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jsmafyy KX k 3369? . aio Q3 , , ' 9 as 4, fgsvxf -N' VJ .J 4" nf' f ' W JQLf'J'E5fvwWf?f551W WMM WWW WML WZ WM,gJ fwfww Wffifx' 40 O M wuz. W milf? Mzvgw Qiffwffga w612M 3WWwWww ,y,,g3xJ,5"Q9M"f5f,wfiQqg WWA M 35665 ,X , .J S935 555 ia? ff W! 626 7250 i N Published by VANCOUVER HIGH SCHOOL Vancouver, Washington 7751. 'Wang De Zum? At the close of this school year, Mr. Henry DeYoung leaves his position as Principal of Vancouver High School to become Executive Secretary of the Washington High School Athletic Association. Mr. DeYoung has presided at the commencement exer- cises of sixteen of the sixty classes to graduate from V.H.S. He has served the school well through some of its most trying times: the war years with their shifts and over- crowded conditions, and the more recent combination of Ogden Meadows High School and Vancouver High School into one greater and larger school. When he first became principal, the school had 1062 students and 31 teachers. Now the total enrollment has grown to 1679 with a faculty numbering 72. ' Throughout his sixteen years of work with the school and of active participation in civic affairs, Mr. DeYoung has earned the highest reputation for his dependability, industry, fairness, understanding, and unquestioned in- tegrity. In view of these facts, we dedicate this 1950 Alki to one who thoroughly deserves the honor-Principal Henry DeYoung. The Alki sfaff 'basl M-M X ' ,..,.-o-f-' . We Q Form 4440! Dedication A,,.,,,,,.,,.,,.,,,,, ..,,, 2 -3 Table of Contents ,,,,,,.,,,,.,. ...7.. 4 Administration Division ,,,.,, ..... 5 Administrators ,.,,s,w,,,,,i,. ..,... 6 Student Council ,,,,,,,, ..... 7 Girls' League ,i,,, .,,,. 8 Boys' League ,,,,,,, ......... 9 Faculty ,,,,.,,,,..,,wY, ,,-,, 1 0-13 Alma Mater ,,,,A...,,,i ...,,,. 1 4 Classes Division ,,,,.,,,. ..,..,, 1 5 Senior Honor Roll ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,. 1 6 Senior Class Officers ,,,,,,,, ....,.. 1 7 Senior Pictures ,,,,..,,.,,,,,,.,..4, .,,r, 1 8-56 G.E.D. Graduates .v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,... 5 6 Second Generation Seniors ,,.,,,,, .,,.,,. 5 7 In Memoriam, Ray Bauer ,,,,,,, .,,,,,, 5 8 junior Class Officers ,,,ew-w,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 9 junior Advisory Groups Miss Babcock, Mr. Barter ,,,,., ,,,,,,. 6 0 Mr. Cox, Mr. Cummings ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 1 Mr. Feldmann, Miss Frazer ,,,.,,,, V,V,,,, 6 2 Mr. Furno, Mr. Hillstrom ,.,,,, ,.,,,,, 63 64 Mr. Luehrs, Miss Orr ,,,,,,v,,,, ,,,,.,. Mrs. Patten, Miss Salter w.,,,r. Miss Smith, Mrs. Tonkin Miss Wieseke, Miss Wintler Ys,,,,,,,,.,,,,, 67 65 66 Snap Shots ,Y,,,,w,,,,ws,ws,,,.4,s,,ri,,,,,r,,w,,,, 68, 78 Sophomore Class Officers ,sw,,r, , Sophomore Advisory Groups 69 Mr. Backman, Mrs. Barber w.,,,, ,,,,wri 7 0 Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Heinen ,,,,,,.4,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 71 Mrs. jackson, Mr. Long ,v,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,w, 72 Miss McDonough, Mr. McPhaden ,,,,,,Y. 73 Mr. Maben, Mr. Martin ,,,,,,r,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,r, 74 Mrs. Martin, Miss Perry ..,.,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,ii, 75 Miss Robinson, Mr. Roeder -,.,,,,, r,,,,r, 7 6 Mrs. Sells, Mr. Weinberger ,..,,,, ,r,i,,, 7 7 Organizations Division ,,4,,,,,,,,. .,.,,,. 7 9 Concert Band, Majorettes ,w,v,r,,, ,,,.,,, 8 0 Orchestra, B Band ,,,,,,., ,,,4,,,r ,,,,,,. 8 1 A Cappella Choir ,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,Y,. .ssi.,. 8 2 Mixed Chorus, Boys' Choir ,,,,.,,,,,,,ii,,,,s,r, 83 Girls' Choirs ,,,rr,,,,ss,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,.,c, 8 4-85 Ensembles ,A,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,r,..,i.r.r ,, ,ccir 86-87 Vodvil sss,,r,,.,.,r.r...,.,.,.................,,s,..,.,, 88-89 Vodvil Executives, Costume Checking ,,-, 90 Senior Play, Production Staff ,,.,r,,,,i,,,,,,.,,, 91 Auditorium Staff, Ushers' Club ,,,.,,, ,,.... 9 2 Stage Crew, Make-up Club ,,,,.....,, Publications Log. ,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,...,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,r. Alki ,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 93 94 95 Press Club, Accountants' Club ,..,,,.,, ,,,,r, 9 6 Printers ,.r,r,,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 9 7 Office Secretaries ,-,,,-,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......,r. 98 Office Assistants, Receptionists s,,,,.,,,,,,,... 98 Red Cross Attendants, Locker Monitors .. 99 Library, Book Room, Business Office s,A, 100 Rifle Club, F.F.A. ,,,, ,,,,.,.,,.,.,..,,.,.,,,,.... 1 O1 French Club, Spanish Club ,,.,, ,.,,,,. 1 02 Latin Club, Triads ,rr,,, , ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 103 Drama Club, F.TA. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,s,,,.,, 104 Retailers' Club, International Club ,,,,.,,, 105 Red Cross Council, F.H.A. ,,,,,..,..,.i,,.,,,. 106 Athletics Division ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 107 Varsity Football ,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,..,,,, 1 08-109 Sophomore Football ,,,,,,.,,,,,,.. ,.,,.,, 1 10 Junior Varsity Basketball ,,,,,r ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 11 Varsity Basketball ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. 1 1 2-1 1 3 Sophomore Basketball ,,,,,, ,,ssr..,,, 1 1 4 Cross Country Track ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 1 1 5 Varsity Track ,,,,..,,.,,. ,,,,,,, 1 1 6- 1 17 Baseball ,,..,,.,...,.,,.,,. ,,,,,,,,,, 1 18 Tennis, Swimming ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 19 Boxing, Wrestling ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,. 1 20 Intramural Sports Basketball, Volley Ball ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,, 1 2 1 Track, Boxing and Wrestling ,,,,r,,,,,,,,. 122 Golf, Lettermen ,,,, ,,,,,,, .,,,ri,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,.,i 1 2 3 Girls' Athletic Association ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 124-125 Girls' Sports ,, ,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,, 126-127 Junior Class Roll ,,,w,,,,w,,,,,,, 128-129 Sophomore Class Roll ,,,.,,,, 1 30- 1 31 Calendar Pictures ,r,, 1 32-1 34 Calendar ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, r,,,,, 1 35 Autographs ,,,,cc, 136-138 CW .J IX Dr. Paul F. Gaiser Superintendent i Mr. Henry' DeY0ung Principal Mr. A. D. Whitenack Aniylant Superintendent Mr. William Dean of Miss Ruth Hall Asxiflant Dean of Girly Miss Dorothea von Berg Mr. W, H. Conover DMU of Gifff Director of Activiliey Mrs. Helen jahraus Affismnt Dean of Girl! - , . . 1 :-v c- ,QE "'1" Willie Anderson Norman Webb Bonnie jones Nancy Smith Bob Hopkins Pl'6.l'ill67?f Ut V ice Prer, und Vice Prer. Serremry Sergeant-at-Arms 1 a em! The 1949-50 Student Council has been composed of a cooperative group of students who governed the main activities of the student body. It included the following SB of- ficers: Willis Anderson, Presidentg Norman Webb, first Vice President, Bonnie jones, second Vice President, Nancy Smith, Secretary, and Bob Hopkins, Sergeant-at-Arms. Mem- bers of the Council included: jim Graham, Senior Class Presidentg Ken Owens, Junior Class President, Dave O'Hara, Sophomore Class President, Jerry Miller, Boys' League Presidentg Shirley Browning, Girls' League President, jim George, Editor of the Logg and Molly O'Connor, Red Cross Representative. Attending members of the faculty were: Mr. DeYoung, Miss von Berg, Mr. Lothspeich, and Mr. Conoverj This past school term the Council worked eagerly and diligently in solving the con- fronting problems and promoting activities for the social as well as for the educational well being of the students. A courtesy week was sponsored by this group in which more and better school spirit was the objective. A committee for more inclusive pep assemblies was selected. Besides this, the student director and judges of the annual Vodvil were elected by the Council. They approved the re-organization of the Lettermens Club in the school and made Cross Country Track a major award sport. As each year draws to a close, the Council is honored by a lively and fun-packed picnic. Besides determining the school policies, the members of the Council, in cooperation with the Shumway junior High School Council successfully directed the endeavors of the Trapedero Teen Age Club. Stadeatwaaccl First row: Nancy Smith, Dave O'Hara, Molly 0'Connor, Willis Anderson, Norman Webb Bonnie jones, Shirley Browning. Second row: Miss von Berg, Ken Owens, Bob Hopkins, Mr. Lothspeich jim Graham, Jim George, Mr. DeYoung. Shirley Browning Marian Downing Trudy Egger Crissie Paeth Lois Miller Ann Ross Pferidenz Vice Prefidenl Ref. Serrelary Correr. Secrelary T1'ea.rure1' Reporler ' I The first project of the Girls' League was the orientation program for new girls through the Big Sister movement and the annual costume mix. Monthly assemblies included the formal installation, the Orchesis dance group concert, two talent programs, and speakers on modeling and personality development. On the social calendar were the Christmas potluck for cabinet members and their guests, the annual Tolo dance with the theme, "Old Fashioned Sweethearts", the sponsoring of two booths at the Trap Carnival, and the picnic for the Boys' League cabinet. The Girls' League was represented at the fall Southwest Washington conference at Ridgefield, the spring conference at Aberdeen, and the Leaders' conference at Seattle. The girls from both junior high schools were invited to an assembly and building tour this spring sponsored by the Big Sisters. - gala' .league wicket First row: Mrs. jahraus, Dolores Winge, Donna Miller, Lois Wolken, Ann Ross, Lucille Wolken, Betty jean Randall, Shirley Plummer, Juanita Quinn, Shirley Zesiger, Virginia Cusic, Charlotte Paul, Second row: Cleo Gustafson, Lois Ann Miller, Mary johnson, Eleanor Osborn, Joan Smith, Molly McCoy, jahala Eyolfson, Joanne Winter, Elaine Prudhomme, Delphine Martin, Lorraine Martin, Sally McCoy. Third row: Shirley Brcwning, Marian Downing, jane Selby, Sharon Mickey, Dolores Rogers, Dolores Moll, Wanda Moreland, Ellen Galbraith, Charlene Vaughan, Carleen Borden, Sandra Bowman, Margie Keister. Fourth row: Miss Hall, Miss von Berg, Elsa Anderson, LeAnne Russum, Martha Fronk, Crissie Paeth, Trudy Egger, jean Christiansen, Norma Rogers, Barbara Meredith, Sophie Chronis, Pat Carr, Pat Hohensee. ' ft!! ,Milf- s If 'lf if W ,fry il ff' i I' , aft .1 M , 'f',,-K 'SV g at i ' A f ffl f, - ffiu M ' ' ' , - 'Q:fQ'f"' ' ,im . In ag Q X :'- to , V -I Vib- - I:- . 0 'E i ri '.', .il : - W' ii :S H ,.-',--- A :" , i Q .,., ..,.,A, Vs,, f, :'- 'A . jerry Miller john Wfestby Stan Hazlett Russell Boveia Kent McLachlan P7'0.l'idEl1f If! Vive Prer. 2111i Vire Prer. Serreimy Sergerzzzi-az!-Arnzr Zag!! The Boys' League began a very successful year by sponsoring a "Get acquainted Dance at the Trap. Other projects throughout the year included Trapper Red and White Day, the sale of football ribbons, selling cokes at games, and working on the new swimming pool. Leading the list of social events for the year were the annual White Christmas Ball and Dad's Night with Coach Kip Taylor of Oregon State College as guest speaker. Other social events were an aftergame dance at the Trap and a party for the Girls' League cabinet. The monthly assemblies included interesting speakers in different vocational fields, sports movies, and talent shows. The outstanding assembly of the year was presented by Alcoa. This program was for the purpose of explaining the high school Summer Work Plan of that company. Each year twelve boys from the senior class are selected for this work, and their jobs continue each summer through their college career. Mr. Ben Sloane of Alcoa, Mr. J. D. Miller of the high school and two boys who worked on the program last summer participated in the assembly. Several things accomplished by this years Boys' League Cabinet to benefit all the boys of V.H.S. were the provision of mirrors and soap trays in the shower and locker rooms and the purchase of a set of vocational books which is available to the boys at all times. The Boy's League Cabinet with the aid of the Vancouver Optimist Club established a 3100.00 Boys' League-Optimist Scholarship to be given to an outstanding senior boy each year to attend the college of his choice. gage' .feaqne Micke: First row: Kenneth Cole, Bob Rosendaul, Tom Hudgin, Dean Soule, Leo Barker, John Schaffer, Bob Gladson, Gordon Torrey, Gordon Mosley, Bill Carpenter. Second row: Gordon Thomas, Earl Devereaux, Roger Griffin, Garrell Evans, Don Mose, john Westhy, Doug Mitchell, Bud Gaylor, Her- man Kilwein, Oscar Mather. Third row: joe White, Herman Jones, George Plummer, Gene Pyles, Vern Emter, Bob Twidwell, Russell Boveia, Roger Burchfield, Bob Snell. Fourth row: Bob Kent, Stan Hazlett, Earl Williams, Don Olson, jack Sloane, Kent M:Lachlan, Don Fish, William Lothspeich, Boys' Adviser. Others: jerry Miller, Jerry Gaines, Don Benjamin, Gene Bolcemier, Phillip Hoke, Roy Hutts, Drew Bartlett. l Q . TEN . . nn. li e? f e 6 W4 vi' 4 4 as M, H' BABCOCK, LOLA B.S.-Unirferfizy of WaJbington,' M.S.-Uni' verfizy of California. Biology. BACKMAN, DANIEL OLOF B.A.--Univerxily of WaJbinglon,' M.A.-Tearl7- err College, Columbia Univerfity. Band, Orches- tra. BARBER, HELEN JOHNSTON B.A.-Univerfizy of Idaho. English. BARTER, LOUIS S. B.A.-Unioerrizy of Missouri. Social Studies. BELOW, LOUIS E. B.S.-The Slout Ifmilute. Printing. BENSON, LOLA H. B.S.-Univerfizy of Utah. English, Vodvil. BLAIR, DOROTHY B.A.-Wafbingzon Stale College. English, Sen- ior Counselor. BROWN, ILO B.A.--Pacific University. English, journalism. Log. CARSON, DOROTHY B.S.-Oregon State College. Home Economics. CLAUSEN, ISABELLE KITRINA B.A.-University of Oregon. Art. CLAUSEN, E. E. B.S., M.S.-The Slout Imlitule. Printing. CLELAND, WALTER E. B,F.A.-Kearney Nelmzrka Slate Teaflaen Col- legeg M.A.-Uni1ferJity of Iowa. Instrumental Music. Cox, EVERETT B.Ed-Wafhingloiz Smle College, Industrial Arts. CUMMINGS, MARVIN B.A.-Mamle.rle1' Collegeg M.A.-George Wil- liamf College. Geometry, General Mathematics. DAVIS, CECIL E. Auto Mechanics. DUNLOP, CATHERINE B.A.-Univenily of Oregon. Biology. DUNN, HARRIET S. B.A.-Washington Stale College. Psychology. EvANs, RUBY M. B.A.-IVaJl9ington Stale College. English, EVERSON, ORVILI E E. B.S.-Norlb Dakota Stale Teaclnerf College. In- dustrial Arts, Production. FELDMANN, LESTER F. B.A.-Norlla Dakota Slate Teacher! College. Typing. FRAZER, LUCELIA M. B.A.-Geneva College, Pennsylvania. Sorial Studies, English. FROST, CLIFFORD B.S.-Uyaflvinglofz Stale College. Chemistry, Bookroom. FURNO, CHARLES S. B.A.-Ufillametfe Unhferfify. Physical Educa- tion, Social Studies. IVIARTY, CATHERINE B.A.-Nlaryllfurft College, M.A.-Tearlaem' Col- lege, Columbia Uoioenizy. English. Sophomore Counselor. HAUCK, DORA M. l3.A.-U12iI-'emily of Mozzlafla. Physical Educa- tion. l'lEINEN, GLADYS B.A.-Ceniral W'aJlJinglo1z College of Educa- zion. Arts and Crafts, Ceramics. I-IILLSTROM, ARTHUR C. B.S.--Oregon Slale College. Physics, Radio Science. HUDGIN, Z. G. B.S.-Monlana Slale College. Agriculture. JACKSON, ELEANOR C. l3.S. Uni1f'ef.rily of Wafbinglon. Home Econom- ics. JOLIN, ARTHUR R. B.A., M.A.-Ufzioewily of Warbinglon. Social Studies. JOLLIVER, IRVIN Portland Art Museum. Reed College. Art. KIRWIN, CONSTANCE B.A.-W'aJlJi11g1o12 State College. English. KRACAW, LAURA RUGGLESS B.A.-W'illamel!e Unioerxrity. School Treasurer, Bookkeeping. KROGH, KENNETH B.A.-lVe.fle1'n lVa.rlai1zgto11 College of Educa- lion. Metal LAZENBY, MARIE B.A.-Reed College. English. LONG, LESTER B.S.-W'a5lJinglon Slale College. Biologv, Var- sity Basketball, Track. I' M' Y. ..,. X ELEVEN TWELVE .e:5 5, :E5:'- Y .Zig::s2ai-f,f.e.::,,...:E:z.E-.-7 LUEHRs, LEWIS B.S.-Urziwerfity of California at Lor Arzgeler. Social Studies, Sophomore Football, Basketball. IHCCORDIC, EDDA M. B.A., M.A.--Urzizferiity of Oregorz. Librarian. MCDONOUGH, MADALINE B.A.-Urriresity of Oregon. Stenography. MCPHADEN, KENNETH S. B.Ed.-W'a.rlJington State College, B.F.A.- Urrirferfity of Waihingtorz. Art, Visual Eduia- tion. Stage. MABEN, MANLY B.A.-Urzireriity of W'aJlJirzgtor2. Social Studies, Football. MARTIN, ELVA B.S.--Nebraika State Tearherr College. Home Economics. l.lARTIN, FRANK B.Ed.-North Dakota State Teacberr Collegeg B.S.-North Dakota State Normal amz' Ifzdui- trial College. Mechanical Drawing. EJIARTIN, IRMA B.A.-l1Vlaifmarz Collegef M.A.e-Stanford Uni- 1f'61'.flfj'. Latin. Junior Counselor. MILLER, DAVID G. B.A.-Wfarlaington State College. Printing. MILLER, J. D. l3.A.-Grinnell Collegeq M.A. lVaIl9ingtorz Stale College. Distributive Education, Commercial Law. BIYERS, PHILLIP Machine Shop. ORR, OPAL C. B.S.vLirzfield College. Biology. PATTEN, RUTH B.A.-Ufzirferrity of W'a.rlair2gton. Art, Weaving. PERRY, MARY B.A.--Denison U7Zj1'?7'.Vllj',' M.S.-Urzioeriity of Oreg nz. Physical Education. ROBINSON, LUCILE B.A.-Pacific Urrirferrityg M.A.-Univerrity of lVarl1ifzgforz. Spanish. ROEDER, PAUL B.A.4llVillamette UWl1f'E1'.flly,' S.T.B.-Boiton Urriverrity. Social Studies, Testing. SALTER, DOROTHY B.A.-Yarzkton College. English, Drama, Speech. SANDBERG, ROY B.A.-lI7'f1.rlJirzgton State. Physical Education. Coach, Football, Baseball. SCOTT, MILTON B.S.-Washington Slale College. Agriculture. SELLS, MABEL B.A.-Colorado State College of Edumlion. Typ- ing. SHEETS, STEWART B.Ed.-Univerfily of Mifmeiota. Mathematics, Aeronautics. , DORIS M. .S.-Sz. Cloud Slate Teacher! College. Mathe matics, Music. SMITH, SAM B.A.-Montana Stale Uni11erJi!y,' M.M.-North weflem Ur7i1fer.fity. Music. SUCKLINO, LEN J. B.Ed.-lVaJbinglon Stare College. Physical Edu cation, Athletics. TONKIN, CORA E. B.A.-Univerrily of Minnerolrz. English. TORONGO, A. L. Art Center Srbool. Photography. WARREN, JANET B.A.-Uniifenily of Wfafhington. Librarian. WEINBERGER, G. R. B.A.-Urzioerfily of Mifmefolo. Univeriify of Oregon, Unioerfity of W'aJbinglon. Shorthand. WHITMORE, GEORGE C. B.S.-Unioerfizy of Oregon. Mathematics. WIESEKE, SALLY B.S.-North Dakola State Teaflfeff College. English. WILLIAMS, MARY E, Registrar. WINTLER, ELLA BA MA Unioe Jity of Wafbinglon. Ger- . ., . .- r man, English, Alki. WOOD, JOHN T. B.S.-Pacific Univerfily. Mathemati 's. WOOD, WILLIAM B.A.-Eaftern lVaJl1ington College of Educa- lion. Shop. T1-IIRTEEN FOUILTEEN ALMA MA TER Sing of Vancouver, H eartf there are true, Sing of Vancouver, Drearnx there I knew. Sony of Vancouver Can never forget, Haze of our Jtuclent day! Shinef round uf yet. Golden our rnernoriec, Counting them o'er,' March of the victorf, Laurelf they wore, Friena'Jhip5 high-hearted, Shrinea' hy the year.f,' lVora'J' that we Jpohe then Ring yet in our earf. Sing of Vancouver, AJ we march along,' Yeari come and part uf, Yet to you will helong Our heartx and dreamings, Glitnpfef of truth, Vancouver High School, Our home of happy youth. -Margaret Page johnfon 19 7' " P' ' 3' l 5 .fl N +L f SIXTEEN eommeucemeaz' Specuime Cotton, Glenda ,,,,,, as O'Connor, Molly Pollock, Gwen ,n.,,,, Anderson, Willis ,7,ll,. Valedicioriafz Valedirtorimz Valedirtorian qfoaafz 2466 Cotton, Glenda-Valedictorimz O,Connor, Molly-Valedictofwfz Pollock, Gwen-Valediflorimz Hall, Betty-Saluzatwimz Kment, Claudette Luginbuhl, Lorine Buker, Nona Wolf, Maureen Carr, Pat Lehr, Marvin Roberts, Loretta Huff, Bonnie Petersen, Mary Browning, Shirley Loree, Loris Sobolewski, Elsie Whitfield, Gail Adams, Gayle Burnett, Lois Fitzgerald, Susan McCarty, Edythe McKeag, Macelle Whitenack, Don Vaughan, Charlene Devitt, Marjorie Smith, Nancy Vilander, Dean Pyles, Eugene Anderson, Willis Buetow, Marilyn White, Diane Garrison, Wilbur Galbraith, Ellen Koupas, Despo Paul, Charlotte Ransom, Hollis Powers, Darlene Bourke, Kathleen Boley, Rosalie Jones, Bonnie Morris, Bernard Clary Reprefefzlazfive Baranovich, Richard Haugdahl, Kay Moore, Dick Butz, Betty Cooper, Ken Wfilcox, Betty jean Nichols, Terry Hedin, Martha Carpenter, Carolyn Hylen, Wesley Crawford, Bill Alvord, joan Knauss, Ronald Laws, Freddie Ann Dunn, Bill Runyan, Herbert Burgess, Tom Klein, Geraldine Stamper, Aldeen Fernea, Bob Hoeft, Bob Carter, Phyllis Christensen, Jean Andersen, Pat Lemon, Pat Adams, Marlyn McGilchrist, Ann Buzzini, Arlene Robinson, Jerry Wolken, Lucille Kasulka, Eleanor Record, Rozina Rogers, june Aslund, Marlys Hopkins, Gloria Thompson, Marjorie Wallis, Barbara of 5 MISS DOROTHY BLAIR, Head Adviser Elaaa Alou Green and Gold FIRST SEMESTER PRESIDENT Elaine Schafer ,,.,, ,,,,,, Lucille Wolken ,.Y.. jane Selby e,eII,...... Norma Rogers ,,w,o,.... Herman Kilwein Gene Bokemeier jean Christensen Charlotte Paul ,. Bob Glaclson ,v,t Vern Emter ,.Y,. Carl Williams ..,, Phillip Hoke ,,,Y jim Graham Bill Miller Eleanor Kasulka Preridenl V ire Preridenl Sefretary SECOND SEMESTER PRESIDENT ADVISER Shirley Plummer ,,,,, ,,VV M iss Brown uanita Quinn SSSS S, V,,, Mrs. Carson Charlene Vaughan Miss Dunlop Ellen Galbraith v,,,, ,,,,,, M iss Evans Eugene Pyles ,,,.SSS,SS S,,vY,,, M r. Frost Douglas Mitchell ,s,,,,,,,,v Mr. jolin Lois Wolken .,,. , ,r,, S Miss Kirwin Pat Carr Miss Lazenby joe White Mr. Suckling Don Olson Mr. Whitmore V ,,,,,, Don Benjamin ,A,,,,, ,,,,,,, M r. T. Wood jerry Gaines ,,,, ,,s,,,, M r. Wm. Wood Smioaaancdl First row: Lois Wolken, Juanita Quinn, Eleanor Kasulka, Ellen Galbraith, jane Selby, Shirley Plummer, Lucille Wolken, Charlotte Paul. Second row: Miss Blair, Elaine Schafer, Norma Rogers Jean Christensen, Bob Gladson, Herman Kilwein, Pat Carr, Charlene Vaughan. Third row: Joe White Douglas Mitchell, Bill Miller, jim Graham, Carl Williams, Don Olson, Gene Pyles, Vern Emter ABRAMS, SALLY MARIE President, Secretary Advisory Group: Committees: G.L. Mix: Office Assist- ant Miss Wfilliams: Assemblies: Alki Typist. ADAMS, SYI.vIA MARLYN Big Sister: Library Assistant: Locker Monitor: Vodvil. Committees: Cos- tume. Clubs: Ushers'. ALEXANDER, HELEN B. Salesgirl Advisory Group: Assemblies: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Committees: G.L. Mix. Clubs: Ushers: Retailers. ALFRED, RAYMOND GUsT Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Boys' Choir: District Music Meet: Track. ALVIS, MAVIS ALMA Big Sister: President, Secretary Advi- sory Group: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: junior-Senior Prom. Assemblies: Sophomore Co-Editor Alki: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: Re- porter G.A.A.: Student Vodvil Direc- tor. ANDERSON, HARRY L. Assemblies. Committees: Vespa Sale. Clubs: President Accountants. Sopho- more Talent Show: Locker Monitor. N.:"A L 1" EIGI-ITEEN ADAMS, BARBARA GAYLE Big Sister: Sales Girl Advisory Group: Office Assistant Miss von Berg: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: Tolo: junior- Senior Prom: Homecoming: Costume. Assemblies. Clubs: Press: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Triads. ALDRIDGE, DORIS Big Sister: President, Secretary, Sales- girl Advisory Group: Vodvil. Commit- tees: G.L. Mix. Assemblies: Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.: Ushers. ALFRED, MARION MAY Committees: Costume. Assemblies: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. ALLEN, ORVILLE DUANE President, Vice President, Salesman Advisory Group: Alki Basketball Edi- tor: Varsity Football: A Squad Basket- ball: Baseball. Clubs: Lettermen's: Rifle. ALVORD, JOAN ESTHER Delegate S.W.W.G.L. Conf: Big Sis- ter: President, Vice President Advisory Group: Library Assistant: Locker Moni- tor. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: Costume: Homecoming. Assemblies. Clubs: Press:G.A.A.:Lettergirls: Presi- dent, Vice President French. ANDIERSEN, PATRICIA ANN Big Sister: Vodvil. Committees: Home- coming. Assemblies: Second Choir: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirlsl ANDERSON, WILLIS President, 2nd Vice Body: President Vodvilg A Squad Lettermen. ANDREWS, WAYNE SAMUEL President, Intramural Sports Manager Advisory Group: Production Shop: B Squad Basketball: Baseball. Clube. Rifle. ARBOUR, KENNETH C. Vodvil: Band: District Music Meet: Pep Band. ARNOLD, CAROLYN MAE Salesgirl Advisory Group: Vodvilg As- semblies. Clubs: Drama: F.H.A. AUSTIN, LAURA EMELIA Library Assistant. BAINBRIDGE, GENE H. A Cappella Choir: District Music Meetg B Football Squad. ANDREWS, CLIFFORD AL President AdyisQrLGrQup1 Assemblies: District Music Meetg Boys' Choirg A Squad, B Squad, junior Varsity Basket- bnllg Baseball. Clubs: Lettermen. ANGLE, ROBERT C. Boys' Choir: Boxing. ARCHER, RONNIE ROBERT Locker Monitor, Band. ASLUND, MARLYS DIONE Big Sister: President Advisory Group: Locker Monitor: Vodvil. Committees: junior-Senior Prom: Homecoming. As- sembliesg Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.g Vice President Make-upg Latin. BAIN, NORMA ELSIE Treble Clefg District Music Meet. BALDRIDGE, BEVERLY ANN Committees: G.L. Tolog Treble Clef. N INETEI N. BARANOVICH, RICHARD FRANCIS Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group: Locker Monitorg Vodvil: KVAN radio program. Committees: Junior-Senior Prom. Assemblies: Log Staff Reporter: Vice President Band: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meetg Brass Sextetteg German Band. Clubs: Pressg Quill and Scroll: International. BARNES, JAMES W. BARTON, BARBARA DICK Vodvil, Committees: Homecomingg Vespag Assemblies: Treble Clefg Mixed Choir. BEACOCK, NORDEAN DUANE Vodvil: KVAN radio program: As- sembliesg President Bandg Orchestrag N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet: Pep Band: German Band: Trumpet Trio: Brass Quartet, Sextet. BEARCE, LUCY A. Clubs: Retailers. BARCUS, LUCELIA BELL Treble Clef. BARTH, GLENN DUANE Secretary Advisory Group: Assembliesg Band: N.W. Regional Music Meetg B Football Squad. BATY, RosABEL JUNE Secretary Advisory Group: Office As- sistant Miss Williams: Nurse's Assis- tant. Clubs: G.A.A. BEAIRD, EDWARD LOUIS B Football Squad. BEASLEY, MAXINE ANNE Second Choir: Treble Clefg District Meet, Clubs: G.A.A. J' , . l ,W BECK, PAT LEO - Vice President Advisory Group. rm H 'E TWENTY BECKEL, JOHN VERNON WANE Clubs: F.F.A.g Retailers. BEDELL, ESTHER LAVINA Big Sisterg President Advisory Groupg Office Assistant Miss Williams. Com- mittees: Homecoming. Clubs: G.A.A. BELL, jo ANNE Q BELLINGAR, WILLIAM NATHAN KVAN Radio Programg Assembliesg Vice President a Cappella Choirg Boys' Quartetteg President Mastersingersg N.W. Regional Music Meetg District Music Meetg Track. Clubs: Rifle. Secretary Advisory Groupg Vodvil: BIERGRIEN, BETTY JEAN Treble Clef. BIGLEY, WAYNE BLISTH, DONALD GEORGE Secretary, Salesman Advisory Groupg Vodvilg Bandg OrchestragN.W. Region- al Music Meetg District Music Meetg Track. Clubs: Lettermen's. U14 .ma Big Sister President Advisory Groupg Red Cross Attendant Locker Monitorg Vodvil Committees G L Tolog jun- ior Senior Prom Clubs G A.A.' Lating Treasurer F T A N BIELI., CLOYCE DARLENE A .ZZ , ... .. . . . 