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CVCAISQ, W1 Mb ISHS Table of Contents. . . GEN Vandegrift . . . Commanding Officer Executive Officer . . Wardroom ........ Chief Petty Officers Combat Systems . . . Engineering ........ Operations ..... SupplyfSupport lr Departure Ports of Call Gulf Operations Tigers Steal Beach Homecoming Odds and Ends A' ....,.... GE ERAL A.A. VANDEGRIFT, USMC Alexander A. Vandegrift was born on March 13, 1887, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Attending the University of Virginia, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps in 1909. In 1912, Vandegrift participated in the capture of Coyotepe, Nicaragua, and two years later in the occupation of Veracruz, Mexico. He also served aboard the USS MINNESOTA, USS VIRGINIA, USS DELAWARE, and USS CHESTER until ordered to Haiti in 1915 for action against the Cacos Bandits. For service in Haiti, where he continued to serve in various capacities until 1923, the President of the Republic of Haiti awarded him their Distinguished Service Medal and the Haitian Medaille Melitaire with one Silver Star. The following 18 years were spent in various posts and stations in the United States with the exception of two tours in China. In 1942 Vandegrift sailed to the South Pacific as Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division and led his men to the initial landing of the U.S. Forces against the japanese at Guadalcanal. For this action on August 1942, he was awarded the Navy Cross. Later Vandegrift was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The citation reads, "For outstanding and heroic accomplishments above and beyond the call of duty as Commanding Officer of the First Marine Division in operations against the enemy japanese forces in the Solomon Islands during the period August 7, 1942 to December 9, 1942. With the adverse factors of weather, terrain and disease making his task a difficult and hazardous undertaking, and with his command eventually including sea, land and air forces to the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, Major General Vandegrift achieved marked success in commanding the initial landings of the United States Forces in the Solomon Islands and in their subsequent occupation. His tenacity, courage and resourcefulness prevailed against a strong, determined and experienced enemy, and the gallant fighting spirit of the men under his inspiring leadership enabled them to withstand aerial, land and sea bombardment, to surmount all obstacles and leave a disorganized and ravaged enemy. This dangerous but vital mission, accomplished at the constant risk of his life, resulted in securing a valuable base for further operations of our forces against the enemy, and its successful completion reflects great credit upon Major General Vandegrift, his command and the United States Naval Service." With the successful conclusion of the Solomon Island campaign, Vandegrift assumed command injuly of 1943 of the 1st Marine Amphibious Corps and directed the initial landing at Empress Augusta Bay, Bourgainville. ' On january 1, 1945, Vandegrift was appointed General, the first active duty Marine Officer to reach four star rank. For guiding the Marine Corps through the final years of the war and the demobilization that followed, Vandegrift received the Distinguished Service Medal. This citation reads in part, "for exceptional meritorious service to the Government of the United States in a duty of great responsibility as Commander of the United States Marine Corps from january 1, 1944 to june 30, 1946. General Vandegrift exerCiSCCl extraordinary foresight, initiative and judgment in directing the policies and organization of the Corps. A leader of uncompromising integrity and indefatigable energies, General Vandegrift upheld and quickened the incomparable esprit de corps of his command and developed such a level of combat efficiency to be end that the enemy was overwhelmed by the Marine Wherever met." In December 1947 he left active duty and was placed on the retired list in April of 1949. General Vandegrift died at Bethesda, Maryland, May 8, 1973 at the age of 86. ...V -.....Y-N-,-:W ,Q-A ....,., - V ...,, H,. , , W ,V , , A,Y,, , v ,V Vw ,Ati Y , - T W ,YVYY ,, Y Y , 1, ff . L. MA ,f .