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-- : — te » TT gap” THE 1987 COLLEGIAN For the past 65 years, since the founding of the school in 1922, the Christian Brothers of Ireland have been running Vancouver College according to the standards set by Br. Edmond Ignatius Rice. The school is located at 5400 Cartier St., Vancouver, British Columbia. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. FACULTY.P.12 2. GRADUATES.P. 30 3. ELEMENTARY.P.66 4. HIGH SCHOOL.P. 80 5. SPECIAL EVENTS.P. 144 6. FINE ARTS.P. 144 7. ORGANIZATIONS.P. 158 8. SPORTS.P. 172 9. FRIENDS.P. 210 3 THE 1987 COLLEGIAN STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF. ASSISTANT EDITOR. BUSINESS MANAGER.... DARKROOM HEAD. HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER MODERATOR. .Anthony Russell .Robert Lee .Mark Semeins .Alexander Wadsworth .Janklaus Dreher Mr. Bruce McKay, Br. E.J. English LAYOUTS: Introductory. ..Jason Choo, Anthony Russell Faculty.Michael Dewitt, John Hinze, Anthony Russell Graduates.Anthony Chow, Thrasso Petras, Anthony Russell Elementary.Jason Choo, Anthony Russell High School.William Hamlin, Anthony Russell Special Events.Anthony Russell, Andre Silva Fine Arts. Jason Choo, Anthony Russell Organizations.John Jeong, Anthony Russell Sports.Robert Lee, Marc Baca, Patrick Calasan, Anthony Russell Friends.Anthony Russell, Dino Sita DARKROOM STAFF Alex Wadsworth, Juan Mejia, Andrew McKecknie, Edwin Kwong, Quentin Boultin, David Hamlin, Mark Mogatas, Joseph Ramos, Brendan Fong, Joe Lau, Marc Schellhase, Andre Paris, Patrick Masson, Anthony Russell PHOTOGRAPHERS J. Klaus Dreher, Avelino Chew, Jonathan Chow, Dan Fiegert, John Lau, Jose Lopez, Brendan McCabe, Mark Mogatas, Richard Ng, Alex Wallcott, Edwin Kwong N.S.S. REPRESENTATIVE.Dino Sita 5 LET THE CHILDREN COME TO ME. DO NOT SHUT THEM OFF. LUKE: 18:16 7 8 FATHER JAMES WHELIHAN There are many faces to Father James Whelihan: athlete, spiritual leader, teacher, and devoted follower of Christ. When growing up in Ontario, Fr. Whelihan attended Assumption College, (now the University of Windsor), where he played halfback on the football team against top American colleges, including Michigan State. On September 1, 1926. after two years of teaching. Fr. Whelihan joined the Basilian order of priests. He was ordained four years later. Fr. Whelihan had indelible memories about being stationed in Texas when it was still wild and wooly. Next he rode north to Calgary, where he remained for forty years. He continues to be revered there as a great math teacher, football coach, and priest. Several scholarships have been endowed in his name. Father Whelihan came to Vancouver College as chaplain in 1975. He was still active then at the age of 73, and walked five miles a day. He even completed the 25 kilometer Walkathon, which he participated in every year. He was given the undisputable nickname “Wheels”. Br. Gerard described Fr. Whelihan as “the most simple true saint I have ever met; he is a nature lover with a beautiful sense of humor and a wonderful rapport with young people.” Anyone who knew him knew he was possibly the humblest man alive. He kept occupied in the summer with a parish in Alaska. On November 21, 1977 Fr. Whelihan celebrated 50 years as a professed member of the Basilians. Five years later he celebrated his 80th birthday here at V.C. In 1984 he returned to Alberta. He soon lost his sight, and after a brief illness he passed away at the age of 85. “Wheels” will be remembered not only as a part of V.C. history, but also as an integral member of the Vancouver College Community. We pray for you Fr. James Whelihan, and we know you are praying for us. 10 PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE While it is a pleasure to send these few words of greeting to the students through the Collegian 1987, there is also a tinge of regret. I am leaving Vancouver College after three happy years as Principal, and the Grade 12’s are leaving after many more years as students. It is always a regret to say goodbye to so many fine young men who have contributed so much to their Alma Mater and have inspired others by their example and leadership. But that is what life is all about. We pass on, and if we are remembered for the good we accomplished, then we have reason to be proud of ourselves. We are always proud of those students who have responded to our philosophy and have grown with us in wisdom and grace. As we all step forth to face the exciting challenge of the future, remember to carry in your minds and hearts the impact of our school’s beautiful motto: “SEMPER FIDELIS - ALWAYS FAITHFUL”. God bless you and yours Brother John F. McHugh, CFC. Principal 1 , ■ -«. ■ ■, ■. ■. ■. 0 . v fv " ; ■C 1 ;Vj vfv; A v V " b i b i i i i i i i b i b i i in 1 ■ ■ ■ 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 ■ 1 ■ 1 ■ ■fi FACULTY THE VICE PRINCIPALS Mr. D. Sponza. B.A. This was Mr. Sponza’s tenth year at V.C., and his second as vice-principal. He also taught Geography 12 this year. Br. D.F. Nash. B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D. Br. Nash has been at V.C. for seven years, four years in his first assignment and three years in his second assignment. He is presently Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Communications. He is also the Religious Superior of the Brothers ' Community. He is the Editor of the College Newsletter and the Teachers’ Weekly Bulletin. Mr. M. Kim, B.Ed. Mr. Kim has been at V.C. for twenty years. He is the Vice-Principal of the Elementary School. He teaches Learn¬ ing Assistance, Enrichment, and Computer Studies. Mr. G. Accili, B.Sc., Cert.Ed. Mr. Accili taught Math 10, Religion 9, and Science 8 this year. He was also the General Manager for the Basketball program. Mr. P. Adams, M.Ed. Mr. Adams taught Art and Religion. He was also the Moderator for the Walkathon. He taught homeroom 104. Mr. W. Anderson, B.P.E. Mr. Anderson was the P.E. department head this year. Br. F. Basil Blom, N.D.L, B.Ed. Br. Basil taught for one year at V.C. in 1962. Then he came back ten years later, and is still with us. His homeroom this year was 92. Mr. B. Batista. Mr. Batista has been with the Col¬ lege for thirteen years on the Janitorial Staff. Mr. Beaton, B.Ed. Mr. Beaton is a new addition to the V.C. faculty. He teaches Religion and Business Ed. Mr. D. Beers, B. Commerce, Teaching Cer¬ tificate. This is Mr. Beers’ second year at V.C.. He is the Varsity Basketball Coach. This year he taught Consumer Education. He is proud to be involved with the best school around. Mr. J. Bell, B.Ed. Mr. Bell was head of the French department this year. He organizes the annual trips to France. Mrs. N. Borovic. Degree in Chem. Engineering. Mrs. Borovic taught Chemistry 11 and 12 this year. «ik Mr. Budai, B.Ed. Mr. Budai has been teaching at V.C. for five years and is currently the In¬ tramural Director and assistant tennis coach. He teaches French and Religion. Mr. J. Burke, B.A. Mr. Burke has been at V.C. for five years. He is the Dean of grade eight. He is the grade 8 and 9 Academic Supervisor, and the General Manager of the football program, and the grade eight football head coach. He is moderator of the Letterman and also the VoiCe. Mr. J. Canil, B.P.E, M.P.E. Mr. Canil has been teaching at V.C. for three years. He teaches Socials 9 and 10 and Religion 10. He is the homeroom teacher of homeroom 101. He is the Athletic Director and the Junior Varsity Football Coach. 16 Mr. Carlos, B.Sc, I.Ed, B.Ed. Mr. Carlos taught Industrial Education this Year. Mrs. A. Cheesman, Teaching Cert. Mrs. Cheesman was educated in Britain, and has spent thirteen years at V.C., teaching mostly in the primary. Once again she taught grade 2. Mr. T.H. Choo, B.Ed, B.P.E. Mr. Choo has taught at V.C. for the past eleven years. Mr. R.L. Clarkson, B.A, B.SW, M.SW. Mr. Clarkson is the Campus Minister and Director of Religious Studies. He is also Moderator of the Social Justice Club. 17 Mr. L. Clayton, B.Ed. This is Mr. Clayton’s sixth year at V.C. He taught grade 72 this year. Mrs. B. Copeland, R.N. Mrs. Copeland was the school nurse this year. Mr. P. Dal Monte. Mr. Dal Monte was co-head coach of this Varsity Football team this year. Mrs. M. Davis. B.A. Mrs. Davis taught Art to grades 10, 11, and 12 this year. Mr. B. Deveport, B.Ed. Mr. Devenport has been teaching at V.C. for four years. He teaches English 10 and 12 and Religion 12. He is present¬ ly the Varsity Soccer Coach. Mr. P. Doyle. B.Sc. Mr. Doyle has been at V.C. for eight years. He teaches grade nine and ten Science. 18 Br. E.J. English. Br. English was the homeroom teacher for grade 102 this year. This was his final year at V.C., and he was actively involved in the French Dept., the yearbook, and was moderator of the gymnasium. Mr. E. Farenholtz, B.P.E. Mr. Farenholtz taught Science to grades 8 and 9 this year. Br. K.J. Farrell, B.Sc., B.Ed. This is Brother Farrell’s second year at V.C. He is the Department Head for both Science and Computers. His homeroom this year is 111 and he teaches Physics 11 and 12, Computer Science 11 and 12, and finally Religion 11. His extra curricular ac¬ tivities include coaching grade 8 baskethall and he was also the moderator of the Student Council. Mr. C. Freire, B.Sc., B.Ed. This is Mr. Freire’s fourth year at V.C., teaching Mathematics and Religious Studies. Br. E.G. French, B.A., M.A. Br. French has been teaching at V.C. for three years. He is presently teaching Religion 8 and Math 8 and 9. He has a grade eight homeroom. Mr. S. Gelley, B.Ed. Mr. Geliy taught P.E. and Social Studies this year. 19 Mr. Giacomazza, B.A. and Teaching Certificate. Mr. G has been teaching at V.C. for ten years. He teaches grade one to seven P.E. as well as Science 4 and Socials 4. Sr. Agnes Marie, M. Theology, M. Natural Sc. Sr. Agnes, a Sister of St. Anne, joined the Van¬ couver College staff in 1986, teaching Computer Science. Sister taught many years in Alaskan schools and Indian schools in Quebec. Ms. L. Haudin. Ms. Haudin was the secretary of the main office this year. Miss. N. Herb, B.Ed. Miss Herb taught grade one this year. Mr. D. Isaac. Mr. Isaac taught grade II Social Studies and grade 9 English and Religion. This year he coor¬ dinated a student exchange program to the Philippines. He was also responsible for school textbooks used in the College. A busy man, he still enjoyed supervising students at intramurals and helping the Sisters of Atone¬ ment with his students. 20 Mr. J. Kavelec, B.A, B.P.E, M.Ed. Mr. Kavelec taught Science 10 and Biology 11 this year. He also worked in the Guidance Department. Mrs. S. Kavalec, B.Ed. Mrs. Kavalec has been associated with V.C. since the early 70’s as a substitute teacher and bookkeeper secretary in the Foundation of¬ fice. After attending U.B.C. last year to obtain a Diploma in Librarianship she became the elementary librarian and is encouraging grade one to seven to read!! Mrs. G. Kim, B.Ed. Mrs. Kim has been teaching at V.C. for twenty one years. She has taught grade four, grade four and five Computer Literacy and grade four and five Enrichment and Learning Assistance. Mr. M. Lattimer. Mr. Lattimer was the grade 85 homeroom teacher this year. He was very involv¬ ed with his class and was head coach of the Track and Field team. Mrs. B. Lynch. Mrs. Lynch has been the Assis¬ tant Librarian in the Senior Library for the past thirteen years. 21 I Mk Mr. W. MacCormack, B.Ed. This is Mr. Mac- Cormack’s eighth year teaching at V.C. This year he taught grade 7. He was involved in coaching soccer, basketball, and track and field. Br. R. MacKenzie, M. eng. Br. MacKenzie is a graduate of V.C. He has taught at Vancouver College on two occasions, this time for six years. Brother is head of the Guidance Department and teaches senior Religious Education classes. Br. W. Martin, B.A, M.A. Br. Martin was the secretary of the Vancouver College Alumni Association. Mr. L. Matusicky, B.A., M.A. Mr. Matusickv is teaching in his eleventh year at V.C. He presently heads the Fine Arts Department. His main teaching subjects are English 11 and Western Civilization 12. Mr. B. McKay, B.Sc., Cert. Ed. This is Mr. McKay’s first year at V.C. He taught Math 8, Math 10. and Physics 11. He was the teacher sponsor of the V.C. swim team, and was named the new moderator of the yearbook. 22 Mrs. J. McLean, B.Ed. In her fourteenth year at V.C., Mrs. McLean taught grade three. Miss. C. McNeil, B.A, B.Ed. Miss. McNeil taught grades 1 to 7 French and Music. Miss. B. Meehan, B.Religious Studies, B.Ed. Miss. Meehan taught Senior English and has a grade 8 homeroom. This is her first year at V.C. Mr. G. Olson. Mr. Olson studied music at Western Washington College and U.B.C. Once again, he was the schools band director. 23 24 1. It’s three o’clock - do you know where your lateslip is? 2. All this, and it isn’t even my birthday! 3. Br. Nash at peace with himself in the Residence. 4. Br. Wood wonders if there will be anything left for him. 5. Sr. Agnes stands below her flawless agenda. 6. Huh - that just goes to show you if you stand in the kitchen long enough something is bound to fall off the ceiling. 7. Bugs Bunny looks on as the faculty enjoy a meal. 8.1 don’t know why there isn’t anyone as cheerful as me in the morning. 9. G’mornin’ darlin’, what can I do for you? 10.1 wonder if Sister has eyes in the back of her head? 11. “It’s not often we get photographers here in the Residence.”, remarks Brother McHugh. 12. The “thinker”. 25 Mr. J. Prepchuk, B,A, Teaching Certificate. Mr. Prepchuk has been teaching at V.C. for three years. He is the co-head coach of the Varsity Football Team. He is the coach of the grade nine Basketball Team. He teaches English 8 and 10 and Typing 10. Mr. J. Rogers. Mr. Rogers was the teacher for Homeroom 115. He also taught Algebra 11, and Geometry 12. Mr. S. Rogers. B.Ed. Mr. Rogers taught grade six this year. He was also involved with Elementary Basketball and Track. Br. J.P. Rowland, C.F.C, B.A, M.A, M.A.T. Br. Rowland has been teaching at V.C. off and on for nineteen years since 1958. This year he teaches History 12, Law 12, Socials 11 and Religion 10. In addition he is homeroom teacher for 103. Mrs. P. Sadler. Mrs. Sadler was the school’s ac¬ countant this year. She has worked at V.C. since 1975. Mrs. C. Russell, B.Ed. Mrs. Russell has been on the V.C. campus for six years. This is her fourth year as registar and second year as Guidance Secretary. 26 Mrs. M. Sadro, B.A,M.A. Mrs. Sadro taught French to grades 10 and 11 this year. Mrs. I. Small, B.A.,B.Ed.Dip. Mrs. Small was the head of the English Department this year. Her other subjects included Economics 11. Mr. M. Szetela, B.A., Teaching Certificate. This is Mr. Szetela’s fifth year at V.C He teaches Socials 8 and Socials 9. He is a graduate of South Delta Sr. Secondary School. 27 28 1. My goodness! This book was due back in 1981! 2. Mr. Clarkson busts up the faculty with one of his award-winning jokes. 3. Mrs. Borovic ‘converses’ with one of her students. 4., 5., 6. Mr. Dal Monte, Mr. Budai, and Sr. Agnes: the pro¬ files of three teachers. 7. Br. Basil is upset because he has no books to throw. 8. Miss Norris and Miss McNeil share a laugh. 9. Hey! - What are you doing here? 10. Uncle Leo and his nephews. 11. Mr. McKay remembers the good old days back in Prince George. GRADS IGOR METTELO RENATO ANTOGNETTI Igor is one of the privileged 12 year men who has been making his way from Richmond since his ar¬ rival at College. Igor was a member of the letter- mans club and also participated in the football pro¬ gram where he received the best back award in his junior varsity year. In the summer Igor may be found driving his 67 Mustang to the beach where he enjoys tanning and observing the latest in bikini fashion. When not soaking up the sun’s rays, Igor enjoys terrorizing the female skiers. In the future Igor plans to either make a career out of profes¬ sional soccer or to capture the hearts of the world in formula 1 auto racing. ANDREW WILLIAM MACFARLANE Andrew has been attending V.C. for the past twelve years. His stay has been ... well, a deeply religious experience. Participating in almost all school sports and at one time or another, academics, Andrew will carry with him for the rest of his life, many very fond memories of his stay at Van. College. When not in the gym or on the track, Andrew can be found either in Lisa’s house, ‘Lifting’ at Jerry’s or ‘Talking’ with Christina. Despite constant en¬ couragement from others to join the religious life, Andrew’s plans do not include this goal. However, they do include. ‘Hopefully’, jumping in the ’92 Olympics and attending university to study law. Special thanks to his family, friends, and all his teachers for their continued support and encourage¬ ment throughout the years. 12 YEAR MEN 1976-1987 This year’s twelve year men came from a durable grade one class. One can obviously see this is true by the pictures on this page. Out of the twelve students in the grade one photo we find seven still attending V.C. in their graduating year. This constitutes the highest percentage of twelve year men in recent years. (And if we look closely we can see that of the twelve, ten were attending the school four years ago.) The seven students to sur¬ vive the twelve year long test were: Igor Antognetti, Eddy Dino, Pat Ewanchuk. Andrew Macfarlane, Carl Mascarenhas, David Mitchell, and Kelven Vail. These men have seen many changes to the school, both in physical appearance, as well as in the many faces they have seen come and go each year. But one thing that has not changed is the Christian philosophy that the Brothers have been teaching for sixty-five years. The seven gentlemen are each an example in there own small way, of that Christian philosophy. The twelve year men would like to thank the faculty, the students, and especially the Brothers on behalf of the graduating class of 1987. CARL JOEL MASCARENHAS Carl is a member of the V.C. elite 12 year men. Through the years he greatly appreciated the discipline and good qualities installed upon him by the teaching staff. His participation in school life extended far beyond academics, for he held a seat in both school government and the social commit¬ tee. Aside from his official duties, Carl also found time for volunteer work at the various sporting events in the school. Carl plans to utilize these skills in his later life as a lawyer. EDWARD JOHN DINO Eddy has been going to V.C. for twelve years. Dur¬ ing his stay he participated in football at all three levels before injuring his knee in grade ten. In his spare time Eddy likes to play and watch all kinds of sports. After graduation Eddy plans to travel to California and become a lifeguard at Laguna Beach or to work in a steel factory in Pennsylvania. DAVID C. MITCHELL If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me? I must be travelling on now Cause there’s too many places I gotta see. If I stay here with you now Things just couldn’t stay the same. I am as free as a bird now . . . . . . And this bird you’ll never chain . . . Free Bird - The Lynard Skynard Band PATRICK JOHN EWANCHUK Pat, was one of the few who made it through 12 years at V.C. He enjoyed many aspects of life at V.C., being actively involved in Student Council, and the Grad Committee. However, Pat did find time out of his busy academic schedule to keep in shape! He played both J.V. and Varsity football and hurdled his way through track and field, receiving his varsity letter in grade eleven. With his interest in the sciences, Pat hopes to further his education in Micro-biology at U.B.C., and continue his love of hurdles on a track and field scholarship. Before Pat leaves he would like to thank all staff and student for making his stay at V.C. an en¬ joyable one! Best of luck to the grads of ’87! KELVEN VAIL Kelven came to Vancouver College in grade one from O.L.P.H. where he spent most of his time with A.M. in the thinking comer. Since then he has watched people struggle to spell his name correct¬ ly and picked up the name “Tripper” in grade 12. On weekends he can be found at parties, or on dubey hill with T.H.C. Kelven played grade eight football and played basketball from grade six to grade nine, but then decided to take up other car- dio vascular activities. After graduation he plans to move to Jamaica to study their culture, or go back to New Zealand to attend university there. 