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The last of the seventies, The Students of VANCOUVER COLLEGE Present for you “The spirit given to him was one that would not shrink from hardship; it was a -spirit of action, of love, and love has no room for fear.” The 1979 Collegian Vancouver College is one of the many Christian Brothers schools founded by Edmund Ignatius Rice for the education of Catholic youth. The faculty, consisting of 55 religious and lay staff, instructs 806 students, including residents, in grades one through twelve. The Brothers’ Congregation at 5400 Cartier Street, Vancouver, has been serving British Columbia since 1922. It The last of the seventies Michael Michael you stand here remembering, wondering, hoping and At times realizing twelve years gone forever; Throughout, Vancouver College has remained steadfast and Untiring in its Christian work. Recognition of future choices: a job, a vocation, Issues that are foremost in ’79. Time has a meaning Michael; decision needs a Yeilding of heart and soul. Grateful for years past, hopeful in years future, Resolutions are formed and firmed in a pensive soul, while Only time will verify your choice. Where are you going?, What are you doing? Twelve years have now culminated, so Hope and move forward in our changing world, your next phase. TABLE OF CONTENTS P. 8 Faculty P. 16 Special Events P. 32 Graduates P. 64 Sports P. 94 High School P. 128 Activities P. 144 Elementary P. 162 Friends P. 226 Conclusion 2 The first of the nineties Peter Peter’s happy, joyful, carefree soul enjoys life completely. Enter Vancouver College to shape and mould, Always remaining steadfast in Christian virtue. Conscious only of the here and now, with Every moment precious in our eyes, Peter and Fellow Grade Ones prepare for a future world Uniquely theirs, not ours. Little do these future leaders realize the changing time, Continuous in its movement, relentless in its monotony; However they are prepared by loving, ready hands Imitating the care of God. Leading and guiding. Demonstrating the worth of the Nineties child. Michel s’approche de l’omega Pierre est l’alpha brillant. COLLEGIAN STAFF Moderator: Br. Paul Raymond Editor-in-Chief: Roland St. Cyr Asst. Editor and Friends: Frank Schober Ad Campaign Manager: Marc O’loughlin High School and Faculty: Peter Heah High School and Copy: Ivan Revelant Business: Mike Fahrmann Grads: Brent Guile Activities: Chris Ho Sports Editor: Piotr Czaykowski Sports Co-editor: Rob Johnstone Elementary: Mike Kaweski Elementary Photographer: Stephen Lim Special Events: Clarence Hui Typing Editor: Gerry Belgardt Darkroom: Frank Chan Darkroom: Brent Done Photographer and Darkroom: Dan Paris Photographer: Frank Geier Photographer: Roger Grover Photographer: Mike Lopianowski 3 Br. Basil celebrates his 25th. This year it is 25 years since Brother Basil entered the religious life. Brother Basil, or Frans Blom, was born in 1930 in Welft, Holland as Number Ten in a family of eleven boys and four girls. This was a time of economic depression, often referred to as the “Dirty Thirties;” family allowance or any other form of social assistance was still unheard of. The Blom family operated a small business in dairy products, and every day Mr. Blom could be seen pushing a handcart loaded with gleaming milk cans over the cob- blestone streets of the city. When Frans finished high school, he went to university to study agriculture. After two years he had to come home and take up a job to help a younger brother through university. For two years he worked for an insurance company. In 1954, he entered the Congregation of Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes. The deep religious spirit of the Blom family was apparent, as three boys and one of the girls entered the priesthood or the religious life. The hard-working spirit of the Blom family is exemplified by Mr. Blom, who lived to be 88 years old. Mrs. Blom, who is 86, is still in good health and helps take care of the grandchildren. It is with great joy that we congratulate Brother Basil and wish him a long and happy life with us at Vancouver College. 1. Br. Basil sheds light on some math graphing problems. 2. He always has something to throw out to the students. 4 Br. Penny; 45 years of service A former principal of Vancouver College, Brother William C. Penny, died in Salinas, Cal., in July 1978, of complications following heart surgery. He was 66 years of age. Brother Penny was principal from September 1948 until June 1954. He arrived the year after the disastrous fire that destroyed the third floor of McCormack Hall and did serious damage to much of the remainder of the building. Under his capable direction, permanent repairs were made and a new cafeteria was built — what is now the space used for art and industrial education. He also organized the campaign which permitted the erection of the Alumni Gymnasium, the provision of a long needed addition to the school facilities. The academic standing of the College also received strong emphasis under Brother Penny’s administration. Brother Penny’s teaching career extended over forty-five years. He taught in Brothers’ schools in New York City, in Birmingham, Michigan, in Honolulu, Hawaii and finally in Salinas, California. His many ex- pupils will remember him as a man of strong faith, of a brilliant mind, and of a wise and understanding heart. We pray that God will reward him for his many years of service on our behalf. 1. The tennis courts as they were from 1954 to 1975. 2. and 3. New facilities are constantly being added to the old gym. 5 TO THOSE WHO ALWAYS FAITHFUL We need not look far for those who display the qualities of greatness: humility, kindness, patience and other centeredness; in short, a willingness to serve. Mother Teresa of Calcutta sums it up beautifully when she says, “We must not count the costs.” In every segment of society we have people who work tirelessly, behind the scenes and never “count the costs”, but the evidence of their work is obvious. Numerous jobs mysteriously find their way to completion. Our lives are made easier because of the endless uncomplaining efforts of these people. We have many people whose marvelous spirit of generosity makes our every job much easier to perform. From the midst of the many, we have the ominous task of choosing but a few. These six people exemplify the spirit of those who serve our community so well: Br. Gerard, Mrs. Sadler, Br. Nolan, Mrs. Sendall, Mr. Olson and Grace Macdonald. The accumulative efforts of these people span almost a century. This is quite an indication of dedication and service to Vancouver College. To such people “Semper Fidelis” is more than an inscription; it is a way of life. We thank you and we appreciate you. You are indeed persons of service to us all. 6 ' ‘:! ALSO SERVE TO DO AND TO TEACH 1. Mr. Gordon Olson has been associated with our school for over twenty-seven years. This year he became an official staff member. We saw the school band, which enhanced the liturgies this year, flourish under his direction. 2. Mrs. Pat Sadler has been with the accounts department for the past five years. Her warm smile and personable approach to people make Pat much more than just personnel; she is more a friend to those who visit the treasurer’s office. 3. Brother Nolan has been with the Brothers for twenty-one years. Six of them have been at College. A truly active and involved person; he heads the English Department, is moderator of the Student Council and Leadership Conference and is Superior of the Brothers in residence at College. 4. Mrs. Sendall has played an important part at College for the past eighteen years. She worked here as a volunteer for many years before becoming the Elementary Librarian. She has held this position for ten years. We could not possibly list Nora’s full duties but she somehow finds time to organize a library, be a resource person and substitute for other teachers when called upon. 5. “Find Br. Gerard!” This cry for help goes out daily from all corners of the school. Br. Gerard calmly and patiently heads to the disaster area to repair whatever has broken down. Br. Gerard’s technical abilities are outweighed only by his resilient and youthful approach to life which make him a favorite of staff and student alike. 6. Grace Macdonald has played a major role in the cultural achievements of Vancouver College for the past eight years. Her talents as choreographer have placed our musicals among the best high school productions in British Columbia. BR. W.J. MARTIN, B.A., M.A. Since graduating from Fordham University, Br. Martin has taken on many responsibilities, from being a classroom teacher to principal At present, he is in his second year at the College, teaching Religion 1 1 and 12, Law 1 1 and Geography 12 MR. M. BOREHAM, B.A. A graduate of V.C. and U.B.C., where he majored in Political Science, Mr. Boreham has returned to tutor English and religion as his first teaching assignment. As head coach of the Varsity soccer team, he led them to.a successful season record of 12-2-1 this year. BR. W.R. HOWARD, B.A., M.A. Br. Howard came to V.C. to teach his specialty, math, to students in grade 10. In his first year he has coached the J.V. Basketball team and earned the respect of the resident students, of whom he is moderator. MR. DOYLE, B.Sc. A graduate from V.C C and U B C.. Mr. Doyle’s first year at the College has been rather productive for the Science Department He taught general science to grade 9 and human biology to grade 11, supervising the grade 9 Science Club after school. BR. F.F. BRENNAN, B.A., B.Ed., MS. As mathematics teachers for grade 1 1 and 12, Br. Brennan has inculcated a great degree of neatness in all his pupils. As a tribute to his mathematical prowess, he has been in charge of the school’s finances since joining us two years ago. 8 MR. HALLAM, B.Ed. Mr. Hallam’s third year saw him teaching English, Socials and P.E at the grade 8 and 9 levels. After school, he devotes his time to coaching the J.V. football and track teams. Miss DeVita and Mr. Kazun MR. GIACOMAZZA, B.A. Another graduate from U.B.C., " Mr. G " has taught P.E. and socials to the elementary school for the past two years. He also supervised in- tramurals and all the sporting events that took place during the year in the elementary school. discuss the fine ' art ' of teaching MR. SPONZA, B.A. In his second year of instruction at the College, Mr. Sponza can be found teaching social studies to the grade 8’s and ll’s in the portable classrooms. He also coaches the grade 9 basketball team after school hours. MR. VANDERSANDE Mr Vandersande has been with V.C. for the past two years He teaches physics to grade 11 and 12 and general science to grade 10 BR. RAYMOND Nothing fazes this graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Christian Brother’s College. Since coming to us from Harbour Grace and Regina High Schools in Newfoundland two years ago, Br. Raymond has directed his energy towards teaching homeroom 72 and moderating the yearbook activity. BR. W.R. FOWLER A graduate of Iona College, Gonzaga University, and St. Michael’s College, Br Fowler’s first year at V.C. has seen him teaching math, religion and French on the grade 8 level. He has also acted as moderator of the successful intramural program and equally successful football team MISSL. DeVITA, B.Ed. Miss DeVita came from U.B.C. this year. As an art teacher, she broadened the artistic talents of grades 8, 9 and 10. A truly dedicated teacher, she helps to decorate the school for special events and assists students during lunch. MR. T.H. CHOO, B.Ed. Mr Choo has been teaching at V.C for the past three years. This year, he became the second member of the P E department, giving Phys. Ed instruction to grade 8 through 1 1 BR. BASHA Br Basha’s approach to teaching his grade fives is simple but effective: make learning enjoyable. In his second year at V C., he supervised the grade 7 basketball team and the elementary swimming program 9 BR. D.D. KENNY, B.A., M.A. A graduate of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, Br. Kenny is in his third year at V.C. He teaches religion and social studies to grade 10 and history to grade 12. In addition to these duties, he is the Dean of Studies and moderator of the resident students. MR. L. MATUSICKY, B.A., M.A. This well-travelled Louisianian had taught at many schools in the mid-western U.S. and Canada before coming to teach at V.C. three years ago. He teaches English and religion to grade 1 1 and speech to grade 8. MRS. E. CAMPBELL, B.Ed. For the past 3 years, Mrs. Campbell has taught grade 1. MRS. A. CHEESMAN, H.Dep.Ed. Teaching grade 2, Mrs. Cheesman hails from London, England She has taught at the College for five years. MR. S. KAZUN, B.Sc. A graduate of V.C., Mr. Kazun has taught at the College for four years since graduating from U.B.C. He teaches Chemistry 11 and 12, Religion 12 and Science 10. When not concocting chemical formulae, he can be found sharing his musical talents with the choir or supervising the year’s Musical. 10 MR. D.P. KELLY, B.A. A former graduate of V.C., Mr. Kelly attended S.F.U., W.W.U. and U.B.C. before coming back to teach Socials 8 and 9 and Religion 8 five years ago. As a member of the last Archbishop Trophy and Shrine Bowl winning team, it was only fitting that Coach Kelly led the Varsity team this year to its first Archbishop T rophy since ' 67 . BR, M.W. FUREY, B.A. In Br. Furey’s 6-year log at the College, he has been involved, in one way or another, in a total of four musicals In the past 2 years, he has been the driving force behind the high school musicals. " Half a Sixpence” and “Anything Goes” He teaches English and religion to grade 9 and reading to grade 8. MRS. NAAS Mrs. Naas has been the head librarian of the senior library for the past 6 years. MR. J.C. BELL, B.Ed. In four years at the College, Mr. Bell’s emphasis on oral and aural comprehension in French 10, 11 and 12 has benefited the many French students who have participated in his course. This year, he supervised the intramural program and coached the debating team. MRS. M. DAVIS, B.A. Mrs. Davis has taught art and art appreciation to grade 10, 11, and 12 for the past four years. As moderator of the Liturgical Committee, she was largely responsible for having organized many well-executed masses throughout the year. A willing helper, she can be counted on whenever her artistic talents are needed. Mr. Bell in the midst of trying to get his point across. Compliments of HOME SPA INDUSTRIES MR. LATTIMER, B.A. Mr Lattimer, a graduate of the University of B C , came to teach at Vancouver College in 1976. Teaching French and religion to the grade 9 and 11 levels, he also moderated the VoiCe and has actively involved himself in the intramural and musical programs MRS. MURRAY, B.L.S., R.I.P. For the past 6 years, Mrs. Murray has been a librarian in the Senior Library. MR. J.P. MILLS, B.A. During his five-year stint at V.C., Mr Mills has displayed the same spirit he had when he at- tended the College as a student. His activity in the Varsity basketball team especially exemplifies this. He teaches English and religion to the grade tens. BR. G.D. CONTI, B.A., M.Ed. A graduate of St Pius X High School in Montreal, Br. Conti has been teaching at V.C. since 1976. He is the homeroom teacher of grade 6 MRS. P. SADLER, TREASURER Mrs. Sadler, our treasurer for the past 4 years, is one of those many people whose work behind the scenes makes a complex operation like V.C run smoothly. She is no stranger to the College as her son, Peter, graduated from here in 1967. MR. W. ANDERSON, B.P.E. Mr Anderson, a graduate of the University of Alberta and B.C., has taught P.E. to the high school for the past four years. His expertise has greatly aided the grade 8 football, Varsity wrestling, and track and field teams. 11 « MR. G. OLSON One of the longest-serving members of our faculty, Mr. Olson has taught music at the College off and on since the late 1940’s. When he is not teaching at V.C., he can be found giving music lessons in his own music studios. He is also director of the Beefeater Band. MRS. M. FRY, REGISTRAR Mrs. Fry, Dean of the Office Staff, has been the College ' s Registrar for the past twenty years Her many talks, ranging from dealing with admissions to giving a word of advice to troubled students, have helped to contribute to the smooth running of the school. MRS. M. STEFANOV, SECRETARY Mrs. Stefanov has served as the Alumni Secretary as well as general office assistant since the Mothers’ Volunteer program took over her position in the Senior Library five yearj ago. A mother of two V.C. grads, she has contributed to devote much of her time in keeping things running smoothly in the office. MRS. KIM Mrs. Kim has taught in V.C.’s elementary school since 1966. In addition to teaching grade four, she also works with the remedial reading program. She obtained her degree in Education from U.B.C. BR. GERARD, N.D.L., B.A. Br Gerard, our handiman and 1 trouble shooter, first came to V.C. from Holland in 1956, leaving after a year to teach in Lethbridge, Alberta. Since coming back in 1974, his familiar “Tools away” cry has marked the end of many an I.E. class. BR. M.P. NOLAN, B.B.A., M.A., B.A. Br Nolan’s first year at the College was back in ’63. Since then, he has returned twice, the last time beginning in 1977. He is the head of the English Department and teaches English and Religion to grade twelves. He is also in charge of the Student Council and the annual Leadership Conference. 1 MR. E. CRAME, B.Sc. A graduate of De La Salle University of Manila in the Phillipines, Mr. Crame has taught at the College for 1 1 years, giving up a promising career as an accountant to share his vast knowledge of business with his students. He teaches economics, commerce, Spanish, religion and French in grades 9 to 1 1 . S ' Br. Basil counts the last of the Compliments of BILBRO TUCKING and B.C. PAPER CONVERTORS 12 MRS. CERVO Another member of the janitorial staff, Mrs. Cervo has capably served in that position since 1974. MR. BATISTA Mr. Batista has been a member of the janitorial staff since 1974. MRS. N. SENDALL Mrs. Sendall, our elementary school librarian, has been at V.C. since 1961. In that time she has served in various capacities, from typing teacher to assistant registrar. The fact that the library has become the hub of the elementary school is a tribute to her untiring efforts. 22,531.60 raised in the Walkathon. MRS. J. MCLEAN, H. Dip. Ed. Mrs. McLean, who hails from Yorkshire, England, has taught the Primary Department for two years. She taught in London for 5 years before coming to Canada She accepted a teaching post in Montreal in order to “see the world ” Most of her classwork is in Grade III MRS. LLOYD One of the behind-the-scenes people, Mrs. Lloyd has been with the secretarial staff for six years MR. G. EMRY, B.A. Formerly from Bellingham, this Washingtonian has capably handled the diverse tasks he has been assigned to this, his sixth year As head of the Commerce Department, he taught commerce, business math, accounting and bookkeeping to grades 9, 11 and 12, respectively. As head of the Athletics Department, he coached the cross- country and track and field teams. BR. J.S. DAWSON, B.Sc., M.A.T. " Maximum results, minimum effort " is but one of the many delectable quotes that Br. Dawson has passed on to his students in his 7-year stay at the College. As head of the Religion Department, he has organized many rewardin g retreats. He teaches math to grade 1 1 and religion to grade 10 and 1 1 BR. F. BASIL BLOM, B ED. From the Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes in Holland, Br Basil came to teach at College in 1962 for one year In 1972 he returned and since then he has been teaching Math and religion to grade 9 13 BR. M.A. MAHER B.A., B.A. PRINCIPAL During his total of 8 years of teaching at the College, Br. Maher has been principal for the last 2 years. He takes time out of his busy schedule to teach religion to home room 123. The Wednesday Photography activity owes its success to his vast knowledge of photography. MONSIGNOR T.M. NICHOL For the past 37 years, V.C has been blessed with the presence of Monsignor Nichol, of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Besides having celebrated countless masses for the student body and giving the occasional religion class, he is an ardent supporter of V.C. ' s sporting program. MR. KAVALEC, B.A., B.P.E., M.Ed. A native of Flin Flon, Mr Kavalec has graced the halls of V.C. for the past 12 years. When not teaching Biology 11 and 12, he can be found around the school fulfilling his duties as Vice-Principal. MR. M.J. KIM, B.Ed. Elementary School supervisor and homeroom teacher of grade 71, Mr. Kim first came to V.C. 11 years ago He is in charge of the reading activity. 14 FR. WHELIHAN Fr. Whelihan has been at College since Sept 75 He is a tremendous example of goodness and spirituality to us all. Every Tuesday and Thursday he celebrates mass in the school chapel Father Whelihan has been of great assistance in class liturgies and confessions on ail grade levels. FR. BURGHARDT: HOLY FAMILY ADMINISTRATOR Fr. Burghardt was stationed at Sts. Peter and Paul for the three years. As he leaves us to take up his new position as Administrator of Holy Family Parish, we would like to say thank you for your efforts and hard work We wish you, every success in your new appointment. Ever-faithful manager of the Book Room, Br. Kelly, converses with fellow scientist, Mr. Van der Sande. Compliments of BIG SCOOP SUNDAE PALACE and ATTALOS STEAK AND SEAFOOD HOUSE BR. L.A. ANGEL Br. Angel is no stranger to the halls of V.C. He has spent a total of 15 years with us. This puts him in the League of veterans with men like Brothers Breen and Kelly. Though incapacitated this year, his absence was conspicuous in the French Department. His method of teaching the student as opposed to teaching a subject has endeared him to many, past and present, students of College. FR. W. ASHLEY One of the most recent additions to Sts. Peter and Paul Parish is Fr Ashley, who became assistant Parish Priest in September of ' 78. In the past he has said several masses for the school body. BR. W.G. NOONAN, M.A. Br. Noonan came to V.C. from Montreal 11 years ago. He teaches typing to grades 9, 10 and 11 and looks after the chapel in the Brothers’ Residence in his spare time BR. P.G. BREEN, M.A. The oldest Brother in the community, Br Breen first came to the College in 1928 His varied career has taken him from Hell’s Kitchen in New York to Los Angeles. He returned to V C in 1956 and has stayed on since his retirement in 1968. He celebrated his diamond jubilee, sixty years in the Christian Brothers, last year. ?! When we speak of our alma mater, we usually find ourselves expounding its academic and institutional qualities. However, are these the only memories that we will retain, or are there deeper and more indelible impressions that have been etched in our minds during our past year in school? Although the process of academic progress was of great importance, the sense of community which was fostered in the halls, classrooms and on the playing fields of V.C. this past year takes precedence. We have been enriched in many ways. We have all made our own degree of investment and, in turn, had our chalices filled. Days, weeks and months of sharing and togetherness have drenched us in feelings felt of and for one another. One day, while driving down some highway, your names will cross my mind and your faces will rise before me. 1 will wonder the wonder of the absent: where are they now?, what are they doing?. And so I hope that you realize that Vancouver College is more than just brick and mortar. Indeed, it is much more. It is people working, playing, sharing and praying together to form a living, viable community of meaningful people. 2 . Monsignor Nichol, pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Parish, and Father Whelihan celebrate our first Mass of the year. 2. On the first day of school Mrs. Campbell, at left, welcomes parents and her little Grade Ones, who are at the starting point of twelve years of V.C. energy and excitement. 