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 - Class of 1972

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Vandenberg Middle School - Minuteman Yearbook (Lompoc, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Lgri Urewfr 'WG-6' 1 ,L , ff '- .. 4'-1"f Y , , ki 1 x ff A f . , l 4 Vf 1 A J' ! ,rt 51. 'X :, 1 l z 1 .I . ,I 1-J. Y .Ivj 4 1 4 I . NH? x ' . 1 1' W N WQSQ iw J! LX 5 QQ XV if N V097 r ff' V ff if' W .Q . 55,51 X fd Aw . L X RQ'-E'x 4 3 U X X' N 91 if fl y 4' , Wx M NG' W J V K . , , ,A 4 X ji in X6 X' A "QA Q 1 Q0 X HL UAT Q, 1, 1 xl Y Biol? bgmpwviciijx S W n W ,wi A ' Lawns , - W Sjjffbibg' 1.1-mu5 -'fhmk aw' -L J? me , swed ,c tile and o to ooooo 'Pup 'N o be around 1 wvkk- I hope Sou ado. 'VNS wa . 1 o g 76-rudeg g 0-YNQCQQ o " ' " "" Sxmon , Nj QL ff. Q of mf f 'N u v 5, Q ox K9 :MY W o ' ax fo dig J 595 wk o N X Qf oy if lb? MMM bwwffi V ,3w,N,y3fN'HffxQ-ww .MK A 1 jvf Q, 6 4 vy' 'fo 1 Q Ulugh bOU55y 955059335 WL J ,V fly? nw ' I 333290 5-5 W N If UM V lik ,Q X W AJ 0: -I , W 1 l ! I u ufnvvmj xml! A f,xff'VJ3wU X , X Qswfijq fbdfgl X W I ., j 'jx In J ,v Kxxjildl? WWV X WM if ,L U W., 60nd I Q1 f it Y5,-we 5 ifQlJkZ5'ff"Lf 0 J u Q 4,5 iffm "gin QI Q G 5 ' H'4'U5 --pf Q 0 li 4 FT ? VD! ,.b ,wl' f , L" "T'v qblqugvr cow ggi, going M fig 8414's f C 1 Q 'ut ou eb W. Q 'K " 7 . 0 ' f -UIKIP 1:3 I2 N ,Q 'Ti 64 7 ' , K H, fl' KN NX. ,f X L my I f1'TJ 'X X ,fv -1 bkx' ,UK L xv rglkf I A AXl 3,2 I gf, XX ki , NX fxff' l ,fu T -U N 1, D.. X - 1 Xi l , f . -'N x, f X J XX t X A N Lf! v 4,13 1 A-rf I F MC MD 1 Z J f fl I qv .. Q X MVN I !.L! IX! 7 V F " L 5x, I f' .XIX M7 ,K MV YU f M wif X I KW W ' K lx X Y lf, 4134.-1 ,LJ-.f XJUX HX V7 K x f fx if-X! A :X LN.: , me X .dll ,IL I SZ? ' , "' I J' 'J' M QM!! f '1 5 ff Q , xi , vw 4" f !'LW, X f' f"fE'3 C-A xx ' VK ,H - . , A f- ,dj ,L.- ' r , , - M r v f J N .jf W" Q92 ' Mi' My 'J , '- , , Jfx 5 , ,Jn , .. f V ily M LY? 131 1 MLM K cw , 1, X Cu ' In Ply' N 2 MQ, -fx H' ff "1 A I -,f- f VL" - H f 1,5 L , V f , , Q ,X XJ px' NJKXN I Q"'L' iv .YU VX X ' ' 'I Liw' If Ry. V ,f J f 5 C W W xx vf , F , r j, . f' I Tl 'Eli X xv, V r X , H ix OUP! 'I' 5',LHyL,x.JL-V H ,f + SUD L-" , . ,Q Q SW' X, Xia? LM SML K Iv fbfkf ,Cf -5-J Z , LQ xr ,X ww bu 5 , QUJX V pf ig5U Wu. Vaudemb . WV Xl U'-Q Jw1u,0Iu wi' ' If Q Miffgvyb 7 Hugh' Qchoolb 0' 0' ' V W ,QJYJVVL fl ' in I 9 WWW A -W "wi 72 'FB H .- fllfa M . , my 3 ff fluff' J . QM ff Picture a carefree stream, a whirl- ing river, a sea splashing against the coast with great force. Each symbolizes our experience at Vandenberg Junior High. Each one of us is a little larger and more powerful. All represent new experiences in our mighty ocean - the world. Since we are dedicated to our educa- tors for laying such a firm foundation of knowledge for us, we, the members of the 1972 Minuteman Staff, wishing to continue our progress, have chosen for our theme, ecology. Ecology at Vandenberg Junior High is more than just a fad. Throughout the year, students have shown their care for ecology by participating in various ac- tivities to help the cause. Vandenberg Junior High School was the first school in the Lompoc School District to initiate a course on environment. This class, Environmental Studies, was the focal point of all environmental action. They provided the environmental knowledge for the various activities done to help make the immediate environment better. Students from this class formed a com- n 4uni-1v Y '- ' mittee to educate elementary school children on environment. The class, as a whole, made several field trips to learn more about the natural surroundil In their fight against air pollution, a group of students took a poll on the number of passengers per car. As a re- sult of this poll, and by encouragement ' of the environmental studies class, ma- ny teachers are participating in car poc The concern of the students at Van- denberg Junior High School has helped make it the school most concerned about ecology. T H .V H1661 ' - Ny, ' X 1 151.4 A' ,aff I h , ,, L A - ,cl if f 3633.35 'QQ ?'5k O! ,I I 'A x an-as 5 I ,,.X 0' 1 , ' , A 'K' 4 " uf- , Q QL 'H' 'J " fy V 74 -L 'S 'sv ... fd 171. 1 -1 -""! +-SYQ., -419 f vC'...F 1 I 3- 1 "".Ql 1 JIU' ""'. , - ., .1 1. Q - ' 1 , x w -9 - 1 4 K -. c " .0 'n Q? " va ,T yi' ,lf .i- Q . ,Aw frfffff 9 ' 9 ki r U Ar' 4.-,Qi II' i.. Au .fy 5 . . 11 ""-f iw a"f1..fp 'Q 'ff '-li '- ' --Q. 1 .I :gi 1: I :J f . 1-Q-5 :Al . .. -' "tf0'f..A'f"5,g71fA view? qkfhf' . 1.5 - 0. 9, e -.."L H Q, 4 Vw' 'w, 1 La -YH ga ,Q jfjgwwg, .V we AQ - f i p -' x' - .-- , 5- 'R "Minn ', if . Q 5?-G Anja' 1, .,i -,f-f 1, rv FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION - - CLASS OF 1976 ----------- CLASS OF 1977 - - - - 50 , ACTIVITIES - - - - - - 64 AUTOGRAPHS - - - - ' -96 14 L Y Yo If 9 y 'Q , A Y ...VJ ' ,,,,,,,n- ,I 4331 ' Y- I --Q ' 'ES f 'fp -1 ' ""NF"' J. 34' V. WV X wh, .4 It-fl I . . wQ'g1?I I. ,. -1 LGF' I., - - - .4 N g,x,,:f.I- . xg 'YKMW kk -T D I . .71 1 6 K so .I x ,1 w--X ,1 X1 I S I x N rg, , I-Q, Nxf-AF 'rx I L i mn 'S 4. A-5 K- I-x.zN XV! xx I 1 'N I I .I -.L -.-,- hm .xg -11, 1' , H.. :M-. " ' I 'I A- P.-1 ,I 5' I .1 -,,'i1L"S- 1 -38 , 21.7 N. X- -V... "Y 3 .A ,gill I 9-I4 A? V: - 4, P" J ' . - V -.y A,-,ng W-u A ,-,, , -F' f z V , , . V7 .' 5' ,, , v HwEuawp0e ' 5 r 1 , , 'Kg LM! I l ff , , K.-J 1 I , , -..Nr ' 1 J I XV V4 N Ia. 1 'x , 1 1 . rfw , , ,A T, V", 1 7-m xx , XX fi fr if X jc 3 DR. WILLIAMS , Principal MR. LECK, Vice- Principal .. ,N i, MRS. MCGIV NEY , Co uns elor MRS. BYRD, Counselor Mr Ferns and Dr Wrlllams look around our campus. 75 4 'iq-W S. Mr. Leck reads the morning announcements. Dr. Williams talks to Steve Candelaria, Jerry Bond and Jeff Greenlee. T J X, Q osx SKC? QLQQB F QQ AGC, C-5 LSQXX In lq r QL ' C-5 fdfibcig wsifscrs :SRC-Qrrsxfq' X Mba CWS if-5 U LM N - N ' Y X Q QR . Mrs. Bell talks on the phone. 5 f ss5.,gsg.,3..QLs 5 if 52535 "4 lishmewb. X45 ,ai Debbie Mercer and Mrs. Byrd discuss Debbie 's school work. 9 MR. COOK, Custodian MR. GOLDFIELD, Custodian MR. GUEVARA, Lead Custodian MR. KRONENBERG Custodian MR. MATTINGLY Custodian Mrs. Burkhalter helps Rae Christ Pete Mattingly unjams a locker ag, M 4' MRS. BELL, Principa1's Secretary MRS. BLISS, Counseling Secretary MRS. BRANDON, Attendance Clerk MRS, BURKHALTER, Nurse MISS HAGEN, Librarian MRS. MANKINS, Snack Bar Director MRS. PHILLIPS. Administrative Clerk MRS. TODD, Textbook Clerk l f I f Lt, 1 X L. if.- L-- -1 7 0 U Miss Hagen does one of her many duties. FI: i rwvrr F' Qr if lf' .a 'don wk- x 7 '. u I 1-- ' Ea, ?Z".- I ' ' " 'pl' Mrs. Bliss looks for a student 's file. MRS. BRACKIN MRS. COFFIN A MRS. EMANUEL MISS LaBERGE MR. LISLE gg --1 'SI - ' .A . 'Q 3 - L,,W,,i 1 r W I n .11 N 1, Darlene Winston does an oral interpretation, as Mrs. Taggert looks on, ' ,,' ' g Mrs. Brackin assists Debbie Myjack on her English assignment. Debbie Ledesma tries her best at selling a product in a "salesman" speech in English. 4? MRS. MAIN MRS. OLSON MRS. TROON MR. WILSON Jodi Barrett and Dee Ann Buffington learn new words while playing Scrabble. emma ' Qbwssmg Speech, Composdiow, cmd, 54' ,f"", 1 ,...