5 'lr :F xl Q 'S-rv 'if"S ig, '..'s 1' BIELLAMY, BERNICE MILDRED Locker Monitorg Assembliesg Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: Re- tailers. BERGQUIST, LETHA MARIA Big Sister. Committees: G.L. Tolog junior-Senior Promg Homecomingg As- semblies. Clubs: G.A.A.g Lettergirlsg Secretary Make-upg Triadsg Interna- tional. BEUTELSCI-IIEs, LAXVRENCE PAUL Vodvilg embl , ubs: Interna- tionalgAc nt BLACKWELL, VIRGINIA WILLIS Vice President Advisory Groupg Vod- vil. Committees: G.L. Mixg Chairman G.L. Tolog Junior-Senior Promg Chair- man Homecomingg Christmas Ballg As- semblies. Clubs: G.A.A.g Prop Direc- tor Dramag President Triadsg Interna- tionalg Ushers. BOAI., ELSIE RUTH Big Sisterg Vice President Advisory Groupg Library Assistantg Vodvilg As- semblies. Clubs: G.A.A.g Dramag Ush- er's. Committeesg Girls' League Mix. TWENTY-ONE BOCKSTADTER, DALE A. Vodvilg Varsity, "BH Football Squad: Tumbling. BOLEY, ROSALIE JUNE Big SistergVodvil. Committees: Junior- Senior Prom: Homecoming: G.L. Mixg Tolo. Assemblies: Head Proof Reader, Feature Editor, Assistant Editor Log: Publicity, Welfare Manager Band: Or- chestra: District Music Meet. Clubs: President Press: Quill and Scroll: Usher's: Treasurer Latin. BONEBRAKE, LAURENCE RUSSEL Second Choir: District Music Meet: Bovs Choir: Boxing. Clubs: Lettermen. BOYD, WILLIAM ROBERT Orchestra: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: International. .pw BOYER, HARVEY K. N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet: Boys Choir: Boxing. BROWN, JOHN W. Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group. TXV ENTY-TXVO BOKEMEIER, ARTHUR EUGENE President, Salesman Advisory Group: Boys' Choir: District Music Meet. BOMSTAD, GENE C. BOURKE, KATHLEEN LORAINNE Committees: G.L. Mix: Mothers' Tea Treble Clef: District Music Meet: Girls Chorus. Assemblies. Clubs: Span- ish. BOYER, HARRY KEITH District Music Meet: Boys Choir Clubs: F.F.A. BREWE, LOIS JEAN Locker Monitor: Vodvil: Assemblies, Treble Clefg District Music Meet Clubs: Retailers. BROWN, LEATHA JEAN Salesgirl Advisory Group. Committees: White Christmas Ball. Clubs: Treas- urer Triads. BROWN, WILMA BETH Treble Clef. BUETOW, MARILYN ELAINE Big Sister: Secretary Advisory Group: Red Cross Attendant: Vodvil: Assem- blies. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Triads: Ushers': F.H.A. BULLOCK, BILLEE JOANNE Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. BURNETT, Lors MYRTLE Big Sister: Office Assistant Mr. Miller: Red Cross Attendant: Locker Monitor: Vodvil. Clubs: G.A.A.:Drama:Ushers. BUTZ, BETTY IRENE Big Sister: Library Assistant: Meadows Carnival. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: F.H.A. CADWALLADER, ROBERT LYNN Boys Choir. BROWNING, SHIRLEY JEAN President, Corresponding Secretary Girls League: Delegate to Conferences: S.W.W. G.L.: S.W.W. Leaders, D.A.R. Vice President Advisory Group: Vod- vil. Committees: Costume: Homecom- ing: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: Assemblies: Sophomore Editor Alki Staff: Treas- urer a Cappella Choir: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls. BIIKER, WYNONA DELORES Big Sister: Secretary Junior Class: President, Salesgirl Advisory Group. Committees: G.L. Mix: junior-Senior Prom: Homecoming. Assemblies: Alki Girls' Athletics Reporter: Log Staff Exchange Editor: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: Press Club: President G.A.A.: Letter- girls: Quill and Scroll: Ushers': Inter- national: Secretary F.H.A. BURGESS, THOMAS K. President Advisory Group: Vodvil: Stage Crew: Sound Crew: Prmection Crew: Assemblies. Wang? DUSCHMAN, WILMA MARIE BUZZINI, ARLENE MARIE Vodvil: Librarian Band: Secretary OI'- Big Sister: Salesgirl Advisory Group: chestra: Saxophone Quartet: Clarinet Quartet: NW. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A. Lettergirls: French. CARLTON, DONNA LEE Library Assistant: Treble Clef. TWENTY-TIIRIZZ: CARPENTER, CAROLYN DAWN Big Sister. Committees: Costume: jun- ior-Senior Prom. Reporter, Exchange Editor Log Staff. Clubs: G.A.A. CARR, VUILLIAM Vodvilg Assembliesg a Cappella Choir: Boys' Choir: Boys' Ensemble: District Music Meet. Clubs: F.F.A. CARTER, PHYLLIS JUANITA Big SistergVice President, SecretaryAd- visory Group: Vodvil Typist: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: Costume: junior-Senior Prom: Homecoming. As- semblies: a Cappella Choirg Sextette: Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: Point Chairman G.A.A.g Let- tergirls. CAVENS, JANET ELOISE Big Sister: Vodvilg Assemblies. Clubs: G.A.A.: Make-up: French: F.T.A. CI-IARBONNEAU, JUNE JORETTA Secretary Sophomore Class: Hi-Lite Reporter: Treble Clefg P.E. Assistant. CIIRISTENSTN J N MARIE . , 3 Big Sister: Pfes'd t Advisory Group: Vodvil: KVA adio Program. Com- mittees: . i :Tologjunior-Senior Prom. em sg a Cappella Choir: Sext t e Clefg District Music eeisfjpb ' . ' .A.g Dramag Spanish. TVVENTY-FOUR We CARR, PATRICIA ANNE Big Sister: President Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog Costume: Homecoming. Assem- bliesg a Cappella Choir: District Music Meet: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: Vice Pres- ident, Treasurer G.A.A.g Lettergirlsg International: Spanish. CARTER, DANIEL EDWARD Vodvilg Assemblies: Band: District Music Meet. CASTREY, JIMMIE GEORGE CHALQUEST, DENA LOUISE President, Salesgirl Advisory Group: Locker Monitors. Committees: Cos- tume: G.L. Tolog Assemblies. Clubs: G.A.A. Lettergirlsg Ushers'g Retailers: F.H.A. CHISHOLM, THOMAS XVILLIAM Vodvilg Bandg Pep Band: Dixie Land ' Five: District Music Meet. Clubs: Spanish. CHRISTIANSEN, MAR JORIE MAI' Vodvilg Reporter, Typist Log Staff. Committees: Costume. Clubs: Press: G.A.A.g Lettergirls. CIIRONIS, JOANNE Secretary Advisory Group. Commit- tees: Christmas Ball: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: junior-Senior Prom. Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.: Triads: F.H.A.: F.T.A. CLARK, DOROTHY Big Sister: Secretary, Salesgirl Advisory Group: Red Cross Attendant: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Tolo: Homecoming. Assemblies: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Letter- girls: Ushers': Retailers. COLDWELL, WILLIAM E. Boys Choir: District Music Meet: B Squad Basketball: Baseball. Clubs: Rifle. COLLINS, NORMAN CHARLES B Football Squad: Boxing. CONNER, RUTH MARIE Big Sister: Secretary Advisory Group: Red Cross Attendant: Vodvil. Com- mittees: Costume: junior-Senior Prom. Second Choir: Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls. COOPER, JANE Committees: G.L. Mix. Clubs: Ushersl CI-IURCI-I, ROBERT GALE Salesman Advisory Group: Locker Monitor: Boys' Choir: District Music Meet: B Squad Football. COBB, GILBERT R. Vice President junior Class: President, Vice President Advisory Group: Vod- vil. Committees: junior-Senior Prom. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: District Music Meet: Squa Football. 0? prff: COLLETTE, CLEO NETA Committees: G.L. Tolo. Band. COMPTON, BOYD WAYNE Committees: junior-Senior Prom. B Football Squad: Wrestling. Clubs: Rifle. COOK, WARNER C. B Football Squad: B Baseball Squad. COOPER, KENNETH WILLIAM Sergeant-at-Arms Boys' League: Presi- dent Sophomore Class: President Ad- visory Group: Vodvil. Committees: Homecoming. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Boys' Ensemble: District Music Meet: Varsity Football: Track. Clubs: Lettermen's. TWENTY-FII 1: CORRIGAN, HAROLD FAYE COWELL, RICHARD ISAAC President Advisory Group: Wrestling. Clubs: Service. CRAWFORD, WILLIAM Vice President, Intramural Sports Man- ager Advisory Group. CROCKFORD, ROBERT ADEN Vodvil: Assemblies: B Football Squad: Cross Country. Clubs: Treasurer F.F.A. Rifle: Assistant Stage Manager Dramai DAI-IL, BARBARA ANNE Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo' 5 Homecoming: Carnival Capers. Assem- blies: Vespa Staff: Treble Clef. DALLUM, BERNADINE IONE Vice President Advisory Group: Li- brary Assistant: Office Assistant Miss Williams. Committees: G.L. Mix. Clubs: F.H.A. TWENTY-Slx COTTON, GLENDA LENORE Reporter Girls' League: Big Sister: President, Secretary, Salesgirl Advisory Group:Vodvil. Committees: G.L .Tolo. Assemblies: Music Editor Allci: Co-fea- ture Editor, 3rd Page Editor Log: Presi- dent Orchestra: String Quartet: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: Press: G.A.A.: Quill and Scroll: Secretary Spanish. Cox, BILL JAY Printer Alki, Log. CREAGAN, DAVID LEE Vodvil: Assemblies: Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. DACIIS, GAYLON RAY President, Vice President Advisory Group: Assemblies: Auditorium Pro- duction Staff: President Second Choir: Boys Choir: District Music Meet: B Football Squad: A, B Squad Basketball: Baseball. Clubs: Lettermen's. DAILY, BLANCHE CAROLYN Vodvil. DAVIS, CI-IARLENE Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program: As- semblies: a Cappella Choir: District Music Meet. Clubs: Triads. DAVIS, DELORIS MAXINE Salesgirl Advisory Group. DAVIS, NORMAN L. Linotype Alki, Log. DAVIS, RUSSELL D. Vodvilg Assembliesg a Cappella Choirg Boys' Choirg NW. Regional Music Meetg District Music Meetg Track. DEVITT, MARGIE ARLENE Big Sisterg Secretary Advisory Groupg Office Assistant Miss von Bergg Locker Monitorg Vodvilg Treble Clef. Clubs: Ushers'g Secretary F.H.A. DINEEN, DON FRANCIS Wrestling. Clubs: Lettermen's. DOVE, THOMAS WILLIAM Library Assistant. DAVIS, DOROTHY JEANNE Big Sisterg Secretary Advisory Groupg Mrs. Kracaw Office Staffg Office Assistantg Vodvilg Second Choirg Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A. DAVIS, RICHARD JAMES Boys' Choir. DAY, SYBIL jo DIETRICH, CAROL MARION Secretary Advisory Groupg Office As- sistant Miss von Berg. Clubs: G.A.A. UShers'g Spanish. DIRKS, JOAN CAROL Locker Monitorg Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Tolog Homecomingg White Christmas Ballg Assembliesg a Cappella Choirg Sextetteg Treble Clefg N.W. Regional Music Meetg District Music Meet. DOWNING, MARIAN LOUISE Vice President Girls' Leagueg Big Sis- terg President, Secretary Advisory Groupg Vodvil. Committees: Costumeg G.L. Mixg G.L. Tolo. Senior Playg As- sembliesg Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms Treble Clefg District Music Meetg Song Queen. '1'wEN'I'Y-SEVEN DRURY, BONNIE LEA Big Sister: President Advisory Group. Committees: Costume: G.L. Tolo. As- semblies. Clubs: G.A.A. Lettergirls: Triads: Ushers'g Retailers. DUNN, WILLIAM HUDSON Vice President Advisory Group: Var- sity, B Football Squads: Swimming. Clubs: Press: Lettermen: Rifle: Drama. DUNNII-IOO, LORIS LENELL Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.: Letter- girls. EBY, CHARLES LEE ELIASON, DON C. Salesman Advisory Group: Assem- blies: Band: Orchestra: N.W. Regional Music Meet. ESCH, FRANCIS CALVIN Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvilg a Cappella Choir: Dis- trict Music Meet. TWENTY-EIGHT DUCHENE, EDWARD ANTHONY DUNNE, DENNIS EARING, VVILLIAM W. Committees: junior-Senior Prom. Boys Choir: District Music Meet. Clubs: International: Accounting. EDDY, EDWARD HERBERT Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvilg Assemblies: Band: Custodian Orches- tra: Pep Band: Trumpet Trio: NW. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. EMTER, VERN M. President, Vice President Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: Home- coming. Second Choir: Boys Choir: District Music Meet: Varsity, B Foot- ball Squads. Clubs: Lettermen's. FARRAR, RALPH GILBERT Stage Crew. Clubs: F.F.A. FERNEA, ROBERT ALAN International - Relations Conference: President Advisory Group: Red Cross Council: Vodvil Director. Committees: Homecoming. Assemblies: Accompan- ist: Tennis. Clubs: Drama: French: Senior Play. FITZGERALD, HOWARD GILBERT A Cappella Choir: District Music Meet. FITZGIBBON, JAMES KENNEDY Vodvil: a Cappella Choir: Boys Choir: Boys Ensemble: District Music Meet. FORREST, BOB R. Wrestling. FOUNTAIN, BARBARA BERNICE Assemblies: Treble Clef. Clubs: Re- tailers. GAINES, JERRY WILLIAM President Advisory Group: Printer Alki, Log: B Football Squad: Basebaii. M FISH, MARY ELLA ' Big Sister: Vice President Advisory Group: Locker Monitor: Treble Clef. Clubs: Treasurer Retailers. FITZGERALD, SUSAN LEE SRV. Conference Delegate: Big Sis- ter: President Advisory Group: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: junior-Senior Prom: Homecoming: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies. Clubs: Press: Hike Chairman G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Vice President Triads. kb' FORGITY, DOROTHY ANNE Treble Clef: District Music Meet. F ORSYTH, EDDIE R. Salesman Advisory Group: Vodvil. Clubs: Accountants. FRANK, ERVIN JOSERI-I Vodvil: a Cappella Choir: Master- singers: Swimming. GALBRAITH, ELLEN IRENE Big Sister: President, Vice President Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: Homecoming: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Orchestra: NW. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Interna- tional. 'fWENTY-NINE GAMON, JUANITA JOYCE . Library Assistant: Vodvilg Assemblies: Treble Clefg Librarian: District Music Meet. Clubs: Triads. i 1 GARRISON, WILBUR GEORGE, JAMES CHRIS President, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group: Vodvilg KVAN Radio Pro- gram: Assemblies. Committee: Junior- Senior Prom: Editor, Sports Editor Log: Tennis. Clubs: Press, Lettermensg Quill and Scroll, Drama. GESSFORD, GEORGE KEITH Clubs: F.F.A. WWW SFO, GILL, ELEANOR MARX' Assemblies: Treble Clef. GLADSON, ROBERT President, Vice President Advisory Groupg Second Choir, B Squad Foot- T ballg Track. , THIRTY GARDNER, LYNETTE JOAN Library Assistant: Locker Monitorsg Treble Clef. GAYLOR, FRANK E. B Football Squad. GEORGE, ROBERT W. Stage Crew, Swimming. Clubs: Span- ish. GIBBONS, BOB HARLAN Vice President, Salesman, Advisory Group: B Football Squadg A, B Squad Basketball. GILL, ROBERT GUY Printer Alki and Logg Baseball. Clubs, Rifle. r GOEDERT, HENRIETTA R. Committees: Costume. Treble Clef. Clubs: Press. GOLDAN, DEVANE S. Vodvilg KVAN Radio Program, As- semblies: Boys Choirg Band: Orches- tra Accompanistg N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet, Wtmod- wind Quintet. Clubs: Latin. GRAHAM, JAMES EDWARD President Senior Class: President Ad- visory Groupg Vodvil. Committees: Junior-Senior Promg I-lomeroming. Boys Choir, District Music Meet. E S I Vice President, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, V rsity, B Squad Football: B Squad ketb llg Track Clubs: Vice P n etter Clubs: Triaclsja GREEN STAN KENNETH GREVILLE, ELIZABE H SARAH Vodvil. Committees: Costume. Clubs Ushers. HAAKONSTAD EDGAR ROALD HALE, BARBARA LOUISE Salesgirl, Advisory Group: Office As- sistant Miss Wfilliamsg Vodvil. Com- mittees: G.L. Mix. Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.g Letter- girlsg Retailiers. GOODING, WILLIAM WARREN Printer, Log. GRANT, NORMAN E. GRENIER, ANNABELLE MAE Office Assistant Miss Williaiiis. Clubs: G.A.A.g Ushers. GUINN, KENNETH FORNEY Second Choir: Wrestling. I'IAIR, EARLENE OLIVE Treble Clef. Clubs: Accountants. HALL, ELIZABETH ANN Delegate to Pacific Slope Press Con- ference, Big Sister: Secretary, Sales- girl Advisory Group, Vodvil. Com- mittees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog Cos- tume, Homecoming. Assemblies, Head Copy Reader, Assistant Editor Log. Clubs: Pressg G.A.A.g Quill and Scroll: Internationalg Spanish. junior Red Cross Council. THIRTY-ON THIRTY-TVVO HANSON, JEAN LOUISE Big Sister: Vice President Advisory Group: Vodvil: Assemblies: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: Make-up. HARLAN, ROBERT RICHARD Vodvil: Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Band: N.W. Regional Music Meet: Dis- trict Music Meet: Mastersingers: Swim- ming. Clubs: Lettermerfs. HART, LEROY FRANCIS Vice President Advisory Group: Vod- vil: Assemblies: Boys Choir. HARTLEY, MERLE HELEN Big Sister: President, Vice President, Salelsgirl Advisory Group: Library As- sistant: Vodvil: Committees: White Christmas Ball. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Drama: Triads. HAUGDAHL, KAY FRANCES Corresponding Secretary Girls' League: Big Sister: Red Cross Attendant: Vod- vil. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: Homecoming. Assemblies: Secretary a Cappella Choir: Sextette: Treble Clef: District Music Meet: Homecoming Q ueeu . HAZLETT EARL STAN I 2nd Vice President Bo ue ll 'Q mittees. Junior Sem P o v Home coming. Assemblies D i ' 2' S ident Advisory Gro. vil. C A HANSON, LORNA ELAINE Vodvil: Assemblies: Orchestra: Dis- trict Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Drama. HARRIS, ROBERT LEE Vodvil: a Cappella Choir: Band: Dis- trict Music Meet. .f f' I 7 ,iw C I , ,,.: Lf 'N ' . HART, PATRICIA LOUISE Secretary Advisory Group: Library As- sistant: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Sextette: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: French. HARWOOD, BONNIE DEE Big Sister: Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Office Assistant Miss Williams: Locker Monitors: Vodvil: Assemblies: Second Choir: Treble Clef: Mtpgistrict Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A. HAUZENBERGER, RICHARD ALAN Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program: As- sembliesg Band: Orchestra: N.W. Re- gional Music Meet: District Music Meet: Pep Band: Brass Ensembles: Trumpet Trio. HEBERLEIN, ALEXANDER PAUL Mr. Conover, Bus. Staff: Assemblies: Production Shop. HEDIN, MARTHA LOUISE Salesgirl Advisory Group, Mrs. Kra- caw, Office Staff: Vodvilg Assembliesg Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.g Ushers. HENRIKSEN, JOHN TRUMAN HERMAN, DENNIS LEROY ACappella Choir: District Music Meet: Boys' Choir. HICKEY, LARRY W. I HOHENSEE, PHYLLIS COLLEEN Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog junior-Senior Prom: Homecom- ing. Assemblies: Art Editor Alkig Car- toonist Log: Orchestra: District Music Meet. HOLTER, DONALD R. H EIMBUCH, HARVEY JAMES Intramural Sport Mgr. Advisory Group: Printer Alki, Logg Boys' Choir: District Music Meet: B Squad Basketball: Sports Manager A and B Squad Baseball. Clubs: Lettermen's. HERB, ROBERT BRUCE Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Assemblies: Boys' Choir, Dis- trict Music Meetg B Squad Football: Track, j.V. Basketball. Clubs: Letter- men's. HERNDON, MARTHA LUE Big Sister. llOEFT, ROBERT DEAN R Salesman Advisory GroupgVodvilg As- semblies, Bandg Orchestra, District Music Meet: Tennis. Clubs: Interna- tional. 8,47 HOKE, PHILLIP EUGENE President, Vice President, Salesman, Intramural Sports Manager Advisory Group. Committees: junior-Senior Prom. B Football, B Basketball Squads: Track. Clubs: Press, Rifle. HOOD, DEXTER W. 'PHHITY-THREE HOOD, DONNA BELLE President Advisory Group: Library As- sistant. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog Costume, Homecoming. Clubs: G.A.A. HOPKINS, ROBERT EUGENE Sergent-at-Arms Student Body, Secre- tary Boys League, Vice President Soph- omore Classg President Advisory Group. Committees: Homecoming. As- semblies, Boys Choir: Varsity Football, A Squad Basketball: Track: Sports Manager. Clubs: Lettermen. HUBBARD, KENNETH DOWERS Secretary Advisory Group: B Football Squad. HUGHES, VIRGINIA JEAN Locker Monitor. Committees: Costume. Clubs: G.A.A.g Ushers. HUNT, BETTY jo Salesgirl, Intramural Sports Manager Advisory Group. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog Costume: junior- Senior Prom, Homecoming, Carnival Capers. Assemblies: Hi Lite Staff, Treble Clefg President Girls Choir: Band, District Music Meet: Drum Ma- jorette. Clubs: G.A.A.g Make-upg Triadsg Internationalg Retailers, Social Chairman F.H.A. HUTGI-IINsON, DALE .l HIRTY-FOUR HOPKINS, GLORIA JEAN Big Sister: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix. Assemblies: Organization Editor Alkig Corresponding Secretary, Robe Custodian a Cappella Choir: N.W. Re- gional Music Meet: District Music Meet.. Clubs: Secretary F.T.A. HOXWORTH, ARWIN J. Treasurer Sophomore Class, Vice Presi- dent Boys Choir: Baseball. HUEE, BONNIE JEANNE Vodvil. Committees: Christmas Ball. Typist Log: Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.g Lettergirlsg Ushers. HUNT, BETTY M. Committees: G.L. Tolo. HUNT, WILLIAM Salesman Advisory Group. Clubs: Rifle: International. HUTCI-IISON, JOANNE KAY Vodvilg Assemblies. HYLEN, WESLIEY' JEDERBERG, BONNIE JEAN Locker Monitor. Clubs: F.H.A. JOHNSON, DELORES LEE Committees: Homecoming. Clubs: G.A.A.g Ushers. JOHNSON, SHIRLEY ANN Treble Clefg District Music Meet. JONES, FRANKLIN A. JORG, STANLEY A. Vodvilg Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Bandg Orchestra: District Music Meet: Cross Country. INGRAM, BETTY JEAN Vodvilg Assemblies: a Cappella Choirg Treble Clefg N.W. Regional Music Meet. Clubs: Drama. JENNER, RONALD CLARE Vodvilg Assemblies: Printer Alki, Logg a Cappella Choirg Boys Ensemble: Dis- trict Music Meet: B Football Squad. JOHNSON, JIM LEE Sergeant-at-Arms Student Body: Office Assistant Mr. Conover, Bus. Staff. Committees: Junior-Senior Prom. As- sembliesg Band: Sports Manager: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: Sentinel F.F,A.: Let- termen. JONES, BONNIE A. Second Vice President Student Body: Girls State Delegate: Big Sister: Presi- dent Advisory Group: Vodvil. Com- mittees: Home oming. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirlsg French. JONES, SHIRLEY MAE Girls Choir. KAMP, YVONNE LAVERNE Treble Clef. Clubs: Drama. THIRTY-FHL KASULKA, ELEANOR LOUISE Recording Secretary Girls' League: Sec- retary Senior Class: Big Sister: Library Assistant: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: Carnival. Assemblies: Vespa: Sec- retary Treble Clef: District Music Meet. KELLIEY, RICHARD JAMES KEYSER, NORMA JOAN Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix. Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.: Drama: Ushers. KENDALL, DOUG Q. Band: N.W. Regional Music Meet: Wrestling. Clubs: Lettermen's KIRK, DORLAND O. Salesman Advisory Group. KLING, DONELLA JEAN S.W.W. Delcate: President Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Tolo: Junior-Senior Prom. Clubs: Dra- ma: Ushers. FHIRTY-SIX KATES, DOROTHY LAVERN KENNY, HAZEL FRANCES Library Assistant. Committees: G.L. Mix. Treble Clef. KILWEIN, HERMAN J. President Advisory Group: President Boys' Choir: Varsity Football: Base- ball: Boxing. Clubs: Sergeant-at-Arms Lettermen's KINNUNEN, DUANE GERALD Secretary. Intramural Sports Manager Advisory Group: Boys Choir: A, B, Squads Basketball. Clubs: Lettermen. KLEIN, GERALDINE MAE Big Sister: Locker Monitor: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: Junior-Senior Prom. Assemblies: Tre- ble Clef: Orchestra: District Music Meet: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Ushers: F.H.A. KMENT, CLAUDETTI2 JOY President, Vice President, Secretary Ad- visory Group: Office Assistant Mr. Conover, Bus. Staff: Vodvil: P.E. As- sistant. Clubs: Governor to State, State Vice President Retailers. KNAUSS, RONALD F. Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Com- mittees: Christmas Ball: junior-Senior Prom: Homecoming. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: NW. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: Dra- ma: President Triads: Vice President French. KOPPE, BEVERLY JOAN Vodvil: Assemblies: Uniform Manager Band: Orchestra: District Music Meet. Clubs: Press: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Latin. IAMPMAN, ELEANOR BARBARA LANCE, SHEREE MARLENE Red Cross Attendant. Committees: Homecoming. Clubs: Ushers: F.H.A. LAUBER, LORAINE ALBERTA Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: Homecoming: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog Christmas Ball. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Sextette: District Music Meet. Clubs: President Triads. LAWS, FREDDIE ANN Salesgirl Advisory Group: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program: Assemblies: Music Editor Alki: Accompanist Boys Quartette, Treble Clef, Mastersingers: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A. KOONS, CHARLOTTE MARIE Library Assistant: Locker Monitor: Vodvil: Assemblies: Treble Clef: Dis- trict Music Meet. KOUPAS, DESPENA E. Annual Conference Delegate: Big Sis- ter: Vice President, Secretary, Salesgirl Advisory Group: Library Assistant: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies: junior, Co-editor Alki. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Pres- ident, Production Manager Drama: Ushers: Vice President International. LANCASTER, VIRGINIA FAYE LockerMonitor. Committees: G.L.Mix. Assemblies: Treble Clef. LARKIN, GERALD Vice President Advisory Group: Base- ll: Cross Country. RV LAXVHEAD, WALT EARL Boys Choir. LEBOUEF, MARY ANN Vodvil: Assemblies: Treble Clef Dis- trict Music Meet. Clubs: Drama: Vice President French: Retailers. THIRTY- SEVEIN LEE, IMOGENE JOYCE Assemblies: Treble Clef. LEHR, MARVIN H. Vodvil: Assemblies. Clubs: Secretary, Treasurer Spanish. LEMON, JAMES PATRICK President, Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: Homecoming. As- semblies: Sports Editor Log: B Football Squad: Swimming. Clubs: Vice Presi- dent Press: Quill and Scroll: Rifle: Drama. LINDSEY, WILLIAM CALVIN Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Com- mittees: Junior-Senior Prom. Assem- blies: a Cappella Choir: N.W. Region- al Music Meet: District Music Meet. LINSCOTT, DOROTHELLA EVA Big Sister: Secretary Advisory Group: Office Assistant Miss Williams: Vod- vil. Clubs: Make-up: Historian F.H.A. LOREE, LORIs EDA Recording Secretary Girls League' S.W.XV. G.L. Conference Delegate: Big Sister' Secretar Advisor Grou 'Vod I Y - Y P, ' vil: KVAN Radio Program: Commit- tees: G.L, Tolo. Assemblies: Organiza- tion Co-editor Alki: Secretary, Student Director a Cappella Choir: Orchestra: Accom anist' District Music Meet P i - Clubs: G.A.A.: Vice President Drama. THIIITY-EIGHT LEHR, GORDON D. Vice President, Secretary, Intramural Sports Manager Advisory Group: Printer Log: Second Choir: Boys Choir: District Music Meet: Junior Varsity Baseball. LEMBERG, HELEN MARIE Big Sister: Library Assistant. Commit- tees: G,L. Mix: Junior-Senior Prom: Advertising. Treble Clef. LINDSAY, WALTER K. Stage Crew: Sound, Projection Crews: Assemblies. Clubs: Rifle. LINKEMYER, DUANE FRANCES LODGE, JERRY DEAN Intramural Sport Manager Advisory Group: B Football Squad: B Basketball Squad: Baseball. Clubs: Lettermen. LOWRY, GRACE DONALDA Vice President. Secretary Advisory Group: Library Assistant. Committees: G.L. Tolo. Library Assistant Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Retailers. LLIDWIO, LORRAINE Big Sister: Library Assistant: Vodvil: Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: Ush- ers: French: Retailers. MAAS, HENRY President, Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: Homecoming. Assemblies: Photographer Alki: a Cap- pella Choir: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. MANNING:. ARDEN PATRICK Clubs: Accountants. MARTIN, DOROTHY LOUISE Big Sister: Office Assistant Miss Wil- liams: Vodvil. Committees: junior- Senior Prom. Assemblies: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: Drama: F.H.A. MARTIN, LOIs LOUISE Big Sister: Vice President Advisory Group: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: G.L. Mix: Junior- Senior Prom: Homecoming. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Sextette: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. MEREDITI-I, ELAINE MARIE Big Sister: Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies: Senior Editor Alki: a Cappella Choir: Sextette: Treble Clef: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Letter- girls: Drama. il-55 M H- 1. get .1 A a it - t .Q I . - sw? A--. xr X 3 LUGINBUHL, LORINE LEE Big Sister: President Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Tolo. As- semblies: Band: Orchestra: District Music Meet. Clubs: G,A.A.: President Latin. MALAIN, ROBERT A. Salesman Advisory Group. ,504 '2f4o-Zaaifs MARSH, LAWANA HELLEN Vodvil: Assemblies: ' Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.: F.H.A. MARTIN, JAMES ALVIN Intramural Sport Manager: Sophomore Football: Baseball: Boolcroom Attend- ant. Clubs: Rifle: Stage Manager Drama: International: Retailers. MELTON, SALLY ANN Big Sister: Secretary Advisory Group. MIDDLETON, DONNA MAE Big Sister: Salesgirl Advisory Group: Locker Monitor: Girls Choir. THIRTY-NINTL MIKSCH, TOM LESLIE Secretary Advisory Group: B Football Squad: Sports Manager. Clubs: Letter- mens: Rifle. MILLER, GERALD L. President, Secretary, Treasurer Boys League: Delegate Leaders Conference: Varsity Football: A Squad Basketball. Clubs: Lettermen. MILLER, WIILLIAM CLARK Vice President Senior Class: Secretary Advisory Group:Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program: Assemblies President a Cap- pella Choir: Boys Octet: Boys Choir: Mastersingers: District Music Meet. MINER, GERTRUDE EILEEN President, Salesgirl Advisory Group. Committees: G.L. Mix. Assemblies: Treble Clef. MOORE, ALLEN J. MORRIS, BERNARD Ross Delegate to journalism Conference: President junior Class: President Ad- visory Group: Vodvil: KVAN Radio Program. Committees: junior-Senior Prom. Assemblies: Printer Alki: Sports Editor, Printer Log: Tennis: Cross Country. Clubs: Press: Quill and Scroll: Vice President Drama. FORTY MILLER, DONALD W. Assemblies: Secretary Second Choir: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. MILLER, Lois ANN Treasurer Girls League: Delegate S.VCf.W. G.L. Conference: Vice Presi- dent Advisory Group. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls. MILLER, ZANE RAYMOND Clubs: President F.F.A. MITCHELI., EDGAR DOUGLAS President Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: junior-Senior Prom. As- semblies: Secretary, Treasurer Orches- tra: District Music Meet: Yell King. MOORE, RICHARD O. President, Vice President, Salesman Advisory Group: Locker Monitor. Committees: Junior-Senior Prom: Homecoming. Assemblies: Varsity Football: Track: Baseball. Clubs: Let- termens. MORRIS, CHARLEY GORDON Vice President Advisory Group: Print- er Alki, Log: Boys Choir: junior Var- sity, B Football Squads: Track: Boxing. Clubs: Lettermens. BIORRIS, GLADYS LEE MOSLEY, NATHANIEL BEN Vice President, Secretary Advisory Groupg Varsity Footballg B Squad Bas- ketballg Track: Baseball. Clubs: Letter- mens. MUNSON, JOSEPI-I G. Clubs: Rifle. MCAVOY, MAE JEAN Committees: Costume. Assembliesg Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A. MCCARTY, LOIS IRENE Majorette. Clubs: Secretary Retailers. MCDOWELL, JAMES EDWARD Varsity Footballg B Squad Basketballg Track. MORSCI-I, ALBERT C. MUDOE, RICHARD BOMAN Stage Crewg Sound Crewg Projection Crew. Committees: Junior-Senior Prom. B Squad Football: Track. Clubs: Rifle. MIIRDOCK, ALLEN CLAYTON MCCARTY, EDYTHE MARIE Band. Clubs: F.T.A. MCCOY, FORREST IVICDUNN PATRICIA BELLE Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: junior-Senior Prom: Christmas Ball. P.E. Assistant. Clubs: Secretary Triadsg G.A.A. FORTYVONE - D NICGILCHRIST, PHYLLIS ANN Big Sister: Vice President Advisory Group: Library Assistantg Vodvilg KVAN Radio Program. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assembliesg a Cappella Choirg Sextetg Treble Clefg N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.g President Dramag President International. MCKEAG, MACELLE LOUISE Big Sisterg Salesgirl Advisory Group. Committees: Junior-Senior Prom. Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: Lating President F.H.A. MCLAUGHLIN, MARY KATHLEEN Big Sisterg Vice President, Salesgirl Advisory Group. Committees: Junior- Senior Prom. Clubs: Pressg G.A.A.g Spanish: F.H.A.g F.T.A. MCNEAL, ALLAN E. Printer Alki, Log: Boys Choir. NAGEL, SHIRLEY JOYCE Office Assistant Miss Williams: Vod- vilg Assemblies: Orchestrag District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A. NELSON, CARROLL L. Vodvilg Assembliesg a Cappella Choirg Mastersingersg Boys Choir: District Music Meetg B Squad, JV Football. FORTY-TWVO MCKAY, JOYCE LEAH Big Sister. Committees: Homecoming. Treble Clefg P.E. Assistant. Clubs: G.A.A.g Lettergirls. MCKEE, MARY ANN Vice President Advisory Group. Treble MCNAMER, DONNA CLAIR Vodvil. Committees: Christmas Ballg Carnival. Clubs: G.A.A.g Triads. MCNICHOLS, BOB CROFT NELSON, CAROL JEAN Big Sisterg Library Assistantg Vodvilg Assembliesg Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: Triads. Yell Leader. NELSON, DONALD A. Clubs: F.F.A. NELSON, ZANE C. F.F.A. Delegate: Wrestling. Clubs: Rifle. NELSON, MURIEL GRACE NEUMANN, PHYLLIS JEAN Big Sister: Vice President Advisory Group: Red Cross Attendant: Vodvil. Committees: Costume: Homecoming: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: G.A.A.: Vice Presi- dent Lettergirls. NIXON, PEGGY LORAINE Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvil: Sec- ond Choir: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Make-up: Re- tailers. OAKLEY, DAVE SANDERS O'CONNOR, MOLLY CURTIN Pacific Slope Conference, Junior Red Cross Training Center, Delegate to Press Conference: Big Sister: President, Secretary Junior Red Cross Council: Locker Monitor. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog Costume: Homecom- ing. Assemblies: Feature Editor Log. Clubs: Secretary Press: Scrapbook Chairman G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Quill and Scroll: Vice President Spanish. NELSON RICHARD L. Activity Manager Sophomore Class: B Squad Basketball. NELSON, LELAND RAY Salesman Advisory Group. NICHOLS, TERRY SUSAN Big Sister: Salesgirl Advisory Group: Library Assistant: Vodvil. Committees: Costume: Homecoming: G.L. Mix. As- semblies: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: Point Chairman G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Drama: Retailers. NUHRING, ARLENE DELORIS Vodvil: Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: Retailers. OYCALLAGHAN, MAURICE JAMES Assemblies. Clubs: Rifle. OEHLER, BEN ALLEN Band. ITORTY-THR! OLSON, DONALD O. President Advisory Group: Locker Monitor: Vodvil. Committees: junior- Senior Prom. a Cappella Choir: Boys Choir, Second Choir: District Music Meetg B Baseball. ORDWAY, IVA TERESA Vodvilg Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Sextetteg N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: Inter- national. PARKER, PAUL JAMES Boys Choir. PARKHURST, GERTRUDE ALICE Big Sister: Vodvilg Treble Clefg Dis- trict Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.g Make-up: Retailers. PAYTON, NANCY ANN S.W.W.G.L. Conference Delegate: Big Sister: President Advisory Groupg Library Asssistantg Vodvil. Committees: Christmas Ballg junior-Senior Prom: Homecomingg G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies. Clubs: G.A.A.g Custodian Ushersg Retailers. PERDUE, VIRGINIA ELLEN Vodvil. Committees: Homecoming. Assemblies: Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A. FORTY-Four: OLSON, KATI-IRYN JOAN Vodvilg Assemblies: Orchestra Librar- ian: District Music Meet. O'ROURKE, JAMES MICHAEL Boys Choir. PARKER, SHIRLEY GAYLE Vice President Advisory Group: Vod- vilg Treble Clef. Clubs: Retailers. PAUL, CHARLOTTE ELAINE Big Sister: President, Secretary Advi- sory Group: Library Assistant. Com- mittees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. PEDERSEN, RICHARD NIEL Vodvilg a Cappella Choir: Orchestra: District Music Meet. Clubs: Triads. PERRY, EUGENE G. President, Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Band: District Music Meet: Track. Clubs: Treasurer Letter- mens. PERRY, HARRIETTA MAE Vodvilg Assemblies, Treble Clef. PETTEY, PATRICIA LINN Secretary Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant. Clubs: Ushersl PLAMONDON, BERNARD CT R Boys Choir. POLLOCK, GWENDOLYN Big Sister: Salesgirl Advisory Group Office Assistant Miss von Berg, Vod vil. Committees: G.L. Tolog Junior- Senior Prom. Assemblies. Clubs: Treas urer Press: Make-up: Spanish. POWERS, DARLENE M. Big Sister: President, Secretary Advis- ory Groupg Library Assistant, Vodvil. Clubs: Retailers. 1 ,, PRICE, ROEERTA EVELYN Clubs: Accounting. PETERSEN, MARY KATI-IRYN Big Sister: Vice President Advisory Groupg Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mixg G.L. Tolog Costumeg Christmas Ball, Senior CO-Editor Alki. Clubs: Secretary Triads. PICKETT, SI-IIRLEE MAY PLUMMER, SHIRLEY ANN President, Vice President Advisory Group. Committees: G.L. Mixg G.L. Tolo. Clubs: Secretary Ushers. POWELL, HAROLD WILLIAM Assemblies, Printer Log, Alkig Boys Choir, District Music Meet, B Football Squad: Track. Clubs: International. PRICE, AL PRICE, RONALD WILLIAM FORTY-FIVE PYLES, EUGENE THOMAS Vice President Sophomore Class: Presi- dent, Salesman Advisory Group: a Cap- pella Choir: Boys Ensemble: District Music Meet: Varsity Football: B Squad Baseball. Clubs: President Lettermens: Triads. RAINES, BERYLINE Library Assistant. RAMEY, DELBERT FRANKLIN Salesman Advisory Group. Commit- tees: Christmas Ball. Golf. Clubs: Sec- retary Rifle: Triads. RAVENBERG, ORSON DUANE Locker Monitor: Production Crew. Clubs: Rifle. RAYNOR, JAMES HOWARD Vodvil: a Cappella Choir: Boys Ensem- ble: Boys Choir: District Music Meet: Boxing: Sports Manager. REITER, RUSSELL D. Vodvil: Boys Choir: District Music Meet: Varsity Football: Track. Clubs: Lettermens: President Spanish. FORTY-Six QUINN, JUANITA DELoREs Secretary Advisory Group: Locker Mon- itor. Committees: ostume. . IEW' RAKE, JACK JR. RANSOM, HOLLIS CHARLES Vodvil: Orchestra. Clubs: President International. '1 1 X- RAY, BETTY NADINE Vodvil: Treble Clef. Clubs: G.A.A.: International. RECORD, LILY ROZINA Library Assistant. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: Costume: junior-Serv ior Prom: Homecoming. Assemblies: Treble Clef: Band: District Music Meet: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Drama: Accounting. REYMOND, ALBERT STEPHEN Salesman Advisory Group: Assemblies: Printer Alki, Log: Boys Choir: District Music Meet: Varsity, B Football Squads: Sports Manager. Clubs: Letter- mens. SCHEIDE, WILLIAM I. Salesman Advisory Groupg Track: Cross Country. SCI-ILICI-ITIG, CAROL YvoNNE Big Sister: Office Assistant Miss Wil- liams. Committees: G.L. Mix. SCI-IOFIELD, PATRICIA JANE Clubs: Ushersg Spanish: F.F.A. SCOTT, DONALD LEE Vodvilg B Football Squad: Track. Clubs: Lettermensg Secretary Triads. SELBY, JANE B. President Advisory Groupg Library As- sistant. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Clubs: Lettergirlsg Make-up. SI-IANAHAN, MARIA HOPE Library Assistant: Office Assistant Miss Wiliams. Committees: G.L. Mix. Clubs: F.H,A. SCHILTZ, RONNIE ALLAN Salesman Advisory Group. SCHLUND, VENLA WINNETTE Vice President Advisory Groupg Red Cross Attendant. Clubs: Ushers. SCI-IOLZ, ELSIE BETTY Office Assistant Miss Williams. Com- mittees: G.L. Tolog Costumeg Junior- Senior Prom: Homecoming. Clubs: F.H.A. SEBO, JANET ARLENE Big Sister: President, Secretary Ad- visory Groupg Library Assistant: Red Cross Attendant. Committees: Junior- Senior Prom. Clubs: G.A.A.g Letter- girls: Make-up: International: Span- ish: F.H.A. SEWELL, GERTRLIDE ELAIN SHERBLOM, MARY ANN Vodvilg a Cappella Choir: Second Choir: Treble Clefg Distri:t Music Meet. FORTY-NINE SHORT, LoIs JOAN Committees: Costume, Clubs: G.A.A.g Accounting. SIEWARD, ALICE DARLENE Library Assistant: Girls Choir. ' SLOANE, BEN WILLIAM President, Vice President, Intramural Sport Manager Advisory Group: Vod- vilg Band: Varsity, B Football Squad: Track. Clubs: Lettermens: SMITH, NANCY ANN Secretary Student Bodyg Delegate to Girls State: Big Sister: Secretary Soph- omore Classg Vodvilg KVAN Radio Program. Committees: G.L. Mix. As- sembliesg Song Leader. Clubs: Treas- urer G.A.A.g Lettergirlsg Dramag French. SOBOLEWSKI, ELSIE ANN Big Sister: President, Vice Presi- dent Advisory Groupg Office Assistant Miss von Berg. Committees: G.L. Mixg G.L. Tolo. Assemblies. Clubs: Secretary G.A.A.g President Letter- girls: President Make-up: Interna- tional: Vice President Latin: Histor- ian Retailers. SORENSON, MARCE JOSEPH FIFTY K' l SHROPSHIRE, PEGGY JOYCE Big Sister, Printer Alki, Log. Clubs Retailers. SKAADEN, ROBERT FRANCIS President, Secretary Advisory Group Printer: Alki, Log: Varsity Football A, B Squad Basketball, Baseball Clubs: Lettermensg Rifle. SMALL, RAY Bandg B Football Squad. SNYDER, WANDA JOAN Office Assistant Miss von Berg. Com- mittees: Costumeg Junior-Senior Prom: Homecoming. Clubs: G.A.A.g F.H.A SOMERS, JOHN FRANKLIN Printer Alki. SPADY, MARILYN ROSE Salesgirl Advisory Group. Clubs: G.A.A.g Make-up. SPAULDING, MAR JORIE LEE Voclvilg Assemblies: Treble Clef. SPRING, GENE A. President, Salesman Advisory Groupg Vodvilg Band: NW. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. STANDIFORD, BUD DELOss Vice President Advisory Group: Boys Choir: District Music Meet. STEPHENS, ROBERT LEE STOCKTON, JAMES WILLIAM SIIPINA, GEORGE ARTHUR Secretary Advisory Group. : Eu Q xxscbu SPENCE, BETTY LOU Salesgirl Advisory Group. Clubs: Ushers: Retailers. STAMPER, ALDEEN ALICE Library Assistant. Clubs: Accountants. STELLA, VERONICA MARIE Vice President, Delegate S.W.W. G.L. Conferenceg Big Sisterg Secretary Soph- omore Classg President, Vice President, Salesgirl Advisory Group. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. News Reporter Hi Lite: a Cappella Choir, District Music Meet, Clubs: Ushers: Account- ants. STEWART, VIRGIL ELLIOTT Vodvil. SUNDVIK, MONA ADINA Big Sister: Secretary Advisory Group: Locker Monitor: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mixg Homecoming. Assembliesg Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: G.A.A.: Lettergirlsg President Make-upg Latin. TAYLOR, ROBERT LEE Vodvilg Varsity, B Football Squad: Varsity Track. IWIFTY-ONIG TERRY, BIRDIE MAE Office Assistant Miss Williams, Miss von Berg: Locker Monitorg Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix. Log Typist. Clubs: G.A.A.g Make-up: Interna- tional. THOMPSON, BRUCE MORRIS Salesman Advisory Groupg KVAN Radio Programg Assembliesg a Cap- pella Choirg Boys Quartet: Corre- sponding Secretary Boys Choir: Dis- trict Music Meet. Clubs: Rifle. THOMPSON, MAR JORIE JEAN Big Sister: Secretary, Salesgirl Ad- visory Group. Committees: G.L. Mix. Clubs: Press: G.A.A.g Secretary Let- tergirlsg Ushers: Spanish. THOMSON, DOROTHY YVONNE Committees: Costume. Clubs: Ac- countants. THORSTAD, ORIN HAROLD TWEED, JOANNE KATHLEEN Office Assistant Miss Hall, Mrs. Jah- raus. Committees' Homecomin . As . g - semblies. Clubs: G.A.A.g Lettergirls. FIFTY-TWO THAYER, SANFORD BARRY Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Printer Alki, Logg Varsity B Football Squadg junior Varsity Track. Clubs: Secretary Lettermensg Interna- tional. Sie THOMPSON, DIANNE LOUISE Treble Clef. Clubs: Ushers. THOMSEN, MARGUERITE JOSEPHINE Clubs: Spanish. THORNTON, GLEN ARNOLD Clubs: F.F.A. TULLY, WILLIAM ROLAND UNDERWOOD,WILLIAM HOWARD JR. Printer Alki, Log: B Football Squz: l. VANCE, RAY REX Salesman Advisory Group. Clubs: F.F.A. l VAUGHAN, ROSE CHARLENE President Advisory Group. Commit- tees: G.L. Mixg G.L. Tolo. Clubs: Make-up. X'ILANDER, DEAN REID B Squad Baseball. Clubs: Reporter F.F.A.g Vice President Rifle. W ALKER, NANCY Big Sisterg Library Assistantg Vodvil. Committees: junior-Senior Promg Homecomingg Treble Clefg Sophomore Talent Show . W ARDROP, DONALD GRANT Vice President, Salesman Advisory Groupg Vodvilg Assembliesg Alki Track Editorg Bandg District Music Meetg N.W. Regional Music Meetg Track. Clubs: Lettermerfsg Vice Presi- dent International. XVEBB, NORMAN F. lst Vice President Student Bodyg Presi- dent, Secretary Advisory Groupg Lock- er Monitorg Vodvil. Committees: junior-Senior Prom. Assembliesg Boys' Choir. VAN DEVORT, PEGGY ANN Big Sisterg Vespa Staffg Treble C District Music Meet. Clubs: Secr- .. I Press. V121-IRS, ALYCE MAE Vodvilg Assemblies. Clubs: F.T.A. WIALKER, FARRELL JESS JR. Mae WALLIS, BARBARA ANNE Big Sisterg President Advisory Groupg Office Assistant Miss von Bergg Vod- vilg Assembliesg Treble Clefg District Music Meet. Clubs: Ushers'. WATSON, ARLENE Log Typistg a Cappella Shoirg Treble Clef. Clubs: Make-up. WELLS, DONALD DUANE FIFTY-THRLJ WESTEY, JOHN B. 1st Vice President Boys' League: Vice President, Secretary, Intramural Sport Manager Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: Homecoming. Assemblies: a Cappella Choir: Boys' Choir: Dis- trict Music Meet: B Football Squad: B Squad Basketball: Baseball. Clubs: Lettermen's Spanish. ' WHITE, JOSEPH President, Salesman Advisory Group: Second Choir: Boys Choir: District Music Meet. Clubs: Activity Chairman Triads. WHITENACK, DONALD CLARK Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: Christmas Ball. Band: President Orchestra: Woodwind Quin- tet: Brass Sextet: N.W. Regional Music Meet: Tennis. Clubs: Letter- men's: Treasurer International. WHITROCK, BARBARA JEAN Secretary Advisory Group: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Assemblies. Clubs: Ushers: Retailers. WILLIAMS, CARL DONALD President, Vice President Advisory Group: Boys Choir: District Music Meet: Varsity, B Football Squad: B Squad Basketball: Baseball: Boxing. W'ILsON, GERALD CLAIRE FIF Y-FOUR WHITAKER, GEORGE EDWARD Library Assistant: Stage Crew: Sound, Projection Crew: KVAN Radio Pro- gram: Vodvil. Committees: Junior- Senior Prom: Assemblies. Clubs: In- ternational. WHITE, MARILYN DIANE Big Sister: Vice President, Secretary Advisory Group: Locker Monitor. Committees: Homecoming: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. Reporter, Exchange Editor Log. Clubs: Vice President Press: G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Quill and Scroll: International: Spanish: Vice President F.T.A. WHITFIELD, ELEANOR GAIL S.W.W. Conference Delegate: Big Sis- ter: President, Vice President Advi- sory Group: Office Assistant Miss von Berg. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo: Costume: Homecoming. Assem- blies: Girls, Sports Editor Allci: P.E. Assistant. Clubs: Point Manager G.A.A.: Lettergirls. WILEY, ORPHA NAVY Salesgirl Advisory Group. Clubs: Ushers. WILLIAMs, ALMYRA GRACE Assemblies: Treble Clef. WILSON, WILLARD H. President, Vice President, Salesman Advisory Group: Second Choir: Band: N.W. Regional Music Meet: District Music Meet. Clubs: Triads: Retailers. WINN, DOROTHY ELLEN WOLF, MAUREEN JOAN Annual Conference Delegate: Big Sis- ter: Salesgirl Advisory Group: Vod- vil. Committees: G.L. Tolo: junior- Senior Prom: Homecoming. Assem- Proofreader Log Sgt at a a Cap pella Choir: Distric Meet Clubs: Press: G.A. .: Quill and Scroll. h blies: Co-editor, jr. editor Alki: Head L .L -- - 1 - ' M WOLKEN, Lois ANN President, Secretary Advi or ro , Red Cross Attenda Ex i Director Vodvil. t G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolo. em i : Treble Clef: Distric ic et. Clubs: Point Chair .A. .: ette ls: Make-up: Us rs. f WOMERSLEY, CHARLENE Library Assistant: Vodvil: Assemblies: Art Editor Hi-Lite. Clubs: Drama. WOOD, DARREL WESLEY Vice President Advisory Group: Orchestra:N.W. Regional Music Meet: B Squad Basketball: Baseball. WIOODS, MARLENE JOANN Assemblies: Treble Clef. XWITTER, HENRY F. President Advisory Group. Committees: Junior-Senior Prom. B Football Squad: B Baseball. WOLFE, ARTHUR L. B Football Squad: Wrestling, Clubs: Lettermen's. WOLKEN, LUCILLE MAE Big Sister: President, Secretary Advi- sory Group: Red Cross Attendant: Vodvil. Committees: G.L. Mix: G.L. Tolog junior-Senior Prom. Assemblies: Treble Clef: District Music Meet. Clubs: Scrapbook Chairman G.A.A.: Lettergirls: Custodian Make-up' Ushers': Latin. s WOOD, BLANCHE MARIE WOODBURY, KENNETH LEE Vodvil. Committees: Junior - Senior Prom. Band: District Music Meet. Clubs: Spanish. MARVIN LEE Secretary, Salesman, Intramural Sport Manager Advisory Group. Commit- tees: Homecoming. Assemblies: B Squad Football, Basketball: Baseball. Clubs: Lettermen's. FIFTY-FIVI WORCESTER, ELIZABETH JOY Library Assistant. Committees: Junior- Senior Prom. Assembliesg Treble Clef. YABS, BETTY LOU Treble Clef. ZENT, CARL EUGENE Vodvilg Assembliesg a Cappella Choirg District Music Meet. W RIGHT, KAY D. Intramural Sport Manager Advisory Groupg Library Assistantg Stage Crewg Sound, Projection Crew. Clubs: Rifle. ZERR, RITA LARRAINE Assembliesg Treble Clef. BENJAMIN, DONALD JEROME President Advisory Group. Clubs: Re- porter, Equipment Chairman F.F,A.g Rifleg F.T.A. FLETCHER, VERLYN WAYNE STEIN, RAY GEORGE RHODS, EVERETT GEORGE Vice President Advisory Groupg B Squad Football. I 'CI b'IFTV-SIX The following veterans, who have successfully com- pleted their General Education Development Test, will re- ceive their diplomas with the class of 1950. BEALL, FRED E. BECK, JACK C. BETTS, EUGENE R. BREITENSTEIN, LEE GILCHRIST, JAMES JOHNSON, CI-IARLES MATLACK, ROBERT E. ROBINSON, WALTER JAMES SEVERSON, LYLE CHARLES SMITI-I, HERMAN LEE STEVENS, ROBERT E. TURNER, JACK HENRY WHEELER, ROBERT W. WILSON, ALLEN S. Seanad eachu First row: Dianne Thompson, Gloria Hopkins, Ellen Galbraith, Susan Fitzgerald, Betty Hall, Shirley Nagel, Pat Hart, Joanne Hutchison. Second row: Lorna Hanson, Marjorie Spaulding, Pat Schofield, Nona Buker, Molly O'Connor, Barbara Wallis, Dorland Kirk, Shirley Johnson. Third row: Marvin Woolf, Stan Green, Dan Carter, Don Bleth, Dale Hutchinson, Bob Fernea, Doug Mitchell, Bernard Morris, Bill Coldwell, Herb Runyan. On the one hundred twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Vancouver in the sixtieth graduating class of Vancouver High School there were among the Seniors many whose parents formerly attended Vancouver High School. A survey of the class resulted in the following list: Allen, Duane ,,,,r,,,., Andrews, Clifford. Andrews, Wayne ,,.. Arbour, Kenneth ,,.. Bleth, Donald ,,,,..... Bonebrake, Lawrence ,,.. Buker, Wynona Buzzini, Arlene ,,,,,... Carter, Dan ,,.,rrrrrrrrr Castrey, Jimmie ,,,,,,t Coldwell, William.. Dietrich, Carol ,,,,,,. Eliason, Don ,,t,,,,,r, Fernea, Robert ....... . Fitzgerald, Howard, ..,,, Fitzgerald, Susan ,,.. Galbraith, Ellen ,,... Gill, Eleanor ,,,r,,,,... Gill, Robert ,,,,,, Green, Stan ,,,,r,,,,..,. Hall, Elizabeth ,,,..., Hanson, Lorna ,,,,,,. Harlan, Robert t.,.,.. Lucile Hardy Albert E. Andrews Albert E. Andrews Grace Vorhees Mildred Weston W. H. Bonebrake Hilda Adams LaVita Davidson Herbert Buzzini Dr. Ralph E. Carter Louis G. Castrey Thomas Coldwell Hazel McCann Emma Peterson Alta Carter Lois Borden Louis Fitzgerald Thelma Evans Loren Galbraith Irene Goodnight Dolph I. Gill Guy W. Gill Gertrude Goley Andrew Hall Bernice Roberts Doris LaFever Hart, Patricia ,,..,.......... Hopkins, Gloria ,.,.,.,.... Hutchinson, Dale ..,,...,.. Hutchison, Joanne ,....... johnson, Shirley .... Kirk, Dorland ..,..,...,,,,., Mitchell, Douglas ....,..... Morris, Bernard Nagel, Shirley ..,...,.....,,. O'Connor, Molly .,....,... Price, Roberta ......,,...... Ross, Duane ..,...,...,...,,, Runyan, Herbert ,, ,,,.. .. Schofield, Patricia . Spaulding, Marjorie ...... Spence, Betty .,..,.,.,.,.... Thompson, Diane ........s Vance, Ray ....,.,,.,..,,,,.,, Wallis, Barbara ,....., ..... Williams, Carl .............. Woolf, Marvin ,,,,,.,,...,, Grayce Allen Marion Hopkins Louisa May Thompson Stanley Hutchinson Mona Lois Richards Edna Bauer Dorland Kirk Edgar Mitchell Eva Balint Bernard Morris Howard Nagel Irene Curtin Myrtle Lockhart Genevieve Elsie jackson Gerald Runyan Ed Schofield Madge Custard Zella Faye Pontius Delbert Thompson Madeline Thompson Winifred Bonnell Merle Wallis Florence Brasher Katherine Campbell Ray Woolf FIFTY-SEVEN - FIFTY-EIGHT Zin Qlllvmnrg nf liagrunnh 'Baurr ,-ffduddoaq Quia! ?ze4cdeaz'4 of 5 Miss IRMA MARTIN, H end Ad1'i.ver 66444 06014 Maroon and Gray Ken Owens Douglas McClelland Mary Bacon Preridenl Vife Presidezzz Secrelary FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Oscar Mather ,,,,, ...... Joanne Winter ,,r,, ,...., Don Mose , ,.,,, .... . Gordon Thomas ,,,,,S ..... PRESIDENT PRESIDENT Carleen Borden ,,,.,, rr...r. ' Harold Evans ,rrrSSr,,, ......wrS K CD C010 .r.... Roger Burchfield ,r,,,,, r.... Roy Hutts ,,,,,eV,er,..... .,..... Dave Applegate ,,,,-, ...,. Sally MCCQY VVVYVA--- ,.,,, E leanor Osborn ,,,,,, Bob Twidwell ,A,,, .,... Gordon Mosley ....,, ...,. jerry Brandon ,,,,, Gordon Torrey ,,VSS, ..... Bgb-101165 YA-,--V ,,,,, K arl Anderson ,,A,, , Virginia Cusic ,,e,, Barbara Meredith Dolores Moll A.,-wYi -,,,,,, D olores Rogers ,,rei, Dixie Geei- A.--iiiAA,,,,, ,,,,-, E laine Prudhomme Betty jean Randall i,,,t Elsa Anderson t,tvt,,, Patt Nieholg .,wwii,,,,Vi Y77,, C arolyn Graham ,t,,,, Dolores Winge i,,,VV 7, Lorraine Martin ,,,ti, ,,,,, , Drew Bartlett Vet,,,, ,7,, B ill Carpenter t,t,,tt,rr,,,,.,,,,,,r ADVISER A Miss Babcock Mr. Barter Mr. Cox Mr. Cummings Mr. Feldmann Miss Frazer Mr. Furno Mr. Hillstrom Mr. Luehrs Miss Orr Mrs. Patten Miss Salter Miss Smith Mrs, Tonkin . Miss Wieseke . Miss Wintler First row: Dolores Winge, Virginia Cusic, Mary Bacon, Sally McCoy, Elaine Prudhomme Eleanor Osborn, Joanne Winter, Betty jean Randall. Second row: Ken Cole, Bob Rosendaul Bill Carpenter, Barbara Meredith, Elsa Anderson, Dolores Rogers, Dolores Moll, Lorraine Martin. Third row: Miss Martin, Bob Snell, Gordon Thomas, Gordon Mosley, Bob Twidwell, Gordon Torrey, Os ar Doug McClelland, Herman Jones Mather. Fourth row: Harold Evans, Ken Owens, Roger Burchfield, Don Mose, Jack Sloane, Don Fish M544 2456066 FIRST SEMESTER Carleen Borden ,,,4,. ,.,,-,,,,,.,, P resident Joanne Winter ,,A,, Juanita Madsen ,,,,,, ,,,,, V ice Prerident Irene Jirmasek 7, Barbara Fish ,rr,,,,, ,,,,,,,i,,, S ecremry Pat Dye ,rwvr7,,w,,,, Clara Aspholm .,,,,, ,w,.,,,,, S aleygirl Rachel Bryant ,,rrr, First row: Naomi Sleeman, Rachel Bryant, Geraldine Recore, Judy Reglien, Donnie Drugg, Joanne Winter, Emmy Lewis, Peggy Roeser, Second row: Miss Babcock, Carleen Borden, Betty Breitenstein, Margaret Rowley, Irene Jirmasek, Clara Aspholm, Audrey Taylor, Barbara Fish. Third row: Sybil Sumrow, Dorothy Klym, Twhylla Krumm, Diana Munger, Donna Belland, Elaine Millington, Nathalie Harris, Dorothy Smith, Donna Davies, Others: Shirley Davis, Pat Dye, Dolores Powell, Donna Sicilia, Evelyn Dean. 7762, 24460: FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Prerident I Vice President Secretary Salergirl SECOND SEMESTER Harold Evans ,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident Ken Cole ,,,,,,, ,i,r..,,..,.. P refidenl John Romig ,,,,,, ,,,s, V ice President John Romig ,,,,,, ,,,,,, V ire Prefidwf Cliff Edwards ,,,,, ,s,,,,,, S erretary Richard Payne ,,,,, ,,,Y,s,. S ecrelnfy Mark Johnson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r, Salerman Mark Johnson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., ...., S alefmmz First row: Dick Daniels, Ken Towle, Richard Koskell, Colin Scholl, Don Ceaser, Homer Wolf- ington, George Dalton, Kenny Cole. Second row: Mark Johnson, Harold Evans, Darrell Squires, Rus- sell Boveia, Wallace Gill, Bob Thompson, Lawrence Molyneux, Phillip Treat, Dale Buchanan, Miles Lubinski. Third row: Mr. Barter, Arthur Hooper, Fred Wilcox, Ron Osrarson, Dick Waldron, Dick Payne, John Romig, Truman Cross. Others: Bill Beattie, Cliff Edwards, Dale Hole, Sonny Iverson, Jim Lawson, Bill Nuber, Bob Brooks, Bob Hansen, Kenneth Greenfield. SIXTY FIRST SEMESTER 770. eoz SECOND SEMESTER Roger Burchfield S7SSS,, ,SSSS,,,SSSA P resident Oscar Mather SS,.S, ............,. P fefidenl Mel Evenson V7w,VSV VY,,,- V ice President Bill Chard , ,.,,SSS ,,S,,S V ice President Marion Branch ,,SA,SVA ,,,,,,,MA,S,, S erretary Marion Branch ,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,S,, S eeretary Dave Nurnberger ,,.,,V, v,,.,,,,, S izlermm Bob Luse S, S,,BS, ,,SBYS.,. S alefman FIRST SEMESTER Roy Hutts .,,T.. Don Mose ,,7,, Don Velte ,,,, First row: Gary Smith, Dale Furness, jim Muhm, George Paul, Bob Wlilkerson, Bob Luse, jack Taylor, Glen Horn, Melvin Evenson. Second row: Mr. Cox, Earl Rosendaul, Lester johnson, Bud Lee, George Conley, Elmer Kraft, Dennis Wolken, Oscar Mather, Merton Oakes, Third row: Gary Waite, Keith Ahola, Ray Dykes, Cliff Sharp, Hugh Edwards, Bill Chard, Roger Burchfield, Charles Bjork, David Nurnberger, Marion Branch. Others: Francis Goedert, Jim Herb, Bob Stair. 