigma Phi, Calumet Club, Ace Club, Mas- querador Staff, '32-'33, COMMODORE Board, Cap 'n' Bells, '32-'33, Cap 'n' Bells Board, '32, Manager of Football, '33, Dramatic Club, '33-'34 CHARLES EDVVIN HARRIS . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering A. s. M. E., '34 ff- SENIOR CLASS FLETCHER D. HARVEY, jk. . . . Memphis, Tenn. ROBHR1' ll:XZl.lilIl.lRST ..... Nashville, Tenn. :I is and Srirnfr .'lrr.r and Srirnu' B 9 II Sophomore Honor Roll, German Club Glec Club, Cap 'n' Bells, Blue Pencil Club, Calu- V met Club ELIZABETH IilI,L ....... Gallatin, Tenn. .-Iris and Scirncc A 0 II President of Bachelor Mairlesg Fraternity and Intra- Dvnusv D. HAW'1'llORNE ..... Dermorr, Ark. mural BflSkCfbfllli Y- W- C- A- Batlzrlar of Enginrrring E X JAMES CASPER PIOLLIDAY, jk. . . Greenville, S. C. flrls and Scirncr B 9 II Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Captain Varsity Track, '34, Glee Cluhg Pan-Hellenic Council, '33g C. CAMPBELL HAYNIE ..... Nashville, Tenn- Skull and B-ines, '33g Vice-President Senior Class, l Art: and Srience ,34 "-'-' x f-X l , l SENIOR CLASS INIAURICE L. H0l.l,lNS .... Bowling Green, Ky. .-Iris and Sfinmr Kb A O HAROLD HUGGINS ....... Nashville, Tenn. Ifathrlor of Arts A K l-I THACK GRANT Ilucues, jx. . . Clarksdale, Miss. .elrtx and Sfinlrr lib A 9 Freshman Footballg Football Letter, '31g Football Squad, '32g Freshman Honor Ccuncilg Owl Clubg Vice-President, Pre-Law Club CHARLES HENRY lluu. ..... Memphis, Tenn. .'IrIs and Srirna' B 9 H Blue Pencil Clubg Track Manager NICHOLAS V. HUTCHINSON, jk. . . . VVinona, Miss. .-Iris and Scirnre fb A 9 Rosenr MCKENZIE JETER . . . . Gleasons, Tenn. .-Iris and Sfirnre II K A Phi Beta Kappag Delta Phi Alpha: Alpha Kappa Kappa ' SENIOR CLASS Euwnxn EUGENE JOHNSON, jk. . VVest Monroe, La. :Irlx and Scif-rm' A K E Freshman Football, Football, ,34Q Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '30-'31-'32-'33, President, Brutum Fulman, '32-'33g Honor Committee, '32-'33-'34.g Chairman of Honor Comm tree, '33-'3+g Student Council, '33-'34.g Sophomore Honor Roll, WVinner Football Prize, '32 OWEN M. JONES, JR. .... Glen Ferris, VV. Va. Civil Enginerring X fi' DAN1cE B. JORDAN. . . . . .NashvilIe, Tenn. flrlr and Science K A 9 Lotus Eaters, Bachelor Maides WVARD KANE ........ Nashville, Tenn. Barlrelor of Art: E N CLAUDE M. Knvc ....... Leighton, Ala. .-Iris and Scirnre H K A Mov.1oN B. K1Nc, JR. .... Shelbyville, Tenn. Arts and Sc'ie'nz'e E A E Hurtlrr, '30, '31, '32, '33, '34.g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '30, '31, '32, ,33, '34, Blue Pencil Club, Treasurer of Calumet Club, '32, Pan-Hellenic Council, '32-'33g Sophomore Honor Roll f - SENIOR CLASS ANN E. GRAVES KlRKPA1'RlCK . . Nashville, Tenn. flris and Srience A A A ERSKINE VV. KLYCE ...... Nashville, Tenn. Engim-rring '-I2 K E Vice-President, Freshman Engineers, '30-'gxg Glee Club, '30-'3Ig Secretary, Ace Club, '3I-'32g Vice- President, A. S. C. E., '33-'34, CIQHOMAS HOVl'ELL LANIER . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science E X XVILLIAM Roman LAWSHE ...... Dell, Ark. this and Sfiencv 41 K E Cap 'II' Bells, '32-'33-'34, Glee Club, '32-'33 CORRALYN LEAVELL ...... Nashville, Tenn. Jrlx and Scinzrc 1' if B Lotus Eaters, '33, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet, '33-'34q Bachelor Maides VIRGINIA LEVVIS ....... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A O l'I Swimming Team 2 Z"'Z'- x A SENIOR CLASS ROBERT P. Lmusm' ......, Portland, Ark. Arts and Sciencr 'll' A 9 Assistant Manager Football, ,323 Manager Foot- ball, '33 GRANV'lLI.E QUARTUS Llrscoxvm . Nashville, Tenn Aff: and Sri:-nur A X A Ace Club, '32, Sophomore Honor Roll, '32 , LENORE LovEN'rnAL , ..... Nashville, Tenn Aff! and Srirnrr A E fb Lotus Eaters, '31-'32, Sophomore Swimming, '31-'32 junior Basketball, '32-'33 Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class, '31-'32, KA'l'HRX'N LYNCH ....... Nashville, Tenn :Iris and Sfienfe K A 8 President of Vanderbilt VVoman's Athletic Associa- tion, '34, Basketball, '33, Swimming, '33g Ten- nis, '33 MALCOI.M DEATON MCAULEY' . . . Byhalia, Miss .-Iris and Srifnrf X KID CHARLES B, MCCLELLAN, Red Boiling Springs, Tenn Art: and Srirnu' Ii 9 H Freshman Football, '30, Varsity Football Squad, '31 Varsity Baseball, '32, '33, '34, Pan-Hellenic Coun- Gil, '34 , fffi'- X A SENIOR CLASS ALBERT VVALTERS MCKAY . .... Macon, Ga. M. L. MURPHEY ...... Springfield, Tenn. Enginefring Engine:-ring A T Q K E Tennis Team, ,33 Band, '30-'31-'32-'33, A, S. C, E. MARGUERITI-: SHAIAPE MCKINNEX' . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Scif-nce EK Vice-President, W. S. G. A.g Senior Class Chair- man, Bachelor Maidesg Lotus Eaters, President, Sigma Kappa ELLA PURYEAK Mums ..... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science K A 9 Eta Sigma Phi, Three Arts, Sophomore Honor Roll, Phi Beta Kappa WVALTER HIBBETI' NEEL .... Newberry, S. C. flrfs and Science E X Calumet Club, '33-'34, Hustler, '34, Glee Club, '34Q Cap 'n' Bells, '33-'34, Masqucradcr, '33 REEDENE V. NOBILING. . . . . .Kewanee, Ill. Aff: and Science' Secretary of German Club, Girls' Glee Club, '32- '33Q Secretary, Girls' Glee Club, '33-'34, Delta Phi Alpha German Club, German Play g SENIOR CLASS MARY ELIZABETH-OMAN . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Stienre I' CID B President Three Arts, B. S. U., '33, Dramatic Club HENRY' M. OWEN ....... Newport, Ark. Bachelor of Arie: dv K E Howmm VVEST PARDUE . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Ari: and Seienfe II K A Ace Clubg Owl Club, Assistant Basketball Man- ager, '32, Pan-Hellenic Council, 'gzg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Y. M. C. A. Board Directors, '33-'34g Basketball Co-Managers, ,34 VVINBURNE M. PARIS .... Greensboro, N. C. flrfr and Sl'il'Ill'l? CIP K E Commodore Club, Owl Club, Glee Clubg Blue Pencil Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Cap 'n' Bells Clubg Cap 'n' Bells Board, '34, Student Council, '33-'34, Vice-President junior Class: Pan-Hellenic Council, Freshman Baseball. CLYDE J. PERRY ....... Hollywood, Miss. Arts and Science 111 A 9 Freshman Football Squadg Glee Clubg Baseball Team, '33g Cap 'n' Bells GEORGE BICKEE PIERCE ...... Decatur, Ill. Engineering E X President, Pan-Hellenic Councilg Commodore Club, Owl Club, Freshman Football X l SENIOR CLASS lWARGARET H. Po1'1ER ,... . Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH READ ....... Nashville, Tenn. nlrls and Scirnu' :Iris and Science A A A 2 K Three Arts, Glee Club Pan-Hellenic Council, '32-'34, Women's Glee Club, '32-'ss MARY KATHERINE PORTER . .I . Springfield, Tenn. JAMES CLEMENTS ROBERTS l t l . Sherman, Texas Arts and Sczcnce An: and Sdmn, A 0 11 2 N Glee Club, '32-'33 JOSEPH MCCALL ROBERTS .... Nashville, Tenn. Engineering NORELEET HALE RAND ..... St. Louis, Mo. E N Arts and Science I U . ' A K E Vice-President, Junior Engineering, '33g Sophomore Honor Roll, '32, Sergeant-at-Arms of Senior En- Sophomore Honor Rollg Basketball Manager gineering, '34,g A. S. C. E. N S - SENIOR CLASS lwlluu' ELEANOR RODENHAUSER . . Nashville, Tenn Arts and Stienee A O 11 Student Union Boardg President, VV. S. G. A. Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet, '3x-'32-'33-'34, President Girls' Honor Council, '33-'34, Treasurer, Y. VV. C A., '32-'33, Student Council, '31-'32, Glee Club '32-'33 ABRAHAM RUBIN ....... Brooklyn, N. Y Art: and Sciente Tnonms A. SAPPiNc1'0N .... Fort Gaines, Ga Bachelor of Arts and Medicine '33-'34, President, Pau-Hellenic Council, '32-'33: V. GRIFFIN SCOGGIN ..... Nashville, Tenn. Engineering X 9 Sophomore Honor Roll: Tau Delta Engineering Fraternity, A. S. M. E., President, Senior Class Leosmkn Lewx' SCOTT ..... Little Rock, Ark. it-Iris and Seienee' Z B T German Club, '31-'32, Sophomore Honor Roll, ,312 Sergeant-nt-Arms of Junior Class, '33g Pan- Helleuic Council, '33-'34, Phi Beta Kappa, Dra- matic Club, '34 JAMES S. SHANNON, jk. .... Nashville, Tenn. Engineering T A l SENIOR CLASS IAMES FRANCIS SHARP ..... Nashville, Tenn. JOHN SHUMAKER ...... Nashville, Tenn. Eugincrring Arts and Sricnu' Falcon Tau Delta, A. S. C. E. H. c. sum, Jn. ...... Nashville, Tenn. SAM SIMON - - - - t- -Nashville, Tenn- .-Irts and Sfirnfe E"9"",""'9 11 K A Z B T A. S. M. E. Annuunn SHULL. . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Hrls and Sriencf K A 9 Pan-Hellenic Council, '32-'33g Y. YV. C. A. Cabinet, RUSSELL SWAN ' I "" W l' ' Columbia' Tenn' '32-'33-'34, VVinner VVoman's Tennis Singles, '3x-- flff-' and 5fU""f 'gzg Co-Editors, '31-'32 4' K 'P l z SENIOR CLASS EUGENE Maumee Smrm . . . . Nashville, Tenn. J. RAYMOND SNIILL ...... Somehow, China Enginrrring Engineering E X Falcon JACK IRvxN SMITH ...... Monresville, Ala Arr: and Scmrre HeNk1e1'rA CR.-use Semen . . . Nashville, Tenn. A X A .-Iris and Sfiencc Skull and Bones, Glee Club, Cap 'n' Bells, '32-'33, K A 9 Owl Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '32-'33 Give Club ROSALYN JUNE SMITH ..... Nashville, Ten-n. Arts and Scienre I- 4, B Romain' STANFQRD, JR. ..... Nashville, Tenn. l 1 Ari: and Sricnce President, Pan-Hellenic Council, Three Arts Club, K S. President of Sorority, Member, VV. S. G. A.g Mem- H ber, Bachelor Maides Glee Club, '31-'32-'33, President, Glee Club, P34 2 z5'-' x fl-X SENIOR CLASS HARRi' Eucexe STARR , . , . . Nashville, Tenn. Erzyifrrwilrg I N Tau Delta: Owl Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: Presitlent, Sigma Nu: Secretary, Tau Delta: Treas- urer, A. S. C. E.: Vice-President, Senior Engineers: Sophomore Honor Roll: Sergeant-at-Arms, Sopho- more Engineers: Herman Math Prize: Kirkpatrick Engineering Prize ANN S'rLrcREx' . ....... Experiment, Ga. .elris and Srivnrr E K Delta Phi Alpha KATHLEIQN Tuvss STUMP . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Srirnre E K Co-Editors, '31-'32g Glee Club: Sophomore Honor Roll VVn.1.rAM TAYLOR SUTHERLAND . . Nashville, Tenn. Batllrlor of Engineering jfwr: SU'lillERl.AND ...... Nashville, Tenn. .Iris and Sl'll'I1l'l' A A A Chairman, Junior Class: llonor Committee, '32-'33Q Secretary-Treasurer, XV. S. G. A., '32-'33: Vice- Presiclent, Y. XV. C. A., '32-'33: President, Y. W. C. A.. '33-'3-lb! Lotus Eaters, '31-'32: President Delta Delta Delta: Secretary of Honor Committee, '33-'34: WV. S. G. A. Board, '33-'34: Phi Beta Kappa XVILLIAM HENRY SUHRHEINRICH . Evansville, Ind. .-iris and Sfifnte E X Football, '31-'32-'33: Track, '32: Owl Club: Com- modore Club: Skull and Bones: Sports Editor, COMMODORE QESCAR TENENBAUM . . . New York City, N. Y. Arts and Srinzfe A E II Skull and Bones, '31-'32-'33 K 2 , Freshman Track! Track "V," '32-'33: Owl Club: JOSEPH E' THERRSLZJ ' .' " Columbus' MISS' Member, A. S. C. E.: Sophomore Honor Roll: Vice- ' r 5 am Annu' President, Sophomore Class: Treasurer, Senior Class B 9 H in Engineering Baseball Squad, '32-'33-'34: Founder's Day Speaker 46 kj zff'-TSX fx SENIOR CLASS lfl.lZAlBIi'l'll MCCLURE Tnomrsow, Montgomery, Ala. .-Iris and Sliifllfl? A 0 II Doxarn TuURs'roN ....... St. Louis, Mn. 11115 and Srifflff A K li Honorary German Fraternity: Skull and Bones, Blue Pencil Club, '30-'31 GEORGE lVlA'l'llIAS Torrei. . . . Xvheeling, VV. Va. .elrfs and Srimm' Falcon Club Vice-President, Y. M. C. A., '32-'33, Glee Club, '30-'31-'32-'33, German Play, Y. M. C. A. Board, '32-'33, President, Falcon Club, '31-,32, Delta Phi Alpha, '33 RonHR'r Pnu.i,1Ps TURNER . . . Smithville, Tenn. BEN XVEST ......... Nashville, Tenn. Rafllrlor of girls A T S? Sigma Vpsilon Literary Fraternity: Managing Edi- tor of Ilusllrr, '32-'33, Editor-in-Chief of Ilurllrr, i33"34-2 President of Senior Class, '33-'34g Student Council, '33-'34,g Activities Board of Student Union, '33-'34, Member, Student Christian Association Cabinet, Publication Board EDVVARD VVnA1.1,Ei', JR. .... Nashville, Tenn. Bafhrlor of Engineering A T Q President, Ace Club, President, Owl Club: Pan- Hellenic Council, Secretary, Honor Councilg Sec- retary, A. S. C. E., Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Soph- omore Honor Roll, President, Sophomore Engineers, President, A. S. C. E., Tau Delta, Commodore Clubg President, Alpha Tau Omega ffff-f and Sfi""U' RomeR'r Liana XVHORLEY ..... Nashville, Tenn. 4' K E Arts and Science Freshman Football, Freshman Basketballg Fresh- ' 3 X man Baseball, Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Bas- ketball, Varsity Baseball, Owl Club, Commodore , Q muh, Skull and Bones: Blue Pencil Club, pan, NIILTON EnwARo YYIBHAM .Portlancl, Tenn. Hellenic .flrts and Science N 1 SENIOR CLASS DOROTHY VV1LLE1'r ...... Nashville, Tenn. NINITIE TATE VVooo ..... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Scif-nce Jris and Scivnte A O II A A A Glee Club, '30-'31'32g Lotus Eaters, '32, Eta Sigma Three Arts Clubg Spanish Club Phi, '31 SARAH ELLEN Wnsox ..... Nashville, Tenn. NATHAN Woomwrf ...--- Nlwhvillf, Tenn- Jrls and Srience flrls and Science A A A II K A Bachelor Maides Pan-Hellenic Councilg Tennis, '32-'33-'34 BEN FonEMAN Woou ..... Texarkana, Ark. Aff, and Sfimn- ADELE DE RA1sMl2s YOUNGBERG . Jacksonville, Fla. qu K N11 Arts and Science . - , , . , K A 9 Pan-Hellenic Council, 33- 34, Cap n Bells Club, '33-'34, Assistant Circulation Manager, Hustler Glee Club, '33-'34, Three Arts, '33-'34 z l GRADUATES ROBERT PREs10N BARRY .... Nashville, Tenn. L. C, OAKLEY ....... . Evansville, Ind. Master of flrls Dodor of Philosophy RICHARD HERBERT MOORMAN ,,,. Roanoke, Va, VIRGINIA Bom REARDON . . . Bowling Green, Ky. Master of Arts Masifr of Hris WVARD RoLs'mN M1'ERS .... Harrisonburg, Va. EvA CRUZEN STEVENS ..... Nashville, Tenn. Doctor of Philosophy Master of Arts kj SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES PAUL ALLEN . . JAMES CASON . . . SARA ACIARIE CASON . . EDWARD BARKER DAWSON EMILOU FENKER . . . RICHARD FENKER . . .1 ARTHUR REYNOLDS FITE IVAN GESSLER ..... NANCE joR'DAN . . HAROLD K.4PP . . TOMMY LYNN . .... NVILLIAM POLK MILES . BARBARA llf'IOORE . . . PAUL LJORRISSEY . . FRANCES PARMEN . . XVENDELL PHILLIPS . . NELSON ROBINSON . . ALBERT SELFMAN . . - BURTON SHACKLEFORD . NANCY'E TINNON . . . MASON FRENCH TRAVIS . . GEORGE FULLER WALKER FRANCES VVIENER . . . . . BelmoIIt, llliss. . .llflurfreesboro . . . . Nashville Birmingham, Ala. . . . .Nashville . . Nashville . . . Madison . . MclVIinnville . . . Franklin . . Walton, Ind. . . Bell Buckle . . Springfield . . Nashville . . Nashville . . . Nashville . . Fountain City . . . .Nashville . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Mt. Pleasant . . Goodlettsville . . Hickman, Ky. . .Nashville . -Nashville I - IUNICDR - CLASS Z"'g- x A JUNIOR CLASS Top Row JACK ADAMS . . ....... Chandler, Okla. Art: and Sflfllfl? It K Nl' Owl Club, '33: Skull and Bones. '3Rg Can and Bells. '331 Freshman Y. M. C. A., '32-'33: Y. M. C. A.. '33-'34, Band '32-'33-'34, Vice-President Band Club. '3-1. CHARLES 0'NEAL AIcERs .,.. Nashville, Tenn. Ari: and Sm-nn' B 9 ll Skull and Bones Club. XVILLIAM P. ALLAN . . . . '. . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Sczence -lf A 9 MARJORIE ARNOLD ...... Nashville, Tenn. Ari: and Science A A A "Hustler" Staff, "Masquerader": Glee Club, Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet: Three Arts. BENJAMIN F. BARNES . . . Chattahoochee, Fla. flrtr and Science 2 N Internatlorinl Relations Club. Illiddlr Row HELEN BAUER . ....... . Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Sm-nn' A E 42 "Mnsquerader": Lotus Eaters: Scrlbblersg Pan-Hellenic Council: Sophomore Honor Roll. BRUCE MARTIN BAYER . D . .u . . Nashville, Tenn. Engznerrrng E N Ace Club: Owl Club: Student Union: Pan-Hellenic Count-llp Sophomore Honor Roll: Secretary and Treas- urer of A. S. M. E. BEATRICE BEAsLEx' . ..... Nashville, Tenn. :hrs and Sriente I' 'P B Eta SIgma Phi. EUGENE MITCPIEL BECK . .... Erwin, Tenn. Enginrering 2 A Football, '31-'32-'33, Track, '31-'32, Cap and Bells. '33. ELIZABETH BEESLEY . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Scirnre Bachelor Maidesg Three Arts. Bottom Row ANDREW BENEDICT, JR. . . . U . . Nashville, Tenn. Arr: and Snence dw A e President Ave Club: President Owl Club: Vice-Presb dent Student Actlvitivs Board: "Masque-rader" Staff: Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Mareeger Tmckg President Junior ass. ANITA BERTRAN ........ St. Louis, Mo. .4rI.s and Srtentf F fi? B Y- WV- C- A- Cabllwt- '32t Treasurer El Ateneo His- panico, '33g Vice-President El Ateneo Hlspanlco. '34g Dramatic Club. JANE BOGGESS .......... Bristol, Va. Art.: and Scirnce K A 9 JOSEPH EDVVARS BROADY ..... Spencer, N. C. .fhls and Scicntc I' X A CHESTER COLWELL BRUMMEIT . Middlesboro, Ky. Aff! and Scinece fb K E Band. '32-'33: Skull and Bones Club. g z"'Z" X A JUNIOR CLASS Top Row ALAN STUART BRYAN . . . . johnson City, Tenn. E nginrcring K A Freshman Football: Owl Clubg Secretary and Tre-as' urer Sophomore Classy Vice-President Junior Class. SARA BRYAN ,.... . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science K A 9 MARTHA ELLOISE CALDWELL . . Union City, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 K Pan-Hellenic Council: Three Arts: Lotus Eaters: Bas- ketball. HARLOW R. CAMPBELL . . . N. Tarrytown, N. Y. Engineering A X A ROBERTSON F. CAMPBELL . . . . Gary, Ind. Engineering 2 N Middle Rofw LEON CARAWAY, JR. . .... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science fb K 'I' Glee Club, '31, Cap and Bells. '32- '33: Blue Pencil Club, Business Manager Cap and Bells, '3-I. MARGARET CAVERT .... . . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science A K A 6 CLAUOIA CHAPPELL .... U . Union City, Tenn. Art: and Science 2 K Sorority and Class Basketball: Eta Sigma Phlg Y. W. C. A.: Lotus Eaters: Mathematics Club: Secretary of Eta Sigma Phi, '33-'34: Sophomore Honor Roll. '33: Athletic Board, '33-'34. MARX' CHAPPELL ...... Birmingham, Ala. Arts and Science TI B CIF ALMEDA CHARLTON . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science I' 41 B Three Arts Club. Bottom Ro-w J. VERNON CLOSE ...... Shamrock, Texas Arts and Science fb A 9 Football, '31-'32-'33p Baseball, '32-'33. MARY ELIZABETH CORLEY . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A 0 1'l Y. W. c. A. VINCENT M. Cox . . . . . -Portales, New Mexico 1 Arts andfSc1ence A X A Skull and Bones. DOROTHY CRITTENDEN DALE . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science 1' fb B Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class, '31-'32, "Com- modore" Board, '32-'33, Compiling Editor of "Com- modore," '33"34: "Hustler" Staff. '31-'323 Girls' Glee Club, German Club, '33-'34, Winner Freshman VVomen's Tennis Singles, '32: Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet. '31- '32. '33-'34: Student Christian Association Board of Directors, '33-'34g Intramural Basketballg Editor Fresh- man "V" Book, '33-'34. THOMAS WALKER DAVIS, III . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 A E Freshman Football. '31: "Hustler" Staff, '31-'32g Var- sity Football, '32-'33, Sergeant-at-Arms of Sophomore Class, '32, Sophomore Honor Roll: Freshman Baseball, '32: Varsity Baseball, '33: Skull and Bones Club. x K-X JUNIOR CLASS Top Rolw LAURA DUKE ........ Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science A A A HORTON FALL EARLY . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science K E Ace Club: Owl Club: Pai.-Hellenic Cc-uncil: President Pan-Hellenic: Y. M. C A Cabinet: Freshman Football: Varsity Baseball Squad: Business Manager Student Directory, '34, MARJORX' WoLco1'T ELLISON . . . Nashville, Tenn. :Iris and Science Sophomore Honor Roll: Glee Club, '33-'34, JAMES ATLEE FICKES . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science II K A Sophomore Honor Roll: Glee Club: Cap and Bells. ELIZABETH FINN . .... Bowling Green, Ky. Arts and Science A 0 l'l Glee Club: "Hustler" Staff: Dramatic Club: Y. NV. C. A. Middle Rofw JAMES ROBERTSON FoR'I'UNE . . . LaFayette, Ga. Arts and Science fb A 9 Freshman Football. SAMUEL BENJAMIN FOVVLER . Hendersonville, Tenn. Arts and Science B 9 TI Skull and Bones. HAL TEMPLETON QIIBSON . . . Nashville, Tenn. .I-'Iris and Science 2 A E Glee Club: Cap and Bells, Sophomore Honor Roll: Y. M. C. A.. '34. EVELYN GILLESPIE . . ..... Franklin, Ky. Art: and Science A A A KATE ELLEN GRUVER . . . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Science I' 0 B "Hustler" Staff: German Club: Dramatic Club. . Bottom Rolw BRowN MoRRI-s GRIGSBY . . . Oneonta, New York Art: and Science 2 X Blue Pencil: Skull and Bones. SARA LOUISE GUERIN . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A A A Three Arts. SAMUEL HENRY HAIRs1'oN . . . . Meridian, Miss. .Arts and Science - 2 A E KA1'lIERlNE HARRIS . . .... Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science 1 K A 6 Chairman of Sophomore Class: W. S. G. A.: Pan- Hellenic Council. GEORGE HARVEY , . . . . . . . Canton, Miss. Arts and Science ll 6 IT Sophomore Honor Roll: Skull and Bones Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Blue Pencil Club. g ff- X A i JUNIOR CLASS Top Rnfw CARL MALLORY HARVVISLI., JR. . . . Osceola, Ark. .-Iris and Science 41 A 9 Freshman Football: Boxing Team, '32g Student Skull and Bones. JAMES W. HAYNES . . . . . . Franklin, Arts and Science K A Sigma Upsilong Honor Committee, '31g Blue Club, "Masquerader" Staff. EVIE MAE HAYNIE . . . . . . Nashville, Arts and Science E K DERREL HAZELHURS1' ..,.. Nashville, Art: and Science A T Q Union 3 Tenn. Pencil Tenn. Tenn. Freshman Football: Skull and Bones Club. CYNTHIA HENDERSON . .... Haynesville, La. Arts and Science K A 9 Middle Row ELLEN HENRY ....... Clarksville, Bachelor of Arts GEORGE DER. HILL ...... Nashville, Bachelor of Arts A T iz JAMES WARNER HOFSTEAD .' . . . Jackson, Arts and Science E X Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Joi-:N R. HOLLINSHEAD . .... Nnshville, Tenn. Engineering A X A J. TRUETT JACKSON . .... Montgomery, Ala. Arts and Science 2 N Skull and Bonesg Sophomore Honor Roll. 'Bottom Ro-w J. H. M. JONES ..... Glen Farris, VV. Va. Bachelor of Art: X o V BUFORD C. KEENE . .... . Hillsdale, Tenn. Engineering K A Freshman Basketballa Freshman Football: Varsity Basketball. EDVVARD SCRUGGS KELLY . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 A E Freshman Basketball. '32: Assistant Manager Base- ball. '31-lg Manager Baseball. '84g Assistant Manager Basketball, '34g Cap and Bells: Vice-President Junior Class: Owl Clnbi Cheerleader. ATHA KIRK ....... . .Linden, Tenn. Art: and Science A T fl SHIRLEY GRAY KIRKPATRICK . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A O l'I , Cn-Editors. '32-'33g Scribblersg Pan-Hellenlcp Basket- ball, '33g Y. W. C. A. JUNIOR CLASS Top Row ELIZABETH ANN KRANZ .... St. Paul, Minn. Arts and Science NITA LANIER ........ Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A 0 l'l "Hustler" Staff Secretary, '33-'34: "Commodore" Staff Secretary. '33-'34: Band Sponsor: Fraternity and Intra- mural Basketball, '32-'33-'3-lg Y. WV. C. A.: Tennis. MAXINE ANNE LAPAT ..... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A E fb C0-Editors Club, '31-'33: Lotus Eaters: Scribblcrs: Bachelor Maldes: Secretary of Scribhlors. JAMES R. LovE ....... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science B 9 l'I Ace CIub, '32, EVELYN LOVELACE . . .... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 K Middle Rofw NATHAN R. MARTIN, JR. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. 'I Arts and Science Q A 9 Cap and Bells Club: Cap and Bells Club Board, '32-'33: Pan-Hellenic Council. '33. EDVVIN BOWLIN MAUPIN, JR. . . Shelbyville, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 A E Cap and Bells: Cheerleader. j. DOUGLAS MArsoN ....... Buford, Ga. Arts and Science dw A 6 EWELL N. MCCLURE . i. .- . . Nashville, Tenn. - Engzneenng 2 N MARJDRIE MOUNTJOX' ...... Martin, Tenn. Bachelor of Arts Bottom Row MARY ELIZABETH MCHENRY . . . Madison, Tenn. Arts and Science A A A CHARLES MILLER MONDAY . . . Lake Charles, La. Engineering K 2 Student Council: Owl Club: Ace Club: Band: Glee Club: Assistant Manager Track: President Junior Engineers. GERALD J. MONTGOMERY . . . Greenwood, Miss. Arts and Science CII A 9 STANFORD MOORE ...... Nashville, Tenn. Alrts and Science fb K Z Secretary of Ace Club. '32: Owl Club: Blue Pencil Club: Assistant Editor of "Hustler," '33: "Commodore" Representative, '34: Student Council, '34: Pan-Hellenic Council, '34: Sophomore Honor Roll: Y. M. C. A, Cabinet, '32-'33-'34. Tom MOORE . . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Engineering 2 N "Commodore" Representative ot' Junior Engineers. g f'f'2"'-' x A JUNIOR CLASS Top Rofw JOHN ANDREW MURFEE ..... Becker, Miss. Art.: and Science K Z President Skull and Bones Club: Delta Phi Alpha. VVILLIAM H. MYERS . . .... Savannah, Ga. Arts and Sczence B 9 II Blue Pencil Club: Glee Club: Skull and Bones: Fresh- man Track: Varsity Track: Vice-President Freshman Class: Student Council: Owl Club: Cap and Bells: Athletic Editor of "Commodore," CHARLES PiucE NOELL, JR. . . . Covington, Tenn. Ari: and Science 2 X 4 Owl Club: Freshman Football: Varsity Squad. MARTHA Lou OAKLEY ..... Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science I' fi! B JOHN FRASER ORMAN .... Spring Hill, Tenn, Art: and Scirnce A K E Blue Pencil Club: Ace Club: Owl Club: Cap and Bells: Assistant Manager Football Team: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: "Hustler" Staft. Middle Row MABEL WYINN OVVNBEY . .... Charlotte, N. C. Art: and Science A 0 IT President of Co-Editors. '32: Scrlbblers, '33: Lotus Eaters. '32: Eta Sigma Phi: Basketball: Athletic Rep- resentative: French Club: Pan-Hellenic Council. BENJAMIN R. PATTERSON, JR. . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science 41 K 'P "Commodore" Representative: Vice-President Ace Club: "Hustler" Staff: Circulation Manager of "Hustler" Staff. '33-'34: Cap and Bells Club: Stage Manager Cap and Bells Club, '33: "Commodore" Staff: Owl Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ROBERT PATTERSON, JR. . .... Houston, Texas flrls and Scicnce 2 X Sergeant-at-Arms of Skull and Bones Club: Freshman Football: Track: German Club. BEN H. PATY ...... A . . Lebanon, Tenn. Ari: and Sczcnce K 2 ELIZABETH HASTINGS PEELER . Huntingdon, Tenn. Arts and Science Z K Glee Club. Boliom Row JAMES L. PEERY . ........ Polk, Tenn. Arr: and Scnrnce A 'I' O ' Freshman Basketball: Baseball CARLYLE RANDOLPH PHELPS . . . Nashville, Tenn. Ari: and Science ll K A Freshman Football, '31: Freshman Track. '32: Football Squad, '33: Varsity Track, '33-'3-I: "Commodore" Rep- resentative of' Junior Class. ANN PRA1'r ......... St. Paul, Minn. .-iris and Science I' 41 B CLARA BELL PURYEAR ....... Elkton, Ky. Ari: and Science K A 9 Sophomore Honor Roll. RUSSELL BEVERLEY RAY . . . Memphis, Tenn, Ari: and Scirncc ' E A E "Hustler" Start: Assistant Editor "Hustler," '32-'33: Skull and Bones Club: Blue Pencil Club: Cap and Bells: Golf Squad, '33, S ff""Z"'- X A JUNIOR CLASS Top Row JAMES HOLMAN Rl-IES . . . . Fayetteville, Tenn. .flrls and Sczence 2 A E ZELOTES RICE . . . . . Erwin, Tenn. Engmeerzng K 2 Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball: Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Baseball. ELOISE ROBINSON . ..... Madisonville, Ky. Arts and Scxence A O II "Hustler" Staff: "Masquerader" Staff. KATHERINE RoLs'mN . . Lookout Mountain, Tenn. flrls and Sctence K A 9 Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet: Co-Editors: Honor Committee: Scrlbblers. ANNE LESLIE Ross . . . . . .Gallatin, Tenn. Arts and Scwnce A A A Honor Committee: Glee Club: Class Basketball: So- rority Basketball: Vice-President Y. W. C. A.: Barhelor Maides: President Bachelor Maldes: Secretary of Junior Class: Athletic Board. Middle Rmw ED RUSSELL, JK. ...... Centerville, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 A E Track Manager: Owl Club: Blue Pencil Club, '32-'33: News Editor "Hustler," '33-'3-4: Business Staff "Mas- qIIerader:" Cap and Bells Club. Joseru HANLEY SAYERS .... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science B 9 II Bon ScHMm . ...... Nashville, Tenn. Engzneering K A Ace Club: Commodore Representative: Honor Com- mittee: Owl Club: Honor Committee, '33-'34. NANCY SCHUMACKER . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. 4-Iris and Science K A 9 JAMES SCOGGINS, JR. . ..... Tupelo, Miss. Arts and Science 42 A 9 Basketball, '32-'33-'3-1: Freshman Football: Varsity Football, '32-'33. - Boilom Row WILLIAM NUGENT SIIANDS .... Jackson, Miss. Arts and Science I qi A e JoE Heuuw SMITH . .N . . . Springfield, Tenn. Art: and Science K E Glee Club: Band ROBERT YVXLHOYTE SMITH . . . . Owensboro, Ky. Arts and Sctence A X A Glee Club: Sophomore Honor Roll: German Club: Skull and Bones: Treasurer Owl Club: Music Committee. WILLIAM C. SPRADLIN .... Union City, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 A E MILDRED STREATEI1 STEELE . . . Terre Haute, Ind. Arts and Scaence 2 K g 24'-""' x A JUNIOR CLASS Top Rofw MARY ERWIN STOVES ..... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science K A 9 JESSE WEED STUART . . . . . Beaumont, Texas Arts and Science K 2 Owl Club: Band: Vice-President Glee Club. SAM GINES STUBBINS . . . .Birmingham, Ala. Arts and Scxence A K E Vice-President Pan-Hellenic Council, '33: Vice-Presb dent Skull and Bones Club: Vice-President Owl Club. '33: Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet, '33: "MasqueradeI"': Art Editor "Commodore," '33: Cap and Bells Club, '32-'83. EUNICE JACKSON TAFT . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Scxeuce 2 K Lotus Eaters: "Hustler" Reporter. H, O. THOMAS, JR. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Sczence III K E "Hustler" Staff: Cap and Bells. MARGARET THoMPsoN . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science K A 9 Middle Rolw FENNELL PARRISH TURNER . New York City, N. Y. Art: and Scxence 2 X Freshman Football: Ace Club: Owl Club: Assistant Editor "Hustler," '32: German Club: Skull and Bones: Pun-Hellenic Council: Blue Pencil Club. GEORGE DAVID WALLER, JR. . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering PORTIA SAVAGE WARD . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science I' 'III B Chairman Freshman Women: Treasurer Glee Club: German Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Treasurer Y. NV. C. A., '33-'34: Sorority and Intramural Basketball. DEMPSEY WEAVER, JR. . . . n. . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Sczence Q A 9 Freshman Football, Basketball. SEDGEWICK DAVIS WEST . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Engineering K 2 Bottom Row HENRY C. XVHITE ........ Cadiz, Ky. Arts and Science 41 A 6 ERLE E. VVILKINSON , . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science l'I K A Secretary Skull and Bones Club, '33. PHILIP WILLIAMS . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science 'II K 9 VVinner Cross Country Run, '32: RUHIIEF Up Cross Country, '33: "Hustler": Freshman Baseball. '32: Var- sity Baseball Squad, '33, JOHN L. WILSON . . . . . . . . Sturgis, Ky. Arts and Science df A 9 Delta Phi Alpha: German Club: Blue Pencil Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Skull and Bones: Assistant Editor Freshman "V" Book, '32: Sophomore Honor Roll: "Commodore" Board: "Hustler" Staff, '31-'32. JERRY WVINTER . . . . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Bachelor of Art: 2 A E MILBREI' EWING WRIGHT . . .Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science --Q j JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES SARA ALBRlGll'l'. . . VVENDELL AUSTIN . . JESSE BRANTLEY . . LUCIE hREYER .... JAMES BOYD BULLARD . . JAMES BULL1Nc'roN . . IQHOMAS BURTON . . LEON CARAWAY. . . MILTON FORD COOK . . . ROBERT CHAMBLISS ....- FRANCIS HOUSTON CROCRETT . FRANK WILLIAM DAHLINGER . CHASE DELONX' ..... HARRIOTTE CRAIGE DEMOSS . HARRY LEO DICKINSON . . . NIARY PHILLIPS EDMUNDS . . HARRY JASPER GUFFEE . . WALTER BYCE HARRYL-I . . MILDRED HAUN ...... SARAH YVEEMS HENDERSON . MARK AUSTIN HUTTON . . . NORMAN ERWIN JACKSON . . . CAROLYN MONTAOUE JENNINGS . - JACK VVARD JETER ..... JOHN RAY KILGORE .... LULA LANE KIRKPATRICK . . ISAOORE KLOTIJ ...... SIDNEY ABRAHAM KOTTLER . LEVVIS NORMAN LASSING .... ALBERT A. LITCHENEERO . . . GILBERT CARMICHAEL MCLEMORE NELL BROWN MCMURRAY . . GILBERT MERRITT ..... KATHRYN GAIL MILLSPAUGH . CHASE CURRAN MOONEY . . MAJORIE MORELAND . . . OSCAR NOEL ...... PAUL OlKAIN ...... WILLIAM EDGAR OVERALL . . SAMUEL DAVID PERL . . . MARY' ELIZABETH PIKE , KARL RHORER PRICE . . LUCILE REISMAN .... VIRGINIA SAMUEL ..... IRVING SOLOMON SCHULMAN . HENRY SHARP ...... LILLIARD RUDALPHUS SLOAN . HAROLD CALDWELL SMELSER . .EUGENE HOWARD STRAYHORN . ROBERT CURRIE TAYLOR . . MARY' FRANCES TUCRER . . SARAH LOUISE TUCRER . ELLA LEE XNARD . . . GEORGE OVIATT VVOOD . . . . . Nashville , . . Nashville . .Statesb0ro, Ga. . . . Nashville , I.IIChanana, Ga. . . . . Nashville . .Pleasant View . . . .Nashville . . . .Nashville Lookout Mountain . . . .Nashville . . . Nashville . Russellville, Ala. . . . .Nashville . . Ashland, Ky. . . . Nashville . . Franklin . . Gallatin . . . . Franklin . . . . Nashville . Kingston Springs . . Newman, Ga. . . Franklin . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . . Nashville . . . . Nashville . Bayshore, N. Y. . . Statesboro, Ga. . . . Springfield . . Nashville . . . Nashville . . . Brentwood . . Lexington, Ky. . . . Nashville . . . Nashville . . . . Nashville . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . .Springfield . Middlesboro, Ky. . . . Chattanooga . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . , Riddleton . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . . .Nashville . . . .Nashville Campbellsville, Ky. g SOPHOIVICDRE CLASS g ff'- SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row VANCE J. ALEXANDER, JR. . . . Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science fb A 9 Seeroturv Ace Clubg Glen Club: Cap and Bells Club Blue Peixvll Club, Soccer: Golf: Vice-President Sopho- more Class. HARRIS HAYES ALLEN ..... Columbia, Tenn. flrls and Science A X A Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, Ace Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. HENRY Oscoon ANDERSON . ..Williamsport, Tenn. Arts and' Science 2 X Ace Club: Blue Pencil Club: Skull and Bones. HAY'NES AYRES ....... Spring Hill, Tenn Arn and Science 41 A 9 Blue Poncll Club. THoMAs BURL BAKER ..... Nashville, Tenn Arts and Science fb A 9 "Commodore" Board. '31. Middlle Raw Bon BEASLEY . . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arts K 2 SYLVIA MAE BERMAN ...... Anniston, Ala. Arts and Science A E GP MARY CURRELL BERRY . . . .Nashville Tenn Arts and Science K A 6 CHARLES VAN PELT BERsoN . . Brownsville, Tenn Art: and Science B 9 H Freshman Basketball Manager, '32. GEORGE REm BETHURUM . ......Nashville, Tenn Arts and Science 2 X Botlom Row MARY BlLERo ..... . .. . Nashville, Tenn Art.: and Science A A A Y. W. c. A. MARTHA BILLINGTON . . . . . Nashville, Tenn Arts and Science K A 9 W. s. G. A. LORAXNE BlNKLEv . . .... Nashville, Tenn Arts and Science A O H Glen Club, '33-'34: C0-Editors, '33-'34, Y. VV. C. A., '33- '34 ROBERT D. BLUM, JR. ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering Z B T Jos LEVE BooxER . ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Engineering A T 0 Freshman Footballg Y. M. C. A. 2 ff'- x A ! SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row THOMAS L. BOSWELL ..... Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Sfience fb K Nl' Ace Club, '33-'34, Intramural Wrestling. '33-'34. HAROLD Bucl-u . ...... Nashville, Tenn. Engineering A T 9 POLLYANNA CALHOUN . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science I' 0 B Co-Editors Club. MATT CARLOSS . . . . . . . .Lebanon, Tenn. Arts and Scienre fb K 2 RALPH L. CASH . ....... Princeton, Ky. Arts and Suence B 9 ll Band. '33-'34g Glee Club: Cap and Bells: Blue Pencil Club: Skull and Bones: "Hustler," '33-'34g "Com- modore" Staff. '34, Middle Row JERE SHUNK CAVE, JR. . . . Caracas, Venezuela Engineering 2 N JAMES CARL Cl-IAMBLISS, JR. . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Srience II K A Skull and Bones. HAL CLAFFEY ........ Memphis, Tenn. flrls and Stirnce A K E Freshman Football, '32: Varsity Football, '33. REBECCA COCHRAN . ..... . . Marion, Ky. Barhrlor of Arts SARAH OVERTON COLTON . . . . Nashville, Tenn. .flris and Sfifncr K A 9 Lotus Eaters, '34. Bottom Row CHARLES LE SUEUR CORNELIUS, JR., Nashville, Tenn. Art: and S rience A K E Ace Club: Blue Pencil Club, Cap and Bells Club. JOHN THOMAS CRAVEN . . . . . St. Louis, Mo. Enginfrring B 9 TI Blue Pencil Club. JOHN KERR CRAWFORD, JR. . . . Somerville, Tenn. .iris and Srienre E A E Freshman Football: Track. ELIZABETH LLOYD DANDRIDGE . . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science K A 6 Chairman Freshman Class, '32: Baskelbnll, '33, Lotus Eaters, '33, Glee Club, '32-'33. EMILY LAMBERT DAv1s .... Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science K A 9 Glee Club. g ff'-- +x A SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Rofw JOSEPH 'THOMPSON DICKINSON . . Nashville, Tenn. Hrts and Science E A E Football, Swimming. MARX' DOUBLEDAY ...... Nashville, Tenn. ,-lrt: and Science A A A Lotus Eaters, Sorority Basketball. HAMILTON DOUGLAS ....... Atlanta, Ga. flrls and Science E X Blue Pencil Club: "Hustler" Staff: Freshman Football, BUNYAN STEPHENS DUDLEY . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science E X CARL VV. EARL . ....... Louisville, Ky. Bachelor of Arts X 41" Middle Rofw ROBIN EASTES ........ Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A 0 II Co-Editors Club: Vice-President Co-Editors: Lotus Eaters Club, "Hustler" staff. MARX' ELIZABETH ELLIS . Buenos Aires, Argentina ' Ari: and Science A O 1'I President Freshman Y VV. C. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '33-'34, Spanish Club. '33. RICHARD BASSETT ELLIS .... Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science II K A Ace Club. CECIL HEN'soN ELROD, JR. . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. Arts and Science B 9 II Freshman Basketball: Baseball: Track: Tennis: Winner Freshman Cross-Country Run, 'Winner Upper-Clnssman Cross-Country Run: Cap and Bells: VVinner ln Intra- murals. CLAUDE HUGH ESTES, JR. . . . Birmingham, Ala. Arts and Science ' A K E Blue Pencil Club, Cap and Bells. Bottom Row VIRGINIA FRUIT ........ Paducah, Ky. Art: and Science I' CP B CLARK GILES ........ Nashville Tenn. Engineering B 9 II 1 GRAQE ELLEN GLASGOW .... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science K A 9 MERRITT DAVIS GoE'rz .... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science A K E HENRY GRENLEY . ...... Memphis, Tenn. .-'Iris and Science 2 N Ace Club, Glee Club: Skull and Bones. x X-X SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row XVADE HAMPTON . .... . Chattanooga, Tenn. flrls and Sfirnce fl' A 9 Freshman Football, '32, Varsity Football. '33. GLADIfs HANOVER ...,.. Birmingham, Ala .-1 ris and Seienee BRUCE DOOLIN HENDERSON . . . Nashville, Engineering 2 N MAI' HERON ........ Nashville, :Iris and Seienre I' X B WILLIAM B. HINES . . . . . Nashville, Arts and Science B 9 Ib Freshman Track. Middle Rofw OSCAR BERNARD HOFSTE11'ER, JR. . Nashville, flris and Science K 2 Ace Club. ELIZABETH HOPKINSON . .... Nashville, Arty and Science A O H Lotus Eaters, '33-'34. Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. VIRGINIA HOUZE ..... Bowling Green, Ky. Arts and Science A O Il l'HUStl6l"' Staff. '33-'34: Y. VV. C. A.: Dramatic Club: Glee Club. FRANK CLAY HUDSON ...... Newnan, Ga. .elrls and Seienrr A T 0 FRED HUME, JR. ........ SI. Louis, Mo. flrlx and Seience A K E Assistant Editor "Hustler," '34, Blur PI-ncll Club. '33- '34. Bolfom Rofw DORO'I'HY' VIRGINIA Hu1'cIIIsoN . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Scienee l' fb B BERNICE IRENE HYMAN .... Nashville, Tenn. .4rl.c and Srience A E lb Dramatic Club. GEORGE MAsoN INGRAM .... Nashville, Tenn. flris and Srirnee B 9 II Blue Ponvll Club: Assistant Business Marlager of "COIIllTIOd0I'9." '3-I: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Assm-into Editor of Frvshman "V" Book. YVILLIAM S. KIDIJ ....... Livermore, Ky. Engineering A X A BE'l'l'YE KING ......... Louisville, Ky. Arts and Science K A 9 Glee Club. f""Z"'- x A SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Rofw MIRIAM KUHN . ...... Nashville, Tenn. .-Iris and Science A E 42- Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class, '32: Froshxnan Y. Vv'. C. A. Cabinet: Basketball: Baseball: lpl'l'Shll'l!lIl Tennis: Lotus Eaters. J. G, LACKEY, JR. .... . . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Science A T O EDGAR XVILSON LACY . . . . .Henderson, Ky. Ari: and Science WILLIAM H. LAMBETH, JR. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Engineering K A Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Engineering, FLORA MAE LAW . .... . Escandido, Calif. Art: and Sczence A A A Co-Editors Club: Assistant News Editor "1-IustleI"': Co-Editor "MasqueI'ader": Feature Editor "Com- I'l10d0I'E"1 Dramatic Club. A. T. LEVINE, JR. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science X N Blue Pencil Club: Cap and Bells Club. Middle Rofw ELIZABETH DOUGLASS LEVINE . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science ' ' A O TI Lotus Eaters, '33-'34: Y. W2 C. A. Cabinet. H. LEVINSON .... . . . . . Pulaski, Tenn. Bachelor of Arts Z B T HoRAcE SwIIfI' Lxrscoxvm . . '. . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science 2 X Freshman Football. SAMUEL CHARLES LDVENTHAL , , Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Sczence Z B T "IVI2lSQllCl'8dl5I"' Business Board: Eta. Sigma Phi: Blue Pencil Club. LEONXDAS MACK . . ...... Newport, Ark. Arts and Sczence 11 K E RICHARD EDWARD MARTIN . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Sczcnce B 6 H Bottom Row LULA MAE MAUPIN ...... Louisville, Ky. .-'Iris and Science F Q B IVAN MAYER . . . . .... Lake Charles, La. Bachelor of Engznecrzng ' Z B T H. P, MINTON ........ Nashville, Tenn. .4rt.r and Science E X CATHERINE MOORE ........ Tampa, Fla. flris and Science ' I' 42 B Y. WV. C. A. Cabinet: Pan-Hellenic Council, Honor Committee: Athletic Board: "Hustler" Staff: Dramatic Club: El Ateneo Hispanico, '33-'34. EDITH MooRE . . ..... . Stockton, Calif. Arts and Sclzence 1' 'if B VVILLS NAPIER MORGAN . .Q . . Nashville, Tenn. Engzneenng K A g fi- x A SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row JEFFERSON EUGENE MORRIS . . . . Moultrie, Ga. Arts and Srrnzcr 22 A E Cup and Bells: Cross Country Run. YVILLIAM H. H. MULLIN . . . Texarkana, 'Texas .-Iris and Snrna' E A E Cap and Bells: Y. M. CT. A.: Vive-President Y. M. C. A.: President Blue Pencil Club. '33: Cross Country, '32. HARRY LEE NELSON, JR. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. .flrts and Scxrnte fb K 2 IsAAc JAMES NEVVTON ...... Wilmot, Ark. :Iris and Science Q A 6 Glee Club: Cap and Bells: Skull and Bones. MARTHA NOEL . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science K A 6 ROBERT MCBRIDE NoE1.L , . . . Covington, Tenn. Ari: and Scwnce E X -X Middle Rofw JAMES BOND OCIER . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Engmerrmg HERNDON A. OLIVER, JR. . .U . . Nashville, Tenn. Engxncermg B 9 H Ace Club: "Masquerade:-": Cap and Bells Club: "Com- modore" Start. ROBERT LANIER OLIVER . . . . . .Valdosta, Ga. Arts and Science F. A E President Freshman Class Student Council President SAMUEL DAVID OVVEN ..... Gulfport, Miss. xlrls and Science K A Vice-President Blue Pencil Club. J. T. OWENS, JR. ..... , . . . Tunica, Miss Arts and Scu-na' fi' A 0 JOE PARKER ........ Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Science Z X Botiom Row RALPH PIERsoN ....... New Orleans, La Bachelor of Afltx 2 A E KATI-IRYN PICKERING , . . .. .Nashville, Tenn Ari: and Science P IP B MARY' JOSEPHINE Pircocx . . . Nashville, Tenn Arts and Scif-nce 2 K Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet, '33: Glen Club. '34: Lotus Enters '34, FRANKLIN KING PI1"I'MAN . . . Nashville, Tenn Enginrrring lb K E Presidcnt ACD Club, '32-'33: Blue Pencil Club. '32-'33 --Hustler" staff. CARoLx'N Joi' PRENDERGAST . . Chattanooga, Tenn dns and Science 1 A E 6 EDWARD KENT PREWITT .... Nashville, Tenn Arts and Science ' . L : , -' 3 V , K A Sophomore Class: Football, '33-'34. Cup and Bells: Glee Club. 0 , 4 li'- X A SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Rnfw INIARK Liam' PuIzI'EAk . . .I . . Franklin, Tenn. .-Iris and Srznm' ' K A Cmzwm SPENCER Romsox A. .-Iris and Sfzwirz' A K I-I Blue Pencil Club. IRVINI: R. ROSENBLOOM . . . Barhrlor of .4r1.r Z B T . jackson, Tenn. HELEN Ross Ro'I'II . . .... Nashville, Tenn. :Iris and Srzfnre A E fb Po-Editors. '33, Gorman Club: Drnmatlm- Club. ANNETIE ROTHSTEIN . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ,iris and Sriencr A E Q l'0l'l'llI'l0il0l'9 Representative Sophomore Clnss: Lotus Eaters, Athlvtlc Board. CIEORCE E. ROULIIAC . . . . . . Florence, Ala. Barllvlor of .flrls B 6 II Middlr Row JOSEPH WILLIAM RowI.ANn, JR. . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Srimcc B 9 Il STEPHEN SCHUSTER ...... Vlloodmere, N. Y. Bachrlor of flrls Z B T THoMAs Joann: Suom . . . Spring Hill, Tenn. Arn and Scienre A K E . St. Louis, Mo. DOUGLAS E. SKIDMORE . . Ari: and Srirncr A T 0 JEROME KIJHN SMALL . . ,flfls and Srirmr Z B 'l' HORACE FRANKLIN SMl'llI . .Iris and Srimrr H 9 Il Ace Club. . Botlom Row WVILLIAM H. SMITH . . . . . Enginrpring B 9 ll Blue Penvil Club: Honor Commlttve. LINDA fiLEEN SNEED . . . . . Nashville, Art: and Sci:-nu' A A A . . . Nashville, . . Nashville, . . . Nashville, Nashville, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Student Christlnn Assm-lation: Class Basketball. '33 Sorority Basketball. '33. HELEN STERLING ..... . . Nashville, Tenn .-I rls and S cirna- l' fi! B BAIN TATE STEWART . . . Shelbyville, Tenn Jiri.: and Sricnce 2 A E ALI-'ORD SVVIDLAVV ...... Birmingham, Ala Barhelor of Arts Z B T KATHRX'N SVVIGGART . . . . . Union City, Tenn Arts and Srience K A 9 Co-Editors. Z SOPHOMORE CLASS Tap Row WALTER WATrLEs1. . . g. . Nashville, Tenn. , .- rts an Sm'm'r .ALBERT K. 'l'Ax'LoR . ..... Blyrheville, Ark. A T 9 Arts and sIif,m.t, Band, '32-'33, "Hustler" Stuff, '32, Ace Club. E. A E ELLEN HARNETT YVHITEMAN . . . Nashville, Tenn. CHP and Bells- . Ari: and Srirnn' , Bos FoRn THOMPSON . . . . . Columbia, Miss. L tA is .f . Q ' , . 0 UW B. GFS. AH" f1',gd,Af""ff JEAN GRAPIABI WHoRLEx'. . I. . Nashville, Tenn. Vice-President Freshman Class, '32, Ace Club: Student .-lf!! and Stlenfc Activity Board, Skull and Bones Club. '33. A 0 11 Glee Clun, '33-'S-lg Y. VV. C. A.. '3-I. Vixcu. RAY TOMLIN ..... Nashville. Tenn. JOHN VVHAKESI ' I I ' u l . 'Dummy Miss. Bachrlor of Enginrrring A T SZ Ba1'hv.Lork og Ari: THOMAS N. LTEFELMAN . . . . Nashville, Tenn. E"Qj"A'fg"'9 Bottom Rofw Freshman Football: Prngnlent Freshman Engineering y , Class: "Conmmdore" Rgpresvntntive Sophomore En- F' VSILLEYI JR' ' ' ' ' ', ' ' Mer Rouge, La. gmee.-ing Class, '33-'34, :Iris and Snrnnv . 1 , ,- K 2 THOMAS MASSEY W AKEFIELD .' ' Nashulle' Tenn' MARGARET VVRIGHT . ..... Nashville Tenn. Arts and Snnzre his and Sfiemr ' 2 X ' d ill , '33, I' 4' B Cflp an Bl S , Co-Edltorsg Lotus Eaters. ROBERT GOULD WALLS ' ' 2 ' ' ' Chmgo, Ill' VIRGINIA P. NVRIGHT ..... Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Srufnfe .Ins and Slwnu. H 9 H ' r 4: B I P- il Cl bg H C -11, '32-'33, . , B ue' "1" U 'mm Dum CHARLES LAINGDON NNROTUN, lk. . . . Macon, Ga. D Jrls and Srwncz' Mnddlr Rofw E A E Blue Pencil Club: AL-el Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: HI ' W - N Eh "ll T F00w""' .RRX ALTERS, JR. . . . U. . as si e, enn. JOHN LANIER VVYATT A -... Nashville Tenn- .-Irls and Sfll'IIt'l' .Ins and Stinm, ' X A E ' Y Freshman Football. '32, Cnp'nnd Bells, '33. RUTH ZEHNDFR A x A N h ,ll T . . ...... as ' . THOMAS F. VVARUER . ..... Neptune, Tenn. 4,75 and S-Ci!,m.,, H e' um flrls and Sczrna' ' K A Q3 2 X Glvf' cum, SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICTURES JOHN ELMER ARNOLD, JR. . . BETTY GERTRUDE AUIJIP . . GEORGE RALPH AUsMUs . . RALPH JACKSON BABB . MORRIS BENKOVITZ . . SAM BROVVN .... HARRY BUCHANAN . LARRY BURTON .... JOHN COPE CALDWELL . JOHN FOSTER CALDVVELL . . WOODSON H. CLAY .... EVANS MOORE CLEMENTS . . HORACE MELY'lN COHEN . . . RICHARD VALENTINE COOK, JR. . CHARLES MAGNESS COWDEN . . CHARLES DUBOIs ..... RICHARD CALHOUN DUNN . DAVID JUDSON ELLIS . . SYLVIA FRANK. . . ANTHONY GARZIERI . . MARGUERITE GREENE . . . HUGH BARNETTE HELM . . . . GEORGE ANDREW' HENDERSON . WALTER HOLLAND ..... RANDALL JARRELL .... EDWARD JENKINS ..... RUTH HELEN KIRSHNER . CHANCELLOR EARL LACY . . HAROLD LAPIDUS .... VICTOR EMANUEL LAPIDUS . RICHARD LINDSAY .... FRANK LOWENSTEIN ,... JAMES XVRIGHT LUCAS .... HARDIN THOMAS MCCLENDON . FOREST MILTON MARKER, JR. . . CHNARLES BOZEMORE NANCARROW LIVINGSTONE POPE NOELL . . . DUANE PAEEORD .... VIRGINIA ALICE PAEEORD . ARNOLD PEEBLES ..... SAMUEL DAVID PERL ...,. ELIZABETH BURTOREE PETXNAY . CAROLYN CECILIA PIERSON . . . JAMES HAGAN POWELL . . . MAURICE COLLINS PRUITT . YVILLIAM GATES RICH . . ROBERT ELSTONE SHANRLIN . . FRANCES ELIZABETH SHAVER . . WILL H. SHEARON. . . . DOUGLAS SIMPKINS. . . WILLIAM CIC!-IRO SMITH . . RANNIE THROGMORTON . . HERBERT MORTIMER TRULI. . ALBERTA TUCRER .... JESSIE EDNA TUCI-:ER .... JOHN VADEN ....... LUCIEN EUGENE VANDERGRIIPT . NEWVTDN KELLY' VAUGHAN . . . FRED VVOHLKE WVAGNER . . . ROBERT LAUNIS NVALKER . RICHARD WVATKINS .,.. VERA LoIs VVATTS . . . . . Trenton, Tenn. . . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . . . Dayton . . Dallas, Texas . . . Nashville . . . Nashville . Futsing, China . . Nashville . . Lebanon . Nashville . . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . . Nashville . . Madison . . . . . .Gallatin . . . Nashville Totowa Boro, N. J. . . . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Hermitage . . Nashville . . Nashville . Goodlettsville . . . Nashville . . Mt. Pleasant . . Nashville . . Nashville . . . . Nashville . . . . Nashville . Vvashington, Ga. . . . .Donelson . . . . Nashville . Texarkana, Ariz. . . . . Nashville . . Nashville . . .-Nashville . . . . Nashville . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . .Nashville . . .Columbus . Minor Mill . . Nashville . . .Nashville . Ashland, Ky. . . Nashville . . .Nashville . . . Springfield . . Lafayette, Ga. . . Mayfield, Ky. . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Franklin . . Franklin . . . Nashville . . . . Nashville . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville g ffzd----kxx FRESEHAAN CLASS kj '3 FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row LUCY CAROLYN BINKLEY .... Nashville, Tenn. FRAZIEK ALBERS . ...... . .4 .... Nashville, Tenn. 'hu and Selena' flrls arid Saenu' JoHN YK7ESLEY BLACK, JR. . . . Birmingham, Ala. " X flris and Science BEN K. ALLEN, JR. . . . Lake Cormoranr, Miss. A K E 'lm inf ff""'f" NED BOND ......... Nashville, Tenn. JESSE ANDERSON ....... Memphis, Tenn JH! and sawn' .-Irts and Srience ' GAG 2 N Glee Club, '33-'34g Band. '33-'34. HARRY HUGHES APPLEBY .... Nashville, Tenn. B""""" RW Engineering E A E BENJAMIN EDWARDS BOONE, III . . . Elkton, Ky. CHARLES ARNOLD . l .... Nashville, Tenn. ANI midxsamce Engznrering " 'i' A 9 VVILLIAM R, BORCHES ..... Nashville, Tenn. HOW'ARD E. BALL, JR. ..... Nashville, Tenn. Hflf and Sflfflff Engineering A K E A K E Freshman Football, FRED P. BoswELL ...... Montgomery, Ala. Arts and Stirnce Middle Rofw 4' A 9 CLIFFORD BATEMAN . . . h. . McKenzie, Tenll. GEORGE DURY BRENiFLNfAN '. ' ' NaShV"1flTm"- Engineering "9""'f""9 A 'l' sz IT K A ANNETTE BEASLEY .... . . Nashville, Tenn. SIDNEY BROCKMAN ---- - - New Y0l'k, N- Y- Bachelor of .flris Bafhelor of Arts F 'P B z B T ANNE CARTER BE'f1KIEEYi'd'S 1 n' ' ' Atlanta' Ga' JORDAN STOKES BROWN, JR. . . Springfield, Tenn. ' f 5 'Z A Am, M Arts and Scirnre Co-Editors 2 X I U I g- FRESHMAN CLASS Top Rofw DAVID VVALTER COLEMAN . . . . . Burgin, Ky. , flrlx and Science lVlALVERN H. VV. BROWN . . . . Nashville, Tenn. 2 A E Engineering Freshman Football: Freshman Bnskvlbnll. 2 X ORRIE A. COUCH, JR. . .... Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT LEE BRUBAKER . . . . . Greenfield, Ohio Bachelor of elrlls Arts and Science A X A X 'P JOHN MCELROY CROVVELL . . '. . Nashville, Tenn. EMMA BERRY BRYAN . .... Nashville, Tenn. flff-V fglfg iflfflff' A775 121111 'ignite Glee Club: Presideni Fresaxnan Student Christian SSOC' 11 GD. HERBERT BUCHANAN . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Art: B01,,,,,, Row A X A A . LLEN B. CUMMI. cs .. . . . , " . DORIS BUSBY . . . . . . . . . Laurel, Miss. V blnlrznwring Nashville' Tenn Bachelor of Arts jg 9 H NATHANIEL W. CABELL . . .. . Charleston, S. C. MARGARET D1cRENsoN . . .. . . Madison, Tenn. Arts and Science Arts and Science K A A O TI Glee Club: Y. W2 C. A. VVILLIAM GROVES DINNING, JR. . . . Helena, Ark. Arts and Science 111 A 9 KEMPER HARI,.'XN DODSON, JR. . . Madison, Tenn. Arts and Science X X Middle Row RANDOLPH CATE .... . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Arts E X ERNEST TYREE CHADWELL, JR. . . Nashville, Tenn. . RIDLEY EDWARD DoNNE1.L . . . N h"l Arts and Sczence as H le' Tenn' Bachelor of Ari: E X qw A e CORINNE COHN ----- ,- E Nashville, Term- JAMES s, DUNBAR, III ..... Nashville, Tenn. Aff! and Sfleflff Engingg,-ing A E dr 2 X f FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row ANNE HESTER Fox . . .... Nashville, Tenn. NANCY EDVVARDS . .... . . Nashville, Tenn. Hfff ini gU""'e Arn and Srifnre A A A JOHN YVARREN FRANKLIN .... Adairsville, Ga. THDM.-ls JULIAN ELLIS .... Nashville, Tenn. fl"-' a'g1Q5f'f"ff' .lrlx and Sfifflft' A T 9 LELA REBECCA FRY ...... Nashville, Tenn. LEE LEWIS ENGLAND . . . .. . Nashville, Tenn. -'lflr and Sflfnre' Hrls and Selena' A 0 U A A A Y- W- C- A.: "Hustler" Reportvrg Glee Club. "HUStl9I"' Reporterg Dramatic Club, Gleo fwlllllj Y. W. C. A. JAMES CLARENCE EVANS . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bvffvm Row Arts and Srivnce , , A T 9 JOHN P. GAMBLE . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Freshman Football. Q A,-is and Science K FRANK M. FARRIS, JR. . . . Q. . Nashville, Tenn. A T 9 Am ing .srrlfnce SARAH GEISTMAN . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. President Freshman Class. Arts ini iclenu, ERNEST C. FINCH. . . . . . .Waverly, Tenn. "Hustler" Reporter: Dramarle Clubg Y. W. C. A.: Englnfn-,ng Glee Club. ' 4' K xl' MARTIN GILMORE . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. , Bachelor o Art: Mzddlle Rofw X .pf EDWIN WILSON FINCH, JR. . . Birmingham, Ala. GASTON I. GRIEL . . . - . . Montgomery, Ala. Ari: and Srzfnre Barhelor of Englnerring A K E , CURTIS BRABSON HALEY' R. . . B nr 'ood T . Jem. ORVAL lm-, JR. .... U . Shelbyville, Tenn. Am ad Smm If " ' em' Arts and Saence B 9 II 'P A 9 CARTER FORT u i .... ' l . Oak park, Ill. THOMAS KNIGHT HAPPEL, JR: . . Trenton, Tenn. Am and Srufnuf -471-F and Srrfnff' 2 X A K E ff'-""' x A l Top Rofw XVILLIAM D. HARDEMAN .... Nashville, Tenn .-Iris and Sfirnn' fb A G LOUISE CORINNE HARDISON . . . Nashville, Tenn :Iris and Svzrnn' K A 9 ANDREVV JOSEPH HARMON . .. .Nashville, Tenn .-Iris and Sm-mr K S FWSIIIYIQII Football, Ilaslu-I hull. . . . Ashland City, Tenn BILLY HARPER. . . :Iris and Sfirnu' A X A ROOER1' HARVEY . . flris and Scimcc A T S? ALICE STUART HENORICK .... Nashville, Tenn flrts and Science 2 K Middle Row GEORGE 'l'wvMAN HILL . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Engim-cring H K A NELSON PAGE IIILI., jk. . . .. . Birmingham, Ala :Iris and Science A K E DAVID EDWARD HINKLE . . . . Nashville, Tenn Ari: and Scicnte II K A Drum Manor: "HustlvI"' Reporter. . . . . . ,SwiftOn, Ark. FRESHMAN CLASS HELEN REGINA HIRSCH ...... Macon, Ga. .fl ri: and S l'fl'71ft' SAM H, HIRSCHMAN ...... Memphis, Tenn. .-Iris and Scirnrr BENTON HOLT, jk. ...... Central City, Ky, :Iris and Scinm' 41 A 9 Bolrom Row STANLEY F. HORN, jk. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Stirnn' 2 A E Freshman Fuotlmll. JAMES HOUK . . . . . . . . Nashville, Bachelor of Engmrrrmg E N Tenn. RALIAII EDVVARD HRUSKA .... Cleveland, Ohio Ari: and Scirncv X 41 Freshman Football. VERNON HIJTTON, jk. . . . . Ravenscrnfr, flrls and Srirnrr lib A 9 LOUISE JACKSON . ...... Nashville, Arts and Scimte F 41 B 0. M. KI:A'rIII.Ex' ...... Nashville, .iris and Sfifncr 2 N XVILLIAM GILLIAM KENNON, JR. . Nashville, Arts and Stimu- 41 A 9 Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. ff""" X A FRESHMAN CLASS Tap Row RAI' KNIGHT ........ Nashville, Tenn Bafhrlor of Enginrrrzng E N Rox' VV. KNlCHT,, JR. .... Birmingham, Ala Arts and Sricna' 'if A 6 ROBERT EDWARD KOEHM .... Nashville, Tenn ,-Irl: and Scivnfe I X HELEN KROECKEL ...... Nashville, Tenn Arts and Sricnce I' KIT' B EUGENE J. C. LAKOFF, JR. . . . Nashville, Tenn Bachrlor of Ari: l X 41 DOUGLAS LAMBETH . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. flrls and Scienrr K A ROBERT LEAVELL. . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. :Irfx and Scirnre 2 X Illiddle Row MYRTLE LEFTWICH . .... . Nashville, Tenn. Rarhrlor of .flris MARIIXN YVOODALL LITTLE .... Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Scifnfr I' Q B JAMES T. LIVINGSTON . . . : . Nashville, Tenn. Barhrlor of Engzmvrmg 'if K 'lf ROBERT VVORRELL LOVE . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Hrt: and Scienre B 9 H , vo THOMAS H. NL-KLONE .-Iris RUTH JOYCE MARTIN :Iris Y. xv. O. A.: Gleb Club J. A. MATTHEWS . . Art: Glee Club, Commodore . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. and Srirnrv B 9 ll . . . . .NzIshville, Tenn. and Sri:-nn' X K 3 Dflklllilflll Club: Spanish Club. . . . . . Barnesville, Ga. and Scxrncr H K A Band, '33, "Hustler" Staff. '33- '84. Botlom Rofw RICHARD lVIAT'l'HEWVS . Arts . . .. . . Franklin, Tenn. and Sctenre CP K 'P DAVID SI1EAR1Nc MAX'SON ..... Buford, Ga. Engineering QA9 FRANCIS Jos. MCCARTHX' .... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Ari: EN LII.I.IAN CATHERINE MCLAURTN . . Natchez, Miss. A rt: and Scicnce A 0 TI Y. XV. C. A.: "Hustler" Reporter. JONATHAN CHARLES MCMATH . . . Warren, Ohio .-I rl: and Scienfe A K E Freshman Football. VVII.I.IANI DUDLEY MCMURRAY . . Smyrna, Term. Engmrering B911 Vice-President Freshman Engineers. Rum' MCMURTARY' . 4-Iris . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. and Srirnce I' 'ii B g X fx FRESHMAN CLASS Top Rofw EIJWARD LAMAR MILLER . . . . Nashville, Jiri: and Scifnfz' A T Q WILLIAM Roms MILLER , . . Brownsville, .ilrlx and Snrnce A 'I' Q L. P. MooRE, JR. ..... . . . Greenvil i-'Iris and Sm-nr: '-lf A 9 VIRGINIA DARE MOORE .... Nashville, Ari: and Sfifncc A O II Y. VV. C. A.: Glee Club. VIVIAN Donns MooRE . . . . .Nashville, Arts and Sm-'nu' A O Il Y. VV. C. A.: Glee Club. YVILLIAM HoRAcE MORGAN . . . Nashville, Engineering II K A President Freshman Engineers. WHITE HALL MORRISON, JR. . , Nashville, Engzncrrzng '-If A 9 Middle Rofw Tenn. Tenn le, Ky. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn GORDEN MURPHEY. . . . . .Nashville Tenn Arts and Sfienrr A X A PAUL D. MURRELL ...... Kingsport, Enginrrring 2 X RICHARD C. NAILLING .... Union City, Bachelor of Arts A T S3 Tenn Tenn NVILLIAM A. NEELY . ..... Memphis, Tenn Arts and Sczenre K A HAYES NoEL ........ Nashville, Tenn .flrts and Science A K FI Fl'9Sl1H12lll Football, Bnseball: 'I.'I'fwk. CHARI.o1'I'E E. NORRED . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Barhrlor of .4rl.r VV1I.I.IAM CARLISLE NUcKoI.Ls . . Shawnee, Okla flrls and Scicnrc 2 A I-I 4'Hustler" Reporter. Botiom Row Jmw MOTEN OMOHUNDRO . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bafhelor of Arts li' K I2 GEORGE PRICE ORSEURN ..... Greenville, Ky. .iris and Science X 'TI Glee Club. MARJORIE BARR O'S1'EEN ..... Griflin, Ga. .-Iris and Sciente K A 9 LAWRENCE HAYES OWSLEY . 1. . . Eclectic, Ala. flrfs and Sfzrnce X 'P JACK STEPHENS PATTY ...... Shaw, Miss. .'IrtJ and Sczfncf if A 9 VVOODRING PEARsoN .... .. . Nashville, Tenn. iris and Snenre I X JAMES HAMPTON PECK .... Springfield, Tenn. .-1rt.r and Scifncr E X Band. g fig'- x fx FRESHMAN CLASS Top Rofw VV. R. PEEBLES . .... . . Columbia, Tenn Arts and Srzfncc E A E Sergeant-at-Arms FFHSIIIDZLII Class, Freshman Football CHARLES PENNINGTON ..... Nashville, Tenn Arls and Srience 2. X BILLY PETWAY ..... . .NashvilIe, Tenn Arts and Science E X HERBERT G. PLASMAN ...... Miami, Fla Bafhelor of Engineering H A 9 Freshman Football. FRANCES PATTON POWELL .... Nashville, Tenn Ari: and Scwnce A A A Co-Editors. ' CHARLES HENRX' REECE, JR. '. . Nashville, Tenn Ari.: and Srrrnu' K E NOEL HUGH RILEY .... : . . Ridgely, Tenn Alrts and Sczcnrz II K A Middle Row DAVID fl!-INRY RoDENHAIIsER . . Nashville, Tenn Engznerrzng 2 X Honor Committee. IJOROTHY ANN ROSS ..... Clarksville, Tenn. flrts and Sfienre A A A I ROBERT S. ROSSON . . . .G . Springfield, Tenn Arts and Srzence E X Band. JIMMY RYAN ...... . Springfield, Tenn. flrts and Scixnre K Z MARJORIE SCHMLIRLER .... New York, N. Y. Arts and Sfirncc A E fb ETIIEL SARA SCOGGINS ..... Nashville, Tenn. .flrls and Science K A 9 .AGATHA Sco1'I' ....... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of flrts Bottom Rofw JOHN S. SHAW, JR. ,.... Birmingham, Ala. Art: and Srience 'il A O ALEDA MARIE SHELTQN . . . Nashville, Tenn. .4rlJ and Srienre 2 K CHARLES HOWVARD SIMPSON, JR. . . Nashville, Tenn. .flris and Scienfe B 9 l'I MARY HELEN SIMPSON ..... Nashville, Tenn. flrts and Scirnfe K A 9 OI.A MAE SISK ...... Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Art: PATRICIA VOGAN SPEARMAN . . Aucon, Canal Zone :Iris and Scivnfc A O I1 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Glec Club. RICHARD Bunn STARTZELL . . . . Shamokin, Pa. Arts and S-cienre K 2 g - FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row CALISTER TURNER ...... Nashville, Tenn. , En inferin ROBERT WII.Ls STUROIVANT . . . Nashville, Tenn. Z3 9 H g JH! and Sflfnfc' IABBIE SCOTT VAUGHN .... Brentwood, Tenn. QHEME Barhrlor of flrts .VVADOELL YVALKER ...... Nashville, Tenn. FREDERICK RALPH SUITS .... Arkadelphia, Ark. this and Sdmw .flrls and Scirnre 'P K 2 I - f K A 9 -h 'll T DAN SC01..,.-FAYLORI , , . . . Memphis, Tenn. VSILLIN D. Vl EATTIERFORD . I. . Nas vi e, enn. Engintffing .flrts and Srzencr E A E Falcon: Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. MARY CORDELIA TAYLOR . . .. . Nashville, Tenn. Arts and Scwnte Bgifgm Row 2 K JESSE VADEN THACKSTON - ,- - Nashville, Tenn- GEORGE CI-III.ns YVELDON, JR. . . . Louisville, Ky. Aff-Y llflvd SUWIC6' .-Iris and Science lx E I fb K 2 MILTUN J- THOMASON - - - 5 - Nashville. Tenn- MARY' PEPPER VVEI.I.s ..... Nashville, Tenn. B0fl'f?l0f IfifKEA:9l"1'0"'fl9 Barhrlor of Ari: , . ROBERT XVHITFIELD . ..... Nashville, Tenn. OVERTON THOMPSZNQSJZAJ 866.710, Nashville, Tenn. Bafhflor of Engimwing 4 A E X 'I' A 9 CARTER LINDSAY XVILSON, JR: . . Nashville, Tenn. M-dd! R Enqrgflqrng 1 e ofw , D JOSEPH HARVEX' VVILSON, JR. . . Chattanooga, Tenn. JOHN CLAIBORNE THORNTON, JR., Brownsville, Tenn. A,-15 and Sfifngf Ari.: and Science dw A 9 A I' Sl IFl'9Silll1ill'l Football: Gloe Club: Intermural Swimming: Track: Baseball. SIDNEY TOMPKINS . ..... Nashville Tenn. , ' JACK VVITHERSPOON, JR. .... Nashville, Tenn. Art: and Scicncz' qi A 9 Engineering J. H. TOUCIITON . ...... . Valdosta, Ga. B 9 H Engincerhlg ALBERT SIIJNEI' ZEMP, JR. . . . . Portland, Ore. 3 A E Ari.: and Sciencr Glce Club: Freshman Football: Basketball: Traok: 2 A E "Commodore" Representative. "Hustler" Reporter. g ARMISTEAD, WII.LIAM HOUSTON . . . Nashville BALLEVV, JOSEPH HOMER. . . . . .Nashville BARR, WARREN THOMAS . . Birmingham, Ala. BARRETT, MARX' SUE . . BASKETTE, JESSIE ELAM . . BELL, CLAIRENE . . . . BENZ, EDMUND VVOODVVARD . BRADY, DOROTHY HYLAND . BRANDON, EVALYN CURREY . BREYER, JULIUS .,.. BROWN, MARTHA LOUISE . BRYAN, LAURENCE FREDERICK, BRYANT, EARL MILTON . . . BURNETTE, HORACE HOUSTON CALGY, WILLIAM DANIEL, JR. CARTER, ALFRED HENDERSON . CLARK, RICHARD THOMAS . CLAY, JACK VVILLIAMS . COMER, WILLIAM HAROLD . CORUM, FREDERICK MAXWELL DANIEL, XVILLIAM THOMAS . DAVIS, VVILLIAM GOLDEN . DEMOSS, ROBERT HEVVITI' . DOzIER, SARAH JEANETTE . . ELLIOT, FRANKLIN T. . . ELLIS, JOHN OSMAN . . EPSTEIN, LEON JOSEPH . . ESTES, CLAUDE HUGH . FINCI-I, ERNEST CLARK . FISHEL, MYRON PHILIP . . FRAZER, DUDLEY DUNN . . GENY, CHARLES FRANCIS . GESSLER, CARL .... GILLIAM, SARA LOUISE . . . . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Columbia . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . .Nashville Birmingham, Ala. . Charlton, Tenn. . . . Nashville . . . . Gallatin . Hamilton, Ohio . . . Nashville . Hopeville, Ga. . . .Nashville . Norristown, Pa. . . . Franklin . . Harlan, Ky. . . Nashville . . Springfield . . Nashville . . . . Gallatin Jersey City, N. J. Birmingham, Ala. . . . . VVaverly . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . McMinnville . . . Nashville GOLDSTEIN, MlI,TON LEONARD . Brownsville, Pa. HART, HENRY' COVVLES . . HANCOCK, HARRY w7AYMAN . HART, MARTHA ROBERTS . . HILL, LOWELL . . . . . .Nashville . . Fulton, Ky, . . Nashville . . Nashville HUGHES, EDWIN C. . . . JACKSUN, XNILLIAM WALTER . . JONES, DALLAS JACKSON . . KERSHAW', JOHN KARL . KLOTT, LEAH HELEN . KNOX, DALE IVAN . . LAWRENCE, EWING .... LEVINE, XVENDELL HOLMES . LEvY, ELM ER LEON . . LEVVIS, EUNICE. . . . LIPSCOME, JOHN PAUL . LITTLE, MARIAN WOODALL . Love, CLIFFORD . . . . . MARSHALL, DANIEL ARTHUR MAYEERRY, THOMAS BAYARD MCDONALD, JOHN KENNETH MILLIKEN, SARAH KE NDALL MORAN, LULA FAIN . . . OVERLEY, KENNETH LEE . PENICK, VVILLIAM XVALLACE POYNER, JA PURVIS, CH MES PAUL. . . ARLES GORDON . RICHARDSON, CLAUDE LESLIE ROBBINS, CHARLES EDWARDS SADLER, WILLIAM HENRY . SALLEE, RADI-'ORD . . . SCOTT, LEWIS. . . SELIOMAN, CLARENCE . . . SIMMONS, MELVIN MORRIS . SLAYDEN, ROBERT LEE . STANSFIELD, HAMILL . . TAX'LOR, BURDETTE KING . . Nashville . Brentwood . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . . . Sparta . Paducah, Ky. . . Nashville . . . Franklin Louisville, Ky. . . Nashville . .Nashville Glennville, Ga. . . Nashville . . Gallatin . Nashville . . Clarksville . . St. Louis, Mo. . . Nashville . Nashville . Nashville . . Nashville . Ironton, Mo. TRUITT, EDWARD ALEXANDER . Warrenton, Ga. LiNGER, LEONARD ........ Nashville VANTREASE, CHARLES VVOODSON . . . Gallatin VESTAL, HOLLAND ATLAS . . . . Athens, Tenn. WHITE, HAROLD . . . . Barnesville, Ga. WIENER, MARK MILTON ..... Nashville WILKINSON, VERNON WINSLOW . . Nashville WYILLIAMS, ARTHUR LYNCH . . . Blake, Ga. YVOOD, LONN IE .... . . Nashville - hi SCHQGI . OF RELIGICDN l SENIOR CLASS JOHN THLlRLOW BARRETT , . . New Orleans, La. W. MARSHON DEPo1s1'ER . . . Ponca City, Okla. Baflwlor of Diwinily Barhrlor of Divinity Fall-on Club: Mefxfs Chorus. Mews Chorus, Quau'tettv.' CHARLIE CARL DOLLAR ..... Roanoke, Ala. CHARLES CLARKSON ..... Pickaway, W. Va. Bflfhflvf f1fDi'vif1i1y Bllfflrfar of Di'l'il1ify Tl'P8Sl1l'l'l' Student Body School of Religion, '33-'342 Vice-President Sm-nior Class: Men's Chorus. MAYwoon josssvu Dom: ...... Olney, Ill. ROY D. COULTER ..... A - . Riverview, Ala. Bflfhflvf vf Di'L'i"ifJ' Bllfflflol' of Dfififlify Member XVinr1ing Doubles Tvam, Handball. '3-1. X-ff'-" SENIOR CLASS W. L. ENSOR .... - . . . Nashville, Tenn. GEORGE ST.-xl.EY Hum' , . .... VVaclely, Ala. Barhclor of Diwinily Bafhrlor of Di-vilzily Student Council, '32"33g Prvsident Middle Class. '32- '33g Vlfinner Houston Orntoricul Contest, 19323 Xvinner Hymn Reading Uuntest, 19333 Prusidont Student Body. '33-'Mg M1-n's Chorus. BERYL SALEs KINSER ..... Promise City, Ia. Burlzelor of Di-vinily , Stud:-nt, Union. '33-IH: Prvsidont Junior Class, '32-'33g RYONC CHYUN HAHM . . - - . . Seoul, Korea President Senior Class, '33-'34. Barhrlor of Dirvinity Men's Chorus. HERBERT VVILLIAM KNOPP . . . . Graymwn, O. C L H-xvuxms Naehwille Tenn Bafflffof 0fDi'vif1i1y , , . ' ' . .-..... L ' , . Bachelor of Divinity Phi Demi Kappa S - SENIOR CLASS BlzNJAMxN B. Kwox ...... Canton, China MAURX' ENGLISH REDFORD . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bafhelor of Divinity Barhelor of Divinity Men's Chorus. School of Religion Chorus. EDWARD H. TERRY' ....... Paducah, Ky. J. Q. PATRICK ........ Nashville, Tenn. Bafhflfff of Dfqfiflify Bafhclor of Dilvinily SARAH NANNETTE YVALKER . . . Nashville, Tenn. Barlzelor of Diwinily ATHENS CLAY PULLIAS l I Casiillian Springs' Tenn. Vice-President Student Body, '33-'3-tg Secretary and , , , Treasurer Svnior Class, '33-'3-43 Accompanist for Men's Bachelor of Dwxmiy Chorus. l Xzi-i X JUNIOR CLASS H. E. BERGER .... . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bachelor of Dia-'inily Svcretm'y and Trvasurvr Middle Class, '33-'3-l. JULIEN Enwmm SHOVVALTER . . Snowville, VV. Va. Bachelor of Difvinily President Middle Class, '33-'3-lg News Chorus: Van- derbilt Gloo Clulxg Dramatic Club. J. C. BOOTH ........ Nashville, Tenn. Barllrlor of Divinity Men's Chorus. PAUL R. Bnown . ........ Jasper, Ala. Bachelor of Difvinily Men's Chorus. F. Moiuus Donson ........ Searcy, Ark. Barhvlor of Di-vinily Secretary and Trvasurer Junior Class, '33-'34g Men's Chorus. SAM FRANK FREEMAN . . . . VVashington, D. C. Barhflor of Divinity Men's Chorus. ROYAL HUMBI-:RT . . - - .lndependem-e, Kan. Barhrlar of Diwinify Men's Chorus: School of Religion Qunrtvttv. CARL R, KEY . .... . . . . Hemp, N. C. Bachelor of Dizfinily IRA VV. LANGSTON ........ Dunn, N. C Bachrlor of Divinity President Junior Class. '33-'3-ig Men's Chorus: School of Religion Qum-tette: Vnndorbilt Quai-tette. EARLE LEBARON ........ Pensacola, Fla. Barhrlor of Divinily CH.-lRI.0'l'l'E lVlCCLANAllAN , . ,Nashvillel Tenn, Bachrlor of Divinity E. P. Rsncow . . ..... , , New-Pan, Ky Barhrlor of Divinity Men's Chorus. lVlRS. NORMA REIKOVV .... , , Ngyvpoff, Ky Barhrlor of Divinity Joris D. ROBINSON ...... Shannon, N. C. Bachrlor of Diwinify Men's Chorus. KIQRM11' TRAYLOR . . . . . . . . Newell, Ala. Barlzrlor of Divinity Men's Chorus: President Disciples Club, '33-'34. JAMES C. XVHITAKER . . . . . Farmerville, La. Bachelor of Divinity S '30, 5301.1-or., 6mL, deze. faww, 7,7 ew. ,,..,.,4,,,5,,,, JH- -fr-a.7fr-a-u-u- 4wu,t'f,, Zqiug ?,,ujwL'l 1740-1:1 l0w6'G.u4. Home f fo1v-br, ' 1 JK? 6:4-any TMu'fQwvo KJ' Jffdr 44?., nc. N sflm. o-Cal fraud? .' ip, waz. Ze,.,....' Ja? pri, but .4,:1-1.06 3964 tf LVW4 5. 'L e 'Ci 641' AAAJJLTGA I' 5-frZZ'L2.'f5u4:l,?t4.?:vvC bwfrgard'-:ae .' -fr?-4-Mt 40 fgfw+..rf,.,., an f,.,.,,.,,, 4 t Ja fvva. 70-ay mfev-ufvr frwubg-frT:4vA:BfYQAb21, ow- 0-gg, rr hug? .70 .401-u,fLa 2.74 "tb, wma yevv jfa4l-Z, fdaufwl yovjgula - yan- -657+ 4.-1--Q66 u4.vL him ffovw n....ol. d..l..4,l-Q. a.da?4 50- 11-7,4-+5--Cgyf. fr-v-L 55.135 -Gia-od Sf., mt., f,.,,.Le tefwm, MA uyfff-gf-5-4 00" Cove, any fCv1-'ff'-5511, Nwvr 4444! hub., 0 ?404Dl4-M4 ,fl.vv'ffr.' 0 flafvnluq. af51:-val, yo-4. 4-srufuaz flonase:-.1 a-va aw-:L an .I Z....,.a, ,,,.t,.,.s,. M-Lgjjfgw CDean W. F. 'Tillett Dr. Tillett, Dean-Emeritus of tlre School of Religion, during over ffty years of faithful service to Vanderbilt has gained a permanent place in the annals ofthe institution and in tlve lvearts of tlve students. g - vm SCI-IGCDL CDF MEDICINE SCI-IDOL OF LAW 2 I SENIOR MEDICINE GEORGE FERGUSON ARCHER, JR. . Greenville, Miss. Doctor of Medicine if A 6, A K K Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Olglegn Alpha: Witherspoon Glu . Wmzsn Kmsm' BRUBAKER .... Greenfield, 0. Doctor of Medirine X fb ROBERT M. BUCHANAN, JR. . Hendersonville, Tenn. Doctor of Medifine A K K Alpha Omega Alpha Witherspooxx Club Vice Plesl THOMAS C. BUTLER ....... Waco, Tex. Doctor of Medicine J. Russsu. COOK ..... Huntington, W. Va. Dodor of Medicine '-15 A 9 Phi Beta Kappa., Alpha Omega Alpha: Wvitherspoon Club. FRANK M. Dnvxs . ...... Corinth, Miss. ' denI. senior class. I I in I ' Doctor of Medicine ? ' J. THOMAS G1LBERT. . . . . . .Paducah, Ky. HERMAN LEON ROSEN. . . . . .Dora, Ala. A Dodar of Illedirim' Dortor of Mcdirine II K A Z B T Eve Club. Skull and Bones, '30-'311 Snphnmore Honor Roll, '30g Honor l'mnmittec-, '31-'32g Chairnmn Honor Committee Medical Svhool, '33-'3-4: A, O. A. A ' a ' I 7 , , SAUL GREIZMAKI . ...,.. Pmsburgh, P . Doclor of Medirine ARTHUR J. SUTHERLAND jk. . . Nashville Tenn. Doctor of Mcditine , J. A. IXENNEDY ....... Nashxille Tenn. Donor of Medifine M. C. WYOODFIN ...... Be Buckle Tenn. CID A 9 Dodor of Mfdifine g - KPNNEIH BOACNI Opelouvu La JAM!-'S LAVVHORNI England Ark f B I I fL Bachelor o La-w aug or 0 ww HARIES BUILA Nwshulle Tenn Bachelor o I w AXA 411341 Ru Consufx Barhllor o Law.. Y' A qf, , , ve Club: Secret'u'y-Treasunr Owl Club lluxillx . affg Y. .L '. . K-xblu g resident 01 Iunlox lux Altus ,Klub Pm Dena Pm Class' Student Council JOHN O. DICKINSON ..... Nashulle Tenn Barhelor of Lafu. MANUFI S ALASIKE Nashulle Tenn V A 1- Bachelor of Law SENIOR LAW C . . . .... . . . f .a' 'V ! Freshman Track Team: Glev Clubg ... Y, A fl' A 1 X Qt 'X 1 A H l'l P N ff'-' x f-X UNDERGRADUATE LAW Joe ABRAHAM . . . . . . . . Huntsville, Ala. Bathvlor of La-w Z B T Associate Editor "Hustler," '31-'32t S0llh0m0l'P HQYIOI' Roll. 