-.f Above, Andy Pfotenhauer and Philip Heidmous arrest Mike Freeman and I ohn Dagg in a simulation of a police patrol. Victor Vigil, Leslie Taylor, Craig Ste- venson and Eugene Buckner act their roles in the same simulation. Opposite, April Zaveson and Kim An- derson play the game of Stock Market, N 3 5 : r L feb wlm M5351 fe at -. Z, ,, I nl" .1 ACF! , If iw EQ, CJQQ ,fit-vfz, ,ffm gifrwg V 1' f . N, fc MQ, 5 O or if srrr ng, Q CUQ5 g' rf gf Q, QQ la m C3 any bmi Lf f iw fargo, Q ian Qc in 0 li MR. AYRES W MR. DEMPSEY ,ID Q QD LJ MR. GARGRAVE ' f 1 ' !f77,f QQ LJ O or LU, jj do H251 www Q ,f,f,mL, i 1 1 -2 My, .ff Th eil-A55 5,459 QQQJ MR, MCNULTYNCJ fy X17 -flfg MR. PACE 55 fx ,- i " H MR. WEAVER Nj XJ QQXQ, AQ gjfjfv 6,1 W6 ff 15 jj Cid W LDMZ, H0 U bzffz ff ffidcil X E na Myers, Illarnmy Livingston, and Cheri Akridge remake history by creating fire as primitive rnan did thousands of yearrs g Kr gf? X QQXE, 440 fr QQ lbw ft 1 f C ffl of Qu who r Q A13 GQQQ' C- fs J fr rs dr Qfziff-Cos QQEQI' K fi A K i.2 ig 4. NRM ns- Q five y. , 'XB M .M 1"42-.'n4Qrp,NAf'g -'vf ' 4, .v, 1- ik- . -1- .x,'Lv,O.'x4 n ' . . . ff K myjmixgg W N m- ' ' -- K 1' V- -in 5 , ,Q Pg . ,-- v . ' '- ' -.. , '17 ,. .'. J -', r- ., ' -" 5' ,""3-igltliill' :Wim Bjorn Nilsen and Charles Wiley measure the dimensions of the campus. Cheryl Akridge and Paul Lenahan measure the length of Debbie Candle laria' ' ' s hair. I, f X MISS BAIER X 5 W K MR, BOE . v v.. w , 2. Q 1 .V v , . N ,N V A .-, xx A H' ,,V,v,, 4 .i , . ., up ,X ',A.A3yv Agra... . Mk I A Mk . V, I -. 'xt 1 N ix L 1 13 - px gif ' 'X ff' , if W 's .5 W, , M Y Scott Pryor wr . , .f' 'G If ,-'f V I 1 -WS, on -,xx '-. k.-. xc :L X ites a check for a pair of pants. N X--. X if Faotsmwbllfgwws ' f N. ,Ei l. Mrs. Boyd'5 class experiments with the computer that was bo Cabrillo High Schgol. wo? WWW MRS. of 1 NW MR. HEASTON MR. o,LsoN . ,M51jtw2T5jc"Oo9 .nu v-1-.qs...., r-.q.o-.. P-W-.,aq,. 4-.--,-,,..., ALEXANDER ANDERSON BEEBE COFFIN STEWARD' . audi U 411 -q-,H ne-q ,, 5--vu-up nv,-vw-v-v p-9.4.--.4 -un-rn gnvnqq 71- g4,..,,.,g 'IB is ' Students from Environmental Studies teach elementary students about ecology. 'GT' L0 rj , xgu ,fm M313 3 :fr fi q an cT'f'EX'R 5 inf QQJ-3 Qloop L. L 'auf Q--Hfwefb C512 K' V eiprncfw ffdfrriinh 6 U Q VN . fqdr Vlallx C' UXQ1 Nic? Lo cf LJ Q d mi Cllfj- P1671 CKKVLXX fwcrwe QE Hem ggi io in G if fc fi i CD6 'Q X 1 B R 6555 C, KWGQNL.,-' K f 1 , A I Nf xg L lf, fi V ' FQ, ' X ,fx mm... XQ 901.81400 Z CLE XNQNL7 x ' 7 'Q'f'iT'm' if Lori Brewer and Karen Lundberg weigh a plate as part of an experiment. yx f D -L We ' ff-J 'Stair , ,, . X . 14. .,-E' Q r . ,, Y . Q 553, X, 57 jf 'I . ' .ff 1-F' Q A3 ,lfx Barbara Fraser and Alicia Hines use the bunsen burner while Vincent Solomon lends a helping hand. 19 Lok" -5'04'f4Y GARV 'S Mpvnvq' AWA. B 5 J 'V ' cr'f7 Miss BELf1fYJ'7A MR. CROSBY MRS. HAMMOND Qweatmg It Out MISS OLSON MR. RILEY MR. SALUCCI Kliifpqfs uf gg 7' 3 Bi ? 4 JIT Pam Anderson and Kirsten Stephens watch Debbie Mercer help Kris Story with her routine on the Balance Beam. 20 Umph! Bruce Myers lifts his maximum. Z Miss Olson and Ly Ron Pickett shows good form on the high jump as Andy Wilhite watches. I A, their headsprings. f t,fi, X ' F 'Mi f ff 7 . uv 'I X4 dl . t . , I ' fzv 55522, First Period P, E, tries to show us their muscle. dia Shockley help out the girls with .Y .yr S-R 21 . K 1 R i It I i' kxinrf SPANISH ACCELERATION: FIRST ROW: Vicky Kerwick, Pam Teichelman, Denise Wahl, Laura Knapp. SECOND ROW: Arthur Courville, Robert Acosta, Daniel Yeater, Mark Da- vidson. D iw Fowgw 'tv www- FRENCH TUTORING: FIRST ROW: John Jones, Debbie Hall, Kathleen Ray. SECOND ROW: Doug Mee, Ralph Vigil. Joe Leiss, Jan Patterson, Cindy Erbe. THIRD ROW: Richard Wein- stein, Stephen Sheldon, Becky Iaramillo, Nancy Lomak, Brenda Sitko. MR. FORINASH MRS, HOSKINSON MRS. LOONEY MR. LYNCH MISS RITTER Students of Mr. Forinash's classes put on a play of a Spanish Christmas tradition, f 1 2 ml . xii. Miss Ritter's classes did a play of the birth of Christ in German. Marshall Frasher tuned on as batman in German. W A -w f P' li? ,IA -,111-YAY' - ,,... vfm , n ...W -' 1 s , 'rj I-U ', 33' A YFQQSQHA K -.--ZX L wg-72,1 . 2 ,Iv--375-4 Q, 5 ' P0 1.0 af 9 - A ' :Y hx gg gg gk A J his '. - lux' if , .JM , The Concert Choir presented their Christmas program. 1 nf ett he A Mr. Thompson helps Genise Jennings on the potter's wheel. Sebastian investigates some musie books. 24 X-I . MISS BURCH MRS, COMER MRS, FAYLOR I uv Musw Ant, U,wa.i'I0m5 MR. FERRIS MR, HAINES ' MR. THOMPSON N Q I Tina Meeker, Tim Lint, Debbie Godwin and Marshall Frasher are hard at work identifying pictures for the yearbook. 25 ! MRS. BROXTERMAN MR. DONLEA MR. LUOMA MRS. MCKIBBAN ' Home ' Teach 79 Sheila I ackson cuts her pattern for this year's fashion show. ! ? .X K , , v 1. Q., ,.-,. L f' 9, 'Pg' f ,.g,,.,.-' ,L-, 1. ., -.. 4 , , .1 , N. ,ig 7 1 J' ff- 22' wr-, -L ia, K I . 'xx 4 J Lvl fax ' -5 Q Q ' 1,., M-11 Q' A Fa h 2- ff-' h .-,Q .3 wyfwpn 5 .V V F fx 1 , 1,'wf',' , xl : , T1 M: 3 511 fl nw .J ll 4.1 31 ..- -,. JE 'xf is-137 ix 7 'A fo , Jr Q , I L V I ' 1: 4 J vv 'lie I W 25135 1' . bf ML . . .---N n , g fx 1 ' Curt W11de works at the dr111 press. A.:-gk ,ff , M Q l ff -1 gli' U '4- lr' T- .1f"" T. ,gf T "Q 0' " X , 1 ll -, . . il ' f '-1' ' -5- "' , 'R X J - ' QT' ...N Xia M It fx-L VI.. v My W ,o,,,Q,v WW ,gfvxzgiz W .L 91.5 .mm A ,vw Hb . Q. f- H H. :Q M -fn' 11 27 1 -, ,.y 1 Y 1, ,V -,Vg ., ,- . 234 m f-f-,,-u,rQ ii 15, .N ':. ,f,,,.a' 2515! " Z' "i 'QW'--. .W cf gf Q ' J :J ni 1.-. NCX J, ' Ki 1 J' ' X, lx , 3 KJ'-f Lf . .. 4 .2 I V 4 T f'Y x A f , Q f- ' -M: x 1- xQy' " 4,Q'f1w'- A - 1 . ' "5-5452-v , 'gm M,- 7 H1 ..-" 1 , x NPI I I '1 Eumgdw 'vu n Qi .QW Q .if X' VJ -r-1.9 4 .L-J 1134, F 5 1 X eimx Ray Aberasturi Robert Acosta Debbie Adkins Janice Akridge Karen Alderete Judy Alexander Mary Alexander Patrick I. Allen Sandra Allison Charles Anderson Kim Anderson Mike Anderson Pam Anderson Tam Anderson Patti Anglin Jeanine Armitage Mark Ashenberger Rosemary Avery -.- V AQBTodog . . . 'ff' 'TD l J, Presidential candidate Doug Novak gives his winning speech. Bill Skinner. Paul Moore. and Mike 531861 ton show their support for candidate Larry B ld ' . so EIGHTH GRADE a Wm Larry Baldwin Diane Ballantyne Daniel Barnes Olivia Barnes Brenda Barr Dell Barritt Michael Beard Robert Beaver Fred Bechtold Cynthia Bennett Lucille Bennett Chipper Berends Gary Berglund Reginald Bernard Roy Berry Carol Bethune Daniel Bilsbarrow Kathyrn Bineau ,ii A- Melame McDan1e1 reads a progress report as the student senators listen. EIGHTH GRADE 31 Heidi Bland Beau Blaschke I erry Bond Linda Bosley James Bowles Sherry Bowser Mary Lou Braden Susan Brady Kathy Bremer Lori Brewer Tyrone Brice Jerry Bridges Janet Brodhecker Kathy Brown Lavon Brown Richard Brown Wayne Brown Evangelin Browne I erry Brunton Gary Buchanan Eugene Buckner Charles Buddin Bill Bullard Valerie Burgess B" af Qowfwb Body I-lwwb Womb 32 EIGHTH GRADE .A Brad O'Nei1 and Blain Nelson wrestle Miss Belyeu instructs first perio as Mr. Salucci looks on. Robert Byrd Robert Cain Billy Calhoun James Calvin Douglas Campbell Julie Campbell Rodney Canupp Rhonda Card Marie Beth Castillo Joyce Centofanti John Chamberlain Yvonne Charles Janet Chase Rae Christ Gregg Christmas Diane Chronister Carmen Cintron James Clark John Clark Michele Clark Patricia Clemovitz Benjamin Coffey Pam Collins John Conley lllfuif ,,., , -.gar j an-'-ii ?