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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1939 volume:

EX LIBRIS . lA8.c1f,z 1939 The ALKI 1939 O VANCCUVER HIGH SCHOOL V W h g ENGRAVING BY PETERSON-SCHON ENGRAVING COMPANY PORTLAND, OREGON PHOTOGRAPHING BY DUFRESNE PHOTO STUDIO VANcoUvER, WASHINGTON PRINTING BY VANCOUVER HIGH SCHOOL PRINTING DEP'T VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON ,, LKI 1939 155925 if .frdz ,i5?5'a' Wg. M45 1 nf, eg 11- yu. r 5' f 1 " 135 lsffffl' Lf la , 3" ' 25.3 "Sf is 'Z ,K A "iY:+'. ffm " 4? 'Earl ei 3 'nk -i .1 4 f x Q -4.5 H2552 fill ifwxf .Kali r-L55 - Q vm gf , ' ME: SIC 'f 'wifi-' FS'-hi img fs '34 ' f eg U A 1 j M529 512 QS? v i K 92 ws? ALKI 1939 Dedication In former years it was the custom to dedicate the Alki to some individual who rendered a particular Service to the students of Vancouver High School, but this year We shall depart from the usual practice. To the nineteen loyal mem- bers of the class of 1909, who first conceived the idea of the Alki, and who published the first issue, we wish to pay our respects. It is to them that we dedicate this Alki. Blanche Champlain fMrs. Merle Copleyj Lillian Connaway fMrs. Frank V. Hermanj Theresa Hilstrom fMrs. William C. Batesj Inez Minkler fMrs. C. V. Jefferyl Frieda Nitschelm fMrs. J. F. Bryantj E'va Packard fMrs. Frank P. Millsj Ora Pierce Grace Pompe 1Mrs. Frank S. Gloverj Lillie Sugg fMrs. Hugh Pricel Norine Waggener fMrs. Lucien Harvey! Mabel Wiesinger fMrs. John Bingamanj Fred Bennett Carlton Bouton Sidney Eberle Floyd Kingen Roy Knight Archie Munger William Neill Jerry Riordan Qdeceasedj Dr. Paul F. Gaiser The highest tribute we may pay any person is to call him "friend," In the truest sense of the word Dr. Gaiser is the friend of all within our school system. An untiring and efficient Worker, he stands ever ready to act as guide and counsellor to all-from the pupil in the lowest grade to the highest execu- tive on our teaching staff. Dr. Gaiser, We hail you as "Our Friendfl -Mary Ellen Bates, Allci Editor School Board Dr. A. P. Ryan, President Mr. L. M. Burnett Dr. L.L. Nunn Mr. Joseph E. Hall Mr. F. S. Ratchford Mr. L. C. Matson, Secretary ALKI 1939 Mr. Henry DeYoung Mr. DeYoung has won the utmost confidence of all the students through the fairness and direct manner with which he has met our daily problems. His untiring' efforts and capable leadership are making Vancouver High School an institution of which to be proud. -Wfwren Hazvkius President, Associated Students Mr. W. H. Conover Mr. W. H. Conover, our Vice-Principal, has been an impartial judge, a considerate executive and a helpful adviser. He has had a genuine interest in everything the boys of Vancouver High School have undertaken. -Ed Williams President, Boys' League ALKI 1939 Q l l Miss Dorothea von Berg Through her sympathetic understanding' of individual problems, her breadth of viewpoint, her conscientiousness and culture, her friendliness, and impartial attitude, Miss Dorothea von Berg, our Dean of Girls, has endeared herself to all the girls in Vancouver High School. -Mary Gain President, Girls' League HAIL, ALL HAIL TO V.H.S. Then hail, all hail to V.H.S., The pride of all the weslg We'll sing out the story, And we'll tell out the glory Of the school we love the best. Then hail, azz hail to V.H.S.1 The trapper is our crextg And 'we'll ever stand, Every heart and hand, For the honor of V.H.S. rChester 'R. 'Duncan ALKI 1939 ACULTY 1939 Greetings to Faculty and Students Another school year has passed into history and the 1938-39 Alki has splendidly and faithfully recorded its achievements. Vancouver High School is justly proud of its progress as recorded in this yearbook. It is only through the cooperative efforts of faculty and .. students that this progress has been made. , To all I extend greetings of Vancouver High School. -Henry De Young Principal of Vancouver High School x , X l l l i HELEN JOHNSTON BARBER, A.B.-University of Idaho. English. LOUIS S. BARTER, A.B.-University of Missouri. History and Economics. MARGUERITE E. BOTTKE'R, A.B.-University of Washington. Shorthand, Type- writing. WESLEY C. BROVVN, Ph.B.-Hamline University. Physics, Chemistry. LOVELL A. CHENOWETH, B.S.-University of Washington. Home Economics, Cafe- teria Manager. W. E'. DUDLEYiHistory. RUBY M. EVANS, A.B.-Washington State College. English. CARL GUSTAFSON, B.S.-Washington State College. Physical Education, Supervisor of Public School Physical Education. PEARL A. HALL, A.B.-College of Idaho. Art, Supervisor of Public School Art. RUTH, HALL, A.B.-College of Idaho, A.M.-Miclcllelmry College. French, Geometry. W. H. HANNAH, A.M.-Conn School of Music. BERTHA HUGHES, B.S.-Washington State College. Mathematics. BLANCHE HURD, B.S.-Oregon State College. Journalism, English. MARGARET PAGE JOHNSON, A.B.-University of Michigan, A.M.-Uniirersity of Washington. English. ARTHUR JOLIN, A.lVI.-University of Washington. History. EDDA M. MCCORDIC, A.B., A.M.-University of Oregon. Librarian. MAUDE A. MACDONALD, A.B.-University of Oregong A.M.-Colnmbia- University. Biology. DAVID G. MILLER, A.B.-Washington State College. Printing. JAMES D. MILLER, A.B.-Grinnell College, A.M.-Washington State College. History, Commercial Law. JOHN MONROE, A.B.-University of Washington. Band, Orchestra. JULIA MURRAY, A.B.-University of Washington. Latin, English. NAOMI TAYLOR PATE, A.B.-Morningside College. English. BUELAH M. PORTER, B.S.-Oregon State College. Home Economics. HILMA J. POWERS, A.B.-University of Washington. English. LUCILE ROBINSON, A.B.-Pacific University. French, Spanish. LAURA E. RUGGLESS, A.B.-Willamette University. Bookkeeping. MARSHALL J. SHIELDS, B.S.-University of Oregon, A.M.--Columbia University. Physical Education, Biology. RUTH ALLEN SMITH, A.B.-Washington State College. English, Public Speaking. HELEN E. THUN, A.B.-Washington State College. Home Economics. CECIL A. TUTTLE, A.B.-Washington State College. Industrial Arts. ROSA G. WEBBER, B.S.-Oregon State College. Typewriting, Physical Education. VERA R. WETHERELL, A.B.-Washington State College, A.M.-Cornell University. Geometry, Algebra. MARY E. WILLIAMS-Registrar. ELLA WINTLER, A.M.-University of Washington. German, History. EARL S. WOOSTER, A.B.- Amherst College. Chemistry. 1939 1-Q K: ii . X 'Wi 4 " .Sz , . Wg. ,. 1? '45 1, Ei R 1 E P- if Q " , M muff. . N bw e , Q -as g, Huw ' E, 1 x 'xxx S Q iw , f 2 an R af P is m K ,Q rm his A X 5 1 XX H .. A., N Q A N W Ei A :Qs f . 2 'ig ' -r , fx: 1 ,. X g NX Q. ll S: sa N Q S A Q' BL T SSN , , gig 5 x A X if 1. Z25 .g5?3 ' H . t. : 2 "' 95? if 13583, if 5 K Q J X 5' 3' XS K, 4 F' If X is N J X F . 3 Q 5 5 ' V' V K . Q-ALMA MATER Sing of Vancouver, Hearts there are trueg Sing of Vancouver, 'Dreams there I knew. Sons of Vancouver Can newer foigerg Haze of our student days Shines round us yet Golden our nleniories, Counting them o'erg Q7W07'Ch ofthe viclors, Laurels thoy wore, Friendships lzigh-hrarlcd, Shrinrd by thi' young lVords that 'we spoke than 'Ring yet in our ears. Sing of Vanfouzier, Qffv 'we march alongg Years come and pass us, Yet Io you will belong Our hearts and drearnings Glimpses of truth, O Vancouver High School Our home of happy youth -fjlflargaret Page Johnson 1939 If 1939 Leonard Holmes , FIRST SEMESTER PRESIDENTS Conrad Frieze Lee Kramer .....,., Wallace Miller ..... Lee Mackey ........... Donald Johnson Virginia Forgey Annette Propstra Peggy Kuhn ........... Mirj am Blum ...,... June Keeney ,,..., Phyllis Reeves ...... Ellenor Dudley .... Conrad Frieze ..,,,,. Class of 1939 OFFICERS President ' Howard Naskedov Vice-President Bette Nelson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,...........,.. S ecfretary CLASS COLORS Maroon and Gray ADVISORY GROUP OFFICERS Miss Ruth Hall, Head Adviser SECOND SEMESTER PRESIDENTS ADv1sERs Bert Winter Mr. Brown Allen Skov Mr. Dudley Allen Westphal Mr. GuStafSOI1 Lee Mackey MIS. HH2'h9S Norman Gilkey Virginia Hodge Elaine Andre Lois Koplin .. Norma Howard Betty Stadelman COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS Mr. Shields Miss Ruth Hall Mrs. Powers Miss Porter Miss Robinson mf .... Miss Winner Valedictorian Faculty Re1J1'ese1ztative Class Representative HONOR ROLL Phyllis Reeves Mary Ellen Bates Virginia Hodge Faith Halpine Virginia Whitney Tom Kosobayashi Ruth Reese Vivian Burr Barbara Murray Ellenor Dudley Marie Easley Arthur Carlson Betty Nelson Carol Lindquist Gertrude Kromminga Conrad Frieze Elaine Rangstrand Dorothy Shirk John Bixby Jean MacKellar Margaret Henderson Marie Boss Dorothy Holtber' Jewel Miller Marcia Castle Clara Scherruble Mary Jean Baird Mariorie Nagel Nancy Pelton Frances Pounds Lorraine Wilson Lela Terrill Betty Stadelman Elroy Prosch A Kathryn Van Atta Willard Beall Betty Bittner Alice Gee Doreen Linn Donald Blair ANDERSEN, MARY ELLEN-Home Economics Major. Spring Style Show, Locker Attendant, Ushers, Committees. ANDERSON, EMILY RUTH-Commercial Major. Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Band, Vodvil. Clubs: G.A.A., Treasurer Girls' Golf. ANDRE, ELAINE FRANCES-Comrnercial Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Orchestra, Red Cross Attendant, Usher, Committees, Make-up Club. ANDREW, FLORENCE R'OENE-Foreign Language Major. Red Cross Attendant, Usher, Committees. ARMSTRONG, JEAN-Commercial Major. AUGENBLICK, JOSEPH ROBERT-Commercial Major. Secretary, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Vodvil, Captain, Manager Swimming Team, Boys' Annual Smoker, Stage Crew. BAIRD, MARY JEAN-Foreign Language Majar. Glee Club, Vodvil, Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Secretary, Treasurer Triads, Secretary Inkifingers, Honor Dramatic Society. BAKER, BURTON WARREN--Commercial Major. Salesman, Secretary Advisory Group, Band, Band Librarian, Orchestra, P. E. Assistant, Business Staff, Stage Crew. Q BAKER, LEROY-Manual Arts Major. Salesman Advisory Group, HB" Football. BALLENSKY, HAROLD JOHN-Manual Arts Major. Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice-president Advisory Group, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Committees. BARNES, FLORENCE EVE'LYN-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Orchestra, Vodvil, Committees. BARNEY, HAZEL VARIE-Home Economics Major. Committees. BARRINGTON, EDWIN BRADLEY-Science Major. BARTON, ROY HERSHEL-Manual Arts Major. Band, Assemblies, P. E. Assistant, Committees. Clubs: RiHe, Booster. BATES, BARBARA-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club, Re- porter Columbia Log, Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Vice- president Girls' Golf. BATES, MARY ELLEN-Foreign Language Major. Recording Secretary Girls' League, Delegate Girls' League Conferences, Shelton and Raymond, Delegate High School Leaders' Conference, Seattle, President Advisory Group, Editor-in-chief Alki, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Girls' Golf, Poster-Booster, G.A.A. BAUMAN, VERNE FRANCIS-Mathematics Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Band, Assemblies, Athletic Manager, Locker Attendant, Business Staff, Traflic Patrol. BEALL, WILLARD-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Business Staff, Assistant Business Manager Vodvil, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Committees. BEATTY, WALTER-Manual Arts Major. HB" Football, "BR Basketball, Locker At- tendant, Stage Crew, Committees. BELISLE, DOROTHY-Home Economics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Locker Attendant, Girls' Golf Club. BENNETT, BEVERLY-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Glee Club, Usher, Corresponding Secretary Krafterettes. BETTS, PAULINE-Home Efcoiwmics Majar. Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Committees, Vice-president Make-up Club. BISSELL, WAYNE M.-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, "B" Football, Intramural Sports. BITTNER, BETTY-Commercvkzl Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Typist Alki Staff, Locker Attendant, Committees. BITTNER, ELAINE-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies. 1939 ,.,, is 5 gui l'Au-Inu 1 llUl'l!lllX 1tll'!'H1'll hl2lI'Y E, .XIlll1'I'SUll, lflmily .XlltlI't', Mlzliln-A A114111-W, I4'I1,1-1fm'.- A1-mgfl-Umll .Xmlgw-11lmli1-lc, .lusx-U11 Iizmixwl. lklznry .lm-1111 Ikznlu-r, liurlml Bzukvr, I.n-may Bnlh-nsky, I"u'mAs, l'xllll'l'llK'L? Iizxrm-y, Hamm-l I!:11'ring4t1m4 Idflwin Hzxrtmu, Huy Bains, ,. lmls-S, Mary Illllc-11 II:11m1:nlx,Y1-1'1u- Us-ull. XX'ill:n1'1l 'lic-:1lly',XX':nIl-Az' Bvlislm-, 1 l:4'IHH'll, lh-xx-Vly' Ill-Its. l':1l1lim- lSiss4-ll,XY:1y'm- Ilillm-1', H1-lly BitIIl4'l', ' l'.l1llll4 BIXBY, JOHN DONALD-Science Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Business Staff, Stage Crew, Honor Dramatic Society. BJORK, WILLIAM ELBERT-Mathematics Major. Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Busines Staifg Locker Attendant. BLAIR, DONALD CHARLES-Mathematics Major. President Sophomore Class, Presi- dent, Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Assemblies, Football, Locker Attendant, Business Staff. Clubs: Golf, Lettermen's. BLAKER, RICHARD C.-Science Major. Glee Club, Boys' Sextette, Octette, Log Staff, Vodvil. BLOSSER, KAY ELLI'OT-Mathematics Major. Band, Assemblies, Rifle Club. BLUM, EEVA MIRIAM-Cornmercial Major. President, Salesman Advisory Group, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. BLUNT, DONALD WILLIAM--Printing Major. Sergeant-at-Arms Advisory Group, Alki Printer, Assemblies, P. E. Assistant, Stage Crew, Committees. BOETTCHER, VIRGINIA JOYCE-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Assemblies, Oliice Assistant, Usher, Committees, G.A.A. BOLEY CLARENCE4Industrial Arts Major. BOSS, MARIE M.-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Red Cross At- tendant, Locker Attendant, Committees. BROWN, JOSEPH MILTON-Science Major. Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Tennis Champion, "B" Football, State Champion Basketball, Committees. Clubs: Tennis, Lettermen's. BUCK, CHESTER MERLIN-Manual Arts Major. Assemblies. BUDD, ROSA ISABELLE-Commercial Major. Band, Manager Vodvil Ticket Sale Junior Girls, Locker Attendant, Bookkeeper Art Department, Usher, Committees, Golf Club. BURGSTAHLER, WANDA IVIARIA-Commercial Major. Usher. BURNS, RALPH ERNEST4-Science Major. Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Track, P. E. Assistant, Locker Attendant. BURR, VIVIAN LUCILLE-Foreign Language Major. Second Vice-president Student Body, President, Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club, Girls' Sextette, Feature Writer Log, Vodvil, Assemblies, Office Assistant, Manager Ping-pong, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Golf, G.A.A., Quill and Scroll. BUTTON, V. MERVEEN-Home Economics Major. Band, Orchestra, Woodwind Quar- tette, Vodvil, Assemblies. CABE, MARGERY ARLENE-Social Science Major. Girls' League Reporter, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, Reporter, Feature Writer Log Staff, Committees. Clubs: Inkifmgers, Quill and Scroll. CAIN, DOROTHY MARIE-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Office Assistant, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, G.A.A. tant, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, G.A.A. CAMPBELL, DON-Manual Arts Major. Vice-president, Sergeant-at-Arms, Salesman Adyvisory Group, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, "B" Football, Traffic Patrol. CAMPBELL, GLENN-Manual Arts Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, "B" Football, Locker Attendant, Traiiic Patrol. CARLSON, ARTHUR-Mathematics Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Golf Club. CARPENTER, ARLENE CONSTANCE-Foreign Language Major. Band, Orchestra, Vodvil, Assemblies. CARSON, LOUISE-Comrnercfial Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Triad Club. CARSON, NEAL-Mathematics Major. RiHe Club. . 1939 Q 1 , , ',wg-A Ei Q f-if n b 2 wfi 'ff : . ag we '- 1 1 ,. 2 H 4' M' wi I W! Rfk 254 Ilixhy, .lulnv I2,im'k, XVilli:1m I-Z, Iilzlir. Imuzlhl Ul:lkv1'. lfii'llIlI'l1 lllnssvr. Kay Illmu. E4-xu M. lllunt. Imnzllr! lim-tu-lu-11 Xf lT:Iilk'Y.f'l1ll'9IN'kA Iloss, Maric- Iirmvn, .Imwph M. liuvk, Chl-sts-x' Iimld, Rusu I-:lll'Q.1'St2lhlk'l', XV, Hurus, Ralph rr. Viviun Hllllflll, 314-VYQ4-11 4'2llll', 5l:11'g'1-ry Nalin. Ilfmlwrtlu' Vzlmlwlwll. lmnulfl Vwmplrf-ll, Glenn 1':u'lsm1. gXI'Ul1H' 1'Ill'Dt'lllI'I', .Xrlenv 1":l1'snrl, LIIIHS1' i':u'suu. Nm-all CASTLE, MARCIA MARGARET-Foreign Language Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Sextette, Librarian Glee Club, Feature Writer Log Staff, Picture Editor Alki, Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Secretary Inkiiingers, Golf, G.A.A., Quill and Scroll. CATES, MELVIN EUGENE-Commercial Majovr. Vodvil, Assemblies, Business StaE. CHAPMAN, RALPH MELLEN-Science Major. Representative Boys' League Confer- ence, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees. CLOTHIER, DORIS AMBER- Commercial Major. Usher, Committees. COLE, JEANNE LAVYRNE--Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, OFHce Assistant, Library Assistant. CRAMER, MARY ELLEN-Corrzmercial Major. Log Staff, Assemblies, Red Cross At- tendant, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Make-up, Home Economics. CRITES, CLAUDIA E'LANE--Cojnmeraial Major. Song Leader Junior Class, Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant, Committees. CULLISON, EILEEN ZOLA-Home Economics Major. Usher. CUNNINGHAM, GAIL-Home Economics Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Assem- blies, Usher, Committees. DAILEY, BENTON ROBERT--Science Majolr. Assemblies, Triad Club. DAILEY, GAYLE LORRAINE-Commercial Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, P. E. Assistant, Manager Baseball, Locker Attendant, Committees. Clubs: Treasurer G.A.A., Vice-president Lettergirls'. DAILEY, WALLACE CHARLES-Science Major. Vice-president, Sports Manager Ad- visory Group, Intramural Sports, Committees. DAVID, KENNETH AI.BE'RT-Mathematics Major. Band, Assemblies, Locker At- tendant. DAVIS, LILLIAN SUZY-Art Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Usher, Committees. DAVIS, LOIS MARIE--Home Economics Major. Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, ' Committees. DAVIS, RONALD-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group. DESLER, WILBUR GEORGE-Science Major. President, Secretary, Athletic Manager Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, State Champion Basketball Squad, Intramural Sports, Library Assistant, I.ettermen's Club. DIERKS, LAYTON BRUCE--Science Major. Band, Vodvil. DILLABAUGH, MARVEL RUTH-Home Economics Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, Office Assistant, Usher, Committees. DOOLEN, STANLEY-Science Major. V DORMAN, JEAN-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Glee Club, Log' Staff, Vodvil, Assemblies, Athletics, Usher, Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Letter- girls', Golf, Quill and Scroll. DUDLEY, RUTH ELLENOR-Foreign Language Major. Representative Girls' League, Centralia, Vice-president Advisory Group, Glee Club, Senior Editor Alki, Assem- blies, Red Cross Attendant, Library Assistant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Presi- V dent Inkifingers, Golf. DUNCAN, HOWARD EUGENE-Science Major. Intramural Sports, P. E. Assistant. DUNEGAN, WILLIAM M.-Science Major. Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Commit- tees. DURDAHL, FLORENCE WAUNITA-Art Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Golf, G.A.A. ALKI 1939 K! 5. my , -1 :gf if ll H Wifi jf + sl ff Ei? kiwi' Qi? fin' 5 C fx ' Fifi? wk 41 ' 3-'92 ffm '., 1515 LY! I MSE? 5 X-if gs' 3 'Pau-,f 435' X ? SQ hustle, M:u1'n'iu Fate-S, M1-lvin 1'l1:upn1:m. Rulpln 4'lull1iv1', lmris Univ, Jezmm- at fs? M 'WW 1 1 arm-r,M:1ry lC. 4'rit1-s,l'l:1u1li:1 Vllllisnm. Eilm-n t'um1im.:lx:u11.lluil lmiln-y, lh-num six l r- sl iw? 1 ,W Wag Duil+fy,G:1yl4- lmilvy, XV:1llzu'v Imvicl, K1-lmvtlu lmxis. Lillian lmvis. l.1 lmvis, lifmnlwl Deslor, NVillr1l1' Ilin-rks, lmytmn ,l7lll1lllillll.lll,RIIIVYUI Dnulvn, Stzmll-y llflflllilll, .lwm lnulle-y, lllllvmrl' lvunl-un, llfvwzmrnl Ilunl-gain, llill l1lll'1lGllll, lfllwu-x14-4 I DURDLE', LEROY-Science Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Assemblies, Manager Swimming Team, Locker Attendant, Business Staif, P. E. Assistant, Committees. DUROSE, FRED-Manual Arts Major. Assemblies, "B" Football, Shop Foreman, Committees. EASLEY, MARIE AGNES-Commercial Major. Representative Girls' League Confer- ence, Centralia, Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Ath- letics, Manager Tumbling, P. E. Assistant, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: President, Treasurer G.A.A., Lettergirls', Vice-president Girls' Golf. EDER, VIRGINIA MAY-Commercial Major. Committees. EDGERTON, DOROTHY JANE-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Spell- ing Team. EHLE, JR., HERBERT-Art Major. Vice-president Sophomore Class, Secretary, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Assemblies, State Championship Basketball Squad, "B" Football, Intramural Sports, Committees. Clubs: President Golf Club, Lettermen's. EI-ILENBERGER, EVELYN INIARIE--Ivlathejnatics Major. Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant. EHLENBERGE R, JACOB-Science Major. EHLKE, ELMER A.-Printing Major. Publication Assistant Log, Printer Alki, Intra- mural Sports. FANNING, DON-Manual Arts Major. Vodvil, Locker Attendant, Committees. A FANNING, CLAUDE' EDWARD-Manual Arts Major. Salesman Advisory Group, As- semblies, Committees, Camera Club. FARMER, DOROTHY MAE-Home Economics Major. Locker Attendant, Usher, Com- mittees. FELL, HELEN ELIZABETH-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Assem- blies, Athletics, Library Assistant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: President, Team Captain Golf, G.A.A. FITCH, ELAINE-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Golf, G.A.A. FORGEY, VIRGINIA JANE-Commercial Major. President, Secretary Advisory Group, Glee Club, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. FORNEY, PEGGY JANE-Foreign Language Major. Reporter Log Staff. FRIEZE, CONRAD ROSS-Mathematics Major. President, Secretary, Salesman Advis- ory Group, Reporter Log StaE, Assemblies, -Ofiice Assistant, Business Staff, Stage Crew, Committees. GAIN, MARY-Commercial Major. President, Corresponding Secretary Girls! League, Delegate High School Leaders' Conference, Seattle, Delegate Girls' League Confer- ence, Camas, Centralia, President Advisory Group, Reporter Log StaE, Vodvil, As- semblies, Ofiice Assistant Miss von Berg, Committees, Golf Club, Quill and Scroll. GALBRAITH, MARGARET-Foreign Language Major. President, Vice-president, Sales- man Advisory Group, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, G.A.A. GEE, VIVIAN ALICE-Foreign Language Major., Secretary Advisory Group, Assem- blies, Library Assistant, Usher, Committees, Krafterettes. GILKEY, NORMANhMathe1natics Major. President, Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Vodvil, "B" Basketball, Senior Football Manager. Clubs: Letter- men's, Tumbling. GREEN, ALTA VERA-Commercial Major. President Advisory Group, Usher, Com- mittes. GREEN, FLOYD J.-Mathematics Major. Golf Club. GREINER, JACK-Mathematics Major. Glee Club, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Rifle Club. GULLIFORD, RALPH ALFRED--Manual Arts Major. Orchestra, Vodvil, Assemblies: UB" Track, Tumbling Team, P. E. Assistant. 1939 1 ' JH' 1 , -YW 1+ H 'YP f .of 4 ,Q A' Vi FS' ,. x i A5-34' gffig w iv mf' W - :ffl Yfgf ,K Z, -1:1 ff' 'V','1Q r , X . 1 A Q 1 f 1 y , 1 r .. 1 Wo- MQ A 46" in Y E4 I4 1 In xh I mlm , I 1 .ff fu- U Xrnm N 'X Q L, s u - ,. 5 1 Umm 1 I1 ,Q ,., X nth I l I 1 x G11 1lfOld I llph HALL, DWAYNE E.-Science Major. Assemblies, Intramural Sports. HALPINE, FAITH MCCHAIN-Mathematics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Report- er Columbia Log, Vodvil, Locker Attendant. HARRY, RUSSELL E.-Mathematics Major. First Vice-president Boys' League, Presi- dent, Secretary Advisory Group, "B" Track, Otlice Assistant, Business Staff, Committees, Weight Lifters' Club. HAWKINS, WARREN B.-Science Major. President Student Body, President, Vice- president Advisory Group, Glee Club, Boys' Sextetteg Vodvil, Assemblies, State Champion Basketball, Intramural Sports, Committees. Clubs: Lettermen's, Tennis, Golf. HAYNES, ETHEL MAY-Home Eoorromics Major. President, Vice-president, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, Band, Vodvil, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, Golf Club. HEERMANN, ELLEN HILDA-Home Economics Major. Usher. HELM, LENA-Commercial Major. President, Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. HENDERSON, MARGARET ELSIE-Home Economics Major. President, Vice-presi- dent, Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club, Girls' Sextette, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees. Clubs: Vice-president Golf, G.A.A. HERZOG, CHRIS-Commercial Major. President, Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Business Staff, Library Assistant, Locker Attendant, Committees. HOCKETT, JOSEPHINE-Home Economics Majovr. HODGE, VIRGINIA-Commercial Major. President Advisory Group, Glee Club, Re- porter Log Staff, Vodvil, Assemblies, Library Assistant, Committees, Make-up Club. HOLMES, LEONARD-Science Major. Sergeant-at-Arms Student Body, President . Senior, Sophomore Class, President Advisory Group, Basketball, Business Staff, Office Assistant. Clubs: Golf, Lettermen's. HOLTBERG, DOROTHY MARIE-Commercial Major. President, Vice-president Ad- visory Group, Assemblies, Athletics, Business Staff, Library Assistant, Usher' Committees, G.A.A. r HORTON, CLOAH JANE-Commercial Major. Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant' Locker Attendant, Make-up Club. Y HOWARD, NORMA ELAINE-Commercial Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. HOWELL, DONALD J.-Print-ing Major. First Vice-president Student Body, President, Sergeant-at-Arms Advisory Group, Glee Club, "B" Football, Locker Attendant. HOYT, VAL-Science Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, "B" Track, P. E. Assistant, Com- mittees. Clubs: Weight Lifting, Fencing. HUSSEY, CLARENCE-Printing Major. JOHN, CLINTON EDWARD-Matlzernatics Major. Sergeant-at-Arms, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Assemblies, Football, Track, Intramural Sports, Committees, President Lettermen's Club. JOHNSON, DONALD MALCOLM--Sc-iomze Major. President, Vice - president Advisory Group, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Brass Quartette, Vodvil, Assemblies, Lab- oratory Assistant. JOHNSON, JUNIOR-Science Major. President Advisory Group, Glee Club, Boys, Sextette, Octette, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees. JOHNSON, MARY ESTHER-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Usher, Committees, Make-up Club. KEENEY, JUNE'-Commercial Major. President, Salesman Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Usher. KELLY, LORRAINE M.-Comjnercial Major. Usher, Committees. KENNEDY, BETTY JOSEPHINE-Home Eoorzomics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies. ALKI 1939 X k m.. '3--- :E .f-- x iisiski 94 Mn. Q lIz1ll,IMx':1y11e' HIllIPiIll',l4'1liHl Hzlrry, Iiussx-ll llxlwkins. XV:l1'1'e-11 lI2l.Vllt'N, 1911111-l IIPw1'mzl1m, 11111:-n H4-lm. IA-11:1 Hn-lule1'suu. M. IIL'l'ZUg',l'1ll'iS Hm-kf-lr. Jusepllillc ngflv, Yirginizn Hnllnvs, lmmmrsl Ilrvltlvelg, lmmtlly Hm'ton,4'Inz1l1 Iluwuxwl, Nurmzl 'mu-l1.Dm1:1lnl Huyt. Vzll Ilussvy, t'l111w-11u- .Iullu,l'lil1tHIl .!ul1nsw11. lmnzwhl JIAIIIISUII, .Illl1iUI' .lul1ns1m. Maury lit'4'IlL'j', .Iunw K4-Hy, I.m'1':1im- K1-1111s-1ly,lZ4-ity - . U . - . I I T S KENNEDY., MARION Mathematzts'Major.,V1ce president, Spoi ts Manager, alesman Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemolies, B Football. KERN, ROBERT DE'AN-Mathematics Major. Band, Orchestra, Log StaE, Vodvil' Assemblies, Laboratory Assistant. y KINGEN, DON WILSON-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Band, Or- chestra, Glee Club, Boys' Octette, Clarinet Quartette, Alki Business Manager, Vod- vil, Assemblies, Swimming Team, Laboratory Assistant. KIRKPATRICK, HELEN MERLE-Science Major. Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant' Usher, Committees. KLEIN, ELEANOR JOSEPHINE-Mathematics Major. President, Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, State Indoor Diving Champion 1938, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Lettergirls', G.A.A. KLINELINE, ERVA LOUISEQCo1rm1ercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil' Assemblies, G.A.A. r KLINSKI, HOWARD-Manual Arts Major. Locker Attendant, Committees. KOPLIN, LOIS JEAN-Commercial Major. President Advisory Group, Glee Club, Vod- vil, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Usher. KOSOBAYASHI, TOM-Mathematics Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Committees. KRAMER, LEGION CHARLES-Science Major. President, Vice-president, Secretary. Salesman Advisory Group, Assemblies, Football, "B" Basketball, "B" Track, Intra- mural Sports, Committees, Lettermenfs Club. KROMMINGA, GERTURDE LOUISE-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Library Assistant, Locker Attendant, Usher. KUHN, PEGGY ANN-Home Economics Major. President Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Usher, Treasurer Krafterettes Club. LACY, PHYLLIS JEANNE-Home Economics Major. Assemblies, Library Assistant, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, Epicurean Club. LAIPPLE, MAXINE PATRICIA- Commercial Major. President, Secretary, Salesman " Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Manager Volleyball, P. E. Assistant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., President Lettergirlsi LEIBFRIED, CHARLES LINDSAY-Art Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Band, Log' Art, Art Editor Alki, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, President, Vice-presi- dent Triad Club. LINDELL, ERNEST-Industrial Arts Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group, Intra- mural Sports. LINDQUIST, CAROL JANE-Art Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Orchestra, String Quartette, Glee Club, Sextette, Columnist Log Staff, Girls' Ath- letics Alki Staf, Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Triad, G.A.A. LINN, DOREEN LENORE-Mathematics Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, Manager Bad- minton, Oflice Assistant Miss von Berg, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Golf, Letter- girls', Vice-president G.A.A. LIPPERT, EDWIN MARVIN-Mathematics Major. Assemblies, HB" Track, Intramural Sports, Committees. LOOMIS, MELVIN C.-Social Science Major. Band. LOSHBAUGH, CLARENCE R.-Printing Major. Publication Assistant Log Staf, Alki Printer, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Stage Crew. LUCH, BILL S.-Manual Arts Major. Committees. LUKE, LEONA BELL-Home Economics Major. Usher, Make-up Club. LUTTRELL, HAROLD A.-Science Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Intramural Sports, Business Staff, Traliic Patrol. MACCOMBER, DORIS MAE-Foreign Language Major. Assemblies, Chairman, Sec- retary Red Cross, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. 1939 'Kimi 1 X 357: ciiriiifi if-ffif f4f,7: gfici :eg-if cliff? ww., gif? raziy i'fW, ,, 225435 A5 533439 WSF' Jig' . SV: ' 43 -' 9 33: ,E ., 1, H f 5 mx. , , f , 33 , 5 153 f' qs-im 9? 5 if 1 wi ,Q 1 X 51 fir i gig Q 1,7 ' ' - X ws 1 C U1 59? - 'fc' we'- if' XX . -I 1 . A . , X 'Q xp.. 5-s Qiigji 3 4 v 3- 'T-, :- vkffk N if.. ,155 ifiigi 1' :Fw 1' iff l, it , , li--nni-fly, M:ii'iun K1-rn. Huh Kiiigmi, Ihnmlnl Kii'lqmli'in-li, Ilelvn Klinelinv, PI'i'x':i Klinski, Hnwmwl Kuplin, Lois Knsolmyaslii, 'Foin lil'41!NYllilH2.'ll,fQ. Kiilini Img-gy Lzivy. Phyllis .I. Luipplef, Maxine Linule-II, Erin-st Linmlquisl. Vzliml Linn, lmreen I,ippv1'l. Edwin I,nslih:uii::'li, U. Lnvli, Ilill Luke, I,m-:inn Lnttrefll. Hzxiwulrl Klf ill, ICI:-aiml' Kl'1lI116l', he-gion L1'illf1'il'l1, Lindsziy Lmnnis, Melvin Min-Cmiilvvr. Imris MACKELLAR, JEAN SCOTT-Foreign Language Major. Editor-in-chief Log' StaHg Assembliesg Usher, Committeesg Spelling Teamg Quill and Scroll. MCCOLLUM, MABEL B.-Home Ecortomics Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Assem- bliesg Usher. MCDONALD, EVELYN RUT'H-Cmmum'cia.l Major. Committees. MCIRVIN, EUGENIA MELDA-Home Economics Majo1'. MCIRVIN, TOM W.-Science Major. Bandg "B" Basketballg P. E. Assistant. MCIRVIN, VERNETTE' INIAXINE-Commercial Major. Red Cross Attendantg Usherg Committeesg Golf Club. MCKAY, JACK TOM-Industrial Arts Major. Vice-president Advisory Groupg Band' Boxingg Footballg Lettermen's Club. v MCKELVIE, EVELYN-Home Economics Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Groupg Glee Club, Vodvilg Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant, Usherg Committees. MCNARY, RUTH HELENE-Foreign Language Major. Secretary Advisory Groupg Vodvilg Assembliesg Committees. Clubs: Inkifmgers, Make-up. MCNEEL, KENNETH DEWAIN-IndtLstr'ial Arts Major. MACKEY, FLOYD LEE-Mathematics Major. President, Secretary Advisory Groupg Bandg Log Staffg Vodvilg Assembliesg Business Staffg Locker Attendantg Committees. MADDEN, PAT HOWARD-Science Major. President, Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Groupg Assemblies, "B" Football, Locker Attendantg Golf Club. MALONE, MARY JEAN-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Assembliesg Oflice Assistant, Locker Attendantg Usherg Committeesg G.A.A. MANARY, GERTRUDE4Home Economics Major. President, Salesman Advisory Groupg Assembliesg Usherg Golf Club. MASON, BOB-Mathematics Major. Salesman Advisory Group. MATHEWS, GLENN ELDON-Printing Major. Bandg Printer Log Stafg Alki Printerg Business Staff. MATTHEWS, GRACE ELIZABETH-Corrlmercial Major. President, Salesman Advisory Groupg Glee Clubg Accountant Girls' Athletics, Log Staffg Alki Staffg Vodvilg Assem- bliesg OHice Assistant Miss von Bergg P. E. Assistantg Red Cross Attendantg Locker Attendantg Usher, Committees. Clubs: Lettergirls'g G.A.A. MATTSON, MILDRED PERMELIA-Commercml Major. President, Secretary Advisory Groupg Assembliesg Othce Assistant Miss von Bergg Usherg Committeesg Triad Club. MAYES, JOSEPHINE R.-Home Economics Major. Vice-president Advisory Groupg Locker Attendantg Usher, Committees. MAYES, LEROY MADISON-Industrial Arts Major. Vice-president, Secretary, Ser- geant-at-Arms, Sports Manager Advisory Groupg Footballg "B" Basketballg Trackg P. E. Assistantg Library Assistantg Committcesg Vice-president Lettermen's Club. MEULER, WINTON-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Assemblies. MILLER, JEWEL-Foreign Language Major. Vice-president Girls' Leagueg Delegate High School Leaders' Conference, Seattleg Secretary Junior Classg President Advis- ory Groupg Vodvilg Assembliesg Office Assistant Miss von Berg, Usherg Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Lettergirlsi MILLER, WALLACE HARRY-Commercial Major. President, Salesman, Sports Mana- ger Advisory Groupg Vodvilg Assemblies, Trackg Intramural Sportsg Tumbling Club. MOCK, GLADYS MAE-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Usherg Com- mittees. MONK, RALPH-Mathematics Major. Assembliesg Locker Attendant. 1939 53352 'iff me 2522" . - wit" fi? . . 5' 3 Wu: vl if, n 'rel . - A 5 4 A i s ' gn - . I W L ji-- 5551 1 P31 Nb. 5' ,cv'5 if? 7.3 if. ? F A m . A, J' . . 43' F! He . iii? 'gillsy' 5.1. slim 'S is KST: . 3 WW pan-v kEi 'i sigwx :ff w. 5 ' pai il 'f - 2 ,- a z 5 .SM ' 1 F' Ti gf , 'itfv 335'-'l wiv :u'Kvll:l!', .lv-am M1'l'ull1lx11, Mzllwl Mvlmllzlld. ICU-lyxx AIl'll'YiIl.I'1llf.Zf'lli2l AIt'II'Yill, Tum 14'II'X'ilI. Yt'I'llvll4' M1-K:Iy,.I:1n'k Mvlivlvie-. Iivm-1x11 M4-Nzxry, Ruth M4-N1-vl. K1-11114 .Xlznvlu-y. IA-0 Nlzulmlvn, Pant Ivlnlmn-, Mzl1'y.lm-:ln lvlzlnzlry. Gm-rtrmlv Mznsfm. Hula ulln-ws,4llo11n A12ltth1'XVS, 1,1I'3lf'!' lwuttsuu, Mihlrwl lNl:ny1-s,.losepllinv May:-s, Iwliwvy ful:-V, XYintnn Mille-:'. .lwwvl M1114-r, XYz1lIzu-v Mm-li. Glzulys Mmmk. Rzllplx Q' MORGAN, JOAN-Mathematics Major. Library Assistant, Usher. MURRAY, BARBARA-Home Economics Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, As- semblies, Library Assistant, Usher, Committees. NAGEL, MARJORIE LOUISE'-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Athletics, Library Assistant, Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Secretary Lettergirlsb NANCE, EDITH ANN-Commercial Major. NASKEDOV, HOWARD WALTER--Manual Arts Major. Vice-president Senior Class, Vice-president, Secretary, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Assemblies, Basketball, HB" Football, Committees, Lettermen's Club. NELSON, BETTE JANE-Commercial Major. Vice-president Junior Class, Secretary Senior Class, President Advisory Group, Girls' Sextette, Glee Club, Vodvil, Assem- blies, Manager Girls' Basketball. Clubs: Treasurer Lettergirlsl, Girls' Golf, G.A.A. NELSON, RUTH MARIE-Commercial Major. Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, Golf Club. NETH, WALTER-Mathematics Major. Intramural Sports. NOGANO, ELME'R-Commercial Major. NOKLEBY, LOIS-Home Economics Major. Usher. NORVVOOD, KATHLEEN,JUNE-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group' Reporter Log Staff, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. ,v OLSON, MARION ALICE-Home Economics Major. Salesman Advisory Group. PAETH, GEORGE WILLIAM-Science Major. Reporter Log Staff, Assemblies, Lab- oratory Assistant. PAGE, JUANITA AULDINE-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group' Vodvil, Assemblies, Athletics, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, G.A.A. 7 PARKER, OREVA IMOGENE-Art Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club' Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Committees, G.A.A., Honor Dramatic Society. J PARSONS, ELEANOR MARIEhCommercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assem- Y blies, Librarian English Department, Locker Attendant, Committees, Make-up Club. PATTEN, LINN4CormnerciaZ Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Band, Vodvil, As- semblies. PAUTZ, HARRY HENRY-Science Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, HB' Basketball, Intramural Sports, Laboratory Assistant, Rifle Club. PAYNE, NINA MARIE-Ari Major. Song Leader, Glee Club, Secretary Red Cross, Secretary Triad Club. PELTON, NANCY-Foreign Language Major. Secretary Student Body, Secretary Sophomore Class, Log Staff, Vodvil, Assemblies, P. E. Assistant, Manager Girls' Tumbling, Ciice Assistant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Golf, G.A.A., Letterg'irls'. PETCNOFF, EVAN JACK-Manual Arts Major. Assemblies. PETCOFF, PETCO EUGENE-Manual Arts Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assem- blies, Intramural Sports, Library Assistant, Committees. PETERSON, PEARL OVEDIA-Commercial Major. Committees. PEYTON, HARLAN-Printing Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Printer Log Staff, Alki Printer. PHILLIPS, BEN R.-Manual Arts Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group, Assemblies, Boys' League Smoker, Locker Attendant. 1939 1 x 4 is :Q We iv. 1+ 5 X1 48' 1 - nj, .I Bail. 7? 'f Q 3,443 Mm-gun. .loan Nelsnn, Ileltto Nm'wucM, K. P2lI'SUIlS. lC1e:u1m IH-tc'rm1'l'4 lCv:1n lX'Iurx'zly, Hzll'Imrzl Nzlyel, 1Vl2lI'.ifll'it' Nilllvli, Edith Nxlske-clov, H. NQAISUI1, Ruth N1-th, XYz1ltn'1' Nngulln, Nlmvl' Nfrkleby, Luis Olson, Muriun I'z1feth4 Gwn'gu P2lg,'L'. Juzmilzl I'z1rlwx'. U11-V11 Ihlttm-11. Linn Puutz, Hurry I':1y11n-, Nina I'e-ltrm. Num-A IH-twmft'. Pvu-u l',t'tL'l'ZiUIl, Prznrl I'm-ytmm, Ilzlrlznl Phillips, I:t'Il PHILLIPS, FREDRICK LAWRENCE-Manual Arts Major. Glee Club, Locker Attend- antg Committeesg Golf Club. K PICKENS, ALBERT WILLIAM-Science Major. Glee Clubg Assemblies, Locker At- tendant. POE, GROVER HERBERT-Mathematics Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Orchestra, Vodvilg Assembliesg Intramural Sports, Committees. POLLOCK, JEAN KATHRYN-Coonmercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Typist Alki Staffg Usherg Committees. POUNDS, FRANCES-Commercial Major. Vodvilg Assemblies. PROPSTRA, ANNETTE HELEN-Science Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Groupg Glee Club, Vodvilg Assembliesg Committees. PROSCH, ELROY GEROLD-Manual Arts Major. Assemblies, "BU Trackg Intramural Sports, Vice-president Triad Club. RAINS, OPAL MARIE-Home Economics Major. Secretary Red Crossg Usherg Com- mitteesg Secretary, Treasurer Make-up Club. RANGSTRAND, ELAINE MARGIE-Commercial Major. President, Secretary, Sales- - man Advisory Group, Typist Alki Staffg Assembliesg Office Assistant, Usherg Com- mittees gr Secretary, Krafterettes. RAUSCH, GORDON LEE-Science Major. REESE, RUTH ELIZABETH-Cormnercial Major. Assembliesg P. E. Assistantg Mana- ger Archery, Committees. Clubs: Secretary G.A.A., Vice-president Lettergirlsi REEVES, PHYLLIS-Foreign Language Major. President, Salesman Advisory Groupg Glee Clubg Log Staffg Junior, Organization Editor Alkig Vodvilg Assembliesg Usherg Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Inkifingers, Quill and Scroll, Spelling' Team. REED, CHARLES C.-Manual Arts Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, P. E. Assist- 4 antg "B" Football, Basketball, Committees. RICE, ERNEST CLINTON-Commercial Major. Assembliesg Trahic Patrol. Ric'HARD'soiN, WILLIAM JUDSON-Mathematics Major. Sports Manager Advisory -' V Group, Footballg Lettermen's Club. RICHMOND, JEAN-Home Economics Major. RIPLEY, DOUGLAS EDWARD-Printing Major. Publication Log StaHg Alki Printerg Vodvilg Assembliesg Trackg Footballg Tumbling, Intramural Sports. Clubs: Ser- geant-at-Arms Lettermen,s, RiHe. ROBB, ROBERT L.--Printing Major. Salesman Advisory Group. ROBB, WILLIS D.eMarLual Arts Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Assemblies, Locker Attendant. ROBERTS, CLARENCE LELAND-Science Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Assem- Y bliesg Locker Lieutenantg Poster Booster Clubg Boys' League Smoker. RUNYAN, BILL H.-Mathematics Major. Orchestrag Vodvil. RUSSELL, VIVIAN ELEANOR-Home Economics Major. Secretary Advisory Groupg Glee Clubg Vodvilg Assembliesg Usherg Committees. RYAN, MARJORIE ALLEN-Commercial Major. Glee Clubg Vodvilg Assembliesg Ath- leticsg'Usl'ierg Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Golf. SAATHOFF, TH-OMAS-Mathematics Major. Vice-president Advisory Groupg Ping Pong, Committees. SATER, VIOLA ANN-Home Economics Major. President Advisory Groupg Glee Clubg Vodvilg Assembliesg Red Cross Attendantg Library Assistantg Usherg Committeesg Epicurian Club., u ' - 1939 Q v Qw- ' 1 Q 1 mg, I "n - -H 2-' 1 Kia' 'iq . J "THE . I ' A Zif f 1-:Er av . ffl 'fl if vw :fe iTfTn?y df" IIIIHIIIS, l.:1w1'x-111-45 I lt'k1'llS, AIM-rt I'1'u1uSt1':l. .XIllll'ttU l'l'1rNm'l1, Ellwu' W- IL-'f sw, Ruth Iiv-lu-s. Phyllis Iiil'lllIl1lIlIl,.l1'lill Iiipll-y. lmllglals Illllljllll. Hill Russ:-ll, Yivizm 'Quake gives Effx? f'We.u '-l+C,.,.: C5293 35593 wg 'QQYE ug 1 Ji l'rr1-,1ll'nX'l'1' lizlills. llpnl lim-ll.4'lm1'lvs Hnllulv, lI1nlWI'l llyzxrr. .XI:11'jm'i4 Hvlluvk, .ltlilll Imllxlfis, lfrxlxlux lizmL1sl1':llnl,I'I. ll:111:4vh, tlmwlf Rival, l'I1'11n-St Iiik'I!2l!'llS4AII, H111 Iiuhlw, XYillis llwlwrts. 1'l:u-. 111 . - b:l:lll1fmi'I'. 'I'I11m1:xs Sxltr-V, Yiulzl fa SCHAFFER, LILLIE-Home Economics Major. Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant, Usher, Committees, Make-up Club. , SCI-IERRUBLE, CLARA CHRISTINA-Mathematics Major. President Advisory Group: Locker Attendant, Library Assistant, Usher, Committees. SCHWAN, KATHERINE ELIZABETH-Art Major. SCHWARZ, FRANCIS EMIL-Sciovrca Major. Laboratory Assistant. Clubs: Golf, President Rifle, Tennis. SERVICE, TOM-Comfmercial Major. Sports Manager, Vice-president Advisory Group, Glee Club, Assemblies, Oiiice Assistant. SHAMBAUGH, ALEDA-Home Economics Major. Vodvil, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, Golf Club. SHERE, BUD-Science Major. President Junior Class, Salesman Advisory Group, Vod- vil, Assemblies, Senior Manager Basketball, Committees. Clubs: Golf. Lettermen's. SHIRK, DOROTHY JANE-Foreign Language Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Vod- vil, Assemblies, Usher, Committees. Clubs: G.A.A., Golf. SINCLAIR, CLYDE-Manual Arts Major. SKELTON, MARJ-ORIE-Home Economics Major. Locker Attendant. SKOV, GRANT ALLANhManual Arts Major. President, Vice-president, Sports Mana- ger Advisory Group, Assemblies, HB" Track, Football, Intramural Sports, P. E. As- sistant, Committees, Lettermen's Club. SLY, FRANCIS ALBERTHAM Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Band, Or- chestra, Brass Quartette, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Triad Club. SMITH, DAVID LEWIS-Maflzematirs Major. Salesman, Program Chairman Advisorv Group, Assemblies, Laboratory Assistant, P. E. Assistant, Library Assistant, Locker Attendant, Business Staff, Traffic Patrol, Committees. Clubs: President Camera, Rifle, Forum. SMITH, INEZ ISABELL-Commercial Major. Assemblies, Committees. SNEDDEN, VVILLIAM JOHN-Science Major. SNOOK, MARY--Home Economics Major. SOHA, CLYDE-Art Major. Assemblies, Intramural Sports, Committees, Triad Club. SOHA, MARGARET' ANN-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Vodvil, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Usher, Committees. STADELMAN, BETTY JEAN-Home Economics Major. President, Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Usher. STANDIFORD, JR., QUINTON-Printing Major. Sergeant-at-Arms Advisory Group, Publication Log Staff, Assemblies, Intramural Sports, UB" Basketball, Manager Track, Committees, Tennis Club. STEFFAN, KEITH S.-Science Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, "B" Track, Locker Attendant, Committees. Clubs: Weight Lifting, Fencing. STELZIG, HOWARD-Mathematics Major. Locker Attendant. STOLEE, VERNON-Cornmercial Major. President, Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil- Intramural Sports. 9 STONE, LYNN FRANK-Manual Arts Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Band, "B" Football, Rifle Club. STONEHOUSE, GEORGE ROBERT-Printing Major. Printer Lo,-Z Staff, Vodvil, As- semblies, "B" Football, Track, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. Clubs: Rifle, Letter- men's. 1939 if ,lx W x uw.,-4' -WK " ning Q- gg, ., Svlmi'I'P1', Lillin- S:-hm-rrlllllm-, l'l1x1':v SUIIXYIIII. K, S4-Ixwzlrz. I'il'IIllC'iS S4-:wif-eg 'I'm11 Sll:lm1mllg'll,.X. SIM-iw. lim! Sllil'k, livwrxtlly' SE!lt'l1lil'. Vlywlm- Skvltmx. llzumu Skrw, ,xllilll Sly. I'iI'JlIl1'iS Smith. IPzlxi'l Smith. Ilxvz S111-mMm1..l:1 Smmk,1I:lI'5' Swim, l'Iy'nl4- Su11:z.Al:u'gzul'-'I SIIl1l1'IIll2lH. Il--ity' Sl:xmliI'u1'ml4 Q SlvI'l4:1n, li-Aillm S14-lzig, IIuwz11'1l SI4ll1'k',Yl'I'llHII Slum-. Lynn Stmwlunlsv, G 6- STOUT, GRACE PATRICIA-Home Economics Major. SUPERNAW, IRIS MAURINE-Art Major. Oflice Assistant, Locker Attendant, Usher. SUTHERLAND, HARRYW-Science Major. Cross Country Run, Track, P. E. Assistant, Committees. SUTTER, EDNA F.-Science Major. Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, G.A.A. SWAN, HERBERT H.-Science Major. Band, Orchestra, French Horn Quartette, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees. SYKES, WALTER J.-Foreign Language Major. Log Staff, Intramural Sports. TENA, MAY BELLE-Home Economics Major. Locker Attendant. TERRILL, LELA J.-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Golf, G.A.A. THOMAS, BILL LEONARD-Irrdustrial Arts Major. Yell Leader School, Junior Class, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Assemblies, Committees. THORNTON, ALVIN ERNEST-Commercial Major. TOWER, BETTINA JEAN-Home Economics Major. Vodvil, Committees, G.A.A. TRUEBLOOD, JEAN RILEY-Jllanual Arts Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club. VAN ANTWERP, JR., MERLE SAMUEL-Printing Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group, Publication Log Staff, Assemblies, State Champion Basketball, Track, "B" Football, Intramural Sports, Manager Tennis Team, Committees. Clubs: Tennis, Lettermen's. VAN ANTWERP, VALAIN ARLYN-Manual Arts Major. President, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Senior and .Iunior Intramural Sports Manager, Locker Attendant, Stage Crew. VAN ATTA, KATHRYN-Foreign Language Major. President, Secretary Advisory Group, Glee Club, Sextette, Vodvil, Assemblics, Usher, Committees. Clubs: Golf, G.A.A., Spelling Team. WALLACE, FRANCIS WII.LIAlXI--Printing Major. Glee Club, "B" Football, Rifle Club. WANNAMAKER, ROBERT EDWARD-Industrial Arts Major. Locker Attendant, Trafiic Patrol. WASTRADOWSKI, HENRY-Science Major. Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Reporter Log' Staff, Assemblies, Football, Committees, Secretary Letter- men's Club. WATSON, ROY-Science Major. President Advisory Group, Band, Glee Club, Octette, Quartette, Vodvil, Assemblies, "B" Football, Swimming, Laboratory Assistant, Stage Crew. WAYMAN, PHYLLIS ELAINE-Home Economics Major. Library Assistant, Usher, Committees, Krafterettes. WEAVER, MELVIN-Science Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Band, Assemblies, Committees. WEBER, SYLVESTER-Printing Major. Printer Log Staff, Alki Printer, Assemblies, Foreman Print Shop, Intramural Sports, Committees. WEHRUM, LUCILLE BETTYkCommercial Major. Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Usher, Triad Club. WESTPHAL, BLCSSOM G.-Social Science Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, Clubs: Make-up, G.A.A. WETHERELL, CHARLES STANLEY-Mathematics Major. Glee Club, Business Mana- ger Alki, Vodvil, Assemblies, Laboratory Assistant, Locker Attendant, Business Ltaff, Traflic Patrol. ALKI 1939 Lf.-, f .' 'ffgzf 1-ue, :vu A , '4- 155 lilfiwif 5 2-5, F: 'Ein fi:- :mga me 'QM' ,124 wwf . is , ., 5. Q. Q., nf ,. .aw ag, - fli- 22 fn 5 " "I, 3521- 7 3 -, Il: ' Q1-S ,, . ffl 'Bti ,Q if 13, ' s af ' 7 3 ,, W .4-.. . e w' -Elie Riffs ' Wax XF' aw xm..A.f WH Q rw uf 5 li? 1- 2 5. 4, .4 -f N f 4 .9532 .V A ,ia f L Hz , , , , ii 5. e btfwr. ffrruw- Sum rmnw, Iris Sllllle-rlzlml, llznrry Slltl4'l', E.l1m Nx luis, XYz1lt4-1' 'I'e-mn. May Hello 'l'vrx'ill, Imlzl 'l'll0lll2lS. I-Bill 'IN-wf V, lie-ttinu 'l'l'l:l-lulmnl, .Im-:va Yun :XlllXYPl'll, M, Vzm .Xntwr-rp. XX :nllau-1-, Fx':uu'is xV5lllll2ll1l1lli1'l', Roh XY:nstr:uInwski, H. XVuls-111, Roy Nl'42IX'1'l', M1-lvin XV:-lwr, Svlvostvr XV+l1x'mn, l.1u-ille XV1-stlulml, li. R Swzm, llv1'lvr'1'l TllUl'Yll0ll, X :ul Altxl XVz1ym:111 XXY0tll6l'l'l Alvin K. Phyllis I, Slzmlvx WHITE, LILLIAN ANNETTE+C0mmm-ml Major, Glee Club, Reporter- Log staff, Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant, Usher, Committees, Inkifingers Club. WHITE, RODNEY S.-Science Major. Glee Club, Sextette, Vodvil, Assemblies, Weight Lifting Club. WHITNEY, VIRGINIA MARIE-Commercial Major. Treasurer Girls' League, Secre- tary, Salesman Advisory Group, Oflice Assistant Miss von Berg, Locker Attendant' Usher, Committees. Clubs: Lettergirls', Secretary G.A.A. WILDE, JR., GEORGE HENRY-Science Major. Band, Vodvil, Stage Crew. WILLIAMS, EDWARD-Manual Arts Major. President Boys' League, President, Vice- president Advisory Group, Assemblies, Football, "B" Track, Intramu1'al Sports' Manager Track, Stage Crew, Committees, Lettermen's Club. 7 WILLSON, BILL EDWARD-Manual Arts Major. President Advisory Group, Assem- blies, Football, Track, Stage Crew, Committees, Lettermen's Club. WILLSON, DICK MAURICE--Manual Arts Major. Vice-president Advisory Group' Assemblies, Football, Locker Attendant, Committees, Lettermen's Club. J WILLSON, LAVERNE-Art Major. Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Octette, Sextette' Vodvil, Assemblies, Swimming. Clubs: Triad, Rifle, Golf. 7 WILSON, BETTY JANE-Science Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assem- blies, Athletics, Locker Attendant, Usher, Committees, G.A.A. WILSON, JACK-Science Major. Sergeant-at-Arms Studentbody, Secretary Advisory VGroup, Football, "B" Track, Intramural Sports, Stage Manager, Stage Crew, Lettermen's Club. WILSON, EVE'LYN LORRAINE-Mathematics Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Assemblies, Library Assistant, President Make-up Club. WILSON, MARJORIE' PAULINE-Home Economics Major. Usher, Committees. WILSON, MAXINE YVONNE-Foreign Language Major. Secretary Advisory Group' Reporter Log' Staig Assemblies, Committees. v WINTER, BERT J.-Science Major. President, Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies' Swimming, Laboratory Assistant, Committees, Rifie Club. 7 WOOD, IRMA PAULINE-Commercial Major. Ofiice Assistant, Committees, G.A.A. WOODBECK, BARBARA JANE-Mathematics Major. Assemblies, Usher, Committees. WESTPHAL, ALLAN BURTON-Manual Arts Major. President, Sports Manager Ad- visory Group, Vodvil, Track, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew, Committees. Clubs: Rifle, Lettermen's, Tumbling. 1939 C W XYl1it+-, Lillizm NVhite. R43llllt3j' XYhitn4-y, Virginia XVilmle, YValter G, XVilliams, Ed XVillson, Bill YVills1m, Divk VVills0n, LZlN'Q'l'YlF' XViIs0n. Bc-fttyJa1nv XVilson, Jack NYilsm1, Lfwrzxine XYilsnn. LIZlI'jO1'il' VVils0n. Maxinv XViutvr, B1-rt XYnod, Irma XVOQGIN-vk, B. XXQPSIIJIIRI, Allen Class of 1940 OFFICERS Ernest Hoff ....... Vice-president President Stacy Millar Letha Gunz ,.... .,7,.....,.A,...,....,,.. ,......... S e crctary CLASS COLORS ' Navy Blue and Gold ADVISORY GROUP OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER PRESIDENTS Bill Kraus ....,........ Bill Haldeman ..... Sara-Jane Turck ........ ...... Ruth Kramer .....,, Dale Cone ,.......... Ida Flohaug ....... Jack Stein .,,,,,,.... Burdette Lindell . Joan Stephenson . Woody Cooper ,,,,. Mrs. Helen Barber, Head Adviser SECOND SEMESTER PRESIDENTS Ed Seneschal Bill Dunham .,.,...,... Bernadine Imdieke ADVISERS Mrs. Barber Mr. Barter Miss Bottker Caryl Hewitt Miss Hurd Kenneth Jacobson Miss MacDonald Alice Tokola Mrs. Pate Tomo Kosobayashi ,, Alice Ordway ,.... . .. Louise Sparks ...., . Bob Simpson .. Mrs. Smith Miss Thun Miss Webber Mr. Wooster , The Junior class, consisting of 310 students, has done its part in the extra curricular activities of the past school year. Never an event wentlby without participation by members of this class. In football, basketball, track, minor and intramural sports, such as swimming, tennis and golf, the Juniors ,are active. Some of the members of the Band, Glee Club and Orchestra are Juniors. The Vodvil, one of the few of the productions presented to the public each year, had its share of students of the Class of 1940. In the Vodvil ticket selling contest among the Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores, the Juniors finished second highest. On the Log and Alki staHs the Juniors were well repre- sented. In all of the clubs, such as the G.A.A., Inkifingers, Rilie and Make-up, the Juniors are active members. A booth in which flowers and telegrams were sold was the Junior concession in the High School Carnival. The Student Body was entertained by the Junior assembly program which consisted of a short humorous play and various musical numbers. A noon dance in the new gym proved to be a success to all concerned. A dancing class was held after school for the benefit of those Juniors who did not know how to dance and who wished to learn. Perhaps the most anticipated dance of the year was the annual Junior-Senior Prom, which was given by the Juniors, with the Seniors as their guests. There' are many events in which individuals in the Junior Class have taken part. Thus individually, and as a class, the Juniors have been busy during the past year. 1939 Abrahamson, R. Ackley, Coburn Albertson, I. Allen, Robert Anderson, Eleanor Anderson, Forrest Anderson, Glen Anderson, Mae Anderson, M. Andrews, Bill Annin, Lillian Ashbaugh, K. Austin, Michael Ausve, Elaine Bacon, Bob Bainbridge, Glen Ballard, Neoma Baslee, Inez Barker, Charles Barlow, Ray Barnes, Jack Beckett, Shirley Beall, Laura Beatty, Eva Becker, Dale Bennett, Barbara Berger, Lorraine Bernasky, Anne Bjork, Wilma Bland, Jack Bold, Ralph Boydstun, Clifford Boyer, Mavis Boyer, Wesley Brainard, Bob Brislawn, Jerome Broberg, Melvin Brown, Doris Bruch Levonne Brusch, Archie Bryan, Grace Buck, Frances Bursch, Georgia Cabiale, Mario Cameron, Doris Campbell, Don Campbell, Gordon Campbell, Lester Campbell, Wallace Carey, Elmer Carroll, Anne Carter, Malcolm Chaflins, Marcia Chandler, Joan Clements, Ruby Compton, Wayne Cone, Dale Conover, Phyllis Conway, Hugh Cooper, VVoody Cornelius, June Cornell, Virginia Courtney, Glenn Craig, Ann Crowley, K. Cox, Betty Davis, Arlene Davis, Blanche Davis, Nancy Davis, Thomas DeYoung, Betty Dietrich, Daryl Duchek, Carl Downing, Graydon Drew, Eldin Dunham, Bill Durgan, Ruth Dykeman, Colin Eaton, Lorraine Eberle, Elaine Elliott, Dora Elliott, Pearl Elliott, Bill Enger, Vernon Enz, Frank Ehrlick, Eileen Falander, Virginia Fenton, Donald Ferguson, M. Fettis, Velda Fich, Glenn Fleischman, B. Flohaug, Ida French, Ralph Frierson, Bill Froom, Ted Furno, Charles Garner, Virginia Geidl, Eleanor Gilbert, Clara Gillis, Bob Gomulkiewicz, P. Grasser, Yvonne Graue, VVinifred Graves, Bob Green, Bob Gun'z, Letha Guhr, Mildred Halderman, Bill Haley, Howard Hamilton, Betty Harlan, Vernon Harmala, Mildred Hartley, Roberta Hartley, Robert Hazelwood, Jean Heller, Ralph Hewitt, Caryl Higgins, Roy Hinds, Don Hinkelman, Mamie Hiser, Dorothy unior Class Hoff, Ernest Hogg, Spencer Holland, Bob Holmes, Don Hordichok, Violet Houts, Mary Howe, Lillian Hoyt, Betty Huber, Clara Hutchison, Glenn Hutchison, S. Hutton, Harvey Irving, James Irwin, Peggy Imdieke, B. Ingebrigtsen, W. Jacobsen, Helen Jacobson, Kenneth Jahnke, Donovan Johnson, Alfred Johnson, Grace Johnson, Jim Johnson, LaVerne Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Richard Keiner, Dorothy Kennedy, Don Kern, James Kern, Margaret Kesler, Dorothy King, Paul Kindsfather, M. Kneeland, Nell Kramer, Ruth Kraus, Bill Kosobayashi, T. Kromminga, A. Kromminga, L. Kunzman, Doris LaLonde, Clarence Ifane, Dennis Larson, Millan Leaf, Harold Leetch, Vibart Leigh, VVayne Levin, Ralph Lewis, Mavis Lighthill, Earl Lighthill, Mae Lindell, Burdett Linn, Gerald Lorentz, Donald Lovette, Daryl Luna, Joe Lunneborg, Ed Lynch, Eugene Lyman, Zane McCall, Raymond McConkey, Evelyn McLaughlin, Bill McMannis, LaRea Maish, Frank Manz, Rose-Mary Mathson, Anita Maas, Maxine Mayes, Verrnan Meyer, Marx Midkiff, Mary Millar, Stacy Miller, Marjorie Miller. Myrtle Miller, Verdis Mills, Shirley Minor, Maxine Mohns, Frank Molyneux, Loyd Morehouse, B. Mortek, Francis Munro, Dorothy Munroe, Jean Nelson, Darlene Nelson, Norma Nelson, Warren Neuman, Irene Nickerson, J. Niday, Betty Nuttall, Gloria Oberg, Robert Odne, Elmo Olson, Margery Olson, Marie Ono, Henry Ordway, Alice Orthmeyer, Bryce Orthmeyer, James Owens, Gwendolyn Outland, Vera - Page, Hazel Peterson, Reuben Pickett, Len Phchke, Bob Poff, Cecil Pollen, Dorcas Prohaska, Glenn Purdy, Jean Pyle, iack Raker, Robert Rankin, Robert Rengo. Edna Rice, Edward Richardson, Helen Rine, Helen Ritchie, Robert Robe-ck, Ed Root, Clarence Ryan, Beatrice Sandifur, Doris Sales, Clara Senechal, Ed Settles, Inwrence Simpson, Bob Schlecht, Agnes Setere, Bernice Shaffer, VVilma Shannon, Kathleen Shaver, Russell Shoun, Bill Skelton, Jenny Smiley, Frances Smith, Bill Smith, Gene Snedden, Kenneth Sohn, Vernon Sorensen, Virginia Sparks, Louise Springer, Lois Stanley, Margery Stecher, Charles Stephenson, Joan Stein, Jack Stonehouse, Don Stout, Earl Street, Eileen Streitt, Ivy Strunk, Vera Sugg, Herbert Sullivan, Lucille Sundem, Eileen Sykes, Edward Teague, Elaine Thomas, Wilfred Thompson, Don Thompson, Helen Tibbetts, Bernard Tokola, Alice Tokola, Mary Totten, Louise True, Lucille Tucker, Edwina Turck, Sara-Jane Tuttle, Joyce Tutherly, Herbert Varnson, Orvil Vogt, Ruth ' lvelch, Alvah Webberly, Dorothy Wells, Edwin Wells, Nadine Whitsltt, Gordon YVheeler, Otto Wilde, Walter Vlfilliams, Enid Wilson, Bob YVllson, Buster VVilson, Jeanne YVood, Hugh Woodworth, Jean Wvoolf, Jack Yamanishi, Kady Young, Loren Zapp, Beverly Zinn, Delia Zinn, Dorothy Mrs. l-lelen Johnston Barber FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bill Kraus .r....... ......,.,..,., P 'resident Ed Senechal ...., ....,......,,,, P resident Ed Senechal ....,.,,. .,,,, V ice-President Otto Wheeler ..... ,,,.... V 'ice-President Earl Lighthill .,r,. .,,,,..,.. S ecretary Herbert Sugg .... ........,., S ecretary Loren Young ,..,..........A ,,.,.,,,,,,,,, S alesfinan Don Campbell ,...,...,, ,...,,,........Y.., S .alesman Jack Barnes .,...,,,..,..,,.,,., Sports Manager Gene Smith ....,...,,,,,...r,....,, Sports Manager First row: Herbert Sugg, Ed Lunneborg, Loren Young, Edward Rice, Earl Light- hill, Earl Stout, Don Campbell, Bill Andrews, Buster Wilson. Second row: Mrs. Barber, Howard Haley, Frances Mortek, Jack Barnes, Bill Kraus, Otto Wheeler, Colin Dykeman, Glenn Fitch, Jack Bland. Third row: Bob Brainard, Ralph Heller, Harold Leaf, Jim Irving, Daryl Dietrich, Charles Barker, Ed Seneschal, Glenn Bainbridge. Others: Bob Gillis, Lloyd Molyneux, Gene Smith, Wilfred Thomas. Mr. Louis S. Barter FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bill Haldeman ...., ............. P resident Bill Dunham ..... .,.,.............. P resident Jim Johnson ...,... .,,,, V ice-President Vernon Sohn ,,,,. ,,.... V ice-President Bill Dunham ,.,,.. ...,..... S eeretary Charles Furno ,.., ,.......... S ecretary Reuben Peterson ,,., ........r.,.,. S alesman Verman Mayes ,...... ..,.,.......,.. S alesman Verman Mayes ....i,..,,,...,. Sports Manager Frank Mohns ....,,,,,.,l.....,., Sports Manager First row: Charles Furno, Bob Wilson, Robert Rankin, Spencer Hogg, Coburn Ackley, Glenn Courtney, Ed Robeck, Verman Mayes, James Kern, CliEord Boydstun. Second row: Don Lorentz, Bob Holland, Don Holmes, Ray Barlow, Donald Stonehouse, Willard Ingebrigtsen, Millan Larson, Reuben Peterson, Eugene Lynch, Clarence Root. Third row: Bill Dunham, Mr. Barter, Bill Smith, Ed Wells, Frank Mohns, Ralph Levin, Jimmy Johnson, Mario Cabiale, Donald Thompson, Vernon Anderson. Others: Bill Halderman, Paul King, Vernon Sohn. Miss Marguerite E. Bottlcer FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Sara-Jane Turck ........ ............. P resident Bernadine Imdieke ....,.,.........,,,, President Bernadine Imdieke ..... .... V ice-President Phyllis J. Conover .,.......... Vice-President Mary Midkiff ,,.,.i...... ........... S ecretary Lorraine Berger ..,.... ...,.,..... . Secretary Jennie Skelton ............................ Salesman Mary Tokola ......,..........,.............. Salesman First row: Ruby Clements, Mary Midkiff, Mary Tokola, Sara-Jane Turck, Ruth Durgan, Gloria Nuttall, Dorothy Munroe, Mary Houts, Rose-Mary Manz, Jean Hazel- wood. Second row: Lorraine Eaton, Phyllis Jean Conover, Elaine Teague, Violet Hordi- chok, Lillian Annin, Doris Brown, Kathleen Ashba , e adine Imdieke, Beverly Zapp, Jenny Skelton- Third row: Maxine Minor, Levonne 'uc Rflildred Guhr, Doris Cameron, Neoma Ballard, Edwina Tucker, Miss Bottker, Ma ' Gvis, Lorraine Berger, Doris Sandifur. Others: Mae Anderson, S Miss Blanche l-lurcl FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Ruth Kramer ...,.. , .........,,. President Caryl Hewitt ..,.. ,,.,.,,,,..,.,,,, P resident Betty, Petterson ...... .... V ice-President Lillian Howe ..... ...... V ice-Presnient Elaine Eberle ...... .,..,..,. Secretaml Arlene Davis ......., ....,,,.... S ecretoxry Caryl Hewitt ......................... . ...... Salesman Delia Zinn .............................,,. Salesman First row: June Cornelius, Lillian Howe, Margaret Anderson, Anita Mathson, Eileen Street, Arlene Davis, Jean Munroe, Wilma Shaffer, Bernice Setere, Caryl Hewitt. Second row: Peggy Irwin, Elaine Eberle, Helen Richardson, Delia Zinn, Ann Bernasky, Laura Beall, Helen Jacobsen, Letha Gunz, Marie Olson, Frances Smiley. Third row: Virginia Falander, Ruth Cramer, Virginia Garner, Dorothy Keiner, Barbara Morehouse, Miss Hurd, Eileen Sundem, Anne Carroll, Helen Rine. Others: May Lighthill, Agnes Schlecht, Virginia Markland. 1939 M-W L ' c 7- A I Q .Q f""'T4 1 'F OWS" .V AF vq Q ' -4+-ri" 1525" Jgfsg -1353 n ,,. 5 vu- W P , Miss Maude M acDonalcl FIRST SEMESTER . SECOND SEMESTER Dale Cone ...,..... .,.,,......... P resident Kenny Jacobson .,... .,.............. P resident Bob Allen .,........ A,.., V ice-President Dale Cone ............ ....... V ice-President Gerald Linn ........ ....,...... S ecretary Bob Allen ............... .....,...... S evretarll Kenny Jacobson ,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,, Salesman V, rnon Enger ...,..,..........,...,.......,.. Salesman Paul Gomulkiewicz ....,,,,.... Sports Manager Paul Gomulkiewicz .......... Sports Manager First row: Cecil POH, Roy Higgins, Gordon Whitsit, Richard Johnson, Charles Stecher, Alva Welch, Lester Campbell, Malcolm Carter, Miss MacDonald. Second row: Vibart Leech. Dale Cone, Vernon Enger, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Graydon Downing, Robert Allen, Bill Shoun, Michael Austin, Laverne Johnson, Bill Elliot. Third row: Ralph Bold, Ralph French, Kenneth Jacobson, Elmer Carey, Jerome Brislawn, Gerald Linn, Robert Oberg, James Orthmeyer. Others: Ted Anderson, Clarence LaLonde, Bob Pischke. Mrs. Naomi Taylor Pate FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Ida Flohaug' ....,,,,...,..,.....,,,,........ President Alice Tokola .......... . ..,............. President Marian Kindsfather .,.,.,., Vice-President Marcia Chaffins ............,... Vice-President Kathleen Shannon ..,,.....c,.........,... Secretary Gwendolyn Owens ........................ Secretary Lucille True .,.,...,...............,......,. Salesman Lucille Sullivan .,..,.,,...,........,,,..,.. Salesman First row: Clara Gilbert, Lucille Sullivan, Mavis Boyer, Shirley Hutchison, Alice Tokola, Georgia Bursch, Zane Lyman, Kady Yarnanishi, Marcia Chaffins, Hazel Page. Second row: Mrs. Pate, Joyce Tuttle, Lucille True, Yvonne Grasser, Clara Sales, Marian Kindsfather, Roberta Hartley, Kathleen Shannon, Gwendolyn Owens, Maxine Maas. Third row: Lois Springer, Dorothy Hiser, Betty DeYoung, Barbara Fleischman, Pearl Elliot, Shirley Mills, Barbara Bennett, Margaret Johnson. Others: Katherine Crowley, Ida Flohaug, Margey Stanley. Mrs. Ruth Allen Smith FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Jack Sltein .,.,..........,,.. ,,,,,,.....,... P resident Tomo Kosobayashi ........,.......,... President Bill McLaughlin ,.,.,.,.....,,., Vice-President Glenn Hutchison ...... ....... V ice-President Tomo Kosobayashi ....,, ........... S ecretary Bob Bacon ....,...,..... .l.,,,,.......,. S eoretary Eldin Drew .,,.....,,l,,.,.,..,...,............ Salesman Wayne Compton .,.......l,.......,......... Salesman Dennis Lane ....,,,,..........,. Sports Manager Donovan Jahnke .....,c....,,,,. Sports Manager First row: Tomo Kosobayashi, Eldin Drew, Wallace Campbell, Russell Shaver, Hugh Woods, Dennis Lane, Donovan Jahnke, Warren Nelson, Frank Enz. Second row: Miss Allen, Marx Meyers, Vernon Harlan, Kenneth Snedden, Donald Hinds, Daryl Lovette, Glenn Hutchison, Forrest Anderson, Herbert Tutherly. Third row: Edward Sykes, Bill McLaughlin, Glenn Prohaska, Adolph Kromminga, Bob Bacon, Bob Graves. Others: Wayne Compton, Wayne Leigh, Len Pickett, Hugh Conway. Miss Helen E. Thun FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Burdette Lindell ....,. ,...,..,....... P resident Alice Ordway .............,.....,......,,.,., President Marjorie 'Olson ...,... ,...,. V ice-President Louise Kromminga ,,,,........ Vice-President Betty Cox ........... ...,..,........... S ecretary Enid Williams .........,... .,..,,,,.... S ecretary Eva Beatty .....,.,.................,,.....,.., Salesman Verdis Miller .,,.,......,..,.....,,,,........ Salesman First row: Helen Thompson, Ivy Streitt, Dorothy Zinn, Betty Cox, Margery Olson, LaRea McMannis, Norma Nelson, Eileen Ehrlick, Margaret Kern, Grace Bryan. Second row: Miss Thun, Grace Johnson, Mamie Hinkleman, Nancy Davis, Verdis Miller, Betty Hamilton, Eleanor Geidl, Virginia Cornell, Josephine Nickerson, Alice Ordway, Beatrice Ryan, Betty Hoyt. Third row: Dorothy Webberly, Margaret Ferguson, Louise Kromminga, Imogene Albertson, Elaine Ausve, Evelyn McConkey, Nadine! Wells, Eva Beatty, Virginia Sorenson, Enid VVilliams. 1939 c 'ww 5 A ye, ' 1 1 . LJ Rf 3,35 t Si 11,-1, ' iff if 1 ,r 5 'a w M A QQ-5. W, 49? Miss Rosa G. Webber FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Joan Stephenson .,,,.............,s.,... President Louise Sparks ..... ............. P resvkient Roberta Abrahamson ........ Vice-President Ann Craig .......... ..... V ice President Winifred Graue .........,..,........,...,.. Secretary Jean Purdy ................................ Secretary Velda Fettis ...........,......,...,...,..... Salesman Irene Neuman .,..................,....... Salesman First row: Eleanor Anderson, Clara Huber, Velda Fettis, Joan Chandler, Ann Craig, Doris Kunzman, Blanche Davis, Vera Outland, Vera Strunk, Vera Rastede. Second row: Dora Elliot, Darlene Nelson, Irene Neuman, Jean Purdy, Joan Stephenson, Jean Wilson, Winifred Graue, Louise Sparks, Miss Webber. Third row: Marjorie Miller, Roberta Abrahamson, Dorothy Kesler, Wilma Bjork, Inez Baslee, Ruth Vogt, Jean Woodworth. Others: Mildred Harmala, Dorcas Pollen, Nell-Marie Kneeland. Mr. Earl S. Wooster FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Woodrow Cooper .,.,. ......, .,.. P r esident Bob Simpson ........ ................. P resident Dale Becker ........... ....... V ice-President Harvey Hutton ........ ,.... V ice-Preshient Jack Woolf .......... ............. S ecretary Don Kennedy ....... ............ S ecretary Bob Simpson ............, ....,..,,..,.... S alesman Wesley Boyer ......,. .,....,...,... S alesman Harvey Hutton ................ Sports Manager Ted Froom ..,,.....,...,.......... Sports Manager First row: Frank Maish, Ray McCall, Mel Broberg, Woodrow Cooper, Jack Woolf, Archie Brusch, Jack Pyle, Wesley Boyer, Ted Froom. Second row: Bernard Tibbetts, Carl Duchek, Gordon Campbell, Bob Simpson, Ernest Hoff, Henry Ono, Walter Wilde, Robert Ritchie, Dale Becker. Third row: Mr. Wooster, Thomas Davis, Harvey Hutton, Bob Green, Stacy Millar, Don Kennedy, Alfred Johnson, Don Fenton, Bryce Orthmeyer. Others: Bob Hartley, Joe Luna. 1939 David Hutchison . FIRST SEMESTER PRESIDENTS Charles Asher .... Francis Akers .... Lloyd Hickman .... Fred Provo ,,.......,. Dale Prutzman Barbara Kennedy Dorothy Hart ,........ Priscilla French . Betty Lou Hall Virginia Cabe .... Jane Sparks ,,.,. Class of 1941 OFFICERS President Fred Provo ......,...... Jerry Anderson .,.... ......,.......,.. S ecretary CLASS COLORS Blue and Gray ADVISORY GROUP OFFICERS Mrs. M. P. Johnson, Head Adviser SECOND SEMESTER PRESIDENTS Relf Case Don Ashley Bob Hodgson Jim Craig Elton Kern ..... Evelyn Desler Gloria Kelso Dorothy Drew Jean Lacy Jean Keller Lois Kuhn Vice-President ADVISER Miss P. Hall . Mr. D. G. Miller Mrs. Johnson Mr. Jolin Mr. Tuttle Miss Evans Mrs. McCordic Mrs. Murray Miss Ruggless Mrs. Wetherell Mr. J. D. Miller The Sophomore class has had a successful year under their friendly and cooperative leaders. Some of the events which they will remember during their school career are the football rally and the bonfire which could not even be lighted because of the pouring rain, the dancing classes where the Sophomores could learn to dance, and the nigger baby booth at the carnival with its candy bars for lucky pitchers. The two outstanding events of this year were, perhaps, the Student Body Dance sponsored by the Sophomores, and with a surprising array of talent. The Sophomore council advisory luncheons and mixers were all gay and friendly the Sophomore assembly luncheon and the many occasions. This has been a good Acker, Bette Ackley, Douglas Adams, Eugene Akers, Francis Allen, Marjorie Allen, Florine Alley, Junior Anderson, Everett Anderson, Jerry Anderson, Merle Anderson, Ruth Andrews, John Armstrong, E. Asher, Charles Ashley, Donald Babcock, Edith Bailey, Bill year. We look forward to the next. Sophomore Class Baldwin, Weir Barbeau, Maxine Barstad, Betty Baty, Iris Beall, Fred Beall, Janet Beall, Thomas R4-ard, Bruce Beatty, Ruby Beck, Cleo Belisle, Bud Belisle, Irma Berg, Jeanne Betts, Velma Bickle, Weaver Bild, Theodore Bittner, Kathleen Bjork, Clifford Bleth, Elmer Blythe, Priscilla Boddy, Allan Bone, Patricia Bower, Doris Bradbury, Bruce Breckel, YVarrcn Brouhard. Willard Brumfiel, Daisy Bunnell, Shirley Burchfield, Charles Burkey, Dale Burnett, Frances Burnett. John Burrows, Lynn C. Burrows. Vvilma Burns, Bob Burt, David Buskirk, Dorothy Cabe, Virginia Carlson, Evelyn Carr, Eleanor Capers, Jack Carpenter, James Carson. Norma Carter, Donald Case, Relf Castle, Grace Chapman, Elvin Chappelle, Ted Christensen, G. Christianson, M. Church, Paul Clark, Bill Clayton, Patricia Clow, Harriett Cocklin, Hubert Cole, Eros Conner, Irene Cook, Gordon Connolly, Rosann Cornell, Elaine Craig, James Crawford, Roberta Crosby, Bob Cross, Shirley Ann Crouch, Leonard Crouch, Richard Crowley, Dan Cullison Kenneth LKI Rhoden, Lowell 1939 Cupp, Richard Cusic, Joe Custer, Barbara Dahlin, Elsie Daniels, Lois Darling, Alan Davis, Hazel Davis, Jack De Grande, Tony De Grande, Toty Desler, Evelyn Dickinson, Robert Dokos, Gustie Doninger, Marie Douty, Claude Downing, Roger Drew, Dorothy Dubi, Otto Dishaw, Carl Drowley, Lissa Dungan, Robert Dunegan, Patricia Dunn, Freda Durose, Ione Dye, Janet Eakin, John