'li2: Eta Sigma, Phi, '31g Phi Beta Knppn: Presl- dont Freshniun Law: Brutum Fulmen: SVI-estling Team: Boxing Tram, '33-'3-l. Es'rIsI,I.E CDHEN ....... Nashville, Tenn. Barhelor of Law JOHN XVILLIAM Cons ...... Frankfort, O. Bachelor of Law X fir Phi Delta Phl. ROBERT Hous'roN HORSLEY . . . Hartsville, Tenn. Bachelor of Law E A E Honor Committee: Student Advertising Representa- tive ol' Alumnusi Sports Editor of "Hustle-r": Col- lege Sem-retnry Young Deinovrnts. FARI.aNn Rossixs ....... Mayfield, Ky. Barhrlor of Lau- E N A,B. Degree from Vanderbilt: Tau Knppu Alpha: Phi Delta Phi: Editor "fIUStl9l'-N '32-'33: Student Council. '32-'33: Student Union Board, '33: Senior "PoImnittei- of Nine." '32-'33: "Ul1l1ll110dUl'0" li0Dl't'Si'lllRllX'9 ol' Junior Plnss, '31-'32: Associate Editor of "Hustler," '30-'31-'32: Varsity Debntlng Tonm. '30-'31: Commo- dore Band, '29-'30-'31: "Hustler" Reporter. '29-'30: Sophomore Honor Roll: Brutum Fulmen. SEYMOUR SAMUELS, JR. .... Nashville, Tenn. Bnflzelor of Lafw Z B T Phi Beta Knppd: .'Al'tllS Club: Business Manager "Mas- quernderj' '33: Freshman Trnvk, '30: Varsity Track, '31' Blur Pencil Club' Honor Committee "!"' "I-lust WILLIAM FI.Ia1'cIIsR SMITH . . . Nashville, Tenn. Barhflor of Law fir K XI' ROBERT PATTEN VVILLIAMS . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Barhflor of Law E A E Phi Delta Phi: Phi Bom Kuppa: President Junior Law, RICHARD FREDERIC WYERTHEIMER . Cumberland, Ma. Bachrlor of Law Z B T Glee Club. PARKER Hour ....... Tullahoma, Tenn. Barhrlor of Lafw A T S2 Phi Bi-tn Kappa: Tnu Kappa Alpha: Owl Club: De- bating Team. Forensic Mnnnger 'Iii-'33: Artus Club: FoIInder's Medal ln Oratory, '33: Sevretary Student Union, '33-'3-1. JESSE JOHNSON, JR. ..... . Nashville, TCIIII. Barhflor of Law E N PALILINE LAFON . - ..... Jackson, Tenn. Rnrhrlor of Law C. C. MIl.I.ER .,....... jackson, Tenn. Barhrlor of Law A T Q Band. '33: Freshman Irion"Stem:-selitative Honor Coun- jnmss DIsBow NICHOI. ..... Nashville, Tenn. Bafhrlor of Law QD A 9 Ireshman Football: Froshmnii Trnvk: Vnrsity Track: President Freshman Lnw, '34, RICHARD E. PIGOTT ....... Milan, Tenn. ' Ie,-Vsraff. 'ao--31, ' "' ' - Bafhflof vf LU'-U Vanderbilt Forever 1 Vanderbilt, we can see your banners flying As the Gold and Black sweeps by, Vanderbilt, we can hear the south wind crying That our victory is nigh, On to the goal, and as you swing along we'll sing a song To speed you on your way. 2 Come on, you storming sons of Dixie, Sweep the field today! Charge on, the goal is calling you, And none can bar the way! Vanderbilt! Vanderbilt! Forever still the Gold and Black holds sway! CHORUS Foeman, tremble as we sing a song of Vanderbilt, As the Gold and Black breaks through, And hear our slogan ring As down the open yield we swing Where a victory is due By smash and crash, come on, by line and end, we'll sing our song Of marching feet and hearts of flame, On to the Goal, let's go, and show them as we drive along That Vanderbilt rides on her way to fame. g -- -. .. ' ' -. I - SCI-ICDCDL GF NURSING 3'- THE SCHOOL OF NURSING VANDERBILT UNIVERITY The school of Nursing of Vanderbilt University offers two courses of study, namely Q15 a basic professional curriculum in nursing, and C25 a combined academic and advanced professional curriculum in nursing. The basic professional curriculum is offered to young women who are desirous of becoming graduate, registered nursesg this curriculum leads to a Diploma in Nursing. The combined academic and ad- vanced professional curriculum in nursing is offered to graduate nurses who wish to prepare themselves for the following two specialized fields of nursing, to wit, Public Health Nursing and Administration in Schools of Nursing. This curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The facilities for instruction of the School of Nursing include the School of Nursing building, the Rutherford County Health Unit, the wards and special di- visions of Vanderbilt University Hospital, the General Library and Medical-Nursing Library of Vanderbilt University, the School of lliedicine, the College of Arts and Science, the Fannie Battle Day Home, and the Davidson County VVelfare Commission. The requirements for admission for the Diploma in Nursing course are gradua- tion from an accredited secondary school and the completion of a full course of study which includes fifteen prescribed units of work. The requirements for admission to the course of study offered to graduate nurses are the same as those for the Diploma in Nursing course and, in addition, graduation from an approved school of nursing. All requests for information regarding the School and its courses as well as all questions relative to admixion should be addressed to the Dean, School of Nursing, Vanderbilt University. l ,jan .Bfalzclze gfuason MOST OUTSTANDING GIRL IN SCHOOL OF NURSING -5- ff'- X fx MARVEL E. AKINS . JESSIE MAE BEASLEY DOROTHY CHANDLER MARIAN CONE . . MILDRED V. DENNIS MAXINE DONAHOO . MARTHA E. FINNEY SENIOR CLASS Caniiiilatzi Dandifiatc Clanaiclafif Dandidate clmliidafi Candidate Caniliclate TOP Row for Ihr. Diploma for Ihr Diploma for thi' Diploma BOTTOM Row forithe Diploma for the Diploma for the Diploriia for the Diploma Nursing Nursing .....Mt. Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Etowah, Tennessee Allisona, Tennessee Pleasant, Tennessee . Atlanta, Georgia Jackson, Tennessee Jefferson City, Tennessee Florence, Alabama N fj- x A V1v1AN Lrrz . SARAH MCCULLOUOH LUCY H. MOOREFIELD PAULINE P'POoL . . MYRTLE RAMSAY . . MILDRED E. TAYLOR EVELYN UMBERGER . SENIOR CLASS candidaif band ida-to Candidate Candidate' Candidate Dandiilale Camlidate TOP Row for. tho Diploma for the Diploma for the Diploma BOTTOM Row for the Diploma for the Diploma ,lor the Diploma for the Diploma Nursing N ursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Morristown, Tennessee . Lascassas, Tennessee . . Cadiz, Kentucky . Nashville, Tennessee . . Alpine, Tennessee . Sullivan, Ohio . . .Kingsport, Tennessee fa- RUBY LEE BUTLER . . ELISE COLEMAN . . VIRGINIA MAE Dix . . MARX' ELISE FLETCHER . BLANCHE HUDSON . RUTH M. JONES . . EMMA LEE KELLEY ., MARY FRANCES KLOEPEER ELIZABETH ANNE KRANZ CARRA LOU MCCASKILL . . JUNIOR CLASS camiidiff Candidate Candidate Candidate Candidate Candidate Canldidati' Candidate Candidate Candidate TOP Row 'foi ta2.Dipl1ima ii: Idunsirig for lhri Dliplomia in iVu.rsiizg -foi tae .Di2lCIIlli ii: 1l'urisin.g .foe tile Tliklolmd iri Iduriina for the' Diiptomla in lVu-rsiizg BOTTOM Row for for .foe for f r the the the the Diploma in Nursing ljiplonia in .Ndrsing Tlilbloinal iri xurifina biihlodnd iri Alurisina Dzploma Nurnn 9 . Mansfield, Tennessee . Brentwood, Tennessee VVinter Haven, Florida River Junction, Florida . Cookeville, Tennessee . . Columbus, Georgia Whitesville, Kentucky . Columbia, Tennessee . Nashville, Tennessee Somerville Tennessee athe' in" X K--f- jEsslE MCCORD JIMMIF MARK IN NIRGINIA MQELLER MARGARET INA PORTER MILIJRED REDFORD ROSERA RICHARDSON ERNA SCHAFER . WILMA SHASTEEN . . MARTHA STETN . MARY' KATHERINE WARD . . Jo H1LNA NNEATHERLY . JUNIOR CLASS Candidate Candidatz' Candnlalf' Candidale Candzdah- Candadale Candidale C andidale Landidalr Candidale Candidale Tfaiididale f f 07' 07' UI' fo f Of flu: Diploma ze Diploma le Diploma If Diploma ll' Diploma the Diploma BOTTOM Row f I' I' f for for ze Diploma ze Diploma 4 Diploma , Diploma the Diploma the Diploma 99 Nursing Alhsona Tennessee Thompson Station Tennessee Nursing A urszug N urnng Nursing N ursmg Nursing Nursing A ursing A ursing Nursing Nursing Carlisle Pennsvls anna Richburg South Carolina Glasgow Kentucky Erin Tennessee . Mexico City Mexico . Fayetteville Tennessee Nashsille Tennessee Thornton, Mississippi . . Nashville, Tennessee TOP Row . . in , . A 4 g .n-..u.-.o..-.q A I , A ' for tl ' in ' . . . . ...... . . .-...... -, , ,i ' . ' f ll ' in ' ' BETTY MAXTNE MUSGRAVE ,...... ....... . .... L ouisville, Kentucky ' il ' in ' ' , r il ' in ' a u.u...sun 4 -.-.n.-.w , Y, -' ' ' in ' l ........ -......... . . . , , fo tl in fo ll in J ' for th' in ' Y ! o tln' U1 ' FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE CLASS TOP Row OLA BEALL . . . . VVest Huntsville, Ala. ELIZABETH EMILIE BOYE . . . Mobile, Ala. Candidate for thi' Diploma ill Nursing Candidate for thi' Diploma ill Nursing ANNIE MARIA BE.wERs . . . Leesburg, Va. SARAH ICATHRYN BUCHANAN . Decatur, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for tho Diploma in Nursing JANET BENN. . . . . . .EIowah, Tenn. ALLEEN CALHOUN .... Marianna, Fla. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma ln Nursing CENTER Row MARY IRENE CUMMINS . . Harriman, Tenn. AUDRIE KATHLEEN GUTHRIE . . Albany, Ky. Candidate for the Diploma ln Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing ALICE TEMPLE DYER . . . Ridgetop, Tenn. DORIS HEDDEN ..... West Union, S. C. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for thc Diploma in Nursing ANNIE THELMA EASLEY . . Bruceton, Tenn. JULIA JANE HEREFORD . . . Lebanon, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing BoTI'OM Row NELLE HOLLIDAY .... Greenville, S. C. LOUISE LEFEVER LAMBERT . Purcelleville, Va. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for thc Diploma in Nursing MARY' EVELYN KING . . . . Midway, Ala. AGNEY LOONEY . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing ETHEL MORRISON LACKEY . . Ridgetop, Tenn. ANN LOONEY . .... . Nashville, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing X-'f'f"-i FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE CLASS T09 Row E'l'l-llil. BELLE LOVELL . . . Nashville, Tenn. ESTHER MosER . . .... Petrolia, Texas Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing SARA EMILY NIATTHEWS . . Fort Valley, Ga. IDALIA PAncE1'1' . . . . Green Pond, S. C. Candidate for tho Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing DOROTHY LAVANIA MORRIS . Columbus, Miss. XVILLIE Born PARKER . . . VVaverly, Tenn. Candidate for thu Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing CENTER Row COLA RAAXINE POPE ...... Cork, Ga. MARY LOUISE Sc0'1'1' . . . VVaverly, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing MARIIIA ELIzAnE1'H REID . . jackson, Tenn. ELIZABETH jE1'soN SPELL . . . Miami, Fla. Candidate for the Diploma ln Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing HATTIE BLANCHE SVVAIN . . . Anthony, Fla. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Borrom Row ORA LOUELLA Tuomrsox, Chapel Hill, Tenn. FRANCES ETHEL XVALLACE . Harriman, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing BILLIE TURNER . . . . . Waverly, Tenn. Bonms BOWLING WHITE . . Nashville, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing LAURA E. VAN BRUNT . . Fernandina, Fla. MARX' NEAL YVILSON . . McMinnville, Tenn. Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing Candidate for the Diploma in Nursing '- CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE or BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING WITH A MAJOR IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING SUE BACOT .... CLARA BRATTON ..... TENNESSEE DODSON . . . BCIARY ELIZABETH FLENIING VVINIFRED T. LYNCH . . ROEERTA BIAHONEY . . . ELIZABETH T. IHCDONNELL ORA MOORE ....... EVELYN E. IYIORGAN . . HELEN NIOSER .... BETTYE PENNINGTON . . NELLIE O. TURNER . . Tov Row BOTTOM Row . Nashville, Tennessee . .Woodbury, Tennessee Ravenscroft, Tennessee . Stillwater, Oklahoma . .Anderson, Indiana Greeneville, Mississippi . . Birmingham, Alabama . . Trenton, Tennessee . McComb, Mississippi . . . . Dallas, Texas Union City, Tennessee Greenwood, lVIississippi OFFICERS OF STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION MILDREIJ TAYLOR . . . ,,,, , Pr,f5i,ip,,f MARTHA FINNEY. . ...... Vice-President RUBY BUTLER . . . Sf-rrelary-Treaxurer SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES SARAH MCCULLOUGH PAULINE P'PooL MAXINE DoNAHoo LUcv MOOREFIELD JUNIOR CLAss REPRESENTATIVES BLANCHE HUDSON RUTH JONES EMMA LEE KELLEY MAXINE MUSGRAVE SOPHOMORE-FRESHMEN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES ETHEL LACKEY BOBBIE VV!-IITE The Student Council, which is the Executive Committee of the Student Coopera- tive Association, is composed of the officers of the Student Cooperative Association and four representatives of each class. v- 4' . -9,5233 H- 2 -- . La' Sui. X " h, fM ef 2 LQ . Ty. ' . xg xx .R K.LL QI WEARERS GF FOOTBALL JOE ABRAHAM 5 PAUL ALLEN TOM ANDERSON IIOE BARRY GENE BECK BOE BERSON TOM BOSVVELL SAM BROWN i MATT CARl0SS I Ross CHESI-IIRE HAL CLAEI-'EY DAVIS CLARK VERNON CLOSE BASKETBALL I BASEBALL TENNIS WRESTLING I BOXING L Y,.-i,,,7,, , 7, , FRANCIS CROCRETT' D PETE CURLEY I'l0VV.-KRD TOM DAVIS ARNOLD LEO IJICKISON CLYDE RAND DIXON CHARLES' DUEOIS CARL EARL SELMAN FORTUNE JULIAN FOSTER WILLIE GENX' ALVIN GRAHAM HARRY CTUFFEE XVADE HAMPTON AvERY HANIILEY GEORGE PIE ZELO'I'Es RIC DIXIE ROBERTS ALLEN ROSS SEYMOUR SAMUEI.s JIM SCOGGINS LEONARD SCOTT MALLORY HARWELL BURTOX SIIACRLEEORD TOMMY HENDERSON IIARVEY SI-IERER JIMMIE IIOLLIDAY DOUG SIMPRINS HAROLD HUGGINS ARC!! SMITII CIAIARLEY HULL GENE STRAYHORN JACK JETER W. C. SMITH OVVEN JONES TOM SNEED NANCE JORDAN BILL SUIIRIIEINRICII CLARENCE KING RANNY TIIROOMORTON PETE KEENE PHIL TURNER JIM LUCAS NATIIAN XVOODRUFF Bon LINDSEY LANG VVROION CHANCELLOR LACY BILL SUTHERLAND W l- f f ,L ,i , TI-IE VAUGIIN IWANSFIELD JACK MCCLELLAN ALBERT MCKAY lY10R'l'0N MCMURRAY MARVIN IVIILLER CHASE N10ONEY BILLY NIULLIN BILL MOREHEAD HARRY NEw'I'ON OSCAR NOEL ROBERT NOEL BOBBY OLIVER GLENN OVERLY ICK OWEN PARDUE PEEBLES PERRY JIMMY PEOPLES CARLYLE PHELPS RCE NORFLEET RAND E "COACH DAN" VVith characteristic energy and determination "Coach Dan" attacked the dubious problem of molding a green team of sophomores around several veterans. Not promising Z1 championship team he pulled the inexperienced squad through a strenuous fall schedule to develop them into a potential winner by the last game VARSITY andthe coaches Ever eager to see the Gold and Black prevail against all opposition, Coaches Cody and Cohen were tried to the utmost to place a varsity eleven on the field that would live up to the past reputations of the Commodore aggregation. Fall saw josh and Russ with new battle plans for the Black Battalion, but these had to he laid aside until the team was knit into a more compact machine. Their task was a slow and hard one while the team was mastering the fundamentals of the running formations. Vanderbilt is fortunate in having two such keen masters of the fine points of America's foremost sport. "JOSH" AND "RUSS" FGCDTBALI. SQUAD The Gold and Black Warriors returned early in September to find a difficult and strenuous season before them. Though the team was com- posed of green and untried sophomores, it was not lacking in that fighting spirit and aggressiveness that has always been found dangerous by Vandy's opponents. The first game of the season saw the Commodore backs run rough shod over Cumberland. The following game with Oklahoma se- verely tried the mettle of the whole squad and they were not found want- ing. The Tarheels were subdued by a ferocious and brilliant passing at- tack on the part of the Commodores. While facing certain defeat at the hands of the Ohio State aggregation, the whole team fought with sur- prising energy and courage. Next on the card was the Mississippi A. and M. team, who held the Commodores to a heartbreaking deadlock. Denied of victory from the Aggies the Gold and Black team came from behind to snatch a thrilling victory from the Jackets of Georgia Tech. A revival of old spirit saw the Sewanee Tiger beheaded in the homecoming game. Though completely routed at Tennessee the Commodores spirit revived against Alabama and nearly succeeded in ousting the big red team from the throne. The Commodores were glorious even in defeat. - Oliver goes over for another against Cumberland RESUME OF FOOTBALL SEASON BOB BERSON. TACKLE Brownsville, Tenn. Bob playing his last year for the Commo- dores ended his career in a most praise- worthy manner. Big and strong, he was constantly breaking through and smearing up plays before they got started. It will be hard to plug up the hole left by "Big Butch" VANDERBILT, 50 CUMBERLAND, 0 The Commodores opened the 1933 season with a decisive but unimpressive victory over Cumberland. The fact that the entire squad saw service in the game afforded the coaches an excellent opportunity to size up the potentialities of the team. The sophomore backs led the scoring attacks, making all the touchdowns. Although Cumberland was aggressive and alert throughout the game, they were no match for the young Commodores, who were eager to prove their ability. Bobby Oliver, sensational sophomore, paced the scorers, mak- ing four of Vander-bilt's touchdowns. Rand Dixon offered a neat demonstration of kicking, also making two of the touch- downs. The game afforded no means of detecting Haws or ascertaining the real power of the Vandy machine due to the inferiority of the opponents. But it did show the potentiali- ties of the sophomore backs and linemen. VANDERBILT, 0 OKLAHOMA, 0 It was a hot day in September when the Vanderbilt Com- modores faced their first formidable foes of the season. No one knew of the unexpected power which the Sooners pos- ll0 EUGENE BECK, FU LLBACK CAPTAIN-ELECT Erwin, Tenn. A strong feature of the Commodore defense was Gene's ability to back up the line. He was always a consistent ground gainer and a deadly blocker. His recognized leadership and inspi- ration will be an important factor in the success of next year's team, which he will captain. VERNON CLOSE. HALFBACK Shamrock, Texas Throughout his three years of varsity com- petition, "Mighty Close" has shown his wares to the Gold and Black opponents hy being a most elheient hall carrier and one of the best blocking backs in the con- ference. His loss to the Commodore squad will be keenly felt. RAND DIXON, OUARTERBACK Nashville, Tenn. Rand was one of the most sensational sophomore performers in the confer- ence ranks. His keen judgment and brilliant toe work was instrumental in pulling the team out of many a tough spot. He was indeed the spearhead in the Commodore attack. sessed for they were in fact a superior team as they had been pointing for this game since it was scheduled. It was the first real test of the courage and ability of the Sophomores when faced with possible defeat. The fact that the team was com- posed mostly of sophomores made their valiant stand all the more laudable. Vandy's plans of battle were literally of no consequence under the extremely adverse conditions. Rand Dixon, a raw sophomore, was called upon time and again to punt the Commodores out of danger to "keep the Sooners from the door." The defensive work of the "green,' Commo- dores was particularly pleasing to the coaches. Never in scoring territory, the Commodore offensive had no chance to display any tcuchdown punch. VANDERBILT, 20 NORTH CAROLINA, I4 A sudden barrage of bullet-like passes in the first three minutes swept the North Carolina Tarheels completely off their balance, and netted the Commodores an early touchdown lead. Apparently not satisfied with this margin the Gold and Black offensive again swung into action with deadly effect. A series of line huclcs and short passes brought the Commo- dores into scoring'territory where a flat pass to Beclc was car- BILL SUHRHEINRICH, END Evansville, Ind. "The Flying Dutchman from Evansville" has probably played more different posi- tions than any man on the team. He started his playing career as a plunging fullback, then was shifted to guard. Last fall he was called to hold down one of the flank positions and proved to he one of the steadiest men on the team. Ill K BILLY M ULLIN. HALFBACK Texa rlta na , Texas One of the fastest men on the squad, Billy was always able to give the opposing team a run for their money. Lack of experience prevented him from seeing much action this year, however be can be counted on for more brilliant runs next fall. HARRY GUFFEE. GUARD Franklin, Tenn. Gulfee was one of the most conscien- tious and hard-working members of the team. Heavy, fast and powerful, Harry was hard to handle-just ask those Alabama boys. Big things are expected of him next year. .asf V ,??ifg,s.e.g,eg.,g mass . EUGENE STRAYHORN. CENTER Nashville, Tenn. "Trader Horn" alternated at center with Jordan and proved his right to that position for next year's team. He was a hard worker and a capable understudy to River, and will surely see plenty of action against Vandy's opponents next fall. BURTON SHACKLEFORD, END Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Incapacitated early in the season due to a shoulder injury, Shack hit his stride in the later games. Rarely Hashy, Burt was al- ways consistent in holding down one of the Hanks. "VViz" leaves us in June, and has aspirations to become Il professional baseball player. riecl over for a touchdown. Immediately the Tarheels brought up their big guns and a long pass to Bell netting some 52 yards threatened Vanderbilt's lead. The half ended with Vandy playing only a mediocre brand of ball, tenaciously holding to a 14-7 lead. In the third quarter, the North Car- olina backs catried the ball deep into Vandy territory, but were repulsed before they reached the promised land. Fully awakened by the visitors' display of power, the Commodore grid machine rambled down the field with Bobby Oliver dash- ing over from the ten yard line. A surprise pass attack caught the Black Battalion napping and again the North Carolinas rushed across the line. Dixon's early efforts were cut short early in the fourth period when he suffered a broken wrist. Geny's ability to snag passes from the ether did well to establish him as one of Vandy's best ends. Suhrheinrich at the other wing post put up one of the best games of his career. VANDERBILT, 0 OHIO STATE, 20 Their lineup shattered by injuries, the Gold and Black gridders travelled to Columbus to engage one of the mid- West strongest aggregations in the form of Ohio State Uni- nz l Tarheels hold Vandy for f-ve-yard gain RESUME OF FO OTBALL SEASON versity. A bone-crushing line aided by a quartet of hammer- ing backs, proved a nemesis to any Vanderbilt hopes for vic- tory, but the hghting spirit of the boys from below the Mason and Dixon line never waned and prevented a possible rout. A stalwart defensive stand on the part of the Vandy linemen held the powerful Buckeyes to a 7-0 lead at the half-way mark. Nick Lucas time and again kicked the Commodores out of danger, helping to turn back kniiing thrusts deep into Vandy territory. Q In the second half, the Ohio State aggregation lost no time in taking advantage of a short punt by Bobby Oliver from behind the goal line and power-housed the Vandy for- wall for the second touchdown. Gaining possession of the ball near midfield on another lucky break, Cramer and Smith led a successful third quarter offensive against the jaded Southerners. But for the two bad breaks in the third period, the result of the affair might have dwindled to a one-touch- down margin. Held in their own territory all afternoon, the Vandy aerial attack that worked so successfully against North Cato- lina failed to materialize. Big Sam Brown, by virtue of his heroic line play, was rewarded by being placed on the weekly II3 SAM BROWN. TACKLE Dallas, Texas One of Sam's favorite positions was in the opponent's backfielrl, due to his great power and driving ability. His work at Ohio State will be remembered by all who witnessed the game. He is a player of great promise and exceptional ability. Beck starting on five-yard gain against Mississippi RESUME OF FOOTBALL SEASON RANNIE THROGMORTON, TACKLE Maynard, Ky. This was Rannie's first year on the varsity. Coming up with great pos- sihilities from last yt-ar's freshman team, he soon developed his power and speed. Ile has plenty of weight, and is one ofthe most aggressive line- men on the team. He is a good punter and place kicker. all-American team. The work of two veterans, Capt. Close and Berson, also stood out in the fruitless struggle. VANDERBILT, 7 MISSISSIPPI A. 81 M., 7 A battered and weary band of Commodores were held to a 7-7 deadlock on Dudley Field by the inspired and aggressive play of the gridders from Mississippi A. and M. The Com- modores were decided favorites at the start of the fracas, but before many minutes had waned, the Mississippians displayed a brand of ball far superior to the sluggish attack of the Black Battalion. The fact that the Commodore attack did bog down was attributed to the staleness after the gruelling Ohio State game, and a big dose of over-confidence. But the real cause was the work of the inspired and fighting Missis- sippi team, led by that brilliant and elusive quarterback, Runt Herrington. Herrington stole the spotlights from his highly tutored opponents by his accurate punts and elusiveness in broken field running. In the opening of the second quartet, Big Bob Berson broke through and blocked a punt to Vandy, taking the ball on the visitors, forty-six yard stripe. Passes from Oliver to II4 BOBBY OLIVER, OUARTERBACK Valdosta, Ga. Getting off to a good start in the Cumberland game, Bobby exhibited much talent in the gentle art of ball- lugging. He established himself as a distinct scoring threat whenever he was in the game. K 'WK 'im W ' ,A R . Xe. K K -yn? , . . X. . 'Ssl'3 , T t ,tb i , -, t tv 4, ses , N .Tian A , -ffsttif f '. Aflgt xt LEO DICKISON. GUARD Ashland, Ky. This year Leo continued the line brand of football that has distin- guished him as one of the most val- uable men of the Commodore line. His work on pass defense was out- standing in every game. Scoggins and Beck covered the remaining distance for Van- derbilt's only score. Herrington then opened up the Mississippi bag of tricks WILLIE GENY, END Nashville, Tenn. Geny was another of the Sophomore aggregation who gained immediate attention due to his long rangy build and his ability to catch passes. His speed with his defensive wcrk will in all probability land him a berlh in next year's eleven. and placed Vandy in a tough spot by punting out on the Vandy four yard mark. Throgmorton's kick into the wind was short, and Herrington brought the ball to the thirty-one yard line. A hard running attack led by Herrington netted the touchdown. The try for extra point split the middle of the uprights and deadlocked the scores. The last half was score- less, with neither team making any serious scoring threats. VANDERBILT, 7 LOUISIANA STATE, 7 Playing for the first time under the arc lights, before a crowd of more than 20,000, the Commodores reached the high point of their season in crossing the previously uncrossed goal line of L. S. A. Tigers and tying the boys of the country. With Rand Dixon back in the lineup after a two-weeks layoff due to injuries, the Vandy gridiron machine functioned to perfection. If ever there was a moral victory, Vanderbilt can certainly claim this one with full credit, for the Tigers were in that select group mentioned for conference top honors. II5 MATT CARLOSS. END Lebanon, Tenn. Matt was shifted from guard to end rather late in the season. Although the change was a handicap, he quickly developed into a very able Ilanksman. Matt always gave a good account of himself in every game. JIMMY SCOGGINS. HALFBACK JAMES LUCAS, GUARD PETE CURLEY. QUARTERBACK Tupelo, Miss. Hard-working and always ready, Sunny Jim played a neat game of ball as halfback, giving fine exhibi- tions in every game in which he took part. Besides being a capable blocker, ,lim was also a passer of no mean ability. Washington, Ga. "Little Nick's" first big chance came when the Gold and Black invaded Ohio State, where his sterling defen- sive work proved a high light of the game. Shifted to guard the week be- fore the Alabama game, this little giant went into battle against the great Hupke. Said Coach Cohen, "He just wrecked Hupke." Nashville, Tenn. "Puddin' Pete" came to Vandy her- alded as a future star, but at first failed to live up to his reputation. Pete, however, improved steadily and against Tennessee and Alabama al- most stole the show. His triple threat ability is likely to stand him in good stead the next two years. L. S. A. scored in the first ten minutes of play when on WILLIAM CICERO SMITH, FULLBACK Lafayette, Ga. After being shifted from guard to end and then to fullback, "Gunboat" finally hit his stride in a big way. Xvhen "Gunboat" was called on to substitute for Beck the enemy usually felt the effect of his sledge- hammer blows through the line. Ile was probably the Colnmodore's most effective place kicker. an exchange of punts, the Tigers gained the ball on the twenty-seven yard line. A pass from Mikall to Fatheree was good for the remaining distance and a touchdown. In the second quarter, a poor punt by Mikall gave the Black Bat- talion its scoring chance. Nollie Peebles slipped away into the right and snagged a thirty-yard pass from Dixon on the goal line to even the count. The last half was scoreless, with Vandy holding a slight edge in all departments of the game. Throgmorton's try for field goal on the last play of the game from the 30-yard line was wide. VANDERBILT, 9 GEORGIA TECH, 6 This game was decidedly not a repetition of the "Missis- sippi affair," as every one was kept in suspense until the final whistle blew. Due to Tech's strong and several bad breaks, Vandy had come to the last quarter with a scoreless dead- lock. Another tie seemed almost inevitable when, after Chick Galloway, the fieet-footed Georgian, placed Tech in scoring distance, a few thrusts at the line resulted in a touchdown. Tech was ahead 6-0 with only ten minutes left to play. llb Tech stops Dixon after three yards RESUME OF FOOTBALL SEASON Shortly after the kick-off, Dixon brought his kicking toe into play and got off a punt good for 62 yards, going out of bounds on the 12 yard line. Phillips booted to the 35 yard line. The Commodores moved to the 5 yard line, where Tech's line held. Here Tech played conservatively and do- nated Vandy a safety and two points in preference to taking a chance on punting from behind the goal line. With only a few minutes to play and Tech ahead, 6-2, Dixon hurled a long pass down the field. It was barely tipped by Poole of Tech, and sailed into the arms of Lang Wroton, who romped across the goal line. Gunboat Smith supplied the extra point. Vandy did not win from Tech on a fluke. But for bad breaks, the lucky pass would not have been necessary. How- ever, they defeated a fine team that later lost to Georgia by one point and defeated Dulce two weeks later. VANDERBILT, 27 SEWANEE, I4 The Sewanee Tigers came to Dudley Field for the an- nual homecoming game after an absence of several years. The Tiger as usual showed that they had the same hght ll7 CHARLEY DUBOIS, HALFBACK Nashville, Tenn. "Schnozzola, Ram, Schenectivus, Rain- water, Dubious" Du Bois is the name, please. This sophomore crashed the var- sity lineup for the North Carolina tilt and seemed headed for varsity berth, but in- juries put him out of action for a time thereafter. Close and Brown lead Dixon around Sewanee end RESUME OF FOOTBALL SEASON CARL EARL. END Louisville, Ky. Carl proved a very capable end reserve and was a sterling performer against big Torrance at I.. S. U. and Frank at Ten- nessee augurerl for him a brilliant career as a Vandy Hanltman. llis most brilliant game was at Alabama when he withstood a withering attack at the wings. and determination which has characterized them throughout the years. They began by taking the ball on the kick-off, and after several short passes marked up a touchdown. The try for extra point was good. Aroused by the show of power by their ancient rivals, the Commodores came back at the Mountaineers and knotted the score at seven all. Not sat- isfied with the state of affairs, the Vandy offensive was again set in order and smashed its way to another touchdown. Then the fighting Tigers clawed and fought their way the length of the field and again tied up the score as the half ended. The last half saw Vandy score twice, while the Sewanee team fought to stave off a possible rout. The Gold and Black line smashed the defense of the Purple and the Vandy backs romped to victory over a stubborn fighting Sewanee eleven. VANDERBILT, 6 TENNESSEE, 33 The classic game of the season in Tennessee saw one of the most powerful teams ever put on the field by Coach Ney- land ride to a decisive victory over a demoralized Commodore eleven. The team that routed the stubborn Gold and Black squad was the team that in early fall had been mentioned for IIB WADE HAMPTON, TACKLE Chaltanooqa, Tenn. Another sophomore of no ordinary abil- ity was this "Palooka" man from East Tennessee! So ferocious was Hamp- ton's play at Ohio State that he re- mained in the game in Gulfee's place, much to the dismay of one, Mr. Gailees. THOMAS SN EED. GUARD Nashville, Tenn. Tom, despite the fact of missing an entire year of competition, played good football whenever called upon to do so. He was quick on the offense and a Hmean man" on the defense. .- GLENN OVERLY, HALFBACK Louisville, Ky. "Stud," with his powerful leg drive and high knee action, developed into one of the most capable hall-toters of the season. His speed and drive in hacking the line commanded the re- spect of the opposing lineman. the trip to the Rose Bowl. It was a team of power and de- ception that pushed the Commodores back against the wall and scored almost at will. The opening of the game saw Vandy starting an offen- sive rather than a defensive game. This sudden move on the part of the Black Battalion resulted in a touchdown in the first seven minutes of play. But this was the spark that E-BI off the dynamite in the Tennessee powerhouse-Beattie Feath- ers. He plunged, skirted the ends and proved himself to be the greatest back seen in the South in many seasons. He was the spearhead of the Tennessee attack and the power behind the lines. This was truly a "baptism of flrei' for the Commo- dore sophomores and served to temper them for a gallant stand against Alabama. VANDERBILT, 0 ALABAMA 7 Turkey Day found Vanderbilt facing the heir apparent to the Southeastern Conference cliadem-the Crimson Tide of Alabama. The Big Red team, as conquerors of Tennes- see, ruled heavy favorites to send the Commodores to another H9 HAL CLAFFEY, TACKLE Memphis, Tenn. just a big Yankee play-boy who had p'entx' of natural ability hut never really found himself. Should he take the game se- riously this tall, he looms to become a first-stringer and ultimately a Commodore grelll. ZELOTES RICE, GUARD Erwin, Tenn. Rice played tough and rugged foot- ball that always struck terror in the hearts of his opponents. He is going to give a mighty good scrap for a regular position next year. Country will see plenty of service on next year's team. DOUG SIMPKINS. HALFBACK Springfield, Tenn. Through injured a great part of the season, Doug soon gave notice as to his ability "to carry the mail." was one of the Black Battalion's hard- est running backs, and was one of the good punters and passers. a TOM DAVIS, GUARD Brentwood, Tenn. Davis saw very little service this year due to a slow start and lack of play- ing experience. In all games which he played Tom displayed real fight and determination and promises to become a regular lineman next year. LANG WROTON. END Macon, Ga. This "Georgia Peach" crashed the headlines when he scooped in a de- flected pass from a Tech halfback and raced to a touchdown to defeat the Jackets. Lang did not play a flashy game on the wings, but his work made him one of the most val- uable reserve ends. crashing defeat. Bringing a host of potential all-Southern stars, the Alabama eleven was certain of victory. But that certainty was somewhat dubious before the brilliant defensive work of the Commodore linemen. Three times the Tide was held on the one-yard line, but the mighty Howell plunged over on the fourth try to gain the score that meant victory and the Conference crown. The play of both teams was marked by a ferocity and grimness that prevented any serious scoring threats, yet was highly spectacular. Lucas in the Vandy forewall distin- guished himself by completely throttling Hupke, all-South- ern selection on the Tide. River Jordan played one of the best games of his career, and aided in the halting of the Red Elephants. Vanderbilt's stand in the face of a superior foe was heroic. The Sophomores had been seasoned and worked like veterans in stemming every charge of the powerful Ala- bama eleven. The line play of Gufee, Dickison, Berson, and Brown stood out, while Dixon kept the visitors at bay with his toe work. Close, Beck, and Overly performed well in the Vandy backheld. l 2 0 Curley cuts back through 'Bama line VANDERBILT ALL In a contest sponsored by the Nashville Banner, nearly 3,000 alumni and fans expressed their choices in the selection of an all-time Vanderbilt team. A great deal of interest was stimulated, and the voting was close in a great many cases. Josh Cody received the highest number of votes and was thus chosen captain of this mighty eleven. The rest of the berths on this team were hotly contested and brought to mind the string of star football players that have represented the Gold and Black for the last forty years. And many were the Com- modore players who rated all-Southern positions. The youngest man on the team is Bull Brown, who turned ini his moleskins in 1929. Quite a few voters believed the more recent gridders were the best and Gracey, Roberts, Ley- endecker were mentioned prominently. Between the halves of the Alabama-Vandy game, awards were made to the members of the team by G. Stahlman, publisher of the Banner. Ray Morrison and Gil Reese were not able to attend. Stein Stone, heralded as the South's great- est center, died several years ago, but was represented by his son, Stein Stone, jr. l2I TIME TEAM ARNOLD PEEBLES. HALFBACK Columbia, Tenn. Playing his first year on the varsity, "Nollie" developed into a fine running and blocking back. He was a ca- pable pass receiver as exemplified in the L. S. U. game. He will he a hard man to stop next year. VANDERBILT FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOR I934 Sept. 29 . . Mississippi State Nashville Oct. 6 . .... Georgia Tech Atlanta Oct. I3 Vniversity Cincinnati Oct. zo . . . . .Auburn Nashville Oct. 27 ..... L. S. U. Nashville Nov. 3 . George VVash. U. Wzishimzton Nov.Io. , . . .Sewanee Nashville NiTX'.I7 , . . .Tennessee Nashville NOX'.29. . . Alabama Birmingham Ciiic-iniiati NANCE JORDAN. CENTER Franklin, Tenn. Given his chance in the Tennessee game of his junior year, f'River'l proved his ability to fill Gracey's shoes in the center of the line. His presence of mind and con- sistent playing was always a thorn in the opponent's side. Nance is graduating in June. RESUME OF FOOTBALL SEASON THE MANAGERS The management of the 1933 eleven was the most competent in several years. Bob Lindsey and Avery Hantlly, by their tireless efforts and diligent labors, highly deserve any praise that they may have received. Theirs was a thankelss task nobly done. VANDERBILT ALL-TIME TEAM Name Porilion Year: LYNN BOMAR . . End . 