3. After the rest of the student body had gone to their separate classrooms, our principal, Br. Maher, held back the Grade Twelves to explain to them the influential position they were holding as the future graduates of V.C. 4. Coming back from two months of relaxation, the students were united with their new and old friends for a chat outside the gym. 5. During their rare spare time in early September, a majority of the V.C. residents occupied themselves in front of the T. V. set. 18 Tisrr 19 Spirit: the everlasting source of energy. This decade has been marked by a cry, throughout the world, of an insufficient supply of energy. We have seen both extremes: the hoarding of natural resources, and the inability to utilize them. At College, we have never suffered from an energy crisis. Outstanding support remains the conspicuous feature of V.C. student spirit. Without overlooking all those successfully held pep rallies, our spirit was often emphasized through the students’ overwhelming enthusiasm in the activities around the school. Their remarkable eagerness to attend games, cheering to encourage the team and participation in the walkathon, musical, and any number of other events, displays a sense of unequalled devotion to the school. The College pennant looms high to display its ever-present source of energy. 1. Before the Archbishop Trophy playoff against N.D., Coach Kelly commented that his football team needs some more tremendous support. 2. “We’ve got spirit, how ' bout you ?” 3. The fact that over 800 inspirational students par- ticipated is one element of a successful walkathon. 4. Here, Doug Oddy demonstrates that the Grade One’s also have the helping spirit. 5. The College lettermen, Gary Sanvido and Joe Mackinnon, coloured their faces with war paint for MORE energy in this basketball pep rally. 20 Tomorrow’s leaders prepare their tactics. Vancouver College played host to over one hundred students from twenty schools who came here to participate in the 7th Annual International Student Leadership Conference held on November 24-25. Conference co-chairmen Mark Hagemoen and Paul Borchert, under the guidance of moderator Br. Paul Nolan had worked hard since September in setting up and organizing the conference. The conference was such a success that the idea was applied on a local level. Some of the students who were involved in the International Conference set up a Leadership Conference format which was put forth to the grade ten students for a day. The input and enthusiasm of the students was encouraging for future plans. The conference puts its main emphasis on student leadership and interaction within both school and society. Leadership is stressed through the five objectives of the I.S.L.I. — support, awareness, self-confidence, positive thinking and values. 1. Br. Maher and Mark Hagemoen sort out the calendar of events. 2. Eager Beaver Gofers. 3. Matt Lakowski ‘questions’ the outcome of this poster. 4. Relaxation is one element of success. 5. Michele Paris, Paul Gatto, and Kevin Ridley discuss the day’s events. 6. Discussion groups fell into fascinating debates. 7. Br. Nolan administered the Holy Blood. 8. Fr. Leahy revealed some of the elements of leadership. 23 “Oliver” — “Reviewing the situation”. “Please sir, I want some more!” This was the cry of the audience after having seen the outstanding performance of the Vancouver College Grammar School boys and Little Flower Academy girls as they staged the well known musical, “Oliver”. On February 1 and 2 at Prince of Wales Auditorium, the combined talents of Gerald Shaffer as Oliver, Sean Murphy as the Artful Dodger, Bernie Coulson as Fagan and Lana Porter as Nancy, thrilled the audience. Through long and tedious hours of rehearsals, this core group of performers gave new life to favourite characters. The whole cast deserves a round of applause for a job well done. However, the success of this production was not accomplished through the work of a few individuals. The enthusiasm of people who volunteered hours of free time enabled those who took part to share in a sense of achievement and near perfection. Our warmest thanks and congratulations to Mrs. June Koch, musical director, Mrs. Carol Coulson, choreographer, Mr. Jim Lattimer, technical director, Mrs. Sendall, costumes, Mr. David Dewar, set designer, Br. Conti, producer, Mrs. McLean, ticket sales, and the many, many other people who helped with make up and on stage work and props. 1. Br. Conti always kept things orderly, especially the kids. 2. Mrs. Coulson made sure that her son looked his best before going on stage. 3. Mrs. Koch demonstrates to Mrs. Coulson, Mr. Lattimer and students, the right way to do it. 4. Sean Murphy and Lana Porter show their expertise in singing and dancing to the tune of “I’ll Do Anything”. 5. Sean demonstrates the artful craft of picking pockets to Gerald Shaffer as Oliver. 6. Orphanage life in the 1800’s was a “GRUELLING” experience. 7. “You can go but be back soon,” warns Fagan as the Artful Dodger prepares Oliver for his first pilfering job. 8. The Little Flower Academy girls add a delightful touch of grace to Fagan’s number. 9. Gerald Shaffer did a terrific job on the number “ Where is Love”. - r ' v «|g»y Is. jj| s Ml ■!», { k ip i Jq@ j 25 Junior orators hypnotize their audience Tremendous talent was displayed when the Elementary School held its fourth annual Oratorical Contest. Finalists from all grades were judged by Br. Maher, Sister Helen from L.F.A., and Fr. Whelihan. Sean Murphy was the overall winner with 44 other trophies and certificates being awarded throughout the evening. 1. Igor Antognetti leaps into action. 2. Harvey Hill tops his grade. 3. Matthew Nathanson prays for Br. Maher’s mercy. 4. An enthusiastic crowd cheers on the speakers. 5. Gerald Shaffer, “Please sir, may I have some more?’’ 6. Sean Murphy regains his overall title in the contest. 26 27 Strathcona — a wilderness experience. The trip to Strathcona proved to be both exciting and educational. A week just was not enough time to complete even half the activities offered by the professional out- doorsmen. From 6:30 a.m. when we were awakened by the clanging of a ship’s bell until lights out at 10:30, everyone was kept active. Some groups headed out for overnight trips while those at base camp were taught the basic skill of rockclimbing, first-aid, canoeing, kayaking, map reading and, most thrilling of all, learned the manoeuvers of a commando rope course. A no sugar health food diet took some getting used to, but the opportunities for learning something different soon sweetened the pot for all. 1 . “Sure I can row this canoe; but where is the other oar. ” 2. “Look Ma, no .. . A!A!A!A!A!” 3. “But Mr. Kim, I don ' t like chicken hearts!’’ 4. “Hi, ho! Hi, ho! It’s off to the bog we go!” 5. Mr. G., are you sure this is part of the P.E. program?” 6. “ Back off you guys. I saw her first!” 7. Hey guys, that’s a funny looking teepee. wKL IkiTlf ' whftl " - ' V ' 1-4 W , vJ I • 1 1. “Anything is better than Health Food ” says Steven Knox to Winston and Jeff. 2. “Which way to the Yukon?” 3. “ Boy am I glad to get my feet on dry land. ” 4. Weary travellers enjoy breakfast in the great outdoors. 5. Mike , Paul, Chris, Alfred and Greg take time between activities for a group shot. 6. Molly holds tight to safe line as Tom Sweeney comes over the top of the mountain. 7 . Wendell Fong finds that there is more to camping than hiking. 8. Paul McMullin and Paul Brum learn how to launch a canoe. 9. “Ah, Brother I’m too tired to have rny picture taken. ” 31 Graduates Twelve year men . . . SIMON FRANZ BACHMANN “Si” is another twelve year man, having gone the distance at College in his quest for knowledge. During his stay, he has distinguished himself both on the football field and in the classroom, where he is a consistent honour roll student. After football season, he leads the stage crew in its fight to finish musical sets on time. Outside of school, he enjoys both water and snow skiing. Simon’s future plans include a year of work before con- tinuing his education at U.B.C. JAMES JEROME FAVERO On September 5, 1967, Jim followed in his brother ' s footsteps when he enrolled in first grade at V.C. Since that time he has taken an active part in all phases of College life, including intramurals, track, and Varsity sports support. In his spare time Jim can be found working at Jantzen’s or involved in such activities as skiing, swimming, boating and hiking. Jim plans to continue his education next year at Vancouver City College. RICHARD ANTHONY FOLEY Another of that rare breed known as the twelve year man, Rich has made the trek from his house in Burnaby to College for longer than he cares to remember. Rich devotes much of his spare time to playing hockey and football, and, especially, skiing. However, during this age of snow crisis he is forced to spend more of his spare time on such things as cars, boats, and parties. In the near future, Rich plans to attend S.F.U. in the Faculty of Arts. MICHAEL ERNST JURGEN FAHRMANN One of the elite twelve year men, Mike has proven himself both academically and athletically. A consistent honour student, he has actively par- ticipated in intramurals in addition to being on the soccer team. His well-known love of legal tender led to his appointment as the business editor of this year’s Collegian. Outside of school Mike enjoys a wide scope of activities, ranging from hockey, fishing, and sailing to stamp collecting and playing chess. After graduation Mike plans to reward himself with a well-earned trip to Europe. Upon his return he will enter U.B.C. to study commerce. JOHN MICHAEL KENNEY Yet another twelve year man, the Roving Irish- man has been stalking the halls of College and DOME PETROLEUM harassing teachers for almost as long as he can remember. When not working or trying to keep up his grades, Mike enjoys swimming, cross- country skiing, and playing the clarinet. He is a fulltime member of the Beefeater Band, and a veteran of two College musicals, as well as a loyal supporter of the Liturgical Committee. After graduation, his plans include U.B.C. and a career in either music or electronics, as well as lots of travel. 34 MICHAEL LOPIANOWSKI Michael started at College in grade one. Although the continuity of his studies at the College was briefly interrupted when he attended grade nine at St. Thomas’ College in Saskatchewan, Michael still considers himself a twelve year man. Although an intensive student, Michael still finds time to take part in extra-curricular activities, including being a photographer for the yearbook. On weekends, Michael devotes some of his time to flying, parachuting, socializing, or building airplane models. He likes the prestige of a uniform, so after graduation he intends to par- ticipate in a vigorous military training program at Chilliwack during the summer. This is preparatory to Royal Military College, after which Michael hopes to take to the skies as a pilot. WILLIAM GREGORY LYNCH Another of our illustrious twelve year men, Greg knows all the secrets of how to survive at College. He participated in both football and basketball in his earlier years and in his last two years has been active in the musicals as a member of the stage crew, but Greg’s favourite pastime is hockey, having played for 11 years. He also enjoys skiing, parties, and cars. Greg’s plans after graduation include attending U.B.C in the Faculty of Commerce and then going on to become rich and famous, living happily ever after. 1 JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER MILTON Joe found his way into College twelve memorable years ago and, since then, he has busied himself in numberous activities, including the Student Council, the Musicals, the Poster Club and helping out with many miscellaneous activities around the school. Joe, being gifted with abundant athletic prowess, also participated in football, track, and intramurals. On weekends, one can usually find Joe playing tennis or skiing by day, and enjoying a movie or concert by night. Joe intends to further his education in the States and eventually become a wealthy and renowned architect. THOMAS LEO MATTHEW MULHERN Tom, an industrious twelve year man, has cer- tainly left his mark at College. Enthusiastically engaged in all sports activities since grade three, Tom has played on several championship teams, and is undoubtedly one of the finest athletes this school has ever produced. Tom’s interests do not lie solely in sports however, as he has earned nine academic medals during his stay at V.C. Outside of school Tom enjoys good music and likes to have a good time at parties and concerts. A tour of the United States and a football career are definitely in Tom ' s plans for the future. IVAN LEONARDO REVELANT Consistently holding a position at or near the top of his class since entering the College twelve years ago, Ivan longs for the day when his mental acuity will help to unite the world under a benevolent dictator (himself). Meanwhile, when he is not bicycling or performing suicidal feats on cross- country skis, he may be found ruining his mind with the music of Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin. A chemist (mathematician?) at heart, Ivan will continue his education in the Faculty of Sciences at U.B.C. RANDALL MICHAEL TICHELMAN In his twelve years at College Randy has ac- cumulated so many experiences that he is unable to recall them all. He has been involved in basketball, football, and track in the elementary grades and wrestling in grades eleven and twelve, not to mention the Dance Committee in grades nine and ten. Randy plans to enroll in U.B.C. to study commerce, with hopes of becoming a chartered accountant 35 Yesterday . . . Twelve years ago a group of boys entered the doors of V.C. for the first time. Only a select few, 11 to be exact, have remained to see graduation. Today their faces are well known throughout the school. They eagerly took part in every aspect of the school ranging from sports to the yearbook, showing their personal leadership ability and willingness to learn. Soon this special group will leave the halls of V.C. Their emergence as young Christian men is the culmination of years of the training and guidance of the brothers and lay staff who have served V.C. for the last 12 years. “Oh! Oh! I’m in trouble now:” exclaims Richard Foley, as the curious Mike Lopianowski looks on. Former V.C. student A1 Jamieson, shares some goodies with Pascal Byrne and Greg Lynch. £ i ' J. • Ufa. 3m £• ' •a ' r 1 F rap w St W jf ■ t va 12 W ’7 u 9 u ■ TL ▼ f9 W V - Front Row: Randy Tichelman, Michael Lopianowski, Chris Hormuses, Philip Carhoun, Pascal Byrne, Simon Bachmann, Alastair Jamieson, David King, Mark McGovern, Harold Waldock, Peter Locke, Andrew Kingsland. Second Row: Gregory Lynch, Glenn Petty, Tom Mulhern, Michael Reilly, Michael Fahrmann, Hugh McCaffrey, John Kenney, Ivan Revelant, Tenney Wilkins, Joseph Milton, Jimmy Favero, Richard Foley. 36 . . . Today Mike Lopianowski ponders his future in mathematics. Front Row: Ivan Revelant, Simon Bachmann, Mike Fahrmann, Tom Mulhern, Randy Tichelman. Second Row: Mike Kenney, Greg Lynch, Jim Favero, Joe Milton, Mike Lopianowski. Absent: Richard Foley. Simon Bachmann diligently works on his 500 word French essay entitled, “Qui va gagner le Super-Bowl?” 37 This year’s graduating class has certainly verified the belief that evolutionary development invariably leads to excellence in all fields of endeavour. Though varying widely in their stay at V.C., these energetic young men have developed to the highest levels of academic and athletic achievement — the Varsity football team’s long-deserved victory over their arch- rivals, Notre Dame, attests to this fact. Though highly individual in character, these grads have developed a true sense of school spirit and mutual co-operation that in- ' turn has led the school to shatter old records such as: the Walkathon, Yearbook and Mission campaigns. Indeed, the Class of ’79 will go into the world fully prepared to face the challenges that confront them, doing so with strength and fortitude. 1. Ken Scott examines his future next of kin. 2. At a Varsity football game, Phil Carhoun, Glen Petty, and Brent Guile eagerly anticipate an Irish touchdown. 3. Greg Lynch and Peter Chiang race to complete their English homework so as to avoid Br. Nolan’s wrath. 4. Roland St. Cyr demonstrates his unique style of figure skating. 5. “Why can’t geometry be as easy as art?” wonders Brent Guile. 6. Tim Fanning beats out an Irish war chant. T 1. Who can say what volume of which encyclopedia Wolfgang Bohm is now reading? 2. The sticky threesome of Paul Borchert, Brian Milne, and Mark Hagemoen show their enthusiasm for Mr. Bell’s French class. 3. “Now how did Mrs. Nass tell me to load this?” queries Fred Milton. 4. Brent Crich dives at an apparent opportunity for a checkmate. 5. Ivan Revelant dreamily casts his eyes into the Ad Lucem in hope of a good prospect for a date Saturday night. 6. Mike Fahrmann watches with interest and amazement as a whale appears to greet him. 7. Steve Grout anxiously awaits the ball as the rest of the C.R. 12 class “scrum up” in rugby. 41 KENNETH EUGENE ARMSTRONG Ken came from Rossland, B.C., two years ago to complete his secondary education as a resident student. Outside of the classrooms his main in- terests are hiking, skiing, swimming and listening to music. After working for a year, Ken plans to move to Alberta, where he will attend the University of Lethbridge. PAUL JOSEPH BEAULIEU The halls of College were blessed with Paul ' s arrival six years ago from St Anthony’s (Mar- pole). Since then, he has taken part on the Student Council and the soccer and wrestling teams. His interests outside of school include travelling, boxing, and hiking. When he leaves the College, Paul plans to go to U.B.C. or get his commerical pilot ' s licence so he can do the thing he likes to do the most: travel. LAWRENCE SANCHARIB BEN- JAMIN Larry came to the College five years ago from Captain James Cook School. Since then he has given generously of his time to intramurals, the Dance Committee, and support of the football and basketball teams. In his spare time, when he is not skiing or playing tennis, he enjoys the company of a few close friends. Larry’s plans for the future include taking a year off from school to work and to travel before entering S.F.U. for a B A in General Education. WOLFGANG PETER BOHM A native Vancouverite, Wolfgang moved to Delta at six years of age, attending Immaculate Con- ception there before entering V.C. in grade eight Since then, he has arrived at school at 6:45 a.m. and has left at 4:00 p.m every day — truly an involved lad! Wolfgang’s favourite saying is: “Combine doing things with not doing things and you won’t go crazy,” a philosophy which has allowed him to pursue his main interests of reading, playing ping-pong, and listening to records while maintaining an honour student’s average. Wolfgang will most probably further his education at U.B.C , concerning himself with either Arts or Sciences. Larry Benjamin caught in the act of reading a book. PAUL JOHN BORCHERT Paul has spent five very active years in V.C. A true leader, Paul was sent to Notre Dame, In- diana, to attend a leadership conference. Among numerous other activities, he has performed in three musicals and was a member of the Liturgical Committee. Outside of school, Paul enjoys hiking and fishing and is a true “tennis bum”. Paul has his eyes on entering U.B.C. and eventually going into the Faculty of Education. DAMIAN JOHN BOTTESELLE Damian came to College five years ago from Holy Trinity on the North Shore. In these years Damian has involved himself in football, intramurals and track and has been a good supporter of all the Irish teams. Outside of school Damian enjoys skiing, working on his highly powered Fiat, girls, and, of course, eating. After graduation Damian plans to go to Europe to do some skiing in the Italian Alps. Upon his return he plans to further his studies in either law or business management. PAUL ERNEST BRIN Paul has been patiently pacing the halls of V.C. for five years since his arrival from St. Andrew’s, during which time he has been actively involved in football, basketball, and especially soccer, having been captain of the team for two years. His many extra-curricular activities range from coaching a soccer team to babying his car. After graduation, Paul plans to work for a year, thereafter enrolling in B.C.I.T. for a degree in heavy duty mechanics, as well as possibly a degree in business management. RONALD WILLIAM CARTEN Ron came to V.C. four years ago from St. Thomas High School in Montreal. Since then he has consistently outdone himself in playing soccer for the school. When not devoting his time to study, Ron takes in a myriad of parties, concerts and skiing trips. His plans for the future involve attendance at university in whatever fields interest him at the time. PHILIP JOSEF CARHOUN In the earlier years of the eleven he has spent at College, Phil was active in football and basketball and even dabbled in some track. Since then, Phil’s interests have shifted outside of school. Tennis, scuba diving, and snow and water skiing are just a few of many activities that keep him busy. Phil intends to continue his education in business or possibly law. Compliments of WOODWARDS’ STORES LTD. 43 GUSTAVO JOSEPH CARVALHO After spending six years in Ottawa, Gus returned to Vancouver and entered V.C. in grade ten. Since then, Gus, a sports statistics buff, has been an enthusiastic supporter of many school ac- tivities, and, athletically, has been involved in all intramural activities, although he has sacrificed participating in many other school activities so as to retain enough spare time to partake in activities that appeal to him personally. Outside of school, he enjoys swimming, listening to music, golfing, reading, and going to the movies. Academically, he is a perennial honour roll student. After graduation, Gus’ future plans include travelling and attending U.B.C.’s Faculty of Sciences, eventually studying medicine or dentistry. PETER TAK-WAI CHIANG Hong Kong’s La Salle College was the loser when Peter came to us four years ago. During these years he has developed a deep fondness for our venerable institution, manifested in his en- thusiastic support of all its activities. A talented athlete, Peter has been a member of both the Varsity basketball and track teams while con- sistently maintaining an honor student’s academic record. His favourite activities include horseback riding, weightlifting and swimming Peter plans to attend an American university and to pursue a career in aviation. ROBERT ANDREW CLARKE Bob came from Holy Trinity five years ago. Since then he has participated in football and has been an active supporter of basketball and other College sports. In his spare time, he enjoys both snow and water skiing, as well as four-wheel driving. After a year’s sabbatical, Bob plans to study commerce at Capilano College. JOSEPH PATRICK CREEGAN Joe entered V.C. in grade eight, having previously attended David Lloyd George Elementary. Since then he has participated in the school newspaper, the VoiCe, becoming its editor in this, his graduating year. His other activities include swimming and drum beating. He plans to work with the railway this summer in Edmonton, returning to U.B.C. in the fall for an arts programme, with future studies in law foremost in his dreams. Compliments of MORTON CLARKE and CO. LTD. BRENT LEIGH CRICH Having skipped grade ten, Brent could have graduated last year, but instead decided to remain at College for an optional extra year in order to improve his over-all academic background. This has proven to be a real boom to the school, as Brent was instrumental in the organization of intramurals, both as a referee and a participant. His other activities include soccer, track, and cross-country skiing. Brent intends to study physics at the U.B.C. Faculty of Sciences for four years before entering Caltech, where he will major in astronomy. MICHAEL GEORGE CSANYI Coming to us from St. Augustine’s, Mike has attended Vancouver College for five years. He has participated both in intramurals and track. Outside of school, Mike enjoys golf, tennis, and camping, but his favorite hobby is constructing home-made stereo speakers. This summer, Mike plans to travel in Europe, returning in the fall to continue his studies in architecture at U.B.C. or S.F.U. DAVID MACKENZIE CULOS Dave, a product of Westridge Elementary School in Burnaby, came to V.C. in grade eight. At school he is best known for his quick wit and ability to put a smile on the face of everyone he meets. On weekends, Dave works as a lifeguard at one of Burnaby ' s best indoor facilities, Bonsor Park Pool. He spends most of his leisure time swimming or playing racquetball. After graduation, Dave will enter U.B.C., where he hopes to major in law. HOWARD MICHAEL DE LA CRUZ Howard joined the V.C. crowd seven years ago after leaving Kobe, Japan, where he attended Marist Brothers’ School. Since then he has been involved in football, the Liturgical Committee, the VoiCe, the Collegian, and two musicals, “The Music Man” and “Half a Sixpence”. His other interests include photography, music, and skiing. Howard plans to attend U.B.C. in the Faculty of Arts, perhaps becoming a pilot in the Armed Forces after receiving his B A Dave Culos drops the puck into the thrashing sticks of Greg Lynch and Larry Ben- jamin at a Community Recreation outing. Compliments of THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA and PACIFIC WESTERN INSULATION v Compliments of HILL THE MOVER LTD. RUPERT THOMAS DUFFY Rupert has blessed us with his presence for the last eight years. During this time, in addition to being a consistent honour student, he has written and criticized for the Voice, performed in the musical, " The Music Man " , and shouted obscenities, in various languages, at referees during football games. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, blaring German opera on his stereo and trying to find out why his motorcycle always stalls at traffic lights. In the near future, Ruper plans to make the west- ward pilgrimage to the hallowed halls of U .B.C. GREGORY PAUL FALCON Greg came to the College from St. Anthony’s, and has been commuting from the rain forests of West Vancouver since grade eight. Besides being involved in playing with a band, Greg enjoys skiing the slopes of Whistler (when in season) with his friends. Greg’s future plans are aimed towards a musical career with his band. Failing this, he will be satisfied with becoming a nuclear physicist at the University of Southern California. Rupert Duffy attacks his French homework with unequalled enthusiasm PAUL JAMES ELLERY Coming to us from St. Mary’s Elementary, Paul has been on the school register for five years. During that time he has participated in a variety of sports, ranging from intramurals to the track and soccer teams. Outside of school, Paul’s spare time is occupied with hiking, camping, and tennis. Paul is the first of four brothers who will be graduating from Vancouver College. After his graduation, Paul plans to work for the summer, after which he will pursue a degree in engineering. 46 Compliments of AVALON HOTEL and MIKE’S RESTAURANT TIMOTHY RICHARD FANNING Tim has been coming to College for five years from his comfortable home in Point Grey. While at V.C. he has enjoyed being on the track team, a career which was highlighted by a trip down the West Coast with the team in the spring of 1978. He has taken part in the Leadership Conference and the intramurals program, and has especially loved giving his spirited support to the football and basketball teams. Outside of school Tim can usually be found playing baseball at the local diamond. After graduation, Tim plans to further his education at Langara or U B C. VILIS EDUARDO GALVINS Vilis arrived five years ago from Genral Gordon Elementary School. During his stay he has participated in, among other activities, the Liturgical Committee and intramurals. His outside activities include swimming, racquetball and tennis, playing with such celebrities as Mr. Mills and Brother Dawson. Vilis plans to attend B.C.I.T., studying Computer Programming and Systems. JAMES MAURICE GREENE Jim has been with us for six years since leaving Immaculate Conception. Throughout this time he has preoccupied himself with basketball, soccer, and girls. After a hard school day’s work, Jim still finds time to support the school teams, coach soccer, and attend a variety of wild parties. After graduating, Jim plans to relax for a week or two before beginning his summer ' s work. Next fall he will enter U.B.C., with the goal of eventually becoming a chartered accountant. CONRAD JOSEPH FRISSE Hailing from the wilds of Kitimat, B.C., Conrad has been a resident student for the past five years. When not contributing to the general well-being of the dormitory, he enjoys fishing, backpacking and canoeing in addition to the occasional game of handball or lacrosse After graduation, Conrad hopes to take up a trade somehwere in his native northland. MICHAEL CHARLES GREEN Michael escaped from Esquimalt Senior Secondary two years ago to become one of our many honoured resident students, enjoying every moment of his stay. Participation in intramurals, bowling and the wrestling team has kept him in shape by off-setting the ill effects of the sedentary boarder’s life. Mike’s favourite distractions are tennis, camping, fishing and girls, although not necessarily in that order He plans to study forestry at B.C.l.T 47 STEVEN GREGORY GROUT Since arriving from Immaculate Conception five years ago, Steve has been an active member of the Liturgical Committee, the Student Council, and the track and basketball teams. From his participation in class retreats and his vociferous support of football games, events which are so much a part of College life, he has acquired a feeling of school unity which he will remember long after graduation. This summer should find Steve working with the Vancouver Parks Board or just lying in the sun, preparing to continue his education in the field of Community Recreation at U.B.C. BRENTON PETER GUILE Brenton’s stay with us dates from the eighth grade. He immediately involved himself in sports, participating in football, basketball, and track in his freshman year. He continued to play football and basketball until grade ten, when he turned his attention to wrestling, which is his main sport to date. He has been a member of the stage crew of two musicals, " Half a Sixpence” and " Anything Goes”. In his senior year he has applied himself to the graduate section of the Collegian as its editor. Brenton spends most of his spare time either driving or playing the piano. He also retreats to the slopes of Whistler Mountain almost every winter weekend to pit his skill against the moguls. Brenton plans to attend U.B.C., probably to acquire a law-commerce degree, taking one year off from his studies to travel in Europe. MARK ANDREW HAGEMOEN For five years now, Mark has commuted from the sunny shoes of North Vancouver In his earlier years, Mark took an active part in College’s football and track program, while in his later years. Musicals, the Liturgical Committee, Leadership Conferences, and the Student Council have commanded his attention. His years at College have been most enjoyable and profitable Outside of school, Mark enjoys hiking, playing the piano and meeting people. He plans to attend U.B.C. next fall in the Faculty of Arts. PETER SIEU YONG HEAH Singapore lost a valuable asset when Peter made Vancouver his home. In four years at College, he has actively participated in the Collegian, the Musical and the Liturgical Committee while maintaining a brilliant academic record. When not cheering at Varsity games or hitting the books, he can be found prowling the halls of V.C. with his camera, developing and printing film, bashing moguls at Whistler Mountain, landing salmon, giving parties, or just relaxing with a game of tennis. A career in chartered accounting follows graduation from an American university, possibly Harvard. He aspires to become a tycoon, eventually the wealthiest man in the world, or at least in Vancouver. We wish him luck! Compliments of HOCK MENG HEAH TED JAMES HERB V.C. was blessed with Ted’s arrival seven years ago. He has participated in football throughout his stay, played basketball in his junior years and has worked with the stage crew of the musicals as a senior. An avid skier, Ted can usually be found either at the powder bowls of Whistler Mountain or at the seaside, “making cuts” on his water ski. His future plans include attending a university to acquire a business degree, so as to eventually open his own retail business. 48 Chris Ho shares a good laugh with Peter Chiang and Gus Carvalho before math class RICHARD ANGELO HOLMES Angelo has thoroughly enjoyed his two years at College, having participated in intramurals and screamed madly at football and basketball games. His fondest memories are those he had acquired in Brother Dawson’s Religion classes. In his spare time Angelo is a canoe and baseball buff. The future holds a brilliant career for Angelo as a lawyer. CHARLES VINCENT IVANCIC A daily commuter from Richmond, Chuck has participated in football, intramurals, the Year- book, and soccer. He is active in the community both playing and coaching soccer; yet, despite his active frenzy, he still finds time to devote to reading and girls. Chuck will work for a year and possibly travel in Europe before continuing his education in the field of electronics. CHRISTOPHER PATRICK HO Since leaving St. Francis Xavier, Chris has been faithfully attending our school for the last ten years. His favorite pastime, ice hockey, takes up much of his time, but he still has enough left over for such distractions as tennis, racquetball and music, not to mention his work as a Collegian staff member. His future plans entail attending an institute of higher learning, so as to earn a degree in engineering. Compliments of MT. SEYMOUR CATERERS LTD. and NAAS ENTERPRISES LTD. 49 KERWIN JOHN JARVIS “K.J.“ entered College in grade four, coming from Regina, Saskatchewan. Living less than a block from the school has made travel to and from classes a pleasure for him. During his stay he has been involved in basketball, the Student Council and musicals. In his spare time, Kerwin takes a crack at skiing now and then, enjoys a leisurely game of golf and frequents weekend parties. Kerwin’s plans for the future include entering the Commerce Department at U.B.C. JAMES PATRICK KELLY Jim came to us from Holy Trinity Elementary five years ago. Since then he has devoted his skills to both the Varsity football and basketball teams. During his spare time Jim enjoys skiing at Whistler, partying, and being with friends. Jim hopes to travel during the summer months before entering the field of commerce at the University of British Columbia. Kerwin Jarvis to Pete Olson: “I didn’t mean the game, I meant the cheerleaders.” ALEXANDER FREDERICK KOZIER Fred first entered the halls of V.C. two years ago upon his departure from St. Patrick’ s High School. Since then he has participated in various intramural activities, as well as playing on the Varsity football team in his senior year, where he is affectionately known as " Ready Freddie”. Outside of school, Fred enjoys skiing, hiking, listening to rock music, girls, and partying. After graduation, he intends to take a vacation in Europe, thereafter entering either Langara or U.B.C. to study law. Compliments of OPTICAL ILLUSION ON BROADWAY and A CLOSE FRIEND OF V.C. 50 KAM ONN JAMES LAU Kam came to V.C. after spending fourteen memorable years in Malaysia. Being shy and not athletically active, he found it difficult during his first year to take advantage of the many great activities College has to offer. However, he performed very well in school, as his name ap- peared on the honour li st in grades nine and ten. In his second year, he became an active par- ticipant in intramurals. In fact, he is the organizer of intramural volleyball in grade twelve. Outside of school, the best place to look for Kam is at local discos and, during the winter, at Whistler Mt. as he has fanatically devoted himself to dancing and skiing. Kam’s immediate priority is to graduate with a satisfactory average (in the 80’s) and to continue his education at the University of Minnesota. ANTHONY YING MING LAW In 1976 Anthony began his V.C. career after finishing Form 4 at Wah Yan College in Hong Kong. Although he did not join any school teams, he is very active athletically and has participated in the school intramurals program. During his three years at College, Anthony has resided in the Senior Residence and has contributed his talents to the development of its famil y atmosphere. When not playing basketball or badminton after school in the gym, he can be found enjoying a challenging game of bowling or bridge. Calculators fill the rest of his hobby time. Next year, Anthony hopes to continue his studies in the field of computer science in Ontario. Peter Leung retreats at the sight of a Collegian photographer. PETER WAH LUN LEUNG During his three years at College, Peter has participated in intramurals and has very much enjoyed being a spectator at our Varsity football and basketball games. When not studying, he enjoys bowling, tennis, snooker, and water skiing (during the summer) . His chief goal after graduation is to further his education at an Ontario University, studying Civil Engineering. TODD LORENZ Since his stylish entrance into V.C. in grade eight, five short and memorable years ago, Todd ' s name has been emblazoned on many a playbook, photograph and late slip. Starting in J V. and Varsity football, he is known best for his con- tribution to the famous “No Go Defense " and kicking game. The VoiCe, the Student Council, cheerleading and leadership institutes are but a few of the activities in which he has participated. Outside of school, Todd enjoys sleeping, eating, and partying He plans to attend S.F.U. after graduation. 51 WILLIAM JOSEPH MacDONALD Bill has been commuting between South Van- couver and V.C. for five years. An active par- ticipant in intramurals, he has also played on the College’s soccer teams. Outside of school he enjoys baseball and parties. One of his most memorable experiences was learning that he had passed Chemistry 11. After working during the summer, Bill plans to either attend U.B.C. or travel. BRIAN JOHN MACKAY Brian ca me to V.C. five years ago from St. Anthony’s school in West Vancouver. Since then he has participated in intramurals and thoroughly enjoyed the College life. For years to come, Brian will be able to reminisce over the fine times he had as a member of Br. Dawson’s homeroom class. When not busy studying to keep up his grades, Brian can be found hiking, camping, cross- country skiing, cycling and repairing British sports cars. After a visit to Australia, the land of his birth, Brian plans to take up the study of dentistry at an as yet undetermined university. JOSEPH RICHARD MacKINNON Arriving from O.L.P.H. five years ago, Joe has enthusiastically participated in all facets of College life. In football, he played nose-guard on the infamous " No Go Defense of ' ll " as well as captaining the Varsity team in his senior year. He has also played on the school ' s basketball, track and hockey teams. Joe is an avid mission money collector, and claims that this experience has helped him increase petroleum sales at the local Esso station His future plans are focussed on law at U B C . and a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. DAVID HENRYK McGEE Another “Richmond Rat " , Dave has been travelling to and from College daily since his arrival in grade 8 from Mackay Elementary. During this period Dave has enjoyed dances and attending football and basketball games. His outside interests, too numerous to list fully, in- clude girls, rock concerts, parties, and good times with his friends. Dave is also a member of the St. Joseph the Worker Youth Group, and is a science fiction fanatic. He intends to take business ad- ministration at B.C.l.T , and possibly move to England in the future. Compliments of SUNRISE PIZZA and STEAK HOUSE BRIAN JOSEPH MCKEOWN Brian came to V.C. from Southlands Elementary five years ago. In this time, he has been involved in both intramurals and the Liturgical Committee. When not studying or doing homework, he keeps in shape by cycling, taking long walks, jogging, and indulging in his favorite sport — skateboarding. Jobwise, he serves his country in the militia. Next fall, Brian plans to enter the Faculty of Arts at U.B.C. 52 ft jjL .feat hjlrrvl i hi Andrew Meyerhoff, Nino Mabanta, Doug McLeod, Glenn Petty and Brian MacKay stop for a quick pose on the way to the stands at an Irish football game. DOUGLAS RICHARD McLEOD A true outdoorsman, Doug enjoys almost all sports, including skiing, bicycling and swimming (in his spare time), as well as camping and hiking (during the summer months), although he often slips from his rigid routine in order to take in a party. A gift from Shaughnessy, Doug plans to work for a while, then travel across Europe and other parts of the globe. In the future, he will either join the police force or enroll in an Arts program at U.B.C. V - r ANTONINO FERNANDEZ MABANTA A native of the Philippines, Nino was first ob- served trying to find his way through the grade eight hallway. A pioneer of the underhanded basketball shot, he also enjoys movies, parties, and following our school teams. Nino plans to go to university after a year’s international travel. BERNHARD MARQUARDT Bernie first came to V.C. in grade seven from Ecole Saint-Sacrament. During his first stay at V.C. he played g rammar school football, grade eight football, J.V. football and grade nine basketball. Having attended Eric Hamber in grades ten and eleven, Bernie came back to College for his last year, in which he played Varsity football. Bernie hopes to continue playing and coaching football while he pursues a teaching degree from U.B.C. or S.F.U SAMUEL ANDREW MEYERHOFF If David could take on Goliath, Sandy can take on the world. In his four years at V.C., Sandy has participated on the soccer team, the Dance Committee and the VoiCe. His hobbies include reading, writing, sports and girls. Sandy lives his life by one rule, “Yesterday is history, but tomorrow’s changes start today.” Sandy ' s future includes attending U.B.C. and obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. 53 DOUGLAS JOSEPH MILLER Doug joined us in grade eight after escaping from O.L.P.H. His activities at the school have in- cluded intramurals and the musical stage crew; outside of school, he enjoys playing hockey, going for a quick sail and surviving Friday night parties. Doug will further his education at U.B.C. in commerce. BRIAN JOSEPH PATRICK MILNE Brian came to College eight short years ago, and during this time has given many students the privilege of becoming Honorary Irishmen. Because of his 100% Irish heritage he has proven that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who are Irish and those who aimlessly wish they were. A fine example of true spirit. He has diligently participated in football, intramurals, soccer and the stage crew division of the Musicals. In his spare time he enjoys dancing, music, jogging, and an occasional game of basketball. Brian plans to attend Langara College and eventually complete his studies at U.B.C. Steve Grout and Fred Milton enjoy a rare sunny fall day by the doors of Lannon Hall FREDERICK JOSEPH WRAY MILTON This year’s Vice-President came to us six years ago from North Saskatchewan. Although shy by nature, Fred ' s intense eagerness to get involved has unabled him to accomplish much. An avid participant in sports, Fred has been in track, soccer and football for most of his school years. This year, however, his drive has been applied to another aspect of College life, as most of his time has been taken up by such activities as the VoiCe, the Lettermen’s Club, the Poster Club and the Leadership Conference. In what little spare time he has, he enjoys skiing, sailing, tennis and music. Next year, Fred hopes to be in California studying philosophy. Compliments of SAINTS PETER and PAUL PARISH 54 DUNCAN MICHAEL MOORE Duncan arrived in grade nine via Lord Byng. An avid participant in intramurals, his favorite sports are soccer, tennis, football and volleyball. He represented our school in grades nine, ten and twelve as part of the soccer team. Duncan’s weekends are packed with camping, hiking, canoeing, and skiing, and his lunch periods are usually spent playing football. After graduation Duncan hopes to travel in Europe for a month, then settle down to study at U.B.C. NOEL KEVIN MULHERN Since trudging out of the woods of North Van- couver eleven years ago, Noel has been con- stantly on the minds of many College teachers. When not expanding his mind, “Mulhern” finds time to enjoy the slopes and greens of Vancouver. After graduation, Noel plans to carry on family tradition by entering hotel management at B.C.I.T. JOHN DOUGLAS NEGRIN Since coming to V.C. in grade eight from St. Anthony’s Elementary School, “Reno” has been actively involved in the football program. When not on the field eating up the competition, many of Reno’s hours are spent organizing grad parties or just spending time with the boys. A resident of West Vancouver, being accustomed to the mountains, he also enjoys skiing the slopes of Whistler as a weekend retreat from the hustle and bustle of school. Plans for the future include a long holiday in Hawaii before returning to U.B.C. to attack the field of commerce and business management. MARC ANTHONY O’LOUGHLIN This year’s Student Body President came to V.C. in the spring of ' 76 from Sydney, Australia. Since grade 10 he has been actively involved in the Student Council, the track team, the school band (Marc’s trumpet has become a regular feature at both the football and basketball games), and the V.C. Leadership conferences. This year he was involved in the organization of the Walkathon and was Director of the Collegian Ad Campaign. Having represented B.C. in cricket during the past two summers, Marc tried to organize a school team, but for some reason was unsuccessful! No doubt, Marc will be remembered by his peers for his ham sandwiches and, yes, that b . . . y accent of his Marc, a consistent honour student, plans to study law at U.B.C., and eventually hopes to become a Foreign Diplomat MICHAEL JOHN O’BRIEN Michael has been roaming the halls of College for five years since his arrival from St. Anthony’s. In addition to his involvement in the Student Council and intramural activities, he has been an active supporter of the basketball program, having been a member of one of the teams every year When not commuting to and from the North Shore, he enjoys cross-country skiing and tennis. Mike plans to work during the summer and earn enough money to get through a program in the Arts at university. Compliments of RENO C. NEGRIN and ASSOCIATES, ARCHITECTS 55 PETER EDWARD OLSON Pete left O.L.P.H. five years ago to enter the good life of the College. Many good times have passed since, and he has developed into a handsome, mature young adult. To make his years of study more interesting, Pete has played football and basketball, and has contributed to the Student Council and College life. After-school activities include such interests as golf, skiing, hockey, and either working at a garage or on his precious ’66 Mustang. Pete will be a freshman at U.B.C. this fall, studying business. Afterwards, of course, he will be a tremendously successful businessman. JUAN MANUEL ORMAECHEA A graduate of St Francis de Sales, Manuel has perambulated these hails since grade eight. When not terrorizing the parking lots and streets of our fair city with one of his numerous cars, he helps to manage the family business or attends various high-class social events. After graduation, he plans to major in business administration at a university in the United States, later accumulating his first million. RICHARD CRAIG OWEN Richard came to V.C. from Mountain Secondary in Langley for his last two years of high school. His extracurricular activities include playing bad- minton, hockey, and golf, not to mention par- ticipating in intramurals and playing soccer on the school team. Richard ' s main concern at present is the expansion of his building maintenance business. He intends to work during the summer, then enter U.B.C. to acquire a degree in com- merce. DONALD ERIC PANTON A 3-year Junior Achievement executive, Don has prowled the halls of V.C. for five years since leaving Queen Mary Elementary. Besides per- spiring in intramurals, he avoids chubbiness by cycling and participating in other various outdoor sports. Along with a university or college education, Don intends to travel and work in Europe and the South Seas. Compliments of THE WILLIAM TELL RESTAURANT LTD. JOHN FRANCIS PELLETREAU In his ten years at College, “J.P.” has found his simple philosophy, “All things have a point, though many are pointless,” too simple for most people to comprehend. When not trying to ex- plain himself, he is sometimes found washing glassware, experimenting in electronics, probing the depths of bio-feedback, or reading a textbook. His future goals include reading a 35 volume set of encyclopedias in one sitting, visiting a post office in the next star-system, and being on the moon at the turn of the century. 