-.. ,- f:ii', 5-21 'ffr-' -3331-sig 'fr 4,a:i"-Q -:Q-ag, g,'1,?f ',gH:fi: iA'1!juAi: f 152 'fJ"'2-1?f' ':?f '-"i?i-2511? I r 1 A r I l 4 lf 1! USS VANDEGRIFT USS VANDEGRIFT is the 42 Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate. She was built by Todd Pacific Shipyard Corporation of Seattle, Washington. Her keel was laid 13 October 1981. She was launched 15 October 1982 and commissioned 24 November 1984. She has been awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation, Armed Forced Expeditionary Medal, and three Sea Service Ribbons for her performance through one world cruise and two Middle East Force deployments. COMMANDING OFFICER CDR Christopher H Johnson Cdr. Johnson is a 1970 graduate of Stanford University, where he earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering. He was a member of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps while at Stanford and at graduation was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy. Cdr. Johnson's first three assignments were at sea. He served as Assis- tant Electronics Officer onboard USS BON HOMME RICHARD QCVA-313, Combat information Center Officer in USS COOK QFF-10831, and as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group Five. These assignments involved duty off the coast of Vietnam, a circumnavigation of South America, and operations throughout the Far East. From 1975 to 1978 Cdr. Johnson was assigned shore duty in San Diego at the Operation- al Test arid Evaluation Force, Pacific. Here he participated in testing Navy satellite communications systems and electronic warfare weapons. In 1978 Cdr. Johnson returned to sea duty, serving consecutive tours as Operations Officer in USS ENGLAND CCG-229, Navigator of Liss NEWIJERSEY IBB- 62J, and Executive Officer Iin USS RAMSEY CFFG-23. These assignments involved operations in the Indian Ocean and Far East, and participation in USSNEW JERSEYfS deployment off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon. I . Cdr. Johnson comes to VANDEGRIFT from the Pentagonwherehe served on the staffof the Chief of Naval Operations QOP-956jO76j and was involved in analyzing Navy policies in electronic warfare and space sys- tems. I I . I I Cdr. Johnson's wife, Stephanie, is a native of San Diego, California. They have a son, Daniel, who is three years old. They now make their home in Garden Grove. . . Cdr. Johnson's personal decorations include the Legion of Merit and the Meritorious Service Medal. Cdr. Johnson has commanded VANDEGRIFT since April of 1989. I f I j ' ,W .. . J . bgsww fanzkfvigz Father and Son together at last. Another soft landing? it me LE Km. ,,,,, ' 4 ' WQL , ,ff 5 EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR Thomas R. Andress Lieutenant Commander Andress is a I978 graduate of Pennsylvania State University. where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Science. He was a member of the Naval Officer Training Corps and at graduation was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy. Lieutenant Commander Andress completed his initial sea tour onboard USS EDSON CDD-9463 as Gunnery Officer, Fire Control Officer, Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer and First Lieutenant. During the assignment. EDSON was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for service as the Atlantic Fleet Engineering School Ship, and also completed extensive operations in the Caribbean. From l982 to l985. Lieutenant Commander Andress was assigned to Fleet Training Corps, Guantanamo Bay. Cuba, where he served as Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer and as Training Liaison Officer for United States Navy, Coast Guard, and foreign navy ships undergoing Refresher Training. He was designated a Master Training Specialist for Anti-Submarine Warfare by the Commander of the Atlantic Fleet Training Command. Returning to shipboard duty in l986, Lieutenant Commander Andress reported to the Pre- Commissioning Unit for RODNEY M. DAVIS QFFG-605 as prospective Combat Systems Officer. Following commissioning in l987 and shakedown, the ship transferred to Seventh Fleet and shifted its homeport to Yokosuka, Japan. Following completion of a deployment to the Arabian Gulf, RODNEY M. DAVIS participated in an unprecedented port visit to Shanghai, China. Lieuten- ant Commander Andress reported to USS VANDEGRIFT CFFG-483 as Executive Officer in De- cember of I989. Lieutenant Commander Andress' personal decorations include the Navy Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medal. His wife, Krystal, is a native of Glenside, Pennsylvania. They have a daughter, Lauren, who is seven years old. They currently reside in Garden Grove, California. X ...-T.---......,-,.