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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1938 volume:

Wg CLWAMAM The ALKI 1938 Q Published by the Associated Students VANCOUVER HIGH SCHOOL Vancouver, Washington The ALKI--1938 ENGRAVING BY PETERSON-SCHON ENGRAVING CONIPANY PORTLAND. OREGON PHOTOGRAPHING BY DUFRESNE PHOTO STUDIO X7ANCOUVER, YVASHINGTON PRINTING BY VANCOUVER HIGH SCHOOL PRINTIN VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON G DEP'T 'Bu rnlmm The ALKI-1938 The ALKI-1938 Foreword To the lower classmen, spring, with its annual baccalaureate and graduation exercises means merely the end of another year of studies, good times, and new experiencesg to the Seniors it means still more- the close of one of the happiest chapters in the book of life. ALKI, however, looks both into the past and into the future-backward to the accomplishments and memo- ries of student life and forward to the later success of our graduates and the realization of their ambi- tions and dreams. -Dorothy Kreis, Editor -ii 0 3- Art Mori The art motif of the 1938 AI KI is an expression of of the various phases of student life in Vancouver High School. The winning of the State Basketball Championship by our team has inspired the athletic division pageg this year's successful vodvil is the theme of the activity inscrtg and the illustration for classes has come from the innovation of the traveling classroom library. In this same way every insert is an outgrowth of our daily activities here at the high school. -Enid S11 umwuy, Allci Staff Artist The ALKI-1938 Dr. Paul F. Gaiser The Vancouver school system has seen Dr. Paul Gaiser, its superintendent, bring to a successful close another year of marked progress and brilliant achievement. Through his diligent efforts he has done much to further a friendly atmosphere and coopera- tive attitude among' the students. To the school district as a Whole. to each school in the district, and to each student in school. Dr. Gaiser has proved himself a loyal, dependable, and devoted friend- -Dorothy Kreis, Editor, Alki School Board Dr. A. P. Ryan, President Mr. Joseph E. Hall Mr. Floyd S. Ratchford Mr. L. M. Burnett Dr. L. L. Nunn Mr. Lloyd M. Matson, Secretary The ALKI-1938 Mr. Henry DeYoung In his sincere desire to promote beneficial student activities, Mr. Henry DeYoung has been the essence of frankness and candor to the students of Vancouver High School. We can truly be proud of our principal whose aim is to make our high school the best in the West. -Roger Camp, President Associated Students of Vmzcozwer High School The ALKI-1938 HAIL, ALL HA11, TO V.H.S. Then hail, all hail to V.H.S., The pride of all the west, W e,ll sing out the story, And 'we'll tell out the glory Of the school we love the best. Then hail, all hail to V.H.S.! The trapper is our crest, Ana' will ever stand, Every heart and hand, For the honor of V.H.S. -'Chester 'K 'Duncan 1 w 1 w W IT. . The ALKI-1938 GREETINGS TO FACULTY AND STUDENTS On the pages of this, the thirtieth volume of the Alki, will be found the record of the splendid achieve- ments of our high school for 1937-38. Outstanding progress has been made in all activities and depart- ments. The faculty and students are justly proud of this commendable record. The splendid cooperation of the faculty and stu- dents has made this record possible. To all I extend the greetings of the Vancouver High School. -Henry DeYo2mg l'ri1Lcipal of Vancouver High School The ALKI-1938 HELEN JOHNSTON BARBER, A.B.-Unive-rsity of Idaho. English. LOUIS S. BARTER, A.B.-University of Missouri. History MARGUERITE E. BOTTKER, A.B.-University of Washington. Shorthand, Type- writing. WESLEY C. BROWN, Ph.B-Hamline University. Physics, Chemistry. LOVELL A. CHENOWETH, B.S.-University of Washington. Home Economics, Cafe- teria Manager. W. E. DUDLEY-History. C. R. DUNCAN, B.M. M,M.--University of Washington. Supervisor of Public School Music, A Cappella Choir, Glee Clubs, Band Orchestra. RUBY M. EVANS, A.B.-Washington State College. English CARL GUSTAFSON, B.S.-Washington State College. Physical Education, Supervisor of Public School Physical Education. PEARL A. HALL, A.B.-College of Idaho. Art, Supervisor of Public School Art. RUTH HALL, A.B.-College of Idahog A.M.-Middlebury College. French, Geometry. BERTHA HUGHES, B.S.-Washington State College. Mathematics. BLANCHE HURD, B.S.-Oregon State College. Journalism, English. MARGARET PAGE JOHNSON, A.B.-University of Miehigang A.M.-University of Washington. English. ARTHUR JOLIN, A.M.-University of Washington. History. LILLIAN KING, A.B.-University of Iowag A.M.-University of Washington. English, Public Speaking. EDDA M. MCCORDIC, A.B., A.M.-University of Oregon. Librarian. MAUDE A. MACDONALD, A.B.-University of Oregon, A.M.-Columbia University. Biology. DAVID G. MILLER, A.B.-Washington State College. Printing. J. D. MILLER, A.B.-Grinnell Collegeg A.M.-Washington State College. History. JOHN MONROE, A.B.-University of Washington. Band, Orchestra. JULIA MURRAY, A.B.-University of Washington. Latin, English. BEULAH M. PORTER, B.S.-Oregon State College. Home Economics. HILMA J. POWERS, A.B.-University of Washington. English. LUCILE ROBINSON, A.B.-Pacific University. French, Spanish. LAURA E. RUGGLESS, A.B.-IfVilla1nette University. Bookkeeping. MARSHALL J. SHIELDS, B.S.-University of Oregong A.M.-Columbia University. Physical Education, Biology. RUTH ALLEN SMITH, A.B.-Washington State College. English. HELEN E. THUN, A.B.-Washington State College. Home Economics. CECIL A. TUTTLE, A.B.-Washington State College. Shop. ROSA G. WEBBER, B.S.-'Oregon State College. Physical Education, Typewriting. VERA WETHERELL, A.B.-Washington State College, A.M.-Cornell University. Geometry, Algebra. MARY E. WILLIAMS, Registrar. ELLA WINTLER, A.M.-University of Washington. German, Commercial Law, History. EARL S. WOOSTER, A.B.-Amherst College. Chemistry. me M' f' , ii A K fi , .F , Jr ' 5 The ALKI-1038 as " f Slime W if . Barter, Louis S. Bottker, M. E. Brown, YVesley C. Uhenowx-th, L. A. Duncan, C. R. Evans, Ruby M. Gustafson, Carl Hall, Pearl Hughes, Bertha 'Iu1'd. Blanche Johnson, M. P. Barber, Helen J. King, Lillian M1-Uordic, E. M. MacDonald, M. Miller, David G. Monroe, John R, Murray, Julia Porter, Beulah M. Powers, Hilma J. Ruggless, Laura Shiel ls, Marshall Smith, Ruth A. 'l'hun, Helen VVebher, Rosa G. YV1therQ-ll, Vera XVilliams, Mary VVintler, Ella Dudley, W, E. Hall, Ruth Jolin, Arthur R. Miller, James D. Robinson, Lucile Tuttle, Cecil A. VVo0ster, Earl S. The ALKI-1938 MLMA MATER Sing of Vancouver, Hearts there are true, Sing of Vancouver, - 'Dreams there I knew. Sons of Vancouver Can never forget, Haze of our student days Shines round us yet. Golden our memories, Counting them olerg Jlflarch of the victors, Laurels they wore, Friendships high-hearted, Shrined by the years, Words that we spoke then 'Ring yet in our ears. Sing of Vancouver, yqs we march alongg Years come and pass us, Yet to you will belong Our hearts and dreamings, Glimpses of truth, O Vancouver High School, Our home of happy youth. -Margai'et 'Page Johnson The ALKI--1938 CLASS OF 1938 R11SS6ll Palmel' ..,..,, ......,...,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,Y,Y,,,,,,,,,VVYA P 7 'esident Betty Harter ,,...,,.,,, ,.,..,. V ice-President EliZab6f,l'l Imdlelie ,..,... ,,,,,,,A,,'-, S egyefqry SENIOR ADVISORY GROUPS Miss Laura Ruggless .............Y........,,.,..,,.,....,,,,,.,.,.,,....,., ,,A,A, 1 jimi,-man FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER PREs1DENTs PRESIDENTS ADVISERS Vera Beherns ....,T,,. Richard Frieze ,,,...,, Worley Ellis ..,..... Lewis Haldeman .,... Walter Baty ......., Estelle Kinney Miss Ruby Evans Robert Juzek ,,,.. Vernon Moore Robert Winter Francis Issler Miss Pearl Hall Mrs. M. P. Johnson Mr. Arthur Jolin Mr. David Miller Barbara Rick Mrs. Julia Murray Charlotte Mclrvin .......... Marion Besserman ,...., Miss Laura Ruggless Wanda Ross ............ Mr. Cecil Tuttle LeRoy Belknap ....,......,........ Herman Logan .,...,..,.....,,., MargueriteDavenport ,,,...,, Dorothy Kreis .......... Mrs. Vera Wetherell COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS Jerry Thompson . Dorothy Kreis ,,,,i Roger Camp ,,,,.. Jerry Thompson Dorothy Waits Hal Tibbals Betty Harter Rose Hiltunen Nadene Mathews David Shaeffer Russell Palmer Margaret Munroe Nick Macchione Ethel Guffnett Richard Frieze Valedictorian HONOR ROLL Shirley Hodgson Lorene Hover Enid Shumway Herman Logan Lucille Bangs Marion Besserman Marybell Holloway Jeannette Hill Robert Hutton Dorothy Kreis Ruth Rindero Marguerite Davenp Pearl Richards ort Faculty Rejwesentative Class Representative Minnie Takaki Corinne Hanson Barbara Rick Vernon Moore Dorothy Doran Mabel Parvi Ruth Hartley Arthur Boddy Ruth Carson Marvin Easton lveota Hanson Elomia Laws The ALKI-1938 ALEXANDER, ROBERT L.-Mathematics Major. President Advisory Group, Football, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Vice-president Lettermenys Club. ANDERSON, JEANNE RUTH-Art Major. Usher. Clubs: Make-up, Epicurean, Triad. ATCHLEY, Jr., FRANK -Science Major. President Advisory Group, State High School Diving Champion, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil. AUGENBLICK, JOHN HERMANN-Mathematics Major. Salesman, Sports Manager Advisory Group. AYERS, SILVON JESS-Manual Arts Major. Locker Attendant. BAKER, ELSIE-Commercial Major. President, Salesman, Secretary Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Committees, Usher, G.A.A. BALLANTYNE, VERNON-Science Major. Clubs: Make-up, Camera. BANGS, LUCILLE MEDORA-Foreign Language Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor Columbia Log, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Inkifingers, President Quill and Scroll, Tennis. BARLOW, LESTER ROBERT-Printing Major. President Advisory Group, Band, Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies. BATY, CHARLES WALTER-Mathematics Major. President, Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Band, Business Staff Columbia Log, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Forum Club. BEALL, THOMAS WAYNE-Mathematics Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Band, Locker Attendant, Committees, Ticket Takers' Club. BEHERNS, VERA MARIE-Foreign Language Major. President, Vice-president Ad- visory Group, Vodvil, Senior Play, Assemblies, Committees, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet. BEISSELL, CAROLYN-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group. BELETSKI, LILLIAN JEANNE-Home Economics Major. President, Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group. BELKNAP, ELMER GEORGE-Science Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group, Locker Attendant. BELKNAP. LEROY THOMAS-Manual Arts Major. President Advisory Group, Alki Sports Editor. BELL, COLIN ALBESTO-Mathematics Major. Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Senior Play, Vodvil, Assemblies, Make-up Club. BESSERMAN, MARI-ON-Science Major. President Advisory Group, Committees, Forum Club. BEUTLER, CLARIBEL ADA-Science Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Make-up Club. BLOUNT, LARRY MELVIN-Math.ematics Major. Salesman, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Locker Attendant, Football, Track, Lettermen's Club. BODDY, ARTHUR EDWARD-Science Major. President, Vice-president, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club, Boys' Sextette, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Ticket Takers' Club. BOHANNON. BONNIE BESSIE-Home Economics Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet. BOWERS, CLARENCE HARVEY-Printing Major. Secretary, Sports Manager Advis- ory Group, Stafze Crew, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet. BOYDSTUN, LARRY LAMBERT-Science Major. BOYDSTUN, WINTON LEROY-Science Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group. ?"""Y""Y""V "H: 4 lk"--QQ-"r"1r"'-v-Av-vqrvf h 0 X I' UL N33 'ef--'-'-wr wr- -sf 'rx Alexamlor, Bob Anderson, .lezmrxe Atchley, Frank Augenlvlick, John B2lkt'T, Elsie Bzlllantyne, V. Bangs, Lucillw lizwluw, Lester Be-z11l,XVayne B1'llFFHS, Vera Be-issel, Carolyn livletski, Lillian Rvlknnp, Leroy Bell, Colin Bessormun, M, lieutler, Claribel llmldy, Arthur Bul1ann4m,F!fmnie Bowvrs, Clarm-nee Boydston, Larry Ayers, Silvou Bzxty, XXv21lt9l' Bvlknap, Elmer Blount, Larry Hwydstun. XVint0n The ALKI-1938 BRAINARD, ELIZABETH MARYvComme'rcial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Office Assistant, Locker Attendant, Usher. BROCK, DOROTHY MAY--Home Economics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher. Vice-president G.A.A., Treasurer Lettergirls' Club. BROUGHTON, RUBY ELEANOR-Commercial Major. Vice-president, Secretary Ad- visory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Library Assistant, Commit- tees, Usher. Clubs: G.A.A., Letterg,irls', Epicurean. BROWN, IRA ALLEN-Science Major. Band, S.W.W. Music Meet. BROWN, VIRGINIA FAITH-Commercial Major. Recording Secretary Girls' League, President Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. CALAVAN, CLAUDE-Science Major. Sergeant-at-Arms Boys' League, President Ad- visory Group, Captain Football, Track, State Championship Basketball Team, Lettermen's Club, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet. CAMP, ROGER FEE-Foreign Language Major. President, First Vice-president, Yell King- Associated Student Body, President Lower Sophomore Class, Salesman Advis- ory Group, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Reporter, Business Manager, Circulation Staff Columbia Log, Picture Editor Alki, Vodvil, Senior Play, Assemblies, Manzzer Swimming Team, Captain Tramc Squad. Clubs: Golf, Tennis, Pep-Booster, Ticket Takersl, Quill and Scroll, Lettermen's. CARSON, LINA-Home Economics Major. President Advisory Group, Usher. CARSON, RUTH SPEER-Foreign Language Major. President, Secretary Advisory Group, Band, Orchestra, Brass Quartette, Brass Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, G.A.A., President Epicurean Club. CARSTEN, CHARLES GILBERT-Mathematics Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Football, Business Staff, Circulation Staff, Reporter Columbia Log, Committees. Clubs: Lettermenis, Golf. CASE, LYLE VERNON-Mathematics Major. CASE, WILLIAM NORTHROP-Mathematics Major. President, Vice-president, Sales- man Advisory Group, Swimming, Track, Band, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Golf Club. CHAPMAN, FLOYD LEE-Science Major. Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Traffic Squad. CHAPPELLE, LOUISE GERALDINE-Home Economics Major. Vice-president Ad- visory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Committees, Usher, Chairman Costume Room, Girls' Golf Club. CHEREDNIK, PETE DEMETRY-Art Major. Vice-president, Sports Manager Advis- ory Group, Football, Track, Locker Attendant, Manager Track, Committees. Clubs: Golf, Pep-Booster, Lettermen's. CLARK, DAISY MARION-Home Economics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Vodvil, Locker Attendant, Make-up Club. CLARK, GERALD RICHARD-Science Major. CLAWSON, SHIRLEY ELIZABETH-Home Economics Major. Salesman Advisory Group,Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher, G.A.A. COATS, WILLIAM RICHARD-Mathematics Major. Stage Crew, Ticket Takers' Club. COLE, ARTHUR JAMES-Mathematics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Locker Lieutenant. COLVIN, FRED BAXTER-Manual Arts Major. Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Stage Crew, Football, Assemblies. CONWAY, BRUCE H.-Science Major. Rifle Club. COTTON, EILENE JOYCE--Science Major. Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. COUGHLIN, BILLIE MARGARET-Foreign Language Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Krafterettes, G.A.A. COUGHLIN, JANIS CATHERINE-Home Economics Majo'r. Secretary Advisory Group, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Red Cross Attendant, Committees, Usher, Triad Club. r rttr ri 'lwhef X ll--W 191522 Jin WJ I 1 Bl'2llll2l1'd, E. liruvk, Dorothy Hl'Ull,'?,llt0Y'I, Ruby Culzlvmi, Claude Uamip, Roger Uarsou, Lina Fast-, Lyle Fuse, Bill Vlmpman, Floyd l'l:1rk, Marion I'l:1rk, Richard Vlzuvson, Be-tty lfulvin, Fred l1UllXX'2lY, Brucv twuttmi, Eilome Bruwn, Allen Carson, Ruth Clizippellc-, .Ivrry C02ltS, Richard Coughlin, Billie I Brown, Faith Cursts-n, Gilbert Ulierellnik, Pete Cole. .-Xftlllll' Couglilin, Jzmis The ALKI-1938 CURTISS, ROBERT EARL-Science Major. Committees, Radio Club. DAILEY, GLENN E.--Matlzernatics Major. Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Football, Locker Attendant, Lettermen's Club. DAVENPORT, MARGUERITE LEE-Commercial Major. President, Salesman Advis- ory Group, Feature Writer Columbia Log, Advertising Manager Senior Play, Com- mittees. Clubs: Inkifingers, Quill and Scroll. DEAN, GORDON MONROE-Mavzual Training Major. Field Patrol. DE BOIS, ALMA LOISrrIrzclustrial Arts Major. Usher. DE CAMP, CHRISTINA LORETTA-Home Economics Major. Library Assistant, Com- mittees, Usher. DEEDS, LOIS-Commercial Major. DE JUAN, DlARCY F.-Printing Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Football, State Championship Basketball Team, Lettermen's Club. DESLER, KENNETH CHARLES-Mathematics Major. President, Vice-president, Sec- retary, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Assemblies, Committees. DILLEY, WILLIAM JOHN'rPrintiwg Major. President Advisory Group, Swimming Team, Track, Publication Staff, Reporter Columbia Log, Committees. Clubs: Presi- dent Golf, Quill and Scroll. DORAN, DOROTHY-'Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Typist Alki, Assemblies, Committees, Costume Club. DUNN, EUCLA DE LOIS-Home Economics Major. Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher. DUROSE, CECILE LIUCRETIA-Home Economics Major. Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Pep-Booster Club. EASTON, MARVIN CLAIRE-Commercial Major. Secretary, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Traffic Patrol, Track, Manager Vodvil Ticket Sale. EATON, GEORGE ARTHUR-Science Major. Salesman, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Stage Crew. EDWARDS, HAROLD EUGENE-Mathematics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet. ELING, MARTIN FERRIS-Mathematics Major. Band, Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Camera Club. ELLIS, WORLEY-Science Major. President, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Foot- ball, Track, Co-captain State Championship Basketball Team, Committees, Secre- tary Lettermen's Club. ERICKSON, MILDRED ELEANORE-Home Economics Major. Locker Attendant, Vodvil, Committees, Usher. ERICKSON, ORVILLE GUSTAVE-Manual Arts Major. Golf Club. FERNALD, JAMES FRANKLIN-Mathematics Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Golf Club. FERNQUIST, D-ONALD MARSTON-Manual Arts Major. Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Locker Attendant, Stage Crew, Traffic Patrol. FIELDS, DELMAR-Commercial Major. Secretary Boys' League, President, Vice Presi- dent Advisory Group, Track, President Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Ticket Takers' Club. FINNEY, RUTH HARRIET--Commercial Major. Secretary Sophomore Class, S.W.W. Tennis Singles Champion, Vodvil, Assemblies, Miss von Berg's Office, Committees, Usher. Clubs: President, Treasurer G.A.A., Secretary Lettergirlls, Tennis. FLETCHER, GRAYDON JAMES-Mathematics Major. Vnrtiss, Rwlwrt Dailey, GI:-nn ljnw-iipm't, M. Dean. Gordon De-f':unp. l', Dewxls, Luis DeJl1:111, lY.Xrm-y Desler. K4-nm-th Imraxn. lmrutliy llntm, Hllrizl I7l'l'USP, Fm-ile Euston. Marvin l'Iclwzn'1ls, llzlroid liliwg, N11ll'Illl Ellis, XYnrle'y Erickson, Milmlrml Fe-1'n:1l1l, .lzlmvs l-'erii41nisl, Dim Ifinlfls, Ile-lmur Finney, Ruth TN-Bois, Alma Ililley, Bill Eaton, Gvorgo lirivkson. Orville Fletcher, Grnynlon The ALKI-1933 FOX, ALVENA-Commercial Major. Vodvil, Assemblies, Usher. FREEMAN, CLEO GWENDOLYN-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, G.A.A., Lettergirls' Club. FRIER, JOHN EUGENE-Commercial Major. Business Manager Associated Student Body, First Vice-president Boys' League, President, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Football, Track, Ticket Takers' Club. FRIES, IRIS MAE-Home Economics Majolr. Salesman Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, G.A.A., Krafterettes Club. FRIEZE, RICHARD STANLEY-Mathematics Major. President Advisory Group, Committees, Ticket Takers' Club. GAIN, STEWART LEROY-Mathematics Major. Vice-president Sophomore Class, Secretary, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Football Manager, Golf Club. GARR, FRANCES ROSE-Commercial Major. President, Salesman Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. GIBSON, ELEANOR JO-Commercial Major. Band, Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet, Library Assistant, Vodvil, Assemblies. GRANT, JANET MELISSA-Home Economics Major. Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Red Cross Attendant, Vodvil, Make-up Club. GREENE, STANLEY RICHARD-Art Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Business Staff Columbia Log. GREENLUND, GEORGE MICHEL-Science Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Brass Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Laboratory Assistant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees. Clubs: Golf, Pep-Booster, Ticket Takers'. GRIFFIN, EDWARD ROYCE-Mechanical Drawing Major. GRUNNETT, ELLAMARIE-Home Economics Major. Reporter Columbia Log, Com- mittees, Usher. Clubs: Girls' Golf, Krafterettes. GUFFNETT, ETHEL LILLIAN-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Usher, Lieutenant Vodvil Ticket Sale. HALDEMAN, LEWIS JACOBSON-Mathematics Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Football, Band, Orchestra, Woodwind Ensemble, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Lettermens' Club. HALEY, AVA DARLINE--Foreign Language Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Or- ganizations Editor Alki, Assemblies, Locker Attendant, Committees, Usher, Make- up Club. HALL, BARBARA ELECTA--Foreign Language Major. Second Vice-president Associ- ated Student Body, President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Mr. Conover's Oflice, Vodvil, Senior Play, Assemblies, Committees, Honor Dramatic Society, Krafterettes Club. HANCUFF, CHARLES ORVILQLIE-Science Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Stage Crew, Assemblies, Rifle Club. HANSEN, ROBERT FRED-Mathematics Major. HANSEN, HAZEL ANNA-Commercial Major. Library Assistant. HANSON, CORINNE BERNICE-Commercial Major. Vice-president, Secretary Ad visory Group, Glee Club, Ofiice Assistant, Usher. HANSON, LEOTA JEANwCommorcial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club Chairman Red Cross Room, Library Assistant, Vodvil, Manager Vodvil Ticket Sale. HARTER, ELIZABETH-Foreign Language Major. Vice-president Senior Class, Vice- president Advisory Group, Orchestra, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, P. E. Assist- ant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, Scholastic, Basketball Manager G.A.A., President, Treasurer Lettergirls' Club. HARTLEY, RUTH ELLEN-Foreign Language Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Krafterettes, Make-up. HEWITT. BERI. LE ROY-Science Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Track, Gym Manager, P. E. Assistant, Assemblies. ,, L K l ' . P Z i axunsu T 'iF-is W 115A Zinn- avvn1f1a.:.r-- -v-H 4-r--r--r V 4 - -" - E 'vfik 4+ If if w- ws'-'vfwr-f-gp L ' 1 :bf I Fox. Alvvmx I"1'1-4-timxl. Clan 1"'i1'r, John Ifries, Iris Frie-ze-, Rivhznwl Guin, Ste-wzxrt Gzzmg Frzxnvos llilvsnn, IQIGZXHOI' G1':1nl..T:mr't Crm-lu-. Stzmlvy the-4-xmlllnal. G4-Urge Griffin. Royvv f:l"lllllll'tt, E, Gllffllfit, Etlwl H2lll14'lllill1, Lvwis Hnlvy, Thlrline Hull, Bm'h:11'z1 Hzumwlff, f7Jl'YiHt' IHIZIIISQTI, Bob Hunsvu, Hazel Hamsun, t,'m'inne IIZIIISUTI, Le-otn Ilzlrle-r, Beftty Hnrtlvy, Ruth Hewitl, Bn-rl The ALKI-1938 HIGGENS, EDITH JOSEPHINE-Science Major. Secretary Advisory Groupg Business Staff Columbia Logg Locker Attendant. HILL, JEANNETTE LOUISE-Foreign Language Major. President Advisory Groupg Society, Picture Editor Alkig Laboratory Assistantg Assembliesg Committeesg Usher. Clubs: Make-up, Pep-Booster, Inkifingers, Girls' Golf. HILTUNEN, EUGENE JOHN-Mathematics Major. Second Vice-president Boys' League: Sergeant-at-Arms Upper Junior Classg President, Salesman Advisory Groupg Footballg Stage Crew, Basketball Managerg Assembliesg Lettermen's Club. HILTUNEN, ROSE MARIE-Cornmercial Major. Accountant Columbia Logg Society Editor Alkig Mr. Conover's Oiliceg Assembliesg Committees, Usher. HINAMON, IVA ARLENE-Home Economics Major. Vice-president Advisory Groupg Assemblies. HIPSKIND, BETTY LOU-Science Major. President Advisory Groupg Red Cross At- tendant, Assembliesg Committeesg Usher, Manager Horseshoes G.A.A. HODGSON, SHIRLEY LE'ONE-Commercial Major. Secretary Associated Student Bodyg Secretary Junior Class: Vice-president Advisory Groupg President Girls' Glee Clubg Girls' Sextetteg S.W.W. Music Meetg Music Editor Alkig Mr. Conover's Ofliceg Vodvilg Assembliesg Committeesg G.A.A. HOLLAND, HAROLD STANLEYwScie1zce Majovr. Bandg S.W.W. Music Meetg Vodvilg Golf Club. HOLLERBACK, FLOYD CHARLES-Mathematics Major. Sports Manager Advisory Groupg Football. HOLLOWAY, MARYBELL C.-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group: Com- mitteesg Assembliesg Usherg President Triad Club. HOLT, VERNON VICTOR-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Groupg Commit- tees. Clubs: Ticket Takersl, Golf. HORNIBROOK, VEDA LORRAINE-Commercial Major. Glee Clubg Locker Attendant, Mr. Conover's Oificeg Assemblies, Committeesg Usher. Clubs: Make-up, Epicurean. HOVER, LORENE MYRTH-Commercial Major. Crchestrag S.W.W. Music Meetg Vodvil. HUTTON, ROBERT WILLIAM-Science Major. President. Secreta1'y Advisory Group Trackg Manager Swimming Tearng Randy Orchestra, Woodwind Ensembleg S.W.W. Music Meetg Business Staff Columbia Legg Laboratory Assistantg Vodvilg Senior Playg Assembliesg Committees. IMDIEKE, MARY ELIZABETH-Commercial Major. Secretary Senior Classg Presi- dent, Vice-president Advisory Groupg Locker Attendantg Vodvilg Usher. ISSLER, FRANCIS J-OHN-Science Major. President, Salesman, Sports Manager Adx visory Group. JACOBSON, HELEN JULIA-Cornrnercial Major. Salesman Advisory Groupg Mr. Conover's Officeg Committeesg Usher. JANNSSEN, FLORENCE-Commercial Major. Usher. JOHNSON, DOROTHY ELLA-Mathematics Major. Vice-president Advisory Groupg Locker Attendantg Assembliesg Committeesg Usher, President Make-up Club. JOHNSON, KATHRYN NAGLE-Commercial Major. Glee Clubg S.W.W. Music Meetg Vodvilg Assembliesg Committees, Make-up Club. JUZEK, ROBERT HARRY-Mathematics Major. President, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Groupg Manager Swimming Teamg Rifle Club. KELLER, HELEN MARGARETWSciem-e Major. President, Salesman Advisory Groupg Bandg S.W.W. Music Meetg Red Cross Attendantg Vodvilg Assembliesg Committeesg Usher. KEMP, BUD FRANKLIN-Art Major. KERSTETER, ROY WALTER-Matlzomatics Majofr. Bandg Orchestra: S.W.W. Music Meetg Locker Attendant, Vodvil. KEYES, MARY EVELYN-Commercial Major. Glee Clubg S.W.W. Music Meetg Assem- bliesg Usher, Girls' Golf Club. Lie xv- +-'-'-f-:wwM-e4am-en44:4- - Q 1 Q A Q1 , ig-':MLM,ai,xw1,.un.xnqf4awn:dm.,w.aax-..w:f:u- J .2-rw-wig .M,.m,W..,,,.-.,,,.-l,.,,.,l , ov . .. QL fllhviisi .,,M,,,-,i-.W . Higgins, Edith Hill, .Jeannette Ililtunvn, Eugene Hiltnxwn, Ruse Hipskincl, B, Hozlgsnn, Shirley Hollzmsl, Harrold Hollm-rhun-k, Floyd llolt, Vvrnmi Hornihi-ook, Veda Hovvr, Lorem- Hutton, Bob Issler, Fram-is Jzwubsmi, H4-len Janssen, Florence Johnson, Dorflthy Jnzok, Bob KPlllxl', Heflen Kemp, Bud Kerstvter, Roy Hinumfm, Iva Holloway, M. Imdie-ke, Elizubvth Johnson, Kathryn Keyvs, Evelyn The ALKI-1938 KINDSFATHER, MARGUERITE DOROTHY-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, G.A.A. KINNEY, ESTELLE MARIE- Commercial Major. President, Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club, Girls' Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Typist Alki, Vodvil, Assem- blies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Epicurean, Triad, Pep-Booster. KLOCK, FERN LORENE-Commercial Major. Usher. KNIGHT, LESLIE ALICE-Foreign Language Major. Vice-president, Salesman Ad- visory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Committees, Usher. KORTMAN, JOE MARVIN-Mathematics Major. KREIS, DOROTHY JEAN-Foreign Language Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, President, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, Reporter Columbia Log, Editor Alki, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Ping-Pong Manager G.A.A., Secretary Lettergirls', Girls' Golf. KUHNKE, CLIFFORD JOHN-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Captain Traffic Patrol, Field Patrol, Ticket Takers' Club. KUZMA, GEORGE ROBERT-Manual Arts Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Radio Club. LANG, ROBERT VVARREN-Science Major. Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees. LARSON, ORVILLE STANLEY-Commercial Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group. LAWS, ELOMIA LUCILE-Science Major. Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet, Laboratory Assistant, Committees. LAWS, EULALIE ELIZABETH-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Locker Attendant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Triad Club. LEAF, IDA-Foreign Language Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Make-up, Epicurean. LEICHNER, ELMER-Mathematics Major. LEWIS, CRYSTAL FAIR--Commercial Major. Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet. LIESER, MILES ROBERT-Science Major. Band, Orchestra, Woodwind Ensemble, S.W.W. Music Meet, Circulation Staff Columbia Log, Vodvil, Assemblies. Clubs: RiHe, Golf. LINDGREN, CLARENCE FREDRICK-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group. LOGAN, HERMAN-Science Major. President, Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Locker Attendant, Senior Play, Chess and Checker Club. MACCOUMBER, LEROY FRANCIS-Marmal Arts Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Committees. MCCAVET, HELEN MAE-Comrnercial Major. Vice-president, Corresponding' Secre- tary Girls' League, Secretary Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: G.A.A., Lettergirls', Honor Dramatic Society. MCIRVIN, CHARLOTTE LOUISE-Foreign Language Major. President, Vice-presi- dent Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Committees, Usher. MCKEE, MARJORIE GLADYS-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Assem- DIIBSQ Usher. MCLAUGHLIN, JOYCE-Science Major. Business Staff Columbia Log, Locker Attend- ant, Committees. MCLAUGHLIN, VIVIAN-Home Economics Major. Red Cross Attendant, Committees. MCNEEL, DEWITT WILBURfScie1rce Major. Assemblies, Committees. gg.::----4.:g.-eaw1,.1r--1-..wsaa.suea.-:zz-1:-aunmnaaua:4:'1,"5 Q-,s-.iww fv 1 S K si S ext . Wd ' a u-1-'arm -a -umsnq x , . . .. , .. .. . . ..,, W -1 --,AV -,V -f--yf--'Q' -ww N -- ' fr 'v""r"-ff 'f-r'-r 'v .f ir' Kinflsfutlier. M. Ki-vis. lmrothy Laws, Elomiu Lieser. Miles Mm-Irvin, C. Kimiwy, Eslvllcr Klum-k, Fern Kuhnkv, Clifford Kuzma, George Laws, Eulzllie L1-uf, Iuln I.indgren. Clzirvnr-e I,0:.:z1n. Hevman Mc-Kr-e, Marjorie A44'IAlllgiliiIl, J. Knight, Leslie l,um.i, Rohm-rt Leiclim-r, Elmer 5I2lCC1lllllliJ4'I', F. MvLmlg'hli1i, V. Kurtman, Joe Lawson, Orville Lvwis, Prystal Mffavet, Helen MCNQ-el, IJeVVitt The ALKI-1938 MACCHIONE, NICK JOSEPH-Science Major. President Boys' League, President Junior Class, President, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, Business Manager Alki, Student Manager Cafeteria, Mr. Conover's Office, Field Patrol, Business Manager Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Ticket Takers' Club. MARTIN, ETTA ELIZABETH-Mathematics Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Ad- visory Editor Alki, Chairman Red Cross Room, Locker Attendant, Assemblies, Usher. MASSIE, FRED CHARLES-Science Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Traflic Patrol, Assembies, Committees, Rifle Club. MATHEWS, MARCIA NADENE-Foreign Language Major. Reporter Girls, League, Vice-president Advisory Group, Reporter, Feature Writer, News Editor, Assistant Editor Columbia Log, Senior Editor Alki, Publicity Manager Senior Play, Vodvil, Committees. Clubs: Make-up, Pep-Booster, Krafterettes, Epicurean, Inkifingers, Quill and Scroll, Forum. MELLOY, JAMES JOSEPH-Manual Avrts Major. Football, Assemblies. MILLER, EMMA LOU ELIZABETH-Art Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Com- mittees, Clubs: Triad, Make-up. MILLER, LESTER EARL-Irzdustrial Arts Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Band, Orchestra, Brass Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvilg Assemblies, Golf Club. MILLER, RICHARD GANN-Mathematics Major. Football, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Locker Attendant. Clubs: Lettermen's, Tennis. MOE, RUTH GENEVA-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club, Reporter Columbia Log. MOLYNEUX, THOMAS-Manual Arts Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group, Vodvil. MOORE, DALE HARLAN-Mathematics Major. Sergeant-at-Arms Boys' League, Vice- president Advisory Group, Football, Track, Assemblies, Committees. MOORE, ROBERT VERNON-Mathematics Major. Prsident, Vice-president, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Swimming Team, Mr. Conover's Office. Clubs: Golf, Ticket T'akers'. MUEENCH, JOSEPH GEORGE-Manual Arts Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Stage rew. MULDER, JACK TAYLOR-Science Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Football, Co-captain State Championship Basketball Team, Committees, Letter- menis Club. MUNROE, MARGARET ALICE-Foreign Language Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Make-up Club. NADGWICK, FLORENCE ADELIA-Home Economics Major. Committees, Usher. NEIL, LA VERNE EUNICE-Home Economics Major. Library Assistant. NELSON, LEONARD MARVIN-Commercial Major. Band, Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies. NIMAN, ALLEN WILBUR-Mathematics Major. Sergeant-at-Arms Upper Junior Class, Glee Club, Locker Attendant. NOCE, SYLVIA MARY-Alrt Major. Committees. O'BRIEN, BERNICE ARLETA-Commercial Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advis- ory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, G.A.A. OLESON, MYRTELLA LOURAIN-Home Economics Major. Committees, Usher, Make-up Club. OLSON, BEATRICE ELLIS-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Vodvil, Committees. OLSON, JAMES MARL-Mathematics Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Track, Locker Attendant, Stage Crew, Vodvil, Assemblies. OSTERTAG, VIVIAN ELEANORE-Commercial Major. -qmw..u.w,m..Mww.-v..wu.wi.. -wwmmfg.. Qi, , H Q, 5 5 i.,L....,.. -A ........,,....-Q 1 M , ,V k . V Q W Mziwlmimie. Nic-lc Miller, lflmmzx Lou Muore, Imle Nzldgzwivk, F. 0'Hrieu, Bernive Arllll'lill. Etta Miller, l,4-stei' Muurv. Vvrnon Ne-il, l,:lVer'ne Olvson. Myrtellzi Maissiv, lfrvd Mathews, Nude-ne Mvlloy, Jim Millvr. Rivliaril Mm-, Ruth Nlnlyrwiix, Thomas Muenuh. Joe Mulde-r, Jack Mimroe, Mairgaret Nvlson, lie-onard iNimzm, Allen Nm-9, Sylvia Olson, Bvzltricw Dlsnm. James Ostvrtag, Vivian The ALKI-1938 PALMER, RUSSELL-Foreign Language Major. President Senior Class, Vice-presi- dent, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, Glee Club, Boys' Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Picture Editor Alki, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Pep-Booster Club. PARVI, MABEL LUCILLE-Commercial Major. Red Cross Attendant, Assemblies, Usher. PETERSON, HOWARD-Science Major. Secretary, Sports Manager Advisory Group: Football, Track, Golf Club. POWELL, FRANCES MARION-Foreign Language Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Pep-Booster, President Make-up. PROPSTRA, JACK-Science Major. President Advisory Group, Football, State Cham- pionship Basketball Team, Senior Play, Lettermen,s Club. PURVIS, ELLAIVIAE-Cofmmercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Usher. RADSPINNER, JACK ALLEN-Science Major. Assemblies. RAETZ, FRED ANDREW-Vice-president Advisory Group, Committees, Forum Club. RAINS, ROBERT LEE-Avrt Major. Stage Crew, Triad Club. RICE, ELSIE MARIE-Home Economics Major. Salesman, Secretary Advisory Group, Senior Play, Assemblies, Usher. RICE, THELMA VERNE-Home Economics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Locker Attendant, Vodvil, Committees, Usher, Make-up Club. RICHARDS, PEARL ALMEDIA-Secretary Advisory Group, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Usher, Forum Club. RICHMOND, HELEN MAE-Commercial Major. Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Red Cross Attendant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, Triad Club. RICK, BARBARA JUDITH-Cornrnercial Major. President, Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Assemblies, Committees. RINDERO, RUTH BERNICE-Mathematics Major. Assemblies, Committees, Usher. ROGERS, BETTY JEAN-Corn1nercialMajor. ROHEN, ROBERT CLINTON-Science Major. Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Golf Club. ROSS, WANDA PATRICIA-Commercial Major. President Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, President Costume Committee, Triad Club. RUNYAN, JUNE-Social Science Major. Assemblies, Usher. SCHUMANN, JR., PAUL-Science Major. Vice-president, Salesman Advisory Group, Band, Brass Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Locker Attendant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees. SCOTT, VIRGINIA LEE-Cornrnercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group. SHAEFFER, DAVID RICHARD-Science Major. First Vice-president Associated Stu- dent Body, President Upper Junior Class, Reporter Columbia Log, Intramural Sports Editor Alki, Laboratory Assistant, Manager Intramural Sports, Vodvil, Senior Play, Assemblies, Committees, Quill and Scroll, Ticket Takers' Club. SHAW, DOROTHY LILLIAN-Cojnrnercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Miss von Berg's Office, Committees, Make-up Club. SHEFCHEK. CARL-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Assemblies, Committees. SHELDON, CHARLES FREDERICK-Art Major. Band, Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Senior Play, Assemblies, Committees, Triad Club. 4s li Tl'u1fvA!!,Iiil--l!MWlE lmlnivr, Russell Pznrvi, Mabel P4-Larson, Howard Powell, Frances l'm'Vis. Ellumzu: Raulspirlmi, Jack Ras-IZ. Frvd Ruins. Bob Rice, Thelma Ric-lmiwls, Pvzirl Ric-hmoml, Helen Rif-k, Barbara Rogers, Be-tty Rfrhen, Bob R0ss,VV1mda Runyam, June Svott, Virginia Slmeffer, David Shaw, Dorothy Shefchek, Curl Propstrzi, Jack Rive, Elsie Rindero, Ruth Sc-humann, Paul Sheldon, Charles R, L l J l Y The ALKI-l938 SHUMWAY, GLADYS ENID--Art Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Art Editor Alki, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: President Make- dent Make-up, President Triad, Honor Dramatic Society. SHURIAN, MARGARET LOUISE-Science Major. Drum Major Band, Locker Attend- ant, Vodvil. SKAR, ROBERT CLIFFORD-Printing Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group, Man- ager Football, Publication Staff Columbia Log, Printing Editor Alki, Assemblies, Committees, Lettermen's Club. SMITH, AGNES ETHEL-Commercial Major. Locker Attendant, Usher. SNOEN, WALTER ELMER-Mathematics Major. Band, Orchestra, Brass Sextette, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies. SORENSEN, WALTER HARLEY-Mathematics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Orchestra, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Committees, Rifle Club. SPADY, JOE AUGUST-Mathematics Major. Yell King, Yell Duke Associated Student Body, President Advisory Group, Track, Assemblies. STANGE, LOUISE A.-Commercial Major. STEIN, LUCILLE ETTA-Home Economics Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assem- blies, Usher, Girls' Golf Club. STEPHENSON, MARJORIE MABEL-Home Economics Major. Glee Club, Music Meet, Assemblies. STRAW, JANE ELIZABETH-Art Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Committees, Senior Play, Assemblies, Usher, G.A.A., Triad Club. SUESENS, DORIS JANE-Foreign Language Major. SWAN, EDGAR WESLEY-Printing Major. Publication Staff Columbia Log, Stage U Crew, Vodvil, Assemblies. SWAN, ELLA LOUISE-Comlrcercial Major. Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, Epicurean Club. TAKAKI, MINNIE Y.-Commercial Major. President, Vice-president Advisory Group, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Committees. , THOMPSON, JERRY JOSEPH-Commercial Major. Assistant Business Manager As- sociated Student Body, President Sophomore Class, President, Salesman, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Football, Basketball, Sports Editor Columbia Log, Inter- scholastic Sports Editor Alki, Locker Attendant, P. E. Assistant, Captain Trafiic Patrol, Vodvil, Assemblies. Clubs: Golf, Ticket Takers', Quill and Scroll. TIBBALS, HAL DEAN-Science Major. Vice-president, Secretary, Salesman Advisory Group, Assemblies, Ticket Takers' Club. TIBBETTS, EARL EDGARhMa'nual Arts Major. Salesman, Sports Manager Advisory Group, Football, Manager Track. TILLMAN, GEORGINA FRANCES-Home Economics Major. Treasurer Girls' League, President Advisory Group, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. Clubs: Point Manager G.A.A., Lettergirls', Epicurean. TIMMONS, MARY GRACE-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Red Cross Attentant, Locker Attentantg Assemblies, Committees, Usher. TOWNSEND, ROBERT LOUIS-Manual Arts Major. Salesman, Sports Manager Ad- visory Group, Golf Club. TOY. CONSTANCE JEAN-Commercial Major. Secretary Advisory Group, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. WACHTER, ROBERT-Mathematics Major. President, Secretary Advisory Group, Band, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvil, Assemblies. WAITS, DOROTHY LOUISE-Corn-'mercial Major. Locker Attendant. WALCK, PAULINE RUBY-Commercial Major. Salesman Advisory Group, Locker Attendant, Vodvil, Assemblies, Committees, Usher. E--4-.qv .wanna-M-.-myMm..-....L1i-1-,,.-.,.,,,.-uv...-vw4 1 V, 5 ., ,V ., C U 'B , Q , 'Q .-...Q..v,z.--.-.1. 'W .fs-in-an J .. 1 ...W .w,4.V,. if M, , .N W l, ,1 , . - -.l i ff V - . if ,.--wi,-4 ..,,-',,.,,,, ,,,.---.,.,-Y-5-,,.--,.M.,. ,W -i x o 4 s . . Slluniwny, Eiiid Sliurinn, 3I2ll'LZ'21l'Qt Sui"enSv1i, NVz1ltQ1' Spzuly, .Tm- Sn-aw, .lame Suese-ns. Doris 'l'll0YllDSUll, Jn-rry 'I'ililJz1ls, Hall 'I'nwnsvml, Bub Toy, Curistarme Skur, Robe-rt Stilnge, Louise Swan, Ellgzu' 'l'ibbetts, Earl lYHC'lltL'1', Bob Smith, Agnes Stein, Lucille Swan, Ella 'lllllHlill'l, Gvurgina VVaits, Dorothy Snoen, Elmer Stephenson, M. Tzxkaki, Minnie Timmons, Mary G. NYz1lck, Pauline X. 1 The ALKI-l938 WALKER, BARBARA MAYfHome Economics Major. Assemblies. Usher, President G.A.A., Lettergirls' Club. WAYMAN, ARDELLE MARIE-Cofmmercial Major. Red Cross Attendant, Vodvilg Assemblies, Committees, Usher. WEBB, LOUISE SADIEH'Home Economics Major. Locker Attendant, Assemblies, Usher. WEBBER, MILES KENTION-Science Major. WEBER, MARJORIE ANNE-Home Economics Major. Glee Club, Reporter Columbia Log, Red Cross Attendant, Library Assistant, Assemblies, Committees. Clubs: Krafterettes, Girls' Golf, Epicurean, Triad, President Make-up. WEILL, MARILYN-Science Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Sports Reporter, Feature Writer Columbia Log, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, Quill and Scroll. WESTLUND, GLADYS MAE-Home Economics Major. Vice-president, Secretary Advisory Group, Red Cross Attendant, Locker Attendant, Assemblies, Usher, Committees, Krafterettes Club. WHEELER, EDA MARIE-Commercial Major. Vice-president Advisory Group, Drum Major, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, S.W.W. Music Meet, Vodvilg Assemblies, Committees. WILE, JOE C.-Mathematics Major. Sports Manager Advisory Group, Locker Atten- dant, Committees. WILEY, CLAIRE C.-Manual Arts Major. Football, Orchestra, Glee Club, S.W.VV. Music Meet, Triad Club. WILHELM, FALURA CAMILLE-Science Major. Usher. WILLIAMS, ROBERT R.--Industrial Arts Major. Stage Crew, Assemblies. WINTER, ROBERT WRIGHT-Science Major. President, Vice-president, Sports Mana- ger Advisory Group, Football, Assemblies. Clubs: Golf, Rifle. W-OOD, HAROLD PAUL-Manual Afrts Major. President Upper Junior Class, President Advisory Group, Football, Committees, Lettermenis Club. WOOLF, PHYLLIS ULDEAN-Science Major. President Girls' League, President Advisory Group, P. E. Assistant, Vodvil, Senior Play, Assemblies, Committees, Usher, President G.A.A., Lettergirls' Club. The ALKI--1938 Vlfalker, Barbara VVaymz1n, Armlelle VVebb, Louise Webbvr, Miles YVeber, Marjorie XVeili, Nlarilyn xxY0Sf.1llI'ld, Gludys XVhe0le1', Ella VVilG, Joe XVi1ey, Claire Wilhelm, Falura XVillizims, Bob VVinter, Bob XVood, Paul XVoolf, Phyllis Nrzdene Jluthcws, Senior Editor i f 'i V 'ii If The ALKI-1933 JUNIOR ADVISORY GROUPS Miss Ruth Hall, Head Adviser MR. W. C. BROWN FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Leslie Anderson ...,.....,.................. President Junior Johnson ,,.., ,,....,.,,,.......,. P resident Henry Wastradowski ,....... Vice-President Elmer Nogano ,,.,.. ,,,.,,,. V ice-President Elmer Nogano ,,,,........,.....,........... Secretary Conrad Frieze r.,,,,, ,,,,,...,..,,, S ecretary Bob Mason .................................... Salesman Bob Mason ..,.,,.,, ,.,,..,,,,,...,..,.,,... S alesman Bert Winter .................... Athletic Manager Milton Brown ....,..,........ Athletic Manager First row: Elmer Nogano, Marion Kennedy, Tom Mclrvin, Junior Johnson, Bert Winter, Milton Brown, Ed Robeck, Harry Sutherland, Bud Shere. Second row: Bill Luch, Conrad Frieze, Benton Dailey, Leslie Anderson, Ralph Chapman, Val Hoyt, Bob Mason, Herbert Swan, Wallace Dailey. Third row: Henry Wastradowski, Jack Wilson, Douglas Ripley, Kenneth McNeel, Kenneth David, Stanley Wetherell, Dick Blaker, Robert Robb. Fourth row: Keith Steifan, Charles Reed, Stanley Doolen, Mr. Brown. Others: Glen Anderson, Manuel Helm, Ed Lunneborg, Bill Runyan. MR. W. E. DUDLEY FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Ed Williams .,,,...,,,, .....,,...... P resident Don Blair ......., ,,,.,.,..,.,....,,,, P resident Lee Kramer ,,,,.......... ,,...,. V ice-President Buster Davis .,,,.... .,,.,,,, V ice-President Warren Maltman .............,,,.....,.. Secretary Herbert Ehle ,,.,,,.,........,.i,,,.,,,.,.,,, Secretary Wilbur Desler ..,.........,,.,.............. Salesman Burton Baker .....,.,..,i.....,...,...,,..... Salesman Herbert Ehle .,,..........,.. Athletic Manager Merle Van Antwerp ...... Athletic Manager Buster Davis ...........,.,,, Sergeant-at-Arms Warren Maltman .....,.... Sergeant-at-Arms First row: Evan Petcoff, Buster Davis, Bill Dunegan, Lee Kramer, Eddie Williams, Grover Poe, Petco Petcoff, Bob Wannamaker, Clyde Soha. Second row: Clarence Boley, Francis Mortek, Quinton Standiford, Bill Palmer, Wilbur Desler, Elmer Baton, Don Blair, LeRoy Mayes. Third row: Walter Neth, Clinton John, Neil Carson, Merle Van Antwerp, Dick Willson, Herbert Ehle, Mr. Dudley, Warren Maltman. Others: Burton Baker, Edwin Lippert, Allen Skov, Lynn Stone. MR. CARL GUSTAFSON FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Bill Willson ,,,,,,::,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,........ P resident Chris Herzog ,.,:::,, ,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident LaVern Bauman ,,.,,. ...,,,, V ice-President Ronald Davis ...............,.,,.,,., Vice-President Chris Herzog ...,..... .....,....... S ecretary Melvin Weaver ................,....,..,,,. Secretary Glenn Campbell ,.... .......,......... S alesinan Loren Smit, Don Campbell .....,,.,. Salesmen Ernest Lindell .,,,.,..,..,.... Athletic Manager Wallace Miller ,,,::,,,,....,., Athletic Manager First row: Raymond McCall, Jerrold Sherson, Vernon Stolee, Bill Willson, Wallace Miller, Chris Herzog, Elmer Ehlke, Chester Buck, Howard Duncan. Second row: Bill Thomas, Loren Smit, Ed Barrington, Harold Luttrell, Don Campbell, David Smith, Allan Westphal, Clarence Roberts, Melvin Weaver. Third row: Ronald Davis, Mr. Gustafson, Lynn Stone, Elroy Prosch, Willard Beall, Dwayne Hall, Ernest Lindell, Wayne Richard. Fourth row: I.aVern Bauman, Harold Ballensky. Others: Roy Barton, Glenn Campbell, Kenneth Kadow, George Paeth, Bob Palmer, Alvin Thornton. MISS RUTH HALL FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Dorothy Holtberg ,,,,,., ........,,,... P resident Grace Matthews ...,. ..,........, , ,, President Jean Dorman ........,.. ,...... V ice-President Jeanne Cole ...,......., ,... V ice-President Virginia Forgey ............,............. Secretary Dorothy Belisle ,,,,......,,,,,,........,.., Secretary E1'Va Klineline ...,................r....... Salesman Mary Jean Malone .....................,., Salesman First row: Nancy Pelton, May Belle Tena, Jean Dorman, Grace Matthews, Irma Wood, Juanita Page, Erva Klineline, Dorothy Belisle, Betty Wilson, Lillian Davis. Second row: Opal Raines, Marion Olson, Virginia Hodge, Shirley Martin. Marjorie Ryan, Alice Gee, Jeanne Cole, Dorothy Holtberg, Mary Jean Malone. Virginia Forgey. Third row: Lor- raine Wilson. Doris MacComber, Miss Hall, Kathryn Van Atta, Marjorie Nagel, Mary Ellen Bates, Betty Nelson. v..u.N. Nh .-1. , W .J wa. . Arms..-, 1 4 5 The ALKI-1933 MRS. BERTHA HUGHES FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Valain Van Antwerp .............,.. President Russell Harry ,..... ,.,,,...,,,,,7r,,,,,, P resident Warren Hawkins ,...........,,,, Vice-President Tom Service .,,,,, r.,.,,,,, V ice-President Lee Mackey ............,,.,,,,,....,,...... Secretary Lee Mackey ......... ,,,,..,.,r.,.,,,, S ecretary Russell Harry ....... ...................... S alesman Tom Saathoff ,,,c,., ,c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S alesnzan Willis Robb .,.......,,,......,, Athletic Manager Ben Phillips ...,.........,,.i... Athletic Manager First row: Tom Kosobayashi, Valain Van Antwerp, Dale Code, Kay Blosser, Warren Hawkins, Tom Service, LeRoy Durdle, Robert Davidson, Albert Pickens. Second row: Clarence Loshbaugh, LaVerne Willson, Rodney White, Orville Varnson, Bill Richardson, Don Fanning, Ben Phillips, Russell Harry. Third row: Mrs. Hughes, Howard Stelzig, Thomas Saathoff, Lee Mackey, Howard Klinski, Elbert Bjork, Arthur Carlson, Lynn Patten. Others: Ralph Burns, Willis Robb, Robert Johnson, Frank Carroll, James Sapp, Earl Stout, Lawrence Phillips. MISS BEULAH PORTER FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Gayle Dailey .........,......,,,,....,,..,.,. President Margaret Galbraith r,r.,,......,,..,,.. President Margaret Galbraith ,,.,.,,..... Vice-President Ellenor Dudley ,.....,.,,, ,,,,,, V ice-President Lela Terrill ..............,,,...........,.....,. Secretary Dorothy Shirk ...............,........,,,. Secretary Marie Easley ........,............,.,......., Salesman Edna Sutter ,,,,,i,,.,r.,,,,.,,..,,..,...... Salesman First row: Virginia Whitney, Elaine Fitch, Marie Easley, Gayle Dailey, Lois Koplin, Bettina Tower, Edna Sutter, Marjorie Wilson, Eddie Spangler, Maxine Wilson. Second row: Della Emery, Jean Pollock, Pearl Peterson, Florence Durdall, Margaret Galbraith, Ellenor Dudley, Ruth Reese, Jean Richmond, Barbara Bates, Eileen Cullison. Third row: Lela Terrill, Evelyn McDonald, Jewel Miller, Mary Gain, Miss Porter, Dorothy Shirk, Aleda Shambaugh, Marcia Castle, Inez Smith. Fourth row: Doreen Linn, Vivian Burr, Kathleen Norwood, Lucille Wehrum, Phyllis Wayman, Cloah Horton. Others: Mary Jean Baird, Lois Davis, Peggy Kuhn, Ruth Nelson, Marjorie Skelton. MRS. I-IILMA -I. POWERS FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Eleanor Klein ......,.., .,.,,,.....:., P resident Phyllis Reeves ....,,.. ...,,.,,,.,,:..,,, P resident Beverly Bennett ....., ,..:, V ice-President Annette Propstra ,.,., ..,.,. V ice-President Margaret Soha ..,.. ........... S ecretary Betty Kennedy ..,..,, ,.......,.. S ecretary Oreva Parker ...,,.,...............,..,,..... Salesman Florence Barnes .,...,::,..,.....,.t.t,... Salesman First row: Phyllis Jean Lacy, Gladys Mock, Oreva Parker, Eleanor Klein, Virginia Eder, Margaret Soha, Beverly Bennett, Lois Nokleby, Elaine Andre. Second row: Vivian Russell, Mary Ellen Cramer, Viola Sater, Phyllis Reeves, Ellen Heermann, Mary Johnson, Florence Barnes, Betty Kennedy. Third row: Dorothy Cain, Elaine Rangstrand, Mrs. Powers, Mary Ellen Anderson, Dorothy Farmer. Others: Louise Carson, Marie Endres, Betty Harold, Josephine Hockett, Josephine Mayes, Barbara Murray, Annette Propstra. MISS LUCILE ROBINSON FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Mildred Mattson .,..,:,.,, ...,..,,., P resident Maxine Laipple ,..,.. . .,.........,,.,., President Margaret Henderson ..,,...... Vice-President Norma Howard ,,,,.,,,. , .... Vice-President Maxine Laipple ....,..,,,,,,.,...,.....,... Secretary Evelyn McKelvie .,.,......,.,,.,........ Secretary Ethel Haynes ........................,,..,.,. Sal6S'man Miriam Blum :..,.....,,,..........,.,...,,.. Salesman First row: Elaine Bittner, Evelyn Ehlenberger, Leona Luke, Betty Bittner, Evelyn McKelvie, Margaret Henderson, Norma Howard, Barbara Woodbeck. Wanda Burg- stahler, Marietta Thomas. Second row: Florence Andrew, Edith Nance, Mildred Mattson, Claudia Crites, Ethel Haynes, Jean MacKellar, Peegy Forney, Marvel Dillabauefh, Yvonne Piercy. Third row: Jean Armstrong, Helen Kirkpatrick, Mary Snook, Doris Clothier, Merveen Button, Rosa Budd, Joan Morgan, Maxine Laipple, Miriam Blum. Fourth row: Miss Robinson, Vernette Mclrvin, Helen Fell. , . Y f XZ 411 Y - TWU' H-'llflfffm '-YNY xv The ALKI-1938 MR. MARSHALL J. si-HELDS FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Don Howell ......,...... ....,,YY..... P resident Roy Watson ...... .,,............,.... P residewt Norman Gilkey ,,,,,T,,, .,,,,,, V ice-President Don Johnson ,,,,,, ....,,,, V ice-Presiclent Howard Naskedov ,,,,,,.,.,,,....,.,... Secretary John Bixby .,,,......,,. ...,..........Y. S ecretary Jean Trueblood ,,,,,,,,...,.,......,.,,..,. Salesman Jean Trueblood ,,,,......,,,.,............. Salesman Joe Augenblick ,,,T,,,,TY,, Athletic Manager Joe Augenblick ....,,,,.... Athletic Manager First row: Norman Gilkey, Harry Pautz, Glenn Mathews, Walter Beatty, John Bixby, Pat Madden, Bob Kern, Francis Sly, Ed Fanning, Ralph Gulliford. Second row: Raymond Piercy, Harlan Peyton. Howard Naskedov, Melvin Cates, Roy Watson, Donald Kingen, Don Johnson, Burton Decker, 'Don Howell. Third row: Winton Meuler, Ralph Monk, Francis Wallace, Jack Snedden, Ed Zinn, Sylvester Weber, LeRoy Baker, Ernest Rice. Fourth row: George Stonehouse, Lindsay Leibfried, Mr. Shields, Leonard Holmes, Joe Augenblick. Others: Clarence Hussey, Francis Schwarz, Jean Trueblood, Jack McKay. MISS ELLA WINTLER FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Lena Helm ....,..,......... .,.,......,,Y,., P resident Alta Green ,,,..........,,,,.,,.,,,.....,..,,,, President Emily Anderson ....... ,..,... V 'lC6-P7'6SlClG7l,t Maxine Dickinson .,..,,.,,,c,.,.. Vice-President Ruth McNa1'y ,.,.,,.,.,.,.,,,,.,....,.,.... Secretary Carol Lindquist ..,,.,,......,.,........,... Secretary Gertrude Manary ....,..,..,..r.,......., Salesman June Keeney ,...,.,,......,,,,,.,.,.,,,,.... Salesman First row: Maxine Dickinson, Gail Cunningham, Clara Scherruble, Lillian White, Alta Green, Carol Lindquist, Emily Anderson, Mabel McCollum, Gertrude Manary. Second row: June Keeney, Dorcas Pollan, Peggy Myll, Lena Helm. Betty Stadelman, Eleanor Parsons, Mae Keene, Ruth McNa1'y. Third row: Miss Wintler. Pauline Betts, Eugenia Mclrvin, Hazel Barney, Gertrude Krommingfa. Nina Payne, Lorraine Kelly, Virginia Boettcher, Marie Boss. Others: Arlene Carpenter, Lillie Schaier. The ALKI-1938 ap ,Md W 77?7'T few M7 The ALKI-l938 SOPI-IOMORE ADVISORY GROUPS Mrs. Helen J. Barber, Head Adviser MRS. HELEN J. BARBER FIRST SEMESTER: SECOND SEMESTER: Jack Barnes ....,,,,rr ..........r.. P resident Colin Dykeman ,rr,.....,rr......,.,,,,,... President Colin Dykeman ..,,,, ,,,.,,,. V ice-President Ed Rice .......,,r.r..,,, ,,,,.r,, V ice-President Bill Kraus .......,,, ...ll....,... S ecretdry Eugene Smith ..,.,,,, . ....,,,....... Secretary Bill Andrews ..,.,. .......,,.,.,i,.,,,, S alesinan Wilfred Thomas ,.,.,,,,....,,,,,,,,,i,,,, Salesman Jack Bland .............,,...., Athletic Manager Bill Kraus .,......,,,.,,,,,... Athletic Manager First row: Herbert Sugg, Buster Wilson, Edward Rice, Loyd Molyneux, Robert Gillis, Wilfred Thomas, Don Campbell, Bill Andrews, Delbert Mead, Bob King. Second row: Leonard Crouch, Loren Young, Jack Bland, Bill Kraus, Ralph Heller, Otto Wheeler, Jack Barnes, Howard Haley, Mrs. Barber. Third row: Earl Lijrhthill, Ed Stanek, Glen I+'ich, Glen Bainbridge, Bob Powloski, Harold Leaf, Bob Brainard, Lawrence McKee, Colin Dykeman. Fourth row: Ed Senechal, Wilbur Adams, Charles Barker, Jim Irving, Daryl Dietrich, Gene Smith, Willis Peterson. Others: Don Chagnon, Wayne Howard. MR. LOUIS BARTER FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Spencer Hogg ,,,,,.. ...,..,.,,,,,,,, P resident Bill Smith .,.r....r ...,.........,,,, P resident Charles Furno .,r,,i ,,,,,,, V ice-President Bill Dunham .,....... ,.,.. V ice-President Jim Johnson ,,,,... ....,i,,......,, S ecretary Spencer Hoag: ..,.,,,,.. ,..,,..,..,,,, S ecretary Bob Holland ...,.......,..,.,...........,.rr Salesman Vernon Anderson ,,,,....,,,,,,,...,.,... Salesman Bill Smith .,,...,,,.,,,,,,,.r,,, Athletic Manager Millan Larson .,.......,.,.,,, Athletic Manager First row: Charles Furno, Vernon Anderson, Clarence Root, Bob Wilson, Don Holmes, Spencer Hogg, Reuben Peterson James Kern, Bob Rankin. Second row: Bob Holland, Mario Cabiale, Coburn Ackley, Ray Barlow, Bill Dunham, Willard Ingebritson Verman Mayes, Don Lorentz, Eugene Lynch. Third row: Toty DeGrande, Bill Smith, Paul King, Frank Mohns, Ralph Levine, Bill Haldeman, Jim Johnson, Weaver Bickle, Glenn Courtney. Others: Clifford Boydstun, Millan Larson, Vernon Sohn, Donald Stone- house, Donald Thompson. MISS MARGUERITE BOTTKER FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Levonne Bruch ....., .,.,...,..... I Jresident Phyllis Conover ..,,.,. ..........,,...... P resident Boris Brown ,.,.... .....,. V ice-President Levonne Bruch ..,.. ..... V ice-President Jennie Skelton .,..,..........,..,,........ Secretary Mary Tokola ..........,..,..........,....... Secretary Beverly Zapp .................... ...,....... S alesman Gloria Nuttall .........,,..,....... ......., S alesnian First row: Mildred Sulrivan, Wilma Larson, Mary Tokola, Jennie Skelton, Ruth Durgan, Rose Mary Manz, Dorothy Munro, Gloria Nuttall, Phyllis Jean Conover. Second row: Mary Midkilf, Doris Sand.fur, Jean Hazel vood, Lorene F1'oom, Bernadine Imdieke, Doris Brown, Mary Houts, Sylvia Erickson, Maxine Minor. Lorraine Berger. Third row: Ruth Kelly, Mae Anderson, Mildred Guhr, Neoma Ballard, Edwina Tucker, Miss Bottker, Levonne Bruch. Others: Kathleen Ashbaugh, Doris Cameron, Lorraine Eaton, Sara Jane Turck, Beverly Zapp. MISS BLANCI-IE I-IURD FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Letha Gunz ............. .,.,......... P resident Flaine Eberle ......, .,..,...,.... .... P 1 'esident Mae Lighthill ,,,..... .... V ice-President Jvne Cornelius ,.,,. ....,. V ice-President June Cornelius ...................,......,. Secretary Mae Liehthill ..,.,.,,.., .,,......... Secretary Elaine Eberle ...........,.................... Salesvnan Letha Gunz ,,,,.......,.......,...,..,,..,..,.. Salesman First row: Caryl Hewitt, Betty Mae Petterson, Virginia Falander, Faith Halpine, Elaine Eberle, Letha Gunz, Marie Olson, Lillian Howe, Mae Lighthill, June Cornelius. Second row: Helen Richardson, W.lnca Shaeifer, Annie Carroll, Virainia Garner, Eileen Sundem, Ann Bernasky. Laura Beill I-I'len Jacobson. Delia Zinn, Eileen Street, Francis Smiley, Anita Mathson. Third row: Jean Munroe, Ruth Kramer, Dorothy Keiner, Barbara Morehouse, Miss Hurd. Arlene Davis Margery Stonehouse, Peggy Irwin, Margaret Anderson. Others: Helen Rine, Viola Beebe. if' smuixg The ALIKI-1938 Miss LILLIAN KING FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Georgia Bursch ,.,,.,.. ......,...,.,. P resident Betty DeYoung ,.,.,,,..........,.......,.. President Shirley Hutchison .,,Y7 .... V ice-President Barbara Fleischman ....,... Vice-President Margaret Johnson ....,,, ..,....,,.. S ecretary Alice Tokola ,,....e,...,.Y,,.. .,,,,,..,,, S eeretary Marvis Shotwell ..,..,.,....,............... Salesman Roberta Hartley ,,,...........,....,.,.... Salesman First row: Miss King, Marvis Shotwell, Lucille Sullivan, Mavis Boyer, Alice Tokola, Marcia Chaflins, Gwendolyn Owens, Georgia Bursch, Kady Yamanishi, Shirley Hutchison. Second row: Joyce Tuttle, Marian Kindsfather, Shirley Mills, Roberta Hartley, Margie Stanley, Clara Sales, Margaret Johnson, Kathleen Shannon, Maxine Maas, Hazel Page. Third row: Yvonne Grasser, Ida Flohaug, Katherine Crowley, Kathleen Armstrong, Marie Hansen, Barbara Fleischman, Betty DeYOung, Pearl Elliott, Barbara Bennett, Lucille True, Zane Lyman. MISS MAUDE MacDONALD FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Clarence LaLonde ...,,,, .,.,....,.,.., P resident Gordon Whitsitt ..... ..,..,.,,,,.....,, P resident Jerome Brislawn ,,,,, ,,,r, I 'ice-President George Clancy ,..,. ,,.... V ice-President Robert Allen .....,... .........,,.. S ecretary Gerald Linn .......,..... ........,.,..., S ecretary Charles Stecher .,...,,, .............,,,, S alesinan Graydon Downing ,,,,,,,,................ Salesman Kenneth Jacobson ,,,,...... Athletic Manager Lawrence Boch ,.,......,Y... Athletic Manager First row: Miss MacDonald, Gordon Whitsitt, Clarence LaLonde, Vernon Enger, Robert Trainer, Lester Campbell, Roy Higgins, Richard Howell, Vibart Leetch. Second row: Ralph Bold, Michael Austin, Robert Pischke, Robert Oberg, Jerome Brislawn, Ralph French, Charles Stecher, Alvah Welch, Richard Johnson. Third row: Wayne Hardy, Paul Gomuilkiewiecz, Bill Shoun, Bob Allen, Gerald Linn, Lawrence Boeh, Dale Cone, Fourth row: Graydon Downing, Kenneth Jacobson. Others: George Clancy, Dan Crowley, Warren Keating, Lawrence Settles, Gene White, Jiinmy Wilson. MRS. RUTH ALLEN SMITH FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Wayne Leigh ..,,...., ..........,... P resident Hugh Wood ..I.... .....,.,.,.,,.,... P resident Hugh Wood ,,,,r,,,,,,, ,,,,. V ice-President Eldin Drew ,....,, ....., V ice-President Glenn Hutchison .,.... ........,..... S eeretary Marx Meyer ..... ,............, S ecretary Bill Frierson ..,.,,... ,.,,,.......,,.,r S alesinan Wayne Leigh ,......,,...........I,,,........ Salesman Jack Stein .................,,.,,,, Athletic Manager Jack Stein .........,.,........., Athletic Manager First row: Marx Meyer, Tomo Kosobayashi, Jack Stein, Frank Enz, Vernon Harlan, Donovan Johnke, David Daniels, Wallace Campbell, Dennis Lane, Eldin Drew. Second row: Mrs. Smith, Warren Nelson, Bill Frierson, Glenn Hutchison, Kenneth Snedden, Forrest Anderson, Ed Sykes, Floyd Green, Herbert Tutherly. Third row: Hugh Wood, Donald Hinds, Wayne Compton, Bob Bacon, Bill McLaughlin, Adolph Kromminga, Glenn Prohaska, Daryl Lovette, Wayne Leigh, Len Pickett. Others: Bob Beatty, Bob Graves, Bob Kemp, Russell Shaver. MISS HELEN THUN FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Imogene Albertson .,,.. ,..........,.. P resident Margaret Kern ,.,.,,.,.,..,.,.,,,,....,,,. President Margaret Kern ,....,.I, ..... V ice-President Dorothy Webberly ,,,., ,,,,,,,, V ice-President Nancy Davis ......... ...,..,,,, S ecretary Verdis Miller ,,..,r,,...... ,....,,,... S ecretary Burdette Lindell ..........,.,...,,,..,..,. Salesman Margery Olson ..,,r,,.,..,.,,,.,....,,,, Salesman First row: Dorothy Zinn, LeRea McMannis, Lois Erickson, Margery Olson, Doris Strand, Verdis Miller, Nancy Davis, Norma Nelson, Margaret Kern, Grace Bryan. Second row: Ivy Streitt, Eva Beatty, Louise Kromminga, Evelyn McConkey, Maxine Mitcham, Dorothy Webberly, Eleanor Geidl, Enid Williams. Virginia Cornell, Beatrice Rvan, Betty Hoyt. Third row: Mamie Hinkleman, Betty Hamilton, Margaret Ferguson, Nadine Wells, Miss Thun. Virginia Sorenson, Imogene Albertson. Burdette Lindell, Grace Johnson, Betty Cox. Fourth row: Elaine Ausve. Others: Eileen Ehrlich, Helen Thompson. w X The ALKI-1938 Miss ROSA G. WEBBER FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Darlene Nelson ...,. .......,,, P resident Clara Huber ,,,,,,,A ,,l,,l,AAA,,,, P resident Cla1'a Huber ,,,,.........,..,,.,,,,, Vice-P-resident Joan Chandler ,,,,,,,, ,,,,A V ice-President Dorothy Kesler .v,..,..V...............,,.. Secretary Joan Stephenson ,..,.,.. ,,,.v,Y,,Y,, S em-etary Roberta Abrahamson ............Y.,.., Salesman Shirley Beckett ,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,ee,e..,.,,,, Salesman First row: Louise Totten, Vera Strunk, Clara Huber, Ann Craig, Louise Sparks, Geraldine Roalsen, Eileen McDonald, Frances Buck, Vera Rastede, Mildred Harmala. Second row: Velda Fettis, Doris Kunzman, Dora Elliott, Kathryn Johnson, Louise Luch, Joan Chandler, Irene Neuman, Winifred Graue, Vera Outland. Third row: Jean Wood- worth, Darlene Nelson, Dorothy Kesler, Joan Stephenson, Shirley Beckett, VVilma Bjork, Roberta Abrahamson, Miss Webber. Others: Inez Baslee, Phyllis Gibbs. MR. EARL S. WOOSTER FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Ernest Hoff ...,....... .............. P resident Don ild Fenton ,,,.... ......,,......,... P 'resident Bob Green .....,,,... ..... P 'ice-President Woodrow Cooper .,...., ....,, V ice-President Donald Fenton ....,., .............. S eeretary Don Kennedy .,.,.,,,... ,,,....,,,,.... S ecretary Stacy Millar ...... ........,........ S alesman Ernest Hoff .,........ ...,,........,,,.. S alesman Frank Maish .................. Athletic Manager Stacy Millar ......,,....,,,,.... Athletic Manager First row: Robert Hartley, Jack Pyle, Ted Froom, Robert Ritchie, Woodrow Cooper, Walter Wilde, Wesley Boyer, Dale Becker, Frank Maish. Second row: Carl Duchek, Gale Snider, Jack Woolf, Henry Ono, Joe Thomas, Bob Green, Don Kennedy, Ernest Hoff Gordon Campbell, Archie Brusch. Third row: Joe Luna, Harvey Hutton, Leonard Jackson, Stacy Millar, Alfred Johnson, Donald Fenton, Bob Burns, Bob Simpson. Others: Bernard Tibbetts, Mr. Wooster. MRS. EDDA McCORDIC FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Everdine Schreiber ,.......,,,,....,,,. President Evelyn Webberly ,...,,..........,,,,,,,. President Thelma Wellman ,,,,..., ,,,,, V ice-President Ruby Ono ...............,,.. ,,.... V ice-President Helen Hesse ,f ......,..... ........... S ecretowy Marie Christianson ....... ,..i....,,.. S ecretaiy Jean Keller .,,........,.....,......,,,......... Salesman Clara Goheen ..,,....,,,,................,,., Salesman First row: Marie Christianson, Nellie Losko, Wilma Hardesty, Pearl Roberts, Evelyn Webberly, Floriene Allen,Jean Keller, Jean Fries, Thelma Wellman, Hazel Yinger, Evelyn Fanning. Second row: Donna Enz, lone Durose, Edith Johnson, Clara Goheen, Beryl Slack, Dorothy Johnson, Maxine Barbeau, Maxine Wilson, Winifred Wieben, Ruby Ono. Third row: Helen Marshall, Everdine Schreiber, Virginia Cabe, Louise Fellis. Ethel Peltier, Irene Jones, Mrs. McCordic, Jessie Hazelwood, Grace Tower, Dolores Hull, Bonnie Payne. Others: Priscilla Blythe, Gloria Feise, Bernice Hendrickson, Helen Hesse, Virginia Munson, Eileen Todd. MR. J. D. MILLER FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Relf Case ..,.,,,,.,..,,, ...,,,,,.,, P resident Kenneth Prager .,,,,, ,,,..........,,,,.. P resident Earl Gray ,.......... .,,,, V ice-President Don Ashley .,,,,,,,,,, .,.,,, V icc-President Don Ashley ......... .............. S eeretary Relf Case ,...,,,,.., ...,,......,,,. . Secretary Zelmar Payne ,.,,.........,..........,.....,, Salesman Dave Keller ,,,,.........,.,.................. Salesman Jerry Anderson ........,..... Athletic Managei' Bill Hoy ...,.,...........,......,. Athletic Manager First row: Eugene Hodgkinson, Jimmy Lineham, Jim Wilson, Don Ashley, Relf Case, Irvin Jolliver, Donald Bemis, Robert Finley, Jerry Anderson, Dick Wilson. Second row: Eddie Miller, Earl Gray, Willie Freeman, Albert Foss, Ralph Skov, Law1'ence Hicks, Virgil Paro, Bud Finnell, David Burt. Third row: Mr. Miller, Dale Prutzrnan. Lester White, David Keller, Bob Crosby. Otha Jones, Bruce Stelfan, Elmer Gerfin, Carl Snoen, Zelmar Payne. Others: Harvey Gifihn, Bill Hoy, Loris Lovette, Kenneth Prager, Ralph True, Robert Pepper. .I The ALKI-1938 ADVISORY GROUP HONORS The advisory group is a small unit of students in our school, organized for activities that can better be done here than in larger groups. lt is here that educational, social, civic, and vocational help is given primary importance. Group meetings are held twice a week, one of which is purely of an administrative character, while the other varies from programs prepared by the group itself to those presented by outside talent. This group unit functioning at its best does much for developing the individuals who take an active part in its work. Mr. W. H. Conover, Vice-Principal and General Chairman of Advisory Groups JUNIORS MR. W. C. BROWN Scholarship: Conrad Frieze. Athletics: Bert Winter, Wallace Dailey, Henry Wastra- dowski, Harry Sutherland, Marion Kennedy, Milton Brown, Charles Reed, Douglas Ripley, Jack Wilson, Leslie Anderson, Ed Robeck. Class Officer: Bud Shere, president. Band: Val Hoyt, Ralph Chapman, Tom Mclrvin, Herbert Swan. Orchestra: Bill Runyan, Herbert Swan. Glee Club: Ralph Chapman, Junior Johnson, Dick Blaker. Boys' Sextette: Junior Johnson. Vodvil: Leslie Anderson, Ed Robeck, Junior Johnson, Herbert Swan, Bill Runyan. Assemblies: Ralph Chapman, Bud Shere, Leslie Anderson, Junior Johnson. Locker At- tendants: Keith Steifan, Stanley Wetherell. Stage Crew: Jack Wilson, Conrad Frieze. Committees: Leslie Anderson, Ed Robeck, Charles Reed, Milton Brown, Harry Suther- land, Bill Luch, Henry Wastradowski, Bert Winter, Jack Wilson. MR. W. E. DUDLEY Scholarship: Petco Petccif, Bill Palmer. Athletics: Dick Willson, Warren Maltrnan, Ed Williams, Quinton Standiford, Allen Skov, Petco Petcoff, Bill Palmer, Francis Mortek, Lee Kramer, Clinton John, Herb Ehle, Buster Davis, Wilbur Desler, Donald Blair, LeRoy Mayes. Band: Lynn Spangler, Burton Baker. Orchestra: Grover Poe. Log Staff: Bill Palmer, Elmer Baton. Vodvil: Wilbur Desler. Assemblies: Wilbur Desler, Grover Poe, Clyde Soha, Evan Petcoff, Donald Blair. Locker Attendants: Dick Willson, Robert Wanna- maker, Donald Blair. Stage Crew: Warren Maltman, Ed Williams, Buster Davis. Com- mittees: LeRoy Mayes, Warren Maltman, Dick Willson, Quinton Standiford, Clyde Soha, Petco Petcoff, Bill Palirer. Clubs: Merle Van Antwerp, Quinton Standiford, Clyde Soha, Bill Palmer, Herb Ehle, Neal Carson, Donald Blair. MR. CARL GUSTAFSON Scholarship: Loren Smit. Athletics: Elroy Prosch, Allan Westphal, Ronald Davis, Glenn Campbell, Bill Willson, Lynn Stone, Vernon Stolee, Robert Palmer, Don Campbell, Harold Luttrell, Harold Ballensky. Band: Jerry Sherson, Roy Barton, Melvin Weaver. Glee Club: Robert Palmer. Log Staff: Robert Palmer. Vodvil: Vernon Stolee, Willard Beall. Assemblies: Willard Beall, Clarence Roberts, Raymond McCall, George Paeth, Bill Willson, Roy Barton, Loren Smit, Bill Thomas, LaVern Bauman, Chester Buck. Locker Attendants: David Smith, Chris Herzog, Willard Beall. Stage Crew: Bill Willson. Com- mittees: Bill Willson, Chris Herzog, Melvin Weaver, Loren Smit, Bill Thomas, Allan Westphal, Roy Barton, David Smith, Lynn Stone, Raymond McCall, Clarence Roberts, Robert Palmer, Elroy Prosch, Ed Barrinton. MISS RUTH HALL Scholarship: Nancy Pelton, Betty Nelson, Dorothy Holtberg, Virginia Hodge. Alice Gee. Athletics: Irma Wood, Betty Wilson, Kathryn Van Atta, Marjorie Ryan, Nancy Pelton, Juanita Page, Betty Nelson, Marjorie Nagel, Grace Matthews, Dorothy Holtberg, Jean Dorman, Mary Ellen Bates, Mary Jean Malone. Class Officer: Betty Nelson, vice- president. Glee Club: Kathryn Van Atta, Marjorie Ryan, Betty Nelson, Virginia Hodge. Girls' Sextette: Kathryn Van Atta. Alki Staff: Mary Ellen Bates. Vodoil: Betty Wilson, The ALKI-1938 MISS RUTH HALL fffontinucdl Kathryn Van Atta, Marjorie Ryan, Nancy Pelton, Juanita Page, Irma Wood, Betty Nel- son, Marjorie Nagel, Grace Matthews, Erva Klineline, Virginia Hodge, Jean Dorman. Assemblies: Betty Wilson, Kathryn Van Atta, Juanita Ifage, Marjorie Nagel, Grace Matthews, Doris MacComber, Erva Klineline, Virginia Forgey, Jean Dorman, Mary Ellen Bates, Mary Jean Malone. Red Cross Attendants: Grace Matthews, Doris MacComber, Lillian Davis, Opal Rains. Locker Attendants: Juanita Page, Betty Wilson, May Belle Tena, Grace Matthews, Opal Rains. Ush.e1's: lrrna Wood, Betty Wilson, Kathryn Van Atta, Marjorie Ryan, Grace Matthews, Doris MacComber, Dorothy Holtberg, Alice Gee, Jean Dorman, Lillian Davis, Mary Ellen Bates, Mary Jean Malone, Opal Rains. Committees: Irma Wood, Betty Wilson, Kathryn Van Atta, Marjorie Ryan, Nancy Pelton, Juanita Page, Betty Nelson, Marjorie Nagel, Grace Matthews, Doris MacComber, Dorothy Holt- herg, Virginia Hodge, Jean Dornfan, Lillian Davis, Mary Ellen Bates, Mary Jean Malone. Clubs: Lorraine Wilson, Kathryn Van Atta, Nancy Pelton, Virginia Hodge, Alice Gee, Dorothy Belisle, Mary Ellen Bates, Opal Rains. MRS. BERTHA HUGHES Scholarship: Arthur Carlson, Tom Kosobayashi. Athletics: Russell Harry, Ralph Burns, Arthur Carlson, Elbert Bjork, Warren Hawkins, LaVerne Willson, Orville Varn- son. Music: Lee Mackey, LaVerne Willson, Dale Code, Rodney White, Warren Hawkins. Boys' Sextette: Rodney White Warren Hawkins. Log Staff: Clarence Loshbaugh. Voflvil: Rodney White, Warren Hawkins, Don Fanning. Assemblies: Tom Service, LeRoy Durdle, Lee Mackey, Rodney White, Warren Hawkins, LaVerne Willson, Dale Code, Orville Varn- son. Locker Attendants: Howard Klinski, Valain Van Antwerp, Willis Robb. Russell Harry, Leroy Durdle, Ralph Burns, Elbert Bjork, Clarence Loshbaugh, Lee Mackey, Don Fanning, Dale Code. Stage Crew: Earl Stout, Clarence Loshbaugh. Committees: Ho Nard Klinski, Tom Kosobayashi, Russell Harry, LeRoy Durdle, Warren Hawkins. Clubs: Arthur Carlson, Warren Hawkins, LaVerne Willson, Orville Varnson. MISS BEULAI-I PORTER Scholarship: Maxine Wilson, Virginia Whitney, Lela Terrill, Dorothy Shirk, Jean Richmond, Ruth Reese, Jewel Miller, Doreen Linn, Mary Gain, Ellenor Dudley, Mary Jean Baird, Marie Easley. Athletics: Marcia Castle, Gayle Dailey, Marie Easley, Mar- garet Galbraith, Doreen Linn, Jewel Mille1', Ruth Reese, Dorothy Shirk, Vi1'ginia Whitney, Florence Durdahl, Class Officer: Jewel Miller, secretary. Music: Eddie Spangler, Lois Koplin, Marcia Castle, Mary Jean Baird, Vivian Burr. Log Staff: Marcia Castle, Vivian Burr. Voduil: Lois Koplin, Dorothy Shirk, Aleda Shambaugh, Bettina Tower, Doreen Linn, Marie Easley, Gayle Dailey, Mary Jean Baird, Vivian Burr. Assemblies: Vivian Burr, Marcia Castle, Mary Jean Baird, Gayle Dailey, Marie Easley, Jewel Miller, Doreen Linn, Mary Gain, Maxine Wilson, Ruth Nelson, Margaret Galbraith, Virginia Whitney, Ruth Reese, Eddie Spangler. Red Cross Attendants: Ellenor Dudley, Cloah Horton, Peggy Kuhn, Della Emery, Lois Koplin. Locker Attendants: Marie Easley, Gayle Dailey, Elaine Fitch, Cloah Horton, Lela Terrill, Lucille