56 GLENN ANTHONY PETTY Glenn came to V.C. in grade two from Lord Kitchener Elementary. During his elven-year stay at College he has taken part in such activities as soccer, basketball, football, intramurals and track. When he ' s not out on the town with friends or working on his “Classic” ' 69 Cortina, he likes to fish and swim, and to take part in other sports. After graduating from V.C. , Glenn intends to find a summer job, hit the beaches, and generally have a good time before entering U.B.C. in the fall. Neil Smith demonstrates the fine art of doing homework before class, while Steve Raverty pays rapt attention. RONALD CONRAD PINETTE Since his arrival two years ago from Williams Lake, Ron’s main contribution to V.C. has been his participation in sports, especially cross-cou ntry running. However, his greatest interest lies in racing go-karts — he has raced in the United States and attended the national championships at Quincy, Illinois. Second in Ron’s interests are motorcycles, followed by skiing, snowmobiling, and hunting His future plans are as yet uncertain, but he does have a few ideas concerning the field of business management. BRUNO SIMON PORTES STEPHEN ANTHONY RAVERTY A native of Beziers, France, Bruno came to Canada in 1974. He spent one year at Cambie School in Richmond to learn English before entering V.C. in grade nine. Outside of school he enjoys playing tennis and collecting stamps, as well as going to discos and movies on weekends. After spending the summer in France, Bruno will enter B.C.I T. to earn a degree in Commerce. Steve’s towering form first made its appearance seven years ago. His main interest during this time has been basketball, with biology running a close second. Weekends find Steve either dunking baskets at V.C. or doing fishy things at the Vancouver Public Aquarium in the capacity of aquarist. His present aim is to pursue Marine Biology Oceanography at U.B.C. . followed by post-graduate work at Scripts Institute of Oceanography, and, finally, to relieve Jacques Cousteau of his job! 57 MICHAEL IGNATIUS REILLY During his eleven years at V.C. , Mike has been on the track, soccer, cross-country and basketball teams, and has also been part of the Student Council and the Leadership Conferences. During his three year stint on the track team, he travelled to Washington, Oregon, and California to compete in four international meets. Although a perennial honor student, Mike still has time for such outside interests as skiing, girls, tennis, and swimming. Next year he intends to begin training for a career in aviation. RONALD ALBERT RIEDER Ron came to College in grade seven from Lord Selkirk Elementary School. Since then, he has been active in both organizing and participating in the intramural program, besides playing on the grade nine, Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball teams. Ron ' s extracurricular activities include hockey, football, and soccer. After graduation, Ron plans to take a course in computer science at B.C.l.T. EDWARD GERARD PETER ROCHE Coming to V.C. five years ago from Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ed has played an active part in our intramural program and is an avid supporter of the football and basketball teams. Ed enjoys skiing at Whistler, hiking, camping and most other sports. He plans to attend B.C.l.T. next year, taking up electrical engineering. GARY EMILIO SANVIDO Athletically, Gary’s stay at V.C. has been a most memorable one — he has earned a letter five times in football and in track. He has also par- ticipated in hockey, cheerleading, and Variety Night, as “Pinky " of the “Junior Four " . Outside interests include partying, dancing, and soaking up the sun. Gary’s academic future lies in the stimulating setting of S.F.U. He wishes the best of luck to the Graduating Class of 1979. Compliments of WESTERN CANADA STEEL LIMITED DAVID ANTHONY SEILER David has been commuting from Richmond since grade eight. During this time he has supported the school as a basketball timekeeper, a member of the pep band, an intramural referee and par- ticipant, and an avid “Fighting Irish” fan. His outside interests include Cadets, gliding, soccer, and tennis. However, he has not let his active lifestyle interfere with his studies, as he is a four- year honour student. After graduation David intends to either enter U.B.C. or seek a career as a pilot in the Armed Forces. 58 Neil Smith shows his athletic prowess in intramural volleyball. FRANK SIEGMUND SCHOBER Since his arrival at College five years ago from St. Andrew’s Elementary, Frank has been very in- volved in the school, both athletically, as a two year Varsity basketball letterman, and scholastically, as a perennial honour roll student. Frank has also taken an active part in the organization of, and participated in, the in- tramural program, the VoiCe, the Student Council, cheerleading, the Liturgical Committee, and the Collegian as an editor and photographer. His outside interests include all sports, as well as art, chess, music, gambling, and photography. Frank intends to broaden the scope of his knowledge at U.B.C. in the study of commerce. KENNETH ROBERT EDWARD SCOTT “The sailor” has been voyaging from Richmond to V.C. for five years of intense academic con- centration, resulting in a consistent record as a first class honour student. When not sailing and competing in various regattas all over the province and country, Ken can usually be found scuba diving, working an odd part-time job, or spending time with his friends. After graduation he plans to further his education in law or commerce at an Eastern or American university, and to continue sailing wherever the wind may blow. MARC WILLIAM SPENCER Since coming to College two years ago, Marc has enjoyed participating in many school activities, including intramurals and the cross-country team. Outside of school, Marc enjoys going to concerts and parties, as well as working and watching movies. Next year, Marc plans to enter U.B.C. CLIFFORD NEIL SMITH Neil is one of our rare catches from Queen Mary School in Point Grey. Since coming to us in grade eight he has involved himself in such activities as the Leadership Conference, Student Council, intramurals and the Liturgical Committee. Neil also participated in the 78 Collegian as High School Editor and worked to improve the musical programmes of the past two years. When not involved in school activities, he can be found packing groceries at Buy-Low or playing tennis on the Jericho Hill courts. After spending the summer in Europe, Neil hopes to be a part of U.B.C.’s general science programme, later at- tending medical school in England. Compliments of TROCADERO STEAK AND PIZZA HOUSE 59 MARTIN PETER ANTHONY STASTNY Martin came to the College from Montreal High School two short years ago, during which time he has grown to appreciate the many aspects of College life. In his leisure time Martin can almost always be found at Whistler, further perfecting his technique in his most beloved sport, skiing. When the ski season is over, Martin passes the time at his home in West Van playing tennis, waxing his skis and boots, and watching for the first signs of snow on the nearby mountains. Next year Martin plans to further his studies in the Sciences at U.B.C. ROLAND DAVID JOSEPH ST. CYR Since coming to V.C. from Ecole Saint- Sacrament in grade eight, Roland has shown poise and ability in both sports and studies. A consistent honor student, Roland has also actively participated in the intramural and soccer programs, but his greatest achievements came as the Editor of this year ' s edition of the Collegian. Outside of school, Roland ' s first love is being with his many friends. He also enjoys playing baseball, tennis, and the occasional round of golf. After graduation, Roland hopes to travel to either Florida or Hawaii before entering the University of Victoria, where he will study accounting. JOHN ARTHUR STEKL The “Coors Kid " first made his appearance six years ago upon his transfer from Shaughnessy Elementary School. Apart from his refined taste in beer, John’s interests range from skiing and sailing to Cobra-equipped automobiles and music. Next year, he intends to study Commerce at U.B.C. PETER JULIAN THRIFT An active participant in intramurals and an avid football and basketball fan, Peter will most remember the College for the multitude of friends he has found here. Outside of school he has a variety of interests, ranging from cycling, swimming, and tennis to camping and cars. Originally from St. Anthony’s, Peter plans to attend Capilano College before tackling the Commerce Department at U.B.C J L hi A moment of deep reflection at a grade 12 retreat at Rosemary Heights. 60 LOI SERGIO TODESCO Since coming to College five years ago from David Oppenheimer School in Fraserview, Loi has participated in many activities, not the least of which include intramural floor hockey, softball and volleyball. Loi also played grade eight and Varsity football, and made the honor roll in grades eight and nine. In his spare time, Loi enjoys water and snow skiing, riding motorcycles, and fishing. Loi plans to continue his education in the field of engineering at (J.B.C. MICHAEL JOHN WELCH Mike came to Vancouver College five years ago from Immaculate Conception School During his stay, Mike has actively participated in the in- tramural program and played in the school band in grade ten. Outside of school, his main interests include tennis, bowling, and stamp collecting. Mike plans to attend Langara College for a year or two, then go on to U B.C CHRISTOPHER PAUL WELMAN Chris has been wandering around the halls of V.C. for eight years since his arrival from Great Britain. A consistent honour student, Chris has served on both the Student Council and the Walkathon Committee, and in his last year at the school was Assistant Editor of the VoiCe. When out of class, Chris is devoted to music, being an avid piano player He also enjoys travelling, having plenty of opportunities to visit his relatives all over the world. Chris’ weekends are usually spent hunting for the nearest party. In the fall, he plans to enter either U B.C. or B C.I T. to study electrical engineering, to later be applied in the field of acoustics. JAMES ALLISTAIR WILLIAMSON Before coming to V.C. this year, Jim was living in Terrace and attending Caledonia Senior Secondary. He worked last summer as a tutor, teaching immigrants how to read, write and speak English. Among other activities, Jim enjoys hiking, fishing and canoeing. Jim is planning to attend Northwest Community College in Terrace for his first two years of university, and will then go on to U.B.C. to finish his last three years in engineering ALLAN JAMES WOTHERSPOON A1 came to College from Athlone in grade seven. In his six years here, he has participated in many important school activities, such as writing for the VoiCe, time keeping for basketball games, and organizing intramurals. In his spare time, A1 enjoys skiing, sailing, and curling. After graduation, he has his sights set on a law degree or a career in the Armed Forces Compliments of R.F. WELCH (B.C.) LTD. and McAFEE, LILLY AND CO. 61 Graduates of 1979 bid farewell to [ Wmm wf i 9 mF g k " ' ' 9 wf gRtamHHHL,,. ( - whi VI Vrfjjft I ' m Vancouver College 63 The Irish tradition endures Front Row: Peter Keyes, Joe Pulchny, Simon Bachmann, Bernie Marquardt, Joe Milton. Second Row: Matt Lakowski, Todd Lorenz, Tom Mulhern, Jim Kelly, A.J. Long, Fred Kozier, Brian Giefing, John O ' Neill. Third Row Assistant Coach Tom Clarke, Loi Todesco, Rob Mackinnon, Alex Lobozar, Bob Clarke, John Negrin, Joe Mackinnon, Damian Botteselle, Gary Sanvido, Coach Denis Kelly. According to the pre-season ratings, this year’s edition of the Fighting Irish football team was supposed to be spending its fall watching the high school playoffs, instead of competing in them. The trouble, however, was that the Irish believed in themselves and had SPIRIT! Despite two early setbacks to American schools they rolled through their regular season opposition with un- matched determination and desire to win, and ended up un- defeated in B.C. The climax of the regular season was a 3-0 victory over the arch-rival Independent League Notre Dame Jugglers, pre-season favorites to repeat as provincial champions. The victory placed the Irish on top of the Independent League, a position they have rightfully deserved for a long time. College proceeded to play inspiried ball in the playoffs, whipping Sardis and Kelowna soundly. Then, in the semifinals, the Irish faced a revitalized West Vancouver squad, and after losing Archbishop Trophy Game M.V.P. Gary Sanvido in the opening minutes, lost their momentum and were finally stopped. This year’s team deserves the heartiest congratulations we can give them. Seemingly from very little, they built a real powerhouse that nearly went all the way. 1. Nobody does it better than Headcoach Denis Kelly. 2. Camp Kelly ' 78 where it all began. 3. A.J. Long gets it away just in time. 4. A.J. calls the signals as John O ' Neill prepares to snap the ball. 5. It was an injury-riddled season as exemplified by Jim Kelly. 6. Todd Lorenz pulls down an O’Dea ball carrier as his teammates come to his aid. 66 SEASON’S RECORD O’Dea West Vancouver Sequim Handsworth John Oliver St. Thomas More Templeton Notre Dame PLAYOFFS Sardis Kelowna West Vancouver OPPONENT 38 14 29 6 14 0 12 0 67 The climax 1 . Todd Lorenz demonstrates again the superb style that he used to give the Irish a 3-0 victory over Notre Dame. 2. The Irish express their jubilation after downing St. Thomas More 8- 0. 3. A.J. Long fires a perfect spiral to Todd Lorenz. 4. Co- captains Tom Mulhern and Joe MacKinnon display the Skyline League and Archbishop’s Trophies to the student body, as Bernie Marquardt looks on. 5. Gary Sanvido discusses defensive strategy with Coaches Choo and Kelly before the final play of the N.D. game. 6. The Irish charge out of the locker room, fired up and ready to tear the Jugglers apart. 7 . Damian Botteselle listens intently in the defensive huddle as the Irish prepare to stop Templeton. 68 Irish defeat Jugglers! 5 69 Irish finish in top four — again! 1. Alex Lobozar and Coach Kelly express their emotions after wiping out Kelowna. 2. Tom Mulhern proves again that he is one of B.C. ’s top running backs. 3. Gary Sanvido follows Matt Lakowski’s blocking after the handoff from A.J. Long. 4. Gary Sanvido punts it away as Simon Bachmann blocks against the Kelowna rush. 5. Todd Lorenz initiates the tackle as Alex Lobozar comes charging in. 6. A West Van ball carrier is crushed by Joe Mackinnon, Brian Giefing and Todd Lorenz. 7 . The white-eyed fury , Gary Sanvido, goes for a big gain against Sardis. 71 J. V. : A good foundation to keep the Irish rolling Front Row: Manager Steve Davis, Paul Richards, Matt Long, Ben Paterson, Gerard Sauve, Brad Woods, Derek Flanagan. Second Row: John Gaspar, John O ' Flynn, Andy Hopkins, Mike Tilbe, Conrad Lakowski, Mike Correa, Randy Bilesky, David Canvin, John Monague, Rick Brownrigg, Richard Dziekan, Mike Morgan Third Row: Coach Rob Hallam, Andy Moroz, Randy Regush. Peter Keyes, Alan Sanvido, Micheal Torresan, Eric Koban, Greg Guile, Peter Sartin, Sam Vovnik, Jeff Fraser, Peter Jefferies, Mark Feeney, Richard Kitos, Coach Ten Hon Choo. Absent: Dave Green. Although they encountered an unsuccessful season, there were some bright spots in the lineup, such as Most Valuable Player Alan Sanvido and Most Improved Player Mike Torresan. Led by Most Valuable Lineman and Defensive Captain Dave Green along with Of- fensive Captain Eric Koban the team showed much courage and deter- mination throughout the season. These, among others, will provide future hope for next year’s varsity team. 1. Mike Tilbe punts on 4th and 7. 2. Eric Koban unleashes the ball over the outstretched arms of a Thomas More lineman. 72 Grade 8: A team effort goes a long way Front Row: Scott Richards, Matt Steele, Mike Olma, Dan Moroz, Bruce McCheyne, Max Johnston, Kevin Shaughnesay, Peter Grist. Second Row: Coach Wade Anderson, Colin Buckingham, John Rivera, Rod Hemming, Adrian Wijesinghe, Robert Antoniazzi, Martin Leduc, Sean Koban, Coach Sal Giacommazza. Absent: William Rascan, Sean Hobman, Martin Tremblay, Richard Thomas, David Thompkins, Rob Minielly, Geoff Lane. The 1978 Grade 8 football season saw the beginning of a new nine team league. This year’s Grade 8 edition of Irish Football had a successful season finishing third with a 5-3 record. The team’s performance can be said to be just that — a team performance. There were many good games with great individual efforts but each game saw new players being the stars. 1 . Mike Olma releases the ball as a Cambie defender rushes in for the sack. 2. Peter Grist, with the blocking of Adrian Wijesinghe, races towards the end zone. 73 X-Country : Irish finish eighth in the Province. Front Row: Chuck Reeve, Coach Emry, Tim Naas, Kevin Reilly. Second Row: Kevin Ridley, Mike Reilly, Fred Milton Third Row Mark Hartman. Brad Batsford. Ik - ■ - 1 . .- h _ £ fc, i . This year, a much improved cross-country team finished 8th in the Province, moving up five places from last year. The team was led by Kevin Ridley who placed 56 out of a field of 431 at the Provincial finals in Victoria. Chuck Reeve and Mike Reilly were close behind finishing 63rd and 78th respectively. 1. The Irish begin their march to victory in the Independant Meet against Notre Dame. 2. Chuck Reeve leads the way with Mike Reilly and Brad Batsford hot on his trail. 74 Soccer: Second in the Community League. Front Row: Paul Brin, Mike Reilly, Paul Lucas, Joe Sothy, Bernie Schneider Kaweski, Coach Boreham Third Row: David Pacheco, Greg Wirtz, Duncan Second Row: Richard Owen, Bill MacDonald, Paul Ellery, Ron Carten, Mike Moore, Mike Fahrmann, Paul Catchpole, Eusebius Reyes Paced by Paul Lucas’ 28 goals, the Irish ha d a very successful 10-2-1 season. The solid defense, backed by Mike Fahrmann’s 7 shutouts, allowed only 13 goals in as many games. The offense proved unstoppable, scoring 52 goals during the season. At the post-season banquet Captain Paul Lucas received the M.V.P. award, while Richard Owen earned the Most Improved Player award. 1. Another futile attempt to intercept Paul Lucas. 2. Mike Reilly drills one past the opposing goalie. Swimming: Third in the C.Y.A. League. Front Row: Michael Hartley, Kalven Vail, Declan Lawlor, Trevor Farenholz. Middle Row: Frank Kucera, Luke O’Loughlin, Joe Olma, Kerry Lucas, Eric Hansen. Back Row: Jason Clarke, Sean Love, Kris Kucera, Luis Maia, 1 76 Coaches: Mark Feeney, and Br Basha Absent: Mario Felicella, Danny Moroz, Peter Maia. The swim team is comprised of boys ranging from the ages of 9 to 12. These young men began practising early in the school year for the climax of their season, the annual C.Y.A. Swim Meet. At this year’s meet, there were 22 teams, making the competition intense. The Irish swimmers did extremely well, with their 16 man team finishing third overall. Out- standing performances were recorded by Frank Kucera, Trevor Farenholtz, Jason Clarke, and Sean Love. The highlight of the meet occurred when Rod Hawkins received the aggregate trophy by winning the 60 metre freestyle, and coming second in the 4X20 individual medley and the 40 metre breast stroke. 1 . Mark Feeney discusses strategy with the team before the C.Y.A. Meet. 2. Mario Felicella surges past Michael Flartley on his way to the finish. Wrestling: V. C. wrestlers place well in Provincials Front Row: Coach Wade Anderson, Martin Emslander, Paul Gipps, Brenton Guile, Dan Moroz, Mike Hancock. Second Row: Robert Antoniazzi, Phil Kubik, Sean Mullen, Glen Montgomery. Third Row: Peter Grist, Gerardo Poo, Stewart Muir. Fourth Row: Chuck Reeves, Luis Rameriz. Absent: Rick Wagner, Haydn Ache, Brad Woods. This year was a very successful year for the Irish wrestlers, especially the grade eights, with the majority of them finishing the season with winning records. The College showed well at most major tournaments with our wrestlers placing in the top four many a time. Twelve thousand wrestlers tried to qualify for the provincial finals in 14 weight classes with three V.C. wrestlers managing to get into the Provincial Championship. Excellent efforts were turned in by Stewart Muir and Paul Gipps, two Grade elevens, who came 7th and 8th respectively. With all but one wrestler returning, next year should prove to be one of the most productive. 1. Peter Grist tortures his Thomas More opponent. 2. Paul Gipps is victorious as his vanquished opponent walks away during B. C. H. S. Wrestling Championships. Irish face a tough schedule! Manager Justin Wyatt, Coach John Mills, Mike O’Brien, Frank Schober. Paul Grout. Alan Hemming, Alex Lobozar, Manager Bernie Marquardt. Toporowski, Kerwin Jarvis, Steve Raverty. Mark Hartman, Ron Rieder, Steve The 1978 79 Varsity Basketball Irish faced one of their most difficult schedules ever, consequently, their season was ex- tremely up and down. The team had height and skills, but lacked experience. They began the season ranked no. 3 in the province, and managed to beat the then no. 1 team, M.E.l. Some of the other highlights of the season were victories over B.C. champs Burnaby South, B.C. Tourney participants Mt. Douglas and Magee, the visits of two Australian teams, and a perfect 4-0 record in the Independent League. The season ended for the team at B.C.I.T. when they blew a 13 point lead in one game, and lost a second by a close margin. Steve Raverty, in his senior year, played consistently well, although he often ran into foul trouble. Other standouts were Frank Schober and Paul Toporowski. The returning players should provide a solid base upon which to build next year’s team. 1. And now, your Vancouver College Fighting Irish for ’79. 2. Frank Schober demoralizes Conrad Sun as he lays one in. 3. Steve Raverty slams one home in practice. 4. The two op- posing 14 ' s collide on the way up at the start of the game. 78 1. Alex Lobozar streaks down court. 2. Mike O’Brien shows his excellent shooting form at STM. 3. Steve Raverty puts one up against the Australians. 4. Paul Toporowski shoots from an acute angle. 5. The whole bench waits in anticipation for Steve Raverty’s shot to come down. 6. Alan Hemming pulls in the rebound. 7 . Steve Grout looks for the open man. § 5 ? 5 1 £ ' §S -v t TP X ' W . 81 1. Kerwin Jaruis shoots from his favorite spot, the corner. 2. Ron Rieder concentrates on an easy two. 3. “ Look me straight in the eye and say that!” says Frank Schober. 4. Mark Hartman fights for a jump ball against Jannali of Australia. 1 2 82 J. V. ’s finish fifth in the Province. Front Row: Mike Correa, Peter Sartin, Jeff Charpentier, Andre Aquino, Joe Eric Koban, Tom Toporowski, Tom Zavadil, David Kiliaan, Sean Doughty, Doyle. Back Row: Coach - Br. Howard, Chris Wills (manager), Stew Bailey, Ron Adair, Coach - Br. Dawson. The Junior Varsity put on an excellent show throughout the year. Sparked by M.V.P. Sean Doughty and Most Improved Player Tom Zavadil, this squad managed to take two out of four tournaments while finishing runner up in the remaining two. Br. Dawson’s strong emphasis on defense led his team to a 24 - 8 record, good for 2nd in the In- dependent League. Honourable mention is much needed for Brother Howard who assisted the team to a 4 - 0 record while Brother Dawson took his days off. Although they beat previously undefeated Hugh Boyd in the regular season, the trend couldn’t keep up during the B.C.’s as they were knocked down into a still respectable fifth spot. 1. Eric Koban rushes for the basket. 2. Sean Doughty illustrates the style that made him M. V.P. 83 Grade 9: Finish first in Independent League. Front Row: David Christie, Greg Welch, Chris McNeill. Stephen Ciccone. Zavadil, Mike Stack, Paul Brown, Back Row: Coach Dario Sponza, Peter Erceg, Mario Montessori, Tom Zavadil, The grade 9 basketball team finished the season with a 16 - 8 record. During the year the players gelled together into a uniform force; their offensive execution, especially their fast breaks caused problems for many opponents. Led by the high scoring duo of Mike Correa and Mike Stack, the Fighting Irish scored an average of 55 points per game. Highlights throughout the season were numerous — the 73 - 61 victory over St. Thomas Moore, the first place finish in the Tsawwassen Tourney and the one point victory over Hugh Boyd. Along with the Tsawwassen Tournament championship the team was co-winner of the Independent League and finished 2nd and 3rd in their two other tournaments. 