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©AM ©Jv A! ] 6. SCHOOL LIFE.P. 148 7. ORGANIZATIONS.P. 164 8. SPORTS.P.180 9. SPECIAL EVENTS.P. 210 10. FRIENDS P.220 CREDITS • • • The 1986 Collegian Staff CO-EDITORS. BUSINESS MANAGER DARKROOM . PHOTOGRAPHY.... TYPIST. MODERATOR . . SEBOUH MATOSSIAN, GEORGE PSEFTEAS . NEIL MARTIN . COLIN CHENG . JEFF OAKMAN . DAVID BENNETT . BROTHER ENGLISH LAYOUT: ii m Faculty.Sebouh Matossian, William Hamlin Grads...George Psefteas High School.Sebouh Matossian, Mark Mogatas Elementary.Colin Cheng Fine Arts.Ray Culi, Edwin Kwong School Life.Colin Cheng Organizations.. Sebouh Matossian, Peter Moore-Stevens, Alex Ip- Sports ...Sebouh Matossian, Mike Dewit, John Hinze Special Events.Joseph Ramos, Patrick Calasan, Martin Van den Hemel Friends.John Ko, George Psefteas DARKROOM.Colin Cheng, Peter Poulos, Tom Theodorakis, Ken Kwong, Sebouh Matossian, Constantine Vakakis, Jeff Obadia PHOTOGRAPHY.Jeff Oakman, Jonathan Chow, Stanley Dee, Alex dela Cuesta, Joseph Ramos, Brian Chanpong, Kep Durlacher, Joseph Lo, Andrew McKechnie, Jerie Farmer, Bryant Yip, Malcolm Kerr, Boris Smitlener, Mike Persad, Marco Oballa, Pat Culley, Alex Leung, George Anderson, Marco Barrera, William Hamlin, Janklaus Dreher, Eric de Monye, Mark Mogatas TYPISTS.David Bennett, Marty Lopez, Andrew Rapier N.S.S. ADVISOR.MR. DINOSITA 5 ECCLESIASTES 12:1 REMEMBER YOUR CREATOR IN THE DAYS OF YOUR YOUTH 6 II TIM. 2:22 NOW FLEE FROM YOUTHFUL LUSTS, AND PURSUE RIGHTEOUSNESS, FAITH, LOVE AND PEACE, WITH THOSE WHO CALL ON THE LORD FROM A PURE HEART. 7 NORAH SEND ALL: 25 YRS. OF DEDICATION TRIBUTE TO MRS. NORAH SENDALL Mrs. Norah Sendall is one of the many faithful ladies associated with Vancouver College down through its history. We are celebrating twenty-five years of her service to the boys and their families. This event also coincides with her retirement as of June 30, 1986. Mrs. Sendall began her association with Vancouver College as a volunteer. For several years she taught typing and for the remainder of her time with us here has been the librarian for the elementary school. To say that she has touched the lives of many of our students is to put it rather mildly. Her graciousness, her charm and her obvious love of life, have made great impressions upon the minds and hearts of all those who have come in contact with her over the years. Mrs. Sendall has been a consistent and faithful lover of Vancouver College. For that she will be remembered and ap¬ preciated for many years to come. We know that, despite official retirement, she will continue to be part of our lives at Vancouver College. We thank Mrs. Sendall for being herself and giving so much of herself. We wish her the best of blessings for the future for we know God is smiling sweetly on her beautiful life. BROTHER FIRST’S 50TH TRIBUTE TO BROTHER GERARD This year, 1986, Brother Johannes van de Ven is celebrating his Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession in the Congregation of Our Lady of Lourdes. Here at Vancouver College we know him as Brother Gerard, and the elementary boys know him as “Brother First” for he is number one in their eyes. But it is a real “Dutch treat” for them when they say “hello Brother last” and he chases them madly down the corridor frightening and disturbing all and sundry in the offices and classrooms nearby. Brother Gerard’s association with Vancouver Colleg e began, as for other Brothers of Lourdes, by coming here to learn English before moving on to their apostolate in Alberta. After some years there, he and Brother Basil returned to teach at Vancouver College. Brother Gerard is retired from teaching but certainly not from his involvement in the school. He takes care of so many jobs that we wonder how he gets the time and the energy to do them. But he does them with a willing, generous heart and with profound cheerfulness. He is a great blessing in our midst. Brother Gerard offers Vancouver College a presence that is warm, alive and free. What is the foundation of that presence? The three realities of compassion, fidelity and a sense of celebration. Those who know him and have lived with him testify to these qualities and to his ability to live them out in a most human and unobtrusive manner. Our school motto is “Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful”. Faithfulness is a quality deeply rooted in the very reality of God. Brother Gerard is a great example to us of that Godlike quality. By his life he is inviting us to be as God-created us - loving and believing Christians, living our lives in wonder and appreciation. For this we thank you, Brother Gerard, as we thank you for yourself and your works. 9 THE VICE PRINCIPALS Mr. D. Sponza- B.A. Mr. Sponza’s ninth year at V.C. was his first as Vice-Principal. Aside from his administrative duties, he taught Typing 10 and Geography 12. He also co-ordinated the successful Emerald Tournament. Br. D.F. Nash - B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D. Brother taught English Literature 12 and Religion 12. He was also editor of the Teachers’ Weekly Bulletin and the College Newsletter. Mr. M.J. Kim- B.Ed. Mr. Kim is the Vice-Principal in charge of the elementary school. He also works in the L.A.C. (Learning Assistance Centre) for both the High School and grade 7, and runs the Computer Club. PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE We bid farewell to another graduating class, and we thank them for what they have given to Vancouver College during the years that they have been here. It varies in number. Some have been here for the full twelve years but most entered in Grade Eight. The nu mber of years really doesn’t matter but how they lived them according to our philosophy certainly does. The lessons learned at Vancouver College will take on more meaning as the years go on. Hopefully, we have cooperated with the parents in planting the seed for a good Christian life, striving for excellence in all aspects - spiritual, intellectual, cultural, emotional, social and physical. Vancouver College, like any Catholic school, is a venture in faith, faith that the Word of God dwells among us. This gives rise to a community of Catholic believers who share the aspirations of all mankind, experiencing their needs and sufferings and ascending with all people to fulfillment in Jesus Christ. In this aspect we are one - students, teachers, parents, Church. Let us continue to keep striving for this unity and peace. In keeping with our school motto - “Semper Fidelis” - Always Faithful - let us pray to be steadfast in our beliefs and to value a good life consistent with the life of Christ as taught to us through the Church. For our Graduates of 1986 that is our prayer. God bless you and yours, Bro. John F. McHugh, C.F.C. Principal i%Sa8Mi Mr. G. Accili - B.Sc. (Biology), Teaching Certificate In his first year at V.C., Mr. Accili taught Math 8 and 10, Science 8 and Religion 9. He was the Mayfair Raffle Co-ordinator for the high school, where over $8000.00 was raised. Mr. P.D. Adams - M.Ed. Mr. Adams taught Art and Religion. Other activities included organizing the Walkathon, May Fair and Grad Mass. Mr. W. Anderson - B.P.E. Mr. Anderson taught Physical Education to grades 8, 10 and 12 this year. Br. F Basil Blom, N.D.L., B.Ed Br Basil came to V.C. in 1962 for one year. He returned ten years later and is still with us. This year he taught Math 8 and 9 and Religion 9. Mr. B. Batista This is Mr. Batista’s twelfth year on the janitorial staff. Mr. D. Beers - B.Comm., Teaching Certificate Mr. Beers taught Consumer Education 12 and Accounting 11. He also coached the J.V. Basketball Team. 14 Mr. J.C. Bell - B.Ed. Mr. Bell taught French to grades 8, 11 and 12. He organizes the annual trips to France, which produce enthusiasm and excitement. Mrs. N. Borovic - Degree in Chemical Engineering Mrs. Borovic taught Chemistry 11 and 12 this year. Mr. H. Budai- B.Ed. Mr. Budai taught French to grades 8 and 9, and Religion 9. His extracurricular activities include being Intramural Director and assistant tennis coach. 1. X-Ray photography reveals a fissure on the right side of Br. English’s skull. 2. Mr. Farenholtz is deeply absorbed in his work. 3. For example the bezzic (basic) properties of my hair give it that clean, smoothe feeling. 4. Data: Red face and orange hair - Positive identification: Joe Burke. 5. Now there’s a teacher who loves correcting English essays. 6. Mrs. Haudin enjoys typing. Just look at her; she’s having the time of her life! Mr. J. Burke - B.A. Mr. Burke taught grade 9 Religion and Math, and grade 10 Math. He is the athletic director of the school. He is also the Lettermen’s Association Moderator and concession manager. Finally, he is the moderator for the Voice and the ad nauseam. Mr. J. Canil - B.P.E., M.P.E. Mr. Canil taught Social Studies to grades 8, 9, and 10 and Typing 10. He was the head coach of the J.V. Football team and weight training coordinator. 15 Mr. R. Carlos - B.Sc., I.Ed., B.Ed. Mr. Carlos taught Industrial Education to grades 8 and 10. He also did some construction work around the school and helped other departments with maintenance. Mrs. A. Cheesman - H.Dip.Ed. Mrs. Chessman mainly taught grade 2, but also grades 1 and 4. She was also involved with the Walkathon Committee. Mr. T.H. Choo- B.Ed. P.E. Mr. Choo has been teaching at Vancouver College for the past ten years. Mr. L. Clayton - B.Ed. I his is Mr. Clayton’s 5th year at V.C.. He taught grade 7-2 this year. He was responsible for the elementary oratorical contest. Mr. P. Dal Monte Mr. Dal Monte coached the Varsity Football team this year. He also taught P.E. and Social Studies. Mrs. M. Davis - B. A. Mrs. Davis taught Art 10, 11, and 12. She also assisted in making posters, banners and other art work. 16 Mr. B. Devenport - B.Ed. Mr. Devenport taught English 12, English 10, and Religion 12. He also coached the Varsity Soccer Team. 1. Now . . . (puff) . . how can 1 confuse them even more? 2. V.C. Registrar at your service! 3. Clear the room!! Mr. Burke is about to become violent! 4. Mr. Hancock having trouble focussing on Friday afternoon. 5. Mr. Kavalec is obviously very bored - he’s reading the newspaper. 6. Mr. Beers showing us as many teeth as he possibly can. 1 17 Mr. P. Doyle - B.Sc. Mr. Doyle taught Science 9 and Science 10. He coached cross country and track as well as being a major shareholder in “Rent a Bus Driver.” Bro. E.J. English Brother English taught Religion 10, and French to grades 8, 9 10. He has also moderated the yearbook for the past two years. Mr. E. Farenholtz- B.P.E. Mr. Farenholtz taught Science 8 and 9 this year. He coached Varsity Basketball and throwing events in Track and Field. BroK.J. Farrell - B.Sc., B.Ed. Brother Farrell taught Science 9, Physics 11 and 12, and Religion 11. He helped out here and there, mostly there. Mr. C. Friere- B.Sc., B.Ed. Mr. Friere taught Algebra 11 and 12 as well as Religion 12. He was the head of the Senior Math Club. He also was part of the Walkathon Committee. 18 . - it. xf Mu . ’ ' ■ " - ■ »v ■ ' N .. gggfe i s Bro. E.G. French - C.F.C., B.A., M.A. Brother French taught Religion 8, Algebra 11, and Geometry 12. 7 1 f 1. Name: Mr. C. Freire: Occupation: Algebra Teacher. Condition: Extreme paranoia 2. Mrs. Sadler is one of the few calm staff members remaining at V.C. 3. Who called me a ghost? 4. A school that pays lower salaries? Here in B.C? 1 won’t believe it until I see it! 5. Br. Rowland is reading to his class again. Look on the bright side - at least they’ll catch up on their homework or get a good solid hour of undisturbed sleep. 6. Mr. Bell is storing up calories which he will undoubtedly burn off by terrorizing his students. 7. For the last time, my hair line is not receding! 19 Mr. S. Gi acomazza- B.A., Teaching Certificate Mr. l G ' taught P.E., Science and Socials to Grade 4. He coached grade 8 football, grade 7 basketball, and elementary track and field. Mr. S. Gelley - B.Ed. Mr. Gelley taught P.E. and Social Studies 10. He also helped coach the Varsity Football Team and the V.C. Golf Team. Mr. D. Hancock - B. A., Teaching Certificate Mr. Hancock taught Religion 8, Art 8, English 9, and Socials 10. He also assisted in coaching track and field. Mrs. L. Haudin Mrs. Haudin was the secretary of the Main Office. She has been working at V.C. since June 1985. 20 Miss N. Herb - B.Ed. Miss Herb taught grade one this year. She also helped with singing and was an assistant track and swimming coach. Mrs. G. Kim - B.Ed. Mrs. Kim taught grade 4, Learning Assistance to grs. 4, 5, 6, Religion to grade 3, and Computer Literacy to grade 7. Mr. D. Isaac - B.A. Mr. Isaac taught Social Studies 11, English 9, and Religion 8 and 10. He was actively involved in supervising Intramurals and coordinating community work involving grades 8 and 10. 1. I’ve been mocked 3 times in the last 4 minutes. Not bad. I’m improving. 2. One of these young men is a teacher at V.C. Can you guess who it is? 3. Br. English looking very relaxed after bawling someone out on the phone. 4. Don’t distract me! Oh no! Now look what you did! You made me forget wha t I was going to say? Forget it! It’s gone! Just gone! I’ll never remember it again! EVER!!! Mr. J. Kavalec- B.A., B.P.E., M.Ed. This year Mr. Kavalec taught Science 10 and Biology 11, as well as being a guidance coun¬ sellor. 21 iiliiiiiiilllii 22 Iliiififi 1. What the . . .! 2. What are you doing here? 3. Now, how can I convince Br. McHugh to give me a larger room? 4. Ash Wednesday - how boring! 5. Hey you! You look marvelous! 6. Mr. Freire preparing to teach a rowdy grade 12 class. 7. Br. McHugh = Happy, Br. Farrell = Sleepy, Br. MacKen- zie = Grumpy. 8. Before a cutting remark directed to Br. McHugh. 9. After a cutting remark directed to Br. McHugh. 10. Will you get a load of this! A teacher actually giving to the Missions. 11. Stand back if you don’t want to get hurt. 12. Mr. Farenholtz showing off his triceps, pectorals and laterals. I 23 Mrs. B. Lynch Library Assistant for 12 years. Br. W.J. Martin- B.A., M.A. Brother Martin is the secretary of both the Vancouver College Foundation and Vancouver College Alumni Association. 1. What are you looking at? 2. Chess anyone? 3. “18 years at V.C. has not adversely affected my health”, claims Mr. Kim, the Elementary Supervisor. Mr. W. MacCormack- B.Ed. Mr. MacCormack taught grade 7 and coached Basketball, Track and Soccer in his seventh year at Vancouver College. Bro. R.H. Mackenzie - M.A. Brother Mackenzie headed the Religion Department again as well as the new Guidance Department. He is also moderator of the Mc¬ Cormack Hall Residence. He taught Religious Education to Grades 11 and 12. 24 Mr. L. Matusicky- B.A., M.A. An elected member of the Faculty Council, Mr. Matusicky taught Religion 11, Western Civilization 12, and English 11 and 12. Mrs. J. McLean - B.Ed. This year, Mrs. McLean taught grade 3, as well as Reading to grade 2. In this, her 13th year at Vancouver College, she also co-ordinated raffle ' irVpr sales for the Elementary school. MissC. McNeil - B.A., B.Ed. Miss McNeil taught grades 1 to 7 French and music. She also led the guitar club and elementary band choir. 25 Miss D. Norris Miss Norris was the Principal’s Secretary this year. Mr. G. Olson Mr. Olson studied music at Western Washington College and University of British Columbia. Courses taught at Vancouver College include music theory, concert and jazz ensembles, with appearances at pep rallies, school functions, and participation in competitions. Mr. J. Prepchuk - B.A., Teaching Certificate Mr. Prepchuk taught English 8 and 9. He was also co-head coach of the Varsity Football Team and head coach of the grade 9 Basketball Team. 26 Mr. S. Rogers - B.Ed. Mr. Rogers taught grade 6. He taught every subject except P.E., French, and Music. He assisted coaching in grade 8 football, and was co¬ head coach of grade 5 and 6 basketball. He also coached elementary track and field. Bro. J.P. Rowland - B.A., M.A., M.A.T. Brother Rowland has taught at College for 18 years. A graduate of V.C., he is the Head of the Social Studies Dept. He has been Assistant Moderator of the Senior Resident Students for the past two years. Mrs. C. Russell Mrs. Russell was the school’s registrar this year. Mrs. P. Sadler Mrs. Sadler was the school’s accountant. She began work at V.C. in 1975. 1. Why is Miss Herb looking so happy? She either got a pay raise, an extended vacation, or else maybe she just enjoys teaching grade 1. 2. Step into my office and let’s - uh - discuss the - uh - pros and cons of slamming the door in your - uh - teacher’s face. 3. What do you mean I never warned you about the test? And even if I didn’t, you should have studied anyway! 4. Br. McHugh contemplates life, Easter Exams and the beautiful 4 week vacation he is going to take in mid-July. Mrs. N. Sendall Mrs. Sendall, our elementary school librarian, has been giving her time to College for twenty- five years. She is retiring this year. Good wishes for the future! Mrs. I. Small - B.A., Ed. Dip. Mrs. Small instructed Economics 11, Social Studies 11, and English 9 and 10. She was also involved with public speaking and intramural sports. Mr. M. Szetela - B.A., Teaching Certificate Mr. Szetela taught grade 8 and 9 Social Studies and Math 8. He also coached the junior and senior tennis teams. 28 Mr. A. Van der Sande, M.Sc. Mr. Van der Sande has been teaching at V.C. for nine years. This year he taught Computer Science and Typing. Mr. R. Viraz Mr. Viraz was V.C.’s maintenance engineer this year. Bro. J.L. Wood - B.A., M.Re. Brother Wood instructs grade 5, as well as co¬ ordinating Religious Education for the elementary level. 29 Br. P.G. Breen C.F.C. M.A. Br. W.G. Noonan C.F.C. M.A. Father Denis Rowan, C.S.B., Ph.D. Father Rowan was school chaplain this past year. As well as presiding at Mass he taught Religion 10, 11, and 12. 1. Congratulations! . . . 2. The spoiled brats are learning how to type on $1200.00 electronic typewriters. When I was a kid, all we had were lead chisels, stones and slabs of granite. 3. Mrs. Sendall: proud of a job well done. 4. Oh, hi Mr. Kim! What’s that? My hair is too long? I’m breaking the dress code? 5. Br. Wood successfully confusing a grade 5 class. 