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gpli ' fSii vv ' . CHltfTUR ft f 5400 CARTIER VANCOUVER, BA THE STUDENTS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE THE COLLEGIAN 77 YEARBOOK STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Peter Irving PHOTOGRAPHER-IN -CHIEF Owen Davis ASSISTANT EDITOR ASSISTANTS Jose Caspar JR. CLASSES EDITOR Leo Smyth Manuel Espinosa CLASSES EDITOR John Stubbs Olav Maas GRADUATES CO-EDITORS Olav Naas David Wong Patrick Chan HEAD OF DARKROOM David Forster ACTIVITIES EDITOR Marty Zajac ASSISTANTS Dan Small ASSISTANT Bill Cawker Doug McCandless SPORTS CO-EDITORS Matt O’Brien Kevin Pern her Brendan Dick MODERATOR Brother J.P. Rowland BUSINESS EDITOR ASSISTANT Joe Sotham Steve Larigakis FINANCIAL ADVISOR Brother M.A. Maher INTRODUCTION 2 FACULTY 6 JUNIORS 14 CLASSES 32 GRADUATES 50 ACTIVITIES 82 SPORTS 118 FRIENDS 142 2 3 Brother H.L. Bucher, M.B.A., Superintendent of Mount Cashel On the completion of his Tertianship at the Christian Brothers ' Motherhouse in Rome, Brothr Bucher, V.C.’s principal from 1968 to 1975, was appointed Superintendent of Mount Cashel Orphanage in St. John’s, Newfoundland - one of the largest Catholic Boys ' homes in Eastern Canada. Brother Bucher, a graduate of O’Dea High School in Seattle, first came to College in 1956. He remained on the staff here until 1968 when he was transfered to St. Pius X High School in Montreal. The following year he was posted at Bro. Rice High School in St. John’s, where he remained until he returned to V.C. in 1967. Brother M.P. Nolan, M.A., Assistant Master of Novices Last September, Brother Nolan, senior English teacher at College for two years, was appointed Assistant Novice Master and Instructor in English at Christian Brothers’ College in Mono Mills, Ontario. He first came to V.C. in 1963 and taught the economics and business courses for two years. In 1965 he was transfered to St. Pius X High School in Montreal where he remained until 1970, when he was transfered to St. John ' s, Newfoundland. He returned to V.C. in 1974. 4 SAMANTHA. ♦ ♦ Samantha, or “Sam” as she has been affectionately nicknamed, has been the faithful guard dog of the brothers for the last six years. She has become very much a part of the school and we the yearbook staff decided it appropriate to dedicate this page to her. Sam receives much loving care from Brother Kelly and Mrs. Body after the day- students have left for home. We hope “Sam” spends many more years watching over our beloved brothers. 5 FACULTYFACULTYF Brother J.C. Bates, Ph.D. Principal Mr. M. Kim, B.ED. Director of Elementary Dept. Grade 7 Brother MA. Maher, M.A. Dean of Studies French Mr. J. Kavalec, B.ED. Vice-Principal Biology 8 Mr. W. Anderson, B.P.E. Physical Education Br. F. Basil Blom, N.D.L., B.Ed. Religion, Mathematics Mr. J.C. Bell, B.Ed. French Mr. L. Bendo, B.Sc. Science Mrs. E. Campbell, B.Ed. Grade 1 Br. R.W. Carrothers, B.A., M.A. (Cand.) Social Studies, History M rs. A. Cheeseman, H. Dip. Ed. Grade 2 Mr. T.H. Choo, B.Ed. Mathematics Mr. R. Clavin, B.P.E. Physical Education 9 Br. W.M. Colford, B.A., M.Sc. Social Studies, Geography Br. G.E. Conti, B.A., M.Ed. Grade 7 Mr. E. Crame, B.Sc. Religion, Spanish Br. F.D. Duff, B.A. Grade 5 Br. B.B. English, B.A. Religion, English Mrs. M. Davis, B.A. Art Mr. J. Duggan T reasurer Br. J.S. Dawson, B.Sc., M.A.T. Religion, Mathematics Mr. G. Emery, B.A. Accounting, Commerce Mrs. M. Fry Secretary Br. M.W. Furey, B.A. Grade 6 Br. Gerard. N.D.L., B.A. Industrial Education Mr. S. Kazun, B.Sc. Religion, Chemistry Mr. D.P. Kelly. B.A. Religion, Social Studies Mr. R. Hallum , B.Ed. English Mrs. D. Lloyd Secretary Mr. L. Matusicky, B.A., M.A. Religion, English Mrs. J. McLean, H. Dip. Ed. Grade 4 Mr. J. Mills, B.A. Religion, English Mrs. K. Murray, B.L.S. Librarian Br. W.G. Noonan, B.A., M.A. Typing Sr. Pat Dickenson, S.S.A., M.A. English, Literature Mrs. M. Patterson, P.H.N. School Nurse Br. J.P. Rowland, M.A., M.A.T Religion, Social Studies 12 Mrs. N. Sendall Elementary School Librarian Mr. A. Soo, M.Sc. Science Mrs. M. Stefanov Secretary Br. L.F. Taylor, M.A., M.Sc. Religion, Physics Mrs. F. Verhoeven, C.T. Art Br. J.R. Wright, B.A., M.Ed. Religion, English Br. P.G. Breen, B.A., M.A. Gardener Sister M. Carmen, S.S.A., B.A. Elementary School French Mr. G. Summers, B.A. Substitute Teacher J UN IORSJ UN IORSJL GRADE I FRONT RO X : Angelo Batatas, Todd Paddock, John Mulhern, Kenny Gourlay, Anton Danielson. SECOND ROW: Lute Gallagher, Rrendan McCabe, Andrew Porter, Andy Nathanson, Dean Leung. THIRD ROW: Gerald Donnelly, Oliver Bushy, Greg Nioholls, Kevin Stack, Nathan Marbry, Peter Morphet. FOURTH ROW: Martin Lynch, Micheal Tuck, Peter Timar, Colin Lynch, Dean Meloni. ABSENT: Andre Caverzan. 16 FRONT ROW: Jeffrey Buckland, Andrew Macfarlane, Santino Sortino, Frank Kucera, Stefan Baumstark, Jorge Preisser. SECOND ROW: Igor Antognetti, Anthony Watt, Erie Huber, John Felix, Christopher El-Araj, Kelven Vail, Patrick Ewan- chuk, Terry Dunne, Christopher McGoran, Fraser Uitdenbosch. THIRD ROW: Nicholas Paszner, Edward Dino, David Fuller, Christopher Clarke, Carl Mascarenhas, David Mitchell. AB- SENT: Michael Kennedy, Clayton Clarke, Amarpal Nagra, Robert Stewart. GRADE 3 jifE r Va LI3L w L ' v 7 j ] l y, J wi s wL u • ft • «, , M w i iJr m v i i i i » FRONT ROW: Kris Kucera, Michael Guthrie, Kerry Luchs, Michael Huihi, Franco Felicella, Jimmy Balatsas, David Graham. Sean Bishop. SECOND ROW: Neil Armstrong. Jose M anuel Solis. Patrick Bingham. Stephen Danielsen, Brendan Sharkey, Marco Barrera, Jesse Tamayo, Anthony Flamery, Jason Dumarsq. THIRD ROW : Mark Brown, Pius Ho, Rodney Baranyi, Mark Sutherland, John Watts, Corry Smith, Jose Dino, Eddy Wood, John Dyer, Kevin Chen. 18 FRONT ROW: Brian Langley, Anthony Small, Peter Tsian- j doulas, Ian Hunter, Peter Maretic, David Maxwell, Anthony Szeto, Dean Vilanno, Ryan Mawhinney, Drew Deegan, Graeme De Lusignan. SECOND ROW: Troy Tunstall, Ron Brown, ' Thomas L’Helias, Andrew MacFarlane, Mark Butchler, Stuart Gray, Greg Palmer, Paul Bachmann, James Toudy, Tony McAleer. THIRD ROW: Bert Boucher, Harvey Hill, Pat Guz- man, Andrew Bryson, Matthew Bingham, Michael Leong, Sean Fairley, Douglas McBride, Gerald Shaffer, Michael Perry. AB- SENT: Adrian Schwarz. ‘ GRADE 5 FRONT ROW: Robert Lundy, Johnny Lane, Fursey Cotuaco, John Weiler, Markus Wagner, Jimmy Georgas, Carlos Amoranto, Winston Helga son, Stephen Smith, Tony Emslander, David Percy, Jeff Howey, Brett Borrie, Mario Felicella. SECOND ROW: Chris Pziekan, Wendell Fong, Mike Dziekan, Robert Senger, Jute Rodriguez, Jason Vail, Troy Lucas, Paul Muir, Chris Martin, Oswald D’Mello, Guy Farrell, Sean Murphy. THIRD ROW: Chris Gray, Alfred Ling, Mark Rattee, Stephen Lim, Taylor Knight, Brian Warrington, Rodney Lobozar, Jon Ormaechea. ABSENT: Brad Done. FRONT ROW: Jean Egea, Malcolm Petty, Keith Roscoe, Peter Grist, Quentin L ' Helias, Michael Hancock, John An- driopoulos, Andy Cheung, Mark Herbert, David Girard, Rod Hemming, Luis Maia, Kevin Reilly. SECOND ROW: Roberto Abraham, Martin Tremblay, Sean Hanlin, Jonathon Wee, Den- nis Moffat, Kirby Pears, Jacques Belda, Sean Love, Wilfred Bohm, Marc Jorgenson, Brian Renix, Marcel Rada. Laurie Bar- nes. THIRD ROW : Michael Guzman, James Bellavance, Michael Ewanchuk, Marcel Bittel, Paul Greene, Gavin Rodriquez, Michael Beaulne, Richard Thomas, Robert Celle, Matthew Steele. ABSENT: Anthony Moser, Laurie Matthias. GRADE 71 FRONT ROW: Derek Rage, Robert Busse, Vincent Dziekan, Paul Irvine, Robert Stekl, Kevin Rarr, Lorenzo Acierno, David Hardy, Jeffrey Palmer, Andrew Butschler, Kevin Brunette, Allan McLellan, Mike Keay. SECOND ROH : Christopher McNeill, Juan Aragon, Gerald Fahey, Mike Torresan, Lawrence Westrhein, James Zaniol, Owen Rogers, David Christie, James Koch, Don Labossiere, Gregory Borrie, Gregory Le Blanc, Joey Dong, Ronald Rogers. THIRD ROW: Michael Lee, Bradley Woods, David Rally, James Graham, Todd Lucas, John Prescott, Jeffrey Fraser, John D’Amato, Oscar D’Mello, David Gray, Keenan Charles, Colin Moroney, Robert Watts, Albert Budai. FRONT ROW: Sean Ellikson, Steven Butschler, Mike Green, Tom Tsiandoulas, David Squelch, David Killiaan, Mike Stack, Joel Dumaresq, Paul Clarke, John Geier, Raymundo Sanchez, George Ganguin, Miquel Collado, Terry Patel. SECOND ROW: Curtis Brennan, Johnathon Gregory, Brian Lynch, Geoffrey Peter, Gary Matthias, Scott Howard, Paul Brown, Chris Stead, Grant Goodwyn, Jason Clarke, Steven Buttery, Steven Davis. THIRD ROW: Mark Paddack, John Loughran, Steven Beurger, Conor Shankey, Cris Schafmeister, Delval Martin Rodrigo, Mark Cadina, Robbie Gerien, Ben Paterson, Steve Ho, Warren Fong, Bruce McCheyene, Mark Reimann. 23 GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOOTBALL CLAY IN’S CANNON BALLS John Prescott, Mike Torresan, Mike Keay, Grante Goodwyn, Mr. Kay Clavin. FRONT ROW: Brian Warrington, David Rally, Kevin BACK ROW ' : Jimmy Bellavance, Greg LeBlanc, Gerald Fahey, Brunette, Peter Grist, Stephen Davis, Mario Felicella. DUFF S CREAM PUFFS Joel Dumaresq, Johnathon Gregory, Andrew Butchl er. FRONT ROW: Paul Irvine, Brad Woods, Shawn Alexson. Ben Paterson, BACK ROW: James Zaniol, Geoff Peter, Jeff Fraser, Kevin Barr, David Gray. STATISTICS FOR THE 1976 SEASON CANNONBALLS CREAM PUFFS Ex. 0 0 No. 1 0 13 No. 2 6 0 No. 3 6 0 No. 4 14 13 In the 1976 season the fans of Br. Duff s Cream Puffs and Mr. Clavin’s Cannonballs saw very close matches. Going into the final game, a win for the Cream Puffs would have tied the two teams up for the season. It was this last game that was said to be the most ex- citing for all since it was the last minute touchdown scored by Pete Griste that sent the Cannonballs to their reward - lunch at McDonald’s. When the players were asked to comment on the season they summed it all up by stating that it was fun. 25 COSOM HOCKEY TOP RO K : Doug Rogers, Paul Clarke, Joel Demaresq, JefT Jamie Graham, Vincent Zurkirchen. BOTTOM ROW: Warren Fraser, Mike Torresan, John Prescott, Mike Kay, Mr. Clavin. Fong, James Borrie, Michael Lee, Jason Clarke, Rohhie Gerein, MIDDLE ROW: Collin Mellro, David Gray, Stephen Davis, Albert Budai. rV... SOCCER TOP ROW: Mr. Gray, Sean Murphy, Brett Borrie, Ryan Mawhinny, Jimmy Georgas, James Toudy, Adrian Schwarz, Paul Bachmann, Mr. Clavin. BOTTOM ROW: Franko Felicella, Sean Fairly, Matthew Bingham, John Dyer, Andrew Bryson, Pat Bingham, Stuart Gray, Chris Gray, David Graham. 27 TOP ROW : Keith Roscoe, Mark Herbert, John Andriopoulas, Peter Grist, Rod Hemming, Mr. Clavin. MIDDLE ROW : Marcus W agner, Matthew Steele, Kevin Reilly, Mike Ewanchuck, Mario Felicella, Sean Murphy. BOTTOM ROW: Troy Lucas, Paul Greene, Andy Gheung, Tony Moser, Jimmy Bellavance. GRADE 6 BASKETBALL GRADE 7 BASKETBALL 28 TOP ROW : Brother Duff. Brian Lynch, Mike Stack, David Brown. BOTTOM ROW ' ’: Brad Woods, Stephen Burger, Dave Kiliaan, Thomas Zavadil, Jamey Koch, Jamie Zaniol, Paul Christie, Todd Lucas, Chris McNeill. JUNIORS IN ACTION TOM SAWYER TOP ROW: Mark Paddack, Michael Guzman, Sean Hanlin, Michael Han- cock, Lynn Cameron, Catherine Pelletreau, Andrew Butschler, Mark Hebert, Fiona Downer, Brother Furey (Director), Derek Page, Scott Howard, Robert Watts, Andy Cheung, David Ki liaan, Sean Love, Rhonda Gaynor. MIDDLE ROW: Igor Antongnetti, Michael Stack, George Kyriakelis, Sarah Kyriakelis, Sarah Signiorette, Natasha Lozovsky, John Geier, Keith Roscoe, Peter Grist, Tony Moser, Ainsley Fraser, Manuela Peterson, Anna Lawrence, Brian Renix, Jeff Palmer, Chris Schafineister. BOTTOM ROW: Martin Tremblay, Clare Moriarity, Bernie Coulson, Geoff Boese, Kirby Pears, Matt Steele, Robert Celle, Jamie Koch, Julian Ludlow, Michael Beaulne, Alfred Ling, Sean Murphy, Brian Lynch, Noreen Boese, Michelle Brown, Steven Butschler, Laurie Barnes. Tom Sawyer, the 1976-77 edition of the Grammar School Play, was a smashing success as usual. Playing before three packed houses the cast, led by Keith Roscoe as Tom Sawyer, Sean Murphy as Ben Rogers, John Geier as Huck Finn, and Michael Stack as Muff Potter, all did an excellent job. Besides the talented students, much credit must also be given to Mrs. Koch as Musical Director, Mrs. Coulson for being the Choreographer, and to Brother Furey for directing the whole show. 31 CLASS ESCL ASS ESCLA GRADE 8 FRONT ROW: Daniel Woods, John Little, Drew MeyerhofT, David Green, Greg Guile, Roberto Carvelho, Ricky Kpich, Steven Ashley, Michael Hirschsprung, Robert Carvalho. Edward Spat. Brent Done, Heng Lau. SECOND ROW: Anthony V’alcic, Brian Barnett, Danny Murphy, Andy Larigakis, Jeff Charpentier, Tony Roberts, Colin McCarlie, Jim Sweeney, Peter Seraphim, Neil Major, Daryl Lavallee, Randy Bilesky. THIRD ROW: Zvonko Maretic, Mark Rosa, Alfonso Abraham, William Tsaw, George Dudas, Jeff Pew, Dino Georgas, David Canvin, David Smeats, Mark Layzell, Paul Dries, Conor Murphy. Psssst ... What’s the answer to number four? 34 FRONT ROW: Christopher The, Simon Patey, Mark Welman, Todd Page, Daniel Aragan, Jerry Ng, Ronald Groom, Randy Bradley, Neil Hoo, Stewart Bailey, Mario Kazulin, Roger Grover, Sean Doughty, Peter Sartin. SECOND ROW: Mark Fidgett, Patrick Thrift, Peter Thrift, Peter Keyes, Trey Lund, David Wade, Gordon Urqhart, Eric ' ' Koban, Gary Mordecai, Demetrios Zambus, Paul Smith, Richard Leong, Gerald Belgardt. THIRD ROW: Gregory Bell, Danny Paris, Ricky Wagner, Karel Carhoun, Dean Meyerhoff, Andrew Mackay, Patrick Conlin, Joseph Doyle, Jason Sze, Michael Moisson. AB- SENTEES: Leo Schwarz. 35 FRONT ROW: Mike Graham. Stephen Johnston, Martin Emslander, George Yoldassis, Guy Thimister, Oliver Roberts, Mark Maretic. Bren- dan Edwards, Chris W ills, Steve Lyons, Andrew Taczala. Thomas Toporowski, Riek Brownrigg. SECOND ROW: Randy Regush. Scott Langley, Kevin Ridley, Raul Felletreau, Brian Truscott, Mike Geary, Richard Matte, PAUL Schaber, Steve Robinson, Peter Celle, David Tabe, Robert Caversan. THIRD ROW: Norm Hullah, Mark Ellery, Carlos Fedyk, Peter Hall, Liam Coughlam, John Ghatak, Darrell Fuller, John W arrington. ABSENT: Dan Hagemoen. 36 FRONT ROW: Alan Sanvido, Nick Kandie, Steve Parsons, Peter Haskell, Mike Todd, Robbie Tibbitts, Keith Shearer, Tim Naas, Brian Coady, Bernard Cameron, Simon Mackenzie, Brad Hoct, Kevin Falcon. SECOND ROW: Mike McClure, Kevin Reid, Ricky Richardson, Steve Brown, Shehan Wickramasekera, Anthony Onstad, Jim Galvins, Mike Bentz, Paul Gatto, Ashley Rattee, David Baadsvik, Mike Horan, Bryan Price. THIRD ROW: Greg Fodchuk, Mark Feeney, Martin Tsui, Jim Genac, Richard Coll, Rob Letson, Nigel Hutchinson. ABSENTEES: Doug Mitarewski, David Roberts. GRADE 9 T • m ■ j ■ • Z J j FRONT ROW: Ray Torresan, Philip Welch, Tom Liaskas, Nick Sch- maling, Dan Small, Protr Gzaykowski, Bruce Calkins. Rich Senger, Bradley Batsford. Duncan McCracken, Alan Hemming, Roy Oostergo. SECOND ROW: Kent Tunstall, Doug Little, Francis Chan, Eric Soren- sen, Robert Lau, Joe Pulchny, Chris Butchler, Boh Mitchell, Steve Tobias, David Pacheco, David Konst, Joseph Sothy. THIRD ROW: Fritz Luz, Tim Pember, Ray Dagenais, Simon Revill, Kevin Robinson, Fred Zurkirchen, Justin Wyatt, Stewart Muir, Andrew Fairley. AB- SENT: Alan Fedyk, Tom Rossman. 