-..4..,.... ., . e rx so ? ff! X LTJG Melvin teaches XO "The Pose." 6 7 vi "I m issed you Daddy." XXNJ msn RDROO Q .Q QMRS. ,f Q55 g,Ssi .Q , ?'W ..Qi V 9 ' R. LCDR M. Crum LCDR B. Carmichael E W .,Q?jLie:i LT D. Mee LT J. Viniotis Who said aviators only sleep and watch movies? LT L. James LT K. Oukrup X plaza LT D. Young Ntmv CWO2 D. Cornelison 'S LT Bachmann chats with a merchant during Desert Shield. ENS N. Ague LT T. Bachmann .ann N N s w NNN ENS P. Follo LTJG J. Fuller 7 -,WW..Wh ,.., .,,, Wwwwynwmhmmmmhw ,wh ,,..,. a-W- .... ..,.., ..,.. M ..... .WmWm.nMLv-mU .,.... ,-.,M.n IIIllIIIllIIIIIIilIIIllIIIllIIIIiiIIIllIIIIIIIIlilllllilllllliiiillllll LTJG G. Hughes msg, HAPPY? Yeah, but why in the shower? LT R. Larwood QW LTJG G. Rasor LT D. Reese LTJG C. Sison ENS M. Zimmerman 8 K 'ee - N ys ENS A. James LT T. Jara LTJG G. Melvin LTJG A. Oropeza X. X su ss S. LT Mee waits patiently. 3' fi . I I l .W Right: The "Stache Brothers" pose during a refueling off of what was then Kuwait. Below: Larry, Mo, and Curly pose as the ship sails through the San Bernardino Straits. 4... .-in ,M V ' W 4 V W f I X47 Wad' I W ff ' A 'gym ff uf fffffffff-f-.. ,N . ,,,,, ffff, , ff ,,,fffff... .. ,A ,,,,,h, U ,,,,,,, ...,...,,,,,, d ailor about to board an LT Fuller and LT Fuka strut there stuff on LT Fuka looks on as LTJ G Melvin does his impression of a war craze s . Iraqi merchant. the flight deck- 9 It's another meeting in the wardroom and the LT James poses in front of a Saudi ship con- enthusiasm is beginning to ebb. ducting exercises with us. LT Oukrup enjoys the sun and 7-Up while modeling the latest fashion of hats. Above: Caught RED-HANDED. LCDR Crum returns from the shipls store with a "snack," Left: New FSA's? LT Bechter and LT Nixon celebrate their approaching departure. 'Una I5 Tu C xilbk rw Si 3 ga, 7, Xxx Chief Pett Cfficers 7 ff ff f, Q2 M W X ,fwf 'sssikf' ' f f Q ? 5 4 BMC CSWJ Cox smiles proudly after driving over another dhow. AEC Beans consults with AX1 Wick EMCS CSWJ Shane and EM2 Innes stand a vigilant watch in CCS. EMC CSWJ Sarich posts up the leadership philosophy that made him chief. 11 , ,l l l My ,k.V,,Vfkk f ,L .V,. .V,kVV,kk. 24,1 kV,k.' I ,kV,kV,,VV K Zi, ,kV.'kk f ,igrhii ,k.V,L !k.Vkkk k,k, I B 1 1 www ,. 0 W 1 W ff ' w M mf X ff 4 f Q f X Q f f Q X ,I Q 2 . 3 7 4 1 AEC E. Beans RMC KSWJ T. Benoit HMC CSWJ J. Boldin BMC fSWJ J. Cox YNC CSWJ W. Gainer OSC CSWJ J. Godden STGC CSWJ D. Granquist SKC KSWJ R. Iglesia f KZ -.,f . ,,,. , X: .,,,. .W , ..., K .,,.. ,,,..,,. .,,, , , ,, ,, X, K A lsvii i5'a1'r:fz-11124 21.111nf:415.G2-SQ.p,15w:f-rf Q.-,,:fv..z'.f. ff Qs : .Q 1 w. y,f,. ,,,,.mi ,ff Qzm, 1. ..,ff.,..5f 1, , ,,k,,,l,.V.,:,.r5.-my ..,g:3V,i53,f:..:L,,hw.i?.:. Q5.,:5:36Q ,VISV M ' "W'sZfff-1TQ?fg:,,:f' " f 12' 'wg K M, X f A 4 A 4 f A jf 9 .W 'qs 'fy,ff,w f ff ,kf,.-,,-f- - fygy, ,,ff f ,,fk.,, M, ,,ff -4-,ffw , , f f fr ff-,jyj33gyvj,!,7'f,g,.,f,L,,g,L,5.2,f.Qf,Qf-,Qj,3g'p'Qzjiigajfjf,ji,f.g...,Q7g.3.,gff' Ifgxiajfjgig T wfiif-L'ff'2'f'fQff"'VY,.V,,!,j.iy!Lu: 1.2.1 jzQ.2giig.Z1Z5-., f f X ,of , X f f ff I f f X X f f X f X f f X X ,f f f f f f f M. . ff, .pq4wgwi 1 X X f..f,- .- f-f X K X X I ETC KSWJ E. Johnson MSCS QSWJ U. Mulder OSC ISWJ B. New QMCM CSWJ T. Parks ENC KSWJ R. Quioque EMC CSWJ M. Sarich EMCS QSWJ C. Shane FCC QSWJ J. Thomas DCC CSWJ R. Williams ntl Submarlne Warfare D1v1s1on TM2 M. Cunningham STG3 B. Dabbs TM3 R. Deguzman STG3 J. Miller STG3 S. Redmond STG2 M. Roland STG3 K. Sparks STG2 T. Thompson 1543141- X X WWfw,,,f fm , 535223 W :vzfgff , if f N M - ff X s awww W M , I N 1 Q S ,a , xo X 3 Q . z X ii 315 X L 'ww R o O ,A we X Q ' Q i 7 15' I ,.., I f S ,A , u . STG3 "HANS" Redmond and STG2 "FRANZ" Thompson flex on the flight deck between port and starboard watches in com- bat. in if ' NV! R fs args 2. ,s....... im. X ww Now we see STG3 Redmond doing his star football impersonation as he waves and says, "Hi Mom!" from beautiful Ras-Al Khaiman. 1 .. ,. .,., ,..,---.. ,,...,....-....,. , ,...... ,......4s.,........a,...,..f..-.............g.. .,..-...,,- . Y.. , ixg With a smile like that, could it be that STG1 Rittenhouse is thinking about his approaching departure? 15 k Electromcs Readlness DlVlSl0H ET2 M. Bassen IC3 C. Crockett IC2 N. Cruz ET1 D. Dowty ET3 S. Flusche ET2 C. Goshorn IC1 D. Hawkins ET2 J. Lumpkin ?pA. Q - f 3,1-44-,f.,:f0.:'f Q. gfgf:.:,i.'. ,- . " - . X . f , X , f iQ'i if Ifhf' 7 f '44 fjf 17,1 6' viii..,''-32-ff 1,14-gf if 3 3i:4f'if?g?f -4 :,if,'5pQf5..1m?q gg ff,?v,fg y:,'f?,': v-jf,'j'H ff f vyfl, 'ai-4 ig. QQQ:1g: Qf1 :j12,g ii1 gg! iff-:1'1:?5L., :g'5 ::11jf5ff:ifvis 1.:'.341Q.9ff:7'1:?'1-'YT-EpI-riE2fg-ii:-Zi'1.Siillig gf'l1f,Z'F-Efeierei 5-Elf 55122: 5, '11 ,i o o o i ooo Y L x ,gf f WW ET3 M. Maxtinez ET2 V. Motor IC3 T. Nicholson DS3 W. Rucker DS2 D. Stern ET3 B. Willis fi 17 ,,..,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,.