6. Miss Herb singing at the Mother’s Day Mass. 31 TWELVE YEAR MEN MARK THOMAS BROWN JOSE RAUL DINO JASON DAVID DUMARESQ Mark was one of the gifted few who managed to endure 12 years at Vancouver College. He participated in many of the school teams and various groups during his lengthy stay. He also managed to get in on many school trips including voyages to Cornerbrook, Nfld. and Chicago, Illinois. He played hockey outside the school since grade one and, like V.C., he stuck with it. Mark achieved honours standings most of his 12 years at V.C. and was elected to the position of Secretary-Treasurer for his last 2 years. To further develop his education, Mark hopes to attend U.B.C. in the Commerce faculty. Jose is one of the few students who has survived twelve years at V.C.. While at V.C., Jose has been involved in various school activities, in¬ cluding student council, the Collegian, the school newspaper, intramurals and racquetball club. When not studying, Jose enjoys playing piano, listening to his stereo, or simply going out with friends. After graduation, Jose plans on furthering his education at U.B.C. in the Arts Department. He would like to thank all the students and teachers who made his stay very pleasant. Jason is another one of the rare and crazy twelve year men. He has participated in many of the schools activities, including two school plays and three years of football. Jason can usually be found walking the halls or visiting Mrs. Russell during class time, while his weekends are spent partyin’ and skiing up at Whistler. Hobbies include forgetting homework and sleeping-in. After graduation, Jason hopes to pursue a career in the Commercial Diving Industry, making enough money to buy a fleet of Jet-skis and a new coat for his grizzly-dog “Brewy.” He would like to thank all the teachers including Mr. Kavalec, who made his stay such an enjoyable and rewarding one. 34 DAVID GEORGE GRAHAM David came to us in grade one from not too far off Kerrisdale and is classified as a ,“12” year man. David, or better known as “slug” to his friends, played Football and Basketball in both grade 8 and 9 levels and in grade 11 and 12 en¬ joyed soccer. While David was doing time at VC he had one motto and one motto only; “If you can’t be an athlete be an athletic supporter”. David remembers fond memories with B.B., D.D., D.G. and the two J.W’s in the “love boat” and will remember them always. MICHAEL JOHN HUDD Good-natured and easy-going, Mike has been cruising the halls of V.C. for his entire school life. “Spud”, as he is known by his friends - thanks to Mr. Kavalec - has enjoyed his years at V.C. He would like to thank all his teachers for making school years so memorable and challenging. After grad, Mike plans to take time to soak up some sun and gear up for continued education at S.F.U. in the field of Commerce. Mike would also like to thank his parents, family and his friends for their help and encouragement throughout the years. In 1974 the Grade One class at Vancouver College had 20 students. Now, 12 years later, 7 of these students are still at Vancouver College, the 7 students who were strong enough to endure 12 years at Vancouver College, with each consecutive year being more challenging than the previous. These students, now proudly called “12 year men”, are Eddie Wood, Kris Kucera, Mike Hudd, David Graham, Jason Dumaresq, Jose Dino and Mark Brown. Over a decade has gone by since this successful seven took their first steps in the Hallowed Halls of Vancouver College. During this period there were perhaps more changes made to Vancouver College since it was moved from downtown Vancouver. The old Brothers residence was demolished and is now a parking lot. A new, modern residence has been built, thanks to the efforts of Br. Maher and his fund raising gang, where a lawn used to be. The old “Cow Pasture” playfield has been transformed into a formidable football and track facility. The tennis courts have been moved three times and many other developments have taken place before their eyes, in both physical and structural areas. They have seen several principals come and go, from Br. Bucher to Br. McHugh, with several in between. Each of these students have not only endured Vancouver College but have also been excellent con¬ tributors to the school life. Not one of the seven was ever a “nine to threeer” for any of their years at Vancouver College. Their list of accomplishments is far too long to list here, as it encompasses most everything from being avid sportsmen and supporters to being disciplined, hard workers. They have learned that in order to get benefits out of Vancouver College, one must involve himself freely in the extracurricular activities that this school offers. Seven out of twenty students lasted a full 12 years at Vancouver College. This success rate, the highest in a long time, characterizes not only Eddie, Kris, Mike, David, Jason, Jose and Mark, but also their whole graduating class. These 12 year men have grown and changed with Vancouver College and have taken from it memories, some happy, some not so happy, and more importantly an education in more than just the academic field. KRIS JOSEF KUCERA Kris has been here for a long time as well as a good time! When not partying, Koot can be found putting his determination and exuberence to good use on the football fields and basketball courts in an Irish uniform. A varsity letterman in his last two years, Dad has enjoyed all aspects of College life, and is proud to have been a member of the best high school football team in his senior year. He would like to thank all his teachers, and especially the Brothers for putting up with his foolish younger days. In the future he plans to attend Simon Fraser University in the field of Business Administration. ARNOLD EDWARD WOOD Eddie is one of the seven who has faithfully survived twelve years at V.C.. During his stay he participated in elementary school sports, student council, the VoiCe, grad committee, and assisted with any on-going projects, when and where help was needed. During his time away from school he may be found on the local ski hills racing, or getting a financial head start in life by working at Cypress Bowl, or in recent years at Mount Seymour and Vancouver Ski Services. Away from work Eddie was a great fan of the Fighting I. in as many aspects as possible. He would like to express his sincere thanks to Mrs. Russell, Mr. Kavalec, all staff, Brothers, and fellow classmates for an enjoyable stay. Eddie’s future lies in the Ski Industry. 35 PHILIP JOHN ADAMS Phil came to the College from “sunny” England in November, 1984. Known as “sunshine” or “Mr. Participation” by the teachers, Phil has been a valuable addition to the school. At the age of nineteen and still in grade twelve, Phil looks forward to graduation, if not this year, hopefully before he is twenty-one. His only rival in this field is “Ferret Face” who is almost nineteen and will probably be well over twenty-one before he graduates. Anyway, Phil hopes to make it to university either in Canada or back in England. We wish him luck! GEORGE HECTOR ANDERSON George has been trekking in from Burnaby for 5 years since he came from St. Francis de Sales School in 1981. Since then, he has been very active in Wrestling and the Letterman’s association. He also has enjoyed catching the antics of V.C. ‘students’ on film for the Collegian in his last two years here. After graduation, George hopes to raise sheep in the foothills of Nepal in hopes of catching the first legitimate photograph of the Yeti, or failing that, attend university and study Engineering. ADRIAN JOSEPH MICHAEL ARCHAMBAULT “Arch” began stalking the halls of V.C. six short (long?) years ago after coming from Immaculate Conception, Van. He played football in grades 8, 9, 10 and remained active in athletics by managing track, being a member of the Let- termen’s Executive, organizing Christmas tree sales, advertising and game posters for the Ath. Dept. He was also involved in the musicals in Grade 8 9 and has since continued in this area outside of school. Thanks to those who made his stay more bearable: special friends, teachers, 7- 11, and Perry Mason. In the near future Adrian hopes to attend university, possibly in Fine Arts or to travel the world taking creative plastic surgery by correspondence. WILLIAM JOHN BAILEY MARCO ANTON OCAMPO BARRERA Bill has been making the long voyage from Delta for six years - five by bus and one by boat. Bill was definitely not your nine to three type and proved it by participating on the basketball team and the track team every year of his stay. His sportsmanlike superiority does not end there, he was also one of the top supporters of the Irish in the School. His fondest memories include; the Bag Boys, Green Weenies, driving in the Love Boat, and weekends in Hope. Bill plans to attend university sometime. Marco “Spiff” Barrera has been attending V.C. for the past eleven years. During this time he has been involved in such activities as basketball, the yearbook staff, and the VoiCe newspaper. His hobbies include attempting to learn the arts of skiing, tennis, and badminton. After graduation Marco plans to further his education at a university, start a business enterprise, and make his first million by the age of thirty. He would like to thank Mr. Carlos for teaching him that Fred Flintstone is indeed just a cartoon character. He also would like to thank his family, teachers, classmates, and the Brothers for their support throughout his stay at V.C.. 36 RICHARD DAVE BENNETT PHILIP STEPHEN BENSON “Bam-Bam”, as he was tagged, came to V.C. in grade four from McKecknie Elementary School. He has enjoyed school life at College, and has made many friends in his nine year stay. He has participated in tennis, racquetball, badminton, swim team, and the yearbook staff. Dave enjoys short people, lifeguarding, teaching swimming lessons, and he loves to SKI! His future goals include joining the U.B.C. Science Faculty, having fun in the sun at Maple Grove, spending money, and teasing the odd short person. Philip first came to College in grade eight. Although he tended to stay away from most activities, he did spend a year insulting faculty for the VoiCe. In eighth grade, Philip attempted basketball but soon discovered that the game was for coordinated people, so he decided to focus his attention on another sport. He participated on all levels of Track and Field, earning a Varsity letter in grade eleven. Although future plans are as yet unspecified, Philip hopes to attend university in an area of the Sciences and to continue high-jumping after graduation. EDWARD MICHAEL BLANEY “Where’s the girls?” was the first thing Ed asked when he came from public school to College in grade 9. Once recovering from this ‘shock’, Ed found it was easy to adapt to the private school way of life. It was at V.C. that he developed a better understanding of the Catholic faith which eventually led to his Baptism and Confirmation in grade 11. Ed has played soccer for six years in Richmond and is a member of the 692nd Air Cadet Squadron. He enjoys flying and hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps as a pilot in the R.C.A.F. MARK DEAN BRAGAGNOLO Mark, more formally known as Brag around the school, has been attending V.C. for the last six years. Brag participated on numerous athletic teams, playing basketball for all of his 6 years, playing football and running track in grades eight and nine, and playing varsity soccer for 3 years, acting as captain for the last two years. On weekends, Brag can always be found at a party or a dance with his friends. Brag plans to further his education at S.F.U. or V.C.C., or get a job. He would like to thank all his teachers who made his stay enjoyable and his parents for sending him to V.C. Mark would also like to wish all the grads the best of luck in the future and that they will be successful in their own way. PIERRE JOSEPH CECIL IGNATIOUS BURKE Pierre came to Vancouver College in grade eleven from the American School in Kuwait. He enjoys music, motocross racing, and weekends. Pierre has been playing the trombone for eight years and is a member of the Beefeater Band. He plans to go to the University of British Columbia. In his spare time, which isn’t often thanks to school and work, Pierre enjoys listening to music, going out with friends and partying. Pierre would like to thank all his teachers for helping him through the last twelve years and to thank his parents and brother for putting up with him. 37 DAVID M. CAMPANELLA Dave, “Nichi, Cliff, etc . . has been going to V.C. since grade eight, making the long trip from his home in the slums of Dunbar everyday in¬ cluding some Saturdays. During his stay in this institution, Dave has participated in the football program, and is also a strong supporter of basketball, track, and other various school events. After graduation, Dave plans to further his education in any University or College that will take him, and go into either Commerce, Medicine, Psychology, Anthropology, Law, Education, or even maybe something else. Dave would also like to thank his parents for their patient support over the years. GORDON STAVERT BYRN Gordon, or Gord-on as he is known, has been coming to College for five years. He participated in Varsity football and would like to thank Coach White for teaching him everything he knows. His future plans are to go into Commerce and Law and if that doesn’t work out, to move to Russia and become a bicycle repairman. Some friends Gord would like to say good-bye to are Jason McNulty, and Mr. Sponza, both of whom have been a positive influence on his life. Finally, Gord would like to thank the Vancouver College community for persisting in their goal of trying to make him a Christian Gentleman. BRUCE THOMPSON CARPENTER Bruce emerged from the slopes of West Van¬ couver 6 years ago to attend grade 7 at V.C. During his 6 years at V.C. Bruce participated in the School swim team, which was his only “claim to fame” on the sports level. This left plenty of time open for his two favorite sports, “Skiing” (at Whistler), and “Partying”. Bruce achieved “Scholastic Excellence” in all his subjects. Bruce’s stay at V.C. was a memorable one, and after graduation he plans to further his education at either Queens or McGill to obtain a degree in Business Administration. DARRYL STEVEN CARDEY Darryl has been coming to Vancouver College from sunny Richmond since grade 8. Throughout his stay at V.C., he has participated on the tennis team and intramurals. His hobbies include skiing, baseball, golf, music, and movies. After graduation, he plans to further his education at U.B.C. in either the commerce or law field. He would like to thank his parents, friends and yes, even his teachers for his en¬ joyable stay at College. BRIAN CHANPONG Brian was a part of the great Chinese influx from St. Francis Xavier to College in grade five. He made his musical knowledge known by at¬ tempting to play the trumpet, sax and piano simultaneously in the school band, and by participating in the school musicals. Brian’s interests include skiing, writing music, playing piano, trumpet, and guitar. Upon graduation Brian hopes to go to University and study in the faculty of Music. Brian wishes to thank his parents and teachers (especially Mrs. Russell) for their support. He also thanks me, P.B., for doing his grad write-up on time. 38 KEVIN C.T. CHEN Kevin arrived at V.C. in grade three from his Shaughnessy home and is glad that it is all over. His hobbies are racquetball (of course), cycling, Theatre Sports, and ethnic jokes. He joined the first two racquetball clubs in grade eleven and twelve, and as a result, became the guy to beat. His most memorable experience was a Mexican cruise during spring break ’85 and . . . Alaskans. Idols include David Letterman, Eddie Murphy, and Marty Hogan (guess what sport he plays). Kev hopes to enter either U.B.C. or an American University in the field of anything successful, and he plans to retire in Malibu California. ANDREW CHARLES COLLINGWOOD Andrew came to V.C. in grade eight from Caulfield Elementary in West Vancouver. Over the years Andrew has spent approximately 2,875 hours on the bus commuting to and from school - ugh! Since grade eight Andrew has maintained a B + average and hopes to keep a high standing in university. Andrew’s interests include music (piano), singing (Andrew has been in many North Shore productions), and skiing. Andrew’s pet peeves include people whose entire wardrobe consists of 100% polyester ten-way stretch knit clothes or 100% nylon track suits (no names mentioned). Future plans include world conquest. ALVIN FRANCIS CLARKE Frank came to College in grade five from Our Lady of Perpetual Help and has participated in both cross-country and track since grade eight. Frank received his Varsity Letter in grade eleven and has enjoyed being part of the cheering section at the games. Frank’s plans for the future include running and heading for the New Jersey shores after grad. GARY ROBERT CRICH Gary came to V.C. in 1980, proud to be 1986’s only graduating army cadet. He has been hi- tailing it to school in his ’74 Vega (0 to 60 in one hour, downhill, in a tailwind) from the far reaches of Burnaby. Among his more pleasant memories are Religion 8 with Bro. Gerard and Computer Science 11 with Mr. VanderSande, where he amassed a goodly amount of “two’s” and “zero’s”. Gary’s future plans are to attend Royal Roads Military College where he will attempt to become an officer in the Armed Forces. Gary wishes the best of luck to all the graduates. Good luck Gary. MATTHEW JOSEPH CLARKE Matt came to College in gr. 8 from Holy Trinity on the North Shore and has enjoyed all College life has to offer. He participated in football, basketball track at all levels, earning his varsity letter in gr. 10. He is proud to have been a member and co-captain of the best high school football team in B.C., the 1985 Fighting Irish. After graduation and a most enjoyable summer, he hopes to attend either U.B.C. or S.F.U. to prepare himself for the real world and continue playing football. He would like to thank the Brothers for all they’ve done and wish his fellow graduates good luck. 39 1 (1) It ’twas a party! (2) Ready or not it’s coming off! (3) V.C.’s better half. (4) Must we be here?!? 41 ELMYR RAYMOND JOSEPH CULI Ray, the “sax maniac”, came to V.C. in grade 8 from Emily Carr Elementary. During his stay he maintained a high academic standard, and was heavily involved in band, intramural sports, and in his grad year, the Collegian. His fond memories include ‘the Fries Fund’, procrastinating, and the ‘Joy of Sax.’ His in¬ terests include soccer, volleyball, basketball, and music. His future plans include Business Ad¬ ministration at U.B.C. and gaining fame and fortune in the professional world of music (Look out David Foster!). Finally, he wishes to thank all the ‘wonderful’ teachers (Hee . . .!) and friends during his stay, and wishes all the grads of ' 86 the best of luck in the future. PAUL GEORGE DECLOUX Originally from Manitoba, Paul was welcomed into the B.C. community with open arms in 1981 from Sacred Heart Elementary in (Twas) (Tsa) (Tewas) (Tsewa) Tsawwassen. Having no desire for school to be an 8:35 to 3:00 affair, Paul counted among his non-educational activities hockey, tennis, and other recreational en- devours. By his calculations, in five years Paul travelled over 35,200 miles from Delta to school using varied means of transportation, including, but not limited to, buses, cars and trucks. Also vans. Upon his presumptive graduation, Paul intends to (a) retain his minudo status, and (b) attend a local institute of higher learning, pursuing a career in underwater bee-bee stacking. ANDREAS STEVEN ANTHONY DAHMS Andreas came to V.C. in grade 8 from Blessed Sacrament Elementary school and has continued his high school studies here ever since. He plans to carry on his academic studies by attending general business administration at U.B.C. His future plans include becoming a multi-billionaire and travelling around the world, but he says he’s willing to settle for becoming a teacher which has been a long time ambition. STANLEY JOHN DEE Stan entered the College in grade 8 and has since participated on the Collegian, tennis, and basketball teams; although he is especially proud of his mastery in the art of procrastinating homework. When not chasing sleep or being confused by the vast arena of knowledge available at V.C., this man can be found en¬ joying music, movies, badminton tournaments, golf, squash, friendly people, summer in Vancouver and relaxation. Next year, Stan plans to attend the faculty of Commerce at U.B.C., while long term plans are to go into business, earn ‘Big Bucks’, settle down and send his children to V.C. STEPHEN PEDER DANIELSEN Skansi, another rare grade 12, has been making the long walk from the ‘East End’ for 10 long years now! Despite his reputation to drive teachers insane, he has shown to be a pleasant fellow with his very individual thinking and approach. Because of his stern state of mind and natural sense of humor, he is well liked as well as disliked. During his years at College, Steve has participated in football, track, and basketball as well as being a Letterman. After graduation he plans on learning how to make money while sleeping and of course, playing his ‘guitar’. JOSEPH ALEXANDER LEE DELA CUESTA Alex has been “cruisin’’ to the hallowed halls of V.C. for 5 years from the nowhere land of Richmond. While at College, Alex has been active in the yearbook and grad committee in his final year. During his spare time Alex is usually listening to his favorite tunes, working, or cranking out his own music in the Beefeater Band. Otherwise, he can be found occupying himself with the fine art of spending money. Lastly, Alex would like to thank his teachers for the good (and bad) times. Next year, Alex hopes to further his education at U.B.C. 42 DEAN ANTHONY DOOLAN Dean, a Richmondite, has been at College since grade five. In those eight years he has given many teachers an excuse for an early retirement. He has participated on the tennis and racquetball teams but his main interest lies in contributing to the rowdy spirit of the fight’in Irish. He is known as ‘the sharp dressed man’ but his friends call him by his middle name. Mud. He plans to get his Bachelor of Commerce at U.B.C. and then head up to Hope in the Love Boat, ‘Like a Bat out of Hell.’ TIMOTHY MANNING FAGAN Tim has been trekking to V.C. from White Rock for the last five years. He has kept himself busy by dabbling in Student Council, writing for and editing the VoiCe newspaper, and developing relationships with the Third World. He would like to thank his Mom and Dad for giving him the opportunity to get a good education and for waking him up every morning at 6:00. He plans to continue his education at a college in the eastern United States, to be followed by a career with either The New York Times or the National Enquirer. To his fellow Grads he says “Good Luck’’ and to British Columbia he says “So Long!” JASON CHRISTOPHER DOOLAN Jason has been commuting from Richmond for 8 years, and during that time he has had many broadening experiences at V.C. “Spanky” earned his Varsity Letter as General Manager of the football program and received the coveted “Fighting Finnigin” award for his efforts. He has been active in many aspects of the College life and he served as Student Body Vice President in grade 11 and President in his final year. Fond memories include trips to Newfoundland, Notre Dame University in Indiana, and being sent out of his grade 9 socials class for laughing too much. Jason’s immediate plans include con¬ tinuing his education at U.B.C. and he would like to wish the best of luck in the future to his fellow Grad’s. JOHN T. DONALD Another product of Holy Trinity Elementary School, John has been attending V.C. since grade eight. During his stay he participated in many aspects of College life, including athletics and student council. An active part of the basketball and track teams, he earned his varsity letter in grade eleven. A contributing member of the outstanding grad class of ’86, John was glad to be a part of the spirit and excellence of Van. College. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Kieran has been commuting from the wooded mountains of West Vancouver to College for five years. He has also secretly participated in every varsity sport, keeping it a secret from the coaches, other team members, and fellow classmates. He has successfully confused everyone by being an avid fan and player at the same time. Kieran is a very serious student and intends to scam his way into U.B.C. He has been a great help to all those in need and remember, “If it’s not my fault, it’s not my problem.” KEVIN CHARLES DRAGER Kevin had the privilege of attending Vancouver College in grade seven after six years at Lord Tennyson Elementary. He has achieved honours in grade seven, eight, ten, and eleven (grade nine was an off year). In grade ten he baby-sat for mothers while they attended the Mother’s Day Mass and he participated in the French Tour of ’85. Kevin has many favourite words, like, ‘slow’. He enjoys nature, popcorn, car accidents, pretty flowers on green hillsides, art, skiing (especially on a mountain), satire, and writing poems. His plans, after graduating from V.C., are to attend U.B.C for a B.F.A. and paint. Kevin thanks his parents, friends, and teachers. KIERAN ANDREW JAMES FORRISTAL 43 i (1) One of our 12 year men contemplates life and t he oneness of the universe. (2) Our devoted treasurer, doctori uh I mean, fixing the books. (3) I wonder what Jeff does with his evenings? (4) You think we should wake him up? Shut-up and smile! (5) We always knew that Turlough was full of hot air but this is ridiculous. 45 SZILARD PAUL FRICSKA GREGORY DEAN FRUNO GEOFFFURMEDGE Szilard left his igloo and dog team in Cassiar in grade 9 to journey south for grade 10. After a brief period of climatic adjustment he joined football, and after that, basketball. He became a starter and continued to play both throughout his high school years, receiving his Varsity Letter in grade 11. After miraculously surviving boarder food for three years, he has been swamped by demands from scientists for his internal organs. In the future, he hopes to attend U.B.C. to further his intelligence. Greg has been attending V.C. since grade eight, making the daily trek from Surrey. During his stay, Greg has been an avid supporter of the Fighting Irish teams. His main interest at college was the school newspaper, “The VoiCe,” which he worked on for three years and holding the position of sports editor in his last year. In his senior year, Greg concentrated more on his studies while becoming a member of the grad committee. When not bothering teachers or collecting English Literature handouts, Greg can be found catching a movie, trying to find ways to get those easy bucks, or just relaxing in his hot tub. After graduation, Greg plans to further his education at U.B.C. Geoff has attended V.C. since grade seven, commuting from his home in the North Shore mountains. He has crossed the Lions Gate Bridge over 2222 times, and tells us that he no longer fears the two ferocious statues located at its south end. When not torturing the ears of his neighbours by playing the clarinet, Geoff can be found sailing our coast or attempting to “hack” into Swiss bank accounts through his computer. His future ambitions are to join the Coast Guard and rise through its ranks to Captain or Chief Engineer; from there to travel the world over. ANDREW STEPHEN GALLAGHER “Sea Galley” has been bouncing off the walls of V.C. for five years now after coming from the not so far off O.L.P.H. Drew has displayed his ‘well respected athletic superiority’ by tending goal on the Varsity Soccer team for 3 years. While doing time at V.C. you may have seen Drew in one of his more wild states of mind doing unusual things to bring out the spirit in all of us in support of the Fighting I. Future plans include learning how to swan dive, and eating his way through a king size Eat More, and if all else fails ns off to U.B.C. to study Phys. Ed. OWEN ALEXANDER GRANT Owen came to Vancouver College in grade ten from the small town of William’s Lake in the interior of British Columbia. Owen adjusted to the new surroundings quite well. He played football at the varsity level in grade twelve. Owen was a border in grade ten and eleven where he learned a vast number of unnecessary disciplinary actions. After the completion of grade twelve, Owen plans to attend a local college or university in the field of aviation, and if you are lucky you may see him in the skies some day. 46 KEVIN ARTHUR GEE MICHAEL ROBERT GUTHRIE Being at College since grade 9 was a unique experience. Kevin wasn’t a part of any school sports’ team, but hockey is the activity that occupies his free time. The teachers during his four year attendance have, in general, been good. Grade 9,was probably the best year out of all for him. Future paths may lead to a career in education, here in B.C. or Japan. Mike has been living the College life since grade three and has enjoyed all it had to offer while keeping up with his school work. As soon as the eighth grade rolled around, Mike immediately took to football, and as a result received his Junior Letter in grade ten and his Varsity Letter in grade twelve. He also has participated in the basketball program since the sixth grade. Mike’s future plans are undetermined but he hopes to attend one of the local universities or colleges. KEVIN JOSEPH GARTH HAND Kev came into V.C. right after the Christmas Holidays of grade 10 or in January 1984. Kevin came from the Hustlin’ Bustlin’ metropolis of Black’s Harbour, New Brunswick. He found it hard to adjust at first but he managed to fit in just perfect. Thanks to the once famous activity days, Kev learned how to ski. Kevin likes skiing and playing basketball whenever he can. Bro. Nash’s Religion class was very inspiring and exciting and Mrs. Sadro’s French class was the best! Kevin would like to thank all the teachers and students who helped him become part of this school. Kev plans to attend university and take up a career in Dentistry. Dean Heffring has been coming to Vancouver College since gr. 7. Dean played Basketball to the grade 9 level and has played football since grade 8. Dean will probably be remembered for his great 17th. birthday feat. Dean has enjoyed his stay at College and wishes all the Grads of ’86 good luck. On any given morning, “Bert” could be found on his exodus to V.C. from the moss-ridden slopes of West Van.: home of St. Anthony’s School. He managed to take part in the track program in his formative years until the rigors of running was agony of de-feet (HA-HA!). In a desperate search for more wacky and zany times, Robert soon became a grade ten secretary- treasurer, and later, president of his grade twelve homeroom; the goal had been achieved. Robert would like to thank the teachers which he would imitate, not only for their unique gestures and idiosynchrosies, but also for their patience and good humour. As it stands now, Robert will enter U.B.C. and take some science courses. Bernie came to V.C. in grade seven from Lord Tennyson Elementary. His memories over the past six years include Bro. Lawlor’s class, a broken leg in grade eight P.E., Bro. Basil’s math class, and all four of Mr. Devenport’s classes. His hobbies include cycling, practicing the martial arts, sleeping-in, and listening to very tasteful music. After graduation, he plans to travel to Germany, cycle in the Olympics and own a black 911 Porsche Carrera Coupe. He also plans to further his education at U.B.C. in the field of commerce, and then make a career out of banking. Bernie would like to thank his parents for their love, understanding, and support over the years. 47 GREGORY LEONARD HICKS Greg comes from West Vancouver. Making the long trek to the school for 6 years, Greg now can see the end of the rainbow. He has had a con¬ sistent academic improvement since coming to V.C. Greg enjoys true Rock and Roll, playing the bass guitar, sailing, and skiing. Success is a necessity for his life so he wants to follow the path of success and become a businessman or a lawyer. Greg wishes to be accepted at the University of Toronto where he can move to his second stepping stone to success. JAMES JOHN HORVATH Jim came to V.C. in grade 5, and has had a great time ever since, participating in many school activities including senior football. Besides getting hit by trees, crashing, and being stopped by ski patrol, Jim can be found running from a certain dog (Bruin), falling out of boats (Salt¬ spring ’85), being stepped on by horses (Cocoa) or scuba diving. Future ambitions include at¬ tending university and remaining friends with Jason and Eddie, two unbearable and frustrating individuals. Thanks Bro. McHugh, Mrs. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Dumaresq, and Mom and Dad for a memorable experience. 48 PIUSG.Y. HO Originally from St. Francis Xavier Parish, Pius is one of those rare breed of men: he is an 11-year man. In school, Pius has been involved in all aspects of the College, being involved with the basketball and track teams as well as Student Council. His main interest, however, has always been hockey. A founding member of the ‘Mighty Mites’, he has been playing competitive hockey for over 11 years. Other interests include gambling of any sort, travelling, music and sleep. Pius plans to attend U.B.C. and pursue a career in law or commerce. DARRELL HOPEGOOD Darrell came to V.C. in grade 11 from Smithers. After joining football he immediately got the nickname ‘Darnel’ after the DB he closely resembles. Darnel left College in grade 11 planning on not returning but he, too, showed up at training camp. He left the boarderhood (and all those Sunday mornings of Transformers) after grade 11. One of his biggest fears is to be locked in a room with magnetized Velcro. His future plans are to go to college in the States and play football. WALLACE PENG HU Wallace came to V.C. in grade eleven, as a resident student, all the way from La Salle College in Hong Kong. At first, Wallace found living in a dormitory quite different from living at home. He enjoys playing tennis, badminton, and skiing. He was a member of the school tennis team last year. He spends a lot of time listening to music as a hobby. Wallace intends to go to a local university upon graduation from high school. He would like to major in business administration. He will never forget his ex¬ periences at V.C. ALEXANDER TARCISIUS CHUN-WAI IP Arriving in grade 7 from the rapidly expanding S.F.X. school, Alex quickly became a member of the Irish Family. Having completed six years of ‘diligent’ studies at the College, Alex hopes to enter the faculty of Medicine at U.B.C. and perhaps one day obtain a Ph.D. in Child Psychology. During his memorable stay at V.C., Alex participated in soccer, tennis, basketball and in his grad year devoted much of his precious time to the ’86 Collegian. Passe-temps prefere: any sport which demands a strenuous workout (like suntanning), watching the sun set, a White Christmas and people who are sincere. Alex is eternally grateful to all his Compadres, fortunate teachers, and especially his loving parents, who have helped him endure all the good and bad times. JOHN ANDREW KILPATRICK “Don’t think about changing the past; try to make tomorrow a better day.” John has been attending V.C. since grade six. He has been involved in soccer, basketball, band, and the student council. In his free time, John listens to a diversified spectrum of music and referees soccer. Upon graduation, John plans to attend the university of British Columbia in pre- Commerce or pre-Law. “I want my sun in the morning Want my friends to come calling I’ll keep a welcome outside my door” SIMON DAVID KOCH Simon came to V.C. in grade 8 from St. An¬ thony’s in West Vancouver. He has achieved honors all through his time spent at the College. Simon was president of the outdoors club in grade 11 and participated in several intramural activities. He was unable to participate in any major sports because of his skiing exploits throughout his school years. Simon is hoping to attend U.B.C. next year and enter into the Arts faculty. He then hopes to take a trip around the world in 1987. His stay at V.C. has been a memorable one. STEVEN EMERY JAN Steven came to V.C. six years ago in grade seven from Boston, Mass.. During these wonderful six years he has enjoyed bicycling, karate, skiing, and occasional jogging. He also enjoyed being class treasurer in his graduating year and best of all, doing homework. After graduation, Stevie wishes to pursue a career in business, work for I.B.M., and later, take over the company. JOHN KWAI DICK KO John, also known as Johnny and Koach, came to V.C. in grade 8 from St. Francis Xavier Elementary School. In his final year at V.C., John has participated on the VoiCe and Collegian staffs as a typist. He enjoys listening to music, playing chess, table tennis, badminton, and bicycling. John plans to further his education at U.B.C. in robotics. He would like to thank all his teachers, friends, and family for their support throughout his stay. It’s been great at V.C. 49 TIMOTHY C. LAM Tim arrived at Vancouver College in grade eight. He came from St. Augustine’s elementary school. He enjoys attending the school, and his hobbies are hiking, biking, and camping. He belongs to Scouts and is a Venturer. He does volunteer work at Little Mountain Neighbour House. After graduation, he hopes to travel, go to university and make money - not necessarily in that order. He has enjoyed his stay at V.C. and is sort of sorry to leave. ADRIAN K. LAKOWSKI PATRICK D. LAURIENTE Arriving from Immaculate Conception Elementary, Adrian has been coming to V.C. since grade 7. Adrian has not yet grasped the fact that school starts at 8:35 and not at 9:00. Nicknamed Bob Couchenburg by his fellow football players, Adrian has participated in football for 5 consecutive years, while proving himself a hard working and easy going student. After high school Adrian plans to go to Oxford University and later become one of the leading plastic surgeons in the world. Pat came to the rainy city from a boondock place named Williams Lake. Pat came to V.C. in 1985 and spent two long but, at times, enjoyable years in residence and a third living with his sister. If Pat wasn’t at the hockey arena, or library study, he could be found buying an anonymous person a certain Indian drink. After graduation Pat hopes to continue his education on a hockey scholarship to an American University. GREGORY PAUL LAURENT LAVIOLETTE DECLAN JOHN LAWLOR After 6 years of French immersion at Ecole St. Sacrement Greg came to us in grade 7. ‘Lav’ as he’s known to his friends supported the Irish playing basketball, football, wrestling and best of all the playing on the Varsity soccer team for 2 years. When Lav is not involved in sports he can be found asleep, recuperating from numerous ‘activities’. Greg plans to further his education in the field of business at whichever university that will be blessed with his presence. Greg would like to thank his teachers and fellow classmates for the good times. Take it easy and don’t work too hard. (1 never did). Declan joined V.C. life in grade 4 when he came from St. Anthony’s. He has been travelling from the North Shore for the last nine years and enjoyed the challenge of making it to school in one piece. Declan participated on the V.C. swim team, Varsity football, the golf team, and the cheering sections of the various school sports. Declan enjoys skiing at Whistler, swimming at W.V. Rec. Centre, and sleeping in bed. Declan plans to be come rich and have an easy life, but first he plans on attending sciences at U.B.C. Declan hopes that the spirit of Vancouver College stays as strong as it is, and hopes that others are encouraged in Life the way he was at Vancouver College. 