Wehrum, Virginia Whitney, Ruth Nelson, Iris Supernaw, Marjorie Skelton. Ushers: Jewel Miller, Doreen Linn, Aleda Shambaugh, Doro- thy Shirk, Vivian Burr. Marcia Castle, Della Emery, Lois Davis, Eileen Cullison, Lois Koplin, Peggy Kuhn, Phyllis Wayman, Lela Terrill, Virginia Whitney, Jean Pollock, Kathleen Norwood, Ellenor Dudley, Iris Supernaw, Marjorie Wilson, Ruth Nelson, Flor- ence Durdahl, Margaret Galbraith. Cmninittees: Ellenor Dudley, Margaret Galbraith, Florence Durdahl, Ruth Nelson, Marjorie Wilson, Virginia Whitney, Lela Terrill, Phyllis Wayman, Marie Easley, Marcia Castle, Aleda Shambaugh. Doreen Linn, Jewel Miller. Mary Jean Baird, Gayle Dailey, Evelyn McDonald. Clubs: Ellenor Dudley, Florence Dur- dahl, Lela Terrill, Marie Easley, Marcia Castle, Vivian Burr, Aleda Shambaugh, Mary Jean Baird, Cloah Horton, Lucille Wehrum, Ruth Nelson, Ruth Reese, Elaine Fitch, Max- ine Wilson, Pearl Peterson, Eddie Spangler, Mary Gain, Jean Pollock. Honor Societies: Marcia Castle, Vivian Burr, Mary Jean Baird, Mary Gain. MRS. I-IILMA j. POWERS Scholarship: Beverly Bennett, Dorothy Cain, Barbara Mur1'ay, Elaine Rangstrand Phyllis Reeves. Athletics: Phyllis Reeves, Eleanor Klein, Oreva Parker. Music: Betty Harold, Phyllis Reeves, Viola Sater, Oreva Parker, Annette Propstra. Allfi Stayf: Phyllis Reeves. Vodvil: Phyllis Reeves, Viola Sater, Betty Kennedy, Eleanor Klein, Oreva Parker, The ALKI-1938 MRS. HILMA POWERS Kfontinuedl Annette Propstra. Assemblies: Betty Harold, Vivian Russell, Phyllis Reeves, Eleanor Klein, Barbara Murray, Oreva Parker, Annette Propstra, Viola Sater. Red Cross Attend- ants: Elaine Andre, Mary Ellen Cramer. Locker Attendants: Mary Ellen Anderson, Phyl- lis Lacy, Dorothy Farmer, Eleanor Klein, Mary Ellen Cramer, Josephine Mayes, Ushers: Vivian Russell, Beverly Bennett, Elaine Andre, Mary Johnson, Ellen Heermann, Margaret Soha, Phyllis Reeves, Phyllis Lacy, Gladys Mock, Viola Sater, Dorothy Farmer, Barbara Murray, Mary Ellen Cramer, Oreva Parker, Elaine Rangstrand. Committees: Betty Harold, Vivian Russell, Elaine Andre, Mary Johnson, Margaret Soha, Marie Endres, Phyl- lis Reeves, Phyllis Lacy, Gladys Mock, Eleanor Klein, Dorothy Cain, Barbara Murray, Oreva Parker, Elaine Rangstrand, Annette Propstra, Josephine Mayes. Clubs: Elaine Andre, Mary Johnson, Phyllis Reeves, Phyllis Lacy, Viola Sater, Dorothy Cain, Mary Ellen Cramer, Elaine Rangstrand. MISS LUCILE ROBINSON Scholarship: Margaret Henderson, Vernette Mclrvin, Jean MacKellar. Athletics: Helen Fell, Maxine Laipple. Music: Ethel Haynes, Marietta Thomas, Merveen Button, Evelyn McKelvie, Margaret Henderson. Girls' Sextette: Margaret Henderson. Log Staff: Jean MacKellar, Peggy Forney. Vodoil: Ethel Haynes, Evelyn McKelvie, Maxine Laipple, Norma Howard. Assemblies: Ethel Haynes, Evelyn McKelvie, Mildred Mattson, Helen Kirkpatrick, Norma Howard, Helen Fell, Claudia Crites, Marvel Dillabaugh, Merveen Button, Miriam Blum, Marietta Thomas. Red Cross Attendants: Evelyn Ehlenberger, Claudia Crites, Florence Andrew. Locker Attendants: Ethel Haynes, Yvonne Piercy. Committees: Ethel Haynes, Vernette Mclrvin, Mildred Mattson, Jean MacKellar, Maxine Laipple, Helen Kirkpatrick, Norma Howard, Marvel Dillabaugh, Claudia Crites, Miriam Blum, Florence Andrew, Margaret Henderson. Clubs: Ethel Haynes. Vernette Mclrvin, Mildred Mattson, Lena Luke, Helen Fell, Rosa Budd, Margaret Hende1'son. Ushers: Ethel Haynes, Joan Morgan, Vernette Mclrvin, Norma Howard, Marvel Dillabaugh, Doris Clothier, Mildred Mattson, Maxine Laipple, Rosa Budd, Marietta Thomas. MR. MARSHALL j. SHIELDS Scholarship: John Bixby. Athletics: Donald Howell, Joe Augenblck, Leonard Holmes, Jack McKay, Howard Naskedov, George Stonehouse, LeRoy Baker, Walter Beatty, Norman Gilkey, Ralph Gulliford, Roy Watson, Don Kingen. Music: Lindsay Leibfried, Don Kinaen, Donald Johnson. Roy Watson, Robert Kern, Francis Sly. Ralph Gulliford, Donald Howell, Jean Trueblood. Log Steiff: Burton Decker, Sylvester Weber, George Stone- house, Robert Kern, Harlan Peyton. Alki Staff: Don Kingen. Vodvil: Joe Augenblick, Melvin Cates, Ralph Gulliford, Roy Watson, Francis Sly, Lindsay Leibfried. Assemblies: Francis Sly, Roy Watson. Ralph Gulliford, Don Kingen, Howard Naskedov, Winton Meuler, Pat Madden, Ed Fanning, Sylvester Weber, Ernest Rice, Donald Johnson, Lind- say Leibfried. Locker Attendants: Walter Beatty, Burton Decker, Ralph Monk, Pat Madden, Donald Howell. Stage Crew: Roy Watson, Walter Beatty, John Bixby. Com- mittees: Lindsay Leibfried. Sylvester Weber. Ed Fanning. Clubs: Francis Sly, Francis Wallace, Pat Madden, Ed Fanning, Leonard Holmes, George Stonehouse, Burton Decker, Francis Schwarz, Harry Pautz, Lindsay Leibfried. MISS ELLA WINTLER Sclioldrship: Betty Stadelman, Carol Lindquist, Gertrude Kromminga, Marie Boss. Athletics: Carol Lindquist. Music: Emily Anderson, Arlene Carpenter, Carol Lindquist, Lillian White, Nina Payne. Girls' Sextette: Carol Lindquist. String Quartette: Ca1'ol Lindquist. Log Staff: Lillian White. Alki Staff: Ca1'ol Lindquist. Vodvil: Ruth McNary, Assemblies: Lillian White, Ruth McNary, Mabel McCollum, Carol Lindquist, Lena Helm, Gail Cunningham, Lillie Schaffer. Red Cross Attendant: June Keeney. Locker Atten- dants: Clara Scherruble, Gertrude Kromminga, June Keeney. Ushers: Clara Scher- ruble, Lillian White. Gertrude Manary, Lorraine Kelly, June Keeney, Lena Helm, Max- ine Dickinson, Alta Green, Pauline Betts, Lillie Schaffer. Committees: Clara Scherruble, Lillian White. Carol Lindquist, Lorraine Kelly. Lena Helm, Alta Green, Marie Boss, Virginia Boettcher, Pauline Betts, Lillie Schafer, Gail Cunningham, Hazel Barney. Clubs: Nina Payne, Eleanor Parsons, Ruth McNary, Emily Anderson. The ALKI-1938 oFF1cE SECRETARIES AND ASSISTANTS It is due to the efficiency and the helpfulness of Miss Mary Williams, registrar, and Miss Ruth Albertson, office secretary, that the clerical work of the school is run so smoothly and so many of the students, problems are solved. Under their direction the office assistants take charge of attendance, carry notices, and run errands. Left to right: Miss Williams, Dorothy Cain, Corinne Hansen, Miss Albertson, Elaine gangstrand, lvfarvel Dillabaugh, Minnie Takaki. Others: Virginia Boettcher, Elizabeth rainard. RED CROSS ATTENDANTS Leota Hanson ,,A,,,,,..,r,..,.,,,,.,,,,,.,, Chairman Miss Dorothea von Berg ..,...,.,.,.,,,, Adviser The Red Cross Attendants are a group of girls, each of whom serve a scheduled period in the Red Cross room. They receive instruction in the care of emergency illness and in bandaging from Mrs. Shirley Briggs Elliot, school nurse, and are quite capable of taking care of minor illnesses and accidents in the school. First row: Evelyn Ehlenberger, Thelma Wellman, Vivian McLaughlin, June Keeney, Ellenor Dudley, Della Emery, Lois Koplin, Ruby Broughton, Lillian Davis. Second row: Mildred Harmala, Opal Rams, Doris lVlacComber, Mary Ellen Cramer, Marguerite Kinds- father, Janis Coughlin, Janet Grant, Leslie Knight. Third row: Elaine Andre, lda Flo- haug, Florence Andrews, Claudia Crites, Miss von Berg, Mable Parvi, Helen Richmond, Leota Hanson. Uthers: Helen Keller, Peggy Kuhn. TRAFFIC SQUAD Clifford Kuhnke ,...,,,,....,,,.............,.,,,, Chief Mr. J. D. Miller .,,,...................,,,,. Adviser Boys on the Traffic Squad serve the school by patrolling the two pedestrian lanes in front of the school on Main Street. They are on duty before school, at both lunch periods, and after school to protect the students by directing the trafic efiiciently. Left to right: Floyd Chapman, Frank Enz, Stanley Wetherell, David Smith, Mr. J. D. Miller, Don Campbell, LaVern Bauman, Marvin Easton. Others: Clifford Kuhnke, Glen Campbell. LOCKER MONITORS Mrs. Bertha Hughes ..............,. Adviser The locker monitors guard the safety of the students, possessions by checking lockers left open, which the locker lieutenants later lock. The monitors take the permits, and the lieutenants collect them at the end of each period. First row: Phyllis Lacy, Marie Easley, Bernadine lmdieke, Marion Clark, Mildred Ericksen, Thelma Rice, Louise Webb, Iris Supernaw. Clara Scherruble, Frances Powell, Betty Wilson. Second row: June Keeney, Elaine Fitch, Eleanor Klein, Juanita Page, Dorothy Farmer, Mary Ellen Anderson, Donald Fanning, LeRoy Durdle. Third row: Dorothy Doran, Cloah Horton, Lela Terrill, Mary Ellen Cramer, Donald Howell, Burton Decker, Jack Barnes, Gertrude Kromminga, Laura Beall. Fourth row: Darline Haley, Katherine Schwan, Jerry Thompson, Russell Harry, Stanley Wetherell. Elbert Bjork, Willis Robb, Don Blair, Herman Logan, Joe Wile, Sylvon, Ayres, Howard Beletski, Dick Willson, Gerald Linn. The ALKI-1938 SOPHOMORES MRS. HELEN J. BARBER Scholarship: Earl Lighthill. Athletics: Wilbur Adams, Ed Senechal, Gene Smith, Wilfred Thomas. Music: Bill Andrews, Glen Bainbridge, Bob Brainard, Howard Haley, Ralph Heller, Ed Senechal, Herbert Sugg, Otto Wheeler, Loren Young, Vocluil: Ed Senechal, Wilfred Thomas. Assemblies: Bill Andrews, Daryl Dietrich, Colin Dykeman, Howard Haley, Herbert Sugg. Committees: Daryl Dietrich, Colin Dykeman. Clubs: Bill Andrews, Don Campbell, Gene Smith. Managerships: Daryl Dietrich. MR. LOUIS BARTER Athletics: Charles Furno, Don Holmes, Jimmy Johnson, Verman Mayes, Bob Wilson. Music: Glenn Courtney, Bill Haldeman, Spencer Hogg, James Kern, Reuben Peterson, Clarence Root. Brass Sextette: Spencer Hogg. Woodwind Quartette: James Kern. Log Staff: Glenn Courtney, Bill Smith. Vodril: Spencer Hogg, Reuben Peterson, Bill Smith. Assemblies: Don Holmes, Jimmy Johnson. Stage Crew: Toty DeGrande. Committees: Bill Smith. Clubs: Bill Dunham, Bob Wilson. MISS MARGUERITE BOTTKER Scholarship: Doris Brown, Phyllis Jean Conover, Sylvia Erickson. Athletics: Doris Brown, Levonne Bruch, Phyllis Jean Conover, Bernadine Imdieke, Dorothy Munro. Music: Neoma Ballard, Phyllis Jean Conover, Ruth Durgan, Mildred Guhr, Dorothy Munro, Jennie Skelton, Sara Jane Turck. Girls' Sextette: Neoma Ballard. Alki Staff: Phyllis Jean Conover, Vodvil: Kathleen Ashbaugh, Neoma Ballard, Levonne Bruch, Phyllis Jean Conover, Sylvia Erickson, Mildred Guhr, Dorothy Munro, Jennie Skelton. Assemblies: Neoma Ballard, Doris Brown, Levonne Bruch, Phyllis Jean Conover, Ruth Durgan, Sylvia Erickson, Mildred Guhr, Mary Houts, Dorothy Munro, Jennie Skelton. Locker Attendant: Bernadine Imdieke. Ushers: Doris Brown, Sylvia Erickson, Jean Hazelwood, Bernadine Imdieke, Mary MidkiH, Maxine Minor, Mildred Sullivan, Mary Tokola. Com- mittees: Doris Brown. Phvllis Jean Conover. Clubs: Jean Hazelwood. MISS BLANCHE HURD Scholarship: June Cornelius, Elaine Eberle, Faith Halpine, Wilma ShaHer. Ath- letics: Elaine Eberle, Music: Virginia Falander, Virginia Garner, Barbara Morehouse. Vodril: Virginia Falander, Virginia Garner, Lillian Howe, Anita Mathson, Helen Rine. Assemblies: June Cornelius, Elaine Eberle, Virginia Garner, Dorothy Keiner. Locker Attendant: Laura Beall. Ushers: Caryl Hewitt, Dorothy Keiner, Helen Richardson, Frances Smiley. Committees: Elaine Eberly, Virginia Garner, Letha Gunz, Helen Jacob- Son, Barbara Morehouse, Helen Richardson. Clubs: Elaine Eberley, Lillian Howe, Jean Monroe. Miscellaneous: June Cornelius, lsophomore yellsl. MISS LILLIAN KING Scholarship: Barbara Bennett, Betty DeYoung, Shirley Mills, Kathleen Shannon. Athletics: Marcia Chaffins, Barbara Bennett, Betty DeYoung, Barbara Fleischman, Marian Kindsfather. Class Officer: Shirley Hutchison. lsecretaryj Red Cross Attendant: sen, Kathleen Shannon., Vodvil: Margaret Johnson, Shirley Mills, Assemblies: Georgia Bursch, Pearl Elliott, Barbara Fleischman, Shirley Hutchison. Red Cross Attendant: Ida Flohaug. Ushers: Marcia Chaffins, Betty DeYoung, Marie Hansen, Maxine Maas, Margie Stanley. Committees: Marcia Chaflins. Georgia Bursch, Barbara Fleischman, Shirley Mills. Clubs: Marcia Chalhns, Betty DeYoung, Pearl Elliot, Barbara Fleischman, Maxine Maas. MISS MAUDE MacDONALD Scholarship: James Cone, Graydon Downing, Kenneth Jacobson. Athletics: Don Crowley, Ralph French, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Kenneth Jacobson, Charles Stecher, Ernest White. Music: Bob Allen. Log Staff: Bill Shoun. Vodvil: Lawrence Boeh. Assemblies: Bob Allen, Jerome Brislawn, George Clancy. Locker Attendant: Gerald Linn. Stage Crew: Roy Higgins. Clubs: Jerome Brislawn, George Clancy, Richard Howell, Richard Johnson. The ALKI-1938 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS Roger Camp ,.......,,...,,.........,....... President Shirley Hodgson ,SS,,,,,....,,,,........ Secretary David Shaeffer ,,,.,,.. First Vice-President Leonard Holmes ...,..,.,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms Barbara Hall ,,,..,., Second Vice-President John Frier ....., Student Business Manager Mr, Henry DeYoung- ,,,,,A.,,,,,,,,, A dviser The Associated Students of Vancouver High School, which includes all the students, is organized to promote cooperation and friendship throughout the school, to improve the effectiveness of school government, and to create interest and enthusiasm in student activities. Left to right: Barbara Hall, Roger Camp, David Shaeffer, Leonard Holmes, Shirley Hodgson. Others: John Fricr. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Body officers, Boys' League and Girls' League presidents, and class presidents comprise the Student Council, a group whose duty it is to deal with problems of the Students and of the school. They approve the awards of athletic letters, the appointment of student committees and school publication staffs, and the organiza- tion of pep assemblies and rallies. First row: Barbara Hall, Phyllis Woolf, Roger Camp, David Shaeffer, Leonard Holmes, Bill Frierson, Bud Shere. Second row: Maxine Barbeau, Russell Palmer, Nick Macchione, Mr. Conover, Shirley Hodgson, Miss von Berg. GIRLS' LEAGUE Phyllis Woolf .........i.,,.,.,,.,........,,., President Mary Gain .......... Corresponding Secretary Helen McCavet ,..i...........,,,,, Vice-President Georgina Tillman ,.,,,,,,,..,..,,i,,,,, Treasurer Mary Ellen Bates ...... Recording Secretary Nadene Mathews ,i.,..................l, Reporter The Girls' League, composed of every girl in school, aims to promote school spirit, loyalty, and friendship among the girls. One of its greatest services is making new girls feel at home here and helping thosewho need aid. Their main activities of the year included selling candy at the interscholastic games, ushering for major performances, and provid- ing big sisters for all new girls. Left to right: Phyllis Woolf, Mary Ellen Bates, Mary Gain, Miss von Berg, Helen McCavet, Georgina Tillman, Nadene Mathews. BOYS' LEAGUE Nick Macchione .........,,.........,,.,,.,, President Delmar Fields ...... ........,.,,,.,... S ecretary John Frier ....e,,,........ First Vice-President Claude Calavan ...,,....... Sergeant-at-Arms Eugene Hiltunen ..,Y Second Vice-President Mr. W. H. Conover ................,,....Y. Adviser Composed of all Vancouver High School boys, the Boys' League aims to encourage cooperation and good school spirit among the boys, and to further their interests and ideals. Their most important activity of the year was sponsoring the Boys' League Smoker. Left to right: Nick Macchione, Delmar Fields, Claude Calavan, Mr. Conover, John Frier, Eugene Hiltunen. n 4 v The ALKI-1938 OFFICE SECRETARIES AND ASSISTANTS It is due to the efliciency and the helpfulness of Miss Mary Willlams, registrar, and Miss Ruth Albertson, office secretary, that the clerical work of the school is run so smoothly and so many of the students' problems are solved. Under their direction the office assistants take charge of attendance, carry notices, and run errands. Left to right: Miss Williams, Dorotny Cain, Corinne Hansen, Miss Albertson, Elaine Eangstrgnd, Marvel Dillabaugh, Minnie Takaki. Others: Virginia Boettcher, Elizabeth ramar . RED CROSS ATTENDANTS Leota Hanson ,,,,err,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,... Chairnzan Miss Dorothea von Berg ...,..,...,,.... Adviser The Red Cross Attendants are a group of girls, each of whom serve a scheduled period in the Red Cross room. They receive instruction in the care of emergency illness and in bandaging from Mrs. Shirley Briggs Elliot, school nurse, and are quite capable of taking care of minor illnesses and accidents in the school. First row: Evelyn Ehlenberger, Thelma Wellman, Vivian McLaughlin, June Keeney, Ellenor Dudley, Della Emery, Lois Koplin, Ruby Broughton, Lillian Davis. Second row: Mildred Harmala, Opal Rains, Doris lVlacComber, Mary Ellen Cramer, Marguerite lxinds- father, Janis Coughlin, Janet Grant, Leslie Knight. Third row: Elaine Andre, lda Flo- haug, Florence Andrews, Claudia Crites, Miss von Berg, Mable Parvi, Helen Richmond, Leota Hanson. Others: Helen Keller, Peggy Kuhn. TRAFFIC SQUAD Clifford Kuhnke ,,,,.,..,,.,,,....,..,,,,.....,,,, Chief Mr. J. D. Miller ,,.,................,,i,,.,, Adviser Boys on the Traffic Squad serve the school by patrolling the two pedestrian lanes in front of the school on Main Street. They are on duty before school, at both lunch periods, and after school to protect the students by directing the traffic efiiciently. Left to right: Floyd Chapman, Frank Enz, Stanley Wetherell, David Smith, Mr. J. D. Miller, Don Campbell, LaVern Bauman, Marvin Easton. Others: Clifford Kuhnke, Glen Campbell. LOCKER MONITORS Mrs. Bertha Hughes ................ Adviser The locker monitors guard the safety of the students' possessions by checking lockers left open, which the locker lieutenants later lock. The monitors take the permits, and the lieutenants collect them at the end of each period. First row: Phyllis Lacy, Marie Easley, Bernadine Imdieke, Marion Clark, Mildred Ericksen, Thelma Rice, Louise Webb, Iris Supernaw. Clara Scherruble, Frances Powell, Betty Wilson. Second row: June Keeney, Elaine Fitch, Eleanor Klein, Juanita Page, Dorothy Farmer, Mary Ellen Anderson, Donald Fanning, LeRoy Durdle. Third row: Dorothy Doran, Cloah Horton, Lela Terrill, Mary Ellen Cramer, Donald Howell, Burton Decker, Jack Barnes, Gertrude Kromminga, Laura Beall. Fourth row: Darline Haley, Katherine Schwan, Jerry Thompson, Russell Harry, Stanley Wetherell, Elbert Bjork, Willis Robb, Don Blair, Herman Logan, Joe Wile, Sylvon, Ayres, Howard Beletski, Dick Willson, Gerald Linn. W -5. xiii .sl pd al V The ALKI-1938 LETTERMEN'S CLUB Dale Moore ,,.... ,.,,..,A,,..,,,,,,,,,, P resident Worley Ellis ,,,,,,,,,,,l ,,-,-- S ec,-em,-y M1'. Shields .....,,,,,..,,,..,,,....,Y,Y...... Adviser I The Letterman's Club is an honorary organization for all boys who have received major athletic letters. Each year they sponsor the Letterrnen's Annual Hardtime dance. First row: Jack Wilson, Gilbert Carsten, Richard Miller, Worley Ellis, Merle Van Antwerp, Henry Wastradowski, Douglas Ripley, Eugene Hiltunen, Ernest Hoff, Jack McKay. Second row: Bob Skar, Warren Maltman, Lewis Haldeman, Larry Blount, Dale Moore, James Irving, Clinton John, Ed Williams, LeRoy Mayes, Paul Wood. Third row: Roger Camp, D'Arcy DeJuan, Jack Propstra, George Stonehouse, Bob Alexander, Claude Calavan, Glenn Dailey, Buster Davis, Pete Cherednik. Fourth row: Mr. Shields, Warren Hawkins, Herbert Ehle, Milton Brown. Others: Dale Prutzman. BUSINESS STAFF ASSISTANTS John Frier ..,.....,,,.,,,,,,,. Business Manager John Bixby ,,,,,... Asst. Business Manager M1'. W. H. Conover, Miss Laura Ruggless .,..,.,.,,,, Advisers Selling and taking tickets for major programs, pay assemblies, and football and basketball games is the duty of some of the Vancouver High School business staff. Others either assist Miss Laura Ruggless in the bookkeeping for student activities or have charge of the sale of and installment payments on student body tickets in Mr. Conoveris ofice. First row: Elizabeth Imdieke, Barbara Hall, John Bixby, Stanley Wetherell, Vernon Moore, Burton Decker, Nick Macchione, Shirley Hodgson. Second row: Ethel Guffnett, Rose Hiltunen, Helen Jacobson, Don Blair, Wayne Beall, Delmar Fields, Veda Horni- brook, Glenn Mathews. Third row: Robert Ritchie, David Shaeffer, Russell Harry, Mr. Conove1', John Frier, Bill Smith, LeRoy Durdle. COSTUME COMMITTEE Jerry Chappelle ,,,,,.,., ...,,i,,,., C hairman Miss Beulah Porter .,,.........,,,,.,..,,.. Adviser Witli their adviser, Miss Beulah Porter, the girls on the costume committee make the costumes for both the senior play and the Vodvil. They procure costumes for various assemblies, and take charge of the two costume rooms, keeping everything in order. Left to right: Marjory Wilson, Aleda Shambaugh, Miss Porter, Ellamarie Grunnett, Jerry Chappelle. MAKE- UP CLUB FIRST SEMESTER SEooND SEMESTER Dorothy Johnson ,,,,,,,,,...,...,...,,,, President Lorraine Wilson .,..........,..,,,....., President Veda Hornibrook .,.,,,,,.,,,..,. Vice-President Barbara Fleischman ,,,,.... Vice-President Ida Leaf ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary-Treaszwer Opal Rains .......,........ Secretary-Treasurer Miss Ruth Hall ,.,......................,., Adviser To be more proficient in the art of stage make-up, members of the Make-up Club meet once a month to discuss and demonstrate types of make-up work, and practice one hour each week. Besides making up characters for the Vodvil, the Senior play, and major assemblies, they serve various community groups. First row: Leona Luke, Frances Powell, Lillian Howe, Claribel Beutler, Virginia Hodge, Dorothy Johnson, Jean Monroe, Opal Rains, Nadene Mathews. Second row: Jean Woodworth, Mary Ellen Cramer, Darline Haley, Veda Hornibrook, Ida Leaf, Enid Shum- way, Lorraine Wilson, Dorothy Shaw. Third row: Miss Ruth Hall, Emma Lou Miller, Loren Smit, Vernon Ballantyne, Raymond McCall, Barbara Fleischman, Margaret Mun- roe. Others: Cloah Horton, Eleanor Parsons, Jennie Skelton. , ..,. ,,. .1. nf.. The ALKI-1933 ELECTRICIANS AND STAGE CREW Eugene Hiltunen ...........,.... Stage Manager Mr. Earl S. Wooster ,,,,.,.....,..,..,,,A.A. Adviser Much of the success of the Vodvil, Senior Play, and school assemblies is due to the work of the electricians and the stage crew, under the direction of Mr. Earl S. Wooster. These boys serve during assemblies and during the rehearsals and the presentation of major productions by creating stage light efi'ects, controlling auditorium lights, and shifting scenery. First row: John Bixby, Warren Maltman, Roy Watson, Bill Willson, Jack Wilson, Ed Williams, Dale Prutzman, Mr. Wooster. Second row: Glenn Fich, Conrad Frieze, Albert Foss, Joe Muench, Bill McLaughlin, Eugene Hiltunen, Clarence Loshbaugh, Earl Stout. Others: Walter Beatty, Edgar Swan. LIBRARIANS Mrs. Edda McCordic ........,....... Adviser The librarians serve the school by checking and repairing school library books, filing cards, and caring for lost and found books. They are on duty before, during, and after school to help the students. Whenever possible, they assist in repairing text books for class rooms. First row: Phyllis Jean Lacy, Marjorie Weber, Eleanor Gibson, Dorothy Holtberg, Jackie Bernstein, Viola Sater, Ruby Broughton, Mmnie Takaki. Second row: Alice Gee, Mrs. McCordic, Laverne Neil, Phyllis Wayman, Wilbur Desler, LeRoy Mayes, Joan Mor- gan, Leota Hansen. TRIADS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Marybell Holloway .,.,.,,,,,,.....,,,. Prcsident Enid Shumway .,,,.,. ,,.,.,.....,.,,.,. P resident Lindsay Leibfried ......,....... Vice-President Jane Straw ............... ...,.., V ice-President Jane Straw .............i.. ,............. S ecretary Jeanne Anderson ....... ........... S ecretary Mary Jean Baird ..... ........,....... T retlsurer Marybell Holloway ....... ....... T reasurer Miss Pearl Hall ,...,,,................... Adviser The Triad Club was organized to give art students a chance to develop an enhanced appreciation of art quality through the study of various art works and techniques and to provide opportunities for the talented members to express themselves. The informal atmosphere of the meetings gives the members a social experience that cannot be had in the regular art class. First row: Marjorie Weber, Rose Hiltunen, Katherine Schwan, Emma Lou Miller, Helen Richmond, Wanda Ross, Mildred Mattson, Helen Hesse, Jane Straw. Second row: Janis Coughlin, Francis Sly, Marybell Holloway, Lucille Wehrum, Nina Payne, Estelle Kinney, Pearl Elliott, Enid Shumway, Clyde Soha. Third row: Laverne Willson, Virgil Paro, Elmer Baton, Charles Sheldon, Lindsay Leibfried, Elroy Prosch, Leonard Crouch, Raymond McCall. INKIFINGERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Phyllis Reeves ,..... .,.,......... P resident Ellenor Dudley ...................,,,,.,.,, President Betty DeYoung ..... ................ S ecretary Mary Jean Baird ....... .............. S ecretary Mrs. Hilma Powers .................... Adviser The Inkifingers is a group of students interested in creative writing. Throughout the year, the members wrote articles for contests and for group discussion, and studied the modern novel. Some members made field trips to lectures by Dr. Victor Heiser and Mr. William Rose Benet. Mr. Theodore Harper, well-known novelist, spoke about writing to club members and guests at a luncheon in April. First row: Lillian Howe, Mary Jean Baird, Phyllis Reeves, Marcia Castle, Ellenor Dudley, Marcia Chaffins, Nadene Mathews. Second row: Ruth McNary, Elaine Eberly, Betty DeYoung, Mrs. Powers, Barbara Flcischman, Enid Williams, Wilma Shaffer. Others: Jeannette Hill. 4- The ALKI-1938 QUILL AND SCROLL Lucille Bangs ,,.,.,,,, .,,.....,........ P resident Marguerite Davenport ,,,,,.,.....,,,, Secretary Nadene Mathews .......,...,,,,, Vice-President Marilyn Weill .........,,..,..,, ....,., T reasurer Miss Blanche Hurd .,.,.....,,,....,,,. Adviser The Vancouver High School Chapter of the Quill and Scroll, International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, is composed of students outstanding in journalism and school publication work. They have grown in number from five to thirteen members during the past year. First row: Marilyn Weill, Roger Camp, Margery Cabe, Marcia Castle, Vivian Burr, Marguerite Davenport, Nadene Mathews. Second row: Lucille Bangs, Jerry Thompson, Bill Dilley, Miss Hurd, David Shaeffer, Mary Gain, Dorothy Kreis. COLUMBIA LOG STAFF Lucille Bangs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,.....,,,...,. Editor Nadene Mathews ..,.....,,,. Assistant Editor Bill Smith ,.,,,.,...,..... Business Manager Miss Blanche Hurd, Mr. David Miller ...,....,,,, Advisers Members of the Columbia Log Staff publish the school paper bi-weekly in the print- ing and journalism departments. Students on the editorial staff and the printers work two or three periods during school, and many hours after school in order to deliver the Log to the students at the scheduled time. First row: Mr. D. Miller, Roger Camp, Margery Cabe, Bob Skar, Lucille Bangs, Ruth Moe, Marcia Castle, Grace Matthews, Marguerite Davenport, Nadene Mathews. Second row: Ellamarie Grunnett, Gilbert Carsten, Bill 3'Dilley, Jack Propstra, Bob Palmer, Jean MacKellar, Dorothy Kreis, Peggy Forney, Marilyn Weill, Burton Decker. Third row: Elaine Ausve, Bill Smith, Jerry Thompson, Harlan Peyton, Stewart Gain, Walter Baty, Bill Frierson, Mary Gain, Vivian Burr. Fourth row: Bernard Tibbetts, Clarence Loshbaugh, Robet Robb, Sylvester Weber, Miss Hurd, David Shaeffer, Bill Shoun. Others: Glenn Courtney, Louise Sparks, Lester Barlow, Edgar Swan. PRINTERS Mr. David Miller ..,,,,,,...,,.,,....,,,, Adviser The Alki printers are the most proficient students in the printing department. It is due to the untiring work of these boys that the Alki is so outstanding and yet inexpensive. By working overtime on school days, evenings and week-ends, they were able to publish the Alki on schedule. First row: Mr. D. Miller, Bob Skar, Douglas Ripley, Harlan Peyton, Eldin Drew. Second row: Bernard Tibbetts, George Stonehouse, Stacy Millar, Sylvester Weber. ALKI STAFF Miss Ella Wintler, Mr. David Miller .........,.. Advisers Dorothy Kreis ....,,...,.........,................ Editor David Shaeffer ......,, Intramural Athletics Nadene Mathews .......,...... Associate Editor' and Senior Editor Enid Shumway ,,,.., ,,..,,...... S taf Artist Mary Ellen Bates ,,c,...,,.,. Advisory Groups Phyllis Reeves .......,.......,,....... Junior Editor Phyllis Jean Conover .... Sophoinore Editor Darline Haley ,.,....,.............. Organizations Shirley Hodgson .,,,., Music and Drarnatics Jerry Thompson..Interscholastic Athletics Carol Lindquist .,.,....,,..,,,. Girls' Athletics Rose Hiltunen ,,.,,,, .,,,.,,,. S chool Calendar Russell Palmer .,,... ,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,, P zctures Jeannette Hill ...,,, ,,,..,,.,,,,, P ictures Estelle Kinney ...,.. ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, T ypist Dorothy Doran ,.,,,... ......,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, T ypist Bob Skar ...................,.................... Printing Nick Macchione .........,.. Business Manager Stanley Wetherell Asst. Business Manager Bill Dilley .,,, Asst. Interscholastic Athletics First row: Darline Haley, Rose Hiltunen, Dorothy Doran, Enid Shumway, Shirley Hodgson, Phyllis Jean Conover, Carol Lindquist, Nadene Mathews. Second row: Bob Skar, Russell Palmer, Estelle Kinney, Jerry Thompson, Dorothv Kreis, Mary Ellen Bates, Nick Macchione. Third row: David Shaeifer. Don Kingen. Miss Wintler. Others: Jeannette Hill, Phyllis Reeves. Others: Stanley Wetherell, Bill Dilley. Darline Ho ley, Organizations 5 The ALKI-l938 HAIL TO THE VARSITY Hail to the V arsity! Cheer them along the way. Onward to victory, may they win again today! ?,Ue'll give a cheer for the Varsity, Long may they reign supreme. Shout 'till the echoes ring For the glory of our team. The ALKI-1938 Mr. Chester R. Duncan Mr. Chester R. Duncan, Supervisor of Music in Vancouver Schools, has brought honor not only to the high school but to the city of Vancouver as Well. He was recognized for his excellent work when he was chosen the outstanding Junior Citizen of 1937 by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Among his achieve- ments have been the presentation of vocal and instru- mental groups in many local concerts and the Win- ning of a high rating in the Southwest Washington Music Meet. Throughout his six years in Vancouver, Mr. Duncan has worked tirelessly to bring about an increasing appreciation of fine music. His unselfish eiforts as well as his sympathy and understanding has en- deared him to all Vancouver High School students. -Shirley Hodgson, Music and Dramatics Editor The ALKI-1938 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Mr. Chester Duncan, Conductor The A Cappella Choir has gained considerable favor during recent years at Vancou- ver High School. This year the choir received the highest possible rating at the S.W.W. Music Meet and took part as well in the Vodvil, Christmas program, Baccalaureate ser- vices and Commencement exercises. First Row: Bonnie Bohannon, Ella Swan, Evelyn McKelvie, Mary Jean Baird, Barbara Hall, Phyllis Jean Conover, Jane Straw, Velda Fettis, Vera Beherns, Lois Koplin, Margaret Henderson. Second row: Viola Sater, Phyllis Reeves, Oreva Parker, Eucla Dunn, Leota Hanson, Marcia Castle, Carol Lindquist, Virginia Garner, Virginia Hodge, Barbara Bates, Shirley Hodgson. Third row: Betty Harter, Lillian White, Mildred Guhr, Neoma Ballard, Nina Payne, Barbara Morehouse, Marie Hanson, Kathryn Van Atta, Vivian Burr, Helen Richmond, Claribel Beutler, Ruth Moe, Estelle Kinney, Margery Ryan, Betty Nelson, Ethel Peltier, Irene Jones. Fourth row: Roger Camp, Don Ashley, Relf Case, Irvin Jolliver, Bill Case, Ed Senechal, Delmar Fields, James Olson, Russell Palmer, Don Kingen, Ralph Chapman, Arthur Boddy, Richard Miller, Junior Johnson, Warren Hawkins, Floyd Chapman, Rodney White, Dick Blaker, Ernest Hoff. Fifth row: Robert Lang, Donald Howell, David Keller, Colin Bell, Wayne Compton, Harvey Giffin, Jerry Anderson, Kenneth Prager, Glenn Bainbridge. Other members of the glee club are: Virginia Falander, Dorothy Kesler, Dorothy Mon1'oe, Darlene Nelson, Annette Propstra, Kathleen Shannon and Sara-Jane Turck. VANCOUVER HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Mr. Chester Duncan, Conductor The orchestra takes a vital part in the activities of the school. Its participation in activities has included the Vodvil, Christmas Program, Senior C1353 Play, Southwest Washington Music Meet, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. The High School Orchestra has been the nucleus of the newly formed fifty-piece Vancouver Junior Symphony Orches- tra. First row: Grover Poe, Grace Johnson, Betty Harter, Evelyn Webberly, Lorene Hover. Second row: Bob Lang, Ethel Peltier, Betty Herold, Crystal Lewis, Louise Sparks, Otto Wheeler, Eda Wheeler, Eleanor Gibson, Carol Lindquist, Vera Strunk, Edward Rice. Third row: Mr. Monroe, Mr. Duncan, Charles Sheldon, Martin Eling, Herbert Swan, Francis Sly, Arthur Boddy, Spencer Hogg, Lewis Haldeman, Miles Lieser, Bob Hutton, Rueben Peterson, Irene Jones, Jennie Skelton, Eva Beatty. Fourth row: David Keller, Ralph Heller, Bill Runyan, Lester Miller, Ruth Carson, Jerry Anderson, George Green- lund. Others are: Leonard Nelson and Roy Kersteter. VANCOUVER HIGH SCHOOL BAND Mr. Chester Duncan, Conductor First row: Lewis Haldeman, Miles Lieser, Bob Hutton, Otto Wheeler, Jerrold Sher- son, Eleanor Gibson. Second row: Merveen Button, Bob Wachter, Don Kingen, Burton Baker, Pearl Richards, Donavan Johnke, Herbert Swan, Francis Sly, Arthur Boddy, Spencer Hogg, Charles Sheldon, Martin Eling, Dale Code, James Kern. Third row: Bob Allen, Margery Olson, Dorothy Johnson, Jack Woolf, Nancy Davis, Don Ashley, Harold Edwards, Marietta Thomas, Ruth Carson, Lester Miller, Bill Case, Bob Rohen, Leonard Nelson, Clarence Root, Paul Schumann, Warren Nelson, Val Hoyt, Robert Finley, Frank Maish, Herbert Sugg. Fourth row: Roberta Hartley, Ruth Durgan, Bob Kern, Emily Anderson, Roy Barton, Bill Haldeman, Lindsay Leibfried, Donald Johnson, Bill Andrews, David Keller, LaVerne Wilson, Lester Barlow, Jackie Bernstein, Bob Brainhard, Lee Mackey, Ralph Chapman, Wayne Leigh, Elmer Snoen. Howard Haley, Melvin Weaver, Jerry Anderson, Allen Brown, Loren Young, Claude Calavan, George Greenlund. Fifth row: Robert Lang, Eddie Miller, Eda Wheeler, Ethel Haines, Margaret Shurian. Others: Eilene Cotton and Roy Kersteter. Vancouver's popular High School Band had, as usual, a busy and an interesting year, including playing at all football and basketball games, in civic parades, in school rallies, on school programs, in the Governor's Day celebration, in the S.W.W. Music meet, and in radio broadcasting. The smart new uniforms of the band always enable the organization to appear at its best. -nm-n.:x-sm ...Y .....Q-.,4....-2-.-31.1-:Q-.-z,.u.,,:.1 w.ufn,n4.1.n .,., , E 6, F r , I , . ,-1. -. ,xaxwh-fvwv . -1.-.a-:name-wg-.,.f1-,-, ...N-,W-.,,.Nf.,.Mraf+-1-4--ry-f-v--rv-new , 1 . , . . 1 . rd ' "S"-1' 'WL' wr---f.-'"-s"A"s"-"'f'm-f:"".f' -:""'zf- -f' I' M 'A 'XV 1 "ef K' ' 5 ' 9 ' '- 5 -qv'-v--wvw. -V ww- --fgh-'-f,-'--1f.-fA-p-- -fn--A-4-f -- -fu, xi, ---,,- V, 1..- The ALKI-1938 MR. JOHN MONROE Mr. John Monroe, teacher of music in the Vancouver High School, has done invalu- able work in training individual students and in rehearsing group sections from the band and the orchestra. Being an accomplished violinist, he has developed the string sections of the orchestra to a high degree of excellence. His devotion to the music department helped Vancouver .students to win recognition in performances at home and in the South- west Washington Music Meet. ROBERT LANG Throughout his high school career, Robert Lang has served as pianist and as accom- panist for the various musical organizations, contributing generously to the interest and high quality of assembly programs and major productions. GIRLS' AND BOYS' SEXTETTES The Girls' and Boys' sextettes, two popular musical groups, have sung for innumer- able entertainments during the past year. Their most outstanding achievement was the Superior rating won by the girls and the Excellent rating won by the boys at the South- west Washington Music Meet. Girls' Sextette: Neoma Ballard, Kathryn Van Atta, Hrst sopranosg Carol Lindquist, Estelle Kinney, second sopranosg Shirley Hodgson, and Margaret Henderson, altos. Boys' Sextette: Russell Palmer, Delmar Fields, tenorsg Arthur Boddy, Junior John- son, baritonesg Rodney White, and Warren Hawkins, basses. BRASS SEXTETTE AND CLARINET QUARTETTE The Clarinet Quartette and Brass Sextette are instrumental ensembles which represented the school at many civic functions throughout the community and at the Southwest Washington Music Meet. Brass Sextette. Left to right: Ruth Carson, Lester Miller, Spencer Hogg, Elmer Snoen, Paul Schumann, and George Greenlund. Clarinet Quartctte. Left to right: Lewis Haldeman, Miles Lieser, Bob Hutton, and James Kern. GLEE CLUB OFFICERS The Glee Club olficers consist of the presidents and librarians of both the boys' and the girls' groups. The presidents take the roll and conduct rehearsals in the absence of the director, the librarians take charge of the music, and the choir robe attendants see that the robes are well cared for and ready to wear when the A Cappella Choir needs them. Left to right: Arthur Boddy, Jerry Chappelle, Shirley Hodgson, Marcia Castle, and Delmar Fields. BAND AND ORCHESTRA ATTENDANTS The secretaries, music librarians, and uniform attendants of band and orchestra are indispensable to the music department. They deserve much credit for the smooth functioning of their respective groups. The secretaries check attendance, handle ticket sales, and miscellaneous details, the librarians keep the music in good order, distributing and checking it ing and the uniform attendants issue and check in the band uniforms. Left to right: Jackie Bernstein, Eleanor Gibson, Don Kingen, Martin Eling, Burton Baker, and Grace Johnson. r. wrY-wsrwwwmef-v-vw.