7761. SECOND SEMESTER Prerident Don Mose President Vice President Roy Hutts Vice Prerident . ll,d,.,.. Secretary Bill Ellis ,r,,r ,,V,,,,,, S ecrelary Salesman Don Velte Salesman Allen Arnold First row: Bob Miller, Don Velte, Allen Arnold, Charles Ruff, Ralph Dickenson, Bob Lippert, Ernest Wendland, Dick Martin, Bob Stringfellow, Herbert Lieser. Second row: Mr. Cummings, jim Gaylor, Don Shears, Archie Robertson, Alan McNichols, Basil Ostrum, Roy Hutts, Miles Bradley, Lonnie Lister. Third row: Duane DuPuis, Gene Brown, Don Mose, Bill Ellis, Glen Baker, Raymond Hills, Duane Winterroth, jack Nettleingham, Howard Drury. Others: Roy Glenn, Allan Nelson, Max Richards, Edwin Sinclair, Ralph Smith, Arthur Ziebell. SIXTY 'ONE Q FIRST SEMESTER Dave Applegate ,,7,,, ,,,,,,,,w- P resident Gordon Thomas EEEE., Herman Jones LAY,,,, ,,,,, V ice Preridenlf Bob Delong ..,,..,. Ervin Miller ,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,, S ecretary Bob Bush ....E,,.EE,, Robert Bush ,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,EV,,E,Y, Salerman Steve Stephens .EE.,.,....,,EE...... First row: Bob Kuykendall, Bernard Firestenberg, Steve Stephens, Bob DeLong, Robert Gard, Sam Hill, Leroy Morrone. Second row: Mr. Feldmann, Howard Stevens, Ervin Miller, Jim Cranston, Gordon Thomas, Ben Shropshire, Jerry Liming, Doug McClelland, Chuck Osborne. Third row: Her- man Jones, Rodney Ellertson, Ronald Soule, Bob Bush, Fred Hammer, Bill Woolsey, Hubert Smith, Kent McLachlan. Others: Dave Applegate, Jack Berg, Ron Gustafson, George Hughes, Don Myers, Gerald Ness, Don Veith, Chuck Christopherson, Glenn Wilson. Wwe 'mga FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Prerident Vice President Secretary Salesman SECOND SEMESTER Sally McCoy ,,,,,,l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,r P resident Eleanor Osborn ,,V,V7V ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P refidgmf Pat Parnell ,ll,,,,, ,,,,, V ice Prerident Carolyn Bryant ,AAVA ,,,,, V jpg Pygfidmf Betty Hash ,,,lr,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, S erretary Doris Phillips ,V,,VV ,,,,,,,, S ggfgmyy Shirley Guilford .,,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,,,, Sazlefgirl Cherie Rogers ,,,,e,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, S aleygifl First row: Betty Hash, Jeanne Dawson, Doris Phillips, Eleanor Osborn, Josephine Geraghty, Mary Bacon, Ann DeVaney, Lynn Sandstrom. Second row: Mertice Miner, Sally McCoy, Sally Drake, Barbara Bakke, Lois Allen, Jackie Caples, Shirley Guilford, Cherie Rogers, Genevieve Kulackoski Third row: Margaret Bigley, Alice Johnson, Carolyn Bryant, Alice Cuda, Pat Parnell, Bonnie Elrn- gren, Jeannine Seivers, Joyce Brewer, Pat Holbrook, Miss Frazer. Others: Mary Walling, Pat Toepfer, Molly Wisemantle, Iris Ann Potter. SIYTY-TWO FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bob Twidwell ,,,,,,, ,,,,,A,,,,, P refident jerry Brandon ,A,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. P refident jerry Brandon ..,,,,, ,,,,,, V ice Preridenl Bob Eggert ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, V ice Prefident Don Gaiser ,,,,,,,,,, ,A,,oY,,,,,, S ecrelary jerry Gray ,,YY,Y,,A,,,, ,,YAY,,,AA,, S ecretary Max Maubach ,..... FIRST SEMESTER Gordon Mosley Scott Lovely ,.... joe Casanova r7r,, jim Erstad Salermazz Max Maubach Salermafz First row: Bob Eggert, Bob Rosendaul, Alan Morris, Richard johnson, Don Gaiser, Stan Bur- nett, Ron Obert, Tom Leeper, Dave Kreibich, Second row: Dale Hetrick, Bill Blackwell, Allen Almer, Rod Taylor, Elmore Seeds, Allen Bryant, Dick Dark, Tom Horne, Redmond Sharp, Bob Crockett, jim Paxton, Mr. Furno. Third row: Gene Stange, Bob Twidwell, Cliff Rausch, Max Maubach, Jerry Brandon, Ron Covington, jerry Gray, Bob Williams, Walter Bachmeier, Bill Dozark. Others: Ken Bacon, Charles Boyce, Benny junker, Owen McCarty, Roy Wakeman. 7754. gfdfldbzam , SECOND SEMESTER Y, ,,,,,,,,,,, Prerident Gordon Torrey ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, P refidenl Vice Prefident Gordon Mosley Vice President Secretary john Kinyon Secretary Salerman Don Modrall Salefman First row: Bruce Niles, john Kinyon, Don Modrall, Dick Lorentz, Clarenie Brunner, Lee Pio, ,lim Erstad, Bill Bork, Cletus France, Bill Noble. Second row: Bob Ashley, Gordon Mosley, Verlyn ,Fletcher, Dale Withers, joe Casanova, Paul Swearengin, Lloyd Larson, Howard Hymas, Gordon Torrey, Ken Owens. Third row: Richard Daily, Lyle Von Tersch, Terry Wheeler, Clarence Moore, Todd Cleveland, Scott Lovely, Edward Schofield, Martin Spiva, Bill Beaird, Dick Taylor, Mr. Hill- strom. Others: Harry Martin, Lester Scott, Barry Smith, Bud Coughlin. E x i 2 4 SIXTY-THREE Wh. .laedu FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bob Jones ,,,,A,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, P resident Karl Anderson ,,,,, ,,..Y.,......... P f6'Jid??1l Elwyn Felts EEEE.,, V,.w V ice President Bob Perry ..oE,.. .v... V iff Pfefidmf David Drew ,,,,,, ,,,,T,,,,,, S' erremry David Drew ,,.,,, VV......... 5 fffefdfy Bob Snell ,,,.,,,.oo,oooooo,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,vv,,,, Salerman Don Omvig ooo.,....w,..........V. ....- 5 dleffflfm First row: Don Davis, Karl Anderson, Laverne Merwin, Duane Wilscmn, Elwyn Felts, Bob Chisholm, Mark Ruland, Paul Brickey, George Gaither, jim Burris. Second row: Blaine Krenelka, Ralph Rice, Dick Vail, Bob Colgrove, Jim Bell, jim Sawyer, John Nelson, Merle Templeton, Dick Ossinger, Lowell Madsen, jim Zerr. Third row: Harry Eipper, Lee Morris, Don Omvig, Omar Wood, Bob Perry, Clyde Falls, Dave Drew, Bill Lordos, Don Fish, Bob Snell, Chet Hill, Mr. Luehrs. Others: Russell Bailey, john Bright, Bob jones, Dick Reagan. 77Zd440m FIRST SEMESTER Virginia Cusic ,,,. . Patsy McKinney .,, ,,,, V ice Preridemf Carole Barbeau Evelyn Schmunk ,,,,,,, VAVVVVVVCY S efremry joan Carpenter ,r,,,,, Jeanne Coldwell ,Y,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,VV Sazlergirl Kay Bockstadter r,,,,,,,,...,,,. First row: Evelyn Schmunk, jean Coldwell, Kay Bockstadter, Rita Torres, Rose Marie Peasley, Charlene Wfiggins, Donna Zundel, Virginia Cusic. Second row: Charlene Weir, Virginia Kelso, jo- anne Lance, Geraldine Ambrose, Marilyn Hooks, Donna Hancuff, Dorothy Graham, Darlene Forrest, Miss Orr. Third row: joan Carpenter, Garnet Kleinschmidt, Mary Ann Moon, Patsy McKinney, Donna Butler, Barbara Meredith, Carole Barbeau, Rae jean Nelson. SIXTY-FOUR .. ce,,i, Prerident Barbara Meredith ,tt,r, SECOND SEMESTER Prerzdent Vice Prerident Secretary Salergirl FIRST SEMESTER Dolores Moll Flora Garber , Nancy Pratt .. Ruth White ,,,, FIRST SEMESTER 7764. ?aZZ'ea SECOND SEMESTER President Dolores Rogers , , Prefiderzt , ,,,. Vife Preyident Carol Avery H Vice Prefid ent Secretary Helen Jones Secretary Sale.rgirl Donna Kirstine Sulergirl First row: Charlene Duskworth, Helen jones, Luanne Hole, Phyllis Bringman, Phyllis Nelson, Beverly Snider, Nancy Pratt, Donna Kirstine, Doris Balabon. Second row: Gerri Maxwell, Wanda Owings, Betty Almer, Ruth W'hite, Delores May, Dolores Rogers, jean Woodings, Elaine Kelly, Donna Dewey, Margaret Hale. Third row: Joanne Pendergraft, Elaine Erie, Dolores Moll, Lois Bur- ton, jean Liming, Marian Bryant, Carol Avery, Barbara Haugen, Flora Lee Garber, Carol Graham, Mrs. Patten. 771644 Salim SECOND SEMESTER Dixie Geer ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, P resident Elaine Prudhomme ,,,, ,.,,,.,,,,,,ri P ferident Arlis Anderson ,,,,, ,,,,.. V ire Preyidenf Marilyn Brown ,,,, ,,,,,, Vice President Caroline Taylor ,,,, ,,,,S,,,,,,, S ecremry Mildred Foster ,,,,,, S,,,S,,,, S ecretary Pat Gregg ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,',.,-,,,,,,,,,,, S gleygjel Haroldene Henry ,,,,, ,,,,,,, S alexgirl First row: Caroline Taylor, Pat Gregg, Rita Rogers, Leona Barcus, Lois Kellogg, Audrey Har- mon, Haroldene Henry, JoAnne Carpenter, Marlene Meyer. Second row: Miss Salter, Joanne Weiss, Darlene Klernetsrud, Marilyn Roses, Dixie Geer, Linda Skeels, Elaine Prudhomme, Sally George, Betty Lou Browning. 'Third row: Anna Dyvig, Pat Livingston, Arlis Anderson, Crissie Paeth, Nancy Larson, Marilyn Brown ,Nadine Vail, Dorothy Colgrove, Mildred Foster. Others: Pat House, joan Purviance, Bernice Spangler. Srxwy-FIVE FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Betty Jean Randall ,,,,,V ,,w,E7,.v,,v P rerident Elsa Anderson lllln. l..... Pftffialwi Larnzella Lewis ,,Y,,, ,,,A,,, V ice Prefidenl Jeri Peru ,,,,,l,.,,,.,, ...... V ive Pf'6'II0'2f21f Pat Desler ,,V.,,,.,.,,,,,, ,,-,,-,,,,,,, S ecretary Delores Scholz ,,,,Y ..,,,,.Y., 5' fffeidfy Beverly Hillstrom ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, . ,el,7s,,,,, S alergir! Shirley Rolling First row: Ina Moran, Twylia Lorenz, Alvaretta Egan, Kay Frans, Pat Vlfenzel, Larenzella Lewis, DeLores Wasnoska, Pat Desler, Joan Eichmann. Second row: Miss Smith, Joyce Nicholas, Elsa An- derson, Beverly Hillstrom, Donna Cone, Jeri Peru, Ada Miller, Roberta Frahm, Betty Jean Randall. Third row: Arlene Sedell, Delores Scholz, Juanita Green, Sarah Fanning, Reba Taylor, Joan Cadwell, Jacque Tyler, Shirley Rolling, Pat Marsh, Pat Hahn. Others: Susan Daniels, Darlene Harris. 77614. 'imdm FIRST SEMESTER Patt Nichols Janice Turpin ,,,,,, ,,,,,,. V zre Prerzdenl Pat Dills ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Arlene Huck ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, S ecretary Mary Jane Greer ,,,,,,, Judy Frink .,,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Salefgirl Norma Wiley ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, First row: Donna Hines, Marlene Baxter, Patt Nichols, Barbara Lee, Della Andruss, Pat Dills, Maureen Kilwein, Helen Small. Second row: Lynn Beafhler, Pat Pierson, Charlotte Bundlie, Norma Wiley, Nancy Stein, Florence Martin, Rosalie Gilmore, Monica Ritty, Barbara Teters. Third row: Mrs. Tonkin, Carolyn Graham, Lois Morrison, Judy Frink, Trudy Egger, Mary Jane Greer, Louise Hopkins, Dolly Bradley, Geraldine Cook. Others: Joan Lyon, Merlynn Root, Annie Hatter. Srxrv-Six Salergirl SECOND SEMESTER Preyzdent Carolyn Graham Prerzdent Vice Pferidenzf Secretary Salergirl FIRST SEMESTER Dolores Winge Joyce Farnstrom Sally Grimm ,,,,, Pat O'Shea , FIRST SEMESTER Drew Bartlett rrr. Jack Sloane ,,.,VYY Erwin Ericksen ,,,, 775424 Weenie SECOND SEMESTER ,r,,ir,r,,,,,,, Prefiden! Lorraine Martin , rrrrrrrr,rrr.rr Preridfnl Vice Preyiderzl Cleda Furgason ,,,,,, ,,,ri,, V ire Prerident Secretary Joyce Farnstrom Secretary Sulergirl Betty Jo Lewis , Sfilergirl First row: Maxine Moulton, Dolores XWinge, Caroline Beherns, Lois Sellers, Joann Miller, Sally Grimm, Donna Charbonneau, Wilma Olson, Dorothy Plum, Second row: Ann Ross, Carol King, Pat O'Shea, Delph Hinz, Molly Bradley, Joyce Farnstrom, Joanne Rouse, Beverly Nelson, Virginia Lytle. Third row: Miss Wieseke, Lorraine Martin, Joanne Seaberg, Cleda Furgason, Marilyn Harris, Donna Ketron, Dorothy Volker, Lois West. Others: Beverly Beck, Rita Campbell, Phyllis Davis, Eleanor Eigsti, Betty Jo Lewis, Gloria Shapland, Sherley Hopkins, Charlotte Dixon, 77644 Wmtkz SECOND SEMESTER Prerident Bill Carpenter Preridenf Secrelary Dan Hinkle Vice Preridenl . ....... Salffman Delbert Mosier E ,SS,,,,,.,,,, Secrelary Jack Sloane ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AA,,,,,, Salerman First row: Ralph Pickett, John Nye, Richard Cantonwine, Fred Brown, Don Ripley, Don Bernash, Danny Hinkle, Bill Carpenter, Everett Gibson, Don Dixon. Second row: Miss Wintler, Don Wendt Riley Dillon, Ernie Furness, Jim Vickers, Drew Bartlett, Ron Arnold, Tom Clemmons, Gordon Speyer: Arnold Dillon, Maurice Fracker, Keith Borg. Third row: Dan Mittelstedt, Bennie Dacus, Larry John- son, Don Zirjacks, Delbert Mosier, Jack Sloane, Jim Marble, Erwin Ericksen, Gale Todd, Bill Otos, Russell Archer. Others: Lloyd Smith, Dan Walker. SIXTY-1VEN SIXTY-EIGHT of 25 Miss CATHERINE PIARTY, Head Adwrer Glam Zalm Blue and Gray ff , J? Dave O'Hara Johnnie Miller Catherine George Prerident Vire Preridem Sefremry 1-faladaaaq Quang ?w4ddente FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER PRESTDENT PRESIDENT ADVISER Don Young ---,wAV ,,,,,,, G arrell Evans ,,,,,, ,,,,, M r. Backman-Mr. Cleland Tom Hudgio ,qkvs ,,,,, E arl Devereaux ,,.,,,, ,,,,,,Y,Y,,,,,,,,,-,,,, M rs. Barber jahala Eyolfson ,brr ,,,,, S haron Mickey ,,,,,,, ,,,,. M rs. Dunn Margie Koigter -,,,VV ,,,,,, W anda Moreland ,,,. .,,.,,,, M rs. Heinen Cleo Gugtafgon --.,ss Y,,vv,, M ary johnson ,,,,,, .,.,,, M rs. jackson Bob MCChesney Y,YVV ,,,, G ordon Tipp ,E,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. M r. Long Molly McCoy .,,'Vs ,,,,,, 1 oan Smith r,,,, ,,,, M iss McDonough Rudy Luepke -A-,V ,,,,,, L eo Barker Y, A, ,..,, Mr. McPhaden Dean Soule YVA---,-wV V,,.,,, B udcly Gaylor ,,,r,, T,,,, M r. Maben George Plummer VVVVV ,,,,,, B ob Kent ,Y,,, ,, ,, Mr. Martin Dgnng Miller --,wVV ,,,,- S hirley Zesiger ,,S, ,,,,,, M rs. Martin Sophie Chronis ,Y,i ,,,,, D elphine Martin EEV,VV, , Miss Perry Pat Hghengee --QAVV ,,,,, S andra Bowrnan YY,,,,, Miss Robinson Bob Dunn Voooonnqoou, u,,,A,A,,, R oger Griffin ,,,,,,,,, s,,,,s,,s,, M r. Roeder Martha F1-ook -,-,,o V.VVVu L ee Anne Russum ,,,, s,,,,,,,,ss,,,,,,, M rs. Sells Lynn Mafozynski NVu,o SSEA J ohn Shaffer ,,,V,, ,s,,,, M r. Weinberger Sapiomaze Hound! First row: Donna Miller, Shirley Zesiger, Cleo Gustafson, Cathie George, Dave O'Hara, Johnny Miller, jahala Eyolfson, Delphine Martin, joan Smith, Molly McCoy, Second row: Sandra Bowman, Mary johnson, LeAnne Russum, Wanda Moreland, Sharon Mickey, Martha Fronk, Bob Dunn, Pat Hohensee, Sophie Chronis, Dean Soule, john Shaffer. Third row: Miss Harty, Margie Keister, Leo Barker, Garrell Evans, Tom Huclgin, George Plummer, Roger Griffin, Bob Kent, Earl Devereaux, Bud Gaylor. Wh. 2? -7761. Zlelancl FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Don Young ,,,,wY,-,,, 7T,,7T,7,,,,,, P rerident Garrell Evans ,,,, ,,,,,E,EEEEEEE P resident Edwin Shobert ,,,,,,, ,Y,,,, V ice Preridenl Don Young ,,,,, ,,,T,, V ire Prerident Garrell Evans -,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, S erremry Mack Hall ,,7w,,,,,,,, ,,,wVw,,, S ecrelary Obedell Belcher ,,,,,MA,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., Salermm Duane Wright ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,A,, ,,,,, 5' alexman First row: Duane Wright, Franklin Hart, Mack Hall, Robert Kelly, Roland McFadden, Don Young, George Foster, Edwin Shobert, Floyd Baker, Dick Shroll. Second row: Mr. Backman, Dennis Acheson, Bill Powers, Ron Small, Obedell Belcher, Pete Peterson, Curtis Schaeffer, Bob Rodda, Lyle Hylen, Richard Rabitoy, Mr. Cleland. Third row: jim Davis, Myron Masser, Darrel Williams, Ray Crawley, Garrell Evans, Bill Stems, Louis Tesch, Earl Brannan, Roger Knight, Floyd Northup, Others: Jerry Berg, Paul Christianson, Bob Duran, Phillip Fox, Z.W. Howington, Roger Hurley, Gail Good, jack Murphy, Daird Ponder , Edwin Rogers, Jim Smith, Darrell Squires. 77614. gain FIRST SEMESTER Tom Hudgin Prerident Earl Devereaux Tom McIntosh ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, V ire Prerident Tom Hudgin ,,,,,, Bob Seeds ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, S errelary Don Murdock ,,,,,,, Harry Pike ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S alerman Harry Pike ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,, First row: James Curry, jerry Wear, jerry Rausch, Arthur Imus, Ronald Upoff, jim Godwin, Dave O'Hara, Bill Ahlquist, Gene Wilson, Charles Nelson, Mrs. Barber. Second row: jim Matson, Jack Deschner, Lenon Banker, Alvin Biegler, Bob Seeds, Merrill Hammer, Albert Haats, Preston Wil- liarns, LaVerne Felts, Don Anderson, Torn Hudgin, Arnie Thorson, Tom Mclntosh. Third row. Earl Devereaux, Bill Clark, Donald Smehack, Kenneth Dutcher, David Frink, LeRoy Steed, Harry Pike, Don Murdock, Elvis Wright, Allen Glock, Kenneth Hogan, Bob Rogers, Brent Booth. Others: Leslie Camp- bell, Clarence Stein, Curtis Wooten. SFVENTY SECOND SEMESTER Preridenl H Vire Preridenl Secretary Sfzlermmz FIRST SEMESTER Jahala Eyolfson , Sharon Mickey ,,,,,,,. Mary Ann Stella Carol Nelson ,Y,,, FIRST SEMESTER Margie Keister Jennie Knox Gail McMahon Shirley Mufphyfff 77614, Dawn SECOND SEMESTER .,,,,,,,,,,, Preriderzt Sharon Mickey r,,,,r,,,,,, Pl'6Jfd6'7Zf Vice Preridenl Janice Morris Vice Pr'eria'e1zf Secretary Betty Lundberg Secretary ,,,AV.,V,, Sulergirl Anne Laudig ,Ar, ,,,,,,,,,, S rzfeigirl First row: Betty Lundberg, Carol Nelson, Ina Mae Auburg, Jean Royle, Allene Cadwallader, Aina Lorraine Crow, Donna Del Grosso. Second row: Marilyn Reiter, Anne Laudig, Mararet Towle, Joyce Lambert, Valerie Boyer, Madeline Burnett, Shirley Swanson, Jahala Eyolfson. Third row: Mrs. Dunn, Janice Morris, Cathie George, Sharon Mickey, Gwyneth Phillips, Helen Hitchcock, Janice Weibel, Mary Ann Stella, Beverlee Drake. Others: Margaret Hancuff, Gloria Jacobson, Bettye Jones, Hazel McMahon, Eileen Schwabe, Ruby Young, Kathleen Hilberman, Susan Ramey. 775-ra. Qfeinea SECOND SEMESTER .. v.........,.e, Preridenl Wanda Moreland o,,o,, ,,7,,,,, ,.,,, P r erident Vice Preridenl Gail McMahon Vice Prerident ., ,v,,,.re,. Sefrelary Marlene Lodge ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. S ecretafy Salergirl Betty Gretsch , , Sazlergirl Ffrst row: Marlene l.o.'gc-, Arliss Beacogk, Ernestine Hayes, Mildred Sauter, Alta Priest, Doris Olson, Joan Buurman, Barbara Jewell, Beverly Gandy. Second row: Shirley Murphy, Phyllis Ander- son, Trinnette Thompson, Darlene Chatfield, Adora Viold, Pat Spokley, Wanda Moreland, Margie Keister, Betty Gretsch, Phyllis Brooks. Third row: Mrs: I-Ieinen, Mary Ann Hosmer, Bonnie Seversen, Mildred Robinson, Gail M,Mahon, Patricia Vail, Irene Ford, Ruth Marolf, Ellen Force, Joan Wal- lace, Louise McFarland. Others: Etlytha Bott, Mary Satterfield, Lois Clapp. SMVIQNTY-ONE WDM. Qaekcm FIRST SEMESTER Cleo Gustafson ,,,,,, ,,,,,w,,,,,w, P reridemf Mary Johnson ,,,,, Maxine Olson ,o,., ,o... V ire Prefident Clarissa Perry ,w.,.. Janet Stark ,,,s,,,,l, ,,,,,,,, S ecretafy Lois Cox ,,,,ss,,,, Darlene Wildie ,,s,so oo,,,, Salergirl Maxine Perry First row: Janet Stark, Gretchen Ross, Lois Cox, Grace Bower, Maxine Olson, Lois Beckel, Elaine Evans, Darlene Wildie, Maxine Perry, Carol Hoxworth. Second row: Cleo Gustafson, Leona Siebrecht, Donna Berg, Madeline Lowry, Donna Leeper, joan Hendrickson, Joyce Dorsett, Clarissa Perry, Pat Raymond, Mary johnson, Barbara Yocam. Third row: Mrs. jackson, Luella Dineen, Marilyn Morley, Mary Angle, Donna Day, Barbara Schulte, Val Eischen, Janice Burgess, Zanna Byers, Carolyn Fors. Others: jackie Hess, Bernita Maser, Alzada Nelson, joan Tollackson, Georgia West. 776. .lang FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Prefzdent Vice Preridenl Secretary Salergirl SECOND SEMESTER Bob McChesney ,,,,V ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P rerident Gordon Tipp ,,,,, .,,,,..,e,e,,,. P fefidwl Larry Viles ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, V ire Preyident Dan Benjamin ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, V ire Prefidenlf Don Ballou , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, S ecretary Don DuBois ,,,,,, ,,.....,.. S effeldfy Frank Fornadley ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, S alefman Jim Main ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... S cl lerman First row: Mr. Long, Eddie Brodahl, Dennis Green, Marvin Sager, Dan Benjamin, Jack O'Rourke, jack Ryan, Donald Hegewald, Roy Cook, Larry Viles, Ron Rintala, Wayne Hunter, Second row: joe Sitton, Bob Miner, M. C, Stone, Jerry Ackley, Quinton Dallum, Dan Klingler, Ron Blankenbaker, Don Bulow, Kerwin Keiffer, Bill Drake, Levi Tillman. Third row: Bob McChesney, jim Main, Frank Fornadley, Don DuBois, Gordon Tipp, Gerald Purviance, Howard Hanson, john Carson, Don Uphoff, Bruce Noble. Others: Warren Porter, James Allen, Dean Stringer. Ron Anthony, Luther Be,k, Dick Fldred, Ray Geesey, Wayne Hunter, Herbert McCallister, Leland Potter, Roger Strobel, Lon Sweet, James Whalen, Lawrence Zenger, Kenny Thomson. SEX ENTY-TVVO FIRST SEMESTER Molly McCoy Arlene Larson joan Smith ,,,, Helen Potter ,o,o,,o FIRST SEMESTER Rudy Luepke ,,,,,,,,, ..,.,,,,,,,,,, Bill Kahlsdorf ,,,,. Tony Kiggins Ron Nettleton ,,,,,,,,,v,vY7,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,, 771644 77ZcDaaa SECOND SEMESTER Prefident joan Smith Prefidefll Vice Prefident Charlotte Janssen Vice Prefidezzl Secretary Arlene Larson Sec1'e1fm'y Salefgirl Bette Lou Daniels Saleigirl First row: Irene Studebaker, Marilyn Payton, Kathryn junor, Delma Butler, Allegra Chase, Helen Simpson, joan Avery, Delores Hausinger, Bette Daniels, Charlotte janssen, Doris XY'alker, Second row: Donna Sailor, Pearlie Mae Hatter, Beverly Cooper, Molly McCoy, Delores Bonge, Nada Wirrick, Helen Potter, Lee Creta Dykes, Helen Bayous, Virginia Fox, Barbara Thompson. Third row: Miss McDonough, Joan Smith, Frances Rutkowski, Wilma Whitrock, Arlene Larson, Anna Mae Oberg, Beverly Preiss, Mildred Dickinson, Nancy Gregory, Diane Tompkins, Mary Mills. Others: Marian Fletcher. Wiz. Wkpiadeu SECOND SEMESTER Prefident Leo Barker ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i P refident .. ...... Vice President Byron Hanke rr,, e,e,, V ire Prerident Secretary Don Luther W , , Serretezry Salesman Darrell Brandenburg ,,,,,,,,,r,,,,.,,,,,,, Salemmn 2 First row: jack Rosander, joe Miller, Olen Cannamore, Leo Barker, Lin Lawrenfe, Byron Hanke, joe Hazelvood, Paul Chagaon. Sefond row: Mr. McPhaden, Ron Simcox, Rudy Luepke, Tony Kiggins, Evert Aldridge, Bob McKay, Darrell Brandenburg, Larry Coniff, Martin Hughes. Third row: Allen Curtis, George Douglas, Craig Schumacher, Charles Blair, Bob Olesea, Tack Reinhardt, Ron Nettle- ton, Don Luther, Mike Fields. Others: Walter Graham, jake Holper, Cliff Pluard, jim Pugh. SEVENTY-Tim Wh. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Dean Soule ,,,,,,,,,,,, YY,,,,,A,,,,, P rerident Bud Gaylor ,,w,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,., P feridefzf George Bingham TVV, T7,,, V ire Prerident Walter Jamison ,,,,V, T.... V ice Preridemf Frank Reynolds ,,,,r rr,,7,,,,,, S ecretary jerry Stone ,,,,,,,, ......., S erfemry Ronnie Lundquist w,,,,7Yv,7,,rrrr,,,,,A,,,, Sazlefmafz Bob Parsons ,,,i,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ro .,7oo S alefmvm First row: jerry Fletcher, Vince Jones, Dick Olson, Dean Angel, Gerald Porter, Frank Reynolds, Burton Schreiner, Orval Grant, Gene Sprat. Second row: john Miller, Alan Mahoney, Kenneth Kleveland, Douglas Hanson, jerry Stone, Jack Wennberg, Warren Curtis, Don Vance, Richard Lehman, Walter Jamison, Mr. Maben. Third row: Dean Soule, Duane Van Gorder, jim Raines, Karsten Berg, jimmy Nims, jack Beecher, Carey Hood, Richard Healy, George Bingham, Bill Blakeley, Bob Parsons. Others: Mike Alldridge, Bill Brown, Don Cardon, Howard Conley, Norman Egan, Buddy Gaylor, Ronnie Lundquist, Marlin Ruge, john Semmlar, Paul Tovey. Wiz. Wlmdn FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER George Plummer ,,,, r, ,, ,,,, Prefiderzt Bob Kent ,,,ccc,,,, W occo,7o,,,, Prerident Dick Siegel ,,,,,,, ,,,,, Vice Preridemf Larry Alderin ,,,,, ,,,,, V ice Prefidenz jim Read , ,L c,c,, ,,,,,, S ecrelary jack Holland ,,ccc, ,,,,,,.. S ecremry K. Kuhnhausen ,o,,,cco,,,,,, ,o,,,,, ,,,,, S cl lefmun Hugh Bolton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, S ll lerman First row: Bob Osborn, Ivan Goll, Ike Forgey, jim Willis, Dick Siegel, Lewis Wright, Chuck XXfells, Glenn Anderson, Charles Barber, Larry Ferguson, Second row: Chuck Dyer, Sidney Dodd, Larry Alderin, Dick Nettleton, Hugh Bolton, jim Read, Dean Swanson, Bob Kent, Gerald jordan, John Hayden, John Milhollin. Third row: Mr. Martin, Bill Betts, George Plummer, LeRoy Han, Armon Mclrvin, Elmo Frazier, Rayell Oldham, K, Kuhnhausen, Mike Stein, Dale Liston, Jack Hol- land. Others: Ross Campbell, Bert Cleere, Leslie Hudson, joseph Schreiner, jim Wear, Bill Brooks. S1-:VENTY-Ifotvn: 1 Wm. 7764-wan FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Donna Miller V,VVV ,7,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident Shirley Zesiger A,,,, H ,,,7,,,,,,A Prefident Joan Follett Yw,,,,,, ,,,l,, V ire Pferidenl Sally Parks .r .SSS S Vice Prerident Mary Ann Gould ,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,, S erretary Donna Miller ,S SSSSSSSS Secretary Susan Drew ,,.,.,v,,7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Salergirl Susan Drew , S,E,,, , ,.,v.SSSS,SSSS Salefgirl First row: Beverly Carlton, Marilyn Crowley, Shirley Zesiger, Bessie Wilson, Bethel Pickett, Neysa Rine, Susan Drew, Leeila Bennett. Second row: Donna Miller, Mary Ann Gould, Charlene Makinster, Laura Runyan, Blondean Mosley, Sally Lewis, Doris Denison, Marilyn Freeman, June Syrek. Third row: Mrs. Martin, Sally Parks, Marion Humphrey, Evelyn Page, Jeanne Schweers, Greta Nielsen, Virginia Bailey, Peggy Bradley, Mary Lou Wheat. Others: Joan Follet, Barbara Hanson, Helen Hewitt, Juanita Lundgren, Mimi Van Buskirk. M544 pong FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Sophie Chronis .,,,,,,,,,, President Delphine Martin ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,., P refident Doris Cox ,, ,,,,, Vice President Norma Lawrence ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, V ire Prerident Kay Bousquet ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, S ecretary Marion Webberley' ,, ,,,..,,,,,,, Secretary Arlene Wilcoxson ,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i Sfzlefgirl Alice Stanton ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sazlergirl First row: Phyllis Sunnarborg, Joyce Olson, Mary Andrews, Leona Forbes, Freida Westerlund, Colleen Ellingson, Eunice Buzzini, Gwendolyn Kenison, Doris Cox, Juanita Graham, Marian Beck, Kay Bousquet. Second row: Roberta Loshbaugh, Alice Stanton, Glades Wolkar, Charlotta Rubesh, Delphine Martin, Norma Lawrence, Helen Skalbeck, Delilah Davis, Joan Dorsett, Judith Johnson, Berta Thornton, Arlene Wilccmxson. Third row: Margaret Christensen, Marion Webberley, Norma Schaeffer, Maybelle Morgan, Doris Ticrop, Beverly Cruts, Jean Schmidt, Eva Mae Gates, Stella Ramus, Joyce Henderson, Barbara Rolling, Miss Perry. Others: Beatrice Chappell, Sophie Cronis, Virginia Moore, Sherlene McKinlay, Carline Shelman. SEVENTY-Fix L FIRST SEMESTER Pat Hohensee Kay Parker 7,,,7,,,, ,,7,,,- Sharon Larsen jackie Miller . 