50 ROBERT LINK This “logger type” left his home in Sandspit in the Queen Charlotte Islands to become a “boarder type” at College. He immediately made his new home on the football field. He was somewhat hesitant in returning for his senior year, but after realizing how awesome the football team would be he knew he had to return. When Rob is not studying or at football practice he can be found pumping iron at the local Olympic Gym. Following the completion of grade 12 Rob hopes to continue on to university and pursue his football career. FRANCISCO MARTIN LOPEZ Originally from the Philippines, Marty “Quick” Lopez experienced six long but fruitful years of spiritual, mental, and physical growth in peaceful Vancouver. The major part of this took place at Vancouver College. During his stay at V.C., he has participated in both J.V. and Varsity football, basketball and track. Besides athletics he has been involved on the student council, VoiCe, yearbook staff, and the Traffic Safety Committee. He also was an avid sup¬ porter of the Fighting Irish. After graduation, he plans to further his education at U.B.C.. He wishes to thank his parents, friends and teachers for their support during the past years. Derek came to this hallowed institute of higher learning in 1981 from some French school. Not wanting school to be a 9 to 3 atlair, ‘Belt’ found both enjoyment and acceptance in many non- academic activities. Among these were football in grade eight, J.V. basketball and supporting the Irish. He regards Advanced Hangman from C.S. II as a memory one of many. In closing, his future plans include taking commerce at U.B.C. and finding the mysterious piece of missing fudge. Jay, the guy who practically lives in Le Chateau, came to V.C. in grade eight from Corpus Christi Elementary, making that long hazardous journey all the way from East Van. He participated in grade eight and nine basketball and was manager of the ’85 soccer team. During his spare time, Jay could be heard telling “Dirty Jello” jokes, or trying to finish one of Mr. Toth’s essays or just listening to BAUHAUS or SMITHS. Jay will always look back at the memories, being called “jose” by “Mr. Heathen” and a certain Brother. Right Bro. French? The infamous “Bus Fight” in grade ten. “Onward bus driver!!” The St. Pat’s incident with K.U. Thanks for putting up with us, Mrs. Russell and Mr. Kavalec. After grad, Jay, hopefully will produce, direct, and star in his own videos with regular customers D.Y., “The Kid”, and K.G. Jay would also like to spend his time in “Dallas.” Good luck to all the survivors of the “Wrath of D.S.” Thanks mom, C.C., M.C. and S.B. ■mn COLIN BRUCE MACFARLANE Colin came to V.C. in grade eight from David Oppenheimer Elementary in South Vancouver. Over the years, Colin has maintained a consistent A average while participating in such activities as the band and basketball officiating. He was also a member of this years independent league season championship soccer team. Aside from being the world’s greatest fan of Art Rock and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, his other pastimes include laughing at “fashionable” trendies and avoiding sanitation trucks. After graduation, Colin plans to further his education in the field of Business administration at U.B.C. or Harvard, whichever will pay more to have him. DEREK HENRY LEVELT J. JONATHAN R. LIRAG 51 (1) Okay quick, what’s F? Bill, pay attention, I’m desperate here. (2) Szilard Fricska sucking, oh, speaking to his teacher. (3) Two future businessmen squabbling over a petty ruler. Tisk, tisk boys. (4) One more and I’ll have the record for eating 63 brownies in one gulp. (5) You’re actually eating a pie from the cafeteria? 52 (1) “That’s good guys, and give me about 12 prints for my women.” (2) The quieter and more intellectual side of V.C. (3) “Look, for the last time, get that camera away from me or you’ll be wearing it.” (4) “. . . and furthermore, I’d like a cooler, a colour T.V., and a reclining leather chair for my office.” (5) I guess our beloved editor didn’t get what he wanted. 53 ROBERT GRANT MCCONACHIE Rob came to V.C. in grade 10 from Mt. Boucherie in Kelowna. Rob has been an active part of the fans cheering section for the past 3 years. He wishes the teams good luck in the years to come. After grad, Rob intends to take some time off and travel to places he would like to see. When his site-seeing trip is over, Rob would like to attend U.B.C. to continue his education. KEIRON ROBERT MCCONNELL Mic, as he is referred to by his friends, has en¬ joyed his 5 years at College immensely. He has enjoyed playing hoops for College and another of his favorite pastimes was being an avid supporter of the Fighting 1 Footballer to the point of having a nickname starting with an S and ending with a Z. Keiron would like to thank all his teachers, friends and parents for all the support and concern they have given him in his school life. Mic’s future plans are to attend a college for a degree in Criminology to help him in his pursuit of a career in law enforcement. KEVIN EDWARD MCLAUGHLIN Hailing from the frigid reaches of Winnipeg, Kevin has been attending Vancouver College since 1980, over which time he has become a model of fine Christian gentlemanliness. An avid participant and supporter of Irish athletics, Kevin received his Varsity letter in grade 10 for his track achievements. He also coached the swim team for the past two years. Kevin would like to thank his peers for helping him learn to bank the many curves thrown at him in life, and teaching him the value of the word “platonic” (thanks G.B.). Kevin’s future plans are to be educated in the field of Commerce at U.B.C. and, failing that, to settle for being a lifeguard in the Carribbean. GREGORY TODD MCFARLANE After four blissful years at Saint George’s Resident School for Boys, Greg stumbled across V.C. in 1982. During his relatively short but memorable stay he participated in a veritable cornucopia of extracurricular activities, in¬ cluding, but not limited to, a brief stint in Mr. Sponza’s officiating crew, a two-day Christmas tree symposium with Mr. Canil, and some un¬ forgettable air band performances (thanks Jeff). Upon graduating, Greg aspires to attend a prestigious eastern medical college, marry a rich doctor, and become as financially secure as G.H., A.P., J.O., M.B., or maybe even M.L. Greg would also like to thank his personal heroes: Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Simon Wright, Malcolm Young, and of course, Angus. MANSON EVERETT LEE MCLEAN Manson came to V.C. from Tsawwassen in grade 8 and has been commuting ever since. His main participation was playing the clarinet in the school band until grade 12, and also was a member of the Beefeater Band, travelling to Britain and Calgary. When not at school you can usually see Manson at the beach in the summer, skiing in the winter, or just relaxing with his friends in Ladner. His future plan is to surgically become a millionaire after completing the medicine program at McGill. 54 STEPHEN JAMES MADIGAN After spending a memorable year at Magee Secondary, Steve came to V.C. in grade nine. Since then he has joined the soccer team in grades eleven and twelve, where he was a two year starter. His hobbies are sports, dreaming about California, and living on the nearest beach during the summer. His idols are Eddie Van Halen, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and Michael Jordan. Future plans are to attend U.B.C. or an American university for commerce, then retire at twenty-five on the southern Californian coast as an expert beach bum. DAVID JOSEPH MARTIN Strolling leisurely into V.C. daily since grade 6, Dave has traveled to school from various areas of the lower mainland. He has worked hard academically and artistically, being a band member since way back and involving himself in school musicals. Off the records, a more relaxed lifestyle takes priority as David has become well known for his attempts at skiing, surfing, and of course sailing. The future seems uncertain, with plans for university probable. First of all though, Dave has the intention of sailing the South Pacific, picking up his Malibu and touring Australia. Good luck and thanks to everyone. NEIL MARTIN SEBOUH MATTHEW MATOSSIAN FERGUS JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER MILNE Neil has been at V.C. for eleven years, after a year at a public school. Neil played soccer for V.C. in elementary school, chess after school in grade eight, and worked for the yearbook in his senior year. Neil plans to go to university after graduating and get a few degrees in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Law, Medicine, Political Sciences and or Theology. Neil hopes to leave the earth for space as soon as possible. ’Nuff Said Sebouh began attending V.C. in grade 8. In his senior year at the College he was the Co-Editor of the Collegian. Sebouh enjoys swimming, playing piano, and listening to contemporary Christian music. With God’s help and firm committment to his studies, Sebouh has achieved a high academic standing. He attributes all of his success to God. His favorite verse of Scripture is Phil. 4:13: “I can do all things through Him (God) who strengthens me”. His stay at V.C. has been a most memorable one, thanks to the Christian Brothers. Sebouh’s future plans are to study sciences at U.B.C. Fergus has been busing it to College or getting the odd ride from Mr. Carlos (who insists on calling him Mr. Milliny) for five years now. During his stay at College, he has participated in intramurals and has gone to most Irish football and basketball games. Being a proud Irish man himself he could really identify with those “Irish, Irish” cheers. Maintaining constant marks, he was never short of Cum Laudes to hang in his room. His interests include most sports and Art Rock Music. Other pastimes include running from sanitation trucks and relaxing on weekends. What does the future have in store for him? Well, he has decided to go to U.B.C. to become a corporate lawyer. 55 (1) Don’t look at me! (2) What a thrilling class. I’m so excited I could scream. (3) Hey you! Just get the camera out of here. (4) He’s wiping his nose with my religion book! (5) A pyramid of HR. 123 students. (6) Friday afternoon daze. (1) Fergus Milne seems to be enjoying English. (2) Jon Way: tall (3) So what if my hair and eyebrow colours don’t match? (4) Trying to look natural for the camera (5) Dave Bennett allows a desperate student to write cheat notes on the back of his neck. PETER J. MOORE-STEVENS After being honourably discharged from St. Paul’s Elementary School, Pete has been “rafting it” from Richmond to V.C. for five years. Over the time he has spent here, Pete participated in Mr. Olsen’s band for not one but four joyous years, the Collegian, and other activities. Upon his probable graduation, Pete intends to start his own hippie commune, or attend U.B.C. and major in something. In closing, Pete has nobody to thank and he likes it that way. PAUL DOUGLAS MRAZEK Paul came to College in grade 8 from Eloly Trinity on the North Shore. Paul has par¬ ticipated in basketball in grade 8 through 10 and has enjoyed many other aspects of the College life. If not playing on a team, Paul has been an enthusiastic supporter of school sports and can always be found in the stands cheering on the Irish. After graduation, Paul intends to further his education at a university still undecided. Paul has thoroughly enjoyed his stay at the College and feels privileged to be a part of this year’s graduating class. MARK F. NIELSEN DAVID WAYNE NOONAN JEFFREY RONALD JAMES OAKMAN Mark came to V.C. in grade 7 after spending 6 years at I.C. Delta. Since arriving at College Mark has been active in both football and basketball. He received his Varsity letter in grade 11 for managing Football. When Mark isn’t doing something for the school he can be found either skiing, or suntanning on the beach. Mark plans to take management courses at B.C.I.T. and then go into the family business. Mark would like to thank his parents and teachers for helping him through high school and for making his Grad Year one to remember. Dave has journeyed from Richmond to V.C. for six years and has enjoyed every year - except grade seven when he encountered the broad side of Mr. Kim’s ruler. Dave has been active in the athletic side of V.C. life, competing in track and field for five years, earning his letter in grade 10, while in his senior year he played football for the mighty Fightin’ Irish, the best in B.C. As for the other side of V.C. life, well . . . Dave’s future plans include attending a university down south on a baseball scholarship and majoring in the field of Sports Medicine. Good luck to the grads of’86. Jeff, who is affectionately nicknamed Oakie- Dokie, Kokanee, Strokin’ Oakman, and the Oakridge boy, came to V.C. in grade eight from St. Andrew’s elementary. In the school band, he enjoys tooting on his flute and blasting the saxaphone, which he plays with a certain sax appeal. Jeff recalls his band teacher exclaiming “quit playing like a steam engine!” Jeff remembers Mr. Burke’s English class well. Other activities which Jeff enjoys are: the school’s racquetball club, the varsity soccer team, and being the Collegian’s head photographer. In the future, he plans to enter the field of Arts and Business Administration at U.B.C. I 58 GEOFFREY STEPHEN OBADIA Geoff was welcomed to V.C. with open arms and soon found popularity with janitors and students alike. He spent his time at V.C. by working very hard playing Varsity football and throwing in track and field. Geoff spent approx 1260 hours on buses commuting from the Heights of the British Properties in West Van to 38th and Granville. Geoff likes buses, in fact, he intends on purchasing a trolley bus after Grad. Starting Sept. 14, 1986, Geoff can be seen locking up his trolley bus to the cables at 7:30 am (Pacific time) on Granville and Georgia. TURLOUGH O’HARE Turlough has been attending College since grade 8, making the daily trek to and from the Van¬ couver Aquatic Centre. When not swimming or attending school (which amounts to about 3hrs a month) Turlough can be found windsurfing, making his best attempt at skiing or watching a relaxing show of MIAMI VICE. Turlough’s aims in the near future include entering U.B.C., swimming in the ’86 Commonwealth Games and possibly going to Seoul for the ’88 Olympics. SEAN CHARLES O’KEEFE Sean, or as most of his friends know him, “Keefer,” has been “flying” via the bus 352 from sunny White Rock for the past five years. Sean has participated in many school activities but because of his distant home in a far away land, he didn’t have much time for these ac¬ tivities. But he participates in “out of school” activi ties; most importantly, the martial art of Tae Kwon Do and beginning to pursue his career in chiefing by working as a chef’s assistant. He has had many good times in Vancouver College and wishes to thank all of his past and present teachers and friends, but especially Mr. Burke and Bro. McHugh for having helped him in the past. RICARDO EUGENE PEREIRA Rick has been making the long trek from North Delta to V.C. since grade eight. Over those five years he has participated in the school band and the soccer team. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing cricket, skiing and watching “garbage” on T.V.. Rick’s academic achievements include having the second highest average in grade ten and maintaining good grades. He hopes to continue his education at U.B.C. in the field of science and medicine, and would like to thank his parents, teachers, and friends for their help over the years. ANDREW GABRIEL PINETTE After sixteen frigid winters in the far reaches of Williams Lake, Andrew became tired of the F.T.A.I. so he decided to make a trip south to Vancouver. He was welcomed to the Vancouver College community as a boarder in September of ’84. Aside from his academic persuasions, Andew’s primary interests include golf and hockey. 59 JACQUES REMY PITTET Jacques has been coming to College as a nine to three type for five years. With the fear of spending too many years in high school, Jake managed to make it to grade 12. When not in class, Snake can be found roaming the halls, or ‘stepping out’ for some fresh air. Future plans, are blank for now, but “Major, can 1 go on the bus?” Good luck to the grads, have a good one! ANDREW RAPIER Andrew has been bussing from Twatawesome for the past 5 years. He has been a prominent neutral during his pleasant stay and was an active member of both the swim team and tennis team for two years. More importantly, he is an avid supporter and possibly true initiator of the scholastic sport of arguing and would like to thank all those who thought they were right, but were undoubtedly ‘wrong’. Lifeguarding and university will prepare him for ‘life’ and perhaps Paris or New York will be blessed with his presence. But presently, he is diligently looking for an M.G. that runs. “What we think today, will form the basis of what we will know tomorrow.” GEORGE PETE PSEF TEAS George came to V.C. in grade 8 from St. Augustine’s elementary school. Although he almost beat out J.D. in his homeroom elections in grade 8, he has never really participated in the various aspects of school life. George mainly concentrated on the academic side of school life due to the fact that his political career came to an abrupt end in grade 8 with his humiliating loss to J.D. In his senior year George has been an avid supporter of the Irish and was also Co-Editor of this fine literary masterpiece. His hobbies include cars and everything Greek. His 3 main pleasures in life include slamming car doors on parts of his body, root canal surgery sans anasthetic and working harmoniously side by side with E.J.E. on the yearbook staff. George would like to thank his teachers and parents for their support throughout the years. He plans to attend U.B.C. in the field of science and have a great future. PETER POLYHRONOPOULOS Originally from St. Augustine’s School, Pete came to V.C. in grade seven to continue hit education. He was a consistent honour roll student during his six year stay. In his last year at V.C., Pete took some time out to help in the yearbook darkroom. In his spare time, Pete can be found either “bowling” or bruising his tail bone while trying to play ice hockey. Pete’s future plans include driving the “battleship” to U.B.C. every morning while wearing a bright red jacket with “ENGINEERS U.B.C.” printed on the back. MARK JAMES REID Mark has been making his long journey across the Oak St. Bridge from Richmond for 5 years now ever since he came in grade 8. “Reider” as he came to be known, began his athletic debut with 3 straight years of basketball in grades 8, 9 and J.V. Not finding basketball physical enough Mark joined football in grade 11, where he earned his Varsity letter and also became a Varsity Co-Captain in grade 12. Mark, being the athletic scholar he is, took on the job of Vice President in grade 12. When not at school Mark can be found leading cheers at b.ball games as the “Fighting Finigan”, or relaxing in various places with his friends. Mark would like to thank the school and everyone involved for 5 great years. As the saying goes, “It t’was a Party.” I 0 !. MARK DONALD RENDER Mark eagerly joined the V.C. community in 1982, arriving from the black depths of Kamloops. Among his interests are skiing, Iron Maiden, baseball, Metallica, motorcycles, Dio, and machines. During his stay, Mark has amassed very consistent academic scores. After graduating, Mark plans to throw together his own Heavy Metal Band, tour the world, and become famous. Failing that he would be satisfied with a Civil and Structural Engineering course at B.C.I.T., or one of the other local institutes of higher learning. BORIS SMITLENER If the falling apart of the human body is funny, then death should be the biggest laugh of all. James Thurber KIERAN EDWARD SIDDALL Kieran came to V.C. in grade eight from Ecole Saint Sacrament. In grade nine he took a brief interlude from College life and attended school in Cambridge, England. Since his return in grade 10, Kieran has enjoyed his stay at College to the fullest, including playing on the varsity soccer team. If not chatting endlessly with Mr. Devenport about Manchester United F.C., he can be found on the ski slopes, listening to music, shooting hoops, or just experiencing life itself. In the future Kieran plans to attend U.B.C. and pursue a career in law. MARIO ANTHONY ROTA Mario has been roaming the College halls ever since coming to V.C. in grade eight from Richmond. During his stay, he has participated in many activities around the school including playing on the varsity soccer team in his senior years. When not busy, Mario could be found skiing the slopes, or camping. Mario’s future plans are to attend B.C.I.T. in the field of business administration. He would like to thank his parents, teachers, and fellow students who made his stay here a very memorable one. CORY WALTER SMITH Smit has been making the trek from “East Van” for the past 10 years. During his stay at V.C., Cory achieved honor standing although he caused general havoc in all classes he was in. Cory was a major contributor to the wrestling team and received his Varsity Letter in grade 11. After graduating, Cory plans to attend university on scholarship and find his place in the circle. 