-,,,. , .. .., ,-.M-1 v w-S. -ff T,-.. ,wgf-rf... 1. ,. .,,.,- ,, ,-:a,.-, ----gf.-,-..----f-.ea-.Y.....-a-,-v -1 -4.--..'..---tf-4.,.m.:-y-x,---M as-Q-1'-H'-----an--va , Grdnance DIVISIOH Our bronze fighting machine SN Williams does his best Rambo impression HN Q3 GMM1 Jones has that itchy finger after our friend Saddam delayed his return home Working or hiding GMG2 Loos was always at home in his armory. Top The gang IS hanging out at steel beach waiting for the babes Above GMM3 McMichael tells SN Proctor Stand here for a second Right: Dont worry Mr. B. some paste and rags and it wont leak. Honest. V' f 2 my Wwmw 5. Z .. -.. ....-- .M-.. ...v-,-....-.-f.... ..-'..... d.....1...,...,vg.......-..,.....-......-w.g..k...-,..1..,-..., ..-, FC3 C. Adams FC2 V. Anderson FC3 K. Brigham GMG3 M. Emrick FC1 K. Frank FC3 R. Garrick FCSN R. Heeren FC2 D. Adams GMM1 T. Jones GMG2 J. Loos GMM3 K. McMichael SN J. Proctor FC3 P. Randolph FC2 T. Schander FC3 M. Shoemaker GMGSN C. Stringfield FC1 J. Tackett GMM3 S. Weber SN J. Williams EM3 D. Aguillera EN1 L. Aragonnes EN2 A. Babcock EMFA E. Branham EN3 L. Breazeale EN3 H. Carr FN S. Cline ENFN J. Diputado f - 3-:'fv:' f2.5115'Q ,fig 1:1 'Q 2,13 2: ea, 1.-Q .1 :, yy ..,::.?5.3 53,1 1.5 f,1.,g:1pg. 11j 17 ..,,,.. 0: .,,, 'gp .1f.. fiffi ..--"-- 4-Q-11:1 .-"f .-1ff .,,k ,.!:.4!. !..V..,!iM.i. f K.,...V....,..,3,WMiky?A Nkh,Z...3:!.05V.,.,!.M.. . .- .yy , 1,-ff , K , 1. M. , ,. gg- , ,K fy 4 f- - f-ff vi 1' 7,5 :W .5 51 .5, 1 of i f fziif -1-.115 :xii 1-if filf 32 n, 1111151111 f,g Vf,l1ig'..':..:g1.g,f pk yjgf21'v31-5 grim.-'f,g.: gf f?.?.::-, gr-li. . 4 kv 'aw , -f M 4.-mp, M- f..-0-nn n?' MiElf.-31.111QW-1,diffW-a'1pi':1:':Lf-,ffefqi.-2f2.f1L2,f:':pg,4:'zypf,-v '-z.:ffgz5w,w.,a-1.-,..z.fwggfp4,z,-f .-1fw.:'p45,4.1gm 1 ' .ff-f-V Q.....,f-,gig-0 0 W 7.2.1.-,,4.fpf1,f,f-M fn... . , , f. f f -V -5 -4531? if - ii-,I 'Iliff'1:if'Vf4f'-:ff4-fDfi1'15i5Q2.-w. fifififk-f'ik?X FN M. Doherty EN2 T. Farrell EMFN M. Galang EM2 M. Innes EMFA S. Jernigan EM1 S. Martin EN2 E. Mendez FN W. Morin 'Q " I 21 A.-.....,...r.1..... ...-.,.x.- , .,. . - EM3 N. Ogidi EN2 J. Penz FN L. Plumley EN3 J. Teehera EN1 QSWJ T. Winding fn..-.,. -,...N....-+....u... ,....4..,-,.,... W,-...Q , 7 4 ff ff , '7 f in Z 2 S. , ' , M, I ,,,,,, X N ff Above: EN3 Breazeale is dressed out in OBA and flash gear during a General Quarters drill. 4 Left: EN2 Penz and FN Plumley stand by 2 Z 2 during a refueling evolution. 2 I l EM1 Martin flexes for MSCS CSWD Mulder. c t , Today Steel Beach, tomorrow Venice Beach. FN Doherty converses with the bridge and CCS about the status of the APU s. 23 WW f X 3 K 3 Z 5 i i 2 f 4 5 Z x 4 I f AW 41 A of , , ' Q W' f iii , f 46' y 41 ff 1 f 2 4 5 4 f X Q X i ggi: 1 Z W lj Z Z , X f, ,ff 4 W X 'X ff pm f W ,ff M, X ,Mig X , W Q f 1 f ff X f Z fx W X W , ff 54,7 fs Z X gf M 30-it ,W XWW ff? My fi , ZZ f W W N-, Z . C f A... 4 Q Z Z 1 , f 4 Z Z Z ,f is 7 5 Z K ? 7 04? 'nn A V ff 9 vi ,.,,-.-1.,.....-,W-..,-,..,.-,aN,,...-.. ...,,.,-,4,-,.,,-.,,...f,. ' ,,.,,--w,,,,,,,,,Vm nad,-Z4 -O...,,-.-1,.,: .... 3 ,,,,,,,,,....-,.,,.,...., ,rv 71. ,....,..,-1--a-.smy-if--,-....', w--P--.-.fe---v--.-na-.-. ,., ...F-.,,. .f.. .,., . .- . W. . ,,... ,,. ., 1 Main Propulsion Division FN Riegle is welcomed back into the division after his time as an FSA by cleaning the space prior to a zone inspection. GSM2 S. Barker GSE3 A. Bituin GSE2 A. Hoffman GSM2 CSWJ S. Hubbartt GSM3 A. Ibanez GSM2 F. Laryea GSM3 D. Moore GSM2 P. Moreno 24 Left: GSM2 Laryea sneaks into the HT shop to get some work done. Below: GSM2 Moreno and FN Rie- gle are able to smile inspite of the heat because Aux 2 is finally clean, Chef Lrg- .if g 2 : m1Q1.i2,2 3l.Z2p5Zf?1 lQ'1172f.il59f Vff xii if 31752: 5 2 fl 'ifffi ,.7,.7,7.,., ,V,.544a,g,'g.M.,,., ..,, f, ., I , Z ff X ,, ,A , , hhhh ,.,, f, GSM1 P. Murphy FN R. Phan FN E. Riegle GSMFN S. Ruhr GSMFA I. Sare GSM2 J. Seamons GSE2 D. Spann GSM1 B. Stacy GSE2 B. Wolod Q.-Q5?50:1fX'fV'VVPMa.zi'v.zpivL'-L-fw-Xfz':f,'-W p'fp,l-55-iX?41'ff'. f,'-,i,ff0fgfjf,i 1 ' ,,,,,,,,,,.,,.. ,..- --L.-,-1,-.,....-,,.,-..,.. ....,...-, M.. .,.Y.