-Q l M , 4 -4 ,xx 1,1 J Q" A A f A A ' 1 '. ff" Ma?-f ' fr on basketball fundamentals. Mr. Crosby's class does push-ups. EIGHTH GRADE 33 Vanessa Cordero Joan Covington Mike Cross Daniel Cumming John Dagg Dana Daniels Mark Davidson Julie Davis Raymond Davis lean DeLozier Debra Dematteis Linda DeMott Richard Johnson B111 McCullough, and Mrke Prckleseimer learn the basic chords on the guitar 34 EIGHTH GRADE V J H S Students relax durmg the lunch break I un Dukes ponders over a d1ff1cu1t test question. Charles Dennison Selina Devine Charlene Dewindt Jeff Dickerson Duane Dixon Linda Dolan Cathi Dominquez Terry Dorsey Howard Dotzler Lester Douglas Vicki Dove Peter Dowling Kathy Drake Robert Duarte I im Dukes Amelia Dunbar Carlos Dunlap Ruth Dwyer Mary Eble Rory Edelen Regina Edwards Gail Egnor Dee Enerson Teresa Ensley EIGHTH GRADE 35 Gaily Eppley An y Esparza Jay Farland George Fay Jeanne Finis Cheryl Finley Gina Fisher Linda Fisher Scott Flarnrn Manfred Flemme Karen Flora Joyce Floresca Barbara Fraser Marshall Frasher Karen Frederick Mike Freeman Lynn Fnoias S aron Fryer Milton Ganison Beulah Gentry David Gibson Susan Gibson Bobby Godbey Debbie Godwin John Goldstrom Paul Gonzales Judy Goodwin Pertmwfs 1 ldv .lf De1'1iSS Wahl. Laura LSC Knapp. I Udy G00ClWif1. Weildy Laura Lee Knapp cuts the cake as Mike Freeman , Curt Holt. D0Ug Novak, Craig Stevenson, Curt Wilde, 101111 Wilde, and Craig Stevenson hungrily look on. Dagg, Laurinda Schlimmer and Gail Egnor participate in t e traditional birthdacy song to Peterson Francisco, Vandenberg 's adopted In ian boy. 36 EIGHTH GRADE Q I x ending 50m "dw I-HDL" ..-v ,' , I , , I-3 fn - -4 1 v ru " f I, Y ,Jw , V .Y ' . , -- -Q -. A--' -,' 'I x ., .- ,- X - "".'-': L., 'U 4 a 4' A 4, 'vw 'Y I". 'liq sud- - -.y ' Rick Monday and Iesse Peikert enjoy the peace and Diana Suter, Iris Shojinaga, and the rest of the gang enjoy chow quiet. ' tj-1113, 38 EIGHTH GRADE Mrs. Brandon keeps busy in the morning. Stacy Hess Jerry Hicks Alicia Hines Sharon Hixon Camille Hochstatter Terri Hodapcp I-Ijardist Ho ge Terrie Holland John Holloway Wendy Holt David Hood Katherine Hood Lisa Hope Laura Hostetter LeeAnn Hrdy Robert Huff Shelia Jackson Rebecca Jaramillo Cindy Jennings Nathan Jenson Dennis Johnson Gaye Johnson James Johnson Mike Johnson Daryl Jones Debra Jones Brian Jorgenson Patricia Kaderka David Kaericher Sylvia Kain Pamela Kaminsky Sherry Kendall Wayne Kenderes Theresa Kereakes Vicky Kerwick Tim Kickham Debbie Kim Kay King Laura Knapp Patti Knisley EIGHTH GRADE 39 Stanley Koberstein Celeste Koch Kimberly Kubitza Jolm Kunkel Gina Kwiatkoski Lisa Lander Sheila Landers Liz Lasorsa Benny Leberfinger Joseph Leiss Robert Lenahan Laura Leonard Li-An Leonard Ambrose Lesniak Linda Lethco Jerry Lindemann John Lingle Tim Lint Ann Loken Nancy Lomax James Loney David Long Kathleen Looney Sue Lopez Cherrie Lowthorp Karen Lundberg Angela Lyons Susan Lyra Darlene McBride Patrick McBride Diana McCormick Bill McCullough Dan McCune Melanie McDaniel Vici McGraw Catherine McIntosh Leo Mclntyre Lisa Mclntyre Mark McLain Charles McLaney Mike McSwain Elizabeth McWhorter 40 EIGHTH GRADE Bwwsiug OUEWB00-k6 Mary Madden Wayne Martel Casaundra Martin Michael Martin James Mascarenas Martin Masterson Nicolette Mastriano Tamara May Jenny Mayes Douglas Mee Tina Meeker Craig Meena Susan Meier Debra Mercer Ioselle Merritt Margaret Meyer Sharon Miley Brenda Miller Mr. Pace's English class look over the selections at the Book Fair. EIGHTH GRADE 41 Mary Miller Julie Miller Joseph Mills Mary Mitchell Susan Mixon John Molchan Pamela Mole Tina Mole Richard Monday John Monkvic Ross Montgomery Paul Moore Danny Morris Susan Morris Gerome Morrow Donna Morton David Mosby Brian Murphy if V Terry Dorsey and Randy Ochs store aluminum cans. Gordon Hendricks and Leslie Myrick dig in the trash 42 EIGHTH GRADE can for aluminum cans. Ow dw Gov lfi, ' ,, X I Bruce Myers Kenneth Myers Leslie Myrick Lynne Navarro Curt Neely Blain Nelson Nadine Nicholson John Nieto Bjorn Nilsen Doug Novak Donald O'Brien Randy Ochs Allen Ogozalek Susan Oldham Debbie Oliver Brad O'Neill Linda Ormand Cathy Osborne Miss Baier's first period class stomp aluminum cans in competition with Mr. Wilson 's class. EIGHTH GRADE 43 454 Fw H7617 April Zaveson and Julie Robinson prepare to print with linoleum blocks Julie Parsley Sharon Parker Georgenia Patterson Suzanne Patton Vanissa Patton Bobby Peak Debra Pelletter Jesse Pelkert Sharon Pennington Sharon Perkins Tommy Petty Andy Pfotenhauer Margie Phipps Jenny Pickens Michael Picklesimer Dorothy Pillion Lola Polanco Sandra Polizo 44 EIGHTH GRADE Dennis Polsgrove Iudy Powers Karen Price Alan Probst Scot Pryor Eleanora Pugh Siobhan Quinn Don Quisenberry Ron Quisenberry Anne Raddatz Luke Ramsey Sandra Randall Carla Randolph Kathleen Ray Lora Raymond Mark Reberry Jeffrey Reed Diane Renner Richard Rice Randy Riffle Larry Riggle Carlton Roberts I ay Robertson Julie Robinson Curtis Rodgers Carlos Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez Jeff Rubinstein Laura Russ Robin Russell Virginia St. Jean David Sanders Narciso Sanders Cathy Sanford Donna Sarber Fred Schiessl Laurinda Schlimmer Douglas Schultz Edna Seggie Richard Sell Charles Shannon Stephen Sheldon EIGHTH GRADE 1 'f Benny Thrasher Vernon Tuey Brenda Tracy Mrchelle Trull Steve Tuggle Cynthra Vancura Janus VanDePutte Klm VanGoey Rodney VanOrden LOITHIHC VanW1e V1cky Vaugnn Larry Vazquez T owDowwtlwLuw 'fr T" K' M V Jerry Bond, Laura Leonard, Doug Novak, Cathy VICRGIS, B111 Bullard, Krrs Story, Rodney Canupp, L1z La sorsa , keep on truckm as Pam Anderson looks on. EIGHTH GRADE 47 Qi? jrmj' MQ W V W Z 7 . ,V V rw 1, A9 'PR f ff , ju T, ' L ,r MJ W5 ,ffl A W DQ, V .A N gfliwfj tg, 1 W ' xiii. .1 .1 il Rr wilt: 'Q my 4- .xl .if 'T -1 ,4a,,,,".',,I ,ru - -- - 4 - . 1 Q ' x, W ,mer 1 'i,,x,w W" ,H+ ,Q Q, wa N , ,W fi 'LK' KAW. J A . Kg.: 5, g ,' , . , , 5 f... ' ? ' Q' 1 ' , . l ,1 Q f-lifgtfn-'Q 1, rf 'li :' U h Quxifcfv Roles iw !-!omrEo and ludusbzmlz Cathy Vickers Victor Vigil Michael Volk George Volkman Denise Wahl Lewis Walker Thomas Walker Carmen Walsh Diane Walter Sandra Ward Barbara Warner Susan Warren Toni Weathers Randy Weaver Richard Weinstein David Wende Felice Westbury Terry Whaly James White Robert White Judy Whittelsey Elizabeth Wiggins Curt Wilde Charles Wiley 48 EIGHTH GRADE Brett Sparks shows his talent on the sewing machine. 'in Miss Litfin teaches Dell Barritr how to use the sewing machine. 