33 34 ALEXANDER EDWARD ADAMS With two more years of high school left to go, Alex came to V.C. in 1985 from Lord Bvng high school. He spent the first year here living in the V.C. dorm and beginning to understand the idea of V.C. spirit and putting up with Mr. Kavalac ' s biology class. Alex would like to thank Vancouver College for the last two years of his high school life and he leaves with these final words: Have a cigar You ' re going to go far You ' re going to fly high You’re never going to die. - Pink Floyd JOSE JAIME ALVAREZ Jay has been coming to College from Ladner since grade eight. He has been very active in athletics from day one at V.C., and has participated in foot¬ ball and track and field, but his most successful sport was basketball in which he helped lead the J.V. team to their first ever provincial title. He has maintained decent grades while being an active letterman, involved in school life. He remembers when his grade point average was higher then M.M.’s in grade nine. He will be best remembered by everyone for the blue smoke left in the parking lot as he went home. He thanks all those who helped him through grades nine and ten, especial¬ ly 6’6” and Gomer, and all those who made his stay a memorable one. In the future, he plans to attend a college in California. And one last thing, who’s number three Bart? RICHARD ANDREW BARKESS KHALID SAMI ATAYA Khalid blew in with the winds onto the V.C. scene five long years ago and hasn’t regretted a minute of it. Bom in Saudi Arabia and leaving a successful career as a camel jockey, Khalid has always been V.C.’s “resident diplomat” and he will always be remembered for his ability to calm any situation, from an O.P.E.C. crisis to a personal heartbreak. Khalid was everybody’s friend and when not in school he could be found playing tennis, drilling for oil, adding spice to a dull party, or travelling. Being a true sport, Khalid promises not to forget the little people once he becomes even more rich and famous as an international lawyer. Special thanks go to S.P., D.A., B.V.C., teachers and staff, and especially his loving parents, sister, and brother who were always by his side with encouragement. Richard came to Vancouver College in grade eight from St. Pauls elementary school in Richmond. Richard plans to further his studies at U.B.C. and hopes to get into accounting. Richard enjoys ski¬ ing and most sports, and has been an avid sup¬ porter of the football team, going on two trips to Kamloops to support the Irish. Richard will miss Vancouver College because of all the good times he had. DANIEL L. ARBAS Dan came to V.C. five years ago from Sir James Douglas school. During his stay, he has enjoyed the company of the staff and students at V.C. Dan has been an avid supporter of V.C.’s many dances and social events including the Irish’s Emerald Tournament. Dan’s stay would not have been possible without the help of K.A., S.P. and most importantly B.V.C. Dan would also like to thank Mrs. Russell for all the interesting lunches they had together. Dan hopes to attend U.B.C. and expand his mind to its fullest potential. BENJAMIN H. BEENS Benjamin came to V.C. in grade eleven from the states. Like most students he was forced to attend a private school. But after a full year of computer science he knew he would fit right in. Benj par¬ ticipated in football and supported other sports. He will always have fond memories of his high school days and nights. Benj in his future hopes to attend university and continue his sailing and camping trips and Mike and Ted Hill, and an oc¬ casional trip to Whistler. Benj will never forget the good and bad times he’s been through at V.C. nor will he forget the people. 35 GEORGE BENNING George came to Vancouver College in grade eight from St. Andrews Elementary. During his stay, he participated in wrestling from which he earned his letter. He would like to thank all those who made his stay at College an enjoyable and memorable ex¬ perience. After graduating, he plans to further his education by attending a college or university. ALEX BOLONGARO Alex arrived at V.C. in grade eight from O.L.P.H. elementary school and he is hoping to continue his education somewhere in the United States. From grade eight to twelve Alex has participated in basketball and has maintained a decent grade average. When Alex was not playing basketball, he was either at the “Dairy Farm” or in the gym. He would like to thank most of his teachers for their support and patience, epecially Mrs. Sadro and Mr. Farenholtz, and yet he leaves other teachers with a raised eyebrow in disbelief. Alex’s stay at V.C. was made memorable by his close friends’ support and their most prominent characteristic-humour. Alex would like to leave a very special “THANKS” to all his friends at V.C. and L.F.A. JOE BIRKDAL Joe came to V.C. in grade eight and has been journeying from White Rock every morning. Joe will be happy to see that the 99 highway will not be part of his day anymore. After grad, Joe plans to tour North America on his Yamaha 750 Special motorcycle. Having the loudest car stereo in the school, Joe would like to leave us with a lyric from his favourite song; “For those about to rock, we salute you!” AC DC MATTHEW C. BURNS Matt has been making the arduous trek from the North Shore for five long years, since coming to V.C. in grade eight from St. Anthony’s Elemen¬ tary school. Besides playing Varsity Basketball and working hard at his school work, Matt has enjoyed active participation in the Lettermen’s Club, the Grad Committee and the bus painting club. His hobbies include skiing, doing algebra homework, and, of course, jamin’. Following graduation Matt plans to attend U.B.C. to pursue a Commerce degree and then he ' ll either play for Bruce in the E Street Band or seek a career in business mange- ment. Matt would like to thank all those that made his years at the College worth living. 36 MICHAEL WALTER CAMPANELLA Mike has been attending V.C. since grade eight from the vast region of Point Grey. During his stay Mike has actively participated in all facets of school life as well as playing on the varsity football team in his senior year. During the school year Mike could usually be found studying pieces from Shakespeares’ Folios or in the library reading up on Aero-Dynamics. After graduation Mike plans to attend Sorbonne University on the road to achieving his lifetime goal of setting up the first Veterinary Clinic in the Amazon. Mike would like to thank his parents for the years of support. AVELINO CHEW Avelino appeared in the halls and classrooms of V.C. five years ago coming from St. Francis Xavier School in grade eight. Ever since then, he has fared well academically and hopes to make the best of his grad year by joining the yearbook and tennis team. He enjoys bumming around with his friends (Warrior, Boris, Gooseman, Dragon, Ka-Fai Kinh-Yu) and would like to thank them for mak¬ ing his stay an enjoyable one. COLIN CHENG Colin has been attending V.C. since grade eight. During those years he has participated in many ac¬ tivities such as track, cross country, and the year¬ book. His interests include cycling, swimming, and running. His favorite memories include receiving minus two’s from Mr. Carlos. After graduation Colin plans on moving into the field of the arts. He would like to thank the Brothers and teachers for an enjoyable and extraordinary stay at the Col¬ lege, in particular Br. French. JASON BARCLAY CHOO Jason “the jazz hound” has been coming to V.C. for the past five years. He has been involved in many school activities including the racquetball club, band, yearbook, and was also a member of the V.C. stage band who made it to the 1986 Na¬ tional Finals at EXPO. In his spare time he enjoys listening to the Ramones, watching professional wrestling, reading, and playing racquetball. Jason also plays alto saxophone for the world famous Beefeater Band. After graduation, Jason plans to go into the field of commerce at U.B.C. f 37 ANTHONY YUNG HUNG GAMBLE-CHOW Anthony arrived at Vancouver College in grade eight from a public school called D avid Op- penhiemer. He played basketball and was a member of the school band during grades eight and nine. In grade ten he joined the football team and played a herald trumpet at the Expo center open¬ ing ceremonies. During grade eleven he wrote several articles for the school newspaper and par¬ ticipated in the raquetball club. In grade twelve he joined the yearbook staff and became editor of the grad section. After he leaves V.C., Anthony intends to attend U.B.C. and aquire a professional degree on the road to financial affluence. J. PAUL CORMIER Paul moved to Vancouver from Montreal in 1981 and has attended Vancouver College since grade seven, consistenly achieveing honours standing in his years at the school. Among his hobbies and in¬ terests are tennis and following politics. After graduation, Paul plans to attend university in the faculty of commerce and business administration and hopes to have a successful and prosperous career in the business world. Paul would like to thank his friends and teachers for their support dur¬ ing his school years. GLENN D’CRUZE Glenn’s parents sent him to V.C. in grade nine from T.J.S. in Tsawwassen but he now lives in Richmond. He is originally from Nepean. Ontario (his favorite province) and hopes to someday move to Toronto with his hardcore thrash speed metal band Dioxin for which he drums. In his spare time, he likes listening to bands such as Voivod, Celtic Frost, Slayer, U.F.O., Crumbsuckers or Kreator n’Sacrifice. After grad, he plans to skip all other forms of education, give away his school clothes, start growing his hair a reasonable length and tour the world playing every last club, bar, hall and arena in existence. DENNIS FRANK DEHLIC Dennis came to V.C. five long years ago from the far reaches of Richmond. Despite Biology ' 11 he has enjoyed his stay tremendously. During this stay, he has participated in school tennis and wrestling teams. In his spare time, Dennis can be found playing soccer, staring at the T.V., listen¬ ing to music, looking for cheap thrills or sleeping. A self-professed procrastinator, he would like to thank Paul, Steve and Andrew for providing him with their knowledge and their homework in those times of need. After graduation Dennis plans to further his education, see the world, and become financially independent. 38 JOSEPH ROLAND DELA CUESTA Roland is number three in a line of four brothers to graduate from V.C. He came to V.C. in grade eight from Kingswood Elementary in Richmond, During his school life, Roland has enjoyed activities in the arts. While at V.C., he has been a supporter of the band and part of the OUTRAGEOUS stage band that performed at the 1986 Canadian Na¬ tional Stage Band Festival. Outside of school, Roland belongs to the Douglas College Community Choir and the B.C. Beefeater Band that played in the 1986 Rosebowl Parade in Pasadena, Ca. Dur¬ ing grad year Roland participated in the drama club and the art program. In graduating, he hopes to go to art school followed by a career in fashion designing. Roland will leave V.C. with fond memories of good times and good friends. PETER DE SOUZA ROBERT JOHN DEMIR MICHAEL R. DENNISON Peter has been roaming the halls at V.C. for six years since his arrival in grade seven. He became known for his track talent by being on the Varsity team since grade nine and attaining several records throughout. In grade ten he became very involved in school life and spirit, and his involvement con¬ tinued right up to grade 12. He received his varsi¬ ty letter in grade eleven and in grade twelve was the president of the lettermen. He would like to thank all the staff and students for making his years at V.C. among the most enjoyable of his life. He would especially like to thank P.R. and A.M. for all the good times they gave him. He plans to con¬ tinue his education at U.B.C. in either law or com¬ merce and hopes to run for Canada in the 1988 Olympics. Best of luck to all the 87 grads! Robert came to V.C. from Our Lady Of Perpetual Help elementary school in grade eight. Since then he has been finding some way of making it to school on time from Richmond, despite his common habit of sleeping-in. He can often be found in the library at lunchtime frantically trying to finish his homework for the next class. His academic goals at V.C. are to pass chemistry and thus graduate. Among Rob’s interests are model-building and listening to music. He also enjoys sports such as swimming, soccer, fishing, and skiing down the slopes of Cypress. Before making any definite plans for the future, Robert hopes to recover from high school for a year or two by getting a decent job. Michael arrived at V.C. in grade 8 from U. Hill Elementary, participating in football and track in his early years, while being an active member of the elite brotherhood. Michael would like to thank all his friends who helped him through these 5 years, with special thanks going to the B.B’s and 3M’s who made his stay especially enjoyable. A very special thanks goes to D.T. who made the final year one to remember. Mike plans to enter Western University (with K.W.) to pursue a career in business. “See these eyes so green, I can stare for 1000 years, just be still with me, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through” - David Bowie 39 MARCO PATRICK DIPAOLO SCOT D.J. DONALDSON MICHAEL JOSEPH ANDREW DUMANCIC Mark has been roaming the halls at College since his arrival in grade seven. He actively participated in the lettermen’s club, football and track and field. Mark has been renowned for his lightning speed and intends on using this in his future years of track. Other future plans include being successful in the field of architecture, training with Carl Lewis, marrying a rich model and living in a house situated by the beach. Fondest memories include xmas ’85, the great times with C.K., F.K. and B.H., and his relationship with Honey Bunny. Mark would also like to congratulate his parents for being so supportive throughout his teenage years. Scot arrived at V.C. in grade seven, from Im¬ maculate Conception School in Vancouver. After graduation he hopes to attend Royal Roads Military Academy and earn a degree in architecture. His hobbies include windsurfing, sailing and skate¬ boarding. Scot’s favorite memories of V.C. are the understanding and cooperative teachers who made his stay here so enjoyable. Scot will always remember the comraderie and good will held be¬ tween the guys in the school. Thanks Quest. Mike (The Maniac or The Master of Disaster) has been under the influence of the Fighting Irish since grade eight after completion of grade seven from Sacred Heart in Ladner. Mike’s first four years at College were spent as a sub on various intramural teams, or attending the Fighting Irish football games. In grade twelve Mike joined the Irish foot¬ ball squad and enjoyed it greatly. He would also like to thank T.S., B.B., C.E. and B.H. for electing him class president, he would also like to thank his parents and teachers for putting up with him. By the way Mike plans to attend S.F.U.. 40 GARETH PAUL DUNCAN Gareth came to V.C. in grade three, since which time he earned many scholastic awards and earn¬ ed his varsity letter in wrestling. Throughout the last few years he has been an active member of the elite brotherhood and more specifically, the 3M’s. He would like to thank his parents and friends, especially Clint, U.K., Kid, Rik Havok, the Surgeon General, and all the B.B.’s. Gareth hopes to be successful and happy in all his post-school activities and would like to leave a few words for the future grads: ‘Upon us all a little rain must fall.’ SEAN DUYNSTEE Sean has been attending V.C. since grade eight and has travelled to College from the remote outskirts of White Rock. During his time at V.C. he has par¬ ticipated in school intramurals, and played on the Varsity soccer team for grade eleven and twelve. In Sean’s spare time he can be found playing com¬ munity sports such as hockey, soccer and lacrosse, and with all this he has very little time to do his homework, but gets around to it when he is in the mood. After graduation Sean will pursue his dreams of becoming a stock broker. PAUL ECHLIN Paul came to V.C. in grade eight after attending Blessed Sacrament elementary school. Also known as “the man that presses the snooze bar”, he en¬ joys dare-devil skiing, hockey, golf, and weight- lifting. His future ambitions are to win a wrestling match with Bro. English, beat J.N. at a round of golf, and to buy a ’67 Mustang convertible. After graduation from V.C., Paul is uncertain of his plans but is confident that he will be successful at whatever he does. 41 1 What are you looking at?! 2 Dogpile on Roque. 3 There’s nothing like the morn¬ ing paper with an orange. 4 Robert Loque and Victor Laureano try to translate a French “Blague”. 5 Khalid tries to get back to his roots. 42 1 Mike Campanella’s mug shot. 2 Name? Name who? Name What? What’s in a name?! Oh-my name! 3 I want to be on the other page. 4 Desmond Sweeny is about to get hit by the “flying fist from nowhere.” 