- as v -f-. - Welcome to the Nerve Center of the Engineer- ing plant-CCS. At this time it is in the capable hands of GSMC KSWJ Julian and EM2 Farber hx "Sunlight! Is this what it looks like? Let me sit down and think about it?" 26 Above: GSM2 Barker, a guru finding true one- ness through meditation on his mount. Right: Even after four months in the Persian Gulf, GSM2 Hubbartt still does not look like Vanna White. fi ,,,e1l"'if,.! ' l 5 L X I Damage Control DIVIS 1011 HT2 QSWJ G. Boober DC3 R. Dehoyos DCFN S. Gillis MR1 QSWD E. Hare DC2 CSWD R. Myricks HT2 B. Scripter DC3 J. Warren ... ..-, . ,, ........ ,.,....... .-....,-1:..-.....-..L.,.....-. ...-......-..-4........-....1,- M, . -- 1-IT2 Scripter 1 uses his f Diimagel comoxliexperfssel andillexperiepggl ini actinggasa repair locker leader l during g simulated casua1ty,l 2 f H N R cnw uses a lirle elbow 'TE4..E ln Leer: inn d "'6aC!.w for Dole on- ,nd other DC e-quipn'1.en L 1 an L...xC' T' all CWEIQEDCY. N HQPWQQ... gves the wictorj: ern G.. he and tie re I of - . . . O P -AA D v on nnzsh palnrlmg .he centerline Wax Q XY 'r 5 'I -yi.. Q B112 D. Andean BMS A. Aviles BNI 'Wi W, B5-f'Lja'm1'r BAE vswr C. Ejiern SX X. Hampton B113 G. Herring SX C- Holoman SR W, 1,-if-.S SX H. Iil'S.1L5E- B312 D. Mmlow SX A. Martinez SA E. Mathis X! ...,..,....-.1-.-........N.4,.,.........x... .... . ..,-f.. . ,., . .... ., Deck Division This group of 23 sailors provides a variety of skills and talents. Daily they work to keep the ship looking smart and the deck gear functioning. Underway they drive the ship and stand watch as look outs. During special evolutions such as anchoring, underway replenishment, flight, and boat ops they provide the men and the experience. Far left SN Wallis models his beloved Left: SN Galang hides in the shade. Above: Not your average bridge team. SN P. Michel BMSN J. Miller SA B. Morrobelcanelo BM3 E. Piel SA G. Piper SR T. Plummer SN D. Radich BM1 QSWJ D. Salcedo mf SA c. Smith SN T. Virasingh SN T. wauis Navlgatlon Slgnalmen D1v1s1on QM3 S. Blackwell SM3 R. Gable SM2 T. Gussick QM2 W. Harris QMSA C. Hawkins SMSR I. Jones QM2 J. Stark K .u, num, Wh '1 N Q . .lll.lX lllll llll . Y X ,. l. l-X' i A A - X Y 'Q . l QM2 . Hawkins l l lcharftabie.aKd SL1iip1y GOD . abfmf the Sh19.S .p0S1t1Q11. fspeedg COHISQ, . . .We3f?h6r5 , and f 'Yf111Chf i .ii1Ci1?ffSQ lll .The signal men .pr0vid6. a l. . A re1igb1emeans. lnication . with ships falige- T0geth6r they 8i'Sf8l l Ya1luealb1e part. l Off .lf ihf-2 firidge team.. l.. X. X.. X. S 3 W 4 K9-.:..-eg,, 4.14 4. 553 v... iii' 37:5 5493 Sr 4:53 Qzfaxs 445, W X .x... X .K X.-..X. .N ..-.. ..-. X .X xv . -.13 5g.5q.1Qfsws-xc xii? . X . . X.. X .wQXs.sIr5iw-'- . . ix Sxwxxv YK' X XX QM3 Blackwell goes back for another plate of "Dogs and Burgers" at steel beach. SM1 Martin tries to signal a passing tanker. I 5 f f f NW I , f X ,.4f'..-in-.- MSA th h s deck lo You mess SM3 Gable talks wlth the sh1p alongslde of us Q Hawklns learns the way of the world when It comes to e s lp S the log you rewrlte the log X X , i .5 46 4 . 5 1 X. It t . - X, 1 Q' ' - XXX? 1 as ' x x x ,, .rx i X x hx Z M f f Z 1 41 X ff, 0 gf 4 f W U ff if Q f f 4' ? 3 Z 4 7 I 2 It J 1 1. 2 Q W IWW 245 , , , t 2 , 2 2' Qsiis-Q 5 he f if sg- cs-Q lf to 2 ,, ,A . a X ' 1 1 1 l . - ' 9 I up . 7 - -W V mmm-A M , ,,,. ,,,,,,,,Q,,,,,,i,,,,,,.h,,,-....,,,,.,L,,-,,,..,.,.,.,-,,.,.A.. A..-,,,.r,a,l,,,-.-a-.,,,,.-. .g-.,.g,...,-, we--m,-,- .MA ...,,,,...,-M.- .-,. ..-:.,..,...L-a V... L,,m,,..,,,., , ,I JZ, h ,,,w,,,,:.,.,,,.,,...,.....,.-,L-.-.........-...,.,..,:...., ,.,,,..,.. .,,,. W., ., , .-..,,,,,,,,....,,,., .., VV-. 1.-, - .--1,--,A 1 Q. .-. -- 1... , - ., ,. ,, .. , ., ..l- ,,,...---R-,.,..,,m.,-,..,....-Y ,....4..-vp-0-.-uf, .-,---J-1:-1 -Q Combat Informatio n Center Division OSSA S. Athey OSICSSJ T. Barr OS1 C. Brown OSSA T. Cloud OSSN R. Deleo EW3 J. Gunn OS2 A. Hardesty OS3 S. H ward A ills seri e. CJSS on Watch 3NO,e0S2eNeWberry and OS2 Har C destygtake a couple of mmutes to fsnack 'on some sodas and pop 1oC0rn9oe Ceo - OSSN C. McCord OS2 K. Newberry EW3 C Meece OSSN C Prmce OS2 A Sanchez OS3 R Skeeba EW1 D Smlth OSSN S Snyder EW2 L Wllllams OS1 R Young Q ,f X A ..... ........g............,,.,..,. ..... ,,,,..... V., ..,...,,....w.,.m.. ...s..f.-.f..e.f...-0...,---Q-,.e..v ,W nf-. ..,..e.-,,x,.,ff-..,,+.f,,. -..Y ,,1w.,.,..-..-W-5. 