'ia Andy Wilhite Bill Wilnel Wayne Williams Jayme Williams Michael Williams Myra Williams Phillip Williams Robin Wills Ann Wilson James Wilson Kevin Wilson Marjorie Wilson Savita Wilson Kim Windrow John Wineinger Darlene Winston Dorene Winston Angela Wood Daniel Yeater Steve Yoshitake Richard Young Robert Young Robert Younglove Cindy Zeller Mr., Donlea shows Home-Ec. students how to use a soldering gun EIGHfI'H GRADE 49 Andrew Adam Angelique Adams Cheryl Akridge Ed Albert Kenneth Albrecht Susan Allen Bruce Allred Norman Anderson Ronald Anderson Ruben Armenta Jeri Arnold James Asel Jim Aube Jill Axline Cathy Ayers Michael Bacina Cleon Bailey Kathi Baker Bret Ballinger Ellen Banuelos Lyndal Barr Jackie Barritt Dominick Barry Bill Bechtold Marjorie Beikman Steven Bennett Jill Bergstrom Joni Beshears wha ls tlwwealwu Susan Pardo defeats Bryan McComb in arm wrestling. 50 SEVENTH GRADE 1 1 1 She takes- on all comer Sw? fx-si, ' Q... -,X ii. luding Jeff Brian. Nancy Bethlyne Tom Bicke Laura Blanc' Meledey Bland Glen Bleakley Andra Bliss Robert Bogard Brian Bolsky John Bonneau Bruce Borninkhor Peggy Boucher Justm Boyd Steve Boyd Dona Bradley Charles Brann Erin Brewer Glen Briley Ronald Brock Eric Brown John Brown Kathy Brown Kathryn Brown Kelly Brown Sharon Brown Jimmy Bruce Mary Bruce Jeff Bryan Kit Buchanan DeAnne Buffington Jeff Burgess LeeAudrey Burk Theresa Burrell Jody Burris Lori Burris Paul Bush Brian Buzzell Debbie Cambric Jonathan Campbell Debbie Candelaria Eric Cannon Jeff Canup Lloyd Cardlime Gre?-laCarl Mic el Carmen SEVENTH GRADE 51 52 SEVENTH GRADE Dennis Carr David Casillas Karen Causby Mike Christian Mike Clarkson Kenneth Clayton Timothy Cline Robert Cochran Jeff Coffin Kerrie Coleman Edmund Colman Robert Corner Arthur Courville Patrick Conly Shelly Conner Carol Coselman Richard Croft Robert Crummy Brenda Cullins Kathleen Dagg Darryl Dalcerri Greg Dalton Kerry Daly Teresa Daniel Thad Daniel Helen Gay Daniels I effrey Daniels Kim Daniels Rhys Dapar Guy Davis Jerry Davis Mike Davis Shari Davis Steven Dearwent Tony Dematteis James Demott Bobby Dempsey T, Jay Densmore Cindy Deremo Tina Devine Gaynelle Dew i.ndt Julia Dial Pat Diffenbach Kelly Dorsey Jeff Dotzler Mark Doubleday Steve Douglas Charlene Driver RM 0 DJ Le' H0 i i Mr. Beebe and his students hang coke snap top rings left over from the aluminum can drive. St dents drink coke and put together snap top rings. LDKZ, 740 TH5 Qfffigi 'rfffffw' L f9 'S7 EREPWQ 557775712 -L-UQEZ NEXT 7'fMfH.2, ffJ5'LL,, V00 bidi' M z! Mane ltfiyd if ' Up! r2ufLfPffM SEVENTH GRADE 53 Mike Duffey Keith Duggan Glenn Duran William Durham Richard Dwyer Tom Dwyer Patricia Eady Jackie E li Sandra Eirhart Kristina Elkins Kari Ellertson Dominick Elliott Maria Elmer Cynthia Erbe Robert Erdmann David Emberg Alan Evans Kevin Ewing Laurie Fain Janet Feight I oline Fillmore Michael Fioti Lee Ann Fisher Terri Fisher Carmen Flar Corinne Flar Sharon Flora Donna Flynn John Fl nn David lyoreman Ronald Franklin Doug Frasher Kevin Frederick Robert Freeman -Deborah Froias Kimberly Fuller Susan Fuller Audrey Furry Sarah Galvin Kurt Garman Doris Garrett Steve Gaudin Curtis Geary Ellen Gehringer Tami Gerhart Richard Gillespie Tim .Gillham Sabrina Gilyard Rick Gimbel Tammy Given Doug Glover Deb ie Goddard Caryl Goldschlager Jeri -Ann Goldstrom Timothy Golson Toni Gomes 54 SEVENTH GRADE Debra Gonzales Brad Grande Karen Griffin Annette Grimes Paul Guiel Erik Gundersen Melissa Gunst Mark Haley Deborah Hall Paulina Halucka Keith Hamel Travis Hamer Karen Hammerberg Anita Hannemann Robert Haralson Jonathan Harris Ronald Harris Cindy Harrington Elizabeth Hash Jimmy Hanger Cindy Haupt Linda Hawkins Ted Hayes Katie Hays Paul Hedge Cathy Hendrich Donna Herth Louise Henle Dan McCoo1, oug Schultz decorate the Christ- L an, T - ., , If 5 fix' g if .Q Y ,fa- sl" . B ie? liiargz McCormack , Evonna Myers , Bill Bechtold , Cindy McAlevy and Cheri Akridge inspect the pinatas they have made for t e zaar. Bernard Hicks Eileen Hill James Himesc James Hochstarrer Bill Holland Greg Holt Leroy Homer Michelle Honey- Cutt Sandra Hood Steve Hotchkiss Robert Howell Sharon Hudgins Daryl Hughes Jackie Hughes Karen Hull Terry Hurnbert John Imbriale Billy Immel Tracy Ingram Heidi Iverson Mark Jackson Lawrence Jeffries Genise Jennings Carla Johnson Douglas Johnson Elaine Johnson Jill J ohnson Benita Jones David Jones Paul Jones Laura Kelly J Kathleen Kempe J 56 SEVENTH GRADE QA!!- uv Peggy Kerriga Darrell Kim Anthony King Cindy King Brian Kizer Renee Lanan Joel Lancaster Cris Lane Barbara Larsson Joseph LaSorsa Vikki Lavender Debbie Ledesma Debbie Leedy Lawrence Leighton Paul Lenahan Donna Lenius Guy Leo I oe Leonard Pam Leone Dierdra Linderman David Lischka Tammy Livingston Steve Lochner Ernest Lofton Lori Loney Sherri Long Anita Lopez Marilynn Lowe Melinda Lowe Michael Ludden Cindy McA1evy Kelly McCartney 0fn,d,f,Z' ge l, C l, Q. : L.: 'M' -- --fa . a- , V or JLQ 1-. UAVII ' .. ,-- 'N J , -ig, 4 +. VA, , 2.1 :gill , f A kfii-it----AL mFfLfg" 5. -it-'15 X I ' Y'--"ft 'L 'ff in L K - -L ,ru uf 1 Mr Evonna Myers, Bill Bechtold and Donna Sarber Diane Walters and Janet Chase create Christmas Q put the finishing touches on one of the pinatas. decorations to be sold at the Bazaar. SEVENTH GRADE 57 P n "H-. -229543 ,s .O lw.,'x, -- .Ve ,M .,.41'f'2xJl., . V ..,?..- 1. - , has S' S3- 2 S f ,.-Q Willietta Peoples Brett Perryman Torn Perusich Daniel Petry Norvell Pettus Shane Pfotenhauer Steven Phares Ron Pickett Steven Picklesirner Lorelie Plebanek Robert Plummer Mark Praus Tami Presley Sandy Quinones Debbie Rabon Toni Rapitis mga? Ellen Gehringer , Jackie Hughes, Carla Johnson , Dan Perry, I eff Canupp and Wendy Thompson busily work with linoleum blocks. SEVENTH GRADE 59 9 Pamela Rapozo Debbie Raub Yvonne Reed Susan Reinwald Robby Reynolds Helen Rice Allen Richter Sherry Riggle Dawn Riley Andre Roberts Robert Robertson Karen Robinson Gary Robison Reggie Rocker Rosalind Rocker George Rothweiler Angel Rucoba Bryan Rudicel Kelly Ryan Valerie Sager Tracy San erson Tony Santiago Patrick Sauls Faith Saunders Kathryn Scheehl Connie Schillreft Cheryl Schultz Tammy Seabolt OuwvE1g Bflllww D. 60 SEVENTH GRADE CMU Custodian Mike Guevara Gina Frsher Robin W111s and Guy Davis converse at the Snack Bar Kevin Searfos Brice Searles I ames Seggie Joanne Senta Kenneth Shaeffer Sandra Shaffer Mary Shanks I er Shar Elilgebeth 1:Sher Rosemarly Sheplgyerd Kevin S ipman Susan Shoults Carole Shuemaker Stephen Sierra Timmy Silvernail Bruce Silvernale Boone Simmons Karen Simon Kathleen Simon Gary Simons Lewis Singleton ""'!'l!ns-re., V Gordon Hendrich and Jerry Bridges wait on customers at the Student Store. 