1921-24 JOSH CODY . . Tackle 1914-19 FROG METZGER . . Guard 1909-12 STEIN STONE . . Center 1904-07 BULL BROWN . . Guard 1926-29 BOB RIVES . . . Tackle 1923-25 HEEK WAKEFIELD . . End . 1922-24 RAY MORRISON I Quarter 1909-12 GIL REESE . . Half . 1923-25 HONUS CRAIG . . Half . 1904-07 OWSLEY MANIER . . Full . 1904-06 l22 Tl-IE PRES!-IMEINI The freshman team of this year, al- though they lost several games turned in a good brand of football. Under the ca- pable guidance of Coach Vernon Sharp the yearlings were put through their paces daily and after a short time a great deal of de- velopment was evident. Much of it was probably due to the fact that they worked with the Varsity which necessitated a show of no little courage. As usual there was a low average for experience, and also a lack of weight in the majority of cases. 'How- ever the neophytes worked hard and made ready for Kentucky and Tennessee. Un- fortunately, due to injuries and a few bad breaks, the games were lost by a small margin in both cases. It was in the Ken- SQUAD tucky game that "Baby Boy" Plasman took the kickoff and raced the entire length of the field for a touchdown. In the Ten- nessee game "Monk,' Williams, who was as small as Plasman was large, kept the Vols in a constant state of watchfulness lest he should skirt off end or go around tackle. Mayberry the "Big blonde from Sparta," was always a menace to the opposing backs. Noble performances were turned in by every member of the squad, and they all deserve due credit. Many of these boys will see service in the Varsity ranks in the com- ing years, and we wish them all the success possible. OACH Bill Anderson faced the spring track season with no great hopes of producing a world-beating outfit, in fact the prospects for an unbeaten season were dark. The early spring practice saw one misfortune after another dog the heels of the famous track mentor. His hopes for a winning mile relay quartet were given a severe jar when Jimmie Holliday, star junior quarter-miler, was laid up with torn ligaments in his leg that failed to heal in time for him to render any valuable service. Another blow was th: loss of Phil Kerr, Soph quarter-miler, who had showed up well in early practice. The most devastating blow, however, was the loss of elon- gated Bill Niyers, the most promising hurdler Vanderbilt has seen in a decade. Myers, a Soph- omore, sustained tendon injuries which kept him out the entire season. The Gold and Black run- ners opened their I933 Track Season with a de- cisive victory over the Praying Colonels of Dan- ville, Ky., by the margin of 88 to 29. It was little more than a practice meet for the mediocre Vandy track team, since the Colonels did not have a prayer. Burton was the outstanding contributor to th: Commodore cause, taking three first places. Samuels, crack distance man for the last two years, lived up to expectations by copping both the half-mile and the mile. Cheshire and Han- cock placed one-two in the two-mile run. Cap- tain lblansfield easily distanced the field in the quarter. The next week-end the Vandy cinder- path squad journeyed to Lexington to face a fa- vored University of Kentucky track team. Through the brilliance of one man, the Ken- tuckians won the meet by a 64M to 522 score. CDN Tl-IE One Doug Parrish took all honors for the day by winning firsts in century and furlong, high and low hurdles and sharing first honors with Sutherland of Vanderbilt in the pole vault. Though the track was slow and heavy, all the Vanderbilt tracksters gave a Hue account of themselves and offered surprising resistance to the stronger Kentucky aggregation. The Commodores who succeeded in winning their events were Samuels in the mile, Burton in the broad-jump, lblansfield in the quarter, and Fortune in the shot. Burton was high-point man for the VVest Enders with eleven points. King took two second places in the hurdles. The most disappointing loss of all was the failure of the Commodore relay quartet to make up enough yardage to stave off defeat by the Kentucky quartet. Vanderbilt took Southwestern into camp to the tune of 6216 to 542, only through the su- premacy of the field men of the Commodore squad. But shallow was this victory compared to the loss of one of Coach Bill Anderson's most prized possessions-the 23-year-old string of con- secutive mile relay victories, garnered on the track in Dudley Stadium. VVith the Commo- dores leading throughout three quarters of the race, Newton pulled up on the injured Holliday running anchor man for Vandy, and slipped on to a great victory for the lblemphis cinder- pushers. Back Row: Conch Anderson, Sutherland, Phelps, Noel, Miller, Newton, King. Fortune. Assistant Coat-h XVest. Front Row: Manager Hull, Samuels. Ham-or-k. Mansfield. Cheshire, Holliday. lt-Iamtgx-1' Barry. CINDEI2 Newton was easily the sensation of the day with three firsts, a second, and his brilliant leg on the re- lay. King, serving his last year on the cinder path, proved his return to form by lowering the record in the high hurdles to 15.9 seconds and also winning the low hurdles. Sutherland and Owen tied up honors in the polt vault for Vanderbilt While Beck, in the discus, For- tune in the shot-put, Newton in the high jump, and llliller in the javelin throw. proceeded to put the meet on ice for the local harriers. Samuels pro- duced 5 points in the mile run, but was forced to take second in the 880 by High, Southwestern. Holliday, crack 440 man, just recovering from a pre-season leg injury, ran Newton a close second to the quarter. Howard College from Birmingham was the next foe for the Gold and Black. They took th? short end of a 79 to 38 score. King led the way with his usual ten points in the hurdles. Holliday showed a return to form by winning 44.0 and anchoring the relay team to victory. Phelps, of the Commodores, sprung the surprise of the day by coming from be- hind to win the 220-yillll dash after taking a second to Everetts of Howard in the century. Beck, Suth- erland, lliller, Cheshire, and Fortune contributed to the Commodore cause by winning their events. The mile relay team, composed of Capt. Xlansfield, Noell, Phelps, and Holliday handily won that event to climax the Gold and Black victory. In preparation for the conference meet. the Commodore Varsity locked horns with the Frosh tracksters. The Varsity staved off defeat by the score of 62 I-3 to 52 2-3, though the yearlings dis- played real strength in several departments. Billy Nlullins was the ace performer for the first year men with a win in the high jump and the broad jump. King came through as high-point man with two firsts in the hurdle events and a second in the broad jump. The feature of the meet was the establishment of a new half-mile record by Seymour Samuels, bril- liant middle distance runner for the Commodore Varsity. Samuels burned up the S80 yards in 1 :5o4. At the first animal Southeastern Conference meet, the Commodore trackmen made a most praise- worthy showing. Samuels ran a brilliant half-mile to be cut off at the tape and forced into third place. Cheshire, the Commodore entry in the two-mile run, pulled up on a fast field to place in this event. Though the team lacked the wholesale talent needed for a winning aggregation, the work and spirit of the squad throughout a poor season was highly commendable. -limmie Holliday was elected to lead the 1934 track team. PATH WIT H C OAC H BILL ANDERSON For a quarter of a century Coach Bil has guided the track fortunes of Vanderbilt with more than the average success. His success has been due in a large measure to his ability to inspire confidence and loy- alty in his men and to obtain from them their best performances. Never will it be said during his career as track coach, that the track team did not fight to win despite the odds. ONT!-IE Josh Cody, Vandy's great creator of basketball talent, has done it again. Those of you who rub your eyes in complete bewilderment when a so-called dispenser of black magic pulls the proverbial rabbit out of the silk hat will be surprised to find that this same trick is being pulled year after year on our campus in the little box-car affair labeled "Gym- nasium" which the "maestro" of Southern basketball coaches is forced to use as a practice fioor. The average coach would throw up his hands in dismay if he were confronted with the problems that face the Vandy mentor at the start of the season. COACH JOSH CODY . Green material, ineligibilities, insufficient practice The Brilliant and Efficient Hardwood Mm" space, and various other handicaps are to be over- come. "Engineer" Cody puts that fine analytical mind to work and the result is another excellent team. This '34 bunch reached great heights under his tutelage. Scoggins, Geny, and Curley were outstanding in the Big Black quint's debut win over the Auburn Tigers. On the succeeding evening the rugged Commodores out-maneuvered Georgia Tech and emerged victorious in a 24-22 thriller. With loss of Sunny -lim Scoggins, who "measled" out on the team, the other veteran, Cap- tain Skinny Huggins, led the Vandy cagesters to a 27-25 win over Clemson in a real thriller. The sights of New Orleans and the Tulane Greenies proved too much of a combination and the gallant wearers of Black and Gold fell, 19-15, in a poorly played contest. "Revenge is sweet," says the "flowery" Willie Geny, as he leads V. U. to a 23-21 retaliation over the Green Wave. Another relapse is suffered by the varsiteers, but a victory over Cumberland is gained, 34-21, through the insertion of the "Substitutes,' plus "Skin-Skin" Huggins. , "Little Pedro" Curley got that "eagle eye" adjusted and-well, Vandy's bosom pals, the Orange and White clan from the hill called Knoxville, received a hitter Close of their own medicine, 31-26. "We're nobody's set-up now," bellowed the unmerciful Commodores as they descended the Sewanee mountain with the Tiger's pelt in their possession after a 60-28 trouncing. The Sun- day morn headline blazed this encouraging news to Vandy supporters, "Improved Vandy Cagers Defeat Auburn, 48-33." ' The "Wild Wildcats from Ole Kaintuck' ferociously attacked the younger and less experienced Cgmmgdofgs and thgugh they valiamly fought back, the claws of Demoisey and Davis reaked havoc as the scoreboard indicated a 48 to 26 setback. Undaunted by past defeats, the Varsi- teers struck a ferocious blow at the great 'Bama aggregation and came within inches of toppling them. Geny led the individual scoring of the 38-32 loss. The Hoorwork of Matt Carloss was superb. Oliver, Dixon, Overly and Keene each contributed in the valiant struggle. In a listlcss contest the Commodores breezed through an inferior Georgia Tech team for their seventh conference triumph of the season. In a rather undramatic fashion, the V. U. cagesters again shellacked the Sewanee "kittens," 40-27. This was a finale home engagement. I26 The U. T. Vols reached great heights '-I A R D W Q Q B in evening the count with our Com- . modores who had previously defeated them. The Commodores weren't ipiay- ing sensational ball as they were C Q U R T downed, 45-34. Continuing in their seeming state of relaxation, the basketballers from Chancellor Kirkland's Institution fell before a superior Kentucky outfit, 47-27, in the final season game. Vanderbilt journeyed to Atlanta feeling rather optimistic as to their chances in the S. E. tourney and with a favorable seeding were determined to show everybody that green sophomores can play basketball when given proper instruction and a little experience. These youngsters did Coach Josh proud by humbling "Gawgah," 49-29, in the quarter-final round. Luck didn't haunt their footsteps in the next round against the "dark horse" Floridan out- fit. The "Sunshine Boys" took a heart-breaker from Vandy in the last four seconds of play, 24-23. Letters were awarded to Carless, a most dependable guardg Curley, the boy with the eagle eye, Dixon, famed for his baskets from mid-Hoot, Geny, the elongated center, Captain Hugginsg Pete Keene, a most promising hardwood man, Bobby Oliver, one of the fastest of fioormenq Jim Scoggins, captain-elect, Howard Pardue and Norfieet Rand, the efficient manager. Josh tips off the Squad to some new tricks I27 CDN Tl-IE DIAMQIXID The Commodore Baseball Squad of 1933 faced a strenuous season with the brightest prospects for an excellent season in many years. With about twelve letter men in hand, Coach Bill Schwartz promised the Vanderbilt diamond followers a big surprise as re- garded the winning ability of his Gold and Black team. With plenty of capable reserves on hand, the Vanderbilt nine COACH SCHWARTZ went through ten college games, suffering only one defeat. Many One of the Mon Experienced of games with City League teams proved the mettle of Coach Bi1l's sluggers. The Gold and Black squad started off their season by the succumbing to the heavy hitting of the Nashville Volunteers, and taking the small end of a 10-3 score. The Vandy twirlers were rather ef- fective against the Vols for several innings apiece. Graham, veteran south paw hurler for the West Enders held the Vols to three hits in the first three frames. Then Ross took up the duties on the mound, allowing two runs to be put across in the fourth. He held the pros hitless in the fifth and sixth. Tom Davis stepped into the pot for the remainder of the game and was shelled for five tal- lies before the game ended. Despite defeat in their initial game, the Commodores showed great promise of having a winning club. The best affair on the Vandy slate was the annual tilt with the alumni. The grads came out on the bottom end of a 13-4 score-but were conceded a moral victory. The Vandy undergrads blasted several of the alumni from off of the mound and scored almost at will. As practically all colleges in the Southeastern Conference had dropped baseball from their sports list, Vanderbilt was forced to engage many teams in the city league and some semi-pro sandlot teams from surrounding towns in order to provide a constant playing schedule. The Commodores rang up many for the win column against these league teams. The first collegiate competition for Vandy brought a 4-0 victory over the West Tennessee State Teachers from Memphis. Graham held the visitors to live widely scattered hits. Morehead and Rob- erts led the Vandy hitters with two each. In the second game with the Tennessee Teachers, the Com- modores blistered the offerings of two Memphis flingers for sixteen hits, rallying fifteen runs against the visitors' three. Tom Davis, relieving Ross in the second frame, held the Teachers in hand by keeping scattered three singles and several one baggers. The whole Vandy club played excellent ball and really demonstrated their power on the Teachers. Turner, with two triples and a single, Foster, with a homer and two singles, Davis and Scoggins, with two hits apiece, led the Vandy stick work. McClelland turned in a good game behind the plate for Vanderbilt. The Commodore baseball nine left on May third for a four days trip through West Tennessee to engage in two games each with Bethel College at McKenzie and the West Tennessee State Col- lege at Memphis. The first game with Bethel ended in a 13-3 victory for the Commodores. Graham allowed the Corporals but four scattered hits while his mates collected eighteen base hits to put the game on ice. Bethel evened the series by taking the second game by a 5-4 margin. Combining three hits and two errors by the Commodores, the Corporals tallied five times in the third inning to pro- vide the slim margin of victory. Collsqe Coaches l28 9 Y.. , .. . qhS.,m.. In the first game with the Memphis Teachers, Vanderbilt eked out a slender 6-5 victory after a hotly contested game. Shackleford was the star of the day, garnering four hits out of five trips to the plate. Tom Davis held the Teachers to sevexffclouts, while'-the Vandy nine combed the delivery of Simmons for twelve hits. Foster and Jordan got two each. In the final game of the series, the Vandy Commodores came from behind in the ninth to nose out the Teachers by a 3-2 count. Jeter's triple with Close and Foster on the sacks, provided the margin that brought victory to the Gold and Black diamond clan. Graham pitched a fine game all the way and was aided particularly by More- head's work at short stop. On Friday, May 12, the Bethel College Corporals invaded Nashville for a two-game series with the Commodores. The first game ended with the Schwartz-men on the top side of an 8-7 score. Vandy started its scoring early with two tallies in the first inning, one in the second and four in the third. Morehead's homer with two on base accounted for three of the third-inning markers. One of the best plays of the game resulted from Shackleford's heave from centerfield in the ninth to catch Elinor at the plate and save the game for the locals. Davis, Turner, Jordan, Scoggins and More- head led Vandy at the plate. The Vanderbilt nine took the finale from Bethel by the score of 5-3, closing the season series with three wins to one. Although the Corporals out-hit the locals ten to six, seven errors proved fatal to the players from McKenzie. Graham pitched the whole route and was ably assisted by the team in several tight spots. Beadles, of the visitors, led the hitting, while Foster and Jordan connected with two each. In a semi-final of the season, Vanderbilt took the Lambuth College nine into camp to the tune of 15-2. The Commodores racked up fifteen hits during the game, going haywire in the fourth and scoring nine times before the Lambuth Collegians could retire the side. Perry pitched an excellent game for Vanderbilt. Foster led the hitting with a homer, a double and a single. Scog- gins also lifted one over the fence for a full trip around the sacks. As a grand finale to one of the most successful seasons in recent Vanderbilt diamond history, the Schwartz-men nosed out the powerful Tennessee Tech nine, from Cookeville, by a 5-4 count. T. P. I. grabbed a three-run lead in the third and threatened to sew up the game. Vandy opened in the fourth with one run and followed in the fifth with three more to take a slim lead. Foster was the power behind the three runs when he lifted a fast ball over the distant right field fence with Morehead and Scoggins on base. Tech scored in the first half of the ninth to tie up the game but not for long. In the last half, with Jeter on second, Morehead pushed a slow one out of center that was good for two bases and the winning runs. This was a fine climax to one of the best seasons the Commodores have enjoyed, ringing up nine wins out of ten starts against college competition. BASEBALL SEASON ,,,,,d, OM WEs'r TENNESSEE STATE TEACHERS ..... ...... . 4 0 BETHEL COLLEGE ......... . I3 3 BETHEL COLLEGE ..... . . . 4 5 CUMBERLAND . ......... , 5 3 XVEST 'TENNESSEE STATE TEACHERS . . . , 6 5 WEST TENNESSEE STATE TEACHERS . . . 3 3 BETHEL COLLEGE ........ . 8 7 BETHEL COLLEGE . . 5 3 LAMBUTH . . . . . 15 2 TENNESSEE TECH . . . 5 4 0 l29 a n 5, The matmen in action CDN TI-IE MAT The great interest stimulated by the intramural wrestling tournament and the finding of some very promising material among the matmen was the basis for the formation of the first recognized wrestling team at Vanderbilt. The newness of the sport on the Varsity athletic schedule brought out many valuable men. Most of the positions on the team were filled by the intramural champions, but posi- tions were thrown open to all comers. Miami University brought a veteran group of grapplers to face the inexperienced Vandy matmen. Though the Gold and Black won only two matches, the decisions in most instances were very close, showing that the Commodores were not completely routed. Oscar Noel and Harvey Sherer handily scored for Vanderbilt. The Vanderbilt matmen journeyed to Maryville, Tennessee, to engage the wrestling team of Maryville College. Lack of experience prevented the Vandy grapplers from competing on even terms with the Maryville bone-crushers, and they were decisively de- feated. Several of the Commodore matmen gained large time advantages only to be thrown in the closing seconds of the match. At a meeting of the team, Oscar Noel was elected captain for the 1935 season, and the following were awarded wrestling letters: Mooney, Sherer, Peoples, Tom Boswell, Harry Scott, and Pierce. I30 rift., Coach Smith referees the Jones-Bethurum fight N TI-IE RING For the first time in the history of the University, Vanderbilt was represented this winter by a varsity boxing team. From a relatively inconspicuous position on the intra- mural program, boxing was placed on the list of minor sports, widening the scope of the University's athletic program. V Much interest and enthusiasm attended the formation of the team and many turned out for the squad. Lack of experience was the main obstacle to the success of the team, but next year should see the Gold and Black boxers greatly improved and able to meet their opponents on a more equal footing. l The first meet, with Miami University, resulted in defeat for the Vandy leather pushers, but the team as a whole performed very satisfactorily. While only Abrahams and Skeets Noel won their matches, there were several closely contested bouts. However, in the the second meet, with Howard College, the Vandy boxers showed much improvement and tied the experienced Bulldog team, 4-4. Every bout was hard- fought and fast. Abrahams, Owen jones, Crockett, and Lacy were the leather pushers who performed best for Vandy, each winning his bout. The match with Howard closed the short season but the fine work and spirit entitled the following men to a boxing letter: Harwell, Abrahams, Owen Jones, Robert Noel, Crockett, Lacy, Lucas, and Gulfee. Jim Lucas was elected captain of the 1935 squad. l3l l J INTRAMURAL at VANDERBILT The interest in the intramural program has in- creased so much in the last several years that it has been necessary several times to enlarge the field of activities to meet the demand of the students. The whole object of intramural sports is to stim- JIM BUFORD u The gmt success of the Umar- ulate the interest of men who are unable to make sity's best intramural program Varsit S ua T ' n ' f ' has been due to Jim Hufords yn q ds. his ecess tates qlllte a variety of imf-rest and are-at afrivify- events in which the students can compete with equal- ity. The 1933-34 program included ten sports: track, tennis, ping pong, kittenball, touch-football, cross-country, basketball, boxing, wrestling, handball. The most pop- ular of these sports werehtrack, touch-football, basketball, and wrestling. This pro- gram gave students of all degree of athletic ability a chance to display their wares. It has been the hope of coaches to find varsi ty performers from among the many par- ticipants. Many valuable varsity men have been drawn from the ranks of intramural contestants. As the intramural program is carried on in addition to the regular varsity athletics and required gym work, it speaks well for Buford, director of intramural activities, that there has been such a great deal of interest taken in these events. The popularity of the sports was not limited to the participants as shown by the large at- attendance of spectators at every event on the schedule. The insertion of touch-football, an import from eastern schools, in the place of soccer, had a great deal to do with the increased number of students taking part. The past season found several additions to the regular list of fraternities and in- dependent teams. The Med School and the Law School both entered several teams, showing the growing interest in the whole idea of intramural athletics. Jim Buford has been the moving spirit behind the movement to bring athletics to every student in the University, and he is to be highly congratulated on the success of his plans. l32 SPGRTS' INTRAMURAL TRACK The Relay Meet was the first event on the spring intramural program as a forerunner to the track meet. For the second year in succession th: Beta teams came off winner of the Relay Meet, taking the two sprint relays and the mile feature. The track meet saw the Betas forced into second place by a well balanced Sigma Chi team. Al- though Elrod of the Beta's won the half, mile, and two-mile grinds, the Sigma Chi team came through with seconds and thirds to pile up a winning mar- gin. Bethurum of Sigma Chi won both the too and 220 yard dashes. Charley and Skeets Noell aided the Sigma Chi's in great fashion by making valuable points in several events. McMurray boosted the Beta total by winning the quarter mile. TOUCH-FOOTBALL In the place of Soccer a new sport was added to the fall intramural schedule-touch-football. This proved to be one of the most popular sports of the whole year. Many fraternities and independent teams were entered so it was neessary to conduct a tournament to decide the finalist for the campus championship. After many hard-fought and hzwtly- contested games the Dekes managed to reach the finals undefeated and untied. The fight in the other bracket was much closer and after several close calls the Phi Delta Thetas won the right to meet the Dekes in the final. Throughout a scoreless first half the two teams fought on even terms. In the last quarter a pass from Rand to Hambrick resulted in a touchdown for the Dekes that proved to be the margin of vie- tory. The Phi's staged a late rally using a passing attack featured by the work of Ayres and Price, but the drive fell short and the Deltes ascended the thrcne as intramural Toucli-Football champs. CROSS-COUNTRY The annual Cross-Country was staged around the University campus on November I2 with a field of about fifty runners participating. Phi VVilliams, winner of the I932, Cross-country run, was on hand to defend his crown. After running neck and neck for the better part cf the two and a half mile course, XVilliams and Cecil Elrod started a spring up the home stretch. gn-f ,.- wig? . 1- Elrod gradually pulled away and brake the tape to establish a new record for the event at twelve min- utes and sixteen seconds. XVilliams finished second with Skeets Noell pulling up in third place. The first freshman to finixh was john Black, fol- 'owed l'l0SelY by Overton Thompson and Billy Hardelnan. For the third year in successicn the Beta Theta Pi team carried off team honors for the upperclassmen. Those on the team were Iilrrd, Myers, Akers, and Giles. The Freshman Cup was talaen by the Phi team, composed of Thompson, Hardeman, Mason, and Allen. The Ileta Frorh ran a close second. PING PONG As the Ping Pong fad swept the country last spring it was taken up by th: students of Vander- bilt. A tournament was sponsored by jim Buford in connection with the intramural program. Ross Cheshire ran off with the individual championship. The Beta Theta Pi team took first honors in the team competition BASKETBALL Invading the winter season, Intramural Basketball literally set the campus on fire with enthusiasm. Pre-game talk was prevalent at the frat houses, in the lounge, the recreation parlor, and most every- where a group gathered to discuss weighty matters. "XVe've got it cinched," was a typical expression heard in the locker room from many of our brim- ming optimists who had just completed an encour- aging practice session. The Betas and Phis went to work with a purpose, however, and knocked over favorite after favorite until they found they had only each other left. Had a period of rest been given before the finals. both teams would have played much better basketballg as it was, the Phis emerged victors after a listless battle, t7-lt. Quite a lot of unusual talent was discovered, espe- cially in the case of "six feet, seven inches" Yancey, who played everything for the Phi Beta Pi's. Much to Coach -losh's dismay, however, he numeraled at Kentucky, thus making himself ineligible. jim Buford, intramural director, and Tcmmy Hen- derson handled the officiating in fine style. INTRAMURAL BOXING Following closely on the wrestling tournament the Intramural Boxing tourney was held with a great many of the grapplers engaging in the leather sling- ing sport. The Sigma Cbis ruled as heavy favor- ites to retain the crown as champions of the campus Sluggers. There were no great upsets throughout the preliminary bouts and the division favorites all reached the finals. The finals in each weight brought together the cream of the boxing crop and provided the spec- tators with a great exhibition. Several matches went extra rounds before decisions could be made, showing the spirit and evenness of the men. The winners were: 118-lb., Harwellg 128-lb., Joe Abra- hamg 138-lb., Reid Bethurumg 148-lb., Murrelg 158-lb., R. Noellg 168-lb., .loc Dickinsong l78-lb., Shenkerg heavyweight, Birch. WRESTLING "Pin him," was the battle cry of the onlookers as their brothers in the great fraternities grunted and made faces symbolic of the bone-twisters of the mat. Skill was matched with brawn and often came out victorious in these highly successful contests. Probably the outstanding match of the tourney was that between Appleby and O. Noell, who fcught to a draw in two extra periods. Meet the champs: 4 tt8-lb., Rodenhauserg 128-lb., Mooneyg 138-lb, Bethurumg 14,8-lb., T, Boswell, 158-lb., R. Noel, 168-lb., O. Noellg 178-lb., Beardg heavyweight, "Tubby" Pierce. The Sigma Chi's also copped the trophy in this event. TENNIS Intramural Tennis attracted a surprising amount of attention this past year. Several future varsiteers received an opportunity to display their wares in this inter-frat affair. The independents proved su- perior after being closely pushed by the Hetas, Chi Phis, and Phi Kappa Sigs. Silver of the Independ- ents was probably the tourney's individual satellite. Shanklin, Pittman, and Elrod were also outstand- ing. KITTEN BALL The most enthusiastic campus activity is Intra- mural Kittenball. Even our decrepit faculty mem- bers forget themselves and take part. Several close decisions during the past season came very near pre- cipitating a display of fisticuffs among our little flock of congenial frats. The league winners were as follows: Kappa Sigs, Independents, Dekes and Frosh Meds. Another star entered the Independent diadem when these non-afliliating lads won the campus championship. HANDBALL The bleakness of winter was completely forgotten as a capacity crowd watched the participants fight it out on the Handball courts of the "little" gvm. After all the debris of battle had been cleared away. it was found that Shenker was singles champ and Bryckynski Qlet's hear you say itl and Donn were wearing the doubles' medals. s W, WITH THE RACKET WEILDERS Tennis-the greatest of international sports, speedily becoming the most pop- ular of intercollegiate sports, a game of highest ethics, assuring all-round ath- letic development without danger of in- juring, exceedingly fast and enjoyable and very inexpensive-this is indeed an Utopian form of athletic exercise. Coach Bacon, who gives his precious time and advice gratis to the lovers of the sport that compose the team, worked miracles despite his serious handicap. Captain Clark, a determined and ef- ficient leader, won the great percentage of his matches during the season. Tommy Anderson, a player of champ- ionship calibre, defeated some of the Southern College's outstanding per- formers in an unusually successful campaign. "Peachy" McKay lived up to his name by displaying a superb brand of tennis the entire season. Na- than Wwdruff, captain-elect, holder of many local tennis titles, and a pos- sessor of a sound but not yet fully de- veloped game, met and overcame many colorful players during his past per- formances. The boy who had the tightest game of the crew was "Scotch- man" McMurray. The boy with the "close,' ways seemed to be very lenient with his opponents, however. Conch Rincon, Anderson. Lazarus Woodruff, Clark. Mn-Kay. McMurray. THE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM lhxvk Row: Shull, Hill. .-Xl!l'llll2llllQ lx,-mmm lt-nl-11 I-'mm Huw: Spin-V, Brown. Hiuul. li0tlPlllI2lllSl'l'. WCDMEN'S There was a change inaugurated in the plan of the Woman's Athletic Association for 1933-34. An athletic board was formed composed of the 'president and a representative from each sorority on the campus. The en- tire athletic policy is left to this board. This plan is only temporary, but it has met with much success so far. The office of president was held by Katherine Lynch for 193 3-34. The members of the board were Ann Ross, vice-president, Jane Brown, secretary, Mary Tucker, Claudia Chappelle, Winn Owenby, Katherine Moore, Annette Rothstein. In the interclass basketball tournament, the Seniors were victorious, the Sophomores were the runners-up. The Seniors won consistently by rather large scores. The members of the team were: Katherine Lynch, captaing Helen Brown, Adelaide Shull, Johanna Abrahams, Elizabeth Hill, Barbara Denman, Henrietta Spicer, Emmy Lou Fenker, Ruth Bond. ' l36 KAPPA ALPHA THETA BASKETBALL TEAM Tim-I: How: XYrig:ht. Rrymm, Shull, U'St0on. Dnmlridgc-, Denman, Harris. Front Row: Spit-er. Swiggnrt, Lynch. Boggess. ATHLETICS The inter-sorority basketball tournament was "copped" by the Kappa Alpha Thetas. The finals in this turned out to be a social event of the ath- letic year. The Tri Deltas were the runners-up. The members of the win- N ning team were: Katherine Lynch, captain, Martha Noel, Adelaide Shull, Jane Boggess, Barbara Denman, Elizabeth Dandridge, Katherine Harris, Sara Bryan, Marjory O'Steen, Katherine Swiggart, Milbrey Wright, Hen- rietta Spicer. The winner of the inter-class tennis tournament for 1933 was the Junior team. The team was composed of Adelaide Shull, captain, Elizabeth Thompson, Katherine Lynch, Henrietta Spicer. The athletic board has sponsored the inter-class and inter-sorority basketball tournaments this year, and plans for both a tennis tournament and swimming meet in the spring. l37 1 Nxsqsxl S Lg Jrt' 4 TEL K wh Burk Row: Early, Stubblns, Hill, Bayer, M0kpre,dBrubakeI' w -' I . ' Bottom Roliadliiiixigcijeiil. I'gi1i'dtei-,mlifxllifihitlXYoiJdinhVoodrut't', Scott MEN'S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS . ...... President HORTON EARLY, Kappa Sigma . . . Gnome HlI.I., Alpha Tau BRUCE BAYER . . STANFORD MOORE , BYRON BRUBARER . Omega JACR McCI.sI.I.AN . En Russeu. . . . Bon SCHMID . . DICK LANSDEN . . FENNELL TURNER . NATHAN MARTIN . BEN Wooo . . . NATHAN WoonRooF LEONARD Scorr . . SAM STUBBINS . . . . S rrretary- Tf4'llJ'Ufl'l' . . . . Sigma Nu . Phi Kappa Sigma . . . . Chi Phi . ,Bela Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . .Kappa Alpha . Lambda Chi Alpha . . - . Sigma Chi . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Kappa Psi . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Zeta Beta Tau Delta Kappa Epsilon The function of the Pan-Hellenic Council is to make and enforce rules and regulations gov- erning the fraternities in their relations to each other, such as rushing and pledging rules. The organization, now composed of fifteen chapters of national fraternities, formerly published the Comet and later the Commodore, until it was given over to the student body as a whole in I9I2. The Pan-Hellenic also encourages and sponsors interfraternity basketball, baseball, and track, presenting a silver loving cup to each winning team. A silver cup is also presented each year to the fraternity attaining the highest scholastic average for the year. Beyond this the council works for good feeling and harmony among the ranks of the Greeks and attempts to promote friendliness and good will. f"f""'f""" ! i Q 5 Y: l -ov cPhi CDelta Theta ' H. Alexmnior. XV. Allvn. Anderson, Bungni, Closv. Hollins, Hughes I-lutvhlnson, Lindsvy, Perry, J. XVilsun, Baker, Beuedivt. Fortune Hnrwell, Martin. Muyson, X10Hlg0Hlt'i'l'. Svugglns, Shamls, XYenx-er XVhite. Williams. Ayres, Cnlnlwell. Hampton. Newton. Owens B. Allen. Arnold, Bond, Chadwell, Dinning, Hardeman, Haley Hutton, Kennon. Knight. Mayson, Morrison. Patty, Thompson Thompkins. H. Wilson, Nichol. V. Alexander, Boswell. Moore. Plusman, Slmnw l42 i wa iwww e 'T an Is 'H-, g er, T at .--V9 , PHI DELTA THETA TENNESSEE ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, December 26, 1848 Incorporated under the laws of the State Of Ohio, March 12, ISSI Established 1876 Colors: Azure and Argent CLASS OF HARVEY ALEXANDER, A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM ALLEN, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. TOMMY ANDERSON, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. KENNE1'H BOAGNI, LL.B. . VERNON CLOSE, A.B. . . . Opelousa, La. . Shamrock, Texas MAURICE HOLLINS, A.B., Bowling Green, Ky. JOHN WILSON, A.B. . . CLASS OF VANCE Al.EXANDER, A.B. . . Memphis, Tenn. TOMMY BAKER, A.B. . . . Nashville, Tenn. ANDREW BENEDICT, A.B. , Nashville, Tenn. JAMES FORTUNE, A.B. . . . Lafayette, Ga. MALLORY HARWELL, A.B. . . Osceola, Ark. NATHAN MARTIN, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. DOUGLAS MAYSON, A.B. . . . Buford, Ga. PHILLIP VVILLIAMS, A.B. . CLASS OF HAYNES AYRES, A.B. . . Spring Hill, Tenn. JOHN CALDWELL, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. WADE PIAMPTON, A.B. . Chattanooga, Tenn. DOUGLASS SIMPKINS, A.B. CLASS OF BEN AI.l.EN, A.B. . . Lake Commarant, Miss. CHARLES ARNOLD, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. NED BOND, A.B. .... Nashville, Tenn. FRED BOSWELL, A.B. . . . Montgomery, Ala. ERNEST CHADVVELL, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. WHLLIAM DINNING, A.B. . . . Helena, Ark. Tenn. 'WILLIAM HARDEMAN, AB. . Nashville, BRAB HALEY, A.B. . . . Brentwood, Tenn. F lower: 1934 TH.-XCK HUGHES, A.B. . . N. V. HUTCHINSON, A.B. . CHARLES LEE, A.B. . . . ROBERT LINDSEY, A.B. . . JAMES NICHOL, A.B. . . CLYDE PERRY, A.B. . . . . . .Sturgis, Ky. 1935 DALTON MCBEE, A.B. . GERALD MONTGOMERY, A.B , KARL PRICE, A.B. . . . . JAMES SCOGGINS, A.B. . . NUGENT SHANOS, A.B. . DEMPSEY YVEAVER, A.B. . HENRY VVHITE, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. 1936 VVhite Carnation Clarksdale, Miss. . VVinOna, Miss. . . Joplin, MO. . Portland, Ark. . Nashville, Tenn. Hollywood, Miss. . Greenwood, Miss. Greenwood, Miss. Middlesboro, Ky. . . Tupelo, Miss. . . Jackson, Miss. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Cadiz, Ky. LEONARD HUTCHISON, LL.B. . Charlotte, N C. JAMES NEWTON, A.B. . - . JOHN OWENS, A B. . . . Springfield, Tenn. 1937 ROY KNIGHT, A.B. . DAVID MAX'SON, B.E. . . L. P. MOORE, A.B. . . . . . Wilmot Ark. . . Tunica, Miss. Birmingham, Ala. . . Buford, Ga. . Greenville, Ky. VV. H. MORRISON, B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. JACK PATTY, A.B. . . . DICK PLASMAN, B.E. .. JOHN SHAW, A.B. . . . OVERTON THOMPSON, A.B. . . Shaw, Miss. . . Miami, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. . Nashville, Tenn. . , . . . , . SIDNEY TOMPKINS, A.B. , . Nashville, Tenn. XUILLIAM KENNON, A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. HARVEY WILSON, A.B. . Chattanooga, Tenn. X VERNON HUTTON AB Ravenscroft Tenn ' PHI DELTA THETA TENNESSEE ALPHA CHAPTER-l:07lfi7IllPl1 FRATRES IN F ACU LTATE RICHARD A. BARR, M.A., M.D. . . . . . Professor in School of Medicine MORRIS BRANDON . . . ..... Member of Board of Trust J. P. W. BROVVN . . ALLEN R. CARTER .... JOHN DANIEL, M.A., LL.D. . M. B. DAVIS, M.D. . . , JOHN H. DEVVIT1' . . A, W, HARRIS, M.D. . . J. OWSLEY MANIER, M.D. JAMES C. MCREYNOLDS , . HUGH MoRcAN, M.D. . . GRANTLAND RICE . . . LARKIN SMITH, M.D. . . Joi-IN J. TIGERT . . E. M. UNDERWOOD . . W. H. YVITT, M.D. . . T, B. ZERFOSS, M.D. . . . . Member of Board of Trust . . Member of Board of Trust . . . . , Professor of Physics Professor in School of Medicine . . Member of Board of Trust Professor in School of Medicine Professor in School of Medicine . . Member of Board of Trust Professor in School of Medicine . . Member of Board of Trust Professor in School of Medicine . . Member of Board of Trust . . Member of Board of Trust Professor in School of Medicine Professor in School of Medicine Phi Delta Theta was the second of the lliiami Triad and was founded at MiaIxIi University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1848, by six students of this school. The leaders of this group, Robert Morrison and John NI. Wil- son, were the moving spirits behind this early organization and later were the co-authors of "The Bond of Phi Delta Theta." The growth of the fraternity, both in its early years and since the Civil VVar, has been substantial aIId has been rather equally divided in all parts of the United States. Since 1900 several chapters have been established in Canada. Phi Delta Theta was the first national social'fraternity to hold regular national conventions to promote the general welfare of the fraternity. ALFRED T. ADAMS DAVID P. ADAMS, lI EVAN LLOYD ADAMSON HARVEY C. ALEXANDER HORACE L. ALLEN WILLIAM J. ANDERSON, JR. JAMES L. ANTHONY MAX LAWRENCE A NTHONY ROBERT A. ARMSTEAD JAMES M. AVENT BAKER BARHAM, JR. WILLIAM CHARLES RICHARD A. BARR, M.D. RICHARD SLOSS D. A. BARR, JR. BAXTER XVALTER S. BEARDEN, JR. GREEN BENTON, JR. J. T. BENTON ROBERT BOYD BOGLE, JR. JACK BRADEN RICHARD A. BRADEN EWING L. BRADFORD JAMES C. BRADFORD, JR. JOHN S. BRANSFORD JOHN P. VV. BROVVN J. VV. BROWN, M.D. XVILLIAM BAILEY BROWN CLAIBORNE N. BRYAN HENRY K. BUCKNER EDVVARD BUFORD, JR. DR. GEORGE W. BULLARD CHARLES VV. CALDWELL MERIDETH CALDWELL ROGERS CLARK CALDWELL FRANCIS R. CAMPBELL LEMUEL R. CAMPBELL WILLIAM B. CAMPBELL THOMAS B. CATCHINGS ELDRED CAYCE JACK B. CHADVVICK PICKSLEY CHEEK HENRY RUSSELL CQHEN WILLIAM C. COLLEY JOHN H. CONNER, JR. ROBERT GORDON CONNER EDWIN NV. COOPER VAUGHN W. COOPER WYILLIAM P. COOPER MARVIN B. CORLETTE, JR. BENJAMIN F. CORNELIUS EDWARD B. CRAIG, JR. EDWIN W. CRAIG FRANCIS J. CRAIG NATHAN C. CRAIG DONALD M. CREVELING JAMES G. CREVELING, JR. J. VAULK CROCKETI- N TENNESSEE ALPH.A CH.AI'TER-C01lfiI1ufd FRATRES IN URBE J. VAULX CROCKETT, JR. ROBERT P. CROCKETI' WVATKINS CROCKETT, JR. JOHN SHAW CULLOM BROWNLEE 0. CURRY JOHN DANIEL W. LOUIS DAVIS, JR. JOHN H. DEWVITT JOHN H..DEXR7l1T, JR. PAUL DENVITT, M.D. WVARD DEYVITI' GORDON S. DICKERSON ROBERT F. DODD BEVERLY DOUGLAS, M.D. BRUCE DOUGLAS, JR. BYRD DOUGLAS, JR. LEE DOUGLAS GUILFORD DUDLEY, JR. CHARLES A. EMBRY JOHN EZELL WILLIAM J. EZELL HERBERT FARRELL NORMAN FERRELL, JR. WILLIS M. FARRIS FRANK G. FITE FRANK W. FLETCHER JOHN S. FLETCHER MINOS L. FLETCHER, JR. EBENEZER FLEMING OLIVER FLEMING JAMES S. FRAZER, JR. LEWIS FRAZER YVASHINGTON FRAZER FRED J. FULLER GEORGE J. GALE EDWIN S. GARDNER B. A. GIBSON CHARLES C. GlI.BER1', JR. VVILLIAM H. QTOODPASTURE J. THOMAS GRISCOM ALFRED M. HAGAN F. E. HAGAN W. R. HAGAN FITZGERALD HALL ERNEST K. HARDISON. JR. BENJAMIN JOSEPH HARLAN ALBERT W. HARRIS, M.D. EUGENE O. HARRIS, JR. W. FRANK HARRIS XVILLIAM HARRIS WILLIAM LINN HARRIS, JR. E. B. HART DOUGLAS HENRY ROBERT S. HENRY JOHN S. HERBERT ROBERT D. HERBERT, JR. LAURENCE B. HOYVARD JOSEPH T. HOWELL, JR. MORTON B. PIOWELI., Ill R. BOYTE C. HOVVELI. R. BOYTE C. HOWELL, JR. FOSTER HUME, JR. HOWELL E. JACKSON ROBERT F. JACKSON, JR. PAYNE JONES XNALTER JONES DAVID M. KEEBLE EDWIN A. KEEBLE JOHN BELL KEEBLE, JR. SIDNEY F. KEEBLE THOMAS C. KEELING JAMES ALLEN KENNEDY RICHARD KENNEDY ROBERT KENNEDX' THOMAS P. KENNEDX'. JR. WILLIAM L. KILLEBREW XVILLIAM P. KIRKMAN HAROLD D. KNIGHT ROBERT H. KNIGHT VADEN M. LACKEY JOHN W. N. LEE SAMUEL E. LINTON HENRY Z. LIPSCOMB, JR. HILL MCALIS1'ER CRUTCHER MCCLURE HUNTER MCDONALD, JR. PAUL M. MCQPAUGHI' ROBERT E. MCNEILLX' JAMES C. MCREYNOLDS PERCY DOWNS MADDIN JOHN O. MANIER. M.D. THOMAS MILLER MANIER WILL R. MANIER, JR. RICHARD E. MATHEWS OLLIE F. MINTON, JR. LEE J. MOHR HUGH J. MORGAN, M.D. XVALTER M. MORGAN, D.D WILLIAM HENRY MORGAN DR. JAMES M. NEII.L YVILLIAM L. NICHOL, JR. JOHN H. NOEL OSCAR F. NOEL ROBERT ORR, III WVILLIAM E. PARK, JR. AI.BERT PARRISH W. B. C. PILCHER JOSEPH G. PRICHARD JOSEPH G. PRICHARD, JR. HARVEY PRIDE EDWIN K. PROVOST FRANK P. PROVOST JAMES B. RICHARDSON ARCHIE LEE ROBERTSON YVILLIAM DAKE ROSE HIRAM P. SALTER, JR. EDWARD DANIJRIDGE SHARP VERNON H. SHARP, JR. LANDON K. SMARTI' HENRY LAIRD SMITH LARKIN E. SMITH, M.D. MARION G. SMITH STUTSON SMITH EDGAR J. SPERRY YVADE R. SPERRY ELDON B. STEVENSON, JR. YVALTER STOKES CLARENCE P. STREET ROBERT W. STROUD JAMES G. STUART JAMES W. STUART GEORGE J. STUBBLEFIELD ALONZO M. TENISON GEORGE F. TENISON, M.D. SMITH TENISON J. D. THOMAS J. W. THOMAS THOMAS LEE THOMPSON MCTX'EIRE TIGERT CURRELL VANCE ORRIE R. VAN DYKE HARRY S. VAUCHN, D.D.S. AVILLIAM SCOTT VAUGHN W. J. WALI.AcE, JR. J. M. VVALLER R. A. WYALLER VVILLIAM VVALLER CHARLES VV. YVATERFIELD XVILLIAM C. WJEAVER NVILLIAM C. WVEAVER, JR. T. DWIGHT YVEBB, JR. EDWARD C. VVEBB GEORGE C. XVEBB ROBERT C. WEBSTER .S. JOSEPH READY VVEST OLIN AVEST, JR. ROBERT H. YVEST JNO. P. WII.LIAMS, JR., MJ OVERTON WILLIAMS HARRY L. WILLIAMSON, JR. JESSE E. YVILLS CHARLES W. WILSON RICHARD T. XVILSON, JR. YVILLIAM M. XVILSON J. A. ANITHERSPOON, JR. YVILLIAM H. YVVIT, M.D. ROBERT H. AVORKE THOMAS W. VVRENNE, JR. DOUGLAS M. YVRIGHT MAI.VERN H. VVRIGHT CHARLES F. ZEHNDER, JR. TOM B. ZERFOSS, M.D. fff"""'-Tix S Z ii Ee . ' Kappa Sigma Oakley. Stanford, Suthcrlund, Early Mondayi Murfec, Paiy, Rice Smith. Stuart VVest, Bk-ash-y. H-wffstetter, Harmon Ressv, Ryan. Smrtzel. Thnckston KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at University of Virginia, 1869 Kappa Chapin' established 1877 Colors: Scarlet, Emerald Green, and VVhite Flower: Lily of the Valley FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1934 . . Nashville, Tenn. . Hagan, Ga. L. C. OAKLEY, M.A. . CLARENCE SMITH, M.A. . . . Class of . . Nashville, Tenn. . Lake Charles, La. . . . Becker, Miss. . . . Lebanon, Tenn. HORTON EARLY, A.B. . CHARLES MONDAY, B.E. . joI-IN MURFREE, A.B. . BEN PATY, A.B. . . ROBERT STANFORD, B.A. . . Donelson, u7ILI.IAM SLITHERLAND, B.E. . Nashville, I 935 W ZELOTES RICE, B.E. ..... Erwin, JOE HARRY SMITH, B.AL . Springfield, THoMAs SNEED, A.B. . . . Nashville, I. VV. STUART, B.A. . . . Beaumont, SEDGEWICK WEST, B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. Class of 1936 I ROBERT BEASLEY, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. OSCAR HoEsTE'I'rER, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. FELIX VVILEY, A.B. . . YV. C. SMITH, B.E. . . . RICHARD WATKINS, . Nashville, Tenn. Class of 1937 ANDREW HARMON, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES REECE, A.B. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Texas . LaFayette, Ga. B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES L. RYAN, A.B. . . Springfield, Tenn. RICHARD STARTZEL, A.B. . . Shamokin, Pa. JESSE THACKSTON, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. z ' ,MW . has mf 5 El l I cBeta 'Theta cPi R. Be-rson, Ulieshire. Handley, F. Harvey, Oliver. Holliday, Hull MnCl9llan. The-rrell, Akers, Fowler, U. Harvs-y, Love Myers. Sayn-rs, V. Berson. Cash, Crawen, Elrocl Giles. Hines. Ing:-run, Martin, Rcmlhav, Rowland H. F. Smith, VV. Smith, Walls, Crowell, Cummings, Farris. Fly Love, Malone, McMurray, Simpson, Turner. VVilson, VVitherspoon l48 X .......---if RICHARD MARTIN, A.B. . . . . PrincetoII, Ky. ' BETA THETA PI BETA LAMBIJA CHAPTER Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, July, 1839 Beta Lambda Chapter Established 1883 Colon: Pink and Light Blue Flofwer: The Rose CLASS OF ROBERT BERSON, A.B. . . Brownsville, Tenn. Ross CHI-ZSHIRE, A.B. .... Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD FENKER, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. AVERY HANnLY, A.B. . . . Nashville, FLETCHER HARVEY, A.B. . . Memphis, JOE THERREl.I., A.B. . . TenII. CLASS OF CHARLES AKERS, A.B. . . Nashville, '1t9llll. BEN FOWLER, A.B. . . . Henderson, TenII. GEORGE HARVEY, A.B, . . . . Canton, Miss. CLASS OF VAN BERSON, A.B. . . . Brownsville, Tenn. RALPH CASH, A.B. . . . THOMAS CRAVEN, B.A. . . , Sr. Louis, Mo. CECIL ELROD, B.A, , . . Murfreesboro, CLARK GILES, B.E. .... Nashville, VVILLIAM HINES, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. RonER'r VVALLS, A.B. . JOHN CRowEI.L, A.B. . . . Nashville, Al.l.EN CUMMINGS, B.E. . . Nashville, FRANK FARRIS, JR, A.B. . Nashville, JOEL FLY, A.B. ..... Shelbyville, ROBERT Love, A.B. . . . Nashville, JACK WITHERSPOON, CLASS OF Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. 1934 HERNDON 0I.IvER, B,E. . . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES HOLLIDAY, A.B. . . Greeneville, S.C. CHARLES HULL, A.B. . . . Memphis, TeIm. C. B. lN1CCLEl.LAN, A.B. . . . . . . .Red Boiling Springs, Tenn. . Columbus, Miss. T935 JAMES LOVE, A.B. . . WILLIAM MYERS, A.B. HANLEY SAYERS, A.B. . 1936 GEORGE INGRAM, A.B. GEORGE ROULHAG, A.B. . . XVILLIAM ROVVLAND, B.A. . H. F. SMITH, A.B. . . XVILLIAM SMITH, B.E. . . .C'hicagO, lll. 1937 THOMAS NIALONE Ill, A.B. . VVILLIAM MCMllRRAX', B.E. CHARLES SIMPSON, A.B. , . CALISTER TURNER, BE. . . LINDSAY VVILSON, B.E. B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Savannah, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. , Florence, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Smyrna, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. BETA TH ETA PI BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER-Continued FRATRES IN FACULTATE VV C RECKLESS, M.A., PH.D. . . . .... Assistant Professor Souoloqy T. VV. SCHLATI-311, B.A., LL.B. . . . . Lecturer Medical Jurisprudence JOHN C. BURCH, M.D. .... . . . . . . Instructor in Gynecology EUGENE BUFFINGTON, B.A. . . Member of Board of Trust Tmsonoklz Mokrono, M.D. . Assistant in Clinical Obstetrics Beta Theta Pi, first of the Nliami Triad, was founded at ltliami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1839, and was the first social fraternity founded west of the Alleghenies. lt was also the second fraternity to have a VVestern chapter. John Reilly Knox was the moving spirit be- hind the early activities of Beta Theta Pi and was largely responsible for its founding. The ritual was also largely his work. The Civil VVar caused many Southern chapters of this fraternity to become inactive, but in practically every case these chapters have been restored in the new Southern expansion program of Beta Theta Pi. During the past year Beta Lambda celebrated the 50th anniversary of its local founding by participating very actively in student activities. They won several intra-mural championships and were well represented in publications and athletic teams. Twelve new men were added to the chapter enrollment, bringing the total to the usual forty membership limit. g X-ff-f" BETA THETA PI BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER-Continued JOHN M. BARREE J. Y. BAREEE GEORGE F. BLACKIE XVILLIAM M. BLACKIE LEO L. BOLES ALFRED H. BRANHAM HARRY BAIRD BOND JOSEPH W. BYRNS, SR. JOHN C. BURCH SAM Y. CALDWELL BRUCKNER CHASE FRANK I. CHERRY WALTER H. CLARKE JOHN L. CRAIG FRATRES IN URHE P. D. CUNNINGHAM ROBERT 0. DAVIDSON W. L. DAvIEs SAMUEL G. DOUGLAS JAMES GEOOES DOUGLAS EARL DUNLAP XNILLIAM N. ESTES ALBERT G. EWING, III S. CECIL EWING VV. H. EWING ROBERT H. FITE STRATTON FOSTER WILLIAM F. FRY, JR. WILLIAM F. FRY, SR. ROBERT D. GOODLETT GLENN R. GRANT K. C. HARDCASTLE, JR D. T. HARRIS FISHER HAwEs ROBERT R. HAwEs MARTIN A. HAYES J. M. HOUGHLAND A. M. HOPKINS GERALD B. HOWARD LELAND HUME TEO JACOB THOMAS JOY GEORGE KILLEBKEW WALKER H. GILL WILLIAM C. MASON ALEX MCCLAIN ENLOE MCCLAIN CHARLES MCLAUGHLIN MORTON MCMURRAX' THEODORE MORFORD LESLIE M. NELSON BEN H. NIcHOLsON SAMUEL F. PICKERING J. M. PEEBLES C. S. POWELL ROBT. L. PROOTOR, JR. ROBERT C. PROVINE W. S. RANSOM JAMES S. REAO W. C. RECKLES THOMAS W. SCHLATER DR. NAT SHDFI-'NI-TR HENRY E. SMITH ROBERT W. SMITH JOHN TEAS WILL TEMPLE E. W. THOMPSON ROBERT F. THOMPSON CHARLES C. TRABUE I CHARLES C. TRABUE II CHARLES C. TRABUE III THOMAS M. TRAEUE J. E. TREANOR LAURENCE L. TREANOR ROBERT TRULL W. H. VAUGHAN FRANCIS WARI-'IELD O. B. WASHINGTON FRANK WEILAND CARTER L. WILSON DR. JACK XNITHERSPOON C. P. WOOOWARO ELLERY C. XNORKMAN CLARENCE C. YOUNG 3 Q 'S Sigma cfflpha Epsilon King. Davis, Gibson, Kelley, Maupin, Ray Russell. Reese, Horsely, Spradlln. Dickinson Mullin. Morris, Oliver, Stewart, Taylor VValt0rs, NV:-uton, Coleman, Horn, Nucknlls Peebles, Penick. Touchtou, Taylor, Ze-mp Appleby, Crawford, Hairston, Pierson, Uflleman. YX'lnters eff ff r lx ,K ,ti ,jl J "R, QD SIGMA ALPHA EPSll.ON TENNESSEE NU CHAPTER Founded at the University of Alabama, 1856 Tennessee Nu Chapter establisllrd 1883 Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold B. MORTON KING, B.A. . . Shelbyville, CLASS OF Tenn. JOHN D. MCCAULEY, B.A. . Lexington, Ky. Ross HOPKINS, M.A. , . CLASS OF LARRIMORE BURTON, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS DAvIs, B.A. . . Brentwood, Tenn. JOHN O. DICKINSON, LL.B., Nashville, Tenn. HAL T, QEIBSON, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. SAMUEL H. HAIRSTON, B.A. . Meridian, Miss. JOSEPH B. PIUTCHISON, B.E., Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT HORSLEY, LL.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. EDWARD S. KELLEX', B.A. . Brentwood, Tenn. BYRON C. BEARD, B.A. .... Smyrn EVANS M. CLEMENTS, B.A. . Nashville, JACK K. CRAVVFORD, B.A., Somerville, CLASS OF a, Ga. Tenn. Tenn. JOSEPH T. DICKINSON, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. DUDLEY E. GREEN, B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. EUGENE MORRIS, B.A. . . . Moultrie, Ga. WM. H. H. MULUN, B.A. . Texarkana, Texas CHARLES NANCARROW, B.A., Texarkana, Ark. CLASS OF HARRY' APPLEEY, B.E. . . Nashville, Tenn. W. THOMAS BARR, B.E. . . Birmingham, Ala. JACK CLAY, B.A. ..... Hapeville, Ga. D. W. COLEMAN, B.A. .... Burgin, Ky. STANLEY F. HORN, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. WM. C. NUCKOLLS, B.A. . . Shawnee, Okla. Flower: The Violet 1934 A. W. PIERCE, M.D. . . Fort Worth, Texas JACK HEFLIN, M.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. f . Memphis, Tenn. 1935 EDWARD B, MAUPIN, B.A. . Shelbyville, Tenn. DUNCAN MCRAE, LL.B. . .Prescott, Ark. VVM. F. ORR, M.D. . . . Nashville, Tenn. R. BEVERLY RAY, B.A. . . Memphis, Tenn. EDWARD RUSSELL, B.A. . Centreville, Tenn. JAMES REES, B.A. . . . Fayetteville, Tenn. Tenn. VVM. C. SPRADLIN, B.A. . Union City, JERRY w7INTER, B.A. . . Chattanooga, Tenn. 1936 ROBERT OLIvER, B.A. .... Valdosta, Ga. ARNOLD PEEBLES, B.A. . . Columbia, Tenn. RALPH G. PIERSON, B.A. . New Orleans, La. BAIN T. STEWART, B.A. . Shelbyville, Tenn. ALBERT K. TAYLOR, B.A. . Blytheville, Ark. THOMAS UEELEMAN, B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. HARRX' WALTERS, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. CHAS. LANGDON WVROTON, B.A. . Macon, Ga. 1937 VVM. R. PEEELES, B.A. , . Columbia, Tenn. VVM. PENICK, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. STEPHENS C. RANSOM, B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. J. H. TOUCHTON, B.E. . . . Valdosta, Ga. DAN. S. TAYLOR, B.E. . . . Memphis, Tenn. ALBERT S. ZEMP, B.A. . . . Portland, Ore. - SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON TENNESSEE NU CHAPTER-Continued FRATRES IN FACULTATE James T BoYKxN ..... . . . Research Assistant m Physiology ALBERT W. HUTCHISON .... . . Instructor in Civil Engineering GEORGE PULLEN Jacxsou . . . Professor of German . , Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded by eight students of the University of Alabama at that university in 1856. Noble L. DeVotie was the most active of this group and was the one who wrote the ritual, chose the name of the fraternity, and devised the handclasp. In the first year of its founding, the fraternity had expanded until seven chapters were in existence. Until 1888 the activities of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were confined largely to the South, but after this date active Northern expansion took place so that at the present this fraternity is well represented in all sections of the country. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the only national social fraternity ever to have a woman member. N 1 X TENNESSEE NU CHAPTER-Coniinuell VANCE J. ALEXANDER J. T. ALLEN J. C. ALLISON N. L. ALTHAUSER DR. CHARLES ANDERSON TIIOMAS APPLEION J. C. ARMISTEAD XVIRT IARMISTEAD, JR. B. ASKEVV P. ASKEW C. R. ATCHINSON ROBERT BAGLEY TOM BAGLEY FERRIS C. BAILEY YVALTON BARKER XVILLIAM F. BARRY F. M. BASS JOHN A. BELL W. M. BENNETT ROSGOE BOND YVILLIAM S. BOOTION CLARENCE T. BOYD SEWELI. BRANDAU JAMES BRANDON ALBERT S. BRITT W. C. BROWN VV. R. BRYAN, JR. J. A. GRANNIS WVALKER QIRASTY FREDERICK C. CEREVE L. P. QTROVER R. W. HALE WILLIAM HALE XVALTER HALE "PEG" HANCOCK RUSSELL E. HART JUDGE CHESTER K. HART J. YVISEMAN HEAD R. M. HICKEY, III JUDGE LITPON HIORMAN GEORGE W. HIGHT HORACE G. HILL, JR. J. W. HIRSIG JOHN J. HOOKER M. Ross HOPKINS J. W. HOSKINS W. C. HOUSTON H. G. HUODLESTON C. E. HUNT JOHN HUNT LEE HUNT A. W. HUTCHISON C. H. HUTTON PROF. GEORGE P. JACKSON J. F. JARMAN RAY JEAN DR. HOLLIS E. JOHNSON BEN F. JONES, JR. J. E. KEEI-'E JUDGE E. F. LANGI-'ORD DAVID S. LANSDEN HENRY C. LASSING DICKIE LEWIS FRATRES IN URIIE FRANK BUNCH BILLY BURNETI' J. E. CAIN, JR. S. E. CAIN STITH M. CAIN JULIAN C. CAMPBELL NEIL CARGILE A. M. CARROLL, JR. S. R. CARROLL DUDLEY E. CASEY BERTRAM CHALPONT S. CLARK SHEEPIELD CLARK XVILLIAM B. CLARK R. A. COLEMAN S. F. COLEMAN ZACK COLES W. C. COOKE W. L. COREIIIUSE C. J. CROCKETT, JR. JOHN R. CROSS R. C. CRUMBAUGH RANDOLPH CRUTCHFIELD EDWARD CURD DR. JAMES A. DALE C. C. DANIEL CARL LIPSCOMB J. CARLTON LOSER L. B. LOSER JOE T. MCCARY' K. T. MCCONNICO K. T. MCCONNICO, JR. A. MCGLOTHLEN D. E. MCGUGIN LEONARD MCKEAND E. L. MCNEILLX' W. D. MCSWEEN A. MARSHALL PROP. BROVVNE N1AR'lAIN W. L. MARTIN ALLEN MEADORS HAROLD MEADORS JACK MEADORS DR. JOSEPH T. MEADORS NELSON IVAEYERS NORMAN NIINICK E. MOORE GARLAND MOORE H. C. MOORE J. WVASHINGTON MOORE PROP. ,ARTHUR H. MOSER C. MALCOLM MOSS VVILLIAM NESTDR E. C. NISSEN, JR. YVILLIAM F. ORRS, JR. RALPH OWENS J. W. OWSLEY GRAY PATTERSON HOVVARD PATION CHARLES PEAY R. LANIER PEEBLES DR. R. H. PERRY L. M. PHILLIPS W D PHILLIPS VV. VV. PINSON, JR. E. T. DAVANT ELMER D. DAVIES EDWARD A. DEEDS W. RAYMOND DENNPII' OVERTON DICKENSON E. L. DOAK DR. HENRY L. DOUGLAS F. E. DUDLEX' XVILLIAM DURY JOHN EARLY THOMAS N. EDEN VV. M. EDMONDSON ROBERT EVANS VVINSTON EVANS G. C. FISHER HUMPHREY FOLK ERNEST FRANKLIN C. T. GALBREATH JACK GARLAND JAMES R. GARRETI' DR. M. GLASGOW Ivo B. GLENN HALLUM QIOODLOW HENRY GOOOPASTURE NAT PORTER ROGERS PORTER REV. NVM. A. PROVINE I. D. RAGAN REV. THOS. RAGSDALE T. A. RAMSAY G. J. REYNOLDS XVILLIAM ROLLOW PAUL A. RYE THOMAS B. SCOGGINS H. B. SHAPI-'NER C. F. SIMPSON B. SMITH C. R. SMITI-I F. SMITH F. C. STAHLMAN PARK STREET EDWIN TIDWEl.L W. M. TLICKER VERNON S. TUPPER VERNON S. TUPPER, JR. GEORGE H. TYNE JOHN E. TYLER ' THOMAS J. TYNE, JR. - SETH M. XVALKER J. ARTHUR XVANDS GEN. NV. H. XVASIIINGTON DR. ANDERSON XVEBB A. K. XVHEELER JOHN YVHERRY PAUL L. WILLIAMS YVALTER YVILLIAMS F. L. XVILSON G. C. YVOODS M. T. XVORKMAN L. A. VVUEST BAXTER YOUNG CARL YOUNG 1 Chi CPhi First Row: Blank, B. E. Brubaker, llnwthorm-. O, M. Junes Second Row: Scoggins, Core. J' H. M. Jones Third Row: R, L. Brubaker. Frunlfliu, Gilmore, Hruska Fourth Row: Lakoff, Qwsley, Orsborne, Sandidge il. 'A J' Y Colors: Scarlet and Blue J. W. BLACK, B.E. , . B. E. BRUBAKER, B.E. . D. D. HAVVTHORNE, B.E. 9 THE CHI PHI ALPHA PI CHAPTER Founded at Princeton, December 24, 1824 Alpha Pi Chapter Established 1883 CLASS . Nashville, Tenn. . Greenfield, Ohio . . Dermott, Ark. CLASS H. L. DICKISON, B.A. .... Ashland, Ky. H J. H. M. JoNEs, B.A. CLASS . GLENN 0vERLi', B.A. . . Louisville, Ky. R, E. SHANRLIN, B.A. . . . Ashland, Ky. R. L. BRUBAKER, B.A. JOHN FRANKLIN, B.A. . M. E. GILMORE, B.A. . R. E. HRUSKA, B.A. . . E. J. C. LAKOFF, JR., B.A. . JOHN P. LIPSCOMB, B.A. K. L. OVERLY, B.A. . . R. CLASS . Greenfield, Ohio . Adairsville, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Canton, Ohio Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Louisville, Ky. Flower: Grape Vine QSymbolJ 1934 0, M. JoNEs, JR., B.E. . Glen Ferris, W. Va. JOHN SANDIGE, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. V. G. SCOGCINS, B. E. . . Nashville, Tenn. 1935 JOHN VV. CORE, LL.B. . . Frankfort, Ohio Glen Ferris, VV. Va. 1936 RANNIE TIIROCMORTON, B.E. . Mayfield, Ky FRED W. MAGENER, B.A. . . Brooklyn, N. Y 1937 LAWRENCE OWSLEY, B.A. . . Eclectic, Ala GEORGE 0RsEoRNE, B.A. . . J. P. POYNOR, JR. . CHARLES PURVIS, B.A. . . A. G. WEEER, B.A. . . . HAROLD XVHITE, B.A. . . . Greenville, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. . Glenville, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Barnesville, Ga. MONK YVILLIAMS, B.A. .... Blakey, Ga. FRATRES IN UREE P. BELL JOHNSON BRANSFORD W. E. BUIST J. A. BURROW J. G. CURRY E. E. DAUGHERTY J. F. GREEN CIIAS. VV. HAWKINS A. J. LAMAR J. F. MCILLWAINE J. VV. MADDIN, JR. H. P. NUNNALLY F. S. PARKER, JR. VV. B. PAUL C. A. SIowAx' F. A. SULLIVAN JAMES I. VANCE C. B. WALLACE E. B. YVILKINSON DR. E. B. MCAALEXANDER HARRY WINN X ZZ- Kappa c-Alpha Pulls-r, Ih-yan. Burn-lx, Haxynos llulv, KGOIIO S-'hminl XY. Immbolll. Morgan Owen Thompson. D. Lzuubeth, Neely AAO-s .. UE 5 cI',ll:..o 0 ' "fb A+ A 'O O Q v KAPPA ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Founded at Vllashington and Lee University, 1865 Chi Chapifr rstablislwd April 9, 1883 Colon: Crimson and and Old Gold Flofwfr: Magnolia and Red Rose F RATRES IN UNIVERSIT.ATE Class of 1934 LUCIUS BURCH, JR., B.A. ...... . Nashville, Tenn. PAUL M. DAvIs, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. DIxoN DossE1'r, LL.B. . . . . Beulah, Miss. WILLIAM G. FULLER, B.A. . . . Texarkana, Texas ALVIN GRAHAM, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. A1.LEN T. GUILD, LL.B. . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT HALE, B.A. . . ....... Old Hickory, Tenn. Class of IQ 35 STUART BRYAN, B.E, . . . ...... johnson City, Tenn. JAMES W. HAYNES, B.A. . . . . . Franklin, Tenn. BUFORD KEENE, B.E. . . . Hartsville, Tenn. ROBERT SCHMID, B.E. . ........ . Nashville, Tenn. Class of 1936 IALONZO DANIEL, M.D. . ........ . Nashville, Tenn. VVILLIAM LAMBETH, B.E. . . ..,.... . Nashville, Tenn. WII.Ls MORGAN, B.E. . . ...... . Nashville, Tenn. SAMUEL D. OWEN, A.B. ........ . . Gulfport, Miss. Class of 1937 I DoUcI.As LAMBETH, B.E. . . . ...... , Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM NEELY, B.A. . . . . Memphis, Tenn. WlI.l.lAM MoN'moMERY, LL.B. . . . Memphis, Tenn. CHARLES C. THOMPSON, M.D. . . . Columbia, Tenn. THOMAS E. XR7YA'l'l', M.D. ............... . . . Jackson, Tenn. FRATRES IN FACULTATE LUcIUs E. BURCH, M.D. . . ............. . , Proffs,-or of Gynemlagy W. C. DIXON, M.D. ........ . . .4.vsi:1anl Profrsxor of Gynrrology THoMAs H. MALONE, B.A., LL.B. . ..... Prof1'.s':or of llmw EDWARD T, SEAY, LL.B. . . . . ...... Professor of Lafw I. E. HART, B.A. ,... . . Bursar and Srrrdary of Fafuliy H. B. BURwEI.L . . ..... Imiruclor Geology R. L. ALEORD VV. C. ALFORD JOsH AMBROSE J. A. BALL K. M. BAIRD M. BANNING JOHN M. BARKSDALE DR. HUGH BARR MELVILLE BARNES L. A.ABAUMAN, JR. DR. VV. C. BILBRO JOE R. BLACKVVOOD M. BRADFORD MARK BRADFORD, JR. JOE BROADUS DR. L. E. BURCH H. VV. CALDWELL J. F. CALDWELL J. W. CALDWELL R. F. CALDWELL VVINSTON CALDVVELL VV. D. CALDWELL JOHN CALHOUN G. K. CAMPBELL L. F. CHAPMAN W. C. CHERRY C. F. CLARK JAMES CLAYTON C. W. COOK VV. K. COOK DELAMERE COOPER H. M. Cox J. S. COYNER DR. R. S. CURTIS H. D. DALLAS H. D. DALLAS, JR. L. T. DERRYEERRY M. E. DERRYBERRY, JR. P. L. DERRYBERRY JOHN DEvOE J. B. DICKSON DR. VV. C. DIXON ROBERT C. DUNN R. W. DURY A. D. EDWARDS KAPPA ALPHA CHI CHAPTER-Continued FRATRES IN URBE E. E. ELAIN E . P. ENES C. W. FOLK R. E. FOLK E. T. FRAZER J. FULLER XVILLIAM A. GUILD W. H. GUTHRIE L. W. HARDAGE VV. D. HARDEMAN J. E. HART C. A. HARVVELL R. E. HARWELL S. K. HARWELL R. E. HAYNES HARRY HEDKICK, JR. TANNER HENDRICK J. B. HIEBITS, JR. ' T. H. HIEEITS C. F. HIcKERsON J. B. HUNTER GRANBERRY JACKSON POWHATAN W. JAMES W. H. JOHNSTON BARTON JONES D. K. JONES EDGAR JONES V. M. JONEs R. M. KING E. R. KINNEBREW E. T. KIRKPATRICK SAM KIRKPATRICK J. C. KNOX W. H. KNOX, JR. B. W. LANDSTREET, JR. AMos LEONARD M. S. LEwIs R. H. LYLE J. C. R. MCCALL J. H. MCCALL J. T. MCCALL VV. F. MCCALL H. B. MCSWAIN THOMAS H. MALONE C. S. MARTIN, JR. H. W. MA1'rHEws J. F. MEIRS W. F. MEIRS DR. C. M. MILLER EDWIN S. MORGAN H. B. MORROW JOHN MURPHREE EDWIN MURRAY' O. F. NYE P. F. NYE DR. JOHN OVERTON H. E. PARMER, JR. T. L. PALMER, JR. E. C. PERRY EUGENE PILCHER M. B. PILCHER S. T. PORTER W. R. PORTER D. M. PosT W. H. PRESTON E. A. PRICE A. D. REED J. B. RICHARDSON, JR. JOHN F. RICHARDSON R. M. RICHARDSON M. S. Ross J. M. RYAN E. P. SCALES MASON SCOEEY - EDWARD T. SEAY J. W. SHIPP H. A. SUGGS J. A. SLOAN, JR. W. M. STARNES A. W. STOCKELL, JR. DR. VV. A. SULLIVAN T. C. TANNER J. L. TEMPLETON J. W. TEMPLETON S. B. TURRENTINE, JR L. G. WALDROP M. H. WALLACE C. C. WASHBURN T. G. WATKINS D. W. WEEE T. I. WEEE HORACE V. WELLS, JR J. B. WELLS A. W. WILSON HILLIARD O. WOOD R. J. VVOODS, JR. L. B. YARBROUGH SIGMA NU FRATRES IN FACULTATE JOSEPH VV. ALEORD, M.D. . . . . . . . . . . . . Assistant in Clinical Medzcznr EDWARD H. BARKSDALE, M.D. .... . . . Assistant Professor of Urology CHARLES B. BROWN, M.A., PH.D. . . . Assistant Professor of Urology GEORGE R. GAGE, M.S., PH D. ........ Professor of Botany LEE J. LOVENTHAL, B.A. ............ Board of Trust EUGENE M. ORR, M.D. . . Assistant Professor Clinical Otolaryngology F. C. PASCHAL, M.A., PILD. .Dean, Col. Arts and Sci., Prof. Psychol. CHARLES M. SARRATT, B.A., M.A. ......... Dean of Men JOHN M. SAUNDERS, M.D. . . . . . Assistant in Pediatrics JOHN DONALD WADE, M.A., PH.D. . .... Professor of English CHARLES XNILSON, PH.D. . . . . . Assistant Professor of Goology TRUMAN ALEXANDER JOSEPH ALTORO HARRY' AMBROSE GEORGE BROOKS BRAINARD CHENEY ULYSSES COGGIN ROI' COOPER FRATRES IN URBE CHARLES DUKE ADRIAN EATHERLY CHARLES EATHERLY RUFUS FORT JOSEPH GILRERT ROBERT HOUK CARL HOFFER CRANBERRY JACKSON ROLAND LAME VVARREN LAMB ROBERT LIGHTFOOT LEE LOVENTHAL HAROLD LOWE HOWARD MCGAW THOMAS MENEES GUSTAVUS PURYEAR JOE MYERS WILLIAM PURYEAR EUGENE ORR MARTIN ROBERTS II NEILL OWEN MARTIN ROBERTS III EDMUND PAYNE JOHN SAUNDERS CARR PAYNE CHARLES SCHEFFER AIIRREY MAXWELL ALDEN SMITH ALVIN SPOTSWOOD JAMES STUMB LAWRENCE STUMII PAUL STUMB CLARENCE SU'rHERLANIm WILLIAM TATE JULIAN THOMAS BEVERLY YOUNG 14 '1 'M if Sigma 'Nu Kano, Lentz, Rnbbius. J. C. Roberts, Joe Roberts Stark, Bzxrnvs. Boyer Campbell. Jackson, Johnson, McClure, Moore Cave, Grenlvy, Henderson, Levine, Houk I Keathlvy, Knight, Anderson, Barry. Mm-Car-thy ! -- Colors: White, Black, ROBERT BARRY, M.A. . JOHN BRAY, B.E. . . RAY CONSLEY, LL.B. . NANCE JORDAN, A.B. . . . WARD KANE, A.B. . BEN BARNES, A.B. . BRUCE BAYER, B.E. . . 93 3 'Jia an v.5i.,,5, ,, P' sf, 9 2387-'mndgg 6 'I SIGMA NU SIGMA CHAPTER Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Sigma Chapter established 1886 and Gold CLASS OF Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . Helena, Ark. Franklin, Tenn. 1934 NED LENTZ, LL.B. . FARLAND ROBBINS, LL.B. J. C. ROBERTS, A.B. . . JOE ROBERTS, A.B. . . . . Nashville, Tenn. HARRY STARK, B.E. . B. SHACKLEFORD, A.B., Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. CLASS OF 1935 Chattahfmchee, Flu. . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERTSON CAMPBELL, B.E. . . . Gary, Ind. TRUETI JACKSON, A.B. . . Montgomery, Ala. CLASS OF JERE CAVE, B.E. .... Caracas, Venezuela YVILLIE GENY, A.B. . PIENRY GRENLEY, A.B. . . JESSE ANDERSON, A.B. . , . Bos DEMoss, A.B. . . JAMES HOUK, B.E. . O. M. K.EATHl.EY, A.B. . . WENDELL LEVINE, A.B. . . Memphis, Nashville . . Nashville, Nashville Nashville, Memphis, Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. CLASS OF Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. JESSE JOHNSON, LL.B. . HARRY GUFFEE, A.B. . EWELL MCCLURE, B.E. TOM MOORE, B.E. . . 1936 BRUCE HENDERSON, B.E. . . A. T. LEVINE, A.B. . PETE CURLEY, A.B. . 1937 RAY KNIGHT, B.E. . . FRANCIS MCCARTHY, A.B. . L. D. SCOTT, A.B. . . ROBERT SLAYDEN, B.E. VERNON WILKINSON, A.B. . F lower: White Rose . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Mayfield, Ky. . . Sherman, Texas . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Franklin, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville Tenn. Nashville Nashville, Nashville, n v Nashville, Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. . St. Louis, Mo. . Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. hi , . A l,-7 ll A -M Y. A - A . , . ., . SMH. l 1 RE: - 3 .Q L, Tu I 1 l cvflpha Tau Omega W'hally, Hazelhurst, Hill, Kirk, Peery Booker, Buchi Evans. Hudson, Lackey. Skidmore, YVattles Bateman, Ellis, Gamble. Harvey, C. C. Miller R Miller. L. Miller, Nailing, Thornton, West ALPHA TAU OMEGA BETA PI CHAPTER Founded September 11, 1865, at Richmond, Virginia Bela Pi Chapter established October 19, 1889 Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Flofwer: EDWARD DAWSON, A.B. . AI,BERT MCKAY, B.E. Mll.1'0N COOK, B.E. . DERRELII HAzEI.IIURs1', GEORGE HIl.I,, A.B. . . JOE BOOKER, B.E. . . HAROLD BUCI-II, B.E. . CLARENCE EVANS, B.E. . . RANDALL DIXON, A.B. CLIFFORD BATEMAN, A ALFRED CARTER, B.E. TOMMY ELLIS, A.B. . JOHN GAMELE, A.B. . BOB HARVES', A.B. . . . . . CLASS OF . Birmingham, Ala. . . . .Macon, Ga. EDWARD VVIIALLEY, A.B. CLASS OF . . Nashville, Tenn. A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. EUGENE STRAYHORN, A.B. CLASS OF . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF B. . McKenzie, Tenn. . . . Hamilton, Ohio . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. Swifton, Ark. JOHN THORNTON, A.B. 1934 m7ENDEI.l, PHILLIPS, A.B. . BEN VVEST, A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. 