775644 Pelham Prefidenl Vice Prerident r..,r.rrr, Secretary Srzlefgirl Sandra Bowman Dixie Whitmore Alice Pollgreen Mary Furio r,,,,,, First row: Berna Charbonneau, Joan Bardell, Beverly Recore, Martha Evans, Shirley Dalton, Mar- garet jones, Lila Epperly, Sheila Littler, Betty Walker, jean Wiltse, Kay Parker. Second row: Sandra Bowman, Deanne Green, Jackie Miller, Barbara Bridger, Ella Louise Varner, Marie Roberts, Pat Scott, LaVerne Winter, Peg Bockstadter, Virginia Thomas, Dixie Whitmore. Third row: Miss Robinson Annie Nurnberger, Frances Leon, Phyllis Bush, Peggy DuBois, Mary Furio, Pat Hohensee, Alice Poll- green, Helen DuPree, Donna McChesney, Tarlene james, Sharon Larsen. Others: Lee Ann Gilson, Betty Lou Mackmer, Donna Mansford, Betty Smith. 77012. EGCJQZ FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Prefzdent Vice Prerialemf Sefretfzry Salefgirl SECOND SEMESTER Prefideni Bob Dunn ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,., P reridefzl Roger Griffin ...,,, ,,,,, Bill jones ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,i, V ice Prerident Bob Dunn ,,,,,,,,,,,, i,,,, Roger Griffin Frank Glenn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary Delmar Butler ,,r,, S alefmrm jerry Henry ,,,,,,,rr,r,,,.,,,,,,,, First row: Gary Powell, Bennie Lindquist, John Turcotte, Leland Morrow, jerry Meyer, Roger Griffin, Parker Selby, Frank Springer, Ron Vogel, Dennis Benthin, Horace Axton, jack Howell. Sec- ond row: Kenneth Erickson, Wayne Adams, Roger Marshall, Bill McDonnell, jerry Henry, Bob Dunn, Bill jones, Darwin Purvis, Charles Gibson, Tom Harlan, Gordon Andersen, Charles Floyd, Howard Noonchester, Third row: Alan Robinson, Frank Glenn, Wfillie Rogers, Delmar Butler, Dean Bottemiller, Roland Wray, jim Cox, Alfred Stelzer, Melvin Knight, Keith XVilcox. Others: Monte Bloemke, Lloyd Filer, John junker, Harlan Peterson, Floyd Sheppler, Ronnie Tasso, Del Ray Was- noska. N v1cN'1'v-SIX .. Vice Prefideni Secfeiary Salerman FIRST SEMESTER Martha Fronk Ann Stidham , Pat Fargher ,E7.,. Pat Burris wE,,V. FIRST SEMESTER 77464. Seile SECOND SEMESTER Prerident Lea Ann Russum Preridenl Vice Prerident Barbara Gray Vine Prefidem' Serretpzry Pat Burris Secretary Salergirl Ann Conner Salergirl First row: Donna Custer, Doris Scott, Georgia Fisher, Margie Novak, Pat Burris, Mardel jones, Doris Iverson, Mary Brandon, Dorothy Parker, Mary Lou Hines. Second row: Frances Dawson, jane Lieb, Joyce DeVillineuve, joan VanHoval, Ann Stidham, Anne Conner, Pat Pierce, Glenda Good, Fan- ny Lou Mallian, June McCone. Third row: Pat Fargher, Lea Ann Russum, Barbara Gray, Martha Fronk, Joyce Tanner, Pat Carlton, Norma Landis, joan Zimmerman, Marcia Fisher, Mrs. Sells. Others: Arlene Harshman, Margaret Carson. Wiz, Weckimgez SECOND SEMESTER Lynn Marczynski SSSSSS Soeo, ,,,,,, P 1' efident john Shaffer ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, P reridenf Joe Castrey ..,...,.,,,, SSSV V ice Prerident Greg Morrison ,,,,,,, ,,,, V ire Preridenz Bob Knapp .......... .....SSSSS, S ecrelmfy Bob Pedersen ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, S ecremry Neil Axelson ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S aleymazn Emory Strong ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,.,, Saleymgn First row: Robert Forrester, Phillip Glock, Bob Pedersen, Ron Nockelby, Dennis Volker, Bill Coonrad, joe Castrey, jack Bush, Jerry Spring, Howard Pasternack, Don Harlan. Second row: Lynn Marczynski, john Schaffer, Howard Hellingson, Garry johnson, Ken McCone, Robert Hood, Third row: Bill Winters, Albert Vfiedman, Gordon Purviance, Larry johnson, Emery Strong, Bernard Klein, Dewey Bliss, Bob Knapp, Niel Axelson, jim Skadden, Greg Morrison, Mr. Weinberger. Others: Merle Dell, Roy Geesey, Leonard Smith, George Wood. SICVENTY-SFVI IN SmvEN1'Y-EIGHT X EIGHTY Zane! MR. BACKMAN, Director MR. CLELAND, Arrirtant Direclor First row: Arlene Buzzini, Sybil Sumrow, Stanley jorg, Beverly Koppe, Gordon Mosley, john Hayden, Monica Ritty, Elaine Evans, joan Henrichsen, Cleo Collette, Rosalie Boley. Second row: Bob Hoeft, Lyle Hylen, Bob Parsons, Shirley Guilford, Dorothy Plum, Jacque Tyler, Don Wardrop, Pat Parnell, Robert Harris, Devane Goldan, Bob Perry, Roger Griffin, Carleen Borden, Howard Paster- nack, Edward Eddy, Nordean Beacock, Third row: Ruth Marolf, Clarissa Perry, Eunice Buzzini, Shirley Rolling, Ruth Roberts, Eugene Perry, Don Ceasar, Don Bleth, Don Whitenack, Edythe McCarty, Bill Bork, Bob Snell, Richard johnson, Garrell Evans, Ron Vogel, David Drew, Merle Templeton, Bob Chisholm, Kenneth Arbour, Clyde Falls, jim Erstad. Fourth row: Don Luther, Dar- lene Klemetsrud, Darlene XX'ildie, Bethel Piikett, Lynn Sandstrom, Larry Viles, David Creagan, Gary Smith, jim Burris, Tom Chisholm, Bob Rodda, jim johnson, Bob Bush, Ben Sloane, Dick Baranovich, Lorine Luginbuhl, Dixie Whitmore, Mr. Dan Backman, Allen Oehler, jack Robins, Glenn Barth, Greg Morrison, Mary Brandon, Ron Anthony, Herman Jones, Don Eliason. Nordean Beacock ,t,,,,. .,,,,.,,,,,, P rerident Arlene Buzzini ,,,,,, ,,,,,, L ibmf-ian Dick Baranovich ,,t,,, ,,,,i V ice Prerident Merle Templeton ,,,,,, ,,i,,,, M wager Sybil Sumrow ,,,,r, ,,.,,,r S ecretary Lynn Sandstrom ,,,,,, ,,,,,, M amzger This year marked another full schedule of performances for the V.H.S. band. Fall ac- tivities included performing at football games and the annual Fall Concert, and marching in several parades. Besides taking part in other civic programs, the band featured in the Spring Concert, played in the Southwest Washington Music Festival in Longview, receiv- ing most commendable comments from the judges, and, as in previous years, participated in the Portland Rose Parade. The band also took an active part in the 125th anniversary of the founding of Vancouver. Duma 7ff472vzefZe4 Left to right: Dixie Whitmore-Winner of Out- standing Drum Maiorette and Twirler Trophies at Washougal Drum Majorette Contest, December 19493 Peggy DuBois, Mary jane Greer QDrum Majorj, Lois Burton, winners of First Place Team Trophy at Wfashougal Drum Majorette Contest, December 1949. 016464574 MR. BACKMAN, Dirermr MR. CLELAND, A.r.s'imz12i Djrerlor First row: Glenda Cotton, Glen Horn, Joanne Winter, Kathryn junor, Douglas Mitchell, Lorna Hanson, Dick Koskell, Robert Hood. Second row: Joan Lyon, Hollis Ransom, john Carson, Iris Pot- ter, Betty Wills, Mary Mills, Myles Lubinski, Lorraine Martin, Faye Rosander, Third row: Madeline Lowry, Geraldine Recore, Rosalie Boley, Martha Fronk, Monica Ritty, john Hayden, Betty jean Gretsch, Roy Wakeman. Fourth row: Phyllis Hohensee, Shirley Nagel, Bill Boyd, Arlene Buzzini, Sybil Sumrow, Beverly Koppe, Eunice Buzzini, Stanley jorg, Don Bleth, Ellen Force, Shirley Swanson, Fifth row: Loris Loree, Ken Owens, Ellen Galbraith, Marilyn Payton, Dick Pedersen, Edward Eddy, Bill Bork, Don Whitenack, Dick Hauzenberger, jim Erstad, Margaret Christensen, Eva Mae Gates. Sixth row: Ervin Miller, Mary Brandon, Don Eliason, jim Burris, Gary Smith, Dixie Whitmore. Don Whitenack ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Prefidenf Arlene Buzzini ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S e crelaufy Loris Loree ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, V ice Preridenl Edward Eddy ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, M manger Jerry Liming ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,rrr,, Libmrirzfz An especially busy year was enjoyed by the 1949-50 orchestra, one of the finest in the school's history. This group made its first appearance at the Fall concert. Performances at a high school PTA meeting, the annual Spring concert, the Southwest Washington Music Festival, the Senior Play, Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, and other civic functions rounded out a full schedule of activities. 2 game! Mr. Cleland, Director First row: Paul Chagnon, Bob Seeds, Donald Dixon, Vifayne Hunt, jackie Hess, Ray Crawley, Richard Lehman, Don Harlan, Bob Dunn, Charles Nelson, Barbara jewel, Richard Schroll. Second row: joe Sitton, Hugh Bolton, Mack Hall, Preston Williams, Bob Minor, Donna Ketron, Gordon Tipp, Ervin Miller. Third row: Mr. Cleland, Russell Davis, Dick Rabitoy, Richard Elia, Bill Clark, Richard Ossinger, Mr. Backman. The B Band offered students the opportunity to prepare themselves for the more dif- ficult music literature performed by the Concert Band. EIGHTY-ONE 14 ' MR. SMITH, Direrfor EKG!-ITY-'FWO First row: Gloria Hopkins, Bette Daniels, Arlene Nuhring, Ina Moran, Betty Ingram, Joann Miller, Maureen Wolf, Arlene Watson, Beverly Hillstrom, Loris Loree, Joan Lyons, Lorraine Ludwig, Ann DeVaney, Patsy Hart, Joan Eichmann, Ann McGilchrist. Second row: Joan Pendergraft, Norma Rogers, Margaret Hancuff, Helen Potter, Delpha Hinz, Lois Rivet, Loraine Lauber, Lois Martin, Phyllis Carter, Sally Parks, Iva Orclway, Rita Torres, Barbara Lee, Jean Woodings, Charlene Davis. Third row: Roberta Frahm, Shirley Browning, Marion Webberley, Pat Carr, Kay Haugdahl, Crissie Paeth, Jean Christensen, Judy Frink, Merle Hartley, Donna Day, Joan Dirks, Barbara Meredith, Jean Liming, Elaine Meredith, Rita Rogers. Fourth row: Mr. Smith, George Paul, Bob Eggert, Jerry Stone, Duane Ross, Bud Runyan, Bill Bellingar, Gary Waite, Jack Wennberg, Dick Pedersen, Ken Fitzgibbon, Jack Taylor, Gale Todd, Don Gaiser, Bob Kuykendall. Fifth row: Henry Maas, Bill Lind- sey, Bob Harris, Dan Mittelstedt, Jerry Liming, Roger Knight, Paul Christensen, Gordon Thomas, Howard Fitzgerald, Dennis Wcflken, Gene Bainbridge, Ken Cooper, Erwin Erickson, Myles Lubin- ski, Russell Davis, Bruce Thompson, Ervin Frank. Sixth row: Bill Miller, Carl Zent, Gene Pyles, Bill Carr, Drew Bartlett, Jerry Robinson, Rod Ellertson, Jerry Brandon, Kent McLachlan, Ronnie Knauss, John Westby, Bob Harlan, Ron Jenner, Raymond Hills, Carroll Nelson, Jimmy Raynor. Loris Loree, Student Comfnflor Bill Miller ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, P 1 'eridenf Ken Cooper ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sergeanl-ol-Army Bill Bellingar ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, V ice Prerident Judy Frink ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Robe Curtodimz Kay Haugdahl ,,,,,,,,,, Recording Secretary JoAnne Pendergraft ,,,.,,,, Robe Czzrlodian Gloria Hopkins ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Correr. Secretary Paul Christensen ,,,,,,,,,,,, Robe Curtodian Shirley Browning ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,, T r eafzzrer Herbert Runyan ,,,,, ,,,,,,, R obe Curlodian The a Cappella Choir presented many concerts to a variety of audiences throughout the school year. It participated in the Fall, Christmas and Spring concerts, and took part in the Vodvil and Baccalaureate service. The choir presented programs before Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs and other civic groups. The Choir came back from the S.W.W. Music Festival in Longview with high honors. Exchange assemblies with Longview High School and Clark College Choirs were also some of its activities. Seaondgdach MR. SMITH, Director Mimi Van Buskirk, Afrorrzpfznirf The Second Choir was organized to help students develop their voices and music read- ing ability, preparing them for membership in the a Cappella Choir. First row: Caroline Beherns, Lois Cox, Kay Bockstadter, Pat Andersen, Joyce Nicholas, Donna Hancuff, Pat House, Dorothy Davis, Sharon Larsen, Charlotte Bundlie, Donna Cone, Lynn Beachler, Alvaretta Egan, Bonnie Harwood. Second row: Betty Lundberg, Marilyn Crowley, Florence Martin, Dolores Rogers, Arlene Larson, Diana Munger, Donna Belland, Lee Gilson, Beverley Cruts, Mimi Van Buskirk, Reba Taylor, Gail McMahon, Joyce Henderson, Peggy Bradley, Ina Auburg. Third row: Vin- cent jones, Dick Daniels, Jerry Rausch, Chuck Christopherson, Charles Boyce, Walter Graham, Glenn Anderson, joe White, Bob Gladson, Alvin Biegler, Paul Brickey, Richard Reagan, Mr. Smith. Fourth row: Dick Nettleton, Cliff Rausch, Bob McKay, Gordon Lehr, Ronnie Tasso, Redmond Sharp, ,lim Main, Neil Axelson, Tom Hudgin, Authur Imus, Steve Stephens, Bill Otos, Bert Cleere, Larry Bone- brake. Fifth row: Al Price, Vern Emter, Don McChesney, Bill Ellis, Larry johnson, Don Olson, Jim Cox, Rayell Oldham, Bill Kahlsdorf, Roy Glenn, Don Shears. Others Gay Dacus. age in 3 ' ' MR. SMITH, Director Cleda Furgason, Accomparrirz Vancouver High School has one of the largest boys' choirs in the country. It was rated an enthusiastic and commendable group at the Southwest Washington Music Festival. First row: jack Rosander, Johnnie Miller, Leland Morrow, Byron Hanke, Donn Velte, Ed Shobert, Bill Beattie, jim Herb, Bob Colgrove, Myron Masser, Laverne Merwin, Karl Anderson, Don Dixon. Second row: Gary Powell, Paul Brickey, Dean Soule, Howard Stevens, Bob Cadwallader, Harry Boyer, Herman Kilwein, Arwin Hoxworth, joe White, Ralph Smith, Harvey Boyer, james Curry. Third row: Kenneth Erickson, Cletus France, NXfayne Adams, Bob Miner, jack O'Rourke, Richard Davis, Eugene Brown, Rod Taylor, Don Bulow, Lowell Madson, Dick Martin, Cleda Furgason. Fourth row: Artie Supina, Richard Healey, Bob Kent, Chet Hill, Bob Herb, jim Bell, Ron Arnold, Dick Dark, Bill Cold- well, Charles Gilson, Dick Taylor, Ralph Rice. Fifth row: Dick Ossinger, Bob Hanson, Russell Archer, Bill McDonnell, Don Murdock, Carl Xwilliams, Russell Reiter, Roger Burchfield, Bob Angle, Don Fish, Ray Dykes, Mr. Smith. EIGHTY Tum r I l I Miss SMITH, Director Girls' Choir activities consist of participation in fall and spring concerts and in assem- bly programs during the year. Any girl in school is eligible for membership in these groups. The Treble Clef Choir is a selected group that participates in fall and spring concerts, the Christmas program and the Vodvil. At the Southwest Washington Music Festival it represented the girls' choirs. I ' I gm gran Luella Adams, Acfompczniri First row: Wilma Olsen, Berna Charbonneau, Donna Middleton, Virginia Moore, Dorothy Parker, Allene Cadwallader, Georgia Fischer, Frances Dawson, Gwendolyn Kenison, Doris Scott, Kay Bousquet, Joanne Bardell. Second row: Jean Royle, Donna Zundel, Mildred Sauter, Sally Lewis, Delores Ruge, Joan Tollackson, Donna Dewey, Joanne Weiss, Joy Worcester, Barbara Barton, Naomi Sleeman, Betty Roeder. Third row: Ann Paben, Geraldine Recore, Jo Ann Rouse, Charlotte Dixon, Freida Westerlund, Bessie Wfilson, Joan Dorsett, La Verne Winter, Shirley Murphy, Delores May, Marlene Woods, Virginia Thomas, Phyllis Davis, Miss Smith. Fourth row: Lynette Gardner, Juanita Lundgren, Mary Johnson, Darlene Harris, Charlotte Koons, Donna Leeper, Mary Lou Wheat, Arlene Wilcoxson, Mary Ann Hosmer, Luella Adams, Pat Hohensee, Shirlene McKinley, Mertice Miner, Lois West. Fifth row: Evelyn Dean, Betty Ray, Helen Hitchcock, Joan Cadwell, Doris Tichrob, Barbara Schulte, Joyce Tanner, Betty Bergren, Jean Schmidt, Anna Mae Oherg, Mary Angle, Joan Zimmerman, Norma Shaffer. gi I ' I Freddie Ann Laws, Arcomjvanffz First row: Dorothy Plum, Lois Sellers, Gerri Maxwell, Marlene Meyer, Delores Hausinger, Joan Buurman, Pat Wenzel, Betty Jo Hunt, Carol Hoxworth, Juanita Graham, Marion Beck, Maxine Moulton. Second row: Ella Louise Varner, Helen Skalbeck, Glades Wolkar, Marilyn Reiter, Sandra Bowman, Barbara Bridger, Lois Beckel, LeNell Dunnihoo, Pearlie Mae Hatter, Donna Mae Berg, Margaret Bigley. Third row: Helen Lemberg, Wilma Brown, Mae Jean McAvoy, Janice Morris, Wanda Moreland, Donna Davies, Shirley Johnson, Joyce McKay, Mona Sundvik, Bernice Spangler, Barbara Slack, Charlene Wiggins, Miss Smith. Fourth row: Barbara Yoiam, Sarah Fanning, Janiie Weibel, Donna McChesney, Hazel Kenny, Barbara Dahl, Phyllis Bush, Ann Conner, Joyce Dorsett, Pat O'Shea, Lucelia Barcus, Juanita Lundgren. Fifth row: Mary McKee, Myra Williams, Betty Almer, Pat Carlton, Shirley Parker, Marion Alferd, Norma Landis, Mildred Robinson, Marilyn Morley, Margie Spaulding, Doris Aldridge, Dolly Bradley, Nancy Walker, Shirley Jones. 'Zum gay gan Freddie Ann Laws, Accompanirz First row: Mary Lou Hines, Mary Andrews, Evelyn Schmunk, Caroline Taylor, Maxine Olson, Marlene Lodge, Mardel Jones, Charlotte Janssen, Luanne Hole, Helen Jones, Carol Nelson, Janet Stark. Second row: Maxine Beasley, Phyllis Bringman, Doris Iverson, Mary Brandon, Doris Balabon, Laura Runyan, Joan Avery, Darlene Chatfield, Mary Ann Gould, Edytha Bott, Doris Cox, Dianne Thompson, Emmie Lewis, Third row: Larnzella Lewis, Bonnie Huff, Bernita Maser, Dorothy Graham, Barbara Thompson, Delores Bonge, Molly Bradley, Charlotta Rubesh, Gertrude Parkhurst, Peg Bock- stadter, Mary Ann LeBouef, Arliss Beacock. Fourth row: Lois Wolken, Flora Lee Garber, Loretta Rob- erts, Carol Graham, Elaine Schafer, Barbara Haugen, Dorothy Martin, LeAnne Russum, Joyce Brewer, Rosalie Gilmore, Louise Hopkins, Jean Hanson, Lucille XWolken. Fifth row: Sally Drake, Tarlene James, Rita Zerr, Nada Wirrick, Barbara Wallis, Betty Yabs, Margie Devitt, Patsy McKinney, Rae Jean Nelson, Kathleen Bourke, Beatrice Chappell, Dorothy Forgey, Miss Smith. FIGHTY FOUR Sakura Two superior rated soloists, Ken Cooper, boys' low voice, and Glenda Cotton, violinist, were selected to perform in the evening pro- gram at the Southwest Washington Centralia Music Meet. Janine! Zacntez' The Clarinet Duet Played at the Southwest Washington Solo and Small Ensemblle Music Meet and received a superior rating. Left to right: Arlene Buzzini, Sybil Sumrow. gmac Seztez' The Brass Sextet played for many community affairs and received a top rating of superior at the annual Solo and Small Ensemble Contest. Left to right: Don Eliason, David Drew, Dick Ba- ranovich, Don Wfhitenack, Edward Eddy, Nordean Bea- cock. Sa Zacvufet The Saxophone Quartet, most active of all instrumental ensembles, played at approximately thirty performances, including banquets, com- munity forums, and other functions. They re- ceived a superior rating at the Solo and Small Ensemble contest. Left to right: Arlene Buzzini, Sybil Sumrow, Arlis Beacock faccompanistj, Eunice Buzzini, joan Follett. 'ifzam ' The Mastersingers, a group of boys chosen from the a Cappella Choir, was a new music organization to V.H.S. this year. They received a great deal of favorable com- ment, and became one of the most popular music groups at V.H.S. Besides taking part in the Fall, Christmas, and Spring Conccrts, the boys performed at many civic functions. First row: jim Raynor, Gary Waite, jack Taylor, Ken Fitzgibbon, Bill Bellingar, Bob Eggert, Bob Kuy- kenclall, Ervin Frank. Second row: Gale Todd, Buddy Runyan, Paul Christensen, Erwin Erickson, Bob Har- lan, Ken Cooper, Dennis Wolken, Don Gaiser, Bruce Thompson. Third row: Henry Maas, Carroll Nelson, Ron Jenner, Gene Pyles. Bill Carr, jerry Robinson, Bill Miller, Duane Ross, Mr. Sam Smith. I IGHTY Six 70 'Zaapm' The Woodwind Quintet received a superior rating at the Southwest Washington Solo and Small Ensemble Contest held in Centralia, March 25. . Left to right: Rosalie Boley, Arlene Buzzini, Moni- ca Ritty, Don Whitenack, Devane Goldan. Swag Zuma: The String Quartet was again active this year, playing for the style show and for various teas. They received a superior rating at the Southwest Washington Solo and Small Ensemble Music Meet. Left to right: Joanne Winter, Lorna Hanson, Glen Horn, Glenda Cotton. fit' ' ta The six girl accompanists each accompany a group of musicians in the music department of the high school. Besides their regular duties, they give much of their time to prepare soloists for contests and to play for public groups . Left to right: Cleda Furgason, Luella Adams, Mimi Van Buskirk, jackie Caples, Loris Loree, Freddie Ann Laws. Ten girls, selected from the a Cappella Choir, made up the Melodears, a popular vocal ensemble at V.H.S. They sang at many social affairs outside of school, received a superior rating for their performance at the Southwest Washington Solo and Small Ensemble Music Meet, and sang at the Fall, Christmas, and Spring Concerts. First row: joan Eichmann, Pat Hart, Jackie Caples, Elaine Meredith, Ann McGilchrist. Second row: Lois Martin, Phyllis Carter, jean Christensen, Kay Haug- dahl, Iva Ordway, Loraine Lauber. EIGHTY-S1-:WAN cwlodl MRS. BENSON, Faculty Director MR. MCPHADEN, Director of Stage Production MAVIS ALVIS, Student Dirertor Zkadgeagzdeqada MR. AND MRS. CHARLES fSchool of the Dancej, Directory, Miss HAUCK, Miss PERRY, Spomori. Seated: Charlene Makinster, Juanita Graham, Lois Kellogg, Pat Marsh, Dorothy Volker, Pat House, Shirley Parker, Kay Bousquet, Nancy Larson, Virginia Blackwell, Loraine Lauber, Jackie Caples, Phyllis Nelson, Harrietta Perry, Joyce Farnstrom, Ann DeVaney, Nancy Smith, Phyllis Bush, Donna Mansford, Marilyn Freeman, Luella Adams, Ruth Roberts, Rita Campbell, Audrey Harmon. Standing: Bob Fernea, Kay Parker, Nancy Gregory, Jo Anne Carpenter, Judith Johnson, Darlene Klemetsrud, Martha Fronk, Sue Fitzgerald, Rachel Bryant, Helen Potter, Mimi Van Buskirk, Stan Hazlett, Delbert Mosier, Bernice Spangler, Pat Scott, Hazel McMann, Luella Dineen, Joanne Rouse, Joan Carpenter, Nancy Stein, Joanne Pendergraft, Eleanor Osborn, Evelyn Schmunk, Kent McLachlan, Sue Robb, Standing on drum: Bonnie Jones. Sunday Sawing at 7415 Wancoaun MR. SMITH, Director Left side: Bernard Morris, Nancy Gregory, Judith Johnson, Louella Dineen, Kay Parker, Joanne Rouse, Carolyn Fors, Lee Greta Dykes, Pat Scott. Behind fence: Iva Ordway. Center: Rozina Record, Tom Burgess, Kay Haugdahl. Right side, seated: Henry Mass, Bill Miller, Jerry Robinson, Buddy Run- yan, Jim Raynor, Ron Jenner, Ervin Frank, Bruce Thompson, Gary Waite, Ken Cooper, Ken Fitzgib- bon, Joan Dirks Bob Harlan, Gene Pyles Erwin Ericksen, Paul Christensen. Standing: Duane Ross, Bob Eggert, Dennis Wolken, Don Gaiser, Bill Carr, Carroll Nelson, Bill Bellingar, Jack Taylor, Gale Todd. On Zo Ofzegon A MR. SMITH, Director First row: Ann McGilchrist Elaine Meredith, Lois Martin, Davy Smith, Joan Eichmann, Pat Hart, Phyllis Carter, Loraine Lauber, Kay Haugdahl, Judy Frink, Jack Wennberg, Jerry Liming, Ronnie Knauss, Paul Christensen, Erwin Ericksen, Joan Dirks, Bob Kuykendall, Gary Waite, Joanne Pender- graft, Beverly Hillstrom, Jean Woodings Barbara Lee, Ann DeVaney, Delpha Hinz, Bob Eggert, Bruce Thompson, Bill Miller. Second row: Ken Cooper, Bob Harlan, Jean Christiansen, Norma Rogers, Iva Ordway, Raymond Hills, Ken Fitzgibbon, Carl Zent, John Vfestby, Jack Taylor, Don Gaiser, Jerry Brandon, Ervin Frank, Gene Pyles, Rita Torres, Russell Davis, lna Moran, Margaret Hancuff, Gloria Hopkins, Joanne Miller, Betty Ingram, Arlene Nuhring, Bill Bellingar, Carroll Nelson, Ron Jenner, Henry Mass. Miss SMITH, Director Left to right: Maxine Olson, Mardel Jones, Bernita Maser, Bonnie Huff, Joan Avery, Dorothy Graham, Pat Burgess, Doris Iverson, Marlene Lodge, Waacoaan Peneatcbn an 747694 Qeaa MR. HICKS, Director Left to rigrt: Jackie Hess, Dale Bockstadter, Le Anna Belle Russum, Ron Kramer, Marian Beck, LeRoy Hart, Charlotte Janssen. Wada! 014464024 MR. BACKMAN, Director Center: Loris Loree, Mr. Backman. First row: Stanley Jorg, Beverly Koppe, Arlene Buzzini, Sybil Sumrow, Eunice Buzzini, Monica Ritty, John Hayden, Martha Fronk, Rosalie Boley, Glenda Cotton, Glenn Horn, Faye Rosander, Kitty Jo Olson, Lorraine Martin. Second row: Nordean Bea- cock, Don Bleth, Don Eliason, Devane Goldan, Edward Eddy, Bill Bork, Don Whitenack, Phyllis Hohensee, Shirley Nagel, Geraldine Recore, Lorna Hanson, Douglas Mitchell, Mary Mills, Betty Jean Gretsch, Joan Lyon, Robert Hood, Hollis Ranson, Dick Koskell. Third row: Dick Baranovich, Irvin Miller, Mary Brandon, Tom Chisholm, Dixie Whitmore, Gary Smith, Jim Burris, Joanne Win- ter, Jerry Liming, Ellen Galbraith, Dick Petersen. FIGH1 Y I IGHT W 17Zm11'rx'-Nrxvz - Vodvil 5 MRS. BENSON Director First row: Carolyn Arnold, Joanne Bardell, Mary Bacon, Mavis Alvis, Margie Keister, Sue Fitz- gerald, Phyllis Carter, Mrs. Kracaw, Mrs. Sells, Ann Ross, Miss Evans. Second row: Mr. Miller, Miss Dunlop, Mr. Hillstrom, Miss Orr, Miss Salter, Kay O'Rourke, Mr, McPhaden, Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Heinen, Miss Brown, Mrs. Benson. Third row: Mr. Cummings, Rosalie Boley, Miss Smith, Marilyn Buetow, Joan Alvord, Molly O'Connor, Mr. Backman, Mr. Cleland, Mr. Torongo, Mrs. Patten, Gayle Adams, Mr. J. D. Miller. Fourth row: Chet Hill, Sandy Thayer, jim George, Russ Reiter, Ben Sloane, Mr. Smith, Mr. Conover, Don Wardrop, Roger Griffin, Norman XV ebb, Dick Mudge. Mavis Alvis, Student Director The Vodvil Executives were student and faculty members responsible for the organ- ization and production of stage scenery and lighting, costumes and art work, photog- raphy, publicity, tickets and business management, ushering, make up, printing, historical newspaper, and directing the Vodvil acts. The Vodvil was given March 9, 10, and 11. 0434086 Miss ORR Advirer NINETY First row: Betty Hash, Donna Miller, Wanda Snyder, Loretta Roberts, Marian Downing, Merlynn Root, Mary Petersen, Jeri Peru, Betty ,Io Hunt, Elsie Scholz. Second row: Miss Orr, Betty Hall, Gayle Adams, Marilyn Morley, joan Alvord, Molly O'Connor, Eva Mae Gates, Donna McChesney, Char- lotta Rubesh, Cathie George. Molly O'Connor, joan Alvord, C0-chairmen The Costume Checking Committee handled the hundreds of items needed for the performances of the Vodvil. More properties and costumes were used this year than ever before. The hard-working girls delivered and returned heavy loads of costumes, constantly repaired them, and checked and rechecked the items for each performance. Seneca plug Miss SALTER, Director First row: Carolyn Arnold, Nancy Smith, Gail Whitfield, Joan Alvord, Loraine Lauber, Bonnie jones, Marian Downing, Rozina Record. Second row: Bernard Morris, Bill Dunn, Bob Fernea, Dick Baranovich, Gene Pyles, Doug Mitchell, Miss Salter. Others: Elsie Boal. A three act play, Seventeenth Summer, dramatized by Anne Coulter Martens from the book by Maureen Daly, was presented by the Senior class May 5. Angie ,,A,,,,,r,r,Y,,,,,,,s,r,,, ,.,,Ar, N ancy Smith Margaret s7,,s ,,,,,, L oraine Lauber Lorraine ,rs,,rs,r ,,,,,,, B onnie jones Kitty ,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,Y,,,s,,,,,, E lsie Boal Mrr. Morrow ,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, I oan Alvord Mr. Morrow ,,,,, ,,,,,, R ichard Baranovich lack .,..,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, D oug Mitchell ? ' Sag MR. EVERSON, Advirer Art ,,,, Martin lane ,,VV, ,,,, Tony ,,,,,, Margie Fitz ,,.. Gene Pyles Bob Fernea Carolyn Arnold Bill Dunn Marian Downing Bernard Morris First row: jimmy Stringfellow, Bob Lippert, Wayne Andrews, Orson Ravenberg, Bert Morsch, Ray Small, Sam Hill, jackie Berg. Second row: Mr. Everson, George Conley, Dave Oakley, Clarence Moore, Scott Lovely, Alex Heberlein, Curtis Xllfooten, Arnold Dillon, jerry Meyers. Others: Dale Bockstadter, George Hughes, Don Upoff. Clarence Moore, Bookkeeper The production class is organized for the purpose of maintenance of shop machinery and stock materials. The boys build and repair school furniture, and construct such equi p- ment as is needed for school parties, Proms, and other school functions. NINETY-ONE 24 ' ' 75' Staff MR. CONOVER, Advirer First row: Bob Rosendaul, Bob Gladson, Ken Cooper, Don Wardrop, Earl Rosendaul. Second row: Bob Hopkins, Jack Sloane, Ben Sloane, Gay Dacus, Dick Baranovich, Mr. Conover. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Student Body chose the Auditorium Staff as his aides. Their duties are to see that the doors are manned for all regular and special assemblies, and to take tickets for pay assemblies. At evening functions given by the high school, selected boys direct patrons and students entering the auditorium. Zicdefze glad Miss DUNLOP, Mas. SELLS, ADv1sERs NINETY-TWO First row: Annabelle Grenier, Betty jean Randall, Delores johnson, Ernestine Hayes, Ger- aldine Klein, Marcia Fisher, Susan Drew, Barbara Thompson, Sheila Littler, Betty Greville, Joanne Bardell. Second row: Shirley Plummer, Carol Dietrich, Sally George, Orpha Wiley, Bonnie Huff, Marlyn Adams, Garnett Kleinschmidt, Marilyn Roses, Genevieve Kulackoski, Barbara Whitrock, Lois Beckel, Maxine Perry, Helen Small. Third row: Mrs. Mabel Sells, Pat Pierson, Ruth White, Annie Nurnberger, Arlene Sedell, Dolly Bradley, Phyllis Bush, Alice Cuda, Joan Zimmerman, Wilma Whitrock, Fanny Lou Malain, Virginia Hughes, Rose Marie Peasley, jo Ann Rouse. Fourth row: Nancy Gregory, Carolyn Fors, Nathalie Harris, Anna Mae Oberg, Norma Landis, Marilyn Harris, Margie Devitt, Alice Pollgreen, Marjorie Thompson, Eleanor Eigsti, Mary Ann Moon, Dianne Tompkins, Miss Catherine Dunlop. Others Marilyn Buetow, Lois Burnett, Dorothy Clark, Norma joan Keyser, Patricia Pettey, Venla Schlund, Pat Schofield, Barbara Bakke, Betty Lou Browning, Kay Frans, Joanne Lance, Dolores Moll, Stella Ramus. Marilyn Buetow ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Preyidenl Shirley Plummer ,,,,, ,,,,, S erremry Marilyn Harris ,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,, Cmlodimz Members of the Ushers Club served at all performances given by the school in our auditorium such as the Vodvil, the Senior Play, the musical concerts, and Commencement. The girls were selected for courtesy and dependability. Stage eww MR. MCPHADEN, Advirer First row: Tom Mclntosh, Kay Wriglit, Dick Mudge, George Douglas, Ken Dutcher, George Paul. Second row: Mr. McPhaden, Bill Beaird, Walter Lindsay, Martin Spiva, Glenn Baker, Dick Taylor. Others: Alan Curtis. Dick Mudge, Student Mmmger The stage crew of Vancouver High School handles the lighting, microphones, curtains, and sets for school assemblies, the Vodvil, public programs, and all the events in the audi- torium. They provide lighting for school dances, control the public address system at football games in the Leverich stadium, and operate the nickelodeon and visual aid equip- ment for the school. These boys who are constantly in demand spend much of their time besides their daily class period carrying out their duties. ma up ew Miss EVANS, Advirer First row: Miss Evans, Emmy Lewis, Lucille Wolken, Jean Hanson, Alvaretta Egan, Birdie Terry, jo Hunt, Second row: Letha Bergquist, Janet Sebo, Elsie Sobolewski, Nadine Vail, Mona Sunclvik, Barbara Rolling, Bill Noble, Lois Wolken. Third row: Marlys Aslund, jane Selby, Mary Ann Hosmer, Pat Vail, Marilyn Brown, Gwen Pollock, Charlene Vaughn, Ann Conner. Mona Suudvik ....... .,..,..,,,.,, P resident Birdie Terry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretfzry-Trefzrurer Marlys Aslund ,...,,........,,., Vice Prerident Lucille Wolken ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cmmdimz The biggest job of the Make Up Club each year was producing the variety of charac- ters required for the annual Vodvil. The club members also made up students for assem- blies and school plays. Nrxrri 'I HIFI a Miss BROVVN, Adviser jim George Editor The Columbia Log is a biweekly, all-student newspaper published by the co-operative efforts of the journalism and printing departments of V.H.S. Run on the same basis as commercial publication, the Log is supported by the sale of advertisements. The 1949-50 Columbia Log was awarded the All-American or superior rating by the National Scholastic Press Association. It is also a member of Pacific Slope Press Association and Quill and Scroll national honorary society for high school journalists. ASSISTANT EDITORS! Rosalie Boley, Betty Hall, ASSOCIATE EDITORS! Feature-Ann Ross, Molly O'Connor, Third Page-Diane White, Pat Dye, Sportr-Bernard Morris, Russell Boveiag Copyrender-Glenda Cotton, Head proofreader-Fred Brown, Ex- rlmnger-Nancy Larson, Carolyn Carpenter, Reporter:-Rosalie Boley, Marjorie Christ- iansen, Verlyn Fletcher, Elmore Seeds, Maureen Wolf. ADVERTISING-Eleanor Osborn, Manager, Catherine George, Nada Wirrick, Gretchen Ross. ACCOUNTING: Accountants Club. Sauna! 5:45 First row: Maureen Wolf, Glenda Cotton, Bonnie Huff, Betty Hall, Cathie George, Eleanor Osborn, Birdie Terry, Gretchen Ross. Second row: Ann Ross, Rosalie Boley, Carolyn Carpenter, Molly O'Connor, Phyllis Hohensee, Pat Dye, Marjorie Christiansen, Miss Brown. Third row: Nancy Larson, Diane White, Russell Boveia, jim George, Verlyn Fletcher, Elmore Seeds, Bernard Morris, Fred Brown. NINETY-FOUR Despo Koupas Maureen Wolf C0-Editor Co-Edilor Despo Koupas, Maureen Wolf,,Co-Editorf Elaine Meredith, Mary Petersen ,,,, Seniorr Sally George, Marilyn Harris ,r,,r, juniors Arlene Larson, Marion Webberley r,.. Sopbomorer Gloria Hopkins, Loris Loree ,,,,w,,,,,,, A, Organiznlionr Glenda Cotton ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M wir Gail Whitfield ,, Ken Cooper ,,,, Duane Allen w,,, Y,,,,,, George Plummer Don Wardrop Phyllis Hohensee Sally Abrams ,oer,,e,r ... Pat Schofield ,eee S nailed Miss WINTLER, Editorial Adoire MR. BIILLER, Printing Adoirer Girls' Atloleticf Football Basketball Bafeball Track Division Pager Typif! Second Generation The Alki Staff of Vancouver High School began in the fall to plan each page of this volume. As you glance through these pages you will find a record of your school life in 1949-50. The Staff "looks forward" fAlkij toward your future success. Seaman! Saw 7. First row: Glenda Cotton, Loris Loree, Sally Abrams, Sally George, Marion Webberley, Elaine Meredith, Mary Petersen, Maureen Wolf, Despo Koupas. Second row: Miss Wintler, Gail Whitfield, Pat Schofield, Duane Allen, Don Wardrop, Ken Cooper, Marilyn Harris, Phyllis Hohensee, Arlene Larson. NINETY-1+'Ix'1f: Peace Miss BROWN, Adviser First row: Beverly Koppe, Ann Ross, Cathie George, Rosalie Boley, Arlene Sedell, Margie Keis- ter, Glenda Cotton, Sally George, Maureen Nwolf. Second row: Miss Brown, Betty Hall, Molly O'Con- nor, Pat Dye, Gwen Pollock, Delores Scholz, Sybil Sumrow, Nadine Vail, Peggy Bradley, Carole Rob- erts. Third row: Gayle Adams, Joan Alvord, Harold Evans, Diane White, Raymond Hills, Bernard Morris, Marilyn Harris, Nancy Larson, Arlene Larson, Marilyn Brown. Marilyn Harris ,,,,,,i,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, President Phyllis Nelson, Pat Dye ,i,7,,ii,,,, Secretary Diane White ,,i,ii,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vire Prefideni Gwen Pollock ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,, Treofzzrer The Press Club is made up of students interested in journalism but not necessarily connected with it. No writing is required either of the members or of those wishing to join the club. During the past year the club has had speakers who gave them first-hand informa- tion about college and daily newspapers and broadcasting. The members have also vis- ited the plants of the Oregonian and the Oregon journal newspapers. The aim of the Press Club is to make journalism interesting to its members. ,-4 66:45 MRS. KRACAW, Adviser NXNETY-SIX First row: Helen Small, Lorraine Martin, Earl Rosendaul, Eddie Forsythe, Bob Rosendaul, Carol Roberts, Rozina Resord. Second row: Mrs. Kracaw, Lois Short, Harry Anderson, jerry Gray, Bill Earing, Larry Beutelschies, Veronica Stella, Eleanor Eigsti. Harry Anderson ,,,.,,,,,e,, ..,,,,,,,,, P resident Robert Rosendaul rrr,,r Vice Prefidenl jerry Gray ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary The Accountants Club was formed this year for those students who plan on going into the accounting profession after high school. The object of the club is to help the members with any problems they may encounter in their chosen field. Fwzzfma First row: Mr. Miller, Al Reymond, Charles Osborne, Harold Powell, Bill Underwood, Bob Roberts, Bob Miller, Peggy Shropshire. Second row: Charley Morris, Bob George, Allan McNeal, Norman Davis, Bernard Morris, Bill Nuber, Ben Shropshire. Third row: Mr. Below, jerry Gaines, Bob Skaaden, Robert Gill, Arthur Ziebell, Ron Jenner, Gordon Lehr. Others: Elaine Anderson, Bill Con, Dale Furness, Dave Kreibich, Al Murdock, Mr. Clausen. "The Alhf' of Vancouver High School is outstanding among the yearbooks of high schools in the Northwest because it is printed as a student project in the school's own print shop. Student linotypemen set up the body type from copy prepared by the Alki Staff. Stu- dent hand compositors set the Brush headlines, assembled the type and engravings into pages, and locked them up for the press. Student pressmen operated the Little Giant auto- matic job cylinder press on which these pages were printed. The "signatures" or sheets were folded on a Baum automatic folder which was also student operated. Finally, the Alki Staff and the Printers joined forces to gather the pages into book form to be sent to a com- mercial bindery for binding. In addition to The Alhi, the Printers have produced twelve issues of the Columhia Log, of Vancouver High School, five issues each of The Shumway Echo of Shumway junior High School and of the McLoughlin Recon! of McLoughlin junior High School. Besides these publications hundreds of tickets, programs, and school forms of varying sizes and degrees of difficulty were produced as student projects. Levi Tillman and jack O'Rourke setting hand composition, Charles Osborne at the linotype, Bill Brown working on the joggerg Bob Skaaden running the Little Giant automatic cylinder press, and Lloyd Smith cutting stock on the paper cutter, Office S Miss WILLIAMS, Regiflmr Left to right: Miss Williams, Mrs, Keiser, Mrs, Schaper, Mrs. Richards, Miss Sampson. The Office Secretaries do general office work pertaining to the adminisstration of Vancouver High School with its more than 1600 students and 77 faculty members. As they are assigned to their various duties, these secretaries record attendance, keep index cards of students' credits, take dictation and type letters, do mimeographing for the school, maintain a cardex of each studentls daily program, run the telephone switchboard, and answer innumerable questions asked by teachers and students. Student' Seczetazieo - Zee ' STUDENT SECRETARIES: Miss MCDONOUGH, Advirer RECEPTIONISTSZ Miss VON BERG, Adwrer STUDENT SECRETARIES fUpperGr0u12j. First row: Gertrude Miner, Annabelle Grenier, Birdie Terry, Bernie Dallum, Shirley Nagel, Orpha Wfiley, Carol Schlichtig, Esther Bedell, Dorothella Lin- scott, Elsie Scholtz. Second row: Geraldine Klein, Bonnie Huff, Phyllis Carter, Barbara Hale, Joanne Tweed, Carole Roberts, Wilma Buschman, June Rogers, Dorothy Martin, Miss McDonough. RECEPTIONISTS fLawer Groupj. First row: Mrs, Jahraus, Bonnie Harwood, Geraldine Klein, Carol Dietrich, Lois Miller, Marion Downing, Loretta Roberts, Delores Johnson, Birdie Terry, Wanda Snyder. Second row: Elsie Sobolewski, Gail Whitfield, Shirley Browning, Gwen Pollock, Miss Hall, Miss von Berg, Margie Devitt, Joanne Tweed, Barbara Wallis, Marie Shanahan. Others: Gayle Adams. The Student Secretaries work as receptionists and stenographers in the counselors' offices, in the business office, and in the nurse's roomg others work in the main office and in various other offices in the building, answering the phone, running errands, taking dic- tation, and typing. They must all be enrolled in second-year stenography. The Receptionists help Miss von Berg, Miss Hall and Mrs. jahraus by taking dictation and scheduling appointments for the Dean of Girls. N INIETY Eioiirr fed 6:4144 ,4 to Miss HANBY, School Nurse First row: Wilma Olsen, Evelyn Schmunk, janet Sebo, Delpha Hinz, Haroldene Henry, Lucille Wolken, Lois Wolken. Second row: Delores Ruge, Phyllis Neumann, Mary McKee, Miss Kirwin, Miss Hall, Kay Haugdahl, Nathalie Harris, Sheree Lance. Lois Wolken, Chairfmrfz The Red Cross attendants spent one period each day in the Red Cross room and earned two credits a year. They were trained by the school nurse to take temperatures and to care for minor illnesses. They were responsible for keeping the Red Cross room neat and clean, 106661 Wtdltilfdftd MR. CONOVER, Adrfiref' First row: Donna Mae Middleton, jerry Klein, Judith Johnson, Arlene Sedell, Anna Dyvig, Lorraine Martin, Joy Worcester, Leeila Bennett, Bonnie Harwood, Emmy Lewis. Second row: Mona Sundvik, Pat Marsh, Mary Satterfield, Florence Martin, Marilyn Brown, Pat Carlton, Hazel Kenny, Joyce Henderson, Diana Munger, Marlys Aslund. Third row: joan Dirks, Lois Burton, Mary Angle, joan Wallace, Diane White, Phyllis Russell, Margie Devitt, Laura Austin, Nancy Walker, Helen Lemberg. Fourth row: Orson Ravenberg, Stan Green, Dick Moore, jim Rhodes, Jerry Gray, Darwin Purvis, Harry Anderson, Ike Forgey. Fifth row: Bob Rosendaul, Dick Baranovich, Don Olson, Bill Earing, Al Price, Earl Rosendaul. The Locker Monitors were stationed at tables in the halls throughout the building during their study halls. lt was their responsibility to watch the lockers during classes and to require a permit signed by the classroom teacher before allowing students to open lockers. NTN'E'Ti"NINE 1' ' and gaobzaom MRS. MCCORDIC, Miss MURRAY, Libmrianrg MR. FRos'r, Bookroom First row: Carol Nelson, Charlotte Paul, Ann Ross, Alice Sieward, Eleanor Kasulka, Lynette Gardner, Rozina Record, Pat Hart, Ann McGilchrist. Second row: Laura Austin, JoAnne Pendergraft, janet Sebo, Charlotte Koons, Terry Nichols, Hazel Kenny, jane Selby, Cherie Rogers, Carole Graham, Bernie Dallum, Phyllis Nelson, Marlyn Adams, Mrs. McCordic. Third row: Bette Butz, Darlene Powers, Beryline Raines, Charlene XX'omersly, Elaine Schafer, Donna Hood, Donna Carlton, joan Alvord, Merle Hartley, Dorothy Volker, Marie Shanahan, Mary Mills. Fourth row: Mr. Frost, Bill Noble, Bob Seeds, Herbert Runyan, jim Martin, Tom Dove, Bob Sager, Dick Sager. Others: Elsie Boal, Kay Wright, Despo Koupas, Lois Rivet, Betty Breitenstein, Norma Rogers, Lee Ann Gilson, Aldeen Stamper, Beverly Beck, Shirley Hopkins, Nancy Walker. Each period of the school day there were from two to six library assistants who were always ready to get materials for teachers and students. They were trained to place, cata- logue, and mend books, to file cards, to design library posters, and to compile bibliog- raphies for English and social study class units. The Bookroom and Lost and Found attendants composed one of the many student groups that serve the students of V.H.S. The books issued to students are stored in the Bookroom and distributed to the teachers from there. Every year thousands of lost books and personal articles are turned in to the Lost and Found Department and returned to their owners. gmaeeu Staff MR. CONOVER, Advirer Left to right: Dorothy Davis, Miss Heglin, Mr. Conover, Martha Hedin, Mrs. Kracaw. The activities of the Student Body are so extensive that considerable help is required to audit the accounts. Mrs. Kracaw, the school treasurer, spends three periods daily in the office. Miss Marilyn Heglin is a full-time secretary. Student help is furnished from the class in office practice. Oxa IILNDPLD Eagle MR. FELDMANN, Advirer First row: Bill Noble, Bob Sager, Bill Bellingar, Bruce Thompson, Artie Supina, joe Munson, Ken Cole. Second row: Clifford Rausch, Duane Allen, Wallace Gill, Jerry Liming, Cliff Andrews, Wayne Andrews, Orson Ravenberg, John Kinyon. Third row: Mr. Feldmann, Delbert Ramey, Clarence Moore, Phillip Hoke, Tom Miksch, Bill Woolsey, Maurice O'Callahan, Bob Skaaden. Phillip Hoke ,,Y,,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Preridenf Dean Vilander ,,,, ,,,,Y,,,A,,,, V ice Preridenl Del Ramey ,77,,,ii,,,, ,,,,i,,.,,,,,,,Y,,, S efremry Membership in the Rifle Club was limited to junior and Senior boys. All of the members were interested in marksmanship and in the proper handling of rifles. This year the club experimented with kneeling and sitting positions. octane azmew of zfmefzdca MR. SCOTT, MR. HUDGIN, Adnirerf First row: Glen Thornton, Don Benjamin, George Dalton, Lloyd Robinson,iArnie Thorson, Bob Crockford, George Gaither, Tom Leeper, Kenny Bacon. Second row: Ike Forgey, jim Lawson, Marlin Ruge, Gordon Andersen, Paul Tovey, Keith Borg, Clarence Brunner, Gary johnson, Kenneth Thom- son, Dan Benjamin. Third row: Everett Gibson, Don Hegewald, Mike Field, Clifford Rausch, Dick Dailey, K Kuhnhausen, Don Nelson, Zane Miller, Lewis Wright. Zane Miller ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,..r,,,,,,.,.,., P rerident Robert Crockford ,,,,, ,,,,, T reazrzzrer Lloyd Robinson ,,,,,,, ,,r,,,, V ice President Dean Vilander ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, R eporzfer john Nelson ,,,. ,,,t,,,,,,,.t,,,,,,,tt,,, S errelnry jim johnson , ,...,,,,,,,,, Y ,, Sentinel The Future Farmers of America sponsored a parents and son banquet this year. The local chapter held joint meetings with other chapters and competed with these groups in judging contests. The group prepared fair exhibits, went on several field trips, and sent delegates to the state and the national conventions. ONE Hlwurcr D Owl Miss HALL, Advirer First row: Charlene Duckworth, Patsy Hart, Mary Bacon, Arlene Buzzini, Merlynn Root, Luella Adams, Judy Reglien, Nancy Smith, Eunice Buzzini. Second row: Miss Hall, Sybil Sumrow, Joan Alvord, Donna Day, Janice Burgess, Ronnie Kniiuss, Bob Fernea, Gail McMahon, Wilma Buschman, Bill Noble. JOHH AlVOrd ..t, , ,r,.. ,.,,,, P I'L'.fidE77l Gail McMahon H ,,,,,, Secretary Ronnie Knauss ,,,,,,,,, Vice Prefidefzl Mary Bacon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Trearurer The French Club had regular after school meetings, two evening meetings, and a dinner which they cooked themselves. As a special project they sponsored a telegraph booth at the Trap Carnival. 63445 Miss ROBINSON, Advirer First row: Mary Andrews, Betty Roeder, Sally Jo Grimm, June Syrek, Joan Hendricksen, Alice Stanton, Linda Skeels, Elaine Evans, Carol King, Mardel Jones. Second row: John Kinyon, Marvin Lehr, Bill Chisholm, Pat Carr, Twhylla Krumm, Jean Liming, Pat Schofield, Judy Frink, Kathleen Bourke, Nadine Vail. Third row: Miss Robinson, Bill Crawford, Don Wendt, George Douglas, Tom Burgess, Russell Reiter, Jerry Liming, Crissie Paeth, Phyllis Russell, Diane NXfhite. Russell Reiter H ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P I'0.l'j5Iit?7If Nadine Vail ,,,,,, , ,,,,,, Vice Preyjdenz Marvin Lehr ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , , Secrelury The main purpose of the Spanish Club is to promote the students' understanding of Spanish-speaking nations and to encourage the speaking of Spanish among its members. The club meetings are held on Tuesdays. The highlight of the year for the Spanish Club is the annual event-"La Fiesta!" ONE TIUN onun Two Miss MARTIN, Advirer First row: Dolores Winge, Pat Gregg, Sally Drake, Shirley Guilford, Darlene Klemetsrud, Har- oldene Henry, Genevieve Kulackoski, Betty jean Randall, Doris Phillips. Second row: Bill Noble, Mar- lys Aslund, Greta Nielson, Mona Sundvik, Barbara Haugen, Mildred Foster, Donna Cone, Anna Dyvig, Macelle McKeag. Third row: Miss Martin, Marilyn Brown, Mary Jane Greer, Larry Coniff, Trudy Eg- ger, Mike Stein, Marilyn Harris, Arlis Anderson, Alice Pollgreen, Cloyce Bell. HHFQMCHC HCHIY ,..........,..r.r,,,,, Prefident Doris Phillips ,,,t,,A,, wvv,,YY S errefazry Milfllyfl Brown .,..v.....,v,,., Vive Pfeiident Mona Sundvik ,,,r,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Trefzrurer The Latin Club met twice a month, giving many plays and reports on subjects pertinent to Latin. At one of their meetings they entertained the French Club. To join the club the student must have taken Latin or be enrolled during the year. 7u2ui4 MRS. PATTEN, Advifer First row: Donna Miller, Mary Bacon, Eleanor Osborn, Phyllis Nelson, Alice Stanton, Ruth Rob- erts, Carol Nelson, jo Hunt, Joanne Bardell. Second row: Virginia Blackwell, Mickey Breneman, Susan Fitzgerald, Gayle Adams, Loraine Lauber, Nathalie Harris, Cathie George, Mary Petersen, jackie Ca- ples. Third row: Loretta Roberts, Shirley Rolling, Dick Pedersen, joe White, Donna Butler, joan Pur- viance, Barbara Meredith, Jackie Taylor, Letha Bergquist. Fourth row: Mrs. Patten, Leatha Brown, Donna McNamer, Jim Graham, Delbert Ramey, Juanita Gainon, Sophie Chronis. Loraine Laubef ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, President Virginia Blackwell s,,.,,.....,,,..,.,, Preridefzl Jackie Capieg ,,,,-- ,,,,, V ice Preriden! Carol Nelson ,.,,,,.,, ,,,,,,. V ire President Mary Petersen ,,,-, ,,,,,,,,,,, S erremry Donna Butler ,,,,,,, s,,,,,,,,, S ecretary Ioan Pui-Viance ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,., T reamrer Ioe White ,,,,.,.ss .,.,., T reamfer Joe White ,,,---,,,,,,--,,,,,i,,,,i,,,,,,,i, Aclivitier Joe White ,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,. Activitier The purpose of the Triad Club is to promote interest in art and in the activities of the art department. The club cooperated with the Boys' League sponsoring the White Christ- mas Ball. They had a booth at the TRAP Carnival and presented an oil painting to the school. ONE HUNIDPPD Tuma Duma dal Miss SALTER, Adviser First row: Carolyn Arnold, Donna Miller, Betty Ingram, Loris Loree, Virginia Blackwell, Despo Koupas, Rozina Record, Ann McGilcl1rist. Second row: Miss Salter, Norma joan Keyser, Sandra Bowman, Margie Keister, Bob Kuykendall, Gail McMahon, Helen DuPree, Monica Ritty, Nancy Smith. Third row: Dorothy Klym, Charlene Womersley, Donna Day, Ronnie Knauss ,Bernard Morris, Alan Morris, Dorothy Martin. Ann M CGilChriSt ,i.,,r,i.,,.,Y,,,,,,,,,, President Monica Ritty ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S efrelary Bernard Morris ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice Prefident Despo Koupas ,,7,,,,, Prodnftion Manager The Drama Club is organized for the purpose of giving its members experience in acting and directing plays. One of the three project plays of the club, "Take a Letter," was given in a school assembly this year. 'yatme 7e4c4ew of ffmefzcba MR. BOYD, Advirer First row: Dorothy Plum, Gloria Hopkins, Dolores Moll, Janet Cavens, Cloyce Bell, Dolores Rog- ers, jean Woodings, Phyllis Sunnarborg. Second row: Mr. Eldon Boyd, Sheree Lance, Edythe McCarty, Diane White, Norma Rogers, Carole Roberts, Betty Yabs, Florence Martin, Kathleen McLaughlin. Others: Henry Maas. Norma Rogers ,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,.. P rerident Cloyce Bell ,.,, ,,i, ,,,,,, T r eafurer Diane White ,,,,,,, ,.,, V ire Prerident Carole Roberts ,,,,,, ,,.,,,, R eporter Gloria Hopkins ,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary Henry Maas ,..,,,,,,,,.,V,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hirtorian The Future Teachers of America Club was responsible for some of the story-telling hours at the Vancouver Public Library. The object of the club is to acquaint students with the teaching profession and to help them decide whether they wish to become teachers. ONE HrvNmu-:D Form Pemcima 66:5 MR, J. D. MILLER, Advirer First row: Lois McCarty, Betty Jo Hunt, Arlene Nuhring, Bonnie Drury, Claudette Kment, Norma Bain, Gertrude Parkhurst, Bernice Bellamy, Nancy Payton. Second row: Peggy Shropshire, Terrv Nichols, Elsie Sobolewski, Darlene Powers, Dorothy Clarlr, Barbara Hale, Mary Fish, Betty Spence. Barbara Whitrock, Mary Ann Le Bouef. Third row: Barbara Fountain, Shirley Parker, Herbert Run- yan, Jack Beckel, Frank Jones, Jim Martin, Lucy Bearce, Marilyn Buetow, Lois Brewe, Mr. Miller. Marilyn Buetow ,,,,,,,,,,,,V,,,,,,,,,,, Prefidefzt Mary Fish ,,,,,,,,,o,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,Y,,,,,. Trezzm1'e1' Lois McCarty ,.., ,.,,..,,,,,,..,,,,,,. S ecreldry Elsie Sobolewski ,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,t.,,.,, Hirlorian Claudette Kment ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Gozferfmr to Stale Board The Retailers' Club is affiliated with the Washington Retailers' Club and the Dis- tributive Clubs of America. The members of the club are students from the retail training class. Claudette Kment was elected Vice President of the Washington Retailers Club. Vatouuztdonal felcuficma and MR. ROEDER, Adfuirer First row: Don Wardrop, Sandy Thayer, Bill Dhring, Dick Baranovich, Bob Fernea, Bob Hoeft, Bill Lindsey. Second row: Bill Noble, Harold Powell, Pat Lemon, Mark johnson, Roger Griffin, Bill Boyd, George Whitaker, Hollis Ransom, Don Whitenack, Mr. Roeder. Third row: janet Sebo, Elsie Sobolewski, Nadine Vail, Nona Buker, Pat Vail, Crissie Paeth, Diane White, Carole Roberts, Anna Mae Ringstad, Betty Ray, Pat Carr. Fourth row: Ann McGilchrist, Beverly Koppe, Birdie Terry, ,Io Hunt, Letha Bergquist, Ellen Galbraith, Rosalie Boley, Viginia Blackwell, Despo Koupas, Betty Roeder. Ann McGilchrist ,,,, ,,,,,. ,,,,,, P 1 'eridemf Hollis Ransom ,YVA ,,,,,AA,,,,,,,, P rerident Despo Koupas ,,,,,,, ,,,,, V ice Preridefzt Don Wardrop ,,,,, ,,,,,, V ice President Betty Roeder ,,,,,,,, ,,.,, , ,, Secrelary Nadine Vail ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,A, S ecremry Don Whitenack ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Trearzzrer Don Whitenack ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,A,,, 7 47'9dJ'lH'C'7' The object of the International Relations Club is to help the students to develop a sense of world-wide friendship and understanding. The club had many interesting debates and discussions, as well as interesting outside speakers. ONE HUNDRRD Fur mm fed Zuma MRs. HEINEN, Adrifer First row: Peggy DuBois, Joan Alvord, Molly O'Connor, Diana Munger, Marilyn Payton. Second row: Bill Noble, Bob Fernea, Dick Baranovich, Craig Schumacher, jack Wennberg, Mrs, Heinen. Molly O'Conn0r ,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. Prefiderrl Bill Noble ,,,,,,,,,,,Ai, ,,,V,, V ice Preriderrt joan Alvord YY,,,, ,,,,,Y,,,,,,Y,,,,,cii.. S ecrelezry The Junior Red Cross Council raised S8100 for their Projects, sent twenty Hogan edu- cational kits to the Navajo children besides 3510 at Christmas, worked in the Barnes Hos- pital library, made 600 Thanksgiving favors, delivered holiday greetings at Barnes, dis- tributed Senior Red Cross drive materials, and sold cokes at the Trap Carnival. MRS. JACKSON, Adviser First row: Elsie Scholtz, Betty jo Hunt, Dena Chalquest, Gerry Klein, Dorothella Linscott, Grace Bower, Gloria Shapland, Carolyn Arnold. Second row: Pat Hahn, janet Sebo, Bonnie Jederberg, Dor- othy Martin, Mary johnson, Barbara Bal-cke, Loretta Roberts, Sandra Bowman, XWanda Snyder, Mrs. Jackson. Third row: Macelle McKeag, Ann Conner, Alice Cuda, Anna Mae Oberg, Margie Devitt, Pat Vail, Janice Burgess, Sheree Lance, Diane Tompkins, Pat Schofield. Macelle McKeag ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,. Prefiderzf Patricia Hahn ,,,,YY,,,,Y,Y,,-,,,,,,,,,,7, Trerzrurer Grace Bower rr,r,,,, r,,r,,Y.r V ice Preriderzt Alice Cuda 7,,,7,r,Y,,,, Publieity Chairman Margie Devitt ,,r,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,Y,,.,,,,, S erremry Dorothella Linscott ,,VV,,,.,,-,V,,VV, Hirrorirzn Betty Jo Hunt ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sofia! Chairman The Future Homemakers of America held a mother-daughter banquet and a party for the Future Farmers of America, and attended two parties given by the FFA. Their dele- gates attended the South Western Washington FHA Convention at Tacoma and the State Convention at Pullman. The club sent Pat Hahn, a junior, to the National conference at Kansas City, Kansas. ONE HLNDRED Six Z-igffwi 'F ?l5W ii iifffi 1' fl V11 W7 " ,...,,. 