3 . , SEVENTH GRADE 61 Irene Sitko Larrly Skinner Cin y Slates Anni Smith Elizabeth Smith Pamela Snyder Robert Snyder Janice Solomon Ava Souleyret Kristal Sparks Sheila Stanrord Dale Steele Kenneth Steele Kirsten Stephan Michael Stephens Joni Stokes Susan Strain Sharon Stuart Phillip Studley Diana Sullivan Sandy Swan Connie Taitague Stephanie Tapia David Taylor Terri Taylor Pamela Teichelman Darla Thomason Dean Thompson Wendy Thompson Barbara Thras er Hilary Toon Rosemarie Toon Dick Tracy Serry Tuc er Kent Tunell Steven Vancura Diane VanDeputte Peggy Van Orden David Vickers Ralph Vigil Warren Vinzant Theresa Volk Sharen Vollmer Robert Walker Susan Walker Terri Walker Rodney Walter Karin Ward Phillip Warren Scott Watkins Ierr Webster I ef? Welch Lawrence Wetz Cindy White Kathy White Leasa White 62 SEVENTH GRADE -. i uk I, ' nf jf! .0" "- -' GebTlwvuBacowFaw Susan White Susan Wilcox Steven Wiley Debra Williams James Williams Kym Williams Steven Williams Rene Williamson Bill Willis Betty Wills Cathy Wilson Kenny Wilson Linda Wilson Mike Wilson Susan Wilson Michael Winters Jim Wittmann Roberta Witzgall Laurie Wood Kim Wright Terri Wuitschick JoAnn Young Marcus Young Teresa Zumstein Mr. Steward looks on as Debbie Mercer and Debbie Candelaria dis- 7th grade Students dissect a P18 111 an after Sect a pig, school activity. I 64 ' V 'xg fvw, ,N L , fl . , 1 1 1 X 44, ,-:Q . -JS! X, Lwmdwdmss- wlwmtwg 2 'ANL-, A -:QL 00 Peterson Francisco attends Crownpoint Board- ing School. V , or n an I 'Q ., Vandenberg Junior High's adopted child is Peterson Francisco. , 'w'+ ASB OFFICERSL: SEA TED: Ioe Leonard, 'ith Grade Vice-Presidentg Melanie McDaniel, 8th Grade Vice-Presidentg Doug Novak, President STANDING: Mike McSwain, Treasurerg Judy Whittelsey, Secretary. av' - ...Q -' V-Y-P. ..: -f V- 'q-w:r-nq,A.-- j'g"2g5ili'f""' ' 91'li"'v1.Q"'- gf. 5. If,..i,.L. "' ' ' ' "fi .A 1.1: Ninas 4. , Ar '4-1 '-,., - g' ',f7"fa2f0""x'4,- u 'F' 1 - 'v -1 , . --A N-P 5. ' 'N ,J ' ' .Li-full. 5 4 v. -' T 'if' 3 ti. A A1 A t Aw,L U., A I W 1 . ni 1 1 ' ' LL Vx , if 1 S V J 1' " - : ff 3' --f"""' .--"" .4 V' 3 ffm f"9 gi ? "i. . E -4? -f- - STUDENT SENATE: FIRST ROW: John Martinez, Andrew.Adam. SECOND ROW: Connie Schillraff, Susan Shoults, Leilani McCullough, Angie Banuelos. THIRD ROW: Wendy Holt, Laurinda Schlimmer, Mary Miller, Janice Akridge. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Bond and Marshall Frasher. DRESS CODE COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW: John Flynn, Scott Watkins. SECOND ROW: Debbie Mercer, Tony Walker, Susan Shoults. Last year the dress code was changed to let girls wear pants. This year the Dress Code Com- mittee has unsuccessfully tried to get hot pants added to the code. The Evaluation Committee, created later in the year, was formed to determine the amount of litter on campus. The school was divided in- to seven areas, each of which is graded by one person every day. The Budget Committee established the bud- get for the 1971-'72 year. This was the First year the students formed their own budget. Wada Beldudftlw Scenes nuff EVALUATION COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW: Judy Goodwin, Wendy Holt, April Zaveson, Patti Anglin, Bill Calhoun, SECOND ROW: Marla Stokes, Laurinda Schlimmer, Eugene Buckner. eff mfgiz AK BUDGET COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW: Leilani McCullough, Mike McSwain. SECOND ROW: Connie Schillraff, Andrew Adam, Marshall Frasher, Melanie McDaniel. PEACE CORPS COMMITTEE: Mike McSwain, Karla Stokes, Larry Baldwin, Debbie Demat- 11618. xx W X The Peace Corps Committee handles the affairs of the Partner- ship School Program. The school V.I. H.S, is sponsoring lies in the village of Mafutseni, located in Swaziland, Africa. This year's Carnival Committee played an important part in making the carnival a success. The carnival produced a profit of 31 , 004. 08. The Aluminum Can Committee is in charge of the transporta- tion and storage of the cans. The money raised from the cans is used for Peterson Francisco's education which the Sponsorship Com- mittee manages. CARNIVAL COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW: Melanie McDaniel, Susan Morris, Laurinda Schlirnrner, Laurie Sherman, Laura Knapp, Becky Jaramillo. SECOND ROW: Wendy Holt, Judy Whittelsey, Blain - Nelson, Larry Baldwin, Janus Van DePutte. THIRD ROW: Judy Good- win, Gail Egnor, Karen Price, Mary Madden. ' A "H" V ' l W I , 1 .4-c , .,- ,hi SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE: Kim Van Goey, Gail Egnor, Dominick ALUMINUM CAN COMMITTEE: Wendy Holt, Barry, Cheryl Schultz, Phil Heidrnous. 69 The 1971 Carnival was an astounding success. With the 251 ,O04. O3 earned, the school will be able to purchase the 7 gl! audio-visual equipment that is so badly ' needed. The school will be purchasing fl' five record players, two cassette recor- ders, and one slide projector. There will be money left over to buy more equipment as it is needed. And we have here - a wet Wilson! "And one for you, Lisa Hope and one for you, Talented Shelley Conner shows her artistic ability in 'A Susan O1dham" said Marty Masterson. 1 the Silhouette Booth. 70 Li , ,. ' is , 'f ,r , 7 W' I fzqu- +L ' ' ' 4'-11 .v Q - V it if Debbie Leedy, Stephanie Tapia, and Kathy One look at that table full of cakes and everyone was at the Cake Kempe admire the foreign , handmade crafts Walk. at the Bazaar. Ron Quisenberry says, "Inflation su-ikes us Karen Lundberg, Janice Akridge, and Jim Clark take time out to play in every way, see?" bingo. Q xV xl' :I , 'fix Laadsfof 229 Mrs d'dd' d 11 1 ' makeriggar rs e icate wr ecause, QLTLLCJ 4 A Li f A ff' N XM L :mg Q abtlwTniogoUoI2nw Melanie McDaniel, Philip Heidrnous and Reggie Bemard get off to a slow start, -I x, . an V -nv, -- -,,- 'f Y -,-uf As Eugene Buckner gives Clyde Smith the wheel, Janice Akridge heads for Mrs. Todd is the speed demon of the track the finish line. 72 W Since its beginning in 1969, the Tricycle Race has been held the last school day This year the faculty formed two teams which raced independent- One of the teams was made up of Mrs. Hammond, Mr. Ferris, Mr. Wolf. The other team was formed by Mr. Pace, Mr. Alexander, Williams, the latter winning. before Halloween. ly of one another. Gargrave and Mrs. Mrs. Todd and Dr. Gail Egnor. In the regular competition the first place team was made up of Blain Nelson, Clyde Smith, George Sorum and Eugene Buckner. This team almost lost their spot in the winners circle when Eugene Buckner nearly hit a basketball post The second place team consisted of Curt Wilde, Doug Novak, Philip Herd mous and Mr. Steward. Third place was taken by a team of Judy Goodwin, Wendy Holt, Laurinda Schlimmer and in-4.1 t. '-. 1' , n L: 1-I, 'EL W! ' 53.12. 1111, M ,S Jr V. A, -K Future Grand Prix racers Blain Nelson, Clyde Smith, George Sorum and Eugene Buck- DY- Wi11iaII1S looks for help ner won the race. from his pit crew. el . The Christmas Students dance to the group "Progress, " Girls admire the band at the Christmas Dance. Ken Myers and Leslie Myric Cl'lj0Y a slow one at the Christmas Dance a big success. l G i- T! 5 -J 'H O xg ,Y 'A . E X 'N ni , F In .. V. f 'ffm 5 ' s X ', . 1 , w r A ' A V 4 1 ,A , r'-. 5 I v ,, ,w jj f rf- ' H ' r, Aff sw'- ' " iff' ff., Q : - Ky X :s 5' 'J , ,s . ' "7 ii -4 I W 1 ff- - . A l ' ' 'J ' . Q VI-WY N 'P ,J v ,I .Q 5 , V , Y A . 'f ' w ,'Q Q' F 'N 'x N 1, Y 5 EN 5 i I N H-A, vu "' v , Ny' , N F ,-1 K, 4 up a V.-A 'sf 1 I, 'I N. mpg. s - ,, ss M' 5 V- H . Y '-3. sg -si, my W X, ..:v- -- A., Y 5. I-.11 1 .. f t v V r , , ,J 2.5: , ,.,, 1, 5 A ,XL C V +V- n ,xx 9 t 3 ,fyjlk 7 A i 1.