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I , in W if 21424 ff .flwi-4:3 . fir, f 'V' J '4'-" g , A -" V fly!! W,fCif,ff2, 'A" ' . gf -. ,. Tff!,f1O.- , fi? 'faq f -sir,-1-.. -fgfsf-g ,'--. V M' f' , Wfffif? 11232: A. ---A4 JY' ff f ,sf i ':ff?E'?L41 A ff' f ' ...-f.:lfg1T' ""' - .. 52 . xzf ' 11 .ifgif A f f f -f f- -n 14 . ff ifefwff . 1 ' - . ' rf A mfff f , " fffafff ' .lf f, f 1 L1:?i3,', . wqgfg' lfffffg , JJ?-ff 'Hifi' jfzif f mllg:-gg ,-W ff: ,w!,.llmff aamfzims, mf " f f , 1 fflff, Jym' A iyifpgg'gl'f'1f53jgff,ff ,f3,,gVWf, , 'l if N 'ilk 5 ' 'Xl' X' '5 X "' . -. ' X ff. f' ZEESEEVEFVQE'-X ,f 4""' -' fre. ' - E ' ' V. L ,V gif ff!! if xlwbisszlsi vll : rmi A S 1. W 5 L 1- n, ,. . dv?' xfE5?53i' .1w' '1-fa,- -i f f , 4 . 5 . :QLi??'?5'2'..'p"''f'1'' LTA" f VZ? 1 - ' M W5 bf ' r : zf7 QWff n X r .NV ff" fl A VI X X 'I I '::'?'l U': f5 T"fZ'lQ' f .. . 3 ,,,.., I' xx XXXVN "1 J' by 1 , ' ,- v ,,. ,, Q +- 1 Q P s A 5 ,gh ,j:S4j ff: uf! X if 1 muy' M In 'A :N a5H 's Nu JT 5 RT L 'M UL' A 6 X9 ff , A f,Y" ' .f L N - A QV , 5Wf fO-A 13-E' E -Q V 1, l . f, ,, 3 U H WW ? k :W ZZWML ff f KW Wm-1 Tx-ae. COMPLIMENTS op- Wg' 9 j JfIfx' 'A li ,ij ,.,' H I H IFS C ,Wg jr ... A jfj'T'.,, PUBLISHED-BY THE-CREEK-LETTER FRATERNITIES OF VANDEIalsl LT- UNIVERSITY N m . NASHVILLE. DQdiCdIi0Il TI is with SiIlC2l'2 QSWQII1 dlld dffCCff0ll Of H Udlldefbilf " Ibdi IDIS BOOK is dtditdftd I0 ml'S. ,TGIIIQS EEIIIIIJION Kifkldlld 6 , ll I All acl L 15 ,jM:,A, rp 3 r A lf' ,Q mil f 'lIl4l cf? - -N ? iff I l S J M-.wjagf I Q ltixafi ., 'ull if ii--1- Iiillmw A illE ' .a? 6 ' I 'Mx llfiliwl I 1 , , .a,.i':l- i. - "Q W'l"Ql'll if l f ae at A AWN 4 H I f 7- QA 'EWIWMZ S ' fllllfalllllik 'Q fs,-M ' ,-2' J ' .ff-F 5-5 , If Q-' iii 2:3524 - -D fi j 1'f-fmfffff V, E Q:-52 'O E, x"' ik I E - ie - 2 'T 21 :Pri 'ii CORNELIUS VANDERBILT . INTRODUCTION . . BOARD OF EDITORS . UNIVERSITY CALENDAR . N AND GOVERNMENT . OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTIO FRATERNITIES . . , Phi Delta Theta - Kappa Alpha . - Chi Phi . . . Beta Theta Pi . . Kappa Sigma . . - Delta Tau Delta . A Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Alpha Tau Omega . A Delta Kappa Epsilon V Sigma Chi . . - Sigma Nu . . - A CATHQODEJ ...... A LITERARY AND ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 1 Seniors .,..... - Juniors ...,... - Sophomores . . . - Freshmeii .... - Irregular and Special Students - CO-Eds .... - BIBLICAL DEPARTMENT . - A Coucour Speech . . . I 7 . . . F1'01z!z'5pz'c'ci4' 9 13 T5 I7 21 22 26 30 34 38 42 46 50 54 58 62 66 67 68 77 1 53 S9 95 97 98 OI LAW DEPARTMENT - Seniors jun iors .... IWEDICAL DEPARTMENT Senior Class . . A Pressing Appeal . Middle Class . . XVl1y I am Single . . - junior Class .... PHARMACY DEPARTMENT-Seniors juniors ..... - DENTAL DEPARTMENT . . . Senior Class . . My Pictures . Middle Class . junior Class . Love's Extremes . The Cold Snap CLUBS .... Post Graduate Club . Musical Clubs . . State Clubs . School Clubs . MISCELLANEOUS . Publications ATHLETICS . Football . Baseball ..... Track Team .... Best Vanderbilt Records . . . Southern Inter-Collegiate Field Day The Vanderbilt-Virginia Game . Snap Shots-Field Day . . LITERARY .... At Sunset . Olla Podrida . . . A Senile Sonnet . . Encyclopedia Vanderbiltiana . . An Arctic Pastoral .... To the Midnight Wind of the Dying Year' 1 Ein Schauspiel .,.. The Seats Beneath the Trees . . Where Old Hats Fit . . . A Supplication ..,. Encyclopedia Vanderbiltiana Ccontiuuedj SWEETHEART, Goon-BYE . . . My 'LIZA AT CHURCH . EDITORIALS . . FINIS . . . IO5 105 107 IOS 109 II 1 II3 115 119 121 123 124 125 127 ISI 133 137 137 138 140 145 155 172 182 186 188 192 194 196 197 204 207 209 211 212 214 216 219 221 222 225 226 228 229 232 233 234 236 ADVERTISEMENTS . i-xxii A sill? 1 f' ' in SSE f 6 VS' ,f'-- fd 'a-.L - 4 f .. l p c r j 1 ,. 1' ' K i-if-.f L' i ji.: I D Eaieeifls-"' cc .1 .ii Eels mi? time-M4 - giiiiimiiiii. '!'!"!l!'' .. f f 4-a1Iw!!!g1!I!I! W 52 .,nm.lQ:!I!l!'Al!l-Ill " 1 W 1' f will nil --2 r, 251,74 gf . f fmf- of bl Dt Ulibll ll Ullil fi I . . mix , I X r 3 J This COMET, the tenth of an illustrious line, makes its appearance unheralcled by flare of trumpets or by rhapsodies of bards. It asks not for the ceremony of an introduction, believing that it is as Well known as any of the productions of the Immortals. It shines upon the just and the unjust. To the Wise, it is as a bright and glorious starg to the foolish, it is for a stumbling blockg to the Greek, it is a pearl of great pricey to the " Barb," it is a precious treasure got without labor. 5 9 4. 5042, 1 .9 3 QE?" X1 XIX X1 ai f ul, ' gm: V ,, Y I W --X airs- M I vw W 7 E E D f b Si QA f I ZOE 3 R S iii'-1.x i -f A ' 1 4421! , EDITOQ.-IN-CHIEF. KX QA ZZ? A-KE Busumass ANAQEQ, Ni Q ,X ATQ C:-IAIQMAN OP Tr-ni BOARD. Mx sacszriwwzv or: -rr-ua BOAQD, LITERAQY Corvfrvmrw-Tac: ILLUSTQATION COMMITTEE. Busnwzie-5 QiOT"lfVlI'I'TEE. f?,WJ4-QM!-AQAQKE My 25 WWVMKA WbM6 AKE CHAIQMAN. CHPxlf2.lVlAxlXl. CHAI WAN. AQQRMAMMJQ qw Q N BG" 5 N L.5 ATC! I3 - MAY MAY MAY SEPT. SEPT. SEPT. SEPT OCT. OCT. Nov. DEC, JAN. UNIVERSITY CALENDAR. Thzwsrlay-Sa!m'rIay Mofzday- Dlfcrivzescirzy Wednesday . . Tkzwsday . fllonday . Thursday . Tbzufsday-Sunday . I896. First Entrance Examinations for the Session ISQ6-97 Academic, Biblical, Law, Pharmaceutical, and Engi neering Departments. O Second Entrance Examinations for the Session 1896-97 Academic, Biblical, Law, Pharmaceutical, and Engi neering Departments. The First Term begins in the Academic, Biblical, Law Pharmaceutical, and Engineering Departments. The Session begins in the Medical Department. The Session begins in the Dental Department. Thanksgiving Day. Anniversary of the Dialectic Society. Christmas Vacation from the evening of WCd11CSd3jf December 23, to the morning of Monday, january 4. I5 I IAN. FEB. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY NIAY MAY MAY MAY JUNE JUNE JUNE JUNE JUNE JUNE JUNE JUNE Saizzrday . Movzday . flfofzday . Thursday Thursday . . Th2z1'sfz'ay-Safzwday 71AZL7'SCZ,6l-jf . Jlfonday . f3'z'a'ay . Salnrday . Sznzday . flfmzday . flfmzday . Yinesday . . Tuesday . PVed1ze'sa'ay . 1897. The First Term ends. The Second Term begins. W'ashington's Birthday. Anniversary of the Philo- sophic Society. Commencement Exercises of the Dental Department. 4. Commencement Exercises of the Medical Department. First Entrance Examinations for the Session 1897-98, Academic and Pharmaceutical Departments. Founder's Day, Contest for Founder's Medal Qeveningj. Final Examinations begin. Celebration of the Literary Societies. Young Prize Medal Qeveningj. Class Day. Commencement Sermon. Annual Meeting of the Board of Trust Q9 A. MJ. Alumni Day. Business Meeting Q10 A. M.jg Public Exercises feveningj. Contest for the A. L. P. Green Medal fro A. MQ. Annual Address before the University Body Q8 P. M.J. Commencement Day. The Commencement Sermon, June 16, 1895, was preached by the Rev. Albert Carman, D. D., of Ontario, Canada. The Annual Address, June 18, 1895, was delivered by Chauncey M. Depew, LL.D., oft New York. 16 OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION AND GOVERNMENT. FACULTY. JAMES H. KIRKLAND, -A.M., PH.D., LL. D. Chancellor and Professor of Latin Language and Literature. South Avenue, Campus. JAMES M. SAEEORD, M. D., PII.D. CYaleJ, Professor of Natural History and Geology, and Dean of the Pharmaceutical Department. 301 South Spruce Street. WILLIAM M. BASKERVILL, A.M., PII. D. QLeipsicj, Professor Of English Language and Literature. Centrav Avenue, Campus. WILLIAM J. XIAUGHN, A. M., LL. D. Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, and Librarian. 7 West Avenue, Campus. WILLIABI L. DUDLEY, M.D. Professor of Chemistry, and Deall of the Medical Department. 37 Wesley Hall, Campus. COLLINS DENNY, A. M., B. L. Professor of. Mental and Moral Philosophy. 6 West Avenue, Campus. A. R. HOHLFELD, A. M., PH. D. QLeipsicj, Professor Of Germanic Languages. 9 West Avenue, Campus. HERBERT CUSHING TOLMAN, PH.D. QYalej, Professor of Greek Language and Literature. ' 48 Wesley Hall, Campus. JOHN DANIEL, M. A. Professor of Physics. 139 Wesley Hall, Campus. J. T. MCGII.L, BS., PHLD. Adjunct Professor of Chemistry. IOS Wesley Hall, Campus. FREDERICK W. MOORE, PH. D. CYaleJ, Adjunct Professor of History andiEconomics. 144 Wesley Hall, Campus. AUSTIN H. MERRILL, A.M. Adjunct Professor of Elocntion. 2142 West End Avenue. THOMAS ATICINSON JENKINS, PILD. Instructor in Romance Languages. 2oI2 West End Avenue. WILBUR F. TILLETT, A.M., D.D. Vice Chancellor, Professor of Systematic Theology, and Dean Of the Theological Faculty. South Avenue, Campus. GROSS ALEXANDER, S. T. D. Professor of New Testament Greek and-Exegesis. 2 West Avenue, Campus. O. E. BROYVN, A. M., B.D. Professor of Biblical and Ecclesiastical History. 3 West Avenue, Campus. J. H. STEVENSON, B.A., D.D. Adjunct Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis. 68 Wesley Hall, Campus. THOMAS H. MALONE, M. A. Professor of Equity Jurisprudence, Corporation and Commercial Law, and Dean of the Law Faculty. Vanderbilt Building. R. MCPHAIL SMITH, M. A. Professor of Common, Statute, and Constitutional Law. 3122 North College Street. ED. BAXTER, Professor of the Law of Evidence, Pleading and Practice. Chamber of Commerce Building. RICHARD DOUGLAS, M. D. Professor of Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery. Willcox Building. G. C. SAVAGE, M.D. . Professor of Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat, and Nose. 710 Church Street. DUNCAN EVE, M.A., M. D. Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery. 207 Church Street. J. A. WITHERSPOON, M.D. Professor of Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medi- cine. M 206 North Summer Street. THOMAS MENEES, M. D. Professor of Obstetrics. 143 North Summer Street. ROSS DUNN, M. D. Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 206 North Summer Street. GEORGE H. PRICE, M.D. Professor of Physiology. 710 Church Street. OWEN H. WILSON, B.E., M.D. Professor of Anatomy, and Clinical Lecturer on Pediatrics. Willcox Building. W. M. L. COPLIN, M.D. Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. 209 North Vine Street. E. A. RUDDIMAN, P1-I.M., M. D. Adjunct Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmacy, and Lecturer on Pharmacology in the Medical Department. 168 Wesley Hall, Campus. WILLIAM H. MORGAN, M. D., D. D. S. Professor of Clinical Dentistry and Dental Pathology, and Dean of the Dental Faculty. 211 North High Street, ROBERT R. FREEMAN, M.D., D.D.S. Professor of Mechanical and Corrective Dentistry. 159 North Summer Street. THOMAS A. ATCIIISON, M.D. Professor of Materia Medica and Special Therapeutics. x50 North Spruce Street. D. R. STUBBLEFIELD, M.A., M.D., D.D.S. Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy in the Dental Department. 402 Willcox Building. AMBROSE MORRISON, M. D. Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the Dental Department. . 504 Church Street. HENRY W. MORGAN,-M.D., D.D.S. Professor of Operative Dentistry and Dental Hygiene. 211 North High Street. LARKIN SMITH, M. D. Adjunct Professor of Oral Surgery, Histology, and Pathology. ' 504 Church Street. W. H. SCHUERMAN, C. E. Professor of Civil Engineering, and Dean of the En- gineering Faculty. 8 West Avenue, Campus. WILLIANI T. MAGRUDER, M.E. Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 59 Wesley Hall, Campus. WILS WILLIAMS, Secretary of the Faculty. 911 Russell Street. BISHOP C. B. GALLOWAY, D. D. Cole Lecturer. jackson, Miss. INSTRUCTORS, FELLOWS AND ASSISTANTS, AND OTHER OFFICERS. W. H. HoLL1NsHEAD, PH. G. Instructor in Chemistry. I7 Garland Avenue. . ROBERT L. LUND, B. E. . Graduate Fellow and Assistant in Engineering. 'West Side Row, Campus. PAUL M. JONES, M.S., D.Sc. I J, R, BUIST, M, D, Instructor in Natural History and Geology. Q3 lvesley Hall, Campus, FRANK E. BRADSHAW, Instructor in Latin. Belmont Avenue. CALVIN S. BROXVN, M.S., D. Sc. Instructor in English. 53 Wesley Hall, Campus. WILLIAM HAMILTON KIRK, PH. D. Instructor in Latin. 2012 West End Avenue. J. GRANBERY JACKSON, B. E. Instructor in Drawing. 1515 Broad Street. J. T. GWATHMEY, M.D. Director of the Gymnasium and Instructor in Phy- sical Exercise. Y 219 Russell Street. W. H. PAINE, M. D. Instructor in Obstetrics. 401 Jackson Building. J. WARREN CLARK, B. A. Graduate Fellow and Assistant in Greek. 156 Wesley Hall, Campus. WILLIAM! C. BRANHAM, M.A. I Graduate Fellow and Assistant in I-Iistory and Eco- HOIIIICS. I9 Garland Avenue. J. O. MAHONEY, BE. Graduate Fellow and Assistant in Mathematics. ISS Wesley Hall, Campus. at Deceased. Lecturer on Nervous Diseases. ISO North Spmce Street. W. FRANK GLENN, M.D. Lecturer on Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases. 30855 Cedar Street. G. P. EDWARDS, M.D. Lecturer on ElectrO'Therapeutics. Jackson Building. L. MILLER WooDsON, M. D. Lecturer on Dermatology. Gallatin, Tenn. JUDGE CLAUDE WALLER, M.S., LL. B. Lecturer On Medical Jurisprudence. 33 Cole Building. FIRMAN SMITH, Lecturer on Dental Jurisprudence. 48 Cliaruber of Commerce Building. W. H. WHT, M.A., M.D. Demonstrator of Anatomy and Lecturer on Regional Anatomy. 151 North Spruce Street. F. W. DORTCH, B. A. Demonstrator ot' Chemistry and Assistant to the Chair of Chemistry in the Medical Department. 803 South Summer Street. RICHARD A. BARR, B.A., M.D. Demonstrator of Gynecology and Abdominal Sur- gery, and First Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. Mill Building. J. A. DALE, D.D.S. Demonstrator in Chief, Lecturer on Crown and Bridge Work, and Teacher of Dental Technics. 211 North High Street. I. M. BASS, M. . Demonstrator of Anatomy in the Dental Department. 217 North Summer Street. I. C. EPLER, M.D. Demonstrator of Surgery and Assistant to the Chair of Surgery. North Cherry Street. OLIN WEST, PH. G. Assistant'Demonstrator of Chemistry. 160 Wesley Hall, Campus. J. S. BETTS, D.D.S. Assistant Demonstrator of Operative Dentistry. 151 North Summer Street. J. W. CRAWFORD, D.D.S. Assistant Demonstrator of Mechanical Dentistry. 301 North High Street. J. H. Mrrts, M.D. Assistant in Pathology and Bacteriology. 209 North Vine Street. W. KELLER, M. D. Assistant to the Chair of Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery. Douglas Sanitarium. I. T. ALTMAN, M.D. Assistant to thefChair of Practice, and Instructor in Physical Diagnosis. 704 South Cherry Street. JOSE MARIA BENAVIDES, M.D. Assistant to the Chair of Eye, Ear, Throat, and Nose. 710 Church Street. RUFUS E. FORT, M.D. Assistant to the Chair of Physiology. 148 North Summer-Street. JAMES M. FLY., PH. G. ' Assistant in the'Pharmaceutical Laboratory. zoog Hayes Street. CLIFTON R. ATCHISON, M.D. Assistant in Materia Medica and Special Therapeu- tics i11 the Dental Department. 150 North Spruce Street. R. M. ANDERSON, M.D. Second Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. Corner Ash and Cherry Streets. W. PHILLIPS CONNELL, Instructor in Physics in the Department of Pharmacy. Grand Avenue. JOHN ASPIFORD, Engineer and Instructor in Machine Shop. Central Avenue, Campus. P. OVCONNOR, Instructor in .Wood Shop. 1007 Kayne Avenue. Instructor in Forge Shop. A. L. FENSLEY, A Instructor in Brass Foundry. Hardee Street. M. R. WILHITE, Instructor in Iron Foundry. Grand Avenue. W. HAM1LTON JOHNSON, Assistant in the Chemical Laboratory. West Side Row. ROBERT B. GOODw1N, Assistant in the Chemical Laboratory. 2020 West End Avenue. WILLIAM E. ANDERSON, Assistant in the Chemical Laboratory. JOSEPH T. MEADORS, Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy in the Dental Department. 109 North Addison Avenue. ROBERT E. HARRIS, Pharmacist in the Medical Department Dispensary. 3o3 North High Street. DAVID DOUGLAS, Superintendent of Grounds. 4 West Avenue, Campus. aka g!!-w i uk TfoNi 'I:E:1?EgiRE O5 n QAKE X Qm 5 QN111 i iaQb wiv'-Q Eff W Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Founded, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, December 26, 1848. Incorporated under the State laws of Ohio, March 12, 1881. Annual Alnrnni Day, March 5. COLORS: Argent and Azure. COLLEGE CHAPTERS. Alpha Province.-Maine Alpha, Colby University, New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College, Vermont Alpha, University of Vermont, Massachusetts Alpha, Williams College, Massachusetts Beta, Amherst College, Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University, New York Alpha, Cornell University, New York Beta, Union Uni- versity, New York Delta, Columbia College , New York Epsilon, Syracuse University, Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College, Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania College, Pennsylvania Gamma, VVashington and jeffer- son College, Pennsylvania Delta, Alleghany College, Pennsylvania Epsilon, Dickinson College, Pennsylvania Zeta, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Eta, Lehigh University. Beta Province.-Virginia Alpha, Roanoke College, Virginia Beta, University of Virginia, Virginia Gamma, Randolph-Macon College, Virginia Zeta, Washington and Lee University, North Carolina Beta, University of North Carolina, Kentucky Alpha, Centre College, Ken- tucky Delta, Central University. Gamma Province.-Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia, Georgia Beta, Emory College, Georgia Gamma, Mercer University, Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbilt U11i- versity, Tennessee Beta, University of the South, Ala- bama Alpha, University of Alabama, Alabama Beta, Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute, Alabama Gamma, Southern University. ' ALUMNI Massachusetts Alpha, Boston, New York Alpha, New York, Pennsylvania Alpha, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Beta, Philadelphia, Maryland Alpha, Baltimore, XVash- ington-, D. C., Alpha, Virginia Alpha, Richmond, Georgia Alpha, Columbus, Georgia Beta, Atlanta, Geor ia Gamma Macon' Tennessee Al l1a ' , g , , p ,Nashville Alabama Alpha, Montgomery, Alabama Beta, Selma, Alabama Gamma, Birmingham, Alabama Delta, Mobile, Delta Province.-Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi, Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University of Louisiana, Texas Beta, University of Texas, Texas Gamma, Southwestern University. Epsilon Province.-Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Ohio Beta, Ohio Wesleyaxi University, Ohio Gamma, Ohio University, Ohio Delta, University of Wooster, Ohio Epsilon, Bnchtel College, Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University, Indiana Alpha, Indiana University, Indiana Beta, lvabash College, Indiana Gamma, Butler Uni- versity, Indiana Delta, Franklin College, Indiana Epsi- lon, Hanover College, Indiana Zeta, DePauw University, Indiana Theta, Purdue University , Michigan Alpha, Uni- versity of Michigan, Michigan Beta, State College of Michigan, Michigan Gamma, Hillsdale College. Zeta Province.-IllinoisAlpha, Northwestern Univer- sity, Illinois Delta, Knox College, Illinois Epsilon, Illi- nois Wesleyan University, Illinois Zeta, Lombard Univer- sity, Illinois Eta, University of Illinois, Vtfisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin, Missouri Alpha, Uni- versity of Missouri, Missouri Beta, Westminster Col- lege, Missouri Gamma, Washington University, Iowa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyaii University, Iowa Beta, State Uni- versity of Iowa, Minnesota Alpha, University of Min- nesota, Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska, California Alpha, Uni- versity of California, California Beta, Leland Stanford, Jr., University. -' CHAPTERS. , Ohio Alpha, Cincinnati, Ohio Beta, Akron, Ohio Gamma, Cleveland, Kentucky Alpha, Louisville, In- diana Alpha, Franklin, Indiana Beta, Indianapolis, Illi- nois Alpha, Chicago, Illinois Beta, Galesburg, Missouri Alpha, Kansas City, Minnesota Alpha, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Colorado Alpha, Denver, Utah Alpha, Salt Lake City, California Alpha, San Francisco, California Beta, Los Angeles, Washington Alpha, Spokane. 1 24 R. H. Armistead, '9o. J. T. Benson, '79. Dan Bunton, '96. L. R. Campbell, '80, C. T. Cole, '83. XV. H. Cotton, '85. J. V. Crockett, '96. J. H. DeXVitt, '94, N. Farrell, Jr., '95, J Tennessee Alpha of Phi Delta Theta. ESTABLISHED JANUARY zo, 1876. FRATRES IN URBE. B. C, Fovvlkes, '97. F. J. Fuller, '97, XV. G. Frierson, 97. XV. H. Goodpasture, 'SL XV. F. Harris, '88 E. O. Harris, '95, A. E. Howell, '82, R. F. Jackson, '8r. J. C. McReynolds, '82, P. D, Maddin, '8I. W. R. Manier, '8I. J. XV. Manier, Jr., '89. XV. B. Palmer, '80, E. A. Price, '82. C. B. Richardson, '86. J. W. Sewell, '88, W'a1ter Stokes, '86. G. J. Stubbleiield, '87, Lytton Taylor, '76, Pope Taylor, '89, V. L, Terrell, '96, F. P. Turner, '9I. J. H. West, '80, E. H. Vaughn, '90, H. S. Vaughn, 94. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. A. R, CARTER, B. A., Member of the Board of Trust. JOHN DANIEL, M. A., Professor of Physics. P. M. JONES, M.S., D.SC., Instructor in Natural History and Geology. LARKIN SMITH, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Oral Surgery, Histology, and -Pathology. JUDGE CLAUDE YVALLER, M. S., LL.B., Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence. XV. H. WITT, M. A., M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy and Lecturer on Regional Anatomy. R. A. BARR, B. A., M. D., Demonstrator of Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery, and First Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. XV. J. ICELLER, M.D., Assistant to the Chair of Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery. Class of '96. C. R. Baslzervill . . H. F. Crenshaw . . R. W. Greene . . J. W. Hanner . . . Devereux Lake . , XV. B. Malone, Jr. . Harrington Marr . E. M. Rankin . . B. A. - . Somerville, Tenn. B, S. . . Montgomery, Ala. B.D. . . Opelika, Ala. B. A, . . Franklin, Tellll. B.S.. . . Mobile, Ala. B. A. . . Memphis, Tenn. M,D. . . Nashville, Tenn. B.A . . . Lexington Mo. C. P. Williams, B.A., '95, M.A. . Mansti3eld,,iLa. Class of '97, S. J. Battin . . . J. P. XV. Brown, Jr. , Ben Childers. , . LL.B.. J. H. Creighton . . XV. S. Fitzgerald . . H. J. Hopkins . . El B.D. B.E. B.D. B.A. B, S. . . Norfolk, Va. . . Nashville, Tenn. . Pulaski, Tenn. , . Alexandria, Va. . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Atlanta, Ga. E. S. Jones . . . J. D. Langley . . H. J. Livingston, Jr. Hill McAlister . . B.A. . . B. D. . . LL.B. . . LL. B. . . Class of '98, H. M. Boogher . . Herbert Carr . . . T, R. Foster . . J. B, Pitman . . S. XIV. Turner . . Class 'B.S. . . B.A. . . B. A. . . B, A. . . B. A. . . W. F. Bradshaw,Jr.. B.S. . . Louis Farrell . . . R. B, C. Howell , . H. L. Gray . . B.S. , . B.S. . . Irregular. Biblical , of '99. Lexington, Mo Norfolk, Va. Brownsville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn. St. Louis, Mo. Fulton, Ky. Mobile, Ala. St. Louis, Mo. Lebanon, Tenn. Paducah, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Crawfordsville, Ga. Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Founded at Washington and Lee University, Virginia, in 1865. COLLEGE CHAPTERS. ALPHA-Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. GAMMA-University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. DELTA-Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. EPSILON-ERIOIY College, Oxford, Ga. ZETA-Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. ETA-Richmond College, Richmond, Va. THETA-Kentucky State A. 81 M. College, Lexington, Ky. IOTA-Fl.1l'lI12.l1 University, Greenville, S. C. IQAPPA-MCYCCF University, Macon, Ga. LAMBDA-University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. NU-Polytechnic Institute A. 84 M. College, Auburn, Ala. XI-S0l1tl1WCStCfD University, Georgetown, Texas. OMICRON-University of Texas, Austin, Texas. PI-University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. RHO-South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C. SIGMA-Davidson College, N. C. UPSILON-University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. PHI-SO'L1ll1CI'11 University, Greensboro, Ala. CHI--Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. PSI-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. OMEGA-Centre College, Danville, Ky. ALPI-IA-ALPHA-University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. ALPHA BETA-University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. ALPHA GAMMA-Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La. ALPHA DELTA-William jewel College, Liberty Mo. ALPHA EPSILON-S0utl1WCSt6fD Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tenn. ALPHA ZETA-William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va. ALPHA ETA-Westminster College, Fulton, Mo. ALPHA THETA- ALPHA IOTA-Centenary College, Jackson, La. ALPHA IQAPPA-MlSSOL1fl State University, Columbia, Mo. ALPHA LAMBDA-johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. ALPHA MU-Milsaps College, Jackson, Miss. ALPHA NU-Columbian University, Washington, D. C. ALPHA OMICRON-University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. ALPHA XI-University of California, Berkeley, Cal. ALPHA PI-Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Palo Alto, Cal. ALUMNI CHAPTERS. RICHMOND, VA. NORFOLK, VA. RALEIGH, N. C. MACON, GA. NEW YORK CITY. WASHINGTON, D. C. MOBILE, ALA. ATLANTA, GA. , W ,451 -' 1 , , f fafffz. Z f yn . A 5455, f. 5' A. Vf X I ff ff 4-if 347 1 gp 704 4Mf'i'f'C"f'f'f1f f',f'Z7 Y 'Wir 4 f 1 60' yr. Q f 240' fy' 1 f Chi Chapter of Kappa Alpha. ESTABLISHED APRIL 9, 1883. CoLoRs': 'Crimson a Fratres in Urbe. E. E. Barthell QChil. Hugh D. Dallas fBetaj. Charles N. Burch fChij. Dr. J. T. Gwatlimey QBetaj. J. L. VVhitworth lL2l.l11lDCl3D. J. E. Hart CChij. A. M. Shipp QDeltaj. J. C. Ramsey CPU. R. C. Plater CChij. XV. C. Cherry CChij. Lawrence O'Bryan CChij. G. Y. Gibbs CSign1aJ. Robert L. Burch QChij. T. C. Tanner QPU. M. M. Ross lCl1ij. Thomas Hart QChil. Rev. R. I. Bigham, D. D. john Bell Keeble fChij. Samuel K. COVNil.11 fChij. fEpsilonj. . Fratres in Facultate. J. T. GWATHMEV, M. D., Instructor in Physical Exercise and Dire J. GRANBERY JACKSON, B. E., Instructor in Drawing. nd Gold. Verner M. jones CChij. J. Ross Thomas fBetaQ. I. M. Williams fCliij. i Rev. C. S. Gardner fE,taj. E. T. Kirkpatrick fSigmaj Walter M. Pierce fEpsilonj ctor of Gymnasium. Class of ,96. Lucius E. Burch, Nashville, Tenn. . . john T. Gose, A. B., Shelbina, Mo ...... J. Reese Levi, A. B., Douglasville, Ga .... Thos. H. Malone, jr., B. A., M. A., Nashvil William F. McKinney, Booneville, Intl. . Henry N. Pharr, B. A., Fairview, La. . Granville M. Pritchett, Mexico, Mo. . Cummins Ratcliie, Little Rock, Ark. . . le, Dero E. Seay, Dallas, Texas. ...... . . Xvarren T. Whiteside, A. B., Fayette, Mo. . Bert F.. Young, Louisville, Ky. ..... . Class of 797. NVilliam G. Ames, Louisville, Ky. . . Louis A. Davis, Weatlierford, Texas . . CHAPTER D. ..M. .-...M.A. .... NLA. Tenn. LL. B. . . . D.D.S. . . B. E. ..B.A. ..B.A. .. M.D. . .. M.A. ..B.S. ..B.E. ..B.S. 29 ROLL. N. E. Joyner, A. B., Moss Point, Miss. . George Houston Jones, Macon, Miss. . . R. C. McKie, San Marcos, Texas ..... Matt. Marshall Morgan, Nashville, Tenn Class of '98. james A. Omberg, Memphis, Tenn. . . Class of 799. W. D. Bradley, New Orleans, La. . . M. XV. Bush, Anniston, Ala .... E. A. COX, Haynes, Ark ....... H. L. Marshall, Little Rock, Ark. . . C. Young, Louisville, Ky ...... Chi Phi Fraternity. CHAPTER ROLL. ALPHA-University of Virginia ....... BETA-Massachusetts Institute of Technology . GAMMA-Einory College ....... DELTA-Rutgers College . . . EPSILON-Hampden-Sidney . . . ZETA-Franklin and Marshall College . ETA-University of Georgia .... TIiE'l'A-RC11SS6l3Gf Polytechic Institute IOTA-Ohio State University . . . LAMBDA-University of California . MU-Stevens Institute of Technology . NU-University of Texas .... X1-Cornell University ....... OMICRON-Shefheld Scientinc School CYalej PI-Vanderbilt University ...... RHO-Lafayette College . SIGMA-Wofford College . . . TAU-South Carolina University . PHI-,Al11l161'St College . . . CHI-Ohio Wesleyan University . PSI--Lehigh University . . 