38 FRONT ROW: Peter Holat, Anthony Pang, Bobby Kosick, Alex Lobozar, Paul Lucas, Mark Hartman, Paul Toporowski, Steve Porter, Mike O’Brien, Rob Johnston, Mike Kreykewbohm, Karl Meszaros, Haydn Ache. SECOND ROW: Paul Gipps, Dean Archer, A.J. Long, Vince West, John O’Neill, Pierre de la Salle, Rob MacKinnon, Gary Horvath, Mike Kaweski, Chris MacDonald, Barry Kubic, John Deguara, Kevin Moroney. THIRD ROW: Robin Scott, Bill Canvin, Gordon Moulden, Tim Koch, Bryan Giefing, Howard Cadinha, Steve Huber, Paul Davis, Greg Wirtz, Rafael Julian. ABSENT: Matt Lakowski. 39 FRONT ROW: Garry Norman, Mark Kinahan, Rick Brunette, An- drew Boyle, Bruno Malibert, Tony Rohrwasser, Kevin Matte, Romano Pasqualotto, Frank Modenese, Jim Kershaw, Conall Barr, Rick Gill, Patrick O ' Laughlin. SECOND ROW ' : Perry Mileos, Bill Sweeney, Mike McLennan, Brendan Gojevic, Jim Watts, Steve Kwok, Pat Grayhurst, Ken McCandless, John Garland, Tom Pulchny. THIRD ROW: Marc Dufrane, Richard Leader, Ken McCabe, Geoff Kenny, Frank Forstner. ABSENT: Chris Kleyn. 40 FRONT ROW: Frank Garcia, Roberto Andrade, Luca Merler, Mike Foran, Jacques Lespinay, Victor Gill, John Davies, John Coughlan, Mark Beaulieu, John Ganyon, Mike Orr, James Price, Carl Monez. SECOND ROW: John Foster, Bruce Gurror, Charles Reeve, Ken Smith, Tony Macken, Don Fuller, Fransico, Maldenado, Tony DeSalvitory, Danny Sovernigo, Steve Kilpatrick. Kent Tavlor. THIRD ROW: Peter Groves, Paul Evest, Peter Clark, Brian Lavallee. Dan Mar- tin, Steve M inchuck, Peter Schulofe, Barnet Fung. This is definitely not a conversation concerning last night ' s hockey game. And now, on my left, we have a man with the answer. 41 GRADE 10 FRON ' 1 ROW: Glenn Petty, John Pelletreau, John Negrin, Andrew Layzell, Nick Valcic, Frank Schober, Tom Miletich, Sean Donnelly, Richard Foley, AndrtS Gauguin, Mike Reilly, Peter Knight. SECOND ROW : David Seiler, Doug McLeod, Brenton Guile, Gus Carvalho. Ron Carten, Greg Lynch, Kurt Handler, Marc O’Loughlin. THIRD ROW: Randy Tichelman, Mike Welch, Brian McKay, Greg Falcon, Chris Ho, Paul Beaulieu, Mike Lopianowski, Duncan Moore. ABOVE: I his is " Top Secret Material” ... my “Teacher’s Manual”. RIGHT: Caught in the act!! FRONT ROW: Joe Verna, Neil Barnett, Pete Olson, Rupert Duffy, Peter Chiang, Mark Cameron, Eddie Roche, Tom Kingston, Brian McKeown, Nino Mabanta, Ronald Rieder, Michael Shepard. SECOND ROW: Mark Myerhoff, Ken Scott, Doug Miller, Joe Perdia, Conrad Frisse, Bill MacDonald, Bruno Portes, Loi Tedeseo, Mike Warrington, Michael Kenny, Jim Korzenowski, Juan Revelant. THIRD ROW: Noel Mulhern, Larry Benjarmin, Peter Heah, Michael O ' Bryan, Michael Cszyni. ABSENT: Grant Hoffmann, Tenny Wilkins. 43 BP . 1 f A • m, i XA ! o H HSI vh i a s ■ 1 V ■ ■L 38 1 iJ k 1 Hrl w ' J FRONT ROW: Steve Grout, Ted Herb, Mark. Ridley, Joe MacKinnon, Todd Lorenz, Gary Sanvido, Tom Mulhern, Dave McGee, Mike Fahr- mann, Rob Tourand, Rob Kitzel. SECOND ROW: Kim, Charles Ivancic, Howard de la Cruz, Mike O ' Brien, Brian Milne, Peter Leung, Wolfgang Bohm, David Panton, Stefan Beckmann. THIRD ROW: Gary Regan, A1 Wotherspoon, Bruce Walker, Anthony Law, Vilis Galvins, Sandy MeyerhofT. ABSENT: George Knight. 44 FRONT ROW: Stephen Raverty, Domian Botteselle, Ed Sweeney, Don Panton, Jim Kelly, Joe Milton, Chris Welman, Kerwin Jarvis, Bob Clarke, Anthony Lam, Joseph Kong, Peter Thrift. SECOND ROW: John Stekl, Chuck Meloche, Manuel Ormaechea, Ken Speiss, Jim Greene, Neil Smith, Paul Brin, Paul Borchert, Jim Favero, David Culos. THIRD ROW: Bruce Ramsay, Robert Campbell, Paul Ellery, Roland St. Cyr, Simon Bachmann, Paul Carhoun, Fred Milton, Tim Fanning. ABSENT: Mark Hagemoen. 45 till GRADE II ■SfiHMlHl FRONT ROW: A1 Carreira, Walter Botteselle, Andy Pataky, Leonard Matte, Pierre Pittet. Vince Milton, Paul Irving, Mike Hennessey, Jim Agostino, David Wong, John Rozlowski. SECOND ROW: George Fisher, Kevin Duggan, Albert Van Raarsen, Chris Lapointe, Peter Galambos, Chris Ridley, Manuel Espinosa, Paul O ' Reilly, Paul Young, Clint Groth, Mark Stashuk. THIRD ROW: Mike Jull, John Shapira, Jeremy de Silva, Barry Bellamy, Alfie Auger, Gordon Lemire. AB- SENT: Richard Lutmann, David Kwok. 46 FRONT ROW: Ian Power, Hugh Brunette, David Forster, Steve Roy, Mike Robillard, Jim Keyes, Steve Larigakis, Tom Prescott, John West, Bruce Devente. SECOND ROW: Randy Young, Ed Cavin, Chris Naas, Simon Irvine, Mike Buell, Bill Luz, Tom Aulinger, Dominic Wong, Sean Wing, John O’Toole, Alex Fedyk, Gil Lippingwell. THIRD ROW : Jacques Dupas, Gwyn Shipman, Bob Lam, Joe Sweeney, Deno Georgas, Kevin Pember, Mark McLaren, Gerard Clarke. ABSENT: Paul Ker- show. 47 FRONT ROW: Geoff Edwards, Mark Bachmann. Fred Jacklin, Tom Heah, Eric Lee, Alex Wong, Doug McCandless, Mike Ferdinandi, Steve Murphy, Matt MacNeil, Tony Massot. SECOND ROW : Mike Halligan, Dennis Bittel, Brian Konar, Ed Rogers, Brad Little. Martin Penland, Bruce Downey, Mike Smith, David Proctor, Brother Dawson. THIRD ROW ' : Robert Fransbergen, Brent Crech, Robert Lam, Andy Pacheco, Gerardo Tinio, Rodolfo Andal, Charles Loo, Yas Yamamoto, Chris Cavelti. ABSENT: Juan Morgolles, John Nicholson. 48 FRONT ROW: Chris Johnston, Brian Battle, Jam es Sturrock, George Luptak, Mike Arnold, Ed Eppich, Andy Frisse, Cam Carlyle, Brian O’Connell, Colin Jardie, Pat Macken, John Panet. SECOND ROW: Sean Dekker, Phil MacKay, Mike Boskovich, Keith Tunstall, Yorg Gromer, Russell Hemming, George Murray, John Leja, Frank Staniscia, Dean Pietrantonio, Derrick Kong: THIRD ROW: Anthony Wong, Paul Yeung, Richard Dee, Pat Chan. ABSENT Ernie Moniz. Br. Maher’s French Class is disrupted by Mrs. Campbell and her elementary school masqueraders. 49 ; DONALD MICHEAL ANDREWS “Psycho " has been battling his way from Bowen Island for the last two years. His interests include skiing, football and girls. When his twelve years at College con- clude this June, Don hopes to catch up on all the sleep he missed on his morning ventures to school. ROBERT ARAMINI A devout Maple Leaf fan, Robert came fron St. Augustine’s to College five years ago. Since he has been at V.C., he has par- ticipated in the intramural program and served on the Grad Committee. After graduation, Rob plans to take up education at U.B.C. or S.F.U. KEVIN BYRON ATHERTON After completing a strenuous twelve years educating himself, Kevin plans to take two and a half months off before con- tinuing his studies in sciences at U.B.C. His spare time is devoted to such varied activities as cycling, cross-country skiing and sleeping. GERALD GEORGE BAKER Hailing from the wilderness of South Vancouver, Gerry has attended College for five years. During that time, he has been active as Co-Editor of the VoiCe and as a cheerleader. In the future he intends to attend the Science Faculty at U.B.C. GARY LEIGH BAANDERS For five wonderful years Gary has been taking the daily trek from the bogs of Richmond. While at College Gary has played supporting roles in both ‘Fiddler on the Roof and ‘West Side Story ' and has been actively involved in intramurals. After graduation, Gary will either join the Canadian Armed Forces or become a professional cub scout leader. G R A D U A T E S ' 52 ROGER JOSEPH BEAUDOING Burnaby’s gift to Class of 1977, Roger has been so devoted to Mr. Kavalec that he spends most Saturdays as a ‘Volunteer’ worker at College. Outside of school, he enjoys skiing and driving other people crazy. The future will see him fly the friendly skies as a pilot. GEORGE HERMAN BORCHERT A parishioner of Guardian Angels in the West End, George is an import from Sir William Dawson Elementary School, who came to V.C. five years ago. When this ranked junior tennis player is not on the tennis courts, he may be found hiking on the local mountains. His future plans in- clude a science course at U.B.C. ZOLTAN LASZLO BENKO VERNON H. BENNINGTON Zoltan, our bookworm-in-residence, came to College from St. Augustine’s five years ago. During that time he has taken part in only one activity -study , but outside of school, he takes part in many outdoor ac- tivities such as scouting, hiking, camping and skiing. Next year he plans to embark on his plan to become a research chemist. A native of North Vancouver, Vernon has had to commute to V.C. for the past five years. When he isn’t hitting the books, Vern fills in his time hunting, fishing, playing chess or working on his coin collection. The Law School at U.B.C. is his immediate goal. GORDON PETER BETTIOL “Lightfoot”, who came to College seven years ago from St. Jude’s School, has been active in track, football and intramurals. Any senior resident with a complaint can turn to him and be assured that the Dorm President will solve the problem. Next year he intends to further his study at B.C.I.T. 53 JOHN JOSEPH BOYLE When John came to College from Im- maculate Conception five years ago, things happened. As a letterman, in- tramural rep and track team member, J.J. has helped organize basketball tour- naments for fun and profit. In his leisure time he enjoys waterskiing, tennis and ‘mean’ driving. Destined to become famous, John has to decide between a life of crime and U.B.C. HENRY GEZA GEORGE BUDAI Henry has walked the hallowed halls of V.C. for twelve years, during which he has been involved in activities such as track, basketball and floor hockey. His un- shakeable composure has earned him the respect of his friends. Henry hopes to en- ter U.B.C. with the intention of majoring in linguistics. WILLIAM RICHARD CAWKER Bill, another twelve year man, is the last of three brothers to graduate from College ending a twenty-year tradition. An honour student, he has actively par- ticipated in football, basketball, in- tramurals and the Musical. A regular at College games, he is also a diehard sup- porter of the Canucks and Canadiens. Bill plans to enter the art program at U.B.C. this coming fall. HENRY MAN HO CHENG Transferring from one school to another during one’s senior year is no easy task. Yet Henry has quickly adapted to life at College and St. Michael’s University School is the loser. Besides studying, Henry enjoys the occasional game of bridge. His future plans are to study the science of medicine at a top-flight univer- sity. “Don’t worry, Tiger, I’ll find Monsiegneur for you,” comforts Bob Tichelman. 1 1 1 1 1 1 John Stubbs tells Bro. Colford how it’s done, while Rick Brownrigg wishes they’d let him get into his locker. ROBERT CHEUNG WAX A second year border from Hong Kong, Robert has added much to life in the McCormack Residence where he is a councillor. His chief interest lies in the field of computer mathematics, but he does occasionally take time out for a game of basketball. Next year his plans include further study in Computer Technology at university. RAYMOND WING FAI CHO Raymond came to Vancouver College this year, having previously attended St. David’s School. A resident of the Royal City of New Westminster, Ray’s interests include table tennis, basketball and rock collecting. After graduation, Ray intends to further his study at university of his choice. NIGEL GERARD CLARK A wise man from Eastern Canada, Nigel was born in Bishop’s Stratford, England and came to Canada twelve years ago. He has been a resident student at V.C. for four years, where he has taken an active part in soccer, softball, golf and floor and ice hockey. After graduation, Nigel in- tends to go to Terrace, B.C., to take up technical electronics at a vocational school. BARRY COLLINS Barry left his beloved Richmond to enter College back in grade eight. Being one of the strong quiet types, he enjoys getting away from the crowds to pursue his meditation. After school, Barry enjoys a good game of monopoly or an exciting double on a friend’s motorcycle. A year of work precedes a stint at university. 55 THOMAS J. COLOVOS The Greek philosopher of the Senior Class, Tom came to College seven years ago from Socrates School in Athens. While he enjoys playing soccer and foot- ball, he also finds his time taken up with Rung Fu lessons. His future plans include working as a restaurant manager for a few years before returning to his native Greece to work in an international air- port. Big Bad Bobbie Culos keeping up his image. BRIAN RANDALL COX Brian came to V.C. from the beautiful shores of Hawaii halfway through grade five. Since then he has commuted daily from Deep Cove to Shaughnessy Heights. Brian has gained letters for his par- ticipation in football and basketball. Next year he would like to further his athletic career by playing football below the bor- der. Eventually he hopes to travel to Mars, or failing this, to return to the paradise of Hawaii. BRIAN ALAN CRICH A friendly face around College, Brian came here three years ago from Cariboo Hill in Burnaby. He enjoys playing, refereeing and coaching soccer. Even- tually he hopes to be able to devote much more of his time to teaching soccer to younger fellows. Next year he plans to continue his education at B.C.V.I. Hi GERALD GEORGE CULLEN Gerry, a West Vancouverite from St. An- thony’s, has made the long haul to V.C. for eight years. A fanatic skier, he or- dinarily would spend more time on the mountains than at school. However, this winter’s lack of snow has forced him to devote his free time to the more mundane things of life - cars, boats, parties and rock music. A commerce course at U.B.C. figures in his plans for next year. I 56 ROBERT MITCHELL CULOS One of the socialist hordes, this year’s Student Council President, Rob, alias Big Bad Bobbie, has faced many trials and tribulations, including coming from the wilds of Burnaby, to effectively par- ticipate in life at College. On weekends he is still a member of the proletariate by working at Safeway. In his spare time he spends his hard earned money on his ' 63 T Bird. After graduation, Rob hopes to take up Engineering at Royal Roads Military College. FRANCISCO ANTONIO D ' ASSUMP- CAO Coming to College two years ago from La Salle College in Hong Kong, Francisco has concentrated on developing the academic side of his life. While he hasn’t neglected to develop the cultural side of his life, he enjoys playing tennis, bad- minton and table tennis. Next year he plans to further his academic pursuits at university yet to be chosen. “Make one more remark about my moustache and I’ll yell at you,” threatens Owen Davis. OWEN CHRISTOPHER DAVIS In Owen ' s five years at College, he in- volved himself in many of the school ' s ac- tivities. His positions as Head of Photography and Chairman of the Student Leadership Conference take up most of his time, although he managed to squeeze in his third Musical and helps set up dances. He also participated in track and field. Post-graduation plans include working, taking up science at U.B.C. or both. BRENDAN PAUL DICK For five years Brendan has travelled from North Van in all weather to V.C. in search of religious and social values. He is ex- tremely interested in provincial politics, but, being another of the socialist hordes, hates the present government. This year he coached grade eight football and is the Sports Editor for this publication. In his spare time he likes football, skiing and hockey. In the future he plans to study economics and political science at univer- sity. 57 TOP LEFT: “Could 1 make it to the Vancouver-Hong Kong ferry in time?” ponders Victor Meu. TOP RIGHT: “I wonder where they got that book?” LEFT: Matt O’Brien and Sean McCabe, ‘just good friends ' . BELOW: “1 can’t believe I ate the whole thing! " groans Dan Lavery. FAR BELOW LEFT: “Eating it is had enough - having your picture taken eating it is downright intolerable,” complains Eric Walker. FAR BELOW RIGHT: Brendan Dick studying (one of our posed pictures). 