1. ----Q. C 111 C0mbat'? Communications D ivi s io n Right: Who says that there is no tension involved in being a radioman? Below: RM2 Bullock says goodbye to his wife Audrey. RM2 M. Brador RMSN C. Bryant RM2 P. Bullock RM3 C. Castro RM1 H. Fellows RMSN K. Grant RMSN C. Johnson RM1 N. Martin RM3 R. Minchew RM3 F. Ramirez RM3 R. Weaver 34 X 1 if Supply and Support Division ET2 Motor: Mess Deck MAA or Slave Driver? YNSN Smith feels confident no one will know he gun decked his DC PMS. 1 X Of fy! ff X X YZ fff fy We X W X ll We W ff X My WW ff MA1 Ball is studying for his urinalysis test. Wx, sy ix fswi W5 A as s 1 Q N X N i - , X , Q y H7 X . A . i 5 i i 2 N L s N 4,, i j S X gs- , : , v S , , f :Qi Xi - X 5 X N I N X N i N' iff D Y 1, 5 f 1 f 5 r X . , I E R N f N I S ,N . , N sir 5 . XX , X' 1 I Q' N E 5 D 1 1 s 5' fix . N 1s Q - ' A X has 2 "X 1w:s 6 151s K , ,iii F52 - s , R Q Q NN ' ,sins N , , 4 M' Ng Si , use NXBX is 1 I ' X :gs , , , ,Q i 3 , W 4 A U1 ' f m1 The IMU should be here any day now So whose face does MSSN McElroy picture when using the rolling DID? SHSA D. Ackland MS3 R. Auck MA1 M. Ball PN1 Baker MS1 Cote MSSA K. Franklin HN S. Hudson DK1 M. Ignacio MS2 J. Liggins PN3 J. Maraschin MSSN T. McKay MS2 L. Mitchell Far Right: PN3 Maraschin enjoys watching wax dry. Right: With smiles like these, should someone do an audit? Below: The Brain Trust. s K Q 1 m X 3 ,i Y , .. N-fl: fU.2,: f,g fx. ' Ti. if f 'Q E lt M lt I l Bush ff V 14-ff X f 71 QW SK2 T. Muhlenberg SH2 C Palmer SH1 N Papa MS3 A Pechera SN J Pxlgrlm SHSN L Plzarro MS1 F Redmond SK1 C Salango PC3 Schauberger YNSN A Smlth SK3 R Wmkler SHSN Plzarro and hls danc mg scxssors claxm yet another vlctxm HM1 Boldin is presented the Navy Achieve- ment Medal by VADM Mauz. VW! I MSCS CSWJ Mulder and LT Young take a break between flight quarters. W, ,yy Qs , Iii, , 3, I, , ,Q I-low can MS1 Redmond miss while wearing hrs lucky shirt? f I, 4 x 1 ,f l Ps .s v Ili 91 N Sl R MA1 QSWJ Ball and EW1 QSWJ swap sea sto ries. ow-'A QMXWAKN ,ww M W2 f W !f W KW, f f ' iw.. I, 4, f'N'w,, MWA ' SN Pilgrim realizes: once a deck seaman, al- Games. No. Its . . . the POD. Ways a deck Seaman. 39 "Yes, my mom told me not to play with guns. I PN3 Maraschin fails his attempt to walk on water. just didn't listen." f ff f ff ..1q.i1 ndhui.. ,wc fw.m,,3,m 2 Z M, V i X f ' f f , fy' Since when do we put ice in specimen bottles? I I The Gidunk God, SH3 McCallister. WW 40 lJISSN Franklin demonstrates his culinary QIS. ft's midnight in Thailand. Do you know where Jour children are? Wa W if 44 DK1 Ignacio enjoys one of the simpler plea PC3 Schauberger endures the heat while keep sures of shipboard life ing the Conning Officer up to date 5 iz s I' if 4 3 , ,f A aa - I ' . , vu , 5 IR DETACHME WM i X? AW1 P. Kevef III AD1 G. Silva AX1 M. Wick LCDR Crum shows that he can have some fun on the AMS2 N. Ja,-mon AE2 D, Weeks AMS3 J. Goodwin job. Q 5' I 1 so . AD3 J. Granados AZ2 T. Gross AW3 D. Jensen 'Ms AE3 R. Patterson AX3 M. Peterson AMS3 GOODWIN STANDS TALL IN FRONT 42 OCEAN LORD OF Rlght LT Jara takes some time off to hang out with his men Below LT Reese looks on as Ocean Lord comes in for another landing X 3E3.Patterson works on the helo in his casual erslan Gulf attire. JY s 4 lint LT Hughes stands in front of his favorite AZ3 Gross plays some computer games while street in Phuket, Thailand. attempting to look busy. 43 , ,. ,-. ..,,,. ...,-.... A-....,f1.--1... ...M-...d.,.,.f.....,.,..s.4 , , , , . Y- . X - s A Just Another Day Above: AD3 Granados takes a moment to relax by the side of his rack. Right: AX3 Peterson shows how proud he is of the mess he made with the parts from Ocean Lord 25. Above: AW3 Jensen tries to prove that he has a httle technical expertise. Right: AMS3 Goodwin and AE2 Weeks sit back,'have a smoke, and swap stories about the last hberty port, Left: Exactly how many people can you fit in the back of a helicopter anyway? l l Below: AD2 Godinez and AD3 Granados relax i on the flight deck for a couple of minutes. , l . , I B. I1 l1 S V: lc lfi l. rf i,-Q 'a 'il Ii 4. X P . Y if l : I AMS3 Goodwin shows why the guys call him LT Hughes congratulates A the "Bug Eater." i w--- W-V V W ,,,cr,g,-15, v.-, --fx fr f-1.1 , A . -A ' " , Y: ' o V V A- , ' W1 Wick on his reenlistment. t 1 45 I gl o..,. r . c,. , r c ll l GI OUT BAD BOY STYLE , X X A X V SX 2 X Q at Xgwfxf gi!! fi 'V W f X ff 1 ,XXX f Z W yffffW f X I X XM W y f W! 1 , E W f ZWWXQXV X 1 7 f f X M W AQ ff f X X M XX-EX X f f Kg.-W X f X X 01 X f ' ' S X, QX 0 X fx R, X, 3-xX fi I xv 'f 3 Q,...4x X X,5f X X ,, 0 f X. N . X Q Q A Q X X H X XX X X 4 '5 x7 Q ,SWS f f fx ' X X f J X! X SMI? W X X X X Qi SE D OFF 0N A GR as a GRNIN Families and friends huddle on the flight deck before starting our epic journey. IC2 Cruz and family pose for a picture. W W ' W 2 we F MQ , s ' XA SVS MARCH OS2 Sanchez with his wife Tanya X SN and Erica Wallis. BM1 and Sharon Benjamin. Mrs. Benjamin spent many hours contacting relatives as the ship's ombudsmen. 