5 The Gang’s all here. 43 THOMAS EGVARI Thomas came to V.C. in grade seven, but met most of his friends in grade eight. In his six years here, his interests have been mostly academic, though he has participated in most intramural sports. His best year was grade ten, with Bro. English, where he and his classmates constructed many dances, and was a part of having our bus have V.C. painted on the side. He plans to go to U.B.C., and soon to join the engineering section, after which he plans to make ‘mega’ bucks. COLLIN ELL Collin has been coming to the College from sunny Tsawwassen for the past five years. In those five years Collin has participated in all levels of foot¬ ball and has been actively involved in other school functions. In his spare time Collin can be seen listening to the “Ramones” day and night. Collin also supports anything Canadian (ex. Molson’s, Kokanee, Schooner, back bacon ect.). After graduation Collin plans on finishing his mega pro¬ ject which is merging the United States into part of Canada and making Tsawwassen it’s capital. But until then he will be satisfied with meeting his boyhood hero Joey Ramone. GEORGE FALCOS TREVOR FARENHOLTZ George came to Vancouver College in grade seven from St. Augustine’s. His favorite interests are women, imported beer, rock ’n’ roll, weightlifting and money. He likes academic courses in the mathematics and economics fields and he would like to continue his education in a university in Canada or the U.S.. In his spare time he likes to fool around with his head-banger friends and in the future he hopes to succeed in life as a millionaire or better yet a dealer in pharmaceutical supplies. Trev came to V.C. in grade four from Blueridge Elementary school. During his eight years he has participated in basketball and other extra curricular activities. His hobbies include sports and " Black Metal.” In the future Trev plans to travel to the darker less religious type of education at U.B.C.. Here he plans to study in the field of medicine. i ROBERT THOMAS FEENAN Robert came to V.C. in grade seven from St. Paul’s in Richmond. While at V.C. Rob has been involv¬ ed in football and basketball and is seen as an avid supporter of the Fightin’ I Varsity basketball team. His biggest accomplishments while here have been never playing on a losing team, being a varsity let- terman, and winning the J.V. basketball champion¬ ship in grade ten. In the future Rob plans to at¬ tend S.F.U. in the field of Keneisology or educa¬ tion. He would like to thank his parents, teachers, and coaches for their time and patience. Robert will remember the good times with his friends. Good luck to the grads of ’87. STEPHEN GILMOUR FRITH Travelling from his home on the edge of the rain¬ forest, just beneath Black Mountain (a.k.a. West Vancouver) Stephen has journeyed to the highest point in the big city, Vancouver College, since grade eight. Stephen has played a variety of sports during his years at V.C., and has ambitions of creating a first ever ‘ping pong’ team (yup, he’s serious). Steve enjoys two major seasonal activ ities: skiing and powder bowls at Whistler in winter; and playing ‘beaucoup de tennis’ in summer. Life after V.C.? At present time, Stephen was still soliciting suggestions. Stephen would like to thank his parents, teachers and fellow students for their sup¬ port, instruction and friendship. SEAN WILLIAM FLEMING Sean “Tree” Fleming has been commuting from the outer reaches of Lynn Valley to V.C. since grade eight, following graduation from Holy Trinity Elementary. He has been consistently on the honor roll and due to abnormal mental and personality development has participated in cross country. His favorite activities are biking, photography, play¬ ing his electric guitar at two in the morning, hav¬ ing hallucinations, and throwing pumpkins at skaters. Sean plans to take engineering or physics at a university yet to be determined, and wishes to thank the teachers at V.C. for their dedication and for giving him the opportunit y to argue endless¬ ly about everything that ever came up in class. NOAH MARSHALL GRANT Noah came to V.C. in grade five, after spending grade four in an all french school in Quebec, and the previous three years at Canyon Heights in North Vancouver. Since grade ten he has been in¬ volved with the basketball teams as one of the managers. Besides basketball, Noah is also a member of the letterman’s association and has taken over the raquetball club started one year ago by a former teacher. He really enjoys raquetball and is especially interested in archery. After he graduates he plans to go to U.B.C. to study to be an accountant but also plans to pursue his archery and possibly go to the Olympics. CHARLES DAVID HARRINGTON III Chuck came to V.C. in grade 10, after many years of recluse in his home town of Boston Bar. He has achieved just-a-bit under honor roll standing the past two years, and his future plans include attend¬ ing a university wherever he can get in partying, travelling, and partying. His favorite memories are with M.C., K.V., P.S., P.M., and the “Gang of Fury”, (W.M., A.A., J.Y., and S.W.), down on the Jerhico pier. His hobbies include skiing, partying, windsurfing, partying, raquetball, and partying. His final words to Vancouver College are: “I’m a soul boy! I’m a dole boy! I take pleasure in leisure! I believe in joy!” TREVOR HUGHES Trevor came to College in grade eight and has com¬ muted from White Rock ever since. He became in¬ volved in basketball in grade ten as the manager trainer and created the first ever team scrapbook. For his efforts he became a letterman. A highlight of his stay was his role in Student Council, which began in grade eleven and continued through his final year as Vice-President of the student body. He received the “Fighting Finnigan” award in grade eleven, recognizing outstanding achievement and dedication to the school. He plans to attend a University in the states in the fall to pursue law. He thanks everyone in the school who made his stay memorable and valuable, especially J.A., J.M., M.M., and M.B. All the best in the future to the graduates of 1987! BARTHOLEMEW ALEXANDER HULL Bart came to the College in grade eight from Holy Trinity on the North Shore and has been an active participant in the Athletic program. He earned his varsity letter in grade nine for running varsity track and has earned 9 more letters from playing foot¬ ball (his one true love) and basketball. Bart will be remembered for the famous “Fore-finger lift and thumb shift method.” His fondest memories will be of the good times with Bill, Gief, Statue, Gor¬ do, the Chad man, Diplock, and never losing on O’Hagan field. In his future, Bart plans to go to a major U.S. university, become an All-American and go pro. Oh . . . one last thing, who’s number three Jay? GORDON I WAT A Gordon arrived at Vancouver College 6 years ago. His former institute of education was St. Pauls located in the municipality of Richmond. Gordon has experienced many aspects of Van. College society during his six year term such as student council one year, football another and wrestling in yet another of those illustrious years. Gordon also occupies himself with weight lifting, raquetball, ski¬ ing, cycling and just having a good time. On com¬ pletion of his sixth and final year Gordon’s plans can be summed up in the not so immortal words, to which everyone can relate, “To boldly go where everyone has gone before!” This entails obtaining a Master’s Degree in law or business, his Alfa Romeo, a perpetual good time, money and time to enjoy it all. He thanks his teachers, his parents and his friends. JOHN D.S. JEONG John entered the V.C. scene in grade eight after attending Lochdale Elementary. During his en¬ joyable stay at V.C., he has actively participated in intramurals, the math club, the drama club, and last but not least, the yearbook. J.J., when not at school or at home lucubrating, can be found play¬ ing tennis, golf, or football with his buddies. His future endeavors include attending U.B.C. in the field of sciences. John would like to thank the teachers, Christian brothers, and his fellow students for five memorable years, but he would especially like to thank his parents for their loving support throughout the years. JOSE ANTONIO KALAW Jose first walked through the doors of Vancouver College in grade eight. A resident of Richmond, Jose came to V.C. from St. Paul’s elementary school. Jose will be remembered as a conscientious student and as one who shared his wisdom with those students seated around him. As for the future, Jose’s long-term goals include hopes of becoming an adult and being the photographer for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. When he leaves Jose will take along memories or his good friends and the fun times. Good luck and best wishes to the grads of 87!! ROGER WILLIAM KEIZER Roger has been attending class at V.C. since grade 7. Through the years his grades have had their ups and downs but on the most part he has been an average student. Roger was able to experience the tour to France both in 1985 and 1986 and is very grateful to Mr. Bell for his efforts on the tour. Roger plans to attend U.B.C. and follow his dream of be¬ ing a dentist. KENNETH LINUS KING-YU KWONG Ken came to V.C. from Simo n Fraser in grade 7 and has managed to survive all these years as an honors student. He became part of the yearbook darkroom staff and has set a record of 40 prints per hour manually (beat that!). Besides leafing for endless hours through text books; he enjoys bad¬ minton, swimming, playing the piano, listening and mixing music (New-Wave Euro-Pop), writing music, and partying around on the weekends. He hopes to enter into the Faculty of A.S. or Architec¬ ture at U.B.C. or (if the Lord permits) M.I.T.. He’d like to thank his parents and teachers for their sup¬ port and understanding over the years (thank God its almost over). And also the best of wishes for a bright and prosperous future to the Chinese Connection! CHAD JOHN KLEIN ‘C.H.U.D.’ has been attending Vancouver College since grade three and has been involved in every sport from football and soccer, to basketball and hockey, when not busy at school, you can find him at Whistler partying with M.D. and at K.B. with B.H., M.D. and F.K. (the beach crew). Failing to become a librarian, Chad’s future plans include piloting a Boeing 747. Chad would like to thank his friends who have been so supportive throughout the vears. ‘Life is never meant to be taken serious¬ ly.’ M.D. AUGUSTINE SANKU KIM Augustine rushed onto the V.C. scene some five years ago from Sperling Elementary. From the mo¬ ment he entered the great halls of V.C. he knew he had fallen in love. Having achieved genius status and a wide variety of accomplishments in running, swimming, and tennis, Augustine can fully say, V.C. has made him a well-rounded person (Ha!). Ever ready to show the Christian spirit, Augustine wacks his friends across the head every morning. Fond memories include the best of friends, the great classes (biology), and his berth to success. Many thanks to the teachers of V.C. for a great five years and a promising career. Although Augustine’s true dream is to one day be the Soviet premier, he will probably enter into the field of medicine at U.B.C.. CHESTER H.K. LAI In the year 1981, this invincible (series five) ranger journeyed to V.C. from Corpus Christi in his quest to obtain the knowledge fruitful in his forthcom¬ ing battle (U.B.C.). In addition, to this aquirement, he has also learned to enrich his mettle and sense of pride from being a student in this commendable establishment. Known to his friends as the ‘Gooseman’, the ex-supertrooper, he has achiev¬ ed honor standings and participated in school ac¬ tivities such as yearbook. What you ' re reading now! He has enjoyed his stay at V.C. and will surely miss some of his colleagues. Best wishes to the C.C. and their futures. 48 BRIAN E. LARDIZIBAL LARROZA Brian came to V.C. in grade eight from Blessed Sacrament School. Throughout his years at Col¬ lege, he has paticipated in the tennis, wrestling and football programs while still maintaining a good average. During his leisure time Brian enjoys ten¬ nis, working-out, listening to music or just going out with friends. After graduation, Brian plans to continue his education at U.B.C. or perhaps a university in the United States, preferably in California, in the field of science. Brian would like to thank all the Brothers, teachers and fellow students for making his stay at V.C. most memorable and especially his dear parents for their support and understanding. DAVID K.F. LAU The Chinese Connection with the deepest and pro¬ found sadness announce the graduation of Mr. David, Ka-Fai, Katsuya Fujita, Lau in 1987. Mr. Lau came to Vancouver College from Sir Winston Churchill School two years ago, bringing in a high standard of technology in mechanical designing in his wake. On his future journey of life he has decid¬ ed to continue in his studying of Art in order to catch up with the world. His last words before leav¬ ing are “Chinese Connection forever!” CAMPBELL PETER-BENEDICT LAW ANDREW LEO This illustrious student has been at V.C. since the eighth grade. Also known as “Issey-Mayake”, the “Warrior”, and “Cam”, this honorable young man has achieved high standings among his col- leaques while still finding time to engage in social affairs. On weekends, this tame and civilized young man is known to party up a storm. Contributions to the school include wrestling, letterman’s associa¬ tion, and honor roll. Fond memories of biology 11 with Mr. Kavelac will be cherished. However, the most memorable incident during his stay in V.C. was in homeroom 112 when a particular individual refused to take some medicine. Consequences- unmentionable. Best wishes to Grad ’87 and “Don’t enter!” Andrew became Irish in grade eight, upon arriv¬ ing from Corpus Cristi. Since then he has been in¬ volved in the yearbook and drama club. He looks forward to $2.50 Tuesdays and dreams of joining Siskel Evert and the Movies. But, being the pragmatist that he is, Andrew has chosen to enter a science field at U.B.C. following graduation. He thanks his parents, teachers and friends, especial¬ ly P.L., who pulled him through physics and chem 12 . VITTORIO LAUREANO Vittorio has been in our presence since grade seven. A fine young student dedicated to hard work and the Irish spirit. During his years at V.C. he became involved in several activities only to pursue the ob¬ jective of the perfect look. His immediate plans after graduation are a Porsche, an Italian summer, an Italian blonde and last but not least a higher education in a fine American Institution in the east majoring in Business Management. Best of luck. 49 The “True Dragon” burst upon the V.C. scene (with a lightning kick, of course!) five years ago from I.C.S., Dunbar. Dedicating most of his time to fun and working out, he still remarkably main¬ tains honor roll standards (Thanx guys) - sort of. Fond memories include: The Connection (the test?), DPC and Mr. F., Biology (?!! Just Kid¬ ding!), sleeping grade eleven class, Cam’s medicine! Prominent Pet Peeves: Hongers (“Don’t Enter”)! Future Plans: Mega - Success (You know it, Ave!) and the constant pursuit of fun and those elusive . . . Comes The Swan After a while you learn the subtle difference bet¬ ween holding a hand and changing soul; and you learn that love doesn’t mean learning and company doesn’t mean security. You begin to understand that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t pro¬ mises, and you begin to accept your defects with the gentleness of a man, and not the grief of a child. You learn to build your roads on today, because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans, and futures have a way of falling down in midflight. After awhile, you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much, so plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure, that you really are strong, and you really have worth. And you learn and learn . . . and learn, with every good-bye you learn. — Good-bye. It seemed like only yesterday when Paul left his small town of Queen Charlotte to come to the big city of Vancouver. In the desert of ignorance, he discovered an oasis of knowledge at Vancouver Col¬ lege. He became one of the “last” boarders in the school boarding residence (the experience of a lifetime). He returned in grade eleven with his lit¬ tle brother “Mike” and became an avid supporter of the “Fighting I”. His fond memories of V.C. include seeing the football team playing at B.C. Place, the basketball team battling it out in B.C.I.T. and the track team sweeping up at Swangard. After graduating. Paul plans on going to UVIC pursuing a career in the sciences. He would like to say " Thanks” to the brothers and the student body of V.C. for their support. DANIEL MCLEARY LOOMER TERENCE PAUL CHEE KWAN LEONG MICHAEL N. LISTER ROBERT PAUL LOGUE Dan rode into V.C. in grade eight, commuting daily on his bike from the fringes of East Van., where he had previously attended Champlain Heights Elementary. As well as aiding in the pro¬ duction of the yearbook, Dan has been a con¬ tributing member of the Voice, and an avid Irish fan. When not buried deep in homework, D an en¬ joys music, windsurfing, and partying at Whistler with the guys. After life at College, if any exists, Dan intends to pursue a career in Journalism or Physics. Sincere thanks go to all his teachers and friends at V.C.. “Keep passing the open win¬ dows.” - John Irving 50 KENNETH EDWARD LUKBAN ANGUS JEREMY CONNAL MACFARLANE ASA MACLAURIN For the past five years, “Contraban”, as Ken is sometimes called, has made the daily trip from the “holy lands” of Richmond. During his stay at V.C, “Ultraban” has participated in a variety of school activities. This includes coming out to support the Fightin I at football and basketball games. “Rockban” busies himself by playing sports in¬ cluding skiing and football in his free time. “Elastic ban” plans to attend a university after a long and restful summer. “Head ban’s” biggest goal is to learn to play golf someday without going over par. Angus has travelled daily from the mist beneath Cypress Bowl in West Vancouver for the past ten years. Throughout his stay at College “Gus” as he’s referred to by M.B.’s father, participated in many school activities including Student Council for several years and serving on the Lettermen’s Executive in his senior year, but most notable play¬ ing basketball from grade six through to varsity. His hobbies include sports of any kind, playing the piano, borrowing Algebra notes (Thanks M.M. T.H.), and sleeping. In the future he plans to at¬ tend U. Vic. in the field of Business Administra¬ tion in hopes of eventually becoming a stock broker or chartered accountant. He would like to thank Matt for all the rides to Park Royal and a special thanks to Mrs. Russell and Mr. Kavalec for their words of wisdom and understanding over the past few years. - God bless the Class of ’87. Thanks Mum. Asa first came to Vancouver College in grade eight from the depths of Richmond, however since then he has moved to the even deeper marshlands of Ladner. Since first coming to V.C. he has been in¬ volved in various school activities, but his favorite was being on the football team during his first and last years at College. Life at V.C. has been made “special” by being in Bro. French’s algebra class with “Helmet.” Asa keeps himself busy by skiing, cycling, playing football or just lounging in the sun. After a long needed restful summer, Asa plans to further his studies at U.B.C. or S.F.U.. Asa will never forget the teachers and special friends at V.C. and he wishes the best of luck to this years grads and the grads to follow. JASON ROBERT MALONE Jason came to Vancouver College in grade four from Sacred Heart. “Moses”, being very familiar with the halls of V.C., has participated in its basketball program in grade eight, but then turn¬ ed his talent towards track and field in his senior years. He can most often be found cruising in his “vehicle” or weightlifting to tunes in the bunker. Jason would like to further his education into the faculty of law, but retire at a young age to become a surfer boy on the beaches of sunny California. JJ would like to wish all the grads of the ’87, the best of luck. 51 CHRISTOPHER JOHN MCCONACHIE Chris came to us in grade nine from Mount Boucherie Secondary school in Kelowna. While Chris has been at V.C. he has been included in foot¬ ball at both levels and track. A few of Chris’ hob¬ bies included skiing, swimming, car crashing and working at McDonalds for dirt wages. In the future he plans to take Ronald McDonald’s place and open his own food chain, but before taking on this task he plans to go to U.B.C. and major in com¬ merce. Chris would like to wish all the grads good luck in the future. SEAN ANDREW MCGILL Bom in some unchartered area of Ladner, Sean in¬ vaded the school scene five years ago. Due to his hobbies of baseball, soccer, girls and sleep, Sean found that he had very little time for school. Sean’s many plans for the future include going to univer¬ sity in the States, leading the New York Mets to another World Series, and then Sean (Big Guy) plans to move to Fightertown, U.S.A. and join Tom Cruise (Maverick) in Top Gun. His most impor¬ tant goal in life is to move to darkest Africa and teach the natives baseball. JOHN MCGRANDLE John came to V.C. in grade seven from Immaculate Conception in Delta. He took an interest in foot¬ ball in grade eight but because of injuries they had to allow Bart to start. He then became very involved in Student Council becoming class pres, or vice- pres. grade eight through eleven. Finally he made his mark in grade twelve becoming Student Council President. John would like to thank everyone who helped him especially Mom. Dad and Michelle. He would also like to wish all those still at V.C. - Good Luck - He would like to say one last thing before he leaves “Mr. Choo am I disturbing you.” MICHAEL PATRICK MCISAAC Mike came to College in grade eight from “Gods Country” the North Shore. Throughout his stay he was intensely involved in basketball. He was part of the grade ten B.C. championship team. In grade eleven he became a varsity letterman because of his participation in varsity football and basketball. His future plans include trying out for the Chicago Bulls and having a jammin session with his blood brother Michael Jordan. If that falls through he will go to a university and continue playing ball while studying and go into sports medicine. Mike would like to thank everyone who made his stay at College such a great experience including his favorite Bio-teacher, all sports coaches, teachers, Mrs. Russel (mom) and all friends. Special thanks to THAMJAMB for all their help, caring and the fun times. Best of luck to all grads in the future! 