-.V-awwY-fm-vm-:naman 'mmm-.nff. , 1 f - ' , 1 5 I . , v. ' , .'mgfwwgg W, L .- Q., . - 5 g 5 - ,a,,L..w,..,v,,..,,,v,...,T,,..,,V,,,W, ,, , na ll 1 I.: " ' . . ..v,,.,v,,,v,,q?,,v,,4,Q,,-nr,,Kv,, 4' X ..,.,,....,i,,., -mf ,, ,,g.,- . .Qi The ALKI-1938 HONOR DRAMATIC SOCIETY The purpose of the Honor Dramatic Society is to give recognition to the students who have been outstanding in drarnatics, assemblies, the Vodvil, the Senior play, and stage craft. The members are chosen on points of reliability, cooperation, and dramatic talent. A student must be recommended by a teacher as worthy of membership, and must be unanimously approved by the committee consisting of Miss Lillian King, Mrs. Hilma Powers, Miss Dorothea von Beif, and Mr. Henry DeYoung. Members chosen May, 1938: Vera Beherns, Colin Bell, John Bixby, Eugene Hiltunen, Herman Logan, Oreva Parker, David Shaeffer, Jane Straw. First row: Mary Jean Baird, Enid Shumway, Helen McCavet, Barbara Hall. Second row: Miss King, Mrs. Powers, Mr. DeYoung, Miss von Berg. "BIG I-IEARTED HERBERT" Senior Play Miss Lillian King ..,.........,,,.......,,........ Director THE CHARACTERS Herbc-rt Kalness .,..,. ...,,,. D avid Shaeffcr Mrs. Goodrich ...... .,,..... P hyllis W0Olf Mrs. Kalness ,,,,.... ..,.,. B arbara Hall Mr. Goodrich .,...., ..,.., C harles Sheldon Alice Kalness ,,,,, .,.,,. V era Beherns Amy Lawrence .,..... ........... J ane Straw Junior Kalness ......... ...,........ R oger Camp Jim Lawrence ,.,,. ..,... J ack Propstra Robert Kalness .,,,.............. Herman Logan Mrs. Havens ............ ....... R uth Finney Andrew Goodrich ....,.....,,,,.....,,,,, Colin Bell Mr. Havens .,..................,,,.,..,., Bob Hutton Martha ,,,...,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,....,..,..,.... Elsie Rice Miss Ruby Evans, Mr. Cecil Tuttle, Miss Pearl Hall, Mr. D. Miller, Mr. W. H. Conover, Miss Laura Ruggless, and Mrs. Margaret Page Johnson ........,,,, Advisers The Senior Play, a three act comedy entitled t'Big Hearted Herbert," dealt with the trials of the parents and of the younger generation. By the actions of his long- suffering wife and children, Big Hearted Herbert was shown the folly of his tyranny and became a changed man. First row: Phyllis Woolf, Barbara Hall, Rofger Camp, Herman Logan, Jane Straw. Vera Beherns, Elsie Rice. Second row: Miss Evans, Miss King, Miss Ruggless, David Shaeifer, Bob Hutton, Charles Sheldon, Ruth Finney. Others: Jack Propstra, Colin Bell. THE 1938 VODVIL Mrs. Ruth Allen Smith, General Manager Mr. Chester R. Duncan, Orchestra and Chorus Miss Lucile Robinson, Advertising "The Fiesta of Cristobal," seventh annual Vodvil, December 3-4, 1937, presented in a musical comedy Queen Dolores I of Bolero, who must choose a husband so that she may be crowned ruler of her land. The Prime Minister's choice was Prince Horatio Sapolio, but Dolores fell in love with the organ-grinder, who turned out to be a prince in disguise. The course of the fiesta events included orchestra numbers, a Grecian solo dance, a tumbling act, a peasant chorus. a tango dance, a ballet dance, a masque dance, a one-act play, "The Devil Comes to Cristobal." and a peasant dance. The climax of the production was the Coronation of Queen Dolores and Prince Jose. The Vodvil included 340 students, both in the various acts and on the production staff. MASQUE DANCE Miss Rosa G. Webber, Director Among the unusual features of the Vodvil was the Masque Dance by members of the Girls' Athletic Association, in which sixteen girls appeared in huge masques constructed by students of the art department. Girls participating were Imogene Albertson, Phyllis Jean Conover, Gayle Dailey, Jean Dorman, Marie Easley, Ruth Finney, Maxine Laipple, Doreen Linn, Grace Mat- thews, Betty Nelson, -Oreva Parker, Marjorie Ryan, Georgina Tillman, Kathryn Van Atta, Irma Wood, and Phyllis Woolf. -Shirley Hodgson Music and Drarnatics Editor w - , .mana an-ual 'v"'1"v"v K 'V !1 IMP' ki img' xi tb' The ALKI-1938 TRAPPER SONG Over hill, over dale, 'Down the valley, through the vale, Oh, the Trappers go trapping along. Never fail, never quail, 'y is their slogan and their song, As the Trappers go trapping along. Then fight, Trap, fight! Take everything in sight! Fellows, we will win this game! For well we know, no matter where we go, That the Trappers come hack with the game. Keep on trapping, boys--The Trappers come back with the game Keep on trapping, boys-The Trappers come back with the game 'Rah! Rah! The ALKI-l938 i?' i l Mr. Marshall Shields The Student Body of Vancouver High School fully appreciates the character and coaching ability of Mr. Marshall J. Shields. He has always inspired his teams with a fiery and determined ambition to Win. I have been closely associated with our Coach during the past three years and with the other mem- bers of the football team feel an increasing admira- t' f ' h'i1. . , mn 01 1 -Dale Moore, Inspzratzon Mun -ilxfl? Football Inspiration Man Dale was not only an inspiration to the other boys to be driving on always, but also one of the finest linernen in Southwest Washington. -Marshall J. Shields The ALKI-1938 FOOTBALL SEASON 1937 During the 1937 football season, the Trappers played a continual, clean brand of football that made Vancouver proud of its team. Most of the defeats suffered by the Trappers were by close scores, and the games were usually decided by breaks of the game. Claude Calavan was named fullback on the all-conference team, while Larry Blount was placed at the end position on the second team. The 1937 squad selected Dale Moore as "Inspiration Man." The Student Council awarded varsity letters to Bob Alexander, Larry Blount, Claude Calavan, Gilbert Carsten, Pete Cherednik, Glenn Dailey, Buster Davis, Lewis Haldeman, Eugene Hiltunen, Ernest Hoff, Jim Irving, Warren Maltman, LeRoy Mayes, Richard Miller, Dale Prutzman, Douglas Ripley, Henry Wastradowski, Ed Williams, Jack Wilson, Paul Wood, and Bob Skar, manager. FOOTBALL SUMMARY Yancouver12 Roosevelt 0 Vancouver Chehalis Vancouver 0 Jefferson 19 Vancouver Hoquiam Vancouver 13 Woodland 0 Vancouver Longview Vancouver 13 ,.... ,..,,,. E ugene Bidhllancouver Centralia Vancouver 0 Aberdeen 6 Y?'Vancouver ,,i,,. Kelso Vancouver 0 ..... ,..,, O lympia 19 Vancouver ..,........... ,,,,,, C amas Despite valiant efforts in the last half, the Trappers could not overcome an earlier Aberdeen touchdown and lost their first conference game 6-0. Pete Cherednik made a beautiful 21-yard run in the closing minutes of tne first half to the Aberdeen 7-yard line, but any further advances by the Vancouver team were nipped in the bud. A heavier Olympia team handed the Trappers their second conference defeat by a score of 19-0. Carlson, of Olympia, ran 82 yards for the second Olympia touchdown. Henry Xvastradowski played a brilliant game for the Trappers in the fourth quarter when the Trapper reserves took over the veterans' posts. Before a homecoming crowd of 1500, the Trappers chalked up their first conference victory of the season when they completely outclassed the Chehalis eleven 25-0. Eddie Williams, Claude Calavan, and Ernest Hoff accounted for the Trapper touchdowns. Sweetly revenging last year's championship tilt defeat, the Trappers won their second straight victory when they defeated the Hoquiam Grizzlies 13-6. Eddie Williams scored the first Red and White touchdown and Claude Calavan plunged through for the second. The league leading Longview Lumberjacks were held to a 6-0 victory by the fighting Trappers. Vancouver came close to scoring in the final play of the first half when Richard Miller snared a pass and ran to the Longview two-yard line where he was forced out of bounds. The Trapper applecart was completely upset in the Armistice Day fracas when Stoves, of Centralia, ran 82 yards to a touchdown to defeat them 7-0. With Claude Cala- van carrying the brunt of the attack, the Trappers pushed the Tigers around for three quarters but could not get into pay dirt. With playing conditions at their worst, the Trappers drubbed the Kelso Highlanders by a score of 13-7. After a 7-7 first half tie, Pete Cherednik raced 70 yards to a touchdown on the opening kick-off in the second half to give the Trappers the game. In a game that will long be remembered in the hearts of V.H.S. students, the Red and White team lost the final contest of the year to the Camas Papermakers by a count of 18-14, With only tnree minutes to play, and with the Trappers leading 14-6, Don Gigler, flashy Camas back, broke lose for two touchdowns and a Camas victory. ,,,-,,,,.,,,,.i.,B,' 'aim 2' as ll- 5 TI iiifj,""',,,,g , 1 N .xl ' +1 Alexander, Bob Blount, Larry Culavznn, Claude Carsten, Gilbert Cherednik, Pete Irving, Jim Davis, Buster Dailey, Glenn Hiltuncn, Eugene Hoff, Ernest Haldvman, Louis Ripley, Douglas Mayes, Le-Roy Miller, Richard Maltman, VVarren Moore, Dale Prutzman, Dale VV:1stradoWski, H. Wilson, Jack XVilliums, Ed VVood, Paul Skar, Bob-Mgr. The ALKI-1938 BASKETBALL SEASON 1937-38 Vancouver reached the highest goal attainable in prep basketball-the winning of the State Basketball Championship, the first in the history of Vancouver High School. The long road leading up to the championship was one of the hardest and toughest that has ever been traversed by any Vancouver high school basketball team. The Trappers played opponents that were all ranked as class A schools, and walked through them with 28 vic- tories in 33 games. In pre-season games the Trappers took on the stiffest competition available in the Portland high schools, and came through to win a mythical championship of the Portland area. Lincoln high, win ier of the Portland high school division, was de- feated on their own floor for their only defeat suffered there during the entire season. The first contest of the year found the Trappers playing a ragged game that ultimately cost them a 38-27 defeat at the hands of Franklin. In a later contest, on the Franklin court, the Trlppers came back to win 36-33. With Worley Ellis and Jack Mulder leading the scoring parade, the Trappers defeated Roosevelt by a count of 34-23. ln a return encounter the Vancouver team emerged victorious 39-23. Another scalp was added to the rapidly growing string when the Trapper hoopmen defeated Washington 42-31. Lincoln high fell prey to the Red and White team by scores of 37-20 and 18-16. In this last game with the Portland school it was necessary to have two overtime periods to decide the game. In the final period Worley Ellis cut loose with an angle shot that swished through the net to give the contest to Vancouver. Jefferson was defeated 33-32 in one of the most exciting games of the pre-season campaign. Victory was sweet revenge for the Trappers as last year Vancouver defeated every high school team in Portland except Jefferson and lost to them 27-26. In their only encounter with the Grant "Generals" the Trappers coasted through with a 32-10 win. The Vancouver quintet broke even with Commerce, winning the first game 41-27 and losing the second 37-25. Benson was defeated 36-26. Coach "Dutch" Shield's proteges did not confine theirselves to high school teams but stepped into the higher class to break even with college freshmen teams. The Red and White team lost to the University of Oregon "Fresh" 29-21, but this was the lowest score these ace cagers were held to all season, either by high school or college freshmen teams. The Trapper hoopsters defeated the Oregon State "Rooks'l by a score of 28-24. In their first encounter with the Willamette University yearlings the Trappers handed the "Bear- catsn their only defeat suffered there during the entire Season. Vancouver players won both basketball games and individual recognition. Jack Mulder was narnf d cn the All-State team and Worley Ellis was named on the second All- State squad. Co-captains Worley Ellis and Jack Mulder were also placed on the S.W.W. all-conference team and the University of Oregon 'tFrosh" all-opponents team. Claude Calavan, Jack Propstra, and D'Arcy De Juan received recognition on the all-conference team. Worley Ellis led all scorers in the Southwest Washington League, while Jack Mul- der, who played one less game than Ellis, ranked third. In the conference opener at Longview the Trappers were completely upset by the "Jacks" to suffer their only conference defeat of the year. During the following weeks the Trappers defeated Camas, Kelso, Centralia, and Chehalis and pointed to their return game with the Longview five. In one of the best games of the season Vancouver turned back Longview by a score of 35-29. As a result of this game it was necessary to have a play-off game between the two schools. After much deliberation the Woodland gym was selected, and before a packed gym the two teams paired off against each other with both teams hoping for a win that would give them the S.W.W. championship and the right to the State meet. For three quarters the two quintets battled back and forth with neither able to break away to a substantial lead. In the closing minutes of the final quarter the Trappers put forth added steam to win the game 23-17 and the right to represent S.W.W. in the State Meet in Seattle. Although the Trappers had made an enviable record, they were not conceded much of a chance at the State Meet in Seattle. In fact when they were paired off against Ellens- hurg, it was thought by many that the Vancouver squad would be Stopped before they even S GJ E G5 S1 s-4 5 O F Q5 -1-v C5 -4- Ti V2 QF! F' 'N 'IT' F21 I '15 1-v 'VN vs -4-a 4'-'5 CU Q1 1-F The ALKI-1938 got started. The Trappers were not to be denied, and much to the chagrin of the strong Ellensburg team, the Trappers won by a score of 33-30. DlArcy De Juan lead the Vancou- ver scorers Wlth ten points and was followed by Worley Ellis with nine. The next day the Trappers met Anacortes, supposedly one of the strongest at the meet. The previous day the lads from Anacortes defeated Walla Walla, winner of the state tournament in 1937, by a score of 55-52. The Vancouver players went into that game with all odds seemingly against them to come out on the long end of a 29-27 score, The semi-finals found the Trappers bracketed against Lewis and Clark, the only remaining entre from the Eastern part of the state. This game was one that will be long remembered by the thousands who witnessed 1t. It was the weirdest and freakiest game of the entire tournament with the lowest score ever registered on the tournament books. At the half the score was tied 2-2. Vancouver made one field goal, and Lewis and Clark made two foul shots. In the beginning of the second half the Lewis and Clark boys got a jump on the Trappers and commanded a 7-2 lead. Vancouver, led by all-state Jack Mulder, came back in the fourth quarter to push across eight points to win 10-8 and the right to meet Everett for the championship of Washington. Jack Mulder made six of Vancouver's ten points. The Trappers played one of the smoothest games of the year against Everett, and for every point that Everett made the Red and White team scored two. There seemed to be a confidence about them, and they went about their work as if they knew what they were doing. From the opening whistle the Trappers started piling up a lead that was never to be overcome. By the end of the first quarter the score stood 11-6 in favor of the Vancouver club. In the second quarter the Trapper attack continued and by half time the Vancouver team had comman led a 24-14 lead. In the previous tournament games the Everett players had come back in the second half to overcome any lead that had been piled up against them. Any plans that the Everett players had made during half time of overcoming the Vancouver lead were immediately squelched. The Vancouver team worked like a highly geared machine and continued their onslaught to bring back to Vancouver the fi1'st basketball championship of Washinrton in its history by a score of 42-24. Jack Mulder led the scoring with 15 points and was closely followed by D'Arcy De Juan with 14. The Student Council awarded varsity letters to Worley Ellis, Jack Mulder, Claude Calavan, Jack Propstra. D'Arcy De Juan, Warren Hawkins, Herbert Ehle, Milton Brown, and Eugene Hiltunen, manager. Vancouver ...,,, Franklin Vancouver 21 ,,,.. ..,.. U . of O. Frosh 29 Vancouver ,...,..,, Roosevelt Vancouver 28 ,,,,,., ,.,,. O .S.C. Rooks 24 Vancouver ..... ...... N Vashington Vancouver 34 ....,,, ..,.......... C amas 18 Vancouver .,,,.... Lincoln Vancouver 24 ,, ,, .,,,...,........,,,, Kelso 17 Vancouver ,.,,, Lincoln Vancouver 19 ..........,,,, Columbia Prep. 10 Vancouver .,,.. Franklin Vancouver 45 .,.,,,. ,......,.....,,, C hehalis 26 Vancouver ..... Washougal Vancouver 26 ,...,,, ,,,,, C enti-alia 24 Vancouver ..,,,. Jefferson Vancouver 35 ....,... ,......... I lonfrview 29 Vancouver ........., Grant Vancouver 21 ,...,,, ....... W .U. Frosh 36 Vancouver ...,., Commerce Vancouver 52 ....,,, ..,,,,..,, C hehalis 35 Vancouver ....,,,. Benson Vancouver 36 .....,, ,,.,.. K elso 25 Vancouver ....... Commerce Vancouver 43 ....,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, C amas 26 Vancouver ....... Longview Vancouver 23 ....... .,,,, I ,ongview 17 Vancouver ,.,,,, W.U. Frosh Vancouver 33 ...... ,,,,,, E llensburg 30 Vancouver ..,,,.,.. Centralia Vancouver 29 .....,,,..............., Anacortes 27 Vancouver ......,,. Roosevelt Vancouver 10 ,, ,,,,,,.,, Lewis and Clark 8 Vancouver 42 ....,,, Everett 24 The ALKI--1938 TRACK SEASON-1938 I ' COACH CARL GUSTAFSON Mr. Carl Gustafson, Track Coach of V. H. S., is admired not only as a coach with outstanding ability but as a man who takes an interest in every fellow on the team. -I,a'rry Blount TRACK LETTERMEN Leslie Anderson Clinton John Larry Blount LeRoy Mayes Claude Calavan Dale Moore Glenn Dailey Douglas Ripley Worley Ellis George Stonehouse Berl Hewitt Allan VVestp'hal James Irving Bill Willson OTHERS ACTIVE IN TRACK: Jack Bland, Ralph Burns, Woodrow Cooper, Delmar Fields, Ralph French, Charles Furno, Ralph Gulliford, Russell Harry, Ernest Hoff, Kenneth Jacobson, Verman Mayes, Lester Miller, Frank Mohns, Harry Sutherland, Ed Williams, Bob Willson. HILL MILITARY ACADEMY RELAYS, April 1, At the Pacific Exposition Pavilion In the first meet of the season, the Vancouver Trappers placed third in the Metro- politan division, with George Stonehouse, Clinton John, Leslie Anderson, and Larry Blount taking first in the Interscholastic Mileg and Ralph