47 SUME MORE LUNG GOOD-BYES W PQRTS QF CALL Depart Long Beach I6 March Pearl Harbor, HI 2I-23 March Subic Bay, RP 5-9 April Singapore I2-I5 April Phuket, Thailand I 7-2l April Columbo, Sri Lanka 24 April Bahrain 25 days between I Ma y-4 September Ras Al Kh3lm3hfDUb3l UAE I3 I7 May .luball Saudi Arabia 28 3l May Columbo Srl Lanka I2 September Hong Kong 20 23 September Pearl Harbor HI 6 October Return to Long Beach I2 October 1 , 1 , - f 1 Subic Bay I OSSN Snyder and ET2 l Motor play a friendly 1 game of pool. i 1 Q . E I VADM Mauze visits for lunch and presentation of awards. 1 1 I l i 1 I E 1 I LT Larwood stands in front of Kal 50 aklan River falias S. Riverj. Golf anyone? DOn,t thx. ow the clubs B MQ? Singapore MQ ff FS ,M ,, www' 'WWI 4 4 , K V V n T7 1 0 fx. , ' MS3 Pechera tries his hand as a snake charmer. rf . 51 i u -ug vw, 'K' ' "Ls Vllglff F: Qu .1 H' 'EA Iv!!! Ez: . f , fg2"W" Z.. ' vm' I ,.,.v.,. we 4""""V""! ,,n-1.3 l""""" Top: FC1 Tackett looks for a good shot across the river. Above: A lady prays in the Chinese temple. Right: Crowds gather to go into the Hindu temple. 52 4 U-1-R3 DK1 Ignacio, SH1 Papa, and PC3 Schauberger enjoy a Chinese meal i2'x ., ,. ,, i ' :.a.,. .r..,.g-M-,----' -- i- S !! In ! q 4 l i Right: ET3 Flusche and OSSN McCord fbehind plantl during tour of the city. Middle: EM1 Mar- i l il tin takes a picture of fellow crew member's acro- batics on the water park slide. 5 I l 4 , , I i an I Above: SH3 Pizarro Singapore. Right: Don't the police have anything better to doo poses next to a statue of a lion symbol f li 54 Phuket Upper left ET2 Lumpkln flnds a new frlend Mlddle ET3 W1111s prepares to go paI'aSa11lI'lg Above LT Young looks down on the beautlful beach of Patong 55 "You want another drink?" The Gang N Suburban Phuket. A 56 ii.,,,., rx Clockwise from upper left: Patong Beach. BM3 Dean - A Navy Recruit- ing Poster. Do you think that LTJ G Sison is relaxed after his massage on the beach? ET3 Martinez, PN3 Maraschin, ET2 Lumpkin, and STG3 Redmond celebrate the night. 57 as-ang-0-,N .Si is lg ,ul 52 - 5' 'fx 115' Eff Q, A -. -af. if? A F g I 13' :fi r" , A. Lv' ,lan ,, 1, 1.1 p. .. .. i wx ! . M. t. 'Q , H ,lj U93 .5 f 'ffl . .2 , fi s i fa ll g l l, 1 Ii 1 l Q r I . ls? 5 ,ff i 58 .4,uga.wu-n,....,,-q,,-.-v.,..-,,..-........................ Ras A - Khaimah Dubai Right: ENS James, LT Mee, LT Fuller, and LT Oukrup stand in front of one of many gold shops. Middle: ENS Ague asks, "Pistachios anyone?" Above: On the road to Dubai. Right: The View from the Dubai Hyatt. ..., , ...A-,.,..,.,. 17-x ....,-a.g.4qL..a-K f 9064 i,.,fL,, , --V. J ubail Take-A-Sailor to din- ner. Americans living and working in Jubail invited Sailors from our ship for a night of home cooking and Home-Away-From- Home hospitality. For many including the group at left, it was the highlight of our stay. 59 gil iii! 99 s w 1 aff :J -V. is nf' . , .,.'. 11- ,Q 3' lb . I we l ati WH , lf? '.S 1. ,,. A ...ff Bahrain Middle: MS2 Mitchell and AZ3 Gross enjoy the "fishing" trip aboard a dhow similar to the one above. 60 nwftpvf :,:,gg-g,.eefrf,:,g,, ,, -, W-, i '9'.t-- , ' 'a"1-Hzfqym qv. h L ' ' 'h w 1 'gf rg ,N J X' fr X4 'Y p r 0 f 5 ,G X 45 4 M A fa ff 4? --n-'gl F Play softball in this heat? You must be Cfazyl Below: RM2 Bullock shows them how 1t's done. 'ifvucx The Engineers vs. The Helo Det. EN2 Farrell and DCCKSWJ Williams match up against AW3 Jensen and LT Reese. " if-f""' -s A- 1, 1 ,4 'wsmsfrf,::,:g-wiwygsi.,, ' T, , ,,, -., .HW ,.,,,,,,.,,,,f ,.,.,i, ,T A 'A 1 f' ' " ' ' A ' -ff' - "ff ' --"el:iai1 i'ggs,.g " x i i-A-fi t-f f -ffofse'fffrf-'-f'g'1:-f"-1-' - Af.--f-lf.-QAMme'-fi-.-s-f:f',,,'a , A Right: The Regency band was a main source of evening entertainment. Above: A street in the Suq, market area. I K I I 3 5 I 1 I Y v ' , WA, -,,.,.f,.-,,..-,v. -.......,.,....L.f..,,,.V-..--r-W--------fn -1, Dk' - ' ---M "--' - ' ' H - ' ' ff Right: Night lights of Hong Kong and Kowloon. Middle: The ferry to Kow- loon. Above: BM3 Aviles and EN3 Breazeale call home Below: Manning the Rails. 64 Operatlons 1n the Persian Gulf Escorting tankers like these was one of many missions we fulfilled both before and after the invasion. Refueling at Sea requires help from many peo- ple regardless of rate. Y 1 ISYHI, Q fig ET2 Lumpkin and DS2 Stern confer on whether ET3 Willis is using the Pl'0Pel' tech' nique. In the peaceful waters off of Kuwait, a refuel- ing barge fills up the tanks. 