30 Charlottesville, Va. Boston,'Mass. Oxford, Ga. New Brunswick, N. I Hampden-Sidney, Va Lancaster Pa. Athens, Ga. Troy, N. Y. Columbus, O. Berkeley, Cal. Hoboken, N. I. Austin, Tex. Ithaca, N. Y. New Haven, Conn. Nashville, Tenn. Easton, Pa. Spartanburg, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Amherst, Mass. E Delaware, O. South Bethlehem, Pa -4 32 Pi IAS. I. VANCE. H. A. TYLER. I. B. O,BRIEN, JR. HOLMES DUFE. PIERRE DROJLIILLARD. JOHNSON BRANSFORD. Chapter of Chi Phi. ESTABLISHED 1883. Fratres in Urbe. HARRIS ALLEN. H. W. LOWRIE. W. R. COLE. I. S. LIPSCOMB. I. VVESLEY MADDIN. R. G. THRONE, IR. Class of '96, BINFORD THRONE, NaShville,TeII11. . . . Class of 'Q7. FLETCHER D. IRVING, Clarence, Mo. . . . Class of '98. INA. B. HOWE, Nashville, Tenn ..... DAN T. MERRITT, A.B., Norfolk, Va. . . Class of ,99. W. T. CASYVELL,N3Sl1VlllC, Tenn. . . . . I. COLLINS MOORE, Nashville, Tenn. . LEON POLK, Nashville, Tenn. . . 33 B. H. ENLOE. 1. S. BUTLER. I. BAILEY BROWDER PAUL RIDDLE. C. E. SULLIVAN. . A.B. . LL.B. . B.S. . B.D. . B.E. ALPHA . BETA . GA MMA . DELTA . EPSILON . ZETA . . ETA . . THETA IOTA . . ICAPPA . LAMBDA MU . . NU . . . OMICRON . P1 . . . RHO . . S1GMA . . TAU . . . UPs1L0N . CHI . Psr . . OMEGA . . ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA BETA . ALPHA GAMMA ALPHA DELTA ALPHA EPSILON . ALPHA ZETA . ALPHA ETA . ALPHA LAMBDA Miami .... Western Reserve . . Washington-jefferson DePauw ..,.. Centre .... Hampclen-Sidney . Harvard .... Ohio Wesleyan . Hanover .... Br0W11 ..... - University of Michigan Cumberland . . . Union ..... University of Virginia Indiana University . Northwestern . . Stevens Institute . Walsh . . . Boston . Beloit ...., . . .1860 University of California. . . Bethany ...., Columbia .... State University of Ohio Wittenbnrg .... YVestminster . . Iowa Wesleyan . , Denver University . . Denison .... NVo0ster .... Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. FOUNDED IN 1839. ROLL OF CHAPTERS. . .1839 . .1841 . . .1842 . . 1845 . . 1848 1850 1843 . . 1853 . . 1853 1549 . , .1845 . .1854 . 1881 . . .1855 1845 1873 . . 1879 . . 1845 . . 1876 - . 1862 T379 1881 . 1865 . . .1867 . . 1867 . . 1868 . . 1888 . . 1868 . . 1872 ALPHA NU . ALPHA XI . ALPHA P1 . . ALPHA SIGBIA ALPHA TAU , ALPHA LTPSILON ALPHA CHI . ALPHA OMEGA BETA ALPHA . BETA GAMMA BETA DELTA . BETA EPSILON BETA ZETA . BETA ETA . BETA THETA . BETA IOTA . BETA IKAPPA . BETA LAMBDA BETA NU . . BETA OMICRON BETA P1 . . BETA CHI . . ZETA PHI . . ETA BETA . TI-IETA DELTA MU EPSILON . PHI ALPHA . PHI CHI . . LAMBDA RHO LADIBDA SIGMA University of Kansas . . Knox ...... University of Wisconsin . . Dickinson ..... University of Nebraska . . Pennsylvania State . johns Hopkins . . Dartmouth . Kenyon . . Rutgers . Cornell . Syracuse. . St. Lawrence . Maine State . Colgate . . Aniherst . . . Ohio University L Vanderbilt ..... University of Cincinnati . . University of Texas . . University of Minnesota . . Lehigh ..... University of Missouri University of North Carolina Ohio State University . . Wesleyan .... Davidson . . ' a Yale ....... University of Chicago . Leland Stanford . . 1872 1855 1373 1874 1888 1888 1878 1889 1879 1891 1876 1889 1879 1379 ISSO 1884 1841 1884 1890 1885 1890 1891 1890 1889 1885 1890 1889 1891 1893 1894 Iz'eW1ZnlWZ7il James P. Atkinson. George F. Blackie. J. W. Blackmore. George C. Brown. Lucius P. Brown. Rev. R. K. Brown. Joseph W. Byrns. Charles Crutchfield. David Crutchfield. Tyler Calhoun. E. B. Davis. Samuel G. Douglass. Albert N. Fite. ' R. D. Goodlett, Jr. JAMES M. SAFFORD, W. H. SCHUERMAN, Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta ESTABLISHED FEBRUARY 23, 1884. A , Fratres in Urbe. George B. Guild. Grafton Green. Dr. J. H. Handley. Dr. E. E. Hoss.. XV. G. Hutchison. Richard Hall. William Caruthers. James A. Harris. Allen G. Hall. Ernest- YV. Jungerman. W. G. Kirkpatrick. Judge H. H. Lurton. H. H. Lurton, Jr. Rev. Ira Landreth. A. D. Marks. F. C. Maury. . L. Morris. . L. Morris, Jr. J. N. McKenzie. J. S. O'Neal. Hamilton Parks. J. O. Pace. NV. R. Payne. B. B. Ramage. J. B. Robertson. Rev. XV. T. Rodgers E. B. Rucker. Herman D. Ruhm. R R Theta Pi. John Ruhm, Jr. C. C. Slaughter. Henry E. Smith. A. W. Stockell. Charles C. Trabue. E. XV. Thompson. Gen. G. P. Thruston. Charles L. Thornburg. John B. Treanor. George G. W'arren. Col. J. S. lfValker. Graham Webb. Dr. R. L. C. White. Wm. Henry Williamson. Fratres in Facultate. . M. D., Ph. D. QBeta Kappa '46j, Dean of Pharmaceutical Faculty and Professor of Natural Sciences C. E. QZeta Phil, Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of Engineering Faculty. WM. T. MAGRUDER, M. E. QSigma 'Sly Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Instructors . W. C. BRANHAM, M. A. QBeta Lambda 'S9J, Instructor in History and English. NV. H. IKIRK, Ph. D. fAlpha Chi '95l, Instructor in Latin. D. T. WILSON, B. A., Instructor in Mathematics. NF. E. BRADSHAW, M. A. fAlpl1a Lambda '87l, Instructor in Latin. James Bell Hildebrand, VVhite Haven, Tenn. . Charles Henry Tandy, Hopkinsville, Ky. . Richard Perry, Hopkinsville, Ky. . . Emery T. Phillips, Bowling Green, Ky. . John A. G. Shipley, Covington, Va. U. . CHAPTER ROLL. Class of '96, . B. E Class of '97, . D.D.S . D.D.S D.D.S itDeceased, October 26, '95. . B.D. Class of 198. J. Edwin Bell, Keyser, W. Va. . . . B. E Walter Naylor Davis, St. Louis, Mo. . . B. A Robert F. McDaniels, Hopkinsville, Ky. . . M. D Arthur J. Jungerman, Nashville, Tenn. . B. E Class of 799. Thomas Macldin Summers, Nashville, Tenn. . . B. A. Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Founded at the 'University of Virginia, 1867. ROLL OF ACTIVE CHAPTERS. GAMMA-Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La. DELTA-Davidson College, Davidson, N. C. EPSILON-'Centenary College, jackson, La. ZETA-University of Virginia, Va. ETA-Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. THETA-Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. IOTA-Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. KAPPA-Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. LAMBDA-University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. MU-Vtfashington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. NU-College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va. XI-University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. PI-Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. SIGMA-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. TAU-University of Texas, Austin, Texas. UPSILON-Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, Va. PHI-Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tenn. CHI-Purdue University, La Fayette, Ind. PSI-Maine State College, Orono, Maine. OMEGA-University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. CHI OIVIEGA-SOLIU1 Carolina College, Columbia, S, C, ALUMNI YAZOO CITY, MIss. PITTSBURG, PA. NEW ORLEANS, LA. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. RICHMOND, VA. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ETA PRIME-Trinity College, Durham, N. C. ALPHA BETAwMercer University, Macon, Ga. ALPHA GAMMA-University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. ALPHA DELTA-Pennsylvania State College, State Col- lege, Pa. ALPHA EPSILON-University of Pennsylvania, Philadel phia, Pa. ALPHA ZETA-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich ALPHA THETA-Southwestern Baptist University, jack son, Tenn. ALPHA IOTA-U. S. Grant University, Athens, Tenn. ALPHA KAPPA-Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. ALPHA LAMBDA-University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. ALPHA MU-University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill N. C. ALPHA N U-Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. ALPHA XI-Bethel College, Russellville, Ky. ALPHA PI-Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. ALPHA RHO-Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. ALPHA SIGMA-Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio ALPHA TAU-Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga ALPHA UPSILON-Milsaps College, Jackson, Miss. CHAPTERS. PHILADELPHIA, PA. NEW YORK CITY. CHICAGO, ILL. ST. Louis, Mo. YVASHINGTON, D. C. LOUISVILLE, KY. ! .ERAfv47QN-AMSHVM Li..- Kappa Chapter of Kappa Sigma. Lee Brock. H. B. Buckner, jr. H. N. Frank Goodwin. C. W. W. O. Harris. E. T. Hollins. L. N. Kirkpatrick. McNeal Bond. H. A. 1 J . ESTABLISHED 1877. RE-ESTABLISHED 1885. FRATRES IN URBE. J. M. Patterson. McTyeire. Thompson. R. W. Thompson. james Vaughn. Dr. R. L. NVoodard. McNally. FRATRES IN R. F. O'Neal. C. T. Kirkpatrick. W. C. Phillips. Dr. Hugh Miller. Dr. D. R. Stubblelield XVilliam Beard. J. T. Kercheval. T. J. Tyne. Dr. Owen H. Wilson. Joseph Branch. B. A. Enloe,-Ir. Samuel Pointer. FACULTATE. . D. R., STUBBLEFIELD, M. A., M. D., D. D. S., Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy in the Dental Department OYVEN H. WILSON, B. E., M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Clinical Lecturer on Pediatrics. CHAPTER ROLL. Post Graduate Students. john B. Bishop, M. A .... . . . james M. Fly, Ph. G ......... john Randolph Neal, M. A ..... B. Wofford XVait, B. A ,....... Class of '96. XViley S. Embry, Winchester, Tenn .... ..... john Randolph Neal, M. A., Rhea Springs, Tenn. Robert L. VVoodard, Nashville, Tenn ........ Class of 797. Athens, Texas. Nashville, Tenn. Rhea Springs, Tenn Donallds, S. C. M. D LL.B William M. Daniels, M. A., Clarksville, Tenn. . . LLB Robert B. Goree, Navasota, Texas . john T. Green, Frankfort, Ky .... Myles O'Connor, Leipers Fork, Tenn. . . . ........Ph.G ..Ph.G .B.A M. D. 1 Class of '98. D. Rankin Barbee, Nashville, Tenn. . . . . A. Carey Estes, Brownsville, Tenn. . . . . J. Claiborne Foster, Shreveport, La .... . . J. Hartwell Marable, Clarksville, Tenn. . . . . J. Edwin Moseley, Clarksville, Tenn. . . . . Israel Putnam, Chattanooga, Tenn .... . . NValter W. Rosser, Stevenson, Ala ...... . , George H.Savage, B. A., Jackson, Tenn. . . . . Class of 'QQ. J. Hill Fullilove, jr., Shreveport, La. . . . . XVilliam Lawson Little, Shelbyville, Tenn. . . . William F. Orr, jr., Nashville, Tenn. . . . . NVillia1n E. Steger, Nashville, Tenn. . . . . 41 Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. CHAPTERS. ALPHA-Alleghany College, Meadville, Pa. BETA-Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. GAMMA-Washington and jefferson College, Washiiig ton, Pa. DELTA-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. EPSILON-Albion College, Albion, Mich. ZETA-Adelbert College, Cleveland, Ol1io. ETA-Buchtel College, Akron, Ohio. THETA-Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va. IOTA-Michigan Agricultural College. KAPPA-Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. LAMBDA-V3.l1ClCfl.7llt University, Nashville, Tenn. MU-Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. NU-Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. XI-Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa. OM1cRoN-University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. PI-University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss. RHO-Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J. TAU-Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa. UPSILON--Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y. PHI-Hanover College, Hanover, Ind. 3 CHI-Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. PSI-University of XVooster, XVooster, Ohio. OMEGA-Iowa State College, Des Moines, Iowa. BETA ALPHA-Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. BETA BETA-DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. BETA GAMMA-University of Vtfisconsin, Madison, Wis BETA DELTA-University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. BETA EPSILON-Emory College, Oxford, Ga. BETA ZETA-Butler University, Irvington, Ind. BETA ETA-University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn BETA THETA-University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn BETA IOTA--University of Virginia. BETA KAPPA--University of Colorado, Boulder, Col. BETA LAMBDA-Lehigh University, South Bethlehem Pennsylvania. BETA MU-Tuft's College, Somerville, Mass. BETA NU-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bos tOl1, Mass. BETA XI-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. BETA OMICRON-COYHCII University, Ithaca, N. Y. BETA SIGINIA-BOSIOH University, Boston, Mass. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. New York Alumni Association Naghviue A1umni.A5SOCi?ti9n' Pittsburg Alumni Association. . . . . ' Twin City Alumni Association. , , , Chicago Alumni Association. Cleveland Alumni Assoclatlon. Nebraska Alumni Association. 44 E. Ashcraft. Frank Vaughn. VVilliam Simmons. Vxfalter Cain. Preston Vaughn J Lambda Chapter of Delta Tau Delta. FRATRES IN URBE. T. T. Tyler. Henry Evens. J. W. Randolph. John Lellyett. XV. R. Smith. J. W. Class oi '96. john Pelham Bates . . Edwin Bevins, B.A. . - Ben. M. Binkley . . john Calvin Brown . A. Goodman ..,. Francis M. Oliver, B. A. Litton J. Pardue . . Lewis VVhitney Ryan . Tennessee M. D. . Arkansas LL. B. . Tennessee LL. B. . Tennessee LL. B. . Tennessee L L. B. . Florida LL. B. . Tennessee LL. B., . Tennessee. . LL. B. XV. T. XValters. Frank Fite. John McClellan. Frank B. Fogg. XV. K. MeAlister. Sprowls. Class james Ebbin Aclkeisson . George D. Brengleman . H. M. Jacoway, Ir. . . Leon D. Kirby .... Harry Harnnioucl Griffin . H. S. 'Wilson. R. T. Smith. Goulding Marr, D. M. Bright. H. M. Scales. of '97. Teniiessee. . M. D. Tennessee. . C. E. Arkansas . . LL.B Tennessee. . A. B. South Carolina Pl1.G Class of 199. Alston Boyd, Jr. ..... Tennessee. . A. B. F. XV. Hunter . . . Tennessee. . A. B. Harry L. Stokes . . Tennessee. . A. B. -15 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Established in 1856, at University of Alabama. Incorporated 1892. ROLL OF ACTIVE CHAPTERS. Province Alpha.-Massachusetts Beta Upsilon, Bos- ton University, Boston, Massachusetts Iota Tau, Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts Gamma, Harvard University, Cambridge, ,Massachusetts Delta, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 'Worcester, Con- necticut Alpha, Trinity College, Hartford. P1'0ViI1C6 Beta.-New York Mu, Columbia University, Brooklyn, New York Sigma Phi, St. Stephen's College, Annandale, Pennsylvania Omega, Alleghany College, Meadville , Pennsylvania Sigma Phi, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta, Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pennsylvania Zeta, Bucknell University, Lewisburg. Province Gamma.-Virginia Omicron, University of Virginia, Charlottsville, Virginia Sigma, Vv'ashington and Lee University, Lexington, North Carolina Chi, Uni- versity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Theta, Davidson College, Davidson, South Carolina Delta, South Carolina College, Columbia, South Carolina Phi, Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina Gamma, Vtfofford College, Spartanburg, Georgia Beta, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia Psi, Mercer Uni- versity, Macon, Georgia Epsilon, Emory College, Oxford, Georgia Phi, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta. Province Delta.-Michigan Iota Beta, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha, Adrian College, Adrian , Ohio Sigma, Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio Delta, Ohio IVesleyan University, Delaware , Ohio Epsi- lon, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio Theta, Ohio State University, Columbus , Indiana Alpha, Frank- lin College, Franklin, Indiana Beta, Purdue.University, Lafayette, Illinois Psi Omega, Northwestern University, Evanston. Province Epsilon.-Kentucky Kappa, Central Uni- versity, Richmond, Kentucky Iota, Bethel College, Rus- sellville, Tennessee Zeta, Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tennessee Lambda, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee Nu, Vanderbilt Univer- sity, Nashville, Tennessee Kappa, University of Ten- nessee, Knoxville, Tennessee Omega, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee Eta, Southwestern Baptist University, jackson, Alabama Mu, University ot' Ala- bama, University Postofhce, Alabama Iota, Southern University, Greensboro, Alabama Alpha Mu, Alabama A. and M. College, Auburn, Mississippi Gamma, Uni- versity of Mississippi, University. Province Zeta.-Iowa Sigma, Simpson College, Indianola, Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri, Columbia, Fayette Branch of Missouri A, Central Col- lege, Fayette , Missouri Beta, Vtlashington University, St. Louis, Nebraska Lambda Pi, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Province Eta.--Arkansas Alpha Upsilon, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Texas Rho, University of Texas, Austin, Colorado Chi, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado Zeta, Denver University, University Park, California Alpha, Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Palo Alto, California Beta, University of California, Berkeley. , ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Georgia Alpha Alumni, Atlanta. Georgia Sigma Alumni, Savannah. Ohio Alpha Alumni, Alliance. New York Alpha Alumni, New York. Pennsylvania Alpha Alumni. Pittsburg. Georgia Omega Alumni, Augusta. Tennessee Alpha Alumni, Chattanooga. Illinois Alpha Alumni, Chicago. I Massachusetts Alpha Alumni, Boston. Ohio Beta Alumni, Cincinnati. Missouri Alpha Alumni, Kansas City. Mississippi Alpha Alumni, jackson. I 48 J. W. Horton, jr., Nu, '78, fr Chapter Nu of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. ESTABLISHED IN I875. RE-ESTABLISHED IN 1883. D. P. Adan1s, Nu, '76. FRATRES IN URBE. . James D. Anderson, Tennessee Lambda, '89. Clarence T. Boyd, Nu, Y93. XV. P. Burdette, Nu, '79. Dr. Charles S. Briggs, Nu. john Caruthers, Tennessee Lambda, 'QI B. F. Cheatham, Tennessee Omega, '85 P. R. Cheatham, Tennessee Omega, '88 Wm. B. Cheatham, Tennessee Omeva, y74. Felix M. Compton, Nu, '80, D john Hill Eakin, Nu, '7I. john Early, Nu, 'S6. W. P. Fegguson, Nu, '86. Mat. M. ' ardner, Nu, ,75. Andrew Gennett, Nu, '97. Dr. T. E. Halbert, Tennessee Lambda, '9I. Dr. VV. H. Halbert, Tennessee Lambda, '69, Henry C. Lassing, Kentucky Iota. M. Lindsley, Nu, '8I. NVI11. L. Martin, Nu, '79. Frank I. McGavock, Nu, '6I. - Edward L. McNeilly, Tennessee Zeta, ,QO S. M. Meek, Tennessee Eta, '84. H. B. Miller, Nu, 'S7. J. Washington Moore, Nu, '92, May Overton, Nu, ,75. A. H. Redford, Kentucky Kappa. Thomas B, Scoggins, Nu, 195. Edward C. Stahlman, Nu, '92, john M. Thompson, Tennessee Lambda, 7 J. H. Thompson, Tennessee Lambda, '75 Carlos C. Van Leer, Nu, '95, Robert Vaughn, Nu, '75, Dr. james R. XVarters. XV. H. VVashingtOn, Virginia Sigma. A. D. lVharton, Nu, ,72. XVashington E. Hudson, Nu, '93. Norman Kirkman, Nu, '8I. FR ATRES IN FACULTATE. RICHARD DOUGLAS, M. D., Professor of Gynecology. ' CLIFTON R. ATCHISON, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Dental Department JAMES ATCHISON DALE, D.D. S,, Demonstrator in Chief, Dental Department. JAMES XVILLIAM CRAXVFORD, Assistant Demonstrator, Dental Department. JOSEPH T. INIEADORS, Assistant Demonstrator, Dental Department. Class of '96. D. H. Bishop, Nashville, Te11n. . . . . lames H. Dosser, Jonesboro Tenn. Frank M. Bass Goodlettsville, Tenn. . . LL. B, - - - ,' Stith M. Cain, ,Nashville, Tenn. . . LL. B J' Smclmr Dye' Searcy' Ark' ' ' James W. Crawford, Chicago, Ill. . . D.D.S. Elmer T. Hall, Greenville, Ky. . Amzijones, Smyrna, Tenn. . . . E. Lockert Doak, Nashville, Tenn. . LL.B , , Litton Hickman, Nashville, Tenn, . . . LL. B. IB1V'2?,1ii,HggSNEviIE5H1g' El' YA ' George VV. Hight, Nashville, Tenn. . . LL.B. Olin Qvegt Flon-mee Ala ' ' ' Kinnard T. McConnico, Nashville, Tenn. . . LL.B ' ' ' ' ' ' Joseph T. Meadors, Nashville, Tenn. . . D. D.S Class of 198- XVilliam D. Phillips, Nashville, Tenn. . Ph. G , Louis F. Riggs, Toronto, Canada. . . . D.D.S H5-'TTY M- Doaky Nashwller Telm- - - Elmer R. Smith, Cyruston, Tenn. . . Albert B. Wiggington, Whitehall, Ill. Class of ,97. Vvilliam H. Atkinson, Paris, Texas. . Clarence B. Bryant, Pacolet, S. C. . . B.A . D.D.S LL. B. LL. B. M. Ross Hopkins, Nashville, Tenn. . Class of 'g9. Guy J. Reynolds, Nashville, Tenn. . Luther VV. Rowland, Carrollton, Ky. . joseph J. Sherrill, Unio11 City, Tenn. . 9 Alpha Tau Omega. ROLL OF CHAPTERS. Alabama Alpha Epsilon, A. tk M. College, Auburn, Ala. Alabama Beta Beta, Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. Alabama Beta Delta, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. California Beta Psi, Leland Stanford, jr., University-, Palo Alto, Cal. Georgia Alpha Beta, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Georgia Alpha Theta, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Georgia Alpha Zeta, Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Georgia Beta Iota, School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Illinois Gamma Zeta, University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. Indiana Gamma Gamma, Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. Louisiana Beta Epsilon, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Massachusetts Gamma Beta, Tufts College, Medford, Mass. Maine Beta Upsilon, State College, Oronto, Me. Maine Gamma Alpha, Colby University, Waterville, Me. Michigan Alpha Mu, Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. Michigan Beta Kappa, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. Michigan Beta Omicron, Albion College, Albion, Mich. North Carolina Alpha Delta, University of North Caro- lina, Chapel Hill, N. C. North Carolina Alpha Chi, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. New York Alpha Omicron, St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. New York Beta Theta, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Ohio Alpha Nu., Mt. Union College, Alliance, O. Ohio Alpha Psi, Wittenburg College, Springfield, O. Ohio Beta Eta, Wesleyan University, Delaware, O. Ohio Beta Mu, WVooster College, Wooster, O. Ohio Beta Rho, Marietta College, Marietta, O. Ohio Beta Omega, State University, Columbus, O. Pennsylvania Alpha Iota, Muhlenberg College, Allen- town, Pa. Pennsylvania Alpha Rho, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon, Pennsylvania College, Get- tysburg, Pa. Pennsylvania Tau, University of Pennsylvania, Phila- delphia, Pa. Rhode Island Gamma Delta, Brown University, Provi- dence, R. I. South Carolina Alpha Phi, South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C. - , Tennessee Alpha Tau, Southwestern Presbyterian Uni- versity, Clarksville, Tenn. Tennessee Beta Pi, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Tennessee Beta Tau, Southwestern Baptist University, jackson, Tenn. Tennessee Lambda, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. Tennessee Omega, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Texas Gamma Epsilon, Austin College, Sherman, Tex. Vermont Beta Zeta, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Virginia Beta, Washington and Lee University, Lexing- ton, Va. Virginia Delta,,University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Alabama Alumni Association. Allentown Alumni Association. Boston Alumni Association. Chicago Alumni Association. District of Columbia Alumni Association. A Norfolk Alumni Association. Ohio Alumni Assocation. Pennsylvania Alumni Association. Springfield Alumni Association. Tennessee Alumni Association. 52' Tennessee Beta Pi of Alpha Tau Omega. FR ATRES' IN URBE. joseph H. Acklen. W'irt Hughes. A. F. Whitman. , J. H. Spurr. Henry Spence. Rev, S, H. Chester, D. D. john Means Thompson. Frank B. Bond. J Lee Parish. Zac. Tolliver. john W. Childress. R. M. Leland. Percy Kinnaird. J. W. McFadden. Dr. -I. A. Draughon. joseph YV. Bradley. Sam Orr. Mann Wills. john O. Patterson A. L. Burdette. A. S. Childress. john D. Travvick. Howard M. jones. Percy Brown. john Russell Goodloe. ' POST GRADUATE STUDENTS. ROBERT L. CAVE, Nashville, Tenn. .M.A H. E. DORNBLASER, Valley Falls, Kan. . . M.A W. T. POYNTER, Winchester, Ky. I. B. SCOBY, Hopkinsville, Ky. . WALTER TURNER, Greensboro, Ala. Class of '96. XVraySun1pter, Pulaslci,Tenn. . . . Class of '97, A. E. Clement, Humboldt, Tenn. P. L. Cobb, St. Clair, Tenn. . NV. E. Douglass, Gallatin, Tenn. S. V. Gardiner, Memphis, Tenn. . C. C. jarrell, Cartersville, Ga. . A. M. Trawick, Nashville, Tenn. S. H. XVerlein, St. Louis, Mo. . Sanford J. XVise, New Orleans, La. . . . M.A . M.A . . M.A Class of '98. Ph G Richard Ansley, Centre Point, Ark. Will Bays, Charlotte, N. C. . . J. D. Parks, Lyerly, Ga .... I. R. Snyder, Birniingharn, Ala. . B.D. J. D. Towner, Pulaski, Tenn. . . B. D. NV. C. Welburn, Nashville, Tenn. . B' S' Class of '99, B. S. B' D' L. D. Cartwright, Terrell, Tex. . E. L. Davis, Tullahoma, Tenn. B' D' I. G. Harris, Kennedy, Ky. . B- A- S. A. Reese, Sparta, Ga .... B. A. XV. R. Stephens, Brentwood, Tenn. . 53 D 1 1844. 1844 1845 1846 1847 T847 ISSO 1850 1851 1852 1852 1852 1853 T854 1354 1855 1 855 Delta Kappa Epsilon. Founded at Yale, 1844. , CHAPTER ROLL. Phi-Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Theta-Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. Xi-Colby University, Waterville, Me. Sigma-Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. Gamma-Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Psi-University of Alabama, University P. O., Ala Chi-University of Mississippi, University P. O. Miss. Upsilon-Brown University, Providence, R. I. Beta-University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill N. C. Kappa-Miaini University, Oxford, Ohio. Lambda-Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. Eta-University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Pi-Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. Iota-Central University, Richmond, Ky. Alpha Alpha-Middlebury College, Middlebury Vt. Oxnicron-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Mich. Epsilon-Williams College, Xlfillianistown, Mass. 1855. 1856. Rho-Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 'l'au-Haniilton College, Clinton, N. Y. u 1 1 1 1856. Mu-Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y. 1856. Nu-College of the City of New York, New York City, N. Y. 1856. Beta Phi-University ofRochestei', Rochester, N. Y. 1861. Phi Chi-Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J. 1866. Psi Phi-De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. 1867. Gamma Phi-IfVesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 1867. Psi Omega-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Troy, N. Y. 1868. Beta Chi-Adelbert College, Cleveland, Ohio. 1870. Delta Chi-Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 1870. Delta Delta-University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. 1871. Phi Gamma--Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. 1874. Gamma Beta-Columbia University, New York City, N. Y. 1876. Theta Zeta-University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 1879. Alpha Chi-Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 1889. Phi Epsilon-University of Minnesota, Minneap- 1890 olis, Minn. . Sigma Tau-Massachusetts Institute of Technol- ogy, Boston, Mass. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. D. K. E. Club of New York City, N. Y. D. K. E. Association of New England, Boston, Mass. The Northwestern Association of D. K. E., Chicago, Ill D E .K. D. K. E. Cal. D. K. E D. K. E D. K. E D. K. E D. K. E D. K. E. Eastern D. K. E Association of Detroit, Detroit, Mich. Association of the Pacific Coast, San Francisco Association OfW8ShlUgtO11, Washiiigtoii, D. C. . Association of Rhode Island, Providence, R. I. Association of Buffalo, Buffalo, N. Y. Association of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Association of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio. Club ofthe Northwest, Stillwater, Minn. New York Associationof D. K. E., Albany, N. Y Club of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. 1 D. K. E. Club-of Connecticut, Hartford, Conn. Mississippi Valley Alumni Association of D. K. E., St. Louis, Mo. Chattanooga Southern Association of D. K. E., Chatta- nooga, Tenn. Western Michigan Association ofD. K. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Harvard Association of D. K E., Cambridge, Mass. IJ. K. E. Association of Central New York, Syracuse, N.Y. Indiana D. K. E. Association, Indianapolis, Ind. Mountain Association of D. K. E., Denver, Col. W'estern Massachusetts D. K. E. Association, Springfield, Mass. 56 Gamma Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon. o ESTABLISHED 1847. Rn-Es'rAnr.1sHEn 1891. COLORS: Crimson, Blue, and Gold. FLOWER: Pansy. FRATRES IN URBE. Capt. john Biddle, U. S. A. S. XV. Childress. W. M. Hart. Morton B. Howell. J. R. McClelland. NV. C. Nelson. J. E. Sanders. J. D. Goodlett. I. McE. Stone. C. F. McKenzie. R. H. Yancey. P. L. Nichol. J. S. Pilclier. Prof. H. A. Vance. J. R. Green. Gen. Ira P. jones. I. Phillips. Dr. G. W. F. Price. XV. A. lVray. Rev. If R. Winchester. jeff. McCarn. C. A. Warterfielcl. T. M. Street, FRATRES IN WILLIAM J. VAUGHN, M. A., LL.D., Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy. R. INICPHAIL SMITH, M. A., LL.D., Professor of Cornnion, Statute, and Constitutional Law. W. H. PAINE, M. D., Instructor in Obstetrics. F. XV. DORTCH, B. A., Demonstrator of Chemistry and Assistant to the Chair of Chemistry. R. L. LUND, B. E., Graduate Fellow and Assistant in Engineering. FACULTATE. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Class of '96. M. M. Cullom, B. A., Nashville, Tenn. . . . M. D W. Y. Elliott, Murfreesboro, Tenn. . . . . . LL.B William House, Franklin, Tenn. . . . . B.A NVilliani Hughes, Union City, Tenn. . . . . B. A T. G. Kittrell, B. A., Nashville, Tenn. . . . LLB R. L. Lund, B. E., Decatur, Ala. . . C. E Class of 797. L. B. Fant, Holly Springs, Miss. . . B. A L. G. Fant, Holly Springs, Miss. . . . B. A G. A. Morgan, Shelbyville, Tenn. . . . . B. A Class of '98. F. R. Bryson, Little Rock, Ark. . . B. A N. F. Clieairs, Spring Hill, Tenn. . . . B. A J. T. Cook, Montgomery, Ala. . . . . . . D. D. S F. VV. Dortch, B. A., Scott, Ark. . . . . M. D G. P. Hamilton, Aberdeen, Miss. . . . . . . . M. D XV. K. Matthews, B. A., Franklin Tenn. . . . B. D H. N. Morscliheiiner, Hamburg, Ark. . . . . B. A R. I. Moore, Spring Hill, Tenn. .... . . B. A F. C. Rand, Holly Springs, Miss. . . . . . B. A R. H. Rowe, Triana, Ala. .... . . B. A S. V. XVall, Jr., Franklin, Tenn. . . . . B. A Class of ,99. W. Ed. Baird, Columbia, Tenn. . . . . B. A B. B. Bayliss, Atlanta, Ga. . . . . . B. S H. P. Briley, Texarkana, Ark. . . . . . B. A E. C. Bullock, Lewisbnrg, Tenn .... . . B. A XV. R. Easterling, Bogue Chitto, Miss. . . . B. A M. S. Enochs, Crystal Springs, Miss. . . . B. E E. D. Patterson, Savannah, Tenn. . . . . B. A NV. M. Patterson, Mayfield, Ky. . . . . B. A C. XV. Strother, Nepton, Ky ..... . . . . B. A Irregular Student. C. C. Ogilvie ............. Belle Buckle, Tenn 57 Sigma Chi. IAUUNDED 1855. ACTIVE CHAPTERS. ALPHA-Mlanll University, Oxford, Ohio. BETA-University of XVooster, Wooster, Ohio. GAMMA--OhiO XVesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, ZETA--XlV21Sl'1l1lgtOll and Lee University, Lexington, Va ETA-University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss. EPSII4ON-COIHIIIDIHH University, lVasliington, D. C. THETA-Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. KAPPA-Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa. LAMBDAfIndiana University, Bloomington, Ind. MU-Denison University, Granville, Ohio. XI-De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. OMICRON-Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. RHO-Butler University, Irvington, Incl. CHI'-HHIIOVSY College, Hanover, Ind. PSI-University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. OMEGA-Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. GAMMA GAMMA-Randolph-Macon College, Asliland,Va DELTA DELTA-PUTdL1C University, Lafayette, Ind. DELTA CHI-Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. , ZETA ZETA-Centre College, Danville, Ky. ZETA Psi-University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. ETA ETA-Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. KAPPA KAPPA-University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill.- LAMBDA LAMBDA-State College, Lexington, Ky. SIGMA SIGMA-Hampden-Sidney College, Virginia. ALPHA BETA-University of California, Berkeley, Cal. ALPHA GAMMA-Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. ALPHA ZETA-Beloit College, Wisconsin. ALPHA THETA-Boston School of Technology, Boston, Mass. ALPHA IOTA--Illinois XVesleyan University, Blooming- ton, Ill. ALPHA LAMBDA-University of 'XVisconsin, Madison,VVis. ALPHA NULUniversity of Texas, Austin, Texas. ALPHA XI-University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. ALPHA OMrcRoN-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. ALPHA PI-Albion College, Albion, Mich. ALPHA RHO-Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. ALPHA SIGMA-University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. ALPHA TAU-University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. ALPHA EPSILON-University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Cal. ALPHA PHI-Cornell University,, Ithaca, N. Y. ALPHA CHI-State College, Pennsylvania. ALPHA PSI-Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. ALPHA OMEGA-Leland Stanford, jr., University, Palo Alto, Cal. , ALPHA ALPHA-Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y. NU NU-Columbia University, New York, N. Y. MU MUA-University of IVest Virginia, Morgantown, ALPHAiEPs1LoN-University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. W. Va. ALUMNI CHAPTERS. New York City. Indianapolis, Incl. lfVashington, D. C. Lincoln, Neb. Chicago, Ill. Springfield, Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio. New Orleans, La. Montgomery, Ala. Lafayette, Ind. Richmond, Va. Philadelphia, Pa. Louisville, Ky. L, ,, 60 Alpha Psi of Sigma Chi. FRATRES L. B. Fite. Thos. S. XVeaver. E. E. Duncan. Daniel Hillman. A. P. Gaines? Ernest Pillow. IN URBE. WY D. Thomas. D. Weaver. L. L. Rogers. judge Robert Ewing. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. O. M. Yerger, jr. Rev. R. C. Reed. Prof. I. D. Blanton. NVM. L. DUDLEY, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Dean of the Medical Department. W. PHILLIPS CONNELL, Instructor i11 Physics in Department of Pharmacy. Post-Graduate Students. Earle Wilson .... Thomas D. McIntyre, M. A .... Shelbyville, Ky. Class of Class of '96. Theodore H. Brewer . . . Louisville, Ky. .B.A. B. S. W. Phillips Connell . . Nashville, Tenn. . C. E. Dunbar ..... Augusta, Ga. . . B.A. Class of '97. Harry Marvin Canter, A. B. . Washington, D. C. B..D. XV. Hu. Henry ..... Louisville, Ky. . B. E. Henry B. Carre, A. B. . . Griiiin M. Lovelace . Hugh H. Miller . . . Class Fred L.DiefguipaQ11- . N. Charles W. johnson - 61 of Nash ville, Tenn '98. New Orleans, La Louisville, Ky. Covington, Ky. '99- Louisville, Ky. Nashville, Tenn Sigma Nu Fraternity. FOUNDED IS69, AT VIRGINIA IVIILIT.-XRY INSTITUTE. R011 of Active Chapters. BETA-University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. BETA BETA-De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. BETA THETA--Alabama A. and M. College, Auburn, Ala. BETA OMICRON-University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. BETA LAMBDA-Central College, Fayette, Mo. BETA GAMMA-Missouri Valley College, Marshall, Mo. BETA DELTA-Drake University, Des Moines, Ia. BETA EPSILON-Upper Iowa University, Fayette, Ia. BETA KAPPA-Southwest Kansas College, Winfield, Kan. BETA ZETA-Purdue University, Lafayette, Incl. BETA ETA-University of Indiana, Bloomington, Incl. BETA lOTAwMt. Union College, Alliance, O. BETA CHI-Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Palo Alto, Cal. ' BETA PSI-University of California, Berkeley, Cal. BETA NU-University of Ohio, Columbus, O. DELTA THETA-Lombard University, Galesburg, Ill. DELTA-South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C. ZETA-Central University, Richmond, Ky. ETA-MGTCCI University, Macon, Ga. THETA-University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. IOTA-Howard College, East Lake, Ala. KAPPA-North Georgia College, Dahlonega, Ga. LAMBDA-lVashington and Lee University, Lexington Va. MU-University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. NU-University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. XI-Emory College, Oxford, Ga. OMICRON-Bethel College, Russellville, Ky. PI-Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. RHO-University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. SIGMA-Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. UPSILON-University of Texas, Austin, Tex. PHI-UlllVCl'5ltj' of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, La. CHI-COI'llCll. College, Mt. Vernon, Ia. GAMMA GAMMA-Albion College, Albion, Mich. BETA PI-University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. BETA UPSILON-ROSE Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute Ind. BETA RHO -University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa BETA MU-University of Iowa, Iowa City, Ia. BETA CHI-William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo. PSI-University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. BETA PHI-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 64- Sigma Chapter of Sigma Nu. COLORS 5 Old ooid, Xvhite, and Black. Fratres in Urbe. Jesse L. Coles. L. J. Loveuthal, jr. Richard Walker. john P. I-Ianiil. B. E. Mathews. Geo. A. Swab. E. M. Harris. 5 W. Hart Reaves. E. Sinclair. Fratres in Facultate. J. XVARREN CLARK, B.A ......,..,... Instructor in Greek. J. O. MAHONEXV, B.E. . . Instructor in Mathematics. R. E. FORT, M.D. . . Instructor in Physiology. Post-Graduate Students. C. C. XVEAVER, B.A., Hillsboro, N. C. J. XV. CLARK, B. A.., Lake Charles, La. J. O. IW.-XHONFCY, B. E., Lynnville, Tenn. . . C.E. CLASS OF '96. CLASS OIF' '98, XV. P. Haw, Charlestown, Mo. . . XV. S. XVl'1ltS1l1?tl1,J1'., XVl1ile's Creek, Tenn. . . B.A. B. Black, Monroe, N' C- I ' A. D. Eatherly, Elkton, Tenn ..... . B.E. E. E. Straw, Rural Retreat, Va. . CLASS OF' '99. CLASS OP 97' W. 1. Howard, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. . - - , , R. Holt, Broadview, Tenn. . . W. G. Dinning, Gleason, Penn. . . B.A. A. K. Doss, MCMi1mViue1Telm' . J. T. Erwin, Greenville, N. C. . B.A. W. B. Long, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 65 . . . . M.A. . . . M.A. J. T. Williams H. C. Reese. S. R. Weaver. - Q . M.IJ . B. D . M. D . B.A . ILA . B.A . B.A A QCATH-Q ODE. HO' Jack at College likes his fun, just now, alas! he lacks the "mun." Unless he some new scheme invents ! He knows he can not raise ten cents. "Dear Dad, you've heard, no doubt," wrot "Of Roentgen's great discovery, 'Tis quite expensive, yet it pays, To learn to make these new X-raysf' VVell pleased, the old man "drags his jeans And sends ten dollars of his means. Now, 'tween the beers, the boys all praise, The way jack made this great .Y-mise. 66 mvavevi 51 68 69 x M- A ffl 1 if' 4 ' X' 1 l, . ' fi , .1 - ,c" lf. , X- A U I e E , 0 E i ' - - -: .5 is - ' " X l -1 Q - f A .-,, .QQ h Qai- ' "-.- ,,:1, W' ' L' , I-,X f L71 CLASS YELL-Ninety-six! Sis, Boom, Ah! Hi, Yo! Hi, Yo! Rah, rah, rah! COLORS: Navy Blue and Old Gold. Class Oi-Iicers. CUMMINS RATCLIFFE ......... Presidenr. WILLIAM S. WHITERIAN, JR. . Wee Presidenl. C. E. DUNBAR .... . Seerefary and Treasurer. CAMPBELL BONNER . . . I1Hsiorz'a1z. Miss JEAN COURTNEY . . Epic Poei. Miss MABELLE FLIPPIN . . Lyric Poef. E. R. SMITH .... . Prognoslicafor. G. M. PRITCHETT . .... . Umieriaker. C. R. BASKERVILL ......... Aeademic ....... Stanton Depot, Tenn. fp A 9-A 9 4' COMET Editor, '96, Editor-in-Chief Comvzezzeemefzi Courier, '96, Observer Essay Prize, '95-96. CAMPBELL BONNER ......., Aeademzk ......... Nashville, Tenn A 9 41 Class President, ,Q2-93, University Entrance Prize, '92, Class Historian, '94-95, '95-96, Observer Editor, '95-96. THEODORE HANIPTON BREWER .... Amziemic ......... Louisville, Ky L' X-A H 'D Observer Editor, '94-95, '95-96, Winner Observer Year Prize, '95, Class Day Speaker, '96, Editor-in-Chief COMET, '96, Elected Editor-in-Chief of Observer for'96-97. J. P. W. BROWN . ........ Engz'12eerz'ng . ., ...... Nashville, Tenn 4' -I U Class Eleven, ,92-93, '93-94, Glee Club, '93-96. 7I CHARLES G. BURKITT. . . Aca,demz'c. . . Nolensville, Tenn Class Eleven, '94-95. WILLIAM PHILLIPS CONNELL ..... Academic ..., ....... N ashville, Tenn li .ln Assistant in Physics, ,Q4-95, '95-96, 'Varsity Eleven, '92-95, Class Eleven '92-93, Assistant Captain Field Sports, '92e93, Captain Field Sports, 193-94 , Captain 'Varsity Eleven, '95-96, COMET Editor, '93-94, Manager Class Eleven, '94-95, Captain Class Basketball Team, '96. JEAN COURTNEY .......... Arademir ..... ' ..... Franklin, Tenn -4 H fb Class Poet, '94-95, '95-96. , HERVEY FILES CRENSHANV . . . Amflmfzzk. . . Montgomery, Ala IP .1 H-il H W ' CLEMENT E. DUNBAR ........ Afadeffzzk ........... Augusta, Ga 1' X- fl H W Treasurer lVest Side Tennis Club, '93-94, Class Eleven, '93-94, '94-95, Manager Class 5 Nine, '94-95 , Class Secretary and Treasurer, '95e96, Hzzsilevf Editor, '95-96. A. D. EATHERLY . . . . . . Engz'1zec:'z'1zg ....... . Elkton, Tenn L' LV Entrance Examination Prize, '92, MflBELLE FLIPPIN . . . . . Academic .... . Memphis Tenn fl H 7' Class Poet, ,93-94, '95-96. ROBERT B. GOODWIN . . . .' . . Acadevfzic ..... , . Memphis, Tenn Assistant in Chemical Laboratory, '95-96. JOHN W. HANNEIZ ......... Academzt. ....... . Franklin, Tenn W -l 0-I4 U W Manager Class Nine, '93-94, Captain Class Nine, '94-95, ,95-96. JAMES B. HILDEBRAND ....... E7Qgi7Z667Z'7Zg ....... White Haven, Tenn ff H ll Class Eleven, ,92-94, 'Varsity Eleven, '93-94, '94-95, '95-96, COMET Editor, '94-95, Manager 9 Class Eleven, '93-94. WILL HUGHES .......... Academzk ......... Union City Tenn -l fi If Class Vice President, '92r94Q Class Eleven, ,92-93 , 'Varsity Eleven, ,93-94, '94-95, '95-96, Thanksgiving Debater, '93, President Y. M. C. A., '93-94, Class President, '94-95, Con- testant for Young Medal, '95, ffusiler Editor, '95-96, Business Manager C'0m'z'er, '96, Business Manager COMET, '96, Class Day Speaker, '96, Treasurer Philosophic Society, '92-93, '93-94, '94-95, '95-96 W. HANIILTON JOHNSON ....... E1zgz'7zeerz'ng .......... Orlando, Fla fl tl 4' Class Eleven, '94H95, Hzesflez' Editor, '94-95, Assistant in Chemical Laboratory, ,94-95, '95-96. DEVEREUX LAKE ......... A6dde'7lZi6 ........... Mobile, Ala ll' J U Class Eleven, '94-95, Class Nine, '95, Substitute 'Varsity Nine, '94, Manager 'Varsity Nine, '96. 72 W. BATTLE MALONIS, IR. ...... Afaflcmic .......... . Memphis, Tenn 4' -l H Class Eleven, '92-94, ,Varsity Eleven, '93-94, ,Q4-95, '95-96, Manager Field Sports, '94-95, - COMET Editor, 794-95 5 Class Nine, ,95 5 Business Manager H7L.Yf!67', '95-96. SAMUEL A. MYATT . . . . . . Acadevfzzk ...... . . Dickson, Tenn GEORGE, A. MORGAN . ..... Arafiemic .... . Nashville, Tenn V, -I ll s Glee Club, '92-93, Class Secretary, ,92-93. ROBERT HAL. PEOPLES ....... Amdcmic ......... Columbia, Tenn President Y. M. C. A., '95-96, Class Eleven, '94-95, Thanksgiving Dclvater, '95, - Manager Class Nine, 295-96, Class Representative, '96. HENRY N. PHARR ...... . . . E7Z1g'l'7ZC6l'l'7Zg' ......... Berwick, La Il A Vice President Y. M. C. A., ,QS-96, Class Eleven, ,94-Q5, COMET Editor, '96, Vice President , Tennis Club, '95-96, Manager Field Sports and Track Team, '96, ARTHUR B. PHILLIPS ....... rgflltffillllf .......... Flournoy, La C?d7Sf7'Z'67' Editor, '94-95, Treasurer Y. M. C. A., '95-96, Class Eleven, A94-95, Class Secretary, '94-95, Manager Class Eleven, ,95-96. GRANVILLE M. PRITCHETT ...... .flmdemif .......... Mexico, Mo ll' fl 'Va1'sity, A94-95, Captain 'Varsity Nine, '95-96, H1z.9lZf1' Editor, ,QS-96, Class Day Speaker, '96, EDXVIN M. RANKIN ........ Aaadcmic ......... Lexington, Mo W A-7 . Class Secretary and Treasurer, A93-94, Secretary Y. M. C. A., '94-95, Secretary Tennis ASS0CiHfi011, '93'94, '94-95, '95-95 , CUMMINS RATCLIFFE, ......, . . Amdamic . L ....... Little Rock, Ark ll A-A 9 4' Class Eleven, Class Nine, Indoor Record Running High jump, ,93-96, Running High Kick, ,93-96, Field-Day Record Running High jump, ,93-96, Captain Athletic Team, ,94-95, junior Scholarship Prize, President Arkansas Club, '95-96, Associate Editor Observer, A95-96, President Senior Class, Treasurer A I-I 413 Faculty Repre- ' seirtative, '96. ELMER R. SMITH ......... Acczdenzzk ......... Cyruston, Tenn L' A E114 H 41 Class Eleven, '94-95, ,Varsity Eleven, '95-96, Class Day Speaker, '96, Hzzsllelf Editor, ,QS-96, Captain Class Eleven, ,95-96. WILLIABI S. WHITENIAN, IR ...... Academic ....... . . Wliites Creek, Tenn 5 IV Class Eleven, l94-95, Class Vice President, '95-96, Obserzfef' Editor, '95-96, COMET Editor, '96. BERT E. YOUNG ......... Academic ' .......... Louisville, Ky ll A Hfzsllei' Editor, '94-95, Half-mile Run Record, '94, Editor-in-Chief of H1zslle1', '95-96. BINFORD THRONE ......... Amdmzic ......... Nashville, Tenn fl' 7' 'Varsity Eleven, '91-93, 'Varsity Nine, ,gg-94, Instrumental Club, '94-95, COMET Editor, ,QS-96. 73 Q ,QB 11 3 X! X 45" 1 M f :EL r y :a K? E ll Y!! If NJ X JI W X MW A X5 N. 1 f xx gif' J X -an-5 QT if f ,gaz e f:5 .- l Sf" ' Q Af - ,1 . , : X:-:l,: Tgw M -7- YA-4:1-S K -' ' HN A W -:L ff ,. 55 M g f Mi EL eff? E fix! Z ., ' W ,H Q I 1: .y, i A Q flwff fffzda' .v Gi L' A F 95' 1906. Ravamcar 74 V 45 I - if I MFA, N722 .7 - gli., ,WQX fJ js F3"1f Wl , , yr Vr, 1 I rr M .r L I' 1 Pi,-R . V j . JKX Q . NJ! ,' ' f 4 1 ff! ww fm EL. W f IAM ,Jag Jai 76 , S f M Q 'N-fl , ,-f 'xc R , 'ill 1jfiv H YELL-Whiz, zip, boom! Rah, rah, rah! Hepta kai, Enenakoiita. V CLASS COLORS: Crimson and Black. C1aSS Ofdcers. W. S. FITZGERALD . ..... A . . P1'esz'denz'. L. B. RANT . . . 17226 Presz'a'e'7zZ. H. ARMSTRONG . . . . Sc'r1'e'!a7jya7zd Trmszzrer. FLORENCE R. KEISER . . Perf. H. J. HOPKINS L. G. PANT I. S. DYE , J. A. WEsT WILL G. AMES . . . If A Cla HARVEY ARMSTRONG . fp 1' A-6 N E GEORGE D. BRENGLEMAN J T A . . . flfamxgfv' qf Elwefz. . . flfamzger qf Nine. . Marzager W' Trade Tram. . . Capfafn gf Baskelbzzll Team. . . . . . Engifzeering . . . . . . . Louisville, K5 ss Vice President, '93-945 Captain Class Eleven, '94-95. . . . . Acadewzzk . . . . . . . Bryan, Tex Class Secretary and Treasurer, ,95e96. . E71gZ'7lf!'7'l'lL4Q' . Nashville, Tenn 77 7 FRANCES BERRY . . Academic . . Rome, Ga J. D. CALHOUN . . Amdemic . . . Dunbar, S. C LEOPOLD CASTRO . . E1zgz'nec1'z'1zg . . Cuatro Ciegnas, Mex L, A, DAVIS . . Acadeafzzk . . XVeatherforcl, Tex XV. GRAVES DINNING . . Afadewzzk . . Gleason, Tenn 2 N ' R. E. DOTSON . . Afzzdcmzk . . Pulaski, Tenn WILLIABI E. DOUGLASS . . . Academia . . . . Gallatin, Tenn A T S2 Class Secretary and Treasurer, '94-95. JOHN S. DYE ......... Acazz'emz'c .......... Searcy, Ark 5 A E Captain Class Nine, '94-95, Class Eleven, 394-95, 'Varsity Nine, '94-95, 'Varsity Eleven, '95-96, Glee Club, '94-955 Manager of Class Track Team, '95-963 Contestant Young JOHN T. ERVVIN . . Afadeffzzk . . Greenville, N. C. L' N V Class Eleven, '94-95. CHARLES A. EVANS . . Ama'cmz'f . . . Meinpliis, Tenn LEON B. FANT . . . . Amcz'e711z'c . . . . Holly Springs, Miss A ll E Class Vice President, '95-96, LESTER- G. PANT . . . . Acanfmzff . . . Holly Springs, Miss 41 fl E Manager of Class Nine, '95-96. ANDREAS L. FARRIAS . . E7ZgZ.7ZFF7'Z.7Zg' . San Pedro, Mex C. B. FARRINGTON . . . Aazdwfezk . Huntsville, Tex VVILLIAM S. FITZGERALD ...... Aazdemzk ........ Nashville, Tenn, 4' Ll 9 'Varsity Eleven, '93-94, 94-95, Champion Heavy-weight Boxer, '93-945 Class President, '95-96, Winner Observez' Story Prize, '96. 78 RUSSELL P. HOLLINSHEAD . . .-lL'lZliC'llZZ.C . . Fort Valley, Ga. HINTON I. HOPKINS ....... flmdemzk .......... Atlanta, Ga. W A 9 Chainpion Light-weight Boxer, '93-945 Manager of Class Eleven, '95-96. FRANK B. HUGHES . ERNEST S. JONES . dl A 0 AMZI JONES . .Y A FLORENCE R. KEISER MINNIE E. KEISER . A 0 Q OWEN C. KELLEY . LEON D. KIRBX7 . .J T A D. LUTHER LACEY . A. B. LIPSCOMB . JOSEPH F. MORELOCIC PAUL N1eHOLs . . . Acczrlczzzzk . . . . . Academic . . Denison, Texas . Lexington, MO Class Secretary and Treasurer, '93-94. . ANZIZIKIIZZDC . . . ACdd677LZ'C . Class Poet, '95-96. . . Almdemic . Class Poet, ,93-94. . Acczdemic . . Acczdezfzic . . Academic . . . . . Afdlifilll-C . . Smyrna, . . Union City, . Union City, . Lebanon, . Nashville, . Medon, Nashvnie, Champion Light-weight Wrestler, '94-95. . z46'6ZdE'77ZZ.C . . . Amdevfzzk . Class Eleven, S94-95. . . Priest Duck River . . . . . . Leipers Fork, fl? E Manager of Class Eleven, '94-95, Class Nine, '94e95g 'Varsity Eleven, '95-96. MILES O,CONNOR . JOHN W. PRICKETT . G. C. RECTOR Ii' A . . . .Amde17zz'c. . Afademia . . Amdemic . 79 . . . . . Maysville D 1 a Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn . Austin, Texas Academic ........ 5 g Class Eleven, C ROBINSON ....... tler, '93-94, Class Poet, '94-9 EDWVIN . Champion Middle-Weight Wres Academic. . . . . . WILLIAM D. STRAYHORN ...... Vice President, l94-95, Class Eleven, '94-95. Acadcmic. . . . . S. HALSEY WERLEIN, JR. ..... . Contestant for Young Medal in Oratory, '96, A T SZ-A 6 KD. JOHN T. WILLIAMS . j.A.WEs'r .. ....I Captain Bas E. Ai. WILSON . L' X 4 Academic . . . 4cademz'c .... ketball Team, '95-96. Academic . . ffNXl W, AKXKI , ,J M W, ,, I I' 1 1 5 1 ll . 0 , FH If -i if So . Lebanon, Tenn. '94-95- Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. . St. Louis, Mo. . Nashville, Tenn. Weatherford, Texas. . Nashville, Tenn S2 O f 7 I f 'l fx I jxf w7fg?, ,1,,1-?:4- E Q f , 9 :-1 4 ff'-. ifziic-3 f W f ,W WW! W ZWW am! Q YELL-Wh5nI, za! Rah! Rah! CLASS GRIFFIN LOVELAOE . H. N. MORSCHEIIVIER J. ROSS SNYDER . . W115.H1, za! Hal Ha! V. U. '98! WIIQIU, za! Wa1Igh! ! COLORS: Light Blue and Brown. Class OfHcer's. . . .... P1'f's1'zie72!. . . 17766 Presz'df7z!. . . . Sffwfafjf ami T7'l'H'JIl7'6l'. MISS MARION KIRKI,AND . Poef. I. PUTNAM .... J. B. PITMAN . . HERBERT CARR . W. N. DAVIS . . ROBERT I. MOORE . . . Cczj5mz'1z 0fE!c'w1z. . Mafzagfrf If Elczfmz. . C'czj5!cz2'7z 0fNi7zf. . Capzfzzzh qf Trark Team. . Cajiiaifz of Bzzskefball Team. S3 R. ANSLEV . . Academic . . Centre Point, Ark A T .Q J. E. BELL . . . Eizgiizeeifing . . Keyser, W. Va If 0 ll HOXRVARD M. BOOGHER ....... Academic .......... St. Louis, Mo W -4 9 'Varsity Eleven, 394-95, Captain, ,Q6-97, Captain, Class Team, '94-95, Champion Middle- weight-wrestler, '94e95, Winner Class Medals for 220 yards, 440 yards, one mile rung Captain Track Team, '95-96. HERBERT CARR .......... Academic ........... Fulton, Ky 4' J U 'Varsity Nine, '94-96, Captain Class Nine, ,Q4-95, ,QS-96, Glee Club, '95-96, Associate Editor of Hzcsileif, '95-96, Associate Editor of Courier, '96. NAT. F. CHEAIRS . ....... Academic ........ Spring Hill, Tenn A li' E' T. W. DAVIS . ....... Academic .,..... Brentwood, Tenn 'Varsity Eleven, ,QS-96, 'Varsity Nine, '94-95, '95-96. W. N. DAVIS ........... Academic .......... St. Louis, Mo If 9 ll Class Nine, Manager Class Nine, '95, Winner Class Medal for too yards dash, 120 yards Hurdle Race, Running Broad Jump, Running High Jump, Field Day, ,953 Captain Class Track Team, '95-96. S. D. DoDsoN . . JAMES H. DossER . .YA E CHARLES J. J. ELRTCH ALBERT C. ESTES . If E J. C. FOSTER . . lf E T. R. FOSTER . KD A 0 S. V. GARDINER . . A T S3 CHARLES E. HANVKINS J. A. B. HowE . . X' fl! R . . .Academic . . Academic . . Eiigineerbzg . . . . .Academic . . Class Nine, '95, Class Basketball, .Academic . . . Academic . . . .Academic . . Gymnasium Team, 395. . .Academic . . . . Engivzeering . 'Varsity Eleven, '95-96. 34 '9 Hermitage, Tenn Jonesboro, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Brownsville, Tenn . Shreveport, La Mobile, Ala Memphis, Tenn . . Fenton, Mo Nashville, Tenn S. M. R. HURT . . .Academic . 'Varsity Nine, ,94-95. D. W. JONES, JR. .... Academic . . . Indoor Broad jump Record. A. I. JUNGERMAN -. . ., . Engineering . lf 0 ll oiee Club. MARION P. KIRKLAND ..... Academic ..... Class Historian, 94-95, Class Poet, 395-96. GRIFFIN LOVELACE ........ Academic . 5 X Class Vice President, '94-95, Class President, '95-96, Glee Club, Banjo Club, Guitar Club, '94-95, '95-96, Associate Editor Courier, '96. LEE LOVEMAN . ....... Engineeffiug ..... A J. MCCLURE . . . Academic . Class Nine, '94-95. C. KIRBY MEACHAM . . Academic . HUGH H. MILLER ,E7lg'i7Z6El'i7lg' . 2' .X R. I. MOORE . Afademic ...... ' . . A ll E Vice President Class, '95-96, Captain Class Basketball Team. H. N. MORSCHEIBIER ........ Academic ........ J fl H Glee Club, Banjo Club, Mandolin and Guitar Club, ,94-95, ,95-96. P. D. NEILSON . J. A. OMBERG, JR. li' 4 ........Acaa?emic. . . E1zgz'nee1'z'ng Class Eleven. . Millersburg, Ky . Little Rock, Ark Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . . Louisville, Ky Mandolin and Nashville, Tenn . Union City, Tenn Leipers Fork, Tenn . . Covington, Ky . Spring Hill,Tenn . Little Rock, Ark Murfreesboro, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn C4 L. PATTERSON Engiueerizzg . . Palo Alto, Cal Class Eleven. W. A. PIERCE . . . .4caricmz'c . . Nashville, Tenn JOHN B. PITMAN .......,. AEdd677ZZ.6 .......... Kirkwood, Mo fp J 9 Sub 'Varsity Eleven, '95, Manager Class Eleven, '95-96, Class Nine, ,95-96. I. PUTNAM . ......... Amdemic ........ Chattanooga, Tenn ll' -Y Captain Class Eleven, '95-96, Sub 'Varsity, '95-96. Q 35 FRANK C. RAND J K E Class C. O. RANSFORD HARRISON P. REID R. H. ROWE . . .gl lr' lf JACOB R. SNYDER A T52 THOMAS BJSTAPP BEN. T. TERRY . S. W. TURNER . Q A U J. O. TREANOR . li 0 ll J. M. WILLIANIS . S. V. WALL, JR. . JRE Niue, '94-95: P . . . . .Aazfiezizic . . . . . . . . Holly Springs,Miss. Tennis Champion of University in Singles, State Chanripion in Doubles, '95g Class Basketball Team, '96. . . . . . Aazdcvnzk . . l46LZLZ7677Zl'6 . . Afademfc . . . .Academzk . . Secretary Class, '95-96. . . Ac'cza'emz'c . . . J-Ycadenzic , . . . . . . Amdezzzzk . . President Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, . .... E1zgi2zef1'i7zg . . . .AEdd677ZZ'C , . Class Basketball Team. . . Arczdemzk . in ffl 'A 4.6, - 'fl .KX . ,fn g I 5' 'if 1 if 4 f Xi WT Aix ii:-, ' P I -x 4'--- , 4' - X, 1 if 'Q ' I , W: . il ii ' AL " VACANT Loi- S6 6. fbfehj . St. Joseph, Mo Holly Springs, Miss . . . Triana, Ala . Birniinghani, Ala Chattanooga, Tenn . Birmingham, Ala . Lebanon, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . Aberdeen, Miss . Franklin, Tenn G , . ll , . , I 88 1 fag, ,fQ2ff 2ifi? A H . 4.214 . '- fi ',5'?'L1f KK "' iii? 'fH"'L" ' .- 1-u - . "' . AT, ' . A .L an JH' -. . . - . E' , ' ,ls j ff . , . ' . .L '. f W V ' 4. e if J ' . fi W- " X 5 "X K V-an rp.. Z ff -' '- "' ' YELL-Cheese and Sausage, Beer and Wine, Vanderbilt ! Vanderbilt ! Ninety-Nine ! COLORS : Yellow a11d White. Class Oiiicers. W. ED. BAIRD . . ..... Pffesidcnzf. E. D. PATTERSON . . Vibe P1fe.vz'de7zl. q W. R. EASTERLING . . Sefcafeiazjf. B. B. BAYLISS . . . Y?'easu1'e1f. E. A. COX ..... . f:Hsz'orz'a1z. MISS MADGE CANNON . . Peel. C. S. YOUNG . . . . Manager Class Eleven. L. FARRELL . , . . Caplain Class Eleven. T. VV. WILLIAMS . . Manager Class Nivze. HUGH CARNEY . . Caplain Class Nz'ne. E. A. COX . . . . Caplain Baskelball Team. W. R. EASTERLING . . Ca-plain Class Ekfla' Sporfs. R. P. ALTHAUSER . . E1zg'z'nee1fing . . Greenbrier, Tenn W. ED. BAIRD . ....... Alcaa'em1'r . ..... . Columbia, Tenn LI A' F Entrance Prize on Latin and Greek, Class President. 59 B. B. BAYLISS . . Afaa'cmz'c . A K E Class Treasurer. W. F. BOURLAND . Academic . A. BOYD, JR. . . Academic . A T A Class Nine. W. F. BRADSHAW, I . f166'LCZI677'ZZ.L' . W A 0 Q A. L. BREVARD .... Acadezlzzk . . . Class Basketball Team, Class Nine. H. P. BRILEY . . Acadenzic . . . .J lf E E. C. BTJLLOCK . .... Acczdemic . . . A A E Class Eleven, Class Basketball Team. G. W. BURRIS . Academia . . M. W. BUSH . . A6dd677LZ'C . lf A HUGH CARNEY . .... Academic . . . . Class Eleven, Captain Class Nine. MISS MADGE CANNON . . Academic . Class Poet. W. T. CASWELL . . . E7Zg'Z-7ZE67fZ.7Zg . . X W Class Eleven, Class Nine. L. D. CARTYVRIGHT . . . Academic . . A T Q E. A. Cox . ........ Agadeffzzk ...... . K A Class Historian, Class Eleven, Captain Class Basketball Team. E. L. DAVIS . . . ..... Academzk . . . . A 1' S2 Class Eleven, Class Basketball Team. 90 . Atlanta, Ga . Ardmore, I. T Meinpliis, Tenn . Paducah, Ky Union City, Tenn Texarkana, Texas Lewisburg, Tenn . Ardmore, I. T . Anniston, Ala . Belle Buckle, Tenn McKenzie, Tenn Nashville, Tenn . Terrell, Texas Forrest City, Ark . Tullalionia, Tenn F. L. DIAEFENBACH . . . Acadcmzk . . Louisville, Ky .Y X A. K. Doss . . . . . . flcadcvzzic ..... . MeMin11ville,Te1m li IV Class Eleven, Class Basketball Team. WILL R. EASTERLING . ....... Academic ........ Bogue Chitto, Miss Basketball Team. Eleven. A K E Class Secretary, Class Basketball Team, Captain Class Field Sports. M. S. ENOCHS . E7zgi1zee1'z'1zg A If E LOUIS EARRELL . ...... Elzgz'1L66rz'7zg dl -11 9 ' Captain Class Eleven 5 Class Nine, Class J. D. FERGUSONX. .-lfadwlzzk . J. H. FULLILOVE AL'tZd6llZZ'C . li' lf J. G.HARR1s . f1caa'e11zz'c . A T S2 ROBERT Home . Aazdefmc . S N W. I. HOWARD . . ,46LZLZ,c':'7lZZ.C . -Y N Class Basketball Team. R. B. C. HOWELL . ..... Acaa'emz'c . Q A 9 Class Basketball Team, 'Varsity MISS ELLA M. HUGHES . Academzk . F. W. HUNTER . . . Aradewic . A T A Mlss FRANCES JACKSON . Academic . C. H. JOHNSON . E1zgz'1zee1'z'1zg .Y X .4c'cza'c11zz'c . W. L. LITTLE . li' L' QI . jackson, Miss . Nashville,Tenn . St. Bethlehem, Tenn . Shreveport, La . Ken11edy, Ky Broad View, Tenn Mt. Pleasant, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn Belle Buckle, Tenn . Paragould, Ark . Nashville, Tenn . Shelbyville, Tenn L. LIG1I'rFoo'1' . W. B. LONG . .Y IV I. K. MARSHALL, JR. H. L. MARSHALL . A' A A. E. MCLAUGHLIN MORRIS MILES . MISS DORA MILLER CARL MONK . J. C. MOORE . X Q WM. S. NOBLE . F. C. NOLEN . HAROLD OERTING . W. F. ORR. . If E E. D. PATTERSON . A A' E WM. M. PATTERSON A If E MISS MARY L. PIERCE F. K. PITMAN . . .4faa'611z1'c . Class Eleven. . Afademif . . .Academzk . Class Eleven, Class Niue. . Efzgifzewfivzg . Class Eleven. . E7Zgi7Z66VZ'77g' E . . Academzk . . ACGZZQEYIZZDC . . Acadellzzk . . Amdczzzic . . Academzk . . A6dd677ZZ.C . . Engifzeedfzg . . Amdevfzzk . Class Basketball Team. . . .I-Yazdemzk . . . Class Vice President. . 14L'Lld6'77Ll'6 . . Acacz'emz'c . . E7Z!gfI.7Z6'67'Z.7Ig . 92 . Lake View, Miss Mt. Pleasant, Tenn . Franklin, Tenn . Little Rock, Ark .1 Nashville, Tenn . Union City, Tenn . Dexter, Mo . . Macon, Ga . Nashville, Tenn Pilot Point, Texas Clovercroft, Tenn . Waffington, Fla . Nashville, Tenn . Savannah, Tenn . Mayfield, Ky . Nashville, Tenn . Vicksburg, Miss LEONIDAS K. POLK . X Q Miss GRACE N. ROTH Ap REESE . A T Q G. J. REYNOLDS . . E A E L. VV. ROLAND . 27 A E W. E. STEGER . K S I. J. SHERRILL . E fl E W. R. STEVENS . A T S2 H. S. STOKES . A T A C. W. STROTHER . JILL' -H T. M. If Miss A. H. NV. T T. VV SUMMERS . 0 ll LOU TAYLOR XVALL . WARD . WILLIABIS . . .Acadeffzzk . Class Basketball Team. . Acaaiwzzzk . . E7Zg'i7ZF67'Zi7Zg' . 1 Varsity Nine. . 15nguzeerz1zg . . . .Aradervzic . . Class Eleven, Class Nine. . . .Aca:eif'fizz'c . . . . .Ac'ademz'a . . 'Varsity Nine, Class Eleven. . . .Afademic . . . 'Varsity Eleven, Class Eleven. ......Afcza'e11zz'c...... Class Eleven, Class Basketball Team, Class Nine. ..,....Acaa'emz'6...... . Nashville, Tenn Mt. Pleasant, Tenn . Sparta, Ga . Nashville, Tenn Fleniingsburg, Ky Nashville, Tenn . Union City, Tenn . Brentwood, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . . . Nepton, Ky Entrance Prize on Mathematics, Engineering, and History, Class Eleven. . Ama'e1m'f . Class Nine. . Afadcfmff . . Aradefzzzk . . . .14C6Z0,7677ZZ'C . . Class Eleven, Class Nine. . .Academz'c . . . . Manager of Class Nine Class Nine. 93 . Nashville, Tenn Memphis, Tenn Franklin, Tenn . Ardmore, I. T . W'est Harpeth, Tenn I. F. VVHITE 4 fl . . .Amdcmfc . H. E. WHEELE . Nashville, Tenn R 4 . , ma'cmz'r . . Bl1'1'11lllgl12lll1, Ala. C. S. YOUNG . . . H ...... E7zgz'1zeerz'7zg . . . fl' A Manager of C1 ' . . . . . Louisville, Ky. ass Eleven g Class Eleveng Class Basketball Team. . ' ' 'N - ' . ff ' ' M' M X X , ff :NN Ju fl K, 1" n I ' xl 'hal .fx ' 41 , H4 ,HQ .- 's,f f' N z ' .,. ff , '. J- ff' 4 5 vflw 5' sf- 1 " r,. f42iQ.:' 'M V My W . L L fi-F1 w.fil?ff'kF'1- . ' X 1 i EQ: gl,-,M t , .X ,,,f 4 A mmf . 1059 ff! - lv! 1' W' I-'lm sf" ' ,ff y4'!- .- ' , fff ff: ei L .. . f 1 'Il -'f.'q-- - 4 . ff' . -ex my TQ' 1 ulgzlf ev 6 .- - v ,L - U4 fy ,N Ay 0 Q06 , , . " , . fy V , .QXA 1 ff f all ll , ,H ll 1. 'g-., ,f, ' Zxif Mn' ' .1 N.. I 47 I gb-Cen '1 .I ceixl iiijilnfv' t. 94 ADACHI, C. K. AGNEW, MARY C. . ARMSTRONG, H. . BRADLEY, W. D. . 'BAYS,W. W. . . BERRY, FRANCES . . BUTTORFF, ELIZABETH CHERRY, WILLIE B. . COTTON, If T. . . DOAK, H. M. . DORTCH, DELLA . DYE, I. S. . . FLY, JAMES M. . . GRANBERY, JR., J. C. HARRIS, H. L. . . . HARRIS, T. B. . Irregular and Special Students. Kobe, Japan. Burkesville, Va. Bryan, Texas. New Orleans, La. Charlotte, N. C. Rome, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Brentwood, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Searcy, Ark. Nashville, Tenn. Ashland, Va. Fort Valley, Ga. Morrisville, MO. QQ, ,af JVZJR F HARRIS, MRS. T. B. HOWELL, SARAH I4EWIS,NANNIE . LOWE, CORA B. . MCDONALD, MUSA MCPHERSON, C. T. OGILVIE, C. C. . PRICKETT, J. W. REED, FREDERICA RIRPEY, T. L. . ROBERSON, MARGARET B. SHIPLEY, J. A. G. THOMPSON, MARY H. . VAUGHN, STELLA . . VVILLIAMS, DAISY B. . WISE, S. QI. . . I I f' I A i rf 2 li-N . Q' NL-A- 95 Morrisville, MO. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Belle Buckle, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Belle Buckle, Tenn. Maysville, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Whitewright, Texas Pikeville, Tenn. Covington, Va. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nevada, MO. Lima, O. 96 f X Q F X f, xlxxxx iq. .. A AI. A , ."' . IMA .- ? A, ,.-,:-..::- 'rf I ..,f-'I' L 'UQ JS?-2.3" IS, . . i"!V:. 1 'A R-WAR? QS, BERRY MISS FRANCES Rome Ga. BIITTOREE MISS ELIZABETH N'21.Sl1VlllS,T6l'1l1. CANNON MISS MADOE McKenzie Tenn. CHERRY MISS WILLIE B. Nashville, Tenn. COURINEY MISS JEAN Franklin, Tenn. DORTCH MISS DETLA Nashville Tenn. FAIRES MRS. R. S. Lebanon, Ky. Ivy I ,' AX I l xg Q ,r 4 ' 5 lflulfl-f I: I3 ' E ,Ii Io , YN. I g if Z I, 6 A X f ,ln X f ff .X X: Pj' lg Il 1, 'Q f X xx f If lgldb , T 6 ix fill I I O 3 ' I ' .3 l lx I ! ,SI K X I N ' ' ' 9 12 N E ' - V0 WS SP' .l P I, 5 AGNEW, MISS MARY C., Burkesville, Va. Qgzi nf im lk I 4 I 1 S 77'f I ' y , XI ll, I , A lp . I I I I 'X f j ,' I yi 1' , , , ill Illlff ,' All , , J , l lf Aim, I 4 1 3 ' fl lillxl -S-S.. I gn I-I ,I I I ,, F5 I I "" I I .5 ,vi I I i 9 fi I I 7 5- R fx BJ, X: I 4 I 1 lx! i i Xxx I iw up x FLIPPIN, MISS MABELLE, Memphis, Tenn. HARRIS MRS. T. B., Morrisville, Mo. HOWELL MISS SARAH Nashville Tenn. U' HUGHES MISS EI LA M. Nashville, Tenn. jp km ' ' 'cfm JACKSON MISS FRANCES Paragould, Ark. 53 I ilk? JOHNSON, MISS DORA Memphis, Tenn. l E ,I LM, IQEISER, MISS FLORENCE R., Union City, Tenn. ly! glut! if-i l KEISER, MISS MINNIE E., Union City, Tenn. ' ' ffl JJ ' ICIRKLAND, MISS MARION, Nashville, Tenn. I l I 6 LEWIS, MISS NANNIE, Nashville, Tenn. ylfxkwx I LOWE, MISS CORA B., Nashville, Tenn. , X . . MCDONALD, MISS MUSA, Belle Buckle, Tenn. i ' NJN I MILLER, MISS DORA, Dexter, Mo. ,Z lf x PIERCE, MISS lVlARY L., NaShville,Teu1I. E: lg ,X R REED, MISS FREDERICA, Nashville, Tenn. P Ii K I ROBERSON, MISS MARGARET R., Pikeville, Tenn. .. .. --I1 ROSS, MISS OLIVE R., Nashville, Tenn. 4' ROTH, MISS GRACE N., Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. ll -,L- lll'l'4:9y- TAYLOR, MISS LOU, Memphis, Tenn. S Ai, f'F,m?l'l? THOMPSON, MISS MARY H., Nashville, Tenn. ll' K -X VAUGHAN, MISS STELLA, Nashville, Tenn. 1, V WILLIANIS, Miss DAISY B., Nevada, Mo. l 5 fl -' ' - 'I 97 F ,5W X 1 1 ,w ll uaamrlmyff11H1y1Luflfn l'ffff1Wlif4Wfff ,hmf ff! , MLEMEE W? New Berne, N. C . Opelika, Ala . Barnwe-11, S. C . Mansfield, La . Vinita, I. T 9 w Middle Class. .SAMUEL J. BATTIN, Phi Delta Theta . . BENJAMIN MOORE BECKHAM, AM. . . . HARRY MARVIN CANTER, A. B., Sigma Chi . . ANDREW E. CLRMENT, Alpha Tau Omega 'Varsity Nine, '85-87g B. U., '88, Captain 'Varsity Nine, '89 PHARAOH L. COBB, A. B. ........ . . JOHN H. CBEIGHTON, Phi Delta Theta . NICHOLAS E. JOYNER, A. B., Kappa Alpha WILLIANI D. KEENE, A. B., Phi Delta Theta . . JESSE T. KING, A. B. ....... . JOSEPH D. LANGLEY, Phi Delta Theta . JAMES B. IVIITCHELL, B.S .... GEORGE E. RAPP, A. B. . OWEN M. RICKNIAN, A.B .... JOHN A. G. SHIRLEY, Beta Theta Pi . JAMES M. 'ltERRELL, A. B., Kappa Alpha ARCADIUS M. TRAWICK, A. B., Alpha Tau Omega COMET Editor, 'g3. HARRX' G. TURNER, A. M. . . . . . VVARREN T. NVHITESIDE, A.B., Kappa Alpha . ' 99 . Norfolk, Va . Burkesville, Va Washiiigton, D. C . Nashville, Tenn ego. A . St. Clair, Tenn . Alexandria, Va . MOSS Point, Miss Fredericksburg, Va Stockdale, Texas . . Norfolk, Va . . LeeSburg,4Va . Kenton, Ky . NeOShO, MO . Coifington, Va . Sonoma, N. C . Nashville, Tenn . Ambrose, Ky . Fayette, MO Junior Class. ABNEY, OLYMPIA MCK., A. B. . . ADACHI, CHAPMAN KINNOSUKE . . ADER, OLIN PETER, A. B. . . BAIRD, JAMES VICTOR, A. B' ..'. . BARKLEY, CHARLES, A. D., A.B. . BLACK, BENSON HARRISCN,AB.S. ' . BOYDSTON, WIGHTMAN MCT., Ph. B. BURROW, BANKS MEACHAlVI .T . . CARRE, HENRX' BEACH, A. B., Sigma CLARKSON, GERARDUS FLOYD, A. B.. CLEGG, JAMES WESLEY . CLINE, JOHN W., A.B. . . GRANBERY, JR., JOHN C. . . GRAY, HERBERT LEE, A. B. . HALL, LEMUEL C .... JARRELL, CHARLES C., A. M. . . MATTHENVS, WM. KENNON, A. B., De MCCLURE, JOSEPH NEWTON, A. B. MCKENZIE, EDXVARD, A.M. . . . MCLARTY, EMMETT KENNEDY, A. B. MERRITT DANIEL TATUM, A. B. . PARKS, JAMES DOLPHIN, A. B. , . ROSSER, JR., HENRY NOLLNER, A. B. SMITH, ROBERT EDMUND, A. B. . TYLER, ROBERT ENOCH, Ph.B. . . WALKER, RICHARD MORGAN, A. B. WHITESIDE, JOSEPH, A.B .... WILLBANKS, JOHN SAMUEL, B. Lit. WILLBANKS, MRS. JOHN SAMUEL . WILLIS, ROBERT HENRX', A. B. . . WOODX'ARD, WALTER COLE . . . BATES. W. H. . COTTON, J. T. . DAILY, HENX' J. ERXVIN, J. T. . GOSE, J. T. . . HAWKINS, C. E. HARRIS THOMAS B. . . HURT, S. M. R. MCPHERSON, C. T. Chi I. lta Kappa Epsilon THEOLOGICAL CANDIDATES. Franklin, Tenn. Franklin, Tenn. Millersburg, Ky. Greenville, N. C. Shelbiua, Mo. Franklin, Tenn. Marshall, Mo. Millersburg, Ky. Blountsville, Ala. IOO MORELOCK,'J. F. . MORGAN, G. A. . . PRICKETT, J. W. . . RANSEORD CHARLES O. . . . RECTOR, G. C. . . . RIPPEY, T. L .... TURNER, STERLING W. . . . YVEAVER, CHARLES C. XVHEELER, HARRY E. . Pleasant, S. C . Kobe, Japan .. . Reedy, N. C Asheville, N. C .. . Iuka, Miss Littleton, N. C .-Edgerton, MO . . Altus, Ark New Orleans, La . Clinton, S. C Belwood, N. C . Benton, Ark . Ashland, Va. Shanghai, China . St. Louis, Mo Cartersville, Ga Franklin, Tenn . Douglas, Va New Castle, Ky . ,Monroe, N. C . Norfolk, Va Whitesburg, Ga Woodlawii, Ala Spring Hill, Ky . Bamford, Ala . . Fulton, Ky . Oxford, Ala Springfield, Ark Springfield, Ark Wilniiiigtoii, N. C . Tyner, VV. Va Priest, Tenn. Shelbyville, Tenn. Mayesville, Ga. St. Joseph, Mo. Austin, Texas. Whitewright, Texas Lebanon, Tenn. Greensboro, N. C. Birmingham, Ala. ,fx v 51,4 W on 4 U w g 5 K f f 'lil ,vw 1 ,. X f CONCOUR SPEECH. A AID a student, one day, X "I will now go away Q To practice my speech for Concour Day? I V X 'KI Will go all alone, Then no one Will groan, 1 For, somehow, the speech is drier than bone? To chapel he goes In his every-day clothes, 5 f And his voice on the calnl and silent air rose. mf It was then, as he spoke, That the heater awoke, And hissed him with a great cloud of smoke IOI 'ZX M b - 1 Q. c.AcK LAGHER VV H15 SE on ' Q' 'f W pw 4 'Cf' , A ,,,y . b jxfl Y a A ,iwialm 11 I ZA IN CAD AND Qowm LDOTH 'FQOLJQ7 Aiipgyly lfx U' ', f ki H1 5BET THas Qlcf WILL QA7-an THE t H ii 3' -1, fl-QER IN COLLEGL W,,,lgD0V,, H,e,H 'IV'-, -3 Pi I ,AAP !",,f"WPsOTouA ,Lofxfcf YEAQS HAS :Banff 519 S,-ly' a AQuAy53 Lwca offs offngsavf-E C4oE0,' gg, ANZD 7-7LAjJ6 ,AVERY TTETLHINU 'POSEN Aucfuf Cmrzes Q1-me fan ff1ESwMf+N'5 75119, J ' Non SMALL :Boy f0LLQw,'Ncf ff! -rf-ae QEAKI S, New MAA Nonaafxsj LAN c,A'use 1-aifw is ' J., , , Km ,JW - A H -X? - ---Q 4 Z-21.4-T.--82.5. , .L . F535 A UQQESS New QROWNS I-ITS vvmfnfu-fcf VV? es . qw :Li 'VH E. .Lof1f fvxA1mEN S555 Amo SMI!-ES ,.... q igw , ' ,1- - ,Rf-1 T:-xg 504-.ooL fvxAi2wx ALSO Sass vvw-rl-1 :Qt A "c,o?pzi1x" ?uLl,5 HIM - NSEQUEI. :nina -- ' 1" 1 TOR MAsx1Ne ,N 'FEJVNAI-E. ATTIQL. I ix -,+ 4 fn - , HLYEARS fussy- 1-1E5N014g !: , 'fan QARD-1REc,E'1veQ, selves HI5 CAP,- - , '1 ANJ? vvp-UL E ,N -'Lou 73,-I-s oFLAw A-IE. 'RANIJ - .--T-3i:AlSJ-ibfif-JLSoN,vvfTl-1 Joy ENTRANQQQI WQAR5 ju-7vA's eowfxf fvwvi IN 'VO 'PANTS vxf'C,.VXf. 102 jg sv ' A A Y 'EEQQEJYVW' Eli . - ' , . iADa"?. nf f 35 77 S2 . I ' Rl . DEP We R I MEN I I' T3 ' SENIORS. F. M. BASS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EDWIN BEVINS, B. A., Delta Tau Delta. BEN M. BINKLEY, Delta Tau Delta, Manager Glee Club, '96. JOHN C. BROWN, Delta Tau Delta. STITH MALONE CAIN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARTIN DISMUKES. E. L. DOAK Sigma Alpha Epsilon. W. I. ELLIOTT, Delta Kappa Epsilon. A. GOODMAN, Delta Tau Delta. H. S. HANNER. TOO LITTON HICKMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GEORGE W. HIOHT, IR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon EDXVARD F. KENNEDY. THOMAS G. KITTRELL, Delta Kappa Epsilon. THOMAS H. MALONE, IR., Kappa Alpha. K. T. NICCONNICO, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN RANDOLPH NEAL, M. A., Kappa Sigma. F. M. OLIVER, B. A., Delta Tau Delta. L. 1. PARDUE, Delta Tau Delta. LEWIS WHITNEY RYAN, Delta Tau Delta. 104 JUNIORS. OFFICERS. L. CARAWAY . . . . . Presideui. N. L. ALTHAUSER . Wee P1'esz'dc1z!. A. F. PEACOCK . Secreiazjf. A. DULING . hfisiarzkzn. I. H. GOFORTH Poei. N. L. ALTHAUSER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. G. HOUSTON JONES, Kappa Alpha. W. H. ATKINSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMAS C. JONES, B. A. J. W. BREEDLOVE. JAMES THEO. LEE. C. W. BRYANT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. H. I. LIVINGSTON, IR., B. A., Phi Delta Theta. LEON CARAWAY, Chi Phi. CHARLES D. LOVE. BEN CHILDERS, B. A., Phi Delta Theta. ' HILI, MCALISTER, Phi Delta Theta. W. M. CROOK. R. C. MCKIE, Kappa Alpha. W. M. DANIEL, IR., M. A., Kappa Sigma. JOHN JAMES MCNALLY, Sigma Alpha E1JSl101l ALBERT DULINO. JOHN H. MILLS. NORMAN FARRELL, IR., B. S., Phi Delta Theta. M. MARSHALL MORGAN, Kappa Alpha. J. H. GOFORTH. A. F. PEAOOOK. ELMER T. HALL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES SWINDALL. A E D. IRWIN, chi Phi. P. H. VQRHEES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES C. IACOBSON. R. F. WOODS, Chi Psi. H. M. IACOWAY, IR., Delta Tau Delta. 22 STI 'El' I f in Q. 4 IO5 1 , 'Wei -'.' " ' is ' ' 4'-A, ' .,,f,I yi II If-E ff II, , I ., ,. it W2-f' Q:liQQ,5 I' Cc. .gg hf . V 5 427 f - , , 7.1, jg ' ,Wa n .jf -I - 45' ,s I."" I ' -i.:2:32:' 1 A ma..-, 40 ff 4 A fi , ,If 'W ,7 pw, 0? um an eww , fy. ,f 1 42-Y ? ,Aw ' 1 . . ,min - 1 X, f-my if ..: fi 'f , -I .0 mf? if K 1 4 wwf .1 A ff, " 'wx f f I I 1-Mfr 0 . ,,4, ., fu . A f'f-' .IZ -"ii 5?-"3ZQ:55'5-0? M. I ,....I..Z,..ffIw:wI' .1352 . ,.h' 1.252 - ""-f gf, 'M 9. Ig. me , - . 'vi , 54' " '?I115i.?9' , V f I. ,pf ,af ,,f . . T , Lg 3 A 'scfiu Jef.. UIQ! ' 1 i1:"3'f-1 v:.., .,fcf ,,, Aq.,,, .,:, . 5' . ,.,, , , ,141 ,I ,way V 6 .L ff ,:'.IQ-ff " I . Z.. ., . D fm. ziififfg':'I'I-W'i2f.if-"mf. 1 -- -Q gw 3 ., .- , .I .M . ' , , 2 .a:I- ,h IQQLMQMX4 i ' - . Aziz, AW , ' .ff I mg, ..5. , . ,I ,. Iwi.. KJ mm :II :N 2-.:fJ,-A' .-I M,-.W Wi., ,. af ,.f' '2 1- :S '7- 451 E' H . uf if f fIyigQ1-Ps., H : 7 , ,.,.. ,,,,, X .,,.,, , ni,,..g1.a4--i1-- W. ,I:g.'gz:4, . 5-1- , -pf, f--4:1 -:-fx!-.1 QI. , J- '-vIffWh3f' " . f' .Ik J -ffm". ' 123: '25--29 f'I'5??5-i-EZ'f"--I'fwfx-:',Mx'c-"1S'M2 I I.: I ,,,f:, -1, ,' -' V I .f T -rgfuj mfg,-1' !"'- 'Q ' -'- g- , y " 1 -' - . y,Q-gig: YF? +'?'kir,yr'3.g, Q , ,, U 9 f 1 - X -"-'ff-Q -' j V- r .-" 'fd fy 1" - 32:-, --:f:'3Iy'I .s,1,II.--34312215-1, . f' , ' , f.,iwwf'v1I',f' ' , X ff . X4 , .. ,J i ,, . yup, ...577 I I y ..., 2 ,1.f.,. fi V Hin: M,.:.:.zg. Al f., 2 ag ,W V QT, ff ff f gg ' 4 f ing. " pn' -' 1 My .n-.-yy Q 3-.V .2, -gigu. j-,:-1,,-:- ,1.IQ55:ffv?: 3 I f J, 1 1 ' 7 ,. ' p W- - . 1? 4 -, -- 'fini " Q5 if '25 'X f FW , ! f '- L --' - .74 - J f ff f ff ' ' , - LZ", I, ,I ' ,, 0 ff X . , Vf-,g I 9" 1,-' 1j:.i""2 A ' , ,f I I 1 - , .I 133 ' , W y 5 A' ' - ' , " f, R' , I , "'?.11,1,,15"', V f . ff 1 ' ff 4 , ' H f ff ' ' 4?w-4.J2I,.I.':- J-' , q'.'fr5""?'7fi, , J? "elsif 1-1 f A Z 'Q ' f 'ff .- In I , ,, ,fag I I .QI 1 f"' ? f My ,y 4, ' J 7 3 fgq -- ' I 1 I, I ' - -I ' 2 f 3 62 'V -5 .Whig-5 ja! . , . J .nf f AW 3.-Eg, H131 - N I- 1 Z , v 1 1 .Ki I, 3 , , wb X f , --'MI.,. I0 V f , my L' 6 - off? Q , , A I , f , f - I . I-1-.fu -- JIM -21" f H :I I ,V .F ,:. 5,:gfj',y4z"' -1 - zf, A , ' ' A ' -0 1 V 155 1 'fp 425 f f I- -If ,aww -aaa .,.. ,I-Img, 2 f , f 4 Q f J Q., f X , , -I -, 2,-wz.I.,v-f 21-MW . ...ww f 5- 7 C 5 ' , .A I , 1 Y 1' P f X S., ,ggi A 4 ,323 0 1 , X , f 1 , If MI I , f 'f,,-my fig, -1 A , f , Q 23 f if 4 1 f ' I' .. was ' -I, Ji" L 5-:ff 5' I' f. X f ff , 4 f 2 r I pw fa , - - f 4 , 1 I iff f I in' .1 ' . v' 'ff z 2' fx , f f' ., I...r:ff . , ,I V -4 N 'Y L' A . f If 44' if f YQ X ., ...W 1 -K I N,gA.--'J . ff-- -1-'I,-f.4,I, ,zF.:1I,I. - -, , f 7,, , .-- . 47" 0 I f. ,I : . v nf' -,lf1,.,-:,'- '1'- A ff - , I, . . if .1 1,, -- 5' .1 .. ,,:If2gey:,,.f-,. Y ' I 1 4:91 ,. LII. , 1- , J- ,. I. w2Wi0p4.,II-,. Nm. , Y' 'f . ' ' f , W, .. I Q 4-ff ' ' . I I. 'Q-II.'f.f19wIII,I,'-gweww.wffw-51"12:..-IQ.f:I,..,,,gQ,y.,::4-.gswfmII54:,7g-I.M..-I. -...V -I ,, , . ,, f 4 " . 57 EPR PTA Z, ' '-::.I'0:"'ZIff'f'f.2ff!5"f Qidgq 40 :" 'iz-'tp fv I--"9 Kl:77?1f!f'.y3Sf'ff7.-2 'I,,. 341' '-5-I3-Z. , I - . .,1 . , .:. .I-1:-sw I.1:.'I,v- ,- ---1 myw.-,:.:,-WLAL.,-4.---,.,,.m:-I..-41. xI.2,4,,,gA.' , . ' I I ,J LI , ,il I I 5 -I f , I 4-71: , .f I4 3,, g ' Q ,, ,,.g::j-,Q ff, 1: 1151- I , ., - "K 3 'f it-:If eg ' ,f2L46g,'1 If- f ' I ' . , , , I., , I -1 I 0441335132 ,,,yi5I Q. .I . A 1 V V, I I ,A IM ' ' f gf 4 , 'f I 'mf Q12-vm " I mfg ' S,-.'.-:I-'---I. rbciifffrf' "' .44-. - I.1 . -I' s , I , ' ,-,f-1-f - . ,, f -P? 1. .4 - . - Q54 adm I - ,ly . "fi3,f., , war, f- ,L .I .-Q: ffxfj.-,I, ,.,?.-334 ,IgI.I, -4,11 ' f' I-Q,-af 1 I- ,I , , ,i. h :a-- --' ,w , ,fn In aa vi if, I 'I II. ' ,I - - ,A in .. . i '- HI 4 11 2 . 106 , Q.. I Q W QAM ,.1 SENIOR CLASS. f CLASS OFFICERS. ROBERT LEE YVOODARD . J. P. TAYLOR . . . ALBIN WILLSHIRE LIPSCOMB MARVIN M. CULLOM . EDVVIN BROWN ANDERSON IO7 .M 35 Nfl? . P1ffsz'zz'em'. Mtv Pl'ESZ'LZ767Zf. . Secreia ry. . yy'6dSIl1'El'. Va-!ca'z'c!01'z'a7z EDWIN BROXVN ANDERSON . JOHN PELHAM BATES . LUCIUS EDWARD BURCH li' 4 1 JOHN ROBERT CRAIG . . MARVIN MCTYEIRE CULLOM J li' E WILEY SIMS EMBREY . FRANCIS MARION FOWLER JOHN S. GAINES . . ROBERT E. HARRIS DE WQLE HOFFMAN WILLIAM G. HOUGH . BEN LEE JEAN . JOSEPH H. KARSH . ALBIN WILLSHIRE LIPSCOMB HARRINGTON MARR . JAMES H. MCCALL . JOHN HORACE NICSNVAIN WILLIAM WERT MOORE WILLARD F. ROBINSON . CHARLES SCHARNAOEL . DERO E. SEAY . JAMES P. TAYLOR . JASPER N. TAYLOR . CLASS ROLL. Gordonsville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Jonestown, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Winchester, Tenn . . Illinois . Cork, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Stony Point, Tenn . Tennessee Fayetteville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Huntsville, Ala Nashville, Tenn Huntingdon, Tenn br . Paris, Tenn . Camden, Ala Mars Hill, N. C . . Alabama . Dallas, Tex Clarkson, Tenn . Tennessee WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE TAYLOR . . Johnson City, Tenn JAMES H. WAGNER . ROBERT LEE WOODARD IOS . Selma, Cal ,Springflelch Tenn all I ,5'Q'lSS7?ft. lx -. ',:5:IE,. :bb 7 af -' l t ,Q uf, ' 11 ,7 jf! - 77 J, IQ if A PRESSING APPEAL. HE moon, in cloudy seas afloat, Saw Bessie's hand, so deft and clever Pin fast a rose upon my coat- I swore to press and keep it ever. I plucked another roseg with look So sweet, she placed it on her breast- I begged that in her " Memory Book " It might be kept forever pressed. cc Iii both are to be pressedfl she said, Q Behind a cloud the kind moon slid J, "We might press them together, Fred" And, sans delay, that's what we did. xg ,- -, X 109 J 110 fm,-gb .Q 1' .-.X Af' I :?w?sg,i'?'fkw a .Ta . .3 J' .- " 'f-p f - L C . -Tixglsss. -,fzgaff j- if -39 -. J.-N '-,f ' ' :li vi. J . - .iffy - 1 Q ' 2 sg , f, , I., , . Y .- ' rx y ,lf , ,f .ff all aw aas. W' - . W . riff? f , ' Hr, lv, -.KXA ,f - ,221 wiki ' Qlii ' f '?- f" - 7 ff I i ii W 14 99 141 -f'?" l' .ll' 5' 4 ,ff . I " 'zu m C' 1- , 4 6' All H 6 , . -Q:-3 -u ,f g M5979 2, - ,f f ,i ,G ...l A LL ' Q L L., ,..f1" 47 2 ,I 3 fl fi .. ,' . 2, .-- i L' r ,gj'L1j',? V 2. 3. lll - ' , 'l f W i f z f f Ili L f l -Y -A -'j:,v N Y W wi H' l lj- V, .jul 'VW L 1115 . " 45 fw ai 1 - . 5171 'Eff , 1. me Mi-1 "' -P ' fi 72.11 " xfafrirfi-'-Pape - . - 'ee A .Mal ' "mtl - m1GkjJf3C :ag . Ar- --,- V I' , A.f 2 i! ' V IZ! --V MIDDLE CLASS. ' CLASS or-r'1cE:Rs. Y. W. HALEY . . . . P1'esz'dwz!. E. W. LONG J. M. HORNE . I. E. H. ATKEISSON . . 7? Wie Presidezzf. Secwialjf. '6'6ZSZ!7'67'. CLASS ROLL. ADKISSON, J. E. .... .... ' ATKEISSON, I. 15. H., Delta Tau Delta . BARHAM, E. C. . . . . BATES, S. R. CLARKE, C. Y. . COVINGTON, J. J. . DOWLIN, W. W1 . Juno, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Mifflin, Tenn. Franklin, Tenn. Watcli Valley, Miss. Cross Plains, Tenn. Pleasant View, Tenn EASTI-IAM, G. W. . Nashville, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. ELLIS, J. A. . . FARRINGTON, C. O. . Huntsville, Texas. ' III GOODLOE, E. C. GRAY, E. B. . CLASS ROLL. HAIYEY, Y. W., President . . HORNE, I. M., Kappa Sigma, Secretary. KNOX, A. D. LEUTY, J. D. LOKEY, I. A. LONG, E. W., Vice President LOONEY, R. N. MENEES, T. H. MCCREARY, M. MCKAY, L. F. MCREE, A. M. PEGRAM, T. I. PICKARD, H. PUGH, J. T. . RUSSELL, I. K. RUSSELL, P. F. SADLER, J. G. SADLER, J. L. SELF, J. A. . SELLERS, I. J. SEXTON, J. Z. B. TANKSLEV, B. H. . TAYLOR, T. F. TAYLOR, J. F. OLIN, WEST WHITE, A. L. WHITE, C. I. WOODARD, J. C YARBROUGH, F. R. V -- " ., fi, ' -.-...1x,., A- -.A-1.7 .. .L - ,. 'L-1 X.,-1 1p-f-j,v4.f- iff! ' ,ff V 'g """r:' ' 1, I I i ' ' I 1 II2 ..: 419' l I v I 1. I if Q, 4v"i:'1i"' ! Yar ra! ff: ifff. ,ig 1 'J " WI . 1 ilglli. -5. "' ' Talladega, Ala. Colfax, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. Thomasville, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Rhea Springs, Tenn Mt. Pleasant, Tex. Chatham Hill, Va. Cedar Grove, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Woodbury, Tenn. Tiptonville, Tenn. Watkinsville, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Grove Hill, Ala. Olnlstead, Ky. Centreville, Tenn. Henderson, Texas. Nashville, Tenn. Hickman, Ky. Bryan, Ala. ,, Chatham Hill, Vaq Nashville, Tenn. Cairo, Tenn. Reagan, Tenn. Decatur, Ala. Grove Hill, Ala. jacobia, Texas. Springiield, Tenn. Orion, Ala. , I HAD a dog, whose name was S A dog of pedigreeg Upon the modes of doggish war He was authority. Besides this dog I had a girl, VVho ruled my heart entire g And she, too, had a canine pet That al-ways trotted WHY am, by her. One day we four met on the street, My heart went pit-a-patg I 1 ' oved that g11'1 with all my soul, Sam did not care for that. I AM SINGLE. His bristles rose, he showed his His fi h ' 'ES g ting blood was u ' P, And While my lad ' y smiled on me, He frown d e upon her pup. 'Tis little use to dwell upon The details of that nghtg .One dow was ' D soon in sausage meat, Th ' e other died that night. Ah, if that dog of mine had been A philanthropic cur, I now would be a bened' 1Ct, And not his murderer. f f ' ,- 5 n pr' . V -ssss-:-A . fr a f. - -in 4 lf , Q ' f f X yy, f X, lj l, uw X . X Ig awhw 4. torn" X 1 113 eth II mi QW I. 6635 A QQ? 'H sig. X M ill LO-5 I fmt ,I , ' ' 'EEZ Q, l F7 S 'et Z- .. 5 ,, E. -xx 1 ,eggs f+ F35 .AF T A A ,ff-'f ?L.Q'g.'fHfi33 sg-fx ,yi ' L,t'ijg-.,,-' L Y, .f,'I- YQZT XQQ-ff - f. ,Life -- If .--- '1-T?5Eef .E ,V L-, fp45L. T'1jf',, gle e-iff -tlixl . 2" '-1' Fi- 1 Y M A ' -'iii-iigllifp ' Tjefsiff 53.3 T 5 5 ,. 5. ' Xi-,. Lei-TET Yi i V Q41 ,. ,W .. ' :fi ,lil CLASS OFFICERS. H. LEE NEASE, Shelbyville, Teuu. . EDXVIN E. STR-Aw, Rural Retreat, Va. URIEL P. HAW, Farmington, Mo. . I. LAMAR JARVIS, Calhoun, Ga. . . MEMBERS. C. F. ANDREWS, Huntsville, Ala. D. R. BARBEE, Nashville, Tenn. W. B. BUNDINE, Suiithsville, Miss. COBLE, Shelbyville, Tenn. S. G. COBLE, Shelbyville, Tenn. T. I. C. A. CLEMENT, Rover, Ark. L. F. CROOK, Cresson, Texas. T. F. DARNVIN, Flynn's Lick, Tenn. ' Il5 . Pf'e'5z'a'e1z z'. . WU P1'Us1'de1'zz'. . Seweiavfy. - . T1'cas1nfe1'. T. FADUNN, Murfreesboro, Tenu. F. W. DORTCH, Little Rock, Ark. J. F. FOX, Gladdieo, Tenn. W. W. GRAHAM, Nashville, Tenn. I. YV. GREEK, Pegram Station, Tenn R. B. GRIFFIN, Tiptonville, Tenn. F. P. HIXON, Perote, Ala. J. B. HAVNER, Walnut Tree, Ark. G. P. HANIILTON, Aberdeen, Miss. I. L. HOUSTON, Cotton Hill, Ala. M. R. HoPIcINs, Nashville, Tenn. I. C. HANCOCK, Scott's Hill, Tenn. W. T. IRVINE, Colunibia, Tenn. T. K. JONES, Rock Wall, Texas. R. L. JONES, Nashville, Tenn. H. M. KLINGMAN, Bolton, Miss. MEMBERS. P. M. KIMBROUGH, Carrollton, Miss. W. N. LACKEY, Gallatin, Tenn. R. W. LAMBUTH, japan. N. P. LEE, SCott's Hill, Tenn. R. B. MACON, Clarksville, Tenn. I. H. MARABLE, Clarksville, Tenn. I. E. MOSELEY, Clarksville, Tenn. VV. K. MICHAEL, Booneville, Miss. R. C. MILLER, Sheflield, Tenn. R. F. NICDANIEL, Hopkinsville, Ky ft Deceased. ' ,A ,. ' fl, , fy, .I rv- 1 ' 4:49 1-' yi.. iff f , I tl L 'vii ..,,,... fix II6 J. Q. MURRY, Huntingdon, Tenn. VV. E. NABLIN, Edwards, Miss. J. G. PARKS, Priest, Tenn. PHILLIPS, Eagle Furnace, Tenn I. G. POPE, Coleman, Texas. PYOTT, Tazewell, Va. I. C. ROBINSON, Visalia, Cal. W. VV. ROSSER, Stevenson, Ala. G. H. SAVAGE, Jackson, Tenn. W. F. SMITH, Delina, Tenn. I. H. THOMAS, McGregor, Texas. I. G. TUCKER, Nashville, Tenn. C. R. WALKER, Attalla, Ala. M. L. XVATKINS, Spring Hill, Ala. I. S. VVHEELER, Hillsboro, Texas. O. X. YVOOD, Hardy, Texas. XV. E. YOUNT, Yount, Mo. E. S. F. C. 1 -N, -vi We I WU , AVI .QW A I mum!!! RN f ' fi "'A ff J' X ' JM, A b -YR7! ,uni , X X - Y f f .. ff IX K A '14, U it ,f , N X l 4...dLL1-12263 ff, lj f?""'i7f . l1,Ii! M . -, 1 ix pf-in A, fJ W ! L f ff f y W i Q f i f ' XX K U f 6 V f 4 N il u + f X l ' X 45 -1M 1 is A:-f f x - -xt-5 I . 'E' hi 5:44-i-.,l AS?-5Eaff77ffZ Il:,XV O X A 5 BYPIQ I I ' T BX DRI UDI EY AND DAYIEL 7 II 'Wil'-. . - f fair R314 A ' - it K ' .Q J f11iiif!l .' J .4 - a f U : - fri i 1" r 1' 1 ff-' QUT-..-5-K -' I' J 453 - 1 J 1 ,E a. If - .ye 1 . - , an " X3 X SENIOR CLASS. YELL-H2O+SO3 I . Vanderbilt I -Rah! Rah I Pharmacy! cLAss or-r-Icnns. DANIEL CUSHING . .... . P1'esz'a'e7z!. M. LUSK COOK . . Vile Prmdenf. I. RHEA SUMPTER , Sgfyfgfgwjf. THOM. LEE ODOM . Hz's!o1'z'a1z. M. ALMANZA FORT WM. E. ANDERSON . M. LUSK COOK . DANIEL CUSHING . RAVMUNDO A. FARIAS . M. ALMANZA FORT . ALBERT W. Fox THOM. LEE ODOM . - WM. D. PHILIPS I. RHEA SUMPTER . EMMETT L. WHITSETT . CLASS ROLL. 119 . Class Pod. Bridgeport, Ala. Hustonville, Ky Houston, Tex. San Pedro, Mex. Grand Bay, Ala. Ocala, Fla. Lindale, Tex. Nashville, Tenn. Pulaski, Tenn. Campbellton, Te QD X T20 W. C. WELBURN . G. W. HARRISON . ROBERT B. GOREE JOHN T. GREEN . ROSIQBELL R. FARIES . LYAL C. BORAH . ROSABELL R. FARII-IS I. FEINBERG .... ROBERT B. GOREE, Kappa Sigma JOHN T. GRETEN, Kappa Sigma H. H. GRIFFIN, Delta Tau Delta GEORGE W. HARRISON, IR. R. L. HARTLEY . GEORGE R. MCKINNEY . I. H. WEBB .... JUNIOR CLASS. CLASS OFFICERS. CLASS ROLL. PhaI1macy'C1ub. I Pharniacy Club. Pl1a1:macy.Club. u PhaIInacy. Club. ' WILLIAWISON C. WELBIIRN, Alpha Tau Omega . Glee, Mandolin, and Banjo Clubs, '94-95, '95-96. IZI . Pafesidezz f. . Wkc P7'esz'de1zz' . . Sew efa ry. . Y?'easw'f1f. . fHsz'01'z'a1z. Baldwin, La. Lebanon, Ky. Beaumont, Tex. Navasota, Tex. Frankfort, Ky. Darlington, S. C. Mt. Hebron, Ala Batesburg, S. C. Kerens, Tex. Minden, La. Nashville, Tenn. V iwM-:gX::f11.2gs'1:3:1 1H::1212:sI 5-'fM':-N522 11:xw.r- gf: 21: 'zmZ's11-2 H3152-'-1 16. exec-::,1 1,211R?lg1fdx-zyzgiivewqiqg . :fx fa GH-1"'.:.,ri1rQ-2 k:::vs.w:f"fa'f.:-Q aw"-f'.1, Ziff rf. 1-aq:z'11.m:-W f:1:m1r.f14ff1, fmguzf-s2, 1' 11-Xa:.- f'-m-gm ,,- wk,-g,-,..f . ' ,-an bu.,-.'. .ww -1-.-,-JV., '---- ,f-5-4--4.fvHw.-4,ew,,,,.,,.Qfm-.XMI -v ., ,um QA., N, .... ,mm .w,M..N, z,,.4.m,,, QW ' X N '2f1:,miQ:Ef' , . ' ""f1f:Q1.:'f -QQILKQT' W -,- , ., " ,qw Q 111: L " Ulfrf-.I My-ra: ',--,:- :, ,umm ,::f::'i1QwM.. .M.- 11: , . 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YVOODARD . E. F. COMEGY5, IR. SENIOR CLASS. OFFICERS. Pl'USZ.d67Zf . Vine P1'c5z'de1z! Sewefrzry . Treaszufcz' ffZ..S'll0l'Z'6l7l . VY6ZfC'dZ'6f07'Z.6ZiL E4 Vi, ,-, L ag fb 'Vx " U F, ' -- an " if ,xr 1 N fl' 13: ji -a ',5. , .