--, ' 1 1 :gg ?1 7-1 X .st c. l'i " fin? A 1 '- ,j,,'v -9 ' 4' Y' ' : ,M W Big' Dags lof Be, W V Q5- lf 5' V Students enjoy themselves at the Christmas Dance 'I' 'N . The 1971-'72 year started Off with the Ice Breaker Dance. A local group played and everyone got it on. During the Yule-tide season, "The Partners" entertained and as usual fun was had by all. "The Progress" group provided the music for the St. Valentines Dance. The Spring, Sadie Hawkins, and Eighth Grade Promotion Dances completed the year with BIG DAYS TO BE REMEMBERED 75 l Mr. Ferris conducts his third period Advanced Band. MalwYowu Oww Kmdf ob Mwsw ADVANCED BAND: FIRST ROW: Bruce Teichman, Bill Skin ner. SECOND ROW: Robert Young, Mary Lou Braden, John Wineinger., Richard Weinstein, Marie Castillo, Janus Van De Putte, Lenora Harrison, Melanie McDanie1,,PatI:i Knisley, W Kathy Looney, Karen Fredricks, Rene Lanan. THIRD ROW: Susan Strain, Edna Seggie, Cheryl Schultz, Dan Harrison, Robert Byrd, Brenda Sitko, Sharon Hixson, Cherrie Lowthorp, CHOIR: FIRST ROW: Margie Wilson, Debbie Harmon, Julie Maple, Darrell Hamby, Wayne Williams, Sin leton, Laura Knapp, Laura Leonard, Susan Lyra, Linda Ormond, Sharon Miley, Rhonda Cruikshanks. OW: Kathy Dominguez, Mary Mitchell, Tam Anderson, Mary Miller, Pat Sauls, Andy Pfotenhauer, Adam, Thad Daniel, Steve Meehan, Patti Clemovitz, Karla Stokes, Virginia St, Jean. THIRD ROW: Jones, Liz McWhorter, Gail Egnor, Nadine Nicholson, Barbara Fraser, Sandy Allison, Doug Shultz, Ross Howard Comstock, Larry Baldwin, Alan Probst, David Taylor, Nancy Lomax, Rae Christ, Evan- Kathy Bremer, Theresa Hay? Susan Warren, Janice Akridgle. FOURTH ROW: Karen Price, Linda Marie Rolya, Maria Stokes, Leslie yrick, Kathy Drake, Angela ood, David Hood, George Jones, Ochs, Nat n Jenson, Joe Mills, Luke Ramsey, Catherine Mclntosh, Cheryl Finley, Debbie Davidson, Denise Wahl, and Susan Meier, -',,,,vv+ -.1 Mastriano, Jean Delozier. FOURTH ROW: Doug Billy Smith, Duane Dixon, Fred Schiessl, B. J , Nilsen, Sheldon, Brian Murphy, John Kunkel, Steve Yoshitake, Farland, Milton Ganison. FIFTH ROW: Mr, Ferris, Robert Mike Ludden, Kim Kubirza , Phil Heidmous, John LHR? Ramsey solos during the Concert Ann Kopf, Carlton Roberts, David Mosby, Judy Chou S Christmas Concert- Maryly Thorson, Dean Thompson and Kathy Brown. + - lvuisw ls Pdogfug 'lth GRADE CHOIR: FIRST ROW: R, Brock, B. Kiser, K. Schaeffer, M, M21SiCaTI1P0.,J- Sharp. P. Jones, S. Dearwent, D. Liscllka T, Silvernail, J. Mitchell, O. Mosely, T. Dematteis, M. Young. SECOND ROW: K. Garman, B, Bechtold, K, Wilson, R, Plumi mer, R, Miller, R, Vi il, B. Buzzle, I. Magill, S. Hotchkiss, I. Canupp, D. Petry. THIRD ROW: T. Wuitschick, I, Egli, D. Candelaria, P, Eady, Gonzales, C. Ayers. I. Bergstrom, L. Maddox, L. Smith, K, Brown, K. Coleman, D. Raub, K, Simon, S. Galvin, E, Brewer, W, Nottlelmann, T. Sanderson, T. Rapitis, B, Cullins, T. Devine, C. Driver, H. Rice, T. Volk, S. Mc- Whorter, S, Streetman, J. Marrer, S. Pfotenhauer, M, Gunst, S. Riggle, K. Miller, L, White. FOURTH ROW: A. Smith, C. Taitague, I. Burris, L, Wood, C. Wilson, L. Plebanek, H. Iverson, M, Honeycutt, I. Young, L, Barr, C. Newbern, J, Feight, E. Gehringer, S, Long, C, Johnson, K, McCarthey, S. Tucker, L. Kelly, K. Baker. J. Solomon, C. Coselman. FIFTH ROW: E, Myers, D, Thomason, R. Rocker, D, Buffington, I, Barritt, K. Madison, C. Harrington, C, McAlevy, A, Lopez, K. Sparks, L. Wilson, M. Murphy, D. Sullivan, N, Bethune, C. Akridge, W. Thompson, S, Quinones, L. Hash, K, Dagg, M. Bruce, T. Tay- lor, K, Mason, L. Burk, L, Fisher, I. Goldstrom, P. Teichelman, D. Leedy, J. Beshears, A. Rucoba, L, Loney, B. Jones, D, Goddard, B, Larsson, L, Fain, J. Senta, S, Allen, S. Conner, S. Stuart, T. Walker, G, Daniels, T, O'Neill, I. Hughes, T. Daniel, K. Hammerberg, T, Elkins, L, Furry. ani' x 'lth GRADE CHOIR: FIRST ROW: I. Arnold, S. Tapia-, G. Leopard, R, Walter, A, Courville, P. Conley, I. Patterson, T. Dens- more D, Froias, D, Myjak. SECOND ROW: Mr. Haines, C. Mertz, K. Simon, K. Daniels, C. Shuemaker, C. Pace, C. HQH- dricks, A. Grimes, D, Lenius, K. Brovm, R, Reynolds. THIRD ROW: K. Stephan. S. Davis. B. Thl'-9-Sher. I . Fillmore. A. Bliss, D. Norman, C. Schillreff, M, Maez, C. White, K. Wright. 78 Inside Owv F-leads. IN TERMEDIA TE BAND FIRST ROW: Leilani McCullough, Betty Wills, Jeanne Finis, Susan Walker, Susan Shoults, Paul Guiel, Bobby Bruce, Keith Steele, Larry Jeffries, Carol Boone, Deborah Ledesma, Lisa Sheehy, Jill Axline, Kathy White, Marie Elmer, Cindy Slates. SECOND ROW: Theresa Burrell, Leroy Horner, Eric Brown, Jeff Coffin, Savrina Gilyard , Larry Vazquez, Tami Presley, Joy Malesky, Brenda Tracy, Bob Godbey. THIRD ROW: Mr. Ferris, Ruben Armenta, Jim Seggie, Ron Doig, Ron Pickett, Matt Moore., Bruce Allred, Kevin Frederick, Mike Matthews, Tommy Petty, FOURTH ROW: John Nieto, Robert Freeman, Pete Dowling, Phil Pel- lerin, Tim Hollowway, Norman Anderson, Pat Smith, Mike Martin, Bob Bogard, Bruce Borninkhof, John Monkvic, Ron Quisen- berry, Katie Hays. V- 1'-Ja.. V-,J-,-,. KD XL' BEGINNING BAND FIRST ROW: Faith Saunders, Sharon Vollmer, Pam Rapozo, Ann Loken, Susan Wilcox, Dick Tracy, Robin Martin, Pam Leone, Meledy Bland, Kim Fuller, Yvonne Reed, Irene Sitko, Greta Nash, Marleen Harvey, Sharon Brown, Kelly Dorsey, SECOND ROW: Bruce Silvernail, Ava Souleyret, Jont Stokes, Damon Locke, Jim Hochstatter, Robert Duante, Jim Asel, Bill Holland, Clare Mitchell, John Martinez, Bob Cochran, Kevin Ewing, Daryl Hughes, Jim Aube, Tim Johnson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Ferris, Diane Van DePutte, Jerry Branton, David Newsome, Phil Studley, Dennis Carr, Linda Demott. ,- Lanka f QQN 'QSQCLX ylmonol YU3 Qi' UQ Qs Qcwxn ire HTH 5 OL r eonwi ldvww My nv? U Pnidpf and, L09 RQ SPM :: Lwdffof X wwuwiug Qeasow '7th GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM: FIRST ROW: Greg Dalton, Chuck Gooden, Carl Simmons, Ron Franklin. SECOND ROW: Glen Duran, Terry Powell, Tony San- tiagg, Dominick Barry and James Asel. Robby Reynolds and Searles are not pic- ture , Yli5vfe1ss:-24.:f:'J.i-'fz1- , "J L J ' 4, " ' 8th GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM: FIRST ROW: Rod Canupp , Brian Murphy, Mandly Simmons, Curt Wilde, James Loney. SECOND ROW: Mr. Riley, Charles Shannon, Mark McClain, Richard Johnson, Doug Nova and Carlton Roberts. Tony Walker and Chuck Buddin are not pictured. 80 i' 3 ' Q vu .L l 5 1 , ,f J, ? c , . -3. ,ug H.i.,H1g.5"lLn .. .1 'fn Ig w iT1g"!N!1,'. I W I M if." . x:x.Hlx v Wg ,. H WI M R fu fu-A AX 1 ' --w .., ,. . 