1. Mike Correa breaks in for another lay-up. 2. Tom Zavadil exhibits perfect form in the two hand jump shot. Grade 8’s subdue their opposition. Front Row: Bernie Raverty, Tony Lindsay, Scan Koban, David Warrian, Mike Hemming, Marc MacMullin, Coach Ten Hon Choo Missing: Martin Tremblay. Sweeney. Back Row : Andy Cheung, Pat Donnelly, John Rivera, Rod The Grade 8 basketball team ended the season with 24 wins against 3 losses including first place finishes in all three tournaments entered: the New Westminister, Westview, and D.W. Poppy Tournaments. This accomplishment was made possible through an excellent defense and an unstoppable offense. The team’s success can be attributed to their drive to win and the constant co-operation among the team members. M.V.P. Rod Hemming was selected to the all-star team in each of the three tournaments, along with John Rivera and Sean Koban. 1. Top scorer Rod Hemming shows how baskets are scored. 2. Andy Cheung hits from the foul line. 85 Grade 7 : Our hope for the future. Front Row: Mike Dziekan, Carlos Amoronto, Todd Lucas, John Clarke Back Agusto Syjuco, Paul Dalla-Lana, Jimmy Georgas, Jim Fahrenholtz, Coach - Row : Coach Sal Giacomazza, Marcus Wagner, Peter Barone, Mark Roller, Br. Basha. The team had a record of 21 wins and 7 losses finishing 2nd in their division. The team showed what they were capable of doing by defeating St. Helen’s in the championship game of our own tour- nament. John Clarke was chosen M.V.P. for the tournament and fine performances were also registered by Mark Roller and Augusto Syjuco. John Clarke and Troy Lucas proved to be the most valuable assets to the team as they kept the opposition at bay with their skillful ball control and adept passing. Together they were undoubtedly the best pair of guards in grade 7 basketball history. Although the team did not have a completely successful season, the players show much hope for the years to come. 1. Todd Lucas dribbles past a lone defender. 2. John Clarke makes it look easy. Grade 6: First in the C.Y.A. League Front Row: Pat Bingham, Harvey Hill, Brian Chanpong, Stuart Gray, Matthew Bingham, Mark Butschler, Frank Clarke. Back Row: Paul Bachmann, David Maxwell, Patrick Guzman, Kris Kucera, Brian Langley, Ryan Mawhinney, Kerry Lucas, Coach - Mr. Bingham. The grade six record of 22 wins and 1 defeat has led them to one of the most impressive in the school’s history. Even more impressive was that more than half of their victories were over Grade 7 teams. This year’s team showed great willingness to learn and a natural feel for the concept of team basketball. Leading scorer for this year’s team was Patrick Bingham followed closely by Matthew Bingham and Paul Bachman. Outstanding defensive players were Stuart Gray and Patrick Guzman. “1979, a true team effort.” 1. Paul Bachmann looks on in awe as Patrick Guzman shoots for a basket. 2. Stuart Gray displays his unique form. A break from the normal routine To escape from the monotonous yearly intramural routine of floor hockey, basketball and volleyball, Mr. Bell initiated the forerunner of what will surely become an annual event of V.C., the First Annual Indoor Track Meet. To encourage participation and school spirit, the student body was divided into four “houses”, and points were awarded for everything from the best decorating to the fastest balloon-blowing. For weeks up to the scheduled date of March 28th, public address an- nouncements fostered the meet, posters spread the word, and spirit grew, but when the first whistle blew, even the most optimistic were surprised. The gym was packed with parents, relatives, teachers and screaming, ecstatic students displaying their team colors. In the true spirit of athletics, the Red Devils and the Black Knights tied for first place, while the Blue Angels and the Purple Tide settled for third and fourth, respectively. 1. Mr. Doyle searches hard but cannot find a flaw in the performance of the Junior Red Devils mat race team. 2. “You call that a good job!” exclaims Mr. Kavalec as he judges the ‘paper ripping contest’. 3. Mark Hagemoen proved to possess a fine piggy back for Damian BotteseUe. 4. Spirit grows in the Black Knights’ corner as they catch up and eventually tie with the Red Devils. 5. Mr. Sponza just felt a sudden urge to do a pushup. 6. One of Mr. Bell’s (far left) many good choices in his duties as the meet organizer was to pick an admirable crew of judges, scorekeepers and announcers. 89 The Irish make tracks! The Track Team Members are: Head Coach Greg Emry. Assistant Coaches: Mr. Doyle, Mr. Hallam, and Mr Anderson, Manager Gordon Moulden, Damian Botteselle, Mike Reilly, Tim Fanning, Joe Milton, Steve Grout, Fred Milton, Ted Herb, Alex Lobozar, Rob Mackinnon, Mark Hartman, Charlie Reeve, Paul Toporowski, Brian Giefing, Haydn Ache, Dan Hagemoen, Zrinko Vuk, Matt MacLeod, Matt Long, Kevin Ridley, Mark Feeney, Tim Naas, Mike Tilbe, Mark Cadinha, Mike Lee, Derek Flanagan, Stewart Bailey, Tom Toporowski, Sean Doughty, Steve Lyons, Paul Richards, John Prescott, Tom Zavadil, Mario Montesorri, A1 Sanvido, Mike Ewanchuck, John Rivera, Peter Grist, Jimmy Laureano, Andy Cheung, Tony Moser, Lester Chow. Under the expert guidance of Head Coach Greg Emry, this Year’s Irish Track Team showed great promise, and looked likely to follow in the footsteps of last year’s record setting team. Most of the athletes showed dedication and determination, as they began training in the fall, for the spring track season. Heading the Irish were six grade twelves, who provided both inspiration and leadership. The team was involved in many meets, and always put up a great fight. One of the more interesting of this year’s meets was a competition between the Irish, and the track teams from North Thurston High School from Washington State, and Mount Douglas from the Island. The Irish won the meet by a small margin. 1. Head Coach Emry and Assistant Coach Doyle watch intently as another race comes to a close. 2. The Irish warm up prior to the season. 3. Joe Milton stretches his sides in preparation for another workout. 4. Paul Toporowski steadily gains on his opponent. 5. Mike Tilbe and Jim Keyes sprint it out. 90 1. Paul Toporowski displays classic form, as he waits in con- fidence for his legs to follow the rest of his body. 2. Rob Mackinnon, grimacing with exhaustion, bears down on the finish line. 3. Tim Fanning hefts the shot put a respectable distance on Bob Clarke. 4. Peter Erceg fights for air, as Ted Herb watches for a foul takeoff. 5. Mr. Sponza and Friend (? ) tabulate the results. 6 . Dan Hagemoen thinks “That ' ll teach that nasty seagull”, as he fires the javelin home. 7 . Steve Grout passes it on to Fred Milton. 8. Haydn Ache grins in relief, as he turns the responsibility over to Joe Milton. 92 Revealing the mysteries of the universe In the midst of a scientific age, Vancouver College en- deavours to keep pace with the continual change that occurs. The Science Department is no exception, as it introduced and improved several courses this year: Human Biology for grade eleven and an updated Chemistry 11 syllabus. 1. Mr. Kavalec demonstrates the right way to butcher a starfish. 2. Justin Wyatt tries it out for himself. 3. “It’s very simple, xn = (n-l 2)L(d), and Tab A fits perfectly in Slot B,” explains Mr. VanderSande to a puzzled Paul Smith. 4. Grade nine general science students study the relationship between force and motion. Foreign Languages — cosmopolitan communication French and Spanish are the two languages offered as electives. The varied curriculum lends itself to the use of much audio-visual resouce material. 1. Joel Dumaresq and Mark Cadinha rack their brains to come up with the past participle of mourir. 2. Mr. Bell gives his opinion to a distressed Rick Wagner. 3. Spanish 10 students look on apprehensively as Mr. Crame prepares their Christmas reports. 4. The conditional tense is too much for some French students, but Mike Kaweski and Tony Macken are still surviving. 97 Graduating class of ’ 80 Front Row: Rick Gill, Kevin Matte, Conall Barr, Nick Schmaling, Brian Bachelder, Carlos Rodriguez, Paul Lucas, Pete Holat Second Row: Dave Pacheco, Tim Pember, Kent Tunstall, Paul Demers, Blair Douglas, Peter Clarke, Rafael Julian, Third Row Jim Watts, Philip Dunn, Paul Gipps, Steve Kilpatrick. Judson Selig, Mark Tilbe, Greg Wirtz. Fourth Row: Joseph Lee, Wilkie Ko, Rob Mackinnon, Bill Canvin, Mr Matusicky Absentees: Joe Corrigan. Paul Lucas. Led by President Kent Tunstall, 112 is a happy mixture of varied per- sonalities who at one time can be scrappy individualists and, at another time, a cohesive group working toward a common goal. Strong lungs and high spirits attest to their presence at school games and to their participation in other activities. Even when their exuberance occasionally demands correction under Mr. Matusicky’s watchful eye, they respond to the discipline in good spirit. They are resilient. 1. Just another lunchtime brawl: Conall Barr and Judson Selig victimize Luc Salerian. Compliments of NATIONAL CATERERS 98 Front Row: Matt Lakowski, Pat Holmes, Rob Johnstone, Paul Toporowski, Gerhard Unger. Third Row: Steve BeNault, John Deguara, A.J. Long, Jose Bruce Calkins, Tom Liaskas, Tom Rossman, Dan Small. Second Row: Mike Ramirez, Paul Davis, Joe Sothy, Br. Dawson Fourth Row: Philip Welch, O’Bryan, Paul Rankin, Rob Scott, Kaon Koo, Sean Mullen, Andrew Fairley, Steve Tobias, Chris Butschler, Gary Horvath, Steve Porter, Mike Foran. The spirit of 113 has become a legend in this school, and this year’s class was no exception. President Paul Toporowski and Vice-President Sean Mullen have involved the class in ab- solutely everything; in Br. Dawson’s own words, “You name it, we are in on it.” As always, this generous class led Grade 11 in missions and intramurals. 1. Andrew Fairley makes effective use of Mr. Bell’s audio-visual equip- ment for a French report. With Appreciation PACK LAKE LOGGING 99 100 1. “This is the third day I ' ve been standing like this, and still no relief.” 2. “Just 12,938 1 2 steps to my heart’s content . . .”3. Mr. Hallam and MILK? 4. Why does it always snow on Fridays ? 5. “ Why does Emily Post prescribe these drills ? One, two, three, five . . .”6. “Look, it’s spelt ‘R O ZZZZ A’. ” i 101 First Row: Roman Pasqualotto, Tony Macken, Mike Kreykenbohm, Karl Charles Reeve, Robert Lau, Marc Dufrane, Peter Groves. Third Row: Howard Meszaros, Mark Hartman, Mark Beaulieu, Mike Kaweski, Bruno Malibert Cadinha, Alan Fedyk, Mike Chan, William Wan, Justin Wyatt, Frank Chan, Second Row: Joe Pulchny, Luc Salerian, Denny Sovernigo, Ray Dagenais. Mr Sponza Homeroom 115, being a rather small class of only 21 students, was a closely united group. Not necessarily superb athletically, its support of the intramural program was enthusiastic and abundant. The class members, led by President Mike Kaweski, were involved in all aspects of V.C. life — athletics, academics, and yearbook, to name a few. 1. Ray Dagenais and Frank Chan demonstrate two quite different study techniques. Compliments of CANTEL ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION and MERIT OIL COMPANY ■ ■ 102 Front Row: Patrick O’Loughlin, Bob Kosick, Ray Torresan, Alan Hemming, Tom Pulchny, Stewart Muir, Br Brennan, Third Row: Kevin Robinson, Anson Alex Lobozar, Piotr Czaykowski, Bradley Batsford, Tim Koch, Second Row: Chen, Natasak, Rodjanapiches, Craig Jeffrey, Fred Zurkirchen, Paul Cat- Stewart Sexsmith, Gary Norman, John O ' Neill, Perry Mileos, Brian Giefing, chpole, Gordon Moulden This year’s 116 is characterized by a fervent enthusiasm for athletics, evident in the class’ intramural performance and support of sports. In addition, the members of this clan are noted for their friendliness and their involvement in the school’s “human” affairs. The president is Stewart Muir, assisted by vice- president Gordon Moulden. 1. Pat O ' Loughlin and Alex Lobozar discuss radical politics. With Thanks to INTERNATIONAL AVIATION TERMINALS LTD. 103 Our world and its history In his second year as head of the Socials department, Br. Kenny strives to raise the over-all level of achievement by getting the students to think more objectively. A notable change in the courses was the increased emphasis placed on essay writing as opposed to the mere memorization of facts and dates. 1. Grade nines in their final cram before an exam. 2. Mr. Sponza holds his class in rapt attention. 3. and 4. Mr. Kelli y has just given his class another assignment; The tiger on the wall expresses the students ' disapproval. 104 To understand God better Undeniably our largest department, the Religion Depart- ment sets Vancouver College apart from the public schools. Br. Dawson has worked tirelessly to provide a program centered around our individual responsibility to grow as persons. The introduction of a retreat program, class liturgies, and a variety of guest speakers all aid in accomplishing this goal. 1. Retreats are an important aspect of our religious training. Here Fr. McLeod celebrates Mass with a group of grade nines. 2 Br. Martin reads a selection from Understanding Christian Worship. 3. A Pro-Life representative talks to Religion 11 students about abortion. 4. and 5. What’s green and drills holes ? ... A drill pickle! Graduating class of ’81 m for V Front Row Mark Layzell, Gerardo Poo. Conor Murphy. Dan Paris, Ricky Wagner, Randy Bileski, Gordon Urquhart, Pat Conlin Second Row Leo Schwarz, Peter Sartin, Randy Regush, Roger Grover. Steve Lau Jerry Ng, Neil Hoo. Third Row: Jason Hart. Patrick Thrift, Mike Horan, Karel Carhoun, Joe Doyle, Dino Georgas, John Ghatak, Mark Roza, Br. Kenny. Fourth Row. Brian Pol, Nigel Hutchinson, Steve Lyons, Jerry Hollis, Tom Toporowski Geoff Fisher, Ron Groom. This class, as a group, has blended well since September. Led by president Dino Georgas and vice-president Steve Lyons, they are a willing group of individuals with enough Christian charity to help one another. They make visible this charity through their contributions to the missions, the intramural program, and their involvement in activities. 1. John Little and Conor Murphy turn their attention to the ex- plosion at the back of the Physics lab. 2. It’s a wonder Dan Paris made it through the year! . . . Front Row: Mike Tilbe, Stephen Brown, Shehan Wickramasekera, Stanley Foo, Andre Aquino, Scott Langley, Zvonko Maretic, Stephen Robinson, Carlos Fedyk. Second Row: David Canvin, Andrew Knight, Dan Hagemoen, Paul Schober, Brent Done, Simon Mackenzie, Paul Smith, Mark Fidgett, Michael Moisson. Third Row: Mr. Mills, Jeff Charpentier, Peter Keyes, Haydn Ache, Martin Emsiander, Michael Hirschprung, Rick Eppich, Chris Wills, Mike Morgan. One of the distinguishing features of 103 is the individuality of its members, whether it be on the sports field or in the classroom. This class participates ac- tively in intramurals and has members in the Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball and football teams. Jeff Charpentier and Mike Hirschprung have provided real leadership, while the day to day activities of the class were overseen by Mr. Mills. Individuality is the motto for grade 103. 1 . Scott Langley executes a self- portrait while Sean Doughty admires his craftsmanship. Brought to you by SCHUEK CONSTRUCTION LTD. 107 Fun with valuable equipment 1. “Keith, are you sure she won’t mind . . .?” 2. Mr. Doyle, your Chinese tea is ready! 3. Doug Turner always wanted his own Cougar ! 4 . Who said this valve wasn’t stuck ? . . . and besides, who said Mexicans were strong ? 5. “So you’re the Man with the Golden Belly Button!” “Hey kid, buzz off!” 6. Fowl play is suspected here. 7. “Mrs. Naas really learned me good . . . let’s see now ...” 108 Front Row: Gary Mordecai, Richard Matte. Peter Wong, George Dudas, Liam Coughlan, Richard Leong, Peter Hall, Frank Horvath, Steven Wong. Second Row : Phillip Kubik, Kevin Falcon, Edmund Ng, Gerald Belgardt, David Tabe, John Little, Mike Kwok, Br Howard. Third Row Kevin Ridley, Rick Brownrigg. Ashley Rattee. Mike Geary, Larry Bell, Paul Gatto, Robert Car- valho. Alfonso Abraham Fourth Row . Todd Page, Mark Welman, Steven Parsons. David Green, Alan Sanvido. Under the leadership of president David Green, Grade 104 possesses all the favourable traits that any class at V.C. should possess. Hard working, honest, and kind, its members are generous in giving when the need arises. School spirit abounds, as is attested to by the large numbers at- tending games and taking part in in- tramurals. 1. Vice-president Rick Brownrigg seems to haue mistaken the bleachers for a piano. With Thanks to DUNBAR SONS and HALE OPTICAL ASSOCIATES no Front Row: Mark Feeney, Glenn Montgomery, Jim Genac, Tim Naas, Greg Guile, Ricky Richardson, Nick Randall, Martin Tsui. Second Row Paul Pelletreau, Brian Truscott, Neil Major, Jason Sze, Barry Kubik, William Tsaw, Tony Roberts, Peter Seraphim. Third Row : Greg Fodchuk, Norman Hullah, Mark Heaney, Greg Bell, David Fletcher, Mark Ellery, Christopher Koh, Mr. Emry. Fourth Row: Stewart Bailey, Sean Doughty, Eric Koban, Robert Caverzan With the help of homeroom teacher Mr. Emry, the young men of 105 created an atmosphere of friendship and enthusiasm in their work at V.C. With members in virtually every activity, they truly represented themselves unselfishly. President: William Tsaw. Vice-President: Greg Guile. 1. Chris Koh takes time out from his busy schedule to soothe his parched throat. 2. Brian Truscott has a somewhat more accurate eye for musical instruments. A Tip of the Hat to CANARIM INVESTMENT CORPORATION ill Mathematics: the foundation of science . . . If statistics are any indication of a job well done, we should be of the fact that, on the university level, 100% of Br. Brennan’s proteges passed their final exams. Throughout all levels, students of math are encouraged to compete in the annual math contests. 1. Br. Fowler uses a projector to demonstrate graphing techniques. 2. Mathematics with a smile — from Br. Dawson. 3. “At this rate , it’ll take me ten years to get to calculus, ” muses Paul Pelletreau. 4. Mike Kreykenbohm savours the heat of competition. 112 . . . and business The best businessmen have learned through practical experience. Mr. Emry encourages the boys to involve themselves in small business. The school supplies store and canteen at home games have both proved to be profitable ventures. 1. Philip Welch contemplates the immorality of modern commercial dealings. 2. Grade nine commerce students learn all about tax evasion. 3. An audio-visual lecture by Mr. Emry. 4. Typing — an important business skill. Graduating class of ’82 Front Row: Conor Shankey, John O’Flynn, David Ellery, Ron Rogers, Mark Paddack, Doug Bilesky, Robert Metcalfe, Zrinko Vuk Second Row: Chris Partaik, Paul Brown, Andrew Butschler, Mike Correa, Jason Clarke. Robert Pereira, Geoff Scott, Dirck Sillery. Kevin Mrazek, Steve Rudkowski Third Row: Anthony Pengson, Ernie Paisley, Curtis Brennan, Andrew Williams, David Christie, Sam Vovnic, Tom Tsiandoulas, Rob Gerein, Peter Ivancic, David Shyong. Fourth Row: Greg Welch, Brian Lynch, Peter Erceg, David Kiliaan, Tom Zavadil, Alfred Alvares. Peter Jeffrey, Scott Howard. Absentees: Br. Furey. 1 M 1 4 m yw i rSr MB , r Masai ■JO Eager and cooperative beavers? You may well ask yourself whether there exists such a beast. Closer inspection of this year’s homeroom 91 will reveal that such a species does exist. Indeed, Br. Furey has had little trouble getting his hard working bunch to excel in all areas of endeavour, such as intramurals, academics and the Musical. 1. Br. Furey prays that his class will eventually attain enlighten- ment. 2. Paul Brown’s serving is the embodiment of professional technique. 114 Compliments of D.J. LAURSON GOLDSMITHS INC. If f inn SMI ■ ‘ A Front Row: Mike Walsh, Matt Long, Vincent Dziekan, Colin Metal, Damian McKevitt, Robert Ruskey, Steven Stumpf, Bradley Woods, Mike Lee, Pat Clarke. Second Row : Br Basil, Conrad Lakowski, Doug Rogers, Derek Page, Paul Richards, Derek Flannagan, Chris Stead, Richie Kitos, Bruce Strang Third Row: Colin Moroney, Peter Gajdics, Damir Smitlener, Bob Kritharis, Oscar D’Mello, Peter Adamovich, Ben Patterson, John Montague, Roger Smith, Eusebius Reyes. Fourth Row: Mike Green, Stewart Newton, Terry Hammill, John Gaspar, Spiro Poulos, Steve Butschler, Ron Adair, Bernie Schneider. The first impression that strikes most onlookers about class 92 is that this was a very spirited, lively, and, at times, unruly bunch. Underneath this boisterous and casual exterior was found no small measure of generosity. Indeed, whenever treasurer Vince Dziekan brought the missions cup around, it never came back less than half full. Once again, Br. Basil’s mere presence at homeroom seemed to inspire the charitable nature in all his students, as, in the past, homeroom 92 collected the highest missions total in the school for the year. Not to be outdone, President Paul Richards made sure that 92 participated fully in all the intramurals. 1. Typing 9’s star students join Br. Noonan in a furious type-a-thon. Compliments of MACKENZIE HEIGHTS LTD. and ELICON INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS r . , 115 1. Sunny days demand the use of the main entrance o) Lannon Hall for senior lunches. 2. The Weekend Warrior gave new meaning to “ the Great Outdoors.” 3. The Red Devils burned their opposition at the Indoor Track Meet. 4. Masses — an integral part of student life. 5. “Do you really think you can break 800.000 on this machine?” 6. A Walkathon lunch break. 7. ‘‘Hey, Doc, is it true that elephants wear sneakers?” 116 Front Row: Dale Holt, Doug Holt, Steve Davis, Bill Copp, Frank Geier, Chris Tudan, Armand Leroy, Keenan Charles Second Row Mr Lattimer, Albert Budai, Greg Neal, Ken Kavanagh, John Prescott, Alex Macdonald, Hernando Cortez, Julian Ludlow, Doug Main, Kevin Fletcher. Third Row Clarence Hui, Steve Scully, Doug Turner, Quinn Spencer, Gerard Sauve, Mark Cadinha, John Contini, Grant Goodwin. Fourth Row: Troy Smith, Mike Cependa, Jeff Fraser, Jamie Koch, Mike Stack, Mike Torresan, Paul Clarke, Joel Dumaresq. Homeroom 93 is famous for its very interesting and informative discussions held during Religion class. They are eager and open in their discussion of moralistic and religious issues. By doing this they show the healthy curiosity of their age group. As a group they tend to be willing to participate in celebrating religious themes, i.e. an Advent wreath, Remembrance Day display board and on the occasion of Br. Basil’s 25th anniversary they presented him with an engraved silver cigarette case. 1. Hernando Cortez displays a renewed interest in religious literature. Compliments of THE MILOS FAMILY 118 Front Row: Stephen Ho, David Gray, Colin Ferguson, Troy Stasiuk, Steve Ciccone, Chris McNeill, David Rally, Remy Stachowiak. Second Row: Mark Radzikowski, Tom Lisicar, Paul Irvine, Jamie Graham, Jonathan Gregory, Andrew Hopkins, Warren Fong, Rob Watts, Christian Schafmeister. Third Row: Mr Hallam, Tim Smith, Terence McCann, Sean Spragg, Greg Leblanc, Jeff Palmer, Joey Dong, Jeff Seymour Fourth Row: Matt MacLeod, Scott Pickard, Matt Stone, Mario Montessori, Bob Stekl, David Squelch, Andy Moroz, Wade Birch Absentees: Paul Kirk. Room 94 must be the most con- sistently decorated class in V.C. One glance at the mural of 165 Sports Illustrated covers, from as far back as 1969, lining 3 walls will tell you why. This is but one of the reasons that Mr. Hallam thinks that his homeroom class is the most original in the school. To further back his belief, 94 was also the first class to donate Christmas hampers to the needy. Class officers Mario Montessori, Chris McNeill and Stephen Ho did a fine job of carrying out other ideas and plans that the class thought up during the year. 1 . Oscar D’Mello almost faints at the mere thought of impending exertion , as demonstrated by Stephen Ho and Mark Cadinha. Compliments of FOUR SEASONS’ FLORIST and RAY RUTTAN 119 Our creative side: language arts . . . Good writing stems from a thorough knowledge of grammar and structure. Our English department stresses these fundamentals, along with imagination and creativity to produce a well- rounded English program. 1. Thank God it’s Friday. 2. Mr. Matusicky exhibits his linguistic talents. 