-ig' .I l ' ',,"1..fF .gf J". I-f Q :I A '51 , . I23 CLASS ROLL. GEORGE COPELAND ALBRIGHT ARTHUR BARNETT . . JAMES A. BANKS . J. HENRY BOOZER . . EDWARD F. COMEGYS, JR. CLARENCE C. COOKE . Moscow B. CARTER . . JAMES WILLIAM CRAWFORD FRANK P. DAY . . . A. W. DUPUY . . . J. CECIL FELIX . . CHARLES GRIGSBY FOULKS JAMES BLOUNT JORDON . JOSEPH THOMPSON MEADOXVS WILL F. MCKENNEY . T. FRANK NANNY . GEORGE W. PARKER R. LUTHER PARKER J. T. PICKENS . , LOUIS F. RIGGS EDGAR DAN ROSE . JOHN M. REEVES . R. GORDON ROTHROCK . GEORGE A. SLAYDEN JESSE T. SPAIN . W. A.TAYLOR . . JOHN C. WHITEFIELD BYRON A. WILSON . . ALBERT B. WIGGINTON . CHARLES BELL WOODARD LUCIAN T. WYLLIS . . 124 4: Clinton, S. C. Bridgeport, Ala. Piedmont, Mo. Gainesville, Texas. Gainesville, Texas. Baird, Texas. Franklin, Tenn. Chicago, Ill. Barto, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. Lawrenceburg, Ky. Selma, Ala. Triune Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Boonville, Ind, Bevier, Ky. Ireland. Annie, S. C. Weaverville, N. C. Toronto, Canada. Del Rio, Texas. Eufaula, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. Dickson, Tenn. Cross Plains, Tenn Laurel Springs, N. C, Anderson, S. C. Piedmont, MO. White Hall, Ill. Springheld, Tenn. - Indiana. MY PICTURES. 'HEN the gloaming has faded to darkness And the night wind howls outside, I sit by my tire and listen To the winter's rushing tide. Then I look in the glowing embers Till my reason flies away- Forgotlis the terrible present, Forgot the cares of the day. While the forms of the past surround me, In gay and sorrowful mien, I seem no longer a-dreaming- I wake and I live the scene. Away with the Future's presentiments- Too uncertain my mind to employg Away with the Present-too certain And real are its facts, for joy. But welcome thou Past with thy memories Of the vanished, scattered years, And welcome the host of pictures That in thy hall appears. I look on a picture of honors, Clt was made in my college dayj And lo! the canvas is faded, The brightness is passed away. Another brings to me sorrow, Another is bright as the sun, And one is a thing of beauty- 'Tis that of a kindness done. While here is the best among them: Once I did a noble deed, My mother smiled upon me- There could be no greater meed. It is bright and lovely and shining, Not a crack or stain to delile. It makes me think of Heaven When I see my mother's smile. And last is a Winsome painting, With innocent, sweet brown eyes, And a face like the face of an angel Come down from the shining skie Then welcome, thou Past, with thy paintings,' So beautiful are they to see, And not all the wealth of the Indies Could purchase my pictures from me. 125 S I2 MIDDLE CLASS. CLASS FLOXVERC Daisy CDazeyj. OFFICERS. JOHN O. MERRILL . . . Pffeszkieni. D. MCKINN EY . . . V366 Pzffnclefzf. MARTHA VV. SOMMER . . Sfrreiczvjf. JOHN T. HAYS . . Y7'easzz1fc1'. l BARKERQE. H. BECKER, H. E. BECKHAM, P. W. BIRDSONG, H. P. . BRAND, A. A. BRAND, L. W. CADE, E. B. . . CRENSHANV, VASSER DAZEY, W. L. . DISMUKES, I. T. . EDGE, J. C. . . FERGUSON, W. S. . GLOVER, LIENRY H. W. H. GOLSON . GRIFFIN, E. F. Hfxvs, J. T. . . HOG11N,JR., J. H. . CLASS ROLL. 127 West Fork, Ky. Owensboro, Ky. Farniville, Va. Edwards, Miss. Polo, Ill. Polo, ni. Savannah, Tenn. Athens, Ala. Fort Wortli, Texas Mayfield, Ky. Argyle, Fla. VVaco, Texas. Aniericns, Ga. Fort Deposit, Ala. Moss Point, Miss. Nashville, Tenn. lVICLZ1lI1ESbO1'O, Ill. HOWARD, J. C. HUNT, W. I. . HUNTER, E. M. IRWIN, R. E. D. . KEELING, G. N. . KENNEY, J. G. MCKINNEY, J. D. . MCNIILLIN, A. T. . MEGUIAR, C. W. . MERRILL, J. O. . MOORE, WHITNEY H. . MCDANIEL, W. T. . NEBLETT, J. W. . PERRY, R. H. A . . PHILLIPS, EMORY TOTEN REEVES, C. A. . . RICHARDS, J. A. . SAUNDERS, CHARLES . SOMMER, MARTHA W. . TANDX', C. H. . TARRANT, J. FRED . . TOLAND, BASIL MANLY NVARE, R. E. . . WOODARD, D. T. . CLASS ROLL. 128 Henderson, Ky. Trenton, Tenn. Flat Rock, Tenn. Millville, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. San Antonio, Texas Rockport, Ind. Paris, Tenn. Franklin, Ky. Franklin, Tenn. Midway, Ky. Birmingham, Ala. Charlotte, Tenn. Hopkinsville, Ky. Bowling Green, Ky Lamar, N. C. Bayou Goula, La. Denton, Texas. Quakertown, Pa. Hopkinsville, Ky. Brenham, Texas. Ragan, Texas. Shelby, N. Cz Springielcl, Tenn. Y AID the Prof. To the Soph., " Draw a. circle, I saidg But a square , Drawn with care I - X! HD X! ' . 'l 'gl 9L1f?,f A -77. See I now in its stead." Said the Soph. To the Prof., 'Oh, I don't give a dingg As for me, You can see I have done the square thing." THE GRIND. HO runs so fast with startled looks? The hard-worked Grind with all his books. Along the walks he swiftly Hies And to your question thus replies, K' I l1ave11't got time to tarryf, "Stop by awhile," Pa Strotlier said, But on his way he quickly sped. " My friend, my friend, 011, don't you see I can't stop by and stay with theeg I have n't got time to tarry." 4' Oh stay and rest," the Co-ed. said, "Upon this breast thy empty head." But on his way he quickly spedg And she-ah well, he cut her dead. He didn't have time to tarry. 129 130 F. I. SHAW . CELIA RICH . OLLA VAN BROOK T. P. WALL . ALLMAN, RINALDFD, Cfeorgiana, Ala. ALLEN, W. P., Pennington Gap, Va. JUNIORS. CLASS OFFICERS. . BETHANCOURT, F. L., Bayou Goula, La. BOOTE, WM. RUSSELL, Lions P. O., La. BRADSHAYV, E. B., Pembroke, Ky. BRUCE, G. R., Decherd, Tenn. CARNEY, C. T., Shelbyville, Tenn. CAWTHORN, L. T., De Funiak Springs, CHISHOLM, WM. R., Florence, Ala. COOK, JOHN TYLER, Montgomery, Ala. DAVIS, ALBERT H., Henderson, Tenn. DUNN, J. T., Haniilton, Ala. DUPREE, D. I., Brownsville, Tenn. ELLIOTT, LEE, W'Ooclford, Tenn. EZELL, W. M., Suggsville, Ala. FOULKES, B. C., Selina, Ark. FERGUSON, W. B., Denton, Texas. GUSTAVUS, W. A., Mecca, Texas. HAGAR, B. T., Nashville, Tenn. HARKEY, O. L., Sharon, Tenn. HALE, T. L., Dalestown, Tenn. HAWSEY, H. H., Clinton, La. HATFIELD, LEE, Nashville, Tenn. Fla. . . Presidefzt. . Vike P1'esz'a'e7zi. . S6c7'ez'a7jf. . 73'mszz1'e1f. CLASS ROLL. ISI HILL, JOHN L., Saddlersville, Tenn. HOARD, W. T., Celeste, Texas. IRVVIN, F. M., Beeville, Texas. JELKS, WL C., YVl1itaker, Miss. JOHNSON, J. C., Nashville, Tenn. KRAAM, VVM., Peoria, Ill. LEVY, MAX, Evergreen, La. LYNCH, L. M., Colunibus, Ga. LYNCH, C. D., Columbus, Ga. NIALONE, J. C., Beckville, Texas. MANNING, JOHN B., De Funiak Springs, MCCRARY, J. D., Waverly, Tenn. MATTHEWS, W. A., Nashville, Tenn. MITCHELL, D. A., Reagan, Tenn. MOORE, E. O., Morton, Ill. MOORE, J. A., Dehance, Ohio. MOSELXY, B. N., Beckville, Texas. TWUNDAY, C. D., Russellville, Ark. MULIiEY', R. R., Corsicana, Texas. NEIL, L. A., Beckville, Texas. NEWELL, J. B., Somerset, Ky. NEWMAN, T. J., Lonoke, Ark. NORWOOD, S. R., Simsport, La. 21 PARKES, A. K., Pennyville, Ky. POWELL, J. D., Myles Station, Tenn. PRUITT, JESSE N., Beckville, Texas. RAMOS, RAFAEL M., Guadalajara, Mexico. READ, I. H., Brownsville, Tenn. REYNOLDS, B., Mayheld, Ky. RICH, CELIA, Nashville, Tenn. ROSE, FRED, Del Rio, Texas. ROOT, H. C., West Palm Beach, Fla. SADLER, R. B., Paris, Ark. SCHULLER, JOHN C., Shreveport, La. SHAW, F. I., Cloverdale, Cal. X CLASS ROLL. SIMMS, JAMES, Sacramento, Cal. SILBERMAN, M. L., Nashville, Tenn. STUBBS, J. T., Hickman, Ky. TOWNER, J. D., Pulaski, Tenn. VAN BROOK, OLLA, Edgerley, La. WALL, T. P., Franklin, Tenn. WALKER, I. B., Gadsden, Ala. WAsHINGToN, J. G., Somerville, Tenn. WHITMAN, A. H., Nashville, Tenn. WHITEFIELD, W. E., Beckville, Texas WILLIAMS, W. S., Owensboro, Ky. WEST,' A. B., Bunkie, La. I J .. ,ff V. If 1 1 ? :Da ,ffm -. fi-f-.- NM' fl' 'lv i' 5,!ig1i55Q.ln3 - -Tx Qin E . ' xx 'J , I "' li F5 f l I- I32 gf Q65 Shre e r' 114 T , I. The breeze of spring is fresh and sweet With odors from the flowers, And clinging vines that droop and -meet Make verdant lovers, bowers. The mocking bird sings wildest then Its themes of mated bliss, And, with their induence, I win My love's consenting kiss. II. The winds of summer sink asleep In parched nieads and dalesg The russet tinge of woods grows deepg Of iields the freshness failsg The mock' bird wails at night in songs From laden apple boughs- And now my burning bosom longs For lost love and vain vows. 133 Jr HQNQIFRS Founder's Department Medal Owen Prize Medal . . Founder-'s Day Medal R. A. Young Medal . Crawford Scholarship Founder's Department Medal Founder's Department Medal A. L. P. Green Medal . Elliott F. Shepard Prize . Founder's Department Medal Law Department Scholarships Prizes Awarded in 1895. ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT. . . . Henry J. Livingston, Jr. . Hervey Files Crenshaw . F. M. Oliver . . . Edward F. Kennedy . . . . Cummins Ratcliffe . ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. . . . Robert L. Lund . BIBLICAL DEPARTMENT. . . . Thomas H. Haden . . jesse L. Cnnninggini . . . Graham H. Lambeth . LAW DEPARTMENT. . . Carlos C. Vanleer . 1 K. T. McConnico . ' fThomas H. Malone, jr. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Founder's Department Medal .... Paul Clements . PHARMACEUTICAL DEPARTMENT. Founder's Department Medal .... ' Paul E. Serger . Taylor junior Medal . . Thomas Lee Odom . DEPARTMENT OF DENTISTRY. Fonnder's Department Medal .... Byron S. Dudley Morrison Brothers' Medal 'to the second in competi- tion for the Founder's Medal . . . Alva D. Cage . 135 Tennessee. Alabama. Florida. Mississippi. Arkansas. Alabama. Virginia. North Carolina Virginia. Tennessee. Tennessee. Tennessee. Tennessee. Texas. Texas. Mississippi. Tennessee. THE COLD SNAP. I. A FJRE havin' mighty tough-like weatherg aff. ful! X The jay-bird's ruffled ev'ry feather Dffiffjif X Along side uv the big oak leaf, K X But the win's er- rattlin' in his jaw teef. I it sy ,f, XP, J del tl Wt fl LTL II. The Win's er siugin, an' playin' like mad, But the rabbit's tucked in an stayin' right sad, Close to the grass in the briar thicket, Er beggin' the Lord not to take up his ticket. III. The owls is er huggin' one eruother, Like each clidult fairly hate the tother, But you bet they ain't'much on hollerin' Where the col's er comin' an' the win's er follerin IV. The white n1an's sorry for the poor nigger, But he sets by his fire to eat au' Egger How to live on the nigger's four-cent eotten, While the win's at the cabin er whis'lin', sarteu. 136 QL USS is V' 'ff nb' nfl' . A YX,, 5' I D'e 5 is r . xt 1 u . Et 5 ' e Q i E 4 7- S a I- 21 Egg T-is i - 5 -: af . -sv 1 'Ea - glue- i - i ily f :'L:?3 , R ' . - ff 5 ? . ,A - r ..........-..-. 'N ,ll +?- - A ,MOReiQg ' Hi YW Y -Ali H15 ' Organized December 11,1894. a fl I Hifi T o .r JS ' ' , Y ' 7 1F f Y W ' ffi QL ! ' The aims of the club are mainly social 1 i ir 1 1 E but social in the highest sense. It is evi- fl Q """ dent that by thus bringing closely together Y Q' i advanced students in all lines of Work, if i fic' k 1 Y coming from all parts ofthe country, and Fi djglfniil in educated under different methods and con- if 2 i Ki' YT ditious, they are stimulated to a higher ,fij:"1f7 and broader intellectual life. I. R. LIN . . D. T. WILSON . J. O. MAHONEY T. D. MCINTYRE OFFICERS. . . P1'esz'de7zz'. . Mke P7'esz'de1z! . Secreimgf. . . . . . . . Y3'easz41'62f. 'EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. J. W. CLARK. R. L. CAVE. J. R. NEAL. I 38 D. H. BISHOP, A. M. J. B. BISHOP, A. M. R. L. CAVE, A.B. J. W. CLARK, A.B. MISS OLIVE Ross, M.A. NIISS DORA JOHNSON, B. A. J. H. KIRKLAND, A.M., Pl1.D., LL. D., Chafzcellor. W. M. BASKERVILL, A.M., Ph.D. W. J. VAUGHN, M.A., LL.D. VV. L. DUDLEV, M.D. POSTQGRADUATES' CLUB ACTIVE MEMBERS. H. E. DORNBLASER, A.B. J. FULLER, A.M. J. T. GOSE, A.B. J. R. LIN, A.B. J. O. MAHONEV, B.E. W. T. POYNTER, JR., B.A. HONORARY MEMBERS. F. W. MOORE, Ph.D. F. A. BRADSIIAW, M.A.? J. M. SAEEORD, M.D., Ph.D. W. H. KIRK, Pl1.D. A. R. HOHLEELD, A.M., Ph.D. LECTURES BEFORE THE CLUB. OCTOBER 3, 1895-"Some Problems in the Study of History " NOVEMBER I4, 1895-KiTl1C Downfall of Babylon" .... T. D. MCINTVRE, M. A. J. R. NEAL, M.A. H. J. SHOEMAKER, A.B. B. W. XVAIT, A.B. C. C. WEAXVER, A.B. D. T. WILSON, A.B. H. C. TOLBIAN, Ph.D. JOHN DANIEL, M. A. C. S. BROYVN, MS., D.SC. W. F. TILLETT, A. M., D. D T. A. JENKINS, Ph.D. . . DR. F. W. MOORE . DR-. H. C. TOLMAN DECEMBER 5, 1895-" Higher Criticism" . . . DR. W. F. TILLETT JANUARY IO, 1896-tiWOTdSWOYtl1,' .............. DR. G. W. F. PRICE MARCH 5, ISQC-H Good Citizenship from the Standpoint Of a University Graduate " . MR. W. R. WEBB APRIL 9, 1896-HSl1ylOClC, '.,............ RABBI ISIDORE LEWINTHAI. BTAY 7, 1896-" Christ as an Educator" . . . JOHN C. KILGO, D. D Deceased. 10 139 , 1 . . gs-5 , f k --,SN gi? ' K -.-:lgng-O Q N ix film ,TH :IV x ,Ag . ,I Q 'W "ggi'f' ' ' 'i " f ff 'ry f lessen.. 5 , .' , . . -A , , g1!'f:f!..' M4 99 P 'ffi fd: -' J' 'w wffiffi 1, A,.-: bw I ' 1 - ' iii' V " " xii. K 1 1. 'fl "rim , 7- -1 f 7 1 -YO 4" 1 fHl1,,'?i2- 103555: w ,za 1, -xp "' ? 41' If - ff :2.i'fi. i W f " iflbgigwfff :Mrk ww fv-,ff .W g -1 - - ,' j4- , 1-EE 451- ?'f viii?-, .uf-Y... 5552: A . V : ' KG' , ' MANAGEMENT. VVLLLIAM L. DUDLEY E. LOOKERT DOAK J. P. VV. BROWN, IR. F. W. MOORE . B. M. BINKLEY . T. D. MCINTYRE H. N. MORSCHEIMER 140 . Plfesiden 15. . Wke Presidevzi. . Secfefary. . Treaszzrer. . Buszbzess Mavzager. Slage flfanager. Accongpafzisf . -v-11f'v ,-5... in ,. .L M1 in .4 -el.i4t""' .. .. .'::1'::'::'::-. f' H P" '1 .iit . -A - - -" -- ,, , ll , L J 5' . , W W - -aww . MEMBERS. Leader-T. D. MCINTYRE QKy.Q. Fins! Terzors-W'. W. Garnbill QTenn.Q, A. I. jungernian QTenn.Q, E. T. Hall fKy.j, H. 'H Lurton QTenn.j. Second Tmzoffs-I. P. W. Brown, jr. QTenn .j, G. Lovelace CKy.j, W. C. Welburn CTenn.j, I. B. Pitman QMo.j, S. I. Wise QOhioj. IGH! Basses-T. D. Mclntyre CKy.'j, R. L. Lund CAla.j, Herbert .Carr QKy.j, L. D. Kirby QTenn.J, I. D. Towner QTenn.j. Second Basses--E. L. Doak CTenn.j, Olin West J. S. Johnston QAla.j. CAla.j, L. A. Davis QTeXaSj, S. W' . Turner fAla.j, Y I4I I vc-50 if 13? MDQRQ JQXJ . I T, . v lf Q3 R xr' ' K it -64 -"5 ' ff. ' '-1 " - ,. .' 5 . H f- '47 , -4 ,!! ' j SN- .i Z- J . -'ii ' , Er:-2 Erase., FE ET' 5 ' ,F 2 iq 55-Q-Q-4.24 E- --I -- - 1 P .R E' BANJO CLUB.-Le1m'e1'.' J, A. LE BARGE fM3SFHCllllSE1lSJ. Ba1y'eaw'z'1z65.' J. A. LE BARGE Qlllassaclillsettsj, NORMAN FARRELL, JR. qTennesseeJ, G. LOVELACE lKeutuckyJ, J. P. W. BROYVN, JR. QTenne-sseej, W. C. YVELBURN QTen11esseeJ. Bafybss J. B. PITMAN QMissouriJ, J. H. FALL, JR. fTenuesseeJ, H. H. LURTON, JR. lTennesseeJ. Guz'ia1fs.- H. N. MORSCHEIMER fAi-kausasj, Y. B. JONES Q'l'ennesseeJ, H. A. SANDERS qTennesseeJ, C. H. TANDY lKentuckyJ, E. T. HALL lKentuckyJ, J. R. SUMPTER lTenuesseeJ, J. D. TOWNER Cfelinesseej. MANDOLIN CLUB.-Lmde1'.' J. A. LE BARGE CMaSSachusettSJ. Ma1zd0Zz'1zs.' J. A. LE BARGE fllI2lSS21Cl1l1- settsj, J. H. FALL, JR. QTennesseeJ, H. N. MORSCHEIMER fArl-zansasj, H. A. SANDERS lTenuesseej, W. C. XVELBURN 1'l'enuesseeJ,Y. B. JONES fTe11neSseeJ, C. H. TANDY Qlieutuckyj. C14iZa1's.' G. LOVELACE fKentuckyJ, J. P. XV. BROWN, JR. QTeunesseeJ, E. T. HALL lKeutuckyJ, J. R. SUMPTER QTeunesseeJ, J. D. TOWVNER QTennesseeJ. VIOLIN.-L. B. FINN lKeutuckyJ. FLUTE.-S. J. XVISE COhioJ. WHISTLING soLoIsT.-L. B. FINN qlceutuckyy. DIALECT SOLOIST.-J. S. JOHNSTON lAlabamal. X-MAS TRIP.- Union City, Tenn., Little Rock, and Fort Smith, Ark.: Springfield, Lamar, Kansas City, Sedalia. and St. Louis, Mo., Evansville, Ind. 1 Hopkinsville, Ky. SPECIAL TRIPS.-QU February 6th, Louisville, Ky, lzj Belle Buckle, Tenn., and Bridgeport, Ala. I-15 mit. r Y " , 5 C I I Z f ' if f' ON f qi f W we I! ' I " 'i'3"'W' NM! 'L Z -- 1 ff 'If ff A +1 'a '-ff -' I.. . 3 5-eff! W se " I fe f f . . N Z 'Tx' A: W I Organized October 17, 1894. DR. F. W. 'MOORE .... . P1'esz'dc7zz'. T. D. MCINTYRE C. R. BASIIERVILL J. REESE LIN . . Wke P7fesz'a'wzz'. . Secfefary and Y3'easuJ'er . C01'r65p0ndz'ng Secrefary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. J. REESE LIN. C. R. BASKERVILL. B. E. YOUNG. MEMBERS. C. R. BASKERVILL, Tennessee. W. C. BRANHAM, Tennessee. I. A. CALHOUN, South Carolina. I. I. CANTEY, South Carolina. BEN CIIILDERS, Tennessee. ' H. F. CRENSHAW, Alabama. S. V. GARDINER, Tennessee. E. F. KENNEDY, Mississippi. J. R. LIN, Georgia. T44 W. K. TVIATTHEWS, Tennessee. T. D. MCINTYRE, Kentucky. DR. F. W. MOORE, Tennessee. I. R, NEAL, Tennessee. A. B. PHILLIPS, Louisiana. C. RATCLIFEE, Arkansas. D. D. WALLACE, South Carolina. B. E. YOUNG, Kentucky. ,I I ,Z C 214515.77-:RF eh 4. LUG rr? 33,52 OFFICERS. W. S. FITZGERALD, Chief Centurion of the Centennial and Mighty Mogul of the Moonshiners. R. E. DOTSON, Venerated Vice Vicar of the Vinous. C. C. OGILVIE, Pulchritudinous Pusher of the Pen. E. R. SMITH, Celestial Custodian of the Cash. W. D. STRAYHORN, Benevolent Bibber of the Bug-j uice. L. D. KIRBY, Exalted Expounder of the Exposition. M. O,CONNOR, Munilicent Mixer of the Moonshine. B. THRONE, Potent and Puissant Preacher of Patriotism. I. F. BTORELOCK, Sacred Steward of the Sour-mash. 145 XXX f FJJ JMX-ff-f . S-4' fi X I, this "LW FI Y ,fgx CT.. 5,-YR A C J'-' -' ,I-'f',4,,.-ms ,, ,mffi-A" 'uf'-ff F ,sr in Pa-yn! X x 'T ,,,, E gg-if S iff my X J, ,.jLJy . , X -.,'.,f:,1 , .iff ,A+ S -W 1 fl Ailiiifff-"2-+ 1 7 S f.:-34 U, lf, QLEQ.-. W--'7i1"".'.'.Z -L T." -H ?:':??iNEX'i',1j'?: 'Z I' iii 1 --,I -"mg 31-'1 ,.s 'YK -Y-Y -'ass' "1Jf"fl,?.- em "-'- . -A-' ' 4'-ff' I' 45.7. V 1 W 1 1 f ml if 4 f A W W0 , f f f W i fa 6 A K 7 f 4 ! Q 4 W . Z 1 , f W fy f f f f f 0 f' My A , WW C. R. BASKERVILL, Somerville. A. BOYD, JR., Memphis. A. L. BREVARD, Union City. L. CARAVVAY, Big Sandy. T. W. CROWDER, Brownsville. W. G. DINNING, Gleason. D. I. DUPREE, Brownsville. A. C. ESTES, Brownsville. S. V. GARDINER, Memphis. R. B. GOODWIN, Memphis. J. B. HILDEBRAND. Whitehaven. VV. HUGHES, Union City. DR. W. M. BASKERVILI.. DR. C. S. BROWN. MISS MADGE CANNON, McKenzie. MISS MABELLE FLIPPIN, Memphis. D. L. LACY, Medon. H. J. LIVINGSTON, Brownsville XV. B. MALONE, JR., Memphis J. IWCCLURE, Union City. MORRIS MILES, Union City. J. A. OMBERG,'JR., Memphis E. D. PATTERSON, Savannah. I. H. READ, JR., Brownsville L. XV. RYAN, Memphis. G. H. SAVAGE, Jackson. J. J. SHERRILL, Union City. S. R. WEAVER, Brownsville. MISS FLORENCE KEISER, Union City MISS MINNIE E. IQEISER, Union City MISS DORA JOHNSON, Memphis MISS LOU TAYLOR, Memphis. : Z A ' . M? 14 If - I - - . '. "'73l'l:?2,el:" I I A -af t , ff fff, f .A Ifflllli I -' ll 4 1 -if a 5 A A 1 1 .X 11, ' 'QR 1' f,2w1!fjf., ,I f'iW!l'5aLajyL M I I f::- . M14-.miim1vlI"fIff1ldf' f 'AW www:-IfI,f51f:"' - - '.- '- ,' hr, l ,I .,7 I, 1, 1 ' ' , . '., 1 ,,' '. 75' ff, ,Y f, '.'.,: .'..' ' I A ,I I ,I Jr.. "'r- Q ' L ' ! p !1 A . 7 A lllllr' W I . . 1 . . I - 7' . 1 fl Q if r J. 1 I , in I' l , NWWHWAWWJ 3 . '- 71 ' T15- TN Q... I 5 'lm , 55953555 W N ' ' ? - 1' . - '- 'iffffi5'f55:Z2?i3l.'??74fffZ9FI 5: ' S ""'I 'ff H ,IIlllIll"'lUI .lffli wTl, "' .. - -, qi, Ul!4"1 .' . ,4. 2--'E , .--3 :, f. WW of 'ml F -. -..-5,-E4 -- S -A i f . :Arg iI...f' - ' i-E-'ff-lf f F-57 fify? f' ' 'izfi ,AEC l,ilW:7?'iQ5.Lff?, f ' -Q I. : 91 5" ',-. '4 ' Gy, irfi f-"J Zfn"1!"'?1-'4f.1.1Z I oy-.14 14 -:A f.,' .17I22: -V 04,1131 ll -swf.: . ',' -' - . f -f-, I - -:gf ' - 1' ..: Q v - '12-3 - 'Ri M ' -5 - Ig T J:-3 g 5 'Z Ygffvf I " TAR HEEL ' ' CLUB. " Carolina, Carolina, Heaven's blessings attend her, VVhile we live, We will cherish, protect and defend her! " OFFICERS. G. T. ADAMS . . P1'esz'de7z!. I. S. BETTS . Vibe P1fesz'a'4'7zz'. C. C. WEAVER ...... ,SEC7'6f6l7jl and Y3'msm'cr. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. J. F. PIcRENs. D. T. WILSON. W. F. ROBINSON. MEMBERS. G. T. ADADIS. O. P. ADER. J. V. BAIRD. W. W. BAYS. B. H. BLACK. J. S. BETTS. I. W. CLEGG. I. T. ERWIN. R. H. WILLIS. E. K. MCLARTY. J. F. PICKENS. C. A. REAVES. W. F. ROBINSON I-IONORARY MEMBERS. BISHOP O. P. FITZGERALD. DR. ANGUS MCDONAI.D. DR. D. C. RANRIN. DR. WY F. TILLE'I'r. 147 W. A. TAYLOR. J. M. TERRELL R. E. WARE. C. C. WEAVER. D. T. WILSON. HON. H. L. LOWRY. MRS. W. F. TII.I.Ic'1"r. . - f' f 'il I K I ,f LAX , In gmc- f x V Q-I N 4. - -4.-.E . -. Fa---aax X ,..-- RA N x 1,,,-- f'f ra . --wx M S GE L W. - R X ...N . 1 f ii H X Xian A W 45 17 ..x !!p"mu"5'E-i rex S'-i3 X i ' fl S23 ,, X H ,,.,- - - 4 E-it as ' - S . A --v....r.:H ' iii' 4 lu. N.: it El., L ., ' t - . - ,- ' 1' ' .'1 ' 'i- 1 ' NA, -'H-5-' ' f. 'E K' lH nI,Qml,UlL i all BELLEMNE L f A iygwrfw V. h ' A23 E -..fff N , .. A wif .,. ..t,:g.5f-,3g.. .f A, E Y if ' . "Nl ,I ---""t?CiS.-wffdrgfl 'TW 'iltfffigfj fl ', 'f1 s, LVH 1.!L'Hll' , f If ii W K' E '- Wolfe. . H ...Q ig- f 2 is 1 J -s -1 lin k - ,.s -P s A .C ::z'1' 'W 'E' L fi - -Q' -1 - 4- 'Lis - ' it ,f 'f We We - ...,- it 5:3 -- -'Q-''a'ei - . a l fa-S.--5--. . Li? 3 . - -""' ' g 'f l K-,N lg 1 W? , h . , X, A. , G !1, . nw .i . -SM iw d, x Lf: I Z,-' , W ,4 p- K '- , ip- 4 r ,j - 5. - v. f -" , L' 1-.. - -' ' 3. .ft 4 X, ff- "' . ,i,: -4 , . .ft -., , Le ' ,, ---f' -f A ' 'fm ' X. Q s. -5 .", f 1: - - - '-f-r,,.a--f -2 , ---' - -- - U' if 1 1 -4-'Z' --'35 '- . 1 1 " , Spirltus Prumentl, Equl et Femlnae Pulchrae. OFFICERS. Col. Superbus . . . . Col. T. Dinkus McIntyre, Loader of Pistols .... Col. Wiley Poynter. Spiritual Adviser . . Father Strother. Chief 'Authority on the Ethics of Keeper of the Mystic juice . . Col. Theocritus Brewer. "Honor" and " Satisfaction " . Col. Grill' Lovelace. Salmpler of Brands . . Col. Bertronius Young. Recorder of Challenges . . Col. Peter Carr, Mixer oftjuleps . . . Col. Verus Green. Superintendent of Funerals . Col. Elmerita Hall. - Starter o the Derby . . Col. Mose Cook. Chief jockey .... Col. G. T. T-I. Miller. Groomer of " Ponies " . , Col. Young Young. Local Sport . . . Col. Pat Diefenbach. Master of Duels . . Col. Pete Henry. THE COLONELS. . Academic Department.--Thomas D. McIntyre, M. A., E. J McKenzie A B Morris H Newton B Wile T o n er --9 - ,-S.z y -Pyf .Jr.A- B.g Theodore H. Brewer, Bert F.. Young, Herbert Carr, L. W.LRow- land. S. M. R. Hurt, Griffin Lovelace, W. F. Bradshaw, F. L. Diefen bach, H. J. Daily, J. G. Harris, W. M. Patterson, C. W. Strother. Engineering Department.-W. G. Ames, H. H. Miller, W. Hu. Henry, C. S. Young. Biblical Department.-George E. Rap ,A. B., H. G. Turner, A. M., Robert Edmund Smith, A. B., Richarc?M. Walker, A. B. Law Department.-Elmer T..Hall, Thomas C. Jones, B. A. I Medical Department.-James Karl Russell, John A. Sehf Robert Fairleigh McDaniel. ,Department of Pharmacy.-Mose L. Cook, john Taylor Green, Mrs. R. S. Faires, M. A. Department of Dentistry.-john C. Felix, H. E. Becker, John C Howard, Whitney H. Moore, Emory T. Phillips, Edgar B. Brad- shaw. john B. Newell Beaumond Reynolds, Wm. S Williams, E. H. Barker, James T. Dismukes, Charles W. Meguiar, Richard H. Perry, C. Tandy, Clarence R. Nahm, Addison K. Parks, john T. Stu s. l N. W. T. BOVDSTON. J. T. GOSE. W. T. WHITESIDE. G. M. PRITCHETT. E. M. RANKIN. E. S. JONES. S. H. WERLEIN, JR. H. M. BOOOHER. W. N. DAVIS. C. E. HAWKINS. MEMBERS. 149 I. B. PITMAN. C. 0. RANSEORD. DORA MILLER. T. B. HARRIS. DAISY B. WILLIAMS O. M. RICKMAN. L. C. HALL. F. D. IRWIN. C. D. LOVE. -N, - ... X. - ," '1- ' .":"g..' , L EE " 34, ' ,kg vr. ,ZkA,Q - llfqiiy.. . g 1 '1 HT N J I Tw a Z ,: 5':"J.C7l'f'lCERSj " f Y X IQ A 'S . i ?'- E ,,.:'C-W--qniiitlntv-..A:nr. l 1 X 'xx X Y V tu AD v, - I if Z G- 53 3,1 f's1nce5JacksanXkcnRv-mmm I' l. x '. ' 'w 'J Q 4 D' U L '11 W AE EF ii ' M-'iff SMH-'v f 1 7 35' - v ff: "Fifa, M O j 0 I 4g ml, I R -- -' 15fL,14f.f.f1..111,Tf..w.m -5 w - 1 ' ' ' 'ak 2 ,O , X Q ? E -S HAZ!!!-ar,c'mem.m.,fux.cmx'n.M KL N Ffa-: 7 ' .MN 'llrllrfk f F 6 1 f L ' Qf:c1.m,.,f r.efLf--wimxnm S- 1 fk-"' 1? 9' i Lf MEMBERS. EZ.: M ? If I Y V I: A jpeg! I .-'71ln.f1.y, J W mme cn N 7:4 Mui 1 Vf f I4 ll , , ff-i'Zj?i.:a'..,,,., JR. CMS ssve.-uw f- nn X , I ' , . 2 --:1 gym, FWD . MMM Y , 1 ,J I , unch 0 v W . l Rik n B RMJLWW ,UIHNW R' SMH , 1, , 1 M , I u A.-CL' Clmmr JH H J swxmwd ,I 4. - ,-,d ' "'f""d' Mn 3 SX:lkxxx,.,,,y,, WM 0 !5'Z.1...b..n, ' -ig :M --- 'Tig J""""fJ" is f ,719 Q - 54112. iff-9-2"' '- L 5L,eT,:g+if ' il AMANSAS QBILL ARKANSAS BELLE- A L A 150 KW H. ARMSTRONG . E. L. XVHITSETT . J. A. WEST . . R. E. RICKIE W. S. NOBLE W. H. ATKINSON, PariS. H. ARMSTRONG, Bryan. J. B. BISHOP, Athens. H. P. BRILEY, Texarkana. D. CUSHING, Houston. W. M. CROOK, Groveton. L. D. CARTWRIGHT, Terrell. B. D. ELLIS, Uvalde, L. DAVIS, Weatherford. C. B. FARRINGTON, Huntsville. I. FEINBERG, Beaumont. R. B. GOREE, Navasota. OFFICERS. MEMBERS. IQI . P1'4'3z'dmzz'. . life P1'esz'a'r2z! . Serlvlavy. . 7?'eczs1zrf7' . hQ'sf0r1'a1z. F. B. HUGHES, Dennison. J. T. KING, Stockdale. G. R. MCKINNEY, Kerens. R. E. MCKIE, San Marcos. W. S. NOBLE, Pilot Point. T. L. ODOM, Lindale. G. C. RECTOR, Austin. T. L. RIPPEY, Greenville. E. D. ROSE, Del Rio. C. SWINDALL, Terrell. I. A. WEST, Weatllerforcl. E. L. XVHITSETT, Campbellto Il 1 f f A Q G i 5-Sfi U Q2 9 . REX QNX S XAE H jf? X .2 EAD? :DB 'if-X' ak.-4 5 55 fm -CD7 jf 3 R. L. LUND . . President. N H. F. CRENSHAXV . ' . Vire Presiaknt. R. H. ROWE . . Secrefary. R. W. GREENE. J. R. SNYDER MEMBERS I. J. SELLERS. W. TURNER. O. H. XVEST. D. LAKE. A. L. WHITE. T. R. FOSTER. F. R. YARBROUGH. B. T. TERRY. C. F. ANDREWS. M. W. BUSH. C. F. ANDERSON. H. E. WHEELER. E. C. GOODLOE. H. N. ROSSER. F. P. HIXON. R. E. TYLER. J. L. HOUSTON. J. WHITESIDE. W. ROSSER. C. T. MCPHERSON. C. R. XVALKER. A. W. LIPSCOMB. M. L. WATKINS. W. W. MOORE. W. E. ANDERSON. C. SCHARNAGEL. J. T. PUGH. G. W. HARRISON. M. A. FORT. A. BARNETT. 152 . Y?'eczsure1'. A. W. DUPUY. C. G. FOULKS. J. M. REEVES. V. CRENSHAW. B. C. FOWLKES. W. H. GOLSON. R. E. D. IRWIN. W. T. MCDANIEL. R. ALLMAN. S. COHN. J. T. COOK. W. R. CI-IISHOLM. J. T. DUNN. W. M. EZELL. J. B. WALKER. WM ,AA X ANfL4 J IHM5 , L CLUQQ MEMBERS. J. WARREN CLARK. C. P. WILLIANIS. A. B. PHILLIPS J. C. FQSTER. J. H. FULLILOVE W. D. BRADLEY W. H. JOHNSON H. N. PHARR. A P. O. LOWRY. H. B. CARRE. 53 X XX X f l N ff XX x X ,, x 'J ' J i 1731.5 R seq x ,k. f llrl Z-fff,4f.4,4, 1 Av q 'ff rf f WGRNW V X '5i'3Y.aW' f1"Nf'iy 1- !"x',.', WW 1 .. -1, ,..w -11.6" , W f N-Q M111 1 ,I 9 F 742251, w 1 . . -N .9 V, I lg..-f ME- -:.f,- min? , -1 --.-.. :A , M gg X -Af" fx N zkhiiahia X X Q2 'int-P4574 ',, ,- ?' jf ,fig 1 'xx Ax ' Jia n" 'ill ' 1 1- " M- 5 .::A if ax , xx in-X' -X JOSE MABENAVIDES, M. D. LEOPOLDO CASTRO. ANDREAS L. FARIAS. RAYMUNDO A. FARIAS. RAFAEL M. RAMOS. 154 4 ' 0 X l nj f Wfwww If Ii- 0 0 V I V 00 . . I' CQX5, C. E. HAYXVKINS. J. F. INIORELOCK. J. O. MAHONEY. W. K. IWATTHEWS. 1. W. HANNER. R. H. PEOPLES. E. R. SMITH. R. P. HOLLINSHEAD. N. F. CHEAIRS. XX 0 Y VA fi 1 T- f T L fn7,,,,x ,Ef 11 T.,W. QDAVIS. R.:I. MOORE. MK. MARSHALL. F.gC.QNOLEN. L.f,W. RONVLAND. W. R. STEPHENS. W. T. WARD. T. XV.AYVILLIA1NIS. T55 MISS JANIE COURTNEY. LL E MQQNW QLUE. H. N. IUORSCHHEIMER H. P. REID. S. D. DoDsoN. B. B. BAYLISS. E. D. PATTERSON. H. P. BRILEY. S. V. YVALL. A. H.:NVALL. T. XVALL. W. F. BOURLAND. J. H. GOFORTH. G.:YV.:BURRIS. j.:TowNER. S.:W. TURNER. H.EOERTING. W. HOUSE. T. J. COTTON. R. A. BARR. F. W. DORTCH. W. H. WITT. M. M. CULLOM. B. CHILDERS. T. G. KITTRELI.. N. FARRELL, JR. L. W. RYAN. H. J. LIVINGSTON. E. F. KENNEDY. W. HUGHES. W. B. MALONE. F. C. RAND. R. H. ROWE. P. D. NEILSON. W. ED. BAIRD. E. C. BULLOCR. W. R. EASTERLING. M. S. ENOCHS. LOUIS FARRELL. CARL MONK. FRANK HUNTER. HUGII CARNEY. HARRY STOKES. G. A. MORGAN. 156 .I A. B. PHILLIPS. VV. S. WHITEMAN. J. B. HILDEBRAND. R. E. DOTSON. L. B. FANT. L. G. FANT. W. S. FITZGERALD O. C. KELLEY. J. M. WILLIAMS. C. C. OGILVIE. HERBERT CARR. E. A. COX. Ll. GE.'S 5 N sci-mol.-cl. 5 X Z . BONNER. BUNCH. BARBER. J. C. BROWN. I. P. W. BROWN. DOUGLASS. GOODWIN. R. B. C. HOWEI4L. ORR. RATOLIFFE. ROTHROCK. STEGER. 'TI-IRONE. 'sr fig: W-MJT Qt' . G '- 'f47 . .LD ,,,-J1f::::1:3:-2:33-.. .::::-1,--"" ' "" 'gl-:-3 -..:2:i,f:"f-?"" ri 'ZZ lj . Z-Zf' 1-9' yi , .y., .14 L Y - f 11522929 .. 1 ,1,,-:QL-1 e-, '-2: 4,225 fi f 4.',JE'a a, ,- L . 1 'I f . ,ax , H A ? W' 2- -L ': 5151-sf -e 'Q wi 525 E .g 1 -:Eg g -2 5. . V. u H' P Q-' Z V F .. H --:Hi -,J , ' ff. .222f22s2Q25L:. VI 1f 1- . are di :'-- 4 . -- .,',. ----- :...-.. 1 m i511 Q 'i ' if QW 'f5?EEEEE Q . i i -51", i - . llqq b 'mme mm ' ' HZ EQME A -- 7,4 3 E. Q Q1. -E . .1 ' L jifyif,-1: - If W. T. CASWELL. W. P. CONNELL. E. L. DOAK. CHARLES 1. ELBRICH. G. W. HIGHT. MEMBERS. J. A. B. HOWE. SARAH HOWELL. ELLA M. HUGHES. A. J. JUNGERMAN. L. D. KIRBY. 