French, Jack Bland, LeRoy Mayes, and Berl Hewitt taking third in the Interscholastic Distance Medley. ANNUAL VANCOUVER RELAYS, April 16, At Vancouver Vancouver placed fourth against seven Portland schools in this meet, with a total of 19 points. The men starring for Vancouver were George Stonehouse in the hurdles, and Worley Ellis in the pole vault. Ralph Gulliford, Jack Bland, George Stonehouse, and Larry Blount won second place in the Sprint Medley. LONGVIEW DUAL MEET, April 23, at Longview The Trappers defeated Longview 69 to 53, after taking firsts in seven events, and second in four events. Larry Blount won first place in the 4-10, and Clinton John, secondg LeRoy Mayes, second in the 8805 Leslie Anderson, first in the mile rung James Irving, first in the shot put, Bill Willson, second in the javelin throw, and Glenn Dailey, third: Claude Cilavan, first in the discus throw, Allan Westphal, first in the high jumpg and George Stonehouse, first in the high hurdles, and second in the low hurdles. VANCOUVER TRIANGULAR MEET, April 30, at Vancouver Longview and Centralia, the visiting teams, were defeated by Vancouver after the Trappers scored 67 points. Worley Ellis starred for Vancouver with a 12 foot 45 inch jump. Other firsts were Leslie Anderson, in the mile rung Douglas Ripley, shot put, Glenn Dailey, javelin throw, Larry Blount, discus throw, George Stonehouse, high and low hurdles. LONGVIEVV ELIMINATI-ON RELAYS, May 14, Longview The Vancouver Trapper track team won the Longview Elimination track meet by a score of 6116 points May 14. Those qualifying for the district elimination meet at Olympia were George Stonehouse, LeRoy Mayes, Larry Blount, Clinton John, Leslie Anderson, Worley Ellis, James Irving, Dale Moore, Douglas Ripley, Allan Wesphal, Bill Willson, and Glenn Dailey. OLYMPIA DISTRICT TRACK MEET, May 21, at Olympia PULLMAN INTERSCHOLASTIC STATE MEET, May 28, Pullman The ALKI-1938 TRACK Pete Cherednik, Reuben Peterson, Ed Rice .,,,..,.,,,, Managers Mr. Carl Gustafson ..,,, Coach First row: Charles Furno, Ralph Burns, Bob Wilson, Verman Mayes, Leslie Ander- son, Douglas Ripley, Larry Blount, Francis Mortek, Ernest Hof, LeRoy Mayes, Berl Hewitt, Coach Gustafson. Second row: Ralph Gulliford, Bill Case, Woodrow Cooper, Ed Williams, Paul Gomulkiewicz, Allan Skov, Arthur Carlson, Glenn Fich, Jack Bland, Donovan Janke, Pat Sutherland. Third row: Allan Westphal, Bud Kemp, Ralph French, Clinton John, Claude Calavan, Russell Harry, Albert Foss, Bill Willson, Ed Rice, Reuben Peterson, Pete Cherednik. Fourth row: Lester Miller, Lee Kramer, Merle Van Antwerp, Jim Irving, George Stonehouse, Kenneth Jacobson. SWIMMING Joe Augenblick ..,,,,.,..... ,,......,,,.,i,, C aptain LeRoy Durdle ,,,,... .,.... .,...,,., i VI cmager Mrs. Ema Lou Harvey ..,......,.. Coach The Vancouver Swimming team entered fourteen competitive meets, eleven of which were conference meets. They won two meets from Longview and one from Aberdeen, and lost to Lincoln, Stadium, and Everett. Ernest Hoff won the State Championship for diving, and Joe Augenblick, Vernon Moore, Joe Luna, and La Verne Willson placed at the State meet in Seattle. First row: Joe Augenblick, Bert Winter, Roy Watson, Mrs. Harvey, Don Kingen, Joe Luna, LeRoy Durdle, manager. Second row: Dan Crowley. Loris Lovette, Jack Senechal, Leslie Anderson. Stacy Millar, Ernest Hoff. La Verne Willson, Ed Senechal. Others: Vernon Moore, Bill Case, Lester Miller, Bill Dilley, and Orville Varnson. TENNIS AND GOLF TENNIS Ruth Finney ...,........,,.,.......,,,,,.... President Mr. Earl Wooster .....,..,,,,,.,,.,.,,.,. Adviser The Vancouver tennis team played and won six matches. Four of these were against Commerce of Portland, one with Longview, and one with Corvallis. The team also held an elimination tournament in which the Intramural Scholastic Magazine medal was awarded. Teams: Doris Brown, Milton Brown, Worley Ellis, Ruth Finney, Warren Hawkins, Doreen Linn, Bill Palmer, Annette Propstra, Quinton Standiford, Merle Van Antwerp. GOLF Herbert Ehle ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.....,.,....,.,, President Mr. Arthur Jolin ,,,,..,.,..,................ Adviser The Vancouver high school golf team won the S.W.W. championship cup in a six team tournament at Chehalis and played seven matches. They lost only one to Longview, and they won from Kelso. Camas, Longview, and Jefferson fPortlandJ. The golf team also sponsored an invitational meet at the Evergreen golf course. Players: Arthur Carlson, Bill Dilley, Herbert Ehle, Helen Fell, Leonard Holmes, Jack Propstra, Gene Smith. First row: Ellamarie Grunnett, Helen Fell, Milton Brown, Warren Hawkins, Worley Ellis, Merle Van Antwerp, Ruth Finney, Doreen Linn, Barbara Bates. Second row: Miss Porter, Mr. Jolin, Bill Dilley, Arthur Carlson. Jack P1'opstra, Leonard Holmes, Bob Simp- son, Bob Wilson. Third row: Herbert Ehle, Eugene Smith, Mr. Wooster. RIFLE CLUB Orville Hancuff ,,,,.,,,,...,,,,........,,,, President Mr. Carl Gustafson ,.......,..,............ Adviser During the second year of its existence, the Rifle Club was granted its honorary national charter. It had two matches with Longview, winning one and losing one. First row: Francis Schwarz, Robert Ritchie, Archie Brusch, Burton Decker, Vernon Moore, La Verne Willson. Loren Smit, Richard Johnson, Bruce Conway. Second row: Mr. Gustafson, Fred Massie. Ed Barrington, Neal Carson, George Stonehouse, Orville Han- cuff, Bob Juzek, David Smith, Lynn Stone, Allan Westphal. -Jerry Thorrtpsori, I'nterscholdsfic Sports Editor Bill Dilley, Assistant Editor X 4 The ALKI-1938 INTRAMURAL SPORTS Mr. James D. Miller, Director With the opening of the school year, the V.H.S. Intramural Sports headed by Mr. James Miller, launched itself upon another campaign of intra-group athletic compe- tition. Assisting Mr. Miller were David Shaeifer, Bill Haldeman, and Valain Van Antwerp. Several new sports 1marksmanship, horseshoes, ping-pongj were added to what previously had seemed a full docket and the result was a year of much activity. As in the past, the all-sports plaque was to be given to the group winning the most points throughout the year. The present holder of the trophy, Mr. W. E. Dudley's group, was in the middle of the scramble for its possession, but was hard pressed by Miss P. Hall's and Mr. A. Jolin's groups as the Alki went to press. GROUP MANAGERS First row: Jack Stein, Bill Hoy, Milton Brown, Joe Augenblick, Wallace Miller, Bill Kraus, Pete Cherednik, Vernon Enger. Second row: Ben Phillips, Merle Van Antwerp, Walter Baty, Stacy Millar, Elmer Belknap, Glenn Dailey. VOLLEYBALL Determined to leave their name somewhere in the 1938 intramural record books, Mrs. Margaret Johnson's senior boys chalked up the first championship of the year on -October 14, when they topped their string of volleyball victories with a straight set triumph 121-113 21-153 over Mrs. Ruth Smith's group to gain the crown in that sport. Consolation honors went to Miss Pearl Hall's group. Left to right: Delmar Fields, Vernon Moore, Paul Schumann, Worley Ellis, Silvon Ayers. BASKETBALL Mr. Shield's group won the year's basketball laurels. The Shieldsman claimed victory when on November 19, they defeated Mr. W. C. Brown's team in the finals 10-S. Last year's champions, Mr. W. E. Dudley's group, snared the consolation champion- ship on the same evening, with a 26-9 win over Mr. Louis Barter's team. First row: Norman Gilkey, Howard Naskedov, Walter Beatty. Second row: Joe Augenblick, George Stonehouse, Leonard Holmes. SWIMMING On December 8, Mrs. Bertha Hughes' advisory group won the intramural swimming championship. Mr. W. E. Dudley's group was in second place with 18. The individual winners were W. E. Dudley's group 1100 yd. free style relayj, Don Kingen 150 yd. breaststrokeb, W. C. Brown's group 175 yd. medley relayj, Orville Varn- son 125 yd. free stylej , Lewis Haldeman 150 yd. backstrokej , LeRoy Mayes 1100 yd. free stylel, Lester Miller 150 yd. free stylej, Burt Winter 1220 yd. free style' , and Tom Ser- vice 1fancy divlngl. ' ' Left to right: Bert Winter, Lester Miller, Lewis Haldeman, Donald Kingen, Tom Service, LeRoy Mayes. TRACK By the wide margin of 21 points, Mr. W. E. Dudley's advisory group won the April track championship. In second place was Miss Pearl Hall's senior group. First row: Delmar Fields, Bob Wilson, Ed Williams, LeRoy Mayes, Pete Cherednik. Second row: Jack Bland, Floyd Hollerbach, Leslie Anderson, Ernest Hoff. INDIVIDUAL SPORT WINNERS Herman Logan 1Ping-pongj , Bud Kemp 1Tether Balll, Bob Juzek 1Marksma1'1shipj, Beryl Hewitt 1Cross Countryl . -David Shaeffer, Intramm'al Sports Editor .ww-.w.4-N ww -,-.- -. -nun 2 x 5 gm 5 f U . ..1.Z.:.m:1...i.Y....,...a.w .V yr- -5'-1-19, -wp--.,Yaf-fav'-wg-N--fy -5. , , . .' ' "" ' . J , ' ' r- ..-W,-M -.Qt-f -u,,,,.-3 The ALKI-1938 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Ruth Finney .,,.,, ..............,, P resident Virginia Whitney .,.,, A..... S ecretary Dorothy Brock ,..,. .,....,,. V ice-President Marie Easley ,,,,,,,,. ,A.,, T reasurer Miss Rosa Webber ,,,,,.,,,.,...,..... Adviser The aim of the Girls' Athletic Association is to stimulate interest in good health, scholarship, sportsmanship, social contacts, and athletics. The requirements for member- ship are a HC" average and five points a semester in some sport. In addition to athletics the G.A.A. presented an assembly program and sponsored a school dance. First row: Marie Easley, Ruth Reese, Eleanor Klein, Marjorie Nagle, Dorothy Kreis, Betty Harter, Ruth Finney, Doreen Linn, Betty Nelson, Maxine Laipple, Helen McCavet, Georgina Tillman, Gayle Dailey, Phyllis Woolf, Virginia Whitney. Second row: Marcia Chafiins, Grace Matthews, Jewel Miller, Carol Lindquist, Vivian Burr, Marcia Castle, Phyllis Reeves, Shirley Hodgson, Ann Craig, Margaret Kern, Nancy Pelton. Third row: Velda Fettis, Oreva Parker, Louise Sparks, Dorothy Munro, Margaret Galbraith, Dorothy Holtberg, Betty Lou Hipskind, Bernadine Imdieke, Marjorie Olson, Ruby Broughton, Miss Webber. Fourth row: Phyllis Conover, Levonne Bruch, Roberta Abrahamson, Barbara Fleischman, Elaine Ausve, Doris Brown, Marjorie Ryan, Elaine Eberle, Jean Dorman. Fifth row: Irma Wood, Imogene Albertson, Dorothy Kesler, Barbara Bennett. Others: Dorothy Brock, Cleo Freeman, Iris Fries, Margaret Henderson, Mary Jean Malone, Dor- othy Shirk. LETTER GIRLS' CLUB Betty Harter ,.... ............,..... P resident Dorothy Kreis ,,,l....., r.... S ecretary Ruth Reese .....,,...,.,,,,,,...,.,.. Vice-President Dorothy Brock ,.......,,,,....or,,...,,,l, Treasurer Miss Rosa Webber .....,.,.,.,........ Adviser The Letter Girls' Club is an honorary branch of the G.A.A., composed of G.A.A. mem- bers who have earned one hundred or more points in athletics. With the recent addition of archery and badminton, it is now possible for a girl to earn one hundred points a year. Ruth Finney and Betty Harter are the first girls to become three year letter girls. The sports for which a girl may turn out are volleyball, basketball, archery, badminton, tum- bling, ping-pong, tennis, softball, horseshoes, and track. First row: Marie Easley, Ruth Reese, Eleanor Klein, Marjorie Nagle, Dorothy Kreis, Betty Harter, Ruth Finney, Doreen Linn, Betty Nelson, Maxine Laipple, Helen McCavet, Georgina Tillman, Gayle Dailey, Phyllis Woolf, Virginia Whitney. Second row: Dorothy Brock, Miss Webber, Ruby Broughton. Others: Cleo Freeman. FIRST TEAM ARCHERY Ruth Reese ,..........,....,,,................. Manager Miss Webber ..............,,.......,...,,.,..... Adviser Archery is the newest, and one of the most popular sports in Vancouver high school. In the past two years the G.A.A. has spent one hundred dollars on archery tackle. First row: Phyllis Woolf, Georgina Tillman, Betty Harter, Maxine Laipple, Ruth Finney, Imogene Albertson, Doreen Linn, Ann Craig, Elaine Ebe1'le, Marie Easley. Sec- ond row: Miss Webber. ALL - STAR BASKETBALL TEAM Betty Nelson .,,,....,,.,,.,,,..,.. .........,., M omager Miss Webber ......,.,.....,.....,,,,..........., Adviser These girls were chosen out of a large group for their skill in basketball, and for their sportsmanship. Left to right: Maxine Laipple, Phyllis Woolf, Louise Sparks, Marie Easley, Miss Webber, Betty Harter, Ruth Finney. -Carol J arze Lindquist Girls' Athletics Editor F ' bl 12" . Aff? 4 VM " . , P , ,H . X1 V i ,Y 1 The ALKI-1933 GIRLS' LEAGUE CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 11-Roosevelt Game-Sold Candy 15-Cabinet Meeting 22-Cabinet Meeting 24 29 -Woodland Game-Sold Candy -Cabinet Meeting OCTOBER 6-Girls' League Assembly-Installation 7-Cabinet Meeting 8-Olympia Game-Sold Candy 13-Cabinet Meeting lo-Girls' League Mix 16-Eugene Game-Sold Candy 22'-Homecoming Came-Sold Candy 27-Cabinet Meeting 28-29-Ushers-Teachers Institute 29-Hoquiam Game-Sold Candy NOVEMBER 3-Cabinet Meeting 6-Conference at Shelton 10-Cabinet Metting Centralia Game Sold Cand II- - y 17 Girls' League Assembly-Dr. Hopper 24 -Cabinet Meeting DECEMBER 1-Cabinet Meeting 2-Ushers for Vodvil Matinee 3-4 -Ushers for Vodvil 15-Girls' League Assembly- M1's. Lauton Girls' League Noon Dance 16-Red Cross Luncheon Cabinet Meetin 8' 17-Cabinet Christmas Luncheon 19-Ushers for Christmas Program -Girls' League Assembly--Dr. -Cabinet Meeting FEBRUARY -Cabinet Meeting -Longview Game-Sold Candy -Girls' League Assembly Cabinet Meeting -Cabinet Meeting -Chehalis Game-Sold Candy MARCH 2-Cabinet Meeting 45Camas Game-Sold Candy 16-Cabinet Meeting Girls' League Assembly -Cabinet Meeting --Kiwanis Show Ushers -Cabinet Meeting APRIL -Girlsl Conference at Raymond --Cabinet Meeting -Cabinet Luncheon --Ushers for State Theater 22--Ushers for Band Concert --Cabinet Meeting Girls' League Nominations -Red Cross Luncheon -Girls' League Elections MAY -Cabinet Meeting -20-Big Sister Conference -Cabinet Meeting -Honor Assembly JANUARY 5-Cabinet Meeting JUNE 14-Dance Etiquette Presented for Boys' 5-Ushers for Baccalaureate League 9-Ushers for Commencement BOYS' LEAGUE CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 19-Boys' League Assembly 15-Cabinet Meeting FEBRUARY 30-Boys' League Assembly-Captain O. A. Rice OCTOBER 13-Cabinet Meeting NOVEMBER 10fCabinet Meeting 24-Cabinet Meeting DECEMBER 8-Cabinet Meeting 21-Cabinet Meeting JANUARY 14-Boys' League Assembly 18-Cabinet Meeting 1gCabinet Meeting -Cabinet Meeting 21-Boys' League Assembly Judge Millard MARCH 1-Cabinet Meeting 2-Noon Dance 15--Cabinet Meeting APRIL -Boys' League Smoker -Boys' Leag'ue Elections MAY -Dads' Night Goss The ALKI-1933 SCHOOL CALENDAR 1937-38 SEPTEMBER, 1937 8-Opening Day 10-"High Notes"-First Broadcast 11-Football-Roosevelt, here 13-17-'Student Body Ticket Sale 14-Benson, here 16-Alaska Travelogue 17-Pep Assembly Jefferson, there 21fPep Assembly-Football Picture 24-Pep Assembly OCTOBER 1-Senior Assembly-Traditions Aberdeen, there o-Nelson-Denny Tests 8-Olympia, here 13-Assembly-Chevrolet Pictures 14 Senior Boys' Assembly-Rev. C. S. Mook 15-Girls' League Mix 16-Eugene, here I 19-Sophomore Class Meeting Pay Assembly-'4March of Civiliza- tion" 21-Football Rally and Parade Junior Class Meeting 22-Homecoming Assembly 2' 25-27-Art Exhibit 27-Assembly-Theo, Roosevelt's Chehalis, here Homecomin Dance Birth day 9A Party 28-29-Teachers' Institute 29-Hoquiam, here NOVEMBER 3fAssembly-Mr. Guin -1 9 -Longview, there -Open House Junior Class Meeting 11fAssembly-Mr. L. Schaefer Centralia, here 12-Assembly-Junior Class Play Sophomore Class Party Pa Assembl Miss Goude l:i- y y- 16-Senior Class Meeting 19-Assembly-Dr. Gaiser Kelso. there 22-Pay Assembly-Pearl Young 24-Assembly-Vodvil Skits 20-26-Thanksgiving Vacation 23-Camas, there DECEMBER 2-Vodvil Matinee 3sAssembly-Mr. Ottenheimer 3-4 -Vodvil 7-Tom Thumb Circus 8-Intramural Swimming Meet S-Football Banquet 9-"Taming of the Shrew" 10-Lincoln, he1'e 14-Junior Class Meeting 15-Girls' League Noon Dance Lincoln, there 17-Assembly-WPA Band Junior Class Party 20-Assembly-Football Letters Senior Class Meeting 22-Assembly - Christmas Program Music Dept. Jefferson, here 23-Jan. 3-Christmas Holidays JANUARY, 1938 o-Pay Assembly-Williams' Marionettes 7--Assembly-Red Cross Film Basketball at Longview S-Centralia, here ll-Junior Class Meeting 12-Assembly-Chevrolet Pictures 14MAssembly-Sophomore Program Alki Dance 21-Camas, there Swimming Meet with Longview 26-Swimming Meet at Salem 27-No School Z8-New Semester Kelso, here 29-Swimming Meet with U. of VV. Frosh FEBRUARY 4+Assembly-'tldylls of the King" Chehalis, there Swimming Meet at Tacoma 5-Centralia, there Swimming Meet at Everett 10-Noon Dance-Golf Club 11-Assembly-Don Quixote Longview, here 12-Swimming Meet with Aberdeen 15--Junior Class Meeting Assembly-Game Conservation Film 18-Assembly-Washington's Birthday Swimming Meet at Longview Lettermen's Dance 22-Holiday-Washington's Birthday -Senior Class Meeting gAssemb1y-Music Department Chehalis, here 26-Swimming Meet with Everett 28-Assembly-Dr. Ivan Gould 24 25 MARCH 1-Kelso, there 2-Noon DancegBoys' League 3--Senior Girls' Assembly 4-Senior Conference Camas. here 5-Swimming Meet at Aberdeen The ALKI-1938 SCHOOL CALENDAR 1938 MARCH -Pay Assembly-Brown and Menely Championship - Longview at Wood- land Swimmin Meet at Lincoln S -Instrumental Music Meet at Chehalis 18-Tolo Week -Assembly-Senor De La Rosa Assembly-Tolo Special -Junior Class Meeting 19-State Basketball Tournament -Assembly-G. A. A. Girls' League Tolo Dance -Swimming Meet with Stadium State Basketball Championship Everett at Seattle -Assembly-Basketball Rally -Sophomore Class Meeting -Kiwanis Matinee -A ssembly-Music Department Cross Country Run Kiwanis Milk Fund Benefit Show -Vocal Music Meet at Centralia State Swimming Meet at Seattle -Assembly-I-Ii Jinx Skits -Senior Class Meeting Intramural Track Meet -Noon Danc-Alki Staff Intramural Track Meet APRIL iAssembly-Boys' League Program -Girls' Pla Da -Centralia Y Y Girls' League Conference, Raymond 4 -Assembly-Linfield A Cappella Choir 5-Boys' League Smoker 6 11 14 15 16 18 25 28 29 6 12 13 14 19 21 26 27 28 3 9 Assembly-Mr. Ottenheimer -8-Spring Vacation -Forest Ranger Film -Junior Class Meeting -"She Stoops to Conquer" -Vancouver Relays -Assembly-Music Department 22-Assembly - Junior Class Program and Basketball Letters -Senior Conference -Girls' League Elections -Junior-Senior Prom MAY -Student Body Election Assembly-Senior Play Skits Senior Party -Boys' League Election -Senior Play -Elimination Track Meet at Longview -Junior Class Election Sophomore Class Election -District Track Meet at Olympia -Advisory Group Elections -Assembly-Memorial Day Program -State Track Meet JUNE -Senior Assembly -Baccalaureate -Commencement Senior Ball -Rose M. Hiltzmen, Calemlar .imma--vu.,. V ' Q. vt' ..-...N . 4' l-iff'-3 The ALKI-l938 AUTOGRAPHS

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