61 NEIL E. SWEENEY Neil came to V.C. from the Delta Manor in gr. 8. Since then he has participated in school events such as t rack in junior high and the cham¬ pionship soccer team of 84-85 as well as this year’s squad. In his senior year, he was president of hr. 123, and chairman of the grad Finance Committee. Neil has enjoyed supporting the Varsity football and basketball teams of past years and remembers many experiences such as dances and various socials. Neil would like to thank the staff, friends and family for making his term at College a special one. Good luck future grads! JEREMY SP1LLER Spiller comes from a very hot place, and likes it. He says ‘Beets this Drizzle’. Has been hard at work for 13 years and hopes one day he will escape from society. He indulges in karate and running. Future plans are to start life on a different planet. Dislikes getting letters from people he claims he doesn’t know. And most of the time doesn’t know who he is. TOM THEODORAKIS Tom came to V.C. in grade eight from St. Augustine’s Elementary School and has since spent five memorable years here; some of which he’d like to forget. Tom has participated in the yearbook for the last two years. Tom spends most of his spare time listening to music, cycling, and hanging out with his friends. After taking it easy during the summer, Tom plans to enter the science faculty at U.B.C.. Tom would like to thank all the teachers who have helped him during the years, but most of all he would like to thank his parents, who cared enough to send him to V.C.. MICHAEL STRADIOTT1 ‘Strad’ came to V.C. in the sixth grade from Immaculate Conception. Strad began his football career in grade 9 and carried it through until his senior year, receiving the varsity line award in grade 11 and a premier league all star in grade 12. Being rather scholarly until grade 8, Strad’s marks fell as his enjoyment of life rose. He was also president of the Lettermen and rather hairy. Strad now looks forward to a future of university, tugs, and lots and lots of money. PAUL JOSEPH TSUI Paul came to V.C. from St. Francis Xavier in the fall of 1981. In his five years at the College, Paul has actively participated with the junior basketball program as well as being a member of the Varsity soccer team. Although he dropped athletics in his senior years due to his emphasis on academics, Paul is still proud to be part of the “Fighting I.” When not studying or shooting goals, Paul’s interests range from swimming, cycling, and the martial arts. After graduation, his plans are to catch up on his sleep as well as to work part time as a lifeguard. Paul’s future includes a further education at U.B.C. in the faculty of science. 62 KEVIN JOHN TWOHIG Kevin came to Vancouver College in grade 8 from Holy Trinity Elementary School in North Van. Kevin commuted to V.C. from West Van daily. During his 5 year stay at College he did not participate in any sports directly but did serve as a minor official at home basketball games for 3 years. He also went on the French Tour in the spring of 1985. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys skiing, sailing, and hiking. KARLO ROBERTO RAMOS URRUTIA Having left Corpus Christi for V.C. and facing high school life, Karl has yet to find out what life’s about. He deeply appreciates the trouble the school, his teachers, his friends, and his parents went through to get him past ’em doors. He has enjoyed the last 5 years at V.C. walking, studying, supporting his favorite high school (yes, V.C.), and smiling. He also had many nicknames: from Marty’s “Charlie Brown” in grade 8 to the present “N.D.”. He hopes to continue his education so he can get his hands on a 930 and feed his kids. But he is yet to commit himself to a field, sciences maybe. As of now, he is only certain that he doesn’t want to lose his buddy J.... PAUL ANTHONY TYSON Paul has been coming to College since grade seven. Hailing from the slopes of the North Shore mountains, Paul has managed to keep very busy playing the piano as well as playing soccer for local clubs. His future goals include at¬ tending university travelling through Europe. Paul would also wish to thank all the teachers and students at College who have made the difference. CONSTANTINE VAKAKIS Constantine came to V.C. in grade eight from St. Augustine’s Elementary. During his stay, Constantine has been involved in intramurals, yearbook and various math contests. Con¬ stantine has always managed to have all his homework done (thanks Johnny!), while maintaining decent grades. In his spare time he rides, skiis, swims, plays badminton and floor hockey. When he graduates he will continue his education at U.B.C. in the sciences. He would like to thank all the students and teachers who made his five year stay a pleasant one. He would also like to thank his parents for their un¬ derstanding and support over his stay at the school. Martin was transferred from St. Paul’s Elementary School to V.C. in grade 8. Throughout his stay he has vocalized many of his ideas and he has developed a reputation sur¬ passed by no one. Martin’s form of humor is truly unique and his friends (A.S.R.M. J.K.D.P.M) have had the pleasure of hearing his unusual yet provocative and stylistic form of intellectually stimulating facetiousness (HEEE!) Martin would like to thank his many genuine friends, even-tempered teachers and especially his loving parents who have been a constant source of support. Martin hopes to attend U.B.C. in the future and wishes to major in computer engineering. MARTIN B. VAN DEN HEMEL 63 AARON VAN PYKSTRA JOHN T.C. WALKER JONATHAN GERALD WAY Aaron has been commuting to College from far- out Tsawassen since grade 7 and he has actively participated in Fighting Irish football and belonged to the elite Lettermen’s association. He would like to pass his compliments to the staff, especially Mr. Burke who helped make his years at College enjoyable as well as successful. While not partaking in other school activities, he can be found on the slopes of Whistler with his friends, skiing by the day and relaxing at night. In the future, Aaron would like to attend a top university studying in the field of Medicine or Dentistry. He also plans to own a condo at Whistler and drive a red Ferrari. John came here in grade eight and didn’t like it. John came here in grade nine and sort of liked it. John came here in grade ten, “it’s growing on me.” John came here in grade eleven, “it’s getting better.” John came here in grade twelve and is leaving. Quote, “I hope that I shall go to university and get a degree, then I can become a working person.” My time in Vancouver College has been fun? Jon came to V.C. in grade 11 to be one of the highly acclaimed boarders. He originates from the cold but nice city of Edmonton. He remembers track provincials in ’85 and plans to do very well in ’86 in the 400M and 400 hurdles at which time he will receive his Varsity Letter. Fond memories include B.B., D.D., F.C., and D.G. in the Love Boat. After high school he has hopes of getting a track scholarship and at¬ tending a university somewhere. Good luck to all my friends. DANIEL PAUL WEINBERGER “The Other Expo Cook” has attended V.C. since Grade 8 after coming from O.L.P.H. While Danny has always complied with the dress code, he still wears the tie he borrowed from “the Expo Cook 1” in grade Eight. Due to Danny’s academic obligations he was unable to participate in any major athletic events. In the years to come Danny wishes to continue his work with Expo 86 as a top rate cook and attend the University of British Columbia in the field of Business. After achieving this he wishes to travel extensively. ANDREW KENNETH PATRICK WHALEN Andrew originally came from the small village of Colliers in Newfoundland (one of the illustrious “Newfies”). After making detours all over the world he finally found Vancouver and Van¬ couver College in grade seven. While at V.C. Andrew has enjoyed playing in the band, talking in class, and taking short-cuts on the Van-Dusen. Some of Andrew’s fondest memories were going to Montreal on a band exchange and French with Mr. Crame (“You little boobie, you”). After graduation Andrew hopes to go to college in the U.S. or go to U.B.C. and major in something easy. He would like to thank everyone who helped him make it through school especially B.C. in grade eleven. PATRICK JEROME WHALEN Pat came to V.C. in grade eight from Port Coquitlam. He enjoyed endangering his life reffing some senior soccer games and getting up at 5:30 AM to get to school on time. He hopes to go to S.F.U. or U.B.C. to study history and related courses. BRIAN WERNER WILMS For the past five years, Brian or as he is other¬ wise known, ‘the weez’, has been commuting from Richmond to Vancouver College. During his stay he has participated in various clubs and sports, but most enjoyed playing on the Varsity soccer team. He was an avid supporter of the Irish, in the good times and the bad. He was a member of the graduation finance committee and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Brian plans to go to university after graduation. Finally, he would like to thank his teachers and friends for making his stay a memorable learning ex¬ perience! DEAN THOMAS CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT For the past five years Dean has made the long journey from Kerrisdale. During his first few years he became actively involved in our band program, and its Montreal exchange. In his senior year he maintained an honour roll standing and attained two religion awards (thanks Mr. D!l). When not labouring over homework, Dean enjoys basketball, swimming, making music on the piano, and his participation on the varsity soccer team. After graduation, he plans to enter the faculty of commerce at U.B.C.. Dean would like to remark that the spirit of V.C. will remain with him forever and he will always support the “Fighting I.” JASON MICHAEL WINTON The “Expo cook” has attended V.C. since grade 8 after coming from St. Augustine’s school. While not always complying with the dress code, Jason has pleased all of his teachers through his academic superiority in his 5 year stay. Due to excessive amounts of studying, Jason was unable to play any Varsity sports but managed grade 8 and 9 football, as well as being a supporter of the Fighting Irish. Future plans include cooking at Expo, summer with the CAPRI, and entering into the field of business at any post secondary institution that will be graced by his presence. Jason would like to express thanks to all his parents, teachers, and especially the good friends he made during his stay. DAV ID YONGC.S. David has enjoyed his six year stay at V.C. sponging in all the knowledge available from his educators. After graduation he plans to return to the social pits of New Zealand and see the country where he was born. After that he will return to B.C. hoping that someday, U.B.C. can keep some of his hopes of further education alive and hopefully he can become a doctor. His hobbies include skiing, impulse shopping, and not wearing socks (Davy Crockett) when Mr. Sponza doesn’t catch him. He wants to thank all his teachers and wish the grads good luck in their future. 67 (1) It must be Monday morning. (2) “Hi mom!” (3) Freire, the macho look. Ah, the good ol’ days. (4) Mr. Bell looking over one of the many students in his class. (5) Marco said, “What about me?” 69 (1) I’m so bright mom calls me “Sunny.” (2) “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” (3) Well, we can see this is one productive class. (4) Merry Christmas from one of Mrs. B’s Chem. classes. (5) “Deeo, Sedeo, Sedeo, Sedeo, daylight come and me wanna go home.” (1) I wonder what Mike’s rolling back there? (2) Two basketballers discussing a major upcoming game. (3) Some more of our illustrious grads. (4) “O solo mio!” (5) Two rowds sitting on a counter. - Heavy stuff - oooh! 71 GRADUATION MASS 73 GRADUATION CEREMONIES 75 J 77 78 gikjbffeiijMMi; j 79 i GRADE ELEVENS Front Row (L-R): Glenn D’Cruze, Paul Adams, Scott Wilshire, Brian Larroza, Khalid Ataya, Marc Polisi, James Sanders, Ken Lukban, John Jeong, Jason Choo Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Leo Matusicky, Russell Sheehan, Jim Neal, Gregory Mullen, Trevor Hughes, Jason Malone, Eddy Dino, Joe Birkdal, Roy Zee, Mike Campanella, Kelven Vail Back Row (L-R): Mark Di Paolo, Jonathan Robinson, Paul Pavlik, Chad Klein, Dean Russell, Mike Mclsaac, Angus Mac- farlane, Mike Lister, Stephen Frith, George Falcos, Thomas Egvari Grade: 114 DEDICATED In homeroom 114, priorities were set on education, Christianity, and gentlemanly behaviour. These qualities were displayed by all those who were fortunate enough to be part of Mr. Leo Matusicky’s homeroom. Led by their Class-President, Trevor Hughes, and their Vice-President, Angus Macfarlane, homeroom 114 showed the true “IRISH” spirit in all the walks of school life that they participated in. With the perseverence of their secretary treasurer, Dean Russell, they managed to lead the Grade Elevens in the mission raising attempts throughout the year - just a particular example of the dedication shown by homeroom 114. k Milt lit ' I ' l m lillll li I 1 |» III p QJK | H [I ft l m B1 ■ ■ Hi CELL BLOCK 113 Homeroom 113 is a cosmopolitan group with multi-talents. It consists of some of the preppiest dressers, studious workers, more than its share of football players, and some notorious late-comers. It is a friendly group, welcoming some of College’s grade eleven newcomers, and making them feel at home. We decided to divide ourselves into cells of four boys a nd each cell is responsible for activities over two or three weeks. The highest profile cell will win the prize pot of over thirty dollars. Front Row (L-R): Chris McGoran, Colin Cheng, Igor Antognetti, Roger Keizer, Ken Kwong, Steve Clark, Peter Ryznar, Sean Duynstee, Liberato Reyes Middle Row (L-R): Mark Sykes, Benjamin Beens, Pat Ewanchuk, Charles Harrington, Stefano Piccone, Gareth Duncan, Dan Loonier, Dave Mitchell, Gord Iwata Back Row (L-R): Terence Leong, Cary Young, Peter Schenk, Trevor Smith, Philip Von Stefenelli, Dan McLean, Chris McConachie, Dennis Dehlic, Alex Adams Absent: Alex Bolongaro, Mr. Bell Grade 113 83 Front Row (L-R): Paul Echlin, Paul Cormier, Chester Lai, George Benning, Brett Woods, John McGrandle, Avelino Chew, David Fairn, Chris Roberts Middle Row (L-R): Br. Farrell, Fawrence Razak, Tom Madigan, Roland dela Cuesta, Augustine Kim, Danny Arbas, Tim Stoddart, Campbell Low, Mirko Teglasi, Kevin Watson, David Paul Back Row (L-R): Scott Donaldson, Paolo Montessori, Sean Fleming, Matt Burns, Dean Roberts, Andrew Macfarlane, Mike Dennison, Paul Jasich, John Schreiner, Roy MuxzeWo Absent: David Lau, Wade Milenan Grade: 112 DIFFERENT Homeroom 112 is a combination of just about every kind of person imaginable. This motley crew includes punkers, rockers, preppies, jocks, brains, and even a few more or less normal people. It is under the enthusiastic leadership of tyrannical despots John McGrandle, Andrew Macfarlane, and Paolo Montessori. Homeroom 112 manifests an extraordinary amount of unrestrained school spirit in academics, student council, and a variety of athletic activities including track and field, basketball, wrestling, and soccer. ENTHUSIASTIC Homeroom 111 is a group of thirty-one students who are very enthusiastic about life. They are known for their full participation in all school events. United under the leadership of President, Peter de Souza, Vice President Martin Syjuco and Secretary Treasurer Trevor Farenholtz, they are in¬ volved in many athletic events and various extra curricular activities. Front Row (L-R): Vittorio Laureano, Thrassivoulos Petras, James Roque, Max Paris, Peter de Souza, Richard Barkess, Chris Oikawa, Asa MacLaurin, Paul Logue, Roberto Demir Middle Row (L-R): Darren Reiter, Collin Ell, Jonathan Santos, Damian Murphy, Jose Kalaw, Martin Syjuco, Andrew Leo, Alberto Rubio, Tony Seet, Jay Alvarez Back Row (L-R): Bartholemew Hull, Bruno Vander Cruyssen, Carl Mascarenhas, Trevor Farenholtz, Anthony Chow, Sean McGill, Robert Feenan, Desmond Sweeney, Alan Wong, Noah Grant, Michael Dumancic, Absent: Mrs. Small Grade: 111 85 (1) “Hey! Where are they going? I haven’t finished yet.” (2) “Oh, please not another test. 1 haven’t studied.” (3) Professional Stamplicker (4) “Oh Goody! It’s my turn!” (5) “Hold it now. I thought 1 had a bottle of vodka in here.” (6) Hitting the books passively. (7) “Uh-huh. Yeah really!” (8) Nineteen-sixties hippie rejects. 