3. “Oh, really?” comments Tim Pember. “And I always thought I was Slovenian.” 4. Julius Caesar comes alive for English 10 students. 5. Mr. Hallam explains the intricacies of English grammar. 120 . . . and the fine arts This year’s art classes have proven themselves to be replete with talent. Materials used have varied from clay to stained glass, and from wood to metal. 1. Br. Gerard operates the band saw with consummate ease. 2. Budding Michelangelos exercise their art under the talented eye of Miss DeVita. 3. Randy Orne seems to be drawing a molecule of sodium benzoacrylate. 4. A perfect self-portrait is executed by Brian Giefing. 5. Matt Karpes shows considerable facility in fabricating a plywood facsimile of a stork. Graduating class of ’83 Front Row: Glen MacNeil, Michael Fedyk, Ulf Von Dehn, Michael Ewanchuk, Matt Steele, Robert Minielly, Paul Robertson, Bruce Macaulay. Second Row Mr. Kelly, Colin Buckingham, Emmet Hickey, Andrew Gangell, Ron Quirk, DidierCulat, Lawrence Croft, Marcel Rada, Simeon Roberts Third Row Matt Karpes, Tony Lindsay, Gordon Eppich, Werner Kopp, Patrick Kinsella, John Barone. Mark Howes, Sean Hobman. Fourth Row: David Girard, Trevor Hicks, Kevin Wunderlich, Jaime Laureano, Richard Ladd, Martin Leduc, Kevin Shaughnessy, Sean Hanlin. Enthusiasm abounds in this class of 31 students, who make it a point to participate in all aspects of school activities. They boast a number of scholarly students but academics is not the only field they excel in, as a glance at their mission totals and intramural totals will surely confirm. Indeed, a promising future lies ahead of this class. 1. Keith Roscoe pounds his desk in disap- pointment at the results of his socials project while Trevor Hicks offers his consolation. Compliments of THIEL ELECTRIC LTD, 122 Front Row: Marcel Bittel, Erwin Doebeli, Paul Favaro, Ricard Thomas, Randy Orne, Kevin Reilly, Alexander Labao, Michael Guzman Second Row: Gelasio Reyes, Bruce Colwill, Roberto Abraham, Mark Herbert, Matt Wisniewski, Steve Buerger, Robbie Parmar, Br Fowler. Third Row: Daryl Marchinkow, Daniel Capretti, Bernard Raverty, Alfred Schenk, Tony Moser, Bruce Mc- Cheyne, Danny Moroz. Fourth Row: Sydney Nicholls, Andrew Cheung, Rod Hemming, Adrian Wijesinghe, John Rivera, Michael Duggan, Jose Delgado, Kevin Maher. Absentees: Brad King. 82 contains the future hopes of the Athletics Department of Vancouver College. This class has worked together to do well in the intramural program and has supplied many players to the freshmen football and basketball teams. Participation and co- operation are catchwords for this class, and, under the leadership of president Kevin Reilly and vice-president Brad King, they have kept the standards raised. Academically the class is kept on an even keel, thanks to the steady hand of Br. Fowler. 1. Miss DeVita and Bruce McSheyne share a moment of artistic achievement. Compliments of CLARKE SIMPKINS LTD. 123 1. " No, Michael, spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees. ” 2. “ Where does it say in here that Moses crossed the swamps into Richmond? " 3. Nurse Patterson — a picture of dedication. 4. " Yes, Mr. Doyle, at least that big, and even bigger. ” 5. “ Uh . . . don’t you think Mr. Van der Sande will sense something’s wrong when we all have the same answers ? " 6. " OK! For the last time, the rest of you come up here and empty your pockets!” 7 . " Heh heh ... so it didn’t work, did it?” 8. " , Did you say the tires have disappeared from my car?” 124 125 Front Row: Scott Richards, Randall Foo. Joseph Zanatta. Wilfred Bohm. Sam Becker, Sean Koban, Ronald Ruiz, Brian Renix Second Row Mr Crame, Chris Cook, Mike Olma, Darren Ell, Jonathan Wee, Lee Tyler, Paul Fletcher, Carlos Mariscal, Geoff Gray-Grant. Third Row Peter Grist, Rene De Diego, Lester Chow, David Warrian, Stephen Keizer, Maxwell Johnson, Phillipe Horry, John Borchert Fourth Row: Bill Allman, Peter Cochlin, Michael Hancock, Bruce Buckland, Keith Roscoe, Robert Antoniazzi, John Andrews, “A class of winners”, this is Mr. Crame’s description of his homeroom, class 83. Pat Fletcher did an admirable job of collecting missions, so much so as to put the class in second place in the school. In addition to this spirit of charity, they were unstoppable in intramural competition. 1. Mr. Kelly smirks as Martin Tremblay asks, “What do you think the chances are of the grade eights beating the Varsity football team. ” Compliments of HOYLES NIBLOCK INTERNATIONAL and MR. JEFF COMPOS 126 Front Row: Tony Miles, Duncan Weatherston, Chris Teng, David McLean, Michael Paris, Chris Wallbank, Michael Beulne, Michael Sweeney. Second Row: Peter Maia, Michael Collins, David Tompkins, Martin Tremblay, Marc MacMullin, Kevin Smith, Kirby Pears, Mr. Boreham. Third Row: Alan Doyle, Armand Rankin, Danny McKeowen, John Kelly, David Crecth, Louis Ramirez, Richard Porter. Fourth Row: Arthur Hattrick, Mark Gerlach, Geoff Lane, Sean Love, William Rascan, Pat Donnelly, Colin Carney, Tony Medic This class has seen many ups and downs this past year, especially in mission collections where totals have been known to increase and decrease 25-fold from one day to the next! Augmenting their missions were several auctions of lost and found items and a Super Bowl XIII pool. We hope that their future holds more ups than downs. 1. Br. Gerard claims, “It’s the little finishing touches that make the difference. ” 127 Residents: A cosmoplitan community. Front Row: Glen Montgomery, William Wan, Liam Coughlan, Michael Walsh, Raphael Julien, Gerardo Poo, Chris Koh, Gregory Le Blanc Second Row: Anthony Law, Michael Morgan, Philip Kubik, Edmund Ng, Brian Pol, Philip Dunn, Haydn Ache, Geoffrey Fisher, Stewart Sexsmith, Br. Howard. Third Row: Br Kenny, Timothy Smith. Barry Kubik, Blair Douglas, Joseph Lee, Peter Wong, Wilkie Ko, Steven Wong, Douglas Main. Robert Lau. Fourth Row: Carlos Rodriguez, MicVuel Green, Luc Salerian, Conrad Frisse, Brian Bachelder, Ken Armstrong, James Williams Absent Peter Groves, Jose Ramirez. Asst. Moderators: Joe Rogers, Peter O ' Loughlin. The resident students exemplify a truely cosmopolitan community. The group is made up of boys from Mexico, Swit- zerland, Hong Kong and far reaching corners of British Columbia. The residents who range from grade nine to twelve have been under the careful supervision of Brothers Kenny and Howard and assistant moderators Joe Rogers and Peter O’Loughlin for the past year. 1. Tim Smith moving in for another school year. 2. Br. Kenny to Rafael Julien, “ . . . Then comes the stork. ...” (need we say more). 3. Tim Smith and Ken Armstrong gamble away their allowances. 4. The enthusiastic Conrad Frisse works away at the first of many masterpieces. 5. The old “behind the back double rebound bank shot ” as performed by Mr. Sponza. 6. The fate of Liam Coughlan lies in the hands of co- moderators Joe Rogers and Peter O’Loughlin. Wednesday afternoons — a change of pace. What is needed to create the complete student? A burning question and one that Vancouver College attempts to solve. Textbooks and lessons obviously contribute to a balanced student, but extracurricular activities have a place in today’s school. Every Wednesday for nine weeks, students from grades eight to twelve participate in many varied activities, ranging from chess to skiing, photography to woodwork, and art to bowling. Why? A student needs to develope and experience many different interests and Vancouver College strives to give this opportunity. Everyone has their own personal interests and each Wednesday allows everyone to go and do the things he desires. Activities, whether school or play contribute to the ongoing development of the high school student. 1. Keith Roscoe and Frank Geier have taken the Audio- Visual activity to prepare for their careers as T. V. cameramen and producers. 2. Todd Lorenz puts his famous backspin serve to good use. 3. The defense parts in fear as Mike Corea prepares for another devastating spike. 4. John Pelletreau shows Mike Kenney the intricate workings of his homemade computer. 5. Stamp collecting — a rewarding international hobby. 6. The expression on Jim Genac’s face surely shows how seriously he takes his bowling. 7. Brian McKeown wonders how he is going to get out of this predicament. 132 133 134 1. Brent Guile’s method of “Getting High!’’ 2. Fred Milton demonstrates the perfect tip roll. 3. The most important skill in hockey seems to be missing the puck! 4. Greg Lynch leads a group of Grade 12 skiers to another challenging run. 5. “How do you start one of these things ?” 6. The art of converting men to fish. 7 . Something very i nteresting has obviously caught the attention of our swimmers. 8. Brian MacKay and Bernie Marquart prepare themselves for the dangers of the sea by first practicing indoors. 135 Co-operation — their trademark. Front Row: Fred Milton. William Tsaw. John Andrews, Paul Richards, Roland St. Cyr, Kent Tunstall, Mark Hagemoen Second Row Dave Culos, Neil Smith, Mark O’Loughlin, Tom Toporowski, Jeff Charpentier, Mario Mon- tessori, Mike Kaweski Third Row: Didier Culat, Mike Colins, Dino Georgas Stewart Muir, Kevin Reilly. Nineteen seventy-eight, seventy-nine has seen the student council involved in the walkathon, rallies, missions, and the general betterment of Vancouver Colleges’ school spirit. Under the leadership of President Marc O’Loughlin and Vice- President Fred Milton, the council has worked towards making our school a better place for both the students and faculty. The “man from down under” and his team of co-workers worked together well; co-operation as their trademark. 1. Fred Milton, our student body Vice-President helps Jim Fauaro plan for his college future. 2. “Fair Dinkum ( mate) . ” The “VoiCe” of the students. Front Row: Sandy Meyerhoff, Justin Wyatt, Joe Creegan, Frank Schober. Top Row: Mr. Lattimer (moderator) . Once again the Voice staff has had the arduous task of putting together the Voice, and that is a full time job. Editor Joe Creegan and Moderator Mr. Lattimer as well as typists, advisors, scriptwriters, editors and printers have worked since September to put out the periodical. Long hours and hard work have paid off, as is seen by the results. 1. Mr. Lattimer and Joe Creegan put together and arranged our favorite newspaper. 2. Schober sifts through another super special sports story . 3. It ' s spelled V-O-I-C-E not V-O-W-C-E, says the editor Joe Creegan to Justin Wyatt. We do it all for The job was long and tedious, but the satisfaction of the final product has been well worth the effort. Many people are to be commended for their share in the publication and indeed the excellence of this issue of the Collegian . A very capable and competent staff was led by Roland St. Cyr (editor) and Br. Paul Raymond (moderator). The Collegian staff is only the nucleus around which many people make generous contributions of time and energy. We are indebted to Mrs. Davis and Miss DeVita for their artistic input. We thank Br. Maher for his photography workshop and Mr. Norm Shaw for his endless hours of advice and assistance. Also, thanks to Br. Furey, Peter O’Loughlin, Mark Hagemoen and Mrs. Naas for their assistance with copy writing. We wish to thank you, the student body, for your patience and cooperation. 1 . The tedious job of copy; editing was left in the capable hands of Ivan Revelant. 2. Gerry; Belgardt “ . . . lets his fingers do the walking " . 3. Rob Johnstone, our sports editor, stops at his locker for a quick pose. 4. Roland St. Cyr works tirelessly; at checking layouts. 5. Under the guidance of Marc O’Loughlin, this year ' s ad campaign collected a record high of well over $14000. you! First Row Mr Norm Shaw. Frank Geier, Roland St Cyr. Br Paul Raymond, Dan Paris, Clarence Hui. Second Row Chris Ho, Marc O ' Loughlin, Roger Grover, Stephen Lim, Peter Heah, Brent Done. Third Row: Brent Guile, Frank Schober, Mike Fahrmann, Mike Lopianowski, Piotr Czaykowski, Ivan Revelant, Gerry Belgardt. Top: Mike Kaweski. 138 l - si i -. ' . 1 | Safe st . V.C. — L.F. A. celebrate 10th anniversary . After nine years of presenting superlative musicals the V.C. L.F. A. Musical Society was very pleased to mark its 10th Anniversary with its fine rendition of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes.” The musical’s demanding production numbers, fast moving pace, and vibrant tempo was delightfully tempered with crowd pleasing humour. Included were Cole Porter hits such as: “Its Delovely,” “Friendship,” “Bon Voyage,” “Heaven Hop,” “Blow Gabriel Blow” and “You’re the Top” — just to mention a few. The fact that the musical numbers were performed with such expertise proved that many hours of work had been put into them. These practises were held under the supervision of Music Director Mr. Kazun, and the extremely talented director- choreographer Grace MacDonald. Handled by Br. Furey, the technical aspects of the production were also well done. Sets, props, costumes, lighting, sound and other odd jobs, contributed immensely to the enjoyable quality of the evening. Judging from the three performances, the cast and crew of Anything Goes deserve a round of applause. 1 . and 2. Ted Herb worked the follow spots while Jim Watts took care of the sound effects. 3. Grace MacDonald gives advice to Michel Paris on how to portray the part of Bonnie. 4. Mark Hagemeon and Dolly Lakowski find out that love really is “Delovely. 5. The cast warmed up before every practice by doing scales. 6. Paul Borchert performs as a parson propped on his perch. 7. Jim and Lynette Lattimer were just a few of the many who provided entertainment at the very successful Musical Benefit Dinner Dance. 140 BBa bkMw mu n 1 1 . The entire cast, orchestra and production staff pose for a group shot after the Friday night performance. 2. The Angels make Mr. Whitney (Gerhard Unger) feel welcome. 3. Reno Sweeny ( Susie Mackinnon) lures cameraman (Greg Wirtz) to take pictures of her and her Angels. 4. Mrs. Harcourt (Leonora Lakowski) and the Captain (Bruce Calkins) make acquaintances as Billy Crocker (Mark Hagemeon) deviously writes the phrase “I luv you” on the Captain’s back. 5. Hope Harcourt (Dolly Lakowski) tries to get serious but Sir Evelyn just wants to play. 6. The leads find out what “ Friendship ” is really like. 7 . “And you stand there in your nak edness,” says Moonface Martin (Paul Borchert) as he walks in on an unexpectant Sir Evelyn (Charles Ivancic). 8. Bonnie (Michel Paris) and the sailors prepare to do the “Heaven Hop. ” 143 I t ■ •‘ Vi-::. Elementary graduates. Front Row: Chris Gray, Taylor Knight, John Clarke, Michael Dziekan, Joe Olma, Colin Black, Jim Spry, Paul Muir. Second Row: Oswald D ' Mello, Rodney Lobozar. Eric Hansen, Sean Johnson, Ronaldo Falso, Troy Lucas, Mike Harrison, Paul McNeill, Stephen Smith. Third Row Geoffrey Adair, Mike Knight, Robert Armstrong, Marcus Wagner, Blair Chancey, Kevin Graduating class of ’ 84 Mr. Kim described his class as hard-working and persevering in both their work and in extra-curricular activities. Mark Roller led this energetic and boisterous class as president. 71 has many excellent athletes who were outstanding on school teams. 1. Mr. Kim helps Carlos Amoranto and Mark Roller with some difficult math problems. Compliments of J. MCNEILL ENTERPRISES LTD. McKenna, Niall Patrick, Joseph Ivancic, Paul Dalla-Lana. Fourth Row: Ron Horvat, Carlos Amoranto, Andrew Robinson, Fursey Gotuaco, Tony Em- slander, Peter Furmedge, Chris Van der Linden, Mark Roller, Augusto Syjuco. Absentees: Taylor Knight. 146 Front Row: Jeff Howey, John Olson, Jimmy Georgas, Robert Lundy, Greg Armitage, Paul McMullen, Siu Cheah, Wendell Fong Second Row Alfred Ling, Chris Martin, Paulo Gomez, Stephen Lim, Sean Murphy, Rod Hawkins, Chris Dziekan, Paul Brum, Jon Ormaechea, Mark Ratee. Third Row: Jason Vail, Brad Smith, Ulysses Petro, Sean Doolan, Brad Done, David Jansen, James Farenholtz, Mario Felicella, Tommy Sweeney. Fourth Row: Kim Harris, Richard Walter, Stephen Knox, Peter Barone, John Lane, Mike Bruce, Winston Helgason, Tyler Lorenz, Mike Clarke. Absentees: Bernard Coulsen. Graduating class of ’84 The morale of Class 72 is high this year, and the spirit is one of awareness. Nurse Patterson and Br. Raymond have put great emphasis on “getting to know yourself.” This self- awareness program will take time to bear fruit but, from the reaction of the class, the knowledge that each person is unique and has something to offer seems to be getting through. 1 . Chris Dziekan is in the depths of thought while Jon and Jason peruse the latest issue of Superman. Compliments of RAY OLMA 147 Kings of the disco scene The Grade Sevens had many diverse interests, but all of them had in common their great school spirit. 1. Carlos Amoranto winds up for a blast on goal with Jim Farenholtz in hot pursuit. 2. Grade 72 looks at some Indian ' s deceased mummy at the Centennial Museum. 3. Blair Chancey shows off his skill with an amazing display of balance. 4. Mike Bruce and Paulo Gomez concentrate hard on tying knots that even their own mothers couldn ' t undo. 5. Troy Lucas and Rodney Lobozar, of 71, do the Jerusalem Shepherd’s Disco Dance before an amused Mr. G. 6. Stop thief! Siu Cheah is caught in the act of digging up a fern on an ecology field trip. 7. Sean Murphy and Tyler Lorenz did a great job of organizing the Grade Seven discos throughout the year. 8. Alfred Ling swings wildly at the Christmas pinata as his classmates cheer him on. 149 Intermediate Front Row: Andrew Bryson, Gerald Shaffer, Desmond Viegas, Brian Chanpong, Bryan Bell, Ricardo Horvat, Timothy Haslam, Matthew Bingham, Martin Moser. Second Row: David Martin, Troy Tunstall, James Craig, David Maxwell, Paul Bachmann, Gregory Palmer, Patrick Guzman, William Shotz, Adrian Schwarz, Ryan Mawhinney. Third Row: Stuart Gray, Douglas Mc- Bride, Edward Joannides, Leo Sweeney, Thomas L ' Helias, Anthony McAleer, Andrew MacFarlane, Nicolas Joannides, Mark Butschler, Br. Conti. Fourth Row: Patrick Knight. Mark Wisniewski, James Toudy, Peter Tsian- doulas, Anthony Szeto, Kevin Fortinski, Brian Langley, Anthony Small. Graduating class of ’85 Brother Conti exudes a unique style in the classroom. His team approach in gaining marks lends a sense of support to many students and fosters responsibility among his students. People learn to depend on one another to complete their share of the work load. As a result they are active and supportive, and because of this many new friendships have been made. 1. Dauid Martin sends a message in Morse Code to Brian Langley while Andrew MacFarlane offers a helping hand. Compliments of CARGO WEST ANTIQUES and SWEENEY COOPERAGE LTD. 150 Graduating class of ’ 86 Front Row : Mark Brown, Cory Smith, Pius Ho, Kevin Chen, Michael Hartley, Paul Wilson, Declan Lawlor, Jose Dino. Second Row: Eddy Wood, Michael Hudd, Dean Doolan, Theron Knape, John Watts, Frank Clarke, Jimmy Balatsas, David Bennett, Harvey Hill. Third Row: John Dyer, Jimmie Hor- vath, Warren Nash, Neil Martin, Bert Boucher, Stephen Danielsen, Kerry Lucas, Patrick Bingham, Brother Basha, Fourth Row: Marco Barrera, Jason Dumaresq, Daniel Wichert, Michael Guthrie, Kris Kucera, David Graham, Luke O ' Loughlin, Jason Doolan. Absentees: Franco Felicella This high spirited Grade Five class showed their extreme generosity no matter what the cause, and was always one of the leaders in the school. Although not exceptional in scholastic efforts, Grade Five was determined to be the “Spirit Setters” in the school. Throughout the year Brother Basha stressed the development of concern for other members in the class. 1. Everybody was thrilled by the otters during this Grade Five outing to the aquarium. Compliments of MILO EUROPEAN CAR SPECIALISTS 151 Curiosity and ingenuity surpasses. The Grade Fives and Six’s spirit and attitude was reflected in their activities throughout the year. 1. Grade Five and Six enthusiasm during the Collegian Ad Campaign made them top sellers in the school. 2. A strange inner force possesses Jim Toudy as he clutches a boa con- sticter. 3. “When I told my father I wanted a set of wheels I meant a Harley!” 4. Kevin Fortinski heads his model car towards Paul Bachmann and Andrew Bryson’s home made traffic light. 5. Through rain and shine Andrew Bryson was always faithful in raising the flag. 6. The Grade Six’s over abundance of energy sometimes took them right up the wall. 7. Every class has its contemplative moments. 8. Michael Hudd waits while Franco Felicella clearifies a point with Br. Basha. 153 Front Row: Igor Antognetti, Gareth Duncan, Pat Ewanchuk, Anthony Watt, Martin Syjuco, Terry Dunne, Fraser Uitenbosch, Kelven Vail Second Row Todd Fortinski, Peter Nash, Chris McGoran, Clayton Clarke, David Mitchell, Rory O’Donnell, Kirk Butschler. Eric Huber, Chris Lane Third Row Carl Mascarenhas, Edward Dino, Michael Kennedy, Jason Malone. Angus Mac- Farlane, Stefan Baumstark. Andrew MacFarlane. Paolo Montessori, Mrs. Kim Fourth Row: Jeffrey Buckland, Chad Klein, Dean Russell, Frank Kucera, Trevor Farenholtz. Paul Nagra. Graduating class of ’87 The Grade Fours describe themselves as being “hardworking, curious, kind and helpful,” in other words, an all- round class. Of course, being so exuberant, they enjoyed physical education and other activities. President Ray O’Donnell and Vice-President Dean Russel led this class. 1. Stephan Baumstark shows intense interest whenever Mrs. Kim tries to get a point across. Compliments of ZENITH DEVELOPMENTS and THE CAT AND THE FIDDLE BOOK SHOP 154 Primary m M ilpt V Hi -i c J® f ! ? Jy wm Oil rfimh Wf ' ' ni fefpJHSjW JHj fl ' f Wrt Front Row: Ben Martin, Brian Ewenchuk, Lute Gallagher, Brendan McCabe, Niki Paszner, David McGorin, John Mulhern, Andy Nathanson, Ray Olma. Second Row: Anthony Russell, Peter Timar, Albert Lee, Shawn Macken, Anton Danielson, Colin Lynch, Phillippe Doebeli, Andrew Porter, Todd Paddack, Kevin Stack. Third Row: Nicky Ellery, Dean Meloni, Angelo Balatsas, James Brennan, Stephen Nolan, Jason Lowe, Kevin Cockell, Martin Lynch, John O ' Regan, Oliver Busby. Absentees: Chris Joy, Anthony Bunka. Graduating class of ’ 88 These very active and outgoing Grade Threes had a little trouble settling down in the beginninq of the year, but they seemed to be getting better around Hallowe’en time. Besides more self-control, Mrs. McLean tried to stress the need to show more kindness towards each other. 1. Mrs. McLean supervises the proceedings at the Grade Three Christmas party. Compliments of B.C. PACKERS LTD. and VENICE BAKERY I w 155 ; ,t p JV y k§Y tsl: ffl 1 r I3rj Ready and Willing to Work 156 When you get right down to it, the Grade Threes and Fours were a hardworking bunch. 1. This group of Grade Fours shows great interest as Gareth Duncan questions the guide on Indian artifacts. 2. The Nativity is re-enacted by the Grade Twos. 3. Igor Antongetti, Chad Klein, and Carlos Montessori make full use of the Elementary Library resources while working on their Indian projects. 4. A guest speaker from UNICEF, talks to the Grade Threes and Fours about collecting money for the underprivileged. 5. The Grade Fours always showed interest in everything they un- dertook this year, as shown by Angus MacFarlane, Anthony Watt, Terry Dunn, Patrick Ewanchuk. 6. Mrs. Sendall was always available to substitute in Grade Three and Four throughout the year. ! 157 Front Row Tony Donald. Niall Murphy Marc Pelletreau. Ryan Mulhcrn. Ken Durlacher. Charly Jadranin, Chris Lopianowski. Third Row: Mark Uit- Brian Ho. Marco O ' balla, Eoin O ' Donnell Bogdan Floresco. Mark Mogatas denbosch, Andrew Vlaszaty. Peter Nagra, Matthew Gregory, Patrick Kim, Second Row: Colin Osborne, Vincent Danielsen, Andy Koo, lain MacFarlane. William Hamlin, Peter Morphet. Andre Caverzan Graduating class of ’ 89 You don’t often find a class that likes school, but we seemed to have one in Mrs. Cheesman’s Grade Twos. This class was interested in learning and enjoyed every subject. Although they were just a bit chatty, Mrs. Cheesman enjoyed the year anyway with this generous, fun loving group. 1. Decisions, decisions. “Hmmm, chocolate chip or oatmeal,” muses Peter Nagra. 