58 GRADS IN ACTION ! TOP LEFT: “Okay, I’ll work,” replies Dave Pasin. TOP: Siamese Triplets??? LEFT: Brent Thomas in one of his more excited moods. FAR LEFT: “I knew they’d take my picture sooner or later,” grins Olav Naas. BELOW LEFT: It seems Horst Maurer is rather serious about the loss of his quarter. BELOW ' : “This is how it’s done,” explains Peter Irving as An- drew Schulhof demonstrates. 59 MICHAEL DANIEL DUNNE Mike, the mystery man of the senior class, has been at College since grade four. When not striving for high academic stan- dards, he spends much of his time deep in contemplation. He also enjoys drawing and painting. In the athletic world he has participated in track and wrestling. The complexities of life have ruled out any solid decisions for the future. “Good afternoon, my name is Brian Ran da 11 Cox...” JOSE MANUEL DIAS GASPER JosC came to College from Capetown, South Africa, where he had attended Savio Selesian College. His flair for the unusual got him involved as a photographer on the Collegian staff. He was also instrumental in forming the shooting activity. Outside of school his in- terests range from rock collecting to hun- ting. He intends to take up law at U.B.C. and hopes eventually to become a judge. LUIS ANDRES GARCIN VERGARA Our post-graduate student from Mexico, Luis studied at the Institute de Ciencias in Guadlajara, Mexico, for six years. After completing his high school, he joined the senior class at V.C. as a resident student to learn English. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, golfing and basketball. In June he plans to return to Mexico to begin the preparation for a career as an accountant. STEPHEN EDWARD GANGUIN Steve came to the College scene five years ago from Corpus Christi. Although much of his time is taken up with school and related academic persuits, his first love is the army. Last summer he was part of the security force sent to the Olympic Games in Montreal. On graduation he plans a career with the Canadian Armed Forces and hopes for an overseas assignment to Germany or Norway. A familiar ornament at College, Ken has been part of the V.C. scene since grade two. A parishioner of St. Patrick’s parish, he has many varied interests such as swimming, skiing, fishing and boating. He has done some officiating at intramural games and has taken part in cross-country and track. On graduation, he plans to open his own business so he can be his own boss. KENNETH MARVIN FAVERO PAUL JAMES GAYLIE A native of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, “Bruiser” has given the halls of V.C. a cer- tain ease of mind for the past twelve years. His expertise on the Dance Com- mittee has made such people as Don Kir- shner, Wolfman Jack and Dick Clark stand up and applaud. Mountain clim- bing, hiking and kicking out Mr. Kavalec’s leg are his favorite pastimes. Af- ter graduation, “Bruiser” plans to invest in livestock and musical instruments. The truth is he is planning to buy a monkey and an organ grinder. DOUGLAS NORMAN PAUL GOOK A resident student from Quesnel, Doug came to College two years ago. His in- volvement in the activities of the dorm oc- cupies much of his time, but he enjoys art, music and writing. He takes part in most sports and likes to do lots of hiking and camping. Next year he hopes to broaden his perspectives by travelling to India and South America before settling down to work as a social worker or with volunteer aid program. RUDEE ROBERT GESSIE “Wagon” has trudged from the West End to V.C. for the past five years. During that time he participated in all sports, especially football in which he excells. In spite of his heavy commitment to the athletic field, he has been consistently on the Honor Role since grade eight. After graduation, Rudee hopes to get into some aspect of professional scuba diving and under-water research. JOHN TERRENCE GEORGE GEARY John, a resident of North Vancouver, came to College after completing grade seven at Holy Trinity. During his spare time at V.C. he has served on the Dance Committee and makes frequent con- tributions to the VoiCe. When he isn’t doing his homework, John fills in his time roller skating, swimming and girl- watching. His future is still undecided, but he probably will eventually go to university. WILLIAM ROBERT GRAY Three years living in McCormack Residence has not dampened Bill’s feelings for College. A native Spruce Grove, Alberta, he attended Stony Plain Junior High before coming to Vancouver. Bill has been active on the College wrestling team, and, in his spare time, en- joys skiing, money, girls, music and travel. His future plans include a business degree from U. of A. He wants to be a bachelor, independently wealthy, who drives around in a Ferrari. “My mother says I’m very photogenic,” cries Eddie Whitlock. “My sons...” JAMES EDWARD GREEN Jim is the nearest thing to a fish the senior class has. A native of Holy Name parish, his interest in swimming has left him little time for anything else. When he comes up for air, Jim enjoys sleeping, eating and travelling. Next year he will at- tend school in the States unl ess the lure of faraway places induces him to take a year off to travel. S.L. GEORGE GROVER George migrates daily from his home in wonderful Richmond. He has shared many of the high points of his life with his fellow students at V.C. and hopes to con- tinue these good times in the future. George is interested in bush camping as well as cars and aircrafts. His future plans are as yet indefinite. BRUCE RONALD HYDER One of that rare breed known as 12 year men, Bruce has made the trek from his home in Kitsilano to College for longer than he cares to remember. Outside of studying, he enjoys taking in hockey and soccer games and even the occasional dance. Bruce ' s future plans include travelling to Scotland where he hopes to pursue the Field of Medicine. JOHN PETER HANCOCK A twelve year man, Peter has haunted the halls of V.C. since grade one. Besides being Assistant Director of intramurals, he has participated in many of the Musicals. When not tinkering with cars or refereeing floor hockey, Peter can be found pursuing his favourite hobby, photography. Next year he plans to attend Langara to study criminology so that he can take up a career as a detective with the Vancouver Police Department. Kojak, watch out! DOUGLAS BENEDICT HARTMAN Another of our commuters from the hin- terland, Doug emerged from the bogs of Richmond three years ago. Since he has been at College, he has taken an active part in the school’s athletic program in basketball and track. Doug intends to work a year before returning to school to pursue his career as P.E. teacher. 62 PETER JOSEPH IRVING Peter, who lives practically in the shadow of V.C., has been coming to College for eight years. He is an avid water-skier and tennis player during summer months and represents the school on both the soccer and hockey teams during the winter. Besides being Editor-in-chief of the Collegian, Peter was actively involved with the Leadership Conference this year. His future plans include university in California and a possible teaching career. MICHAEL CARL JACOB KAY In his five years at College Mike has proven to be an outdoor type, relishing skiing, hiking and hunting. As an en- thusiast of the great outdoors, he can frequently be found terrorizing the trees on the nearest ski run. However he is also interested in rock music and jazz. His aim is to make it good as a commerce major at U.B.C. JAMES DOUGLAS KONST Six years ago Jim came to V.C. from Southlands Elementary. Born in Ottawa, he was lured west finally settling in Shaughnessy Heights. Jim ' s plans for the future indicate that he will spend a year in Europe before taking up his formal education again. Gerry Cullen looks over at Bro. Dawson’s Charger. EDWARD DAVID PATRICK KENNY Ted “the Red” came to V.C. from Our Lady of Perpetual Help six years ago. Since then he has left his mark on many varied activities: hockey, the honour roll and the organization of intramurals. When not engaged in his school work, Ted can be found supporting either his socialist comrades or the Montreal Canadiens. His future lies with the scien- ces at U.B.C. with a dash of politics on the side. DANIEL ANDREW LAVERY GREGORY MARK LAKOWSKI Five years ago Greg came to College from Immaculate Conception School. He has many and varied interests including skating, swimming, stamp collecting and listening to music. In his spare time he helps to operate the College print shop. Greg ' s future existence will be at U.B.C. where he plans to enter the faculty of medicine. STEPHEN JAMES MCCABE Six long years ago Steve first entered the hallowed halls of College. Since then he has acted as Lab Assistant, Co-Head of the Dance Committee and became involved with the Leadership Conference. Next year he plans to continue his studies in the Field of Business administration or go into science at V.C.C. Dan, Another product of St. John the Apostle parish, came to V.C. from Trafalgar Elementary five wonderful years ago. His list of diversified activities both in and out of school leaves a long trail ... Dunbar, baseball, girls, rock music, football, student council. Leader- ship Conference ... An all around good guy. Dancing Dan ' s ambition is to go to university and take up law, then become very wealthy. NEAL ALPHONSE MCGARRY Another commuter from ‘Sunny’ Tsawwassen, Neal, the youngest of a num- ber of brothers to attend V.C., has been on the College Register for eight years in all. Much of his spare time is spent in passing time with the boys or philosophizing on the meaning of life. As yet he has not committed himself to any definite goal. SEAN PATRICK MCCABE Sean Patrick McCabe is Marpole’s gift to College. He has not hesitated to get in- volved in a wide swing of activities in- cluding the Grad Committee and in- tramural program. In his spare time, when he is not driving a fork lift at the lumbermill, he likes to go out for a good time. Sean is thinking of working for a while before going to U.B.C. or B.C.I.T. 64 IAN DOUGLAS MACKINNON Ian has attended College for 12 years. During that time he has spread his won- derful personality all over the school. Along with being a captain of the senior basketball team and a letterman, Ian still has time for girl-watching and good music. The N.B.A. or a law school will play a predominant role in his future. MARK CHRISTOPHER MCINTOSH Another Sts. Peter and Paul parishioner. Mark first hit the V.C. scene in grade six. Since coming here from Quilchena Elementary School, he can constantly strive for high academic standards. In school he served on the Dance Committee and, when not otherwise involved, may be found skiing on the local mountain slopes. Due to circumstances too numerous and complex to mention, Mark’s post-grad plans are undecided. JOHN STUART MCLEOD John came to V.C. five years ago from St. Augustine’s. Since then he has played the role of a typical College student. Outside of school he spends most of his time skiing or playing tennis in season, of course. Next year he plans to take a year off to ski and travel before taking up his pursuit of knowledge at an undetermined university. CRAIG ALEXANDER MCNEIL A parishioner of St. Pius X parish in North Vancouver, Craig came to V.C. two years ago. He played on the Varsity foot- ball team and outside of school is in- terested in girls, soccer and lacrosse. After a year of travel, Craig will resume his education at U.B.C. 65 TWELVE YEAR MEN THE TWELVE YEAR MEN The seemingly endless list of twelve year men, from left to right: Henry Budai, Bob Tichelman, Rory Mulhern, Paul Gaylie, Horst Maurer, Don Andrews, Rob Sengara, Ian MacKinnon, Peter Hancock, Marty Zajac, Peter Peller, Bruce Hyder. ABSENT: Bill Cawker. In September 4th, 1965, the smile of our then prin- cipal, Br. Finch, welcomed a new class of primary students to the grammar school. Through the long twelve years, through many teachers, a memory of a smile of Br. Finch has been upon the minds of thir- teen young men originally from that primary class. Thus presents the largest group ever, in the 55th year of the history of our school. Under the long tradition of the teachings of the Christian Brothers, each of these young men had learned from spelling bees to grammar and composition, from arithmetic to calculus, from science to chemistry and physics, and so on. Today is the preparation for all of these men to leave the familiar front doors for the last time, to face a dif- ferent world of a new life. The fond memories of those twelve years have helped to settle deep thoughts and friendships. Bill Cawker (a twelve year man) at- tempts to swerve down one of the corridors. 