91' A 1, A. ' -, XX-Xxx , ' ,,...,-- YK izfa l4'qW6yQe0C Y du +if we ,V lpn, 117 gf? Q KOO I Yxoyz , S UK ,QQC DO . Q V F K UC? -56' axial ff I 0,-46 C761 ,bo X ZX il: VN FTS: U' s QQ Q UN XA-Q Q 3- Q-4 'Im fo 9 X !!ll QM' 67653 The cheerleaders were formed for the first time in the history of Vandenberg Junior High. The squad was chosen by the students and faculty of our school. Under the direction of Miss Belyeu, the squad bought material and made their own uniforms. The cheerleaders helped spirit our team to a winning season. Eighth Grade Cheerleaders Sharon Miley, Laurie Clarke, Karen Lundberg, and Rhonda Cruikshanks, demonstrate their "V for Victory. " P1 E,CLfQlXIeL cmd IQQJICZQYUQ 0 Q- K 'Nl HQICDCL 211 LLM L. LN cpu semfwfiilfl XWQAQMNWMK HHMLF U ck? gr NPQ imp f Craig az, ZX-Lua HL, 3 QL them W- LUX Q g xietdsw '- Y Y W N N rl f M i 'if' Rhonda Cruikshanks, Debbie Candelaria and Karen Lundberg congratulate Brian Murphy and Chuck Buddin after an exciting season. 82 Li!" "" W 7x77 -I-1' 2 ' i' t h ' A 4 it s i t "T, FETF1 It "1 H -1'-I, 1 Seventh Grade Cheerleaders Debbie Goddard, Kirsten Stefan, Kathi Baker, Debbie Candelaria show their school spirit. cw at vJ.u.c. is rn .F,,fY 7 I-li El!-, lil- F"- '1"he cheerleaders practice before one of the games. Charlie Shannon won this match from Chuck Van Orden. X WRESTLING CHAMPS The Wrestling Championships were held during January at noon-tirne. The winners were: 69-'78 lbs. , Steve Wileyg '79- 88 lbs. , Matt Mooreg 89-98 lbs. , Chuck Wileyg 99-108 lbs. , Gary Buchannang 109-118 lbs. , Alan Probstg 119-128 lbs. , Ken Myers: 129-138 lbs. , Tyrone Brice: 139-148 lbs. , Charles Shannong Heavyweight, Bruce Meyers. WRESTLING CHAMPIONS: FIRST ROW: Steve Wiley, Chuck Wiley, Gary Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Ken Myers, Bruce Gary Epply looks like he's finished. MYGIS and Cl121I16S Shannon- Wo 0 E H7 AM Andy Pfotenhauer and Chuck Wiley get themselves tangled with another pair of wrestlers. L , l I- I I? 1:-QT.-,.T.ri1 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: FIRST ROW: Bill Bullard, Paul Bush, Ray Davis, Rick Rice, Bob Mos- by. SECOND ROW: Joe Mills, Mike McSwain, Marshall Fra- sher, Scott Pryor, Manfred Flemme. THIRD ROW: MI. Crosby, Charles Tatick, Rich- ard Johnson, David Mosby, and Richard Doig. Lam -. . . I e Sio y Vandenberg accepts the first place trophy of the Vanden- berg Invitational. Charles Tattic comes through the shoot after a hard run. Vandenberg Invitational competitors line up for the stalgif 85 222-H , wi . A 'J V 1 l GYMNASTICS CLUB FIRST ROW: Dan Cumming, Debbie Harmon, Andrea Adam, Linda Streetman. SECOND ROW: Tam Anderson, Jeanne Finis, Laura Russ, Pam Anderson, Ann Loken, Theresa Hayes, Cathy Sanford. THIRD ROW: Mr. Riley, Karen Lundberg, Sandra Allison, Scott Pryor, Susan'Morris, Ron Doig, Susan Warren, Teresa Whaley. Bodies Two of the most active groups at Vandenberg were the Gymnastics Club and the Modern Dance Group. Club members practiced their art mostly for their own entertainment and development. Just as demanding, the members of the Dance Group felt that their skills were appreciated by everyone. Lydia Shockley does the swan on the uneven parallel bars .4 ,f -l MODERN DANCE: FIRST ROW: Li-an Leonard, Denise Panner, Kathy Bineau, Sandy Randall, Kim Fuller Susan Wilcox, Sharon Pennirgton, Wendy Nottelrnan, Jan Patterson , Cathy Scheehl, Pam Rapozo, Carol Boone, Rhonda Card, SECO D ROW: Mrs. Wolf, Michele Clark, Margie Wilson, Ava Marie Souleyret, Ellen Gehringer, Patti Knisley, Alicia Hines, Annette Grimes, Lynne Navarro, Corinne Flar, Susan Allen, Laura Lee Knapp, Julie Maple, Gaye Johnson, Celeste Koch, Dorothy Pillion, Sherry Riggle, Myra Wil- liams, Ann Wilson, Charlene Driver, Miss Belyeu. THIRD ROW: Ellen Pugh, Angela Walton, Vici Mc- Graw, Kathi Baker , Patti Clemovitz, Evangelin Browne, Mary Bruce, Fifi Westbury, Gay Daniels, Gail Egnor, Kathy Dagg, Theresa Kereakes, Jody Burris, Kirsten Stephen, Liz McWhorter, Karla Stokes, Cathy Wilson , Carlette Randolph, Savita Wilson, Terry Hodapp, Janet Strasler, Judy Whittelsey, Sharon Perkins, Tonia O'Neill, Angie Wood, Cindy Hargis, Kim Anderson, Lisa Mclntyre, Cindy Jennings, Brenda Sitko, Denise Wahl, Lynn Furry, Laura Kelly, Parn Hayes, Lori Burris and Marla Stokes. Kirsten Stephan does her part in the modern dance demonstration. ' SPM mem.:-f.c. Gaye Johnson and Pat Allen keep score. A Strike! 1 wg. . Tx!N jg BOWLING CLUB FIRST ROW: Jill Bergstrom, Bobby Dempsey, Mike Walker, Kevin Searfoss, Kelly Dorsey, Bret Ballinger, Mike Christian, Tim Silvernail, Debbie Ledesma, Liz Maddox, Larry Jeffries, Gary Sharp. SECOND ROW: Anthony King, Liz Smith, Ll'oyd Cardone, Bruce Silvernale, Tami Presley, Lori Plebanek, Mark Elliott, Rick Gimbel. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Main, Guy Leopard, Doug.G1over Darla Thomason, Joanne Senta, Evonna Myers, Debra Leedy, Jackie Barritt, Sherrie Marie Davis, Lisa White, David Foreman, Gary Bergland, Bob Bever, Ken Wilson, Paul Bush, Mr. Pace. FOURTH ROW: Laurie Loney, Anita Lopez, Mike Montroy, War- ren Vinsant, Robert Huff, Bobby Godby, Eddie Coleman, Bob Snyder, Ruben Armenta, Steve Cowdry, Lynn Froias, Hilde Smith. FIFTH ROW: David Casillas, Jayme Williams, Ray Davis, George Harvey, Gordon Hendrich, Terry Brandon, Joe-Mills, Pat Allen Lori Van Wie, Leslie Myrick, Mark Praus, Randy Riffle and Jerome Morrow, 1 fi" gli? Q "' F in llilwgiim E1 stats l TENNIS CLUB KNEELING Mr Wllson and Mr Thompson STANDING Klm Slavens TENNIS CLUB The Tenn1s Club also met on Tuesday afternoon to play tenn1s The students played on the courts here at Vandenber Iumor Hlgh The club was sponsored b Mr WIISOH an Mr Thompson The purpose of the clu was to help the students learn how to play I6Yl1'11S and to have BOWLING CLUB The Bowlmg Club met every Tuesday afternoon and the club was organlzed for students to have some fun and enyoyment The students bowled two games tryrng to 1n crease the1r bowlrng scores gal 4 oooflvqll 6 f -fdofn ai' A wif: cold E 1041 fabvifl 706, 59 b ifzwlillb Acne! xurucli. fwaw 5'KC"', Cook! ea, s'U.,-aff' ,ucvgp KN to 61 vo fa 00 '-CM ff VV! like ma ee' 50 S7005 1021 ydqr 41 sfveaffam pefsofaf 4 ,06'P'T0AJ fofls of waufdf Lafud' fo A4,uaa.J I kyyaw 76204 owuc! I Fee! fpecfaz., Cyajgf Aw Cfasc. ful! 7fc.1r.Cf Q-fc,7CA fx! Q mifffau, KW .Qzwfws Lou! you f F 89 j . DKK 1 I - .Avid j H 'I 1'-'v , A I W - I T I , , , , 0 V A I ' A , 'L U , A - Q ww 1 -L . ' ' T 1' ' ' ,T L: . ,, ' I Q - . s f , . : L E T l M 1 if ' q., ll fr .T yi ' A , I 117 F .p : I ! ' Clubs at VJ!-IQ Gov OW and Ow Richard Brown practices with the bow and anow at a club meeting. 3 fo. 14 J M h yu w '1 x'4U,',1.- rw- ARCHERY CLUB FIRST ROW: Debbie Myjak, Angela Rucoba, Jill Axline, Karen Frederick. SECOND ROW: Richard Brown, Scott Flarn, Lauri Fain, James DeMott , John Clark. 