1935 ATI-IA KIRK, A.B., OscAR NOEL, A.B. JAMES PEERY, A.B. . . Nashville, Tenn. 1936 FRANK HUDSON, A.B. . J. G. LACKEY, A.B. . DOUGLAS SKIDMORE, A.B. . WALTER XA7AT'I'I.ES, A.B. 1937 TOM MAYEERRY, A.B. ..., Sparta, C. C. MILLER, A.B. ,... Jackson, Roois MILI.ER, A.B. . . Brownsville, RICHARD NAILING, B.E. . . Union City, RADI-'ORD SALEE, B.E. , . Clarksville, Brownsville, Tenn. Vllhite Tea Rose . . Atlanta, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. . Linden, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Polk, Tenn. . Newnan, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. ALPHA TAU OMEGA J. H. ACKLEN ALBERT ANDREWS, JR. BUsTER ANDREWS, JR. J. R. AUsI' VV. M. BAILEY ISAAC BALL, JR. W. M. BALL J. R. BANDI' ALLAN D. BAss JAS. C. BEAN R. VV. BILLINGTON VV. L. BLAIR L. V. BOXVVELL R. R. BOULT HARRIS BROWN VV. J. BRYAN T. C. BUNTIN VV. L. CALDVVELL JOHN CALDWELL A. L. CIIILDRESS FRATRES IN URBE E. G. CLARK CHAS. F. CLEMENTS D. M. CLEMENTS Af R. CRAVVFORD JOHN DANIEL ROLLIN DANIEL CHAS. B. DAVIDSON DONALD DAVIDSON VVILLIAM DAVIDSON J. R. DAwsoN J. J. DIDCOTI' N. C. ELAM P. S. GILMAN FRANK GOAR JOE HATCHER G. D. HENDERSON TOM HENDERSON, JR. CHRIS HOPKINS LEONARD HOPKINS T. C. HORN B. B. HORNER DORRIS HYDE R. VV. JONES T. G. KAIN R. B. KAY DAVID C. KELLY ROBERT J. KIMBROUGH PERCI' KINNARD JAMES B. KRANZ BURGESS KIRRPATRICK L. M. LANIER LUKE LEA LUKE LEA, JR. PERCY LEA R. Q. LEDYARD JACK LENTZ ROBERT LUsK ELLIOT MAcKI.E HUGH MALONE FIRPO MAPLES H. H. McAI,Is1'ER, JR. DANIEL MCALPINE R. E. MCLIONE W. P. MILAN A. Y. MOORE B. P. MOORE P. C. MOORE F. A. MOSES J. C. MOULDER A. B. NEIL W. S. NOBLE I. A. NUNN J. W. PERRY J. W. PERRY, JR. M. P. QUILLIAN R. L. QUITMAN G. H. RATTERMAN ROBERT REEvEs C. 0. RHEA Bo VV. RICHTER LALLIE RICHTER T. M. RODINEON, JR HARRY R. SANDERS HENRY R. SANDERS R. L. SCHMID J. B. Scosv J. W. SHACKFORD CECIL SIMS J. C. SPARKS J. G. STEPHENSON GEORGE STOVES R. E. SULLIVAN JOHN THOMPSON, III H. S. WAKEFIELD BRADLEY WALKER M. E. WARD J. W. YVARNER, JR. R. J. YVARNER R. N. WA1'rs W. D. XVEATHERFORD W. W. WILKERSON L. L. BADGER HORACE BEAVEN B. A. BENNIE ERNEST BOYD E. E. BRITI' IREY BRIGHT W. G. CALDWELL G. H. CALLENDER J. H. CALLENDER A. R. CORNELIUS G. L. CORNELIUS DELTA KAPPA EPSILON FRATRES IN URBE HERBERT CoRsoN H. D. CRIGHTON MEREDITH CRAWFORD A. D. CREIGHTON M. M. CULLDM MERRIMAN CUNNINGGIM ERNEST DAVIS H. M. CAvIs LAWSON DAVIS LINDSEY DAVIS CI-IARLEs DAvI1'r, JR. WILLIAM DIDCOTT GORDON B. DUNCAN C. G. DURY C. EDWARDS CoMEs FORT ToM FUQUA VV. A. FUQUA J. R. GREENE N. HAMILTON ALFRED HUME WILLIAM HUME PAUL HUNTER ROY KENNEDY F. G. KETTRELL G. R. LONG D. O. MCCARN JEFF MCCARN E. F. MCCDRLEY B. M. MACLEMORE JDHN MADDEN SAM DAVIS W. H. MEERS JAMES MORRIS P. F. NICHOLS H. C. PARRENT S. F. PERKINS H. H. PETTIBONE THOMAS POINTER G. C. PORTER WV. H. RAYMOND JOE ROACI-I GEORGE RussELL CI-IARI.Es RUSSELL E. C. SCRUGGS ALAN SI-IAPARD HORSLEY STETSON WALTER STOKES, JR. W. H. SWIGGART PRESLEY WILLIAMS W. O. VAUGIIN W. L. YOUNG A. J. ZEITLER fi"-f"' v 1 CDelta Kappa Epsilon Cunningham, Hambrick. Huggins, Johnson, Rand Thurston, Orman, Stubhlus, Carter, Claffe-y Cornelius, Estes, Goetz. Hume, Short Ball. Black, Borches. Finch, Happel Hill, McDonald, Noel, Mclklath, Sturdivant ! I lla", 1 ' A f'f:5': DELTA KAPPA EPSlLON GAMMA CHAPTER Founded at Yale, 1844 Gamma Chapter established 1847 fljnifversity of Naslwillej Re-established 1889 Colors: Azure, Gules, and Or Flower: The Pansy CLASS WM. CUNNINGHAM, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. T. C. HAMBRICK, B.A. . Spring Hill, Tenn. HAROLD HUGGINS, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. JOHN ORMAN, B.A. BURT CARTER, LL.B HAL CLAFFEY, A.B. CHARLES CORNELIUS, CLAUDE ESTES, A.B. HOWARD BALL, B.E. JOHN BLACK, A.B. . . . BILL BORCHES, B.A. ED FINCH, A.B. . DoN THURSTON, B.A. CLASS Spring Hill, Tenn. CLASS . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Memphis, Tenn. A.B. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Birmingham, Ala. CLASS Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. . Nashville, Tenn. . . .Birmingham, Ala. 1934 EUGENE JOHNSON, B.A DICK LINDSEY, B.A, . NoRELEET RAND, B.A. . . . . St, Louis, Mo. 1935 SAM STUBBINS, B.A. 1936 MERRIT1' GOETZ, A.B. . . Monroe, La. . Nashville, Tenn. . St. Louis, Mo. Birmingham, Ala. . Nashville, Tenn. FRED HUME, JR., A.B. . . . St. Louis, Mo. SPENSER ROBINSON, A.B. . . . St. Louis, Mo. ToM SHORT, LL.B. . . . Spring Hill, Tenn. 1937 TOM HAPPEL, A.B. .... Trenton, Tenn. PAGE HILL, JR., A.B. . . Birmingham, Ala. jol-IN MCDDNALD, A.B. . . . Paducah, Ky. JOHN MCNIATH, B.A. . . . Warren, Ohio HAYES NoEI., A.B. .... Nashville, Tenn. FRATRES IN FACULTATE HORTON R. CAsPARIs, M.D. . . . ..... Professor of Pediatrics BRYANT COOPER, M.A. ...... . . . Professor of Psychology HARRY DRAKE, M.D. ...,.... . Professor of Medicine WILLIAM M. FLEMING, PH.D. ....... Bacteriology Assistant C. H. HAMILTON, M.D. .... flssofiate Professor of Dermatology CHRIS MCCLURE . . . ........ Professor of X-Ray EDWIN MIMS, Ph.D. . . .... Head of Department of English DAVID R. PICKENS . . . . Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery X, . .. V -2 izf. 5 5 Q HX ww X fi G: A Q iq xi Q A SEM ' 's , 5 . Q W fa? 1, A 3? ,ii 5,3 5 3 ..::. - 'S In xx xx Q 1 X F2 ..... ,S A, if Q Sigma Chi Lanier, Pivrve, Smith, SUhl'h9illl'if'h, VVhorley, Bock, Grigshy Hofstx-ad. Noel. Patterson, Turner. Anderson. Dudley Douglass. Minton, Parker, YValiefleld, Ba-thnrum, Albers Boone-, M. Bruwn, S. Brown, Buchanan, Cato. Dodson Dunbar, Donna-l, Leuvell, Murrell. IR-arson, Pea-k, Pennington Petwny, Pigutt. Rodenhauser, Robson, Fort, Koehm. Noell SIGMA Cl"ll ALPHA PSI CHAPTER Founded at Miami University, 1855 Alpha Psi Chapter rslablishrd 1891 Colors: Blue and Gold I-'1ow1?r: VVhite Rose CLASS OF I934 THOMAS H. LANIER, A.B., Nashville, Tenn. GEORGE MCKEE PIERCE, B.E. . Decatur, Ill. VVILLIAM MILES, B.E. . . Springfield, Tenn. EUGENE SMITH, B.E. . . . Nashville, Tenn. XVALTER NEEL, A.B. . . . Newberry, S. C. ROBERT LEE XNHORLEY, A EUGENE BECK, B.E. . FRANCIS H. CROCKETT, CHASE DELONEY, A.B. . . BROVVN GRIGSBY, A.B. . . . Oneonta, H, 0. .ANDlERSON, A,B., Vlfilliamsport, REID BETHURUM, A.B. . . Nashville, BUNYAN DUBLEY, A.B. , . Nashville, CLASS OF . . . . Erwin, Tenn. HE. . Nashville, Tenn. . Russellville, Ala. N. Y. CLASS O Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. HAMll.1'ON DOUGLASS, III, A.B., Atlanta, Ga. HORACE LIPSCOMB, JR., A.B., Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS WARDER, B.E. F CLASS OF FRAZIER Al.BERS, A.B. . . . Nashville, Tenn. B. E. BOONE III, A.B. .... Elkton, Ky. MALVERN BROVVN, B.E. , . Nashville, JORDAN S. BROWN, A.B., Springfield, HERBERT BUCHANAN, A.B. . Nashville, RANDOLPH CATE, A.B. . . Nashville, HARLAN DOBSON, JR., A.B. . Madison, JAMES DUNBAR, B.E. . . . Nashville, RIBLEY DONNELL, A.B. . . Nashville, CARTER FORT, A.B. .... Oak Pa Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. rk, Ill. VVILLIAM SUHRHEINRICH, A.B., Evansville, Ind. .B., Nashville, Tenn. 1935 JAMES HOESTEAB, A.B. . . . Jackson, CHARLES NOELL, JR., A.B. . Covington, ROBERT PATTERSON, A.B. . . Houston, FENNELL P. TURNER, A.B., New York, 1936 HENRY P. MINTON, A.B. . Nashville, ROBERT NOELL, A.B. . . . Covington, JOSEPH PARKER, A.B. . . , Nashville, ERB ROBERTS, B.E. . . McMinnville, MASSX' WAREEIELO, A.B. . . Nnfhville, . . Neptune, Tenn. 1937 ROBERT KOEHM, A.B. , . . Nashville, ROBERT LEAVELL, A.B. . . Nashville, PAUL D. MURREIII., B.E. . Kingsport, VVOODRING PEARSON, A.B., . Nashville, JAMES PECK, A.B. . . . Springfield, CHAS B. PENNINGTON, A.B., Nashville, VVILLIAM PETWAY, A.B. . . Nashville, RICHARD E. PIGO1'I', LL.B. . . Milan, DAVID ROBENHAUSER, B.E. . Nashville, ROBERT S. ROSSON, A.B. . Springfield, ROBERT vVHlTFlEI.D, B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. , Tenn. Tenn. Texas N. Y. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. SIGMA CHI ALPHA Psi CHAPTER-Continued FRA'rREs IN FACULTATE THoMAs CARTER, M.A., PH.D. ...... Professor of Greek Exifesis in School of Religion VV. P. CONNELL, B.S., M.S. . . . ....... Member of Board of Trust THOMAS M. WOODARD, M.A. . . . .... Instructor in Biology W. S. LEATHERS, M.D. ......... Dean of llfledizal School CLARENCE CONNELL, B.E. . . . Superintendent of Vanderbilt Hospital ALFRED BLALOCK, M.D. . . . ...... Instructor in Surgery JAMES OVERALL, M.D. . . Instructor in Pediatrics RALPH KNUTI-:, M.D. . . . Instructor in Pathology F. H. TURNER, M.A. . . . . Alumni Sorrotary C Sigma Chi was the third of the Miami Triad founded at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio, in 1855. In 1857 a division in the fraternity arose, and out of this resulted Sigma Phi, which soon went out of exist- ence. During and immediately after the Civil War all of the Southern chapters of Sigma Chi ceased to exist, but the large majority of these have been re-established. At the present time a preponderance of the chapters of Sigma Chi are located in the North. JOHN ALBERS ALBERT ALEXANDER JOHN AMBROSE J. S. ANDERSON GEORGE ARMSTEAD PARKES ARMSTEAD WILLIAM BEASLEY CHARLES BELL RADER BELL W. A. BENSON D. B. BLAKEMORE J. G. BLAKEMORE ALFRED BLALOCK J. D. BLANTON JACK BOUCHARD ED BRITTAIN DOSWELL BROWN R. R. BROWN JOE CAMPBELL TOM CARTER TOM S. CARTER HENRY' CARTWRIGHT JOHN CATE W. A. CATE WILLIAM CATE CLARENCE CONNELI. MARVIN CORLETT ROBERT CREIGI-ITON WILBUR CREIGHTON DAVID CROCKETI' JAMES CULBRETH HARBEN DANIEL JAMES DUNBAR HARRY DYER H. H. EARTHMAN ROBERT EWING SAM EWIN ROBERT FIELDS HERSCHEL FINGER L. B. FITE C. C. FLANNERY JOE FOLK F. L. FOTTRELL SIGMA CHI ALPHA PSI CHAPTER-Continued FRATRES IN URBE JAMES FRAZER CHARLES FULLER W. FITZGERALD F. FISK HORACE GAYDEN RUBEN GAX'DEN DAVID GLENN H. GLENN TOM GOODLOE FELIX GRASTY R. M. HALL HUMPHREY HARDISON LUNSPORD HOLLINS ROBERT HOUSTON P. D. HOUSTON, JR. WILLIAM HUCHESON PAUL HUSSEY ROBERT HUNT FRANK JOHNSON C. W. JONES LEEONARO KIRKES JERRY LAMBDIN SARTAIN LANIER VV. S. LEATHERS M. D. LEAVEL ROBERT MALLARNEE IRA MATHEWS NORMAN MCEWEN CHARLES MCINTURFF DAVID MCQUIDDY T. H. MITCHELL ROBERT MOORE CHARLES Moss OWEN MORRIS FAY MURPHY RICHARD NORWELL W. E. NORvELL JAMES OLIVER JAMES OVERTON JAVERS OVERALL DOUGLASS ODELL W. P. PARKER TIRRILL PARKER IRA PARKER JOE PARKES, III JAMES PEOPLES RAYMOND PERRY MALCOLM PICKETT W. S. PORTER JOHN POSEY, JR. EDWARD POTTER, JR. R. B. PURYEAR, JR. JOE PURYEAR WALLACE PURYEAR CHARLES RAGLAND, JR. E. A. ROBERTSON E. W. SMITH W. CLYDE ROBERTS E. B. STAHLMAN JAMES G. STAHLMAN J. J. STOEW A. B. STEVENSON W. C. TEAGUE H. G. THOMPSON PAUL THOMPSON LOGAN TATE LEWIS TILLMAN HILL TURNER R. VV. TURNER J. P. TURNER JOHN VERTREES ED THORNTON NELSON THORNTON LAWRENCE TRABUE YKIILLIAM WADE LEWIS WALLACE N. J. WYALSH SAM WEAKLEY DEMPSEY WEAVER JOHN WI-IORLEY M. S. VVICGINGTON T. A. WIGGINGTON E. E. WILSON TOM YVOODARD MCTIERRE YARBROUGH WILSON WARD JAMES YVARD DOUGLAS WILLOCK 2'5"- x , Y , . f , ., V - 1 First Row: Sloan. Vllood, Adams. Patterson. Smith 1 'second Row: Matthexvs, Livingstone, Boswell, Caraway. Finch PHI KAPPA PSI TENNESSEE DELTA CHAPTER Founded at Washington and jefferson College, February 19, 1852. Tennessee Delta Chapter rstalzlirlwd Oftobrr 7, 1901 Colors: Dark Green and Deep Red MILFORD BULLINGTON, B.A. . . KEN BowMAN, M.A. . . . RUSSELL SLOAN, B.A. . BEN Woon, B.A. . . JACK ADAMS, B.A. . . . LEON CARAWAY, Jn., B.A. . BEN PATTERSON, B.A. . . . GLASGOW REvNoLDs, LL.B. . JOHN SnAck1.EmN, PH.D. . WILLIAM SMITH, LL.B. . . ROBERT HERSHEY, LL.B. . . TOM BoswEL1., B.A. . VVILL SHEARON, B.E. . JESSIE FUNK, M.D. . . ERNEST F1Nc1-1,B.E.. . . . . JAMES LIVINGSTON, B.E. . . . CLASS OF 1934 CLASS OF 1935 CLASS OF 1936 CLASS OF 1937 Flower: Jac Nashville, Tenn. . Meadville, Pa. q Rose Columbia, Tenn. Texarkana, Ark. Chandler, Okla. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Bowling Green, Ky Nashville, Tenn. . Johnstown, Pa. Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Bowling Green, Ky. Waverly, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD MA1'r1-isws, B.A. ............,... Franklin, Tenn. ! - PHI KAPPA PSI TENNESSEE DELTA CHAPTER-C07IfillUl'Ii ROBERT ARMISTEAD ALLEN DOUGLAS BERRY FRANK ALLEN BERRY RUEUS BOWLAND SAMUEL C. BOYER, JR. VVILLIAM DEXVALD BOYER THOMAS J. BRODERICK, JR RICHARD C. BROWN JOSEPH W. BYRNS, JR. WILLIAM M. CARR, JR. FELIX R. CHEATHAM JOHN H. CHEEK A. B. CLARK, JR. VVINSTON L. CLARK PETER V. CLOKE, JR. HAROLD C. CURRY VVILLIS B. DOVVELL YVILLIAM G. DOYLE FINLEY CARTER DORRIS XVILLIAM I. EDWARDS VVILLIAM EVANS DUNCAN EVE, JR. PAUL F. EVE, JR. ROBERT C. FOSTER GEORGE C. GAFFNEX' JAMES M. GALLAGHER GUY GILLESPIE ALEX GODVS'lN, JR. JAMES T. GRANBERRY' C. DRISCOLL GRIMES THOMAS A. GRIMES CORNELIUS HALL PHIL HARRIS PHIL M. HARRISON VVITHERSPOON W. IIAYS CARTER HENDRICKS JOSEPH L. HILL HAL W. HUDDLESTON LEONARD B. HUGHES CLARENCE M. HUNT HOWARD B. KERR W. A. KELLEX' O. VV. KUHN RICHARD D. KUHN W. M. MANN JOSEPH O. MARTIN MAURICE MATTINOLY ROI-IERT D. MILLS, JR. JOHN B. MORRIS RICHARD S. MORRISON HARRY S. MYERS JOE NEUHOFF JOHN NEUHOEF HAMILTON PARKS, JR. HAMILTON PARKS J. CLINTON PARKS A. O. PATE LEE D. PAYNE VVALTER F. POND W. K. PHILLIPS OTIS B. RADEBAUGH JOHN B. RANSOM MEDICUS RANSOM BAILEY RASCOE F. S. REYER J. LACEY REYNOLDS, JR. WVILLIAM DAVIS REYNOLDS ERNEST RICE HASKELL RIOHTOR H. B. SCHERMERHORN HERNDON S. SCOBEY J. N. Scorr DANIEL P. SEXTON EARL D. SLOAN RICHARD D. SMALL JORDAN STOKES, SR. JORDAN STOKES, JR. JORDAN STOKES, III JAMES W. STOKES EDWARD SVVAIM CHARLES M. SVVITZER BOYD TAYLOR JESSE H. THOMAS LUTTRELL THOMAS JAMES S. TUPPER STANLEY M. VAII. GIDEON P. YVADE HOWELL E. WARNER, JR. CHARLES B. YVHITWORTH D. VV. VVILEY THOMAS J. WYNNE J. G. YVYNNE 'C ' :ig 3 CPhi Kappa Sigma Klyce. Lawshe, Owen, Paris Turner, Brummett, Moore, Thomas Carloss, Cook. Nelson, Pittman Wilkes, Omohundrn, Suits, Vifeldon QL! ff-X PHI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Color: Black and Gold PAT Es'rEs LLB FRSKINE KIXCE B E WILLIAM R LAWSHE HENRX OWEN JR BA WINBURNE PARIS JR VVINFRED PoLK MA R PHILLIPS TURNER CHESTER C BRLMMETT B A G AUSTIN EDWARDS M D LEON C HOSKINS MD STANFORD MooRE, B A H O THOMAS JR BA PAUL ALLEN, LL.B. MA'rr CARLoss A.B. RICHARD CLARK A.B . WILLIAM CooK, M.D. . LEONIDAS MACK B.A. . . HARRY NELSON B.A . FRANK PITTMAN B.E. . . EUGENE VANDERGRIFT . . JDIHIN WILKES B.A DALLAS JONES, B.A. . . . JOHN OMDIIUNDRD, B.A. . . FREDERICK SUITS, B.A. . . CLAss OF 1934 CLASS OF 1935 CLASS OF 1936 CLASS or 1937 Flouer Chrysanthemum Nashville Tenn Nashulle Tenn Dell Ark Newport Ark Greensboro N C Cornrng Ark Smlthvllle Tenn Mlddlesboro lu Van VVest Ohlo Pmeville K Nashulle Tenn NashvIlle Tenn . Belmont NIISS. . Lebanon, Tenn. . Nashville Tenn. ! . Franklin, Tenn. . Newport Ark. . Nashville Tenn. . Nashville Tenn. . Nashville Ten n. . . Durant, Miss. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. Arkadelphia, Ark. GEORGE WELDON, B.A. . . . . Louisville, Ky. I77 Alpha Iola Chapter established 1902 , ....o-. ...-... . . , . .1 , ' , - . .-... . . " , . . , B.A. . . . . . , '. ' , ., . . . . . . ' , . , ., B.A. . . . . , . . , . - - . . . . , '. MAsoN F. TRAVIS, B.E. . . . . . Hickman, Ky. . , B.A. . . . . . . . ' ' , . - , - . . . . , l . , . . . . . . ' ' , y. I D Q l I n - Y' , A . . ., . .. . . . . . , . 0 I , ' , . . , . . Y I I - . ' , I ' ' I , BA . , , . . . . . ffffiv "Pi Kappa cvflpha Cooper, Etheridge, Gilbert, King Pai-due, Shervr, XVc-udruff Fickes, Phelps, Chambliss, Ellis Brenglcman, Hinkle. Matthews, Morgan Thomason, Riley, XVilkerson, Frazier I E. 'O full. s e - T G l ' A ' lc F ,sc e fs,,,,l' G' af' I PI KAPPA ALPHA RIEMBERS TOM COOPER, B.A. .... Gleason, Tenn. CLAUDE KING, B.A. . JOE CuI.IsER1'soN, M.A. . . . Norton, Va. HOWARD PAROUE, B.A. H. T. ETHERIDGE, LL.B. , . Jackson, Tenn. HARVEY SHERER, B. A. JOHN FRAZIER, B.A. , . . Nashville, Tenn. NATHAN VVOOORUEE, B.A E. J, BUTLER, LLB. . GEORGE DICKES, M.D. JAMES FXCKES, B.A. . CLARK GOWER, B.A. . TIIOMAS fiUY'l'0N, M.D. . . P. J. HWAN, LL.I-I. . THOMAS GILBERT, M.D. . . . Paducah, Ky. . Madison, Ark . Natchez, Miss. Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . Decatur, Ala Memphis, Tenn 1936 SAM BROWN, B.E. ..... Dallas, Tex. JAMES CHAMBLISS, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. GLENNARD RILEY, LLB. 1937 JESSE BASREITE, JR., B.A. GEORGE BRI-INGLEMAN, B.E. . Nashville, Tenn. DAVID HINKLE, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. GEORGE HILL, B.E. .... Nashville, Tenn. NOEL RILEY, B.A. . . FRATRES VVALTER E. BOWMAN C. G. HOLLOIIAUGH JACK JETER, B.A. . TOM KELLY, M.A. SAM lVi00R0k, M.A. . CARLYLE PHELPS, B.A. JAMES DAVIS, M.A. . . ERLE YVILKERSON, B.A. RICHARD ELLIS, B.A. . JAMES LEWIS, LL.B. . . . Ridgley, Tenn. ROBERT JETER, M.D. . AusI' MA'I'TIIEws, B.A. WILLIAM lh'1ORGAN, B.E. Mu lVilL'l'0N THOMASON, B.E. . . . Ridgley, Tenn. IN FACULTATE HORACE POLK WALTER L. TOWNES GEORGE PERRY . Leighto D Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, . Ripley, . Ripley, Nashville, rfreeshoro, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, , Ala Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Nashville, Tenn Barnesville, Ga Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn -ix Q 25 1 i E E 2 Lambda Chi ellpha First Row: Lansdnn. Lipscomb, Myers, J. Smith Second Row: Broarly, Campbell, Cox Third Row: Hollinshead. R. Smith, Allen, Couch Fourth Row: Harpor, Kidd. Murphy, Nvyatt LAMBDA CHI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ZETA CHAPTER Colors Green and Gold CHARIES D BUIIA LLB FRARR M DAVIS MD CHARLES M HUDSON RICHARD L. LANSDEN LLB CJRANIXILIE Lufscouvm A JALK SMITH AB AIFRFD SMIIH M A Joe EDWARD RROADI A B HARIOVS CMIPBEII BE X IRCFNT M Cox AB JOHN R HOLLIWSHEAD BE RODFRT W SMITH AB HARRIS ALLEN A.B. . MYRON FISCHEL A.B. . . A, B. THADD M.D. . LANIER YWYAT1' A.B. ORRIE A. COUCII A.B. . . XVILLIAM HARPER A.B . . WILLIAM KIDO, B.E. . . . GORDON MURPHY, A.B. . . Founded at Boston University, 1909 CI ASS OF 1934 CLASS O1 1935 CLASS OF 1936 CLASS OF 1937 IBI Flour: 'lhe holet Nuehulle 'Ienn Corinth Miss Na hx Ille '1 enn N'1shulle 'I enn Nwshw Ille Tenn Monresulle Al'I 'lkl'lXlllf Tenn Spenser N C Tarrwtnvsn N X Portales, New Mexico Nashulle Tenn Owensboro, KI . . Columbia Tenn. . N'1shville Tenn. . . Nashville Tenn . . Nashxille Tenn . .Nashville Tenn. . Ashland City Tenn. . . . Livermore, Ky. . . Nashville, Tenn. Gamma Delta Zeta cslablixhrd February 24, 1922 , . . . . , . , . . . . . - . I . 'l , l . . ' ' . , . . - . . - - , - , 4. M.A. . . . s I' , ' . , , , , . . 1 . ' , . ' . ' . , .B. . . - 4. ' , . YVAKD R. MYERS, M.A. , . . l-Inrrisonhurg, Va. N ' , . . . . . . . .' 'l , 4 . Y, 4 . . . . ....... . . . . , . . , ' . I . ., - . - - ' 4 ,A ' 1 ' I' I . - , ' . . , . . I - - ' - ' y - Y ' 1 . . , . . . . ....... . . . ,. I Y 1 ' v I P ' l r U ' Y ' Y Y I ' I v Q 3 1: ss S -g I Zeta "Beta Tau Firsi Huw: Bissmger. Blum, Scott. Simon Scvonrl Row: Alu':1luu11s, Samuels, If.0l'llY'llilll, Lvvinson Third Row: Loventhal. Rosen, Roseublum, Small Fourth Row: Swemlluw, Xkwrtheinmcx-, Mayer, S1-hustvr .Q 016 A, Q, QQ! J' v- eg Q " 9 Q Q 1 W 4' Q - y' 9 Q' O ZETA BETA TAU ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded, I898, College of New York CC. C. N. YJ Colors: Blue and White PREsToN BISSINGER, B.A. JOE ABRAHAM, LL.B. , . ROBERT BLUM, B.E. . . HAROLD HENNING, B.A. . MELVIN KORNMAN, B.A. . HERMAN LEVINSON, B.A. SAMUEI. LOVENTHAL, B.A. CLASS OF . Nashville, Tenn. SAMUEL SIMON, B.E. CLASS OF . Huntsville, Ala. SEYMOUR SAMUELS, LL.B. CLAss OF . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Pulaski, TeIIII. . Nashville, Tenn. Flohwer: fNonel 1934 LEONARD Scorr, B.A. . . . Little Rock, Ark. . Nashville, Tenn. 1935 RICHARD WETI-IEIMER, LL.B., Chimberland, Md, . Nashville, Tenn. 1936 IVAN MAY'ER, B.E. . . . Lake Charles, La. LEoN ROSEN, M.D. ...... Dora, Ala. IRVING RosENI1LooM, B.A. . . jackson, Tenn. JEROME SMALL, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. STEPHEN SCI-IUSTER, B.A. . VVoodmere, N. Y. ALFRED SwEDI,0w, B.A. . Birmingham, Ala, CLAss OF 1937 RonERT EPSTEIN, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. ROLLAND AERAHAMS ELMER COHEN JOSEPH COHEN MANUEL ESKIND SYLVAIN FISHMAN HENRY FRANKLIN ALBERT GOLDBERG JACK HARRIS FRATER IN FACULTATE DR. ALVIN E. KELLER, Srhool of Medicine DR. AL. WEINSTEIN, School of Mrdicine FRATRES IN URRE HOMER JONAS SAM JOSEPH MORTON LEBECK HORACE LEvY MARTIN LOVENTHAL D. LovEN'rHAL LOUIS LowENsTEIN IRA LUSKY LEoN M.ATlSON DAN MAY loE MORSE L. J. SI1ITz SAM SPITZ r MORRIS SCHWARTZ ALFRED STARR ALLEN ZIRERT ff'- Sx A First Row: Smith, Abrahams, Re-nd. Shull, Owenbvy, Boxur S01-ond Row: Moore, Hzlrris, Ross, Sutherland, Caldwell. Kixl patlul WOMAN'S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL ROSALYN SMITH . . . . . . JOHANNA ARRAI-IAMS . ELIZABETH READ . . . ADELAIDE SHULL . . . Trvasurer Alpha Omicron Pi VVINN OWENBY SHIRLEY KIRKPATRICK Alpha Epsilon Phi HELEN BOWER joI-IANNA ABRAHAMS Delta Delta Delta ANN Ross JANE SUTHERLAND NIEMBERS Gamma Phi Beta ROSALYN SMITH CATHERINE MOORE Kappa Alpha Theta ADELAIDE SHULL KATHERINE HARRIS Sigma Kappa ELIZABETH READ MARTHA CALDWELL l MRS. B. H. ABERNATHY HORTENSE AMBROSE FRANCES ARMISTEAD SARA ARMISTEAD MRS. FRANK BACHMAN MARTHA BASKETTE FRANCES BEVINGTON MRS. ALFRED BLALOCR LOUISE BOOTON MRS. MILLER BRANNAN ELIZABETH BROORES MRS. H. K. BUCKNER MRS. JOSEPH W. BYRNS, MRS. FRANK CHERRY REBECCA CLAIBORNE ALLENE CORNELIUS MRS. C. W. COOK MRS. ROBERT G. COONEY ANN DILLON MARY GRAHAM FRANCES GREER J SORORES IN URBE SARA HAMILTON MRS. R. D. HERBERT, JR. EMMA ELIzABETII GREENE ELISE HANDLX' MRS. CHARLES HAWRINS MRS. R. D. HERBERT, JR. LOUISE L. HERRON MRS. JOHN C. HOLLOWAY MRS. ERNEST L. HOWE ISABEL HOWELL MRS. W. VV. HUBBARD MARGARET HELEN JAMES VVILLIE D. JOHNSON MARY ISABELLE SAUNDERS MRS. THOS. VV. SCHLATER, JR MRS. THOMAS B. SCOGGINS MRS. CECIL SIMS MRS. S. LAWTON SKOGSTAD EUNICE SLEMONS MARGARET SLEMONS MARIA SLEMONS MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. HAROLD F. SMITH D. C. STATLER ALEC B. STEVENSON, JR ALBERT W. STOCKELL MILDRED STOVES MRS. PARK STREET MRS. T. R. KIRKPA1'RICK MRS. JOHN F. KRIEG MRS. J. T. LIPE MRS. ROBERTA DILLON LYNE HELEN LANE MOORE MRS. CHARLES M. MOSS LINDA RHEA MRS. ROBERT F. RIVES MRS. JOHN T. SUGG, JR. MRS. G. B. SUMNER MARY LOUISE CRAVVFORD MRS. XNATKINS CROCKETT, JR DOROTHY CULBERT GRACE DANIEL MRS. MURRAY B. DAVIS LORA DEVAULT HELEN GRIZZARD MARY DOUD MRS. GEDDES DOUGLAS MRS. JONES C. ELLIOTT MRS. MRS. MRS. KENNETH FAULKNER MEREDITH FLAUTT S. M. FLEMING, JR. MRS. JOHN HERBERT MRS. JOSEPH T. MCCARY' MRS. LEONARD MCKE.AND FRANCES MCLESTER MRS. J. E. NAGY MRS. OSCAR G. NELSON MARX' NOEL EVELYN NORTON MARGARET O'CONNOR NANCY O'CONNOR MRS. JAMES C. OVERALL ROSA PARSONS MRS. CARR PAYNE MRS. A. W. PIERCE AURELIA POTTS ELIZABETH POWELL MRS. G. A. PURYEAR, JR. MRS. H. B. TRIMIILE STELLA KATHERINE VAUGHN MRS. E. J. WALSH MRS. ROBERT PENN VVARREN MRS. DWIGHT VVEBB, JR. EXINE WVEBB MRS. M. S. XVIGGINTON MRS. T. A. WIGGINTON, JR. MRS. A. L. WILLIAMS MRS. E. E. YVILSON HARRIET VVOODS LOUISE YOUNG X 5 : 3 I i 5 h 1 Kappa c-Alpha 'Theta Denman, Jordan. Lynch, Mims, Shull, Spicer Youngberg, Bogguss, Brown, Bryan. Cuvert Glasgow. Harris. Henderson, Schuman-her. Stoves Thompson, WVriqht, Berry. Billington. Colton. Dandridge Davis. Swiggart, Zohndf-r, Hardison, O'Steen, Scuggins Simpson, VValker, Noel, Puryenr, Ralston, Vaughn i H OILDO KAPPA ALPHA THETA Color: Black and Cold BARBARA DENMAN BA DARICE JORDAN B A BAY LXNCH BA ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Estflblnhml January 1904 SORORES IN UNII ERSITATE Class of IQ34 Flofwer Black and Gold Pansv Mankato, Minn Nashulle Tenn Nashulle Tenn ELLA PURXEAR MIMS B A Nashulle Tenn ADEI -nos SHULL B A HENRIETTA SPICFR ADELE XOUNGBERG JANE BROWN, BA SARAH BRI AN B A MARGARET CAL ERT BA GRXCF ELLFN C LASCOVK INATHERIRE HARRIS BA CLARA BELI PLvRx EAR KATPIPRINIE RALSTON B A NAINCI SCHUVACHER BA MARY' ERWIR S'rovEs BA. . MARGARET THOMPSON B.A. . MILBREX WRIGHT B.A. . . MARY CURREL BERRX BA. . MARTHA BILLINGTON B.A. . SARA COLTON B.A. . . . . Flass of 1935 Class of IQ36 Brooksulle Miss Nashville Tenn jacksonulle Fla N'Ishx Ille Nashville Nashville Nashw Ille Nashw llle Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Cs NTHIA HENDERSON BA Haxnesville L McKenzie, Chattanooga Nashville . . Nashville . , Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville . . Nashville, . . Nashville ELIZABETH DANDRIDGE, B.A. . . . .Nashville EMILY DAVIS B.A. . . . lvl.-XRTHA NoEL B.A. . . . CATHERINE SVSIGGART . . . RUTH ZHENDER B.A. . . . LOUISE HARDISON, B.A. . MARJORIE O'S'rEEN, B.A. . . ETHEL SARA Scoccms, B.A. MARY' HELEN SIMPSON, B.A. . ARBIE Scorr VAUGHN, B.A. . VVADDELL YVALKER, B.A. . . Class of 1937 l87 . . N'Ishx ille . . Nasln ille . . Nashx ille . . Nashville Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn. enn . . Nashville, T . . . . . Griflin, Ga. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. . .t .... Nashville, Tenn. Founded at Ashbury Know Depauw lfniversityl, january 17, 1870 ' I A A , n n I nnqfsoe. - n . I I . ' ', . . . - - . ' , - ' , . . .... . . '. , . . ' , . , , . . . '. , . .I , . . . . . . 'i , . . I . , B.A. . . . . ' , . ' .I , B.A. . ....... . . " , ' . 1 JANE Boccsss, B.A. . ,..... . . . Bristol, Va. .' . ' . . . . . - . - . 4 - 'l , - . 1 '. .', .1 . . . . . . . 1 . , . . . . ' , . - . . - - . I- ' , - I . .J 3 . . I, B.A. . - . " , - Y ' . , . . . . . . . . '. , . . 1 , , , , , , , . . j . ' , a. . . .. ' , B.A. . . . . ' . . 2 . ., .1 . . - - , - .- ' ' I , . . . . - . i , - I , A l y I I P 'Y 3 A , I l I l 1 ' ' ' 9 I V I I , B A I , . I I 'U Z 's .5 gl 2. i . 3 3 'K ai Y H .. ,l CDelta CDelta 'Delta Bond, Black, Brown, Parrish. Potter, F. D. Smith Sutherland, YVllsori, YVOod, Stevens, Harvey Arnold, Duke, Sneed, Guerin, Gillespie A. Ross, Bilbro, Doubh-day, Law, Xvhlte-man Berkeley, Edwards, England, Goistman, D. A. Russ, Kirkpatrick A I xv K I , -11 W, ,AX ,Ay DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University, Thanksgiving Day, 1888 Colon: Silver, Gold, Blue Flofwer: Pansy Active Chaptzmr: Eighty-live Alumni Chapters: Sixty-eight DELTA GANIIHA CHAPTER Established September 16, 1911 CLASS OF 1934 RUTH BOND, B.A. .... Nashville, Tenn. FRANCES D. SMITH, B.A., Fayetteville, Tenn. BESS BLACK, B.A. .... Nashville, TeIIn. JANE SUTHERLAND, B.A., , . Nashville, Tenn. HEAI.AN BROVVN, B.A. . . Springfield, Tenn. SARA ELLEN VVILSON, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH GRAVES, B.A. , Nashville, Tenn. MATTIE TATE YVOOD, B.A., Nashville, Tenn. POLLY PARRISH, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. EVA STEVENS, M.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. MARGARET POTTER, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. EMMA SLOOP, M.D. .... Durham, N. C. KATHERINE HARVIE, M.D., New York, N. Y. CLASS OF 1935 MARJORIE ARNOLD, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. SARA HENDERSON, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. LAURA DUKE, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH MCHENRY, B.A. . Madison, Tenn. SARA GUERIN, B.A. , . . . Nashville, Tenn. NELL MCMURRAY, B.A. . Springfield, Tenn EVELYN GILLESPIE, B.A. . . . Franklin, Ky. ANN Ross, B.A. ..... Gallatin, Tenn ELIZABETH TATE, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF 1936 MARY BILERO, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH PETWAY, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. MARX' DOUELEDAY, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. LOLA SALE, B.A. .... Covington, Tenn FLORA MAE LAW, B.A. . Escondido, Calif. LINDA SNEED, B.A. .... Nashville, Tenn. ELLEN VVI-IITEMAN, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. CLASS OF 1937 ANN BERKELEY, B.A. .... Atlanta, Ga. LEE LEWIS ENGLAND, B.A. , Nashville, Tenn EMMA BERRY BRYAN, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. SARAH GEISTMAN, A.B, . . Nashville, Tenn NANCY EDWARDS, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. FRANCES POWELL, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn I DoRo'rI-II' ANN Ross, B.A. l89 , Clarksville, Tenn. DELTA DELTA DELTA MRS. ELIOT ADAMS FRANCES XVYNNES ADAMS MRS. ROBERT ALEXANDER FRANCES BAUGH MRS. GEORGE BAILEY MRS. ROBERT BAKER ANNE ELIZABETH BATTLE LUCIA BROWN MRS. LEONARD BELT MRS. A. B. BENEDICT MRS. CHARLES G. BLACRARD MRS. JOSEPH BURK MRS. SAM CLARK ELLEN R. CALDWELL NANCY BELLE CAMPBELL MRS. LIPSCOMB CARL MRS. BRAINARD CHENEY ADA CHILDERS ' FRANCES CLEMENTS MARX' MEL CLEMENTS MARX' HARRIS COCKRILL MRS. JOHN R. CROSS MRS. XVILBURN CRUTCHER MRS. T. W. CRUTCHER MR. PAUL DERRYBERRY KRUMHULD DODSON MARY HOOPER DONELSON FULLER LOVE DOUBLEDAY MRS. BYRD DOUGLAS MRS. CARTWRIGHT DRAKE MRS. ROBERT DUNN MARY' LOUISE DUNN MRS. GUS DYER ALICE DYER JOSEPHINE DYER MARGARET EARFHMAN EDNA FAIRBANKS ELIZABETH FAW ESTHER FLEMING ELEANOR FLEMINC MRS. BEN FOVVLER MRS. CHARLES FOWLER MRS. EUGENE FRAZIER KATHERINE GENY SORORES IN URBE LOUISE ETOODLOE MRS. HENIKY GOODPASTURE MRS. F. E. GRASTI' ELEANOR HALL REBECCA HALL MRS. CHARLES HARDCAS'rLE MRS. PHIL HARDING FRANCES HARDISON MRS. CHARLES HARRISON MRS. H. E. HASTY MRS. EUGENE HOLLINS SARAH HOLMES MRS. MAXE1' JARMAN ELIZABETH JOHNSON RUTH JOY MARY' E. KELLER MARGARET KELLER EDNA KING MARTHA LAMBETH LUCY DELL LEATHERS MRS. XV. S. LEATHERS CAROLINE I.EAvELL MRS. HAROLD LOWE ELANYN LYON MRS. JOHN MCCALL MRS. WILLIAM MCCTAVOCK MRS. HOI.LAND MCTY'IERE MRS. R. H. MASON EVELYN MILLER MRS. R. M. MITCHUM ELISE MOORE MRS. B. P. MOORE, JR. SARAH XNALKER MOORE MRS. T. K. MOORE MRS. SMILEY MORRELL EUGENIA NTOSELEY MRS. VV. J. MURPHX' MRS. F. S. OLLMUTH MRS. B. F. PARRER MARY ANN PHELPS ALBERTA PATE PRUDENCE POLK MRS. VV. D. PHILLIPS MRS. TOM POINTER MRS. JUSTIN POTTER CHRISTINE PROVINE LILLA PROVOST ELLENE RANSON MRS. TOM ROBINSONE, JR KATSHERINE RUTHERPORD NONA RUTLAND CORRINE RICH MORRICE RICH STELLA RICH MRS. BATTLE RODES MRS. VVARREN RUCKER MRS. JULIAM SCRUGGS MRS. TOM SHRIVER BLANCHE L. SMITH ELIZABETHH SMITH EUGENIA SMITH JANE DAVIS SMITH RUTH SNEED MRS. HARRY STICKLEY REBECCA SCOTT MRS. BAILEY TERRY MRS. J. H. TIDMAN ELIZABETH THOMAS MRS. ARNOLD TIPPO ALICE B. TRABUE MRS. GEORGE TRABLJE ELLEN WALLACE MRS. J. F. WVALDRUM MRS. FRANK WALDROP ELIZABETH VVHALLEY MRS MARK S. VVILLIAMS LYDIA VVALKER MRS. M. E. WARD MRS. VV. E. YVARD, JR. MARTHA E. WASHINGTON MRS. ROBERT WHITE MRS. JOEL WHITNEY MRS. J. H. WHIISON ANITA WILLIAMS MRS. MALCOLM WILLIAMS MRS. WALTER XVILLIAMS MRS. A. VV. VVILSON EMMA YAREROUGH DR. KATE ZERTOSS CORINNE ANDERSON ALPHA OMICRON PI SORORES IN URBE MRS. TIIOMAS CARTER MRS. FERRIS BAILEY FRANCES CARTER MRS. JOHN VV. BARTON MARGARET CHAPPELL MRS. VV. H. BARTON MILDRED CISCO A MRS. NORMAN BOYD LUCY COOPER HELEN .BRAMWELL MARY' DORRIS MRS. VERNON BROGDEN MRS. MRS. MRS. J. H. BURKE D. C. CABEEN CLARENCE CAMPBELL FRANCES EVVING JOSEPHINE HAWRINS MRS. CURRY HEARN MRS. VV. R. HENDRIX MRS. ROBERT HENRY MRS. J. I. HUDSON SUE LANIER ROEERTA LIGHTFOO1' MARTHA LOVE MRS. ROBERT NTAGRUIIER MRS. TRAVIS MARTIN MRS. VV. H. MCCORD FRANCES MCKEE LUCY REID NICNIlJl2RY GR.ACE MCVEIGI-I LILLY MEADORS FRANCES VVEISE VIRGINIA DUBOSE ADELLE DUDNEY KATHERINE DUDNEY MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MAE MRS. D. G. FAULKNER ELIZABETH FRAZIER MRS. JOE CTOODE MRS. LURTON QQOODPASTURE MRS. J. MORGAN GORDON ALICE GRAF ELEANOR GRAHAM MRS. S. H. HARRINCTON FLORENCE HAX'ES MINNIE HAYES M. L. MILLER THEODORE NIORFORD L. A. NEWMAN FRANK OWSLEY MARTHA ROBERTS FRANCES RODENHAUSER MARY RUTLEDGE MRS. J. R. SHACRLEEORD, JR. MARX' ELIZABETH SHARP MRS. ROBERT SHOFFNER, JR. MRS. J. H. SNEED MARGAXRHT' LAMB SPAIN ALICE XVRAY SPRINGER SARAH STALEY MRS. LUTTRELL THOMAS MRS. ROY THOMPSON MRS. VV. J. TICHEHNOR MRS. STANLEY TREANOR FLORENCE TY'LER MRS. SAM XVALKER ELIZABETH XVENNINC MRS. CURRY WYHITE EVA JEAN YVRATHER x 4- z. Q. I .3 x 5 cvflpha Omicron 'Pi Hill, Lewis. Porter, Rodenlmuser, Thompson Corley. Henry, Lanier, Lynch. Ownbey Robinson, Binkley, Estes, Ellis, Levine VVl1orley, Busby. Dickenson, Fry, McLaurln Virginia Moore, Vivian Moore, Norred. Spearman, Xvells Farr, Finn, Greer, Hopkinson. Houze, Kirkpatrick ' S vi in ser e 9 if I t "ICJ, Y Q ,,v....'J, f, . ,flQ'EAE". ALPHA OMICRON Pl Colors: Cardinal and White Flower: jacqueminot Rose NU OMICRON CHAPTER Established April 27, 1917 CLASS OF Tenn. Tenn. Gallatin, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHY XVILLETT, B.A. . MARX' ALICE FARR, B.A. . . LUCY GREER, B.A. .... Nashville, Nashville, ELIZABETH HILL, B.A. . . . VIRGINIA LEVVIS, B.A. . CLAss OF MARY E. CORLEY, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH FINN, B.A. . Bowling Green, Ky. ELLEN HENRY, B.A. . . Clarksville, Tenn. VIRGINIA HOUZE, B.A. . Bowling Green, Ky. ELOISE ROBINSON, B.A. . CLASS OF LORRAINE BINKLEY, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBIN ESTES, B.A. .... Nashville, Tenn. MARY E. ELLIS, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. CLAss OI-' DORIS BUSBY, B.A. ..... Laurel, Miss. MARGARET DICKENSON, B.A., Madison, Tenn. LELA FRY, B.A. ..... Nashville, Tenn. LILLIAN MGLAURIN, B.A. . . Natchez, Miss. 1934 MARTHA ROBERTS, M.A. . . Nashville, MARY K. PORTER, B.A. . Springfield, MARY RODENHAUSER, B.A., Nashville, ELIZABETH THOMPSON, B.A., Montgomer . Nashville, Tenn. 1935 SHIRLEY KIRKPA'fRICK, B.A., Nashville, NITA LANIER, B.A. .... Nashville Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. y, Ala. Tenn. , Tenn. XNINEFRED LYNCH, B.A. . . Anderson, Ind. XNINN OWNBEY, B.A. . . . Charlotte, N. C. . Madisonwfille, Ky. 1936 ELIZABETH HOPKINSON, B.A., Nashville, DOUGLAS LEVINE, B.A. JEAN WHORLEY, B.A. . 1937 VIRGINIA MOORE, B.A. VIVIAN MOORE, B.A. . CHARLOTTE NORRED, B.A. . . PATRICIA SPEARMAN, B.A., Balboa, Canal Zone MARY PEPPER WELLS, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. .4 H' '4 'h I gamma Thi cBeta Barker. I-'itm-, Lvnvsll, Oman, Reardon Smith E. Bvoslvy. Bvnslvy, Bertram, Charln-ton Dale, G1-uvvr. Pratt, Unllmun, Fruit Hutchinson. Maupin. E. Moore, U. Moore. Pickering Oakley, M. XVright. V. Wright, Fox, Jackson Lntle, Mvlklurtry, A, Beesley, Hornn. Kroeckol, Sterling f-gs' ailifii 31. .QQQ W I . 5, 3, wk, Qefl? I Q., pw.-If UX,gw,f 6: h Dfi GAMMA PHI BETA Colors: Fawn and Seal Brown Flower: Pink Carnation :lrtiwe Chapters: Forty-four Alumnae Chapters: Thirty-three ANN BARKER, B.A. . Ok MIIIDRED FITE, BTA. . CORRALYN LEAVELL, B.A. ELIZABETH BEESLEY, B.A. BEATRICE BEASLEY, B.A. ANITA BERTRAN, B.A. . POLLY CALHOUN, B.A. VIRGINIA FRUIT, B.A. . MAY HEKON, B.A. . . ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Founded Odober 10, 1024 CLASS OF 1934 lahoma City, Okla. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . CLAS , Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . St, Louis, MO. Tenn. SOF MARX' E. VIRGINIA ROSALYN 1935 DOROTHY KATE E. VIRGINIA Ml1,DRED MARY' E. BONHOLZER, B.A., Tracy City, PORTIA SAVAGE XVARD, B.A. . Nashville, Tenn. CLAss OF' 1936 . Nashville, Tenn. . . Paducah, Ky. . Nashville, Tenn. DOROTHY HUTCHINSON, B.A., LULA IWAE MALIPIN, B EDITH IWOORE, B.A. . . .A. . Nashville, Tenn, ANNETTE BEASLEY, B.A. . . ANN HESTER Fox, B.A. SARAH GILLIAM, B.A. . Louisville, Ky. . . Stockton, Calif. CLASS OF Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. CATHERINE MOORE, B.A. . KATHERYN PICKERING, B.A., MARTHA LOU OAKLEY, B.A. . HELEN STERLING, B.A. . MARGARET VVRIGHT, B.A. VIRGINIA VVRIGHT, B.A. . 1937 LOUISE JACKSON, B.A. . HELEN KROECREL, B.A. . lN1AR1ON LITTLE, B.A. . . RUBY MCMURTRY, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. OMAN, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. REARIJON, M.A., Bowling Green, Ky. SMITI-I, B.A.. . . Nashville, DALE, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Tenn. GRUVER, B.A. . St. Petersburg, Fla. HAMILTON, B.A. . Nashville, ANN PRATT, B.A., St. Paul, Tenn. Minn. . . Tampa, Fla Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn z 4 53, 7 G S S 5 Sigma Kappa Burton, Dehioss. McKinney, Read, Stump Trull. Caldwell, Chappell, 1-Iaynie, Lovelace Mountjny. Peeler. Steele, Pitcock. Taft Hendrick, Leftwich, Martin, Taylor. Shelton X Colors: Lavender and Maroon RUTH BURTON, BA MARIE DEMoss B A MARGUERITE MCKINNEY ELIZABETH READ ANN STUCKEY B A KATHLEEN STUMP BA MADEUN LUNG B A MARTHA CALDWELL B A CLAUDIA CHAPPELL BA EVA MAE HAYNIE B A EVELYN LOVELACE B A MARJORIE MOUNTJOY B A ELIZABETH PEELER, B A MILDRED STEELE B.A . JOSEPHINE PITCOCK B.A. . JACKSON TAFT B.A ALICE HENnR1cK MYRTLE LEFTWICH 3 I 3 SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College, 1874 ALPHA RHO CHAPTER CLASS OF 1934 CLASS or 1935 CLASS OF 1936 CLASS OF 1937 JOYCE MARTIN LULA FAIN MORAN ALEDA S1-IELTUN I97 F lower: Nashvxlle Belle V1ew Nashville Nashvnlle Violet Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Expernment Ga N ashvllle Nashv1lle Umon Cxty Umon C1ty, Nashvllle Naehvxlle Nashvxlle Huntmgdon . .Nashvxlle . . Nashville . .Nashville OLA MAE SISK MARY TAYLOR Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Established May, 1926 , . 