87 GRADE TENS Front Row (L-R): Stefan Yon Dehn, John Coates, Brian Ewanchuk, Allan Frankland, Alexander Lau, Jean-Paul Laube, Jose Lopez, Franco Michielli, Christopher Wilson Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Paul Doyle, Kenneth Lee, Robert Zadra, Andrew Nathanson, Janklaus Dreher, Geoffrey Mak, George Tsang, Alexander Basio, Joel de Guzman, John Quach Back Row (L-R): Anton Danielsen, Michael Carpenter, John Haslam, Simon Scully, Robert MacKay, Paolo Bongo, John O’Regan, Raymond Ruskey, Raymond Olma, Nick Melanidis Absent: Raymond Lee Grade: 105 DYNAMIC Unique and diverse are just two of the words you could use to describe this truly dynamic homeroom. Led by teacher, Mr. Doyle, president Allan Frankland, vice-president Joel de Guzman, and secretary-treasurer Andy Nathanson, this class has shown its tremendous talents throughout the year in intramurals, academics, and missions collections. Their courage and determination in all aspects of school life indicate a future which holds great promise for these tenacious individuals. And so to the class of ’88, homeroom 105 says, “BANZAI” 38 ORIGINALITY Class 104 is original. They don’t follow trends, they set them. Grade 104 is a highly academic class, yet reveals that it also has many par¬ ticipants in athletics, including football, basketball, and intramurals. The group is slightly boisterous, but seems to let off their steam during pep-rallies and games. All and all boisterousness is what sets 104 apart from everyone else. Front Row (L-R): Wesley Fong, Bruce Hartnett, Terry Lau, Andrew Porter, Carolus Chow, Louie Rota, John Kerti, Bruce McLennan, Martin Ertl Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Dan M. Isaac, Greg Cantwell, Bill Tzotzolis, Alex Tsang, Bill Sherritt, Colin Nam, Charlie Weiler, Jason McGill, Chris Michalatos, Jim Scott Back Row (L-R): Charlo Barbosa, Michael Logue, Mike Vint, Michael Young, Sean Swain, Milan Boljuncic, John Doherty, Greg Dahms, Stephen Dee, Douglas Kwan Grade: 104 89 FUTURISTIC What a class! This group of students cherishes the life of Vancouver College as a team. This homeroom has a large amount of participants involved with the sports program - football, track and field, cross-country, basketball, and the school’s own intramural program. Besides the athletes, this homeroom includes many loyal fans that give support and add strength to the various teams. Homeroom 103 also includes students whose involvement in the band and various clubs and groups add strength and unity to the true spirit of the Irish.The class officers of this homeroom are Brad Bentz (President), Martin Shen (Vice President), and Juan Mejia (Secretary Treasurer). With their talents, the future of this class will be brighter than ever. Front Row (L-R): Jonathan Chow, Alex Wadsworth, Andrew Arnold, David Byrne, Ricky Lau, Tony Ivancic, Brendan Fong, Paul Bach, Juan Mejia, David Lawrence Middle Row (L-R): Bro. Rowland, Chris Yong, Andy Kiss, Dean MacLean, John Mulhern, Ryan Ftarris, Shawn Baly, Todd Paddack, Peter De ' Atley, Heinz Schwartz, Martin Shen Back Row (L-R): Kevin McElroy, Mike Crittenden, Brad Bentz, Adrian Robertson, Kevin Stack, Robert Trotman, ' Stephen Nolan, W ' ard Pervan, Nick Ellery, Adrie Van Viersen, Philippe Doebeli Absent: Craig Chiasson Grade: 103 I UNIQUE Homeroom 102, led by Br. English, is very unique. It consists of students who excel in academics as well as those who excel in athletics. Overall, however, this great bunch of young man is united, everyone contributing to the success of the class as a single unit. Front Row (L-R): Robert Butler, Jason McKenzie, Martin Toews, Len Diplock, Sean Bennett, Brendan McCabe, Trevor Wright, Jim Dunn, Righard NG, John Reid, Rod Chong Middle (L-R): Joseph Lau, Malcolm Reid, Raymond Law, Peter Lawless, Glen Davies, Anthony Russell, Keith Siddall, Oliver Marti, Arnold Arao, Tim Sanders, Stephen Goepel, Brother English Back Row (L-R): Chris Caisley, Mark Van Pykstra, James Brennan, Michael Hylands, Sean Fleming, John-Paul Morrison, Michael Cowan, Frank Baily, Mark Semeins, Carlo Ylagan, Hannes von Stefenelli, Absent: Christian Cocco Grade: 102 91 1. Friendly but tough grade 10’s. 2. Typing students busy at work. 3. V.C. students love doing school work. 4. Some enthusiastic Science students enjoying themselves in the teacher’s absence. 5. Strange things start to happen when people go to V.C. too long. Front Row (L-R): Peter Kim, Shaun Thompson, Trevor Basu, Allan Ursua, Daniel Fiegert, Jason Robinson, Eric Paris, John Lau, Bob Mackin Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Adams, Kevin Cockell, John Bailey, Adrian McKenzie, Pau l Fraser, Christopher Ascher, Trevor Newton, Michael Lawless, Greg Zowty, Ted Von Dehn, Colin Wilson Back Row (L-R): Leo Seewald, Eric De Monye, Michael Shumas, Pat Mitchell, Carlo De Mello, Joe Friedt, Martin Lynch, John-Paul Davidson, Patrick Dronsky Grade: 101 WELL-ROUNDED This rambunctious group of young men is a result of the worthy leadership of Mr. “A”. Class 101 is enthusiastically involved in both extra and non-extra curricular activities. The students participate greatly in many sports, such as football, basketball, track and field, and intramurals. There are also those students who achieve the highest academic standard required. The other small portion of class 101 are found striving for their own goals elsewhere. Special thanks to Adrien McKenzie (Pres.), Ted Von Dehn (Vice), and Robert Lee (Treasurer). 1 93 (1) The suave one. (2) I shoulda never plugged in my shaver when it was wet. (3) I didn’t know typing was required for this course. (4) This is a yellow coloured chart with red letters. (5) Devising new and improved methods of cheating on a French test. (6) “Hey, it’s one of those popular yearbookians.” (7) “Mom, don’t go!!” (8) “Another” fascinating class (9) “Now, how can I steal that guy’s french fries?” m i 95 GRADE 9’S Front Row (L-R): Bill Burrows, Andre Paris, Jonathan Wilson, Shaun Davies, Dennis Boyle, Joe Muego, John Roque, Syd Lenton, Robert Grecht, Mark Duynstee Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Burke, Charles Northup, Vince Danielsen, Andriyko Herchak, Francis Pun, Bruce Reid, Bill Thomsen, Tino Stumpf, Ewen Macaulay, Richard Mann, Lawrence Lau Back Row (L-R): Mark Rethy, Dave McConachie, Sean Carter, Mike Devine, Brad Newman-Bennett, Dave Brisco, Nabil Baouya, Steve Seewald, Geoff Pasowysty, Joseph Ramos, Grade: 95 SUPERB Homeroom 95 is one superb group of young men. Led by Mr. Burke, this exceptional class has achieved much this year, excelling in academics, as well as in sports. They have shown their spirit by attending the football and basketball games, as well as by being fierce competitors in intramurals. ORIGINAL Homeroom 94 is commanded by Mr. Accili. He is honoured to teach a class of unique individuals whose ideas and philosophies correspond to create an interesting working relationship between students and teacher. The students’ undying love for their teacher is rivalled only by their love of Friday afternoons. Homeroom 94 is led by their almighty president Brian Waung keeps the class in political order and out of chaos. Mr. Accili says that his class has a lot of different talents, and if he could use them all, he could create a more enjoyable classroom. Front Row (L-R): Jim Bateman, Patrick McKeown, Mike Persad, James Pell, Alex Leung, Eugene Ho, Michael Clark, Benjamin Martin, Matthew Mullen Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Accili, Greg Hand, Matt Dorling, Victor Law, Edmund Wong, Eric Roenitz, Brian Waung, Robin Apel, Philip Lee, Edwin Kwong Back Row (L-R): Greg Sweeney, Brian Filippin, Revin Mohammed, Andrew King, David Bunderla, Colin Maude, Leo Tioseco, Rodrigo De Albuquerque, Colin Osborne Absent: Gerald Kelly Grade: 94 97 Front Row (L-R): Todd Rattray, Jason Calla, James Cayetano, Graeme Wightman, Sean Brown, Ronald Apel, Tony Keung, Dominic Chibber, Vinko Pehar, Marco Oballa, John Swenarchuk Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Canil, Tavern Barbosa, Chris Mahony, Alex Walcott, William Lau, Tony Serka, Charles Gonzales, Albert Punzalan, Whalen Rozenek, Jason Till, Stephen Eivemark Back Row (L-R): Mark Mogatas, Luis Kalaw, Richard Hanley, William Hamlin, Michael Dewit, John Hinze, Marco Kumar, David Williscroft, Greg Mueller, Calvin Leong, Patrick Kim, lain Macfarlane Grade: 93 WILLING Homeroom 93 is an energetic class with a wide range of interests. Students in this class participate in extracurricular sports such as football, and basketball. In addition, they show that they can work together as a class, by dominating the grade nine level of in¬ tramurals. Aside from sports, this class has many students achieving honour roll awards for their academic achievements. This homeroom is planning several activities throughout the school year. Grade 93 has also shown its generosity by donating a fair sum of money to the missions. In all aspects of school life, homeroom 93 is willing to give their all in support. BONS AMIS Homeroom 92 is comprised of a moasic of people with different interests and achievements. They were united as friends under the strong leadership of Mr. Budai and the class officers to achieve one goal. The class participated in all aspects of school life including various clubs and groups, football, basketball, track and field, and an excellent showing in intramurals without sacrificing academic achievement. The class was represented in student council by: Roger Ram- charita (President), Simon Tan (Vice President), and Sean Virani (Secretary Treasurer). They strived to aid the class and work with the class’ best interests at mind. Most importantly, homeroom 92’s Irish Spirit shined through in pep-rallies, projects for the less fortunate, and all other school activities. Front Row (L-R): Alex McNeur, Marc Baca, Brian Whalen, Chris Hermesmann, Marcus Lai, Sam Lee, Kenneth Frith, Charlie Bryn, Sean Virani, Ryan Mulhern Middle Row (L-R): Ken Durlacher, Marcus Yim, Paul Sawchenko, Morgan Poliquin, Peter Morphet, Joe Kraft, Dan Stoddart, Matthew Gregory, Roger Ramcharita, John DeLuca Back Row (L-R): Nick Marchi, Roger Agyagos, Pat Cully, Damian Kettlewell, James Keogh, Marc Rops, Simon Tan, Declan McClelland, Michael Parker, Tim Riego Absent: Anthony Jovanovic, Mr. Budai Grade: 92 Front Row (L-R): Doug Swoboda, Gordon Ryznar, Pat Kerridge, Colman Leung, Bogdan Floresco, Robert Hensel, Chris Pequin, Leslie Bilesky, Christian delos Santos Middle Row (L-R): Br. Basil, Brian Lahiffe, Andy Koo, Matt Coulson, Giacomo Cassano, Niall Murphy, Raymond Lee, John Sothy, Jonathan Lazzarotto, lan Burns Back Row (L-R): Paul Riches, Christian Teaca, Warner Monteiro, lan Archer, Jonathan Gray, Henry Rahn, Steve Skrilec, Sean Jeffrey, Robert Doyle Absent: Bill Wagner Grade: 91 LIVELY This year the group is mostly constructed of second year students here at Vancouver College. The students have many different backgrounds and opinions. In all though, the group is an intelligent class. They are striving for a common goal of good grades, a good reputation and a corner stone for which they will build their lives. The class is very enthusiastic with everything they take part in, may it be intramurals or raising money for different objectives. This year the class was shaped into a unified group under the wisdom and guidance of Brother Basil. The class leaders this year are, secretary treasurer Christian Delos Santos, vice-president Paul Riches, and class president Jon Gray. (1) “Yes, I know I’m tough - It’s just my nature.” (2) Two grade 9’s experiencing the great outdoors. (3) Whistling, blowing, or spitting out the window. Take your pick. (4) Free elevator service - How nice. (5) You look marvelous! 0 101 (1) Listen pal, you’re out! Can’t you read the sign? (2) Yeah sure! We just love this cafeteria food! (3) Be Honest, I’m a Redford look-alike. Right? (4) I feel like a million bucks. (5) Paul Riches: a rock fan who is definitely into his music. (6) A rowdy bunch of grade 9’s. (7) Got any money for missions? (8) Go away, you yearbookian! We’ve had enough! (9) If you don’t lend me your answers, 1 won’t slash the teacher’s tires like we planned. (10) The cook just offered me some gravy for my doughnut. Weird! mm 103 GRADE 8’S Front Row (L-R): Rob Huntingford, Andrew Brennan, Francois Ertl, Mike Spidel, Robert McDonnell, Colin Macaulay, Emmet Duncan, Trevor Hodgson, Sean Graham, Ronnie James, Victor Orcullo Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Prepchuk, Sundeep Vickram, Michael Yaptinchay, Malcom Kerr, Constantine Villanueva, Jason Meyer, Richard Bon, David Lee, George Papafilis, Michael Rapier, Joseph Yee, Stoke Tonne Back Row (L-R): Miguel Magnan, Patrick Craig, Colin Campbell, Ryan Storey, Stephen McNamara, Marlon DeCaire, John Bishop, Chris Lim, Chris Sayer, Stephen Phillips, Kevin Chase Grade: 85 AMBITIOUS Homeroom 85 provides Vancouver College with a fine mix of enthusiastic students. We have shown tremendous school spirit and pride by raising the most walkathon money of any other high school class. We have worked hard all year to raise money for missions by having many fund raisers. Not only are these eager students good fund raisers, but they have also strived hard to reach their academic potential. This graduating class of 1990 has definitely brought a positive attitude to Vancouver College. President: Stephen McNamara Vice President Intramural Rep: Emmet Duncan Secretary Treasurer: Stoke Tonne WHO ARE THEY? They are a bunch of fun-filled classmates of mine that help make school worth coming to. They talk to me and help me whenever I need help. They can brighten up the rainiest day. They don’t put you down or make you mad. Instead, they do just the opposite. And they are generous in giving to missions and other causes. Our teacher is pretty good too. He em¬ phasizes unity, and class and school spirit. This is a great class with people who support everything you do. In all, these guys are just all around “GREAT GUYS.” Front Row (L-R): Clayton Crofton, Sean Price, Matt Nathanson, Andrew Drayson, Cameron McGrandle, Derrick De Jong, Guilhem Ryan, Kris Peltier, Chris Ross Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Szetela, Georgio Pettrica, Bill White, Ernest Leung, Pat Calasan, Derek Francis, Scott kinnon, Manos Kanavaros, James Lang, Darren Bank Back Row (L-R): Cameron Wong, Mike Tichbourne, David Diogo, Bob Mater, Pat McLewin, Robert Livingstone, Ty Skipper, Chris Carthy, Scott Lunny, Tony Burke Grade: 84 105 Front Row (L-R): Adrian Low, Martin Dumas, Anthony Sarar, Mark Mawhinney, Joseph Nguyen, Mike Kennedy, Bradley Kitchen, John Bustria, Jason Van Unen Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Toth, Roger Chan, David Doherty, John Rapier, Mark Akkerman, Victor Wu, John Dear, John Peterson, Declan McKevitt, Greg Smyth, Sanjay Srivastava Back Row (L-R): Andrew Clarke, Victor Lau, Daniel Isaacs, Chris Benson, William Ma, Mike Dolman, Jonathan Lim, Robert Gagno, David Haslam, Jason Gach, Jonathan Laird Absent: Doug Oddy Grade: 83 ENERGETIC Homeroom 83 is a spirited group. They are very keen participants in all areas of Vancouver College life. Ad¬ mirable generosity is shown by this crowd towards the mission drive. Their competitive drive is second to none in all intramural sports. Doug Oddy, our class president, is a real leader. He has been able to harness this energy towards constructive goals. We can look forward to a powerful clan of Fighting Irish as this group moves towards their graduating year. SPIRITED Affectionately (and accurately) referred to as “the doorknobs” by their homeroom teacher, the boys of “82” are second to none in intramurals, school spirit, and study . . . well intramurals and school spirit for sure. Look out 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990! The class officers for homeroom 82 are Joe Kim (President), Greg Mahoney (Vice President), and Chris Burns (Treasurer), with Raymond Lee as the beaver. Front Row (L-RJ: Pete Fahrmann, Ryan Munro, James Bovill, Ronan Le Roi, Greg Mahoney, Chris Carmack, Mike Desjardins, Paul Park, Robert Plain, Gerard Voon Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Dave Hancock, Sebastien Guay, Bennett Chin, Daniel Jeffrey, Raymond Lee, Anson Koo, Philippe Macinnes, Patrick Hung, Joe Kim, Vikram Gupta, Chris Reeve Back Row (L-R): Mike Wagner, Robert Davies, Jason Vaugier, Jene Farmer, Sean McBurney, Chris Burns, Joseph Lo, Craig Stephens, Aaron Schwarz, Mark Pelletreau Absent: Andreas Jessen, Bryant Yip Grade: 82 -v ■ Front Row (L-R): Jeffrey Hunt, Chris Liu, Kristian Jorgensen, Andrew McKecknie, Ryan Pervan, Sean McCallum, Robert Luft, Rafael Dimayuga, Tony Nardi Middle Row (L-R): Bro. E.G. French, Gerard Murphy, Lionel Haims, Peter Leeds, Andre Silva, Scott Deacon, Thomas Frauenburger, John Yoo, Carter Lam, Marc Knight Back Row (L-R): Ryan Malone, Juan Rivas, Daniel Khan, Ciaran Feenan, Sean Cash, Stephen Hughes, Alex Cordero, Mark Pearce, Stephen Brazda Absent: Vincent Arao, Jonas Cacchioni, Ken Poon, Pat Whalen Grade: 81 ENTHUSIASTIC Homeroom 81 is extremely exuberant this year, participating in all aspects of College life: athletics, intramurals, study and other activities. Ciaran Feenan is class president with Mark Pearce as vice- president. Although the class lagged in Monetary collections, we made up for it by exuberant en¬ thusiasm. (1) Some grade eight gourmets catering to their exquisite tastes in V.C. food. (2) Cramming for an exam can be torture. (3) This young man could make a fortune in toothpaste commercials. (4) School is definately getting to these kids. (5) In shock! 109 (1) 1 think I lost my appetite. (2) Surprise attack by Collegian photographers. (3) All 1 said was, “Would you like to dance?” (4) Let’s go home now. (5) A Collegian photographer manages to capture the awe on a student’s face. (6) Hey, don’t mess with me. I’m cool! (7) Raise your hands if you’re sure. (8) Sighting an unidentified flying object. (9) A cheerful class. Ill (1) Pride - one of the rare V.C. characteristics. (2) Taking it easy between classes. (3) Hey! Don’t photograph me half naked. (4) It’s moving! (5) Who me? Never! (6) An up and coming Spud Webb. (7) Look, leave me alone! !’m using the phone, alright? (8) Let’s see, how can we blow up the library . . . 113 GRADE 7’S i _ VW H Front Row (L-R): Daniel Vargas, Hamish McArthur, Toby Wadsworth, John Nichols, Matt Buddie, Kevin Mulhern, Mark Sherritt, Chris Chong, Clifford Radosevic, David Hamlin Middle Row (L-R): Jonathon Sitter, R-Jay Alexander, Justin Mahony, Corey Leung, Matthew Holmes, Desmond Chen, Colin Chen, Travis Sprintzios, Patrick Masson, Richard Wang Back Row (L-R): Alex Lau, Eric Bentz, John Kim, Kimphry Tu, Michael Relova, Heiko Hubatka, Dorling Bill, Dean Harris, Choyal Brown, Andrew Adam, Jim Karabelas Absent: Rob Arao, David Bruschinsky, Kenny Schroder Grade: 72 MARVELOUS The 72 group this year is made up of seventeen “old boys” and seventeen “new boys.” As the year progressed the sum of the parts became greater than the whole. In reference to our picture, a man once said, “It is better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous.” And 72 looks MARVELOUS! EAGER AND WILLING This years edition of 71 is a combination of strong academic standards and an awareness of the im¬ portance of school participation. The class was second in Walkathon Pledges and is always ready to help in various fund raising events. The class does take time, however, to expose its mischievious habits but are constantly aware of the importance of V.C. spirit. Front Row (L-R): Anthony Robinson, David Nathanson, Joseph Remedios, Scott Graham, Matthew Van Wollen, Daniel Joanis, Edward Lee, Wade Butler, Morley Watson, Silvesta Ng, Mark Shumas Middle Row (L-R): Mr. MacCormack, Quentin Boulton, Bobby Lau, Robert Thompson, John Furch, Ricardo De Guzman, Oliver Cole, Craig Bader, Marc Schaper, Patrick Mills, Ryan Co Back Row (L-R): Gus Greer, Sean Blacquiere, Richard Arabit, Andrew Marcin, Chris McCutcheon, Michael Nolan, Robert McGregor, William Doherty, Peter Zivanovic, Anthony dela Cuesta, Jean-Guy Speton Grade: 71 117 (1) Confusion. (2) Hard at work. (3) Weary. (4) Semi-conscious, light coma. (5) Cheaters caught in the act! (6) “Ummm . . . could you come back later. We’re in the middle of something.” (7) ‘‘Our design will give you top performance plus flexibility.” (8) Happiness is being in school! (9) ‘‘I’m only twee and a half months old.” (10) ‘‘This is sooo tedious!” 