2. Mrs. Cheesman holds the attention of her exuberant students during one of their quieter moments. Compliments of LES CREATIONS MONIC Front Row: Martin Dumas, Patrick Macken, Doug Oddy, Emmet Duncan, McAleer, Andrew Brennan Third Row: Stephen McNamara, Ryan Malone, Jamie Lang, Michael Kennedy, Matthew Nathanson, Mrs. Campbell. Second Robbie Livingstone, Jason Vaugier, Sean McCallum, Lionel Haims, Paul Row: Peter Fahrmann, Chris Toudy, Patrick Craig, Jason Gach, Michael Kreeft. Graduating class of VO Like all grade one classes, this year’s is enthusiastic, energetic and fun-loving. But there is one notable difference: their heroes begin with Luke Skywalker and R2D2 and their games are futuristic and computerized. We become more aware that with this group we are well on the way to a space-age society. Just try to imagine what life will be like in 1990 when they will be the graduating class of V.C. 1. Peter Fahrmann grimaces when he realizes there is much more of this before graduation. Displaying their enthusiasm in getting involved today, the Grade Ones and Twos show great potential for the future. 1. Look out Argentina! Future Canadian soccer stars mix it up. 2. Paul Kreeft shows his anxiety as Stephen McNamara prepares to stroke the vicious Siberian hamster. 3. An Indian Powwow ? No, just the grade two Christmas play performers waiting for the Gra de Threes to finish. 4. The Grade Ones prepare for the holiday by indulging themselves at a Christmas party. 5. The Grade Ones and Twos show how seriously the Walkathon should be taken as they march for millions. 6. Marc PeUetreau looks bemused as he has trouble reading his own writing. 7. Mrs. Campbell holds up Santa’s awesome hulk as Doug Oddy tries to get at the presents. 161 164 i This year a proposed outdoor track was the incentive for the effort of the many people that helped make Irish Miles ’78 a phenomenal success. Br. Basil once again organised the walk which raised $22,800 and numerous water blisters towards the cause. 1. Mr. Anderson signs the walkathon cards in the gymnasium the morning of the walk. 2. Mrs. McLean leads grades one to three on their grueling 25 block walk to Maple Grove Park and back. 3. “ They’re off! " as Br. Basil signals the start of the 25 kilometre race organized by Mr. Emry. 4. A rest stop in Stanley Park with refreshments was provided for the ‘old and the lame’. 5. Everyone seemed to have a ‘heel’ of a time throughout the entire walk as demonstrated by these grade eights. 6. Numerous parents donated their time to serve as checkpoint markers. 7. Joseph Olma and his seagull contemplate life on the seawall in Stanley Park. 165 ■ . . . gmat things can happen. You can plan for the future, knowing you can count on the financial services of the Credit Union to help make you dreams come true. Because that ' s its purpose. To serve you in all you savings and credit needs. And to offer expert assistance when it’s helpful he maha Mt thin,, happen. wan CAPWO 9 Transport Credit Union of British Columbia No. 200- 2520 Ontario Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5T 2X6 Telephone: 874-8155 Better in so many ways. Prove it to yourself. Of all the words that could be written in support of the education and values imparted by the Christian Brothers to their students at Vancouver College, nothing seems more appropriate than to repeat their guiding principal . . . “Stimulate your brethren by example.” FUlStCltP must Formerly City Savings and T rust It’s time to blow your own horn . . . Good Luck to the Irish from: J. D. GIBSON E. J. GIBSON CAMBIE PLUMBING HEATING LTD. PH. 873-1874 3905 FRASER ST. VANCOUVER. B.C., V5V 4E5 168 Congradulations from . . . Sandy s PANCAKE CHICKEN HOUSE NOW IN THE heart ofKERRISDALE at 5688 YEW ST. [Just off 41st Ave.] CALL 261-5414 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK - 8a.m. to 8p.m. WE NOW SERVE A COMPLETE DINNER MENU Bring the Whole Family Best Wishes to the 79 V.C. Graduates from Shoppers Drug Mart ms 1524 W. 4lstAoe., Van. V7M 1X6 266-4101 169 For All Your Banking Needs . . . £ Bank of Montreal Canada’s First Bank 5755 Oak St., Vancouver B.C. V6M2V7 261-8191 MINERVA PIZZA Steak and Spaghetti House. In the heart of Kerrisdale BEST IN PIZZA — STEA KS - B. B. Q. RIBS CHICKEN - AND ITALIAN DISHES FAST FREE DELIVERY 263-6616 or 263-1 131 Special Rates for Parties — Meetings Or Athletic Events MINERVA Call us, we ' ll be glad to serue you. 24 1 1 West 4 1 st A ue., Vancovuer, B.C. 170 " platHC HEATING Specialists in Gas Heating , Sales, and Service Talk to Sy Langley — President 3411 No. 3 Rd. Richmond 273-3185 For Fresh and Artificial Flowers Call 736-6565 Or See Us at 3691 W. Broadway 171 J gnar has designs on your fingers r V. C. ’S FRIEND ..and your neck Best W sfies to the Students and Faculty from WATTS CONSTRUCTION LTD. Builders Renovators Developers 7 500 Alderbridge Way Richmond , B.C. V6X 2A2 261-0950 172 Come and Visit Us .. . Ill t Bavarian Boom 3005 W. Broadway Van. B.C., 736-9012 For Your Next Car See Us at . . . CARTER CM PARTS FOR ALL GM CARS AND TRUCKS 4550 Lougheed, Burnaby 291-2266 V5C 3Z2 PONTIAC • EXCALIBUR • GMC TRUCKS • CADILLAC • BUICK 173 ! Compliments of Regency Prescriptions Medical Supplies 809 W. 41 st Ave., Van. 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John Harrison National Trust SINCE 1898 THE MONEY MANAGERS Complete Financial services Including: Savings Accounts Guaranteed Investment Certificates Mortgage Loans Real Estate Sales Retirement Savings Plans Deferred Profit Sharing Plans Executor and Trustee Investment Management Personal Loans • Registered Home Ownership Savings Plans National Trust Company Limited 510 Burrard, Vancouver Telephone 684-8431 955 Park Royal, West Vancouver Telephone 922-9191 528 Brentwood, Burnaby Telephone 299-9585 1037 Denman, Vancouver Telephone 682-4581 177 To the Class of 79 from ROBCO CONSTRUCTION Property Managers and Developers 2465 Beta St., Burnaby 294-1111 RICHMOND HONDA 5960 No. 6 Rd. 610 Richmond 273-4128 178 THe Bound Room 2803 W. Broadway Vancouver, B.C. V6K2G6 736-7771 Best Wishes to the Grads of Vancouver College from LI SLE JAN 1480 Marine Drive W. Vancouver 922-8612 179 Best Wishes to the College from OLYMPIA Custom ZailorsCtd. 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(Centre for French Studies) 6161, Cambie St. 327-0201 Alva-J Const. 3609 IV. 16th 224-2305 Anthony’s Photography 2059 IV. 41st 266-4242 Bains Intn’l Travel Service 6364 Fraser St. 324-2277 Best Cleaners Contractors 254 E. Georgia St. 688-0681 Bliss Industries 13519 King George Hwy. 581-1695 Bobell Trucking 8540 River Rd. , Rmd. 278-3951 Boomer Drugs 8307 Oak St. 266-9010 Brighouse Upholstering Mfg. 5755 No. 3 Road, Rmd. 278-9331 John J. Brown, C.A. 1177 IV. Hastings St. 681-7235 Librarians The creation of the new library placed an even greater load on the librarians this year. The task, however, was handled remarkably well from the very first day by Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Naas who solved all problems and kept the students from getting lost in the vast expanses of the library. 1 and 2. Mrs. Sendall kept the junior library humming while Mrs. Turner, atypical of many others, volunteered her time to library work. 3. As it has been for ages, is now, and ever shall be, Mrs. Naas did everything from sharpening pencils to handling the audio-visual material. 4, 5 and 6. The librarians did a variety of interesting and possibly not so interesting chores as evidenced by Mrs. Fanning, Mrs. Thrift, and Mrs. Newton. i 184 Directory Advertisements Buchan’s Kerrisdale Stationery 2141 W. 41st 261-8510 Buy Low Foods 3151 Arbutus 738-7105 Canada Cement Lafarge 1051 Main St. 685-9155 Canadian Ingersoll-Rand Co. 1695 Main St. 879-0556 Chez Luba Rest. 675 Cambie St. 685-2352 “Cyclone” Taylor Sports. 6632 Main St. 324-2515 Daniadown Quilts 3580 W. 41st 266-5308 Down to Earth Plants 2410 E. Hastings St. 251-2012 Dorset Realty Group Canada 8181 Park Rd., Rmd. 270-1711 Duick on Broadway 1305 7J. 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TEL: 876-9114 TEL: 325-9912 202 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes to V.C.’s 1979 Graduates from Ebco Industries Ltd. P.O. Box 200 7851 Alderbridge Way Richmond, B.C. V6Y 2A5 Telephone (604) 278-5578 Telex 04-355619 203 Personal Sponsors A.B. Dalla Jana Adamson, Ms. J. Begg, J. Stewart Bell family Buckland, Mrs. Evelyn Family Day The third annual Family Day, which took place on Sunday, September 17th, was graced with gorgeous weather and a large turnout of students, families, and friends of the school. Organized once again by the incomparable Br. Dawson, Family Day went smoothly from the very first whistle at noon, to the last of the dessert stuffing in the late evening. 1. The mayhem was adeptly kept in control by Mark Hagemoen, who organized the races. 2. Mark Bachmann (extreme left), one of our illustrious alumni, and his ‘rider’ lead the charges during the piggyback race. 3. In the brilliant sunshine, Br. Maher impresses a group of Family Day visitors with his philosophies of life. 4. Volleyball proved to be the most popular game, as demonstrated by these hardy souls. 5. At five o’clock, the playing stopped as all took time to attend the mass held in the gym. 4 Buerger, Stephen Cassidy, J. Cervi family Charpentier, Mr. Mrs. J.A. Dumaresq, Mr. J.P. Dunne, Kevin Ell, Lyle Polly Fairwind Travel Farenholtz Family Fong, Mr. Mrs. Nelson Gregory, Mr. Mrs. Peter Guile, Robert H. Hansen, H. K. Hartley, Mr. Mrs. S.F. Hasting Esso Service Johnson Higgins Willis Faber, Ltd. Lane, Mr. Mrs. David C. Lawlor, Dr. Declan P. Lawlor, Dr. Kieran T. Levasseur, Paul Mario’s Barber Shop and Hairstyle Personal Sponsors McNeill, Mr. Mrs. J.E. Mike’s TV Radio Sales and Service Mr. Jules Hair Stylists Olde World Fudge O’Loughlin, Mr. Mrs. Liam One Hour Martinizing O’ Regan, Dr. P.J. Parent, Mrs. Laura Parmar, Mr. Mrs. J.S. Peoples Drug Mart, 9 Peppermintree Children’s Wear Ponteix Developments Ltd. 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These two well organized groups created a pleasant atmosphere and were instrumental in setting the mood and theme of the occasion. 1. Mrs. Davis and Mark Hagemoen, along with Mr. Kazun, led the way at the school masses. 2. Paul Pelletreau ' s “ beautiful noise” could always be heard coming from the rear of the band. 3. The mastermind behind the 78-79 edition of the band was once again Mr. Gordon Olson. 4. The entire band performs for the student body at the Christmas mass. 5. Br. Dawson’s liturgical committee seems to get better each year and this year’s edition was no exception. 216 Director -y Advertisements Hugh Rider 3485 IV. Broadway 736-0481 Insight 204, 909 Beach St. 682-3631 Jungle Plants Ltd. 105-1670 IV. 8th 922-8826 Kerrisdale Travel Service 2292 IV. 41st 261-8188 Kitsilano Meats Ltd. 2931 IV. Broadway 736-6016 Larry’s Stereo Awareness 2053 IV. 41st 263-0878 London Drugs 7571 Alderbridge Way 273-4811 London Optical 5524 Cambie St. 321-9535 MacFarlane’s Fish Market 2231 W. 41st 261-1226 Mackenzie Heights Service 2908 IV. 33rd 263-2704 Manning, Jamison, Pearson 670 - 1665 IV. Broadway 732-7441 217 Best Wishes to the students from . . . ANTIQUES Specializing in: 3840 Oak St. Van., B.C. Fine Quality Antiques (604) 736-3025 Collectibles Tues. - Sat. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 218 NEIGHBOURHOOD PUBLIC HOUSE Tsawwassen, B.C. 1239 - 56th St. , Delta, B. C. 943-1515 Congratulations to the 1 979 Graduates Line Entertainment Nightly Business Men ' s Luncheons Marble Arch Motel 518 Richards St. Vancouver, V6B 3A2, 681-5435 219 RGDFTOP PARKING 2620 SASAMAT (WlOth AVE. SASAMAT) VANCOUVER VISA A division of Persian Henna House, Natural Beauty Inc. Good Luck to the ' 79 Grads from: Seven Seas Sisk Co. , Ctd. 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Broadway 873- 2466 Renzo Mens’ Wear 1199 Lynn Valley Rd. 987-2112 Rokko Sarees Fabrics 6201 - 6205 Fraser St. 327-3033 Royal Bank (Kerrisdale) 2208 W. 41st. 261-1311 Sampaguita Travel Bureau 4661 Main St. 874- 6348 Sampan Chinese Food 4288 Main St. 879-5785 Shannon Cleaners Ltd. 1836 W. 57th Shoppers Drug Mart 8384 Granville St. 261-5810 Map Fair ’ 79 224 The May Fair was once again a great success. Organized by Robin Hill, Ray Olma, Tony Roscoe and George Gray, this Year’s Fair was much more fun, with numerous exciting activities (including a Science Fair) and great en- tertainment and food. The Ac- counting 12 class was in charge of the Raffle, purchasing the Jeep, the main prize, organizing the student assembly, giving prizes to student salesmen, etc. As usual, a tremendous amount of effort was put into the Fair by parent volunteers, and to them we owe a hearty thanks. 1. Jeff Palmer’s project goes up in smoke at the Science Fair. 2. Ray Olma sticks out his tongue at photographer Br. Raymond, as Mrs. Mawhinney grins with glee. 3. Jonathan Gregory glances sideways at his opponent ' s cards. 4. Danny Moroz gets scrambled. 5. Lee does a “well done’’ job. Directory Advertisements Shoppers Drug Mart 2225 W. 41st 266-5344 Slade’s Western Drug Mart 904 W. King Edward 734-1155 ‘ Tad’s Sporting Goods 8570 Granville St. 261-6540 Tenco Electronics Ltd. 196 W. 6th 874-0268 The Diner 4556 W. 10th 224-1912 Trans-Electronic Systems 196 W. 6th 874-0268 Treasure Chest Antiques 1460 Marine Dr. 922-4848 Watt’s Pharmacy 1685 Renfrew St. 253-3411 Wright Industries 420 W. 1st 872-5626 YMCA of Greater Vancouver 955 Burrard 681-0221 Zo Originals 4437 W. 10th 228-8818 225 STUDENT DIRECTORY A- Abraham, Alfonso 263-7941 5078 Marguerite St Abraham. Roberto 263-7941 5078 Marguerite St. Ache. Haydn 649-7493 Bungalow 86 Fuzabad, Trinidad Adair. 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Kevin 738-9761 3849 Cypress. Van Cheung. Andy 321-9914 8120 Lord. Van Chiang. Peter 266-5784 5470 Baillie St. Chow. Lester . . 327-3926 6666 Berkeley. Van. Christie. Dave 733-6069 1282 Connaught Dr. Ciccone. Stephen 253-0413 2568 E 1st Ave Clarke. Bob 987-9094 5190 Redonuh Dr.. N Van. Clarke. Clayton 266-4970 2840 W 31st. Van Clarke. Jason 879-3009 4538 Walden. Van. Clarke. Paul 732 9788 2305 Balaclava Clarke. Mike 732-9788 2305 Balaclava Clarke. Patrick 224-3497 4122 Crown Cres. Clarke. Peter 224-3497 4122 Crown Cres Clarke. John 224-3497 4122 Crown Cres Clarke. Frank 224-3497 4122 Crown Cres. Collins, Michael 922-8644 1716 Argyle Ave . W Van Cochlin, Pete 244-0151 4315 W 12 Ave. Cockell, Kevin 733-9560 889 W 33 Ave. Colwill. Bruce 731-0030 2024 W 13 Van. Conlin. Pat 980-2034 330 W. 27th, N Van Contini. John 224-7756 4146 W 15th. Van. Cook. Chris 277 4864 5820 Sandpiper, Rich. Cortez, Jr., Hernando. . . 266-9274 1 1 16 W. 46th, Van. Copp. Bill 263-4487 4757 Blenheim St. Correa. Michael 732-5960 3429 W. 20th, Van. Corrigan. Joe 525-3590 10 La Paz Bonao. Dorn Rep. Coughlan, Liam 372-7659 2099 Glenwood Dr.. Kamloops Craig, Patrick 733-4568 4326 Angus Dr.. Van. Craig. William 733-4568 4326 Angus Dr.. Van. Crich. Brent 526-5822 7610 Wright St.. Burnaby Creegan. Joseph 826-3363 Box 17 Lake Erroch, B C. Croft, Lawrence 263-7565 2135 W. 37th. Van. Csanyi. Michael 733-5240 3064 W. 10th, Van. Culat. Didier 988-7424 1330 Mt Hwy . N. Van. Culos. Dave 298-4683 6544 E. Georgia. Burnaby Czaykowski, Piotr 263-5473 3669 W 34th. Van. D- Dagenais, Raymond .... 327-7581 166 E. 46th, Van. Dalla-Lana. Paul 263-8469 3783 W. 51st. Van. Danielsen. Vincent 291-1900 3678 McGill St . Van. Danielsen. Stephen .... 291-1900 3678 McGill St.. Van Danielsen. Anton 291-1900 3678 McGill St., Van. Davis, Paul 733 3130 2828 Waterloo. Van. Davis. Stephen 733-3130 2828 Waterloo, Van. Deguara. John 435-9612 6265 Brooks. Van. De Diego. Rene 10980 Ryan Rd.. Rich. de la Cruz. Howard 266-5948 5725 Angus Dr.. Van. Delgado. Jose 584-7366 9348 132 St . Surrey Demers. Paul 7511 Angus. Van. DeNault. Steven 733-3666 1090 Connaught Dr. Dmo, Jose 324-2042 6155 Sherbrooke St. Dmo, Eddy 324-2042 6155 Sherbrooke St. D ' Mello. Oscar 879-8949 4824 Lanard. Van. D ' Mello. Oswald 879-8949 4824 Lanark. Van. Doebeli. Erwin 266-8040 2857 W 35th, Van. Doebeli. Philippe 266-8040 2857 W 35th. Van. Donald. Tony 731-6312 1509 W 32nd. Van. Done. Brad 261-1774 5855 Dunbar. Van. Done. Brent 261-1774 5855 Dunbar. Van. Donnelly. Pat 261-1096 1569 W 66nd. Van. Dong. Joey 874-4703 406 W. 27th, Van. Doolan. Sean 277-4598 6260 Adams PL, Rich. Doolan. Jason 277-4598 6260 Adams PL, Rich. Doolan, Dean 277-4598 6260 Adams Place, Rich. Doughty. Sean 278-1652 7371 No. 4Rd.. Rich. Doughlas, Blair 281-8886 10457 5 19th, S.W. Cal. Doyle, Alan 224-6905 3862 W. 11th, Van. Doyle, Joe 263-7031 2050 W. 28th, Van. Dudas, George 263-7580 2568 W. 45th, Van. Duffy. Rupert 224-1962 4235 W. 29th, Van. Dufrane, Marc 733-2247 2779 W. 23rd, Van. Duggan. Mike 987-7351 447 Ventura Cres.. N Van. Dumaresq, Joel 731-3393 1538 Matthews, Van. Dumaresq. Jason 731-3393 1538 Matthews, Van. Dumas, Martin 732-0010 1437 Connaught Dr., Van. Duncan. Emmet 734-4440 1 122 W. 27th, Van. Duncan, Gareth 734-4440 1122W. 27th. Van. Dunn, Philip 894-3029 73 Carney Ave., Moncton, N.8 Dunne. Terry 263-7981 3020 W. 53rd, Van. Durlacher, Kenneth .... 879-7850 622 W. 19th. Van. Dyer, John 263-4969 5810 Highbury, Van. Dziekan, Vince 271-4839 8760 Dorval Rd.. Rich. Dziekan, Christopher . . . 271-4839 8760 Dorval Rd , Rich. Dziekan, Michael 271-4839 8760 Dorval Rd.. Rich. E- Ell, Darren 943-2026 4969 Chehalis Dr., Delta Ellery, Nicholas 273-4280 11800 Dewbury Dr., Rich. Ellery, Mark 273-4280 1 1800 Dewsbury Dr., Rich. Ellery, David 273-4280 1 1800 Dewsbury Dr., Rich. Ellery. Paul 273-4280 1 1800 Dewsbury Dr., Rich. Emslander, Martin 325-5839 2409 Bonnyvale, Van. Emslander, Tony 325-5839 2409 Bonnyvale. Van. Eppich, Gordie 936-4904 775 Grover Ave., Coquitlam Eppich, Richard 926-7970 1812 Palmerston Ave., W. Van. Erceg, Peter 946-2717 5084 57a St., Ladner Ewanchuk, Brian 224-7811 41 16 W. 8th, Van. Ewanchuk. Michael 224-7811 4116 W. 8th. Van. Ewanchuk, Patrick 224-7811 41 16 W. 8th, Van. F- Fahrmann. Mike 321-8495 5371 Dumfries St. Fahrmann, Peter 321-8495 5371 Dumfries St. Fairley. Andrew 224-6264 3678 W. 30th. Van. Falcon, Kevin 922-3652 3810 Westridge Ave., W. Van. Falso, Ronald 872-0726 2467 E. 28th, Van. Fanning, Timothy 224-7958 4027 W. 13th, Van. Farenholtz, Trevor 261-3243 6288 Wilshire, Van. Farenholtz, Jim 261-2343 6288 Wiltshire, Van. Favaro, Paul 435-9565 3257 18th. Van. Favero, James 876-1276 3345 Quebec, Van. Fedyk, Carlos 224-0602 3822 W. 29th, Van. Fedyk. Mike 224-0602 3822 W. 29th, Van. Fedyk, Alan 224-0602 3822 W. 29th, Van. Feeney, Mark 263-8996 1618 W. 60th. Van. Felicella, Mario 261-0057 6042 Holland St., Van. Felicella, Franco 261-0057 6042 Holland St.. Van. Ferguson, Colin 263-5424 1020 W. 71 Ave. 7, Van. Fidgett, Mark 263-4777 7041 Oak St., Van. Fisher. Geoff 324-0577 3885 W. Broadway, Van. 226 Flanagan. Derek 271-9711 8480 Demorest, Rich. Fletcher, Paul 224-2290 3908 W. 31st, Van. Fletcher, David 224-2290 3908 W. 31st, Van. Fletcher, Keven 261-7458 5876 Highbury, Van. Floresco. Bogdan 266-6819 6059 Elm St . Van. Fodchuk, Greg 261-4903 1407 W. 54th, Van. Fong, Chris 922-5558 1325 Chartwell Dr , W Van Fong, Warren 876-1203 4312 Cambie St. Fong. Wendell 876-1203 4312 Cambie St. Foo, Stanley 922-5185 1126 Crestline, Van. Foo, Randall 922-5185 1126 Crestline, Van. Foran. Mike 732-7964 2065 W. 16th, Van. Fortinski, Kevin 733-4050 1337 The Crescent Fortinski, Todd 733-4050 1337 The Crescent Fraser, Jett 263-8197 1031 W 64th, Van. Frisse, Conrad 632-3205 75 Yukon, Kitimat Furmedge. Peter 985-9470 3392 Delbrook Ave., N. Van. G- Gach, Jason 274-7943 10311 AintreeCres., Rich. Gajdics, Peter 224-7005 4123 W. 12th. Van. Gallagher, Lute 683-4889 23-1 160 Nicola, Van. Galvins, Vilis 731-5092 2505 W, 7th, Van. Gangell. Andrew 591-6690 13468 64a Ave . Surrey Gaspar, John 299-0054 4775 Cambridge St., N. Bby. Gatto, Paul 435-0988 6435 Tyne St„ Van. Geary, Mike 988-3206 430 Somerset St„ Van. Geier, Frank 278-5392 4291 Dallyn Rd., Rich Genac, Jim 270-3046 204 Boeing Ave., Rich. Georgas, Jimmy 325-4284 7753 Ontario St., Van. Georgas, Dino 325-4284 7753 Ontario St., Van. Gerein, Robbie 261-2908 1625 37th, Van. Gerlach, Mark 277-7700 7171 Francis Rd., Rich. Ghatak, John 274-5520 7540 Sunnymede Cres., Rich. Gieting, Brian 980-3271 3324 Mahon Ave., N. Van. Gill, Rick 731-0164 4050 Granville, Van. Gipps, Paul 634-5220 Box 158 Kemano, B.C. Girard, David 946-7884 5113 57-A St., Delta Gomes, Paul 274-1944 3680 Springtield Dr., Rich. Goodwyn. Grante 263-5683 1725 W. 41st, Van. Gotuaco, Fursey 324-2124 530 W. 49th, Van. Graham, Jamie 263-8132 6850 E. Boulevard, Van. Graham. David 263-8132 6850 E. Boulevard, Van. Gray, David 733-9328 2949 W. 28th, Van. Chris Gray 733-9328 2949 W. 28th, Van. Gray, Stuart 261-6617 5839 Vine St., Van. Gray-Grant, Geotf 224-0533 4255 Discovery, Van. Green. Michael 388-4888 924 Walker, Victoria Green, Mike 731-8834 2181 W. 22nd, Van. Green. David 731-8834 2181 W. 22nd, Van. Greene, Jim 3947 W. 24th, Van. Grecht, David 325-4486 2087 Harrison, Van. Gregory, Jonathan 738-9653 1570 Baltour Ave. Gregory, Matthew 738-9653 1570 Balfour Ave. Grist, Peter 464-3474 2626 Patricia Ave., P. Coqu. Groom. Ron 985-2941 377 Monteray Ave., N Van. Grover, Roger 277-9141 8500 Fairhurst, Rich. Grout, Steve 228-9379 3771 W. 23rd, Van. Groves, Peter 464-0575 2990 Starlight Way, P. Coq. Guile, Brenton 266-8533 1455 W. 47th, Van. Guile, Greg 266-8533 1455 W. 47th. Van. Guthrie, Mike 261-0194 7249 Angus Dr., Van. Guzman, Michael 263-6049 835 W. 49th. Van. Guzman, Patrick 263-6049 835 W. 49th, Van. H- Hagemoen, Dan 987-1883 2940 Jones Ave., N. Van. Hagemoen, Mark 987-1883 2940 Jones Ave., N. Van. Haims, Lionel 261-6145 1527 W. 60th, Van Hall, Peter 922-1917 4440 Marine Dr., W. Van. Hammill, Terry 266-7916 304-8710 Hudson, Vancouver Hamlin, William 278-2837 8580 Spires Rd.. Rich. Hancock, Michael 261-6108 6090 Granville, Van. Hanlin, Sean 922-8728 2222 402 Belview Hansen. Eric 224-5242 4188 W 10th, Van. Harris, Kim 736-4841 1026 Richlue, Van. Harrison, Mike 946-2625 5223 Westminster, Delta Hart. Jason 922-3665 1058 Fulton, W. Van. Hartley. Michael 274-9593 9080 21 Parksville Dr.. Rmd. Hartman. Mark 277-5101 6340 Taseko Cres., Rich. Hill, Harvey 263-4603 5450Tratalgar, Van. Timothy Haslam 731-9066 3775 Collingwood, Van. Hattrick, Arthur 266-9357 5889 Selkirk, Van. Hawkins, Rod 263-9252 2864 W. 32nd, Van. Heah, Peter 261-4438 4466 Magnolia St. Heaney, Mark 987-3440 3980 Norwood Ave., N. Van. Helgason, Winston 263-9255 6088 Adera, Van. Hemming, Alan 738-6934 1608 Nanton, Van. Hemming. Roderick .... 738-6934 1608 Nanton Ave. Herb, Ted 731-8540 4890 Hudson, Van. Herbert. Mark 274-7066 10331 Thirlmere Dr.. Rich. Hickey, Emmet 988-7442 2304 MacKay Ave., N. Van. Hicks, Trevor 926-6768 3840 Bayridge Ave., W. Van. Hirschsprung, Michael . . 879-6623 685 W 21st, Van. Ho, Brian 325-9573 1760 Island Ave., Van. Ho, Pius 263-8546 3545 W. 50th Ave., Van. Ho, Stephen 263-8546 3545 W. 50th Ave , Van. Ho, Chris 263-8546 3545 W. 50th Ave , Van. Hobman, Sean 266-6663 2996 W. 37th, Van. Holat, Peter 879-4793 815 W. King Edward St. Hollis, Jerry 531-4895 2766 160 St„ White Rock Holmes, Angelo 929-1552 534 Beachview Dr., N. Van. Holmes, Pat 929-1552 534 Beachview Dr., N. Van. Holt. Douglas 531-1819 13450 Balsam Cres., Surrey Holt. Dale 531-1819 13450 Balsam Cres., Surrey Hoo, Neil 327-6488 5778 Main St., Van. Hopkins, Andrew 987-7710 759 Grand Blvd., N. Van. Horan, Mike 224-5147 3866 W. 15th, Van. Horry, Philippe 263-5976 4202 Musqueam Dr. Horvath, Frank 437-3183 7316 Rupert St. Horvath, Gary 434-1145 2965 Rosemont Dr. Horvath. Jimmy 437-3183 7316 Rupert St. Horvat, Ricardo 986-2677 426 W. Esplanade Horvat, Ron 986-2677 426 W. Esplanade Howard, Scott 274-3562 10751 Springmont Dr , Rich. Howes. Mark 224-5388 4002 31st Ave., Van Howey, Jefl 732-6257 1191 Nanton, Van Hudd, Michael 277-5668 10460 Seacote Rd., Rich. Hui, Clarence 325-4884 549 W. 64th, Van. Hullah, Norm 277-1559 203-7631 Steveston Hwy., Rich. Hutchinson, Nigel 261-0516 1629 W. 61st, Van. I- Irvine, Paul 277-9451 8500 Fairbrook Cres., Rich. Ivancic, Peter 273-3428 6080 Garden City Rd., Rich. Ivancic, Joseph 273-3428 6080 Garden City Rd., Rich. Ivancic, Charles 273-3428 6080 Garden City Rd., Rich. J- Jadranin, Charly 263-8661 3456 W. 29th, Van. Jansen, David 321-0284 2354 Harrison Dr. Jarvis, Kerwin 263-9661 1350 W. 37th, Van. Jeffrey, Craig 922-4915 450 Southborough Dr. Joannides. Nicolas 874-0495 405 W. 23rd, Van. Joannides. Edward 874-0495 405 W. 23rd, Van. Johnson, Maxwell 937-0044 341 McMaster Court, P.M. Johnson, Sean 937-0044 341 McMaster Court, P.M Johnstone, Rob 261-4349 1135 W. 38th, Van. K- Karpes, Matt 946-8074 4316 49th St.. Delta Kavanagh, Ken 531-2149 1498 Maple St., White Rock Kaweski, Mike 224-3785 2888 Crown St„ Van Keizer, Steve 943-7123 1362 Jarrell Ave., Delta Kelly, James 988-2954 3348 Mahan Ave., N. Van. Kennedy, J. Michael ... 