158 LEE LOVEMAN. R. L. LUND. K. T. MCCONNICO. W. D. WYELBURN. M V 1, W W N "'- ' WY' A - f ' , mf My" u!Q,,,XIj My, W! IIUZ1 CWU Q f -1 4. ...f .. . "ff9f lfsulwi l I W 1 r .K .,.,,,.L. fe' WI- QQJ... .:.... , WL, 1 + f1f ZW- W . Q f' - M 1 W A ' z ff?-Ffh f , F .4 "L Q A ' .5 O 4 - M ,- 415' - fe iA,,.g-, mv V ...' ' OFFICERS. F. B. HUGHES . . . P7fe.vz'denz'. J. O. TREANOR . . . Wee Pffesiderzf. J. F. WHITE . .S6'C76fCZ7jl and Treaszczfer. M. M. MORGAN .... Omior. MEMBERS. . N. L. ALTHAUSER A. E. MCLAUGHLIN R. P. ALTHAUSFR G. D. BRENGELMAN L. POLK. G. N. KEELING T. M. SUMMERS G. I. REYNOLDS C. H. JOHNSON 59 VANDERBILT TRAINING SCHOOL CLUB. W. F.'BRADSI-IAVV, JR. F, L. DIEFENBACH. J. GIHARRIS 160 ,.2331lL5iE1t.?:.7.n L 'iff'-'16 -Q' 9- ' . '-.., Q.:-J -.'R'?4fN 114- f ' -' f ill5'." 'L ,,4-r?.'lll,"lf' '. I' EXIT: 7 K N .a'.,:ff.ll15lQ!lZ OWN nfl 21 .. VII r I-ll. '. 'W Si- ff'-if? 34:44. - -. ,f SPH my Q Q. Ea- .JUNE and ii Q! -wie' L , msg mg P : n 4. 1 -I j 7-' 'IEE Q '.:, . "ii"-:'M ,, . l f ' f iv- 'E W , VL iisi f ,xii -. 5 f zfliiqii- if e- 17T,".jp:-A - A Q N ..- - A-M l' -5 HOWARD INSTITUTE CLUB. W. D. HOWARD. W. W. B. LONG. A. K. Doss. WY D. STRAYHORN. GRACE ROTH. 16I I. HOXVARD. 1 mi I3 'W f A x A ffifsjf-I-"2,fv OFFICERS. PAUL NICHOLS . . . . . Presideni. ERNEST S. JONES . . . . . Serreiafjf and Dfeaszcrer. ' MEMBERS. II W. F. BRADSHAW. 1. T. FOSTER. JAMES MCCLURE. A. B. PHILLIPS. LEOPOLDO CASTRO. E. S. JONES. IfARL NIONK. C. W. STROTHER. CHARLES A. EVANS. D, L. LACY. PAUL NICHOLS. B. W. WAIT. . h F' 'I I LK X I f 37 . f A . X: ' ,. T 1 -rl I - ff ' ' W W. X if ' 'Lim ' 'I QEVQL Ln- - XL L - F Q5f,W3I TL" ' n -.Qaw EWG. MEMBERS. J. B. HILDEBRAND. W. H. JOHNSON. G. D. BRENGELMAN. A. L. FARIAS. J. P. W. BROWN. H. N. PHARR. L. CASTRO. W. H. HENRY. A. D. EATHERLY. W. G. AMES. J. H. DORGAN. HONORARY MEMBERS. DR. W. H. SCHUERMAN. DR. W. L. DUDLEY. PROF. W. T. MAGRUDER. 162 ,-ig. -H M mrazaz. f ' 'Q :Paar Six A V 7jQ5.1iQ 2.55 sclgifily QLL-J I, I J f4:mlll1'i"l!h ' D 'i MM ,f f Z W .mf f 6 I X NX I CLUB. 4 K i:if:.Ei5?EM . sygwjmx R?-:e-1n 7fl.:A:a . YMi?.iWiA! :Q ' Q - "W f,4.:'v'..4ls,w" Q.-1.5 r .5 f ,.,. - -. - :- fn-.-'avfiuf'-f'4'.'.'W ' .5262 1b.,"J'-'-' -.Zn 4Q399mm5'LefL:Tf1'54,.4'.1 7 Eff: :S 25:7 " ,HC -, W Agn. . E i 55115999.61 :Q . wg - gigs..-P:-f gh- rfiilxrzfsf-fg'r::q ""f ---il' ."-i '- - sk. sig N "1 ii- f' N51-.-,...J f' QE.. Wi, 'Y 1 - . X.. Axf- -N-7' ,.-,nn i. V . H. -, . .si-:s-5 xx xy ns: f: - sw Ls . -fvi,..5? . L. T. L. ODOM M. A. FORT L. C. BORAH A. W. FOX G. W. HARRISON. R. B. GOREE. H. R. D. PHARMM. OFFICER MEMBERS. H. GRIFFIN. L. HARTLEY. CUSHING. 163 S. 1 P1'esz'de1z!. Vike Presi denl. Sefrefary. Y3'easu1fe1'. E. R. L. WHITSETT. A. FARIAS. H ,MXN X ' ,.. 1" -9 4 X' I , lf 1 . A 1 . A L , Q in I I. . RXH i s ' XXX Xxx' X----V EQiz'ff4-fw Prince gf Searchers-A. E. CLEMENT. Jfasler qf llj7Z62l77ZdfZ.65iW. H. HENRX'. SATELLITES. H. N. PHARR, C. E. DUNBAR, I. WARREN CLARK, W. F. BRADSHAW, H. M. CANTER, H. M. BOOGHER, M. M. CULLOM, J. B. PITMAN, T. H. BREWER, W. D. STRAYHORN, G. D. BRENGELMAN, E. M. RANKIN, And others. SATELLITES CUM LAUDB. CHANCELLOR J. H. KIRKLAND. DR. W. L. DUDLEY. PROF. JOHN DANIEL. PROF. COLLINS DENNV. 164 f? wwf FMS xfofglgd 215, Q69 Q WI !,P0 ' 351247 T ...Q I mae. as ff ,f Q I iv" 143' 44 in ' ' 2: .ei-L 4 "' L Sl I I 1 oL ali? , m?QR 6"7l'4 S934 if 4 1 46 I foflimx G QE? pomngq A6542 35295 ,, Ah x Q' e X 8 J Jw er v. 11- -A wg cp fu.. ww. ' px ,J wqv vf- ew: 'aa 'cb as: gag: W .. L 'LL-7 -vs! QW-. Oki - -C I- A-9"49'4vzYX5.Xf ,Pf-M' Lal: H131 f 47 QHPIQA 'il W IA gf YSKVA' EY' B ' AD iw- fF'.f'a'MG:'T .1 . "HR lg-'-:' - 0 I 3 . 7 'emggfrl J' -,Va-' Q . . gl. EJIHSIEQ- f' wr, ' -Q 1 ' u ri' Y 1" V 1 ' - . - 1,-Q 1. '4 gg 1 -gf 1 M, I :a n gf ' I Q-r by. I R bn' 4 , 5:1 -Q f' 'tc ' ' Q' WI W AJ ' 'WN ' W"'i K6 af ' 3 N. . ,.f:.Q1I.-:- -1 l7EQ.1 a fl.. Q, Q15 X, . Lf Ffa, A.-ff.-U ,gg Y," L ,I,U"4.y2Wv: iff., .' V-I' W V V f , 4 vi Q 5 -I , '-Q , " '47 tv , ,Qq-I ' IQ " Q Q,,JQh 1 ,If y V 4 .X v , ,1 s iq, I .V 520 r , , x Aa - L, AQ A W vi-.xl '-irq-Nf'4'I. ,Q -,xv 9441- X 59' Eff' G I Q! .4 M A ' Al Q 4 ' A s N-' Q1 Q f Iv,n,A3'1: 4 ' ,lx r K Q K1 1 A Wgff:.i,,,w OFFICERS. J. I. MCNALLV, P7'esz'deni. J. H. GOFORTH, Tffeaszzrer. A. F. PEACOCK, Vita Pffendezzf. R. F. WOODS, Cffiiir. CHAS. C. JACOBSON, Secreiaffy. R. C. MCKIE, Serg-aan!-al-Arms. MEMBERS. W. H. ATKINSON. J.W. BREEDLOVE. LEON CARAWVAY. BEN. CHILDERS. W. M. CROOK. NORB'IAN FARRELL. F. D. IRNVIN. H. M. JACOWAY. THOS. C. JONES. 165 H. I. LIVINGSTON HILL MCALISTER. M. M. MORGAN. CHAS. SWINDALL. P. B. VOORHEIES. xr'-" Avi- i " , 1 ,- V ,g-Y., -V,i.i, I ESV IDE ROW-3 X ' ' ' f 1- -1 F . . S f- '- ' ,, 5, x7 fx' X if C. P. VVILLIAMS 173'easm'e1'. T. G. KITTRELL Xlfcuzager. P,-" momrons. BUILDINGS. J. B. HILDEBRAND . Alpha. I. R. LIN . . Belleview. KL V! X W. D. STRAYHORN . Cumberland. 22, 'GTM T. D. MCINTYRE . Delphi. 1 1 4 B. E. YOUNG . . Euclid. '9 .u'9:55'5"' B. CHILDERS . Frankland. x P M X 6'-74 ' D. LAKE . . Dining Hall. o s 166 : TQ? xx. 0 K 1 f ' mVNXWe,x ' ,B R , WY E V x I2VWdifiJ'f M v- ,af 1 ST M . : ' uw' X ffl ff-X 2 2 YK, f X' " J. A. PARKS Treaszzrfr. O. M. RICKMAN Sfeward. MONITORS. CLASSES, W. D. KIRKLAND . Senior, H. M. CANTER Middle. W. K. MATTHEWS . Junior. G. C. RECTOR Candidate 16 TWH M I I f..-,. . ' L IZUIEWEFDR IVLTTU .ll JIS MEMBERS. A. J. JUNGERMAN. IAS. B. HILDEBRAND. I. G. JACKSON. LEOPOLDO CASTRO. C. XV. STROTHER. I ' e 1 . , .M . i f , 'lL""l' K Q 'll"l V "'5'5'1 lf" I ll-li llfl I 'Vfwwllllllllllll ,W-.M SWN-WWII!IIIIIIIIKIWHIIIIHNIHIHIINI ' 'N ' vi IMUIWIIIIMIIKHI , Y 16' '11, , N 65 xqzg ll- 4 'E '9 ' V 7 0 7+ M' 'TL Li -.fa . :S aiufm 4194 M ,N rx . gt , QUE HONORARY MEMBERS. DR. XV. L. DUDLEY. YV. H. ' HOLLINSHEAD. 1 P. M. JONES. PE Tl fr- 1 ii ' WEST!-'lUNCf:xf:-' CEI! ,J 1 X Q if Q1-eenmew if me an +I Q-LQ A Q,- Jfffjf'--v-J1 2' W. P. CONNELL . . P1'esz'de1zZ. VV. S. FITZGERALD . . Vice P1fcsz'a'e1zt. E. R. SMITH . . . Sgwfelafjf. -IFJ y l .:2Z3I333ifEEES221EESEEEEE22iEE2EFEEEEE2iiiifiiiliiiiifiiiiilfiiiiifl3 Y ij X iam ' f e A-1 I' i iiwm ii ii e ii H i ....,, 1- ,.,,.. ,.4S'i!1ii N' - V MMM A --i- f -- -4- in A 1 A , 451 I -Ff-W: fi The Dramatic Club pipped the shell of adversity, only to perish the same day in the blighting trosts of an indifferent student body. O Zeffqbora ! O mares ! 169 H F inc Q beware M Otiioers-W. H. JOHNSON, Grand Duke of Idlewild and Arch-Loaferg HUGH H. MILLER, Cincinnati Expert- W. D. BRADLEY, Bench Warmer. Committee on Credentials-CAMPBELL BONNER, H. FILES CRENSHAXV. - Honorary Members by Reason of Superior Qualifications-W. G. AMES, L. FARRELL, F. L. DEIFENBACH, A. F. PEACOCK. 1 I3 . .. B.- Mwzmgw 1122 ll ' -5 .WCM Alwzf .. 7 ii , IX .:-T gx - - - r l H u ' 5, rf of Officers-S. A. MYATT, Duke of Burgundyg B. T. TERRY, Sheik of Madeirag T.:J. STAPP, Prince of Mountain Dew Landg P. NICHOLS, Inspector of Falernian Cellars. M6mb6IB-SHERRY ABSTAINER MYATT, PUNCH NICHOLS, TOM JERRY STAPP, BEER TAP TERRY. 170 Z' .,,... . - ' - . ' - 6 'Bin ,f , f f , I . FX X k 5, f f rg? f Wim . 0 Tf 'X 'W fl M I W :sm 'Q 2. Sf ' W 7 7 2 X ' d Jag '7 X I lj J ' AL ' :X J Z W 2152 'Y ' -mi SCORCHEQ! I 5COQ.CHf1D!f! Dom: Bmzowmua. THE JUNIOR'S JOURNEY TO SYCAMORE. I7I 1 L F 7 L 1 ' 3- 7.1.5 -A' PEOPLES . W. S. NOBLE - . T. H. BREWER . C. W. STROTHER R. H. N. L. ALTHAUSER. I. V. BAIRD. W. ED. BAIRD. B. M. BINKLEV. C. BONNER. T. H. BREWER. W. M. BOYDSTON. J. C. BROWN. C. B. BRYANT. f ff I ,Ay W WC! R, ff! I J N W kia ! Z? Vx " M ' XXX x fff I ,ll iw ff! ff! 4 .W .,! ..,,. ,E .1 . ,z. f .4 X . .- I I .Kg QW H ?1- .115 I . -Q --I I Y, 30 Q I . - .hwy Ar b X f, Z ,M 4 . A , I .Y ' - I ' f -" f'-rw' . ,,,1. -f-ff f W, 1 ,fl ,X 3, fff , fl, . I .H J k 1 . jf 1.13. 1 .4 f I ,fl .': i'rn'A "-' "N " ' .. i ' .. 9? Q' .V f I' ,, Z ,. . sh . . Q H1 I ,, M Z ff M .frfff 1' J , 'Q -if 5 1 fi WM .1 f , 4 W A 1-iff-..-I ,ff . . ff, ff I I I. ' 11.97 , x fffnf. ff -A 'I' 1433. XE! J . X-. - NWN ,lf-if M , v, ,g,,1f':'W ,, 5 if fag. f 4: Aff A? E .L- f,.-if N Z rgx 5 .. f M ,I , If In X. L X - JVC V1f.7y'- " 1 I I W' -: X F4 ,f 1 'M' X of ' '-'-'.l'i'.-' 1 z vf, If 5' O A if - 9 QE -.1 9. In f W 'I if -il.-, '1 ,3 ' ' 7 1 fr, 1 2,5 E , 1, J -, Z- , W- -1 , x m""' .S M. gm ' - V - 'Q 5 Lv . ' 2 , 1 7j" " fl . I X , , 4 I Xf, . I 7 f W, ' V 1 f 'I -Z ff Q 5 ff 1 A ff ,,. is fi OFFICERS. . Pffesidevzi. H. FULLILOVE . Vice P7'esz'denz'. A. JONES . . . . C1fz'z'z'c. S. W. TURNER . . Treaszzrer. MEMBERS. L. CARANVAY. O. C. KELLEY. B. CHILDERS. L. D. KIRBY. A. C. ESTES. A. B. LIPSCOMB. N. FARRELL, IR. H. J. LIVINGSTON. A. W. FOX. C. R. Love. R. W. GREENE. HILL MCALISTER. G H H . W. HIGHT. . I. HOPKINS. . M. JACOWAY. I. R. NEAL, Business Manager of Vanderbilt Obs67'7Je1'. C. BONNER, Editor of Vanderbilt Obse2've2'. T. H. BREWER, Editor of Vanderbilt Obserzzeff. R. H. PEOPLES, Thanksgiving Debater. I J. MCCLURE. K. T. MCCONNICO. J. R. NEAL. . . Serrefa ry. . A .vsisiani Secrefary . Chap Iain . C. C. OGILVIE. F. M. OLIVER. MORRIS MILES. I. PUTNAM. E. M. RANKIN. E. R. SMITH. F. B. STAPP. C. P. WILLIANIS. F. M. OLIVER, Thanksgiving Debater. HILL IVICALISTER, 22d February Orator. F. M. OLIVER, 22d February Orator. C. P. WILLIANIS, Sewanee Debater. 73 D. DODSON. 'W ' ' Q i -'13-f , T - X--2'-X D j . I. X. E 'A if A 'MI ' I .w JR NAS 'K - 3 ' R ff I T I A it, 1 ' - Q I A I il T e' ibmgfb if ii , L ui 'Ii ' l T OFFICERS. C. R. BASKERVILL, P7'csz'a'e1zz'. WILL HUGHES, 73'm.s'm'f'7'. W. E. DOUGLAS, Vice P1'cs1'a'e1z!. C. RATCLIFFE, C1'z'z'z'r. E. L. DAVIS, Smfmmjf, T. L. RIPPEY, Chaplmvz. MEMBERS. H ANSLEV. L. B. FANT. T. G. KITTRELL. C. RATCLIEEE. R. BASIIERVILL. L. G. PANT. D. L. LACEY. T. L. RIPPEY. W. BUSH. L S. V. GARDINER. I. R. LIN. E. C. ROBINSON. A. COX. J. T. GOSE. W. B. LONG. T. M. SUMMERS. L. DAVIS. F. B. HUGHES. W. K. NIATTHENVS. W. D. STRAYHORN G. DINNING. VV. HUGHES. W. I. HOWXVARD. C. C. JARRELL. G. H. JONES. E. F. KENNEDY. E. DOTSON. K. DOSS. E. DOUGLAS. S. A. MYATT. J. J. MCNALLSY. P. NICHOLS. J. D. PARKS. J. R. LIN, Editor-in-Chief of Vanderbilt Olzserzfer. C. RATCLIFFE, Editor of Vanderbilt Obserfver. W. S. WHITEMAN, Editor of Vanderbilt 0bserz'e1'. C. C. J.-IRRELL. Thanksgiving Debate-r. I W. S. VVHITEMAN. J. WHITESIDE. W. T. WHITESIDE. B. E. YOUNG. T. L. RIPPEY, Thanksgiving Debater. E. F. IQENNEDY, Sewanee Debater. J. T, GOSE, 22d February Orator. E. F. KENNEDY, 22d February Orator. SWQ Ng Sify k N . x N "" NW "' WTA . X . R x Founded at the University of North Carolina in 1894. Established at Vanderbilt in 1895. HONORARY MEMBERS. DR. EVM. J. VAUGHN, Phi Beta Kappa. DR. H. C. TOLMAN, Phi Beta Kappa. MEMBERS of' CLASS OF '95. H. J. LIVINGSTON. R. L. LUND. J. Y. BAYLISS. XV. K. MATTHEWS. BEN CHILDERS. M. C. KETCHUM. C. P. WILLIABIS. L MEMBERS of' CLASS or' '9e. W. H. JOHNSON. CAMPBELL BONNER. CUMMINS RA'rCL1FFE. J. W. HANNER. L. J. LOVENTHAL. T. H. BREWER. MEMBERS-ELECT, CLASS OF .'96. E. R. SMITH. C. R. BASKERVILL. C. E. DUNBAR. - H. F. CRENSHAW. E. M. RANKIN. MEMBERS-ELECT, CLASS or '97. I S. H. WERLEIN. W. D. STRAYHORN. MINNIE E. KEISER. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS BY COURTESY. GERTRUDE JONES, '95, JEAN COURTNEY, '96. MAXBELLE FLIPPIN, '96. ' 175 Qi . 'i Qjlis Q 'N :i ii snfj km is T ij V 3 M as 'ef ix A 4 .flfi l'llliiWW is is fe N QNX? A :fs , .- , A e si f 5 X IU g2Q1'ii.,I Iflrllyh lx ' L 1 E llvllii nfiy : X f l .5 w ill Q 22? umm 'Ui J, . - '-i '4' . . QD fri, L.. y OFFICERS POR 1895-96. ALLEN G. HALL. Nashville, Tenn. .... . P1'esz'a.'e1z!. JI M. STAYTON, Newport, Ark. ...... First Vive President. W. H. HOLLINSHEAD, Vanderbilt University . Secreiaajv. PAUL M. JONES, Vanderbilt University . .... Treaszcrer. J. T. MCGILL, Vanderbilt University . . - .... Hisi0ria1z. Executive Committee.-W. H. Hollinshead, H. VV. Morgan, W. G. Kirkpatrick, John Bell Keeble, Paul M. Jones. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. This Association was organized at Commencement in 1879. Any person who has taken a degree in the University ' ' ' ' ' ' hl t tainin full become a member of the Association on payment of the initiation fee of one dollar. A pamp e con g may information will be sent to any graduate of the University on application to Wils NVilliams, Secretary of the Faculty. Annual Address, June 15, 1896, by JOHN BELL KEEBLE, Tennessee. Annual Poem, June 15, 1896, by W. H. WITT, Tennessee. MZ fa jd QL I f X .ff ,g 1-v ... ,lf 'Rx .- f 3 .. Q' W. . Wifi? - f . J , I 1:2 I ,jf I -2, x f 1' ' fu , . 1 3 Yi 'ef ' - N 176 IN MEMORIAM. FRANK E. BRADSHAW, M.A., Lzstruclur in Latin. DIED OCTOBER 26, 1895. MISS ANNIE G. PASCHALL. B.A. DIED AUGUST 22, 1895, At her home in Atlanta, Ga. MISS ANNIE G. PASCH.-ILL was an ideal student-exemplary in conduct, apt to learn, accurate, always attentive, always prepared. In the power to render from another language into fluent, graceful, idiomatic English, I have not found her equal. "Strew with laurel the grave Of the early dying! Alas, Early she goes on the path To the silent country, and leaves Half her laurels unwon, Dying too soon! Yet green Laurels she had." C. F. S. 177 I 'ff Second of the Series. Held in Vanderbilt Chapel, May 15, 1896. VVou by Vanderbilt. QUESTION. Resolved, That the United States should claim the right to intervene in all disputes between European and American countries, involving territorial complications within this hemisphere. DEBATERS. Affirmative-Qhas. P. Williams fLa.J, Vanderbiltg E. F. Kennedy QMiss.Q, Vanderbilt. Negative-G. L. Tucker fAla.l, Scwaneeg john Galleher fLa.j, Sewanee. 178 BEIIMEEIIWE jnrii re e ., . ' 'ffff 'f d cgiigi g ,1 I ,Q -. i'.i1i Ay' i Q 0 a ' A ! , ' ' f- " A ' - fl f ' 'fi i f 'fill 'l V474 - "gf . '- rwf' N 49 ,ff , 2 , lg x - E 4 . f' 'XX X flu' f gl, liz-'14 X . U... , , e. X - 5 ll., . ll . E 5 Q U I H If IQ f l I I N FT l T ER- C Q L L li Q IAT li 1 : . l Q. ' T A . ffl!! 5' . W' fill " -. H! ' 7-..f:i?I:'f fi .-" J ."l I I .'a -.--.E--.-,4:,:.-- A Q O N I E. S T H ESTABT ISHED I8 I --,:"f2f -if '--Y -Y F W EEE: - 11 V - - . -A-.E-f' . CCLYZCTC U A .:...Q, C .giff COLLEGES REPRESENTED. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. A VANDERBILT. SEWANEE. WASHINGTON AND LEE. SOUTH CAROLINA. CENTRE. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. VANDERBILTS REPRESENTATIVES. 1891. J. WASHINGTON MOORE. 1894. JOHN H. DEWITT. 1892. FRANK M. THOMAS. 1895. WESLEY W. CRAIG. 1893. SAMUEL K. BLAND. 1896. HILL MCALISTER. The Oratorical Contest was held this year at Centre College, Danville, Ky. ' T79 Is. As. A As JO. UVM is i INST' T dpi! 0 I ll 550 I W L ,wud V. qmmhnlluwluuwf I ""' 1,,, , llll . I N H ,I I il ll S. W. TURNER L. G. FANT . E. A. Cox . J. H. FULLILOVE, J. M. WVILLIAMS NV. Ed Baird. A. Brevard. lll. W. Bush. E. C. Bullock. C. B. Bryant. L. C. Borah. B. B. Bayliss. W. R. Bradshaw. H. Carr. H. Carney. J. H. Creighton. H. J. Daily. E. Davis. W. N. Davis. R. E. Dotson. C. E. Dunbar. S. D. Dodson. J R. . VV. R. Easterling. M. S. Enochs. C. 'A. Evans. L. B. Fant. WY S. Fitzgerald. J. M. Fly. J. C. Foster. T. R. Foster. R. B. Goodwin. J. G. Harris. C. G. Hawkins. H. J. Hopkins. VV. Hughes. D. Jones. G. H. Jones. T. G. Kittrell. J. R. Lin. OFFICERS. Presiden i. Vice Presidefzt. C'orresp01zding Secrelavjf. Recording Secrefary. Trfzzsurer. MEMBERS. D. Lake. H. J. Livingston. VV. K. Matthews. J. K. Marshall. J. McClure. K. Meacham. lVl. lVIileS. C. Monk. R. I. Moore. H. N. Morscheimer. P. D. Neilson. P. Nichols. E. D. Patterson. W. M. Patterson. R. H. Peoples. H. N. Pharr. A. B. Phillips. B. E. Young. 180 I. Putnam. F. C. Rand. E. M. Rankin. T. L. Rippey. R. H. Rowe. John Sevier. J. Sherrill. T. J. Stapp. VV. D. Strayhorn. C. VV. Strother. T. P. Terry. B. W. Wait. J. A. West. T. Williams. W. S. Whiteman E. Whitsett. C. S. Young. f Z--X 7 Z A X gskf TN 5 A KT my E' i :ga wif 1 :: N ' E-.i'- 2' S.-xii 1-J e -.4WjQ!,'u3. -1 2: Wx x 5 -S E w f l., ffef - if 5 H- in -1 in X , ss .. A fm , Q,f,.vE' .I5'f kj gig ' .--- T A ' '4.r "I -Zi 1l5ii!1llflf'e-im 'Tix Q : Q in "mlf""l" ' f Q iljf!M5HmgHMMf x H f 1 EEEEEE jg EE 4,:, -'WkfNX flixv df bf 1 W PARJJJ yflvovf N """' An honorary degree for merit. Established by Dr. Dodd. Continued by Dr. Jas. H. Kirkland. f 1884-85 T. P. CPOLLYD BRANCH . . Rockwood, Tenn. I Qfggfl I I 1885-86 1886-87 1886-87 1887-88 1888-89 1889-90 1890-91 1891-92 B. G. WALLER . . A. E. CLEMENTX . R. E. CROCKETT24 . FRANK TAYLOR . . W. S. ROSEBOROUGH . JEFF MCCARN . . . H. E. BE1v11s . J. A. ROBINS . . Morganheld, Ky. . Humboldt, Tenn. . Union City, Tenn. . Austin, Tex. . Memphis, Tenn.. . Nashville, Tenn. . . jefferson, Tex. . Guntovvn, Miss. QQ "' ln Laila? I Ju 7 M? 9 W . W 1892-93 R. W. CLAWSON . . Mt. Plea.nt, Tenn. 1893-94 W. W. CRAIG . . . Friendship, Tenn. H K. 1894-95 W. R. HENDRIX . . . Nashville, Tenn. 91, "Tie vote. W -H X I 181 , Il 'I -Ya-0:5 S VV: .1 ' J- f ' ' 5 . lm 'i 1 it .5715-qy uv, ,! I, if i, 'ir 'Q 521 ,lm ,AR 'WH' "LX -wif f" - Tl.. ,' 1 5. .J ff fin ,!3l,' L 1' X N l vi A 41' , 4 . ,,. 59 1 f , Q R Ef'I-1-rffffkfvg ' 'WH' 'Fh1-2ZwfFf2vffJW 1 Q qw. 'l 1:Wn1.NfW--f'm.. -A N1 V X J 25 ff , 145411 'T ,WW Ezf ffm.-'fl ff ff ' 1 W -fl ! V- '- '-'H ,- f M ,i f- ' Milli YI ? W 5.1 A, ,, .L - XMIM. .... .,,.7'zlETvh flfMWw 4'.1AL ' 6 X 5 X fmjidig -Le:r122'.fL12.i,, X LBJ, ' ' vrlglryxv Gb Z',?'g- X . 552 "T , Z A ZZ NX XQ y XZQ- X Z xr-Q., Q X ! 5 ef -, : X ,, W l 2' 'Z x M ,lilo-U ,52 2 Rx X. 2 182 C0 IYIIVCIIYIIVI' -vig. KZWTEX E i fuf. if 2 ... ' W H W I p yf' 1 f475j.'f,,,A Daily During Commencement Week. wa C. R. BASKFIRVILL ..... . Edz'Z01'-in-Clzzlqf E. R. SMITH, '96. G. LOVELACE, '9S. E. F. KENNEDY, '96, Law. W. FITZGERALD, '97. E. A. Cox, '99. F. M. OL1vER, '96, Law. L. G. FANT, '97, Miss JEAN COURTNEY, 96. W. C. KIRIQLAND, '96, Theological. MISS BIIABELLE FLIPPIN, '96. WILLIAM HUGHES ......... Business Ma1zage1'. s E - f hwwlllilioau mmmlz omi mwfllmcolmim .m'v'm1mo:wLmw 'mu1romanauuwwtzfmwwill !Kl'!!Il'lf KOYLIIKUPEIBLUFKOQ wMmipomynouuoyuwronw'fra K. , . - . rf- - -- , 2 1 i . g K .i S! lb-u.Arrl.ilt' X i SDI-xcwsr II A . A R 9 . I I I I I ' 3 -.....f....,. v.- i Q Q . 0 B Q IN IQ. E i -Y W Y A -1 nv 3 ! .l.n, . 5 Utilhlflliilhfnlhillwl - 'Qiiu' TMITIHOBE.-H xml luHh'6ih'ilmWnumlnunnlnuunl:rlinI.zlBWnQ'MKinlI'iEfOFl3Yi'Ili iilifliivnfliwlilhellflW'WEfBv7nfiuTa1f HmmmHlilmnbflilh'lflilinijq cv- . W y Y I D - H XX ' !7ff7L'lM4.n '74 F J. REESE LIN LGa.j, Philosophic Society . . EfIZ'f07'-ffl-Ch7.Qf ASSOCIATE EDITORS. CAMPBELL BONNER QTGIIILJ, Dialectic Society. C THEODORE H. BREWER fKy.J, D1a1ect1c.Soc1ety. CUMMINS RATQLIFFE QArk.J, Philosophic Society. ' VV. S. XVHITEMAN, IR. LTe1m.j, Philosophic Society. I I. RANDOLPH NEAL qTenu.d, Diaiectic Society . . I?11si11ess Jlhmzgrr. 183 Elm Qmmlmf, X . . ,: w-X ' fb-kv:-Q-43 my X A BERT E. YOUNG, Kentucky, Editor in-omg. Xi' ' ce! 7 - ,rf fn- ' ASSOCIATE EDITORS. 'L A . HERBERT CARR, Kentuck . CLEMENT E. DUNBAR, Geor ia. , Y g .. X LEON CARAWAY, Tennessee. G. MORRISON PRITCHETT, Missoud fi' S WILLIAB1 HUGHES, Tennessee, ANDREW E. CLEMENT, Tennessee. 1 l , , . .511 LESTER G. FANT, Mississippif ELMER R. SMITH, Tennessee. ss f- .f an I eeee E W .sg , W BUSINESS MANAGER. 1 I - ' f . , i Q fwjgxuil W. BATTLE MALONE, JR., Tennessee. MX x i i.. i I X H3531 ' Published by the Vanderbilt Athletic Association. 'Lf' E 1 Ag I fi I Ap Zh u V A iz M ' - , E - 1 -E-Q , I Q I X'-L , f' ' Q f 31:9-I , -, Q: Q If JM 7144, yr Q - if 9' 184 x . R w , j ff' qw Mm! Y 5'fW'Il1 0 V' 1 if KU' il fp? l fi-'hr gf' my 1 mm FWF 5, Nx K!! 1 ,L 'Wm Bm- fw- - ' wa-. 1 f' " 2 A . ff , JZ, 1 K , , P ' f,Z'i'IV, :.?'-5 zvffw 14' H Gi ', A im? " 11, 4"'eW w vfwfwiibl 'vu 1 - 5 ' X - Q hUlf"'u V 6 R wx 'fi w 'x' ' -r ' - ,' 1 ll I fl X- ffl- ' F E fv xl x X V' I Ak ' ijx K ff I "t X ' In 6 X 5-jg 4 A ? it ' 7' 'Vol' A is-XN if -45' Q f 1 wr f ,Q 55 x , 1 ,Jn f - - , g:.,.,'3-'1 f --- 2 '- rf '-111 : :fff-b..' +C'- - '1' -var ,fi f 2 -Q2 ' 'N 0,7 , .A -,c-,,.-., Y M- Y X, ,l-ml A-W xo ,f f-5-if-'J-2-fL. fm ,Nif2'iiL 1 49x V A M AI . "1 " I X Nf QVX A Rx T , . ,.,, ...ill fl f 1 'WJ n Em Nv- XX x- f ! Min' ff 1 fxx 5 K fm 'M X Us ' X r Q' X xx E.. N I M :MQ W ,- It w 1 Wg," 1 Xe -'H-P AX , lx :nlw ' fs, Vx. ell cp X 'Tn -S 0 0 44 '35-" jf ,FJ 3 A ff 4 i ,f 4' , 1 K I 4 v"" I 'f ,V A Q" f fn, Q-.XXX f ' T " - NSE I 86 VARSITY ELEVEN 187 oobe olll Team. f . , -'f Q 2 X f I. X 2. J ' 7-J NR. KK x ' rx l s l . The Varsity. ' ' ,, 331 'f ig . I I XX X.. - N39 , N 'W. P. Connell, '96 . . . . Captain Q ' . -if Q , fe, , E. F. Kennedy, '96 . . - Maflagel' kg ,J . I 'V Chas. L. Upton, Pennsylvania - - CORCI1 X L A- ,", W'ill Hughes, '96 .... Center Rush 'M' 3' ' L. E. Burch, '96 . . . Left Guard ' " ' I. B. Hildebrand, '96 Rlghf Guard l 1 A X, , QQ r-9" ko- XV, Y, E111011, jr., '96 . Left Tackle ii Q., A X Y T. W. Davis, '98 . . Right Tackle ' ' if E. R. Smith, '96 . . Right End uiiws, 71 J, S. Dye,,97 . I I . Left End M. O'Connor, '97 . Quarter Back F, W, Dortch, '95 . Left Half Back H. M. Boogher, '98 . . Right Half Back VV. P. Connell, '96 ......... . Full Back Substitutes-XV. S. Fitzgerald, B. H. Black,XV. R.Stephe11s, R. B. C. Howell,J. A. B. Howe, W. G. An1es, A. F. Peacock, F. Pyatt. A GAMES PLAYED. Vanderbilt vs. University of Missouri, Oct. 12, at Columbia, Mo. . o-14 Vanderbilt vs. Central University, Oct. 19, at Richmond, Ky. . . io-o Vanderbilt vs University of North Carolina, Oct. 28, at Nashville O-I2 Vanderbilt vs. Centre College of Kentucky, Nov. 2, at Nashville . o-o Vanderbilt vs. Alabama A. ik M. College, Nov. 9, at Nashville . 9-6 Vanderbilt vs. Nashville Athletic Club, Nov. 12, at Nashville . . 20-4 Vanderbilt vs. University of Virginia, Nov. 16. at Atlanta . 4-6 Vanderbilt vs. University of Georgia, Nov. 23, at Nashville . 6-o Vanderbilt vs. University of the South, Nov. 28, at Nashville 18-6 Vanderbilt won 5, tied 1, lost 3. Points scored by Vanderbilt, 67. Points scored by opponents, 46. 188 I FRESH MAN ELEv1aN 190 fl ff f Q I in. A , I ily cf Xhiiv jf J ..-y M Niyzgwv-12' Ni , if x. . L. A. S I- fit 'VA X211 1, '- v igifll 15N ,,fX. lf rl ei. 1 'V,- ll f., Sf ' ' ' ii ' ' Q - -wann- lflilwlilillllll FGOT EALLTERN. 'TAB AND H15 nm" LOUIS FARRELL C. S. YOUNG . W. T. CASWELL jul. SHERRILL . E. C. BULLOCK . C. W. STROTHER A. K. Doss . . E. L. DAVIS . . L. W. ROXVLAND H. S. STOKES . LOUIS FARRELL E. A. Cox . . C. S. YOUNG . '99 FOOTBALL TEAM. Captain. Manager. Left End. Left Tackle. Left Guard. Center Rush. Right Guard. Right Tackle. Right End. Left Half Back. Full Back. ' Quarter Back. Right Half Back. , SUESTITUTES. H. L. lvIARsH.-xLL. J. K. INIARSHALL. HUGH CARNEY. E. L. LIGHTFOOT. W. T. XVARD. GAMES PLAYED. Q9 is High School, at Vanderbilt . . 6-0. ,99 vs. Normal School, at Nashville 99 ns VVallaLe at Vanderbilt . . . I2-2. '99 vs. '98, at Vanderbilt . . . 99 vs W all 8 Mooney, at Franklin . . 16-6. IQI o-o 6-o VARSITY NINE F IQ2 E , B x W W7 IBASE-BALL TEAM G. MORRISON PRHCHETT, '96 . . Cfrpgain, DEVEREUX LAKE, '96 . . . . Jllzzmzger. C. E. DUNBAR, '96 . . . , Qfigigzl Sggrgr, CHAS. DooLEv, Rochester Team . . Comb, T. W. DAVIS, '98 ..... , Cgffhg,-, HERBERT CARR, '98 . Piiclzeffs. , J. I. SHERRILL, '99 sl 5 xl ' V9 A aj gi , 112, ,IW Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs. Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs. Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs. Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs Vanderbilt vs J. E, MOSELEY, '98 . G. M. PR1TCHET1', '96 . I. S. DYE, '97 . . W. TURNER, '96 . D. T. MERRITT, '98 M. R. HOPKINS, '98 . L. CARAKVAY, '96 . ' T. P. XVALL, '98 A. REESE. SUBSTITUTES. GAMES PLAYED. Detroit Professionals, at Detroit Professionals, at Cumberland University, Cumberland University, University of Tennessee University of Tennessee J University of Tennessee, University of the South University of the South University of the South, University of the South, University of the South, Nashville, March 27, 1896 . Nashville, March 28, 1896 . at Lebanon, April 11, 1896 at Nashville, at Nashville at Nashville at Nashville at Sewanee, at Sewanee, at Nashville April 18, 1896 , April zo, 1896 , April 24, 1896 April 25, 1896 May 1, 1896 . May 2, 1896 . , May 8, 1896 . at Nashville, May 9, 1896 . at Nashville, May 23, 1896 193 G. ROTHROCK Firsl Base. Secomi Base. Third Base. Short Slap. LM Field. Celzzfer Fielzf. Rzghf Field. I-I2 3- 9 . I2-I2 . 16- 6 4- 3 . 13- 4 7- 9 4- 3 5-I3 Se 5 S- 4 5- 4 TRACK TEAM 194 fiw' " A - I Ei 2 . i i' 7, S-1 0 'i . .. -. ' fm . ' 9-Gianni. ' 'E 'I' 5 , ,wt 1: -I-0. Q5 -'P-22'923 'fa' .. -.5,1:pfwA- f ...z P ff' 4 ""le""' I " L'Q'9 'D N, ' A A I ' ya . 1 u N r' '5 , f' X 6' 1 A K -' -P 'Hb Pi Www - 55355. Q jffif-1 Zfggfj. "' 'WWW'- H. N. PHARR . . flfanaggr, H. M. BOOGHER . Capmin. W. D. BRADLEY. LEON CARAWAY. EMA. COX. PHILLIPS CONNELL. W. N. DAVIS. MEMBERS. J. S. DYE. A. C. ESTES. W. H. HENRY. R. C. MCKIE. R. I. MOORE. 195 M. O,CONNOR. I. A. OMBERG C. RATCLIEEE. B. W. WAIT. W. T. WARD. J alldefbllt . 1, .. .4 7 fjfwnflhx mfg' " 11'.1lQ'RlW- ' 1414240 w .1 ,.,,.W5fn.,,., a , 1 -V-mu I 6 , I - -:1f4:,4,.l dh I 1 , 's . . ,V " , f X ff lr X' , "sf Q.. f n ' .I 'Q ' A ,-4v1,...f4 1. . i 1' .. af, 9.-. k ' " xl, 3, 4 -QW ' ' -Z '-if LL .. T144 285' " -' - L-M...-' . . ffeiijp- i,12:,25a2i-gggssae. ga i 3227:-4 1-. ,. ' " ' -25:25 ' f 'f':52167P-5 .W T - "Ewa, " . H iijf ffl-E21- i 4' ' --N -7 JL?-9.1 --if " 'f--+-m-eli1- in-lr Qiggag T rigg? -1:lefe??'1':': C' RRERDY "W One hundred yards dash . . One hundred and fifty yards dash . Two hundred and twenty yards dash . Four hundred and forty yards dash . Eight hundred and eighty yards dash . One mile run ..... One hundred and twenty yards hurdle . One mile bicycle race . Standing broad jump Running high jump . Running broad jump . . Throwing hammer Q16 lbs.l . Putting shot C16 lbs.j . . Pole vault for height Pole vault for distance . Running high kick . Throwing 56-lb. weight Throwing baseball . . Running hop, step, and jump Pope Taylor, '89 Pope Taylor, '88 . H. M. Boogher, '98 . W. W. Craig, '93 . H. M. Boogher, '98 . R. A. Weaver, ,93 . H. M. Boogher, '98 . H. S. Vaughan, '93 WV. P. Connell, '96 C. Ratcliffe, '96 . F. B. Fogg, '87 . W. M. Crutchfield, '98 W. M. Crutchfield, '98 L. P. Hanner, '93 . R. E. Culver, '86 . F. B. Fogg, '87 E. E. Price, '87 T. W. Davis, '98 F. B. Fogg, '87 196 ro ISK 24 55 . 2 min. IOM 5 min. I7 18 3 min. 8 IO ft. X 5 ft. 6 20 ft. IOM 94 ft. IOM 37 ff- 32 9 ft. 9 22 ft. SX 9 ft. 32 I7 ft. 62 108 yds. 7 4K ft. 9M sec sec sec sec sec sec sec sec in in in in in in in in in in in SOUTHERN INTER-COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. First Annual Field Day, Vanderbilt Athletic Field, May 15, 1896. One hundred and twenty yards hurdle . Puttinff 16- ound shot P . . One hdndred yards dash Four hundred and forty yards dash One mile run . . Throwing 16-pound hammer Two hundred and twenty yards dash Pole vault . . Running high jump . Half mile run . . Running broad jump . RECORDS. T. Buchanan fSewaneeH L. H. Colmore CSewaneel W. T. Ward QVanderbilt7 W. B. Stokes CAuburnJ H. E. Harvey CAuburnj G. D. YVilsou CS. W. P. U.J IV. N. Davis Vanderbiltl C S. H. YVerlein fVauderbiltJ T. Buchanan fSewaneeJ F. W. Van Ness QAuburnj J. A. Omberg CVanderbiltJ SCORE BY POINTS. Fbxxlx. Seconds. Tfzlnis. , T olal. Flrsls. 1. Vanderbilt . . 4 5 6 4I 5. S. W. P. U ..... 1 2. Sewanee . . 3 3 3 27 6. Cumberland . o 3. Auburn . . 3 o o I5 7. University of Nashville o 4. Central . . o 3 1 IO -5 sg xxx .XS NLX 3, +C if xfb . . , -f f. ' A wi vi' I . ilk , f 4 riff' Ayn yt Q A . ' Mi 'll -.1-z'J-.-R i 1 'X 'F 1 N I S H. 197 18 sec. . 36 ft. SZ in. IO 3-5 sec. . 55X sec. . 4 min. 48 sec . 85 ft. 92 in 24? sec 9 ft. 2 in . 5 ft. 6M in. . 2 min. 52 sec. . I9 ft. IOM in. Seconds. llhizfdx. Tom! o 1 6 o o o o o o W! 1 ' 'L ' f . A444 iff . . 'Lfiifi C ft, 417355, YQ. 2 'f " ,f?2.7".f ffielifzfmf- ,Ei ,, f r- Mae 'fW!f4fmmr.:1.1s1' -',Q'af.Lr.:-fm ,9:Z?44f-1s,ggf2??we.fff.-m':a,,1,-.f.'--Imam. - ."!1,ff.y1i4 , Q Q"f gnzfkf ' l I, Zgviifg- ?f' ..-.. ' 'few ' .9 iwm if-we Tw-7? -- Zi- - .u 1 Wu-....'..'f.'Q f-:f 1::Q'fw',K4 42.11 Xffwkf 'ey-'-H it-P:-fix! ' xx-32. 2-1 -reds - 'A-f,,,f.',xf -'19 .2 :L ,,-,--E-:::,j-f,:,4m sv-' -ffhsi 2x1W,'ezQifxlCa9'g'4- . . f ff'---121-' fx -55.1221n1f'5Q?f2':-'bww X , IU,-Li1.f2'fi' 4a-6:1-22:2 .Q l,' '- ' -f --,JH-I :.,.,- -5--:S--gn. -:LF Q- wa "- .i.: ll, 4 - r 't e : 9: ,T?f"' '?'5 'l'Z,'?":l5?5?E'.5'i!