52 DAN M. MCLEAN Dan (Tex) came to Vancouver College from Ker- risdale. He has been involved in basketball from grade six through Varsity and was on the grade ten team that won the provincial title. He has also been on the grade eight, J.V., and Varsity foot¬ ball teams. Some of his hobbies include listening to music and most sports. During the off season Dan can be seen playing ball at the beach curl¬ ing with Trev Dan Bosco. After graduation he plans on attending S.F.U. in the field of arts or law. He would like to wish all the best to the grads of 1987. Remember Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter 3. WADE MCLELLAN Wade first came to Vancouver College in grade eleven. He could be found after school playing pool with A.A., P.A., C.C. and the bearded bandit Spiller in the dorm. Being part of the dorm for its final year made it a historical grade eleven year where he could be most noted for his janitorial duties around the school. His hobbies include ski¬ ing at Whistler, suntanning at NewPort Beach, and partying on the weekends with his Texan buddy W.T. Wades. Future plans include university at Berkeley California, marriage to P.S., living at the beach at NewPort, and cruising the streets in his Alfa. PAOLO BARTHOLOMEW MARCUS MONTESSORI Paolo came to V.C. in grade four to enjoy a full eight years of the brother’s education. Participating in basketball, track, and football in his younger years, he had little time for a social life. Blessed with a broken wrist, however, his social life soon came into full swing. Paolo has fully enjoyed the privilege of attending Vancouver College and would like to thank all his teachers and his parents for this opportunity. A parting quote for all the students of V.C., “Remember ... No matter where you go there you are.” GREGORY MULLEN Greg came to V.C. from Immaculate Conception school in grade eight. During his years at College he was involved in wrestling and various other sports while maintaining a good academic average. His hobbies include weightlifting, running and maintaining his grades. His plans for the future in¬ clude pursuing a degree in science at U.B.C.. Greg would like to thank his friends and teachers who made his stay at V.C. memorable. 53 DAMIAN JOSEPH MURPHY Damian has spent five years traveling to V.C. and has, enjoyed the variety of academic, sport and social activities that the school has to offer. Between skiing in the winter and playing tennis and windsurfing in the spring he sometimes manages to squeeze in enough study and homework to stay on the honor roll. Going to the games and helping out around the school has kept him busy over the years. Damian plans to attend U.B.C. and work for a career in law, but if that fails he’s going to open his own little photo kiosk booth outside a Safeway somewhere in Maui. As a final goodbye Damian would like to leave everyone with a line from a song written by his favorite recording artist David Bowie; “when you climb to the top of the mountain, look out over the sea, think about all the places your going, things a young man could be . .” It ain’t easy - David Bowie ROY MURZELLO Roy came to V.C. from Dunbar the home of that famous and exciting bunch of guys “The Dunbar Warlords” who can be found standing in front of Mac’s each and every day discussing how cool they are. At V.C. Roy has learnt many delightful things that will surely serve as a model, in the shaping of his future years. Roy’s interests in¬ clude chess, checkers, all sorts of card games, and especially those rowdy friday night study ses¬ sions. After graduation he plans to buy an El Camino, and move to the outskirts of Tijuana, Mexico. JIM NEAL Jim came to V.C. in grade ten. He went to Killarney for grades 8 9 and before that attend¬ ed David Oppenheimer elementary school. Some of his accomplishments while attending V.C. were surviving Bro. MacKenzie’s religion class and Uncle Leo’s Western Civ. class. He is also noted for hammering Bro. English. He has also played hockey outside of school for 12 years and his future ambitions are to have a sophisticated sociaits, go into teaching at U.B.C. and hopefully one day to be able to teach the grandchildren of all his teachers now. 54 CHRISTOPHER KEIYA QIKAWA Chris (Owi) arrived at V.C. six years ago from O.L.P.H. elementary school, commuting from East Van. During his stay he participated in in¬ tramurals, cross country running, track, and the lettermen club’s, activities. Academically his two best accomplishments were maintaining a “B” average and passing Bio. 11. His main interests are: sports, particularly fishing and running, the outdoors and music. After he graduates he hopes to pursue a career in the sciences, possibly marine biology, and further his development in track. Chris would like to thank his family, teachers and coaches for their time and effort and wishes the best of luck to the Class of ’87. DAVID PAUL David, Dee Dee Ramone, first started walking the halls of V.C. in grade nine coming from Delta Secondary in Ladner. He now resides in Tsawwassen, and though there is a long distance between the two places, this does not keep him out of school activities. He was an active part of the Fighting Irish wrestling team while an energetic letterman, rarely missing any of the school events. Out of all the accomplishments at V.C., education has been the most fulfilling, and as one teacher quoted, “David displays a keen in¬ terest and effort regularly; a confident self motivated worker.” In the future, David hopeful¬ ly plans to one day teach at Vancouver College. Ramones eh! MAX PARIS Max has been imprisoned in V.C. for five years and has enjoyed every minute of it, him being an avid masochist and all. After all these years Max has only two things to say about his tour of duty. “Bank with us, we’re super neat!”, and “We’re not like the others, we’re your friends.” PAUL GIBBONS PAVLIK Commuting from Deep Cove, Paul has enjoyed the atmosphere at Vancouver College every since grade eight. He would like to thank all those who helped him during these last five years and most of all, his parents for the understanding and sup¬ port. Paul has participated in the band program, including many highlights such as being a partici¬ pant of the 1986 Canadian National Stage Festival and the many performances he was m (concert, stage, and ‘Pep’ band). Paul, in the future, hopes to ‘mix’ his studies of music and the sciences together to create something quite extraordinary. 55 THRASIVOULOS A. PETRAS Thrasso touched down at V.C. from St. Augustines, after a short stint at O.L.P.H. In his five years at College, he has ventured into the areas of journalism in various publications, took part in dramas and was involved in the yearbook. In his leisure time, Thrasso is usually being taken for a walk on the beach by his dog, writing letters to im¬ portant heads of state (so far only the Pope has replied), or trying to master the game of backgam¬ mon, the true sport of the Greeks. After leaving high school, Thrasso will spend a year discover¬ ing his heritage on the small Dlylan island of Idra, where he was born, after which he plans to move to London to study appreciation of Nudrey Hep- bum movies, at Oxford. Even if all else fails, Thrasso will forever follow his lifes philosophy, which was best summed up by Helen Keller when she said, “Life is a daring adventure, or it’s nothing.’’ STEFANO A. PICCONE Stef., Testa Rossa, Fano, or Stefano. as his friends call him arrived seven years ago in grade five, the first redheaded Italian ever to hit the V.C. scene during the winter months, after the first snowfall, Stefano may disappear for days at a time to ski race for the W.M.S.C. When he isn’t racing, Stefano enjoys cycling and soccer. He also loves dancing, parties, alternate music, girls, and driving ‘slight¬ ly’ above the limit. When in school, Stefano can be seen laughing histerically with Khalid in the halls. Stefano plans to follow in his father ' s footsteps in construction as a contractor and developer, or become an industrial designer. He would like to thank his parents and his friends, Khalid. Dan and Bruno for their support during the school years. MARC SALVATORE POLISI Marc has been blessed with the privilege of com¬ ing to V.C. for the past five years and since found his stay to be very entertaining. Marc’s achieve¬ ment and involvement in the many facets of Col¬ lege life are far too numerous to mention, but when not enthusiastically signing up as a volunteer, he can be found people watching downtown, giving excuses to Mrs. Lee for being late, reading, con¬ ferencing with Mr. Sponza, or just learning from his endless list of mistakes. After high school Marc plans to attend one of the many universities begg¬ ing him to better their institution of learning with his presence, and study in the field of social science. Marc would like to thank his parents, assorted friends and C.P. for making high school something he will always look back at with fond memories. LAWRENCE RAZAK Lawrence came to V.C. in grade ten from Edmonds Junior Secondary in Burnaby. Though he was mainly a 9 to 3 type, spirit was never lacking in his support of Vancouver College. After graduating, he hopes to further his studies in the sciences faculty of U.B.C.. Larry’s extracurriculars include soccer and hockey, as well as, being pin¬ ned to the television and radio. He would like thank the years of teachers and friends who made school¬ ing enjoyable. Most importantly, he appreciates his parents; for whom he says, “Education is easier with your gracious support.” DEAN ROBERTS Breathe, breathe in the air Don’t be afraid to care Leave but don’t leave me Look around and choose your own ground For long yo u live and high you fly And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be Run rabbit run Dig that hole, forget the sun And when at last the work is done Don’t sit down it’s time to start another one For long you live and high you fly But only if you ride the tide And balanced on the biggest wave You race toward an early grave Pink Floyd DARREN S. REITER Darren has been at V.C. six long years, and his activities have included the circulation of various newspapers and participated in an elite brotherhood. Many thanks to Rik Havoc, the U.K. kid, 69, and the rest of the B.B.’s (love y’all). After V.C. Darren will shake off his shackles and head on exodus to university in Ontario. J ONATHAN RICHARD ROBINSON Jonathan came to V.C. in grade eleven. He transferred from White Rock junior secondary and had no trouble adapting. Actively participating in the Vancouver College Stage Band Jonathan helped bring the band into the national finals at Expo 86. Hobbies include water skiing, snow ski¬ ing and cheering on the Fighting Irish. Jonathan plays the bass guitar and drives his mother crazy attempting to play his fathers drums. Jonathan also played the tuba with the Beefeater Marching Band and accompanied the band in the Rose Bowl Parade. His ambitions are to graduate from univer¬ sity and become an established businessman. Jonathan thanks his parents and friends for mak¬ ing his stay at V.C. a very important part of his life. LIBERATO GUILLERMO REYES Lib came to V.C. in grade eight from St. Joseph’s Elementary. During his stay here, he tried many sports and activitie s, and found his sport to be wrestling. He was a member of the Letterman’s Club and was an avid supporter of the Fighting Irish. His hobbies include weightlifting, tennis, wrestling, skiing and partying. He wishes to thank everyone who has helped him during his stay at V.C.. In the future, he plans to attend U.B.C. in the faculty of Commerce and one day fulfill his dream of owning a Porsche 928. ANTONIO JAMES MA ROQUE James “Rolled” into the halls of Vancouver Col¬ lege in grade eight from Corpus Christi school. While attending V.C. he joined the football team and was very active in intramural activities. His hobbies are playing all types of sports (even if it does not look like it) and sleeping during classes. After graduation he hopes to find the perfect part time job and go to U.B.C. to enter the law facul¬ ty. His goal in life is to run and own his very own law firm and make mega bucks. If not he will be found pumping gas at a seven eleven. He would like to thank all his teachers who tortured him through his five year stay here in College and his friends and parents who helped him get through it. 57 ALBERTO RUBIO Alberto came here in grade seven from Lord Byng Elementary (in Richmond), but escaped to sunny Spain in grade ten. However, he was forced to come back for his two senior years. A great lover of the Arts, he was enthusiastically involved in the V.C. - L.F.A. musical, the drama club, and the year¬ book. Alberto spends more time playing the guitar and the harmonica than doing homework; he dedicates his spare time to imitating Bob Dylan and going to the movies. He has no idea what he is go¬ ing to do with his life (he’ll probably study something somewhere) but he knows that whatever he does he won’t be too bad at it. PETER J. RYZNAR Pete came to V.C. in grade eight from the slums in North Van.. He thoroughly enjoyed his stay thanks to teachers and friends. Peter participated in cross country track, and was an intramurail rep. in grade eleven. He has also been a member of stu¬ dent council since grade nine. In his spare time Pete enjoys cheering for the ‘Irish’, skiing, snagging, mountainbiking and terrorizing the bus. He also enjoys being thrown in the Smithrite on his birth¬ day. His future ambitions are to own a farm and grow ‘com’, however, his long-term goal is to make it through the gates of heaven. Pete would like to thank Mr. Sponza for letting him wear boat shoes and God for getting him through these five treacherous years. DEAN MICHAEL RUSSELL Dean, a native of Vancouver, started at College in grade four after leaving St. Vincent’s in Oakville. Ontario. He participated in the football program from grade eight and is somehow still able to play in his senior year. Dean received his varsity letter in grade 11 and has been active in the letterman’s association as well as other school activities. Dean keeps busy flying over the mountains in the sum¬ mer and down the slopes of Whistler in the winter. Dean hopes to continue in the field of aviation after graduation. Dean wants to thank the brothers, staff and administration, especially “MOM”. PETER HELMET SCHENK Peter will be leaving College wearing the same shoes he came in with. Peter has played varsity and grade eight football, he was excelled in his academic studies (with the help of his best friend Spunk) and has plans to further his studies at a college or university (also with the of his good friend Ernest). Peter’s favorite activity ' is cycling to Ins best friend’s house in good oT Whiterock (Emai). Peter will miss College, since he had many good times, especially with Bro. French in algebra class. JOHN ANDREW SANTOS This Richmond native arrived at Vancouver Col¬ lege in grade seven and ever since then, V.C. has never been the same. When he’s not raising havoc in the hallways or pestering teachers, Jon can be seen skiing, playing baseball or acting as the cap¬ tain for the Varsity Soccer Team, on which he played for two years. What Jon will miss most are the great times that he had with his friends, but he will always treasure the memories. He would like to thank his parents and teachers for being pa¬ tient with him and helping him throughout his high school years. Although his future is yet to be deter¬ mined, he wishes the best of luck to the Gr ads of ’ 87 . JON MICHAEL SCHREINER John has migrated to V.C. with the rest of the herd from the north shore ever since he was corralled and branded by his parents from Cleveland Elementary School in grade seven. While at V.C. John actively worked on the yearbook, participated in donating missions, and co-headed the social com¬ mittee with D.M. in his final year. In his spare time, John enjoys skiing with D.L. on his Squads and listening to reggae and Big Country. For his future endeavours John plans to pursue a career in zoo keeping, creative horticulture, or commerce after attending a local university. 59 TREVOR WILLIAM SMITH TIM C. STODDART Trevor “Johnny Ramone” Smith has been wander¬ ing through the halls of V.C. for the last five years. In his time Trevor has brought to this school such things as his legendary hockey pool, outstanding mission collecting methods and was part of the best airband ever to hit the stage of V.C.. Trevor also plays sports outside of the College such as hockey for South Delta and Lacrosse for Richmond. Tim “Stein” Stoddard came to V.C. in grade seven from Canyon Heights elementary school in North Vancouver. Tim does not plan to go to university immediately after high school but plans to do nothing for a full year after high school with the exception of playing hockey and partying. Stein is obsessed with Pink Floyd and he has the urge to let the world in on their lyrics. After his idle year he plans to go to a local college unless he gets a scholarship to an American college through hockey. ANTHONY T. SEET Tony came to Vancouver College after completing grade seven at Windsor Elementary in Burnaby. Being born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., he has a strong admiration for nature and is proud to be called a Canadian. Reporting for the Voice and maintaining his honor roll standing keeps him busy but in his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing sports, and watching T.V.. Considered to be an eternal optimist. Tony plans to enter U.B.C. and pursue a career in medicine. He would like to thank the brothers and the staff of Vancouver College and wish all his fellow graduates, “Bonne Chance!” 