66 ...and then there was something... Don Andrews, a grade 8 football coach, shows a little emotion. After many years of learning skills from the Brothers, Ian MacKinnon displays his unique style. Here Rob Sengara, our faithful vice-president, speaks to the audience at a rep rally. HORST MAURER t Horst, an infamous twelve year man, has enjoyed his sojourn here in spite of Mr. Kavalec. When he is not improving his knowledge of Chemistry, Math or Physics, he can be found on the slopes of histler in the winter or on the football or soccer field in the fall and spring. Next year he plans to travel in Europe; then take up science at U.B.C. JAMES HERBERT MUIR Jim, who regards himself as the greatest person ever to graduate from Vancouver College, started coming from West Point Grey to College in grade seven. An ardent supporter of both basketball and football games, he was also involved in wrestling and on a Varsity football team. Jim plans to continue his education at an un- determined campus. VICTOR MEU CHUN HING Since Victor came to College from Hong Kong four years ago, he has involved him- self in many school activities. He served on the Dance Committee and was a correspondent for the VoiCe, but it was as a Varsity football manager that he really proved his worth. His fears for the future are groundless for ‘Chino ' cannot help but be a success. RORY JOSEPH MULHERN Rory is another of the seemingly endless list of twelve year men from Sts. Peter and Paul parish. He was involved in the work of the Dance Committee and served as the Head Lab Assistant. His main in- terests are skiing, music and chemistry. In the fall Rory will be going to U.B.C. for science. OLAV ODEGAARD NAAS, JR. After nine years of oral education at Cen- tral Institute in St. Louis, Olav entered the hallowed halls of College. Since grade nine he has been actively involved in foot- ball, intramurals, the VoiCe and the gr ad section of the Collegian. His familiar hob- bies are photography, going to movies, laughing a lot and being a nice guy. After graduation, Olav plans to add five more years to his sixteen gruelling years of education. STANLEY NG WAI PUN Another student from Hong Kong, Stanley came to College via Prince George College. His good spirit and gentle wit helped him to hurdle the difficult barrier that all students who transfer schools in a senior year have to face. He is interested in music, swimming and soccer. For the future, while he intends to get fur- ther education, he has not yet determined which university he will attend. ENDRE ELVIS NEMETH Andy came to College five years ago from Blessed Sacrament School. Besides playing the part of Elvis Presley in the Variety Night, Andy enjoys collecting records, reading mystery novels and con- templating his fate. After graduation, Andy plans to study broadcast com- munications at B.C.I.T. in preparation for becoming Vancouver’s number one disc jockey. 1 MATTHEW ALAN O’BRIEN “Meat” came to College from St. An- thony ' s five years ago. Daily he descends one of West Van ' s many peaks in quest of greater things. Although it may seem that most of his time is spent at L.F.A., he does take up space in the Yearbook Room and manages to get to most of his classes. After graduation. Matt plans to attend univer- sity where he will play soccer, golf and smoke a lot, besides furthering his education. Leo Smyth and Peter Irving on the top of things at a V.C. dance. PETER JAMES O ' CALLAGHAN A parishioner of Sts. Peter and Paul parish. Peter came to College from St. Francis de Sales School eleven years ago. He also spent his time at St. Michael ' s School in Trail, returning to V.C. in 1970. During his years here he has been actively involved in the Student Council and in- tramurals. After graduation, Peter intends to augment his education by travel and university. “Smile Leigh, you’re on candid camera.’’ GARY LYALL OLESK1W A suburbanite from St. Francis de Sales parish in Burnaby, Gary entered V.C. five years ago. He has actively participated in the athletic program, taking part in foot- ball, basketball, track and any other sport available. His plans for the future include a B.A. in accounting and perhaps even a master’s when the time is ripe. LAWRENCE GERALD OLSEN Larry, a parishioner of Holy Name parish, has been coming to College for ten years. One of our foremost musicians, Larry plays a number of instruments including the drums and the piano. He is also in- terested in motor vehicles and girls and in school he participated in the Musical, pep band and intramurals. Next year he plans to attend the School of Music, most likely at U.B.C. JOHNNY PAN TSIA FUE A senior resident student from Bangkok, Thailand, Johnny came to us from Ruam Rudie International School. As a resident of McCormack Hall, he participates in all the activities of the dorm. Upon graduation, he plans to go to university in the States. CHARLES WILSON PANET For five years ‘Chuckles’ has travelled from West Vancouver trucking on and off five buses a day. In his free time he likes visiting old friends, going fishing or playing soccer and basketball. Next year Chuck will take out from his educational pursuit to work at Woodwards, West Van. 7 0 MURRAY D. PEART DABIDE ANTONIO PASIN “Big Bird”, one of College’s most well- known figures, came to V.C. from Gramam Bruce Elementary, located in Vancouver’s beautiful East End, five years ago. When he isn’t helping out around the school, he works with Cubs as a ‘Baloo’. His active involvement in politics should serve as an excellent preparation for becoming the next Liberal Premier of B.C. Come September, he will attend an unknown university with the medical or teaching profession as his goal. One and half years ago, St. George’s lost Murray to College. In his short time here he has made an impression as a man who means business. Outside of school, he is interested in scuba diving, photography and camping. On graduation he plans to take whatever steps are necessary to become a commercial diver. “Once upon a time lived a baby bunny named Peter Rabbit...” PETER PELLER Peter has made the trek from the West End to College for the past twelve years. Since his arrival he has participated in J.V. football. Student Council, in- tramurals, track and the Walkathon Com- mittee. When not studying to maintain his (josition on the Honour Role, he enjoys swimming, life-guarding, waterpolo, par- ties and, of course, girls. The exotic imusements of Europe beckon Peter tefore he returns to the books at U.B.C. JOHN PETER PULCHNY John has been going to College for five years. During this time, he has involved himself in track and the Militia, in which he was part of the security force at the Olympic Games. After graduation, he may join the R.C.M.P. and then settle down on Saturna Island in the Gulf Islands. ROBERT NOEL PORTER Rob, the all-around A.V. expert of the senior class, came to V.C. from Im- maculate Conception five years ago. Since then he has been a valuable asset in set- ting up, conditioning and even coaxing College’s audio-visual equipment into operation. In the future he tends to take time off from school and work hard so that he will be able to pay for a trip to Europe. 71 GERALD JAMES REED Jim has commuted all the way across town by bus for the past six years. Outside of school, he has participated in the Militia and is interested in cartoon drawing and collecting posters. Next year he hopes to buy a car to drive to Newfoundland. Eventually he will further his education someplace where they have girls. “Now listen here...,” threatens Sr. Pat. PATRICK ANDREW REILLY It was S t. Anne ' s Academy in Kamloops which was the loser when Pat arrived in grade four to take up his studies at V.C. Apart from being the captain of the Var- sity soccer team and an intramural com- missioner, he enjoys skiing, girls, tennis and refereeing soccer. His plans are to en- ter the Faculty of Education, probably at U.B.C. Joy and exasperation expressed on the faces of Rob Porter and Brendan Dick. MARK DONALD ROBERTS Five years ago Mark transfered to V.C. from Sir William Dawson School. A ten- nis huff, he is third in B.C. in his division, he also finds time for academics and soc- cer. In the future he plans a few years of travelling and playing tennis in Europe. GREGORY MARK RICHARDS In the five years that Greg has been treking to V.C. from Point Grey, he has engaged in many activities, including the printing room. Dance Committee, cam- paigning for the N.D.P. and editing the VoiCe. In his spare time he likes to draw, write, read and brush up on his knowledge of movies. After graduation ' Tex’ will return to his native Texas for a career in the Rangers. CRAIG RICHARD SCIANKOWY WILLIAM RICHARD ROGERS Bill, 1977 ' s representative of the family which has sent the most students to College, came from O.L.P.H. five years ago. When not occupied with his studies, he has actively participated in basketball, football and the Grad Committee. Next year he plans to further his education at Vancouver Community College. A parishioner of St. Joseph ' s parish, Craig transfered to V.C. from Gladstone four years ago. Since then he has been jour- neying from the East End every day. He has participated in football, and enjoys most sports, especially skiing, camping and girls. Next year U.B.C. will see him enter the ranks of its freshmen class. ANDREW CONOR SCHULHOF Andrew is a former O.L.P.H. student who saw the light and now journeys from West Van to V.C. every day looking for further enlightment. Besides skiing and water skiing in season, he enjoys rock music and guitar playing. While aspiring to the divinity, he will be satisfied being a rock star or even a star waterskier. RONALD GREGORY SEILER Another lucky commuter from Rich- mond, Ron has spent his last three years at V.C. He plays his trombone in the school Pep Band. Outside of school, his interests include skiing, gliding and keeping tropical fish. Ron plans to go on to higher education or have a career in the Militia after graduation. ROBERT SENGARA Rob, whose ready smile and cheerful laugh has endured twelve years of life at V.C., has been involved in most facilities of V.C. life as the Vice-President of the Student Council and the Resident Martyr of the senior class. Still in the process of making the transition from Peter Pan Play School to V.C., Rob plans to join the leisure class, travel extensively and retire at an early age. 73 MORE GRADS IN ACTION ! TOP LEFT: Paul Gaylie and Brent Stuart show what makes them so popular - their teeth. TOP RIGHT: " Hi. guys.” LEFT: Dominic Staniscia seems in absolute ecstasy over his french fries. RIGHT: “Vt hat is that girl doing here?” wonders J.P. Sweeney. BELOW LEFT: Pat Reilly, the soccer team captain, gives some game plans to his fellow teammate. BELOVS RIGHT: “Any applications for Rhodesia?” asks Captain Jose Caspar, Head of the Rhodesian Mer- cenary Department. T OP LEFT : Bill Rogers indulging in his favorite subject. TOP RIGHT: tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and ...” reads Peter Peller as his listeners look on in awe. RIGHT: “What do you mean, no homework tonight?” asks Marty Zajac. LEFT: Mmmm ... good, " mumbles Rob Aramini. BELOW RIGHT: Essendale ...? FAR BELOW LEFT: Mr. Benko shoeing his favorite filly. FAR BELOW RIGHT: The seniors quietly listen to Monseigneur at mass. 75 DUANE WILLIAM SILLERY Duane, a parishioner of Holy Trinity parish, has been commuting to V.C. from North Van for the past five years. His numerous interests include basketball, soccer, coin and stamp collecting, back- packing, sleeping and eating. In his years here he has managed to corner the nickname ‘Market’. In the future Duane plans to take biomedical electronics at B.C.I.T. JOSEPH CHARLES SOTHAM Joe, the Business Editor of the yearbook, came to College from the wilds of Bur- naby five years ago. One of the senior class’s thinkers, he revels in putting “no- minds” down, cogitating great plots, truck driving and avoiding pain. Next year he hopes to attend U.B.C. and then travel. LEO JOSEPH SMYTH Leo, the Assistant Editor of the Collegian, came to V.C. from Immaculate Con- ception School five years ago. His in- terests range from skiing, cycling, tennis, hiking and fishing to social activities. When not relaxing or hitting the books, he can be found working on the Collegian or at Safeway where he has a part-time job. After graduation, Leo will head for the science faculty at U.B.C. after a year of work. JOHN GERALD SLATER Another parishioner from Immaculate Conception, John came to V.C. from St. Anthony’s five years ago. He has a wide range of interests: soccer, hockey, coin collecting and record collecting. Besides participating in the musical, John has taken part in a wide range of activities. Next year he will attend U.B.C. or V.C.C. VICTOR GEORGE SOVERNIGO Victor, a parishioner of St. Anthony ' s came to College for North Van Senior Secondary back in grade nine. His hob- bies include skiing, swimming, travelling and playing football for College’s Varsity squad. On graduation he plans to attend U.B.C. to study commerce and business administration and eventually to migrate to the U.S. BRENT ERNEST STUART DOMENICO BRUNO STANISCIA Dominic, a native of Vancouver ' s East End, came to V.C. from St. Casimer’s School five years ago. In his spare time when he is not trying to keep the girls happy, he may be found working on his future Honda Civic. Around school he has played and coached soccer as well as being part of the wrestling team. In the future he plans to further his education at U.B.C. or V.C.C., then to travel the world. JOHN PAUL SWEENEY John Paul, the electronics expert of the class of ' 77, has been travelling from Dun- bar to Shaughnessy for the past five years. His interests vary from live recording and fdming to serving in the Reserve Branch of Canada ' s Armed Services. Besides en- part in track and field and cross-country. On graduation he plans to continue his career in electronics at U.B.C. JOHN HARRY STUBBS John came to V.C. when he returned from the Prairies six years ago. When he isn’t four wheeling at Whistler or d riving Pin- tos around town, he can be found chaperoning the female cast of the musical. Besides working on the yearbook staff and being an honour student, he was captain of the hockey team, a Student Council rep and a participant of the Leadership Conferences. In the future John hopes to attend the Medical School at U.B.C. For the last five years Brent has been visiting V.C. daily from his native West Van. The secret to his surviving these five years has been participation in football (he was co-captain for two seasons) and hockey. Besides athletics, he spends his time with the Grad Committee and Let- termen’s Club. For next year’s plans, Brent is scouting for university, maybe U.B.C. JOHN ALEXANDER TELLIS John is one of many V.C. grads from Hong Kong to attend La Salle College before coming to College. Outside of school works, he is interested in soccer and field hockey. As a resident student, he has participated in a full range of ac- tivities. When he graduates, he plans to further his education at a presently unan- nounced institute of higher learning. ROBERT JAMES TICHELMAN Another Sts. Peter and Paul parishioner, Bob ' s senior year concludes 12 years of involvement at College. During his senior year, he has been the captain of wrestling squad, the Co-Head of the Dance Com- mittee and a Varsity football player. Postgrad plans include a further pursuit of girls and commerce at U.B.C. BRENT MITCHELL THOMAS A resident of Point Grey, Brent has been wending his way to V.C. for the past five years. Outside of school, this versatile per- son is interested in such varied activities as skiing, drawing and playing guitar. He has taken an active part in the intramural program and last year crowned his work as a member of the Musical stage crew with a trip to Newfoundland with the show. Next year Brent plans to make enough money to do some travelling and then to further his education at U.B.C. LEIGH ALLEN TUNSTALL Leigh has been treking from Tsawwassen to V.C. for the past five years. In his years here, he has formed his niche in the stage crew of the Musical. When he is not skiing or swimming, he likes to spend his time drawing and chasing girls. His future plans are to attend Michigan State to fur- ther a musical career. “Hello, I ' m a thinker!” RALF MICHAEL VOSS For the past two years, Ralfs yearning for learning has led him to leave Cassiar, 1600 miles north, to become a resident student at V.C. He is interested in hockey, poker and reading and is ready to travel anywhere. Besides taking part in the regular activities of the borders, he was active in intramurals. His future plans in- clude attending U. of Victoria after working this summer in Cassiar. JOHN PETER VAN BAARSEN Peter has been commuting to College from Ladner for the past five years. Before coming to V.C., he attended Sacred Heart School. His main interest outside school lies in the area of elec- tronics. Next year he will follow through on his favorite past-time and take up Elec- trical Engineering at university. 