--:..- ""' E' 4- I -:E-6" ' ff' :Q fl? F - . ' fi "'g""51fl d 5? - 1u0- 331'--"ef--.Wf57i" :Lge-2 7 N 'E' 2- 'V ,Sf TI " Ld - -2- 11 I V. K? A 'ffm 'n'XN:N Gyn! X . ,v.x'-.x- 9 ' W V' fa, nv M- tj 5 I Q -ff' Q ,il .V 'NZZQZ Q !1ru?,f f? My . 4 - .ff f fl: ll M X If . 3 bf . "?ll4lf J: i ,- . x "d E : W 1 . gt 3 ' Q . . ma ' W Wu Lglbg h?f'f'74.l'!l'f - .V-'::::.r: . Y - ' if 1-5 .-:Q - f' ima ff Q'-:T R .112 -'-- L J I :::: 5 ' 522 eg -- gg 5 .wa ' 95 A -Q 2-' lb. Q 3 --jf gr. 5 - gc S I D512 am... H. M. BOOGHER, Capfain. H. N. PHARR, Mafzager. One hundred yards dash . Putting I6-lb. shot . . Two hundred and twenty yards dash I. W. N. DAVIS, '98 . 2. WARD, '99. 3. POLK, 99. 1. PHILLIPS CONNELL, '9 2. E. R. SMITH, '96 . I. H. M. BOOGHER, '98 2. W. T. WARD, ,99. 3. W. H. HENRY, ,97. 98 6 II sec 30 ft. IOM in 27 ft. II in. . 2455 sec. Throwing I6-lb. hammer Running high jump Four hundred and forty yards race . Pole vault Half mile race Mile race . . Running broad jump I. PHILLIPS CONNELL, '96 . 2. E. R. SMITH, '96 C. R.-x'rCLIFFE. '96 W. N. DAVIS, '98 I. 2. LEON CARAWAV, ,Q7. 1. H. M. BOOOHER, '98 2. W. H. HENRY,A '97. 3. A. C. ESTES, '98, I. S. H. YVERLEIN. '97 2 W. N. DAVIS, '98, C. RATCLIFIQE, '96. I. E. R. SIVIITH, '96 2. C. RATCLIFFE, '96. 3. C. R. BASKERVILL, '96, M. R. HOPKINS, '97 I. W. T. WARD, '99 2. C. RATCLIFFE, '96. POINTS SCORED BY CLASSES. Total. Class of .... 37 Class of ' I7 Class of ' 23 Class of 12 OFFICIALS. MR. C. N. BURCII, f - , MR. METCALF, MR. WALTER PALMER, f""f"5- MR. FRED BOOTH, Swim' Q. ffff, - 2, ,QE J 5, f ' 9J?w i W. 1. J Gi A 1 3'NlvX.'3' , 51 gl . VO 'I J34'aVL.L I ' Q1 V1lf1Qf,gx7L'E'Lx.s QPHTQ 199' 74 ft. 25 in 64 ft. 2 in . 5 ft. 3 in . 595 Sec . 8 ft. 8 in ' 2 2 mm. 425 Sec. 7 min 55 sec . 18 ft. 6 in Sl , f ' '21 cis-vit-'sr - -"' 1' whs- . , if-f,gs.Qg.N ',,.f-. 'N K X.f..jXw fa. , . .V X I 'W .-A' Nsxis --. 1- . . ., ., NIL- -m.Sv,Y'fN?Ax-QC .. lx Nuk":iX.5 xx -. Sgr f l S391 ..-nw.-i..Ns..5NXYX Ny- X. l xlwll . M 'mx x , X N ewes N f ' fe ff-f W. 1 ,EAI Ng xq.XxQgs,r,myK' -C X f Nlwwxxklfxyw X Q X 51 Ns V!i"1:EiXYl-All s '. ww" f A . K Agmffs. .Tiff "" " ,. ' ' 1,514.4 '11---I-53,5 +A- 'NN-si . y V... ax ' Yf-A ,,,,,asj . -A K Zn'Q1yV:,i.j1:gi314"T., 5 :Mil 1. W ' , -' N, f .. -, 'L ss - -- -,.. .- . OFFICERS. PROF. JOHN DANIEL HENRY N. PHARR EDWIN M. RANKIN FRANK C. RAND . . . Score by Sets: 4-6, 6-2, 4-6, 6-1, 6-o. Tournament Held October 19, 1895. IN DOUBLES. Messrs. NORTON and HUME, Memphis. Messrs. RAND and FARRELL, Vanderbilt. Messrs. RAND and FARRELL, Winners. ' Mr. NORTON, of Memphis. S W. L. Dudley. J. T. Meoiu. F. W. Moore. A. H. Merrill. A. R. Hohlfeld. john Daniel. . E. Brown. O E. A. Ruddiman. J. H. Stevenson. N. Farrell. E. M. Rankin. P. M. jones. IN SINGLES. Presidenl. V me P7'ESZ'd67lf. Secrelary and Treasfzref' Mavzagef' zyf Grozmds. Mr. RAND, Of Vanderbilt. Mr. NORTON, Winner. core by sets: 6-4, 6-3, 2-6, 6- XV. S. Fitzgerald. H. N. Pharr. E. S. Jones. H. J. Livingston. F. C. Rand. F. W. Dortch. C. Ratcliffe. W. H. Schuerman. C. B. Bryant. A. B. Phillips. H. J. Hopkins. C. E. Dunbar. MEMBERS. L. B. Fant. W, H. johnson. R. T. Lund. J. A. Omberghl H. H. Miller. T. A. Jenkins. J. H. Dosser. B. T. Terry. Owen Kelly. R. B. Goodwin. T. H. Brewer. . Herbert Carr. 200 H. N. Morscheinier. Pope Briley. E. D. Patterson. NV. F. Bradshaw, jr E. F. Kennedy. B. Bayliss. W. M. Patterson. Jones Fuller. C. K. Adachi. lvl. A. Fort. J. C. Foster. fr-lk, vqkw fy, 1. X15 f ,Q 4 jg Illini C ' I af r QW ls- 'Y h . 42, fc Q. 5 V .- -actin.. lg I zflfv- 6 IH - - . ' , ' ,ff ff ..v f W We . " V. ' df I. - . - -'iwiiy We 37 "I Yr: '75 - '4 GL-23" '7W9'Wb' 'wi v-VW ' ?"' 'f '1'l?55 ff? :aff - b I 'Q 'G 5' "os i N yy ahpwb' 'O Q ' j I vi 5 N .Q N 0: ' x ' R' R kv 4 Www m vs -Q fa N -A ' . '. . I - - -Qfufwwm Q 'vwfzsfwaeni eim-2fv'f5""f'f 'W S 52 I ' l 1509 ' 4, , - ,-- , 4,,. ., .. ' 1 4' A - , . - ' - . A 5- F' Y -:+-r'- 4-1 ll- J - . - "5" f'i-Ai" -1 ' '4 , I '-" " Qs O ' -- -1:32, 2- --- ' ' ....- H'-' 57,1-R OFFICERS . MRS. RUDDIMAN MRS. STEVENSON MISS KIRKLAND MISS VAUGHAN MISS CANNON. MRS. MCGILL. MISS WILLIANIS. MRS. BROWN. MEMBERS. MISS ROBERSON. MRS. RUDDIMAN. MISS KIRICLAND. MRS. STEVENSON. 201 . P1fe.9z'dem'. . Vfce P1'csz'de2zf. . Seczfeiazjf and Dfeaszzrer. . Bzzszbzess flfamzger. MISS VAUGHAN. MRS. HOHLFELD MRS. JENKINS. MISS LEWIS. WEST-Left Back. PRICKETT-Center Back. NICHOLS-Right Back. FOSTER, J. C.-Left Back. MCCLURE-Center Back. WILLIAMS-Iiight Back. FARRELL4Center Back. EASTERLING-Right Back. YOUNG-Left Back. ' bf-3x5 RET X58 E411 , 3,5 JUNIORS. FARIAS, A.-Right Center. WERLEIN-Center. DINNING-Left Center. SOPHOMORES. ESTES-Right Center. MEACHAM-Center. NEILSON-Left Center. FRESHMEN. STOKES-Left Center. Doss-Center. COX- Right Center. BALL LAHS. FITZGERALD-Right Forward BORAH-Center Forward. HENRY-Left Forward. RAND-Right Forward. MOORE-Center Forward. JONES, D. W.-Left Forward. ORR-Left Forward. HOWELL-Center Forward. BULLOCK-Right Forward. RESULTS OF GAMES PLAYED. Freshmen . ...... 6 Sophomores . Sophomores . . . . 1 2 juniors . Juniors . . . 6 Freshmen 202 , . . 3 . o - 3 ...M-------'sv XQ ' K AJ XSX 1 Ji ' u U X My T1 TEM W. S. FITZGERALD. W. P. CONNELL. L. E. BURCH. M. O'CONNOR. J. S. DYE. R. I. MOORE. C. RATCLIFFE. E. R. SMITH. H. M. BOOGHER. S. V. GARDINER. B. B. BAYLISS. A. BOYD, IR. 203 The Vanderbilt -Virginia Game. Q The year that is just closing has been crowded with events of interest and importance in the athletic World of Vanderbilt. It is a year Worthy of remembrance-one that has blessed us with a great football team, the best that We have ever had 3 a crack baseball team, a track team that easily took a splendid victory from the assembled athletes of the South, a brilliant tennis tournament, and a se- ries of interesting indoor games and gymnasium performances. But of all these events none excited more interest, and none have proved more brilliant, than the "great football game" at Atlanta. The defeat at the hands of Missouri in the first game of the seaso11 was rather discouraging, but as it resulted more from lack of training, and from the fact that many of the men were not yet accus- tomed to their places and to team Work, we were not disheartened, but renewed ourselves and took courage. The team rallied and improved with startling rapidity until the culmination, which came in 204 the magnificent game in Atlanta, where they met the self-styled champions of everything-the Vir- ginia Eleven. It was a game of which every Vanderbilt man may well be proud, even though it was lost only by the slender margin Sof a disputed decision. The gentlemanly, clean playing of our men, in striking contrast to the slugging tactics of some of Virginia's uhirelings, not only elicited the sympathy of the spectators, but redounded to the good of Vanderbilt's reputation throughout the South. Our artist has secured instantaneous views of the game for the benelit of the COMET'S readers. The men may be easily recognized. Captain Connell, in his famous white shin-guards, urging his men against the mountains of flesh in front, is always visible-now plunging through center, right into the jaws of the leviathan, or sailing round end and safely eluding their elephantine clutches. Then he draws back his big guards, Hildebrand and Davis, and sends them as driving missiles through for a sure gain. There is Boogher, desperate, game and invincible, running, jumping, crawling and squirming-always gaining. And there is "Cap" Keller, swift of foot and sure of tackle, and the hardy Lynch. Up in the line the players can not be so easily picked out, but we have every reason to know that " Patsy " Hughes was in the center of the tight, tossing the enemy aside and snapping 205 the ball to the, fleet, brilliant-playing O'Connor. A picture taken at almost any point of the Held would have disclosed the plucky little quarterback in the midst of the carnage. In some of the pic- tures there is the ever-ready, active Smith, and in others there is Howe, who took his place when Smith was temporarily laid up. At the tackles, Elliott the powerful, and Kittrell the steady, strong players, are hid in the struggling mass. Fitzgerald's shaggy locks, too, like a knight's plume, aretossing and waving in energetic iight. So, with the student-body, We say: "I-Iere's to their pluck, and their skill, and their courage." i 206 ASSOCIATION FIELD DAY. SNAP SHOTS. MAY 15, 1896. I -A mu LIES. Simi' - 1 lr Nsqsfqr. I -J , u'5r:uNl T 5' - O '-'1 Z NEO 'O i 1111 1l S123wfigzilfifqflfilyfnrrzvn H. MQ- . , :M ' xr ?"fL'5gE1v, I .I-, 'Wy 1 vu: fy f f 1 ff? .,,, 1 Q' Q .,-. ,ywfggxm- ,, gfwmqq Q12 JM '-51215.. -f1gmg,wgL ' ' WW lW""'1 V ' EUS ni?IjlI:??3NSW5ifEF52E:?. !H1,l:, img. ,VIL QVM , M!! wwq.-...,V::,,. ...-f..?,q...,.m,,.X,1, ,K .Jw ,HLA ,,,v,-.3-,4?5'm,I - :H .1 -' A L . V N f . 3 , 5, Q lliilmmn -we ' .tu ,gl ,'L,E'A:1f9' , ,Q gf" :PT-f - g1"If'5:15:51-'sw-."'--,J!1!.'E2'-11 N-::tiL. ,411 ggi 'f,3tfim3,gzm:fiifggg ff-q-ffvvxi 'fm 'U 55 .q. i'i'l",4'7:'x i'33Ij- . ,V-'aww' .-. -firfiqq? 'kV.:1,'I:5rg:15-lE'IIvrTT1'-' ' hs , J an L'.fj?.G'?E.,.v Tiwliruslza 'mn-I Off-i ,Z- -fn' - I W .- :W .' - , ll If iff f -4 1"'i"'f'1""10Q'f ,piQsfgffiifgiifg1z.2j:f5551?fgZ!'153555555F31 -,,,,,-, V ., ' JIl""-3,.a::55553T! . :WWW ' W- l- :xy liwf, , FEANW A-5. nT155fffi5i5 -'wiv A- .' ' ' -'-,f , ., 40215 ."' ,si,,ffg'f'.E:1.:L' ' -?-,-f-J... , """' " ,, Aw 1' 'M 5 1, f W UT . ' M O TK, fllzjq qlgvt ,QMQQ g3g:f..-21.51235 6 h. ---.NYY f ,Q-+R - . M315 JM LM45f1!Hi +,QM...:.JI1lLM5,-feesizsilgr-,... 'g' "mf CONSOUWON THE CHANCELLORKS RETURNQ OR, HOME FROM THE HONEYMOON. 208 5? Q fl 'ea , 'Nl N. wx Q ZZ E . ' X Q :X DANTE El? if-lf' , IQQQ y,.,..,,.n.,. ,-.-5:.'.v,a-A-EM..f-f,--f,---V., ..,-,,.-...-mhz-W.: -I . .,,,,,...,, .. i.,L.L.,,.,1-'56, .1 -- 5 A ' D . ' l' L 4 3-. 4 -V- asu -- ' ' ' 'iii' 6 1 1 ' 5:5 9 'f i ' - .-iii 1 2 2 1 A 1 4 l 'i , 1 46- .-f- - ,.. 'Y' f '- - , 5:5 lk .. '- "f " ' '???'7ii'7WfB'6WSFSf4 Herr f2'i:5:3!'I'Zt7:f5S5?EWFS' . -.4...ep,:,45?. Ex N :,5?3.g.,f,., .. N',:j1,,g3.3. " - meg. I ..-mzfs-azawf 1 . '.-Zu-.yfqk ,,,,:l"' ...,qq-:':-:,g:,-fy.-,- ' - '4f.-.gfp1m3'a . .-:. M14-:-.Gi?.' f . ' --.'.3-ig.:+:pp-gs' f ,.'.pf.g.,m1.g.-,,, , 1 ' .q1,,.. . 209 -Ai M? 'f' . X ' Q M, vs, . J- K f x XECZYB 210 'Og0's " oOd'g o" 'J-I: 5-D ni wav Q43 4 U AJC do W Q O' dl AT SUN SET. N beds of fragrant, velvet moss, In cooling shade, at languid ease I lie, while naught my ear doth cross, Save dreamy hum of forest bees, And purling of the tide below, A Q K ,L at Which smoothly from this pool doth roll 023. f Dev N -'83 O ' 4 if O O . I I And gently onward swifter flow To 1nurm'ring break upon the shoal. That burning shoal is lit with red By rays from yonder setting sun, As slow he seeks his evening bed On crimson clouds, as soft as down. Ye finny tribes who dart and play Upon the wave, so gay and bright- Now at my feet, now far away, As speed ye far from out my sight. I see your silver sides agleam, As, Hashing o'er the sands afiame, Ye gambol up and down the stream, In merrisome aquatic game. 211' As gracefully ye cleave the wave, With agile strokes that never tire, The rippling waters seem to lave Your comely forms in seas of fire. Ah, merry is your life, indeed, No troubles e' er disturb you there, As up and down the stream ye speed, Without a sorrow or a care. O, speed ye on, enjoy your life- Eternal death must be your doom, For born are those who wage'no strife To dwell forever in the tomb. Q A Q X7 -4 ,C 6 at L N' 5 ,,,.,,J.Wre 'g , T fl . fs.-:.f ffzffaw.. f-QE, 3 ' VERY small joke by a Professor goes a long way with the class before him. S9 - ,K , , H -'Where the Reuben doth spring up, there will the bath joke abound. X xg! Y T O , . 2, One way to be o ular is to own a bike or a dress suit. A daily fx P P does very well too. g Paper r A man for whom you- do favors will soon turn your enemy--witness Van- . fx derbilt University and the religious editors. Hi' Q 0 0 Do nlt keep too clean-looking if you wish to be a beneieiary of the University. The literal meaning of " cometl' is Uhairy star," but you can be sure that there are no whiskers on this one. Some fraternity men keep a large-sized cemetery in which to bury the faults of their brothers. It is said that Professor Daniel attempted to pass the Roentgen rays through one of his class explanations, but met with signal failure. - ' Given, six patriotic students in Wesley Hall who take the Hzzsflef or Observer: Find out how the rest of the Hall always knows what 's inthem and deduce the feelings of the six with college spirit. The Chinaman who invented the I5 puzzle became rich. The wealth of the Rothschilds awaits him who puts one of Dr. Moorels questions into merchantable form. The theolog and the medicine ball are both harmless enough if you keep them apart. Do n't judge a man by the company he keeps. He may be sworn to it. The man who fritters away all his Sundays is loudest in condemnation of him who studies on that day. 212 Know thyself. Not every one thinks as much of your Ucommunication " to the hhzsfler as you do. The fence of Democracy on West Side has been usurped by the Ogler. He is truthful, indeed, Who does not reduce his number of days due at chapel. Mention the COMET to advertisers, and future generations of business managers will rise up and call you blessed. " When I was at Leipsicl' seems to have gone out of use. He does not always come out again whose " friends" guy him when he first appears on the track. Vanderbilt is yet too tame for a Dramatic Club. df: X ' J .f X , N ,147 X' - I - C " ,iff '55 53. FQIVXZZG145 -iii' If 1.- 4 ff' QI3 1 ff f x I 7 gf M 34 7? , lliigw, nf WH J ,yu fm, , fgwfiy xxx A SENILE SONNET. HE sits and looks with limpid, violet eyes That shine from misty lashes, like afar On some still summer evening, a star- Steeped in I-Ieaveu's own blue -that one descries Thro' rifted cloudy but I can not devise A phrase to keep the nameless, fleeting grace Of the sweet womauhood that makes her face A fact of beauty-dream of paradise! Thus wert thou. How sweet to look, remember, dre changed P The loveliness of years 3111. O Love! Thou . me what thou art. Has decked thee, made thee to h, behind the gleam Of spectacles, in eyes that common tears ld true hear Have d For looking up, I catc immed, the homage of the o , 2l4 t ! THE CHAPEL 2l5 Encyclopedia Vanderbiltiana. -EDlTOR'S NYOTE.-T116 -following are speci-men pages from the advance sheets of a colossal work entitled The Encyrlopedia Vander- bz'llz'ana, to be issued at some date in the twentieth century by the leading' ,members of the Vanderbilt Faculty, assisted by a host of eminent scholars and specialists. Among the contributors will be Ignatius Cryptogram Donnelly, J. Rhetorical Lin, Ignace Paderewski, john james Cantey, Thomas Andreas Mclntyre, and ollzers. The greater part of the work will come under the personal supervision of Mr, Liu, assisted by Dr. F. Wizard Moore. h A A fl . .. . . . ffl? The initial letter. Discovered at Yale in 187-, by II. Cunning Tolman, Ph. D. CCF Q It was found in a basket of Sanskrit roots freshly imported from the sloping sides of the Hindoo Koosh. The learned Doctor, after having labored for forty days and K nights in an endeavor to decipher certain illegible scratches upon the roots, was rewarded by finding the precious letter vaguely outlined upon one of them. He RJ thereupon tasted food and drink, shouted for joy, and immediately cried out: "I - know it." ALEXANDER1SOD of Philip of Macedon. Little known at Vanderbilt. ALEXANDER-Gross. High Priest on Wednesday mornings. Resides within af Sabbath day's journey of West Side. ' ASINORUM-S66 under "'Maximus." I ATHLETICS-The chief end of man and the glory of Vanderbilt. For full discussion, see editorial columns of the C. A. CC7'0Llk67'15 Argzamevzfj by Dr. Everlasting E. Hoss. Best known living exponent-see under "Farrell, Tab." Best all-round athletes, the Freshmen. AVERAGES-Labor-saving devices by which a man may make a pass on fifty, provided he has already made one on seventy. To him that hath shall be given, etc. B NMASKERVILL-Herr W. M., Author of Leipsic Memories and Portraits WfI4Oth thousand soldj. Now in press, Short Talks for Chautauqua " Students. t A f A H Q- iBOlNTNER-SEC under " Opinionless Echoes and Echoless Opinions!! Q--QL-Qmvtiflnfhb-S BUsT-A frequentative. There are two classes, viz.: busts physical, ' and busts mental. Busts mental may be variously subdivided, generally into Senior, junior, Sophomore, and Freshman. The subject of Graduate Busts is treated with V 216 completeness in Dr. Moore's little pamphlet, called " My Intermediate on English Constitutional History." To bust is to the Seniors, a privilege, to the Juniors, a habit, to the Sophomores, a natural consequence, to the Freshmen, a terrified quaking of heart. C . gi- '-in O-EDS1A species of the human kind overmuch maligned collectively, J: S overmuch flattered individually. fkl XfX CRABI-A verb, necessary and indispensable in modern educational 2' '1 7 history. Literally, to cram is to force the sponge-like tissue of the brain to take up the greatest amount of dry-as-dustmaterial in an iniinitessimal portion of time. In other words, it is to prepare for a Junior Latin Examination. ' CAP AND GOWN-The editors wish to enter a public statement of their inability to treat of this subject. For readers desiring to 'rind the best arguments for and against, we would advise a careful study of Peoples on "The Cap and Gown: its Historical and Commercial Value," and Hughes' " Wrath of Babylon, or, My Crusade Against The Cap and Gownf' in three volumes. CHANCELLOR-fBlessed are they that marry and are given in marriagej It shall be the duty and office of a Chancellor to hear and to grant excuses to any that may desire them, to incite the weak- kneed, to encourage the feeble-minded, to forbid overwork, to ride his own or a hired wheel on state occasions, and to wear a stovepipe hat at least once a year. CHAPEL-See under " Cuts. " CORNELIUS-The patron saint of Vanderbilt. CUT--To willingly refrain from undertaking any unpleasant duty. To avoid alike the drowsy monotony of lectures, and the irritating regularity of quizzes. CUMBERLAND-A wild, mountainous region in the East. Cedars of Lebanon and scrub oaks abound. The natives are an uncouth, yet peaceable race. They even support a small school, and the amenities of civilization are slowly forcing their way into this region. Their taste for iire-water is pronounced. They play a crude game, which is supposed to be modeled on the civilized game of baseball. Several missionaries from among us have gone to them. Prominent in this line are Jimmy Rich, Bob Moorman, and Rhody Ketchum. ZI7 D Useful Knowledge. Author of 6545 ? ., ,WWW ANIEL-Professor of Theoretical and ' 1',,f 1?"f fggiif' . . . 'af' X " One Hundred Mistakes in Text Books on Physicsf' All lectures 'ififf??' 1 ,- W . . . . "" f 1llL1StI'3.tGd by polarized light, guaranteed to be genuine. Owner of ,Wa 'r-, :, . 1 . 41f:,j,7,iA l, f , j the famous Wesley Hall pointer pup. I 'QQQW' WW Wf .TQ , , '.. yy! ., W f ' :K rr :K just here the continuous work of the editors was broken OE, when the Professor insisted on determining the authorship of Shakespeare's plays by photographing the internal evidence of the manuscripts by means of the new Roentgen rays. A 1? xr-'., " "fifty 4,1CfEl5,, X gf? ".1ylrx:,e , M.-:ix- Q -"' f.. ' w' H34 JSQKQK S Wx ti - - ' Qt-1-is-ts. .. A E ft' fs' ,W - wt, 1-1,Rl?ElH..gTHr. - 4 1 X A, P-,wr-4:15 Q 6 ' W ,:"A ' A K "5 s WV. 'C xi .,,, 4 lf- Z, '71 gt.- 'f l' X lin? Q QA 5555 s'1Q'l5g5f: f ,E I t ' hx, f f i - si ,.-:N Q W f"'- Qi, A f - T" . 1,... Z5 .:.- LV' -.. "", -giifsgg-tgi -A I tha?-slugw-h16? Wher5.i 4 8' -" B s hgwihter. 05.5.3U1v 218 AN ARCTIC PASTORAL. .. 1. - :, i . ...Jw 'A ' ow N in the snow the lover sat And mourned his cruel fate, A frigid maid had told him that She did not reciprocate. His blighted hopes in tears found vent That trickled down and froze, And soon there hung a monument To love, upon his nose. Upon a silver martinys fur He dried the signs of woe, And little dreamed his trousers were Fast freezing to the snow. At length a hungry polar bear Came by, but still he sat, For oh, that snowdrift had him where The monkey had the cat. A vain attempt the mourner made To tear himself away, In vain a prayer he wildly prayed, The snow replied, " Nay, nay." And all this time that hungry beast XVas coming on apace, SO glad was he to get that feast. He did not stop for grace. Nor waited he to have it dressed But clothes and all he ate, And now that lover is at rest Beyond the Golden Gate. On that same night the midnight sun Lit up the world below, And showed that bear still gnawing on Some fur froze to the snow. 219 UNIVERSITY LIBRARY 220 A Y ivy T0 THE MIDNIGHT WIND 0F THE DYING YEAR. Murmur sweetly in the willows, crying, Scarcely sighing Never plying. VVildest winds you re trying, if if ' 4 I I 1' T ff 1 ! fi:-f " ' N ' :1 ,f . I A ,A L, g ,'. Wi, 4 .f " j' ,N 1 We , ' V .Q .. lt" HISPER softly while the year is dying, r- BJ, ' C ff: 5 . , , , 2' .- ' , With each gust you re prying, Darkened leaves to set a-flying, From the mouldering heap long lying. II. Wild wind, knell more gently the year that 's going Spread the shroud of white with softest snowing, Barely flowing, Rarely growing. - Trash and twigs you 're sowing, That you 're madly mowingg Muttering threats dread, you're showing Pets, by drawing the lightning's glowing. III. Blow wind, with a mild and mellow ringing, Through the reeds and iced twigs drearily singing, With no dinging Sleet, or stinging. Rudely you come, bringing Storms, in fury springing O'er all vales, and roughly flinging Far and wide each wood you 're wringing. IV. Come, quick air, with sombre state clad, weeping, On the closing year with bated breath peeping, Steadily creeping, To his last sleeping. Then, with comely keeping, Herald New Year, leaping Till thy heart is iilled to heaping, While each man with good you 're steeping. 22I YE x g EIN SCHAUSPIEL. V. SCENE-Room 26, Delphi Building, W'est Side Row. A pyramid of "Golden Sceptre " boxes adorns the mantelpiece. Dink, suffering from a severe attack of ague, is lying in bed A with overcoats and books piled mountain-high upon him. ' TIME-Il.jQ P. M. t E7ZfE7' G. T. H. M., fronoclczsi D., and Aimless Bilb. l If G. T. H. tdrawing a flask from his pocketj-"Dink, We 've got your medicine." ' e DINK Cwith a groanj-"Well, hurry up, old man. I can 't stand it much G ,X longer. Make it pretty strong." flconoclast squeezes one-third of a teaspoouful of lemon-juice into a large tumbler, and adds a teaspoonful of hot water and another of sugar. Billy nervously draws the cork from said flask and fills the t'Ll11llDlEI'.iI G. T. H. fstirring and approaching the bedj-" Here you are, old mang she is sort ol weak, but I 'ni afraid to make ,er too strongf, DINK fdrinks medicine slowly, and sighs after last swallowj-" Hug, do n't waste the sugar in the bottom. Pour in just a little more and I guess I can take it." CAfter saving the sugarj H I 'd better take another dose in about a half-hour." QLies down and in ten minutes is snoring vigorously.j BILLY-" Say, fellers, I 'ni feelin' kind 0' unusual myself, ain't you?" G. T. H. and ICONOCLAST Cin chorusj-A-" Yes, I 'm feelin' mighty tough." BILLY tpreparing a dosej -c'I'1n goin, to take a dose myself. No, never mind the sugar, I do n't care much for it. And the water 's got cold." tHe omits the water and sugar and swallows the contents of the tumbler, making a wry face.j " Mighty bad stuff, fellers, but I b'lieve she'll fix us all right? Uconoclast and G. T. H. follow Billy's example, and all three gather about the fire. G. T. H. iills his pipe, and Iconoclast borrows some tobacco and does likewise. Billy lights a cigarettej 222 ICONOCLAST-l'BillY, have YOu ever read the Dc Cczmcrofz ? " lx K, never did take much stock in Milton g he 's too heavy-too ,? heavy for a classic writer. I enjoy something like Opie Read or p Conan Doyle, they 're classic! 'l 3 j R31,-2" BILLY-" Well, I Ive sort o' glanced over it, you know. I BOCCAU0-3 QECANEQON . Il if ICONOCLAST-U O you Engineers do n't know no literature. ' to ' ii You 're thinking of Pazfaflisc Losf. Hug, what is your opinion of the Dc Cameron ? " G. T. H. Qblows a wreath of smoke toward the pyramid on the mantel and lays his pipe carefully on the Hoorj-"Well, my ideas on tl1e Dc Camcrofz may be different from anybody's else. Most people call it immoral, but I tell you, gentlemen-it 's a fact I-every story of the Dc Cazzzeroiz is a moral lesson. You may begin ab ow and clear through to ad malzzm you can elucidate a moral fable. I grow indignant at these foul-minded hypocrites who arecoutinually seeking to construe.evil from every thing with which they come in contact. I might cite numerous examples ad Z'7Ui7'ZZ.llZL7lL to prove the veracity of my statement, but no proof is necessary. fhazfc sjwkcfu fAimless Billy nods vigorously and shakes hands with G. T. H. Icouoclast hands him his pipe and borrows his tobacco pouch. Great silence, broken only by Dink's profound snoringj ICONOCLAST Cexcitedlyl --' ' Say, fellers, I believe Dink's delirious ! Just listen to them noises I H G. T. H.-" O keep still, Freshman, he's merely dreamingf' , fThere is a great knocking at the door.j Ezziw' B. C. and Iliff. Goodlowe, carb 6ecz1'z'1zg cz large leflgeff. B. C.-' 1 HCYC-Cf-ST-g67Zff67lZE7Z .f U ' G. T. H. Qrising hurriedly from his seat on a trunkj-" Come right in, gentlemen, have chairs, won't you? " I B. C.-" Er--er-no, thank you, we have n't time. 'We are projecting a West Side Prohibition Club, and have simply come to ask for your cooperation in the work. 'We have already secured a number of responsible names, and wish to add the names of you three gentlemen. Mr. Goodlowe, read over the list." . MR. GOODLOWE Creading from his ledgerj-H Crenshaw, McKie, Woods, Stapp, T. W. Davis, Childers, Terry, Miles and Turner." BILLY, HUGGINS, AND ICONOCLAST Qin unisonp-"Yes! yes!! Add our names, we are with you in this worthy movement l ! I QI-Each, in turn, adds his signature to the list in Mr. Goodlowe's ledgerj , - 223 B. C. Cglancing at the tablel-"Er--er-Gentlemen, has either of you anything good for a cold? I stood out in the snow the other night rehearsing my speech for Moot Court and caught a severe cold." l fBilly gives him a large dose of Dinkls chill tonic and then prepares one for Mr. Goodlowe, who is coughing painfullyfl B. C.-" Gentlemen, We are very glad to have received such Willing support from you, and are also wezjf much obliged to you for those cough drops. Good-byef' MR. GOODLOWE -" Good-night, gentlemen. " Exezmt B. C. and Ziff. Goodlowe. KG. T. H. and Billy doze quietly, G. T. H. still puffing serenely. Dink is attacked with an unusually violent snoring spellj ICONOCLAST Qrushes to the bed and shakes Dink until he avvakes with a startj-" Dink! Dink ! are you delirious? Do n't be afraid, old inan, We 'll Win on the Kentucky Derby, just keep cool and Watch me I " DINK Qspringing from the bed, amidst a shower of overcoats and booksj-"Confound you, Freshman, I ,ll teach you to disturb honest people from their slumbers! Delirious! Yes! and I think you are out of your head, young idiot ! " fHe throws Iconoclast through the window and fires a shoe at Billy's head, missing him and knocking down the "Golden Sceptre" pyramid. Billy and G. T. I-I. awake. G. T. H. picks up his boxes and arranges them in their former order. Billy coughs, takes the last dose of Dink's tonic and departs silently. G. T. H. resumes his pipe and peace reigns in Delphij ' ' rx Z4 X --fl.lf 'H Af 'fir B, X XX YT 'I ., Q-its iv"-iff 224 THE SEATS BENEATI-I THE TREES. IN the distant, dim old past, not so many years ago, After I had " finished up" a course at college, With my " dip" beneath my elbow, I came to Vanderbilt And drank some rather meager draughts of knowledge, Yet today of all the memories that come in pleasant throng, Like apple blossoms in an April breeze, The dearest and the sweetest are of those days gone by, And of the rustic seats beneath the trees. I11 the budding of the springtime, when the fragrant locusts shed A fall of snowy petals on the ground, VVhen the sweet magnolia blossoms opened wide to meet the dew, And shed their sun-kissed fragrance all around g O how pleasant were the evenings when we wandered arm in arm, A sweet co-ed and I-it was Louise- Or sat close by each other, in the pale moon's lovely light, On a dear old rustic seat beneath the trees. I remember well the evening she put my Frat. pin on, And vowed she loved " our crowd," and our's alone g But the next year found her wearing another fellow's pin, So cold had her affections for me grown. Let me see-there was another, a sweet maiden in the town, 'Who sweetly sang to me the College Glees , We also used to wander, when the radiant ,sun was gone, Beneath the spreading branches of the trees, She vowed she loved no other-to me she would be true- For just a little while a heaven seemed near. Yet It was Vanderbilt affection, and the lovely little maid IVas wedded to a dentist 'ust last year. And maybe "there are others," I really could n't say, Whose hearts have " beat in unison " with mine 5 They, too, are all gone from me-gone never to return- They passed away, and passing left no sign. Now the cares of life surround meg I 've a sweetheart, really, now And Constance is the dainty maiden's name, She is truer far, and dearer, immeasurably, to me, Than any ancient, boyish, college flame. Yet my heart goes back with longing to the days of long ago, And could I spend an hour as I please, Ild go back to the 'Varsity some evening, not alone, And spend it on a seat beneath the trees. 