90 Leroy Holmer and Mr. Forinash watch as Bruce Myers lifts weights. SPORTS CLUB 1 SEATED: Brad O'Neil, Blain Nelson and Darrell Hamby. STANDING: Chuck Myers, Mark Davidson and Scott Watkins. ARCHERY CLUB The archery club taught the funda- mentals of the bow and arrow. Archery Club meetings were held on Thursdays after school. Archery meets were held to help the students learn more about archery. It was sponsored by Mr. Ste- ward who is an archery lover himself. SPORTS CLUB The Sports Club was made up of students who are interested in various sports. A few of the activities they participated in included weight lifting, soccer, basketball, football, and run- ning. Mr. Salucci and Mr. Forinash supervised the club 's activities. -6 GOLF CLUB The main purpose of the Golf Club is to teach golf fundamentals. Each Tuesday they play at the Vandenberg Golf Course. HIKING CLUB The Hiking Club went on a bicycle hike to the Guadalupe sand dunes. An overnight hike was made to the Los Pad- res National Forest. HIKING CLUB: FIRST ROW: Li-an Leon- Sharon T'him, Kurt Garman, Danny Harri- ard, Bjorn Nillsen, Rosemary Toon, Linda son, Faith Saudners, Andy Pfotenhauer, Dernott, Susan Wilcox, Alan Ogazalek, Webster. ,THIRD ROW: Mr. Beebe, Amy Donna Bradley, Ian Patterson, Dennis Pols- Hamill, Ron Quisenberry, Lisa Hope, grove, Melissa Guntz, Rhys Dapar. SEC- Sutter, Cindy McAlevy, Doug Schultz, OND ROW: Anita Hannemann, Pam Sny- Laura Russ, Sandy Polizo, Diane McCor- der, Hilary Toon, Richard Miller, Laurin- rnick, Silvia Kain, Ray Aberasturi, Katie da Schlimmer, Mary Miller, Siobion Quinn, Hays, Regina Edwards, Susan Oldham, Robin Russell, Shirley Gray, Iris Shojinaga, Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Mike Daily, . c .a -A lfle if , ., . 'V - -J-V -'xg' th- ing-. ,-1--A Q A -W A -' f"""' " 'Z' ' 1 '-T -1. LGJZ5-Ups: Maui 1' '- , ",....fnZ::1i' - "W" 1 - my N i Mark Davidson and Anita Hannemann look for shells during a bike hike to the Guadalupe sand dunes. 92 1 ll ll E GOLF CLUB FIRST ROW Steve Dearwent, Jeff Bryan SECOND A Q AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB: FIRST ROW Mr Anderson Steve Picklesirner Jerry Bridges Brad O Neil Ray Aberasturi Pat McBride Charles Braun, Leo McIntyre Ruben Armenta SECOND ROW Scott Gosdin Steve Yoshitake Doug Mitchell Phil Williams Craig Meena, Bill ljlolland, Mike Picklesirner Mark Godbey THIRD ROW Richard Brown Chuck Van Orden B111 Mack Bill McCullough, Tflppl Tirey, Chris Still Narcisco Sanders Doug Campbell Jay Robertson George Harvey TROPICAL FISH CLUB The Tro ical Fish Club met once a weei at the noon hour. The members donated fish for the 15 gallon tank, which was displayed in the library. The club went on a field trip to Ostland's Pet Paradise where Mr. Ostland gave a talk on tropical fish. In addition, they saw a number of films on ecology and tropical fish. A -V CLUB In addition to o eratin all P 8 , the school's audio-visual equip- ment, club members kept the equipment in good repair. The club met daily at noon. 94 coiwtmmw - Miss Hagen, Ted Hayes and David Foreman admire the fish which are displayed in the library. i DISCOVERY CLUB The Discovery Club included students that were interested in a wide variety of activities that gen- erally related to history. Some of these interests were coin col- lecting, models, archeology and anthropology. Several hikes in- cluding an overnight exploration to a site of historical interest were planned. The Discovery Club ar- ranged a field trip to La Purisima Mission. They were also guests of the Lompoc Historical Society at L- a dinner meeting. , F Q-as XXX.. N. JJ! ,gif f g R' K 5 Off X PX! thing C. 2. fue-I . U F xg .X l.. ,.' N,-pf 5' XX Ay .," ' 3' ' X , Ux,f" J X- ' ' .. f 'XXL f Nh If -V ,f I 2' YJ -JJ .' .1 r Q . . -X -fx . 1 s , : X , .VJ , L, V . ,- ,N , fx.. , . . r w-.X J in Q ., 1' -1 " xki' Q aff! , xt f . 4-if X .Y ,- x .V X4 'tl it 1,4 lt, ' X gf L ' . X " iff' , Cy fx-- 5- f-N'-.A Lf, ,Rik F ,I L ff' C U X, mi- ' HX X' gm 'i .W r W , IH I I DISCOVERY CLUB: FIRST ROW: John Clark, Robert Freeman, Jimmy Bruce, Bobby Bruce. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hicks, Kim Slavens, Larry Martinez, Junior Durham, Bob Cain. THIRD ROW: Mary Madden, Dan Yeater, Martin Masterson, Terry Dorsey and Janus Van De Putte. WGw ?3 xH'W .'N vgggb Www My 550 W5QQEi3w2,L tbqy Q zsfifww SQWNQE Q NNW ' Q3 + 9 gy? QWQQQWKEQQM Jghvb Q L , x, 5 ,, . . , si Y A,gA .X , Xu, X9 1 f 1 J ' -- fm Xxx X Y' ' 1 'N fx , N In yd x f Q - " . 'W . J v 4 X. "WT Y 6 A ,LW - dp. A OVW M ' Q' W4 f -H' XO! MQ gk 00 W , Jjiflfnw If M jwigonmwmiixd W.52'iQ?,7i.'Q' Mfg LLCOWWQJ21 ,affifggffwff f f1mfLf'f MW W, fi ff f 1 M W M UK 2625515 1 KM lwjgzw We 2 'I X ' Qfhfvfwvcm I 0,2 7N7fL,0! Q' faift' M L- fV g2,4f5'-ff' QWZZW My, UM QMWQZQQJW Q A ja " in I A , 4,'. A Q , AK f01wMf?l W MM' milf Cfa fL70wQ7QWQ g , f f kwa I ,I ,, ,MXL f 1 i Oypacj wf ffz 27-9 ff 117- 'X Z ,f ,F -, fp, gggfwf QQ f, 4aJ?Q! fp X, f2w,f',,4ffff2,,Q! ,6Z,f?y5Z0 0421 J gf' X 5 Qi Uivff , 6245! Jwifpwgfpcb X Q15 ,Qian if Qmgf ,,-94511, 4 ,MQ pmffwf f iff QQ2 A fn 1 I I ,I-ff A "-N gf? dll L,Qf N 2-W ' - , fu QM! wx QW J' MQ SQ! Mi' fm? Q MH ., . D , JEQJQSJ, Q XJ5, ff 1 U J ff mfg QQ ,F J E? f -9566 WM Mig E? 9 vis, . 54 dw Q? JN ' " 'Q B? E in . V - UW iffy' qfwlfyl ' Lgfjflf I' Q21 gfn cf 0 If 'MW f J N QQ ,Cf-' ,P B rf' N- M Was' bf' J bg Y a . V050 V fy ' , , XL '- A JL' W Ji 4 5 A' og X1 JQW . 6 5 yr! W V QV HJ!! V . l lg- ,J J. if , - jo JM' 3 ln' 5: KQV fifljw '31 M vm J 1. Q Q O' V Mkjufikffw .BJ -P, f U X - ga 5 O OL f2e,f+px QWQL C J ASP QOJVEFO Q5 fkxlxc ,S E A ' ' A J ull M ,CQ X tb X ik l A l 'iblvx JM Q Nb ff , N: 54 saw il. 41124193 cf gi DS .I YCQ- C911 xg Q QV Q' . 'Q X O' Aly 4.x 7 U 1 ' , .Ju-2 QQ-N X 74 E MCH 12 ' E-if if MXX7 U SQ, XL? IS, hx X mix QQ ci,wR Q1 X52 K Q f MF f Q . v X1 so 'ff I M4 J VN 3 x CMJ' ' 3 W 'V 'W Q .J U M Nx X VN GY, 63 Xi' Mp g yin Ml L7 L kia MX L ,Qgyx .. 4 I IA 'XX T if 0bvA5C x U Ty JJ' ,if .gf Def is 9 ssoha P 'W Sc 'Uh f Q 35,5 ,haze L, 96 e 4'e??2f4'::"6Z,Q"'o W G f .ww Z' Nc! fr 'J' f ,534 . 'W 5 -fi? 'gulf ,.,,f' V J 'xgl M if ff fx fgfsflggfii AM , - , V, oc " R ' A A ru LQ MA YQ 419 13:5 Hcirflijflz Q!-Q , Wirfgfmvgof M ,, Y.. .... V ..,... ,,,. . , V. !. -.- --A f--, -t -- , ----- --i- - , 'I 35..- ' ' I1 "'- 3' 4 ,fri fumif, fb, F K 4 R I -- 1' .z ,,.. , 1.45" , 1,22-qi-J'-,, ly xt , g 11 D ,I I U Q' 'I J LWIVY. ' J V WK. S.-4'Ar , "jf',N?,7 70 '--1 L ....,- uw.f:1f's,5:',,: - , , ,-f'f- - , aj, f.- . Q . fl' "4"'ffi"7ff..-- .71 ,, a .fy A "" V f 'A 5, U ,J -f' ff?" N , i. -' lm ,W-fflijg 1.2 ' I K.: mx , , H ,. 1 X' fggff' - t 2 - ,, ,,,5,.fT?zx Elk-V I. r7..1f.,,1La! ' X9 Tp ' Y' 'dljflf I F- 7L--4 ..f wage- t',q,:l- W ,. I, if f , -' fug, ,f1'-":v f1 "' Q f5""f .. WZ? b s wif ,--276: X ft. if X" A P . v '.,nJ7i,i4L,f:L:6, ' S ' Mft? 0 N9 a 'JS-4-Qiff' ,gpgyid ffl' M I6 Q S ff" N' fi? 'J ifpf' xx " 'N fx ' b N ,X .gi ,. ' Y KN. -'Cx X-1" .YJ N' ' F03 1, N N x, :4 - ' If I Q'-'51 . N.- S "X N, . r X.. " 4' , NL .ily fy, I x ,N X 5 - XJ. 1 ff U Q -x '-' ij., ' .-A ,"-' , . fax Q . X X f ., . V v E-., fl .1 'I K . N. XX X5 .. ' ' -1 I ' A DX IN 'il AU' X " ' -- N ' -' 1 . fx - 4 LLP N- 0 9 -N P, Q ,mf - I 5 J., vi v x X - l' K I R' ,. ' -pf , " ' L , 1 x . ' 'J Q 22 .. ' ,ff 'ft fl' -+9 ' , 1 li U1-x lg Q ff x fy 5 9, 9 my W .Q K If My . - ,XA - if f . w. A J qv 2 N, - A X - .wk .U Q L69 Q ,L 'A .1 V . ' . 'V .-Q' ' 4 I :X I . R . . X3 di V . If -X ,xi , . Ng w Z ., ' AN Q f - -, ' ' X ' -X. ' ' x -. ., 5' - U N j-"Y Xl- 4 ' ,A Q sm -x jx 4 , We I x 4 ip x lfiv--n 34+-.a.,:f2v' Q X Wa i , J- vu 1 1 'Pv ,- ,.:u:' fbi? .1- 1 - Q' Sv., Wa- V

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