78 DONALD ERIC WALKER IV Eric, another wanderer from the Rich- mond bogs, came to V.C. five years ago. A shy quiet fellow, he enjoys hiking, cam- ping and listening to Niel Young and Jim Croce as well as Frank Sinatra and John Denver. Athletically, Eric is involved with College ' s hockey team for which he plays center. Due to many and complex hap- penings, Eric ' s plans for the future have not been disclosed. ‘Gee, I wish I had some money to buy tickets for the dance,” sighs Paul West. PAUL EMILE WEST Paul, better known to his friends as ‘Cutes’, came to College from Kitsilano Secondary two years ago. His prowess takes in hockey, football, wrestling and even extends to the Musical. His interests vary from sports to art and woodworking. After graduation, he hopes to attend the School of Art to become an artist. MICHAEL PATRICK JOHN WHITE A parishioner from Sts. Peter and Paul, Mike has been at V.C. for seven years. He has been involved in the Grad and Dance Committees and is a devout supporter of the football and basketball teams. Outside of school, Mike enjoys skiing, golf, parties and killing rats. Future plans include skiing in Europe before settling down to Law School. v EDWARD NEIL WHITLOCK In the past five years Eddie has had to face many trials and tribulations since he left St. Anthony’s (Marpole). He has been active in football, basketball, the Grad Committee and also served as Vice- President of Class 121. Despite his precarious existence, Ed enjoys skiing, swimming and motorcycle riding. His future plans include working for a year and then attending B.C.I.T. for a business administration course. 79 ANDREW LYRMAN WILKINS For the past ten years, Andrew has been part of the V.C. scene. A quiet serious in- dividual, he is interested in skiing and other outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and canoeing. In school, besides his school work, he participated in last year’s Musical, South Pacific. His post-graduation plans include continuing his studies at, as yet, an undecided univer- sity. PATRICK WONG KIN LEUNG A student from La Salle College in Hong Kong, Patrick is in his second year as a resident of McCormack Hall. When not studying, he enjoys tennis, soccer, weight lifting and swimming. Next year he hopes to continue his education at a Canadian university. @oob Hucfe §rabs CHRISTOPHER CHARLES WYATT A native of England, Chris came to V.C. from Athlone School four years ago. When he isn ' t studying to maintain, he enjoys photography, skiing and cycling. Now a naturalized Canadian citizen, Chris hopes to to go to U.B.C. next year and hopes to study Dentistry or Medicine. TIMOTHY YEUNG KANG TIM Another student from Hong Kong, Timmy is in his fourth year at College. Outside of school, his interests include golf, swimming and ping-pong. In school he has managed to survive the rugged life of a resident student. Next year he hopes to continue his study at Mac Master University in Eastern Canada. MARTIN JOHN ZAJAC Marty, the last of a seemingly endless list of twelve year men, is one of those rare individuals who have contributed a lot to making College a great school by working behind the scenes. A faithful supporter of all school endeavours, he was a natural choice for the Activities Editor of the Collegian. A lover of solitude, he often escapes to Whistler where he can be alone with his faithful dog, Duke. Next year it’s Arizona State for business adminstration. GRAD DIRECTORY Don Andrews 35 Lenora Rd., Bowen Is. 947-9334 Rob Aramini 2618 W. 15th Ave. 732- 0298 Ken Atherton 3877 W. 38th Ave. 266-4854 Gary Baanders 7520 Bridge St., Rich. 273-3398 Gerry Baker 6637 Lanary St. 325-1570 Roger Beandoing 5780 Malvern Ave., Bby. 526-9980 Zoltan Benko 2905 W. 15th Ave. 731- 4827 Vernon Bennington 219 E. 26th St.,N. Van. 987- 5537 Gordon Bettiol RR No. 1 Lantzville, B.C. George Borchert 1122 Harwood St. 685-7584 John Boyle 4791 Puget Dr. 266-2819 Henry Budai 5525 Willow St. 263-4652 Bill Cawker 2462 Edgar Cres. 733- 1961 Henry Cheng 827 W. 60th Ave. 321-1750 Robert Cheung 40 Nathan Rd. Kowloon, Hong Kong Raymond Cho No. 206-5979 Wilson Ave, Bby. 435-2911 Nigel Clark 5522 W estbourne, Montreal, P.Q. 514-488-0487 Barry Collins 10060 Ainsworth Cres., Rich. 277-6932 Tom Colovos 533 Granada Cres., N. Van. 988- 9762 Brian Cox 1073 Scantlings, False Cr. 732- 8969 Brian Crich 7610 Wright St., Bby. 526-5822 Gerry Cullen 1424 Bramwell Rd., W. Van. 922-1418 Rob Culos 6544 E. Georgia St., Bby. 298-4683 Francisco D ' Assumpcao 3049 Rosemount Dr. 437-9377 Owen Davis 2828 Waterloo St. 733- 3130 Brendan Dick 1202 Wellington Dr., N. Van. 987-6598 Mike Dunne 3020 W. 53rd Ave. 263-7981 Ken Favero 3345 Quebec St. 876-1276 Stephen Ganguin 2225 E. 50th Ave. 321-6475 Andres Garcin Morelos No. 1970 Giuidalajara Jaliso, Mexico Jose Caspar 4 7 75 Cambridge St., Bby. 299-0054 Paul Gaylie 4888 Marguerite St. 736-4719 John Geary 430 Somerset St., N. Van. 988-3206 Rudee Gessie No. 106-2030 Barclay St. 683-7088 Douglas Gook 428 Reid St., Quesnel 747-1343 Bill Gray Box 39, Spruce Grove, Alta. 403-962-2438 Jim Green 2181 W. 22nd Ave. 731-8834 George Grover 8500 Fairhurst, Rich. 277-9141 Peter Hancock 6090 Granville St. 261-6108 Doug Hartman 634 Taseko Cres., Rich. 277-5101 Bruce Hyder 8a Baron St. Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland Peter Irving 1050 W . 38th Ave. 263-6333 Mike Kay No. 308-3264 Oak St. 731-6881 Ted Kenny 3155 W. 13th Ave. 738-9239 Jim Konst 1649 W. 29th Ave. 733-3485 Greg Lakowski 3791 W. 24th Ave. 224-3018 Dan Lavery 2822 W. 31st Ave. 266-5531 Sean McCabe 8479 Shaughnessy St. 321-2107 Stephen McCabe 6018 Trafalgar St. 266-4396 Neal Me Garry 813 Glenwood Dr., Tswassen 943-1993 Mark McIntosh No. 107-2121 West 44th Ave. 261-7916 Ian MacKinnon 1437 W. 40th Ave. 266-7283 John McLeod 1691 W. 28th Ave. 733-6897 Craig McNeil 2670 Standish Dr., N. Van. 929-1 729 Horst Maurer 766 W . 39th Ave. 266-5489 Victor Meu 56 Cameron Rd. Kowloon, Hong Kong James Muir 3739 W . 14th Ave. 228-9162 Rory Midhern 6050 Cartier St. 263-9619 Olav Naas 1308 W. 48th Ave. 266-5492 Andy Nemeth 843 W . 20th Ave. 876-7473 Stanley Ng 3184 Grandview Hwy. 437-0149 Matt O ' Brien 1474 Mathers Ave., W. Van. 926-3864 Peter O ' Callaghan 1343 Devonshire Cres. 731-0348 Gary Oleskiw 7276 1 2th Ave., Bby. 524-2902 Larry Olson 169 W. 44th Ave. 327-9728 Johnny Pan Soi 31 Sukumirt Rd. Bangkok, Thailand Chuck Panel 621 Barnham Rd., W. Van. 922-4021 Dave Pasin 7691 Government St., Bby. 298-0868 Murray Peart 5938 Holland St. 266-6627 Peter Peller No. 1902-1122 Gilford St. 682-3442 Robert Porter 2936 W. 21st. Ave. 733-2008 John Pidchny 1156 Connaught Dr. 738-3653 Jim Reed 2796 E. 1st Ave. 253-3239 Pat Reilly 5926 Angus Dr. 261-5328 Greg Richards 2918 W. 32nd Ave. 263-5864 Mark Roberts 1946 W . 44th Ave. 263-0542 Bill Rogers 3894 W . 14th Ave. 224-7101 Andrew Schidhof 3975 W estridge Ave., W . Van. 926-5992 Craig Sciankowy 4506 Henry St. 879-5055 Ron Seiler 6711 Eckersley Rd., Rich. 273-3592 Rob Sengara 469 W . 59th Ave. 321-8559 Duane Sillery 318 E. 21st St., N. Van. 987-5397 John Slater 3947 W. 20th Ave. 228-0563 Leo Smyth 3663 W. 31st. Ave. 224-7319 Joe Sotham 1141 Fell Ave., Bby. 298-4444 Victor Sovernigo 1418 Chartwell Dr., W . Van. 922-0936 Dominic Staniscia 1243 E. 27th Ave. 879-3185 Brent Stuart 4640 Piccadilly N., W . Van. 926-4148 John Stubbs 640 Greenwood Rd., W . Van. 922-9534 John Sweeney 3692 W. 27th Ave. 224-9247 John Tellis No. 503-1816 Haro St. 669-5172 Brent Thomas 4139 Crown Cres. 224-0501 Robert Tichelman 6137 Adera St. 263-7779 Leigh Tunstall 1069 Eden Cres., Tsicassen 943-1223 Peter V an Baarsen 4470 Hutcherson Lane, Ladner 946-9765 Ralf Voss Box 119, Cassiar 778-7309 Eric Walker 5551 Francis Rd., Rich. 274-1627 Paid West 1942 McNicoll Ave. 732-9317 Mike W hite 6316 Wiltshire St. 261-5888 Edward Whitlock 735 W . 63rd Ave. 325-1589 Andrefv Wilki ns 4825 Skyline Dr., N. Van. 985-3666 Pat W ong 14-10820 Springfield Dr., Rich. 2 77-7234 Chris Wyatt 1 1 08 Connaught Dr. 732-3035 Timmy Yeung Stubbs Rd. Hong Kong Marty Zajac 6000 MacDonald St. 266-0813 ACTIVITIESACTIVITI Musical 1976 - “South Pacific In keeping w ith the spirit of the Centenary year of the arrival of the Christian brothers in North America, Vancouver College, in con- junction with Little Flower Academy brought “South Pacific” to Newfoundland from April 20th to May 1st. The performances were in St. John’s, the scene of the Brother ' s first arrival to the shores of North America, and in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland’s 2nd largest city. The entire cast and crew were well-received by their hosts and they responded with high calibre performances that received rave reviews from newspaper critics. The tour was truly a highlight of the 1976 school year. Prior to the Newfoundland tour, the play undertook a successful six-night stand at the Metro theatre. Our Vancouver audiences en- joyed the performances immensely. Spearheading the production of the musical again this year was our own talented Musical Director Br. L.P. Taylor, and of course, our brilliant director and choreographer, Grace MacDonald. In the cast, lead roles were played by Debbie Bradley ‘Ensign Nellie Forbush’ and Mike Luz ‘Emile De Beque’. Backing them up were Mike Coady ‘Luther Bill is ' , Kathy Sweeney “Bloody Mary ' , Paul Clarke ‘Lt. Joseph Cable ' , Shane Novak ‘Capt. George Brackett’, and Jeff Harris ‘Stewpot’. The entire cast performed very well with many exceptional performances by individuals. Special thanks to Joe March ' stage manager ' and the technical crew for their efficient work behind the scenes. Also thanks to Steve Sweeney ‘lighting director ' , Br. M. Furey ‘Backstage director ' , Stan Kazun ‘the brilliant piano man ' , the Brother ' s Centenary Com- mittee for arranging the tour, and a special thanks to all those who sponsored the show, making it the success it was. 86 ABOVE LEFT: “You like ‘Lootellant,’ she better than Filadelphia girl.” ABOVE RIGHT: “You stingy bastard.” NEAR RIGHT: “And they call me a cockeyed op- timist.” FAR RIGHT: “Some enchanted evening ...” BELOW: The South Pacific Follies at their best. f i i -J r 87 88 COLLEGIAN 77 BACK ROW: Bro. J.F. Rowland, Bill Cawker, Matt O’Brien, Marty Zajac, Olav Naas, John Stubbs, Manuel Espinosa. FRONT ROW ' : Owen Davis, Kevin Pember, Doug McCandless, Joe Sotham, Peter Irving, Leo Smyth, Dave Forster. This year the yearbook was produced by the students of Vancouver College, with the help of Bro. Rowland and Bro. Maher. Peter Irving, the Editor-in-Chief, made the Year- book Room his home away from home, spending many hours checking layouts before being sent for production. With the help of Bro. Maher, the 1977 Collegian Staff produced the best ad campaign ever seen at Vancouver College, which reached over 5900 dollars. The success of the ad campaign is a result of the staff s hard work. The staff this year ranged from grade nine to grade twelve. With the exception of the darkroom staff, all sections were headed by grade twelves who were responsible for having their sections finished before the day of the deadline. Matt O ' Brien and Brendan Dick, the sports editors, hard at work. 90 The Darkroom Staff. 91 92 WEDNESDAY ACTIVITIES Compliments of CULLEN DETROIT DIESEL ALLISON LTD. " This looks like a winning hand,” smiles Mrs. Fry as she sits in during the bridge activity. 93 94 Again this year we were bestowed with a Wednesday af- ternoon activity period. The nine week program, as always, was a success and the variety of activities was wide. The favorites bowling, swimming, skiing and skating were back. Other activities were hockey, musical, bridge, etc. There was something for the in- tellectual and the athlete alike. The Activity Period is always a success and we hope it is an aspect of College life that will always be maintained. r Compliments of DR. G.P. FORAN AND NAAS ENTERPRISES LTD. 95 WALKATHON Under the leadership of Bro. Basil, the Walkathon took place, for the first time, in the fall. The goals of the walkathon were the new P.A. system in the gym, payment for the new tennis courts and new equipment for the library. After some while the Student Body finally made a conscientious effort in promoting the walkathon and as a result it met with success. We thank Bro. Basil and all the mothers who helped in organizing of the walkathon and especially those individuals who co-ordinated the checkpoints and food at Brocton Point. 