119 GRADE6 DIGGERS Persistence has quickly become the trademark for this “high energy” group. They dug their way to a first place finish in the Walkathon collections. They are clawing and scratching their way towards what they hope will be a first place in the missions (at least in the Elementary School). They dive headlong at any and all school work that comes their way, each trying to outdig the other with their results. In summation, it should also be said that the diggers are very creative, amazingly artistic, and overwhelmingly athletic. I rant Row (L R): Michael Mahoney, Michael Healey, Stephen Remedios, Robert Lepsoe, Jelfrey Yee, Ryan Pereira, Michael Lopez, Jell Gentile, Damien Kells . Sheldon Sucn, Alex Roque Middle Row (L-R): Mr. Rogers, John McNamara, Nial Barrett, David Van Pykstra, Jeremy Maude, Tom Karabelas, Zoltan Gyulasi, James Hooper, Mark Pugslcy, Dana Marinakis, Mark Osborne, David Boyer Back Row (L-R): Jeffrey Gruber, Graham Morgan, Paul Kim, Hayden Pcrvan, Paul Williscroft, Grant Kim, Tom Archer, Justin McC ' allum, John-Paul Larkin, Chris Livingstone, Steven Carvalho Grade: 6 GRADES p i ■k ' M 4 r w 9 %| I IS A- IRs j i : 1 Front Row (L-R): Edward Wong, Jeffrey Knight, Gavin Beaudin-Ball, Mikhael Solaiman, Alex Tsakumis, Timothy McGuinness, Andrew Ing, Joseph Reith, Michael Stephenson, Bienvenido Matute Middle Row (L-R): Bro. Wood, Gregory Wright, Michel Cormier, Wilfred Mak, Joseph Kennedy, James Bailey, Joseph Boskovich, Anthony Sutherland, Johann Dowa, Alexander Wong Back Row (L-R): C. Betancor-Leon, Gerald Cole, Aaron Low, Trent Lennox, Patrick Inglis, Marcus Sayce, Stavros Palivos, John Dumont, John Zivanovic, Luca Antognetti Absent: Chris Benning, Rajeesh Davda Grade: 5 HARD WORKING With Andrew Ing and Alexander Wong as President and Vice President, grade five is rolling along just fine. They strive to do their best, but they are talkative. They have good College spirit and are eager to learn. They are the best because they try their hardest. Who knows, these fine young men might become the future leaders of our nation. 121 V K (1) Anyone for a food fight? (2) Lunch time. (3) Once upon a time . . . (4) Concentration can be so difficult on a Friday afternoon. (5) Does it bite? (6) C.P.I. - Chinese Pencil Inspectors (8) . . . then you hook up the wires to the detenator and your bomb is ready. (7) Slow down, I can’t read backwards. (9) Some very attentive elementary students. (10) Hi there, I’m Expo Ernie’s cousin. J. 123 GRADE 4 ■ [ ' • K - - jpH jflBfc. 3 M it Front Row (L-R): Martin Banting, Angelo Tsakumis, Philip Planta, Wilson Liu, Dexter Liu, Benjamin Chu, Rory Sutherland, Peter Mahony, Derek Ho Middle Row (L-R): David Hosie, Matthew Finneran, Tarek Helou, John Cullen, Christian Rimland, Giacco Barretto, Timothy Young, Daniel Bruchner, Miguel Syjuco, Arthur Leung Back Row (L-R): Scott McFarlane, Geoffrey Thompson, Tony Morgan, Peter Palivos, Alexander Greer, Brian Choo, Scott Baglee, Matthew Kettlewood, Daniel Goepel. Absent Mrs Kim Grade: 4 DETERMINED Grade four is a happy group of eager, bright and curious boys. Although they can be noisy at times, they can settle down and do good work. They are a fun group. GRADE3 EXCEPTIONAL Mrs. McLean describes her grade three class as friendly, noisy, and pleasant. This exceptional group of students is very eager to learn, and every individual contributes to the success of the class as a whole. Front Row (L-R): Sam McMillan, Timothy Yee, Jean Paul Samson, Richard Russel, Alfred Wong, Peter Remedios, Jerome Lee, Angello Floresco, Donyie Santos, Michael Wong Middle Row (L-R): Antony Schaper, Hanson Chow, Alexander Chandler, Eddison Noel, Marc Laliberti, Anthony Kwan, Jonathan Cheung, Allan Wong, Robert Christie, Mrs. McLean Back Row (L-R): Jason Fong, Jeffrey Leung, Jurand Latek, Gerald Chen, Andre Dommissee, Matthew Cousineau, Joshua Klein, Christopher McDonald, Jason Craig, John Paul Mahony, Peter Drozdzik Absent: Dominic Toa Grade: 3 125 , . s (1) Hulk Hogan challenging the Iron Sheik. (2) Dracula, Buzz Off and Scooby-Doo make a surprise visit to Vancouver College. (4) Mrs. Kim reading a story to her class. (3) Two typical elementary students. (5) Another happy elementary class. (6) What elementary students do in their free time. (8) See my answers yet? (7) Je deteste francais, tu deteste francais, il . . . (9) Alfred Hitchcock tryouts. (10) An overworked student. (11) 1 wonder if I should tell him where 1 put it? (12) Hey everybody! Look at my lunch-bucket! 127 GRADE2 Front Row (L-R): Patrick Mahony, Chris Jacoby, Bernard Matute, Paul Yong, Geoffrey Soo Chan, Liam Kerney, Pierre Castro, Brock Lennox Middle Row (L-R): Jeffrey Lam, Jason Tam, Terrence Ho, Taylor Biggar, Stephen Mogatas, Ryan Tong, Vincent Festejo, Sal Mandin Back Row (L-R): Michael Con¬ stantine, Eugene Yeung, Roger Morgan, Jason Dukowski, Andrew Blaney, Jason Hill, Scott Finneran, Zachary Greer, Mrs Cheesman Grade: 2 WELL ADJUSTED This year the grade two class informs me that they are handsome, intelligent, well behaved and lots of fun! i GRADE 1 SOCIABLE Miss Herb has a happy, social group of boys in her grade one class this year. This bunch is truly unique, and is off to a great start. Front Row (L-R): David Reith, David Ryan, Jason McKinlay, Gregory Soo Chan, Nicholas Chandler, Scott Sutherland, Francis Calasan, A.J. Bay, Michael Banting Middle Row (L-R): Jon Syjuco, Colin Hartshorne, Ryane Ressel, Welby Leger, Kelvin Leung, Ted Mason, Kelvin H. Leung, David Lunghamer Back Row (L-R): Patrick Rogers, Alex Inglis, Conrad Latek, Dylan MacDonald, Omar Helou, Andrew Chen, Richard Haisinger, John-Paul Planta, Jonathon Lee, Miss Herb Grade: 1 129 (1) Tweedie-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb. (3) Awed by a dead branch. (2) Are you an ivory boy? (4) All alone! (5) This is school? (6) I’m a lean mean fighting machine! (7) The elementary students perform at the mother’s reception. (8) Hi! I’m kermit the frog. (9) E = mc2. Substitute 3.0 x 108 m s for c and multiply by mass in kg. (10) A dedicated student works after hours. 131 CHARLES READE “Praise Him with the blast of the trumpet, praise Him with lyre and harp, Praise Him with timbrel and dance, praise Him with strings and pipe. Praise Him with sounding cymbals, praise Him with clanging cymbals.’’ PSALM 150: 3-5 “The course of Nature is the art of God,” EDWARD YOUNG “O Music! sphere-descended maid, Friend of pleasure, wisdom’s aid!” WILLIAM COLLINS Elementary Band, Grade 8 and 9 Band Concert Band Pep Band This year’s Elementary Band consisted of forty students from grades four to seven. They worked hard throughout the year in preparing for both the Christmas and Spring concerts. With their steady progress, they are the future of a strong and competitive senior band. The Intermediate Band of grades eight and nine was loaded with talent. Aside from their concerts, several of them also participated in the Pep Band for sports events, the Stage Band, and solo com¬ petitions. The Level One Concert Band, which con¬ sisted of fifty musical students ranging from grades nine to twelve, performed for various school events, including masses and assemblies. Their resonant sounds echoed throughout the year as they played strong performances at the school concerts. Many individuals also participated in the Stage and Pep Bands, and the Chancellor Music Festival. Many thanks to Henry Olemann for his extra help with all of the boys. “Anchors Aweigh,” “Notre Dame Victory March,” and “Tequila” were the favourites played by the Pep Band. Performing at many of the football and basketball games, they complemented the hometown crowds in supporting the teams and cheering them on to victory. The band was built up mainly from the Stage Band, with the addition of a few extra players. 137 Stage Band The Stage Band was this year’s highlight of the College music program. The 21 members earned their way to the school’s first ever participation in the Canadian Stage Band Festival, which was held this year at Expo ’86. The band competed with 26 other groups from across Canada and scored a highly commendable 85 for their performance in front of a large Expo crowd and a panel of world renowned judges. Having reached a new milestone for the school’s music department, they earned their way to the National Finals through top honours in both the Vancouver Kiwanis Jazz Festival, and the British Columbia Interior Jazz Festival in Kelowna. In addition to the Band’s strong performance, saxophonist Ray Culi received an honour award for his performance and was selected to the Canadian All-Star Jazz Band. The band would like to thank Mr. Olson for “taking them to the top,” Mrs. Olson for her assistance behind the scenes, and Peter Barone, Jamie Croyle, Tom Colclough, Ken Olson and Dave Stewart for their help and inspiration along the way. The graduating members would also like to thank Mr. Olson and the rest of the band for the memorable, musical years at Vancouver College. 138 ft 1. John Robinson and Brendan McCabe jammin’ in the band room. 2. The elite horn section of the Stage Band. 3. The band slacking off again. 4. In analysis of one of his student’s playing, Mr. Olson says, “I’m not in any way criticizing you, but you sound terrible!” 5. The band plays a tribute to Brother Maher (former V.C. principal) at St. Ann’s Academy in Kamloops. 6. You can tell that these guys have been in the band too long. 7. “O Lord, please let me reach that high note this time,” thinks Brian Chanpong. 8. The ‘Jazz Hound’ ready for another gig. 139 Chancellor Music Festival Individual members from the Concert Band entered the Chancellor Music Festival held at St. Thomas More Collegiate. Their par¬ ticipation undoubtedly improved their musicianship with their hard work and fine presentation. Eight of the students received gold awards and seven others received silver awards. Congratulations to all who took part in this year’s festival, and thanks to Yelena for her superior piano ac¬ companiment. 1. David Byrne: a gold jacket for a gold award-winning soloist. 2. Heinz Schwartz playing his heart out through his clarinet. 3. The next Maynard Ferguson: Ken Durlacher. 4. “If Wynton Marsalis could only see me now,” says Greg Mueller. 5. Jeff Oakman, the Zamfir of Vancouver College. 6. Jason ‘Jazz Hound’ Choo on alto sax. 7. Clarence Clemens, eat your heart out! Here comes Ray Culi! 8. What a . . . solo! Jason Calla with pianist Yelena. 9. Paul Pavlik milking his horn for all it’s worth. J Elementary Music Program 1 - This year’s elementary school music program was a diverse combination of band, choir and guitar. Headed by Miss Catherine McNeil, the program was based on the methodology of Kodaly and Orff, in which her students learned not only to play music on simple instruments, but to also write it and move to it. Grades 2 and 3 played flutophone, grades 4 to 6 played recorder, and grade 7 played the guitar. The band and choir were accompanied by percussion instruments and xylophones. Also, the guitar club met weekly and progressed well. The Christmas and Spring Concerts were a great success and Miss McNeil and her students are looking forward to an even more exciting year of music in 1986-87. 141 142 143 Grades 1-7 + ' i lo r. ' i. r av ' l OAS , «j - o ( .QO h iCC ) v ■•- • " " " ' jSii 145 Art and Industrial Education Classes 1. “Now, since you guys flattened my tire, you fix it!” says Mr. Carlos to his beloved I.E. students. 2. I just love all this time-pressure artwork. 3. Now, if only I had a pencil, I might be able to get started. 4. At artist at his very best (probably day¬ dreaming). 5. A typical summer art class (What dress code?). 6. Wu t da hell am I drawing here?! 5 147 v m BEHIND THE SCENES ... Sponsored by DR. DAN K. CHAN 151 Sponsored by ROGER IRVINE OF OLYMPIC FINE MEATS AND THE CHURCH OF ST. JOHN THE APOSTLE ' ffNV r»»- 1 gH»I K y JmW fJjb JSmttts.- P iaS: ■Km, - -TV ! II SqHK SW 4w r ' 1 v ■if 1 ' -Jfer $ , - f « gft » i I 153 WALKATON 1986 Sponsored by: REMAX PERFORMANCE REALTY AND DR. FRANCIS HO 1. What are those guys doing in that car? 2. Trying to sneak a free drink, eh? 3. Wait, don’t leave! I’m not so bad, am I? 4. Brother McHugh and Miss McNeil enjoy the walkathon. 5. How much longer now? Not much longer. 6. Congratulations! You’re the 356th person. 7. Don’t worry. Just 24 more miles to go. i i j 155 f A TIME OF REFLECTION Sponsored by MR. AND MRS. PATRICK IP AND GUARDIAN ANGELS PARISH m ' aam 1. The Mother’s Day Mass is a tradition at V.C. 2. “The Body of Christ.” 3. The mass sets an atmosphere of worship. 4. A student serving at mass. 5. Peace be with you. 6. Students gather at the local church for confession. 7. Mr. Toth leads a group of students in the mass hymns. 8. Preparing for communion time. 9. “. . . and the angel said unto Mary ...” ■ 157 SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT 1. The teachers are intrigued by the excitement of the game. 2. The rallying band attempts to stir up some spirit. 3. Section 15 has its own share of the excitement. 4. Vancouver College fans spread a message to their players. 5. Another group of thrilled fans. 1 Sponsored by SCOTT PAPER LIMITED 1. Going where the action is. 2. We’re number one! 3. We’ve got spirit, how about you? 4. The Famed Vancouver College fans are known for their enthusiasm. 5. Come back! The game’s not over yet! 159 r s h “THE DORM” 1. Shooting pool is one of the boarder’s favourite pastimes. 2. Andrew Pinette looks relieved as he comes out of the bathroom. 3. Sleeping is another one of the boarder’s favourite pastimes. 4. Another normal day in the do rm. 5. Gordon Bryn tries not to get noticed as he takes his leave. Sponsored by AMER-CAN PETROLEUM (B.C.) LTD. AND KEARNY FUNERAL SERVICES mil? liHII I ' H H " li I .OTWKnsaiw viiww 1. Hey guys, stash the book. Brother’s coming! 2. The residents enjoy a brawl, now and then. 3. Robert Link in his macho pose. 4. Chris Roberts and Rob Link watch as the master of juggling goes on to his third ball. 5. Got a problem, bud? Sponsored by HOMEROOM 91 163 Let’s Get Involved! ’• VW 167 Leadership THE STUDENT COUNCIL At Vancouver College, the students are as varied as the regions of the city they come from. It is the student council that works with the administration to create a sense of spirit and identity amongst the students in the community. The council serves to foster this spirit, promoting the Christian and educational atmosphere of the school. This year’s executive was comprised of President, Jason Doolan, Vice-President, Mark Reid, and Secretary-Treasurer, Mark Brown. The council acted as the host for the Catholic High School Students Association ’86 and played a key role in the organization of the Catholic High School Leadership Conference. Achievements: 1. Food Drive — thousands of cans of food for Thanksgiving. 2. Hampers — many hampers were saved for families at Christmas. Sponsored by LEVESQUE, BEAUBIEN INC 169 I 170 f 1. King Kong Obadia - darkroom wizard. 2. Peter Poulos is very shy. 3. Two editors on the verge of insanity. 4. Patrick has been told to be quiet so many times. . . almost as many times as Rollo. THE 1986 COLLEGIAN The Yearbook is an extracurricular activity that takes dedication, and a lot of it. It also requires much organization, coordination and planning. To be perfectly honest with you, our 1986 Collegian staff was not exactly over¬ flowing with these qualities. But don’t get the wrong idea — we did possess all of these characteristics. Let’s just say our Yearbook got off to a rather shaky start this year. The school provided us with a new Student Activity Centre, of which the Yearbook room was the largest part, but unfortunately, the room was not completed until mid-October. Thus, we fell behind in our work. Over half of our staff was inexperienced in the three main areas of Yearbook work: layouts, photography and darkroom. As you have probably already guessed, this made the task of getting organized all the more difficult. A Yearbook with little or no organization can be compared to a 747 with an empty fuel tank and a broken landing gear, or a skydiver in mid flight with a rather large hole in his parachute - out of luck. Well, at least we can say we tried. But wait just one minute. What are you reading out of? It’s the 1986 Collegian! Pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming! This is really quite amazing! j Sponsored by D. BOYER AND M. MACKAY-DUNN OF AERCO INDUSTRIES LTD. 171 173 Lettermen To win a letter at V.C. is recognition that a student-athlete has excelled, and that his par¬ ticipation has made a significant contribution to one of the Major Sports. A letter is not an award for participation; it is an award given only to those who have displayed a spirit of sacrifice and commitment. The V.C. Lettermen’s association has seen a rebirth in the past three years, after having faded into relative obscurity. Under the direction of the moderator, Mr. Burke, the Lettermen have become active in various aspects of the life of the school, especially those related to athletics. They are responsible for organizing and running pep rallies, for promoting the various athletic events, and for such things as taking tickets and ushering at the football and basketball games. 4 § . 1 . jfjg | Hk. I j m JmL jPp Ir ’ i a Sponsored by DALE RICHARDS AND THE VANCOUVER COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 175 THE VOICE ... ... OUR V.C. NEWSPAPER The purpose of the VoiCe, the school newspaper, is to help create a sense of com¬ munity, a feeling of being involved, of knowing what’s going on. The VoiCe provides news, commentary and a forum for opinion, and attempts to publish every three weeks, a goal that is often honored by good intentions rather than reality. Supplemented by the “Irish News”, the Voice strives to provide coverage of everything from Athletic events to views on the dress code to reviews of current styles and music. It is a very demanding activity, requiring much time and sacrifice from the staff. From Editors to reporters, to lay-out people, all are involved in many hours of painstaking work on each issue of the VoiCe. It is an activity which is personally satisfying while providing a tremendous service to the school community. For the coming year, the Editors hope to include literary works from the students while expanding the features to include even more elements of school life. There is always room for more students on the VoiCe staff, and the Editors hope that ’86-’87 sees a reawakening of interest in this important activity. THE RACQUETBALL CLUB Front Row: L - R: Jason Choo, Declan McClelland, Mr. Toth, John De Luca, Br. Farrell. Back Row: L - R: David Bennett, Chuck Harrington, Dean Doolan, Kevin Chen, Brad Kruger (Pro), Ryan Harris, Mike Campanella, Jeff Oakman, Noah Grant. 177 HIGH SCHOOL INTRAMURALS Hfcf I This year witnessed a tremendous resurgence in high school in¬ tramurals. The various grade levels engaged in fierce competition during four major seasons. The featured sports were indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, and street hockey. Two highlights were the staff vs. students MATCHES OF THE CENTURY for indoor soccer and basketball. Sponsored by SAINTS PETER AND PAUL PARISH and PINETTE THERRIEN MILLS LTD. WIN STRIVE ACHIEVE SCORE! Sponsored by NAAS ENTERPRISES LTD. and IMMACULATE CONCEPTION PARISH 179 VARSITY FOOTBALL Sponsored by: A SUPPORTER OF V.C. ATHLETICS 1st. Row: L - R: Pat Ewanchuk, Igor Antognetti, Jay Alvarez, Aaron Van Pykstra. 2nd. Row: L - R: Mr. Dal Monte (Coach), Mark Nielsen, Jim Horvath, Declan Lawlor, Peter Schenk, Benjamin Beens, Matt Clarke, Mark Reid, Marty Lopez, Charlie Byrn (Manager). 