733-4842 2366 W 19th, Van. Kennedy, Michael 738-8079 4238 Angus Dr., Van. Kenney, Michael 873-2160 426 W 23rd, Van. Kenny, Geotf 988-5413 1037 Cloverly St., N. Van. Kiliaan, David 731-6478 2376 W 15th, Van Kilpatrick , Steve 228-9566 3829 W. 31st, Van. Kim, Patrick 299-3708 4340 Mahon Ave., Bby. King, Bradley 943-7889 4894 1st Ave.. Delta Kinsella, Patrick 278-2057 6580 Eckersley Rd., Rich. Kirk, Paul 922-5988 855 Margaret, W. Van. Kitos, Richie 228-8086 4408 W. 14th. Van. Klein, Chad 228-8227 3794 W. 20th, Van. Knape, Theron 874-9539 3054 Clark Dr., Van. Knight, Andrew 274-8208 6151 Canim Place, Rich. Knight, Patrick 274-8208 6151 Canim Place, Rich Knight, Michael 274-8208 6151 Canim Place, Rich. Knight, Taylor 733-5182 3670 Oak St. Van. Knox, Stephen 437-8036 4576 Royal Oak, Bby Ko, Wilkie 274-2246 10600 Mortfield Rd , Rich. Koban, Eric 261-2342 1519 W. 35th, Van. Koban. Sean 261-2342 1519 W. 35th. Van. Koch, Jamey 266-8179 1467 W. 57th, Van. Koch, Tim 266-8179 1467 W. 57th, Van. Koh, Chr istopher 438-9518 7772 Sparbrook Cres. Koo, Andy 2b3-5U51 8133 Adera St , Van. Koo. Kaon 263-5051 8133 Adera St., Van. Koo, Andy 327-0843 161 W. 49th, Van Kopp, Werner 434-7300 6042 Pearl Ave., Bby. Kosick, Bob 926 6977 515 Newcroft PI.. W Van. Kozier, Fred 874-8381 325 W 13th, Van Paul Kreeft 274-8129 11160 Seaport Ave., Rich. Kreykenbohm, Michael. . 325-3669 1510 E. 39th Ave. Kritharis, Bobby 731-3290 2574 Cornwall St. Kubik, Philip 634-5564 Box 131 Horetzkey, Kemano, B.C. Kubik, Barry 634-5564 Box 131 Horetzkey, Kemano, B.C. Kucera, Kris 263-9133 5362 Oak St., Van. Kwok, Michael 261-3862 4991 Cambie St.. Van. L- Labao, Alexander 876-1934 460 6 W. 16th, Van. Ladd, Richard 922-3528 20Glenmore, Van. Lakowski, Matt 244-3018 3793 W. 24th, Van. Lakowski, Conrad 224-3018 3793 W. 24th. Van. Lane, Christopher 263-4180 4434 Yew St , Van Lane, Geoff 684-0369 1540 Davie. Van. Lane, John 224-7746 3641 W. 27th, Van. Lang, Jamie 732-9813 1926 W. 17th, Van. Langley. Scott 277-2373 6280 Dover Rd.. Rich. Langley, Brian 277-2373 6280 Dover Rd , Rich. Lau. Kam 325-5201 69 E. 52nd, Van. Lau, Stephen 325-5201 69 E. 52nd. Van. Lau, Robert 3-803786 213 Faynen, St. Kowloon, H.K. (Flat “F " ) Laureano, Jaime 980-6883 5-1272 Emery PI , N. Van. Law, Anthony 321-0061 7845 Cambie St.. Van. Lawlor, Declan 926-8894 775 King George Way, W. Van. Layzell, Mark 274-1951 6391 Nadine Cres , Rich. LeBlanc, Greg 277-2671 10631 5 Rd , Rich. Leduc, Martin 926-8469 106 Deep Dene Rd , Van. Lee, Albert 438-0315 3975 Lister Court, Bby. Lee, Joseph 3-374911 Resident - Hong Kong Lee. Michael 876-3970 445 W. 29th. Van. Leong, Richard 266-2095 4254 Staulo Cres., Van. Leroi. Armand 926-4958 435 Stevens Dr . W. Van. Leung, Peter 984-0103 260 W. 28th, N. Van. L ' Helias, Thomas 263-8442 2136 W. 48th, Van Liaskas, Tom 244-7244 3767 W Broadway, Van. Lim, Stephen 879-1144 4787 Cambie St., Van. Lindsay. Tony 274-5879 23 3111 Springfield Dr., Rich. Ling, Allred 263-6227 1249 W. 47th. Van. Lisicar, Tom 926-6431 590 Knockmaroon Rd., W. Van Little, John 464-2769 3089 Starlight Way, Coqu. Livingstone, Robert . . 274-9217 7702 Lucas Rd.. Rich. Lobozar, Alex 872-1547 4491 Cambie, Van Lobozar, Rodney 872-1547 4491 Cambie, Van Long, A J 943-3470 4998 Stevens Dr . Delta Long, Matt 943-3470 4998 Stevens Dr., Delta Lopianowski, Michael . . . 732-5257 1180 Connaught Dr„ Van. Lopianowski, Christopher 732-5257 1180 Connaught Dr., Van. Lorenz, Todd 277-6054 3260 Pleasant St., Steveston Lorenz. Tyler 277-6054 3260 Pleasant St.. Steveston Love, Sean 738-2405 4612 Angus Dr , Van. Lowe, Jason . 270-3679 4760 4 Rd , Rich. Lucas, Paul 263-0270 5905 Yew St . Van. Lucas, Troy 263-0270 5905 Yes St., Van. Lucas. Kerry 263-0270 5905 Yew St . Van Ludlow, Julian 263-6054 7025 Balaclava. Van. Lundy, Robert 224-5618 2988 Highbury, Van. Lynch, Brian 263-5861 1619 W. 65th, Van. Lynch, Colin 873-8886 26 420 W 16th, Van Lynch, Greg 261-5305 7936 Angus Dr., Van Lynch, Martin 980-2930 851 Lillooet Rd , N. Van. Lyons, Stephen 596-2392 12232 75th Ave., Surrey Mc- McAleer, Michael 266-5682 3576 W 36th. Van. McAleer, Tony 266-5682 3576 W. 36th, Van. McBride. Douglas 733-5223 2137 W. 20th. Van McCabe, Brendan 261-1670 3579 W 42nd, Van McCallum, Sean 277-5236 6060 Skaha Cres., Rich. McCann. Terence 277-4204 6260 Mara Cres., Rich. McCheyne, Bruce 274-6793 361 1 Francis, Rich. McGee, David 277-1883 5540 Maple Rd , Rich McGoran, David 738-4655 3091 W. 3rd, Van. McKenna, Kevin 943-3682 944 Underhill Dr., Delta McKeown, Danny 224-7168 4077 W. 29th, Van. McKeown, Brian 224-7168 4077 W. 29th, Van. McKevitt, Damian 985-9654 976 Melbourne. N. Van McLeod, Doug 733-6897 1691 W 28th, Van. McNamara. Stephen . . 263-7733 1608 W. 40th. Van. McNeill, Chris 943-1756 1053 Kuma Cres.. Delta McNeill. John 943-1756 1053 Kuma Cres., Delta M- Mabanta, Antonino 980-0656 953 Gladstone Ave., N. Van. Macaulay, Bruce 438-0422 3293 Matapan Cres., Van. MacDonald, Alex 321-6439 5767 Sophia St., Van. MacDonald, William .... 321-6439 5767 Sophia St., Van. MacFarlane, Andrew . . . 228-9362 4605 W. 12th, Van. MacFarlane, lain 926-4091 3155 Dickinson Cres.. W. Van. MacFarlane, Andrew . 926-4091 3155 Dickinson Cres., W. Van. 227 A tribute to many volunteers. The senior library has seen some exciting developments in the past few years. It all began in 1974 75, when a group of volunteer mothers took a course in basic library skills through Douglas College and undertook a major upgrading of the library. Mrs. Kathleen Murray took charge of the operation in 1975, and under her capable supervision, outdated books were weeded out, new ones purchased and a major recataloguing was begun. The work of this group continued steadily for three years. The old facilities were soon outgrown and moving was the only logical step. The old junior dormitory was selected to become the area for the new library. In 1978 the principal, architect and library staff held discussions on the proposed centre. Mrs. Naas, the Audio-Visual Coordinator, worked untiringly to search out the information and ideas on layout and equipment that would make this the most efficient and useful centre possible. Now called the Resource Centre, it is more than twice the size of the old library, with plenty of room for growth, (a workshop and bindery area has been set up for processing, cataloguing and repair of books. There is a seminar room for meetings and small classes, and a large, well equipped audio- visual area). The audio-visual department’s dramatic growth over the past few years owes much to the knowledge and 228 dedicated efforts of Mrs. Naas. We are also grateful to the volunteer mothers who still provide much appreciated assistance in the daily running of the resource centre. Staff, students and parents were shocked and deeply saddened in early February by the sudden death of Mrs. Murray, only a few months after the opening of the centre. They all knew that her keen professionalism and her interest in our students combined to form a driving force behind the development of the library. More than her dedication, there was a prevailing sense of care and concern that the students discover the treasures her books had to offer. Many of the people who worked with Kathy came away with another sort of treasure born of her deep and personal faith in God and in prayer. Her quiet way masked a fervour that was rich in the intangibles that we all find so elusive. We shall surely miss her wisdom and her presence. The new resource centre will house an appropriate plaque to honour her memory. 1. Mrs. Murray in the work space of the old library. 2,3. Books were packed away and the junior dorm was dismantled. 4. Gary Norman, A.J. Long, John O’Neill and Roland St. Cyr use the new resource centre to the fullest. 5-6. Mrs. Nass discovers the convenience of her new audio-visual area. 7. The Resource officially opened in September. 229 R MacFarlane, Angus 926-4091 3155 Dickinson Cres., W. Van. Mackay. Brian 926-3159 2258 Mathers Ave., W. Van. Macken, Shawn 325-0065 642 E. 55th. Van. Macken, Patrick 325-0065 642 E. 55th, Van. Macken. Tony 224-7874 3863 W 11th, Van. Mackmnon, Joe 733-9658 3591 W 11th. Van. Mackinnon, Rob 738-1245 4309 Osier St , Van Maclean. David 271-1400 10431 Skagit Dr., Rmd. MacLeod. Matthew 928-4137 2160 Southborough Dr., W. Van. MacMullin, Mark 943-1013 5797 16th Ave., Delta MacMullin, Paul 943-1013 5797 16th Ave., Delta MacNeil, Glen 683-5241 904 1952 Como , Van. Maher. Kevin 946-8946 5827 Crescent Dr.. Ladner Maia, Peter 437-6094 7738 Sparbrook Cres., Van Mam, Doug 624-9433 141 Crestview Dr., Pr. Rup. Major, Neil 266-0019 1263 W. 40th, Van. Malibert, Bruno 873-1579 568 W. 17th, Van Malone, Jason 274-2226 10900 Sidaway Rd.. Rmd. Malone. Ryan 274-2226 10900 Sidaway Rd., Rmd Marchinkow, Daryl 873-9240 4607 Sophia St., Van. Maretic, Zvonko 291-1561 1283 MacDonald. Bby. Mariscal, Carlos 731-9612 3449 W. 21st, Van. Marquardt, Berme 733-6105 1046 Richelieu Ave., Van. Martin, Beniamin 531-9988 12774 14b Ave.. Surrey Martin, David 531-9988 12774 14b Ave., Surrey Martin, Chris 261-8913 5512 Manson St.. Van. Martin, Neil 261 8913 5512 Manson St„ Van. Mascarenhas. Carl 274-7438 10691 Monashee Dr . Rmd. Matte. Kevin 325-7365 2314 Rosedale, Van. Matte, Richard 325-7365 2314 Rosedale, Van. Mawhinney, Ryan 263-8483 5625 Selkirk, Van Maxwell. David 321-3820 186 W. 47th, Van Medic, Anthony 434-5109 3275 E. 19th, Van. Meloni, Dean 987-7819 956 Cloverley St.. N. Van. Meredith. Brian 946-7132 4698 55th St., Delta Meszaros. Karl 874-7476 583 W. King Edward, Van Metal, Colin 263-6500 2786 W. 29th, Van. Metcalfe. Robert 277-5768 10699 Dennis Cres., Rmd. Meyerhoff, Sandy 266-7871 6030 Athlone St., Van. Mileos, Perry 261-6661 7484 Granville St. . Van. Miles, Anthony 271-9704 6260 Goldsmith Dr , Rmd. Miller, Doug 224-5851 2576 Wallace Cres., Van. Milne, Brian 325-1883 5365 Sophia St., Van. Milton. Fred 874-5859 4334 Yukon. Van. Milton, Joseph 874-5859 4334 Yukon, Van. Minielly, Robbie 224-7336 3803 W. 19th, Van. Mitchell. David 731-1283 2506 W. 5th Ave., Van. Moffat. Dennis 277-3556 6091 Woodwards. Rmd. Mogatas. Mark 263-0142 2943 W. 41st, Van. Moisson, Michael 278-1095 8360 Spires Rd., Rmd. Montague, John 274-0181 9220 Bakerview Dr., Rmd Montessori, Mario 271-4587 4811 Lancelot Dr., Rmd. Montessori, Paolo 271-4587 4811 Lancelot Dr., Rmd. Montgomery. Glen 634-5534 Box 173, Kemano B.C. Moore, Duncan 224-7790 2987 Camosun, Van. Mordecai, Gary 274-8671 3411 Fairbrook Cres., Rich. Morgan, Mike 295-6735 79 Fenchurch Princeton. B.C Moroney, Colin 266-6980 8431 Selkirk, Van. Moroz, Danny 274-5827 4371 Windjammer, Rich. Moroz. Andy 274-5827 4371 Windjammer, Rich. Morphet. Peter 325-5183 290 E. 37th. Van. Moser. Tony 261-5048 8116E. Blvd . Van. Moser. Martin 261-5048 81 16 E. Blvd.. Van. Moulden, Gordon 922-0674 3140 Mathers Ave , W. Van. Mrazek, Kevin 984-9257 1058 W. 17th. North Van. Muir, Stewart 228-9162 3739 W. 14th Ave , Van. Muir. Paul 228-9162 3739 W. 14th Ave , Van. Mulhern, Noel 733-0360 1685 King Edward. Van. Mulhern, John 733-0360 1685 King Edward. Van. Mulhern. Ryan 261-0054 1249 W 40th. Van. Mulhern, Tom 263-9619 6050 Cartier St.. Van. Mullen. Sean 261-4783 1221 W. 40th. Van. Murphy. Niall 224-4945 3675 W 27th, Van Murphy, Conor . . 224-4945 3675 W. 27th, Van. Murphy. Sean 224-4945 3675 W 27th. Van. N- Naas, Tim 266-5492 1308 W 48th Ave . Van Nagra. Amarbir 327-3579 5794 Chester St.. Van Nagra, Amarpal 327-3579 5794 Chester St.. Van Nash. Peter 736-1394 2544 Balaclava. Van Nash. Warren 736-1394 2544 Balaclava. Van. Nathanson. Andrew .... 738-6345 4875 Osier St . Van. Nathanson. Matthew . . . 738-6345 4875 Osier St.. Van. Neal. Greg 987-6135 985 Montroyal Blvd . N Van Negrin. John 922-1423 1655 Ottawa Ave.. Van. Newton, Stuart 261-1077 5350 Heather St.. Van. Ng. Jerry 922 1721 2020 Fullerton Ave , N. Van Ng, Edmund 873-8014 855 W. 26th Ave., Van. Nicholls, Sydney 278-6950 6591 Cooney Rd.. Rich. Nolan. Stephen 261-0837 2153 W 46th Ave , Van. Norman. Garry 738-1708 3420 W. 15th, Van. o- O Balia, Marco 298-7733 6912 E. Broadway, Bby O ' Brien. Michael 926-3864 1474 Mathers, W. Van. O ' Bryan, Mike 263-7880 4970 Marguerite. Van. Oddy. Doug 263-6860 5070 Blenheim St.. Van. O ' Donnell. Eoin 261-7777 2276 W. 49th. Van. O ' Donnell. Rory 261-7777 2276 W. 49th Van. O ' Flynn, John 879-3485 264 E. 17th, Van. Olma, Mike 943-5352 1160Skana Dr.. Delta Olma, Joe 943-5352 1160 Skana Dr. . Delta Olma, Raymond 943-5352 1160 Skana Dr.. Delta O ' Loughlin. Luke 228-8840 4898 Fannin Ave., Van. O ' Loughlin, Marc 228-8840 4898 Fannin Ave., Van. O ' Loughlin, Patrick 228-8840 4898 Fannin Ave.. Van Olson, John 224-6946 4036 W. 12th, Van. Olson. Peter 224-6946 4036 W. 12th, Van. O ' Neill. John 922-6553 236 Onslow Place. W. Van. O ' Regan, John 261-4894 3214 W. 37th Ave , Van. Ormaechea. Manuel .... 325-4833 6459 Dumfries. Van. Ormaechea. Jon 325-4833 6459 Dumfries, Van. Orne, Randy 761-3488 3855 W 37th, Van. Osborne, Colin 224-6605 4128 W. 12th Ave.. Van. Owen. Richard 534-5125 21102 Worrell Cres.. Langley P- Pacheco, David 263-8106 4027 W. 37th. Van. Paddack, Mark 266-4772 2006 Quilchena Cres.. Van Paddack. Todd 266-4772 2006 Quilchena Cres.. Van Page. Derek 594-9875 1190189a Ave . N. Delta Page, Todd 594-9875 1190189a Ave . N. Delta Paisley. Ernie 939-6342 2303 Tolmie Ave . Coq. Palmer. Greg 263-5443 1695 S W Marine Dr . Van Palmer. Jett 263-5443 1695 S.W Marine Dr . Van. Panton. Donald 224-4009 4375 Locarno Cres., Van. Paris. Dan 261-3840 1950 W 33rd Ave . Van. Paris. Michael 879-5427 476 W 27th. Van Parmar Ravinder 433-2566 3139 E. 14th. Van Parsons. Steven 325-5364 1727 E 41st. Van. Partaik. Chris 224-3540 4278 W 11th. Van Pasqualotto. Roman 434-1402 6183 Arlington. Van. Paszner, Nicholas 261-0858 3906 W 33rd, Van. Paterson. Ben 263-8197 1031 W 64th, Van Patrick. Niall 277-9210 1 1 320 Seaham Cres.. Rich. Pears. Kirby 278 8737 8131 Rivers Rd.. Rich. Pelletreau. Marc 738-5504 1 080 W 16th, Van. Pelletreau. John 738-5504 1080 W 16th. Van. Pelletreau. Paul 738-5504 1080 W 16th. Van Pember. Tim 277-3943 3540 Blundell Rd.. Rich. Pengson, Anthony 584-1614 12321 95a Ave., Surrey Pereira, Robert 263-4286 2307 Vine. Van. Petro. Uli 228-0889 5568 Kings Rd., Van. Petty. Glen 263-5819 4643 Blenheim St., Van. Pickard. Scott 987-5807 138 W. 29th St.. N Van. Pinette. Ronald . . 392-5176 Box 4243 Williams Lake. B.C. Pol. Brian 378-2411 1552 Houston St.. Merritt Poo. Gerardo . . 2-17-31 711 Kicotenealt St . Mex. Porter. Andrew 738-9067 4870 Hudson St.. Van. Porter, Richard 584-9971 9028 147th St.. Surrey Portes. Bruno 274-6527 3051 Bowen Dr., Rich. Poulos. Spiro 733-2765 3205 W. 6th Ave., Van. Prescott, John 988-6705 740 Blueridge Ave.. N. Van. Pulchny, Joe 738-3653 1156 Connaught. Van. Pulchny. Tom 738-3 653 1156 Connaught. Van. Q- Quirk. Ronald 434-2771 4267 Sardis, Van. Rada, Marcel 985-4843 3801 St. Georges, N. Van. Radzikowski, Mark 526-0501 2399 Cape Horn Ave., Coqu. Rally, David 261-1277 4987 Connaught Dr., Van. Ramirez Thomas. Jose. . . . 2-00-60 3 Calle 26A, Carmen Camp. Mex. Ramirez Thomas, Luis .... 2-00-60 3 Calle 26A, Carmen Camp, Mex Randall, Nick 929-1984 1905 Cardinal Cres.. N. Van. Rankin, Armond 224-0876 4394 W. 14th Ave., Van. Rankin, John Paul 224-0876 4394 W. 14th Ave., Van. Rattee. Ashley 266-7554 1537 W. 59th Ave. Rattee. Mark 266-7554 1537 W. 59th. Van. Rascan, William 325-0321 596 E 59th, Van. Raverty, Bernard 266-7393 1004 W. 33rd Ave. .Van. Raverty. Stephen 266-7393 1004 W. 33rd Ave . Van. Reeve. Charles 731-0117 1206 Nanton Ave.. Van. Regush, Randy 228-8776 3762 W 24th, Van Reilly, Kevin 261-5328 5926 Angus Dr . Van. Reilly. Michael 261-5328 5926 Angus Dr , Van. Renix, Brian 228-9670 4192 Doncaster Way, Van. Revelant. Ivan 733-1085 1977 W. 3rd. Van. Reyes, Gelasio 327-3294 2041 E 36th, Van Reyes, Eusebius 327-3294 2041 E. 36th. Van Richards. Scott 263-3981 2845 W. 31st. Van Richards, Paul 263-5864 2918 W. 32nd. Van. Richardson. Ricky 946-7067 5210 Maple Cres.. Delta Ridley, Kevin 273-3461 9540 Beckwith Rd., Rich. Rivera. John 325-9520 372 E 49th Ave . Van. Roberts, Tony 224-0795 4534 Langara Ave.. Van. Roberts. Simeon 228-8404 3884 W 26th. Van. Robertson. Paul 733-5776 28-2425 Cypress St., Van. Robinson, Andrew 985-3490 4533 Valley Rd.N.Van. Robinson, Stephen 985 3490 4533 Valley Rd.N.Van. Robinson. Kevin 594-3250 8429 110a St , N Delta Roche. Ed 224-1996 4334 W. 12th, Van. Rogers, Doug 224-7101 3894 W 14th, Van. Rogers, Ron 224 7101 3894 W. 14th. Van. Rodjanapiches. Natasak. 299-0479 6665 Haszard. Burnaby Rodriguez. Carlos Boarder - Mexico Roller. Mark 274 6060 8060 Rideau PL, Rich. Roscoe. Keith 922-8769 1296 Kings, W. Van. Rossman, Tom 738-2474 4210Quesnel Dr . Van Roy. Paul 986-2677 426 W Esplanade Roza, Mark 876-0691 1466 E. 17th, Van. Rudkowski, Stephen . . 298-1698 805 Everett Cres., Bby. Ruiz, Ronnie 433-4676 3178 Grandview. Van Ruskey. Robert 327-9154 635 E. 57th Ave., Van. Russell, Anthony 266-5830 5389 Oak St., Van. Russell. Dean 266-5830 5839 Oak St., Van. s- Salerian. Luc 52.64.18 6900 Via Belle Scuole 15 a, Lugano, Suisse Sanvido, Gary 255-8706 2686 E. 4th. Van. Sanvido. Alan 255-8706 2686 E. 4th, Van. Sartin, Peter 277-4289 10451 Springwood Cres., Rich. Sauve. Gerard 263-5289 2839 W 33rd. Van. Sovernigo, Denny 922-2936 1481 Chartwell Dr., W. Van. Schafmeister, Christian . 524-3244 8032 15th Ave., Bby. Schatz, Billy 733-4998 4355 Puget Dr.. Van. Schenk, Allred 596-8610 7765 Garrett Dr., Delta Schmaling, Nick 988-7733 562 Alpine Court. N. Van. Schneidet. Bernie 874-8427 1573 E 18th, Van. Schober. Paul 325-5682 90 E. 53rd, Van. Schober. Frank 325-5682 90 E 53rd, Van. Schwarz. Adrian 266-8442 2028 W 35th, Van. Schwarz, Leo 266-8442 2028 W 35th. Van. Scott. Ken 274-1978 8360 Cullen Cres., Rich. Scott. Geoff 733-7273 4140 Quesnel Dr., Van. Scott. Bob 733-7273 4140 Quesnel Dr., Van. Scully. Stephen 324-9538 65 E 39th, Van. Seiler. David 273-3592 6711 Eckersley Rd., Rich. Seliq, Judson 941-4456 1745 Prairie Seraphim, Peter 261-4684 1355 W 57th. Van. Sexsmith. Stewart 289-3861 3019 Camore Rd. Seymour, Jeff 271-1608 8371 Sunnycroft Rd.. Rich. Shaffer, Gerald 266-0957 2950 Gedeirhurst, Van. Shankey. Conor 224-7696 4575 W 9th, Van. Shaughnessy, Kevin .... 922-2864 1175 Sutton PI , W. Van. Shyang. David 274-4666 9231 Pinewell Cres., Rich Sillery, Dirck 987-5397 318 E. 21st, N. Van. Roberts, Simeon 228-8404 3884 W. 26th. Van. Small. Anthony 224-0027 1 750 Drummond Dr., Van. Small, Dan 263-9261 3435 W 55th, Van. Smith, Brad 929-2210 317 Loach, N. Van Smith. Cory 298-6076 3622 McGill, Van. Smith, Kevin 531-01 18 3025 16th St. White Rock Smith. Neil 224-7993 3908 W. Broadway, Van. Smith, Paul 985-6826 3025 Brookridge Dr.. N. Van. Smith. Roger 733-4460 3535 W. 11th, Van. Smith, Stephen 291-2504 3962 E. Pender. BBy. Smith, Tim 836-4676 R R 1 Mara West Rd., Sicamous, B.C. Smith, Troy 321-0389 5508 Bruce, Van. Smitlener, Damir 531-3236 1399 Kerfoot Rd., White Rock Sothy. Joe 263-3602 3530 W. 33rd, Van. Spencer, Marc 277-0881 3231 Bowen Dr.. Rich. Spencer, Quinn 270-3679 4760 4 Rd., Rich. Spragg, Sean 943-3889 5723 16a Ave., Tsaw. Spry. Jim 732-6161 2015 Balaclava. Van. Squelch, David 274-5134 9071 4 Rd ? Rich. StachowiakrRemy 438-6940 3290 E. 62nd, Van. Stack, Kevin 321-6022 721 W. 63rd, Van. Stack, Mike 321-6022 721 W. 63rd, Van. Stasiuk, Troy 946-8897 4562 47a. Delta Stastny. Martin 922-2889 2312 Mathers, W. Van. St. Cyr, Roland 874-3046 746 W 15th, Van Stead, Chris 731-7663 4787 Selkirk. Van. Steele, Matthew 736-7900 1955 W. 14th, Van, ' • 230 Stekl, Bob 733-9587 4750 Hudson, Van. Stekl, John 733-9587 4750 Hudson, Van. T- Tabe, David 291-2573 6558 E. Georgia, Burnaby Thomas. Richard 738-1904 1853 W. 14th, Van. Thrift, Pat 922-2723 962 Taylor Way, W. Van. Thrift, Peter 922-2723 962 Taylor Way, W. Van. Tichelman, Randy 263-7779 6137 Adena, Van. Tilbe, Mark 277-0916 8111 No. 3Rd„ Rich. Tilbe. Mike 277-0916 8111 No. 3 Rd., Rich, Timar, Peter-John 263-5512 936 W. 37th, Van. Tobias. Steve 876-5439 761 E, 33rd. Van. Todesco, Loi 325-3159 7380 Ashburn, Van. Tompkins, David 266-7038 4807 Puget Dr., Van Tompkins, Steven 266-7038 4807 Puget Dr., Van. Toporowski, Paul 274-1640 8120Seafair Dr., Rich. Toporowski, Tom 274-1640 8120 Seafair Dr., Rich. Torresan, Mike 261-2985 5829 Hudson, Van. Torresan, Ray 216-2985 5829 Hudson, Van. Toudy, Christopher 266-8227 5920 Crown, Van. Toudy, James 266-8227 5920 Crown, Van, Tremblay, Martin 874-7677 826 W. 22nd, Van. Truscott. Brian 273-5988 6503 Pimlico Way, Rich. Tsaw, William 263-5021 1 108 W. 39th, Van. Tsiandoulas, Peter 738-8438 2051 W. 17th, Van. Tsiandoulas, Tom 738-8438 2051 W. 17th, Van. Tsui, Martin 879-1760 2131 St. George, Van. Tudan, Chris 985-6975 837 Westview Cres., N. Van. Tunstall, Kent 943-1223 1069 Eden Cres., Tsaw. Tunstall, Troy 943-1223 1069 Eden Cres., Tsaw. Turner, Doug 274-0872 8831 Carmichael, Rich. Tyler, Lee 937-0242 1184 Glenayre, Port Moody u- Unger, Gerhard 988-6875 4526 Lions, N. Van. Uitdenbosch, Fraser. . . . 263-0379 6915 Selkirk, Van. Uitdenbosch, Mark 263-0379 6915 Selkirk, Van. Urquhart, Gordon 261-5503 1236 W. 39th, Van. V- Vail, Jason 228-8231 4690 W. 8th, Van. Vail, Kelven 228-8231 4690 W. 8th, Van. Van Der Linden, Chris . . 434-8838 2456 E. 50th, Van. Vaugier, Jason 872-4008 No. 301-3196 Heather, Van. Viegas. Desmond 274-3117 10600 Skagit Dr., Van. Vlaszaty, Andrew 261-5412 4033 W. 38th, Van. Von Dehn, Ulf 224-0435 4705 W. 6th, Van. Vovnik, Sam 224-1468 4290 W. Uth, Van. Vuk, Zrinko 980-6605 2026 Purcell Way. N. Van. Wagner, Rick 574-4615 2539 Pacific Hwy., Surrey Wallbank, Chris 687-2189 1675 Nelson, Van. Walsh, Mike 785-3542 1 1327 94th St. Ft. St. John, B C. Walter, Richard 278-9208 4271 Dallyn Rd., Rich. Wan. William 876-0125 196 W. 18th, Van. Warrian, David 943-7701 5160 7B Ave., Delta Watt, Anthony 266-6689 576 W. 37th. Van. Watts, John 261-9134 1990Quilchena, Van. Watts, Robert 261-9134 1990Quilchena, Van. Watts, Jim 261-9134 1990 Quilchena, Van. Weatherston, Duncan 588-3678 9086 146A, Surrey Wee, Jonathan 773-5084 6611 Minoru Blvd., Rich. Welch, Greg 228-0320 3757 W. 29th, Van. Welch, Mike 228-0320 3757 W. 29th. Van Welch, Philip 228-0320 3757 W 29th, Van. Welman, Chris 733-5807 1 125 W 33rd, Van Welman, Mark 733-5807 1125W. 33rd, Van. Wichert. Daniel 261-1770 1563 W. 66th, Van. Wickramasekera, Shehan27 1-8876 P.0.4490, Van. Wijesinghe, Adrian 325-9504 8255 Elliot, Van. Williams, Andrew 271-8240 22-7491 No. 1 Rd., Rich. Williamson, James 635-5806 4503 N. Sparks, Terrace Wills, Chris 731-3897 3276 W. 11th, Van. Wilson, Paul 731-3259 1746 MacDonald, Van. Wirtz, Greg 224-1938 4678 W. 3rd, Van. Wisniewski, Mark 263-2931 5953 Larch, Van. Wisniewski. Matthew . . 263-2931 5953 Larch, Van. Wong, Peter . 3-669982 32 Mody Rd., 8 1, Hong Kong Wong, Steven 325-9932 2080 Scarboro, Van. Wood, Eddy 266-7993 1 108 W. 45th, Van Wotherspoon, Al 327-2554 326 Greensboro, Van. Wunderlich, Kevin 277-0824 9120Chapmond, Rich. Wyatt, Justin 732-3035 1 108 Connaught, Van. z- Zanatta, Joey 253-8874 2525 Grant, Van. Zavadil, Thomas 261-3766 1319 W. 49th, Van, Zurkirchen, Fred 266-4245 1727W. 60th, Van. w- Wagner, Markus 574-4615 2539 Pacific Hwy., Surrey “You have set your heart on building a house for my name, and in this you have done well.” (1 Kings 8: 18) . The Beginning of a Vision Many dreams are born in the heart of the one who searches for God. Perhaps the most persistent searcher and the greatest visionary of our Judaeo-Christian roots is the Psalmist, King David. Even this great ‘dreamer’ could find no sleep for his eyes until he had first established a resting place for God. “I will not enter the house where 1 live, nor go to the place where 1 rest. . . . till 1 find a place for the Lord, a dwelling for the Strong One of Jacob.” This is an eternal truth for man — the individual and the community. We hunger for a place in our personal and collective lives for God. Thus, the presence of the Holy Eucharist in our school serves as a special reminder and assurance of our oneness with all men “through Him, with Him, and in Him”. Our school chapel motivates us to con- stantly recall our Christian mission to take the Lord to others wherever we go. The vision of a chapel here at Vancouver College began with the principalship of Brother Maher. Its construction is a great credit to the kind of tone it serves to set in the place of Catholic Education. As a Catholic Community, therefore, we are fortunate that Brother considered this to be one of the top priorities on his list of renovations for our school. Indeed, we are priveleged to have such a beautiful chapel. Compliments of W.R. USSNER f 1 L % ' r i - A • 1 . . V r . :V, • ‘ fl j " Vt? i f • 5? x HP n-« ■ ' ' I- ' ; Vti r • a .• W Ev » H ft . 9 ..,,1 4»- r! « |PS ■ -.. - i, ’. Y ‘f V V V ' ■ . ■ VfWK ' : . 1 1 jf.--: ;; .M kjT j Mr i Pjftl lJU " ■ • lf •

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