96 THE VOICE Some of the members of the VoiCe staff plot their plans for future issues. This year’s edition of the V.C. School Newspaper, the VoiCe, was handled all year by Greg Richards and Gerry Baker, who put many long, sleepless hours of work into editing, typing, and otherwise producing some of the most unforgettable issues of the VoiCe ever turned out. They were aided and abetted all year by the likes of Paul Gaylie, Kevin Atherton, John Geary, John Boyle and Roger Beaudoing, as well as a cast of thousands of others. Every three weeks or so, a new issue of the VoiCe would appear to delight, amaze, enrage, and amuse the student body as it never was before. 976 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE On Nov. 19th, over 100 students from schools around the Lower Mainland converged on the College campus for the start of the Student Leadership Conference. Co- ordinated by Owen Davis, under the moderation of Br. Carrothers, the Conference was a resounding success. With his assistant Dan Lavery, Owen put together a program helping the participants to realize their own potential as leaders. With the actual execution, the program was up to Peter Irving and his beloved L.F.A. Gofers (pronounced ‘gophers’), being the backbone of the two-day Conference. Owen was joined this year by Fr. Tom Chambers, the director of the International Student Leadership In- stitute from Notre Dame University. Fr. Chambers flew from Cleveland to help in an advisory capacity and was accompanied this year by Peter O’Brien, a V.C. grad and an organizer of the ’75 Conference. INTRAMURALS In the course of the year, about three-quarters of V.C.’s high school students participated in the intramural program, which consisted of floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer and softball. This year the organization of each sport was undertaken by a student. Ted Kenny and Rudee Gessie were out- standing as directors of floor hockey and basketball respectively, fully measuring up to the responsibility of their positions. Moderators were Br. Wright, Mr. Lattimer and Mr. Summers. Colorful annual trophies were provided for the homeroom with the best com- bination of victories and participation in each sport and for the year. 101 1 BACK ROW: John Boyle Bill Rogers, Gary Oleskiw, Gordon Bettiol, Brent Stuart, Dave Fasin, Brian Cox. FRONT ROW: Rudee Gessie, Gerry Cullen, Ian MacKinnon, Olav Naas, Victor Meu, Victor Sovernigo. .» - in i w J JT W ;« « w- V ' FT j j j }%k PARENT’S NIGHT 103 V. C. IN ACTION 104 ■ ' ' v VARIETY NIGHT ‘Foo-Foo ' on the warpath. Compliments of JOHN J. BROWN, C.A. AND DR. RON ALD AND MARY HYDER Stan Kazun and the Continental Cavaliers in action. On Friday, February 4th, the 4th VC-LFA Variety Night took place. The participation was overwhelming as 20 acts, including Stan Kazun and the Continental Cavaliers, the Junior Four, Shaboom, Elvis and a deranged King Kong displayed their talents on stage. The host, Paul Gaylie, kept the audience groaning from the time he bounced onto the stage at 8 pm until the time the audience bounced him off the stage at 1 1 pm. The show was well attended with over 300 people present. Organizers of the show were Dan Lavery and Gerry Baker. Thanks to all those people who helped in the production of the show and to all those who at- tended. 106 107 STUDENT COUNCIL GRAD COMMITTEE 108 RETREATS The retreats this year were most successful. Br. Dawson was the mastermind behind all the retreats, and because of his efforts everyone got a lot out of them. Most of the retreats were held at Rosemary Heights where the Good Shepherd Sisters provided the students with a hearty lunch. The general format of the retreat consisted in a group session in the mor- ning, followed by a period of quiet time for individual thought, reflection and prayer. Af- ter a break for lunch, there was usually a time provided for confession followed by an in- timate celebration of the Mass. The retreats provided us a chance to review ourselves, to stand back and look at a reflec- tion of our lives. Thus they provided an experience that would influence our lives when we returned to the busy world of V.C. 109 SENIOR RESIDENTS k- L ' jLl 1 ft, ' M WW J 1 .V IB JM m Vv i • j ■V . r l „ w. VST k V-- Vr j 9 ' HMA 1 1H H 5 - I ' - . lOT 1. f " Sr ' • . « . ' ' BACK ROW: Doug Gook, Gordon Bettiol, Bill Gray, Johnny Fan, Andres Garcia, Ralf Voss. FRONT ROW ' : Bro. R.N. Colford, Robert Cheung, John Tellis, Patrick W ong, Timmy Yeung, Victor Meu, Bro. W’.R. Carrothers. 110 STANDING: Mike Kingston, Doug Callaghan, Andy Frisse, Derrick Kong, Paul O ' Reilly, Bro. Colford, Conrad Frisse, Juan Margolles, Andre Ganguin, Peter Thrift, Joseph Kong, Peter Chang, Hugh Brunette, Frank O’Brien. MIDDLE ROW: Jam es Sturrock, Colin Jardie, George Murray, Bro. Carrothers, Ken Speiss, Charles Loo, Anthony Lam. FRONT ROW: Peter Leung, Tom Kingston, An- thony Lau, George Knight, Alfie Auger, Rob Kitzel, Paul Yeung. Ill JUNIOR RESIDENTS FIRST ROW: Juan C. Aragon, John Loughran, Mike Graham, Liam Coughlan, Lorenzo Acierno, Peter Groves, Rodrigo Del Val Martin, Rafael Julian, David Smeets. SECOND ROU : Bro. Basil, Kenny Smith, Narry Kuhiek, Paul Gipps, Mark Kinaham, Tom Kramer, Jean P. De La Salle, Hayden Ache, Erie Sorensen, Jerry Ng, Franeisco Maldonado, Sean Archer, Anthony Pang, Jim Vt atts, John Coughlan, Barnett Fung, Frank Foistner, Robert Lau, Raymundo Sanchez, Gregory LcBlanc, Greg Borrie. ABSENT: Miguel Collado, Daniel Aragon. 112 113 114 The ‘School Spirit’ of Vancouver College has long been displayed with great pride by its students, and this year was no exception. The first chance the students had to show the spirit of ’76-’77 was during the football season. Coached by Mr. Kelly and led by team captains Brent Stuart and Rudee Gessie, College played a good, enjoyable brand of football. Unfortunately, the team’s drive for a championship was halted - as in the previous half-decade, by the Jugglers of Notre Dame. The Basketball team really made everyone stand up and cheer. One of the highlights of the season was the Doctor Pepper Emerald Tournament. Teams from Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and B.C. participated. The high point had to be when the very talented Oakwood Barons narrowly defeated the spirited Irish before a packed house. Later, the fans cheered the Irish squad through a tough Lower Mainland Tourney at B.C.I.T. to a record 24th ap- pearance at the Pacific Coliseum’s B.C. Championships. Of course there were other teams representing V.C. The Hockey Team under their new coach, Brother Kenny, played its’ third season. The revived Division One Soccer team enjoyed a successful year in the Vancouver Community League finishing in second place. Intramurals gave a large part of the student body a chance to compete in sports and participation was very good at all levels. All in all, the teams from Vancouver College were of High calibre. The played hard and were well supported by large crowds of loud, spirited fans - in the fine tradition of V.C. Compliments of TOUCHEY, ROSS AND CO., CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS AND PACK LAKE LOGGING CO. LTD. 115 V.C. DANCES The dances this year were a tremendous success, with such hands as Handley Page, Tarcus, and Bowser Moon per- forming. The dance committee, headed by Bob Tichelman and Stephen McCabe, did a superlative job, and enough cannot he said for those who spent their free time on Satur- days setting up. The dances were popular with both VC students and members from schools all over the lower mainland. 116 117 FIGHTING IRISH FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Jim Agoalino, Mike Rnhillard, Rriun Konar, Matt McNeil, Gary Oleskiw, Tom Miletich, Ed Rogers. SECON I) ROW: Victor Meu, Manager; Gary Sanvido. Mike Boskovich, Richard Lutman, Gordon Bettiol, Rudee Gessie, Tom Mulhern, Mr. Choo, Coach. THIRD ROW: Dan Lavery, Mike Arnold, Tom Prescott, Jim Keyes, Mike Ferdinandi, Vince Milton, Clint Groth, Craig Sciankowy. FOURTH ROW ' : Mr. Kelly, Coach; Brian Cox, Steve Roy, Mr. Hallain, Coach. MISSING: Brent Stuart, Victor Sovernigo, Steve Ganguin, A1 Carriers. 1976 VARSITY FOOTBALL v.c. OPPONENT 8 O’Dea 24 6 Bellingham 21 22 John Oliver 20 34 Sardis 28 8 Steveston 14 24 S.T.M. 0 14 Centennial 13 28 Templeton 0 0 Notre Dame 14 26 Sardis 0 18 Kelowna 20 The ’76 Irish proved to be a talented and exciting team which exhibited traditional College spirit throughout its tough schedule. New coaches Denis Kelly, Ten Hon Choo and Gary Stuart look upon the season as a development year with the large number of Grade 10 and 11 players returning. College fans can look forward to big things in ’77. Compliments of ROBCO CONSTRUCTION LTD. 120 LEFT: The Irish defense racks up another hapless N.D. hack. RIGHT: Brent Stuart was the game ' s Outstanding Lineman. The 1976 version of the Fighting Irish offense. LEFT: Garry Oleskiw in the process of kicking the Irish out of trouble. RIGHT: Your guess is as good as ours. Compliments of K.S. AYTON ! Mike Arnold scrambles for extra yardage against the Notre-Daine defense. Defensive captain, Brent Stuart, receives tactical assistance from the College ' s coaching staff. Gordon “Lightfoot” Bettiol prepares to crash through the line for a The “Irish” offensive line ... poetry in motion, " big gainer”. Starting fullback Gordon Bettiol turns around the end and heads up-field for more Irish yardage. Quarterback Mike Arnold surveys the action from behind his unpenetrated front line. ABOVE: Tough yardage gained against the “Jugglers.” LEFT: The defensive line in action. Compliments of AIRWEST AIRLINES LTD. 123 The offensive line, waiting for their signal to blast another hole in their opponents lines. Compliments of THE College defenses have been known for their hone-crushing tackles, and this year ' s squad was no different. The defensive huddle under the capable hands of Brent Stuart. Gordon Bettiol seems only a shirt-sleeve away from breaking this one open. O’BRYAN FAMILY Centre. Rudee Gessie, prepares to snap the hall to Mike Arnold Garry Oleskiw, and the rest of the awesome defensive line on the attack. An unidentified Irish rusher picks up some hard earned yar- dage. 125 JV FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Tod Lorenz, Brent Guile, Fred Milton, Rob MacKinnon, Matt Lakowski, John O ' Neill, Bill Canvin, Jim Kelly, Mark Hagemon. SECOND ROW: Ted Herb, Damien Bot- toselle, A1 Hemming, Rob Kosik, Peter Holat, Peter Olsen, John Negrin, Joe MacKinnon, Rob Kitzel, Ed Sweeney. The 1976 Junior version of the Fighting Irish football team. 126 GRADE 8 FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: A. Larigakis, G. Guile, K. Falcon, D. Murphy, J. Charpentier, S. Ashley, R. Letson, T. Toperowski, D. Canvin. SECOND ROW : D. Hagemoen, B. Barnett, P. Thrift, R. Bradley, E. Koban, S. Lyons, S. Langley, B. Price, R. Carvelho, O. Green. THIRD ROW: R. Wagner, P. Seraphim, J. Sweeney, S. Patey, P. Keyes, G. Fodchak. K. Reid, Brendan Dick, Gr. 12 Assistant. 127 FIGHTING IRISH SOCCER FIRST ROW: Dino Georgas, Rob Lam, Frank Staniscia. Dominic Wong, as Yamamoto. SECOND ROW: Leg Hondo (coach), Peter Irving. Pat Reilly, Mark Stashuk. Kric Walker. THIRD ROW: Chris Ridley, Pat Mac ken, Mark Roberts, Paul Irving. Tom Aulinger. Bob Culos, Anthony Wong. 128 FRIST ROW: Ron Carten, Roland St. Cyr, Mark Ridley, Paul SECOND ROW: Mike Fahrmann. Brent Crich, Jim Green, Beaulieu, Glenn Petty, Paul Brin. Brian Milne, Mike Reilly, Yorg Gromer. 129 FIGHTING IRISH BASKETBALL is UlS f FRONT: Pierre Pittet, Paul Irving, Gary Oleskiw, Doug Hart- man, Peter Chiang, Dean Pietrantonio. BACK: Mr. J. Mills, Coach, Yorg Cromer, Mgr., Tom Miletich, Phil McKay, Ian MacKinnon, Bill Rogers, Richard Lutman, Mike Arnold, Dave Culos, Mgr., Mr. R. Clavin, Moderator. This year’s rendition of Irish basketball proved to be one of the most exciting teams in several years at V.C. Coached by a 1968 Grad, John Mills, the Irish played a poised and controlled game, coupled with tenaciously rugged defense, which saw the Irish players diving courageously for loose balls. An early highlight for the Irish was our own Emerald Tournament, co-hosted for the first time by Dr. Pepper, which featured the Oakwood Barons of Toronto. The climax of the year undoubtedly was the B.C. Tour- ney which the Irish entered for the twenty-fourth time. After a series of close games, the Irish ended up third place in B.C. mi ABOVE: A little too two from below. short, Doug! BELOW: Oleskiw plugs in MlW T f 9 ' iu ' , a t ABOVE: “What a big fella " , exclaims O ' Dea ' s No. 22, as Gary Oleskiw pops in two more. BELOW: Pittet lays in an easy hoop. ABOVE: Mike Arnold attempts one of his patented moves against two players fro m Argyle. BELOW : “Hey, I should be shooting from the other side”, pon- ders Pierre Pittet as he goes up for the shot. The Irish discuss their plan of attack as they prepare for the second half. “Where’s Nancy?” wonders Oleskiw, as Bill Rogers fires a shot. Oleskiw shows his strength as he plucks the ball out of Knights. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Kelly, Coach, Mike O’Brien, Steve Lakowski, Carlos, Muniz, Fritz Luz, Allan Hemming, Paul Lucas. Grout, Frank Schober, Mark Hartman, Paul Toporowski, Matt Through dedication and determination this year’s Junior Varsity Team fought their way through a very difficult season. Under the guidance of Mr. Kelly this team played well together. Their outstanding characteristic was not giving up even when faced with over-powering odds. In spite of a losing season, they worked hard and did their best. ABOVE: Mark Hartman shoots from the foul line. BELOW: Steve Grout shoots as Mike O’Brien looks on. Frank Schober puts in a rebound. GRADE 8 A m I ' •S v ‘r‘X ft TMT T mgr |h. ' • » . Roger Grover, Mgr., Daniel Murphv, Jeff Charpentier, Eric Sean Doughty, Tom Toporowski, Steve Lyons, Mr. Choo, Coach, Koban, Dan Hagemoen. Andrew Larigakis. Peter Keyes. LEFT Schwartz adds two more for the Irish! RIGHT: Stewart Hailey shows his style to all who wish to watch. The grade eight basketball teams competed against other schools with Grade 8B coming out on top. Though handicapped by a late start and little practice time, they finished strong with an 8-6 winning record. The 8B Team voted individual awards to Mark Welman as Most Valuable Player, William Tsaw as Most Improved, and Gordon Urquart as Most Inspirational. Also outstanding were sharp-shooting forward Leo Schwartz and the most promising player, Stewart Bailey, who performed well both ways at every position. GRADE 8 B Stewart Bailey, Kevin Falcon, Mare Fidgett, Pat Thrift, MISSING: Trey Lund, Br. Wright, Coach. Gordon Urquhart, William Tsaw, Joseph Doyle, Leo Schwartz, Mark Welman. 