Edgerton, Robert Edwards, Charleen Ellithorpe, Jay Endicott, Mary J. Enz, Donna Fanning, Evelyn Fauble, Richard Feise, Gloria Fell, Bill Fernquist, Robert Filer, Marion Finley, Robert Finney, Robert Fleming, Robert Fletcher, Jack Foss, Albert Foster, Charles Frank, Lois Freeman, William French, Eugene French, Priscilla Freese, Leonard Fries, Jean ' Froom, Lorene Gablehouse, Helen Galloway, Vera X Gerfen, Elmer Giffin, Harvey Goheen, Clara Gooding, Caroline Grams, Warren Grant Mildred Grant, Tommy Gray, Earl Green, Lillian Gregory, Bill Griffin, Pat Guffnette, Bob Gust, Ralph Hagen, Betty Anne Hale, Bill Hall, Alfred Hall, Betty Lou Halme, Timothy Hamilton, Jack Hardesty, Wilma Harding, Roland Hardy, Wayne Harlan, Warren Harmala, Ralph Harris, Virginia Hart, Dorothy Hathaway, Lee Hayes, Jim Hazelwood, Jessie Healy, Harry Hedrick, Dora Mae Henson, Roberta Hesse, Helen Hickman, Lloyd Hicks, Lawrence Hill, Robert Hines, Maxine Hipskind, Patricia Hockinson, Bill Hodgkinson, D, Hodgkinson, E. Hodgson, Robert Holland, Leslie Holme, Timothy Horton, Ralph Howard, Claude Howell, Richard Hoy, Bill Hoyt, Jean Hull, Dolores Hutchison, David Hutton, Forrest Inglis, Ethel Ivans, Harry Jackson, Leonard Jahnke, Shirley Jederberg, Irene Jederberg, Wilma Johncox, Phyllis Johnson, Doris Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Edith Johnson, Kathryn Johnqn, Laura Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Winifred J olliver, Irvin Jones, Betty Jones, Betty Y. Jones, Bill Jones, Charles Jones, Donald Jones, Irene Jones, Otha Jordon, Shirley A. Keller, David Keller, Floyd Keller, Jean Kellis, Louise Kelso, Gloria Kemp, Bob Kennedy, Barbara Nerton, Robert Kennedy, Barbara Kennedy, Donna Kenoyer, Gerald Kern, Elton Kern, Corwin Kern, Marilyn Kerstcter, Mildred King, Bob King, David Kirkwood, Jean Kramer, Enid Kuhn, Lois Kuhnke, Mildred Lacy, Jean Landerholm, Irwin Larson, Wilma Lawrence, Herbert Leloff, June Lesley, David Lieser, Frances Lineham, James Lobey, James Long, Richard Lovette, Loris Lukes, Regina Lusby, David Lyons, Edna Mclrwin, Merwyn McLean, Clark McKay, Gladys McKeag, Doris McKee, Lawrence McKenney, M. McLean, Nona McNary, Ada Maas, Helen Maden, Robert Mahaney, Ruth Malander, P. Manary, Bette Mansfield, Robert Markham, James Martin, Helen Mass, Mathias Matlick, Jack May, Danny Maxim, Helen Meade, Delbert Mercer, Robert ' Mielke, Lloyd Miller, Janice Milligan, Claris Mills, Gale Mills, Mary Mikesell, Winifred Morey, Donald Morris, Jack Morrow, Jim Morrow, Harry Mosier, Doris Mott, Bob Munroe, Hugh Murray, Jack Myll, Dorothy Nedrow, Helen Nelson, Bud Nickerson, Clyde Nickerson, Maxine Niday, John Norelius, Jack Norton, Ralph Norwood, Richard Ohlemeyer, Bill Olds, Phillip Olson, Arlyn Olson, Gertrude Ono, Ruby Ostertag, Marjorie Paeth, Robert Page, Gerald Palmer, Martin Parcel, Naomi Paro, Virgil Patjens, Viola Payne, Bonnie Payne, Zelmar Peltier, Ethel Peterson, Willis Pickett, Lola Pierson, Margie Pietz, Ruth Poff, Wesley Pomerene, Robert Powell, Geraldine Powe1's, Mary Prager, Kenneth Preston, Dorothy Preston, Hazel Price, Harold Prichard, Mabel Prohaska, Dale Provo, Fred Prutzman, Dale Purvis, Fred Rader, Lorraine Rarney, Maxine Rawson, Isabel Rexroad, Laurence Rich, Douglas Rick, Phyllis Rickard, Thomas Ricketts, Cecille Riem, Louise Rine, Eudora May Roberts, Pearl Rogers, Phoebe Rollins, June , Root, Elinor , Rose, Thelma Rosen, LaRaine Ross, Dian Russell, Elmer Ryan, Loretta Ryan, Ray Sandifur, Bob Sandstrom, L. Schaffer, Carl Sellman, Jack Senechal, Jack Sensenbrenner, Ed Shannon, Dick Shaw, Donald Sharp, Hera May Shefchek, Edward Sherson, Constance Simpkins, Earl Sinclair, Frank Sinclair, Glendale Skelton, Donald Skov, Ralph Slack, Beryl Snoen, Carl Solberg, Frank Sparks, Jane Steffan, Bruce Stephenson, A. Stephenson, B. Stringfellow, R. Strand, Doris Stumbaugh, N. Sugg, Elaine Sullivan, Merton Sutterneld, L. Sykes, Joseph Tait, Lois Tibbals, Lewis Tessendorf, Myron Thomas, Joe Thomas, Richard Thomlinson, Frank Thompson, B. Thompson, H. Thomson, Ardelle Thomson, Evelyn Thurman, Elton Todd, Eileen Tokola, Ina Tower, Grace Uhls, Mary L. Vaughn, Nelson Vetsch, Dick Wade, Grace Wanke, Elsie Ward, Jean Watson, Richard Webberly, Evelyn Weber, Bernard Weddle, Jean Wellman, Thelma Wheeler, Lorna White, Lester White, Lorna White, Norman Wieban, Winifred Wiegel, Bill Wilcox, Maxine Willson, Joe Willson, Marta M. Wilson, Bryant Wilson, Dick Wilson, James Wilson, Jimmie Wilson, Maxine Wood, Stanley Woolf, Oerdel Wright, Donald Yamanishi, Amy Yinger, Hazel Zollo, Genevieve Miss Ruby M. Evans FIRST SEMESTER ' . SECOND SEMESTER Barbara Kennedy ,,,,, ,.,,,,,.,.,,,,, P resident Evelyn Desler .,,.. ............. I PreS'id6'rlf Ethel Peltier ........... ...... V ice-President Oerdel Woolf ...... ........ V we-PreS1dG'fbi5 Virginia Johnson ...........,........,,,. Secretary Elsie Wanke .................Y.............. Seeretllry Oerdel Woolf ......,...,........,............ Salesman Ethel Peltier ,............................... SIIZGSWLGIR First row: Marie Christiansen, Ada McNary, Lorna Wheeler, Priscilla Blythe, Elsie Wanke, Mildred Kunke, Louise Reim, Helen Nedrow, Francis Leiser, Evelyn Fanning. Second row: Maxine Hines, Barbara Kennedy, lone DuRose, Shirley Jahnke, Oerdel Woolf, Edith Johnson, Doris Strand, Evelyn Desler, Thelma Rose. Third row: Miss Evans, Roberta Crawford, Marjorie Allen, Lillian Green, Helen Maxim, Francis Burnett, Eileen Todd, Lorene Froom, Virginia Johnson. Fourth row: Betty Ann Hagen, Marjorie Ostertag, Barbara Stephenson, Janet Beall, Ethel Peltier, Irene Jones, Kathryn Johnson, Jessie Hazelwood. S Miss Pearl A. l-lall FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Charles Asher ....... .,....,.... P resident Relf Case .......,.. .........,,,.... P resident Bill Freeman ,.,.. Q.. ,,,.,., Vice-President Irwin J olliver ...,,.,, ....,,., V ice-President Bob Finney ,..,.... ............ S ecretary Bob Pomerene .,....... ................ S ecretary Relf Case ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,.,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,, Salesman Donald Shaw ,,-,..,.............,,,,,...,... Salesman Joe Willson L .... ' ..,,...,,,,,...,,,, Sports Manager Harold Thompson ..,..,.,.... Sports Manager Eirst row: Merle Anderson, Bud Nelson, David Lusby, Irvin Jolliver, Bob Finney, Douglas Rich, Harold Thompson, Jack Capers, Eugene Adams, Dale Burkey. Second row: Relf Case, Alfred Hall, Bob Pomerene, Robert Paeth, Donald Morey, Otha Jones, Lowell Sutteriield, Donald Shaw, Elmer Bleth, Toty DeGrande, Charles Asher, Miss Pearl Hall. Third row: Roland Harding, Earl Grey, Ralph Horton, Don Wright, Claude Douty, Jim Markham, Bruce Steifan, Herbert Lawrence, Robert Edgerton, Bill Freeman. Others: Thomas Beall, Lawrence Hicks, Richard Howell, Joseph Willson. Mr. Arthur Jolin FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Fred Provo ..,.,,,.... ....,.......... P resident Jim Craig ......,,., ...,..,..,.,,,...,. P resident Floyd Keller ...,,,,,,.,, ,..,., V ice-President Fred Provo .. .'.' 3 .,...... ,..,,,,, V ice-President Jerry Anderson ,,,,.. ....,.,........ S ecretwry James Wilson ......... ......i.,........ S ecretary Jim Lobey ,,,,,,,,....,,,,...,......,,,.,..,,. Salesman Jim Lobey ........,,,,..........,.,.........., Salesman Bill Weigel ..,,.,..,.,.,,,,. 1 ,..,.. Sports Manager Harry Morrow .,,,,........... Sports Manager , First row: Floyd Keller, Jack Sellman, Roy Ryan, James Craig, Jerry Anderson, Robert Fernquist,'Lewis Tibbals, John Niday, Bill Bailey, Mathias Maas. Second row: Bill Hockinson, Otto Dubi, Ralph Harmala, Wesley Poi, Jack Fletcher, David Hutchi- son, Danny May, Paul Church, James Lobey, James Wilson. Third row: Lee Hathaway, Delbert Mead, Harry Morrow, Robert Kemp, Richard Watson, Corwin Kern, David Burt, Mr. Jolin. Fourth row: Ralph Gust, Willard Brouhard, Elmer Gerfen, Marion Tessendorf. Others: Willis Peterson, Fred Provo, Bill Weigel. I Mrs. Margaret Page Johnson FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bob Hodgson ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,..,.,.,,,... P resident Bob Hodgson .,.,..... .................... P resident Bob Hodgson ,,,,,..,,,, ...... V ice-President Stanley Wood ,..,.,.... ,....., V ice-President Bob Crosby' ,,,,.,,..,.....,. .,.......... S ecretary Ed Sensenbrenner .,.,,,. ...,.......... S ecretary Charles' Burchfield ......... ........... S alesrrban Fred Purvis ............ ..,............. S alesman Weaver Bickle ,,,,,,,.,,,,,... Sports Manager Merton Sullivan .,...........,.. Sports Manager First row: Bob Hodgson, Arlyn Olson, Hubert Conklin, Donald Jones, Merton Sullivan, Douglas Aekley, Norman White, Stanley Wood, Karl Schafer, Fred Beall. Second row: Gustie Dokos, Robert Finley, Clifford Bjork, Jay Ellithorpe, Jack Hamilton, Bob Burns, Richard Norwood, Ed Sensenbrenner, Fred Purvis. Third row: Mrs. Johnson, Dick Shannon, Charles Burchfield, Ralph Skov, Jack Murray, Nelson Vaughn, Weaver Bickle, Bob Crosby, Loris Lovette. Others: Eugene Armstrong, Donald Carter, Wayne Hardy, Bernard Thompson, Richard Long. E 1939 Mrs. Edcla McCordic FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Dorothy Hart ...,.,.. .............. P resident Gloria Kelso .....,Y.. ..,,........... P resident Gloria Kelso .......... ..,.. V ice-President Helen Hesse ............ ,..... V ice-President Betty Barstad ...... ..A....... S ecretary Thelma Wellman .,.... ........... S ecretary Jean Fries ...,......,.......................,. Salesman Ina Tokola .,............,..................... Salesman First row: Kathleen Bittner, Gloria Kelso, Dorothy Myll, Jean Fries, Norma Carson, Dorothy Hart, Betty Barstad, Lois Daniels, Ruby Ono, Loretta Ryan. Second row: Donna Enz, Doris Johnson, Elaine Cornell, Florine Allen, Clara Goheen, Betty Jones, Helen Maas, Enid Kramer, Cecille Rickets, Freda Dunn. Third row: Thelrna Wellman, Ina Tokola, Eleanor Root, Maxine Wilson, Marjory Pierson, Doris MpKeag', Ethel Inglis, Mrs. McCordi-c, June Lelof, Mable Prichard, Helen Martin. Otmeksz Helen Hesse. Mr. David G. Miller FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Francis Akers ..... .....,....... P resident Donald Ashley ....... .....,,,...,...,.. P resident Jack Matlick .,..,..... .,,,, V ice-President Bruce Beard ...,.,.. ...... V ice-president Kenneth Prager ....... ..,...,..,. S eeretary Francis Akers ....... .......,,.. S ecretary Bob Fleming' .....,,,. .........,.... S alesman David Keller .,,..... .............,. S alesman Elmer Russell ......,...........,. Sports Manager Kenneth Prager ...,,...,,,,,,,. Sports Manager First row: John'Burnett, James Lineham, Patrick Griflin, Edward Shefchek, Frank Solberg, Joe Cusic, Robert Hill, Harry Healy, Dick Wilson, Leonard Free-se, Martin Palmer. Second row: Jack Matlick, Mr. D. G. Miller, Bruce Bradbury, Kenneth Prager, Bruce Beard, Warren Harlan, Joseph Sykes, Dick Vetsch, Allan Boddy, Kenneth Cullison, Dan Crowley. Third row: Gordon Cook, Don Ashley, David King, Roger Downing, Francis Akers, VVilliam Fell, Merwyn Mclrvin, Robert Fleming, Elmer Russell. Fourth row: Leonard Crouch, David Keller, Bob Nerton, Jack Morris. Others: Elvin Chapman, Jim Wilson, Phillip Olds. Mrs. Julia Murray FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Priscilla French ..... ..........,., P resident Dorothy Drew ....,., ,,,,......,.,..... P resident Dorothy Drew ...... ,,.,. V ice-President Maxine Barbeau ....... ...,.. V ice-President Elsie Dahlin .......,. ,......... S ecretary Pauline Malander .,,... ............ S ecretary Maxine Barbeau ......,,................ Salesman Elsie Dahlin ......,......................... Salesman First row: Mary Louise Uhls, Grace Wade, Wilma Larson, Pauline Malander, Hazel Preston, Dorothy Drew, Marianna McKenney, Mary Endicott, Genevieve Zollo, Eleanor Carr, June Rollins, Edna Lyons. Second row: Betty Jones, Wilma Burrows, Mary Mills, Priscilla French, Jean Kirkwood, Marta Mae Willson, Elsie Dahlin, Gertrude Olson, Vir- ginia Harris, Maxine Barbeau. Third row: Dolores Hull, Evelyn Thompson, Bonnie Payne, Louise Kellis, Mrs. Murray, Dorothy Johnson, Caroline Gooding, Rosann Connolly. Others: Daisy Brumfiel. Miss Laura E. Ruggless FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Betty Lou Hall ........ .............. P resident Jean Lacy .,.,....,.,....., ...............,. P resident Grace Beebe .......... ..... V ice-President Betty Lou Hall ,...... ...... V ice-President Jean Lacy ............. .......... S ecretary Grace Tower ........ .......,.... S ecretary Donna Kennedy ...,......,.....,.,,........ Salesman Laura Johnson ............................ Salesman First row: Georgia Christensen, Jean Ward, Shirley Jordan, Patricia Bone. Shirley Cross, Betty Lou Hall, Pearl Roberts, Hazel Davis, Maxine Ramey, Ruth Anderson. Second row: Janet Dye, Gloria Feise, Grace Tower, Dora Mae Hedrick, Irene Jederberg, Amy Yamanishi, Winifred Wieben, Geraldine Powell, Ruth Mahoney, Dorothy Hodgkin- son. Third row: Dian Ross, Lynn Carey Burrows, Jean Lacy, Harriet Clow, Nadine Stumbaugh, Laura Johnson, Donna Kennedy, Janice Miller, Naomi Parcel, Miss Ruggless. Others: Grace Beebe, Vivian Dodds, VVilma Larson. 1939 cal, fe.. wil E ww- 5,21-'fr ,W , .W ff' 1 fi? Y .fu . w w :iw T631 ' Q. n 'wr' 4. N .. fx, ,if- Ffifi I Q .,,. 275,54 in- ET' wfxfq' Q. 59 Fggfkr BX., f 1 2 2 5, A . ,eg '1 M fm- Jw: Q A if J, v fx Q A ., YQ. fiivf E Mr. Cecil A. Tuttle FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Dale Prutzman ........ ..............., P resident Bob Dunaan ...V...... ................ P resident Albert F055 .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, V ice-President Harvey Gifiin ........... ...... V ice-President Harvey Gif-Hn .,,,, ,,,,,,A,.,. S eeretary Irwin Landerholm ........ . ............ Secretary Zelrnar Payne ,,,,,,...,.,....,..........,,,,, Salesman John Andrews ........... ................ S alesman Elton Kern ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sports Manager Dale Prutzman ......,......... Sports Manager First row: Robert Mansfield, Bill Hoy, Bernard Weber, Tony DeGrande, Irwin Landerholm, Dale Prutzman, Gerald Kenoyer, Elton Kern, Lawrence Sandstrom, Hugh Munroe. Second row: Jim Hayes, Frank Thomlinson, Lawrence McKee, Tim Halme, Warren Grams, Marion Filer, Harvey Giflin, Bryant Wilson, John Andrews, Zelmar Payne, Mr. Tuttle. Third row: Leonard Jackson, Warren Breckel, Bob Mercer, Jack Norelius, Bill Clark, Bob Dungan, Tom Rickard, Albert Foss, Jack Senechal. Others: VVeir Baldwin, James Carpenter, Eugene Hodgkinson, Lawrence Settles, Don Skelton. Mrs. Vera Wetherell FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Virginia Cabe ..........,..................... President Jean Keller ............... .,,....,..... 1 President Maxine Nickerson ,.,,........ Vice-President Phyllis Johncox ....... ...... V we-President Edith Babcock ............ . i....,........,.. Secretary Bette Manary ..............,................. Secretary Jean Keller .,,,.......................,......,. Salesman Roberta Henson ....... 4 ....,,.....,.....,.. S alesman First row: Gladys McKay, Bette Manary, Charleen Edwards, Lois Tait, Wilma Hardesty, Edith Babcock, Phyllis Johncox, Helen Gablehouse, Regina Lukes, Virginia Cabe. Second row: Mildred Kersteter, Isabel Rawson, Maxine Nickerson, Ardell Thomson, Constance Sherson, Evelyn Webberly, Mary Powers, Viola Patjens, Jean Keller, Roberta Henson, Mrs. Wetherell. Third row: Shirley Bunnell, Doris Bower, Vera Galloway, Irma Belisle, Barbara Custer, Jean Hoyt, Maxine Wilcox, Claris Milligan, Pat Clayton, Winifred Johnson, Hazel Yinger. Mr. James D. Miller FIRST SEMESTER Jane Sparks ......,..... ............,.. P resident Mildred Grant ,...........,...,,,, Student Council Jack Davis .,.,.....,,,..... ,,.... V ice-President E'laine Sugg ................ G. L. Representative Winifred Mikesell ....., ....,.,..... S ecretary Bud Belisle ....... ....,.,.... S ports Manager Bill Hale .,................ ,,l,.,,,. S alesman Lois Kuhn ..... ......,..,.,.....,., S alesman SECOND SEMESTER Lois Kuhn ,...,.......,.,,.......,...........,., President Patricia Hipskind ............,..,........ Salesman Andrew Stevenson ............ Vice-President Bill Hale ..........................,...........,. Salesman Jeanne.Berg .................................. Secretary Lois Kuhn ..,...,,.,......,. G. L. Representative Laurence Rexroad ............ Sports Manager Andrew Stevenson .....,..,,,, Student Council First row: LaRaine Rosen, Lois Kuhn, Evelyn Carlson, Hera Mae Sharp, Iris Baty, Cleo Beck, Barbara Kennedy, Elaine Sugg, Mildred Grant, Marilyn Kern. Second row: Eros Cole, Ruby Beatty, Nona McLean, Eudora May Rine, Lissa Drowley, Winifred Mikesell, Jane Sparks, Doris Mosier, Irene Conner. Third row: Mr. J. D. Miller, Lorna White, Pat Hipskind, Jeanne Berg, Lola Pickett, Wilma Jederberg, Marie Doninger, Bette Acker, Lois Frank, Ruth Pietz, Patricia Dunegan. Cthers: Dorothy Buskirk, Dorothy Preston, Rosalie Stringfellow. First row: Eugene French, Bob Sandifur, Richard Crouch, Clyde Nickerson, Leslie Holland, Harry Ivans, Alan,Darling, Richard Cupp, Robert Maden, Richard Fauble. Second row: Lester White, Glendale Sinclair, Tommy Grant, Bill Ohlemeyer, Bill Gregory, Forrest Hutton, Andrew Stevenson, Clark McLean, Bill Hale, Laurence Rex- road. Third row: Dale Prohaska, Carl Dishaw, Harold Price, Claude Howard, Lloyd Mielke, Jack Davis,'Theodore Chapelle, Bob Guifnette, John Eakin, Edmond Belisle, Mr. J. D. Miller. Others: Robert Dickinson, Gale Mills, Earl Simkins, Charles Foster. 1939 1 1 CHEER FOR VANCOUVER Cheer for Vazzcouver, V.H. must win. Fight to the finish, never give in! 'Rah! Rah! Rah! You do your best, boys, We'll do the rest, boys. Fight for the victory! All along the line- Cheer for Vancouver, V.H. must win Fight to the finish, never give in! 'Rahl Rah! Rah! You do your best, hoys, W e 'll do the rest, boys, Fight for the victory! fRah! Rah! 