60 DESMOND H.M. SWEENY Frodo opened his eyes and drew a breath. It was easier to breathe up here above the reeks that coil¬ ed and drifted below. “Thank you Sam” he said in a cracked whisper. “How far is there to go?” “I don’t know”, said Sam “because I don’t know where we’re going.” - J.R.R. Tolkein. Special thanks to friends, Robbi, and parents for then- understanding and help. Good luck to grads, keep smiling! MARTIN AUGUSTO SYJUCO Martin is one of the many grads fortunate enough not to be a 12 year man. He came to college in grade two and since then has participated in numerous activities, particularly student council and the grad committee. Over the years, Martin has developed a nasty habit of sleeping in. He usually takes Wednesdays off, and is desperately miming out of excuses. Nevertheless, he manages to be present in homeroom at least three times a week. When not in school and when not getting into accidents, Martin can be found at the club playing tennis with Lisa or drinking tea with Trish and Maxine. In the immediate future, Martin hopes to major in business at a decent university. He would like to thank his parents, teacher s, and friends particularly A.M., for all their support. What will Martin miss most from V.C.? The answers are quite obvious. Religion classes and vice principals. MARK SYKES Mark came to V.C. in grade seven, from the slopes of the North Shore where Mr. Kim showed him the light of College life. Since then his main interest has been the pursuit of excellence in every facet of life. Outside of school Mark enjoys sailing, scuba diving, skydiving, hiking, and biking the local mountains. Mark’s future plans include a suc¬ cessful career in commercial aviation. Mark would like to thank his understanding parents for their patience and support throughout the years. 61 MIRKO TEGLASI “Merc” as he is known by many of his friends, landed at V.C. in grade eight from Blessed Sacra¬ ment elementary school. He is a member of the swim team and won a few ribbons for the school. He enjoys hunting and target shooting with his father when he has a break in his rigorous train¬ ing program with the Canadian Dolphin Swim Club. Mirko plans to continue his quest to make the national swim team and go to Seoul for the ’88 Olympics. Mirko plans for life after V.C. is still undetermined but he’ll think of something soon (he hopes). He also would like to thank his parents for providing him with the money to send him to Van¬ couver College. BRUNO FRANK MARK VANDER CRUYSSEN Bruno’s four years have V.C. have been marked by great souvenirs thanks to his friends who made school all the more worthwhile. Bruno enjoys ski¬ ing, soccer, and cycling - but not hitting buses in the process. After graduation, Bruno would like to attend one of the better American Universities to pursue business management; failing which he will go to U.B.C.. His ultimate goal is follow in his father’s footsteps and become adequately suc¬ cessful in international business. PHILIP VON STEFENELLI Philip appeared at V.C. five years ago, from O.L.P.H. in Point Grey. Although not planning to stay, he endured for five years. He sees surviving at V.C. a helluv an accomplishment. Philip did take part in track and cross-country, but being realistic, he knew that he could never love either sport. Unfortunately, he discovered his real in¬ terests too late, and passed up the opportunity to join the band or drama club. ‘Phil’ plans to major in underwater basket-weaving at some university, while furthering a possible athletic career. Philip will find leaving V.C. a terrific burden and a great emotional and spiritual hardship. JAMES KEVIN C. WATSON Kevin came from Hawthorne Elementary in Ladner, and has lived in Kerrisdale since grade eight, when he started at V.C. and where he played football until grade eleven. Kevin hopes to attend the University of Western Ontario and pursue a career in business administration with M.D.. Now he can finally say so long V.C., “You ' ve just made my day” - Clint Eastwood 62 EDWARD SCOTT WILSHIRE Scott came to V.C. in grade eight from Helena Junior High in Helena, Montana. Since then he was elected intramural rep in grade eight and grade twelve. The sports he likes are hockey, baseball, soccer and skiing although he never joined any school programs. His hobbies include karate, model airplanes and sports. After graduation Scott wishes to enter the field of aviation by joining the military. CARY DENE YOUNG Cary has been attending Vancouver College for the past four years. During his four year stay he par¬ ticipated in track and field in grades nine and twelve. In grade eleven and twelve he was an ac¬ tive participant on the cross country team. Cary’s interests include cycling, running, reading, listen¬ ing to music, and travelling. Following graduation Cary plans on furthering his education at either a college or university. Cary would like to thank his family, teachers and friends at V.C. for their support and understanding while he was in school. BRETT ANTHONY WOODS Ever since Brett came to the College in grade six, he has been an avid supporter of the “Fightin’ I.” Coming from O.L.P.H., in Point Grey, he has en¬ joyed his stay and plans to continue his education. Outside of school, Brett skies, cycles, swims and hopes to grace the slopes of both Whistler, in the winter, and Kits beach, in the summer, in the years to come. His fondest memory of V.C. is the school spirit shown in his last two years, especially at the B.C.’s in ’85. He would like to thank everyone who made his education possible as well as successful. ALAN W.T. WONG Alan has had a memorable time at Vancouver Col¬ lege since the eighth grade. While not doing schoolwork he likes to play different kinds of sports including basketball, golf and skiing. He has achieved a high average during his stay at V.C. and complements it by enjoying many social and extracurricular activities. In the future, Alan hopes to enter the faculty of Science at university, own a Camaro, become an executive of a large com¬ pany, and succeed with wealth and fame. ROY ZEE Roy came to College in grade ten and has spent three long agonizing and grueling years at the school. Although he did not participate in many aspects of school life, he did manage to play one unforgettable year of basketball. He is happy to finally be leaving the school and will never look back. His post V.C. plans will hopefully include Hawaii in the summer of 87 and then perhaps go¬ ing to U.B.C.. He would also like to beat up on anyone who tells him to open his eyes wider. 63 1. Peace be with you. 2. A friendly “confrontation”. 3. Gee, I wish I’ll be in the yearbook some day. 4. Hallway study class. 5. Alright - who took my desk? 6. Those lonely cafeteria mornings. iif in in ii VA!SAYAVAY. ' Hllllll . .v .y v.v.y tin 1111 a 11« 111 • 111 • i r iiii .VAyAVAS i i ij II i llllimilllll! jSV.VASV Hllllll •? I I I I II I ' AS V IIJI III 111! S iiiiiiiii mm WAY I I I I I I I 111 ffi ELEMENTARY GRADE 1 Front: (L to R) Nathan Siy, Rex Ressel. Middle: James Banting, Brian Sigfusson, Tobias Marquardt, Jeffrey Agala, Christian Festejo, Miss Herb, Gerard Mahony, Jose Campos, Rene Imperial, Philip Leung, Micah Gardener. Back: Brendan Flanagan, Luke Powell, Vincent Sze. David Harper, Connor Doyle, Tim O’Connor, Daniel Christensen, Michael Larkin, Ryan Stefani, Benedict Tong, Tim McMillan. ENTHUSIASTIC The 1986 Gr. 1 class has been blessed with a new classroom. The enthusiastic, joyful bunch take great pride in their new room and are always most anxious to be inside working. Recess doesn ' t rate. The Gr. ones are a delightful group this year. They are full of fun and eagerness. They’re happy and thankful to be at V.C. 9 [ GRADE 2 By T " 1 ! FUN Oh-Oh-Oh!!! What a fun bunch of guys! Alert and lively Hard working and play full. Mischievious and helpfull. In fact just GREAT! Front: (L to R) Kelvin Wai-Leung, John-Paul Planta, Teddy Mason, Richard Haisinger, Patrick Rogers, Dylan MacDonald, Omar Helou, Conrad Latek, Cameron McClean, David Lunghamer, Jonathan Lee. Middle: Chris Tsakumis, Nicholas Chandler, Anthoy Bay, Colin Hartshorne, Welby Leger, Kelvin Hei- Leung, Andrew Chen, Ryane Ressel, David Ryan, Jason McKinlay, David Reith. Back: Gregory Soo-Chan, Brian Agala, Mrs. Cheesman, Francis Calasan, Michael Banting. Absent: Juan Syjuco. 69 1. Look out kids - it’s the troll who lives under the bridge! 2. Tim busy at work. 3. Someday I’ll be as big as those guys over there! 4. Bruce Lee reborn? 5. I- think-I’m-going-to-SNEEZE! 1. Mrs. Cheesman presides over her energetic class. 2. Fancy footwork developed at recess time. 3. Somebody help me - my feet are stuck in the rocks! 4. These students learn how to disect a pumpkin. 5. Would you sign my colouring book? 6.1 bet you I can throw my car farther than you can throw your plane. Front: (L to R) Matthew Vial, Brock Lennox, Geoffrey Soo Chan, Liam Kemey, Carlos Imperial, Taylor Biggar, Paul Yong, Vincent Festejo, Sal Mandin. Patrick Mahony, Christopher Jacoby. Middle: Zachary Greer, Jason Hill, Eugene Yeung, Roger Morgan, Michael Constantine, Kevin Lepsoe, Jason Dukowski, Andrew Blaney, Terry Ho, Douglas Abernethy. Back: Jason Tan, Bernard Matute, Jeffrey Lam, Matthew McClean, Scott Finneran, Ryan Tong, Stephen Mogatas, Lucas Costello, Pierre Castro. GRADE 3 THE BEST This year’s grade three’s enjoy life to the full and are always quick with a smile and a joke. They love to get their hands into paint and glue, and are at their best catching ants for the ant farm, and slipping cookies to Rusty. They are a bunch of bright little fellows academically, and have a curious, inquiring nature. To sum them up: “Friendly, outgoing, and bursting with Zest this year’s Grade Ill’s are the best in the west!” 72 Front: (L to R) Oliver Agala, Jean Paul Samson, Timothy Yee, Rodolfo Santos, Hanson Chow, Alfred Wong, Peter Remedios, Richard Ressel, Jerome Lee, Dominic Toa, Michael Wong. Middle: Jason Fong, John Paul Mahony, Anthony Schaper, Gerald Chen, Jeffrey Leung, Peter Drozdzik, Allan Wong, Alex Chandler, Thomas Ing, Robert Christie, Jason Craig. Back: Sam McMillan, Anthony Kwan, Jeffrey Richards, Joshua Klein, Jurand Latek, Trevor Vandenberg, Matthew Cousineau, Christopher McDonald, Eddison Noel, Angello Floresco. Absent: Jonathan Cheung, Marc Lalibert. 73 1. See - no dishpan hands! 2. Gee -1 sure hope that bus doesn’t come after us. 3. The swings at lunchtime - a war zone. 4. Do you think these two en¬ joy waking up early in the morning? 5. I wonder if Han Solo’s head comes off? 74 75 LOTS OF SPIRIT Not to be outdone, the students of grade five wasted no time in rally¬ ing to the call to become a class with style and leadership qualities. It became clear very early in the year that one of the main concerns was for the missions. Closer to homebase, they made courageous at¬ tempts to make all in their group feel very much a part of the class, especially those students who were new to V.C. Their academic ef¬ forts, their enrichment of classroom surroundings, and their developing sportsmanship during intra-class competition were mark¬ ed by a sense of pride, eagerness, and honesty. GRADE 5 Front: (L to R) Peter Mahony, Martin Banting, Philip Planta, Daniel Bruckner, Arthur Leung, Dexter Liu, Benjamin Chu, Jeffrey Francis, Angelo Tsakumis, Derek Ho, Gareth Vial. Middle: Bro. Wood, Christian Rimland, Danny Goepel, Angus Reid, Peter Palivos, Alex Greer, Tony Morgan, Brian Choo. Matthew Kettlewell, John Cullen, Geoffrey Thompson, Peter Schmidt. Back: Wilson Liu, Tarek Helou, Matthew Finneran, Ronald Santos, Samuel Toa, David Hosie. Scott Baglee, Scott MacFarlane, Michael Sigfusson, Neil Arao, Giancarlo Barreto, Timothy Young. Absent: Miguel Syjuco. 76 GRADE 6 Front: (L to R) Edward Wong, Bien Matute, Jeff Knight, Gavin Beaudin-Ball, Joseph Reith, Alex Wong, Michael Solaiman, Alex Tsakumis, Andrew Ing, Chris Benning, Rajesh Davda. Middle: Mr. Rogers, Joe Kennedy, James Baily, Jason Kwan, Greg Wright, Luca Antognetti, Johann Dowa, Christian Bentancor-Leon, Michel Cormier, Joe Boskovitch, Tim McGuinness, Wilfred Mak. Back: Stavros Palivos, David O’Regan, John Dumont, Zoltan Gyulasi, An¬ drew Swan, Patrick Inglis, Marcus Sayce, Trent Lennox, Gerald Cole, Michael Schmidt, John Zivanovic. Absent: Steven Doherty, Aaran Low, Michael Stephenson. CONSCIENTIOUS Our tremendous new portable is an excellent addition to the learning environment of current and future grade six’s. It is approximately 24’ x 57’ and allows for both whole class, group, and individual learning situations. As a group of high achievers, grade six’s con¬ stantly strive to better each other, no matter what the task. Achievements include most money raised in the school for this year’s Walkathon, drama talent throughout, and a willingness to always show diligence towards the task at hand. This year’s presi¬ dent is Michael Cormier, the vice-president is Gavin Beaudin-Ball, and secretary is Gerald Cole. Onwards with a great group!! 77 1. Us? No we aren’t out of our seats. We’re . . . lost! Yeah, that’s the ticket, lost! 2. Leave me alone - I’m eating! 3. I refuse to look at the camera. 4. Alright, who took the first two pieces of pizza? 5. Let’s play scissors, paper, stone, and - tongue? 6. How many times do I have to tell you, clean up after you’ve had lunch! 79 GRADE 7-1 Front: (L to R) Stephen Remedios, Sean Browning, Mark Osborne, Ryan Pereira, Michael Richards, Michael Lee, David Boyer, Jeffrey Yee, Dieg o Pastres, Michael Mahony. Middle: Mr. MacCormack, Elliot Hong, Nial Barrett, Christopher Livingstone, Ryan Fan, Richard Lam, Toby Ellis, Adam Beaudin-Ball, Colin Hartnett, Matthew Cather. Back: Hayden Pervan, Thomas Archer, Darren Neuhaus, Mica Federal, Christopher Macleod, Tyler Thompson, Grant Kim, Paul Williscroft, Andrew Forrest, Peter Stein, John-Paul Larkin. Absent: James Carthy, Zolten Gyulasi, Sheldon Suen. COMPETITIVE This year’s edition of 7-1 is a mixture of old and new with the added dimension of size. The class’ strong stature has made them can¬ didates for all school sports programs. We also were second in Walkathon pledges and totally enjoyed ourselves in the annual out¬ door school program in the Cariboo. Competitive indeed both in and out of the classroom. 80 GRADE 7-2 This year’s grade 7-2’s are a group of constructive young Christian gentlemen. They work well together, and enjoy many activities that we do as a class. They display eagerness, and invite new challenges readily. The class gives generously of themselves in all facets of school life. They are a vital part of the Vancouver College community, and the school will no doubt benefit from these young men in the years to come. Front: (L to R) Alexander Roque, Mike Healy, Robert Lepsoe, Mike Lopez, Daniel Sardinha, Steve Meyer, Peter Law, Jeffery Gentile, Damien Kelly, Martin Stabler, Constant Leung. Middle: Mr. Clayton, Mark Pugsley, Steven Carvalho, Don Engler, Geoffery Charters, Damien Ho, Matthew Gentleman, Tom Karabelas, Matthew Prunty, Carlos Ormond, Ryan Goepel, John Kim. Back: Jeffery Gruber, David Van Pykstra, Graham Morgan, Bryan Chiu, Aaron Brind, Jim Marchi, John Wijanta, Paul Kim, Dana Martinakis, John McNamara, Francois Macinnes. 81 Front: (L to R) Mark Shumas, Michael Hollick, Stephen Kay, Toby Wadsworth, Mark Sherritt, Jason Poon, Lance Foody, Justin McKenzie. Jasper Wright, Joe Evangelista. Middle: Mr. Budai, Rob Aaro, Justin Mahony, Davie Tsang, Eric Seewald, Marvin Larroza, Ryan Co, Phillip Der, Matt Coles, Travis Pequin, Allan Blair. Back: John Kim, David Bruschinsky, Jeff Thornhill, Chris McCutcheon, William Dorling, Michael Nolan. Jordan Aberhethy, Michael Mudri. Robert Byford, Paul Roberts, Baron Gould. Absent: Peter Haydu. ACTIVE In homeroom 81 the re is found great spirit, feeling, and a sense of tranquil respect and kindess to each other. Lead by Mr. Budai and our outstanding class reps consisting of Rob Arao, president, and Toby Wadsworth, treasurer, our class is able to expend great ef¬ fort to all scholastic activities. 81 has con¬ tributed greatly to the missions, being third in mission totals for the school. Intramural action is made exciting by the dazzling displays of skill by our intramural team. A major portion of the class attend these games and show great sportsmanship on and off the playing surface. We are a happy class, with high goals and ac¬ tive minds. We hope this year is good to us as we become better friends with those inside the class, and among those outside the class. Front: (L to R) Steve Angeles, David Diplock, Morley Watson, Anthony Pun, Kevin Leung, Jonathan Jorge, Jonathan Sitter, Steven Castley, Mike Seibold, John Kiss, Scott Tse. Middle: Mr. Burke, Rob Rattray, Jean-Marc Bloemhard, Alex Lau, Choyal Brown, John Furch, Quentin Boulton, Mike McNabb, Colin Chen, Glen Mullins, Matt Holmes, Pat Mills, Darryl Rochard. Back: Trevor Pequin, Shawn Gill, Andrew Corcoran, Peter Zivanovic, Kimphry Tu, Colm Gray, Andrew Marcin, Marco Filippin, Marc Hoogstad, Rick Campanella, Rob Thompson. Absent: James Lambert. PARTICIPANTS The gentlemen of homeroom 82 were in¬ volved participants in all aspects of school life at V.C. from the moment they arrived. Twelve of them were on the B.C. Championship football team, while many others took part in the whole range of other sports, from wrestling to basket¬ ball to track. They were in there fighting in intramurals, led the Gr. 8 classes in Walkathon pledges, and were by far the most generous class in the High School in Missions, with over $400 donated by Christmas, and a target of $1,000 for the year. They arranged and took part en¬ thusiastically in sleep-overs, bake sales, and class trips, as well as being there in strength to support the Fighting Irish teams. In all ways, they took part in the life of the school, gaining much and giv¬ ing much by their presence. Before they graduate in ’91, these young men are go¬ ing to leave a lasting mark on the school. 85 1. Alright, put that back in that locker! 2. I’d rather be having my wisdom teeth pulled. 3. All dressed up and no place to go. 4. Aw - c’mon buddy, gimme a sip. 5. Who are you and what are you doing in my class?! 6. Give me that camera and I’ll show you a funny picture. 7. French book football. 8. Hang loose! 9. Get outta here! Can’t you see we’re trying to waste time! 87 Front: (L to R) Silvesta Ng, Davor Tolja, Matthew Van Wollen, Matthew Buddie, Scott Graham, John Horn, Patrick Masson, Joseph Remedios, Cameron Drayson, Adam Sui. Middle: Bro. French, Kevin Mulhern, Nathan Lim, Grant Boyle, Craig Bader, Andrew Adam, Steven Baca, Christopher Chong, Brian Pong, Karim Hachlaf. Back: Melo Jubilo, Bobby Lau, Andrew Kwieton, John Rogic, Heiko Hubatka, Marek Gacek, William Doherty, David Maifredi, Jean Guy Speton, Jack Murdock. Absent: Brandon Crick, Gavin Watts. ENERGETIC The homeroom of 83 is an enthusiastic group of students. The students work together and help each other out in their studies. Lead by their class president Steven Baca, and secretary treasurer Scott Graham, the students give generously to the missions and get involved with extra curricular activities. 88 SUPPORTIVE This year’s homeroom 84 elected presi¬ dent Ricardo De Guzman and vice presi¬ dent Brian Lam. They did a fairly good job by encouraging the class to give to the missions. Our intramural team made it to the soccer semi-finals. Many people who didn’t play in the game went anyway and cheered on the team. We had a few peo¬ ple playing grade eight football who con¬ tributed to the team’s provincial cham¬ pionship victory. 84 had a very active and supportive class this year. Front: (L to R) David Bengoechea, Allan Tang, Paul McMillan, Andrew Poon, Desmond Chen, Zayvin Haqq, Marc Schellhase, Hamish McArthur, David Hamlin, Dennis Cruz. Middle: Richard Wang, Howard Kang, Edward Lee, Kevin McKee, Anthony de la Cuesta, Daniel Joanis, Craig Buvyer, Lawrence Cheung, John Nichols, Kenny Schroder. Back: Rick de Guzman, Andy Crowe, Richard Arabit, Andrew Moreno, Fernando Grossling, Alex Garcia, Sean Bla- quiere, Brett Duzita, Ho Yen Tsang, Brian Lam. Absent: Clifford Radosevic, Willson Wong. 89 1. This grade eight student measures his own pulse after an exciting math class. 