3rd. Row: L - R: Mr. Choo (Coach), Dean Russell, Mike Guthrie, Szilard Fricska, Mike Mclsaac, Kris Kucera, Jeff Obadia, Robert Feenan, Ward Pervan, Owan Grant, Mr. Prepchuk (Coach). Top Row: L - R: Darryl Hopegood, Bart Hull, Gordon Byrn, David Noonan, Robert Link, Jason Dumaresq, Adrian Lakowski, Dean Heffring, Colin Ell. The Varsity Fighting Irish had an outstanding season, coming second in B.C. with an over-all record of 9-3, and a league record of 5-1. They outscored the opposition by a total of 190 points while posting four shut-outs. The Provincial Final at B.C. Place brought the season to an end with a terribly disappointing loss to Kamloops - by far the best season the Irish have had in some time, and special recognition must go to the coaches, especially to Head Coaches Dal Monte and Prepchuk. High points: Beating Notre Dame - twice! The College fans: wild and wonderful. Reid and Stradiotti sharing Best Lineman honors at the Archbishop’s Trophy game. Hull rushing for over a thousand yards. Five Premier League All-Stars: Matt Clarke, Mark Reid, Darrell Hopegood, Mike Stradiotti, Bart Hull. Reid taking top Lineman honors at B.C. Championship game. Clarke, Reid and Heffring receive football scholarships. Sponsored by 1 183 185 J.V. FOOTBALL 1st. Row: L - R: Greg Hand, Rodrigo De Albuquerque, J.P. Morrison, Charlie Weiler, Matt Gregory, Bill Sherritt, Adrian McKenzie, Allan Ursua. 2nd. Row: L - R: Andy Arnold (Manager), Rob Zadra, Anton Danielsen, Bruce Reid, John De Luca, Whalen Rozenek, Vince Danielsen, Kevin Mohammed, Brian Whalen. 3rd. Row: L - R: David Briscoe, Brad Bentz, Rob MacKay, Michael Parker, Alex Basio, lan MacFarlane, Ryan Harris, Brad Newman-Bennett, Mr. Canil (Coach). Top Row: L - R: Arnold Arao, Michael Logue, John O’Regan, Sean Fleming, Ward Pervan, Milan Boljuncic, Ray Olma. This year’s J.V. Football Team worked hard to achieve a record of 9-3. The high point of our season was being in the Skyline League Final. Unfortunately, we did not capture our 5th consecutive League championship and lost to Notre Dame. Despite the loss the hard work that was needed to get there is in itself rewarding to us as a team. The future is bright and the best of luck to our team members who go on to play for our s enior Fighting Irish. Coaches: Mr. Jim Canil Mr. Pat Toth Sponsored by SPETON COMPANY AND JIM PATTISON TOYOTA FISH CHIPS AT MOBY DICK’S IN WHITE ROCK AND RONENE PROMOTIONS LTD. 187 Grade 8 Football Front Row: L - R: Peter Fahrmann, Kristian Jorgensen, Chris Carmack, Ryan Pervan, Robert Huntingford, John Bustria, Derrick DeJong, Clifford Radosevic, Andy Clarke. Middle Row: L - R: Doug Oddy (Manager), Chris Reeve, Greg Smythe, Scott Lunny, George Papafilis, Sean Cash, Andrew McKechnie, Mike Spidel, Jason Meyer, Jonas Cacchioni, Scott Deacon, Matt Nathanson (Manager). Top Row: L - R: Mr. G. (Coach), Stephen McNamara, Pat McLewin, Ciaren Feenan, John Bishop, Marlon Decaire, Chris Burns, Peter Haydu, David Haslam, Tyrone Skipper, Mr. Rogers (Coach). As well as exhibiting outstanding potential for the future, the following boys excelled at their individual positions this year. The first was Stephen McNamara: outstanding back - durable, strong and determined. Number two was John Bishop: out¬ standing hitter and receiver who was quick to learn. Number three was Ciaran Feenan: outstanding quarterback, very good arm and solid leader. The grade eight teams showed us con¬ sistent weekly improvement. We had many close battles during the season, and were very competitive. We were only a few players away from being an outstanding club. Compliments of MR. AND MRS. R. HECTOR MACKAY-DUNN Swim Team Bottom: L - R: Brian Lahiffe, James Scott, Chris McGoran, Patrick Cully, Max Paris, Edwin Kwong, Matthew Dorling, John Haslam. Top: L - R: Bruce McLennan, Sean Swain, Mirko Teglasi, Turlough O’Hare, Bruce Carpenter, Kevin McLaughlin, Dave Bennett, Andrew Rapier, Sean Carter, Ken Durlacher, William Hamlin, Paul Tsui, Declan Lawlor. Best Wishes from THE ODDY FAMILY AND J.H. PERRY DEPT. STORE 189 Varsity Soccer Mtk 588SS JH Ml - I 1 - m .A 1 Front Row: L - R: Drew Gallacher, Chris Yong, Kieran Siddall, Brian Wilms, Jonathan Santos, Jeff Oakman, Sean Duynstee, Mario Rota. Back Row: L - R: Mark Bragagnolo, Mr. Devenport (Coach), Paul Tsui, Neil Sweeney, Greg Laviolette, Sean McGill, Rick Pereira, Colin MacFarlane, Alex Ip, Andreas Dahms. VC soccer had a short but good season. During regular season play we went 8-0 but unfortunately we lost the play-off game to St. Pats. Highlights of the season would have been winning the play-off game, but Drew Gallagher seriously injured himself and he was a key player. Thanks to Mark Bragagnolo for his good leadership and here’s to next year with many players returning. Sponsored by MARIPOSA ym. Sponsored by RESCOM CONSULTANTS LTD. 191 TENNIS The senior tennis team players were: Alex Ip, Alex Cordero, Alan Frankland, Martin Dumas, Chris Mahoney, Greg Mahoney, Stefen von Dehn, Wallace Hu, and Stephen Frith. The intriguing thing about this years team is its youth. Six out of the 9 players are in grade 10 or less. In fact, 2 out of the 5 “starters” are in grade 8! The team had high hopes of dethroning the St. George’s dynasty for the right to represent the independent league in the provincial tournament. Although they fell one game short (losing 6 matches to 5) they feel confident that their youth promises a dynasty of their own, starting next year! 1st. Row: L-R: Roger Chan, Emmett Duncan, Chris Ross 2nd. Row: L-R: Marcus Lai, John Peterson, Bobby Luft. 3rd. Row: L- R: Marcus Yim, Greg Mueller, Damian Kettlewell, Mr. M. Szetela, (Coach). Absent: Senior members Sponsored by DOWNS ARCHAMBAULT PARTNERS ARCHITECTS PLANNERS The junior team was characterized by their enthusiasm. The team did very well in their league, with a good chance of “winning it all” at the time of this writing. The players for the team are: Chris Ross, Damian Kettlewell, John Peterson, Marcus Yim, Greg Mueller, Roger Chan, Emett Duncan, Francis Pun, Marcus Lai and Bobby Luft. 92 ELEMENTARY SOCCER MacCormack (Coach), John Dumont, Justin Mahony, Dean Harris, John Furch, Richard Arabit, Paul Williscroft, Matthew Holmes, Haiko Hubatka, Pat Mills, Chris McCutcheon. This year the elementary team did not defend its CYA title for the fifth con¬ secutive year. Instead, they entered a three week tourney in Mission. The team did well finishing second. The team will be back in the CYA league this fall and also participate with teams from across Canada visiting St. George’s. Best Wishes to the Grads of ’86 from NORRIS H.C. YANG (CLASS OF 1969) and VICTOR YANG Compliments of THE CARIBOO TRAIL HOTEL, Coquitlam B.C. “The World Belongs to Those That Have the Greatest Hope.’’ 193 VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: L-R: John Donald, Dan McLean, Mark Bragagnolo, Bill Bailey, Trevor Farenholtz, Matt Clarke Back Row: L-R: Trevor Hughes (Manager), Desmond Sweeney (Manager), Alex Bolongaro, Szilard Fricska, Kieron McConnell, Mike Mclsaac, Matt Burns, Andrew Macfarlane, Angus Macfarlane, Noah Grant (Manager) Mr. E. Farenholtz (Coach). The 1985 86 Fighting Irish Varsity Basketball team had a successful year, highlighted by the Emerald and the Lower Mainland Championships. The Irish began the season ranked third in the B.C. top ten. Their first game pitted them against M.E.I. ranked 7. From this win, the Irish rolled consistently onward, placing third in both the Mission and Richmond tournaments. The Irish went on to win the Indpendant League, 6-0 and a spot in the Lower Mainland Championships. In the first game of the Lower Mainlands, the Irish clobbered Vancouver 2, Winston Churchill Bulldogs, by a score of 94-62. Then after the next victory of Kitsilano Blue Demons the Irish rolled into the final vrs. Magee. After an exciting victory and the championship, the Irish went into the B.C. Championships at the Agrodome as the favorite to win. In game 1 they faced the Cougars from Williams lake and won an exciting game, 90-88, in overtime. In game 2, the Irish faced Mission. In a heart-breaking loss, 67-63, the Irish had to regroup. After a successful and enjoyable year, with a record of 27-9, the Irish finished 5 in B.C. with further victories over New Westminster and Magee. At the conclusion of this year, the team would like to thank all those who helped out along the way, particularly, Brothers English, Farrell, and French, and to Mr. Burke and his con¬ tingent of lettermen. However, the most thanks must go to the fans, who gave so much time and energy to cheering on the Irish in action. A special good-bye goes to the graduating players: Bill Bailey, Mark Bragagnolo, Matt Clarke, John Donald, Szilard Fricska, and Keiron McConnell - and good luck to them in the future. ' t inm ■X am Sponsored by BUCHANS KERRISDALE STATIONERY LTD 195 197 J.V. BASKETBALL Front Row L-R: Malcolm Reid, John Bailey, Chris Yong, John Reid, Craig Chaisson, Carlo Ylagan. Back Row: L-R: Nick Melanitis, Rob McKay, Kevin Stack, Sean Flemming, Jon Gray, John O’Reagan, Mr. Beers (Coach). Absent: Carlo Domello, Mark Semeins. The Vancouver College Fighting Irish Junior Varsity Basketball team had an extremely enjoyable and successful season. They finished ninth in the Provincial Cham¬ pionships. Highlights of the season included a trip to Portland, Oregon at Christmas, our own Junior Emerald Tournament and a last second shot that prevented the team from finishing in the Final Four at the Junior B.C.’s. The team was led by captains Kevin Stack and John Reid. Top scorers were John Grey and Sean Flemming. Thanks for a great season! Sponsored by GENSTAR CONSERVATION SYSTEMS LTD. 199 GRADE 9 BASKETBALL The grade 9 Basketball team was a very en¬ thusiastic and successful team. The team demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship, a good work ethic and strong team play. Our final record was 26-8. We won the S.T.M. tournament with Sean Jeffrey picking up the M.V.P. We also won the Palmer tournament with David Williscroft winning the M.V.P. David Williscroft was this years M.V.P. and hard working Damian Kettlewell won the most improved player award. This team will certainly carry their success into next season, and the team is already eagerly awaiting the B.C. Junior Championship once again played at V.C. 1 . 1 . The Gr. 8 Basketball team had a very successful season, winning the Independant League Title and tournaments in Nanaimo and Maple Ridge. The 18 team members showed enthusiasm and dedication; characteristics of the Fighting Irish. Congratulations to a fine group of young men and their outstanding achievements. GRADE 8 BASKETBALL m 201 WRESTLING Front Row: L-R: Adrian Robertson, George Benning, Jonathan Chow, Gordon Iwata, Liberato Reyes, Campbell Low. Back Row: L-R: Gareth Duncan, Charlie Weiler, Jason McGill, George Anderson, Mr. Anderson (Coach), David Paul. Absent: Cory Smith 02 Sponsored by BLACK TOP CABS LTD. and KERRISDALE LUMBER CO. LTD. . m Sponsored by RAY’S REPAIRS INTERNATIONAL AVIATION TERMINALS 203 Cross Country A cross country team must put in many miles and the Irish did just that, taking advantage of good fall weather for early season training. By the time the team had gone 5 and 1 in the In¬ dependant league they were ready to win a rain soaked zone meet. The Provincial Finals were held at Abbotsford and saw the Irish pound around a frozen course to a best ever fifth place finish. With only one senior graduating the team looks forward to even better luck next year. Sponsored by: ST. MARY’S PARISH AND KEYSTONE IND. LTD. 204 Sponsored by PACIFIC NORTHWEST LEASING CORPORATION GOLF Left to Right: Craig Chaisson, Brad Newman-Bennett, Trevor Farenholtz, Sean Jeffrey, Andrew Pinette, Mr. Gelley (Coach). Absent: Ryan Mulhern The Fighting Irish Golf team; Trevor Farenholtz, Craig Chaisson, Brad Newman- Bennett, Sean Jefferies, Ryan Mulhern and Andrew Pinette performed extremely well in their qualifying matches for the zone High School Championship. They won all their matches to participate in the eight team qualifying tournaments but for the second year in a row, they finished second to North Burnaby. Congratulations for an excellent team effort. Sponsored by WESTBANK LEASING LTD Compliments of REGENCY TRAVEL JUNIOR TRACK AND FIELD f a. .pwi.«Mppp i«ppiPi pj|S|j | pCTSrei • 1st. Row: L-R: Patrick Sothy, Richard Mann, Simon Tan, Luis Kalaw, Dominic Chibber, Chris Ailey, Bruce Reid. 2nd. Row: L-R: Mr. D. Hancock (Coach), Kevin Mohammed, John Bustria, Robert Huntingford, Rob Davies, P.J. Leeds, John Dear, Jeff Pasowysty, Eric Roenitz, Michael Dejardins, Mr. P. Doyle (Coach). 3rd Row: L-R: Constantine Villaneuva, Victor Law, Stephen Phillips, Briant Yip, Ryan Pervan, Sean Cash, Vince Danielsen, David Byrne. 4th. Row: L-R: Sean Graham, Steve McNamara, Robert Grecht, David Williscroft, Michael Devine, Colin Osborne, Greg Smyth. Sponsored by PETRO-CANADA SALES CENTRE 207 SENIOR TRACK AND FIELD 1st. Row: L-R: Mr. P. Doyle (Coach), Andrew MacFarlane, Bart Hull, Jay Alvarez, Pat Ewanchuk, Chris Yong. 2nd. Row: L-R: Kevin Cockell, Allan Ursua, Kevin Mcllroy, Ray Olma, Paul Fraser, Roger Agyagos, Robert Zadra. 3rd. Row: L-R: Paul Tsui, James Brennan, Milan Boljuncic, Nick Ellery, Adrian Robertson. 4th. Row: L-R: Peter Ryznar, Jose Kalaw, Peter De Souza, Chris Oikawa, Kevin Mohammed. 5th. Row: L-R: Carlo Ylagan, Dean Heffring, Matt Clarke, Kevin McLaughlin. The 1986 track season started with a new head coach, Mr. D. Hancock, assisted by Mr. P. Doyle, Mr. G. Bettiol, Miss C. James, Mr. T. Pervan, Mr. M. Lattimer and Mr. E. Farenholtz. An enthusiastic crew settled down to training and Independant league competition. The final zone meet saw the Bantam and Juveniles place third while the Juniors and Seniors won their provincial Finals where the team placed fifth overall. The Irish Track club was resurrected and under the new coaching team of M. Lattimer and G. Bettiol the team participated in the summer Grand Prix Series with each athlete surpassing his personal best in all events. The team will be training very hard in the new year so it may compete down in the States. Sponsored by MR. AND MRS. PETER GREGORY AND FAMILY I mm 1. Matt Clarke attempts to send another discus into orbit 2. The Champions. 3. The Irish burning up the track. 4. A determined long jumper. 5. An up and coming shot-putter prepares for a throw. 6. The Heffring-Alvarez exchange: perfect. 209 CANADA WORLD TRAVEL 3499 Cambie Street Vancouver, B.C. VS2 2W7 872-0355 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRAD’S OF 1986 HOLDEN AND ASSOCIATES LTD. AVERAGE ADJUSTERS 502-850 W. Hastings St. Vancouver, B.C. V6C 1E1 Ph: 669-7745 BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1986 213 1 YOU MAY WISH TO MAKE A MEMORABLE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE GIFT TO THE VANCOUVER COLLEGE OR CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE . . . HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED LIFE INSURANCE? 00 the co operators Insurance Services Dorothy J. Zowty Sales Representative 1265 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. 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Money at your Fingertips 24 Hours a Day! Students - now you can access your accounts through our network of Personal Touch Banking machines when and where you want! Ask us about a Client Card todayl ROYAL g° BANK OD OFFICIAL BANK TO EXPO 86 SYMBOLISM OF THE COLLEGE CREST The present crest of Vancouver College dates from the 1930’s — at least the earliest publication of it appears in the 1941 yearbook. The crest is dominated by a cross — the source of the inspiration of our Christian faith and that of the Irish Christian Brothers. The cross with its circle, the symbol of eternity and its traceries are essentially Celtic in nature pointing to the Irish origin of the founding Christian Brothers. The outer circle bears the Latin inscription for Vancouver College and the date of its founding, 1922. In the centre of the cross is a maple leaf — symbolic of Canada and of hope for the future. It is interesting that the maple leaf has been part of the College crest for at least forty-five years and perhaps longer, longer even than it has been officially Canada’s national emblem. r _ _ THE STORE WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE BEST COLDCUTS, CHEESE, BOCCONCINI, AND RICOTTA 2580 East Hastings St. Vancouver, B.C. V5K 1Z3 aTnorthrioge GROUP Bus. 327-1111 Res. 879-3296 FRANK K.W. LEE B. Comm. Pager: 667-7680 NORTHRIDGE REALTY LTD. NORTHRIDGE insurance services ltd. 6417 FRASER STREET, VANCOUVER, B. C. V5W 3A6 Best Wishes from VanCity. Hfll1 VAnCiTSI Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Owned by the People it Serves 1030 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. 736-9166 DELTA YOUTH ORCHESTRA We provide high quality training in or¬ chestral disciplines for young musicians between the ages of 8 and 25. We rehearse weekly in three divisions under the leadership of musical director Lloyd Blackman. Like to know more? Phone: Mrs. L. Malmberg 943-9663 Mrs. L. Laeser 585-4378 P. Bernard Rowe, C.L.U. 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V2X 2R4 BEST WISHES TO THE BROTHERS, STAFF, AND STUDENTS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE HAWK MOUNTAIN RESOURCES LTD. 16876 26 Avenue Surrey, B.C. V4B 5E7 Phone: 531-6074 237 K.S. VIDEO AUDIO SERVICES Div. of KS. Video Ltd. AUTHORIZED WARRANTY SERVICE CENTRE tor SONY, RCA, TOSHIBA, PANASONIC, ZENITH, SANYO, FISHER, QUASAR, SHARP, TECHNICS, AWIA, UNITECH. VIDEO CAMERA, VCR, TV, STEREO, CD, WALKMAN, CAR STEREO, MICROWAVE OVEN TELEPHONE PRODUCTS. 4390 Fraser St., Vancouver, B.C. V5V 4G3 Open 7 Days A Week Service: 876-8320 Parts: 876-4070 CONGRADULATIONS TO THE 1986 GRADUATES FROM HOLY NAME OF JESUS PARISH 4925 Cambie St. Vancouver B.C. V6Z 2Z4 261-9393 COLUMBIA CUSTOMS BROKERS LTD. 210 - 890 West Pender Street Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2P8 Phone: 687-7491 WE WISH THE BEST OF LUCK FOR THE GRADS OF 1986 C.G.M. SOUND AND COLOUR 1285 Marine Drive North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 1T3 Phone: 987-4323 JONG-WOO ENTERPRISES LTD. 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V6J 4M7 734-6399 Chevron 7 HALLMARK AWARD V K STATION ELM PARK SERVICE INC. 2408 West 41st Avenue Phone: 261-6919 CONGRADULATIONS TO ALL ’86 GRADS FROM THE SMYTH’S 3506 W. 41st AVE. VAN. B.C. 263-5919 7180 NO. 3RD., RICHMOND 270-3128 WITH COMPLIMENTS OF GOLDEN BOY FOODS INC. ROASTERS OF FINE MEATS AND PEANUT BUTTER 7951 - D Alderbridge Way, Richmond, British Columbia V6X 2A4 Tel. 270-8666 Telex: 04-357714 JB VCR CONGRADULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1986 LITTLE FLOWER ACADEMY STUDENT BODY 4195 Alexandra Street Vancouver, B.C. V6J 4C6 247 ABBIE’S SPORTS SHOP CAVELL FASHIONS 2743 MAIN AT 12TH 4255 ARBUTUS ST. VANCOUVER, B.C. PHONE: 734-4444 • SKATE SHARPENING • RAQUET STRINGING • FOOTBALL LACED • TEAM UNIFORMS • CLUB JACKETS • CRESTS • RAIN SUITS SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL EQUIP. SOCCER FOOTBALL EQUIP. PHONE: 874-6910 CYCLONE TAYLOR SPORTS 6575 OAK STREET VANCOUVER, B.C. 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V5L 3J4 505 Burrard Street Van., B.C. Ph. 254-8840 V7X 1R4 BEST WISHES Ph: 683-6911 TO THE ‘JOHN ROGERS, GRAD ’68’ GRAD’S OF 1986 CONGRADULATIONS GRADS OF 1986 253 i v P7 r f . vlH ' , . i ' 1 L4» « Jrk 8S « Mg?

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