1 ...-. - - ' y - , B.A. . . - - ' 1 - , B.A. .... - - ' , . , . - .... ' ' I 1 ' 7 , . . . . - - y v FLORENCE TRUL1., B.A. . . - - Nashville, Tenn- . ' , . . . . ..... . . . . l , . , . . . . . . ..... . . . . , . , . . . - . . ' . ' , . , . . . . , . , . . - . . - - - ' , - , . .. . . . , . 1 . . - - . , Q , . - 9 , . v , . Q - . J ' cvfllpha Epsilon cPhi Cohrn. I"ornm:1n, Ilubcr, Leibuvitz Abrahams. Lovenlhul. Bauer. Hanover Lalmt. Heisman I5PI'llI'IlZ1ll, Hyman, Kuhn. Prvndergast Roth, Rothstein, Cohn, Schmurtkler lu ..goQb,..E", . ,' Ab- , .ww 4.0.5 A ,- sv' Fla-1-Q U21 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Established Barnard College, October 24, 1909 Colors: Green and VVhite Flofwfr: Lily-of-the-Valley CHI CHAPTER Established 1925 CLASS OF 1934 JOHANNA ABRAHAMS, B.A. . Asheville N. C. ETELLI-I COHEN, LLB. . . . Nashville, Tenn. ALMA FOREMAN, B.A. HELEN BAUER, B.A. . . . Nashville, Tenn. S CLA . . . .Atlanta, Ga. Gl,:lD1'S HANOVER, B.A. . Birmingham, Ala. SYLIIIA Bl-IRMAN, B.A. , CLAS . , .Anniston, Ala. BERNICE HH'MAN, B.A. . . Nashville, Tenn. CAROLINE PRENnEcAs'r, llEl.EN KIRSCLE, B.A. . B.A., Nashville, Tenn. SOF F CLASS OF . . . .M3COIl, Ga. MARJORIE SCHMUCKLER, B. SORORES IN PAULINE HAEER, B.A. BERTHA LEIBOVIT, B.A. LENORE LOVENTIIAL, B. 1935 MAXINE LAPAT, B.A. . LUCILE REISMAN, B.S. . 1936 MIRIAM KUIIN, B.A. . l'lEl.EN ROTII, B.A. . . ANNE1'I'E ROTIISTEIN, B.A., Nashville, 1937 CORINNE COIIN, B.A. . A., New York, N. Y. UREE . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn A. , Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn BRINAII BACK DOVIE MADISON COLLINS ROSE POWERS FELRNER HELEN FRANK LEES GOI.DBERG CAROLYN H.fXRRIS ANNA HIRSIIEERC REBECCA JOHNSON HAZEL LEVI' BERNICE ROTIISTEIN I,EwIs HERMINE LOVVISNSTEIN DOROTHY MARKS MILOREII MARCUS MARY LEE MARTIN FRANCES RICH LUCILE ROSENEELO ANNA SIMON HAZ!-IL SIMON MRS. ALBERT VVERTHA ROSELLE VVEINSTEIN HELEN WERTIIAN MARY JANE YVERTHAN I Pom 201' O0 vw- ff"f"'f"' First Row: Bissinger, Cornelius. Mlms Second ROW: Rodenhauser, Sc-Ott, Sutherland. Jeter PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA OF TENNESSEE CHAPTER OFFICERS DR. E. L. JOHNSON . . . . . President DR. JOHN T. MCGILL . . Secretary Miss STELLA RICH . . . Vice-President DR, LYLE LANIER . . . Treasurrr STUDENT OFFICERS JOE TOMMY LYNN ..... .President PRESTON BISSINGER . . . Treasurer MARY ELEANOR RODEHAUSER . . Secretary MATFIE SUE H1NEs JOHN JAMES HEFLIN PRESTON BISSINGER JAMES CASON, JR. SARA MARIE CASON VVM. GRIGSBY' CORNELIUS CLASS OF 1933 PARKER HOL1' SEYMOUR SAMUELS ELEANOR VVEBER CLASS OF 1934 REYNOLDS FITE, JR. ROBERT JETER JOE TOMMY LYNN MARX' RODENHAUSER TOM ALEXANDER KELLY JENNIE SUE LAN1ER LEONARD LEwY ScO'rr JANE SUTHERLAND ELLA PURYEAR M1Ms i 3 i l l First Row: Brubaker, Cunningham Berson, Huggins, Paris Second Row: Pierce, Suhrheinrich, Turner, YVhnlley Third Row: Anderson, Cheshire, Holt. Johnson, Holliday COMMODORE CHAPTER ' OF OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS BYRON BRUBAKER, Chi Phi ............ . . . ..... President NED LENTZ, Sigma Nu ................. Vice-President XVILLIAM CUNNINCHAM, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . Serrelary-Treasurer STUDENT lVIEMBERS TIIoMAs ANIJERSON . . Phi Delta Theta GEORGE PIERCE . .... Sigma Chi ROBERT BERsoN . . . . . Beta Theta Pi PARKER HOLT. . . . . Alpha Tau Omega Ross CHESHIRE ...... Bela Theta Pi BURTON SHACKLEFORD ,.... Sigma Nu HAROLD HUCCINS . . . Della Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM SUHRI-IEINRICH .... Sigma Chi james HQLLIDAY . . . Beta Theta Pi EUGENE JOHNSON . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon XVINBURNE PARIS . - Phi Kappa Sigma PHILIP 'TURNER .... Phi Kappa Sigma EDWARD XVHALLEY . . . Alpha Tau Omega FACULTY MEMBERS XRYILLIAM S. ANDERSON FRED J. LEWIS YVILLIAM T. Orr EARL C. ARNOLD josEPH K. HART C. MADISON SARRATI' JAMES H. KIRRLAND This is the Senior Honor Society, the members of which are elected each May from the most representative men of the junior Class. Commodore Chapter was founded in 1905 by YVilliam J. Anderson, Coach of Track Team, with the intent that the club, composed of the best leaders of the University, would function in every way possible for the good of Vanderbilt. Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary leadership fraternity whose pur- pose is: Firsf, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines. Second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest Third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding, 204 X-J .NIEMBERS Benedict, Stubbins, Boyer, Patterson, Adams. Russel. Kelly Bryan, Moore, Monday, Myers. Johnson. Turner Orman, Smith, Hill, Noel, Schmid, Scoggins, Stewart THE OWL CLUB OFFICERS ANDREW' BENEDICT, JR., Phi Delta Theta ..... ..... P resident SAM STUBBINS, Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . . . . . - Vice-President BRUCE BAYER, Sigma Nu . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer JACK AnAMs . . - EnwARp RUSSELL . EDWARD KELLY . Boa SCHMID . . STUART BRYAN , STANFORD MooRE . JESSE STUART . . . Phi Kappa Psi BEN PATTERSON, JR. . . . . . . . Phi Kappa Pri . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Sigma . - Kappa Sigma CHARLES MONDAY . . . . Kappa Sigma VVILLIAM MYERS . . Brta Theta Pi LEo DICKINSON . JESSE JOHNSON . . FENNELL TURNER CHARLES NoEL . . JOHN ORMAN . . ROBERT SMITH . JAMES SCOGGINS . GEORGE HILL . . BILL DRANE . . JACK JETER . . . . Chi Phi - Sigma Nu . . . Sigma Chi . . - Sigma Chi . Della Kappa Epsilon . . . Lambda Chi Alpha - Phi Delta Theta Alpha Tau Omega . Della Tau Dalia . Pi Kappa Alpha This is an inter-fraternity honor club, selected from members of the Junior Class. The purpose is to foster harmonious and friendly relations among fraternities, and to promote school spirit. The club is a self-perpetuating body, with a membership limit of twenty-five, the election being held in February each year. N First Row: Pittman. Smith. Wattles, Cornelius, Thompson Second Row: Wroton, Anderson. Blum, Grenley Third Row: Hofstetter, Ellis. Alexander, Boswell, Allen THE ACE CLUB OFFICERS FRANK PI'rrMAN, Phi Kappa Sigma ..... ........ P resident DUIILEY GREEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . .... . . Vice-President VANCE ALEXANDER, Phi Delta Theta . . . . . Secretary-Trrasurer H. F. SMITH, Beta Theta Pi . . . . Sergeant-at-Ann: MEMBERS WALTER WA1TLES . FRED WAGGONER . CHARLES CoRNELIus Bos THOMPSON . . Tom BOSWELL. . . LANG KVROTON . . Osooon ANoERsoN . ROBERT BLUM . . HENRY GRENLY . . OSCAR HoEsTE'I'rER RICHARD ELLIS . . Hluuus ALLAN . . .Alpha Tau Omega . . . . - Chi Phi Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . . Sigma Chi . . Zeta Beta Tau . . . Sigma Nu . . . Kappa Sigma . . Pi Kappa Alpha . Lambda Chi Alpha The Ace Club is an inter-fraternity honor club of the Sophomore Class, with a membership limit of sIxteen Its purpose is the entertainment of visiting athletic teams during their stay m Nash ulle The club is self-perpetuating, each member at the end of the school year picking his suc cessor for the following year. N 3 2 First Row: Ihtynvs Ilnndly, Kin Second Row: Sheri-r, Uixhy Iijssxllge-I. XX'cst SIGMA UPSILON LITERARY SOCIETY JAMES W. HAYNES . . AVERY HANDLY . WV. C. CURRY DoNAI.n D,IvInsoN LYLE LANIER JAMES IIAYNRS AvERx' HANIQLY VVALTIER I1ARRIS PRESTON BISSINGER CA LU M ET CHAPTER OFFICERS FRATRES IN FAcUI.TATI3 GEORGE MAYrIItLn ECBERT Ovvwm' Jonw CROWE RANSOM C. M. SARRATT FR.-ITRIIS IN UNIVITRSITATE IVIORTON KING BEN YVEST VVENIJELI. PIII1.I.II's IVIARVEY SIIERER . . . . . .Pf1'.riI1I1'nI Srfrrtary-Trraszlrm' H. B. SCHERMERHDRN JoIIN D. VV.-xmz ROBERT P. VVARREN XVALTER NEEL KARL PRICE E. R. Btxnv This is a Junior-Senior Honor Society in which membership is based primarily on literary ability. Eiections are made once a year from members of the junior and Senior classes. The Vanderbilt chapter, Calumet, was one of the charter chapters of this organization, which is now a national fraternity having forty-eight chapters. Sigma Upsilon publishes quarterly the Scarab of Sigma Upsilon. N CHEs'I Hawk Row: Funk. Hnsn-II, F5lll'hE1llilH, 1.1-Quirv, .Xl'l'hL'l' l-'rmltl xx XIII Il ER B. LEQIIIRE . EI,sIE NICPEAK . GEORGE ARCHER ROBIQRI' BUCHANAN FIQHOMAS BUTLER HENRY LITIERER S. R. 'IQEACIIOUT R. VJ. BII.I.ING'I'ON BARNEY BROOKS XV. A, BRYAN L. E. BLYRCII JOHN C. HURCH C. S. BURWELL E. L. BISHOP XV. E. LIARREY W. C. LE.I'I'HERs H. J. NIORG.-KN H. E, MEI.ENEv 'l'. R. LIARRISON R. S. CLYNNINGHAM CORE PIIICIIER VV. A. DENIONBREIINI AIBERI WEINSIEIN I I-I CALHOUN In ': . - 'va Q. LOIEI-. MI1I'lnlIvy. 1ll't'iSlllllll ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA DIEMRERS J. RUssEl.I. COOR SOI, KIREISMAN CHESIIIR B. LEQLIIRE HERMAN LEON ROSEN FRATRES IN URBE B. T. NOLEN J. S. RENO FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. P. cIIl,BHR'l' NV. D. l1.xc:I:.xRII H. W. HARRIS NV. C. KENNON J. O. MANIER T. IJ. N1CKlNNHH' CI.AI'nE JOHNSON H. VV. BROVVN B. H. ROBBINS ll. M. CARNEI' R. H. D.-INIEI. JOE S'1'RAx'HORN D. R, PXCKENS R. L. JONES HENRY Doucms I L BRXDI I C M HINIIIION . . . . .Prrszdenl . . l'ire-PM-.vidvrlt REB.-I LOWE FI.sIE MCPIQIR FM' B. N1URPllliY PERRY D. PRINT C. C. rIiR:KBUE J. C. PENNINGTON R. XV. CYKIZZ.-XRD T. B. ZERI-'oss J. J. ASHBY ANNA N1.-XRY ROYVKE E, XV. GOOOPASHIRE M. REGEN GEORGE JOHNSON SAM S. CLARK M. M. CLILLOM D. E. XVOOIJRUFF HORTON C,IsPARIs JOHN M. SAUNOERS R,II.PI-I LARSEN VVILLIAM RAYMOND XS ILLIANI M Dmwxx JIMES R DIwsoN ' I. P. ' . .1I. C. DJ-IRIVAUR VSJILI.'IAIvIk LIIIIERER FRANK LIg'roN Bark l-low: Piggutt, Alden, Jolnlson, llIIlI'lIiIIsun. Braley, Al'lllSil'0llLf, Alle-n Middle- Row: Smith, H0ill'l3-YIIUZ. llnlt. Esti-s. Shirvy. Lentz, Lmtsdeii, Conway Front Row: tfuiw-, Bulln. PI'ox'iIII-. llll'lilll5I1ll, Cuiisley, XVillinms PHI DELTA PH! CUFFICERS J. OVERTON l7lCKlNSON . - - . . . .Magixtfr RAY CONSLEY . . . . ,Exrhrquer R. P. VVILLIAMS . ..... CII-rk -IOHN CORE . . . Ilirrorian M EM I: ERS CHARLES D. BULLA J. OVERTON DICKINSON PAUL L, ALLEN, JR. RAYMOND CONSLEY B. B. PRovINE JOHN W. CORE PAT Es'rEs ARTHUR SHIREY A. C. CONVVAY EDMLIND C. SMITH R. P. YVILLIAMS CLARENCE BRALEY JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ PLEDGES HOB1ER ARMSTRONG RICHARD L. LANSDEN NED D. LENTZ R. E. PIGGDTT FARLAND Rosnixs LEONARD HUTCHINSDN SCDTI' ALDEN JESSIE joIINsoN PARKER HOLT O. M. KA11'ERj0IlN Phi Delta Phi is a llllllilllill legal frateriiity having chapters at all leading law schools. M30llE,S Inn of Phi Delta Phi was established :It Vanderbilt in 1907. Membership is based on scholarship Zllld interest iII the study of law. 209 i If -tv Cornelius. Handley, Cwubey, Noell, Ross . Loventhal Bryan, B1-asley, Ellis Chappel. Jouvs, Maupin, Stoves ETA SIGMA PHI PSI CHAPTER Glucssv CoRNE1.1Us . . . . A. DoNA1.u EL1.1s .... ELLA PURYEAR Mms . TOMMY LYNN . CLAUDIA CHAI-REU. . MARY ERWIN STovEs . AV'ERY' HANDl,X' . . RKIEMBERS BEATRICE BEASLEY SARA CASON VVILLIAM GoLnEN JOHN JONES EDWARD MAUPIN MABEL XVINN Owxm' . . ..... Pryiani: . . . . Protohyparfhox . . Dfulcrohyparchos . Chrysopholax . .Grammaticus . Epislolagraphos . . . Pyloras CHARLES NOELI. ANN Ross VIRGINIA PAFFORD GEORGE NKYALKER SAM LOVENTHAL IRENE BRVAN v YT' t ' f-"'---ffv . -'T-...- .Q-1553. N., .9 .. f .T -.-ff 1 es F l J 4 P' 1' . : -s m..J':i."'f5k A 'K "' Q H, . 1 xik -' -h,2.r if 'AW' f':Fe'g2..5 fl gig v s K xx Qs, fi, 4, .53 H H Q 'K 4 .. -.,::.',. .rf 5 xy, liffwf '1 Q, gr 5 4:1 :JT-5' "T, x ff -5 .,.- .ig 4:!a'q2-T N IJH Jifawn- -G "nf-if rv-"' -, 'Fi' rs:-'PM' 4' M 'H Wk ,QF A, . ax x"'+3q5,1- fur' Q I 'w Sf, 5' ,sv-1' Qv U bg 5 Q., ,ai I .img 5 'JZ as Y 3235.5 2 4.,.5EgQQ xrwa.. 5 1 . P .MDN ,. . 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Fr ' -. -. .- 5 . .. -gi -.1 .4,-fQ,25.ggi,Q,BQ4Efqf,4a3m:-:'- , sw Qi,--: .. -' iff- Al, ,gfiqi I. -LL'--J. -15.11-Q35-iligiwkte. .lm-E .Tw-'i fp. -J. 4 . r A -- -If Rf 1. 5Q . . 4' v gp?" Asgkikr E554:JQEEM'z-si-I-.e1:'1"fC ?5Wf"?ia sf ' Gmf a' 1 f5'H 955' . ' ,....M?sss.w.'. 4141- 11. 1 " .45 v'------- -- -7 - Q - 1, I E First Row: Bvnedivr, Holt, Rudenhausvr, DPIIIHSD, Harwell, Boyer Sw-ond Row: Thompson, Samuels, Lansden, King, Brubaker, WVest STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD OF THE STUDENT UNION CDFFICERS NED LENTZ .... . . . . . . . Prrsident ANDREW BENEDICT . . . . Virf-Prvsidrnt PARKER HOLT . . . . Secrrlary STUDENT IIIEMBERS HARRISON SHULL BARBARA DENMAN HLIGH DISHAROON Doc HARWELL CHARLES VVORR BRUCE BAYER BERYL KINSER BYRON BRUBAKER CHARLES LEE Bos THoMPsoN MARY E. RODENHAUSFZR SEYMOUR SAMUELS Ex-OEELCIQ IYIEMBERS DICK LANSDEN MORTON KING BEN WEST FACULTY IVIEMBERS DR. ADA BELL STAPLETON DR. GEORGE R. MAX'FIELD PROFESSOR Inav R. Hunsox X - ALUMNI MEMORIAL HALL Alumni Memorial I-Iall was erected in 1925 in memory of the Van- derbilt men who died in the World War. Ar that time, the Union was established by the Board of Trust to maintain the building and encourage its use as the center for social and extra-curricular activities for the students of the University. In addition to maintaining and directing the use of Alumni Hall, the Union sponsors a program of social entertainment, which includes dances, teas, parties, lectures and musical productions. The Student Activities Board, assisted by the three faculty advisers, is the governing body of the Union. X First Row: Lnnsden. XYillizxms. .lnluns--nl Rem-dig-1 Secmul Row: Moore, Ilmnhrick, Mommy. Moyers. Wosl STUDENT COUNCIL D1cR L.-XNSDEN . .President PAT XVILLIAMS NED LENTZ C. J. KATTERJOHN BEN VVEST HAM JOHNSON ANDREW BENEDICT BRAX PROVINE T. C. HAMBRICK STANFORD Moons CHARLES MONDAY BILL NIYERS 2 First Row: Rndenlmusvr, Mm-Kinney. Brown, Denman, Smith Second Row: Biilington, Lynch. Sutherland WOMAN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT NIARY ELEANOR RODENIIAUSER . .,... Prrxidrnl MARGUHRITE NTCKINNEX' . ..... l"irrfPrrsidrnl JANE HROWN ..... ....... S ofrvlary-Trrasurfr BARBARA DENMAN . . . Rrprcxnziatiw on Sludrnt Union JANE SUTHERLAND . . . . . Prrsidvnl of Y. W. C. fl. BAY LYNCH . . .... .... . -flhlftir Chairman NTARGUERITE MLKINNEY . . Chairman of Senior Woman JANE BROWN .... . . . Chairman of Junior ll"omrn NTARTIIA BiI,1.1Nm'0N . , . Chairman of Sophomore lVo1nrn RosAl.YN SMITH . . . . Prvxidrnt of Pan-Hellrnic Couneil The XVOmen's Student Government Association is composed of the Presidents of the major women's organizations and the chairmen of each class. Ross Cussmmt TOMMY ANDERSON Editor Bzzxinfss Manager THE COMMODORE, I934 The 1934 edition of the COMMODORE comes to you at a time when our country is recovering from the chaos of depression. In step with the improving conditions, we have tried to improve the COMMODORE. It is the desire of the staff to bring to you a vivid picture of the activ- ities at Vanderbilt during the year 1933-34, solthat the pleasures can always be refreshed by a mere turning of the pages. May you accept this book with the feeling that we have done our best. We express our deep appreciation to the students who have so kindly cooperated in making this book possible, and who have thereby helped keep alive and uphold a fine tradition at Vanderbilt. To Messrs. W. A. Benson, Robert Benson, Schumacher Studio, the Hustler, the Masquerader, and the members of the Alumni OHice, we express our gratitude for the part they have played in aiding in the production of this book. Comfnlmg Edztor THE COMMODORE, I934 'THE COMAIOIIORE BOARD J Rosa CHFSI-IIRE . . . ........... . . l:d1foru1f'lm' Iuoxms AKIIIERSON . . . . . .... Bllfillffi Manngfr ANIDREII Bl-!xl'DIL'l Joins XRIISON BEN PA1 IERSON DANICE JORDAN WILLIIM Mx ERS VVENDI-.I L Pun LIPS ANERX I-Lwmx JAMES Huwns DOROIIII D -xl P HERLDON OI IIER Nlm LARIIR RALPH L Asn 'IIIOMAS MALONE XVILLIAM YIINES I.m.r!anl Busuu ss Awdlldgl r I' ratrrruty Izdrlor Urgafuzatzons I-.dxtor Soronfy Edator Itlzlz In hdzior I' future Edtlor Humor lzdllor Iss: vlan! Humor I: dzlor LONTRIBLI TORS CECIL ELROD HARVEY VVILSON ROBERT LOVE 2l7 Photo Editor Sta Typzsl Male up Editor FLORA MAE LAW JOIIN ORMANI GEORGE INGRAM ,... ..... I iusinvss Managrr Elect v y 1 .T 1 - -nvu 1 . W ., BILL SUHRHEINRICH . . . . .flllzlrlic Editor ' J 2 . . . . S ff ' First Row on-and Row: Uornelius, Pattvrs Third Row: Arnold, Law, : VVest, Smith nn, Humrt, Russel. Orman. Farr Nevl. Eustvs, Sm-huster, XVood THE HUSTLER 19334934 XV F Swim. . . . Buxin STAFF Gklcsny Conwnuus . . . Editorial Editor KARL PRICE .... . Managing Editor BEN PATTERSON, JR. . Circulation Managrr BOYD BULLARD . . . Managing Editor FRED HUME . . Mak:-up Editor ED RUssEL . . . Ncfw: Editor jour: ORMAN . . . Sport Editor M.-mx' ALICE Fiuuz . . . Co-Ed Editor NIARJORIE .ARNOLD . . . Fmture Editor Romx EAs'rEs . . . News Editor FLORA NIAE LAW . . . . Society Editor LEONARD HU1'cruNsoN . . Assistant Editor YVALTER NEEL . . . . .hsixtant Editor STEPHEN SCHUSTER . . . . 4-Issistanl Sports Editor BEN VVOOD ...... .-Issistartt Circulation Manager . Editor-in-Chirf an M anayvr - v X""'Z""- X - Hume. LI-viIIe, Lovcntltal Douglass, Smith, Alexander, Cash CI'ax'en, Cornelius. NValls. LTXVOIIS, XVroton Vtiilkes, Pittman Roulhac, Mack, Mullins, Ingram. Robinson, Estes, Anderson BILLY lViUl.LlNS . . S. D. OWEN . . . GEORGE ROULHAC FRED HUME A. T. LEVINE HAMILTON DOUGLASS VVILLIAM H. SMITH VANCE ALEXANDER RALPH L. CASH S. D. OWEN BLUE PENCIL CLUB M EM BERS TOM CRAVEN ROBERT VVALLS CHARLES CORNELIUS fiEORCE ROULI-IAC GEORGE INGRAM BILLY MULLINS LEONIOAS MACK SAM LovEN'I'IIAL JOHN 'LVILRES . . . . Prvszdwzl . . Vita-Prrsidvn! . S urrtary-Treasurer LANG WROTON Oscoon ANDERSON CLAUDE Es'rEs EUGENE VANDERCRIET FRANK PI1'I'MAN ALEX PORTER SPENCER ROBINSON A Freshman-Sophomore literary club having no membership limit. New members are selected during the second term from the Freshman Class. Preliminary try-Outs are held at which each candidate reads aII Original manuscript. From the best Of these the members are selected. The purpose Of the club is to study contemporary authors in prose and poetry, and to produce com positions for criticism from the club as a whole. ffff i '12 EE' O l l Gvanderbilt Student Christian cvfssociation King, Denman, Moore, Ownlmvy. Adams. Arnold. Banoldict Ulwslxirv. Cornelius, Dale, Rllix, Elx-ml, KYFPIIIPS' Ingram, Johnson, Ll-uvell, 1.1-Ville, Mullin. Ornlzxn Owen. Purdue, Patterson, Rodenlmusvr, Holston, Russ Smith, Snell. Stubhins. Suln'helnrivh, Snead Sutherlaml Toffel. YVard, YVL-st, XVils0-1, xVI'Ut0H, Shull Cornm-lius X -v ' r .hr VANDERBILT STUDENT CHRISTIAN NIORTON B. KING . . . . BARBARA DENMAN . STANFORD NIOORE . IVIABEI. WINN OWNBEY . JACK ADAMS MARJORIE ARNOLD ANDREW BENEUICT Ross CHESHIRE CHARLES CORNELIUS QTRIGSBY CORNELIUS DOROTHY DALE BAIRBARA DENMAN HORTON EARLY - IVTARY ELIZABETH ELLIS CECIL IELROD HENRY QTRENLEY GEORGE HARVEY GEORGE INGRAM EUGENE JOHNSON JOHN CROWELL FRED CORUM FRANK FARRIS A. D. BEITTELL VV. A. BRYAN YV. FELSON CHRISIOPIIER GRIGSBY CORNELIUS DOROTHY DALE BARBARA DENMAN BEVERLY DOUGLAS MRS. BEVERLY DOUGLAS STRATTON FOSTER HELEN CTRIZZARD ASSOCIATION QJFFICERS . . . . .Pr1'siIlvIz1 . . .Vice-Prrsidzmt , . , . . . .Chairman of I"inam'r CABINET MORTON KING CORRALYN LEAVELL DOUGLAS LEVINE QTILBERT MCLELIORE STANFORD MOORE . BILLY MULLIN JOHN ORMAN MAEEL XVINN OVVENBY S. D. OWEN VIRGINIA PAFEORD HOWARD PARDLIE BEN PATTERSON INIARY IELEANOR RODENIIALISER KATHERINE ROLSTON FRESHAIAN CABINET LOUISE PIARDISON MARTHA HART RICHARD MATTHEWS VIVIAN MOORE BOARD OF DIRECTORS HARRY GUFFEE ERNEST K. HARDISON W. A. HARPER HENRY G. HART MRS. HENRY G. HART! MALLORY PIARVVELL VVAYLAND J. HAX'ES MORTON B. HOWELL MORTON B. KING FRED J. LEWIS Rvcordfr ANN ROSS WILL SHEARON ADELAIDE SHULL JACK SMITH LINDA SNEED RAY SNELL SAM STUBBINS BILL SLIIIRHEINRICH JANE SUTHERLAND ELIZABETH TATE GEORGE TOFFEL PORTI.-X WARD BEN VVEST JOHN TVILSON LANG WROTON MARJORIE 0'STEEN PATRICIA SPEARMAN VVILLIS VVEATHERFORD GEORGE R. MAYFIELD GEORGE N. MAYIIEW HOWARD MILTENEERGER J. H. MOORE JOHN ORMAN HOWARD PARDUE .ALDEN SMITH GEORGE M. SMITH BILL SIIHRHEINRICH JANE SOTHERLAND 15-51 . i VANDERBILT BAND SAM MOORER .. . . . ............ ....... D zrertor JACK HAIRSTON. . . . JACK ADAMS . ...... . ..,. President . . . .View-Pl'f'.fidenI MILFORD BULLINGTON . . .... .Manager JAMES LIVINGSTONE . . . flssisfant-Manager DAVID HINKLE . . .... . . . Drum .Major SPONSORS LAURA DUKE NITA LANIER LOUISE HARDISON NELI, MCMURRY DORIS BUSBY EVALYN BRANDON LENORE LOVENTHAI. MARGARET THOMPSON PERSONNEL Clarinrts Drums H. LEvINsON J. C. THORNTON F. BUCHANAN G. C. MURPHY J. G. RILEY EMANUEL LAPIIJUS R. SVVEENEY C. C. BRUMMETI' F. J. YVILLEY R. S. ROSSON J. L. WYATT Comets J- A- ANDERSON J- W- ADAMS ' .C. N. GEssLER S. H. PIAIRSTON G- H- PECK D- I- KNOX T. A. KIRK J. P. GAMBLE . M. Es'rEs T. F. YVARDER Saxaplzomfs J. A. MATTHEWS J. E. ARNOLD AIM E' Flat - T. R. IIAPPEL R. B. MATTHEWS J- H. BALLEW L. RYAN R. S1'URnIvANT Trombonrs Bass and Baritone R. L. CASH EARL Kmn D. E. HINKLE W. WA'r'I'LEs C. C. MILLER J. H. JONES D. A. MARSHALL, JR X 'H-U1 fi-'- x A BI-l ROW: Phillips, Russ. Stuart. SlIuII1akf1I'. 1'I'nwell, Vhaclwell Path In :lla Row: Noul, Gnlllslvill, MIIIIIIIIX, Smith. J. H.. Xv2!l'l1PI', Matthews INIINI h llllll Ron Bryan, Tuul-lxstone-. Slmu'zLlteI', Keller, St:IIIl'uI'd. llixluy, L'l Im IIINN C' If VANDERBILT MEN'S GLEE CLUB y 1 jrsbr VS SIL lR'I' .... VVINIIFLL PHILLIPS . JOSEPH BALLEW BENTON HOLT IRA LANOSTON jesse ANDERSON E. R. BIXBY' JOHN SCHUMACIIER XVALTER N EEL RALPH L. CASH JAMES FICKES JOHN POLK JACK PAITI' FRANK HLOSON CHARLES MONDAY , STUART . Managfr PERSONNEL J. H. SMITH CYASTON LERIEL RICHARD MA'I'I'HIsws MILTON GoLns'I'EIN YIAL GIBSON QPIZORGE ORSBORN J, H. TOUCHTON ROBERT STANFORD TOM VVARDER JULIAN SHOWVVALTER XVENDELL PHILLIPS EARNESI' CHAD!-'VELL FRANK FARRIS JOHN CROWELL X I, ,, E K w Hill, .lox-dan, Ln Pat, Smith, Beasley, Bond Smith. DL'llllliil1. Trull. Cluxmmel, Haber, Lezwell l,ovI-nthul, Ownby, Ralston. Rodvnllauser, Ross, MI-Kinnvy BACHELOR MAIDES OFFICERS ELIZABETH HILL .... . . ..... Z . . 6. Prfsidmzl DANICE JORDAN , , , , , ...... l"Ice-Prendrnl MAXINE LAPAT . . Srcrrfary-Treasurer MEMBERS I-Ilpha Epsilon Phi Delta Della Delta POLLY HABER RUTH BOND NIAXINE LAPAT FRANCES DEAN SMITH LEI-:ORE LOVENTIIAL ANN Ross Alpha Omifrvn Pi Kappa Alpha Theia ELIZABETH HILL BARBARA DENMAN MARY ELEANOR ROIJENHALISER KATHERINE RALSTON YVINN Ovvsxux' DANICE JORDAN Gamma Phi Bela Sigma Kappa ROSALYN SMITH CLAUIJIA CHAPPELL ELIZABETH BEESLEY FLORENCE TRULL CORRALYN LEAVELL MARGUERITE MCKINNEY An honor club composed of some of the most representative girls of the Junior and Senior classes. X X...- I l I i First Row: Oman, R. Smith, Vvood. Youngbcrg, Arnold Second Row: Guerin, Boesely, Clmrlton, Gillespie Third How: F. D. Smith, Caldwell, Hanover, Mims, Potter THREE ARTS CLUB OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH OMAN . ..... Prrsidi-ni ROSALYN SMITH . . . . . , ..... Virr-Prrsidrni ELI.A PURYEAR MIMS . . . . . Setreiary-Tmasizrer NIEMBERS MATTIE TATE Woon ALMEDA CHARLTON FRANCES DEAN SMITH GLADYS HANOVER ADELE YOUNGBERG MARGARET POTTER MARJORIE TARNOLD lVlADELYN LONG SARA GUERIN . EVELYN GILLESPIE ELIZABETH BEESLEI' MARTHA CALDWELL A club composed of Junior and Senior girls with a love for music, art, and literature. Eligibility is based on proficiency in one or more of these arts. X ,vrrf v T.,-A v Gnrofyn Jennings Miss Carolyn Jennings, when she was selected as the queen of Vanderbilt co-eds, added the title, "Miss Vanderbilt," to the beauty laurels bestowed on her at Alabama Womans Col- lege. This contest was sponsored by the COMMODORE and H ustler. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CO-ED BACHELOR OF UGLINESS OWLWZQ 35212 6119012 In 1933 the honorary degree of Bachelor of U gliness was bestowed upon Tommy Hen- derson. This degree is conferred yearly as the highest non-scholastic honor which a stu- dent can attain. In Tommy Henderson were found all the qualities of personality and leadership deserving of such recognition. effy Grawfard The title of Lady of the Bracelet is given an- nually to the outstanding co-ed in the senior class. Miss Betty Crawford, Lady of the Bracelet in 1933, was appropriately selected for this honor on the basis of personal popularity and leadership in all activities. LADYOFTHE BRACELET C I"? T -.. .'.- v PRGM FAVCDRITES Left to Tighf'-PHOEBE RANDOLPH, MARY TAYLOR, ROSALYN SMITH, KATHERINE SWIGGART, NANCY ED- WARDS, LOUISE I-IARD1soN, MARY ELEANOR RODEN- HAUSER, SARAH BRYAN, WADDELL WALKER, LULA MAI MAUPIN, MILBREY WRIGHT, LENORE Lov- ENTHAL, NELL MCMURRAY, MARY ANN FARRIS. N dfy CSYEKLIZOI' OJZIZACLLLS 61' Beauty, digfziiy, and distinr- lion fwrre krynolcs of Ihr annual Junior Prom. Hofw filing it was that Jlliss lblary Elfauor Rodfnlzauszrr should reign supreme as queen of Ihr' orrasion. D THE QUEEN We recall with pride the sparkling brilliance of our Junior Prom. We point with pleasure to those fair ladies who were chosen to personify the beauty and gayety of the affair--the Prom Favorites. FIQOLIC IN NW? L... Basking in the sun. "Kingfish, Jr." An Improved Band. Katherine and Jack are also ire skaters. The campus under a blanket of while. 6. Avery must be seen-and heard. 7. Intramural low hurdles. 3. "Ironman" andthe "Com- modoreu train in spite of snow. gg? -shi .P W, .Mg Ti Q 2 3 M 159 f .M 5 X Q' K: wax-1-vw A FORMER EDITORS OF VANDERBILT'S ANNUALS 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 ls92 1893 1894 . . 1895 1896 . . 1397 THE COMET 1Publi.fhrd by flu' Grrvk Ietirr Fraternilifs of Vanderbillj . . . E. L. ARONI . CLAUDE RNALLER . . C. E. ALB1Es . . P. M. JONES . O. A. FOLK . P. H. PORTER . . T. G. KITTREL . . J. B. BROWDER . . T. H. MALONE . . T. H. BREWER . T. D. MCINTYRE 1898 1399 1900 1901 1902 1903 190+ 1905 1906 1907 1908 . B. M. DRAKE . . VV. E. BAIRD . VV. A. VVH1'1'E . . H. GANNAWAY . . G. C. SCOGGIN . . J. VV. ROBERTSON . . R. M. MANN . . M. F. WVOODROVV . . HARTMAN '1'RAv1s . . ALLAN F. ODEL1. . CARL MCHENR1' THE COMMODORE fTl1e name of the annual was Manger! from lbs "Cornft" to Ihr "Cammodore," 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 191+ 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 I920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 March 4, 1909.1 . . NOEL T, DOVVLING . ROBERT S. HENRY . . VV. F.' IVIURRAH . . F1'rzcERALD HALL VVM. L. GRANEEISRY, JR. . . . . . CECTIL SIMS . . . . ROBERT FIELDS . ALEX B. S'rEvENsoN . . POPE SHANNON . . . TOM VVIGGINTON . DOROTHY BETHURUM . . . . DANIEL MAH' . . .' JOE T. HATCHER ROBERT ALEXANDER, JR. . . MURPHY THOMAS . . MERR11.1. MOORE . . WILLIAN1 FLEMING . . . LEONARD KIRKES . HERBERT .ARMSTRONG . . . . ROBERT EWIN . . DAVID KE!-IBLE . . .OLIN VVEST . E. V. CATOE, JR. . . R1c1-1ARD EEKBSON . . CLARENCE G. KING . J. Ross CHESHIRE YBQWQ f N- XJ ff-QSQQLA 'v J I f I Nazi I H q 'E ' A XM ? 01 lx' If :ff , J in --ANo- 4 tow vdose, wo UEUEP SMILE EDITORIAL Questionnaire Submitted for the Thoughtful Consideration of Members of the Faculty Students of Vanderbilt, you are being led by false traitors! We know no better way to characterize the Vanderbilt faculty than as wolves in sbeeps clothing. We repeat, wolves in sheeps clothing. Doesn't that move you? These iends in posing as in- tellectuals are corrupting the minds, morals and digestions of the student body. Now is the time for all good students to rally to the ranks of active resistence. Believing this publi- cationtobethevoioeofthestudentbodywedare toaskthequestion,"What'stbematterwithVan- derbilt?" We also dare to give the answer. We don't know. We don't know anybody who does. Realizing that Vanderbilt is facing a crisis, we, on behalf of the student body, in an efort to get at the 'heart of the trouble have formulated the following faculty questionnaire: "EDDIE," MA., Ph.D., LLD., atc. DR. MIMS DELIVERS STIRRING LECTURE AT CHAPEL HOUR Amid thunderous applause, and the stomping of feet, Dr. Mims, Professor, Author, Lecturer and de- fender of the Southern faith, ascended the speaking rostrum, at Student Chapel last Wednesday, and re- moving his coat and vest indulged in what he termed 1. Do you ofend your students with lzalitosis? 2. Are you considerate of the students comfort? Do you furnish pillows? 3. Do you supply aspirin tablets to Monday morn- ing classes? 4.Areyouasentertainingaspossible? Doyou whistle, sing, and dance for the delight of your students? Do you play the xylophone? Can you do the rhumba? 5. Do you mingle with your students? Did you get drunk with them at the Junior Prom? Faculty, dare you to answer these questions? fThe answers will be found on page 265.1 Butletusremindyouthatitisnofairpeeping, and that the ever watchful eye of the Honor Com- mittee is on you. Notice to the World NOT LIABLE FOR LIBBL- NO MALICIOUS INTBNT a "GoclLikeHour." TheDoetorstartedhis lecture bydeelaringtlnatuninetypercentofallthespeeches delivered from this platform are lies," and proceeded to prove it. "This is probably the most important hour in your lives," declared the Doc, 'and the ones who are not here will never know what they missed." Following this the speaker quoted the last stanza of "The Face on the Barroom Floor." At this point Mims launched into a discussion of how to appreciate poetry. The best way, to his theory, is to memorize 200 lines before break- fast each day, and then major in English. Before entering the Department, however, the Doc advised eachstudenttoreadhisbookonLanier,anexperi- ence which no person should he without. After exhausting this subject the Professor turned his attention to the South, and the development of culture in that area. So heated did he become that at the end of a three-hour discourse, he passed out from sheer emotional exhaustion. With his last breath, as he slid to the floor, the beloved man gasped out, 'The South is advancing in spite of hell." ' i i I ' PATRoN's PAGE 9 VANCE ALEXANDER F. M. FARRIS W. J. ANDERSON P. D. HOUSTON W. A. BENSON PERCY DOWNS MADDIN ROBT. BENSON McEWEN'S LAUNDRY GEORGE COLE E. GRAY SMITH WHITEFORD COLE H. F. SRYGLEY WATKINS CROCKETT WILL POLLARD PAUL DAVIS C. A. CRAIG W. N. ESTES H. G. HILL. JR. MARTIN A. HAYES G9 CO. 1 un1 1 WARD-BELMONT FULLY ACCREDITED IUNIOR COLLEGE Fon YOUNG LADIES NASl'lVlLLE,TENNESSEE ,, ,,,, , ,, 11, pRggQN PICKUPS xl Harris, A.M., alias "Bull"-Vanderbilt Professor, sentenced to life and one day by the supreme court for talking a student to death. It became necessary to place Harris in solitary confinement because of the likelihood of bulling the guards into a state of inability to prevent escape. William Borchess, alias 'the VVolf"-sentenced to 999 years after repeated charges of public in- decency. The sentence was handed down by Judge AN X , 7 at n it If . ik A I ' W STATE PEN CORRESPONDENT, ARCHIVIST AND HISTORIAN Vails. Several young ladies testihed that they had been shocked almost to death by the nude figure of the "wolf" chasing them from the Southern "Y" Swimming Pool. Borchess has been kept in a straight jacket since his arrival at the prison to keep him from removing his clothes when visitors are inspecting the cells. Bacon, M. A., alias "Pussy-foot," sentenced to forty days on bread and watetgbythedistrictcourtof appeals, on charges of intentional cruelty. It seems that "Pussy-foot" had developed the iiendish prac- ticeofmutteringhislecturesinsuchlowtonesthat his students were forced to strain their auditory sys- tems very seriously. Charges were preferred by a group of students who had been stricken totally deaf by their attempts to catch some of the profs mutterings. Hayes, Wynfnd, "Bulldog," sentenced to solitary confinement for the rest of his natural life, because of his unfortunate physiogomy. The meas- ureispurelyaprotectiveone,andhasbeentakento keep the "Bulldog" from scaring little children to death. Stansheld, alias "Sleepy," sentenced to 100 years of hard labor for trespassing. What he brought into the Phi house is no body's business. And three of them-what conceit. DEMOBILIZATION EFFORTS FAIL AGAIN In a news flash from the S. A. E. house, word hasbeenreceived that the two freshmenaredoing nicely,andwillnotbreaktheirpledges. Theboys arepassingtheir work andseemvery satisied with their choice. The Chapter feels that it has done s verynoblepieceofworkingettingthesetwoboys, and is well satisied with the year. Great faith is beingplacedinthenewclass,thelargestinyears, andthe membersareexpectedtogofarinthe University. Itisalsoreportedthatrheprospectsfornextyear areverybright. 