2. Some day we’ll be tall enough to fit into the entire picture. 3. The grade eights learn about advanced chemistry. 4. Hey, you on the left! Take off your mask. 5. Yeah, now 1 get the feeling we’re being watched too. 6. Grade eights take Monday morning in stride. 7. BANZAI!!! 8. No, you don’t want to know what you got on your quiz. 9. The lunch time locker visit. 10. Help me. I’m suffocating. 90 Front: (L to R) Chris Cheney, Peter Rogier, Dave Galloway, Anthony Whittle, Gabriel Kwok, Akira Kanezaki, Chris Johnston, Carson Drayson, Daniel Vargas, Anthony Robinson. Middle: Mr. Lattimer, Vincent Orcullo, Travis Sprintzios, Jim Karabelas, Ken Foster. R-Jay Alexander, Eric Bentz, Corey Leung, Mark Bartholomew, Arvind Ram, Wade Butler, David Nathanson. Back: Dean Harris, Oliver Cole, Gus Greer, Robert Burford, Michael Morel, Mike Relova, David Han, Paul Tou, Giovanni Speroni, Michael Karamanian, Cameron MacDonald. ENERGETIC Homeroom 85 was an efficient and energetic class. Wherever they participated in an event in the school they were fondly known as the “N.B.C. LATENIGHT GANG ’. One in¬ tramural event that will be remembered affec¬ tionately was winning the Indoor Soccer cham¬ pionships. This homeroom, like many others, had many sleepovers. Our class officers formed a photography group (Wade and Anthony), to take pictures all year long. Who will ever forget that emotional slide show at the end of the year? Two words that describe our class are unity and trust. I don ' t think anyone will forget Mr. Lat- timer ' s parting words to us every morning - “Hey! I ' m available for dinner on Sunday and have a great day!’’ 92 Front: (L to R) Scott Kinnon, Ken Poon, Ryan Malone, Chris Lin, Jene Farmer, Marlon Declaire, Chris Benson, Juan Rivas, Gerard Murphy, Malcolm Kerr, Constantine Villanueva. Middle: Mr. Accili, Mike Yaptinchay, Vikram Gupta, David Lee, Patrick Hung, Philippe Maclnnes, Ryan Pervan, Clifford Shew, Cameron Wong, Sajay Srivastava. Back: Kris Peltier, Andrew Clarke, Roger Chan, Chris Liu, Greg Smyth, Sean Graham, Joseph Yee, Martin Dumas, John Bustria, Tony Nardi. GENEROUS As a group, H.R. 91 is generous, with significant contributions to the missions, Walkathon, food drive, and Br. Basil’s (a.k.a. Santa Claus) Christmas toy drive. As individuals, the members of 91 are diverse, with widely varying interests, talents, opinions, and temperments (and some of them have alot of nerve!). Hey!, I should know; I’m stuck with them for the whole year! (Actually, they are a pretty fine lot!) 93 94 1. And now I shall factor these polynomials with my eyes shut! 2. Adrian Low and the Supremes. 3. O.K., stop playing with Elmo. 4. Us, no, we weren’t doing anything. 5. I’ve discovered the secret of the Caramilk bar! 6.1 just got to be me!! 7. The Lords of Discipline. 8. Victor Orcullo, (Ray Culi Jr.). 9. So, you want what’s behind door number three, eh? 10. Chris Burns has a brief moment of reflection. 11. You don’t know me, that’s why I carry my, my . . . Where did I put that @ $%! American Express Card? 95 Front: (L - R) Guilhem Ryan, Michael Desjardins, Cameron McGrandle, Emmet Duncan, Andrew McKechnie, Matthew Nathanson, Bradley Kitchen. William Dalton, Christopher Ross. Middle: Giorgio Petricca, Thomas Frauenberger, Paolo Rota, Raymond Lee, Bryant Yip. John Peterson, Marcel Akkerman. Michael Spidel, Joe Kim. Back: Joseph Lo, Sebastien Guay, Patrick Craig, Colin Campbell, Robert Livingstone, Robert Mater, Stephen Hughes, Richard Bon, Victor Lau. Absent: Kevin Chase, Andreas Jessen. ASSERTER Asserted is a good word to describe the variety in H.R. 92. There are many different people with entirely different dispositions and per¬ sonalities. But they are linked together under the leadership of Br. Basil. As a whole, the class is actively involved in school life such as: sports, band, and cheering the various Irish teams on to victory. They are also involved in special projects to help the needy and the under- privilaged. All in all the class is very different, yet woven together closely by strong leadership. Matt Nathanson is the class president and Kevin Chase is the secretary-treasurer. 96 CARING INDIVIDUALS Homeroom 93 is a class of caring individuals. Our leader, Craig Stephens, class president, Rafael Dimayuga, secretary-treasurer, and of course Mr. Isaac have built our class into caring individuals. The class members care so much that most of them are involved in school activities such as football, swimming, cross country track team, and intramurals. Class members also help the Sisters of Atone¬ ment in Vancouver when the needs arise. 93 is proud to be part of the student populace of V.C. Who cares? WE DO!!! Front: (L to R) Adrian Low, Ronald James, Andrew Drayson, Bennett Chin, Stoke Tonne, Simmon Yoon, Anthony Sarar, Rafael Dimayuga, Douglas Oddy. Middle: Mr. Issac, Kristian Jorgensen, Derek Francis, Jose Nguyen, Anson Koo, Lionel Haims, P.J. Leeds, Mark Mawhinney, Pete Fahrmann. Back: Craig Stephens, Stephen Phillips, Patrick Mclewin, Chris Burns, John Bishop, Patrick Whalen, Robert Davies. Absent: Christopher Carmack. 97 1. Oh, is that the homework that I forgot to do. 2. The grade nine gift wrapping corps. 3. Mr. Szetela’s class: a mixed bag. 4. And for my next performance, I shall twiddle my thumbs. 5. Oh boy, just what I’ve always wanted; a Sears automotive catalog. 6. Yes we all brushed our teeth this morning. 7. This is the hallway. Oh sure, it’s empty now, but soon there will be a clanging sound that triggers the roaming instincts of the creatures in these rooms. Then they will territorially inhabit this area for five minutes. 8. Gee, what did ever happen to the U.S.F.L.? 9. No, I swear, this is my locker! 10. The student-teachers are getting younger every year. 99 SPIRITED The spirited and energetic homeroom of Mr. Szetela has earned its name through school activities and simple hard work. The class took hold of the intramural indoor soccer championship trophy, as well as winning the Turkey Trot Run. Many individual students held respon¬ sibilities towards football and basketball teams as well as the Collegian. The spirit also showed in academics and honor roll students. The class held the highest amount of Walkathon pledges for the high school level thanks to class president Stephen McNamara and treasurer Vince Arao. Homeroom 94 clearly established themselves as hard working and car¬ ing for others in school spirit. ■ JQ Front: (L to R) Clayton Crofton, Jason Harrison, Victor Orcullo, Robbie Plain, Earnest Leung, Carter Lam. Colin MaCaulay. Bill White, Manos Kanavaros. Middle: Mr. Szetela, Vince Arao, David Doherty, Scott Lunny, George Papafilis, Scott Deacon, William Ma. Jason Meyer. Daniel Jeffrey. Jonas Cacchioni. Back: Jamie Bovill, Ryan Storey, Mike Tichbourne, Pat Cully, Henry Rahn, Ciaran Feenan, Stephen McNamara, David Diogo. Aaron Schwarz, Paul Kreeft. 100 PROUD Lead by Mr. Beaton, homeroom 95 is a truly marvelous class that consists of lively students who excel in academics and athletics. Under the leadership of Dave Haslam and Patrick Calasan, homeroom 95 is proud to note its great interest in class activities and school functions. Their enthusiastic interest in class activities is shown by their support to the missions, their participation in intramural sports, and their dedicated participation in class. These grads of 1990 add humour and enjoyment to school life, but also take their work seriously. As a result they have grown to be proud of the school, their class as a single unit, and most of all themselves and their achievements this school year. Front: (L to R) Ryan Munro, Sean Price, Rowan Le Roi, Francois Ertl, Chris Reeve, Trevor Hodgson, Raphael DeLaLuna, Paul Park. Middle: Mr. Beaton, Blair Boyd, Greg Mahoney, Andre Silva, Tony Burke, Mark Pelletreau, Victor Wu, Ramon Bandong, Derrick DeJong, Back: Patrick Callasan, Miguel Magnan, John Dear, Jason Vaugier, Daniel Khan, Chris Carthy, David Haslam, Jason Gach, Darren Bank. Absent: Sean Cash, Sean McBurney. 101 102 1. Doug Oddy organizes his materials. 2. Pause for thought on the seawall. 3. The Lords of Discipline. 4. What do you mean you want 36 large Cokes? 5. The Lone Ranger and his Merry Men. 6. I got to be me! 7. Looks like we’re in for a showdown. 8. My gosh, you just blinded me with that flash. 9. The hippie movement comes to V.C. 10. All by my lonesome. 11. After two eventful years at V.C., Ciaran Feenan got a case of the ‘willies.’ 103 TALENTED This is a room full of talent. Led by 101’s presi¬ dent, Giacomo Cassano, the room devoted their free time to football, basketball, track, music, intramurals, and academics. Coach Canil lead the room divinely and educated the room through a series of interesting facts. Check . . . Check . . . i M - kg ?. it. - ' i i } 4 , - 1 1 T a I a ' 1 ft! Jfl L MV r M | -- - w f P 3b cf mTBj 1 1 l .1 HI 4 i —- j A J r i f Front: (L to R) Doug Swoboda, Mark Duynstee, Pat Kerridge, Joseph Law, Ian Burns, Syd Lenton, Nicholas Galen, Les Bilesky, Eugene Ho, Andre Paris. Mid¬ dle: Mr. Canil, Chris Pequin, Andy Koo, Charles Gonzales, lain MacFarlane, Edmund Wong, Heinz Huesmann, Rob Apel, Joseph Ramos, Niall Murphy, Greg Hand, John Sothy, Giacomo Cassano. Back: Marcus Lai, Alex Walcott, Mark Rethy, Vince Danielsen, Brad Newman-Bennett, Mike Devine, Greg McDonnell, Warner Monteiro, Jason Carthy, Colin Maude, Marc Sullivan. 104 Front: (L to RJVinko Pehar, Bogdan Floresco, Edward Dela Luna, Edwin Kwong, Nabil Baouya, Michael Clark, Jonathan Wilson, Marco Oballa, Christian Delos Santos. Middle: Bro. English, Miguel Rivera, Albert Punzalan, Victor Law, Leonardo Tioseco, Roberto Garcia, Philip Lee, Steven Seewald, Colman Leung, Sean Brown. Back: Mark Mogatas, Andriyko Herchak, Patrick Kim, Luis Kalaw, Mark Rops, Chris Ailey, Robert Doyle, Greg Mueller, Matt Gregory, Ewen Macaulay. Absent: Paul Riches. WELL ROUNDED This year’s grade 102 class ambitious, willing, helpful, and on the whole well rounded. Lead by president Roberto Garcia and Brother English who left in January, we participated well in all aspects of school life. While keeping their academic standards, they displayed their athletic skill by capturing an in¬ tramural championship. Look for these men in the future for they will be your successors. Watch Out! 105 106 1.1 don’t notice anything wrong in this photo - do you? 2. Oh my gosh it’s still mov¬ ing! 3. The high five. 4. While he read his book the ghost of the Canadarm appeared to him. 5. Every student enjoys a little “spring cleaning”. 7. Roger, you can’t be serious!?! 6. Is this close enough? 8. Let’s crash on the couch. 107 Front: (L to R) Ryan Mulhern, Lawrence Lau, Dennis Boyle, Pat McKeown, Marcus Yim, Robert Hensel, Shaun Davies, Gordon Ryznar, Todd Rattray. Mid¬ dle: Br. Rowland, Brian Waung, Dan Stoddart, Morgan Poliquin, Richard Mann, Steve Eivemark, Adrian Strench, Peter Morphet. Back: Joe Kraft, David Chalmers, Damian Kettlewell, Simon Tan, Ian Archer, Michael Parker, Andrew Goodison, David Robinson. Absent: Jon Gray, Jim Cayetano. SPIRITED Homeroom 103 is an outstanding blend of spirited young men who have dedicated themselves to the school. Together we par¬ ticipate in all academic, athletic, and other ex¬ tra curricular activities, including basketball, football, student council, and intramurals. We are dedicated in all aspects of school life and always put out 100%. United under the strong leadership of Br. Rowland, our class will con¬ tribute greatly as seniors at Vancouver College. Front: (L to R) Franki Hung, Michael Persad, Sam Lee, Kenneth Frith, Kevin Mohammed, John De Luca, Sean Virani, Jim Bateman, Ben Martin. Middle: Colin Osborne, Roger Ramcharita, Tony Serka, Sean Carter, Ken Durlacher, Brad Pennefather, Brian Lahiffe, Ron Apel, Greg Sweeney. Back: Gerald Kelly, Andrew King, Mike Dewit, Chris Mahony, William Hamlin, James Keogh, Walter Schneider, David Williscroft, John Hinze, David Mcconachie, Dave Bunderla. INTREPID Homeroom 104 is a mixture of original per¬ sonalities involved in a wide variety of ac¬ tivities at the school. The class was well represented in football, basketball, track, and swimming, as well as having several members on the honor roll, school newspaper, and year¬ book staff. Under the leadership of president Roger Ramcharita, secretary Shaun Virani, and Mr. Adams, the class thrived in a relaxed casual atmosphere. 109 no 1. Two grade tens go in to study Tennis Court 101. 2. Is that a U.F.O. next to Kenneth Kwong’s head? 3. Ah - you’ve shot me! 4.1 always told him he’d end up behind bars. 5. Which one of these students listens to AC DC? 6. All I said was “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog”, and he went and used it in a song! 7. Please, no pic¬ tures, I’m deeply depressed. 8. Look into my flash bulb. You’re get¬ ting sleepy, your eyes are getting heavy ... 9. Look up, waaay up! 10. I could of had a V8! 11. O.K., O.K., sometimes we do eat cafeteria food - but we don’t enjoy it. Ill Front: (L to R) Bill Burrows, Marc Baca, Alex Leung, Tony Keung, Matthew Dorling, Francis Pun, Robert Grecht, Dominic Chibber, Alex McNeur. Middle: Mr. Doyle, William Lau, Rodrigo de Albuquerque, Chris Hermesmann, Tino Stumpf, Joe Muego, Jason Till, Eric Roenitz, James Pell. Bruce Reid. Back: Mike Sanchez, Nick Marchi, David Brisco, Roger Agyagos, Rick Hanley, Marco Kumar, Geoff Pasowysty, Anthony Jovanovic, Paul Sawchenko. Brian Filippin, Charles Northup. Absent: Brian Whalen. INVOLVED Homeroom 105 can be best described in one word “INVOLVED” 105 is involved in a wide range of school activities from sports to the school newspaper. 105 has a very enthusiastic Intramural team, who turn out for each sport within the year. Dealing with sports 105 has students involved in Football, Track, Soccer and Basketball. There are students taking part also in the band, the newspaper, the Let- termen’s Club, and many other aspects of school life. When it comes to academics 105 stands out with the 1 student in Grade 10 . . . William Lau. 112 DISTINCTIVE Homeroom 111 is the most distinctive class in the school; nearly every kind of person im¬ aginable is there. With the energetic homeroom teacher Brother Farrell, president Sean Flem¬ ing, and secretary treasurer Charles Weiler, 111 obtained success in every possible field. Because the class contains so many different kinds of people, it is well rounded. This class is very active and participates in many sports pro¬ grams and school events. The future of these students lies beyond your wildest imag¬ ination!!! Front: (L to R) David Lawrence, Raymond Law, John Reid, Trevor Basu, Chris Yong, Chris Michalatos, Luigi Rota, Jason Robinson, Ricky Lau, Bruce McLennan. Middle: Br. Farrell, Charles Weiler, Colin Wilson, Stephen Goepel, Douglas Kwan, Raymond Olma, Andrew Porter, Colin Nam, David Byrne, Jim Dunn, Paul Bach, Tony Ivancic. Back: Adrian McKenzie, Anton Danielson, Gordon Seto, Simon Scully, Mike Shumas, Sean Fleming, Carlo De Mello, Mark Van Pykstra, John-Paul Davidson, Kevin Cockell, Hannes Von Stefenelli. Absent: Scott Harrison. 113 Y ■ i i in 1. Br. English, did you lose your new glasses? 2. The camera flash has obviously dazed Ryan Mulhern. 3. How come I always get asked to answer a question when I’m not listening? 4. The grade tens try on their new leather jackets. 5. H.R. 102 threw a party - and everyone came. 6. Studying physics was never so much fun! 7. Fast forward, rewind, auto reverse, play, machine guns, smoke cloud, oil slick - what? No seat ejection?! Cheap! 8. Paulo Bongo - hardly working. 9. What do you mean? These are my real teeth. 10. Mike, will you be my friend? 11. And then it hit Pat - “Hey, I’m not supposed to be in this class!” 114 115 TALENTED Homeroom 112 is filled with an abundance of talented, energetic individuals. They strive to better themselves physically, mentally, and especially scholastically. The majority of h.r. 112 are also involved with extra curricular ac¬ tivities to the point of masterful grandeur. Lead by Mr. Matusicky and class officers Wesly Fong, president, and Peter Deatley, se c. treasurer, homeroom 112’s talented young men have toppled all obstacles in their quest for the best they can be. Front: (L to R) Wesley Fong, Martin Ertl, Peter De Atley, Alexander Lau, Trevor Newton, Raymond Law, Rod Chong, Robert Mackin. Middle: Martin Toews, Alexander Tsang, Robert Zadra, Timothy Sanders, Jason McGill, Charlo Rousseau, Arnold Arao, Bruce Hartnett, Michael Vint. Back: Martin Lynch, Robert Lee, Milan Boljuncic, John Doherty, Kevin Stack, Mark Semeins, Leo Seewald, Patrick Mitchell, Michel Crittenden. 116 REBELLION H.R. 113, inspired by Mr. Clarkson’s religion class, are proud to be rebels with a cause. Lead by president John Baily who failed to attend any H.R. periods in the first term, and our treasurer Paul Fraser, who helped 113 mysteriously lead the senior classes in missions, the class was unable to compete in intramurals due to our ac¬ tive participation in the Social Justice Club. We are sure our presence would have been felt in intramurals due to our rebellious attitude towards life. Front (LtoR) Jose Lopez, Franco Michielli, Alex Wadsworth, Geoffrey Mak, Keith Siddall, Ken Lee, Terry Lau, John Quach, Shaun Thompson, John Kerti. Middle: Mr. Beers, Andrew Nathanson, Brendan Fong, Henri Rousseau, Malcolm Reid, Anthony Russell, Philippe Doebeli, Carlo Ylagan, San Kurianparam- bil, John Bailey, Gregory Cantwell, Paul Fraser. Back: Brad Bentz, Michael Young, Nick Ellery, John O’Regan, Rob Mackay, Robert Trotman, Ward Pervan, Andrew Nelson, Glen Davies, Adrie Van Viersen, Ryan Harris. 117 1. Milan wishes that he too will be able to slam dunk one day. 2. Martin Ertl shines his jaws of death. 3. Nice glasses, Ted. 4. Boy, it sure is a long way down. 5. Alex makes a cameo appearance on page 118. 6. Bruce Hartnett wonders if he’ll ever walk again? 7. Alex Tsang - no cheating! 8. Chris Cocco displays his most recent work of art. 9. What do you think Kevin is looking at? 10. Franco Michielli takes five. 11. Carlo Ylagan tries to figure out where he went wrong. 119 COMFORTABLY NUMB When attempting to draw an analogy between H.R. 114 and other promethean phenomena, one is inextricably tempted to consider the dire possibilities of a revival of disco. However, the massive implications of this suggestion are quite likely to cause the anesthetic to wear off. So each morning we faithfully gather for ten minutes of decompression, after which we are ready to interface with our environment without the fear of being average. Front: (L to R) Allan Ursua, Joel de Guzman, Dean Maclean, Trevor Shew, Ted Von Dehn, Joseph Lau, Juan Mejia, Alex Basio. Middle: Mr. McKay, John Coates, Andy Kiss, Peter Lawless, John Mulhern, Jim Scott, Rob Bulter, Craig Chiasson. Back: Pat Dronsky, Kevin McElroy, Darrin Friedt. Mike Hylands, Rob Galster, Stephen Nolan, Adrian MacKenzie, Chris Ascher, Bill Sherritt. Absent: Danny Fiegert, Adrian Robertson. 120 Front: (L to R) Jonathan Chow, Ricky Hung, Richard Ng, Stefan Von Dehn, Jason McKenzie, Allan Frankland, Eric Paris, Brian Ewanchuk, Peter Kim, John Lau. Middle: Mr. Rogers, Heinz Schwartz, Oliver Marti, Stephen Dee, Greg Dahms, Shawn Baly, Klaus Dreher, Martin Shen, Andrew Arnold. Back: George Tsang, Greg Zowty, Sean Swain, James Phillipson, Christian Cocco, John-Paul Morrison, John Haslam, Michael Lawless. Absent: Michael Logue, Paolo Bongo, Brendan McCabe. UNIQUE This year H.R. 115 was composed of in¬ dividuals with their own specific traits and talents. This class of achievers was lead by class president Allan Frankland, vice-president John Haslam, and secretary treasurer Martin Shen. There was a great deal of potential energy and spirit in this class as can be seen in our athletic participation and missions collec¬ tions. This class was involved in every aspect of school life including student council, clubs, intramurals, the Collegian, and sports without sacrificing academic achievement. The students grew this memorable year with Mr. Rogers, their homeroom teacher, and Mr. Beaton, their religion teacher. 