65 Below: Conducting exercises with HMAS PARAMATA. Right: ENS Follo main tains comms with the helo during flight quarters from helo control. l l i w l w Above: GSM2 Searnons fires the 40mm gun during Security Defense Force Trammg- Rlghti conducting exercises with Royal Saudi Naval l Forces. l 1 66 The whole group with their sponS0rS- 4 So this is the bridge. i i l l i I i Q 1 1 Discovering how they are able to put Ocean , Lord into the hanger. i 68 . C Tlgers Tom Gilchriese takes a look at things from the Captainls Chair. Stan Gable is still working on getting his sea legs, but until then . . . Steel Beach Picnic BM2 Anderson shows off his world famous serve. MS1 Cote can't stave off the spike. The game is heating up down on the beach while others look on. 69 Faces in the Crowd Clockwise from upper right: Which way did he go? DS2 Stern and DS3 Rucker head in opposite directions. HMIQSWD Bol- din does the balancing act While EWIKSWD Smith keeps an eye on the game. FN Cline puts on his best bathing suit in an attempt to forget where he actual- ly is. SN Williams thinks he is doing a Coca-cola commercial, "Have a Coke and a smile." f w Caught slacking off. LTJG Sison grabs some food, stuffs his face, and runs off while others from the wardroom slave over the hot coals. 70 f-jeg V, ,, 5 mfg lt's all a matter of concentration. FCICSWD Frank sets While BMICSWP Salcedo, LTJG Rasor, and BM2 Mar- 10W lay odds on which direction it will actually go. Q, V YZ' ff' P I i s V ,rl , , 15' 4 I I , r i V 1 n I . H P 53 lg . F14 5? if gl n A 'X 'Q' xx. 'l -I... Sf .. 'Y I i 1 1 1 X, 'L M,-.,.,,,,. i SM3 Gable looks on in amazement asm GMM1 Pease reaches for the ball but comes IC3 Crockett responds to the opposing team FCUSWD Frank does his impression of adam, up a little short. taunts while taking knots out of the line. Ing Ch1Ck611- ff' if i' l' MW, YN xx 4 Q tfp Y f 1 .W A 7 f f f ffm vf' ,,,..f,,.fv K ?7X f ,Q ff X Q!!! f Y f , f Z 'Q fl IMF y f, f flfgi Dj, 4 'Q l Z 4 .C .ix x l 1 Z 1 4 f f ,W 1 mwfsf f,f W g if L ,,f, ,Jam llff Zh Zyygw 4, ff f f , mwZ'7ff1eZ4s.ff7fQJwa f M ww .- ', f , wp, mr ff S .- Q. X ww Am f W0 W V 7 7 f 47"9'9gQyzf I WM4. 1 he x l In the cook off LT Reese fleftl prepares the traditional burgers and dogs while GSM1fSWl Murphy Cabovej fries up some chicken. 1 1 M gn iii Home At Last Family, friends, loved ones, and media gather on the flight deck to celebrate our long await- ed home coming. The sign we all wanted to see. I, Q Z y Z , Z Q We l 2 r 'l M W x EXW 6 'Haw 2 ,.,! -nn LTJ G Oropeza holds his son Marco as his wife Irma looks on. Rf A ET3 Flusche poses with his girlfriend. RMI Martin is welcomed home by hiS wife Julie. 73 l 4 l F I 9 1 LTJG Melvin gives an interview while holding Ken, "The Mon- ster," for the first time. Even cleaning up behind other people can't keep OSSA Cloud and MSSA Franklin from smiling. Right PN3 Maraschm takes time out from watch to chat with his glrlfnend Above LT James gives ETC Johnson some reassurance while the media waits 7 5 Some Odds and Ends. . . 6 r 02 Q efh 'fV' Ifvf A that D0n't Fit Elsewhere. P 77 TTLTT-3 CGYJFJQIEJUQ SIL-JUIJEPD Q LJ CJ O No Sir. Don't know Why the bird is down? The Captain's chair. 78 GMG2 Loos receives a Letter of Commendation. X BM2 Ekern helps "tack on" GMG3 Emrick's crow so it won't fall off. EM1 Martin is congratulated by the Captain. 2 A2 The Captain presents FC2 Schander with his Good Conduct Medal "As you depart the Persian Gulf and head for home and a well deserved reunion with family and friends, you take both our appreciation for a job well done and our respect for outstanding service to the Middle East Force. Your shining performance in this difficult environ- ment, attention to operational procedures, ability as Force Anti-Air Warfare Commander, and responsive- ness in the rapidly changing circumstances following the invasion of Kuwait displayed the hallmark of a well- crafted team of dedicated professionals. Your versatil- ity as a key member of our interception force was ex- ceptional. The good will and diplomacy displayed by VANDEGRlFT'S crew during your port visits were of the highest caliber. Your tenacity, flexibility, and self-suffi- ciency during your extended stay were particularly noteworthy. We wish you a safe and swift homeward transit. Well done." William M. Fogarty Rear Admiral, United States Navy Commander, Middle East Force -W ,,-.-,-., W- . ,, ,,, WH, , A I 5 . K K y 1 gn 1? I . , 1 4 51 I: JE Z! K 5 m 7 1 r I 11 l I W I 1 I i . 1 i . , , , N 2 lx X W E I I I . 4 I I X e , 7 l '1 f a 1 X 4

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