'A' Tear! A. Hall ALKI 1939 1939 Associated Student Organizations The Associated Student Body, to which all students automatically belong, sponsors and controls all school activ- ities. This organization is made up of three major sections, the Student Council, the 'Girls' League and the Boys' League. The Constitution of the Associated Student Body desig- nates the functions of these three groups. It contains the governmental rules for Student Body meetings, procedure of all elections, qualifications of oflicers, and term of oflice. The Student Council, consisting of Student Body officers, Girls' League and Boys' League presidents and class presi- dents, is advised by the Principal, the Vice-Principal, and the Dean of Girls. The general supervision of student ac- tivities in the school is the major duty of this Council. The Girls' League and the Boys' League have complete sets of oflicers. During each year both organizations provide and plan for assembly programs and girls' conferences and boys' conferences. ' Under the direction of head advisers every student is assigned to an advisory group. These groups are for registration purposes, school activities, and social and vocational guidance. Through these organizations all students enjoy and at the same time derive the greatest benefit from their three years in Vancouver High School. - -Warren Hawkins President, Associated Students Associated Student Officers W arren'Hawkins ....................s... ' President Nancy Pelton ,.... ...,....,......., S ecretary Donald Howell ......,,., First Vice-President Jack Wilson .l.................. Sergeant-at-Arms Vivian Burr ..,......... Second Vice-President LeRoy Durdle .....,.......... Business Manager M'r. Henry DeYoung ..,....................... Adviser The Associated Student Body, which includes all the students in Vancouver High School, is organized to promote a closer relationship among the students, to create interest in student activities, and to assist in school government. The odicers for the organization are elected by the students as awhole. Left to right: Nancy Pelton, Warren Hawkins, Jack Wilson, Vivian Burr. Others: Don Howell, LeRoy Durdle. Student Council Mr. Henry DeYoung, Miss Dorothea von Berg, Mr. W. H. Conover, Advisers The Student Council, composed of the Student Body Officers, Boys' League and Girls: League presidents, and class presidents, deals with problems of the students and of the school. Among their duties is the awarding of athletic letters, the appointment of student committees and school publication staffs, and the sponsoring of pep assemblies and rallies. First row: Nancy Pelton, Mary Gain, Warren Hawkins, Jack Wilson, Ed Williams, Vivian Burr. Second row: Leonard Holmes, Ernest Hoff, Mr. DeYoung, Mr. Conover, Miss von Berg, Andrew Stevenson, David Hutchison. Others: Don Howell. Girls' League Mary Gain .......,..........................,. President Phyllis Jean Conover .... Corres. Secretary Jewel Miller ,,.........,.,.,........ Vice-Presikient Virginia Whitney ................,,.,.... Treasurer Imogene Albertson .... Recording Secretary Wvllma Shaffer ............. ....,........... R eporter Miss Dorothea von Berg ..........,......... Adviser Every girl in school belongs to the Girls' League, an organization which aims to promote a feeling of friendliness and cooperation among the girls. Their activities include ushering at major performances, providing big sisters for all new girls, presenting a program each month for all the girls, and sponsoring the annual Girls' League Mix andone student body dance. Left to right: Virginia Whitney, Jewel Miller, Mary Gain, Miss von Berg, Imogene Albertson, Wilma Shaffer, Phyllis Jean Conover. . ' Boys' League Edward Williams ..,..................... President Donald Fenton ..... ................. S ecretary Russell Harry ............ First Vice-President Charles Furno .............. Sergeant-at-Arms Ralph Chapman .... Second Vice-President Mr. W. H. Conover ............ ,, ............ Adviser Composed of all Vancouver High School boys, this organization aims to promote good spirit among the boys and to further their interests and ideals. Besides sponsoring the annual Boys' League Smoker, they presented two general asse-mblies. Left to right: Charles Furno, Ralph Chapman, Donald Fenton, Mr. Conover, Russell Harry, Ed Williams. 1939 ga, ,1 2 gi: 4 5-. ., 5 :fi if 553 P3392 f .21 Q 55251 I 12153 ,Emi , gf 5' 3331 ,gli ' Ei? A aw Nr, E Z 4921 1.251 53,1 we 7 sea .- ff 4 in 331 B5 , S! 'Ez' 5' : .3 Y " . S' a .1112 2. mfr. . fl. iff 'Q I 55972 4 ,a 'V 1 1 , iff fhfvtvf E f. 5145515 , 1 Q Q5 L5-Q Sw ,gif E V FG' ,J Nitin ,4,,l5 TW M .4 , if Y ai ' 12159, A Jlibf ' "5S3T5' 555 f' K Y' ' ' i Office Through the efforts of Miss Mary Williams, registrar, Miss Ruth Albertson, office secretary, and the staff of student assistants, the clerical work of the school is kept run- ning smoothly, and a great many services are rendered to the students. The office assistants check attendance and carry announcements. Left to right: Miss Williams, Irma Wood, Levonne Bruch, Elaine Rangstrand, Miss Albertson, Dorothy Cain, Margaret Soha, Mary Jean Malone. Red Cross Attendants Fmsr SEMESTER ' . SECOND SEMESTER Doris MacCornber ,.,,,.................,. Chairman Alice Ordway .................,.,............ Chairman Miss Dorothea von Berg .................... Adviser The Red Cross Attendants are a group of girls, each of whom serves a scheduled period in the Red Cross room. They receive instruction in first aid from Mrs. Shirley Briggs Elliot, school nurse, and are quite capable of taking care of minor illnesses and accidents in the school. First row: Grace Brian, Carol Hewitt, Norma Nelson, Viola Sater, Lillian White, Eileen Street, Marian Kindsfather, Dorothy Munroe, Clara Huber, Jean Keller, Louise Reim. Second row: Lillian Davis, Verdis Miller, Doris Macomber, Marie Boss, Vernette Mclrvin, Doris Cameron, Jean Munroe, Sara-Jane Turck, Georgia Burch, Doris Sandifur. Third row: Lillie Schaffer, Helen Richardson, Janice Miller, Miss Dorothea von Berg, Dorothy Webberly, Alice Ordway. Others: Helen Kirkpatrick, Wilma Hardesty, Nina Payne. -' Traffic and Field Patrol Squads Stanley Wetherell ........ Captain of Traffic Squad Mr. James Miller ,.,,..................,... Traffic Squad Mr. Arthur J olin ...........,...,................ Field Patrol Boys on the Traflic Squad patrol the two pedestrian lanes in front of the school on Main Street before and after school, and during both lunch periods. The Field Patrol puts up canvas around the football field during games, and cooperates with the police force in patrolling the field. , First row: Coburn Ackley, Clifford Bjork, Roger Downing, Stanley Wetherell, Laverne Bauman, Harold Luttrell, Bill Andrews. Second row: Glenn Campbell, Jack Norelius, Harold Leaf, Herbert Lawrence, Forrest Anderson, Mr. J. D. Miller. Others: John Niday, Jack Sellman. . . Locker Monitors Glenn' Campbell ........................' Lieutenant Bob Bacon ..,....................,.......... Lieutenant 5' Mrs. Bertha Hughes ...............,........,,,. Adviser The Locker Monitors safeguard the students' possessions throughout the day by checking on all people who open lockers. There is a different group of people on duty each period, and only students who have locker permits are allowed to open their lockers. First row: Agnes Schlecht, Margaret Anderson, Virginia Falander, Mary Jean Malone, Clara Scherruble, Aleda Shambaugh, Lois Koplin, Velda Fettis, Dorothy Belisle, June Keeney, Eileen Ehrlick. Second row: Gwendolyn Owens, Lena Helm, Betty Hamil- ton, Helen Rine, Marie Boss, Gertrude Kromminga, Louise Kromminga, Dorothy Farmer, Lois Davis, Clara Sales, Ann Bernasky, Iris Supernaw. Third row: Mrs. Hughes, Josephine Nickerson, Clarence Roberts, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Graydon Downing, Joe Augenblick, Glenn Hutchison, Don Campbell, Earl Lighthill, Warren Nelson, Albert Pi-ckens. Fourth row: Ben Phillips, Wayne Leigh, Bob Bacon, Lee Mackey, Howard Klinsky, Willis Robb, Kenneth Jacobson, Laverne Bauman, Herbert Tutherly. Others: Glenn Campbell, Charles Barker, Virginia Sorenson, Bill Frierson, Elaine Fitch, Margaret Galbreath. Y 1939 T f f . .KW v x fzli . .+P Lf J V55 'lv :FW 1 A ,w w , wi :Q 'iv' -ind fa, , ,J -fan, ' ,, gm, 3- f , z 1375 , ,.,,, . 115, ff, QTL ,l vf., ,f f 'fm L , td, . F35 M 1 llzzfl M -v 7,55 ' ,J : 4- 4-, fgyfff, fQ4"2fl-6 Q as 5117? wg, "EYES 1 Q :Y ,xt , al JF? 1 Aw liwfi .. E, 'Ax A A I 'E , ff! gg ,,,.. f gif? Q X 5 ,322 a QJGM44. ACTIVITIES i Lettermen's Club Clinton John ...... ...............,.... P resident Henry Wastradowski ....... ....... S ec-retary Mr. Marshall Shields ..........,............. Adviser The Lettermen's Club is an honorary organization for all boys who have received major athletic letters. Each year they sponsor the Lettermen's Annual Hardtime Dance. First row: Jack Wilson, Leslie Anderson, Ernest Holf, Henry Wastradowski, Kon- neth Jacobson, Frank Mohns, Merle Van Antwerp, Dick Willson, Allen Skov, George Stonehouse, Fred Provo. Second row: Allan Westphal, Jack Barnes, Jim Johnson, Charles Burchf1eld,,Jim Irving, Bill Richardson, Lee Kramer, Dale Prutzman Norman -Gilkey. Third row: Mr. Shields, Bob Skar, Milton Brown, Warren Hawkins, Wilbur Desler, Her- bert Ehle, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Howard Naskedov, Eddie Williams. Others: Bud Shere, Leonard Holmes, Charles Reed, Charles Stecher, Clinton John, Bill Willson, Joe Willson, :Ioug Ripley, LeRoy Mayes. Don Blair, Bud Belisle, Charles Furno, Buster Davis, Jack cKay. Business Staff LeRoy Durdle ........................ Business Manager ' Mr. W. H. Conover, Miss Laura Ruggless .,...................... Advisers The duties of the Business Staff Assistants consist of selling' and taking' tickets for major programs, pay assemblies, football and basketball games, assisting with the book- keeping, and taking charge of the sale of and installment payments on student body tickets. First row: Nancy Pelton, Faith Halpine, LeRoy Durdle, Donald Shaw, Laverne Bau- man, Bob Ritchie, Alan Darling. Second row: Conrad Frieze, Don Hinds, David Smith, Stanley Wetherell, Harold Luttrell, Don Fenton, Glenn Hutchison. Third row: Russell Harry, Bob Bacon, Lee Mackey, Mr. W, H. Conover, Albert Bjork, Bill Smith. Others: Iris Supernaw, Wayne Compton. Costume Committee Jean Pollock .....,.......................... Chairman Miss Beulah Porter ...,.................... Adviser With their adviser, Miss Beulah Porter, the girls on the costume committee make the costumes for both the Senior play and the Vodvil, as well as procure costumes for various assemblies. They also take care of the velvet choir robes made for the glee club, and have charge of the two costume rooms. Left to right: Frances Pounds, Grace Matthews, Barbara Morehouse, Miss Beulah Porter, Barbara Woodbeck, Jean Pollock. Others: Aleda Shambaugh. A A E Make-up Club FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Lillian Howe ........................,.,,.... President Ruth McNary ......, ....,.............. P resident Raymond McCall .,............., Vice-President Pauline Betts ..,..................... Vice-President Jean Munroe ...,........ Secretary-Treasurer Virginia Hodge .....l,, Secretary-Treasurer Ruth McNarv ............................,. Custodian Dale Cone .................................... Custodian Virginia Hodge ...,.................. Point Keeper Lillie Shaffer ........................ Point Keeper ' Miss Ruth Hall ...,,..,............................ Adviser The members of the Make-Up Club meet once a month to discuss and demonstrate types of stage make-up,4and practice one hour each week. Besides making up characters for the Vodvil,'Senior play, and assemblis, they assist at the Kiwanis Benefit show and at various grade school programs. , First rowi LaRaine Rosen, Helen Martin, Elinor Root, Miss R. Hall, Raymond McCall, Ruth McNary, Lillian Howe, Lillie Schaffer. Second row: Vera Galloway, Connie Sherson, Dale Cone, Pauline Betts, Virginia Hodge, Janice Miller. 1939 Stage Crew 'J ack Wilson ..,................,.... Stage Manager John Bixby .......,...........,.,.. Head Electrician Mr. Earl Wooster ........................,....... Adviser The Electricians and the Stage Crew work together setting up and shifting scenery, controlling the lighting effects, and operating the projection screen and the public address system in the auditorium. It is largely due to their skill and efliciency that the Vodvil, Senior play, and assemblies are successful productions. Each year new equipment is added, making more elaborate effects possible. V First row: Charles Furno, Frank Enz, Clarence Loshbaugh, Allan Westphal, Harvey Hutton, Jack Wilson, Lee Hathaway, Martin Palmer. Second row: Valain Van Antwerp, Charles Stecher, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Glenn Fitch, George Wilde, Don Stonehouse, John Bixby, Ed Williams, Dale Prutzman, Mr. Wooster. y Librarians Mrs. Edda McCordic .......,................ Adviser The work of the Library Assistants consists of helping students at the circulation desk, repairing and 'cleaning books in the workroom, filing cards, and issuing all textbooks. They also keep the library attractive at all times for the students. First row: Hazel Page, Lucille Sullivan, Jean Fries, Maxine Barbeau, Mavis Boyer, Laura Beall, Ellenor Dudley, Dorothy Holtberg, Alice Gee, Clara Scherruble, Gwendolyn Owens. Second row: Enid Williams, Margaret Soha, Margery Nagel, Daisy Brumfiel. Joan Morgan, Petco Petcoff, Barbara Murray, Lorraine Wilson, Virginia Hodge. Third row: Helen Fell, Gertrude Kromminga, Harvey Giffen, Mrs. McCordic. Others: Mildred Harmala, LaVerne Neil. , Triacls FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Lindsay Leibfried ,..... .,.......... P resdient Bill Runyan .......,.......................... President Elroy Prosch ...,....... ,..,,. V ice-President Josephine Nickerson .......... Vice-President Nina Payne ...,..,.......... ............ S ecretafry Mary Jean Baird ...... Secretary-Treasurer Katherine Schwan ...............,..,.,. Treasurer Elaine Eberle .,,..................,,. Log Reporter Mildred Mattson ..,..........,....., Log Reporter Miss Pearl Hall ...........,.................... Adviser The Triad Club is an organization of art students who Wish an opportunity for informal discussions of the various fields of art and advantages of closer social contacts. This year the group made field trips to the Portland Art Museum, and purchased one of Walt Disney's original drawings. First row: Mary Jean Bai1'd, Shirley Bunnell, Carol Jane Lindquist, Dick Wilson, Irvin Jolliver, Nell-Marie Kneeland, Josephine Nickerson, Mildred Mattson, Mary Houts, Elaine Eberle. Second row: Joyce Tuttle, Cecille Ricketts, Jesse Hazelwood, Doris Bowers, Eudora Mae Rine, Iris Supernaw, Helen Hesse, Eleanor Geidl, Mary Powers, Lois Tait, Eleanor Carr. Third row: Clyde Soha, Dora Elliott, Alfred Hall, Earl Gray, Donald Morey, Benton Dailey, Woodrow Cooper, Bill Runyan, Bill Elliott. Fourth row: Warren Harlan, Elroy Prosch, Lindsay Leibfried, Daryl Dietrick. Others: Richard Norwood, Jane Straw, Pearl Elliot, Harold Price, Nina Payne, Bruce Steffan, Raymond McCall. Inkifingers Elaine Eberle ................................ President Ruth McN ary ....,.......,.,.,,,,,,........,, Secretary Mrs. Hilma Powers ...................,..,.,,,, Adviser Students interested in creative writing meet once a week, when the members write andhread sketches and criticize their work. Each year the club attends lectures by eminent aut ors. - Left to right: Elaine Eberle, Ruth McNary, Enid Williams, Mrs. Powers, Barbara Fleischman, Phyllis Reeves, Ellenor Dudley, Lillian Howe. 1939 Qiill and Scroll Marcia Castle ..........,.,..,..,,........ A .,., P resaient Vivian Burr ,........,.,.............,........ Secretary Mary Gain ..........,.....,.......,.,. Vice-President Miss Blanche Hurd ...............,........ Adviser The International Honorary Society for High School Journalists consists of journal- ism students who have had one hundred published inches and whose work has been ap- proved by national of'Hcials of the Quill and Scroll. The Vancouver chapter was formed in 1929. A First row: Lillian Howe, Jean Dorman, Elaine Eberle, Phyllis Reeves, Barbara Fleischman, Vivian.Burr, Marcia Castle, Wilma Shaffer. Second row: Mary Ellen Bates, Miss Hurd, Jean MacKellar, Marjory Cabe. Others: Mary Gain. Log Staff Miss Blanche Hurd, Mr. David Miller ........,.....,.,............... Advisers Jean MacKellar .....,..........,........,.,..,. Editor Elaine Ausve ......,........, Business Manager Wilma ShaHer and Barbara Fleischman ............,.......,,,, Assistant Editors The Columbia Log Staff, consisting of the editorial staff, the journalism class, and the printers, publish the school paper bi-weekly. The students work many hours overtime in order to cover assignments, meet deadlines, and see that the paper is published and delivered to all students. Expenses of the paper are met by advertising, which is taken care of by a business staff. First row: Lillian Howe, Jean Dorman, Gloria Feise, Wilma ShaEer, Jean MacKellar, Phyllis Reeves, Vivian Burr, Carol Jane Lindquist, Marcia Castle, Gloria Nuttall, Nancy Pelton. Second row: Elaine Eberle, Bob Skar, Doug Ripley, Elaine Ausve, Barbara Fleischman, Clarence Loshbaugh, Dale Prutzman, Mary Ellen Cramer, Enid Williams, Virginia Hodge. Third row: Bernard Tibbetts, Carl Duchek, Elmer Ehlke, Henry Wastradowski, Bert Winter, Lee Mackey, Merle Van Antwerp, Sylvester Weber, Bill Smith, Bob Ritchie. Fourth row: Miss Hurd, Conrad Frieze, Robert Nerton, George Stonehouse, George Paeth, Walter Sykes, Daryl Lovette, Clarence Bowers, Don Blunt, Alan Darling. Others: Maxine Wilson, Jack Barnes, Quinton Standiford. J Alki Printers Sylvester Weber, Bob Skar Shop Forernen Bernard Tibbetts ..., Alki Printing Director Mr. David Miller ............................ Adviser The Alki Printers are the boys who have mainly handled the mechanics of producing the Alki, such as setting it on the linotype, making up the pages, and printing it on the newly acquired cylinder press. Many of them have contributed much time after school, on holidays, and at night to enable the Alki to come out on schedule. First row: Mr. David Miller, Bernard Tibbetts, Carl Duchek, Bob Kemp, Bob Skar, Bob Ritchie. Second row: Don Blunt, Daryl Lovette, Elmer Ehlke, Sylvester Weber. Alki Staff K Miss Ella Wintler, Mr. David Miller ................................ Advisers Mary Ellen Bates .......,.,................,. Editor Phyllis Jean Conover ........................ Music Ellenor Dudley ,............,., Associate Editor and Dramatics and Senior Editor Bill Smith .......... Interscholastic Athletics Lindsay Leibfried ..................., Stajj' Artist Grace Matthews ....,...,,,..... Girls' Athletics Elaine Eberle .................. Advisory Groups Marcia Chailins ........,....... School Calendar Betty DeYoung .................... Junior Editor Jean Pollock ....................,................... Typist Maxine Barbeau ...,........ Sophomore Editor Elaine Rangstrand ............................ Typist Elaine Sugg' .......,.. ....... F reshman Editor Betty Bittner .........,.......................... Typist Phyllis Reeves .................... Organizations Bernard Tibbetts ,,,,...... Printing Director Marcia Castle ................................ Pictures Stanley Wetherell .,....,. Business Manager First row: Betty Bittner, E'laine Sugg, Elaine Eberle, Maxine Barbeau, Ellenor Dudley, Mary Ellen Bates, Grace Matthews, Marcia Chaflins, Jean Pollock. Second row: Phyllis Jean Conover, Marcia Castle, Phyllis Reeves, Betty DeYoung, Stanley Wetherell, Lindsay Leibfried, Bill Smith, Bernard Tibbetts, Elaine Rangstrand, Miss Wintler. 1939 i HAIL TO THE VARSITY Hail to the Varsity! Cheer them along the way. Onward to victory, may they win again today! PVe'll give a cheer for the Varsity, Long may they reign supreme. Shout 'till the echoes ring For the glory of our team. ALKI 1939 MR. W. H. HANNAH MR. J. R. MONROE MRS. R. A. SMITH Mr. Wallace l-l. Hannah In his first year as Supervisor of Music in Vancouver Schools, Mr. Hannah proved to be most successful. He brought honors to Vancouver High School through the outstanding performances of the Band and Mixed Chorus, which won Superior ratings at the Southwest Washing- ton Music Meet. Mr. Hannah's musical ability, imagination, and original ideas soon gained him the cooperation of the students of the school. His encouraging leadership and faith in the results of the students' long periods of training were amply rewarded by the superior quality of their work. Mr. John R. Monroe Mr. John Monroe, Director of the Vancouver High School Orches- tra, has proved himself invaluable to the Music Department. It was only through his instruction that the Orchestra was able to attain a rating of Superior at the Southwest Washington Music Meet at Olympia. This was the first year that Vancouver had ever been awarded so high a rat- ing in an orchestral contest, and it was the gnly Superior rating given to any orchestra of this district. As an accomplished violinist and expert director, Mr. Monroe has inspired the students having the -privilege of working under his leadership. Mrs. Ruth Allen Smith All dramatic and public performances of the Vancouver High School, except those given by the Music Department, were under the direction of Mrs. Smith. She was general manager of the Carnival in October, director of the Pageant and Speaking Choir at the Christmas program, general dire-ctor of the Vodvil in March and Coach of the Senior Play in May. She managed these performances with such skill and dramatic effectiveness that success was assured each undertaking. Whether in supervising large productions or in coaching a single dramatic performance, Mrs. Smith achieved equally finished results. Music Department ALKI Mixed Chorus . Mr. Wallace H. Hannah, Director The Mixed Chorus received a Superior rating at the vocal meet at Olympia. A second rating was won at the Portland Regional Meet. T'he Boys' Glee Club won Excellent and the Girls' Glee Club Superior at Olympia. The annual Christmas program was the high- light of the year for the Chorus. A Edith Babcock, Mary Jean Baird, Neoma Ballard, Barbara Bates, Iris Batty, Irma Belisle, Beverly Bennett, Vivian Burr, Wilma Burrows, Marcia Castle, Phyllis Conover, Ruby Clements, Eros Cole, Jean Dorman, Dorothy Drew, Janet Dye, Charleen Edwards, Virginia Forgey, Jean Fries, Caroline Gooding, Mildred Guhr, Dorothy Hart, Margaret Henderson, Virginia Hodge, Dorothy Hodgkinson, Phyllis Johncox, Betty Jones, Dorothy Kesler, Carol Lindquist, Barbara Morehouse, Grace Matthews, Dorothy Myll, Betty Nel- son, Nina Payne, Naomi Parcel, Annette Propstra, Grace Rawson, Phyllis Reeves, Louise Reim, Vivian Russell, Marjory Ryan, Dian Ross, Eudora Rhine, Lois Tait, Sara-Jane Turck, Kathryn Van Atta, Enid Williams, Lorna White. Jerry Anderson, Don Ashley, Bruce Beard, Dick Blaker, Elmer Bleth, Tommy Beall, Relf Case, Wayne Compton, Eldin Drew, Colin Dykeman, Robert Fleming, Harvey Giifin, Jack Greiner, Robert Guffnette, Ernest Hoff, Morris Hoff, Junior Johnson, Otha Jones, Donald Jolmson, Don Kingen, David Keller, Donald Morey, Clyde Nickerson, Rodney White, Lawrence Phillips, Albert Pickens, Hugh Wood, Jean Trueblood, Roy Watson, LaVerne Willson. Orchestra I Mr. John R. Monroe, Director This year the Orchestra won the first Superior rating ever given a Vancouver orchestra. It was also the only Superior given an orchestra at the Southwest Washington Meet. At the Portland Regional Meet in May they were given a rating of third. Merle Anderson, Eva Beaty, Irma Belisle, Bruce Bradbury, Arlene Carpenter, Ro- berta Crawford, Marie Donninger, Janet Dye, Bill Elliott, Ralph Heller, Grace Johnson, Betty Jones, Donna Kennedy, Enid Kramer, Carol Lindquist, Grover Poe, Dorothy Preston, Bill Runyan, Jerry Sherson, Jean Ward, Evelyn Webberly, Lorna Wheeler, Lorna White. Band Mr. Wallace H. Hannah, Director The Band under Mr. Hannah's direction has made a record unexcelled by any band in Southwest Washington. After playing at football and basketball games, the Band won the only Superior rating given to a Class "A" band at the Southwest Washington Meet held at Longview. At the Regional Meet in Portland they received a rating of Excellent. The musical year was climaxed by their appearance in the Portland Rose Festival Parade. Trombone: Jerry Anderson, Bill Bailey, Jerome Brislawn, Jim Craig, Harvey Gifiin, Loren Young. Drum: Bill Andrews, Melvin Broberg, David Keller, Robert Maden, Lynn Patton. Clarinet: Don Ashley, Willard Brouhard, Merveen Button, Evelyn Carlson, Dan Crowley, Evelyn Desler, Dorothy Johnson, James Kern, Don Kingen, Dian Ross, Bob Sandifur, Elaine Sugg, Jack Woolf. Trumpet: Edith Babcock, Norma Carson, Claude Douty, 'Otto Dubi, Robert Fernquist, Spencer Hogg, Donald Johnson, Gloria Kelso, Bob Kern, Fred Purvis, Louise Reim. Cymbals: Patricia Bone. Bass Horn: Ralph Chapman, Layton Dierks, Jack Murray, George Wilde, Kenneth Prager. French Horn: Gordon Cook, Bob Hodgson, Francis Sly, Hebert Swan. Saxophone: Barbara Custer, Marion Filer, Bob Finley, Frank Maish, Warren Nelson, Herbert Sugg. Baritone: Thomas Davis, Bob Dungan, Clarence Root, Stanley Wood. Flute: Pat Griffin, Otto Wheeler. Oboe: Arlyn Olson, Jerry Sherson. Bassoorz: Nelson Vaughn. 1939 . T351 fl. f-,si .v :Qi- v 4- 1 31? f 1673 ETF 5? ,if Rf A f 1,-T emu 1 I 5 '15 15. QM 1 iss! 2,511 5- . Lifi' zz I ,r R. ,342 9' if 2253 . af, e if-,' I X fu , if X . if :Amiga g V.l-l.S. Vodvil , Mrs. Ruth Allen Smith, General Manager The Vancouver High School Vodvil this year featured the international idea. The show was opened with a grotesque dance by the "Four Foxy Fellows" who represetnted Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain. This dance was a burlesque of the inter- national conference at Munich. Their dance was followed by scenes from diierent countries. The American scene was a one-act play, "The Florist Shop"g Ireland was represented by a tap chorusg life in Vienna was portrayed by the Girls' Sextetg acrobats and weight lifters showed us Swedish gymnastics, a two-piano number represented Cubag skaters portrayed snowy Switzerlandg India was represented by a Whirling Dervish tap dance 3 and a lovely fairy-tale ballet brought us German life. The Vodvil ended successfully with a fire-side chat by President Roosevelt and with the Vancouver High School Band playing "The Stars and Stripes Forever." GIRLS' SEXTETTE One of the most delightful and beautiful acts of this year's Vodvil was the Vienna scene. The Girls' Sextette, in old fashioned hoop dresses and dainty parosols, sang and danced to the lovely Strauss waltz, A'Tales from the Vienna Woods." Left to right: Carol Jane Lindquist, Vivian Burr, Kathryn Van Atta, Marjorie Ryan, Marcia Castle," Margaret Henderson. FOUR FOXY FELLOWS Left to right? Jerry Anderson, Dick Blaker, LaVerne Wilson, Roy Watson. SKATERS First row: Gloria Feise, Eleanor Klein, Elaine Ausve, Marta Mae Wilson, Marvel Dillabaugh. Second row: Joe Luna. "Seven Keys to Baldpatev Mr. Wooster, Mr. Tuttle, Miss Pearl Hall, Miss Ruth Hall, Mr. Conover, Mr. Miller Advisers This Senior Play, written by George M. Cohan, was a medley of mystery, farce and intrigue. A writer goes to a mountain inn for a plot, and with all the exciting and and thrilling things that happen to him, he gets more than he bargained. Elijah Quimby .................. Albert Pickens Myra Thornhill .........,...... Norma Howard Mrs. Quimby .......,.... ......... M arie Easley Lou Max .........,..,....................... Bud Shere W. H. Magee .,.,... ....... C onrad Frieze Jim Cargan ........... .,.... K enneth David John Bland ........ ..... W arren Hawkins Thomas Hayden ...... ...,.... L ee Mackey Mary Norton ......... ......... R uth McNary Jiggs Kennedy ............. ,........... D on Blair Mrs. Rhodes .,........... ......,. N ancy Pelton Owner of Baldpate ,........... Phyllis Reeves Peters, the hermit ............ Junior Johnson Police Officer .,.............. Donald Johnson A Police Matron ............ Frances Pounds First row :A Nancy Pelton, Jean Dorman, Barbara Woodbeck, Ruth McNary, Grace Matthews, Phyllis Reeves, Bud Shere, Albert Pickens, Norma Howard, Marie Easley. Second row: Dorothy Cain, Lena Helm, Dorothy Holtberg, Junior Johnson, Warren Hawkins, Don Johnson, Conrad Freize, Kenneth David, Miss Ruth Hall, Harry Pautz. T'hird row: Allen Skov, Lee Mackey, Lindasy Leibfried, Don Blair, Virginia Boettcher. A Honor Dramatic Society V The Honor Dramatic Society is an honorary club for those students who have proved to be outstanding in dramatic work. Students are chosen on the dramatic ability they show in advisory group programs, class asemblies, the Vodvil and the Senior Play. Election to this society is based also on whether or not the person is dependable and cooperative. Persons showing originality in designing stage sets and in handling the stage and lights are also elected to Honor Dramatic. The student must be unanimously elected by the faculty committee, Mr. DeYoung, Miss von Berg, Miss P. Hall and Mrs. Powers. First row: Mary Jean Baird, Ruth McNary, Harvey Gifiin, John Bixby, Marie Easley, Mildred Mattson. Second row: Mrs. Powers, Mr. DeYoung, Lindsay Leibfried, Miss von Berg, Miss Hall. Others: Oreva Parker. 1939 . m qu , 555 1 i i ga H. ' Q, ,Q mg, .ir fn: ,atm 'W ,j u 5 L' Q m i ., ., 3 , , Hy? Fi, '- fu ri' J vi i 2551 A, M 4 , ak A fi 2 1525 . BX, , X. ..,s , Y, ,A fl i ff? V f 1 1.31, Q hy., -I X 1 Y v , . . 1' ' f ' .M xi M TRAPPER SONG Over hill, over dale, 'Down the valley, through the vale, Oh, the Trappers go trapping along. 5 . . . . . Never fail, never quail," is their sl an ana' their song, 08' As the Trappers go trapping along. Then fight, Traplffightl Take everything 'in sight! Fellows, you will win us fame! For well we know, no matter where we go, That the Trappers come back with the game. Keep on trapping, boys-The Trappers come back with the game Keep on trapping, boys--The Trappers come back with the game 'Rahl Rah! ALKI 1939 'JMQJ PV 1939 I Mr. Marshall Shields During the three years that I have been associated with Coach, I have come to know him as an excellent coach and a genuine friend. In the past he has always produced teams which were championship contenders, and we can feel assured that in the future our teams under his guid- ance will be among the best. -Jack lV'l'lS0'7l Inspiration Man Football Inspiration Man Jack Wilson did his own job very well and in addition proved to be a leader and an inspiration to his teammates. . Mr. ,Carl Gustafson Coach Gustafson has been at Vancouver High School for eight years. During this time he has made innumerable friends among the students and teachers. His strong personality and good nature make them feel that he is a man that will help them in any way he can. Besides being Track Coach he is Physical Education Supervisor of the Vancouver Public Schools. Even with his many duties he finds time to be where he is most needed. hlllwrshall J. Shields Football Through the entire 1938 season the Vancouver Trappers played clean football and showed good sportsmanship. Most of the games were either won or lost by a very close score, and every game was hard fought. Douglas Ripley was named all-conference center, while Bill Willson, Allen Skov, Jack Wilson, and Henry Wastradowski were all mentioned on the second conference team. Jack Wilson was elected "Inspiration Man" and Eddie Williams was captain for the season. Football letters were awarded to 24 players and a student manager for the 1938 season. The following boys received letters: Bill Willson, Clinton Johns, Don Blair, Jim Johnson, Bud Belisle, Allen Skov, Bill Richardson, Jack Barnes, Jim Irving, Jack Wilson, Dick Willson, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Dale Prutzman, Doug Ripley, Lee Kramer, Chuck Burchfield, Eddie Williams, LeRoy Mayes, Henry Wastradowski, Chuck Furno, Kenneth Jacobson, Ernest Hoff, Fred Provo, Joe Willson. The Senior manager was Norman Gilkey. Others were Harvey Hutton, Bob Wilson, Jack Morris, Bob Dungan, and Weaver Bickle. FOOTBALL SUMMARY Vancouver 0 .... .......... J efferson 14 Vancouver 7 .,..... ...... C hehalis 6 Vancouver 20 ..... .....,.,..,. W oodland 0 Vancouver 0 ...... ..... H oquiam 0 Vancouver 7 ..,., ,,....,. B attle Ground 0 Vancouver 18 ....... ..... L ongview 7 Vancouver 20 ,,,l. ..,,,,,,,. A berdeen 26 Vancouver 12 .,..... ..... C entralia 13 Vancouver 14 ..... ..... O lympia 7 Vancouver 6 ......, ......... K elso 7 Vancouver 6 ...................,....,,., Eugene 6 Vancouver 27 .........................,,... Camas 7 Aberdeen-Despite thrilling plays by both teams, Vancouver lost her first conference game to Aberdeen with a score of 26-20. The lead changed at every score. With one minute to play and the score 19-20, the Bobcats made their final touchdown. Olympia-The Trappers took their first conference victory from the Olympia Bears 14-7. Joe Willson scored first in the third quarter. The second score came after a spectacular 42 yard gain by Ernest HOE in the fourth quarter. Allen Skov kicked both the extra points. Chehalis-A one-point victory kept the Vancouver Trappers in the conference running. They defeated Chehalis 7-6 after a hard fought game. Chehalis scored after a fumble in the first, quarter. Vancouver was not able to overcome this lead until the final minutes of playing. Hoquiam-Mud and sloppy weather hampered both Vancouver and Hoquiam in a game ending in a 0-0 tie. This score eliminated the Trappers from the championship race. Longview-About 7200 people saw.Vancouver take her homecoming game from Longview 18-7. Second quarter power drlves resulted in a score in each of the following quarters. Henry Wastradowski was outstanding in this game. Centralia-Hard to take was a 13-12 defeat from Centralia. Centralia made the first score with Joe Willson countering for V.H.S. Both teams scored again in the second half. Vancouver's failure to convert lost the game. Kelso-In the final 1938 conference game the Kelso Highlanders defeated the Trap- pers 7-6. Wastradowski scored for Vancouver in the second quarter. A series of passes netted the Highlanders their score in the last quarter. Camas-A crowd of 3000 saw the Trappers revenge themselves on the Camas Papermakers for the 1937,defeat. Fred Provo and Joe Willson did exceptionally good running, while Allen Skov kicked three out of four extra points. 1939 J WA Hurnes, Junk Rvlislv, Bud Hoff Ernest Gomulkiewivz, P. Jolln, Clinton Johnson, Jim ' lay, Douglas Skov, Allan XVillS0n, Dirk VM f ,zijn . ,L J L'-5 ' ksr'.. vg .ggi Imp K 5.-:-gi FJ ,flip-. fi Blziir, Don Kramer, Lee Mayes, Leroy VVz1st1'nflowSk lVils0n, Javk Rurchflvld, Charles Fnrno, Charles Irving, Jim Jacobson, Kenneth Provo, Fred Ric'hzu'dson, Bill i, ll. VVi1Ii:1rns, Ed XVillsnn, Bill liilkvy, NtlI'lH2lll Basketball Season 193 8-39 , Vancouver can well be proud of the 1938-1939 Basketball Team. This year they held the Vancouver tradition of good sportsmanship and ability to be good losers as well as modest winners. Out of twenty-one practice and conference games, Vancouver won thirteen, lost seven, and tied one. The student council awarded letters to Charles Stecher, Howard Naskedov, Milton Brown, Herbert Ehle, Wilbur Desler, Warren Hawkins, Frank Mohns, Merle Van Antwerp, Fred Provo, Leonard Holmes, Charles Reed and Bud Shere, manager. BASKETBALL SUMMARY Vancouver 30 .,..., ,........ C amas 29 Vancouver 27 ..... ...... C entralia 33 Vancouver 34 ,,,.,,. ..,,,,, C hehalis 13 Vancouver 20 ...... ........ C amas 37 Vancouver 17 ,,,,,,, ,,,,..,., K elso 29 Vancouver 37 ...... .......... K elso 34 Vancouver 27 ...,... ..... L ongview 47 Vancouver 32 ...... ...... L Orlgview 37 Vancouver 21 .,,,,,, ,,.,,,, C hehalis 31 Vancouver 38 ...... ..... C hehalis 36 Track Season 1939 . HILL MILITARY ACADEMY RELAYS March 31, at the Pacific Exposition Pavilion In the first meet of the year Vancouver entered three events: the mile.relay, sprint relay and distance relay. Lawrence, John, Mortek and Rich took first in the distance relay. VANCOUVER RELAYS April 15, at Vancouver . The Portland high schools did not participate in the Vancouver Relays 'this year. Because Vancouver is considered a metropolitan school, the places they took were not credited to them. Frank Mohns took the only first place by breaking the high jump record. DUAL MEET April 21, at Longview The Trappers defeated Longview 61-53 after taking first in eight events and second in seven events. Clinton John took first in the 440, Doug Rich first in the 880 and mileg Jim Irving first in the shotputg Doug Ripley first in the javeling Mel Broberg first in the pole vault and Kenneth Jacobsen first in the discus. QUADRANGULAR MEET April 27, at Washington Vancouver Seniors placed third in the meet with Washington, Franklin and Com- merce, running up a total of thirty-five points. The Juniors took first place in their division with forty-four points. Clinton John took first place in the 4403 Charles Furno tied for first in the broad jump, Frank Mohns was first in the high jump, and Mel Broberg won the pole-vault. TRIANGULAR MEET April 29, at Vancouver Kelso and Camas, the visiting teams, were defeated by Vancouver after the Trappers scored 75 points. Vancouver made clean sweeps by Doug Rich, Wallace Miller and Forrest Anderson in the mile run, and Doug Ripley, James Irving and Keith Steffan in the shotput. LONGVIEW RELAYS May 5, at Longview The Trappers took third place in the meet. They were defeated by Centralia and Olympia. The mile relay, run by John, Mayes, Anderson and Rich, broke the record set by Vancouver in 1938. Vancouver took second in the distance medley and also second in the two-mile relay. The Trappers placed third in the shotput and sprint medley. Individuals that placed were Frank Mohns and Herbert Lawrence. Both of them received third. DISTRICT ELIMINATION MEET May 13, at Vancouver The Vancouver High School athletes captured first place in the Vancouver Elimina- tion Meet with a total of 515 points. Starring for Vancouver was Frank Mohns, who besides being high scorer, broke the record in the high jump by jumping 5' 10". Others that qualified for the district meet at Olympia were Milton Brown, Herb Lawrence, Frances Mortek, Jack Wilson, Jim Irving, Charles Burchfield, Bob Wilson, Clinton John, Doug Rich, Wallace Miller, Charles Furno,Doug Ripley, and Fred Provo. TRACK LETTERMEN Leslie Anderson, Doug Rich, Verman Mayes, Wallace Miller, Frances Mortek, Clinton John, Doug Ripley, Frank Mohns, Charles Furno, Mel Broberg, Jim Irving, Herb Lawrence, Fred Provo, Ken Jacobsen, Milton Brown, and Jack Wilson. 1939 Swimming Team . Ernest Hof ...... ...,.........,....,.... C aptain Joe Augenblick, LeRoy Durdle .. Managers Vlrs. Ema Lou Harvey ....,..................... Coach The Vancouver Swimming Team entered ten conference meets against teams from Stadium fTacomaJ, Lincoln QTacomaJ, Aberdeen, Everett and Longveiw. Those earning swimming letters are Ernest Hoff, Loris Lovette, Joe Luna, Ed Senechal, Roy Watson, Jack Senechal, Stacy Miller, Harold Leaf, Don Kennedy, Peter Settles, Bert Winters, Floyd Keller and Don Kingen. Ernest Holi' won the State Diving Championship for the second consecutive year. First row: Loris Lovette, Don Kennedy, Roy Watson, Floyd Keller, Bert Winter, Ernest Hoff,.Pete Settles. Second row: Leroy Durdle, Jack Senechal, Don Kingen, Mrs. Harvey, Stacy Millar, Ed Senechal, Joe Augenblick. Others: Harold Leaf, Bob Boetcher, Bob Baker. Tumblers and Weight Lifters Ralph Gulliford .......... Manager Tumblers Rodney White ...... ManagerWeight Lifters The Tumblers and Weight Lifters were organized this year. They entertained during basketball halves and had an act in the Vodvil. They also performed at various Vancouver schools and organizations during the year. First row: Norman Gilkey, Marion Kennedy, Donovan Jahnke, Doug Ripley, Marion Filer, Rodney White, Harvey Hutton, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Woody Cooper, Clarence Losh- baugh, Ralph Gulliford Second row: Bob Skar, Allan Westphal, Wallace Miller, Allen Skov, Adolph Kromminga, Keith Steifan, George Stonehouse, Ronald Davis, Zelmar Payne. Others: Gale Mills, Don Howell, Glen Fitch. , Rifle Club Archie Brusch ..... Q .................,........ Manager Mr. Gustafson ..........,,.................... Adviser The Rifle Club had twenty active members. The Student Body put up a bond for which the Club received from the National RiHe Association armory in Washington, D. C., two Springfeild army .22 rifles along with 9,000 rounds of ammunition. This year marks- manship received added recognition among the schools of Southwest Washington. First row: Jim Craig, Francis Schwartz, Pat Grihin, Don Fanning, Richard Nor- wood, Archie Brusch, Forrest Hutton, Don Jones, Jack Greiner, Jack Capers. Second row: Mr. Gustafson, Richard Johnson, Jack Fletcher, Allan Westphal, Ralph Monk, Robert Edgerton, Donald Shaw, Danny May, Glendale Sinclair. 1 , Tennis and Golf Clubs i GOLF Arthur Carlson ............,..,............ Manager Arthur J olin ..................................,. Adviser The golf schedule this year included ten matches, of which by May 8 they had won three, lost three and tied two. They still had to play a game with Camas, as well as to sponsor their annual invitational meet at the Evergreen Golf Course. TENNIS Bob Simpson ...............,,..,..........,,.. Manager Mr. Wooster .........,........,......,.......... Adviser The Vancouver High School Tennis Club scheduled six matches. They played two games against Longview, two against Salem, one against Milwaukie and one against Camas. The district tournament was held at Centralia and the State meet at Seattle. ,First row: Velda,Fettis, Elaine Eberle, Herbert Sugg, Herbert Ehle, Quinton Standi- ford, Merle Van Antwerp, Bob Simpson, Warren Hawkins, Milton Brown, Robert Hartley. Second row: Doris Brown, Maxine Laipple, Mr. Jolin. Jerome Brislawn, Wayne Leigh, Arthur Carlson, Don Holmes, Michael Austin, Bill Andrews, Mr. Wooster, Francis Mor- tek, Gene Smith, Bill McLaughlin. Others: Doris Kunzman, Ann Craig, Ruth Durgan, Beatrice Ryan, Barbara Bates, Mary Gain, Edna Sutter, Emily Anderson, Bud Shere, Glenn Mathews, Bill Dunham, Don Blair. 1939 lntramural Sports Mr. J. D. Miller, Director The present school year was one of activity as far as the intramural program was concerned. Mr. Miller, head of this department, was assisted in his various duties by the Senior manager, Valain Van Antwerp. "Valain Van Antwerp has been intramural manager for two years. During this time he has done a splendid job and has proved himself very dependable. For his real service to the school the Student Council has awarded him an official major V." Mr. J. D- Miller Individual Sport Winners The all-sports plaque is given to the group winning the most points throughout the season. Miss Pearl Hall's sophomores and Mr. Dudley's seniors were leading the race for this year's award when the Alki went to press. Individual sport winners this year were Archie Brusch fMarksmanshipJ, Eugene Smith fPing Pongj , Doug Rich CTetherbal1 and Cross-Countryj. Basketball Mr. Brown's group won the year's basketball award. Mr. Shield's group offered the strongest opposition. First row: Marion Kennedy, Leslie Anderson, Tom Mclrvin. Second row: Wayne Bissell, Wallace Dailey. Track The supremacy of Mr. Dudley's boys in track was finally overcome April 4-5, when Mr. Barter's boys nosed out Miss Hall's group 38V5 to 36. A new record was set in the mile. Doug Rich ran the four laps in 3:49.8. Bob Wilson ran the 220 in 24.4. Milton Brown and Ernest Hoff raised the pole vault record to 11'3" from the old 1935 record of 1O'6". Mr. Barter's group composed of Charles Furno, Verman Mayes, Frank Mohns, and Bob Wilson, set a new 880 relay record of 1:41.8. First row: Bob Wilson, Ernest Hoff, Doug Rich, Harold Thompson. Second row: Milton Brown, Frank Mohns, Francis Mortek, Howard Naskedov. Others: Fred Provo. Volleyball Volleyball was again one of the most interesting sports in the intramural field. This tournament was won by Mrs. Barber's junior boys when they defeated Mrs. Hughes' senior boys in a very close game on October 20. First row: Colin Dykeman, Bill Kraus, Francis Mortek, Second row: Eugene Smith, Harold Leaf, Ralph Heller. -- . Swimming Mr. Tuttle's sophomore boys walked away with the annual swimming meet, December 8. There were several boys who later made places on the school team. Loris Lovette was the outstanding performer, setting new records in the 220 and 50-yard backstroke. The individual winners were Mr. Dudley's group f100-yard freestyle relayj , Mr. C. Tuttle's group fMedley relayj, Jack Senechal Q25 and 50-yard freestylel, Pete Settles Q50-yard breaststrokeb, Loris Lovette 1220 freestyle, 50-yard backstrokej , Richard Watson 4100-yard freestylej, Eugene Hodgkinson fdivingj. First row: Richard Watson, Loris Lovette. Second row: Pete Settles, Jack Senechal. Others: Eugene Hodgkinson. Sports Managers Intramural sports managers take the responsibility of seeing that their groups are represented by contestants in evey intramural sport. Managers are chosen each semester at the regular advisory election of officers. First row: Elton Kern, Laurence Rexroad, Kenneth Prager, Howard Naskedov, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Donavan Jahnke, Dale Prutzman, Harold Thompson, Ted Froom. Second row: Mr. Miller, Harry Morrow, Henry Wastradowski, Merle Van Antwerp, Frank Mohns, Eugene Smith, Bill Richardson, Wallace Miller. Others: Merton Sullivan. 1939 - Girls' Athletics ALKI Girls' Athletic Association Marie Easley ............,.................. '. President Ruth Reese ................ ...... S ecretafy Doreen Linn .............,...,....,. Vice-President Gayle Dailey .......................,........ Treasurer Miss Rosa G. Webber ................................ Adviser It is the aim of the Girls' Athletic Association to further an interest in sports, promote good health, encourage high scholarship, and develop the spirit of fair play. The organization presented an assembly for the Girls' League and sponsored the most successful dance of the year, the annual Homecoming dance, which approximately 420 people attended. First row: Nancy Pelton, Phyllis Jean Conover, Grace Matthews, Eleanor Klein, Maxine Liapple, Imogene Albertson, Doreen Linn, Doris Brown, Ruth Reese, Gayle Dailey, Marie Easley, Virginia Whitney. Second row: Virginia Cabe, Marcia Chaliins, Mary Jean Malone, Clara Huber, Jean Keller, Louise Sparks, Ann Craig, Betty Jones, Velda Fettis, Bernadine lmdieke, Elaine Eberle, Wilma Larson, Miss Webber. Third row: Jean Dor- man, Maxine Barbeau, Barbara Kennedy, Shirley Jahnke, Donna Kennedy, Oerdel VVoolf, Eyelyn Webberly, Bonnie Payne, Jean Kirkwood, Marjorie Olson, Margaret Olson, Mar- garet Kern, Roberta Henson. Fourth row: Gloria Kelso, Maxine Hines, Alice Tokola, Roberta Abrahamson, Dorothy Johnson, Edwina Tucker, Betty DeYoung, Barbara Fleischman, Marjorie Nagel, Barbara Bennett, Doris Johnson, Jewel Miller. Others: Bette Nelson, Dorothy Webberly, Elaine Ausve. Champions Champions are determined by tournaments in each sport. Team champions: Volley- ball, Sophomoresg Basketball, Seniors. Individual champions: Maxine Liapple, Grace Matthews, Badminton, Doris Brown, Ping Pong, Imogene Albertson, Marie Easley, Barbara Kennedy, Tumblers. Letter Girls, Club Maxine Laipple ..........,.........,,.. President Marjorie Nagel ........... ...... S ecretary Gayle Dailey .............,.,..,. Vice-Presikient Betty Nelson ........,.......... ....,. T reasurer Miss Rosa G. Webber ..,..............,............., Adviser The Letter Girls' Club is an honorary branch of the G.A.A. Those girls who have earned one hundred or more points in athletics are eligible for membership. Marie Easley is the first person who has earned more than three stripes, she is wearing four. Left to right: Nancy Pelton, Jean Dorman, Phyllis Jean Conover, Grace Matthews, Eleanor Klein, Maxine Laipple, Bette Nelson, Marjorie Nagel, Imogene Albertson, Doreen Linn, gloris Brown, Ruth Reese, Gayle Dailey, Marie Easley, Virginia Whitney. Others: ewel iller. Badminton Phyllis Jean Conover ................ Manager Miss Rosa G. Webber ................ Adviser Badminton is perhaps the most popular of the small team sports. All-Star Team: Ruth Reese, Gayle Dailey, Maxine Liapple, Grace Matthews. First row: Grace Matthews, Phyllis Jean Conover, Imogene Albertson, Maxine Laipple, Doreen Linn, Doris Brown, Ruth Reese, Gayle Dailey, Marie Easley. Second row: Clara Huber, Louise Sparks, Elaine Eberle, Jean Kirkwood, Roberta Abrahamson, gfiribbara Bennett, Shirley Jahnke, Jean Keller, Velda Fettis, Roberta Henson, Miss e er. 1939 Girls' League Calendar SEPTEMBER, 1938 13-Cabinet Meeting 22-Cabinet Meeting 23-Battleground and Woodland Game- Sold Candy 28-Cabinet Meeting 30-Cabinet Meeting 30-Aberdeen Game--Sold Candy OCTOBER 6-Cabinet Meeting 7-Girls' League Mix 8-Conference at Centralia 12-Girls' Assembly-Installation 14-Eugene Game-Sold Candy 19-Cabinet Meeting 24-25-Ushers for Teachers' Institute 26-Cabinet Meeting 28-Carnival-Ice Cream Booth NOVEMBER 4-Homecoming Game-Sold Candy 9-Cabinet Meeting 11-Centralia Game-Sold Candy 15-Girls' Assembly-Miss Mary M honey 18-Kelso Game-Sold Candy 21-Assembly-Miss Hartnett 24-Camas Game-Sold Candy 30-Cabinet Meeting DECEMBER 9-Washington Basketball Game-Sold Candy 12-Assembly-Mr. Kirkham 13-Girls' League Matinee Dance 14-Cabinet Meeting Roosevelt Game-Sold Candy Boys' League SEPTEMBER, 1938 14-Cabinet Meeting 27-Cabinet Meeting OCTOBER 8-Conference at Chehalis 12-Cabinet Meeting NOVEMBER 9-Cabinet Meeting 22-Cabinet Meeting DECEMBER 6-Boys' Assembly 7-Cabinet Meeting JANUARY, 1939 3-Cabinet Meeting 11-Boys' Assembly 18-Cabinet Meeting 15- 28- 29 Red Cross Attendants' Luncheon Girls' League Christmas Luncheon JANUARY, 1939 Camas Game-Sold Candy Cabinet Meeting Chehalis Game-Sold Candy Cabinet Meeting Longview Game-Sold Candy FEBRUARY Girls' League Assembly- Reports and Movies Cabinet Meeting Kelso Game-Sold Candy Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting MARCH Centralia Game-Sold Candy Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting Tolo Dance Girls' Assembly-Marian Miller -Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting APRIL Cabinet Meeting Girls' Assembly-Miss Fitton Conference at Aberdeen MAY Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting JUNE Ushers for Baccalaureate -Ushers for Graduation Calendar FEBRUARY Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting MARCH Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting APRIL Boys' League Smoker Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting MAY Cabinet Meeting Cabinet Meeting Boys' League Assembly Program Dads' Night Cabinet Meeting School Calendar 7 SEPTEMBER, 1938 -Opening Day 12-19-Student Body Ticket Sale 16-Assembly 21 -Sophomore Boys' Meeting 24-Football-Battle Ground and Wood- land vs. Vancouver 30-Senior Assembly Football-Aberdeen, here OCTOBER 5-Assembly-Mr. Ottenheimer-Wash- ington State Theater ' 7-Girls' League Mix Football-Olympia, there 14-Assembly Football-Eugene, here 18-Senior Meeting 19-Assembly-Chevrolet Pictures 20-Senior Meeting 21-Assembly-Music Department Special Assembly-Carnival 22-Football-Chehalis, there 24 -25-Teachers' Institute 26-Pay Assembly-Eureka Singers 28-Assembly Carnival 29-Football-Hoquiam, there NOVEMBER 2-Pay Assembly-Magicians 3-Assembly--Dr. Shaffer 3-4-5-High School Leaders' Conference Seattle 4-Homecoming Assembly 5 Football-Longview, here Homecoming Dance -History Classes' Election Day 10-Open House End of the First Quarter 11-Vacation--Armistice Day Football-Centralia, there 17-Senior Class Meeting 18-Assembly-Junior Class Football-Kelso, here 22-Special Assembly-Mr. Ottenheimer Washington State Theater 24-Football--Camas, here 25-Vacation 28-Pay Assembly-Jujitsu DECEMBER 1-State Theater-"On Stage" 2-Assembly-National Biscuit Film 5-Football-Seniors vs. Underclassmen 9-Assembly Basketball-Washington High, here 13-Girls' League Matinee Dance Basketball-Washougal, there 14-Basketball-Roosevelt, here 16-Basketball-Grant, there Swim Pageant 20-Basketball-Lincoln, there 21-Music Department Christmas Pro- gram 22-Jan. 3-Christmas Vacation JANUARY, 1939 6-Assembly-Movie-"Beyond the Ben- gal!! Basketball-Camas, here 13-Assembly-Public Speaking Depart- ment Matinee Dance-Swimming Team Basketball-Chehalis, here 18-Pay Assembly-Dr. Carpenter 19-Senior Meeting 20-Assembly-Art Department 24-Junior Class Meeting Basketball-Kelso, there 27-End of Semester Basketball-Longview, here FEBRUARY 3-Sophomore Dance Basketball-Chehalis, there 4-Basketball-Centralia, there 10-Assembly-Boys' League 15-Matinee Dance 17-Assembly-Vodvil Skits Basketball-Camas, there 21-Basketball-Kelso, here 22-Vacation-Washington's Birthday 23-Vodvil Matinee 24-Vodvil 25-Vodvil Swim Meet-Aberdeen, here 28-Assembly-Astronomy Movies MARCH 2-University of Washington Chorus Basketball-Centralia, here 6-Elks Assembly 7 9 10 14 15 17 20 23- 24- 25 -Vocal Music Meet 27- 31 11 4 School Calendar 1939 -Basketball-Longview, there -Senior Meeting Swim Meet-Longview, there Tolo Assembly Assembly-Oratorical Contest Senior Meeting Girls' League Tolo Dance Swim Meet-Eugene, there Pay Assembly-Spooks and Frauds Kiwanis Benefit Matinee Kiwanis Benefit Pay Assembly-Negro Singers End of Third Quarter APRIL State Swimming Meet-Seattle Boys' League Smoker 5-9-Spring' Vacation 10-Pay Assembly-Swiss Singers 12-Jinx Matinee 13-14-Intramural Track Meet 14--Lettermen's Hard Time Dance 15-Instrumental Music Meet at Long view Vancouver Relays 21-Assembly-Music Concert 28-Junior-Senior Prom 29-Tennis Team-Salem MAY 1-Ray Assembly-Mr. Magrum--Magi cian 5-Longview Relays 9-Tennis-Salem, here 12-Regional Music Meet-Portland 13-Elimination Track Meet 19-Senior Play 20-District Track Meet-Olympia 24-Girls' League Honor Assembly 25-Home Economic Style Show and Tea 27-State Track Meet JUNE 4-Baccalaureate 8-Commencement Commencement Ball 1939 ?74"F :ya STV' r 3 kr., V 4 A ,g1"'2, :QQ giafgf zghiiri ' Q, X ,-+0444 msg 234 X? ,YT 533-QT Zaire L3-gg Ly, g ' Q: '1 'g f. mf Tai? EM i 2 Ps ,M , :ff 42:34- JP-W iwi VI.- in .JA x Q. -. If-muvmhrj i .WM "w5li"fM' ff ly , '- i . tl. 1 'fi if f I gf! ,A i 1 117 1 M f i Lf! '!f,,,,V ,., In fp! ' ' ff' f ' Jfisfg ,fl ffjw V! My .. M241 ff . Jw ,Mfr " X X X b V Mi ' I i'ffflffl 'N kjB x Mr J' M if can .N C' -' g xv oi QS :Y 1 N wg .Q ey J! Nm JN? gf W 1, A EA Q6 gif? wi 1939 fx 49- . xxis C'-Q 1 vu QI I. Xu , J - , ' ".' ' , J 'Al var,-4 Q ""'l!,:j I ,rl ' b Wffafff 2Lf"-fc! . N 1 f eff f 1, 1 Y , -42" Qgfff, R' ' - V J . ,ff Q V' ' x -4-4Q4?7i"' I, tygfqjf X Q., ifif ff M7 f 4,,.,QgL,-J, .X ' f Af' fff' " ' , I 1 W-ff xfkfd' fl , x.,vfr!Z'c, Zig ,ff -j,,,f -' as , ' ' 141 f I I' ff xr A g tx: K 15.651, TLIZIF M . A-X an ,A ,V -- ff -' 1 EQ. f f,,,w,i J 'X- X T L . GLR- yJ 'gig , up 23 YQ G"2f'f' fff"'Jjiv5'?' 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