'I'heChaptu-alteadyhasdateswith one boy, who says he has no objection to beinga.nS.A.B.,asyet. SomeoftheBrotherseven goso far as to say that they wouldn'tbesurprized if theygotasmanyboysnextyearastheydidthis, but most of them are too cautious to this. H. J. GRIMES CO., INC. Ready-to-Wear, H osiery, Slaves, Dry Goods anal Floor Coverings HOME OF LOW PRICES Y. M. cz. A. Night Law THE School.. Inc. ' ' ' seems rrs um vnu BEST BOOKS smvrmnsn srl-I. 1934 ofAu?ubli'ha"CanB' sn-. m'v.1u.s'f 9-.ii.'in,'fn mm md nm.. F""""h'd P"0mPdY Tuition 550.00 Per Year 40 :mu wn.uAM A. mnuan, swan, 930 Bmadway Nashville, Tum. ft Books ELLISTON PLACE BEAUTY SHOP MISS ESTELLE SMITH. Manager Fountain Pens, Pencils Leather Cases. Cards and Stationery EVERY PHASE OF IEAUTY WORK 4. All Permanent Waves, 55.00 Alsonvmv GUAMMEED METHODIST PUBLISHING Vanderbilt Coeds Especially lnvlhd no EMM nm ' .M Mm 810 Broadway Nashville, Tenn. M3rSI1a1I 65 Bruce CO. Burruss Ed Webber Cafeteria mubmhd 1865 222-224 Sixth Avenue, North Printing Omce Equipment ' L,,- Serving Hours: Breakfast, 6:30 to 9 aan.: ' Lunch, 11:15 aan. to 2:15 Pall.: Dinner, 5 to 8 p nn "We Specialize in Small Orders" N J CRAP SHOOTERS VICTORIOUS aff Y CAPTAIN MARTIN GREAT 'INDOOR SPORT IS RAPIDLY BECOMING INTRENCHED IN CAMPUS LIFE Captain Nathan Martin's four straight passes in the third sitting over "Black jack' Jones cinched the tournament for the Gold and Black. Widx the count against him, Martin brought his famous hack- handtwistintoplayandranoutonhisopponent. This, with victories hy Lulre Burch, Ed Russell, and Dempsey Weaver, gave Vandy the long awaited for win over their hated opponents. Burch gaveanexcellentexhihitionofhisslrillwithdxe ivorieghyovercomingastrongfoeintheperson of 'W'ild Eye Williams. Although he erred several times early in the game, Burch made up for it hy throwing elevens and naturals with seeming ease toward the end of the game. Russell took an easy winfromSnaIreEyelHarris,hytakingmanylong chanoesandmakinggoodonallhispoines. Coach Bill Davidson made the statement that he was satis- hed with the showing of the team, and was con- ident of victory next week, when the boys meet Miss. State. - DR. MeGlLL TELLS OF RED LETTER DAYS IN V. U. HISTORY In an interview with the Couuonons reporter, Dr. McGill produced his much-marked calendars and told of the eventful days of the past. The doc recalled eachofthehappeningsontheirindicated days. Following is a brief summary of the eventful daysthathave hadsuchanimportantplaceinthe history of our university. Jan.6,1900--Kissamhadagoodmeal. March 12, 1900--Gus Dyer put on a clean collar. june 1, 1901-john Daniel's Class kept awake the full hour fmosquitosintherooml. April 9, 1902-Furman Hall windows cleaned. May 1, 1902-Caheen gave his class a cut. May 29, 1902-The Commodore had a good Humor Section. Dec. 11, 1903-The Bodum defdefged student. Im a Nov. 1, 1904-Eddie gave an interesting lecture. April2,1906-TheY.M.C.A.didsomething important. Oct. 7, 1907-The Vandy Glee Club Concert was well attended. July 26, 1911-Mary Elizabeth Dale was hom. sept 12, 1914-The s A. as pledged only 26 freshmen. May 8, 1919-Little Geo. Mayheld robbed his first hird's nest. od. so, 1924-The Vanderbilt band played md marched well. me ll, 1930-Dean Stapleton Ion a pound and a . HENRY W. CDOPBR Nashville Surgical Supply Company Surgical Instruments, Trusses Crutches, Abdominal Supporters Elastic Hosiery Invalid Chairs, Microscopes and Biologic Products ON! CORNER CHURCH STREET AND FOURTH AVBNUB TRAVEL TO LEARN SEE AMERICA FIRST Personally Escorted Tours CENTURY OF Pnocnnss BXPOSITION Bigger and Better-Chicago Mnxlco-ny Water and Rail ALASKA EASTERN TOUR-Niqm Falls, New York, Washington WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE-New Orleans, Cuba, Panama FOREIGN SERVICE Rountl-the-World, Mediterranean CRUISES B Q . . S I Q i . EDUCATIONAL TOURS Mmm Write for full particulars W. M. CASSFFTY, JR., Secretary TRAVEL SERVICE BUREAU P. 0. Box 26 821 Broadway Nashville, Tennessee SAVE TO TRAVEL Why is Gas a ALLOWAY BROS. CO. "TABLE-TEST" COMPETITIVE FUEL? EGGS POULTRY Because of its lower cost in oper- ation and its many advantages in utilization over all other fuels. We assert that as far as costs of operation are concerned, GAS has and will continue to have no competition from other fuels for Coolcing, Water Heating, Refrig- eration ami Auxiliary House Heating. As a domestic fuel, GAS can have no legitimate rival except where very unusual price relations occur. NASHVILLE GAS AND D ' le rm in Bottles GOLDEN RULE CINCINNATI s 'O I0 0 O I'L0.lU.O1'f4, HEATING CO, NASHVILLE BRANCH osncs 210 HITCHCOCK BLDG. GAS COSTS LESS! PHONE ww J. w. woomnn, amen Mmm,- DOROTHY MIX FAMOUS SOCIOLOGIST GIVES SOME MUCH NEEDED ADVICE TO LOCAL CO-EDS Girls, thereisonethingtokeepinmindatthis season of the year. One should always remember those immortal lines of Shakespeare's, "In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." With that biological, psychological and natural fact for a starter, the felt should be easy. He'sinthemood, andallyouhavetodoisjust bereoeptive. Andbyreoeptivelmeanreoeptivel So many girls fail in just that thing. For example Polly Calhoun walked home ten miles along Hard- ingRoad onenightwhileshewasastudentatVan- derbilt University. Of course the name of the girl is fictitious, but it illustrates my point. She failed to perceive his. Unusual cases arise, though. However blonde you mayIae,however receptiveyournaybe,theremay oomeatimeinyourlifewhenyouaregreatlyin needofayoungmantotakeyoutosome party. In thatcaseyoucansimplyfollowthecustomofMary Alice Farr and Marjorie Moreland, who 'tis ru- moredhadboththeideaandcashthattoolr their dates jack Kershaw and Pope Noel, to the Junior Prom. But above all things, girls do be careful. I once knew a girl, one Louise Hardison, who discovered at the conclusion of a dance one night that her stockings and garters were hanging down around her ankles. And her date, Ben West, is so metic- ulous about some things-'tis a wonder she ever survived. One should be even more careful about how one's date is dressed. Imagine poor Marjorie O'Steen's embarrassment when her date, Henry Hart, Jr., ar- rivedtotal:ehertotheThetadancewithapansy inhisbuttonhole. Advertisingisoertainlyallright, initsplacqbutitsplaoeisnotssororirydanee. Lastly,girls,malcemengiveandgiveandgive, Ialwayssucoeededingertingmymorningglsssnf millrwhenlwasyoungandaoo-edatdearol' Shandybuilt. IT? DEAN CATCHES GIRLS SMOKING Someonereported toDeanAdaBell Stapleton lastTuesdaymorningthattbreegirIs,whosenames have been withheld from were smoking intheLadiesResrRoomontheThir1:liloorof Calhoun Hall. Ever faithful to her duty and high oEce,theDeanracedlightlyupthethreeiIights of steps, and somewhat out of breath, opened the doortotheLadiesResrRoom. Betweenpantathisiswhatshesairltodnecul- plits. "Girl1IwffI Id011'rfP11fI wrrwwfpufl thinkrhsrl lpn!!! cameinherejusreo fpuifj catchyou lpufj Noindeed f-ufj. I wasmerelylool:ingforDoctorMims. LCVE'S YOUNG DREAM "There is nothing half so, sweet in life as love's young dream. And who among us would have it otherwise?" When the most momen- tous question a woman is ever called upon to decide is answered with a loving and trusting "Yes,', thc wise hus- band-to-be begins to make immediate plans for her future happi- ness. The Shield Man is in position to assist newly- N weds in their ambition I to make "Iove's young i dream" come true. K SHIELDING MILLIONS ARE WE SHIELDING YOU? THE NATIONAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. National'Building Nashville, Tennessee Tune in on IfVS.M WEDDING BELLS CLIMAX SCHOOL DAY ROMANCE couple First met at college, and although Miss Staple- ton has had many love affairs since, she swears there was really never another man in her life. The choice between domestic bliss, and her career was a hard one for the bride to make, but after meeting the at- tractive groom on the Vanderbilt Campus on several moonlight nights, she found herself strongly drawn to the former. An interesting side light on the wedding de- veloped when it was revealed that the bride had rejected Irby Hudson, a suitor of long standing, only a few days before. The disappointed lover stood in the back of the Chapel, and wept bitterly as the light of his life went to the altar with another man. Although he has made no statement as yet, it is rumored that the groom was a bit intoxicated when he accepted the bride's proposal of marriage. Oh, well, such things will happen. THE GROOM SOCIETY Miss Ada Bell Stapleton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Stapleton of Albany, Mo., was married to Dean C. Madison Sarratt last night at the Neely Hall Chapel, by the Rev. W. C. Winton. The event Q is of great interest to the members of Vanderbilt, as it marks the union of two great departments of the University of which the two parties are respec- tive heads. The wedding comes as a surprise to all those who know the bride, since she had been giving out the information that she was going to wed s herself into the English nobility. The opinion held by most is that she lost all chance of becoming an Englishwoman when she visited the object of her affections last summer. It seems the gentleman hadn't expected so much American feminity. Be all this as it may, the bride seems well satisfied with her catch. The wedding comes as the climax to a long school- clay romance that started 40 years ago when the THE BRIDE Yourflppelile big Sinful plates if you like land you W' . For You ftunjgc: 8042444 HAS Annan me I ns sem. OF ' . 0 Apvaovm. TO . . . . Indulge lllj .... l 1 ,I FRANCIS CRAIG Ancl His Famous Orchestra The Management of the 1934 Commodore takes this opportumty to ex ress its thanks to P this alumnus, not only for the pleasure his 5,4 Amm' orchestra has giwfen the student body, but also -tm! for the constant manifestations of his interest in Oobkllilnuaelegplgl Vanderbilt. - umeau ' CREAM mlwmlcw - BRANDON AuTo SPRINGS INCORPORATED Springs Re-Arched Springs Rebuilt New Springs American Brake Blolcs Bralce Lining Delivery Service ms BROADWAY PHONE 5.1403 ANTHONY T. DAVIS TAILOR lmportecl and Domestic Woolens Suits and overcoat! Made to Measure 525.00 to 545.00 720 CHURCH ST. Tailor-Made Clothes Are Cut to Personal Order ECONOMISTS FIGHT IT OUT CDN CITY DUMP A large crowd braved the wild winds and rain on the city dump in order to hear the "debug liltingly sung from Gus Dyer to "Long jon' Eberling. Robert Alexander served as intermediary and referee. Strangle holds, though barred, almost became the order of the evening and West, that tin horned politician, slunlc away from the wild-eyed crowd to attend the Young Plutocrats Assembly which met in the basement of West End Methodist Church. The meeting, appropriately held on the dump, was concerned mostly with the disposition of the city's refuse. Said Dyer: "In 1688 they dumped the trash in the river. That was the mercantile system. How can a nation justly wise, benevolent, and in- dependent hope to exist under these false and arti- ficial measures? The autocrats of France even went so far as to create new mercantile acts compelling the people to eat the garbage." V i' Dr. Dyer forgot to mention that these mercantile garbage acts were enforced for three hundred years and the rivers, for that length of time, carried away what the people were not compelled to eat. Dyer then had the happy idea of defending the disposition of garbage under the Hoover regime com- monly called udeposuitum laissez-faire." "I do not think that our free American technique of assimilating the fertile qualities of this refuse by allowing it to rot upon the ground at the pleasure of big business should be infringed upon by the artificial laws compelling everybody to cart away one can a day and then lie idle for the rest of the twenty-four hours. The Jeffersonian Doctrine says let it be and Adam Smith let it layf, "Long john" Eberling arose and faintly piped his rejoinder. "The old regime actually stanlc from the accumulated refuse pirated from the foreign nations and Heeced from our American people. Garbage, I mean an over production of garbage, has been piling up since the days of Adam Smith. There is no law of supply and demand which can force a market for too much-well, too much garbage. I want better than a pair of openers. If I'm dealing I can get better than a pair of openers. Sure, create new laws, make deuces and treys wild, see if I'm not the winner. Thank God, Iim a new dealer-if only I had the cards." fCries of, "louder, louder," from those on Capital Hill, cries of, "Shut him up," from those on Union Streetg cries of, "I-Iuzzah," and uzoundsf' from the campus., GUS-A PROMISINS -T ' YouNe MAN ' I 'Eng . up V An open forum was held after the main addres:es. Exasperated inquirers finally bombarded Dyer, who remained victorious on the ash pile. Eberling, bear- ing cans, slunlc away in the night. QW x' li D .., Q ., 5 ik v I i ll ' yi Nl lil ' 'Nil ,. l . f- I fl , "LONG JOHN" V V- H Jlul ...rv 34 Commodore is indeed grateful to the fr iends listed The 19 below, who have taken this opportunity to express their continued good-will and interest in Vanderbilt University. NASHVILLE MACHINE 8: STEPHENS-HUFFINES 5UppLY QQ, MANUFACTURING CO. INDUSITAIAAL SUPIEJBS AND 330 Nbllc Square SHIRTS Phone 5-SHI BROTHERS STORES GROCBRS West End Phone 1-I211 hne - 373 I6 G llatln Road Ph SI Phone 1-II12 4 We End Ave. TROY LAUNDRY H. A. MEEK, President l700 State St. Phone 7- I t 'vm Your Nahum-" A REAL BOOSTER FOR VANDERBILT NASHVILLE TENT 81 AWNING CO. M2 lst Ave., North Phone 5157! TBNTS--TARPAULINS AND AWNING ForAll0ceeeione THE M. W. PRICE CO. II14 Sfalllmlll ltdg. PIIOIIO 5-MM Credors end-Producers' of Direct Heil Advertising "A SUPERIOR LETTER SERVICE' SCHEFFER'S 'Br S415-4504" LUMBBR-MILLWORK 94 mm some mm A-ma new All About sronrs in The Nashville Tennessean Tvlee e Dey and Sunday Toe WASHINGTON MFG. CO. 'Dee-Gee Brand' Men'e Work Shun Nashville, Tennessee Publk Square I. W. COMER, President L. H. JONES. Mana RUTHERFORD COUNTY CO-OPERATIVE CREAM ERY Murfreesboro, Tenn. E Mngnolia Bunn Manufecmreu o Smoettl In Texture-Itch In Color-Delletoun In Taste AMERICAN BREAD CO. F. B. BVBRS, Manager V derbttt, Clase INS, Engineering Department MADISON RURAL SANITARIUM Madison Shilo!! Phone 3-3 RLAND, President DR. B. A. SUTI-IB French Dry Cleaning Co. Eighth Avenue, North 115 Phone 6-7523 A Better Grade of Cleaning Good Service Right Pr K L , ha - IC The 1934 Commodore is indebted to the following friends of the University for their support in helping us publish this vol- ume. Their contribution is a manifestation of their continued co-operation and loyalty to Vanderbilt. ,NESQQIKN COAL COMPgfgfj'I,,,, JACOBS PACKING co. ' ' GOOD COAL l4I6 Adam sum rum 5-4I9l connect WEIGHT AND PROMPT SERVICE MEAT PACKBRS Selected Coal: Black Dgrmozf, Fenfress, Bonny Blue, ,gh M,,l,,g Hogs. mom 5,5245 BVBRLOX SHn,Z'jf"fj,,f,,'QfIfD THB TEST CURREY'S RADIO SERVICE LEON TAYLOR ggjvgksgfm My 0 suond CO' ,hom 6- I I ZEIJ Wes! End Avenue Telephone 7-l220 TWIN SPRINGS DAIRY PI,-SK.S OUR PRODUCTS ARE PASTEURIZED N And Completely Protected by Frigidaire THB FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE, PHONE 02007 Third Avenue ef lroed Sfreel' Telephone 6-3392 M. AND C. FREIGHT LINES THE MUSIC SHOP 808 Lee Ave. Phone 5-I295 Amid' NWN 57919 An Insured Carrier-Rates end Service EVERYTHING IN MUSIC THE BEST WE DO GENERAL REPAIR WORK NOEL fr COMPANY Congratulations to 607 Tenth Ave., N. ncorpomhd Phone 6-I659 PURE ICE PROMPT SERVICE FROM A FRIEND More Milk, More Heelfh-More Heelfh, More Success DRINK MiITlN5m:iAETT OIL COMEQEZI2 OAKWOOD FARM DAIRY D. D. DILLARD, Meneger NASHVILLE TENN. CLARIFIBD AND PASTBURIZBD x ' IE SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY PHONE 6-7413 R. T. OVERTON 81 SONS TENNESSEEIIISAQTOR CO. All Kinde of Road-Building Machinery J. W. CATHCART, Manager I9 Twelfth Avenue, Soufh Phone 5-IOI FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Phone L-2461 Sfell I7, City Merle! Sell fhe+A6,AXA,ZBT,4lI,QBIIad if K 2 Houses Vanderbilt is proud of tbe following friends of the university, who by tbeir cooperation, both fnancial and otherwise, have helped make this volume possible. HILARY E. HOWSE I MAYOR OF NASHVILLE Compliments of THE DOCTORS BUILDING STERCHI BROS. FURNITURE COMPANY Church end 9th Ave. Phone Store end OIIIce 6-6603 Distinctive Furniture et Reasonable Prices SINCLAIR REFININ5 B. c. CLOUSB, up-. 0ftIce end Plant, CIIIMII Raed Phone 7-5223 ST. BERNARD'S ACADEMY One of Neehville'e Leading Educational Inetitutione Fully Accredited Hlllsboro Reed Tel. 7-0299 BELMONT THEATRE l70I Twenty-tint Avenue, South SHOWING ONLY SELECTED PICTURES 'Out Where if: Easy to Park" We Cen Fix 'Bm 'We Never Close" CENTENNIAL GARAGE 270I West End Ave. - Neehvllle, Tenn. WASHING, aREASIN6, REPAIRING A NTING WN. P. IROWN, Mgr. Phone 7-7899 PURE OIL CO. OF TENNESSEE 2nd Avo., North Phone 643153 PUROL OIL WOCO PEP PUROL ETHYL J. M. LASSING, Mgr. INGRAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY COTTON GOODS non me Av... N. nl. 7-7540 o. H. INGRAM, rm. GRANNIS-BLAIR AUDIT CO. ACCOUNTANTS Stehlmen Bldg. Tel. 6-032I NASHVILLE, TENN. APEX OIL CORPORATION JOHN LOWE, President General Ottlces III6 I6th Avenue, North Phone 6-6626 SHELL GAS AND OILS BAPTIST BOOK STORE I6I lth Ave., North Phone 6-2I3I KEITH C. VON HAGEN, Meneqer BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS SAINT THOMAS HOSPITAL 2000 Hayes Street Phone 1-JSM NASHVILLE, TENN. AIRWAY'S OIL 8: GAS CO. I01-III North ht Street Phone 5-4129 BROKERS-Wholesale end Retail We Ieed In Quentlty end Quellty -L. , , ,, A O Pl-CKUPS Mary Eleanor Rodenhauser Wlrat a gosh-awful name! But I have to make it rhyme Or take a lot of blame. The only word it fits is "trouser" And that could never be. If it were "Johnson"-maybe That would be a help to me. fEditor's note-It will be soon.j Win Ownbey: "Will you freshmen stop making so much noise. I can't even read." Pat Spearman: "Well, don't blame us for your ignorance." Here's to our fair Miss Fanny-built" Farr Whose frame is famed both near and far, K A's and Phi Psi's she dates with great glee But cannot forget that old S A E. A winsome young lass named Robin With Pi K .Ks is always hohnobb'in, Forever with one or another she'll Hirt And dish out to each the same kind of dirt: Iesfsifssdimpsnislshsawimheafpim, Shewears'em-returns 'em withthesamesweet grin. Diplomacy galore-it must be swell- Bnt how she does ir-it bears all h--! Gray: "How were your marks?" Lib Finn: "Oh, nothing to be sent home about." Eloise Robinson hails from Kentuck, . With V. U. men she has considerable luck. 'My conscience is clear," she says, fAnd this is no rhyme, 'Ineverstringmorethantenata time." Wnosx Wi-no IN A 0 P1 'Tiger Woman-Lucy Greer. Most Delirious-Nita Lanier. Most Busby. Clinging Vine-Dorothy Willett. Most Naive-Shirley Kirkpatrick. Most Ownbey. Most Bashful-Pat Spearman. Dear Btecky: I've just gotten back from the house where the freshmen are shining our name-plate so that each letter kinda' stands out like this: S-I-G-M-A K-A-P-P-A. It looks so bright now that it just up- lifted my spirits and made me decide to take the afternoon off and catch up on all my delayed cor- respondents. So much has happened since I wrote you last- just after we had struggled thru exams, the few holidays were over, and there was no more study- ing until time for mid-terms, what should happen to relieve the monotony of the situation but the fresh- men come forth with the idea of giving us a dance! They think of the CU-UTEST THINGS! The dayofthedanceldashed downtothel-Iouseto get my compact-you know the one I got for Xmas with the Lambda Chi crest on it, when for months before I had all but DREAMed of one with a Chi Phi crest-and what should I lind but big six-footer Pete Keene on his knees VVAXing floors! It was REALLY too funny, as were all the other prepara- tions. But, darling, I hate long, ranty letters, so I'll tellyoumoreaboutthatwhenlseeyou. The dance was such FUN, and you should have seen Ben West-you know who HE is don't you, dear? He chooses the Band sponsors, prom favorites, etc., andsomepeoplecallhimtheMUSSOLINIofrhe campus,butIthinkheisjusttooSWEETfor WORDS. Was he having a good time! The or- chestra seemed to specialize in pieces like "You're GonnaLoseYourGal,"andthewayBenkept time just made the House ROCK. Some of the heat must have been left over, for, my dear, the next morning at 5:30, hours after I had fallen into bed COMPLETELY exhausted-it is so tiring to dance with big TALL men like Nance Jordan-I waked up to the CLANGING of bells. By the time I had wakedupenoughtositupinlJed,thebellswere still ringing and people were BANGing on the door. Ilookedoutandsawal-IUGE iretruck out front, Bremen putting ladders up to the win- dows,rtmningouthose,etc. Myfirstthoughtwas of the amount of COLD CREAM on my face and thebobhypinsinmyhairybutthenlremembered the PRECIOUS new FORMAL I had just gbtren for the Gym Dance. I jumped out of bed, grabbed it and my newest fraternity pin and DASHED our. Allofusdidthesamqtoind bewildered firemen frantically trying to find a blaze. There was none- the Deke: think up the DARLINGest things: do yousupposewehaddisnirbedthemthenightbe- fore? You MUSTeome uptoournextdanee-I'll get you a date with BD DAWSON, the A. T. O.: he's really AROUND these days! Love, Mgr, HOTEL GEORGIAN TERRACE R' PEACHTREE STREET AT PONCE DE LEON AVENUE ATLANTA, GEORGIA Within Five Minutes Walk to Grant Field MONTHLY AND YEARLY RATES QUALITY MEN'S WEAR For the Young Man SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES And Other High Grade Herchandise R. Z. LEVY Ea' SON BRADFORD'S Est. 1889 Furniture.. Rugs. Etc. OF TPIB BETTER KINDS "An Extra Quart in Every Gallon" mmqgwf 2159195 OIL I I I! I SOUTHERN OIL SERVICE PRICES LOWEST Distributors 168-170 Third Ave., N. 0 Chattanooga, Tam. Nuhville, Tenn. at . "Scbuma'cber the Flattererv ASKANYSTUDENT ' SCHUMACHER STUDIOS ZOGM Fifth Avenue, North I.. . Corner of Church Street , ll FOR FORTY-SEVEN YEARS DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Has Been the Stamlaral Commercial College of the Soutlz IT OFFERS COURSES IN ACCOUNTING. BANKING, BOOKKEEPING STENOGRAPHY, TYPEWRITING, SECRETARIAL WORK. PENMANSHIP, ENGLISH, SPELLING COMMERCIAL LAW. ETC. IT SECURES POSITIONS FOR ITS GRADUATES 9 Catalogue and Bulletins Sent on Request 9 H. HERBERT COONE, President DRAUGHON BUILDING NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE COMPLIMEN TS OF CAPITOL ENGRAVIN6 COMPANY 134 Fourth Avenue, North COMPLIMEN TS OF Maurice Weinberger The Cover of this Book made in The David 1. Molloy Plant at 2857 N. Weetern Avenue, Chicago, repreeenu the iineet quality of ma- O 0 terial and workmanship obtainable for annual or other- book covers. 3 Look for the Malls? :'::ggMarlz, 4 Guarantee B CLEANERS , The FU Rruans Davlcl Molloy Plant ' 2857 N. Western Avenue PHONE 5-1211 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 1 '-iinglphafhi 5 SOPER AUTO QFormerly Polly Innj EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT SERVICE Washing, Polishing.. Slmoniz- AND DRINK ing, Repairing. Greasing, Tel. 7-9338 Painting l203 zm. AVE. 5. 21st and Grand Phone 7-1911 Quickest end lest Service We Call For and Deliver COMMODORE BARBER, SHOE 86 PRESSING SHOPS One-Day Service on Dry Cleaning and HOME LOAF BAKERY Shoe Repairing WB SERVE 404-404 I-2 Zlsf Ave., S. Phone 7-6288 'IF A 9, A K K, if K 'I' HOUSES 1925 BROAD TEL. 5-3217 , Compliments of v NASHVILLE PURE MILK W D I, COMPANY " ' 'W' I A Aw O 444- 1 A. B. Phi moves almost every year. There has been several libeling rumors Roaring around as to our ability to combat that great economic factor, the rent. We resent such remarksg we move to ac- commodate our ever increasing family. Anyhow, that's our story. This year, Alpha Epsilon Phi dwelt handsomely on Terrace Place. Guarded from Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi, and Sigma Chi by one or two houses in each direction, we lived serenly. The question whether we have been protected by or from said lodges is debatable. Of course, there was the time when we had the burglaries and couldn't decide which one of our neighbors to call on for pro- tection. After some weighty deliberation, the house decided that there wasn't much more to be risked if the burglar came back than if we called in the frat men. fThen too, with Big Bertha and Shrimp, Mrs. Abrahams to you, in the house, there isn't much chance of danger., Late telephone calls for darning eggs, needles and about broken radios, have made us wary. fWho ever said anything about the wiles em- ployed by women?Q But we have no charges to press, we are entirely surrounded by gentlemen. Famous for many minor things, we take this one opportunity to call to your notice, our former lack of curtains and Sylvia Mae Berman. The irst was a shame, the second is a miracle. All winter we went without curtains, which seemed to bother certain of our fellow residents. The queer part of the story is that those who noticed are the farthest away. fThese doctors have to have good eyes, we are told.j Mention of our shocking lack was even made in that "Proletariat of College Papers." We have never quite recovered from that honor. There is an old adage that says people think a thing worthy of notice, when they can't quite understand it. People have been noticing Berman for a long time. We just can't comprehend. Some day, some one will get a Ph.D. for finding out if Berman is smart in appearing so dumb or if she just can't help it. It is unbelievable that one person could be that dumb, but on the other hand-we probably never will know. We are a pretty decent mob. In spite of Reisman's unsuppressed activities in horses, bicycles and men, in spite of Hanover and Berman, we are reasonably sane. We don't disturb the neighbors very much, we don't telephone the men except when lonely, we don't play ball in the street, although we would like to and generally we are well behaved. We like the environment too. We can make an eight o'clock in three minutes, and if we ever give dances in the house, all we have to do, is give it coincidentally with one of the fraternities, roll up the windows and let their music in. Gee! We hope we don't have to move. - This broadcast is coming to you from the chapter room of the Damned Fi Dater society during rush week, through the courtesy of the Heatem Up and Coolem Down Refrigerating Company. It is now twenty minutes past four o'clock, September 24th, Helluva Watch time. The society regrets to announce that there is no fraternity house near enough to parade the rushees past. There is, of course, the Tea House around the corner but since its charms are very limited and the weather is rather warm we take pity on the battered infants and allow them to remove their bonnets on the Second Hoor. The Second Hoot is well equipped at this season with trash baskets to receive the various brands of literature thrust upon the innocents during their hectic hours of wander- ing. Before returning to the lower Hoot the fresh- men gather in droves to gape at that unusual super- human phenomena-two Damned Fi Daters who date-safely enclosed in glass-cages donated by the Asbestos Glass Company. These cages are located on either side of the Matrimonial Bureau which has been working overtime the last year. We hope to have enough girls left at the end of the year to con- tinue the society in its present form of Social Work. A sudden burst of discord from the gr-r-rand piano is the for visitors and inmates to gather in the living room and on the side porch for tea and chatter. The guests are given an opportunity to ad- mire the decorations of train and hotel signs taste- fully displayed and the neat stacks of books which are never disturbed. Then calm and quiet and lots of peace descends interrupted at half-minutes inter- vals only by rawkish static from the radio, girlish shrieks, and strange, unearthly sounds called 'play- ing and singing." ' It is now three minutes and twenty-nine seconds to six, Spasmodic Watch time. There is a gasp from the assembly, a dash up the steps to' the Second Hoot, a for hats, the thundering herd stamps out, tumbles into cars, the motors whir and the "frosh" are carted of. The Damned Fi Daters wave gaily from the doorway until the last car rounds the corner and then collapses. The end of a perfect fly hectic, day. PHILLIPS fo' BUTTORFF Makers of Enterprise Stoves. Ranges, Heaters and Furnaces Fine China, Glassware and Homewares, and Electric Ranges 219-223 THIRD AVE., NORTH NASHVILLE, TENN- Compliments of H. P. MURREY at co. Compliments OF Mu.DReD's BEAUTY sl-lop W- MCKINNEY LYNN 2lU2 Flores if TVYOMY-flrif PHONE 7-OBIS ALL BRANCHBS OF BEAUTY CULTURE Permanent Waves WE SPECIALIZE IN ZOTO'S MACHINELESS WAVES Chu. A. lrown und Mildred lrown. Proprietor: How T0 MAKE A SUCCESS OF LIFE A successful man was onoe asked by a youth how to be a suocses. His answer was, "The best way to be a success is to look like one." We can think of no better way of starting out in life with a good "foundation" than equipped with a new pair of shoes from They have the smartness and Y, 'N style which gives you the assur- ance of being well dressed. They observe the cardinal point of success-thrift. fl . . . f F ix L, .QXFXK I . v, ' XX Frank Scott's. Q X N, 1 XXX 'ls S N xx If .E -- .xx 'xx XX-l . x Xxx ' x '.' AIR' 'I' X k' Q3Q.,-,.- 159 p Q., pf:-'1 na h ,--...i . O fl- 'H Hx 'W- '53-Mtn 11214 42' 43 Smart sport shoes in all-white buclcsltins, black and white, 513,996 brown and white, and two-tone leathers. Street shoes in wingtips and straight tip from rich mellow leathers. -' -s f .- p.:. , : Tuf f i t' 3 ' Friendly and Fortune saw, 84,5156 . "'2s2: FRANK SCOTT'S 'ziiiiufl n N. The Friendly Shoe Stare 215 Fourth Avenue, North VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Nashville, Tennessee Ci, The University Offers Courses Leading to Degrees in the Following Schools: I. The College of Arts ancl Science II. The School of Engineering IH. The School of Religion IV. The School of Law V. The School of Medicine VI. The School of Nursing Ci, For a Catalogue, Address the Registrar of the School in Which You Are Interested , Vanderbilt Men Acclaim the ,Q S tyle, Fat and Qualzty I 1 1 1 A A R' 4-,l v K- 0 png, Q fy Q Nj, Jydgdalllf A N Tlllll-IIAIII SAY IT WITH FLOWERS ,hm mu, Wm and at mb D1s1'1Nc11w:-Nor Exrszvslvr Sth Ave. at Church Phone 6-9380 WHEN YOU THINK OF INSURANCE Vanclerlnlt Pharmacy Twenty-lint Avenue, South, at Grand Avenue THINK OF CLARENCE TAYLOR, Owner WHITMAN'S CANDY LOVENTHAL mm Mm MODERN SANITLQSYICSQDA FOUNTAIN Bmblkhed lug Prompt Curb Anything in the BAXTER BLDG. PHONE s-am 4"f"ff0" Dru Lin I From Our Own Mines Direct to You SINCE 1870 Jun Call 6-3101 ST. BERNARD COAL COMPANY ARCADE HOOPER LOVE, Mgr. 'ifydmmfi' "FROM YEAR 'PO YEAR UNCHANGING' KQUALITY LADIES' WBAR! LOVEMAN'S comrnmsms or WARNER DRUG COMPANY su en-ren sr. G zu musk s um mo ww an Av.. no cnmn gf. ma mmm. ma on mu: Square' ATLANTA BILTMORE Headquarters Hotel A For Au Intercollegiate Sports ONLY A STONE THROW FROM GEORGIA TECH STADIUM , F r F ! F E lu E nw- nba- -.Ph At Vanderbilt in Tennessee Is Alpha Eta of Kappa Alpha Theta. Her fame has spread both far and nearg And every clime has daughters here. From Minnesota's arctic snow To Florida's soft balmy blowg Georgia peaches and Virginia's briars, Tennessee belles and Mississippi liars. There's Spicer with that sparkling ring Who stops each one of Bob to sing. Lord help him when she once does yell- She's got a temper that raises --l With bangs and cheeks of rosy hue, We introduce Danice to you. Women and children run and scatter When round the corner Victoria does clatter. To every heart that Swede is dear And we'd bid farewell with many a tear If we didn't know for a certain fact, To live for good, she will be back. , ,Y ,,.,.-1. .7 -V --se..-.H-pug.-.--r .,- .clnlulv Bay's got fuzzy hair and pep, A stunning Ggure and basketball rep. She can make that blonde Phi burn, And A T O's by the dozen yearn! That black-haired girl, Mankato's pride, May be a Delta's blushing brideg With ironhand twoyearssheruled, In leadership and courage schooled. They chose our Prilly to be a Phi Beteg But initiation night she had a date. The lureof tbecircusshe couldnotabate, Came home blowing bubbles at.Papa irate. Sweet Adelaide, the delicate maid, She's made her way by the way she's made. We've shown you our seniorsg here they are: We hope that fate will carry them far. Now red-haired Jane and blacl:-haired Katie Are going to run old Alpha Ety. MINUTES OF PHI DELTA THETA Meeting called to order by "Radical" Anderson. Minutes of last meeting were ineligible because of intoxication by kcrelaty. Brother N. V. Hutchin- son was lined two-bits for having a dirty neck at meeting. Speed: was made by Brother Simpkins on 'Why I Ain't a Beta." Motion made and passed that we have the best chapter on the campus. Mo- tion rnade and passed that we pledge more boys with automobiles next year. Mrs. Hollins would not let Brother Hollins come to the meeting. Chapter was very mournful and sympathetic. Brother Close was excused to go upstairs and study. Brother "Fireater" Williams read his latest letter from Babe Herman to the chapter. Brother Har- well, Kappa Alpha Theta house boy, was excused to attend his duties. Freshman Plassman was ined four-bits for scolding Brother "Long john' Wilson for a low "B" average in chemistry last term. The meeting was momentarily interrupted by call from Ward-Belmont for Brother Perry. A long and very radical speech was made by President Anderson on "The Latest Scientiic Methods of Muggingf' Brother Scoggins arose to give his pro- test, but found himself tongue-tied. Staunch advo- cates of Brother Anderson's fscientiic method of muggingj were brothers: Hughes, Mayson, Fortune and 'Box Q" Shands. Brother "Scoop" Price excused himself to go up- stairs to take a :bam before going to edit the "Hustler." Motion was made and passed that all windows on third floor be nailed down to prevent Brother White from committing suicide when girl leaves town. First attempt unsuccessful due to his inability to End window. Motion brought up by Brother Patty and passed that we renew our sub- scriptions to "Whiz-Bang" and "Artists Models" for the coming year. Report from law school by Brother Provine that no legal action can be taken against parties calling our frat a club. Moved and passed that we let an outsider be presi- dent next year. Brother Benedict excused to have date with "Shug." Brother Harvey Alexander was introduced to the frosh by Brother Price. Brother "joe Palool:a" Hampton was lined two-bits for not knowing the hand-shake after two years of ex- posure. Brothers McBee, Martin, and Montgomery proposed to have next chapter meeting at room 205 Kissam Hall, so as not to interfere with polter pro- ceedings. Move was accepted. The meeting ended abruptly as Brothers Vance Alexander and Dempsey Weaver made their appear- ance in the habitual "Soup and Fish" preparatory to a night at the "Club." ' C6116 jr le Store 0 Sixth at Union 9NQash1nille STUDENTS' RENDEZVOUS PETRONE'S LUNCI-IES, CHILI, SODAS 204 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE, SOUTH Across from Vsndy Gate A Name That Stands For COURTESY, FAIR DEALINGS WITH ALL and 1 FAITHFUL SERVICE The Tennessee Electric Power Co. MEMBER NRA HILLSBORO GARAGE General Repairing hinting Welding Washing --Polishing Battery and Tire Service 81254 21st Ave., S. Roar of Hillsboro Bank Tel. 7-0412 LO! Termite and Other Exterminating Service. Sanitary Supplies. Lows cx-muxcm. co. Phono s-has 5 B. H. Stief Jewelry Co. 214-16 Sixth Avenue, North RUSHEE IMPRESSICJNS AT THE BETA HOUSE As I step upon the porch of the Beta house I am introduced to Mr. Charles fCordelll Hull. Mr. Hull is in a heated discussion with another senior, one Fletcher Harvey. Mr. Harvey doesn't seem to be paying very close attention but has an expression on his face resembling the well known love-lornness. W'ell, as I was saying, Mr. Hull is struggling through a powerful burst of oratory, and is so absorbed in what he is saying that Mr. Harvey's inattention does not seem to phase him. "Yessir," he says, "This chapter of Beta Theta Pi is only al- lowed to have forty active members, so each year it is necessary to have some place for the overiiow- and the Phi's serve such a purpose splendidlyf' As I move on I hear him urging some one to accompany him to the "Brass Rail." As I step through the front door I am met by a young fellow with curly brown locks, and is ap- proximately what one might call the "answer to a maiden's prayer." fFor a month., Could it be Holli- day? Suddenly there is an overpowering noise from somewhere, and I am startled from my tracks. The tone resembles somewhat that of a foghom, only louder, and more resonant. I am reassured when I see that it is only a human, but what a human! It is none other than "King Kong" Berson, some- times known as "Butch." He has very powerful vo- cal chords that make one think of a vibrating "G" string on a bull-fiddle. "Heyl" he bellows, "Wire called Chicago?" Then someone hollers back, "It's Mac, hold it." I iind out later that "Mac" is one, Jack Mc- Clellan, who makes fa habit of, far and wide. From here I saunter upstairs, and into a room I see a young fellow standing before a pic- ture ofa smooth looking doll. He is peering most intently through some odd but very looking nose glasses. Ut seems that he might be Stone blind.j He has a most manner, and I can't help but describe him as the "Duke"- of what I can't say, but "Duke" Therrell will suf- fice. Even before an introduction may be had, sud- denly, the Duke steps to the phone and what becomes a talkathon contest. What he says to afore- mentioned young lady I don't know, but I came back forty-eight minutes later Qby the clockj and he is still there-stretched out on the iioor with his head propped against the wall-billing and cooing, as it were. g Iamabouttoreturntothemaindoorwhenl hear irate tones emanating from another room. I am told that they are the sage remarks of "Muscles" Cheshire, the "Little Commodore." He is objecting most emphatically to the fact that the Betas lost a cup during the past year. I am aboutto leave the Ben lodge whenI.dis- cover I have thus far overlooked the life of the party, one wit fperhapsj called Avery Handley. Theotherrusheesseemtobeovercomewithhis version of the "Carioca" as rendered by the cook and himself. Somuchdidlenjoythegala eventsartheBeta house that, at the appropriate moment, I did not fail to avail myself of the opportunity of becoming a permanent fixture thereabout. 'lu gil- "lil , - . S? ILQNM 4' COMPLIMENTS Th '?f'lnELd5filff:'ElffLollflnqu f 0 16tl1 and r DARAMCUNT WEST END CAFE T H B A T R B Home of Paramount Pictures DELICIOUS FOOD Prepared with Meticulous Care ' l Fountain and Curb Service COMPUMENTS OF W. W. DILLON 5' CO. H0 REALTORS INSURANCE 0 nmwrwruou aunuamc PHONE 5"'4' MRS. JOHN HARRISON, Manager Hart, Sclvaffner 6? 3VIarx C LO T H I N G Exclusively in Nashville J0SEPHAt FRANK at soN C, S? Church at Fifth IN ,.x..... ,. if wlxillv. , The 1934 COMMODORE PRINTED AND BOUND BY Il If N S 0 N PIKINIING CIIMIPAIEIY LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PRINTERS IN THE WORLD DESIGNERS AND PRODUCERS OF FINE HALFTONE PRINTING NASHVILLE, 0 TENNESSEE Q , n , . -'1 ,, 1 , nf' . x ! H 1' , V 'QM wf' . ,M QWJ a-,,. 1 .gr ku '.",,,f ,,,Q ,l. , ss, '11 F- Q 4112, wg' in wk . vu Rf ,h Q "4 4 - . -Q 0. ian "Va 4 ,f - I .M W ,xy . Q., 4 1 s. 5 H.. 5 I n x 4 1 4 w . 0 Y . 4 ' a .iff .f Q, , ' .eV , 1 1 ' , .4 4, V 1 a , A v Q n- ,W 1 4 A 'O .. - V x J 1 1 1 5. A . n x V ', I ' 5 n A 1' 'r x 3. 1MfI1'hU.lZ! " " .

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