121 AD CAMPAIGN 87’: DASH 4 CASH Although the 1987 Ad Campaign was not a huge success, it was excellently organized, and the promotion was probably the best in V.C. history. Mark Semiens and Anthony Russell collaborated in informing every class every day ex¬ actly what was going on through the yearbook ' s brainchild, and first Ad Campaign mascot — Desmond Steeldrum Banana. Through the morning announcements Desmond brought the campaign to a tremendous climax, when he suf¬ fered his untimely demise. Fortunately the Limbo gods of Montego Bay saw to it that Desmond be re-incarnated for the Dash-4-Cash. The grand prize was given in early December, and it marked the first time in history that the commissions system wasn’t used. The yearbook staff would like to thank all those who got involved in this event. t 124 THE ROCKPILE ’87 126 128 130 1. Br. Farrell, you’re all wet in that cage. 2. Step right this way, have I got a deal for you! 3. Hey hey, my my, Rock and Roll will never die; especially with Trevor Smith, David Paul, and the boys. 4. . . . But then again, these swingin’ guys look like they could make a little music of their own. 5. More faces in the Mayfair crowd. 6. Which way to the Mayfair? 7. Flowers, sunshine, and balloons - something to smile about. 8. Collin Ell, looking as though he’s just had a bad run in the Casino. 9. What! - Don Johnson was here for the Mayfair? Wait a second - where’s that f ive - o’clock shadow? 132 V.C.’S FIRST ANNUAL CAR RALLY The first annual car rally was a tremendous success. It was put on by the Social Committee branch of the Student Council. The organizers were Damian Murphy. Dan Loomer, and Carl Mascarenhas. Each team had a list of things to get and each item had a number of points associated with it. With a three hour time limit, the winning team would be the one with the most points. After the three hours expired there was a tie. The two teams were then asked to find the number of a fire hydrant on a given corner, but, they had to do it on foot. After the dust had cleared the winners were Trevor Hughes, Ben Beens, Peter Ryz- nar, Pat Ewanchuk, and Dean Russell (Driver). The Social Committee would like to thank the faculty for their support, and all who got involv¬ ed for a memorable day. 134 This year we celebrated Holy Week with a musical presentation of our Lord’s Passion. Cast from Little Flower Academy and Vancouver College worked with dedication to present “Hosanna!” to staff and students on Holy Thurs¬ day. All cast and crew members were students who brought the challenge of the Easter message to life with a contemporary sound. Soloists from Little Flower Academy were Kaycee Wright, Sarah Thornton, Kristine Aberin and Carolina Irigoyen in the role of Mary ' . Vancouver Col¬ lege soloists were Thrasso Petras, Alberto Rubio in the role of Judas the Betrayer and president for 1987-88 Ted Von Dehn rocked the house in the role of Peter. Vancouver College musicians contributing to the production were Adrian Low, James Cayetano, Ted Von Dehn and drummer Brendan McCabe. Technical crew headed by senior student Dean Russel! included John McGrandie and Mike Dewit and John Hinze. Produced by Vancouver College, “Hosanna!” was directed by Senior English Teacher, Bonnie Meehan. I 135 THE IRISH MILES 1987 . 136 ' V-, r " Sfv •• ' - ■ SEvsrit ■$ pf ? ’ r -£y ' ■ — rtJf “ , rr p wS! 4 - .. te . ' - •-. ■ v - • oi- ar: 138 it jT - 139 140 141 GRAD DINNER DANCE 142 143 UMUUIU PROGRAM 146 v.c STAGE . MUSIC BAND The Vancouver College Band entered many competitions this year, and performed admirably in all of them. In the Kiwanis Music Festival, the New Westminster Jazz Festival, and the Coquitlam Concert Band Competition they won silver awards. In the Chancellor Soloist Competition V.C. musicians receiv¬ ed 8 gold awards and 9 silver awards. CONCERT BAND ELEMENTARY BAND k PH Ml ft |f£ ■ .1 1 P ...- 4J 148 The elementary band, ranging from grades 4 to 7 consisted of many energetic and eager young musicians under the super direction of Miss McNeil. We look forward to watching the progress of these promising future stars of the VC senior bands. A MUSICAL MOSAIC 149 PUBLIC SPEAKING Front Row: (L to R) Justin McKenzie, Allan Frankland, Bruno Vander Cruyssen, Roger Ramcharita, Emit Duncan, Mrs. Small The Department of Fine Arts, newly created last year, presently comprises the areas of Art, Band, and Industrial Education. There is a genuine interest at Vancouver College to ensure that the arts will main¬ tain their rightful place in the total school program. In the words of the Ministry of Education: “In an age when specialization and fragmentation prevent many people from seeing the results of their labors whole, the arts have a therapeutic function in evoking the universal in mankind’s experience.” It is a common goal to all the Fine Arts to seek to develop in the stu¬ dent confidence, discipline, skill and technical ability in as many areas of the Fine Arts as necessary for continuous personal growth and development. 150 THE ELEMENTARY ORATORACLE CONTEST IT’S COOL IN THE FURNACE It’s Cool in the Furnace was the ‘hottest’ event of this year’s elemen¬ tary music program! Forty students from grades 4-7 participated in our school musical. The singing, dancing, and acting was spec¬ tacular, especially that of Zoltan Gyulasi, Damien Kelly, Angelo Floresco, Peter Mahony, and Sam McMillan. Special thanks goes to Miss Herb who did a splendid job of the choreography. The perfor¬ mance was a smash, and all the students involved are to be con¬ gratulated for their h ard work. 152 SlfWX ■ .. . Ml -r t - w I : : .c j • . .--V •: rf $ , v ,c ’ y .: ' 1 ■ " ’ti ' 1 -■■ . " • ■■ CjK® •• ■ ■ £ £ ■ ' V, ! V1V ' ■ •tffc ..., v,; V A« u ; 5 ? • ■ •• • , ■ j ■ ' -I 1 .-. .. , 155 —ii mini i .mm— — MATTHEW VAN WOLLEN BEAGLE KARIM NACHLAF 157 THE 1987 COLLEGIAN sItAFF Front Row: (L to R) Klaus Dreher, Alew Wadsworth, Andre Silva, Marc Schellhase, Patrick Masson, David Hamlin. Middle Row: Mark Semiens, Anthony Russell, Dan Fiegert, Brendon Fong, Jose Lopez, Avelino Chew, Rob Lee, Mr. McKay Back Row: Mack Mogatas, Edwin Kwong, Peter Kim, John Lau. Johnathon Chow. The yearbook staff was one of the youngest ever in recent years. With only a few seniors and an executive of novice Grade eleven stu¬ dents, the yearbook staff dove head first into the challenge that faced them. Once exiting moderator. Brother English had set us upon the proper course, it was up to new staff member and moderator Mr. Bruce McKay to keep the ball rolling. Everyone dug in and after a few rookie mistakes in the early going the team was off and running. This year’s executive staff was Robert Lee, Mark Semeins, Alex Wadsworth, Klaus Dreher, and Anthony Russell. 160 ' STUDENT COUNCIL ' 87 164 5 ; The purpose of the Student Council is to gather the leaders of the school together to accomplish goals for the school and the school community. The Council is a vital link between the ENTIRE student body and the faculty, presenting views, ideas, and asking support for Council activities. This year’s Council, led by President John McGrandle, Vice-President Trevor Hughes, and Secretary-Treasur¬ er Martin Ertl, tried to keep an open, Christian mind on all projects they attempted to accomplish. Such things included food drives, a blood donor clinic, and many social events such as dances. The council reached several goals as well, with their final and most outstanding achievement being an enacted constitution. The con¬ stitution is a set of rules and guidelines for future councils to follow. It was approved by the Administration and finally signed by Brother McHugh. Hopefully, it will allow councils to run more smoothly. In conclusion, the Council would like to thank all those individuals in¬ volved in a very successful year, while wishi ng the future Student Councils of V.C. “Good Luck” in all their endeavors. 165 INVOLVEMENT 166 • • STUDENT ACTION! LETTE This year the Lettermen were involved in many facets of College life. The ex¬ ecutive staff was led by Peter De Souza, president, and Matt Burns, vice- president. The Lettermen worked well with new athletic director Mr. Canil and provided many events that the entire school could get involved with. These events included pep rallys, spirit days, and food drives. Along with the annual Christmas tree sale they held one of the most successful dances ever with their “Hawaii” bash. 168 169 MATH CLUB Front Row: (L to R) Raymond Lee, Jason Choo, Lawrence Razak, Colin Cheng, John Jeong, Brendon Fong. Middle Row: Mr. Rogers, John Reid, Jason McKenzie, Joel DeGuzman, Terry Lau, Peter Kim, Martin Shen, Greg Cantwell, Francis Pun, Raymond Law, Martin Ertl, Jonathon Chow. Back Row: Juan Mejia, Stphen Dee, John Paul Morrison, Mike Hylands, Joe Friedt, Warner Monteiro, William Lau. The mathematics club met Thursdays at lunch. Over 30 of the best grade 10, 11, and 12 students came for the enjoyment and challenge of problem solving. The students learned various skills which helped them in attaining some excellent scores in the 1987 Canadian Mathematics Contest. Two of the club’s top students, John Paul Morrison and Martin Ertl, attended a special math conference for the gifted at S.F.U. 170 THE VOICE (L to R) Bogdan Floresco, Eric Roenitz, Roger Ramcharita, Bob Makin, Adrie Van Vierson, John Haslam, Arnold Arao, Klaus Dreher. The voice, V.C.’s official newspaper publication, put forth a tremendous effort in informing the student body of the world’s events from the student’s point of view. Led by editor Bob Mackin and a sturdy staff of writers and artists, the Voice pulled all of its creative talents into one compact, informative newspaper. The staff would like to thank Mr. Burke for his support as moderator. 171 " - wd 111111 h » r 1 GRADE 8 FOOTBALL - B.C. CHAMPS WL 7 By L% ' __ I S ' Front Row: (L to R) Alan Blair, Toby Wadsworth, Shawn Gill, Rob Arao, Rob Rattray, Jack Murdock, John Kim, Mark Bartholomew. Second Row: Mr. Burke (Coach), Chris Johnson, Mike Hollick, Peter Zivanovic, Rick Campanella, Oliver Cole, Heiko Hubatka, Kimphrey Tu, Mr. Choo (Coach). Third Row: Brian Pong, Gavin Watts, Rob Thompson, Scott Graham, Eric Bentz, Mike Karamanian, Dean Harris, La nce Foody, Trevor Pequin. Fourth Row: Darryl Rochard. Jean-Guy Speton, David Han, Baron Gould, Mike Morel, Ken Schroder, Paul Roberts, Kevin Mulhern, Steve Angeles. Back Row: Dan Joanis, Mike Relova, Travis Pequin, Matt Holmes, Cam McDonald, Matt Coles, Gus Greer, Howie Kang, Mike Seibold. 174 The 1986 Grade 8 Fighting Irish Football Team were not con¬ sidered to be competitive with the “Big Guys” from STM and Notre Dame; after all, the Irish were the smallest team in the league. It came as somewhat of a shock, then, when the “little guys” proceeded to run rampant, scoring 190 points while allow¬ ing only 50 against them. They emerged from the seasons battle as the undefeated B.C. champs. The key to the Irish success, and the heart of the team, was team MVP Rob Arao. He cut, sliced, and powered through opposing defences, but denied opposition ball-carriers the same freedom as he led the swarming Irish ladders. Other key players included: John Kim, Outstanding Lineman, who opened holes on offence and closed them on defence; Howie Kang, our rugged guard; Lance Foody and Mike Relova, our game saving D.B.’s; Mike Morel, fullback and linebacker; Scott Graham, Chris Johnson, Jean-Guy Speton, and Matt Coles - all of whom gave us reserves of depth, speed, and talents. These names come quickly to mind, but perhaps it’s un¬ fair to single anyone out, since it was the dedicated efforts of over 40 Fighting Irish that brought the Championship trophy home. There’s more to come as these young athletes move up the ranks. 175 J.V. FOOTBALL - B. C. CHAMPS Front Row: L-R: Martin Ertl (Mgr.), Greg Smythe, Cliff Shew, Giacomo Cassano, Vincent Arao, Ben Martin, Cam McGrandle, Mike Desjardins (Mgr.). 2nd Row: Matthew Dorling, Scott Lunny, John Deluca, Rodrigo de Albuquerque, Robin Apel, Iain MacFarlane, Bruce Reid, Greg Sweeney, Rob Davies, David Haslam, Steve Gelley (Coach), Brendan Rodgers (Coach). 3rd Row: Ron Apel, Paul Sawchenko, Xen Durlacher, David Brisco, Mike Devine, Chris Burns. Sean Cash, Damian Kettlewell, Brad Newman-Bennett, Luis Kalaw, Dave Chalmers, Jim Canil (Coach). Back Row: Matthew Gregory, Colin Osborne, Bob Mater, Pat McLewin, Vinny Danielsen, Heinz Huesman, Joe Kraft, Ewen Macauley, Stephen MacNamara, Mike Stradiotti (Coach). This year’s J.V. football team could best be described as a giant success in the sense that their performance far exceeded the expectations of all concerned. Although the players were often outmatched in both size and weight, they finished the season with an excellent record of 10 wins and 2 losses. They finished second in league play with a loss to Notre Dame by a score of 6 to 0 in the Skyline league final. They went on to defeat Hugh Boyd 15 to 13 in semifinal action at Empire Stadium. From there the Irish went on to face the Jugglers of Notre Dame in the final played at B.C. Place. The Fighting Irish lived up to their name working together as a team to capture the B.C. championship by a score of 7 to 0. This was the first J.V. championship ever for the College. Under the leadership of coaches Jim Canil and Steve Gelley, the team worked together as an exciting and spirited unit of Vancouver College. Special thanks must be given to coaches Mike Torreson, Dave Noonan, Mike Stadiotti, and Brendon Rogers. Their efforts and talents were greatly appreciated. We have learned that if a team works together any goal can be achieved. r . , JS ■ r Sponsored by BRYAN PLASTICS LTD. 177 179 VARSITY FOOTBALL 180 Front Row: L-R: James Roque, Trevor Shew, Asa Maclaurin, Robert Mackin, Rob Zadra, Charlo Rousseau, Benjamin Beens, Pat Ewanchuk, Mark Dipaolo, Bruce Reid, Igor Antognetti, Bruce McLennan. 2nd Row: Henry Rousseau, Brad Newman-Bennett, Adrian Mckenzie, Andrew Porter, Colin Ell, San Kurian- parambil, Chris Michalatos, Mike Campanella, Anton Danielsen, Ray Olma, Vince Danielsen, Milan Boljuncic. 3rd Row: Peter Schenk, Jon Gray, Carlo Ylagan, Dean Russell, Paolo Montessori, John-Paul Davidson, Gordon Seto, Mike Dumancic, Dan McLean, Mike Logue, Bart Hull, Chris McConachie. Back Row: Mr. Dal Monte (Coach), Mike Lister (Mgr.), Sean Fleming, Michael Dennison, Trevor Smith, Chad Klein, Rob Mackay, Ward Pervan, Robert Feenan, Walter Schneider, Mr. Prepchuck (Coach). The 1986-87 Varsity Football season was filled with ups and downs. Defeating rival STM and being one step away from the Archbishops Trophy was definitely a high point; while losing a close one to arch rival Notre Dame was a low. Other victories in¬ cluded ones over Richmond, Steveston, and Westsyde. The Irish’s season came to an abrupt end in Kamloops, when a mysterious procedure call wiped out a 50 yard field goal with no time left. Outstanding play was turned in by Bart Hull, Pat Ewan¬ chuk, Sean Fleming, Rob MacKay, Dean Russell, Benjamin Beens, and Mike Dumancic. Thanks goes to the coaches, managers, and especially the fans for all their support. Good luck to the seniors and may the Irish wave roll on with those players returning. 182 Sponsored by THE MCCONACHIES, DON, PENNY, CHRIS, ROB, AND DAVID , asiiSSfci ' ? L 183 GRADE 8 BASKETBALL (L to R): Br. Farrell, Grant Boyle, Johnathan Sitter, Rob Arao, Paul Roberts, Jeff Thornhill, Mark Gacek, Alex Garcia, David Bruchinsky, Wade Butler (Mgr.), Scott Graham, Anthony Robinson (Mgr.). Absent: Richard Arabit, Brian Lam, Mike Relova, Ryan Co. The Grade 8 Basketball team had a successful season this year. Lead by 13 enthusiastic players, the team showed character, style, talent and class - trademarks of the fighting Irish. Congratulations to the players, coaches, managers and fans who got involved in a fun season. 184 GRADE 9 BASKETBALL Front Row: (L to R) Francois Ertl, John Bustria, Andy Clarke, George Papafilis. Middle Row: Victor Lau, Vincent Arao, David Doherty, Constantine Villanueva, Gerard Murphy, Scott Kinnon, Sean Graham, Matt Nathanson. Back Row: Stephen MacNamara, Colin Campbell, John Bishop, Marlon Decaire, Ciaran Feenan, Patrick McLewin, Patrick Whalen, Malcolm Kerr, Jene Farmer, Mr. Prepchuk (Coach). The Grade Nine Basketball Team had a very successful season, finishing with a final record of 28-7. Highlights of the season included winning the Maple Ridge and S.T.M. ‘B’ tournaments and placing second in our Emerald Tour¬ nament. Leading scorers were Ciaren Feenan and Pat McLewin. Top defen¬ sive players were Matt Nathenson, Sean Graham, and Stephen McNamara. The most inspirational player was Andy Clarke, and Marlon DeCaire was the most improved player. Congratulations to a fine team that will definitely carry on the pride of the Fighting Irish. 185 JV BASKETBALL (L to R): Bill Burrows (Mgr.), Francis Pun, Greg McDonnell, Gerald Kelly, Damian Kettlewell, Chris Ailey, James Keogh. David Williscroft, John Gray, Brad Newman-Bennett, Richard Mann, William Lau, Ryan Mulhern, Mr. Rogers (Coach). The J. V. team had a very successful season. Their hard work and determination led to a 30-6 record, including a 1st place finish in the Independent league, top places in four tournaments, and a fourth place finish in the Provincial Championship Invita¬ tional Tourney held at V.C. Congratulations to a fine season. 186 187 VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: L-R: Trevor Hughes (Mgr.). John Reid, John Bailey, Malcolm Reid. Trevor Farenholtz. Dan McLean . Bart Hull, .lav Alvarez. Brian Ewanchuk (Mgr.), Tony Ivancic (Mgr.). Back Row: Mr. Kavalec (Coach), Alex Bolonearo. Kevin Stack. Sean Fleming, Matt Burns . Scott Harrisbn, Mike Mclssac, Andrew MacFarlane, Angus MacFarla ne. Desmond Sweeney, Mr. Beers (Coach). This year’s Varsity Basketball Team fought through an injury fill¬ ed season to compile a respectable 20-12 record. They defeated every team they played at least once with the exception of Nanaimo, Bulleen Templestone from Australia, and Centennial, who took three tough games from the Irish. The Irish were lead by centre Mike Mclsaac who, though injured for thirteen games, remained the spiritual leader of the team, averaging almost 18 points per game. Power forward Alex Bolongaro and guard Trevor Farenholtz were an intimidating scoring power, both averaging 15 points per game. Guards Andrew MacFarlane and Jay Alverez rounded out the Irish starters as the spark plugs of the fast break. These two players added to the excitement of many a game with their fluid style. Three seniors came off the bench to help the team. Forwards Matt Burns and Desmond Sweeny added tough defense and strong rebounding while Angus MacFarlane contributed with strong outside shooting and expert ball handling skills. Dan McLean and Bart Hull added size and strength to the team. 188 189 EMERALD TOURNAMENT 87 190 1. Chuckles and smiles from ‘X’. 2. Dr. J! 3. Foul!!! On me? 4. Andrew - unblockable. 5. Stack with one of those clutch jumpers. 6. B-O-N- G-O!!! 7. Turnaround from Matt. 8. Mclssac, unstoppable in the paint! 