1 BACK ROW: Tom Kingston. Roman Pasqualotto, Ted Kenny. Brian Battle, John O’Toole, Russ Hemming, Joe MaeKinnon, Bill Gray, Rob Porter. FRONT ROW: Randy Bradley, Mike Fer- dinandi, John Stubbs, Eric Walker, Alex Lobazar, Mike Boskovieh. This year’s edition of the hockey team showed good sportsmanship and team qualities under Brother Kenny LEFT. Although the win-loss record was not out- standing, the team showed true College spirit and gave 150 percent in every game. Many losses were by only one point and it was inexperience which held the Irish back. 138 gSggSp i 139 IRISH WRESTLING m i i • m i fBL. bI i fjr) s L • ' ; i mi T ' ”1 JL F RONT ROW: Rick W agnar, Stewart Muir, Dino Gorgas, slandar, Mr. Anderson (Coach), Paul Gipps, Brenton Guile. Randy Bilesky. BACK ROW: Bob Tichelman, Martin Em- The Fighting Irish Wrestling Team has proven its ability again this year. Outstanding individual performances com- bined with close teamwork to provide a winning season un- der the guidance of Mr. An- derson. The team was never outclassed, and after each meet the opposition knew they had been in a Fight. LEFT: Bill Gray drives his opponent into the mat. RIGHT: Bob Tichelman smiles after a hard-earned pin. 140 RIGHT: Bill Gray looks for help from a heavenly source. MIDDLE RIGHT: Paul West is declared “the winnah!” BELOW ' RIGHT: Barry Bellamy gets a secret from his opponent. BELOW ' : We’ve got to stop meeting like this. 141 .m DOUBLE DEE HAULING CO. LTD. Sand Gravel Contract Hauling 7989 Oak Street Vancouver 14, B.C. Phone 261-0513 985-7956 iHclIie A £tatbhenj 4479 Ti eat tOt rfve 4 tutcouven % 144 1C GOOD LUCK TO THE IRISH” OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE u ft y f ;t mo Macalay Nicolls Maitland and Co. Ltd Real Estate Serving Vancouver since 1898 145 146 LEO AND CHRIS SERVICE LTD. TEXACO DEALERS TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 615 EAST BROADWAY 6251 VICTORIA DR. 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AND MRS. JOSEPH NEMETH MR. AND MRS. S. GAYLIE THE GREGORY FAMILY J. AND B. BAANDERS CANDLES OF DISTINCTION ♦ ♦ The 1977 Collegian staff wishes to express thanks to BROTHER J. P. ROWLAND and BROTHER M. A. MAHER for their guidance in the production of this year’s Collegian 183 GRADE 8 Alfonso Abraham 5078 Marguerite St., V6M 3J9 263-7941 Daniel Aragan Coral 2790 Residential Victoria Guadalajara, Mexico 21-44-26 Stephen Ashley 9348 Bathwell Dr., Surrey V3N 5N7 576-6464 Stewart Bailey 1 1052-64A Ave., Delta V4E 1E3 596-7568 David Baadsvik 4881 Dogwood Dr., Delta V4M‘ 1 M3 943-3024 Brian Barnett 4709 VI ' . 7th Ave., V6T 1C7 224-0470 Robert Battacchio 1404 E. 13th Ave., V5N 2B6 874-9639 Gerald Belgardt 273 E. 21st Ave.. V5V 1P9 876-6402 Gregory Bell 1197 W. 16th 731-7639 Mieheal Bent . 1234 VI . 37th Ave., V6M 1M1 263-9352 Randy Bilesky 7840 Broadmoor Blvd., Rich. 7 I A9 277-8307 Randy Bradley 352 W. 20th Ave., V5Y 2C6 872-2363 Stephen Brown 6045 49th Ave., V6K 1Y9 946-6373 Richard Brownrigg 932 Francis Rd., Rich. V6Y 1B1 274-3500 David Canvin 2751 Duke St., V5R 4S8 433-3689 Karel Carhoun 1368 Nanton Ave., V6H 2C9 731- 9446 Roberto Carvelho 8511 Cullen Cres., V6Y 2W9 277- 6048 Bernard Cameron 4078 VI 13th Ave., V6R 2T4 228-8093 Robert Caver an 1124 E. 14th Ave., VST 2P2 879-4841 Peter Celle 2131 McMullen St.. V6L 3B3 732- 1585 Jeffrey Charpentier 6026 Holland St., V6N 2B3 261-2489 Brian Coady 5726 Selkirk St., V6M 2Y6 263-9980 Richard Coli 2785 VI 39th Ave., V6N 2Z3 266-5464 Patrick Conlin 330 W. 27th. N. Van. V7N 2H4 980-2034 Liam Coughlan 2099 Glenwood Dr., Kamloops V2C 4G8 372-7659 Brent Done 5855 Dunbar St., V6N 1W8 261-1774 Sean Doughty 7371 No. 4 Rd., Rich. V6Y 2T4 278- 1652 Joseph Doyle 2050 Vi . 28th, V6J 2Y9 263-7031 Paul Dries 4261 Rockbank PL, V7W 1A8 926-4127 George Dudas 2568 Vi . 45th, V6N 3L1 263-7580 Mark Ellery 11800 Dewsberry Dr., V 6X 2Y7 273- 4280 Martin Emslander 2409 Bonnyvale Ave., V5S 2B7 325-5839 Richard Eppich 1812 Palmerston Ave., W . V an. V7V 2V4 926-7970 Kevin Falcon .3810 West ridge Ave., VI . Van. V7V 3H5 922-3652 Carlos Fedyk .3822 VI . 29th Ave., V6S 1T8 224-0602 Mark Feeney 1618 VI . 60th 263-8996 Mark Fidgett 7041 Oak St., V6P 3Z8 263-4777 Gregory Fodchuck 1407 VI 54th Ave., V6P JN8 261-4903 Darrel Fuller 6335 Elm St.. V6N 1B2 263-6887 Jim Galvins 2505 Vi . 7th, V6K IV 8 731-5092 Paul Gatto 6 135 Tyne St., V5S 3L7 435-0988 Micheul Geary 430 Somerset St., N. Van. V7N 1G3 988-3206 James Genue 8363 Hudson St.. V 6P 4M3 261-4587 Dino Georgan 7753 Ontario St., V5X 3C6 325-4284 Anjon G hut uk 615 Granville Cres., Rich. V7C 2V3 274- 5520 Mike (Graham 5675 Dumfries St., V5P 3A5 325-3472 David Green 2181 Vi 22nd. V6L 1L4 731-8834 Ronald Groom 377 Monteray Ave., N. Van. 985-2941 V7N 3E7 Roger Grover 8500 Fairhurst Rd., V 7C IV 8 277-9141 Gregory Guile 1455 VI 47th, V6M 2L9 266-8533 Dan Hagemoen 2940 Jones Ave., N. Van. V7N 3V7 987-1833 Peter Hall 4440 Marine Dr., . Van. V7W 2N9 922-1917 Peter Haskell 160 Vi . 39th Ave., V5V 2P2 321-2195 Mike Hirschsprung 685 W. 21st Ave., V5Z 1Y9 879-6623 Bradley Holt 11256-135st, Surrey 581-7509 Neil Hoo 5778 Main St., V5W 2S8 327-6488 Mieheal Horan 3866 Vi . 15th, V6R 2Z9 224-5147 Norman Hullah 203-763 Steveston Hwy., Rich. 277-1559 Nigel Hutchinson 1629 VI . 61st, V6P 2C2 261-0516 Stephen Johnston 6296 Elm St., V6N 1B1 263-8797 Nick Kandie 296-Vi . 20th, V5V 2C6 876-7681 Mario Kazulin 7766 Ontario St., V5X 3C7 325-1442 Griffin Keyes 3795 Elmwood St., V 5G 1P4 437-6725 Peter Keyes 1494 VI . 40th, V6M IV 6 263-7589 Eric Kohan 1519 E. 35th. 261-2342 Scott Langley 628 Dover Rd., V7C 3L1 277- 2373 Andrew Larigakis 4511 VI . 4th Ave., V6R 1R4 228-8010 Heng Lau 69 E. 52nd Ave.. V5X 1G7 325-5201 Darvl Lavallee 776 No. 4 Rd.. Rich. V6 Jl 5 278- 0387 Murk Lay el I 6391 Nadine Cres., V7C 2T5 274-1951 Richard Leong 4254 Staulo Cres. V6N 3S2 266-2092 Robert Lelson 348-52nd St., Della V4M 2Y4 943-2547 John Little 3089 Starlight U ay, Coquitlam V3C 3P9 942- 0733 Trey Lund 243 49th St. Delta V4M 3N3 943- 8518 Steve Lyons 12232-75A, Surrey V 3 VI 2S5 596-2392 Colin McCarlie 2839 VI. 38th Ave.. V6N 2W 8 263-4364 Andrew MacKay 5416 Marguerite. V6M 3K6 261-7 09 Simon Mackenzie 61 E. 23rd, V5V 1V18 872-7321 M i k Mi I ii r 3565 W . 40th Ave., V6N 3B7 263-4292 Neil Major 1263 VI . 40th Ave., V6M 1V3 266-0019 Mark Maretic 6655 Hazard St., Bby. V5E 1X5 291-3349 Zvonko Maretic 1283 MacDonald Ave., Bby. V5C 4N8 291-1561 Richard Matte 6325 Fleming, V5P 3G9 325-7365 Dean Meyerhoff 6030 Athlone St., V6M 3A4 266-7881 Drew Meyerhoff 4898 Dogwood Dr., S. Delta 943-4008 Doug Mitarewski 3602 Rutherford PL, N. Van. V7N 2C7 987 8349 Mieheal Moisson 8360 Spires Rd., Rich. V6Y 1W2 278-1095 Gary Mordecai 3411 Fairbrook Cres., Rich. V7C 1Z5 274-8671 Conor Murphy 3675 W. 27th V6S 1R2 224-4945 Daniel Murphy 14097-77A, Surrey V3VI 2X2 596-6119 I imothy Naas 1308 W . 48th Ave., V6M 2N9 266-5492 Jerry Ng 2020 Fullerton Ave., N. Van. V7P 3E3 922-1721 Anthony Onstad 1149 Vi 41st, V6N 1X1 261-3602 Todd Page 1 190 1-89 A Ave., N. Delta V4C 3G8 594-9875 Daniel Paris 1 950 . 33rd Ave., V6M 1B5 261-3840 Stephen Parsons 5652 V ictoria Dr., V5P 3W4 325-5364 Simon Patey 1132 Connaught Dr., V 6H 2H 1 733- 0337 Paul Pelletreau 1080 VI . 16th. V 6H 1S6 734- 5504 Jeffrey Pew 6070 Granville, V6M 3E1 263-3728 Bryan Price 6800 Arlington, V5S 3N9 435-9056 Ashley Rattee 1537 VI . 59th, V6P 1Z1 266-7554 Rundy Regush 3762 VI . 24th, V6S 11,6 228-8776 Kevin Reid 1094 E. 22nd, V5V 1W3 874-6879 Ricky Richardson 5210 Maple Cres., 946-7067 Kevin Ridley 954 Beckwith Rd., Rich. V6X i 4 273- 3461 David Roberts 889 Minler Rd.. V7C 3V1 277-9355 Oliver Roberts 1651 Matthews Ave., V5G 2T1 736-1392 Tony Roberts 4534 Angara Ave., V6R 1C8 22 1-0795 Steve Robinson 4533 Valley Rd., N. Van. V7K 2M1 985-3490 Mark Roza 1466 E. 17th Ave., V5N 2G8 876-0691 Alan Sanvido 2686 E. 4th Ave., V5M 1K4 255-8706 Peter Sartin 1045 Springwood Cres., Rich. V7E 1X5 2774289 Paul Schober 90 E. 53rd Ave., V5X 1H6 325-5682 Leo Schwarz 2028 W. 35th, V6M 1 Jl 266-8442 Peter Seraphim 1355 VI. 57th Ave., V6P 1S7 2614684 Keith Shearer 3540 Francis Rd., Rich. V7C 1J3 274- 2427 David Smeets 24341-112 Ave., Maple Ridge, B.C. V2X 7E9 4634727 Paul Smith 3025 Brookridge Dr., N. Van. V7R 3A7 985-6828 Edward Spat 531 Silverdale, V7N 2Z6 987-7471 Jim Sweeney 4484 Town ley St., V6L 2G6 738-6473 Jason Sze 3577 Vi . 48th, V6N 3P9 261-8208 David Tabe 6558 E. Georgia, V5B 1V8 291-2573 Andy Taczala 447 W. 21st, V6Y 2E6 876-2663 Christopher The 2795 Vi . 38th Ave., V6N 2W8 266-7268 Guy Thimister 1442 Vi . 26th, V6H 2B4 731-0084 Patrick Thrift 962 Taylor Way, W. Van. V7T 2K1 922-2723 Robert Tibbitts 460 E. 46th, V5W 1Z9 325-9241 Mieheal Todd 5772 51st Ave., Ladner, Delta V4K 2C1 946-682 1 Thomas Toporowski 812 Seafair Dr., Rich. V7C 1 W 9 274-1640 Brian Truscott 650-3 Pimlico Way, Rich. V6Y 2Y1 263-9749 Robert Tsui 2131 St. George St., V5T 3R1 879-1760 illiam I saw 1163 Seabrook Cres., V7A 3H3 271-1881 (Gordon l rquhart 1236 W . 39th Ave., V6M 1T1 261-5503 Anthony Valcic 3640 Quesnel Dr., V6L 2W5 731-2955 David Wade 120 Isleview PL, Lions Bay VON 2E0 921-77 49 Ricky U agner 2539 176th St., Surrey V3S 4N8 574-4613 John Warrington 2985 Altamount Cres., W . Van. V7V 3C2 926-1682 Mark Welman 1475 W . 33rd Ave., V6M 1A6 733-5807 Shehan W ickramasekera No. 201 1230 W . 12th, V6H 1M1 7314087 Chris Wills 3276 W . 11th, V6K 2N 1 731-3897 Daniel Woods 1215 W. 26th Ave., V6H 2A8 738-7364 George Yoldassis 2947 W . 5th, V6K 1T8 731-8090 Demetrios Zambus 3110 W. 43rd, V6N 3J5 263-2052 GRADE 9 Haydn Ache 2 Court St., San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies. 2257 Roberto Andrade No. 2-1519 Beach Ave., V6G 1Y5 684-3860 Dean Archer Box 128, Kemano, VOT 1K0 634-5519 Conall Barr 1936 McNicoll Ave., V6J 1A6 738-9576 Bradley Batsford 710 W. 68th Ave., V6P 2T9 327-6797 Mark Beaulieu 749 W . 62nd Ave., V6P 2E1 325-0905 Andrew Boyle 4791 Puget Dr., V6L 2W2 266-2819 Chris Butschler 772 Sunnyholme Cres., Rich. V6Y 1G7 277-7584 Allan Calkins 2082 W. 43rd Ave., V6M 2C9 266-0316 Bill Canvin 2751 Duke St., V5R 4S8 433-3689 Howard Cardinha 8 Semana Cres., V6N 2E2 261-1804 Paul Catchpole 3280 Beverley Cres., N. Van. 988-1058 Francis Chan 942 Broadview Dr., V7H 2G1 929-3391 Peter Clarke 4122 Crown Cres., V6A 2A9 224-3497 John Coughlan 2099 Glenwood, Kamloops 372-7659 Bruce Curror 3847 W. 12, V6R 2N9 224-7791 Piotr Czaykowski 3669 W. 34th Ave., V6N 2K9 263-5473 Raymond Dagenais 166 E. 46th V5W 1Z4 327-7581 John Davies 350 Vinmore Ave., V7C 1S5 277-5096 Paul Davis 2828 Waterloo St., V6R 3J3 733-3130 John Deguara 6265 Brooks St., V5S 3J8 435-% 12 Jean-Pierre Delesalle Invermere, B.C., Box 520 342-6738 Tony Di Salvatore 2569 E. Hastings V5K 1Z2 253-5341 Marc Dufrane 2779 W . 23rd, V6L 1P1 733-4959 Paul Eviston 643 W. 31 Ave., V5Z 2J6 879-2188 Andrew Fairley 3678 W . 30., V5N 2G8 224-6264 Alan Fedyk 3822 W . 29 Ave., V6S 1T8 224-0602 Mike Foran 2065 W. 16., V6J 2M6 738-9830 Frank Forstner P.O. Box 5000 Squamish VON 3G0 Don Fuller 6335 Elm St., V6N 1B2 263-6889 Barnett Fung 264 4 Ave. San Francisco California 94118 Jean Gagnon 3656 W. Broadway, V6R 2B7 732 -%67 Frank Garcia 1488 Minto Cres. V6H 2J5 738-2310 Brian Giefing 3324 Newdale Cres., N. Van. V7N 3T6 980-3271 Rick Gill 4050 Granville St., V6H 3L2 731-6696 Victor Gill 828 Fairlane Rd., Rich. V7C 1Y4 277-9588 Paul Gipps Box 158 Kemano B.C., VOT 1K0 634-5220 Brendan Gojevic 4250 Carleton Ave. Bby V5G 3B6 433- 3097 Stuart Grandison 3228 W . 13th 736-6288 Patrick Grayhurst 1621 Kilmer Rd., N. Van. V7K 1R6 985-0304 Peter Groves 2990 Starlight Way, P. Coq. V3C 3P6 942-6757 Mark Hartman 634 Taseko Cres., Rich. V7C 2N5 277-5101 A1 Hemming 1608 Nanton Ave., V6J 2X4 738-6934 Peter Holat 815 W . King Edward V5Z 2C9 879-4793 Gary Horvath 7733 Munroe Cres., V5S 3J9 434- 1145 Steve Huber 835 Rosebank Cr. V7A 2K8 274-2934 Robbie Johnstone 1135 W . 38th, V6M 1P8 261-4349 Raphael Julien CALLE 33 No. 11 Carmen Camp Mexico Mike Kaweski 2888 Crown St., V6R 3W2 224-3785 Geoff Kenny 1037 Cloverly St., N. Van. V7L 1N4 988-5413 James Kershaw 4615 Cherbourg Dr., V7W 1H8 926-5030 Steven Kilpatric 3829 W . 31st, V6S 1Y2 228-9566 Mark Kinahan 1638 Cedar Ave., Trail, B.C. V1R 4C9 368-5648 Tim Koch 1467 W . 57th, V6P 1T1 266-8179 David Konst 1649 W . 29th Ave. V6J 2Z3 733-3485 Bob Kosick 515 Newcroft PI. V7T 1W9 926-6977 Tom Kramer 1349 Cam ridge Rd. W . Van., 926-%70 Steve Kwok 855 Ash St. Rich. 277-9233 Mick. Kreykenbohm 1510 E. 39 Ave. V5P 1H3 325-3669 Matt Lakowski 3793 W . 24 Ave., V6S 1L7 224-3018 Robert Lau 213 Fa Yeun St. Flat 5 F, Kowloon, H.K. 825-3-803786 Brian Lavailee 776 No. 4 Rd. Rich. V6Y 2T5 278-0387 Richard Leader 4346 Ross Cres. W . Van. V6W 1B2 922-5137 Tom Liaskas 3767 W. Broadway 224-7244 Alex Lobozar 4491 Cambie St. V5Z 2Y8 872-1547 A.J. Long 4998 Stevens Dr. Delta V4N 1M6 943-3470 Paul Lucas 2977 W . 27 Ave. V6L 1W 4 731- 7370 Fritz Luz 3885 Selkirk St. V6H 2E2 732- 8208 Ken McCabe 2715 W . 8 Ave. 738-8667 Ken McCandless 2978 W. 31 Ave. V6L 2A4 261-0766 Duncan McCracken 9431 Saunder Rd. V7A 2B2 277-6705 Chris MacDonald 5652 Chester St. V5W 3B2 324- 0285 Rob MacKinnon 4309 Osier St. V6H 2X6 738-1245 Mike McLellan 1728 E. 14 Ave. 872- 2495 Tony Mac ken 3863 W . 11 Ave. V6R 2K8 224-7874 Francisco Maldonado Ricardo Paine 2892 Guad Mexico 301269 Bruno Malibert 568 W. 17 Ave. 873- 1579 Dan Martin 697 Underhill Dr. Delta 943-4750 Kevin Matte 6325 Fleming St. V5P 3G9 325- 7365 Lunca Merler 1250 Connaught Dr. V6H 2H2 733- 1520 Karl Meszaros 583 W. King Ed. Rd. V5Z 2C4 874- 7476 Paris Mileos 7484 Granville St. V6P 4Y5 261-6661 Stephen Minchuk 6748 Aubrey St. 299-6087 Bob. Mitchell 9580 Glenacres Dr. 277-5306 Frank Modenese 10176 114 A St. Surrey V3R 3P8 588-7304 Carlos Moniz 1304 E. 27 Ave. V5V 2L8 872-1912 Kevin Moroney 1355 Dogwood Ave. 266-6900 Gordon Moulden 3140 Mathers Ave. W . Van. V7V 2K5 9224)674 Stewart Muir 3739 W . 14 Ave. V6R 2W8 228-9162 Garry Norman 3420 W. 15 Ave. V6R 2Z1 738-1708 Mike O’Brien No. 105 1665 W . 12 Ave. V6G 2E3 734- 3092 Patrick O ' Loughlin 4898 Fannin Ave. V6T 1B2 228-8840 John O ' Neill 236 Onslow Place W. Van. 922-6553 Roy Oostergo 642 Nadine Cr. Rich V7L 2T6 277-1371 Mike Orr 3351 W ardmore PI. V7C 1S6 274-0163 Anthony Pang 81 Chatham Rd. 18 F Kowloon, Hong Kong Philip Paris 476 W . 27 Ave. V5Y 2K5 879-5427 Roman Pasqualotto 6183 Arlington St. V5S 3N4 434- 1402 Tim Pember 354 Blundell Rd. Rich. V7C 1G4 277-3943 Steven Porter 2936 W . 