1 , Q. . ,...4, z,, , uvvuqu 6 '.. aw .. fu My f+12'.wfy:f':wiff:9 -f-'s , v ff My ,. ' A Bob Taylor Del Mosier Sandy Thayer Luther Beck Q Center above J Bob Dunn Dick Moore Gene Pyles Bill Dunn Scott Lovely ,4w4fw!4 THREE YEAR Bob Skaaden Jerry Miller jim McDowell Gene Pyles Ken Cooper Bob Skaaden Herman Kilwein Dick Moore Duane Allen fCenter belowj Ben Mosley Two YEAR Ben Mosley Bob Luse Kent McLachlin Duane Allen ' 4 of 7949 7aol!!aZ! With their new coach Roy Sandberg, the Trappers opened the season at home by winning a 19 to 7 ball game from Salem, in a non-con- ference tilt. The squad then trekked to Yakima where they downed the Yakima Pirates in an easy scoring contest with the Trappers coming out on the long end of a 38 to 25 score. In their first conference game the Longview Lumberjacks handed the Red and White an un- expected 6 to 0 loss. With a revengeful spirit the Traps stopped the Aberdeen Bobcats, 18 to 13 in a hard fought battle. Sam Hill jim Raynor Manager Manager The next week Vancouver upset Highline of Seattle by a narrow margin of 13 to 12. Olym- pia, the '49 league champion invaded Kiggins Bowl only to gain a 21 to 21 tie from a spirited Red and White team. The Trappers handed a shutout to the Cen- tralia Tigers with a score of 13 to 0 and the next week were shutout themselves by the Hoquiam Grizzlies. Score-14 to 0. In the Kelso game the Traps came from be- hind in the last quarter and looked as if they were on way to victory, but had to settle for a 13-13 tie, In the traditional Thanksgiving Day game at Camas the Red and White played one of their best ball games and at the sound of the final gun, ended the season with a 20 to 7 win. At the season's end Dick Moore was chosen for the All-State team to play in Seattle next fall. The team elected Ken Cooper captain and Vern Emter inspiration man. Sept Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov NOV 00 Mr. Sandberg Ken Cooper Vern Emter C ouch Cnpmifz I rzrpimziofz Man Seann fearful emfezeaee Stmwlazga 8 Vancouver Salem 7 Team L T Pts 2 5 Vancouver Yakima 2 5 - 30 A Vancouver Longview 6 Olympla " " 0 1 1 1 7 Vancouver Aberdeen 1 3 Aberdeen rrrr r rf 'A-- 2 0 8 15 Vancouver Highline 12 Kelso 1 .. .. 2 1 7 2 2 VLIIICOLIVCI' Olympia 2 1 Vancouver ,,,,, ,,---, 2 2 6 29 Vancouver Centralia 0 Hoquiam 3 0 6 4 Vancouver Hoquiam 14 - 7 VVVV 1 1 Vancouver Kelso 1 3 Longview "" """' 4 0 4 24 Vancouver Camas 7 Centra la "" ""'- 6 0 0 Russ Reiter Bill Reis Dale Bockstadter ,4aaud4 ONE YEAR Russ Reiter Bill Reis Dale Bockstadter Stan Green Ben Sloane Don Fish Willie Rogers Bob Taylor Delbert Mosier Sandy Thayer Luther Beck Bill Dunn Scott Lovely Bob Dunn Vern Emter Stan Green QCenter abovej jerry Miller Bob Luse Willie Rogers Herman Kilwein 1Center belowj Jim McDowell Ben Sloane Kent McLachlan Don Fish ONE HUNDRED NINE MR. LUEHRS, C nach First row: Johnnie Miller, Larry Alderin, Walter Graham, Don Dullum, Bob Parsons, Warren Curtiss, Roger Griffin, Frank Reynolds, Deane Soule, Mack Hall. Second row: Lynn Marczynski, Don Young, Frank Glenn, Ron Blankenbaker, George Bingham, Tony Kiggins, Bob Knapp, jim Main, Ronald Tasso, Ron Vogel. Third row: jerry Rausch, Bob McChesney, Garrell Evans, jack Beecher, Harry Pike, jim Cox, K. Kuhnhausen, Donald Cardon, jack Holland, Obedell Belcher, Louis Tesch. Fourth row: Mr, Luehrs, David O'Hara, Darrell Brandenburg, Elvis Wright, LeRoy Han, Gerald Pur- - viance, Elmo Frazier, Gordon Purviance, Raymond Crawley, Charles Dyer, jim Godwin. Suffering only one defeat at the hands of the Kelso JV's, the V.H.S. Sophs finished in a three way tie for first place with Kelso and Longview. Johnnie Miller, diminutive little quarterback, led the scoring with 25 points closely followed by half back Larry Alderin, who had 24 points. Other top scorers were Jim Cox and Dean Soule. The Sophs finished the season with seven wins, one loss, with 153 points scored for and 81 points against them. Minor Letters: Larry Alderin, Jack Beecher, Obedell Belcher, George Bingham, Ron Blankenbaker, Dewey Bliss, Don Cardon, Wa1'ren Curtis, Don Dullum, Garrell Evans, Elmo Frazier, Bud Gaylor, Frank Glenn, Le- Roy Han, Tony Kiggins, Bob Knapp. 1949-50 Seann Qecofwl Vancouver Sophs 7 Central Catholic 6 Vancouver Sophs 25 State School 0 Vancouver Sophs 20 Kelso 25 Vancouver Sophs 14 Camas 12 Vancouver Sophs 20 Longview 13 Vancouver Sophs 23 Battle Ground 12 Vancouver Sophs 19 Central Catholic 7 Vancouver Sophs 25 State School 6 ONE HUNDREU TEN , J J 1 5 . , junior . W. 'Z MR. SUCKLING, Comb First row: George Gaither, Bob Seeds, Elwyn Felts, Roy Hutts, jim Cox, Gordon Torey, Boi, Luse, Seccond row: George Foster, Greg Morrison, Roger Knight, Elmo Frazier, Tony Kiggins, Bill Bork, Olen Canamore, Gary Waite. Third row: Coach Len Suckling, jerry Brandon, Bob Perry, Benny Dacus, Dennis Wfolken, Garrell Evans, Leo Barker. The Vancouver junior Varsity coached by Len Suckling had a very successful season winning 13 games while losing only 1. That one game was to the powerful Kalama Chinooks, State "BU Champs. All the members will return next year to provide capable varsity ma- terial. Letter Winners: Bob Luse, Roy Hutts, Elwyn Felts, Bob Perry, Bill Bork, Bennie Dacus, Gordon Torrey, Dennis Wolken, jerry Brandon, Bob Seeds, George Gaither Qmanagersj . 1949-50 Seaeam feaofwi Junior Varsity 53 Central Catholic 25 Junior Varsity 39 La Center 22 junior Varsity 38 Scappoose 36 junior Varsity 55 Longview 31 Junior Varsity 40 Washougal 26 Junior Varsity 39 Kalama 67 unior Varsity 75 La Center 22 unior Varsity 51 Washougal 30 unior Varsity 44 Concordia 36 Varsity 49 Clark V. 41 junior Varsity 44 Central Catholic 42 Junior Varsity 63 Longview 42 junior Varsity 42 Ridgefield 38 junior Varsity 44 Ridgefield 32 ONE HUNDRED Er.Ev1f:x 0 MR. LONG, C mach pu-ceadon Qcwzea The Trappers started the season off with a bang by defeating Lincoln of Portland 67-42 and were still on top after they had downed Hillsboro by a score of 57-42. The Red and White then had trouble finding the hoop as they were beaten by Central Catholic 53-36 and by Kalama, the B tournament champs of 1949, by 64-49. To gain experience the Trappers now went on a three day road trip to southern Oregon, where they lost hard fought games to Coquille, 44-42, and to Myrtle Point, 53-43, but they came out of their slump and defeated North gamer: The Vancouver Trappers of 1950 started with Coach Les Long in his first year as head coach and settled at the finish for a co-championship with Kelso, winning nine and losing three games. Snow hampered the schedule, for two games, Battle Ground and Kelso, had to be postponed until the end of the sea- son. Bend 53-45. The Trappers began their Conference games by winning handily over Camas 64-40 and by defeating Longview, next on their list, 41-33. Because of the weather they shifted their schedule to play Longview the second game and to win by a good margin, 36-28. Repeating their success, the Red and White now gave Camas their second defeat to the tune of 65-54. Then the Vancouver team took its first Conference losses, when Kelso stacked up a score of 46-41 and Battle Ground made 49 to Vancouver's 45. Starting on the third and last round of play, the Trappers threw off their jinx to Bob Dunn qNo. 75 trying t0 get H P1155 aWaY- win over Camas 54-36, to beat Longview in a close squeek of three points, 49-46, and to down the Highlanders 39-33. After the Trappers had won their sec- ond brush with Battle Ground 44-28, they lost 31-47 the third time they played the Highlanders, but were able to end the sea- son by defeating Battle Ground 45-39. Tying with Kelso, the Trappers had to face a play-off for the State berth and to lose a heartbreaking game by a score of 38-36. Then with only one chance left to play in the State Tournament, they were slated to meet Hoquiam on the Centralia floor. Here though fighting their hardest, they lost by a score of 51-46. jerry Miller and Gay Dacus won posi- tions on the All-Conference teams by their outstanding playing throughout the entire season Bob Skaaden, Duane Allen. Top to bottom: jerry Miller, Gay Dacus Bob Dunn, Cliff Andrews, Bob Taylor ,4wcvzd4 Gay Dacus ,,v,,,v ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,vA,, Jerry Miller ,,vY,,,A,,,, Gay Dacus ,,,,,,, ,,-,,w K VAN, Moy! Improved Player Slanley Cup, Oulflafzding Player Hofzomry Crzpfaifz Mr, Long LETTERMAN AWARDS: Three Sniper-jerry Miller, Willis Anderson, Duane Allen, Two SIripeJvBob Skaaden, Duane Kinnunen, One Slripe -Gay Dacus, Cliff Andrews, Bob Taylor, Bob Gibbons, Herman Jones, Hubert Smith, Scott Lovely, Bob Dunn. Tom Miksch, manager. 7949-50 Seddon Pecan! Vancouver 64 Camas 40 Vancouver 41 Longview 33 Vancouver 36 Longview 28 Vancouver 65 Camas 54 Vancouver 41 Kelso 46 Vancouver 45 Battle Ground 49 Vancouver 54 Camas 36 Vancouver 49 Longview 46 Vancouver 39 Kelso 33 Vancouver 44 Battle Ground 28 Vancouver 3 1 Kelso 47 Vancouver 45 Battle Ground 39 Posr SEASON Vancouver 36 Kelso 38 Vancouver 46 Hoquiam 51 Top to bottom: Duane Kinnunen, Willie Anderson, Bob Gibbons, Scott Lovely, Herman jones, Hubert Smith, Tom Miksch, Mgr. Pecan! Team VC' L Pct. VANCOUVER ,,.,, 9 3 .750 Kelso ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,A 9 3 .750 Camas ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 6 6 .500 Longview ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 5 7 .417 Battle Ground ,,,,cc,,,,c 1 11 .083 Jerry Miller KNO. SJ attempting a one-hand push up shot with Cliff Andrews QNO. 41 looking on MR. LUEHRS, Cofzcb First row: Johnnie Miller, Larry Alderin, Jack Beecher, Willie Rogers, Dean Soule, Dave O'Hara Second row: Mr. Luehrs, Jim Skaaden, George Plummer, LeRoy Han, Bob Knapp, K Kuhnhausen. Coach Luehrs' Sophomores won the B league championship undefeated with 12 straight victories. During the preseason games they lost only the first one 33-36 to the Lincoln jV,s and won the other three from Hillsboro, Central Catholic, and Kalama, and thus ended the season with one loss and fifteen straight wins. Johnnie Miller led the Soph scorers with 197 points while Jim Skaaden was next with 160 points. Minor Letters: Johnnie Miller, Jim Skaaden, Ron Lundquist, Dean Soule, Dave O'Hara, Willie Rogers, and Bob Knapp, Mgr. 7749-50 Seneca femme! Vancouver 3 3 Lincoln jV,s 36 Vancouver 4 1 Central Catholic 3 8 Vancouver 54 Hillsboro 39 Vancouver 48 Kalama 2 2 Vancouver 51 Camas 1 4 Vancouver 44 Longview 2 3 Vanvouver 4 5 Longview 3 4 Vancouver 60 Camas 2 7 Vancouver 60 Kelso 3 6 Vancouver 38 Battle Ground 20 Vancouver 4 1 Camas 3 2 Vancouver 5 O Longview 40 Vancouver 49 Kelso 2 8 Vancouver 45 Battle Ground 28 Vancouver 5 1 Kelso 2 5 Vancouver 5 4 Battle Ground 29 ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN R. LONG, ann First row: Bill Brown, Herbert Runyan, Jim Gaylor, Gordon Mosley, Marlin Ruge, Bernard Morris, Gordon Andersen, Albert Haats. Second row: Mr, Long, Arnie Thorson, Don Mose, Bob Perry, David Funk, Ron Anthony, Paul Swearengin, Paul Tovey. This year the Trapper Cross-Country team competed in four triangle meets in the Portland loop and in one home meet. They completed their season with the Oregon State Cross-Country Championships at Lewis and Clark College. The only Trapper vic- tory was against Evergreen on the home course. In the first meet, Vancouver came through with a second place against Cleveland and Benson at Benson. . In the second try the Trapper Harriers again placed second in a three way tussle with Washington and Grant at Grant. Again as usual the Trappers trompped out another second place against jefferson and Roosevelt at Roosevelt. For the fourth time in as many tries, the Red and White squeeked out another second place. This meet was against Franklin and Lincoln on the tough Franklin course. In the fifth meet the Trappers showed true running form by beating a good Evergreen team. This was the only Trapper victory of the season. The Trappers then went to the Oregon State Championships at Lewis and Clark. The Trappers didn't compete as a team but tried for individual places. All they got for their troubles were nineteenth and twenty-fifth places by Gordon Mosley and Bob Perry. Six major letters and six minor letters were awarded. Awards: First Team: Bob Perry, Gordon Andersen, Paul Swearengin, jim Gaylor, Gordon Mosley, Herbert Runyang Second Team: Paul T ovey, Albert Haats, Arnie Thor- son, David Funk, Marlin Ruge. ONE FIUNDRED FIFTEEN Left to riht: Bill Scheide, Karl Anderson, Don Mose, Ken Cooper, Gordon Andersen, Dave O'Hara. Top to bottom: Bill Cox, Frank Glenn, Stan Green, Bob Gladson, Don Scott, Ervin Miller, Bill Bellingar, Gene Perry. MR. LONG, Coarla MARCH 31, Relay meet at Roosevelt. Vancouver, 35:kQ jef- ferson, 30125 Roosevelt, 23416. Vancouver took first places in the shot put relay, the high jump relay, broad jump relay and the pole vault. APRIL 8, Vancouver, 61 V23 Kelso, 51V2. Outstanding was Bob Taylor, as he set a new school record of 6' 1" in the high jump. Another top performance was turned in by the 880 yard relay of Stan Green, Ervin Miller, Don Bleth, and Eugene Perry, Time, 1:37.2. Other firsts were Duane Kinnunen, mile run, 5:83 Russ Reiter, shot put, 42' 9M"g Don Scott, broad jump, 19' 11V2". APRIL 15, Centralia Relays. Vancouver won the seventh relay crown in 16 years. Vancouver had 41 14 points and Centralia was second with 27. Firsts were in the 440 and 880 yard relay of Ervin Miller, Stan Green, Bill Bellingar, and Eugene Perry. Time, 46.7 and 1:39.3. In the special individual events Bob Taylor won the high jump, 5' 5V2". Bob Herb was third in the pole vault and Don Wardrop third in the discus throw. APRIL 20 at jefferson. Vancouver 573 Benson, 333 Jefferson, 18.The Trappers placed well in all events, taking eight first places. Bob Taylor won the high jump at 5'8" and the high hurdles in 16.6, Eugene Perry, 100 yd. dash, 10:5 Gordon Andersen, mile, 4:55, Stan Green, low hurdles, 26.4, Don Wardrop, shot put, 45'4"g Bob Herb, pole vault, 11', and Fred Wilcox, broad jump, 18' 7". APRIL 28 at Vancouver. Vancouver, 53, Grant, 47, Washing- ton, 30. Vancouver won their third straight meet against Portland. Stan Green ran the lowhurdles in 23.4 for a new school record. Firsts were Don Scott, high hurdles, 16.5, Eugene Perry, 100 yd. DNR HUNLWREIJ SIXTEEN 1 . Left to right: Don Bleth, Bob Perry, Ben Sloane, Duane Kinnunen, Bob Luse Fred Wilcox, Side, top to bottom: Bob Dunn, Bob Herb, Russell Reiter, Don Wardrop, Bob Taylor, Don Smeback, Floyd Northup, Clifford Rausch. clash, 10.4 ftiedj, Bob Herb, pole vault, 11', Bob Taylor, high jump, 5'1O". APRIL 29, Longview Relays. Kelso edged out the Trappers 40 to 38 to win the Rotary relays. Bob Taylor won the high jump at 5'8M,", Stan Green, Bill Bellingar, Irwin Miller, and Eugene Perry won both the 440 and 880 yd. relays. Time, 46.2, 1:56.1. MAY 5 at Cleveland. Franklin, 85, Vancouver, 26, Cleveland 18. The Trapper varsity men were out for the Sub-District Meet. The Sophomore tracksters picked up points with second and third places in all events. MAY 6 at Vancouver. Sub-District. Kelso, 46V2, Vancouver second with 38 points. Bob Taylor set a new Sub-District high jump record of 6'. Other Trappers who qualified for the district meet were Stan Green, low hurdles, Bob Dunn, pole vault, Eugene Perry, 100 yd. dash, Bob Luse, broad jump, Don Wardrop, shot put, discus. Gordon Andersen, Bill Bork, mile, Bob Taylor, high hurdles. MAY 13, District Meet at Olympia. Vancouver qualified two men for the State Meet, Bob Taylor in the high jump and Stan Green in the hurdles. Bob tied for second but won a place in the jump-off. Stan won the hurdles in 23.7. Vancouver scored 10 VZ, with Hoquiam winning by a large margin with 4 VZ. Awdddd LETTERMAN AWARDS: Three Sniper: Eugene Perry, Don Bleth, Bob Taylor, Don Wardrop. Two Sniper: Stan Green, Bob Herb, Bob Luse, Irvin Miller, Don Mose, Bob Perry, Don Scott, Fred Wilcox. One Stripe: Bill Bellingar, Duane Kinnunen, Russ Rei- ter, Gordon Andersen, jim Cox, Bob Dunn, Dave O'Hara, Bill Bork, Ben Sloane, Glenn Frank, Ken Cooper. Bob Taylor ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , C apmin Stan Green ..:::. ,,,, , ,, Impimrimz Man ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEXN Z MR. ROY SANDBERG, C oacb Dean Angel, Tom Hudgin, Mmmgerf First row: Marvin Woolf, Duane Allen, john Westby, Cliff Andrews, Bob Skaaden, Willie Rogers, LeRoy Han, Jim Skaaden, Herman jones, Dean Soule. Second row: Clyde Falls, johnny Mil- ler, Garrell Evans, Leo Barker, Evert Aldridge, George Plummer, Elvis Wright, Gordon Lehr, Bill Lordos, jerry Lodge, Scott Lovely. Third row: Mr. Sandberg, Dean Angel, jerry Brandon, Don Omvig, Don Fish, Bennie Dacus, jack Beecher, Paul Swearengin, Albert Wiedman, Tom Hudgin, Bill Brown, Mr. Cherednick. The Trappers with a sophomore-laden line-up opened their season against Camas and scored almost at will while winning 14-2. Then against Kelso our boys squeezed through with a 6-5 win by shutting off a Highlander rally in the last of the seventh inning. The third game of the season found thee Trappers playing host to the Battle Ground Tigers. This game proved to be the best to date as it went nine innings before the Tigers put across two runs to win 4-2. A The catching chores were handled by Cliff Andrews and Herman jones. The pitch- ing staff included Bob Skaaden, john Westby, and Soph LeRoy Han. First base was held down by Scott Lovely with Darrell Wood as his understudy. Marvin Woolf and Johnny Miller exchanged at the second base position, each doing equally well. Third base was occupied by Duane Allen with George Plummer taking the back seat. Dean Soule broke the starting line-up early in the year at shortstop and nailed down the assignment. jerry Lodge gave him needed competition. The first string outfield consisted of jim Skaaden, Willie Rogers, and Bob Skaaden with Jerry Brandon substituting when needed. The team was led in the hitting department by Jim and Bob Skaaden, Cliff Andrews, and Duane Allen. Andrews was the power hitter with a home run in the Camas game and a triple against Kelso. The players lost by graduation were Bob Skaaden, john Westby, Cliff Andrews, Marvin Woolf, Duane Allen, Jerry Lodge, and Mike Witter. 1749-50 Semen faced Vancouver 1 Camas Vancouver Kelso Vancouver Battle Ground Vancouver 1 O Kelso Vancouver Longview Vancouver Camas Vancouver Olympia Vancouver Yakima Vancouver Milwaukie ONE HUNDRED EIG1-ITEEN 7mm MR. LUE1-ms, Comb First row: Bob Wilkerson, Don Gaiser, Ervin Frank, Don Whitenack, jack Sloane, Tony Kig- gins, Roger Knight, Roger Griffin. Second row: Russell Boveia, Harry Pike, Jim George, Bob Gib- bons, Don DuBois, Bob Hoeft, Bob Knapp, Bernard Morris, Mr. Luehrs. Coach Lewis Luehrs, Tennis Team is at full strength this year with 3 seniors, 2 jun- iors and 5 sophomores doing most of the playing. The singles are played by Don Whitenack, Don Gaiser, Roger Knight, jack Sloane. The doubles are played by jack Sloane and Tony Kiggins or jim George, Bernie Morris and Don DuBois. Vancouver 6 Cleveland 0 Vancouver 5 Longview 1 Vancouver 4 Dallas, Oregon 5 Vancouver 3 Longview 2 Sea ' ' MR. JAMES, Conch First row: Jim Willis, Bill Davis, Ervin Frank, Merle Templeton, Bill Dunn, Don DuBois, Bob Harlan, Gordon Tipp, Dick Payne. Others: Bob jones, jim Herb. Vancouver had six swimming meets and lost two. They swam against Longview, West Linn, and Salem. Merle Templeton was the outstanding swimmer with 73 points. Vancouver placed fifth in the state swimming meet at Seattle out of the twelve teams that entered. There were fou.r boys who entered in the finals at Seattle: Merle Templeton, Bill Dunn, Bill Davis, and Ervin Frank, Merle took a first place in the 100 yard breast stroke by a big margin and also won the A.A.U. Championship in the breast stroke. ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN game? MR. HICKS, Direflm' First row: Jim Raynor, Allen Arnold, Larry Bonebrake, Harvey Boyer, Lloyd Robinson, George Foster, Edward Sinclair. Second row: Floyd Robinson, Herman Kilwein, Obedell Belcher, Joe Casa- nova, Gary Waite, Charles Morris, Donn Velte. Third row: Willy Rogers, Verlyn Fletcher, Sonny Iverson, john Nelson, Roy Glenn, Bob Angle. The boxing team ended the season with four wins, two losses, and three draws. 'Six boys from the team traveled to the Yakima State Tournament: Herman Kilwein, Larry Bonebrake, Verlyn Fletcher, Floyd Robinson, Bob Angle, and Sonny Iverson. Five boys also competed in the Oregon State Golden Gloves in Portland. They were Larry Bone- brake, Charlie Morris, Sonny Iverson, Bob Angle, and Floyd Robinson. Bonebrake was the number one battler for the V.H.S mittmen this year, winning the Oregon State Championship and being the runner-up for the Yakima Championship. Larry lost in the quarter-finals of the national Golden Gloves tournament in Boston. Verlyn Fletcher was elected team captain at the start of the season. Awards: Herman Kilwein, Bob Angle, Sonny Iverson, Larry Bonebrake, Floyd Robin- son, and Jim Raynor. MR. HICKS, Director is f f, ,,W,9',1 First row: Charles Nelson, Doug Kindall, jack O'Rourke, jim Gaylor, Dick Nettleton, Gus Wolfe, jack Deschner, Ivan Goll. Second row: jim Lawson, Louis Tesch, Chuck Osborne, Roy Glenn, Verlyn Fletcher, Marlin Ruge, Evert Aldridge, Len Banker. Third row: Bob Rogers, Max Maubach, Delbert Mosier, Phillip Fox, Sonny Iverson, jack Sloane, Don Dineen, Herman Kilwein. Three wrestlers for the team entered the Oregon State A.A.U. championships at the Multnomah Club in Portland. The three entering were Don Dineen, jim Lawson, and Art Wolfe. Dineen and Lawson were beaten out in the quarter finals of the tourmament, and Wolfe was beaten in the final to come back with second place in the 1 15 pound class. Awards: Doug Kindall, Don Dineen, Art Wolfe, Del Mosier, jim Lawson, Jack Desch- ner, Len Banker, Louis Tesch, Marlin Ruge, and -lack O'Rourke, manager. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY '70, pam MR. LONG, Direflm' For its second successful year the intramural program took care of the boys not participating in interscholastic sports. In these activities lettermen were excluded from the sport in which they made their letters. 4 e zmwaaee eww Left to right: Bob Cadwallader, Cliff Andrews, jim Graham, Carl Williams, Harvey Heimbuch. Coached by Duane Kinnunen and lead by Cliff Andrews and Harvey Heimbuch, Advisory 10 roared by all opposition to gain the top spot. Advisory, 109 threatened once in the championship game, played before the student body. but muldn't quite make it. 7 Wolfeglali First row: Charles Morris, Bob Cadwallader, Bob Boeft, Cliff Andrews, Eddie Forsythe, Harvey Heimbuch. Second row: Carl Zent, Carl Williams, jim Graham, Bill Miller, Duane Kinnunen. Advisory 10 took the intramural volleyball championship in a shoo-in. Never pressed, they made short work of all opposition including their traditional rivals from Advisory 9. ONE HUNDRED 'FWENTY-ONE ...J '7 gazing and Wzulkhg First row: Eddie Sinclair, Allen Arnold, George Foster, Herman Kilwein, Dick Martin, Wayne Andrews, Don Velte. Second row: George Hughes, Lowell Madson, Verlyn Fletcher, Bill Dunn, Obedell Belcher, Gary Waite, Charlie Morris, Harvey Boyer. Third row: Dick Ossinger, Zane Nelson, Bob Angle, Sonny Iverson, Jack Sloane, Roy Glenn, Eddie Forsythe. Individual champions in the intramural boxing tournaments this year were: flyweight, Bill Schiede fMr. Sucklingj, bantamweight, Ed Sinclair fMr. Cummingsj, welterweights, Bud Gaylor QMr. Mabenj and Frank Gaylor CMr. Sucklingj, middleweight, George Hughes QMr. Feldmannjg and Heavyweight, Bill Dunn fMr. Wm. Woodj. Mr. Suckling's advisory took a first team place and Mr. Cummingsl, Mr. Maben's, and Mr. Wm. Wood's groups tied for second. Individual wrestling champions were: Welterweight, Zane Nelson, senior Welterweight, Wayne Andrews, experienced Welterweight, Chet Hill, heavyweight, jack Sloane. First team place was taken by Mr. john Wood's group, with Mr. Suckling, Mr, Luehrs, Mr. Maben, and Miss Wintler watching their groups all tie for the remaining positions. 7 71464 From left to right: Bill McDonnell, Jim Cox, Bob Dunn, Frank Glenn. ' First place in Intramural track was taken by Mr. Roeder's advisory whose team members were jim Cox, Bob Dunn, Gordon Andersen, Glenn Frank, and Bill McDonnell. Mr. Suckling's group took second place, Mr. Luehrs' third, and Mr. Long's fourth. Points were won for Mr. Roeder's group by the following men: jim Cox, first in high hurdles and high-jump, Gordon Andersen, first in mile, Bob Dunn, first in broad-jump, and pole vault. They also won the 440 and 880 relays. ONE HUN Dano TWENTY-Two MR. BOYD, Advirer Bob Seeds, Craig Schumacher, Kent McLachlan, Mr. Boyd, Delbert Ramey, Tom Horne, Elmore Seeds. For the first time in ten years, Vancouver high school fielded a golf team. The Trap divot diggers used the local Royal Oaks Country Club for their home course. They com- peted against Lincoln, Jefferson, and Central Catholic in Oregon, and Camas, Chehalis, Longview, Clark Junior College, and Centralia in Washington. Six boys made up the team, which won five of its first six matches. Kent McLachlan was a near par performer in the No. 1 position. Craig Schumacher, Elmore Seeds, Bob Seeds, Tom Horne, and Delbert Ramey alternated in the other positions. With all six men capable of a score of 80 or better, Coach Boyd's squad was a definite challenge in the Southwest Washington Tournament at Chehalis, May 13. .4'eZZ'o-:meal Za! MR. SANDBERG, Advirer First row: Bob Herb, Ken Cooper, Ben Mosley, Richard Payne, Fred Wilcox, john Westby, Duane Allen, Dick Moore, Stan Green, Eugene Perry, Don Mose, Don Fish, Karl Anderson, jim Ray- nor. Second row: Bob Gladson, Ervin Frank, Cletus France, Floyd Robinson, Sonny Iverson, Willis Anderson, Marvin Woolf, Bill Dunn, jim George, Gordon Andersen, Herbert Runyan, Gordon Tipp, jim Gaylor, Douglas Kindall. Third row: Ernest Furness, Gordon Mosley, Don Scott, jerry Lodge, Eugene Pyles, Bob Dunn, Paul Swearengin, Louis Tesch, Don Dineen, Art Wolfe, jack O'Rourke, Allen Arnold, Larry Bonebrake, Sam Hill, Fourth row: Albert Reymond, Duane Kinnunen, Don Bleth, Russ Reiter, jim Johnson, Scott Lovely, john Nelson, Cliff Andrews, Merle Templeton, Charley Morris, Herman jones. Fifth row: jerry Miller, Don Velte, Don Nwhitenack, Sandy Thayer, Bob Angle, Bob Gibbons, Vern Emter, Bob Skaaden, Tom Miksch, Roy Glenn, Gay Dacus, Bob Taylor, Bob Hopkins, Hubert Smith. Sixth row: Mr. Sandberg, jim McDowell, W'illie Rogers, Bob Perry, jack Sloane, Delbert Mosier, Kent McLachlan, Bob Harlan, Chuck Osborne, Bob Jones, Erwin Miller. The aims of the Lettermenls Club are to promote good citizenship, to improve athletic teams, and to serve the school. This year was devoted to reorganizing the club. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THREE U V an I 0 Miss HAUCK, Miss PERRY, Advirem .4'eZ2'ezgrJfzl4 First row: Beverly Koppe, Lucille Wolken, Lois Wolken, Donna Zundell, Pat Andersen, Jerry Klein, Louise Hopkins, Ellen Galbraith, Elsie Sobolewski, Rosalie Gilmo-re, Darlene Klemetsrud, Bonnie Drury, Sally McCoy. Second row: Lynn Sandstrom, Jean Woodings, Mona Sundvik, Pat Carr, Phyllis Neumann, Marjorie Thompson, Gail Whitfield, Susan Fitzgerald, Delores Scholz, Shirley Browning, Letha Bergquist, Janet Sebo, Terry Nichols. Third row: Larnzella Lewis, Lois Kellogg, LeNell Dunnihoo, Nancy Smith, Dolores Moll, Jeri Peru, Bonnie Huff, Gayle Adams, Bonnie Jones, Monica Ritty, Maureen XY'olf, Despo Koupas. Fourth row: Florence Martin,Nadine Vail, June Rogers, Joanne Tweed, Molly O'Connor, Marie Conner, Carole Roberts, Barbara Hale, Arlene Buzzini, Shirley Davis, Miss Hauck, Miss Perry. Fifth row: Marjorie Christiansen, Joyce McKay, Jane Selby, Juanita Green, Joan Alvord, Patsy McKinney, Nona Buker, Crissie Paeth, Trudy Egger, Marilyn Harris, Diane White, Diana Munger, Mary Jane Greer, Lois Burton. :mem-Seadafz First row: Larnzella Lewis, Nancy Pratt, Dolores Winge, Beverly Koppe, Lucille Wolken, Lois Wolken, Donna Zundell, Pat Andersen, Jerry Klein, Louise Hopkins, Ellen Galbraith, Elsie Sobolewski, Rosalie Gilmore, Darlene Klemetsrud, Bonnie Drury, Sally McCoy, Lorraine Martin, Doris Balabon, Dorothy Plum. Second row: Rita Torres, Mickey Breneman, Carol King, Beverly Hill- strom, Jean Woodings, Mona Sundvik, Pat Carr, Phyllis Neumann, Marjorie Thompson, Gail Whit- field, Susan Fitzgerald, Delores Scholz, Shirley Browning, Letha Bergquist, Janet Sebo, Terry Nichols, Wanda Snyder, Betty Randall, Pat Holbrook. Third row: Elaine Prudhomme, Virginia Blackwell, Lynn Sandstrom, Barbara Bakke, Betty Jo Hunt, Betty Jo Lewis, Nancy Stein, Lois Kel- logg, LeNell Dunnihoo, Nancy Smith, Dolores Moll, Jeri Peru, Jeannine Seivers, Bonnie Huff, Gayle Adams, Bonnie Jones, Monica Ritty, Shirley Guilford, Maureen Kilwein, Pat Wenzel, Linda Skeels, Birdie Terry, Annabelle Grenier. Fourth row: Arlene Sedell, Joyce Farnstrom, Barbara Meredith, Nathalie Harris, Florence Martin, Sybil Sumrow, Nadine Vail, Elaine Kelley, June Rogers, Joanne Tweed, Molly O'Connor, Marie Conner, Carole Roberts, Pat Toepfer, Grace Lowry, Pat Livingston, Garnett Kleinschmidt, Barbara Hale, Arlene Buzzini, Shirley Davis, Pat Dills, Joyce McKay, Carole Barbeau. Fifth row: Carol Graham, Marjorie Christiansen, Jane Selby, Juanita Green, Bonnie Elmgren, Joan Purviance, Judy Frink, Joan Alvord, Donna Butler, Patsy McKinney, Nona Buker, Crissie Paeth, Trudy Egger, Marilyn Harris, Diane White, Nancy Larson, Phyllis Russell, Diana Munger, Mary Jane Greer, Lois Burton, Doris Aldridge, Pat Parnell, Anna Dyvig. s 4,-aff. First row: Donna Custer, Marilyn Payton, Kathryn Junor, Jean Royle, Donna Sailor, Clarissa Perry, Annie Nurnberger, Valerie Boyer, Dixie Whitmore, Donna Miller, Joan Bardell, Darlene Wildie, Gwendolyn Kenison, Maxine Perry, Barbara Thompson, Susan Drew, Beverly Carlton. Second row: Barbara Rolling, Elaine Evans, Shirley Swanson, June Syrek, Glades Wolkar, June McCone, Ann Conner, Joyce Dorsett. Phyllis Brook, Pat Pierce, Beverlee Drake, Doris Denison, Greta Nielsen, Betty Gretch, Barbara Jewell, Mardel Jones, Ina Auburg, Arliss Beacock. Third row: Darlene Chat- field, Jahala Eyolfson, Evelyn Page, Roberta Loshbaugh, Marilyn Crowley, Sally Lewis, Marcia Fisher, Joan Dorsett, Barbara Gray, Wilma Whitrock, LaVerne Winter, Mary Ann Hosmer, Shirley Murphy, Jane Lieb ,Tarlene James, Blondean Mosley, Lee Creta Dykes, Jackie Miller, Pat Scott. Fourth row: Eunice Buzzini, Bernita Maser, Cathy George, Molly McCoy, Sharon Larsen, Delphine Martin, Trinnette Thompson, Donna McChesney, Mildred Dickenson, Mary Johnson, Charlene Makinster, De- lores Bonge, Margie Keister, Wanda Moreland, Janice Morris, Delilah Davis, Peggy DuBois, Martha Fronk, Nada Wirrick. Fifth row: Phyllis Bush, Eva Mae Gates, Diane Tompkins, Helen Potter, Ellen Force, Anna Oberg, Alice Pollgreen, Gail McMahon, Janice Burgess, Mary Furio, Gwyneth Phillips, Pat Vail, Arlene Larson, Jackie Hess, Donna Day, Margaret Christiansen, Sharon Mickey, Pat Fargher, Helen Dupree. Ox E HL ix DREDATVVENTY-FOUR ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE P. Z. 14444464454 The P. E. Assistants are upper class girls who help the teachers by running the students through their exercises, acting as referees and umpires in the various games and checking showers and towels. A credit and a grade are received in this class. First row: Jerry Klein, Arlene Sedell, Joan Seaburg, Juanita Green, Monica Ritty. Second row: Ellen Gal- braith, Jean Woodings, Phyllis Neumann, Patsy Mc- Kinney, Joyce Farnstrom, Nancy Stein, Pat Carr, Others: Dixie Geer, Pat McDunn, Claudette Kment, Donna Ketron, Beverly Beck. ,4 Archery is an activity that can be enjoyed only by the Lettergirls, as it is a sport in which only the members of the club can participate. The girls enjoyed learning the techniques of arch- ery during the spring quarter. Left to right: Jerry Klein, Susan Fitzgerald, Ellen Galbraith, Pat Carr, Joanne Tweed, Phyllis Neumann, June Rogers, Monica Ritty. 50:9 7-774449. 2 Ping Pong was played only by Sophomores who had their ladder tournament in their P. E. classes. There were four ladders in each of the six classes, with the winner of each ladder com- peting for the Championship after school. One hundred and sixty girls entered the bad- minton tournament as doubles teams. The Jun- ior-Senior winning team was composed of Gail Whitfield and Bonnie Jones. Runners-up were Nona Buker and Trudy Egger. First row: Jahala Eyolfson, Pat Scott, Jane McCone, Beverlee Drake, Mary Mills, Annie Nurnberger, Bar- bara Rolling, Mardel Jones. Second row: Arliss Bea- cock, Cathie George, Molly McCoy, Trinnette Thomp- son, Darlene Chatfield, Marilyn Crowley, Jean Royle, June Syrek, Glades Wolkar, Peggy DuBois. Third row: June Rogers, Elaine Kelley, Arlene Sedell, Tarlene James, Patsy McKinney, Clarissa Perry, Shirley Brown- ing, Jerry Klein, Donna Sailor, Valerie Boyer. saffzaa Twenty softball teams were entered in the Junior-Senior and Sophomore leagues. The un- defeated "Sluggin, Sophs,, captained by "Tom- myl' Thompson was the Championship team. Second place went to Mardel Jones's team, the "Shifty Niftiesf' Shirley Davis and Patsy McKinney were the managers of Softball. First row: Grace Lowry, Joanne Tweed, Gayle Adams, Bonnie Jones, Susan Fitzgerald, Monica Ritty. Second row: Lucille Wolken, Terry Nichols, Ellen Galbraith, Gail Whitfield, Pat Carr, Phyllis Neumann, Elsie Sobolewski, Juanita Green, Lois Wolken. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX sw eaaafwz Eleven teams were entered in the Sophomore league with a double elimination tournament. The undefeated Net Wits, captained by Trin- nette Thompson, played the Championship game with the Spooky Sophs, captained by Bettye Jones. High point winner of the game was Tarlene James with thirty-five points. First row: Clarissa Perry, Trinnette Thompson lCaptainJ, Mardel Jones, Second row: Barbara Jewell, Donna Sailor, Bernita Maser, Elaine Evans, Darlene Chatfield, Beverly Carlton. sw maze, aw The winning volley ball team in the Sopho- more league was Beverly Carlton's "Net Witsf, Runner-up in the double elimination tourna- ment was the "Little Stinkers" team, Donna Mc- Chesney, the captain. First row: Valerie Boyer, Clarissa Perry, Beverly Carlton, Captain, Trinnette Thompson, Mardel Jones. Second row: Barbara Jewell, Donna Sailor, Janice Morris, Elaine Evans, Darlene Chatfield, Betty Gretsch. Senioz 2 Basketball was one of the most popular sports with the girls, and twenty-one teams competed for the title. The tournament was double elim- ination with the Championship battle between the "Jolly Bones" and the "Shooting Stars." After a hard fought contest the Jolly Bones team captained by Bonnie Jones was victorious, An interesting side light of the season was the bas- ketball play day with the West Linn High School at the Memorial Building. First row: Gail Whitfield, Bonnie Jones fCap- tainj, Terry Nichols. Second row: Susan Fitzgerald, Shirley Browning, Joanne Tweed, Gayle Adams. maze? awe Largest volley ball turnout in the history of the G.A.A. was reached this fall with 370 girls playing in twenty-eight organized teams. The Championship game was between the "Rogers Dodgers" and "Terry and the Pirates." June Rogers's team captured the title. The G.A.A. managers of volley ball were Sally McCoy and Phyllis Neumann who sched- uled all the games and arranged for umpires and referees. First row: Lois Wolken, June Rogers fCaptainJ, Lucille Wolken. Second row: Bonnie Jones, Elsie Sobolewski, Joanne Tweed, Phyllis Neumann, Elaine Kelly. 1-1 I'Il'N1J1:1an 'fwxawr Adams, Luella Ahola, Keith Allen, Lois Almer, Allen Almer Bett , Y Ambrose, Geraldine Anderson, Arlis Anderson, Elsa Anderson, Karl Andruss, Della Applegate, Dave Archer, Russell Arnold, Allen Arnold, Ronald Ashley, Robert Aspholm, Clara Avery, Carol Bachmeier, Walter Bacon, Mary Bailey, Russell Baker, Glenn Bakke, Barbara Balabon, Doris Barbeau, Carole Barcus, Leona Bartlett, Drew Baxter, Marlene Beachler, Lynn Beaird, Bill Beattie, Bill Beck, Beverly Beherns, Caroline Bell, Jim Belland, Donna Berg, Jack Bernash, Don Bigley, Margaret Bjork, Ed Blackwell, Billy Bockstadter, Kay Borden, Carleen Borg, Keith Bork, Bill Boveia, Russell Boyce, Charles Bradley, Dolly Bradley, Miles Bradley, Molly Branch, Marion Brandon, Jerry Breitenstein, Betty Brenernan, Mickey Brewer, Joyce Brickey, Paul Bright, John Bringman, Phyllis Brown, Eugene Brown, Fred Brown, Marilyn Browning, Betty Lou Brunner, Clarence Bryant, Allen Bryant, Carolyn Bryant, Marian Bryant, Rachel Buchanan, Dale Bundlie, Charlotte Burchfield, Roger Burnett, Stanley Burris, Jim Burton, Lois ONTE HLNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT wzckvz 65444. 2 Bush, Robert Butler, Donna Cadwell, Joan Campbell, Rita Cantonwine, Richard Caples, Jackie Carpenter, Bill Carpenter, Jo Ann Carpenter, Joan Casanova, Joe Ceaser, Don Charbonneau, Donna Chard, Bill Chisholm, Bob Christopherson, Chuck Clemmons, Tommy Cleveland, Tod Coldwell, Jeanne Cole, Kenneth Colgrove, Bob Colgrove, Dorothy Cone, Donna Conley, George Cook, Geraldine Coughlin, Bud Covington, Ron Cranston, James Crockett, Bob Cross, Truman Cuda, Alice Cusic, Virginia Dacus. Benny Dailey, Dick Dalton, George Daniels, Dick Daniels, Susan Dark, Dick Davies, Donna Lee Davis, Don Davis, Phyllis Davis, Shirley Dawson, Jeanne Dean, Evelyn De Long, Robert DeVaney, Ann Dewey, Donna Dickinson, Ralph Dillon, Arnold Dillon, Riley Dills, Pat Dixon, Charlotte Dixon, Donald Doiark, Bill Drake, Sally Drew, Dave Drugg, Donnie Drury, Howard Duckworth, Charlene DuPuis, Duane Dye, Patricia Dykes, Ray Dyvig, Anna Edwards, Clifford Edwards, Hugh Egan, Alvaretta Egger, Trudy Eggert, Bob Eichmann, Joan Eigsti, Eleanor Eipper, Harry Ellertson, Rodney Ellis, William Elmgren, Bonnie Erickson, Erwin Erie, Elaine Erstad, Jim Evans, Harold Evenson, Mel Falls, Clyde Fanning, Sarah Farnstrom, Joyce Felts, Elwyn Firestenberg, Bernard Fish, Barbara Fish, Don Fletcher, Verlyn Forrest, Darlene Foster, Mildred Fracker, Maurice Frahm, Roberta France, Cletus Frans, Kay Frink, Judy Furgason, Cleda Furness, Dale Furness, Ernest Gaiser, Don Gaither, George Garber, Flora Gard, Robert Garretson, Geraldine Gaylor, James Geer, Dixie George, Sally Geraghty, Josephine Gibson, Everett Gill, Wallace Gilmore, Rosalie Glenn, Roy Goedert, Francis Graham, Carol Graham, Carolyn Graham, Dorothy Gray, Jerry Green, Juanita Greenfield, Kenneth Greer, Mary Jane Gregg, Pat Grimm, Sally Jo Guilford, Shirley Gustafson, Ron Hahn, Pat Hale, Margaret Hammer, Fred Hancuff, Donna Hansen, Bob Harmon, Audrey Harris, Darlene Harris, Marilyn Harris, Nathalie Hash, Betty Hatter, Annie Haugen, Barbara Henry, Haroldene Herb, Jim Hetrick, Dale Hill, Chet Hill, Sam Hills, Raymond Hillstrom, Beverly Hines, Donna Hinkle, Danny Hinz, Delpha Holbrook, Pat Hole, Dale Hole, Luanne Hooks, Marilyn Hooper, Arthur Hopkins, Louise Hopkins, Sherley Horn, Glen Horne, Tom House, Pat Hughes, George Hutts, Roy Hymas, Howard Iverson, Sonny Jirmasek, Irene Johnson, Alice Johnson, Larry Johnson, Les Johnson, Mark Johnson, Richard Jones, Bob Jones, Helen Jones, Herman Junker, Benny Kelley, Elaine Kellogg, Lois Kelso, Virginia Ketron, Donna Kilwein, Maureen King, Carol Kinyon, John Kirstine, Donna Kleinschmidt, Garnet Klemetsrud, Darlene Klym, Dorothy . Koskell, Richard Kraft, Elmer Kreibich, Dave Krenelka, Blaine Krumm, Twhylla. Kulackoski, Genevieve Kuykendall, Robert Lance, Joanne Larson, Lloyd Larson, Nancy Lawson, Jim Lee, Barbara Lee, Otto Leeper, Tommy Lewis, Betty Jo Lewis, Emmy Lewis, Larnzella Lieser, Herbert Liming, Liming, Lippert, Jean Jerry Bob Lister, Lonnie Livingston, Pat Lordos, Bill Lorentz, Lorenz, Lovely, Richard Twylia Scott Lubinski, Myles Luse, Bob Lyons, Joan Lvtle, Virginia Madson, Lowell Marble, Jimmy Marsh, Pat Martin, Florence Martin, Harry Martin, Lorraine Martin, Richard Mather, Oscar Maubach, Max Maxwell, Gerri May, Dolores McClelland, Douglas McCoy, Sally McKinney, Patsy McLachlan, Kent McNichols, Allan Meredith, Barbara Merwin, Laverne Meyer, Marlene Miller, Ada Miller, Ervin Miller, Joann Miller, Robert Millington, Elaine Miner, Mertice Mittelstedt, Dan Modrall, Don Moll, Dolores Molyneux, Lawrence Moon, Mary Ann Moore, Clarence Moran, Ina Morris, Alan Morris, Lee Morrison, Lois Morrone, LeRoy Mose, Don Mosier, Delbert Mosley, Gordon Moulton, Maxine Muhm, Jim Munger, Diana Myers, Don Nelson, Allan Nelson, Beverly Nelson, John Phyllis Nelson, Nelson, Rae Jean Ness, Gerald Nettleingham, Jack Nuber, Bill Nicholas, Joyce Nichols, Patt Niles, Bruce Noble, Bill Nurnberger, Dave Nye, John Oakes, Merton Obert, Ronald Olsen, Wilma Omvig, Don Osborn, Eleanor Osborne, Charles Oscarson, Ron O'Shea, Pat Ossinger, Dick Ostrurn, Basil Otos, Billy Owens, Kenneth Owings, Wanda Paben, Ann Paeth, Crissie Parnell, Pat Paul, George Paxton, Jimmy Payne, Richard Peasley, Rose Marie Pendergraft, Joanne Perry, Bob Peru, Jeri Phillips, Doris Pickett, Ralph Pierson, Pat Pio, Lee Plum, Dorothy Potter, Iris Ann Powell, Dolores Pratt, Nancy Prudhomme, Elaine Purviance, Joan Randall, Betty Jean Rausch, Clifford Reagan, Dick Recore, Geraldine Reglien, Judy ' Rice, Ralph Richards, Max Ripley, Don Ritty, Monica Robertson, Archie Roeser, Peggy Rogers, Cherie Rogers, Dolores Rogers, Rita Rolling, Shirley Romig, John Root, Merlynn Rosendaul, Bob Rosendaul, Earl Roses, Marilyn Ross, Ann Rouse, Joann Rowley, Margaret Ruff, Charles Ruland, Mark Sandstrom, Lynn Sawyer, Jim Schmunk, Evelyn Schofield, Edward Scholl, Colin Scholz, Delores Scott, Lester Seaberg, Joanne Sedell, Arlene Seeds, Elmore Seivers, Jeannine Sellers, Lois Shapland, Gloria Sharp, Clifford Sharp, Redmond Shears, Don Shropshire, Ben Sicilia, Donna Sinclair, Edwin Skeels, Linda Sleeman, Naomi Sloane, Jack Small, Helen Smith, Barry Smith, Dorothy Smith, Gary Smith, Hubert Smith, Lloyd Smith, Ralph Snell, Bob Snider, Beverly Snider, Joan Soule, Ronald Spangler, Bernice Speyer, Gordon Spiva, Martin Squires, Darrell Stair, Bob Stange, Gene Stein, Nancy Stephens, Steve Stevens, Howard Stringfellow, Jim Sumrow, Sybil Swearengin, Paul Taylor, Audrey Taylor, Caroline Taylor, Dick Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Jack Taylor, Reba Taylor, Rodney Templeton, Merle Teters, Barbara Thomas, Gordon Thompson, Robert Todd, Gale Toepfer, Pat Torres, Rita Torrey, Gordon Towle, Kenneth Treat, Philip Twidwell, Bob Tyler, Jacque Vail, Dick Vail, Nadine Veith, Don Velte, Don Vickers, Jimmy Volker, Dorothy Von Tersch, Lyle Waite, Gary Wakeman, Roy Waldron, Dick XY'alker, Dan Walling, Mary Wasnoska, Delore Weir, Charlene S Weiss, Joanne Wendland, Ernest Wendt, Don Wenzel, Pat West, Lois Wheeler, Terry White, Ruth Wiggins, Charlene Wilcox, Fred Wiley, Norma Wilkerson, Bob Williams, Bob Wills, Betty Wilson, Duane Wilson, Glenn Winge, Dolores Winterroth, Duane Winter, Joanne Wisemantle, Molly Withers, Dale Wolfington, Home Wolken, Dennis Wood, Omar Woodings, Jean Woolsey, Bill Zerr, Jim Ziebell, Arthur Zirjacks, Don Zundel, Donna ONE HUNDRED Tw 1' EVTY N HNF Acheson, Dennis Ackley, Jerry Adams, Wayne Ahlquist, Richard Alderin, Larry Aldridge, Evert Alldredge, Mike Allen, James Andersen, Gordon Anderson, Don Anderson, Glenn Anderson, Phyllis Andrews, Mary Angel, Dean Angle, Mary Avery, Joan Axelson, Neil Axton, Horace Auburg, Ina Mae Anthony, Ron Bailey, Virginia Baker, Floyd Banker, Lenon Barber, Charles Bardell, Joanne Barker, Leo Baylous, Helen Beacock, Arliss Beck, Luther Beck, Marion Beckel, Lois Beecher, Jack Belcher, Obedell Benjamin, Dan Bennett, Leeila Benthin, Dennis Berg, Donna Mae Berg, Gerald Berg, Karsten Betts, Bill Biegler, Alvin Bingham, George Blair, Charles Blakely, Bill Blankenbaker, Ronald Bliss, Dewey Bloemke, Monte Bradley, Peggy Bockstadter, Peggy Bolton, Hugh Bonge, Delores Booth, Brent Bott, Edytha Bottemiller, Dean Bousquet, Kay Bower, Grace Bowman, Sandra Boyer, Valerie Brandenburg, Darrell Brandon, Mary Brannon, Earl Bridger, Barbara Brodahl, Eddie Brooks, Phyllis Brooks, William Brown, Bill Bulow, Don Burgess, Janice Burnett, Madeline Burris, Patricia Chu- HUNDRED 'FHIRTY S Bush, Jack Bush, Phyllis Butler, Delma Butler, Delmar Buurman, Joan Buzzini, Eunice Byers, Zanna Cadwallader, Allene Campbell, Leslie Campbell, Ross Canamore, Olen Cardon, Don Carlton, Beverly Carlton, Pat Carson, John Carson, Margaret Castrey, Joe Chagnon, Paul Chappell, Beatrice Charbonneau, Berna Chase, Allegra Chatfield, Darlene Christensen, Margaret Christensen, Paul Chronis, Sophie Clark, Bill Cleere, Bert Coniff, Joseph Conley, Howard Conner, Anne Cook, Roy Coonrod, Bill Cooper, Beverly Cox, Doris Cox, Jimmy Cox, Lois Crawley, Ray Crow, Aina Crowley, Marilyn Cruts, Beverley Curry, James Curtis, Allen Curtiss, Warren Custer, Donna Dallum, Quinton Dalton, Shirley Daniels, Bette Davis, Delilah Dawson, Frances Davis, Jimmie Davis, Bill Day, Donna Deaton, Lorraine Del Grosso, Donna Dell, Merle Denison, Doris Deschner, Jack Devereaux, Earl DeVilleneuve, Joyce Dickinson, Mildred Dineen, Luella Dodd, Sidney Dorsett, Marian Dorsett, Marilyn Douglas, George Drake, Beverlee Drake, Bill Drew, Susan DuBois, Don DuBois, Peggy Duchesneau, Dewey Dullum, Don Dunn, Bob DuPree, Helen Duran, Bob Dutcher, Kenneth Dyer, Chuck Dykes, Lee Creta Egan, Norman Eischen, Val Eldred, Dick Ellingson, Colleen Elia, Richard Epperly, Lila Erickson, Kenneth Evans, Elaine Evans, Garrell Evans, Martha Eyolfson, Jahala Fargher, Pat Felts, Claude Ferguson, Larry Field, Michael Fischer, Georgia Fisher, Marcia Fletcher, Jerry Fletcher, Marian Floyd, Charles Follett, Joan Forbes, Leona Force, Ellen Ford, Irene Forgey, Ike Fornadley, Frank Forrester, Bob Fors, Carolyn Foster, George Fox, Philip Fox, Virginia Frazier, Elmo Freeman, Marilyn Fronk, Martha Funk, David Furio, Mary Gandy, Beverly Gates, Eva Mae Gaylor, Bud Geesey, Ray Geesey, Roy George, Cathie Gilson, Charles Gilson, Lee Ann Glenn, Frank llen Glock, A Glock, Phillip Graham, Alice Graham, Walter Gray, Barbara Green, Deanne Green, Dennis Gregory, Nancy Gretsch, Betty Griffin, Roger Godwin, Jack Goll, Ivan Good, Gail Good, Glenda Gould, Marv Ann Grant, Orval Gustafson, Cleo Haats, Albert Hall, Mack Hammer, Merrill Han, LeRoy Hancuff, Margaret Hanke, Byron Hanson, Barbara Hanson, Douglas Hanson, Howard Harlan, Don Harlan, Tom Harshman, Arlene Hart, Franklin Hatter, Pearlie Mae Hausinger, Delores Hayden, John Hayes, Ernestine Hazelwood, Joe Healey, Richard Hegewald, Donald Hellingson, John Henderson, Joyce Henrichsen, Joan Henry, Jerry Hess, Jackie Hiberman, Kathleen Hines, Mary Lou Hitchcock, Helen Hood, Robert Horton, Shirley Hogan, Kenneth Hohensee, Patty Holland, Jack Holper, Jake Hood, Carey Hosmer, Mary Ann Howell, Jack Hoxworth, Carol H udgin, Tom Hudson, Leslie Hughes, Martin Humphrey, Mariam Hunter, Wayne Hylen, Lesley Imus, Arthur Iverson, Doris Jacobson, Gloria James, Tarlene Jamison, Walter Janssen, Charlotte Jewell, Barbara Johnson, Gary Johnson, Judith Johnson, Larry Johnson, Mary Jones, Bettye Jones, Bill Jones, Mardel Jones, Margaret Jones, Vincent Jordan, Jerry Junker, John Junor, Kathryn Kahlsdorf, Bill Keiffer, Kerwin Keister, Margie Kelley, Robert Kenison, Gwendolyn Kent, Bob Ki ggins, Tony Klein, Ben Kleveland, Ken Klingler, Dan Knapp, Robert Knight, Melvin Knight, Roger Knox, Jenny Kuhnhausen, K Landis, Norma Larsen, Sharon Larson, Arlene Laudig, Anne Laurence, Lin Lawrence, Norma Leeper, Donna Lehman, Richard Leon, Frances Lewis, Sally Lieb, Jane Lindquist, Bennie Littler, Sheila Lister, Lloyd Liston, Dale Lodge, Marlene Loshbaugh, Roberta Lowry, Madeline Luepke, Rudy Lundberg, Betty Ann Lundgren, Juanita Lundquist, Ronnie Luther ,Donald McChesney, Donald McChesney, Donna McCone, June McCone, Kenneth McCoy, Molly McDonnell, Bill McFadden, Rowland McFarland, Louise McIntosh, Tom Mclrvin, Armond McKay, Bob McKinlay, Sherlene McMahon, Gail McMahon, Hazel Mackmer, Betty Mahoney, Alan Makinster, Charlene Main, Jim Matson, Jim Malain, Fanny Mansford, Donna Marczynski, Lynn Marolf, Ruth Marshall, Roger Martin, Delphinc Maser, Bernita Maser, Myron Meyer, Jerry Mickey, Sharon Milhollin, John Miller, Buddy Miller, Donna Miller, Jacqueline Miller, Johnnie Mills, Mary Miner, Bob Moore, Virginia Moreland, Wanda Morris, Janice Morrison, Greg Morrow, Leland Morgan, Ethel Morley, Marilyn Mosley, Blondean Murdock, Don Murphy, Jack Murphy, Shirley Nelson, Alzada Nelson, Carol Nelson, Chuck Nettleton, Dick Nettleton, Ron Neilseri, Greta Nims, James Nokelby, Ronnie Noble, Bruce Noonchester, Howard Northup, Floyd Novak, Marjorie Nurnberger, Annie Oberg, Anna Mae O'Hara, Dave Oldham, Ray Olesen, Bob Olson, Dick Olson, Doris Olson, Joyce Olson, Maxine O'Rourke, John Osborn, Bob Page, Evelyn Parks, Sally Parker, Dorothy Parker, Kay Parsons, Bob Pasternack, Howard Payton, Marilyn Pedersen, Robert Perry, Clarissa Perry, Maxine Peterson, Harlan Peterson, Lloyd Phillips, Gwyneth Pickett, Bethel Pierce, Pat Pike, Harry Pluard, Cliff Plummer, George Pollgreen, Alice Ponder, David Porter, Gerald Porter, Warren Potter, Helen Potter, Leland Powell, Gary Powers, William Preiss, Beverly Price, Virginia Priest, Alta Pugh, Jim Purviance, Gerald Purviance, Gordon Purvis, Darwin Rabitoy, Richard Raines, Jimmie Ramey, Susan Ramus, Stella Rausch, Jerry Read, Jimmie Recore, Beverly Reinhardt, Arthur Reiter, Marilyn Reymond, Pat Reynolds, Frank Rine, Neysa Rintala, Ronald Roberts, Marie Robinson, Alan Robinson, Mildred Rodda, Robert Rogers, Bob Rogers, Edwin Rogers, Willie Rolling, Barbara Rosander, Jack Ross, Gretchen Royle, Jean Rubesh, Charlotm Ruge, Marlin Runyan, Laura Russum, LeAnne Rutkowski, Frances Ryan, Francis Sager, Marvin Sailor, Donna Satterfield, Mary Sauter, Mildred Schaeffer, Curtis Schmidt, Jean Schreiner, Burton Schreiner, Joe Schumacher, Craig Schulte, Barbara Schwabe, Eileen Schweers, Jeanna Scott, Doris Scott, Pat Seeds, Bob Selby, Parker Semmlar, John Seversen, Bonnie Shaffer, John Shaffer, Norma Shelman, Carline Sheppler, Floyd Shobert, Edwin Shroll, Dick Siegel, Dick Simcox, Ronald Simpson, Helen Siebrecht, Leona Sitton, Joe Skaaden, Jim Skalbeck, Helen Small, Ronnie Smeback, Donald Smith, Betty Smith, Jim Smith, Joan Smith, Leonard Soule, Dean Spokley, Pat Spratt, Gene Spring, Jerry Springer, Frank Stanton, Alice Stark, Janet Stearns, William Steed, LeRoy Stein, Clarence Stein, Mike Stella, Mary Ann Stelser, Alfred Stidham, Carolyn Stockton, Jerry Stone, Jerry Stone, M. C. Strobel, Roger Strong, Emory Studebaker, Irene Sunnarborg, Phyllis Swanson, Dean Swanson, Shirley Sweet, Lon Syrek, June Tanner, Joyce Tasso, Ronnie Tesch, Louis Ticrop, Doris Tillman, Levi Tipp, Gordan Thomas, Virginia Thompson, Barbara Thompson, Trinnette Thomson, Kenny Thornton, Berta Thorson, Arnie Tollackson, Joan Tompkins, Dianne Tovey, Paul Towle, Margaret Trimble, Volney Turcotte, John Uphoff, Don Uphoff, Ronald Vail, Pat Van Buskirk, Mimi Vance, Don , Van Gorder, Duane Van Hovel, Joan Varner, Ella Viles, Larry Voeller, Dennis Vogel, Ronald Walker, Betty Walker, Doris Wallace, Joan Wasnoska, DelRey Wear, Jerry Wear, Jim Webberley, Marion Weibel, Janice Wells, Charles Wennberg, Jack West, Georgia Westerlund, Freida Whalen, James Wheat, Mary Whitmore, Dixie Whitrock, Wilma Wiedman, Albert Wilcox, Keith Wilcoxson, Arlene Wildie, Darlene Williams, Darrell Williams, Preston Willis, Jim Wilson, Bessie Wilson, Gene Mfiltse, Jean Winter, LaVerne Winters, Bill Wirrick, Nada Wold, Adora Wolkar, Glades Womelsdorf, Jack XX' ood, George Wooten, Curtis Wray, Roland Wright, Duane Wright, Elvis Wright, Lewis Yocam, Barbara Young, Don Young, Ruby Zenger, Lawrence Zesiger, Shirley Zimmerman, Joan ONE PIUNDRED THIRTY ONE School opened with thc rush of enrollment in Mr. J0lin's classes. "Assembly" fteen age programj was in full swing with Assistant Emcee Dick Nettleton, Jennie Rogers KCZIIHRISJ and Bill Dixon lwasliougalj, vocalists, and Emcee Mark johnson. "Sittin' in the grandstand, beatin' on a tin can!" Sally Jo Grimm and Allen Arnold, Dixie Gcer and Doug Mitchell, Kay Bofkstaclter and Dave Kreibich Wada Mr. Long asked Santa Cluus Uvlr. Conovcrj for some great big V.H.S. basketball scores. The Homecoming Dame was reigned over royully by Queen Kay Haugdahl, and princesses Glemln , Cotton, Claudette Kment and Connie Stark, Bob Gibbons, chauffeur. .Mwmmmmwwmmwg The Big Snow 'V if ...J WW The Senior play, "Seventeenth Summer", brought a wistful look into our eyes, Gay Dacus looked like a very happy Tolo king. Old Fashioneed Sweethearts was the theme of thc Tolo dance Sedan! Sepfemla 8-First Day of School 16-Football, Salem, Here 23-Football, Yakima, There 27HHSophomore Class Elections 30-Football, Longview, There Oezadm 7-Football, Aberdeen, Here 13--Lettergirls Initiation 14-Senior Assembly 16-S.W.W. Girls League Conference 20--Homecoming Rally 2 1--Football,Centralia, Here 21-Homecoming Dance 27-Girls League Mix 28-Football, Centralia, There 51-College Conference 7Zoaem5efz 3-Open House 5-Football, Hoquiam, There 5-Fall Music Concert 11-Football, Kelso, Here 12-Armistice Day Holiday 12-End of First Quarter 23-Sophomore Assembly 24-Football, Camas, There 24-25-Thanksgiving Holiday Decemfez 3-Kiwanis Milk Fund Show 14-Varsity Football Banquet 16-White Christmas Ball 2 1----Christmas Program 23-Christmas Vacation Www 3-School Reconvenes 7-Basketball, Camas, There 10-Basketball, Longview, Here 14-Basketball, Kelso, There 28-ABasketball, Camas, Here 7eJaaa4q 3h-End of First Semester 11-Basketball, Camas, There 14-Basketball, Longview, Here 18-Basketball, Kelso, There 21-Girls League Tolo Dance 22-Washington's Birthday 28-Basketball, Kelso, There 784444 3-Exchange Assembly with Longview Here 3-Basketball, Battleground, Here 9-Vodvil 10-Vodvil 1 1-Vodvil 24-Basketball, Seniors vs. Faculty 26-Solo and Ensemble Contest 29-Boys League Dad's Night 31-End of Third Quarter 1415455 7-10--Spring Vacation 12-Dale Bockstadter Benefit Show 14-Senior Party 17-18-Spring Concert 28--junior-Senior Prom WW 5-Senior Play 11-Style Show, Tea 12-Elections 17-Seniors Go to Clark College 23-Girls League Talent Show 24-Senior Girls' Tea 30-Memorial Day fence 2-Senior Program 4-Baccalaurate 7-Commencement 9-vLast Day of School ONE HUNDRED Tunvrv F1 L CD P? A gf k ONE I IUNDRED 'l'11I1iTY-Srx F U X1 K C a 5' A 14 x 59 Us x KX V 1 .1 W., , cf gi J N' C55 FFR ggvj OC! f7"1f,1,l,,4az '5wJ"'7"wq'a7'td4fM' ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT Huagmpic

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