9. When do we get to play? 10. Hey, I can play B-ball too. 191 VARSITY SOCCER Front Row: L-R: Franco Michielli, Sean Dyunstee, Richard Mann, Jonathan Santos, Craig Chiasson, Louie Rota, John McGrandle. Back Row: Mr. Devenport (Coach), Paul Bach, Ryan Harris, Simon Tan, David Williscroft, Chris Cocco, Sean McGill, Paolo Bongo, Bruno Vander Cruvssen, Scott Donald, Trevor Farenholtz, Tony Ivancic (Mgr.). This year our Soccer Team was highly successful, with a 9-1 win record, losing the opening game to St. Pat’s. They came back at the end to win the Independent League Cup in the finals, with a score of 6-3 over St. Pat’s. Our captain Jon Santos and coach Mr. Devenport formed together an efficiently working team, with strength coming from Richard Mann in goal, John McGrandle and David Williscroft on defence, Craig Chiasson in the midfield. Sean Duynstee on the wing, and Sean McGill at the center, who got 30 goals this season. Next year we should have a formidable team with many returning players. Thanks to Mr. Accili for his help, and to manager Tony Ivancic for his many contributions. What else can I say but “Ya gotta love those guys.” Games V.C. - 3 at St. Pat’s - 4 V.C. - 7 at Vancouver Christian - 1 V.C. - 15 vs Bible Fellowship - 0 V.C. - 8 at Credo Christian - 1 V.C. - 13 at Pacific Academy - 1 V.C. - 8 at St. Pat’s -1 V.C. - 4 vs Vancouver Christian -0 V.C. - 9 at Bible Fellowship - 1 V.C. - 3 at Credo Christian -0 Finals V.C. - 6 « at St. Pat ' s - 3 192 I WRESTLING Front Row: Jonathan Chow. Second Row: Quentin Boulton, Rob Rattray, Liberato Reyes, Steven Baca. Third Row: Edwin Kwong, Chris Michalatos, Dave Chalmers, Mr. Anderson (Coach). Back Row: Rob Davies, Marc Baca, Joseph Yee, Dean Harris. Absent: Adrian Robertson. 194 . This year’s wrestling team fared reasonably well. They went to many major tournaments like the B.C. Age Class at U.B.C., and a good portion of the team made it to the Vancouver play-offs. Overall, this young wrestling team did very well, and with a champion’s desire. Coach Anderson would like to thank Cory Smith for helping coach the team, and is looking forward to another excellent season next year. This year’s standouts were Liberate Reyes, Adrian Robertson, Edwin Kwong, Marc Baca, and Jonathan Chow. 195 CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: L-R: P.J. Leeds, Mike Young, Brad Benz, Niall Murphy, Cary Young, Colin Cheng, Chris Oikawa. Back Row: Greg Dohms, Kevin McElroy. Sean Fleming, Mark Rethy. The 1986-87 season brought with it new hopes and dreams to Vancouver College, and with it came the raw talent of a gifted cross-country team. Coached by Mr. Michael Lattimer, thir¬ teen strong competitors ran through rain and hot sun, day in and day out, to achieve a birth in the zone championships. Here, pitted against the likes of St. Patrick ' s, S.T.M., and St. Georges, College’s athletes gave an all out effort in recaptur¬ ing the coveted cross-country men’s title as well as entrance into the prestigious B.C. Finals at Abbotsford. At the “B.C.’s” talent was never more evident as, racing over rough terrain, they took seventh place overall! Indeed, without a doubt, it can be said that all athletes involved here earned the title of “Champions”! 196 197 Front Row: (LtoR) Peter Ryznar, Bart Hull, Pat Ewanchuk, Andrew MacFarlane, Chris Oikawa, Mr. Lattimer. Second Row: Arnold Arao (Mgr.), Nick Ellery, Trevor Shew, Kevin McElroy, Martin Ertl (Mgr.), Tony Ivancic (Mgr.). Third Row: Brian Lam, Nick Marchi, Mark Rethy, Jeff Pasowysty, Robert Grecht, Joe Lau (Mgr.), Rob Lee (Mgr.). Fourth Row: Darryl Rochard, Cameron MacDonald, Chris McCutcheon, Richard Arabit, Matthew Holmes, Jonathan Sitter, Mike Relova, John Dear. Fifth Row: Rob Arao, Daniel Vargas, Mark Hoogstad, Marco Fillipin, Stephen McNamara, Bryant Yip, John Burstra, Mike Desjardin, Sean Cash. Sixth Row: Alex Garcia, Oliver Cole, Mike Morel, Mike Yaptinchay, Sean Graham, Constantine Villanueva, Cliff Shew, Stoke Tonne, Rob Davies. Back Row: Kevin Cockell, Rob MacKay, Mike Sanchez, Roger Agyagos, Kevin Mohammed, Colin Osbourne, San Kurianparambil. 199 Vancouver College has always been the home of great teams in all sports. Track and field is no exception. Over recent years, the change in the program and the introduction of new personnel have combined to form a unique force not to be reckoned with. With an introduction of new coaches and an extremely facilitated staff Vancouver College is able to offer one of the best, if not the best. Track program in B.C.. Because of our specialized and highly qualified coaching staff (Miss Carmen James - Jump Specialists; Mr. Mike Olma - Javlin Specialist; Mr. Tony Pervan Discus and Shotput specialist) Vancouver College has an extremely diversified and specified program. The past 1986 season already provides a firm base and a prophetic outlook at the new 1987 track season when the Irish will be a dominant force. V.C. held the 1984 and presently holds the 1986 Provincial Men’s titles, and holds records in several events (Matt Clarke in the hammer, Andrew MacFarlane in the high jump, and an impressive record set by our 4x100 relay team.) The Future holds the reformation of the “Irish Track Club” under the coaching of Mr. Lattimer and Mr. Bettiol. They will participate in several American meets (to note indoor meets in Washington State). Our ultimate goal, is to capture the overall Provincial Title in 1987. With many members returning and many more incoming, combining with an even better program than in 1986, the new 1987 track team looks to be one of the best in Vancouver College ' s history. “Look out B.C., here comes the Fighting Irish!’’ 200 mBmm »as i|irj I f ... r ' I « ■ : 201 JUNIOR TENNIS Front Row; Daniel Vargas. Back Row: Mr. Szetela, Bobby Lau, John Horn, Richard Arabit, Edward Lee, Willy Dalton. Mr. Budai. Sponsored by MARIPOSA This year’s junior tennis team was characterized by their enthusiasm. With a great turn out this year the coaches could be selective and get the best possible junior team. These young athletes displayed desire, class, and raw talent. They will surely be a force to reckon with in the senior rankings of the Fighting Irish. 202 SENIOR TENNIS This year’s senior tennis team was quite young, with many junior students participating. Although the team did not play as many matches as they would have liked to, (due to work-to-rule), the players gained valued experience. Thanks go to Mr. Szetela and Mr. Budai for their instruction and insight this past season. Front Row: L-R: Martin Dumas, Justin Mahony. Middle Row: Allan Frankland, Ken Frith, Greg Mahony, Stefan Von Dehn. Back Row: Mr. Szetela (Coach), Chris Mahony, Stephen Frith, Greg Mueller. SWIM TEAM Front Row: Mark Sherritt, Quentin Boulton, David Hamlin, Andre Paris, James Scott. Middle Row: Blair Boyd, Brian Lahitte. Vinko Pehar, Aaron Schwartz, Sean Cartier, Jason Meyer, Bogdan Floresco. Back Row: Mirko Teglasi, Mike Hylands, William Hamlin, Sean Swain, Patrick Cully, Jeff Pasowysty, Mr. McKay (Coach). The VC Swim Team enjoyed a relatively successful season. After numerous “early " morning practices we proceeded to place third in team standings at the zone meet. This qualified several boys for the provincial championship meet at U.B.C. in Nov. Here we had a respectable showing with the top result coming from the Boy’s A team finishing third in the 200 m medly relay. Thanks to all the boys for the solid effort and also to Jim Scott for a super job organizing the team. Sponsored by GOLF TEAM MORTEN CLARKE AND CO. LTD. AND THE STANDARD CHARTERED BANK OF CANADA L-R: Craig Chiasson, Stephen Goepel, Brad Newman-Bennett, Ryan Harris, Ryan Mulhern, Mr. Gelley. The Golf Team was comprised of many fine athletes who competed minimal¬ ly this year due to the non-participation of public schools. The standouts on this year’s team were Craig Chiasson, Brad Newman-Bennett, and Trevor Farenholtz. The team would like to thank Mr. Gelley who coached the team once again this year. INTRAMURALS The primary purpose of an intramural program at the high school level is to provide all students with an opportunity to compete in athletic events or ac¬ tivities all year. The target student is the one who, for some reason, cannot or does not participate in the organized inter-school sports. The spectrum of sports offered at the Intramural level includes seasonal type activities such as indoor soccer, half court basketball, volleyball and street hockey. Competition is between homeroom classes, an arrangement that pro¬ motes class spirit and unity. A regular season and a playoff structure to deter¬ mine the grade level champion are planned and scheduled for each sport. Upon conclusion of each activity, the champion class at each grade level is awarded a perpetual trophy and every member of the winning team receives a certificate of Intramural Achievement. The staff members also enter the com¬ petition at the Grades 11 and 12 levels, depending on the sport. The Intramural program also features special events such as the Turkey Trot, a cross country race held before Thanksgiving where turkey gift certificates can be won. The real crowd pleaser is the Match of the Century, organized twice a year and comprising three mini-matches. The staff pits itself against the grade level champions or selects in indoor soccer and basketball, with the rest of the high school and appreciative audience. In conclusion. Intramurals see the involvement of many, ranging from the staff as afternoon game supervisors and organizers to students as grade level representatives, referees, and of course, competitors. 206 Sponsored by HOLY NAME OF JESUS PARISH AND TRUELINE VALUE COMPANY LTD. 207 Sponsored by R USTY GOEPEL AND WINDMILL TOYS T PERSONAL SPONSORS THOMAS J. MCKENZIE TENNYSON CHOO MR MRS. H. EWANCHUK MR MRS. D.F. STACK JAMES LEO SHIRLEY CHRISTIE MR. MRS. W.J. SMITH MR MRS. JIN H. KIM SIDDALL CASHMAN COLUMBUS WORLD TRAVEL ALFRED T. CLARKE EIVEMARK FAMILY SEET TIANG SIEW THE SOCIAL JUSTICE CLUB OF V.C. MA CONCEPCION DIAZ - BANDONG. MR MRS. J.P. JOANIS MR MRS. DOMINC MA ST. JOSEPH’S PARISH AUGUSTO L. SYJUCO JR. MARTIN PAULINE TEGLASI CAROLYNE RUSSELL A.D. RUSSELL T.N. SERVICES MARLENE SCHREINER DOUGLAS LEO FRED HERMESMANN LYLE ELLE MR MRS. R. DOHERTY MR MRS. K. SANDERS . . . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. DIRECTORY ADS RACKETS N’ RUNNERS 3880 Oak St., Van. 733-9211 THE CHAIR WORKS 2031 W. 4th Ave., Van. 736-7623 PERRY’S DEPT. STORE 5080 48th Ave., Delta 946-2131 S AS AM AT REALTY LTD. 201 - 4255 Arbutua St., Van. 732-4400 CANAPER ENTERPRISES LTD. DR. T.G. THOMPSON 260 - 6180 Blundell Rd., Rich. 277-3155 ALL-ALUME GREENHOUSE LTD. 1466 Dominion St., N. Van. 988-9312 180 - 8060 Capstan Way, Rich. 278-3100 214 NORTON, STEWART SCARLETT Box 11104 Royal Centre 1055 W. Georgia St., Van. 687-0555 W.D. WIEDMAN ASSOCIATES 4993 Stevens Dr., S. Delta 943-3160 ABLE ROOFING DRAINS LTD. 4880 MacKenzie St., Van. 263-3234 SARAH’S 2297 W. 41st Ave., Van. 261-2939 P.A. MAHONY 3637 Angus Dr., Van. 734-3274 EDIE HATS INC. 2768 W. Broadway, Van. 734-9337 LOVE GROVE SERVICE 4184 Dunbar St., Van. 738-1424 215 BUCHAN’S KERRISDALE STATIONARY 2141 W. 41st Ave ., Van. 261-8510 WINDFLOWER MINING 4405 Glencanyon Dr. N. Van. 985-5860 D.J. ARNOLD ASSOCIATES 3551 Lockhart Rd., Rich. 271-1687 INTRA-HAGEN’S TRAVEL 204 - 2760 W. Broadway, Van. 736-5651 ARISTAR FINANCIAL SERVICES 3124 - 1055 Dunsmuir, Van. 684-2494 V RENEE FASION HOUSE 6451 Chelmsford, St., Rich. 272-2780 ENG WRIGHT PARTNERS, ARCHITECTS, 1650 Albernie St., Van. 683-4376 216 ROLYNN’S HAIRSTYLING 4804 Delta St., Ladner 946-4848 FUNNY FANNY TOYS 555 - 6th St., New West. 521-0994 CAMPBELL, SAUNDERS, SADOVNICK, KATZ, AND CO. 650 W. Georgia St., Van. 681-5500 WATSON GOEPEL MALADY 2030 - One Bentall Centre 505 Burrard St., Van. 688-1301 A.I.M. CONSULTANTS 8375 French St., Van. 266-1872 BRIGITTE MODE LTD. D51 - 701 W. Georgia St., Van. 669-0822 217 “CLARA-DEN” GROUP OF COMPANIES ENTERPRISES LTD. TREASURE CHEST DISTRIBUTORS Exclusive Distributors for Regal “Cordon Bleu Cookware” throughout Canada and Western of United States of America. C S C. FINANCE YOU CAN SALES CORP. Franchise Consulting Sales. Administrative Support to Business. Marketing and Business Plan Development. Mr. GLOVES SCREEN CONCEPTS INC. Exclusive Supplier of Advertising Specialty Products to Licenced Distributor throughout North America. May You All Be Blessed with the Seeds of Dissatisfaction and Therefore Strive to Excel. The President Denis G. Pequin GORDON CREEK RANCH Box 309 Merritt, B.C. Phone: 378-5741 CATTLE AND HAY SALES M R SPORTSWEAR ATTENTION All Team Coaches For All Your Team Requirements We Can Custom Design Uniforms and Logos to Suit Any Budget with Style. WE OUTFIT ALL SPORTS! Soccer, Hockey, Football, Team and Corp. Jackets, Golf Shirts, Baseball Caps. Cresting, Lacrosse, Bowling Shirts and More. Make an Appointment with Us. We’ll Make a Time At Your Convenience Rick De Guzman 435-8929 274-8036 6913 Russell Ave, Burnaby, B.C. RICHARDS BUELL SUTTON LAWYERS NOTARIES EDWARD CHIBBER (PARTNER) 300 - 1111 Melville St. Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4H7 682-3664 ST. VINCENT’S ARBUTUS HOSPITAL PAVLIK S pecialized Tours Travel Ltd. 6650 Arbutus St., Vane. B.C. V6P 5S5 Offers an 2221 Panorama Drive Opportunity for Volunteer North Vancouver, B.C. Service in Support of Canada j the Elderly. V7G 1V4 Please Phone 266-4166 Tel. (604) 929-7911 Tlx. 04-352858 and Offer Your Time THE GREAT-WEST LIFE EMTECH AVIATION ASSURANCE COMPANY SERVICES INC. • LIFE INSURANCE • DISABILITY INCOME PROTECTION Manufacturers Representatives • ANNUITIES • SMALL BUSINESS PLANS 7431 Thormanby Crescent • MUTUAL FUNDS Richmond, B.C. Canada V7C 4G4 Tel. (604) 274-4196 Fax. (604) 274-1758 COME TO THE COMPANY Terry M ' Pnce 688-7831 THAT CAN PUT IT ALL Harry K. Robinson j TOGETHER FOR YOU: 294-3471 STEAK SEAFOOD HOUSE 3014 GRANVILLE ST. VANCOUVER, B.C. 732 0023 7313712 ST. VINCENT’S HOSPITAL 749 West 33rd Ave., Vancouver. B.C. V5Z 2K4 Phone: 876-7171 Serving the Community Since 1939. Volunteers Are Always Welcome. Training is Provided. The St. Vincent ' s Hospital Guild. The Vincenteens. Boys and Girls 15-19 Years. The Hospital Volunteers. If You Would Like More Information Regarding Volunteer Opportunities, Please Telephone the Volunteer Coordinator at 876-7171. 220 Anna Anna would like to welcome all clients to her salon located at 660 Clyde Ave. Please call for appointment free consultation. ! enaissamf ' ADVANCED HAIR FASHIONS 660 Clyde Ave. West Vancouver 922-0456 MARTINA INTERNATIONAL KITCHEN BATH CENTRE 12198 - 86 Avenue Surrey, B.C. V3W 3H7 Phone: 591-6311 221 JOHNSTON’S MAYNARDS DRIVING AUCTIONEERS SCHOOL LTD. 415 West 2nd Ave., Call Vancouver, B.C. 324-7025 876-6787 BEST CLEANERS AND CONTRACTORS LTD. CAPILANO VOLKSWAGEN LTD. 1151 Marine Dr. 380 West 1st Ave. North Vancouver. B.C. Vancouver, B.C. V7P 1T1 V5Y 1A9 Phone: 985-0694 Phone: 872-6781 COLUMBIA CUSTOMS SHITO-RIYU BROKERS LTD. KARATE 200 - 666 Burrard St., 6184 Ash Street Vancouver, B.C. Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3C5 V5W 1Y8 Call: 687-7491 Call: 321-1815 COMMERCIAL ATLAS TRAVEL SERVICE ELECTRONICS LTD. LIMITED 1305 Burrard St., 209 - 700 West Pender St., Vancouver, B.C. Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1Z9 V6C 1G8 Phone: 669-5525 Phone (604) 669-6665. 223 c cmMMted X£ellences HpNRY YAGAR - SALES MANAGER 261-7275 41ST GRANVILLE □ □ Park Georgia Insurance Agencies Ltd. Travel Cqrgo Property Residential Commercial Accidental Sjckness, HospitqL Medical Home Mortgage Life Health Employee Benefit Automobile Insurance PARK SQUARE 106, 201 - 5701 GRANVILLE ST., VANCOUVER, B.C. TEL: 261-1012 Good Luck Graduates of 1987 from the tCDOJZXDO HOO“E£ Located at 2330 Kingsway St. Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5G9 Phone: (604) 434-1341 No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction 19545 No. 10 Highway, Surrey, B.C. V3S 6K1 Phone: (604) 534-7431 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1987 GRADUATES FROM Best Wishes to the 1987 Graduating Class from the OBLATES OF MARY IMMACULATE IN B.C. 1311 The Crescent, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 1T7 Phone: 736-9363 sated outdoor pool. TOWNS? A convention hotel with all the comforts of home, and in the perfect location. The Delta Town Country Inn is located within easy freeway access to Vancouver, in an appealing setting ideal for conventions, business travellers, and families. The hotel’s banquet conference auditoriums can accommodate any size group from 10 to 400 with full facilities. GREAT HOTEL VALUE! facilities • Peaceful setting • Gourmet restaurant • Coffee shop • Radio and colour TV in every room • Heated outdoor pool, sauna • Indoor tennis (lessons available) • Direct dial telephones • Ample free guest parking • Heliport on the premises 6005 Highway 17 at Highway 99, Delta, B.C. V4K 4E2 Phone: (604) 946-4404 Telex: 043-51319 mm CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 87’ GRADUATING CLASS FROM TRANS COMM ADVT INC. P.O. Box 4981 Vancouver, B.C. Phone: 688-4620 TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA weve TOGETHER! • PREPAID FREIGHT TO WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS ISSKEBES OH, what a fun bunch of guys BEST WISHES TO THE GRADS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE |%UET RNET 461-3656 TOYOTA 3215 ST. JOHN’S PORT MOODY Where Customer Satisfaction is 1 232 Vancouver 874-1024 or 874-6314 North Vancouver 985-5385 Give us a Call or Drop In In Your Living Room or in Our Dining Room We Will Present You with: Tender Steaks, Broiled Lobster Tails, Alaska King Crab, Pizza or Any Number of Italian Dishes That We Know You’ll Like. 14 LOCATIONS, OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, TO SERVE YOU FOR LUNCH, DINNER, OR (WELL) AFTER THE GAME. FOR DELIVERY, CALL THE LOCATION NEAREST YOU Langley Port Moody Abbotsford Mission Burnaby N. Burnaby 530-4107 461-4461 853-7131 826-1261 435-2296 421-5232 Guildford, Surrey 584-7707 Chilliwack White Rock Haney Victoria Victoria 792-0764 531-1010 467-3418 479-9361 386-3522 ! I 233 T Best of Luck to the Grads of ’87 from HRYWOQD SECURITIES INC. 7th Floor, Bentall Centre 1 Phone: 689-1764 234 235 T CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS OF ’87 FROM REGENCY TRAVEL Your Professional Travel Centre West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1G1 Patrick Wang Manager Bus.(604)873-8411 Telex 04-51289 236 OFF PRICE FOOTWEAR INCORPORATED VANCOUVER’S LARGEST FAMILY DISCOUNT SHOE STORE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 1410 Venables St. Vancouver, B.C. V5L2G5 Phone: 254-3814 I 237 GOOD LUCK TO THE ’87 GRADUATING CLASS FROM Petroleum products developed tested to serve Industry, Agriculture and Domestic Consumers. PCTROCANADA 238 Chevron ELM PARK SERVICE INC. 2408 West 41st Avenue Phone: 261-6919 CONGRATULATIONS ALL ’87 GRADS FROM THE SMYTHS 239 Telephone: 325-7944 THE PLATE GALLERY LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS PLATES 5872 VICTORIA DRIVE OWNERS: Ron Donna Allen ' at 44th AVENUE MGR.: Elsie Warner VANCOUVER, B.C. V5P 3W9 THE STAFF OF THE 1987 COLLEGIAN WISH TO THANK JOSTENS NATIONAL SCHOOL SERVICES LTD. AND DINO SITA FOR THEI R CONTINUED SUPPORT. 240 Best Wishes to the 1987 Vancouver College Graduating Class from ST. ANTHONY’S PARISH in Marpole 1345 W. 73rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. V6P 3E9 Phone: 266-6131 norcth America mooor coach inc. 121 Annabella St. Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3H8 Phone: 947-1351 NORTHPACK MEN ' S HAIR Wishes Good Luck to the ’87 V.C. Grads. 855 Park Royal North (in the Arcade Mall) North Vancouver Phone: 922-9612 T 244 i 245 AUTOGHAP AUTOGRAPHS 11 l 4 1 11 I mvmmvm . ' — . I !■ I i r fl I r, ' ' »■ I I llhfW ■llL 1 iT r « 1 1 s MlW

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