21 Ave. V6L 1K8 733-2008 Jim Price 6800 Arlington St. V5S 3N9 435- 9056 Joe Pulchny 1156 Connaught Dr. V6H 2H1 738-3653 Tom Pulchny 1156 Connaught Dr. V6H 2H1 738-3653 Charles Reeve 1200 Nanton Ave. V6H 2C6 731-0117 Simon Revill 2236 Nelson Ave. W. Van. V7V 2P8 922-5783 Kevin Robinson 8429 110 A St. N. Delta V4C 2K5 594-3250 Tony Rohrwasser 3515 Calder Ave. N. Van. V7N 3R8 980-5647 Tom Rossmann 4210 Quesnee Dr. V6L 2X6 738-2474 Nick Schmaling 1651 24 Str. W . Van. 922-0390 Peter Schulhof 3975 Westridge W. Van. 926-5992 Rob. Scott 4140 Quesnel Dr. Y’6L 2X6 733-7273 Rick Senger 4223 Selkirk St. V6H 2Z7 731-7474 Dan Small 1750 Drummond Dr. V6T 1 B6 224-0027 Kenny Smith 3074 W . 33 Ave. 266-8778 Eric Sorensen 980 Slerwood Lane W . Van. V7V 3X9 922-2727 Joe Sothy 3530 W . 33 Ave. V6N 2H4 263-3602 Denny Sovernigo 1418 Chartwell Dr. West Van., V7S 2S1 922-0986 Bill Sweeney 3692 W. 27 Ave. V6S 1R1 224-9247 Steve Tobias 761 E. 33 Ave. V5V 3A1 876-4539 Paul Toporowski 812 Seafair Dr. Rich. V7C 1 W 9 274-1640 Ray Torresan 5829 Hudson St. V6M 2Z2 261-2985 Kent Tunstall 1069 Eden Cres. Delta V4L 1W8 943-1223 Jim Watts 1990 Quilchenal, N. Van. V6M 1E1 261-9134 Philip Welch 3757 W . 29th V6S 1T6 228-0320 Vince West 2529 West 41st Avenue 266-6306 Greg W irtz 4678 W . 3rd Ave. V6R 1N4 224-1938 Justin Wyatt 1108 Connaught Dr. V6H 2H1 732-6704 Fred Zurkirchen 1727 W . 60th Ave. V6P 2A7 266-4245 GRADE 10 Simon Bachmann 1349 Nanton Ave. V6H 2C8 733-7438 Niel Barnett 4709 W. 7 Ave. V6T 1C7 224-0470 Paul Beaulieu 749 W. 62 Ave. V6P 2E1 325-0905 Larry Benjamin 2225 Shawnee Place V5S 2Y9 434-9575 Wolfgang Bohm 10455 Suncrest Dr. Delta, V4E 2N 1 584-3348 Paul Borchert 1122 Harwood St. V6E 1R6 685-7584 Damian Botteselle 696 E. St. James Rd. N. Van. V7K 1G7 987-6676 Paul Brin 6754 Arlington St. V5S 3N9 437-8743 Mark Cameron 4078 W. 13 Ave. V6R 2T4 228-8093 Robert Campbell 350 Springfield Dr. E. Rich. V7E 1Z4 271-2455 Philip Carhoun 1368 Nanton Ave. V 6H 2C9 731-9446 Ron Carten 2083 W . 45 Ave. V6M 2H8 263-9171 Gum Carvalho 8511 Cullen Crescent Rich. V6Y 2W9 277-6048 Peter Chiang Star Court, Flat 15 B, Man Wan Rd. Waterloo Hill Kowloon, Hong Kong Bob Clarke 5190 Redonda Dr. N. Nan. V7R 3K3 987-9094 Michael Csanyi 3064 W . 10 Ave. V 6K 2K8 733-5240 David CuIom 6544, E. Georgia St. V5B IN 8 298- 4683 Howard de la Cruz 5725 AnguM Dr. V6M 3N7 266-5948 Sean Donnelly 1569 W . 66 Ave. V6P 2R8 261-1096 Rupert Duffy 4235 W . 29 Ave. V6S IV 7 224- 1%2 Paul Ellery 11800 Dewsbury Dr. Rich. V6X 2Y7 273-4280 Michael Fahrmann 5371 Dumfries St. V5P 3A3 321-8495 Greg Falcon 3810 W estridge W . N an. V7V 3H5 922-3652 Tim Fanning 4027 W . 13 Ave. V6R 2T3 224-7958 Jim Favero 3345 Quebec St. V5Y 3J8 876-1276 Richard Foley 7078 Feilding Court Bby. 299- 2355 Conrad Frisse 75 Yukon Kitimat N 8L 1Z3 632-3205 Vilis Galvins 2505 W. 7 Ave. V6K 1Y8 731-5092 Andre Ganguin 2225 E. 50 Ave. V5P 1V6 321-6475 Jim Greene 3947 W. 24 Ave. V6S lMl 224-4869 Steven Grout 3771 W . 23 Ave. V6S 1K6 228-9379 Brenton Guile 1455 W . 47 Ave. V6M 2L9 266-8533 Mark Hagemoen 2940 Jones Ave. N. Van. V7N 3V7 987- 1883 Kurt Hansler 5630 Blenheim St. N 6N 1P5 263-5228 Peter Heah 4466 Magnolia St. N 6j 4B5 261-4438 led Herb 4890 Hudson St. V6H 3C2 731- 8540 Chris Ho 3545 W . 50 Ave. N 6N 3V3 263-8546 Grant Hoffman 376 Pacemore Ave. Rich. V71 il’- 1 277-4339 Charles lvancic 6080 Carden City Rd. V6Y 2M8 273- 3428 Kerwin Jarvis 1350 W 37 Ave. N6.N1 1M2 263-9660 Jim Kelly 3348 Mahon Ave. N. Van. 988- 2954 Michael Kenney 426 W . 23 Ave. V5Y 2H4 873-2160 lorn Kingston P.O. Box 5401. Clinton Creek Yukon. NOB 1E0 997-7327 Bob Kitzel 21639 Spring Cres. Maple Ridge, V2X 4M7 467-9843 George Kniglit 3817 Manitoba Ave. Powell River. N 8A 2W 5 485-4353 Joseph Kong 120 W aterloo Rd. Kowloon, Hong Kong 3-016008 Jim Korzeniowski No. 105 14153-104 Ave. Surrey 584-5101 Anthony Lam 5 Tsui Fung St. 2 FI. Kowloon, Hong Kong Kuril Lau 69 E. 52 Ave. V5X 1G3 325-5201 Anthony Law 7845 Cambie St. N6P 3J1 321-0061 Andrew Layzell 6391 Nadine Cres. Rich. V7C 215 274- 1951 Peter Leung 203 E. 36 Ave. 324-3924 Mike Lopoianowski 1180 Connaught Dr. N 6H 2H1 732- 5257 Todd Lorenz 326 Pleasant St. Stevestan, V7E 2P2 277-6054 Greg Lynch 7936 Angus Dr. 261-5305 Bill MacDonald 5767 Sophia Ave. V5W 2W 3 321-6439 David McGee 5540 Maple Rd. Rich. V7E 1G3 277-1883 Brian MacKay 2258 Mathers Ave. W . Van. V7V 2H5 926-3159 Joe MacKinnon 3591 W . 11 Ave. V6R 2K3 733- 9658 Doug McLeod 1691 W . 28 Ave. V6J 2Y6 733-6897 Nino Mabanta 953 Gladstone Ave. N. N an. V7L 4L9 980-0656 Charles Meloche 726 W inchelsea Cres. Rich. T 4E4 274-8192 Mark Meyerhoff 4898 Dogwood Dr. S. Delta V4M 1M5 943-4008 Sandy Meyerhoff 6030 A th lone St. V6M 3A4 266-7871 l oin Milct it h 4325 Granville St. N 6H 3L6 732- 5090 Doug Miller 2576 Wallaze Cres. V 6R 3N 4 224-5851 Brian Milne 4995 Walden St. V5W 2N 6 125-9828 Fred Milton 4334 Yukon St. V5Y 3S5 874-5859 Joe Milton 4334 Yukon St. V5Y 3S5 874-5859 Duncan Moore 2987 Camosun St. V6R 3W 9 224-7790 Noel Mulhern 1685 W . King Ed. Rd. N 6J 2 H 733- 0360 Tom Mulhern 6050 Cartier St. V 6M 3A9 263-9619 John Negrin 1655 Ottawa Ave. v Van : 2S2 922-1423 Michael O ' Brien 1474 Mathers Ave. W . Van. V7T 2G7 926-3864 Micheal O ' Bryan 4970 Marguerite St. N 6N 3K 1 263-7880 Marc O ' l oughlin 4898 Fannin Ave 228-8840 Pete Olson 4036 W . 12 Ave. N 6R 2P3 224-6946 Manuel Onnaechea 6459 Dumfries St 325-4833 Davit! Panton 4375 Locarno Cres. V6R 1A2 22 44009 Donald Panton 4375 Locarno Cres. N 6R 1A2 22l-WM)‘ John Pelletreau 1080 W . 16 Ave. V6H 1S6 738-5504 Joey Perdia P.O. Box 17 Lake Erroch V0M 1N0 826-3363 Glenn Petty 4643 Blenheim Ave. V6L 3A3 263-5819 Bruno Portes 305 Bowen Dr. N 7C 4C6 274-6527 Bruce Ramsay 526 Cranbrook Ave. Rich. V7C 4K9 274-8732 Stephen Raverty 1004 W . 33 Ave. V6M 1A2 266-7373 Gary Regan 4583 Ross St. V5V 418 874-2798 Mike Reilly 5926 Angus Dr. V6M 3P1 261-5328 Ivan Revelant No. 104-1977 W. 3 Ave. V6J 1L2 733-1085 Mark Ridley 9540 Beckwith Rd. Rich. V6X 1V9 273-3461 Ronald Rieder 5829 Granville St. V6M 3C8 263-6826 Eddie Roche 4334 W . 12 Ave. V6R 2R1 224-1996 Gray Sanvido 2686 E. 4 Ave. V5M 1K4 255-8706 Frank Schober 90 E. 53 Ave. V5X 1H6 325-5682 Ken Scott 8360 Cullen Cres. Rich. V6Y 2X3 David Seiler 6710 Fckersley Rd. Rich. V6Y 2L7 273- 3592 Michael Shepard 3782 W . 26 Ave. V6S 1P1 224-0959 Neil Smith 3908 W . Broadway V6R 2L3 224-7993 Ken Speiss P.O. Box 5554 Clinton Creek Yukon NOB 1E0 997-7329 Roland St.-Cyr 746 W . 15 Ave. V5Z 1R5 874-3046 John Stekl 4750 Hudson St. V6H 3C2 733-9587 Ed. Sweeney 4484 Town ley St. V6L 2G6 738-6473 Peter Thrift 962 Taylor W ay W . Van. V7T 2K1 922-2723 Randy Tichelman 6137 Adera St. V6M 3J5 263-7779 Loi lodesco 7380 Ash burn St. V5S 2K9 325-3159 Rt»b Tourand 6040 Taseko Cres. Rich. V7C 2N5 277-9448 Nick Valcic 3640 Quesnel Dr. V6L 2W 8 731-2955 Joe Verna 3095 E. 8th Ave. V5M 1X4 255-1096 Bruce Walker 5551 Francis Rd. Rich. V7C 1K2 274- 1627 Mike Warrington 2985 Altamont Cres. W . Van. V7V 3C2 926-1682 Mike Welch 3757 W. 29th Ave. V6S 1T6 228-0320 Chris Welman 1475 W . 33 Ave. V6M 1A6 733-5807 Tenney Wilkins 4825 Skyline Dr. N. Van. VON 3A0 985-3666 Al Wotherspoon 1207 W. 40th Ave. V6M 1V3 266-8861 186 GRADE II Jim Agostino 6864 Oak St., V6P 3Z6 261-1050 Bruno Alberton 4676 Hudson St., V6H 3C1 738-6743 Rodolfo Andal 6161 Oak St., V6M 2W3 263-2145 Mike Arnold 1550 W. 35th Ave., V6M 1H2 261-8041 Alfie Auger 12258-103 a Ave., Surrey V3V 3G9 584-0786 Thomas Aulinger 4744 Wesley PI., V4M 1X1 943-7086 Mark Bachmann 1349 Nanton Ave., V6H 2C8 733-7438 Brian Battle 2525 W. 14th Ave., V6K 2W6 733-5115 Barry Bellamy 265 N. Gamma Ave., Bby. V5C 1Y2 291-0127 Peter Bielefeld 209 E. 27th Ave., N. Van. V7N 1N7 988-9957 Dennis Bittel 1722 W. 37th Ave., V6M INI 261-2887 Mike Boskovich 6864 Fremlin St., V6P 3W4 263-5085 Walter Botteselle 696 E. St., James Rd., N. Van. V7K 1G7 987-6676 Hugh Brunette 1136 Pacific St., V6E 1T3 669-2045 Mike Buell 1707 W. 41st, V6M 1Y1 261-0641 Campbell Carlyle 5789 Cartier St., V6M 3A6 266-5017 Albano Carreira 5577 Sophia St., V5W 3T8 325-1123 Chris Cavelti 1040 Palmerston Ave., W. Van. V7S 2J3 922-3867 Ed Cavin 7540 Sunnybank Ave., Rich. V6Y 1G5 277-6119 Patrick Chan 942 Broadview Dr., N. Van. 929-3391 Gerard Clarke 4122 Crown St., V6R 2A9 224-3497 Richard Dee 5275 Granville St., V6M 3B9 261-7451 Sean Dekker 1595 E. 20th Ave., V5N 2K7 879-7442 Jeremy De Silva 2270 Trutch St., V6K 4G9 738-4894 Bruce Devente 2687 Standish Dr., N. Van. V7H 1M9 29-267 1 Bruce Downey 2350 W. 39th Ave., 261-7493 Kevin Duggan 4086 Yale St., Bby. V5C 1P9 299-7943 Jacques Dupas 481 W. 18th Ave., V5Y 2A9 876-6159 Geoff Edwards 6512 Deer Lake Dr., Bby. V5E 2L8 298-9366 Ed Eppich 1812 Palmerston Ave., W. Van. V7V 2V4 926-7970 Manuel Espinosa 1367 W. 41st., V6M 1X4 261-5571 Alex Fedyk 3822 W., 29th Ave., V6S 1T8 224-0602 Mike Ferdinandi 3779 W . 9th Ave., V6R 2C1 224-7188 George Figher 4087 Dunbar St., V6S 2E5 224-4529 Don Foran 2065 W. 16th Ave., V6J 2M6 732- 7964 David Forster 3089 W. 44th Ave., V6N 3K5 263-3498 Robert Fransbergen 814 Younette Dr., W. Van. V7T 1S9 922-8438 Andy Frisse 75 Yukon St., Kitimat V8C 1Z3 632-3205 Peter Galambos 1449 W . 38th Ave., V6M 1R4 261-4439 Deno Georgas 44 S. Howard Ave., V5B 3P4 299-5600 Yorg Gromer 3223 W. 6th Ave., V6K 1X7 736-6910 Clinton Groth 5988 Dunbar St., V6N 1W9 263-1103 Mike Halligan 1750 Harbour Dr., Coquitlam V3J 5W3 936-0031 Thomas Heah 4466 Magnolia St., V6J 4B5 261-4438 Russ Hemming 1608 Nanton Ave., V6J 2X4 738-6934 Mike Hennessey 3450 W . 25th Ave., V6S 1M3 738-7050 Simon Irvine 8500 Fairbrook Cres., Rich. V7C 1Z3 277- 9451 Paul Irving 1050 W . 38th Ave., V6M 1P6 263-6333 Fred Jacklin 2936 Dollarton Hwy., N. Van. V7H 1B3 929-2229 Colin Jardie 4400 River Rd., W . Delta 946-2310 Chris Johnston 6296 Elm St., V6N 1B1 263-8797 Mike Jull 2933 W . 28th Ave., V6L 1X3 733- 7107 Jim Keyes 1494 W . 40th, V6M 1V6 263-7589 Brian Konar 3596 W. 9th, V6R 2B6 738-9172 Derrick Kong Flat 8E Tsan Yung Mansion 3-646313 John Kozlowski 757 No. 4 Rd., Rich. V6Y 2T4 278- 1046 David Kwok 208 W. 17th Ave., V5Y 1Z8 876-7580 Bob Lam 4811 Fannon Ave., V6T 1B1 224-7273 Robert Lam 5621 College St., V5R 3Z6 437-0095 Chris Lapointe 2795 W . 12th Ave., V6K 2P8 738-6928 Steven Larigakis 4511 W . 4th Ave., V6R 1R4 228-8010 Eric Lee 1121 W . 27th Ave., V6H 2B7 738-3763 John Leja 4547 W . 7th, V6R 1X2 224-1446 Gordon Lem ire 2275 McMullen St., V6L 2E2 738-2417 Gilbert Lippingwell 4755 Arthur Dr., Delta V5S 1M4 946-6581 Charles Loo 4208 W . King Edward Ave., 228-9536 George Luptak 6603 Cabeldu Cres., N. Delta V4E 1R4 594-2840 Richard Lutman 104-4520 Beresford St., Bby. V5H 2H9 437-9007 Bill Luz 3885 Selkirk St., V6H 2Z2 732-8208 Doug McCandless 2978 W . 31st Ave., V6L 2A4 261-0766 Philip McKay 646 W. 13th Ave., V5Z 1N9 876-5488 Mark McLaren 8335 Shaughnessy, V6P 3Y1 321-8874 Matt MacNeil 886 W . 48th Ave., V5Z 2R9 263-3440 Pat Macken 3863 W . 11th Ave., V6R 2K8 224-7874 Juan Margolles 1075 Comox St., V6E 1K1 689-8192 Tony Massot 1616 Westminster Hwy., Rich. 278-5012 Leonard Matte 6325 Fleming St., V5P 3G9 325-7365 Vince Milton 4334 Yukon St., V5Y 3S5 874-5859 Ernie Moniz 1304 E. 27th Ave., V5V 2L8 872-1912 Steve Murphy 14097-77A Ave., Surrey V3W 2X2 596-6119 George Murray 5535 Oak St., V6M 2V5 263-8859 Chris Naas 1308 W . 48th Ave., V6M 2N9 266-5492 Paul O’Reilly 14209-72 Ave., Surrey V3W 2P9 596-2103 John O’Toole 1875 Rosebery Ave., W . Van. V7V 2Z5 926-3349 Andy Pacheco 4027 W . 37th Ave., V6N 2W 6 263-8106 John Panet 621 Barnham Rd., W . Van. V7S 1T6 922-4021 Endre Pataky 545 E. 22nd Ave., V5V 1V2 876-4869 Kevin Pember 354 Blundell Rd., Rich. V7C 1G4 277-3943 Martin Penland 5003 Westminster Ave., Delta V4K 2J1 946-6723 Dean Pietrantonio 357 W. 41st, V57 2S6 327-5598 Pierre Pittet 845 W. 17th Ave., V5Z 1V3 879-0898 Tom Prescott 740 Blueridge Ave., V7R 2J3 988-6705 David Procter 1404 W . 64th Ave., V6P 2N4 266-4052 Chris Ridley 954 Beckwith Rd., V6X 1S3 273-3461 Mike Robillard 6785 Laurel St., V6P 3T4 261-2053 Ed Rogers 3894 W . 14th Ave., V6R 2W9 224-7101 Steve Roy No. 66 3433 E. 49th Ave., V5S 1M1 434-9846 John Shapira No. 42 10862 152nd, Surrey V3R 4H4 588-4548 Frank Staniscia 1243 E. 27th Ave., V5V 2L9 879-3185 Mark Stashuk 1056 W . 47th Ave., V6M 2L4 266-4540 James Sturrock 6616 Lambert Cres., Delta V4E 1R8 594-4606 Joe Sweeney 2495 W . 10th Ave., V6K 2J4 738-6006 Keith Tunstall 1069 Eden Cres., Delta V4L 1W 8 943-1223 Albert Van Baarsen 4470 Hucherchon Lane V4K 3A8 946-9765 John West 1575 W . 49th Ave., V6M 2R6 261-9227 Sean W ing 859 W . 24th Ave., V52 2C2 876-7771 Alexander Wong 2211 E. 61st Ave., V5P 2K5 327-8445 Anthony Wong 1420 Park Dr., 261-9739 David Wong 2211 E. 61st Ave., V5P 2K5 327-8445 Dominic Wong 1420 Park Drive, 261-9739 Yas amamoto 5610 Dumfries St. V5P 3A6 324-4392 Paul Yeung 35-D 6 F Mei Foo Sun Chuen R N Hong Kong 3-714842 Paul Young 5577 Columbia St. V5Y 3H5 321-3988 Randy Young 2296 McBain Ave. Arbutus Village V6L 3B1 732-0454 DIRECTORY ADVERTISEMENTS Alex Grazier Galleries 2027 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. 224-3235 Edelweiss Delicatessen 887 No. 1 Road, Richmond, B.C. 274-8424 Erv Parent Company Ltd. 3576 Viking Way, Richmond, B.C. 273-1 761 Johnston Floor Co. Ltd. 1398 West 73rd. Avenue Vancouver, B.C. 266-7161 Kerrisdale Pharmacy Ltd. 2142 West 41st, Vancouver 261-0333 Ladner and Delta Travel Agency 5019-48th Avenue, Delta, B.C. 946-7641 Magee Pharmacy 6493 West Boulevard, Vancouver, B.C. 946-7691 Pacific Western Insulation Co. Ltd. 915 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, B.C. 685-4977 Peppermint Children’s Wear 4243 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, B.C. 228-9815 Fisher Pharmacy No. 42 4355 Dunbar Street Vancouver, B.C., 224-8424 Prosperity Sales Ltd. 1250 S.E. Marine Drive Vancouver, B.C., 325-8371 Ridge Theater Company Ltd. 3131 Arbutus Street Vancouver, B.C. 738-0311 Royal Trust Co. Ltd. 805 Anderson Road Richmond, B.C. 273-7983 Stretch and Sew Fabrics 4595 Dunbar Street Vancouver, B.C., 228-9737 Sutherland Antiques 8025 Granville Vancouver, B.C., 763-2020 Tad’s Sporting Goods 8570 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C., 261-6540 The Western News 4380 West 10th Avenue Vancouver, B.C., 224-4413 Wolfe Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Ltd. Hastings at Renfrew Vancouver, B.C., 255-5151 United Realty Ltd. 3879 Oak Street Vancouver, B.C., 736-3831 Autographs “ i ' Home ouwit remem eruty RELIABLE PARTS LTD. 860 KINGSWAY VANCOUVER B. C. 189 COMPLIMENTS - v V.A., y V ,4b OF Sts. Peter and Paul Parish interred leg idle press A ¥ l W M ' a r j L li i r I | 1 1 1 ’■ ' V j ' V» Jf ' I A [ M | 1 ' 1 ' 1 ■ W I 1 m ! 3 JA ‘ 2 H V : ' • A j " . ; ’. . flag K . ••• Hi;;;; I:!; • ' ! !T v jy 4 - Tr v Xi : ' j| J ' v il , 1 tola A wf rJ 1 A-J 1 Jfr ! -53 6 pj-ii SU f ' i r.-U L jfc

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