225 Where Old Hats Fit. PATTERSON QBRONCHOQ: 'I If thou desirest to be wise, be so wise as tO l1Old thy tongue." BREVARD : . 'L A horse ! a horse I My kingdom for a horse?" YOUNG, B. E.: 'I I must to the barberls, Monsieur: for IIl6tlllHkS marvelous hairy about the facef, cr LIN: " Conceit in weakest bodies strongest works." IRVING QLAWDI "There is one goat for you." NEILSON 1 " He was a man of an unbounded stomach." STROTHER 1 " Sweep On, you fat and greasy Citizen." HENRY: " The empty vessel makes the greatest sound." VVOMACK: ' "EXtravagance, the rich 1nan's pitfall." LACY: . 'A The glass of fashion, and the mould of form, The Observed of all observersfl PATTERSON QLITTLE WILLIED : " Frailty, thy name is woman !" KENNEDY: ' HNOt to know me argues yourself unknownfl THEOLOGS : A " The lirst thing we do, let 's kill all the lawyers." LUND z " Mine eye is enthralled to thy shape." 226 I'm PHILLIPS 1 " Hell is empty and all the devils are here !', MILES QGROVERD : " He was a rake among the scholars." HOPKINS: " All that glisters is not gold. Gilded tombs do Worms enfoldf' CHAT QHUSTLERD 1 " By outward show let 's not be cheated. An ass should like an ass be treated." WERLEIN: 'K One self-approving hour whole years outweighs Of stupid starers, and of loud huzzasf' GARDINER: " Ye gods, it doth amaze me! A man of such a feeble temper should So get the start of the majestic faculty And bear the palm alone." GOODWIN : "Society is now one polished horde, Formed of two mighty tribes- The bores and the'6o1f'd. lwu f NX I i "' . ,. ,' l 'ZF' n f 'Y hi va '-1. X J ,LN H si, X ,!,. ' -.g - V, A '- f- 6 4-f - -A A H,-7, 227 A SUPPLICATION. just to please my beating heart. just one kiss-then say adieu, in UST one kiss before we part, 4: - fi In ffm, Tell me truly, little girl-won't you? Can't you think of a shady nook, Secured from each intruder's look? Can't you dream a fairy dream Under the moonlit heavenly sheen-can't you ? Dream Apollo passing there, Stoops to look on one so fairg Stoops to touch that silken hairg And who knows what these Gods Won -do you? Fill with dreams your little head, And then, O listen, let me plead, Dream at last-to break the spell, Dream he stoops to say farewell, And let me wake my little miss W'ith Apollo's stolen kissQwill you? 't dare 228 T0 A PAINTING-. I see thy pictured face so fair In shades and tints so like thyself 3 Thy own brown, waving, curly hair, A roguish, sweet and beauteous elf 5 Thy blushing cheeks and bright brown eyes, Thy snowy neck and noble brow, O, image seen with just surprise, Such sights as thou are rare anow. But how much rarer thou art, dear, With love-light sparkling from thine eyes, Or when they are so pensive clear, And thou art then possessed with sighs, Or best thou wearest beaming smiles That dimple o'er thy cheeks and chin, With drooping face and bashful guiles, Whene'er I seek my suit to win. Thy blushing cheeks are tinged then soft As white peachblooins still moist with dews In thousand images clear, I oft See thee, and memory imbues Each with surpassing beauty, though I-Ier pictures e'en are dim. Then may Art hope thy face's instructive glow To catch on canvas or in clay. Encyclopedia Vanderbiltiana. EDITORS NOTE.-Through the kindness ofthe publishers, Messrs. Folio 81 Variorum, I7 Murray Hill, Loudon, we are enabled to present further fragmentary portions of the Encyclopedia, They have been compiled with great care, all statements having been scrupulously verified before a conimittal to print. X C COMET-A brilliant annual phenomenon. Outside, it appears a trailing cloud of glory, but within it is full of wind and dead lllCl'l,S jokes. Eleven bedraggled editors ride in the shower of sparks that fall from a critical student body. D DENNY-Collins. Superintendent ofthe N. K. Davis Grist Millsg also sole prpprietor of the Moral and Mental Feed Store. Special sales given monthly. E EXAMINATIONS-Inventions of the Evil One. A species of witchcraft. Astrologers have noticed the periodical nature of their coming. Most violent manifestations during the months of January and June. It is supposed by many that W. Cullen Bryant wished to die in june in order to escape Finals. F OOTBALL-The sport of the Titans. Among the famous players reserved for next year I are Rankin, fullback 5 and Fox, center rush. tw - C ft- G xl X! 5 funn, GIRLS-A11 unknown quantity. Many students persist, however, in trying to solve the unsolvable. f.a.feD""- GRIND-A verbg to dig, to study in an unworthy manner. 229 I-I OSS-E. E. See under 'K Society for the Suppression of Innocent and ,X rx Healthful Sportufl f 5 in HUSTLER-The best weekly paper published in the university. tl. A i For complimentary notices inquire of any member of the staffg price, 25' 32 per year-not payable in kind. H'OI.IDAX'-All oasis in a desert. It is as a drop of water to a .V-all SN K patched tongue. They are humbly asked for, save when a Chancellor QQ ""' marries and returns from a tour in a far country. Av-See under " Reuben. ' l ' K KIRK-W. Hambletouiian. A little lower than the angels. L LITERARY SOCIETIES-Il1Stlt11tlO11S for the teaching of the tactics of evasion. The framing of excuses and the use of substitutes are specialties. NI MOORE, F. W.-See " Introduction " to our Encyclopediaf O OBSERVER-A magazine. P ROFESSOR-The only serious drawback to the enchantments of college life. The embodi- 5 ment of inquisitiveness. A man possessed of the fiendish gift of asking unpleasant gc' V' pi questions. An evil to be avoided by lovers of leisure. 9 f 3' S EWANEE-A district abounding in mountain goats, which have cloveu hoofs and XXEW2 long, purple hair. These goats are seldom seen in cities. An enterprising X 1 shovvrnan, however, secured eleven of them on last Thanksgiving and took them to a neighboring city to exhibit them at a college festival. The people 1 ji mistook them for sheep, and the boys cried, " Sewanee Sheep," etc., until the manager repented that he had brought them, and would fain have left them in their rocky cliffs. ' 2 50 SKEW-Sometimes spelt squewg for full discussion refer to the " Pedagogics of Physicsfl by Prof. Daniel. STROTHERV-Patriarch of the Freshmen. The "Old Man Nestorn of the most remarkable class that the University has ever taken within her doors. -W T . . ENNIS--Played usually in the Wet winter months, when exercise in the " Gym " is to be e:?5!::,.!::i' . . . . . 95355 155555, avoided for hygienic and medicinal reasons. ':::e,55:: 'g-J , 1 THEOLOG-All unclassified species. It is thought, by certain visionary enthusiasts, ,-1 that the old-style theolog will soon become extincti Scientists, however, are of opinion ,l that he will remain for many years yet. For extended information see Dr. Whiskers F. Tillet's "Reminiscences of My Researches for Brain in Wesley Hall." ' V Ugg IRGINIA, UNIV. OF-A name of scorn and obloquy, a by-word among the nations. VV WHISKY-A beverage used only for medicinal purposes. A potable fluid. Non-portable only when in excess. WATER-For analysis, see text-books on chemistry. For practical knowledge, inquire of Wesley Hall milkman. X X-lXcuses. Legal tender only when accompanied by doctor's certihcate. Y Y-The Encyclopedia is lacking in information here. We think, however, that the principal use of this letter is confined to algebras and other monstrosities of the human intellect. Z Z-The end of all things, or in other Words, the Observer-Hustler Baseball Game. A A 231 X. i 0 NJ - C, ' , 'Ln- fry s-'A,-- "5 'fra X ff. , ,v, Qi ..,,,,,i?l NA fi ' full, X bgzglxxxf I ll -., S WA? H f ,- it 1 W ni el I h -X .,, .J ful ik 4, - F H ,Emil x I J 1 M s, s- f rw Sl r i W X ll L L K L f A I h ., W I zfllzmgf' 1 ,I , 1 W f ii' ff ilI1,I fi, f nw, f I 'I w ,.' f l 'Hi' f Xl' lil' .Wu 1 X KV 1 ' in ' ,,fd' y X 714' h X: N, X N . If 4' K ffl ff., ' lla f'1jffu'fQ 'f 11, ' f,,'.l,'- ,M flf7'1f' 'ffl ,xy 1 .I , . ' V -. 1 1 ! 1112 72, I WVU sflllfllfp wwf' y, I f 'wh' fo ,,A p 'ffffflrff 1 A f f 3' 5 il fl!!! ,I 1 ' I '. 'rl U 'IK ll , . I' ' , if hfllllll-l I fx.. x x. 232 SWEETHEART, soon-BYE The dew is on the summer rose, The summer moonlight sadly glows, And softly, too, the night wind blows, And echoes sigh for sigh. Ofttimes good-night, with smile and bow, I've said, While laughter lit thy brow, But comes a sadder parting now g Sweetheart, good-bye. Good-bye. If we should never meet, Thy smile hath made the past so sweetg Fair memory'sLlamp shall light my feet Where'er my pathway lie. But now when fortune bids me stay, From all that makes the present gay, Alas! how hard it is to say, Sweetheart, good-bye. Good-bye, Sweetheart, with eyes of blue, Whose glance can shame the morning cle And teach the stars to shine more true g For thee I'd gladly die. You are my dream, asleep, awake- For thee my heart would rather break Than live in bliss for other's sake, V Sweetheart, good-bye. VV f Q 4 lf. lf 'f l' mi' 5' f o 1 L, 5 ' fi., A ii i U, 'z Arif-K i ,M X A SEEDU ,L lb, Wai !iiii"'ci I 2 ,f W 3 3 O, how dat p'utty calicer, Red ez de lightninls glow Made her look like er real pitcher 'Side uv dat Bill Scrogtoe. An' dat gret big bres'-pin, like gol' An' di'rnun mixed all up, Look'd like de city dat is tol' Uv to de Parson Grupp. I-Ier kinky hair wuz combed so fair, An' greased wid bla'k hair oil, An' den tied up in cues sot square Dat dey made yer eyes spoil. Her skin wuz shiuin' like bla'k jet, Mos' er cinnermon hue, An, her red lips-I see 'em yet- jes' iixed fur kisses! Oo! An' dem two big di'n1un yeanings I gin her-cawst two bits- Shin'd so dat ol' Menerv', dat sings, Like to had 'leptic Hts. Her pearly teei her p'utty eyes, An, ev'ry Hirt and pout, Made me laugh at an' natchly 'spise Ugly gals round erbout. MY 'LIZA AT CHURCH 1y 'Liza at de church Wid Bill Scrogtoe las' nightg I wuz dar by myself in search Uv smiles uv her'n so bright, Fur I bin knowin' night befo'e, Her had er ingagemint Dar wid dat scrawny Bill to go An' her' gin me de hint, Dat 'f her did go wid dat coon I-Ier'd smile at me so sweet, He'd be ez crazy ez er loon An' eetch down to his feet. Her shore wuz dar, all niggers know d Only my 'Liza Lee C'u'd be de gal de mos' all-blow'd P'utty in dat country. II I2 13 I4 I5 233 Her had such feet, so wee au' neat, Made fur er number fo' 5 Ol' Unker Dan, whose heel's er spar C'u'dn't git in his big toe. Her little han's wuz full uv of rings Uv rubber an' uv brass, Making' deir shinin's an' tinklin's, Ani one sot wid blue glass. An' oh! de ribbons her did Wear, Jes' stickin' here and dar. De fus' time I seed her, I swear Her mus' be mine, I 'Clare De wimmen folks hate 'Liza shore, 'Caze all de men look so. De Parson can't say nufiin'-I blow! 'Dout looking' at her. Ho! Ho ! But 'Liza sed he-r'd be my wife, And darn dat Bill Scrogtoe. He sha'n't go wid her, by my life, To meetin' eny mo'e. I Q .Fi ' r N is xiii lst zu - J' ,WDP11.i.Awif'f'ft 1- sm J" , ill, N xv-, N ' ' - ' y I D I Q 1 3 I lr . tus- . A .1 ti...- J s if- TO THE PUBLIC. "When will the COMET be out? H This question, thanks to a merciful fate, a weary, yet proud, board of editors can answer for the first time, and say the hour is at handg yea, even now the long- looked-for treasure has come. To the favorable in heart we would say, " Go buy and read, and spread the news throughout the borders of the landg H while to the Pharisees, who stand in the public places to carp, we would suggest that they either give up their pieces of silver or go and be hanged. It would be asking too much to request that they follow the example of Judas by doing both. So, with kindly greetings for all, and with malice toward none, we usher ourselves into existence, hoping that we may stand first in the hearts of our fellow-students, first in the successes of peace, and first in the event of war. CORNELIUS VANDERBILT. We feel sure that the frontispiece, in the likeness of Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt, will be a welcome surprise to our readers. It should be a matter of gratification to all friends of the University to thus secure, in permanent form, the picture of our last great benefactor, It was with great promptness and willingness that Mr. Vanderbilt complied with the request for the portrait, and we wish publicly to acknowledge our thanks. Also, we would thank our artist, for we are told that the likeness is perfect. 234 OUR POLICY. In regard to matter and form, we have, to a large extent, followed the precedent set by previous editors, though we can claim a greater approach to completeness than can most of our predecessors. We have adhered to the orthodox style in the manufacture of clubsg but We must confess that we thought it high time that the devotees of poker and buttermilk should be banished from the company of the good, for ere this their chips have been worn thin, and their buttermilk has become swill. We trust that our innovations will be Well received, and that our increased size will not fail to create a commensurate impression. aff' f flaw KX WJ wig X H. 'U x f , X' x - , I i' i ' , , C fl -. iifl NI' 4. I NMS. ' -if is- f I 1 A it 'f fp! 1 f f4 f' fw--gfgfg -. -721-L - .. vvlfj t V ' l' f 25 "- ,, ' - 111 235 3 f? if C 25 Cgky N K X J 1. 311 K JL 112953 QQ' jf x Q qi' ,. K 5 . I V 1vV1l,.,., fl' f 1j:Z',f ' W k 'J fy! rig ,, D I 3, k , V dj 'Q W1 S :N J?1ji J fb .iii 3"'1lIllTf"""'-- ,,,, - "i AN '---ff 455. . , H -2: ::: 51-313 ,, 4 ,, . ' " - h , 1 5-- -- .25-.:, - -qug . 1 ..5,1f::, --:L f-u -Q.-Jniifk if '-' 'fi Af ., 1..-21- . . ---' L, V :.f:gi? i ' Lfr - QE H" X W ZJRMI x :QW If VER W SM. M Nx WX X 'R WND 'E' Q -'bw , Q" 's ll ,f I E Y 'Wx . L XXWW X ' 'N, L5 fi as gf' '- ,.,,-f g, ,X fl , f 4: : , Z If f', - l Y Tv, T.. if 13 1 Z ! Z 4',AA i:?- .357 'j. 131 .. if "' ?g ' f"f5'i1:3:'-f:- N f :E E . -Azz I 2 grnusciu- 11:1-:af H' E-. En 3 3 ' 'ri ' ? 5 'Emi 2 1 im. f ,EERE W M, 255252 I -.Q ff - f--f :::::::::ee :.:::::::::: - QM : HW: . '15-:,a.25'E?,-t lwmwii - li- H V 5' . 11:31 , Ig Y:-::f:fJ.w gh! K'-IEP-' PPE 5 1.-.e. E412 :ff .1 Q e. '- gs .awgffzt ILL? 525A ,EFI F!?Ef- -:QEggG!IEEVf:?"'Q'- -E FSQWSAEEEU 4.. Af. 53537 z xgli-sit :lfffff ' ----qi-Qrff wg 'EIQEZH' Efmim' if ' ' 52 K- , ' E H-ff'-,S n, ,K 5555 ZZ, fi .. ,u,fi1l',QiE . - .' -,AQ .i-AQ? -V' -- .za 2 :sw -6' P-" Gamma., :-- ffwfff-:-e-S .1 ' - H :, J- paris-5-,r md: -1 ' sa-HQ--9:1....s.. fy' ,- 1,2 ii --we 5 5"..u:.- f 2.--, Q SE' X. -:1-1::,gfQeg:Z- . f , - -,.-E 1 -k:-.-s11f..:.fQ4g-aff. - ,. -.5 .'-'--e'2H3NfEE1'SafiWQ-.S'i:fYq:w5eaff.11v-vs?-fif'35fG T-'ggii-32' . E -D--fffiiff N .,Q'9l fi? "' 'LE . Qi f - -5.1.5251 -2155,-4 if ' ,-ff X -4 -4- -A aw if-raw. :fr-Q'-'f" v A- -'.f43+?1a: 1 h ... ' ' .1 .ziix-23'-1 S .. 2. 4 3:3-1135-Q.-51 Q--11,15 , -..E , -is if- -fi! RENT- YZ . - - f--1521''z-mi-5-6,,QLIHG :1'r:ffCf-.Shaw ifafia :,g,x245:5S:13. 7 55w"f ,,a, f :f A f If My A , ' ' -yy ---- -w:.7.',fp335- f f ,f f IQ, f , , K 0 ff Jn, .71 ' ,v,,,, Nw , V UNlVERS!TY HALL. VANDERBILT UNIVER IT Y ' SEVEN DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS: 5 ACADEMIC, LAW, BIBLICAL, DENTAL, MEDICAL, ENGIIN EER ING, PHARMACEUTICAL. Next Session begins Sept. 16th, in the Academic, Biblical, Law, Engineering and Pharmaceutical Departments, on Oct. Ist in Medical Department, on Qct. 5th in Dental Department. Fully equipped Laboratories and Museums. I For Catalogue giving full particulars, address, . WILS WILLIA MS, Secretary. MECHANICAL HALL-VIEW OF WORKSHOPS iv. HCkl10WlQdQQd I0 be U70 -BQASFRQDI 50l2l-- ' ' f in the South Q45 RdI2Sz 'fl'0lIl 53.00 I0 55.00 PQI' adv THE' DUNCAN. LCG Z0ll00lIi0llf Y0 HUSHIQSS Q55 the onlv liotel on all Street Ear llines running to the Qentemtial and other parts of the citv A LABORATORY SCEN E vi. i Ghe . . L TWU MODERN AND UP-T0-DATE WHEELS of- high degree, are steadily forging their Way to the pinnacle of a local and national reputation. Unaided by antiquated reputation, or a lavish expendi- ture of printers' ink, these Wheels capture and hold captive their riders through genuine merit. "There are others," but none superior, and you can make no mistake in selecting an America or Union tor your mount. Nledium grade and Juvenile Bicycles. Headquarters for Base Ball Goods, Uniforms, Bicycle Clothing, Sundries, etc. J. H. FALL Sc Co. 317 NORTH COLLEGE ST. .. . NASHVlLLE,TENN. H :.,,:.s?Tf5f-il 5 232 ?:":5'5 V "f::E'1' N Sh :isis ,K f ' ' si D E AQ " ' Ns 1- 2512-Q , .z -:.--:tN-.::.' -5. v., -, . ,, .S . G ..-1-1 - -- -AA'-:Egg 2 . SEZ "55-"5 .,....-,-, , . M L, L, Eg lmuiu 1 555 A555- 3 56 m f s 5u 'E E m f ggs . , w w g g g fi '4fCCf !!!!l!!!!!! ! !?! JL :. V A : QUDY Q Q B L A ll ' m r. me .zz Q El "f meg ' 1 ' S carf? ii i . L, Emma? 'LQ E L L Q 5 f As 52 2 511355 L ,AT -g i . A :ft ' 3 "'L QNX LAW AND DENTAL BUILDING. PLIIJIISIIIIIU HIJLISB III. E. UIIHIIJII, SIJLIIII ORDER ANY BOOK YOU WANT. NO MATTER WHERE PUBLISHED OUR ARRANGEMENTS WITH OTHER PUBLISHERS ARE COMPLETE OF f P1 t fE1B k Binding' E Books of Miscellany, Poetry, f th tB g t t typ ng' etc" E Classics, B' graphy, History HOLIDAY, BIRTHDAY, OR ANNIVERSARY GIFTS OF GENERAL USE FOR OLD AND YOUNG. BEIIIIEE Xt SIIIIIII, HUEIIIS EIIIIII PLIIJIISIIBIS, NHSIIVIIIB, TEIIII. 1VI3p5h3IlXQBpUgg CU, UNIVERSITY PRESS STATIONERS Engravers PRINTERS -fl -fl Printers S LAW -fl 'rl -Q -Q Publishers COLLEGE STREET keg Naghvma, TBUU35539 NASHVILLE TENN ix. "A UF' 'r.,g. -.f- 2-'z - V"' ' -' - QQ I V-1 '- .- . Q W S . , ' "a " ':f- -1. I ' I if I WSI f 2 I ggfgiiaf f fs i I s 1671 1 W - Q4 A I Im -G1 I I Z ,xiezfzlk I df SIM? 2 2125 : 1112 1 : '-MI FI II-V 5 I if I--iw EIR W II I ., . z'z':zML2L4+-' J ,- que:-fr-3:3-4, -,Q Q , . If , "-' IX-g2Sf5ilQ' I" " ,3 'a"S" 'f- -' -H ,WNY Ill If - w -Q emma , M2111 1:45 QA EW -R inf- A .www 1 ,,,,,4 M g l I I M53 Hg. :III::EII5I:3 ll . Z . , .- ,, A. ma f 45555421222 " ilifflm-A WWI If 'ff' we I, "W 7-5 ww ez- f--A ,law-QVMI lg Z If 'I W I , ZZ' --' I I.1IL-is MEDICAL BUILDING. ESTA S 1851 it EIMER 8a AMEND MANUFACTURERS AND INIPORTERS OF BOHEMIAN GLASSWARE, NICKELWARE GERMAN GLASS GOODS PLATINAWARE CHEAAICALSA DCHEMICAL APPARATUS , GERMAN PORCELAINS, BALANCES AND VVEIGHTS, IVIICROSCOPES, ETC. 205, 207, 209 and 2lI THIRD AVE., COR. I8th STREET, INIEVV YCDFPS- Medical Books, School and College Text Books, 'Miscellaneous Books, Latest Books. HUNTER Sz WELBURN BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS 3I4 N. Market St. NASHVlLl.E, TENN. WARREN BRGS. Elrtists' Ndhaterials Supplies for Oil and Water Color Painting Pastel and Miniature Painting, Charcoal, Crayon and Lead Pencil Drawing, Illustrating, Ornanienting and Designing China and Pottery Painting. WARREN BROS WEST AVENUE Improved Thompson Steam Engine Indicator, adapted for all - A u'r1'f' Speeds. ' W , . I f Pressure Gauges, for all purposes. E Metropolitan and Columbia Recording Gauges. ' 'Mfrs-? Prof. R. C. Carpenters Throttling and Separating Steam Cal- Q. - ,l4! ,ff orimeters. I ff if Prof. R. C. Carpenters Coal Calorirneters. I I if Injectors and Ejectors. Exhaust Steam Injectors. ITE' Thermometers for all Industrial Purposes. V' i Chime and Siren Whistles. Water Gauges. Steam Traps and Boiler and Engine Appliances in general. if 2 1 1 '- Fon CATALOGUE AND Pnlcas, ADDRESS fili f 551 9 SCHAFFER 64 BUDENBERG, SALES OFFICES: womcs AND GENERAL oFF1cEs, L zz wssv LAKE srnsrr, CHICAGO. - ' as Jon-In S1-near, NEW Yomq. . . . BROOKLYN, N. Y. CALVERT BROS. SL TAYLOR Elrtistic 12 2 fe llbbotograpbers REDUCED RATES TO VANDERBILT STUDENTS. PHILLIPS so Burmnrr Mrs. sn. STOVES, RANGES TINWARE .... MPINTELS FIND ORPITES Queensvvare, Crockery, Glassware and Table Cutlery. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO CLASS GROUPS, ETC. CORNER CHERRY AND UNION STREETS. V HOUSE FURNISHING AND KITCHEN GOODS. I BICYCLES A SPECIALTY. xiii. 4 A. cw. x. f-W 1 1 " W 1 ,f , sgv',1f'?g,g,,a,: MS ifikjgx-Q. . 23,5 ,gy Xwwwgwkeigix X X K S x 1 , US.5Q'W R9 13 xkrvgmwigxxxgxlig ae: SQ qv V J 2522, .WN s 'I Q , A il N X s mg ye XQMF,-qvsg 4 N1 X Nggifwf Xgfw Q f A 'v Ng gk Ave 313-Nga X, , ii. I Ffiwsm Q QN,551M',4 f AK' ,YH 1 15 YQ X '?fN1e'.ef.fE'rQZ , , Mfg ' -.1.11 4-::z,.,, 6' A ' Elm ' ' 1-' ' 'A 5 f '- ff' '3 Sw A139311-W5-S 1 . E A - ,V - 5 - - - - 2, 1 27931,-:Al-:4-" ' .:, .,.x V'-gm , ' ' . A 22 fm- mi. 1,lLu'w.j,1 X H-ss ' f 'SNS-. . ,- lv. - ' , U". 3: mf: Kylix ?F'f'T,.,::q? ,. f,11LTfv,ll.5" A "-: -5. ,.1 .I.',m:.f.f, 'G . RQ, "ff -1 r,.'14-Tbsp ,. 7+ -' -5.1-:gf " ""1.,l:l'gj 3 'xi 5-1 1 UQ' 1- Mm- Q HH :rf- -M 5: .fy . 5 A.. ,Rv--W. wi' ,',.v.g'-3 IH: H5 5-yr ,w1.p'..,L- . .' , fx rf fiygfexf 1 7' 'ffl f. X mf! 'qv ff' 1 A ., I 5 ,,,,42-11hpr.m1 1 . ,ii ml N 5. JW35, 1 f' fm .il ' ' - - WESLEY HALL. OBSERVATORY CHA . TIFIURNIAN CO. MAKERS and SELLERS CJF FI E CLQTHING Cole Building, Cor. Union and Cherry Sis. N ASHVILLE, TEN N. Fgufth Natig H31 Bank, hd t li I NASHVILLE, TENN. Capital Paid in, . . . 81,000,000 Surplus and Proiits, . . S4oo,ooo This Bank has larger combined Capital, Surplus and Proiits than any other Natio1mll3ank in the South. Depositors offered every facility which their business bal- ances and responsibility VV2ll'1'2l11l',. SAMUEL J KEITH P J H FALL V P J. T. HOWELL, CA H E XX Ilmevican1lIaiionaIBanIg CAPITAL, 51,000,000 NASHVILLE, TENN THE SOUTI-I'S GREATEST JEWELERSC Our stock of 8 Headquarters for and Manufacturers of Van- everything in the ' 19 derbilt University G-old Medals, Badges, Jewell? line Cannot Sf! Society and Class Pins, Buttons and be surpassed in the South rw'-ryan mtg-M Styles the very latest-Quality M 'Special designs furnished the very best, while Prices are the 64 upon application lowest. Mail Orders receive prompt ADP- attention fp Charms ffe O Repairing a ' JAS. B. CARR, Manager. O specialty 208 AND 210 UNION STREET NASHVILLE, TENN. A. I'I. FETTING MANUFACTURING JEWELER 14AND16 BALTIMORE ST. PAUL STREET M. D. f """' SEQ, HEADQUARTERS FOR KAPPA ' ALPHA ' BADGES Memorandum packages sent on application to any member of the Fraternity. We will cheerfully furnish designs and estimates on other Fraternity Badges. BUREAU OF ACADEMIC COSTUME Cantwell Zo Leonard Cops, Gowns and Hoods To Vanderbilt, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Universities of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Etc. Illustrated treatise, Samples, Low Prices, Etc., upon Request. CALL ON PHOTSSRAPHS SPESIAL RATES TO STUDENTS 230 NORTH CHERRY STREET McGAvocK BLOCK Y ', 8 l.l".....f.l.l'll s m,,,.w-' 1 f 9 A M U N G U R ,' 2 3 W ebster's Internatlonal sfo ' ' i sf - fu HU, ,z 'L ' - Eu 1 ' I r- A J Standard of1heU.S. Supremo f'm1rt,the TRS. Gowft Printing Oflicf-.and . Lf 'T N E Hg g,Hig,,fL is I f nearly :L1lSoh0ullJooks. Commended by all State superintendents or schools. . lhnnnv I , , - -. - J Vffninww " THE BEST FOR PRACTICAL PURPOSES. HUMLL f mggruuunnf 5 It is easy to find the word wanted. - if-L, 1 '5A775fZFI70NGuAIuNffg-4 1- It is easy to ascertain the pronunciation. 1 ff' It is easy to trace thc growth of a word. NOTE.-Many Boarding Schools and Colleges throughout this jQ It 13 e35Y to learn what 3 Wofd means- viciuity use the above brand of Baking Powder. LMT' 1 C- 3 C- Pleffianl C0-a PUbliShefS, SPYIIISHCIU1 M395- slnlll oloauoocoettlnouolollocouoouoolnaliloolsoo MANUFACTURED 'BY ju ws al NASHVILLE, TENN. JOBBERS IN COFFEES. TEAS AND SPICES. CORNER caan! AND cl-asnnv svs. xvii. CUMBERLAND PRESBAYTERIAN PUBLISHING HCUSE 115 prepareb to bo all hinbs of llbrinting. , 150-154 NORTH CHERRY STREET. COLLEGE AND ERATERNTTY WORK, BOOKS, NEWSPAPERS, CATALOGUES, LAW BRIEFS, PROGRAMMES, INVTTATIONS, LETTER HEADS, CARDS, Em Can Furnish You Any Book at PubliSher's Price. E. F. NENON, GROCERIES FAMILY SUPPLIES CANNED GOODS, FRESH NIEATS, VEGETABLES, ETC. I-IAY, CORN, OATS AND BRAN. Co R CHURC AND MCNAIRY STS. TELEPHONE 491 . . NASHVILLE, TENN. XY111 CLOQTES. THE POOREST CLOTHES ARE HERALDED XVITH THE MOST ADJECTIVES. A The things left unsaid-the things unsayable- the touch, the shade, the feel, the atmosphere of good taste and proper style is What marks the difference between OUR readylmade Clothes and the Sort which are so freely, so recklessly adver- tised. HUNTINGTCN, Clothier, 409 CHURCH STREET. ashvillo, Chattanooga 81 St. Louis Railway GREAT Tl1ROUGH CAR ROUTE TO AND FROM MEMPHIS AND THE SOUTHWEST, ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO AND NORTHWEST, GEORGIA, FLORIDA AND SOUTHEAST. Through Service to Memphis both via the new Hollow Rock Route and the McKenzie Route, making direct connections with all lines to Arkansas, Texas and the Southwest. " Dixie Flyer H Through Sleepers between Nashville and Jacksonville via Chattanooga, Atlanta, Macon and Tifton, the year round. ' Double Daily Connections via Nashville to and from St. Louis, Evansville, Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, Etc. For further information call upon ticket agents, or address. A J. WELCH, Div. Pass. Agt., Memphis, Tenn. R. C. COWARDIN, West. Pass. Agt., St. Louis, Mo. J. I-I. LATIMER, Southeastern Pass. Agt., Atlanta, Ga. J. L. EDMONDSON, Sou. Pass. Agt., Chattanooga, Tenn. BRIARD F. HILL. Nor. Pass. Agt., 328 Marquette Bldg., Chicago, Ill. H W. L. DANLEY, Gen. Pass. and Ticket Agent, Nashville, Tenn. xix. NIAEQVVELL I-IO-USE, NASHVILLE, TENN. G t Il 1 t D Guisine 'dlnsurpasseb Cn ra 3? 053 9 ' 1 N ' 1Re, mmf L ,,,, 5 .2--f31-ri-qqriu lg , P 3 Www Jfurnislneb 5250 to 55-O0 UIJPOIIQDOIXT ufifru 'f + lf + W .W per ow. ' r m 9 V 6-in YYAYY M Q ' ""' f'fin,...W5.mmf.wE?fmm:mmmfimvu-G-M- W. K. BLACK, MANAGER. Chas. G. Whitson, Special View Photographer, With W. G. eq A. J. Trluss, Has made views and groups for the COMET for the last four years. Thanks for past favors. YEYEYEYEY YE YRY H HYEYR R 57175751 V! aqwwwmvwmi vqiwwmwwmvaai wwwwwmiwe Mm, :H E Qs E S :H 5 H H E 4f'I.'hundex-bolts," the latest and grandest book by this worlrlfwide celebrity now out and for sale exclusively by subscription. ,The only book given to the public by Sam Jones in ten years Edxted by Rev B F Haynes Iutroducmou by Bxshop Tosepll S Key of the M E l hurch South 600 pages 122 splendld lllustratlons E S cluslve terrltory given A bo unnza for agents Most rapxdly eas1ly selhn bool-I of tl e age Outfit. mcluchng Prospecbus only elghty five cents Order outfit at once specliym terrxtory desxred B F HAYNES PUBLISHING COMPANY Nashville Tenn 1 - - 5 L 4. H 'A W . ' ' . I I ' ' . , . . . 'I I- - ., , ' - - . - ' , vs V- 1' , ' ' -. - ., - - ' , wr Q 1 1: . Q LA . . o 1 P A , V A , , o . 1 1 1 1 1 '1 ' 1 1 1 '1 '1 1 1 la,see,seensususwmewmemsusmlsmenswledeuewlswie L H . H H L 44 yg I5 W 3 Q v5 'I A 4l'4I'4l'4Y4I P' P' I' P' I' I I 47' P' I' I V N W '47 0 4 '4 WORK PROMPTLY DONE N SHTISFHCTIONN GIVEN. 'XX. cyiaizbn my xfank Zacks yafzoio- Cfnyravhzg 4 - l Jieef .yufaie Cganyravbzg ybrbz 2132 tg' .,f1?!zo.9'ra,z1!z1?z.9' x

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